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 - Class of 1958

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Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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QUU gi? 636 H .,,,..-ff' If 'I QSC, Q W, Q Q 2 ,VN m .Il M ' T 5' i . ' Q IAX 5 ,. T . 2 it J ,i I .9"'lnu X f 5 f I ' W fix Q W , K Q ' g A , ' - , 'Av' h -X X ,iq 'V 1 J . XX I- Sk- 4 f H A I -, YW , H, ' r I pn-.-"o,,,'..5 :T 2 5"0aul"'.. Y O ' f'.'mm--""m, 5 -xx ,T ,-. u E I ' Ii ' G ' if-Q ff: ' ' U 3 ni' wr U ""'um"""o Q' 0' Q . , v n 8 posstull l""'9o, Q sr ll if 1 Qsygiulnllllpu 9 JC 9 S " 9 2 Q X gmsml nun.. 59 0 Y 5 2 ' E -so Y 9 7 ' 8 5 ' ' v r-rw I. 5. Q F V I Li Q u Y-f ,4 I+, 4' X v . Q Y." k , , Q S 1 - -- 5 9 ff Dx Il 9 60 ff 3 'UAF - x vgi ,.. sf' -2- x Y - -qfx' 5 N x,x X .X 5 'rw 'P C 'af' -1 5,3 -5' f 'sg t. wg , , Z , 1 ' 4,-554 My , - . s. an , W bw- fi" in '. N '95, fm' ' vw, I' 'ii " f' A 1 1 ,ffzzf nfl,- .,, , ,-1 I' 3' "ug Av -uf? . ,f-QQ. vw 4 . jd, 'P' 'fa- wf 22 J di I ., 9, "F-1 4' ' ff 4 rib gif. Ib JJ XTR '55 PUBLISHED THE STUDENTS THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL RICHMOND VIRGINIA AiF,.4 ,M..4,d-X X 43 R354 -. 'srl Ifgggfn , , . I. KT II :J f Y .. Oryhtk big lfg 2-rg? , ,. "1QLI5l12"kC" " ,. '-fr , - 'wx ' -'I RCI HIQ' -fi! :IS '-" 1 A 0. Lg : J Thai. .km KI' eb, I ' r ', ." K..".QL-"' y S. . 'Q' xwxfv I fan ten L4 FACULTY . CLASSES Seniors . Juniors . . Sophomores . Freshmen . ORGANIZATIONS . MILITARY . SPORTS . FEATURES . . ADVERTISEMENTS . SENIOR DIRECTORY. . II 2I 62 83 92 97 I59 T67 ISI 189 249 , 7 ,V my A C U N L E 144 lzface owne one For your mspnrafxon guldance and undersrandmg we dedncate he 1958 Monticello Wnh deep apprecuanon we thank you for your contrubutnon as the sponsor of our yearbook 1951 1957 and for your devotnon as a teacher of Englnsh TE HER'CO sEoR-FRI ND ff 1 OF E0fQfzJ,c'fL ififucfwfi O We M if M ML, LL ALJ me 71-foe., 4144, WML UUWMA WW QA, earboofc Staff EDITOR IN CHIEF Velma Bender ASSOCIATE EDITOR Marc Seldes SENIOR EDITOR Ellen Kayne JUNIOR EDITOR Susan Rosenbloonw SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN EDITOR Evelyn Benedek MILITARY EDITOR Tum Ferneyhough ATHLETICS EDITORS Ralston Lecky Eleanor Sanders FEATURE EDITORS Beth Blackwell Ame Garthrughf FACULTY EDITOR Nancy Powell BUSINESS MANAGER Ardra NlcKlnney ASSISTANT MANAGERS Jean Cloud Jane Roulslon ADVERTISING MANAGER Julie Perklnson PHOTOGRAPHERS John Davenpoul Frank Eubank Duck Lunung Charles Oslln ART EDITOR Arden Bundy ADVISERS Mass Alma Lowance Literary Muss Frances Gray Business Mlss Jean Hemphull Art ,ffl y gl f f ' K - - , fl K . C , ' V , I I I 6 jd ,- , , y oRoANuzf-mons Eonore ....... more Katz erdage Our herntage as students of a modern hugh school and as citizens of a democratic soclety stems from the prrncrples and beliefs of Thomas Jefferson and his comrades the Vrrgnnla born Presidents who om nrscnently served Vurglnla and thenr country These Ideals honesty courtesy self control obeduence to authorrty kindness and IUSTICS to all have been lncorporated nn our school pledge Now the prlncuples which had been so rmportant an the llves of our Vnrglnra born Presldents are fast becomlng those of our school through the cooperatnon of the admlnustratlon the faculty and the student body The Ideals of these outstandlng statesmen are exemplrfled In our school by the govern mental organizations the extra curracular actuvrtres the personal pruvn leges and the vvude varuety of classes Students of Thomas Jefferson Hugh School thus ns our hentagel ffx fx ,---.A llflglrslll lgl lr I I I - l I I - I . . I . . . I I ' I - . . . . I . .- , . 1' x ,I 7 , -X, . 1 ., j ., - r..: .x 4, - f'- l -VA H TT, ' Y ' if-r 1-274' ze r -' ,-j f - H- 1 f- , 1 ,, , ,. . , . 'Q -'-M -1 1 f 41: ri .a j E- . 1 f I friij lit ll ? l-ylsfll, Y .'-.Ji ' xt f 4 lQ"',lQl 5 J, ntl 'L' 91. sl... 4-' Q, I All 'JI .f , -' fo an 4 . "V, aw ,fm . 'qw Vi 'v ,P ,i 11550 ' "ATN 'vw ' x'u,u y , .mn 'xiii-i'r i a 1.45 D ,df ,' 79. ww V L ,Q ai, 'I M O ' 5'-wa-I' , Q? 1 lv' A "'L. ' Q y, 44' frm, , ff" jw MM,,w"' ., A ,f"'1' all Q My 4 V.. -i' , 46.3. was WJ, K I , . .353 lr ,uf V' fvtn 'xi il "W WWF "' It 7 A--4, v -1:-x,f" 1 ' W if img - vw., xv! " ' ' - ...- ,,,'. gn'- 1 A .2 4.1 ,milf 44 1 e V 3, QQ M-vw, L 1.4 ' ev. .1 ,...,, . wen' , , ,XM 1 fx J I Y Alu.. ff ' ' ,ii 4 i ,, ftp - 'ff JW ' yan- O51 . '-2' I , 8 U l , ,, , 4 f . v D Q . Q at '0 gs 'MY QR "I-OHFQS' A N., m..,.4n...,w M-Q, mr Q ij3"Z'fmfS-df ' 'Mfr i' l .vs Sis xg? -v sri, 5 'xx-mp., ' Lf' L .i M X I s A, f ze 0? , X 5 Q-ffm, M, Z , VEC M-1 Nc' A. , if is L eorge ufadfunglon 11 fbi S F' I Q . Gi? , 51 he ahlnzinidfraiiue Staff COALTER C HANCOCK PRINCIPAL ERNEST W MOONEY JR EDWARD N SMITH AsslsTan'rPrlr1clpaI Assistant Prmclpal Il 'N I I S X- we Iggvf ' I uv iv rg? xr f K N55 I ,gl 35, . , . . . . . . . . J ey X Aff SRX - .3 f if 'v vf If IIS' I , . f V I ' III r' Y I , Y 1 1 'V - , , Aria 51 ,X M Y 'if IM.-, - its af Y .5131 S4'1'P131'f-Ir 0 .. ws. 'W acufly Mr Wendt IS tn second charr every Wednesday mght playlng an the first vnolm sechon at Rrchmond Symphony rehearsals Here he goes over a passage wuth two other vrolln :sts rn the Symphony Kathy Albrlght and Larry Reed From top to bottom Margaret Hyatt Albrlght Engltsh Arthur W Alllson Mechamcal Drawung Sponsor of Cheerleaders Sponsor of Englneermg Club Margaret F Baker History Helen Elizabeth Bateman Mathematncs Sponsor of Jumor Class M Eluzabeth Beaman Spamsh Sponsor of Spantsh Club Sue M Beaman Mathematucs G Rey Bennett English Textbook Supply Room Mozelle P Bennett Coun elor W E Bloxsom Physlcal Educatnon Head Basketball Baseball Coach Carl D Bolt Htstory Physlcal Educatton Tennts Team Faculty Representatuve Helen C Botto Business I2 , . I ' 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 - ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 S 1 . 1 1 ' A 1 1 67' I-, 1 In 'W Mr Jarman cant decade whether to smlle as he recelves hrs free Aslan flu shot offered to members of the faculty At one tnme last fall thlrty per cent of the Tee Jay students were absent due to Aslan flu From top to bottom Ellzabetn M Bowers Englrslw Nllldred Brante Counselor Gnrls Basketball Softball Coach A LaRue Brandenburg Hlstory Sponsor of Bus Tucker Comrnrttee Representatrve to Clty Federatlon of Student Councils Norma C Boaddus Engllsln Sponsor of Semor Class Ruth Paul Browmng Buology Blology Supply Room Katherlne T B umble Matlrtematlcs Sponsor of Student Partrc patton Assoclatlon Estelle Gatz Bugg Mathematics lsebelle P Burden Buslness Sponsor of Bookkeep ng Club Shelburn Carmack Physical Educatlon Football Coach Clyde G Carter Llbrarnan Sponsor of Llbrary Staff and Lrbrary Cornrnrttee Marne E Clwrldress Mathematics .di 13 ' '- S Z, , .. 'Qs Z .a . . ,rr V 7, f ' ' lc' .,.. ' -.0 ,I Ar f f' ' , 1 ri 4-L -J I 5. 4, -f-rr., I K I , . . . . . r 5 . r ' r , : ' l ' ' : ' r ' z , , ' , i : , ' VM tw QW Km X N X M 'Ss -5 'IQ Muss Fnzhugh uses her spare hme un talung care of those furry Ilttle creatures called chmchlllas She says they re fascmatmg to watch especnally when they luck up the sand In which they take their baths From top to bottom Dorothy S Corprew Spanlsh Sponsor of Honor Studie Lula Crenshaw Englnsh Katherine M Davns Socnal Studues Dorothy C Delmar Cafeterla Manager Vnrgnnla C Ellett Sclence Sponsor of Scnence Club Eliza beth Eubank Spanlsh Nancy leBa on Fntzhugh Latnn Clyde B Fortna Socaal Studies Sponsor of Trafic Committee Margaret D Gallaway Englnsh Nancy B Gary Head of Englnsh Department Advnsor for Declarahon Busnness Staft Shurley B Gnbson Home Economncs Sponsor of Future Nurses Club I4 if A a, JM ZH' - , l ' lff- " , , , U K ,L C .. Q ' A If e,If.ff'f0 H32 C as -C C - e as cz.: C-ggfjf Y Y f Z -Q - Y or -- - - 1.51 fn, 15, :SUR e W , f -- - iw X' K . , refs--..Q..--'-V of , u at acully Miss Primm Turner shows two pupils in her Museum pottery class how to shape a iar. Joe Arnold watches as Louise Kimbro gets ready to ring the iar with the tiny paddle she holds as the iar revolves on the potter's wheel. From top to bottom Eunice Vnrgnma Gull French Helen R Gull Chemistry Sponsor of Chemistry Laboratory Assnstants Frances Givens Mathematics Mary Frances Gray Latin Sponsor of Latm Club Aclvnsor for Monticello Bu mess Staff Jean Hemphill Art Advisor for Monticello Art Staff Advisor for Declaration Art Staff Jeanette Henna Mathematics AltonL Howell Volce A Cappella Choir Sponsor of Stage Crew Martha S Howell Englush Thelma Bryant Hutton French and Spanish Advisor for Jelfersoman Business Staff Sponsor of Quull and Scroll Lawrence Wooten Jarman Head of Science Department Mary G Jordan Counselor if I5 K fgjlefo Qilig-""' ,W : , . . . I I U . I . I ' 1 , ' : , , , ' S : , , , : , ' : - f ' , ' , 1 - , ' : , , , 1 I r I - I l I ' l iz. 7 ',.',:.4-rlj' ex fl.-1 ?'Q 4 X ' Ly x N . 'V " W5 x ' ' , ' nf' ls' ' ' ' A ' - Alr ' '15 Y - , , Y W sg ' Y fr ,,,fL':1TJ'1"4 t- X ll ' 451'zzx1'f-if . - sua" 5,-gi 1 O vi orm N :?5f 0 1' '. ,,X, . 11 A - - Y v . 'jak ' JS. .99 acu fy Every Monday morning after a Friday night football game last fall Mr Bolt was seen discussing with his Tigers the errors they had made Here he shows Emory Thomas his formation plan for a coming game From top to bottom: Lucille E. King Mathematics- Garna B. Kraft History- Josephine T. Kritzer English and Dramatics Sponsor of National Thespian Troop 741- Audrey Lamb School Nurse Sponsor of Nurses Aid- Lt. Col. Oswald H. Linck Commandant of Cadet Corps- Frances Ann Lindsey Business Sponsor of Business Club- Alma V. Lowance English Advisor for Monticello Literary Staff- Mary P. Maddox History Sponsor of Forum Club- Helen Rosalind Marks Speech and English, Sponsor of Radio Committee- Frances Trevvett Matthews, History- Clara Norfleet Visiting Teacher. -Y , V , -,Y ,-S ,-ir,--, or - ,, ,- 16 1 vt, N P"'f"'5"' 0 mfr-1, A YYAAQ Mrs Brumble sponsor of Student Partlclpatron directs Senators Davld Call and Tommy Payne as they arrange signs on the Senate bulletin board From this board students find out what their senators are dorng From top to bottom Haywood A Padgett Coordmator of Dustnbutuve Educa Mechanvcal Drawmg Lyndele Atklsson Putt Sclence Anne B Plunkett Hnstory and Latm Sponsor of Pomt System Sponsor of House of Representatives Sponsor of Club Affilnatuons Elnzabeth T Pond Mathematics Martha C Pulliam Mathematucs Louuse S Rnson Home Economics Barbara Lewls Robnnson Bus: ness Susan M Rowe Busnness Sponsor of Red Cross Anana A Saunders Bnology I7 1 di 2 - 'W n 5, at a ,XV ' I . . . : 1 I . . . . . tion, Athletic Directory Marian Duane Parrish, Biologyp Ernest M. Pennell, . . I . . I . I - I . . I I I t I A ' : ' A f ' : . ' , . I . . . I : . . I .- 2 - , ' , 1 ' . , gee or :Q 42'-:QI-s H- 'nfixrf l, P3 9 A 2 1 l ,fffrx x .- ' 0 "'.-' ..... t - -A f e g: 3 im, as ', S, S E '-9: ,lf :UL Y - Y xr 1. z bllllll ,I 'f y '62-.g 4,3 ...AW sf'f '9' V -nf Dr Richard M Irby Jr who taught at Umverslty of Rrchmond for two years before he golned the American Tobacco Company came to Tee Jay to teach the advanced chem lstry class In February From top to bottom Martha L Savage Assastant Lnbrarnan Sponsor of Llbrary Staff and Lnbrary Committee Esther E Snngleton Engllsh Advnsor for Declar anon Literary Staff Sponsor of Book Club Marlon F Smethue Head of Bus: ness Department Sponsor of Busnness Alumm Club Eleanor W Smrthey Englnsh Karl H Stutzman Mathematlcs Evelyn S Swsft Secretary M Vlrgmna Sydnor Head of Hustory Department Estelle N Tankard Englush Advusor for Jelfersonnn Lnerary Stat? Sponsor of Quill and Scroll Edlth Todd Physical Educatron Sponsor of Tebahoes Primm Turner Art Scenery Advlsor Joseph C Uram Sclence Ame Garfhrlght hands Mass lmdsey one of the report cards grven to Tee Jay ieachers by the Fufure Teachers of Amenca Club These were each teacher s grades Knowledge A Enthusuasm A Furmness A Tacrfulness A and Sense of Humor A From lop to bohom Frank G Wendt Instrurnenral Drrecror Anne Kennon Wal llams English Frances N Wnrner Englxsh Sponsor of Future Teachers of Amen ca Sponsor of Cha a Yer Cornrnurfee Sponsor of Honor Councal Mary H Wo .1 V . f. um 4-od O A lf' 6 'IJ',t.x' O! 'lov 0 Mrs Smnthey shows an Enghsh prolect to her class I9 1. f it M54 - y f I ' 4 I ' I lf-4 If A ' . ' : , 2 ' , 5 , : . 1 , - . : , , ' 5 '- , r : ' , 'J . - mack, Business. , :ls- ' 5 Af.,,,1: r :Q " - 1 '5g' , Y - - Y K- , -' - -'. Vfj -V , -Y Y - W Y , ' - A -1" Tx 5' 'Q-1' 3 'lnrigf -ff X f , J A 1 if " JM: fill W uo'wI!A!i ,I Y-1 va, N fame acfi on P U rr' F, 'Tr' ' T r 7. . wxgrq ,Q lf, X x'f VX'-X , AY H! x Siam NORMA C. BROADDUS LMONJOI' gfffn KAW 4 119,519 OUR DEEPEST APPRECIATION FOR YOUR PATIENCE, WILLINGNESS AND INTEREST 1 M , , . f'Klx'l'i0!! xl l U43 N JW ,Mfg rf ef l l 'KW UH I f ll , I fy !lfl ff ,g r t ffl 1 Mm ,fffml l , ff!-f !l I If 1 , V f -1 f J xllfr 'l .f xvkv ya l 1-1 l , D' fft I ll, 'YX x ft U , L , f Hg fllv ' ll, L lv l .1 X r gf' ,L f 1 AL Y J l V 1 1 2 A wh 1 I I l lw of f V' 1 lv I Al f x l, CL!! J 1 l lA l 1 I! 1 G 4 ' lf l 9 I LARRY as j NBERG Preside we L NANCY FOX Secrefary simon cmss couwcn Front I X'- fy. AL FORD Treasurer eboralw Glazuer Al Ford Larry Reed Peggy Greenberg Donna Moran Second Row R Stanley Goldman Bunnne Payne Nancy Slusser Mary Katherlne Neale Kathleen Sprenlcle Anne Carol Watkuns Back Row Henry Chesley Tommy Wulknnson June Wnlknnson Shlras Elliott Barbara Meador Mrs Norma Broadclus Not Pictured Nancy Fox Anne Woolford Nancy Wtngield Franklun Lee Susanna Hassel 94 ,px '45 QQXU ' fr r JS 2 2 1 l , ...V Q A as v ' . ,M 1 A t t L l f ' up u l ' 0 0 , f x D K I l " L l y Q Ja' -,Q kfffi 1' Vg, 5 yi, lf 5.1 X Y f X. A 5 W S?" 5, -'.':?l"- f ' Y' fr ' -- A- af - W 7 f agmmi e e A '1 Q41i4,, lfg Z .-7157 2 .1 f f I X ' r , W ff if W' ! Harriet Ann Aaron Sue Ann Adams jf 4 V. g Cheryll Joy Ahern Gordon Franlrlin Wfcwfzh A07 '77, -1 , K h A, , X ,,., 0 ! 'L WA 'W M 1' 9 X v ,L X Q ffwill y f f Z JJ!! fii I Wy . Q, Allen eI'll0l'J Belly Joan Anderson Charles Bruce Andre s Charles Thomas Andre fi Joseph Wilson Arnold Nancy Jean Ash orfh Saunders Ruchard Bagby Jerry Wayne Baker if A ITM? haw 23 J it RQ? NJ MW Y. W , 'Q WS 'A "' 5 A Qi . f'a s -F' . 'as . . W . ,ir ' sf !f.','ffIi7y ,A N ra, - "Q Q , ' L"-I 'N s e - a f A e + gs- R22 x a A s A a 1-H 1 f 4 ' A i - -- gf 'yfff V tj V' 7 may A.:-35. 15 Larry Roland Bambacus Janet Belle Bandas Mary Anne Barker Beverly Wraye Berkman " 'TQ' k XV' ts-5 ..f 9 4 f , I Q K , w af' QW , '4 X Xt r f x X, 4 , , , 5 nf 7: 1 jg .17 ,,,,.,. ...A , ,J ,, Q " , .... .,.. , 2 3 ' 'iw' ----: -':-.:,-,:v::-a::--,:-:-.f..v:4:-. ,.v,. - .-1.-v..1r::.-11. f' A4 f ' 1 1 sf "1 f , I ,2 f,?' 7 ff, 5 i 1 i ,Z 1 f if , ,.,. . ? , I 1.'1r'1E::'--,,- f ff 1 ....... , as .:.,....,,.,. , :.,:.1.:.,r, ,,..,r1,.,.r,,.,r,,.. .,,1... ,... ,...... . J . , . Velma Rachel Bender Constance Loulse Bennett Charles Scott Bentley 63' rj' George Lewls Best Jr Robert Michael Best ary Loulsa Beallrowslu James Wnluam Blglow KL, to 1 UfV'kLQ.Am 9,595 Bm' 731 W LEU Ji JS S3 24 F5916 if E Z ' ' ,ffm f B' If Q it LUV... ,A , 55' 'eff we if 2 J 3 Y c ,ii B 1 e E1'.L'," Ye JA .EDN ff l i - rr L lg A l i 'Af 4 1' ". V .390 Q X l ,X . A 1 7P,"':g!f7f:f6 4 I I Mark Albert Binder Mary Elizabeth Blackwell Charles Sanford Blake Frank Wyatt Blake olph Jo pl1Bl . I E- ,4 14 hgh, geeu Qf'QLF7L?0ff!5! 74W!-Zcdqf sch-0j,,,7'! pau, ,Keep ,fp 7466 yew! ffuwfvg C0110 602 7' op-LUQIKXW ,even f 6ff Vw Qfzoufzf , GLC J 14-Pe of-UA! ell lOl' SZCQ aa- ,Q,LL,Lq,.,x i7x,zJb.p0 yi .,,Lv4fcf!l-fdfcx Qs Belfy L e Bogqs y E b th B 'NWZJ 7f"""' Q. in 5221 25 ef I uclrey Anne Brown Muna Ellen Brown Roland Thomas Brown Barbara Hearn Bruce Ray Spencer Bryan! t0l'J , NM, C COLLZGE BULLEYINS Ma y d Ba ba a seek ng the a d of Mss Brame n sele fo of colleges gil Qbdd QQYWNX 'Zu-cr 'QQQLS Qi-fix SSX Q Xlvv Q? Ami XWNQSSA CQ.. O5 x QN,lfls9i1,ySf"W':ll"bL QQKXSXXJGNA fwcfilmu Qfss LgQTS"5E liz lxJQ,YiQll3. SNQQS Cigoq Lew-Lqcx Nkmfxwm John Garland Ca lion Jr Douglas C er X Charles Archie Burnside Marian Clay Bulls IVV' Sally Thames Busfard Carolyn Martin Cahoon 9, AMW, lb , W .A Em ly Gardne Ca fer Luc us Foulkland C ry Ill 39 fp 'N fl 3'-3 1 wk? 'Rik wh ' Ji? J x. W M ,V 1 N lf l ,f Elizabeth Archer Cassada Lynda Earle Caslon l ill K JL J Sylvia Anne Cecchefli Jessie Grace Cheng V , 'lvl 1 ' fy' FL X f, LJ l my x 0 X Q1 ff? rf ,, ,W K R li! Edward Tyree Cha ppell Henry Garnett Chesley III Ralph Raymond Chesson Jr f HK Charles Preston Chew Geraldme Raye Chuldress Shee Lm Chun Kay Fentrrss Chrushan NT oth, aff-re 4' H- :EXW 9 P 28 0 '25 24 si-------.f l4?.'. , ......,, .'-4 r 1 r e s 1 .5 l as e ' n s ' 3":':""' Nancy Kathryn Chrxstlan Anne Compton Clarke Edward Hedrnck Clarke Jane Barrett Clarke Kenneth Lee Clarke Dorothy Harruson Cleasby Jean Watkins Cloud fffff ,eafbaj 44" ,awed VM BIZLOPJ -'Y William Howell Clyborne Billy Ray Cobb Anne Marlyn Cohen Howard Steven Cohen 'v' , , 4 ,f Y ,..A'.,- .5 --,w,,. .- e U54 Jerome .lay Cohen Nancy Rae Cohen Paul Edward Cohen Gary Grant Coley Nu I Carolyn Elnzabefh Copple Janet Mae Cox Emllle Jean Crane Stuart Lee Crenshaw A. l QT of 71" ff-IN A-r, Lillian Mae Collins George Edwun Condyles Mary Jane Coor el'lL0l'J Qi Thomas Franlrlin Crenshaw Lucie Lee Crews Calvin Tabor Cronlr Raymond Earl Crouch lv Who will be ihe lucky wmner at the V auction' Maybe Gayle' Benlamln Franlrlln Crump J Eugene Benlamm Crufchheld V 43 Wlllldm Samuel Cudllpp III ACK 'bn John Ames Davenport Thomas Bradley Davudson Jr Duane Lee Davis Jameg Wolf Dans 31 ' ' T. . ' . . . . I rl P . . . I 4' I , 1 51, 'K V W xi, ,, ,. 1' Betty Lou Day Mary Ellen Declzelman Elmer Russell Brenda Colette de Haven 0-'Bl KV? M Warren Wayne Denby Patsy Ruth Dlffee Nancy Carole Dodd Audrey Marie Dulre Lynda Kay Dunning Frances Gayle Durham Marilou Eanes 9 . A.. x- . ' sr: i ag, ,1 sq uv n , , ,' ',.. ,WJ 'QQ "5":':25.9f Patricia Ann Edwards J yce Vivian Egger? Kay Elaine Eisen Jean Carol Eldridge :Q 1 R b ca Shir Ell' H IW flex JL KO' wife ggi, gf? bkffzjfii M f MLM! 4!LA.,af'0 en cord lff4v6-fnr.e,5-in "'L54fZZzZ 711,741 'C5xifrr,a.4,4Jf6?'1'-11 C544-,'21-fLua0a.ffzfvf'f,oc,e9.Mo MYM ,gg 'awp EuLfd-f.25.f-6,63 9 Qf EDN Qogvuag 'KJ 5g,Z,4,N.fE4,4Z, gf J lasik? Rober illiam Ellis, J . ww Robert Lewis Elmore gd f Q ' uc 1 ' LAT! V Cl . , C 4 - A., L ' X ' f J 9 L24 , f 1 ' 1 - - 5 Ay V ' Q' Un W, 5 . 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Hffiiwfl Susanna and Debbue quesnonmg e represenfanve from the college of Ohenr chouce Ame tlllabllll Garllwrlght Sam Genderson Addery Sarrah Gerken -an Tr, .4- Cynrlwua Lee Gershman Deborah Lee Glaner Mary Douglas Godsey Roberta Lynn Goldman 35 AW f, 5 B. D . lm .y x , ' ' X D an " u . I . I A" A A A n 1 5 ' x W . ' ' n ' K c , . 1 and 5 ' ' , , Ev' 4 W 2 K' 1 . . K M- Q -I' Stanley lrwm Goldman Eleanor Frances Goodman Dorothy Jane Goodman Davud Leeroy Gordon JM LJLWXMMQYQLASD 'xuhfwolsg Chix CMM! 'Neil N-wif 1, Q JIM Q John Watson Grabar James Milton Graham Margaret Rose Greenberg Michael Louis Greenberg Dale Allen Gruffm Oretfa Mae Gruffnh Judnh Archer G,-,gg H ornlq f'9Et........'l0',' gl.: Jah? '-'Q 'D-5 WEE? Emu ll u f 0 l t 1 57 96 we ?y"vuu" Q is 9 'A as John Taze Grigsby, Jr. Ann Prince Hall Joyce Lee Hall Gordon Edward Hamlet ell LOI' Jeanette Grimes Roberta Sue Grossman 'qi- J. Bradley Hunt Gunter Ann Bollmg Hancoclr Joan Anne Hancock Luther Wulluam Harbaugh Jr Stephen John Harrnman ski P H" M Nw Wx u 11'f'l 35-'Lf 'E' Q -v I J 1 l l 5 . .X f G eeee 7 f 1 '51 l a or G- H e er H WHEN ' -sf' G I 7 - 5 af" Arthur Wideman Harrison Susanna Ludwig Hassel Barbara Lee Hawthorne Dorothy Jean Hayre Be erly Jayne Hende son H nter EI zabeth Lee Hull John Lo ell H Il K4 WU: 9- Wm Aww? Margaret Virginia Hewwo Const nc h kg, MO eHeltel LH W8 W tw 'XDPW ell LOI' 0'7'Lfp'7Af't zWr,7wM , f 'Ss 9 'A as . as 94' , C X .V 1 ,' N 9, A 1 C V .v ' X W em W , 0599 f Q . lg if T Mr. Uram timing John and George to determine fheir veloci- ties in running around the hall Charles Fredriclr Hills Henry Thomas Hlnclle William Christopher Hinckle William Homer Hobbs Henry Davis Holland Roberl Edwin Hollz Will1am Farr Holtzclaw 4 Sirfzdg J' A by C 5? 5762.9 Pj V v' NA. D George Bernard Holzbach Elwood Richard Hood Louisa Burls Hopi: Patricia Staples Horne 39 .. ! 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X ', JV 'QT XL axf l"' 4-' ,jf 'Q' xlib' Nancy Joann Marlin Neal Lyle Maslan Thomas Chandler Marlin f' Robert Wade Mayfield f iff Belly Joanne McKmney OF1-H 63326 V1 l rl" X all MW bf JSKQJ Sylvia Katherine McDonald MargaretJane McFee Ardra Lou McKinney Barbara Ann Meador Ellwood Jackson Meefeer Albm Luther Melsel Jr M P 44 Melton Joseph Nelson George Errelf Miley, III Melvln Douglas Muller Barbara Ann Mllls QQ QL-LAx64,o,,z.4,, 0.1! Lau fA4cQJ LJk,uLJS.,2f1v'vf'f1f Q24-4,1 C,LL,Ljv Luck of Lac -JJ! eI'll0l'J Jljiivmi ,gnu ber! elborne Michael Rhodes Mntchell Allred Augushne Mnchell Jr Lmda Ann Mntchell Kay Beryl Mnzell x 'fo-ff., 45 Q54 Fulomena Carmen Modlca Qs Maruan Brnstow Moessmger 9' ,Av 409 Rebecca Jane Moms Jeanne Randolph Tayloe Muntord Robert Louus Murray Jr 8 81' or yn' "x Lewis Fleming Montague 'Tk Dorothy Lee Moody Robert Allen Moorefueld Jr Donna Shepherd Moran Beverly Morgan el'll0I'J XQQW 46 Robert Seargeant Muse Mary Katherine Neale Q What hearty appetstes' ences Hu son Dorothy Mildred Musser Irene Nan Noble 111 'WV ff ,fl Q Horace Fred Pace Mary Ellzabeth Pace Georgna Bright Padgett Toby Linda Pado og 47 U! fr K-Ji, Maysvnlle Jane Page Horton Dean Parsons Charles Scott Parlrer Brenda Sue Palrnck -.- 'U' 4- X. U fin 4' xb- ye if iw M afffgfwlq 7 ' I 7 MV liddfyf Aww ,, 1. Q ,X X 'Q Miz James McCormack Paxton Cl'II'ISflf1B Coleman Payne Palric an Thomas Wlllldm Payne WWW' 'Q- ff ia Anne Pearson James H. Binlord Peay Julia Lee Perkinson Janet Palricia Perry .,.-.,. X14 of IH! Q9 QL I. .4 K N f 4 b- fs f . p H 441 1 A 5' xr 6 F1 all 1 1. 91.35, Y Xi l I' ' ,1 . . .f 2 -. ' JS ' 1 9:9 x 48 Nellie Louise Peyronnet Slweilah Joan P Ronald Edward Porlewig Arnold Lee Powell Nancy Myra Powell -4741 fx '7Qh4-' 7 ec!-.fy 6 JJ LAOLAP, Le hiler Qoepx G 1 R. AMG, qw 0u..'j, fe, Lu Qiplbdiib. F y0LM QS Lg'-iw Cgk Qplxqg ck l Man James William Phillips, lll Stephen Dulany Proctor Sandra Dlugund Putt Edward Powell Brenda Katherine Powers kk .LW 49 Y' -ff' 'NL f ' if i fi " F ,iq . I 5 I , fu . "'4' ' I 'N Q-f 'fl ' 9V W7 I B P1-Jn 7 C 1 . . Qqvg . I W . 'W - '2 K ' 'A' 'Xe I y I Q RK Maud? CL C 'L Q' 6 A , P . 201 - Q y, 1 C R' X QQ . ox 7 P Q I 'W l Ck . 1".??SE. .1137 Kiel" l gi, i ie e 1 r r r d P P jf" K- in i d P i i i i i5ef.4i3. U ,Ft :Tit in ll Gerald Lee Quirlc George Robert Quisenberry James Ashburn Rawls Pleasanl Larus Reed, Ill Barbara Lynn Reynolds Joyce Ann Rlchwlne 1ora Elizabeth Robms BHLOPA Jane Stanley Robmson Nancle Goodwm Roop Damel Sherwood Roosevelt Peter Houser Rose Anorrh f A 2 U .P Yi? ry . . K " ' , , 5 f y .' . f 1 L" f' - .1 - x6 J ' I fl l A . ' fl A , ' . :K 1' Q 5 ' .4 . 4 3,0 XI D I K x 1 1 n - A .1 K 4 Q x . 3 , - , If -lx - J' su ' I x - ' ' . K - H: ,. 5 . Q I . ' V , yr ,- -. Y Q , ' p . :. A f 5" . 4' If I x ,X y fs' r' ag E 2 Q V A f YV RX fQQfYK,..,. to ,,,-my 'uc 4, fl: 2515 Y YY i Y H-1542? f. : - -i Y f Y is 7 ME 1, 'xxx faf 0 '. Y ..' SU' x? "-.,,,." Q! ' ' so ,yi , 'f 4 zi Berry Jones and Ellen Kayne insfruciing Barbara Sanford in preparation for her work on the Senior Sedion nexi year Susan Wood Rucle Josepl1Marsl1RuFlm Carolnne Kufcham Ruggles Jacquelyn Diane Rolella Randolph Lewis Roysfer Y James Allan Salmon Jacqueline Raye Salomon Jucllllw Claire Salsbury Sandra Lara Salsbury '-'ww 9'-7 l Noi 5 kms Wx " Oxy vim' Dk bgcuij llc-fxwf 455 M Q Mfrwx wffwxm OM q--5 U X-v 5' XIV' 0 Www x - , w John Jacob Scherer Elizabeth England Seargeant 6 JS Av 56' ' W3 VJ 4, VA 9 Cornell W'II' S cl M ' -' I U' us I nam eay Marc Allan Seldes ' ' Aff! lf 4 J' JL N046 ,.v,ws- V72 Cf? W2 V W A xv Q07 XG G I X10 W '7 Lv 60 L Marshall Serwltz Rheda Edith Shapiro Patrlcna Ann Shaughnessy Mary Reynolds Shermer Juduth Rose Shevntz Judnh Beryl Shocker Fredenck Rnchardson NT or U' Woo, I U 3' U 52 f 5 I li 1 . 1, K EF f Z- A'.':'42' 'ldg Y K 7 Y , img Y 2 YY Y Y V ' r- or - - e a EE Q5 .' 'X 1, '. 07 X 75:5-.L--"D Q! Nancy Givens Slusser Beffy Ann Smith Jacqueline Lois Srniih A1 A r Daw hw WWW Affifmf f Lee Snead MIM f Zia eI'lLOI' ima vw Stanley Jerome Soble Bradford Benson Specier Dannel Summons Spners Jr 53 V-Z' iq! "'7f'-1 Kathleen Leah Sprenile Malone Jean Ta pp Henry Farrar Taylor Nancy Sfuari Taylor James Fleming Teac e it 5' 4 ig xg MJ 3 Susanna Gayle and Debbie creating a Manhattan Mood for rhe Sensor Junror John Newton Thomas Jr .Q Lmda Marne Thomas lf Wulllam Darrell Thomas ,ww Nl' vijif' ff A CG Brenda Lee Teuberf Stanley Theodore Theofanos U Barbara Thalhimer Emory Morton Thomas fr J f ! Q ox aw V . mi-is AW' .0-an-r If rv k,v 23 .pug ,uv fel 'Z' Daniel Earl Thornhill Walfred Bernard Thulnn Edward Lynn Townsend Jeannevre Louisa Tramer 5: 'X -A A ., yr, I . . ' 5 -4 6' M' 'M T fr I X ' lvlvl-1 VYJ 5, 1 - A f A I . X 1, " R . , V f f . 1 - s 1 Nl' 9 F fl .RUM 'jj' ' X NY e w - . T, V 'f T V 1 NV l iT Q, Q 'o T1 T4 1TTfT 'ifQ a ei7fT 'T e Tf wxe Q g. ' D' ,Z A' if 4' , JJ,-, X Kr? T 1-sf cv g IUMA fm: 1 IDF 'g , .V ' 0 L. Y 'K - , Xvbgnn g Evil? 'fiofy XR ...,u,,.:5x'5, Betsy Gaynelle Trainham Helen Joyce Tredway 4.4 QA, Thomas Shields Robert Greene Turner EW P my Barbara Adele Loi Anne Carol Watkins Betty Hayward Wemstem Jacquelme Ann Wells fi s Jane Walter A.6'tll.flL'k'L Dvkiaig KAL! Alf eva! A-ML fPuf,?MJ J,fl,p,5,Z,4,-rg 4,L,4,a.f,yLVl,Lx.L 4.1: T J vdgfk l'lL0l' 0,c,Q,c,f4.,l,47 ,Laaj 41,4 417' iLAVmlJ fK,4g,m,Lf Alice Shortt Walton Robert Garland Wampler Margaret Marne Welsh Stephen Nash West Nana Louuse Whlte Robert Davns Whltehurst K is Vfu- xg 5 rf' vj Lalhan Almon Wiggins June Priscilla Wilkinson Thomas Lloyd Wilkinson Agnes Marilyn Williams Joseph Carlton W 1 fi MX WQ 0 Anna Marie Williams VW'lso a lrl W so en G e e e ou seJ a efleW qfeld Nncyl' nW ged Q if Wywwf W Wil MWVESM ,mg-QA W XJ W N ' 'N Dave Ernes I n Nancy Fr n in il n V r on en Win ing x ', L i e n in. i Q MU , V' , XA X J WC! in fi l - lx VV F i , . ' Q 2 , lv X LB ,nl-J ' lu V -i lNJL,i ' x JD ' N i i X L LP l w SX' 'i A l -1 1 r 5 VL N, . XJ - , V XR l' X v X ' W lv if :X I W . , . X 1 X , A , ....... ,Q i ' if 22 5 X L Q , L Mx W L L l 1 f if pl ez - s X L 'Q' w X N . L VB l ll W Fx, Sally Jo Woodford Kafhryne Avon Woodson Sarah Ann Woollord Jannce Lee Wrngh? Lewis Vmcenrwyland Ronald Hams Yaffe it-.. fx 'Q1,"'w David Kelly Wood Waller Clifford Wood 'C 5k-wiv Terry Plnclzney Yarbrough Barbara Harrie! Yates Patrucna Ann Yates Lllllan Bavnngton Young ll 1-'2""' x 4? ?H7 xg 33' VN 31 U l!' 'J -,Hof -rdf U' L, 4. 1 N-Q 5 JUNIOR YEAR Now upperclassmen, the Juniors had many plans for the year. Led by Guy Tripp, Henry Holland, Jane Clarke and Al Ford, the year's events began with Junior Stunt Night. "Westward We Three" was ably directed by Larry Reed and Margie McFee under the faculty supervision of Mrs. Kathleen Hancock. The theme was selected in the interest of our foreign ex- change student, Junior Sabine Kleinbeck from Tros- singen, Germany. The entire student body warmly accepted Sabine, presented her with gifts, and gave parties in her honor. Through individual co-opera- tion of the members of the class, the Junior-Senior Dance with "Japanese Garden" the oriental theme, was successfully presented in the spring. i -- FRESHMAN YEAR Excitedly and enthusiastically, timid but eager fresh- men entered the halls of Tee Jay to commence their high school careers. Brad Gunter, Nancy Wilson, Jane Clarke, and Al Ford were elected to lead the class under the sponsorship of Mrs. Norma C. Broad- dus. Spirit was aroused when the class challenged the Sophomores in a drive for loose leaf paper wrap- pers. This spirit did not die with the final class func- tion, the spring picnic at Forest Hill Park. ll.-i-1-s SOPHOMORE YEAR The Sophomores, a little more confident now, elected Beverly Kersey, Nancy Wilson, Jane Clarke, and Al Ford as the leaders forthe year. To open the school year the class proved that they could work together by conducting a paper drive to raise money. ln the spring a dance was held with music supplied by a four-piece band. Aiding the upper classes, they not only operated the cloak room, but also sold drinks for the Junior-Senior Dance. Toward the end of school the chairmen of Junior Stunt Night were chosen and work was begun. SENIOR YEAR In the final year the Seniors elected Larry Reed Peggy Greenberg Nancy Fox and Al Ford to serve as class of ficers Jane Page reigned as Miss Jeff at the TJ JM football game in the fall The S P officers were Brad Gunter Nancy Wilson Bonnie Buff Nancie Poop and Guy Tripp while Tommy Tredway Stuart Crenshaw Tommy Payne Scott Parker and Johnny Scherer repre Stuart Crenshaw were crowned as King and Queen of the SeniorJunior dance with the theme Manhattan Mood ln the Spring the class presented Kind Lady directed by Pat Horne Th Class Pi nic brought an excit ing climax to the year and th formal graduation was held at the Mosqu on June 7 1 1 S ' 1 1 ' sented the Seniors in the Senate. Nancy Wilson and ' . e 'c ' ' - . . Q . , V e . - BILL HARTZ Presndem JUDY POLLARD Vnce Presldent OF 7,1 FX 04, MISS HELEN BATEMAN Class Sponso 653' LU'lL0l' Cla!! zcerd 1959 NANCY LEE LEIDY Secretary ED COUNCILL Treasurer ig Q3 62 F 1 U C gaYXT...,f 44lf..' kk V T '.' Q 5 'Haw If Eg E E EQ E J 3 ji E E E 11 1, L.: R Y v Y Y, 1 -,, 'Lf-.M" fy.-773, E fp W ff we JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL Front Row Nancy LaPrade Nancy Lee Leudy Bull Hartz Judy Pollard Ed Counclll Barbara Wynne Second Row Nancy Rose Barbara Sanford Evelyn Sydnor Pat Garcelon Jane Waddell Judy Harrrs Third Row Sandra Chad well Mary Dabney Henderson Ellen Blake Joan Bryan Meade Chrrstnan Strother Smyth Fourth Row Robert Smsherrner Steve Rlethmrller Tommy Marshall Buck Flournoy Bull Flournoy Fifth Row Margaret Phrlbrrck Gayle Hollingsworth Warden Emory Jack Fugate Mass Bateman 8 LUILOI' C 61.4.4 Wnth 542 members thus year, the Junror Class chose Bull Hartz president, Judy Pollard vice president Nancy Lee Lerdy secretary and Ed Counclll treasurer to serve as their class OHICSFS under the dlrectlon of Muss Helen Bateman the class sponsor Representnng the class un the Senate were Bull and Buck Flournoy, Nancy LaPrade Betty Alley and Meade Chrustran Hlghllghtung the year was the Junior Stunt Nlght entitled Hawanan Holuday whlch proved to be a smashing success The lunlors honored the sensors wnth the annual Junnor Sensor Dance which brought about a thrnllnng climax for a most memorable and out standlng year 71 ea W L1 -f-c , J .-.,.- ,, A 1 3 1 I I r 1 ' 3 I I 1 , r - 3 ' r I r I 1 s 3 1 r 1 r r 7 f r r , . I 1 ' 1 1 1 I W . . . . , - I , . I I . . . . . . fr -- . ,, . . ' I -,g, . . X '-f' ,',,. 'QQ ,T-ISN 42 V7 - x - Al, -,xi-. Y Y - 1- , 7 E - - , -' ltr- - v, .', Y Y' A ' V ' -'t"'Xfj- J, '17 X Y..yJ.'.!l x"Q N 'V qc ave- ,. ,L J '15-L gig: X- X," - - -jg, ,y 'xvkiiwdf XT X41 ory X S I1 lil I5 U 335 99 gl Alberf August Madge Axel Gladys Baber Thomas Bagby Charles Baker Cornelia Banks Wayne Banks John Barbee Allen Barefor Jane Barnett Joan Barnett Elaine Barett Judith Aaron Katherine Acree Katherine Albright Brenda Alexander Josephine Allen Betty Alley Mary Anderson Jane Andrews William Apperson Dianne Arenstein Ralph Arnette Sandra Arotsky Nicholas Athas Betty Atkins Carol Atkinson 3 1 : '," A A d K 5' 'ri :ima a r e s nj e f .2155 7,25 i 5 ' Ae 'J 'J e a 5 1 J-fm 5 A A A 0 ...NH g...:Ag, X2 yy, Wayne Barrett Dianne Basinger Earle Elaine Bass Marjorie Bass Alice Bates Jean Bear Cliflord Beasley Gtlmer Beauchamp James Beck, Jr. Jerome Becker Evelyn Benedek Barbara Bennett Margaret Berlin Robert Bernert Patrrcna Btgger Donny Blackwell Earl Blackwell Mary Blake Ellen Blake Jeftrey Bland Rodernck Bland Jr Barbara Blsnn Rtva Bowles Carl Bowmer Robert Boykrn Loretta Boxley Joan Brame Xa w ,4 k ,fd Q ' In ,, I 1 , . 'x ' , , faq gif: .,, ,T Ijlg ,., . . f-f 1 A ' - '42, V' -. ,1- -Q, -' 3: . 7 ' 7 - Y " Y Y -rg "- L - Y -A ' Y - ' Al t ' "A 5 f f-, A , , ' , , f ' V7 - A '- ,fc- awii 514 if-' Q1 ,-. v I-Q Yu' O' Tn, yo.-ax 'LX 35 QQ3' Nauman Brewster George Bridgers Carole Britton Robert Britton, Jr. Jane Brooke Julia Brown Joan Bryan Pembroke Bryant Allan BuHenstein Mary Page Burden James Burrier Frances Burstem iz? Q-JI Carrol Lunn Busse Judnth Butler Theresa Cahen Albert Cannaday Eduth Caplan Josette Catarsl Elnzabeth Caudle Martha Cervarnch Sandra Chadwell Hatcher Chalkley Elnzabeth Chamberlam Sandra Chapman Carolyn Cheatham Dennis Chenault Meade Chnstuan 5 U C X on fQx.iex, - A ga, Y 7 A 7, , gi gm, a a C e a J J :CL B 7 J ff ffa 6' '.' :ff -' f ' ' T6 .2 Ed-,tx U.. gy t2,--......- 4 ' ' as Donald Cox Wlllnam Creekmur Harvey Cross Rosemary Crouch Tmsley Crump Earl Vahn Dagenhardt Joel Davids Lula Davis Cecelua Day Earl Deafherage Ruth Decker Margaret Denby Belly Dodson Judy Duke Barbara Dunn Jerry Clbo Geraldme Clare Geraldine Clark Sheryl Clark Clarence Clarke Joan Clarke Charles Cloe Ill Gene Conshne Patrucua Cook Donald Cornell John Cosby Jr Edward Counclll r' J P T .M gr 1-1 I 1 X 5. ,l .r pk, ' T he if. BC., 3 , 1-,-, ' 5 M llwr U .L ,X I, C. 4' r' N . Meiigflitjdz-QV Tiki? PRL-S5 0 'IH If v ig? hw Michael Fawley Beverly Fenner Sandra Fergusson Dallam Ferneyhouglw Beverly Flnppen Phil E Fllppen Selwyn Flournoy Jr William Flournoy Barbara Forloine Joyce Forman James Fortune Sarah Fowler Herbert Eades Sandra Eley Mary Ellington Howard Ellis, Jr. Arlene Ellman Jerry Emanuel Warden Emory Phyllis Engel Patricia Estes Nicholas Eubank Dianna Euksuzian Patricia Faiella Noel Farley Mary Farmer Richard Farrow 1' A W X ,Jr. ' . ' ,Jr. , H. fx f x 0 -' .ge F ee as s s Q ng" bo- - Y Y Y Y 7 Y 5 Y or Y Y Y as . J ,-'im :, R Y Y Y 1. if ,f .- a f e a a B-2 4 Kg , , M f Ernest Fox Grayson Foy Harley Frankel Nancy French John Fugate Susan Gabb Jame Galbraith James Galloway Linda Gallup Patricia Garcelon Waddy Garrett Susan Gedney John Genier Robert Gilliam Thomas Gleason Peter Glenn Allan Gold Arthur Goldman Eva Goldstein Barbara Gordon Patricia Gowdy William Gowen Nicholas Grabar Jr Susan Graves Sandra Green Shirley Griffin Tucker Griffin tgghh xg '1 K my x , . . ,xjifl ,X ,4,iZf?.::,?