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.-,Q-.f XJ QM 1,, 4 1 HHNW GU-f'f"Q2 Sfff 57 K' Wifi" ' 1 . , , S ix' 1' E 2 X 'V ' i 1 . ' . " r 1 ' K 1 mu It if V X' I QV' V J. 4 f f J is Q X L 1 .1 K s 1 Exs 5 U 1 L Q H 1 3 2 X rv xl K 2 1 ' r, A , ,.. 1, I S fi 9' I - A 1 A -lv S..z E V. : - -1 4 v J X I X l X u Lf 'JL 5 x Qu l ,VL Ml L :N X KX I 1 1, ' if Lx, M xx 2 EV Q X 'X 1 f , f " 1 I Jil, i Q JJ! KE My ly , if' R X fi Q 2 ik' , ' I x I , V 1, . . A g,: . A 'Rx fx ,fl E Q 5 5 F L" 1 A 5' xi N " - V ' 5-iv . 0 ,V Yi ,, .aj WAX 'V XX , 1 LW 1 ,Ag y M E fy X , H!-' X K . -if ' NP -.1 5 4 x -1 -K W I zgw' K X X 'W . U X A ' xx X X' , N, ,J 3 - xakf -.L X N -4 ' ' " is fl! 'K K ,f 1' . x N x x ,v x x 1 xx rx . xx. 'KT K N 1 X -iv v A g V' ,, ' If F 1 x I . x Q x g A f' X , ' ,.,f - -, 1 , R ' f I ' . L. X f .J x . V' X' I x ' 1 . I 1 1 V J' x , m 4 . x N: 1 X: , K RR N I fr x If , I w X V , y 4 x ,X , , XX Y N X 'X xx XM X I 4 L X X K L. N x a X M Q X' X x ff 1? yr 'X L N W 1.1 XX gd -X2 Q? 'Q 'J J x SL, V N 0. X EL Xs I xy! x 9 ,. YQ -J . 'KJ xr x .1 , Y 1 XT -. ,, RM lk X A I "J K X. N .f iw Xxx is X7 A 15 ffl! 2 ' A V X X . 'xr 'R , if x X X N , ' sl P K My ,lu 'fx RTX fy' f 1,21 2 if 2 4 -XAXQX3 KXFX ,QZFJ u Q H " Li Q IW? Q, vw N ' i S3 XX X ffj! I f 1 X X3 xxx A I ,Li 1 ' ji 5 X" . ' Q :fl - f ,V NX' SQ! .ix wx Q 4. 2 V lb 'V ,il 4,1 1 L B X5 f- X Q V N' ,-'-lf' b Y! fx X3 yi J' VILL " . X , ' X ff ff , K XX 'V x 'X xf 'x' . L I i f N M N x.,XxH-V-E ,' I A .- , UI- Ll.- X.. 1 X as xx Y' '4 A t yi. R. 'X ,. I ff! hlilfli LA!! f CJ M L X - Ng lg ,MI 'J 5 7 H Xp f EV' ' 6501 Y ' f- X5 K ,XTX xxx , Y A1 .XXX X N X' X FR 'ri " " A ' R ax ,' X 7 'Lf gb xx y 4 1 ff lv - X ,Q V xl X W Rf ll X, V M X ' M x Q -- ' ' 9 XX' ' Xi A1 791 JG ' X J' ,fy XXJ, , XX xr N xx A, 5 f,f -Q ,,.. Q Q H T Av - " -Q 14, I x 3' 'X 5 Kg J! Q? N ,V V ,. xr, JQVV X Nfi gif L91 . W ' ' ft- 13.1526-' iz: his 9 X xx XJ Xf Q f ggi? Zwxw QM 3-QUJASZA :X dy' I, 1 3-,NNV 1- X A . - N 5 - g x Y . KA -- XX. Ad X . ' x X SQA' X' N QP 9 SE S GH SCHCDL TAMPA, FLORIDA BOUND 3 . J K, ' s.. :fA a V QW in as 1 Jw V? ,Q x Q. x 'Q ' w M-INXS? Jefferson s Homemakers of tomorrow. Looking forward! , We --.,-fN- -cr-' ...,. - l--in ANSWERING THE CHALLENGE OF THE FUTURE... What the future will offer to the members of the class of l957 only the days and years ahead can tell. How prepared you are to accept, modify, or reject the situations will depend upon the success of our efforts to build into your lives the necessary qualities of character and traits of personality which will determine your decisions. It is quite true that the three years at Jefferson High School and the experiences which the school has provided cannot determine all the factors which are basic. The influence of family and the basic truths taught by Your church are so much a part of all that you are and will be in the years to come. The school has provided the place and time where fundamental principles of your lives have been provided with an opportunity to understand the true values as a young mature individual. The years that are ahead will be of concern for those of us who know you and think of you as a part of our school life. The problems, disappoint- ments, and failures will leave their scars only to the extent that the pleasures, successes, and degree of happiness will be able to overcome them through strength of purpose and skills in adjustment which you possess. Our constant thoughts will be with you and your ability to meet the challenge of the future. 'Al M., PREPARED! for studies - - for OCCUPUHOF1 . . . for defense -5-nu-F' M '.4v9,2"ff,-..ez-v-i.""i' si? 4 ., . . n-.T 'agp-"5' "' ff' --Lf , " s-. H 'yvALL',', -ig R.-L V' L , i,:,,-'ge' , ,,. ,,, -v. ,.'-ab? Wm"-'A swmwnf' , -Y e . f ,'..,,, ...W .ia-1' -A wwf w 1 i ,H -V 1r.. . I-.. M 1 gl +f",5fi.i.4,1',f,fw-iff' 273, -- V-?9.-ef..-.r'I' ' -F-' - , " 5-gf ri '7"i ,jf A 'd'f!5Ag21Ff.1X, X if F, -, tgp?-5 :..f"f'7:. A fs" A. -gl A7f7' Jeff: -W wig: .X i.,ClAXd A g,gQ,,fQx:'ff1-"',3 f'4."fffig,0 'Z2:""'3T ' 7.4 ' QQQRQ-gig ' " Qt' Q .,.,,',x, , 445, - , Q , jN 'ri' f- K' , 5939, if ' .,., Jn-'L,,:i.-. .aim-z E-Q.j4'2,-'-h:3Lx,., V 1 1 . F5 Y 756115 ts wL.,,:l QSM A . "--' '---.- 5-rw f . A, " .,,.QT-ii: - ' 'dk Q " is 5 Jn -ul -I if ' ' L, T' "ff Arun! -ritz. 7... 'Eg-'f 9- 'I I, A iQ EEF' 'J 1 N, Y? 'ISA I -ffqjfqgfp-5 -. Ki f-5,.'r2,' ,,, 3 ,4fi,:5!!F"1gg.5g3J A vi , ,. A KT N. . K , 'gsgx 11 : .gg mi. 3 gi --h iigi, eil 3715. A ' .Z-, . l. -. AQ?:AM-. . wig' ,eggs 'Ap gl? . . -' -F may :+L ,- -U L e-fi-3 ,Q-15-rfaa mf' ' --- :.'xe - '-L" gg ' :iff ' ...fav ff' ' ti Q ', 4' -q- :N ' ' ' F' 3-'5T"'? "":',33 M "E 'Z ' ' 1 7' E' , .f""d1.+T". 'xl W .' ,A ZFX' ' 'W' 252:-f W " - 1'-55,4 51 V' i,.451'w'Fq'r1?x.k ni' X, T ,Kg " I, M A' A as k: 1 A fa? -'L ieligga ,vcfrx ' 'fiT:'.y'FXE1 'J Q : Q ' 'i 'e"' -fi" ' f L...1Y1 ' ' "fl 325' if ' -- i f - figs 'sei H?"f"'i"'l f.,Ejje ,sw , , i feaaq i' ,-bf---.l f fir: gg . - A, -1 '-- ai, ' cf 1 . K ' e " ',35,,,h M J-',,q.""5, ir 'fm L ' . . .J r K ,Q-wyvufffi . SUGGE9ff,E?Q.?5iTi7 f'iv5f-imuNw X SQQY2 fTA1'E":i?E3Nivs1meziv YN Lm,L3BoQouc,u ffLEiz79'lf'i,-fl x avi., : Zf-'OV i ywww Wai' , ' fy!!-ULAT. I wlki QQC! ! . 5f,,c,a ,vue 5f"'Y AARJQJCKJ 7 wwf! J.f,,s?!'3: -J 'rl - ve, Administration relaxes Joe S. Conte. -..f 1' Dragon dance. Miss Martha Nelson, Miss Lucile D. Sumner and Jetfites explore new horizons in the Dragon Library. FACES HORIZONS New faculty members pose in library. Seated are: Mrs. Frances Jones, Mrs. Dorothy Massey, Mrs. Frances Davis, and Miss Addie Humphrey. Standing are: Mr. James N. Luton, Mr. Samuel Harrison, Miss Betty Silverstein, Mr. Mike Karaphillis, Mr. The"dore Greene, Mr. James McAllister. , - ...H ,1 .usalnsui-If at an my Aww.. M 'fi . LWB. X, fha wb OP PORTU 8 Printing "The Jeffersonianf' student newspaper, is a thrilling experience. NITIES Students gather at the bookstore, Student Council project, to buy their supplies. Bones, shells, birds, and bees . . . all take on new meaning in biology. mesh-me nr lllll L? i yuh , X ""f"'-un Ann Hutchinson, Marilyn Pupello and Andrew Mirabole admire projects exhibited by shop students. PROJECTS -A-l"""' Civinette sister, Bonnie Roberts, becomes center of loving attention and Civinette activities. Prudye Jo Maniscalco, center, aided by Rosalie Castellano, left, and Eleanor Corral, right, take subscriptions during Monticello Week, a new yearbook staff project. W 'X -1, 1 f ,. ,GM -41 . ,..,. ,. 0 A x 4f,3g35"g:T?, W Qg1g,Jh if ,.T,j 4 f V V ff, f f NM , 4 vw . 4 39,1 , as pol an fx N' ' i' ,Ak 4'-.L Q lp P an S ,wr Hx M AL. Man , ' sy: '--- "'N Q yr, ff .'wrQfWW" . ' if 1' - sv' N Q I ..4.. bg 4"-f 4 :ME E Q 3 N --L-' ' W ,M ,4L.. .Q ,ff ...:,,, ..1 R, X' N Q, vi' ' f ,, I, QI W LQ .Q :Q 5' 5 , M' 3 Q55 , i , 5 , S? Q 5 K.. gk . Zz., J 'y 1 fn A .. ff!" pw W Q Q E, tif? X. ..,..g ,ig -' nm, V5 mfgf'j,.I, 5 5 ANIMATED CHEERLEADERS rouse the big team on to F2 W4 eff. db 'le' CGW 9 was 913 Now'-'Q H w- '?3N"'al5l""J if ' i10:'f,6 A ffgtyb 0-gl' M If lf" A K 40 , ' f-Q" kb N091 IAF: ,bg nb JD F SWK NQV! V wzbf ,u '1 yr ,qw Q aww 7 WM! JR. CIVITANS AND CIVINETTES win Dragon-over-Te kt JEFFERSON'S OWN ELVIS, Gilbert Caballero, p f th cheerleaders'skit t t th St d d th J gl cones wi " ran e in e un e." s Wnf N S 1 5? W ,af .Q Q' V wa 'Q . ng, ag 47. LX, 'Y 'Ly sgxl' av' if kg 1 -53 'U 4 shy M X 'LZ 15. L 35 L N' f , L L M f QE , , ,r br" " f 4' B, jf- Mx Ll' gg, f K af Q gf 5 - ff - :A n -'Q 4 , Qi , 4 mn 'P 1 Y A' 3 1 I Y ' wil M' , , 53'!rfgr , L 44, J P . 2' ' WR. Habla LQ, -".-: : 'I.,: '.:f, 1 '1",." ."', , i V K x A K5 ""1 K a A gf M' gg A Lf Tffkx 1 N' K .,,, ' 'FL g 'W . 'K M ' ' ' K' f wx 3 ,,,, I. ,L b H gif. Eg A xv, yiymvh , lgn wA 4,, tz 2 3 I L , KA V Q , Q . sm 1: - 4 .- ..',w . , 7? .1 -,'V--:. 'FK :.: , T Q17 :px g ga A 'Y Q-' N- . V., .,L Y Fd' i 5 , .4 in X l 4 Q L ,K fi, 'yv 1 ' Q .. 1 fwiliff ggi f - L 5, f L I f - L E ff W .qkvwwwxwf NS V 'Q--M 'Inky Ki may -.if-W J ,I A , Z gi A ,Est 53.1 I, 4 X A? Q,-r 4,,, M , xx K AL ky Q gi Q LK 5 , ' , , gal 'K F- Fx 'jwgxli ' 'K Y 'Z .js L ' f fm ' A W' K 55" 1 K ,K L ,iff B- K , P 5, M XY 55' IWW- -f'rJi X L, 1 bg. Y , 5 L ' ff D 5' My we .:-V'- ,Q m'yA wx. L L' 1' h,:- A ., WL L Qs' K L L .1 ,if f K ' L f b A 2 3 K 1 K .P X. K g L L gg if Lf- f gf L sv LL, if W ,L:LL,fff .. rf ,L f - f 1 L - ,M ,, 4. 4 ,. . ,W L 3 L if 'E "fI,L,H- 4. K--K 34 5 1. 9 A 3 5 3 'E 7 af, A V f A 5 ai Lf I yd A' nv , I ,A L lm i I, ' , Y U K L D , v XM- L yi MW - V Kwf K f LLM, an L L, "' , 'VW' ffrs W X 7' Qigf L W L L"2i-ff 'ywggg L 4 5 iw, V V iw . 5fMwuW' q 4 K, A , 4?T'?f"1y Q K ' L . . 6 my , 'KW A 1 4 ,L A L ,M Ak gi K, I A A I I i N , Rl ,NL K VM 'V Q W 1 gjAL .i,Qj ,K ,yr Q JV ,W A ,Zinn A4 K 7 I f ' y K Lv" fff, 7 ' Q' Q, ,395 if., Q 70 W ,Q KK ,,g'J5Mi ,m""5ffff'1 Lxgffug' 1 'W Wg-'L K f W k K X .V ,M L -ff i 4 M - .VS Z ,PT Elm: ff A. , A 'ig' "--w31E5'l3335":?"1' - Wffxl-N fi ,pf H Win W ..L, -AL- L L rg, K' y -wwf Lb , yL"'A:-QVLL Lhzgm :?5 ff'w KW f , L K' T L' A ' KK was Q L Q M L'ffi2,N'5??f.ff 5,1 mm ,A,gQ,U,., L M.: M J L M T af,glf,:?g:g3?i5::. f?,f 3 Linda Medero takes a good look at the teaching profession to which she aspires. , jay X 14- I , , gf ' V 1, .-,. jf: ! If lf 4,,. '- ' ,, L 4, We ' "g 'l ' , , , ,wif ,fi Jeffites rise to the challenge of higher mathematics in Mrs. Sparkman's trig class. Their goal . . . nursing! Eleanor Corral, Gloria Serralles, and Peggy Perez help to make patient, Shirley Lanning, more comfortable. '13 -15,1 GREATER x r -1 x K' fa' W Drama students derive great pleasure from producing another excellent comedy for their Dragon audience. jdfflnadl '1 'lt' fl g'C"5l'l"'LL ' LLL ' :fc 1 L ' -7 , ' L O L or fl 4416 , L, 1 fly ,cw jfv A 'l 7? ,A fl f iflwiafb 0611 f' f X 'X Z lm? JM? VA 'ISWN we 0 my 'THE COURT or THE GOLDEN DRAGON At lundh time Jeffltes gather at the benches d dlscuss the test they had nn hnstory or the physics test seventh pernod Those who are lucky enough not to have a test just relax and talk abou the golngs on at Jefferson the fnendly school Thelr royal mapestles-Queen Pat: of the House of Ward and Kung Robert of the House of Bengter Front row Barbara Floyd Joe Testasecca Amie Salsbury Frank Coto Johanna Arcun Danny Curbelo Second row Nllla Durand Davld Woerner Third row Harold Wallace Dale Garcla Vlrgnl Fabran Robert Bengter Pat: Ward Yolando Marcos Sam Leto Angela Vanacore Manuel Gonzalez Stella Gaddy Ralph Aguirre N...a,.-, V -wana-my r, num? fx ww -Q J "CW 'ff ' M mmap ., 1 A . ,,afw,,,MaM MM V , Q '7Y3'L!'ffv?41'fNii6Li QAM, U, m,,.g'wf . f HT.: . 'S V ,amgf,,,,5W,Wm,,,0MMW - H? 5::j:g,:2 my ,. gi gf? I 2 tr ---A E Mx ,, 5 213 ' S ,. X ,X 4 1 f -V f 'Q e , 1 K 'L , , z N f I ' K ,A 55 A 5, iv . 1 ggfg " ' 1 , , , L .. . . . S. A , v N M 3 w 1 . 7 . 1.-A 2 , 0 rmy . 0 wi! i A5 T' ff 5 A I A f 4 1 S ,g 3 ie g. L ? . 1 i Sw Q v . Z N' A E I l i 5 1 . ' V.-Q 5 . ' : - ww'-v-' 1-.. 1 . g :A : :S 'ff :'.'1 , -4 .M EM . , ,-, - , ix - J . X 1' 1 I f '.' v 2 fi? 5: '52 , ' 2 gg W V4 .:::: ,f , 4 lv , Q , W QQ 'Nl ' A WM ? V 39? 1 .Q ., ,JI .-X, 2 ,A , W J, , v I., h R I . 4 S. 'E 2 13 5 1 Q 'Z f E if 1 1 6 'Z A if 'L A f : .1 Q2 S xg .us 5 via Q . K1 wi , i -.-,. W Q F ,ai W i".?55.Q1 E 1' J, f : gay K an A 5 S A . F- f --v- F, uw 3 Q, . f ' ff4Sss:4 3 ' fi M af-wg . Q it V- ug 'V ' 1.44 ' Q , .. W if 4 5 f -fi Q 'Q ZZ, R' ' 7 Sf ,,A ,'A 5 Aj Q 5 X V1 '4-- ,fy ,f.. 3 QS .,V. f 1 -- 1'.- F , ,fy-,gf A ' 1 , ? tip I u ...xx nm., s E.. 'F 'D FERMA N CHEVRMETU Q mv..- ,ps WITH THE TIMES ah., V 1 We W ...L . ..,. , . , . N "514 IQ 'Eff ...swf Mr. Rosete prepares Jefferson students to take their place in the world of science. Business men, Joseph R. Lcpez, of Grinaldi Insuranceg Paul Di Pietra, of Able Gift Shopg and Manuel J. Buchman, of Buchman Department Store, visit Jefferson during Business Education Week. - yy-wff" ,gil as ' f QS! xxxx145'!!1 4 'I M I ,,,.w"" sxlij lgl In MY' l!3g!3gg5UF1 ! 1-Y", I I all I W ,W,,,. 1 w FORWARD BUUND We live in a thrilling world of speed and excitement that during our lifetime has entered a new era. Through modern science, man has gained new and greater heights, and yet reaches ever forward toward higher goals. Our cover represents this elevation of man. Herein the l957 Monticello we are trying to show the influence that the rapidly changing world has exerted upon our community, our school, and us, the youth of today. Rock 'n roll, hot rods, as well as the urge to join and be active in organizations, and an awakening regard for the slide rule, are our expressions of the speed and progress of our restless age. Sensitive to the terrifyingly dramatic advances of science and the resulting socio-economic implications, we are gravely aware of the great challenge that our future offers. Jefferson High School has helped prepare us to meet this challenge. Ever in harmony with the developments that each day brings, our school has in- troduced to us each new step forward, be it science, social theory, public relations, or the needs of the world about us. Our teachers, together with our parents, have guided us ever forward morally, spiritually, and' intellectually. They have given us the opportunity in our classes, in our club and in our varied activities to explore and rehearse our life-parts. We feel that we are ready to take places in an adult world, to accept the responsibility of life and the world's challenge to our generation. gQ0bz,o. Editor We have chosen to dedIcate our l957 MontIcello to you because more than anyone you have Influenced our lIves You have prepared us to meet the challenge of our future Whatever decIsIons or responsIbIlItIes the path of lIfe leads us to we wIll be more successful for havung You have not only sImplIfIed the frlghtenlng complex: tues of scIence and mathematlcs for all of us fortunate enough to clanm you as teacher you have not only made the laboratory an Important part of J l-l S and scIence a wIdenIng horIzon In our lIves you have encouraged us to become better people Your fnendshnp and guIdance have InspIred us to attann hngher Ideals and goals Your prIde In Jefferson Ever ready to be our fnend to gulde us when we need you most has prompted us to achIeve better school Splflf team work and fun Your devotlon to your professuon and your Interest In us your students have prompted us to assume greater projects and responsIbIlItIes Because of your wonderful personalIty the unequaled expenence of beIng In your classroom IS one that wIll brIng happy memorles to us always and these thIngs that you have taught us wIll remaIn wnth us throughout our lIves You have helped us beyond the call of your duty on our journey Forward Bound through hIgh school and Into adult lnfe Because we love and admIre you we dedIcate our l957 Montrcello to you PHILIP ROSETE I N. . ., I l 1 I - . l. . . ' I I . I . . . known you. , , , ,f , h . . . I . I ' I , . ' ' I ' I 19 "lt's a school policy . . ." We are happy to have as our new principal, one who has served our school well for many years. As former dean of girls, Miss Sumner was already an integral part of our school life when she rose to her present posi- tion. As principal, Miss Sumner, can best be described by a verse from our Alma Mater. "Onward as duty calls her, Strong to dare and do, Loyal whatever betalls her To Jefferson, our Gold and Blue." NEW PRINCIPAL LUCILE DSUMNER Miss Sumner addresses student body before presenting membership cards to new inductees. Two Civinettes, Gloria Serralles and Mildred Gonzalez present Miss Sumner with a new filing cabinet. DEAN OF BOYS JORGE GARCIA Jefferson students are prepared to step out of hIgh school and successfully meet the new sItuatIons of theIr future claIms Jorge GarcIa the man who knows As sophs Mr GarcIa Introduced us to readIng and aptItude tests He has helped many senIors plan theIr college and busIness careers and has admInIstered and Interpreted theIr schoIarshIp examInatIons All the whIle he guIdes every Jefferson boy from class room dIscIplIne to cItIzenshIp responsIbIlIty Mr GarcIa who IS a Master of Psychology has en trenched hImself In the heart of every JeffIte as a coun selor and beloved frIend ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Jos s coNTE 'ff EOC USS RU E5 O O-U3 Q -'NS Incog- 3ICm--I-IO3 g- js- -"4o m3' 412.0-f fb Q..fD,',Qm.,C --x-- -3-IN S-Nff:,afg'f,w,,Q'QQ22ar 030512 Ogg J-'soma iw" KQINOQ cI7I3"'O Q',.,.L.OO LEQNIIIQ Us-3-3 7V3'Qh?"'g'3'a-fl' QHDQXQI -Q-h-I--I Ln.,'1f "' U7- Dfsaganswa' swans uw 3' 3 -gxm0m'ULgO3Q-J' ru 3 D o-I-'Da mo- 3' -I- j'- LQ Jmn -UQ D' -P SRM 0 rua o o 23 9+ a 3m 392500 L30 gp, Tam "' 9'3- D Q 5 JI-fm mtgzmm gm img ""-v-:uh gmmix wx 'fo-. :IO 1 ug U n U13 gon, V'-+130 Wm '+- 3 "' Om! E: O-fDC 3 Efw-IN-ICJ.. a.fD fb-2 OC? 3o""SS 3 -I-cn 3 - gl-I 5 2 3-" 32 310 33- 293. 2132 'Dm ge -50 536 QQ-I3 N2-O O5 33' GTD mm 3 1,-F in -N4 'P ,.,.N4 -v-D.m O 3- ILO, Og 3-Q. Sag 39.5, og :'-" :Q gsm. Q "'o 2: -'Nj ,,,,-r .-I-'Hi In CLD UITO -O D ,+ fp-r IQ1 CFD LD :O a ., 1-F D-., 35 'IC 363' -O-3 mr 'D m"' mom MOLD im is llllll N N N I . N l r N - . Nr ' Q - , w - N , . I I N . . N . N - . n , ' . N . ' N N . N - 3 . . NN . ' N ' I N N N N , I R N . I I IN I DEAN OF GIRLS MARTHA NELSON A small school IS lIke a large famIly claIms new Dean of GIrls Martha Nelson JeffItes are happy to Include MIss Nelson as an Important member of our famIly Muss Nelson who obtaIned a degree In educatIon from Flornda State UnIversIty taught In the elementary schools In Tampa for several years and then earned a Master s degree In socIal work from Tulane She helped many Jefferson students as a VISlfIng teacher DYIOF to becommg Dean of GIrls MISS Nelson feels that the varIed actIvItIes at Jefferson as well as the many organIzatIonal opportunItIes cer taInly help to prepare Jeffutes to meet the challenge of theIr future 21 . I 1' X,f" ,,,,, X Q , ' ' 4 2 5555? X: wx 14w?,,,,, V sv! V ,I ff . ,,. A I t I qjwwkg 1 M ,Q 7 A ig, .Q .1 J, 533241, cz, 'iw ZW " Q, 5' 294, 'J Z3 ,WDW Q +1 . f' Q, LK 0 fa U1 LQ -Jax, kvl 6 fry K 5,21 4 1,1 X 255, QU 9 ' 'R f. QA xv' 6' ,- I . Qu, f wy- .,, W, A 'fr 5 A -. , if 4' 1 sf . ,Q ,Q V 1 . , , 1 ' ,Ay w. , 3 QL, . ., v 5 v 'wild if 1 9.1 i 5 iii K' Q, aw X if 3.3 YA E, V' A4 Wi! . Q va , ,, ' i ,I I if , y,,,QT! "f fi' f . Wes, f K it . F 2 .WL 3,3 W Q Ji W D9 ,A S E N I R S WHO'S WH NOTABLE UNDERCLASS Class Officers: Harold Wallace, Linda Medero, Prudye Jo Muniscalco discuss plans for the senior banquet. JEFFERSON SENIORS We, the youth of today, are stepping forward into the most exciting and challenging future of which man has ever dreamed. Atomic power, cosmic energy, universal travel, and journeys to the moon-all of these are paths that radiate into our future. Exciting! Challenging! . . . but frightening. What lies ahead for us? We are now on the brink of a new life. Some of us will further our high school learning by attending college. Eventually we will graduate and take our places in the professional world, as doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, or teachers. Other Jefferson graduates will go directly into the business world from high school. The girls will begin earning their living as stenographers or sec- retaries, and the boys will begin as accountants or sales- men. Another occupation which will claim some is mar- THE SENIUR CLASS O F F l C E R S President . . ......... PRUDYE Jo MANISCALCO vice President . . . . . HAROLD wALLAcE Secretary. . . . . . LINDA MEDERO FORWARD BOUND riage. This will be a full time job of keeping house and raising children. Our years at Jefferson have prepared us for these new responsibilities. For three years we have been guided by our parents and teachers. We have been encouraged to join clubs and participate in school activities. In these three years we have matured, studying, work- ing, and having fun with our classmates. We have made lifeflong friends of some. Others are just acquaintances. Yet it will seem strange when in just a very short time we will no longer see each other every day. Where will each of us be twelve years from now? Twelve years ago, in l945, the Atomic Era shattered our concept of the world with the roaring blast of the first atomic bomb. As this era was beginning, we also began our era of learning. SD as F 1' ,' WE Q f YN lr A JACQUELINE ALEMAN JOSIE ALFANO ANNA ALFONSO JERRY ALFONSO SYLVIA ALFONSO BEVERLY ALLEN LORETTA ALMEIDA FRANK ALVAREZ JOSIE ALVAREZ RAMONA ALVAREZ TODAY'S SENIORS. .TOMORROVXVS LEADERS JOHANNA ARCURI PAT BEALES Q 'Q 5 r' '41 W Z -of 'Z' DANIEL BACCHESCHI ROBERT BENGTER Ag 9 X Ns ff 478. These were our respective homeroom leaders. First row, left to right, Sam Puleo, Wayne Mayo, Joe Demmi, Charlie Spicola. Second row: Rosalie Castellano, Juanita Juarez, Mildred Gonzalez, Prudye Jo Maniscalco. 2 'N , K At first we were puzzled at the new words we learned, but at the some time we were happy to meet so many new friends. After a few weeks, we adjusted to our new world, filled with new ideas. This was a memorable year, also, because this year we lost our beloved President, Franklin D. Roosevelt. But, most of all it is remembered forthe end of World War ll. During our second year in school, we studied the three "R's" and struggled to learn them well. Worldwise this was the year when the first radar contact was made with the Moon. In l947, as India gained her independence from Great BILLY IaENITEz MARGARET sENITEz IoANN BENNETT ANN MARIE BERTHIAUME BRIGHT PATHS RADIATE INTO OUR FUTURE. MARIE IaI.ANco RONALD BLANCO IERALDINE BLEDSOE PATRICIA BORIS TOMMY BORREGO DANIEL IsoYER GLORIA BRIANT HELEN BRIDGES ELDRA BROD WILLIAM BROWN I W W 39" ls, fl af! nu- fl' x il Jim Coleman, president of the Honor Society presents the Intellectual Dragon to Rosalie Castellano, president of the homeroom with the most students on the honor roll. ANN BURTON VICTOR BUSCIGLIO GENE BUTLER ROBERT CADRECHA WE PREPARE TO MEET TOMORROW'S CHALLENGE ROGER CALDWELL BETTY CAMERO TONY CANNATELLA RENE CARRERA JANTCE CARRINGTON SYLVIA CARTER SAM CARuso RosALiE CASTELLANA ROSANNA CASTELLANO ALICE CAsTRo he 5 '15-' ,- fd' RQ ' 3 -.., E JOE CENTINARO ANGIE CHIARAMONTE -BYRON CLARK CHARLENE CLARK JOE CICCARELLO TONY CIRELLA JUDY CAHALLA JIM COLEMAN LA VIVIAN COLLIER ANTHONY CONIGLIO coisiribeisir or OVERCOMING Liriafs OBSTACLES Britain, we were spending a great deal of time on geography and drawing maps. We were also learning some about history, and were fascinated at the marvels of science. During our fourth year we learned how to finger paint and were doing pretty well in arithmetic. While we were having our own little difficulties, Berlin was divided into the Eastern and Western zones, This year also we were busy starting to learn how to play musical instruments. Some of us were interested in the chorus. In the fifth grade the music lessons paid off, for we auditioned for the operetta and for our efforts many of us received parts in the play. We were now on our way forward. This is when we formed our habits of studying, ELEANOR CORRAL GRACE COSTA MARILYN CRESCENT MARTHA CRESPO I 'Ii if 'T' I K-9 5- f E ,eg W ii il DONALD CROWLEY TONY CRUZ DON CUERVO MARIE CUERVO CUICIO JOHN DAVES CARLA DAVIS JUDITH DAVIS YOLONDO DELGADO DEMMI X WE FACE THE FUTURE WITH HIGH HOPES RACHEL DIAZ ARLENE D'MlCO LARRY DUPREE JOYCE EASOM These students had the privilege to represent Jefferson High at Boys' and Girls' State in Tallahassee, June, l956. Front row: Eleanor Corral, Rosalie Castellana, Juanita Juarez, Second row: Jim Coleman, Richard Holcomb, Harold Wallace, Byron Gordon. Not pictured: Daniel Baccheschi. 