Thomas Jefferson High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX)

 - Class of 1960

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Thomas Jefferson High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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A 1 1 , A l i I : l P R s 5 I I -L an F V J, ,V : -' 1 H .,3w. n 'JK' . ,EL , V ag mi, . I--Q' 5, . .. f ,v A ,H ' , ,, qw V a Q Q f 2 1 E: 5. W 2 l n I ri: l . 5, 1 L ,. K Q x if Q, w The Yellow .laeket W4 ,:fs,,r,,,L1gf:f 37,4 ,, f Thomas Jefferson High School Port Arthur, Texas Volume 13 Principal David F. Miller was killed in an auromobile accideni' in February. T .J. High Pays Mr. David F. Miller, our laie principal, is remembered by each of us for a friendly smile, for a warm handshake, or perhaps a personal greeiing. Alihough he was besi' known in his role as principal, he also Took a special inieresi in Jrhe lunciion of school clubs and relaied aciiv- ilies and was always willing Jro furiher Jrheir success. A man dedicaied 'ro school, church, and communiiy, Mr. Miller worked iirelessly 'lo help all Jrhose 1 , if 2 M He was proud of good work shown a'r Open HOUSE- He lisfened +o Dr. Sei-zer advise juniors and sophomores on vocaiional choices. if 1l ,,, Tribute to a Loved, Respected Leader wirh whom he came in conlacr each day. l-le possessed lhe unusual abiliry lo inspire The besr by expecring Jrhe besr. Mr. Miller had a grear love for music and was able To express his appreciarion for beaury lhrough his singing and playing Jrhe piano and organ. i l-le was always mindful of orhers, and he oflen loolc lime ro wril'e a nore of sympalhy lo sludenls who were seriously ill, a leHer of congralrularions for iaslrs well done, and memoranda +0 Teachers for commendable work. The YELLOW JACKET sralf joins Jrhousands of orhers in This communily in honoring Jrhe memory of our loved and respecred leader as we dedicare Jrhe I959-60 edirion of 'l'he yearboolc lo him. The David F. Miller Memorial Organ was boughl' and paid for in a move- menl sponsored by SBC. Mr. Miller of+en conferred wirh SBC President Roy Kieschniclc. He enioyed presenfing flowers +o Foorball Sweelhearf Carole Simoneaux. 3 STAFF Sponsor Mrs. Milce Redman Edilor-in-Chief Cammie Oliver Associale Eclilors Karleen BenneH' Cl1arlo'r+e Wilson Business Manager Lynda Mills Class Eolilor Carole Thomas Copy Edilor Diana Dupy Plwoloqrapny Edilor Toni Holberg Ari Edilor Janice Hiclcson Sporls Eolilors Mary Ann Reed Ben'ron Hille Gary Fos+er Fall Seciion Ediior Lynne Youngblood Winler Seclion Ediior Gayle Smilh Spring Seclion Edilor Karen Poli+e Aclveriising Sponsor Mr. P. T. Reynolds This is fall 5' f xg f -Q " 5' nf 31390 ,.5?4f:,f M :amd W, ,A , ,'g:7'4fIa , jngsgw W' 4479, mf 'ff' 'G 4' dan I 'U 0 sv 1 f in 3- , is 1 :ffl a 4 ,, X: 4, 1 ,L Il :A 'a , X , -2 2 ' ,L f. . . . fc, A, ff.+ ,. .af U. ., X ,Q 1 '-. "-.' sg , ' aw 'IA I ,, xv fax . 'W ,y .-- ,, x ., ., ,ff 'Q' fp A fc- 4. Y f f 52' an ., .-I . ww If.. ,. I . 3 I X- .y X. . ,. ,W . . X. 4 , . Mk. , I . ., ,M , J fx , - . A , Y ' , '- -A 7 fn 7 df 1 f - , N. X W.: , U . ' 'fk f 'f 5' ff f 1-Q x ,K f f+ wf ,v f- "Y ' . , II I.. II I II II, WSIIII XI .III , ,I I ,I . I ly ' f . . ' ' " " .kc 9 f K' 7: VV f Yff! ' Q , M ..,f,,.,I f I I.,I,.,2,. ,, If Qf V! K M 4 4 '7 ' f ' ' ZZ' f , f f. " WI f I f M' sgy, --4 , I I , I ,. Q V I I I I .,', III I ,I , , Ar ww , ' , k ,X V Mg, 7- J - 'f fl ,, 'P V 'T 1 .. , . ' f'V '45 ' " Z 27, , zu- Q - A' 1 M- -G nf- f' ,,,. 4 ww ,, I .,f,.,4- If ,1 I I NI I ' 1- I Vxwf "Eff-ff. ' " " 2,. W2 ., ' C ' WZ, ' Q ' . I J .ax-4' ww' ,I ,A , Imax, X n f ' ,ia -lv ' , fi " ' VXQQJ 'f' ,. I .Ib '- f L' Q, , ,, 4 f- , .,,,Q,.,,,52?IkT' 4 " fe 7 , X 4 'L ff' :- f Q f.2,- iff, 1 . I I Ji U , . ,I :V M,- , ' ' QS' X ,' I7 6 .ezfp ', it 56 If I va J - , ' ,I ,GL IMI, X ,'fC"If 'ff 5 ff C' 5 ff' ' , +,f"1z, ' ,. W., ,f f , ff, ' -zzz' f f f., f f X Q X fi f ,' f Q" W ' X? f ,, 5323 X 'f",',, M.. f Nb- Q 4 V. '. W ' ' " ,, ff I f, W - ff V ' f 7 , M Yf f f Mx, f ., ,7 ' , II I IQ I- , We X, ' fi ff f HVQV J , " " I ,I ,,f, ' 1, Q , ,If-ff ' If' " A, 4, o,-f , -f xx IP ,, ,,I,N, I, . ,, 4 ng fig-I, ,. , II ,2 ,, IQ, f JZIIII ff--4 I ,fix I K .f- .-.K I -, I ,, , I II . 0 I III f ff, , If - W , L V ,, 'I fic' ,Q ,WI I W I I ,X 4 I , ww., III' fu '-W' Wm -4 ,,. III I - ,Q - , -, . f 'V v ' 4 Muff' 'fi .4 -V M.. 1 K iv I X, , , ,If-, , ', ,-QMIJIA nw 7 V'-gf , ff f 1 ffm.7ffWf7f,?ff Q47 1' ' , f iff' , fi '- v :ff :ff ff Qvffi'-fu, f if -fff-Wffff -"f: ,ffyff ,.,. . ,F ,fzfggsffff f Q ,- .fm-f " :iff f .21 "fi, ,H 7, si gn 25 .ff f ,fm 1-ff'ff,fi'f - ff Q fI, I, ,!I,,.,,,,. .,Ii.,.I,,., - - , 1,54f,f,kIMI,I,QIyI6,4I, HI I- I ff , H - ,, up ef m ff ey ,, ' H ,, fifcfwc fra? ,L -417 ,f ,, Wugf ,I I,I?,ZI6,I,5,7yIII,,I,?,,4QI , , ,, f ' 4 ' Him V HW'"""5f5"'W,,'1"' ' ','7flp"ff V f' f' f ,I I, I XI. :I,I,,, A , ff ,,IgI,,,II ,, I,, , 4 :Q ' fm In .,I ,N ,,IIfe,II, ,IIMINI If,,, ,If I Q I. ,,I,I,,,II,II,I III ,,,,,, ,, , I, , -ff ,,, , ,',I ' frm., , , f ' , wfM,f-,yfjfjf ,f I ,I ,,fff4?'iy , .f,f, I ,, I, f , f C14 f f, H M fm -I 4- ' X 0, , ,, ,. wc. f 1, ,, X44 4'f""Mw ., tk" , 'ff ,M . v fx 4- .,.,, - , . ' K. feffv, js, f - , MZ' N I ' x , gig w 'X A S , 1 , 0 x4 '57, ,ye " . jf 1,4 . 5 Lyggi, ,SSM MSM Q, , A Zv.4,-J, ,gf fu Sz. fQv4Wf" if' ' ' ,hs K, J, X K ,,,, . , .k,WY,! an 44,57 ff Z W, A 5, fr' ty we 317,743 , Q, , 4:37, Mg, rv q ' -M, I-ff K Q ,if ' , . .41 , X W., fLM,,4,,,. 4 , AM K , V., QQ ' -1,3 ',,- xi., ag few, 2 -mf' ' ,wlixy ff. z, ' Q ,fa I , f'fZI"f ,,, 'k We f 'f' ,.ZQ,1jT .- N W, , -f I , 'x 1 Mu' f, 3, , 'W rf' S .fp fg. 4:34-1 f xW? N "QB Q. ' i':f,?g,,ff I. " X :fa 5,5 U .,., A6 ,sw .if 5, zz '- M ?"3Lf'8i 43 ,5 , frifw J MMfMmf mffyw qi -QMW fx, I ,W , .ji jk .k,- . ff u 'W,,fwMwwkf-M+mWm,f 4 ,VKV f H 4 , 7. , Ga, , X ' . X ' WT? 0 V ' W 3 sir' , , was f -Q f W X will " V The New THOMAS JEFFERSON High School . . . Modern . . . Beau+iful . . . Funcfional 1 I TZ 9 I., rv r I A W, 3' ,W fp :. .- 1 ,5-vgwgy, I 1515, , f .i? 'W .427 w- ' , 9 1 ? V af 1. Q 1 Ak 2 '75 Z K 143' 5 f 1 5 4 ? N? 1 f f X, 3 L Q in . 1 Qi' .17 ' A 1- ,I if I E Q I4 1 .WV 4, 1 NN This is ' ,A ,, , V YVY, ....,,...,,......1-----2- --- - -- ---W ' " ' ' "WY "' ' ' ' V the new TJ .... NN T ,V .r,7, , 4,,' Qyfq, In k f NN in fall In 0 0 -E57 45 ' ,ly My -.-I L.L-nand ,- 1 .1 4. .J in Winter ON or in , 4 , uwwf ,bf f .f re- wwawgg m, mm my 5, my w- fbi! 4 gags? ffl! ,gg fff, 4, w' f " , - ,7?fWVf" 4,, fv f M If l'?f.Q , a f, 1,1 , .. , A I7 ' ,ff f, My ,Q X X R Q W' X Z4 ,. 1 ,fy . ,io Ru-,:2-: k fn' I w ,ff A , 'zip W V' 7-14, W ,ff VZ' Q ',f - Qyleieffi ,Z ii 1 f W n ii 4 f v f ,f,1Q, 1 , f sv ,mf Qs New I-X sf, X ,Q X ff, f , M, , , f ifffff, 'f f , f 'ff f K f wa. ref f af 3, WHY!! 39 ,X 19 7 16 ,a O, 414 I viz' f ff. C I1 Fall . . . a brand new start When sTudenTs reTurned To classes Trom The summer vacaTion, There was an unusual and exciTing advenTure awaiTing Them-The TirsT year in a new school. Everyone was inspired by The The aTmosphere oT The beauTiTul surroundings, and decidedly aTTempTed To make This year The very besT. STudenTs' were proud To boasT The successTul All-School ChesT Drive, record high grades. a remarkable TooTball season, and added emphasis on scholasTic achievemenT. As Tall progressed, everyone eagerly awaiTed The opening oT The audiTorium and gymnasium so ThaT assembly programs and regular P.E. classes could begin. As Tall gave way To winTer. The sTudenT body was able To look back wiTh pride on acTiviTies which iniTiaTed The school planT. FaculTy EdiTors Diann Albers Judie Blanchard 6overnmenT EdiTor Erin Linn Sophomore EdiTor Judy Fuselier FooTball EdiTors BenTon Hille Gary FosTer gf, xx N X XXV wx M'W , ixwgxx yu 4 MM 'F QQ. Q55 X R. S ' X X X NX , M 5 3 3 X T A Hi. J N X, l E 1 3 l 1 1 2 I E l ? r J E 3 l 2 I 1 S T.J.9s Trop Officials l l i Coming +o school? Leaving? Neilher The prospecl of a long, busy day nor The worries of a day jus? compleled dulls lhe smiles of our acling principal, Mr. Lonnie Devall. A rushed schedule lhal includes hundreds of large and small conferences ollen comes io a close long afler 'rhe lasl locker has banged shul. 20 Mr. Z. T. Forfescue Superinlendenl of Schools Mr. Alexander Koerlh Assislanl Superinlendenl of Schools , ,, ,Avmn.u -...W-.. . an 011001 Boardis Dream Is New 011001 Members of The Board .of Eclucafion concluded fhis year a big building program. They are: Leff fo righf sfarfing af far leff, A. E. Pafferson, Busi- ness Manager and Secrefary of Board: Dr. Roberf Shields: ,J. T. Cone: Donnie Jones, Vice Presidenf: N. B. Haskell, Presidenf: Z. T. Forfescue, Superin- fendenfp R. L. lversom Roberf Price: and M. L. Rosenberg. This group of school officials and confracfors confer abouf fhe accepfance of fhe new building. ,ff j V,j,iZif',fi,'4 f 1' l Ml, A N V , ffzimfffeff7fw:2,+.' I 2 Q ' 'fffffiff-ff... , I A A 5 5 . g4fy4i,'?fZf,zf,fjg,5 ,V ' ,f,7,f,ff5f,g'5Zf,5,fy,3,fyf, , , I ' ,.,,. - - - y7,fff':.,ff 934' wwe , X fy f V V if ' f ffl' , ff' .1 w , fff' f , ' V , - . fi' f , f, f f P. T. A. members parficipafe in selling refresh- menfs af fhe Yellow Jackef foofball games fo help fhe Scholarship fund. P.T.A. Execufive Commiffee, Ieff fo righf, Mrs. O. C. Lawson, Mrs. Halfon Smifh, Mrs. E. L. Loffon. Mrs. T. E. Sharp, Mrs. T, H. Ridouf, Mrs. David L. Tennanf, Lonnie L. Devall, Mrs. W. G. Lowfher, Mrs. W. S. Hayes, Mrs. Milfon Bernauer, and Mrs. W. L. Beureff. 2I Advisors Always Ready to Guide tudents Mr. James Tarier Mrs. Edna Hargus Boys' Advisor Girls' Advisor 1 5 Johnson and Mrs. l' ys have a ready smile iay rolls around. -i Miss Louise Erwin i 'mfs Aliece Anderson -T Educailona Dlrecfor f Direcior of .O Siudenf Guidance Achvifieg 22 New urroundin S Make Office Work Pleasant Besides bandaging cufs and pulling splinls on broken fingers, Mrs. Jesse Miller, sclwool nurse, always can lake lime oul' +o 'ralk problems over willi anyone. Miss JeaneH'e Tenney A'H'endance Clerlc MVS- Anna Mae DeVlf1e Miss Minnie lzou Wilson Principals' Secrelary Regighar Research Themes. and Autobiographies Mrs. Be'Hy Jean A+l:ins English, B.A., MA. Mrs. Isabella Bierring English, Mfk., BA. Mrs. Sara Bush English, B.A. Dan Williams musi' be 'frying lo be anoiher Alberi Einslein or is he iusi reading up for his research Jrheme? Miss Doris Crisp English, BA., M.A. Mr. Paul Gene Dennis Drama and Speech, BA. Mrs. Flonelle Greer Miss Mariha Havens English, BA., MA. English, BA. ,Y... .. um.m ........-.- -1 - --1 1 Keep English Students Busy Miss Pelion, head of lhe English Deparimeni, painsialcingly arranges a colorful display of siucleni' work for open house. Miss Jane Smiih Miss Ka'I'hryn Sweifzer English, B.A., B.F.A. Drama and Speech, BA. Mrs. Alma Johnson English, BA. Miss Margarei' Miller English, B.A., MA. Mr. Kennelh Parker English, BA., MA. Miss Mae Belle Pelfon Head of English Deparl menl, AB., MA. Mrs. Eihel Redman Journalism, B.S., M.Ed. Scientists Plot Future in pace Future Scientists ot America . . . Maybe! These industrious looking males and one temale enioy V physics lab . . . Maybe! Miss Martha Butler Biology, Physiology B.S., M.S. Mrs. Mary Chaillot Biology. B.S. Mr. John Godwin Biology, B.A., M.Ed Mr. Alfred Lindemann Biology, B.S., M.Ed AL., Mr. Charles McBee Physics. B.S. Mr. Jack Sell Chemistry, B.S., M.Ecl Miss Elizabeth Shaw Head ot Science Department B.A. Mrs. Reva Westerman Chemistry: MA., BA. Fried grasshoppers, boiled bumblebees, boiled ants and octopus-take your pick! Mr. Lindermann's biology class samples these tasty tidbits ordered trom Calitornia. ,E 4, My . ,. . . ....4nn. More Stress on Mathematics Now Miss Edith Benz Math, M,A., BJX. Miss Teresa Boyd Math, BA. Mrs. Nora Gregory Mathematics, B.S. Miss Mab Lynn Hill Math, B.A. The Lineup? Just ot Algebra prob- lems. Miss lrene Smith checks her sixth period class's problems as they put them on the board. "Just a li'H'le to the right," directs Stephen Fontenot to Eloise Foret. These sophomores seem to have tound a new technique tor tigur- ing the correct answers to plane geometry problems. Mrs. Laverna Kiefer Math, B.S. Miss lrene Smith Math, B.A., M.A. Miss Martha Taylor Math, B.S. Mr. W. H. Ward Head ot Mathematics De art- P ment, BA., MA. New Lab Appeals to Language Students Miss Linda Billingsley Spanish, B.A. Mr. Doyle Clinlon Spanish, French: BA. For fhe firsl' 'lime sludenls in Mr. McAnallen's sixih period Lalin class enioy 'rhe newly-esiablished Foreign Language Lab. Mrs. Geraldine Johnson Head ol: Foreign Lan- g u a g e Deparimenf, Lalin, B.A., M.Ed. Three French Arfisfs admire ihe lifelike sireel scene which 'lhey de- signed ihemselves. "Cui, oui. Mamselles, shall we go in and look?" 28 Miss Cafherine Klein French. BA. Mr. H. W. McAnallen Laiin, A. B. -'fe M N...-,, eww -' Ingredients for a Ha Home ff ' ii M , f ' fp -1, ' V 5 -..,:,,,,4:, , thai. 'V I V we. M ' . Af 'v" ' I f V,VV I I Nw, ,V Q 1 I ,f f ifff Miss Tom Collier , Head of I-lomemalcing Deparlmenl' and Di- recror of Cafeleria, B.A., MA. Mary Darlez, Carol Scalco, Marflwa Laird, and Cliarlolle Wilson were busy in Home Decorarion before Clwrislrnas making ornamenls for llweir homes. Mrs. lralene Venfrello l-lomemaking, B.S. Mrs. Janis Lindemann Home Economics, B.S. Mrs. Eclna Hargus Clolhing, B.S.. MA. Miss Janice Langsfon Home Decoralion. B.S. Because of 'lhe modern elecrrical equipmenr in llie kilclwen lab, 'lhese girls enjoy learning llwe funclamenfals of cooking. 29 001211 tudies Give Birthday Party for Lincoln Mrs Reva Wes+erman Social Siudies. B.S. .1 , - , ,',!f, i if , if 511, YQ, M ,, ii f if f" -i .f - ' f fi f',' L '- ' 2 71 "QM ,iff I ' Vial ' f'Z"' 1 if - f - L V f f 'Q , V is ' .ff-2 , ii . 524 Miss Mary Eunice Vickers ocial Siudies, B.A Commercial Department Turns 01111 Qualified People Mr. Rex Copeland Typing, B.S., M.Ed., Busi- ness Law Miss Eola Gunsiream I-lead of Commercial Deparimeni, Shorlhand BA., M.A. Mrs. Norma Sue Weldon B.B.A., Typing, General Business Miss Glourine Weber Typing and General Business. B.S. Mrs. Mabel Swanzy Typing and Shorfhancl ll. B.S Mrs. Dell Hille Disiribuiiye Ed., BA. Mr. P. T. Reynolds Bookkeeping, B.S., MA. Sfore mannequins7 No, 'lhey're 'The D.E. siudenis on display ihe nighl' oi open house. The arl' of making all lhe diiferenl' lilile symbols in Shorihand comes Through consiani praciice, noi only in 'class as These girls ponder ihrough iheir lesson, bul' also ai' home. 3I Health Is Tau ht in Physical Education This Year Miss Marilyn L. Davis Physical Ed, B.S. a i PMw...,,,,, Q. X51 , f , ff, P r 1 fi r Miss Bertha Hebert The victors! Tired but happy, the women teachers cheer their victory at Head ot Physical Ed, B,S, the Student-Teacher basketball game where they displayed skilled plays. The long string ot nets in the gym denotes volleyball season for the girls. Techniques in spiking, set-ups, and serving were learned. 32 Miss Nancy McClain Physical Ed., BS. aww, -f-. V --W Miss Jean Willoughley Physical Ed., B.S. -J Coedueation Gym in Early Season Adds Zip 25 f Anza! ' 1 4 ?' ls,,i E ss,s, I 1 l Q. 1 s rlssi ' iii.l fi Q5 'Y'A ' . 1 .P Q if M 5 Q wie LN if if B Mr: George Crow l Mr. Ed. Nowland Trainer, B.S. Physical Ed., B.S. Mr. Francis Hill Mr. Benfley Jones Physical Ed., BA., AA. Physical Ed., B.B.A., M.S.Ecl. l'r's a bird! IFS a plane! l'r's Mr. Cornelius! Skillful 'rumbling by him, Mr. Russell. and Mr. Cichowslci provided exciring half-lime acrivilies al lhe Srudenr-Teacher Baslcelball Game. pf-ww 'f-'f- a -f-v'4-:Qu-wrwvzyw,vw-of,Q-'-vfvmwfyfffm--A ., J "fl,fif?f . '41 , , , -, f ' ,. ' P w , ., ff 1,1-'fffff'Mg-,ig,.fgp.-..,..5 X 'Y-12" ' ' A fsmyzs -4,49 9 t I ff Mr. John Shel'l'on Mr. Douglas Physical Ed., B.S.M.A. Shively Physical Ed., B.S. Mr. J, L, Penge Mr. C. E. Underwood Physical Ed., B.S., BA., Arhlelic Dire-,clor a ri d Mfd, Head of Physical Educa- lion Deparlmenl, B.S.. M.Ed. 33 Research Themes Put Library in Constant Use Mrs. Marcelle PiTman Reach high! BuTch Lusignan, sophomore, is having Trouble geTTing his book in The library, unTil l-llDFGI'Yi B-A.. l3.S. Joe Malone decides To lend a helping hand. Mrs. Lela O. Morgan Head Librarian, B.S., M.A. No. noT a group oT sighT-seeing TourisTs-iusT some sTuclenTs pausing To admire The aTTracTive and varied showcases ThaT The Library always manages To have. The work ThaT goes inTo These displays should be appreciaTecl. For The very TirsT Time, English classes, as a whole, visiTed The library and Thoroughly learned The proper way To use iT. Mrs. Morgan insTrucTed These sTudenTs in This library course and laTer TesTed Them on The inTormaTion They should have gained. 34 -gn -mmm.. I 1- "--'E Music Department Entertains Assembl Mr. John L. BaclgeH' lnsfrumenial music, B.S., Music Ed. Phofographer cafches solemn expressions on lhe faces of The second period choir sfudenfs as 'rhey sing a spirifual. A windy day in spring gives a good opporlunily To hir +he high no+es on The bell lyres. ......a..i , L51ii,I':- i in A l r g L "'-f x Mr. Jack Bo'H'oms Choral Music, B.S. 35 arious Crafts Are Tau ht in Industrial Arts Mr. Gene Jackson Printing, M.A., B.S. Mr. W. G. Jones Mr. Marvin Cichowslci Mechanical Drawing, l-lead ot industrial Arts Department. B.S. "Hmm-this woulcln't be so bad it we'd get paid tor it," comment Judie Blanchard and Diann Albers as they model tor the students in art. Mr, Hugh Shaw Metal Shop, B.S. 36 Mr. Roger Russell Art, B.S. Mr. Cichowslci tries to impress upon these Future Bridge Builders ot America that accuracy counts most in mechanical drawing. Mr. LeLand Kay Wood Shop, B.S., M.S. 44- ,, f if 1 o f LV fff f 4 QNNXYNRQ wwwwww W Sfudenf Body Congress Presidenf Roy Kieschniclc Ofher S.B.C. officers: Ronnie Delaney, Vice-Presi- denfg Curfis Johnson, Represenfafive-af-large: Mary Belles, Secrefary. Officers Push Success Congress, made up of one represenfafive from each homeroom, is fhe governing body of our school. Wifh ifs capable officers and fhe supporf of ifs members, Congress is able fo perform many ouf- sfanding services which help fo beffer our school and communify. Besides fhe fwo dances given by Congress during fhe year, if also sponsors many yearly proiecfs such as: fhe All-School Chesf Drive, Food Drive, Te-acher's Tea, and fhe all imporfanf polifical elecfions. Congress presenfs an opporfunify for sfudenfs fo gain self-assurance and inifiafive. Each fall and spring special recognifion is given fo fhe oufsfand- ing Congressman who has displayed excepfional leadership in fhe discussion and commiffee work of Congress. Raising fhe necessary funds for fhe David Miller Organ Fund was fhe main proiecf of Congress dur- ing fhe spring semesfer. The complefion of fhis proiecf proved fo be fhe fulfillmenf of one of his greafesf wishes-an organ for fhe audiforium. ln fhis way Congress, sfudenfs, and Teachers joined solidly in honoring an able educafor. First Year in the New School Malling il' easier for congressmen are Jrhe combined elforls of Jack Swanzy. parliamenlariang Margarel 6arrieH's, bullelin-scribe: Linda McCoy, Typisl. OUf5f . resSl'W3n ending S . k1fanclinQ Fall EO,-Zin Paulpgng Congre Ou S Brenda Ro 2 affleff ssma Mrs. Mary Evelyn D. Hayes, Congress sponsor, is responsible for many of The aclivilies 'rl1a+ Congress performs. Sponsoring maior cornmilfees anal offering valuable advice lo Congressmen, il seems +l1a+ her work is never done. Senior Officers SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Judy MeHwin, Treasurer: Marfha Laird, Secrefaryg Mary Carmen Fredeman, Vice Presiolenh Clarence Bray, President A W ,i W y , - ff -L,::-. .mv wm- 4 17 g. nv ,J gf if 11' f ,- f -:- N, 1 ,1 . 2 ,VT 5 1 ' a2e,:,g:5f 4 f 2 . N xv W Him' f ,Q M. 419 fm , ff? xffiw fff 1. Sophomore Officers SOP!-IOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Carolyn Bufler, Vice-President Bob Bolle-s, President Sharon Sibley, Se-creraryg Marrna Smifh, Treasurer. 44 -i ophomore Congressmen Ge'Hing acquainled wifln Con- gress aclivilies for Jrlwe lirsl' lime are: Mike Landry, Shirley Looper, Linda Axlell, Judy Preiean, Gracey Poller, Mary Ell Glass, Carolyn Anawaly, Jerry Serville, Sharon Sibley, Elizabelh Adams, Eloise Forel, Renell d'Augereau. Olher congressmen for lime fall session are: Carolyn Rouly, Juan- elle Jones, Margarel' Meeker, Grelcluen Verboon, Leni Anderson, Bob Bolles, Mable Baker, Ann Miller, Nora de Sleiguer, John Luslc, Kay Darlez. Making plans +l'1a+ will be in ef- lecl during lbeir remaining lwo years of sclriool are llwese spring congressmen: Bob Poller, Jo Ellen Johnson, Pam Huber, Hanna l-lamplon, Karen Olive, and Jimmy Jordan. 45 1 Admiring one of 'Phe books presenled +o our school Jrhrough Jrhe Good Sporismanship League are Mary Thrace Scoir. Clarence Bray, and Cindy Braniley, selecred +o represeni' Thomas Jefferson in Jrhe Good Sporismanship League of Disirici' ll-4A. A good undersianding wi'rh ofher schools of our disirici' is The aim of These represeniaiives. Cindy Branlley, Ronnie Deloney, and Mary Thrace Scoir represenr 'the 6 . . . . . ood Sporlsmanship League in Jrhe +radi+ional exchange of gills a+ our Homecoming Game. bers i llilese memJudY . H19 idfles O Bray' . -S qleammfi on Wree: Clarenceand total ol vornmirfee. -'--iclUl piann. -H-co rms ye ' 5 saiisii-when l Jr Dflve Comm Barileljf A gr essiul ihal and Curr' i Karen Bdxie mg of H7986 ar Hian any Orh An 3" 0 ol Clies d Paul . mOSl WCC ne 'S Johns r' l-'Z Gi members ef Previ ,E We All-SCL? Deloney. an iq drive The edb' families dofl' These 336 VenS. Gracie P Of fhe Food D gms Clgmmons. Ronmilecled making l 6 UNUQ fhe Chris? Cans Of food Offer' Bobbi' Ch Nye 5 co - mas holid Were disf .b Gse, 5,Q47.4l WZ, had. ays. ff ufed fo U has ev 46 H , ,L ,WL L ,,.,..m, MM ,g C011 ress Pro eats Preparing 'l'o visif Soulrh Park To meel wilh olher represenlalives are Jrhese members and visilors of lhe Good Sporlsmanship League. M Teachers help +hemselves because 'rhis is Jrheir day. Congress sponsored a Teachers' Tea afler school in order +o show Yheir appreciafion for 'rhe help and co-operafion Jrhal fhe 'teachers have given Jrhem. lam-..., vw l' l'. Ue ,1,, f f IF? new ,W Yell I- .E ' def lor lhese ' suC- Bra presenled fo J +- are m or Heal un G Y awards r , udy B h gag?-golhiglsgss ollicerghHardwwlzzjlldqjsll Russell STEM, Ffhe lfvlonfh of at-aylzelflhg H79 Oufslghiiinsnifglarence Q , ne . e , I7 . - IS . . I Cesslupl C?cTel?,:lqguiOE5'arrEn. Segrelagarilrndlgreililrenljl Qfgeneicdegshlgaigd Serviceazihdlhifggenigof oglillgndll Vice- resn A . L 6. and ar ' er, on and is I Jr +ve-ah GVQ ' G So Represen 6 I 47 Cabinet Spearheads Class Activity Senior cabinet members, FRONT ROW: Michelle Sorenson, Jean Ann Gardner, Beverly Jackson, Margaret Robison, Mary Ellen McBride. MIDDLE ROW: Monteel Strickland, Linda Carr, Helen Kares, Cheryl Buvinghausen, Glenda Salem, Gayle Smith. BACK ROW: John Steele, V. J. Harper, Richard McBride, James Dattala, David McFadden. Junior cabinet members, are: Van Roll, Karen Byrd, Judy Gott, Ann Lotton, Susan White, Carolyn Stokes, Jean Domingue, Alice Powers, Sharin Comeaux, Jane Gott, Peggy Breaux, Sara Lowther, Sandra Schexnayder, Olive Smith, Edith Hammock, Bo-Peep Patrick. V Sophomore cabinet members are: Diane Hightower, Kay Ingo, Susan Holtman, Sue Barnes, Paula Col- letti, Ann Smitherman, Glenda McDaniel, Sherry Welch, Carol Walpole, Lucille Miller, Sherry Read, Deanie Elam, Jean Harden, Ronnie Landry. "'T' DasmE1LBt.4,.'-vffff' W ' Governors Lead Homeroom Discussion Senior governors, FRONT ROW: Janis Thibodeaux, Carol Simo- neaux, Louise Prali, Mary Thrace ScoH', Kennelrh Lanclos, Carol Scalco, Mike Levy, Jack Swanzy. BACK ROW: Mary Bonnell, Charlene Palmer, Veniia May, Pal' McBride, Karen Polile, Don Daigle, Jeff Guidry, Thomas Smirherman, Sandra Lacy, Chris- iine Fox, Judy Fuselier, Jeff Schnell, Janice Hiclcson. Junior governors: Jimmy Richard Shary Crawford, Ronnie Jones Henrieiria Brown, Bill Gilberl' Sharon Jones, lngrid Wendlandl' Linda Ferguson, Joe Landry Wendy Wingfield, Jimmy Payne Sophomore governors: Ed Hanson, Carly Jo Vines, Peggy Hosen. Lynn Miller, Liz Moore, Ray Or- rill, Judy McVey, Karol Harring- +on, Charles McDonald, Rodriclc Hill, Gary Bowden, Palsy Smiih, Cheryl Chaiagnier, Karen O'Brien, Linda Taium, Carol Scol'l'. .T Q ' 77 V aj 01' Senior Committees The splendor of 'rhe Senior Ball decoralions was very skillfully planned by members of 'rhe decoralion commillee. Choosing as a lheme an enchanled Roman garden were lhese members of The commilree: Mary Carmen Fredeman, Janice l-liclcson, Rulh Vaughn, Judy lvlefhvin, and lvlarlha Laird. chairman. Down by 'lhe old corral fence was The meer- ing place for planners of Texas Day "doings." ln charge of lhe Texas Day Pro- gram lhese wranglers include: Glenda Salem, David Ross. Judy Burch, Clarence Bray, Irene Valdez, and Kyle Demler. 50 Following 'lhe Check Day Breakfast 'lhese people were responsible for planning Sen- ior aclivilies for lhe remainder of Class Day: Carole Simoneaux, Lynda Mills. Dell Law- son, and Rulhie Ridoul. The Flag-raising ceremony and The Awards Program in lhe Zudilorium were The main highlighls of The ay. Sophomores Jeff Abraham Floy Abshire Royce Abshire Elizabeih Adams Gloria Adams Johnny Adams Kay Adams Phil Albers Jim Alleman Margarei' Allen Sandra Allen Bob Allred Carolyn Anawaly Leni Anderson Nancy Anderson Donna Ardoin Janice Ardoin David Alchley J. W. Allaway l-loward Ausiin Yolanda Avilez Linda Axlell Carolyn Baggeli George Bailey Gerald Bailey Officers head Class Geraldine Bailey Kennelh Baker Mabel Baker Marsha Baker Mary Louise Balawaider Jacquelyn Ballard Elaine Barbay Mary Louise Barbosa William Barker Sue Barnes Jimmy Barreli' Sherry Barringlon Jessie Barrios Archie Barron Mike Barllell' in First Year at TJ Peppermini' candy af a school siore? They said if couldn'l' be done. Bui' David Bowlcer, Hana l-larnpion, Bobby Rabuck, and Sue Siolce find T. J. has done H' again. The slore is open all day and affended by Sharon Morgan. Belly Barion Earnesieen Bass Micheal Bass William Balic Benny Beauchamp Keni' Beclccom Chrislopher Beelle Anihony Belanger Pal' Belanger Melvin Bell Phillip Beniamin David Berg Donna Berg Mary Bergeron l.esl'er Billeaucl John Birlcman Joan Blanco Louis Blenderman Berry Boclclen Dwighl' Bodden Myra Bodle George Boland Linda Boles Bob Bolles Charles Bolyard Sheryl Bradley Thomas Bradley Larry Branham Shirley Brasseaux Geraldine Breaux Mike Briggs Annelfe Broussard Erwin Broussard Allen Brown Gayle Brown Lois Brown Pal Bryarfl Sharon Buckner Reveha Bullock Cecile' Burke Cecil Burks Douglas Burroughs Carolyn Bu+ler Judifh Byne Gene Byrd Donald Cain Roger Canfu Manuel Cardenas John Carr Wanna Carriere Wallace Bond Janis Bonura Joel Boone Micheal Borel Micheal Borres Floyd Bossier Delphe Boudreaux Paul Bourg Kalhleen Boulin Gary Bowden Rex Bowen David Bowker Elizabeih Bowman Richard Boyer Charles Brabham Twenty-three Homerooms James Cassel Alice Chambers Charles Champagne Caroline Chapa Cheryl Chafagnier Helen Church Tim Clarkson Teresa Clary James Claude Maihis Cleghorn Janice Clifford Peggy Cline Mary Clingan Virgina Cloar Dorolhy Closiio Choose Leaders Bolo Clouse Billie Cody Bobby Cole Eleanor Collazo Joe Collazo Paula CaIle++i Charlene Cooley Clyde Corley Curlis Cormier Ecliih Coriez Carol Cosfley Randy Cowling Belly Craig Janei' Craig Molly Creswell Rose Cricchio Barbara Criswell Johnny Croche+ Linda Cross Ernesl' Cunningham BeHy Cuiaia Juanila Dailey Lynn Daire Ann Dar'l'ez Kay Dariez Roberl' Darville Renell d'Augereau Karen Dauplwine Louis Davalos Dwayne Davis John Davis Judy Davis Rodney Davis Dorolliy Daws Claudie Dearmond Earl DeFra+es Gene DeKerlegand Maria cle la Rosa Alex DeLeon Isabel Delgadillo Rudy De Los Sanios Sandra Demler Linda Denby Waller Denfon Lana DeRouen Nora de Sleiguer Dianne Devoll Dolly DeYoung Elizabeilw Dilworlli Mary Ka+l1erine Dixson Health Exams Nancy Dore Tommy Dorsey Ellen Douglas Janel Doyle Loraine Drewry Roger Drigcjars Anifa Dronner Diane Duncan Jerry Duplanlis David Earle Jolene Eaves Mike Eaves Gail Eclc Deanie Elam Donald Ellioi' -n.LL4.u- Come Early in Year Larry Furrlw Roloerf Gallio Sandra Gallio Fan Garrell' Lonnel Gaspard Lonnie Gaspard Leo Gayle Jolwn Gesin Garland Gil Mary Ell Glass Ralwel Gloris Sandra Goff Rolaerl' Gongora Edward Gonzales Emma Gonzales .......