-'. '- if if .ep ,-'B K ' ,' il 7- - Y -, sv, 'Q-if.. - - W Y ' y ' A 1' ,Y ki ' Y l Y'- - e a- e v a v -ts X., vi U , .x h-,,gl,:X:.'g--Q-I , 1 .Ll .- f-J, Q., f- A-1 'yaix-U-fly f .-iii ,' ' 753- - v-k"L16f' foiktii P Walter Griggs Joan Gross Christine Grosser K A X22 NA Mary Gunst Mary Gunter Herschel Gurley Jr Kathleen Haddock David Hagen Betty Haley Diane Haley Ann Hall Patricia Hall William Hall Lawrence Hallstrom John Hamner Linda Hardy Jeannette Harrington Judith Harris Rodney Harris Holmes Harrison William Hartz Peter Hatcher, lll Linda Hayes Alice Hemphill William Heindl Mary Dabney Henderson Thornton Hill, Jr. I mr .' W- ,Y', . 1 :-4 v . ..., - . . - - f fm.. .-,I-.ze 2, 'rf -1 if 'ZA 5 t , 5 .gg , ,-0, v f 2 -... -' 4,1 51539 Jean Hutcheson Elnzabeth Ingram Anne Jackson Betsy Jackson Russell Jackson Robert Jacobs Wnlluam Jacobs Paul Johnson Harruson Jones Newton Jones Wullls Jones Ill Carolyn Jordon Russell Jordon Wesley Jordon Janet Judd Charles Hogrefe Martha Holladay Gayle Hollingsworth Raymond Holzback Nancy Hood George Hoover Sharon Horne James Hosier Jeanne Hostetter Helen Howard Sandra Howell Johanna Humeas C45 ax,-X v- x,. 'v J K maya if ,s A-Q V ,azz j?fir.T-T'i- -'.'-- '15 44 ,M 05- -rv -- - - - .NJ UQS5 'al - 'r N Y V -, - W Y Y fl' Aw.. K' -s 1 H s H e -,ex ,fx , ,g N -- A .. ----N .' xgi'if,'f.e-f. X 1, 1 X-"i'j'.7y...' Y.. KE jc: 'Use Linda Lambeth Douglas Landrum Jr Nancy La Prade Ralston Lecky Ill Rebecca Lee Nancy Lee Leidy Joanne Lessem Herbert Lewis Alice Ligon Kay UPPY Judith Locknane David Long Helen Kalafetis Marlene Kates Lynore Katz Sheila Katz Alfred Keeton, Jr Richard Kempton Arleen Kennedy Lawrence Kessler Darr King Harriet King John King La Verne Kirby Phillips Kraemer William Kuehl Elizabeth Lacy K A xl: NA l f ' fq , ..... ,fo cl? ff Q-S aff EFI' J fe R ' R f f1.,amgw,fl A J -J e be -A 'o5'."X l"..:Ag9 KX 'wuvnayf iif 72 Patricia Long Elizabeth Loving Betty Lou Lowry Linwood Lucord Russell McAllister, Jr. Patricia McCann Grace McCIary Peggy Jo Mclnfyre William McKim Mary Louise McMurdo Gloria Maisel Henry Maizels Barbara Major Kenneth Mallory Joan Mann Mariam Manovkian Yvonne Marcus Sandra Marcuson Julie Anne Mangus Anne Marchart Virginia Marlowe John Marshall Thomas Marshall Claudette Martin Eleanor Martin Gloria Martin James Martin ,f ls.-xx 'ix-NF v-of X"-L x,rFi5x..A B., rv' X., in JEL- ' N. ,-",.35.:f,7.g- .X .aff i ,Hg fe 1 it , , , Lf, :QQ -Nl 7 A Y - - 'a "H , , T- i Y i f Y lf Q, l ,sq ki, Y Y Y -J. , ,.- - H i Y i 43 U JA. - --1,1 51, -5? 1,-' Xx ,l,L.f'- -ill' fxiyff.-gf., L X N get . QQF11 or,-HE my f X 'PX ..,.--Q... O Q-'wk-haf - '-ix 45 ANYRXTI Em li' if? , . . o '. X -f '.' 2 W 0 "JST 'f 59" John Marhn Jr Edward Mason Brenda Massad Robert Mathews Eluzabeih Maxey Joellen Maxwell Annette Mendel Robert Mercer Barbara Meyer Gerald Meyer Sandra Meyers Carol Muller 3' Carole Mnlsteun Barbara Mmor .ludufh Mmor Carol Ann Mutchell Sandra Mllchell Alexander Monroe Ilona Moody Barbara Moore Beverley Moore Carolme Moore Davud Moore Robert Moore Vnrgunna Moore Evelyn Morrls Barbara Moyer Stuart Packer Shlrley Parrush Dorothy Peaco Norma Pearce Frona Peck Alan Penn Franklm Perkuns Wayne Perluns Helen Perlm Artae Phaup Margaret Phnlbrnck Robert Pnerce Jr Andrea Pthlkrantz Gerald Plotknn Martha Pomdexter Marshall Murdaugh Rachel Musser Richard Nelson Charles Nenzel Barbara Newell Diane Newman Isabelle Norwood Maurice Novick Sandra Ondrovich Allen O'Neal Ann Osterman Richard Owen Tri .r NV W1 xex '1 IFS. r . N , . 4375. 5' xc ia .5-.-' 4' 'Q ,AS 1' V5 A ,wx .V Vlkiff- 7 ' - " , ' lf' .Y in ' - - Q -. t .Y'- l R - - d e , Q bf we . pg 3, filo' if Yffff ff -W ,:.,:VL-w., 75 "3 .. ' YU O' TH 'X X fjf? A 1 W QQ Rnchard Robmson Jordon Roman Carolyn Roosevelt Anne Rose Cllnton Rose Vuctor Rose Ruth Rosen Suzanne Rosenbloom Barbara Rosenthal Jean Pollard Judith Pollard Charles Pollok Coolidge Porterfle William Prillaman Larry Profflt Janet Puckett Bonnie Ramey Andrew Rankin Harris Raskind Judith Reynolds Ronald Rhodes Wyatt Richardson Henry Rncheson Steven Ruethmnller Lloyd Rudd r Barbara Ruffln 'A Rtta Russ I x V 1: 5 all ' sl QR?-"A"---f o at 5 :prix Qml s a u a e u s 1 Ijicy , , f Y' , , 6'-. x1fJ.',0,'l X '--.W'.-"AV X 'alt y Edith Russinsky James Saady, Jr. Rodney Sager Steven Sager Margaret Samuel Eleanor Sanders Merle Sanders Stuart Sanders Barbara Sanford Charles Schelin Sanders Schooler Joseph Schwartz Linda Self Ann Shade Marguerite Shelburne Jane Sheppard Sara Sheppard Beverly Sulver Carol Snmmons Nancy Simms Robert Snnshelmer Carolyn Smith Eluzabeth Smnh Nancy Smnth Sheppard Smnth Strother Smith Ill Susan Smnth ! 1:6 xg 77 Q .L . ff f -J 'R ' zz I , .xiii , f . rg- N 4 ,i12',f.l'.745T' 1 su. ,fe tv , , - A -,V-V, r".,5::.'. 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' if Y -Sy, Joseph Toler Forest Tomes Cary Trevillian Charles Trible Mark Troxell Jr Sandra Tuck Arthur Tugman Edwin Turnage James Turner Judy Tyler Anita Umberger Ann Urbine Paulrne Vaden Georgia Valentine Laurie Vail Evelyn Sydnor Richard Tanner Sara Tarrant Neva Taylor William Taylor Patricia Tedder Theodore Tharin Judith Thompson Joyce Thorp Sandra Throckmorton Arnold Tieder Frances Timberlake ti? vw.- N.r.x X rj Xa ,r , . - ,,:kiSff-. fl R xii' ' ir , 'J J'-tx?-r , - - Y - Y - - -if 5. M , - - - - l , ,. , . e - - e a 4, . .N qw U . -- , . ,i JQNT .. . "'f'-Q 'fi fig.--N of gg rg.. ff 79 l-K Ll' 8 0F70 f' A ' f 2 99' QQ 'ar Douglas Wiggins Denms Wilkins Judnth Wilkins Helen Wilkinson Clarence Williams Donald Williams Harry Williams Patricia Williams Sara Jane Williams Wayne Williamson Larry Wilson Richard Wilson Nancy Van Schreeven James Vassar Judith Vaughan Michael Viener Jane Waddell Virginia Walker Patricia Wall Lois Jane Walters Margaret Walton Mary Anne Watkins Maury Watts George Whitby Noralee White Carolyn Whitworth Sandra Wicker 6 R9 3 2 'F . . Im . l xfixf C-21 Sa ,312 we T ta Sf?--iii"--.fa N LU." "-x' X b,"e..,." rf! Waller Wilson Margaret Winslow Marshall Wolf Janice Wood John Woodall Sandra Woodle Clifford Woodward Nancy Wyanr Elizabeth Wyland Barbara Wynne When shall we three mee! agam In thunder, lighfning, or in ram? James Galloway, Mrs. Wimer and Derald Hagen Up er Left .lack aslung I ere a back door to t as establnshment7 lll'lL0l' lun! Lg f Center Ralston Betty a d Meade com ar bug mght p mg notes on the Lower left James takmg the atomic cocktail :ontalnm on g e gallon of raduator water a dash of raspberry strawberry cher ry chocolate lemon and lame d an 3 peaches to Stuart and Allen , ,--v.. "1:.,.4- ills, .gms Y:- 1-'Sf-stlfa-if,:1i--i,,., 1 , ,,.-V-1-,,'v4.'-oz, N--e - . Q 1 4. . 4 I ali., NN.. , V ,mv s., Rnght Guests enloymg the luxury and excltement ofthe hotel lobby Various extraacurricular activities and Honor Roll achievements char- acterized our 520 spirited Sopho- mores. Mrs. Doris Turner served as class sponsor while Guy Tower, Dennis Ownby, and John Flournoy ably presented the opinions of their classmates in the Senate, To boost their treasury the Sophornores sold Tee Jay stickers and held a success- ful paper drive. They also found time for a spring dance which was enioyed by all. Enthusiasm and participation in so many activities helped make this an extremely busy and evemlul Yea' fo' each Sopho' sornotvions cuss orricens AND SPONSOR-First Row: Kitty Acree, Presidentg Mrs. Turner, Sponsorg Gordon Davis, Vice-President. Standing: Betsy Chamberlain, Secretaryg Jim Marchant, Treasurer. TDOTC. op 0l'l'l0I'e C 6144 SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL First Row Guy Tower Betsy Charrberlain Kitty Acree Mrs Turner Gordon Davis Jim Marchant John Flournoy Second Row Frances Sanders Mildred Garthright Charlotte Jones Carole Buckner Martha Riley Joan Newell Randy Elem Ginger Johnston Third Row Jay Roberts Ann Gay Widmer Karen Maosha Barbara Kennedy Susan Lindsan Sharon Schwartz Car lyle Moore Fourth Row John Bogan Charles Sydnor Tom Bethume George Tiller B adley Nott John Capeh rt rl' ww, pw. t wiki -4-C ,ff as if l : r A I - I ' 1 V 1 4 r ' : I I 1 1 I I I I t ' I 1 1 1 r I 1 1 A : , , , ' , f , e . ' ' ' f' ' 'fm'-f-f-1 ww wean, .,,,,. ,,, ,, A V 1 'A Q , ' 4 f ,. .. a N ' v Y .., .,,. e . 1 , sw, A K I nf wr f -na , , X ., , 'I , 3 ,R 5 S ,Y - -. , s J f .. 4 , ,., 1 , , s fvfbf., ,f Q if 1 ti. - K Av g .,. 'V if . , 1 c ' , 5 1 ...M il is l it ' Y MAE' .. ' ,si .141 y 13135 ' li . via' . Q , t A t If ' fly- it 'f '24 - 7 Y Y Y V Y Y 7 Ai' ,' .y ' - '-Y ' A Y Y ' - - -. - .. --x Age.-'WEr'X, 1' M- .-l-lofi . flfm 'fin V1 151.-'cf if-Tf"'24-'7 f-.4 sa, Homeroom 'I01 and Part of 115 Homeroom 104 and Part of I06 urs Row 3 vu 3 MCG B Q H f1 C c ,n st Row P3 ca 3 3 ,am mu N P Q b f on Sggond 'J Second Row C 3 Row 3 W WM F Thlrd Row C :cy Third Row 3 3 M Fourih Row B C I Row 3 Q64 or 7,7 Y IM! IA ski? 8 4 F' I : B. kt' Bo1'wg, S3 ' 'egc' 0 0'-eg 3' U Fir : U FW:-2, Ba' ff Jew- B9-mfg J. 5, DQ-ure, Emmy Cfc' f-' JSM Le' 'L egg. H3 Bch YG H5 D:'o'N C"5'!63 R eva Mme, Gevvfv Be' D'3we Kefeev J 3. EE" AN, S3':f"1. A1 '-2. : 'eff C: rg S,-2 Szfwafz JP' PCA-2 , Mai : 'acre Se, C' B' L3":'va RCW ya M5336 .Jet-E N3 J-25' W Je Q" AEE Moe: N3', Av' B'::r"ee' EW' . e-S""' Ka"A L"'e CH: S'e"'g R3'3C f W:::3:' BI , E,:3'f. ' : yt "?'E'YG R3W:z Bc B. cif. ' : Rice" G' ff' Bfe'3e TT"ner- V299 Reef M3"e Lehi Bvsw Joni? C311 Dczqf: Bfac fly Nc" 'ake T"'3 Fe"e', D-ebb-2 S:"'-2 Ma:-2 P,:v9", 5.535 Gcsdmaw, Jawei Hc dfen Iwi He ef. Fourih Row: Kay Wa'e Ccgr, Swgrffe- Bees Men" Bcczv Txgve- Lee C'ef5'a . : 'f:':3 Wade A1"3 C":'ev C3':' S'e"'e' Emeg- Bqvgi Jaw, L3-'-ff' Pe-5' P-4' e"3 T "3Q'r D345 P 9' G:":c" D3." Pew Teve A:e'r FZ:1r G::2Ne'. F'fH1 : B' S, H3' J,-f Pg'-g S"-3, Diwgfh V'gf, Jew P3.'e Tc" Be" "e P3, G3"'i?'. E ': S3':'3 B'9w' A w R32-evo::" E33-6 S:'we'2e'. ffnf lg. ,X ..,.....,.. O LZ?-.' ,Q '-1,19 21: :'rx:.-'11, .' -'A i V V W i i i Y i , li: gf :fab - ' Y Y - f f - - 1 . . ' A ' Y Y :XZ :si X7 Q ,N ' 7 f' ' 7 Y 31933-. .957 I k?bS.l.u-.,.' , gf 1 Homeroom 114 and Part of 106 Homeroom 119 urs! Row B urs! Row M1 Second Row D M1 qw M' M f 1 Second Row M :rd Row N' E yq u U Fourih 1 Row R Flfl I1 .nv i and Par? of 308 H Row m, 85 ,ff Third Row Y-s X-ax Z - V t 'H 2,1 f' ' 34 2,1 53 f S1 . ' . A 3 f I 9 3 Q L 5 F' I ,VIXV1 H," Pfgb- 735' L."' Cw P1 An' K'-H" R,'- F' : '.FC'1 EV:3": H Pm" M N-' f, Q -' UVM Cvf-' EH 'f' Ma- : imz Lrw f U' Ks", C rm: C-""1'1 PM ' A H g' KV' W ' Da", NJ' v 'g'3 Rm 'J VV f- SV:-' SVP: : an 7 1" 1' Am AL.: "L, J 1, G' '--- ' B ,A V,- ', '1 VJ'-"s M11-M, Th' 2 ww C' ' ' SQ' ': Pjrr.-' Rug' PY- Lf-g'z': Me' F MV, L' f-'zz' ' 51 Pux"-- f AV- " 'q Ji" B win J.:"f' Jf- H Wy: H 1 -1 Ca' - Ter: B1 V: V- Pwr ' D ., Rov1:T,"'-. W BL: W3 93' Ta. ' G 1 Vw-' Da- S""'y'f- Vi, 5'1" L:.'d N- ' P '- v:, Fourih Row: G- '1- T -' D iii' J " 3' R1':,S'w::. F'Hh 2 '3 W 31" 'X13",C.Q.e' S'1'Q' 'Af'y,ff-H-311' Lf-H '-"M M M P 3- '- --- '72:' A '-si"' N'1'f".: N '1 if J '- G':L--. J , 3: F, 1 CE:-1 Pa'-Hx ' :ff L73 J1"B'g- i - Q, - Bizr, Lf' J' JL", He' L' J" K' 3" R I: -'-' rr. . .Eiga fjjg dfg ,T-.1 K Ji' "',- 1 ifv , ' ' W1 Q f f f ' ' W AN" 'ffig '5- f - A- f - --1 I "V 'z' f..2llLlT5"-I Homeroom 201 and Par? of 220 Homeroom 203 and Part of 308 rsr Row Row TrdRw Second nrsr Row M A Second Row Fi 1 Bgzz, W3'e'g BE':2'3 F" :1 F':':"' J 3: JV? Bmz' F' 2 EE'l',3'3 P-',:c:': Q,.f-- ' N3',, K2,"'3' FQ". Liwvi- S'u1' ,g" '1' s, -' fwzz. V1.2 Jar' Ni'-' Jiffrf 5"i 3"- UL V S 3 Tc""'. VEVC' MQ", 5'1A' VJ'-I' Sg'f.5": 32,3 R-3: JN? :,5'e f'1,':e. ,f5":": "J J:'v5:' J 1, Ga"--M Cat' Muzi' Jag' V-4:12 hi o : Bffu :ve Llg' D: :'f. C3 :we rfygivf- M1 A B3 C'iJ', S'e"'f VQCJH Jfg' 3'vf".w M553 3'2L' J:'e T'.w" Cp: Sr.--'wie' A te Rgen Third Row: M3 F H319-' v"g' 5 ,g,: Burr: 'Q 'g Dg"D1" Jig". V' 'f 5 '- 'g EQ' S":e' ' '. Va- vw BVI. Df- S""' Ky' Ki . v71"v K: -'-' A:"' R'1":':,1' 52' Big' 5 7: 'f-'Z A K C A"?rwfgf:'. 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R"1': VV. fy - 5-"V B-"N E'-YJ 7'1"-' D . S J1'-- ,xx Fw", Bmw: NUM! W 'z-' W1-', 3 gh- lj fl CV' JJ'-- Haofg' SD Tru F G-'11 PMT. : fe-1 ". Km 1 1, fvv: :JUN TH. L' JV" Ty:-' L 131' N' 'M' 545325 Sr" Df- VV"' G-?2'T Lfm' ' Jgwf-j VVUH' 51" L,':3 N lx' , QTY: Cf" ' QT3'--, hui S":'e Dina D"3"3 CVM-'. F'fth 0: R BN-"V N3 ' Jw - Sx 'uni J- Mya" S'-.L fin-eff Pgff L-'gjw L.- .Nv 'V' T3 EH" TQ" K"e'G VV vu" VVNQ' P2 D 1- NLT, B-'f"u': V'-ff P3 Lfeiff. 15:2-fix 5-Q14 ,j.l,171f.'l XX 3,5 6, ,' ik ., MA-.-., '- - A , i AL' ..,,g .. ,, - A, Y Y V - J Vg. K-E . , . 00 R oo L 1 L o L - .2 . -kg , LV: 5. " o- r I' ! s,X',X',xi:Vjsf,-.2 0 7 quits! Homeroom 208 and Part of 220 Homeroom 217 and Part of 308 Furs? Row P' 3 3 F st Row J J Second Row J 3 Second Row Third Row Third Row J m M3 1 J Fourth Row Fourth Row M Fifth Row ANR? io mmf vs 6h 88 ' :T:" KJQ' .6 SWJ' L"::1, Lrv EM: g". M3275 P-43'-T ir : air? C51 J: :fp Bfw' N431 Di-2'-4 Sang ' Kg, 'Q' J " Lf' L' 3:53. S'e:": A" N:::3':, 1 ig' Riu", C'e'gf 752: Fwfiei Zin C3':,' H A-E-13"'l'L' J3'4 N 1'3":f--' Ame P12530 J2'i' SWB ' N3':. J31 Rff:"':': C5',: Vi?-1 Sly? K3'z .1-3 3" QV1. EE' Hefrwq Bysya B'A'lQ'?i C'f"e R:-':. ' : Ehwzh W' Cww'-' Czzre Pffff JQ'W':' '.' B215 ' : -,N C Seve W"':",ff Serv. Tghw, Jfffw B 'ff Pa, H.H'Y'a' Lff- 'pw V91 f-' Sa lf- W 'gre Mafe B'w:3 Jirf Msnv Jr: Ma. Pm ', UQ' 3' L: '-1 K":.': Qi 1 Rav, VVHQ' L53-G, T':'a, 5::v"m Kg. Hffww' D34M'1'e . : 1" F'-2: R':':': 2' G. r-Gif new Gvzz' N' '3" NN.: Le:'2': Cc" Nia' f."":1' JT". rwf' Je' -, 9 U' : M:Ke"f. L." H:,.-ina' J13' HQAVQ. ' I Yin", N311 D,i'f- C" 'E' Q9 3': P 3' Z' 'll A--"2-'. 53:5-ef' WV: Rxzf Gi, Ji? Sfwiwz Ne-. N Cyl" XN'1.1L'.,,' QT .... ,ll Nl- .- qf- -,AV Y Y CLK: 'ff 1- :rn ' ' 'i 'W f 'f f ' ig-,-.f:U- hhi hhh'J h fi-..' LN' .U-to 0 V ...AY 2,,f,i...- Homeroom 222 and Part of 220 Homeroom 224 and Parf of I 15 :sr Row Furs! Row V D Second Row Sega,-yd Row 'fd Row Third Row Fourth Row Fourh Row Fifth Row 89 x-it -L., F'r :D,". VV' "-. SJ' CVH' EA. ,af V. E' ' :Kfw 'ff New S"-:"' Qin' D' B--11.2 , Sf- 2-' 5 A V 1'1:5,':"" V - z" :L -A 1.1M ' '. if 'rf '-'. QVZ' 3 -"' Q" , 5'-' ' 5 - aw, 54m S -vvr , vw' :fr .- A" rf-V AH 1 -. . J , 1. vw-,pf 3 Q- 5-1-' 5 5. V, , " N" J 5" Ki. C.Q'l " C I, I C, " F 'g B4-g 311 D, ivy f J T ' , pf' . T'l"' 1" AN P yv ' - K- 1, BH, ff 1' ' is EH' , N ", Ee- D 2 - L' ," 5-'1"" Q' '1"Q'1': F .4-i .- L: 2 ,WI , J, , 512. I 1-I: 5 ,4 Ez, fi,',1 Q., 1 Lf,',,. " .- rf-. , 3 it i,,,'A ,,.:, E?,f, ,AV AW fi, , :,: E, ,. - I g,., V ,, .. . C ',J,,, M ,.,:.: fx V, im 5 ':'::1. J F 1"' 'v:,'- . " , K1 : -' ,-", E" U Q'-' ' Q , 3.1"- Y 7 - - ,-. W 1 Y V Y- S-f,, V, I Homeroom 306 and Part of 225 Furs! Row B a Second Row Han 3 Homeroom 320 and Part of 106 F sf Row J Second OW Th rd Row Thnrd Row ffim 0 r 'J QQ Fourth Row E L Fifth Row Fou Uh w Lf! 90 ' Z Biff" S'f':v S:'m3": Sf N:F3'3': C'3'11 FJ'-f ir I fzhw M2314 AM Ge. W":"5' C335 S' 'Z J G "'3 Dee", Ge" Cy: .' C45 :. Ka'-' Vgzk. ,:" A'3:':, J' ' , C FQ' C1:"'- E:"' VV4""- Ee" SQ : Se S 3:1 NIU 5e"f' 5'-'13 N2 "ze J 1, Rf R 3 JJ' E" Biff, -"g"2 :ew J::i:' ,352 E f F V Be"y Lo. ' if J 1, SCN- Nei, G' Nam, Gw-" Va: R":"-4. L."3' S, iw S33-ey Sem. B-'L' J 'f- Ma.. i ' QKQ. Camf J.f1, H' any T"3 S'f-shew: B3'::'J Cav" 'e . W' A1 Dx-'Vg Jr' Fft'-' Row" 3 ff - V J 5 MQW Fwe Ave P:":e-'S' J3'i' F-ffC,'I'4C" W' 5,365 L:'g Jifff V"if- BL", C-gf-, r Ro 1,--592, EZ W JJUQQ K"':' z'. 3 Fig'-, Lee P-"':i":' DQ, 1 1' F'i:e"i We e' 0'5" Diff' GV. 33" Awfg H: L'-'M RI:'3': J3:1:. Rauf-" Lff, J:L AL encf C'3'l, Ci' -. PY'-'. ' : Jyff. Bpgi' N' Ae' C'5::- C 'fn 3 C2"': B3'r..S"1 Eff" ,em ' Je" F-:ffiz E' ,f F X ..,,...,... 0 gg: 'a'-,xg-149' ', A Y 7,7 Y 1: Hi:'k'7 J'-' :hm F J Q 1 , 3 U 1 V Y i' Y Y Xif-.hky ,Q x - "" ' 5' X 2 '.,H.,.'iA, 022,93 Homeroom 324 and Part of 'I06 Homeroom 328 and Part of 225 urs! Row K Fwrsf Row L Second Row Sgqon V K, Row J M 3 Third Row Third Row Flfih Row Flf?h ow -i 91 F' Z .z.J1" J' AM Kf-nf-, Ca" N' " 'V Pr, V' -"- ' J :. ' 1 f S' :': 1'-' J, 2 '- 21"-' E- . 9: ' f' V 31 , MV. S,--,,, Pr. K 5-:lj S1':'zVV,z':. Z, " S' az Pan T1 N -- Q,-' A" Z1 1- ,- Q, D,,.V d 54' 5, gg B, 11- J -N B' W RH- 5-,ef f- : C 3 Ap-W if Nr: Q' -V' 2 - My-V1 37 Dfw--. E H2 ""-- D, ff ' 11 I ru Vf- I-. 5 M f, . Q-M 5 2 - - V ' R, T: J 1, -'fi Dt' ", 3-YE' ?v'z"'3 fri: "f J. "f-1 E -1 " SL' i", ,- V' C i -1 J 1, K 'I Ev: rf 1'-.3" ,w SSI. 5 E L". Fcurfh Row: 3 L-wi -, 'z. i' 5' 3'-'T -L .'. V: Jg 5!"f, S V Q-1-. C-f 5 M "f, Fourfh Row: D .4 Qzrf' B3'::'1 CL":"' Serif' GJ Q'-H' Cz' .f Aw ' gy ' hy- L3 'ff MJ. Say Hy- 5 33, iq. ' - V I 5 V' 3 N. -- :JH HE:-i3'g-9 KJ.r'13'3, B-"I: Bit," 9 Tw: E 3' 91' Srrw N' ' R 25' V :HQ " . . fi: ' D - 51" J- Ny' -1-3' ik-'L Ne:-' 'LN S "'.'. f E ' 53 ': N' 'Q' --1 Cf. '-fn E-fx, f -1 . , ,-i i , ij, Q ,A . N 0 H ' ' ,fjpqnffg i tai: ' P ' A qui lv , QQ FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL-First Row: Bill Skinner, Jebbie Beach, Miss Susan Rowe, Ellen Heflin, Jim Hargroves. Second Row: Betsy Scott, Irwin Sanders, Caroline Smith, David Call, Martha Bergeron. Third Row: Roslyn Laster, Larry David, Skip Haseltine, Donald Wickwire. f7re4 man fast! FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSOR Furs! Row Jebbie Beach Treasurer Miss Susan Rowe Sponsor Ellen Heflin Secretary Second Row Bill Skinner Vice president Jim Hargroves President The opening of school n the fall found 289 eager but bewildered Freshmen roaming the halls of Tee Jay The first days of confusion sur vived the class settled down to work with their newly elected officers David Call and .ltrn Har groves ably represented the Freshmen in the Senate while Miss SJsan Rowe we picked as the class sponsor The collection of Lucky Star Bands the group s main prote t proved very successful as did the class picnic cltmaxing an exciting first year at Thomas Jefferson 5 E S5 Q PR 1 N1 JA " S 912' 92 , ' i if 4 4 - I , . V 5 . I Vlmff ': sift! in 1 Y W V ,Y Y- Y, Y Y in :lt ,NH ,fp,:U 'Y Y ' 3,3 wyfoa' x T - T kayla. H.. y Homeroom 102 and Part of 309 Homeroom 107 and Part of 309 F si Row P urs! Row x N Lau Second Row H 3 H S cond Row L 13 Ba a Thlrd ow Gu Third Row 9 Va Frith Row M F Fnlfh Row Na V 93 ir : :i .' Lani" J 1. L"'a1C Ca" rw Sf " J 1. A1-w'4n'-N F' 1 Sd' Peifff' N '. BLM Pa "N E10 H D'--- ff C 1 J 1"' Sw '1 2 S f' W' 'f"C"f E 9' Hn: ' in . 3 Si'wa"z J: AM Azz: S' S .V Fi 13 BW' 13 F 33. Cv' -'H A C'3'L Bwifw f-'zwvm 323' V"g?15.3 T? gm B'-11 wqgfm MV' e 1 'v' NNW' JA-3' M3""' BYKLVJ Viv, SYN M qs'-' Fvw' 5-2, W' Cvir J-'VVS' Jaw Srfen ' R : . "Q -: Fx' Cf-Az, Patti- J3"f' 3'--"rH'g JV- C' '1 SW' 7" ' 5 HV--. JY- 5 501, S150 Se , Ani KJ". ' I ' "':::'- lH3"'3" H SVI DH pw"-" F? 'z': MQ'f Ke. 4' 1'-ww J-L:- BNHS, Fourfh Row: J " "1 Tu, 3' JJJ 33' BZ: M ,- Hg' W 3" MLCK, ng EM' B1-22 Fourfh Row: C' E T' N 2 Da. : C3 B , Si?" Jvmw KVM? B , Mgjw Wfefgc' TCH", C T 3-,V H' B Sv MQ' TH- Cz",-, My' J' ",'1".- ' 3 5:10 G!""'Q" 9695" 3, -K". PM-J" W 'JH Q TV: xv: n"'9. ' :J ,'-1 NH' 'XJ' f TM" Ja Dwi'-. "" Lf AW ' Pl R7i'u': iv S'f:'f-' SQ'-fi"f-'. Max' G--c'gf- vi "Q, Fun- SMG' H 1 FU 121 N"1 f- , S: Ni 'J " - in f ' A '- ' - i Q f' ! 4,-fy ,, ' ' : f-9,41 Kr W gg qw Homeroom 202 and Part of 309 Homeroom 226 and Part of 309 Flrsf Row n First Row ca a Pa 3 Q Second A U6 on S A co Second Row Boom W S W a ow 3 f Third lr ow w Keen Mo iv E 'w y Mavc J an S wr Dow xwfre Q FDU,-fh ourth Row B w R on ca aw 3 'Waco S Flffh ow n W Q 0 R w o ay 5 vc Com e w V f A 'w QT Of U, 4 .v x 'A 94 D" O WD, 9' 1 af , W' 2 vnu 'WAN' A .7 ' . A Y? , X1 I ,F , ' I' if 3 ' : Jbtiy Sea Q. Cr: Bezvsfaz C.n'rf.a B:"wf Arm-3 E.f3'- ' Z 55' ' S"l"1, ' VV"T:'E'3 Bewf S,a'Qf, Evff n W5 5 Pfg- G" Ein SMI'-X Gzw Fave M3"'3 Cure" Hee' Mccff, :Va LGU: Dc"1 p 'S .e 5 . 3 Cgvw Ro : .saw .ana Sf H 7Q3'5 JV" Sav Giza' P5"'1' Daw L'w:.f. JS" F'e':' 53:75 S'e'rw Jcwze L"'e':'1 Rasa Sees S'3'C' Se :f De. F. efs, JYWNQ Aan- Mnffa Bzgvcw Pf. 'Q R':'1e', ' S 'av G'a'c'e, Th'd R : Leon H3'CID'7Q Ba"f C""ence' Hire" Ro : af , 'meg' C131 Ty-My Pfam' Jo' M -we Joe Canon, ce D563 ANL L ,, an WIC ' ,Ja" 3 Mowzrf. Jay Sha' JC"- Pane Esc' Pgfr-ef. F : ' DF Anti Ro: one" C'2'e Sgaw Mie' Sga' T'5"p: , Pg'f3D Ge, PJ' Kezv TC"'v Yiewav F'-2: Vane' Pc,g:1 Re-ez C3'::"-2 Rock: Rv C' 'eg K , pa" Bcwew M':'ae Pa"Q':c'v! ' R : S'a dis, D A S' 'Zh av. Fifth o : J 'nw Fc""wg Bac D , Pe'e' A'e' C ' '11, Lpke Ne :cnc Bafw Zelh Owe' Da.':1:', R373 A'13"5 BMJ' Gzfwgu Nm" Syxvi Vv'er': Piet, Gfygfr MJ' D7 W'Y'e'-eau, MV3 En"v. Rznei Med H.'cw"z. Q:-' A-.01 40. 4 . , QV.. Y ,. ZA- lf- QQ: fy :rn ' A K 'f ' -f ' --'- - f - -' 5.3 . ', :UD ' D' D D 'N'-.DY .-'Q D DD D 2 'D D ,ox .n - .. y ,2,,:......-- 4 xx J -5445. f' W J asv' """" Birdy year OI' Oulel' CIGJJHIBH Upper Left Rumbo a Mexrzo' Upper Rrghf Brmgrng back the days of Kung Arthur Center Left Frenzred Sophomores carry iherr problems to Mass Jordon Center Rlghr Ifs fun and good for the figure too Lower Left Sophomore Gnd Tee Jay suckers always In demand lower Rrghi Wrsh I could get help wrth the AC E Tests' ,ff 95 Q V f ",..?,l. will X X 1"f'?"' ,Y . 3 Q ' fx 5 .4 46 -fa . . 1 Q ' 1' - ,, . ,, . D . . . I . . . . , . . . . , . . -v' ' 'iq I , 5-.1 ll! J 'LUJ4 n M94 7JfJ 5 pid W9 JJ cf J , fi' JQQ 00 ,4-Z 34' ji! 3 J J ,by 4,5 Q? gain! J fry? E439 ,Iva V I I .153 L nik ,ts ' , 1 1 fL J 71, Ui ILJS I 1 A! ,' iff" fi gcj : ' y ff. - .aJ 4. N ' 15 7? .J m 1 X," , ff "I X A 1 lu- ICM M" X I .V " -,if ,Q A 11- 0 1'- k. 'tj' A Al, ' , , 1 ' ., 1,J V 45 . Q ff? 3 f N V I' gf M - ,f H . ,I ! ,. , 5 eff? f?f",1 ,W ' . f 'J 1 4 , -0 ' Qgjif' av 3 jf-P F: jfxf lffjjff J"ff2 A 'KA '. 1 f f A ' -1" Q bf 4 gy ' ,M J V I-,WIM WJ? f?'?4 W5 ,JM 49 ' 4? -V U 'ig , f Wy ,1 v sf ,JJ V ' K E l , M 'J T - 6,-f L if Jpfyd HI ' J 1- . 1 Q J L3 , " A 3 J ' 3 ' 40 " M 2 I J 3 ' f u J 4 4 J f 4 0 I 1 5 , 5 lf? 5 i KP .1 5 f if CERS F t D e6lClel'J 0 50I1'l0I'l'0LU Every day durmg the fourth pernod the five officers who make up the Executnve Committee ot the Student Partlclpatnon Association met In the tower room wnth the class presidents and senators to formulate policies forthe student body Brad Gunter President of the S P presrded over the Senate was head of the B O C and the Councnl of Homeroom Presldents as well as an ex OTTICIO member of all commattees As Vlce President Nancy Wulson presuded over the Senate when the President was absent and served as Speaker of the House of Representatives The Recordrng Secretary Bonnue Buff kept the records of all the Senate pro ceedungs whsle Nancy Roop Correspondung Secretary was responsible for all the correspondence of the S P Guy Trapp as Treasurer handled the money and pald the bulls for the S P xg 97 gg -irs Row: Brad Gunter, president Mrs. Brufble, sponsorg Nancy Wilson, vice-presidenr. S d R B nnle Butt, recording secretaryg Nancy Roop, correspondlng secrevaryg Guy Trl p, treasurer. 1 . I . ., , . . . I I I - I I I - - 1 1 . .'iil'.Q, ,-r '-5"-'TX-. f'?A,.- T. 4 f' X' W -, W , Y - , V, "'.5:f-- , - 5 Pr ,- A A 7 W Z Ar. K 7 W A i H v' ' 2 T T " c ' "mi-'lf',-.'3 f-SgngjwSc5,LJ- f I 53.1 f'QT,f'-gli '-1,5-if -731, f' --Q -wp lv Jnitialiue . . . anal ,feaclerdlzip During the week, Senators kept busy with special committee meetings and on Fridays they filled out notices to re- mind their committees to function the following week. On each Tuesday their attention was given to the regu lar business meeting Delegates were sent to city state regional and national SCA conven tions Highlighting the year was the spirited election of the new S P off: cers and senators held in the spring eww MTW! Jill WWW my TH SENATE F IR T 1 Ffth R N07 r,,x X if 2 XQQ-9 l V 98 Jfnw HONOR COUNCIL L g AQ!-Rfb 'Sc2,44,+o-.xuil '-!'J' L 0- K- ODE O HONOR with others 511168 other able form Signature onediy 04 flfzriue These are the ideals which the Honor Council strived to impart to each stud nt The members were chairman Larry Reed secretary Adele Vogel sponsor Mrs Wimer Marc Seldes Sheryl Clark Ralston Lecky Pete Gordon and Doug Reed Ex otticio members were Brad Gunter Mrs Brumble and Mr Mooney Since its establishment in February T957 the Honor Council has conducted code renewal after carefully re- viewing and re-interpreting it. A program in the home- rooms presented the Honor Code to the new students and gave them an opportunity to sign honor cards. Honor Week, held September 30 through October 4, was in- tended to remind students ot their recent pledge. This Page Sponsored by Phil Seldes, Home Builder and Designer 99 . - 'l7.'s , i Tx., - ,. .. ,V -sax 45 1,1 ' r, . 1 -.1 :-x rf . L. " ' Z' -.r -cg, -1" -J V .X'u'ii.,s, N . 'a- .1-Ja' v A, ,vffff , 'Q ii y i A- T311-?l3f HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES First Row Da e Acid son Kay Ha 'JV Ca O 'le M99 e Evarnon Wel s Second Row Wal e Woo Be ry Dodson Ca ol Eldr C19 M 'la e w tz hlrd Row Ca o s e no a ev no a o g D arte Do rt Four xv Mac Ro a o ri o by M l Fifth Row Ka W een Haodoc e cFa ana a e zabe ay Sixt Row R 6 Ellis S an Gabb Barba a Spencer S91 or ,, X he voice ..... The House of Representatives has been the largest governing body of the school. It was composed of a representative from each home- room. Meeting every first and third Monday afternoon after school, its main purpose was to act as a con- necting link between the Senate and the homerooms Representatives were elected by the homerooms on the basis ot leadership ability, enthusiasm and interest in school affairs Each repre sentative served for one term but could be re elected Particular prolects for this year have been to eliminate congestion in the halls and to improve student behavior in assemblies Throughout the school year committees func tioned on various prolects, such as the calendar committee which was in charge of posting a calendar of U bij io., V . . . - ' t V g N w V f li rx. i, : v f gy ' X r i ex if sfz.t' 1fiemxwrfrsafE+,saifY,ny9 th Ro : man, Paul'e', C r ly W7'sr'i'e4 B b lcrrae. ' 5 l R, Sc M rl X Ce rl s Bacreq Eli 'H T 3c'. ' ll 5 Ufml P0fl6WlQ, Larry Halleffcrr, Jean Johnson Ma'-raw Williams. Seventh Row: ViCl'Y ee , r . T l' . , Q?---"1"--.04 'LQ ' 4'f4f2 ', , lg -' ws 1 ' AL V V Y Y - - " in.: 13-.iv-S125 Im , 1 , !. ,,.r,4 , - Y , ffs e E e a a iz . Y xv, ua 0,1 o -. ' .. '47 . . . of the Aveople current events in the front hall. Another committee served to deco- rate the Miss Jeff float for the Tee Jay-Jayem football game. A parti- cular effort of the House this year has been to encourage student at- tendance at the out of town games. Courtesy toward our opponents was also stressed In the fall the House approved constitutional amendments designed to reapportion the number of repre sentatives in the Senate from the remaining classes in the event the Freshman class is dissolved House representatives from Tho mas Jefferson to the City Federation were Jean Johnston and David Ad dison The president was Nancy Wilson vice president of the Stu dent Participation Other officers were Fran Taltaferro secretary and Steve Proctor sergeant at arms y,0-20" Jw aff ,M QL! JP MM uf' ,L WM If A Jiffy f7JlMr9r'V0,-2 M MWWW HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES T d R thR F lth th flZyf4fA if WEN Jlzfff V iw 101 'Q te, 4 I E I - - I I ' I' - I I u I f f ' M if W R W 0' ll C M X -First Row: Eh' , Cane' Donna Myst Be Ny, "OOF, A lf? UQOU, vSecond Row: Jaw- Any:-W, Mare Wes' R Lael Jcrjyi Ln?-1 ' Davis. hir ow: B iv Jacocz Hoe" J Txnegf' Ji", 5'2" S .Jn Sung 7, Fourth J' Rowf KJ' R31CJP'S,vCa': A'r7'j:" W' '3-' lf: Ca". T"if'. i Row: Ere: M 'l CWCCD Be"f Roo va ucv:-3 IH! Syizfg Myz.-ei Six Row: Jaw' Pen, RQ, Swamp. SVN? PTV9' -l " Kai". Seven ow: Frm Ta 'JfP": Kmw M"i"A Jm-1 - , A Tre. i -gn. ' OJ!-'J 01' .,w'Fl'. f"i:'i.?-:5if.w ,s .nf ' '- Nl? Jia?-7 E e e A E 4:1 22141 sm 1 o , so c - g i, g , Y A16 ,Q ' E A ' f f ' '35 writ ll 21,54 -1 1,1 41,-1-fx it C s ooperaizon rough Cool' Lnahon on lg Q5 STrlvnng To promoTe undersTandlng and cooperaTuon b Tween The various exTra curricular groups The B O C planned a schedule of school Tunc Tnons By assugnnng daTes Tor The school dances plays games and club meeTungs conTTncTs beTvveen organrzahons were lessened A calendar also promoTed The American Field Service program To bruno anoTher Toreugn exchange sTudenT To The school In T959 The B O C IS composed of The sponsors and presudenTs oT The sensor lunuor sophomore and Treshman classes an addmon To sponsors and represenTaTuves from The cadeT corps The House oT RepresenTaTnves The aThleTlc deparTmenT and The musuc deparTmenT The STudenT Parncnpa Tron Assocuanon sponsors The B O C .-Firt Row' Vffna Binoe' K"', f-:ree B63 Omer NVQ. Pio: B? T-T.1"z. Second Row: Mi, T 'cf' f B'.3,1: V'. BQ' 1. MQ, Bye' 3' LJ". R-f-rx, I I C . . . . - 9 . ' l l of evenTs for The year was prepared and Then disTribuTed. The BOC. . . . , I 1 ,,S9,"H,l Sv., ..... H1041 'f, ' Im ' 7 - -- "Y - "----' 'f - Y ,:5 - I f fr f f- ---- - - ff- , f,.f - I Q e e--MMA l .hp 0' in 7p.V,.fi-.:V'..rj6Y ' T02 CLUB AFFILIATIONS-First Row: E 3' P" L, Pa' Wa Ji-' Fife" P: I-3'-fg Ame Cab Wav " B:"'e B 5 Second Row: Ne zw iff- ' ,' J rf Di V: U pi ,,,.. fJ,,., T- Ns-- 2 T'-f-', 3. 3 r' Third Row: E' D -. 'rx' 1, Uri S-v 1' Vs- E ar- I Club Attiliations, composed ot representatives from The various clubs and organizations officially recognized by the school ad- ministration, worked hard To increase participation and to solve the problems which arose in The clubs It was headed by The Senate chairman, Bonnie Burt and sponsored by Mrs Anne Plunkett u.4i Clay on M4 RADIO COMMITTEE Second Third ro First row Turn on The mike' Whats The date? Then at 8 45 The day has begun with The announcements of meetings reports con tests and other news ot current interest over The public address system While on the air the members strive for clarity and accuracy in announcing X-X I03 N , . ll ' ll ll I Il 1 1 ' , . . . . '- . r Cv, .9 f - . . , , 2'-ef: V'-:i' Z: L,'i' E Lire" " I 5" 2 Kat 3'w:e'2 f':""" B PM Zara row: .J-We. By: Ke. A S nr' -1- V Mfr- 51" ' Cf :Q f 5 ' W: you 5.1, 9. gli- I f.fQ:e AE' .3"F- : .fi- L ' 'g. ' ,, .-i.'il"v ,K ,W 1 ff quit F' " 'M - ii, ' ' A ' I ' gi' I-' f - A f Y- - - " v - m. I .. Y W 'K Y f-Y, r- f , f x - .xl ,fi ,T ,5 , W" I'f5-X-full, -2 't .I ig?-jg " eller Cltzzenalup W Th :Ts prnnclpal arm To provlde lnTormaTuon Tor :Ts members con cernnng The essenTual ungredrems Tor good leadershlp The Counc1l of l-lomeroom PresudenTs conducTed successful and ehlncu nT meehngs These Tended To greaTly sTrengThen The STudenT ParTlc1paTlon Assoclahon which IS dependenT upon The homerooms prlmarrly Tor Their acTnvlTles as Well as for Their sTrengTh and Influence on The enTlre sTudenT body The Councll endeavored To help each presldenT so ThaT he mughT conducT successful meehngs ln hrs own room Meehngs were held on The fTrsT Tuesday of each monTh To plan varlous prolecTs and dnscuss problems prevalenT nn The school Thus year Tor The TTrsT Tame a Leadershnp Training Conference was COUNCIL OF HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS F T R vw X281 or, 'TT' me f-T Th s Page Spo so ed by Mo To 'Nl Go d Ig 'A 1041 C I C I C O I . , . . . , . . A - l . , ,3 . 1 I I T . , . . . -lrs ow: J " 5- : ., 'V inf' E- -, ,- Ere- , DT, - :. '1.w--- L Wav' 5 l','.x4 Second Row:B'1:b"u " rl J," J" uwwwzlp 'wx Elw' C"1,' Third Row: Dfw A'-Tffdmv Sv::,r,, lv f:z,e"'y Bury: S:-5,1 N.::1, Q1,rw-'- LT-W R., Ton Cave, Ff"'1:. Fourth Row: C, T-l, Pans' By-, Cfwfrgff R,L-,H CQ'-1,-v Ngyw 5 . Wei. A , Ts 'ww Wav ' 7. up l"9F'4,' T' , . 1 ,gms 4 . Q R ,, T T " is :xi - f V V ' ,J ,, ,5 i 'Tl EVM, K f f Tris T , 'YA . Q,,,j--"'..g0 T t n r r nl, l man T: -X" '-A f f -f' -f ,Af -f- , , 15- ' af' , , A , ', :Iv-QLQU5 - Y YY T i -""'- '?"f if T WT :'.--1. gl-,., 1' --Q3 f ' ' ' " ' -' K f - 4fx'n.- .-9.5, - -5 f COUNCIL OF HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS First Row Second Ro 1 5 11 Th rd Row 3 "'!7""! o Fourth Row J roug roilzer oo sponsored by thus group wrth overwhelmingly successful results Three excellent speakers an addltson to sux dlscussuon groups provided every one wrth some very constructrve suggestuons and cntlcasms whuch auded the S P an many ot nts prolects To make thus Leadership Traunung Con ference an annual attanr was proposed by the members ot the tlrst annual conference Thus prolect promoted much Interest and enthusiasm among the members ot the councal and others In the student body The Councnl was sponsored by Mrs Brumble and presrded over by Brad Gunter S P Presndent Other ottrcers were Sally Tarrant Secre tary Dave Anderson, prolect commnttee chanrman, and Tommy Maeder chaurman of the leadershrp conterence commuttee IOS ?i' irony Clzaraclem The purpose of The CharacTer Comm1TTee has always been To promoTe The many phases of characTer buuldung among The sTudenTs The mosT rmporTanT of which IS honesTy The sTeerlng commlTTee TogeTher vvlTh Nancy LaPrade SenaTe chalrman and Mrs Frances Wlmer sponsor planned The program Tor The year HonesTy was emphasazecl The TTrsT Term Through The sTucly of each pnncrple of The Honor Code durung The meeTrngs of The commvTTee To assrsT The Honor Council The characTer commrTTee represenTaTrves concluded The code sugnlng ln The varrous homerooms OTher acTrvlTres of Thus commuTTee have been ThaT of sponsorung de voTrons prior To The homeroom meeTrngs each week The srngrng of CHARACTER COMMITTEE Frsf R K F Secon Row v M cg d o QQv Vh 6 C fill X701 Xb'-fx-W 106 S o o 0 ' I ' I 1 - 1 I ' I f -l ow: Mfg. Pascal W he' Nair. L3 PQVJF Ka" ee' Syenrf Shen CE" Afnele Voge Jcoy King, av Efaen, Syd rencn, d 1 Beano' Maxey, Ann Kees' Be" Caumu Pa' Mferl I 'e Axe! Ellie Carpe' Sonora Paaow B'-ewda Wane, Thir R w: Lynn Capone' Jce, en Va-he Pe Hesse, Jane Robinson Pwfz Move Ja'e Baa' He en W'-f" on Ba'c3'a Tv'a':'. Four Row: Ka. Mze-Tl, S'a':r Home, Pe' Gc'::c'T Jeff 'ey Bans! Be", Joan A'ce'e:'T Sa'::'3 Tut' He en Penis, Ba'::a'a Bennclv. 'N . li 4 E . yu g - i 43,7 'ru xv . W' V 604 .. T? s Qld' ,K 24 1 21: "fm "1 .A f Y - ' - f lu. 'ig ." :IS if Y i Y f i i 5.,xN,,f,,:. - - fr Y , :XZ HMC? U- I T .ff :ff yy '--..l...