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K ru 1 4 w k f. E E F SV K Ex 1 5 T Q E l 5 V. 1 5 sz X Ex libris flre M V i M e c x Monticello . . for 1947 Thomas Jefferson lliglz Seliool Tampa, Florida Y Volume 6 , Sitting in the Sbade at Lunch Time The Lillle Fish are In lhe Pool A Stroll Down the Parking Lune The End of the Day UI Dedication . . . To 0ur Coaches il Wa, ilu' stuff of thc 1947 Monticello, ilo dvrliralv tbis 'volume to our energetic coarbrx, Rirham' 517010 qrigbtj ilml Sami Alfiuri fleflj. Bvrauxr of the iuiercsl they .vbmo in all boys, tbeir loyalty to our school, their striving to bring out thc bait in ull plnyrrs, and Ibcir xzlcccxs in building a spirit of good Clean xporlsmanslnip, we tukz' this opportunity to honor flmm. INTRODUCTION Gasparilla Parade .... Ex Lilaris . . Title Page . School Scenes . Dedication . Contents ORGANIZATIONS R. O. T. C ...... Student Council, Presidents' Club Honor Society ..... Jeffersonian . Monticello . . . Key Club Kiwanettes Y-Teens, Service Corps . Music . . . . . , , Youth for Christ, Scholarship Inc. Contents 1 2 . 3 . 4 S . 6 FACULTY Principal and Assistant Principal Office, Library, Band, Journalism, Faculty and Class Scenes . . 38 . . 43 . 44 . 46 . 47 . 48 . 49 . S0 . 52 ACTIVITIES Calendar of the Year . . Diary of the Year . . . january Notables and Banquet June Notables and Banquet Class Plays, Dionysians . . . S Art . 9 . . 10 CLASSES Seniors-January: Class History June: Class History . Snaps .... Underclasses-January Class of '48 June Class of '48 january Class of '49 june Class of '49 January Class of '50 June Class of '50 .54 .55 . .56 .59 .62 SPORTS Football . . , . Basketball ..... Spring Sports-Baseball, Track Girls' Sports ..... Cheerleaders, Wearers of the 'T' Snaps-Sports .... ADVERTISING I6 MR. D. W. WATERS Principal Colleges Attended: Mississippi College, Stetson University, George Peabody, University of Florida, B.A. 85 M.A. Degrees The Captain of Me 6ood Slujo According to a legend of our fair city, a desperate crew of pirates once moved up and down our coast. Their famous ship was a happy home for a band of lively buccaneers searching for adventure and gold. In this volume, we invite you to go aboard THE GOOD SHIP JEFFERSON, which' in some ways is like that other. We search for treasures more valuable than gold and make merry as the pirate crew. You will find our captain, Mr. Waters, busily piloting our ship. He plots the course, gives the orders, and holds his crew in line. With a touch of firmness, a keen interest in competition, and a good sense of humor, he helps to make ours a happy band and our ship the flagship. MRS. LUCILE TRACK, Axsislunt Prifnfpnl Cailcges Attended: F.S.W.C., Columbia University, B.S. 85 M.A. Degrees. 0urs s A Slayiperette Next in command is Mrs. Track, the boatswain, whose duty it is to relay the captain's messages to the crew and see that his orders are obeyed. She calls the crew to their duty and with great patience checks the coming and going of each member. Although the help-mate to the skipper is usually a husky dominating fellow, our ship hoafts of one of the opposite sex who enforces discipline with tact and wisdom. Isl In Me Clrart Room All through the day, you'll find Mrs. Hazel Patillo and Mrs. Eugene Landers, occupied with the clerical work that comes into jefferson. As the keeper of the ship's log and of the treasure chest, Mrs. Pattillo takes care of our financial record and finances. Her assistant, Mrs. Landers, fills and files other charts. MRS. HAZEL PATTILLO U 1 O Secretary file Slap s library Across from the captain's cabin is our ship's library, where MRS- Blix-LYbI?Ii??KMAN many of our crew spend happy hours with books chosen and cared for by our capable librarian, Miss Clare Crone. She cer- tainly makes this room of books a pleasant place. Librarian Axxislanl Secretary MISS CLARA CRONE Music Minded The ship's band has a new master, Mr. R. T. Scott, who directs with en- thusiasm thc music makers of the crew, and teaches the majorettes the art of stepping high. Colleges attended: F. S. C. W., Florida Southern, Applachian State, B.S. Degree, Sponsorship: President's Council. Journalism Notes Time, talent and much effort have aided and abetted our attempts to edit publications, both of which have won national acclaims. Many thanks to Mrs. Verta Cox and Mrs. Annie Ayala for their splendid work. MR. R. T. SCOTT, fieftj, Musicg Colleges attended: Cincinnati Conservatory, University of Cincinnati, and Columbia University, N. Y., B.S., B.M., and M.M. Degreesg Sponsorships: Band and Glee Club, R.O.T.C. Band. Art and Art Awards In the field of color and design some of the students have won recognition for their outstanding work. Our new art director, Miss Maude Williams, has much interest in those who have 2 desire to create and tries to inspire those who are artistically inclined. MRS. ANNE AYALA, fmirldivj, Journalism and Psychologyg Colleges attended: F.S.C.W., A.B. Degreeg Sponsorships: The Jeffersonian, Quill and Scroll, and Senior Class. MISS MAUD WILLIAMS, frightj, Art and Civicsg Colleges attended: Teachers College and Missouri University. E91 Pdf and dis' : of Grammar In the English department We learn tc mind the p's and q's of grammar. Men teachers hold no candles l1ere. Seven women strive earnestly to teach the rudiments of reading and writing. They introduce usvto the wealth of legend and story, hoping to inspire us to further enjoyment of good reading. Caution: Seniors at Work MRS. DEBORAH SANBORN, fupprr lefil, El15li5l1i COHCEUS attended: University of Florida, and Florida Southern, M.A. Degree, Sponsorship: Student Council. MRS. JESSIE CANNON, fnpjier rigblj, Englishg Colleges attended: Florida Southern, University of Tampa, and Uni- versity of Florida, B.S. Degrecg Sponsorships. Senior class and Senior Play Programs. - MRS. ETHEL SCHILLING, fminlzllr' lefty, Englishg Colleges attended: University of Florida, and University of Tampa, B.S. Degree, Sponsorship: Scholarship, Inc. MRS. MARGARET EPPS LANGSTON, Klnifldlc' righfj, English: Colleges attended: University of Florida, and Florida Southern, B.S. Degrceg Sponsorship: Y-Teens. MRS. ELSIE HALL, flower lrffl, English, Colleges attended: University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago, American Conservatory of Music, Chicago, University of Florida, and Florida Southern, B.S. Degree. MRS. RUTH YVISDOM, ffowrr 1uin'zllr'j, Englishg Colleges attended: University of Florida, University of Tampa, and Agnes Scott University, B.A. Degreeg Sponiorships: Senior Class and Kiwanettes. MISS MARCELLA PURDOM, fl01La'1' rigbfj., English, Colleges attended: F.S.W.C,, A.B. De- gree, Sponsorship: Treasurer P. T. A. E10 Social Studies We live to learn and learn to live in our social studies. An aid to better understanding of the mind of another person is psychology. The knowledge of sociology helps us to live together with greater harmony, for it gives us a view of the development of society in all its various aspects. The science of making a living, economics, is one of the most import- . W l Q . he . ant of all studies today. ,By studying civics, we are better able to understand the organintions of our govern- ment. Our history, as a written account of past events, impresses on us the fact that we can best go forward by profiting from the mistakes and successes of the past. , 7 . . ij ..,1.'s.g:y1:'-A. , -- . 1. agiiiv +V Eine .f . ie .. .-151' 7 '1 siffg4'1i41izs?zi?sisi?g? ' 2. 15271 ev ,:igEi',. L7 eff. iv - -- gr72fsm2s.zf 1, -,ft , 1 nw ..',sso.x4 wil. ' " 'siilft L. ,,,,t.q.:4 W-fagsiszzeiffgzr . Y- 1' -. gesisis. vs2?f:Li?f5??i J 'fiilffsi -. Wisgilliiie . '- i zfwfflfvgffii 5 .. Learning to Live One With Another MR. H. L. TOLBERT, fupprr lvftj, Civics, Colleges attended: University of Florida, and University of Michigan, A.B. Degree. MISS MARGARET DEAVER, fupper righll, History, Colleges attended: Agness Scott College, A.B. Degree. MRS. BETTY CAMPBELL, Imidzlle leffj, History, Colleges attended: Alfred College, and Michigan University, B.S. De- gree, Sponsorships: Scholarship, Inc. and Service Corp. MRS. CASSIE MAE OLSON, fmirldle riglatj, Sociology and History, Colleges attended: Gteneda College, Mississippi State College for Women, and University of Florida, B.A. Degree, Sponsorship: Honor Society. MR. SAM AIFIERI, flower leflj, History and Physical Edu- cation, College attended: University of Tampa, A.B. Degree, Sponsorships: Assistant Coach and J Club. MR. W. O. BYRD, flower middlej, History, College attended: Mississippi, A.B. Degree, Sponsorships: Youth for Christ, Traffic Court, and Athletic Business Manager. llll MRS. AURORA LLOYD, flower rigbll, History, Eco- nomics, and Current History, College attended: University of Florida, A.B. Degree. Canceming figures Though some of us .shy away from the study of mathematics and the more advanced courses, algebra and geometry, we all realize how necessary it is to have more than just a working knowledge of the fundamentals of this science. In building our needs, keeping our books, and adjusting our finances, we call on every ounce of our knowledge of figures every day. W To the Board! learning Through language In the study of Latin, the mother tongue of most languages of the civilized world, we gain a better understanding of our English grammar and a knowledge of peoples in ancient Italy. Spanish is spoken by many of us, but even those to whom it was an unfamiliar tongue, spend many an enjoyable hour reading inter- esting storics and learning to put our thoughts into a second language. MRS. IVIARY MORTELLARO CALTAGIRONE, fllflfwr' leflj, Algebra and Practical Math, College attended: F. S. C. W., B.S. Degree, Sponsorship: Cheerleaders. MISS ESTELLE BUTLER, Kzlpper rigblj, Algebra, Colleges attended: Florida Southern, University of Florida, and Uni- versity of Georgia, B.A. Degree. MRS. IRENE SPARKMAN, fnol rbownj, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry. and Solid Geometry, Colleges attended: Shorter College Rome and University of Florida, B.A. Degree. MR. D. R. ZABALDO, flower lrfij, Spanish, College attended: University of Florida, B.A. Degree. MRS. WINIFRED LIVELY, Ilawrr midzllvj, Spanish and Speech, Colleges attended: New York School of Fine and Applied Arts, and F.S.C.W'., ILA. Degree: Sponsorships: Dra- 'rmtic Club and Assembly Prograrnc. BTRS. VERTA COX, flowfl' rigbfj, Latin and Fnglishg Col- leges attended: F.S.C.W., Uni- versity of Florida, and Uni- versity of Tampa, B.A. Degree, Sponsorships: The Mhonticello and Quill and Scroll. ,E12 MR. D. COLEMAN, flzppvr' lfflj, Chemistry, Physics, Bi- ology, and General Science: College attended: University of Florida, B.S. Degree: Sponsor- ships: Key Club and Book Room. MISS BERNICE JOHNSON. fuppvf 1r1i:1r1lz'j, Biologyg Col- lege attended: Florida Southern, B.S. Degree: Sponsorship: Fair Exhibit Chairman. MR. R. W. HAGUE, fupper 1igl1lQ, Science and Mechanical Drawing: Colleges attended: Iowa State, Upper Iowa University, Florida Southern, and Alabama, B.S. Degree. MRS. FRANCES HAWKINS, flower Ii-flj, Cooking and Sewing: College attended: F.S.C.W., PLS. Degree: Sponsorships: Senior Class and Red Cross. MRS. CORA SHEPPARD, flower rightj, Cooking and Sewingg Colleges attended: Peabody and Tennessee University, B.S. and M.S. Degrees: Sponsorship: Senior Class. f Tit . . I ' is-erm ., Ng , I E 1 irflp. y '- .QV , K ' ggysfff Q , I ' w g ggei fifi. ' , in .' is fum f . M ffsy..ses1s:5wFL " ff.. + 'S ee f..,.e-are - " i51'i2'f 'E " L-GX Scientific Facts Pirate or student, there is need of some knowledge of the fundamentals of science. No ship can be sailed upon the wide open sea, no use can be put to the discoveries of mankind if someone isn't ready to say what is to be done with each new thing. We need to learn how changes can be made in the field This Is the Way It's Done, Girls! 131 of science to bring about the greatest benefit to all. In school we are taught two basic sciences, general science and biology. Chemistry and physics satisfy the search for further knowledge in a field which has many possibilities for service. Teaching Home Culture Although the men of adventure in days of old spent much time in wandering from shore to shore, they always found their way back to a place called home. It is the same today. And the managing of that home is a woman's work. Contrary to a somewhat common belief, this art does not come naturally to a few or to many. One can always learn new ways to do old tasks. With science doing so much toward making house- work easier, it is necessary to study to be able to use these inventions with skill. llale and llearty Sailors Are We Hale and hearty sailors are we! Quite a necessary part of living is the developing of :i sound body. Our classes in physical education and the sports in which we are all free to take part offer us every opportunity for hours of good, clean exercise. A spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play is the aim and result of the teaching by good instructors. Seeking A Vocation? Are you seeking a vocation in the business world? lf so. a visit to our commercial de- partment would be profitable to you. We find typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, business arithmetic, and industrial geography are all preparing us for a commercial career. In fact, we even get experience in advance of our graduation, for we may take our re- quired subjects in the morning with a class in Diversified Cooperation Training. Each afternoon we work as apprentices at our chosen profession. Conferences In the DCT Room Drills far Sim and R.0.l'.C. Drills not only apply to academic subjects but also to the R.O.T,C. Each morning we find our boys marching side by side to the tune of a "Hup Two Three Fourf, These companies also spend time indoors where they learn among other things, the tactics of handling a rifle. We might add that they learn them pretty well too, for last year our team brought home national honors. Shop offers the opportunity of spending many interesting hours at a useful project to the boys who lilte to do woodwork. Some of them put these lessons to use around school by repairing and making chairs, band stands, and other articles. MR. DICK SPOTO, fupper lrflj, Physical Ed.: College attended: University of Tampa, B.S. Degree: Sponsorships: Head Coach and J Club. MRS. LAURFNCE BRYSON WORLEY, fnpper vigblj, Physical Ed.g College attended: University of Tennessee, B.S. Degreeg Sponsorships: Pep Squad and Pan American Club. MR. J. J. RFLIHAN, fmii1'a'le leflj, Shopg Colleges attended: Uni- versity of Florida, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin University, and Stout Institute, B.S. Degree. SGT. BEN PARRISH, lmiflilli' righfj, R.O.T.C.g College at- tended: North Georgia, B.S. Degree: Sponsorships: R.O.T.C. and Rifle Team. MRS. ANGELINA ANTINORI, flower ruu', lcfl io rigbfl, Typing :md Shorthand, Colleges attended: F.S.C.W. and University of Florida, B.S. Degree. MISS ROSALIE LASTRA, Typing and Shorthandg Colleges nt- tencled: H1bana University, University of Florida, F.S.C.W., and University of Tampa, B.S. Degree, Sponsorship: Senior Class. MRS. OLGA SPOTO, Commercial subjectsg College attended: F.S.C.W'., B.S. Degree. MR. E. P. MANEY, D. C. T.g College attended: Florida Southern, A.B. Degree: Sponsorship: Diversified Cooperative Training. I1-v 1 5 5 Q SX 1' ,- 'lk 3-gi Z, 1 P Norma M,-1 J nuary Era ante BETTY GONZALEZ, President, ELBERT NASWORTHY, Vice Prc.'idr'nl, BETTY BENJAMIN, Secretary. Jose Gaspar and his band of pirates found many a hidden treasure in their day, but we feel that none can compare with our treasure chest of memories collected during our memorable years at Jefferson. i Our junior high graduation exercises were the last ones held here. On that night Fletcher Anderson and Betsy Blanton received the graduating awards. As is true with most sophomores, we were a little shy, but Betsy was named into Kiwanettes while others volunteered their serviges for Service Corps, Y-Teens, and Pan American club, In our junior year the treasure chest was filled high, for we gathered many memories in these two semesters. Amaryllis Hesoun and Madge .Kleinhammer became Kiwanettes, Betty Gonzalez an R.O.T.C. sponsor, and Fletcher, Betsy, Ola Sanchez, Wilfred Stowe and Carmen Wyatt received the award of Honor Society membership. Sophisticated seniors at last! This, too, was an important occa- sion in our young lives. The Honor Society tapped Amaryllis, Lynnie Milam, and Carmen Zambito in the spring, while the Key Club recognized the talents of Elbert Nasworthy, Wallace Hen- riquez, and Billy Wood. The last semester passed extremely fast! W'allace became Lt. Col. of R.O.T.C., president of Student Council, Key Club, and a member of Presidents Council. Wilfred climbed to the presi- dency of Honor Society, and Madge, Mary Lodato, Doris Davis and Dora Barbery were added to the rostrum. The Kiwanettes then tapped Carolyn Curry and Ola, while the Key Club added Roy Fulghum. journalism was well represented in our group, for Betsy served as editor of The Jeffersonian in the fall. Ola aided her as assistant editor, and