-ka Linda Ellis Brenda Emerson Brian Engliolm Edillw English Edward Erwin Lucy Evans Franklin Ezzelle Lexon Faulk Viola Faullc Sieve Felder Billy Fellman Sandra Ferris B. J. Fell' Joan Fischer Bonnie Filclw Marlin Flaclqman Glenda Folsom Don Fonlenol Sleven Fonlenol Andy Foole Eloise Forei- Darlene Fosler Kenl' Fosler Tommy Fox Pal Freeman Michael Guidry Roberl Guidry' Earline Guillary Cecilia Gunler Bealrice Gu+ierrez George Haclden Jacqueline Hale Mary Hall ' Orlin Hall Vera Hallmark Shirley Hammers Hanna Hamplon Millon Haney Bernard Hanlcins Lamar Hanlrins Edward Hansen Harry Harlaerl' Jean Harden Odelfe Hargrave Karol' Harringfon Jesse Harris Juoe Harris Pefer Haskell Larry Hafhaway Carolyn Heberi' James Gonzales Roland Gooch Peggy Gorday Joseph Graffio Doris Granlham Gary Green John Green Carl Greig Gwynn Griffilh Joselyn Griflilh Allen Guesl Beverly Guidry Edmund Guidry Harry Guidry James Guidry Outer Space Theme of Selling a good pace al lhe lirsr of lhe year and keeping il' is hard lo clo. Tony Slaupus, Rob Savoie. Carl Greig, Ann Miller, Mavis Landers.. Bill Sheifley, and Ken Hurwilz are lhe sophomores who worked hard +o keep 'rheir srraighr "A's" in every course during Jrhe school year. oph Court Decorations Diana Heberl' Wayne Heberl Ashlon Heclcer Marlin Helley Warren Henry Linda Henslee Charles Hensley Charles Hernandez Gloria Hernandez Wendell Hernandez Joe Herring Melanie Herring Larry Hiclcs Richard Hicks Dianne Highlower Rodriclc Hill Johnny Hinson Clifford Hoffpauir Jeanne Holmes Barbara Hol+ Susan Hollman Paul Honish Dianne Hoover Peggy Hosen Pal Hubbard Priscilla Hubbard Pam Huber Larr Hudson Y Tommy Hudson Mil+on Huebel Earle Hulfhines Tommy Hunler Ken Hurwilz Jimmy Hulchins Sandra Hu++o Augusl lenna Dominga lnlanle Kay lngo Kalhy lrvine Belly Irwin Bobby Jaclcson Carllron Jackson Sandra Jackson Ronald Jeanis Richard Jolfrion Carol Ann Johnson Carol Irene Johnson Gene Ellen Johnson Glenda Johnson Jo Ellen Johnson Michael Johnson Dayne Johnsfon Dan Johnslon Wayne Johnsfon Gene Jones Joe Jones JuaneHe Jones Palsy Jones Wayne Jones Jimmy Jordan Ronnie Jordan J. B. Jordan Joe Kares Jerry Kidd Ann Killingsworlh ophs Plan Future Careers "Oh, +hey're horrible," cries Sharon Sibley as she looks ai her class picrure. Carol Johnson, Sherry Welch, and Lynn Miller look on approvingly al' 'rhe new color pic- rures for lhis year. Donald King Bennerh Knighl' Karen Kraurz Richard Kreiler Larry Laborde Sondra Ladner Deanna LaFleur Morris Laird Tommy Lamberr Mavis Lander Cliffon Landry Donald Landry Eugene Landry Mike Landry Ronald Landry Sharon Landry Mercedes Langdon Donna Lariolas Andra Laurenrs Robin Lawrence James Leavell Joan Leavell Carolyn LeBlanc Geoffrey LeBlanc Larry Ledel' Harry Logan Tim Logan Carmen Lona Kenneih Long Shirley Looper Linda Loper Johnny Lopez James Low Virga Roy Lusiqnan John Lusk Joan Lyday Charlohhe Malfese Kennelh Mannino Frank Maranlo Marilyn Marsh Raymond Marlin Thomas Marlin Roland Mariinez Glenn Mason Par MaHe Alfon MaHhews Melba May Charles McCall Phillip McCollough Theron McComber Lillian Ledelr Jimmy Lee Linda Lee Nancy Lee Richard Lee Franlc Leleux Joy Leleux Sandra Leman Melvin Lene Lorelia Lesfage Be++ie Lewis James Lewis Judy Lewis Jerry Licanfino Joanna Lighlr p11'1tCd Crowds +-- Royce McConathy Linda McCorquoclale Paul McCorvy Grace McCreary Judy McCuistion Glenda McDaniel Margaret McDaniel Charles McDonald Donna McFadden Judy McGee Sandra McGee Mack McGough Paul McKinley Neil McLaurin Verna McMillan Attend Basketball Games Virginia McMillan Judy McMurray Brenda McNabb Carole McQueen Marcia McRee Judy McVey Margaret Meeker Billy Melancon Linda Melancon Carolyn Menard Judy Metcalf Gary Miertschin Ann Miller Annie Miller Beverly Miller Clara Miller Ernest Miller Gary Miller hucille Miller Phyllis Miller Robert Mills Judy Mitchell Phyllis Moak Chloe Moerloe Bobby Monson lrene Monlalvo Elizabellw Moore I-lerber+ Moore Paula Moore Audrey Morales Israel Moreno Carol Morrell Ronnie Mosier Perry Mosly Gene Moulon George Moulon Pam Moyer Sfeve Murray Tommy Neal Ronny New Ann Nielson Teddy Nolan Judy Norion Diane Norvell Ani+a Nugenr Linda Oales Francis Oaiman Karen O'Brien Luiher Odom Abram Ogea Eight ophs Chosen Lucille O'Grady Karen Olive Pal' Orr Ray Orrill Mike OHO Carol Overman Phillip Pampolina Elaine Pansano Jean Parker Lincla Parker Susan Parker Mary Parsons Don Pasley Darla Jo Paiin Linda Palrin for enior Ball Court Dexler Pailerson Jimmy Paulino Alfred Perez Dolores Perez Jimmy Perrill Joan Perry Dorlhy Peylon Tommy Phillips Marshall Pierce Barbara Pielrz Bill Piggolf Carol Pillman Claudia Pills Johnny Plagman Joseph Pommier Gracey Poller Bobby Poller Barbara Powell Mamie Powell William Powell Gail Prali' Shelley Prall Judi Preiean Gene Provosi Nancy Pryor Spirifs soared as Jaclcels fans rallied +o lhe 'reams' supporl al +he crucial game wi'rh Por'r Neches Indians. Sophomores, Ronny New, Gracie Polfer. Grefchen Verboon, and Tim Clarkson, fell 'fhal a+ lasr Jrhey were really a par? of T. J. as lhey did Their share of yelling 'rhal damp, fall nighl. Mary Robin Ronnie Robins Russell Robinson Carl Roddy Tommy Rogas Alvin Romero Dickie Romero Par Romero Roberl Rose Charlorre Rolrhman Carolyne Rouly Pele Russell Kenny Rully Bob Seller Gene Sammons Ellen Sanders Connie Sanclifer Dale Saulsberry Neil Saunders Roberl' Savoie Edwin Schaefer Bill Scheifley Barbara Scheler Joe Scherry Harold Schroeder Loraine Pulilo Linda Quinn Bobby Rabuclc Carole Raggio Gayle Randall Marian Randall Jerry Rarley Glenda Read Sherry Read Linda Reaves Linda Regisrer Gregory Reyna Jimmie Riche Virginia Rivas Carol Robbins Excited Delegates Awalt PuHing our spacious library io good use are Trudy Woods. Ann Nielsen, and Ann- eH'e Broussard. The library's easy access ai any period during 'ihe day has come in handy wiih research work. i l Convention ominations Bonnie Rae Scoii Carol Scoii Tommy Searle Sian Sechler John Self Jerry Serville Kaiherine Shauniield Dolores Shavers Glenn Shelden Joe Sheridan Donna Shless Sam Showalier Sharon Sibley Michael Simmons Johnny Simon Jerry Simoneaux Gary Sims Gerald Siragusa Sammy Slcaif Anihony Slaupas Clark Smiih Douglas Smiih Lewis Smiih . Mariha Smilh Pai Smiih Palsy Smiih Ronald Smiih Sandra Smiih Ann Smiiherman LoreHa Snoelc Joe Soileau Pairiclc Solis Vicioria Solis Linda Sonnier Alice Spears Mary Spradlin John Sfandley Tommy Siansbury Bill Sfansell Nancy Slrokes Paula Sfolces Sue Siolces Sue Sfroiher Jimmy Sullivan Kaaran Summerlin Alice Summersgill Michael Tahaney George Tallaerl' Bill Tapp Linda Talum Girls' Banks Dralned Shirley Tauberi John Taylor Pai Taylor Shirley Thames Gerald Therioi Alice Thibodeaux Gerald Thibodeaux Wayne Thibodeaux Beverly Thomas Dinah Thomas Kay Thompson Ronnie Thompson Clifford Tibbeiis Mike Toliver Anneiie Tomlinson Dunn Twlrp Week Bobby Walson Roberf Walls Lee Weaihingron Lois Webb Erhel Wehmeyer Sherry Welch Becky Wells Linda Werner Sally Whi+e Pamela Whifman Gene Wiemann Gene Williams l-luberl' Williams Wayne Wilson Qlwron Wilson Reuben Tompkins Charles -Torroris David Torino Cherie Townsend George- Treibel Charles Trenlholm Theresa Trevino Joe Trim Mary Trolcee Loron TrueH' Linda Turner Dane Umphrey Carol Van l-less Janice Veillon Grelchen Verboon Rosie Villereal Denise Vincenlr Carly Jo Vines Mary Wagner Mary Ann Wahl William Wahl Paul Walker Carol Walpole Marlhina Walrers Richard Warner "l+'s "snow" use, girls, he won'+ lash" Liz Moore, Diane Devoll. Palsy Smith, and Ann Miller enioy lhe heaviesl' snow in Porl Arlhur since l895. The 6 inch snow loroughl T. J. sludenls oul' lo play on new school grounds. "Hurry up, Mabel." The cold drink ma- chine in 'rhe caleleria This year proves a problem for Dickie Krieler, Jimmy Jordan, and Charles Torloris. as Mabel Baker casually awails her drink. 70 Regina Wing Palricia Wingfield l-larry Wolf Slephen Wolfe Mary Womack Trudy Wood Jerry Woodall Aundria Woods Larry Worrell Slephen Worlhinglon Barbara Wukasck Delilah Yales Bealrice Ybarra Richard Zampini Bobby Zigler First Year in ew TJ "Ugh! l can'+ gel' my fool in." "Wha+ if mine doesn'+ iii?" Sue Barnes, Nora de Slei- guer, Donna McFadden, and Kay Thomp- son, some of 'rhe new sophomore l-lussars, are s+ruggling +o gel' on ihe loools ol: 'rheir big sisler. Affer being insfalled in The Red l-lussars, Jrhey wore fheir while boois io school. Leaves Many Memories Waifing +o enfer 'lhe convenlion, Ernesl Cunningham, Bob Bolles, Benny Beauchamp. Tommy Dorsey and Tony Slaupas display Their slaleroom and candidale signs. Held April I3 and I4, The Maroon and Gold Convenlions each chose a canclidale lo run for presidenl and vice-president "Can you reach ir, Peggy?" Gayle Brown, Gwynn Grifiiih, Peggy l-losen, and Mary Clingan are busy pulling up campaign signs around our school campus. Each candidale displayed signs on The grounds for his eleclion. 7I Denise Vincenf, Phillip Pampolina, Dane Umphrey, ancl Larry Laborde were some oT The TirsT sophomores To geT Their poll Tax. Carolyn AnawaTy, J. B. lBuddyl Jordan, and Cheryl ChaTagnier were on hand To issue Them before and aTTer school. I QUT . Perm Smlttliilg OR I rn . 4 we Malaga Gene Same blolcigsl .-Take 3 bl ylrh. an - sOPlqOm We lDOlx,4aS he Sl? ann S iile nexl Mali Xunflem To Sam s. MO rarilfles' . PN Q ke - QQQ e Xxflxgssl inesiffa Quailo .Owl 'shes Cockoiys p 'in Class when U Working hard To raise money Tor The Organ Fund are OdeTTe l-largrave, Earline Guillory, and Carolyne Rouly. Many groups of sTuclenTs worked aT odd iobs and The proTiTs were conTribuTed To a Tund To buy an organ in memory of our laTe principal, Mr. David Miller. Class of '62 BeHie Lewis and Wanna Carriere are lousy Taking The hem in Alice Spears' dress. Each girl in The sewing classes is expecTed To compleTe Tour proi- ecTs during The school year. "AncTher broken pencil, Carol?" Carol Johnson and Charlene Cooley were among The sophomores Taking many long voca- Tional and inTelligence TesTs aT The beginning of The school year. ff W 4 r 1 , :Jw 6, 7 4ff ,QQ V, ' W ! X z f' 7 ff' , V X ,W ,V X J, f ff! f ,, WM, -,f f 1 f , ff ff cffyxl I ff Wfay ,W if ,,,. ' ZX ff MY, my 1 f 4 y ,,f, 7 W yf f mfg 5, 47772 Lf , , ,, Q, 4. , X ay ,X ,,,, M , My 1959 JACKET COACHING STAFF FRANCIS HILL JOHN Sl-IELTON Tackle Coach Backfield Coach BENTLEY JONES Guard Coach SEASON'S RECORD JACKETS ..,.,,.. o ISTROMA ....... JACKETS .....,.,c..c,c...ccc..,. zo BAYTOWN JACKETS ..........,....,.....E.. 6 ODESSA ......... JACKETS, ....,..........,.ESE. s VICTORIA JACKETS ....E.,........,........ I4 MARSHALL JACKETS ,.....E.......E,....,,,. ao TEXARKANA . JACKETS .S................,E.... 26 ORANGE ....... JACKETS EEJ,.....,...........E.. 21 BEAUMONT JACKETS J.EE..................., 34 SOUTH PARK JACKETS .,...........E,,........ zo P.N.-GROVES Bl-DISTRICT JACKETS ,....,.............,.... zo TEXAS CITY . QUARTER-FINALS JACKETS .,..I..I,E,......IIE.... 4I REAGAN .I,.... 1 SEMI-FINALS JACKETS ................I.E..IE. 7 RAY ,E,,.....,., CLARENCE UNDERWOOD Head Coach DOUGLAS Sl-HVELY ED NOWLAND End Coach Backfield Coach GEORGE CROW Tramer ALL STATE TACKLE CLARENCE BRAY-SENIOR Cenfer-Second Team ALL STATE CLIFFORD TAFT-SENIOR Clifford Taff played sfricfly de- fense, along wi+h Clarence Bray and Chesfer LaPoinf, for fhe firsf fhree games. Then Taff played guard on offense and defense, and bofh Bray and LaPoinf were changed fo of- fense and defense also. Lafer, Bray was moved from cen- fer fo faclcle, fhen loaclc. fo cenfer, while Taff filled Bray's faclcle spof. lf is very difficulf fo rnalce All Sfafe, especially affer playing a posifion for only five games. Congrafulafions go fo Clifford Taff, Clarence Bray, and Chesfer l.aPoinf for receiving fheir honors. They fruly deserve fhese honors. for fhey were a big facfor in Porf Arfhur's going fo fhe semifinals in AAAA play-offs. i i i l CHESTER LaPoiNT-sENioR Tackle-Honorable Menfion ALL STATE Honorable Menfion Liffle ALL AMERICAN 75 COACH UNDERWOOD AND Backfield coach John Shelfon explain Wim plays fo fun agaana CLARENCE BRAY- DEFENSWE ls'rrourna's defense fo quarferbaclc Mike Levy. qyarfegbick- COUSEHTVGTGS on w af e ense pa erns fo ca againsf Bayfown's offensive. JACKETS LOSE OPENER IN BATON ROUGE Jackets-O Redskins-7 Sepf. I2-The Porf Arfhur Yellow Jackefs, hosfing a new fwo plafoon sysfem. wenf info ifs firsf baffle before 8.500 specfafors againsf fhe Isfrouma Redskins af Bafon Rouge. Jaclcefs moved inside fhe lsfrouma 20-yard line on fhree occasions, buf lack of experience and a sfrong Redslcin defense prevenfed a score. Jaclcef defense, confaining only four holdovers from lasf year's feam, did excepfionally well in holding lsfrouma's yardage fo a minimum. Wifh four minufes remaining in fhe game, Porf Arfhur fumbled deep in fheir own ferrifory. The Redskins rallied in a final efforf and scored on an end sweep. The conversion closed fhe game 7-O. DENNIS FERGUSON HAYNES HUDSON EDWARD TURNER End-Senior Guard-Senior Guard-Senior 76 y , DEFENSIVE BACKS MIKE MILLS I24-I and Gary Fosler LINEBACKER JIMMY JOHNSON I56l and Cornerbaclc Mike while 'raking a rest pIo+ againsl' 'rhe Gander offensive. Mills I24-I slop BayI'own's back a'II'er he made a shori gain. Jackets-20 Ganders+13 Sep+. I9-A crowd of I4-,500 fans enjoyed plenly of excilemenlr as Ihe Porl' Arlhur Yellow Jaclceis opened Iheir firsl' home game againslr a long-lime rival, Ihe Baylown Sanders. The Sanders scored early in Ihe game on a 40-yard breakaway. Overcoming a rain of penallies, Ihe Jaclcels caugh+ fire in Ihe 2nd guarlrer and scored on Iwo drives. Early in Ihe 4+h quarier Baylown scored again on a 37-yard scamper buf failed Io malce Ihe e'xIra poinlr. Por'r Arihur Ioolc advanlage of a fumble on Ihe Gander 4I and scored in Iwo plays. In Ihe remaining minules an improved Jackel' defense Iceplr Baylown from crossing 'rheir own 46-yard Iine. The game closed wilh Ihe Iirsl Jaclcel viclory over Baylown in five years. MIKE MILLS MIKE LEVY GARY FOSTER I-Ialiloack-Senior Quarlerloaclc-Senior I-Ialiloaclc-Senior 77 MANAGERS BOB NABOURS and Bobby lvicCumber were a greaT help To The Jacl4eTs. I ODESSA TAKES ONE-POINT WIN Jackets-6 Bronchos-7 SepT. 26-The PorT ArThur Yellow JaclceTs Tell To The heels oT The Odessa Bronchos, 7-6. The Jacl4eTs Threw up a sTrong deTensive wall during The TirsT halT, allowing The Horses only 48 yards rushing. The onlyyJaclceT Touchdown occurred during The Third period as The resulT oT a Broncho Tumble. The conversion Tailed. The Bronchos sTarTed Teeling Their oaTs during The second halT, scoring on a sixTy-Tive yard drive wiTh eleven minuTes leTT in The TourTh guarTer. The exTra poinT aTTempT was good, giving The Broncs a one poinT lead. The JaclceTs couldn'T geT sTarTed, being plagued by Tumbles and pass inTercepTions. The Bronchos goT The ball wiTh Three minuTes leTT To play in The game and ran The clock ouT. The game was The second JaclceT deTeaT in Three weelcs and iT was a long plane ride home. T as ipsl si ,gselgy ilii ALLEN DeLfTxNGE BENTON I-IILLE LYNN EMERSON End-Senior l'lalTbaclc-Senior DeTensive SaTeTy-Senior 78 JACKETS vs. VICTORIA DRAWS TIE Jackets-8 Stingarees-8 Ocf. 2-The Porf Arfhur Yellow Jackefs fraveled fo Vicforia fo play an 8-8 sfandoff wifh fhe Vicforia Sfingarees. The Jackefs were sfill running a fwo plafoon sysfem which proved fo be fafal. The aggressive de- fense proved ifself once again, buf fhe offense of fhe Jackefs could nof operafe. The "l-leadhunfersu were so vicious fhaf fhe Sfingarees wenf wifhouf a firsf down in fhe firsf quar- fer. The "l-leadhunfers" also fhrew up a wall againsf fhe Sfingarees af fhe goal line fo sfop Vicforia af fhe fhree yard line. They also sfopped a drive af fhe Sfingaree fwenfy-fhree yard line, when Vicforia was allowed only fwo yards in four downs. The Jackefs scored as a resulf of a Sfingaree fum- ble on fheir own fhirfeen. The Sfingarees' on a sixfy- nine yard drive, scored from fhe eleven yard line on fourfh down wifh a dcuble reverse. TRAINER GEORGE CROW works quickly fo puf Mike Mills back in fhe game. JOHN WOODALL HARVEY REEVES JOE LANDRY Guard-Senior Guard-Junior Cenfer-Junior 79 CARL CARTER LAMAR LAWSON BOBBY WOODSON l'lalTback-Junior Fullback-Junior l-lalTback-Junior JACKETS SQUEEZE BY MARSHALL Jackets-14 Mavericks-0 OCT. 9-The PorT ArThur Yellow JackeTs played Their second home game againsT The Marshall Mavericks oT NorTh- easT Texas. The JackeTs did noT use The Two plaToon sysTem Tor This game, buT 32 players were employed. The "l-leadhunTers" were as Tough as ever, allowing The Mavericks a neT gain oT 42 yards. The oTTenseg wiTh some new Taces running The aTTack sTill had iTs Troubles. A halT-dozen key surges were halTed one way or anoTher, Tour oT Them inside The Maverick IO-yard. line and Three wiThin The 5-yard marker. The JackeTs scored in The TourTh guarTer on drives oT 67 and 72 yards. This was The second win in Tour games Tor The JackeTs. Ln, HALFBACK BENTON HILLE l2Ol picks up needed TirsT down Tor QUARTERBACK MIKE LEVY llOl gains yardage againsT The The JackeTs. lVlGV9flCk5- 80 .J JIMMY JOHNSON JIMMY MAXFIELD LEONARD DUCKWORTI-I Guard-Junior Tackle-Junior Tackle-Junior JACKETS CRUSH TIGERS Jackets-30 Tigers-12 Ocl. I6-The Porr Arlhur Jackelrs once again pul down a Norlrheasl Texas Ieam by crushing Ihe Texarkana Tigers 30-I2. The Jackelr defense did a beI'rer iob Ihan Jrhe score showed. The Tigers were allowed only 62 yards. and a 96 yard punf reiurn which were careless mislakes made by Ihe offense. The Jackeis used nine diiferenl backs in running over Ihe Tigers, having Tour of 'rhe backs puHing poinls on 'rhe score board. This game ended non-disiricr games for Ihe Jackeis Io give Ihem a 3-I-2 record. , ,,,,, 77,4 QUARTERBACK MIKE LEVY hands off 'I'o Roy Hooks I2Il who, QUARTERBACK RONNIE LANDRY is dragged down from behind scores from one yard out afier a long gain. BI HO LD THAT TIGER! Linebacker Jimmy Johnson I a T c h e s on To O r a n g e hallibaclc. ChesTer LaPoinT ' l72T moves up To give aid. TIGERS FALL TO JACKET MIGHT Jackets-26 T igers-141 OCT. 24-The PorT ArThur Yellow JaclceTs made a successful bid Tor championship in DisTricT Il-AAAA in The iam- paclced Tiger Den by whipping The Tigers 26-I4. The Tigers scored on a biT oTTricl1ery. On a TourTh and I l siTuaTion, The Tigers deceived The Jackel' deTense by passing on a Take punT lineup, scoring on The pass. The JaclceTs opened up a bruising oTTensive aTTacl4 in The Tinal Two guarTers oT The game. The "I-IeadhunTers" ac- cepTing adiusTmenTs by The coaches aT halT-Time, sTopped The Tigers cold, and allowed only I9 yards rushing. The Tigers scored Their oTher Touchdown againsT subsTiTuTes, wiTh 34 seconds remaining in The game. l KYLE HAINES ROY HOOKS RONNIE LANDRY Fullbaclc-Junior l-lalTbacl4-Junior QuarTerback-Sophomore 82 J DlCKY LEGATE JOHN SONNHER JAMES GUIDRY Tackle-Junior Cenler-Junior Tackle-Sophomore JACKETS MAKE LATE RALLY Jackets-21 Royal Purples-0 Gci. 3l-The Porl Arlhur Yellow Jackels, holding a 4-l-2 record for The season, played lheir second dislricl game againsl Jrhe Beaumonl' Royal Purples wilrh an easy viclory in sighl. The Purples, holding only one viclory Tor lhe year, slopped lhe Jackels cold during lhe iirsl 24 minules of lhe game, while Porl Arrhur's "l-leadhunlersu did precisely Jrhe same +o Jrhe Purples' running game. The opening kickoff of lhe second hall resulled in a broken leg lor Jackel cen'l'er Joe Landry. Wilrh improved blocking and lhe realizalion of possibly losing disrricl, lhe Jackeis came back +o close The game 2l-O and nel a lolal of 252 yards on lhe ground. The "l-leadhunlersn allowed Beaumonl' only 53 yards rushing and inlercepied l'wo Beaumonl' passes. JACKET FORTUNES were nol' so good as iearnmaies yelled HALFBACK BOBBY WOODSON l22l scampers around end for advice and Coach Underwood look a long. disgusled look. long gain. HALFBACK MIKE MILLS l24l scores wiTh The help oT Lamar Lawson l32l. BRILLIANT FIRST HALF GIVES PA VICTORY Jackets-34 Greenies-0 Nov. I3-Belfore an excepTionally large crowd, The PorT ArThur Yellow Jacl4eTs shocked everyone wiTh a brillianT TirsT halT aTTaclc. The "l-leadhunTers" were sTricTly on Their Toes and The JaclceT oTTense was iusT as impressive. Three drives oT 65 yards, 80 yards, and 28 yards, paid OTT wiTh excellenT dividends. Precision bloclcing resulTed in Two addiTional scores beTore The halT ended. HEADHUNTERS CHESTER LaPOlNT l72l, Harvey Reeves l62l, Haines Hudson l6Ol, Lynn Emerson llbl. and Ronnie Landry lon The groundl show The Greenies whaT The HeadhunTers are really lilce. 84 HOMECOMING IS WELL ATTENDED RUSSEL STQUT ROY KIESCHNICK JOHN lv1cCURLEY End-Junior End-Senior End-Junior GREENIES SUFFER MAJOR LOSS TO PA THE SOUTH PARK GREENIES were picked lo be l'he Dislricls' "darkhorse," buf +he "Headhunlers" knocked lhe "horse" our, and during 'lhe lasl hall: Soulh Park was ius'r plain "dark," The Jackels nejrled 389 yards and used I4 diflerenf back. Soulh Park nelrled only 32 yards on 'rhe ground while compleling 3 passes for 33 yards. Many ex-sludenls came +o see The Homecoming of Thomas Jefferson. During halllime Carole Simoneaux was pres- enled wilh a dozen roses as she was crowned queen. DAD'S NIGHT was also parl of Jrhe Homecoming acl'ivi'ries1 HOMECOMING QUEEN CAROLE SIMON. EAUX was elecled loy 'Phe seniors on 'fhe Jackel' va rsily. 85 FULLBACK KYLE HAINES comes rumbling l BOBBY WOODSON l22l leaps wilh ioy as fullback Lamar Lawson plows over for Through lilce a locomolive. a much needed firsl' down, PA WINS DISTRICT 11-AAAA CROWN Jackets-20 Indians-6 Nov. 20-For lhree quarlers Jrhe Porl' Neches-Groves Indians and Jrhe Porl Arlhur Yellow Jaclcels ballled on even Jrerms and noi one of Jrhe I3,000 fans could have said how Jrhe game would end. The Jaclcels scored before Jrhe half bul' Porl Neches came back for six poinls early in lhe 3rd period. ln lhe re- maining I6 minules +he "l-leadhun+ers" allowed lhe indians only one lirsl down. Porl Arlhur began a powerful drive jusl before Jrhe lasl quarler and pushed over for 'l'he score wilh seven minules lell in Jrhe game. The Jaclcels slarled a 5l yard drive Jrhal closed +he doors lo Jrhe Dislrici Championship for Jrhe Indians. Porl Arlhur nelled 296 yards on lhe ground while Porl Neches nelled I9l yards. Neilher Team compleled a pass A SWARM OF JACKETS, Jimmy Johnson l56l, Jimmy Maxfield l76l, Lynn Emerson llbl. Gary FOS+er l27l. ClW95l'9F l-apolnl' l72l and Clarence Bray l5Ol, come down on a Porl' Neches-Groves halfback. 86 SENIORS ON VARSITY-KNEELING, leff fo righf: Lynn Emerson,Gary Fosfer, Mike Mills, Benfon l-lille, Allen DeLange, John Wood- all. STANDING: Mike Levy, Clifford Taff, Clarence Bray, Haynes l-ludson, Dennis Ferguson, Chesfer LaPoinf, Edward Turner. JACKETS START ON THE RUAD T0 PLAYOFFS Jackets-21 Stingarees-6 Nov. 27-The Porf Arfhur Yellow Jackefs. plagued by fumbles deep in fheir own ferrifory during fhe firsf quarfer. furned back repeafed fhreafs fo go ahead of fhe Texas Cify Sfingarees 2l-6 in bi-disfricf play. The Jackefs could nof gef sfarfed during fhe firsf quarfer, fumbling every fime fhey gof fhe ball. The Jackef mighfy defense came fo fhe rescue, sfopping Texas Cify many fimes when fhe Sfingarees possessed fhe ball. There was only one defense lapse, which confribufed fo a Sfingaree score. When fhe Jackefs sfarfed holding on fo fhe ball fhey began fo click, racking up 330 yards rushing. The sfingarees made fheir score during fhe fhird quarfer on a 67 yard drive. TEXAS ClTY'S DEFENSE fhrows quarferback Mike Levy for HALFBACK GARY FOSTER speeds behind a wall of blocking. a loss. 87 HALFBACK BOBBY WOODSON l22l Tollows The golden paTh To pay dirT, paved by Dennis Ferguson l82l and Haynes Hudson l6Ol, BULLDOGS SHOCKED BY JACKET STRENGTH Jackets-41 Bulldogs-13 Dec. 4-Eleven Thousand specTaTors gaThered To see The quarTer-Tinals showdown beTween The PorT ArThur Yellow JaclceTs and The John Reagan Bulldogs oT l'lousTon. The JaclceTs enTered as a I2-poinT underdog buT aTTer 7 sTraighT wins The JaclceTs were noT To be denied. BoTh Teams loaTTled hard and iT appeared as iT iT would be a Toss-up as To whaT The Tinal gun would bring. The JaclceTs oTTense ran wild in The lasT quarTer, scoring Three Touchdowns wiTh Two conversions. Vicious Tackling loy The "l-leadhunTers" and a sTrong desire To win weakened Reagan's spiriT To a poinT oT deTeaT. REAGAN FULLBACK BUDDY OAKS Tinds The going rough as "l'leadhunTers" move in Tor The liill. 88 Top: REAGAN DEFENSE finds halfbaclc Gary Fosfer l27l a bif fasfer. fhan anficipafed. The Bulldogs, a several poinf favorife. proved fo be no mafch for Porf Arfhur's sfrong desire fo win. The Reagan win was Porf Arfhur's eighfh sfraighf vicfory. Righf: Leff fo righfg Chesfer l.aPoinf, Clifford Taff, and Clarence Bray were elecfed feam Cap- fain by fhein feammafes affer fhe season ended. During fhe season capfains were ap- poinfed before each game by Coach Un- derwood and his assisfanfs. This was fhe firsf fime fhis mefhod has been used in Porf Arfhur and if proved very successful. FULLBACK KYLE HAINES finds fhe righf hole in Reagan defense HALFBACK MIKE MILLS sweeps end wi+h fullback Kyle l-laines paving +he way. JACKETS LOSE TO MIGHTY TEXANS Jackets-7 Texans-26 Dec. I2-The Porl Arfrhur Yellow Jaclaelrs, on Their way lo slale finals, were Jrripped by Jrhe number one 'l'eam in The slale of Texas, Jrhe mighly Corpus Chrisli Ray Texans. 26-7. This was lhe Tirsl lime Jrhalr The Jaclcel foolball Team had ever played before Jreleyision speclalors. An eslimaled one million persons walched on a IO-channel lelevision nelworlc. The Texans scored quickly in lhe firslr quarler, bul' Jrhe Jaclcels scored Jrhree minules Ialrer, as a resull' of a Texan Tumble on Their own 33 yard line. TEXAN HALFBACK l38l gels by Kyle Haines l33l, bul' Chesler La Poinf l72l brings him down. 90 QUIERTERBACK MIKE LEVY affempfs anofher pass wifh fhe blocking of halfback Gary Fosfer l27l. buf Ray's defense proves foo muc . Wifh fourfh down and one foof fo go for fhe score and having fwo seconds remaining in fhe firsf half, fhe Jackefs fried, buf failed. If fhe Jackefs had succeeded, fhe score would have been fied, The facf fhaf fhey had a chance fo fie fhe score fook fhe spirif ouf of fhe Jackefs, and Ray came back sfrong as ever fo make a larger winning margin. Corpus Chrisfi mef Wichifa Falls fhe following week in fhe sfafe championship game af Ausfin, Texas. Wichifa Falls was sfafe champion in l958, buf fhey proved fo be no mafch for Ray in l959. THESE RETURNING LETTERMEN were key members of fhe '59 varsify: Chesfer LaPoinf. Clifford Taff. Mike Mills, Dennis Ferguson, and Clarence Bray. 9I au 1,-. JUNIOR VARSITY HALFBACK RONNIE THOMSON ll8l gains yardage againsl Porl' Neches JV's. 1959 JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD In addirion lo coaching Jrhe Yellow Jackels' baskelball 'Team each year, Pele Pense does an excelleni job in Training Tulure grid slars. The Junior Varsily is composed of sophomores and juniors who do noi play in The Friday nighl games. J.V. games are played Saiurday mornings, which gives Jrhem experience COACH PETE PENSE under aciual game condilions. The Junior Varsiiy coniribulres To The success of The varsily by running opponen+'s plays againsr Jrhe Jackels. TOP ROW: Lefl' +o righlz Phil Albers, Bob Salier, Tommy Dorsey, Jerry Kidd, Ronny New, Larry Laborde, Millon Haney, Donald King, Buddy Greig. MIDDLE ROW: Gene Delferlegand, Joel Boone, Marlin Hefley, James Cassel, Pe-'fer Haskell, Earl DeFra'res, Gary Mer- chan'r, Thomas Rogas, Lamar Hankins, Wilson Yancey. BOTTOM ROW: Ernesr Cunnungham, Wayne Heberr, Warren Henry, Bobby Rabuck, Jay Hicks, Mike Landry, Jimmy Lee, Gregory Reyna. Qiifrl , 4 S? - ,. 2 Xif ' ' - :Ii fa 4, -, 4 ,ai V. Qfi yi Vila!" 1 fy y ,ry K f, gf: ,w V Q: ffk we , wr!-Y M ff W 5. . ' - J- 4 ,. ' Www' H194 ' ,agffgv L A 2. f, 'Lx ' 4 , ' K ' Ms, , .-ff? ,J - I y M fm' ,VL ,. f y ' V. gf .,.,v- W' Q , 'WN A,--M xw:f,'f,:fx:- 4 ,- my Q- f ig hw , M.. . ,, W ,- an V X ww , NN 'W M QM M. ,A,. 4-jj'L,m.wM V """W A .w'?7i2JI5fm" " Q .... W' Aww f .ww-' wo" .,..,x.., .W-""' .www maafqsfai Q Winter . . . initiation of activities What more could one expect in winter than snow? A pertect campus covered with the largest blanket ot snow in the history ot Port Arthur added zest to winter activities. We began to have assemblies, pep rallies, and basketball games on our home court with the opening ot the air-conditioned auditorium and the spacious tield house. A record crowd ot 3,000 people initiated the tirst season ot basketball in the new plant. Sophomores and iuniors benetited trom helptul intormation concerning careers which was given by guest speakers in the tirst assembly programs, while seniors traveled to Lamar Tech tor the Career Day conterence. Betore making their advanced selections, the juniors and sophomores attended career conterences held at school. The programs ot clubs and organizations reached their peak during these cold, crisp days: and many began to have banquets and parties. As sophomores and iuniors tiled tor all-school ottices, the excitements ot winter came to an end, providing an interesting entrance into the coming activities ot spring. Junior Editor Mike Huebel Clubs and Organizations Editors Jean Ann Gardner Gloria Redtearn Basketball Editor Bill Sharp Girls' Sports Editors lrene Valdez Georgette Nantz 'W'2ii?w2,fL'hE'17fA 57, f 2-fa:ffw.m,f1'wf,.,q4,f ,, ff, , V, ,- 4 ,,,f,.,, ff ff ,, ,C fmziwv ' 2,1 fL.2,f,fffy?f, Q, fi, rf ,fzffi 1 ,- , , f f fw,Aw,:,,z,,ag,w, fir, f f f f f f ' ' -f f ,, , ,, f' f f , :pf ,' '34 xi 1, ,,1,,!, f ., .,,,f f f f f, ,,,ff,f,:,f- ,f-f,fr,,,rf f ? ,4,f.'r:f' ,x.F.fA3.5w,:15 A-V ff. M59 X , ,,,, isa '+w2,1'z ' '-f,, 1, ,f ' f , ,. f '- . WW ,,,,,yf,, ,,,g,,f!,,4f ,W ,, f,,,, , ,9,,f1wMw5 , , ,ff WQWXW7, f X ff , , X ff 1 f fffff-ffwfy , ,fl f .,.,f1,,',ff,,w,f,, ., ,, ,- ff, ef .- qff-f1,rf,fQ51'2Qf, fr,f,zgm'2'f 'vffcfgif-f'f',,f :yn qi 23,2,ffig,gff,ff,,'fjiCf'?"-Egg2vMfizi2,2f,Wfffiif , my ff f,f ,g5,i,M, j5m..,Qf5f4,f,:5,Z,g,g,4,f,i,,, 1 , f'f'5, M", , ., ,M-,,,,,f-f7,f,'f,f,,f,f, , ,,', , 'W ' 2,140 ,MQ WW If 1 ,mf-fff,f ff ' f,fff4-ff fff?fwAwf,',,,f,,': fff ffgjffr fiff f' f ,'., fvfmyfnfvazc -1f'if,mf2ff?4f?P5-f f ' , 2, ,Lei f ,ff f f ' ,,"' 2 'f 'f,f ' ' 4 -'," 4 "f' f mv f GW' f"' iff ' '," 95 f, , f f,',f'g16f,. ,Q 441-'zfff:Qfff4f'yfz',w 4 ff, ff 1f0w,,ffQ,f, .V Kffiffwfpffff,cwf,y'fcw,w,M4,- gf: -, 13,1 ,ff,1,,zgf, W, ,wyqyflwgl 11,144 k.-- mf-?7 f , ,ff Ja., MAXM., ,M f,f. pf--fd-ff,f-f,c ,.,,', f, ffm ,ffffg f-,f, ff ff .,y-f,,,,J,y,W,f, .N,,.,,4,yyw,f.f. pf ,-,, f, g z ,474W,'wf Y,w4f1,g ff., M ,fam-, ,ff 'f,- Q A V-70 4 MM 4,7 WfMf4yff,y4-4 :wwf I 4-gay' f .ff f,-fpffpf M54 u,f1,4ff-ff-fffff,,44, ffwf -W f -f f-wif mfffff' fff,VM,f..,f,f,f ,,ff-fffff, ,-ff fffff - 4,1 fy -ffm, 4-.'1,,9 mf M,,fm.wAv,4, ,nf ff' if '.wsf. -ff, ",.', ff-'f ,pw ,f'- fnlw 'V 'MV WM-ff fffwwfef ff' i,ff'fWMf'w,, V vw f' ffv-ff ff' 7 64 if riff-f My , 1 ,,,. ,727-:W ,ff-,4Qg3,,fy,,f,fAf,4,f,Q f',,,fm,yy,1f',!fy, ,,,gf'ffv,f f,f,g,'Q ff Qfjy, ,gQff,f,f! ,,f,Q,i Qzil ,f, f QM ,fwfr-f ff 4 '-', 1 4 f if ' ' 6' M -A"f , ,, , , .,,,,,, , , , , - fhweff ' V , f f "'L q , W, ., 'V ' 41- 0 : ,V ,K--' Q,y5,., f-gwfzftfw-2' f '- - ' f f Z, ,f Q we l-lelen Abraham Mary Abslwire Elizaberlw Adams Rose Adams Olivia Aleman Winfred Alexander Karlwleen Allen Jerry Allgood Barry Anderson Gabrielle Anderson Frank Andrews Andrew Andrus Roberr Andrus Linda Arisco Mary Arisco Barbara Arminlor Shiny New Lockers Hold Jolrin Arnold Clarence Arclwison Sammy Alclwison Sharon Ausrin Carl Avila Bobbie Babino Mary Carlwerine B Mike Bailey Roy Balcer Donald Ball Rolando Barbosa Mona Lee Barnes Jolmn Bass Marvin Bales Karen Baxler Kennelli Bayless David Beager Eugene Beard Sandra Beckworrh aggesse Loads of Junior Books Jane Bodle Rebecca Boehme Ann Boole John Bordelon James Borel William Boullre Cynlhia Branlley Peggy Breaux Bob Breckenridge Evelyn Broussard Gary Broussard Helen Broussard Kalhleen Broadwa Wayne Broussard l-lenriella Brown Myrlle Brown Faye Burdehle Jerry Burleson Y Janelle Bggnghausen Gayle Belfiore Maurice Bellol' Kafhleen Benavidez Marle Benoil Mary Carolyn Benson Roland Bernard George Bernauer Millon Berry Judilrh Berlrrand Anlhony Bielecld Charles Billoo Billy Blaclc Donna Blanchard Susan Blanchard Dorolrhy Bodden Harold Bodden rw"- Av.