-'SA ' CHARACTER COMMITTEE F sl Ro M d -ir wr :wi AI as Sevres, Ame C yff: Jarr-as Ga'loway, Fwnzf-. Emr: S' Jr' '.3'3"iig Jfrbblf- B--nzr D: g Rfvf-1 Crow Awlnypn, Secon Row: Mygvff' Wuhan Mr, Ave Am,-tp, S J' Qu'.1"3n MV, NQM P321 Lz'q Jzim Mann JV-1 Pro- MJVQ, Egg'-, Third Row: Jgff PM-ri' Ts- CTU, JV 51. l'w" Se' A 'g ' Kuff 5"-rf"-' 33 D: '51 Rzufsnf-"3 Rub' N - ' s, Four Row: Day 1 L Ji" C . :- Vzfft J ' "1 Dc:,:' JJ"-4 'N'g"3ivN Vern Dar'-"V 1' Bc: D c. fl Jura H , I I C cf C. . I I . . . . , I I ' . .jiix ' '- ' ' 7 - Y vi- x J' I Y rig W i if-7 V W ' - af I V 1:-Q17 Th Chrlstmas carols sponsored lolntly wlth the Chrustran Youth League a charlty prolect at Chrrstmas resulted rn the purchase ot a TV set tor the Hlllsrde Recreation Center and the sendrng of remembrancces to the aged at the Cnty Home In February the tradrtronal untertarth assembly was presented the Character Commrttee Frrendlrness has been a real need un a large school so the Welcomrng Commattee from thus group greeted the new students who were not rn school at the trme ot the ornentatuon by the Senate The second term the program centered around the theme of ap precnatuon tor others Thus trme programs stressed awareness of ones debt to others teachers parents trnends I07 ztzzelu Q4 Hand Extended J IOR RED CROSS F T R B Workrng To serve oThers The communny and The school The Junior Red Cross Tunchoned Through :Ts council composed of a represenTaTrve from each homeroom These represenTaTrves The drrecT Irnk beTvveen The Junlor Red Cross and The mdrvrdual sTudenTs meT once a monTh Junror Red Cross progecTs Included work wrTh a shuT In frrend Edward Lee Johnson who was a rheumaTrc fever paTlenT aT MCV STaTT aides worked ThroughouT The year aT The Red Cross ChapTer House by Typung makrng posTers and doing oTher odd robs Readrng To chrldren aT MCV was The mann duTy of The Nurses Andes from Tee Jay One of The mann prolecTs In The Tall was The EnroIImenT Drlve IH vvhrch Tee Jay parTrcl paTed TOO per cenT AnoTher hrghIughT of The fall was The Tillrng of 3 odo Mag MM M ThdRo Th G,eD 53? X i U if 108 O U l l I ' I , . ' I , . I . , . . UN - irs ow: ef' . Hvoerzonl Ba'cJ'3 F15 Ben' A fr Lrye K3'z! Und T-Teri Bmw: T?"LefTake, BENQ Oocrnrran, S1137 Row? Sponaom Sec n R wi Sy,vEa Hcwazv Jcov Lawhead Pat, Cum r are' c c en Jane' cCu'c'e:' Ssfan Gcnney, Lmv Owngs, Tina Sheonefn. ir w: Care nga R,gg'e5 SV'-ew Branc' Rat, Gem Paww Longer Cam' Jean Bazrirare Jeannene Harngson Cacell Pave' Go, 3' Fav. Four Row: Be.e'e, Coroner 5.33, Koci Je-TT'ey' S'e"go J a. 3'3" Ja'e T'a'1n, Geyge W"A':, Bryan G'eenwa 11. ,M , 'a W I 2 , T184 ...,.-.,,..o 22.1221 "KP 2: 'il-,i55f?:A4' 'QA Y Y Y Y ,, , 4: aepf rr-r 11:5 arf' d as or c c s d c 2 1 :T . - c c T s T A s so Rf'-. V. x -, " .f Y," X2 .,u.,. J . . JU IOR RED CROSS F si Row Myra E G S Ton Harg a 'wcy Dodd A na Jan .3 ancy yan para x econ ow oann essern M Tha ab na 3 o a Cu a oa a Thlrd ow urThRw Ja an Wcoao W I we an ee baskeTs for The needy aT Thanksglvnng During The wlnTer monThs old Toys were collecTed, Then repaired aT McGunre HospaTal and glven To deserving children ChrlsTmas sTockungs were Tllled and senT The McGulre HospuTal To be dlsTrubuTed GITT boxes were Tllled and Toys were sTuFfed To be senT overseas Correspondence albums were compaled and exchanged wuTh oTher schools SenaTe Chanrman of The Junuor Red Cross Councul was BeTTy Alley who was assusred by Lynore KaTz Vlce PresndenT Barbara Fohl and Llnda Hayes as secreTary and Treasurer respecTuvely Beverley Henderson was chairman of The volunTe-1-rs and Mlss Susan Rowe served as sponsor from The faculty Hx qv' 109 ,'f aw nr 0 1 A ff V . ,f 7 7 1 l 2 N -ir : lkfn ofa 'ein I r fe, Na. ' X n 9 N,:f:5 P3 Sne dy N , W ' Ba' VlTs'y, S d R : J e L , Be"y Welrweln, ar Cewafc' Ma Ellz f:'h Pace, Sa '- Ferqnson, Llnda Lemme" GI rl frlnoy B f ' Co'no'or1. ' R : Gvtw C: Jo:e"e Ca'a':T, E,gerT'a Pfllloa Bees Mavlrv Sarzle Tnrocvrvorvon, Rfecftcza Encg Swan Packer, law N: Fo o : e 1 L"'e, J Q lf' , Nom: l"T1f3'A S.o Pc-rel, Bc" BJ:-wi. k . O I I 0 I I . V , fliiic.. .177 if A ' -A , Y Ai W i e- -',5g,.. K :Y iIYwY:,':. -Lex eure to Educate Ui er.4 Although the WIllIam H DeIerhoI Chapter ot the Future Teachers of Amenca IS stIll very young at Thomas Jefferson ITS growth has been rapId WIth a membershIp of twenty seven and based on participation ID school SCTIVITISS and a scholastIc average of C or better the club under the guIdance ot Mrs Frances WImer has trIed to carry out ITS goal of creatIng a further Interest In the teachIng professIon Through pro grams on explorIng the teachIng protessIon IncreasIng Interest In teach Ing developIng the needed characterIstIcs and a survey of scholarshIps and colleges the members have become better acquaInted wIth thIs professIon The OFLICGFS Bunny Lynch presIdent Peggy Heasley vrce presIdent Mary Katherlne Neale secretary Judy Jorg treasurer and ConnIe Helndl program chaIrman were Installed by Mr DeIerhoI at a specIal lnstallatIon and lnItIatIon ServIce on October 22 T957 at the VEA AudItorIum FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA F st R qgy cod G O bb Ol' nl ,9- nan: J v 'J ,ga H0 L . h 1 - ' I 1 I - 1 1 - 1 1 f 1 ' f 1 f 1 1 I 1 ' 1 - ir ow: Ben Barrwntl, llora Moon. P- I H1-a,-I, Mri, Frances Frederlca LyrI:iJIn1, Jorg Mary Kaherfnr- Neale. Se n Row: Ccnre H-ln'1!J,l'a Brown! Mary Ellen D-1:-Q "Ian4 Ann Howe JIlIa Lee Perlunbnx Barbara Fon. Third Row: Jean Clo 'I Carolyn Wrlmorfn, Carole M' s'r-'n Ellen B lre,Jt:r1y Locknane, Brenda Alexander, S.5an Fovi, Fourth R wi Arne Garthrlgnv Llnda Gallup, Mary Page Burden, Allce Herrurlll, Susan GJ' , Barnum Bertie" Vlrglnla Wa fer. v -U N I fr if Q 4 D V 1 s I ,, h A 4 3, K, 'Y f Q , Q I . gr'-1: a mr ff? I 'I I I f r ,If ,,f?.." papa "fe 2: 14 A L f e 4 ff' 'Int T wi ' :U ' - V an : , e e a e 55" I X0 2 .."uo"..Q e ftlzes A' FUTURE NURSES CLUB F1rslRcw Do o l"y Goodman J dy Po la d J anne C ane J dy R yn lds J an .Jon J ne ohnston M: ga on z be S t' Second Row Norma Wnder Sand a Ond o ch Conn 0 a a cl n g ay aray nr ow e ant y nna zab yn c Na cy South o th Fourth cw C Oxy S r o J o r rnrnons n a Ann 1 Organlzed prumarlly to lnterest gurls In a medlcal career, thus club has been lnfluentlal In pncturung the whole fleld of nurslng Related flelds have been studled so that each gurl vvlll be ln a better posltlon to make up her mlnd wuth regard to the fleld that she vvlshes to enter Speakers, films and trnps to varlous hosputals have enabled the members to get a more realustlc vlew of nursung as a professuon ACTIVITIES of the club have centered around servlce prolects such as maklng tray favors to be used ID the hospltals durung hollday perlods Worklng along vvlth Mrs Shlrley Glbson the sponsor from the faculty have been Mrs A K Sutphun and Mrs A M Edmonds from the Women s Auxlllary to the Rlchmond Academy of Meducune Jean Johnston was the presldent of the club Other offucers Included Judy Reynolds, vlce presldent, Mar garet Walton, and Jeanne Crane as secretarles, and June Johnston as treasurer 111 l ik - ' : r' , u l r , e ' , u e o , e ns'on y, J X ,v 'e' Wal' , Ella 'ln nth. : 1 I I r r vi , le Ben ng-rl Janet Lewis, Ge rgl P dg ', Kay Dun in , K 1 l-l , Beverly Fllppen. Th'd R : Pa' Est S, Marlyr- S' -3 , A Marla Wl lame, Ell eln Lacy, Maril Jews,-tv, Anna Jane Nu kols, n w r , R : Q ' Fern-an, B 0 re S y r, Snl lcy Pavlsn, Carol Sl 11 , Be"y Klng, S1 dr Fe'g.:3on, Kerzey, F'Hh Row: Sandra Miller Jo Hanley, Betsy Wnl'e Jane Tnarln, Mrs. Glbscn Beyeny Henrjewcn Jane Woolaffi. C I I ' ' ' . , . . . ,ziieg-, A A- A - A u A 11A ' - ' - , Y ff , -y X Mi., I.,-fl ' f ' BIOLOGY LAB ASSISTANTS-Firsl Row: . FATF MTW, Se. Car' A 'fr Bump Sawwu P Second Row: Jwzvlf- W fx'x' ml, M'-1 Fam f. B. D Srarfq Hcufr' He" 'nl Third Row: lVl1'. 1'-e"i B 'mx W 2' B J1":' Dan by-,L J:-" K'g VV":,., roga and Bedkel' CHEMISTRY LAB ASSISYANTS Furs! Row Chi!! rv lj W ay C arp Second Row Tc r N a 1 o 1 a Third Ro 3 o Q' OI' pk AcTuvlTy yes, acTrvnTy every perlod as The lab asslsTanTs prepared The microscopes TesT Tubes slldes and chemicals for The lncom Ing classes each day The chemlsTry and brology Teachers found numerous Tasks and errands In The chemlsTry and biology sTock rooms and laboraTorles for Thelr asslsTanTs STudenTs who have had one year of science Tlnd ThaT servmg ID The lab during a sTudy perlod brlngs bonus beneflTs IH The form of S P pounls as well as nnslde sTudy and knowledge These laboraTory assls TanTs are sponsored by Miss Gull and Mrs Browning 9' g l 6' H2 1 1 1 ' Ba'e: r,1el Do a ' lclujfe JT" T no' 'lwee r , -2. Cwlp TVL: Q Af Lln Malin-. I "", Bxir, Tprrr' ' he", Lee R'cf f ' f Jgfw Lug J ""v' Parco F'-3' C 'a'C'. ' wg Cha' aL Batve' Wayne Bane", Rose" W WF-lf'. SUD' T' :I Rlyafd Sogrofam K4 Q Y 0 . gs.. .nth rg: 1, ey? , -.A Y , , , . lg f -Ml ' gg: A QU a c c a v' .' f T T T eb .' swV.e+ .,-S? 7 '--....-'ef .7 , 53 SCIENCE CLUB-First Row: MH: Ee" F'a'v'f RE' Owen J"' Bgicw None Jancwzrf Cfp R'cr3'de. Second Row: Gofa Mafge' D':f7e Ffa" Jean- 'e"e l43""g':'t R::e" HJ"'ng':' Jean P: a":. Third Row: Defi Snoe' F'a'f S52 lN'L'E1 Sea, wifyf Dxzfg Rice" Wa" ,C er. The Science Club is composed of students who have a genuine interest in science. Activities included participation in television shows sponsored by the American Chemical Society and the Virginia Engineering Society In addition tours were made of MCV DuPont and Experiment, Inc uiure czenfwi onorecl a4ciorJ Outstanding dramatic service at Thomas JeFferson carries with it membership in the Thespian Troup 741 Members of this honor society must have an interest in dramatics, a minimum of ten service points in dramatic activities and the recommendation ot th teacher of drama ' f THESPIANS First Row NJ H3 Second Ro ff'E?f.'X ,411 A54 few 's 3 S559 ,refs , . f I O I C I U 9 . ui - 1 f V 'r' l 5 'x X:- S I? Q l - ' : TNQ S 6 'Noi Kay E"e-1 P3' 'dine Wg,-G Ji--ir: Cefzl EU'-QIQE' Myiv By: Pyfza W' '3"5 B3'!:3': F:':'nq, Ny: Se :es Sa' E. Si: e Br" e B t' K - Na'g'e NQFQQ Ja: 'Q Sacha' N K"':e' R'e:13 S'3L"3, M"-af - jf , ,Jem Th A , , ,AJ iz-in ' , ' A , ' Tir' -.f S a - an c vi ' f f T 'sf'.'f,Jf, X- -.f-'- A- - ,f T figs:-fir?-' 5004.4 Nlembershup In the Buslness Education Club has always been open to any student taklng at least one buslness subgect Generally those who have a keen Interest ID the business world and deslre to meet others ot ssmslar Interests have become members ot the club Meetlng once each month the club has devoted much time to duscussron ot matters ot Interest to busuness students Programs have featured guest speakers, Elms and sometnmes recreation One ot the prolects tor the year was that ot dlstrubutlng Christmas cards through the school from a central mall box Robert Mays and Betty Tralnham served as presldent and vice president, respectively Anna Mane Wulllams kept the mnnutes and also served as program chanrman Funances were handled by New ton Jones BUSlNESS EDUCATION CLUB Flrsf Row Jean L lc Jane Wacwel J le C RODCY M A na M ams a a Second Row Conn B bi 3 c y Wa l a a el a a non Thur R w L nos E zar ce N nc H d ns C o e B d J y g y oy oan o n e ce Fourth ow Sandra Le Glenda Soc e Be erley Hen on a e ey Ga d Jack nd Tc c Row E vw Lndev v o l-'ap son ee eron H yWtlla S ffm fx I of 'Af Yi? O I I I - ' Z l" , f tt osc' a'J'3:, Nev-fo' J:'i, ' ' 3, Bevy Tra warg n arle Wllll ,tx Pf' W li, : le env" Marfln S'Jr"ef N3""a P0321 Bar L' Beane", Jak ,Barb ra M lor, Be"y l-low l, K y C w ,. ' d 0 : T ' Trowa' Maw' ,I 1" Pa , a u l I ar l L wls, Mar , l-lowa' , Ly n Hous ryan, Joy Rfcnwlne. R : ssnef, l , v GCVS , CT lf S'c'z, Bevefl f ne' f 'e Schwafz Bre. a acc" Sylvia Ce: 'e"l. Fifth : at Rczzlnskr, Miss l s , Socnsof, Be", L . r er, Pew-,r Dena' 5 , J.:. Gr Q Lee Pervb : I ar' 'lm, a I' . 1 3 1 , , ff! 6, W.---",T'--.,0fL ll .', A X., cr: f.f.femff teh 7 e f n tn.. gig .g-11, VW ' W Y 7 , , .Q F. - Y Q- Q. :Q s e e e e -ee -a up xb'-.ku .foal Y nn 1 fl!! 'V Maw W ,mn wmlvy BOOKKEEPING CLUB Flrsf Row D wn P1 N n 1 As on y n Second Row A 1 n o n n 1 lr o o T w '1 1 W v w our? ow n 0 I1 u.4tl'le.4J Th Bookkeepung Club was organuzed To grve :Ts members The oppor TunlTy To learn more abouT The busuness world and To TurTner Therr lnTeresT In bookkeeprng Speakers from local TTrms and business organ: zaTlons were guesTs aT The meeTlngs These people from The ouTslde offered suggeshons and advrce To Those who would be bookkeepers Many hnnTs were given as To ways To apply Tor posmons aTTer gradua Tron There was Tnme Tor recreaTuon Too ID Thus club especially durrng The Informal meeTrngs AT The close of The Term There was a pucnnc vv1Th The alumna OTTlcers Tor Th year Included Jane Robrnson PresldenT Gordon HamleT, Vlce Presrdenf Nancy AshvvorTh SecreTary Jerry Childress, Treasurer Mrs lsebelle Burden was The sponsor from The TaculTy ITS 'rf' ee fag.4 Sfory MONTICELLO LITERARY STAFF MONTICELLO LITERARY STAFF c S A Treasured memenTo of The years spenT aT Tee Jay The yearbook requires The devohon of The Tame and abrlmes of The enTure lrTerary sTaTT Seldom does The sTudenT body realrze The eTTorT expended rn producing a successful yearbook The seIecTron of an appro prlaTe Theme and Then carrying IT ouT Through The use of p1cTures arT work and wrlTe ups was a parT of The Task underTaken by The sTafT members Our edlTors Velma Bender and Marc Seldes and our adviser Mass Alma Lowance played an lnsTrumenTal parT ID The producTlon of our book Through Thelr planning and leadership A sTudenT who IS above average scholasT1cally and vvho exhrbrTs a vvrlllngness To work IS elrglble Tor membership on The sTaTT A MONTICELLO LITERARY STAFF F sI Rc S a R bl MONTICELLO LITE Y STAFF Furs! Ro N d eco Kay Seco d Ro T, Qt OF 7-'I wma 4' 'Ss 9 'A no I I O 1 Velma Benner, Eoizor ' ' I R . I I Mar eldes, Assoclaw Edltor - - ir w: us rr osen com, Janev RAR - ' w: ascv Powell, E"Qm Jud I Evelyn Benedek. S nd Row: Joan I-Ioch, Jane' S'fa.s. ne. n W: Be"y Jones, Barbara Sanford, 4 Q- 3 , 1 f I r, 2, 6 , s, I .I I , X f l f.., T4 Q gl: ai dv Y ja.: im, T O 'ul I ' rum , ' , , , Y C V T xv U. V 0 y 11?-.M -wa -,,,. yi, MONTICELLO LITERARY STAFF-First Row: Beth Blackwell, Ralsron MONTICELLO LITERARY STAFF-First Row: Vlrginla Walker, Tim Leclcy, Arne Garlhright. Second Row: Eleanor Sanders. Ferneyhough, Lynore Katz. Second Row: Sandra Meyers, Carol Miller. hlghIlghT of The year IS The annual banqueT In June aT whsch Tame The annuals are dlsTrnbuTed and sTaTT posmons for The Tollownng year are announced This comes as an excmng clumax To a year of hard work The Nlonhcello IS always well represenTed aT The Columbia Scho lashc Press Assoclahon and The SouThern lnTerscholasTnc Press Con venhons From These meehngs new and valuable Ideas are broughT To The sTaFF To be used In preparlng The nexT yearbook of flue ye r Mass MONTICELLO LITERARY STAFF Alma Lowance Adviser 'No 1? ew HNI4 f ls 'II7 EL- If QQ. Pr 1 , f 0 . a I T I MONTICELLO BUSINESS STAFF-First ' Row: Jean Cloud, Ardra McKinney, Jane Roulslon. Second Row: Judy Shocker, Ilona Moody, Julla Perkinson, Archer Gassada, Miss Gray, Sponsor. xcifing Jeeaufb . . . From SepTember unTll June The lVlonTuceIlo Business STaFf was a busy group of people ATTer The ads were assigned IH The Tall The members spenT many aTTernoons convlncsng The business men of Thelr need To adverTlse OTher sTaFf members began working on The appolnTmenTs for plcTures, while sTlll oThers were busy In The homerooms securing orders Tor The annual l.aTer In The year The ad proof was compiled and senT To The prlnTer Each Friday aT The TourTh period Room IO7 was filled vvlTh The large sTaFF AT Thus weekly busuness meeT1ng dufflculhes were ironed ouT and a cerTaln coordlnahon was acbueved We owed This smooTh operahon To our adviser Mass Frances Gray, who omcfered her experienced guidance MONTICELLO BUSINESS STAFF Flrsf R w Jane Clarke Susan Harl Bar ara awThorne Susan Ruckel I Kanc Ad le Vogel M ran Buns Second Row Jo Ann I-louseworlh Judy Salsbury Doro Thy Goodman MargareT WalTon Judy Kng Cordelia Boswell Blddle Goodman lrd Row Ronne Porlewng Barbara Meador Bobby Snea Glenna Snead A gust Koh or T X C- We U If K9 1.8 ' I I I ' ' o : , , b H , , Pan' 1 k, e , a I , I : E I l ,l X . . ' V Th' 2 i ' , , d, , U VL . Hg eQ""m""f'4, -' wee ,nfs '-.GT e L e I ai' ' Zml - - T.: . gg, 2, V . J- ' Y W Ill , s,,,f E F Ii'2"'-. .--'AY b 'cus' MONTICELLO BUSINESS STAFF-First Row: Fran Tallaferro, Sandra Woodlfr, Betty Atkins, Jenny Stan, Jane Price. Sec- ond Row: Virginia Marlowe July Thomp- son, Jean Bear, Ann Marchanr, Judy Vaughan. Third Row: Betsy Chamberlain, Jimmy Sfovr, Janet Pucke't, Margare' Pnilbrick. . . . Omar.: won feral, " The annual banquet was a rewardnng experlence for each staff mem ber, for the product of thenr months of work was presented As each one flnpped the pages of the new yearbook, he felt a sense of pride to have had a part In Its composltlon On this occasion the new staff members were announced and the new members were welcomed By workung on the staff the members garn more self confidence and learn to accept responslbrllty Learning to work together to get a 'ob done rs good experlence for every student In addatlon, the staff mem bers acquare knowledge whlch wall be useful nn thesr future vocatnons Each year elnglble lunlors and sensors are admitted unto Qunll and Scroll as a reward for thevr falthful servuce Of course, the staff always wel comes suggestions for amprovement Delegates are sent to two press conventnons each year Attendlng classes and comparlng our annual wuth others ands nn the Improvement of our book so that the next edntuon wnll excel those of the prevnous years Ardra McKinney Busrness Manager Jean Cloud Assastant Busmess Manager Jane Roulsion Ass stant Bus ness Manager Julna Lee Perlunson Mm Frances Gray Ad e SIHQ Manager Advnser K. II9 sd xi E' 'C' auf A ' ' 5 1 V fn ' ' .if 6 slv , - ,Jr 'HH ai' lt f A f V v i V. L g . Y Y - ' ' M f l ll 'Q' Y , , i 7 K: I-' ,.f,r-Alix A , -1,55 Gif. iv .,,, ,. fa., MONTICELLO ART STAFF y,,,,,, ,,,, . , H Av,- , i. , .J,:l 4,1-',,. Through the eFlorts ot the art staFf, this edition ot the yearbook took on a bright and nevv color. Designing the motifs tor the pages, making sketches tor the division pages and illustrating the theme vvere some ot the contributions ot the artists. Sketch and Cl le As in the past years Monticello Photographers were tound pop ping up at all school functions games dances pep rallies usually not counting as high as three much to the consternation ot those being photographed Under the leadership ot Miss Frances Gray the photographers have at all times endeavored to capture imaginatively and realistically the character ot lite at Tee Jay MONTICELLO PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF I c ig Q3 C l - L I I , I Y Firs Rowzcy' 2- 'f' fi' 2 iw Se ond Row. Q ,- ra.: Pwr- E,z.f'-. ,fifxsc 2 Q.. cg .- -. fl, La: T ,sf .T me as A as 1 -- ,ee A -A ,:,'aq.,ffO ' c 1' 'aa to 'o 'A' s' f : 2. ff ,M ' f Y f - 'Af ' - 'A f QI... I .Jw fb ",L:Lf'9'6 'ff T20 DECLARATION ART STAFF-From left To I right: Nara Vim S:"ee.e' Sgzw Ged- , -,QT PQ-A H1 was-, Fw-r ,- C S M D f Y 'e3"a" .127 T' eq 'ir 123. 0414? cgxpreaaea lzouglzt IllusTraTlng poems essays sToraes and sechon heads kepT The arT sTaFf busy prlor To The w1nTer and sprung Issues of The magazlne NOT only dad They help wnTh The lnTerary slde of The magazine buT They were also called upon To help vvnTh The publlclznng of The magazune In order To Increase sales Thenr silk screenlng on posTers added To The aTTracT1veness of The publlcnTy for The magazlne Good Work ID arT has had a parT IH conTrlbuTlng To The overall appearance of The book In The consuderanon for rahngs by The press assocuanons DECLARATION ART STAF F 1 W Ml I iff' flfiiilgllf 121 1 1 1 m I I rlghl: Je-"y Hank- J . D 'g Jeannene Trane' oo JJ llklnson, Jayme selevl Aww c J. I C . ,U - 1 L If fl, Cl yu , I mf v .1 I 751,15 47-.ixjifxx . f ' V7 - T, ,, , , - A , , f , f - 'I I f AQ as ex as a A ' if A. ly ay! JUDY JORG Co Edmtor ED CLARK Co Editor The curtam went up on the Declaratnon to an audnence of Tee Jay students twuce durung the year These performances were IH December and May Each polnshed presentatuon was due to more than two months of hard work by the dlrector, Muss Single ton the stage managers Judy Jorg and Edward Clarke, and the stage crew which consisted of twenty sux pupils Rehearsal time was the fourth period each day The purpose ot the production was to entertain the audlence wnth a progresslvely better performance as well as to display the creative talents of the selected actors ln September and October Interested students who had been attracted by num erous posters and announcements even contests tor specnal parts audltloned for the tlnal production The stage managers gg r rgn Thar. 'MLW L DECLARATION LITERARY STAFF First Row Fc Ca B DECLARATION LITERARY STAFF First Row w en n El anc Ma ey Second Row Way OD D ne Ha ancy Ro 1 r sfef'-2-264' Q- x 1 ?':' GIUITLH 1 -iirg .7 122 C O Q .. I ' - - - A , , -. ,v qllfzlh' .'.f,n.... r Cel x-1' 'cr' lt-QT l ' "" 'e 'l"' "J" T ' -' a -you Rl"t5: ilu. l'5 L 'lin 'I l'.'L ll.. :rt .....l 3.1 6 ' A V' gn, .tl -1 ' G 5 H' ' 5 - 4 . . , Q. 'a.'3':f': ,lu 'S'f'. :-1 'iw " " V ' .V I , ' . , . .I . I , W '- A-1 I '-fl., ,. B .,Q' L , . . s 0 Lu . -' ' ' ' l 1 ' I . . 41 s . . i K .. . " ' '. I. :VH .l 2. . N. QU- ' """ ' 'I l' ' - ' 5 Q I fx gr"-3 Butt, - ' : .lead B"s'o NVQ, El Ja 3 H55-jmgax 5 V , , 1 we Jornsowx Ro , Ta ev, D51 Spfer. Saw Petr- J 1, Red. N , ' ee Jcyce Ha". Q I Qgnqglto tx: 'fax . s. 7,5 v T Y' Z , - I flv ii' im' K - - '21.' l"'lllI'f' :U - F f e ' o ?p"uu.".y DECLARATION LITERARY STAFF-Sheila Ka'z, Gloria Maize, An- DECLARATION LITERARY STAFF-First Row: Judy Jorg. Nancy 'metre Mendel, Brenda de Haven! Rebecca Enos, Be"y Lou Boggs. Conen Irr'-a Bowe's, Second Row: Margaret Winslow, Claudia Bur- freve Ba'ba'a Vl'fky searched for various kinds of talent by tryouts as There were parts for poetry stories essays sports and many other types Experts In each field selected their actors In the production the desire to arouse a range of feelings from humorous to serious entertaining to thought provoking prevailed Behind the scenes the work continued The parts were made perfect to the last detail by diligent work from the stage crew and after the first drafts of the script were prepared by three typnsts they were timed to the second and cut to create the best effect When all deadlines had been met the printer had returned the finished script the performance was ready for the audience and was presented first on the stage un the English classes LA, Q... ,Abc 'LU ill Iuforcfa 14c..Q.Q...l-p12J-vI-aMJgo.,Qe-7yaQyQa..-.uP I-Xa.,-.. to Wed.. em, ch i X ,I i 123 Yi I I I I t I I I ' i I I I I xg I xo ' b I I O Q I a Adviser .. Q ' 2,111-I.. A J S: -fix .ppl : 35 W 'J r. W5 I L ' H 7 , , Fl Q3 lkrl , Y - - v Y .ryfg l by yi? E I " N'Q,3'1lQR fmt!" , DECLARATION BUSINESS STAFF Flrst R w Anne Clark Ca ol DECLARATION BUSINESS STAFF F sf Row Kathy I-lado lr J g n C ol Wa lr '15 Second Row Ma y Ka h r me ea c e con w wg Lesl e Weob 3 Brown 'ish ANN WATKINS Busnness Manager TINSLEY CRUMP Curculahon Manager 1 UH 4 A Lrterary maternal alone would not publlsh the Declaratron Srnce It must be self supporting advertrsements and subscrrptrons were needed as revenue The Business Staff, under the drrectron of Mass Nancy Gary, required each member to obtarn at least two ads from the varrous busrness tlrms throughout the crty When the ads for the winter Issue had been secured then Anne Carol Watkrns, business manager, had the rob of dravvrng up the dummy Tlnsley Crump head of the crrculatron department, handled the drstrrbutron of the magazrne through the Englrsh classes and the sale of extra copres Yvonne Marcus was Qy I24 - ' o z , r - ir : ac , an Eldrlo e An e ar . : ' 'el , N 'e DVB 5 , Tins ey Cufrp, Se d Ro : Sm French, PM 'S If ef, I . JJ? . 061 eye . . . tl 1, I ' I K4 - . I ' I I xyfn., f I Q .". .-'L11x..'. '11 22 EIS c a g s c tr 1 ,' ,I W V6 '. N, 'pf' .- Q X -,-'.::L.'..S5Sf,, responsible for the "Buy the Declaration" signs that were seen around the school. In February the staff went through the same procedure to get ready for the spring issue of the magazine. In March and April representatives of the staff attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Association meeting in New York and the Southern Inter- scholastic Press Convention in Lexington. Exchange of ideas at these two conventions will enable the staff to work effectively in preparing for the distribution and circulation of the magazine next year. fo dgudiney ' ,r ,. ff 4 K if , ,R 5 M E MISS NANCY GARY Adviser DECLARATION BUSINESS STAFF-Ftrs! Row Charles Flarnrrua Coolcy DECLARATION BUSINESS STAFF Flrii Row Yvonne Marcus Helen Sherman Carolyn Wiltshire Claire Stutz Second Row Judy Garnett Perlin Frances Freeman Second Row Betty Lowry Jeanie Olesker Jane Woolard Ann Gay Wtdmer Pr scrlla Lord 125 X .1-fx N, in 4457 V , Q . I V . - --,, i l 35 VX " , 65310 xx - -V - V 2 NN .t-. - e - f VW I Y , ' If 1. -' ' - - 'S Q ' r"1t.-Q4 ' S ,A F XA :fan 1fJ.5, 4 . xv - A a h x-no eat! H124 HENRY HOLLAND Ed to 3 JOYCE EGGERT Assst I dt PM awww f747fcf2S3,cU,,fcS7M,.u The Jeffersonlan a sux page bl weekly newspaper represented the channel Through which students were kept Informed and entertained throughout the year The newspaper staff worked two perlods each day before school and after school to meet seven deadllnes per term The luterary staff composed of news feature and sports departments sent out assrgnments edrted proofread and wrote stories for each Issue Page edrtors drew up the dummy page measured stories and then prepared a final page for each Issue Arms and pollcnes for the paper were oragunated from the Editorial Board which included the advlser and those holdlng JEFFERSONIAN LITERARY STAFF s JEFFERSONIAN LIT RARY STAFF F t R e God co d X4 or, 9' . I . 'A . 5:1 A - - 'si 3 2- , 126 C , 4 5 1 C k . v, X V . 1 o Q o 1 ' 1 it . I I - 1 1 , I I I I r , . I I A . l all I K I , gig - . . I . . . i an E lor I -Firt Row: S sen Geoff- 31 Sec- E - irs ow: Stanl y I man. ond Row: Brice Cvcge' en! Max E fn Dezfewaw, Nye lNGtQ', Se n Row: S,'a"5 l-'sife Ma'g'e NQFHQ Maura Rlxc, Ka, Bnnt Lvncr Ca Alfn 'v C l aw , M Q -'I 5 I r 'fe s..-- 0 ,gf.- -.4 o Z nf - - -T, A F1 U X o 1 07 2 -if 171 'UL Mu T JEFFERSONIAN LITERARY STAFF--First Row: Peggy Greenberg Barba'a Foh' Deb- JEFFERSONIAN LITERARY STAFF-First Row: E ?zace" H" o'ah Glazler. Second Row: Vlrglrfa Moore, Nellie Pevronnet, Nancy Van Scnreeven F Norman Janowskl. Lllllan Young. Second Row: Arc-an Bmfx MLN, ,ov-,cc 'ixwcowfafuu a.,f5tfL..,,4fu-.lqf 4-1.five.a'25L1a,4.ffja.f.,c,,ffC '7LluL-412. flfv LLKAAU-1 A-,cf fb!-of-1 L2 IDAA4 fc,-4.1 wil 'Way f. n I e ewa ff-1146 ,L4..,,7g,4,f.M,4fL.,e.4J 'EM-af wC,Q,4.g,L,,,cC , the hlgher positions on the staff At these meetlngs edltorlals are dnscussed and assrgned Trannnng for the staff was gnven In the gournalusm classes The Iunlor students were reporters and also runners to the prlnter ln the senior year the lournallsm students make up the staff JBHEVSODIBH photographers take and then develop the pictures whlch are to be used In the paper Staff typlsts typed all the stories which were sent to the prunter Improvements ln the paper come from self crntncusm an staff meetvngs advuce from advisers and representatuon at the press conferences In New York and Lexungton each sprung 127 MISS ESTELLE TANKARD A s PJ? V47 JS lg A ' ,,, ...- 51, , . c , X x , 1 . 1 f IU . '- 'f 1 l . f 'A ' . , f in 4 ' X' fy r . f' 'K 1 I U O h ' l ...f I ' dvi er X 4 IU" X, sf fri' A W Y L 'a R , Y A V Y n..,- U45 - la X , - - V Y i - " E, F! wlR.'7f 'V . ff, iiidalf' i. JEFFERSONIAN BUSINESS STAFF First Row Ann Keech Carolyn JEFFERSONIAN BUSINESS STAFF Furs! Row Arne Pnaup Nancy Srnnth Bully Cobb Pam Nowell Second Row Barbara Humphrnes Lee Le dy John Famer Second Row Mary Bruce Ford Kathy AI Palsy Burton Ela ne Wolfson Patsy I-ral b ght Janet Cox rob em4 and fro Lt! The Clrculatlon Stat? and the Advertlslng Staff make up the Business Staff of the newspaper On each publication day It as the duty of the circulation stat? to fold, count and distribute approximately two thousand newspapers At the beglnnlng of each semester there IS an extensive drlve to sell term suloscrlptlons costlng slxty cents for seven Issues There are sixteen captains, each ot whom IS In charge of ap proximately four homerooms These captains are the direct llnk be tween the student and the crrculatlon staFf At the end of the druve a party as grven for the lleutenants and homeroom teachers of the IOO percent homerooms The cadet corps whnch us tradrtuonally TOO per cent, IS also represented at the party EMILY CARTER MRS HUTTON CAROLYN COPPLE Malling Manager Adviser Adverlusmg Manager SUSAN FORD Clrculahon Manager Ol' yu BARBARA KRYSTAL Co Adverhsmg Manager 1 I itil 'G 'J fa 128 , , if A I 5' ' I n . . . :A Co- n n - 1 . YI e Q..,.n-n... 0 X "-'BX Z n ' Al- i H i Y 5 , rg Eg c C C so ,y 'lZ'lIl 9.' .5 ,I e A - e A A e I5 .'n'l WW. .fy 2 "Inj" Q JEFFERSONIAN LIEUTENANTS AND CAPTAINS F sf Row B S rd a cc J n dr Second Row Nu a Th rd Row J '1 M el ang Subxrzpicona The Adverhslng STafT sells ads for The space alloTTed To TT, and Then draws up The ad copy To lay ouT The dummy for each Issue Ad mana gers copywrners and sollcuTors make up The sTafT for The adverhsung secTlon of The paper The mam oblechve oT The ad sTafT as To Tram sTu denTs ID proper approach To busmess problems and To TosTer undersTand ang beTween business concerns and The sTudenTs The enTure busrness sTafT IS advised by Mrs Malcolm I-luTTon from The TaculTy T29 I X 'T - ir : ' f F" e' 3.25" Ga one Trfvwe, Sw' S""r1, J':"2 Ge lei Ran B,". : 'nfl lp' ':g"': Man Ke'ne'l'e Ne Q Nf- 'Q Pfw'f,"f-' ST . HWY' Avi U.':",'. l I Ce f-'T Mwwr- Bf""' Rade. Em-y 771 Ne-In Tum' L""rT LVN" 9'1"-. Sic .. Fourfh Row: J1"'f- W"g" B 'V Puff- Fw'-f LCN: CVC NT" Bvrfvi F"'1l"'. Flffh Row: Jwnf' J ':': S'f.Q l-l3rf"'a' Cer: .n Rnfw' Gr-'f Ci' "1 Mary E en Dcivchan, lo a o I . V . . . . ,' - yi A 'Tv ee- e f - e s r c c e T. lg- -' I-f -,i'1,,VQ,-.K-1: Kia!! or! your Apaper JEFFERSONIAN LIEUTENANTS AND CAPTAINS Furs! Row J H g o es J e D P 5 C a cond Row Dane K Ca ol a 1 K rd Row B za C e y urth R vl Ma ga e M a oo k 3 an g Q B Flf R w an 3 os a u The lleuTenanTs are The key men In crrculahon, as They are responsuble Tor persuadrng Theur fellow homeroom members To buy The JefTersonuan The money passes from Them To The capTarns each oT whom supervuses Tour homerooms As a resulT of Thus Tranhc sellung TharTy Tour home rooms had one hundred percenT ID The lasTdr1ve The CadeT Corps also subscrlbed one hundred percenT The sTafT handles abouT Two hundred mallung subscnphons To alumna adverhsers, and schools on The ex change lisTs. On The day The paper comes ouT They Told by hand all Those hundreds of copies of The paper They have sold. ,f Q9T.?'jf ,sth ,gy , - 1 if ff A- - if f .' f '- X 'g .l D 'y no ,Cel .4 Zake a awaizan Jvlofulay The class of l959 put together much of nts talent to present a skrt tntled Havvaraan Holrday In the tall Talent ranging from gurtar plckln to a boys hula dance was wov n unto a plot that changed a highly eftr cient and old fashioned secretary to a sophisticated and romantic woman The production starred Carole Nlrlsteln as secretary Mark Troxell as the boss and Neal Banks as a glamour gurl Betty Alley as drrector was assisted by Ralston Leckey and Meade Chrrstuan JUNIOR STUNT NIGHT STAFF F sl R o d X'-. Y 131 LQ 7 o 0 ,, .. . ,, . . . . . , , . . . e - ' I , . - lr ow: lf": Bw" 1' Jace lNJ'1T1fl, Mazza' C"':"Jn B-Nw A1-w. Ralyfw Lffj, CVC LV' Bite. Sec n Row: B11 Fcrfc, My. Dacff. "f':f-'Qc' Nav, Ju' Sinfefw Pa' F3 Q J S1 1 TJHY' E1-ef Biwifv. Third Row: Hf'.','-'- KJ", A C' Q", Ave Mz'i'J" Jie D' Mama S1 1 S'eL:,a": Sxar' Pazwfn if'-A I T" . 1 'iq - 'f 'Dx' T ' - - - T cf i' L - F- F f- F e F at 3 1 T- A - f --fc' -Q fg -5 .alt I2 'TLP S , 1 1,3155 a rance--led gem! ei eur.4 moeura N oryh , The French Club or Le Cercle Francaus was orlgsnated to develop greater snterest an the French speaking people and their customs as well as to gnve practice In conversational French Varied programs have been presented throughout the year tn order to further these alms Club members felt that they had gained a more thorough understandung ot and an appreclatuon of the French language Often outsude speakers were brought IH to share their knowledge wnth the members of the club French games skuts and musnc helped to enluven the programs as the group worked to Improve skulls In the use ot French FR NCH CLUB F st Ro B :gg Secon o 1 oh o b M v Ka lrd R 1 e Fourth Ro ca a g 5 vo o Bea y 'L 75, J JS 132 WWW fag: mf aaa 'Hall 14 15112 418 LATIN CLUB First R vi Ma ga et Ph se er rt r o nrt or aclrwell :rd ow a Don o 1 y 3 r e ph -t y Ann Snowa alu1a-- ater znguarum The motto Lattna Mater Ltnguarum, has always suggested that Latun was the mother of languages The Latln Club, made up of advanced Lattn students has trted to convey to the school the truth of the motto A Lattn banquet and a ptcntc to Introduce new members to the ways of the club were among the actlvtttes ot the year Susan Ford as consul wuth the and of Danny Thornhlll as pro consul Mac MacAlltster as quaestor and Evelyn Sydnor as htstortan led the club To be eligible for membershlp In S P Q R a cand date must endure a rlgud tntttatlon con ducted by the old members of the club s W 1 H X an 4, 41-gf-I 0 133 X' we ,l I ,, MW Vt, , yy H . , . I VV, Q Z Z1 Z 0 is 2' an , M rf8'f' f I W' fwm WP g ' ., 1 1 1' wr fl' , W I fi tgz' 'iii' If 0' L S I ""' . ,, . , 4' , ' 'tt K, , 'f www' ff T 5 ' T 0 a 2 ..- Q. -' o : r f llbrlcky Ru: ll McAIIl5t , Evelyn Syd c, S.::m Ffd, Da y Th nhltl, Carolyn Whitworth. Second Row: Barbara Sanford, Nancy Powell, Judy Vaughan, Bet'y Atkins, Shlrai Elliott, Beth Bl . Th' R 1 Mlss O' y, S 2 rg Cvltds Alice Hmt il, Jmiy Pollard, Na c Rozf-. all . M . I , . I I i ' l I . . . . . . - ,f sf' , 4:53 G A 12,5 1 T 1 . 