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 - Class of 1955

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VL X qwbicusg VV? 0 KWH VNV YYfYYY A Y if X X, AX Y H 2i5EDXg,f' ,f .. J , MILS, 4' M fun.. x0N " H fl f 'N WX mf . -Wm?-ww ,, , 1 f Ln .-Vgsvzgwwf , , 5 A1 gig. ,T .. ip-5 gv,7i.3g.g yyf-1 7-1 y F, X W '-'-1----, Xl F' 5 :Wx ty CLC! F I as -r INTERPRETEK, W l G ff f K Q C, 5 V157 I qc NW F1 ii '55 CQ ,f"'yV'-'Q ,,, 6 K X fs je 'iqyqrafccef 6 5-7'---A U zrYw :mn bin QJ'ixXC5J1E'9fo'. if CTU gQC1,jU2td mea Q Lumix Q, QI Gu U-QQz,DJf'z,nT?k A ,h ---1 Y ,7 ffm ,f A ' If , ik ' ! .l ff .Q ' ' . Hx, a f il 2 2 .W in fl- Q 'Q is if . ,fs w.,,g,,.Q1 .. QA k , n nw , 1+ milk 'af-m xllqg if ,L 1, I-:XXX f 'iw bf iv ' , ilmlll-new A, , la' 'J ' -:C " WY: OF THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL ,a-ka aJtMaf,cka.t MQ Arm-1 -04-4-C-C-Zaallaef - Ad Ima-Mm -- 46-?r1.,,,,-,fvaa as ' 0l'l fell fri FACULTY . . 9- 14 'cLAssEs . . . 15- 82 - Seniors . . . 16- 57 ' Juniors . . . . 58- 71 Sophomores . . . 72- 77 Freshmen . . . . 78- B2 ORGANIZATIONS. . . 83-122 MILITARY . . . . 123-132 ATHLETICS . 133-144 NEATURES .... 145-152 ADVERTISEMENTS . 153-206 SENIOR DIRECTORY 207-216 INDEX ..... 217-223 CO-EDITORS-IN-CHIEF ......,......,...,.,.. Marilyn Bambacus, Barbara Lewis ASSOCIATE EDITORS .............,....... Caroline Massey, Barbara Kriz, Alice 1 Traftner, R ' ' i Bobby Oakes, Nancy Harris, Martin Williams, Harriet Rein, Suzanne Carter and Brennan Ryland USINESS MANAGER .,,............,..................... ............ E Ieanor Craig ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER .........,..., ............ B arbara Clarke ADVERTISING MANAGER ............,.................,,..........,......,...... Elizabeth Ramos SENIOR PICTURES ,......,................ Ruth Yarbrough and Barbara Saunders SENIOR ASSISTANTS ......................,............. Catherine Brooke, Ellen Roach JUNIOR PICTURES ,........., ............. P ar Ayers, Nancy Blonder 5 . ivvks 1 It qi JJ E . E E E ,:,S is , Y SE? 0 S? 5 X lr ' .1 'ff V gs x. 5 al -g.,,,,W,,,,, W 6 fe 4 0 rogredd On This, The silver anniversary of Thomas Jefferson High School, we Take Time To reflecT on The pasT TwenTy-five years of progress. The high school of 1930 wiTh iTs 800 sTudenTs and limiTed exTra- curricular acTiviTies has grown in 1955 To a school of 1,864 sTu- denTs wiTh acTiviTies To fill The need and inclinaTion of every sTudenT. Each evenT in The growTh of This educafional insTiTuTion has carried iT one pace farTher up The sTeps of progress. Using This sTairway as a symbol of achievemenT, we are sfriving To porTray The essenTial advancemenT ThaT helps make our sTudenTs well-rounded individuals and exemplifies The ideals of Thomas Jefferson, The greaT builder. Thus an amazing example of educa- Tional progress is seT forTh in The Monficello of 1955. SYMBOLIC MURAL IN TEE JAY LIBRARY 3 i 5:9 7: x SH XA , X-JJN, f :if n 2' 52 A R 2 5 E ' MT ,ug 4 2"QQvTf 193 fiilrf .:1,: :,, R Q Z .N Q S si' Nl 3 i ' xi O-1955 ' OUR PROGRESS Z' vga 'S M? , 5 I 5 . si Q 93 x :Mi . N. 4 , Q as fvf .Q 'Wy I Hi gp -, , Wil-, . ..., , W, . , , ,..X- . . , . we .f4c!mini:5frafion N. Y C S x 'ST I. COALTER C. HANCOCK, PRINCIPAL Ml! Fx I 1 CHARLES F. NOBLE l --AREDY N. FUCK AssisTan'r Principal 5 -- V AssisTan'T fx f LQ X' ,X ' 'll lu' ,4' 3 ' ' OQO . J' - ' K A.. Top Row: Arthur W. Allison, Mechanical Drawing, Sponsor of Cheerleaders, Anne S. Alston, Mathematics, Sponsor of Y-Teens, Triangle Ig James C. Anthony, History. Bottom Row: Allene Archer, Head of Mathematics Department, Ray M, Ayres, Dis- tributive Education Coordinator, Sponsor of Distributive Education Clubg Margaret Frances Baker, History. SCIENCE TALENT SEARCH CONTEST As head of the science department, Mr, Lawrence W. Jarman has taken an active interest in the discovery of science talent among our students and has sponsored many contests open to those interested in science and doing outstanding work in biology, chemistry, or physics while at Tee Jay, Writing are Norman Scher, Beverly James, and Mary Burfoot Phillips, with Mr. Jarman looking on hopefully. Twelve of the original thirty-three members are still on the teaching staff, which now numbers eighty- six. Q- ' ' jacu fy ' f955 I J .Y ' V ,J it T2 . e filsy is rN.l .KT ,X A st 'gt U fax 'Pvt -iijql 1.5 uw Q 44 4 -od ,yx G 3 Q1 TP l?rovviiiiigiV'BioloigyiHSpo'nusio'rw afmafalagyi 'LJ Assistants. ' c'IOo I i xxlsffr as VJ' assist' C Q LET'S MAKE MUSIC A lanriliar sight around the piano are the officers of the a cappella choir, Katnlcen Hicks, John Brooke, and Betty Hundley, all of whon, with the expert guidance ol their vocal teacher, Mr, Alton Howell, have been ourstanding, both here at Tec Jay and elsewhere, in opereras, quartets, and solo performances. The Guidance Department was added in 1934, growing from a staff of one to our present staff of four counselors. Top Row: Katherine Tompkins Brumble, Mathematics, Sponsor of Student Par- ticipation, Estelle Gratz Bugg, Mathematics, Isebelle P. Burden, Business. Bottom Row: Dorothy Carson, Businessq Clyde G. Carter, Librarian: Marie E, Childress, Mathematics. .X4 Qllarfer Guitar? offpr-og:-v.i.1 ' f930-1955 Y W Top Row: Dorothy S. Corprew, Spanish, Sponsor omonor Studies, Lila Crenshaw, English, Katherine M, Davis, Histor , Assistant Sponsor of Forumg Katie Mae, Davis, English, Dorothy C. Delmar, Dietitian. ,Bottom Row: Eileen Edmondson, Historyg Virginia Ellett, Chemistry, General Science, Elizabeth Eubank, Spanish, Nancy le Baron Fitzhugh, Latin, Clyde B. Fortna, History, Sponsor of Traffic Cornnwirree. 0110 ADVICE TO COLLEGE-BOUND SENIORS Mrs. Mozelle P, Bennett, senior counselor, spends many a busy hour working with students, preparing them for the future by giving efficient guidance, a skill acquired over years of counseling, Here, Mrs. Bennett discusses the aspects of lile at V,P.I, to Jimmy Hartz, who, along with many others, is undecided about the future, Some imporfant additions to Tee Jay's curriculum were disfribufive education in 1937, cadet corps in 1942, and ivin e cation in . . 