-3,v IK. arl'is'r. i i i Football Season Brought Karen Byrd Palricia Capps James Carr Carl Carler Karen Cary Judy Cassidy James Caslaneda Jesse Caslaneda Ovida Cales Thomas Cauglilin l-larry Cazemier Bob Clwaddriclc Jerry Chamberlain Ervin Clwalaqnier Nancy Clirislian Billy Clarlc Leslie Clary Linda Cloar Thomas Clooney Jack Coffman il,',.'1i VUL wi' Carolyn Squyres and Virginia Oakley give S+a+e room Monlana a look 'r +l'1eir firsl banner of The foolball sea son. Ray Ludwig was 'Hue iger Mzlbzrognbleg isn'i' all had." says Joe Landry as e err, Karen Smilh. and Sandra Beclcworlh Sign his cas+. Cold weaiher and high spirilrs seem +o be +he necessilies for a good fool'- ball season. Out pirit in Everyone Mail Coffman Nova Coleman Cindy Collins Sharon Comeaux Alfred Coolc Janice Cooper Shirley Corley Donald Cormier Milda Courville Carole Cox Linda Cox Charles Crawford Shary Crawford John Crochel' R-ose Crochel Cheri D'Abadie Ida Nell Diagle Mary Anne Daniel Pal Daniel Eugene Davis James Davis Janice Davis Jerry Davis Jimmy Davis Calherine Dean Cheryl Deckard Carole Delalield James Deriso Melba ,Desormeaux Roberl Devillier Janice Dickerson Jean Kay Dominque Rosa Dominguez Pal Doyle Jeannine DuBois Leonard Duckworlh Early September Brings Maggy, Trying Rodney Duhon Thomas Dumesnil Linda Dunk Belly Duplanlis Pal Duponi Diana Dupy Ellia Eberl l-loward Edgerly Judilrh Emmons BeverlyfEnglish Jonnie English John Erickson Gladys Faulk Rulh Faulkner Judy Fears Tommy Feemsler Linda Ferguson Marion Ferguson Margarila Flores Days But What a Beautiful New School! Janice Gaulhier Paul Gennusa Jo Anne Gerace Bill Gibbons Russell Gibson Bill Gilberl' Elizabellw Givens Barbara Glaze Roseanne Gloriosa Jane Golf Judil'l1 Golf Randall Glodblum Lucien Gondron Edward Goodell Joan Gralwam Craig Granl David Granllwam Don Green Mary Gregory ,?......4-nun. imxf si Paul Eilzner Evelyn Fogleman Ray Eonlenol Cliarlolle Eole Janice Foreman Allen Eranlclin lvlargarel Eranlz Delores Gacnassin Sandra Gallion Adia Garcia Edward Garcia Jesse Garcia John Garcia Sue Garlin Barnabas Gaspard Roy Gaspard Morgan Schroeder is well on his way back 'ro recovery afrer being slricken wilh polio in +he early par? of This school year. l-le is piclured here wilh his home Teacher. delermined nor +o ge+ behind in his sluclies. Trea+ing 'rheir clales +o Twirp Week fun are Charlyn Saulsberry Karen Baxler, and Ingrid W'endland+, The boys are Barny Gaspard Donny Ball and Mike l-luelaal. Interest Increased All Year . . . Paul Guerra Lynda Guiclry Jerry Guillol Kyle l-laines Michael l-lamillon Edi+h Hammock Sherry Jo Hammock John l-lanson Tillman l-larris Jeanelle l-lalchell John l'lawsey Charles Hazlelron Beverly l-lealh Anilh l-leloerl Carolyn l-leberl' James l-leberl Kay l'leber+ Melba l'lel::er'r Nancy l-leberl David l-leberl Sfeady as she goes' A gale wind kepl' Bill Gilber+s' sailboai' al anchor-buf i+ didn? keep fhese iuniors from having a look ar The sirualion early las'r spring. They are, lefl io rlghl' Kalhleen Allen, Ray Ludwig, Kirk Sirickland and Bill Gilbert 1 ' The iunior class of '59-'60 would like To recognize John Wallace, Peggy McBe+h and Charles McFaHer for fheir hard work in mainraining an A average for The year. As Juniors Studied and Pla ed Doyle Heslrer John Hicks Neil Higginbolhem Claudelle Hilliard June Hinds Ledel Holbrook Dennis Hollander James Hollier Jean Hollingsworrh William Holrman Helen Holzalel Roy Hooks Thomas Horion Aubrey Howard Barbara Huberl' Alice Hudson Milion Huebel Deana Huff Myra Hull Glenda Huni ,-A....., 7 fi 1 ill e f 1 2 Marcell l'lun'rer Dennis Jackson Ellis Jackson Donna Jayrole William Jenkins Larry Jernigan Glenn Johnson Jimmy Johnson Kyle Johnson Monroe Johnson Joy Johnsione Don Jones Kay Jones Linda Jones Ronald Jones Sharon Jones l Setting a New Trend Were K ,mr ,cy ,cv .. Geniva Jouberl Clare Judice Paul Judice Edward Jungen Edwin Jurischk Wayne Kay Judy 'Kendrick Sandra Kerr Johnny Kiamar James Kilgore Charles Killingsworlh James Kincaid Palsy King Frances Kinnard Charles Kirkendall Mary Ellen Klebba Marlin Kline Reagan Knighl James Land Brilliant Unusual Color Patterns Bonnie LeLeux Tommy Letulle Sharron Light Anne Lotten Bobby Logan Mary Lona Frank Lopez Rudy Lopez Oscar Lott Diane Loulcas Sarah Lowther Virginia Lozano Ray Ludwig Mike Lupton Peggy McBeth Kay McConathy Larry lv1cCrary Pat McCue John McCurley Joe Landry Keith Landry Ronnie Lange Bill LaQuey l-luey Latiolais Raymond Lawrence Lamar Lawson Marian Leavins Julie LeBlanc Glenn LeBlanc Weldon LeBlanc Linda LeBeout Nancy LeDeoux Jimmy Lee Dickie Legate Experiencing fhe exci+emen+ of selecling Jrheir senior rings are Lincla Riley, Rene Jayroe, and Charles Hazellon. Jimmy Maxfielcl fakes aim a+ Jimmy Johnson as +he luniors en ioyecl ihe snow. Choosing Time Is Near Belly McDonald Kennelh McElwee Charles Mclzaiier Michael MCC-Brew Carol McMahon Cynihia Mackaleli Alfred Mackenrolh Bruce Mahaifey Cecil Maller Joe Malone Sanclra Marsh Susan Marsh Lincla Marlinez Lupe Marlinez Palricia Malhrole James Maxfielcl Louis May William May Maureen Mayea Roberi Menchaca Allen Michon Log cabin fzalces ser rhe scene for The celelaraiion of Lincoln's birlh- day parly in Mrs. McEwans' American Hislory class. , Sharon Morgan Carol Morilz Gloria Morris Merrill Moss James Moyer Larry Munlin Edward Midgerre Carol Miquez Edward Miller Ivan Miller Mary Miller Ollie Miller Byron Milner John Miner Barbara Mire Frances Moak Ann Mock Sheri Monlagne Fredrick Monfana Janis Moon Gerald Moore Helping fo celebrafe Jrhree birrhdays in one are Char lyn Saulsberry and Freddy Cook. for Senior Rings Jerry Myers Marie Nacol James Normenl Lynn Nunez Sandra Nunez Gaynell Nusom David Null' Virginia Oalcley Edward Orozco Jolwn Olreri Clwarlolle Owens Lynda Owings Nelda Pace Elizabellw Pardue Linda Parenl Lionel Parenlr Sunshine, Hearts, and Flowers Edmund Parsons Monly Pasroriclc Bo-Peep Pa+ricl4 James Payne Rose Picorino William Pilre Erleen Por'rer Tim Porler Alice Powers Jolwnnie Price Miclca Primeaux Frances Proll Dana Pullen James Ouebedeaux Paul Ouiclc Mary Ramirez Harvey Reeves Roberl Reeves David Rlwodes Are Spelled Out in Spring Glenn Salem Jaclc Sandoval Charlyn Saulsberry Jerry Savanl' Joe Savoy Vicior Scalco Sandra Schexnayder Carolyn Schlcade Sharon Scoiur Gerald Scroggs Gene Sheppard Rober+ Shepherd Jerry Sherman Bobby Sherwood Celia Sherwood Judy Shinn Joe Sigler Neil Sirman' Carol Smilh George Rhodes Harold Richard Russell Richard Milinda Richards Timoihy Richerson Susan Riegner Linda Riley Garland Roddy Diana Rogers Linda Rogers Waller Roll Carolyn Romero William Roussel Palricia Roy Lydia Ruiz John Russell Jane Smilli Karen Smilli Lecrelia Smillw Olive Smillw Peggy Smilli Bobby Smiilw Sandra Smillw David Smiilwerman Karlene Snoek Irene Soliz Jolwn Wayne Sonnier Benny Sorgee Carolyn Squyres Lynn S+ansbury Mike Slreplwens Glenn Slrillwell Juniors Began Planning Carolyn Slrokes Bob Sione Russell Sl'ou+ Micky Slrange Jimmy S+raub Kirk Slrickland Mary Elia Siyles Leroy Tale Wayne Taylor Jane Timplelron Mary Belrh Tennanr Clarence Terrell Sue Terrel Don Telreaull Kay Tlwames Darrel Tlwibodeaux Jeanellre Tliibodeaux Velma Tlwibocleaux Larry Tliiery Diann Ward Clyde Weaver Pres+on Weaver Randall Weaver James Webb Carrie Weelcs Carolyn Wells Ingrid Wendlandl' Susan While Billie Jo Wiley Eileen Willcins Iris Williams Elizabeih Wilson Wendy Wingfield John Wolfe Roberi Wood Bobby Woodson Shirley Wueller Janice Yales Gene Yenizen for Summer Hays Glen Thompson Linda Tomlin Margarel Torberl Sabra Trahan Willron Trahan Mary Louise Trevino Guy Triiico Pauleldre Trosclain Sylvia Tyson David Vamvalcias Judy Van Slyke Maneile Veazey Bealrice Vidrine Fred Wallace Jimmy Wallace John Wallace prim -Honors. and Offices New LeH'er Girls of GRA include: FIRST ROW: Bobbie Babino, Merrill Moss, Sandra Schexnayder, Judy Emmons, Pai Roy, and Jane Srnilh. 31 SECOND ROW: Karen Byrd. Judy Shinn, Sue C-ariin, Carolyn Romero. Wendy Wingfield, Beverly l-leaih, Sharon Jones, and Carol Dubois. te 1 l 3142 Erleen Porier and Diana Dupy began plan- ning nexr year's annual upon ihe announce- menl' of 'rheir being Co-Ediiors. Pal Doyle will be Edilor in Chief of lhe PILOT. II4 Mini I fi J? i Carl Carfer, newly elecfed presideni, 'roolc his oalh of office from Mr. Lonnie Devall. aciing principal. Carl ihen swore in orher new officers. These girls will be seen leading The Maroon and Gold Band in '6l. They are: Sue Siolces, Beverly l-leaih, Sue Garrin, Liz Moore, Linda Axlell, Mary Margerel' Arisco, Susan Marsh, Ann Miller, Nova Coleman, Cindy Branlley, Linda Pareni, and Elizabeih Adams. df? f X -z if A ' ,,-z1+fff.gfj,:e,s- W fu,-4 951 ,vy-If wfcffffri ' !'fEfff4Si!Zg-2:2124 , W, fm-ff ' 1 1 f,-pf , ,ff X f f ,fn ff ,,f, I ,N4 , ,gli aff 1 CZ! 0 fff 0 'af v 1 V gh K ggi K - ,ff f f. ff QQ! ' , Z fz A J NN D. E. for Fun Hall Cole, senior and presidenl ol llie D. E. Clubs ol Texas lor l959-60, was clwosen lo be a delegale lo llwe Nalional Convenlion ol D. E. Clubs in Kansas Dislribulive Educalion sludenls are: BOTTOM ROW: Gabrielle Anderson, Jerry Carrulb, Franlc Fauglwn, Clwarlolle Foole, Jo Carole Delalield. SECOND ROW: George Boyum, Darius Duplan- lis, Frances Kinnard, Royce Wall, Sna- ron Morgan. THIRD ROW: Raymond Lawrence, Larry LeBlanc, Bobby Mills, Gayle Blalceman, Belly Darlez. FOURTH ROW: James Gabourel, Cliarles Wllile, Joe Ollo, Linn Kovar, Ronald LeBouel, FIFTH ROW: Gerald Smilll, Tllomas Girolamo, Barbara Arm- inlor. James Ware, Evelyn Broussard. SIXTH ROW: Oscar Bedsole, Milce Sleplmens, Mary Abralwam, Gene Gal- lier, Hall Cole. SEVENTH ROW: Bob- by Redd, Paul Riclcs. Mrs. Dell Hille, Coordinalor Cily on April 20-22. Al lne Nalional Convenlion, l-lall will campaign lor lne nalional presidency. Willw Hall Cole as a candidale lor nalional presidenl, llwere has been muclw added inleresl in llwe Tlwomas Jellerson D. E. Club, wbiclw is sponsored by Mrs. Dell l-lille. Dislribulive Educalion sludenls allend classes only one ball day as llmey spend llme resl ol llme day worlc- ing. I .L Members of Disrriburive Educarion Club are, BOTTOM ROW: Jimmy Lee, Linn Srans- bury, Eleanor Davalos, Nora Fredrick, Judy Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Jerry Halrom, Bobby Sherwood, Judy Falcon, Kay Jeans, Linda Jones. THIRD ROW: Richard Dixon, Johnnie Heaslei, Judy Moreau, Charles Allen, Tommy LeTulle. FOURTH ROW: Edgar Williams, Connie Blanchard, Ronnie Lange, Diane Dupuis, June Wyble. TOP ROW: Leslie Clary, Carolyn Huebel, Glenda Alvarez, Roberi' McCorvey, Carolyn Rich- ards. and Profit l Pai' Soileau, an employee of Jrhe Porf Arfhur News, was chosen by 'rhe businessmen of Porr Arihur To be 1'his year's D.E. Queen. Five delegafes and 'Five awards made T. J.'s parlricipalion in 'Phe S+a+e Convenfion in San Anlonio la+e in February a complele success. lI7 Slide Rule Club Q fr A 1 The Big Ben of Hue slide rules gels a work-oul' in Mrs. Keifer's Class. Explaining 'Hue many praciical uses of lhe slide rule 'lo Judy Blamlon is Charles Beal. Born are s+uden+s l of Mrs. Keller. 1 i l Displaying Hneir oulsfanding knowledge of llie slide rule are John Wallace, Thomas Smiflwerman, Don Goff, and Don Reaux. -i Helps Future Scientists Mr. Charles McBee, physics teacher, sponsored one ot the large groups ot young scientists and mathematicians especially interested in learning to use the slide rule. Pictured are FOREGROUND: Gerald DeCluitt, Jett Guidry, Wayne Broussard, Jim Moyer. Dennis Holander, John Henning, Bill Haynes, Jack Cottman, John Steele, Mike Harrison, Tommy McGattey. Lee Weathington, Hyer Mashburn, Roland Gooch, Earl Gregory. BACK- GROUND: Francis Thibodeaux, John Wolte, Julie Le- Blanc Gene Hamilton, Bill Gibbons. Don Gott, Don Reaux, and Thomas Smitherman agree that three heads are better than one when it comes to solving an advance problem. Members of the Slide Rule Club are: BOTTOM ROW: lett to right: James Badgett, Judy McCuistian, Anna Lee Krieter, Gay Godwin. Ruth Wood, Thomas Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Don Gott, Rita Smith, Wanda Schamber, Robert Morgan. THIRD ROW: Gary Ross, Edward Turner, David Ross, Bill McCustian, Philip Carter. FOURTH ROW: Richard Krieter, Larry Badgett, Thomas Smitherman, Kenneth Hurwitz, Robert Woltord. FIFTH ROW: Charles Williams, Jett Guidry, Alan Nelson, John Wallace. TOP ROW: Bill Flem- ming, Sandra Lacy, Charles Beal, Don Reaux, Bill Black, Robert Stone, Wayne Rogers. Future Teachers Entertain TO PREPARE FOR their careers in teaching, Future Teachers this year have devoted much ot their time to assisting the PTA, teaching at Hughen School, entertain- ing at the District Convention, and attending the State Con- vention. MEMBERS OF THE Thomas Jetter- son Club pictured above are Iett to right, FIRST ROW: M. Bonnell, A. Mock, K. Clayton, B. Brown, K. Bowen, P. McBeth, SECOND ROW: E. Riley, D. Dupy, M. Klebba, L. Huclcaby, C. Smith. THIRD ROW: G. Salem, S. Jones, M. Daniel, R. Smith. Below Right, FIRST ROW: C. Scalco, M. Strickland, J. Buving- hausen, R. Ridout, P. Demler, S. Irby. SECOND ROW: L. Ferguson, C. D'Abadie, A. Staton, C. Schlcade, C. Buvinghausen. THIRD ROW: S. Sherwood, A. Irwin, S. I Chesser, T. Holberg, M. Bodden, l C. Palmer. FOURTH ROW: S. Walters, W. Eaton, G. Godwin, M. McDonald, E. Fogleman. LEADING THE TJ CLUB THROUGH THE SPRING and tall as otticers were Kristen Bowen, Karen Clayton, Beth Brown, Glenda Salem, Ruthie Ridout, BOTTOM ROW. Lana Huclcaby, Peggy McBeth, Carol Smith, Diana Dupy, Cherie D'Abadie, Charlene Palmer, SECOND ROW. Annette Irwin, Virginia Aycoclc, Jane Smith, Ruthie Balcer, TOP ROW. I20 FTA SPONSORS Miss Mary Eunice Vickers Miss Mab Lynn Hill Mr. T. S. Stansell FT at District Convention WORK AND PLENTY OF IT-GOES INTO making FTA one ot the most successtul clubs in school. Committee meetings anol club meetings occupy many early morning hours. Then there are gala events-initiations, the Delta Kappa Gamma Christmas party, and a picnic honoring seniors-to make the program irresistible to more than IOO girls. MAKING CLUB HISTORY THIS year were Dis- trict Otticers Pat Demler and Annette Irwin. MEMBERS OF THE G. M. SIMS CLUB PICTURED above are, lett to right, BOTTOM ROW: G. Read, J. Lewis, E. Moore, M. Balawaicler, S. Barring- ton. SECOND ROW: D. DeYoung, C. Moerloe, F. English, F. Garrett, A. Smitherman, S. Bradley. TOP I ROW: J. Holmes, I. Williams, S. Demler, S. Welch, S. Gott. LEFT, BOTTOM ROW: C. Sancliter. J. Johnson, N. DeSteiger, E. Barbay, A. Grosstield, E. Foret. SECOND ROW: S. Vaughn, A. Rutledge, C. Dean, N. Coleman, A. Killingsworth, K. Allen. TOP ROW: S. Leman, J. LeBlanc, A. Miller. S. Marsh, P. Wingfield. ENDING A SUCCESSFUL YEAR AS OFFICERS OF the G. M. Sims Club are, BOTTOM ROW: Mary Bonnell, Catherine Dean, Jo Ellen Johnson, Norah DeSteiger. TOP ROW: Nova Coleman, Ann Smitherman, Ann Killings- wort . I2I Merited Members Earn Extra Credits Vlfgllnla Ruih Marilyn Krigfin Aycock Balmer Bodden Bowen Bafbafa Belh Cheryl Ka ren Bflm Brown Buvinghausen Clayfon Pal Margarei' Toni Demler Gerriels Holberg Merited Members Meriled membership in FTA indicales a high degree of in- ieresl' in 'rhe ambilious pro- gram of meelings and commi+- 'ree worlc annually underlalcen by Jrhe group. Passed on by members of lhe credenlials commillee, Jrweniy-six seniors have al- Jrended +hree-fourlhs of lhe meelings, parlricipaled in hall of rhe ac'rivi+ies of lhe club, in half of Jrhe commiiiee meelings, and have earned exlra meril poinls lhrough special service. Many of Jrhese girls will be laculiy members wilhin rhe nexl few years, ready lo help solve perplexing problems in The world of educaiion. Members of 'Phe FTA council This year are Mary E. Klebba, Linda Balzerson Rira Smifh, Janelle Buvinghausen, Ann Miller, and Virginia Aycoclc. Lana Sandra AUHSHS Diane Charlene l'lUCli'5l3Y lfby lfwln Moilice Palmer Glenda Carol Susan Rifa Salem Scalco Sherwood Smpflf, Alice Sena Sie 'Hon Wa lle rs ,..., an.. ,ni - , FTA MEMBERS WIN HANDS DOWN in any popularify con- Jresl when They appear al' Hugh- en School on Monday affer- noons. Here Claudia PiH's. Riia Smilh, Glenda Salem, and Sena Walirers are combining duiies of +eachers and "play- ma1'es" as 'lhey aid in Iherapy. Convention Marks Highlight THIS YEAR'S INSTALLATION of of- ficers was held in Ihe new audiiorium wiih many parenfs and friends al- iending. Taking place February 4. 'Ihe program gave new life lo The remainder of l'he year. THOSE BUSES TO PORT ARTHUR conveniion leliir so-oo-o early: In spiie of inspiralional speeches and workshops, a quick nap was some- Jrimes a necessiiy. The conveniion, held in 'rhe cafeleria before 'lhe audilorium was compleled, was well allended, drawing a crowd of ap- proximaiely 500 delegaies. I23 Future Business Leaders of America Plan l l Mrs. Mable Swanzy and Miss Eola Gunslream, sponsors, lake Treasurer Jean Domingue begins her clufies by accepiing Hue pride in llie FBLA scrapbook kepi up-lo-dale by ilwe scrapbook clues of ilwe club's president Erleen Porier. commiilee. FBLA members are: BOTTOM ROW: Bessie Mae Looper, Judy Melbvin, Janis Moon. SECOND ROW: Marilwa Laird, Carly Jo Vines, Sandra Cook, Linda Arisco. THIRD ROW: Lincla Boles, Jolene Eaves, Linda Gayle, Maria Aquilar. FOURTH ROW: Lillie Ryan, Erleen Porler, Anna Lee Kreiler, Belly Souilierland, Delores Gacliassin. IZ4 I Y l l l x l l l l .ln to Make Money in Business World FBLA DRAWS early inferesf. Members include BOTTOM ROW: Sluaron Ausfin, Rebecca Head. Jane Goff, Clara Smiflu, Beverly Jackson. SECOND ROW: Grace McCreary, Linda Tomlin, Glenda Moss, Janice Foreman, Claudeffe Hilliard. THIRD ROW: Rose Sawyer, Helen Kares, Mary Beflu Adams, Kafluleen Benavidez, Linda McCoy. FOURTH ROW: Marjorie Sluorf, Gloria Hernandez, Velma Tluibodeaux. Helping fo malre ffais year a prosperous one are, Linda McCoy, secrefary: Linda Arisco reporferg Lillie Ryan, vice-presidenfg and Erleen Porfer, presidenf. Secretarial Aides Preparing fo false an acfive parf in flue business affairs of flueir communify affer leaving flue class- rooms of Tluomas Jefferson are flue members of flue Fufure Busi- ness Leaders of America. A coke parfy in flue cafeferia began flue club's acfivifies, wluiclu were brougluf fo a climax by flue insfalla- fion of flue officers for ffue coming year. Helping feacluers wiflu some of flueir exfra work occupied muclu spare fime of flue members. l25 Future Nurses Learn Techniques . . . I I FNA MARCHES FORWARD wifh The aid of These officers: IeTT To righT, SITTING: Julia Ball, Anna Belle Levy, Dina I-Iall, Peggy Gillispie. STANDING: Carolyn BuTIer, Lynne Pardue, Sandra Marsh, Ann BooTe, DoroThy Waller: Judy GOTT. The PresidenT oT The UniTed STaTes inviTes MISS JUDY GOFF To parTicipaTe in The meeTings oT The Golden Anniversary WhiTe I-louse Comcerence on Children and YouTh To be held in The CiTy oT WashingTon March TwenTy-sevenTh To April TirsT NineTeen hundred and sixTy STRIVING FOR I75 SERVICE POINTS Tor a sTripe are The Sophornores: Le-TT To righT, STANDING: AnneTTe Tomlinson. Floy Ann Abshire. Susan I'IoITman, Reva Bullock, Billie Cody, Diane I-Ioover, Eleanor Collazo, Peggy Cline, Carolyn BuTIer, Gayle Randall. Clara Miller, Karen Olive. CharIoTTe RoThman. SITTING: Loraine PuIiTo, Carolyn Anawaly, Nancy Anderson, Cheryl ChaTagnier, Ann DarTez, Janis Bonura, Denise VincenT, Sharon Landry, Jean Harden. Kay Ingo, Phyllis Moak, Karen Summerlin, OdeTTe I-Iar- grave. I26 kills to Be Used in Local Hospitals Julia Ball Anna Belle Bowman Carolyn Branch Judy Church fxnila Evans Peggy Gillispie Dinah l'lall Linda l-ligginbolhom Anna Belle Levy Barbara Moore Lynn Pardue Joy Richardson Pal Smilh Peggy Srnilh Dorolhy Waller Mrs. Jessie Judd Miller Sponsor ix? WORKING DILIGENTLY FOR THEIR PINS and guards are lhese Juniors: Lell ro righl, STANDING: Sandy Marsh, Susan Reigner, Par M:- Cue' Sue Terrell, Lynda Guidry, Ida Nell Daigle, Paulelle Trosclair, Lydia Ruiz, Mary Abshire, Edilh I-lammoclc: Barbara Glaze, Judy Golf. Judy Shinn. SITTING: Gay l-lube-rl, Kay McConalhy, Ann Pardue, Peggy Smilh, Lupe Marlinez, Carolyn Romero, Belly Barron, Rose Ann Gloriso, Genlva Jouberl, Ann Boole, Cindy Collins. l27 Future Nurses of America Preparing +o help hospifal parienlrs are, lef+ +0 righrz Gay Hubert Clara Miller, Kay Ingo, Kay McCona+hy. Lynda Guidry, Ann Par- due. and Lupe Marfinez. Mrs. Kafherine Becker, direcior of nursing, shows Ann Par- due 'rhe way To spread cheer in fhe children's ward. FNA members aHended Jrhe firsr aid course held in The fall wH'h unlimilred in+eres+ and enrhusiasm. , ,ophomores how SOPHOMORES IN SPANISH CLUB include, FIRST ROW: Lorella Leslage, Pam Huber, Linda Axlell, Mary Ell Glass, Ann Smilherman. SECOND ROW: Dayne Johnslon, Pal Winglield, Judy McVey, Karen O'Brien, Leni Anderson. THIRD ROW: Rich- ard Kreiler, B. J. Fell, Sondra Ladner, Grace McCreary, Gloria Hernandez. FOURTH ROW: Virginia Rivas, Yolanda Avilez, Mary Hall, Carolyn Chapa, Cecile Burke. TOP ROW: Joe I-larris Paula Collelli, Cecilia Gunler, Phyllis Miller, Andra Laurenls.. l LOOKING FORWARD TQ AN evenllul year are Spanish Club ollicers, Pal Roy. secrelaryi Sylvia Arrendondo, presidenli I-UPS MGFIIHGZ. assislanl lreasurer: Mariorie Shorl, head ol allendance COm.f.:++.s.s- lrs?no.,MSnliZ.x lreasnrerz Jerrv Craven. repo ,'v' 5 lfg, 1- 'rI- rl -' 'X 7 panish Club Interest THE SPANISH CLUB HAS became one ol lhe largesl and mosl aclive clubs lhis year. ll held lhree Fieslas. The Fall Fiesla was held in order lo inillale new members, lhe lradilional Chrislmas Fiesla, and lhe Spring Fiesla lor oulgoing members. l SOPHOMORES IN SPANISH CLUB include, FIRST ROW: Carol Scoll, Carol Johnson, Palsy Smilh, Carmen Lona. SECOND ROW: Glenda Read, Pal Malle, Janelle Craig, Helen Church, Edilh Corlez. THIRD ROW: Judy Lewis, Elizabelh Moore, Kay Adams, Jean Harden, Mary Balawaidar, Belly Culaia. FOURTH ROW: Vicloria Solis, Joan Leavell, Virginia Cloar, Jo Ellen John- son, Maria De la Rosa.,FIFTH ROW: Sleven Wolle, Sandra Goll, Charlolle Mallese, Rosie Villareal, Mary Collazo. TOP ROW: Marcia McRee, Karol Harringlon, Ann Killingsworlh, Ronnie Jordan. l29 panish Club Has SENIORS IN SPANISH CLUB include, SITTING: Linda Balzersen, Maria Aguilar, Anne Grossfield, Henriella Soliz, Judy Heberl' Kalhe rine Andrus, Linda Laurenls, Billie Jean Chandler. STANDING: Rulino lnfanle, Maximo Cardenas, Jerry Craven, Sylvia Arrendondo Frank Forque, Anlonio Cardenas, Frank Hernandez, Rebecca Head, Rulh Woods, Wanda Hodges. Mrs. Laurell A. Merrell, relired Spanish Club sponsor, proudly accepls 'rhe Azlec figurines declicaled lo her by The club. Making Jrhe presenlalion is Linda Laurenls, vice-presidenl. I30 "Bueno!" exclaims Mr. Doyle Clinlon, sponsor, as Mary Helen Ramirez and Mary Louise Trevino 'IVY ou'r for 'rhe annual Spanish Club program. Record Membefrszhip POSING IN THEIR GALA Spanish cosiumes are Sylvia Arrendondo and Maximo Cardenas. PINATAS MADE BY SPANISH Club members are Iradi- 'rional ai every Fiesla. Original designers of Jrlwese pinalas are Sylvia Arrendondo, Yolanda Avilez, and Miss Billingsley, sponsor. JUNIORS IN SPANISH CLUB include, SITTING: Mary Lona, Lupe Marlrinez, Carolyn Hebert Mary Ramirez, Linda Marhnez lren Soliz. STANDING: Virginia Lozano, Judy Sliinn, Mary Trevino, Ingrid Wendlandl, Dana Pullen, Pairicia Roy, Corina Dominguez Lydia Ruiz, Aida Garcia, Rebecca Boelwme, and Jonny Lopez, Junior Classical League Boasts Members of 'lhe Julian Clan are: FIRST ROW: H. Brown, P. Doyle, M. Benson, J. Buvinghousen. SECOND ROW: D. Dupy, C. Branlley, N. Coleman, B. McDonald. THIRD ROW: S. Tyson, L. Smilh, C. Smilh, F. Profl. FOURTH ROW: J. Goff, J. Slraub, R. Deloney, J. Wallace. FIFTH ROW: O. Loll, J. Gibson, C. Kirken- dall, B. Milner, M. Bales. SIXTH ROW: G. Poller, L. DeRouen, L. Talum, L. PraH', J. Lyday. SEVENTH ROW: C. Pill, L. Smiih. L. Parker, M. Marsh. EIGHTH ROW: R. Bullock, P. Walker, J. Hensley, G. Byrd, J. Smifh. LAST ROW: M. Laird, J. Green, R. Robbins, J. Allgood, J. Hanson. Members of The Fabian Clan are: FIRST ROW: J. Cassidy, A. Miller, J. LeBlanc, S. Lowlher. SECOND ROW: F.,GarreH', M. Gregory, J. Gerace, S. Looper, J. Hinds. THIRD ROW: L. Cloar, L. Guidry, P. Meeker, G. McDaniel, P. Moyer. FOURTH ROW: M. Daniel, E. Fogleman. FIFTH ROW: M. Hefley, A. Fooie, C. Hohfpauir. SIXTH ROW: H. Cazenier, F. Forque, G. Midgelle, C. Mc:Fa'Her. LAST ROW: B. Engholm, B. Greig, R. Goldblum, K. Slrickland, J. Smilh. I32 SLAVE SALE The annual slave sale began a year of achievemenl for lhe Junior Classical League. A gel acguainied parly, a Salur- nalia program where The slaves were raised lo lhe rank of plebian, and publishing The newspaper were aclivilies of The various clans. ln The spring The club enierlained Lalin siudenls from all over lhe slaie al The conveniion. Members of ihe Agus'l'an Clan are: FIRST ROW: A. Hudson, G. Jacobs, S. Gariin, P. McBelh, D. Pallerson. SECOND ROW: P. McCue, C. Sfokes, M. Bolles, S. Aquilina, B. Gilberl. THIRD ROW: L. Lawson, M. Arisco, M. Richards. C. Moriiz. ,FIFTH ROW: L. Ferguson, B. Lalimer, D. Wil- liams. SIXTH ROW: M. Hunler, P. Smilh, J. Bonura, G. Brown, G. Bodden. SEVENTH ROW: L. Regisler, K. O'Brien, B. McNab, J. Caslenada. LAST ROW. R. Savoie, K. Thames. a Good Year Members of fhe Secundus Clan are, FIRST ROW: Ri+a Smi+h, Judy Doerge, Sheila Chesser, Miriam Woodall, Jean Ellen Lusk. SECOND ROW: Sena Walfers, V. J. Harper, Bobby Chase, Terry Trahan, Hyler Bracey, Jean Ann Gardner. Members of 'lhe Primus Equesfrian Clan are. FIRST ROW: Loraine Pulilo, Clauclie Dear- mond, Carol Walpole, Alice Chambers, Barbara Criswell, Don Lanclry. SECOND ROW: 'Dell Lawson, Joey Griffilh, Linda Randall, Be+h Brown, Sue Slokes, Linda Reaves, Marchelle Sorenson, Lynne Perdue. BACK ROW: Peggy Cline, John Wolfe, Lee Wealhingfon, Linda Boles, Jimmy Lee, Carolyn Anawaiy. Tary Owens, Bob Morgan, Michelle Sorenson. Sponsors Mrs. Geraldine Johnson Mr. William McAnallen Hard Work Results Helping fo malre JCL successful are fhe officers: Janelle Buvinghausen. Henrieffa Brown, Frances Proff, Jack Smifh, Peggy McBefh, and seafed firsf consul, David Ross. Delegales +o 'Phe S'l'a'l'e Convenfion were Mary Carolyn Benson, Cindy Branfley, Peggy McBefh, and Frances Proff. in The Junior Classical League of Thomas Jefferson played hosf fo fhe Sfafe Convenfion fhis year. Abouf 500 Lafin sfuclenfs from all over fhe sfafe affended. Officers. clelegafes, JCL members, and sponsors all worked hard for a successful convenfion. Planning John Wallace's campaign for presidenf of fhe Texas JCL are Ronnie Deloney, Sharon Comeaux. John Wallace, and Pal' Doyle. Julian Clan members are busy making final plans for fhe convenfion. I34 ,L a Successful Convention l Aeidels of +he clans lake an aclive par'r in a Senale meeling. David Ross, firsl' consul, exercises his aulhoriiy over his slave, Bob Belles. The language lab, a new parl of The language facililies inilialecl Jrhis year. is being fried oul by a firsl year Lalin class. The lab seals 30 people and is used 'ro supple- menl 'rhe regular siucly of Lalin. Sfuclenfs 'from all over The slale meefr for lhe annual Lalin Conveniion. French Club Members Combine l Under The direcTion of Miss KaTherine Klein and oTTicers, The French Club enioyed an acTive and successful year. A parTy was held aT The TirsT oT The year To acguainT new and old members wiTh each oTher. Also, a number oT plays was presenTed by The members, Thus helping The French Club To gain a repuTaTion as one oT Thomas JeT- Terson's TinesT and biggesT organizaTions. Seniors in French Club include, FIRST ROW: L. Mills, B. Jackson, K. Bowen, M. Laird, J. Fuselier, J. E. Lusk, C. Scalco, C. Fox, K. Clay- Ton, C. Oliver, S. Cook, G. Red- Tearn. SECOND ROW: K. Andrus, R. Judice, M. C. Fredeman, R. Vaughan, L. LaTiolas, A. Irwin, B. Sharp, E. Linn, K. PoliTe, L. MaTTiza, S. Sherwood, S. SalTer, C. Palmer. W Vomxmg C., Reading Through a French language play in one of Miss Klein's classes is oTTen amusing. I36 . W RST llrunfnrxxn V Sophomores and Juniors in French Club include, FlRST ROW: D. Nacol, C. Saulsberry, J. Foreman, L. Tomlin, P. Daniels, V. Oakley, 5. Nunez. SECOND ROW: R. Hooks, H. Broussard, L. ParenT, D. Hollander, C. Schkade. THIRD ROW: D. Norvell, B. Sorgee, J. Deriso, R. Wells. FOURTH ROW: B. Breckenridge, D. McFadden, N. DeSTiger, J. Decker- legard, D. Saulsberry, H. Logan, P. Hosen, M. Clangum. J. KiTTord. Pleasure With Business French Club Officers were kepf busy fhinlc- ing of new and humorous ideas for fhe small painfings which were sold af an early lorealc- fasf meefing fo raise sufficienf funds fo finance ifs many acfivifies. They are: Beverly Jackson, presidenfg Carol Scalco, vice presi- denfg Jeanie l-lollingsworlh, secrefary: Claud- effe Hilliard, hisforiany and Cammie Oliver, Treasurer. Wifh Miss Klein's help, Krisfin Bowen and Allen Dore learn how useful fhe re- cording machine can loe in developing an accepfalole French accenf. The members of French Club found if eay fo become acquainfed wifh each ofher af fheir firsf parfy where hof chocolafe and donufs were served. I37 Every Artist Can Please His THE MEMBERS OF THE' ART CLUB are:5Jolwn Lamberilw, Calvin Pommier, Bill McCuis'rion, Janice Click, Toni Caslillo, Sandy Kerr, Kay Jeans, Diana Hebert Diane Albers, Taresa Dorsee, Mary Carmen Fredeman, Marclielle Sorenson, Carol Thomas, Judy Blanchard, Rulh Baker, Krislen Bowen, Glenn Johnson, Monleel Slriclcland, Tina Speyer, Pal Demler, and Rulhie Ridour. PREPARING TO DISPLAY arlisfic skill are officers ol: 'llwe arl club: Krislen Bowen, president Marllwa Laird, vice-president Jimmy Mc Reynolds, freasurerg and Marclwelle Sorenson, secrefary. I38 E Own Fam: in Projects Mr. Russell, sponsor of The Club explains +he procedure in making a mosaic 'lo Sandy Kerr, Tony Caslrillo, and Krisiin Bowen. 1 -vfe"',l'r4' 41' ' "1" fu' ',l'. . . . . y-J',ligf'i:l" lfillyhibl' This +empera palnlecl window, resembling .fy il' ',V', Url: . . I,-Mil, A6511 mtgiiig a slained glass window, was lhe Ari V ',,..'fig? ff?-" i"'WIig' Club's conlribulion 'ro The Chrisimas ,-iw A '-My . 