many other classmates also worked on the school paper. As a reward for their journalistic efforts, Betsy, Ola, Maggie Perdoma, and Carmen Zambito were named to Quill and Scroll. On the athletic field we were well represented for Maggie, Carmen Wyatt, and Billy were cheerleaders, Carolyn, Amaryllis, Betsy and Madge, were majorettes, and Henry Verges and Manny Elizarde were football stars. "Peg O' My Heart," our class play, starring Sarah Wilson and Elbert, was a huge success. Finally the big night arrived, our treasure chest was overflowing, but there was still room for grad- uation. Fletcher, valedictorian, Ola, salutatorian, and Bety, essayist, prepared us for "The Voyage of Life," and, following this, Fletcher and Betsy received the American Legion awards. As a final tribute to us, The Jeffersonian named the following to its Hall of Fame: Fletcher Anderson, scholarship, Billy Wood, military, Ola Sanchez, senior activities, Carmen Zambito, journal- ism, Betsy Blanton, music, Madge Kleinhammer, art, Henry Verges, athletics, Wilfred Stowe, politics, and Wallace Henriquez, organizations. ACEBO, GABRIEL, Mutha: Class Notable. ALFONSO, AURORA, Bebu: Girl Reserves '45, D.C,T. '46, '46, Phy. Ed., Lieutenant '44, Career: Airline Stcwardness. ALFONSO, VIOLET, Valy: Phy. Ed. Captain '45, Scholarship Club '45, Class Notable. ALVAREZ, WILLIAM: D.C.T., Class Notable. ANDERSON FLETCHER: H. R. Officer, Honor Society '45, '46, '47, Youth for Christ '46, Vice President '46, President '46, '47, Class Notable, Valedictorian, Hall of Fame, Winner American Legion Award '44, '47. BABE, JANICE: Victory Corps '43, Phy Ed. Corporal '44, Youth for Christ '45, '46, H. R. Secretary '46, Class Notable. BAGGETT, PAULINE: Phy. Ed. Officer '44, Youth for Christ '46, Career: Dental Assistant. BARBERY, DORA, Pugi: Phy. Ed. Captain '45, Scholarship Club '45, '46, Winner of Teachers Award '44, Library Assistant '45, Honor Society, Career: Surgeon. BEIRO, ROSE: Scholarship Club '45, '46, Future Teachers of America '46, Class President '44, Phy. Ed Officer, Glec Club '46, Class Notable, Career: Teacher. E161 BENJAMIN, BETTY: Girl Reserve '45, '46: Class Officer '45, '46, '47, Library Assistant '46, '47, Future Teachers Association '46, '47, Class Notable. BLANTON, BETSY, Slupirl: Class Officer '44, '45, Traffic Officer '44, '45, '46, Traffic Court '44, '45, Band '45, '46, Majorerte '46, Winner Teacher's Club Medal '44, Kiwanettes '44, '45, '46, Honor Society '45, '46, Sec. '46, Monticello '44, '45, Jeffersonian Editor-in-Chief '46, Future Teachcr's Club '46. Pres. '46, President's Club '46, Sec. '46, Class Notable, Quill and Scroll '46, '47, Sec. '46, '47, Jeffersonian Hall of Fame, Winner American Legion Auxiliary Medal '47, Class Essayist '47, Phy. Ed, Captain '44, '45, State Music Clinic '45, Music Festival '45, Youth Forum Delegate '46, Career: Journalist. BUSTO, JENNIE ROSE: Phy. Ed. Officer '44s Class Notable, Career: Typist. CACCIATORE, DORA: Phy. Ed. Officer '45, D.C.T. '46, Career: Beautician. CACCIATORE, JOANNE, Ioey: Glee Club '46, Scholarship Club '45, '46, Phy. Ed. Officer, Class Notable, Career: Business Administration. CALI, JOE. CANDILERI, STEVE, Rocky: Football '43, '44, R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, First Lf. '46, '47, Sabre Club '46, '47, D.C.T. '.. '. ., Class Notable, Class Play, Career: Business Administration. COGBILL, JAMES: Coast Guard. CONA, THELMA ADRIENNE: Cvlee Club '46, Career: Medical Assistant. CURRY, CAROLYN LOUISE: Victory Corps '45, '44, Scholarship Club '45, '46, '47, Band '45, '46, '47, Majorette '46, '47, Kiwanette '46, '47, Advertising manager of Jeffersonian '46, '47. DAVIS, DORIS BOBBIE, Puggie: Service Corps '43, '4-It Orchestra '44, '45, Band '45, '46, Traffic Officer '44, Jeffersonian Staff '45, '46, Girl Reserves '44, '45, '46, '47, Scholarship Club '46, '47, Class Notable, Career: Nurse. DEY, RANDOLPH: Pan American Club '43, '44, R.O,T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, '47, Traffic Officer '43, '44, '45. DUVAL, THELMA: Student Council '45, '46, '47, Vice Pres. '46, Monticello Staff '45, H.R. President '45, Glee Club '45, '46, Scholarship Club '45, Library Assistant '44, '45, Victory Corps '44, '45, Vice Pres. '45, Class Notable, Class Play. ELIZARDE, ARMANDO, JR., Manny: Football '45, Captain '46, Track '44, '45, J-Club '44, '45, '46, Band '41, '42, '43, Basketball '43, Class Notable. FELICIONE, FRANK, Fisb: Track '45, Jeffersonian Manager '45, '46, R.O.T.C. '45, '46, Football '44, Class Notable. FERNANDEZ, EDWARD ANTHONY, Ezftfifi R,O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, Officer '46, '47, Sabre Club '46, '47, Class Vice. Pres. '44, '45, Class Notable. FERNANDEZ, RAY: Senior Class Play, Football '44, R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, R.O.T.C. Officer '46, '47, Student Council '44, Sabre Club '46, '47, Homeroom Officer '45, Class Notable. FULGHUM, ROY EUGENE: Student Council '44, '46, '47, R.O.T.C. '45, D.C.'I'. '45, '46, '47, President '45, '46, Key Club '46, '47, Football '45, Student Council Representative at Large, '46, Class Notable. T171 GARCIA, EARL: I-Club, Football '46, Track '46, Class Notable. GONZALEZ, BETTY: Student Council '44, Sec.- Treas., '44, MacFarlane Jr. High, Class Officer '44, '45, '46, Senior A Pres. '46, Sponsor '46, Saberette Club '46, Class Notable, Class Play. GREEN, BETTY, Belt: Corporal in Phy. Ed. GREEN, DAISY GERTRUDE, Trudy: Lieutenant in Phy. Ed., Corporal '43, H. R. Secretary '46, HENRIQUEZ, WALLACE E.: Traffic Inspector '43, Traffic Officer '43, Student Council Pres. '43, Macfarlane jr. High, Scholarship Club '45, '46, Pres. '45, '46, Sabre Club '45, '46, Parliamentarian '45, Sec. '45, Pres. '46, Class Vice-Pres. '45, Key Club '45, '46, '47, Parliamentarian '45, Pres. '46, '47, Traffic Officer '44, Presidents Club '45, '46, '47, Student Council '44, '45, '45, '47, Pres. '46, '47, R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, Second Ln. '45, Capt. '46, Lt. Col. '46, '47, Class Notable, Hall of Fame, Career: Business. HESOUN, AMARYLLIS, Punky: Honor Society '46, '47, Treas. '46, '47, Kiwanettes '45, '46, '47, Vice- Pres. '46, '47, Key Club Sweetheart '46, Band '46, '47, Majorette '46, '47, Scholarship Club '45, '46, jeffersonian Staff '46, '47, H. R. Officer '45, '46, Victory Corps '44, '45, Girls Rifle Team '44, '45, Glee Club '45. HOFFMAN, SHIRLEY MAE: Library Assistant, Victory Corps '45, Office Assistant '46, Career: Surgical Nurse. IGLESIAS, AIDA: Phy. Ed. Captain '44, '4s, '46, Traffic Officer '43, Class Notable, Career: Interior Decorating. IGLESIAS, ANGIE: Phy. Ed. Captain '45, '46, Career: Architecture Drafting. KLEINHAMMER, MADGE, Patty: Victory Corps '43, '44, '45, Pan American Club '46, Scholarship Club '45, '46, Student Council '46, '47, Secretary '46, Kiwanette '44, '45, '46, '47, Sec. '46, Band '45, '46, '47, Sec. '46, Majorette '46, '47, Girls Rifle Team '44, '45, Monticello '46, '47, Honor Society '46, Historian, Hall of Fame. LETO, MARY: Library Assistant '43, Scholarship Club '45, '46, Glee Club '46, Career: Stenogrnpher. LETT, JEAN, Iennnic: Library Assistant '44, '45, '46, '47, jeffersunian Reporter '45, Class Secretary '44, Glee Club '43, Vice-Pres. '43. LEWIS, DONALD. LODATO, MARY: Scholarship Club '46, Glee Club '46, Career: Typist. MARCHETTA, LOUIS, Smokey: R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, Second Lt. '46, '47, Sabre Club '46, '47, Career: Doctor or Engineer. MARRERO, ARNULFO MANUEL: R.o.T.c. '44, '4s, '4s. MAURICIO, GLORIA: Scholarship Inc. '45, '46, Annual Advertising Staff '46. MEYER, HERBERT ALVIN: Football '44, '45, R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, Officer, Sabre Club '46, Key Club '46, Class Notable. Ilsl MILAM, LYNNIE Kill: Library Assistant '43, Scholarship Club '45, Honor Society '46, '47, Parliamentarian '46, '47, Youth for Christ '46, Monticello '46. MILEY, LILY MAE: Softball '43, Library Assistant '43, '44, Traffic Officer '43, Career: Beautician. MOORE, FAYE, Babe: Office Assistant '43, '44, Traffic Officer '43, '44, Traffic Patrol '43, H. R. jeffersonian Representative '45, Phy. Ed. Lt. '43, Capt. '44, Class Play '47, Class Notable, Career: Commercial Work. MULERO, MARY, Slyortie: Girl Reserves '45, Jeffersonian Representative '46. NASWORTHY, ELBERT, Eggbutl: R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, Sabre Club '45, '46, '47, Treas. '45, Vice Pres. '46, '47, Lt. '45, Capt. '46, 47, Class Officer '45, '46, '47, Senior A Vice Pres. '47, Key Club '46, '47, Football '45, Class Play '47, Career: Electrical Salesman. NOTO, THERESA, Tessie: Baseball '43, Career: Bookkeeper. NUCCIO, VINCENT, Vince: R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, NCO Club '46, Sec. '46, First Lt., Sabre Club '46, '47, Scholarship Club, '46, Pres., Class Officer '45, Pres. Club '47. PALERMO, FRANCES, Lilliv: Victory Corps '43, '44, Pep Squad '44, Phy. Ed. Capt. '43, '44, '45, '46, Captains' Club '45, Softball '45, '46, Volleyball Champs '43, Library Asst. '43, '44, '45, Officer's Club '45, Office Asst. '43, '44, '45, Basketball '43, '46, Capt. Ball Champs '44, Class Notable, Career: Phy. Ed. Instructor. PALERMO, LILLIE, Frances: Victory Corps '43, '44, Pep Squad '44, Phy. Ed. Capt. '43, '44, '45, '46, Capt. Club '45, Officer's Club '45, Softball '43, '46, Library Asst. '43, '44, '45, Office Asst. '43, '44, '45, Traffic Officer '44, '45, Jefferson Rep. '43, '44, '45, '46, Class Officer '43, '44, Basketball '46, Volleyball Champs '43, Career: Beautician. PATE, BETTY: Victory Corps '44, '45, Library Asst. '44, '45, '46, Traffic Officer '44, '45, Class Play. PERDOMO, MARGARET, Maggie: H.R. President '44, '46, Student Council '44, '45, Traffic Officcr '44, '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47, .leffersonian Staff '46, Business Manager '45, 46, Cheerleader '46, R.O.T.C. Sponsor '46, '47, P.T.A. Rep. '45, '46, Class Notable. Career: Dental Hygienist and Beautician. PEREZ, ALICE, Ali: D.C.T. '45, '46, Phy. Ed, Captain '44, Career: Airline Stewardess or Bookkeeper. ROMAN, TOOTSIE: Pan American Club '46, '47, Victory Corps '44, Traffic Officer '46, Baseball Tcam '46, Career: Airline Hostess. SALTER, MARY FRANCES. SANCHEZ, OLA: Publicity Chairman, Youth for Christ '46, '47, Honor Soc., Vice Pres. '45, '46, '47, Quill and Scroll, '46, Kiwanettes '46, Traffic Officer, '45, Victory Corps '44, Pan Ameican Club '45, Vice Pres. of Class '44, Salutatorian '47, Honor Award '44, Asst. Editor of ,Ieffersonian '46, '47: Class Notable, Hall of Fame. SANTANDER, ERMINIA, Minnie: Class Officer '44, Phy. Ed. Capt. '44, D.C.T. '46, Glee Club '46, Career: Airline Stewardcss. SCAGLIONE, VIOLET PATRICIA: Scholarship Club '45, '46, Glee Club '46, Class Notable, Career: Secretary. SMITH, FRANK. I 19 J STOKES, JAMES: Class Play, Class Notable, Football '43. STOWE, WILFRED: R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, Lt. '46, Non Com. Officers Club '46, Sabre Club '46, '47, Treas. '46, '47, Honor Society '45, '46, '47, Parliamentarian '45, '46, Pres. '46, '47, Pres. Club 46, '47, Student Council Representative '46, "47, H. R. Vice Pres. '45, Class Pres. '46, Speech Class '46, '47, Class Notable, Hall of Fame. SUCO, MARIE, Cookie: Capt. Volleyball Champ's Team '43, Glee Club '43, Track '43, Washington, Capt. Ball Champ Team '44, Volleyball '44, Basketball '44, '46, Phy. Ed. Officer '45, Capt. Club '45, Officer's Club '45, Pep Squad '45, Vice Pres. '46, Softball '44, '46, Volleyball '46, Career: Beautician. TEMES, VIOLA: Career: Secretary. TUCKER, MAXWELL: U. S. Army. VALDEZ, AMERICA, Cucb: Girl Reserve '45, Phy. Ed. Lt. '45, D.C.T. '46, Career: Office Assistant. VERGES, HENRY: Baseball: All City Capt., Football, Junior Rotarian, Class Notable, Hall of Fame. WEST, HENRY. WILSON, SARAH, Orala: H. R. Secretary '45, Class Notable, Class Play, Career: Beautician. WOOD, WILLIANI OLIVER, Woods: R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, '47, Officer '45, Maior '46, '47, Sabre Club '45, '46, '47, President '46, '47, Rifle Team '44, '45, '46, '47, Jeffersonian Reporter '46, '47, Cheerleader '46, '47, H. R. Scc. '46, '47, Class Notable, Class Play '47, Hall of Fame, Career: Radio Announcer. WYATT, JOYCE CARMEN, P1man11y: Honor Society '45, '46, '47, Basketball '45, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, Class Officer '44, '46, Cheerleader '46, '47, Jeffersonian Staff 46, '47, Girl Reserves '46. ZAMBITO, CARMEN, Millie: Pep Squad '44, Class Pres. '43, Phy. Ed. Officer '44, Honor Society '46, Sgt.-at-Arms '46, Jeffersonian Staff '46, F.T.A. Club '46, Class Notable, Hall of Fame, Career: College. eluor Auto ra Irs E201 June Graduate First Semester FLORENTINA PRIEDE, Prerizleut JAMES ALVAREZ, Vice Presirfe11l NORMA CHAVEZ, Serrelary Jose Gaspar was born to enjoy fabulous treasures and exciting adventures, which have made him an outstanding figure in our minds. just as hc is remembered for these things so will the june graduating class of '47 be remembered. This class holds fabulous treasures in its store of knowledge for few classes in jefferson's history have graduated with such a high scholastic record. What jewel could be more treasured than that of knowledge? Our high school years have certainly proved to be an exciting adventure, because we have witnessed breath-taking sports cvents in which some of the most prominent athletes of our class have participated. Some of our athletes have been quite outstanding in all the different phases of sports. Headlining the gridiron are Ernest Rubio, Winfred Kirby, Javal Nunez, Cass Castillo and Henry Cardoso. ALVARFZ, JAMES: Track, Football '46, Sr. B Vice Pres., xl-Club, Scholarship Inc. ANDERSON, FRED ARTHUR: Football "Pups" '44. ARIQNAS, BERNARD F., Izmior: R.O.T.C. '45, Coast Guard Veteran, Career: Automotive Field. ATKINSON, HERBERT: Notable, Career: Mechanical Engineer. AUSTIN, JO ANN: D.C.T. '45, '46, Career: Business Administration. BENSON, WILLIAM, Bill: Key Club '45, '46, '47, Officer '46, '47, D.C.T. '45, '46, '47, State Pres. '46, '47, Class Officer '46, Basketball '46, '47, Football '46, D.C.T. Journal Staff, State Key Club Orator, Pres. Council '47, Student Council, Honor Society, Scholarship Inc., Notable, Class Play. BENTON, DANIEL MASON, Danny Boy: R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, Rifle Team '46, D.C.T. '46, Career: Electrician. BENTON, JOY SHIRLE, Dt-aner Career: Nurse. BICKLEY, ALICE ANNETTE, Tnanic: Band '45, '46, Class Play, Career: Business. l2lI M Second Semester ALICE ESPERANTE, President JOHNNY SHADGETT, Vice President NORMA CHAVEZ, Secretary Claiming berths on the basketball team are George Harris, Henry Munoz, and Jack Thompson. We can't forget the fine record made by our baseball team. Four of our students represented in this sport are Florentino, Priede, Ernest Rubin, Segundo Vior and Cass Castillo. Not only is this class noted for scholastic achievement and athletic events, but one could not find a more unique group of organization workers. Holding brackets in this honor are, Nell Brinson, Mary Reine Boothby, Alice Esperante, Frances Caltazirone, Mary Ann Cacciatote, John Shadgett, William Benson, Lillian Berry Henson, Manuel Fernandez, Buster Busciglio, Evelyn Whit- man, Gloria Gonzalez, Patty Ennis, Bill Langford, and Herbert Denmark. It is readily understood that Jefferson will be lofi'-g rome of its finest material. Long will this class be memorable in the halls of Jefferson. BLOCKER, PATSY RUTH, Pal: Lib. Asst. '46, '47, Career: Housewife. BLOSFIELD, ELMA LOUISE: Lib. Asst. '46, '47, Honor Soc. '46, '47, Class Notable, Career: Secretary. BOONE, CLIFFORD RAY, Sonny: H. R. Vice Pres. '43, Football '45, R.O.T.C., Career: Engineer. BOONE, ROY, Busirr: R.O.T.C. Staff Sgt. '46,'47, lst Lt. '47, Class Notable, Career: Engineer. BOONE, WILLENE: Career: Pilot. BOOTHBY, MARY REINE: Honor Society '46 ' . 