1946. Top Row: Margaret D. Callaway, English, Co-sponsor of Quill and Scrollg Nancy B. Gary, Head of English Department, Business Adviser ot "The Declaration", Eunice Virginia Gill, French. Bottom Row: Helen Reed Gill, Chemistry, Sponsor wr ot Chemistry "Lab" Assistants, Frances Givens, Mathematics, M, Frances Gray, Latin, Adviser ol "The Monticello" Business S'af'f, Sponsor of Latin Club. A X? we jawn fy ' I9 5 Top Row: Merle C. Gray, Business, Jean S. Hemphill, Art, Jeanette Henna, Mathematics, Sponsor of Sl-ide Rule Club, Luella S. l-lolt, Englishg Alton S. Howell, Vocal. Bottom Row: Laura C. Humphries, l-lomernalcing, Sponsor ot Assemblies, Stage Crewg Thelma Bryant Hutton, French, Co-sponsor of Ouill and Scroll, Business Adviser of the "Jef'fersonian"g Lawrence W. Jarrnan, Head of Science Depart! ment, Mary G. Jordan, Counselor, Garna B, Kraft, History, Sponsor of Sophomore Class, Sponsor of Christian Youth Club. 0120 t, J l.F',x!H A 9 4-an-f FUN FOR LITTLE FOLKS AT BIG TEE JAY! Ed Thornton entertains a small rrerrber ofthe nursery held by the students in the senior nomernaking course, under the guidance of Miss Laxro E. Huirphries. This Child care pro- gram trains the sit,-dent, ootn boys and girls, to care for children, who spend the morning hours there with sandbox, handwork, :incl story book. Audio-visual aids to instruction were introduced in the classrooms in 1946. The first twelve-year class graduated in June, 1952, with Mrs. Anne Plunkett as sponsor. Top Row: Josephine T. Krirzei, English, Drarnatics, Sponsor of Troupe 741 National Thespian Society, Audrey Lamb, Nurse, Sponsor of Nurse's Aid Committee: Alma V, Lowance, English, Sponsor of Y-Teens. Bottom Row: Archie A, Marks, History, Sponsor of Forurng Helen Rosalind Marks, English, Speech, Sponsor of Radio Corn' mittee: Frances Trevvett Matthews, History. , lg lt f Lfi 'v' :MA X , . uf ' QICIIJQI' COIItllI'y o l'0gI'2JJ ' 199 -1955 Top Row: Clara Norileet, Counselor, Elnora Overley, Business, Lyndele Atkisson Pitt, Chemistry, Biology, Anne B. Plunkett, Latin, His- tory, Sponsor ot House of Representatives, Point System, Club Affiliations, Welfare Committee, Barbara Lewis Robinson, Business, Chair- man ol Honor Society Committee. Bottom Row: Grace l. Rowe, English, Adviser of "The Monticello" Literary Stalt, Muriel I. Sanders, English, Anne Louise Santord, English, Sponsor of Bus Ticket Committee, Honor Society Committee, Ariana A. Saunders, Biology, Martha L. Savage, Librarian, Sponsor of Library Staff, Library Committee. 11130 X Top Row: Angelo Setien, Mathematics, Sponsor of Hi-Y I and ll, Esther E. Singleton, English, Adviser of "The Declaration" Literary Staff, Sponsor ot Book Club, Marion F, Smethie, Head of Business Departmentg Edward N. Smith, Mathematics, Faculty Athletic Director, Sponsor of Athletic Aid Committee. Bottom Row: Eleanor Wrenn Smithey, English, Harriet D. Snow, Biologyg Karl I-I. Stutzman, Mathematics, Evelyn S. Swift, Secretary. WE OWE MOST TO THESE . . . Miss Eileen EdmondsonfExchange Teacher from Sale, Cheshire, Eng' land. The year 1955 marks, most of all, twenty-live years of growth in the spirit that has made Tee Jay a greal school. WHO HAVE GUIDED US FROM TEE JAY'S BEGINNING MR. WELDON E. BLOXSOM MISS KATHERINE DAVIS MISS FRANCES GRAY MRS. RUTH BROWNING MISS KATIE MAE DAVIS MISS MERLE GRAY MISS MARIE CHILDRESS MISS EUNICE GILL MISS JEANETTE HENNA MRS. JOSEPHINE KRITZER MISS HARRIET SNOW MRS. MARY WOMACK Top Row: M. Virginia Syndor, Head ol History Departmentg Estelle N. Tankard, English, Literary Adviser ol "The Jeffersonianm StaI'Iq Edith V. Todd, Physical Education, Sponsor ol Tebahoesg Primm Turner, Art, Colonel Catlin E. Tyler, English, Commandant ot Cadets, Sponsor ot Cadet Corps. Bottom Row: Frances Van Ness, Homemaking, Sponsor ot Nurse's Club, Joseph Conrad Uram, Physics, Biology Sponsor of Senior Class, Coach ot Junior Varsity Basketball Team, A ssistant to Track Coachg Annc Kcnnon Williams, English, Frances N. Wirrter, English, Mary H, Womack, Business. 0140 I - -I '1 J --'53 M 'ii Q' I w., L THANKS TO oun FRIEND AND sPoNsoR, MR. JOSEPH URAM , ' i M wi as-A Q, 41 . - f fw . , www ,ggw hy bk , w Y , ', . -fx-1" MHS S? , , A - K ,s X . i QA , , , .x Q 9' V e. H r 1 Q S R? E. L 31 We X959 M' CAM Umm, BERT SIKKELEE Pres de 1 WADE ADAMS KAY ALDERMAN Sec eta y JACK GRAVINS x""'k ji? M HWS, A UMf2?acM'fx,lfP4iSfaAQi,Qwg . ... , , ,, AA A A N N I v e h ,S A li 0 16 0 5 ffl: '. yv L 4 df! QVMTW ff' J ,1-L In- if 'J X I K Vrlfv H In I 'M VW Al' I, ' -'fbntfaid CLA! EORGE5: L ,fp lf-dvds, . I 5 ARNOLD LEE ABRAMS THOMAS WADE ADAMS Wfnaelzjgdlfdb C7d2ZW49l'-fx ghd! Hajf 64-,-C 5 '71-'fp EDWARD CHURCHILL ADDISON 747077 lv " ' f' W4Jf7A'47ufpd"" BARBARA KAY ALDERMAN ANNA ASHLEY ALEXANDER DON CARROLL ALEXANDER JAMES ROBINSON ALEXANDER HELEN LOUISE ALLEN THOMAS REESE ALLEN CAROLYN FAYE AMOS NIELS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN 4.-6 f Z ,LM 0Jc,Mf4f dw 41,-19' Carol and Beverley Make Plans for College Wkvawm, THOMAS FRANKLIN ANDERSON WINNIE LOUISE ANGEVINE l PHYLLIS ANN ANTHONY IB! II' JUDIT OWARD RME LOUISE LISON A I, G s N A MS ANT GEO ATHA JOY E ATT SIO 4 K WILL NCLAIR ATWOOD ANNIVERSARY THOMAS 0180 , ff M' I ,-I wif I ,ij I A , I' I cf , . ,. A X . I ',.: . 1 . ANNE ELI ,ga f 65151 'I I " 31 f ALLEYN CAF LAU c g7IAIf11ANbz1gYERs RETTA RANDOLPH BAILEY ANNE MARTIN BAKER MARILYN ZMARO BAMBACUS WILLIAM IRVING BANDAS .RK ELEANOR GRACE BARKER BERNARD GIBB5 BARROW , . lyf I .. ze 'I 'i - ' .r- Z 0 IKX4 ' 5" 3 IRMA BLANCHE BASS X L . 1" ' H5694 MARIE BATES xxx 'x 5 VI' BARBARA ANN BAUMES x K P I 1 1. b I F u A I , 1 o'IQo fi. r ILM' 7 X T ,,, f K ' ' ' -, lm' X ' 5 ,. ll ' .. by 'J I " L if -Ai I ' 5 1. ivrlv. A 'kJ y A 1,'xs ' WV" , A 1 A Buff Vw. . x n Waynne and Barbara-Future Homemakers ELIZABETH STEWART BEAZLEY FLORINE INEZ BELL THOMAS EDWARD BELL BERNARD WALTON BENDAI I JOAN MARIE BENNETT MARY FRANCES BETTS 2 5 A, -J X 0200 BEVERLY A in A TX J LEE :Lugz 33 vi, ELVA HORACE BINNS GEORGE JOSEPH BINNS, III NANCY FAYE BLACKWELL MARTHA ANN BLAKE WILLIAM DAY BLAYLOCK NANCY LEE BLUNT KAROL SUE BOBZIEN JUDITH CAROL BOND PATRICIA CELESTE BOSEMAN PEGGY ANN BOWEN JOHN HARRIS BOWERS, JR. WAYNNE PAGE BOYDEN PLN- Q L lu-A. 'Q.J'.1 Q -XI ,A Q 10 kb. m.,Lf..fVX YEL! Q, I.: 9,11 I I -,IL Q I L i.sm1LL-TIL pf E PM 5 1' FIJI E 1 f- if M Wade, Clyde, and Tommy Find Three Heads Beher than One PHILIP HANSFORD BRANDT LOUISE MATTHEWS BRAY RALEIGH EARL BRITTON JR iw-O0-l.. I M' b bun qw-Lode P but CJSS v3 T1AVIS BROADDUS ROBERT STAUDTE BROCKMEIER CATHERINE BROOKE JOHN GILBERT BROOKE ' I , I Ib X M R .Lf J' X I GEORGE IIQKHIDBIZQOKSX 4 M UI If I I , 1 1, 3, L ,IsIII:J1lQg31LinPE B oovcs 'Ji -fi 3 ,lf , ,', 'if H kj X La Iy xiii, -X ig rip IA Ns , J I LI ' M ,J I "" ANNIVERSARY IHIQMAS o22o 5 A I ' . AUBREY NIEULETT I BROWN 1- . EDWARD STEPHEN BROWN EDWARD HUNTER BRYANT JO ANN BUCHANAN DAVID EDWARD BUTLER MARY ELIZABETH BUTTERWORTH FRANK LLOYD CALL PATRICIA JOANNE CAMPBELL WILLIAM ELWOOD CAMPBELL PHYLLIS ANNE CANNON LUCY MACON CARTER JOHN MELVIN CARY QQ! 17 ,J 1'-J - I . ,.-in I,,,-'gbf' 'iw vsfaaffigr' -24 C If-S' fa -k"flw ,zdf A ?6,41'f'-"yi-f!f.V I IQ A-+41-E. --,,,.f , CAROLYN FRANCES CAUTHEN ALICE EVANS CERVARICH LEONARD PRITCHETT CHANDLER, JP I J 1.4-41141, X991 415 B UCE ADY C AP A , .L-. DONALD HNsoN CHARNOCK 6 BETTY RONEY CHESSON GRACE WOODSON CLARK BARBARA LOUISE CLARKE NORWOOD WADE CLEMONS xXZl'f?,s'iL,Rfb,,k,i,- ,, L ,. 3 f J Q. fir , A f fl ., Q . A 4 L xv ,, Q,Q., J, 1 N 1 vs 1 .17 rrlf . 1. , ..,,U . , . , H QQ. AY' .f M L, .W -- ,,-. A I L,-, . I. "'. , I, -, 3. In PHYLLIS AQQN COBBS V JOHN REED COCKRELL BARBARA ANQ COFER 'RNANLRORNAIU COHEN L- as Jgf gg, ,fra 4' ja-iq . .ff C .J I , ' SIDNEY MORLTZDN COHEN :. 'I-"Ak fx ihq , . : l-I .4 1" K-14 I ' , JANE BLANCHE COLE 'fELv',.w1f'.-' 5l"'F3i 494, ' 'JAEQUELYN ANNE C'6LLIER A' -swmir ELROY COLLINS ,.,, . , . COQ.P!ER jl gi J!! Y- 1" J 5 X? X X ly I 14924, N, ' Ll., 'N' I Rx Ei'jlARLOTfE MAE CORNELL A Lf T N ,J 7. Q '13 wb J A ,lf .Q . N x . .Xf R 'J ,, 8 I ff ASLUCY HARTLISON coRR Q 'A Ls A 1' ff El, JJ RX ' I wx X' QQ. R 'W' , 5 ' A HOMAQEGQLESTON COWHERD Ex V J R KJ ,J L' 5 N5 LY 3 Q .Q J ary X5 5 . E XYZ N g K1 J - b N3 si A J .Jo o 4 7' X TX 1 R 'N 4- f-i ' ' ., A R PXDAQX, 9j:QQJ 1Mfff"V'w9f 5 ,,ggzur"' 4 gf STAAA' H! f ,ZWM-MMM 20? ML W 0 f,f,,fR www A , 4 4331.1 JL DEQ cg!!! Sam and Pat "live It Up" at the Senior-Junior . 