374' A661 MgQ.l.'lll,- decorahons around lhe school. , Ag," hmlllilii , X41 l"iIi'ii1li!'U J' nfl" , :hifi ,, ii fl'Y4:li'il' ! X. Sandy Kerr shows off many of lhe ariislic eniries of lhe Ari' Magazines Regional Exhibii held in Folies Deparlmenl s+ore in l-louslon Texas. Winners of The conlesl were Sandy Kerr and Janice Joplin. I3 Repertoire Q Z HERE'S TO FUN AND FROLIC in Jrlrie Jrlwealre worldl WE'RE TAKING A FINAL BOW! Velerans of 'llwree years include: FIRST ROW, Bollom: Louise Prall, Carol Scalco. Elouise Prall. SECOND ROW: Mary Reed, Monleel Slriclcs- land, Carole Simoneaux. THIRD ROW: Judy Blanlon, Joy Ricliardsbn, Marianne Mier. FOURTH ROW: Carmen Frede- man, Toni Holberg. FIFTH ROW: Slweila Clwesser, Billie Chandler, Larry Locke. LAST ROW: Paul Barllell, Sam T ' H lb Monroe, Linn Koyar, Jack Pullen. om 0 erg Presideril .MWF Linn Kovar Treasurer Carol Scalco LIGHTING IS INTERESTING and inlriguing 'ro boys . . Secrelary I4O PL YER DO YOU THINK ITEWILL DOY", IS THE guesfion puzzling fhese members of The casr for "Our Town." IT'S THE FIRST ACT for Sophomores and Juniors. The cas? includes: FIRST ROW BOTTOM: Sandra HuH'o, Karen Bax- +er, Gayle Brown, Cafherine Dean. SECOND ROW: Deeana Huff, Anifa Nugent Ingrid Wendlancllz THIRD ROW: Lincla Tafum, Kay McCona+hy, Diane Devall. FOURTH ROW: Alice Hudson. Mary Tenant Pam Moyer. LAST ROW: Hannah Hamplon, Bob Logan, Marvin Bales, June Hinds. Mary Carmen Fredeman Vice-Presidenr Gail Jacobs-Pub. Chr. Judy Blanfon-I-lisrorian . . . as fheafrical make-up is Io These preHy girls. Mr. Dennis Sponsor I4I New TJ. Featured in Annual Cammie Oliver Ediior-in-Chief Big Brass! Carole Thomas, Karleen Benneli, Charlofle Wilson, and Lynda Lou Mills admire lhe plaque given +o +he YELLOW JACKET for oulsiandingvachieve- meni. "How is mine?" This is rhe queslion aslced of Jeraldine Newman. Ads edilor, by Bill Haley, John Besse, Ronnie Bigler and Gene Sheppard. l42 "Five chiefs" and iusl' one lonely "lndian"l These girls represenl lhe leadership in several main seclions of Jrhe annual. Sealed in Jrhe 'Fore- ground are Diann Albers and Judie Blanchard. faculiy ecliiors. Sianding are Jean Ann Gardner and Gloria Redfearn, clubs and organizalions ediiors, and Erin Linn, governmeni ediior. Sealed is Norma Rodriguez who worked in clubs and organizalions. .J ,610 Sees 13th Edition of Yellow Jacket Rulh Baker, Sophomore Ecliior Judy Fuselier, Lincla Gayle. and Eileen Wilkinson 1 .spenl many hours ideniifying ihe sophomore piclures for lhe sophomore seclion. l Through +he looking glass! Jimmy Sailing, Sonia Ronquille, Elouise PraH, Sharron Collum. Ari' Ediior Janice Hickson, Carol Scalco, and Louise PraH' foresee an oulsianding annual for I96O. Mrsg Mike Redman Sponsor Sandra Beckworfh, Charlyn Saulsberry, Melba l-leberl, Celia Sherwood, Junior sialic members, lislen inienlly as Junior Ecliior Mike Huebel explains 'rhe margins and piciure arrangemenl' for lhe Junior seclion. I43 tuclent Body Votes for Fall Delivery Some of The Ad salesmen Tor This year were: Cheryl ChaTagnier, Carol Simoneaux, Merrill Moss, Marjorie ShorT, and PaT Capps. SeaTed is Mr. P. T. Reynolds, sponsor. Selling necessary adverTising To Tinance one oT The largesT yearbooks in The sTaTe is no small iob. Ad salesmen Tor The JACKET re- ceiving Top cash commissions Tor Their eT- TorTs include: Shelva Manuel, Carolyn Noaclc, Jack Pullen, Carole Thomas, Diann Albers, and Judie Blanchard. I44 Seasonal Theme The seasonal Theme was employed by The YELLOW JACKET To divide The various acTiviTies OT The school year. This ediTion marlcs a milesTone in The progress oT The yearbook. ThirTeenTh in The currenT series, The book moved inTo The schedule oT larger annuals when The sTu- denT body voTed To have Tall delivery daTe. For The TirsT Time, laTe spring acTiviTies and graduaTion are included. Fall ediTor Lynne Youngblood. WinTer ediTor Gayle SmiTh, and Spring ediTor Karen PoliTe dressed To represenT Their iobs as seasonal ediTors. Door 4Bustin9 ' Crowd at Groonio Game 3,000 fans wi+nessed fhe Disfricl game belween +he Soulh Park Greenies and Por? Arlhur Yellow Jackefs. This was fhe besl' crowd all year as speclafors squeezed info every available inch, including The floor. Torn Gorzyclci Senior Ralph McCord Senior David Null Junior Forward 6'3" Forward 6'l" Guard 5'll" I77 John Erickson Junior Forward 6'l" John McCurley Junior Forward 6'3" Tom Gorzycki and Danny Doyle sTruggIe Tor The rebound as Mike Fox, John Sonnier. and David NuTT look on. Jackets Down Buna Dec. 29: The TirsT PorT ArThur News TournamenT was held in The new Yellow JackeT Gym during The holidays. This TournamenT aT- TracTed many specTaTors and was a howling success. As The JackeTs had whipped Buna once beTore and TelT ThaT They could again, They enTered This game hoping To reach The Tinals. Being a close game all The way, This was one oT The besT games in The Tourney. The score aT halT-Time was 24 To 23 in Tavor oT The JackeTs. ln The second halT The scoring was iusT as hecTic and suspenseicul. PorT ArThur ouT-scored Buna by one poinT each OT The lasT Two quarTers To win The game by Two poinTs. making The score 59 To 57. Mike Fox led The JackeTs wiTh 38 big poinTs and Tine rebounding. This was one oT Mike's biggesT games OT The year. The JackeTs wenT on To win The TournamenT by deTeaTing The Aldine Tigers in a close game. The game was won in The Tinal minuTe oT play wiTh Tom Gorzycki and David NuTT and Fox playing a greaT game oT ball. Mike Fox was The only JackeT To make The all-Tourney Team. Score by Quaders P. A. TO I4 2I I4 59 Buna I6 7 20 I3 57 .5 Jackets Win hare of Honors Mike Fox, David NuTT, and Torn Gorzyclci congraTulaTe each oTher on making The All- DisTricT Teams. Mike and David made The Tirsf Team and Torn was placed on The second Team. Mike was laTer placed on The second All-STaTe Team. Coach Pense happily accepTs The championship Trophy for winning The Tirsi' PorT ArThur News TournamenT. The underdogs, PorT ArThur came Through Tor The win. John Sonnier Junior Forward 6'3" Buzz Milner Junior Guard 5'lO" Basketball in 1960 Style John MCCUHGV- 5 iUmPinQ iuniofr Scores Always a 'H1rea+, Mike Fox. no. 54 hiis fwo poinis for Hwe Jackeis. again. The Big Five! These five seniors led ihe Jacice+s 'Hwroughoui Jrhe year. Lefl' +0 right Ralph McCord, Tom Gorzyclci, Mike Fox, Danny Doyle and Jerry Irwin. I80 Jackets Outscore Royal Purples The l960 Porl' Arfhur Yellow Jackefs Ieam, which finished second in Dislrici' cons sis of FIRST ROW Tom Gorzyckl Mike Fox, Ralph McCord, John Sonnier, Danny Doyle, and John Erickson SECOND ROW Coach Pense Charles McDonald Buzz Milner, John McCurIey, Jerry Irvin, David Null. and Charles Haze Jan. 22: The Yellow Jackels eniered Ihis very im- porranl dislrici game wiI'h a musl' win, Io slay in conienlion for Ihe Disiricl +iIIe. I-Iaving Iosl' one disiricl game, Ihey were Iied for second place. The Jackels our-scored Ihe Royal Purples in Ihree quar- Iers and played one of Iheir finesi games of Ihe year, deiealing Ihem Io slay in conlenlion for Ihe crown. The dislricls leading playmaker Iurned poini maker in a surprise aiiack by Ihe Yellow Jackels. I.iHIe David Nurl solved Coach Pense's problem of iusl one score by dumping in 29 poinis. I-Iiiling from Ihe ouiside, he made Ihe Jackels exlra I'ough. When Null was unable Io score from Ihe ouisicle, Big Mike Fox would score from Ihe inside. Beau- monl could noi slop Ihe husrling Jackels, wiih Fox and Null' pouring in poinis as Iiasl as Ihey could. Playing greal' defensive ball were Danny Doyle, and Tommy Gorzycki, each adding 5 and 6 poinls re- speciively for Ihe Jackel cause. The Jackeis played a greal game wiI'h each player doing his besl Io conrribule Io 'rhe reamwork. Score by Quarlers P. A. I9 I I I3 23 66 Beaumonl' IO I6 I2 I3 SI Mike Fox hils for 2 Jackel poinis. John Erickson is ready for Ihe rebound as Iwo Beaumonl' defenders waich The ball. Senior Bill RobineTT looks happy To geT hold oT The ball aTTer a long illness. Jan, 26: The PorT Neches Indians came To PorT ArThur in hopes oT deTeaTing The Yellow JackeTs and sTaying in The Thick oT The baTTIe Tor The disTricT crown. Knowing They had To win, The JackeTs played an aImosT perTecT game and de- TeaTed The Indians 70 To 54. The game began in The way everyone ThoughT iT would wiTh The score being very close. The TirsT guarTer score was I9 To I4 in Tavbr OT The JackeTs. In The second guar- Ter The JackeT deTense sTiTTened and held The Indians To 8 poinTs while They scored I8. As The Teams IeTT The Tloor aT halT- Time The score was 37 To 22 wiTh The JackeTs enioying a comTorTable lead. The Third guarTer began as The second guar- Ter ended, wiTh The JackeTs scoring aT a rapid pace. Enjoying a lead oT 26 poinTs aT The end OT The Third guarTer, Coach Pense senT in Mike Fox and David NuTT, The big Ii++Ie duo IeTT The Tloor wiTh 42 poinTs beTween Them, The Tinal score was 70 To 54 as The Indians rallied To no avail. The leading scorer Tor The JackeTs was Ii++Ie David lNIuTT, Threading The neTs Tor 22 big poinTs. Mike Fox dumped in I9 poinTs and Danny Doyle hif Tor 8 im- porTanT poinTs. Leading in rebounds was Fox as he broughT The ball down I4 Times. I-Ie had able assisTance Trom John Erick- son. John Sonnier and Tom Gorzycki. The whole JackeT squad played a greaT game. Score by QuarTers P. A. I9 I8 I9 I4 70 P. NG. I4 8 II 2I 54 l82 Basketball Season Brings Torn Gorzycki and Mike Fox ouT iump Two Indian defenders and come down wiTh The rebouncl. High Hopes for Success Feb. 2: The Orange Tigers invaded Yellow Jacke+ Tieldhouse wiTh The hopes oT winning Their TirsT disTricT game. The JackeTs deTeaTed The Tigers Their TirsT meeTing 9I To 42 and planned To do The same Thing again. Orange opened The game by passing The ball and sTalling unTil They had a good shoT. C5reaT deTensive play by The JackeTs kepT The Tigers Trom scoring in The TirsT guarTer. The score aT The end oT The TirsT guarTer was 9 To O in Tavor oT The JackeTs. Many Times This guarTer The JackeTs ouThusTled The Tigers. As The half ended The JackeTs were enjoying a nice lead oT 22 To 3. Opening The Third guarTer The Tigers Tinally began shooTing Tor The hoops. BuT The JackeTs kepT up Their pace and skinned The Tigers Tor The second sTraighT Time, 38 To 23. Leading The scoring was 6' 6", 220 pound Mike Fox. Mike poured in 36 poinTs Their TirsT meeTing and hiT Tor 20 This game. RighT behind him was The husTling Tom Gorzycki wiTh I I imporTanT poinTs. Fine defensive play was Turned in by Danny Doyle, Jerry Irvin, John Erickson, and Buzz Milner. The leading playmaker Tor The JackeTs, David NuTT. missed This disTricT game be- cause oT a bouT wiTh The Tlu. Score by Quarfers P.A. 9 I3 3 7 38 orange o 3 8 I2 23 The baHle of arms: Tom Gorzycki'is Tangled wiTh an Orange player as Mike Fox geTs oTT his shoT Tor Two JackeT poinTs. The PorT ArThur Yellow Jackefs "B" Squad won The DisTricT Championship. FIRST ROW: Charles Kirkendaul. Malcom Miller, Earl DeTraTes, MarTy Eleckman, and Larry Laborde. SECOND ROW: Glen Sheldon, Tony Slaupos, David ATchley, Joel Boone, Buddy Jordan, Mike Eaves. A I83 Dance Climaxes Season The Heralds sponsored an affer game dance aliler +he Jacket Greenie baskelball game. Ronnie Deloney wails in line while Barry Davis buys his I'icke+. Senior Jerry Irvin driving Iowards Hue baskel for 2 Jacke-'r poinls Jerry sparked a Iale Jacker rally. I84 Jackets Lose Crown Feb. 5: The Yellow Jackels Iosl Iheir firsl Dislricl crown in 7 years. Before a record crowd of 3,000 speclarors Hue Soulh Park Greenies deH1roned Hue Jackels. David Null gave Hue Jackels an early lead hilling 3 quick field goals and a free Hirow for a 7 Io I lead. The firsr guarler ended wilh The score I3 ro IO in favor of The Jackels. The Hu-slriken David Nulrl did noi play Ihe second guarler. Soulh Park oulscored Ihe Jackeis I8 Io 7 and lefl' al half-lime winning 28 Io 20. The Jrhird guarler was very exciling as 'rhe Iwo reams scored evenly. Going inlo Ihe final period Hue Jackels Hailed by 8 poinls. Jerry Irvin sparked Ihe Jackel rally by scoring 8 quick poinls and reducing Hue score +o a 3 poinl lead. Bul The Greenies heighl was loo much and slill won Ihe game. Big Mike Fox was high for Ihe game wilh 24 poinls. Jerry Irvin hir for I I and David Null' pumped in 7 poinls. Playing greal' ball in a losing cause were Danny Doyle and Tom Gorzycki. Score by Quarrers P. A. I3 7 I4 I3 47 S. P. IO I8 I4 8 50 i 4 Q 2.4 -V 'K f Linda McCoy Presidenl Dell Lawson Kay Palmer Vice Presidenl flll J Dianne Albers Kay Andrus Ginger Aycoclc Connie Blanchard lvlerilyn Bodden Carolyn Branclw Pal' Brannon Bellw Brown Judy Burclw Karen Claylo Mary Darlez Pal Dernler Judy Deorqe Dianne Dupuis lvlarie Ealon Pal' Flowers lvlary Carmen Fredernan Judy Fuselier Juliee Fuselier Judy l-leberl Lana l-luclcaby Beverly Jackson Roclfmelle Judice Dianne Linda Laliolas 4 52 g fi f fzffff 4 in-, if .,-.A ' iw' VV f A Q M , , sux? ,Y X J ff! 21' rf r . Q .. lvlary Ann Reed, Secrelra ry-Treasurer 1 jg Wi 49 jlfgax QW '71 l 1 . on Tluanlcsgnvnng Semor Letter G1I'1S One of 'Hue LeH'er Girls' blggesl' prolecls was filling a baskel Anna Belle Levy Erin Linn Bessie Mae Looper Jean Ellen Lusk Linda MaH'iza Barbara Moore Maureen Moss Dianne Moilice Beverly Oubre Linda Randall Carolyn Riclwe Rullwie Ridoul Norma Rodriquez Linda Jo Sanders Carol Scalco Mary Tlirace SCOH Norma Sebasiian Pai' Smilli Glenda Soullw Sandra Sievens Sara Sievenson Jean Tlwomsen Irene Valdez Janei Veslal Juanila Villarreal Charlene Palmer Reporier Gayle Smiili Parliarnenlarian Clwarlolle Wilson Miss Berllwa l-leberl Sponsor A delicious Valenfine 'l'rea+ for Sunnyside S c I1 o ol youngsiers provided Lei'- 1'er Girls' an opporfunify 'For service. REMEMBER Playday Wendy Wing'field's sTrong arm was an aid To TJ's volleyball Team when The sTruggling Team baTTled Their way Through Playday. "We won! We won!" were The joyTul screams oT The volleyball Team when They won The consola- Tion game aT Playday. CompeTiTion was among several volleyball Teams Trom schools in The area. nW3'l'Cl'l where you're going- WaTch ouT Tor my spoon-" These Tool: place during The spoon game aT The LeTTer Girl lnsTallaTion. Linda Randall and Jean Thomsen Tried everyThing, even lcnoclcing each oTher down To help Their Team come in TirsT. I88 Le'H'ering-almosl' every girl's dream! lT's noT easy To gain The 2000 poinTs needed buT when you do-Whewl The Tough road was Traveled by D. Lawson, B. Moore, L. Randall, S. STevenson, and D. MoTTice on The BoTTom row. SECOND ROW: J. Fuselier, C. Scalco, P. Demler, K. ClayTon, M. Moss, N. Rodriguez, L. l-luclcaby, and G. Aycock. THIRD ROW: M. Fredeman, J. l-leberT, D. LaLonde, J. Thomsen, B. Oubre, L. LaTiolais, P. Brannon, R. Judice, N. SebasTian, B. Looper, J. Burch, and C. Branch. TOP ROW: D. Albers, P. Flowers, J. Villarreal, S. STevens, L. Sanders, J. Fuselier, L. MaTTiza, M. ScoTT, J. Luslc, G. SouTh and K. Cary, who was The only iunior To leTTer. ,i T, T. , Playnight ONE OF THE EARLIEST evenTs For girls in Their new gym Toolc place in February on Play Nighf which Teafurecl Tun and food Tor each LeTTer Girl and her guesT. ThaT's iT, Lynda Lou! Black Mary Ann's spike. tudent-Teacher Basketball "G-'ef your colces and popcorn righT here!" were The cries heard during inTer- mission aT The STudenT-Teacher baslceTball game. Miss Willoughby made a grand opening by successfully cornpleTing The goal aT The an- nual STudenT-Teacher BaslceTball game. AlThough The sTudenTs Tried every Trick in The boolc, They were downed once again by The deliending Teachers by a score of 36-lb. I89 The Whistle Blows . . . Three cheers for The seniors! WiTh good Teamwork and hard playing The high and mighTy seniors came ouT on Top, once again, by beaTing The second place Iuniors and The Trailing sophomores in G.R.A. baslceTball. Shalcy hands oT The TearTul Gracie PoTTer iusT couldn'T grasp The Trophy awarded her Tor being elecTed All-School PosTure Queen. Sharon Jones and Carole Scalco were also presenTed awards Tor being elecTed Junior and Senior PosTure Queens. I90 GeorgeTTe NanT'z, senior manager, coached The senior Teams To several vicTories. Trophies given The Junior All-STar soTTball Team had an exTra gleam because They rep- resenTed a TirsT vicTory. They are as Tollows: SEATED: Bobbie Babino, Merrill Moss, Linda Guidry, Daren Cary, Linda MarTinez and Beverly l-leaTh. STANDING: Miss Willough- by, Jane Ann SmiTh, Nancy ChrisTian, Carol DuBois. Wendy WingTield and Mary ForeT, Team manager. J 3 J -4 J Excifemenl and 'lhrills describe lhe Junior's 'lournamenls as Mary Louise Forel coached lhem lo viclory in sollball. A smile for a 'rrophy is shown by Charlene Palmer Jrhe newly elecled Best-All-Round Girl. The Play Be ins A whislle blown-The ball is lossecl- swish-arms go flying lhrough lhe air! Smash, slap, lhe ball is now in play. Thar was lhe usual procedure lor a lump ball during baslcelball games. Yea, rah-we're going oul of 'lownl The girls volleyball leams of TJ gol' lo go lo several lournarnenls lhis year. Nol every game was won bul "il al lirsl you don'+ succeed-l" The 'reams included lvl. Darlez, L. McCoy, B. Babino, M. Reed, K. Palmer, L. Guidry, l. Wendlandl. D. LaLoncle, K. Cary. O. Aleman, J. Emmons, B. l-leberl, sponsor, B. l-lealh, S. McGlolhlin, L. Johnson and G. Nanli. Georgelfe Nanh was elecled Oulslanding Leller Girl by lhe members of The Leller Girl Club. l9l GR Provicl l These girls are all smiles as They look over Their winning scores wiTh Miss l-leberT, sponsor. Linda Young, Sylvia Tyson, Sandra SmiTh, and Beverly l-leaTh were presenTed These Trophies Tor being The championship Team in Girls' Bowling. Fun-as well as Trying days- were in sTore Tor Sidney Mc6loThlin as The Sophomores ToughT Their way To exciTing TournamenTs. Proving Their slcill by winning The Senior. Sophomore. and Junor class Tennis championships were Carolyn Riche, Rebecca Wells and Karen Cary. I92 Girls' gym classes goT a big lciclc ouT OT some oT The Tumbling sTunTs ThaT were learned. This is The TirsT year we have had Tumbling aT T. J. IT was Taughl by Miss Nancy McClain. Physical Education Classes Tears, groaning and laughler were heard when Pal Demler, Rulhie Ricloul, Mary Fore! and Annelle Irwin luggecl Kay Andrus from lhe gym afler spraining her ankle playing baskerloall. l'l"s noi' as easy as H' looks," was Ann Darlez' commenl as 'lhe sophomores gol' inlo 'lhe swing of Kickball. l+'s always a new experience for sophomores To learn a new game-especially when played in lhe non-developed areas of 'rhe school! QI' STR-R-R-RIKE ONE!! I93 Miss Berrha Heberi' poinfs our helpful hinls abou? The deparf- men+'s schedule lo fellow Jreach- ers Misses Marilyn Davis, Jean Willoughby and Nancy McClain. Badminfon was +he mosl popular game played during 'rhe lasr 'rhree weeks of school. Our of a choice from badminlon, Jrumbling, and soflball, more girls signed up for badminron. 94 ff? mf. ,, L 'fri' lx I ' 5 Thai' folding door in 'rhe new gym was a ranlalizing gadget Bufron. bullon- where's lhe bu+'ron rhar opens i'l, was +he lavorile game early in Jrhe year. PE Pla time Judie Blanchard doesn"l' seem loo much worried alaoul whal' figure Miss l-leberl will liind on lhe scale as Georgelie Nanlz, Chrisline Fox, and Pal Smilh loolc on. Rain-mud-ugh! Lynda Lilchfield and Judy Fuse- lier were caughi clean- ing up 'lhe resulls of play- ing oulside during PE. Mud was no excuse for heallhy girls' high spirils They would do il all over. The G.R.A. Ping-Pong Champs are Alice Chambers, sophomore: Bobbie Baloino, jun- ior: and looking on Sidney lvlcGlo'rhlin. sen- ior. Because of Jrhe incompleled gym, The firsl semesler The girls' PE classes played ping-pong. This noi only gave +he idea for having GRA. Ping-Pong buf also gave lhese girls lols of praclice. l95 Tennis Club V 1 U 1 Meefing aTTer school each Tuesday of every week. These girls worked hard and spenT a loT of Time pracTicing To be members oT The Tennis Club. LeTT To righT, FIRST ROW: JaneT Craig, Irene MonTalvo, Carolyn Romero and Carolyn Riche. SECOND ROW: Nancy LeDoux, Nancy Dore, and Ann DarTez. BACK ROW: GeorgeTTe NanTz, BeaTrice Ybarra, Linda Guidry, and Bobbie Babino. U ,mais '-' . Qbgrgwbyi, 5 M3 ff , wtfaf 5 if .Q at Q 5 ' Qriie its The officers of The Tennis Club are Nancy LeDoux, secreTary1 Linda Guidry, vice-presidenTg BeaTrice Ybarra, Treasurer: and Karen Cary. president Karen Cary represenTed TJ in several ouT-oT-Town TournamenTs. She compeTed in The singles' braclceT and earned a leTTer Tor her excellenT display oT slcill. Bobbie Babino and Mary Ann Reed compeTed in The doubles' braclceT. BoTh of Them received leTTers Tor Their consTanT pracTice and hard playing. .ff,f,,f,f,.-,4 ., f.,,' , ,L n A Wjpy gf,f,,,, V af-,fy ln all kinds oT weaTher, Miss Marilyn Davis TaughT The Tennis club members skills and Techniques oT playing Tennis so ThaT They could compeTe in Tourna- menTs. :N --ff K,.U,,.f ffff M7fff,,ff,y,, 7-, f f ,ff 1... ffffm,.,f.,,fwfgz,v M f f f f f '6f5,13if44,4.,fgw : p , If--H , 1 iff, .,'Af.': .An 1,1 f, ffuf .:4CLff4.f1 v4-f f! ' lim' , i" ' ff zf,fiWi,.,.- ,. 4, 0, 2 , 41- f f VM.. f- f if, J, H fv ' . gy V. ' , I f .. . , f V,,54,. K ,HJ ,,,,M,, 1, ff, rv fy f,, , , T ' ,ff iffffyf, ., f, -. x . V ' f f ' 'f-ffw f 'W f T T , Mi, , z,f,fff,ff ,I f , ,V , ,,V,!f! Q V ,f wr I., ,, , , M4 N- fav! ff? Q X f f W f f M Y Q ff f 1- f X X 7 ff ff f f X wi yi: 9 Y 'l f f f eff , 4' A , f 5 ff X f fg ,v f f 5 X4 7 ' che, A- 4 Wy X ff' , as yy, ,f,f, sf,v,.f,'f 7! 6 X: ,.. W, f I 4 2 ' fg 1 f f 4 f f Z Wfffgjyff f gay f f f , ' f ...ff 4 y K ff 4 gy sf, 7 f, f i ,f , ,f , I ,Aff ,47,!.y, 7 , , ,V , , . W, fy ,gg I ' I . ' H we' 7 vig if , 1 ' ' 6 'KZ ,,., ' 1 ' ' 'f ' , ,f" 1 f, X ' " Qffif, ' f 'K ,V I , V , ,I , , ly ,!,y,!?.! f r ' ff ,ii 1.125 i f ' , ff ' , 'J L 'f 4f'Lff'O f .. fm' i,4wge-,flpw ,W 5- , 1 T . , f,.. , -I T, , , ., , -3. ' , "fluff The Bowling Club Wi+h fhe new craze of bowling, T.J.'s girls formed a Bowling Club. The officers for Jrhe year are Sylvia Palin, lreasurerg Carol Scalco, secre+ary7 Carolyn Elheridge, presidenlg and Mary Louise Forel, secrelary. Nol picfured: Anna Belle Levy, vice-president Bowling is a greal sporl and since lhe club was so large il needed Three sponsors. They are Misses Jean Willoughby, Berlrha Heberi and Marilyn Davis. The Senior members of 'rhe Bowling Club are, FIRST ROW: C. Scalco, C. Thomas, J. Blanchard, D. Albers, B. Chandler, G. Aycoclc, S. Palin, P. Demler, R. Ridoul, A. Levy, and J. Newman. SECOND ROW: C. Sheffield, L. Slrange, M. Sorenson, M. Sorenson, L. Pardue, M. Forel, B. Marceaux, M. Cricchio, J. A. Dickerson, R. Bossier, and Y. Bieleclci. THIRD ROW: J. Luslc, M. Moss, V. May, M. Cooper, W. Miles, L. Minion, R. Cropper, J. l-leberl, B. Cochran, B. Pecorino, K. Palmer, M. Reed, T. LeBlanc, G. Moss, C. Simoneaux, and R. Head. TOP ROW: B. Ransonerie. C. Efheridge, M. Shorl, L. Young, L. McCoy, S. Sfevens, and M. Robison. The Sophomore and Junior members of fhe Bowling Club are, FIRST ROW: P. Hosen, C. Miguez, M. Hebert M. Veazey, S. Schexnayder, J. Emmons, S. ScoH', J. Davis, I. Wendlandl, 5. Smilh, and K. Cary. SECOND ROW: E. Pansano, M. Clingan, J. Eaves, J. English, G. Jouberf, C. Declcard, C. Branlley, M. Arisco, B. Holi, D. Huff, and A. Spears. THIRD ROW: N. Pryor, L. Reeves, T. Nolan, K. Dauphine, E. Pecorino, B. Glaze, L. Jones, S. Marsh, K. Allen, N. Coleman, D. Norvell, C. Pillman, B. Healh, and J. Shinn. TOP ROW: J. Dailey, K. Shaunliield, C. Sherwood, C. Rolhman, K. Ingo, L. Snoelc, l. Daigle, S. Tyson, D. Loulcas, V. Thibodeaux, P. Dupont P. Smilh, D. Thomas, and C. Walpole. '97 9 ii- , , K , , , C , ,VZ ,751 I X... ,, fr X Mfg, ffff ff f Q' !,,, .,,a I af 7 f X f f ff f . 1 3. ,. X A -4 ws K '11 Q 'F , v ef' ' iw ii Hia, ,,,,, Q 4 it fifzvn 4 X K' z,- g,, vw Spring . . . a time of joy and sorrow As sophomores and iuniors Tiled Tor all-school oTTices, campaign signs began To spring up overnighT on The courTyard. Signs Tlooded The campus, The halls. The class- rooms, and even The sidewalks were plasTered wiTh Tape. The Typical convenTion spiriT reigned ThroughouT The poliTical campaigns, and wiTh The elecTions, iT was aT iTs climax. True To The old saying, in spring The young men's Tancies did Turn To baseballi buT noT Tor long. WiTh Twirp Week and The many planned graduaTion parTies, sen- iors were swamped wiTh inviTaTions Tor dinner. colce parTies, beach parTies, and dances. Each weelc was Tilled wiTh someThing new and exciTing-new To everybody, buT even newer To seniors because This was a season oT "TirsTs" Tor Them: TirsT To have Senior Ball held in audiTorium, TirsT class To graduaTe Trom new school, TirsT class To seT examples and rules Tor TuTure classes To Tollow. Since This is also The TirsT year ThaT live coverage has been given To Senior acTiv- iTies, This secTion has iusTly been devoTed To The Seniors. May They never TorgeT Their lasT year in The wonderTul school oT TJI-TS. Senior EdiTors RuTh Vaughan Brenda Roberson FavoriTes EdiTors Linda STrange MonTeel STriclcland Spring AcTiviTies EdiTor Karen PoliTe AdverTisemenTs EdiTor Jeralcline Newman fdf A BUY' f MARY ABRAHAM-D.E.-59-607 FBLA-57-58: FHA-58-59: Bowling Club-58-59: HR Treasurer-58-591 GRA All-S'rar Team-57-59 CURLESS JOSEPH ABSHIRE GARY ADAMS-Spanish Club-57-597 Bowling Club-59-60: Slide Rule Club 57-60 MARIA AGUILAR-FBLA-59-60: GRA-58-601 Spanish Clulo-58-603 "B" Average Award 57-58 DIANN ALBERS-Arl' Club-59-60: Chess Club 59-60: Spiifire Deloale Club-57-581 GRA- 57-6Og Yellow Jackel Sfaff-59-60, Facully Edilor: Jr. Red Cross-57-58, 59-605 Bowlf ing Club-59-601 HR L+. Governor-57-58, Secrelary-59-60, L+. Governor-59-6OgCalr inel' Member-58-591 Leller Girls-59-60: GRA All-Slar Team-A57-607 "B" Average Award-57-60 GLORIA ALBERS-GRA-57-60 GENE ALLMAND-Arl' Club-58-593 Slci Club -59-607 Baseball-59-60 PAU L ALMONTE GLEN DA ALVEREZ-D.E.-59-60 LAR RY ANAWATY HARRY DALE ANDREWS-Ski Club-59-60: Bowling Club-59-60 LOUIS L. ANDREWS-Prinling Club-59-60: Proieclors Club-57-59: Spanish Club- 57-59g Bowling Club-59-607 Baskelball- 57-58 KATHERINE ANDRUS-French Club-59-60: GRA-57-605 Spanish Clulo-57-60: Chaplain 59-603 Jr. Red Cross-57-583 HR L+. Gov- ernor-57-587 Cabinel-58-597 Lefler Girls -59-607 Merilorious Cilalion-57-58 DELIA ARCIVA H O WA R D ARMSTRONG-Camera Club- 59-6Og Rifle Club-59-607 Bowling Club- 58-59: Slide Rule Clula-59-60 202 9 o 60 Seniors F 1I'S-t to Leave the New TJ SYLVIA ARREDONDO-Arr Club-58-59: GRA -57-58: Heralds-58-607 Spanish Club- 57-6O, Presidenl-59-607 HR Governor- 57-58, Treasurer-58-597 Honor Award- 58-59 MARK ASHLEY-Biology Club-57-59: Spanish Club-587 Bowling Club-60: HR Governor 57-SB BOBBY AUSBURN-Arl' Club-57-58: Reper+oire Players-57-587 Rifle Club-58-591 Ski Club -58-59: Jr. Red Cross-59-60: Bowling Club -58-597 HR L+. Governor-57-58 VIRGINIA AYCOCK-FTA-57-60, Presidenf- 59-60, Oulslanding Sophomore-57-58, Oul- slanding Junior-58-59, Meri+ecI Member- 59-6O: GRA-57-607 Heralds-59-603 Jr. Red Cross-57-583 Bowling Club-59-60: Cabinel' -58-597 Tennis Team-57-581 I.e++er Girls- 59-607 Honor Roll-57-59 ALAN BABB-Camera Club-59-603 Rifle Club -59-601 Ski Club-59-60: Bowling Club- 59-6Og Track Team-58-60 JAMES BADGETT-Camera Club-58-601 JCL- 57-6O, Ou+s+anding Officer-58-593 Slide Rule Club-59-603 Yellow Jaclcel' Srudenl Phofographer-58-60 LARRY BADGETT-French Club-59-601 Band -57-597 Proieclors Club-59-601 Rifle Club -59-601 Slide Rule Club-59-60 RUTH BAKER-Ari Club-59-60: FTA-57-60. Devolional Leader-57-58, Hisiorian-58-59, Meriled Member-59-601 GRA-57-60: Spanish Club-59-605 Yellow Jaclcef Shaff- 57-59g Congress-57-58: Cabinef-57-58: Perfeclr Affendance-58-59 BARRY BALENTINE-Heralds-58-591 Rifle Club -59-60g Slide Rule Club-59-60: Bowling Club-58-59 JUDITH BALL-PNA-57-59: JCL-58-60: GRA -57-581 GRA All-Slar Team-57-58 JULIA BALL-PNA-57-eo, oiiaiaanq GRA- 59-6O7 JCL-57-58: Merilorius Cifalion- 57-59 LINDA BALZERSON-FTA-59-60: Heralds- 59-607 Spanish Club-58-60: Glee Club- 59-6Og Jr. Red Cross-58-59: HR Treasurer -57-58: Cabinel-58-59: Meriforius CiI'aI'ion -57-587 Honor Award-58-597 Na'IionaI Honor Socie+y-59-60 PAUL BARLETT-Camera Club-59-60, President Reperroire P I a y e r s-59-60: Congress- 58-59, Oulsfanding Congressman, Meriforius Ciialion-58-59: "B" Average Award- 53.59 LINDA BEACH-FBLA-58-591 eRA-57-59: HR Governor-57-58 CHARLES BEAL-Camera Club-59-60: Slide Rule Club-59-60: HR L+. Governor-59-603 B" Average Award-58-59 203 MARY LOU BEAN-Biology Club-57-58: EBLA -59-60: ETA-57-585 GRA-57-58: Reper- loire Players-57-60: Spanish Club-57-581 HR Treasurer-57-58: Cabinel-57-59 LINDA BECKCOM-GRA-57-607 Pilol'-58-59: GRA All-Slar-58-59 OSCAR BEDSOLE-Spanish Club-57-58: Mer- ilorious Cilalion-57-58 KARLEEN BENNETT-GRA-57-595 Heralds- 58-591 JCL-57-593 Band-57-59: Yellow Jaclcel Slaff-58-60, Associafe Edilor-59-60, Junior Edilor-58-59: HR Secrelary-57-58: Merilorious Cilalion-57-58 BETTY BERGERON-Ari Club-57-60: ENA- 58-59 TIM BERRYMAN-Bancl-57-59: HR Treasurer- 57-58 JOHN BESSE-JCL-57-58 YVONNE BIELECKI-Ar'r Club-58-59: GRA- 57-58g Pilol' -Slaff-58-59: Bowling Club- 58-6O: HR Secrelary-57-58: GRA All-Slar Team-57-60 RONNIE BIGLER-D.E.-59-603 Proieclors Club -58-597 Yellow Jaclcel Sfaff-59-60, Adver- risemenl Seclion I CAROLYN BLACK-FBLA-58-59: FTA-58-59: GRA-57-60: HR Treasurer-57-58: GRA All-Slar Team-57-58 GAYLE BLAKEMAN-Arr Club-59-60: D.E.- 59-60 CONNIE BLANCHARD-D.E.-59-60: GRA- 57-6O: Jr. Red Cross-57-581 Bowling Club -58-59: LeH'er Girls-59-60 JUDIE MARIE BLANCHARD-Arr Club-59-60: French Club-57-58: GRA-57-60: Heralds -59-601 Slci Club-58-597 Yellow Jackel Slaflf-59-60, Eacully Eclilor-59-601 Jr. Red Cross-59-60: HR L+. Governor-57-58: GRA All-Slar Team-58-59: Bowling Club -59-60 JUDY BLANTON-ETA-58-59. Vice Presidenl- 58-593 GRA-57-601 Heralcls-59-60: JCL- 58-605 Reperloire Players-57-607 Congress -58-597 HR Secrelary-59-605 Cabinel- 57-597 Merilorious Cilralion-57-597 Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60: Slide Rule Club- 58-60 MERILYN KAY BODDEN-ETA-58-60, Merifecl Member-58-593 JCL-58-60: Band-57-60. Secrelary-59-60: Honor Award-58-59: Spanish Club-57-581 HR Treasurer-59-60: Leller Girls-59-607 Merilorious Cilalion- 204 57-597 Nafional Honor Sociely-57-60 Senior Year Holds MARILYN LUCILLE BODDEN MARY BOLLES-ETA-57-607 GRA-57-607 Heralds-58-607 Band-57-607 Jeffersonians -58-607 Sludenl' Body Congress-59-60: Congress-57-607 HR Secrelary-59-607 Cabinel-58-597 Merirorious Cilalion-58-59: "B" Average Award-57-587 Narional Hon- or Sociely-59-607 Eurure Club Woman- 59-6O: Courl 59-60, Duchess: Oulslanding HR Members-57-597 SBC Secrelary-59-60 ELRAY BON l N-Ski Clu b-58-59 M A R Y BONNELL-FTA-58-601 Treasurer- 58-59, Presidenl of G. M. Sims Club-59-601 GRA-57-60: JCL-57-607 Congress-59-60: HR L+. Governor--57-58, Treasurer and Sec- relary-58-59g "B" Average Award-57-59: Slide Rule Club-59160 DRUSCILLIA BOREL RUTH ANN BOSSIER-Pilol Slaff-59-607 Re- per+orialVSlaff7 Bowling Club-59-60 MARY BOUDREAUX-Ski Club-59-60: HR Sec- relary-59-60 HARDY RAY BOUTTE-Arr Club-59-607 Biology Club-57-58: Camera Club-58-591 Bowl- ing Club-59-60 KRlSTlN BOWEN-Ari' Club Vice Presidenl'-- 57-603 French Club-58-60: FTA Hislorian -58460 Heralds-59-60: THE PILOT- 59-6Og Congressman-573 HR Secrelary- 581 "B" Average Award-57-58 ANNA BELLE BOWMAN-FNA--57-60: GRA -57-60 GEORGE BOYUM-Biology Club-57-581 D.E.- 59-6Of JCL-S7-582 Slide Rule Club-58-60 HYLER BRACEY-Heralds-58-60: JCL-57-601 Jr. Red Cross-59-601 Bowling Club-59-60: HR Offices-57-60-Treasurer: "B" Average Award-57-59: Slide Rule Club-59-60 CAROLYN BRANCH-French Club-58-59: FNA-57-60: GRA-57-60: A Cappella Choir-60: Leller Girls-60 PAT BRANNAN-GRA--57-60: Heralds-53-607 THE PILOT-Clubs Edilor-59-60: Hussars- 58-60: Spanish Club-57-581 HR Parliae menlarian-57-607 Meri'l'orious Cil'a'rion-- 57-591 Perfecl Allendance-57-581 Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60 CLARENCE BRAY-JCL-57-59: Bowling Club -59-601 Congressman-57-601 Cabinel Member-57-607 Eoolball-57-59: Tri-Cap- lain, 2nd All-Slale Team-All-Dis'rric'r-- Meyer Award-Mosl' Valuable Linemang Baskelball-57-595 Baseball-58-60: Merilori- ous Cilalion-589 "B"'Honor Roll-59: Sophomore Class Presidenl-57-58: Senior Class Presidenl-59-601 Cilizen of 'lhe Monlh -59-April: Good Sporlsmanship League- 58-6Og Sophomore Courl--D u ke-57-581 Mosl Popular Boy-60 205 LEONA RITA BREAUX-Biology Club-57: French Club-57-59: GRA-57-60: l-leralds -58: Reperioire Players-58-591 Ski Club- gg-Zgf Bowling Club-58-591 GRA Team BARBARA BRIM-Frenclw Club-59-607 FTA- 57-6Og GRA-57-60: Heralds-58-601 JCL- 57-6O3 HR L+. Governor-57-58: "B" Aver- age Awarcl-57-59 KElTH BRIST-Camera Club-58-59: Prinling Club-59-601 Yellow Jackel Slalif-59-60: Foolrloall-58-59 GINGER BROGAN-GRA-57-581 Heralds- 59-6O: JCL-57-60: A Cappella Choir- 59-6O Secrelar Treasurer-59 60' Sexl'e'l . y- - . - 59-607 Glee Club-57-597 Reporler-58-59: HR Secrelary and Treasurer-57-59 JULIE BROUSSARD-Biology Club-57-587 FNA -57-58, Honorary Award-57-58: GRA- 57-607 Heralcls-59-60: Bowling Club-58-59 SHELTON BROUSSARD CARO LYN BROWN-G' RA-57-607 Reperloi re Players-59-60 CARO LYN ETTE BROWN-FNA-57-59: JCL- 57-591 H R Treasu rer-59-60 BETH BROWN-ETA-57-60, Treasurer-59-60. Meriled Member-57-60: GRA-57-60: Pilol Slaff-58-60, Edilorial Page Edilor- 58-59. Eclilor-in-Chief--59-607 A Cappella Choir--59-601 HR Secrelary-57-58: "B" I Average Award-57-59: Honor Award JCL -57-58 LARRY BROWN ' JUDY BU RCH-FBLA-58-597 FNA-57-587 GRA-57-601 Reperloire Players-57-587 Ski Club-58-59: Mixed Choir-59-60: Librarian: Congress-57-601 Cabinel-58-59: Leller Girls-59-601 Junior Courl-58-591 Treasurer of Junior Class-58-59 BRENT BURNEY-Rifle Club-59-60, Presidenl CHERYL BUVINGHAUSEN-ETA-58-60: GRA -57-597 Heralds-59-603 JCL-57-60: HR Secrelary-57-597 Cabinel-59-60 DAN BYRAM-JCL-57-59: Rifle Club-57-587 Ski Club-59-601 Jr. Red Cross-57-597 Bowling Clulo-59-60: Cabinel-57-595 Fool- ball-57-58g Track-57-58 JERRY BYRD-D.E.-59-60: Eoolball-57-59? Track-57-59 206 Funeral for Greenies Is Held in Courtyard I I I I I GILBERT CADENA-Rifle Club-59-60 GENE CALDWELL-Rifle Club-57-597 Track- 59-6O: Slide Rule Club-58-60 JOHN LEWIS CALHOUN-Foofball-57-58 BETH CAPPEI.-GRA-58-60: Heralcls-59-60: HR Treasurer-58-60g Merilorious Cilalion -58-59 ANTONIO TONY CARDENAS-Spanish Club- 57-58 MAXI MO CARDENAS-Spanish Club-57-60 LINDA CARR-GRA-57-607 FNA-57-59: Heralds-59-60: Congress-59-605 Ca binel -57-60 JERRY CARRUTH PI'III.LIP E. CARTER-Ari' Club-59-60: Camera Club-57-58: Spanish Club-57-59: Slide Rule Club-57-59 EDUARDO CASTANEDA-Track-58-60: "B' Average Award-58-59 DONALD CASTILLE-D.E.-58-60 TONY MARTINEZ CASTILLO-Arr Club-57-60 Proiecfors Club-57-605 Spanish Club- 57-59 ANTHONY CHAMBERS-Proieclors Club- 57-583 Jr. Red Cross-57-58 DAVID CHANCE BILLIE JEAN CHANDLER-Arr Club-59-60: Biology Club-58-595 Pilol Sraff-59-60: Rep- erfoire Players-58-6Oi JCL-58-59: Span- isiw Club-59-603 Jr. Red Crosg-58-591 Bowl- ing Club-59-60 207 ROBERT CHASE-Biology Club-57-58: Heralds 58-60: JCL-57-60: Bowling-59-60, Presi- denrg Congress-59-60: HR Governor- 58-59g Cabiner-57-58: Meri+orious Ci+a+ion -57-58: "B" Average Award-58-59: Slide Rule Club-59-60 SHELIA CHESSER-FTA-58-60: GRA-57-59: JCL-57-607 Band-57-60: Head Maioreffe -59-60: Reperforie Players-58-607 Ski Club -59-60: Jr. Red Cross-57-597 Cabinef- 57-59 DOYLE CHRISTIAN-Band-57-603 Jeffersonians -58-607 "B" Average Award-57-581 Slide Rule Club-58-60 JIM CLAYTON KAREN CLAYTON-French Club-57-60, Vice Presidenf-58-597 FTA-57-60, Vice Presidenf -59-60, Treasurer-58-59: GRA-59-60: Heralds-59-603 Band-57-607 Jr. Red Cross -59-60: HR Governor-58-597 LeHer Girls -59-607 lvierilrorious Cifalion-57-59: Na- 'Honal Honor Socieiy-59-60 JANIS CLICK-Jr. Red Cross-57-58: GRA- 57-58: Ar+ Club-57-60: Camera Club- 57-60 BETTY COCHRAN-Camera Club-59-60: FBLA -59-60: GRA-57-597 Heralds-59-60: Ski Club-57-595 Spanish Club-57-59: Bowling Club-59-60: HR Governor-57-587 Secre- +ary-58-597 Treasurer-59-60: "B" Average Award-57-581 Oursfanding HR Member- 57-58 HALL C O L E-D.E.