47 , Convention '47, Pres. '47, Jeffersonian Reporter '45, '45, Editor in Chief '46, Band '43 to '47, Majorette Head Maj. '46, '47, Corp. '45, Sgt. '46, Clinic '46, Festival, Kiwanettes '46, '47, Student Coun. '46, '47, Quill and Scroll '46, '47, V. Pres. '46, Monticello Board of Directors '46, '47, H. R. Pres. '46, Youth for Christ '46, '47, V. Pres. '46, Sec. '47, Lt. Phys. Ed. '43, Volleyball '43, Basketball '44, Pres. Club '46, '47, Glee Club '47, Orchestra '43, '44, Youth Council del. '47, Journalism Convention '46, V. Pres. '47, Tampa Con., Banquet Com., Co-Chair., Class Day Com., Class Notable, Teen Age Forum, Career: Journalism and Music. BRINSON, NELL LOUISE, Slulzid: Class Officer '44, '45, Traffic Off. '44, '45, '46, Traffic Court '44, '45, Orch. '44, Band '45, '46, Festival '44, Clinic '45, '46, Amer. Legion Award '44, Phy. Ed. Capt. '44, Rifle Team '44, Volleyball '44, Basketball '44, Victory Corps '44, '45, Pep Squad '44, Office Assist. '44, Kiwanettes '44 to '47, Pres. '47, Honor Society '46, '47, Treas. '47, R.O.T.C., Band Sponsor '44, '45, Sabcrette '44, '45, Youth for Christ '46, '47, Sec. '46, Program Chair. '46, Monticello '44, '45, Board of Directors '46, '47, Jeffersonian Rp. '44, '45, Quill and Scroll '46, '47, Pres. Club '46, '47, Class Play, Valedictorian, Journalism Con. Delegate, Teen-age Forum, Career: Homemaker. BURNS, FRANCES: D.C.T, '45, '46, Career: Business Administration. BUSCIGLIO, BUSTER: Phy. Ed. Capt. '45, Cheerleader '45, '46, '47, Pan Amer. Club, Junior Club '46, Saberette Club Officer, Y-Teen Officer, Capt. Sponsor '46, Lt. Col. Sponsor '47, President Council, Glee Club Pres., Notable, Class Play. CACCIATORE, MARIANNA, Ita: D.C.T. '46,'47, Library Assistant '43, '44, Girl Reserves '43, '4-5. CACCIATORE, MARY ANTOINETTE, Marg Ann: H. R. Sec. '44, Traffic Officer '43, '44, '45, '46, Y-Teens '45, '46, '47, Program Chair. '45, Treas. '46, Pres. '46, Y-Teen Con. '46, Intercouncil Vice Pres. '46, Glee Club '43, '44, '46, '47, Stud. Council '46, Scholarship Club '46, Monticello Staff '46, Kiwanettes '47, Honor Soc., Career: Medical Tech. CAIOZZO, FLAVIA, Cookie: H. R. Officer '45, '46, Glee Club '46, '47, Jeffersonian Rep. '46, Monticello '46, Scholarship Inc. '46, Notable, Career: Secretary. CALTAGIRONE, FRANCES LYDIA1 Class Pres. '44, '45, V. Pres. '46, Amer. Legion Award '44, H.R. Officer '44 to '47, Monticello Advertising Mgr. '45, '46, Jeffersonian Circulation Mgr. '46, Capt. Pliy. lid. '45, '46, Y-Teens '44 to '47, Sec. '45,'-46, Inter Club Council V. Pres. '45, '46, Pan Amer. Club '45, '46, R.O.T.C. Sponsor '45,'46, Lt. Col. '45, '46, Capt. '45, Saberettes '45, '46, Pres. Club '45,'46, Cheerleader '46, '47, Student Coun. '46, '47, Sec. '46 i V. Pres '46, Pres. '47, Honor Society '46, '47, Historian '47, Kiwanettes '46, '47, Treas. '46, '47, Traffic Court '46, '47, Essayist, Banquet Committee, Dragonette Court, Career: High School Teacher. CAMPBELL, MILDRED ELEANOR, Ellie: Basketball '43, '44, '45, Mississippi, Office Assistant '45, '46, Career: Doctor. CAPE, IRENE CARMEN: Career: Surgical Nurse. CARDOSO, HENRY, Canfie: Jr. Varsity Team H.H.S., R.O.T.C. '45, '46, '47, Capt. '45, '47, Saber Club '46, '47, Football, Track, J. Club, Notable. CARDOSO, EDERMINA IDA: Career: Beautician. CARLSON, MARIE: Homcroom Officer '44, '45, Traffic Officer '45, '46, '47, Career: Nurse. l22I CARTER, THERESA, Terry: Class Secretary '42, Pan Ameican Club '43, '44, '45, Sec. International Council '44, Glee Club '42, '43, '44, '45, Gler: Club '44, Y-Teens '43, '44, '45, Notable, Class Play. CASTIL LO, ARMANDO, Cass CASTILLO, NORMA: Career: Dress Designer. CHARBONIER, IDA: Career: Interior Decorating. CHAVEZ, NORMA: Kiwanettes '45, '46, '47, Sec. '46,Y-Teens '44, '45, '46, Treas. '45, Pan American Club '44, '45, '46, Homeroom Officer '45, Class Sec. '46, Saberette Club '45, '46, '47, R.O.T.C. Major Sponsor '45, Monticello Staff '46, '47, Phy. Ed. Asst. '45, '46, Senior A Sec. '47, Career: Housewife. CICCARELLI, JIMMIE: D.C.T. '46, '47, R.O.T.C. Color Guard, Homerooin Vice Pres. '45, '46, Career: Salesmansliip. CLARK, ADELINE: Pep Squad '45, Y-Teens '45, '46, Glce Club '46, Asst. Business Manager in journalism, Career: Journalism. COLLEY, FLORENCE M., Floriez Girl Reserves '45, Career: Stenographer. CONTE, MARY: Girl Reserves '45, Homeroom Sec. '45, '46, Vice Pres. '46, '47, Y-Teens '46, '47, Honor Society '46, '47, Winner Teachers Medal, Notable, Salutatorian, Career: Stenographer. COOPER, WARD, Coupe: Sports Editor Jeffersonian '46, Sports Columnist '47, Career: News Writer. DEL PINO, ANITA: Y-Teens '45, '46, '47, Conference Delegate '45, '46, Monticello Staff '46, '47, Library Asst, '45, '46, '47, Career: Teacher. DENMARK, HERBERT: R,O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, Capt. '47, Radio News Reporter for Jefferson: fMelody Matineej News Editor of Jeffersonian: Sports Editor of Annual, School Correspondent for Tampa Times, Class Play, Career: Radio Announcer. DONNELLY, HAZEL ARVA: Career: Secretary. EASON, B. M., JR.: Key Club '45, Notable, Class Play. ENNIS, PATTY, Pill: Girl Reserves '45, '46, jeffersonian Staff '47, CoAEditor '47, Traffic Officer '46, Kiwanettes '47, Pres. Council '47, Career: Airline Hostess. ESPERANTE, ALICE: Cheerleader '45, '46, '71 Officer '46, '47, Kiwanettes '45, '46, '47, Officer '46, '47, Y-Teens Pres. '45, '46, Pres. Club '45,'46, Officer '45, R.O.T.C. Sponsor '46, Saberette Officer '46, Pan American Club '45, '46, Quill and Scroll '46, '47, Pres. '46, '47, Scholarship Club '46, Asst. Editor of jeffersonian '46, Student Council Officer '44, '46, Y-Teens' Inter-Club Counsel '45, '46, Y-Teens Conference Delegate '46, Girls J-Club '45, '46, '47, Glee Club '46, '47, Monticello Board of Directors '46, '47, Honor Society Sec. '46, '47, V'inner D.A.R. Award '47, Editor Red Cross Paper '46, '47, Journalism Convention '46, Clinic '46, Notable, Class Play, Teen-Age Forum, Career: Journalism. FELIPE, JUANITA: Girl Reserves '44, Glee Club '44, ,Ieffersonian Staff '46, Career: Housewife. FERLITA, LAURA LORRAINE: Career: Housewife. LIST 1 Qs f FERNANDEZ, DORA: Y-Teen '44, '45, '46, Officer '46, Officers' Club '44, '45, Career: Secretary. FERNANDEZ, ESTELA, Cnmly: Class Secretary '43, '44, Presidents Club '44, Y-Teens '45, '46, '47, Nurses Aide '45, Glee Club '44, Honor Society '47. FERNANDEZ, MANUEL, The Cuban: Honor Society '46, '47, R.O.T.C. Officer '46, Capt. '47, Sabre Club '46, Sec. '46, jeffersonian Representative '46, Movie Projector Operator '46, '47, Winner American Legion Medal '44, Florida Boy's State '46, Home Room Vice Pres. '44, '45, Banquet Committee, Key Club '47, Jeffersonian Staff '47, Career: Air Conditioning and Refrigerating Engineer. FERRER, MARTHA: Career: Office Work. FISHER, CHARLES JAMES, Church: Band '42, '44, '45, '46, '47, Lt. '45, '46, Capt. '46, '47, Sabre Club '46, '47, R.O.T.C., Drum Major '46, R.O.'I'.C, First Lt. '46, '47, Career: Music. FONTE, ROSE: Career: Typist. GARCIA, MODESTO I., Mae: School Vice Pres. '42, Class Vice Pres. '42, '43, Career: Teacher. GALLINAR, ROY, Cbifks Jeffersonian Rep. '44, R.O,T.C. Platoon Sgt. '45, R.O.T.C. Sgt. '47, Art '45, '46, '47, Career: Artist. GONZALEZ, GLORIA: Glee Club '43, '44, '45, '47, Victory Corps '43, '44, Kiwanette Club '45, '46, '47, President '46, Winner of Kiwanette Medal '47, Treas. '47, Y-Teen Club '45, '46, '47, H. R. Vice Pres. '45, Scholarship Club '46, '47, Presidents Council '46, Monticello Staff '46, '47, Youth for Christ, Vice Pres. '47, Notable. GREENHALGH, RUTH: Career: Telegraph Operator. GUY, EDWIN P., Eddie: Homeroom President '44. HALL, ROBERT B., Bob: R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, Key Club '47, Career: Contractor. HANCOCK, EUNICE MARIE, Baby: Victory Corps '43, Student Council '44, '45, '46, Band '45, '46, D.C.T. '46, '47, Home Room Officer '44, '45, '46, Pres. '46, Sec. '45, '46, Vice Pres. '44. HANCOCK, LONNIE, junior: R.O.T.C., D.C.T. '45, '46, '47, Career: Business Administration. HARRIS, GEORGE, Hubba Hubba: Class Officer '43, '44, '45, '46, Key Club '45, '46, '47, Basketball '45, '46, Pan American Club '46, R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, Capt. '46, Sabre Club '45, '46, Rifle Team '46, Notable, Class Play. HENSON, LILLIAN ALICE BERRY: Pan American Club '43, '44, '45, '46, '47, Sec. '45, Pres. '46, Kiwanettc '45, '46, '47, Treas. '46, Sec. '46, Presidents Club '45, '46, Sec. '45, Cheerleader '44, '45, '46, '47, Asst. Head Cheerleader '45, Head Cheerleader '46, '47, R.O.T.C. Sponsor '45, '46, H. R. President '44, '45, '46, Class President '44, '46, Saberette Club '45, '46, Corresponding Sec. '46, Notable, Class Play. HERNANDEZ, FRANKLIN ANTONIA: Glee Club '43, '44, Band '44, '45, '46, '47, Jeffersonian '46, '47, R.O.T.C. '44, '45, Class Play, Career: Navy. HOPSON, JACQULYN, jackie: Phy. Ed. Captain '45, Y-Teens '46, Career: Airline Hostess. I241 HOY, RENE: Career: Diesel Engineer. JOHN, EDNA: Class President, Detroit, Career: Teacher. JONES, JAMES WILLIAM, Dm' Eye: R.O.T.C, '44, '45, '46, Tech. Sgr. '45, N.C.O. Club '46. JULIAN, WALLACE, Big Shui: R.O.T.C. '45, '46, '47, Career: College. KIRBY, JAMES WINFRED, Kirby: Football '44, '45, '46, R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, Bmalirm Adj., Lf. Col., Rifle Team '45, '46, High School Champ CNationaljg Highest Score, William Randolph Hearst Match, Sabre Club '45, '46, Notable. LACKMAN, GEORGE EDWARD, Dordy: R.0.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, Officer '46, '47, Key Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Officer '45, 46, 47, Honor Society, '46, '47, Officer '47, Traffic Officer '43, '44, '45, Traffic Court, '45, Student Council, '45, '46, Sabre Club '46,' 47, Pan American Club '43, '44. LANGFORD, BILLY: R.O.T.C. '45, '46, '47, Key Club '45, '46, '47, Football '45, H. R. President '45, '46, '47. LEWIS, C. M.: R.O.T.C. '44, '45, D.C.T. '45, '46, '47, Career: Display Man. LLANES, DALIA: Phy. Ed. Capt. '44, '45, D.C.T. Sec. '46, '47, Monticello Representative '44, Scholarship Club '46, LOPEZ, ALICE, Sqnealzy: H. R. President '43, '44, '45, H. R. Vice Pres. '44, '45, Phy. Ed. Sgt. '44, '45, Scholarship Club '46, Career: Private Secretary. LOPEZ, NORMA, Bramly: Traffic Officer '44, Jeffersonian Representatice '45, '46, Phy. Ed. Sgt. '44, Scholarship Club '46, Notable, Career: Beautician. LORD, JENNIE., Rookie: Phy. Ed. Lt. '44, Scholarship Club '46, Homeroom Sec. '44, '45. LIUZZO, ROSE MARIE, Rosie: Y-Teens '44, '45, '46, Assistant Program Chairman, Scholarship Club '46, Career: Air Line Hostess. LUZIER, MERLE. MARTINO, NORMA ROSARY: Y-Teens '45, '46, Vice Pres. '45, Homeroom Officer '44, '45, '46, Scholarship Club '46, Jeffersoninn Rep. '44, '45, Career: Secretary. MCGOWAN, BEULAH MAE, Boon: Glee Club, Youth for Christ. MCMULLIN, JEAN: Girl Reserves '43, 44, Service Corps '46, Career: Nurse. MEEROVITZ, IRVING, Brother: Class Vice Pres. '44, '45, Homeroom Vice Pres. '46, Notable, Career: Business. l25l MELANDRERAS, EVANGELINE: Y-Teens, Phy. Ed. '44, Horncroom Sec. '44, '46, Scholarship Club '46, Honor Society '47, Career: Secretary. MILLS, JENNIE LOU: Band '44, '46, '46, '47, Festival '46, Homeroom Officer '46, Monticello Staff '46, Youth for Christ '46, Notable, Career: Commercial Work, MINARDI, LOUIS ANTHONY, Talknliw: R.O.T.C. '43, '44, '45, '46, D.C.'I'. '45, 46, Class Pres. '45, '46, Notable, Career: Mortician. MOBLEY, MARGARET. HUNOZ, HENRY, Hank: Basketball '45, '46, '47, Big Ten Champ Team '45, '46, Notable, Career: Auto Mechanic. NEWSOME, EMMA ELIZABETH, Bcliy: Phy. Ed., Sgt., Class Sec., Wilson, Glec Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Scholarship Club '46, '47, Y-Teens '46, '47, Career: Nursing. NORTON, MARY ELIZABETH: Homeroom Sec. '45, Honor Society '46, Sgt.-at-Arms '47, Scholarship Club '45. NUNEZ, -IAVEL, Iazfiu: D.C.T. Pres., Football '44, '45, '46, Track '45, Notable. OVERBEY, BLONDINE, Baby: Scholarship Club '45, Honor Society '46, '47, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, Youth for Christ '46, '47, Teen-Age Forum, Career: Business College. PEON, ELIZABETH JUNE, Claiclal-zz. PEREZ, EMMA LOUISE: Pan American Club, Girl Reserve, Jeffersonian Representative, Class Vice President, Career: Stenographer. PIAZZA, MARY: Girl Reserve '46, Career: Commercial Work. PIAZZA, NINA: Student Council Representative '43, Pan American Club '43, Honor Society '46, '47, Girl Reserves '46, Career: Business. POLO, OGDELIA: Scholarship Inc., Career: Business. POTTER, FRANK RAYMOND: Traffic Officer, D.C.T., Key Club, Notable, Stage Manager, Class Play, PRIEDE, FLORENTINO, Tina: Class Pres. '44, Vice Pres. '46, Student Council '44, Honor Society '46, '47, "J" Club '46, '47, Boys' State Rep. '46, Class Pres. '46, Baseball '45, '46, 47, ,Ieffersonian Representative 46, Career: Doctor. RAYLE, HAZEL: R.O.T.C. Sponsor '46, Homeroom Officer '46, Traffic Squad '45, '46, Traffic Court '45, '46, Class Play. RIEDY, COLLEEN: Career: Hat Designer. l26l ROMANELLO, TONY, JR., Fla! Top: Scholarship Club '45, Football '45, '46, Honor Society '47, Career: Business. RUBIO, ANASTACIO ERNEST, Mickey Mouse: Football '44, '45, '46, Class President '46, Student Council '45, "J" Club '44, '45, '46, Notable. SALINERO, GLORIA, Glo: Traffic Officer, Library Assistant '44, H. R. Sec. '44, Journalism '46. SALINERO, ORLANDO, Sul: Football '43, '44,'45, '46, R.O.T.C. '44, '45, Officer '46, Jeffersunian Sports Editor '45, Member of Quill and Scroll, Career: Journalist. SHADGETT, JOHN NEWMAN, Slrmlic' W1'1'I: Key Club Sec. '45, Vice Pres. '46, Convention Delegate '46,Teen-Age Forum, Band '45, '46, '47, Festival '45. '46, '47, Capt. '45, Drum Major '46, Orchestra '45, R.O.T.C. '45, '46, '47, Capt. '46, '47, Pan American Club '45, Sabre Club '46, '47, Rifle Team '45, '46, '47, Delegate Boys' State '46, M.P.O. '46, '47, Presidents' Council '46, '47, Honor Society '46, '47, Vice Pres. '47, Pres. Key Club '47, State Convention '47, Student Council '47, Senior Class Vice Pres. '47, Dramatic Club '47, Junior Kiwanian '47, Notables, Class Play. SMITH, ANNIE RUTH, Arm: Student Council '43, '44, Class Secretary '43, '44, Journalism '46, '47, Phy. Ed. Captain '44, '45, Notable. SOLANO, ZULEMA, Snr: D.C.T. '46, '47, Career: Interior Decoration. STANLEY, HELEN KATHERINE: Homeroom Officer '43, '44, '45, '46, Jeffersonian Representativt '43, '44, '45, '46, Band '44, '45, '46, '47, Festival '45, '46, Class Sec. '46, Monticello Staff '46, '47, Scholarship Club '46, Honor Society '46, '47, Parliamentarian '47, Career: Stenographer. STOVALL, JERAL DEANE, ferry: Victory Corps '44, Service Corps '45, '46, '47, Public Relations Officer, Jeffersonian '47, Band '47, Scholarship lnc. '46, '47, Class Play, Career: Commercial Art, Writing. TAPANES, JULIUS, Ilulior: D.C.T. '46, '47, Career: Auto Mechanic. TEMES, IDA, Lilllebil: Pan American Club '43, Capt. Phy. Ed. '44, '45, Co-Capt. Volleyball Team '46, Alternate Cheerleader '46, Notable, Career: Secretary. THOMPSON, JACK: Band '44, '45, '46, Pan American Club '45, '46, '47, R.O.T.C. Band '45, '46, R.O.T.C. '45, '46, '47, Baseball '45, '46, '47, Basketball '45, '46, '47, Football '46, Track 46, Class Officer 44, '45, '46, Homeroom Officer '44, '45, Traffic Officer '44, '45, "J" Club '46, '47, Cheerleader '45, '46, N.C.O. Club '46, '47. Career: Engineering. TOOTLE, FAYE IMOGENE. Falul: Homeroom Officer '47, Capt. Sponsor '47, Career: Nurse. TRAMANTANO, TONY: Staff Sgt. R.O.T,C., Sports Editor Jeffersonian '47, Art '46, '47. TURRENTINE, JUDITH NAOMI. Imly: Glee Club '46, '47, Library Assistant '47, Career: Beautician. TYRE, J. D., Fla! Tire: Football Manager '43, '44, '45, "J" Club, R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, Capt. '47. VAZQUEZ. ROSALIE, Roxiia: Career: Commercial Work. VIOR, SEGUNDO, Sec: "J" Club, Honor Society '46, '47, Homeroom Officer '44, '45, '46, Baseball '46, '47, Football '46, R.O.T.C. '45, '46, '47, Notable. T271 No! Shown Ernest Rodriqucz Louis Petkow Donald Stone Mario Baio WHIT'fED, RANDALL: Speech '45, WILLS, MARJORIE LAVERNE, Margie: Library Asst. '44, Band '45, '46, '47, Orchestra '45, '46, Scholarship Inc. '46, '47, Y-Teens '47, Honor Society '47, Career: Commercial Work. WILSON, DOROTHY LEE, Dol: Glee Club '45, '46, Clinic '45, Festival '46, Speech '46, '47, Class Play, Career: College. YOUNG, PEGGIE: Office '45, '46, '47, jeff. Staff '46, '47, Y-Teen '46, '47, Class Play, Career: Commercial Work. YSIDRON, JENNIE: Honor Society '47, Career: Secretary. FUTCH, MAXINE: Traffic Officer '44, '45, '46, '47, Class Officer '44, '45, Rifle Team '44, Victory Corps Officer '44, '45, '46, '47, Library Asst. '44, '45, '46, ,Ieffersonian Rep, '45, Volleyball '44, Basketball '44, Phy. Ed. Officer '44, 45, '46, Career: College. GOODWIN, MARTHA: Youth for Christ '46, '47, Glee Club. LOCICERO, SAMMY: R.O.T.C. Summer School. SERRA, IDA MARGARET: D.c.T, '45, '46, '47, Career: Airline Stewardess. McMOLIN, MARY LEE: Class Sec. '46, Pep Squad '45, '46, Career: Beautician. MEADE, PEGGY LOUISE: Mirrow Rep. '42, English Class Pres. '42, Library Club '43, Red Cioss '44, Homeroom Sec. '44, '45, Gen, Culture Club '45, '46, Glce Club '45, '46, Phillips High, Birmingham, Ala., Y-Teens '46, '47, Jefferson' Notable, Career: Modeling. NALLS, BUFORD FREDRICK: R.O.T.C. '44, '45, '46, '47, NCO Club '46, Sgt., Major. SOLLENBERGER, WILI.IAM J., Bill: Youth for Christ. WITTMAN, EVELYN, Kitten: Student Council '43, '44, '45, Victory Corps '44, '45, Pep Squad '44, Pliy. Ed. Captain '44, '45, Officers' Club '45, '46, Homeroom Officer '43, '44, Library Asst. '46. Kiwanette Club '45, '46, '47, Recording Sec. '46, Pres. '46, Presidents' Council '46, Scholarship Club '45, '46, Honor Society '46, '47, Jeffersonian Staff, Assistant Copy Editor '47, Annual Typist, Career: Commercial Secretary. PETKOW, LOUIS: D.C.T. '46, '47, Career: Auto Mechanic. RODRIQUEZ, ERNEST, JR., Sunny: Football '45, '46, "J" Club '45, '46. enior Autograp s E231 January Class of '48 First Semester ROSE FICARROTTA, Prvxidcnl MARGARET VASQUEZ, Vice Prciirlrnt JOSEPHINE ROMANO, Secretary This part of Jef!'erson's crew has been on board our ship almost the longest time. Some of the best known members of this clazs are: Rose Iiicarrotta, Johnnie Sanchez and Juanita Teston of our Student Council, Lee De Carlo, Johnnie Sanchez, Julio Rodriquez and Helen Strawbridge, Honor Society membersg George Diaz, Key Club: and Rose and Helen, Kiwanettes. Our class also has such members in the sports