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N iff: 7 , , .,.,.w, - Y .,M A ,, ,,g,g,W, ,-,E ' s 1 1 I Q a 4 l f Ji l, walk .ga 1 .., Q, Al' Y main street in tights ride along the waterfront at high tide Mfjldmru Lrvr IN sucu tive and work and play in such a heautitut place 'g university so near "M Y' QNX ,,,,, , ,A 3 -QA .. ,. ,Wa Y gr If .lv-TVQUQ .4 I ,,,11-45181 .'f'i". ' :iw C' 'pf -ff 4-.:t.aS'?. '33'4HCiS , a M W I . . -rx - 1- 'N Wray., .M X' -" J 'cabin 1 w-1-Q A ,.. , J w , .- 'Q' " ,:.:g..,i"'!w. ' :- - -, .za-Q1 -y-'aw sf-S'-, L.-2'+-4 A .17 7 1523" 5 ' f .3 :Q -- --, .. 41, 4.55 , 7 ,. W d:h...":-1,1 1 6.1-J7 ig-H. ' 11535: '51 TL, ' ff-' M -f - 'wa ' "' 'f'n""..'-'Jia-rr as A ff, ' - , , . lik. 1 ...v .A A--. - - ,- . , 5. - P it' 'iiBi'1'f4' 'f 'ff'a-- 5 nr 'l""5'5"f'W""f" "' ' " "" . If L "nl wk- ,QQT -fa' ' ' " " -'J'i'ffPll1fSLL 5' fl ., L' -.- ll: J"d--Tw ' ' 'ff' , A : 9 ' i1"'- A 'f -', 5' 1 ' t7 Q 4 "1 " ' .wx .' Q fr-vga, wr' ' ' -t . -2' :ww ,, V, .L-an - Wmgg 'ff X ' - gw,,'i -., -' ,U U ,, ' Q , M4 1 :N 3-1 . 1, ' , .ir , . ni-vga? - . ' "' Fl g. A , - , -' lb. it A . K , Q X 'Q -5 ff' I f ..,,,, 'f " f - t""'ill ',d,? NW'- pvv . ff" Q , Y . O. 4-4 - A . -,,. W... ,. W 4. ' I" AL 'n i' I 1 -,Q,,. ' - u, - ' '. 5 'A . :r QA Au -A- Aw Ar 1 47.4, I ' 15, It 1 'f L, v, H 1 ' ., ' I .4 8' 2 -Y' 1 H4 ff- A .4 ' AW far' "sr ff ' ' x '1 -N , ' .0 ' , - " J I X. ik' ' I" ' ' 8, ' I- 5 I ti. 2 Lisa 1 5:4 . , 3313+ I Tw H. 4,4 957 HRA '34 D , Q. ,gm A , A , J- fs-.. A A sr: Ng' .-Y ,J A Q A A Aw A W. ' 'sw' ','12 2' 5' A 13 4 , I 9, ' 4 , I ' X3 0 tn 513 1 I . v. W . "N I , ' t ' Wfwf s -J N A A-fri ,--A . W J ,..-1 A 'nA - 1 .i Y , ,- ,S 9' fr-. AA , 7 'f ' gh' A ' 3. J"-1' A' is '- 1' W if 'W .' 'Inf '2-9: Y' AA-ff . AA uf ,-W A 14. 1 its ,hA,.x. -1 s ' A.. nf " , , . . K' ' Q. gh 1 I .-J' v.-'Z A ' " -J N5 , M... ' M, . , A ' ' 'Y 'E M . S A A A ,,,. ., fs 1-A Aqr' 1d1Ex," 129 kA '. , 'Y ' . - 1 ' f ' sf . -. f't1 A my , . 5. 'L' y .., Inmate our new gym be sn the center of iowa T0 A FRIENDLY SCHUUL. - ...Io lnsten tothe musuc ot our dragon band K56wQ'.f:X- fig gl 'Th A .. l i . A! if A u :ff L tu '- ' - QT 1- . T -4' - A E , N ze. Z. : .Al I6 s gi fx . I I kyiwb b V ,f ,. , 1. . .af A 1, . -'V 'rf ff- lgvx X A -5-',f,'X"y,-x, ." N- , fro X - ' :K . . 9,,n 1 I gp' d " 1 p 1' I k'x 4 X mv' .: Y 1.. 'P -E H- Q ,tp i N7 .Q 2' ' I, -5 0 5 :S -A ' . - X 4' ' ' . - U Q ' A - A -sf' ff' ' - - ln this yeor the Monticello becomes 0 teen-oger. lt wos lust thurteen yeors oqo thot our tlrst onnuol sow the light ol doy Eoch grocluotnon closs hos been hopeful ot publrshung 0 book o luttle better than the one before ond now for the tlrst tame the Montucello becomes 0 lorqe suze book l-lereun we present personolatues ond events to help you re member when you thumb these poqes os tame goes by thot thus wos Indeed C1 lucky yeor ,4f1,.f,1.f f L C L U JOIlllIg 0911 TLE PA coMMuNuTY AND scHooL NOR 5oC'E NEWS 4 MoN'rlceL F REWORD AND ONTENTS EFFERSON DEDICATION BAND 58 71 60 61 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 81 IIIIICJ Ill!!! 76111 I O T NIOR CLA O S WHO A NOTABLES JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FACULTY T DADS OTHERS lqfllll UIIOII1 UB A PRESIDENTS COUNCIL UDENT COUNCI 1629 35 37 38 39 40 41 42 52 .fiillfflls BASKETBALL 9092 TRACK BASEBALL 9495 GIRLS SPORTS EERLEADERS P SQUAD ja IOII1 ADVERTISEMENTS 100125 ND TABLE UF BUNTENTS TI GE .,...,....,... 2-3 AL BS """"""' ' HO TY ...r..... - 0 C N12 J IAN ....r,...,. - f R...c. ....,........ - se ss ,....,..... - . I 1011. wl:lIRECTORY,.r1p r,.,.... 30-34 FOOTBALL -'r----'---"' 84-89 Mltlytililllfll syy6Ery.,6r.s...9l6 93 TTTALAQEQAEQQQ1 f P- -A-1 y yL 'HEL yyyyy HPW53 CH yllllc '5'l'7yyrEl',yyr91 O., ff- ' ..r.,. so ..,,. 1. - sr L ...,.4... 57 l ex ...l.,,,.r.. , .123 12 QM? 17 27 " , ' - I 'Y 'Q 7 I 4 lk "Q, WT Vw W V 1Y',g::.: f fm 5 p 'Wffj , 'Q Y 'Qifi v A 9 Z' my 4 4 1, M ' ,V ,Q . A I 3, ft' 1 5 "'i'A4Q 'Ei a as fXx ff' M' 4 X ghfxtw' A xsff' , . xv! f jk I is 1 4 ,Q 1 cfz i bm 'Gb ,egg 2' ff ff f, '13 mf? . if C CULTY .,.,'. 1 -gun su I I953 SEPTEMBER I953 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right Frank Fernandez, President, Bill Wait, Vice President, Floy West, Sec reta ry. SEPTEMBER School begins-Had our first big pep rally and yelled ourselves hoarse as we opened our '53 football season, but much to our sorrow the Dragons lost to Plant for the first time in seven years-Our boys surprised the student body by that great victory over Tarpon Springs, 32-0-First Dance of the year opening a new season of gaiety, was the Moving Picture Dance, sponsored by the President's Council. This was the first of a long line of gala events to take place in our brand new gymnasium4Happy day! Physical education classes and the band moved from the old building to the new. WE BEGIN OUR SENIOR YEAR, THE LAST AND BEST, WITH CROWDED DAYS OF REGISTRATION AND ACTIVITY PLANNING. JOE ANGELO ABENE CARROLL JEROME ABERNATHY ALTON ADAMS MARTHA AIKEN HERBIE AINSWORTH ARMIDA ALFONSO MARIANA ALFONSO DANIEL ALMEIDA ANGELA MARIA ALVAREZ 'Q fi 'VZA 1" 4, A I 1 A V i f I 4 I IQ. 28 X MARVIN ALVAREZ ROBERT LOUIS BENITEZ IREI-IE C1 BRIDGES RICHARD BUSINO fi f-wif? , , .731 T5 CARL ANDERSEN ALBERT BERNALDO BETTY BROWN ANTOiNETTE CABALLERO SYLVIA DAHLIA ARIAS BETTY JOYCE BERRY CORA SUE BRYANT JAMES E CAGNINA E MILAGROS MIIIIC AVILA JACK LARRY BISHOP BE TTY BBDD BETTY CAPAZ ,- s if -!"? w-f 5, GLENNA LUCILLE BARTLEY SHIRLEY ANN BOONE BOB BURGER JOE CARDINALE 15:17 I953 OCTOBER l953 U Lv L9 Cheerleaders pause to pose. WITH ALL CLUBS READY FOR ACTI FULL SWING, 8 REPORT CARDS NEAR, ANTHONY CARINHAS FAUSTO CENAL NORMA CHAO NORMA CICCARELLO PETER M. CICCARELLO FRANK J. CONIGLIO OCTOBER Will we ever forget the heartbreak of not scoring those four "almost" completed touch- downs during the Edgewater game? It was raining, but nothing could dampen our spirits or keep us from coming to the annual burning of the Terrier! Afterwards, a great majority of the crowd remained for the Y-Teen Dance- It was the wee hours of the morning when 12 members fincluding 2 teachersj of the Monti- cello and Jeffersonian staffs left for the Jour- nalism Convention in Gainesville-On the 12th of October, we bowed to the Hillsborough Terriers-just four days afterwards, though, we were revived by the beautiful music of our outstanding Jefferson Band under the direction of Mr. Scott-Seems as though the act of "bow- ing" changed, for we licked the Miami Tech team 13-0-Mr. Jefferson, Richard Ortiz, and Miss Jefferson, Mary Jo Provenzano, were chosen at the big Junior Lions Dance-The Dragons traveled to Panama City and lost to Bay High-No black cats crossed the paths of the following girls, for they were inducted into the Civinettes at the jack O' Lantern Dance: Seniors: Mary Di Pietra, Kay Kelly, Eleanor Hayes, Pat Davis, Holanda Fernandez. Juniors: Diana Aizpuru, Mary Jo Provenzano, and Sandra Fernandez. FOOTBALL SEASON IN WE ARE BUSY PEOPLE FRANCIS CHILE FRANK P. CHILLURA GLENN HOWARD COOK MANUEL RUBEN CORRIPIO 'Tiff' 'M 1 s Qu' DANNY COSTA JOANN COURSON BILLY CUNNINGHAM DALE DANIEL CARIDAD Koran DE LARA CONCHITA DELGADO RICHARD ARMANDO DIAZ GWENDOLYN DUANE DIEAS 4 I EARL CRAM PATRICIA ANN Pct' DAVIS AIDA DEL VALLE MARY ROSE DI PIETRA Qs , .fel INA! PATRICIA LOUISE CREPPS BETTY DAWSON EARL G DEMERS PATRICIA ANN DUKES M-'ls Y JOE CRUZ SHIRLEY ANN DELANEY ALBERT DIEZ EDNA JOANN DUMM s..---A ,I "'-1? X 1 KY ,JW I is-Of' 2 ARNOLD JERROME DWORK HECTOR DAVID ESTEVEZ GILBERT GERALD FERNANDEZ MARTHA FISHER 44" 'si ,AQ5 if GLORIA JEAN EAKINS RUTH EVELYN FEILES HELEN FERNANDEZ ARMANDO FLORES, JR fm ,T'W,,, my ,V we ' A, it 2 uf 4 SHIRLEY RUTH EDENFIELD FRANCES ANN FELICIONE HOLANDA FERNANDEZ CLETIA JOAN FORBES MARGARET ESCOBIO CARMEN ESTEVEZ DRUCILLA JO FERNANDEZ FRANK FERNANDEZ ORCHID FERNANDEZ SYLVIA FERNANDEZ MARGARET HELEN FOSTER IDA GARCIA IPQQQY' 'M Yum' ,.-I A I:'E 1 A-...wif - -nf NOVEMBER Lights! Curtains! Everyone to his place! The Thespians of j.H.S. inducted new mem- bers--Oops! It happened again! Our boys lost another out-of-town game, this time to Jax jackson-The Parisian Ball, sponsored by the Band, was a big success. I wonder why??? Could it have been the Eiffel Tower?-Our chapter of the National Honor Society inducted the new members in a very impressive cere- mony--Homecoming proved to be lucky, for we tied Boone of Orlando 6-6-The Glee Club presented a medley of songs from "SHOW- BOAT" for their first appearance in assembly- Remember that rainy night when we played the Green Devils in St. Pete? But a little rain couldn't stop our boys! We came across with a 27-12 victory-Hooray!! Our Thanksgiving Assembly was a play and an amateur show. lf you were there, you'll remember that "Torch Singer"-Climaxing the Dragons, football sea- son, the boys traveled out of town to play the Conches of Key West. Though the score was 27-6, we know that we have had a great season. :oss Nova SUN MON ""'5 ER l953 SAT Ill 2l 28 Girls of the band build Eiffel Tower replica for Parisian Ball. SPOTLIGHT CENTERS ON HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTI BAND HOLDS PARISIAN BALL. WE SEE LAST GAME ON. MADELINE GARCIA PAULINE GARCIA RAYMOND F. GARCIA JosEPH MARTINO GENTILE MARGnE ADAIR GlLKnsoN ALICE GONZALEZ CLARA GONZALEZ EDGAR GONZALEZ FRANK MARCELINO GRANDA LOUIS GRILLO MARGA 1953 DECEMBER 1953 rosa JANUARY Y SUN SAT I7 P24 3' C Alland Fry and Barbara Diaz hang finsel on library Christmas tree. .I 95h DECEMBER and JANUARY Attention! Company, Halt! These are fa- miliar words that we hear at our annual R.O.T.C. Sponsors' Day Parade. The following boys, with the young ladies of their choice, rank high in this field: Bill Wait, Jeanette Maniscalcog James Mateo, Phyllis Scaglioneg Richard Lobo, Frances Brown, Billy Cunning- ham, Charlotte Salsburyg Evi Pelaez, Diana Puig, David Wallace, Louise Mullis, Ray Lopez, Sylvia Rodriguez, Louis Jordan, Lucy Castel- lanog Glenn Cook, Yolanda Mandesw-Despite her endless warnings about the stage stairs, Mrs. Lively took them all in one slide-Can you recall the rainy night that the F.B.L.A. put on the Gay Nineties? They Went way back to the "Bloomer" bathing suit days. Mr. Hodges and Mrs. Salsbury did a wonderful job, but they were only two of the great number of people that worked with the cast-On the 9th of De- cember the Debating Club and Mrs. Lively's speech classes debated on the subject, "If We Should Keep the Same System of Votingf' Speakers on the affirmative side were Richard Lobo, Gino Creszensi, and Ray Morales, while Estelle Lucas, Max Herndon and Floy West stood firm on the negative-Our first basket- ball game and the dedication of the gym brought over 900 people, including j. Crockett Farnell and other county school officials, to see our team beat the Lakeland Dreadnaughts by a 50-48 victory. WE DEDICATE OUR NEW GYM AND WIN THE FIRST BASKETBALL GAME OF THE SEASON. SOON COME THE HOLIDAYS AND EXAMS. ASHABLE GULLETTE EDDIE WENGATE GUNN DORIS HAMPTON RET ELEANOR HAYES ORCHID COrquiJ HERNANDEZ VALERIE VERNA HERNANDEZ MAX HERNDON WILLIAM CHARLES HANCOCK C. CONRAD HASKELL BARBARA HERRING , m EDWARD HOLTON MYRA JAMES RICHARD LAWHON RICHARD 'Dickl LOBO ANGIE LO PRESTI SE JEANETTE MANISCALCO NORA MIDULLA GLORIA ANN MOORE ESTELLE NAOMI LUCAS PRUDY MANISCALCO WAYNE MILLS ANNA MARIE MOSCATO if V' 1 A I f , -r?5?fi:E1if? 55:5 ,. . . 1 .-fisgujifc 352' 4 V ' r- A ., ,,,. . ' y' if , ' I' - Q. Jxkigpr,-1::gu f.:'.- 'I I 1.12 , is ,,.L-2,351.5 ,SQ H , -if :V , ,uziwytwy V fii-eyiffgw-23 :ef Nw , : I--.1"X1' 4 f :I Q -I gixifsiaxgif-i' I 57 'T , ' ' .. ,I 2.36, .LK ig ' f" f'I5""Q1i." fC?2ISi157QLi' ,Q ' ., fi -'Z Af 'ffl' J?" ' - 525321 3 ' Eff- ,guygqg-f,fg.:'jf12, 25,52 ' ,V j E ,-,gl .L , .,,:,,vsq,-,,21:ff-W -Ag, ,L 3 y W wxg5,,,, A h tg: -235.22615 ,muy ,1:.' !..:.?,f ffm di. ff '72, R' fl Aggfqu, R -Lv , I lc I I fl , , fi ENIE 4 NORMA JEAN MAGGIO CHARLOTTE YOLANDA M A N D E S E FAUSTINO MARTINEZ SARAH JILL MIRABELLA LOUISE MULLIS GORDON MATLOCK DORIS MIRANDA MARY LEONA NORMAN J U' lui "-,Q f' JOSIE MANIACI MILDRED MAYETTE MERCEDES MOCTEZUMA MARTHA NOYA ...Q Elf? MMWW , if FEBRUARY The Dragons' basketball season is still run- ning high with the boys on the road and only one home game-Boom! Boom! Here come our snappy majorettes followed by the "Blue and Gold" Band, marching in the Gasparilla pa- rade, an annual event which all the kids en- joy-The time has come for another vacation, a short one consisting of 3 days-And, of course, the Florida State Fair-The coming home with teddy bears and trinkets, candy- smeared sweaters, and that familiar ring in our ears, "Two tickets please!" is something we'll always remember-After getting back into the old routine, everyone turns out for the big dance sponsored by the Key Club and the Kiwanettes in the lunch room-Keeping us in the dancing spirit, the junior Optimists hold a gay dance with lots of peppy music-Our assemblies have been exceptionally good, espe- cially the play, "Don't Feed the Animals"- The band is working hard to make the second concert as successful as the first. WE BEGIN THIS MONTH WITH THE AN NEW SEMESTER. THE M NT CELLO F M A DEADL BILL O'STEEN HILDA OTERO RALPH PAGES SIMON C PARKER RUSS PATE JEAN AUDREY PAYNE EVARISTO PELAEZ VERNA GRACE PELAEZ EDDIE PERDOMO AURORA PEREZ 16 'S' l95l4 MARCH I95LL MARCH "How tall are you?" "Wh4lt's your head lllif' size?"fYes, the time has come for measuring SUN SAT for those Caps and gowns. Soon we'll be gradu- -i ating!-Mr. and Miss Front Page are chosen at 2 the Journalism jump, an annual dance spon- l sored by the jeffersonian-And now, thinking of thc future, the senior boys and girls are making their dates for the big event, the Senior Promvlfor the first time this year, the Juniors l are eligible for induction into the Honor So- i l cietv. Thev are looking toward this occasion I . . 2 7 with great eagerness and hope-Baseball begins . and the City Champions of four straight years 28 are trying to make it five in a row. Here's I hoping we do it again! Jean Cobello and Carolyn McNaH prepare to publicize the next dance BASEBALL--A SPECIAL SPORT AT JEFFERSON-OPENS SEASON. HONOR SOCIETY TAPS JUNIORS, TOO, IN SECOND INDUCTION. DIANA JEANETTE PEREZ DOLLY PEREZ NESTOR PEREZ FRANCES PERRONE TONY PERRONE IRMA POLO PATTY POWELL SAM PROTANO CHRISTA PUPELLO MARTHA ANN RAINES 1" 'f Munn 10" 'Q X DOLORES REY NAOMI RODRIGUEZ DOLORES GLORIA RUBIO LUCY ANN LuIuI SCAGLIONE x,., JOE REY SYLVIA RODRIGUEZ ANTHONY SALADINO, JR, Tony! PHYLLIS SCAGLIONE ,M-ww. my emi . , FRANK RICHARDS YOLANDA rYoIIueI RODRIGUEZ BETTY SANCHEZ THEOAPRIS IPennyI SCHULKE ll' fs FRANK RODRIGUEZ KATIE ROSS CHARLES SANDERS LEROY SCOTT in-uf' 4v""' VFR J' ' R 1 J MARY ANN RODRIGUEZ BOBBY ROZEAR HELENE SAULS JOSEPH DANIEL SGRO 'I fi T, H Z 61 S Lf '+-QQ ' -ei - ar CLOTILDE ISistcrJ SIERRA FRANK SIERRA ED WILSON SIMMONS JIMMIE SIMPSON MARIO SUAREZ RAYMOND SUAREZ MARING BARRON SWART MARY TAMBORELLO JOHNNY TINGLE DON TOLEDO VIOLET E. TOOTLE MARJORIE TRAYNHAM STEVE VALDES BETTY JEAN VALDEZ ISHMAEL VALDEZ BILL WAIT :L A is FRANK SPANO EUGENE K, TESTON NAIDA TRUJILLO DAVID EDWARD WALLACE -0 qlnf? APRIL AND MAY We wonder about all the excitement around the school-Everywhere we hear the question, "Who are you voting for?"-It means another crowning of King and Queen of Dragon Court fAfter the Student Council Easter Dance, a great success, we don't have to worry about the time we should be getting home, because we have a nice holiday the next day-The Senior Class Play is a big hit, as usual. Mrs. Lively really deserves a lot of credit-The annual fiesta in Tampa claims the spotlight- Where will they travel this year?