'au any tw , - A - f - i r I .X I Xu - ' Y V xl ll Q , A Y f , i W A I ' lv l 'if' ' S NISH CLUB F sr R S e co d QV S d S JCILOJ Organlzed nn T954 The Thomas JeFTerson Spannsh Club has grown unTnl IT had an enrollmenT of erghTy Tvvo members Thus year Nlembershap In The club IS open To any sTudenT vvho IS lnTeresTed In The Spanish speak Ing counTrues The club has meT monThly dunng homeroom period an The balcony of The auduTornum A series of programs based upon The life and cusToms of The varuous LaTun Amerucan counTrues was presenTed by sTudenTs vvho had vusnTed These counTrles AcTlvuTles have cenTered around a proposed Trap To Mexico whuch has been scheduled Tor early an June ApproxnmaTely TorTy members have slgned up for Thus Tnp They vvull Travel by charTered coach To Mexico CuTy vvhere They vvnll vns1T Tor a week Before The group reTurns To Rnchmond There vvull be vnsuTs To Taxco and Acapulco XNTOPUF Viva J y 1 34 l PA - lr ow: ea':1 S:w.:": Nara' Bare Cy: f- Wf"e'eai S.e Pavel, Dlcmn A'enz'e7P, Gave Convlne, Awe Jazf :'. Se n Row: Bicce G'c:5'r:' Srya Ne,e'3 E ew Kayne, Peg nelcqrwe, S.e Sage Ja'e Ser:-,-'g Pa, pri. Thir Row: were Judy Nyce R353 Joieue Ca'a':' Maw Page Bmcenx Pa' RJ' J:.:c Mia,-'5 E- ,, Sri". Fourth Row: C: "ve, New N5'g3'e' Whiiw NFS BEJNGW. Dori Appersow Vfgln 3 WJ ref Br", K"g Ann Scengfx I O l l I , . , . 5 gd-' 5-EJ. 'eg Q-fr .fb amp T as T of Q 1 T 'u sri 'R yr :U- T T ee 7.1 f , I le kk-"un Ju 04 H1190 In Aprrl as a means of observrng Pan American Week The club sponsored an assembly program In May a prcnlc was held aT ForesT Hull ark InsTead oT collecTung a fixed Tee from each rndrvndual The club financed nTselT Through The sale oT personal sTaTronery AT The close of The school year Those who had had The mosT sales were presenTed prizes In apprecrahon for Their supporT The Spannsh Club as sponsored by Mnss EllzabeTh Beaman and Mrs Lucrlle Kung Ofhcers were Tum Hrll presrdenT Sandra Eley vrce press denT Susan Rosenbloom secreTary, and CourTney Mann Treasurer NISH CLUB First R w P1 econd R Third Row C N' V Fourfh Row J y H QA JJ 135 . Q 0 . Q t 1 ' I ' 1 1 1 - I f 1 ' ' f 1 I ' SFA -' OI Klnl -Q Qwul El irllqr' Qs' if Ein' 3 fr' R '-'l l' ll' Av: Jr' N 43, Pr' T S owzk, ,nL1'r' Af" UT, W1 ' J 1, S',v-' J 1. Uvr' 'W B-f-V--J 1,r.-'-,T'--Bffr.,'rP1".'w ' 1 lfr',E- D. J muff'- J :,L'r1, lv':'1" B " Dx'.B1'-M Mgw' ' '1., : 1' -- S "Q RQL' Q,"- Re J, Be" We: 'je n Lo. LJ oLr7ns, M Jqfe Ave, Lane Va T. 1935+- giizg-,,f3A. Nl gf 6 . 3px Y A , , -JSI 'Qi' - "-ll ' ' ' rr' ,7 T-s '- ' - f ' -- - 1 xl - a A- A - s A K A. ci,',z ,J 'M rf Xl fy -'-A 'JJ-2' Apofdzcauy Jlluufecl Wars an Whlch The UnlTed STaTes Has Been Involved was The Theme around which programs were buult for The year T957 58 The group TelT ThaT only Through a real undersTand1ng of The pasT mullTary acTlvuTles of our counTry can TuTure vvars be prevenTed Well nnformed speakers, molaon plcTures and book reviews were used To gave a deTanled sTudy of The varlous wars The Forum, vvhuch meT afTer school Tvvlce a monTh was composed of sTudenTs who were nnTeresTed an hnsTory and who had been recommended by a hnsTory Teacher Helpful guzdance and advice were gzven by The sponsors Mlss Mary Maddox and Mlss LaRue Brandenburg The Forum was led This year by Wayne Johnson as presldenf OTher oFT1cers were Edwun Condyles as vlce presldenT and program chaurman .lulna Lee Perklnson as secreTary, and Henry Hol land as Treasurer FO UM Flrsl Ro A an Roco H C nav Ho ne a e J 'T c econ ow and a ey a Pc on a 3 1 e rfa argare alor r w s a e se Jac Ba ca GP- 'B 38.42 1 36 O O O II ' ' ' ll c, . , v . l . . I - R - ' w: 'me How-elf N :le eww l-lc an: Eovfd Q lei Pa' r Sally' Th I" s B,:'3'J -ea 'e"e Harrldg' '. S d R 1 S r E: 16' ce Case, E-ge'Tla Pr? Ups, l,yC.r'1"lngS, Ba' f' Meds: Fra F' e, rv, M T M' . Thid Ro : Marr Sl Se'wT'z, Bevefiy H ndefson, Rus ll kson, " 'a Brldgesl Nancy Powell, Joan Brarre, Teddy Chfls'r'a'T. Fourfh Row: Mafgafe' Greenberg, Mary Maddox, F'ank E.:awk, Cfare: S:a'no'c-gh, Mfss B'andens.'g. a 1 f 'gr Q 1 ., i at S 5, ' s ,Z 3 N I - 62.--'ff,if---.04 aiu.: elif, 2. 'gg Q- 7 ,iff Em Q T T T Q ' ' 's is L :lox ' -i f -fix 'I -A v CHRISTIAN YOUTH LEAGUE F st R ar y Alb g N wx c d o d o a F h g ianclarcla of Clzrwhan Clzaracler A brlef devoTlon each morning before school can supply a good ThoughT for The resT of The day For Thus reason The ChrusT1an YouTh League soughT daily To gave :Ts members a lufT for lnvlng In addmon To The morning devorlons conducTed by sTudenTs The club also sponsored a guest speaker for homeroom period programs held one Friday of each monTh Worlcrng lounTly vvnTh The CharacTer CommrTTee The Chrlshan YouTh League sponsored carol slngung In The auduTonum each mornang before The ChrusTmas holidays The hughlughT of The year was The sprung ban queT which was aTTended by The YouTh Leagues of ive area schools Officers for Thus year have been KaThy AlbrughT presldenT Nancy Van Schreeven vlce presndenT Sandra Ondrovnch secreTary PaTsy Long Treasurer Nancy Rose devoTrons chairman Evelyn Sydnor song leader Ann MarchanT socual leader and Ann Spencer publIc1Ty chanrman Xgx xJ..J 137 -ir ow: Ann Spencer, Awe Mafchanf, K h fl 42 Pa'sy Long, ancy Reza Evelyn ST vor. Se on R w: Benz Lowry, Helen Wllrlngon, Jean Bear, Mowha PCbTTd6X'f3', Joyce Mayes Be-'sr Jackson. Thir R w: Jula Brown Reoecca Enos, Sarvdu l-low-el., LTl Darley Sce Tlpcn, Janel Dlsrnulfes, our! Row: Mygre' P"'o'?:r, Rlwh Dfivf-' Marcia Pefkfnc My, Aan B'ock"e-lf-f Mnbe Arm P.:ke", Arno CH vm. o Q S o o I I I 1 1 I 1 ' I f 1 f 1 f 1 f 1 I 1 . ,1 "i5'1fA?Cg, 2-g,.1:,,,s,,::. s 144' ,' . giy W- if W ' f Y ry fit kj - .Y Y - A. A T- .L - -f -. Y -- - H," "f-51 IJ U -5 Q li : :'f,,'fj', W v. ' - - -'f3.,t,"7 ,gy iii, OR HESTRA F sf Ro Brzzwf Y, Y JV, ,. V, Gefrnc. no.-rl rx rclleairaf Sircuna Under The durecTuon of Mr Frank WendT boTh The preparaTory and concerT orchesTras have The opporTunuTy To become beTTer acquaunTed wuTh The world s greaT composers and Theur works The orchesTras learn To presenT skullfully These composuTuons Through Theur respecTuve unsTrumenTs In adduTuon many members of The hugh school orchesTra have gauned more skull un playung wuTh The Ruchmond Symphony Publuc appearances of The orchesTra durung The year uncluded playung aT The varuous assemblues an appearance aT The openung dunner of The CommunuTy ChesT Druve parTucupaTuon un The STaTe STrung OrchesTra assusTung wuTh The opereTTa Brugadoon and The annual Sprung ConcerT W- ,,,, a D ve Luna: cc , ORCHESTRA-First Row: Lu", C ff uf A Vv,,1. S Move S ECON lvun ,Vi R-'f-': J NCK d Row' My A Ac ww fm S S""a Eu' J H3 s fuvn J 5 srmsvq rf ' 'iw Third Ro Ka" Affaf' Mara" lf JM: E -f :la-u Krr D-e'S G V 5 J v va B'--'fn ,,- W J Secon Thurd Ro Toi I cn U b' 3.9 use 0 . ' I . . , . I I . . . . ,, . ,, I C -ir w: Rah' C'?EfC' Yrir f Nancy Van Sch'-f--f-' Samrn oo ,- Carolyn Oanciee, Dog Rcfffl, d Row: Jewry Ewawf- M: 1 Swain Ka" ef-W Haddon Jen' J:'as':1. ' wg Enuei' Repro" BC: r'l:'z A31 Ron" Gere Wlnu'TlngQ' W'-iff, J3'1J'2, m0 . H, . 2: Xx'5XfV':Sff3f 'lm W ' f i ' Y JI Aff Alf! ET f - - ilu. Q' .: y f T ' af f ' xv-. V.,,ff' xy ".,,u,."-A ,' 3. Ylff' STAGE CREW-First Row S4 2" S3'7'JF?'Z Cnarlez Sire ' Bot: ve,,,.., :,.,,5,,, f O .. c, V -. . T,N gm. Second Ro A M S P P W: "J, ei"-' 'fwi . Ken Ma Uv. ,MX G fa, Dw H,f,, ,w' Km-nu e mal the cenea Whats tor assembly today? These words every Wednesday mornnng start the stage crew oft on one of Its many dutles con cerned wuth gettung the stage and the audutorlum ready for all types ot gatherlngs Thus make :sn t worklng try another one Our temperamental sound system IS at It agaln and the boys dash madly around to make certarn the speakers words are carried to every corner ot the audrtornum The crew was called upon to help wrth Junuor Stunt Nrght the Gperetta the P T A meet lngs and anything else Included In both un school and out of school actuvntles whuch requrres th use of the stage equupment GE CREW F filo T39 ' U M. X oil l ll ' II I Il - n - - - 1 ' 11 . I . . , . , , . . . ' STA - irs wr Bev C 5 l L H112 g' Fran' LZ' G 3 Sf'-t 3 'ir l.a'f:. Second R B Dew? -Im, S' JH Patvf-' Def H 4 Bop Tice, .1 'T T v Y T ,iT ,TT - f T W T TYT T T.: .14 T T H I' :TY HARRY A WOODY CLUB Flrst Ro B b Q enbe y B ll H e c o tz Jacobs B I C0l1d ROW l'l n y H B b E s S o John Da e port Kenneth Mallo y Cha le Schel n Third Row C ales B c a a nest o o Hob s se our! o y o K oy Bob M chael Bob Moo ef eld Bobby Snead rzbule io Jlt woody The Harry A Woody Club rn nts second year of exrstence oftered many boys the opportunrty to serve therr school better Through actrvrtles such as Rec Hall duty selling drunks at dances and at sock hops One of the bugger actrvrtres of the year was that of sellnng Beat J M cards to help further Tee Jay s school splrrt The membershrp rs llmrted to thrrty sophomore lunror or senior boys of outstanding character The ofzhcers for the year were Butch Holtzclaw Presrdent Bob Jacobs Vrce Pres: dent and Bull Hrnckle Secretary Treasurer Mr Carl D Bolt sponsored the club due to Mr Woody s retirement However, the club vvrll con trnue to carry proudly the name of therr good trlend and mentor, Harry A Woody R 1 1 HH jd U B ,Q , un uf Gtzzen.4lup-- ur Standard The Thomas Jefferson Key Club sponsored by the Richmond Klvvanls Club has deducated Itself to the development of nnmatuve and leader shlp qualities among nts members and to unselfish servnce to both school and communlty Under the leadership of Mr Charles Cooper sponsor Edwin Condyles president and Mr Wlllus Jones Kuvvanls representative the club has provuded for a needy famuly dlstrrbuted canusters and helped organlze a basketball league Durung the year a vocational gundance program open to the student body was a successful prolect As hosts to the Key Clubs of the Capital Dnstrnct Convention the club supported Brad Gunter for Lneutenant Governor and contrnbuted greatly to the success of the convention The local club was represented at both the International conventnon and the officers traunlng conference KEY CLUB F t c ec d 1 141 5 I O C I I - ' - 1 1 1 - 1 1 I I . . . . , . . - lrs R W: Franlr E,o3nlN l-lenw l-lo and S 1' HV' Sai-f"eV'j Eur-F Comme, G., Thor, E1 C: ri' . S ond Row: Meaae C"T.'?J'w, Juzf Bvcee S' 1" C'i'z'3w Ramon Lffiw Pffe Sdaneracf C1-, Cine. Thir Row: Ton, Marne, Hr-nry Craze, Brac G ve' T:"", Defxzn JV' Fc".vf: Frgmnw Penh. Fourh Row: Bftl Powel La'f,' Re-ed, Blnfcrci Pear Jorn F:."t, Ronde Peffwlg Din Bags. Fifth Row: My :'1 S' 2" TV' Hf Bic 5 me" Cfo Trfcse Gods' '-42" f' 'Ng -5- N ':', 2, T ,Il -v , '25 f 2 X, 2 5 4 1 1 lg! Af - w 4 ,.,.. ,, Q C I Y' . Z! 1 21' TT'-Q fir fx e .. j Q ' 1 Q 'c 9ezz0w,1,,,, . Y Teens Trlangle Il, a gunuor branch of The CenTral Y W C A has as :Ts purposes The Tollowlng To grow as a person To grow IH Trlendshlp wnTh people of all races, rellguons, and nahonalmes To grow IH The love and knowledge of God To carry ouT These purposes The club meT every second and TourTh Wednesday aTTer school In 217 where sublecTs of lnTeresT To The group were presenTed Y Teens conducTed many service prolecTs ThroughouT The year boTh In and ouT of school Two of The school servlces were conducTlng The mornnng devoTuons Tor a week and parTlc1paTlng on The CafeTerla ComrnuTTee OuTsade of school, evenTs of unTeresT for some of The younger children aT The MeThodlsT Orphanage were planned EENS TRIANGLE ll Furs! Row Aw .1 F a a W l rr an Hoch a p econ Row e rue v A o ar ole Waooell E rle E a a s Thlrd Row Joan Ale EWG rcla P K r r nerr 3 our o o y ew ra F ance Sense e rga e E I R w 5 y John ark d y o 'ware o A 9' OF7 X' -lb 'S 142 Y TEENS TRIANGLE ll Flrsi Row A '1 Sp r a Po no Ca o 'T S Sand 5 Mooney COW Gr Hancock Do y C a an Second Row Ma y r- s W Ba ca ag y Jan a My don M f' n and Third Row Do o Ma qu M M en a aww a C1 3 Chad Fourfh w B nda 'J n n nn . ul' OG One of The hnghlaghfs of The year vvas The Trap To WashlngTon, D C In November To aTTend The Narlonal Vesper Servuce held aT The Wash ungTon Cafhedral Church of Saunf PeTer and SalnT Paul AnoTher was The presenTlng of The Alma V Lowance Y Teen Award vvhuch IS glven To a deservang gnrl on The basis of honesTy obedlence, cooperaTuon self conTrol and leadership qualmes Durvng The summer The Y Teens had The przvnlege of sendlng Thenr presudenT, Sandra Chadvvell and a fellow club member Eleanor Sanders, To The T957 SouTheasTern Conference held aT Blue Ridge NorTh Caroluna The experience ganned There was exerclsed un The fTne meeT:ngs held Thus pasT year To assnsT The presudenT, Sandra, There were PaT Wnllnams, vlcepres1denT Barbara Dunn recordung secreTary Joan Hoch, corres pondung secreTary DoTTe Wulluams Treasurer, and Eugenna Phlllnps, club affuluahons represenTaTlve T4 -I -f-X - ' : " en:-ah Ma 'h f ever, r 1' e "l" ' , Tw y ll fr S.z fe T7'e'y Doromy Ecxev. : ' F'a :e lllla"s ' 'a B'l- '95, Ma' e Srepnene V?:ky E ,fax Tln Snaorerd, ra Slay , Diane Lawron, J " S ers. ' : l rea Howell! Jo Planer, ' ve' c cllen, Nancy Ow, , Vlrginl R Vngny Jackie Cl rr San f, swell. Ro 1 fe Mauflcey Ml. red B:'an 5 , Ellzabe'h A Snnllh, Earle Ealne Baia. U Q Q I . ., . ,I . - ' - I I 1 ' , . .., , , , . - I I I - f 1 nj, it-l1:'3'Q.,x 7 . ' H, Q ' o 1 C as j g A 1 C ,Q ' ' Y Y - Y -'T "-4f.'f"f.nff7 ' T. s C 315: V4 ,QQ ,QQ g.,-gipf. 3 :A--,aa ' row! roug porf.4man.4 Lp Ladues have you heard about the Tebahoes'? That s Tee Jay s gurls ath letuc club A varsuty letter plus the qualuflcatuons ot cooperatuon charac ter and spurut to uphold the hugh udeals ot sportsmanshup make one eluguble to become a member Two meetungs were held every month one at school and one at a member s home Every year the Tebahoes have contrubuted un many vvays to gurls athletucs and to the needy They have trued to plan at least one bug program whuch could be pre sented before the student body such as the Teacher Tebahoe basketball game The oFfucers for thus year were presudent Anne Clarke vuce presu dent Susanna Hassel secretary Pat Garcelon and treasurer Shuras Elluott TEBAHOES F st R c Sh J Th d Ro C y W bb E o 9- l Ol' yu f' " fa Sc cane' S 144 Y TEENS TRIANGLE I Furs! Row J an B Ba ba a Felo Jean Pol a o Ba Dara Hawthorne Marg e McFee H A Ca o Wa lrn Second Row Susan Goo rnan , rrrun ru s eve v a s Mary en eck J o cne C a c e a oor vl M ru n M nd a Yo g nn na son n e un u u atm actcon rom eruzce Truangle I vvas reorganuzed un February I957 by a group of sophomores and uunuors vvho were unterested un a club for gurls Now meetung three tumes each month the group us deducated to strengthenung the fruend shups among the gurls ot the school Emphasus has been upon both servuce and fun, as the gurls have carrued out prouects durung the year In December specual assustance vvas guven to aud a Hungaruan refugee who had been unuured un an accudent near the school Other servuce pro uects have uncluded an Easter Party at the Cruppled Chuldren s I-Iosputal vusuts to the cuty home, and typung for the Volunteer Servuce Bureau For fun the gurls have attended athletuc events en masse held coke partues, had a Mother and Daughter banquet, and made plans for a house party at the close of the year if Rx I4 Q2 I - ' : e rl3'ow, ' ' I 's, I - , rl , I , Llz lul, Glenna Snead, nne r I tl. 5, : ' d u, Poll' Cc lg, B rl D vi, Ell D erran, C-'cl E: rldge, A' ' r aesao , Susan Ru k I, Barba' M e. Third Ro : Judy I-Illlsmaru, Bess a I , lllle Gartnflgnj Sa r .n , Pe v Dc ld , Ol Q ' Lof g, S e T'pton, Lynn I-louseman. Fourlh Row: Helen Fallezen, Carolyn A'kfn3on, Anne Ciarice, Susanna Haise, Marlon Butts, Lynn Owings, AJ o drewz, C J O O I - I . . . . , . I I 7 'ixfg .ef ' 'S' - ' Sw A , A '.' "lg- , - f Y ,- , Y Y ' 7 ' 7" -IQ. e- - , -, u , - 1-ge. 1 5 we ha. C 0 6ll'J lp and Ball lUU'lg Tee Jay boys vvho are members of the Hu Y have the responslbllnty of creating extendrng and malntalnung hugh standards of Chrrstlan charac ter throughout the school and communnty As a servuce to th school HI Y members were on duty IH the cafeterla and rec hall at all re esses to see that these were kept orderly The HI Y also Hnanced and served refreshments to rrval football teams after the home games and spon sored the brungrng of young boys from the Methodlst Chlldren s Home to the various Tee Jay athletic events The meetings always Interest :ng and Informative were held on Monday evenrngs at the Central Y M C A Servlng as off: ers were Steve West presldent Roland Myers vlce president Bobby Muse chaplain Sonny Taylor secretary and Charlne Teefey as treasurer I - A . ' e .- . . F N1 . . . . , . . . . C , j , ' f 1 f 1 1 Y sl Ro Domlrl Canwrsl! Skins' l.eaf:on'ter, Seven West, Sha'o'r Home Sweewhcartg Sorvw Tclvloy d My C 'wc Teefey. Second Row: Mike Farley, A. Ford, Bobby Bmfeq AI'on Frlx, Jerry McM.,r'rlc, Sa d Th rd Row: Dave Awderson Mac Herndon, Harvey Rarros, Gordon Davis, Davld Jackson, Robert Fou th R w: Geo'ge Hoover. Devo Wood, Bonny Mssex Arnie Powell. 0 Q La X12 2 X an A Y f - , , 1 r :TPM a - e ae e e a ata a - a a - FQ! xo T J' X 71' X, JS at 146 LIBRARY STAFF-First Row Do e W 'i a'ns Ca o M ii hy C dl p ne y M e on Woodson cond Row C oiyn W 5 ha ane Pa sy o g C rc n Moo a n acce P 'es rol B r ow c a ek Wa e e an cue za ne fi ur! w ao A ri oly C a P e y a a o pa Row J ann Ho '11 er Ba ba a Brd es lufa eupancfk cf Th Library STaTT has been composed of sTudenTs who worked as assis- TanTs in The library during Their sTudy periods. Generally Two To Three sTudenTs worked each period, one worked aT The desk To charge ouT books, receive books, answer quesTions and perform oTher rouTine duTies aT The desk. The oTher sTudenTs checked and shelved books carried messages and assisTed The librarians in Their many duTies. These sTu- denTs alTernaTed Their work each week so ThaT They mighT learn The various phases of library work including such duTies as Tiling caTalog cards, mending books and preparing new books for circulation. The Library STaTT meT Twice during The Term aT homeroom period To discuss The duTies of The members and oTTer suggesTions for The im- provemenT of Their work. SomeTimes There was a speaker or anoTher Type program which had been planned by The vice-presidenT and a commiTTee. JaneT PuckeTT served as The presidenT of The sTafT. .li-g.sq 1 4 A CAPPELLA CHOIR Flrst Ro E CJ Seco Row n W lrd Ro rfth Row axth Ro 6"0I'lCOI' 0 Throughoutthe yearthelwusm Deparwnent underthe dwechon ofAAr Alton Howell helps to Increase knowledge ot music by both per formance and lrstenlng The A Cappella Choir us composed ot selected volce students who are chosen tor their special Interest ln good music They must have a suncere desire to work with others luke themselves to create melodlous vocal music This year the cholr sang for an evening servme atFumt Bapnw Church forthe Vwglnm Educahon Assomahon the Swwe Superwnendents Convenhon and the Rokwy Club The chow is A 14 . xx' ll X -' w: :lf-ra 5" 'cs Be", L: Bzggz Dye". Ceefc. A" Howe Cvn"'a Gf.':n"'a' D:"'f, W' 'ani W' 'a":. nd :J3'e' 53":J, Pa' Ewa: Hf-rw K3 :iff Cy: v " ' 'e A" Civ? W3'f" Wifi" lip: E73 Cancav .2 . Th' W: Kg. lf 5- S 13' Gaz: Jia' Nf-vw' Mer ra Sue' Jzv Eng' N3'i, Pm- E,3:.e" H' . Fourth Row: R':':": Je' : Bch Jeicc P1'G1vt:, NVQ. Sc 'wwf' N": -'v"'e 33':s'f lr- , F' I 53' Lat, JV- FUN' Jane BVU' B1 lf '.' F, ,, u V 1 " J, K'-,, S' wi S":,'fi Pg 5 ..'.'3 3 Far- Az' Jf - K"" , 04 . . l I . , . . VST Sw kin' 1, Z: . ', A , - Y , Y -,lx - Y - J-- - Q.-. ,. ' :mf s iwf Z ,X 4,-x -,K I :': Q ' QU, , i f , Y Q,-, , , ,-- f 1 1 as f .-M Uf... 'tfw xp is , . 8 . Sweet egouncfa and orchesfra provnded special musnc for Thanksglvung ChrrsTmas, The Sprung ConcerT The Baccalaureafe and commencement exerclses The annual presenTaTlon of The Musuc DeparTmenT as an opereTTa Brugadoon, by A J Lerner and F Loewe was presenTed nn April The ScoTch dnalecT TogeTher vvnTh The ScoTTush seTTrng enabled The chours To TransporT The aucllence To The mysTuc Town of Brngacloon FeaTured snngers were Nancue Roop Dave Wnlson Bonnie BUFT Chuck Hulls STanley Soble Margle lVlcFee Wayne Johnson and Larry Bambacus STudenT DurecTor Jackue Soloman was assusTed by Neal Banks A CAPPELLA OIR Furs? Ro e ond Row V :rd R 1 3 lv' Fourih Row Row Six! Row P l-T qw I -,rf The gurls Glee Clubs are fully orgamzed waTh offrcers and accompamsfs who help Mr Howell vvrTh The operaTron of The classes Through bas: cally smgrng groups The members were encouraged To aTTer1d concerTs and keep up vvlTh mTeresTmg evems IU Rrchmond TV programs and movles were drscussed rn class for Therr musrcal value Fundamemals of musrc were learned as relafed To musrc performed LS GLEE CLUB Flrsl' R w Na-r y He g S y ooood Joy o J Wy Mary Anne Whl ehead Ed h Wlnl ee Second Row ar y a L 'T ado F g Nan y D d J an L sem Cla ci a Bu neTT A ce Moss Third Row no z d H c a ely'1 Tre le DG a ensh D D a our ow a c 1 R ne M rn Kenxo Dana n o se Bec so r a o alne Sea ey I h ow Phyl s ooe a ara anne ey e ren e P e a on G ck R h Dec er S ..,-Qty -A ef? 0 ee . . GIR ' - ' o 1 c win y all W lf! ce Tfedway, J:,ce Hall, Ba' a' nne, 'T y I' ' f . 1 Pa'sy Cl lc, Pegg H ll, Judy 5 l , Marie ag lc' od , o es , u l r , ll A ' : Ly 'e Ka', San 'a McGregor! Nancy u glnz, M d , x. r, Bar' f Blank I I Ma'y Frye, Anne Trlvesl Bef' She p ro. F Th R : C r ,fe ugglei. Ja arl I Louis l I ' pf, l Davls Lllllan Coll s, Mary L ul lc' Hey M rEe"e Nlcl' leon, J.dl'h El ' l . F'fI R : ll Rl' s, B 'b B Pudr G ' , B 'Sy W l' Ev 'M Welle Nell 'ay Bla , V li . Q A fu.-' ifgii-4 '-in c as c g c Q. I ,eg .- - :M Y Y - Y Y 'YY 5'-Q-ul: , -U a as , e 1,-LEX.. - ff 5 - - - - - - - a, -."- W: Q .. , .,f 5. W nw A LS GLEE CLUB First Row Na cy L pac o a a a a ca a 1 cr Second Row y M y A ri ay pa a C Third Row CJ o yn C o aw ay 3 c 3 ca ourth Row S c 3 H 1 a 3 M a . we sw and for special use by those who plan to enter the field of music as a career Students were taught to conduct and participate in small en sembles. Twice each month members of the classes were given op portunities to appear on programs as soloists both vocal and instru- mental and in small groups. These activities lead eventually to mem- bership in the a cappella choir and the preparatory choir. ' 1 77'313?2.Q7 1Q5 t ,5, X 413.219 Www S GLEE CLUB F sf R w A FL d Second Row T r Row L 'A V 418104, . Second Row J Third Row N 3 W g -Q.. fgkqi Y is 3 l5'2 A V5 ' ' U ' ' ' I ff V ' A V 2 Wy rs 'Fig .J 1 E BOY' - ir 2 I ' xr C6792 Hccmfi Benny Mg,Hf,"j BH- R tif' B' :Q F'f':L, 1 B-2'f13"1 CU'-fha" BDf:"'2 H.":r"Ei 5633, SLQCC' AWL1 Bmw' NV' 'Qwrfni-"ig, h'rd 2 D321 ,1 1 W' 'rw' G'-freu E' Sei 5 PQ?" Hgfr, W' '3":. l U BOYS' GLEE CLUB-Firsf Row: Dafa G:'::' Diff: K?""e 3:55. Lime' Sf'::. Leasseue' 5:35, 5 'e' Qczff' E":'f:. : :MU Bxfi Wccsv Mes'-ee' NQ-fe Ct' Ney 3' B'5-wie' "'e':E" Lew.. ' : i'Qi:"' Jew: C. G. G"z:a': ':""'w Cease' Safe' " ". "W 4 Q 4 V V nm .fb 4 v 3 I ' 5 4 X I gif? i 49 , X .' '. z- , :J Q52 ff K' :FH f ' W ' 7' ' ' ' ,H ,A an? 4, ,Uk if f Y - j - - 'if f -- ,21-S ,LN f f - 1 2 ' ,.-FA b iugffy - -5 R ,V., 9 2 - in Z y A .MW 70 M A ' ,, I 5 A ., M54 f , fr ' Il K V 3 0 MM ' , 7 WB A' 41 , V! gi L M 4 I fn 0 fi' Q , fy, ' ' ,, 'a ' f' , in - Wm 'A Y ig' W L , , if 'wx 5 2 1 Am!" if Wx ,VW at F516 -H wb-0' ,W qw., 3 ! ' Q WAV .55 HW' .sw 'F' Q .-r H24 'swf V 1. A-' ffi J '1 Q G 'L mx! X . 'I rv Half to . Come on Red Come on White Come on Team Fnght Fught Fnght' The Pep Club was a new experlence for Thomas Jefferson After the fTrst term nt was dlsbanded, and a new constltutuon was drafted an whrch the srze and other factors were more strictly regulated The revrsed Pep Club, wrth a membershup of seventy fTve students, has as nts oblectuve the bulldlng of actlve school splrut The members were a select group chosen on the basls of a written applncatlon lncludang a paragraph contaunzng the applicants reason for desurung membershnp PEP CLUB F sl Row r' n bn econd Row L c Jo Hur o Bonn pc, 't :J rr ow a a e ar M ha Fourth Row S H rt If R 1.31 3 c o 33 M Slxfh Row B W xfkfgp X pgs 9337 154 Q C ' I I ' . . . , . . . - ir : P.1"-- Kgrffvx Aff Ur. rf! Bffw Maw-y Cmhy Svvfanz, Su lff Sine Cro wt Cdrac' , BN 'J Nffwf' J.1v B 'l"', S Z . J. Rauwt-, hnny L -lgr wg rw Bo' ' D m"f-, L7 ' M":'e Pa' Sm-11, Jnnle Sc"c,n, Nancv Wlllavvtzon. Th'd R 2 P "I Pe gon! Jq-.A Rguyg-N P:,'v'5?3 Ko eta LL 'Le New-'. Jwnnf C fra", Qs" Crrwrlch Mgfha Rltf-yi Dee Dee Bow' . 2 3 . Srepnari, Bray: Spf-mu' Vik, B'f-c' B'e":3 Mazzau, Be"y Cfalifle, Jam Locmye N3':,' Ov.-43 Jane T. Jn, Ffh ow: Daw Laws' S, 'ff T' ew Nancy Fox Sa' M D ' J-u, Rez' Arn K-eez' S.13' 531152 ya' T.:ve'. ' : .cm Koay E en Heflfwx Ba'ca'a Hubbard, S.sav T':"pLo', S.e r-lfga'-2 :.a"zn We 3 Jsz. L"'au: Cam. Ba:n,'e'e. T W 1 Q Z ft sl ff 5 Y , 4' X T 5: 'iv.EX'lf'Tff?' " :1 i , Y f , f , ' ae' Q-J ' Y Y - - .l- -, f-5 , :U f f f :J f x , A, , , L f : 1, xxmlir l - cps.. uf? X? 4 CLUB Furs! Row E ano Mavw oz: a o s S M l- d R w H b n saca 1 y on o n a D5 a Ha no ft no Al nd a rd Row Jo Ann Co o o A rv rrart Je nete Tow y M g N n f gg 't on a p es y Moy Fourth Row Sal 1 A 1 y Ho p na rt r nn a one e R w Janet J dd a n f Jn Nancy Pa Kay An e an tn y T ow pon d an a n Kw Seventh ow J anc 1 a gr 'me M Ka TVT . the feed cf 'uflute When selected, the student becomes a member tor the remalnder of has attendance at the school Specuhc committees were responslble for such duties as decoratlng the caty stadium for home football games, publrcnzung each game wnth posters for school use, and selecting a termnnal protect for the purpose of ralsnng funds to carry on the actlvutles of the club The tlrst protect of the club was that of selling Inexpensive cow bells decorated wnth the school colors Under the sponsorshnp of Mr Arthur Alllson, the work of the club has been done wnth relatnvely tew dnfflcultues The club has met tvvuce each month at homeroom peruod Otcfucers tor the tlrst year were Cathy Stevens, president Stanley Soble, vnce presudent, Betty Maxey, secretary, and Carolyn Copple, treasurer T55 HQ,- QUILL A SCROLL FITS' Row Ve r'a B rider M S ne ou Tori a 'T a ri H aw: a o 3 o econd Row A o a McK an y hc EC e c r a T Th d R v o gg g ir ow 1 o n ourih Row E v na na rhgi 'icn uiaiancfmg lu enfa . Ye shall know The TruTh and The TruTh shall make ye free, sTaTes The moTTo of The Quill and Scroll Club STaf'T members of The Three publica Tions who have done superior work in some phase of lournalisTic or creaTive endeavor are chosen for membership in This inTernaTional honor socieTy aT The fall and spring candlelighT iniTiaTion ceremonies This im pressive candlelighT ceremony is puT on by members by having each new member lighT a candle from The candle of TruTh. The candles lighTed represenT iniTiaTive, opporTuniTy leadership loyalTy enlighTenmenT and friendship all of which are essenTials of good iournalism. Each iniTiaTe Takes This pledge I do pledge myself To do all in my power To work 'ii . g - e a as o . . . in ournafiatic a4cclaim for the advancement of my community, to be loyal to my superiors, to live up to the ideals of true iournalism, and to be impartial in my in- terpretation of Truth." Requirements for membership are that a student be a junior or senior who has worked one or more years on a publication, has an average of B, and has been recommended by his sponsor. Programs presented this year included one by Larry Reed based upon his trip abroad as an ex- change student in the summer of l957. Officers for 1957-58 were: president, Ed Clarke, vice-president, Jane Roulston, secretary, Ellen Kayne, treasurer, Marc Seldes. QUILL AND SCROLL First Row Lyno Ka z Joyce Egger' B nn e B ff Carol Eld dge Eve yn Benedelr V g a Wa lcer Margaret Philbriclc Second Row J l Lee Pe lc nson Ba ba a Ha trorne Janice Wrigh Bunn Payne Ba bara Sanford Betty Lou Boggs Third Row Nancy Van Scnree en Carol Alcinson Carol M lle Nancy Rose Nancy Cohen Irma Bowes Fourth Row Susanna Hassel Danny Thornhill David Long Margie McFee Ralston Lecky Tim Ferneyhough Deborah Glazier 'TSE 'QE I gf Ji xt w. XIX iNIN2f" 157 we - ' 2 re ' , I o i u I ri I l I ir ini l I ' ' , : u ia r i I r r w t I ' ' 'I i I r I . ' I ' v I ' ' I l VI I i r ' : v . v ' v V 4 ff - , -,3.::1?f.-'A , . fljc-V 1 ' -4. ,ia i it 31 cfxg' ,J Y , ,Y -,lf ing- IZ. - - A ' A ' , lf, '- '. Q a e - ,st -ff: if - 7 - Y Y -14 -V,-A41 -3715.6 ,Q - .' D E- ' ,.n' QIQ. :I lr- II5, W 2' .igs-J:'f7z?f:5' fi"-e-1 Zachary Gayle, fagyg 2 I , A. -mv L, I ,f 1 ' I :LT XZ: -- ' 1 , 3. '-1----. f ill' al Jlii " -. ' ' ' -Lx - - N , " E . 5 . .X 7 5+ X , . . , I ,- . 1 . -zz 0,1 :l" orpd o Cacfebt In this its sixteenth year the corps underwent a mayor change By order of the head of the Virginia Military District the six companies were combined to form three companies of two platoons each This move created new ranks and made necessary many new commands Corps activities included two cadet hops two Sponsors Days two competitive drills and innumerable company parties and sporting events. In January the entire corps marched in the Governor s inaugural parade. The cadet band played at several football games. Both the band and the drill platoon represented T. J. at the Apple Blossom Fes- tival in Winchester Virginia. As a member of the 55-C military school program of the United States Government the corps conducted regular classes in military sub- iects. This year Marine instructors aided in teaching these classes and for the first time the Army awarded certificates of credit to graduating cadets. LT COL O H Ll CK Commandant FRANK G. WENDT Ba d D' ector A 4 ,Q sg .e..4,-A -' XA f" "li , -, , f , -Us -1 ' '3"s 4' XJ.. , .fn 4, ' .bvif qui, il Q WF J. M. GARNETT KATHLEEN SPRENKLE L. B. lNMAN Lieutenant C7 onel Corps Sponsor MBIOI' 5-4 ,M .0 yw ' fi QMQJ A F A L s T A F F ' G. T. TRIPP gf -ff '-LANJ l4 MaiorS-IM' 6 ' 1,91 .MCA ff - wg! U, 1 0 W S CUDLIPP MagorS3 SPRING STAFF H T HINCKLE P ETELLIER Mayor Ma1orS4 W S CUDLIPP L B INMAN Mayor Aide de camp M A SELDES BARBARA THALHIMER Lleuienant Colonel Corps Sponsor fi? Of'Xo 5' 3' U3 16 . . pf 1 ' . . J. .L ' s-1 ' - .I .S-3 .V .- V Q1 ay. 9 2 fir' ag? p s 5 ie of 'f for C s YQ. : A -A p- - -or A n e XX ff! 0 4 4 BAND-Firsf Row: Zno L'. Tc",7nscn: W, E.: le' L'. Hovz, R. E.: Safoew I. T.: Pearce, P, F.' Tolben W. R.: Sgt Boseman, J. E.: Messet G. A.: Mexancef. G. R.: Co. Lenox", J. H.: Lofraln, J. K.: CDL. Sa3"c'1 J. A.: Zno L'. Rocfrson E. L.: Capt C"esson, R. R. Second Row: Dwnai S. A.: Cpi. Pe'v'ns W. L.: Sgz Maliow, K. M.: Pafxe' F. B.: Dev J. R.: Mason: J. F.: Meizez: H, I.: Sewer: A. I.: Jordan: W. E.: S'aH Sgx Lee, K. F. Third Row: S.r:ny Sqn Hobbs, W. H.: Miz'-2, T. E.: Sgr. Hagan, W. D.:'c L. R.: Rnd, L. B.g Gecvge, W, R.: Swfon: L. T.: McKinney: G. W.: Ojck: G. W. Fourih Row: Baoef: B, L.: Desing: W. N.: L 2591, G. R.: Gnacar: J. N.: Rvfenbefgl D. H.: Raysor: F. W.: Le-wig W. E.: Anpefgon: W, E.: WeN3: E. H.: Sgz C'c:s: H. L. Fihh Row: id' Sg'. Granaf: J. W.: Woodson, W. R.: Rees, D. C.: SYone, G. P.: SQL Kf:m".e E. J.' Nelson W. W.: Bum: J. T.: Bazneef: B. W.: Wengs: B. R R CHESSON SUSAN GEDNEY R E HOLTZ Captam Sponsor Furs! Lieutenant FALL TERM all SPRING TERM W E TOMLINSON BARBARA HUBBARD J W GRABAR C6pTaIr1 Sponsor Flrst Lieutenant xg 161 -,xr Q2 ' 1-5:?E., Q." 5' 11 I ' . ,Q .45 V ' I' -1 "ggi, ' . , - , - A Y ,, , f V f - - f y,' .. -1 - - -A 7 Y - Y ' Y - : - , . TA , . , 7 ' " ' 1 - , Y W -, w -K 4. . Y .v - I 3-'.g,,.'X. 'NL ' 'gil -1 M' 1. .' tits- f - .L 1... A COMPANY, FIRST PLATOON-Fira! Row: Cn:.'aIn Ca'aI'e', W, F: 2': L'. C'znv C. T.p S33 Pete R. C.g CD. ColIin5, W. C: BCC" J. R.j Cvyfe' D. L.' Cox! W. D.g',f Sq: B'I1gQ'3, G. R. Second Row: SQZ Tanneq R. Ex Sq: Bmzc, C. M.g Dnf. L. Mg Pawerf fon R I-I'Hn'c1" A R' Lf:m1'1 F A' Bfr nn T. C. Third Row: Cr.. S'a4f:' R. L.j Nyc' E. V.: Jer, .xy R. S: KnJ:: C, SJ SCT' R. C.j Sgj Ii' C37 K-5'Wp':'1 R. I. FALL TERM W. F. CARAHER Captain MARIAN BUTTS Sponsor R. W. ELLIS First Lieutenant SPRING TERM R W E LS Captam FRANCES EDWARDS Sponsor C T CRONK First Lueuvenant 8 Ofyhx S XX f i E49 , I A COMPANY SECOND PLATOON Furs? Row W C a Cen W W R Second Row M an F n C T 3 C WpcW . . Ll , -' : L- L- E.: R. .T 2"1 L'. I-Vfzfe W, .jCp1.Fefnf4.'1 g' D. G: Cp.. Tice C. Kg Kfg" J, P.j G' Pa" R. P. f ra , L. Og Ia' Sgt C'eQf" ' , . Sgx Mafvai, T. Eg Sgx B"w"'ey N. K.g :Kf-P'-.. L. Hx Hrz ey A, B.g P iff D. W.j Y,a"a , T, . hird Row: Cc Q' Sq: Kenna", R. B: SQ: IL' Caii JEILLC I W. .' SQ'..IC'V'?1, W. .3 Gunn: 'J B. E: Lhcj, G. D. I Tene , F. E: rl L , .R, e,I...f20 Ig . A-QTfr5,,! 14 W Y 1 r gyfv-s.3s,f :rw L L S Q: A f , fc, ' Y ,. - F1454 v ,- f v - f B COMPANY SECOND PLATOON Ftrst Row A c g W A G G c ond Row Sg vv B COMPANY, FIRST PLATOON-First Row: Cac tf A- 2-1 L- tw L' J P- 51- ff'-' JV . , ',,. f .. ..- G. C-. K , ,. J. . ef H. R: C"'f'ee' J. S :JL T Sgy M:'4'-' N. G. Second Row: Sq: Q-Z'3 C B g A S F ' I G M. .' Q' C' . . Cz. V+, .- Banc' C. rave R. M. Third nw: sg. tv- C I 'BnH'1JR-Tff-f.- tv SQ. . . . . ., Cr ' !.j Cf.. Hao' J. ,. Wzocwafz C. :.' P229 J T FALL TERM M. A. SELDES Captain BARBARA THALHIMER Sponsor A. A. PHAUP First Lieutenant SPRING TERM A A PHAUP Captam JANICE WOOLDRIDGE Sponsor J L TWISDALE Ftrst Lneutenant Ngx qv .J Fw.: A. .T 2-1 tp Dem- 3. 4 E. R.: sg-4. If-Q-f S. T.- R :'J':1 N, F: S02 F, Nj Pc el J. N.: SW'- ne' C. .' CL. T: e' J. R: ia' S92 Coef . . Se - I '. E :rf N. Lx Cc. Wane T. D: Rye 3 M, .- Pzzze- S, J.' J:'e: J. T.- CL, t-431'-3 J, P-1, Third Row: S31 M,-339' V. En S":e' A. D5 vaig R. E133-'cn J. Ex Cr' "g E. P: Cz . C:1:. J. G: Sgl Y: SELL TA'.:35 J. L. LVL- Q TU I . Q Qffii C COMPANY. FIRST PLATOON-First Row: Ce: '. " ' rw Tp Zu Ly Tn'-1, J N- 51' MMM., H . .. . , R. S S Mn" J P-Jnwm P.A F21 :. L.j Ivwfi, . .3 C S Pn J W Third Row: S IL . Sg: Nf-. Aiiiihi W. J.3 VC' S. L R. Cx Sq: Ig' Ca:g Cc'-1 F A L L T E R M H. T. HINCKLE Cap1ain ARCHER CASSADA Sponsor C. A. BURNSIDE FirsfLieu1enanr SPRING TERM C A BURNSIDE Capraln ANN WOOLFORD Sponsor J N THOMAS Flrsf Lueurenant .J . .IJ ics: .LJ rg W. C.j Gave" Cy. Second ,Row Sgy K f' G. C9 Cav. RQ" 3' J. If -can-M A Y'1'V'A 'f D-.W' . . . . SPRING TERM C COMPANY SECOND PLATOON Furs! Row L A 3 econd ow 9 On 2 Third Row A fo W' N 1 Eg 93 sl 1 64 . - ' : Iz' '. 5311419 C, .j 2': L1 M-e"6 A. LJ Sgt Pyf- G- C-I S91 Ia' C . C' "L B. F.j Muzi, J. RJ IH. 9'3", E. T. S R : S ', Ccffwg' E. I..j C3 'og R. C.j LI Iafzn, F. D9 C5345 VJ. S. ' 5 CLA Dafg, J. A.q Col. SWF S. 5,- D.,Wj" gl. Re,-Cf: J. Ax Mzhoe . J. Q..----'--ff, 433 15f.T1f, 'u 4' Q -' 'if ":cI , C A f , CL I .3525 :Wg-nb YY V V 52 ,. L f-Q62 -,Ug Y Y Y Y ' , ., IF 1. 