-58-60, Parliamenfarian- 58-59. Fresideml-59-60 lS+a+el: Reperroire Players-57-58: Eoolball-57-587 Nafional Whi+e House Conference-59-601 Naflonal D.E. Convenfion-59-60 SHARON LYNN COLLUM-GRA-57-581 Oul- slanding Achievemenr in English-57-58: Pilolr Sraff-59-60: Yellow Jackef S+aff- 59-60 RONALD COLICHIA-Camera Club-57-58: Ski Club-58-59 OLAN COM EAUX VIOLA CONANT-Mixed Choir-58-605 French Club-57-59 SANDRA COOK-French Club-57-60: FBLA- 59-6O: GRA-57-587 Red Hussars-58-60, Assisranr Uniform Ouarrermasrer-58-59, Corresponding Secreiary-59-601 Congress -57-58: Junior Class Secrelary-58-607 HR Secrefary-57-587 "B" Average Award- 57-597 Junior Class Duchess-58-59: Oueen of Senior Ball-59-60 BILLIE JOE COOPER-FNA-57-60: GRA- 57-58: JCL-57-59: Jr. Red Cross-57-58: HR Secrerary-Treasurer-57-59 MAZIE COOPER-Bowling Club-59-60? GRA All-Slar Team-59-60 208 Seniors Lead the Way in the New TJ EBON CORLEY-Spanish Club-57-58: Baslcel- ball-57-59: Slide Rule Club-58-59 VERNON CRADIER-JCL-57-58 PAULINE CRAIG-French Club-57-58: FNA- 57-58: C-RA-57-58 JERRY CRAVENS-Pilol' Sfaff-59-607 Spanish Club-58-607 Chess Club-59-607 Bowling Club-59-60 MARGARET CRICCIHO-Ar'r C l u b-59-60: Camera Club-59-607 FBLA-57-58: GRA -57-607 Jr. Red Cross-59-60: Bowling Club -S9-60 DONNA CRIST-Spanish Club-57-58: HR Sec- relary-58-59 RAELEEN CROPPER-FBLA-59-601 G R A- 57-605 Ski Club-59-607 Jr. Red Cross- 57-58: Bowling Club-58-60 KAREN CRUMPLER-Biology Club-57-581 FTA -57-581 GRA-57-581 JCL-57-587 Pilo'l' Sfaff-59-60: Red Hussars-57-587 Reper- +oire Players-57-581 Congress-57-58: HR Secrelary-59-607 Cabinel'-57-58: All-Slar Valleyball-57-58 THOMAS CUNNINGHAM-Biology Club- 57-587 JCL-57-58: Meri'l'orious Ci'l'a+ion- 57-591 Honor Award-57-585 Chess Club- 57-58g Slide Rule Club-58-60 JIMMY CUTAlA-D.E.-58-60 DON DAlGLE-French Club-57-58: Slci Club- 58-59g Jr. Red Cross-57-58: Bowling Club -58-60: Cabinel-59-60: 'Fool'ball-57-58 RICHARD DALTON-JCL-58-59: HR Treasurer -57-58: Track-59-60: Slide Rule Club- 59-60 THERESA DARCE-FNA-57-581 GRA-57-60: Leller Girls-59-601 Bowling Club-58-59: Ari Club-59-60: Camera Club-59-60 BETTY DARTEZ-D.E.-59-60: GRA-57-607 Heralcls-57-601 Bowling Club-58-59: "B" Average Award-57-595 HR Treasurer- 58-59 MARY DARTEZ-FHA-57-58: FBLA-58-59: GRA-57-59: Honor Award: Jr. Red Cross -57-58: Bowling Club-58-597 LeHer Grils -58-59: GRA All-Slar Team-57-60 209 Many Seniors aHended pos+er parries. such as +his one, given al 'rhe Coca-Cola Company, +o boosl' enlhusiasm and school spirii among 'the enlire sfudenl' body. Affer winning 'rhe All-School Chesi Drive, Seniors were given 'rhe privilege of enrolling Waldorf as a member of Jrheir class. Regislering TJ's new Senior are Dan Williams and Kay Andrus. 2IO Fall... These mournful seniors aren'+ really as sad as They appear. in fact 'rhey are guile happy: a Greenie has iusl' been buried! For 'rhis "funeral," il was announced Thai 'rhe Sen- iors had ihe loesi courlyard decoralion. Wi+h +he help of Jrhese persuasive Seniors, Jerry Newman, Bill Green, Bill Sharp, Clarence Bray, Tommy Ellison, and Roy Kieschnick, i+'s no wonder 'rhai' The Senior Class con- Jrribuled The mosl money 'ro The All-School Chesl Drive. Winter . . . These physics assisfanfs Jimmy Tiplon, Robe-rl Chase, Jeff Guidry. Jimmy Smilh, Edward Turner, Rila Smilh, and Kalhy Healey look care ol 'rhe equipmenl which was such a large parl of l'he aid lhey gave Mr. lvlcBee 'rhis year. Varied aspec'l's of college life were discovered al Lamar Tech during Career Day. Here seniors Roy Kieschniclc, Donald Doly, and Gene Caldwell are being shown lhe lundamenlals of an eleclronic wind Tunnel. "Say, man, +he Jackel"s on a new schedule-." Convincing l4OO purchasers Jrhal lhe Yellow Jackel would profil from a fall delivery plan was lhe iob of lhese campaigners, Venila Sue May and Glenda Soulh. Research +heme? Poelry Norebook? Trig problems? Whal- ever il is Frankie Jordan and Chesler La Poinl' are able 'lo grin and bear ill RAY DARTEZ-Chernis+ry Club-59-60: French Club-57-587 Slide Rule Club-58-60: HR L+. Governor-58-597 Cabine+-57-587 Ou+- s+anding HR O++icer-57-58 JUDY ANN DASPIT-Ar+ Club-59-60: Camera Club-59-60 CHARLES DATTALO-D.E.-59-60: FOO+l9all- 57-587 Track-57-60 JAM ES DATTALO-Cabine+-59-60: Foo+ball- 57-58: "B" Average Award-57-591 D.E.- 59-60 ELEANOR DAVALOS-D.E.-59-60: FBLA- 57-58: GRA-57-595 Heralds-58-59: Span- ish Club-57-587 Jr. Red Cross-57-58: A+- +endance Award-57-58 BARRY DAVIS-JCL-57-59: Ski Club-58-591 Bowling Club-58-59: Congress-58-59: HR Governor-57-59 SAN DRA GA! L DAVIS GERALD DE CLUITT-Biology club-57-581 JCL-57-58: Bowling Club-59-60: Slide Rule Club-59-60 RODNEY DECOU LU TH ER DECU I R-D. E.-59-60 ALLAN DE LANGE-HR L+. Governor-58-591 Foo+ball-58-607 Track-58-59 AGUSTIN DELA ROSA, JR. RONNIE DELONEY-Ar+ Club-57-58: JCL- 57-6Og S+uden+ Body Congress, Vice Presi- den+-59-6O7 Congress-58-59: HR L+. Gov- ernor-57-58g Cabine+- 58-597 Cheerleader -58-605 Honor Award "B" Average-58-607 Cour+, Dulce-58-591 Gen+leman-in-Wai+ing -59-60 RICHARD DE LOS SAN-LCS-Pilo+ S+a++- 59-6O7 Prin+ing Club-59-601 Spanish Club- 57-59 MURPHY DE MARCAY-Ar+ Club-58-591 Proiec+ors Club-58-597 Ri+le Club-57-58: Jr. Red Cross-57-581 Bowling Club-59-60 2l2 Seniors' Generous Donations KYLE DEMLER-Clwemisfry Club-57-58: JCL- 57-59.: Band-57-60: Rifle Club-59-60: Ski Club-59-601 Sludenl Body Congress- 57-6Og Congress-57-607 Cabinel'-57-60: H R Governor-58-59: Foo'I'laa II-57-59: Baskerball-57-58: Tennis-57-601 Merirorious Cilralion-57-581 Nafional Honor Sociely- 59-60: Presidenl'-59-603 CourI', Duke- 57'58g Genfleman-in-Wailring-59-60 PATRICIA DEMLER-Arr Club-59-60: FTA- 58-6O, Disl. Delegale-59, Disf. Corr. Sec.- 59-QO: Eirs+ Vice Presiclenr-59, Meri'I'ed Member-60: GRA-57-601 Heralds-59-60: JCL-57-59: Band-57-58: Jr. Red Cross- 57-587 Bowling Club-58-60: Congress- 57-58g HR Secrerary-58-59: Cabinef- 57-58f Leller Girls-59-60 REBECCA DERESE AUDREY DEROUEN-D.E.-59-60: GRA-57-58: H R Secrefa ry-59-60 SAMMY DESMOND-D.E.-58-60 LEO DESORMEAUX JO ANN DICKERSON-FNA-57-59: GRA- 57-6O: Bowling Club-57-58: "B" Average Award.-57-58 SAM DIE MICHAEL DIPLOMA-Camera Club-59-60: Prinling Club-57-60: Rifle Club-59-60: Chess Club-59-60 RICHARD DIXSON--D.E.-59-60 JUDY Domes-Biology Club-57-58: em- 57-6O: Heralds-58-60:AJCL-57-60: Band- 57-6O: Slide Rule Club-58-601 Congress- 59-60: HR Governor-57-59: LeH'er Girls- 59-6Og GRA AII-Shar Team-57-60: Merilori- ous CiI'aI'ion-58-59: Nalional Honor Sociely -59-60: Oulsranding HR Member-58-59 DAN DOMASCHK-Spanish Club-58-59, ALLEN DORE V LANA DORRELL-GRA-57-58: Band-59-60g Spanish Club-57-59: Choir-59-603 Jr. Red Cross-59-60 DE ANN DORROUGI-I-Choir-59-60 2I3 DONALD DOTY-Bowling Club-59-60 DANNY DOYLE-Pilo+ Sraff-59-603 Proieclors Club-59-60: Baskelloall-57-60 PATRICIA DUMA5-GRA-57-601 Heralds- . 59-60: JCL-58-597 Yellow Jackejr Shaff- 59-60 LARRY DUNK DIANNE DUPUIS-D.E.-59-60: GRA-57-60: HR Treasurer-57-587 Lei-fer Girls-59-607 GRA All-Slar Team-57-607 "B" Average Award-57-59: D.E. Sweelhearr-59-6OgOul2 sfanding HR Member-57-58 WALTERINE DURHAM-French Club-57-597Jr. Red Cross-58-59: HR Treasurer-57-58 HAROLD EAGLESON MARIE EATON-FBLA-58-593 FTA-57-601 GRA-57-bog Heralds-59-60: JCL-57-59: Caloinef-57-58: Le++er Girls-59-60 JUDY ELAM-FTA-57-591 GRA-57'-601 Heralds -59-607 Reperfoire Players-58-595 Jr. Red . Cross-57-591 Bowling Club-58-597 Jr. Red Cross-57-59 T. W. ELLISON-Biology Clul9+57-581 Rifle Club-59,607 HR Governor-58-6OqBaseball -58-6O: Chess Club-59-60: Slide Rule Club-59-60 LYNN' EMERSON-Ski' club-ss-59: Bowling Club-58-59: Foofball-57-607 Track-57-60 PHILLIP EPPLER-Ar+ Club-59-607 JCL-57-59: Bowling Club-59-607 Foo'rball-57-59:Traclc -57-60 TEDDIE RAE ERWIN-Congress-59-60: HR Governor-58-597 Cabinel'-57-587 Oulsfand- ing HR Member-57-58 RONALD ESCAGNE CAROLYN ETH ERIDGE-A r+ C l u b-58-60: French Club-57-59: GRA-57-607 Red Huse sars-58-605 Hisforian-59-601 Reperfoire Players-57-597 Thomas Jefferson Choir- 59-6Og Librarian-59-60: Jr. Red Cross- 58-6O, Chapfer-Wide Council-58-595 Bowl- ing Club--59-60, President HR Governor ZI4-59-603 HR L+. Governor-58-60 I I x Bonfire Depicts Flaming enior pirit ANITA EVANS-FNA-57-60: Heralds-58-607 JCL-57-593 Red Hussars-58-601 Choir- 59-6O7 Congress-58-59: HR Secrel'ary-Treas- urer-59-60: "B" Average Award-57-58 JUDY FALCON-Ari Club-58-59: Camera Club 58-592 D.E.-59-607 FBLA-58-591 FTA- 58-597 GRA-57-59: Heralds-59-607 Rep- erloire Players-57-59: Bowling Club- 58-59, Treasurer: HR Governor-58-59: HR Secrelary-59-607 Cabinel-57-58 FRANK FAUGHN-D.E.-59-607 Rifle Club- 59-60 FRANCES FAULK-French Club-58-59: GRA -57-59 DENNIS RAY FERGUSON-Foolball-57-60, Lerlerma n 2 Yea rs ALBERT FINK-Ski Club-59-60 WILLIAM C. FLEMING- Heralds-58-605 JCL-57-59, Honor Award: Rifle Club-58-605 Bowling Club-59-603 Sludenl Body Congress-57-601 Honor Award-57-591 HR LI'. Gov- ernor-59-60, Honor Award-57-581 Cabinel-57-591 Tennis-57-60, Honor Award-57-593 Special Mer- iforious Cilaiion-57-583 "B" Average Award -58-595 Nalional Honor Sociely-59-603 Courf -57-583 Execulive Cornrniflee-Gold Parfy-57-58: Courl Dignilary-59-60 RICHARD FLORES- Spanish Club-57-60 PAT FLOWERS- French Club-58-593 GRA-57-605 Red Hussars- 58-603 Jr, Red Cross-59-605 HR Governor-57-59: HR Ll. Governor-59-601 Cabinel-57-593 GRA All- Slar Team-58-60 PATRICIA FOERSTER- Camera Club-58-59, Secrelary-Treasurer: FHA- 57-58g FNA-57-583 GRA-57-583 Heralds-59-607 Reperloire Players-58-595 Spanish Club-57-58: Mixed Choir-58-593 Glee Club-57-585 A Cappella Choir-59-60, Vice-Presidenlg Sexfel-58-601 HR Gov- ergor-58-59g Cabinef-57-583 "B" Average Award -8-59 HAROLD FONTENOT- Camera Club-58-601 JCL-57-603 Ski Club-58-603 A Cappella Choir-59-601 Mixed Choir-57-593 Bowling Club-58-60 ' MARY LOUISE FORET- GRA-57-6Og Pilol Sfaff-59-607 Bowling Club- 5E-6O, Secrelary-59-603 Oufsfanding Service Award -59-601 HR Secrelary-58-593 GRA All-Slar Team- 5823591 Lefler Girls-58-601 "B" Average Award - B-59 FRANK FORQUE- JCL-59-605 Spanish Club-59-603 Choir-59-601 Mer- iiorious Ciialion-57-597 Chess' Club-59-601 Na- Tional Honor Sociely-59-60 GARY FOSTER- Riile Club-59-607 Ski Club-59-603 Congress- -59-6Og Foolball-57-603 Track-57-601 "B" Average Award-57-58 ' CHRISTINE FOX- Heralds 59-601 French Club-58-601 Cabinel-59-605 Nafional Honor Sociely-59-601 Red Hussars-58-60, As. lnslrumenl Quarfermasler-59-603 Drum Maior -59-601, HR Treasurer-57-58, HR Governor-59-605 GRA-57-605 A,CappelIa Choir-59-601 Meriforious Cifalion-58-593 "B" Average-S9-60 MIKE FOX- Baskefball-57-60g Capfain-59-60 All-Disl'ricI- 59-60, All-Slafe-59-605 Proieclors Club-58-59 MARY CARMEN FREDEMAN- Arl Club-59-605 French Club-59-605 FTA-57-583 GRA-57-601 Heralds-57-60, Vice-Presidenl-59-60' JCL-57-603 Red Hussars-57-60, Reporler-58-59: Presidenl-59-601 Reperloire Players-57-60, Secre- 'rary-58-59, Vice-Presidenl-59-605 Leller Girls- 59-60g GRA All-SI'ar Team-57-581 Jr. Red Cross- 57-6O, Presidenl'-58-603 Delegale Io Nalional Red Cross Convenfiong Chapfer Represenlalivep Calsinel' -57-60, Vice-Presidenl-59-603 Congress-58-595 "B" Average Award-57-605 Oulslanding Hussar-58-593 Oulslanding Red Cross Member-58-597 Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60g Courf-58-60, Duchess-58-59, Lady-in-Waifing-59-601 Delegale 'ro Girls' Slale- Egg-60g Slide Rule Club-59-605 Fufure Club Woman NORA FREDERICK- D.E.-59-6Og FBLA-57-58g GRA-57-581 Jr. Red Cross -58-593 HR LI. Governor-57-597 GRA All-Sfar Team -57-585 "B" Honor Award-59-60 KIRK FUGLER JUDY EUSELIER-French Club-59-601 GRA- 59-6O7 Heralds-59-607 JCL-57-597 Red Hussars-58-60, Reporler-58, Assislanl Uni- form Quarlermasler-59: Yellow Jackel Siall 59-60, Sophomore Edilor-59-601 Jr. Red Cross-58-59: HR Secrerary-57'-58, HR L+. Governor-58-59, HR Governor-59-60: Merilorious Ciiaiion-57-58: Leiier Girls- 59-60g Nalional Honor Socieiy-59-60 JULIEE FUSELIER-FTA-57-59: GRA 57-607 Heralds-59-60: Pilo+ Slralf-59-607 Spanish Club-57-597 Bowling Clulo-58-597 Con- gress-57-587 Cabinel-57-58: Lelier Girls- 59-6O7 Merilorious Ciiaiion-57-591 Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60: GRA All-Srar-59-60 JAMES R. GABOUREL-Proieclors Club-58-597 Choir-58-60 GENE GALLI ER-D.E.-59-60 DORA GARCIA JEAN ANN GARDNER-Heralcls 59-60: JCL- 57-6O: Yellow Jaclcel Slall-59-60, Clubs and Organizalion Ediior: Merirorious Ciiaiion- 57-585 Naiional Honor Socielry-59-6O LINDA G A Y L E-FBLA-58-60: GRA-57-601 Heralds-59-601 Spanish Club-57-587 Yel- low Jaclcel Slaff-59-601 Congress-59-60: HR Secreiary-57-58, HR Governor-58-59: Cabinel-58-601 "B" Average Award-- 58-597 Cheerleader-58-60 MARGARET GERRIETTS-ETA-57-60, Merilecl Member: GRA-57-58: JCL-57-607 Band-- 57-6Og Band Sweelhearl-603 Congress-- 59-6Oq Special Meriforious Ciraiion-57-58: Narional Honor Sociely-59-60, Secrelary JOHN GIBSON-JCL-57-58: Ski Club-58-60 MARGARET ELIZABETH GlLLISPlE-FNA-- 59-607 GRA-57-58: Choir-58-601 "B" Average Awarcl-57-607 Mixed Chorus-- 57-597 Girls' Glee Club-57-58 THOMAS GIROLOMO-Biology Club-57-581 D.E.-59-603 Bowling Club-58-59 2I6 Rallies and Games 5- - so .M rrr s raarg ,v ,i Blow in ith Fall GAY GODWIN-FTA-57-607 Heralds-59-60: GRA-59-60: Merilorious Cilalion-57-58: Slide Rule Club-59-601 "B" Average Award -57-59 DONALD GOEE-JCL-57-58: Jr. Red Cross- 58-59: Bowling Club-58-597 HR L+. Gover- nor-58-59g Merilorious Cilalion-57-60: Slide Rule Club-58-607 Slide Rule Club-60 TOMMY GORZYCKI-Baslcelball-58-60 MIKE GRACEY-Proieclors Club-57-60: Con- gress-57-597 HR Treasurer-59-607 Cab- inel-57-58q Eoolball-57-581 Baslcelball- 57-58 B. J. GRALINO-JCL-57-59: Band-57-60. Jef- fersonians-57-6O. Sludenl' Direclor-59-60: All-Regional Band-59-60: Slide Rule Club- 59-6Og HR Ll. Governor-59-601 Cabinel'- 58-593 Special Merilorious Cilalion-57-59: Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60, Vice-Presia denl'7 Band Honor Award-57-59: Gold Execulive Commillee-57-59 BILL eREEN-Biology club-58-591 Radio Club -57-587 Rifle Club-58-593 Jr. Red Cross -58-60: HR L+. Governor-58-60: Cabinel -59-601 "B" Average Award-57-58: Slide Rule Club-59-60 EARL GREGORY-Camera Club-57-60. Presi- denl-58-59g Honor Award-57-587 Proiec- lors Club-57-607 Honor Award-58-59: HR Governor-57-597 Oulslanding HR Member -584597 Slide Rule Club-59-60 ANN GROSSFIELD-ETA-53-60: Pilol' Slall- 59-607 Reperloire Players-584601 Spanish Club 59-607 Jr. Red Cross -58-59 RONALD GU EPET-D.E.-58-59 CHARLES GUIDRY-Arr Club-59-60: Camera Club-59-60, Vice-Presidenl: Ski Club- 59-6Og Jr. Red Cross-58-59: Bowling Club -59-607 Track-57-60: "-B" Average Award -59-60 JEFF GUIDRY-Band-59-60: Jelfersonians- 59-601 All-Regional Band-59-607 HR Sec- relary and Governor-59-60: "B" Average Award-58-59: Slide Rule Club-59-60 JAMES GUIDRY-Prinling Club-57-607 Slide Rule Club-59-60 JOH N GU I LLO RY-Foofball-57-58 BILL HADA 2l7 BILL HALEY-Yellow Jaclcef S+aff-59-60 DINAH H A L L-FHA-58-591 FNA-57-60, Chaplain-58 59, Firsi' Vice-Preside ' nl'-59-60. Oulsfanding Fulure Nurse-58-597 GRA- 57-6Op Heralds-58-593 Jr. Red Cross- 58-60 7 H R Treasurer-59-60 JERRY HALTOM-Ar+ Club-57-58: D.E.-59-607 Proieclors Club-56-57: Ski Club-57-60 GENE HAMILTON-Bowling Club-58-597 Slide Rule Club 59-60 ROBERT HARLOW-Pilor Slaff-59-60 V. J. HARPER-French Club-59-60: JCL-57-60: HR L+. Governor-59-607 Cabinel-59-60 MIKE HARRISGN-Slide Rule Club-59-60 HENRY M. HATHAWAY-Prinfing Club-57-59: Proiedrors Club-58-60 WILLIAM HAYNES STEVE HAYNES-Congress-58-59: HR LI'. Gov- ernor 57-58: Oufslanding HR Member- 58-59 JANICE HAYS-FNA-57-58: GRA-57-60: JCL -57-607 Reperfoire Players-58-60: Rockel' Club-58-597 Jr. Red Cross-58-591 Bowl- ing Club-59-60: HR LI. Governor-59-60: Mixed Chorus-59-607 Cabinei-59-603 Yel- Iow Jaclcei' Sfaff-59-60: FDA-57'-60 REBECCA HEAD-FBLA-59-60: FHA-58-607 GRA-57-607 Spanish Club-58-60: Glee Club, Secreiary-Treasurer-59-601 Bowling Club-58-60 KATHLEEN HEALEY-French Club-59-60: GRA 57-581 Heralds-59-605 JCL-57-59: Hussars -58-60: HR Secreiary-59-607 Meriforious Cifafion-57-58: Nafional Honor Sociefy 59-60: Slide Rule Club-59-60 JAMES HEASLET-Rifle Club-581 Jr. Red Cross 57: Bowling Club-59 JOHNNI MARIE HEASLET-D.E.-59-60 2I8 Semi-Final Troph Climaxosi Football Season JO ANN HEBERT-FBLA-58-59: GRA-57-587 Ski Club-58-59: Bowling Club-59-60 JUDY HEBERT-FBLA-57-59: GRA-57-60: Spanish Club-58-607 Mixed Chorus-59-60. Librarian: l.eHer Girls-59-60 RODNEY HEBERT-"B" Average Award--57-58 JOHN l'lENNlNG-Proieclors C l u b-57'-58: Spanish Club-58-59: Slide Rule Club-59-60 MATT! E H ENSLEE-FHA-46-'57 SYDELLE HERMAN-Ari Club-59-601 Biology Club-57-587 FBLA-59-607 GRA-57-601 JCL-57-581 Reperloire Players-57-58: Ski Club-57-605 A Cappella Choir-59-60: Bowling Club-59-607 Yellow Jaclcel' Slail- 5B-59f Cabinef-57-58 FRANK HERNANDEZ-Pilol' Slaff--59-601 Span- ish Club-59-601 Foolball-57-58: Ari' Club 57-58 RICHARD HERNANDEZ-Pilol' Slaff-59-60: Spanish Club-57-59: Jr. Red Cross-57-58: Cabinel-58-59 KARYN HETHERWICK-GRA-57-60: Heralds -58-607 Band-57-60, Color Guard-59-60: Spanish Club-57-587 Jr. Red Cross-59-60: Congress-59-60: Cabinei-59-60: Meriiori- ous Cilalrion-57-58: "B" Average Award- 58-59g Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60 BRIAN J. HEWITT-Biology Club-57-58: JCL -57-59: HR Governor-57-58: HR l.'l'. Gov- ernor-58-59g Cabinel'-57-58: Slide Rule Club-59-60 JANICE MARIE HICKSON-Ari Club-58-60: FNA-57-58: GRA-57'-60: Red Hussars- 58-60, Honor Award-58-59: Yellow Jaclcel' Slaif-59-60, Arl' Edilor: HR Treasurer- 57-58g HR Secrelary-58-59: HR Governor -59-605 "B" Average Award-57-58: Oul- slanding Ari' Club Member-58-59 LIN DA H IGGI N BOTHAM-FNA-58-60 RAMON HILL-Ski Club-57-58g HR L+. Gover- nor-59-60 BENTON HILLE-Yellow Jackel Slaff-59-60, Spor+s Edilorg Congress-57-59: Foolball- 57-60: Track-57-59: Meriforious Cilaiion- 57-58: Vice-Presidenf of Sophomore Class: Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60 2I9 Q1 i"'K 3 S N m AQ? Texas Day, March 3, 1960 Bill . Q, fGLlf7f een . . doo, y abpea pmes H7 T r e Elan. ance IE se'7f'or Cffgr. slLUd acfer,kfl,enf on C of fly Texas 0 5 . 6 ruggedkolllls "Smoo'rhie" V. J. Harper lisfens for Jrhe click as his pardner's Earl Greg and Bud Byram keep a sharp look-oul' and hold lheir guns ready for acl Texans Allen Delange and Barry Baleniine don'l' mind reaching for lhe sky as Jrhe 'oullaws' Karin Crumpler, Judy Fuselier, and Belly Coch- ran collec+ Their leap year kisses. 22I DOROTHY H I RLEMAN-GRA-57-60: Jaclcel- eens-57-58 WANDA HODGES-FBLA-58-59: Heralds- 58-603 Pilol Slaff-58-603 Spanish Club- 57-6O. Oufsfanding Member-57-581 Merilori- ous Ci+aI'ion-58-59 TONI HOLBERG-Ar'r Club-57-58: Chemislry Club-58-597 FTA-58-59: GRA-57-60: JCL-57-59: Band-57-60: PiIo+ Slafli- 59-6O: Reperloire Players-57-60, Presidenf 59'6O: Ski Clulo-58-59: Jr. Red Cross- 57-587 Merifed Member of ETA-59-607 Yel- low Jackel S'raIf, Pholrography Edilor-59-605 Merilorious CiI'aIion-58-59: "B" Average Award-57-587 GRA AII-Slar Team-57'-59 DAVID HOLSTEAD-Biology Club-57-58: Ski Club-59-60 MICHAEL HOLT KATHY H O O D-FTA-57-587 GRA-57-607 Spanish Club-57-59: Choir-59-607 Jr. Red Cross-57-58 MIKE HOWARD-Rifle Club-57-60, Vice-Presi- denf-59-607 Congress-59460: HR Governor -58-59. Treasurer-57-58: Cabiner-58-59, Foofball-57-587 Slide Rule Club-59-60, Junior Kiwanian-58-59 LANA HUCKABAY-FTA-57-60, Secrelary- GRA-57-60: JCL-58-59: Mixed Choir- 59-6O, Secrelaryg Congress-57-58: GRA AII- Sfar Team-57-587 LeH'er Girls-59-60 HAYNES HUDSON-HR L+. Governor-57-58: HR Governor-58-597 Foo+baII-57-607 AII- Dis+ricI' II 4-AAAA Guard: Slide Rule Club 59-60 CAROLYN HUEBEL-D.E.-59-60: FBLA-58-591 Meriforious CiI'a+ion-57-58: "B" Average Award-59-60: D.E. Sales Demonslralion Winner-59-60 ERN ESTINE HUND-GRA-57-60 JAMES HURLEY-Spanish Club-58-59: Jr, Red Cross-59-605 Bowling Club-58-59: HR Treasurer-57l59: HR L+. Governor-59-60: Golf Capfain-57'-60: Merilorious Ci+a'I'Ion -58-59: Slide Rule Club-59-60 FRANKIEALOUISE HUTCHINS PATRICIA IENNA-GRA-57-58: Heralds- 57-597 JCL-57-583 Reperfoire Players- 58-59: HR Secrelary-58-59 RUFINO INFANTE-PiIo+ Sfaff-59-60: Spanish Club-57-60 222 Winter Brin S Cold 1 I I I I If I! If Feet - arm pirits SANDRA IRBY- FTA-57-6O, Treasurer-57-58, Secrelary-58-591 GRA -57-59, Heralds-59-60, JCL-57-59, Glee Club- 57-58, Jr. Red Cross-58-595 HR Secrefary-57-58: HR Lf. Governor-58-593 HR Treasurer-59-60: "B" Average Award-58-591 Nalional Honor Sociely- 59-60, Merilorious Cilalion-57-58 ANNETTE IRWIN- Arl Club -Biology Club-57-585 French Club- 59-6Og FTA-57-60, Secrefary 57, Presidenf 58, Par- liamenlarian 59, Meriled Member 605 GRA-57-601 JCL-57-59, Ski Club-57-587 Bowling Club-58-595 HR Governor-57-583 Cabinel' Member-57-583 Mer- itorious Cilalion-58-591 Nalional Honor Sociely -59-60 JERRY IRVIN- HR Governor-57-58, Treasurer-58-59, Ll. Governor -59-603 Baskelball-57-60 BEVERLY JACKSON-French Club-57-60: Presi- denl-59-6OI FBLA-59-602 GRA-57-60? Band-57-60, Color Guard-58-60, Honor Award: Red Cross-57-585 HR Governor- 58-6O, Treasurer-57-587 Cabinel' Member- 59-6O: Leller Girls-59-60: Merilorious Cila- rion-58-59y "B" Average Award-57-58 CAROLYN JEAN JACKSON-Glee Club- 59-60 GAIL JACOBS-Fulure Teachers-57-58: GRA -57-607 Heralcls-58-60: JCL-58-60: Rep- erloire Players-58-60. Hisloriang Ski Club- 58-eo LINDA KAY JEANS-Arl' Club-59-60: Camera Club-59-60: D.E.-59-60, GRA-57-58: Ski Club-58-59: Bowling Club-58-59 J U DY J EN KI NS-D.E.-59-60 H. GARY JERNlGAN-Jr. Red Cross-59-60, Represenlalive To Cily Chaplerg HR L+. Gov- ernor-59-601 lvlerilorious Cilalion-57-59: Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60: Slide Rule Club-58-60 - CURTIS W. JOHNSON-Slide Rule Club- 58-59: Clwoir Quarlel-59-605 Glee Club Accompanisl-58-59: Bowling Club-59-60, Secrelary: Congress-59-60: Represenlalive , A+ Large of Sludenl' Body-59-601 HR Gov- ernor-58-59, Cabinef-58-597 Special Mer- ilorious Cilalion-58-597 Merilorious Cila- lion-57-58: Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60 JOYCE JOHNSON-GRA-57-601 HRV Secre- Tary-59-6O: GRA All-Slar Team-59-60 LINDA J O l'l N S O N-FBLA-57-587 GRA- 57-607 GRA All-Slar Team-57-597 Glee Club -59-60 ' JANlS JOPLlN-Ari' Club-59-60: FNA-58-59: FTA-57-58: GRA-57'-58: Slide Rule Club- 58-59: "B" Average Award-57-59 FRANKIE JORDAN-HR eovemor-S7-581 HR Treasurer-57-581 Cavbinel-57-587 Foolball -57-58 ROCHELLE JUDICE-French Club-57-607 GRA -57-601 Heralds-59-603 HR Governor- 57-581 Cabinel-57-58: GRA All-Slar Team -57-59: Special Merilorious Cilalion- 58-597 lvlerilorious Cilalion-57-58: "A" Honor Roll-59-60 CAROL JUNEAU-PNA-58-59: GRA-57-60 HELEN KARES-FBLA-58-607 JCL-57-58: Jr. Red Cross-57-58: Cabinel'-59-60 FRANKLIN KEENAN ROY KIESCHNICK-Sludenl Body Presidenl- 59-607 Boys' SI'aIe 591 Congress-58-60: Foolball-57-601 Track-57-60: HR Gover- nor-57-59g Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60: Cabinei'-57-59: Senior Cour'r-60. Grand Duke JAMES KIMBLE JAY KIRKPATRICK-Biology Club-57-58: JCL -57-59: Jr. Red Cross-58-59: Bowling Club-58-593 HR Secre+ary-Treasurer- 57-587 Cabinel-58-60: "B" Average Award -57-58: Cheerleader-59-60: Vice-Presiclem' of Junior Class-58-59: Boys' SI'a're Rep- resenlalive-58-59 FRINACIE KNIGHT-French Club-59-60: GRA -57-60 Hisizsci-:EL IQNIPPA-Biology Club-57'-58: ski Club-58-59 LINN KOVAR-D.E.-59-60: JCL-57-58: Radio Club-57-587 Reperloire Players-58-60, Treasurer 607 HR Governor-57-60: Cabinelr -58-60: Meriforious CiTa+ion-58: Slide Rule Club-59-601 Chess Club-59-60 ANNA LEE KREITER-French Club-57-587 FBLA-59-603 GRA-57-581 Congress- 58-59q HR Secrefary-59-60: HR L+. Gov- ernor-59-60: Cabinel-57-587 "B" Average Award-57-591 Slide Rule Club-59-60 RICHARD KRUMMEL-Spanish Club-57-60 DANA LACKEY-French Club-58-591 Choir- 59-60 SANDRA KAYE LACY-FNA-57-58: GRA- 57-603 Red Hussars-57-60, Parliameniarian -59-60: Spanish Club-58-60: Choir- 59-6O: Jr. Red Cross-57-58: Congress- 57-59g I-IR Governor-58-59: Cabinel- 57-60: GRA All-Siar Team-57-587 Merilo- rious Cilarion-58-59: Slide Rule Club- 59-60 ROBERT LAI NG-Foo+ba I I-57-58 224 Snow and Ice Make the New TJ. Nice l MARTHA LAlRD-Ar+ Club-59-60, Presiden+1 Frencln Club-57-605 FBLA-59-60 GRA- 57-6O: Heralds-58-60: Band-57-60, Color Guard: Congress-57-59: "B" Average Award-58-593 Junior Secre+ary-58-59: Senior Secre+ary-59-607 Cour+-58-60, Duchess-58-59. Princess-59-60: Girls' S+a+e Represen+a+ive-59-60: Ou+s+anding HR Member-59-60: Jr. Club Woman-59-60 DIANA EAYE LA LONDE-GRA-57-60: Heralds 59-60: Slci Club-59-601 Glee Club-59-601 Le++er Girls -59-60 JOH N LAM BERTH-Ar+ Club-57-58 KENN ETH 57-587 Congress-57-59: HR Governor- 59-6Og HR L+. Governor-59-601 Tennis- 57-60 TH ERM EN LANDRY-HR Governor'-59-602 Foo+ball-58-597 Track-58-59 CHESTER LAPOINT-Foo+ball-57-60: Tri Cap- +ain of Team-59-60: All-S+a+e Honor- able Men+ion-59-601 Cour+-59-60, Prince LANCLOS-Hera lds-59-60: J CL- BECKlE LATllvlER-ETA-58-60: GRA-57-60? Heralds-59-60: JCL-58-601 Pilo+ S+a++- 59-6Og Reper+oire Players-57-607 Glee Club -57-58: Jr. Red Cross-57-597 Congress -57-581 HR Secre+ary-57-60: GRA All- S+ar Team-57-60 LYNDA LEE LATIOLAIS-Biology Club-57-587 French Club-57-601 GRA-57-607 Heralds -58-60: HR Secre+ary-57-583 HR Secre- +ary-Treasurer--58'597 HR L+. Governor- 59-6Og All-S+ar Team-57-607 Meri+orious Ci+a+ion-58-59: Sclwolas+ic Honor-57-58 MONA RAE LATIOLATS-GRA-57-60: HR L+. Governor-57'-587 Le++er Girls-59-60: GRA-All-S+ar Team-59-60 LINDA LAURENTS-FBLA-58-595 Spanish Club 59-601 A Cappella Choir-59-607 Glee Club -57-587 HR L+. Governor-584597 HR Treas- urer-57-58: Special Meri+orious Ci+a+ion- 58-60 BARBARA LALIVE-Glee Club-58-60 DELL LAWSON-FHA-57-59: GRA-57-60: JCL-57-607 Heralds-58-59: Congress- 59-601 HR L+. Governor-57-593 Le++er Girls -59-60: Special Meri+orious Ci+a+ion- 57-59: Na+ional Honor Socie+y-59-60 LARRY LEBLANC-Biology Club-57-59: D.E.- 59f6Og Ski Club-58-59: Jr. Red Cross- 57-58: HR L+. Governor-59-60: HR Treas- urer-59-6O3 Slide Rule Club-59-60 TERRY ANN LEBLANC-Ar+ Club-57-58: Bowling Club-58-60 CARL LEBO EU F-D.E.-59-60 225 RONALD JAMES LEBOU EF-D.E.-59-60 CLORIS LEE-GRA-57-59: HR Governor- 59-60 ALVIN LELEUX ANNA BELLE LEVY-ENA-57-60, Presidenf- 59-60, Treasurer-58-597 GRA-57-6OgChoir -59-601 Jr. Red Cross-59-60, Vice-Presi- den+: Bowling Clulo-58-607 HR Governor- 57-58: HR L+. Governor-58-59: HR Treas- urer-59-6Og LeI"rer Girls-59-603 GRA AII- Slrar Team-57-59: Posfure Queen-58-59 MIKE LEVY-HR Governor-58-607 Foolball- 57-59, All-Dis+ric+-59-60: Baseball-58-607 Oulsianding HR Meifnloer-58-593 Courl- 5B-59, Dulce: Track-59-60 MARY EVELYN LEWIS-GRA All-S+ar Team- 57-58 ERIN LINN-Frenclw Club-59-60: GRA-57-60: Heralds-57-60: JCL-57'-58: Red Hussars -58-60, Bugle Sergeanl-59-60: Yellow Jackejr Sfaff-59-60: Governmenl Edilorg Jr. Red Cross-59-60. CI'1ap+er Represenlafive: Congress-59-605 HR Secrelary-57-58: Lel- +er Girls-59-60: GRA All-Sfar Team-57-59: "B" Average Award-57-58 LYNDA LITCHFIELD-French C I u b-58-597 FHA-58-597 HR Secrelary-57-587 Meriio- rious Ci+a+ion-58-59: Na+ional Honor So- Ciely-59-607 GRA 58-60 DANNY JOE LIVINGSTON-Ar+ Club-58-597 Prinling Club-58-591 Rifle Club-58-59: Bowling Clulo-58-59 LARRY W. LOCKE-Ari' Club-58-59: JCL- 59-6Or Pilo'I Siaff-58-597 Reperiroire Players -57-601 Drama Honor Sociely-59-60 GINGER LOGAN-Ari Club-59-60: Biology Club-57-587 PNA-57-533 GRA-57-582 Heralds-58-60: JCL-57-591 Ski Club- 57-59: Jr. Red Cross-58-595 Bowling Club -58-59: HR Governor-57-587 HR L+. Gov- ernor-59-6O7 HR Treasurer-59-60 MARTHA JANE LONA-FBLA-58-601 GRA- 58-6O7 Pilol Sfafi-59-607 Jr. Red Cross- 57-587 HR Treasurer-59-60 ROBERT LONA-JCL-57-58 DONNA LONG-French Club-57-59: GRA- 57-607 Heralds-59-60: HR Secrelary- 58-607 Mixed Chorus-59-60 BESSIE MAE LOOPER-FBLA-59-60: GRA- 59-60: Heralds-58-60? JCL-57-60: Band -57-60: Jr. Red Cross-58-591 Congress- 59-607 HR L+. Governor-58-59: HR Secre- Iary-57-58: LeI'+er Girls-59-60: "B" Aver- age Award-57-59 226 Hats, Boots, and Guns Make Texas Day Fun JERRY LOPEZ-Heralds-59-60: Prinling Club -59-60: A Cappella Choir-59-60: Mixed Chorus-57-59: HR Treasurer-58-59: Per- Ieci Allendance-58-59 JEAN ELLEN LUSK-French Club-59-60: GRA 57-60: JCL-57-60: Red Hussars-58-60. Insrrumenr Quariermasier-60, Secrelary- 59-60: Mixed Chorus-59-60, Accompanisl: Jr. Red Cross-57-58: Bowling' Club- 59-6O: Cabinel-58-59: Lelier Girls-59-60: "B" Average Award-57-58: Narional Honor Sociely-59-60 GLYNN LYONS-JCL-58-59: Bowling Club- 58-59: Slide Rule Club-59-60: Yellow Jaclcel SI'al:'I-59-60 MARY ELLEN MCBRIDE-French Club-57-59: GRA-57-59: I-Ieralds-59-60: Band-57-60, Hisrorian-58-60, All-Regional Band-58-59: Jeffersonians-58-60: A Cappella Choir- 59-6O, Librarian: Sexief-59-60: Jr, Red Cross-57-59: Cabinei-57-59: 59-60: Mer- iiorious CiIaI'ion-58-59: "B" Average Award-57-58: Nalional Honor Sociefy- 59-60 RICHARD. MCBRIDE-Heralds-58-59: JCL- 57-59: Band-57-59: HR L+. Governor- 57-59: Cabinel 58-60: Tennis-57-60: Mer- ilorious Cilaiion-57-58: Naiional Honor So- ciery-59-6O: Slide Rule Club-59-60: Gold Execuiive Cornmiilee-58-59: Junior NorIl1 Porl ArI'I1ur Lion-59 PATRICK MCCARTHY BOBBY MCCOM BER-Foollaa Il-57-60 RALPH MCCORD-Yellow Jaclcel Slaff-59-60: Basliefball-57-60 ROBERT MCCORVY-Biology Club-57-581 D.E. -58-59. Vice-Presidenl-59-60: Bowling Club-59-60 LINDA MQCOY-FBLA-58-60, Secrelary-59-60: FHA-58-59: GRA-57-60: Jr. Red Cross- 59-6O: Bowling Club-59-60: HR Secrelary -59-60: Cabinel-58-59: LeI'Ier Girls- 59-6O. Presidenlz GRA All-Slar Team- 57-6O': Merilorious Ciralion-57-58: "B" Average Award-58-59: FBLA Honor Award -58-59: GRA Honor Award-58-59 I BILL McCUISTlON-Ar'I Club-59-60: Slide Rule Club-57-60, Honor Awarcl-57-58: Clwemislry Club-58-59: JCL-57'-59: Radio Club-57-58. Vice-Preside'n+: Rocker Club- 58-59 MARY JOHN MCDONALD-FTA-57-60: GRA -57'-60: JCL-57-59: A Cappella Clwoir- 59-6O: Glee Club-57-58: Jr. Red Cross- 57-58: "B" Average Award-57-58 WILLIAM N. MCDUFFIE-D.E.