-Finally the day is here-The familiar words are, "I didn't think l'cl ever make itY"4Yes, it is graduation time again, and we are saying to all seniors, "The Best of Luck Always." I95lI SUN 82930 MAY I954 SAT IO I7 2ll- Conrad Haskell and QCYYOII Anernarny try out their foorers for the band concert. HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR SENIOR YEAR ARE NOW AT HAND-CLASS PLAY, BANQUET AND COMMENCEMENT. MARIAN YVONNE DANNY WELLS FLOY WEST HELEN ALLISON WILLIAMS MILLIE WILSON WEATHERFORD VAUGHN WILSON, JR. LARRY WORDEN MIRIAM YEATS RENE ZARATE NORMA ZAYAS 41 ,gf enior Joe Angelo Abene-R.O.T.C. 2,3, Thes- pians 3,4. Carroll Jerome Abernathy-Honor Society 3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, Board of Directors 2, Band 2,3,4, Boys' State 3, Student Council Representative 4, Youth for Christ 4, Monti- cello Representative 4, Debating Club 4, l-lomeroom Officer 2, Red Cross Representa- tive 2. Career: Lawyer. Alton Adams-Civitans 2, R.O.T.C. 2,3,4. Career: Electrical Engineer. Martha Aiken--Cheerleader 3,4, Co-l-lead 4, Kiwanettes 3,4, Parliamentarian 4, Y- Teens 2,3,4, Fashion Board 2, Recording Secretary 3, Vice President 4, Inter-Club Officer 4, Scholarship, lnc. 3,4, Vice Presi- dent 4, Dragon Court 3, Play Day 3. Ca- reer: Nurse. Herbie Ainsworth-R,O.T.C. 2,3,4. Ca- reer: Navy. Armida Alfonso-Pan American 3, Jeffer- sonian Representative 4, Treasurer of Busi- ness English 4. Career: Secretary. Mariana Alfonso-Cheerleader 3,4, Press Club 3, Scholarship, lnc. 3,4, Pan Ameri- can 4, l-lomeroom Secretary 2,3,4. Career: l-lousewife. Daniel Almeida-Football 2,3,4, All-City 3, Baseball 2,3,4, Track 2, "J" Club 2,3,4, Junior Lions 2,3,4, Secretary 3. Career: Baseball. Angela Maria Alvarez-Pan American 3,4, Scholarship, lnc. 3,4, Newman Club 3,4, Library Assistant 3,4. Career: Teaching. Marvin Alvarez--Scholarship, lnc. 3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, Band 2,3,4, Debating Club 4. Career: Chemical Engineer. Carl Andersen-R.O.T.C, 2,3, Track 3,4, Football 2,4, F.S.A. 4. Career: Coach. Sylvia Dahlia Arias-Scholarship, lnc. 3,4, Band 2,3,4, Student Council 2, Civinettes 3,4, Secretary 4, F.T.A, 3,4. Career: Teacher. Milagros "Millie" Avila-F.B.L.A. 4, New- man Club 4. Career: Business College. Glenna Lucille Bartley-Red Cross Repre- sentative 2, Pep Squad 2,3, Scholarship, lnc. 3,4, Y-Teens 4, Play Day 2,3,4, English Department Assistant 4, Debating Club 4, Thespian, Associate Member 4, Parliamen- tarian of Scholarship, lnc. 4. Career: Na- tional Free Style Roller Skating Champion. Robert Louis Benitez-R.O.T.C. 2. Career: Engineer. Albert Bernaldo Betty Joyce Berry-Transfer Student, P CT. 4. Career: Nursing. Jack Larry Bishop-Track 2,3, Basketball 2,3, Football 2, "J" Club 2,3, Junior CWI- 3 0 irecfory tons 2,3, R.O.T.C. 2, D.C.T, 4 Career: Production Supervision Shirley Ann Boone-Band 2,3,4, Scholar- ship, lnc. 3,4, l-lomeroom Secretary 2. Ca- reer: Bookkeeper. Irene G. Bridges--Band 3,4, Monticello Representative 2, Red Cross Representative 4, Scholarship, lnc. 3,4, Civin:-ttes 3,4, Y-Teens 4. Career: Secretary. Betty Brown Cora Sue Bryant-Thespians 3,4, Scholar- ship, Inc- 3, Monticello Representative 3. Career: Commercial Art. Betty Budd-Maiorette 2,3,4, Kiwonettes 2,3, R.O.T,C. Sponsor 2, Soberettes 2, Scholarship, lnc. 3,4. Career: Housewife. Bob Burger--Football 3,4, Basketball 3, R.O.T.C, 2, Homeroom Treasurer 4. Ca- reer: College. Richard Busino-Band 2,3, D.C.T, 4. Ca- reer: Air Condition Maintenance. Antoinette Caballero-l-lomeroom Officer 2, Majorette 2,3. Career: l-lousewife. James E. Cagnina-Student Council 2,3 Career: Shrimp lndustry. Betty Capaz-Jeffersonian Representative 3,4, Red Cross Representative 4, Scholar- ship, lnc. 3,4. Career: Civil Service. Joe Cardinale, Jr.-Student Council 2,3,4, President 4, Junior Optimists 2,3,4, Ser- geant-at-Arms 3, Thespians 3,4, "J" Club 3,4, Junior Gasparilla 3,4, Dragon Court 3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Football 2,3,4, Track 2, Jefferson Representative for District Six 3, Homeroom President 2,-4, R.O,T.C. 2. Career: College. Anthony Carinhas-Career: Business Ad- ministration. Fausto Cenal-Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, "J" Club 2,3,4. Ca- reer: Art. Norma Chao-Y-Teens 4, Play Day 3,4, Career: College. Francis Chile-Career: Bookkeeper. Frank P. Chillura-Junior Civitan 3, Junior Optimist 4, R.O.T.C. 2, l-lomeroom Vice- President 2, Thespians 4, Monticello Rep- resentative 4. Career: Ministry. Norma Ciccarello-Glee Club 3, Y-Teens 4, Future Nurses 4. Career: Nurse. Peter M. Ciccarello-Junior Civitans 4, F,B.L.A. 4, R.O.T.C. 2, Scholarship, lnc. 3, Football 4, Career: Salesman. Frank J. Coniglio-l-lomeroom Officer 4, R.O.T.C. 2, Track 3, Junior Optimists 4, Jeffersonian Representative 4. Career: Military. Glenn Howard Cook Honor Soclety 34 Treasurer 4 ROTC 234 Captain 4 Saber Club 4 Boys State 3 Class Vnce Presldent 3 Homeroom Officer 2 3 4 Jun lor Clvltan 234 President 4 Student Council Elected 24 Junuor Red Crass Board of Dlrectors 2 Presndent s Council 4 Career U S Navy Manuel Ruben Corrlplo-Football 2 3 Ca reer Pruntlng Trade Cost Band 2 3 4 Homeroom Off: 3 Junlor Cnvltans 2 e Presldent c ol rsh: Teen Age Safety Confere 4 wmon Club Program an 4 ludent Council 4 Debating C u C er Col e e JoAnn Courson Transfer Student Jeffer sonlon Exchange Edltor 4 Career Elemen tary Teacher Earl Cram Scholarshlp I 3 4 Junior uvltans 2 3 4 Club 2 3 4 Career Commerclal Art Patrlcla Loulse Crepps YTeens 234 ROTC Sponsor 3 Saberettes 3 Home room Secretary 3 Play Day 3 Career College Joe Cruz Football 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 J Club 3 4 Career Mnlltary Bully Cunningham R O T C 2 3 4 CCD tam 4 Junlor Clvutans 2 3 4 Honor Society 3 4 Sergeant at Arms 4 F SA 4 Saber Club 4 Career Psychologlst Sophomore Class Presudent 2 Crvltan Club 234 Student Councll Representatuve 4 Teen Age Safety Conference 4 Career Psychologlst Donald L Davls-Junlor Cnvntan 2 R O T C 2 3 4 Officer 4 Career Funeral Director Patricia Ann Pat Davis Mayorette 2 3 4 Head Magorette 4 Presldents Councul 4 Cuvanettes 4 R O T C Sponsor 3 Saberettes 3 YTeens Fashlan Board 4 Montucello Representatuve 2 FTA 4 Pan Amencan 2 3 F H A 2 3 4 Debatlng Club 3 Youth for Chrlst 3 Career College Betty Dawson Y Teens 2 3 4 F B L A F H A 4 Career Secretary Shlrley Ann Delaney F H A 2 3 Y Teens 3 Band 2 3 Carldad Kahe De ara F T A 3 4 F H A 3 4 Scholarshup lnc 3 4 Clvlnettes 3 4 Student Councll Representatnve 3 4 Y Teens 3 Newman Club 3 4 Career Ele mentary School Teacher Conchuta Delgado-Glee Club 3 Scholar shp lnc 3 Career Secretary Alda Del Valle-Glee Club 2 3 F H A 3 Y Teens 3 Career Laboratory Technlclan Earl G Demers Band 234 Homeroom Vlce Presldent 2 2I'll0l' ll'2Ct0l'y Albert Dlez Richard Armando Dlaz Band 2 3 4 Schol arshlp lnc 3 Jeffersonzan Representatlve 3 Career Enguneer Gwendolyn Duane DI os YTeens 3 Red Cross Representative 3 Monticello Staff 3 4 Copy Edltor 3 Edntor 4 Play Day 2 Kuwanettes 4 Presldents Councnl 4 Youth for Christ 4 Montncello Representatlve 4 Scholarshlp lnc 34 Treasurer 3 Home roorn Vlce President 2 Qull 81 Scroll 3 4 Treasurer 3 F S P A Conventlon 3 4 Honor Society 4 Career Nurse Mary Rose DnPuetra Press Club 2 Pep Squad 2 Homeroom Officer 2 3 Pan Amer scan 3 YTeens 3 Newman Club 34 Clvlnettes 4 Scholarshlp ln 34 Patrlcla Ann Dukes-Glee Club 3 Scholar shlp lnc 34 Future Nurses 4 YTeens 24 Offuce Asslstant 4 Youth for Chrlst Chonster 4 Class Treasurer 2 Class Pro gram Chairman 4 Career Nurse Edna JoAnn Dumm Glee Club 2 3 Schol ashlp lnc 34 Englush Department As sus ant 4 3 4 YTeens 2 Fashlon Board 3 F T A 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Jeffersonlan Representatlve 3 Career Sec refary Arnold Jerrome Dwork R OTC 2 Glorla Jean Eakms Career Secretary Shrrley Ruth Edenfleld Y Teens 2 3 4 Publlcnty Chalrrnan 4 F T A 2 3 4 F B L A 3 4 Play Day 2 3 4 Career Teacher Margaret Escoblo Horneroom Vlce Pres: dent 4 Pan Amerxcan Club 4 F HA 4 A4 GeeClub23 FBLA Carmen Estevez DCT 4 Career Beau tlclan Hector Davld Estevez R O T C 2 3 4 reer Mortlcuan Ruth Evelyn Felles Horneroorn Vuce Pres: dent 2 Homeroom Presndent 2 Jeffersonlan Representatlve 2 Y Teens 2 3 Sports Day 2 3 4 Pep quad 2 3 4 Pan Amerlcan 3 4 Schalarshlp ln 3 4 F S A 4 Red Cross 4 Frances Ann Fellclone-Jeffersonlan News Edutor 4 Scholarship lnc 34 Presldents Councll 3 Newman Club 3 4 Presldent F H A 3 Y Teens 3 Pan Amerlcan Club 3 Drucllla Jo Fernandez F T A 3 Glee Club 3 4 Pan Amerncan 3 Y Teens 3 Future Nurses 4 Newman Club 4 Career Nurse Frank Fernandez Scholarshup nc Presldent 4 Student Councul 2 3 President s Councul 3 4 Vlce Presldent 4 Junlor Class Presldent 3 Sensor Class Presldent 4 Key Club 34 Vlce President 4 Band 234 Drum Mayor 4 Honor Soclety 4 Career C Gnlbert Gerald Fernandez Football Mana ger 3 4 Basketball Manager 3 4 Baseball Manager 2 3 4 Junlor Llons 3 4 F T A 4 31 F T A Conventaon 4 Homeroom Vlce Pres: dent 3 J Club 234 Student Councll Representative 4 Career College Helen Fernandez Student Councll 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Head Cheerleader 4 Scholarshzp lnc 3 4 Sergeant at Arms 4 President s Councll 4 Pan American 4 Ku wanettes 4 Junaor Class Secretary 3 Press Club 3 Career Secretary Orchid Fernandez Glee Club 2 Career Secretary Sylvna Fernandez Band 2 3 4 Scholarshlp lnc 3 4 Future Nurses 4 Homeroom Of flcer 4 Career Nursung Martha Flsher Class Offlcer 2 Scholarshlp 3 4 F B L A Armando Flores Jr Band 2 Junlor Llons 3 DCT 34 Career Real Estate Cleha Joan Forbes Honor Society 3 4 Ku wanettes 4 F H A 3 Y Teens 3 4 Pres: dent 4 lnter Club Councll 4 Fashion Board 3 Y Teen Conference 3 Malorette 2 Dragon Court 3 President s Councll 4 Offuce Asslstant 3 4 Cnnderella 3 Home room President 3 4 Career Secretary Margaret Helen Peggy Foster Mont: cello Staff 3 4 Copy Edltor 3 Senlor Edutor 4 Scholarshup lnc 3 4 uull 81 Scroll 3 4 FTA 3 Jeffersanuan Representatnve 3 Glee Club 2 F SPA Conventuon 3 4 Y Teens 3 Career College Ido Garcia Student Councxl 23 Future Madeline Garcia Glee Club 2 F H A 2 S olarshup lnc 3 DCT 3 4 Career Muslc Teacher Paulne Garcoa B nd 234 FBLA 4 Clvlnettes4 Career Beautlclan Raymond F Garcia ROTC 3 FSA Career College Joseph Marhno Genhle-Junuor Optnmusts 2 3 4 Presudent 4 Presrdent s Councnl 3 4 Scholarshup lnc 34 Band 234 Career Mechanucal Engnneer Morgue Adanr Gnlknson Pep Squad 2 F H A 3 Y Teens 2 Scholarshlp lnc 3 4 Office Asslstant 3 4 Career Secretary Ahce Gonzalez D C T 3 4 Career Teacher Clara Gonzalez Pep Squad 2 3 4 Student Councll Representatlve 234 Red Cross Representatave 2 Presldent 2 Sports Day 2 3 Homeroom Vuce Presndent 3 Scholar shnp lnc 34 Career Llbranon Frank Marcellno Granda Scholarshup ln 34 Louus Grullo-Band 2 3 Thespuans 4 reer Muslc Teacher 1 o o '- 11 5 - . 1 . I1111 I . 1 ---. 111 1 1 ,,, 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - . . 2 , ' 1 ' . - 111 ' 1 111 - . - - . .. , I , . , 111 1 . - I I I Il I , , I 11 1 z., . . e -- 5 I I1 -I11 'I' I1 g 1 1 ' -- I 11 1 1 1 1 1 . ' ' I I I I ' 1 1 1 - 11 1 ' - , Da - ' '- I ' 1 ' ' Ill l c 5 , 1 1 I I ff gSh I ,g A - - - I I e I 1 I - 11: 1 Ib I 1 -. I I. ,g I 5 - . . Q. I II . . . . 1 ' 1 11 . I g , c. ,. . . I . 1 . ' ' ' 1 - 1 - II lnc. ,g ..., 4. . - 1 - 11 I ' , , . nc I 1 11 1 1 ' ' ' C1- I 11111 'I I 1 1 ' ' Ill ll' ' l ' - II . " 11 ' 1 1 ' 11 ' I I , tI , F.B.L.A. ,g - ,3,4, g e I QI 5 5 . 1 I 1-A-I111 1 J I . - - ' 11 1 ' f . ,. : . I I1111 - 111 111 . " I 11 11 - I, , , 1 . 11 1 - - ' '.. 1 1 1 .1:Q 11 111 ' ' ' 1 ' ' 1 . I . ., I . , , I ll! ' I ' . I I , ,, 11 ' ' 1 1 ' ' - 1 ' T :rl ' ' ' g.,.,,g 12 11- 3 - 'L ' - I 11. Dale Danlel-Football 2,35 Basketball 2g Nu,-S95 4I 1 -. . 111 1 I ' I I . . I I ' ' A 1 F.T.. g l ,g h 1 , ' f 1 - c , . , ,. . , 1 - 1 , I l -a ,,g 5 ,,, , , . 'A . " ,,.Ca4 .. 11 11 - . i "I 1 '... - 1 1 . , .... , , , ' I ' l 1 Q 1 l . . . .. I "'If I ' 12 . I . , 1 I I 111 5 11: 11 f ff 1 1 . I II II I I I If II' ' ..- III IIII4I - I I I I . . 1 1 1 1 .11 , ,, 1 1- g ,. : . - 11 -11 I 11 1 ' I 1 L II I I 11 1 .11 I 1 ' ' . 13 ff 11 - 111 1: - , ,. . - ,I. 14, II, I ,l . I 1 I I 11 I I I . " . '. 11 1 ' - . I 1 1 ', .,. I . i I . . I 1 - , 11 1 111 , l1 - - - - ' . - . ,., ' ' ' 1 1 4 I o-le. - , 11 - 1 11 CI II I . . . ' ' . ' I I, 1 - 11 11 11 .Co .I . 11: 11 1 1 . , enior Augustus Ashable Gullette-R.O.T.C. 2,3,4, Career: Mechanical Engineer Eddie Wengate Gunn-Baseball 3,45 R.O.T.C. 2,3,4, Career: Army. Doris Hampton-Bookstore Committee 42 F.T.A. 3,4, Vice President 45 Pep Squad 3,45 R.O.T.C. Sponsor 35 Saberettes 35 Scholarship, Inc. 3,45 Pan American 3,45 Y-Teens 25 l-lomeroorn Officer 2,35 Glee Club 2,3,45 F.T.A. Convention 45 Debating Club 4. Career: College. William Charles Hancock-R.O.T.C. 2,3,45 Scholarship, lnc. 3,45 l-lorneroom Officer 2,4. Career: College. C. Conrad Haskell-Honor Society 3,45 Key Club 3,4, President 45 President's Council 45 l-lomeroom President 35 Band 2,3,45 Band Clinic 2,3,45 F.S.A. 4. Career: Chemical Engineer. Margaret Eleanor Hayes-Band 2,3,45 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Y-Teens 3,45 Red Cross 35 Monticello Representative 2,45 l-lomeroom Officer 2,35 Youth for Christ 45 Y-Teen Fashion Board 45 Civinettes 45 Debating Club 45 Scholarship, inc., Sergeant-at-Arms 4. Career: College. Orchid "Orqui" Hernandez-FSA. 45 Youth for Christ 45 Jeffersonian Representa- tive 2,3,4, Feature Editor 35 F.S.PA. Con- vention 35 Press Club 3,45 Quill 81 Scroll 3,45 Scholarship, lnc. 35 F.l-l.A. 2,3, Secre- tary 25 Civinettes 3,4, President 45 Chapel Speaker 45 Culee Club 25 F.T.A. 45 Pan American 45 Presidents Council 45 Band 3,4. Career: Journalist. Valerie Verna Hernandez-F.H.A., Treas- urer 25 Monticello Representative 25 Glee Club 2,35 Scholarship, lnc. 35 Library As- sistant 3,45 Youth for Christ, Vice Presi- dent 4, Career: Missionary. Max Herndon-Junior Civitans 2,3,45 Foot- ball 2,35 "J" Club 2,35 Dragon Court 3,45 Junior Rotarian 45 Basketball 25 Track 2. Barbara Herring-Civinettes 3,45 Junior Red Cross 45 Maiorette 3,45 Debating Club 4. Career: College. Alfred Hofflander-Honor Society 3,45 Band 2,3,4, Manager 3,45 Civitans, Parliamen- tartan 35 Junior Lions 45 Student Council 35 Debating Club 45 Boys' State 35 F.S.A 4. Career: Science. Edward Holton-R.O.T.C. 2. Richard Earl Hutchinson-Career: Certified Public Accountant Charlie lppolito-Band 2,3,4. Career: Busi- ness Administration Joan Italiano Gayla Aoalene Ivey-Y-Teens 2,45 F.T.A 45 F.l-+A. 2,45 Youth for Christ 45 Monti- cello Representative 35 Pep Squad 2,35 Red Cross Representative 2. Career. Teacher Myra James Ernest Jordan-Transfer Student from Ger many, F S A. 4. J 3,2 irecforg Louis Ayala Jordan-RO T.C. 2,3,45 Jun- ior Optimists 4. Career: U. S. Navy: Charles Kelley Kay Denise Kelly Pep Squad 2,3, Vice President 3, Jeffer- scnian Representative 2,45 Monticello Rep- resentative 2,45 Class Vice President 25 Student Council 25 Thespians 3,4, President 45 l-lomeroom Secretary 2,35 Jeffersonian Staff 4, Tribune Correspondent 45 Drama Club 45 Civinettes 4. Career: Dental Hy- gienist. Richard Lawhon-Civitans 3,45 Track 4. Career: Business Administration. Daisy Leon-Junior Red Cross 2,35 Youth for Christ 45 Thespians 45 Glee Club 2,3. Career: Housewife. Anita Dalia Lima-Homeroom Secretary 2 F.l-l.A. 45 Scholarship, Inc. 3,45 F.B.L A., Treasurer 4. Career: Bookkeeper. Jesus Frank Lima-Jeffersonian Staff 43 R.O.T.C. 2,3,4, Officer 45 Junior Civitans 3,4. Career: Engineer. Annie Lou Livingston-D.C.T. 4. Career: Office NNork. Richard "Dick" Lobo-l-lonar Society 45 l-lameroom President 2,35 Track 3,45 Schol- arship, lnc. 3,45 Student Council Repre- sentative 45 President's Council 45 Jeffer- sonion Representative 2,35 Jeffersonian Edi- tor-in-Chief 45 Junior Civitans 25 Junior Lions 2,3,4, Treasurer 253, President 45 R.O.T.C. 2,3,45 Calor Guard 3. Drill Team 4, Captain 45 Saber Club Secretary 45 Boys' State 35 Dragon Court 253, MC. 35 l-li-Y, Treasurer 25 Play Day 35 F.S.P A. Convention 4. Career: Radio and Television Announcer. Anthony La Cicero Tony C. Lo Cicero-Band 2,3,45 Key Club 3,45 Civitans 2. Career: Music. Ray Lopez-R.O.T.C. 2,3,4, Captain 45 Key Club 25 Junior Optimist 45 FSA. 45 l-lome- room President 45 Scholarship, lnc. 3, Ca- reer: Chemical Engineer. Angie Lo Presti-F.B.L.A. 3,4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Scholarship, Inc., 3,45 New- man Club 3,45 Monticello Representative 45 Fl-l.A. 35 President's Council 45 Office As- sistant 3,4. Career: Secretary. Estelle Naomi Lucas-Y-Teens 3: F.l-l.A., Treasurer 35 F,B.L.A., Secretary 35 Office Assistant 35 Monticello Representative 35 Monticello Staff 3,4, Business Manager 4 Girls' State 35 Student Council 3, l-loner Society 3,45 Ouill 8 Scroll 3,45 Youth for Christ 45 Kiwanettes 45 l-lameroom Officer 25 Press lnstitute 35 F.S.PA. Convention 3,4, Career: College Norma Jean Maggio-l-lomeroom Treas- urer 25 Scholarship, Inc. 3,45 Pan American 45 Newman Club 4, FBLA, Secretary 45 Red Cross Representative, Vice President 45 Office Assistant 4 Career Secretary. Charlotte Yolanda Mandese-Homeroom Offacer 2 Student Councll 2 4 Representa tnve 2 Electlve 4 Red Cross Representa tnve 2 FTA 3 Pan American 3 4 Secre tary 4 Klwanettes 3 4 Hlstorlan 3 Treas urer 4 Scholarshnp lnc 34 Treasurer 4 ROTC Sponsor 4 Saberettes 4 Cheer leader 4 Career College Josle Maniac: Prudy Mannscalco Rose Jeanette Manlscalco-Student Coun cll 234 Electlve 4 Book Store Manager 4 FTA 3 4 Treasurer 4 Pep Squad 2 3 Secretary3 ROTC Sponsor4 Saberettes Presndent 4 Scholarshlp I c 34 Pan Amencan 3 4 Y Teens 2 Homeroom Of flcer 2 Red Cross Representatnve 2 Glee Club 2 3 4 F T A Conventlon 4 Teen Age Safety Conference 4 Honor Socrety 4 Pres :dents Councul 4 Career Teachmg Faustuno Martmez Lronel Martinez Gordon Matlock R OTC 2 3 Clvltans 2 Basketball 2 3 Junaor Lnons 3 4 Vlce Pres: dent 4 Scholarshrp Inc 3 4 D C T Club Otflcer 4 Muldred Mayotte Nora Mldulla Play Day 24 Homeroom Secretary 2 Sophomore Class Secretary 2 Scholarshlp lnc 34 Newman Club 3 Ca reer Elementary School Teacher Marguerite Mnlllken Wayne Mull!