1 lil T learned manners, how to get along with people, and the importance ofa well-balanced diet. The last of our grammar school days were the happiest ones, We felt big at being in charge of the School Safety Patrol. Some of the big news in the world news at this time came on June 25, when the communists staged a full-scale attack on South Korea. While we were sad to leave our teachers in grammar school we were also happy to make new friends at Junior High School Here we crossed another plateau an our path of learning At first it was difficult trying to find our way around the new school It seemed strange after six years of being with the same teacher all day to suddenly change our ' M--M, ,:, :'Z - , . :Q 'is 'G' 'Y' 'f' iw til Em Q if 5 I if s Al. :'-': l :l l SONIA EDILLA WILLIE ESCOBIO GRACE FAEDO JOHNNY FELICIONE SPONSIBILITY AMOS FENNELL ADRIA FERNANDEZ DANIEL FERNANDEZ RALPH FERNANDEZ RALPH FERNANDEZ HIRLEY FERNANDEZ LOUIS FREIJO NELSON GARCIA VIOLA GARCIA CAROL JEAN GAYLE 01" Ilgff l's 463' Members of the National Honor Society relax after takung the National Qualifying Examination. They ore, Eldra Brod, Eleanor Corral, Tommy Borrego, Byron Gordon, Peggy Perez, Jennie Negin, Linda Medero. Not pictured, Jim Coleman. ROSE MARIE GENTILE THEO GIBSON JOE GIGLIO ROSIE GIGLIO BOTH IN CLASS WORK AND IN CLUB PROJECTS VIOLET GIL JOAN GILLSTRAP DOM GINEX ELVA GONZALEZ JOSIE GONZALEZ LEONARD GONZALEZ MERCEDES GONZALEZ MILDRED GONZALEZ MILDRED GONZALEZ BYRON GORDON ,WI-M-A W' V. if We SX Rf if 4-" .4541 LEo GRAY CHARLES GRoovER NORMA GUERRA JOSE GuIsANoE ANN MARIE GusTAFsoN JIM HACKwoRTH CAROL HARGRAVES GLADYS HARBER CHARLES HERNANDEZ RICHARD HERNANoEz NEW STUDIES, NEW IDEAS, NEW FRIENDS ELAINE HILL PATTI HINsoN RICHARD HoLcoMIa JANET HOUSTON habits by having a different teacher every hour. lt was a real treat to be able to Choose whatever we wanted for lunch and we finally had a variety of drinks-cakes, pepsis, and milk etc. 1 After becoming adjusted to the change of systems, we were happy the summer was over so that we could again be with all our friends. This year, our 8th year in school, something entirely new clad the halls. The girls were beginning to wear a light shade of lipstick and the boys were all displaying the G-l hair Cut. What a change! Many of us were be- coming young ladies and gentlemen. New interests arose in most of us. We attended all I so, 51" KENNETH HUNTER DIANA IPPOLITO NELS JACOBSON SANDRA KLEIN Q iw 9,-'gk-Q., SV 1,3 A fb HM if , ,lk f X K ANN HUTCHINSON JACK IPPOLITO LEAD TO RONALD JENNINGS BART KORNBLUM 9 Senior Student Council members operate the very complete Bookstore at Jefferson. They are, left to right. Richard Hernandez, Tyrone Lovin, Rosalie Castellano, Mildred Gonzalez, Prudye Jo, Maniscalco. NEW I-IORIZO JERRY JOHNSON MARGARET LACALLE up ,nv +I JUANITA JUAREZ SHIRLEY LANNING ,-1, I . f , of XV 4 f 1 Af S fs f , J"-J.,-4-'S NS BOBBY KAISER TYRONE LAVIN 1 the dances, and other school activities. For some, their musical training help them to get in the band. Remember how proud we were when we saw our band marching down Franklin Street! At the end of this year the halls were filled with posters. Excitement was in the air. Who was to be elected president of the school for next year? Campaign speeches, rallies, stunts, all added to the excitement. All too soon our last year of Junior High came. We had to decide what diploma we wished to obtain. Q A, Schedule cards and more schedule cards had to be filled. This last year was crammed full of extra activities. n...- EDDIE LAZO RALPH LAZZARA LARRY LEE JOSEPH LEMUS JEFFERSON . OUR HIGHWAY TO SUCCESS Joi-IN LETO MARY LETO THERESA LETO SAM LICCIO Jos LOCICERO PHILLIP LOCICERO SAL LODATO BETHEL LOFLEY MARY JANE LoNGo ZENAIDA LONGO .4 1 I FAYE MCCASKILL JIM McKNlGHT JOE MENENDEZ ANDREW MIRABOLE JOHNNY MONTANO GASPARMONTE INSPIRED BY OUR M You helped with plans for the Spring Carnival and sold magazine ads for the band. You joined a few clubs and for the first time, you took civics. There you learned about government in the United States and of democracy. One bright and shiny day you entered that long admired school, Jefferson High School. Because of the friendly atmosphere, you soon met many new friends. Being faithful Jeffites from the beginning, you at- tended all ofthe football, basketball, and baseball games and supported your team at every chance you could. That welcoming assembly was very impressing. There were so many clubs to which you could belong. The opportunities that were available were many and excit- ing The goals were set high so that one day you may be MA FRANK Micsu viviAN MILAM HARRY MORADIELLOS MARY M. MoRALEs E N T O R S DAVID MORENO MARIANA OLIVA l JENNIE NEGIN SYLVIA PAIS X-,FPR I I proud to have achieved them, There was the science club for those who were interested in science. Student Council for those interested in government, service clubs, com- mercial clubs, nurses, garden, journalism and many others. All this Jefferson offered to you so that you could get an idea of the future career you wished to embark upon. In the eleventh grade most of us had already made some names for ourselves. Through clubs, we contributed many services to the school. We were the first Junior Class to have a project presented "Juniors in the Tropics," a talent show, It turned out to be very successful and showed the ambition of our Junior Class. With the pro- ceeds, we enlarged the most priceless possession of all- the trophy case. The next September we discovered that we were at last, Seniors. This was the year we set the examples for the underclassmen. We had many a senior class meeting in the auditorium. ROGER PREIDE GENE PROVENZANO NANCY PULLARO DENNIS PUPELLO SPIRITUAL AND MORAL VALUES MARILYN PUPELLO JIMMY PUTNEY MANUEL RAGANO ANDREW RENDUELES ANDY RENDUELES JOANNE RESINA PETER RAGANO RUDY REINA GUS REYES SAM RISCILE A-'vi .bug , , ,, ,- ..,.,,-, W .M GLORIA Roomouez Rosle Roomouez JEANETTE SALADINO EDDIE SAN JUAN 45' RICHARD RODRIQUEZ FRANCES ROSALES 2 5 IN THE JEFFERSONIAN JOE SALADINO JIMMIE SCAGLIONE 6 TONY SALADINO CARMEN SCIORTINO in ew-9 A I W2 I ,. 52" I "V STEAKS? Turkey? Seafood? . . . Banquet Committee in state of confusion. Seated from left to right: Jennie Negin, Marilyn Pupello, Eleanor Corral, Harold Wallace, Juanita Juarez, Eldra Brod, Prudye Jo Maniscalco, and Rene Carrera. Standing: Byron Gordon, and TRADITION ROSE SAMALEA RICHARD SCOLARO Rosalie Castellano. MANUEL SANCHEZ MARLENE SEGALL I, A.-: Z if an-0--0' . ' Z? .X 'CZ' an gn. GLORIA SERRALLES REGINA SIERRA ROSE SIERRA SHARON SLOAN BETH SNYDER GEORGE SPANO CHARLIE SPICOLA ALICE TALAVERA ROSE MARIE TAMBORELLO THERESA TAMBORELLO ANTOINETTE TAVALACCIO LORRAINE TERRY HELEN THOMAS JUNE THOMAS , 1 After much thought and' help from the clubs, our E paths toward our future careers seemed brighter and more distinct. Our last pep rally brought a lump in the throats of many seniors. Before we left, we enjoyed the crowning of the new king and queen of Dragon Court. Now we must leave you, dear Jefferson, for we are forward bound toward better living. Some of us will go to college, others will become business leaders, There are many and varied challenges in the world to be met by us. First, though we must ask ourselves, "Have I taken advantage of all the opportunities you have of- fered me?" If we can truthfully answer "yes," whatever height and fame we will reach in the years to come, we will owe it to you, our alma mater. "For there never was a high school just like you and to your gold and blue, we'll be for- ever true." 5' ilk YYYYYY mi A Y x"3E X . K .I 4 E 2 Q 4 ,f W ' f - ,, - ,V 2, , ir' ' 5' 13-wr nc' in .E KE 3 A M A' Lf, .,.,.,A ,:,.,.. xx 7 1'-,R -:R-:W xi ' Z br- , X . - ,.. 'bg , , ,. , :K , OWEN TRAYNHAM .ffnff A it Xa , X' , f A ' f' X A A Y f S 2 GLORIA TRUJILLO BOBBY VALDEZ MARY ANN VALENTI TONY VARAS JIMMIE VARSOLONA MAGGIE VELAR ERNESTO VILDOSTEQUI HAROLD WALLACE DICKIE VARDE WE RUDOLPH WARD EVELYN WRIGHT 1,4 x ggi ST EP FORWARD INTO THE FUTURE REAMWILSON OLGA ZAYAS ' .w :'iw -.,v.- ' -f':.: ' ' , R V5 X Mr. Verges' and Mr. Zabuldo's homerooms celebrate with 0 party given at Lowry Pork by ' 'RK' the PTA for 1000b membership. x if 2 :i unix J f Gloria Briant became a member of Honor Society in her junior year, is a member of Kiwanettes, Safety Council and is a Commercial As- sistant. She is the recipient of the Future Homemaker of Tomorrow Award of Jefferson High. She also finds time to maintain a high scho- lastic average, Juanita Juarez, Saberette and Vice President of Civinettes, is ai:- tive in school life as member of Honor Society and the Senior Ban- quet Committee. She represented Jefferson at Girls' State and is a three-year president of her home' room. 92 2 ,,-f""'- .MQ vw 115 Eldra Brod has earned recognition for her ever-lasting energy as edi- tor of the Monticello. She is a member of Honor Society, Secretary of Quill and Scroll, Secretory of the Science Club, and an active representative in Student Council, K4 x As Senior Editor, Rosalie Castel- lano put endless effort into the making of the 1957 Monticello, Ac- tive in many phases, she has been president of her homeroom for three years, a member of Civinettes, a Dragon Magorette, an Elective Stu- dent Council member and a Com' mercial Assistant IN HUNUR UF President of the Senior Class, Prudye Jo Maniscalco has been an active member of Student Council for three years, Honor Society mem- ber and President of Civinettes. She also serves as Subscription Manager of the Monticello and president of her homeroom. 1 'Q"lHnn-....,, A ,,4-sc. 4 'i 555 sl 1 e K Always full of pep was Linda Medero, Co4Head Cheerleader, The busy President of Future Teachers of America, she also was Secretary of the Senior Class, Chaplain of Civinettes and active member of Honor Society, W, x 2 3 L I 1 tri 5 sf lm ' tx Jim Coleman, an outstanding scholar, served as president of Honor Society his senior year. As vice president of Key Club, Jim also is an Elective Student Council member and was the Dragon Band's Drum Major lor two years. Eleanor Corral, a representative to Girls' State, has excelled in bath scholarship and service as a mem- ber ot Honor Society, Kiwanettcs, Future Nurses, and active Faculty Editor of the Monticello. Eleanor is the salutatorian of the graduat- ing class. Q if ...,...,.-A-5 -nm, aww-me , Active president of Student Coun- cil, Mildred Gonzalez, served her school as Treasurer cf Civinettes, Band Majorette, Honor Society member and member cf the As- sembly Club. She also devotes much of her time to being a Commercial Assistant and president of her homeroom. THUSE WHU SERVE These seniors were chosen by a vote at the faculty for their personal service, participation in various school activities, academic qualtications, and good school spirit. Peggy Perez, recipient of the D.A.R Award, takes part in all school activities as an Active mem- ber of Student Council as a rep- resentative. Aside from being Sec- retary of Future Nurses, she proud- ly possesses a high scholastic average. She has proudly become Valedictorian. an 'Br ' All Wenwhfm My l f l l 2 N l sv . , Gloria Serralles, President of Fu- ture Nurses, and member of Honor Society, received outstanding recognition for Jefferson in oratori- cal contests. She is the Co-Ad' vertising Manager of the Monti- cello and spends much of her time serving as a Civinette, s Harold Wallace, president of the Key Club and Parliamentarion cf Student Council has served both his school and classmates in par- ticipating in :ports and serving as vice president of the Senior Class. ,,,,...,.. I ,,,.,, , www r ,K H O F F I C E R S Pfesldenf vmcn. FABIAN Vrce President GAIL DAVIS Secretary RITA GONZALEZ CLASS PRESIDENTS Seated Angela Vanacore Soma Arcluengo Standing Ernle Fngueredo Phnl Gugglno Joe Caldevllla Alex Menendez Byron Holly The closs of 58 experienced o yeor of ex Junior closs proved oble to fulfull many duties cntnng octnvnty os on nrnportont port of .letter ond responsnbulutues Next yeor os sensors they son s clubs othletncs ond soclol lute In these wall copobly full the role left by their prede thnngs os well os nn scholostuc ochlevement the cessors struvung for better ond higher gools 44 Eugene Boley Kathy Burts Gardenia Cabrera Joe Caldevilla Victoria Cabrera Vincent Carreno Paula Casario Bennie Clccarello Joseph Corrales Jose Collera Jr Diane Couto Mary Jane Counts Myrna Cruyar Sara Jane Cummins Francis D Arpa Dave Diaz Donald Day Yolanda Diaz Gilmore Dominguez Shirley Dunaway R+? 5'-N 35 Fred Aaron Isabel Accsta Frank Albano Gloria Amorelli Richard Anton Henry Aparlclo Alice Baso Ruben Bencomo Frank Bltetto Rose Bitetta gg, W w l 45 a S 4, r S , ,I Sl Charles Eubanks Mike Everett Connie Fernandez Dorothy Fernandez Lmda Flcarrotta Lydla Flores Larry Galvez Grlda Garcra Lourse Garcia Robert Gonzalez Froment Gonzalez Louns Gonzalez Wanda Gonzalez Ronnre Govrn Buster Guarrsco Phll Gugglno Madelene Hann Byron Holley Oscar Juarez Bernice Koon Isndor Landeta Mary Frances Lazzara Nelson Lu Calsl Sylvra Lmares Marian Lodato Ernest Lopez Glorla Lopez Frank Loto Joe Loto Norma Jean Lynch 4.5 Annette Mandese Alfred Marhnez Orchnd Marhnez Sandra Mora Jose Oliva Charles Owens Joe Parsons Deanna Perez Golden Palmer Gloria Parrino Linda Peele Clarice Prine Ignacio Peri Mary Jean Quzsada Yvonne Riggio Joe Rumore Vincent Ruilovo Jr. Peggy Sfepp Else Jean Suarez Paul Traynham Joe Vetrano Angela Vanacsre Jimmy Faye Ward Ray Martinez Rose Mortmez Gary McMlll1an Manuel Maseda Lunda Messina 1 Lffg.. -A jus, 'Yu 4 Z? N 4 4,7 gg VIOLET TRAFFICANTE President LOUISE FOX Vice President LUCILLE TRAFFICANTE Secretary OFFICERS SUPHUMURE CLASS ww CLASS PRESIDENTS First Row Drucllla Guggnno Cynthia Tavendera Judy Morrls Julle Cannella Glorla Alonso Celeste Sanchez Second Row Phllnp Perricone Eugene Cotarelo Tcny Gennaro Rudy Morale Sammy D:Corte Anthony Valdes As sophomores we have completed the flrst lmk In the ever nncreaslng chaun of progress Our furst day at Jefferson was strange bxg burldung strange faces new thrnlls We soon felt the spine tunglung excitement of watching our teams face others In a sportsman luke way We soon grew to admure the seniors who to us were the most Before we knew tlme had gone and our first year at Jefferson was over There had been a growth of assurance and unlty and we looked together to the next rung on the ladder My M I Qi l . . . . . . . . . , V X, ,.,. J , t U zz ',,. isi V , B. 4 A Xi I ,. Q ',-.,. Q! lk Q . '11 ', 9., ,I v - 4 Xa- 'gr f" ,e 0 1 1, v 1. Q' . f 1 1 1 1 1 I .. . c . ' ' I I I 'I ' ' ' ' II Il 1 1 I 1 Gloria Alonso Jo Ann Alvarez Al Arenal Julie Cannella Paul Carter Victor Cardoso Sylvia Cataldo Elena Cerro Dolores Ciccarello Gene Cotorelo Carlos Cowen Bobby Cuaruaua Betty Cummins Diana Diaz Gloria Diaz Louis Diaz Sam Di Corte Frank DiMarco .TY ll f"' 1 1 E ,N En ' 2 Karl Borkman Marilyn Barksdale Sonia Barbon Elaine Beck Walter Bell La Rue Best Harold Bengter Margaret Breijo Mario Borrego Rene Bozart Johnny Bright Barry Bustillo Peter Busto Sonja Cabrera Robert Calafell Ernest Calvo Lazzaro Calvo C95 - ' jx ' , 'if ",i ff Partic Daggy Daniel Doyle Nelson Ferlifa M. Wayne Fernandez Carl Ferreri Salvador Ferreri Louise Fox Sandra Gaddy Gloria Garcia Virginia Gaskins Drucilla Guggino Nicole Guggino Angelo Guida Bruce Holly Marjory Hussey L. Cleburne Jacks Jo Ann Jones Mario Leon Yvonne Locicero Deanna Longval I, 1 l , .c 1: ,., ,.., rv ff' v X i , x M. .4 . 1 .. "lam- i flu. X r Q., -wi I Z' if if .5.,,,, 23 x 14"1 L el si lllllxl m HMM, MQ ,YK fgmifzw f, i1,+'vMN:oZf.'4"w f , .,,,,' ,fr ri an Tanya Lopez Vincent N, Mandese Ocilia Marcos Joyce Milam Nere Marrero Bobby Moafs Rosemary Malo Sandra Nunez Sandra Bonanno Anthony Pendino Gerald Perez Nancy Jo Perez Ronny Perez Sylvia Perez Phillip Perricone Eugene Shields Waldo Soria Ralph Suarez Lucille Trafficante Violet Trafficanle Angel Trujillo Nickie Tuzzolino Frank Vacanfe Diana Valasco Anthony Valdes David Valeigo Michael Vanacore Romona Vils Gerald Whifehirst Pat Williams Mario Pullara Alice Quinfana Sylvia Reyes Colleen Reynolds Joe Rio Donald Robaldo Gloria Robaldo Nelson Roccaforte Yolanda Rocha Ralph Rodriquez Sandra Rodriquez Sylvia Romberger Sam Rosales Lester Rourk Judy Rumore Celeste Sanchez Oliva Sansom Hope Santisfeben Andrew Scaglione Gyle Sierra V1 X VM' f V , A' Qyy f f 1 1 his R , SUMMER FUN MONTICELLD STAFF BEGINS WORK elf' Te 5 ve one vol x 'l - u9 Z KX 550164 K W Bom Ah C 59 x R okewna e om W Zh- Cwk Q0 S . 6' 5,2 5 vw , 000111 4-College Night H.H.S. -Wheel Club Dance I4-Band Concert 20-Junior Lions Dance out Y k MM-1-'-""" ' Q . 1 is N H.. Q 3 3 if 1 4 21 28 1 it 1 29 1 E il X , 1 Ki V if es fi f 4 i 1- 4 ,ff 5 l W 4 ll if x 1 5 s I E 2 9 e f 21 22 Q 23 30 Rx KV-"'xa: iff-wwfio fx Q 7 X 1 , , , Q I f ,jx JK' 'Nw NX SL ,fiwf , 3. 0 Lev Q X 1'-r 1 I xv ' 9 v Url We, n C, ' 'J Q 2 Milli' .B 5'1.,N0"he 4:0506 ci 1 eve fax X9 X vp X n,,.,.W XLS!! ,gm 2 'X f ' M 4- 1 A "S I P Y 2 Y '55 R N Aer T. 1 3 - A f 5 f Xa gg ii X13 5 xg! X2 0 Q N ff i 1' M Q CU if ie- 5 - 2 i S lx f aww W5 I X X Szlafemger L , ' zzv -School Begins 4 ,.,. M -St. Pete Game KT? ' -Civinette Dance -Boca Ceiga Game KTD -ss' - ,,.., -gm r l Q S X. Olleln QI' --ROTC Sponsors Day Parade -Monticello Pep Rally-Dance -Chamberlain KHP -Sarasota KT! I6-Clearwater KTD -Art Club Dance -Thanksgiving Holidays ' -Manatee lTD ' sf 4 -FBLA Dance gf , ".'1v 1 Q' -N- mp! 'X f ' nwamff 2 4' ' 4 al . fough 4 'K ,Hillsbu M , f oCT Dome ' EE if Northeds' in if X Jesuit ll-lie' CU no ee 1 15 de:::2cNurses Dflflce' G izrusoul 7. 7:13 Exams ae' pqnce-Plant RHF Sfcheedeo 4-we 7' te mm '29 5'- Pe at e1fFioridc ci H3 g0l7l'llCll'y f-Boca Ccigo iTi St tc Fair ,A 5-,Hiiisborough K if g,.Jf, OPTimist Dance-,Northeast KTN gf .i 12,-Mclnotcc LTU NA,-Giris Picy Dcy ' cc-'Cicorwoter i5'S-ciioiorship Don ' KTB X9--ffjiumbcricin Cl rcli Ciub versus FccuitY iiliicy i-1-Kiwoncttc Duncc Student Hoiidciy NS! N6.-St. Patricks Day UJROTC Purcdc 22-,Student HoiidcY 19,-FHA Dance pri I-Federal Inspection RO is-GQFFHA State Conventi0nTC fudent Council Dam: 19-Good Friday e 26-Journalism jump mi, I-ROTC Mai' io- ..""'Y Em' P 16-ROTC Mimi, Ban S made ROTC Field Do, 17- Dragon Court JK, 5, 2 - . , 1 3?-.:2r:1i4XBofiQuefund Pmm W X mcrican Club dancgt X 1 , lf " I N ix' , V, .I typ. X 0 JK W... 5, V i 1 LU! 0 if-Baccalaureate 6-Exams nt Exams 7'C.ommcnccme W, Jo- ,fi 44' 'lu X vs. iz? ,, 5, ,. x ' F ai- ir 2. 1' qs Q, if "W-. I .ff Av i X i f:""Z 'Q' , E' Q, L .ai .' 1 -. bi'i 1 " V fy: M4 tif' i -:U gi X Teacher of Tomorrow? Jeffites enjoy their opportunities to explore future careers. Students learn about the marvels of today. The security of our future is in the hands of young men such as these trained here at J.H.S. J.H.S, has been our trail to tomorrow. ln this section of the Monticello, we are trying to show you the varied byways that we have had the opportunity to explore. We want to give you a glimpse of our teachers all of whom have played a part in influencing our lives, We want to tell you of the many different fields that we have been able to explore, in our various classes and in our many clubs. Our future clubs and extra-curricular departments have given us insight into possible pro- fessions. Our organizations have helped build our characters, have given us the chance to develop leadership qualities, and the opportunity to serve. Important along our trail have been our honor clubs which have served as a reward for our achievements throughout our school days. This section portrays life at Jefferson. OUR TEACHERS OUR CLASSES OUR CLUBS Seated: Miss L. D. Sumner, Mildred Gonzalez, Lindo Medero, Dale Garcia, Josie Alfano, Prudye Jo Maniscalco, Elaine Hill, Rene Carrera, Alice Castro, Diana Couto, Jackie Aleman, Jennie Negin, Joanne Resina, Ramona Faye McCcskiIl, Gloria Serralles, Tyrone Lovin, Manuel Ragano, Daniel Alvarez, Eldra Brod. Standing: Tommy Borrego, Jim Coleman, Olga Zayas, Baccheschi, Harold Wallace. Art Club . . Band . . . Civinettes . . Cheerleaders . . D.C.T ..,. F.B.L.A. . , F.H.A. . F.N.A. . F.S.A. . . F.T.A. . . . . Garden Club . . Honor Society . . Jeffersonian . Jr. Civitans . . Jr. Lions. . Jr. Optimists . . .lr. Red Crass. Key Club . . Kiwanettes . Majorettes . . Monticello . . Opti-Miss . Pan-American . . Quill and Scroll . Saber 8. Saberettes Safety Council . . THE PRESIDENTS' COUNCIL . . OLGA ZAYAS . . . . . .JIM COLEMAN PRUDYE JO MANISCALCO . . . .FAYE MCCASKILL . .CHARLIE HERNANDEZ . . . .DALE GARCIA . .JOANNE RESINA . .GLORIA SERRALLES . . TOMMY BORREGO . .LINDA MEDERO . .RAMONA ALVAREZ . .JIM COLEMAN . .JOHN DAVES . . RENE CARRERA . .DOMINICK GINEX . . MANUEL RAGANO . .ALICE CASTRO . . HAROLD WALLACE . .JENNIE NEGIN . . DIANA COUTO . .ELDRA BROD . . GRACE COSTA . .JOSIE ALFANO . .TYRONE LAVIN . . .EUGENE BUTLER . . DANIEL FERNANDEZ Scholarship, lnc. Student Council Thespians . . Wheel Club . Y-Teens . . . Sophomore Class .lunior Class . Senior Class . . . .JACKIE ALEMAN DONALD CROWLEY . . MILDRED GONZALEZ . . . . . .ELAINE HILL . .DANIEL BACCHESCHI . . . . . .ELAINE HILL . . VIOLET TRAFFICANTE . . . . .VIRGIL FABIAN PRUDYE JO MANISCALCO The Presidents' Council is the finest exomple of o school of Forword Bound students. This very importont orgonizotion is mode up ot the presidents of the vorious school clubs. The moin purpose ot the Council is to co- ordinote ond regulote the octivities of eoch club so thot there will be no conflicting schedules. With the help of Miss Lucile Sumner the Council discusses the problems ond ideos thot ore brought up in the individuol clubs, The presidents work together to promote co- operotion ond friendly rivolry omong their respective clubs. This club is not o profit-moking orgonizotion. Aside from their school projects, the Council engoges in severol community projects. Mildred Gonzalez conducts a meeting of the elected student council consisting of: Jackie Aleman, Yvonne Cardinale, Norma Jean Lynch, Sondra Bonnano, Jim Coleman, Joe Caldevilla, Jimmie Faye Ward, Harold Wallace, Phil Guggino, Josie Alfano, Fayie McCaskill, Philip Perricone, Prudye Jo Maniscalco, Rosalie Castel- lana, Ignacio Peri, Mario Leon, Ann Burton. "Any new business?" asks Mildred Gonzalez, president at the Student Council , , . and another meeting is under way. The Student Council, the governing body of our school, is a bicameral organization composed of an elected council and a representative council. They discuss the problems ot the school and the opinions ofthe student body. Also at these meetings, court sessions are held during which students who violate the school traffic laws are given a chance to plead their cases before their fellow students. ln this manner no one is offended when they are duly punished for their crimes. Under the experienced guidance of Mrs. Debbie Sanborn, their sponsor of l5 years, the Student Council runs the Student Supply Store, and is in charge ofthe telephone booth. As it this were not enough to keep them busy through- out the year, they undertake many other projects for the improvement of our school. They publish the Student Guide Book and The Student Directory. The Cinderella Dance, one of the main social events of the year, is spon- sored by the Student Council. The officers of this hard working group include Mildred Gonzalez, president, Joe Caldevilla, vice-president, Yvonne, Cardi- nale, secretary, and l-larold Wallace, parliamentarian. The representative council meeting is being directed by Joe Caldevilla, the vice- president. Seated are: Diana Couto, Rose Marie Gentile, Joe Caldevilla, Eldra Brod, Elsa Jean Suarez, Dole Gar- cia, Jerry Perez, Yvonne Cardinale, Phillip Guggino, Grace Villareal, Elizabeth Pareja, Jennie Negin, Yo- landa Roca, Sylvia Linares, Elena Cerro, Diana Yzqu- ierdo, Gardenia Cabrera, Sharon McLemore, Judy Co- halla, Morgarite Breijo, Lor- retta Diez, Leta Keller, Peggy Perez, Gale Sierra. Standing are: Tyrone Lovin Dennis Pupello, Ronnie Govin. THE STUDENT CGUNCIL Best known for her activities as Student Council sponsor, Mrs. Debbie Sanborn received her M.S. at Florida Southern and teaches junior and senior English. 