department as Joe Fernandez, Jimmy Boggs, Emilio Lefler, Angelo Messina, James Moore, and Jimmie Jones. We also have one cheerleader, Jerry Bonis. Two of the members of our Class have put in much time on Second Semester BENNIE RIVERO, Prexidcn! JAMES MOORE, Vin' Prcsidmll LEE DE CARLO, Secretary making our annual become a reality-Ruth Duval and Charlotte Soman. Martha Goodwin has proved a tireless worker in the Youth for Christ organization and Mary Rogzno, Dora Suco, Mary Valenti and Connie WX'iedrich belong to the Service Corps. A captain in the R.O.T.C,, Julius Garcia has left our class to serve Uncle Sam in the army. We also have two sponsors, Rose and Boots. During the spring we were saddened by the loss of one of our most o ular members, our class resident . . . Bennie Rivero, P P P TOP, Firsf Row, Left ta Right: R, Ficarrotta, Manaley, Brenaman, Padron, LaPerna, D. Ficarrotta, Penzato, Maurici, Miller, De Fab- rizio, De Carlo, Goodwin. SECOND ROW: Garcia, Irick, Mote, Castillo, Jones, Antilo, Causey, Duval, Haverstock, Dia7. THIRD ROW: B. Diaz, Fernandez, Boggs, Bonis, J. Garcia, Calderon, Cabot. Bell, Cammarata. BOTTOM, First Row, Left lo Righl: Soman, Strawbridge, Trunback. Waters, Rogano, Thomas, Sanchez, Suco, Valenti, Weidrich, SECOND ROW: Locicero, Jones, Taylor, Shumway, Ross, Romanello, Warren, Hargroves, Morales, Teston. THIRD ROW: Lopez, B. Rivero, Stevens, Carreno, Rodriquez, Noblet, Valdez, Moore, Lcfler, Messina. E501 June Class of '48' First Semester LOUISE CLARK, President BARBERA BRIDGES, Vice Prvsirffnl MERCEDES BERNAL, Srfrrlary We junior A's have been making a name for ourselves since last year. In all activities there are some outstanding workers from our class. ' The Honor Society inducted Mercedes Bernal, Lillian Jobe, Colleen Jordan, Ruth Rowell, Charles Tomasino, Ardyth Dodson and Priscilla Romeo, who also claims membership in the Kiwanctte Club. Other girls on the Kiwanette roll are Louise Clark, Bobbie Chaite, Marcia Burris, Reyo Rutkin and Barbera Bridges. Journalism lovers of our class include Louise Clark, co-editor of The Jeffegsonian and Marcia Burris, Priscilla Romeo and Dot Austin. The Quill and Scroll claims Bobbie Chaite and Reyo Rut- Second Semester GERRY STEWARD, Presizfeni JOHNNY ALONZO, Vice President MERCEDES BERNAL, Serrelury kin, of the Monticello Board of Directors. Josie Scaglione, Marcia and Dot are on our cheerleading squad. Backing them are our Pep Squad members Gloria Boker, Juanita Philips, Frankie Singletery, Dot Vicks, Bobbie Chaite, and Reyo Rutkin. Nettie Shell, Colleen Jordon, and Marcia Burris are our R.O.T.C. sponsors. To represent us in the Student Council we have Gerry Steward, Josie Scaglione, Priscilla Romeo, Mercedes Bernal, Johnny Alonzo, and Louise Clark, who is also eo-head majorette of our band. In sports we have Rigo Olivero, Lionel Smith, Andy Cuesta, and Johnny Alonzo, fighting for J. H. S. TOP, Fin! Roux, Left to Right: Cressenzi, Fernandez, Fucarino, Flores, Cordell, Felicione, Eady, Felicione, Lloyd, Gidson, Jackson, Larson, Jordan, Johnson, Goldman, Dodson. SECOND ROW: Governale, Lopez, Gallinar, Lyon, Lopez, Garrett, Davis, Jobe, D0- minquiz, Cowly, Hall, Hayward, Lcverett, Jeffcoat. Herndon. THIRD ROW: Durante, Collins, Ayala, Larson, Garcia, Leon, Lambert, Neighbors, Harding, Harkness, Gilberts, Gillum, Ferlita, Day, Cuemano. BOTTOM, First Row, Lefi to Right: Barbery, Beiro, Belluccio, Bernal, Chaite, Clark, Burris, Austin, Bridges, Byrd, Bokor, Barnd, Barnes, Chesser, Brown. SECOND ROW: Fernandez, Dorio, De Mesa, De Franco, Cacciatore, Ayres, Diaz, Diaz, Cuesta, Bernaldo, Castellano, Farina, Castendyke. THIRD ROW: Alfonza, Alonso, Carreno, Conners, Diaz, Bankhead, Dunn, Edgar, Coram, Brocato, Dominquez, Ferraro. T' C C FIRST RONV, Lrfl .fo Right: Scaglione, Sainz, Villa, Murgado, Pericone, Walters, Watson, Shell, Steward, Richards, Spano, Stevens, Spano, Nordgren, Prine, Perlermu, Perez. SECOND ROW: Mentun, Murphy, Tallo, Pellegrino, Rutkin, Singletary, Phillips, Vick. Young, ROFUCO, Rowell, ROCIFIQUCZ- THIRD Rowii W00dSid5, Wisda, Matus, Milian, Smith, Robertson, McFall, Perdoma, Williams, Vacaro, Tomasino, Zambito, Spoto, Parker, Sais, Williams. January tlass of '49 First Semester PETE SAIS, President SAM PULEO, Vita Prcsidrnl SYLVIA MASEDA, Secretary Our fall graduating class of '49, though still rather young, has shown a sign of leadership by their fine record of outstanding people. Very prominent in football and looking forward to further fame are, Joe Dorio, Tony Locicero, Sam Puleo, and Joe Lazzara, Rooting them on to victory is our own cute little cheerleader, Nancy Munjiovi. The school organizations are very fortunate to have such a fine selection of leaders in our class. These busy people consist Sccond Semester ALFA RENDUELES, President MARY A. SHEPPARD, Vita' Prcsidmll NANCY MUNJIOVI, Secretary ox' Georgia Recd, an active Kiwanctteg with Frank Gonzelez and Eddie Turlington helping the Student Council, In the artistic field we find that three of our students, Charles Tucker, Kay Roan and Bruce Polica, are proud members of our band. We are also lucky to have Jerry Nadlcr, who has received recognition for his art Work. This class is slowly but surely falling into line with the rest of the true jeffersonians. 0' 'U FIRST ROW, Left I0 Right: Berrmaily, Cairns. SECOND ROW: Brantley, Demico, Acuri, Barr, Gancly, Gonzalez, Celeya, Antela, Baker, Greco, Fink, Gray, Jobe, Bevins, Haley. THIRD ROW: johnson, Del Rio, Dcl Valle, Dominquez, Harris, Downes, Alberdi, Fultz, O. Garcia, Gnnzalel, L- Garcia, W- Garda- FOURTH ROW: Ficarrotta, Hernandez, Cumbie, Cowen, Ballela, Cucrvo, Alonzo, Berdeal, Gustasvaen, Devias, Chao. I32 1 FIRST ROW, Left Ia Righl: Mendez, Perez, E. Munjiovi, N. Monjiovi, Sheppard, Punal, Maderos, Tucrro, Piaz, Woodside, Noreiga, Tucker. SECOND ROW: Mullis, Romera, Pina, Rodriguez, Vina, Dalvi, Peel, Parsons, Parrish, Tudesco, Velasco, Wynns, Reed, Renz, Valdez, Robertson, Roan. THIRD ROW: Tillis, Peeples, Maseda, Rendueles, Quintana, Leto, Turlington, Nadler, Robertson, Edwards, Sisson, Miller, Roberts, Tucker, Remeley, Sierra, Polica. FOURTH ROW: Marks, Lazzara, Meyers, Mullis, Miletto, Lazzara, Papia, Saiss, LaCicero, Puleo, Scionti, McCleod, Suarez, Martinez, Shorei, Noreiga. June flass of '49 First Semester LILY GIOVENCO, Pfesidenl ANITA BERRY, Vire President JOAN WALLS, Secretary Developing into a crew of talented students is this June graduating class of '49. Several promising figures in the gridiron field are Joe Perez, Daniel Roque, Nelson Zambitn, and Angelo Puleo. Bob Curry, who holds not only this honor, but also is outstanding in basketball and track, is one of our key-men. Jimmy Saladino participates in football, basketball, and track. These boys too, are active in some Second Semester LILY GIOVENCO, President HECTOR PEREIRA, Vice President JOAN SMITH, Secretary sport: Camelo Martinez, Fred Fernandez, Rubin Cuartero, Ernest Carrera, Nelson Thayer, and Tony Cavallero. Anita Berry Henson, vice president of our class, is busy also as a Kiwanette and a member of the cheering squad. Another peppy cheerleader is Josie Scaglione. Due to their interest in various school activities, John Sims and James Douglas hold the honor of being Key Club Members. 'VN FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Brown, Fogle, Douglas, Parrera. SECOND ROW: Butler, Bradly, Catalano, Cimino, Casta, Coberly, Burns, Barns, Broderick, Berry, Castellano, Chriss, Alvarez, Caruso, Dunn. THIRD ROW: Fernandez, Ficarrotta, Furia, Arce, Cueto, Bravo, Carillo, Deland, Echaverria, De La Paza, Diaz, Del Rosal, Cueto, Cuartero. FOURTH ROW: Rotalo, Cacciatore, Castellano, Curry, Cuesta, Carrera, Adams, Atkins, Caballero, Caso, Cabrerra, Cana, Arias. IMI 6 FIRST ROW, Lefi lo Riglfl: Hernandez, Fernandez, Marshall, Diaz, Eason, Eason, Dollar, Edenfield. SECOND ROW: Ferrera, Ferrera, Diaz, Kinny, Haubenstock, Huston, Henderson, Giglio, Kremin, Knight, Harrison, Hobbs, Hardee, Fletcher, Davidson, Groover. THIRD ROW: Gonzalez, Hernandez, Garcia, Govinco, Krebs, Hargraves, Garcia, Darville, Erwin, Garcia, Davis, Eason, Edelson, Ficarrotta, Diaz. FOURTH ROW: Gonzalez, Gillette, Jerozal, Granda, Guida, Ippolito, Holmes, johnson, Fultz, Harell, Gisbert, Gonzalez, Garcia, Hale, Kossmann. June Class of '49 ftantinuedj Active in Student Council affairs are joan Smith, Audrey Valdez, and Anitra Davis. Some of :he traffic officers come from this class: james Tune, Nelson Spoto, Virginia Stackhouse, Emilio Echevarria, and Betty Dollar. Beverly Langford, Billy's sister, belongs to the Pep Squad, the Y-Teens, and the Girls' Softball team. Winfield Whitehurst, james Tune, Nelson Spoto, Bruce Palika, Marion Boggs, Louis Borges, Castor Mendez Vigo, and Frank Liuzzo play in the band. Bill Strawbridge is following his sister's foot-steps in the journalism field, He is a Jeffersonian representative. ,....-, ,JL Anthony Lala and Tommy Walker belong to the rifle team, which came out eleventh in the national match. In Youth for Christ are Stella Piazza, Maxine Koopdale, Annie Laurie Payne, Velma Ray and Barbara Margison, Marian Wright, and ,Iosie Scaglione. In the Service Corps and Pep Squad are Faith Hobbs, and Barbara Margison. Twenty-two girls belong to the Y-Teens. Our class thus displays true dragon spirit. FIRST ROW, Lvff lo Right: La Barbera, Lopez, Morales, Martinez, Ramey, Marcadis, Lauro, Lee, Matthews, Macaluso. SECOND ROW: Lattcri, Melindez, Miller, Meyers, Landress, Morris, Langford, McCullcrs, Montana, Marchetta, Margison, Morales, Lyons, Lala, Manaley, Lewis. THIRD ROW: Miletello, Lala, Lopez, Langston, Martinez, Miller, Miranda, Lawrence, Mendez, Miranda, Simms, Lawrence, Hugres, Saco. FOURTH ROW: Munez, Scaglione, Luizzo, Saladino, Rotolo, Ravelo, Roque, Sims, Overstreet, Merritt, Noto. IMI I Vi- LVVIJI: FIRST ROW, Lefl lo Right: Spoto, Pitts, Piazza, Noreigo. SECOND ROW: Rodriquez, Smith, Walls, Stackhouse, Wade, Valdez, Seaone, Wright, Slaff, S. Noreigo, A. Rodriquez, Pullara, Papia, Slayton, Scaglione, Perez, Troupe. THIRD ROW: Zink, Xiques, Turner, Smith, Sherouse, Nelson, Van Vaerenbcrgh, Ragsclale, Whitted, Prod,Weeks, Spencer, Ray, Tune. FOURTH ROW: Thedford, Thomas, Walker, Thayer, Thornton, Sparks, Whitehurst, Strawbridge, Wright, Tyler, Suarez, Smith, Zambito, Villanueva, Vallejo. January Class of ' 0 MARIE WATERS, Prexideni JOYCE THEDFORD, Vice Pn-sid:-nl CHARLIE DAMICO, Svcretury Though we are new members on board this ship, we have already made a slight mark for ourselves. The Y-Teens have such members of our class in their organ- ization as Margaret Bruce, Velma Teston, Geraldine Fox, Barbara Carnathan, Joyce Thedford, Caroline Troupe, and Pauline Zambito. You'll find us quite musical, for many of our members are in the band and glee club. Among these are Lois Brinson, Robert GEORGE MIRANDA, President CARRIE OLADELL, Vice President CHARLIE DAMICO, Secretary Garcia and Oscar Rigo, band members, and Velma Teston, Katherine Summers and Pauline Zambito, members of the glee club. Serving as Student Council representatives are Pauline Zambito and Margaret Bruce. Margaret is also an R.O.T.C. sponsor and Velma was sponsor for one of our football dances. Lois, Katherine and Margaret belong to the Youth for Christ. FIRST ROW, Left to Righf: Hill, Kona, Kiever, Teston, Dumm, Poulnot, Riddle, Birge, Fox, Gold, Thedford, Hammon, Birge, Smith, Politakis, Brinscn. SECOND ROW: Harris, Summers, King, Montcleone, Bruce, Fuller, Lovelace, Carnathan, Zambito, Troupe, Waters, Martin, Hargraves, Owens. THIRD ROW: Hamm, Conte, Lopez, Lummia, Cardosa, Garcia, Koporec, Guito, Glenn, Giglio, Diaz, Cano, Murias, Fuego, Jones. Iss! FIRST ROW, Lefl to Right: Flinkstrom, Beau, Barrett, Coe, Bailey, Cowen, Collins, Desha, Bellucio, Cusmano, Bonanno, Berry, Collins, Clark, Cook, Caughey. SECOND ROW: Bodiford, Andrews, Giacone, Allison, Hodges, Escrige, Figuerido, Mano, Longo, Lopez, Fernandez, Bond, Mills, Cram, johnson. THIRD ROW: Kirkland, Caraway, Guggini, Casanueva, Brown, Fernandez, Bunker, Cuesta, Davis, Diaz, Lake, Lopez, Lake, Hartus, Gregory, Gray, Hanson, Puriton. , June L' ass of ' First Semester LOUIS ROY, Presirfenl CAESAR RODRIQUEZ, Vin- Presidml STEVE VACARI, Serrelary Among the loyal and active subjects of King Gasparilla and his queen are we, Ye Hearty Band of Freshman. We will not long be under the reign of Jefferson rulers, for we will graduate in June of 1950. Everyone agrees that Jefferson's band is tops, but where would it be without our able assistance? We offer proof positive to this statement because Sarah Jo Mays, Pat Wynns, Edward Davis, and Byron Kirkland are among Mr. Scott's more talented students. Second Semester ROBIN FORTNER, President WANDA TERREL, Vice President JOSIE GUAGLIARDO,Sec'1'Efary We are represented out in front of the music makers by Doris Ryals and Dot Allison in the majorette ranks. Don't think for one minute that we don't participate in athletics, for versatile Louis Figuerido is quite skilled in football, basketball, and track. Those of us not on the playing field cheer loudly from the sidelines. We chose Steve Vicari to represent us in Student Council for both the fall and spring term. ' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mickle, Lala, Riddell, Goodson, Mays, jones, Rayls, Oweiller, Tucker, St. Clair, Tyler, Gerock, Graie, Herrera, Yeargin, Hayes. SECOND ROW: Dean, Massaro, Mandzllo, Ward, Jean, Rodriquez. Murriel, Loaquey, Herdrix, Keene, Grace, Newburg, Ferrell. THIRD ROW: Vicari, Roy, Rossiter, Wynns, Pcnter, Jones, Riddell, Lansdell, Mickler, Samrnons, Tyler, Williams, McKissack, Lemon, Yeargen. L36 I R.0.l2 . BATTALION COMMANDERS Maj. Billy Wmlod Maj. Geo. Harris it Lt. Col. Wallace Henriquez Lt. Col. Winfred Kirby i H ii t. In V ' A A BATTALION OFFICERS AND SPONSORS ' Fall Tum Spring Term 7 . - Lt. Col. Wallace Henriquez . Betty Gonzalez Lt. Col. Winfred Kirby . . Buster Busciglio Q ag im Malo' Billy Woods ' ' ' Marcia Burris Maiur George Harris . . Nettie Shell I , .fag Sei' ' ff' Adj. Wiiifred Kirby . . . Hazel Raylc f . ' . . Adi. joe Lazzzra . . Rose Ficarrotta 7 f , - - '13 LX Supply Julius Garcia . . Margaret Perdomo 5 V pr . . - km I -12 Alvin Meyer . . Margaret Perdomo 5UPPlY J- D' TYW ---- FIYC Toofle ur! JK 'iii f f Band, John Shadgett . Lillian Berry Henson Band, John Shadgett . Lillian Berry Henson X- -fl -V , ei: V, f- A i'L' ' -ri' Fourth Battalion, Second Regiment, Hillsborough County, R.O.T.C. R. 0. T. 6. 0fficers COMPANY A F411 Capt. George Harris Sponsor-Butter Busciglio lst Lt. Raymond Fernandez Zncl Lt. lst platoon, Herbert Denmark Znd Lt. Znd platoon, joe Lazzara Spring Capt. Herbert Denmark Sponsor-Colleen Jordon lst Lt. Bob Hall Ind Lt. lst platoon, Charles Carreno Znd Lt. Znd platoon, john Bankhead COMPANY B Fall Capt. Elbert Nasworthy Sponsor-Boots Warren lst Lt. Manuel Fernandez 2nd Lt. lst platoon, George Lackman Znd Lt. 2nd platoon, Eddie Fernandez Spring Capt. Manuel Fernandez Sponsor-Frances Caltagirone lst Lt. George Lackman Znd Lt. lst platoon, Segundo Vior 2nd Lt. 2nd platoon, Florentino Priede COMPANY C Full Capt. Henry Cardoso Sponsor-Georgia Reed lst Lt. Steve Candileri Zncl Lt. lst platoon, Orlando Salincru 2nd Lt. Zncl platoon, Louis Marchetta Spring Capt. Henry Cardoso Sponsor-Margaret Bruce 2nd Lt. lst platoon, joe Dorio 2nd Lt. 2nd platoon, Jimmy Ciccarellu l3v9l 1,452 5 ff" U L 'SY X M QM i '-iff , 2 N, 3 f A' v- " 'QW If' if Q ,5, ' , ffEE5lef'rf5ff'f3Tf9" 950R3i9Ns5EE'? e.v-uno, Full rg5a.h wo,5 NIMH, L cl: an Var Prada HAZEL RAYLE sporvsoa End Row- Hansen, Jordan, Caifagivonc, Bruce. We if in 442 ,3, .,. if '35, asa er BRQFCE 58911593 .. M,,..,-L, ' ' S . , , . Y M M9 A up Al. VIN MEYER CFP? X ggi ug vm 5 if H 5 4. ,', D050 Rifle Team FIRST ROW, Lrfl io Right: Benton Gooclside, Waters, Walker, Lala, Do- minguez. SECOND ROW. Stone Jones, Kirby, Lazzara, Bankhead. Sponsors Left lo Righi: Busciglio, Ficarrotta, Bruce, Shell, Henson, Caltagironc, Tootlc. 