9, ' U I. "'l W 5 ELEANORE ADELE CRAIG RICHARD BLAIR CRAIG ANNE WARFIELD CRENSHAW GARDNER TERRY DAMEREL FRED LOUIS D'AMICO HARRIET MERLE DAVIDS GILBERT PAUL DAVIS JEAN GARNETT DAVIS NATHANIEL BAILEY DAVIS f A N N I v as a ISIfA j gQ 4" I H 0 M A s I f 0260 SARAH FORD DAVIS WILLIAM MASLIN DAVIS ROBERT LEWIS DEAL JOHN ELEY DENSON WILLIAM HENRY DEPPENSCHMIDT JAMES APPERSON DeVOE I x' fl.: ' . 3 G . X' 5 ' f N .tl CUISIIIS- gown: mcxensom ' x 1 If Sfi , . V' -' KNREITI :EDA DIEDRICH 5 x . dd' , I 3 I s .X , 2, MARY :MARGUERITE Dorzssv I I N .Q I' rg i k 1 I ' I Xu I I ISNNALI Tv-KQIJIAL yous I I QIQBQD I3 ,sw DovEL Ib. ,F ' 52 ya? QSTICJDOWN II X 4 NJ 2 1 N 'LY - ff m. is QI I I I T I II , '23, N E K, X FI 2 FX ww 'xy I , A , IA! R The Crucial Moment-Carroll and Tw" 514.5 7Yf""b" ,MJ fg 1 LJ M :Lp CASSIE ANN DRACOS ALBERT ABE DRANOFF BARBARA ELAINE DREYLINGER BARBARA ANN DUDRA RONALD DOYLE DUFF BARBARA FAY DUFFER ELLIS MARTIN DUNKUM ROBERT THOMSEN DUPUIS SUSAN WATKINS DURHAM ANNIVERSLARTA - rnomns 0280 CATHERINE ERNESTINE EAHEART ri' GEORGE THOMAS ELAM JOHN FLEMI NG ELAM ALFRED STRATTON ELDER JOHN MANNING ELLIS ROBERT TYLER ENGLISH l 5.4 1 7 4' , 5 SHARON ETHERIDGE df I 7 NANCY ANN EUBANK el CARROLL XAVIER FARLEY I a 1? 4 t 0 I 11" f' 5 if HAZEL EDNA FARMER P L c ' JO ANN NAOMI FARR I Us I 5 4 f I f E E ANNE MADOLINE FAY o d I W fm Ni X X5 Something Funny? I , lf' ' 'LAR55 KJ., f- ? ,, 11. ,1 J' I M 1 if M X LO RTC f' A 111-1' 4112 jx BARBARAr GREER-JEELTHAUS .1 J xl' Jn.-' a I J P4 'J i N: - ' . 1 ' 'L' si.-lv ff '.'4f'f"x Q' ROBERT-,FORKES FERGUSON, III I . f T X l 1-'J ' 'A XY Viz ,JYLLT Q M MARGIL4 RITE EVELYN FLIPPEN n I l Af ,gtxllz I v ' KX ' I . RJ J J x .rl 'T .fx- ' THOMAS PRESTON FOLEY, JR. TNT . YA G , T ANNE DAVIES FOLKES PATRICIA GAIL FORREST CHARLOTTE THOMAS FRALEY DORIS ELEANOR FRANCK ANTHONY JON FRANK F , 'P' 4, . , MEI W We ANNTVERSARX THOMAS 0300 ' f PHYLLIS JANE FRANKS CAROL GRIFFITH FREEMAN GEORGE KEMP FRISCHKORN HUNTER BERNARD FRISCHKORN JOYCE ELAINE FUNAI BARBARA ELLEN FUNDERBURKE JOYCE ANNE GARDNER RICHARD LEON GEORGE EDWARD LEE GIBBON MARY ETTA GLENN ELEANOR GOLDSTEIN IRWIN CHARLES GERSHMAN Y 33144, iii' nior A Ho! Discussion by Members of the Polo Team L ' .1 .- ff. f 2' - ' '.J,.14L ',',.,,.l.,,,,- fx!! , Z7 ELIZABETH FINN GOLDSTEIN SYLVIA EVE GOLDSTEIN 1 JOHN JACOB GRAVINS JEROLD ALFRED GREEN FLORINE ALEXANDRIA GREENBERG RICHARD KIRKWOOD GREGORY GAIL GRESHAM C, RONALD EARL GRUB THOMAS ROY GR X fx if Q-vi! Y IMT WMI fb vxgb. C-JXQ 5- Bfkilf? 'A- I R KM' 'Sk QWT: L' Qwwb fa , Q' M If PEYTON GRYMES, JR, LILALEE CLAUDIA GUERRANT . OU wfif LI ANITA HAEBERLIN I IM? 5 J ,I 3 I 'I gwcfs R?fljD4EPH' I I QD La . FRANIIES A N LM ?g' ff' AWWA J gf I wfjjwm AR 6 ,mffw 5 fwfdvcv VIRGINIA HARRIS JAMES LEE HARTZ . -'um-w-SIT J'4i' All-1 WG- IN:-6 you Could -ia ,QQJVI asm' LQ, ..,JLr- Q, 4,.4.4.. 'desi-QC fucgf ' A ' " JJ C: .-'f'. 14-I' H' Q31 -II-.""y-J'. M67 IH-au! JL" 0330 N sxQ niom J 0340 SARAH JANE HASTINGS MARIE KING HAYWARD ELIZABETH ANN HAZELL PATRICIA ANNE HENDERSON JOHN OV B T' Y ND JACOB H ANN KATHLEEN LOUISE HICKS PEGGY JO HICKS WILLIAM RUCKER HICKS, JR. 4 I ' ' .wx Siu' V ,JI fII'JV 1 I , A , yy ff jf 6 1 VJTTI -ffm W f RICHARD RYLAND r-qw!-' !"aZ,,,-ff PAGE CARLYLE HIGHFILL DONALD WAYNE HIRSCHBERG STANLEY MURRAY HOFFMAN JOSEPH DUVAL HOLLAND WILLIAM RUSSEL HOLLAND WA fi-4 HUDSON JOAN WINIFRED HUFFMAN s sv' .'a vs x--K 4' .. gf' R . ' P -' - 1, ' V - Q Vp . O' I' pi n V ELIZABETH GREQORY HUNDLEY sw ll" ELEANOR NOBLE JACKSON CAROL ANN JACOBS ' I 4 W u' f I 'o 'rf 'ilflfl JW I' Q' als B4 . ff I" V f. 1 J5J.69 A Jp And 1 'ab 1' r I, ,vq MPS-:J ' T 1 t- az ,ldv J-0 sa D W yr, 4,6 0 T, ,ff-0Q:f4fl 7 .il 0 Q lx!! 4 0' f .f ig Ready for lhe Big Game! MARY BEVERLY JAMES THOMAS JEFFERSON, III STUART TURNER JENNINGS SHIRLEY ANNE JOHNSON GEORGE HERBERT JOHNSTON JEAN THURSFIELD JONES , -.- ' .j T ,, s - . J , .J , rH"M1pD7nfi2L9QNA'JdREgA vfi 1 .1 x 0 JFQOBQRIQRAHAM JONES ' - JJ- Asp. A S ARTHUR JAMES KAUFFMAN 1 o36o M 'sol-A if . wp ,jig ya Q. ,. ' ." N. ,- Mr.. .D 7' ' ' - - K T' Pe JJ S-ffm Kflf THOMAS EDWARD KERNAN WILTON WAYT KING JANE WALKUP KLUTTZ ALICE ROPER KNIGHT JOEL EVAN KOCEN HARRIET JANE KRAEMER BARBARA HELEN KRIZ JOYCE WINSTON KUHN VIRGINIA CHRISTIAN KUYK 1 ' - ' POLLY DUVAL IQYHN s ROBERT CARRINGTON LACKEY SALLIE JEAN LALOR H+-an 'nm ill!-:wh I 1901. fb-.J .,L -y . Vain dm f , f wJ'M.mMM,u -I '.ff,Lu-vfz L 3: , Time Ou! for Refreshments CARTER FRANKLIN LANE SYLVIA ANNE LANGFORD WILLIAM THOMAS LANSINGER MAY NORVELL LARSEN NANCY LOUISE LATHAM JOAN MARIE LAUTENSLAGER MARY LOUISE LAWLER HELEN LUCILLE LEATH L ALAN,FERGUSON LEE , 0330 JANE PATTERSON LEE STUART ALLAN LEVET BARBARA WINSTON LEWIS RACHEL MIRIAM LEWIS BETTY LOU LIGHTNER BETTY EULA LIPSCOMB BENJAMIN MATTHEW LITTEN ROSALIND LOTT THOMAS EDWARD MACKEY DAVID WISHART MacMlLLAN NANCY HARRIET MAEDER HELEN GRACE MAHONEY A W Elizabeth and Ellis Battle It Out in the Snow 5' , uf H A mf-P DAISY LEE MAJOR MARY LOU MAJOR THELMA LEE MAJOR EARLE STUART MALLORY, JR. CI-IARLENE MAY MANSINI MARY LOU MAPHIS FRANCES IRVIN MARKEL BEVERLEY CAROL MARKHAM RUSSELL TALMADGE MANN, JR. ANNlVERSARY'THOMAS 0400 .Wt M 01.1 TJ wwf QQ' - JJ R A W R!! U' U AR LY MARLOWE 0' I KI Aa ROBERT GAYLE ANARSHALL A A N W , Im f"'E MAI am 5 NJ I . , DAVI TER MARTIN M I PM-,NJ .- JEAN ANNE MARTIN ROBERT LAMB MARTIN CAROLINE AMELIA MASSEY ALEXANDER ZAHARIAS MATZANIAS ADELIA ARMISTEAD MAYER EDWIN AYLETTE MAYO JEAN CAROL MCANALLY MARY JEAN MCFARLAND 0410 L Pat, You Might Find That Author Yel! Q?'!l?-TJ-'IIT Avi. MARY LOUISE MCNEIL GEORGE PATRICK MEYERS BETSY ANN MICHAUX FRANK BELL MILLER III BEVERLY ANNE MITCHELL DAVID PAUL MITCHELL HARRIET MAE MOORE SIMON DELANO ROBERTS MOORE ELIZABETH BAGBY MORRIS ANNnveRs A l1,jr IHOMAS ' o42o . 'Lf ANN SIDSEL MOSS BARBARA JEAN MURRAY JAMES WILLIAM MURRAY ,4,. . ,.. A 'ful 4.1 flu' JOSEPHINE- ANN NASH EDWARD MELVIN NAVIS CLAUDE EDWARD NETHERY PETER RALPH NEWMAN JOYCE DIANE NICHOLS ZELDA RAE NOVICK ROBERT ORLANDIS OAKES JUDY MARIE O'BRlEN JOHN DOUGLAS OGILVIE j,..w--MLO. 4 f.f'at"?., le: - va Ig! ' ' :Wh .IV f" , I ' - rl r . A r v I 4 , Vw' '. I , . 4 P J I I I Cheer, Cheer for 'he Red and White! BEVERLEY ANN OLIVER ROBERT MATHEW OLTON, JR. RICHARD MILTON OWEN FLORENCE CAROLYSE PARKER PATRICIA LEE PARRISH BARBARA ANN PAYNE WILLIAM ALDEN PEABODY, JR JAMIE SAMUEL PETERS MARY ANN PETERSON f'I ' ANNIVERSARY - IHOMAS o44o 4 s.. , ,T 5. .OI fry J' HI if Y ' 'T' V MARY BURFOOT PHILLIPS 1 ROBERT IRVING PINDELL ANNE TEMPLE PITTMAN BETTY JEAN PITTMAN DONALD ALLEN PITTS RALPH BERNARD PITTS BLAIR HILLMAN PLUNKE 2- ' :T .1 , W. JOHN H LDAY UNKETT 99 LH I T- "N 5' ,J QT, 9 , 1, ROBERT FRAQQLIN QOIEGL V 9" . . ' TS, '21 :Q ,-1' Q, ,7 . r- L-' . ,IQILL ' 4 B ' 4. .A Ly .T ,ak '1 ' - -fb BETTY IQYLAND POLLARD "' ur ' .. ' ' AQ ,I if I W' I PENELOPE GEORGIA POPPAS HENRY WILLIE PROFFITT 1.12 L Lrg, qN3,gv'X if" fs .. , . .N .4 g F L' Irv' .X-'Q - If Q: I S 'I I' x ,-4' L 4 , E ' ,J J 'Q n 1 0 ,, 'EJ A-,A X L. 5 5' 4 5. i 1 1 E O H N H -'s IflL0 I, Flavez "No Troubll at AII!" NC' 'L 'a 1a rj . O MARILYN LYDIA QUICK ELIZABETH ESTELLE RAMOS JAMES ANDREW RAYBURN CHARLES HAROLD REAGAN JUDITH MELLOR REYNOLDS ,La I I Hi" L JOHN NOBIH Rfc I soN Li-if 1l1.lf1f",',Ew'L' EL 'II ,WJ .,,, thy. - . 