'K .sf .:I , ' f ky Q D H vv' Sq' W. I A Hwymg L H- R fy H E a R W HONOR COURT Furs? Row Ma H 1 E TEAM Furs! Row I W M N' W fn a Second J W QV P5 .1 ow W L Second ow W W O R W wg A Third Row L W 1 3,1 w a Third Row Sg A W 0 J G D onor our! Kaffe Seam I 00 aloon LL PLATOON Firsf Row Mal H ncx e H T g 5 lc aa :J P S Ja J W W g W C QDDY Q W aaa G econd Row SQ as f W d ow a on R I Fourrh w on W W 165 1 Q I' .. , nz, , k 5 , M Wm 'fv- A 1 I -Of '04 --3 .3' x uf V f , X -,fwjsgz ,. ,-,, 7 Q. 4 ,gy Xen? ll l Q VME? ly N J X xi . enr arridon I r , , 'A V 1 'I Q , .ff V. , 1 l D Q x X ' ' 63 ,l"1 ,x,-1 'I my W ,i 'lf , K Wa an H. gr ngx Q -Q71 5 . . . QW' - TL, CK we 'fe 2, .4 '49 2 5, 6 ,X , Q "2 f xrx, f if 'nu S' -.Q ,., A ,, , , ,,M,..-,.,, f,,, i , W, un - V , T ' 'rw'-'M-T Q ' 'zgui Q' yfq,-I' Y? , I 1:-V f "' ew. .' ' T f r T MT frf 51: Ls A f 0,.,M. W ,, ,W . , -.,N,.,,.. , 1 .. .ws - f ,I , r T 4, f W- ,,-.M A , ., 1 1, ,W . ,,, ,U ,,-.,,, , ,, ., I , . 4 T fl P v 1 'X f ' 4 - " A df ,A . , . T, I., Q xfli' za? W V , ,,T.,.,N.-Q,,',1 . ,, :FT yi. A Q , ., ,,x,,s,,,,y,MWs ,Ky ng u ,gg , f mga vw, Wi . 'ff T T T 'ro f W ""3'v M M WN: i mx Wx 51. Q ,Y TWT, A -V wan' 'mv 4 fn..-.ns-w M fy, T .W ,,,,xg,g 3 Af l T. T . ,.,1: f. .,., . ,. . 'Q ..,,, ,:,,:::,,1,, , ,,...:.,:,..,, 3 :.. ..,.., mm ,wwggw Q ' la .5 1 4 e , ,. W. I 1 -T ,f , , ,,,,.,:,.,,..,.,T,z.::5gg, . , wiv' f ' MTW, was sf' --- , i X N I n-we fi Hingis, feszifagwgwg Q ,unit r r y fx ' ' . ' , 1 5 S Sf , - Lf IE, f, .,. , , .E, . Eg-...,,,,, ' J' W ' ffm 1 . S. .....-if Wiki Kfunw, ff! ' S-..,.. r , , , v,wVam1g,.,, wa , .ww VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left To Rnghf hey ue got the fep l 7 1 The VarsuTy Cheerleaders cerTaunly do have The pep VV1Th enThuslasTrc cheers led by head cheerleader CaThy STevens, They won TTrsT place rn The cheermg TournamenT held aT The Jeflferson l-loTel The cheerleaders encouraged The JefT Team vvaTh rousrng cheers and senT Them To vrcTory many Times The .lumor VarsrTy cheerleaders, led by Susan HarT and Kay Rogers, drd a TerrrfTc rob of cheerrng The J V Team on To vrcTory Q by y,,Tp,es,d,,,,,T JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS rm Ro secaa Ro Q, T or ,Y a Fou rn S 3 168 T T., ffm- - ' :Jus -Eff' K3, E' TT JET' rf '4TT'. Az,--f vt 1- Ki, L" 1' Q-'. S'-'T Jr- Q'-'T Sjrcr ,T T fun" NTTMS -' . 1, 3 U l O rgrk . W: I, . ' . . n r' ' ' 91' f TT ef- Tw' Row K , A-2-,, T . - 5 T Q X Ex--T37-Tl!!! Row T E' V T' Q E' "T '-1T.3:iT 2 ,'- E T Q." "ML io.. N 1 .23 W i : .rn T T T T TT T T T 'T T' T T ., an f TD T T T T TT T T TT'T-HT T TTTTT T T '. is LH. f -' ' ' T T' TT TT T T 'TT TTT 'T T' T T ?"'-.Q.1-'76 VARSITY FOOTBALL-Firsf Row: Treazwa, Pea, C'e':'aw Sewer A'1e'3c- T':"a: F71 Home' Mayiled 731 5' Pzwe. Second Row: Pace M:c'e T "age N':C'3f Ada" BV: W:"::f Be SZQJ5' O.'f,Third Row: Mae' Mirage" Ca:,e'a" C'e-za' Dafg R'e""' Q' Mefee' Mzere' Rgve l-'29 e' B:":'. Fourlh Row: B"':f-' Vrager' Leazceue' Bfer Wzcz Mc: W'gg": Manager. O O ln y ln J Openlng The 1957 season vvlTh a lOO per cenT revamped llne Tee Jay loslng only To Manchester emerged vvsTh a hughly respecTable 4 l rec ord In The TlrsT annual LlTTle Rose Bowl Game HermlTage glvlng The JeFTs Theur second hearT breakung defeaT by scorlng lf? ponnTs un The sec ond half won The pruvnlege of keeping The Trophy for one year Al Though The llne was lnexpenenced The Jeff s backfleld spearheaded by Charlue Teefey Sonny Taylor and Sloppy LeadbeTTer was one of The besT In The MeTropollTan League However hampered by The flu and The weaTher The Rnnky Dunks losT The lasT Tour games wlTh a 4 6 record JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL F sf R X-wk Seco d Ro Th d o X-Lx J? k ' A I I I - - H . 11 - - - . , I I ' ' . . . , I I I I I ' I I - 4 - ir ow: K':AL -': ye' E :N 5e'ge':' Veaze S'-eng: 3 Wai D::::' Kitts! -ea :. n w: 'a:'g':.e1 Mag' TE. I' .,:::3' Szgie. Na'-e K::' C3 3:-':' M:'g':, ir R w: ,bgi'2ELf1?jx- Cr- Manger' ::,":. .Mg C:L1'e VT-2 1' -'- 1 'geti' -. 'Q Vaf- :Q--:V -.'.A:-fra Fourfh .ffff'f5"p '-I Row: L3':'," Manger' C'a::- 3a"'w 3" Eg-' :are '3' i' CH: 'zz' S- "-'. 3' l '4' 7 , U-5:34 - f '- A - Y - Y 1, .ff 'L , - .Z , - , . YT f f f r , , Y , A Q -uf -1-Z - . -fa,-,P ' 'L i V.-5 'L-1,35-"il f 169 TJ" wg-1 1 DAVE ANDERSON BOBBY BUTLER STUART CRENSHAW AL FORD JOHN GRIGSBY Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Guard Quarterback n Guard Guard 49- 'WWW FRED PACE BENNY PEAY BILL POWELL GERRY QUIRK MERLE SANDERS Sensor Sensor Sensor Sensor Junsor Guard Quarterback n Guard Tackle araziy onor-4 ALL METROPOLITAN Teefey Anderson Bentley 3rd Team Thomas, 3rd Team Leadberrer, 3rd Team ALL CENTRAL DISTRICT Honorable Menrson MayfTeld Thomas, Teefey Anderson Leadberter, Bentley The Weather Hampers the Jeffs Trysng to Break Through Co Capfasn lilf. if' .---., - -X1 Q.-sf: 'Rye-ifla? :A D-I: ii?" af' :E ' 1 A fl: Q U :Ip ik + , . XZ 1.. 'f . '-:JF .fgo ' X- Xis. .93 f SCOTT BENTLEY Senior Tackle I70 SKIPPY LEADBETTER Sensor Halfback bw! BOB MAYFIELD DAVID MOORE JIMMY MOSS Sensor Jurssor Junsor n T Icle n 431 SONNY TAYLOR TOMMY TREDWAY EMORY THOMA ED TURNAGE DAVID WOOD Sensor Sensor Sensor Junsor Sensor Halfback Halfback Center n Guard eifermen Lane Hsghlarsd Sprsngs MarscI'IesTer Pefersburg George Washsngton .I Hermsrage Washsngton Lee Hopewell WakefIeId John Marshall e Msddle VA SITY HOCKEY TEAM F T Ro d a e lm! gow!! VVrTh an almosT perTecT record of Three vvrns on Tre and one hearTbreakrng loss To ManchesTer The varsrTy hockey Team placed Janrce Wood Shrras EllroTT Nancy Slusser and Judy ShockeT on The TlrsT Team of The Vrrgrnra Allred Hockey Tourna menT held aT HoTchkrss Fueld Janrce EnroughTy and Anne Clarke were placed on The reserve Team The J V Team had a perfecT record of sux vvuns JR VARSITY HOCKEY F T R c d o VARSITY HOCKEY SCORES Hopewell Petersburg ST GerTrudes John Marshall ManchesTer KT:-5 kia lx f X 029' I7 R -ron w: Swze Enre g".' W-' 1. Second Row: Sxive' E t" Cawf- S 'ie' H3,e.T, Thir Row: D." DJ.4L Haw, 5 cf'-3' S'e33 GIMP 3' WLL: Gym' R'-'E'-A g L O . . I e . I ' I . I I I , - lrs ow: Bea? We", W":c'1 C" ye, Sha... Se J:,'1e'T M e.e' T-13.-1, J:'e. Rae Ji-, "JJ, A1-nz,Thir R w: B.'e' Ba Gwennerg RIT" N"':'e T-T.1ga'e Eff: Sccerl Hein, Srerwai T.J. 5 3 T.J. l O T.J. 6 . ' l T.J. 3 3 T.J. 2 4 tiff. 7,lI.:1V ZQKFX, T I "px ', A, , Y ,Y f , - D.: '-Qlnljj :INV V i 7 W Y -5: 1 X ,if , :U Y Y " Sf.. I '. V ' - ' 'f ' Ev.. X .837 Xa 7 ':-...--' '4 xx If X-sc 4477- 2 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM F sv o o co d d o eg C 0I'e ga U1 Follovvlng Tradmon The gurls varsrTy loaskeTball Team had a good record Under The guldance of Miss Mrldred Brame They ended The season w1Th eughT wins and Two losses Carolyn SmuTh Dale Ellus and Sally Shep pard were placed on The TlrsT Team of The All Prep TournamenT while PaT Garcelon and sensor Jeanne Crane were placed on The reserve Team The Junlor VarslTy Team also had a good record of nnne vvrns and one loss To ManchesTer FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM F T Ro C N M T d R M Th Ro Ju IOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM F sr Ro B VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Manchester MldloThlan PeTersburg ST CaTherrnes ST GerTrUdes John Marshall Freernan MldloThlan ColIegraTe Hopewell I7 " 5 , I yy J K ' - ir R wz SN"', Second Row: Garcer N - ir w: Helndf 'C cn, S'9QD3'f1, R.Hv. Third R w: l-lzwforwe E 'Q Mogwe Cranes B crrven Se n Row: Newer! T-lundleyx Bwgnrow Brown, How Thir R w: Jonw:':'w Ardefzorl, Vail ,ofwg Glenn Snead. I . . . . , . , . I ' 1 I ' - I - -irs w: yr! W? ' -f' C ff W'7'f-M31 l-JV Mice. Second Row:S"1' Brrwi Ca"-er, f f" J '," mn! Dafa, liir ow:l.J:n': Haw, C : :Q Beech, Pqler, cCaln. Four w: Blacrsflre C4 'x'f,, Afxrlng T-l,nga'e. T.J. 110 T.J. 71 ' ' T.J. 83 T,J. 45 . ' ' T.J. 28 . ' T.J. 114 T.J. -'15 T.J. 5l ' ' T.J. 59 ' T.J. 52 32515 I Q I ' ,' A A e- -j , f L j Q T S13 rm,-gf' ' A54 3 V.. ,xy VARSITY BA-SKETBALL-Kneeling: Pane M e. Standing: S' 3" Or" CN" 1' N'-sort Trove. Pewfw Wulf H.-vrfcr Lfro Barbee Hawff-r. 9 6219919 Durung The T958 baskeTball season The .leTTs were led by Bobby Muse fcaptalnl l-larruson Teefey Nelson Long and l-laTcher OTher spark plugs were Orsl and Barbee wlTh Parker Payne and Brown Muse wlTh 3118 polnTs capTured The CenTral DlsTrlcT scornng TlTle wuTh T7 9 average The Jefls TTnrshed wlTh a T08 overall record and a 7 7 CenTral DusTrucT record durrng The reg ular schedule John Marshall beaT The JeFfs rn The openung round of The TournamenT by Two pornTs To cllmax The season Brow' BASKETBALL SCORES T.J, A7 TJ, 70 George Washington E. C. Glass Hopewell Lane Hermrtage Hrghland Sprlngs Petersburg John Marshall Hopewell E C G s Manchester Lane Manchester Hrghland Sprnngs Hermutage John Marshall Petersburg George Washlngton TOURNAMENT 52 John Marshall Q9 lv YS fi T.J. 42 T.J. A6 ' T.J. 56 ' . . T..l, 118 ' A 1 I T.J. 45 l I . T,J. 49 . . T.J. 5-41 I 1 TJ. 47 . . las I ' ' TJ, 52 . . . . . T.J. 44 ' ' T.J. 48 ' ' - TJ. 54 ' ' - - - TJ. 56 ' ' T' ' T..l. 50 , ' T.J. 66 - TJ, 78 ' T.J. xiii., I O lf." :Z .' , '. A ,.g ,1, i XJ., -7.3 7- , :c . f . rn -ff ' IL-' X -' ' --- - ei ff: c X I - can an P -fx P e -as e- :!','1,.,gbLr:.C0' r - "- f - - -'15 -fx If ,- T , 53 Two More for Parker Nelson Dnves In Tr, 174 Another Lay-up for Teefey Muse Applies His Velvet Touch l.orug'IlhtrnpaV'l'wo More 0l'l0I'.4 Bobby Muse c:apTam of The Jeff baskeTball Team was named To The All Cemral DnsTrlcT and All MeTropoluTan Teams Muse was also chosen cap Tam of The All MeTro Team and The mosf valuable player m The MeTro League Harrison Shoots for a Goal J V BASKETBALL F 'S' R Sefvnd R l7 1 I - 4 ,,,'x . fr' L4 Y -it u v 31 3 Y. l T l ' ., -I ow: 'Q -: 'fig E-jf A-N3-1--1 T "ex ow: ' gre' 2. .uf D C vi' 5. ' Thlfd Row: '.'2'jgf' S-'fe' CEI-"3" l-'iC'e:'f, Ni' f ff-iq 5 VARSITY BASEBALL F V R a G d tamond Starg BASEBALL scHEDuLE The Jeffs defendung Metropolitan League Champlons for the thlrd straight year are not up to last years standards Because of the heavy graduation losses only five players lncludrng Stuart pntcher Leadbet ter and Butler lnflelders and Peay and Anderson outflelders are returning The hrttmg should be strong as most and the pitching should be talr However the Jetts should have a better than aver age Infield wuth adequate defense Opennng the season Tee Jay beat Thomas Dale 7 l but lost to Hermntage O TO and Petersburg 3 4 The rob of re bulldung may prove too dnttncult tor the Jeffs thus year A rll 8 Aprll A rr 15 A rl 18 April Aprll 26 Aprll May May May I May l May 2 May 2 Thomas Dale Hermitage Petersburg Hopewell Highland Springs John Marshall Manchester Hermitage Petersburg Hopewell Highland Sprmgs John Marshall Manchester f Sk ppy Ass sts Butler on Play at Secon Schnelder Scores One Mo e Aga ns! Pele sbu g X 0 5' X 176 - irs ow: Chien, Le dberter, Tucker, Butler, Mitchell, Peay, Hartz, Schneider, Cloe. Second Y V Row: Coach Bloxsorp, illIar', Torcplrlns, Mlley, Woo , Gowen, Banks, Manager. O I ll T T T TT . . 1 , , p I T T TT . , p 'I T T TT T T I 1 I ' O l l , , , b T T T T .TT , . ' 29 T TT , ' ' . May 2 TTTT T TTTT Thomas Dale , - 6 T TT T ' , - , 3 T TT T T T - - . - 6 T T T ' ' . 3 TT 3 T A O i I d ' r i r r ,..f -, lg.: 2.4, rg N-we 1 -.TA 2 T g T 2 D- - rl V'-l L! :Fl 2 T 2 ' ' 2 T 1' ff :l 2 2 c A 2 f ,, ,. , :Coy T 2 H6 .ni ixkyf, XT? 'hun' CK TEAM-F's Ro: 'e, s-, " aa- Ace' , o ., at - ', 'At l . dk , . . . W f., ,'t,.eco oz 'l, , -, , ,-c, t, , 217, Vg by,D,W' ', - l 4 'rd Ro: a - ' , , "J, a, '-, , fs., d lx, ,acne 'c,L,A,W4gg's.T'dR: c "ic, N- el" W,- HS i , occ, , W., - , -". TRACK SCHEDULE a 4 March 28 Aprll Aprll Aprul April Aprtl 26 May 6 May 9 IO May I7 Hermitage Manchester Highland Springs Hopewell Tldewater Meet E C Glass John Marshall Central DISTFICT State Group I Wllllam and Mary The JeFFs detendnng state champlons opened the season by whipping Manchester 89 20 Hermltage 74V2 38V2 and Highland Springs 76 38 Although Tee Jay wall probably be the top Central Dlstrlct power nts chances for another state champuonshlp are slum Bright prospects are Blake and Koch ln sprlnts Ford and Townsend In hurdles and Cook un the mule Co Captains Arnue Powell and Jimmy Moss will carry much of the load Powell wall partlclpate In the 880 hugh lump and pole vault Moss wall partlcupate In the shot cllscus and pole vault Dur Ing the Highland Springs meet Moss broke the school 37 pole vault re ord clearing l2 fe t5V2 Inches Www ng.. It EIU I' S! ggi' .1 I 5 WHY MOSS Gets Sei fOr WIUHUUS TOSS Blake and Koch Awami Gun for 220 I77 TRA lr! vi Ho d n Doo on Mar tn Me de n son Th rras Koch Tfeoway Oral Wt :tr-sor Tgwncenci Cook Pe ktr-I S n w Har vrcan Pttts Pacxer Owen Quvflc Test-ey Htll lclrwtfe Moo efelc Gt s lgglns Blake Barrbacus Thu w Co ch Cooper Flelds Burgess Ca e Bog rt Fa ley Nofsclr Hun en Go sey Taye Ownby S rt nf Pax ,xt t tn har ow Coa h U a Lech Wo aflf R t l- e Bl Kes e A g Mo 1 T mage P -2 Call Mon e Moc e Ba c 0 I cl ' 1 1 ' 9 r ' f . . ' . ' I ' ' 1 . U l . - . I I - . . I I D I I ' ' I I I . a f' Q C , C . V N113 ,Q E K rw w . td ' . as ' .. me 4 I ,W 97 W M, 2 ' ha I ' , 5 QI! V I ' , . I c V g x at X y -. . g L, ' . . . A kg K tai" ' "5 r r e- s fs ee i A 1 i 6 11 .- Y YY- Y A Y di .J al.,-is , A 'vii- M BOYS' TENNIS TEAM-First Row: T':ye' Hyfne' Pafrlsh, Wa'ers. Here s how says Coach Woods Carle'on, Sn-ea: Franke. Second Row: Kfaerfer, Salim, vert e i Tee Jay s sTaTe champlonshlp Tennns Team desplTe numerous dlFTlculTles should keep The TrTle Thus year Tor The elevenTh consecuhve Trme AlThough The JeTTs QI game wlnnlng sTreak was snapped by The UnlversuTy of Vlrglnla freshmen They have beaTen Union Theologlcal Seminary Twice also The Medical College and Franklm The lasT Time The JeTTs losT In Vlrgunra hugh school compeTuTlon was II years ago Bobby Snead was elecTed capTarn by The Team for The I958 season Top prospecTs are Harruson CarlTon Muse and Frankel GIRLS TENNIS TEAM 5 R eco d Ro ST or Sym 7 A VT? 'A wa , . . . . I I , . . 1 l ll I ,ll l I I . ' -Fir! ow: Cane I-f'z"ff' Srefi P"c":r TJ?" J2":t'. S n w: W' 1' Ilziw YY D2-V' P212 Laws' " 9.3" Beer. Third Row: Bore, 523' N'a": Ge" Cfre, T!T:'e. , 'fd SRX X, 'H'-Dglifo Q ..' bb Hg QT: 'X - ZA, W Y , Y --f - Lf- ':4- :Img Y Yi Y Y -S Y, Y '. we ' -' Z.. .1 if -:Z 7:-. ' 5' SHELBURN CARMACK JOE URAM W E BLOXSOM CHARLES COOPER Varsity Football JV Football Varsity Baseball Varsity Football JV Ba e a Track Varsity Ba ketball Track J V Basketball J V Football 0616 BJ an 04 mem CARL BOLT Varsity Football A lf- HAYWQQD PADGET1' MILDRED BRAME EDITH TODD Director of Athletics Softball Ten'W55 Varsity and J.V. Basketball Freshman-Sophomore Basketball Hockey if '- ,l ' xl - ,N . - - ' Y A Y ' - A, . 'I 5 Y, ' L- ' 7 '- ' ' Y 7 ' 1' -J - Lx ,,,,3:. 4? 3,-fl jfj,.Lj:-fy-J fy,-f-X .rf f , 179 C JL 25,1 9,59 ,f' i g-f 2 'vy- fnf 0 A No Broadway prernzere could top that gay nzght The Manhattan Mood rnade thrngs swzng just rrght Thezr spmts were hght Thezr throne was aglow When Nancy and Stuart were stars of the show Iv 4 X STUART CRENSHAW and NANCY WILSON 3 'HQ' 'W' "' U M Wwfl.-fe L5 Y 14 M if M299 QM, 4-,gl 9 'Q m 2 " E :,,., F lhjm 1+ , i X 5 0 , 9 M051 'Ualualyle Mod! School fspzrzleaf ! MARIE WELSH HENRY HOLLAND CATHY STEVENS BOBBY WHITEHURST LEW!-2 CJQCVVCLQ, I0 Qfmwgnbw NANCY rox LARRY REED c,.,f,g, , Y-IA 'i?liZ?A .!4t0Jf fopufar Mod! allfzlelcc NANCY WILSON sun cumin ANNE cuuucs SONNY muon ' I , W fl Y T 411 l Mod! .filcelg lo Succeed ' ' L u ,. , . h 9 V ,L ' Q .4 4 ' ' .,, 'f I 3 'Q C5 -.A , . -1' . ' 4, V. ' I 'gl' ' I' if J J ,, 1 X v , i. Key Cgfudenf MO!! Glleflted NORMA SUE WOLFE WAYNE JOHNSON JANE PAGE STANLEY SOBLE C owe Kea! alroumf JANE CLARKE SCOTT PARKER Tfuzlhedf BIDDIE coonMAN JOHNNY scnsnsn Kedt .fookmg TOMMY PAYNE BUNNI PAYNE BILL POWELL Q . , F if gr' J, ag N X ' Y . 4 S, 0 ff Q 12 Qi Ao ,A-K. J rg .5 1. if wiuwb 495 QQ ay 17. 1? e iv Q a , , 'T 1-a mz, " f l V, J as ' 0 y I ,V 'Q W f .Vf A004 ffff, 'rv VI il . y 4 Z iwum 'W 421, ,QNX QE wg gm ,- .-uw mmf! 1 . 4 .. N. 4 15,1 ., , F as Q X Q if vis .4 If-Z S. .MOIIPOE I I Lff' ' , . . ,, ,155 , . , I'iA' "Li 4 -ml R, ef s Go Bowling' If s Greof for C1 Dote v Hove Fun If s Good for You' PLAYDIUM BOWLING ALLEY 8'fl'1 ond Brood T807 W Brood MI 9 0982 WYATT S LANES EL 5 1284 Anchor Warehouses, Inc WET' in 'f I- E P DP E In Downtown RICHMOND VA 801 EAST CANAL STREET PHONE MI 9 0865 'EI El E B SWINEEORD Florlsf Beauty N ook Talon Am Conomowso 1512 Hull Street RICHMOND VIRGINIA COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE D I El. 94737 as 28426 N Sh pp d 'Fla 'N xrjo I 189 X' HII.IIIyInIummm-mumuunmu-mum-nun-num-mumm . -m-nm-Q L ' ' . E 1 I Q I ' E I . E , ,,,,' fr-, g, -.-P Hi u ., wwf- W 5 vnu- muunf Q5 AAV, : '. yi ?T : 1 W .... ' f ..z ' . V 2 "W" """ : 1 - . "L . 1: - I :lu-Ll.: I :Nunn Lfvgffogrgg 'imaging lililllglly , 5 5 ' f ,ff ' "W"f,'W"" 2 1 "" 5 ,, 4 : , .M ,X P , F wwmv' Qmvw : f .-wM4z6AA3Aum.ww I J .Q W IT Lexi' E W M , 1 If MA A Y Www WMA, QM' 1,4 M5 E W T I ,M , . W WM ,, , 5 . A -,. ,.va:' , "" . v . . . . . . ,., - J V 2' Q" AE-'Z',, ., ,W-' ' " I I ' . ..... ............................................................ .................................................................................E1 u a E E ' I .T A , E . E g Owned and Openzved by M's, Svwuel MTQIH E E E ia - E . , : 5 Phone - S E 612 . e ar St., RicI'1mond,Va. Q uuuuu uuunnnunnuu :' nuuunm gumnunuunn1nuuunuuuununuummsnuunununnm-unnnnm ,-1 .3134 . 5221 f.3f.7j 5-W V- 'Q .sf 315: N i -L., L Q-Q.. ,, A f i , jf: X 'f f - , ,, -'.a.,,jQ T U ,4 X, Mkiffrzxl-'45-Q. I My 'nik V. EAA DQ' ' X x my T O D D L E H O U S E mvw Is d I zmw Ia I036W G RICHMOND VIRGINIA Johnme s Surplus XI Supply we suv AND sem EVERYTHING 3409 W II b A MI 4 4924 PATTERSON FOOD CENTER OM O TOI I AI TY MEAT SFLCIALIZINC IN FINE FOODS 5718 P H h AT 2 4226 NORSEFFE S GRILL 8I M 5 I NATURAL THE SAFE CLEAN DEPENDABLE FUEL COOKING WATER HEATING CLOTHES DRYING HOME HEATING New BusIness DIVISION 1-5 NWI RCA VICTOF De Luxe Aufomahc 45 VIcIroIa Phono graph BIQ power Top performance af Iow cosI PIays up Io 2 hours of 45 records aufomahcally Goloen ThroaI Ione AC operaIIon RIch cabIneI In Dark Gray wIII'ILIC1hICroy grIIIe or Foresf Green wIIh Spruce Green gn e ModeI7EY2 S3695 AVAILABLE AT ALL RCA VICTOR DEALERS 190 Elm: nnnuu IInInInn---nuumnnunmmmnuIIIIIIIIII.,,,.,.....,,II..I.Q Q.,...,.,...., II.,,,,.,.., .,,.,,,.....,..,,. .,.,,.,,,.,,,,.. ...II 1 :z:I 24:21 U55 5 , race Sfreel E E Ia ......... . E I iams urg venue E E E Bus. Phone - E E EI... ........... I..I...III..III.III.I.I.I.II..IIII.IIIIIII...IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU E EIU... ......... I.............II.I.I.I.III ..... III......I..I.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE 5 Ia, 5 F D III I S ' g u erson Ave. P one - E E EIIII .-..--.-.---.-................ II ..... I ....-........-.-.....-..........- IIIIIIIEI E , ........ .......... , 5 Cfr'npIII'I-nfs ff E 3 5 3rcI Iain Streets E 3 QIIIIIIIIII ..II...IIIII.I.I..I...I III ..... ...lj QIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII .... IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :EIIIIIIIIII IIIII IIIIIIIII III. E """ E ,Z ITL, E :E5gEE5:EE5:E25: Q55::::EI::::22!:: II' I II ' III I 5 LIIassE55a5iaiEsai5I:EEE5:E5Ei555iz5EE5' I If 5 "-lI:E25:EiQEE5j75ig:EEQ::2QQ5 III II I 2 IIII II f 2 I III E I ' ll I ll E l I I' I I u I I l I ,, . . . . ' II U I Elm IIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIIII IIII IIUIIIIIIII-nr Ilnllrwllllllllllu nn' ulllvlllv u-In-Hlulnmmmnmnmu-num -Ill Q11!-Mnutox. 1223 "-.49 2 I '-IA - I I 9-g A Il , f ' L , ev fs I- L I A A I 'fb .3 H -.3 vie' X?"--J.--" 'J . TI WHITLOW S Rose s 5 10 25c Store TEXACO SERVICE Three Chopt and Patterson Ave QQMFJLUE M110 SUQVIQL Phone AT 2 3674 J B TYSON Manager Grove Ave Pure Onl Statson 4909 Grove Avenue T RI S IRES ACCESSORI 5 GREASIN Franklm Food Store Emmett J Morgan 801 N Cleveland St Dual EL 8 4519 NEWMAN S SERVICE STATION AMOCO GAS AND OIL Washmg and Greaslng GeneraI Auto Repairing 4201 W Broad Street El 8 1607 Howard Johnson s Restaurant and Ice Cream Shoppes BROOK ROAD 8- AZALEA OVW V CJ Telephone EL 3 0757 RICHMOND VIRGINIA TOURIST INFORMATION 115 Cowardun Ave Rlchmond OrlentaI Restaurant Chmese and Ameracan Foods 405 E Fronklm se Dual Ml 3 2979 M P LI M E N T s O Frledman s Loan Offlce Cornphrnents LUKHARD S MARKETS EI Et P U C K E T T HARDWARE COMPANY Points Housewares SPORTING GOODS 0 GARDEN SUPPLIES 3030 Mecdowbrudge Road PhoNE MI 90306 ff?-Qkx 7 5551" 191 X.-J guunnn u nnnnnuu nun--3 Quant nnnnu nunnnnnnunnnn nnun nuuunu unsung E CZ. W, 'ments if E E ' E - 5, ......... . . ............................. . .......... .. . ...... Q, ,........ .............. . ....... .. .... Ep.. .............. .................................. ............ . ......... ......HEI El... ........ ................ .... ........................... ........ ... ......HEI BAT 5 5 -T be S 5' U I Q WASHING H ' G - - ' E1 f----- ------- -.--------- .-.---.43 E1 .......... .......... ...... El-n ------- ----mm-n ------- mum-m-n-mm ---------- .I ------ mm ...-- -E1 Emu... , ,.,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,..,...,,,... ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,.,,.,. ,,,,,,,,Q C Q F 5 5 5 El 1"" HHH' 'lllllllllll IIHHIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII Ill'-IIIII-III-Ill'-IIIIHIIIIIma E I-umnnunanununnmnnnuunun-nunnu-nn'-n-num In-...-IQ autumn n1nunuInnnnnnununnuu:nun unuunQ quuunn unsung e . . . of . . . 0 ...... .... 1 Q' vlllvlrfl I runur n I-n unul Q Qu n-::--u - urv-vn---:--:nu u -n--n- un-mn:-1 IIIII 1 nnlnul v .I ......HE E IF"-"G '5C' bel ,Pe fM'e.b 3 E E E Q, .... 5 55 1' Z Y , , -12.1 'lZ:35- Yi Y A V v A ,Bt K1 , Y A i !,.' htvfja U 4 NIXQQ-ll fini? W X l 39 Q3 51... ..,........ . , Speciolisfs in Home Improvemenf All Types of Porch Enclosures JALousuE wmoows AWNING WINDOWS DOUBLE HUNG WINDOWS ALUMINUM STORM WINDOWS AND DOORS ALUMINUM SIDING AWNINGS RICHARD J LEA 81 CO INC DIAL MI 4 5538 423 WEST BROAD ST RICHMOND VIRGINIA HIIILIPIIIEITQ nf ilitrhmnnh Rnchmond C0 Iece Lwoer II Ar? no Scuer es for Mer ER F SAF a We th Imptor CoI e-ge Lwher IArr and S :ence Iov Wome Rf I The T C WuI'u Im School of L aw P1oIessIonaISQhooIIor Men mc1Womem I AM T Gr1mnIe Sfho Tor Men and Women U o e Aamir Tretmon Icr Me emo Wome IRMrNI Summer Sh o Tor Me md Women AWA? F D S hool le I5 I 192 Q . . ., . Q.......... .. I. . .. . . - .... Q1........... ..... . - - - - '. ,L 5. , ' P. sa ' ,' C , I Poe' 1 . I RI De n 2 6 I I , ' aa f f C' 2 A TI E MA 'D IIRITE ROBERTS PI-,IM Dean . . 'fe 9 a , ' ' ' ' ff ' Wu I. ,Muse syn Dean Q I ,I f , C., I 1 B. C. +e1o:YZQ.wv Phi Dm Srhf:sI IBJETD il I .' is " , P ' ' U Q " A if ""fV"-S 7' ,IT Acfing Dean E C O , TT C II 3 .oxswom vw . Dean E Summer c opens June 16 0 Winter Session Sep mber , 958 jl........,.. I ......... .... D c ,f .-""'-. 0 Q -' ffsx '- 'L Qin' 4"-.TTY '-Nz 1: -'iff' '44 D.: g! k4-' I 1 :Im W ' i Y 1 1 ag f :'- L A O 1 Rub T.. X .tv-J him, X2 "-..,..-"im J' Sf I' I ll I e X0- ff I KI QOUIII 0 I The Llfe of V1fglH13 1I'I X II II' I I X LIIIII ItIIIrII'I IIIIII I I X I XUIII' KJ IIIL I UML OI THE LIFE '2aI::1.enzef OF VIRGINIA A11 QV! SINCE IB71 RICHMOND VIRGINIA Comp Imenfs OI LIPHART STEEL COMPANY INCORPORATED DESIGNERS FABRICATORS ERECTORS STRUCTURAL STEEL ORNAMENTAL IRON OFFICE AND PLANT 3308 ROSEDALE AVENUE RICHMOND 22 VIRGINIA P O Address Box 6326 TELEPHONE El 57481 193 lqc J -.5 If 'A fx y' P M ,ff I .J , N I ':,.P:fTJ,-Q x'3 4 .95 'if , Q 7 HA, O Q Q O ' U HI-ur IIIQII -IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII:I IN IIIII: IIIEEIIIIVY IIII' LIN- JIIIIIIII IIIIII IIIIIIIIUI IIII-N...IIIII' III :I :IIIIII 'IIIII I,II'II :I I'I'4II II:rIIr'. .If VIII' IIIIIIII' "AII"f I'-'-HL I'4"'I'I" I'-II" 'II"V""'II'II - - -IIIIII I ,fi-I, ,,I 'l'1U. lim. ,,t X'irli,,,Il- -Xml jfx 1, IIIIIIKI Q MIIIIIIIIIIIII-, CIIIIII II:II, IIT CIII xv: xI'uIII'I' IIIIIIIII IIIIII IIII- IIIII-IJIIIIIIII: II1XIzr:IIIcI' II'I""I'I" IIIII5 I"'I' I"II1"I""III"II UIIIIIIII3 V V . . I, ..'N.2- ,IMI I'IIIIIIIg II ...IIII' INIIIII III I'IIIIIp:IIII IIIII II cIIIII--I' IUIIV' ' UI' "II I'I"U""I- ' IU .V . I-IIIIIIN: I-IIIIIIIIII-I' I':III-II'I'I:Ig IIIX J I'c' 1IrIII III 'II IIII r:IIcI' IIIII IIIIII IWII IIII' IIINI1I'zIIII'I'. I i A . I'I'I1II'IIII'III I'I.lII-, IIN :III III IIII' trI'I- fIIIIII'r. LYUIIII' III III WIIII' IIII IIIIIIIIII1 IIIZIY QI ew IIIII "NIIx', RI-.IIII III'NIIrI'tIIg1I'I, 'vpn II' ' 'III cIIIII.II'T I'I'rNIIIIIII'I IDIII-'IIII. 22225-73 g'7w h,1L,Q.g ik if 1? R 5 I . I '51 ' 5 2 sr -'-" I ik 63? Z' 5111: ' '."', :LQ . f E Q IIIIIIIIIQ . -, Y' . ,, . U. ix, - N, ,,-,. .i ' ' n T-. WESTWOOD CRESTVIEW 5805 Patterson Ave 6516 Horsepen Road BEVERLY HILLS LAFAYETTE SUBURBAN 8526 Patterson Ave IOII Lafayette Street 2369 Staples Mull Road E EI JAMES RIVER MOR-ION S LUMBER CO INC Economy Market Lumber Products for the Bullder Y ND WESTWOOD AVE FANC GROCERIES A MEATS an SAUNDERS AVE 614 N LOMBARDY ST DIQI EL 8 'I554 Dm EL 59111 HARRIS BRENAMAN Inc 7I7 E Grace Street Phone MI 8 4796 and Ml 8 4797 RICHMOND VIRGINIA Macckecoa A cs SPALDING SPORTING GOODS AND ATHLETIC SUPPLIES H MOOERS W A MOOER' Telephone EL 5 2873 PACKARD Mooers Motor Cor Co Estublnshed 1924 'III418 N Boulevard SALES AND SERVICE RoIIsRoyce Porsche Borg od Mo IsMnor MG Bentley Jaguar Volvo Austm Healey Alfa Ro Aumn Aston Man n When at the latin Banquet d as the Romans do 0I'7,, ,rfb 4' 1-P1 9- Q YL? . Quran-1 ,um unuu-mg l ay 6222 x s ' -, gunnnn 1muunmnunnununnnnunnnunu nun-nun - Z gm..-nu ...unlul1nu.Innnuun.......u...,. ' it : ' E 5 E 'I if lgllllnnu nu-umnnnunnnuuunuunununnnnnnunnnnu-nun::nun-nunnun-nnunnu nl-Munn? gill' lllll lllllllll lllll' IlllllllllIllllllllllllIllIIIllIIllIlllIIIIlillIllllllllllllllIIllIIIllllllllllllIIlIllIIIllIllIIIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllll'llllllllllflnllllg I?-nInEt:nlimanunnmu-umm 1mnIun-mulmtnnunn-n-Innu? ' ' -1 2 rr' I --- - U -W Y 2 Z . QT f-9?---f----f o LQ..-' it s. iff' age 1 S A A A .I , . F , , 111' ! jqf 'Q KN., ni. Y 2,3 1. fa I9 Congratulations to the e class of 58 PARK FOODLAND 1 MINORS MUSIC R H MINOR CORPORATION 20 W Mc: St Rch ond Offce EL9 2103 509 North Meadow Street RICHMOND 20 VIRGINIA DIXIE WHEEL CO Carroll s Shoe Store ,NCORPOWED Automotive Ports 9I6 9I8 N BOULEVARD RICHMOND 20 VA Phone EI. 5 3207 He tdqu trter for SCI1ooISI'1oe P F C anvm Iwoe 6lI'l'eI'l J udiro form DOUBLE COATED TH SUPERLATIVE QUALITY FOR THE PRINTING OF SCHOOL ANNUALS Used In the MontlceIIo 195 , . I t K .e .ex af 'A Tr I .I1J, ktfwzrllx Nl vs-if' R' WI E1.......,,. .mm-un .........E1 gnInIII-II.III.....I.II..I...III-1--I.-IInInIII-I--I-In..m.........m---mfQ Th f - HUM L ww Mt S M Qt C ff, P+ Ste ' G' 5 3 E OI I . I in . i m , Va. 2 51... ...... . 3 5035 FOREST HILL AVE. E 2 WIIEEL AND RIM DISTRIBUTORS 5 + g E I 3 , 'J 5 5 - I 5 - 6 5 9 S 5 - Q .......... .... ..... .. ..... , ..... . .... 7 5 ' II ' ll 5 gllllllllll " I "Wang '11 A vsiigs f f A Y Y Y -Atv, M ggi. 1 NT OF 1 Q9 453-H 9- vujs X A tip for A x, a mass who S extra special G' If you are an alert young woman youll find an extra ueclal job at the telephone Lompany You ll meet lots of young people your own age work ln pleaeant surroundlngs lecelve good pay uhrle you re bemg tramed get regular THISCQ And you dont need any experlencel Bet of all youll be helpln almost eseryone m your commumty Vlhy not find out more about the adsanta e of telephone work? The Chesapeake 8. Potomac Telephone Company of Vlrgmla A good place fo work 196 IMI3 7351 EL57337 Charles E Brauer Co Inc A Y O U Wholesale Confecfuons RICHMOND VA 6 ele L E E S TEXACO STATION IIS 522 Brool: Road RICHMOND VIRGINIA EL9 6336 LEWIS MARTIN REALTY CORP REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 306 Cowarclm Avenue RICHMOND VIRGINIA CRENSHAW EQUIPMENT CO Tranlers COLE KELLY EQUIPMENT CO Truclc Equlpmenl Rnchmond Va y..,.X Q-X 'N I NIJ' fry If bf X I I 197 1-I L I: EEE E1 ........... ..I.. . w....E1 EJ. .-.--. --- .--...I----I--Q D' . R 'd . R. . N G ' Bulldlng ' I2emOCIeIIr'J 5 f - E R pfllrlnq ' Czmmerilnl g 5 ' ' 1 gn... ...... E Re1I'Ie'wImI ' Ccpmr Wflrl S ,.,II...-... I ...... ... ....-.........-.I. . ......... ...EJ - 5 28II Pa rson S OR Q Patterson at Colonial 5, ........... ..... . .... .....,. . .............. 5, -....-.--- I ...... . ..............................-.... . ..................................... .... ....... .. ....... . ...... 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GRAVEL COMPANY INC S A N D G R A V E L so west Fon THE Best 2801 RADY STREET PHONE MI 8 8307 PHONE EL 81129 D 81 D CUSHION CO CushIon Work All KlndS Custom UpholsterIng Sofa Beds 2410 CHAMBERLAYNE AVE RICHMOND VA Richmond' VG THE DECISION TODAY FOR TOMORROW gf We all make the decIsIon as to what our lIfes work shall be Do you want In1el'e51'lDQ work? CongenIalIty'7 Securaty? The PrIntIng lndustry In all ITS many facets offers you a steady Income wIth companIonshIp and the oppor tunIty of QFOWIDQ wIth an amazIng Industry that has made todays culture and cIvIlIzatIon possuble We suggest that you Investlgate the PrIntIng lndustry as to l1S pOSSlbl1I1IeS for your lIfe s work gr THE WILLIAMS PRINTING COMPANY C H M O N D G N 4 ESTABLISHED IN 1880 fffrss-C 4.231 'Q 203 'N :JI .af-If" 1 - E - ll ll 5 E .............................................. .............I.. . ...................................................lj B . -mnmm..--.mttttttII.-ul It-I.--Q-.E E1.Ium.-I......m.-I--u I..--.I-.IQ f 5 . ..................................... ...........QJ Q................................................................................HE3 I nnun:nunun-nunnnnnuunnunuuuununnunuIunuunuuuuuuuuunuanInununnnmnn-nuuuun unnnnng R I , v I R I I A 4 s rg . ......................................... 5551.3 - JL, z.::f7-.Qx Af ilaxft I D I I R 5 I T-EQ 5: 'f ' - , V , 1.3 M: ,Pj ' "S 'bt 'jiri' CK' 5A ff q'?-ig-3155151 I 290 KT S :.,fR'x4' Q. if CAR NEAL INSURANCE I mam ART AGENCY Art Glft 8: MIrror Casualty Flre Morlne B SUPPLIES Mart Custom FrcImIng onds PI t 3141 WEST CARY ST cures 0 Mnrrors RESTORATION RICHMOND VA AND REPAIRS h EL9 9 CURLES N D Y 5610 PATTERSON AVE RICHMOND ECK DAIRY INC Hlghest MILK AND 1600 Rosenec Dlol EL 5 17 Quollty ICE CREAM th Road 45 T J CAFETERIA HOT PLATE COLD PLATE A LA CARTE Select a Balanced Lun h c DaIIy at Yo ur School T J NIS BROWN LLP W Broad Street HM OND VA CA FETERIA THOMAS BROS F U R N I T U R E CASH CREDIT 123 East Marshall Corner 2nd RICHMOND VIRGINIA Ml 3 4621 STOVES RANGES PARTS FLOOR COVERINGS ETC 53.................................................................................f? 5 Q E P one - E E Q George L. 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BIACK 8 WHITE STGRES INC Serve Yourself the Best for Less 3142 WEST CARY STREET 6526 HORSEPEN ROAD 6919 LAKESIDE AVENUE 0 2413 JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY Your Richmond Owned Cham X MPL 5C IOC TO SI O0 STORE A P GREEN FIRE BRICK COMPANY 3012 I4 W Cory Street 3002 Meodowbrndge Rood Mexuco Mrssourn ngelo .4 THE BEST HOT DOGS IN TOWN Plump Tender Juacy Mode Speclol for US 327 N FIFTH STREET MI 3 9667 ANDREWS 8K PARRISH Commerclol ond Industrnol CONSTRUCTION Y R A M Phone AT 2 T561 EJ EI 207 E rs x.r.x 'I PEP' -J I InluuulllnnlllcnunIlllIlunIInnnnuluunlunuIununnuunnunnluu uulllululnnuunnulu nuuuuunnu nuuunm I 6 . u . ................................................-.............................. .........Q DI IE co 1MENrs or unlnlnnnnnur uuulu :unsung 7 B ' 5 IllllllIIIIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllli : : lllllllll """'lUm ,Iii INTIXQ- I E I Q I A I jf if 'f ' - , ,T -'K Iv, L42 U 32 T' .'-I-7TF'Iy.'M1T,'.If:! M? 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RICI-IMGNDS LARGEST FRIGIDAIRE SALES and SERVICING DEALER 3 WEST GRACE ST MI 3 0121 20 V A 1 , 14121 A51- ,J , ,- mm-nnum-mmmum Wood s Markets, Inc 400 N RobInson St 1211 Bellevue Ave Loyd Hobson, Jr General Contractor 1224 WHITBY ROAD TELEPHONE EL 9 1347 RYLAND T WHITLOCK Insurance igcncy UNDERWRITERS ADJUSTERS ENGINEERS AUDITORS Su to B00 Mutual Bulld ng T I pho MI 3 8341 Alteratlons AddItIons or mrnor or malor repaws call 5 5050 JIm WIwIte wIII also help you plan and Imance your 'ob Wlute Constructlon Co T I pho co 6 7 MARLETTE BEAUTY CENTER 3 LOCATIONS Fon YouR CONVENIENCE 3159 W CARY STREET 907 RIDGE ROAD E 8 2 AT 88179 5900 WEST BROAD STREET ROGER S HAIR STYLIST The New Hub BGIU Franklin STUART CIRCLE PHARMACY Prlntln Co SODAS DRUGS , JOHN R OVERBEY 3 Go ernor St R chmond Va N o'Tu S al ff' 9- X7 - Qi-5? 210 We Del er P escr pt ons 1601 PARK AVE PHONE AT 8 2 7 4 gl.................................................................................E1 5 . 5 3 741 y I 5 . 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JH- 1 ' ,I V' I I A ' A Y ,yi E QQ., , Y H 4',b X .I I 1f4.'lf,--gvigfrx I I e N d Yo Hecd In Ou Busl ess AL S BARBER SHOP Bakery and Pastry Shop Inc L V ALBIS JR Propr efor 2803 West Cory Sireet AIR CONDITIONED HAIRCUTS 5100 5' 2732 WEST BROAD STREET Dol EL 5 1755 01 EL 5 2807 VVE DELIVER Spec c1IIzIng n Flat Tops Dolly 8 AM Io 7 PM 6 Days o Week Compllmenfs oI BLAIR TRANSIT COMPANY BLAIR TOBACCO STORAGE RICHMOND VIRGINIA Tobacco CapIIaI oI II'Ie WorId BOULEVARD MARKET WILL 31 DELANEY Inc MEATS VEGETABLES FRUITS 1403 AI! mont A n E18 3119 Pho 1 EL 5 8673 4410 w Broad S1 SELLING OUT CHEAP FRESH EGETABLES FANCY FRUITS S WesII1ampIor1 s FITSI Druq Store 1601VIEHgh5i3LE'ree' Corner of Grove and Maple Avenues DIAL MI 3 6618 PROMPT DELIVERY Phone AT 2 5413 Tommy GIbbS Rombler Soles omphmems We II bend over backward of your fo sat sfy you IrIendIy QJ39 WEST BROAD STREET Colmal Ruchmond VIVQIVIIG Store QXX 0'Tu few '15 9- U ! 2I2 l?111111111111111111111 -1-- 1111 111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111 111111111g gum111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 E 2 "W ee ur r 'n E 5 59 5 I I E g .... 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'T I Q.----f'---fo zL?.'. .'