0fficers FIRST ROW, Lvfl In Right: Kirby, Harris, Lazzara, Tyre, Sludgett, Den- mark, Fernandez, Cordosa, Lackrnan. SECOND ROW: Jones, Pricde, Vior, Carreno, Bankhead, Salinero, Dorio. T421 I President s Council FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Billy Langford, Nell Brinson, Lillian Berry Henson, Bobbie Chaite, Alice Esperante, Javel Nunez, Winfrcd Kirby, Buster Busciglio, Sec., Frances Caltagi- rone, Louise Clark. SECOND ROW: Mary Valenti, Mary Ann Cacciatore, Malcom Hughes, Pres., Rose Ficarrotta, Billy Benson, Patty Ennis, Johnny Shadgett, Vice Pres., Gloria Gonzalez, Mary Reine Boothby. Stu ent 60 ve nor PRESIDENTUS COUNCIL this year took as its main project the fostering of good spirit among Jefferson students. just as Jose Gaspar and his crew had a spirit of cooperation toward each other in the days of old, so does this group set as their goal a balance of harmony and good sportsmanship in our school. Directing all activities of these top leaders of Jefferson is Miss Clara Crone. Student Council STANDING: Frances Calragi- tone, Pres. FIRST ROW: Mar- garet Vasquez, Lilly Giovenco, Joan Smith, Margaret Bruce, Pauline Zambito, Lucille Tu- disco, Alba Rendreles, Rose Ficarrotta, Vice Pres., Mary Reine Boothby, Lois Hurston, jennie Lou Mills, Louise Clark, Priscilla Romeo, Mary Ann Cacciatore. SECOND ROW: Alice lisperante, Mercedes Ber- nal, Sec., Nelson Spoto, Frank Gonzalez, johnny Alonso, Jerry Stewart, Segundo Vior, Rep. at Large, Johnny Shadgett, Billy Benson, Sylvia Masedas, johnny Sanchez, Anitra Davis, Josie Scaglione, Steve Vicari, Velma Teston, D. W. Waters. E451 THE STUDENT COUNCIL, under the leadership of its officers and sponsor, Mrs. Debbie Sanborn, has accomplished many helpful measures in J. H. S. The pirates of old treasure hunting days had nothing on this busy club, for their recent purchase of a juke box is considered a prize treasure by -Ieffersonians. Through hard efforts the lunch room is kept neat and cleared of dishes. The traffic court, too, shows the results of their efforts, and the sale of caps, pins, banners and other articles bought many a record that has been played in the dances given by this organization. FRONT ROW, Lrfl lo Rigbl: Lodato, Kleinhammer, Shadgert, Overby, Lackman, Esperante, De Carlo, Norton, Blosfield, Sanchez, Stanley, Barbery, Davis. BACK ROW, Lf-fl to Right: Caltagirone, Sanchez, Wyatt, Hesoun, Stowe, Priedc, Anderson, Vior, Fernandez, Piazza, Blanton, Brinson, Milan. Boothby, Zambito, Conte. Honor OFFICERS ' Fin! Sr'mr'xler VVILFRED STOWE, Prrxidvnl OLA SANCHEZ. Vim' Prz'xii1'1'ilf BETSY BIANTON, Si'i'rc'fury AMARYLLIS HESOUN, Tn'as11r1'r Through the Honor Society, recognition is given to students in the upper th'-cc classes, who have been outstanding in Scholarship, Leadership, Character. and Service. Like mort other Na- tional Honor Society groups, ours taps its mem- bers serriaannually taking in the top IS pei' cent of the Senior A's, 10 per cent of the Senior B's, and S per cent of the junior A's. Members who were inducted this year in the two ceremonies of which the themes were Hal- loween and Saint Patrick's Day, found them- selves Working diligently on a campaign to improve school spirit by introducing higher ideals to the students. TOP ROVV, Lefi lu Rigbl: Wilfred Stowe, Ola Sanchez, Bet-y Blanton, Carmen Wyatt, Fletcher Anderson. SECOND ROW: Nina Piazza, Florentine Priede, Mary Boothby, Segundo Vior, Null Brinson. THIRD ROW: john Sanchez, Mary Conte, Lee DeCarlo. Mary Caltagirone, Manuel Fernandel. Soc iety First Svwzexlvr MARY BOOTHBY, Presiden! JOHN SHADGETT, Vin' President ALICE ESPERANTE, Svrrrfuvy NELL BRINSCN, Tr'mm4rer They joined in plans for the Senior Tea, the giving of n Scholarship Plaque to the homeroom with most Honor Roll students, intra-city supper meeting, state convention, musical show and programs. assembly Witlx the aid of the governor's council, the Honor Societies of Tampa ganizecl a Youth Forum which have or- has Writ- ten articles for the daily paper and now has its Own mdm Program' FRONT ROW, Lefl lo Right: Strawbridge, Penzato, Fernandez, Rogano, Cacciatore, Dodson, This forum is known as ghe Teen-Age Rvwell, ROMEO. .lofdaflf Forum. Jobe, Knut shownj Melendreras. TOP ROW, Lrft Io Right: Evelyn Wittman, Carmen Zambito, Blondine Overb, Alice Esperante, Amaryllis Hesoun. SECOND ROW: Lynnie Milam, George Lockman, Mary Norton, Johnny Shadgett, Louise Blosfield. THIRD ROW: Catherine Stanley, Dora Barbery, Doris Davis, Madge Kleinhammer, Mary Lodato. BACK ROW, Lvff lo Righl: W'ills, Ysidrcn, Benson, Rodriquez, Tomasino, Romanello, Bernal, fvq f di or 7110 Tile Jeffersonian If you'll peck into the porthole of the cabin about midway between the bow and stern on the starboard side of THE GOOD SHIP JEFFERSON, you'll learn why the first mate, Mrs. Anna Ayala, says, 'lActiviry is the by-word.' For here, tomorrow's journalists are born, masterpieces are created, and the process of education is strengthened. We crew members are not Concerned primarily with per- sonal glory, but desire to print a newspaper which the crew will enjoy. We include in our policy the endorsement of all activities aboard this ship, such as improving the interior of it and keep- ing up the appearance of the outside. We assume the duty of bolstering the morale of the crew and urging them not to be too rowdy or hard on the ship's property while aboard, Finally, we strive to make our publication one which will rank high among those of the other ships along our coast and throughout the country. Our band is truly one of the busiest on board! TOP. Betsy Blanton, Full Editor SECOND: Louise Clark, Patty Ennis, Spring Co-Editors THIRD, Back Row, Left to Right: Ola Sanchez, Margaret Per! domo, Helen Strawbridge, Sally Roop, Carmen Zambito, Orlando Salinero. SITTING: Ward Cooper, Amaryllis Hesoun. FRONT ROW: Betsy Blanton, Carolyn Curry. FOURTH. Back row: Gloria Salinero, Herbert Denmark, Frank Hernandez, Priscilla Romeo, Gerry Stovall, Tony Tramontano, Peggy Young. SITTING, Marcia Burris, Louise Clark, Patty Ennis. BELOW, Back Row: Bobbie Chaite, Alice Esperante. Orlando Salinero, Mary Boothby, Ola Sanchez. FRONT ROW: Nell Brinson, Betsy Blanton, Helen Strawbridge, Reyo Rutkin. E461 Spealcin Monticello Aboard THE GOOD SHIP JEFFERSON you'll find a small but hearty band that try to stick and pull together. W'e are the staff of this, your 1947 Monticello. First we ran into rough weather with senior activities and pictures. Next there were underclass pictures to be taken for we wanted pictures of everyone in the log. Then, of course, there was the record of the skipper, boatswain and the mates to be added to the ship's log. Our crew members, being very active, gave us many nr- ganizations to cope with. In true pirate fashion, many of thc crew participated in various sports. The many pictures of these events had to he added to our already crowded log. But no pirate ship can sail without gold, silver or other kinds of plunder, so we, too, had to set out and supply our ship with the necessary gold in the form of ads. Then, we, being true pirates, have had our differences of opinions one with another. But We've always soon flung our troubles overboard and given out with a hearty pirate song and led a very merry life. We, the board of directors, have spent many hours, some- times Working nearly around the sun. There are others aboard the ship to whom we would say "Many Thanks!,' for lending us a helping hand: making this log such a complete one. To all the rest of you who have assisted us in any way, please know that We appreciated it. Yes, we've had bad weather, stormy weather: but we haven't gone overboard. We've stuck out the voyage, feeling none the worse for itg but rather, having a deep and lasting satisfaction of knowing that as the cover of this Well-worn log is closed, we had the tiresome but pleasant duty of keeping it for the year 1947. TOP. Nell Brinson, Senior Fealiwrsg Mary Boothby, Make-up Editor SECOND: Bobbie Chaite, Adueflisiugg Reyo Rutkin, Subscriptions THIRD: Staff Members. BACK ROW: Wilson Waters, Char- lotte Soman, Ward Cooper. SITTING: Evelyn Wittman, Debby Duval. FOURTH: Herbert Denmark, Spovlsg Norma Chavez, Senior Arliuitiesg Alice Esperante, Organizations. BOARD OF DIRECTORS BELOW, Back Row: Norma Chavez, Reyo Rutkin, Nell Brin- son, Herbert Denmark. FRONT ROW: Alice Esperante, Bobbie Chaitr. Mary Boothby. I-171 ltiwanette and key L' abs key Club FIRST ROW, Lef! lo Rigbl: john Sims, Frank Thornton, Roy Fulghum, George Harris, john Shadgctt, Bob Hall, Ray- mond Potter. SECOND ROVW, Lefl I0 Righf: Wallace Henriquez, Elbert Nas- worthy, Bob Lambert, Billy Benson, Alvin Meyers, Flor- entino Priede. THIRD ROW, Lrfl lo Right: Nelson Spoto, jon Wisda, Julio Rodriquez, Billy Langford, George Lackman, johnny San- chez. Our Kiwanecte and Key Clubs are honorary clubs. "Musts" for our members are good character, good leadership and a good average. The Kiwanettes have devoted many hours to the Red Cross, and one of their duries has been ro fill overseas' boxes. For this semester's project, the Key Club erected a new flag pole, at the bottom of which a mound will be placed with a plaque in memory of the Jefferson boys lost in World War II. lliwanettes I-IRST ROW, Lffr fo Right: Carolyn Curry, Barbara Brid- ges, Betsy Blanton, Nell Brin- son, Marcia Burris, Anita Berry Henson, Mrs. Wisdimn, sponsor. SECOND ROW, Lvfi I0 Right: Georgia Reed, Mary Reine Boorhby, Louise Clark, Madge Klcinhammer, Amarylis Hc- soun, Gloria Gonzalez, Alice Esperance. THIRD ROW, Lcfl In Rigbf: Lois Larson, Priscilla Romeo, Norma Chavez, Frances Calra- girone, Lillian Berry Henson, Bobbie Chaite, Ola Sanchez. l4s1 V.. Y- feens A very energetic group of girls are the Y-Teens. They have participated in various projects for raising money. Among these was the selling of potato chips and pencils inscribed with Jefferson Hi Dragons. They also held a dance in the school auditorium. They helped in soliciting for the cancer drive. In addition to their hours of service, the girls get a good start to- ward leadership in various other school activities. U - N. Munjiovi, Brently, Gavernale. r I FIRST ROW, Lrfl tu Right: Luizzo, Slaff, Maseda, Clark, Hayward, Henson, Berry, li. Munjiovi, SECOND ROW, Left to Righl: Perdomo, Sanchez, Esperante, Teston, Caltagirone, Chavez, Scaglione, Strawhridge, Cacciatore, Del Pino, Miller, Garett, Pizza, N. Pizza, Conte, Fernandez. THIRD ROW, Left lo Right: Buseiglio, Padron, Wynn, Meade, Newsome, Bridges, Austin, jobe, Vasquez, Causey, Payne, jones, Baker, Fernandez, Boone. FOURTH ROW, Lefl io Rigbl: Vasquez, Florez, Singletary, King, Bruce, Barnd, Brussell, Henson, Gonzalez, Haverstock, Piazzo, Hepson, Teston, Seone, Ficarrotta. 7- eens And ervice Corps FIRST ROW, Left lo Rigbi: Lucy Pais, Selma Edelson, Carol Ficarrotta, Connie Wiedrich, Dora Suco, Mary Valenti, Margaret Kremin, Mary Rogano, Grace Trumhack, Christian Baynard, Olga Perez, Rose Garcia, johnny Sanchez, Dora Mondella, jeral Stovall, Mrs. Campbell. E491 Service Corps In this organization we have a group which tries very hard to live up to its name. They take an active part in many worthwhile activities in and out of school. l . MAJORETTES FRONT ROW, Left fo Rigfsl: Taylor, Boothby ico- QQ . ,. Sffx of I' Q-fx head majorettcj, Blanton. BACK ROW: Sanchez, Clark Qco-head majorettej, Cowley, Curry, Klein- hammer. Tlrey P 4 the Notes FIRST FILE, Front lo Rrar: Taylor. Vega, Fisher, Diaz, Roan, Tucker, Leon, Toone, Spoto, Gunter, Snis. SECOND FILE: Boothby, Bourges, Whitehurst Luizzo Brinson Mays Vajela W nns Bic kle I 1 Y Y: McFalll THIRD FILE: Sliadgetti Groh, Dominquez, Caeciatore, Wills, Valdez, Pollica, Berondo, Rigo Romero. FOURTH FILE: Clark, Scott Cband direc- torj, Kirkland, Suarez, Davis Mills Gra 1 1 yn dez, Boggs, Beiro. FIFTH FILE: Cowley, Tomasino, Sais, Sisson, Davis, Harkness, Martinez, Thomas, Webb. NOT SHOWN: dez, Noblitt, Garcia, Byrd, Tucker, Guito, Wade, Fulghum fband mascotj. ISII Fernan- Stanley Wynns Hernan- Groover FIRST ROW, lrft I0 Right: Summers, Wright, Summers, K i n g, Jones, Wynns, Clark. Brinson, Bankhead, Anderson, Brin- son, Boothby, Sanchez, Cowley, Wills, Williams. SECOND ROVV: Collins, Baggett, Milan, Vasquez, Strawhridge, Payne, Col- lins, Dollar, Piazia, Johe, Barr, Sission, Mills, Rags' dale, Goodwin. THIRD ROW: Firarrotta, Babe, Gray, Fernandez, Hughes, Waters, Reeves, Marrcro, Remeley, Berry, Groover. .Voutlr or Cllrist President, ...,.... .,.. F letcher Anderson, Malcolm Hughes Vice President .,.. .,,,.., M ary Boothby, Gloria Gonzalez Srrrefnry ........, ..,,... J ohn Bankhead, Mary Boothby Tn-asufrr ............ ..,.. L ois Brinson, Mary Ann Cacciatore Warship Chairman. .. ,..Martha Goodwin, Martha Goodwin Social Lenders ,.,... ......,.. L ouise Clark, Lois Brinson Song Leader ..,.,................. Margaret Groh, Louise Clark Publicity Cbuirmen ....,....... Ola Sanchez, Helen Strawbridge One of the most active clubs in Jefferson is Youth for Christ. A beautiful, gold engraved cup, and a blue and gold banner were added to Jefferson's trophy case through the hard efforts of its members. These were won in connection with the attendance drives of the Saturday night Youth for Christ rallies, and many young people have begun to attend meetings regularly each week. Programs are given each Tuesday afternoon by this group to which students of any denomination are invited. Several persons who have participated in these meetings were asked to take part in the Saturday night programs. Many are now Youth of Christ favorites. Much of the success of this organization can be credited to the fine Christian leadership of its presidents, Fletcher Anderson and Malcolm Hughes, and its sponsors, Mr. Byrd and Don Seitman. FIRST ROW, Lrft Io Rigbl: Fernandez, Lord, A. Lopez, M, Cacciatore, Felipe, Piazza. SECOND ROW: Curry, Strawbridge, Vasquez, Caizzo, Del Pino, Melendreras, Berry, M. Cacciatore, Clark, Rogano, Pen- zato, Ysidron, Santander, Ficarrotta, Llanes, Salinero. THIRD ROW: Hoffman, Alfonso, Mote, Miller, Scaglione, Rayle, Cona, J. Cacciatore, Castillo, Stovall, Wills, Polo, De Fabrizio, La Perna, Leto, Teston, Beiro. FOURTH ROW: Gonzalez, Mauricio, Henriquez, Nuccio, Jones, Kirby, Romanello, Rodriquez, Bonis, Yglesias, Benson, Langford, Potter, Martino, Hodges. cl1olarsln7: lac. "HONOR ABLE MENTIONU 1-Ol' HONOR SOCIETY U21 i a q..-..... .- .- ... .-.. -.-- .. SEPTEMBER 9-Registration day. 11-Classes begin. 15-Quarterback dance. 17-Sabre Club's first meeting. 19-Athletic assembly. 20-First football game, Jefferson 0, Lee 14. Z3-Student Council elected. 26-Pep Assembly. Jefferson downs Tarpon Springs. R.O.T.C. Officers announced. First edition of Jeffersonian. 27-Monticello holds first meeting. Diary 0F The Yea - .. -....-....,...-...... -...- - .. -...- ... ....-..-..- .. .. - -...-...-..g. OCTOBER 1-Senior A's elect officers. 2-Student Council assembly. 3-Jefferson defeats Clearwater. 4-Kiwanette dance. 7-School closes for storm. 10-Kiwanettes install new officers. 11-Jefferson downs Lakeland. 16-Youth for Christ assembly. 17-Jefferson snake walk. Senior A and B meeting. 18-Pep Assembly. Jefferson 0, Hillsboro 28. 24-Navy film shown in assembly. Jefferson 19, Miami Edison 26. 29-R.O.T.C. presents awards. 30-Honor Society induction. NOVEMBER 1-Jefferson 30, Jesuit 13. President's Council meet. 2-Senior Class Play Cast announced. 8-Jefferson vs. Plant. 9-Y-Teens' Sadie Hawkins dance. 12-Seniors choose commencement speakers. 13-Quill and Scroll assembly. 15-Jefferson defeats Orlando 28-6. 18-Senior A's order caps and gowns. 20-Speech Class present assembly. 21-Quill and Scroll elect officers. 22-Dragons overpower St. Pete. Dragonette queen and court honored at St. Pete game. 25-Round Robin game captains chosen. 26-Jeffersonian representatives leave for Milwaukee. 29--Thanksgiving holidays. 4...-.........-....-........-..-...-q.-......-......-.......-....-..-...-.--. -...- -.-..-..-........-..-..-.......-......-..-..........-.--..-...g. DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY 4-Senior A's meet. 4-Jefferson 45, Clearwater 20. 1-JCff9rS0n VS. EdiSOI1- 5-Senior B meeting. 7-Youth Forum. 3-Beauty' Contest 2S5emblY- Cuesta and Verges chosen All-City. Jefferson vs. Plant City. 4-Jefferson vs, Lakeland, 6-Round Robin game, 10-Jefferson bows to Lee. Senior A 0ffiCe1'5 2Ym0'-mCed- Jefferson and Plant Win' 11-Jefferson loses to Jackson. 6-Kiwanettes install officers. 9-Senior A's have meeting. 10-Speech class present assembly. 12-Football banquet. 13-Honor Society supper. Key Club presents movies. Seniors have hayride. 17-Senior tea. Kiwanettes hostesses at joint supper meeting. 13-Senior Class Play. 14-Jefferson 17-Senior B Notables Jefferson 18-Jefferson 2 0-Examinat 21-Jefferson Commencement. 7-ChiIdren's day at State Fair. vs. St' Pete 49-36. Jefferson vs. Jackson. anquet- 8-Jefferson vs. Lee. announced, 10-School out for Gasparilla. dCfC3tS Miami .lHCkS0n- 11-School closes half day because of bad vs, Edison, weather. ions, 13-Officers and Sponsors named. 10535 to Jesuit, 14-Student Council elect officers. Edison's band play in assembly. 7-Senior A class committees meet. 18-R.O.T.C. parade. Glee Club assembly. Varsity and Faculty basketball game. Christmas holidays. 20-Student Council dance. alnn..4m-. 1.1.1.-1....1u .1 n-nn-.a.1nu1uu1.,u1nu MARCH 5-Assembly by Speech Class. Voting of Senior A Notables. 11-Assembly-Negro choir. 12-IZA5 win Intellectual Dragon. 13-Seniors take placement tests. 17-Honor Society induction. 19-Jefferson vs. Clearwater. 21-Senior A Banquet, Notables announced. 24-Jefferson meets Bradenton. 26-Jefferson vs. New Port Richey. 28-Jefferson vs. Jesuit. E551 q...-.....,..-.. ...W.................-...-...-..-..-..-...-. -..-. .. -..-..- -......-,..-...- 24-Quill and Scroll dinner. Hall of Fame announced. Dragons 21, Hillsboro 46. Band and Glee Club awarded letters. Z8-Jefferson downs Plant. -Jefferson vs. Miami Jackson. Professor Quizz. IS-Jefferson 38, Clearwater if. 18-Kiwanette joint supper. 21-Jefferson 40, St. Pete 48. 24-Jefferson gets new flag pole. 25-Jefferson 51, Jesuit 40. .......-,.....W......-...--...-..........-...- .. ..-..-......-...-........-.........-..-............-......g. APRIL -Cheerleader try-outs begin. April Fool's day. -Jefferson vs. Clearwater. 