3,0 JJ I he if all 'WMM 'fl' E I I ' AA f .. I, r' FE v,ik?2g,a:,,? I Liwd L-A 9 'I' ,Lf-' LLLAWE fue? L41 ,. V Lfpfh., I ,:1yiyy4d ERANKIE sr. QLAIR RLCHESONL mpflf U . 1 :'Jb,, 'L f 'Si Q,AzLf'4IL' L1 ' , ELLEN GAYLE RoAc:H ,, , . ' LGFTTIA5-i'pL ' dt Is Y bl- MILDRED RAMONA ROBERTSONA P L. , ':zq,'f..9 AQ L, 'Y I 5 5.12 . H Q,,,4Ef'L 'Jw 4 I :ug Qhj. ,L ' 1 I TH THOMAS HILLIARD ROBINSON VIRGINIA HELEN ROLL ROBERT LAWRENCE ROMAN IRA ROSENBERG MARSHAL STRAUS ROSENFELD BETTY LOU RUEGER 4 4 4 lj' m 'z I 4 ' I FRANCES RITAKRUSYINJFF , Q v ,- - J, MAR-CfA ,WADE SAMPSON . I U BARBARA ELLEN SAUNDERS ISABELL LYNNE SAUNDERS JULIUS ROY SAUNDERS NORMAN ALLAN SCHER IWW-L C2 Q fICV'n ff .gggf I I I I EI O a! 0' 'L' 7, -- -Bw .E --, , -W ,,,-Y,,,fg Ml 04 o rd I Explosion? Barbara and Nancy Keep Their Distance GERALDE MAE SCHNEIDER MARY KATHARINE scHooLs MAJORIE ANNE SCHULAR VL? I 6 ' "','v,lip ' 'I A v , 7 - ,"A- s f T.,yl ' ' Mm Vi 17. R ', AFM CJTJ G Az. -vi ' 'vi'iiMi'rfA'dI 1' Wifi ix, 'Q l!ld7"i, A U1 ri f, is , . i A' ' ii ,A A 'f' cAROL'cHRlsTLNEJrihBi4i1i , i A' ' .1 ' , , l i R ww in I ' 'L ai' ' cv ' 'i Q W 5 . ROSALI D DEBORAH SH TZ ' -Way M - JJ Q5 1 E: ,TQ -E jj, E,-xf5 - kk U I' U N VTXXEE gm-tw gays QR V 5? I, U th iff iffy ,WW A Dj " C A , 4. iw' g'ANNlVERSAR'f'THOMAS o o V J GERALD ED A SH if ' N J SARAH LEE SHUMATE JOHN ROOKER SHURLEY, lll ALBERT DRAKE SIKKELEE WILLIAM PARRY SLAUGHTER ASHLEY PAUL SMITH GEORGE BUCHANAN SMITH XL! TLT' I-IQ N SMITH I 11" W 5 1820904 X DRINARD SMIT V Nb Q JRKHARINE ANN ITH x ' A O NANCY LEE SMITH CAROL LEE SMITHER DOROTHY ROSE SPARKS gf' . 9 -, .l-'ll,1-ilk!-4" LTI' L14 wwf, +L A' . ln vilsfjhf 'C fy 5,12 S., ,A 9'4"-fl!!! tivw dat. It . v4:.'v'4 504 . 4 lv.-I L W ,jx 08,4 ' 4' ,4!"""' gy. IfLL0lf'6 Mr. Woody Crowns Our Blushing King! o5Oo FRANCES JANE SPERBERG KATHLEEN MERLE SPRACHER ALLEN LINTHECUM SPRUILL SIGRID MaDEL STANLEY THOMAS GUS STAVREDES X RICHARD STYLL STEP ENS if T MAR E HERNDO S C TH x FF 1 Q cf Al P if is .IOAN MARIE TALLEY SAMUEL ARUNDALE TATUM ANNE CAROLINE TAYLOR ,. will K, . - . K If: Lk- wr. KL V ELEANOR STEPHENS THOMAS HARRIET ELIZABETH THOMAS JOHN MICHAEL THOMAS, JR. MARY MCCOWN THOMAS MARY ANN THROCKMORTON JO ANN THURSTON CHARLES RAY TOLBERT RICHARD LEIGH TOWELL ALICE TRATTNER '--...,,- nigga I I ilk' f Tickeis Left? MA 1-if 557,11 -60-rv-ive R ALMA df I WILLI M EDGAR TROUT Ill Dfuxff if IVV' 4 DUNNIE RICHJJT CK, JR f 7 , ,, A I ELIZABETH OMEGA TURNER e,If1..f-xg-XT ...- .L' ,gr S-HM - 2- U 75020-w am awww QQMQXQE -A 214401 ,Q -R 4 'Q-1 3 .1 "'-,1 U," .. 1 v SONYA WHITE TURNER i .hi l . ROBERTA LEIGH TYLER FLAVIUS MAYNARD TYSON 0520 .fjnxzrs VINCELXIL 1 0 Jdjy W CARY ELIZABETH UPSHUR ROBERT WILSON VASS WILLIAM MAYO VAUGHAN VIRGINIA ANN WARREN I M WARWICK 1 ,, PATRICIA WEAVER 4 . fxfipl 1. ,go -Lv-ye., MKII D35 -145 "i'x'f:wx n I f -f Ssxux A su gvus fTEaARNETr.,5gr5yx!q,LW L-..l'fl"Nn Ml'-J '2-. Y galil' AAL 24,551 X 'J ph 5 'J f' fd MARY FAITH wssr DIANNE JACQUELINE WHITE FLORA DALE WHITEHORNE . wx HI. 5 LA' 1 .,, , Ifl XTh?AA1 Papers Again! xr Z5 BEVERLY JUNE WILKINSON MARY ANN WILLIAMS WINSTON WILLIE WILLIAMS JOHN BOLLING WILLIAMSON CLAUDIA ELIZABETH WILSON ANNE STOVER WINGFIELD JACQUELYNE REARDON WINGFIELD JOHN DANA WISE, JR. PATRICIA ST. CLAIR WOODWARD JAMES LEWIS WOOLARD BARBARA GRAY WORRELL ELLEN ELIZABETH WRAY KATHLEEN DELORES WRIGHT RUTH SYLVIA YARBROUGH CAROLE HARRISON YOUNG HENRY WILLIAM ZIMMERMAN Miss Jeff" and Her Court, Who Reigned Over the T. .I.-J. M. Game o o 4 HIHHII iff? ASN S fx 4 27 Af fi Cf Z 25 f, flf, f 25 . s-'E5Y'1 7" I 7 I ' Q22 Y f fn! fc L4 M si., 2 . X LJ' 4 C 7' W, ll ld! fzlrwy I , I 1 if ..q 25, I 11 L , . 'a -. ing ik RP JZ f X I A wi? 4- ' du i' 'fl-.4 . ' V . , f -- ' -"h V -:, .' 'T' J ' "fall , ' --J . .i"'-' 'ff 2 'A ., ' 1.-a ,, ' . iff ev - 'r' 4' 0' in All all -,is l . ,sa tugs' 5 65,-. 65 Nifff firfiyf 1 'f x JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL-First Row: Tommy Wornble, Ann Perkins, Miss Sue Beaman, Carol Faison, Dick Hansen. Second Row Larry Riddick, Judy Johnson, Alice Joyce Dix, Fontaine Jones, Jackie Good, Suzanne Carter. Back Row: Lovelace Bishop Dickie Decker, Fred Andrews, G. B. Sublett, Charles Hawthorne, Bill McGhee, Jack Stewart. 1. I "0-4 . - ., L, .I 1 ,, .1 ,.r, I NL I r L I I ,Z Junior Cheerleaders Patti and Jimmy Miss Sue Beaman, Class Sponsor U. ,faerie 1 A N N n v E iz S A gyvj - MYA s J 0580 f I ELAINE CLOPTON BANKS CATHERINE SUE ACRA FRED MILTON ACREE DeWITT ADAMS fg 6 LEONARD WAYNE ADAMS I LARRY SPURGEON ALBRIGHT I ...AALJI--L, THOMAS NELSON ALLEN , 1-e O- SI. f'-iv -AH rf f'- ' . E-f.,d+'--'-"Q" L " ,lf fr ubk QL Y .M ' , 'L-11' I ' J!! J, ,SuI.4... A 'T' " .,LI-L-'v"f',' I , . . ,-F.,,, id!" R RT ULQRIA NT, JR. ' AN REWS Lo GJ ELIZABETH APPLEDY EORGE ROBERT ASHBY JR. C . . 1- BEVERLY EARLE ASHWORTH NANCY LYLE ATKINSON ROBERT LeROY ATWELL JR. PATRICIA LOIS AYERS BARBARA ANN BABER JOSEPH WILSON BABER KATHERINE ANNE BACON JAMES BAILEY ROBERT MADISON BAI NES FRANCES MANSEIELD BAKER CHARLES WILLIAM BALL JR. ETTE JEAN BALLAGH W GAY BALTHIS IQALLY a1?ABETH BAUGHAN I I MOLLY BAREFOOT , ' A EDWIN BEAR vIIj REL BENDAL LII? . mr' CAROL ROYE BERGER GEORGE PHILLIP BERGER JACQUELINE ALICE BESECKER JOAN BICKERSTAFF WILLIAM LOVELACE BISHOP HERMAN F. BLAKE MARGARET BLAKE DAVID GEORGE BLILEY NANCY IRENE BLONDER DIANA TILMAN BOELT BERNARD BOGIN ROBERT GAMBLE BOWERS DORIS ANN BRAME JOYCE BRATMAN BETTY CABELL BRENT MARVIN WARREN BRIDGERS COLLEEN ANNETTE BRINKLY CATHERINE BROOKS MELISSA JACKSON BROOKS zffwwl- W DUANE ' fi'-1 ' W QM Tl! " I ,E I LE U I ri us.. I f 'J - EQ 2 II VV- y' ' J ' X f I 6 """:.' , I N Q JOAN LEE BUTLEIQJ jj - , - 'llllllr PATRICIA LEIGH BUTTERWORTH ' l V HAWES CAMPBELL "f V.. FI A cf' L ak I hs GRAHAM ASHTON CARLTON PATRICIA ANN CARR JOHN CLIFT CARSON .Jil 0 WW L I J' 79 6 2' 10,12 SUZANNE CARTER My R H BAKER CAUTHEN JPY fp, JOHN CHAPMAN MJ ' R My . 'JL IOM! JI' I I 4 1 Kp M W - W TH RE RRY CHEPP LOVING CLARKE Vfjyyvu 1, I FRANKIE MARY CLICK V I' WILLIAM CLIFT RW DONALD EDWARD COGHILL LEITHIA COHEN ADA CAROL COHN BARBARA ANN COLEMAN ALVIN LEON COLLINS JAMES ALVIN COLLINS CHARLES BONHAM COLLMAN RICHARD GRANT CONNELL STAR CONQUEST BETSY MAHLON CONWELL ARCHER WILLIAM COOK ELIZABETH GROVES COPE MILDRED ELIZABETH COSTEN ANNE C.OTTON JOHN CRAWFORD, III XROLE ETHERIDGE CREEKMORE PATRICIA CRITZER CHARLES ROBB CROMAR KATHRYN GIL CROWSON o6'Io ROBERT RAY ENNIS CHARLES EDWARD ERHART CAROL FAISON HARRY FEINMEL BARBARA ANNE FERNEYHOUGH GAYLE KNOX DAVIS MARY WILLIAMS DAVIS MARGARET ROSELLE DAWSON SUZANNE DAWSON BETTY DEANS RICHARD HENRY DECKER YVONNE RENEE DE HAVEN PAUL DENBY JAMES WALLER DENNIS RICHARD EARL DEPUE CARL DOUGLAS DICKERSON ALICE JOYCE DIX JOHN EDWARD DONALDSON WARREN ELLIOT DONOVAN JEAN CAROLYN DOSS LEWIS HARRISON DREW FRANCES FAYE DUNBAR ANN CAROLINE DUNCAN . BERTRAM LEE DIJNNAVANT BEVERLY ANNE DYSON ROBERT CHARLES ECK JAMES ROBERT EDWARDS I. ' SHIRLEY LEE ELLYSON P IIIIII L x .