-59-60: Foolball -57-58: Baslcelball-57-58: "B" Average Award-57-58 DAVID MCEADDEN-Reperloire Players-59-60: Rifle Club-59-60: Bowling Club-59-60, Treasurer: Cabinei'-59-60: Slide Rule Club -59-60 CHARLES MCGAFFY-Slide Rule Club-59-60 227 SH ELIA M CG I LL-FNA-57-59: JCL-58-59 SIDNEY MCGLOTHLEN-GRA-57-60: Heraids -59-60: JCL-57-59: HR Secretary-58'59: Letter Girls-59-60: GRA AII-Star Team- 57-6O, Tennis Champion-58-59: Special Meritorious Citation--57-59: National Hon'- or Society-59-60 JIMMY MCREYNOLDS-Art Club-59-60: JCL +57-59. Eadileg A CappeIIa Choir-59-60. Quartet-59-607 Student Director: HR Lt. Governor-58-59 RILLIE ANN MAHAFFEY-Art Club-59-60: FNA-57-58: GRA-57-59: Jr. Red Cross- 57-597 Congress-58-59: Cabinet-57-58: GRA AII-Star Team-57-59: Meritorious Citation-57-59 HEN RY MALMGREM-Spanish Club--57-58 B E N N Y MANNINO-Congress-57-58: ."B" Average Award-57-58: Outstanding HR Member-57-58 SHELVA DEAN MANUEL-French Club-57-58: A Cappella Choir-59-60 BARBARA DALE MARCEAUX-GRA-57-60: Ski Club-58-597 Bowling Club-59-603 HR Secretary-57-585 HR Treasurer-58-59: Mer- itorious Citation-58-59 ELLEN MARSH-GRA-59-60: Heralds-58-60? JCL-57-60: Band -57-60: Repertoire PIay- ers-59-6Og Cabinet-57-59: "B" Average Award-58-59: Perfect Attendance-58-59: Outstanding HR Member-58-59 FRANK MARTIN-Ritie Club-57-58: HR Treas- urer-58-59 ELLIS MARTINEZ-Art Ciub-59-607 PiIo+ Staff -59-60: Spanish Club-58-59 WILLIAM MASBURN-Printing CIub-59-60: Proiectors Ciub-57-58: Cabinet-57-59: Track-59-607 Chess Club-59-607 SIide Rule Ciub-59-60 DAVID MASON-Perfect Attendance Award- 57-58 DONALD MATHROLE-A Cappella CI1oir-- 59-6Og HR Governor-57-58: Slide Rule Club-59-60 ALBERT MATTH IJ ETZ 228 Invitations and Pictures Usher in Graduation Season LINDA DIANNE MATTIZA-French Club- 57-6O: GRA-57-607 Heralds-58-60: Band -57-60: Jr. Red Cross-59-601 Congress- 57-58g Cabinel-58-59: LeI'l'er Girls-59-60: "B" Average Award-58-59 SARA MAXFIELD-JCL-57-607 Spanish Club- 57-59: Bowling Club-57-595 HR L+. Gover- nor-58-59g Merilorious Cilalion-57-591 Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60 VENITA SUE MAY-FBLA-58-59: GRA-57-60: Red Hussars-58-591 Ski Club-58-59: A Cappella Choir-59-607 Yellow Jackel Slalf -59-601 Bowling Club-59-60: HR Gover- nor-59-6O7 HR Treasurer-58-59: HR Sec- relary-58-59 MARIANNE MEIER-Arl' Club-57-58: GRA- 57-59: JCL-57-587 Reperloire Players- 58-6Og A Cappella Choir-59-607 Yellow Jaclcel Slafl-59-60: HR Governor-57-581 Caloinel-57-583 Bowling Club-57-59: Oul- slanding Homeroom Member-57-58 GERALDINE MENARD JUDY KAY METI-IVIN-FBLA-59-60: GRA- 57-6O: Heralds-58-60, Secre+ar,y-59-60: JCL-59-603 Band-58-60, M a o r e I' I e -59-60: Jr. Red Cross-59-60: Congress- 57-58: Senior Class Treasurer-59-60: HR Governor-58-59: HR Secrelary-57-58: Oulslanding Cabinel Member-58-593 Cab- inel-58-597 Merilorious Cilalion-57-59: Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60 WANETTE MILES-Ar+ Club-59-60: Camera Club-59-601 FBLA-57-58g GRA-57-6O:Jr. Red Cross-59-60: Bowling Club-59-60 KATHLEEN MILLER LYNDA LOU MILLS-French Club-57-60: FTA -57-58: GRA-57-601 Heralds-59-60: Red Hussars-58-60, Drum Sergeanl-59-60: Yel- low Jaclcel Sfafli-59-60, Business Manager: Bowling Club-57-60: Congress-59-607 HR Secrelary-Treasurer-58-59: HR Governor-- 59-6O: HR L+. Governor-59-601 Cabinel- 59-607 Merilorious Cilalion-58-59: "B" Average Award-59-60: Slide Rule Club- 59-6O, Maroon Execulive Commillee-60 MIKE MILLS-Heralds-59-60: Congress-58-59: HR Governor-57-58: HR Treasurer-59-60: Foolball-57-601 All-Dislricl-59-607 Base- ball-57-60 ARABELLA MINER-Biology Club-57-581 FTA -57-59: GRA--57-601 Heralds-58-601 JCL -57-603 Red Hussars-58-607 Jr. Red Cross -59-60: HR L+. Governor-57-58: Special Merilorious Cila+ion-57-58: Meriforious Cilalion-58-597 Nalional Honor Sociely- 59-60 LIN DA MINTON-Bowling Club-58-60 JOYCE MOAK-Red H ussa rs-58-59 SAM MONROE-JCL-57-59: Reperloire Play- ers-59-6O: Rifle Club-59-601 Congress-- ' 57-58: Cabinel'-58-59 GLENN MONTE-Chess Club-59-60: Siilde Rule Club-59-60: Baseball-59-60 229 Prepara+ions for ihe long awailed day, June 2, are made by Anneile Erwin and Judy Melhvin as lhey Jralce cap measuremenls of Syclelle Herman and Carole Thomas. "You're a living doll!" Ex- changing gradualion pic- lures wifh loving messages is an old slory in a new sei'- 'ring being pracliced by Howard Wall. Kay Palmer, and Sandra lrby. 230 Preparations for Graduation -:H 1:1 is-m :L ea -1. ' 5' -"X -:...,,:1'm' "' 'f-'f.'.I.' i:'il-1 " 1' fe ' A Y V "Whai will The 'lool' be?" H' depends on how many in- viiafions These seniors decide fo purchase. Buyers include: Ed Painron, Anna Belle Levy, Julie Broussard, Linda Maliz- za, and Roy Kieschniclc. ,ri tudies Not Forgotten A large parT oT The physics sTudenTs' work This year was I Their individual proiecTs. Here Thomas SmiTherman ex- plains his parTicular sTudy oT The radio. "MeTal, non-meTal, base. acid?" WhaTever iT is These physics lab assisTanTs seemed To know The answers and be righT There willing To help oTher sTudenTs in discovering These secreTs. AssisTanTs as picTured are: J. KirkpaTriclc, E. Corley, R. DarTez, J. Doerge, S. Haynes, T. Tra- han, J. SmiTh. C. Beall, D. GOTT, B. Wilson, and E. PainTon. PaT Brannan and Cammie Oliver Tind a laugh or Two To lighTen The drudgery of sTudy. 23l BARBARA MOORE-FBLA-58-607 FNA-58-601 GRA-57-60: Heralds-59-60: JCL-58-60: Jr. Red Cross-58-591 HR L+. Governor- 58-59g LeHer Girls-59-60: GRA All-Slar Team-57-60 JUDY MOREAU-D.E.-59-607 FTA-58-597 GRA-57-595 Jr. Red Cross-58-59 ROBERT MORGAN-Ari Club-59-60: JCL- 57-6O: Jr. Red Cross-58-601 Slide Rule Club-58-607 Congress-58-59: HR L+. Gov- ernor-59-6O7 HR Governor-59: Cabinel- 58-597 Fooiball-57-587 "B" Average Award -57-59: Oursfanding HR Member-57758 THOMAS MORGAN-Biology Club-57-58: Clwemislry Club-58-59: JCL-57-599 Bowl- ing Club-58-593 Congress-58-591 Cabinef -58-591 Foofball-57-587 Track-57-58: Baseball-58-597 Golf-57-597 Jr. Lion- 58-59 WILMA MORGAN LINDA MORVENT GLENDA SUE MOSS-FBLA-59-607 GRA-- 57-6O: Bowling Club-58-60 MAUREEN MOSS-GRA-57-60: A Cappella' Choir-59-60: Glee Club-57-59: Bowling Club-58-60: LeHer Girls-59-60 DIANNE MOTTlCE4Frencl1 Club-57-59: FTA -57-607 GRA-57-60: Heralds-58-60: HR Treasurer-57-58: LeHer Girls-59-60: "B" Average Award-57-59 LEWIS MUNOZ ROY MURPHY-A Cappella ChoirL59-60 ROSIE MYERS-FBLA-58-59: GRA-57-60? Heralds-58-60: JCL-57-59: Reperloire Players-58-597 Ski Club-58-59: A Cappella Choir-59-60: Bowling Club-57-587 HR Treasurer-57-60 BOB NABOU RS-Fooiball Manager-58-60 GEORGETTE NANTZ-GRA-57-60: HeraldS-- 58-60: Yellow Jaclcel' Siafi-59-60, Sporls Ecliforz HR Secrefary-58-59: Le++er Girls -59-60, Team Manager: GRA All-Siar Team -57-60 ALAN NELSON-Biology Club--57-59, Presi- denfg French Club-57-59: HR Treasurer- 58-59: Cabinei-57-58: Slide Rule Club- 58-60 232 afield Festivities l l i r Honor Ma Graduates RICHARD N ELSON-Biology-57: PI LOT-60 JERALDINE NEWMAN-GRA-58-60: Hussars -58-60: Slci Club-59: Spanish Club- 58-597 YELLOW JACKET-Aclveriisemenls Ediior-59-60: Bowling Clulo-59-60: HR Cabiner-58-59: Le++er Girls-59-603 GRA Team-58-60 CAROLYN NOACK-HR Treasurer-58-59 RAYMOND NOEL-Spanish Club-58-59: HR Governor-58: Ca binei'-Treasurer-59-60 MIKE NORRIS-Proieciors Club-57: Foolball -57-587 Eoorball Manager-58-59 SANDRA NUTT-FBLA-58-59: GRA-57-59: Heralds-59-60: HR Treasurer-58-597 HR Secreiary-59-60 GLENDA O'GRADY-HR Treasurer-58-59: Ca binel-57-58 CAMMIE OLIVER-Arr Club-59-60: Flrenclw Club-57-60, Treasurer-58-60: GRA- 57-6O: Heralcls-58-60: PILOT-58-59: Hus- sars-58-6O. Uniform Ouarrer-Mas+er- 59-607 Reperioire Players-57-58: YELLOW JACKET, Ediior-in-Chief-59-60: Congress- 57-59: HR Secreiary-59-601 Cabinelr-57-59: Courr-57-587 Ouisiancling Homeroom Meme ber-57-58: Maroon Execuiive CommiHee- 57-585 ETA-57-58 GEORGE ORENA-Track-59-60: "-B" Average Award-58-59 JOE OTTO-D.E.-59-607 "B" Average Award -59-60 BEVERLY OLIBRE-ETA-57-53: GRA-57-602 Heralds-59-607 Jr. Red Cross-59-60: Calo- ine+-57-587 Le++er Girls-59-6O:, GRA Team -57-59 KARON OWEN-French Club-59-601 FHA- 57-587 Heralcls-59-60: JCL-57-597 Hussars -58-607 "Ideal Hussar"-603 HR Treasurer -57-58: HR Secrerary-59-60: Meriforious Cirarion-57-58: "B" Honor Award-Na- Iional Honor Sociefy-59-60 TARRY OWENS-Biology Club-57-58: JCL- 57-58g Rifle Club-57-58: Ski Club-58-59: Bowling Club-58-59: Slide Rule Club- 59-60 WESLEY R. PACE ED PAINTON-Camera Club-57-58: JCL- 57-59: Slide Rule Club-58-59 233 CHARLENE PALMER- French Club-59-605 FTA-57-60, Devolional Leader -59, Firsl Vice-Presidenf-605 GRA-57-603 Heralds -58-603 JCL-57-593 Red Hussars-58-60, Vice-Presi- den?-59-603 HR Secretary-57-58, HR Governor- 58-60g Meriforious Cifalion-583 "B" Average Award -59 SANDRA KAY PALMER- Arf Club-58-593 GRA-57-603 Heralds-59-603 Red Hussars-58-60, Maiorelle-59-60: Ski Club-58-595 Spanish Club-58-603 Mixed Chorus-59-60, Vice- Presidenl, Bowling Club-58-60, Presidenl-58-59-3 HR Treasurer-57-59, HR Secrefary-59-603 LeH'er Girls-58-60, Vice-Presidenl-59-605 GRA All-Slar Team-57-60g Oulslanding HR Member-57-58 CELIA LYNNE PARDUE- PNA-57-60, Parliamenlarian-58-59, Secrelary- 59-6Og GRA-57-605 JCL-57-603 Glee Club-57-583 Mixed Chorus-58-593 A Cappella Choir-59-603 Jr. Red Cross-58-597 Bowling Club-S9-60 ROBERT PARENT-Congress-57-58 PRESTON PARKS LARRY PATIN-Rifle Club-59-607 Bowling Club-58-597 Slide Rule Club-59-601 l-lR L+. Governor-57-58 SYLVIA PATIN-GRA-58-60: Sophomore Pos- lure Oueen-58-7 FNA-58-591 JCL-58-59: Bowling Club-59-60. Treasurer SHIRLEY YVONNE PATRICK BETTY PECORINO-Bowling Club-59-60 HOWARD PEN DERGRASS FRANK PEDROZA ' JOHN PEREGO-D.E.-59-605 "B" Average Award-57-59 MALCOLM JAMES PERRON-French Club- 58-59I Rifle Club-57-58 WATKINS PEYTON-Biology Club-58-59, Vice- Presidenlg Baseball-58-59 MARDELL PIAZZA 234 Reverent Seniors Present GQIII l1..,,W LESLIE PIERCE-GRA-57-607 Heralds-59-603 Red Hussars-58-60: Spanish Clulo-58-59: HR Governor-57-587 Cabinel-57-59 CHARLOTTE PIERRON-French Club-57-58: FBLA-57-581 Red l-lussars-58-607 Ski Clulo 57-58: Bowling Club-58-59: Congress- 59-6Og HR Lf. Governor-58-593 Cabinel- 57-58 ' DONNA RAE PIGGOTT-Heralds-58-60: JCL -58-605 Band-57-60, Oulslanding Band Member-58-59: Meriforious Cilalion- 57-587 "B" Average Award-58-59: Nalional Honor Sociefy-59-60: Slide Rule Club- 58-6O ' FRANCES PINEDA-A Cappella Choir-59-60 KAREN POLITE-French Club-59-607 GRA- 57-6O: Red Hussars-58-60: JCL-57-59: Ski Club-58-59: Yellow Jackel' Slaff- -59-6O, Spring Edilory Congress-58-59gHR L+. Governor-57-587 HR Governor-59-607 Merilorious Cilalion-57-587 "B" Average Award-58-597 Nafional Honor Sociefy- 59-607 Maroon Execulive Commillee-57-587 Heralds-58-60 PAUL G. POND-Heralds-59-60: Proieciors Club-57-58: Pilol' Sfaff-59-601 Bowling Club-58-60: HR Secre+ary-57-58: Fool'- loall-57-58: Track-57-58 MELBA RAE POWELL-GRA-57-597 GRA Team: 'B" Average Award ELOUISE PRATT-GRA-57-58: Red Hussars- 58-60: Reperloire Players-57-60: A Cap- pella Choir-59-6Og Yellow Jaclcel' Sfaii- 59-6Oq HR Secrelary-58-60: Cabinel- 57-58 LOUISE PRATT-FBLA-57-58: l-leralds-59-60: Reperloire Players-57-60: A Cappella Choir -59-60: Yellow Jaclcel Slalf-59-607 Cab- inel'-57-60 RUTH ELAINE PREJEAN-D.E.-59-60 CLYDE PRINCE-Mixed Chorus-59-60 DAVID PROVENZANO-French Club-58-601 JCL-57-58: Reperloire Players-57-60, Treasurer-57-58: Rifle Club-57-58: HR Governor-57-58 JACK PULLEN-Camera Club-59-60: JCL- 57-59: Reperloire Players-59-607 Rifle Club -59-607 Cabinef-58-597 Merilorious Ciia- Hon-57-58 ANTHONY WAYNE OUINN-Foolball-57-58: Track-57-58 ANDREW RAFFERTY-Jr. Red Cross-57-sa 235 FELIX R. RAMIREZ-Foolball-57-58: Baseball- 57-58 LINDA RANDALL-French Club-58-595 GRA -57-607 Heralds-58-607 JCL-57-601 HR Secrelary-57-607 Merilorious Cilalion- 57-583 Leller Girls-59-60: GRA All-Slar Team-59-60 BONNIE RANSONETTE-FTA-59-60: GRA- 58-6O: Red Hussars-59-60: Bowling Club -59-60: GRA All-Slar Team-59-60 JACQUELINE RATLEY-GRA-59-60: HR Treas- urer-58-59 DONALD REAUX-Slide Rule Club-58-607 "B" Average Award-58-59 BOB BY R EDD-D.E.-59-60 'GLORIA REDFEARN- French Club-57-603 GRA-57-603 Heralds-58-603 Band-57-AQ, Maiorelle-58-605 Yellow Jackel Slaff -59-60, Organizalion Edilorg Congress-57-581 HR L+. Governor-59-605 Cabinel-57-585 Meriforious Cifafion-58-595 "B" Average Award-57-583 Na- 'rional Honor Sociely-59-601 Jr. Red Cross-59-60 MARY ANN REED- FTA-57-58g GRA-57-60, Secrefary-Treasurer-59-601 JCL--57-593 Red Hussars-58-60, Maiorefle-59-603 Reperloire Players-57-605 Yellow Jackef Slaff- 59-60, Sporls Ediforg Bowling Club-58-601 HR Ll. Governor-57-583 Cabinel-57-585 Leller Girls- 58-6Og GRA All-Slar Team-57-60 JIMMY R. REEVES- Arf Club-59-605 D,E.-58-607 Prinfing Club-59-603 Bowling Club-59-60 CAROLYNFAYE RICHARD-D.E.-59-60 MARY RICHARD JOY DELL RICHARDSON-FNA-57-60, Cor- responding Secrelary-58-59: Heralds- 58-6O: JCL-57-605 Reperloire Players- 57-6Og A Cappella Choir-59-60, Ouarlel- 58-607 Mixed Chorus-58-59: Merilorious Ciralion-57-58: "B" Average Award- 58-59 PAU LINE RICHARDSON-D.E.-59-60: HR Treasurer-57-58, HR Secrelary-58-59: Oul- slanding HR Member-58-59 CAROLYN RICHE-GRA-57-60. Tennis Cham- pion-58-6O: Jr. Red Cross-59-60: HR Treasurer-58-59: Tennis-57-607 LeH'er Girls -59-60: GRA All-Slar Team-57-59 PAUL RICKS 236 Honors Accumulate as --...-........M-I - ork Pays Off RUTH RIDOUT- Ari Club-59-603 FTA-57-60, Presidenl-59-60, Merifed Member-57-603 GRA-57-601 Red Hussars -58-603 Ski Club-58-593 Spanish Club-58-591 Jr. Red Cross-58-59, Ciry Wide Council: Bowling Club-58-601 Congress-59-605 HR Governor-58-593 Cabinel-57-583 Lelfer Girls-59-603 "B" Average Award-58-59 BRENDA ROBERSON- FTA-57-593 GRA-57-593 Heralds-58-60: Ski Club- 57-5Bg Spanish Club-57-59, Reporlerg Yellow Jackef Siaff-59-60, Phofography Edifor, Senior Ediforg Con- gress-59-60, Corresponding Secrefary, Ouisfanding Congressmang HR Treasurer-5B-59: Cabinel- 57-58, 59-603 Meriiorious Ciiafion-57-583 "B" Average Award-SB-607 Nalional Honor Sociefy- 59-60, Treasurer: Jr. Red Cross-59-603 Maroon Execulive Comrniffee-59-605 Courf-59-60, Grand Duchess DARLEN E ROBERTS- H R Treasurer-59-60 DONALD ROBERTS-Prinling Club-59-605 A Cappella Choir-59-607 Mixed Chorus- 57-59: Bowling Club-58-59 JOHN DOUGLAS ROBERTS-Perfecl Allend- ance Award-58-59 MYRTIS ROBERTS-Glee Club-59-60. Presidenl DELORES ROBIN-GRA-57-58: All-Slar Team -57-582 Glee Club-59-60 BILL ROBINETTE-Courl-59-60, Prince: Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60: Baskelball-57-58: All-Dislricl-591 Golf Team-57-58: Slide Rule Clulo-57-601 Heralds-59-607 Spanish Club-57-587 Chemislry Club-58-59: HR Treasurer-59-60 , MARGARET lvlARlE ROBINSON-PNA-59-60: Bowling Clulo-59-607 Cabinel-59-60 NORMA JEAN RODRIGUEZ-Camera Club- 57-58g GRA-57-60: Heralds-59-607 Span- ish Club-57-60: A Cappella Choir-59-60: Glee Club-57-59, Hislorian-58-59: Yellow Jackel' Slalf-59-60: Jr. Red Cross-57-60: HR Governor-58-59: Oulslancling HR Mem- ber-58-59: l.eH'er Girls-59-60: GRA All- Sl'ar Team-58-59 WAYN E ROGERS LEE ROY ROMERO-Prinling Club-57-59: Per- fecl Al-lendance Award-58-59 SONJA RONOUlLLE-FNA-57358: GRA- 57-59: Heralds-59-60: Pilol Slafl-59-607 Ski Club-59-60: A -Cappella Choir-59-60: Glee Club-57-59: Caloinel-57-58 PEGGY ROSE-Band-57-59, Color Guard- 58-59: Jr. Red Cross-59-60: Congress- 58-59: HR Treasurer-57-587 Slide Rule Clulo-59-60 DAVID ROSS-JCL-57-60: Firsl Council. Con- gress-59-6O: Track-58-60: Merilorious Cilalion-57-58: "B" Average Award- 58-59: Chess Club-59-60: Slide Rule Club 58-60: Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60 237 GLEN ROUNTREE-l-leralds-59-60: JCL- 57-59q Baslcelball-57-60: Slide Rule Club -59-60 JAN E RU DD-GRA-57-59 KATHERINE RUSUNG-JCL-57-591 Band- 58-6O: Chess Club-59-60: Slide Rule Club -59-60 ANN RUTLEDGE-FTA-59-60: Band-58-607 Spanish Club-57-597 "B" Average Award -57-59 FREDDY RUTTY-JCL-58-59: Cabinel-59-60? Courl, Dulce-58. King-60 LlLLlE RYAN-D.E.-59-60: FBLA-57-60, Vice- Presidenl-59-6Og FTA-58-59: GRA- 58-59 GLENDA SALEM-HR Treasurer-57-58: Oul- lvlember-58-59: Cabinel- slanding HR 58-60: Perfecl Allendance-58-59 JAMES SALLlNG-Arl Club-58-59: Reperloire Players-59-60: A Cappella Choir-59-60, Mixed Chorus-57-59, Presiclenl-59-60, All- Slale Choir-59-60: Bowling Club-58-59: HR Governor-58-59: Baslcelball-57-58 SUZANNE SALTER-French Club-57-60: GRA -57-607 Heralds-58-607 Red Hussars- 58-6O, Chaplain-58-59, Secrelary-59-60: Glee Club-57-587 HR Ll. Governor- 57-58p HR Governor-58-591 HR Secrelary -59-60: GRA All-Slar Team-58-59: Mer- ilorious Cilalion-57'-595 Nalional Honor So- ciely-59-6O V KAREN SANDERS-Slci Club-58-59: Glee Club -59-60 ' LINDA JO SANDERS-FTA-58-597 GRA- 57-6O: Heralcls-59-60: Spanish Club- 57-59 FRED SAPERSTEIN-Bowling Club-59-60. Cap- lain ROSE SAWYER- . FBLA-59-605 FTA-57-607 GRA-57-601 A Cappella Choir-59-60, Sweefhearfg Sexlel'-59-603 Glee Club -57-595 Librarian-58-59 TOMMIE ANN SAWYER CAROL ANN SCALCO- French Club-57-60, Vice-Presidenl-59-601 FTA- 57-60, Meriled Member-58-605 GRA-57-605 l-leralds -58-605 Reperloire Players-57-60, Secrelary- 59-603 Ski Club-57-60, Treasurer-58-591 Yellow Jackal Slaff-59-607 Bowling Club-59-60, Secrelaryg Cabinef-57-603 "B" Average Award-57-58: Oul- sfanding HR Member-57-587 Cheerleader-58-60, Oulsfanding Cheerleader-59-60, Head Cheerleader -59-603 Courl-57-58, Duchess: Pilol' Sweelhearf- 603 Mosl' Popular Girl-60 238 Rule of Royalty Prevails at Senior Ball DON SCHAEFER-Radio Clulo-57-58: Jr. Red Cross-57-587 HR L+. Governor-58-59 WANDA SCHAMBER-FTA-58-59: GRA- 58-6O: Slide Rule Club-59-607 HR Secre- 'lary-59-6Og "B" Average Award-57-59 JEFF SCHNELL-Heralds-59-60: JCL-57-591 Congress-58-597 Traclc-57-60: Oulsland- ing Congressman-58-59: Oulslanding HR Member-57-59: "B" Average Award- 57-58 ROBERT EARL SCOGlN-Foolball-57-58: Track-57-60 MARY THRACE SCOTT-FTA-58-60: GRA- 57-6Og Heralds-57-60: JCL-57-607 Band- 57-6O, Drum Maior-59-60: HR Governor- 57-6Og Calolnel'-57-60: Lel'l'er Girls-59-60: GRA All-Slar Team-57-587 "B" Average Award-57-597 Nalional Honor Sociely- 59-6Oq Courl-57-58, Duchess, Princess- 59-6Og Good Sporlsmanship League-59-60. Secrelary-Treasurer: Fulure Club Woman- 59 NORMA SEBASTIAN-French Club-58-59: FBLA-57-582 FHA-57-V581 GRA-57-601 Merilorious Cilalion-57-58: Perlecl Allend- ance-58-59 FRANCIS SELF-Biology Club-57-58: FTA- 58-597 GRA-57-60: Heralds-59-60: JCL -57-60: HR Secrelary-58-59: GRA'All- Slar Team-58-597 Merilorious Cilallon- 58-591 "B" Average Award-57-58 RALPH SESSlONS-Perlecl Allendance Award -58-59 J. D. SEWARD BILL SHARP- Biology Club-57-581 French Club-57-605 FTA- 57-58g Heralds-59-605 Prinllng Club-59-60, Vice- Presldenlg Proieclors Club-59-607 Reperfoire Play- ers-57-597 Yellow Jackel Sralf-59-60, Sporls Edilorg Jr. Red Cross-58-59, Chapfer-wide Council: Bowl- ing Club-59-601 HR L+. Governor-58-591 Foolball 358659, Manager: Track-58-59, Manager: Ski Club -6 CAROL ANN SHEFFIELD- FNA-57-58g GRA-57-585 Bowling Club-58-60 SUSAN SHERWOOD- French Club-59-607 FTA-57-603 GRA-58-591 JCL -57-607 Band-58-603 Jr. Red Cross-58-593 HR Treasurer-57-585 HR Ll. Governor-58-593 Merilo- ggozg Cilalion-58-59g Nallonal Honor Sociely- MARGARET Sl-lIPP-FTA-57-58: JCL-58-60? Band-57-60: Chess Club-59-607 Spanish Clulo-57-58 M A J O R l E S H O R T-FBLA-58-601 FHA- 57-591 GRA-58-593 l-leralClS-59-601 Pilor -59-601 Spanish Clulo-58-60: Glee Club -58-60, Librarian: Bowling Club-58-60: Jackeleens-57-58: "B" Average Award- 57-58 SHARON Sl MON-FHA-58-59 239 ocial Swirl Large, . Y re . flrsf Seniospgrlslkile for me b . Eff fhe decorajl in fhe new edufiful Rom elh Ca!-Upell lon Commfl-f TJ are llve f an selllng of and ClarenCe,BCl1arlo+fe M2785 Krlsren BOWZIIOZIHQ membilie ray- On, 'Dredd N, Udy D rs V Ruffy . Oefge l Mike ' ills, The royal couple, his maiesry, Freddy Rurfy and her majesfy, Sandra Cook make lhe firsi' of many 'rradilional Grand Marches from The air-condilioned audilorium +o lhe gym. These lovely seven senior girls are only a few ol: lhe many honorees lelred a+ Teas ai Rose Hill Manor and in individual homes. Honored graduales are as follows: Helen Kares, Gay Godwin. Gloria Redlern, Krislen Bowen, Marianne Mier. Linda Malizza, and Shelia Chesser. 240 Envelops Grads uyounq af ved Wai HWY is b3CycXeS ,fo ouP 0? senior csahaxrj Sg?mUda Shorts' ro A 9'.. xhev- Ca heavy as SCYXOOX. Pracfice for Bacpalaureafe climaxed a day of fun and acfiviries for seniors. Senior Hussars fake Hme ouf +o pose for a picfure as +l'1ey.aHend 'Hwe annual Hussar Breakfast given in Hweir honor by sophomore and iunior members of Hue corps. 24l CAROLE SIMONEAUX-French Club-57-58: FNA-57-597 GRA-57-60: Reperloire Play- ers-58-6Og Bowling Club-58-60, Secrelary -58-591 Congress-58-59: HR L+. Governor -57-58: HR Governor-59-60: GRA AII- Slar Team-58-591 Foolball Sweellwearl- 59-60 ROBERT SIMONTON-I-IR Treasurer-59-60 DANNY SIMPSON GAYLE SMITH-FNA-57-587 GRA-57-60: Heralds-59-60: JCL-57-60: Yellow Jaclcel Slaff-59-60. Winler Edilorg Red Hussars- 58-60, Head Maiorelle-59-607 HR Treasurer -58-597 Cabinel'-57-58, 59-603 LeHer Girls -59-60, Parliamenlarian: GRA-57-597 Mer- Ilorious Cilalion-58: "B" Average Award -59-603 Perfec+ A1-lendance-58-597 Na- 'rional Honor Sociely-59-607 Slide Rule Club-59-607 Senior Waliz-60: Recording Secrefary of Gold Convenlion-60 BURL SMITH-D.E.-58-59: "B" AverageAward -58-59 CAROL ANN SMITH-French Club--57-59: FBLA-57-60: GRA-57-60: Pilol Slalf- 59-6O: Bowling Club-58-60 CLARA SMITH-FBLA-59-60: GRA-57-60? Heralds-59-603 JCL-57-587 Band-57-607 Congress-59-607 HR Secrelary-57-58, 59-60: "B" Average Award-59-60 GERALD LYNN SMITH JAMES W. SMITH-Camera Club-59-60: JCL --57-60. Eidle-58-59: Band-57-581 Rifle Club-59-60: Slide Rule Club-59-605 Bowl- ing Club-59-60. TeaE Caplaini HR Treas- urer-57-58, 59-607 "B" Average Award- 58-59 JACK SMITH-Clwemislry Club-59-602 JCL- 58-6O, Treasurer-59-601 Slide Rule Club- 58-59: Bowling Club-58-60, Vice-Presidenl' 59-60: Congress-59-60: HR Governor- 57-597 Cabinei-57-60: Oulslanding HR Member-58-59 JUDY SMITH MACK SMITH-Prinllng Club-59-60 OSCAR SMITH PAT SMITH-FNA-57-60: GRA-57-60: Le'r+er Girls-59-60: Merilo rious Cilalion-57-59 RITA SMITH-FTA-57-60, Council-59-60, Merifed Member-57-60: Heralds-59-60: JCL-57-60: Jr. Red Cross-59-60: Jaclcef- eens-57-60: Vice-Presidenl-60: Merilorious Cilalion-58-59 242 Daisies and Checks Symbolize Class Da THOMAS SMITHERMAN-Bowling Club-59-60: HR Governor-59-60: Slide Rule Club- 58-60 PATRICIA SOILEAU-D.E.-58-60, Queen-60: Jr. Red Cross-58-59: HR Secre+ary-Treas- urer-57-58: HR L+. Governor-58-59, Sec- relary-59-60 HEN RIETTA SOLIS-Spanish Club-58-60 MARCHELLE SORENSON-Arl' Club-59-60, SSCFGIBFY-59-601 GRA-57-58: JCL-57-60: Bowling Club-58-60: Congress-57-58: Cab- inel-59-60 MICHELLE SORENSON-Ar'r Club-59-60: Biology Club-57-581 FTA-57-601 GRA- 57-6'O7 JCL-58-60g Bowling Club-59-60: Cabins-I-57-587 "B" Average Award- 59-6O GLENDA SOUTH-GRA-58-60: Reperioire Players-58-601 Ski Club-58-607 A Cappella Choir-59-60: Glee Club-58-591 Yellow Jaclcel Slaff-59-60: HR L+. Governor- 58-59g HR Treasurer-59-60: HR LI. Gover- nor-59-6Og Cabinel-57-58: Leller Girls- 59-60 BETTY SOUTHERLAND-FBLA-59-60: GRA- 57-6O: Red Hussars-58-607 A Cappella Club 59-60: Merilorious CiI'a+ion-57-581 "B" Avefage Award-58-59 TINA SPEYER-Ar+ Club-57-60 MAURICE ALBERT STANSBURY ALICE STATON-FTA-57-603 I"leralds-58-607 JCL-59-603 Spanish Club-57-58: HR LI. Governor-59-603 Cabinel-58-593 GRAAII- Sfar Team-57-60: "B" Average Award- 58-59 JOHN STEELE-JCL-57-59: Chess CIub-'- 59-60: Slide Rule Club-59-60: CabineI'- 59-601 "B" Average Award-58-59 LARRY STEELE SANDRA STEVENS-French Club-57-59: GRA -57-607 Heralds-59-607 Glee Club-57-58: Bowling Clula-58-60: Tennis-57-59: Leiler Girls-59-607 GRA All-Siar Team-57-60 SARA STEVENSON-FTA-59-601 GRA-57-60: Heralds-58-60: Band-57-60, Treasurer- i59-6O, Maiorelle-59-60: A Cappella Choir -59-603 Jr. Red Cross-57-581 Congress- 59-6O: HR Treasurer-57-583 Meriforious Cilalion-57-59: Ouislanding Band Member -57-59: Oulslanding HR Member-58-59: All-Regional Band-57-597 Nalional Honor Sociely-59-60 SEABOURNE STOKES, JR. 243 LINDA STRANGE- Arl Club-58-595 GRA-57-601 Heralds-59-603 Red Hussars-58-60: Ski Club-58-59: Yellow Jackel Slaff-59-60, Favorile Edllorg GRA All-Slar Team- 57-5Bg FDA-57-60g FTA-57-58 MONTEEL STRICKLAND- Art Club-58-60, Vice-Presidenl-58-595 FTA-57-60, Meriled Member-59-603 Heralds-59-601 GRA- 57-60g GRA All-Slar Ieam-58-593 Reperloire Play- ers-58-6Og Ski Club-59-605 Yellow Jackel Slaff- 59-60, Favorife Ediforg Bowling Club-58-605 Con- gress-58-59g HR Governor-57-583 Cabinel'-59-601 "B" Average Award-57-58g Oulsfanding HR Mem- ber-57-59g Biology Club-57-601 Spanish Club- 59-6Og FHA-59-605 FDA-59-603 Rocker Club- 58-59 HARRY STUART- D.E.-58-60 JACK SWANZY-JCL-57-593 Band-57-60: Bowling Club-59-60: Congress-57-60, Par- liamenlarian-58-6Og HR Governor-59-60: Cabinel-58-597 Special Merilorious Cila- 'lion-57-59 KENNETH SWINNEY CLIFFORD TAFT-Ski Club-58-59: Foolball- 57-60, All-Dislricl, All-Slale, Tri-Caplainq Track-57-593 Junior Lion-59-605 HR Gov- ernor-57-58 BILL TAYLOR-Baskelball-57-58 LAUREL ALAIRE TAYLOR-GRA-57-58, 59-60: Pilol Srafl-59-60 DELBERT TERRI ER-Track-56-58 J EFFREY THAM ES-D.E.-59-60 FRANCIS THIBODAUX JR.-Slide Rule Club- 59-6O: Jr. Red Cross-57-58: Merilorious Cilalion-58-59: "B" Average Award- 57-58 JANIS TH I BODEAUX-GRA-57-587 Heralcls- 58-6O: Red Hussars-58-603 Spanish Club- 57-59: HR Governor-57-607 Cabinel- 59-60: Oulslanding HR Member-57-58 CAROLE THOMAS- Arl Club-59-607 Biology Club-57-58: FBLA- 59-603 FHA-57-585 GRA-57-601 Reperloire Players 57-58g Ski Club-58-60: Yellow Jackef Slaff-58-60, Associale Junior Eclifor--58-59, Class Edilor- 59-603 Jr. Red Cross-57-583 Bowling Club-58-603 Congress-58-595 HR Ll. Governor-57-585 HR Sec- relary-58-59g Oufslanding HR Mernber-58-595 FDA -57-605 Rocker Club-58-59 JEAN THOMSEN- Biology Club-57-585 FNA-57-591 GRA-57-601 Heralds-58-605 JCL-57-605 Red Hussars-58-601 Bowling Club-58-595 Leller Girls-59-603 Congress -58-593 Merilorious Cifalion-57-593 Nalional Hon- or Sociely-59-6Og Slide Rule Club-59-60 JIMMY THOMSON- JCL-57-59g Band-57-603 Congress-57-585 Cablnel -57-593 "B" Average Award-57-583 Junior Class Presidenf-58-591 Band Manager-S9-60 244 New uditorium Sta es Its First Baccalaureate ervice CLAUDE TIBBETTS-Chemislry Club-58-59:JCL -57-58: Bowling Club-58-59: Slide Rule Clulo-57-587 Caloinel-57-58 JIMMY TIPTON-Heralds-58-597 A Cappella Choir-59-60: Bowling Club-59-607 l'lR Governor-58-59: "B" Average Award- 58-59 TERRY CHAMBERS TRAI-IAN-I-Ieralds-58-60: JCI.-57-6O:fRadio Club-57-59, Secrelary -57-591 Reperloire Players-57-587 Bowling Club-59-60 VIRGINIA TREVINO EDWARD TURNER-JCL-57-59: Foolball- 57-605 "B" Average Awalrd-57-59: Slide Rule Club-57-60 MARGA UMPHREY-Spanish Club-58-59 A IRENE VALDEZ- GRA-57-60, All-Slar Team-59-603 Heralds-58-60: Red Hussars-58-605 lnslrumenl' Ouarlermasler- 59-60, Treasurer-603 Spanish Club-57-607 Yellow Jackel' Slaff-59-60, Sporls Edilorg HR Secrelary- 58-593 Cabinel-58-605 Leller Girls-59-60 RUTH VAUGHAN- A French Club-59-1:05 GRA-57-60g Heralds-58-601 JCL-57-593 Red I-lussars-58-60, Treasurer-59-60, Assf. Quarfermasler-58-593 Reperloire Players- 57-58g Yellow Jackel' Slaff-59-60, Senior Ediforp Congress-58-605 HR Governor-58-595 HR Treasurer -58-59: Cabinef-57-583 GRA All-Slar Team-57-583 "B" Average Award-57-585 Oufslanding HR Mem- ber-57-58 SANDY VAUGHAN- FTA-59-603 Meriforious Cilafion-57-58: "B" Aver- age Award-58-59 JAN ET VESTAL TOMMY VICKNAIR-Calainel--57-58: Slide Rule Club-57-60 JUANITA VILLARREAL-Arl' Club-57-58: Camera Club-58-59: FNA-57-58: I-leralds -57-607 GRA-57-60: Spanish Club-58-593 Jr. Red Cross-57-59: Bowling Club-58-59: Leller Girls-59-60: GRA All-Slar Team- 58-59 JOE VICENT RAMON VOIGHT BETTY JO WADE-FTA-58-60: GRA-58-595 I-Ieralds-58-597 JCL-57-597 Band-57-60: Congress-57-60 245 MARY WADE WEBB-FBLA-58-59: Spanish Club-57-58 HOWARD WALL-Piloi' Sfaff-59-601 Reperloire Players-59,-607 Ski Club-58-607 Bowling Club-58-60: HR L+. Governor-57-58: Cab- inel-59-6Og Slide Rule Club-58-59 DOROTHY WALLER-ENA-57-60, Secrelary- 59, Chaplain-59-60: GRA-57-60: Heralds -57-60: JCL-57-597 A Cappella Choir- 59-607 Jr. Red Cross-59-60: Congress- 57-58: HR Secrefary-58-59: HR L+. Gover- nor-59-6Og Cabinef-58-59: "B" Average Award-57-58 SENA WALTERS-FTA-58-60: GRA-57-60: Heralds-58-607 JCL-57-601 Jr. Red Cross 58-607 HR Secrelary-58-59: HR L'r.-Gov- ernor-59-607 Oulslanding HR Member- 58-59 JAMES WARE-D.E.-59-60 HUGH WEEKS-Foolball-57-58 WALLACE WERNER-Perfecr Allendance Award -57-58. 59-60 CHARLES N. WHITE-Biology Club-57-583 D,E. -59-601 JCL-57-587 Slil Club-58-595 Bowling Club-58-597 HR Treasurer-59-60: HR Governor-59-60: Foolball-57-587 Track-57-587 Slide Rule Club-58-59 SHARON WHITMAN-FBLA-57-58: GRA- 57-58: Glee Club-59-60 HAL WIGGINS-Biology Club-57-58: Camera Club-57-587 JCL-57-59: Proieclors Club -57-587 Radio Club-57-58: Rifle Club- 57-58: Ski Club-57-587 Yellow Jaclcel Slaff -59-60, Sporfs Ediior: Bowling Club- 58-6O7 HR Treasurer-59-60: Cabinef- 57-58: Track-57-58 CHARLES A. WILLIAMS-JCL-57-59: Bowling Club-59-607 Slide Rule Club-59-60 DAN WILLIAMS-JCL-57-60: Congress- 58-607 Baslcefball-57-587 Slide Rule Club -59-603 Foolball-57-58 EDWARD WILLIAMS-Rifle Club-57-59: Bowl- ing Club-59-60: Meriforious Cilalion- 57-58: Slide Rule Club-58-59 HEN RY WILLIAMS EDGAR WlLLlAMSON-Ar'l' Club-57-602 Bi- ology Club-57-58: Camera Club-57-60: D.E.-59-60: JCL-57-601 Radio Club- 57-6O7 Bowling Club-58-60: HR Treasurer -57-58 246 Diplomas - Passports to the Future I I I i I CHARLOTTE WILSON-FTA-57-583 GRA- 57-6O7 JCL-57-59: Red Hussars-58-60: PILOT Slaff-58-59: Yellow Jaclcel Slaff -59-601 Slide Rule Club-59-60: Cabinel -58-60: Leller Girls-59-60: "B" Average Award SHIRLEY WI LSON-FTA-5 7-601 G RA-57-58 WILLIAM EDWARD WILSON JR.-Camera Club --59-60: JCL-57-607 Slide Rule Club- 59-6Og Perfecl Allendance-57-60 ROYCE WOLF-D.E.-58-60: Eoofball-57-58 ROBERT WOLEORD--Spanish Club-58-59? Slide Rule Club-58-60 JIMMY WOODfRil:le Club-57-587 Ski Club -57-59: THE YELLOW JACKET-+59-607 Bowling Club-58-607 Foolball-57-58 JOH N WOODALL-Foofball-58-59 MIRIAM WOODALL-French Clulo-59-IJOIGRA -57-601 JCL-57-601 Red Hussars-58-60:A Cappella Choir-59-607 Accompanisl-59-605 Slide Rule Clulo-59-607 Congress-57-587 Cabinel-57-58: Merilorious Cilalion-58: ASS High School Chemislry Award-57-58: Nalional Honor Socielyi-59-607 Texas Girls' Slale-58-597 DAR Award-60 RUTH WOODS-Biology Club-57-58: Spanish Club-57-607 Merilorious Cil'a+ion-57-59: Perfecl Allendance Record-57-601 Nalional Honor Sociefy-57-60: Slide Rule Club- 59-6O I JoEL woRL5Y JUNE WYBLE-GRA-58-59: Heralds-59-QU: D.E.-59-60 BOBBY YEATES-D.E.-58-60 LINDA ANN YOUNG-GRA-57-60: JCL- 57-587 Band-57-60: Jeffersonians-58-60: Bowling Club-59-60 STEVE YOUNCS-Jeflersonians-58-603 Thomas Jefferson Choir-58-603 Ouarlel-58-607AIL Sl'a're Choir--58-60: Sludenl' DirecI'or-- 59-60-Choir: Isl in solo-work, conlesl-58-60: "B" Average Award-57-60: Foolball-57-58 LYNNE YOUNGBLOOD-FTA-58-59f GRA- 57-607 Heralds-58-605 Treasurer-59-60: Red Hussars-58-60, Hislorian-58-597 YEL- LOW JACKET Sfafl-59-60: Jr. Red Cross -58-597 Bowling Club-59-60: HR Sec.-58, HR Ll. Governor-597 'HR Secrelary-60 247 Seniors '60 Will ' in u ye WKWHQ S ONS glnec xenasd? Qual sxQns wa' RO 'X aoq- 221322 xiolds G Jimmy Wood helps himself fo some of lhe delicious 'Food served al The YN Check Day Brealclaslr al Rose Hill Manor. ' 4 ffm ,- ' ' ' , 1 H, gi fy, ' f ,i,',,,,,f,f,f,, V, in ff -if ff C,:'i'f,f' V I a ., 2 4 pf ,fp W ,Q 1: 4 ee , gi I if ff! zfa: ,fhif ""' f J 2 F 5 f jifff ff 'nfl 3 lrxelilnxxe xaef alicia lie The gold and while senior flag flew againsl' a clear blue sky lo Many senior boys sporled new bermuda oulnlils Check Day. Danny honor +he firsl graduales in +his building as They celebraled Doyle, Richard McBride, Chesfer LaPoin'r, Jerry Irvin, and Gary lradilional Check Day. May 27. Fosler all have lheir knees showing!! 248 we ,nl Make History l l Th med . A . A ' 9. Sufbfecf S C155 Jeffkf s , Us ' was youfffij A30 again Tl'll7l.fy Ba 6 . ace in fZZ5f3Ugfa'iglgZeCf7UrCf7 ad O ern ryfce . Worfd 5- Hfg 8 Rey "Cool, man! Cool! Tha+'s Jrhe way il leelsfo shed Thai' dignified-buf warm-gradualion paraphernalia. TJ's new air-condi+ioned audilorium provided a welcome relief as All foo suddenly seniors become ex-sfuclenfs of TJ High, and seniors used Hs pleasanr faciliries as poimls of deparlure-and Jrhal momenl' brings serious lhoughfs. rghip-n from 1-he baccarlaureme Nseryickes. miles and Tears End Colorful bermuda slworfs made Yellow Jaclfef S+adium 6 QGY Checking in caps and gowns, receiving refunds, buying 'lossles- renclezvous as graclualion praclice pul' llie class 'rlirougli final all Jfhege were final glepg on Jfhe nigh+ of ggmmengemeni-, . paces. I V K, ,,V,, gw,cv?,nf'4 sliivhfhkfhh it 'fi W if 9 W' QW" 9 W , in 1-w?"f4.3".:f"4? Qriz' rQg:'a"-faqpe 29095 3ff',?9Z9'i'g'? ':,:1fZ'ii,'f4iis,! i H42 In 2 f f, - ff f 1 5. , , A X - Z at 9 D Q 1,9 Q 62 ,hlllllfl ' 5 41, 4, eigiyll 5994, AW QQW90, 'ffff,.gpn44?' ,ef 4,A,f1vfW3V,fff,,Q ffllll ,g4y4:44" if tw A iiii if qv 0 W, 4' 40,665 ab 4 "f, he Q 'Vff'z+'?