4-Jefferson meets St. Pete. Good Friday. -Kiwanette supper meeting. -Jefferson vs. Jesuit. -Jefferson vs. Bradenton. -Jefferson and Jesuit meet. -Jefferson meets Lakeland. -Jefferson vs. Hillsborough. -Jefferson vs. New Port Richey. MAY 2-Jefferson meets St. Pete. 7-Quill and Scroll induction. 14-Kiwanette induction. 23-Class Day. Senior hayride. 25-Journalism Convention. 28-Examinations begin. 31-School. I UNE 1-Baccalaureate. 2-Commencement. .............. ..-...-..-..-..-..-..-ng. January I edl enior Boy William Alvarez Manny Elizarcle Steve Cmncleleri Frank Fclicione Ray Fernandez . Henry West . . .L11Js. . Hair, , . Dixlmsilion . .Trvflf Comp lvxion Now. , Whllace Henriqucz .. Smile Gabriel Acebo ,Eyry .. Girl Violet Alfonso Jennie Busto Mary Lew Thelma Duval Joanne Cncciatore .. Rose Beirc Tootsie Roman Violet Scaglionc U61 w 2 . ,D 1 :5 'K vezf ggf ,ga Maggy 9 'nv 1: Tlilczsezl . e a s , Q XL ,fit Ymixim by q Di, suffice' 4 ? Ejaldie FQYRBDJQI vesszd X45 vi if fi - 35, up evnanivz C50 vi FH A15 4 NXQVSQ6 Mort In rorafion . Tous! to Faculty . Reipmzsc . . Solo . . . Atrompanist Toast lo Gzrlx Response , Sola . . Arron1juu1is1 . A Night ln the Social World at the Crystal Ball, March 21 'Tfring " . Mr. D. D. Waters . . Nell Brinson . . Mrs. Lucille Track . Lillian Berry Henson . . Flavia Ciaozzo . George Lackman . Buster Busciglio . Frank Hernandez . . . Alice Lopez Lvfi to Rzgbi: B. M. Eason, Cuffs! Boyg Annie Ruth Smith, Prrltlext Gfrlg George Harris, Hami301m'st Boy, Buster Busciglio, CMM! Girl. Toaxf io Bays . Terry Carter Rmponsa . . Fred Anderson Trumpet Solo . - johnny Shadgett Arro1vpa11if:l . . Flavia Ciaozzo Sqlo .... . Gloria Gonzalez Arfarnpanist . . . . . Alice Lopez INTRODUCTIONS: Idrul Senior . . Evelyn Whitman Class Notablfx . ..... William Benson BOYS, Left io Riglli: john Shadgett, Movt Talfuledg Javel Nunez, Bm! Pfrsonaliiy. GIRLS, Left I0 Right: Lillian Berry Henson, Bm! Persomzlilyg Gloria Gonzalez, M051 Tulenimf. BACK ROW, Loft to Rigbl: Frank Potter, Maxi Affommlaling Boyg George Harris, Muff Popular Boy, FRONT ROW: Louise Blnsfield, Su'n't1's! Girlg Alice lfsperantc. Mos! Populur Girl. COUPLE ON LEFT: Most Digfzifird, B. M. Eason and Peggy Meadeg COUPLE ON RIGHT: Norma Lopez and Winfred Kirby. Bcst Dressed Couple, johnny Shadgett and Buster Buscigliog Max! Sopbixliralml, Terry Carter and Roy Boone. June I cal enior Buy Wfinfrecl Kirby, George Lackman , Lipx , . Hair., Girl Annie Ruth Smith , Irene Cape Fred Anderson. . .Tcrlh . Ruth Grccnhalgh jack Thompson , . Egfr . Norma Castillo Bob Hall . ,Nun . . , Rosalie Vasquez Eva Melcnclrcras .Cmuplvxiorl . , Ray Boom james jones . Disposition . Dahlia Llanes Manuel Fernandez Smilv .... PCgSY Meade laol Lcfl to Riglnl: Most Likely lo Sucrevd, Mary Boochby and Billy Li-fl to Riglol: Mos! Buslsful Girl, Flavia Caiozzog Biggrxl Hirls, Bensong Besl All Around Couple, Alice Esperante and Henry Louis Minandi and Terry Carter. Cardoso. Left I0 Right: Witliexl Boy, Henry Munoz, Wiitirsl Girl and Left to Righf: Mort Athletic, Ernest Rubiog Brightest Boy ami Class Clown, Jennie Lou Millsg Class Clown, Irving Meerovitz. Gill, 56S11l1Cl0 Vi01' and Mary Conw- January Class Play Qscenel tau lit Mrs. Clairhrxlrr Ellavl Clyifbcxtrr . Claris Bren! . ,. Mr. Huufkex .. Bulvr . . . Maizl .. SHOWN SEATED, Left lo Right: Thelma Duval, Betty Gonzalez, Ray Fernandez, Sara Wilson, Elbert Nasworthy. STANDING: Billy Woods, Steve Candileri. "Strictly Formal" JUNE CLASS PLAY For the enjoyment of the officers and crew aboard our ship, the crew of pirates, who Formal," a three act comedy. june .............,,..... . ..Buster Buscigilio Sally ...,..., .. . .Dot Wilson .. jerry Stovall , , , .Bill Benson . . Nell Brinson ., . B. M. Eason Agnes . , ..., . . Andrew Cutler . . . Nellie Cutler .. Mr. Alicrn .... . lim ......., ,... H erbert Denmark Rose Tillon ...,,,..,....,......,.., ...,,..,. T erry Carter Mrs, Tilton . . . . . . Ioxic' Tilton . , Elroy . . , Gefzrgi' ,,.. . Marvin , . . . Cindy Collin: . Marilyn . ..,,,.......... ....... . ,.. Lf. Bob Cunninglmm jerry ,.... .... .,,, left our ship in June, In The Act "Pe 0' My Heart" JANUARY CLASS PLAY Peg ,.... . .. , .,.,..,. Sarah Wilson Elbert Nasworthy . Thelma Duval .. Betty Gonzalez Ray Fernandez , .Steve Candileri . . . .jimmy Stokes . . . . .Betty Pate presented "Strictly . , . . .Hazel Rayle . . . . .Alice Bicltley . . .Frank Hernandez ,johnny Shadgett , .Alice Esperante . , , .Lillian Henson ...,.Peggy Young George Harris FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Judith Turrentine, Peggy Young, Alice Esperanto, Betsy Brown, Ann Wakely, Gloria Gonzalez, Betty Richards, Jewell Taylor, Alice Bickley, Buster Busciglio, B. M. Eason, Marjorie Wills, Dorothy Wilson, Ernest Rubio, Charles Tucker. SECOND ROW, Left to Riglal: Estella Fcfnrlrldel, TGFYY CHIEF, Julio Rodriguez, Hazel Rayle, jack Thompson, Maxine Futch, Nell Brinson, Evelyn Wittman, Juanita Felipe, Hazel Donnelly. THIRD ROW, Lefi to Rigbl: Ernest Webb, Harold Hardin, johnny Shadgett, Bill Benson, Frank Hernandez, Buford Nalls, Tony Tramontana. 2 , Y.,-4-Q 'L+ 4"4'.-P fi? Mi in - - ,..f - Wy?-r M, ,-,,?,?,4, I x y x X --'-'- N 3 ,., Q 5 'WJ W x N 'ng EN X N N X5 N Vx -H Y Y ,C,......, X ' M1ff f f , UXJXXXW ' 1 BX 'f XXX . ' Xu: X f ? 2 , f 1 2 x XXX SE VAX-wfzfffg Xb 9-12,-59 f f '-S I ? kl'- Y v ? -, A "'1'i"", -' QU ?xP Nqn? ix iii Z -57"-xi--S 'NTLK kXXxfQ5XXXbS 5 ikqgx' Ki 6 I? W' -E-fi-Qu I E ':. ff, ' ' - Xrlb K-X 1' ,E Xmux , VJ!!! 2 'X lxff ' 'X ff , X f X WA xilla, WP X? E w X'-X 7 fy RM 5 lm yx SX R ,:r: AX K XXEX X X CXXkXx A X man? X iigigl- x X H111 W 'M X X f w e '- X Q 5 X 'V N X X 1,61 X WH f 73m 352 K R X XX W, . N X s gf X XM I - 1 ' I 0 XXXL Mr Q E Q 1 5 + ,3 ,MQ RMA? ix 1 f X X ff-,liflf X -1 X If I EQ Kg Rl X 1 X f 7, ,IZ Vw ,XX X I 'WGN km X A ,Z W Xyxxfbwxx KS X 3 X " ff XXVI' 'lf as XMB 'W X ki f--fx xXnN',Xm ,fl XX f' X XX NQJQXA mx xx X I -if 2' x kg XIII V X Q X X X X Q 1 QI xx X X X X xx XXNXQ QI X X X f f 6 xx ',.? N ,MGP EK: XX f f , "GX-R-j Im I 'X Z' XXX A A f NX-41 7 " 'KX -B sf X 't- 1 X N XX, E f 'Rf' 4 E ' N5 79 SX Qi? 6 , 1, P XN 4 m V R N ' 'A I H I'l ll XE XX Xxx 1 I X px! C - .S G I -43 X XX ' HH 1 X Q1 x sz, :Q 'X ' Y X f In W 5 L K -1 L! Q' I X Q ,ff X 1 O' . f 7 X 5 by 9 0' C X E :N f y T1 R fy ' 56 1' X fl E X A S XI! X ' l . V QQ V! X 1 J I " 1 214 Q is Xtra X X W X f ' N 1 i A ' f 49 , X 5 E Ig fi" XX X I ii-Q ggi X X X X, X - b 1? E ,X 'I K X XX X X X X f 4, 1 qi my N WX X ff X M, XV' 1946 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Opponent VW '5cpt. 20-Lee, There . , . 0 Sept. 26-Tarpon, Here . .21 Oct. 5-Clearwater, Here ..41 "'Oct.11-Lakeland, There , ZS 'Oct,18-Hillsboro, Here . , 0 'Oct. Z4-Miami, Here .19 Nov 1-Jesuit, Here 39 "Nov, 8-Plant, Here 7 "'Nov.1S-Orlando, Here . 28 'Nov 22-Sr. Pete, Here .39 "lQBig Ten! 1947 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Opfmnml Sept. 18-Lee , . . Sept 26--Jax . Oct. 3-Clearwater Oct. 11-Lakeland Oct. 16-Hillsboro . Oct.24-Edison . Oct.30-Jesuit . Nov. Nov. Nov. 7-Plant , 14-Orlando . 21-St. Pete . They 14 0 I9 13 28 26 13 21 6 27 Here There There Here Here There Here Here There There T641 Not a 6004 Not a Bad Spnrlted by the spirit of the student body, the Jefferson Dragons concluded their season with five wins and five losses. The absence of several players during the middle of the season accounted for the slow progress of the team. Competition was very keen for first string positions due to the fact that there were quite a number of new players who became eligible, although they Licked experience, just as in other sports, the Gold and Blue football squad ran hot and cold all through the season. but after tightening their grip, they came through to finish one of chose "not so good but not so bad seasons!" E651 3 , i i E 36 FIRST ROW", Left I0 R1gf1!: F. Fernandez, Martinez, M. Fernandez, Prieto, Giglio, Grandio, Rubio, Priede, Mirande. SECOND ROW, Loft to Rrght: jimenez. Alonso, Sparks. Rivero, Saladino, Vior. Boggs, Lopez. Figueredo. Zmmbim. Baseball March I3-Admiral Farragut . -TIIHS April 8-Hillsboro nr Lakeland March 19-Clearwater . There April ll-jesuir , , . March 2 l--Admiral Farragut . Here April 15-Bradenton March 24-Bradenton . There April 17--Jesuit March 26-New Port Richey . .Here April I8-Lakeland . March 28-Jesuit . . , Here April 22-Hillsboro , . , April 1-Lakeland or Hillsboro , Here April 25-New Port Richey , April 5-Clearwater . .Here April 29-Open April 4-St. Pere , Here May 2-St. Pete , FIRST ROVV, Lrff I0 Rigbi: H. Cardosa, j. Dario, A. Cuesta, H. Valdez, S. Puleo, I. Cuesta. L. Figueredo, J. Moore, SECOND ROW, Lcfl lo Right: Harris, O. Salinero, A. Messina, Lindsey, Robertson, F. Bernaldo, T. Castellana, C. Newman. THIRD ROW, Left to Rigbl: Cram, j. Sanchez, Diaz, McCloud, G. Diaz, Harris, Carrera. , He re .Here , Here . Here Here ,Here There There 5 if or isrff if x KL -' 6 Shuffle Board Delores Collins, Betty Richards, Irene Celaya, Mary Felicione, Dot Austin, Pauline Longo, Gertrude Huston, Frances Lala, Josephine D'Amico, Mr. Waters, Geraldine Fox, Jane Lloyd. Archery FRONT ROW, Lrft to Right: Minerva Punal, Alaida Vida, Honorine Roberts, Hazel Rayle, Florence Scania, Olga Rodriquez. BACK ROW: Mary Bussel, Olga Perez, Beulah McGowan, Sylvia Renz, Dot Vick, Naomi Stewart, Gerry Landers, Frances Lala. f7Z Meer eade FIRST ROW, Lrfl lu Righi: Buster Busciglio, Nancy Manjiovi, Lillian Berry Henson. Carmen Wyatt, Anita Berry Henson,. Marcia Burris SECOND ROW: josie Scaglione, Alice Esperante, Frances Caltagirone, Johnny Sanchez, Jerry Bonis, Billy Wlllood, Dot Austin, Sally Roop Margaret Perdomo. l73J Bnilzcfball Johnny Alonso George Harris Henry Munoz Andy Cuesta Jack Thompson Benny Rivero Bobby Curry Kenneth Ayers Jimmy Jones Band Nell Brinson Mary Boothby Louise Clark Katherine Stanley Merle Noblitr John Shadgett Billy Gunter jerry Leon Charles Tomasino Ernest Webb Frank Hernandez Alan Harkness Charles Fisher Wearer Baseball Armando Castillo johnny Alonso Benny Rivero james Gigliu Florentino Preidc Fred Fernandez Phil Grandio Andrew Prieto Segundo Vior jack Thompson Andy Cuesta Jimmy Snladino Ernest Rubio Frzolball Bobby Curry J. D. Tyre Johnny Alonso Andy Cuesta Sam Puleo Philip Grandio Benny Rivero of The Tony Romanello Orlando Salinero Bob Payne James Moore Joe Dorio Ernest Rodriquez Joe Diaz joe Brocato Billy Langford Angelo Messina Henry Cardoso Armando Castillo Ernest Rubio Javel Nunez Wfinfred Kirby Lionel Smith Rigo Olivero James Giglio Tony Caballero Glee Club Carmen Wyatt Buster Busciglio Lillian Berry Henson 11 J ll Trurk James Alvarez Henry Valdez Javel Nunez Henry Cardoso Armando Castillo johnny Alonzo joe Dorio Rudy Dominguez Andy Cuesta Angelo Messina Cheerleaders Lillian Berry Henson Anita Berry Henson Marica Burris Buster Busciglio Frances Caltagirone Sally Roop Do: .Austin Alice Espcrante jack Thompson Jimmy Jones , M ,V N, - 'L . ' l' -, A hl ,li-ki 1 -g -I i - - 5, Q f f fd ,N V N 1 0 :ZXX 00252, o O o i:,T.-.--1 :QXXX ifjfcl 0 Q ,W ll. X mx X' igfgn -Eoiv Q! X x OO 's i M W e 5 .. Q E12 GE is C 9115 Ogg - 20.6 E4 14 if 1 ix 0 w iagiqfbz A .X-, 1 x X 3 QCD? C- OK f X, X .f----f 1 CD E ,., XQSXQ 10 ,,l X' o c I C ' U - V. s 1 1 .V i cgi 0 0 0 X O jx 0 - - ig CD f-S 0 P - O 0 i MX 0 - -Q -X .x 0 -' i-f-'41 rl F 1 O 1 T J LN xg K 6 - 0 - --N 3 S y. Q X K w- C: Q: QD J? Autograpggjsfnj ff m WW b qgg at Z pf. xi ffffffwx 2 3 ?i3fSyqw,p55f QS 5v'1f WW? 550 Milf WW? pg W WV M D' 9 M9 Mfgff. RQ, Q5 M Qyfpgiizfgy wb wb H3563 if .465 jf' kiffwz 5? W W' M . l E Q. Y a Y THE MON'1'lCELLO...1947 un-..-.1-.n-. lm......-..-I..H--W.--.-uiIu-..-.-.-H.-.H-..-un--1-un-pl.-...,..--P 4 W I Mihiff' the years Q if . , ,, , , , , , , , KJV' .-M-M. ., ,,,1.....n1.. ,,,. 1..7.,,,, ,,-..11-11471:-...:::-.u ..::::1: 4::7:.:-..-.,....-f...n W.. -- - a. o. Youne TAMPA ,l - ini -...-.Y.,...u-.-.I-0 ., ,Y... YW.. , J. RAYMOND SPEAR JACKSONVILLE if gf 'tax Tampa 's Largest ? f Florida's Ofdesf ip? I 2 ., ff-is k 5 L 1 '42 ..n-.--1.11. ,mgunns 0 LInoLsum cnnms nuussmg M In dllliaal W I A J , J 1 B Q. A,,. -. ,,g1 . 'Q . ,.., Qing Iswilliiisfglj Ll am:1IIMmr uIlaw 1 IIM aI 1...U-4.1.-1q.1..1..1.-:qu-.--I,,w.,.-....q.-....1...-...- ... - .-,H-.F -H. -...I -M him-.... ...... -H..-....-.....n-.. -u-n1-.-..,..-up-.......1n.-......-1,-...-..Q..-,.-...W M777 ,,,,..7..,n,-..7.,-W-... ..,,,,,. .,,,,,-...,..7n.--4, YOUNG'S DEPENDABLE E ...A JEFFERSQN BOOSTE R P 1 gb A F fbfjyfllflffflllitlnnv ....,. , V ' wx i 'X L J, L X M54 E X E fx 1 9 f 11 MX Sf? .-Q , fLlNoLEuMW - l 1-,ii-. illi--ll , l- i ,,., , ,..-...-,...-,...-....-....-m.....m...m.-.m-.u.....,.-....-,.W..n..-.1...-m1-.m-my-.,,..-..m,...,..-N..-.....-...-.,.-1...-u.-.M-W-...-.un-......1..-I. .. -...1,..-.. -.H THE MONTICELLO...1947 -lu-.l.-.1-l-..-.-l,-.1..-..,1n.-ul--n.-....uu-M-.--.H-.n.-..,..-n,110-miH..-..1..-I..-,.-n.-.p-I..-I..-1 It Pays To Play With WILSON'S SPORTS EQUIPMENT We Recommend Wilson's Baseball, Basketball, Football, Softball and Tennis Goods to be the Best as to Quality and Workmanship. KNIGHT and WALL CO. Tampa and Lafayette Streets Phone M 2631 - -nu-..u- - - -.... ..m.-u.- .-....-.m- .. - .. ... -........-..-M.-...U-H.,-ml-.-.W-lm...H-.- X J' L: K , f, ,X RE NIKQS CAFETERIA AND RESTAURANT Serving the Best to the Best for Less Open 7:00 A. M. me 1:00 A. M. CORNER FRANKLIN Sz MADISON STREETS SERVICE IN OUR GASPARILLA ROOM T MONTICE O... -...-n.1-.,---------..---...-----...1-..-....-..--...- All the Gang Sips Sodas at .. . HIEHUXNU 41111111151 SANDWICHES CANDY COLD DRINKS PRESCRIPTIONS ICE CREAM DRUGS .-..1. 119 W. COLUMBUS DR. PHONE M 1354 -lm-U..-.....-....-....-.M-1,....m.-n..-Im-m...,..-.M-...-....-..-H..- - .......- .- .......1m-...,-..,...-4...--....-4...-..,.-U...-1.-,.... 84 TI-IE MON TICELLO...l947 .!.-.T,.-.,.,- .- -..-,.......-.1,- - .-Tl........-...,-....-...-....-n.-,..,-..,-...-.,........ -.,,-....-W.. .. .. -..-...-..-...-.............. l l l 'S T bf T O T T C0 0 KIES T l l l l T H U good Qoz qjou . oz Wddiaa, goo L . l T T 3008 North Boulevard T 2 Phone M-2873 T T -fw-mr- -- ------- .-- ----- ----1 ------------ --.- -Tw-.-"-w-.-- -- -- lgl iIm1vn-:lui 1 : 1i111111L11 Alumina! his -un 11111i11v T v1v111 n l l l l l l T soon TASTE T g , ei, T E E 5 e . . T 51 T Z lt's Ifn' firing that jlcoplr talk abou! i T l In others . . . I I J it Q You omit buy good lash' ! L . . 5 It is pricclfxs. 5 g T Ifx xowelfaiug llylzt Ibn' people you buy from 5 g lf' Years to Come' the happy, Carefree hours of your E L ! school days will constantly be A stimulating memory, L Must know and Hmlwstaml' 1 1 Occasionally, perhaps, you will think of the tedious L We fbirlk you will find it rl wry rml lhiug Q T hours. When you do, remembers these Words of T At fbi-Y More T T James Russell Lowell: Z In uplmml for mln E E , , . Bu! it was in making nlucafion not only I it i zommon lo ull, but in soma' .Tense campulxory I T i on ull, ibai ihe rlexiiny of ibe frcv republics i O T 7 of Avnerim was practically setlledf' E M613 . . T T T T T T 5 5 5 I T Jack 7:-'NDOL-4 ' ' 0l' Z T T T T aoa FRANKLIN STREET DAIRY PRODUCTS T T I -1-H--l ----- --... .... , - ...,-,,.5. 4...-...-. - -..-..l-...-..-...-...-...-...-..1-....-.l- -H- THE MONTICELLO...1947 1 - - 1 -- -.-.M-ml-....-....,,.-,,,,-.,-w...,.,-I.,-M...W.nn.-..,,-,u-M.-n,,..1.-.I-I-,,,n THE UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA -- A College of Liberal Arts. IF YOU are going to study in Florida, the UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA OFFERS YOU: AN ENVIRONMENT of rare beauty in an historic building of Moorish architecture. SPACIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL class rooms and dormitory rooms. A STANDARD four-year 'co-educational college of high scholastic stand- ards offering curricula leading to four academic and professional degrees. A FACEIYTY of outstanding men and women, specialists in their respective ie ds. APPROVED by the Florida State Board of Education and by the United States Veterans Administration for the training of veterans under the G. I. Bill of Rights and Public 16. Member of the Florida Association of Colleges and Universities, member of the Florida Academy of Sciences, member of the National Veterans Collegiate Association and member of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Tuition and fees for full-time students approximately 3250.00 For further information address: DR. E. C. NANCE DR. M. C. RHODES Pfesidenl Dean of Arl'mi1zistmtion VISITORS ARE WELCOME UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA .....u-m.- woN'T You I-IAV-A-TAMPA CIGAR ELI WITT CIGAR CCD. TAMPA, FLORIDA DVC? of Qtta' Q S V gf f Qiffiis ff W' THE MONTICELLO... , n-m.-..- -..- - ..... -. - - - .- -.......m -K ganna Toilliwmo CLASS RINGS IN VITATIONS CAPS 85 GOWNS Box 126 GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA ii lim- - -.,..- - .-..,-. -,..-. - -.. - .-, 1.-...'-m.-..1.-.1v.-.m-.,..-,m-....-u..-m.-.,.,.-.m-.......m-lm Florida Sporting Goods "The Friendly Stores' Goldsmith and Rawlings Products 7II Tampa St. Phone M6770 I.- - -v..-....- .. - - - - - ....-,...-...l-.,...... n-.,..- - H- -...