1-wx, Mrs. Jones-keeper of books, the keys "G-T12 'sf' 27 Ready to begin their departmental meeting, we find Miss llda Lide, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Debbie Sanborn, Mr. S. G. Harrison, Miss Betty Silverstein. Dorothy Massey, Miss Ruth Gilliland, Mrs. Ethel Schilling, Mrs. Frances THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT "The Attempt and Not the Deed Confounds Us." Sir Francis Bacon once stated, "Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man." This is the essence of the English Department and English Council. The English Council was formed for the benefit of the students. Here all English teachers exchange ideas con- cerning the methods of improving teaching techniques Through the council they are informed of the latest teaching coordinations in accordance with the different phases of English. This makes it possible for the teaching programs to be uniform throughout the school. An important addition to our Jefferson faculty is MRS. RUTH JONES our librarian, Mrs. Jones, who received her AB. at Michigan State College and B.S. in Library Science at Simmon's College, has enjoyed working with the Jefferson students by helping them select good books and secure information for research. Her stay at Jeffer- son has been most pleasant "because of its friendly atmosphere." Despite this being her first year, Mrs, Jones has done a wonderful job in organizing our library. Aiding her are the Library Assistants who so willingly aid us in find- ing books which suit our purpose. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-they lend us a helping hand in our Dragon library-Sandra Klein, Sylvia Pais, Nancy Pullara, Sylvia Carter, Josie Alvarez, Marie Petralia, Mary Anne Rodriguez, Mary Conlon Rose Martinez, Linda Ficarrotta, Judy Rumore, Mike Everett, Lou Al Chiaramonte, Angie Alvarez, Rose Marie Tamborello, Lorraine Terry, Eugene Butler, Ruth Santistiban, Rose Marie Gentile. mf-l"' to our future. lll lll lll Miss Gilliland instructs the English Assis- tants, Elaine Hill, Dolores Perez, Martha Lopez, in preparing the mimeograph forms for our English classes. "Bells, bells, bells . . . Mrs. Schilling reminds her English class, "the bell has rung." His lawyer's training comes in handy as Mr. Harrison lectures to his inquisitive sophomores. X Heading the English Department we find cop- able MISS RUTH GILLILAND. Jefferson's own expert on Silas Marner, Miss Gilliland takes a great deal of pleasure in introducing her sophs to this old miser created by George Eliot, as well as the Idylls Of The King and As You Like It. She also instructs seniors in the art of business English. Under her direction, our English Assist- ants perform many helpful tasks for the depart- ment, Miss Gilliland, a native of Tampa, attended FSU. where she received an M.A. degree. She is also sponsor of the active Y-Teen organization. "Whatl will the line stretch out to the crack of doom?" "Bells, bells, bells . . ." X does stand for confusion and MRS. ETHEL SCHILLING "has had it" where her El 2X class is concerned! These future college freshmen seem to have a great difficulty in realizing that the bell has rung and it is time to enjoy a happy hour with Shakespeare. As Mrs. Schilling, who received her BSE. from the University of Florida, says, "lt is alla part of 'senioritisf " This popular English teacher is also kept quite busy with her responsibilities as spon- sor ofthe Future Nurses Club and caring for her hound,'Butch, Mrs. Schilling, are you prepared to meet your next X class? A lawyer turns teacher. This describes our new faculty member, MR. SAMUEL G. HARRISON, JR. After attending the University of Tampa where he attained his AB., Mr. Harrison went on to Emory University and received an LLB. degree. Now Mr. Harrison is kept busy teaching sopho- more English as well as sponsoring the Jr. Opti- mist Club. Y w-vt K! Mrs. Massey and Miss Lide compare notes on their respective branches of journalism. The Jeffersonian is going to press and we find Miss Ilda Lide in a turmoil of last minute activity and prepa- ration, Miss Lide attended Baylor University, where she received a B.A. degree. She keeps her capable staff in tip-top condition with plenty of hard work. Feature writing, editorials, interviews, ads to sell, deadlines to meet-all these are essential for putting out our excellent school newspaper. During school hours, Miss Lide is busy teaching English and World History, in addition to journalism. Right next door we find a new member of Jefferson's faculty, Mrs. Dorothy Massey. She received her BA. and M.A. degrees in journalism from Florida State University. Mrs. Massey is kept busy with the Monticello staff. This is her first experience with a high-school year- book, but with her excellent background in journalism, Several members of the Quill and Scroll look over some college yearbooks, They are, seated: Josie Alfano and Eleanor Corral. Standing: lrene Pelaez, Rosalie Castellana, Tommy Borrego, Gloria Serralles, Larry Dupree. The officers of the Quill and Scroll make plans for the literary magazine, JA DEE. Seated: Byron Gordon, Tyrone Lavin. Standing: Eldra Brod, Charles Groover, Bart Kornblum. X l THE JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT "Our Student Publications." she soon became familiar with the routine and, with her guidance, another great Monticello was published. Miss Lide and Mrs. Massey combine forces in spon- soring the Quill and Scroll, an honorary organization for students who show outstanding ability in journalism. One of the club's most important projects is the publica- tion of Jefferson's literary magazine, JA DEE. Students contribute their original poems, essays, short stories, or feature articles to the club. All of these are read carefully and corrected and the best ones are printed in the JA DEE, which every Jeffite is proud to own. The Quill and Scroll Induction Ceremony brings anxiety and excite- ment to the students as the new inductees are announced. It is a real honor to participate in the activities of this organization. fl Discussing plans for their magazine, Ja Dee, are the following members of the Quill and Scroll. First row: Betty Camero, Ann Hutchinson, Lupe Cuervo. Second Row: Ronnie Govin, Prudye Jo Maniscalco, Faye Mc- Caskill, Donald Crowley. ig 4 , r 1' V .. . , , , 'f if - 4- giffillffgiri E ,I U 'rff A tl: .f.::gsr.:pi JOHN DAVIS NAMED EDITOR OF JEFFERSONIAN GOLD STAFF In co-operation with Betty Camero, his able assistant, John Daves has kept the Gold Staff running smoothly for two semesters. Besides, John contributes feature articles fmainly on teachersl to the Jeffersonian. CAMERO EDITS NEWSPAPER Betty Camero who usually acts as assistant to John Daves edited the ninth edition of the Jeffersonian in his absence. This edition was a tribute to the Dragon Band. Almost every article dealt with the Band. This is cer- tainly an accomplishment for someone who has taken journalism for only one year. GOLD STAFF Editor-in-chief .,.... . . .JOHN DAVES Assistant Editor-in'Chief . . . . . . . . BETTY CAMERO News Editor ....... ............. H ELEN BRIDGES Feature Editors . . . . SYLVIA MASTROS, MARY JANE COUNTS . . . . . . . .CHARLIE HERNANDEZ . . . .JOSIE ALFANO . .ANN BURTON ........LUPECUERVO . . .MARY MARTHA MORALES . . .ANTHONY CONIGLIO Sports Editor .... Corresponding Editor. Exchange Editor . . Business Manager . . Circulation Manager . . Advirtising Manager. . The Jeffersonian, the Dragon's student newspaper, hits the halls about every other Friday. Published by the journalism class, under the direction of Miss llda Lide, The Jeffersonian covers the news from the "big scoops" on down. During the first semester there was only one staff, headed by John Daves. The second half, however saw a division and the formation of the Gold and Blue. With the two staffs alternating issues, there was more time for planning, and the paper proved better than ever. Besides being a lot of fun, putting out the paper offers Jeffites the opportunity of trying their hand at journalism. Staff members soon become old ??????? at writing, editing, copy reading, proofreading, photog- raphy, layouts, and selling ads. Before every issue, groans can be heard coming from 208, the city room. This is the sign of the eleventh hour rush. The copy is overdue at the printers, and some of the articles haven't been written yet. What's more there aren't enough ads to pay for the issue. Some- how, impossible as the task may seem, these remarkable kids always come through, because nothing is left out and the newspaper comes out on time. The result of this tale-a great newspaper and a keen sense of satisfaction. rking hard on coming issue ore Theresa Tamborello, Mary Martha Morales, Faye Ward, John Daves, Betty Camero, Josie Alfano, and Helen Bridges. Jimmie Josie Alfano Serves As News Correspondent As corresponding editor of the Jeffersonian, it has been Josie's job to keep various news services informed of the events taking place at our school and of the im- oortant achievements of our students. Especially known for her column in the Times, Josie also served as news editor of the Gold Staff. Josie and her trusty camera fwhich also served The Jeffersonian well,D became a familiar sight to all Jeffites as well as the sure sign ofa big scoop. Jeffersonian Sponsors Twerp Twirl For the first time in Jefferson's history, the newspaper staff sponsor a "Twerp Week." During this week the rules chivalry were reversed. Girls had to carry books, open doors, ask for dates and do a dozen other gentle- man-like things, This mixed-up week was climaxed by the "Twerp Twirl." To this dance the boys wore "beautiful" corsages made of carrots, candy, weeds, anything except flowers. Prizes were given for the prettiest, the most original, and the craziest corsages. The boys also wore signs saying "I'm TOOK'N" to keep all the other girls away. At work with printer, Mr. Ralph Cerro, center, are Ann Hutchinson, Andrew Mirabole, Donald Crowley, Ann Burton, Faye McCaskilI, and Anthony Coniglio. HUTCHINSON HEADS BLUE STAFF AS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF When it was decided that the newspaper would be divided between two staffs, it was logical that Ann Hutchinson should be the new editor. She has been on the staff two semesters previous to her appointment. Ann is an all-round student. With the help of Andrew Mirabole and the rest of her staff, Ann published a truly outstanding newspaper every time. BLUE STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . . . . ANN HUTCHINSON Assistant Editor . . . . . . . ANDREW MIRABOLE News Editor . . .............. JOSIE ALFANO Feature Editors ,... FAYE McCASKlLL, THERESA TAMBORELLO Sports Editor . . ........... DONALD CROWLEY Exchange Editor. . . . . .JIMMIE FAYE WARD Corresponding Editor. . .... JOSIE ALFANO Business Manager . . . LUPE CUERVO Monticello Sponsor, Verta Cox, leaves Jefferson. Charles Groover, the Assistant editor, and Eldra Brod, the Editor-in-Chief, are shown planning the master layout ot the entire yearbook. It all started way back in May-l956. We were all quite excited at being chosen a part of the new staff but none of us realized just what we were getting mixed up in. Then the long line of pictures, copy, layout, proofs, and argu- ments began . . . Eldra Brod, our Editor-in-Chief, went up to Southern Press institute at F.S.U. to learn how to put out an annual. Re- enforced with this experience, Eldra has had the job of answering our incessant questions, and making sure that everything got done. Keeping our finances in order was Charles Groover, in his dual role of Assistant Editor and Business Manager. His famous words-"Do we still have to take more pictures?" Ads, ads, adsl Tommy Borrego launched his advertising campaign long before school began. Gloria Serralles joined Tommy as Co-Advertising Manager fat first she served as Faculty Editorl and it was a struggle to the end. Monticello Week was held at J.H.S. for the first time this year. During this week, which was clirnaxed by The Witches' Rock'n Roll, Prudye Jo Maniscalco began a bong-up subscrip- tion campaign. Prudye Jo Maniscalco, Subscription Manager, is record- ing subscriptions to the MONTICELLO while Tommy Borrego, Advertising Manager and Gloria Serralles, Co- Advertising Manager bill advertisers. ,f -X The editorial staff: Irene Pelaez and Eleanor Corral, J,H.S. Life Section Editors, Rosalie Costellana, Senior Editor, are pictured working on the yearbook. Rosalie Castellana, Senior Editor, was responsible for seeing that every senior got photographed, and then for planning, and getting out the Senior Section. Rosalie was the first to complete a section of the book. Eleanor Corral, faculty editor, prove to be an outstanding staffer, Eleanor and Irene Palaez, Club Editor, worked out the J.H.S. Life Section. These two were deep down in lay- out paper and pictures from the beginning of the year until the last of the last deadline. Recording the l956-57 Dragon Story were Larry Dupree, Sports Editor, and his assistant, Leo Gray. From football to tennis, these boys followed the big teams. The two that will be back with the Monticello next year are Ronnie Gavin and Philip Perricone. Ronnie completed the Underclassmen and R.O.T.C, parts of the book. Philip, the supersalesman soph, helped on the financial side. An important part of the staff were Rene Carrera, Art Editor, and Ramona Alverez, Assistant Art Editor. These un- official staff members offered their talent to help make the Monticello a better book. lt's been a long trek-sometimes rugged-but we've en- joyed it. We're happy to present the i957 Monticello to all of you who have stood by us this year. ' l957 Monticello Sponsor-Dorothy Massey E Plllllltlll L Larry Dupree, Leo Gray, Philip Pericone, and Ronnie Gavin confer on the Sports and Underclassmen sections. Clifford Quinlan and R. Zabaldo discuss the similar endings in Latin and in Spanish. L A N G U "Oh, That Our Lips SPANISH Walking past Room 3l4, you may hear this familiar phrase by Mr. D. R. Zabaldo, "Conjugate 'conquistar' in the passive voice, senorita." Mr. Zabaldo received his AB. degree at the University of Florida and his M.A. at the University of Mexico and is now an important per- sonality in our faculty. He heads the Spanish department and in addition to teaching Spanish, he sponsors the Pan American Club. Mr. Zabaldo adds zest and interest to the learning of conjugations and declensions with his teaching techniques. For example, any student who speaks English in his Spanish class pays a penny fine. This and the many open discussions make Spanish a most interesting subject. 'i'R.. The second-year Latin class listens attentively as the conjugation of a verb is explained. AGES Had Language" L A T I N There is a new occupant in Room 309. He is Mr. Clif- ford J. Quinlan, who received his A.B. degree at George- town College in Kentucky. Mr. Quinlan heads the Latin department this year by teaching first and second year Latin. With his calm and easy manner, he has acquainted the first year class with Latin vocabulary, declensions, and conjugations and familiarized the second year class with stories of Hercules, Ulysses, and other Greek myths. Besides his two Latin classes, Mr. Quinlan is busy teach- ing World History. After a full day of classes, he occu- pies his time sponsoring the Junior Civitans, a group of boys who are inducted into the club by popular vote of the members. PAN-AMERICAN After teaching Spanish classes all day, Mr. Zabaldo sponsors the Pan-American Club, whose main objective is learning the customs and ideas of the people in the Latin-American countries. Every second meeting is com- posed entirely of old and new business while the ones between are social meetings, with entertainment and re- freshments. This year, for the first time the Pan-Ameri- can Club inducted new members, thus making it an honorary club. One of their main projects is the sale of very attractive Christmas cards which has proved to be very successful. The Pan American members are: Front row, Sylvia Mastros, Vice President, Lupe Cuervo, Sylvia Alfonso, Secretory, Josie Alfano, Presi- dent, Theresa Tamborello, Treasurer, Sylvia Elias, Eleanor Corral, Peggy Perez, Norma Jean Lynch, Kathy Ficarrottc, Alma Blanco, Rose Martinez. Second row: Frank Miceli, Arthur Noriega, Roland Garcia, Froment Gon- zalez, Mike Everett, Phil Guggino, Roland Rebozo, Tommy Borrego, Henry Garcia, Jimmie Scaglione, Gasper Monte, Tyrone Lavin, Joe Caldevilla, Bennie Maniscalco. 7 ,-I The Social Studies Department consists of Mrs. Davis, Miss ..u.npiirey, Mr. quiniun, Mr. Cardoso, Mrs. Olson, and Miss Deaver. SOCIAL STUDIES "At Our History Men Stand Amazed" The Social Studies group makes up a major part of our school curriculum. ln these interesting and exciting classes we study about the patterns formed by the re- actions of individuals and of nations. This helps us to understand and to be able to cope with the situations which will arise in the future. American History deals with the wars, upheavals, treaties, compromises, and the reforms in government that are the foundation on which our present American democracy is built. The story of civilization is retold annually in the World History classes. ln these classes we studied the developments andthe setbacks that man has experienced to become civilized as we know him today. Another phase in the Social Studies group is psychol- ogy, the study of human relations. Teaching World History is Mrs. Frances Davis, who comes to us from Corinth, Mississippi. Mrs. Davis studied and received her BS at Mississippi State College for Women. ln her spare time she shows friends her home movies taken on various interesting occasions, another of her hobbies is making hook rugs. Mrs. Cassie Mae Olson, Jefferson's favorite psychol- ogy teacher, also teaches American History. Mrs. Olson loves plants and is a licensed florist, but plans to keep it a hobby until she retires. A far cry from History, Mrs. Olson is a football enthusiast and travels all over Florida to follow her favorite squads' games. Mrs. Davis points out an error to one of her history students, Charlie Miranda. Mrs. Olson takes time to discuss an assignment with Nancy Pullara and Jerry Ryan, seated, and Josie Alfano standing. Y ,J my M, , if L ft" Science instructors, Philip Rosete, Bernice Johnson, Donald Coleman, and Ted Greene relax in the library. SCI ENCE "We Have Made A Covenant With Death . " Jeffites who have paused along the trail to tomorrow to explore the paths of science and mathematics from Room 305 certainly have been given a panoramic view of their possible futures in these fields. Some of the students inspired in Philip Rosete's classes will take their places among the engineers, physicists, and research scientists of tomorrow. Those whose interests lie in other directions will have a better appreciation and under- standing of the scientific world we live in, for having lingered a little while in Mr. Rosete's classes. Besides explaining the principles of Archimedes, Pas- cal, and Bernouli, and bursting beakers and thermometers for his physics classes, Mr. Rosete equates x's to y's for his algebra students. Mr. Rosete served this year as president of the County Science Council and did a great deal to make the annual science fair a success. Sponsor of the Key Club, this popular personality helped spark the teachers on to victory in the annual student-teacher basketball game. Long after school's out the lights may be seen burn- ing in 305. Mr. Rosete teaches physics and trig in the Donald Coleman in Jefferson's lab. adult education program at night. This busy individual is a MfSgt. in our National Guard. This year he served as business manager of the Dragon athletic team. "Double, double toil and trouble Fire burn and cauldron bubble." Shakespeare's cauldron has been revolutionized into the modern test tube. The fire takes shape from todoy's Bunsen burner and much of the toil and trouble of stir- ring in eyes of newts, toes of frogs, and tongues of dogs, has been eliminated by handy containers of magic powders and sparkling bottles of acids. The witch of old has been replaced by the chemistry instructor of today. Mr. Donald Coleman patiently explains the intricacies of chemical reaction to Jefferson's chemistry classes. Mr. Coleman also obliges those who still prefer the liv- ing newts and frogs. In his biology classes he tells Jeffites all about these wiggly organisms. As sponsor ofthe Future Scientists, Mr. Coleman helps Jeffites who are engaged in extra-curricula scientific work. Philip Rosete enjoys an aff-the-subject moment with a physics class X Q 'Y ' .ff W f M2 F41 5 1 x 4 x 1 A .U M Q Y v 4,..... X -Z' 1 MA-...,h,-A,A ,A -"V 2 3 lr 'fr 1' ' , f kk Q x 'Q .- -ff , 'L Q N A 5' H, iw, xx .Y . 4,91 1 ,. 4 Q' an--" - Q 1 , ?' 