-ROTC 2 DCT 3 4 Scholarshap lnc 3 4 Sarah .lull Mlrabella-Glee Club 2 3 4 Red Cross Representatnve 4 Career Artust Doris Mlranda F B LA 4 F HA 4 Play Day 4 Career Secretary Mercedes Moctexuma Y Teens 2 Scholar shup lnc 3 Band 23 Career Housewufe Glorna Ann Moore-F B L A 3 F T A 3 YTeens 3 Career Housewnfe Anna Marne Moscato-Y Teens 2 3 4 Clv nnettes 34 Red Cross Representatuve 3 Play Day 3 Pep Squad 2 Career Dress Deslgner Loulse Mullus-Y Teens 2 3 4 Parlnamen tarlan 3 Secretary 4 Pan Amerlcan 23 Treasurer 3 F B L A 4 Glee Club 2 3 Inter Club Councnl 34 Scholarship lnc 3 4 ROTC Sponsor 4 Saberettes 4 Homeroom Secretary 3 F H A 2 Y Teens Conference 3 Career Secretary Mary Leona Norman F H A 2 3 4 Treas urer 4 Y Teens 3 Offnce Assistant 4 Ca reer Dletotlan Martha Naya 2l'll0I' Ll'eCtOl'y r 0Steen Football 2 ROTC DCT 34 Hilda Otero-Pan Amencan 2 Y Teens 2 FHA 23 Glee Club 2 Student Councnl 2 3 4 Newman Club 3 Scholarshnp ln 3 Press Club 2 3 Thesprans 34 Offuce As snstant 3 Career Nursung Ralph Pages Volleyball 2 ROTC 23 Thespnans 4 Career Automobile Electrlclan Simon C Parker R O TC 2 3 4 Career Armed Forces Russ Pate Scholarshnp lnc 34 Career Mxnuster Jean Audrey Payne-Homeroom Presudent 234 Cheerleader 3 4 Scholarship lnc 34 Secretary 4 Krwanettes 3 4 FSA 4 Play Day 2 3 4 Montlcello Representatuve 2 Career Anrlme Stewardess Evarusto Pelaez Class Oftncer 3 Junnor Lions 3 Junior CIVITOHS 3 R O T C 2 3 4 Career Lawyer Verna Grace Pelaez-Class Offucer 23 4 Red Cross Representatlve 2 Scholarshup lnc 3 Play Day 234 Career Physical Educatlon Teacher Eddne Perdomo-Basketball 2 Volleyball 23 Scholarshlp lnc 3 Student Councnl 2 Career Clerk Aurora Perez Klwanettes 3 4 Secretary 4 Scholarship lnc 3 4 Presldents Councul Secretary 4 F TA 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Presldent 4 Pan Amerlcan 3 4 Vlce Pres: dent 4 Student Councll 2 3 4 Career Elementary Educatlon Dnana Jeanette Perez Englnsh Department Assnstant4 FTA 4 Career Secretary Dolly Perez Homeroom Treasurer 2 Homeroom Secretary 34 Class Secretary 2 Scholarshlp lnc 34 Career Secretary Nestor Perez Football 2 Student Councll 2 Career Dentust Frances Perron4+Homerocm Otfucer 3 Glee Club 2 Jeffersonuan Reprcsentatlve 2 Ca reer Bookkeeping Tony Perrone-R O T C 2 Football 2 4 Track 2 3 4 Career Physncal Educatnon Instruction Irma Polo-Play Day 234 Scholarshwp lnc 3 Career Plano Teacher Patty Powell-Student Councll 4 Band 234 Lnbrary Assistant 34 Knwanettes 3 4 Correspondung Secretary 4 Y Teens 3 Scholarshlp lnc 34 Jeffersonnan Repre sentatnve 23 Montncello Representative 24 Gurls State 3 Homeroom Oftucer 2 Thesplans 4 33 Sam Protano-Track 23 Career Barber Chrrsta Pupello-Y Teens 2 Homeroom Vsce Presndent 2 3 Newman Club 3 4 reer College Martha Ann Rannes Honor Society 3 4 Hlstornan 3 4 Canstltutnonal Day Conven tlan 3 Y Teens 3 Red Cross Representa trve 3 F B L A 2 3 Lubrary Assustant 2 3 4 F T A 2 3 Career Secretary Dolores Rey-Class Otfncer 2 YTeens 2 Red Cross Representatrve 2 Glee Club 2 3 Career Office Worker Joe Rey Student Councul 2 Junnor Lnons 3 Scholarshrp lnc 34 FSA 4 Career Chemlcal Englneer Frank Richards-Football 3 4 Track 24 Career Railroad Engnneer Frank Rodrlguez ROTC 234 Offrcer 4 Crvltans 34 Career Salesman Mary Ann Rodriguez Naomn Rod rug uez Sylvla Rodruguez Kuwanettes 3 4 Pres: dent 4 Pan Ameracan 2 3 4 Presadent 4 Honor Socuety 3 4 Secretary 4 Student Councul 2 3 4 R O TC Sponsor 3 Saber ettes 3 Presndent s Councal 4 Chavrman 4 Career Teachmg Yolanda Yollue Rodriguez Pep Squad2 cello Representatlve 3 J Club 3 4 D batlng Club 4 FTA 4 Career Secretary Katie Ross Bobby Rozear ROTC 2 DCT 34 Ca reer Marine Engineer Dolores Gloraa Rubuo--Glee Club 3 Scholar F T A Englnsh Department Assustant 4 Career Teacher Anthony Tony Saladlno Jr Baseball 2 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Football 2 J Club 23 4 Jeftersonuan Sports Wrlter 3 Montucello Staff Sports Editor 4 Qunll 8- Scroll Presldent 3 4 Dragon Court 2 Pres: dent s Councll 3 4 F S P A Conventuon 3 4 Career Baseball Betty Sanchez Student Councrl Represent atuve 2 Klwanettes 3 4 Vice President 4 Honor Socuety 3 4 Parluamentarlan 4 New man Club 3 4 Vnce Presldent 4 Class Of flcer 4 Career Anrlnne Hostess Charles Sanders Helene Souls Glee Club 3 4 Career Commercial Artist Lucy Ann Lulu Scaghone Knwanettes 34 Hlstoruan 4 Scholarshlp ln 34 F T A 4 Band 2 3 4 Jeffersanuan Repre sentatuve 4 Homeroom Officer 3 Career Teachmg o o 1 1 5 BH - , ,. 1 . I ll T "'I' I I - ' I .- -- 5 - - .5 . 11 1.a- 1 11 1 1 1 . I 1 -11 1 4--11 1 1 1 ' 111 I 1C-I 1 1 1 1: 1: - - ,, . . . II . . .. ,- 5 - ,...,,I III - , .... ,, 1 5 1' I ' . 1 ' I I' I . .... . I. Ill I 1 ' I I---11 1 11 - . - . . I - , 1 1n- 11 1- , .,, . . ' . 5 - .5 . 5 11 1 1 . ll I - ' ' I I llI"' I T I I - . ' - - - 11 1 1 2 5 11 I 11---1 ' ' 111 1 . , : ' . 'ff , ,. : . "- 1 . 5 5....,,. - .... ,, , I ll ll T ' ' 1 1 1 111 . . . . . II III I 1I 111 1 5 11 1 ,,5.... 5 - . . - I - - .. II I , I I 5 I I I 5 I . . , .55 .- 11 1-1 1 g 5 I . 11 -11 - I ... I Pan Amerlcan 35 Cheerleader 3,45 Monta- . .. . 51111 5 ' . 1 119' ll I ' . . 1 -11 1 , ,, 5 I 5 5 5 , Q I Il T ' "' . ' . 1 11- - . . I '....,...,. - Ill ' A ' I I ,.... . . 5 - 1 1 shlp, lnc. 3,4, F.B.L.A. 2,3,4, ...35 .... I 1f -' 1 ' - . . : . - 5 5 4 ' ' ' 11 11 - I 5I II 5 I I 5- , 111 1 . 5 5 -5 1 1 ..,.,..., I 1 I . ' ' ' ' 1 11 1 ' - 51 ' 1 : . ' 111 ' - ' , ' , . I . I , . II I - V ' I Il I 1 ,5 11 I 1 - . . . 2 11 1 - ' "1 ' ' ' . 1 A . 1 1 11 1 ---- 1 11 ' 'I I ' 111 1 11 1 1 .. 1 . 1-'-1' .I ,. . . 1 - 5 In I ,, ,, ' 11 ---1 111 ' I! I I I ' ' enior Phyllis Scaglione-Library Assistant 2,3,45 Monticello Representative 2,3,45 Scholar- ship, Inc. 3,45 F.B.L:A. 45 Library Council Convention 3,45 District Representative 45 R.O.T.C. Sponsor 45 Saberettes 4. Career: Secretary. Theoapris "Penny" Schulke-Scholarship, Inc. 3,4, Parliamentarian 45 F,B.L.A., Vice President 45 Student Council Representative 35 Pep Squad 35 R.O.T.C. Sponsor 35 Saber- ettes 3, Vice President 35 Homeroom Vice President 45 Y-Teens 3,4, Conference 3, Chairman 4. Career: Secretary. Leroy Scott-Junior Civitans 2,35 R.O.T.C. 2,3, Color Guard 35 Student Council 35 D.C.T. 45 Football 25 Jeffersonian Repre- sentative 2,3. Career: Psychology. Joseph Daniel Sgro-Homeroom President 2,3,45 Student Council 35 President's Coun- cil 3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 President 35 Honor Society 3,4, President 45 Band 2,3,4. Ca- reer: Electrical Engineer. Clotilde "Sister" Sierra--Band 2,3,45 Civ- inettes 3,45 Homeroom Secretary 2,35 Red Cross Representative, Treasurer 45 Scholar- ship, lnc. 3,45 F:T.A. 354, F.B,L.A. 4. Career: Teacher, Frank Sierra-R.O.T.C. 25 Thespians 4. Ca- reeri Travel. Ed Wilson Simmons-D.C.T. 4. Career: Executive Management. Jimmie Simpson-Key Club 2,3,45 Scholar- ship, lnc. 3,45 R.O.T,C. 2,3,45 Saber Club 45 Student Council Representative 4. Ca- reer: Engineer. Frank Spano--R.O.T.C. 2. Career: Lawyer. Mario Suarez-Ca reer: Teacher. Raymond Suarez-R,O.T.C: 25 Junior Opti- mists 3,4. Career: Lawyer. Maring Barron Swart-Class President 25 Junior Civitans 25 Key Club 3,45 Band 2,3,4. Career: Petroleum lndustry. Mary Tamborello-Y-Teens 25 Monticello Representative 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Fl-l.A. 2. Career: Teacher. Eugene K. Teston-Junior Civitans 2,35 R.O.T.C: 2,3,4. Johnny Tingle-R.O.T.C. 2,3,4, Squad Leader 2, Color Guard 3, Company Execu- tive Officer 45 Junior Civitans 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 3,45 l-li-Y 25 De- bating Club 45 Thespions 3,45 Dragon Court 2,3,45 State Safety Convention 45 County Safety Convention 45 Board of Directors 45 Basketball 25 Football 25 Play Day 37 Presi- dent's Council 4. Career: Navy. Don Toledo-R.O.T.C. 2. Career: Diesel Engine. Violet E. Tootle-Band 2,3,45 Jeffersonian Representative 45 Newman Club 45 Thes- pians 4 Career: Typist. Marjorie Traynham-Red Cross Representa- tive 2545 Office Assistant 3,45 Y-Teens 4. ET A. 45 Scholarship, Inc. 4. 34 irecfory Noida Truiillo-Glee Club 25 Journalism Typist 4. Career: Office Work. Steve Valdes-R.O.T.C. 2,3,4. Career: Pharmacist. Betty Jean Valdez-Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 25 Student Council Representative 2,35 Red Cross Representative 25 Scholarship5 Inc. 35 Civinettes 25 Homeroom Secretary 45 D,C.T. Club, Secretary 4. Ishmael Valdez-Career: Musician. Sylvia Valdez Bill Wait-Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 l-lonor Society 3,4, Vice President 45 Key Club 2,3,4, Board of Directors 25 Boys' State 35 Homeroom President 45 Senior Class Vice President 45 R.O,T.C. 2,3,4, Officer 45 Saber Club 45 l-li-Y 25 "J" Club 4. Ca- reer: College. David Edward Wallace-Key Club 3,45 R.O.T.C. 2,3,4, Captain 45 Saber Club 45 Junior Red Cross 2,3,4. Career: Chemical Engineer. Marian Yvonne Weatherford-Class Officer 25 Play Day 2,35 Youth for Christ 45 F.T.A. 45 Scholarship, Inc. 3,4: Career: Teacher. Floy West-Homeroom Secretary 45 Y- Teens 2,4, Fashion Board 2, Recognition Service Speaker 45 F:H.A. 3,4, Vice Presi- dent 3, President 45 F.H.A. Convention 45 Youth for Christ, President 45 President's Council 45 Student Council, Elected 25 Stu- dent Council Representative 45 Glee Club 25 Jeffersonian Representative 25 Pan Ameri- can 25 Play Day 45 Class Vice President 25 Class Secretary 45 Kiwanettes 4: Career: Banking. Helen Allison Williams-Thespians 45 Glee Club 3. Millie Wilson-D.C.T: 4. Career: Office Worker. Vaughn Wilson, Jr.-industrial Arts Club 25 l-li-Teen Club 2,45 Junior Red Cross 2,3,45 R.O.T.C. 3,45 Key Club 3. Career: Lawyer. Larry Worden-Transfer Student5 Football 45 Basketball 4. Career: Doctor. Miriam Yeats-Band 2,3,45 Red Cross Rep- resentative 25 Jeffersonian Representative 35 Scholarship, Inc., 3,45 R.O.T.C. Spon- sor 35 Saberettes 3. Career: College. Rene Zarate-R.O,T.C. 2,3,45 F,B.L.A. 4. Career: Certified Public Accountant. Norma Zayas-FTA. 2,3,4, Officer 35 Pan American 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Kiwanettes 2,3,4, Officer 45 Student Council Repre- sentative 35 Office Assistant 45 Homeroom Secretary 35 Dragon Court 3: Scholarship, lnc, 4. Career: Office Work Q95 AXRH' '- "FEI '. 1 '. 'WA fa QQ. K. ,P- ,f v A vp G , 1 'gt . .' 1 f fu -, J ' X 02 n It . in 5 1 1 A 5 A F 3 'W Q, ! 'I A B 1 6 A as 1 f1 Ku . E il . 5 f 1 ' xx, 1-Lv A av: Kf5c:f?f Ji iffigl' , 1,--i.125:.,. Q. I Q1 'V' ,Q 45 W . A 41355 :- Vg -,viii X des fi'-a -- 133 . 44 1 A ,Q s 2 7 Zi. 4' W, 1--pf Vw, Y .2 .WW vw,Z,,f 5, QV ,,,,,, Ez gif? A ' ' Q 1 I .-,, L s m f X Q3 , Yak ..- x Q 0 "9 fb mx if ' gif , 'XC 5 WM T f'e,,, ,. ,R V i - 1 L Af ly f 1 1 932 Ja- .5 Y 3 4 -.5 3 ' I :QL 2. '-'IDI fs. ,lg y if iff' 1-L F t + Eg S I ami 9 HM, Y , .Q , . , , wld 1 , . ' Q, , an 5 2' A .A "- . i 1 M . It-V 1 ,,, m X ' ni Q 'V M. I x 4 3 -an -ws , H , Ny 5 , 15 'fly , , W '? 4 vw' f f .n y 1' ' ' Q A xstlifigykn ,V sm QP1, lf , I, ,X is .YS , M 5 , -W ,K -,, 4 Nz . A .33 If: 1 1 . gz 'S ,Jim inf, . 'J T33 A?-' 2 -Q-G , A fafif. Ji' Q -vu 'K L 2- : 'X 1 if - if 'PSF I ' C V f K I J WW' 'lb WF i ...K- .V "PH nf +4 f , s,,v I Q f Y 4 ..eC?1'.'.-" Q43 ,,, 1 vw '4- af' i?'!' . , , 5 " Q K, IA ' Q Y , A x . 3 , tv, I Yr 0 A If , .' , lv i ' v,- ,fxr A . x 1.1 , M ' , - 1 , s . :yy . ' e Q- .TNI ' all :J 1 1- . . 1' B: , Q' 'f ' 4 V s. V"'ff 'P f A Q, hit: '53, 1' Q I ,. vu, I.. gn' 771 I ! :2i!l'- , , f at . 4 Q 7," ",4V ,' A 1 Q A 3 ', ' I f l, 1 we , , l"9:uc-.Q If ,.g f-'sa ff., bf, .7 Ja, , T1 fi: ,f gf, . w .1 1: 3 4' L A A a .gc -l 1 we M882 f . ' 9 .4 I. ' ,, i, .101 4 'Qi' nf ' ', ,L 'fx 1 sl "'-V' rx Qi' p-1- x 'Q J. . 1' .i .2 V V I ,L I -. , , X 1 is QE' i ' 'N,l 5 4 Q XXXL , xfjfywgigf X X' it A , X -. s ' f f, x - b ,tx g K R AL ax A b . IW? ,WW lfU'li0l" CAM i l 'S 1 J Left to rlghf President Albert Plcallo Vice President Joyce Caplfano Secretary Mary Jo Provenzano THESE ARE A FEATURED FEW OF THE JUNIOR CLASS THE WORKING YEAR FIRST EXEMPTIONS Q 'If -.1 F1 W4 rn A 'W 'Z -of ld W--' vv-9 srl' First row left to rnghf Angel Acosfa Diana Alspuru Trlstan Barcla Joyce Caplfano Joe Caruso Katherlne Casabun Martha Jo Casanueva Hllda Coco Second row Barbara Jo Conkhn Robert Conklin Edward Crowley Glno Crescenzu Gul Cuesta Barbara Duaz Eddne Dnaz Joe Dr Pletra 38 , ' 4' dfylkl la V Y , 3 -visit In , - 4 W -gm I W . , . I . I . : . . I . : I - O l l O 'S 6 .A , I 3 0-Q VM ' - 4 3 I . 2 it -1, I l , V M, X .Y 2? ' 'gig V f I ' ws I of f, 1' I f' I A f W 1 , X ll W A f K' 11 li, TTI f Iv f- A LY UZ. "" 4 . , 2 I . -9 , 9 -a. -. E' g M 'J ,I A "" 1 Am 'diy 'Q A I 2 5 tj A 4 all X I I , I f . J f I . ' .H ' " , 1- ' fy Y A 'T 1 k ,,, ,, I A . , 55' ,ff in M V5 XM! 35 .BI I . 1 I . . I . . I . I I . .I I . . I . I . I I . .' . I 5 J rx i uw iq... 49 YZ? QW! su Aung., fi dl-a-5 f5 ha, "tu V' wr if Bain First row left to rnglwt Beverly Dobbrns Jrmmy Downrng Larry Everett Jennre Favata Sandra Fernandez Al Garcra Aurelro Gomez Nancy Greenway Second row Sam Guida Ina Gutrerrez Ruth Hardee Betty Harrrson Llnda Harvey Connre Lala Barbara Lelky James Leone Third row Dalra Lopez Ramona Lopez Josre Monteressr Helen Markovrtz Jrm Mateo Howard Meerovrtz Johnny Melendr Elvrra Montoto Fourth row Ray Morales Hrlda Morera Cecrlra Murgado Rrchard Padran Frances Pardo Mer cedes Pedraza Renalda Perez Drana Purg TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEVEN THE JUNIOR YEAR IS EXTRA ACTIVITIES AND ALL ROUND STUDENTS si S' it-? V? tj First row Vrnce Pullara, Danny Rodrrguez, Sylvia Rosello, Leo Rossrter, Duck Sarcone, Ellon Sellers, Annette Suarez Second row Drana Toledo, Evelyn Torres, Martha Valdes, Bette Vallrna, Norma Vasquez, Frances Wrrth, Betty Yeatts 39 I 1 I I lf gil I ,J I ' 46 I .,,f'. E F -A A l I T fy-'f I I , I l'r, , 7' 'I' 'V , . ,L - V. ,Q f 44, 9, 9 I I Tr , 'V 2 - , V , A I Ni , Y it, V vig, ,.,. W V . , A RN., - 4, H J M fy I A 1 ' I ... 'L if . VJ , 9 U Q, 4 ,' J " at . , -4 In 5 5 E 0, 5 Z x M , . Q r fl 1 I ff' f 'Z H XL U I 4 -J 2' ' o o " o 3 I Y' . A l ,,. , rx 3' Q , .V X gel A L ' L, I 6,5 'fi Q A A I , Sl? 0I'l'L 0l"Q CAM Bock row left to raght Presudent Sam Leto Vlce President Joe Johnson Snffmg Secretary Dot Kindred NEWCOMERS WHO ARE GETTING ACQUAINTED WITH RTICIPATE IN SCH AC AND BECO 9 Fnrst row left to rnglwf Louise Alfonso Cynthla Alonso Norma Alvarez Mary Anello Danny Bonanno Leon Braddock Frances Brown Second row John Canto Joe Castellano Lucy Castellano Sarah Clemente Shirley De Castro Nlllo Durand Carroll Ealuns 40 PA OOL TIVITIES ME I 'ffl' VV I We 1 f A - an Q It ., 'Nr '-,af I it fu. L' 3 sl ..- 1 ,.4 Furs! row Ielt to rught Duana Felnz Sylvua Fernandez Drano Gorcla Jean Garcla Dora Gonzalez Joe Hagalstron Jr Ronald Har man Second row Lllllan Henry Mary Ann Howard Grace Leto Arlme Lopez Irene Lopez James Lucas Grace Lucldo Third row Nora Mallo Barbara Martun Dahha Medma Esther Mendoza Rose Mncheluzzn Hope Molma Carmelo Monteleone Fourth row Nnza Montero Janice Opp Bruce Osburn Nelson Perez Larry Peso Martha Quesada Arlene Rhodes W FR DS FAC SO LEARN STAUNCH SUPPORTERS OF THE FRIENDLY SCHOOL F9 as 1' sr 1-A9 Y-v Y--r Sri an S Furst row left to right Sylvua Ruo Slnavel Rabaldo Rose Rumore Carol Ryan red Salsbury Charlotte Salsbury Luculle Scaghone Second row Wnlma Sutton Janet Lee Thomas Joe Testasecca Joseph Tuzzolmo Cynthua Valdez Rosalmd Vrllademoras Path Ward 41 f V ' Q' f '-. W ' ' li l 1 hsis ' Q J vi! , f ' I .fb - X 3 y - ? T F 3 .,. J " 4 1' ,lit I Q 22 In 5 v-Div 5, fy, , 1 A L M' A 1 V l , xr ' 'Q , ' Vryy ' 9 .Z -A J: -sn A l ya .. 1 , :Z --EV J I A VVVE- A A ' ., I nt: , 4 f y I 4' , . A ,V A I 4' X' ! - I :I l f, . 'V , 4 6 1 ,. - ' , M . NE IEN AND THE ULTY ON TO 1 1 1 1 -:a -A1 ,gi 3 , . A L x 5 1 . l ' T 5 1 ,sx A it l ,rf l .1. -. 