- -H- .. ,- - .1 - -.ln-nn-n KNOX STORES C0. Wholesale 85 Retail 808-810 E. Lafayette Street l- 1 - -M-m.....,,.1-.w-.m...m ,,-,,,.-,...-,..- - -. - i,,,.-m.- .. - - -.m-..-m .TEF- Congratulations, Seniors C. H. Roberts 815005 DESIGNERS Sz BUILDERS "We Build Beautiful Homes" J. W. ROBERTS, Gcncral Manager Tampa, Florida .-EIT .I-Hu-,,... - .. -. -w-.m- 1 .. 1. -..-ii-ull -.,...-....-....- -.-...-..- - - - -...- - - .-.- GATOR GRILL 502 13th Street H1-u.-.. .- - - - - -. .. - -.-..-..-...- .-...- ,-m1-......... -..- - - .... 1 - - - - 1.u-.m-uu USE GAS- THE MODERN FUEL TAMPA GAS COMPANY Liu..- - .. .. ... ... 1 - - - - .... ..1 .. 1 ... .1.. 1... .1....1....1....1....1....1....-......1....1....1 .1..,.1....1 ..1. THE MONTICELLO...1947 89 Compliments of STATE THEATRES STATE - CINEMA PALMA CEIA NORTHTOWN - Roxy .1..1. 1 1.. 1 ..1....-..........1. 1...1 1 1 1,,..1....1,. ADAMS - MAGNON J EWELERS 510 Franklin Street PHONE M 2456 .1.. 1 1 1..1..1 1 1 1. 1....1...1.1 1....1....1f ..1....1....1....1...41....1....1....1....1....-.....1....1....1....1....1....1.. 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Repairing and Recoring PHONE M 1409 303 Henderson Avenue 1....1....1 1.. 1. 1 .1 1..........1...1...1....1....1.1...-1..u 1....1...1 .1....1....-..1 1 1 .1. 1 1 1 1 1....1.... BYRD'S Florida Avenue . Service Store . "Be Sure With Pure" 3000 FLORIDA AVENUE UService With a SMILE" ..1....1....1...1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1....1..u THE MONTICELLO...1947 ....- 1 -...- - .- -....-.u..m.-.....-ll.-N.,.m..u.....n.-H-....-.m-m.-....- - 1 - - .- H- .- - - - - , FLORIDA STATE TI-IEATRES, Inc. TAMPA FLORIDA GARDEN STRAND 'VICTORY SEMINOLE SPRINGS DRIVE-IN im- -. - -H-H.- .- .. ............-...-rm-.m- .-. -.....-.........-m.-m....w-H..-H..-.. -T -.. --f..- -. - ..- .. -n ALL Tl-us, AND NEWS, Too 2 Z' 'our daily newspaper. Ir provi . ial to modern living. Wit ou a vc, iin in ou siopping would be difficult. You wou wa e irne n money going from store to storc seeking food, clothing and otha newspapers provide the type advertising merchants nccd . . . at nh necessary low cost. TAMPA TRIBUNE -.,... - 1 - -ml... -m.-m.-...,-.m.-un-lu..m.-m.-.m-.n.-.f.-m.-..,.-.,,,.-....-....- - -..-.-....- - .- - .. - ,- Compliments of Tampa Abstract 81 Title Insurance Company ESTABLISHED 1887 405 MADISON STREET TAMPA. FLORIDA -Im-nn-.m..m.-.U--lm-I.-.m..w-.......,...-.M-...-m.-.m......- .-N-. ....N-my-lm-...-my-...T-W.-.nh -...-y.,-.1.-.u.-..,.-n.- essentials. Retail business as we know it today could not exist. For only 1' - Tf jm MW IL f,T ef 5 4, iw E I!- T U H I Euanzffgfgm In HIIIHIT T- :::I1lllIIIIlIIl THE MONTICELL I I 1 M "'A' ""'"'A"""i T T L L " T 2 ' i T T THlRsTY??? i ...Just Whistlei 5 5 T T E T T O... 9 ...-m- -.- - .. .. ...T-T -....-Tm..wT..-T...-Tm- Compliments of Guaranty Title Company 506-508 Tampa Street TAMPA 1, FLORIDA -m-m.- m.-...T..TT..-W- - - - ....-....-M .. - - - - - - .. .. - ....u- .i. .f.T,.....- - -...-.......T-....-T..... -..- -...-T.-..- --T.-....- - .--- ...- ...... -... .. ..-m.-.T-.. -g.,-..,.- - - .- .-........-..-....-...-...- ..-.T.- .- AGood Place to Eat. HOME STYLE RESTAURANT i' ir ----------,-n.,-,.g. .g..-..u----..--------,-- Dave Gordon 8 Co. n lm-.I 1 .1 J.- nu- rm- .n.-u-I.. ..w...m.-.w- -.uu- Compliments of Florida Grower Press PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS 1306 GRAND CENTRAL AVENUE TAMPA ' FLORIDA l-.m-.m-rm-mr-m.-rm In-.N.....ll-lw-.m..-w...w-.m- Him- ...W-....-. y-H..-...-.4...... ... - -.M-lm-nu I-ul.---.-.........--..-.-........ THE MONTICELLO... 9 LCLPENNYCO. Franklin and Polk Street TAMPA, FLORIDA - - - - - - - -.- -K nAvoa Acso 4 vans -N woon -K -..u.. ,-..,,....u-....- -...-. .. .. .- - ....-. - ..,,. 1...- .-....- ... .- - - - - .. - -H--M.-.I -nn- CALDWELL BONDED 'WAREHOUSE MOVING Sc STORAGE 209 S. Franklin PHONE M 2796 -m...m.....- -l..-...- - -...- ... .-..-lu-.1 Cobb Construction C o m p a n y ...m.-,,.-.-...1-..--..--..- - - .-.....,..,-M-, - - .. -. - 1 - .- 1 -, 33 Compliments oi Ware Bedding and Manufacturing Co. 202 SOUTH FRANKLIN STREET GFHQJ , 1 .. ......,,-...-...-...-.N-.mi ..........i.-...-N. V - -.i.. -.W V 1 .. M.. ..- -....-....-. ..-.....-.ii mi-m.-m--mi-mi-.m-,m-mi-.,.....i..-......-....-ni.-.m-..i. -..-...M-.,.... - - - .. ... Best of Luck to You, Seniors, From MAAS BROTLQLIRS of Florida Central F lorida's Largest Department Store I O Q Shop for Your Smart Clothes at THE MONTICELL I O... 9 ,,,- , ,, -, ,.-, ,-,,,-M-,P -,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,i, T1,-,1-,,,- - -,,, -,- - - - - -....1.....-. I I me I I Compliments of TAMIAMI TRAIL TROPICAL TOURS, INC. I I ICE CREAM I COUIDIGUS "Fresh as a Tropical I 11 Motor Transportation Breeze System . 1702-04 22nd street Passenger Sz Freight Q QJWND i i it l I ,,,.. ,,,, -.. .... ,,-,,,,-.,,-,,. ..... .-....-,,', .i.....,,- ..,. ..--. 1 1 --.-.- .1-1.11-1...-11. 1111- ...1- 11 --Q-t.---- 11111.11--1111--11? n!11-u11- 1-111-1-1 ------ m-m-uu- 1-ww-I I I , ::::::::: : ,.., : ..., : ': ':"::": : ': : ::5::::1: Congratulations R I N A L D I and Best Wishes PRINTING from COMPANY 408 N th H d A 1 I or owar venue G A I N PHONE H 1907 COMPANY I ' I :::::::: :.:. ::::::'::"':":':"':':': "" :"'::::::::: 1 I I ..- -. -.--..-- .- -...- -.-...-.1.i. 5. H-lm-Im-nu-my-Im-...I-.III-...u.-Im u...m1..M-. -.I - -.--M- THE MON CELL Good Luck. . . . . . to the Class of '47 IHOMAS IEIIEIISOII HIGH SCHOOL from TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANY -Im-n..-I.n-w.-.m-.Im ....w-Im-.HI-m....m-....-.I...,...n -1...-M.-..,.-I...-.M-In.-.W-... -......- ..-ml- DIXIE AUTO PAINTING COLLISION WORK -:- FENDER STRAIGHTENING WRECKER SERVICE - BODY WORK Complete Duco Paint Spraying Telephone Y 4719 3426 15th Street Tampa, Florida nn.-a.- THE MONTICELL MODEL CASH GROCERY 12S HYDE PARK AVENUE I- - -In-ml-sm-...V-.m-w.-m.-m...W-. - - -uv HERB,S PLACE 1631 TAMPA STREET Spefializiug in Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Coffee, Ice Cream Soft Drinks V-I.-.-m.-.....-yu.-M.-ml..-rm-m.-ml.-A..-m...m.-.M-wr-M ELISE FRANK ART SCHOOL WE TEACH ALL BRANCHES OF ART Sperial Course in Pboto-Coloring 1803 Tampa St. Phone M3571 "HH GANG, MW! Me ul Neu.'l2cfry3s" J. J. Newberry 8: Co. - 5c 8z 10c Store 11.11.-vm -ll-1-un...M-.m....m1.u.-un-. H-my-.1 1,-my.-1... -.N -. H- .. .. .. -nn-.ln-ul.-m.-u.-.n.-In- .. -wh.: SEELEY'S TAMPA DRUG CO. 313 Washington KW'bo1rsaIe Drzzgsj CREIGHTON BROS. AWNING CO. 103 S. Franklin Street Phone M 1468 BISHOP'S GROCERY 8: MARKET nos NEBRASKA AVENUE SAM MARINO EIAZ DRUG STORE Q A. DIAZ, Prop. 1705 Howard Ave. Phom H4333 GARCIA'S RED TOP GRILL Nick M. Garcia, Prop, 910 Nebraska AVC, MODERN BEAUTY SALON mi SpCc'ializi11g in Scalp Treatments, Facials and Permanent Wfaves 205 E. TYLER STREET 1... - - -...H-nu-...I-mr.....y-m.-w.-m.-ml- - --.yu H... .- 1 1 - -.m-.m.-.,..-,M-..,,-,,..-lm.. , O . . . I 9 4 7 9 Green's Standard Service Station TAMPA 86 coLUMBUs DRIVE PHONE M 1307 14- - - - ..rm...m-.w-uw--.l...n.- - - - - Camplimenls of JOHN F. MINARDI and MICHAEL J. MINARDI n-Im-.Hu-m.--m-m.-m..-..,.-1...-m.-,.....w.-n.-.,.-n.- MEEROVITZ Department Store Gents Furnishing ami Shoes 2027 7TH AVENUE PHONE Y 3124 H- - ...m..m.-uu..uu-uu-vm-m1..m.1.m-.uu.. - - Congratulations to the Graduating Class from MR. T. VAN RHYN CARTY -.m-..----.---------- SAPPHIRE JEWELERS ..-m...-m-lm..m.-.m- .m-m.....u...m-........m-up-H.-. V..- ARMENIA AVENUE GROCERY 4302 ARMENIA AVENUE PHONE H46-343 nl- ... 1 .- C017gYllfuIdfi071 to Ike '47 Class Orange State Motor Company, Inc. INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS and GRAMM TRAILERS Congratulation from CENTRAL TRUCK LINES 4...m...u--.---------- 98 THE MONTICELLO...1947 ofa ,-.....,,- - ..U.-...-..-..-.........-...,......-....-,...,.,.-... Q I l f TAMPA APPLIANCE 1 The WESTINGHOUSE Dealer 400 Jackson Street I T PHONE M 1709 I T Q...-I.. -------- - -.. ----- .V-my em' ---- A ---------- www 1 A V OG U E i Cleaners and Laundry T Branches: 212 W. Platt St. - 2102 Gr. Central Ave. i PLANT COR. HOWARD 86 MORRISON AVE. 2 PHONE H1835 l lm ......... -w--mmm Og -nn- uur: - luuu -w--1 lxlx -nu-m-- vvvv -.1u-nn-m1-un-my--m-nn--In G1'een's Washing Machine Service i Rrjlairx and Paris for all Lau:1d1y Equfpnwnt i john A. Green, jr., Prop. ! 113 W. COLUINTBUS DRIVE L PHONE M 65-S92 I g ...W-,,m-mf......-....-m.-w.-..,.-m.-m.-.m-m1- f SCANIO'S GROCERY 82 MARKET i QUALITY WESTERN MEATS T Fwxb Fruils and vegetables Daily i -We Deliver- i 2923 Ola Avenue Phone M S745 1 -m--m.-...-...-m.-....-m.-ml-....-....-m.-...--l..-.m-....- l SANITARY POULTRY MARKET I 122 E. BROADWAY i PHONE Y 5484 I ..... m-mm--EwmmMmmmh .... ..,. ..., ,... ,.., .... l . F. T. BLOUNT Morticians - Ambulance PHONE M ssss I .g...-...-. .... ..-... ...-...-: SCAG'S QUALITY RETREAD A FRIEND A-ul-.----1--..---.---.H METROPOLITAN FURNITURE CO. Come In aml See Us Soon CUBA CAFE .-m,-.,..- .. -. - -..- 1 .. .. - - -I -lm-In -.m-m.- - - ..n--nu-.u-.n-..n...n.-nl- I-n--M1,-I JOE PULLARA AMBROSA FRUIT STORE ARTHUR SMITH MUS-IC CO. 106 E. TYLER HAPPY'S CORNER RESTAURANT CASS Sc FLORIDA AVENUES J. B. HARDIN HARDWARE, INC. 2209 E. BROADWAY AVENUE GARCIA BROTHERS Icwelry ulzzf Clothing 1730 Ii. BROADWAY FLORIDA AUTO SERVICE 1702 sTH AVENUE LITTLE KATZ 1724 BROADWAY AVENUE ...lm-A... ...e ...un,.....,-....-D..-.W-..u-,.u-.......A...m.- A-In THE MONTICELLO...1947 ,,- - -1111-11.-.....,.....-I.-..,-,n-,.....n.....,-,,,-.5-I PROJECT GROCERY Fancy Meals and Groreriex 1915 N. BOULEVARD PHONE H 49-S43 101-111.-1111-...1.-Im-110-1....-,1..-1w...111.-111.-111.-11.1-1.11-ml.. ALBANY DRIVE-IN MARKET Fancy Grorericx - Meat and Fixh TELEPHONE H44-722 '- We Deliver - Em- -.-.1- - -I.11....10-m.- - -4- --In- DELL 'ELMO STUDIO CARUSO BARBER SHOP 2110 NORTH HOWARD AVENUE 1- - ... - .. -.11l-..--.1-.1..-n-1w- - -.......w.- CRYSTAL BALL FLORIDA DRUG STORE E. BROADWAY 81 zznd STREET S Sz R GROCERY 8: MARKET 203 W. Fortune -We Dclizcrv- Phone M61-841 HYDE PARK GRILL LAFAYETTE AT HYDE PARK AVE. Come in and 'nzerf Daw am! Hank UNCLE SAM'S SHOE SHOP 2303 FLORIDA AVENUE STAR'S Furniture 81 Appliances 1201 FRANKLIN STREET PHONE M1389 G feelings Knapps Platt Street Florist 208 W, Platt Street Phone H 1208 11-11 -111.-1111-...1-Iw-111.- - -. - .. -....-In-1.1.-1111-4111 ss I-11.-111 - -nu-Iuiuu-uniuuw-un1un1sn-an-as-as-nidgl I S E M I N O L E 1 Furniture Company I Two Great Stores Main Store: 1 Lafayette St. at Hyde Park Ave. - Phone H4888 4 Brunch Store: ' 1102-6 Florida Avenue Phone M2231 I P. O. BOX 1871 I TAMPA 1, FLORIDA I I .-I..-. - -. -....1..-...-I.-...-..-....-..-..-. -..-,....-1. 1-101-11 -1-1 -an-uninniun-nu1nninninuiuninn--nr Crystal Polar Water Company NATURAL SPRING, DISTILLED AND BATTERY WATER Tampa Distributors for SANTO SPRINGS WATER at VEE CUPS . I 4202 Clearfleld Ave. Phone M 3858 -1111-n 1uu-nu-11.-n11--uu-11m-u11-nwv-nun-nn--1--In-111111:-1-n? HOTEL PURITAN i Dining Room and Restaurant 1.01 PLANT PHONE H4316 SEGALL'S I I "Proprietor ix Lebu'T Pop" T 1F17 SEVENTH AVENUE I Barney's Outboard Motor Shop I MERCURY Sz CHAMPION OUTBOARD MOTORS 103 JACKSON STREET I PHONE M 1064 I ..-. - -..-T.-.1-..-..-..-..-..-..-...,.-..-. I PLANT PARK STORE I NEXT TO PARK THEATRE "The Friendly Place io Trunk" I .-..-. - - -..,-..-...-1.-.,-..-...-...- - - -..Ll 100 THEMONTICELLO...1947 .Q ......-... ...--- ...- .....-...-.H-,..-...,-....-....-1.5. I Compliments of F A L o R s I I ulnuiuu-inn 111--- 1 iiii ni 1:1-:nn-nu 0? -nn-ml- .1M- 111111 111 11-1--- Wim.-.1 I ,'evgf,Q :-e,'1'e',g S . l Goff Co. I 812 FRANKLIN STREET, TAMPA I LAKELAND - 109 E. Main sum .g..,-.....,..,... - - - .. .. .. ... - -......-..u-......l.-l 4- ,.....l-...... ,. ....n-...-..,,-..,.-....-.,.-...-.,,.-..,-,.,- -....-....-.. NEBRASKA MARKET I 2915 NEBRASKA AVENUE I PHONE M58-162 l.-...- -i..-l.,- .... - ...A - .... -l..- .,A. - .... -..-...,-....- ,-.. I FROZEN CUSTARD snow While iff c yfa,,l to rm Home I E COLUMBUS DRIVE ac HIGHLAND I I -- ..l-...l-....-.u.- .,..-...... ,..,....,.- l..-...,-....-.,..- W.- 1..- .-. FRANK W. LAU - PLUMBING E 113 HYDE PARK AVENUE PHONE H3130 I 1- - --1- ----- -1-- - .--. -.---l.,- .... - .... - ..,. -1..-1..-..,.-. -.l. COLONIAL COFFEE MILLS : 2609 15TH STREET PHONE Yssso I 4- SARASOTA - 370 Main Street : FT. MYERS - 1115 First Street u..un-m.- - -.-m-.w-m.-uu-.u-....- .... - -A.,-.m- J.....-,,..-...I-...I-gi.:-....-,- 1 - .. - ... .. - -1. Compliments of WARREN'S DE SOTO Cleaners - Dyers - Laundry TAMPA, FLORIDA O'NEAL FURNITURE CO. "Complete Home Furnishers" 1011-13 Franklin Street PHONE M 8507 - ....- lm- yu.. i:n-m.- m.,w.- M... ....- W... ...v-.,..-. lm-.m...m....l. V. P. Poultry 81 Fish Market MAX'S BEST YADLEY'S AUTO STORAGE JACKSON 'Sc TAMPA Southern Novelty 81 Premium Co. Giflx and Novelties 2711 Florida Avenue Phone M 1035 GATOR GRILL S02 13th STREET FRANKLIN MEN'S SHOP 1012 Franklin Street Phone M 1022 -GROEENMAN FUNERAL HOME MORTICIANS PHONE H1777 E, L. Walters, M3 . POLCINOZS BARBER SHOP,m.-1.1,-41.1-...I-....-.,......L ...H THE MONTICBLLO...1947 101 11... . - -. -11.1-un-1111-11-1.11-un-1111-.111....111..11.-1111-'11-11 Tbe Best Dressed Men Wear 513 FRANKLIN STREET 11-1 - -.u.-1.11-m1-11u-11n..m.-uu...1u...1m-1..- - 1-.1 NAFFCO, INC. Linoleum and Tile Specialists 909 FLORIDA AVENUE PHONE M 8385 11--11-11I1.11-1111-1miA11..11.-u1.--11-.v-11....- 1.11.-.lm-.11-.1 Beckwith-Holmes Company, Inc. HUDSON SALES at SERVICE TAMPA, FLORIDA 1-1- .. --A-ml-.111-m1.....1-..1..1111-1.- - -1-un Compliments of B. MARION REED 1.-. -m-1m-1m-..-...u11-m1-n...m1...14-111.-nu-u.- .1-.H-.1 11-11...-11-111.-1111-11-1-1111-nu-1111--11-sm-111-M-...1-....-...-11 SIMPSON'S DRUG STORE Florida SL Columbus Drive Phone M3804 American Employment Office Culering to High Class Offices 5 Sales Personnel 719 Morgan Street Phone M 2891 MANHATTAN CAFE 210 E. Lafayette St. Phone M 2092 CORNER GROCERY 81 MARKET 3111 Tampa Street Phone M 1291 F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 801 Franklin Street Tampa, Fla. DAVIS 8z COOPER - REALTORS 112 E. Lafayette Street Phone M 8311 FRANKLIN SALES 8z SERVICE Pbonograpb Renlals for Parties-We Sell Records 1503 Franklin Street Phone M 61-453 PLA-MOR n-... 1 - - ..-u.-.u.-..u1n----..u11-q- .. ......-,I .,m1....- -......n...,.- - 1 .......-ln-1.1-n-an-an-.. ,-In-1--1 - -.1--u.11, 1.-11.-I11-n-1-1..--.-.,..,,.-1-nn1.u.........1...-1 f52-wzmfjbma 1 I 1 I 1 1 I 1 I .-..-,..- - .. - - ........-..-..1...-......-.........4. ,.-........ - - -,....-.....-.........-..-..-1.-.....l. Compliments of A FRIEND 1 11 3, '11- -1-1-u-uk Best Wishes From FERRELL JEWELRY COMPANY V Serving Florida Over a Quarter Century 609 FRANKLIN STREET ..-..-..-..-..-...-,,-..-..-.,-1.-..-,.-.,...- l 1 JOHNNY AND ALFRED'S SERVICE STATION 1 2001 E. BROADWAY PHONE Y1303 i ...-......-......-..-.,...........-.....-.....-... NEW DEAL GROCERY 81 MARKET T 1409 S. 22ND STREET PHONE Y1444 .,.-..-......-.,-...-..-..-... .,,. -..-..-..-....... T HUNT TRUCK SALES 81 SERVICE FRUEHAUF TRAILERS and DIESELS Q Corner of Tampa and Platt I 215 S. TAMPA ST. PHONE M B305 E ........-..-.......-......-......-..-.....-..................,,.i. 11,1 1..- new adventure in dining , U The Office Equipment Company, Inc STATIONERS Office Furniture - Office Supplies THE MONTICELLO...1947 11.-11.-.11 ----.-- 1-11.-11.-1.11-.11-.11-1.-1.4. 4. -....-111.-.1111-.....-11.-..,1-..11-.11-11.1-...-1..1-1.11.-11.-1.-.1-1. , - T 1 7 ! A . 2 1 I I - I df Ullvuedadef T:.mpa's Oldest SPANISH RESTAURANT 15th Street and E. Broadway YBOR CITY -111111-.11111.1111...111111.1111011111111111111111111114111.11111.1.-11111111 1,1.....1111111..111..11,,,, Del Valle Brothers, Inc. Nebraska at Lafayette Streets PHONE M 7971 1111111111 1 1 1,1 1. 1 .........,,1.11-1....111 Royal-Palm Dungarees TROPICAL GARMENT CO. 11.11 1 .11111111111111111111i1.1.-11111111111111..11111n 111 1 '.IENSEN,S, INC. Outfilfers I0 Mfn GIDDENS BLDG. PHONE M 2267 .W-.m1-in-11p-1.f.1111111111111 M1111111111.. 1111..11111111111111,.,,1 ARTILLERY FIELD Service Station HOWARD AND CASS PHONE H 1314 ,,,,1 1,..1,,,,11111..111111111111111111111111-.,...1,1.1111....1111.. 1 A-DELINE BEAUTY SHOP .' Slifcializing in Scalp Treatment and Facial Treatment 107 W. Columbus Dr. Phone M66-164 1.-.1111-1111...1111+11.1...1..1111111 1 1 1-1111111.. 111.11111111111 1 .. 141111 1111,..1n.-.1 .. 1 1 .. ..111111,..11.111111.1.111111 "Ouifilterx from Pins to Safes" TELEPHONE M 8377 719-721-723 FLORIDA AVENUE TAMPA, FLORIDA 1111111111111 1 1 -11.111111111111111111111111111... 11111111111 111 1 1.1 1 1. 11111111.. 1 1 1 1 ..11111111 It's BAKER'S BARBER SHOP for the best in Haircuts - Shaves - Shampoos 1813 Tampa St. Phone M 53-422 11.1 1 111111111 1 1 1 ... 1 1 ... 1.11.11 111 1111111111-11.1-1111111111111.11111111111111111111..11.111111111111111 THE MARKET BASKET 2139 W. HILLSBORO .Iohnnie's Tire 8z Battery Supply Tircx, Tubes, Bullffics 65 Sporting Gaodx 3021 Florida Ave. QBOIJ Christiej Phone M 8307 WHITE'S PHARMACY Drug: and Ajwpliancrs 1017 FRANKLIN STREET SAM "RED', CASTELLANA S. 'CONTE 8: CO. Staple and Fancy Groverx 1617 Garcia Avenue Phone H46-951 PALM STATE OIL CO. Disfribuforx of QUAKER STATE OIL Gulf Appliance Distributors, Inc. STEVEN SANTA CRUZ 211 5. 221111 STREET PHONE Y4543 11111..11.111111..1.111111111111111111.1 11.11-11111111111111.