--,4 -.--- .1 flf-L CLAUDE CRISP FARMER, JR. I ' I Q., 0620 -9- X51-5505 1--If-4'-ss'-N-s No 4 arm! xv-3 Ne un. xux.. 5' V"'-555 V 'Suas-' -N 4 1 SS In Qxdfl . 5 eq 'ggi' 'I Y I-MW wen W' N P1 .IGMDLQ vE,IE FORD 0 f I 1, N-AAFP EQ! vs? Jw 1 V I M Lv- Q,lDn1ulu Izu Cfq' M45 ,,k' 5 n.LlK xl . .-I" 4 19 Y- 5. Us 1' 6-Q 'FW' 1 K" MELBA RAE GAMMON 1,5 K f 1 I J Q Xa' 'Q v S " nv Y .. rv-v jv'-X"'!U4 ' I I A .Q vm , ki . l SUSAN POWERS GARRETT I I ',,- ELL BETT 'fxsan HILDA THERESA GOLDEROS JACQUELYN EVANS GOOD JEAN CAMPBELL 'GORDON I tl NANCY TERRELL GORDON 1-Q THOMAS MARSH GORDON LEONARD ROBERTS GRAVES GRAYFORD GRAY JOHN HARNISH GRAY AMES RUTHERFORD GREATHEAD JAMES COLEMAN GREINER BETTY GRIGSBY PAUL ALLEN GROSS JOSEPH HADDON MARY LOU HAGEN AUBREY HINES HALL , 63 Q0-,Lb ANNA LIL pw Efwww 4 al, Ef A rf fili,-P LB . ROBERT HENLY JEANETTE HILLMAN ICQQ, ANN HLTE JOYCE HOGGE RICHARD ELMORE HUGHES NORMA HUROWITZ LEIGHTON HUSKE ANN HUTCHESON BEN HALL GERALD HALL WAYNE HALL BETTE HAMILTON JOHN HAMILTON RICHARD HANSEN KEITH HARDWICK BERNARD HARRIS JEAN HARRIS KAREN HARSHBARGER WAYNE HASKINS ELIZABETH HAWKINS CHARLES HAWTHORNE WALTER HAWTHORNE JOYCE HAYDEN 1 lg ,I , XII K .A Q. L, H-.,', 'iI"'I1ff' Y I " .5 ELIZABETH JACKSON NMI J' QI, ,.. OJDRA MAE Q V JN f ,4 " J JH MARK ER !4 ON I-Q Jn... . I K I I CE , 7 ,uf ' j K 'I X Y It --J Iflfwfhl L X .af 'N LJ , " '41 Jk E EUBANK JOHNSTON J - 'llllw EIVELYN MAE JONES L :f k- FRANCES FONTAINE JONES g F,- -r 0640 I ."lt's,-Ii' ' 1 ' gi -HI Q .1 jgu 'QVTLI Z- V."n IQ B in f W 1 N hm I I I 1 .. In , --f --gngifz' :Aff t Vi... Lrg, kiss q- fi Q 'Q-aw 1 I ' CYNTHIA RAE KATZ IivlRG1Nl!-x MARIANNE KAY, 1 EMILY SUZANNE KEDY x. I J '. QL TLA- RQQ4 ', L 0 I' 'YI 0 ICM aw CDI A L IUQ0' 0 4. IT! "LO1.,Lf' 2, LNG l956Q - PM PM I STEPHENAANP sowxem, JR. ,1L- JOANNE KING SIDNEY JOEL KING MARGARET CAROLE KINGREY MARCIA JANE KIRK MARILYN KLUGE CARROLL ANTHONY KNIESCHE MARY JANE KOEPPE LINDA ANN KRAVITZ LEE MARGERY LANDSBERGER ROSEMARY LANE JO ANNE LAWRENCE GARRETT LEAHEY THOMAS LEWIS JANICE SONIA LIPPY CARL LITTLE PEGGY ARLINE LLOYD MARGARET REBECCA LONAS ANN BORDEN LOVING BADRIEH MAHMOOD CATHERINE IRENE MARKS GLORIA RAY MARR FRANKLIN LEE MARSHALL PATRICIA LEE MARSHALL CAROI7,-YN KING J 0650 1 l 'ix Sf- I5 4 :fLf2- 14.-1, M as W n 3 IX X I If I' fr' I Ji RICHA KRISTINA NIJOLA MEGNE JOHN RICHARD METZ SUSAN METZGER ALICE JANE MICHAEL KATHERINE LOUISE MILLER MIDRED MILLHISER LINDA LOUISE MILLICAN DORIS ANN MILLS ROBERT MASON MILLS BARBARA ANN MITCHELL CARYL ANN MITCHELL GEORGE WILLIAM CARMEN CARROLL LYDIA ANN MARTIN BETTY SUE MATTOX MARILLA MATTOX JOHN JOSEPH MAY, JR. EDWIN AYLETTE MAYO RICHARD CHARLES MCCLEARY DONALD O, MCCLENNY RD ALLEN MAX MCFARLAND MCGHEE MCGRATH MCKINNEY BERKELEY MCKINNEY SARAH ANNE MCMURDO JOHN GLEN MCNIEL, JR. ANN TAYLOR MEETZE IIIII1 .--I4 ----- BLYTHE MOORE NANCY CAROLYN MOORE I CATHERINE CECELIA MORRIS r 'IIII I ll Lf .iizif -Q I, 0660 M55 0 796 ' 1 .-'BRENT LANDON PATTERSON Y . 'ID' ,J ..,..' A ,K xi. -I N. Q I' . . Q Y KY ." fn 5 A' I Ax : VIRGINIA MARY PHILLIPS PATSY ANN PILKINTON ROSALIE PINCHEFSKY JO ANN POLLACK PATTI ANN POWELL CARL MILTON POWERS, JR. MARY ALICE RALSTON NORMA LUCILLE REDMON JOYCE SUE REISIG ADOLPH BRANSFORD RICE, JR. JAMES LINWOOD RICE, JR. LARRY GRAY RIDDICK GLORIA DELL RINER LILLA EVELYN ROACH ANNE CARTER ROBINS ELIZABETH G. ROMM - , ' JOSEPH ROSS PERKINS CAROLE AUGUSTA MULLIN DOROTHY JANE NASSER ELISABETH NEUMAN JAMES GOODWIN ORROCK, JR. RONALD DEWEY OSLIN MARGARET SAWYER OVERTON LOUIS F. PARET ROBERT S. PARKER LOIS PAYNE ANNE PERKINS ROBERT PERLSTEIN 067s FRANCES CARLYLE ROSE ESTHER RAE ROSS ANN HERRING RUCKMAN ELIZABETH RANDOLPH RUFFIN BARBARA LaVERNE RUSSELL MARY BRENNAN RYLAND GEORGE SATTERWHITE MARY SAYLES VIRGINIA PAGE SCHAFFER ELLEN LOUISE SCHWARZSCHILD JAMES BARCLAY SHIREY MELVYN EDWARD SIEGEL LYNN LEE SIMS SARAH VAUGHAN SLEDD BETTY JEAN SMITH DALLAS EDWARD SMITH ELLEN MAXINE SMITH EUGENE CHRISTOPHER SMITH MILDRED PAY SCOTT MARY JANE SEATON MARY PORTER SEAY SARA TAYLOR SEAY ANDY LAWSHA SHERMAN - Y GARNETT FLOYD SMITH IIIII1 WILLIAM WEAVER SNIDOW SAM MARK SODINI LEWIS BRANDT STEINGOLD JACQUELYN LEE STEPHENS JACK STEWART 0680 I ,,.,4 ......- I V i 4533 ARTHUR CHARLES STOPES 6L:S5 DABNEY STUART EDWARD BALFREY SULLIVAN 0 196 TURNER W. TAYLOR BETTY FRANCES THOMAS ANNE MARIE THOMPSON RUTH THOMPSON JO ANN THORNTON CAROL ELLEN THURSTON CHARLES ELBERT TINGLEY RRY FABIAN TISHMAN WIMJWINE TRAINHAM ' V6 vjj.MARTHA ANN TURNER mjivJJ35eoLYN VAUGHAN 0I? HERBERT EDWARD VAUGHAN ROSALIE BASCOM VAUGHAN SARAH ANNIS VICK DHN CHESLEIGH WADDELL, JR. SANDRA ELIZABETH WADE JOSEPH R. WALKER VAN CURTIS WALL SUSAN MARIE WARE RONALD IRWIN WASH PATRICIA WEAVER HARRIETT MONNETTE WEBB JANE ANNE WEBB GERALD WEINSTEIN ROSALIND WEINSTEIN EDNA WOODSON WEISS 0690 -vu Lf kS'5-k- U-J.CA'SC.LL'-QA 3 xi- , ue vb we 0-QB y V 'vi-I A33 IQCQRXQLERN QLNNC N xc- Bu ' -.Mx Oxon 'xx Gi ffxfc TN 'VX SJ-f KENNETH WARREN MARCIA LEE WEISS MARGARET JACQUELINE WELCH JOHN DICKINSON WELSH JAMES WHITE JO ANNE WHITE RUSSELL C. WHITEHEAD MARY ANN WHITLEY JACK TUCKER WILLARD, JR. TWYLA LAYTON WILLEY ANTHONY E. WILLIAMS JOYCE PATRICIA WILLIAMS MARTIN BRAXTON WILLIAMS MARY ANN WILLS FRANKLIN WOLF GEORGE WOODALL WOODCOCK EDWARD JACKSON WOODWARD THOMAS FRANKLIN WOMBLE III JAMES YOUNG LI:ETL.,,:,, I iv' F K V EGR Iwffxxl, If , uf, ' C3 M' f ' - 7 I 0 Cl! 6' I 'b I "-' . we '15 --dm , Same DRL' Iii!!! rg NI LL,,M5bMiLPI I ,J MZ- Z me gpm N f 1. -g ' f , F FRi5Qfll9'IA 41757 QQ ICQ? -1 Na T47 Af xfgg f. ff W I .V K -W... M!! f N 1' i, - Aft Qf 'X L A P- H in H ' A A A 1 ff- ' 'Bvr""' do funffi from unior ,Quai Go! Man, Go!"-Jean Willis and Don Wilkinson Brains behind the Scenes-Connie Carpenter, Tommy Lewis, Tony Damerel I V . fi i Make-up by Mary Lou Maior "Dig" the Crazy Tux Nancy Proves "You Can't Get a Man Tiptoe through the Tulips Jackson-Need We Say wiih 3 Gun" More? 0710 as WFWJQQQ K V 'Z' , X. . , . K ,. .sl-,.fw,,. ,mm I , , V. .f h A My ff. vs STEi'Sf0F PROGRWL Wil iff' A i fTHE'Ci.AS5 OF 1951 'LA Q 'fha sophomores, twenty-one homeraommi Qmvazmn amy :aa through res-4-1955 byf-.eQaf9.E yapsuawme . . .' Mn. sam :cram age has wisely coimsetad the aoptsoinoi-ibt,igff2.f,gg,ptg. in ptay . , . The annual sophorripre drive had empty repaidrthn class for thefefforiiput . 2. i.. that the claasfcan efftqientty organtzailfor fun and fraltc has been shown at the sophomore. dance heldi at The school March 25 . . . The sophomores haw .as cornmendabte renord far ctiwaom iChiUW8mRl'i1ilQ indicated by their number on me at-may ram me have demonstrated true Toe Jay spirit in tidal- ciqrficular activiviesi . . . The clan' Rn in they Sonata this year by itlllitgq lt1itty.ChappeligundBen Etdiintge. 'y SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS-Seated: Nancy Simpson, Vice-President, George Baskerville, President, Jackie Shahda, Secretary Standing: Frankie Willard, Treasurer. ,Sap 0Ifl'l0l"8.'5 to if 'ii SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL-Front Row: Frankie Willard, Jackie Shahda, Mrs. Kraft, Nancy Simpson, George Baskerville. Second Row: Emilie Anderson, Kitty Reid, Caroline Clay, Jackie Connell, Betty Ann Lewis, Harriet Rein, Debbie Wilson. Third Row: Rose Bennett, Carole Frieclenberg, Virginia Mayes, Polly Thompson, Mary Murray, Kitty Chappell, Dawn Donoghue. Fourth Row Sedley Hotchkiss, Margaret Eubank. Back Rowi Ned Newell, Bill Tucker, George Sweet, Phil Fleming, Bill Hottler, Ben Eldridge, Mac Duke, Walter Emroch, Millard Jones. I . 