3 xxx . ' K- . A I Aff. f 5 X W- .2 H N r vury., .vm if-V' wrifed a worn! for fine grcwfuafefi Dear Seniors: You are graduating from high school onthe threshold of what promises to be the greatest scientific era in the history of our universe, With the development and harnessing of atomic and hydrogen power great things are in store for mankind, On the other hand it could very easily mean our extinction. Which shall it be? l believe that your generation more than any other must find the answer. If in your lifetime you are able to develop a spirit of understanding, an appreciation of the dignity that is inherent in all peoples, a sensitiveness towards their feelings and aspirations, then you will have found the way, I commend this course to you. Look to God for guidance, define your goals, work hard, and success will come. it-6? -12 Mr. Leto beams with pride as County Superintendent J. Crockett Farnell presents the Keys of the new gym to Joe Cardinale, president of the student body. Coaches Bill Stewart and Sam Alfieri look on. na Av 5 5 . I A k x 5 MRS. ELSIE HALL X2 MRS. ETHEL SCHILLINQ MISS RUTH GILLILAND fp , A ' 27 foffflffl , 1 ,. , iff rf gf Lfifvyf 4 f 1 fri we .7lze5e feaclzgrg liege ufs fo cleueala A couple of the 3 R's taught in this department claim a fair share of each student's day. To help us gain skill in self-expression and understanding of written words we have a group of friendly and inter- esting teachers. Look into Room 2ll on a Monday afternoon and you will find Mrs. Hall directing the doings of Scholar- ship, lnc. She claims Chicago as her home town and received her B.S, degree in Education at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin. Over the weekends and during summer vacations she is always on the go, visiting other cities and states. The leader of our debating team received her ERE ARE PICTURES OF A SEN BSE. degree at the University of Florida. Mrs. Schil- ling, whose home town is Tampa, is often seen work- ing in her yard or teaching summer school. Her keen sense of humor and personality make her a favorite with all of her students. Miss Gilliland goes to Washington and New Or- leans, too. Travel, music, reading, and work in a variety of clubs occupy her time outside of school. Thursday afternoons the numerous projects of the Y-Teens are the pride and joy of this native Tampan who received her MA. degree from Florida State University. I was sick. Honest! My autog raph? Gee! wa Gimme a pack of paper, please! : VELW. MDS lOR'S ,4 MRS. HELEN GORSUCH MRS. DEBORAH SANBORN MISS DEPPIE MATHESON ALi! in flue fan ua e arffi Mrs. Sanborn, an avid fan of fancy work in her spare time, spends more hours working in the book- store or with the Student Council. Although she is from Tampa, she has a farm far out in the country where she pickles and preserves and goes hunting with the crowd. It was near there that she attended Florida Southern to earn her M.A. degree. No one is any busier than the chairman of our English Department and the sponsor of the Kiwan- ettes, Mrs. Gorsuch, a native of Plant City. She grad- uated from Florida State University where she re- ceived her BS. degree in Journalism. Last year, her first at Jefferson, she guided the Jeffersonian Staff in publishing a first class paper. Fishing and tennis are her favorite hobbies, Miss Matheson, who teachers journalism and pub- lishes the Jeffersonian now, is doing a good job as successor in that task. From her home town, Tampa, she traveled to Atlanta to attend Agnes Scott. Among some of her many hobbies are singing, reading, and playing the piano, Our English department makes full use of the vari- ous kinds of visual aids available, Never a day but something new-a film strip to teach you about dic- tionaries or a tape to play back your speeches. AY AT JEFFERSON HIGH These women! Extra-curricular activity. Well, ah--, uh-l SLI ff'-L., DONALD COLEMAN BILL STEWART MISS BERNICE JOHNSON PHILIP ROSETE SCIENCE MATHEMAATICS Often heard explaining the mysteries of life to her students is Miss Johnson, that friendly biology teacher in room 300. Amidst her collection of dead snakes, bones, and jars of we know not what, she opens a world of science, fact, and fiction. The bulletin boards and the Future Nurses are her extra-curricular interests. P-o-u-f-tl and a good thing it was, because those were not just the right ingredients, Mr. Coleman is always in danger of having his room ruined by some erring chemistry student, Before he took up this risky business, he graduated with a BAS. degree from the University of Florida. With pho- tography as his major hobby he adds to the interest of his students with some clever pictures-and color too. I-le sponsors the Science Club where he tries to promote better understanding in the field of science. "Don't worry about it" may be Mr. Rosete's pet phrase, but he still does just that when thinking of his lifelong ambition to have only students with two years of algebra in his physics class. From Tampa, he attended the local University where he received his degree with majors in mathematics and physics. As sponsor of the Key Club, he strives to develop initiative and leadership in high school boys. Coach Stewart is a tall Texan from Coleman, who took his B.S. degree at Daniel Baker College. l-le does double duty as head coach of basketball and assistant football mentor, Four or tive hours a day he spends in teaching algebra and mathematics just to complete the cycle. Whenever he finds 0 spare moment, he treks off to a quiet spot to fish. Two and two had better make four for the fellow who has just heard Mrs. Sparkman say, "To the board." A graduate of Shorter College in Georgia, she devotes her school hours to her specialties, geometry and trig- onometry. Believe it or notl She likes cooking, washing, and cleaning the yard. DE RULES AND TEST TUBES-ALL IN A DAY'S WORK all Comedy Hour? Stacked! The favorite period of the day. aww QW, sf mf ' , P 4 f Y' 6 I , A V , I Q, ff. ,MV f f , I ff f Wf iw , S 4..g.. fu ,. Q Q gl .. , M U ., ' 1 ,A f if .dx-Q, KQV was .-P, -im.. . is Af I ' ' - W 4 if x If f "vi lj X xfh 5960 'JV I ' f 1 , A I 3 L,. f WMM I MW f W , ' X ' ' , ' x V V 1 X i 5 la G 2 'yyqr ' , , H ,, ,, n 4 ' 'V f , , . 1 f , , , " - sf ,ff " xy'-lg! 1 ' f X 4' , 1 QI Q 'E , VV .L .U ,W x 2' ' ff" X. fm A 4 , .5 A ww...,: 41 If n Mak 1 ' Q 1 1 W r 4 ,Z mf, I ,WA n ' " ff 5 W f 4 f 2 J . ,W W fy, ,M f U ,A v f ww .fix - , as 'I 4 f W is 1 ,MM ! 7? Zh, W ? 61 ,Yau if by r N tj 9 xg' . X if 1 5 , ' 5 Q2 V X f N 'H f N A ?r LX X J . Lg ,Q i ' X Q ' I Q 1 R L gf 9 . S N lag , v 4' S' Q t Q, 42 is 4 as ig x 1 X Ex X 1 5 W s A t I me . it E , J V - . -ma f. 4' JV , . J" ' . .4-x,V'fs . . X t .xgmx . V, -.d K ,- S. A ' - J N ' ' ff . : ,Vx 1 . -Max -QA 'fifv L m ' -2 ,fxkxlv . V , " ' if X K 'irikfw A f Z-K I A ggd X D .2 an., o Q ia Ma., ,5 is V - H.. .MSN 1 w 1 . H M. . 'T .ali Ll 4 l".,.? ' ' . ff ve . gf? ,254 41 'f ig -fbfiv. .1-il: ,.- ,Qs . , waffv, fqx e as-5 . . f A ' ff- ' f - ff ar ,Mi -41, , , f- ,1 ab . ' jf' 'Q f N? ' k 'K 3 I few 'X X 5 ' 1 47" vit J- 1 ucafiona raining or :Some Miss Ross Msssirm HOME MAKING In our very modern kitchens and sewing laboratories Miss Messina gives the girls facts and sidelights of homemaking. She received her BS. degree in Foods and Nutrition from Florida State University and is a member of the Tampa Dietetic Association and Brewster Hospital Auxiliary. To add the spiritual and the social aspect to the home atmosphere she directs the Newman Club and helps to plan the senior banquet, Mrs. Leiseth, who comes from North Dakota, where she graduated from the State University, with a BS. degree in Home Economics and Edu- cation, is the advisor for the F.H.A. and helps to direct the senior banquet. This is her first trip to the South and she is spending her first winter without snow. A member of the MacDill Auxiliary and other outside clubs, she en- joys sewing, reading and music. DIVERSIFIED COOPERATIVE TRAINING As diversified as his classes are Mr. Maney's own activities and inter- ests. He fishes as often as he can, teaches a Sunday School class, is business manager of our sports events, and gets some earnest young people started in the business world. In those years spent in earning degrees at Florida Southern and Florida State University he certainly fitted himself as a genial and capable instructor in Diversified Cooperative Training. F-L-A-S-HI Just a bulb from Mr, Hodges's trusty camera. His favorite hobby, photography, has become professional in value, This new instructor in DCT. takes a keen interest in training boys and girls in the whys and ways of better business. This is a return trip to Jefferson for him after a few years of com- mercial photography. MRS. ILO LEISETH WILLIAM HODGES ERNEST MANEY Will he set the world on fire? ' f ' V No!! He's mine! Busy doing no hung olggeraf Cllntff Ol' ofkerzi DRAMA Curtainl And Mrs. Lively's senior drama class makes another assembly a pleasant memory. Her speech stu- dents and would-be Thespians work hard to please her and the audience. This year a dream came true-she holds her classes in a sound proof room with plenty of cabinet space. LITERATURE Come and relax in the newest and most comfortable chairs in the build- ing. The library-always a popular place-has added more bait to draw us into happy hours of reading. Miss Crane, the librarian, succeeds in mak- ing this a very attractive spot with flowers, and books, and easy chairs. Her chief delight is to see the whole room full of busy boys and girls. A graduate of Florida State University -she likes to read and to travel. "Takes Two To Tango!" MRS. WINIFRED LIVELY MUSIC A tutor of tooters, Mr, Scott makes the Jefferson Dragon Band one to be proud of. l-lailing from McKeespart, Pennsylvania, he did his first college work at the University of Cincinnati and earned degrees in music at Cin- cinnati Conservatory and the Conser- vatory of New York. Though his chief concern here is the band, he trains the girls in glee club to treat us to some fine concerts and directs the major- ettes. He goes off to the woods where all is quiet to enjoy some hunting and fishing every now and then. ART Color, line, pattern, and paint are terms much used in Room 307 where Mr, Cardoso teaches students to see and the skill to copy beauty. From here, too, come those stage settings for all our plays. Another graduate of Tampa U. with A.B.S.E., he is in- terested in civic organizations and the Athletic Club of West Tampa. News flashl From bachelor to benedict in June. Woman s Work Is Never Done! MISS JOYCE FINKENAUR FIL NOCERA FOR HEALTH . . Our head football coach, Mr, Alfieri, was honored this last year by being elected president of the Florida Athletic Association. He graduated from both Tampa U. and University of Florida. Late afternoons in football season he can be found running the boys through their paces on our new practice grounds, These long hours don't leave much time for his favorite pastime-ffgardening. A suitcase teacher and a year-round tourist is Miss Finkenaur, who was born in Baton Rouge and graduated at Louisiana State, Her sports activities in school hours are girls' physical education classes, Pep Squad, and Cheerleader practice. Fishing, reading, and travel are her hobbies, Mr. Nocera, our track coach, is a native of New Castle, Pa., attended Slippery Rock State College and graduated with his M.Ed. from the Uni- versity of Florida. He spends most of the day teaching boys' physical edu, catonflasses and acting as an assistant coach in football, Not much time DYSCQH for family or for fun. FOR PROTECTION . . . Captain Cousins is from that great state of Texas-Shamrock was the hometown-and received his MA at Oklahoma. His interests in things military include map reading, maps and aerial plates, small unit tactics, weapons, and national defense policy. He has studied military teaching methods especially to use in ROTC, For recreation he chooses fishing and baseball. The head of our R.O.T.C, department, Sergeant Mylott come south from South Bend, lndiana. He really works to mold better citizens out of his students. Recently the RO T.C. officers and their dates were his guests at a party. He claims his favorite diversions are sports and music. SAM ALFIERI Keep on growing! Some outside interference- 1.1 V , 7 4 is-M of 40 1-1 Wx, 1 YR 'I V, as 1 1 fl ,sl Z 4 4 4,1 'lr W H .f ' am ,Q 1 1 3 - L 1 Y Y fs? f W Q EM l,k si wi T I 'M xg- I " f s ' ,,, li X i 4' ' J' ' 4 -in ' Wi. -5 2 Y I K 1.4 it M I N - wig ps? HPELKIUN I TY QP? CLF? fAQ La QPJ . . . Front row, left to right: Mary .lo Provenzano, Duane Dieas, Frances Wirth, Danny Sgro, Richard Lobo, Johnny Tingle, Conrad Haskell. Bock row: Orchid Hernandez, Aurora Perez, Flay West, Shirley De Castro, Rosalind Villademoros, Helen Fernandez, Joe Cardinale, Pat Davis, Kay Kelly, Sylvia Rodriguez. Stondingi Joe Gentile, Joe Di Pietro, Frank Fernandez, Charles Kelly, Robert Morgan, Tony Saladino. dfue-larinffi Afuclenf acfiuified A well represented group, including the leod- ers of oll school orgonizotions, meets with Mr. Leto the first Mondoy of eoch month, The purpose of this council is to iron out conflicts between clubs, ond to oct os o cleoring house for oll school oc- tivities Among its mony speciol proiects wos the movie donce given on September 25 It wos the first school donce to be held in our new gym. On Jonuory 8, following the Jefferson-Boone bosketboll gome, they sponsored onother donce to roise money for new files in the office. lnsteod of following the regulor procedure of hoving Mr, Leto preside ot the meetings, the coun- cil elected o student choirmon who is Sylvio Rodri- guez, olso o vice choirmon, Fronlc Fernondez, ond secretory, Auroro Perez Membership in this group is fost becoming one of the most desired positions to be held in school octivities The Council wos off to o fly- ing stort this yeor by estoblish- ing o point system in which stu- dents con work 'roword ond re- ceive o merit oword. Points ore given for scholostic, othletic, ond service ochievement, A specified number ore civoiloble ond must be secured from eoch field. The totcil omount is to be lOO points for which the oword will be gronted ot the end of the yeor. O F F I C E R S Jos CARDINALE ...r . President NILO PRIEDE ..... Vice President NORMA FERNANDEZ, , . . .Secretary f ' rv e ri '-2 . ' ' if V 2 -1,4 ' f 2' Ti e 2 ' . I, ev, 'gif f . fi , X ln seoted rows, re-or to front: Glenn Cook, Sheila Casio, Frank Leto, Jeanette Maniscalco. Second: Jo Ann Suco, Yolanda Mandese, Diana Toledo, Sylvia Rodriguez. Third: Charles Kelley, Patty Powell, Joyce Capitano, Danny Costa, Helen Fernandez. Fourth: Diana Ayala, Eleanor Buzzetti. Stonding: Mrs. Sanborn, Nilo Priede, Jae Cardinale. Seated, Norma Fernandez. T lj, U ll N li l ld gui ed acfiond of fire Afucdenf 60619 Although trciffic is o mojor problem neorly everywhere, here ot Jefferson we work out the clutomobile, holl, ond lunchroom troffic hozords under the super- vision of the Council rother well, Hove you noticed the lond- scoping oround the new gym? Those plonts were given ond the work done by members of this group. They cilso toke core of the plonts ond fish pool in the potio. With profits mode in the book- store where some diligent council members help the sponsor, Mrs. Debbie Sonborn, Venetion blinds were purchosed for the office ond o new sound system for the oudi- torium. Now plons ore being mode to instoll o sound system in the gym ond some more ice woter coolers in the holls for the worm months oheod. First row, Wilma Sutton, Sarah Clemente, Ruth Jordan, Diana Puig, Barbara Womack, Elaine Kelley, Carolyn Garcia, Josie Scaglione, Nilo Priede, Joe Cardinale, Norma Fernandez. Second row: Jack Perez, Carroll Abernathy, Arlene Rhodes, Floy West, Dorinda Diaz, Hilda Otero, Clara Gonzalez, Cynthia Valdes, Rose Michelizzi, Frank Leto, Mrs. Sanborn. Third row, Cary Barron, Jimmie Simpson, Dale Dan- iel, James Mateo, Richard Lobo, Ray Morales, Gilbert Fernandez, Eleanor Buzzetti, Conchita Estrada. 57 l 5 S S Seated, left to right: Maring Swart, Tony Lo Cicero, Carroll Abernathy, Darwin Moradiellos, Conrad Haskell, Bill Wait, Jimmy Simpson, Joe Cammarata. Standing, Mr. Rosete, Charles Negin, Danny Sgro, Marvin Alvarez, David Wallace, Sammy Snedaker, Oscar Caldwell, Wilbur Woodside, Edwin Irons, Jerry Glover. gone! cifizend ila Back row, seated: Sylvia Rodriguez, Estelle Lucas, Lucy Ann Scaglione, Duane Dieas, Nancy Greenway, Betty Harrison, Frances Pardo, Martha Jo Cosanueva, Elaine Kelley, Jaiuan Remberton, Cletia Forbes, Jean Payne. Standing, left to righti Norma Canto, Delma Flores, Sylvia Rosello, Joyce Capitano, Martha Valdes, Martha Aiken, Betty Sanchez, Helen Fernandez. Centeri Aurora Perez, Patty Powell, Yolanda Mandese, Norma Zayas. 