- ,R 'Es aa- Ee - A 5 nu u,..1 ? y TARRANT DRUG CO P escnpt on D ugg sts D lMI3369 t CONVEYORS CASTERS TRUCKS C E CLARKE 8: SON T313 AltamontA enue Chamberlayne Ave Pharmacy 2519 Chamberlayne A en e PRESCRIPT ONS ARE OUR SPECIALTIES Dal El 5 7493 Roseneath Auto Supply Co ROSENEATH ROAD AND PATTERSON AVENUE EL 3 9921 GILMAN PLUMBING CO P U uma Hur: G mm Gns AP LIIICBS W tC G IAMES GILMAN RICHMOND VA Scott s Texaco Servnce 2306 Chamberlcnyne Ave EL5 0727 Compluments ol L T WRIGHT DRUG CO Complnments ol F R I E Complaments ol LAWRENCE MOTOR CO Inc Your Friendly DODGE PLYMOUTH and DODGE TRUCK DEALER Modern and Complete Servlce Boulevard Off Broad Phone ELgm 8 T536 Jesse Ch ng Sees He F st Snow ts Nik v Q5 ix L ol, cr wx AL LA uQNz l 21: '1 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF T958 TOYTT THE C F SAUER CGMPANY .--n-ngggx I 'Rue WWA VANILLA MAYONNAISE MQ MW X I RICHMOND VIRGINIA ompl men THE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER THREE CHOPT AND PATTERSON RICHMOND VIRGINIA QT KN I If . t:U "5..'q. 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T T - ' ' ,Y j ' -JN llwzx - P f f ' E Y -fig 5-.fa ar- 'ag' .Qi fe:-sy-'ff' The Southsude Press DEAN M MILLS WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS INVITATIONS INFORMALS COMMERCIAL PRINTING 305 West I Ith Street BE 2 8322 EL 3 7447 LANIER S AUTO SERVICE GAS AND OILS ATLANTIC LUBRICATION WASHING AND POLISHING Ends Batteries Firestone Tnres 330I W Cary St Rlchmond Phone McLane Constructlon Co Contractor I024 NORTH 7th STREET Richmond Vlrglnla EIB' Bud Myers Cleaners COMPLETE LAUNDRY SERVICE CaII for and Delwer 8Ol'f2 PETERSBURG PIKE BE 3 0555 R chmond VlI'gII'1IO J D CARNEAL 81 SON Incorpo ated R E A L T O R S Established 1890 3426 W Cory Street Va PHONE EL 9 5761 Milton 8 7083 BARLOW JEWELERS Successors to COCKE 81 COMPANY Watchmakers Jewelers Engravers Ranlroad Watch Inspectors 531 33 W Broad St Richmond Va EJEJ' AWALT S ICE CREAM For a ReaI TRANSFER a sroucs CORPORATION Ice Cream Treat LONG DISTANCE MOVING Go to S 4920 W Broad St It Cant be Beat AT 2 4228 RICHM ND 'I905 Semmes Avo BE 3 T726 O PRES X QC,-Q 6 Q.luI-II--vnnnnnn1mmmuIIImmIIunnmumnmmn ...snug QIn-num----muum-mn-umm umm nn'-nu-.Q ' : umnmunu-mununnmmnnun-ummmm nuunmq Qmnnnnn-:nnnn-mmmmuuu-mununu1InunmumnnnmnmE I E 5 Y Qu:-nn--nnnnn -mm--Q ann-nun --mm mmum- ...un ?.................................................................................I? g?........ ......................... ....... a - 5 A f Qs . . . 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QuunununInun:nunununnnnunnunnun:unuunuunuuluun-I-Q ELINOR FRY ' E E 56I4 Patterson Ave. 1 AT B-9855 3 E 3 Car . . and Rio Vista Lane 5 'ff if' - mn lnnuulnngl bum:nunnun-uu-unnnunuuuunnnnnnunuununuu nuu...,,6 III..'l""'l'l"".""l'l" IIIIIIIIUIIQ za i'5fT:sg-xfY,T.tYf- A 1 1' I 'L' l-3 'N P H e A E E A E " tv, 'Q n-nnH-Inmnuumumm-'mm--...m.Hmmmmm-Hnum-nu...1-II1I-unQnn-mnum-num.mum-uumunmm:Imnumn--umnun JONES and ROBINS INCORPORATED Realtors and De elopers RICHMOND VIRGINIA TIRES BATTERIES CARROLLS ESSO STATION WASI-IIN 1 LUBP CATI N Patterson and Colon aI Aves PHONE EI. 3 1630 RICHMOND VA Bowker 8. Roden, Inc REINFORCING BARS Ware Mesh Accessories 0 Formtaes RICHMOND 20 VIRGINIA DIAL EL a 0765 J R chmond P ce Dual MI 9 2400 PRICE BROTHERS WR AM 8th ST BETWEEN BROAD AND MARSHALL RICHMOND VIRGINIA NEW YORK DELICATESSEN 2 20 NEST CAR sm E D aI ELS 6956 D ol AT 2 3653 WESTWOOD RADIO TELEVISION CENTER AND RECORD SHOP W B d St o Wt hppgC CCMPLI f NTS OF Vnrgmsa Drug Company 4805 FOREST HILL AVENUE Owen Brothers Service Stohon Amoco Tnres and Bafterue Amoco Product BE 3 3660 1211 Westover Boulevard IN MEMORY OF WADE H FOY FOYS PHARMACY 1657 W GRACE ST RICHMOND VA LLOYD AUTO SERVICE AUTO REPAIRING 5615 Patterson Avenue MARGOT JOHNSON SCHOOL OF DANCE 301 GREENWAY LANE ICQ ne 52006 o e A enuej WESTHAMPTON STUDIO 2 6901 EL 8 2131 9 1nnnnunuunuauunnnuuuuunuuununuuuunnnununuu3 Bunn-nlunnnnnnnnnnunuunnuunnnnnnunuunu nuuunm : : I - : E 5 6219 . r a reef E - E 5 es wood S o In enter Richmond, Va. 5 """' """H-"H"HHIH'I"HII"H"II"IH-1-I-'H-I-If-----1--H-Q EL...-.-I...H..-..-..........--I...-..............-.-..-m-I.-tm.........-I-HE ......................-H..........---I-......................................EJ E,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,E G an' I TDI 5 E ' ' ' E uuunnmutuuuunnnmnnnnnunnunummmlnIn-ut-nn Q ElnmuInunnnnnu-Itnmuuuun-mmmmnuun-num:nnnnlug N...I...H.............-I..-Im..-.I.....................-mn. . 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IIl DRINK N XR Lanz M PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY R chmond Coca Cola Bottl ng Works Inc I3 0 ROSENE TH ROAD Congratuhtuons Graduates' RICHMCND DAIRY 3I4 N Jefferson Street EOR THE BEST IN MILK AND ICE CREAM FRANK A BLILEY Funeral Home 2I7 WEST GRACE STREET I MI 9 220 3-nnnnn mnn-nun-nm qu-In tttl n nunnuruua K 1 2 Ll ,IW - s of s 'Iv' 5 Q E E HC' u S In on - f 3 E E E "CoIre"ls cl reglstered had - rl: 1 3 E S g I A g 5. .... . .. E--u--nun I1nmnnnII-uInuuumm1-u-II-n-III.nnumm-Imnnummmum --nu-n---I--Q 'ff 5 I.... 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E S Q Store Fixnres and E ul ment of All Kinds 5 Q 2 ' ' 2 E v n 5 'I - . c . - S Q l E ..............................................................................Q ...........Q ......... ....................................... gl........... ...................... ...................EJ . E 5 a u r 5 ................................................................ ..........E1 l?........... ........................................... .....................E1 Boulevard Esso Station SGUI H- Steiner I Richmond, Va. I 5 E E 1. E - f uuun nunuunuunnnnn nulnunq Qulunuu uuununnnuun-nun:nunnunnunuun unuung S g I21wl.'.I , I' 'IOL I -'g'IILIY1.. 3 S 5 l I A 1. 1 o I 5 Phone - 3 5 2 E1 ......... ................. ..........l5 . . IIlllllIIillIlllllIllllIIllllIIllIIllllIIllllIIIIlllllllIilllllllllllllllllll : . IllIllllllllllilllllllllllilllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll3 .AL Q,-1 Y - ,yn Qs? ' K -- A ' , gl" X - fm K' S' S T A "lf, f::.litf,.P,Q 4 kgifirigfr' FONTAINE PRESS Creators and Producers of Fine Prlntmg I3I0 Altamont Avenue RICHMOND VIRGINIA Westhompfon Realty Co REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 5701 Grove Ave AT B 9055 A L A D D I N Tale 81 Floor Covermg Co 2 E Brooklund Park Blvd Frank R Gncnnoftn Phone MI 3 BAKER S ESSO SERVICE 5244 BROOK ROAD Tlres Batteries Accessories 1762 EL 8 6325 RALPH H DUDLEY Inc PERMASTONE ALTOR for Beclutv Permanence Strength JOHNG DUGGAN INC 5705 6'0" Avenue 2114w cefy Street Phone EL 9 3167 Comphments of SHADE 81 WISE INC Bulldmg Mutermls BUDDY LONG S SERVICE STATION EL 5 2886 T829 Hamulton Street DIAL EL 5 2258 3300 w cery sf Telephone EL 5 2886 BELLEVUE PHARMACY 4013 MacArthur Avenue TIMBERLAKE REAL ESTATE COMPANY Chns Voss George Holzboch REALTORS ELLERSON VIRGINIA Tel EI-5 4329 , Rmhmond Vo Compllments of OTIS E AGNEW Whatcha Got Mun Tankard? A Turkey' HT 0' '11 99 'ox gfwxg 'ef IH n. H 52 A U r t u 1 '. o f X Pkguuslnay Q5 222 E1--I.U-.mmmluIn-me-numunInmn-mu--mm--mm-un-mn--Q glm-n-u---uunnnne-nu lele n---mn ------ nn-en---m --.-. tm-en--I3 Emmm--umIIImnImm:IuImumu-unu1Iuuununnnm-nn ..... qu:nlnunlull:lnnnlun:ullullununllllnlnnllulllllulllllnllllllllls Qllll'IIN'II"""""""""""" """ ' ' " """"""""""" RE s ' ........ . ................ .... EIU--umu ...mmm-umm-nn---I mmm-'El Q.nm-mn-mnInmm---mm-mnum-lm um--me mm- s f 5 + El Q1--u-nm. ImnIm-mmmmunu--mmmnm umm.-I3 Q.-nun II.mmmmeuHI-nIImm--IIIe.-IIme--Im-me-mm... El lj MI8 R EL35 89 HOME SUPPLY CO Iron 81 Metal Co , Inc M SEARS P PECK Used Furniture Bought Sold and Exchanged Stop I2 Petersburg Puke E 2 Telephone B 5636 326 W Leigh St Rnchmoncl Va LIE1 EIEJ WILLIAMS OIL CO J F SLEDGE INC 3OI C d A Fuel Owl Kerosene OWN In Venue RICHMOND VIRGINIA I I I4 Hull Street J F Sledge COMPLIMENTS The Clover Room Ice Cream and Sandwiches R ml' 'Dll' e Chee Ie de W e at the B 223 1'QPa'X .-If Nr 1: I M xrxX53j.JAv N3 ' 5.- 1 N., XJ . ......................... ...........E1 1?.................................... .................................lg Bus. 41573 es. .9 . . E E J, . ,rop. . 2 nnn--nmummunmnnnmmm-nuuuu-num-numu - : ...Immun nu mumnn-um-m-In nu-nn .--.. In-:nu-E PHONE BE 2-8626 omcerhone BE2-3649 Home EL3-0447 .. .I IIlllullIun:IInlnunnlnlullvllnl unllllllla ol 4118 WEST BROAD sr EET .. .... ...... .555 I r fb' J I g I I N ' I Th r u rs av irdie ff3i:3--55. - 85,12 -, 1. J 511.-S2-N ,JSI I e f f fl E ji-' u - - f f -'fl' gay,-' O 'A' U' E1..............................- ........... ......... E1 1830 1958 RA DULPH MACCDN CULLEGE Ashland Virginia AN ACCREDITED LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE FOR MEN with a national reputation for tlte success ot its graduates Information may be secured from H BURNELL PANNILL Dean ol Men and Director ol Adm ss ons 9 224 1 5 ' . . . E Blaclrwell Auditorium with Fox Hall in the Background ' a 1 ' S Emi- YY , ig 1 : f V Y if u V .' ,' L '67r..' I 'v-:sill . Jak? Vlrglnla School Equipment 1205 Hull Street Co , Inc A T HAMILTON RICHMOND VIRGINIA Complete School Equlpment Servlce C L Slavm Cleaners Goodyear Servlce Store One ol Rnclwmond 5 Emest Cleamnq Plants 2831 W Broad St 31 I 3 West Cory Street Rnchmond VIFQIHIG RICHMOND VIRGINIA EL 5 4685 EL 3 1535 Compltments ol TOMLINSON CO INC WHOLESALE Plumbnng and Heatmg Supplies Inclustrlal Supplies RICHMOND 20 VIRGINIA 225 xgx 1 Y 5 17 , N Krigpi-JLJE :ul gy . ...........E1 g?............ ........................... ...........Q S E . . . E + I m---mmmumnuIn1-1-mm.nnInInummm--num-I-E1 El--n-mn. mmn--IE . ....... ........ . . mm- ----n E1 . , . 1 1 1 - El . .............E1 5 'itizg wr? nl I hir? f A f v , f !l' K' -lag- - 5 A A e I I mrhx Q lqf' 9- U U E1......... .............................................................. E1 C omplzments 0 HUGHES KEEGAN Inc General Contractors GRADING SEWERAGE SYSTEMS WATER AND GAS SYSTEMS RICHMOND VIRGINIA The Mark of ca Chclmplonl When a young man can lace the busmess world wnth the same unclauntecl courage that h b cks th Inne ID Iootball and can fake the bumps that IDGVIIBIDIY WIII come to hIm ID lousmess and can keep hus tIohtIng spIrIt and keep smIIIng then he has the mark ol a champIon The world needs young men IIke thI and the world wIll make way lor them The IIIe Insurance busmess needs such men so why not prepare yoursell lor a career ID the Ile Insurance buslnes Its a buslness ol opportunuty lor young men of ambutuon and vIsIon Home Benetnclal LIte Insurance Company, Inc The Home of Protechon HOME OFFICE RICHMOND VIRGINA HARRIS FLIPPEN 8. COMPANY ORT NG GOODS 713 715 EAST MAIN STREET RICHMOND VIRGINIA 226 ' I - ............. ......... .... El e u e ' ' . . I wma-nu-un nnun:uuunnnInunnun::nannnunnuuuIunnunnunnnunnInunnnnnnuuuununn uwunu nuuuunn v un 1 0 S P I 0 Q1.n,,..I4- I If cor.. f F311 N545 2: S Gif' '. - f - E L, 7 f' TU! im- ' E - u 1 ' ,1 : L ,, .TLYJKCXQ Hffl:-0,1 'ff-., ,.-'AY' k 'un' y INCORPORATED 1906 PHON BITULITHIC COMPANY E: EI. 9-3276 Gradmg Concrete Pavement Macadam Pavement Asphalt Pavement S b ta lllzatlon Water Mains Sewers Surface Treatment General Othces 1400 ROSENEATH ROAD RICHMOND 21 VIRGINIA FORMAL WEAR TO RENT Wmters James Also Accessorres Insurance Agency' Inc Whlte Mess Jaclxets MUTUAL INSURANCE IS DIFFERENT AND THE DIFFERENCE FAVORS YOU 117 BROAD GRACE ARCADE LOBBY RICHMOND I? JIR INA HOUSE OF FORMALS 113 North 8th St Phone MI 8 0533 Phone MI 4 2938 BETWEEN GRACE SI FP NCLIN R31 W ABBOTT PROCTOR 81 PAINE MEMBER NEW YORK STOCK EXCEANFI AND OTHER IEADINCT EXCHANVTEQ Investment Securlhes 911 EAST MAIN ST RICHMOND VA Telephone MI 8 4774 4015 FITZHUGH AVE RICHMOND VA Telephone EL5 9131 E W RUDD CO Cornplnments ol PEOPLE S FINANCE SERVICE ol Richmond, Inc 202 NORTH THIRD STREET Plumbmg ancl Heatmg MP O'11ce EL 3 9061 Nught Holudczys El 3 6696 3467 West Cary St Rnchmond Va Richmond Va XLR Lbf' ,QA 1 227 E ' 1 ' . E El.................................................................................E1 E1......... ............................................. ........E1 A 9 I E A TA- - E 3 E. f in'f2':, Prez. l'ln",1 R. James! V Prez. E .......... .............................................................................................. ..........E1 I 5 ...In . ...nm..I..H....-...........m-I.. ...I....E E1,...,.,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,Q Paw 7 24tIf'1UR Rim R SERJIFE ' ' 4 -ji:'u. Y-Liz f .. wif"- 1 -R1 A A ' ' e T -QP" T QPF' xl ,- A Y V Y , Av. A 7 E- A A E A e .ffl UI . -..,x:3r,, ,KI E, 'mx T- f --' , v 'T' fig g,ff.f-313 YI Wh: ffm 'P Q- l, ij Class Rlngs Club Pnns Callang Cards Invitations Caps and Gowns Walter B Anderson L G Balfour Products 4I KensnngtonA e Rchmond Va Compluments ol MUSE BUICK Inc I4I4 Semmes Avenue souTH or THE JAMES T Iepho e BE 2 2388 Our SERVICE IS Our BEST SALESMAN RICHMOND Plumbing 81 Heating Supplles, Inc 3303 LANVALE AVENUE RICHMOND VA Phone Elgm 9 3213 HYMAN BROS PONTIAC INC WIM AUTO SERVICE TOI6 20 N Boulevard General Auto Re palrlng T TE N P Rnchmond Vnrgunuo S A S ECUON COURTESY DEPENDABILITY 4419 W Broad Street EL 8 8338 W Phone El 9 3231 wwf D uble double tol and touble F e bu n and cauld on bubble 228 Qu................................................................ .....,.....El 5.......................................................................... E3 Q7 E r+ 3 3 e n ' II ' V . a , . 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Zeeman Clothlng Co 719 WEST BROAD STREET h Ml37069 R hm cl C Stratford Hllls Beouty Solon n St tf d H lls Shopp 9 Cente ec lsts d C H BE 3 3587 Lafayette Foodland mov ov LAFAYETTE smear FINE FOOD lBaclrer W H WHITE Plumbing and Heating Contractors MODERN KITCHENS Oul Burners Water Heaters Gas Applnances 2416 CHAMBERLAYNE AVE EL 3 0585 DUKE S SHOE SERVICE Cinder Block Company c: B cf, te p of Rlchmond, Inc 905 N Sheppard Sf Ellen Road and Rosedale Avenue Pho e EL 5 1146 Pho El 9 2433 Russ an Invades Thomas JeEerso f -ag lbkfyll KX 4 J L N5 1 l if l wxvfvac, U..--........mtH.......nn..........................---H.. .........E1 P one - ic on ,V . 2 E ' E .............................................................................Q E E i ro or i in r E E K2 E Sp ini in Hair Styling on u ing E 3 H' In Bren M- Q 5 Phone - 3 5 5 ..................-...........................................................E1 En...................... ...............................Ej uuuu 1nnnunnnnuuuuuuunlnunnnnnnnnnnnnu uuuulQ I I 5 E1 ........ ................................................................ .......................... ..........rj E1 ......... ..........El g1............ ..........E1 . , T r, Pro . E E . 1 fe - n - 3 5 E E1 ............................................................................nj Eg..................................................................................lj1 ll i nll . ' V Qaw n X 65:5 ga Y Q' lfxx W E E E 1 E 5 E 5 To ,QI lift ls.. , vit 'rj - IM A rw' r--tx .fiifa , V 'X I 229 'ff ' ' X -,Nj'tL.,j9 f Mlggle Phllbrlck admmng the szhool rung worn by Path Kumck General Onl Compan Incorporated I30I School Street ue OI OII BJrners WARM FRIENDLY SERVICE 'El I3 The Official and Recogmzed Thomas Jefferson Hugh School Rings SOLD THRU RICHMOND S LEADING JEWELRY STORES Manufactured by J Jenluns Sons Co INCORPORATED 260I West Lexington Street BALTIMORE 23 MARYLAND CARMINE 81 SONS Rappahannock Flsh 8: Oyster Co I05 NORTH ROBINSON STREET RETAIL Foods of All Kwnds at the Rwght Price TERMS All Bulls Payable Furst Monday After Purchase COMPLIMENTS OF VOGEL RITT Pnoneers un Pest Control Since I925 Dnol MIITOD 8 OSII Vogel Rutt of Penn Mar Va , Inc vr TQ A. of :tt ,Q J 230 E1.......... ..., .... I I I . . . E1..................-.......................................................... .... h - ........... ....,.,.,.,.,,,...,,,..,,...,,..,,,..,,,,..., Y- - 5 F I I ' ' I E 5 . , A . A . Phone MI 3-0174 Phone EL 5-4364 Qnnnun - .. 1uunnnnununnun nuluuuuuu nun-nn I I0 N. 8th Street Richmond, Vlrglnla ....... ..,,...,,.. ,fb?.' '-.45 tl. I ', A A7 I : 1 my - if Y , IQ 1 5" I E E v Q . .. ' I ff Y ' f f If '.. .vi If ,-'fb' f'43k"zj""+f' MPLIM C O ALLEY TRAVEL AGENCY 708 EAST GRACE STREET MIlton 4 7848 A L LORRAINE M' 4 mt Dal EL 5 9101 LOWE BROS PAINTS STUDEBAKERS House Purnnshlngs 520 WEST BROAD STREET 3114 West Cary Street RICHMOND 20 VA PHONE ELg 5 7681 BUSINESS MACHINES GARDNERS BUSINESS EQUIPMENT COMPANY SPECIAL TYPING STUDENT RATES ON MANUAL TYPEWRITERS S4 50 Per Month o Three Months for S11 OO U I JAMES E GARDNER Owner 4 28Yeo 2517 CHAMBERLAYNE AVE RICHMOND VIRGINIA SCHMIDT AND WILSON REALTORS SINCE 1912 I-lornes Farms lnvestment Property Country Estates Sales Loans Rentals Insurance 401 E Fronklnn Street Phone MI 8 5801 231 J U, ki-I5 .. ....................................................... ........E1 Q O E N 1 s o F .. .. . ...........3 El......... ........E1 E E Telephone - E E 1 9 n I Q E I ' 5 E ' ff u-IIInu-nm----InnI-nI.una-.--1.-Inn--n-I------I-I---I---Unu.---II-I--...Ulu--.-um...1-nm-nm-n-mIn-----um--Hm.-n-.uuu---nn-E in - E 1 5 We Rent Typewriters both Manual and Electrirs 5 New ond sed Typewriters, Portables and S ondords Sold on Convenient Terms E 4 rs in Richmond 2 5 .-.-....................................................-............. ...............................................................EJ I , I - N ,Angry LT,iTs.'I ix' Y A Y nj -Q.. rs ,ii A iT T ATI' E E ' E T E P 'ii' viii- 1. JT .Ng ,Lt .lgtf-it -,Pl XTQl:T,g2f:IfL?-5 I FTM fxv m lu mfg, Y 4 Q3 Martin Tlle 8: Marble Co TABB BROCKENBROUGH 8: RAGLAND HenryG Coghlll Charleslvl Morrison GeorgeW Robinson GENERAL INSURANCE AGENTS IIOI EAST MAIN STREET d on s Bo ler Pho e MI 4 3043 Q his A to Db le F ne Arts el y 8: I c L e B gl y 8: lt Acc dent 81 H alth R Ashford Fmnell GENERAL INSURANCE SURETY AND FIDELITY BONDS M I IB I 3116 West Leigh Street F e I INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS BERNARD MARTIN INSURANCE AGENCY El.85 41 d2I V For Fme Dry Cleaning T R Y Cavalier Cleaners Esquire Cleaners 4021 MacArthur Avenue ONE House sERvlcE Specializing In Cleaning 933 W Grace Sfreef Gloves and Neckties of Harrison EL 9 3245 Modern Equipment and Thoroughly Trained Personnel SATISFACTION GUARANTEED T HERBERT VAUGHAN EDWARD J SCHUTTE 232 Qununmn nuummmnummmuummmnnummmunnmuunummnunummImmunummnun-ummum--nun un-nun-Q Fire Lite 2 Polio B Q E u m I I E E JGW I' Furs Pla e Glass 2 E Publi ialallity Personal EH cts E E ur ar The i e E gm..............................................................................I? S 5 E 800 u ua ui ding Richmond, Va. E 5 4 2 W. H. MARTIN, owner E Telephone - 9 Richmon , a. E E 5 aboard Bui ding Richmond, Va. E E1.........-m. .......... ......... ......... .... ...H ----------'---El 5 - Enjoy Professional Cleaning 5 , f A I fi"-IP' 2 ' Q T Y ' Qi 4' I - R A A A F . TK U. I I vb '.. X .1-.WJ It .bu V, , K 'huns' Il!! If Speclal Report to Young Men of Tomorrow L M O O U N I awaIts you In the pulp and paper Industry WHERE Wlll. you go after hIgh school? To work? To trade school? To college? For the young man Interested In college traInIng the pulp and paper Industry has a contmunng need for new technlcal personnel and offers unllmlted opportunrtles for advancement In thIs EXCIIIDQ fleld THE SPETACULAR growth of thus Industry makes posslble top wages and SECUYIIY In a host of hlghly slulled techmcal POSITIONS A four year college educatuon IS preferred for such POSIIIOHS as technologlsts plant chemlsts quallty control specIalIsts and productIon tramees SCHOLARSHIP HELP at North Carolrna State College In Ralelgh IS avaIlable for college magors In pulp and paper technology and hughly remuneratwe employment wIthIn the Industry IS usually avallable during the summer vacatIon perlods Graduates of thIs pro gram are qualnfled for qUICk advancement IH productnon technncal and top management POSIIIOHS Wlfhln the Industry Appllcatlons for pulp and paper scholarshIps for the aca demIc year begmnmg next fall must be made by May I5 IF YOU are a young man IN hlgh school who has above average grades In math physlcs chemIstry and related sublects we urge you to contact us or your Guudance Coordinator We wull gladly explam to you In detaIl about the opportunmes awaltlng you In thIs fos cInotIng Industry Albemarle Paper Manulacturmg Co C H M O N D N ,fill E b Ley ru? 233 J' rj .............. ..... .... U N I I T E D P P R T T Y R I , v I R cs I I A Eg . , , '5'.2f'e 4 ,Ili lift W IRI , I'-' ' ' lf' I f' N f f ' - - 9- In I 4 e E - e 5 E I eggs? 5 .f esI.'? ffl?" Q 6 Q X E S B o X S 03 LAKES DE NGS SPR LAND GH - H WESTV EW AT N SO PATTER 7TH LL ST AT HU RD TH AT BROAD X X MTW f x .-' 0 4293 4,S,sf:.g- '- 1 Q: , ge' '-Cx L 5 'RV Egg T D A L E' 1 f 7 5 1 ,W Y T G oz.. KWNJ fre ZX I "5-t",5y, X X-ff 23 :LN 'R 2 fig -iff S 4 W L WACHTER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR More Than a Hall Century NC DIETZ PRESS INC of Prlnhng Service AT 8 1662 5600 W Marshall St log E Cary Slreel Richmond Vnrglmo yfxgqh UALITY MEATS SINCE l832 KINGAN DIVISION HYGRADE FOOD PRODUCTS CORPORATION RICHMOND VA 235 fzffwwx ,ff -U........................................................ ........... E1 El...nn........H......I......--...-.................-........................... E1 I . 5 E . . 2 . . l 3 5 Telephone - E ........... ' .................-...U ...........Ej Q -' . I I ' 3 El, .............................................................................................................................................................................E1 Eat, Drink and be Merry! ff I 6 'I 1 ' LV- X- i LV , i V A- - ' Y V Y 1,7 ATEX X! ' H - - YY Y - xgfil 'l :J A' 7 .,i -F 1A 'n."'-55' I 'Q-gg -.Q. 'isis-31'-T' f KX 'N 1 ST STEPHENS EPISCOPAL CHURCH OWEN GROVE AVENUE AT THREE CHOPT ROAD REV RENO s HARP JR D D WELCOME Young Peoples Service League 6 30 P M M WEATHERLY RICHARD F COOK Minister ol Mus c and Educat SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH FRANKLIN AND ADAMS STREET M n ster 945 AM H00 A 6O0PM t 7OOPM W The Church o W rt ol the Cnty with a Heart inthe Hee FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH CARY STREET ROAD AT LOCK LANE w LAPSLEY CARSON D D M f Church School 9 45 A M 'll OO A M Worship Service 6 O0 P M Youth Groups ST JAMESS EPISCOPAL CHURCH 1201 WEST FRANKLIN STREET Come to Church Young People s Service League 6 00 P M v , 23 Wg Emuun-Iun.un1in.IIIInnnunnnununInnuunuunnuuunu11unnnunInnIunnuumuIunInInpInnnn1nnnuninnI-uIuuuuuuu-nun-nunnuunu 1 3 Q........... .................................................. U... .-.H ....................H... ..--......... Qnununnnnnnnnunnuunumnununuun--:nun nnnn:nu1nnnnnnnununmnunnnnnnnunuu i a ' ' 1 ' E : . ,, , , ,,,, ,, , , ,... . Sunday School 5 : .M .,..,, ., ,.....,,. WM rning orship E : . .. ,, , ,, ., Bup ist Training Union E : . . ..,.. , , Evening orship 2 ll I q U ll GJ-........... gun-nun: n1nmnnunninnuummuuuuunln-nutnunnunnnnnunnnnnnnnuuuuuuuununnuunnmnunnn- 1 E . , . ., inis er E1............. .-........ ...,............................................................,.................................................... 1 . li1......... f wife : I gwl ' f Y '2 Z . 3 all K - f A .Az ,s :h , O -....'w:T:l....qk? . . 6 Laburnum Hardware IO E Laburnum Laburnum Shoppu g Cent' MI 3 5616 MIXING BOWL 4120 W Broad Street Phone EL 9 4224 JOHNSON S F O O D S T O R E 206 N SHIELDS AVENUE Grocerues Fresh Meats Vegetables Phone EL 9 3255 coMPuMENrs or Denms Vonderlehr Laburnum Pharmacy Inc 8 East Laburnum Ave COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF RIE Purdy 8. LewIs 600 N Sheppard St a nts shes She acs Tele I5 ons PHONE MI 4 0577 JACK S TV SERVICE All Work Guaranteed 4 S 2nd St RIchmond Va For d er musuc or ente talnment contact THE CELLVIANO TRIO CELLO VIOLIN PIANO Phone EL 5 4472 or BE 2 7353 pl ments of Bob PerlsteIn MEDICAL COLLEGE or VIRGINIA SUNO O SERVI II6 EAST CARY STREET In the Heart of Downtown Rnchmond 237 M' CGQX N 7 JL?- IIP,.f'J J nInnuInnInIunununulunnnou nnuu IuInInul-IunuunnunuuQ Qlunruun IIuuunuuunuuuuunnuuuuuun uunuufg .H er , U A E N D ............-...............................................................HEI li1........... ........................................ ..........l'-Q1 ..... .. .... ......... .... ................................. ........E g........... .................................................... ..........E1 ' 5 E P i ' Varni ' II 3 ' E E Radios ' v' I ...,.. ........ .................... ........Ej f3......... .-.. . .... ................................................. ..........E1 ..... .................. ..... .......... .... .... ..... .. .... q1............... .... .. .......... ........ ..........EI I . ..... ...... ........................................ ........E1 El........................................... ..................................E-I E E Inn f E ' - Co. 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E - Q 2 Parking Facilities for Our Customers E1.................................................................... ........E1 E................................................................................. El Qnnlluunnul nn: unnnuuunnunnnnnnnun nnniuuuw Qnnnnuun nnnlunllIlIIuIunnunuunlnnunnni nun-n E L EL s-1134 - EL 3-0752 Quintana unnunnnnnnnuunnnnuuuuunnniunn-nuuuuung Qunnun unnuunnuuunnnnunnunnunnn nn Q E Plumbing and Heating Fixtures E E 5 Gas Boilers ' Wa er Heaters E E A N D Ey........... ............................................... ..........E1 El,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, L:-1......... .................................. ...................... E1 .- - - - - -. E U A A F L f 'v u L 3 - - - - 4 T L fe9fi"".T"-iQ QI! :i'f'lTfH- '. , Dr: E-Nfif'f.4 114- V L L D- : :ug -y ri ' I 1 ' if : UA i' f" . . 2 i MANNING MANUFACTURING CO 2536 N. Lombardy Street ' Richmond, Va. 5 Elgin 8-9308 E "MANCO PRODUCTS" 5 Manufacturers of Tension SeaI Storm Windows and Doors : Awnings and Jalousies Choice of White or Natural AIum. , SLOW DOWN AND LIVE SUPPORT YOUR YOUTH SAFETY COUNCIL Compliments of : S STROTHER SMITH JR Representing The Travelers Insurance Companies VIRGINIUS H GOODMAN AL ESTA SALES LEASES APPRAISALS Business and Investment Properties Building and Financing Service P O BOX 9166 RICHMOND 27 VA ELgln 9 0040 X4x 241 if u X . I.--I.U-...H..............-.I n.........-..............-H...-.................ui-.ii .......-.IQ . , . Q .. ..........E1 E nun -unnuunb ,ff ia. ' si , A Y Y A, , 'bag K ,- , - i Y i i -lf. 4 -'jp ,- - or f A f A A .gf ,Li 1 .J Xffzlf T".-ii? 'lui . - illlfjf SUNLIGHT Laundry 81 Dry Cleaners I9OO Chamberlayne Avenue MI 30284 Vassar s Esso Servncenier 3547 W Cary Street EL 81249 SERVICE CENTER FRED WOOD ESSO J M Fry Co AND Richmond Prlnhng Ink Co Prrrmng Ink ManuIacIurer Ml 31034 104 N l47I1 Sf COMPLIMENTS WOODSONS MARKET There s a HIGH S store near you COMPLIMENTS S H E R M E R LOAN COMPANY A W GRANDIS CO GENERAL CONTRACTORS 29 aw L gh S1 EL 54886 RICHMOND 21 VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF Wachter 8: Wolff Corp PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTORS 2509 Chamberlayne N YIIR b' MTE EL 5-8681 lv J N Roye Plumblng Co 305 W Brooklcmd Park Blvd Ml 8 5814 110 E Broad Street 1319 Hull Street f-r se' may Egrpp, N D Umted Surplus Stores X Dru, 0. 208 E BROAD STREET Across from Cent al Nat l Bank Bld 3514 W Cary Street Phone Ml 4 2172 Rlchmond V rgnma Rucker qnd Rmhqrdson Londeree and Wollsueffer Realtors COMPLETE ESSO SERVICE INSURANCE LOANS 5614 Patterson Ave Dual AT 8 9855 Cary St Rd and Rno Vlsta Lane Dual AT 8 9907 RICHMOND VIRGINIA 118 N Erghth sneer MI 8 4741 STUART S STORE 402 W Broolland Parlt Boulevard OUAUTY FOOD AT LOW PRICES STAFFORD BEAUTY SALON Specroltlsts In Hour Styling ond Shcxprng 324 Lrbbre Avenue Comphmems of Rrchmond Vnrgnnna Ara 2874 Old Domrnlon Camera Shop E151 Busy Jeff: take notes at C S P A 243 f,.f'fT'Yxx VHS! 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LA ,4j............. ..................................................................................................................... . .... E1 Lipforcl Printing Company, Inc. LETTERPRESS and PHOTOPOFFSET Phone MI 8-2683 EAST MAIN smear RICHMOND I9 VIRGINIA 6? KT WMM 7,55 .2 244 602 , ...... ..... El ...WF 2 9-: QU' -ff!! INS- , f 3:13, Ax '11 2.5 fx A Y YJ Xxx JQSQM, m ' ---- - 1 El A SIGA OF COOD PRINTIAC IDD IGX BW WS g g , . , f. I f. I J I 0 l ly oo xg! oo 9 To Hz Q 3 Q 9 'I .U 'I ll li 1' If lx' .Y .Y U I" H'lll:l4gl'l'f'lJ Cla' SlllfPPlflfSU.Y lCIlflI,1lU,YlJ ' I'lIx'lf'l.V1.l ll lfl. lil ll 2,Vlf .UI .'-.'.' ' El -- - -' - EJ CCMPLIMENTS A FRIEND -V L 7,QQ,,yQ447gwjazLL4fa6Zf2 Mya 5 ff"M-JAZZ Julianne ffidihwf!7 fm Q? FX ky 0F AML!! X Jig, ................................................................................................................................................................ . W . 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A . .I .S , A I . 4 .VI . . I L I ' .I b . . - . . L ' ' . . I . L I I i Brown, Ennis, Service Station Industrial Properties I - - ' ' , . .. ' Co. a , - -. . - . . ' ' . . i I Co' . . - . . - Co- . I I . . . , . , r. 4 ' . ' Hol , . ., Jr. I , . ., ' ' Co. G - - " I , ix X , . - v - Y b- N45 A A g L A -A A e S L ef: , Y Y YY IIN' f' I-W9 I eizgw: . . , x, Newmen s Auto Statron Norseffe s Grill Northern Earl and Co nc Old Domrnron Camera Shop The Orrental Restaurant Oscar Reynolds Sales 81 Servlce Park Foodland P rrlsh R D Patterson Food Center Paxton s Peck Iron 81 Metal Co lnc People s Fnnance Co Perma Stone John G Duggan nc Perrnn J Kennon P rce R L Prttsburgh Plate Glass Co Playdrurn Bowlnng Alley Polk Muller Products Corp Prlce Bros Proctor W S Jr Puckett Harware Purdy and Lewis Puritan Druve In Cleaners Ragland W L Randolph Macon College Richmond Coca Cola Bottlrng Works Richmond Dalry Richmond Fixture and Equipment Co Rlchmond Plumbing and Heatrng Rlchmond Prlntmg Ink Co Robertson James Manufacturlng Rolling Pun Bakery Roseneath Auto Supply Rose s Sc lOc 25c Royal Engravlng Co Royal Globe lnsurance Group Roye J N Plumbmg Co Rucker and Rtchardson Rudd E W Co u u u n X u 0 63:11 Of 7,,t ox Q? - 'B Z! 1- f '-'A ln- XXI tj! lm I , Elc, 3334 F155 X il-5 r .' ,:.Ss, 2 ."us.n" A 'ag gav Saunt James s Epuscopal Church Salnt Steven s Episcopal Church Sarah Lee Kntchen Sauer C F Co Schmldt and Wnlson lnc Scott s Texaco Servrce Second Baptlst Church Shade and Wuse lnc Shelburne Transter and Storage or Sheppard Street Pharmacy Sherman Loan Co lnc rt N Shocket s Market Slavun C L Cleaners Sledge J F Smnth Elizabeth B Smith S Strother Jr Southside Auto Supply Southsrde Press Sprenkle C W 8rCo Stafford Beauty Salon Standard Drug Co lnc Starke J A Plumbrng Heatnng Roofing Construction Stratford Halls Beauty Salon e Strange s Florist Stuart Circle Pharmacy Stuart s Store Sunlnght Cleaners Swlneford E B Flor t Tabb Brockenb ough and Ragland Tarrant Drug Co Taylor 81 Sledd lnc Thomas Earl R Auto Service Thomas Bros Furnrture Thomas Jefferson Cafeteria Toddle House Todd s Service Station Tomlunson Co lnc P Tuck W T lSon Plumbers Unrted Surplus Stores Unlversrty of Rrchmond Vassar s Esso Center Vrllage Shoppmg Center Vnrgrnla Daury Vnrglma Drug Co Vrrgnnra School Equipment Co Vogel Rltt Extermlnators lnc Wachter and Wolff Corp Wachter W L Electrical Contractor West Sand and Gravel Co lnc Westhampton Cleanung Company Westhampton Esso Westhampton Pharmacy Westhampton Realty Co Westwood Record Shop Whrte Construc ron Whute W H P umbeng and Heatmg Whrtlock Ryland T Whrtlow s Service Statnon Whrttet Er Shepperson Wllber Florist Wales George Wall 81 Delaney lnc Wnlley Drug Co Wrllrams Oul Co Wulllams Prnntung Co e Wilson B W Paper Co Wrm Auto Service Wnnters James Insurance Agency Wood Fred Esso Service Center Wood s Markets lnc Woodson s Market Woodward John E Insurance Agency Wright L T Drug o Wyatt Cormck Young R A Zeeman s Clothrng Inc XXXNN::::fff 243 I I bl, I . . . . a . 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BACSBYII SAUNDERS RICHARD uc SIOOW Franklun Street Colle e Preparatory Rec all Duty Elevator House of Representatuves Horneroorn Presu nt J V Basketb and ase bal Key Club BAKER JERRY WAYNE Jerry 3405 Fendall Avenue College Preparatory Character Comrrtuttee BAMBACUS LARRY ROLAND Larry 2114 Second Avenue College Preparatory Track A Cappella Chour Traffc Cornmuttee Operetta BANDAS JANET BELLE Janet 3I04 Monument Avenue Electuve Juntor Stunt Nught Operetta Platn and Fancy Character Comrrttttee Alternate BARKER MARY ANNE Mary Anne 5026 Kung Wulluam Road Elec uve :rectory Spanush Club Club Suxteen J nuor unt ue s er S nuor C ass Councul Alterrta Red Cro s BARKMAN BEVERLY WRAYE ev 50l7Monumen Avenue College Prepara ory Guudance Atd Studen Aud Corn muttee Buology Lab A ustant L brary Staff Bus Tucket Cornrnuttee Homeroom Treasurer Red Cross Alternate Junuor Stunt Nuqh Scen ery Corrrrutte 7 n y Operetta 57 Montucelo Bu uness Staff BENDER VELMA RACHEL Velma 4233 Kungcrest Parkway Colle e Preparatory J V ockey TennusTearn Charac ter Commuttee Alternate Safety Councul Homeroorn Treasurer Re ceptuon Commuttee Junuor Stunt Nught Scrupt Comrnuttee Junuor Stunt Ntght Usher Cornrrttttee Qutll an Scroll Montucello Luterary Staff Feature Sectuon Feature Edt C edutor un C ue B Red Cross Volunteer French Club Treasurer BENNETT CONSTANCE LOUISE Connie 230l Floyd Avenue Bustness Preparatory Offuce Aude Dauly Report Book keeptng Club Bustness Educatton ub Junuor Stunt Nuqht Tuce Commuttee BENTLEY CHARLES SCOTT Scott 3326 West Grace Street College Preparatory Football Basketball Track House of Representatuves Homeroorn Presudent Horneroom Vuce presu dent Character Commuttee Traffuc BEST GEORGE LEWIS JR Lewus BIB St Chrustopher s Road College Preparatory Commuttee Alternate Freshman Sophomore Football and Baseball Sophomore Class Councul J V Football Varsuty Basketball Mana ger Student Coach Junuor Stunt uht Varsuty Basebal Eraser Commuttee BEST ROBERT MICHAEL O 3420 Stuart Avenue College Preparatory Henry Clay Hugh School Pennsylvanua Leton Hugh School Alabama BIALKOWSKI MARY LOUISA Mary IBOO Seddon Road College Preparatory hrustuan Youth Club J nuO S u t Nughr BIGLOW JAMES WILLIAM tm l4lO Claremont Avenue College Preparatory Lubrary Staff Spantsh Club Audto Vusual Character Corrurnuttee ternate Sctence Club Juntor Stunt Ntght BINDER MARK ALBERT Mark 3924 Park Aven e College Prepa atory Audto Vusual Traffuc om u e Football Usher Stage Crew Base ba Safety Councul Character Corrtrrtutte Offuce Aude House of Representatuves Juntor Stunt Nught Senuor Class Play Football Mana ger BLACKWELL MARY ELIZABETH Beth 3l03 Grantland Druv Coluege Preparatory Guudance Aude Welfare Commu tee Red Cross Montucello Luterary Staff Homeroom Secretary Fea ture Edutor of Montucello Future Teachers Junuor Stunt Nuqft Mon u elo a ulty dutor House o Representatuves Al ernate Quull and Scroll Safety Councul Lattn Club BLAKE CHARLES SANFORD Charles 2927 Garland Avenue Electuve Homeroom 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C ' S u 2 N' ht DI I .' I ' C , r- -r ' I ' I Q ' .. ' .. rrluee Lrbra'y Staff, Ftlu I rs.': 390 Pr -C , r R C,1I, C'rI'fIa'1Yor'h Cl- b Jr-Hr-r Co G e r I I I Q II V J ' IIS :cr r 'crna'.I J. For Ca: Ar Uxre' C "'rl"ee, T is H ,a. " " f:,eSsQ,Ia,, Ct I C In Q- ' I 'r-r-ta'f: M 'Itcello IAr' Sufi ,lf-f roy- V' . ragtden-I C r - Y C I A' 5, R d C Agrefnar Cys . I9'SO't'r A"1:', EG ' M S ' CIC" " I"e-E Sop"o" ot. C as u' e r fag- L rtrrtI" Awgrrra- IIJ., for CQII AII SI III EI III- RE' 'B P' SI SUT " ls JI I V I F b l, . I - Stunt ' h U h r, "Pa ni O""tt'ee. vrsu , are' ball. Fa c I' I I g I .,t - II . II lo, 'or r ss 'l 'ter- ' 'I .1 I- --' rr -. 