1 H: :Pl L o o rf? ,FLA P , tgfk' ,Jr 5 'N :jf ,f an I a gl , K P . . A , I -uf , :wrt - ,pk , 1 X SOPHCMORE HOMEROOMS 201 AND T04 Front Row: I-tilrla Castelyezcni, Jane Cotlnran, Sue Lindsey, Joyce Hoband, Ann Gardner, Sara E'rgn Flowery Nr-ll Robinson, Marianne Zirnnzer:-'an, Barbara Wenze., Second Row: Peggy Brocri, Barbar: Lawttt, Kattrren Williams Harry Hodges, Walter Padow, Aryin Robinson, Reber' Sn'ti'n, Wa 'er Et 'oem Third Row: Mary Ann Peftit, Pete Stra'ton, Linoa Tudor, Eaward Sieaki, Dfck Baker, Willie E Lvl, 8' rf French, Jorn Antncny. Fourth Row: Pat Ctzilwxt, Sedtey Hotchkiss, Baroara Coitrel', Faye Wnqfff E Cavoll Car'er, Ji'r Donnely, William Tttor-az, Williarrz Bozeritan, Donald'. Fifth Row: Ka it-fir Gerken, Erraily Tucker Jottn Ricltarogcn, Billy Edwards, Joyce Verstanoig, B.rch Spiegel, Harvey Ra ci, Theo Koeppe, Bill Tanker, Back Row: Lcwip Linwood Walton, Be"y Ann Srni'n, Joanna Rodrzn, Jean Cownow, Eyelyn Srfiyey, t SOPHOMORE HOMEROOMS 320 AND 'l'I4 Front Row: JeA1n Pr,eit, Beyerly Wrignr, Nelson Melton, Dorris Srni'h, Charlotte Gaeser, Norrna Jean Hepler, Joan Harril'on, Bette Allan, Kay Bendlteirn, Kitty Reid. Second Row: Robert Perkins, Barbara Noel, George Sweet, Jerry Williams, Bern Weaver, Pat Walorop, Gay Martin, Jane Kintball, Pat Nicholls, Dcffxnn Stillrnan. Third Row: Goroon Allen, Frank Lane, Martha l-tinkle, Barbara Ann Allen, Marlene Feibish, Helen Silye"e, Mary Be'rt Sikkelee, Patsy Haddon, Zaioa Brown, Margaret Swearirugen, Fourth Row: Billy Case, Sarn Straus, Barry Lisagor, Rosty Young, Tirn Butler, Mark Gerrnain, Patsy Morey, Dawn Donognue, Elizabe'h Ann Grananw, Peggy Castelyeccni. Back Row: Malvin Warren, Billy McCann, Frank Garrett, Pete Lewis, Jarnew Berger, Eddie Wade, Charles Clay, Clifford Brown, Bill Tomlinson, Waverley Thacker, Norman Cohen, Carol Thurston. 0730 t,i', J' lx A Q.. , . 4 .L. -Qi - -Sc. 5 010A 0l'l'l 0I"Q Kfcwd iiifi M ff' Q 9 5 A, .gi W M - rf P2 SOPHOMORE HOMEROOMS 208 AND 202 Fronl Row: Rachel Harris, Diana Lea, Helen Bobbitt, Frankie Willard, Betty Marchant, Shirley Crowder, Manuel Kainakian, Wilton Vaughan, Benny Eastman, Mac Wells, Second Row: Carolyn Kloss, Jean Johnson, Jean Seldes, Jeanie Wallihan, Janet Krystel, Nellie West, John Yates, Jerry Jeffries, Craig Pelouze, Tommy Asbury, Third Row: Charles Eagg, David Roseveare, Gordon Barlow Sandra Friedman, Belly Lynch, Judy Kennedy, Paul Wiener, Bob Smith, Bolling Langhorne, Fourlh Row: Bryan Davis, Anne Alford, Jane Prescott, Juanila Elliott, Carol Temple, Patty Moore, Carol Chapman, Barbara Bernstein, David Owen, Pete Roye. Fifrh Row: Eddie Barrett, Wythe Grubbs, Donnie Rogerson, Alice Williams, Betty Ewell, Martha Bigony, Dorothy Harris, Marie Francis, Marlin Ganderson, Chris Hassel, Doris Belcher. Back Row: Debbie Wilson, Sarah Denoon, Judy Abeloff, Kay Luning, Mary Pahnelas. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOMS 'I01 AND 'l'l3 Front Row: Jane Givens, Beverley Parker, Joan Foster, Nancy Wooters, Nancy Granger, Karen Mann, Patty Bowman, Mary King, Autry Noblitt. Second Row: Connie Jones Beverley Plrnkett, Judy Randall, Gail Wicker, Carol Surface, Ruth Henderson, Bobby Chenault, Harvey Seward, Billy Harrie. Third Row: Dottie Brown, Roland Myers, Gibson Phillips, Jeanne Connell, Ann Colnran, Jon Tiiorrrpson, Pele Hosteucr, Joe Davis. Fourth Row: Terry Welborn, Joe Cox, Sonny Phillips, Rcoecca Sisson, A'vinia Holzback, Jackie Connell, Martha Southern, Bob Armistead, Carrie Darginis, Nancy Jacobs. Fifih Row: R.,l'lin Winlree Dauid Innes, Paul Rodrigues, Jerry Gordon, Mary McDaniel, Jo Ann Meade, Elizaoeth Sfepherfl. Back Irvin Strauss, Lyston Barker, Hardy Timberlake, Louis Salornonsky, Leslie Tignor, Mar':ra Rhoades, Ament, , 'W' e740 W.. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOMS 226, 2A, 120 Front Row: Tish Griffin, Emilie Anderson, Carole Creekniore, Lucy Shiver, Barbara Fanlconer, Dotty Nelson, Lenora Shevi'z, Sue Mattrews, Beverley Crtiriipton. Second Row: Dee Merri 1, Dicl Kevofkiawi, Marcia Sas- law, Mar'yn Saslaw, Gwen Taylor, Bill Hawii-oine, June Richardson, Irene A'len, Jackie V nik, Third Row: Kathy West, Wayne Harding, Forint Johnston, Sandra Pauashniclr, Nathan 'l rbeville, Connie Carpenter, Carolyn Grigg, Gail Powell, Kitty Chappell Sara Chiirian. Fourth Row: Virginia Mavtfi, Bill Kfrech, .l Forest Bogan, Wayne Ford, Dewey Morris, Bill Roberton, Ben Eldridge, Mclvin Moonvy, Jaclf Rohn, L David Burke. Fifth Row: Carol Turner, Jack Cardwell, John Florrnoy, Cooper Joynes, Fred Coming, Donald Bluth, Arthur Friedman, Jack Mendel, Toniniy Risby, Back Row: Jean Rothpchilil, Gaiiya Spicer, Phillip -. l I lttenback, David Payne, Jr,, Larry Thomas, John Wilniore, Jinx Turner, John Hargrove. ' , lv., I -r"'l lili' f fl :L SOPHOMORE HOMEROOMS 204 AND 306 ,tl T Front Row: Connie Hinchnian, Mary Carroll Eads, Lloyd Tilton, Carolyn Taylor, Bette Carol Steger, Mary Meade Maxey, Joy Lynne Bailey, Laura Moore, Susan Payne. Second Row: Annie Hare, Barbara Arthur, Carolyn Murray, Maxine Bernian, Doris Cox, Nancy Williarris, Carole Sue Reese, Joan Silverstein, Marianne -ki Hall. Third Row: Frank Wood, David Newell, Louise Helion, Arnos Thorpe, Ed Robertson, Ned Newell, -M-l Scotty Jones, Jirnmy Kline, Caroline Clay, Fourth Row: Charles Dulce, Howard Sutton lll, Dewey Powell, -'L - Jon Prevatt, Harvey Scherr, Donnie Leffel, Thornas Srnith, Robert Minor. Fifth Row: Judy Lee Ford, Robyn Pierce, Jerry Benson, Joseph Brown, Richard Bass, Jane Myers, Betty Lou Chenault. Back Row: Norris S Hayes, John Loving, Ruth Hellin, Sandra Watkins, Mary Frances Goode, Jackie Shahda. C, ii- 0750 SOFA Olflfl 0l"8 Cfddri , 4 9 1, - I 1 i: ', f' SOPHOMORE HOMEROOMS 'IO2 AND 324 Front Row: Rose Bennett, Marian Munson, Jane Boyce, Linda Keriey, J:-an Powers, Peggy Rayburn, Louise Sinuheirner, Pai Claverius, Jean Willis, Mary Tiirner. Second Row: Mary Murray, Al Capehart, David Hurt, John Viener, David Jester, Ken Anderson, Myra Pattashnick, Pat Biish, Jane? Kelley. Third Row: Randolph Miintord, Red Robinson, Batch Hastings, Scott Broaddiiz, Glenda Glenn, Susan Gunst, Theresa Tony, Christena McCunioer, Greg Norvell. Fourth Row: Mary Lott Terrell, Madison Miller, Janice Freeze, Helen Londeree, Nathan Zirnrrerrnan, Jonn Hardwick, John Wooldridge, David Saleeba, Melvin Corso, Jirn Davis. Fiflh Row: Beverley Rogers, Penny Hatfield, Jane' Harwood, Faye Greenstreet, Jirnrny Thompson, Richard Noveniber, Jirnrnie Dake, Frank Slusser, Millard Jones, Frank Riggs. Back Row: Becky Slaughter, Clara Sell, Elaine Grandis, Reva Lehrnan, Cary Mayo, Jirrirriy Gray, Bobby Knight, Earl Ellis. SOPHOMORE HOMEROOMS 221 AND 222 Front Row: Jody Wills, Darlene Cooper, Judy Ford, Jo Ann Srnith, Winnie Townsend, Marion Liniado, Jean 'lrrang Lillian Subley. Second Row: Otey Hayward, Sharon Hanger, Carl Salisbury, Richard Parker, Phillip G.en'o', Jirri Moore, Howard Estes, Phil Flerning. Third Row: Bill Hendricks, Mike Haag, Roger Spencer, iNillia-- Seay, John White, Elson Pickral, Tyler Garrett, Carrington Wilkerson. Fourth Row: Liindi Sanders, E':"h Ne'-fan, Edward Peple, Billy Sahnow, Williarrt Lalirrier, John Drunt, John Gill. Fifth Row: Amy SJ: er, Leaf, Wo: dfdge Betty Hinsdale, Frances Pyron, Betty Thorroson, Richard Rosenzweig, Bob Liar, J" ' , B: Back Row: Polly Thompson, Claire Wilkincon, David Johnson, Buddy Staples, Joe fy, C,1e Yew l.c.'