'IL:'1"L1i 4 I 4- Xa , - - HEY BLUE This iunior group of the Ki- wanis Club under the leadership of Mr. Phil Rosete and with the help of the Kiwanettes sponsored their annual dance. The gala afe fair was highlighted by the an- nouncement of the Sweetheart of the year, chosen 'from many qualified candidates selected by homerooms, The membership ofthe club is limited to 25 boys whose scholas- tic average is not less than B, who have good character, and are outstanding in some extracurric- ular activity. O F F l C E R S CONRAD HASKELL .... President FRANK FERNANDEZ . , . Vice President DARWIN MORADIELLOS ..,, Secretsryf Treasurer an :Service id FMWANETTE5 Even the smartest girls are taken in , . . as members of this popular and favorite club, A number of lucky co-eds are chosen by the active Kiwanettes and five faculty members each year to keep the roll at 25, We all win a prize with those wrappers saved by these club members. So many wrappers mean so many radios for use in the classrooms upon request, Among their civic projects led by Mrs, Helen Garsuch are Christmas baskets, the poppy sale and community chest drive or Red Feather Day. To add to a busy schedule they hold cake sales in a super market and sponsor the Sweetheart dance with the Key Club boys. O F F l C E R S SYLVIA RODRIGUEZ . ,President BETTY SANCHEZ Vice President AURORA PEREZ , . Secretary PATTY POWELL . .Treasurer UNIUH E 'ITAN Good citizens of tomorrow- this is the aim of our junior branch ot a city-wide adult civic organization, Under the leader- ship ofa new member of our fac- ulty, Mr. J, A, Bethea, this thriv- ing club has sold fruit cakes dur- ing the Christmas season to raise funds for a chiIdren's project, are considering a contribution to the Athletic Association, and are now planning a banquet. With their sister club, the Civinettes, they soonsored the Jack O' Lantern Halloween dance. OFFICERS GLENN COOK ......... President JOHNNY TINGLE ..... Vice President DANNY COSTA . . .... Secretary First row: Danny Costa, Jesus Lima, Dale Daniel, Max Herndon, Peter Ciccarello, Danny Bonanno Second row: Richard Lawhon, Billy Cunningham, Robert Benitez, Earl Cram, Ralph Valido, Timmy Palermo. Third row: Frank Rodriguez, Cary Barron, Johnny Tingle, Fausto Cenal, Billy Calvo, Mr. Bethea fke laurloode of fireae fieruice cfudri . . . HIVI ETTES A new club, the Civinettes, is quite active. Already they have worked in the poppy sale for dis- abled veterans, sold fruit cakes at Christmas time, and with the Civitans sponsored a very suc- cessful dance at which they tapped new members. Membership in this organiza- tion is open to those girls who have been selected and elected by the active members. These girls, too, are learning to become good citizens under the guidance of Mrs. Rosalie Prendes, their sponsor, and their parent club, Civitans. OFFICERS ORCHID HERNANDEZ , , . . President DORINDA DlEZ ..,,,. Vice President SYLVIA ARIAS ..,, . . .Secretary CAROLYN MCNATT . , . . Treasurer First row: Mary Jo Provenzano, Carolyn McNatt, Sylvia Davis, Orchid Hernandez, Dorinda Diaz Sylvia Arias, Katie De Lara, Eleanor Buzzetti. Second rowi Ann Moscato, Barbara Herring, Pat Davis Eleanor Hayes, Pauline Garcia, Clotilde Sierra, Sandra Fernandez, Sarah Thompson, Jackie Clayborne Third row: Mary Di Pietra, Irene Bridges, Diana Aizpuru, Cecilia Clewis, Pat Butler, Helen Smith Kay Kelly. BILL WAIT Vice President YOLANDA MAN DESE PATSY DUKES P" 0l'l0I" K II H A R A C T E R I DANNYSGR0 IEADERSHIP President IQKIWQTIUIJUL.. X HUVQQNX Q5qf.IlZ1L1'!w I ' SIIHULARSHIP X I jx sfnvlcf xx I I N - I ,MX Ix LI I v fu,, .I V 5,1 I CARROLL ABERNATHY l Q CLETIA FORBES BILLY CUNNINGHAM ESTELLE LUCAS DANNY COSTA I JEANETTE MANISCALCO MERCEDES MOCTEZUMA RICHARD LOBO HOLANDA FERNANDEZ RAY LOPEZ SYLVIA FERNANDEZ CLARA GONZALEZ . I I an 4 3 ff ociefy I The coveted honor of being pledged to National Honor Society comes to only five percent of the junior and five percent of the senior class, Students who have a "B" aver- age or above are considered for their Leadership, Scholarship, and Character. Those adjudged most worthy are called to f the stage in that all-important and unforgettable day. This fall the theme of the first program was "A Sym- phony of Opportunity," with the decorations and speeches worked around musical land of hope. This spring the theme was "Wheels of Progress." ln a very impressive ceremony the new inductees were escorted to the stage where they were sworn in as members. The Honor Society has many projects. One of its big- gest and best is the taking of individual pictures of all Jeffer- son students. ALFRED HOFFLANDER BETTY SANCHEZ CONRAD HASKELL AURORA PEREZ DUANE DIEAS FRANK FERNANDEZ JOE GENTILE VALERIE HERNANDEZ ANGIE LO PRESTI L .' .wg-f MW' 14' Q ., X j 4-at V -A I if J yl SYLVIA RODRIGUEZ Secretary MARTHA RAINES PATTY POWELL JIMMY SIMPSON .- L ff. E 1 . l f GLENN COOK Treasurer PENNY SCHULKE IRMA POLO ,-Al "A i SEHUL HSI-IlP,l E. Strictly for the students. All those boys and girls who have main- tained high scholastic averages while in high school are automatic- ally inducted into Scholarship, ln- corporated. From this large group are selected tive percent of the Jun- ior class and five percent of the sen- ior class-atter due consideration of their service, leadership, and character-as the new members of the National Honor Society. There is great satisfaction in belonging to the lntelligentsia of J.l-l.S. Under the direction of Mrs. Elsie Hall they took tor their project dur- ing the first of the year that much- needed clock for the gym. O F F l C E R S CHARLES HANCOCK ...... President PATSY CREPPS . . . . . Vice President JEAN PAYNE . . . . , .Secretary HELEN FERNANDEZ . . .Treasurer First row, left to right: Angela Alvarez, Clara Gonzalez, Ruth Feiles, Jean Payne, Charles Hancock, Lucille Bartley, Patsy Crepps, Helen Fernandez, Eleanor Hayes, Mary Ann Alfonso, Martha Aiken, Miriam Yeats. Second row: Louise Mullis, Yvonne Weatherford, Patsy Dukes, Martha Fisher, Delores Rubio, lda Garcia, Armida Alfonso, Frances Felicione, Marjorie Traynham, Norma Lo Presti. Third row: Shirley Edenfield, Peggy Foster, Dalia Lima, Clotilde Sierra, Margie Gildi- son, Sylvia Valdez, Holanda Fernandez, Shirley Boone, lrene Bridges, Mary Di Pietra, Nora Midulla, Dolly Perez. Fourth row: Earl Cram, Frank Granda, Jimmie Simpson, Joe Gentile, Russ Pate, Mar- vin Alvarez, Norma Jean Maggio, Katie De Lara, Sylvia Arias, Lucy Scaglione. PAN-AMERICAN Going abroad? It it's Down South, you had better brush up on your knowledge of the customs and people of the Latin American coun- tries. .lefferson's Pan American club with the globe-trotting spon- sor, Mr. Ricky Zabaldo, makes a study of these countries through lectures, movies, and radio pro- grams. This large group of would-be travelers also held a candy sale and sponsored their annual stage show, Fiesta in Tampa, O F F l C E R S SYLVIA RODRIGUEZ . ,... President AURORA PEREZ . . . .Vice President YOLANDA MANDESE . . . . Secretary NORMA ZAYAS . . . . .Treasurer Zayas, Angie or Learning, Ar roa ening First row: lda Muto, Hope Molina, Gloria Alfonso, Cynthia Alonso, Sylvia Fernandez, Helen Fernan- dez, Yolanda Mandese, Mariana Alfonso, Delma Flores, Justa Fernandez, Armida Fernandez, Sylvia Rodriguez, Mary Jo Provenzano. Second row: Mary Anello, Jaiuan Pemberton, Martha Jo Casanueva, Deanna Arcuri, Mary Scholaro, Norma Jean Maggio, Orchid Hernandez, Aurora Perez, Jeanette Maniscalco, Doris Hampton, Norma Zayas, Helen Markovitz. Third row: Jean Garcia, Rose Michel- izze, Ruth Feiles, Anna Rose Martino, Sylvia Comparetta, Hilda Morera, Niza Montero, Josie Mon- teressi, Maggie Escobio, Holanda Fernandez, Rosalind Villademoros. Fourth row: Doris Gullette, Olga Garcia, Orchid Medero, lrene Lopez, Frances M. Pardo, Frances Pardo, Mirta Diaz, Mirta Garcia, Arline Lopez, Dalia Medina, Carol Ryan. . .., AV ,K . .,,,,, i ,W 4 , N ,ff . f IZ' .r - if, f I V . A '.14'4fff"Gzf'f'i f f f ' . rf' 2 2,3 fit. as ide' 1 t ff XL, 5 - Seated: Aurelio Gomez, Robert Fernandez, Gordon Matlock, Mr. Cardoso, Richard Lobo, Arnold Ramos, Ralph Garcia, Gilbert Fernandez. Standing, second row: Joe Figueredo, Raymond Morales, Gino Crescenzi, Joe Alvarez, Dick Sarcone, James Mateo, Renaldo Perez. Third rowi Frank Menen- dez, Leo Faedo, Jerry Alonso, Bobby Garcia, Vincent Ramos, Gil Cuesta, Frank Alfonso, Nilo Priede, Danny Almeida. orizorw, or lou gc wemufe UNIUH UPTI HST5 Junior Optimists, under the di- rection of Mr. Jack Noecker, work right along with the Ybor City Opti- mist club in its program of aid to underprivileged boys. Since this is strictly a service club, members are required to participate in Jefferson High School affairs and cooperate with other clubs in their school projects. This year they sponsored one of the most successful dances where Miss Dragonette was chosen, This new idea proved to be very popular. They also did their share of do- nating to the athletic department. Those uniforms that you see on that team of ours were bought with the money donated by this club. O F F I C E R S JOE GENTILE ..,....,., President JACK SABELLA .... . Vice President NICK VALENTI ..., .... S ecretary JOHNNY AGLIANO . . 4 . .Treasurer UNIUH LIU 5 The Junior Lions club this year sponsored a gala affair at which Mr, and Miss Jefferson were chosen, this honor was bestowed upon Rich- ard Ortiz and Mary Jo Provenzano. Part of the proceeds from this dance were donated to the Senior Lions of Tampa. As 0 service club its main pur- pose is to be of service to our high school, its students, and especialTy students with impaired vision. Highlighting their activities this year was their formal banquet held at the Crystal Ball, Members are limited to twenty-five boys, two of whom must be members of the soph- omore class. OFFICERS RICHARD LOBO .,....... President GORDON MATLOCK ..... Vice President ROLANDO FERNANDEZ . , . . . Secretary GILBERT FERNANDEZ. . . . Treasurer First row: Leon Braddock, Tristan Barcia, Ray Lopez, Raymond Garcia, Alfonso, Garcia, Nick Valenti. Second row: Rudy Filippello, Frank Chillura, Rene Molina, Joe Gentile, Johnny Agliano, Joe Di Pietro, Emilio Cerro. Third row: Jack Sabella, Joe Cardinale, Victor Leon, Joe Haiostron. Fourth row: Angelo Spicola, Mr. Noecher, Louis Jordan. -xg 43 0 .es-Q. 0 ITUBE NU SiS Ul' AIVIEHIIQ L-on-M l.earning to make a house into a home , . . is the most important activity of the F.l-IA, members. Problems of pleasing future hus- bands and children and of shar- ing civic responsibilities with other new housewives occupy a major part of their program. Mrs. i.eiseth's first experience as span- sar of our club is quite successful, O F F I C E R S ROSALIND VILLADEMOROS. . .President CAROL BRYAN ,,..,. Vice President CYNTHIA VALDEZ . . Secretary-Treasurer Seated, left to right: Shirley Stenson, Martha Aiken, Patsy Dukes, Carol Ryan, Cynthia Valdez, Sylvia Fernandez, Cynthia Alonso, Drucilla Fernandez. Standing: Mary Ann Howard, Delia Martinez, Sylvia Leon, Susan De La Rosa, Dalia Medina, Rosalind Villademonos, Grace Laughlin, Faith Fry, Norma Jean Perez, Sennie Valdez, Diana Ayala, Violet Taotle. omenb wor iff never one . . . PUT HE HUMEIVIAEEHS UF X-IIVIEHIIQL Another up-and-com- ing club this year is that of those girls whose aim is to become familiar with the responsibilities and training necessary to be- come a nurse. Under the auspices of the Women's Medical Auxiliary with Mrs. F, i-I. Lindeman as outside sponsor and Miss Bernice Johnson as faculty ad- visor, they have made a study of medical films and entertained several speakers. Members who have at- tended 75Ofb af the meet- ings and done six hours service in local hospitals have received pins, O F F I C E R S FLOY WEST . . . .President MARTHA AIKEN .Vice President MARTHA BRIGHTWELL Secretary LEONA NORMAN , .Treasurer First raw: Diana Garcia, Sylvia Fernandez, Janet Thomas, Leona Norman, Floy West, Mrs. Leiseth, Martha Aiken, Martha Brightwell, Beverly Dobbins, Cynthia Alonso. Second row: Jean Perez, Betty Dawson, Frances Pardo, Frances M. Pardo, Mary Ann Tata, Carolyn Garcia, Barbara Losey, Jeanne Bradley, Catherine Casa- buri, Barbara Diaz, Barbara Lelky. Third row1 Olga Garcia, Doris Miranda, Gayla lvey, Jeanette Gonzalez, Katie De Lara, Eleanor Hayes, Maggie Escobia, Lillian Henry, Joan Italiano. Fourth row: Barbara Holly, Ellen Sellors, Linda Harvey, Dalia Lima, Betty Vallina, Yolanda Correa, Diana Puig, Holanda Fernandez, Pat Davis, Hilda Coca. li-1 1 EUTUHE BUST ESS LEADERS UE AMEHIE A keen interest in becoming a part of the business world is the chief requirement to get into the varied program of first-hand office activities. They visit banks, general commercial plants, listen to lectures, and H take instruction in using many different types of business machines. All of the teachers in the commercial department are vitally interested in the members and the activities of this club, but Mrs. Angie Anti- X nori is primarily in charge. O F F I C E R S ANGIE LO PRESTI. PENNY SCHULKE ..i., . ,vice NORMA JEAN MAGGIO. . . . DALIA LIMA President President Secretary Treasurer Kneeling: Angie Lo Presti, Penny Schulke. First row: Martha Fisher, Louise Mullis Dalia Lima, Norma Jean Maggio, Evelyn Torrens, Milagros Avila. Second row: Ramona Lopez, Delores Rubio, Frances M. Pardo, Jo Ann Dumm, Shirley Edentield, Doris Mi- randa, Barbara Womack. Third row: Sylvia Comparetto, Anna Rose Martino, Mary Ann Tata, Phyllis Scaglione, Gloria Marks, Katie Ross. Back row: Mrs. Antinori, Frances Pordo, Pauline Garcia, Betty Vallina, Frances Wirth. in odlaifa 5, ome, 0 hee or dckoof . . . Pi,E.Ti3 EHEHS or AMEHIE EUT ..-FJ J 5, leg. As chalk-talkers and instructors in the 3 R's-representatives from this club actually get experience in the classrooms, Requests for students to act as substitute teachers in elemen- tary schools are promptly answered, These would-be teachers enjoy their day's work and increase their interest in the teaching profession. At the state convention in Gaines- ville, Burgess Owings was elected vice- president of the club of Florida. Mrs Cassie Mae Olson, who is their en- thusiastic sponsor, helps these prac- ticing teachers serve their community well and learn much in the first step toward their chosen work. OFFICERS AURORA PEREZ .....,.,... President DORIS HAMPTON . . . .... Vice President JO ANN DUMM ...... . . .Secretary .IEANETTE MANISCALCO , . , Treasurer First row, left to rightg Jo Ann Dumm, Clotilde Sierra, Diana Toledo, Norma Canto, Mary Anello, Cynthia Alonso, Mary Jo Provenzano, Rose Mechelezzi, Martha Valdez. Second rowt Norma Zayos, Shirley Edenfield, Diana Puig, Ida Muto, Hope Molina, Katie De Lara, Lucy Scaglione, Sylvia Arias, Sylvia Fernandez, Aurora Perez, Antoinette Caballero. Third row Mirta Garcia, Estella Perdomo, Orchid Hernandez, Mirta Diaz, Patty Powell, Helen Markovitz, Nilda Arguelles, Martha Jo Casanueva, Esther Mendoza, Arlene Lopez, Jeanette Maniscalco. Fifth row: Holanda Fernandez, Barbara Conklin, Sandra Fernandez. Sixth row: Marjorie Traynhom, Mary Tamborello, Hortense Villareel, Sylvia Valdez, Sylvia Rodriguez, Gloria G. Alfonso. Seventh row: Jaiuan Pemberton, Grace Lucide, Vestol Hutchinson, Gayla Ivey, Con- nie Lala. EUTUEE SEIE TISTS 4 "This is how it's done," says Mr. Donald Coleman, the instructor, Fitting their desire to the action these young chemists, physicists, and general science followers use the lab up- stairs to carry on some amazing and worth- while experiments. Who knows whether those crazy smells, smokes, and sounds may pro- duce a gadget or potion to start or stop some- thing in the world of tomorrow? OFFICERS ROBERT MORGAN .,,...... . .President RUTH FEILES . . . .Secretary UE AMEHIEZX . . . Y-TEE S All around the school and town in many types of service this large group of girls makes itself known. This year with Miss Ruth Gilli- land to guide them, they helped in the Com- munity Chest and TB drives and made and distributed baskets for the needy at Thanks- giving and Christmas time. They have set good examples in showing school spirit with their participation in the bonfire activities and the big dance the night before the Jefferson-Hillsborough .football game. O F F l C E R S CLETIA FORBES ............... President MARTHA AIKEN . . . . Vice President LOUISE MULLIS .... . . .Secretary DRUCILLA FERNANDEZ . . .Treasurer First row, left to right: Danny Sgro, Ruth Feiles, Nick Valenti, Ernest Jordan, Rene Molina, Conrad Haskell, Alfred Hoftlan- der. Second row: Billy Cunningham, Clara Gonzalez, Joe Rey, Shirley Eden- field, Burgess Owings, Robert Morgan, Ray Lopez. Standing: Mr. Coleman. First row: Helen Markovitz, Martha Jo Casanueva, Catherine Casobure, Barbara Conklin, Dixie Jo Hill, Penny Schulke, Lucinda Fernandez, Cletia Forbes, Miss Gilliland, Martha Aiken, Louise Mullis, Beverly Dobbins, Jo Ann Dumm. Second row: Jo Ann Suco, Joyce Capitano, Frances Wirth, Delma Flores, Barbara Diaz, Eleanor Hayes, Pat Davis, Lucille Bartley, Lillian Henry, Elaine Kelley, Floy West, Shirley Edenfield. Third row: Betty Vallina, Ann Moscato, Leonore Gonzalez, Jeanette Gonzalez, Diana Toledo, Cyn- thia Valdez, Irene Bridges, Patsy Dukes, Norma Chao, Marjorie Traynham, Norma Ciccarello, Naomi Rodriguez. Fourth row: Janet Thomas, Gayla lvey, Linda Harvey, Ellon Sellars, Barbara Holly, Mary Ann Howard, Dot Kelly, Rose Ru- more, Sara Clementi, Joan Italiano, Ida Muto, Nilla Durand, Hope Molina. Fifth row: Sylvia Davis, Pat Butler, Celia Valdez, Carolyn McNatt. Seated, left to right: Barbara Herring, Arlene Rhodes, Diana Puig, James Leone, Carroll Abernathy, Gino Crescenzi. Standing: Mary Jo Provenzano, Diana Toledo, Raymond Mo- rales, Eleanor Hayes, Richard Lobo, Lucille Bartley, Pat Da- vis, Dalia Medina, Carol Ryan, Johnny Tingle, Ramona Lopez. Left to right: Janet Thomas, Angela Alvarez, Joan Italiano, Martha Raines, Hilda Arguel- las, Valerie Hernandez, Mary Kay Carlot, Mary Castetter, Freida Haimovitz, Beverly Har- grove, Betty Harrison, Nancy Greenway, Diana Feliz, Phyllis Scaglione, Mary Ann Howard, Lucille Scaglione, Aida San- chez, Aida Del Valle. DEH!