- 4, 1 ' 'c"Z,' CC' 1 55,0 Q f f farfaev. ,P Q, ,K Q 0 ,' ff Q! 540 ff A? M .ia ". . . Fonclly cling High . . . " 250 lo +l'ie memories of our dear'Por+ Arilwur Fabulous Years . . . T. J. High will be favorably represenlred in many places Jrhis fall as grads lake up opfions on a wide variely of scholarships. ! ,,, Commencemenf speaker Curlris Johnson impressively de- "The lassle goes on 'lhe righ+l" Larry Locke reminds Danny Livingslon livers ihe address. as 25l In Memoriam WILLIAM CREIGHTON lBiIll FLEMING William CreighTon lBiIIl Fleming, ouTsTanding leader, scholar, and aThleTe was killed in a skiing accidenT on June 3, I96O, The d a y Tollowing his graduaTion Trom Thomas JeTTerson High School. We do noT need To designaTe This page or This secTion or This book as a memorial To Bill, Tor he is a parT oT The l96O Senior Class as long as memory lasTs. His ready willing- ness To lisTen To oThers' Troubles, his reliable opinion oTTen soughT on maTTers oT concern To his classmaTes and Teachers, and his warm ouTgoing personaliTy ThaT made Bill a greaT TavoriTe will be sorely missed in The years To come. 252 1 Favomtes rr' 1 ky ' 5 , ,,r , 5 f , - ff.- , 'W ,,f,V.W,, f 4 Q U x 1 f 3. F ! f f' f ff X :Nw Wm Vw Gra nd Du ke Roy Kieschnick Lady in Waifing Mar'I'ha Laird Genfleman in Wai+ing Ronnie Deloney Gra nd Duchess Brenda Roberson Lady In Waifing Mary Carman Frecleman GenHernan in Waiing Kyle Demler i 4 a i 1 I i 1 5 I princess Suzanne Princess Mary Thrace Sco'H' Prince Chesfer LaPoin1' Prince Bm R0bineHe 260 l,..... Wga Princess Judy Mefhvin Princess Mary Bolies Prince Mike Howard Prince Jimmy Thomsen Junior Royalty Q Sophomore Royalty if Masrer of Ceremonies Hall Cole presides over program. Fealrures on The program included lhe a dance, song, and Jrhe Senior Wal+z. Maiesfic columns wilh lavender and purple ra es carried oul' The classic Jrheme of a roman 9 P garden as 'lhe foil for 'lhe l96O Court The Magic Night l l l Senior Wal+zers are: Ellen Marsh, Terry Trahan, Krislin Bowen, John Henning, Lynda Mills James Henry Bellanger, Sandra Lacy, l-loward Wall. Jean Ellen Luslc, V. J. Harper, Chrisline Fox Makes Class History Bobby Chase. Venila May, James Wood, Miriam Wooclall, James Guillory, Erin Linn, Mike Levy. Gayle Smillw. Jay Kirlcpalriclc, Lana l-luclcaloy and Jerry Lopez. Couri Dignifary Bill Fleming crowns 'lhe queen. Slealing +l1e spo+ligl1+ al llwe Coronalion were lhese 'lwo small clwarmers, Karen Thompson and Rebecca Salem. Pos+ure Queen Gracey PoH'er BaskeJrloall Sweefhearf Ka'I'hy Healy T175 Top Miss FTA Foofball Sweefheafr Peggy McBe+h DE Sweefhearlr Diane Dupuis Carole Simoneaux Ideal Hussar Karon Owen Chou' Swe-eH1ea ri' Rose Sawyer Personalities DAR. Award , Miriam Woodall Ba nd Sweefhea rf Margarei' Gerrle'H's Pilof Swee-+hearJr Carol Scalco "To hocl: or noi' fo heck" seems +o be Hue quesfion confronring John Besse, Larry Pa+in, and V. J. Harper as Hwe Senior Ball approaches. X3 E HD Q71 P"V".'k ,ves and beau'fYd Judy Sfmt . THE DrjZf+:2nKeY fxndws an M6 3 ' 268 The Senior Ball becomes a reallly, as wallzers enlerlain llme hundreds of aH'endanfs. Mark Slubbs, a former T. J. sludenl. supervised Jrlme dancers. Miss Callwerine Klein served as faculfy sponsor. The royal couple lead +l1e courl from fhe coronalion +o llwe ball. The end of a perlecl evening Top W Grads Honor Gffiduafe I-lonor Gradualre B. J. Grallno Jack Swanzy Honor Graduafe Miriam Woodall J Ei!! 1 si , Monlricello Guardian Award Monlricello Guardian Award Carol Scalco Clarence Bray W VW' ef f? Sri 22 p ng Event f f 1 A ff? Y' 5' If J f 'f 4 X 4 J f . ,,.,, A f f f ff W , , ' 3 S V5 , ff' AN, ,, V, ,, X V, Jaw, ff My iff? my . ,CKE '74 K7 f Z f f . -. , f i gg fl f Q J K! .1 , if Q g 5 1 51 ff , V l I Y Q! f ,f'7""4f' ,, ? wsfivfy' , . 7' Ef f f 4-JU ,HK ,L if '72 fffw. f nfyff, ' X 'ff' I fry . Maroons and Colds Displa Bobby Chase, Chairman of ihe Maroon Execurive Commiliee, and Linda Jones, Chair- man of +he Gold Execuiive Commiilee, pul' lheir groups inlo aclion early in lhe season io prepare for +his year's conveniions. Jus? at few of Jrhe civic minded siudenis in our school eager lo casl lheir vore in rhe eleclions. Obiaining +heir poll lax are Rulh Bossier. Janis Thibodeaux, Barbara Brim, and Frankie Jordan. To siimulaie vofes, campaign signs had +o be made: bul before ihey could be pu+ up. each one had +o be checked by Mrs. Greer who duli- fully considered each and every one. Piciurecl are Ronnie Jones, Judy Shinn, Pai McCar+hy, Mike Howard, Mrs. Greer, Linda Tomlin, and Dell 4,900 . . . ancl here were our sfudenrs' choices for Presidenl and Vice-Presidenl: Roy l-looks, Lamar Lawson, Buzz Milner, Russell Sloul, Bill LaQuey, Janelle Buvinghausen, Carl Carler, and Charles McFaHer. 1204 'iff 'V 272 W .Q piritod Competition at Polls "When 'lhe Golds go marching in"--lhey don'1' seem 'ro be marching, Jrhey look like +hey're on Jrhe warpafh. A lol of noise and a lol of spiril makes for a greal convenfion. No wonder homerooms wenl' info such hyslericsl Too bad, boys . . . she seems a li++le foo lall for you. Wilh a lo+ of iniliaiive and cle+ermina+ion, many original ideas sproufecl up on lhe courfyarcl overnighl. May lhe bes+ man emerge vicloriousl No mailer who will be eleclecl, lhe school is cerlain To have an able and capable leader nexl year. 273 Seniors Host Black and White Ball Our many fhanlrs +o lhe people who made fhe Blaclc and While Ball possible. The decoraiions were beaulilul, +he band was greai, +he food was 'rasfy . . . in shorf, a wonderful lime was had by all. Jus'r a few of lhose who speni' 'lime in planning il are: Paul Pond, Erin Linn, Rufhie Vaughn, Karin Crumpler, Marchelle Sorenson, and Sandra Lacy. Le+'s keep 'those vocal cords in good condilion-and +ha+'s exaclly wha? Jrhese members of Jrhe Quar+e+ and Sexfef Maroon and Gold Choir did for Jrhe Spring Serenade. John Wallace musf have done an excellenl lolz ol: campaigning. l-le was elecled slaie presidenl of ihe Junior Classical League al lhe convenlion held in The cafeleria. 274 New Car- 0 Dents . . . Yet! The only car lhal had +he honor of never having ils owner called down +o 'rhe office lo move i+ from a "No-parking" zone. Ready +o pu? Jrheir lives in+o Coach Jones' hands are Carol Johnson and Susan Reigner as fhey sign up for Driver's Educafion in hopes of obfaining fheir licenses. Welcome baclr, DiHo! Aflrer weeks of anxiously awailing 'ihe news of your heallh, we were glad lo hear lhal' you had recovered and would be able lo Congrafulafions. Hall, on being elecled lhe nalional presidenl of Disiribufive Educalionl I+'s a greal' honor lo be able 'lo have your name prinled among Jrhe previous presidenls on Jrhe plaque lhal you are holding. r-,EL .LL,T a,.LV,T-l if, ..,M+Ll- rig 1 ,V my 1 275 On Your Mark . . . Thomas Jefferson's l959-60 'rraclc Team members are: TOP ROW: R. Kieschnick, D. Ross, G. Roundlree, B. Smilh. R. Scogin, H. Mashbum, S. Yenrzen, K. Haines, P. Eppler, J. Guidry, M. Levy. G. Fosler, A. Howard. BOTTOM ROW: Coach Hill, J. Caslaneda, G. Miller, B. Black, R. Knight C. Guidry, B. Wahl, D. Hollander, G. Orena. G. Rodey. and E. Caslaneda. Disfricf II-AAAA pole vaulling champion Roberl Scogin, displays his abilily as olher lraclcmen look on wi+h amazement . ig si 1 - A as M 7 a'si 'aw ' a saia , I ' S R Z! These runners J. Caslaneda, G. Miller, G. Roundfree. D. Ross and G. Orena, helped T. J.'s 'Hack Team in The long disfance evenfs. .3 Get Set...Go! Many days of work and effori' wenf info Track season on +he par+ of Jrhese five Jaclcei runners: R. Kieschniclc, D. Ross, P. Eppler, G. Rodney, R. Knighi. Four mosi' likely poin+ geH'ers on fhe Yellow Jaclcei' rrack +earn were Qennis Hollander in 'Phe hurdles, David Ross in Jrhe 880, Roy Keischnick in 'rhe 440, and Regan Knighr in 'Phe IOO yard dash. 5 U C VI- , --ox 'fi if ' if I , ' J - R , xp' ,V f Jw i fs" R Q. i:'.'-'iz-'5,1 A 1 .15 ,'5'5w!':f?ff 2 g . 1.5 1, As.: , .. gg., 1. , . Qi! 'L gr , WWF' Nha N , QQ - 5 -, """ ., ..,,,s:.a-2 ,.., fi TZ" if '. W -'Q-2-1. .3 f.: , Q, f W' Jaclcef speeds+er Reagan Knighi' lensely awaiis The slarf of 'rhe IOO-yard dash. Hurdles, Cinders, and Sweat Relay runners for The Jaclcer frack 'ream were, R. Kieschnick, G. Fosler, P. Eppler and D. Ross. Wearing fhe maroon and gold colors of Thomas Jefferson! Jrrack leam are Robe:-+ Scogin and Mike Levy. Upholding good sporfsmanship were 'rlwese graduaring rraclc men: STANDING: M. Levy. G. Fosfer, P. Eppler, R. Scogin, B. Smilh. H. Maslwbum. SEATED are: G. Orena, C. Guidry, D. Ross, G. Roundlree and R. Kiesclw- nick. 278 , .,.....l l1..1e -- , -- - .13 Golf and Tennis Share 23 f. 5, ' 'Q :mg Lf ' " '- . 1 ,.,.--., I gf : , fr f C?ongra+ula+ing each oiher on a successful 'lennis year are Kenny Lanclos. Richard McBride, Bill Fleming. and Kyle Demler. Demler and Fleming are The Disfricl Doubles Champions. Tennis Schedule March 4. 5 Spring Branch March ll, I2 SOUH1 Park lVlarCl1 25, 26 Galveglon April l, 2 Lulliin April 7 Beaumonl lllislricll April l4. I5 Houslon lRegionalsl Successful Year Golf and Tennis coaches are Ed Nowland and Clarence Underwood. Golf Schedule March 4 Soulh Park lvlarch ll Galveslon March 25 Freeporl April 2 Dislricl' ll-AAAA April 2l Regional May 5, 6 Slale Proudly displaying +he Trophy received for winning 'rhe Il-AAAA Dis'rric+ Championship is T. J.'s golf leam, composed of Bufch Hurley, Marfy Fleclcman. Mike Harrison, Sammy Slcalif, and Tommy Morgany 279 Bowling Club Provides Helping fo guide The Bowling Club were Jack Smilh, vice-presidenlq Curlis Johnson, lreasurer: Roberl Chase, presidenl: and David Macliadden, secrelary. The Bowling Club was or- ganized mainly lor lun, and recrealion. The aclivilies of lhis club helped lo fill many hours when lhe wealher was loo bad lor ouloloor sporls. Members of fhis club are: Dexler Pallerson, Donald lvlafhrole, Bob Logan, Frank Moranlo, Jerry Craven, Rob erl Cole, Jerry Siragusa, Billy Slansell, Tony Simoneaux, Ronnie Jeans, Ben Sorgee, Jack Coffman, Gary Adams Dennis l-lollender, Clarence Bray, Curlis Johnson, Jimmy Normanl, Edgar Williams, Jack Swanzy, Allon Mal' lhews, Jim Payne, Tary Owens, Mall Coffman, lvliclca Primeaux, Winlred Alexander. 280 Slrilrel l+'s nol iaclcpol' bowling, perhaps, bul a Bowling Club session is good for a lol' of laughs-or a smile or +wo, al' any rale. Selling in lhe piclure is a maior aclivily al lhis parlicular session. .N .,L: e:..i.l-I Fun and Recreation Having almosi- as much fun as lhe members of 'l'l'1e Bowling Direcling fhe club's ac+ivi+ies were Mr. Rex Copeland, Mr. Club is Mr. Roger Russell, sponsor. W. H. Ward, and Mr. Marvin Cichowslci. N1 .Z ig Members of The Bowling Club are: Ray Baker, Jerry Craven, Harry Logan, Sieve Felder, Benny Sorgee, David McFadden, Frank Moranlo, Jimmy Tip+on, Dennis Hollander, Miclca Primeaux, Jimmy Smirh, Fred Wallis, Mark Ashley, Leroy Tale, Terry Trahan, Tary Owens. Addiiional members are: Jimmy Wood, Harold Fonienol, Bill Jenlcins, David McFadden, Don Barringlon, Jimmy Tiplon, Charles Williams, John Lusk, Bill Sharp, Jimmy Smilh, Bob Chase, Terry Trahan, Sieve Felder, Leroy Tale, Fred Wallace, Ray Baker, Sammy Alchison, John Sleele. 28l Take Me Out to Cafchers for 'Phe I959-60 season were 'lhese helpful players, C. Bray, L. Parent ancl D. Bowlcer. A L Wiih his .500 ba'Hing average, Clarence Bray was a Tremendous help lo lhe base- ball Jream. Pifchers Buzz Milner and John Oferi discuss lhe Bi-Disfricl game wilh Texas Cily. Porl Arfhur won 6-5. the Ballgame MC' S we umplfe as John he cry O .. 4 " WGS l h' gl. singly slxdes +0 l " lnsuring a promising year are llwese Jaclcel infielders: R. Andrus, L. Parenl, W. Peylon, C. Bray, and D. Bowlcer. BOTTOM ROW: G. Almand, G. Monle, C. McDonald, and L. Hudson. Q '3 2 a E Ranked high by llweir fellow players are fwo refurning players, Roloer+ Andrus and Roy l-looks. Jaclce+ speedsierl Glen Monle scores anollmer run To help 'lhe Team in delealing The Orange Tigers ll +oI. 283 Jackets Take District . . . Getting in good condition tor the next game are these Yellow Jaclcet pitchers, M. Miller, J. Oteri and B. Milner. Looking over the situation ancl awaiting his turn is the Lead- ing Jacket hitter. John McCurley. l-lis batting average in district competition was .500. i r i i Dominating the ll-AAAA All-District baseball team were these seven Yellow Jacket Players: C. Bray, G. Monte, R. Andrus, B. Milner, J. Oteri, J. McCurley, and C. McDonald. 284 . . . With 7 traight Wins Members of Hue I959-I960 Baseball Team includes: B. Milner, C. Bray, R. Hooks, W. Peylon, J. McCurley, M. Miller, C. Carler, R. Landry, J. Oleri, L. Parent Coach Sluellon. BOTTOM ROW: F. Sapersiein, B. LaBorde. D. Bowlcer, R. Andrus, M. Mills, G. Monle, G. Almand, C. McDonald, L. Hudson. T. Ellison. Looking over flue ins+ruc+ions for flue day's game are man- agers: Fred Sapersiein and Tluomas Ellison. Shorf-sfop Glenn Mon+e quickly fires Hue ball lo firsl base for an easy oul. 285 Jackets in Action ,3 These 'rwo refurning le'Hermen. , K I Seniors of Hue l960 Yellow Jaclcel' Base- Ronnie Landry and Charles fyvi.f 4:3f ' ' V ball feam consisl of C. Bray, S. Peyion. ?4cDonalcl will be maior U , -f he M. Mills. G. Monfe, and G. Allmand. acfors on nexl' year's leam. Q xr - ,4 3" , A, V Q c F '1f'A,ff "1,, . if ' . y "'l' Q, i 'V 5" , i L' W "" M' L r'rr 1 ,ew . 1 . V- r rll N5 ' ' - k,f:' 'K .- . ' I , V V wwf "-' 'f-,,' ,a , " L L L gif? A ' Supporfing 'rhe Jaclzei' feam on lo vicfory were lhese six Jackal oulfielders, R. Landry, R. Hooks, J. McCurley. M. Mills, C. Carfer, and L. LaBorde. 286 sl. V, ,, mlflwf 0 M 3 , , If uf-V MM ? if AW: ,"f if C I 5 h A 'S E I N ix '5 A ,Rf fi A 64 ryx A fx Rn rv, A B AA Afrx 'N-X LA A IB . ,T 'Nz N-M 'N A Q 'tir- fx" rn ,EAU-g Ap 'n 'X ,rx ,O H fx A' A1 Lf, f-1,7 'N ANG Q0-gg A 'Y K-s-sq 'Y S-s.3f-.N -s.,'5",Lx,?-QPNN -9-QM 3? -X D A XE ' 'NAA 'YA ffPvQ3f1gAAg,5q2Q- . .. m5'e'fR,QxRfx:ffva xl. E H36 25555612 ,gh o M MSM A V A fm fx far' A YHA y 5PiqgAif,R,xgf5AQ. - A "5fV:':-.AAAA-1 Lfgqfgnf-241232112 A , A ,-1 'H ' ,N-'T " 2 4 fflvqfcx 'fx 062 2 T: 0 - 'W QQQQQQQR A fl P62 ASM P? 'iw 'V l4lTsg13mffaxX Y' -4 + v v .X f - - , X m J mm A A Tw W nm - g?f Ma ry J Oh n MCDO nald Hub Co n 9 ra+uIa+ions, S n e iors YAKIE SUPPLY COMPANY Serving Sabine Area for 27 Years 225 Aus+in Avenue Dial Yu. 5-4328 GOODWIN BLOSSOM SHOPPE 900 Woodworrh Blvd. PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS ROBERT DIAMOND COMPANY 0 Spor+ing Goods 0 Hardware 740 Aus+in PORT ARTHUR TEXAS FOSTER BROTHERS LUMBER 81 SUPPLY COMPANY Headquarrers for All Your Building Needs Ph YUk 3-4I00 IIII STADIUM ROAD frm l ia r 9 X, 6 lf : It Ig .A ,, '-K .:. ' 61 0- C9 AHQQWI' Qdi1fIlsIIii1ir,irs Insurance Igmchumge 2136 THOMAS BOULEVARD 'Earl' '6rI'Imr, 'genus Allen 8: Eddings+on Ins. Agency Eddie J. Arceneaux Ins. Agency E. Baker Insurance Co. Barrier-Albrighl' Insurance Charles Berry Ins. Agency Bob Blanlon 8: Son Ralph E. Burch Insurance Cliff Byrd Ins. Agency Carl Carler Ins. Agency Wheless Ins. Agency Joe Formagus Insurance Gulfpori Ins. Agency Hendryx 8: 'Cudd Claude Holmes Ins. Agency Home Ins. Agency Landry 8: Gisl James L. Lalimer Insurance S. O. Lalimer Ins. Agency Rowland-Huber Insurance Agency Lyles-Williams Insurance Wes Spiegel Agency Morehead Ins. Agency Vedon O++o Insurance Porl Ar'Ihur's Insurers J. E. Pullen Insurance Julian Saller Company Vince J. Salvagio Ins. Agency J. J. Salverl' Agency Geo. L. Scully Insurance Craig Slevenson Insurance Texas Insurance Agency Thompson 8: Melcalfe Lee Wea'rheraII Agency William While Insurance Charles M. Wiesen Ins. Agency E. L. Vaughan 8: Company STAND1-Iggxlg B ASS 253 Mammiaizwgngmg Qomipavmxrg PORT ARTHUR BEAUMONT HOUSTON CORPUS CHRISTI NEW ORLEANS SHREVEPORT LAFAYETTE MOBILE JACKSON Foundry and Machine ProcIuc+s Refrigerafion and Air Condifioning BRITT YARBROUGH REALTORS , "We Sell Lo'rs and Lo+s of Homes" 3727 LEWIS DR. Yu. 5-558I TOBACCO AND CANDY CO. ROIVIERCTS Pgpular-53 Candieg NiHy School Supplies 3400 I6+h S+ree+ Yu 2-4523 DrPepper Wake-Up Your Tas're Wi+h DR. PEPPER 2036 Bluebonnei' Phone YUIcon 2-574I Also MASON'S ROOTBEER SUN-CREST ORANGE SUN-CREST STRAWBERRY NU-GRAPE TEXAC The Bes+ Friend Your O Car Has Ever Had M. G. OLIVER TEXACO SERVICE I6I'h S+. ancI BIuebonne'I' PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS YUkon 2-1951 A. L . REYNOLDS 81 SONS All Forms of Insurance I435-37 ProcIer Sireei' Dial YUIcon 3-2774 706 9+h Ave. YUIcon 2-38II 0 Ladies' Fashions PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS CAZAUX BIG STAR STORE Fresh Meais and Vege+abIes Lower Prices 2500 I6+h S'rree'r DIAL YUIcon 2-75II Bes+ Wishes IRENE and RED GARRISON I I 3039 Procier SI'ree+ Por'r Arrhur, Texas CongraI'uIa+ions, Seniors '60 TWEEDLE AUTO SUPPLY 260l Nin+h Avenue YQU. 5-2l3I CompIimen+s of . . . THE NEW GUARANTEE SHOE STORE 7II ProcI'er Phone YUIcon 36606 WILLIAMS FLORIST and GREENHOUSE 5860 Thirfy-second S+ree+ W.O. 2-4489 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS '60 HATTIE'S 37I0 7'I'l'l S'I'ree'l' The Shop for Juniors and Misses Smarl' Fashions al Popular Prices Cash - Charge - Lay-a-Way YU 3I96I WILEY'S SHOES "Shoes 'For Ladies - Lasses" 6I2 Procfer PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS 7I7 Ryan S+ree+ LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA Besl Wishes, Seniors of '60 Charmingly Yoursii- 4 A Charm for X, i s Every sw Q, Occasion R597 W, ' Q, ps a+ im -Q me TURNBULLS X53 Q 'gm Web 2325 PROCTER X I g, , sv, gf g Q14 JEWELRY Bill Laquer looks discouraged! Serving Sou+I'1eas+ Texas Since I929 BLANTON'S BLUE RIBBON Dry Cleaning Service LAUNDRY SERVICE HAT BLOCKING LINEN SUPPLY COLD STORAGE BLANTON'S LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING Main Office and PIan'I I3I3 PROCTER STREET Dial YUIcon 5886I 2 LMEA 4,6 CRICCHIO'S FOOD MARKET BeHer Groceries HOUSE OF FINE FOODS Fresh Vege+abIes OuaIi+y Meafs 3200 I6+I1 STREET Phone Yu 2-3922 15 5 Q64 5651 .AVN V 5: V IIIT4 ii! iff ' KNIGHT'S SERVICE STATION 4-40I Proc+er SI'ree+ Yukon 3-442: PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS . Tune-Up and Mofor CIinic GULF DISMU KES COMPANY FurniI'ure Applia nces 428 WACO AVENUE YUIcon 5-745I "ESTABLISHED IN I9I2" Y A,..,....y-,-,-.-.gnu- KINGS PHARMACY The Prescrip+ion Shop 3046 Proc+er Por+ Ar'I'hur, Tex. KINGS PHARMACY 2349 Procfer Pori' Ar+hur, Tex. Yu 3-4545 FAST DELIVERY SERVICE SOUTHERN MAID DOUNUTS Now 2 Loca+ions 9'I'h AND DRYDEN I3+h AND BLUEBONNET Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors SERVICE CLEANERS I 720 Procfer S+ree'I' Dial YUkon 5-9659 J. SAVARINO, Prop. Low Price High QuaIi+y PORT ARTHUR PLUMBING CO. 2 I OI BIuebonne+ YUIcon 5-8895 Associafe Edifor, Karleen Bonn H BEST OF LUCK TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF I960 Complimenfs of H. T. SCHNEIDER, JR. CITY coMMlssloNER DisI'ricI' 6 WH ELESS INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 5I0 Waco Avenue Phone YUIcon 5-5I3I PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS AuI'omobiIe - Fire - Bonds CAPPS AND DON RICHARDS CLOTHES KNOX AND CHAMP HATS VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS BOSTONIAN AND MANSFIELD SHOES 735 Proc+er YU 58032 CAMPUS FASHIONS For BeHer Ready-'ro-Wear and Be'Her Campus Casuals 2337 Procfer YUIcon 2709I PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS ROY HAYES Realtor Home Builder YU-2942 I 2940 Commerce Por+ Ar'r - ... . . H Many New Ideas in 'I' FABRICS SI' CLOTHING 'I' SHOES I9I2 9+h Avenue IJus+ Across From S+. Mary's I"Iospi'raII hur, Texas iQ ,:W' - our Cf 4:ef?"?If'Q ,,Z,,,4af..ff.5'?f?Aw?- In I ' D E P E N D A B L E DRUGGIST PAT WOOD DRUG STORES Sfore No. I -3648 I6+I1 SI. Sfore No. 2-260I 7+I1 S+. Sfore No. 4-3838 Main Ave. in Groves Congralulalions, Seniors ELLERBEE BROTHERS ZIOO FiHI1 Avenue PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Serving 'rhe Oil and Chemishy lnclus+ry Wi+h Fabricaled S+eel Cons+rucIion Tank Repairs and New Tanks Remember! ELLERBEE BROTHERS 2l0I l:i'H'll Avenue Phone Yu 26424 SPENCE 81 HOWE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Adams Building Dial YUlcon 5-5535 GULF PORT ARTHUR CREDIT UNION A Coopera+ive Saving and Loan Associa+ion for Gulf Oil Corpora+ion Employees 649 SIXTH STREET Phone YUkon 3I604 AIR CONDITIONING . . . a t.ij. student at work A Part-Time Empl O yee of cmcci-no STUDIO Complete Photographic Service Q Color Wedding Q Commercial Q Portraits Q Motion Picture Q Industrial s Q NDA ROPE P MBS BRE STUDIO XX 1 Port Arthur Retouching At Color Al' DeVel0Pln9 ONE STOP INSURANCE QW .a,,L,. YOUR: fzdepmdefzt Imzzmme I AGENT NSERVES YOU FZCDRSTH N A I A 4 5 CHARLES BERRY INSURANCE AGENCY Real EsI'aIe 7I3 STADIUM ROAD Office YU 3-3379 School Supplies HARRIS BOOK STORE 524 Fiffh Slreef PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Phone YUkon 5-2585 SIXTEENTH STREET DRUG STORE Prescriplion SpeciaIis'I's Free Delivery 23I6 SixI'een+h S+. Phone YUIcon 2-6428 C. A. MARTOY PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS Regislered Pharmacisl' Complimenls of HATHAWAY'S FOOD MARKET 37I4 Lewis Drive YUIcon 5-49I2 EL CHARRO RESTAURANT Specializing in Mexican Food I8I4 HOUSTON AVE. Dial YUIcon 3-9605 Come and Try Our Delicious Tacos CAROUSEL FASHIONS 200I Proc'Ier S+. Porl' Arrhur, Texas IRENE OLIVER Owner BLUEBONNET FLOWER SHOP I848 'I'I'1ir+eenI'I1 S+. Phone YU 2-6474 ALBERT AND PAULINE KROHN PorI' Ar+I1ur, Texas BesI' Wishes, Seniors of '60 L1 1 MIKE'S Foon sroms Y "' 2320 lo+h s+ree+ GE' L ' Phone YU 5-8:42 CROWN DRIVE INN I600 9+h Ave. YU 2-54II LAKEVIEW CLEANERS HigI1esI' QuaIi'ry Cleaning ancI Pressing Laundry Service - AII'eraI'ion Fas'r Pick-Up and Delivery 549 STADIUM ROAD Dial YUIcon 2-ZI64 of '60 BOTTOM ROW, lell' lo righl: Gene Davis, Taxi Maxlfield, Ronnie Landry, Russell Sfour, Barry Ander- son, Bobby Woodson, Harvey Reeves, Jimmy Johnson, Ronnie Thompson, Gary Miller, Tony Slaupas Coach Benrly Jones, Manager Bolo Neighbors. MIDDLE ROW: Coach John Shellon, Coach Doug Shively, Chesler La Poinl, Allan De Lange, Haynes Hudson, Gary Fosler, Mike Levy, Clifford Tall, Mike Mills, John Woodall, Ben'ron Hille, Lynn Emer- son, Clarence Bray, Edward Turner, Head Coach Clarence Underwood, Trainer George Crow. BACK ROW: Coach Ed Nowland, Roy Kieschnick, Roy Hooks, Bill Hollman, Leonard Duckworlh, James Guidry, Carl Carler, Kyle Haines, John Sonnier, Tommy Marlin, Charles Killingsworlh, Dickie Legale, John McCurley. Larmar Lawson, Coach Smilly Hill. i on ruiulutiuns lg Q to the graduating class IOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY IY INVESTIGATE SAVINGS . . fi SABI NE NATIONAL BANK 3723 l6th Street PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS BLUE BONNET BOOT AND SADDLE SHOP 2204 Bluebonnet Yu 3-9644 - - of custom MADE SADDLES Leather Goods - Made -ALI +0 Order ,,...,..,. Belts Our Specialty Holsters Made rag E H -.... to order "', - ' '::A SHOES' REPAIRED lfi BBLB BBBB B Reptile Shoes and Bags' Reglazed .,...:::.r 3 a, ::. IVA- A ,.:.,.,. Made Like New cownuucusn Abzuul noo ron novs Ano cms Shoe Heels Replaced While Wait The nationally known Cowpuncher boot with the intricate Butterfly pattern. Full roomy toe with low heel. Genuine Neolite soles. PORT IRON 81 SUPPLY COMPANY INC. "Faith to Your Trust" CLAYTON 8: THOMPSON FUNERAL HOME Burial Insurance 2I05 Procter Yu. 5-555I AIR CONDITIONED Compliments ot CRAIG STEVENSON INSURANCE 425 6th Street P.O. Box 909 PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Good Luclc, Seniors PORT DRUM COMPANY Reconditioned Steel Drums P.O. Box I50 Yu 3-66II PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS PLETTMAN'S 630 Proc'rer Complimenrs Yukon sean of GUARANTEED LOWEST EVERYDAY SIMS PLUMBING RICES IN THE CITY P AND HEATING CO. Your Dealer for GRQVES COLEMAN HEATING TEXAS and AIR CONDITIONING WO2-4444 and MAYTAG LAUNDRY QUALITY FRIGIDAIRE FURNITURE APPLIANCES CU' Best Seniofs '60 JEFFERSON CAFETERIA "Where you expeci' Ihe besi and find I+ even beHer." DOWNTOWN CAFETERIA 635 5II1 Sh'ee+ MRS. MURPHY CHATAGNIER 548 Housfon Avenue JOHN LESTAGE, MGR. THE MUSIC BOX 333 Ausfin Avenue UNEXCELLED BUDGET Yu 5-925I SERVICE PAYMENTS , Q. gggff-'Shiga MINTER-THAMES INS. AGENCY 2448 Bluebonnei' Yu 3-5555 Bes'r Wishes Seniors '60! FULTON LEE JusI'ice of 'Ihe Peace Precinci' 2 JEFFERSON COUNTY ALL WORK GUARANTEED BONEAU'S RADIO SERVICE Radio and Television Sales and Service Also Record Shop 24I5 I6+h S+ree'r Yu. 5-7221 For All Your Banking Needs 5 , Gu" X ILIIII I FIRST STATE BANK OF GRGVES GROVES. TEXAS "Growing Wiih Groves LES LEDET'S RECORD SHOP II27 Woodworfln Blvd. Phone YU 2-796I PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS La+es+ Hi-Fi and Siereo Records and Albums SPECIAL ATTENTION TO SPECIAL ORDERS Capifol and Columbia Record Players From 539.95 and Up A. E. SCOTT FURNITURE COMPANY FIHI1 and Aus+in Opposi+e +I1e Posi' Office Dial Yukon 2-273I or Yukon 3-6223 DOTTIE HERMAN'S PETER PAN BEAUTY SALON The Place Where Teen-Agers Meef Yu 5-2393 4602 I6+h S+. Com pIimen+s o'F LAMAR-LAWSON Commissioner ATKINS AND HOFFPAUIR INSURANCE Phone Yu 2-I59I SERVICE AT 20II BLUEBONNET LAN DRY'S PLUMBING CO. SaniI'a'rion, ComIor+ and Sa'Fe'ry of +he Home 3232 25+h Sf. Yu 32854 LAKEVIEW GROCERY 81 MARKET Dial Yu 54I3I 5I0 SI'acIium Road PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS Xxx A bxpf' T as. F BIG-A-BURGER V 1 . 4-4 has PT. I ARTHUR zzzgmzsqzzzgxzz 5:15:11 11,151.1-1 1111111151: zzz:-1111111111311-1 1-11-1:1Hmii:1duyuzzzuzr o 9 ' I FARM FRESH MILK PORT ACRES SKATING RINK 520 Ray Avenue Owners: MR. AND MRS. V. C. FAULK For Privaie Parfies Dial wo 2-7745 Congra'IuIa'Iions, Seniors Plan Your Parfies 'For The Beaufiful Colonial Room Mezzanine Floor SABINE HOTEL Yu 5-9361 for Reservafions GOOD FOOD DAILY IN HOTEL GRILL 600 Proclor S+reeI' - . , .4..lx-agp-I-.T-1111-1-.L CompIimenI's of PRICE AND COMPANY Sllandyz is Delicious Food :mov some Fvfnv nav: ' Wholesale Only Cigars, Candies, Tobacco, and Sundries, ScI1ra'Ff+s Famous Candies, Braclcs Famous Bag Candies 80I HOUSTON AVENUE Yu 29494 Clo+hing, Ha+s, Shoes McGregor Sporlswear HOLLEY ANDREWS 640 Proc+er S+ree+ PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Phone Yulcon 5-47I6 EARLE B. HOLLEY R. ROY ANDREWS Dis+inc'l'ive Men and Boys' Wear '6l0 Sixleenfh S+ree+ Yu. 2-9426 ANGELLE'S Buy, Sell, or Trade Aulomobiles Por+ Ar+hur, Texas ALTON ANGELLE ROLAND ANGELLE Congrarulalions, Seniors BUZZ BOYER'S GULF MARINE SALES 3988 I6+h S+ree'r LAKEVI EW PHARMACY V 548 Sfadium Road U 5 Phone Yu. 5-2536 erik-V39 BILL McBRIDE and IRA SCOGGINS Class '50 Class '50 Owners Sweelesf Sweefs in Town JIMMY OUEBEDEAUX and JIMMY CLAYTON PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Class '6l Class '60 3442 I 6'rh S+ree+ Employees Phone Yu. 3-4506 Fasf, Dependable Prescrip+ions Service PORT ARTHUR LUMBERMEN'S ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 87 PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS CarI Vaughan, Execu+ive Secre+ary PORT ARTHUR PLANING MILL GRIFFING LUMBER COMPANY MARTIN LUMBER CORPORATION FLECKMAN LUMBER COMPANY CENTRAL LUMBER COMPANY CRENSHAW LUMBER COMPANY FIRST LUMBER COMPANY JEFFCO LUMBER COMPANY LEWIS LUMBER COMPANY WYDE LUMBER COMPANY HURRICANE SUPPLY COMPANY BUILDERS LUMBER COMPANY ,H 7 ,H ,Y M , c:uRRlE's Home Serving This Area for 35 Years ' You I303 DeQueen Blvd. HOWARD'S r Leading Homeiown 950 Ninih Ave. HATHAWAY'S Grocer Service Wi+h a Smile 37I4 Lewis Road Ee Th JUDICE'S of 'rhe Crazy Frenchman 3005 Seven'I'h S'I'. STANLEY'S Foods I 449 H ousfon Ave. ROMERCTS Air Condi'rionecl 3400 l6'l'h Sf. STANLEY'S We Never Close 338 Fi'H'h Sf. riftq op Thrifz'-Way v' I ATLANTIC THRIFT-WAY FOOD STORE 370I A'l'lan+ic Road GROVES, TEXAS 630 Procier You +oo can be healihy if you can be +hriHyi shop a+ Thrifi'-Way Sfores. WI LTZ Giani' Food Siore PORT ACRES R-5 W Q 3 , 9,31 How Aboui a Tad Tadlock Corsage TADLOCK'S ROSE RIDGE FLOWERS YU. 2-2632 3849 Tweniy-eighi Sireei MR. AND MRS. H. H. TADLOCK For ihe Finesi' Qualify, See Us, W. L. JAMES AND SONS Building Materials Lumber Paint 3830 SIXTEENTH STREET DIAL Yukon 3-6733 v WH ELESS INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance BEST POLICY AT ALL TIMES lnves+iga+e Our Savings on Package Policy 5l0 WACO AVE. PHONE Yukon 5-5I3I 33I Procfer SI'ree'r Yukon 5-5632 HONEST BEN JEWELRY Diamonds Wa+cl1es Fine Jewelry . GIFT WARE . SAMSONITE LUGGAGE . TRUNKS . SHAEFFER-PARKER SETS MCGLOTH LIN AUTO SUPPLY Orange Hwy. and SI'adium Road Dial Yukon 3-43lI PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS SNIDER'S CAFE Feafuringz One Pla'I'e Meals Cafe'I'eria Sfyle Bag Lunches +o Go 829 PROCTER KNIGHT DRY GOODS CO. I6Il1 SI'reeI' aI' Housfon Ave. L. A. MATHIS RUFUS NUNEZ MATH IS AUTO SUPPLY Complefe Gulf Service I6+l1 Sheer and 9+h Avenue Phone Yukon 3-644I , "' Vy,,fff" ' I ff " ,e,..--M RIGGLE 81 PITTMAN INC. 5337 Orange Hwy. WO 2-4458 ROSENTHAL'S CAF ETERIA MARI E'S FASH IONS Where Ihe Red Carpei' Is Always Ou'r 4320 PROCTER Yukon 3-265I Spor+swear Is Our SpeciaI+y 320 7+h S+. Pain+ Shop YU 3-1891 Trim Shop YU 5-263I BILL TORRES PAINT, BODY 81 TRIM SHOP OVEN BAKED ENAMEL 0 I YEAR GUARANTEE If's Beffer, Because I+'s Oven Baked" C Body Sea? Covers O Fender - I: Wreck Aufo UphoIsIering Headlmers 'E Work . 'silorgg Door Panels I T . n ur op Floor Mais E Free Esfimafeg Convf. Tops WE DO INSURANCE WORK BesI' Wishes IRENE AND RED GARRISON I I 3039 Procier Sfreei' PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS ..7 1.5-. NIELSEN'S BURGER BAR 5236 Wh Shed OFFICE SUPPLIES YU 2-I3I I Typewrirer Ribbons, Carbons and Supplies, S'rell Filing Devices, Loose Leaf Ledgers, Price Books ang gpeloiallies - Agenlss for Naufical Charfs, 'N an oo s. COME 1290 Y AND 532 5+h S+. Yu 5-843I GET IT! Congrafulalsions Seniors of '60 A U I Juniors 5-I5 Q COTTON FOOD STORE Msssss ssss Half Sizes IO-22 848 Houslson Avenue MORE GOOD FOOD DRESS SHOP . EOR YOUR MONEY '84Z,fl3f2gQ', Rd ESTABLISHED I93I DRAGO HARDWARE CO, Good Hardware Since I 93 I TWO LOCATIONS 630 Housison Ave. and xI900 Ninfh Ave. WHOLESALE - RETAIL Hardware, Tools, Cullery lndusfrial Supplies and Con+rac'rors' Supplies BLUE BONNET MATTRESS COMPANY Phone Us for Slip Covers, Drapes Bedspreads, Headboards, S+erilizing Box Springs Uplsiolslering "The Resl' of Your Days Depends on lhe Resl' of Your Nigl1+s" PHONE Yu 3277i M ls ,W L, Congra+ula+ions 'ro +he Class JEWELRY AND DIAMONDS 440 Procfer Y.U. 2-9488 I 960 From 1649 PROCTER C I ' fwf COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE UPHOLSTERING THE CHUCK WAGON DRIVE INN WHEEL-BURGER HUB-BURGER SPOKE-DOG Tl-lERE's A MEAL IN A WHEEL I6+h and Bluebonnef THE TOWN SQUIRE Men's and Boys' Wear l928 Proc+er Y.U. 5470I H I NOTE ELECTRIC COMPANY Dial Yu 3-786 I EIecI'ric Confraciors HoI'poin+ Appliances PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS JEFFERSON AMUSEMENT COMPANY Porl' TI1ea'rre Village TI1ea+re Sabine TI1ea'rre Don Twin Drive-In 620 ProcI'er Yu. 2-028 I REIF'S CLEANERS 624 Housion Ave. 726 9+I1 Ave. 26I2 Memorial Drive Dial Yu 2-293I For 'rhe Cleanesf CIoI'I1es in Town GU LFPORT SHIPBU ILDING CORPORATION UL., 'luv' 1? 0 L 0 mn:V.