. Rarxall. D' o o 5 76 Q ,f xg ,Q F vi QS. n SOPHOMORE HOMEROOMS 107 AND 308 Front Row: Irene Baobag 2, Pa' Thomas, Peggy Meinlel, Eilene Peclc, Lois Cohen, Barbara B'aneh, Bellv Ryerson, Johnn, Snagnnegfx, Ann Slock, Carolyn Marlin. Second Rowi Bobby Clarke, Nancy Simpson, Mary Lon Bake", Magarel Boelaen, Maryin Presson, Marx Milleldorfer, Claiborne Brogden, Peler Sarafian, Eddie Knigh: Third Row: Calyin Bowles, Dare Jones, Paula Gould, Dulcie Seldon, John Bagby, Arlhur Bradley, Tonxrray Saryay, Dan Cross, Carol Talialerro, Fourth Row: Pal Woodle, Norma Angeyine, Belly lsaacs, Frank Glasser, Charles Frisehlcorn, John Thornpson, Arthur Davis, Richard Bryanl, Tornrny Alkins. Fiffh Row. Bill Pai te, Wayne Wiley, M rgarel Eubanlc, J ne Parrisa, L lie Heghes, Lynn Word, Belsy wd Edwrri S'eoh-en' n M N wel T 'Wray Gray Back Row' Shirley Schneider Shirley Sha een '1 de B C r J Bow en co Kirby Ca olyn Carlno SOPHOMORE HOMEROOMS 205 AND 322 nf Row Mel H nningsen Mary Jo H Ich r ha D ie Coun I Si. an Jernigan ean reenebau P l Lyn i A L pp Harrie Rein Second Row Sand a Chealharn Anne napleell P McGa ry Belv Q anna ay an oyce o y Wood Alice enl S an :son Th rd Row Ma QL le en arol Wacke H z C L Joan Ve ines ow Belly Anne L wi on n nay ow nn ih Peoqy Bafsell Dee Conwe ras V s Howa J Gil R w i F her Donald Cardwell Woo y oodard George Gardelle M idell Bigg Jewel e Ne viooJ N M G bb B ck ow ill He-i y a lon Ragland Je ry Moo ip o e ry 'ua yn er M 0770 'W fl! i i k ' ner a a r es T4 I I Do , . X Q , L. eo , inor e l, oi. X ins. . , , , h , - I I An. ' Ltl., Ma: Dole, Bil' De ke, El ine d , S 'l ' , ' i , l,,l vl- lly I 'XA -1 Fro : le e ' , . .e, Marl Larbel, oil' cil, is ' , J H, L G a eh, Jidy Siegel, nn i rtaan, ' r ' , : r - , - Ca . al r , L En iish, H Cl r' , J W Ile, Bev, ., ' K , es , W'l . i 1 r ieri J kins, C L ', a el Szhwarlz, Virginia rlle, ll' , Jean Newboli Ji'v'rny Scoll, Elizabelh Taylor, Quenl Mclienniz, Eegene llnderburke, Dean Oakes. Fourih ii R : , e Pal Singlel ,Joh Beck, Joh i T el, Calf. Sn' , V L. , ll, --- Ch ' os, J' 'ls, Fiflh o : R'ehard Biddle, Jerry Fernlan, Jin' ie. e, i I , d Like- W , , L ,, ar' , K, l -'r r, i'a lac i 5, a R Z B', if, D l lL, r 'e, Phil' R 5 , To"ar:"y Fiona, Erxo A, "e'3cn, Cia'lef Milef, Bwze Syl "L, lrene 5 Bull , Palsy e lon. 6 i linen. ...A FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL-Fran! Row: Laurie Kundis, Nancy Wilson, Jane Clarke, Mrs. Broaddus, Brad Gunfer, Al Ford. Second Row: Larry Reed, Donna Moran, Beverly Benson, Carol Eldridge, Ray Bryanf, Bobby Burns, Brenda Patrick. Third Row: Scott Parker, Edwin Condyles, Jane Roulston, Dorothy Cleasby, Susanna Hassel, Marie Welsh. Back Row: Frank Eubank, David Slwepardson, June Wilkinson, Turid Huf, Bill Powell. QIPQJAWQQFL FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSOR: Mrs. Norma Broaddus. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS-Seated: Nancy Wilson, Vice-Presidenh Jane Clarke, Secretary. Standing: Al Ford, Treasurer, Brad Gunter, President. MVK W . In ji A ..,. .. ,. ,, ' no ' ,,f .gf s ig , O 78 O FRESHMAN HOMEROOMS 309 AND HALF 312 Front Row: Virginia Perkins, Nancy Williamson, Kay Barham, Carolyn Hawthorne, Joan Hancock, Jean Hastings, Beverly Clark, Patsy Shaughnessy, Evelyn Muse. Second Row: John S. Clayton, Jr., Francia Trexler, Florence Capps, Kathleen Jackson, Marilyn Williams, Virginia Chapin, Carolyn Harris, Jimmy Landrum, Bobby Johnson. Third Row: David Lignon, David Shepardson, Tom Payne, Billy Bryant, Arnold Brown, Ernest White, Chippy Tribble, Kay Mizell, Fourth Row: Altred Broaddus, Bernard Thulin, Raymond Leadbetter, David Jackson, Jack Marshall, Donna Moran, Caryl Cornthwaite, Judy Grigg. Fifth Row: Betty Ann Smith, Frances Mann, George Mayo, Michael Greenberg, Marshall Servi'z, Becky Morris, Betty Jones, Biddie Goodman. Back Row: Bruce Melton, David Layne, Franklin Lee, Alta Ross, Beverly Wright. FRESHMAN HOMEROOMS 220 AND 'I'I6 Front Row: Myrna Brown, Jerry Childress, Ann Howell, Joe Wirt, Jean Murray, Kathy Keck, Jeanette Trainer, Anne Carol Watkins, Patty Pearson, Sandra Harrie. Second Row: Anne Clarke, Margaret McFee, Bill Hinckle, Ben Cwstchtield, Betty Kline, Doro'hy Cleaspv, Jane Page, Dorothy McDaniel, Bev Morgan. Third Row: Pat Yates, Anne Cohen, Marie Welsh, Sara S'eele. Cheryll Ahern, Carol Eldridge, Linda Presener, Joan Grosser, Joyce Newrrran. Fourth Row: Mary Jane Cook, Louie Henry, Jerry Radlord Jane Roulston, Mary Elizabeth Blackwell, Carnran Medica, Doro'hy Moody, Bonnie Britt, Lois Walters. Fifth Row: Lewis Montague, Stanley Soble, Dick Bagby, Brad Gun'er, Diana Daviz, Darwin D. ing, S 'anna Hafsel, Betsy Seargoant, Carolyn Gandee, Tony Rogerc. Back Row: Richard Kephart, Dan Berlin, John Davenport, John Grisby, Harriet Willett, Virginia Gryrrtos, Della Chaprr'-an, Bobby MacFarlane. int ATI.. A 4 +.1 Sc. 79 jI"Q5AI'l'L6Ll'l dfizi thanx ill, 1 FRESHMAN HOMEROOMS 'I'I0 AND HALF 3 2 Front Row: Phillip Klaus, Mary Ellen Deckelrnan, Nancy Wilson, Betty Trainham, Stanley Theoianos, Albert Cannaday, Mildred Musser, June Wilkinson, Ann Hudgins, Betsey Clark. Second Row: Mary Anne Barker, Glenda Soble, lris Scher, lrvin Vestal, John Leong, Betty Robins, Pat Horne, Joyce Harris, Jackie Soloman. Third Row: Peggy l-leasley, Archer Cassada, Suzane Davis, George Condyles, Jimmy Thompson, Tornrny Mantlo, William Dervishian, Stanley Goldman, Al Ford, Arthur Harrison. Fourth Row: Eugenia Phillips, Courtney Mann, Martha Henna, Mary Lou Farley, Ralph Chesson, Jr., Tommy Nottnigharn, Elmer Deflen- baugh, Jr., Dan Spiers, Jean Johnston. Fifth Row: Esther Madison, Nancy Lipscomb, Peggy Greenberg, Barbara Hawthorne, Glenna Snead, Norma Sue Wolfe, Bob Moorefield, Nan Noble, Jane Robinson. Back Row: Joe Lively, Mark Binder. FRESHMAN HOMEROOMS 302 AND 310 Front Row: Bobby Muse, Bobby Blake, Bobby Butler, Ellen Kayne, Roberta Grossman, Joyce Davidson, Marie Fagg, Louisa Hopkins, Marian Moessinger. Second Row: Louie Wyland, Landy Cary, Fred Shull, Judy Ayers, Sally Woolford, Beverly Heinz, Suzanne Patterson, Janet Bandas, Patsy Wade. Third Row: Mary Bullard, Evelyn Christian, Bill Powell, Steve Laveri, Cynthia Powell, Nancy Fox, Deborah Glazier, Francis Dickens, Betty Weinstein, Fourth Row: Joyce Traylor, Joyce Slater, Barbara Randlett, Carolyn Wheatley, Bobby Quisenberry, Dickie Hood, Martin Soffer, Lewis Stratton, Bill Snyder. Fifth Row: Bobbie Reynolds, Cecilia Forern, Stephen Banks, David Kimble, Bobby Byrd, Pete Rose, Margaret Klugman, Shiras Elliott, Pattie Liebert, Dotty Case. Sixth Row: Allen Weinberg, Harold Schwartz, Bobbie Elmore, Charles Morris, Guy Tripp, Lee