4 A ,Q va" mf! ff "mfg 4. , I ,lb j 5 5 w, A W . , mild H I nf' A ,L , ,. , ,,, i y Q ii Ji hx ,S ik 1-H 'I we AK qs sa ,igk fuk A - 1 Q E, 54225 ,,,, 1. I , 27f'fffZ0aYo' femmazz ff' fw4Q,, 1" 1,4-ji ,Mg ' l'7l'A-ffff,l?f4ygQ A mpg, f The Future Scientists enjoy a session in the lab. They are: Daniel Fernandez, Ralph Fernandez, Daniel Baccheschi, Eldra Brod, Secretary, Tommy Borrego, President, Jim Coleman, Vice Presidentg Karl Borkman, Richard Hess, and Mr. Coleman. FUTURE SCIENTISTS The students who have an interest in science as a career make up the Future Scientists Club sponsored by Mr. Coleman, The purpose of this club is to create addi- tional interest in students toward different fields of science, chemistry, physics, etc. Men and women who will carry on the great work of science are essential to our modern world. Without these people in the past, we would not have many of the conveniences which are now regarded as necessities in this atomic age. Without these FUTURE Another of the career clubs which is related to the field of science is the Future Nurses Club sponsored by the Women's Medical Auxiliary of Tampa. The school advisor is Mrs. Schilling. The Future Nurses keep the infirmary furnished and every year they donate some- thing that is needed, From their treasury they presented the infirmary with a beautiful cup dispenser that will save time by eliminating the washing of glasses. The Future Nurses have helped with several school projects. scientific individuals in the future, our civilization would soon be at a standstill, with no further advancement. The Future Scientists are very valuable in assuring us of an enlightening future. The Future Scientists Club spend a great deal of time in the Laboratory, testing old and new experiments. The officers of the club are: Tommy Bor- rego, President, Jim Coleman, Vice President, Eldra Brod, Secretory-Treasurer. NURSES They aided the P.T.A. check the hearing of every Jefferson student and, also, they helped with the TB x-ray unit. This group of industrious girls is headed by Gloria Serralles, president, Irene Pelaez, vice president, Peggy Perez, secretary, and Shirley Lanning, treasurer. There's not all work and no play, because the Future Nurses enjoy refreshments at some meetings and put on a successful dance after a home basketball game. The Future Nurses watch a demonstration. Standing: Peggy Perez, secretary, Gloria Serralles, president, Irene Pelaez, vice-presi' dent. Seated, first row: Tanya Lopez, Ann Hutchinson, Evelyn Wright, Nancy Lopez, Sylvia Pais, Eleanor Corral, Chaplain. Second row: Josie Gonzalez, Juanita Juarez, Jennie Negin, Irene Gordy. Third row: Gloria Rodri- guez, Joyce Dabney, Jeraldine Bledsoe, His- torian, Lenis Rivera, Sylvia Cataldo, Clara Stanley, Ramona Alvarez, Alice Singletary, Mimi Patrinostro. MATH DEPARTMENT One, Two, Three Infinity The bug news around the mathematncs department thus year revolves about Mrs Irene Sparkman who retured thus year after teaching for 47 years Mrs Sparkman taught algebra and geometry but her specualty was her yearly trug and solnd class Her Interest un her students can best be realized by thus unvutatuon which she extended to her students before she left Jefferson If you ever need any help feel free to come and see me It seems to be the fashuon around Jefferson to have more than one job and Mr Wnlluam Byrd IS no exceptlon Besides a full schedule of math classes he can be found nn the book room each day durlng fourth period Any Jefflte who has come to thls room nn search of hrs lost book IS quite happy to greet Mr Byrd and pay hum the quarter for getting It back unstead of the S2 50 or S3 OO for a new book Mr Byrd also sponsors the Junlor Luons ,.,,yff4"'F'+ -f-any .4"'--Ta, M s-K . it sk -- s x N ,O s , ix .X s f' W gk M410 N5 Irene Sparkman retlres Don Taylor replaces Mrs Sparkman Wrlllam Byrd manages Dragon book room Math teacher Bull Stewart Phil Rosete and James Luton 69 f llll ll ll . . .L 3 Y 2, 1 lgxss M .xt ' I ,Nix l ' I 1 ity' r RN f - :Q ' - 33 O " ' no 4 xx? ll I I ll I Im , Q- . . - , 1 - N Y , Q? 0' Z ' X a f . I xs if X x y ff t fy if k W ,' COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT From the Southeast corner of the third floor, you will hear the constant buzzing of typewriters anytime of the day. This is the main section of the building for those students taking commercial subjects. The business stu- dents of today will be our leaders in the world of business tomorrow. Heading the Commercial Department this year is Mrs. Rosalie Prendes, who has been teaching typing and other commercial subjects at Jefferson for 20 years. Before coming to us, Mrs. Prendes received her B.S. de- gree from Florida State University. That first day in typ- ing, we were sure that we would never be able to type as fast as the students in second year typing. Mrs. Prendes soon banished this fear, however, and helped us to gain a great deal of speed. Back at Jefferson this year, after an absence last year, is Mrs. Shirley Robinson, who received her diploma at Florida State, She directs her students in Business Olga Spoto goes over the next lesson between classes. E erything seems so easy when Angie Antinori explains it to Bobby Valdez. Rosalie Prendes carefully watches the progress of Commercial Assistants Mildred Gonzalez, Rosalie Castellano, and Gloria Briant. Shirley Robinson shows her typing class the correct way to do a problem Arithmetic and Secretarial Practice, in addition to typing. Walking by 306, one is sure to find girls taking some fast dictation from Mrs. Olga Spoto. Sometimes they don't think that they'll ever be able to keep up without making mistakes, but by the end of the year, they are amazed at their progress in shorthand. Mrs. Spoto re- ceived her B.S. degree in Commerce at F.S.U. This year she is the sponsor of the newly organized girls' service club, the Opti-Misses. Rounding out the commercial department is Mrs. Angie Antinori, who received her B.S. degree at Florida State University, as did all of the other commercial teachers. Mrs. Antinori spends a great part of the day teaching perplexing problems in bookkeeping, These students breathe a sigh of relief when that long column of figures finally comes out to the correct answer. Besides bookkeeping, Mrs. Antinori occupies her after- school hours with the Future Business Leaders Club. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS One of the most important and beneficial of the future clubs is the Future Business Leaders of America. This club, which is composed mostly l of students taking commercial subjects, fre- quently has guest speakers invited to their meet- ings who discuss various phases of business. For additional interest, films are sometimes shown. During the course of the year, this club toured the Tampa Electric Company, one of the finest examples ofa thriving business. In the way of entertainment, these Future Business Leaders had a cookie sale during home- room period, which provided a pleasant interlude for all Jeffites. The big event of the year was their spectacular dance, "FootbaIl Climax." Elaine Hill was elected Miss F.B.L.A. of Jeffer- Pictured above is one of the many typing classes practicing the fundamentals of accurate son and she represented Jefferson along with ,wing ,echniquesl other members of the club, at their convention in Below is Miss GilIiland's class in Business English. Tallahassee. :J Pictured below is the Future Business Leaders Club of Jefferson. First row: Elaine Hill, Parliamentariang Dale Garcia, V President, Gloria Briant, Vice President, Linda Messina, Treasurer. Second row: Marian Lodato, Anola Gonzalez, A Norma Napoli, Elaine Ferlita, Orchid Martinez, Alice Baso, Lydia De la Torre. Third row: Alice Midulla, Yvonne Cardinal, Rose Lazara, Rose Piazza, Frances Chrusciel, Elsie Jean Suarez, Luana Lala, Antoinette Tavalascio, Shirley Garcia, Evelyn Savarino, Shirley Fernandez, Sylvia Linares. Fourth row: Gloria Alonso, Sandra Mora, JoAnn Jones, Barbara Floyd, Rosie Norma Pascuita, Martha Todd, Marie Blanco, Martha Crespo, Grace Costa, Fifth row: Sonia Barbon, JoAnn Haya, Ida Yzquierdo, Rosie Castellano, Gloria Lopez, Martha Lopez, Marie Petrolia, Margaret La Yvonne Mezo, Mercy Gonzalez, Diana Couto. Cv gl OFFICE The two secretaries in our main office are Mrs. Josephine Ferlita and Mrs. Sophie Granda. Without these two to keep the financial books, our grades in order, and all the other things there is to do, the school would not be run as efficiently as it is. Mrs. Ferlita is responsible for most of the correspondence for the administrative staff. Also, she takes care of the eligibility slips for our athletes. When it comes to money matters, Mrs. Granda is the one to see. She handles all the deposits and withdrawals for the different clubs. There's never a dull moment in the busy office. Recording grades, college transcripts, bul- letins, typing and sorting mail . . . all add to an ordinary day's work. Mrs. Josephine Ferlita and Mrs. Sophia Granda at their desks, working on their never ending reports. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Helping our two secretaries all during the day are the office assistants. There are usually three assistants in the main office and one or two in the other offices each period. Seniors serving as assistants receive a credit for it, but the sopho- mores and juniors do not. Their duties in their These are our Office Assistants- First row: Hilda Haya, Bertha Perez, Rosanna Castellano, Ann Marie Berthiaume, Joyce Easom, Sharon Sloan, Viola Garcia, Martha Crespo, Beverly Allen. Second row: Judy Davis, Judy Cohalla, Norma Jean Lynch, Jeanette Fernandez, Frances Rosales, Janice Carrington, Carla Davis, Josie Alfano, Loretta Almeida. Third row: Mercy Gonzalez, Regina Sierra, Adriana Coz, Elva Gonzalez, Violet :er respective offices are to run errands and help in whatever way possible. The office assistants take a large part of the load from the adminis- trative staff, giving them more spare time for consultations with students. Sandra Bonanno, Carolyn Mendez, Nancy Lee Garriga, Adria Fernandez Fourth row: Nelson LaCalsi, Violet Meabe, Shirley Lanning, Rosie Castellano Bernadine Lumia, Yvonne Riggio, Rita Gonzalez, Sonia Edilla, Fifth row Billy Benitez, Mimi Patrinostro, Frank Alvarez, Romona Alvarez, Rene Carrera Diana lppolito, Eddie Lazo. VOCATIONAL TRAINING 1' The D.C.T. lDiversified Co-operative Training? is under new direction this year. Mr. Moak, a new mem- ber of Jefferson's faculty heads this important organiza- tion. The students taking this course lead a double lite. ln the morning, they attend regular classes, leading a stu- dents life. After lunch, they go into the business world. They hold regular jobs in many of Tampa's leading busi- nesses. This group is one of the finest examples of stu- dents looking forward to the future. They are getting their high school education, which is priceless in this modern world, and at the same time, they are insuring themselves of an adequate position after they leave Jefferson. Students taking D.C.T. are - Seated: Angel LaFe, John Perez, Joe Diaz, Rene Moreno, Joe Varde, Manuel Rodriguez, Frank Dibble, Jimmie Varsolona, Shirley Givilan. Standing: Larry Lee, Byron Clark, Lannie Perez, Frank Lopez. Not pictured: Benny Tyre, Manuel Perrone, Willie Escobio. Mr. Moak has had previous experience with D.C.T. before coming to Jefferson. He received his B.S. degree from Ohio State and his Master's Degree in Industrial Training from Florida State. ln addition to teaching, Mr. Moak has been in business for himself and held promi- nent positions as an engineer with large concerns. Al- though Mr. Moak was born and raised in Illinois, Florida now claims him as an adopted son. The officers of D.C.T. who help Mr. Moak are Charlie Hernandez, President, Arlene D'Amico, Vice President, Aubrey Allmond, Sec- retary, Rachel Diaz, Treasurer, and Gus Reyes, Sergeant- at-Arms. ..,.9,9,, if Mr. Moak and the D.C.T. officers discuss plans for their club. Pic- tured are: Arlene D'Amico, Rachel 41 Diaz, Charlie Hernandez, Mr. Moak, Aubrey Allmond, and Gus Reyes. . ,,--ffl .-.e.. U. u we-4' "IT HOP Across the hall from the Homemaking Department is the Shop Room. Machines can be heard whirring, ham- mers pounding, and boys singing . . . all a part of learn- ing woodcraft under the guidance of Mr. McAllister. At the end of the year samples of how much and how well they have learned can be found in the lounge in the form of tables lamps and wooden utensils Mr J W McAllister the new Shop teacher says This course is very useful to both boys and girls Mr Mc Allister is a graduate of Tampa University and comes to us after teaching at Riverview After a day full of noise he eniovs relaxing with a good book James Putney shows the floor plans of an office building to Mr Luton O-'Mix f- Billy Benitez demonstrates to Mr McAllister what he has learned abou cutting a design MECHANICAL DRAWING When you passed by room lO6 dad you ever look in and see a room full of busy looking draftsmen Well they may not be draftsmen now but with the training provided by Mr Luton in Mechanical Drawing they may well goin the ranks of the engineers of tomorrow Mr James Luton himself received his education at Peabody College and his M S and Ed D at the University of Tenn This was Mr Luton s first year at Jefferson Before this he has traveled all over Europe with the Air Force and was the principal at Eglin Air Force Base Elementary School After a week of hard work he likes to relax by camping out or practicing his rifle marks manship l 1 V 1 I ' " X K . ,, . . . . , .4 , 3 - - 11 , I . I - - , c N' '1 . . . ' .ffl ' ' J ' ' , Q V- Q. 'N . . f I w 2 v pf 1 ' - L- . KWH 1 1.4f4iKi3a.' S f' ' 1 1. W ' ' lg ,G 4' , VX . . . . M' w ., , jf . 1.1, fb' 'X v X L, J f - 1 - "- Il Q E fa Q. X ,, ,, it .. . . V.-, .I ,S i', .D .' ' e. - 1 - KJV W g .-.QV . . . xl 5 Y M I - 4 3, ' : ,, 7. , , 5 -A ' 1 'al' A J 74 up as U. S. Highway statistics. - 1 1 -1 . . J. I ' I 'Q-el, yxyy Q ,JN K THE AUTOMQBILE Alai.-5sf'i'fl'lQLf?i:' zz i TQOTNGQLSTEM D R I V E R 21 lf: xiii :-' gp' .N ,I T I5 3 , 'rg i i ri tgp: "w1..l.,i'f 5' 'wig - . lit W ' r f 4 lg f . . Have you ever noticed a carload of students which just can't seem to get into that super-sized parking space? Notice the calm, nail-biting, goose-pimpled, teacher at the driver's side. Well, you have just seen a typical Driver Education scene. This usually happens on the return from a long ride which they take to practice how to cope with the various problems which are en- countered on the road. Driver Education is a relatively new course in our high school. Students are taught the Florida State High- way laws, the parts of the car, and most important of all they are taught to make COURTESY their code of the Hgh -v rs road. Students who have taken this course do not end Fil Nocera explains the various parts of a car to Driver Education students Charles Jarczynski and Driver Education stu dents get ready to go for a "spin Teaching driving are Charles Jorczynski and Fil Nocera, both physical education teachers - You can see how they are prepared to withstand the shocks. Another organization for the safety of the students is the Safety Council. Members of the Safety Council serve as the traffic patrols for Jefferson. They observe the traffic problems in the school area and make laws to help both the drivers and the pedestrians. Students who violate the law get tickets and must go to traffic court to present their case. This forms the foundation for good drivers and good citizens. Byron Gordon, Daniel Fernandez, Gloria Briant, Josie Alfano, and Beth Snyder show that the Safety Council's warning "a ticket for illegal parking" is more than a threat. SAFETY 'k HOMEMAKING DEPARTMENT Turning out a fluffy cake, sewing up a fancy dress, that's what they learn to do in our modern homemaking department. With the guidance of Miss Rose Messina and Miss Barbara Pemberton, Jefferson's fairer sex learn well the art of homemaking. They learn to make use of all the new improvements in cooking to produce old fash- ioned recipes that taste like "Grandma's." In sewing classes they learn to sew their own clothes for economy and better fit. These girls are making a career out of what used to be the chores of a housewife. Twice a year home-ec girls are required to make a home project and write a booklet along with it describing how the project was carried out. Some of the projects chosen this year were the crocheting of a stole, knitting loud socks, cooking and baking family meals, and plan- ning parties for younger boys and girls. The accomplish- ment of a project serves not only as a source of pleasure to the girl who completes the task, but it is a valuable family and learning experience. Shown choosing recipes for their cooking classes are Miss Rose Messina and Miss Barbara Pemberton, Miss Messina, who received her B.S. Degree at Florida State, is the second-year homemaking teaching and is also the "The best of all physicians is apple pie and cheese." This is one lesson learned well by the cooking students. Shown here are Lupe Cuervo, Eldra Brod and Irene Pelaez. if --w.--umnmgsg --.-.v-w-ww.-Q----Q -...--...Q-......,,u-Q-u-.-.. --..--..-we--.-.. . ---..--...f..--ff .......................... if V ff! A '-."w-. Our Homemaking Instructors-Rose Messina and Barbara Pemberton dietitian at Tampa General Hospital. ln her spare time she does just as you would expect, sew. Miss Messina also enjoys florist work, Miss Pemberton, who graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BS. degree, teaches first year home- making. Miss Pemberton enjoys helping young girls pre- pare themselves for the future, She is also the capable advisor to the Kiwanettes. Stitch, stitch, stitch, clip, clip, clip, and a horrified groan at the slightest slip. These girls are working on their first dresses in sewing class. 'vw-....,, FUTURE HOMEMAKERS This club is organized to bring together the girls whose job it will be in the future to make homes in which fairness, truth, love and security are the foundations. With the cooperation of their sponsor, Miss Rose Messina, these future home- makers are preparing now to make the homes of the doctors, teachers, and busi- nessmen of tomorrow. The goal they strive for is found in the words of their creed: We are the Future Homemakers of America We face the future with warm courage, and high hope. For we have the clear consciousness of seeking old and precious values. For we are the builders of homes, Homes for America's future. Homes where living will be the expression of everything that is good and fair. Homes where truth and love and security and faith, will be realities, not dreams, During the football season the F.H.A. members in the various classrooms sold streamers to help the central chapter's treasury. The central chapter is made up of the individual clubs from every Home- making class, F,H.A. CLASS OFFICERS-Seated: Lilly Parrado, Deanna Perez, Norma Jean Guerra, Diana Ippolito, Herminia Fernandez, Mary Muto, Elvira Alvarez, Sylvia Alfonso. Standing: Vivian Williamson, Lupe Cuervo, Sara Petralia-historian, Sara Guggino, Viola Garcia, Carol Hargraves, Violet Gil, Irene Pelaez- county secretary, Carol Mendez-vice president, Joanne Resina-president, and Mary Ann Rosas. awe it y -3 - I-We -..- Y E F- Ili" ii' g 'UW 4..- Liv 78. Seated: Judy Morris, Alice Quintana, Edith Griffin, Audrey King, Annie Giglia, Rose Romanello, Gilda Garcia, Frances Rosales, Virginia Gaskins, Clara Franquiz, Jennie Romanello, Judy Rumore, Joyce Alvarez, Ramona Vila. Standing: Mary Ciccarello, Nancy Garriga, Rose Piazza, Carol Jean Gail, Lenora Vicari, Phyllis Mize, Verna Saucer, Clara Stanley, Mary Pardo, Irene Hume, Margie Sanchez. 77 Pictured is the Garden Club: Frank Coto, Vice President, Ann- ette Mandese, Margaret Benitez, Ramona Alvarez, President, Ralph Fernandez, Alice Singletary, lda Yzquierdo, Josie Gonzalez, sec- retary. GARDEN CLUB Flowers! Ribbon! Pins! Though they are usually in a state of chaos, the members of this organization are learning to use and appreciate flowers. lf you have ever walked down the halls and seen the students or teachers sporting lovely corsages, then you have witnessed the work of the Garden Club. Since they are organized as a hobby club, they have no regular project. Heading this group is Ramona Alvarez. Their very able sponsor is Mrs. Cassie Mae Olson. Members of this club look forward to trips to nurseries and other interesting garden spots. ART CLUB "Tilt your chin upward" was heard throughout the year as many Art Club members put their learning to use. Along with making signs and scenery for assemblies and other club functions, the Art Club sponsored a dance of their own, Mr, and Miss Portrait. Proceeds from this dance helped to pay for their annual trip. This year they visited Ringling's Art Museum where they were able to learn more about the beauties of nature. To the Art Club and Mr. Cardoso the student body extends its appreciation. Members of the Art Club are as follows: - Front row: Alice Castro, Mercedes Gonzalez, Sylvia Pais, Martha Crespo, Sonia Cabrera, Nancy Pullara, Linda Ficarotta, Diana Ippo- Iito, Rene Carrera, treasurer, Yolanda Diez, Frances DiAipa, vice president, Rosalie Giglio, Charlene Clark, Olga Zayas, president. Back row: Gladys Harber, Grace Fasdo, Carmen Sciortino, Dalia Lopez, recording secretary, Angie Alvarez, Gloria Rcbaldo, Gardinia Cabrera, Yvonne DeMeza, Norma Jean Guerra, Mary Ann Valenti, Antoinette Tava- laccio, Violet Meabe, Pat Boris, Larry Galvez, Manuel Sanchez, Gilbert Caballero, Margaret LaCalIe, Frances Rosales, Lilly Pardo, cor- responding secretary. Posing: Regina Sierra. f ' f sf' A614 I' l W . I 'KY The cast of "The Halloween Ghost," first play of the year Students are pictured trying to portray various emotions, under the direction of Carla Davis. STARS OVER Laughter, sobs, shrieks, sighs, all these are heard com- The Drama Department provides the student body ing out of the drama department in just about that order. with entertainment every Wednesday morning the year This is the department where Jefferson's stars are de- 'round veloped and these are the stars which stud Jefferson's heaven. SENIOR CLASS PLAY Father Knows Best Directed by Betty Silverstein Father ...... Margaret Anderson Betty Anderson . . Kathy Anderson . Bud Anderson . Janie .... Ramona . . Patty ...... Repairman .... Ralph Brinkworth . Mr, Brinkworth . . Officer Johnson . . Bud's Friend . . . Mrs, Wembley . . Mrs. Jones . . . Mrs. Woolsey . . Officer Perkins . CAST . Gerald Johnson . . .Josie Alfano . . .Stella Gaddy . . Jennie Negin . . Rene Carrera Jeraldine Bledsoe .Juanita Juarez . . Marie Petralia Andrew l3Ai.nahole . . . . John Leto . . Tyrone Lavin . . Theo Gibson . . Nels Jacobson . Alice Talavera . . Lupe Cuervo . . Elaine Hill . . Pat Beals PRODUCTION STAFF Stage Manager ...... . . Gloria Serralles Assistant Stage Manager ....... Yvonne Riggio Business Managers . . . Charles Groover, Eleanor Corral Backstage Assistants . . Jimmie Scaglione, Betty Camero Lights ................. Phil Guggino Scenery . . Mr. James McAllister, Mr. Anthony Cardoso Properties ........ Pat Beals, Tessie Tamborrelo House Managers . . John Gonzalez, Richard Hernandez in singing our Alma Mater. THESPIAN OFFICERS: President, Rene Carrera, Sponsor. Gloria Trujillo, Secretary: Elaine Hill, Vice President, Miss Betty Silverstein, JEFFERSON Guiding these thespians is the youthful Miss Betty Silverstein, a graduate of the University of Florida where she received her B.A.E. degree. Since this at Jefferson, she spends her spare time getting ac- quainted with the school and its students. Miss Silverstein also guides the Thespian Society which is made up of the drama students who have earned their service points in drama. The Thespians raise funds for the upkeep of the stage and the entire Drama Depart- ment. is her first year Students rehearse a scene from "Sheila Was A Decoy." This is our Dragon Band for 1957. Front row: Dale Garcia, Mary Frances Lazzara, Bernice Koon, Jackie Diana Velasco, Violet Trafticante. Second row: Mr. Robert Scott, Directorg Larry Dupree, Anthony Locicero, Ronnie Govin, Sam Riscili, Wayne Mayo, Tony Conglio, Harvey Benitez, Sam Caruso, Eddie San Juan, Mario Bor- .Y Dish!! IVA. yup 4 MAN rego, Jose Olivia, Cramer De Sha, Joe Parsons, Linda Garcia, Margie Fletcher, Jim Coleman, Drum Major. Third row: Nelson La Calsi, Frank Montezuma, Ralph Suarez, Ralph Cerra, Manuel Maseda, Walter Bell, David Vallego, Robert Calafell, Jean Gillstrap, Elaine Beck, Jewel Schepis, Sylvia Elias, Charlie Owens, Rosie Lazzara, Sylvia Diez. Fourth row: THE DRAGON BAND The time is 3:00. The place is on the corner of Frank- lin and Cass streets, We are in a crowd watching a parade. All of a sudden, a murmur starts spreading throughout the crowd. What's the reason for the excite- ment and the bright smiles? Then in the distance you hear the sound of the beautiful notes of the Spanish march GALLITO and you realize it is your school band-the snappy Dragon band. You are proud of your band and the crowd appreciates the ability at the Dragons' which were displayed in the Gasparilla Parade, the Sara de Soto Parade, and many others. Sensing that the crowd recog- nizes the band, you tell the viewers that not only does the Dragon Band march well but it also made straight Superior rating at the district contest last year and was the ONLY band in the city at Tampa to make a Superior rating at state contest. This was like telling a college prof that two and two equals tour, most at these people knew ot the band's musical talent because they had gone to the Dragon Band's annual concert. 1 Richard Holc Patsy Harpe Menendez, Garcia, Sylvia Perez, Joann Resina, More, Joe Perez, Louis Diez, Roger Bencomo, Filth row: Charlie Jones, Sara Johnson Gutierrez, Jimmie Castellano, Ray Martinez, Bennie Maniscalco, Sam Licio, Gene Provanzano, Tommy Cimo, Louis Freijo, Bobby San Martin, Joe Demmi. Sixth row: Erio Alvarez, FLUTE-Jo Ann Resina, Jeanette Fernandez, Patsy Harper, Nancy Valdes. CLARINET-Joe Perez, Ralph Suarez, Nelson LiCalsi, Frank Montazuma, Buster Guarisco, Erio Alverez, Sylvia Diaz, Ruben Ben- como, Charles Owens, Rose Lazzara, Manuel Maseda, Walter Bell, Elaine Beck, Robert Calatell, Ralph Ccrra, Louis Diaz, Sylviz Elias, Jean Gillstrap, Roger Menedez, Jewel Schepis. ALTO CLARINET- Rar Martine. BASS CLARINET-Jimmy Castellano. OBOE-Adele Moore, Sylvia Perez, BASSOON-Jim Ccleman. ALTO SAXOPHONE -Joe Lccicero, Richard Holcomb, Gerald Muniz, Charles Jones, Gloria Garcia, Sarah Johnson, Carol Hargraves, Betty Camero. TENOR SAXOPHONE-Richard Hess. BARITONE SAXOPHONE - Manuel Gutierrez. SOLO CORNET-Gene Provenzano, Andrew Massaro, Roger Priede, Robert San Martin, Benny Maniscalco, Tommy Cimo. 2ND CORNET-Vincent Perez, Sam Liccio, Joe Collera, Nelson Roccoforte, Gerald Perez, Ernest Calvo. 3RD CORNET-Robert Gon- zales, Ronnie Perez, Joe Pasciuta, Gilbert DeMeza, Anthony Valdes. lST TRUMPET-Louis Freiio, Joe Demmi. ZND TRUMPET - Joe Rumore, George Ebra. FRENCH HORN-Nancy Barrs, Tony Can- natclla, Johnnie Bright, Vincent Mandese. TROMBONE - Wayne Mayo, Sam Caruso, Eddie San Juan, Anthony Coniglio, Harvey Ben- itez, Mario Bcrrego. BARlTONE-Sam Riscile, Ronald Govin, Tony . Locicero. BASS-Joe Loto, Caroll Hanna, John Gonzalez, PERCUSSION -Krama DcSha, Joe Parsons, Alex Menendez, Jose Olivia. TYMPANI 81 CYMBALS-Larry Dupree. BELLS-Linda Garcia, Margie Fletcher. PIANO-Jchn Gonzalez, m Richard Hess, Nelson Roccofort, George Ebra, Joe Rumore, Vincent Perez, Jerry Perez, Anthony Valdez, Paul Castlellano, Gilbert DiMeza, Robert Gonzalez, Ernest Calvo, Gerald Muniz, Andrew Massara. Seventh low: Caroll Hanna, Tony Cannatclla, John Bright, Vincent Mandese, Nancy Barrs, Joe Loto. 3 Q- .Mg , --1 Q .,..,,v mf. .213 h I 1 il 5 111 x Wi W ..... asv-:IV SA---.s we fy.. ,I 3, A on 'Q MW J. ff ff , f.w'ff M .. myefyzif'-gr'.r M' 'W ff ' , ,Af .a, ,,, wa" ,. M. ,f f ,,,,, .:. ,,. fe , ,, . 4 ff, we Mun' yy, , img 4. , M -ff -171,2 ,, 'f:2?i w " " 44 ' ' 4,,i':jg 4 ,fy if M 4' 1 if 1' 4' 9 af A ,, if 1 f ff ff I' W-4 W.: Mr. Scott watches attentively as members ot the orchestra practice. They are Linda Rampey, Joe Whitehurst, Frank Miceli, and Diana Turlington. Pictured below is the l957 Glee Club. First row: Anola Gonzalez, Sara Petralia, Virginia Mooney, Flora Digsdierith, Janette Saladino, Theresa Leto, Evelyn Wright, Linda Rampey. Second row: Florance Puleo, Evelyn Savarino, Violet Gil, Loidis Perdamo, Alice Midulla, Sylvia Linares, Mar- garet Pena, Yolanda Jerez, Peggy Stepp, Juanita Seymour, Barbara Jean Garcia, Yvonne De Mez. Third row: Lee Ann Samuel, Harriet Brana Violet Locicero, Gloria Alonso, Colleen Reynolds, Dolores Riesco, Elva Go - zalez, Jo Ann Lazzara, Hilda Haya, Marjorie Hussey, Sylvia Romberge, Jeannie Testasecca, Amalio Castillo, Angie Chairmonte. Fourth Row: Olgc1 MORE MUSIC AND HARMONY... The act of participating in and enjoying music is truly accomplished by our Glee Club and Orchestra. These groups are conducted and directed by our capable band-director, Robert Scott. The Orchestra is a rather new addition to Jefferson and is a step toward improve- ment ot our school. The Glee Club played a very important part in our Christmas program, They created an atmosphere of re- ligious inspiration which added a great deal to the theme of the play. This year for the first time in many years, you can hear the powerful baritone voices ot the new male mem- bers of the Glee Club above the higher-pitched voices of the sopranos. These male members don't fool around, they can really sing? Gonzalez, Rosona Castellano, Nancy Pullara, Ann Marie Bertiaume, Amoda Rodriguez, Marchetta Lapinski, Grace Costa, Pat Adams, Jean Athey, Mary Ann Rondo, Anita Spires, Linda Peele, Elizabeth Gordon, Rosie Rodriguez, Virginia Gaskins, Marilyn Barksdale, Paula Casario, Dolores Perez, Mildred Gonzalez, Marlene Segall, Charlotte Henderson, Rose Marie Sierra, Frances Rosales. Fifth Row: Sam Lupo, Neal Cardos, Ronnie Blanco, Richard Scolaro, Alvin Kortas, Jerry Perez, LaRue Best, Victor Busciglio, Howard Martinez, Robert Villardebo, Frank Lopez, Johnny Felicione, Tony Cruz, Rene Garcia, Roland Rebozo, Peter Reyes, Andy Rendueles, Frank Albano. OUR DAD S CLUB Serving Our Band and Athletrc Departments Among the hard working parents who are stnv :ng to promote the Interest and welfare of our student body rs the Dad s Club These loyal support ers of Jefferson purchased fifteen awards whnch were presented to deserving students during an award assembly rn the audutoruum They also began plans for nnstallung a sprmklung system around our gym The Dads Club roused the funds for these projects by sellung parkrng spaces during our foot ball games at Phnllups Fleld Is It really a womans world? Mrs Theodore Brod IS a lrttle doubtful as she the members of the Dads Club at work The members shown here are Eno Henry Bonnano Anthony Draz Vlce Presrdent Fred Rodriguez Joe Conte Leone Mottle Negln President Wrlllam Wasserman Secretary and Leandro Treasurer One of the mam haghllghts durmg the game agamst the Plant Panthers at Phnllrps Fneld Dragons are Pete Rays I7 Johnny Felncnone 29 and Harold Wallace I4 observes Alvarez Anthony Aleman Our Jump, "Hotdogl" 85 majorettes aid Jim Coleman in leading the Dragon band in one of our many parades. R.O.T.C 1956-57 I. ,fl r hgil if' I ,mm COL. GENE BUTLER Gene Butler receives his sponsor, Frances Chrusciel. COL. FRANCES CHRUSCIEL LT. COL. LARRY DUPREE CAPT. GEORGE SPANO CAPT. VINCENT MANDESE CAPT, ROGER CALDWELL Attention, Hup, two, three, four-is what you might hear around the football field and the streets around Jefferson as the new recruits pay heed to the cadet officers' orders. At the head of the department are instructors, MAJOR JETT, SERGEANT AUBREY AKIN, and SERGEANT SICKLER, Sergeant Akin, an army man since l94l, feels that ROTC training goes right along with the cadet's school life and that it prepares him for his future service in the armed forces. Sergeant Sickler as a newcomer is very impressed with the enthusiasm, politeness and friendliness of the student body. Miss Sumner, Major Jett and Sergeant Akin look on as H. C. Cullbreatlw presents the Ace Allen flag. 86 'Prius'-at-'rw A , 'hx 5, 4..- COMPANY A STANDS AT ATTENTION. -ng 'i IST LT. HARRY MORADIELLOS CAPT, ANDY RENDUELES CAPT. JUDY GALINDO 4 :I Xu ,, ,Ng M E I ul? 'E 1 N , XB I .X . Ml. . X ZND LT. DANIEL BOYER ZND LT. SONIA EDILLA 2ND LT. OWEN TRAYNHAM 2ND LT. ELAINE FERLITA ..,, ' .,-.ff ,,,. I - 3? -L, ,... I 'X SARGEANT SICKLER instructs the cadets on the assembly of a rifle. OUR COLOR GUARD presents the colors 87 F f'Iw"ll"l COMPANY B STANDS AT ATTENTION. I :X- lST LT. BOBBY CADRECHA CAPT. DANIEL FERNANDEZ CAPT. JUANITA JUAREZ Q: 12.4 K 1 0 A I ' f 1 Ci I llxx I a X Q. ZND LT. JOE CICCARELLO 2ND LT. ANN HUTCHINSON ZND LT. NELSON GARCIA 2ND LT. NANCY PULLARA HONOR PLATOON shows their training. First Row: Cadet Pearor, Jacobson, Cowen, Miller, Lobe, Reo, Baily, Captain Cald- well. Second Row: Traynham, Garcia, Capitano, Eubanks, La Frage, Guggino, King, Welsh, Ferlita, Warman, McMillan, Boley. 88 A . I 'I' I . 'X' ' Q I -x 1 IST LT. TONY VARAS 2ND LT. RALPH LAZZARA 'Y dm COMPANY C STANDS AT ATTENTION. I5 , ,f,vV,. -i ihfb CAPT. GERALD JOHNSON CAPT- PEGGY STEP? T62 6 25 3 ,, .,.- -' . 1.TT . L ,.,,,,,, f WJ! I S sf X, QM! I I- ..,' QI , I ZND LT. AIDA PUIG ZND LT' DOMINICK GINEX ZND LT. LOUISE GARCIA if 1- K , . 5 f ' 4 A , . ,M ,, IFLE TEAM, First Row: Cadets Major, Kings, Moafs, Warman, Boley, Navarro, I 3 ilfer. Second Row: Gerald Johnson, Nels Jacobson, Cadet Ferlita, Lf. Traynahm, newly adets Dominquez, Garrison, Gibson, Gonzalez, Day, Cowen. 89 SPOHSOYS LX -Q J K A ill Miss Deaver receives an orchid presented by the Honor S token of their appreciation. I .V V, A. v -he li 5, ociety as . H -f 1. T v anno-n mm in a particular subject, he can receive help and better his grades by calling on a N.H.S. member. There is great excitement and anticipation in the air, come Spring. The second Honor Society Induction is supposed to come about this time of the year. Then one morning Jeffites walk into the auditorium and know that this is the day! As before, the stage is beautifully decorated, the girls are wearing lovely gowns, and the boys are wearing sharp suits. This time the theme is "Chartering the Course" and the four cardinal principles are compared to the four points of a compass. Five per- cent of both the Junior and Senior Class receive the honor of being inducted this time, The goals are high, but they are well worth attaining. After this induction, the Honor Society selected four members to be their delegates at the N.H.S. State Con- vention in St. Pete. The final activity of the Honor Society is the awarding of a S100 scholarship at the Commencement exercises to the Senior who they believe to be most worthy of the honor. 6' F1 The Fall Inductees were: Front Row: Rose Samolea, Dolores Perez, Gloria Serralles, lrene Pelaez, Vivian Milam, Jennie Negin. Second row: Martha Lopez, Mildred Gonzalez, Donald Crowley, Daniel Baccheschi, Ja mes Putney, Jeraldine Bledsoe. SPRING lNDUCTlON X N rgsident Secretary II,- I tx , nov V 'i cbLEMAN ELEANOR coRRAL HONOR The members of the Notionol Honor Society ore chosen on the bosis of the three cordinol virtues, CHAR- ACTER, SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, SERVICE. Character is the first cordinol principle, It is the most voluoble quality thot o person moy possess. If o student does not hove good chorocter, he is not even considered for induction. The second cordinol virtue is Scholarship, which is reolly the only one thot can be shown on paper. DANIEL BACCHESCHI ROBERT BENGTER ANN MARIE BERTHIAUME ROGER CALDWELL ROSALIE CASTELLANA GRACE COSTA CHARLES GROOVER ELAINE HILL SANDRA KLEIN IRENE PELAEZ DOLORES PEREZ PEGGY PEREZ ROSE MARIE GENTILE HARRY MORADIELLOS I 'E L .4 I ', Ig ,gg , I 5, Q ELDRA BROD 8, MILDRED GONZALEZ I., JENNIE LEE NEGIN if! I L f IR' .:. ' ' zvi I , " 5. 5 , - M , rim Q7 2 r t ., H' X1 Q I ,il -, ,X . ,E W 'si A - ,rf if -F, .51 , ' iw 4" 1 fbi J g Jig II I t , , 'ly SOCIETY The scholastic average that is required is a QOWJ average in each subject. The ability to lead others in the right path is something that each person who is Honor So- ciety material must possess. Therefore, leadership is the third cardinal virtue. The fourth and final quality is Service. To be worthy of this great honor, you must have shown evidence of serving your school and com- munity faithfully. ERALDINE BLEDSOE TOMMY BORREGO GLORIA BRIANT ARTHA JOYCE CRESPO DONALD CROWLEY SONIA EDILLA MARTHA LOPEZ FAYE McCASKlLL PRUDYE JO MANISCALCO JAMES PUTNEY ROSE SAMALEA GLORIA SERRALLES jaw it , 'bf' if 1, 4, gy fr are , ,M sw wx? is I QI 5 'wkx .sw sl wav' I i --- - 4 , sg, A- -A ., if , 1 . :I , we I 'llifgf - , ig ,4.-. Lrg, W I 4 L7 4 I we A 2 1-I 4 I JUANITA JUAREZ BYRON GORDON Treasurer Vice-President RALPH FERNANDEZ LINDA MEDERO BETH SNYDER ag? X rf 4-Ziff if Z, i 2 ., fy I Vi, Y f ,,.:. . :ELT L, 3 VIVIAN MILAM OLGA ZAYAS I . I rwllllynuawll W5 .f I VA::',,,V ,,.., 4 1 W . I " 1 nl ,Z , -J SCHOLARSHIP, INC. C I These are the members of the Scholar- ship lnc. First Row: Jackie Aleman, Vice Presidentg Irene Pelaez, Secretary, Dolores Perez, Treasurer, Donald Crow- ley, President. Second Row: Rosie Rod- riguez, Gloria Serralles, Rose Marie Gentile, Sandra Klein, Rose Samalea, Vivian Milam, Mary Leto, Martha Lo- pez, Alice Talavera. Third Row: Sonia Edilla, Mildred Gonzalez, Jennie Negin, Yolanda Delgado, Grace Costa, Jeraldine Bledsoe, Gloria Rodriguez, Mary Morales, Olga Zayas. This honorary organization, sponsored by Mr. Luton, is composed of students who have maintained at least a 9Ofk average all during high school. Honor Society in- ductees are often taken from the Scholarship, Inc., mem- bership. Their main money-making project is the dance which they sponsor after one of Jefferson's home basket- ball games. The Scholarship, Inc. inducts every semester. Those who received this honor in the fall were: Josie Alfano, FUTURE "You're too noisy," are familiar words spoken by members of the Future Teachers Club, These able stu- dents are enjoying their substitute teaching in the public schools in our community. As they strive towards their goal, they also gain much experience, and are better able to decide whether or not they will continue in this field. During the past school year, these girls were seen Margaret Benitez, Billy Benitez, Jo Ann Bennett, Ann Marie Berthiaume, Ronnie Blanco, Helen Bridges, Robert Cardrecha, Lapsley Caldwell, Rosalie Castellano, Ros- anna Castellano, Joe Centinaro, Marilyn Crescent, Mar- tha Crespo, John Daves, Larry Dupree, Daniel Fernandez Dominick Ginex, Mercedes Gonzalez, Ann Hutchinson, Jack lppolito, Mary Leto, Faye McCaskill, Sylvia Mastros, Harry Moradiellos, Joe Perez, Nancy Pullara, Marilyn Pupello, Rudy Reina, and Harold Wallace. I TEACHERS working very hard selling doughnuts, This was their money making project for the year. Proceeds went towards furnishing curtains for our three offices. They also contributed to help pay for the new duplicating machine in the main office. Heading this very fine student organization we find Linda Medero, President, and Mrs. Shirley Robinson, Sponsor. Our Busy Future Teachers are: First Row: Rose Marie Gentile, Sonia Edilla, Linda Medero, President, Soila Leara, Ann Marie Berthiaume, Rita Gonzalez, Angela Vanacore. Second Row: Rose Marie Tomborello, Violet Cerro, Nora Palleiro, Olivia Samson, Cynthia DiPietra, Sandra Gaddy, Sylvia Pen- zato, Josie Alfano, Kathy Ficarrotta, Oneida Roiz, Irene Leon. Third Row: Prudye Jo Maniscalco, Margaret Breijo, Vivian Milam, Olga Zayas, Zoraida Navarro, Sandra Bonanno, Julie Can- nella, Norma Yglesias, Roberta Cloud, Sylvia, Elias, Adria Fernandez. Fourth Row: Lee Ann Samuel, Carmen Gomez, Louise Fox, Theresa Tomborello, Ya- landa DeLaVega, Nancy Pullara, Mary Ann Diaz, Deanna Longual, Connie Fernandez, Rosanna Castellano. and Mr. Nccera try some fancy playing at Student-Teacher Basketball Game. .lefflfes are shown enjoynng themselves at one of the many Jefferson dances. KHNANETTESH. "We Serve" is the very appropriate motto for the 25 girls who are proud to be members of the Kiwanettes. Sponsored by Miss Barbara Pemberton, the Kiwanette Club is the oldest girl service club in the school. The Kiwanettes' main moneymaking event of the year is the "Sweetheart Dance" held in February. This annual affair is one ofthe outstanding highlights for all Jeffites. The main objective of the Key Club is to build good character in the boys who are members. To aid their community, the Key Club with their sister club, the Kiwanettes, helped in the Peanut Sale for under-privi- leged children. The redecoration of the men's lounge is the project of the Key Club this year. Their primary income to fi- The Kiwanettes of Jefferson High are: Front Row: Jennie Negin, President, Olga Zayas, Vice Presi- dent, Mary Jane Longo, Treasurer, Sonia Edilla, Recording Secretary, Gloria Briant, Correspond- ing Secretary. Second Row: Elaine Ferlita, Berna- dine Lumia, Eleanor Corral, Irene Pelaez, Elaine Hill, Alice Talavera, Loretta Almediu, Sylvia Alfonso, Josie Alfano. Third Row: Dottie Sierra, Jean Son Juan, Kathy Ficarrotta, Dale Garcia, Ann Burton, Faye McCaskilI, Gail Davis, Judy Galindo, Rita Gonzalez, Jimmie Faye Ward. Kiwanettes may often be seen on Saturdays selling homemade cakes in front of a supermarket. These busy girls take part in all the community drives that they can and for Christmas they arranged a large supply of food and toys for a needy family. As a school project, the Kiwanettes donate radios from the collection of Southern Maid Wrappers. H.KEY CLUB nance this is the Student-Teacher Basketball Game. Jeffites look forward to this event all year and it always turns out to be a most exciting game with the teachers and students trying to outdo each other on the court. ln the Spring, the Key Club sends two boys to the International Convention in Dallas, Texas. Under the able leadership of Mr. Phil Rosete, the Key Club has become one of the most outstanding in the school. The Key Club members are: Front Row: Jim Coleman, Vice President, Harold Wallace, Presi- dent, Alex Mendendez. Second Row: Roger Priede, Treasurer, Daniel Fernandez, Secretary, Ream Wilson, Third Raw: Gerald Muniz, Nelson Li- Culsi, Dennis Pupello. Fourth Row: Larry Dupree, Andrew Massaro, Mario Pullara. Fifth Row: Alfred Reina, Richard Holcomb, Bennie Manis- colco. CIVINETTES . .. Fruit Cakesl Fruit Cakesl Buy your fruit cakes from any Civinette or Junior Civitanl These are familiar words heard from members of these two outstanding service clubs. Each year as its main project, the Civinette Club "adopts" alittle girls whom they help clothe. lt is not un- usual to see members of this club with their "Civinette Sister." Paralleling the Civinettes, we find the boys' club, Junior Civitans. During the Christmas season these outstanding boys made some needy little boy happy, when he awoke on Christmas morning and found clothes and toys under the tree. This club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Clifford Quin- lan, has enjoyed a year of success in all of their efforts. Kneeling: Ruben Bencomo, Secretary, Froment Gonzalez, Vice President, Rene Carrera, President, Harvey Benitez, Treasurer. Standing: Robert Perez, Andrew Mirabole, Eddie Lazo, Richard Hernandez, George Spano, Joe Vetrono, Anthony Valdes, Dan McCaskilI, Andrew Scaglione, Merl McKinley, Bobby Valdez, Byron Holley, Eddie Perez, Bart Kornblum. Last Row: Roland Garcia, Mario Leon, Erio Alvarez, Nelson Ferlita, Vincent Mandese, Vincent Perez, Herman Lopez, Richard Hess, Benny Ciccarello, Eddie Cuervo, Louis Gonzalez. First Row: Helen Bridges, Reporter, Mildred Gonzalez, Treasurer, Juanita Juarez, Vice President, Prudye Jo Moniscalco, President, Linda Medero, Chaplain, Rosalie Castellano, Historian, Charlene Clark, Secretary. Second Row: Yvonne Riggio, Barbara Floyd, Mary Frances Lazzara, Marilyn Pupello, Ann Hutchinson, Sylvia Carter, Jeraldine Bledsoe. Third Row: Linda Messina, Audrey Abreu, Beth Snyder, Angela Vanacore, Yolanda Delgado, Sylvia Mastros, Dolores Perez, Gloria Serralles, Linda Garcia, Norma Jean Lynch. This year, too, the group contributed a steel cabinet for our PrincipaI's office. Sponsored by Mrs. Rosalie Prendes, these girls serve both school and community. Along the line of entertain- ment, the Jefferson chapter of the Civinette Club spon- sored a dance. This dance, the first one held, was called the "Howdy Doody Get Acquainted Dance." A banquet was held in honor of our group by Plant High School's chapter. .JUNIOR CIVITANS Along with representatives from the Civinettes, they en- joyed themselves very much at the State Convention held in Daytona Beach, Florida. During the football season, a pep rally and dance was held before one of the most important games. Appropriate skits were provided by these boys, and by other members of different clubs. The Civitans offered a prize for the best skit. OPTI-MISSES The newest addition in the way of Service Clubs is the Opti-Miss Club. They are sponsored by the Ybor City Opti-Mrs. Club. Service is their purpose. They have done a great deal during their first year. Some at their important activities were selling reserved seats for the night Gasparilla Pa- rade, attending a luncheon given by the Ybor City "Better Boys Build Better Men." So the Jr. Optimists strive to better themselves by serving their school and community. Much of their time is spent in helping their father club, the Optimist Club of Ybor Cityfsell tickets and put up chairs for the Gasparilla Parade in Ybor City. These are the members of the newly organized Opti-Misses. First Row: Sara Petrolia, Johanna Arcuri, Treasurer, Grace Costa, President, Martha Crespo, Vice President, Ann Marie Berthiaume, Secretary, Lupe Cuervo, Reporter. Second Row: Carol Robertson, Rose Samalea, Janet Houston, Madaline Hahn, Lynda Flores, Rose Marie Tamborello. Third Row: Linda Ram- pey, Orchid Martinez, Carrie Hernandez, Gloria Amorelli, Louise Garcia, Deanna Perez, Sonia Arduengo. Opti-Mrs. and holding a "Toys for Tots" drive for underprivileged children. They also sold jinx dolls during the basketball season. Led by their president, Grace Costa and their advisor, Mrs. Olga Spoto, these girls have made a wonderful start. Congratulations Opti-Miss. We hope to hear big things of you. JR. OPTIMISTS Funds received from this project are spent in donations to various school projects and the Boys' Club of Tampa. Entertainment-wise, there was an induction party and banquet. The Jr. Optimists are: Front Row: Frank Albano, Vice President, Manuel Ragano, President, Joe Demmi, Treasurer, Joe Giglia, Secretary. Second Row: Ernie Figueredo, Angel Trujillo, Bobbie San Martin, Sammie DiCorte, Gilmore Dominguez, Jerry Perez, Peter Busto, George Ebra. Third Row: Sal Lodato, Peter LaRuzzo, Vincent