-5 411' :?2 2: "E- "On Ihe Highway 'Io 'Ihe Sea" Congra'IuIaI'ions Seniors THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH RAI FORD MOTORS A. T. Raiford C. E. Drummond BLU EBONNET DODGE AGENCY DODGE PLYMOUTH RAMBLER Texas Pride MaHresses THE REST OF YOUR DAYS DEPENDS ON THE REST OF YOUR NIGHTS" Por+ Ar+I1ur, Texas Compliments of PORT ARTHUR AUTHORIZED AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION CLEGG MOTORS R LINN MOTOR OO. INMAN CHEVROLET OO. MINGLE MOTOR OO. KLEAS-LATHAM MOTOR CO. RAIFORD MOTORS .,.. 4 ,swiss ' ' ' fs.,::m f A Roi F U R N I T U R E ' WW? "W593'wV+3H5KNLo HEIGHTS DRUG STORES "'Le'r Us Fill Your Prescripiions "'Two Regis+erecl Pharmacisfs on Duiy al' All Times I70I Housfon Ave. No. I YUlcon 5-5507 I000 Hous+on Ave. No. 2 YUlcon 5-73I3 Besf Wishes From B LU ESTE I N'S Lafesi' Fashions Come on In and Look Around Everylhing for Young Girls From Play Clo+hes lo Formals 60I PROCTER Phone YUlcon 3-662I PORT ARTHUR GAS 81 OIL Phone RA 6-9003 LOCATED I745 I6'rh S+ree+ 2549 Twin Ci+y Highway 5200 Ibfh S+ree+ 700 W. l6'rh S+ree+ I90I Woodswor'rh 945 W. I6+h S'rree'r 2549 A+Ian+ic Road, Por'r Neches IOO 9+h S+.-Wesf P+. Ar+hur Rd., Por'r Acres ,,.. .. ..,. L.. 431111. ..,.,,, SEAT COVER KING Sea+ Covers - Conver'IibIe Tops Floor Ma'I's - Accessories - Au'Io ParI's YUIton 3-263I 2720 I6+h S'I. PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS WALGREENS Phone Yukon 5-9308 546 Procier THE SAGE COFFEE HOUSE OX Coffee 5 Pasfries 4 R a , I "' 2, Hi-F' ecor S l 'III' I Equipmleni' Specializing in Jazz. Classical and Poe'I'ry A Place Io Relax and Lisfen 'Io Music I Go JacIce'Is Go NuZest Across Ihe S'rreeI' From T. J. NOACK'S LOCKSMITH AND SUPPLIES Locks and Safes Opened-Repaired and Combinafion Changed Keys Made by Lock-Code or Duplicaled Loclcs for All Purposes Keyed Individual-Alike or Masler Keyed 2500 Bluebonnel YU 2-92II BILL AT FIRST OF MONTH NEP'S CLOTHES cLosET Sporlswear for Girls WiI'h Boys in Mind. NEXT DOOR TO NUZEST RICE STUDIO Professional Photography 'K lol 1 if BBIDIGS Family Groups Por'I'rai'Is Color Weddings Parfies For Appoinlmenl Dial YUlcon 5-80lI 20I9 Procler Sfreel PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS THE MUSIC CENTER INEZ DECKARD, OWNER Shop and Save al' . Pianos . Organs . Radios . Slereo and Hi-Fi Records . Slereo and Hi-Fi Phonographs SPENCE BATTERY ,Recom . Ins'I'rumen+s Accessories for Ins+rumen+s ELECTRICAL COMPANY Genuine Eleclrical Paris 32I Sevenlh S+ree'I Dial Yukon 3-4522 PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS IIOI S'I'adium Road Yu 5-582I PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS PiI'I'sburqI1 'Pain+s PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 9I4 Proc+er Por+ Ar'rI1ur Phone: YU 3-5676 IRVING'S JEWELRY 648 Proc+er PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS YUIcon 2-527I LUGGAGE WATCHES GIFTWARE GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIR Look to the Future, Class of '60 A. E. SCOTT FURNITURE COMPANY FIHI1 and Aus+in Opposi+e 'rhe Posi' Office DIAL YUkon 2-273 I or YU Icon 3-6223 BUDDY PERKINS PHOTOGRAPHY Wedding Poriraifs - Baby - Commercial Indus'I'riaI - Aerial - Color - News Adveriising Fashions 3029 I6+h S+. Yu 5-4l52 PORT ARTHUR COLLEGE Offers Courses in Business Subjecfs Elecfronics, Radio, and Television Train aI' KPAC and KPAC-TV New Classes Mon'rI1Iy LOW TUITION FREE PLACEMENT I500 Proc+or Phone Yukon 5-556I SKlP'S DRIVE INN Complimenfs of I Bar-B-Que Pi+ Q Regfauranf YOU NGBLOODS EPIIINTI-IE 3 Ca+ererS 500 Six+h S+ree+ WJDDD FOP-D Phone Yukon 2-024l PORT ARTHUR' TEXAS HNE:Uu 3448 l6+h s+ree+ ,!l..,. SABINE TOWING COMPANY INC. Ocean Coasiwise Harbor CanaI Towing BOX I500 PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Phone YUKON 3-6666 ---A up-1 DEL MAR PASTRY SHOP We Specialize in Wedding-Bir'II1day ancI ParIy Cakes PHONE YU 3-480I 730 Nin'II1 Avenue, Por'I Arihur, Texas Phone YU 2-3976 I432 Hous+on Avenue PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS WQNV TRS "II"IHT WE SELL KEEPS YOU WELL' STEPHEN SCALCO PRODUCE GIFTS INTERIORS My FLORIST 540 9+In Avenue PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS J 81 B AUTO SERVICE General Au'ro Repairs "JUST BETTER SERVICE" All Work GuaranI'eed JACK ULMER, Owner DiaI 2-254I 625 7+I1 S+ree+ PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS D. M. PICTON 81 C0., INC. Coniracfors River and Harbor Improvemenfs TUGBOATS - BARGES DERRICK BARGES TOWAGE HARBOR TOWING - INTRACOASTAL GULF COAST TOWING 630-04-05 Adams Building lm 1 -I1 rf-xsr SERVICE ' COngraI'uIaI'iOns, Seniors T. w. OBERLE JOE OBERLE Class of '960 Dial YUkon 3-6631 CHARLES S. NACOL GRAMMIER-OBERLE Jewelry FUNERAL HOME, INC. 25500 - 2520 Proder S+ree'I w. J. THOMPSON GEORGE J. HOGAN 523 proclfer YUk0n 3-3345 1 Please Call Us for Your: C H ERRY FURNITURE STUDIO PARTIES INTERIORS - CUSTOM BUILT FURNITURE BANQUETS DRAPERIES - CARPETS RECEPTIONS YU 28495 3009 I6 S+. GUEST ROOMS Nice Friendly Service aT: GLORIA'S DRESS SHOP 428 Procfer S+ree+ YU 3-6979 and All O+I1er Ho+eI FaciIi'ries YOUR ALSONETT HOTELS SABINE HOTEL YUIcOn 5-936I GOODHUE HOTEL Yukon 5-sez: HOME INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds 409 Adams Bldg. PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Phone Yu 5-72I3 Besf Wishes, Seniors of '60 FULTON LEE Jusfice of I'he Peace PRECINCT 2 Jefferson Coun'Iy WEBB'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY No. I - 60I 5+h SI'reeI Yukon 3-27I I No. 2 - 2048 9+h Ave. Yukon 2-9408 SABINE AH'orneys Adams Building 709 LAKESHORE DRIVE YU 5-436' Yu. 2849I T. B. ELLISON VINCENT 525 Lakeshore Yu. 2-9-15: BODY SHOP Res. 5004 Proc+er 3I49 25+h S+. Yu. 2-849I NORTH END BAPTIST CHURCH 542 9+h Ave. PASTOR - Wendell M. Johnson FRONT ROW-Lucille Boclden, Billie Cooper, Tina Spyrer, Belly Bergeron. BACK ROW-Mike Mills, Curlis Johnson, Allen Nelson, Barry Balenline, Harry Dale Andrews, Harold Fonlenol. These are members of +he Senior Class lhal' aH'encl Norlh Encl Bapfisl' Church. 4 TOLERS TEXACO DRYDENS'S OF GROVES 2200 PROCTER 4343 Lincoln Sfalion Yu 336ll WO 2-l88l I-AYMONS JEWELRY ATKINS AND HOFFPAUIR Nighis, Sunclays, and Holidays Dial Yu 5-2060 Yu 5-84l3 5 I 6 PROCTER SKILLMAN'S FURNITURE , I , M , , -'aa' -X - , A R A. f 7,,,,,f-fm-,,4-ww-gwff-wwf' - f ' ' n , , ,, ,I 1 - . 4 -, -I - H . -' Q ,:,- :,..f3Z-I VKX: iWc'f552'i5N-fi" V" H ,L .'TfF,LAgNj . H V, ,, ,. , , - 1 V A 1 -, ,- 5 V , , f, - f , ,W . . . . -.i L. g,+2fQXk3g 'Q " ai awww 345234 ' H H I lqlyl AV H .W .. V I A-'b.,. Sign: ,,:V," vAA,,: 5 ,qq Z,: cli , M . ., ., , .f ' 1 ' A V: L. 1 . K . f f l,,,9, ,l,, , 1292? ' fvW,f'f7,,'f, ' efgwfzz ,n , TEX LOU DRIVE INN DRESS AND FABRIC CENTER We Fearure Lovely Fabrics for Formal A'Hire. . . Teens Will Recognize Name Brands in SporI's- Congraulahons' Semors wear: TEENA PAIGE -'USUN MCCARTY TRAWEEICS DRY GOCDS JUDY BOND 8 7I0 NInI'I1 Ave. YU 3-356I HARDWARE Phone YUIcon 2-9357 5I4 STADIUM HEBERT's GROCERY ROAD Por+ ArI'I1ur, Texas 3300 25'rI1 SI'reeI' YAUKON 2-om For Comfori'-DurabiIiI'y For S'ryIe PORT ARTHUR FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CO. Phone Yu 3-3396 3I00 SIXTEENTH STREET Porl- Arfhur, Texas PHARMACY FRIGIDAIRE SIMMONS KOEHLER TAPPAN 947 7+I1 STREET YU 5-5555 A. L. REYNOLDS 81 SON All Forms of Insurance I435-37 Proc+er S'I'reeI' DIAL YU 3-2774 CongraI'uIa+ions Class of '60 FIRST NATIONAL BANK PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS T I DOCTOR G. M. SIMS 300l Proc'rer YU 2-4493 PORTTTARTHUR. TEXAS Glamour Portroiture Only you can give l'he finesl gill' of all - your por+rai+. A+ J. C. Wa+kins Sl'udio you will re- ceive I'he finesl' in porI'rail's - Gifls you can lake pride in giving. Color or black ancl while finishes offered. J. C. WATKINS STUDIO 2329 Thomas Blvd. Phone YU 2-3666 I I I l 5 I u l S ' n u Mechanical .5423 ..i'l ig-I., fa.. " I I lCon'I'raclors gl COMPANY : :INDUSTRIAL PIPING u :POWER PLANTS : , AIR CONDITIONING I ' PLUMBING l l I g HEATING 3I90 SOUTH IITH ST. ' BEAUMONT, TEXAS ' PHONE TERMINAL 8-5293 CHANDLER FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE YU 35685 JAMES S. NACOL FURNITURE CO. Your Gibson Appliance Dealer FAMOUS SINCE I877 Easier Terms - Lower Prices CONGRATULATIONS TO Peggy Lou McBeIh NEPH l96O annual Essay Jobs for Ihe Handicap honors for 'Ihe pasl years 'Io EP. H. 722 Proc'I'er . Juliefle LeBlanc, and June Hinds, parlicipanls in ped . . . Passporls +o Digmfy. T. J. Hn has won greal Yulcon 2-242 I B U c K Qt G c .I , PLESSALA'S GROCERY 8. MARKET -" C' ROBBON BUICK-G.M.C. CO. 947 Proc'Ier S+. Phone YUIcon 5-8838 No. I PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS 649 l6+h S+., Phone YU 5-5503 No. 2 I 600 I6I'h S+., Phone YU 5-9303 Pharmacy Complimenfs of 749 I6+h S+., Phone YU 3-I65I SUSIE HOOK'S BEAUTY SALON I8II 7+h STREET Phone YUkon 2-7247 Doctor- awyer Merchant- Chief. . ,Q " has , - J .af 0 --0 r:X'b .. A 1 f E112 8 . " 0 K x ei .4 3 e fl ln f 4 O f f I After graduation you'll find new goals to achieve-increas- ingly interesting though some- times difficult. And whatever your goal-in medicine, law or business, youill find America's free enterprise system offers ever-growing opportunities and rewards for successful accom- plishment. To make your job easier you'll find Reddy Kilowatt elec- tric power an able helper - a partner working for Better Liv- ing for America. N Q GULF f UTILITIES 69 W C e w E' ' 6 o - m 'STATES, ' . , 0 tl QXO C se?- PROCTER STREET BAPTIST CHURCH 270: PROCTER STREET PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS "A Church Where Everybody ls Somebody" DR. E. A. AUTREY, PasI'or HENRY I. TOOMBS, JR., Minisfer of Educafion Besi' Wishes AUGUST MILLER 8' SONS SABINE II48 71-h S+ + Y k 3-455I HOME OF JACSESEN PCSNRIIER MOWERS SCHWINN BICYCLES THERMOLAIRE HEATERS Look Holsum Be Holsum Buy Holsum HAMPTON'S Is the Finest and Largest Furniture Store Between Houston and New Orleans With a Price for Every Pocketbook AUTOGRAPHS I I MuIkey's inviTes you To meeT . . . MARK TWAIN Who was MARK TWAIN? A Missouri wriTer who auThored books Tor boys abouT Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn-mosT oT us do noT know much abouT him: yeT Sam- uel Lenghorne Clemens was more Than This. Today, TiTTy years aTTer Twain's deaTh, The greaT wriTer and humorisT is s+iII vigorous- Iy alive in The aTTecTions oT people every- where. No oTher American, wiTh The excep- Tion oT Abraham Lincoln, has so conquered and held The imaginaTion oT a world-wide audience. Rugged individuaIisT . . . Mississippi riverboaT piIoT . . . pIaTTorm enTerTainer . . . WesTern TronTiersman . . . European Traveler ...humaniTarian . . . auThor . . . In I899 The London Times hailed him as "Ambassador aT large oT The U.S.A." l Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain ErnesT Hemingway said. "All modern American LiTeraTure comes Trom one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn . . . IT's The besT book we've had. All American wriTing comes Trom ThaT. There was noThing beTore. There has been noThing as good since." Today is a good day To renew or begin an acquainTance wiTh This grand haIT-legendary Tolk-hero who came in wiTh HaIIey's ComeT and Then de- parTed wiTh iT when iT blazed again. Here are a dozen oT his besT: The AdvenTures of Huckleberry Finn Joan oT Arc The AcIvenTures of Tom Sawyer LiTe on The Mississippi The CeIebraTed Jumping Frog oT The Prince and The Pauper Calaveras CounTy PucId'nhead Wilson ' A ConnecTicuT Yankee in King Roughing IT ArThur's CourT Tom Sawyer Abroad Following The EquaTor A Tramp Abroad MULKEY PHARMACY, INC. 2805 ProcTer STreeT Phone YU 3-I666 MULKEY-STARK PHARMACY, INC. 5600 ThirTy-ninTh STreeT Phone WO 2-444I ..................,i-J, -- . I have iusT a Tew simple rules I Try To Tollowz I make iT a poinT never To smoke more Than one cigar aT a Time. I have no o+her resTric- Tions. I have never Taken any exercise excepT sleeping and resTing. I could never see any beneTiT in being Tired. As Tor dieT, I've Tried To be very sTricT abouT sTicking To Things +ha+ don'T agree wiTh me unTiI one or The oTher oT us goT The besT oT iT. Anybody who sTarTs To carry a caT home by The Tail is geTTing knowledge ThaT's always going To be useTul. When I reTlecT upon The number oT disagreeable people who I know have gone To a beT- Ter world, I am moved To lead a diTTerenT liTe. There are Two Times in a man's life when he should noT specuIaTe: when he can'T aTTord iT, and when he can. My habiTs proTecT my liTe buT They'd probably assassinaTe you. I can give up Tobacco whenever I wanT Few TITIVIQS are harder T0 PUT UP WITIW To. I've done if 5 +hOU5anCI 'Hnqegl Than The annoyance of a good example. I remember The Mississippi River. I used To be drowned in iT regularly every summer, and Then be Tished ouT and drained ouT and inTIaTed and seT going again by some chance enemy oT The human race. BuT iT never seemed To boTher my moTherg she would only smile and say, "People born To be hanged are saTe in waTer." HIGH IN QUALITY . . WIDE IN VARIETY . . . TWO HANDSOME STORES FROM WHICH TO SERVE YOU! SENIOR INDEX Names Pages Nameg Pages A Abraham, Mary-116, 202 Abshire, CurHs-202 Adams, Gary-202, 279 Agu11ar, Mario-124, 130, 202 Albers, Diann-138, 173, 36, 186, Albers, G1oria-202 A11mand, Gene-202 A1mon1e, Pau1-202 Alverez, Glenda-202, 1 17 Anawalry, Larry-202 Andrews, Harry-202 Andrews, Louis-174, 202 Bigler, Ronnie-204, 142 B1ac1x, Caro1yn-204 B1a1ceman, Gay1e-1 16, 204 B1anc11ard, Connie-186, 204, 117 B1anC1'1ard, Judie-138, 36, 195, 204, 142, 197 202 '42 W7 B1an1on, Judy-140, 161, 169, 204 I I Bodc1en,Meri1yn--161, 120, 123, 163, 164, 186 Bo11es, Mary-132, 161, 164, 167, 168, 38, 205, Bonnin, Elray-205 Bonnell, Mary-120, 123, 169, 41, 49, 205 Bore1, Druscilla-205 Bossier, Ru+Iw Ann-205, 146, 197 Boudreaux, Mary-205, 147 Bou1're, 1-1ardy-205 A"d'US' KQV-'3O' '36' 186' 202' 210- 193269 Bowen,Kr1s11n-120, 123, 136, 137, 264, 138, 139 Arciva, De1ia--202 Armslrrong, 1-1oward-172, 202 Bowman, Annabe11e-127, 205 Arredondo, Sy1v1a-129, 130, 131, 203 Boyun, George-116, 205 As131ey, 1v1ar1c-203, 280 Ausburn, Bobby-203 Bracey 1-1y1er-133, 169, 171, 205 Branch, Caro1yn-127, 186, 205, 151 AyCOC14.V1rq1nia-120. 168. 186. 203. 197 Brannan, Pa1'-156, 161, 169, 186, 205, 146 B Y Babb, A11an-203 Badge11, James-172, 203 Badge11, Larry-173, 203 Baker, Ru113-120, 138, 203, 143 Ba1en+1ne, Barry-203 Ball, Jud1111-203 Ba11, JL111a--126, 127,203 Blazerson, Linda-120, 130, Breaux, Leona-206 Brim, Barbara-120, 168, 206 B1'1S1', 1461111-174, 206 Brogan, Ginger-169, 206, 150, 151, 152 Broussard, Julie-168, 206 Broussard, S11e11on-206 Brown, Caro1yn--206 160, 161, 168, 203 Brown, Carolynene-206 Bar+le++, Paul-140, 172, 41, 46, 203, Brown, Be+11-120, 123, 133, 169, 186, 206, 151 146 Beach, Linda--203 Bea1, Charles-172, 203 Bean, Mary Lou-204 Beckom. Linda-204 Bedso1e, Oscar-116, 204 Benne11, Karleen-204, 142 Bergeron, Be11y-204 Berryman, Tim-204 Besse, John-204, 142, 269 Bie1ec141, Yvonne-204, 197 340 Brown, Larry-206 B1.1rc13,Judy-41, 186, 206, 153 Burney, Brenlr-206 Buvingbausen, C1'1ery1-120, 123, 168, 48, 206 Byram, Dan-206 Byrd, Jerry-206 C Cadena, G11ber1-207 Ca1dwe11, Gene-207 K ...E 4- E.. A Bra ,C1arence-161, 41, 46, 75, 76, 86, 87, 89 91 210. 256. 40 279 271 Chance, David-207 Names Pages Calhoun, John-207 Cappel, Beih-168, 207 Cardenas, Anionio-130, 207 Carolenas, Maximo-130, 131, 207, 148 Carr, 1.inc1a-168, 48, 207 Carruih, Jerry-I 16, 207 Carler, Phillip-207 Casianecla, Ecluraclo-207 Casiille, Donalcl-207 Casiille, Tony-138, 139, 207 Chambers, Anihony-207 Chancller, Billie Jean-130, 140, 207, 148, 197 Chase, Roberi'-133, 160, 161, 169, 264, 41, 46, 208, 211, 280.1279 CheSSer,5hie1a-120, 133, 140, 162, 163, 166,208 Chrisiian, Doyle-164, 167, 208 Clayion, Jim-208 Clayion, Karen-120, 123, 136, 161, 164, 169, 171, 186, 208 Click, Janis-138, 208 Cochran, Be11y--169, 172, 208, 197 Cole, 1-1a11-116, 208, 264 Collum, Sharon-143, 208 Colchia, Ronald-208 Comeaux, Olan-208 Conanlr, Viola-208 Cook, Sandra-124, 136, 156, 208, 255, 270 Cooper, Billy Joe-208 Cooper, Mazie-208, 197 Cooper, Billy Joe-208 Corley, Ebon-209 Cradier, Vernon-209 Craig, Pauline-209 Cravens, Jerry-128, 130, 173, 209, 280, 279 Cricchio, Margarei-171, 172, 209, 197 Cris1', Donna-209 Cropper, Raeleen-209, 197, 269 Crumpler, Karen-209, 148 Cunningham, Tommy-173, 209 Cuiaia, Jimmy-209 D Daigle, Don-49, 209 Dalion, Richard-209 Darce, Theresa-138, 172, 209 Names Dariez, Beiury-116, 209 Dariez Mary-29, 186, 209 Dariez Ray-212 Daspii Judy--172, 212 Dailalo, Charles-212 Daiialo, James-48, 212 Davalos, Eleanor-212, 117 Davis, Barry-184, 212 Davis, Sondra-212 DeC1ui11, Gerald-212 DeCou, Rodney-212 DeCuir, 1.u1her-212 Pages DeLange, Allen-78, 87, 212 De 1a Rosa, Agusiin-212 Deloney, Ronald-132, 149, 38, 46, 184, 212 De los Sanios, Richard-212, 148 Demarcay, Murphy-212 Demler, Kyle-160, 164, 41, 213, 259, 278 Demler. Pairicia 120, 122, 123, 138, 169, 186 213 Derese, Rebecca-213 DeRouen, Audrey-213 Desmoncl, Sammy-213 Desormeaux, Leo-213 Dickerson, Jo Ann-213, 197 Die, Sam-213 Diploma, Michael-173, 174, 213, 147 Dixson, Richard-213 Doerge,Juc1i1h-133, 161, 164, 169, 41, 186 213 Domaschk, Dan-213 Dore, Allan-137, 213 Dorre11,Lana-164, 171, 213, 151 Dorrough, DeAnn-213, 151 Doiy, Dona1c1--21 1, 214 Doyle, Daniel-176, 178, 180, 181, 214, 148 Dumas, Pairicia-214 Dunk, Larry-214 Dupuis, Dianne-186, 266, 214, 117 Durham, Walierine E Eagleson, 1-1aro1c1-214 Ea1on,Marie-123, 169, 186, 214 E1am,Judi1h-168, 214 E11ison,Thomas-173, 210, 214 Emerson, Lynn-78, 86, 87, 92, 214 Names Pages Epp1er, P11i11ip-214 Erwin, Teddie Rae-41, 214 Escagne, Rona1d-214 E111eridge,Caro1yn-156, 158, 150, 151, 214, 197 Evans,Ani1'a Rae-127, 156, 158, 168, 215, 151 F Falcon, Judy-215 Faug11n, Frank-116, 215 Fau11c, Frances-215 Ferguson, Dennis-76, 87, 88, 91, 215 Fin1c, A1ber1-215 F1eming, W111iam-161, 169, 215, 278, 264 Flores, Richard-215 F1owers, Palr-156, 157, 186, 215 Foresfer, Pa1ricia-215, 150, 151, 152 Fon1'enoJr, Haro1d-172, 215, 151, 280 Fore1, Mary Louise-215, 147, 197, 193 Forque,Fran1c-130, 132, 161, 173, 215, 151 FoS'1'er, Gary-41, 77, 86, 87, 89, 91, 92, 215, 144 Fox,C11ris1ine-136, 154, 156, 157, 161, 168, 49, 195, 215. 151. 264 Fox,1v1ic11ae1-176, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 216 Fredeman,'Mary Carmen-136, 138, 140, 156, 161, 168, 169. 170, 171, 186, 259, 216,40 Frederick, Nora-216, 117 Fug1er, Kirk-216 Fu5e1ier, Judy-136, 156, 161, 168, 49, 186, 195.216, 143 Fuse1ier, Ju1iee-161, 169, 186, 216, 147 G Gaboure1, James-116, 216, 148 Ga11ier, Gene-116, 216 Garcia, Dora-216 Gardner, Jean Ann-133, 161, 169, 48, 216, 142 Gayle, Linda-124, 149, 168, 41, 216, 142 Gerrie11sm, 1v1argare+-120, 160, 164, 165, 267, 216 Gi1oson,Jo11n-132, 216 Gillispie, Margare1-126, 127, 216, 151 Girolamo, Tommy-116, 216 Godwin, Gay-123, 169, 217 Goff, Dona1d-173, 217 Gorzyc14i,'1'11omas-176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182 183, 217 Gracey, Mike-173, 217 Names Pages Gra1ino, B. J.-160, 163, 164, 165, 167,21 Green, Bi11-171, 210, 217 Gregory, Earl-173, 217 Gross1ie1d, Ann-122, 130, 217 Gueper, Ronald-217 Guidry, C1'1ar1es-172, 217 Guidry, James-217 Guidry, Jeffrey-164, 167, 49, 217, 211 Gui11ory, ..1o1'1n-217, 264 1-1 Hada, B111-217 Ha1ey, B111-218, 142 1'1a11, Dinah-126, 127, 169, 171,218 Ha1+om, Jerry-218, 117 Hami1+on, Gene-218 Har1ow, Roberf-218, 148 Harper, V. J.-133, 48, 218, 264, 269 Harrison, Mike-218, 278 Ha'r11away, Henry-173, 218 Haynes, William-218 Haynes, A1eve-218 Hays, Janice-144, 218 - Head, Rebecca-125, 130, 218, 197 Healey, Ka11'11een-156, 161, 218, 266, 211 Heas1e+, James-218 Heas1e+, Johnnie-218, 117 He1per1', Jo Ann-219 He1:ner+,Judy-130, 186, 219, 153, 197 Hebert Rodney-219 Henning, John-219, 264 Henslee, Ma+1ie-219 Herman, Syde11e-219, 151 Hernandez, Frank-130, 219, 148 Hernandez, Richard-219, 148 ' He111erwic1c, Karyn-161, 163, 167, 168, 41, HewiH, Brian-219 Hickson, Janice-156, 49, 219, 143 Higginbojrham, Linda--127, 219 Hi11, Roamon-219 Hi11e, Benfon-161, 78, 80, 87, 219, 148 Hirleman, Doro11'iy-222, 147 Hoc1'ges,Wanda-130, 168, 222, 147 1'1O11Oerg, Toni-120, 140, 141, 164, 222, 1 Holsfead, David-222 7. 271 2 22 Names Pages I'IoI+, MichaeI-222 I-IoocI, Kaihy-222 I-Ioward, MichaeI-4I, 26I, 222 I-IucIcaby, Lana-I2O, I23, I86, I53, 222, 264 I-IucIson, I-Iaynes-76, 87, 88, 92, 222 I-Iuebei, CaroIyn-222, I I7 I'IuncI, Ernesiine-222 I-Iurley, James-222, 278 Huichins, Frankie-222 Ienna, Pai-222 lnfanie, Rufino-130, 222, 148 Irby, Sandra-I2O, I23, I6I, I69, 223 Irvin, Jerry-I76, I8O, I8I, I84, 223 Irwin, Anneiie-I2O, I22, l23, I36, I60, I6I, I68, 223, I93 J Jackson, Beveriy-I25, I36, I37, I63, I68, 48, Jacobs, GaiI-I32, I69, 223 Jeans, LincIa-I38, 223, II7 Jenkins, Judy-223, I I7 Jernigan, Gary-I6I, 38, 46, I5O, I5I, I52, 223 Johnson, Curiis-I6I, 38, 46, I5O, I5I, I52, 223, 279 Johnson, Joyce--223 Johnson, LincIa-223 JopIin, Janice-223 JorcIan, Frankie-2I I, 223 Juciice, Rochelle-I36, I86, 223 Juneau, Carol-224 K Kares, I-IeIen-I25, 48, 224, I47 Keenan, FranIcIin-224, I47 Kieschnick, Roy-I6I, 38, 2IO, 258, 2I I, 224, 3 KimbIe, James-224 Kirkpairick, Jay-I49, 224, 264 KnighI', Frinacie-224 Knippa, I-Ierschell-224 Kovar, Lynn-I I6, I40, I73, 224 Kreiier, Anna Lee-I24, 224 Krummel, Richard-224 L Lackey, Dana-I5I, 224 Names Pages Lacy, Sandra-I56, I57, I6I, 49, ISI, 224, 264 Laing, Roberi-224 LaircI, Mariha-I24, I32, I36, I63, I68, 29.258, 22 O LaLonde, Dianna--I69, I86, 225 Lamberih, John-I38, 225 LancIos, Kenneih-49, 225 Landry, Thermen-225 LaPoinI', Chesier--75, 82, 86, 8 Laiirner, Beckie-I32, I68, 225 La'rioIas, Linda-I36, 225 Laiiolas, Mona Rae-225, 269 Laurenis, Linda- I 30, 225 Lauve, Barbara-225 LeBIanc, Larry--I I6, 225 7, 89, 90, 9I, 92 2l Lawson, DeII-I33, I6I, I69, 4I, I86, 225 LeBIanc, Terry-225, I97 LeBouef, Cari-225 LeBouef, RonaIcI-I I6, 226 Lee, CIoris-226 LeLeux, AIvin-226 Levy, Anna Belle-I26, I27, I87, 226, I97 Levy, Mike-49, 77, 80, 8I, 87, QI, 92, 226, 264 Lewis, Mary EveIyn-226 n-I36, I54, I56, I57, I69, I70. I7I.4I. I87 226, I42 264 Linn, Eri LiichfieIcI, Lynda-I6I, I95, 226 Livingsion, Danny-226 Locke, Larry- I 40, 226 Logan, Ginger-I68, 226 Lona, M ariha-226, I46 Lona, Roberi-226 Long, Donna-I68, 226 Looper, Bessie Mae-I24, I64, I68, 4I, I87, I89, 26 Lopez, Jerry-I29, I74, 227, I5I, 264 Lusk, Jean Ellen-I33, I36, I56, I60, I6I, I87, 227 I97 264 Lyons, GIenn-227, I44 M McBride, Mary EIIen-l6I, I63, I64, I67, I69, 48, 227 I5O I5I I52 McBride, Richard-I6l, 48, 227, 278 McCarI McCom hy, Pairick-227 ber, Bobby-78, 227 McCord, Ralph-I77, I80. I8I, 227, I44 Names Pages McCorvy, Roberlr-I77, 227 McCoy, Linda-I25, I7I, I86, 227, I97 McCuIs+on, BIII-I38, 227 McDuIIie, WiIIIam-227 McFadden, David-48, 227, 2801 279 McGaIIy, Charles-227 MCGIII, Sheila-228 McGIoIIwen, Sidney-I6I, I69, 228 MCReynoICIS, Jimmy-I38, 228, 150, I5I Manaffey, RIIIIe Ann-228, 269 Malmgram, I-Ienry-228 Mannino, Benny-228 ManueI, SI'1eIva-228 Marceaux, Barbara-I7I, 228, I97 MarsI1, Ellen-I64, 228. 264 MarIin, Frank-228 MarIinez, Ellis-228 MasI'1I::urn, WiIIiam-I74, 228 Mason, David-228 MaII1roIe, DonaIcI-I5I, 228, 297 MaHI1ife+z, AIberI'-228 MaHiza, Linda-I36, I64, I69, I7I, I87, 229 Maxfield, Sara-I6I, 229 May, VeniIa Sue-49, 229, I5I, 2I I, I46, I97, 264 Mier, Marianne-I40, 229, I44, ISI Menard, Geraldine-229 Me+I'1vin, Judy Kay-I24, I6I, I62, I66, I68, I69, 229, 26I. 40 MII-es, Wanerfe-I7I, 229, I97 MiIIer, Karhleen-229 MIIIS, Lynda Lou-I36, I54, I56. I57. I69, 4I. I88. 229, l42, 264 MIIIS, Mike-77, 84, 79, 87, 90, 9I, 92, 229 Miner, Arabella-I56, I57, I59, I6I, 229 Moss, Maureen-I87, 232, I5I, I97 Minron, Linda-229, I97 MoaIc, Joyce-229 Monroe, Sammy-I40, 229 Monfe, Glenn-229 Moore, Barbara-I27, I68, I87, 232 Moreau, Judy-232, I I7 Morgan, Roberf-I33, 232 Morgan, Thomas-232, 278 Morgan, Wilma-232 Morvenr, Linda-232 Moss, GIencIa-I25, 232, I97 344 Names Pages Moss, Maureen-I87, 232, I5I, I97 MoIIIce, Dianee-I20, I69, I87, 232 Munoz, Lewis-232 Murphy, Roy-ISI, 232 Myers, Rosie-I68, 232, I5I N Nabours, Bob-78, 232 Nanlrz, Georgefre-I68, I95, I96, 232 NeIson, Nan-232 NeIson. Richard-233 Newman, JeraIdIne-I56, I58, 2IO, 233, I42, I97 NoacIc, CarIyn-233 1 NoeI, Raymond-233 Norris, Mike-233 NuI'I', Sandra-233 O O'Grady, GIencIa-233 OIIver, Cammie-I36, I37, I56, I69, 233, I42 Orena, George-233 OHO, Joe-I I6, 233 Oubre, BeverIy-I69, I7I, I87, 233 Owen, Karen-I56, I59, I6I, I68, 233, 267 Owens, Tary-I33, 233, 280, 279 P Pace, WesIey-233 Painron, Ed-233 Palmer, Charlene-IZO, I23, I36, I56, I6I, I68, 233, 267 PaImer, Sandra Kay-I54, I56, I57, I69, I86, 234, I53, I97 Perdue, Lynne-I26, I27, I33, 234, I5I, I97 Parenr, Rober+-234 Parks, Presfon-234 Parin, Larry-234, 269 Palrin, SyIvIa-234, I97 PaIrIcIc, SIwirIey-234 Pecorino, Berry-234, I97 Pendigrass, I-Ioward-234 Pedroza, Frank-234 Perego, John-234 Perron, Malcolm James-234 Peyfon, Warkins-234 Piazza, MarcIeII-234 "'4 "" '-'?" 41L.q - Names Pages Pierce, Les1ie-157, 168, 234 Pierron, Char1offe-157, 41, 235, 147 Piqgoff, Donna-161, 163, 164, 168, 235 Pineda, Frances-235 Po1ife, Karen-136, 157, 158, 161, 169, 49, 235, 144 Pond, Pau1G.-169, 235, 146 Powe11, Melba-235 Praff, Louise-140, 49, 235, 143, 151 Praff, E1ouise-140, 157, 235, 143, 151 Preiean, Rufh-235 Prince, Clyde-235 Provenzano, David-235 Pu11en, Jack-140, 172, 235 Q Quinn, Anfhony-235 R Rafferfy, Andrew-235 Ramirez, 1:e1ix-236 Randall, Linda-133, 168, 187, 189, 236 Ransoneffe, Bonnie-157, 236, 197 Raf1ey, Jacquiline-236 Reaux, Donald-236 Redd, Bobby-1 16, 236 Redfearn, G1oria-136, 161, 162, 166, 169, 142, 236 Reed, Mary Ann-140, 154, 156, 157, 169, 186, 188, 196, 236. 197 Reeves, Jimmy-236 Richard, Caro1yn-117,,236 Richard, Mary-236 Richardson, Joy Dell-127, 140, 161, 168, 151, 152, 236 Richardson, Pauline-236 Riche, Caro1yn-187, 196, 236 Ricks, Pau1-1 16, 236 Ridouf, Rufh-120, 138, 157, 41, 259, 144, 237, 197, 193 Roberson, Brenda-160, 169, 171, 41, 259, 144, 237 Roberfs, Dar1ene-237 Roberfs, Dona1d-151, 237 Roberfs, John-237 Roberfs, Myrfis-237 Robin, Delores-237 RObfne++e, Bill-161, 182, 260, 237 Robison, Margaref-48, 237, 197 Rodriguez, Norma-168, 187, 142, 151,237 Names P5995 Rogers, Wayne-237 Romero, Lee-237 Ronqui11e, Sonia-169, 143, 151,237 Rose, Peggy-171, 237 Ross, David-160, 161, 173, 41, 237 Rounfree, G1en-238 Rudd, Jane-238 Rus1ing, Kafherine-164, 173, 238 Ruf1edge, Ann-122, 164, 238 Ruffy, Freddy-238, 254, 270 Ryan, 1.i11ie-124, 238 S Salem, G1enda-120, 121, 123, 168, 48, 238 Sa11ing, Jimmy-238, 143, 150, 151, 152 Sa1fer, Suzzanne-136, 157, 161, 168, 260, 238 Sanders, Karen-238 Sanders, Linda Jo-169, 187, 238 Sapersfein, Fred-238 Sawyer, Rose-125, 267, 238, 151, 152 Sawyer, Tommie-238 Sca1co, Caro1-120, 123, 136, 137, 140, 149, 169, 29, 49, 187, 257, 267, 238, 143, 197, 270 Schaefer, Don-239 Schamloer, Wanda-239 Schnell, Jeff-169, 49, 239 Scogin, Robe-rf Earl-239 Scoff, Mary Thrace-161, 162, 163, 187, 46, 49, 260. 239 Sebasfian, Norma-187, 239 Self, Frances-168, 239 Sessions, Ralph-239 Seward, J. D.-239 Sharp, 13111-136, 169, 174, 210, 239, 280 Sheffie1d, Caro1-239, 197 Sherwood, Susan-120, 123, 136, 161, 164, 239 Shipp, Margaref-132, 164, 173, 239 Shorf, Marjorie-125, 129, 168, 239, 148, 197 Simon. Sharon 239 Simoneaux, Caro1e-140, 49, 85, 266, 242, 197, 3 Simonfon, Roberf-242 Simpson, Danny-242 Smifh,Gay1e-154, 156, 157, 161, 48, 169, 187, 144. 242, 146, 264 Smifh, Bur1-242 Srnifh, Carol Ann-242, 148 345 Nal'T1eS Pages Smilh, Clara-125, 164, 168, 242 Smilh, Gerald-116, 242 Smilh, Jaclc-242, 279 Smilh, James-211, 242, 280 Smilh, Judy-242, 269 Smilh, lvlaclc-174, 242 Smilh, Oscar-242 Smilh, Pal-127, 187, 195, 242 Smilh, Rilo-120, 121, 123, 133, 161, 168.211, 242 Smilherman, Thomas-49, 243 Soileau, Palricia-243, 117 Solis, 1-lenreilla-130, 243 Sorenson, lvlarchelle-133, 138, 243, 197 Sorenson, Michelle-133, 48, 243, 197 Soulh, Glenda-187, 151, 216, 243, 146 Soulllerland, Belly-124, 157, 151, 243 Speyer, Tina-138, 243 Slansbury, Alloerl-243 Slalon,A1ice-120, 123, 168, 243 Sleele, John-173, 48, 243, 280 Sleele, Larry-243 Slevens, Sandra-187, 243, 197 Slevenson, Sara-161, 162, 123, 166, 167, 168, 169, 41, 187. 151. 243 Slolces, Sealoourne-243 Slrange, Linda-157, 158, 169, 144, 244, 197 Slriclcland, Monleel-123, 138, 140, 168, 48, 144, 244 Sluarl, 1-larry--244 Swanzy,Jac1c-161, 164, 48, 244, 279 271 Swin ney, Ken nelh-244 T Tall, Clillorcl-75, 87, 89, 91, 92, 244 Taylor, Bill-244 Taylor, Laurel-147, 244 Terrier, Dilberl-244 Thames, Jellrey-244 Thibodeaux, Frances-244 Thiloodeaux, Janis-157, 159, 168, 49, 244 Thomas, Carole-138, 142, 244, 197 Thomsen, Jean-157, 161, 168, 187, 189, 244 Thomson, Jimmy-163, 164, 261, 244 Tibbels. Claude--245 Tiplon, Jimmy-151, 211, 245, 280 Trahan, Terry-133, 169, 245, 280, 264 Trevino, Virginia-245 Turner, Edward-76, 87, 211, 245 346 Names Pages Umphrey, lvlarga-245 U V Valdez, lrene-157, 169, 187, 245, Vaughan, Rulh-136, 169, 41, 144, 245 Vaughan, Sandra Lee-122, 157, 245 Veslal, Janel-187, 245 Viclcnair, Tommy-245 Villarreal, Juanila-168, 187, 245 Vincenl, Joe-245 Voighl, Ramon-245 W Wade, Belly Jo-164, 41, 245 Wade, Mary-246 Wall, l-loward-148, 246, 264 Waller, Dorlhy-126, 127, 169, 151, 246 Wa1+ers,Sena-120, 121, 123, 133, 168, 171,246 Ware, James-176, 246 Weelcs, 1-lugh-246 Werner, Wallace-246 While, Charles-116, 246 Whilman, Wiggins, Williams. Williams, Williams, Williams, Sha ron-246 1'1al-246 Cha rles-246 Dan-132, 24, Edwa rd-246 l'1en ry-246 Williamson, Edger-246, 279 Wilson, Charlolle-157, 29, Wilson, Shirley-247 Wilson, William-247 Wolle, Royce-1 16, 247 Wollord, Roberl-247 41. 210. 246 187.142.247 Wood, Jimmy-247, 280, 264 Woodall, John-79, 87, 247 Woodall, Miriam-133, 157, Woods, Rulh-130, 161, 247 Worley, Joel-247 Wylole, June--247, 1 17 158,161.267,151 Y Yeales, Bobby-247 Young, Linda-164, 247, 197 Young, Slephen-150, 151, 152, 247 Youngblood, Lynne-157, 168, 169, 144, 247, 146 , ,..n,..,,-wzf, . 247. 264, 271 ..As The lasf page of fhe l96O YELLOW JACKET is ready fo go info fhe shipping box. lf is wifh mixed feelings fhaf we complefe fhe final shipmenf. As you receive your annual, you will nofice fhaf if, foo, follows fhe frend in a year of "firsfs" for T. J. sfudenfs. The colored picfure, fhe arrangernenf and fhe full coverage of a cornplefe school year are only a few of fhe manyfeafures in fhis year's book. We hope fhaf you approve of our sincere efforfs. Camrnie Oliver Q ' Edifor-inChief Fall, WinTer, or Spring The YELLOW JACKET sTaTT is graTeTul Tor The assisTance oT our publisher, Taylor Publishing Company, our phoTographers, Franlc Cricchio, J. C. WaTlcins, Buddy Perkins, Rice and Provine STudios. We also had The assisTanCe oT good amaTeurs, Jimmy BadgeTT and Mrs. Laverna KieTer, Mr. P. T. Reynolds and The adverTising salesmen did a greaT iob in selling a record number oT adverTising pages To The rnerchanTs oT This area. V A+- -H uns.. vi E ' ,5 n , u -2 4. 41-,- TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" t W 1 w 1. 1 ,L K 1 vx 4 in 1 5 H ' ' 11' - 1 H , 1 ,A 'r-'-1 QL xr Bun HH' 1 e JWH Q A fm XL 'nm .. X "ix , 1V' 4EL""a'gpf' 1f H :STD 53?if.1,T,x : w k fy -.', lJ':?-4'-xx, .. f-:aww 42 1.w!ff -1-mf' -A 4 'f H 2 wmv:-1 ,, 5. FUR? ' 'L l"T??f,' -'13 U'?lf"x5i':' 5f'?eA':2 i- 4' ' '15 H, ',34ijije,'.1- 'P ,ina-15,221.5 " . ' N 1'sLf,. f'w,Q-'43 ' ' '!'3I.,Yp,-M 7 1 X I I , ' ' ' V V f mn fx ,ig N 1 Li?- AL MT z'YQ:fl'ff3i0'FT,!.Lf 'A 5 N: ,2:i2L,3 ,,-L 1fu1'51g57i, .:,f5,.5y5-Q? Jn mp f -, - S 4 " f15f."Hv ,:e-7. ff -rwzfaw ,uzhsgg ff12gr"',"a1- . 1 11 V . 'Hr-wg ,Pg-A ig ...H-v , ggi ,.-yW,,4Lf,1,! - , .,

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Thomas Jefferson High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


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