'I ' ' B s IllI ' ...Dee Bas I IIYI , 4 I 5 I I I " I' I k ' lf Usre' Co'n'rl'tee. IIIOT5' . ' C t MI S ' . , I e' 9' I- I J O" r " 6. L r ss 'er' I r r ' r , 'l r e ' Oper 'r r 'cr c'er of r't 't r te, Lib S' ft' Cr s -. Stur' Nag-V ' r Covtrrleee. 1 s- Nf T' 'I - cows- Nurses' f' I .5 95 BUSINESS ' , , t 55 gfrlgrg It,I Lrbrarv OT' Stall ill and ScrolII Ass'st t I I I I rrr 'ee e I ub Trea- Bus' I s I " IIOI Irs", ' 'NQ , , I , ' I ,rt II " 'II " ' I AId I I Business SPST? ' JU. S It . I I I ,I ' , A I Sta I, II .' - .. - I1 I ' I' s and I I I 'II . Bt- ' - . II ' " ' ' tII I Lab 5 ,ra , Grrls Gle I I II I r IIK II I ..BiIi.. yl I t . " I I I 4 I . I - ' . I ' N. - . II . II I . II r r HK ..I ' 5 It ' II III ' J. I ,I rle I I ull ' Boaro " I" . j r 7 O' I I t , I I ,I - 'P' - . El U of A ' I R f C05 . r . st Ile. , A III .. 1 xi C 't I . A 5 I 4, I' r , :see II 1 . III' cp' ot' uInis '- M, ' I I ' Cor"rnI A C trIe. 'ee,I J SI t ghtI f - ' - I I I I Al, , ' r ' Ugg., . . - , -. 'f f Q " ' Y P QA ' I A . s ' " , 'I r., i HI' . - tee lor Junlor ISlunt Night, Junior Semol. CIIIeeIIe9deIt BU? T'CIIeI Ie9e Dat' CUVTWTIIIGH ' . . " St II I I , - e s, . r. . 1 F r, ss S ff. II II - I A II I I . 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Fe J Xxf:'7f 1 '.'I Y- - - : ' '4 "t' ' :lm L . , I 1 ' It :Isl I - A ',-I II III I: Z Prestdent Vtce prestdent of the Forum COOR MARY JANE Janne 4208 Patterson Avenue Bustness Red Cross Alternate Nurses Atde Ofttce Atde Bookkeeptnq Club COPPLE CAROLYN ELIZABETH Copple IBI3 West 45th Street College Preparatory Jeltersontan Lt Homeroom Pres: dent and Vtce prestdent Jetfer sontan Bustness Staff Class Counctl Bullettn Board Corrmtttee Tenn: Basketball House of Representa ves Juntor Stunt Ntqht Je e sontan Adverttstng Manaqer P C ub Datly Reports Cornmttte COX JANET MAE Janet 32l6ClttfAvenue Bustness Class Counctl Alternate Ltbrary Commtttee Juntor Stunt N ht Absentee Sheet Commtttee Je sontan Typtst Red Cross Youth Safety Counctl CRANE EMILIE JEAN Jeanne 6800 Stuart Avenue College Preparatory Chrtsttan Youth Club Future Nur ses Club Frosh Soph Basketball Gutdance Ade J V Basketball Asststant to Mtss Brame Recordtnq Secretary for Future Nurses Club Varstty Basketball CRENSHAW STUART LEE Stuart 3l23 Floyd Avenue College Preparatory Freshman Sophomore Football Var stty Track Homeroom Treasurer Usher Cornrrttttee House ot Repre sentattves Varstty Football Key Club Juntor Stunt Ntqht Traf'ltc Senate CRENSHAW THOMAS FRANKLIN Tommy SIO3 New Kent Road J V Football Traf'ftc Commtttee Sophomore Class Counctl Home room Prestdent Horrteroom Trea surer Juntor Stunt Ntqht Bus tc ket ommtttee Usher Cornmtttee CREWS LUCIE LEE LUCIQ Lee 509 St Chrtstopher s Road College Preparatory Spectal Servtce Auxtltary Atde Tennts Messenger Commtttee Coachlng House of Representa ttves Pep Club CRONK CALVIN TABOR Tabor l60l Bellevue Avenue Electtve House of Representattves Alter nate Cadet Lteutenant CROUCH RAYMOND EARL 2Bl0 Elwood Avenue Electtve Trafftc Commtttee Sophomore Class Counctl Horrteroorr Tree surer Homeroorn Secretary Tenns Team CRUMP BENJAMIN F JR Benny 2322 Floyd Avenue College Prepata ory Cadet Corps CRUTCHFIELD E BENJAMIN en 45l5 Augusta Aven e College Preparatory Audto Vtsual Btology Lab Assts tant Stag Crew CUDLIPP WILLIAM SAMUEL III I 5l08 Kung Wtlltam Road College Preparatory Horneroom Vtce prestdent Ltbrary Comrntttee A Cappella Chott- Homeroom Tr asurer Honneroom Secretary Character Corrrntttee Staff of Cadet Corps DAVENPORT JOHN AMES John 5l09 Rtverstde Drtve Electtve Freshnnan Class Counctl Safety Counctl Horre oomVtce pre tdent Freshman Sophomore Football Var stty Football Monttcello Poto rapher Homeroom Trea urer Cotegtce Club Harry A Woody U DAVIDSON THOMAS B JR Tommy 2020 Park Avenue College Preparatory Homeroom Treasurer Horreroom Secretary Freshman Sophomore Football Sophomore Class Coun Track Juntor Class Counct Trafftc Corrrntttee Key Club Club Atftltattons Homeroom Pre :dent Usher Comrrtttee College Day Usher Indoor Track DAVIS DIANA LEE Dee 707 North Colontal Avenue Electtve Red Cross Jeffersontan Lt Home room Secretary Bookkeeptrtq Club DAVIS JAMES WOLF lm 3l9 Clovelly Road Electtve Buchanan Htqh School Buchanan Vtrgtnta Elevator Commtttee House I Eepgesentattves Harry A Woody U DAY BETTY LOU Betty 3206 Floyd Avenue Nurses Atde Counselor Atde Red Cross Alternate Fu ure Nur e Club Business Club DECKELMAN MARY ELLEN Deckte 5409 Queensbury Road Electtve Book Club YTeens I-lorneroorn Vice president A Cappella Choir Homeroom Prestdent The Vaga bond Kung Platn and Fancy Juntor Stunt Ntght Spantsh Club Jetfersontan Reporter and Asststant Feature Edttor Future Teachers of Arnertca Brtgadoon DEFFENBAUGH ELMER R Elmer 2205 West Mann Street College Preparatory Stage Crew Trafftc Cornrntttee de HAVEN BRENDA COLETTE Bernte 4902 Bromley Lane College Preparatory Red Cross Character Comrrtttee Declaratton Ltte ary Staff Bus Ttc ket Commtttee Messen er Corr rrttttee Gutoance Atde Pep Club Gtrls Glee Club DENBY WARREN WAYNE Warren l3S Davts Avenue College Preparatory Varstty Tennts Horrteroorrt Prest dent House of Represerttatveg rtcCrrtttee HY ec Hall 8: Cafe erta Cornrr-tttee DIFFEIE PATSY RUTH I 3904 Htll Monurrent Parkway College Preparatory Red Cross Chrtsttan Youtn League YTeens Typtst tor Jeffersontan untor Sturt Ntght Mak p om rnt tee Gut ance Atde B stness Club DODD NANCY CAROLE Nancy 5220 Sylvan Road College Preparatory Sentor Class Play Scenery Juntor Stunt Ntglnt Extra and Ttck t Qrrt mt tee W are ommtt ology Lab Asststant Red Cross Freshman and Juntor Class Counct Alternate Character Corrrtttee Alternate Art Asststant Football Ttckets DUKE AUDREY MARIE Audrey l405 Nottoway Avenue Electtve DUNNING LYNDA KAY GY 52l Grantte Avenue College Preparatory Norvtew Htgh School Norfolk Vtrgtnta Red Cross Alternate and Repre sentatlve Future Nurses Club DURHAM FRANCES GAYLE Gayle 4605 West Frankltn Street College Preparatory Eastern Hugh School Balttmore Maryland Greensboro Sentor Hugh School Greensboro North Caroltna Red Cross House of Represertta ttve Alternate EANES MARILOU Martlou 3900 Dover Road College Preparatory Guldance Atde Class Counctl Al ternate Juntor Stunt Ntqht Usher Character Commtttee EDVXARDS PATRICIA ANN nn 5 South Dooley Avenue Re Cross Fu ure Nurses Club Bustness Club EGGERT JOYCE VIVIAN Joyce 3l23 Stuart Avenue College Preparatory Orchestra I-lorneroom Prestdent House of Representattves New Moon Freshman Class Counctl Alternate Nurses Atde Offtce Ate Ltbrary Staff Juntor tunt Ntght Jetfersontan Reporer Y Teens Jeffersontan Asststant Edttor EISEN KAY ELAINE 3V 4Sl7 Park Avenue College Preparatory Jeffersontan Lt Thesptans Home room Vtce restdent Monttcello Bustness Sta Character Comrntt tee Safety Counctl Spantsh Club Regepttgn Cammtttee Juntor Stunt Ntght Pep Club Varstty Cheer leader Jefferscntan Ltterafy Stall Page 2 Assts ant Edttor ELDRIDGE JEAN CAROL Carol 5308 Caledonta Road College PreparatorY Gutdartce Atde Horneroom VICE pregtdertt Fr shrrtan Class Counctl Spantsh Club SODIIOVTIOVS CIGSS Counctl Merrber Lucky Star Band Corrtmtttee Safety Counctl Span sor of A Company Junuor Stunt Ntght Decla aton Bustness Staff Auxtltary Atde House of Repre sen a tves Col 699 Day H05 652 ELLIOTT REBECCA SHIRAS Shtras 5303 Toddsbury Road College Preparatory Varstty H ckey J V Tennts C captatn Varstty Hockey Absentee Sheet Corrtrntttee Bus Ttcke s Conn 'rt ttee Cafeterta Commtt ee Sentor Class Counctl Juntor C'a Counctl Tebahoes Homeroorn Sec retary Treasurer of Tebahoes ELL'SbROBERT WILLIAM o 39II North Avenue College Preparatory Cadet Corps Honneroom Prest dent Usher Comrrttttee a toon Harry A Woody Club Jun Enqtn ers Club Hotrerootrt Treasurer ELMORE ROBERT LEWIS Robert 3l55 Ellwood Avenue Electtve Trafftc Cornrrtttee EUBANK FRANCIS LEWIS Frank 5106 Clarence S reet College Preparatory Declaratton Sports Edttor Fresh rrtan So hornore Footbal Freshman Class ounctl Trafftc Commtttee Track Chemtstry Lab Asststan Key ub Safety Counctl Spants Coach Juntor Stunt Ntgttt Home room Prestdent Dtsaster Team Prestdent Rtchmond Area Youth Safety Counctl Rec Hall Captatn Red Cross Sentor Class Counctl Alternate U her Comrntttee Audto vtsual Club Afttltattons Sctence Club Forum Monttcello P oto graptter Horneroorn Treasurer FAGG MARY MARIE 502I RTng Wtlltam Road College Preparatory Welfare Cornmtttee Juntor Ntght Gtrls Glee Club FAIRLAMB GEORGE CURRIE JR Currle 5 lrts Lane College Preparatory S unt Rtchmond Vtrgtnta FARLEY MARY LOUISE Mary Lou 708 Seneca Road College Preparatory Gutdance Atde Gtrls Glee Club Preparatory Chotr Vagabond Ktng Scenery Juntor Stunt Ntqttt godrrteroom Secretary Auxt tary t e FIEIIIID JOHN MARSHALL In 339 Albemarle Avenue Electtve Benedtcttne Rtchmond Vtrqtnta Offtce Atde Homeroom Trpxsu e Horrteroom Prestdent Character Comrrttttee Raclto Comrrtttee FLEER CHARLOTTE Charlotte S500 Dorchester Road Bustness Woodruff Htqh School Peorta llltnots Sophomore Class Counctl room Prestdent House of p sentattves Offtce Atde Junto Stunt Ntght Gutdance Ad Spar- Club Bu tness Club I-lorreroom Secretary FLEMING LINWOOD ALLEN Lmwood 30l3 Parkwood Avenue Electtve Sctence Club Safety Co ef,J I ' ' I - e ' I ' ttD- Aft tt - 'tt .. 1 .. HB-U.. ' I I - .I I- - t I I - O I I I I -I OI ' I , I .I'I ' I f ' I eau C I ' I 'L' t - I I I I ' , ' , ' I ' t , d A u ' t I , ' fr , I I I I I IIB I ll I , I I. ' 't , elf I C "ee, Bi- I , '. I t S- y- 3 '. , , t ,i . ' , Drill Pl . tiI, 4' II 'II Hr 'Y I' I RI 1 , I trA yor' me -' I ' F I I . ,I . eo ' I ' tt . I , , , I 'I , I HEI: HK ttI ' II II I cill I ' I I ' ' .I , . ' ' I , , , . I '. I ct ,' II " ' tt ' ' i I I' tt 'tt ' . 4. - I - tt t- ' I I I I . tl - I I II ' HJ' Ill . I I - - . A ' I .. -. .. "tt I"' I I I -. 'I . I . I I , I - 0 ' ' ' , ' . ' t Eledlve , . BUSIIISES , . Business St. ChristophIer's School . I . ,I I I t I I I I ,I 4 , I . , , ' , . ' I ' I' ' ' I' I -t . 'ku " "' I ' HK 'tt , , "Ray" I , I ' ' I A ' I .. ' .- ' ' I ' F ' .. tt' I I 't Home' ' ' I ' ' ' ' I - I ,I I Re je- .. ' tt " ' ' - 4 ' . ' I , ' Ile . A e ' ' I ish , s' I Yleens, .ts .. ' ' I ' .- - I . 3 ' ' I I - T aff' o mf , I- ll, R . M ' . 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FOHL BARBARA LOUISE Barbara 5701 Bromley Lane College Preparatory Character Commsttee Basketball J V Tennts Team Ltbrary H V Hockey Jeffersonsan porter Jeffersonsan News Edutor unuor unt Nugt Red Cross Representatuve Red Cross Alter nate Red Cross Secretary Future Teachers of Ameruca House I Representatuves Gutdance Asde Commsttee Rd Cross Dusa ter Commsttee FORD ALTON FORRESTER 302l Rosewood Avenue Electsve Stage Crew Freshman Sophomore Football Freshman Class Trea surer Trafluc Commsttee Var uty Football Sophomore Class Trea surer Junsor Class Treasurer H Y Sensor Class Treasurer FORD MORRIS HERNDON Morrus 2409 Floyd Avenue Electsve Track FORD SUSAN ELIZABETH ue 40l5 Wythe Avenue College Preparatory Homeroom Secretary Jellersonsan Lt Book Club House ot Repre sentatsves Alternate Messenger Commsttee Coachunq Junuor Stunt Nu ht Actor Jeffersonuan Captaun Je ersonsan Curculatuon Staff Jun uor ass ouncsl La sn u Latun Club Pressdent Jeffersonsan Curculatuon Manager Jettersonuan Reporter FOSTER BARBARA LEE Barbara Electsve Auxultary Asde Offuce Asde Op peretta Chorus Absentee Typsst FOX NANCY ANTOINETTE Foxue 4634 Kensungton Avenue College Preparatory House of Representatuves Lubrary Staff Englush Coach Junsor Stunt Nsght Montucello Busuness Staff Junsor Class Councul Alternate Homeroom Vsce presudent Sensor Class Secretary Csty Federatuon of Student Counculs Corresporudsng Secretary Teen Standards Councu Represerutatsve Bus Tucket Corrtmst tee Pep Club FRAZIER GERALD EDWARD Jerry 200l Grove Avenue Vocatsonal John Marshall Rschmond Vsrgsnua FRIEDMAN MELVIN NATHAN Melvsn I3 North Stafford Avenue Electsve Auxuluary Asde Commsttee Trafftc Commsttee FRIX ALTON GLENN Alton 23l Gun Club Road College Prepa atory Freshman Sophomore Footbal and ck HuY Plasn and Fanc GANDEE CAROLYN SUE Carolyn 40l6 Augusta Avenue Bussness Auxsluary Asde Assembly Commut tee Red Cros Volun eer Work Operetta Jeffersonuan Lt Weltare Commsttee Homeroom Secretary Orche tra Secretary Junsor Stunt Nsght Salety Commtttee OF7- eI,....," ! GARDNER BEVERLY LEE ev 4205 West Franklsn Street Busuness urses Asde Y een Busunes Club Junsor Red Cross GARNETT JAMES MILTON Sonny 6507 Hanover Avenue Electsve Cadet Corps GARTHRIGHT AME ELIZABETH Ame l7l0 Seddon Road College Preparatory Jeffersonsan L YTeens Home room Vuce presudent Lubrary Staff Red Cro s Volunteer Club Affulua tuons Montucello Luterary taff Freshman Assembly Lubrary Sta Vsce pressdent Character Comrnst tee Alternate Red Cross Alternate Junsor Stunt Nsght Future Teachers of Arneruca Publscsty Commsttee f r Junsor t t Nght Quull a d Scroll GENDERSON SAM am 47l9 Wythe Avenue College Preparator Stage Crew Tra c Commuttee Homeroom Treasurer GERKEN AUDERY SARRAH Audery 2306 Stuart Avenue Electsve Powhatan Hugh School Powhatan Vurgunua GERSHMAN CYNTHIA LEE C nthua 43l8 tuart Avenue College Preparatory Montscello Luterary Staff Junsor tunt Nsght Plaun and Fancy Red Cross Alternate Freshman Class Councul Alternate A Capel la Chosr Brugadoon GLAZIER DEBORAH LEE Debbue 6l0 Maylaur Avenue College Preparatory Homeroom Vuce presudent House of Representatuves Alternate Soph omore Junsor muttee Lucky rruuttee Class Councul Alternate Stunt Nuqht Pub ucuty Com Jeffersonuan Page Asssstant Star and Ideal Band Com Homeroom Treasurer GODSEY MARY DOUGLAS Mary 4308 Stonewall Avenue College Preparatory Offuce Asde J V Hockey Jeffer sonsan Lt Tennss Specual Servsce Coachung Softball GOLDMAN ROBERTA LYNN u 35l2 Stuart Avenue EleCtuve Nottungham Hugh School Syracuse New York Red Cross Alternate GOLDMAN STANLEY IRWIN Stanley 47l7 Bromley Lane College Preparatory Serae Weltare Football Traffsc Sophorrore Class Councsl Alter nate House of Representatuves Al ternate Track Junsor Class Coun csl Jeffersonsaru Page Fuve Assus tant Edutor Junsor Stunt Nsght Tsc ket Commsttee Sensor Class Coun cul Jeffersonuan Spors Edsuor GOODMAN DOROTHY JANE Dor th 9 Y l6Ol Westbrook Avenue College Preparatory I-lorreroom Pre uden Montucello Bus ne S aft Homeroom Secre tary House of Representatsves Al ternate Future Nurses Club GOODMAN ELEANOR FRANCES 5212 Kung Wsllsam Road Buddue College Pre aratory Lsbrary Sta Offsce Aude Home room Treasure Chaurman of Cos tume Commsttee ot Junsor Stunt Nsght Montscello Busuness Staff House of Representatsves Junsor Class Councul Gsrls Glee Club Red Cross Treasurer Book Club GORDON DAVID LEEROY Davud 3228 Garnett Street Electsve Homeroom Treasurer GRABAR JOHN WATSON John 38l9Semsnary Avenue Electuve House of Representatsves neersnq Club Homeroom dent Band GRAHAM JAMES MILTON Jummy SOII Kung Wullsam Road College Preparatory GREENBERG MARGARET ROSE Pussy 207 Seneca Road College Preparatory Junuor Class Councul Receptson Commsttee J V Hockey Jeffer sonuan Alternate Lt and Captaun Jeflersonsan Bussness Staff Jeffer sonsan Proof Reader and Reporter and Furst Pa e Edutor Montucello Bussness Sta J V Tenn f a J nsor St nt Nsght Scrspt Commsttee and Tscket Commsttee and Actor Freshman Class Coun cul Alternate Sensor Class Vsce presudent Club Aflslsatuons Forum Engs Press Club Homeroom Sgt at Arms GREENBERG MICHAEL LOUIS Make 34l7 Floyd Avenue Electsve GRIFFIN DALE ALLEN Dale S502 Dullwyn Road Electsve Declaratton Art Staff Junsor Stunt Nsght GRIFFITH ORETTA MAE Oretta 2l3l Floyd Avenue Electsve GRIGG JUDITH ARCHER Judy 54l0 New Kent Road College Preparatory Typusl and Member of Posnt Sys tern Red Cross Alternate Charac ter Commsttee Homeroom Secre tary House of Representatsves Al tergate Future Nurses Club Offsce Au e GRIGSBY JOHN TAZE JR John 5300 Caledonra Road College Preparator J V F ball O sce Asde J V Baseball Varssty Football Traffuc Track Junsor Stunt Nsqht GRIMES VIRGINIA JEANETTE Gunger 3900 West Broad Street Electsve Absentee Sheet Commsttee Gud ance Ofluce Typsst GROSSMAN ROBERTA SUE Bobble 73l6 Normandy Druve College Preparatory o e V Ba lret a Tennss Specual Servuces Aursluary Atde Messenger Junsor tunt Nsght Tucket Chaurman Jeffer sonsan Lt Homeroorr Secretary leffersonuan Reporter Jeffersonuan Page Two Edstor Spanush Club Junuor Stunt Ntght Sc upt Com st tee and Actor GUNTER J BRADLEY HUNT Brad 4300 West Franklun Street College Preparatory Homeroom Presudent Freshman ass Pressdent F otball J Tennss BOC Sophomore Sena tor Csty Federatson Rep esentatsve hasrman of Student Faculty Re latsons Commsttee Key Club Rec Hall Commsttee Sophomore Class ouncsl Junsor Senator Junsor Stunt Ns ht Actor and Props Com multee arsuty Tennus Safety Coun cl Chasrrrtan Demerst Sy terr Com nnsttee Chaurrran Sg at Arrucs ol Senate BOC Chasrnnan Pressdent ol Councsl ot Homeroom Press dents Pressdent of Student Partscs patson HALL ANN PRINCE Ann B08 West 3lst Street Busuness Dauly Reports Bus Tuckets Jeffer sonuan Lt Sophomore Class Coun c Bookkeepung Club Busunes Club HALL JOYCE LEE Joyce 3225 Grant Street Busrness Homeroom Pressdent Homeroom Vsce pressdent House of Represeru tatsves Chatrman Calendar Corrs muttee of House of Representatsves Busuness Educatson Club Declara n Tps Sottba Team Gurls Glee lub Offsce Aude Auxtluary Asde Receptson Desk Commsttee Sponsor D Company HAMLET GORDON EDWARD Gordon 3BI4 Noble Avenue College Preparatory Homeroom Treasurer Homeroom Vuce presudent Key Club Book keepsng Club Vsce presudenr Rec Hall Commsttee Lt Captaun and member of Usher Commsttee Character Commsttee Alternate HANCOCK ANN BOLLING nn 3963 Fauquuer Avenue College Preparatory Homeroom Secretary Sophomore Class Councul Junsor Class Coun xuluary s e nsor Sun Nsght Publscsty Commsttee Typung Asde to Mrs Bennett HANCOCK JOAN ANNE Joan 3l35 ldlewood Avenue Electsve Of'luce Asde Receptuon Desk Aux sluary Aude Guudance Asde Char acter Commsttee Alternate HARBAUGH LUTHER WILLIAM Lukse 34l0 Idlewood Avenue College Preparatory Freshman Football Audto Vusual Asde Athletsc Asde HARRIMAN STEPHEN JOHN Steve 206 Woodlawn Avenue College P eparatory Phsllups Academy Andover Massachusetts Tupelo Hugh School M s sssspps Homeroorr Vsce pressdent T ack HARRISON ARTHUR WIDEMAN Arlhur I6 Suonehur t Green w ', 0 4 k 'non .. .. Us .. I I . I . I . . I I II . I I N , . I IT SI . S . ,I , . I ' . I J. - -. ' .Re- A 5 . . . J "ssI 'usI ' " 'l ' I' S I I V . I .1 I . O ' V . . , I - I I , S , e ' s I I , . I Cl I ' I o V , . V. s-AIu's I I . IIII I I I I I " , I . I ' I ' I I s . I . '- 'j .I I I ' S . 7 I Y 1 I I I, s ' . I u L A I I V - I I . . - '. ' ' I ' u A . I I o ' Sun i I ' n ' . . I I' I . ' ' - IIS II s ,. . I .'. I I us ' su ..S '.. . all ' r A. t 4 - I ' ss us ' HI " r I - 5 ' Icu c I', r' 'cuIbI ' - I - t . ' I ' I . . - , " - 'I' A . . Is, So t- ' I ' V . . I b H, Iu ' uI ' I ' 'I I ' I . - - ' I - tio i tI I III ' I If I 24l8 Floyd Avenue . t I I ' I ' I ' " " I ' ' ' . . I II eau Au I'A'a I JuA rI Q . I . . . HK-ps. ' - I I t II . II . . oot I ' I .I . Tra , u, " ' A v." . ' - .t ' ,I .3 " ' " " ' I s ' I. ' ' I S' t ' J. y. u-u Cry, J. I. S Ia uuI " YS T o Q.. I.,If, if-Y I 3 I I 1 . . I 5' C A A A A st ,I 1 .Um o. .0 V ? a. .'o Q Ig 'N ' ' 252 College Preparatory TraIc HIY CafeterIa JunIor Stunt NIght HASSEL SUSANNA LUDWIG Susie 500 BaldwIn Road College Pre araatory Freshman lass CouncIl Home room Treasurer Hockey Team Basketball Team TennIs Team Jeffersoman Lt Ideal Band Com mIttee JunIor Stunt NIght Teba hoes Chatrman Ideal Band Com mIttee Homeroom PresIdent Stu dent Coach Jef'fersonIan Assrstant Pa e EdItor Cafeterta Commtttee Je ersontan Page EdItor SenIor Class CouncIl Pep Club HAWTHORNE BARBARA LEE Hawthorne 4l06 Stonewall Avenue College Preparatory Homeroom VIce presIdent Welfare CommIttee tn Board CommIttee L Y een ChoIr JunIor Stunt Iqht PlaIn and Fancy Class CouncIl Alternate Montrcel lo BusIness CommIttee IlIary AIde ball Team Homeroom CommIttee HAYRE DOROTHY JEAN Dorothy 2029 Elmsmere Avenue Electlve SpanIsh Club Future Nurses Club Guldance AIde CafeterIa CommIt tee Head of PublIcIty CommIttee for Y Teens ll HEASLEY MARGARET VIRGINIA Pussy Safety CouncIl Bulle Comrftttee Character Alternate Jeffersonlan PresIdent A Capella Pep Club SenIor Staff Lucky Star Band GuIdance AIde Aux Coach GIrls Basket Manager Tebahoes Secretary Bus Ttcket College Preparatory Jeffersoman Lt House of Repre sentatIves Guldance AIde Aux Iltary AIde JunIor Class CouncIl Alternate OffIce AIde PoIrIt Sys em JunIor Stunt NIght een Standard CouncIl Character Com mtttee Future Teachers of AmerI ca Jeffersoman Lt Alternate HEINDL CONSTANCE ELIZABETH ConnIe 34l9 Hawthorne Avenue College Preparatory J V Basketball Jeffersoman Lt Future Teachers of Amerrca Jun Ior Stunt NIght Chorus LIne Pro gram Chatrman Ior FTA HELTZEL SALLY Sally 3802 Semnnary Avenue College Preparatory unlor Stunt NIght Actor an Scenery DeclaratIon Ltterary Staff Pep Club Jeffersontan Lt A Cap pella ChoIr Character Corrmrttee Alternate HENDERSON BEVERLY JAYNE Beverly I7 South Stafford Avenue BusIness Red Cross Usher for Opere ta and Art Work JunIor Stunt Nrqht Ush e Forum Club Future Nurses Club BusIness Club HERANDON HUNTER MALCOLM I7I4 Sgkdale Avenue ElectIve Baseball HI Y HILL ELIZABETH LEE Bee Bee 4609 West Grace Street Colle e Preparatory Red ross Freshman Class cIl Llbrary Staff House of Repre Coun sentatIves Alternate DeclaratIon Ltterary Staff Vagabond KIng Jeff Ettes Plaln and Fancy Jun Ior Stunt NIght Raduo CommIttee JunIor Class CouncIl Jeffersoman Ltterary Staff Operetta Radto CommIttee ChaIrman HILL JOHN LOWELL John l230 WIndsor Avenue College Preparatory McAlester Hugh School McAlester Oklahoma JunIor Class CouncIl Character Cornmtttee HILLS CHARLES FREDRICK Chuck 3403 Patterson Avenue Eleccttve Cathedral RIchmond VIrgInIa A Cappella ChoIr Homeroom VIce presIdent MontIcelloArt Staff PlaIn and Fancy HINHCKIILE HENRY THOMAS I 3807 Krensmgton Avenue ElectIve Harry A Woody Club C Com pany CaptaIn HINCKLE WM CHRISTOPHER 3307 Kenslngton Avenue Electtve Harry A Woody Club JunIor Sen Ior Chatr CommIttee Character CommIttee Alternate Harry A Woody Club Secretary and Trea surer A Company 2nd Lt HOBBS WILLIAM HOMER I 2906 Floyd Avenue ElectIve Band Character CommIttee Stage Crew Eraser CommIttee JunIor Stunt NIght Tncket CommIttee S HOLLAND HENRY DAVIS Henry 4406 FItzhugh Avenue College Preparatory Homeroom PresIdent House f R resentatlves S P l23 Club A IlIatIons Llbrary Comrmttee Student Coach Forum PresIdent ChrIstIarI Youth League Treasurer Jeffersonuan AssIstant Sports EdItor JUDIOY Class VIce presIdent OuIlI and Scroll Key Club Jef'fersonIan E Itor In chlef B O C Key ub VIce presIdent Forum Treasurer Rec Hall CommIttee HOITEI ROBERT EDWIN o 4205 Cutshaw Avenue BusIness JunIor Stunt NIght Band Operet ta Character CommIttee College Day Host HOLTZCLAW WILLIAM FAIR Butch l407 Hampton Street College Preparatory Jeffersoman Lt Band Safety Coun cIl Club I6 Homeroom PresIdent House of Representattves Harry A Woody Club HOLZBACH GEORGE BERNARD George l5l6 Nottoway Avenue College Preparatory Cadet Corps HOSDII ELLWOOD RICHARD c 4205 llVythe Avenue College Pre aratory Audlo VIsua Usher Stage Crew Spantsh Club HOPKINS LOUISA BURKS Lowsa 5222 DevonshIre Road College Preparatory Welfare CommIttee Y Teens DaIly Reports Cornmrttee SpanIsh Club JunIor Stunt NIght HORNE PATRICIA STAPLES a 3205 Bute Lane College Preparatory Book Club YTeens Homeroom Asststant Advanced Dramatlcs N tronal ThespIan SocIety Vaga bond KIn Forum Club Jun S nt NIgt PIaIn and Fancy Honor Study Chaurman Club Af fIlIatIons HOUSEWORTH JO ANN l5l4 Bellevue Avenue College Preparatory YTeens Red Cross Volunteer at MedIcal College So homore Class CouncIl PublIcIty ommlttee for JunIor Stunt NIght and Extra LI brary Staff Character Comrruttee Alternate TypIst n Counseors OffIce Monttcello BusIness Staff HOWARD SYLVIA RAVENEL S lvta l2I5 IndsorAvenue Electlve Homeroom PresIdent House o Re resentatIves Club I6 A Cap p a ChoIr JunIor Stunt Prop CommIttee Receptron Desk Vaga bond Knng Guldance AIde Scen er for aIn an Fancy e Cross Offnce AIde PlaIn and Fancy Cast Homeroom Secretary HOXIIELL ELIZABETH ANN nn 2506 Stuart Avenue College Preparatory Homeroom PresIdent A Cappella ChoIr Vagabond Kung JunIor tunt NIght PlaIn and Fancy House of Representatwes BrIga HUDGINS NANCY LILLIAN Nancy 3308 Lamb Avenue BusIness YTeens JunIor Stunt NIght Bust ness EducatIon Club GIrls Glee Club Jeffersoman Lt ChrIstIan Youth League Pep Club TypIst In Counselor s Offace HUF TURID ELLEN uffI I4l7Avondale Avenue College Preparatory Freshman Class CouncIl Home room PresIdent Sophomore Class CouncIl Red Cross JunIor Stunt NIght DeclaratIon BUSINESS Staff Club AffIlIatIons Safety CouncIl Sctence Club Homeroom Secretary and Treasurer HUSHEN ANN BELLIS Ann 2820 Monument Avenue College Preparatory Red Cross ISBELL BARBARA JANE labs 3004 Monument Avenue BusIness AuxIlIary AIde CommIttee JACKSON DAVID WHITT Davtd l200 Taylor Avenue Sowege Preparatory I JANOWSKI NORMAN PHILIP Norm l42I Westbrook Avenue Colle e Preparatory Catho Ic Central HIgh School DetroIt MIchIgan Cass Techmcal Hrgh School DetroIt MIchIgan Jeffersoman Lt Homeroom PresI dent Scuence Club Secretary 500 Treasurer JOHNSON MARION WAYNE Wayne 8l2 West 46th Street College Preparatory Freshman Class Councrl Alternate Song of Norway JeffersonIarI Lt DeclaratIon SectIon EdItor and Sports Entertarnment and SpanIsh Safety CommIttee PTA Commtt ee New Moon Jeffersoman CaptaIn Vagabond Krng Char acter CommIttee Alternate Forum VIce presIdent QuIll and Scroll Traf'fIc Commtttee aIn an Fancy Natlonal ThespIan SocIety Forum PresIdent A Cappella ChoIr PresIdent OffIce AIde Commrttee JOHNSTON JEAN ELAINE Jean 5504 Grove Avenue College Preparatory Homeroom Treasurer Basketball Operetta Nurse s AIde Sophomore Class CouncIl Coactunq Club Af fIlIatIons Je ersoman Character Cornmtttee Future Nurses Club Prestdent LIbrarIan of Orchestra Safety CouncIl JunIor Stunt NIght Tucker Commrttee House of Repre sentatlves JOHNSTON PATRICIA KAY Patty 4232 Old Brook Road ElectIve Homeroom Secretary Jeffersoman Lt Sophomore Class CouncIl Bus Tucket CommIttee JONES CAROLE ELIZABETH Puggsle 30l6 F oyd Avenue BusIness Y Teens Operetta Bookkeepmq Club Buslness Club Nurse s AIde JONES ELIZABETH MELVILLE 4004 Cary Street Road Electuve Homeroom PresIdent Homeroom VIce presIdent House of Represen tatIves Jeffersoruan L Ltbrary Staff Sports EdItor lor MontIcello Llterary Staff MontIcello SenIor SectIon Basketball J V Hockey Tenms Team Manager Pep Club SpanIsh Club JunIor Stunt NIg Costume CommIttee JORDAN ERNIE BAILEY ErnIe 3207 French Street Electtve Traf'fIc CommIttee House of Repre sentatIves JORIG JUDITH GAITHER U Y 420l Monument Avenue College Preparatory Collegtate School for GIrIs RIchrnond V I a Book Clu haracter Comrrnttee Alternate Jeffersonran Lt Assern bly CommIttee DeclaratIon L erary Staff JunIor Stunt NI ht Pro gram Comrmttee Lattn Clu Q ll and Scroll House of Representa tIves House of Representanves Al ternate Future Teachers olAmerIca Treasurer Safety CouncIl C0 Ed tor of DeclaratIon LIterary Staff Homeroom Secretary JUNES ROULA JULIET Roula I4I8 Lorraune Avenue BusIness Red Cross House of Represena tIves Alternate Homeroom Tea surer JunIor Stunt NIght Opererta Scenery Art Work for Sentor Class 5Y KANICK PATRICIA JEAN PattI 3608 Noble Avenue rf' IPI -!l- QV 'R 4 .P 'xf' tk' XJ 25: T 457 H. I I ,I I . I . . II II,, I II . ,,I I. I I I I . I I ' ' ' I' I ' IIP 'll' I III ,II ,I - - :II I TPI. Id .I - I' II ' II ..Jo,. ' I ' - I I I I -' ,II IT . -I .. - ..I' I ' " ' I , ff ' I . . . . I Al . A. I - ' . A I I I - I . . nam.. I' ent I , I , - II II I . I ' I A. 1, . I . 'U I ' . -. . I ' ' y "III" Ia II ji R d - I l I - - ' - l' "B'll'l . .. I. I I ' 'I S I I I U A . I I.. I HI I I I 2507 Lancelot Avenue PI '23 ' ' dom". Llbfaft' COVYIYYWITVCE. I "Betty" I I . . I . I ' , . ' I I . III . Y l I ' . I ' T ' O ' - ,l -A - I' . I l . A . . I I I ,I I - I I I I I I , I II .I -I I ' I I I I ' ' - ' , I' HH ... II I II .. .II I . I r I .. J .. I I - CI I I ' I I , - - I 4 ' I . ll ll ' I . .. .. I . . II III I I I I . I . UI' I I I 0 I I . . . . I ' I I I -I I II V. ll . I V I II II' I , I I 3351?-.:fi!1'7 X I- - -- - ' C5135 f - - ' iff xp - If - ' JS- 'I -' r ' ,I , -f X-H College Preparatory St Oertrudes Rtchrnond Vtrqtnta Hoff eroo S Greta V and ea tt cr Ovtdance Atde Red Cross Alternate House of Representattves Alte nate Jeffersontan L Juntor un N Monttce lo Bustness s rt Of? Ate P c ts Al ternate Spantsh Club KAYNE ELLEN MERLE Ellen Merle 73l4 Nor andy Drtve Co leqe Preparatory Scenery for Operetta Monttcello Lttera y Staff Receptton Desk Corn r-ntttee rtttttee Juntor Scrtpt Cornmtttee Spantsh Club Sentor Monttcello Out an Secretary U S Governmert Coach Algebra Coach Sentor Class Play Ttcket Cornmtttee Red Cro s Mes enger Corn Juntor Edttor of Monttcello unt t t Usher an Commtttee Auxtltary Atde Edttor Scroll KECK KATHLEEN MARY Kathy 5508 Toddsbury Road College Preparatory Homeroom Vtce prestdenl Ltbrary Staff Jeffersontan Lt Red Cross Alternate Coachtnq Honor Study Chatrman Auxtltary Atde Juntor Class Counctl Juntor Stunt Ntqht Usher Chatrman Welfare Com rrttttee KENNEDY GARNETT WARRINER Garnett 4808 Augusta Avenue College Preparatory age Crew S l23 Tra tc Corrtmtttee Harry A Woody Club Elevator Comrrttttee KING GRACE ELISABETH Betty l625 Nottoway Avenue College Preparatory Ltbrary Staff Jeffersontan Lt F ture urses u House Representattves Alternate Spantsh Club KLEINKOPF LOUISE MARIAN 43l4cPIatterson Avenue Bttstness Radto Commtt ee KOHN AUGUST Augte 203 Oak Lane College Prepa alory Character Cornrrttttee Monttcello ustness Staff Jeffersontan Lt Usher Cornmtttee KRONIIIAUS ERNEST JACQUES l2333l7tndsor Avenue College Preparatory Operetta KRYSTEL BARBARA ANN Krys l7 North Thompson Street College Preparatory Ba ketball Red C o s Jeffersontan Bustne s Stahl Home oorr' Treasurer Sophomore Class Counctl Juntor arstty asketball Juntor tunt Ntght Usher Co adverttstnq Marta get of Jeffer ontan Bustness S aff LAIRD RALPH TRUAX Butch 2306 Grove Avenue Electtve Stage Crew LANDRUM JAMES HARLEY Jtmm Y 5705 Park Avenue College Preparatory Trafftc Cotmmtttee Usher Commtt ee Band Orchestra as or y,, Qs-2 LAWRENCE FRANK MOOREFIELD Frank l803 Oakdale Avenue Electtve LEE KENNETH FRANKLIN Franklin 50ll Devonshtre Road College Preparatory Horrteroorrt Secre ary Sentor Class Counctl LEHMAN JUDITH CAROL Carol 6809 Ken tnqton Avenue Bustne s House of Representattves Auxtltary Atde Horrteroom Secretary LESSNER SANDRA Sandy 3300 West Grace Street Bustness uslrtess Cl y ts Gary LETELLIER JULES PATRICK Jules 2208 Stuart Avenue College Preparatory Mtss ets Rfle T am Dttl Plato n Sctence Club LEWIS CAROL STRAUS Carol 5612 Wythe Avenue Bustness Offtce Atde LEWIS JANET GAIL Janet 46lI Kenstngton Avenue College Preparatory Future mtttee Juntor rrttttee LIPSCOMB NANCY LOU Nancy 204 South Colontal Avenue Electtve Nurses Club Ltbrary Cor Messenger Corrtrrttttee Stunt Ntght Ttcket orrt Gutdance Atde Nurses Atde Aux ttary Atde Junt r Stun Nt t Juntor Red Cross Alternate House of Representattves Ltbrary Com rrttttee Typtst for Counselor LONGEST PATSY HADDON Patsy 38lB Herrtnttage Road Electtve Homeroom Prestdenl Characte Comrrttttee Red Cross LORD FRANK KNIGHT Frank 4305 Stuart Avenue College Preparatory Trafttc Comrrtttlee LOUIE WON HENRY JR Won 2l8 We t Broad Street Electtve LYNCH FREDERICA B Bunny 23 Clarke Road College Preparatory Collegtate Rtchrrortd Vtrgtnta I-lorreroorrt ecretary Charac Corrrrtttee Alternate Prestdent of Future Teachers Club Radto Corrt mttee Hou e Alternate Co Assts 'ant Edttor for Jeffersontan LYNE DOROTHY ROSE Dotty 4319 Fauoute Avenue College P eparatory Cafee ta Cornrrttttee Spectal Se VICC MACFARLANE ROBERT BRUCE Bobby 406 Maple Avenue Col ege Preparatory Chrtstchurch Urbanna Vtrqtnta Tennts Usher Corrtrrttttee Trafftc Cortnmtttee House of Representa ttves MANN COURTNEY HOWERTON Courtney I0 Maxwell Road College Preparatory Ltbrary Staff Fresh Soph Basket d V Hockey Monttcello Bustness Staff Character Conftmtt tee Alternate Auxtltary Atde Bus Ttcket Corrtrrtttee Juntor Stunt Ntght MARTIN BARBARA LEE Barbara l503 Bellevue Avenue Colle e Preparatory r s Vo unteer at M C Character Comrntttee YTeens Art Aststant Art Show Juntor tunt Ntght Scenery Jeffersontan Lt Alternate MARTIN NANCY JOANN Nancy ll North Shtelds Avenue Bustness Ltbrary Staff Juntor Red Cross Bustness Club Juntor Stunt Ntqht Absentee Sheet Corrmtttee Typtst Jeffersontan Typtst MARTIN THOMAS CHANDLER Chandler 34ll Noble Avenue College Preparatory House of Representattves Usher Juntor Stunt Ntght Art Asststant Trafftc Cornrntttee Homeroortn Prestdent MASLAN NEAL LYLE Neal 39l7 Sterltng Drtve College Preparatory Freshman Class Counctl Auxtltary Atde Audto Vtsual Sophomore Class Counctl Declaratton Bustness Staff Juntor Class Counctl Alter nate ettc u ettn Boar T afftc MAYFIELD ROBERT WADE Bobby l2l0 Stanhope Avenue Electtve Football Horrteroom Pre tdent H Y Track House of Representattves MCDONALD SYLVIA KATHERINE Sylvta 4006 Monttcello Street College Preparatory Homeroom Secretary Absentee Sheets Juntor Stunt Ntght pe retta Sentor Class Play Art Work MCFEE MARGARET JANE Marque 4707 Calumet Road Col ege Preparatory Welfare Comrntttee Freshman Class Counctl Bullettn Board Com r-'ttttee Homeroorn Prestdent Ten nts Declaratton Ltterary Saft' Red Cross New Moon Cadet Corps Sponsor Sophomore Class Counctl Vagabond Ktng Juntor tunt Ntght Asststant Dtrector Sa etv Counctl House of Representattves Sponsor of Cortnpany E Jeffer sontan Ltterary Staff YTeens Vtce prestdent Amertcan Fteld Servtce Exchange Student atn an Fancy MCKINNEY ARDRA LOU Ardte 305 Cowardtn Avenue College Preparatory Operetta Orches' a Pre tdent Bust ness Manager of Monttcello Outll and Scroll Red Cross Juntor Stunt Ntght Ttcket Corrtrntttee McKlNNEY BETTY JOANNE Joanne 3Zl2 Patterson Avenue Bustness Homeroorn Vtce prestdent Home room Secretary House of Repre sentattves Offtce Atde Pep Club Sentor Cheerleader F tnq u todtan Auxtltary Atde MEADOR BARBARA ANN Bobble 2l4 Banbury Road College Preparatory St Cathertnes Rtchmond Vtrgtnta Book Club Vtce prestdent Ltbrary Connmtttee Red Cross Junto Stunt Ntght Book Club Prestden Homeroom Secretary Btoloqy Lab Asststant Sentor Class Counctl Monttcello Bustness Staff Forum Club Jeffersontan Lt MEETEER ELLWOOD JACKSON Woody 3422 Hanover Avenue Lane Hugh School Charlottesvtlle Vtrqtnta otball D E MEISEL ALBIN LUTHER JR Albtn B Lextngton Road College Preparatory Lab Asstslant Trafftc Commtttee Usher Mtlttary MELTON ANEY ABIGAIL Aney 3ll7 Monurnent Avenue College Preparatory Rockvtlle Htgh School Rockvtlle Vtrqtnta Juntor Red Cross Alternate Safety Comrrttttee Jeffersontan Lt Alter nate Spantsh Club Jeffersontan Lt Chrtsltan Youth League MELTON JOSEPH NELSON Nelson BSI2 Spaldtnq Drtve Club Stxteen Horrteroom Pre MEYERS STEPHEN ALLAN Steve tdent College Preparatory Sta e Crew Audto vtsual Usher Je ersontan Lt Football Mana er untor t nt Ntg t Ttc et Comrntttee Character Commtttee Alternate MICEHVAEL ROBERT WELBORNE o 3207 Monument Avenue College Preparatory Usher Homeroom Prestdent Tennts Team Trafftc Homeroom Vtce prestdent Sophomore Class Court e IB CFVI es Rec Hall Comnrttttee Juntor Stunt t t Chorus tne House o Representattves Harry A Woody Club MILEY GEORGE ERRETT George 3804 Charvtberlayne Avenue College Preparatory 'lomeroorrt Vtce prestdent Footbal' Baseball Homeroorr Prestrlent Homeroom Treasurer Trafltc Corrt mtttee MILLER MELVIN DOUGLAS Butch 5l06 Argus Lane College Preparatory Freshman Sophomore Football J V Footbal Usher Corrtmtttee MILLS BARBARA ANN Bobbt 3424 Hanover Avenue Bustne s Bu lettn Board Receptton Desk Declara ton Art S aff Offtce Atde Scenery For Vaqabond Ktnq Juntor Sunt Ntqht Ofttce At e Ltbrary Corrtrnt tee Pep Club MITISHELL ALAN RHODES 6435 Rdonelawn Road vw 'Jg 93 54 gi n Se Vr f T' - A ' I VV V- tl'L C si Y I ' 'Il 4 li' I ll Str t ll hty ' l 't , ' " "" ta , 'ce 'd 4 ep IJ - V ' I Y Y s , ' . 