-1.11..11111 nf- - -un-my-nu-uu..m...m.-un..m.-.m...m...-. I THE MONTICELLO...19 AIRDROME PARK, INC. 801 MARION STREET TAMPA, FLORIDA PARKING - Daily, Weekly, Monflaly Pure Lubrication - Wasliing, Polishing PHONE M 6748 I.. ....-... - - - - - -.- .. - ...ul-.In .I-Im-,,...... - -ml NUCCIO'S China - Gifts - Appliances Linen - Jewelry 17th STREET 8z Sth AVENUE TAMPA 5, FLORIDA IH- -mi-.m-.m-,m...m-mi.m-m...m,..min...-H., .qu-.I DORADO RADIO SALES 1906 N. HOWARD AVENUE KINNEY SHOE STORE Sboex for the Entire Family SIS FRANKLIN STREET LAZO'S GROCERY N. LINCOLN AVENUE af SPRUCE Henderson Avenue Service Station 715 HENDERSON AVENUE C0mj1li1wn!.v of A FRIEND BRETTON DRUG STORE 726 LA SALLE ROBERTS CITY LUCIDO'S MARKET 81 GROCERY WALKER-HOOD FURNITURE CO. 1417 Franklin Street Phone M 2866 .-...- -ui- --.m.- - .- .. ... - -I-qu-1--4,1-IE1.,--n-.- 4 7 103 ---1 I 'A' FOGARTY BROS. TRANSFER, Inc. Local and Long Distance M V I N G Telephone M-36418 fk .-,,,.-,,..1w-1.-..-.u-..,..--.--.,-..-u....-...-n-n-- 1- m1-m.-m...,..-M-ln-u..n..u,,..n,...-II1...--.-1.-nu GRAND CENTRAL GARAGE Bring Your Troubles la Us Auto Painting and Body Works 1901 Gr. Central Ave. PIIODC H 1902 TRY-ME BOTTLING CO. M- .- , .- - -........-u-.....n.--.-.r.-.--nn.. KNOX SUNDRIES mu- - 1.u-..m..n,,-m1.u-n..-n.--n- 1 ----ui BELLAMY'S SERVICE STATION u-.-1. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I V I1 I 'I- --'I+ I I I I I I I 'I I I I fl! I I 1 I I I I -1- 104 'S' I I I .g...-.I .Q ..-,..- - 4..-.. -3- ,-.I..- - I I I I I I I I I -if THE MONTICELLO...1947 - - 1 - - ...I.-......-..1.,-K. S E M I N O L E ICE COMPANY -.- - -..- ... 1 .. - -.- -.E-Im-I .-Im-II--III-Im-Im..IIn--.-......uu..uu-u-nn-un.-u THE RITENCLIF CAFETERIA RIT and CLIF CHAMBERS, Owners Y. M. C. A. BUILDING 310-312 ZACK STREET -..- -.- - - .. .. .. - ... -I...-Im- ----.-......-.---,,,..,,,,..,, TERRACE GIFT SHOP - - ... -.w-In.-I-I.-m...mI-1I.. .. ... I-.II ESSRIG'S 808 FRANKLIN STREET PHONE M 3068 Thank you for your patronage in our yeur wilh you THE SALAD BOWL -m.-.I.-...I-...-.II-........m-.n-...-mI-. -. -..I JAMES 13. PICKARD, Mgr. Hofemf II...nn-II..-ml-III...III-I....nun-nu-Im-.m-m.-. --...I-I .-.III..mI....:.. .....-...... - - - - - - .. - -In FERNANDEZ 8: GARCIA Broadway at 15th Street q........-.,I-........- .. .. - - - ... - -.. ... -I ...... I-....-I..-,.I.-,.I....I.-....-,,,.- - ... - - - - - -... PHONEY1136 C OLUMBIA "The Gem of Spanish Restaurants" 7th Avenue and 22nd Street TAMPA 5, FLORIDA 1,,,-..,,- -I-II-.M-.III,uII-M.-MII-.-I-.W-...I-....- .- I-I... ...I..- M... Iminu-Im-..I.-.....-Im-wu-Im-....- II.:-...I-Inn-III.-.IIII LYNN'S FURNITURE STORE mo N, FRANKLIN STREET TAMPA FURNITURE CO. 1304 FRANKLIN STREET FOURTH AVENUE GROCERY NATIONAL PAPAYA CO. 115 W. COLUMBUS DRIVE LA HABANERA DRUG CO. Pai. Mmlirine - Magazines W6 Delivcv PHONE H36Y6 WEST TAMPA MANUEL HUERTA MARKET BROADWAY PRINTING CO. TAMPA, FLORIDA COLUMBIA MUSIC STORE 81 APPLIANCE CO. --EI,-II.-.Ili -uII-.m-uII-IIII-..I.-.....-mI-w- - .. -Im THE MONTICELL Compliments of ELITE CIGAR STORE Qim-...ln..nn-nu--n-uu-nn .-uu-n--.-.-........-..--..- H- 1 - .. 1 - .. - - -.,...,..- -....-.m...,,, u.-,..- - -my-ii1.-..u...un1nn-nu..un-.I-10-..--.N-u Compliments of Walker-Hood Furniture Co. Complete Home Furnishers "Your Crezlll Is C0011 Wfifh Walker'-H0f:d" 1415-19 Franklin Street Phone M 2866 Tampa, Florida 1-im-mi-.vw..nI.-.....-.m-ml-.m-..m-W-u..-lm-ml-nu COLUMBIA COFFEE MILL 2113 E. BROADWAY SUAREZ'S The Home of Diamonds SMITH 82 PORTON, INC. ZACK T. WESTER FURNITURE CO. 1602 BOND SHOE STORE E. Broadway Ybor City ARROW FURNITURE CO. 1225 Franklin Street Phone M3509 RAY'S BODY WORKS 1507 Sth AVENUE SAM'S CASH GROCERY 201 W. SCOTT STREET .-ug. .-ml-..-. -.....-...- - ... - .. .. 1 .... - -1-u.-nu-un-ul-. -un-.,..-...,-.W-..,,-..,,..m.-u..- n-.m-u.- .. -. - -. .. - - - .. -...-, ... ..4m-..-.- - -.- - ... .. .. ... -.- .- ui -.'.A-m.-V O 1 9 4 7 105 -.m-.m----- - - - - ------- --1 For Finest Home-Cured BACON and HAMS CEDAR TREE MARKET 3502 E. BROADWAY MADISON DRUG CO. Corner Madison and Franklin "Where Tampa Shops and Eats" J. A. NEWBERRY ..-.m...m.-:m-I-I--lm-im-nu-.m-ml-w.-li-v-m.-lu.-....-u HANKINS REALTY CO., INC. ioos TAMPA STREET PHONE M 2201 A......-A..-M-.m..m.-.m-.m-....-....- U..-.....-H...-n......m-.A Henderson Ave. Grocery 82 Market 701 EAST HENDERSON PHONE M54-671 naw.. - -...-H..-.m-m.-w......i... ...T -.. -. - -Eu DIANA SHOPS 907 FRANKLIN STREET u-ln... - - - .....-...1.,..-..m.- .. - - .- -nn -In -lm ...nn 106 THEMONTICELLO...1947 .g..-....-..- .. - .. .. ..- - - -I.-..-..-...-.........-....-...-m.-...-......-....- - .. - - - I I I I I I I I I I I I - Colling at the Studio ., .Flny Student Desiring Reprints ot any Commercial Photographs Appearing i in this Annual Con Obtain Them by I cfogazfaon and 9151 I I I + -g. -...-....-...-..-.I-...-.......-...-II-...-...........,..-........-.. I LA FRANCE SHOE STORE 5 1612 7TH AVENUE I TAMPA, FLORIDA i ....-.,,..n.....-.m- - I.-. TABLE SUPPLY STORE i "The Complete Food Store" I 2507 TAMPA STREET I 5 ROSS AVENUE MARKET I i OSCAR REGO, Proprivlor I x14 E. ROSS AVENUE I PHONE M 2816 I I STEVE'S SERVICE STATION I PHONE H 46-042 I Q.. 2002 GARCIA AVENUE .-....-...- - -..------u--.-.I.-..- -..-. -,- n-n.-.w-.a- - - - - -.-uu-uu-Im-U..- 1 -.A-I ...A-. -..1-.,,,..-.M-,.u-ln.- .I- - -m--lm-..r..-I..-mr-.IniIm-E.-I..-.....-...-u..-.mI...w.- M..- Your Commercial Photographer r-....-I...-...-...-..-.....,.-..-...... - .. .. A - ..m ,-mi... -.- .-mI..m.....I-Im-u1-n....u...u...m4- , -In Cougvalulaliovzx DR. J. R. ALDEN FLORIDA AVENUE STORE POLO'S SERVICE STATION Howard SL Green Streets Tampa. Fla. POLO 81 SON GROCERY 1610 N. Howard Avenue Tampa, Fla. MASSEY CLEANERS 3209 E. Hillsboro Avenue Tampa, Fla. FRANK LICCIO Express Garage 8: Wrecker Service SOI Jackson Tampa, Fla. COSMOPOLITAN ICE CO. BRANCH --....- 1n....m.-un-un-an-nf--nn--u-m.-n-..I.-,...- -I.. THEMONT1CELLO...1947 107 ,- 1I.I.-.III,-.III1.IH1IIII1II1.1.Im-IIII1Im1Im1Im-.II.1,,,..,..I EAGLE ROOFING 8z ART METAL WORKS WHOLESALE Sheet Metals XL Roofing PHONE M 1585 TAMPA, FLORIDA I- 1- 1 I-IIII..III.1I......Iw...Im..uII1aI.1.W11 1 1...I1.,:... I.. ... 1 M1I....-..I.-Im1mI1nu1-1-41un...uu..Iw..m.1.II.1.m1.. S. Felicione and Sons . Fish Co. . Largcsf Fixbing FIM! Owrwr in Soulla .Florida Wholesale gl Retail 102 East Constant Street TAMPA 2, FLORIDA I-....... - Im- Im... Im- m.-.II.- m.-Im.-...,.1..II- IIu-.I. -...H-.II LA ROSA MARKET 2507 16th STREET CIRO,S BARBER SHOP MODERN DRY CLEANERS 1115 E. CASS COLUMBIA PAINT Sz HARDWARE 2201 E. BROADWAY AVENUE JOE'S 31 SON'S Grofvry Ei Meal Market We Deliwr 1614 Nebraska Avenue Phone M 1742 Co1nplimenls of ROY FULGHUM Hvadquuvlarx for Parker "ilu Pens Commercial Industrial Jewelers 2703 FLORIDA AVENUE K. P. NEON SIGNS CO. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS I.. -m.1,,.I.-..III.1.III1an1.I.I...III-II.-III.-.m.1Iu.-IIu,In-Im... sins.-uII1III1 -I 11111 u1uu1au1 1 1,11 .-.I+ -....1m.-Im-..m...mI..IIn..Im1lII-Im1IIu1Im-.Iw-...1w,1I.I. I.-.- 1mI-.:.I1K1.......mI..nII- "' 1 - - - - 1 -. -Im BECKWITH RANGE JEWELRY COpposite Courthousej PHONE M 2086,1uI,1na11.11 1 .. .1- PHONE M 2524 . Illowm for ELM ofmffm POWELL'S INC., Florist 412 Tampa Street EDITH L. BLACKBURN xv. C. PHILLIPS, JR. TAMPA, FLORIDA niu1In1Ir1 1uu1mn-un-nn.-.uu1nI1nn1un-.un-.uu1 -. ..u Im-....-.,,.1.1..I.. II1,m1.u...u....n-01. 1 1 1 ...n A FRIEND I.-II1..I1..1,... -.. .. - -. 1 -.III-....1 1.1.- HILLSBORO HOTEL S. W. LILLIOTT, Manager FRANKLIN MEN'S SHOP 1012 Franklin Street BAND INSTRUMENT REPAIRING Uxrd l11.Yffll7!1l'1'lf.Y P- Gold E5 Silver Plaling 203 EAST TYLER STREET Clyde Kronk Tampa, Florida ..-,..I-...I-1.1 -I... -I... ------ .Ia--I.-NI-.N-I...-. -III THE MONTICELLO...1947 -1. 1 .. 1 - ..-....1n..-....--,-I..-n,-.-.-.I-..a-...1. Q Congratulations and Best Wishes from Lyonas Fertilizer Co. O 1..- 1 1 - - - - -....... ...........1.. 1...-1...-1 -.. -....-...-....-....-............-aa-....-...-........,1..--....,........ SPOTO'S MEN'S SHOP Outfillerx for Mm and Boys Smart Wear CORNER OF BROADWAY 81 17TH STREET S. H. KRESS YBOR CITY RAUL VEGA Apparel for Women and Children 1523 E. BROADWAY PHONE Y 1359 1- .. -.....-I..-.........-.....-....-....-....-....... 1..- - IDA'S DRESS SHOP 1611 7th AVENUE .......- - .-................-....--..-..- .. ... - -....-....... ..-nu-.. - -...-u..-l,,............-...........-.. -. -. - FOSTER - MOYE, INC. Athletic Equipment and Sporting Goods Distributors for Rawlings Manufacturing Co. and A. G. Spalding Bros. 117 E. Lafayette Street PHONE M2502 -..n.1-....- 1 - 1 -....-.1u-....-.1.- 1 .. .. -1...-1. LYKES BROTHERS, INC. ..-..1.-....- - - -....1........-11-11.-.. - .. .. ... -....-... .-...-....-1..........-..1.1-1.-H..1..-1.-3-..........-..-..................-.... FLAMINGO FOOD MARKET 2805 Florida Avenue Phone M 58-574 ARMENIA SHOE SHOP WHITE WAY GRILL Frozen Cuxtarrls 2606 N. Armenia Avenue West Tampa COX'S DRUG STORE 426 W. Columbus Drive Phone M 2170 RAMON LOPEZ JOHN'S BARBER SHOP DIXIE LUNCH 109 E. OAK STREET JOE DIAZ u..-...--n 11.11, THE MONTICELL H-. .-. .-.. -- - -.Iul-ii..-I-n-inI-un-mi.-in-uu-m.-.u Specify Pee-Gee Paints Sz Johns Mansville Roofing for Your Property See nearest neighborhood dealer I. W. PHILLIPS gl CO. DISTRIBUTORS Phone 5531 Morgan Sz Bell Sts. .Blasnaga Ilidlllllll W TURNER-HENDERSON PIANO CO, 124 S. FRANKLIN STREET PHONE M 1275 Timing, Repairing, Finishing . . . Exlmmtcs Frcz' TAMPA, FLORIDA ..-im-. .... -m-m.-...1,-f.--..n.-m.-,.......r.-....-:.-.,,.-... ni...-....-M.-w.-m.-.-I-m.-m.-m.-nn-E..-..,.-m.-ul.-.W-. ADORABLE BEAUTY SHOP su FLORIDA AVENUE OLD AMERICAN GROCERY W. T. GRANT 81 CO. eos FRANKLIN STREET MRS. C. R. MYERS DAVIS GROCERY .IOI'INSON'S MARKET 420 W. Columbus Drive Phone M2870 WEST COAST GAS CO. sexo NEBRASKA AVENUE San Martin Fish 8: Poultry Market 2921 12th Street Phone M S9-574 -....-.ln .....,i. - M.. O 1 9 4 7 109 .-..,.-H.,-.ut.-im-.m-.. ------- .----.-...-A. WOLF BROTHERS FRANKLIN AT ZACK "One of Americafs Fine Stores" .....-..,.- - .. - , .. .- .. -., -.- .. -, --in ,-H--nI....ul-..H-...lim-1.n-an..nn-nu,...-.lm-.yu-I...-...I-.1 Heating Sz Ventilating Equipment COAL - FUEL OIL Sand Sz Stone TAMPA COAL CO. 545 So. Water Street Psone M 3761 THIHDH qv...-...-.....-I..-1...-...-E.-. - ----- in--1'-1-----ff BERNARDO 81 HUNT Groceries and Meats dm- ... .-.n......-.m-m:-m....m.-m.-.m.-ni-. - - I... SOTO MARKET 2805 12TI-I STREET PHONE M S1-493 ..m- H.-nv.-nu-w.1vm-..n-Im-lm-m.-.m-.m-,...-..,- U- R. T. JOUGHIN 8z CO. 1502-08 FRANKLIN STREET PHONE M 3116 ..m...n..vw1.u.-m.-.m-.n., m.-vm-.m-m.-....- u.:-...- ..- RELIABLE CLEANERS Branch 1-IIZIQ W. Columbus Drive. Branch 2-2714 Nebraska Avenue Plant-2506 Taliaferro Street. We Pick U17 and Drllrrr PHONE M 1455 ..-my--I. .. ..-I -.I..,..lm..nn..-1-n-,li--mi.. - - .. V-ul ...-.,,-....-....- ....,,-,.,- -..........- ......-.m 110 THE MONTICELLO...1947 Q.,-...- -.- - - .. -...-..,...-..-.,.....-...-,..-... 1 I Jefferson Quarterback Club I .- -...-..-...-...-..-..-...-...-..- L . ...-I..- ,.,. -W-.. I JONES DISPLAY SERVICE I Show Cards - Banners - Sigm Q 11105 FRANKLIN STREET I .- .. -.- .... -,.- ..,. .....-.,..-.,,- .... -.,.-,,,- -, ,.,,. 1 1 ELACKBURN sl CROSSGROVE 2301 MACDILL AVENUE I 1 I ...... -.- - -..-...-.- - -... ! L A FRIEND I I 9.-..-..-W -------- -- - - -....-,.,. !gn1aa.-all-lu1nII1nav uuuu val:-nn-lla--nninuvnnnvnnill-1.uTu. ! MCCASKILL CLOTHING co. 5 CLOTHING Fon YOUNG MEN A FRIEND I REINALDO ABREU WARREN'S DESOTO 5 238 W. Lafayette Phone H3653 UNCLE SAM'S E IO? Warxhaw - Gene Grccm' I Ray if Happy l C. C. BURNS FURNITURE CO. ! Complete Home Fuvnixhers E 1207 Franklin Street Phone M2105 5 Mercer-Hutto-Kickliter, Inc. i 216 W. Lafayette Street Phone H4816 gb.,M1uaiuv.-an-.un1Ilu,uuLan-nll1MT..linuiIlu1qn,..i,n,T, -p.-...- .. - .- - - --..,.-I..-...-.,-...-.........-....-.. JEAG l 4..-......- -. -.. ..... .. ... .. - - - HARRY'S CANDY SHOP 214 POLK STREET PHONE M vos .- .. - - -.m1..n-au-m.-.n.-m4-.m- - - .-Im Complimcfzlx of Southern Novelty 81 Premium Co. Dealerx in N0z'f'ltif'x and Pnwniums 2713 FLORIDA AVENUE 1-.I..-II-.1..n-.m-m.-Im-Im-,m-.II,- m.-,...-.m-....- .M-.H CHRISTEN'S PHARMACY Only ilu' Bas! NEBRASKA AVENUE AT COLUMBUS DRIVE PHONE M 33-327 I.-. -Im-....-.In-vm-.--I-I...-...I.-m.-.m-m.-..n-ln.- I-.I MILANOS' RESTAURANT Itulian and American Food 123 HYDE PARK AVENUE PHONE H 34-424 .-....- -. .. - ..m..I-u-nn-m..-mI-m.- 1 .. - .-.H FRED'S MARKET - We Deliver Carry Cmnplctr' Lim' of Food, Vegefablff, anal Fresh Meul. 2925 Florida Avenue Phone M 1771 Crenshaw McMichael Seed Co. Srcrlx - Plunts - Fertilizerx 1552-40 FRANKLIN STREET TAMPA CYCLE CO. Anthony fTonyj Arduengo 1127 Florida Avenue Phone M Sl-041 HYDE PARK HARDWARE, INC. 119 Hyde Park Avenue Phone H 1304 ELLISTON,S DRUG STORE 202 W. Lafayette Phone H 1645 COSMOPOLITON ICE CO. BRANCH Congrululalioizx am! Conlirlueri Succeis to fha' Cluxx uf '47 IU CG C0 I 0 A '-1'-lg Ag I -....-.MQ .... -.- - -..-.- - - --.-. -1- - -. -. - ml- ml-.II.-an.-..In..m....un..nn..uu-uu..u..n-..m......... -....-1m....I.-,..--I -.n-m.....m-an..w.-m1-.uIf-vm-.n.-.I..-.m......-.m- ..-,. -n......u..w...m.-na-.n.-n.-..I.-...- - .... .- - ,.1,,, THE MONTICELLO...194 MIKE'S GARAGE Auto Repair 1507 STH AVENUE PHONE Y 1192 P. C. MARTINO , Man1zfacl1u'L'rs aml Wholesale Dmllcrx in FEED, FLOUR, HAY AND GRAIN 1107-17 3rd Ave. - Phone M2322 or M2563 11.-111.- ..-nn-1.11-...-m.-1.1.-.111-111.-N....111..111.-11.1-1111- PIONEER STOVE SHOP 1515 FRANKLIN STREET PHONE Mas-zsz 11-111.-.111-1111-1111..EH-1.11-1111,1m-m1-.111- 111-111.-1...-.11-.1 The Garden By the Side of the Road Our Own lirmb Luiml Eggx - Gran' Frerb Frlzjl Garden Frcsb Vvgelablvx 2105 XV. HILLSBORO ..-....-. .-.....-111.11111111111111-111.--11,111-......-1111.... .. .-111 1-...-1111-.111..m,-.....u11-u11-v11-111.-1111-1111-1111-...... -1..1 Compliments of Palmetto Beach B0y's Club Complimerzis of Palmetto Beach Girl's Club ALEXANDER SIGNS BROADWAY JOBBING CO. 1520 9th Avenue Tampa, Florida BROADWAY THEATER 1731 E. Broadway Avenue Tampa, Fla. SARDINA'S SERVICE STATION PENINSULAR NET 81 TWINE CO. 306 W. Fortune Street DOLLAR LAKE NURSERY Sfmczulzzcrx in Azalws aml Camvllinx PHONE S55-015 Tampa, Florida 1-11111111-1111-11....1......1m-1111-nu.. -1111-...--.11--11-1.11....1. 1-..11- 11... 111-111-1111- .111-1111...1111- -,111--.1.,.....-1...-.. - -1111..n11-u1f-.11...1m..u.-1111-1111 .1111- dm.. f gI11 . 9 0 Quality Frozen Custard C0 1805 N. 221111 Street CV2 Block North of East Broadwayj PHONE Y 4237 -We Serve Parties- -5--1-........-...- - -1 -......-- 11.- HILLSBOROUGH DAIRY 4.11-...-.1..-.,,.-1.,.-...1-.m-H..-..11....111-1111-.111-111-1 - .- L. B. CHAPMAN WESTERN and NATIVE MEATS Fum-3' 5 Sluple Grorcricx - Fresh Vegetublrx - Fm: 2114 E. BROADWAY PHONE Y 1153 BUA'S Gmmrrzl Elrclric Appliuncrs 1829 E. BROADWAY PPIONE Y1S14 ROYAL JEWELERS, INC. 1501 E. BROADXVAY QCorner 15th Srrcetj PHONE Y 1116 7 111 ...1 - ..1111-.11...1111,u11.. .. .11-.1 - - -N-11.1-1111,1111-1111-11.1.-.1 -..- .-..- - 111-1111-111.1.111-111.-11111.111-.11.-1111-.111-..11.-.111-1 - - 1l2 THEMONTICELLO...1947 g!g'1lH1"1 1 'illlvlni-ul-nlv L xlniunilgvpn-n'1gl l I l I 1 5 l L do H2 m 5 fc c L 0, by I I 931 in is 'z A l 2 ROSS and CENTRAL : AVENUES 1 g Telephone M-2126 l l I I I Printers Of U55 .oflflonfiasffo I I .g1.-...-.. .......... . - - ....-.. is--nu1nu-an-1u1n---nmin-IIII-uII--n--uu1mv1nu- -nu--Im ! I DUVAL JEWELRY co. 5 Established 1912 504 FRANKLIN STREET I .-...-. .......... - - - I i New York Upholstery 8z Dry Goods I Fabrics for Furniture and Automobiles S Q sou FLORIDA AVENUE I ! lv 1: 1 inn-1nnrnqLnln1lIlTq,1ngT,li Tm., ,W 1 I I OTTO JOHNSON, INC. I 1 I ! Il- 1u--u-av.-un-A---Iv.-Inn-all-nl-1I1 - - -.H 5 "Say ll Willa F10wr'r's" TINMAN'S FLOWERS 316 MADISON STREET PHONE M was I Qian-In-n - - - .....n-un-m-m..- - .-nn-Im-.u.....m-mI.., Yu: co if gf, 4...-...I nu- .I.-m.- M.-.m-m.-...I-.n-nu-ml-ul--u.-n.-.........-I. EPPERSON AND COMPANY MACHINERY SUPPLIES 130-132 S. Franklin Phone M 2688 .III-.E-....uu-.n-n.-m..--I.-.H..-....-m-m.--u...,.-....- D. C. DIOUS SPECIALTY CO. CANDY WHOLESALE 133 S. Franklin Phone M 1195 ..n--n-m..u.-1m.- -. - .-. - H- ..n.-.m-n-.-.u.. SPICOLA HARDWARE CO., INC. .u..-.n-nn-.m-u.I-..-....-...-.....- .......-n.-n.-H-...n.. For Portraits just As You Want Them NEWMAN STUDIO 1726 E. BROADWAY PHONE Y ISSS I4-W.. - .- - -...E-......,....Im.-.........-. -....... -an 1... -Im-un-mf-un--411-11u-nu-uu...uu-an-....- -I..-nl BARKER 81 TULLY 1110 Franklin Street Tampa, Fla. THE CORNER DRUG STORE A. FICARROTTA, Rcgisferfll Pburmacisl Cor. Tampa 85 Fortune Sus. Phone M 6958 JAMES BARBER SHOP 1913 Howard Avenue Tampa, Fla. ST. JOHN'S OPTICTANS Tampa Theater Bldg. Tampa, Fla. Liggett 81 Myers Tobacco Co. TAMPA, FLORIDA Complimenls 11 f A FRIEND DR. G. HUDSPETH, DENTIST 416 Tampa Street Phone M S9-711 CACCIATORETIEROTHERS NIM! Marky! and Grofrrirs 1822 E. BROADWAY AVENUE MMERCIAL rn - MPA - .. ..w-...-nu-an-nn-vm--II-m--mI-....-m.- ...I- gr ' 5 x :I 5' 2 1 2 5 5 'VZ Q: 2 e f W if x' , s,, n s H if i 3 ia i E ff V 1, ,r :Q ,L 4 L If . " X 1-, W E52 uf, ze 5 , 1 fi Y 5 E t T 3 , x I 'Y ' ,J g.

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