Mandese, David Vallejo, Joe Rumore, Philip Perricone, Michael Vanacore, Anthony Pendino. WHEEL CLUB Helping Senior Jeffites formulate their plans for the future is the Wheel Club, As their school service project of the year this new, but active club has set aside one day when, with the help of the Tampa Rotary Club, the Wheel Club will give the Seniors an opportunity to visit offices or professions in which they are most interested. Most Jeffites will long remember the "Holiday Hop" given by the "Wheels" in December. This was their "Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safety" is im- bedded in the hearts of the Jr. Lions, These boys play an important part in all of the schooI's activities. Funds that are raised are used to help the Blind Fund of their Senior Club. Pictured here are the Jr. Lions of Jefferson. Front Row: Nelson Garcia, Secretary, Andy Rendueles, Vice President, Dominick Ginex, President, Joe Menendez, Treasurer. Second Row: Jerry Johnson, Ronnie Govin, Nick Capi- tano, Tony Nottage, Lon Hevia, Robert Villar- debo, Sam Rodriguez, John Leto, Joe Locicero, Frank Parsons, Gaspar Monte. Third Row: Isidor Landeta, Henry Molina, Ralph Lazzara, Frank Vacanti, Manuel Gonzalez, Rudy Reina, Tony Varas, Given Garcia, Silvio Lufria, Vin- cent Vincent, Leonard Gonzalez. Forming the wheel, the symbol of the Wheel Club are its members: Daniel Bacchescci, Presi- dent, Joe Caldevilla, Vice President, Tommy Bor- rego, Secretaryg Charles Groover, Treasurer and Jr. Rotarian, Leo Gray, Alfred Martinez, Jose Oliva, Henry Apparicio, Rodger Caldwell, Neal -e Cardoso, Harry Moradiellos, Donald Crowley, Phil Guggino, Frank Loto, Vincent Carreno, Joe Parsons, Fred Aaron, Gary MacMillan. main money making project. As a community project the Wheel Clubbers participated in the annual "Teens Against Polio" drive held in Jan. The members of the Wheel Club are learning to help their school and community and how to get along with people so that they may live successfully and happily in the world of tomorrow. JR. LIONS Their main money-making project is the captivating Christmasuance. This year Frances Chrusiel was named Miss Christmas at their stupendous affair. For entertain- ment, they held a Spring Induction party. Y-TEENS The Y-Teens are one of the oldest organizations in the school. These girls start the football season off with a bang by sponsoring the Hillsborough-Jefferson Pep Rally. By the time Thanksgiving came around plans were made for each girl to donate some canned foods and con- tribute a little money to buy a turkey and donate this Thanksgiving basket to a needy family. Some additional services which the Y-Teens render to the community are I. Santisteban, A. Tovulera J. Cannella, M. Brenijo, E urer, E. Hill, President, J Alfano, Vice President, S ara, A. M. Berthiaume, M Benitez. Second Row: S Cataldo, J. Athey, A. Moore J. A. Alaverez, Y. Rocha N. Guerra, A. Tavalacio, T tralia, M. Petralia, V. Gil J. Arcuri. Third Row: M core, K. Burts, P. Winn, Mandese, I. Yzquierdo, G Serralles. Fourth Row: J Bledsoe, S. Lanning, M. A Rosas, l. Hume, Carol, R. M Tamborello, J, Alvarez, T Alvarez, C. Hernandez, B Allen. Fifth Row: M. A Diez, D. Alvarez, O. Roiz. offering their time to take part in various drives. These industrious girls add much to the prestige of Jefferson. The sponsor is Miss Gilliland. Mrs. Davis, a new teacher at Jefferson, heads the Jr. Red Cross this year. This club is composed ofa represen- tative from each homeroom. Each class contributes to the Red Cross through their representative, thus becom- ing a member. Continued success to this clubl JR. RED CROSS The Jr. Red Cross members are: First Row: Ida Yzquierdo, Annette Mandese. Second Row: Flora Digsdierte, Audrey King. Third Row: Collene Reynolds, Gloria Briant, Margaret Breijo, Violet Cerra, Sandra Klein, Barbara Martinez. Fourth Row: Joanne Resina, Alice Castro, Pat Odor, Roberta Cloud, Manuel Sanchez, Grace Wagner, Marilyn Barksdale. Fifth Row: Gene Exposito, Carol Jean Gayle. The Y-Teens are: First Row. - Corral, F. McCaskilI, Treas- Alfonso, Secretary, N. Pull- Tamborello, D. Perez, S. Pe- Gonzalez, G. Briant, N. Al- varez, M. Lapinski, A. Vana- A 4 1 n "v 1 g , V ir! f I i I ' r -Sf . W Y ,.,.f. E gf 1 , nw: '94-, ...Hi 'WNW ! .,in. - s 1 -1' X 'A 49 ' X Navi 'M """"N QS! 1- K V ! fy , .iv V I' , - .A . NX!! vii 1 'A f if ' fl' A A 44 Q, g ' 1, n, Y 0 M x Q A to 9, " " " ' Miva 4 , ai ' '95-,Q 2 s 4?-f-ww H ei ft' . MTQJ ' Y gn' - gf f .p,fg1f3'yf 'f'-nf' ,'t.i"l Q-wi" 'Y "A TYPICAL SIGHT ARE THE LADIES IN WHlTE" Left to right, first row: Norma Salters, Christine Anderson, Katie Dickey, Johnnie Webb, Lee Petty, Angie Gonzalez, ond Muriam Balderston. SERVICE IS THEIR GOAL... A familiar sight is that of the lively lunchroom ladies preparing and serving food each day. With nearly a l,OOO pupils to serve each day, it is a difficult task, but is handled with ease by the hands of this capable staff. Long will we remember lunch period at Jefferson High. Head Custodian, Mr. Henry Favata fBetter known as "Henry"l is known by all students for his interest in all phases of Jefferson Life, He can be seen at all the school dances and doing all sorts of odds and ends about school. Assisting him with his duties are: Mr, Ceferino Fer- nandez, Mr. Guiseppe La Barbera, Mr. Ernesto G. LoRe, Mr. Pasquale Patrinostro, and Matron, Mrs. Nina Madruza. DANCE WITH ME HENRY? Seen at the MONTICELLO Dance are left to right: Irene Peleaz, Eldra Brod, Mr. Henry Favata, Eleanor Corral, and .leraldine Bledsoe. Mary Barnett. Second Row: Leon Northey, nhl JJ ll 45 QQQ1, nfl! io This we win! nun SPORTS x X kk' X N. -0" Jeffites follow their Dragons. KN. ' 1 X. fir wh? The pause that refreshes ." 4 Pictured left to right are: Jimmie Faye Ward, Maggie Velar, Theresa Tumborello, Mary Jean Quesada, Ann Burton, Linda Medero, Faye McCaskill, Louise Fox, Norma Jean Lynch, Gail Davis. Not Pictured: Vivian Milam, Sandra O'Bryan. D RA G O N CHEERLEADERS 'II "Go, Dragons, go. Three rahs for the Dragon cheerleaders and Pep Squad. Rhythm, bounce, and Dragon spirit find expression in the twirling skirts, curls, and flying feet of these tumbling Jeffites. These groups are always on the job keeping up school spirit. Besides cheering at all of our athletic contests, they made "blue and gold rah rahs" and sold football programs. lt is hard to imagine what Jefferson would do without these two groups who are so determined for us to win that they do all in their power to keep the players' morale at its peak, Sponsoring the Cheerleaders is Mrs. Betty Groven, the Pep Squad and Miss Addie Humphrey. The following are members of the Pep Squad: First Row: Viola Garcia, Barbara Jean Garcia, Lorraine Terry, Margie Velez, Margaret Benitez, Mildred Gonzalez, Minnie Ann Vetrano, Angie Chiaramonte. Second Row: Flora Digsdiertt, Marilyn Barks- dale, Juanita Brown, Lee Ann Samuel, Olivia Sansom, Jennie Testasecca, Barbara Bearden, Sharon Thompson. Third Row: Mar- lene Segall, Nora Busta, Nicole Guggino, Gayle Ann Sierra, Elaine Lobsiger. Left to right: Mike Karaphyllis, Fil Nocera, Bill Stewart, Henry Verges. Not shown are: Ted Greene, Chuck Jarczynski, Bob Hillier, Ray Abreau. ALL-AROUND COACHES The head coach, B. W. Stewart, is a native Texan who attended Daniel Baker College of Texas where he re- ceived his B.S. He graduated in l94l, was a member of the "B" Club, and was a four year letterman in football and basketball. Among his hobbies are fishing and hunting. Fil Nocera is another out-of-state teacher. He attended college in Pennsylvania, obtained his B.S., and grad- uated in l94l. He later came to Florida and went to University of Florida where he received his M.E. de- gree. He graduated from Florida in l952. Two of his hobbies are sports and fishing. Henry Verges is a home-town lad who attended Jeffer- son. He later went to Florida University and graduated from Tampa University in l95l. He received a Bachelor of Science degree. Mr. Verges would rather hunt and fish than eat. If you ever happen to see a certain coach surrounded by a mob of boys, you can bet they are listening to a "fish-tale" because Mike Karaphyllis is an avid skin- diver and hunter. Likeable Mike attended Florida Uni- versity, received a B.S. degree, and graduated in l956. Ted Green, a native New Yorker, came to Tampa when offered a scholarship in football. He was in the Tau Omega Fraternity, has a B.S. degree, and grad- uated in l956. This husky guys favorite sport is golf. lt's probably no surprise to any Jeffite to learn that Coach Chuck Jorcznski's favorite sport is basketball. This 6 foot PLUS giant is the very capable coach of our junior varsity basketball team. He admits that, like most other coaches, whenever he has the time he loves to go fishing. Another capable coach is Ray Abreau, who gives of his own time and effort to help teach boys football and basketball. He says, "My reason for doing this is so l can help build boys into men." Coach Bob Hiller hails from Tampa University where he played football. Coach Hiller is married to a teacher and has two children. He coaches Jefferson's J. V. football and the tennis team. Betty Groven, who says she is always at a loss for good words, must have made out somehow because she grad- uoted from Florida State University in i953 with a B.S. and was in the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Her hobby is spending money and she does flips over sports cars. New at Jefferson this year is Addie Humphrey, who attended Northeastern Oklahoma State College and re- ceived her B.S. in l954. She was in the Alpha sorority while there. Miss Humphrey enjoys riding horses. Betty Groven . . . Addie Humphrey Here is the l956 Edition of the Golden Dragons, Front Row, left to right: Ronnie Blanco, Bob lvey, Tony Cruz, Neal Cardoso, Onelio Vierra, Camilo Colon, Peter Reyes, Alex Fernandez, Manuel Gonzalez, Ralph Rodriguez, Oscar Juarez, Robert Alorda. Second Row: Richard Perez, Butch Kearly, Jerry Mones, Rudy Reina Rene Garcia, Larry Dupree, Howard Martinez, Charlie Spicola, James Haddock, Tony Varas, Herman Valdez, Eugene Edge. Back Row: Arnold Romero, Vaughn Gamble, Augustine Barrero, Gale Copley, Robert Vilardebo, Sam Childs, Alvin Kortas, Peter LaRussa, Robert Bengter, Frank Alvarez, John Felicione, Sam Rodriguez, and Jerry Alfonso. DRAGONS HAVE 4-4-l CONFERENCE RECORD Dragon Managers, Dominick Ginex and Ray Piaz . . . the team's unsung heroes. DRAGONS TROUNCE GREEN DEVILS 'I4-12 The Dragons threatened three times before scoring two touchdowns in the second quarter. Sam Rodriguez scored on a 38 yard drive. Later Ralph Rodriguez re- covered a fumbled ball on St. Pete's 8 yard line, setting up Sam Rodriguez to score again. The Dragons held off the Green Devils until late in the game when they scored twice, once through the air. Long hours of hard drilling and a great deal of Dragan drive combined to make the big team a rugged oppo- nent for any Western Conference squad. The Dragons placed fourth in the Conference race, with bad breaks and injuries hampering their chances for more glory. Being able to field a fine team was made possible only by the fine coaching and harsh, but friendly "chewing- outs" of Bill Stewart, Fil Nocera, and Henry Verges. Cruz scampers around left end for a first down. 'li' PIRATES TIE DRAGONS 7-7 That dread football disease, fumbleitis, played an all- important role as Jefferson and Boca Ciega played to a standoff. Both of the game's touchdowns were scored in the first half, but the second half had plenty of action. Boca Ciega scored on a 61 yard drive in the first quarter after a Dragon fumble. Jefferson came back in the second period as Rudy Reina picked up a loose Pirate pitchout and lumbered 73 yards for a T.D. Later the Dragons punched to the two and the ten but were stopped on a penalty and a fumble, respectively. The game ended 7-7, Wallace sneaks across for a touchdown against the Terriers! ,est TONY VARAS SAM RODRIGUEZ Tackle Tagkle 2 I Rodriguez smashes into the line. TERRIERS DEFEAT ROUGH JEFFITES 20-'I4 The Dragons, out-reserved team, played the game of its life and drew well-deserved applause. The team outcharged and outfought the terriers, holding them to a O-O first half stalemate. Outstanding for the Dragons were Rudy Reina, John Felicione and, until he was injured in the second quarter, Ronnie Blanco. Sam Rodriguez was Jefferson's leading gainer with 35 yards and Blanco second with 34 yards. Touchdowns for Hillsborough were made by end sweeps and a center plunge. For the Dragons, Harold Wallace sneaked across from the one, and Richard Perez, playing defensive guard, recovered Murray's fumble in the end zone. Sam Rodriguez ran both extra points. RENE GARCIA HAROLD WALLACE Fullbgck Quarterback .f,"i' 291 .Ng nuff? ROBERT BENGTER RONNIE BLANCO JOHNNY FELICIONE ARNOLD ROMERO End Halfback Guard End JEFFERSON DOWNS NORTHEAST 8-7 After being plagued by fumbles and having drives bog down, Jefferson's key plays occurred in the last minutes of the first half and the fourth quarter. Ralph Rodriguez tackled Heiter of Northeast in the end zone on a bad pitchout to put Jefferson ahead 2-O. There was no more scoring until the third quar- ter when the Vikings crossed the goal and made their extra point. The Dragons came from behind when Robert Bengter blocked a punt on the Viking l9. The Drag- ons took over and Sam Rodriguez scored with only minutes to play. Tony Cruz tears through the Panther's line. Ralph Rodriguez tackles Northeust's Heiter for touchback PLANT DOWNS JEFFERSON 33-6 The final score was 33-6. Plant sparked by Ecinosa scored early in the first period and led l9-O at the half, They also scored once in the third and once in the fourth quarter The Dragons got a break on the last play of the third quarter when Jerry Alfonso blocked a punt and a Dragon re covered. Ralph and Sam Rodriguez led the TD, drive in which Sam scored. The Dragons missed the extra point ROBERT VILLARDEBO CHARLES SPICOLA Tackle Quarterback Rodriguez rips Chamberlain middle for twenty yards. SAILORS TOPPLE DRAGONS 20-13 Although Jefferson gained 2l4 yards from scrim- mage to Sarasota's lO6, the Sailors capitalized on breaks, Sarasota scored once in the second period, and twice in the fourth, and a freak pass play was completed, but the ball was fumbled on the 40 and bouncing toward the goal, it was picked up by a Sailor who carried to the 8, setting up a score. The Dragons scored in the second quarter on a l yard plunge by Sam Rodriguez, and Reina scored the extra point. ln the fourth, Ralph and Sam Rod- riguez carried the ball to the four where, with ten seconds remaining in the game, Sam Rodriguez ran a right end play to score, Twice, Jefferson had T.D.'s by Bengter and Reina nullified because of penalties and the Dragons caused potential touchdown drives to halt because of three fumbles in the first quarter. M4 fllvaug, RUDY REINA LARRY DUPREE Halfback Center DRAGONS MASSACRE CHIEFS 'I4-6 The Dragons had their drives stopped in the beginning until Ralph Rodriguez streaked 40 yards for the first T.D, Later Sam Rodriguez set up a touchdown by a 22-yard smash to the Chiefs' one with Wallace carrying across the mail, In the last quarter Carter scored for the Chiefs from the Dragon six. The Dragons gained 2l7 yards along the ground, with Sam Rodriguez gaining l27 of these. Outstanding for the Dragons were the Rodriguez boys, Sam and Ralph. Sparking the line were Robert Bengter and John Felicione, who helped hold Chamberlain to a -3 net rushing yardage. Sam sails through Sailor line. DRAGONS TRAMPLE TORNADOES 25-7 The reserves saw plenty of action as the starters warmed the cold bench, The Rodriguez clan gauged up and scored four touchdowns, Ralph Rodriguez scored frorn the 1 inch line in the first quarter and went 23 yards in the second quarter for a touch- down. Sam Rodriguez made a 10 yard run in the second for a touchdown with the Dragons' third of the garne. The final Dragon tally came in the third quarter with Sam Rodriguez scoring from the 3 inch line. The Dragons made 14 first downs, the Torna- does made 7. The Dragons gained 233 yards, the Tornadoes gain 57, Blanco and Reina team up. RICHARD PEREZ NEAL CARDOSO Center Guard Sam leads way as Ralph struggles for yardage. 'CANES DOWN DRAGONS 41-12 Fumbles and rniscues in the Dragon's own terri- tory helped the speedy Hurricanes to cash in on touchdowns, Manatee led 127-Ol at the end of two periods, Then came the reckoning in the dressing room and the Dragons returned snorting fire. Jeffer- son's forces fought Manatee to o 14-12 decision in the last half. A beautiful 46 yard touchdown run by Mario Pullara, and a 15 yard touchdown run by Sam Rodriguez were the Dragon highlights. RALPH RODRIGUEZ JAMES HADDOCK Hallback End 1QlNnunnup- 'Hi -al f 4+ fi Z 1 ff f ,fi if if W 75 fi if Q E Fil' RONNIE BLANCO Guard Butler drives past Terrier defense for a Icy-up. 'fs ROBERT BENGTER Center X Y VMN RUDY REINA Guard "Hot Dog" hits the bucket for two points. REAM WILSON Forward Jw 'H GARY McMlLLAN Guard ' A Lf. x , 4 ? A Terrier tries to fly high enough to reach Gene. GENE BUTLER Guard 1 r Q if v lla 5 QQ' ff-'-? I 1 DONALD JENNINGS Forward .maj Q Bengfer comes through in the stretch against Hillsboro SAM RODRIGUEZ ' Forward ,4 1g l y f 4' I 2 ', I :2. f F . 5' 2 " Q. 5 ,Z -'-' ,.. l ...f 'fff' ., -. .,.,fQ?' , K., -f" ' gg ,' , ,ff . ,N K, , , Reina rises for the Dragon Cause. ,N 'T' wt 47" WW KB .nm "' ALEX MENENDEZ Guard Ream hits with a jump shot. ,aww 'P' -4' ,fx 3 1 I Y 2 A in , Br cf o FRANK BITETTO Center Wilson waits forthe oncoming pass RALPH RODRIGUEZ Guard FIL NOCERA Coach .x N I 'iv X X X GENE BUTLER X Pitcher X X X N, - X X sv JOE CICCARELLO TONY SALADINO C enterfield Catcher X Nz f . fi y REAM WILSON Pitcher F , . xx .V:.:: .- .V.'V Vff T 3 'li L 'W A w sag, 5 , 4' 4 f iw dj Pifdkgr fx X HENRY VERGES Coach fi. X X ,ty N X 'Wim I . X 4, , , X RONNIE BLANCO Leftfield PAUL MESSAGE FROM THE MOUND Coaches Fil Nocera and Henry Verges, our baseball wizards, have turned the trick again. They have another successful team. The Dragons placed second in both the City Race and the Western Conference Race. The highlights of the season came when the Dragons blasted Hillsborough pitchers for an 8-4 triumph and trounced Plant for a 9-4 decision. Another time when the team played heads-up ball was when they defeated Sarasota, the Conference Champs, by an impressive 8-6 score. The over-all record for the Dragons is eleven wins, five losses, the last six games being consecutive wins. Against local teams they have won five, lost three, and their Conference standing is seven wins against two losses for a highly successful year. The starting nine are composed of Paul Traynham at first, Clarence Sheoly at second, Manual Gonzalez at short, and Pete Ragano at third. The outfield consists of Joe Ciccarello, Ronnie Blanco, and Robert Perez, Our hurlers are Ream Wilson, Sam Liccio, and Gene Butler. On the receiving end of the battery is Tony Saladino. From left to right: Coach Ted Greene, Rudy Reina, Robert Guerra, Phillip Guggino and Peter La Russog not shown are Harold Wallace and Jerry Mones. O L The Dragon Golf Team had a new coach this season as Coach Ted Greene took the reins. Under his leader- ship the golf team worked hard and did very well, al- though they were under a slight handicap playing with- out the services of some members of last year's team. GOLF SCHEDULE Friday 3!l-Hillsborough Monday 3!4-Clearwater-thomel Saturday 3116-Plant-fawayl Monday-3125-Plant-thamel Saturday 3130-Chamberlain-fawayl Friday 4X5-Sarasota-tawayl Monday 4X9-Hillsborough-fhomel Wednesday 81 Thursday 4!l7-l8-City Meet F TENNIS This year the Dragon Tennis Team was gifted with a new Coach also. Coach Bob Hillier has taken the job although he does not teach here at Jefferson. He teaches at Calhoun Elementary School and works with our team afterwards. The tennis boys have worked hard for the coach and Jefferson this year. TENNIS SCHEDULE Friday 3!l--Hillsborough Monday 314-Clearwater-fhomel Saturday 3116-Plant-tawayl Monday 3!25-Plant-thomel Saturday 3130-Chamberlain-tawayl Friday 415-Sarasota-Cawayl Monday 419--Hillsborough-Chomel Wednesday 84 Thursday 4!l7-18-City Meet l lg The modern skylme of our csty shows that Tampa ss FORWARD SOUND Peter 0 Kmghts Airport serves the transportuhon needs of a GROWING TAMPA PATRONS A bit ofthe post comes alive in TODAY S TAMPA. xv A new span is built over Tampa Bay in order to serve A PROGRESSIVE TAMPA. .5 ,im 1 ag A I ' I K, -qv 2.2.9 ,Msg 1 lkflhkn 1 -Lim U H721 ini-ur, W' ' 5:- Q A V .lmni 1 may ,,-,.- . 4-' '21 . 1 - ' 22.12" , A . sfif' Ga' T 6 iw gif svjgnwk I Nw V' M ,N AN w Vg Q, A , W N V R f E Q K -Ly. W A restful spot in METROPOLITAN TAMPA. MODERN TAMPA'S night life is centered around Franklin Street. .N .. A, , , ,, The Monticello business staff Phllnp Perricone Chories Grover Tommy Borrego Glorlo Serrolles Prudye Jo Monnscolsco ond Leo Groy relox wnth The edrtornol staff confers wnth sponsor Mrs Massey whule enloynng o Coke The stoff consists of Eleonor Corral Ronnie Govan Eldro Brod Irene Peloez ond Rosolle Costellono . ' . I l ' ' I I I I ll I , ll I I the pouse thot refreshes. . . I . I I I h I . . . I D I I I I ompluments PURITY SPRINGS WATER COMPANY UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA DR E C Nance Presldent Co educational accredited by Southern Association ot Colleges and Secondary School and Floruda State Board of Education The preparation of teachers IS a major function of the Unnvers ty at Tampa As part of thus s gned to enable teachers to extend or renew certltlcatnon and to add addltlonal subgects to the face ot these certnfucates ADULT EDUCATION EVENING COURSES Llsten to WTUN FM 88 9 Mc WEST TAMPA FURNITURE HARDWARE APPLIANCES TELEVISION Phone 8 3074 You Furnish the Girl Well Furnish the I-lame Joel Phnlhps 2114 Mann Street TAMPA FLORIDA Adams Magnon welers, nc THE BRIDES STORE Flne China Crystal and Sulver 5 0 Franklin St Ph 20816 Set Up Paper Boxes 0 Foldlng Boxes 0 Flber Cans Metal 0 Faber Tubes 0 Clgar Boxes Compluments of Consolidated Box Company, Inc 410 S Packwood Tampa 6 Florida C ' of ll ' ' i I ' Il u a Q I . I - 1 I I I ' i . ' ' function, the Summer School program is de- i .I e I . I ' '- - - 1 ' . . O I I I BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OE '57 L. 'ii II X Aggffgur Senior qpwmrou Photographers, we ot BRYN-ALAN toke greot pride in hoving ry . ij Isegfved you, on this, one of Iife's most memorable occosioris-your GRADUATION. Bryn-Alan Studio "FINEST IN PORTRAITS SINCE I936" Additional prints may be 502 Tampa Street ordered from your Annual poses. Phone 21439 Perfater 5 81 10c STORE Formerly Cicero Open till 9 RM. Doily 2725 Floruda Ave Phone 26885 Ot o P Stallings 81 Son Fnfty one Years of Insurance Servuce STALLINGS INSURANCE SERVICE ALWAYS SATISFIES Room 1108 P O Box 1020 Frrst National Bank Bldg Ph 2 3688 TILE-RUGS--LINOLEUM sions: f, co I l Z i l? 