-lTl G CLUB "Oh, no, it isn't"-"Oh, yes, it is" . . . lf you want a good argument, come to room 2Ol. There a group of the Debating Club members meet under the di- rection of Mrs. Ethel Schilling to try to clear up any doubts about the right procedure for winning a verbal bout. They challenged a worthy foe in a debate before the assembly audience on the question of electoral college vote. It was a rapid fire argument with points well taken on both sides, but the Debaters went down to defeat before Mrs. Lively's speech class. On the Saturday morning radio program-"Youth Speaks Up"-over WFLA, some of the members of this club participate in panel discussions with stu- dents from the other high schools. These members meet together to promote public speaking and the proper art of debate. O F F I C E R S RICHARD LOBO ,............ ..., P resident MARY JO PROVENZANO . . . . Vice President DIANA TOLEDO ..... . . . Secretary DIANA PUIG . . . .Treasurer LIBRARY X-XSSISTA TS "Can you show me where?" This question is heard often in that most popular room in our house. Most of the answers come from a staff of assistants to the librarian, Miss Clara Crone. These girls have a true interest in learning to be helpful to students who are searching for information. Just before Christmas the library assistants from all parts of Florida met here for a state convention. Phyllis Scaglione was elected president of this district. OC hu. Flrst row Chrlsta Pupello Carolyn McNatt Sylvia Davls Anna Rose Martino Rosalmd Vullademoros Katle De Lara Jean Magglo Frances Pardo Oneeta Ynclan Second row Danny Costa Joe DI Pletra Connle Martino Gloua Lopez Angle Lo Prestl Martha Jo Casanueva Frances Pardo Gmo Crescenzl Thlrd row Jarnes Leone Emllla Cerra Judy Bowers Betty Sanchez Mary D: Pcetra Carmen Mendez Drucllla Fernandez Raymond Morales 0 Clfl 0lfU" fll0ll"LfM,6l f'l"0l,Ut Furst row Mary Ann Rodriguez Daisy Leon Martha Valdez Janet Thomas Beverly Dobblns Floy West Patsy Crepps Patsy Dukes Second row Jaluan Pemberton Adelme Peplau Lllllan Henry Eleanor Hayes Valene Hernandez Orchld Hernandez Carroll Abernathy Thurd row Ellon Sellers Lmda Harvey Gayla Iney Barbara Holly Maggle Fernandez Lols Doyle Leon Braddock Fourth row Grace McLaughlnn Diana Ayala Jennle Valdez Norma Jean Perez 68 New for Newman Club another organuzatnon whnch us making a name for Itself by nts w oe hearted partlcupatlon the March of Dnmes The gurls louned the cnvuc clubs ofthe city In therr cry to passers by on Franklnn Street pleadnng for dimes to swell funds used In the fught agaunst polso Thus was a specual Interest to the members of thus club because their own pres: dent was stricken nn De cember On frequent occasions m nusters of various churches are guest speak ers before thus group who struve for xnterdenomuna tzonal cooperation U der the leademhup of Mass Rose Messuna each pro gram begins and ends wuth a prayer FCE JOE Dl PIETRA President BETTY SANCHEZ Vice President CONNIE MARTINO Secretary GINO CRESCENZI Treasurer ln the bulldung of char acter and good cutnzen shup the Chrnstlan way thus rellglous non cle nomlnatlonal organnza tuon s to brnng the Protestants nn the school closer together Every Thursday morn :ng before class tame the members hold nnsplra tnonal chapel services nn the church just across the street Under the Ieadershup of Mr Byrd they all are worknng together faith fully to mane thus one of the best clubs on our campus FCE FLOY WEST President VALERIE HERNANDEZ V Pres LINDA HARVEY Secretary A N E ls l B t 2 -. hl- A ' in 1 Q Q I , 1'l I V I arvg ,R I' - ' - F ' A A vi in I .u I I .I .I 1 .I -I .. OF I4 RS . . . Z A . . Q Y U U T U E H l 5 T OF l RS 4 l l ' Lv l , , V f 1 :frm ' l , l.', l , ' L1 . '37 if l.'vw1r ,Qtr learn! cfirrw' Victor Leon, Bobby RO1C0r, Cecilia Solis, Print rr,w lC't TU right Carmen Estevez, Eddie Perdomo, Annie Alice Gonzalez, Madeline Garcia lPresidingl, Gordon Matlock, Martino, Betty Valdez, Aurora Perez. Baclf rn. Leonard Gomez Carole Martin, Leroy Almerico, Ed Simmons, Jr., Mario Martinez, Charles Sanders, Roland Reynolds, Richard Busino, Gloria Moore Darrell Wallace, Frank Coniglio, LeRoy Scott, Wayne Mills. Betty Berry, Millie Wilson, Jock Bishop. Standing Mr. Hodges time WF' MR, ERNEST MANEY e6Ll"l'lQl"6 LU 0 CLP? Q6l,l"l'lQl"5 . . . The Diversified Cooperative Training Dee partment has 40 members enrolled, All ot fi, these students have ll'Q hours at DCT. everv day in addition to two periods in regu- lar subjects, After lunch they go to their jobs tor the rest ot the day rx , But it's not all work in D CT, they have their fun, too There are district meetings where all the members spend a gay day gete ting acquainted with members of other clubs and attending business meetings Mr Manev and Mr, l-lodges, their sponf sors, do a time lab of introducing Jefferson students to the business world MR, WILLIAM HQDGES Off to workl Fnrsf row, left to right Marmg Swart Beverly Hargrove Hector Estevez Patty Powell Frank Sierra Second row Vlolet Tootle Danny Wells Johnny Tmgle Dale Damel Rnchard Lobo Mr C Roach, of the Safety Councnl Glorua Moore .7 Seated, first row Frank Chrllura Ralph Pages Kay Kelly Joe Cardlnale Beverly Hargrove Dale Danlel Second row Dausy Leon, Gloria Moore Patty Powell Vlolet Tootle Hllda Otero Helen Wllllams Stondmg Louls Grlllo Richard Lobo Raul Durand, Sam Protano Amlee Salsbury Joe Abene Cora Sue Bryant Dale Dotson Estella Perdomo Charlotte Salsbury Johnny Tingle. "" a x? if A 1 v C H XX H. ff ff? ni k Wd, 9 ' 4 l 3.1521-QN 1: 6 1 l w41 J J 4 . 3 i 1 H? ,, , J Y wi W 2 is qt 1 i 1 f 'lb J , 1 Q f, K .- f '- -,: tl P :L ' gun fi v ' ,S i-'K :r -'-'NTS " , - f - - f - A ix v if w 1 Q uf .Na M. xii' 1 " ' L 5 rm: 33132 ,wifi W ' ' 5 5 . X if - 4 13 ,Q x 'fx i - fi ' F gf SEEN -wjlig, .N Q vu X x ' . f QU' 'f fa!! mem em 5l0iIfl file wlzee! ofkrfune Estelle and Duane looked happy at the prospect of planning Peggy and Tony meet their new tasks in good humor. the '54 annual. We count ourselves lucky, because we have had the pleasure of working on this '54 Monticello. Much of it was hard work, long hours, and lots of worry, but our earnest hope has been to please the seniors with an album of their last days of school. -,M,w--4 W, DUANE DIEAS, our very capable and conscientious editor, has been unselfish with her time and talents. ln our work within the school and within the community we had the good fortune to meet many people and learn much, There have been events and friends we'Il long re- member. This book-the result at our time and efforts--will make the memory more vivid. ESTELLE LUCAS, the industrious business man- ager, who has the job of keeping the income just a little ahead of the out-go. I ff .. .xxx PEGGY FOSTER, teature editor, completed the TONY SALADINO has worked well as sports edu big task of handling the pictures, make-up, and tor in charge of taking all pictures, writing copy copy for all individual students. As apprentices we have Diana Aizpuru and Barbara Lelky who quickly shoul- dered the responsibility of gathering items of interest, writing club copy, and naming hundreds of people in group pic- tures. Connie Lala took over the post of sub- scription manager and faculty editor with Barbara Diaz, a newcomer, to help write faculty copy, check names, and fill in where needed, All '54 staff members belong to Na- tional Quill and Scroll. and doing the make-up for the sports pages. 'Q Barbara, Diana, and Connie, a trio of abecedarians learn what's what 5 l 1 , i l l--2 . - l . CONNIE LALA BARBARA LELKY DIANA AIZPURU Subscription Manager Copy Editor Copy Editor 73 JEFPEHSUI , . K "Refs i ' Ii ..i P Clockwise: Hilda Otero, Eleose Miller, Charles Kelley, Frances Felicione, and Jesus Lima hold staff meeting to discuss publi- cation and assignments for next issue. cr-0:55 flzeae ecbfom ' JQJLJ . . . I EDITORIAL STAFF RICHARD LOBO ,,,.. . . Editor-in-Chief FRANCES ANN FELICIONE. . . .News Editor KAY KELLY .......,.... , .Feature Editor BRYAN CRANDALL, CHARLES KELLEY , . Co-Sports Editors JOANN COURSON , . . . .Exchange Editor VAUGHN WILSON , . .Make-up Editor JESUS LIMA .,.......... Advertising Manager NAIDA TRUJILLO, HILDA OTERO, MARY ANN RODRIGUEZ, MARY JO PROVENZANO, CAROLYN MCNATT ....,.... , . Columnists NAIDA TRUJILLO . . . , Typist Left to right: Betty Capoz, Gloria Moore, Anthony Lo Cicero. 74 There's no doubt about it. Room 208 in the south hall is a lively dupli- cate of a city news room of a daily journal. lt quite definitely fulfills its purpose of enabling staff members to get a bird's eye view of what work on a paper is like and teaching them to read the news with more under- standing. Changes in the staff each semester offer plenty of opportunity to these junior journalists to get a taste of re- porting, copy and proof reading, edit- ing and make-up. ill H 'wi .Wk Left to right: Naida Trujillo, Margie Webster, Raymond Suarez, Ann Moscato. The publication of sixteen issues demands a double duty because the journalism students must also look to financing each issue by the sale of subscriptions and advertising. The awards-in addition to satisfaction in work well done-are membership in Quill and Scroll, honor- ing those who are exceptional in student journalism, and a trip twice a year to F.S.A. meets. . . . come ifemd 0 ln the fall at the district meetings for the Florida Scholastic Press Association in Gainesville, many problems of publishing the school newspaper and annuals for the coming year were discussed and explained. At Tallahassee in April, at the state con- vention, lessons and handiwork of each staff were reviewed. in fer-erif fo everyone j 41 . X .Nj , , I1 3,9 if-A, EJ' 01 Left to right: Bryan Crandall, Jesus Lima, Kay Kelly, Vaughn Wilson, Frances Felicione, JoAnn Courson, Charles Kelley, Richard Lobo. CC Q 0 ffl A0 Ln n OUQI' 61, Olfll' . '14-. 1' .is "ws J Mojorettes, clockwise: Antoinette Caballero, Barbara Herring, Betty Budd, Janice Opp, Barbara Losey, Pat Davis, Frank Fernandez lDrum Maiorl, Patty Ward, Ethel Ann Mayo, Jeanne Bradley, Cecilia Clewis, Dot Kindred, Jo Ann Suco. First row: Norma Canto, Pauline Garcia, Jimmy Downing, Joe Di Pietra, Marvin Alvarez, Howard Thomas, Alfred Hotflander, Caroline Garcia. Second row: Barbara Douglas, Violet Tootle, Richard Chapu, Esther Mendoza, Eleanor Hayes, Lillian Henry, Sylvia Arias, Jerry Jennings, James Leone, Edwin lrons, Sarah Clemente, Angel Acosta, Elvira Perez, Rose Rumore, Holanda Fernandez, Clotilde Sierra, Diana Rego, Shirley Boone. MR. ROBERT scott 6 Aorn, The Jefferson High School Bond with its high proncing mojorettes, thrilling footboll music, ond those colorful new uniforms odds o lot to the pep of our school. They olso treot their oudiences to very good music ot the regulor Concerts. Under the copoble Ieodership of Mr. Robert Scott the bond performed ot two out-of-town footboll gomes os well os oll home gomes. In the big porodes of the Americon Legion, Gosporillo, Ybor City Night Festivities, ond the Cigor Bowl pre-gome show, Tompons ond visitors, too, sow our colors ond listened to the snoppv music of the Drogon Bond. Agoin this yeor Jefferson wos well represented ot the District ond tj.. Stote Contests, ond come owoy with high honors. mm 77 ia! CAUQI' . . . ru Q. X K ulgwwff P' 1 s ' fa? N- f Xs 'I xsxxx, 1 il' -X X C Third row: Sylvia Fernandez, Lucy Ann Scaglione, Miriam Yeats, Nunyio Vinci, Joe Gentile, Armando Diaz, Dorinda Diaz, Danny Costa, Nick Valenti, Vincent Martinez, Hector Castro, Danny Rodriguez, Orchid Hernandez, lrene Bridges, Joe Cas- tellano, Sandra Fernandez. Fourth row: Danny Sgro, Earl Owen, Ruben Escobedo, Johnny Agliono, Moring Swart, Charlie lppolito, Glynn Bielling, Joe Haiostron, Frank Monteleone, Richard Escobio, Manuel 0. Perdomo, Jimmye Palermo, David Buscigliom, Paul Ferlita. Back row: Charles Watkins, Albert Picallo, Ruth Hardee, Patty Powell, Conrad Haskell, Earl De- mers, Benny Albano, Wilbur Woodside, Julio Quintana, Carroll Abernathy, Tony Lo Cicero, Clevie Del Pino. EYE-CATCHING MAJORETTES WHO SPARK OUR BAND First row3 Ethel Ann Mayo, Jo Ann Suco, Barbara Herring, Jeanne Bradley, Janice Opp, Patty Ward, Cecilia Clewis, Dot Kindred, Barbara Losey. Eectnd rwvw, Betty Budd, Pat Davis, , Antoinette Caballero. . 'D Y Q " N ll ' its i We were represented at the Florida ' J A State Clinic by Conrad Haskell, James Leone, and Armando Diaz, These boys were chosen from the entire band be- cause ot their outstanding musical abil- ity. The Clinic was held here in Tampa this year, and all those band students who had been chosen to represent each school made up one big band, Mr, Rob- ert Scott, our band director, said, "lt was the best band l have heard in a long time." Jetferson's number of delegates T equalled the total from all other city schools. n Here comes the red, white, and blue! .4-.Q LT, COL. BILL WAIT LT. COL. JEANETTE MANISCALCO Officers present sponsors with corsages. , - H33 - ,L Jefferson's first drill team marches off with top honors as champions of all Hillsborough County. ' Q .Ii MAJOR JAMES MATEO MAJOR PHYLLIS SCAGLIONE EUMPAN TW CAPT RICHARD LOBO CAPT FRANCES BROWN X-.. L, v-4 5 f s-04 fl IST LT EUGENE TESTON 2ND LT DONALD DAVIS 2ND LT GUS GULLETTE X CAPT Ev: PE A EZ CAPT DIANA PUIG . 'L 1 ,- A ' f I I 'Q X 5, N ' f ff , WW ,wffffgl H ' , I It-:' , Q 1 -,, ' ,E 6 Q ' ' . I x Q , N 'Inf f f tif fd .. . K -S - Q X 'L U5 1, 2 .Q EUMPAN B '5 CAPT, RAY LOPEZ , I X CAPT. SYLVIA RODRIGUEZ r' wx I I IST LT. JOHNNY TINGLE 2ND LT. SIMON PARKER 2ND LT. JESUS LIMA ml I CAPT. GLENN COOK CAPT. YOLANDA MANDESE CAPT. LOUIS JORDAN CAPT. LUCY CASTELLANO IQUMPAN CAPT. DAVID WALLACE CAPT, LOUISE MULLIS CAPT. BILLY CUNNINGHAM CAPT. CHARLOTTE SALSBURY 4wg I IST LT. JIMMY SIMPSON ZND LT. FRANK RODRIGUEZ 2ND LT. ALTON ADAMS -15" Q H' X , .883 U19 3 1 , , fwff Tun 'B-. ...TU .IUIN IN .g A 2 if X fm 3 ii f I 1 4 X . wi V ,. 'Q 'N 'W S X , X Q 3 x "' sa: A . 