4 - A u tt, J. , 1 ' V V -4' ' Sy V N'gh A V A 'V ,VV Red C os I V . . V., I . , V .- V . V 5- 1 V' -V S .. '.. O' I V' I' if B ' nb, r D' t for ' , ' ' r ' A " , ' H Fa , . '. ctuu. Cad P, I e 'l Q o , ' 4- ' V V V V st . . . P. , H' - I ' A ' . PV .. -- ' ' - - V V l V V, . , C V , , I l . , y ' y I , I Atttt ' B tt ' af " N t, CI b -V 3? gl. . r A V t A h ' r . Ill North Wilton Road - ' ' - ' O Q ' . . ' ' . ' ' . y a,J' s"u ',tt 'Vu III' U I tt tr' ' 5' r, I' -I V .. ' .. I . V O V ,- V - Z , ' W ' , A , CII, Sp C' I S 'C , S. P. l23, - , . H , V H N'gtt V L' A f .. .. V WVVV V S W V , Vt V I SV V A r Vs. VA 1 4 I S A V ter V I V H 'I H .H VV ' B V , S V 4, VV S ' V Y -1 'V ' V HPI. d V V T z or?--' --.0 QI! ..... , '. A :at an e 4- tw . :UL - Y Y , A z . . 5 y - Y -4 xml oz' ,Vl J ...Z 7 ,.-'Ji ll ,X . . , 2 Electtve Usher House of Representattves Horneroom Treasurer Radto Corr mittee MITCHELL ALFRED AUGUSTINE Buddy 4308 Brook Road Electtve Character Corntrttttee A terna Elevator Operator MITCHELL LINDA ANN Ltnda 3506 Hanover Avenue College Preparatory Horrteroortt Secre ary Home ot Representattves Fre hn'an Sopho more Basketball Ofttc Atde Datly Reports Spectal Serrtce Jun t unt Ntght Red Cros nate Pep Club Character Corn rntttee Alternate Operetta Scenery MIZELL KAY BERYL GY 3506 Stuart Avenue College Preparatory Ofttce Atde A Cappella Chotr House of Representattves Assetrt bly Comrrttttee Vagabond Ktn Character Corrtrrttttee Juntor Stunt lgt atn and Fancy u dent Coach Horneroor' Treasurer Lucky Star Cotrtrrttttee MODICA FILOMENA CARMEN Carmen 3ll Grantte Avenue Red Cross Honor Study Chatrman Horrteroorn Prestdent Ltbrary Co'n mtttee Ltbrary Staff Gutdance Atde Make up Comrrttttee for untor Stunt Nt and Sent r Class Play MOESSINGER MARIAN BRISTOW Martan 422 Ltbble Avenue Electtve Scenery Comrntttee Ior Operetta and Juntor Stunt Ntqht Character Cornrntttee Alternate Horrteroorrt Secretary MONTAGUE LEWIS FLEMING Monty 420 Ltbbte Avenue Electtve Freshman Basebal and Footbal House of Represen attves Juntor Class Counctl Horrterootrt Trea surer Usher Trafttc Cornrrttttee MOODY DOROTHY LEE o 3907 Floyd Avenue College Preparatory Fresh Soph Basketball Hotneroonrt Secretary Gtrls Glee Club Forum glub Character Corrttrttttee Red ross MOOREFIELD ROBERT ALLEN o 4300 Sprtnghtll Avenue College Preparatory Horrteroorn Prestdent Freshrnan etball J V Baseball Horr roorn Treasurer Traft c Corrtrrttttee R c Hall Corrrntttee J ntor Stn Ntght MORAN DONNA SHEPHERD Donna 4606 Devonshtre Road Electtve Nlurse sAtde Freshrran Cla s Co rt cl Club Stx een G tdance At e Absentee Corttnrttttee Sophorrtoe ass Counctl Alte nate Juntor tunt Ntght Platn and Fancy Offtce Atde Horneroorn Treasurer Declaratton Bustnes Staff Sentor Cass Counctl House of epr sentattves MORGAN BEVERLY ev l0l5 Blanton Aven e College Preparatory Characte Cornrrtlttee House of Representattves Alternate Juntor Class Counctl Horneroonrt Prest dent Hotreroorn Secretary MORRIS REBECCA JANE Becky 4027 Cutsnaw Avenue College Preparatory Jeffersontan Lt Fre nnrtan Sopno crore Basketball How room Secre ta y Club Stk een Ltbrary onn mtttee A Cappella Chotr Juntor Stunt Ntght Decorattons Comrr-tttee For JuntorS ntor Dance Platn and Fancy Brtgadoon MOSELEY JEANNE DEUBRE Jeanne 7l3 West 48th Street Electtve I-lorneroorrt Secretary Fre hrnan Class Counctl Red Cross Alternate Horrteroorn Atde Nurses Atde Declaratton Art Staff Howeroorrt Treasurer Btology Lab Asststant MUNFORD RANDOLPH TAYLOE Randy 208 Roanoke Street Electtve John Marshall Htgh School Rtchtnond Vtrgtnta MURRAY ROBERT LOUIS JR Chuck 3206 Rosewood Avenue Elec tve Horreroorn Vtce Prestdent Cl-arac ter Cornrrttttee Basketball Home roottt Treasurer Juntor Stunt Ntght MUSE ROBERT SEARGEANT Bobby 3lO6 Garrett Street Electtve Freshrnan Basketball Varstty Bas ketball Varsty Tennts Horneroorn Treasurer Ht Y I Horneroorn Vtce Prestdent Athlettc Alde MUSSER DOROTHY MILDRED Mlllle SIOS Fores Ht'lAvenue Electve to ogy Lab Asststant Ltbrary C rt- tttee Club Strteen Future ur es Club Character rrttttee NEALE MARY KATHERINE Mary Kathertne 3900 Serntnary Avenue College P eparatory Decaratton Bustness Staff ed Cross Alternate YTeens Trtanqle I House of Representattves Jet Corn ersontan Lt ntor Stunt Nt t Usher Secretary ol Future Teachers of Arne tca Football Ttcket Corn rntttee Sentor Class Counctl NOBLE IRENE NAN Nan 44l2 Leonard Parkway Electtve Futu e N rses Club Lbrary ont rr' tt e as e a Hortneroor' Secreta y Red Cross NORMENT FRANCES Frances 4227C a be ayne Av Col ge Preparato y Hou e ot Repres n 0 presen a tves Alt acte Co r"ttee Character orc rr' tr e A e nate Sponsor o Corrpany Ochestra Vagabond tng Ofttce Atde Juntor tunt t st an s b 6 Mon tcel o B stness Staff HUDSON nue tves H e rnat t-a NUCKOLS ANNA JANE Anna Jane 4303 Cha be avne Av nue Col ge P epa atory tray CaacerCor't tee A rn EG C oss G l Glee Clup Cnaracter Comrntttee Alternate Sparttsh ub uture Nurses Cl r paratory Chotr OSIVLNV CHARLES ONEST JR u e 5I08 Evelyn Byrd Road College Preparatory Usher Comrrttttee Traf'Itc Commtt tee Student Coacn Monttcello Photographer Character Corrtrrttt tee Alternate PACE HORACE FRED Fred ZOI7 Floyd Avenue E ecttve Varstty Football PACE MARY ELIZABETH Mary Eltzabeth ll3 North Shtelds Avenue Bustness Red Cross Jeflersontan Alternate Gutdance Atde House ol Repre sentattves Alternate Monttcello Ltterary Staff Juntor Stunt Ntght Juntor Class Counctl Alternate PADGETT GEORGIA BRIGHT Georgte 2036 Park Avenue College Preparatory Douglas Freernan Htgh School Rtchrrtond Vtrgtnta Herrnttage Hugh School Rtchrrtond Vtrgtnta Juntor Stunt Ntght Future Nurses Club PADOW TOBY LINDA Toby 44Ol Wythe Avenue Bustness Declaratton Typtst PAGE MAYSVILLE JANE Jane 2904 Rugby Road College Preparatory Horneroorrt Vtce Prestdent Offlce Atde House of Representattves Subtect Coach Ltbrary Cornmtttee Cap ella C tr Vagabond Ktng utdance Atde Jeffersontan Re orter Sponsor ot E orrt p ny Juntor Stunt Ntght Platn and Fancy Cadet Corps Typtst PARKER CHARLES SCOTT Scott 33l2 Park Avenue E ecttve Freshman Sopnornore Basketball Freshman Senator H Y ll Horne room Prestdent Track Sophomore Senator Juntor Varstty Basketball Varstty Basketball Trafltc Comrntt tee Sentor Senator PARSONS HORTON DEAN Dean 5108 Patterson Avenue Electtve Eraser Cornmtttee Usher Cornrtttt tee Trafftc Cowtrntttee PATRICK BRENDA SUE Brenda 324l Woodrow Avenue c t Chrtsttan Yottn Leaq e Red Cross e of Rep sen attves So o e Cas rtctt A Cappe 'totr Platn and Fancy Je er sontan Lteutenant Suden Coach Usher for Vagabond Kung PAXTON JAMES MCCORMICK Jtmmy 50l7 Sylvan Road College Preparatory Lao Asststan Traffc Corrtrtttttee Horrteroorn Vtce Prestdent Sopho rr-o e Class Co nctl Safey Coun Juntor Class Counctl Horne T eas Track Tea PAYBNE CHRISTINA COLEMAN un 527 NotIIIt Sheppard S reet Col ege Preparatory Messenger Cornrntttee Offtce Atde Bus Ttcket Corrtnntttee Gutdance Atde Horneroorn Prestdent Horre roorr' Vtce Prestdent Honneroorn Secretary Juntor Varsty Cneer leader Juntor Cheerleader Jeffe sontan Radlo Corrtrrtttee Photography Edttor of Jettersontan Sentor Class Counct' Jeffersontan Reporter Student Coach Dancer New Moon PAYNE THOMAS WILLIAM JR Tommy 4407 Brornley Lane College Preparatory Hornetoorn P e den T nnt Tean Freshrran Class Counctl F eshrran Basketball T affc Corrtrrttt P Foot ball Team Track Team Horreroorn Treasurer Cateterta Corcrnttee J V Basketball Juntor Class Coun ctl Alternate Horneroor Vtce Pre t nt J mor Stunt Ntght Varst Basketball Senate PEARSON PATRICIA ANNE Path l0ll Grantte Avenu Coltege Prepa atory Horneroom Secretary House ol Representattves A e nate Jun or tunt Ntght Cnorus Ltne Ltbrary Sta Offtce Atd Horneroowt Vtce Ptestden Mon tcellg s n s Staff Pep Club Al ernate PEAY JAMES H BINFORD Btnme l408 Confederate Avenue College Preparatory rstty F otball Basketball J Baseball Homeroorn Vtce Pre t dent Rec Hall Corrtmtttee Hortte room Cornnttttee Varstty Baseball PERKINSON JULIA LEE Julte 4l03 West Frankltn Street College Preparatory Nurse s Atde Hon-eroorn Trea u r Bullettn Board Cor'ncttt 9 Forttrt Character Cornrntttee Horr-etoort ecretary Juntor tun Ntgrtt M nttcello B stness Staff pan sh tub Hous ot Represen a tres Alternate PERRY JANET PATRICIA an 40l2 Patterson Avenue College Prepara ory Mtrabeau B Larrtar Htqh School Houston Texas Red Cross Alternate Ltbtary Saff Prestdent Btology Lab Asststartt Art Asststant Juntor Stunt Ntqttt Bus Ttcket Corrtmlttee Platn and Fancy Scenery Monttcello B ness Staff House of Represena lives PEYRONNET NELLIE LOUISE Nellua l0ll West 43rd Street Co lege Prepa atory e ersontan Ltterary Staff N s Atde Juntor Stun Ntqh C r ter Corrtrttttte Alternate Soon mo e Class Co nctl Al e na ru tect Coach PHIFER SHEILAH JOAN Shetlah Il07 West Grace S reet El cttye Red Cross Represen a Cross Alternat PHILLIPS EUGENIA MARIE Jeann e 4608 Sylvan Road College Preparatory Red Cross Alternae Red C Representattve D cara on L ar taff ee s Tt rt Gutdance Atde Cate er a Forurn J n o Cappella Cnot ar-3 -t B tgadoon A xt 255 V V'I 'I 'V CIIF V " ubIPe. I ' T' t . . . "Lt-. I iffl I IIIV 'rI I S V C , I I in " I A V V V. HV , I V VV I r t LV , 'or St I I s Alter' I II V , V I Vt V I . V . . V - . V V V Ide V U . - V ' FVVV ..K .. V - - V V V V V V V . V ,I 'V . g,,V . V .. - .t V " N. IVV ,IPI . t ,,V SV V . V . . s V V - II V'V V V V I 'I I . . . . H S I I 4 ' . . . . 1 t . . H- I I S- " " V V V V - I 'I 'I Bu I es ' VI . I ' V V Va ' o I V I , V. J ' 'ght 'o " " I V . , V of I 1 t 'I AV 8 I ho'I " I 'lI II 6 I t I t t' I I . I 5 I t II 5 t I. t t. I BI l I I I D I V VI' I' C - O Q, I S T .t .. O V - V I 6 V V -- - C V 5 I .- V ' NV S ' I Y ' . . V l V 4 V .I' V ll Itl IIJ In t l If I t R .I t l' t I ' I I . ..D I.. V V V - V V V VV V I V V , II .' .I Ju' I 'gh I 4V I I 'I II I I' VV V V - I ' V I ' r- V . V V l ' tv V I v IISVV ' . 1 2 I JI vI 5 ata tt Varslty I JVH 'V ' V I nw Bask I V . V I V e- Basketball, . ' , " " . I ' I t, na 37 e l ' , ' I u I I EleVt ve V T V ' I.. I ' ' I 'eI S I " I' Hosts I re It! Il ph I I I nt rc rl e rnoy 1 s Cos " lla I I. " " V leI ' V CtV I " ' H A ' " s V 'e ta' I ous I I t V t 'I V t I V I Re 'V' e eI C r- " "I 9 V ' V, s u - r 'n tt ' I C - ' 'tveI Red II t I pI Id I tl e l' f I VV I "F" V V S. Cl V I I I r I I' K' I ' ,I II S VV I S V I , " tsrgar CVa Vd U tts-rI Ctu tI V I V V V I' ' . ' . . I I U I 'L l, ' l V I, I I R e- , t r u II L - I ' . 'css . " " ctl I 'I , A I e l 'I tra-, , rn r' e roy' r ure: "t. VV 5 . VY-T n fa ct e ll , le r ' V IV ' t Cr:"'n"- "a " Lb r S'aff r r r M ts I tee - I eV t - Sort' Ng-A A u I Red Cross l'e a'Ve, R ' " "' VV V I r 'Plaln , Fa V . r -I trs' , t ' cy I r u la'y A59 I . lil? AQ I 'ISI - I fy 1 - - - A SI W I AII t'It' -, - - Y Y V V - , I VVV V,J 7 Is. II" .1 5,3 's 'I IVV, I"f panssh Club C rss san Youth League Safety Councsl Club Affsl sattons PHILLIPS JAMES WILLIAM III 3600 Idontrose Avenue Electsve Asst tant Harry A Woo Club PORTEWIG RONALD EDWARD Ronnre 4718 Bromley Lane Eleflttve Usher Comms tee J V Basketbal Tennss Tearr Radso Corprrsttee Traftsc Commtt ee Mon scello Buss ness Staff Homeroom Vsce Press nt Junsor Stunt Nsght House of Representatrves Key Club POWELL ARNOLD LEE Arme 29l0 Park Avenue Electtve Homeroom Treasurer Track Team Ht Y I Jeffersontan Lt Alternate POWELL NANCY MYRA Nancy 4500 Newport Street College Preparatory Subsect Coach House of Repre sentattves Alternate Montscello Lt erary Staff Junsor Stun Nt t Latrn Club Forum Club POWELL WILLIAM EDWARD I 3806 Sulgrave Road College Preparatory Freshman Sophomore Football Freshman Class Councsl Datly Reports Comrnsttee Freshman Bas e all Foo a Varss Baseball Sophomore Class Coun csl House of Representatsves Trat Isc Commtttee Varstry Football Junsor Class Councsl POWERS BRENDA KATHERINE 4904 Monument Avenue Bussness Character Corrmtttee Absentee Sheet Comnnsttee Secretary I Horneroorn Cadet Headquarters Typtst PROCTOR STEPHEN DULANY Steve 205 Commonwealth Avenue College Preparatory J V Baseball Sophomore Class Councsl Homeroorn Vsce Prestdent Homeroorn Pressdent TraI'Isc Com msttee Absentee Sheet Commsttee unror Stunt N Junsor Cass Councsl Usher orrmtttee Stage rew Varssty Track House o Representatsves Spanrsh Club PUTT SANDRA DIUGUID Sandra 4902 Old Brook Road Electsve QUIRK GERALD LEE Gerry l923 Maple Shade ane College Prepa a ory V Footbal Home Vsca ent Varssty Footoa' V rs v Track QUISENBERRY GEORGE ROBERT 4104 Patterson Avenue College Preparatory u so Vssual Cu AH satsons Sta e Cr w Ushe Corrrr ttee Tra rc Cornrnstsee RAWLS JAMES ASHBURN Ashburn 4325 Faucuser Aven e College Preparatory REED PLEASANT LARUS Ill Larry 206 Canterbu y Road Ol' 70 -es ' ' wt O .I V 'J " fa College Preparatory House ot Representattves Orches ra New Moon Vagabond Ktng Plasn and Fancy Brsqa doon Sophomore Senator Junsor Senator Junsor Stun Nrqht Drrec tor Sophomore Class Paper Drsve Chasrrnan Key Club Sensor Class Presroent Honor C uncsl rest ent Freshman Ca s Councs Sophomore Class Councsl Junsor lass Counctl Rec Hall Cornrvst ee Traffc Cornr-ns tee Ame scan Fseld Servsce Exchange S udent REYNOLDS BARBARA LYNN Bobbse l504 West4ls Street Electsve J V Cheerleader Horneroorn Pressdent Gusdance Asde Club I6 Homeroom Treasurer Junsor Stunt Nsght Junsor Class Councrl Vagabond Ksng A Cappella our Pasn and Fancy Sensor Cheerleader Pep Club Brsqa doon RICHWINE JOYCE ANN Joyce IO6 Larne Avenue Bussness Chrsstsan Youth League Lsbrary Commsttee Lsbrary Staff Bussnes Club Character Cornrnsttee Alter nate ROBINS LORA ELIZABETH Betty Clear Vsew Rsver Road Electsve Spanssh Club Freshman Soltball Sophomore Class Councrl Spanrsh Cub Junsor Stunt Nrght Junsor Class Councsl Alternate House of Representatsves Tebahoes ROSINSON JANE STANLEY ne 3508IPatterson Avenue Electtve Homeroorn Secretary Cha acter Nurses Club Bookkeepsng Club Pressdent Nurses Asde Offtce Asde Gsrls Glee Club ROOP NANCIE GOODWIN Nancre l400 Palmyra Avenue College Preparatory Homeroom Pressdent Assembly Comrnsttee New Moon Decla ratron Ltterary Staff Sophomore Class Councsl Student Coach Jet Iersontan Lt Gusdance Asde Jun s r unt Ns t Chorus sne tn and Fan Homeroorn Secretary A Cappella Chosr Jun sor Class Councsl Red Cross Cor respondsng Secretary of Student Partscspatson Forum Spanssh Club BOC Brsgadoon ROOSEVELT DANIEL SHERWOOD an 3405 Chatharr Road College Preparatory Btrmsngharn Hugh Scrool Bsrmsngham Mschtgan ROSE PETER HOUSER Pete 49 Towana Road Homeroom Treasurer TraI'Isc Corn rnsttee House of Represerttatsves Homeroom Vsce Pressdent Charac ter Commstree Horrteroorn Prest nt Ht Y l ROSE PHILIP BROCK Bumps l23 Csranste Avenue Electrve ROTELLA JACQUELYN DIANE Dsane 3SI3 Montrose Avenue Elect ve Horn-roorn Secreta y Red C o Alte nate Gu dance A de ROULSTON JANE DOUGLAS Jane 22 Clarke Road College Pre aratory Character ommtttee Jeffersontan Lt Lsbrary Staff Pressdent Fregh man Class Councsl Homeroom ressdent Club Afltltattons Teens Latsn Club Montscello As ssstant Bussness Manager Qusll and Scroll Vsce Pressdent House Representatsves Alternate Pep Club Lucky Star Comn-sttee Juntor Stunt Nsght Make up and Tscket Com rrsttee Junsor Sensor Decoratson Commsttee French Club Pressdent ROYSTER RANDOLPH LEWIS Lawns l203 West 48th Street College Preparatory House of Representatsves Home room Pressdent Horneroorn Vsce Presrdent Trafftc Comrrttttee Track Team Character Comrnsttee Alter nate RUCKEL SUSAN WOOD ue 2l4 Portland Place Col ege Preparatory Horneroom Secretary Homeroom Treasurer House ot Represents tsves Character Cornrntttee Offsce Asde Montscello Busrness Staff Junsor Stunt Nsght Junsor Sensor Decoratson Cornrnsttee RUFFIN JOSEPH MARSH Jody 308 North Meadow Street College Preparatory Character Comrnsttee Homeroom Treasurer RUGCGLES CAROLINE KITCHAM I 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N h V. ,. A ' I V I I 'I I I I. - II , II- IIVI . I ' .,B.II,, ' ' '4 . 0 .F - . A F 'I . -. 1 Y U - H ' I' I X - P u '. . . - Art Is . . dv I , o I P I- , I I , ' I Y- I . . . . d , . l s V I I V ' ' ' I . .I I , ' , - , I J I - Ol I . ' ll ' HI V s ' . ,I Y . ' . ' I ' I O - ' I- I ' I I I , I - . . . I .' L ' -I , 1 A .. - .s S . I .s d de . , . . . h . A , ' 4 " a I R S - ' Ch , II I I I IIN I ' I ' I . I ' . H . , 'I I. - . to I , . ,- C., -i I - ' l D' ' I 9. . I I ' .I. 1 " , - s ' 's , Lt. c s, of - I ' I 'gh I V . 4 . I . I . ' "s'ts"' 4 ' , ' -- ' , I . ' I W . . -I . I , , I s I ksb , J. v. ' sa ss, 'tt ' , '. y ' I ' , A ' "Brenda" Cornrnlttee, Red Cross., IFuture ..J. .. ' Absentee Sheet, Jeffersonian 'Lt,, sI I W I O I I I I ' I I ' . I ' y I Io ss I' 'att 'L' I I . - - . y I , ' JC , . h . X . "Pla' ey", . . V .. . ,, - , 'S I- . . t . - ' I C - I .I 1 I I I . . I . I . I I ss s. ' II II . "D " ' - I. - I I- A ' ' . I . 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U :owl W f 'D 'Q 'f' ,f 7 -., ,. 4 9 Sophomore Class Counctl Juntor tunt Ntght Platn and Fancy A Cappella Chotr Juntor Class Counctl Varstty Cheerleader Brlgadoon Offtce Atde Sentor Class Counctl SMITH BETTY ANNE Betty 32l2 Idlewood Avenue Bustness Nurse s Atde Red Cross Alternate Bustness Club Gutdance Atde Auxtllary Atde Spectal Servtces SMITH JACQUELINE LOIS Jaclrte 4607 Wythe Avenue Business SNEAD GLENNA LEE Glenna 47l3 Sylvan Road College Preparatory Homeroom Secretary Character Commtttee Auxtltary Atde R cepteon Desk Bus Ttcket Commtt tee Offtce Atde Homeroom Vtce Presrdent YTeens Trtanqle I Jun tor Stunt Ntght Monticello Bust ness Staff Sophomore Class Coun Nurses Atde Homeroom Treasurer SNEAD PATRICIA ANNE a 102 North Stafford Avenue Electtve Homeroom Secretary Auxtltary Atde Offtce Arde Juntor Stunt Ntght Chorus Lune A Cappella our latn an Fancy e Cross Pep Club SNEAD ROBERT PERKINS Bobby 5307 Matoaka Road College Pre aratory Tennis Tra IC Corrtmtttee House of Representattves Alternate House of Representattves Rec Hall Com mtttee Jeflersontan Lt Alternate Homeroom Vtce Prestdent SNIDER ARTHUR DAVID Davtd 1628 Monument Avenue College Preparatory SOBLE GLENDA GOLDIE Glenda 3203 Bute Lane Busrness Softball Team Gtrls Glee Cllb Spanush Club Bustness Club Jun tor Stunt Ntght SOBLE STANLEY JEROME Stanley 342l Ellwood Avenue Electtve Auxtltary Atde Comrrttttee A Cap a Choir Juntor Stunt Nt Platn and Fancy Radto Cornmtt tee Jeffersontan L Pep u Vtce President A Cappella Chotr Prestdent Thesptan Soctety Offtce Atde SPECTER BRADFORD BENSON Braddy 47ll Monument Avenue Electtve Homeroom Treasurer Staqe Crew Homeroom Prestdent SPIERS DANIEL SIMMONS JR Dan 4306 Oxford Ctrcle West College Preparatory Homeroom Treasurer Declaratton Ltterary Staff Blology Lab Assts tant Qutll and Scroll SPRENKLE KATHLEEN LEAH Kathleen 3009 Grant Street College Preparatory Homeroom Prestdent Hou e Representattves O tce A d Gutdance Atde House of Repre sentattves Al ernate New Moon Orchestra Character Commtttee Steertng Comrntttee Character Cornmtttee Vtce Chatrman Sponsor E Company Sponsor o Cadet Corps Vagabond Kung Y Teens Trtangle I Senror C ass Counctl Platn and Fancy STERN BETTY GRAY Betty 3900 Park Avenue Electtve Offtce Arde Gutdartce Ade L rry taff untor Stunt Nt Costume Commtttee STEVENS CATHERINE W Cathy 4024 Patterson Avenue Colle e Prepara ory J V heerleader Sophomore Class Counctl Red Cross Character Comrntttee Homeroom Vrce Pres: ent Spectal Servtces Juntor Cheerleader Juntor Class Counctl Juntor Stun' Ntght Jeffersontan Soltcttor Homeroom Presrdent Gtrls Glee Club Prestdent Head Varstty Cheerleader Pep Club Presrdent Radto Commtttee STRIATTON LEWIS BRANCHFORD was 2922 Tienstngton Avenue Electtve Homeroom Treasurer D E Club STRICKLAND PATRICIA KAY a 3402 Moss Stde Avenue Electtve St Margarets School Tappahannock Vtr tnta Jeflersontan Lt O :ce Atde Gtrls Glee Club Safety Council Gtrls Glee Club Prestdent Gtrls Glee Club Secretary SULIIVIIIAN FREDERICK CARLYLE re 4204 Semtnary Avenue College Preparatory Baseball Manager Safety Counctl Stage Crew Engtneertnq Club SYDNOR THOMAS DAVIS Davts 335 Lextngton Road Electtve Usher TAPP MAJORIE JEAN Matorte 2007 Walker Street Book Club Receptton Desk Gund ance Atde TAYLOR HENRY FARRAR JR Sonny 6529 Kenstng on Avenue Electtve V rstty Football J V Basketb ll Varstty Baseball Vtce Prestdent of Homeroom Freshman Class Coun H Y l Varstty Basket a TAYLOR NANCY STUART Nancy l527 Sunset Lane Electtve Club Stxteen Ltbrary Staff ha acter Commtttee Red Cross Jef ersontan Lt Alternate Specta Servtce Nurse s Atde Offtce Atde TEACHEY JAMES FLEMING Teach 5206 Sylvan Road College Preparatory Declaratton Art Staff House of Representattves Alternate Usher Commtttee Horreroom Vtce Prest dent Trafftc Cornrntttee Horrte room Prestd nt TEUBERT BRENDA LEE II7 Neorth Robtnson Street Bu mess Otftce Atde Y Teens Gutdance Atde Platn and Fancy Bustness Club THALHIMER BARBARA Barbara 402 Old Lock Lane College Preparatory Tennts Team Nurses Atde Char acter Comrrttrtee Red Cross Jun tor Stunt Ntght ho us Lune Platn and Fancy Sponsor of B om pany Radto Cornmtttee Sponsor of Cadet Corps THEOFANOS STANLEY T Stanley 3l09 West Frankltn Street Electtv Stage Crew THOMAS EMORY MORTON Emory 4409 N wport Avenue Colleg Preparatory Homeroom Pre :dent Footba'l Team House of Representattves Alterna e Sophomore Class Coun cal Alternate B Team Basketball Track Ht Y Il Cafeterta Commtt tee Homeroom Treasurer Foretgn x ange Student H Y ll r dent THOMIAS JOHN NEWTON JR o n l002 Westwood Avenue College Preparatory Homeroom Vtce Prestdent Jeffer sontan Reporter Jeffersontan Ca derColurnntst THOMAS LINDA MARIE Ltnda 606 North Nansemond Street Bustness Chrtsttan Youth League House of Representattves Alternate Gund ance Atde Homeroom Secretary gfftge Aide Bustness Educattonal U THOMAS WILLIAM DARROLL l8l7IBellevue Avenue Electtve D E b THORNHILL DANIEL EARL Danny l427 Avondale Avenue College Preparatory Orchestra Lattn Club THULIN WALFRED BERNARD Wally IB Albemarle Avenue College Preparatory Freshman Sophomore Football V Football TOWNSEND EDWARD LYNN Eddte 4009 Augusta Avenue Electtv tage Crew sher House I Representattves Track Trafftc Com mttt e Jettersontan Lt TRAINER JEANNETTE LOUISE en 33l4 Grove Avenue College Preparatory eens Trtange Cnrtsttan Youth League Sophomore Class Counctl Juntor Stunt Ntqht Scen ery Declaratton Art Staff Assoctate Edttor Monttcello Art Staff Bulle ttn Board Commtttee for Safety Counct Homeroom Vtce Prestdent New Moon Vagabond Kung scenery Safety Counct Rtchrrond Area Youth Safety Coun ctl Correspondtng Secretary TRAINHAM BETSY GAYNELLE Betty 4704 Radford Avenue Elec tve tr Gee lub Cvtrl Prepara tory Crtotr Nur e s Atde Gutdance Atde Receprton Desk Busrness Educatton Club Prestdent Bustness Educatton Club Vtce Prestdent TREDWAY HELEN JOYCE Joyce l504 Palmyra Avenue College Preparatory Sophomore Class Counctl Jetfer sontan L Jeffersontan Captatn Juntor Stunt Ntght Chorus Lune Character Commtttee Auxtltary Atde Homeroom Secretary Sensor Class Counctl Alternate TREDWAY THOMAS SHIELDS Tommy 7004 Chandler Drtve College Preparatory Homeroom Treasurer Character Commtttee Varstty Football Var stty Baseball J V Baseball Track Homeroom Vtce Prestdent Elevator Commtttee Sentor Senator Juntor Stunt Ntght Juntor Class Counctl ternate Cafeterta Commtttee TRIEKLEZ CHARLES MONROE JR 'P 52lS Kung Wtlltarn Road College Preparatory Trafftc Comrnrttee Rec Hall Corn mtttee Assembly Commtttee Track Chemtstry Lab Asststant Key Club Homeroom Vtce Prestdent TRICE CLARRY CLYDE JR Bob 2ll Berkshtre Road College Preparatory Sta e Crew Usher Commtttee Tra tc Commtttee Hor'r1eroorrtVtce Prestdent House of Representatlves Alternate Jeffersontan Captatn Jeffersonran Staff Juntor Stunt Nrght Sensor Class Play Audto Vtsual Elevator Commtttee TRIPP GUY TEMPLE Guy 3903 Exeter Road College Preparatory House of Representattves Ltbrary Staff Forum Homeroom Prestdent Rtlle Team Captatn Juntor Class Prestdent Juntor Stunt Nt ht Cap tan f E Company e a uve Senate Ke Club B Student Pa rttctpatton Treasurer Cadet Mator Key Club Secretary Rec Hall Commtttee Captatrt TRITE ANNE ELIZABETH Anne 202l A Park Avenue College Preparatory omeroorn Secretary Homeroom Treasurer House of Representattves Chrtstran Youth League Character Comrntttee House of Representa ttves Alternate Preparatory Chotr TURNER ROBERT GREENE ob 3000 Kenstnqton Avenue Fork Unron Mllttary Academy Fork Unton Vtrgtnta Character Commtttee Bookkeeotnq Club Homeroom Vtce President TWISDALE JOHN LEROY Johnny 2l22 Hanover Avenue Electtve Juntor Stunt Ntght Scenery UPSHUR ANNE DREWRY Anne H45 West Avenue Electtve Red Cross Jeffersontan Lt Pep Club Datly Report Cort-rrt Homeroom Treasurer J ffersontart Lt Alternate Offtce Atde VESSI, WILLIAM FERRELL t 4402 West Grace Street College Preparatory Rss -4., 57 'I x. J S . I ,, I. I ' ttI I I I I ' . ' 1 ' . , - L I ' I . ' . ' . . . I' . . I ' . . I . I II ' ' b a S , JI' I Ight II , . , I . I .. I- . I III d , " I ' , I ' 4 , I. Al I ', Hi-Yll, ' CHI ' , - I I I , I I I . E cIh I I- I P esl- I I I II 'II I - -. -t' ' ' . I . ' I ' I , ' 'I , ' ..P I.. I ' J I - ' I Ch ', "P' u' Rd . gf. 1, . I I - I . I .ta-H. ' I I I II I ,I S o l' " , R H 'I Orchestra Science Club. - ., .. ' Committee. Boys' State Representa' ' A t' , ,I I y I , .O.C., 1 I I I JI H ' . pellI '4 I' I I 5 ' 1 I' - 5 ' - A I I - ' I , I - S , U , o .. ..' .-I . "- Cl -P cil, 1. , ' b tl. - I 1, , ' A 9 . I NJ rt ' I I ,I I I I . I . , - Y-T I l ll, 3 ,, ,t f . I ' . . . I l . , ' , I - ' I , I , T. 'J. 'l, . HR dn' I I- I II I I I , s of I G' ls' l C , I s' I - B ll ' I I , ff' I e, sI I I I I Is ' , I I .-I lf- I 'ir A I I yr QAM ', I7 Y I If A I Y W 'fl I Ks - - ' Y , - . t Y' . " '- ' A , - 5. II J ,J 5 'XL I- Qs ,tif I i.,4,j,j HK, ---317' 2 -ez C1 an TraH1 Ho e co er ox VOGEL BARBARA ADELE Adele L ng on R g P epa a no Cc ha C vt M n 1 e a ap a1-1 p U Var tty Cheerleader ennt ea ck Tebahoes 'I II'I Her' oen e oo 1 e P sroen Ho e oc'n ecr La tn WALTERS LOIS JANE Lo1sJane 390OWe Broad Stre B s1nes e c e e 1 o croo ay Hono 1 y 1rr a ern Prest den Bookkcep1ngC b WALTON ALICE SHORTT Allce 2 1 Foyd Avon C Electtve WAMPLER ROBERT GARLAND Robert 4509 Pat er on A en1 College Prepara ory t ht errtst y o 1st ctence Club Vce P S ec erv1ce Era er Co r' ttee WATKINS ANNE CAROL Anne Carol 901 Bev toge Road E ect1ve cuse of Rep esen attve Fresh rr n Class Counc11 Horneroorn reasure J ntor Stunt Ntgl-t ra 1on Bu 1 e S all J ntor Cass ounc Cluo Af'f11at1ors Sentor Ca s Co nc11 A Cappe a hot College Day Ho tess WELNSTEIN BETTY HAYWARD I 43W1111tay Road Colle e Preparatory Red ross Jeffer ontan Alternale WELLS JACQUELINE ANN Jackte 617 Map e Avenue College P epw a ory or eoorn Se eav I-lo eroo 1 1ce P e 1 en eo e Charac er rc 1 e Varstty Hockey cxrn Tenrtts Teanr Juntor lun N1ght Absente Sheet Corn t1tCC Tebaho WELSH MARGARET MARIE Marne 3320 Pa er on Aven College P epa a o v H o toen Pre n a s Cc c1 ha C rf 1 ary M n c o r a H e ef Represen at1ve opho 1. c ook b T C e tea r opho e Dar e a a Hou 9 ep a eary Junt r n 1 J sontan Photoq a y o c Sen o Dance ha C n T en S anoaros X41 or Q92 We at 4: . a . o . a . f 4- - A ff 'ttf' 1 an .QI 11 , l MU 1' 1 M X X-I vb '. 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JX VX 'E A deX -1ves, Se 'o"fre Ciafs , 'IX Re' S "or c Cr 1"' n, se XX X1 Cross, L'Xr ry C" 1"eeX Club 16, I R resen' 'Ives Sec' ' ', 'o X X 1 X 'E X. -X V Y'- S'u t N4g1r'X elle' ' Xr - 9 U' 5 I ' T' 1 ' - pn E 1'orX J,n1 rf 1 r X X' ' X' f . servee Sh , J. lor C Yrwan J,r1'or C'as: oe c71 Hu X h :Xh X1X F ec'1ve X X Stun' ' hr Fon", C-Ymlan Yo." Oglll and 55,131 EX s X ' 1, , s' tr 1n1a n 'e' cn ge R ep'c'1 ,eagsex 't Sincere pprecia lion WE THANK . . . Our Statt advisers, Miss Alma Lovvance, Literary, Miss Frances Gray, Business, and Miss Jean Hemphill, Art, tor their time, eFtort and intelligent supervision devoted to the production ot the T958 Monticello. Our publishers, Mr. Stirling King, and Whittet and Shepperson, for their excellent service, guidance and in- struction in making our yearbook an almost professional achievement. Our school photographers The Dementi Studio Caston Studio Whittaker Studio ThomasL Williams Photogra pher Richmond Times Dispatch Richmond News Leader for their invaluable assistance in helping us reproduce Tee Jay lite through pictures Our advertisers who serve as the Hnancial backbone of our yearbook Our fellow students and faculty of Thomas Jefferson tor their encouraging support coop ration and enthusiasm THE MONTICELLO LITERARY STAFF Velma Bender Editor in Chief 1" -f 259 Xsassrf 1 1 I 1 ' 1 - T - 1 1 1 . . D . , f R' . I - - . . fiiq ,. 'fa . A 47-2:34 : ,. ' 3 ,. 'lr ' " In X1 . i' 'fcxf-' " v A t. x , L I i ' if A as F - +2 -is ,- -5, 1, '-',gi f1,lf,:?' ala iograplu 0 y A l K My WL Ll Way fl L61 ffslfdmq MM WWW! I fy' f CL QWW , fi J f7wQff-jf I QM! wsiw, N Qfvvs iff Q45 5' QXYSQZS JJ MW qffscsgg WA Wf Yay R? ff' y Q9 dw 55,5 QW? XX QD A vdwwmp J Vfdmyy XJ Nw QQ, ff f Qfywv 4,4 ,- f X if Kr, K, 1 W' 1 f L X 1 ff- ' I AMZJ if " v 1 X df' QW ' I 0 by 'HJ P N ,Q f . f gs? K, N V63 ,N 'V X 1 Lili' Lf L ' XJ W r' A ,',gV x-'XQK AL , x, Wx f JJ Qi, ZS! r mr V 1 N0 fx!! w X F I sy . S551 I Lx I X fy ' 1 . xvxyfv XL if .28 N16 D Xkj' fxjh ,X . X, My A a .ff ' M' sw ' .X ' ' 'hy UK X Cb J Q wr Xb , X ' XJ X5 ' A ,www y, .Vmf . X V Ofyht X Xu, ...., no lg." :ff '.'. EE4f".:z' 5 R551 'iff' Qi 1 V545 I ala fograpllg 261 W TES Yi Xsfg 1 1' , Q ' f 4 lx! Y J J J fi", Lf, , L, L L' ci A , 1 f Y 47, . r if , iq! ,X ' L J , X- J, f 5 !L F qbl f , A fu ah V , ,.f V I L 4, I ff, L4 ,. . In A L 4, ,ff 5 1 fx X -' ' fs! ff V ' f W - . V, , - ff ' X "L 1 L .N JD X il l L' 1 pf 'X f J -q L , if YA, L , V 4 L 1 ' L 4 hkj ,L ,f , , L, X 1. . , . P L k 4 N x N, X L 1' V, V. J X J L . I ' ' ' X ' vi X f dv J 4 Ac ff X , UA ' , ' - L " 1 J I A ' ' ' ' W . 'f ,' ILL 1 4 f . I ff L L ' L, , L ,f JPL If A V D -,, 'V X ' . f , ' " 'fl f f g if ' 1 1 I ' J v 'ti LL 'z f 'V " L 4 .. 1 I L 1' L,f 4' I .7 4' 4 R'. i A IIS. V? . 'ix , f A f ' 7 f 12' 5 QQ Y Y - Y x A ' ,Q ' 3- Q' ' ' - W J ,V . , 1 x, X'x.,f. x'! "jf 'f 1 4,1- Y Ir- - ,..r' 1: -ii" X QHTKVI 4 Jgyffix' 0414 iograplw 5 FQ! ,ga-' , ,. -.2 r AK! 'jf 3 gag' ' - ' f - f' , '. , AL : - .w.m,f.-of - O '.. ' b ' .Jw 75'--...--" ' 262 04a iograplu QOMJU 502 U ,vwfnww MJ wwdmkiz LIXMLU, Wl1jfW'U, RLMI I JQT-on 51 Mmiiwxffffwwwf M MI 4z,4JuZ7liL2f 75 f W 6m"!4'4J flaw QM UL J 7262 mwfwmilwkwgxfyb ,L KMfzg5 Yi? GMM Mfg? xg kffwf Gila X129 kfdffvahdb B! DOULCMJZ HL Q Jim wffiif 321422 LM LXQAKZQXQJ I V7fQwvQmaL QLb6LVg?2LCUL04q1mb -fL2,Q,c,3l'1 Qjyjjgb MIWi gwaicofpzf, 63366 ?w Lw My?-LU! Lfsucmnf Jumbo YQULJQLJ gm l V32 l K 'Lis' vu? ' . wk , , 1 xi, A f AJ I 1 -.4 , ,... f , I L 1 f Lf ' I I 4 l ll . x I , . f 'L f 2 . , , . K X 1 C! I A Ll 1 2 I , 7 Y - Q f I f L? , . ,C ,f , f ' Q I L, if 1 L1 1 K N L! . t 1 , f , 'v f? X I , 7 . , 5, .J 5:57 x , , l ,X 1 ' V2 fi , - f 'mix ilijf. .gli An' I fffiwsff T OE fgx fxff 966 JS 1,4 Ju togfap , j Y ,Q .' G -.QV N3 '- 'FW QU- I: if l ,fy -. mf 7522? 264 Q CCC E SMQC ""luaus0'.. fi! 9 ' if x ST V U, i" 'Q W N ' R OQQQ T f CGM? 50894 50 Q2 1 X65 f? Ga L -A ply - f f J 3 I X f M, K f ' sf-15 V 4 X N ! L-Ti, J 'J . z 'Af lx Q Q r A 375.4 if- Y, 3 'ig ., X f ' Q , lx 09. .NVQ 1 K 'T' 5 : ?l . .iv . .""aunss99 nu... Y YQ O ' E N .,,b Q X .O0" was i 0 i' a ' 4 2 1 Q. A E 3 2 I ,Y J ."'launxs9' O ' V K ,anus-. ' Q H ,X ,f 2 ,Q as 3 3 5 B 5 '."'llllll5... O ' stilllu- 'btw' X XR .gi Oh, 0" 'Q fg' B A ' Q A , ,l ."0ouug0'. Q! jlillh x fva. 0690, K 5 Q '. , 3 n N0-W. Fi Jw?

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