'cg ,fr aff-:cr D017 50' Tl' 1' " 'ul' n she.. ...Un BLINDS-PAINTS RADIOS-APPLIANCES 1801 N Howard Phone 8-4875 CENTRAL TRUCK LINES Jackson 81 Governor 23902 Florence Green Sportogs SCHOOL SHORTS and PEDAL PUSHERS 208 Harrlson St Phone 26 1854 TAMPA FLORIDA I O I . I O Established in 1906 General Offices-Tampa, Florida Serve It wIth f f H o I s u m B r e a d ErIrICI'Ied SIICed WHITE BREAD Best WISI'IeS TO The I957 Graduatmg Class mon s Stu I COmP"me'1IS PORTRAITS WEDDING and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY S E A B R E E Z E Phone 35 5031 Res 92 4321 4602 FIorIda Ave Tampa Florlda SPQCIGIIZIICIQ In A VISIT Your FI'IeI'IdIy SPANISH 81 ITALIAN Foods TH EATERS CURB SERVICE TAMPA PALACE HILLSBORO DRIVEIN SEMINOLE SPRINGS FLORIDA GOVIN'S RUBBER STAMPS CHRISTEN'S PHARMACY MFG. "THE REXALL STORE" OFFICE S SHIPPING ROOM SUPPLIES I Ph. 23337 'I905 FIorIda Avenue Phone 2 3000 Nebraska Ave 81 Columbus Dr. I f .y,IISv:wIuIuI1l"0'i NW ,g .sus ' M r , 'X , I gall' C NN , WWA suwlwnlvl I II' S I ' d ' o S I I of ' I I I . Good Lu k t The Class of 1957 Compliments of W7 su NSH I N E PARK Exficfydvfi ggogpncw W 59 W if olasmar, Florida 05 gg 0 W3 CALDWELL BONDED WAREHOUSES, INC. Compnmems of Moving and Storage 209 S. Franklin Phone 2-2796 I of JAY BRAGG WEST TAMPA LUMBER 8. ' BUILDING SUPPLIES "Let Us Finance Your Repair Jobs" Sales - Service o Frigidaire Appliances Finest in Guaranteed Used Cars" 4205 Florida Ave. 1501 N Howard Ave Tampa 7 Florida Tampa Phone 8 3859 82 2901 Linda Medero Donald Crowley Daniel Baccheschi and Eleanor Corral Inspect the finished products at the HavATampa Cigar Factory Jw SPN A TAMPA 5 C164 R THA Y IS fl!! Plfl SING T0 TN AS ff afkfai suoorxfazfxwfma E SE D OB . . , - .. - - F O 0 , C74 LY' E f I MAD OFCHOICE ASONE T ACCOS ,,... ., I I I Compliments of CO. 1011 Franklin St. Phone 2-8507 W T GRANT CO KNOWN FOR VALUES Four Stores to Serve you in Tampa Tampa Abstract 81 Title Insurance Company Established 1887 P O Box 2288 405 Madison Street TAMPA FLORIDA Phone 2 0861 OLIVERA OIL COMPANY TAMPA FLORIDA IMPORTERS OF VIGO PRODUCTS Spanish Oilve Oil Italian Tomatoes Macaroni Olives Norweg an Cod Fish TIP TOP SERVICE STATION AAA L J COBB Prop AAA PURE OIL PRODUCTS GENERAL REPAIRS Special in Bear Wheel Alignment Complete Brake Se ce Moto Tune Up 201 West Columbus Dnve Phone 2 6982 Tampa Florida Congratulations from STAR RESTAURANT ADOLFO AYALA Proprietor 101 Zack Street Tampa Flonda I l I I and Cheeseg Danish Cheeseg Greek Black . U i , I I . . , . - I I rvi r - - I 0 YBOR CITY MERCHANTS Columbia Music and Appliance Co. 7E B 42159 MARY'S B EAUTY SALON 7 E B 42739 SAM C MARTINO 2018 4 3582 De La Grana Tourist Agency 0 E 42 0721 SPOTO S MEN S SHOP 3EB Y Cty CORONA GROCERY AND MARKET 1902 12th A 4 3317 ARNOLD S SHOE STORE 2 E B 42789 TROPICAL SERVICE STATION b Pho 7 731 FONTE BEAUTY SALON MODERN HOME FURNISHINGS M k Y p 9E B 42351 0E 5 41104 Kitchen Supply Grocery and Market ACME JEWELRY C0 3 22dSt 90 43513 48 14 29 5704 DE SOTO PARK SUNDRIES Philip F Lucata 81 Son Inc dStrr 4 3953 1713 4 2959 Columbia Paint and Hardware THE WHITE STORE 1E B 3015 22dSteet Ph 4 2991 44 8933 42 2441 142 - "0UdW0Y 172 . roadway Phone - Phone . Real Estate and Insurance 171 . Broadway E. Broadway Phone - Phone . 1 1 153 . roadway - venue bor i Phone - I 171 . roadway Palm and Ne raska Avenues Phone - ne -6 I . . . Select Your Material . , . Specializing an Permanents We a e our Dra es Free 192 - YOUCIWCY Phone ' 163 . roadway Phone - 352 ' N feel' 4 E. Columbus Dr. lnear Nebraska Ave.l Phone - or - 0 Phone - . , . Cor. South 22nd Street on ua General Insurance I Phone - E. Broadway Phone - I 220 . roadway - H I' one - or - Phone - SALUTE THE SENIOR CLASS LOUIS WOHL 8- SONS EL ENCANTO CLEANERS St t d 6t 43105 8 8 15th St ef 4 3979 SOUTHERN SERVICE STATION Ponce de Leon Grocerres and Meats St 1515 26th A 4 8978 4 2579 Y VALDES JEWELR CO RITZ SHOE STORE 2 15 St 44 3022 8 E 43918 TAMPA TYPEWRITER SERVICE MILLIES BEAUTY SHOP 6 E B 42755 1A CI 417412 7EB Y Cty A 1929 4 3924 THE RAINBOW 4 E B 43 0021 YBOR J EWELRY C0 4 E B 43937 C MARTINO 81 CO 7 3d A 22322 GRECOS FLORAL SHOP 9 E B 43 4561 CUERVO RESTAURANT 4 E a CUSCADEN PARK SERVICE 3 2 15 sr 16th ree an h Avenue 1 1 - re Phone - Phone - 15th reef and Columbus Drive - venue Phone - Phone - 181 - th reef 151 . Broadway Phone - Phone - I 220 . roadway 130 - oumbus Drive Phone - Phone - W. T. GRANTS Fernandez Bros. of Tampa 150 . roadway I Television- pplionces bor i I E. Broadway Phone - I 151 . roadway 161 . roadway Phone - Phone - P. . . ' 110 - r venue 140 . roadway Phone - Phone - 173 . roadway 00 - th reel' one - Phone - Ph 4 2776 4 3526 CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES COLUMBIA RESTAURANT COMPLIMENTS SANITARY POULTRY EB P 424574 RAULVEGA dChId 325EB d 41359 VAUGHN OPTICAL COMPANY Op h I TWO OFFICES 2 1201 2 7997 F COMPLIMENTS THE ROBERTSON COMPANY F COMPLIMENTS AIRDROME AND PARK N SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF BERGER 81 RACHELSON INC WHOLESALE GROCERS 1' p Florida 23631 POLLER S FASHION SHOPPE COATS SU ITS DRESSES SPORTSWEAR 1623E B d y Phn 43919 o n d of fr o m 1221 d y h - I ApporeI for Women on i ren ht G mic Dispensers 152 - y Ph - Ph - Ph ' 1210 C ' Bld . 504 T S T p FI a 9 P E -706 kl' S. T p FI 'd of fro m "The ood You Like to Serve" I 1 , . - o e - TpFId THE DIAMOND STORES OF TAMPA GREAT STORES IN TAMPA Ylflnlillfl I-1 woowmown 310 ZACK smear .. 3,3-3, Agg,-g,gfg',, W Noun-I GATE on 'f""'G"' anmou PLAZA W PUTNEY'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Co plete L ne of Cosmet cs and Candy 1204 S Howard A enue Phone 8 1383 Tampa 6 Flor da Dxwui f X auflbvellf 55177 Frostle Bottling Company of Southwest Florida 1303 G ay Ph 8 0166 MAAS BROS ZACK 8. FRANKLIN Shoppmg for the Prom at Maas Bros ore Eldra Brod ond Irene Pelaez , Q.. A I ' ' A H V. I I H ' ' - A A Ate ,f A . I ' A W 'Q Ei: . -35' ' A 5 . rv A--' A ' -to, A A 'mf wi A A ee . A A ,A if A W :ngf fQ1: H A A I I Wf ng 1 so : I . . ' o N V ugh' qu urm v r.M. m i i . v r ' - - I i O Charter a Trallways Bus ki 4 is Fi 06 W' Your Trallways Chartered Bus us your very own S301 to stop and go as you please Every mule you travel means more to see whsle rudmg SAFETY asr condntloned comfort at a cost that you can afford Arthur Smlth Muslc Co TRAILWAYS can expertly plan your 106 E TY'e' S' Tel 2 4611 CLASS TRIP FOOTBALL TRIPS CLUB MEETINGS CONVENTION TRIPS MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS PLAN YOUR SIGHTSEEING LEARN TO FLY PRINCE AVIATION CO New 8. Used Planes PHONE 73 7171 Tampa Internahonal Airport Tickets and information at 710 Florida Ave 28141 TAMPA FLORIDA 22078 A. P BOZA Establushed 1889 W. Tampa, Florida N. Albany 8- Laurel Streets "YOUR DRAGON AMBULANCE IN EVERY GAME" FIRST AID TRAINED AIR CONDITIONED CHAPELS AND CONVENIENT PARKING LOTS FOR IOO AUTOS PHONE 8-3821 or 8-5700 .LQ ,Ax rf9ffTn If tx ?'f"f L l s fqxlgl, S-mv I xg! C151 .2 H av: l X739 K ! if it-A 'V '.,'!Cjfi .fy-A 'nf .1 ' . 1,,n9.i1 43 ,- The MORE the Merrler fx inf" Q' :N Ar? -4' fl .U 0 Le.,-,L .V ,ciiw I I A is the lifcof the party R' f . . . in D I I O I "Q 1 1 - . I I l - - Q JEFFITES KNOW THAT FOR GOOD FOOD 1 s EL DRAGONETTE M2919 Showmg the fun to be had of the EL DRAGONETTE we fnd Jeff tes demonstrating the new dance steps FEATURING DRAGON BURGERS GIANT CUBAN SANDWICHES MALTS AND SHAKES mill! CONGRATULATIONS AN I Walker Hood Furnlture Co 1415 19 Franklin St Phone 2 2866 3119 Flgndq NVITATION TO VISIT L O Avenue o n 26 0942 FACULTY FAVORITE Florlda Avenue Market BEST WISI-IES FOR THE FUTURE GoWhereManyTeachersGo Buslness Unlvers y Trade with Tam CHARLEY SCHIRO 914 Franklin Street 4894 Flonda Avenue Ph 35 0364 lm the heart at downtown Tampal Eagle Roofing 81 Metal Works Wholesale Sheet Metal and Rootmg 13th Street and 4th Avenue Phone 4 4911 ' . FA R'S - '- - ' Phe- ,, ,, ' ' it U of pa I- I LEE 81 POMEROY OIL COMPANY Distributors PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS 1237 Twnggs Street TAMPA FLORIDA Compluments of SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS Get the Best Get Sealtest BELK LINDSEY Home of Better Values Henderson Blvd Shoppmg Center Ybor Cnty Sulphur Sprmgs R L MOO W G QUIGLEY Gen Mgr TAMPA S OLDEST USED CAR DEALER Buys Sells and Trades Good Used Cars 3010 Florldo Ave Phone 2 6781 TAMPA FLORIDA Jefferson students, Gloria Serralles, Byron Gordon, Mercedes Gonzalez and Rene Carrera, Inspect the packaging process at the Southern Doiries 11 ll . n . . 1 1 , , R E . . , . . I n I . . - I I 1 l l l ll ll MERCEDES CAFETERIA "There are only two places to eat" HERE and HOME Compliments of CORRAL, WODISKA, y CA. Tampa, Florida Phone 42 4642 'l6th Sl' and 'l5tl1 Ave Compllments of WILSON SAMMON C0 H HERNANDEZ Funeral Home Ambulance Service Pfoprlefor Phone 2 Flornda and Palm Avenues Tampa Florlda Today THE MODERN NEWSPAPER IS A UNIVERSITY IN PRINT Tampa Mornlng Trlbu Journalism students Faye McCask1ll and Anthony Conugllo look for professional hunts In the Tampa Tribune gash MIIIUWC IIT Have a PCPS1 Today s Pepsi-Cola reduced ln calories keeps pace with the up-to-date trend to lighter foods Refresh w1thout filling. Have a Pepsi-the modern the TEBIIFQSIIIIIGHIL light refreshment Dmner Jackets For Rent FRANKLIN MEN S SHOP S Agllano and Sons Flsh Co 908 Franklln Street Tampa Florida QUALITY AT ITS BEST 1821 E Broadway VISIT K E Ph 42187 Ph 42188 COMBINATION SINCE 1915 Luncheonette Blllnords Borber Shop I 7th Ave and Tampa St Phone 2 8837 9 I Across from W. T. Grant Ph. 2-1022 H H B A R ' s , , , - I v ,lr ly MMM fc I, J I ja, 1 if I f' I M I, , I me mv wff S ll a, IN I I A' L If X19 'I ,we ll MW M M JJ! WM 'XJ ' Zaafllffadzen ,ff from ! , 4 in ' Q an I L if awww- HOOSIER SANDWICH SHOP CLARENCE BILLS P 3809 W AI 71 9131 902 44 NY SOU I G H In TYPEWRI TERS A I Op T d 'vos 7- Q 4 4s UN DE RWO 0D 'gurl 105 BUS ALL MAKES REPAI RED S g M WHERE TO BUY THEM Gulf Coast Business Machines Company W L f tt 8 4861 ls If M , f ,af 7 I ' fllf If nj ' I If X lffflzljxb I 7 M '7 f K 1 I Z o K f, , WCW f meme 1 f f, U! XXK lb ,I 0 E f X fffl f I ffl ffl WWI I I , , f jf 'X fy! N FZ. 'X IS AM fl s I III counnv I 09 - , I I Your Eleciric Servant I Sandwiches-Soft Drinks I-I odquorfers for Portables, II-E ' , rop. d esf vo D P k Manually eroe Off' S' Ph - 155:11 Y'TT 9, 4' Wxxsxo' H D I' y Phone - 3 S I s-Service-R tals- uppl' S U N T H Addin andA unting achines D A R Y ' T FI I Q Oy p 216 est aaye e Phone - VV Congratulations to the class of '56-'57 MODERN DIAPER SERVICE is the sure land - easy? way to have sterile, soft diapers for baby 1711 N. Howard Ave. ' "GH" the fir-ne. 3-1405 Ol' 83-2051 Ask YOUR Doctor! TAMPA, FLORIDA 714 N. Boulevard Phone 8-1716 DELUXE LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS Phone 8 1808 2327 Cherry Street Tyrone Lavin Ronnie Govln and Peggy Perez inspect what makes the DELUXITES JOHNNIE MANDESE S PRCDUCE CO WE GIVE SERVICE NOT PROMISES Carburetors o Motor Tune Up peeled Wh,fe pofefees Fuel Pumps Electrical FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Starter Generator 1214 E Cass St Phone 2 8690 2701 8th Avenue Phone 4 2547 TAMPA FLORIDA SERVICE ' SCHIRO BROTHERS I Compliments of SA LO RESTAURANT 3209 N Armenia Ave Phone 86 2851 Compliments of Pick Up and Delivery Service CASH and CARRY 6210 Florida Ave Phones 3 6541 314231 Congratulations Seniors' from Your Hometown National Guardsmen Statloned at FT HOMER W HESTERLY BONTON BEAUTY SALON 2021 Grand Central Avenue DOROTHY MCKNIGHT Owner Free Parking Phone 8 1565 TELANDERS PARKING CENTER Tampas Largest Flat Top Cou teous and Rel able You can ha e your Car serv ced while you pork at TELANDERS DOWNTOWN SERVICE STATION 1004 Tampa St eet at Tyler Membe of National Parking Association Allied Gasoline Retailers Assoc ation Uptow Me chants Assoc at on of Tampa WASHING-LUBRICATION TIRES ACCESSORIES POLISHING BATTERIES WHEEL BALANCING MONTHLY RATES Compliments ot I W PHILLIPS 81 Morgan and Bell Phone 2 5551 CA MA Spotless C I e a n e r s Entrance 104 Tyler Sf. Joe Demmu mvutes Jeraldme Beldosoe to loan Charles Groover and hlmself m a treat of dellclous Florlda Dalry products FLORIDA DAIRY 2209 40th Street Phone 4 3151 BEST WISHES TRU ADE BARO s FRANCISCOS BOTTLING co ORCHESTRA 1521 GARCIA AVENUE Phone 8 1398 WHATLEY ROOFING 81 SHEET METAL WORKS Corrugated Asbestos Translte Eregtors Phone 33 3161 5604 N Armenia Ave under the durectuon FRANK COMPARETTO Phone 7 40972 retail prfces same as wholesale ITALIAN IMPORTED GROCERY A Store Dnfferent from Other Stores Speclaluzmg In Imported Foods PHILIP MAURICI Owner A L WHATLEY Phone 88 2901 2412 N Armemo Tampa Florlda TAMPA FLORIDA I - - Q - - 1 1 O of I I Q 1 - ll . II 9 I I . I Th d ff d ighf 1 DRINK CAMPOAMOR'S MILK are an example of the modern machinery used at Compoamor's Your I-Ieolth ond Happiness Lie Behind Milk" CAMPOAMOR'S MODERN DAIRY FARM T RYNQN1-p-rep wnth that new ,ee W 1 I 0 f ff T13 1....w-N' ' I Y" fum S ls t . Gwwo ,, I TASTE ,g.esaa,, I " +'k++ S E M I N O L E FURNITURE COMPANY Incorporated LaFayette and Hyde Park Tampa 1, Florida TAMPA S GREATEST FURNITURE STORE B MARION REED FUNERAL DIRECTORS Phone 8 0151 Platt and Plant Avenues M tx A James LA BORA rany nvc Wok S pe d by G d E to olog Complete Pest Control Termlte Service 2001 W Platt St Phone 8 2125 Tampa 6 Florida 5 5 GIZ MOW POWER MOWERS ufactu d sold d ect f o the fac toy buyd ectfo 2-pw-ivsfwi Glz Mow, Inc pa F Ol 3342101 Congratulations to the Class of 1957 RALARD PUBLISHING I Printers of the Jeffersonuan and other outstandung publlcatnons 202 E Henderson Ave Tampa Florlda CARDOSO and SON Wholesale Tropical Fruuts and Produce S 1519 17th Avenue Phone 4 3941 ,N NILO CARDOSO Proprletor I H tl I F A , K. , X I' I D U E 4 , . t KAII r u rvlse ra uate n m ISII V . . . 1 I I - I I 3 1 5 ' I "5 I Man re in Tampa, 2 t ir r m - 5 QW r g ir r m . . . ' if I ' I ., ,,., . , , I if ,.. 'I 5' ' l 9.51 -A , .3 1202 N. Dale Mabry 2 ...tvl,, I -v.. 1 ..-....,,4. l-.4. - - , , I -, '-', ., 1g':?:j,.iE5i1-5-5: il, I L '-2, V - ,. . - - ' - - - A - P 1 l 1 5 E - , Fo. 4 I JACQUELINE ALEMAN Scholarship, Inc. 4, President 4, F.H.A. 4, Parliamentarian 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Elected 4, Mojorette 3, 4. JOSEPHINE LOUISE ALFANO Student Council I, Elected 3, 4, President I, "Express Editor I, Head Cheerleader I, Playday I, 2, 3, Vice President Sophomore Class 2, Pan American 3, 4, President 4, Vice President Homeroom 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross 4, Correspondent Editor of Jeffer- sonian 4, Kiwanette 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Safety Council 2, 3 4, Office Asst. 4, Y-teens 3, 4, President's Council 4, Senior Class Play 4. Career: Teacher. SYLVIA ALFONSO Kiwanettes 3, 4, Homeroom Secretary 3, Pan American 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Glee Club 3, F.H.A. 4, Vice President 4. Career: Teacher. BEVERLY ALLEN Glee Club I, Y-Teens 4, Office Asst. 4. Career: Secretary. LORETTA ALMEIDA Band I, 2, 3, Kiwanettes 2, 3, 4, Elected Student Council 2, 3, Home- room Secretary 2, Jr. Play 3. Career: Secretary. JOHANNA ARCURI Homeroom Secretary I, 4, Drama 2, 3, 4, Monticello Rep. 3, Glee Club 3, Y-Teens 4, Opti-Miss 4. JOSEPHINE ALVAREZ Library Asst. 4, Y-Teens 3. Career: Secretary. RAMONA ALVAREZ Safety County I, Home- room Secretary I, Glee Club I, Pep Squad I, 2, Monticello Rep, Asst. Art Editor 4, Art Club 2, Future Nurses 3, Garden Club 3, 4, Jeffer- sonian Rep. 4, Office Asst. 4, President's Coun- cil. Career: College. PAT BEALS Transfer Student, Drill Team 2, Skating Club 3, F.H.A. 2, 3, Drama 4, Senior Class Play 4. MARGARET BENITEZ Y-Teens I, 3, 4, Pep Squad I, 2, 3, 4, Playday I, 4. ANN MARIE BERTHIAUME Glee Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Y-Teens I, 3, 4, Red Cross Rep. 2, Jeffersonian Rep. 2, Play Day I, 2, F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Office Asst. 3, 4, Opti- Miss 4, Sec. 4, Honor Society 4. Career: Teacher. JO ANN BENNETT Glee Club I, Jeffersonian Rep. 3. Career: Secretary. MARIE BLANCO F.B.L.A. 4. JERALDINE LEE BLEDSOE F.T.A. I, 2, Playday I, 2, 4, F.N.A. 2, 3, 4, Historian 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Monticello Rep. 4, Civinettes 3, 4, Scholar- ship, Inc, 3, 4, Honor Society 4, Senior Class Play 4. Career: College. 4 TOMMY BORREGO F.T.A. I, 2, Orch. I, Homeroom Vice President 2, Future Scientists 3, 4, President 4, Wheel Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Pan-American Club 3, 4, F.S.P.A. Con- ENIOR ventions 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Monticello Rep. 3, 4, National Assoc. of Mathematicians Exam 3, Monticello Staff 4, Advertising Man- ager 4, National Merit Scholarships Qualifying Exam 4, Presidents' Council 4, Pepsi-Cola Merit Award 4, Quill 8. Scroll 4, Science Dept. Award 4, Career: College. GLORIA BRIANT Safety Council I, 2, 3, 4, President I, President's Council I, Youth for Christ 2, FBLA 3, 4, Vice President 4, Kiwan- ettes 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 4, Secretary 4, City- Wide Council of Red Cross 4, Vice President 4, Y-Teens 4, Homemaker of Tomorrow Award 4. HELEN BRIDGES Civinette 2, 3, Civinette Re- porter 4, Jeffersonian Representative 2, 3, 4, Scholarship, Inc. 4, Y-Teens, I, 2, Band I, 2, 3, Jeffersonian News Editor 4, District 81 State Contest 2, 3, Career: Secretary, Housewife. ELDRA BROD F.T.A. I, Charter Vice President I, Orchestra I, 2, Concert Mistress I, Class Essayist I, M.P.O. Club 2, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Future Scientists 3, 4, Secretary-Treas- urer 4, Jeffersonian Staff 3, Feature Editor 3, Editor-in-chief 3, Monticello Staff 4, Editor-in- chief 4, F.S.P.A. Convention 2, 3, 4, Medalist 4, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Secretary 4, Ja Dee 3, 4, Tampa Ad Club Essay Contest 2, 3, 4, Second Place County 4, Sales Executive Contest 4, First Place County 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Pepsi-Cola Merit Award 3, Southern Press ln- stitute 3, Senior Banquet Committee 4, Presi- dents Council 3, 4, National Association of Mathematicians Exam 3, National Merit Schol- arship Qualifying Exam 4, Editor's Award 4. Career: Veterinary Medicine. ANN BURTON Cheerleader I, 4, Freshman, Secretary I, Junior Class Secretary 3, Home- room Vice President 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, F.T.A, 3, 4, Kiwanettes 3, 4, Red Cross 2, 3. Career: Teacher. BETTY CAMERO Monticello Rep. 2, Y-Teens 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Jeffersonian Staff 4, F.H.A. 4. Career: Teacher. RENE D. CARRERA Safety Council I, Football Manager I, F.T.A. I, Treasurer I, Hi-Y 2, Secretary 2, Librarian Asst. I, 2, Jr. Civitan 3, 4, President 4, Art Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Thespians 3, 4, Secretary 4, Office Asst. 4, Art Editor of Monticello 4, President's Council 4, Assembly Club 4, Jr. Play, Pepsi-Cola Merit Award 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Play 4. ROSALIE CASTELLANA Y-Teens I, 2, Presi- dent Ib, Secretary Ia, Inter-club Council I, Civinettes 3, 4, Historian 4, Homeroom Presi- dent 2, 3, 4, Maiorette I, 2, 3, Elective Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Bookstore 4, Commercial Asst, 4, Scholarship Inc. 4, Monticello Senior Editor 4, Girls' State 3, Junior Class Vice Presi- dent 3, Senior Banquet Committee 4, Playday 2, 3, Honor Society 4, Quill 8. Scroll 4. Career: Secretary 8- Housewife. ALICE CASTRO Majorette I, Y-Teens 3, Art Club 4, Red Cross, 4, President 4. ANGIE CHIARMONTE Glee Club 4, Pep Squad. JOE CICCARELLO Hi-Y I, Baseball 2, 3, 4, R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4, Lieutenant 4, Jr. Optimist 2. TONY CUICIO Basketball I, Jr. Civitans, Base- ball Manager 4. BYRON CLARK Hi-Y I, D.C.T. 4. Career: Auto Parts 8. Accessory Salesman. CHARLENE CLARK Library Asst 2, Civinettes 3, 4, Secretary 4, Art Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Sweetheart Queen 3. Career: Secretary. JUDY COHALLA Student Council 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 4, Office Asst 4. Career: Private Secretary. JIM COLEMAN Band I, 2, 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Honor Society 3, 4, President 4, F.S.A. 3, 4, Vice President 4, Senior Banquet Committee, Boys' State 3. ANTHONY SALVATORE CONIGLIO JR. Band I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Optimist 2, Dragon Court 2, Journalism 4. ELEANOR MARIE CORRAL Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Chaplain 4, F.N.A. 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, Chaplain 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Secre- tary 4, Kiwanettes 4, Pan American 4, Glee Club I, President's Council 3, Monticello Staff 4, Copy 8- Faculty Editor 4, Senior Banquet Committee 4, Girls' State, Salutatorian. Career: College. GRACE COSTA Scholarship 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer I, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, F.B.L.A. 3, 4, Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Optimiss 4, President 4, N.H.S. 4. Career: Commercial Teacher. MARTHA JOYCE CRESPO Homeroom Chaplain I, F.B.L.A. 4, Art Club 4. Career: Private Secretary. DONALD WILLIAM CROWLEY F.T.A. I, Band I, 2, 3, Motion Picture Club 2, Wheel Club 4, Scholarship lnc. 3, 4, President 4, Honor Society 4 Jeffersonian 4, Sports Editor 4, Monticello Rep. 2, 3, 4, Quill 81 Scroll 4. Career: Mathe- matics Teacher. MARIE GAUDALUPE CUERVO Drama Club I, Glee Club I, Pan American 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens, 3, 4, F.H.A. 4, Jeffersonian Staff 3, 4, Senior Class Play 4. Career: English Major. ARLINE D'AMICO Y-Teens I, 2, D.C.T. 3, 4, Vice President 4, Student Council I, Shore Line Staff I, Glee Club I. IDEA .ig f 1 :cu qu-more-. C--N - ---v . -,.. ...---- .... . -,...- ...--..,- Clldrlene Clark Dolores Perez Juqnitq Juarez Teeth Eyes Nose Complexion Disposition Smile Posture Hair Lips 146 JOHN C. DAVES Jr. Civitans 2, Jeffersonian Editor 4. Career: Commercial Art. CARLA DAVIS Drama 4, Office Asst. 3, 4. JUDITH DAVIS Office Asst. 4, F.N.A. 4. Career: Secretary. YOLOLDA DELGADO F.T.A. I, F.N.A. 2, Jeffersonian Rep. 2, 3, 4, Scholarship lnc. 3, 4, Civinettes 3, 4. JOE DEMMI Homeroom Pres. I, 3, 4, Jr. Opti- mist Club 3, 4, Vice President 4. RACHEL DIAZ Student Council I, Chorus I, Annual Staff l, D.C.T. 4. Career: Housewife. LARRY DUPREE Band I, 4, R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4, Major 4, Key Club 3, 4, Monticello 4, Sports Editor 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Homeroom President 3, Track 2, 3, Hi-Y I, Scholarship, Inc, 4. Career: Engineer. JOYCE EASOM Jeffersonian Rep. 2, Monticello Rep. 2, Office Assistant 3, 4. SONIA EDILLA F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Pan American 2, 3, Kiwonettes 2, 3, 4, ROTC Sponsor 4, Sholarship, Inc. 3, 4, N.H.S. 4. WILLIE ESCOBIA D.C.T. 4. JOHNNY FELICIONE All Conference Gold All Star Team 4, Coaches All City 3, 4, Times 81 Tribune All City 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Best Blockers Award 3, Jr. Optimist Club 2, Track 3. AMOS FENNELL Football I, ROTC 2, D.C.T. 3. ADRIA FERNANDEZ Student Council I, 3, F.T.A. I, 2, 4, Pan American 2, Office Assistant 4. DANIEL DEMETRIO FERNANDEZ Safety Coun- cil 2, 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Honor Platoon 3, Company Commander 4, Key Club 3, 4, Sec- retary 4, Saber 81 Saberettes 4, F.T.A. 4, Scholarship, lnc. 4, Treasurer 4. NELSON GARCIA Jr. Lions 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, ROTC Rifle Team 2, Platoon Leader 4. VIOLA GARCIA Glee Club I, Drama I, F.H.A. 3, 4, Pep Squad 4, Office Assistant 4. CAROL JEAN GAYLE Glee Club I, Y-Teens 2, 3, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Representative 3, 4, Pep Squad 2. Career: Secretary. ROSE MARIE GENTILE F.T.