14 L, a 5 it v N, , zf Q X Y f , X P ,Q Y' f 1 :Lf I. ,I 6, G 2 fri J i a is ff RA In 4 f, EQ 1 , M J 5 ' g . wt . XA l. Front row, left to right: Charles Kelley, Sam Capitana, Jae Cardinale, Hector Castro, Donny Almeida, Joe Cruz, Raymond Cuesta, Fermin Montez De Oca, Cookie Ramos. Middle row: Doyle Wiggins, Howard Meerovitz, Vince Pullara, Tony Per- rone, Joe Johnson, Fousto Cenal, Manuel Fernandez, Peter Ciccarello, Sam Leto, Bob Burger. Top rowg Jimmy Lawhon, Albert Picallo, Don Whitlock, Bill Wait, Leo Rossiter, Gilbert Rodriguez, Wayne Williamson, Ted York, Tony Lopez, Nilo Priede, Frank Richards. UHAGU FUUTB LL TE 61,5 Cl, do-do JQCLJOIQ Cruz Pushes into Dragon-Panther Pile-up. P L A N T T O P S J E F F E R S O N B Y l 3 - 0 S C O R E l-lampered by the loss of star tailback Danny Al- meida for an indefinite period, our Jefferson Dragon gridders were downed by Plant's Panthers, l3-O, to end a six-game city series win streak. A crowd of approximately 5,000 fans braved slight drizzle throughout the entire contest to witness the initial prep tilt of the l953 season. The fighting Dragons were placed in a hole on the first play after the opening kickoff as they received a l5-yard pen- alty that set them on their own l5 yard line. Mo' ments later, the Palma Ceians scored their first touchdown Linemen Charles Kelley, Raymond Cuesta, and Au' gusto Ramos, and backs Joe Cruz, Nilo Priede, and Frank Richards were standouts for the Blue and Gold clad. Left to right: Fil Nocera, backfield coach: Sam Alfieri, head coach: Bill Stewart, line coachp Ray Abreu, iunior varsity coach. DRAGONS TROUNCE SPONGERS 32-0 After dropping the season opener to Plant, our Dragonlanders took on a new grid foe-Tarpon Springs Spongers-and scored a convincing 32 to O victory. The Dragons' starting backfield, composed of Joe Cruz, Nilo Priede, Frank Richards, and former guard Raymond Cuesta, shared the starring role, along with Center Charles Kelley, Ends Albert Picallo, Fausto Cenal, and Hector Castro in posting the decisive win. Cruz' vicious blocking led Cuesta and Richards to two touchdowns apiece and Priede to one. Cuesta and Cruz added the extra points, All in all, the entire Jefferson squad looked good against the new rivals in the clean, hard fought game. The rivalry seemed to be evenly matched and should be continued on the gridiron. Cuesta Paves Way for Priede. DRAGONS LOSE TO EDGEWATER 25-0 After trouncing Tarpon Springs 32 to O, the Dragon "eleven" traveled to Orlando where they were handed F25 to O setback by the Edgewater Eagles in a game played in Orlando's Tangerine Bowl. The classy Edgewater team scored early in the first quarter, but the Jefferson defense shaped up and held the Eagles-until the third period when the Orlandoans, sparked by a hefty running and passing attack, shook loose for three more touchdowns. The Dragons threatened four times during the con- ference game, but lost the ball at the Eagle IO, 24, 25, and one yard line, respectively. Bulwarking Jefferson's line were Charles Kelley and Augusto Ramos. Nilo Priede and Raymond Cuesta led the offense, Richards skirts end for yardage. GIL CUESTA and GIL FERNANDEZ Managers TERRIERS TRIP JEFFERSON ELEVEN 26-6 Hillsborough's man-power proved to be the differ- ence in their 26 to 6 win over our Jefferson gridders. After playing to a O-O first half, Coach Sam Alfieri's charges seemed to be headed for a victory, but could not repulse the Terriers' second-half scoring spree, The final half of the contest saw Hillsborough out- man the Dragons, and roll up 26 points to Jeffer- son's 6. Raymond Cuesta, Jefferson back, displayed a one- man feat in the backfield as he personally accounted for the Dragons' only score. He carried the ball lO times and climaxed his sustained drive with a two- yard plunge. Joe Cardinale, Nilo Priede, Frank Richards, and Joe Cruz assisted Cuesta in the backfield, while Charles Kelley, Augusto Ramos and Albert Picallo led the line play. TORNADOES EDGE DRAGONS 21-7 ln one of their longest trips of the season, the Jefferson Dragons traveled to Panama City to meet their third new foe, Bay High, and lost a 2l to 7 decision. The first half found Jefferson trailing 2-O by vir- tue of a Bay High safety. Joe Cruz intercepted a fourth quarter pass and ran 41 yards for the Dragons' only score. Cruz also added the extra point on a placement. The Tornadoes struck for three touchdowns in the final two quarters to cop the win. 'liz "'--.4 CAPTAIN CHARLES KELLEY Center All-City '53g All-West Coast '53 JEFFERSON VICTORIOUS OVER MIAMI TECH 13-0 Sparked by the return of All-City back Danny Al- meida to the lineup for the first time in the '53 season, our Gold and Blue clad won their second game of the season as they downed the Miami Tech Blue Devils, another new grid foe, l3 to O. The alert Dragons turned a second quarter fumble and fourth period pass interception into the only touchdowns of the slow-moving, non-conference con- test. Two plays after Augusto Ramos recovered a Tech fumble, Nilo Priede swept 30 yards around left end to score the first TD of the game. ln the fourth quarter, Frank Richards intercepted a Tech pass on the 25 and returned it to the five, Two plays later, Almeida scampered six yards off tackle for the score. Charles Kelley kicked the extra point. Kelley, Albert Picallo, and Leo Rossiter stood out in the forward wall, while Almeida, Priede, Richards, and Raymond Cuesta led the backs, Priede fights Panther defense. DANNY ALMEIDA Tailback All-City '52 POWERFUL TIGERS TOPPLE DRAGONS 31-0 A strong Jacksonville grid machine-the Andrew Jackson Tigers-repulsed Jefferson's invasion into the gateway city by trouncing the Alfierimen 3l to O in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. The Dragons could only gain 77 yards in the entire contest, Of the 77 yards, Danny Almeida ac- cumulated 38 and Raymond Cuesta accounted for 29 to gain most of Jefferson's yardage. JEFFERSON PLAYS BOONE TO 6-6 TIE Homecoming was celebrated with a 6 to 6 tie with the Boone Braves of Orlando. Danny Almeida, a threat every time he carried the ball, and Raymond Cuesta, plunging fullback, sparked the Dragon running attack, Almeida picked up lO8 yards from scrimmage, setting up several first downs and the lone tally. Cuesta scored the only TD ofthe game forthe Dragons and in addition, gathered 46 yards in l6 attempts, Joe Cruz' attempt for the important extra point was not good, Outstanding in the Jefferson line were Leo Rossi- ter, Charles Kelley, Fermin Montesdeoca, and Al- bert Picallo. Both teams eye the pigskin. DRAGONS ROUT GREEN DEVILS 27-I2 In playing their best game of the season, the never- to-be-denied Dragon "eleven" scored a surprisingly 27 to l2 win over the St. Petersburg Green Devils at Stewart Field in St. Petersburg for their third win of the season and first in the Big Ten Conference. A crowd of about l,5OO fans, Cincluding bands and football teams? saw Danny Almeida regain All-City form as he sparked the Gold and Blue offense. ln addition to scoring two touchdowns-one an 83-yard kickoff return-Almeida passed to sophomore end Hector Castro for another offensive honor. Jeffer- son's other score came on an intercepted pass by Frank Richards who returned the interception 38 yards for the score, Raymond Cuesta added three extra points on line thrusts. KEY WEST DOWNS JEFFERSON 27-6 ln a Thanksgiving day game, the Key West Conches played host to the scrappy Dragons and came out on the long end of a 27 to 6 score. While the Jeffersonians came out on the short end of the score, the Conches completed an undefeated, though twice tied, season. Jefferson's lone tally came on a one-yard plunge by Fullback Raymond Cuesta. The final record for Coach Sam Alfieri and his crew was 3 wins, 6 losses, and l tie. Priede makes good yardage against Spongers. Cuesta smashes Big Red line. i 1 3 Q 5? f""' Xxx X S 0 COOVUE RAMOS Guard AI' Cm dcfcnsa f M1 Tackle Jigzjfnf MANUEL FERNANDEZ RANK RICH ARDS Hallback RAYMOND CUESTA' if .is 41- Full back All Cir, Qifcnsf 15? 13 ' M 41 -K Kmwav . ' gf' a unnn- Emi .1 , 1 if VA jf, 44 Nt' I D N x 13 A . 3 tj 4 as , 1 ' s 0 5 D 291 - FN , Q .,, L S 5 , ,aka-3 :-' 1 NZ ff, K' , -524.141 ,rbi K LEO POSSWEP Tsrkls' HECTOR CASTRO Haifbnck , ,... , mfs: . AH CM, d-Mn 'MJB fl ,ww 71 "9 'CIR wfi. ,J nl," , Wawawd W NILO PRIEDE Hall back f . 1 'f 'R Z x 'VR is FAUSTO H -Q-vt!! CENAL Tackle DON WHITLOCK 1. Ax, FERMIN MONTE DE OCA Guard fyk? 'N-sv-' -ssl f JOE CARDINALS Full back E ww X . Wi X . 1 H K-. , 'hy V Q- ., Q xxXx,Xx ix W ,h . ,t X fun st L ,,4 A P--5, x - - . in A , - .af ... H W an w ., - , 45 ' X Q. ' H. ' 'ii . 'A +V' . rn? I X ' s tu. I BJ, v f 1011. A P ' ' ' "' U F Vx I gl 7.7 x-- ' - ' i Q ni, 'Yr , S As - it M, ,Q-1 V. Ai ' is I :N ' .sw ' .gif -. -Yi' 4' X ,1 'J """-ft 55 ' ' 7' 2' . . " 'g , 0 iOE CRUZ Quiffsf had S K C f-, fiffcrwgf -I "' I new!-,f:"'f-Z .V -',- WL - 1, ' ' " 4 fm "' ,S ix"-'Q C HD 5-1g,z"'-Jw 'f sm wmv b . L' '.f""7' T - ' Lb- S 'A 5 . a ' -'T ' -'f' ' an-' - A , 54,34 " ., 4 -" ALBERT PICALLO fnd COACH BILL STEWART Playing on their own home court for the first time in the history of basketball at Jefferson, the scrappy, never-to-be-denied Dragon "five" scored a 50-48 win over Lakeland to open victoriously their '53-'54 cage schedule. A capacity crowd packed the new Jeffer- son gymnasium to see the "home" team inaugurate the new gym in the nip and tuck, overtime tilt, Led by Coach Bill Stewart and team captains Joe Cardinale and Charles Kelley, the hustling Jefferson cagers went on to win three more consecutive games with Edgewater, Boca Ciega, and Clearwater before being set back by the Jesuit Tigers, an intra-city rival, 47-44. Front row, left to right: Clarence Stephens, Tony Saladino, Manuel Diaz. Middle row: Coach Stewart, Rigo Martinez, Bobby Jones, Albert Picallo, Wayne Williamson, Earl Cram, Manager. Last row: Joe Cardinale, Charles Kelley, Fausto Cenal, Leo Faedo, Emilio Cena. lt? JOE CARDINALE CHARLES KELLEY Guard Center Captain, All-City Captain, All-City P09011 agefrf CLUB Coach Stewart's quintet, though dropping a 77-63 decision to the powerful Miami Senior High Stingarees following Jefferson's first defeat, played one of their best games of the season. The Dragonland "five" were able to "squeeze" in another victory, a 38-32 win over St. Petersburg, before losing a thrilling con- test to the Edgewater Eagles in a game that wasn't decided until the final seconds. Thereafter it was Coach Stewart's scrapping team's uphill surge. Beginning with a 45-34 lacing over the Boone Braves of Orlando, our Gold and Blue clad went on to win five straight games, all on the "new" court. Also included in the uphill surge were wins over Plant, Hillsborough, Jesuit, and K.M.l. Then the fighting Dragons hit a slump, winning only two out of their remaining 9 games, Hillsbor- ough evened the count with our Jefferson cagers by handing them a 66-44 defeat in the H.H.S. gym. Clearwater lost its second game of the season to the "hot and cold" cagers from Tampa Heights. Before journeying to the Gateway City, the Dragons dropped games to Boone and St. Petersburg. ln Jacksonville, the Stewartmen went up against tough Andrew Jackson, Big Ten Champs, but were downed in a hard fought game in which the Tigers' superior height was a decisive factor, Landon's Lions topped Jefferson, 45-34, to end the Jacksonville af- fair. After edging Boca Ciega, 56-50, the Jefferson Hoopsters dropped the final 2 games on the slate, Plant and Lakeland respectively, to climax a 23-game schedule, All in all, it was a winning season ll2-lOl for our Dragon cagers, who finally had a home court to practice and play upon. For their fine all-around play throughout the en- tire season, Cardinale and Kelley were named to Tampa's All-City basketball mythical team. W, 9 ws ' 1 :Z 'fir my ,, ,rf 'V ff ' " f Vw 'W Q X ,, V gh .. f M W, 3 ', N ,W .l iw ' f f It ,E S2 f ' . 'f , 'Q 5 J 1 I '24, 'J' E il.-ry ,A , 'tw f W ., ff 2 1 , fr if A. it-.1 Q' .vi .aka W ' . ii 'sm K -W ...J Ki LA Lil 5 N, if 4? sf, 4 S3 4-w,,,,,..,.---,,-,...nQ-v"" 9 L . 1' 1 .Lf 1 A 1. . y f li D -0- 1- 3-, ---Q L My! ixzi H I "v M v ' ' I A 5 M 'Wai' aging 51 W '12 23 ,"3i'f 23 y 0 CAA wi Vw -qw , M, V, ? 7 Aff 1 W ' W, IQ 1' , U7 N ,' 1' pw ' - i f, u ' A ' ' 1 Q ,N dh f 5 hm 11 ,ff ' ' l 4 5 GYLCIQPMQQH QCQ l0llgA 5CAQJllL TRACK SCHEDULE I 9 5 4 MARCH I9. . .,.... . . .,,,. AT PLANT MARCH 25. , ...... ST. PETERSBURG RELAYS APRIL 9 . . WEST COAST MEET IST, PETERSBURGI APRIL 23 . , .... CITY MEET IHILLSBOROUGHI APRIL 30 . REGIONALS IHILLSBOROUGHI At this writing the track team is working in preparation tor the track season opening with a dual meet against the Plant Panthers, Coach Fil Nocera, in his second year at the helm ot the Dragon thin-clads, will aspire to bettering ot individual achievement and further challenge the supremacy of our city rivals for city track Iaurels. The Dragon cindermen will participate in tive meets ending with the climactic state meet at the University ot Florida in Gainesville. 3 COACH FIL NOCERA First rfsw, lctt tc rightg Jerry Jennings, Sam Leto, Joe Chacon, Manuel Diaz, Eddie Valdez. Second row. Charles Kelley, Tommy Spoto, Ray mond Suarez, Tony Jiminez, Hector Castro, Jimmy Corbitt. Third row, Richard Lobo, Richard Lawhon, Wayne Williamson, Carl Andersen Bobby Jones, Ted York, Leo Rossiter, Gilbert Fernandez. COACH PAUL ALFIERI, COACH LOU GARCIA AURELIO GOMEZ, GEORGE BARCELO Y 41? S0 Hx y ,, rayon nine dee 6 DEFENDING CITY CHAMPS EYE SIXTH DIAMOND TITLE The Jefferson Dragon baseball team, city champs for five straight years, daffed the lid on the '54 season by hammering out an 8 to 3 win over intra-city rival, OLPH. In their second outing the Dragon "hit parade" pro- duced I6 runs on I7 hits to trounce soundly the Jesuit Tigers, another city rival, I6 to I. Starting his third year as baseball mentor at Jefferson, Coach Paul Alfieri, with capable assistance from Coach Lau Garcia, has worked hard with the Dragon nine to seek another city crown and other championships, such as Big Ten, Regional, and State tournaments. Coaches Alfieri and Garcia were greeted by eight Iettermen from the '53 squad. Senior Iettermen were Danny Almeida, Tony Sala- dino, Fausto Cenal, Tony Gonzalez, and Eddie Gunn. Junior Iettermen were Nilo Priede, Lou Faedo, and Eddie Diaz. RICK PADRON, DAN ALMEIDA, TONY SALADINO, NILO PRIEDE, ED DIAZ lar 6Ll'l0tA8I" CI"0lfUl'l I n LEON BRADDOCK, ALBERT DIAZ I954 JEFFERSON BASEBALL SCHEDULE MARCH I6 . . OLPH IHercI I8 . ,,... JESUIT IHereI 25. . . .ST, PETERSBURG IThercI 30. . , . BOCA CIEGA CHcrcI APRIL I , . . HILLSBOROUGH fThereI 5 or 6 . . . ST. PETERSBURG IHereI 8 . . . . CLEARWATER IThereI 9 . . . . MANATEE IHereI I3 . . . . PLANT IHerel I5 . . SARASOTA 1ThercJ 20 . .OLPH 1TIlcrcI 23 HILLSBOROUGH IHcrcI 27 . . MANATEE IThere1 29. . .JESUIT CTI1ereJ MAY 4. . .,....,. OPEN 7 . . BOCA CIEGA 'There' II . . . .PLANT ITherev I3 or I-I . . .SARASOTA IHereI I4. BIG TEN TOURNAMENT ILakeIundI I8 . . .CLEARWATER IHere1 20-2I-22 . .GROUP BASEBALL JUNE 8-9-I0-II .STATE TOURNAMENT Q1 ,, W fm I TONY GONZALEZ, LEO FAEDO RAUL DURAN, VINCE PULLARA, FAUSTO CENAL, EDDIE GUNN GIRLS' SPUHTS "Phys. ed." class makes ready for softball season. Grace Lucido serves the bird while Car- roll Eakins stands by in class badminton game. QI' 5, infra-murags ofkr a uariefy 0 :Spark A modern Robin Hood, Beverly Dobbins, shows the girls the proper way to use a High jumpers start basketball game as bow, girls use gym for first time. fuck midd id a Aff . . . ap... EHEEHLE DEH5 "Go, Dragons, Go? Go, Dragons, Go! Hit 'em high-hit 'em low. .. The Jefferson High cheerleaders help those Dragon fans really raise the roof in pep assemblies and make them- selves heard on the fields of play. lt takes long hours of practice, too, for these girls before the season starts to turn out a zippy crew, During the summer and 'til late hours in Septem- ber they meet to learn the yells and cheers. They help us to know that "Jefferson Dragons are the best." Front row, left to right: Helen Fernandez, Head: Martha Aiken, Co-Head. Back row: Eleanor Buzzeti, Sylvia Rosello, .lean Payne, Yolanda Mandese, Martha Valdez, Mariana Alfonso, Sylvia Davis, Yolanda Rodriguez, Elaine Kelley, Yolanda Delgado, Ophelia Del Castillo. PEP SUU Pep Club and school spirit mean the same thing this year at J.H.S, This club practiced last period all during the football season and then switched to a physical education class. They sell programs at the games and color- ful blue and gold shakeroos. Often, with the band, they present the half- time show. This spring they will be- gin training for the forthcoming sea- son. The profits go to the Physical Education Department or when needed to pay the expenses of the Pep Squad on out of town games. The sponsor, Miss Finkenauer, teaches the drills and makes their club a favorite. First raw: Jajuan Pemberton, Faye Williams, Rose Aponte, Elsa Garcia, Jeanette Nunez, Angie Puleo, Antoinette Castellano, Lois Doyle, Sylvia Fernandez. Second row: Mary Anello, Ruth Feiles, Margie Williams, Mary Ann Relliot, Rose Marie Smith, Josie Spinello, Shirley De Castro, Rita Castellano, Leadora Alvarez, La Vaughn Parker, Sindi Rohaldo, Rose Michellezzi, Ar- lene Rhodes. .--3-u-Q1 ' '11 H72 W1 J' Q ai , . -'vv J ,M si 4 , A ,. F, 'Y' . A, Ja O w :Li if Q 1 1 ' e o E ' I f,,,-. fi f ' 1. z -5 Jia ' , , " 9 t, w 0 , ,. 1 . Z - J. " ' has :W 4 7 r v, ,Ma , . , 4 'fc,,qU' J, 3 it X ..T0 AVE WI" 'www we 1 A 3i17'i'Q 3 3.5 ' ,,, , ,Q Q 5 4 . ,224 1? 3 ,, fag, --,p?'X, 1 l U ,a L, lf' 1 wriff. 2 '41 . . W awk! ' 5 fl f? f.g- 1 1 Q. ,x - a s 15: W i .EJ ,'. V ue, A il w .af at hi It . X, U x V ' 1 ul Q ,f , I , ' z My-gf ss.-nr , v If 'Nu . -H ,4 X 25560 i , psf' ian: Y There s one llttle thmg That ld luke to know How to publish a yearbook Without any dough I m trred of tramplng The streets up and down One ad In this town l thank that Ive been In and out of each store But I try them agarn Just once more just once more Maybe this tame they ll grve me The ad that l seek Then I can go home And sleep for a week May l see the manager? One moment mlss So I wanted an hour But heavenly blassl He saw me dear reader And lo and behold' An ad then I sold To my story s a moral This rs not the end For each ad that you see Comes to you from a frrend If rt weren t for hrs money There would be no book So please at the ads Wont YOU take a look? Leba Segall a former edltor And trying to find just To him, lovely man, 100 K X KSN I T33 f X Q I IWWWWW 1. Q xx I If W WISH ME A WISH AND SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE x Q. WW ,S K QA Vg 3 ,a,,..,641:z.'.