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 4, Pon American Club 2, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Scholarship, Inc. 3, 4, Library Asst. 3, 4, N.H.S. 4. Career: College. THEO GIBSON JR. R.O.T.C. Honor Platoon 3, 4, Color Guard 4. ROSIE GIGLIO Art Club 4. Career: Secretary. VIOLET GIL Y-Teens I, 3, 4, F.T.A. 4, Glee Club 4. Career: Housewife. ENIORS DIRCETORY DOMINICK GINEX Band I, Hi-Y I, Homeroom Vice President I, Jr. Lions 3, 4, President 4, Manager of Football Team 3, 4, ROTC, Scholarship, Inc. 4, Saber 8. Saberettes 4, Track Team 4. ELVA GONZALEZ Pan American Club 2, 3, Office Assistant 4. JOSIE GONZALEZ Head Cheerleader I, Glee Club I, 2, Pep Squad 2, Monticell Representa- tive 2, 3, 4, Garden Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, F.N.A. 3, 4. LEONARD GONZALEZ Band I, Jr. Lions 4. MERCY GONZALEZ Glee Club I, 2, Art Club 2, 4, FBLA 4, Y-Teens 4, Office Assistant 4, Scholarship, lnc. 4. MILDRED E. GONZALEZ Y-Teens I, Secretary Ib, President Io, lnter-Club Council I, Major- ette I, 2, 3, Elective Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, President 4, Civinettes 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Scholarship, Inc. 3, Honor Society 4, Homeroom President 4, Vice President 3, Assembly Club 4, HCAOSC 4, Bookstore 2, 3, 4, Commercial Asst. 4, Presi- dent's Council 4. Career: Secretary. MILDRED M. GONZALEZ Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Squad 4. BYRON GORDON Homeroom President 2, 3, Vice President I, 4, Safety Council 2, 3, 4, Quill 8. Scroll 3, 4, Vice President 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Vice President 4, Senior Banquet Committee 4. CHARLES GROOVER Band 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Jeffersonian Staff 3, Quill 81 Scroll 3, 4, Wheel Club 3, 4, Vice President 3, Treasurer 4, Jr. Rotarian 4, Monticello Assistant Editor 4, Ja Dee Editor 4. NORMA JEAN GUERRA Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Sec- retar I' Art Club 2 3' Secretar 2' Jeffer-' Y I 1 I Y 1 sonian Rep. 2, F.H.A. 3. ANN MARIE GUSTAFSON Student Council Rep. I, Glee Club I, Y-Teens I, 2, F.T.A. 2, Pep Squad I, 2, D.C.T. 3, Jeffersonian Rep. 2, 3, 4. GLADYS HARBER Art Club I, 4, Y-Teens 2, Pan American Club 3, Opti-Miss. CAROL HARGRAVES Drama Club I, Garden Club 3, Band 3, 4, F.H.A. 4. RICHARD F. HERNANDEZ Movie Projector Club I, 2, 3, 4, Jr, Civitan 4. Career: Pharmacist. LON HEVIA Lions Club 4, ROTC I, 2, 3, Tennis I, Football 2. JO ELAINE HILL Y-Teens I, 3, 4, Inter-Club Council 3, 4, Secretary 4, Homeroom Secretary I, Vice President 2, 3, 4, Thespians 3, Historian 4, Kiwanettes 4, FBLA I, Parliamentarian 4, President's Council 3, 4, English Asst. 4, Play Day I, 2, N.H.S. 3, 4. Career: Secretary. PATTI HINSON Homeroom Secretary I, Y- Teens 2, Student Council Rep. 3, Career: Secretary. RICHARD HOLCOMB Band I, 2, 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Red Cross 2, Basketball 3. JANET HOUSTON Y-Teens I, F.H.A. 3, Play Day I, 4. ANN HUTCHINSON Majorette I, Monticello Rep. 2, Sophomore Class Secretary 2, Civinettes 2, 3, 4, F.N.A. 4, Jefferson 3, 4, Homeroom Secretary 2, 3, 4, ROTC Sponsor 4, Jeffersonian Staff 4, Editor 4. Career: Nursing. DIANA JOYCE IPPOLITO Play Day I, Y-Teens I, Art Club 4, F.H.A. Homeroom Secretory 2, Treasurer 3, 4, Jefferson Rep. 2. Career: House- wife. GERALD JOHNSON ROTC 3, Art Club I, Jr. Lions I, Class Play 4. JUANITA LOUISE JUAREZ Freshman Class Treasurer I, Play Day I, 2, Honor Society 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Civinettes 3, 4, Vice President 4, F.N.A. 2, 3, 4, Dragon Court 3, Girls' State 3, Homeroom President 2, 3, 4, Saber 8. Saberettes 4, ROTC Sponsor 4, Captain 4, Calendar Girl 3, Senior Banquet Committee 4. Career: College. SANDRA JEAN KLEIN Glee Club I, Scholar- ship, Inc. 4, Red Cross 4, Library Asst. 4, N,H.S. 4. Career: College. MARGARET LA CALLE Art Club 4, FBLA 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Play Day 2. Career: Secretary. SHIRLEY ANN LANNING Y-Teens I, 4, F.N.A. 2, 3, 4, Monticello Rep. 4. Career: Secretary. TYRONE LAVIN Student Council 3, 4, Quill 8- Scroll 3, 4, President 4, Ja Dee 3, Monticello 3, FSPA 2, 3, Pan American 3, 4, Golf 2, Red Cross I, 2, F.S.A. 3, ROTC 2, 3, Honor Platoon 3, Jr. Civitans 2, President's Council 4, Bowling Club 2, Bookstore 4. Career: College. EDWARD A. LAZO Vice President of Science Club I, Jeffersonian News Editor 3, Band 2, Office Asst. 4. RALPH S. LAZZARA Football I, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Optimist 2, 3, Lions 4. JOE LEMUS Homeroom President 9, ROTC 3, 4, Pvt. 4. Career Commercial Artist. MARY LETO Scholarship, Inc. 3, 4. THERESA LETO Pep Squad I, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Career: Housewife. SAM LICCIO Band I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Optimist 2. Career: Art Instructor. JOE LO CICERO Band I 2 3 4 Jr Csvsta s 2 Jr Lsons 4 Career Mussc PHIL LOCICERO III Band I Homeroom Press dent 2 MARY JANE LONGO Marsorette I Glee Club I Homeroom Secretary 2 3 4 Kswanette 3 4 Treasurer 4 Career Housewsfe KAY LOWMAN Y Teens I F H A 2 3 Red Cross3 Montscello Rep 2 3 4 Career College DALIA LOPEZ Offsce Asssstant I Pep Squad 3 Art Club 3 4 Secretary 4 F H A Career Art FRANK LOPEZ Band I Jr Csvstans 2 Secre tary3 DCT 4 MARTHA LOPEZ Homeroom Pressdent I Stu dent Councsl I Glee Club I Orch I Jeffer sonsan Rep 2 3 4 Scholarshsp Inc 3 4 FBLA 4 Englssh Asst 4 Career Secretary NANCY LOPEZ F N A 3 4 Career Secretary BERNADINE LUMIA Y Teens I Homeroom Secretary I F B LA 2 Pars Amerscan 2 Ks wanettes 3 4 Career Housewsse VINCENT MANDESE Student Councsl Offscer I Jr Csvstan 2 J V Basketball 2 ROTC 4 Career Mechanscal Engsneer PRUDYE JO MANISCALCO Student Councsl I 2 3 4 Freshman Vsce Pressdentl FTA I 2 3 4 Charter Pressdent I Homeroom Press dentl 2 3 4 Csvsnettes2 3 4 Pressdent 4 Pressdent s Councsl 3 4 Pep Squad 3 Honor Socsety 3 4 Parlsamentarsan 4 Amerscan Le gson Award I Sensor Banquet Commsttee 4 Sensor Class Pressdent 4 Bookstore 2 3 4 Student Councsl Con I 2 3 4 Honor Socsety Con 3 Csvsnette Con 4 FSPA 4 Qu ll 81 Scroll 4 Vsce Pressdent 4 Montscello Staff 4 MASSARO ANDREW Bandl 2 3 4 Key Club 4 Basketball 4 Jr Csvstans 2 3 Scholarshsp Inc 4 Career Medscsne SYLVIA MASTROS Masorette I Homeroom Pressdentl Vsce Pressdent 2 3 4 Student Cuncsl Rep I 3 4 Csvsne 4 Cross 2 FTA 2 Jeffersonsan Feature Edstor 4 Pan Amerscan 3 4 Vsce Pressdent 3 Glee Club I 2 Calendar Gsrl 3 Drama Club I Career Ssnger WAYNE MAYO Homeroom Pressdent 3 4 Jr vstan 2 3 Band I 2 3 LINDA MARIE MEDERO Cheerleader I 3 4 Head 4 FTA I 2 3 4 Secretary Pressdent 4 Y Teens I Csvsnettes 3 4 Chap lasn 4 Honor Socsety 3 4 Homeroom Secre tary I 2 3 4 Montscello Rep Sensor Class Secretary 4 Dragon Court 2 Calendar Gsrl 3 Career Teacher FAYE MCCASKILL Cheerleader I 3 4 Co Head 4 Jeffersonsan Staff 4 Feature Edstor 4 Electsve Student Councsl 4 Dragon Court 3 Y Teens 3 4 Treasurer4 Kswanettes3 4 Glee Club 2 JOE MENENDEZ Baseball I ROTC 2 3 4 Jr Lsons2 3 4 Treasurer4 Drama4 Montscello Rep 3 Career Teacher VIVIAN MILAM F T A 3 4 Pan Amerscan 3 Scholarshsp Inc 3 4 Honor Socsety 4 Cheer leader 4 Student Councsl I Play Day 2 ANDREW MIRABOLE Drama Club I Jefferson san 3 4 News Edstor 3 Asst Edstor 4 J Csvstan 3 4 Jeffersonsan Rep 2 3 4 ROTC 2 3 Homeroom Vsce Pressdent I MARY MARTHA MORALES Scholarshsp Inc Jeffersonsars Staff 4 JENNIE NEGIN Student Councsl 2 4 Kswan ettes 3 4 Pressdent 4 Scholarshsp I 3 4 Honor Socsety4 FNA 2 3 4 Vsce Pressdent 3 Pressdents Councsl 4 Homeroom Treasurer I Sensor Banquet Commsttee 4 Career Teacher SYLVIA LEE PAIS Cheerleader I Pep Squad 2 3 FNA 4 ArtClub4 ROSALIE PARRADO Lsly Glee Club 2 3 L A A C u 3 4 Treasurer F H A 4 MIMI PATRINOSTRO Art Club 4 Pep Squad 2 3 4 Y Teens 4 Garden Club 4 SANDRA JEAN PAZ F S A I Glee Club I Red Cross 2 3 Jeffersonsan Rep 2 3 F HA 4 F N A 4 IRENE PELAEZ F N A 2 3 4 Vsce Pressdent 4 YTeens 2 Montscello R p 2 Staff 4 Faculty Edstor 4 F H A 4 County Secretary 4 Kswanettes 3 4 Hsstorsan and Reporter 4 Scholarshsp Inc 3 4 Honor Socsety 4 Home room Secretary 4 Career Medscsne DOLORES PEREZ Cheerleader I Student Coun sl Rep I Orch I Homeroom Secretaryl 3 Thespsanl Scholarshsp Inc 3 4 Honor So csey 4 YTeens 3 4 Glee Club 4 an Amerscan 4 Csvsnettes 4 Offsce Asst 4 Jef fersonsan Rep 4 JERRY PEREZ Glee Club 4 ROTC 4 JOE PEREZ Band I 2 3 4 LANNIE PEREZ Red Cross I Band 2 PEGGY JOANN PEREZ Homeroom Secretary I Pressdent 3 Vsce Pressdent 2 4 Student Coun csl I 4 Secretary I Glee Club I YTeens I 2 3 4 Vsce Pressdentl Chaplasn 3 Head Cheerleader I Lsbrary Asst 2 Jeffersonsan retary 4 Montscello Representative 3 Pan Amerscan Club 4 Valedsctorsan Career Nurssng LOIDES PERDOMO Career Housewsfe MANUEL PERRONE Student Councsl I 2 Band I 2 3 Jr Optsmsst 2 3 Seargant at Arms 3 Football I DCT 4 Career Body Works MARIE ANGELA PETRALIA Offsce Asst I Pep Squad 3 Vsce Pressdent 3 YTeens 4 FBLA 4 Lsbrary Asst 4 SARA JOY PETRALIA Lsbrary Asst I Home room Pressdent I Glee Club 4 FHA 4 Hss torsan 4 Y Teens 4 NANCY PULLARA FTA 3 4 YTeens 3 4 Art Club 4 ROTC Sponsor 4 Saber 8. Saber ettes 4 Lsbrary Asst 4 Montscello Rep 2 3 e Club I 2 3 4 Dram C b I Squad 2 3 Career Teacher MARILYN PUPELLO Cheerleaders I 3 Csvs nettes 3 4 Dragon Court 2 Calendar Gsrl 3 Jeffersonsan Rep 2 Staff 3 MANUEL RAGANO ROTC 3 4 Optsmsst 3 4 Pressdent 4 ANDY RENDUELES Hs Y I Football I ROTC 2 3 4 Jr Lsons 3 4 Vsce Pressdent 4 Glee Club 4 JOANNE MARY RESINA Band I 2 3 4 F H M 4 Pressdent 4 Red Cross 4 Pressdent s Councsl 4 GUS REYES DCT 3 4 Sergeant at Arms 4 Band I SAM RISCILE Bandl 2 3 4 Trackl 2 3 4 GEORGIANNA GLORIA RODRIQUEZ Scholar nc 4 FNA 4 Lsbrary Ass Career College JIS FRANCES ROSALES Glee Club 2 3 4 Red Cross 2 FBLA 3 F HA 4 Art Club MANUEL SANCHEZ Art Club 4 Sergeant at Arms 4 Red Cross Rep 4 ROSE SAMALEA FBLA 3 Scholarshsp Inc 4 Honor Socsety 4 MARLENE SEGALL Glee Club I 2 3 4 Pep Squad 4 GLORIA SANDRA SERRALLES F T A I F N A 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Pressdent 4 Pressdents Cabsnet 4 Youth for Chrsst 2 Y Teens 3 4 Scholarshsp Inc 3 4 Honor Socsety 4 Csvs nettes 3 4 Montscello Staff 4 Co Advertsssng Manager 4 Pepss Cola Merst Award 4 Sensor Class Play 4 ll 81 Scroll 4 Play Day I 2 Career Nurssng REGINA SIERRA Red Cross 3 Art Club 4 Career Secretary ROSE MARIE SIERRA Y Teens I Vsce Press d ntl Glee Club 2 3 4 JIMMIE SCAGLIONE Jr Optsmssts 2 3 P Amerscan 4 s...ARMEN SCIORTINO Art Club 4 FBLA SHARON SLOAN Safety Councsl I Montscello Rep 3 Offsce Asst 4 Red Cross Rep 4 BETH SNYDER Safety Councsl I 2 3 4 Honor Socsety 3 4 Sponsor 3 Saber 81 Saber e 3 Csvsnettes 3 4 Play Day 2 3 Jeffersonsan Rep 2 4 Homeroom Pressdent I Student Councsl I Masorette I YTeens I Treasurer I Career Housewsfe 81 Bookkeeper GEORGE SPANO Basketball I 2 Jr Csvstans CHARLIE SPICOLA Jr Optsmsst 2 3 4 Foot balll 2 3 4 Track3 Homeroom Pressdent4 ALICE TALVERA Offsce Asst I Glee Club I 2 YTeens I 4 Kswanettes 2 3 4 Scholar sh 3 4 ANTOINETTE TAVALACCIO YTeens 3 4 FBLA 4 Art Club 4 Montscello Rep 4 Homeroom Secretary 2 Pep Squad I Play Day I 2 Student Councsl I Career Secretary ROSE MARIE TAMBORELLO Head Masorette I Student Councsll 2 Pressdentl Home room Secretaryl YTeens I 2 3 4 FTA 2 3 4 Glee Club I Opts Msss 4 THERESA MARIE TAMBORELLO Glee Club I 2 3 Mayorettel Cheerleader 4 Pan Amen can 3 4 Treasurer 4 YTeens 2 3 4 Jeffer sonsan 4 Feature Edstor 4 Red Cross Rep 2 Student Councsl 2 Jefferson Rep 3 4 Jr Class Play 3 Dayl 2 3 4 Career Teacher LORRAINE TERRY Lsbrary Asst I 4 p Class Play 3 P'ay I 3 4 Car Teacher HELEN THOMAS YTeens I 2 DCT 3 FHA 4 Offsce Asst 4 JUNE THOMAS F H A I MAGGIE VELAR Pep Squad 3 Cheerleader 4 Garden Club 4 HAROLD WALLACE Student Councsl I 2 3 4 Elected 2 4 Parlsamentarsan 4 Pressdent Junsor Class 3 Vsce Pressdent Sensor Class 4 Key Club 3 4 Pressdent 4 Boys State 3 Scholarshsp Inc 4 Footballl 2 3 4 Track 2 Golf 3 4 Sensor Banquet Commsttee 4 Amerscan Legson Award I Glee Club I RUDOLPH WARD Homeroom Vsce Pressdent I Traffsc Offscer I Csrculatson Manager of Jef fersonsan 3 1 1 1 I 1 VI 1 I ' , , 5 5 1 1 1 1 5 5 5 5 nc. 5, 5 5 5 1 1 1 5 4, 1 I - - - 1 1 1 1 ' ' I I I ' 1 ' ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 5 , 1 3, I 1 1 I 1 5 I 1 1 1 1 - 5 5 1 . 1 5 1 5 I I I I . 5 5 5 5 5 5 11 .5 11 5 5 5 2 A 1 1 - - - F.B. 1 1 35 rt I b 5 5 45 5 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 I I I I I I 21 1 1 1 1 1 1 141 5 1 1 - 1 1 5 1 - 5 I I I - ' ' ' - 1 - 1 1 I ' I 1 ' - 5 - 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 I 12 Qu' 1 , 5 5 1 5 f ' , ' ' 1 - 1 1 1 I I - - 51 1 1 1 - 1 1 5 . 5 e 5 I 5 5 5 1 I 1 I I ' 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 5 1 5 5 e 1 5 1 ' 1 1 1 4 ' ' 5 5 1, 5 1 1 1 1 on 1 ' ' ' ' 1 1 ' 1 I 5 1 5 1 I ' ' ,.' 1 1 1 N- ' I ' I I 1 5' 1 3 . 1 ' 1 ' 1 I ' I I ' I I P T 5 1 5 , 1 5 1 T 5 1 - 5 5 1 1 5 1 5 : 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 5 5 5 1 , 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I I 1 1 ' 1 I I ' 1 1 1 1 r eff 1 1 1 1 141 - I I I ' I I I ' ' 1 ' 1 1 51 1 .1 1 1 1 1 . , 5 5 1 1 1 5 5 1 1 - : 1 I I - 1 I 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 - 1 1 1 , 3, 4. I I ' I I I I I I 5 1 5 1 1 1 1 5 l 5 5 5 5 5 1 1 5 5 1 ' ' - I 4 ' 1 ' ' I I I I I I I ' I 1 1 ' Subscrsptson Manager. Rep, 25 Honor Socsety 3, 45 F.N.A. 3, 45 Sec- ' ' ' ' ' 1 I i ' 1 1 1 I I I I I ' ' , . ' 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ' 5 ' ' ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Ip 5 I 1 5 1. 1 1 5 5 ' ' ' 1 - 1 I I - I 1 ' I ' I I 1 . o 1 5 5 5 tte 3, 5 Red 5 5 5 1 5 5 - - 5 5 1 ' 5 ' 1 1 ' ' 5 5 5 5 1 1 . 1 - 1 1 1 5 1 1 . 1 1 1 I 1 I I 5 - 1 I 5 - 1 1 ' ' 1 - 1 - 1 2 ' 1 I I -1 2 ' ' ' ' ' 5 5 5 5 1 5 51 1 1 1 - - - 5 5 1 5 1 1 1 1 - 1 CI 1 : 1 1 1 4. 5 1 5 - 1 1 1 A I 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 I I I ' C0-5 1 - - - 1 15 51 1 I1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 5 5 - 5 5 , 5 - 1 1 - 1 1 5 5 1 5 I 51 1 5 ' 5 1' '1 I J 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I - ' ' I ' I 1 5 5 5 5 1 1 1 5 5 5 Gle , , , 5 a lu 5 Pep 1 1 1 - - - 1 5 5 Pe 5 1 15 5 1 Day 5 2, 5 1 eer: 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - ' I ' A ' I I I I 1 1 1 1 5 . 1 5 1 , 1 5 1 1 15 5 5 5 5 1 1 1 I - ' I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I - 1 I I I 1 5 1 1 1 5 5 5 5 5 5 1 15 1 51 5 5 5 5 , 1 , j 5 5 - - - 5 1 1 1 5 5 5 1 1 - ' I I ' . I . 1 5 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 5 15 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 55 1 1 , 1 - 1 f' 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 - I , 1, shsp, I 1 3, 5 1 1 1 5 t. 4. 5 - 1 Autographs JQPJ y6,lA5-Lgfldff I Maw 'La 94" l X ff If ffdfm MMA 79 1,5 M J X3,mW' H W fbmvzf, f Compliments TAMPA GREYHOUND TRACK Tampa, Florida NNIS PUPELLO AND HIS BAND PLAY FOR OUR DRAGON DANCES. J ff X0 'K Xl 4 i "Tj Always In Demand i iff pi! .f f Dennis Pupello and His Band JEFFITES SUPPORT THE MONTICELLO . Miss Johnson Mrs. Robinson . Mrs. Davis . Mr. Harrison . Miss Gilliland . Mrs. Massey . . Mr. Luton Miss Silverstein Miss Pemberton Miss Humphrey . . . Mr. Moak . Mrs. Prendes . Mrs. Antinori This Page Sponsored By R. T. BROD RealEstate "FOR YOUR HOME OF TOMORROW" . Mr. Quinlan . . Mr. Rosete . . Mr.Zabaldo . . Mrs. Olson . Mrs. Sanborn . Mrs. Schilling . Miss Messina . . Mr. Verges Mrs. Sparkman Mr. Taylor . Miss Deaver . . Mrs. Spoto . Miss Groven THE SKYLINERS The South s most fabulous bond Avonlable for dances weddlngs and social affairs Latest recorclungs are mm' STARS ABOVE ME OH MAH LIFE WITHOUT A FRIEND Avaulable at Your Favornte Record Shop DALE MABRY 8, HENDERSON Call Doc Castellano Ph 8 5158 LISTER S FURNITURE There IS a place for you In busmess If properly tranned Florlda Central College offers you to 36 months course In occountnng 0 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 0 SECRETARIAL IGregg or Stenographl O COURT REPORTING 0 SPANISH EXCELLENT TRAINING AND REASONABLE COST For mformofwn vlslt, write, or cull Rosalie Castellano and Manuel Perrone select sow, E. Lafayette sf. Phone 2 2861 QLJQILHQQUIQDE gIle5'REUIU'e home Hom LISTERIS , , y?1 y1L, X,-z ,XXI T Q A 3 M C A I ' U iv H A 'Q ' I . "V I of W A .V , WAKE-ur AND uve I ,' ' I ,eff A 3-E Z ' I 4 . . REGISTERED JEWELERS AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Beckwlth Ru nge Jewelry The House of Qualuty 410 Franklin Street Tampa Florlda TURNER PIANO CO bhdl Selected for the Stephen Foster Memorual HARDMAN HARRINGTON LIZST SHORINGER 124 S Franklln Phone 2 1275 D UVA L FUNERAL HOME TAMPAS FINEST MORTUARY Spacious Chapels Aar Condntnoned 3 Way Radio Dispatched Ambulances Conveniently Heated Crematnons CONGRATULATIONS to the SENIORS from BRITTON THEATER The Best Theater Thus Side of New York Britton Plaza Phone 62 3511 JACKS COOKIE CO Good for you and the knddxes too 3615 E Lake Ave Phone 4 4968 Watch Repalrmg Engravmg Jewelry Repanr ACEE S JEWELRY FIRST CLASS WORK Phone 82 2721 1709 N Howard Ave A C Stewart Tampa Florida - 0 . H Co. W H I H IEW ns e s97I . - I I PIANOS- KO-?ER' 8. CAMPBELL y 3800 Nebraska Ave. Dial 2-7261 HI I a .H H ' ' . . . - . I AIN f -f,7,1 Uribe' OUNDED IBBO THIS IS OUR CHOICE FOR OUR BUSINESS TRAINING X For The FInest In Bottled DrInkIng WATER I S Crystal Sprmgs Water Co Tampa Florrda 40th Street DrIve In Theatre Auto Park DrIve In Theatre Tampas New Show Place' East Broadway at 40th Street Phone 4 2983 On the Shores of Tampa Bay PIn A Rama Bowllng Lanes 5008 S Dale Mabry Phone 67 7231 I6 Automatuc AIr condmoned Lanes GEORGE FISHER Mgr Free Bowllng Instructlons From 9 AM to 'I2 Noon Students 35c Per Lune Monday Thursday Fruday Unhl 6 P M e SH ERWIN WILLIAMS POINTS More Homes Are Pamted Wnth SherwIn WIIlIams SWP House PaInt Than WIth Any Other 'I810 'l7th Street Phone 4 3967 Florlda PrIntIng Good Luck To The Graduates 1723 8th Avenue Phone 4 2337 Pupello LIft Trucks SALES AND SERVICE FOR I.IFT TRUCKS and TRACTORS 22nd Sf- CGUSGVOY P5006 4 2312 1155 E. Cass St. Phones 2 7413 2-8634 BUS. RT. SOUTII Tampa, Florida X x H! .-A .. I" fi, X ' ' S E6 .. C : Th I . I ,, . I .- I . , - I .. ... ' I I .t, I I I - ' I ' ' 0 0 ' PATRCDNS OF THE Flornda Bakery Natlonal Shnrt Shops Qulnby Electrlc Co La Segunda Central Bakery Leone Bros Grocery 81 Market Duxue Auto Pamtlng 8. Garage Vogue Cleaners 81 Laundry Inc Renee House of Beauty Sam M Ferluta Gen Contractor Flornda Radlator Servlce Paris Style Beauty Salon Gott Jewelry Co B Anton 81 Son Nadler s Upholstery Shop Splnnmg Wheel Jensen s Men s Furmshnngs Gordon s Fresh Potato Chlps Poller s Fashuon Shoppe Vera s Sportswear Center Constantmo Panduella Home Furmture Co Wolfe Brothers D1x1e Service Statlon 3917 Nebraska Ave 621 Franklln Street 210 N Franklln Street 2411 15th Street 1214 N Howard 3426 15th Street 936 S Howard Avenue 3002 Armenla Avenue 3006 Swann Avenue 1506 Florlda Avenue 2202 Nebraska Avenue 812 Franklln Street 2710 E Broadway Avenue 2714 Nebraska Avenue 5909 Florlda Avenue 1211 s Dale Mabry Hwy 3020 Azeele 623 E Broadway 1613 E Broadway 911 St Claur 1007 Franklln Street Franklm 81 Zack 3425 15th Street 2 1704 2 6773 2 2771 4 1531 86 4302 4 3156 8 1835 72 8181 71 7923 2 1409 23 1693 2 2590 4 1344 2 7637 35 2261 89 1011 72 9672 4 3919 4 3388 27 5741 2 2458 2 7181 4 2528 . . . . . . ............... , ........' 0 .---r...a Q -na.-.rn-1 - .. .. .......... . ........" , . . . , . ......... .........' . . . . . -.--1.-..," o nvaqannnnnvsu--f . .us-...- I .. . 1 1 -0 auunosrr-1 o Q-rn... ' , . , . a--.quo-va-n I snare.-.nnn" I - . . . -n-as.--.1-sn 0 aunfarunqa-. ' , . lucas--vuwnnnvu nnnrvuunu- . .. . GOLD AND BLUE lrvmg s Fabrlcs Johnny s Drew Park Market Alonso Drugs Sherwm Wnlluams Co Sunshlne State Garage Scruggs Bros Plumbmg Supplles Columbna Body Works Castellano 8. Plzzo H L Green Co Pedro Perez Clgar Co Frank Pardo s Market Oscar Prlntlng Company Deluxe Battery Company Rlte Way Servuce Statnon olar Ice 81 Ice Cream Co Inc Broadway Bakery 912 Franklm Street 4202 W Alva 3014 N Armema Avenue 136 S Tampa Street 407 N 22nd Street 5205 Nebraska Avenue 2402 E Broadway Avenue 1724 8th Avenue 1607 E Broadway Avenue 1607 22nd Street 2501 E Broadway Avenue 1409V2 11th Avenue 3601 15th Street 401 S Howard Avenue 939 5th Avenue 1820 9th Avenue 2 0085 71 9051 88 2331 2 8351 4 2944 32 8251 4 2330 4 2940 4 3380 4 3348 4 5816 44 4271 4 2995 8 1518 2 1254 43 6604 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The MONTICELLO would luke to express nts oppreclahon to the gurls of the Optl Mass Club for their special efforts In securing advertnsements for our yearbook. The Palace Jewelry ............. 1611 E. Broadway Avenue ...... 4-4169 INDEX Advertsssng Art Club Art Department Asssstant Prsncspal Band Banquet Commsttee Baseball Basketball Boys and Gsrls State Calendar of Actsvstses Cheerleaders Csty Scenes Csvsnettes Class Hsstory Coaches Commercsal Department Custodsans D C T Dads Club Dean of Boys Dedscatson Dragon Court Drama Department Englssh Department Englssh Asssstants Football Foreword Future Bussness Leaders Futu e Homemakers Future Nurses Future Scsentssts Future Teachers Garden Club Go f l-lomemaksng Department Honor Socsety ldeal Sensors Jetfersonsan Journalssrn Department Jr Csvstans Jr Class Offscers Jr Lsons 98 Jr Optsmssts Jr Red Cross Junsors Key Club Kswanettes Language Department Mayorettes Mathematscs Department Montscello Notables Offsce Asssstants Oftsce Staff Opts Mssses Orchestra Pep Squad P T A Pan Amerscan Physscal Educatson Pressdent s Councsl Prsncspal R O T C Safety Councsl Scholarshsp Inc School Scsence Department Sensors Sensor Class Otfscers Sensor Dsrectory Socsal Studses Department Saphomores Sophomore Class Offscers Sprsng Sports Student Councsl Table of Contents Tennss Thespsans Track Vocatsonal Trasnsng Wheel Club Who s Who Y Teens 4 4 Thss Page Sponsored By ROBERTSON 81 FRESH coMMERcsAL PHOTOGRAPHERS ' ' l20 . ' ' 98 79 . l00 78 ' 44 ' ' ' 2l 96 82 A 96 ' 39 64 l I6 ' 82 l ll ' 69 ' ' ' 29 ' 62 ' ' ' 52 22 104 ' ' 72 ' l20 ' 72 ' ' 97 '- ' 99 ' 24 84 l05 l0 ' 70 . , , l0l ' l02 ' 64 . . . 73 ' ' l l9 ' 85 ' ' ' 55 2l ' ' 20 Dean of Girls 2l Quill and Scroll 59 ' ' l9 ..-. 86 l5 ' 75 80 ' - 94 ' 57 2 ' ' 58 ' 66 l06 J 24 l8 ' ' 23 ' 7l ' ' l 6 f 77 ' ' 65 68 49 ' ' 68 ' 48 64 ' l l5 79 ' 56 l l l8 l8 ' 76 ' l l8 ' 90 ' 80 ' l-46 l l5 ' 60 I ' ' 74 ' 59 98 . ' ' 97 ' 42 . ' 44 - l00 s of .gifiililiaf ..::E:.O .::'lO .O O 0,0 o 'o' 0. - . O . '. o U 0 U . O C is Original layouts, distinctive typography and G sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain G' by standard layout, mass-production methods. . - ' I owen, A915 ff Manoj, ggnc. 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