-4,A 'ff ,ffl N 'H I fx 'N Q5 f lifmmwzf :MW N XWW ln' X iff MW Y fff OI' city CfJ11Y!1Y,'1.'4FifI. 1.2531 . . . RAUL VEGA 5xPrf REL EOR VJCNEN 6 f'H1LDRE1N 1523 25 E Broadway Ph 41359 ROSS FABRICS Newest Fabnc Store m Tampa WE HAVE A FULL LINE OE SARS CO TONS RAYCNS cz d VVOOLENS AT REAQQNIABL PRKQES 1720 East Broadway 4 2932 ere ants Lazzara's Radio 81 Television 2024 East Broadway Ph 42 8012 Compliments of ROXANA CRISOSTOMO Dayon 81 Katz Motors 211 E Columbus Dr Ph 24 8421 Wolfsons Trimming Store 1625 E Broadway Ph 43 4013 Florida Roofing 81 Metal Works 2015 E Broadway Phone 4 4118 A FRIEND ABLE A Gifts 62 A pplzances J R f!EST"f11f A FRIEND 1417 E Broadway Ph 42776 -1 Y , . A i . 11.1 W 1 1 0 o ll - u ll ' . - Q . . ' f T ' 'fr W W . . .. 1 , L Q4, Q. f.1','11CY1S 13 I I 1 f- 1 ,, , 'l I V, 1112 Mase ,f A .roll .TT ,. ,- f..1:, fr 11, 1v ,ia ,..w-'I J 1SL D.,.11.1.L., 1 n ' Salute the Q9Q4'll.OI' ass Ritz Shoe Store 1518 7th Ave. Ph. 44-3251 The Palace Jewelry 520 E Boad GY Ph 4 46 El Encantos Cleaners 8 8 15fh Sf Ph 4 3979 Valdes Jewelry Co 18 2 15fh Sf Ph 44 3022 W T Grant Co 50 E Boad ay Maryse de la Grana S. Agliano 81 Sons l82l Broadway Ph. 4-2l87 Fiesta En Tampa RUBEN FABELO 4Ol W Tyle Ph 27921 SPOTO S MEN S SHOP 1533 E BROADWAY I C PENNEY CO 1618 E Bro dwcxy Ph 42925 Fernandez and Garcza oad y t15th VL 571 lllllnlhlrl 1 . 1 W . -13 ' I . r . - l l . . - I 1 1 . . . Q 4 1 7 , r w 0 I I S Y.. 'YA - I .-3.LVfAYS FIRST QUALITY Br wcz Cl St. 0 Q9 AWARE C7 f'QNflS.Efi'T' GFQV 'TEH G .V Tl' . I1 Pf' THE UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA it it A College of Liberal Arts THE UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA OFFERS YOU: Cosmopolitan and deniocratic student loody trorzi rnany states and Lani American countries. A standard tour-year co-eapicational college ot nigh soliolastio standards offering curricula leading to two academic and professional de- grees. A faculty oi oirtstarldirig :ten and women, specialists in their respective fields. Approved by Irie Florida Beard of Education. Approved for training Veterans under all HG. l. Bills of Riqhtsu and 'Polclis L':'.'.' le." Agoprozrea by Soathern Associate: of Colleges and Secondary Soliools. Merriloer of Association of Uriaz. Urnversities. lflertber of Azrperioari Councgl cn Education. The Uxrversity conducts an ElQhf weeks sunirier session as an integral part cf rhe regular college year. The summer session is staffed largely fret: the regular fac'ol",', Suninier coarses applicable toward araduaiion, have been of- 'erea Qezltirgxopisly sirce 193-4 for ieaohers iii servgoe regular sipzaerlts ara staaerits frorr. other institutions who desire fc ezzrr oreoit transferable to their cwrg college. Taxis: and fees for fullfzirie students approximately S4130 per year. For farther information regarding reaistratiori, address Mrs. Sylvia HCYLCQYT Registrar. Yearfround sports. Spf: er Sriricpl lflf i954 1. -r s 2 l-4, QP. ELLVJQQD C. NANCE. President UNIVEPSITY QF TAMPA TAMPA, FLORIDA Air Conditioned Curb Service Dmmg Room Serwce MILIANS DRIVE INN Alwln S 81 Raleigh W Mlllan I Ph6nes 2 9736 21766 3701 Florida Avenue Tampa U 0 0 0 Q Q 0 I o s a 0 n u o NATIONAL GUARD Fort Homer W. Hesterly "We earn while we learn" comment some Jefferson National Guard members, Joe Aguera, Robert Fernandez, Roland Cnacon, Leo Rossiter, and Arnold Ramos. FOR INFORMATION CALL: 8-3079 8-II94 BUSINESS UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA The School That Gets Results Convenlently Located Downtown at 914 Franklln Street Tampa Florlda DISTRIBUTUR FOR THE FAMOUS GDIII Courses deslgned to sunt the Indlvldual s needs complete employment counsellung and place ment servlce 1323 MAIN ST sARAso1A PHONE 21177 or 22155 DANIEL SGRO and C0 SALSBURY STUDIO OF DANCING Home 8- Commerclal 302 E Columbus D' ELECTRIC FIXTURES AND SUPPLIES swam P1-I 270252 Ph 42513 1517 Rodney Ave Home Ph 24 3421 Steel C Yrplxrrents When You Want It PLAIN AND FABRICATED BUSHNELL PRODUFF STEEL WORKS INC. m, 81, Ave 9 Phone 42 8681 l 1 A OLD AND NEW w1RING K ' AJ I - . Do like the rest. .. Drink the Best "Your Health and Happiness Lies Behind MiIk" soy some populor school leoders - Joe Cordinole, Mox Herndon, Cletio Forbes, Bill Wolf, ond Floy West. 0llMP0llMOR'S MODERN DAIRY FARM ff' X f TAMPA'S Most Complete Display of: Quality Bedroom Furniture RUGS 81 CARPETING - LAMPS 2 ,ZA lv.. VQBRID GR00 Bride and Groom Furniture 810 Grand Central Tampd, Florida Phone 878121 FLAVOR YOU LL FAVOR iaxxw Support your Driver Trolnlng Program QQ! Dfwfk if Q In F WM 5' t qaafllavezlff 1303 Gray Phone 8 5721 An Invitation to visit . . . Airdrome Park and Park and Shop I . x D -.:: uma ' - .t-' "' 14 0 v- '.'i 'N Qi 5? -.""', '+L . 08, , fx . . 'I L' A ' i ,f rg " i o ff I Q U ' X' ff :TTT N , . - 7 Compliments of I. W. PHILLIPS 81 CO. Morgan and Bell Phone 25551 fw0llgl'lltUlllll0llS rom .,14x-Z... FLORIDICE C0 fm Ami: 3400 Nebraska Ave Phone 25716 so-..26Z' is 332 TAMPA 8 gmsw, XI A ,aw af-ff 5 Ufdaikfol SAf00f1VBllPfll1Y6 So that s the way nt s done remark Frank Fernandez Helen Fernandez Danny Costa Pat Davis and Dale Daniel on tour of Hav a Tampa ' . 4 I f l - - zl, u Li I O I M,,,.wf-"j - 016,412 M47 ,.-fr'-"" Q,',.,w Q - fsrmfgw- 9 .Q - I I PLFASVNG R S - - V- 5 .5 ro 71150 ' H- ,,, ,5112 IASTE , 1: 35 ,.-233: Q - Q 'ig 3 wf- -WP - " ' ' " , .f1.1.1si?'?i332si9?fE32113225111-I11'5i1'2-f"22f22-JI-52251111:2I,2I 15' If- ' :fEEE5Ea?'?Lfi,.g.,'322522-QfiiiiiiE51-5fiii2E153Q?f5fli52sE11 - , "-fi "-2E5i2gg,Qj 111151, .ifi2iii2fgQ225g53ai.1-252523z1"?2fi2Es512gE1f2igQ'i2 if -,-egg: 2,ja5Zg,g.aeQQiag, ':f'.:g,,:,,,11fi2f::.Ef2eieggg:1,gf:ea5g21'1:g:,.'1?!g:a' , - N -':5l,1:"'fiIiE5., 313' ' ' 3, :e4"f:55?E:1.--..:-1- 'iiaisfa rx, E: 'L '-223.-12-. ff' - ,',.1:1.1.zZ.11:,f 1 A can ' " "s 85051. Islip? I f I 15' cuoucz SEASONEDTOBACCOS I 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 I I I . 1 Z O Compliments of FLORIDl1 DAIRY 2209 40th Street Dial 4-3151 DELUXE LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS .leffites - Inspect - DeLuxites 2337 Cherry Street Phone 8-1801 Best wishes from EAST SIDE SHEET METAL WORKS Roofzng and Sheet Metal Contractors form: of nd Au .md 221111 Stn el Phone 11522 H01 nu s Suuu Station 2317 Nebraska Ave Phone 29985 1131 G15 rm JQDNN EOODYEAIQ TIRES TUBES BATTERIES J ASSOCIATION Lrm O echQ.mcuI Re fum S N1 W I HOHNER and SONS Berger 81 Rochelson Inc GROCERY WHOLESALE 12th Sl' 8. Whltlng Ph 23631 5911114181 S 11111111111 CONTRACTORS 2101 Sth Ave Ph 42703 Best of Luck to Jefferson KEY MOTOR CO RIDA S FINEST CA 'A' 1208 Florudu Ave Ph 21073 ru S1 l 1 5 U 4, s ' g 1 ' b 1 L I I O K , 4 6 T L . Q 'W I 1 0 0 y s' - x s ' 5 y 1 L be f K . I 0 Sinjlmr Ant? ust Q 'Oli e fn' I ,fdfxcts 'A' 5 . , , ' T f RQ LL17 C4111 rm W':1sI117:l1 LD,1IS1IIIlj i' M ' ,rp . e 1 :r,15fvurBus1t1Q:s Q I 1 I I ll Y Ol 1 . F LO ' RS 'A' Many T hmgs I e,5 1,81 9 S AZ , .gui- to Many People A runs a u lv many tbmfgv lo rmmy opl It I9 a day 115 dum :wording o bistory a busy progmssne malkefplau an op n 1111111 mum It 18 the 10160 0 fbe commumf5 flu stale and the mrtzon It zs the champion 0 H0111 ugh! to life lzlzufy and flu pmsuzt of bappzncsv Wfzfh ll ull rmusluv o I1ll0f10l1 lo Hn lllldll m ntul rznrzpl v o our zlemomnm the nation s Ins: bel s keep Amcucn we by lmpznq zf 111 armed Phone 2 2791 DEL VALLE BROTHERS INC LUMBER AND BUILDING Heating Arr Conditioning Roofing Materials COAL SAND SLAG MATWAL TAMCO HEAT 'A' Nebraska at Lafayette TAMPA, FLORIDA 81 POWER DIV TAMPA COAL CO Est I908 545 So Water Phone 2 376I .,p 'I V, ' ,Q 1.- Y, A Q, - , ' V' 'I, K, 'LSE -QI , . . ifway, - V' .Q 13,1 1. . . 1 V 1 . . ns" IMKQ ii' , ' - .' ... 3 TX? '11 . , 1 ,V . , -.TCM , g- - f - f - f - g -il 5 can L, P h. . vi f . A - I, - y 1.,. P ,, .- D, I , -K - -- f- . 'A' I . 'A' 'A' TAMPA ARMATURE WORKS INC 40I S. Morgan Phone 2-I966 We aim io serve CHRISTEN S PHARMACY Neb1'ask1 Ave and Columbus Dr-23337 TILE RUGS LINOLEUM GEORGE 1 4 Ca " BLINDS PAINTS RADIOS APPLIANCES I80I N Howard Phone 84875 Sulver Top Auto Supply IOLLSILI1 if TO PAR 7 XI ll lI1om 76 7167 Olil XNIJO Sl XC I I Nl v Sensors make preporotuons for the prom ot "Maas Brothers" KS KIRHI 003' 'S Q Y'X 1 I Z 7, 5 SEELYS wg DRIVE IN RESTAURANT 5021 FLORIDA AVE rn 34 0341 rn 3 7873 5 e: ,-25.-Q 'L Z' ' fwaywn Hzenaief TAM P TRANMINIE Fed? 2544454 FROM TAMPA'nuc C0 MPANY REDDY KILUWIITT 'N " I QQ X E xf 6 , , -, --s-. . Q.. 'A' .. . ,-Q 9 , Fl ' Q.. I , af 5 A1itQ1Qt5txQf,, .xuQQ --ggsc ggggggg A S." ' . :rf I 'Q A E . ' 4' tffflfl' I . 'Iv' k - . - , . ,X -.o' r 41.3. A I I -V , . ' ' Mgr mb- 1 i I 5f1535Egsg:g:,:Q ' I I 0 I . I 1 A k CN,- ,. :A I J YUUI l-llfCIlIC ' Drmlz cool re resbmg W T GRANT 7 UP BOTTLINf CO 611 E Part Phone 2 1541 903 Frank 4 Stores m I lm Phone 236 16 Barnett's F0011 Stal e F An Inutatlon to wsu! FALOR S E Columbus Dr 22065 3119 Fla 42 Congratulations Henry West 81 Sons Compliments of Leonard s Drlve lnn Nebr 81 Buffalo Aves Phone 33 0121 1700 W Columbus Dr TAMPA FLORIDA General Offices Phone 28141 1010 E Lafayette TA Tickets 8. Information Phone 22078 710 Florida Ave O O N PP ' jj "' Y 0 i' ' . 1 - ' ' K . f 7 " ree Prompt Deliverf' 4 Q 323 . . . 26-09 I 0 MIAMI TRAILWAYS 'xsias' rw, MM 'W olsllm Bread lif llcmlslllll L00klH0bun1 BUY HULQUM DUVAL Funeral Home 24 hour ambulance Spacious Chapel Conveniently located Aur condmoned Ample parking 3806 Nebraska Ph 27261 Congratulatlons and Best Wishes JACKSON GRAIN COMPANY -4 All CONDITIONED srzcm nusmsss E Luncn 1 osuclous srnns 1 rourmo -A' ronnuo nrmox 1- smuur Amr svn: -gcnwnsn sro cans 4 ovsrsus 1 noe Less fsumsn nnmsns 805 8Il 6RANDCENTRALAvE J ,. 1m1l""' " A ,L fn ' . i4 'lf -- JIU' ,N A . lsdnnvl g-...aft-4145" .els O . . . . x . . . . . . K . 14 I ' 1' ,- ' ' l I 4' , 'A U A c . 4 . 9 ! M N'S Serv I 0 to 3 P. M. Q I , NE A ll Serving C0ntinuouilY'1!:30 A. . Unlil X A.M. loft Continuous Music I Phcnt i-3713 It's the best . . . O COATS O SUITS 1 FASHION SHOPPE O DRESSES Independent Lzfe and Accident Insurance O SPORTSWEAR 1623 E Broadway Ph 43919 1011 E LAFAYETTE Tampa Florida P Establlshed 1889 W Tampa Florida N Albany 81 Laurel Street Your Dragon Ambulance ln Every Game 'O Amr Conclntlonecl Chapels and Convenient Parking Lots tor 100 Autos PHONES 8 3821 or 8 5700 A. . BOZA Phone 33-4211 Meet Your Friends at I. V.'s TIRE SHCP Recapping-Road Service-Vulcanizing RACE TIRE RECAPPING OUR SPECIALTY FRANKLIN 8. TWIGGS DIRT AND ASPHALT 4312 Florida Ave. Tampa, Florida TAMPA, FLORIDA f r o m Florlda Sportlnq Goods A Specralrzrng n Team Equrpment 711 TAMPA PHONE 26770 Shop at SHEA PRANGE the REXALL store E S S R I G S 3001 Florida Ave 702 Grand Central f ' Pi? I 23? f ' ,er I 6 IQ' 3.1115 X'5xX X i , I 7 I lx rl' , fl' I . 237 I . 1 ' . N I , R H Exclusrfabrrcs I N S, X 808 Franklin St X Tampa Fla Troplcal Ice Cream : X xx ' S Sherbert Co Inc YQ 22nd sr a. em Ave 4 2517 Q? X X-if k See Us First Before You Buy or Sell Wllllams Bros Used Cars We Specialize rn New Cars 2909 Fla Ave 22317 PAT PATTERSON Sales Mgr Dlck Schoheld Inc BUY SELL TRADE PHONE 23118 Congratulations Mr 6. Mrs Irvln Salsbury BOB S KORNER member IGA stores Fancy Meats and Grocerues at low prices every day We haul for all CENTRAL TR U C K LINES Jackson 8- Governor 23902 Phone 416011 2326 E Broadway A A ADAMS MACHINERY AND SUPPLIES New and Used 3506 Arlington Ave 2 56643 'ir B. MARION REED FUNERAL DIRECTORS Ph 83737 Platt at Plant Ave il? . . I . - - 2105 Florida Ave. Tampa, Fla. ' . . . I ik . If Il ik' J Lg FLORIDAS PIONEER SCI-IOOL OE BUSINESS 2 year degree courses ID Accountung Management Personnel Sales I year duploma courses Secretarnal Ac countmg Stenograpnsc General Bus: ness Specual short courses to meet undnvudual needs I to 6 months tor hngher ratungs an the armed forces Write phone or call for free lnformohon TAMPA COLLEGE 'IO4 N Edison Te 81117 C ompllments SOUTHERN DAIRY Sealtest Datry Products Conqratt Iatxons Q1 ICI Bes Wlshes Hlllsboro Hotel S W LILIICTT IV'anaqer Sports Barber Shop 4116 Armemct Ave PUIIIY Sprlnqs Water See Vlnce for Prlnts Phone 27 3971 Cohseum Skating Rink DAVIS ISLANDS Phone 8 1268 TOR OD KN AE DEPEINDABL SERVI E ISE GAS The Tampa Gas Company C Q' ol: Q Y' 1 0 I U 'OWS-lo: two . , , I o ' 2 ' , - 1 1 - . , . ,. 0 Premilitary office and clerical training . I I . . . ' I. - I Y . . , . l . . Y .. , 1 I I fda EY ,S' E, . ,' E . ' C , A L, ACTIVITIES ADMINISTRATION ADVERTISEMENTS ATHLETICS BAND BASEBALL BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS CITY SCENES CIVINETTES CLASSROOM SCENES CUSTODIANS DAD S D C T DEAN OF BOYS DEBATING CLUB DEDICATION EDITORS F B L A F H A F N A FOOTBALL FOREWORD F S A F T A GIRLS SPORTS HONOR SOCIETY INTRODUCTION JEFFERSONIAN JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JUNIORS JUNIOR CIVITANS JUNIOR LIONS JUNIOR OPTIMISTS KEY CLUB KIWANETTES LIBRARY ASSISTANTS LUNCH ROOM STAFF MAJORETTES MONTICELLO NEWMAN CLUB NOTABLES PAN AMERICAN CLUB PEP SQUAD PRESIDENTS COUNCIL PRINCIPAL PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT PTA ROTC SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SENIORS SENIOR DIRECTORY SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORES SPRING SPORTS STUDENT COUNCIL TABLE OF CONTENTS THESPIANS TITLE PAGE TRACK WHO S WHO Y TEENS YOUTH FOR CHRIST ' ..................... 53 .. .....,....,,.....I.... 69 FACULTY ................... 42 .. .... .....,............ 6 4 " ...,................. 66 "" ..................... 65 ' .,............... 96 Mjjjjjjjj This page is sponsored by ROBERTSON AND FRESH, OfIicialSch00IPhotographers . O2 TH TH TAM PA DOG TRACK TAMPA ABSTRACT 8. TITLE INSURANCE OTTO P STALLINGS 8. SON INSURANCE FELLOWS MOTOR CO INC RIENA BROS WHOLESALE GROCERS GOLF JEWELRY CO FLORIDA STATE THEATERS WOLF BROTHERS INC GENERAL MILLS ONEAL FURNITURE CO WALKER HOOD FURNITURE CUSCADEN PARK SERVICE ADAMS MAGNON JEWELERS BADCOCK FURNITURE STORE MRS A SKIPPER CALDWELL BONDED WAREHOUSES INC HOME FURNITURE CO YOUNGS DEPENDABLE FLOOR COVERING CO HILLSBOROUGH BOWLING ALLEY VOGUE CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY INC P C MARTINO 81 CO TAXICABS OF TAMPA INC TIP TOP SERVICE STATION OTTO JOHNSON INC FRIDAY O NEAL FURNITURE PIONEER TIRE COMPANY STELLA S BAKERY I Sulphur Spnngs 405 Madlson 215 Madlson 813 Grand Central 1513 9th Ave 812 Franklm St 711 Franklm St Franklm 8. Zack Farm Servlce Dlvlslon 1011 Franklm 1415 19 Franklm SI' 3002 15th St 210 Franklm Sf 1219 Franklm 101 Armenla Ave 209 S Franklm St 1007 Franklm 2315 Florlda Ave 2111 W Hnllsborough 936 S Howard 1107 3rd Ave 1005 Ashley W Columbus Dr 81 Highland 301 Franklm St Cass 81 N Rome Ave Tampa 8. Washungton 31 0101 2 1936 2 3688 8 5301 4 4147 2 2590 2 1877 2 7181 8 4821 2 9985 2 2866 4 3526 2 2456 2 2025 8 5142 2 2796 2 2458 2 1871 34 1041 8 1836 2 2322 2 7171 2 6982 2 2664 8 1821 2 1951 E - CO. ......... - ' ........ - FERRELL JEWELRY CO .............. 609 Franklin St .......... 2-6146 L4 R L MOORE USED CARS MR 81 MRS E O LUCAS JENSEN S INC MEN S FURNISHINGS EAGLE DRUG CO GEORGE CAMPBELL USED CARS HERMS SERVICE STATION FERRER USED CARS DORSEY DRUGS FOSTER MOYE SPORTING GOODS WARREN SIGN CO EDENFIELD PLUMBING MCCASKILL CLOTHING CO LENOX CAFE CANADA DRY BOTTLING CO COLUMBIA MUSIC 8. APPLIANCES PHILS HOUSE OF HOBBIES HENRY S TYPEWRITER CO FRED S MARKET SEMINOLE LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS FOOD MACHINERY EXCHANGE HENRY GARCIA SERVICE STATION JACK S HARDWARE EVELYN S READY TO WEAR KEITH S CORNER HACKNEY S WATCH REPAIR A FRIEND 197 3010 Florlda 512 Robles Lafayette 81 Franklm 1709 N Howard 3210 Florida 3301 Florlda 3008 Florida 1017 Franklun 117 E Lafayette 903 E Broadway ve 311 E Bu falo 604 Tampa 2724 Florlda Cass 81 Rvver 1427 E Broadwa ve 230612 Florida 717 Marlon St 2925 Florida 4904 Florlda 1900 Nebraska Palm 81 Nebraska Ave 2805 Nebraska Ave 2803 Nebraska Ave 3308 Florida Ave 2 6781 2 6251 2 2267 8 1405 2 6960 2 1471 2 3863 2 2863 2 2502 27 0453 2 9653 2 3293 41 4524 2 1873 4 3538 26 4144 2 1278 2 1771 3 1 71 2 3134 2 6731 25 3631 25 3632 26 5741 . ............... . A ....... - WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING ........ 2703 Florida ........... 2-7604 , . . . . . . . . y A . . . . . . , - a nf" 'iizu a l S 0 f bio U A ll Original layouts, distinctive typography and G sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain Q' by standard layout, mass-production methods. - ' 151' owen, dgonj ff Xounj, ggvac. 1150 TRINITY PLACE WV? f o Esc Af'T u Y . s n,GEonGlA g X 1 3 , 1 1 ,U .09 Y rl' U' J 2, YJ rf J C 'Q o XP y I Q N. J? rl 5. L P- s. V U AJ A , J P Xb xx If 1 W J 4 ff J x XFX '11 x XX? X ' J rp Dfw t' ,, Y x op: 1 r L' X x D' 4 v fk"5-xx?" " , . - , , ' . f V7 V 1 ,I 5 I 4 1 I i 4 ff: -' 4 - ,LEE

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