Davis, Bryan Vitsky, Jo Stutz. Back Row: John Arnold, Melvin Miller, Bob Holtz, Jimmy Paxton, Beverly Kersey, Joanne Watkins. - 7 I N 0800 FRESHMAN HOMEROOMS 311 AND 103 Front Row: Adele Vogel, Tommy Garnbrill, Lee Korn, Ann Woolford, Avon Woodson, Carole Jones, Clarry Trice, Betty Stern, Susan Ford, Jeanne Morey. Second Row: Nancy Dodd, Murrell McLeod, Larry Reed, Robert Warnpler, Mary Ellen Yates, Louise Kleinkopt, Betty Cannon, Ann Edwards, Betty Day, Linda DeVault. Third Row: Thomas Fletcher, Bob Michael, Bobby Snead, John Burckell, Bunny Payne, Nancy Slusser, Laurie Kundis, Velma Bender, Ellie Carner, Kay Reville, Janet Lewis. Fourth Row: Randy Blunt, Ronald Yal'le, Stuart Crenshaw, Paul Williarns, Brenda delrlayen, Marian Butts, Becky Gay, Beverley Gardner, Silvia Cecchetti, Fifth Row: Maiorie Goode, David Gordon, Lewis Royster, John Miller, Fred Lang, Arthur Walker, Charles Oslin, William Gressett, Cole McCroy. Back Row: Lewis Nussrnan, Stephen Meyers, Sant Ganderson, Marc Selcles, Paul Schwartz, Henry Hinlcle, Julia Lee Perkinson. FRESHMAN HOMEROOMS 105 AND 317 Front Row: Anna Willianns, Joyce Eggert, Connie Bennett, Peggy Stubbs, Anne Trites, Nancy Anderson, Jackie Schwartz, Susan Murphey, Joan Sirnnions. Second Row: Elizabeth Green, Mary Anne Harrison, Carolyn Hawthorne, Doris Dovel, Caroline Ruggles, Sandra Salsburg, Arden Bundy, Nellie Peyronnet. Third Row: Marshall Srnith, Vaughan Hargroves, Pat Sirnrnons, Betty Pritchett, Trudy Brown, Eleanor Page, Ann Willis, Nancy Ednnunds. Fourth Row: Dean Parsons, Bill Whitlock, Judy Johnson, Jeanie Crane, Harriet Salsbury, Caroline Watson, Mary Evans, Davis Sydnor, August Kohn. Fifth Row: Bob Dervishian, Bunky Lee, Sonny Taylor, Bobby Whitehurst, Bill Cudlibp, Ray Bryant, Jirnrny Teachey, Terry Yarbrough. Sixth Row: Bruce Allnutt, Jack Wilson, Wayne Johnston, Fred Carsher, Bill Newton, Lewis Best, Braddy Specter, Ronnie Portewig. Back Row: Lee Inman, Jirn Holland, Albin Meisel, Martin Sorter, Preston Richardson, Scott Bentley, Arnie Powell, Beechie Hurriphries, Bobby Burns. TT' fix i-. 1-...,-1 Ht ' I o8'Io X si, g 2' ,, F if in ' " xy l TOP: l-larriel Rein, Caroline Clay, Ann Alford, Bill Tucker, and Phil Fleming enioy lhe sunshine of a lovely " ' ' spring day. BOTTOM: Jeannie Wallihan, Waller Padow, Joy Lynne Bailey, Al Capeharl, Helen Bobbillg ' CW O and Linda Knrsfy dining Q lunch period leave lheir worries behind in the classrsoofn. O. -' y,,, . k ,gy-5 fiilf , . V, olokomorefi af oaidure ' fit 4- - ,ig " H I I 5 ' 1 l I -N I' . ,gs ,Atl J' 1 , X - P -. x --li . ' , . 5 I .I 1 56 ' 1 X . 'x N - C -4 n . ,O 71' J - ,. N , i -n U J , 'QQWU V 5 . H O O , ii,, ,O ,A OO O OO OO yg s s i D820 w N K w -1 T - -y 7 .r L. , ,-,-,f.,,.A,, -.A A. Q, 1. , Q ' " " ' " H " ' f' QA -Al V--- .:' -X V :' ,, ,V A v A in A51 4 N, BOARD OF COORDINATION-Front Row: Bunky Miller, Frank Call, Carroll Farley, John Brooke. Second Row Duck Hansen George Baskerville, Mr. Joseph C, Urarn, Mr. Alton L. Howell, Tommy Doub Bert Sikkelee Thlrd Row: Brad Gunter, Mrs, Garna B. Kraft, Beverly Oliver, Carol Freeman, Elizabeth Beazley Mrs Katherine Brumble, Mrs. Norma Broaddus. Back Row: Miss Sue Beaman, Pat Henderson Miss Estelle N. Tankard, Mrs, Anne B. Plunkett. .gzffing ala .Ze ayii gadnclar This organization has a very necessary and important role in the planning of school functions. It prevents conflicts in the activities of our various clubs, classes, and athletic groups. The S. P. officers and S. P. sponsors, class presidents and sponsors, together with representatives from the publications, cadet corps, and music groups, make up the board. This board holds regular meetings every second Tuesday of the month. Mrs. Brumble, the sponsor and Frank Call, the president of the S. P., head the organization. The B. O. C. sets dates for social events, sports events, and club meetings of various kinds. The group then draws up a calendar of school events for distribution. 0830 lla -,,4,4,,u,Aj .xr ..l.n..,a+K!l.4.fJ If-11:1 '-Q "nhl ,Mft ,fQL7ll4 fzg 711-4, kfda. ,J 1 5 . 114 d', i , ., I, Q ' -'ga A ,-1-,,,Au- fr' ,-..,'. L,,,. . , ,, I .,,,yi ' ,' ,l--,.A -IAAJ , -L f.. 1 Q14 f P' ,I BEVERLEY OLIVER !l,fRANK LVL! l Presi Vice-President Corresponding y M ff ff' tl ' PAT HENDERSON Secreiary L V9. -N., RJ L . .T -C' V L 1 rf. x F un .4 gr A -l,,,4 ,gl rp ' lr- Y, Tl' s. .,' ijff CAROL FREEMAN TOMMY nous z I Q Recording Secretary Treasurer .vs- f' f 5' fl Sh! f '- Q 0 era l'U'lCLl0 . I' 1, . Every day during Third period the Senate, the executive body of the lk wk' school, hums with activity. It is composed of twenty-three members, the maiority of whom are elected for the year by their classes. The exceptions are the officers, who are elected in a school-wide election. if 5,5 -1 xg 'TJ Q, .J - Tuesday sees the Senators industriously at work in their weekly busi- We Cf Ex 9 Q4 Q ness meeting. At these meetings many questions very important to the gl Eg 'S K U. 5 school are discussed and acted upon. On other days the Senators have 5 S 'fx 3' 4. G C l meetings of their special committees that operate only when necessary. fb iv 'T' They also see that the standing committees headed by them, which 3 operate continuously through the year, are functioning properly. TheXQ N 0 an T ,Q S-x. jen A Ul ,AXOar.ssigQx,eg1s, -.,?xQr3b Sw QU 'Wgx 7 Cr, .s Q Q QQTNA -5 NITQMOTCO5 fgaxfgfil- Q fb X. a X S TC.. gseovx I KT 'WXRE , ' T' 0 84 O Y' wiht ,Jr-. PJ lL,5,g - HE SENATE c TOP ROW: Bert Sikkelee, Ann Moss, Laurelta Bailey, Pat Mahoney, Pat Forrest, Dick Craig. Second Row: Dick Hansen, Bobby Parker, Dabney Stuart, Ruth Thompson, Tommy Allen, Nancy G Bottom Row: Scott Parker, Millard Jones, Kitty Chappell, George Baskerville. M .Af mr in ee ag Q'Qn.m2 , Qi Mm JQ ff.':Senate sends two representatives to the City Federation of Student Coun- ,LTL Q-gf,-,'Q kia cils, which meets twice each year. It is also represented at the State and National Student Council Conventions. Under the excellent 30 O lx-f ffve '-,gguidance of Mrs. Brumble and Mrs. Plunkett, the Senate endeavors to 'Q - ,iqlve the problems of the school so tar as the Student Participation filo,,:a 4 A Wifi. Ldbfli Ll i.Jbli'EJlf U' iiaf-L-lf5c7 JRE: if -l-fr'g1j, -. LLLCIL 41. sz li, fy 45-.LL ,fflksociation is concerned. The highlights of the year are the spring elections when officers are chosen with all the political trimmings- speeches, publicity stunts, and campaign posters . . . This year the Senate had a part in planning and carrying out two Parent-Teacher Association programs, having to do with teen-agers and their problems. I lr.L:,f-r,'..f-1, , 1 ff-+ .1 -1 i'lJ'iia' L ici l.. .f v . - -i 'T . uw, nyig, X o o 1. l I l l 3 L HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES-First Row: Helen Allen, Ann August, Carolyn Ayers, Kay Barham. Second Row: Barbara Baumes, Carole Binns, Forest Bogen, Bobb Bowers. Third Row: Ed Bryant, Pat Bush, Howes Campbell, Archer Cassada. Fourth Row: Sandra Cheatham, Carole Creek- more, Paul Denby, Karen Diedrich. Fifth Row: Bob Edwards, Ben Eldridge, Walter Emroch, Nancy Fox. Sixth Row: Barbara Funderburke, Eugene Funderburke, Martin Gander- son, Jane Givens. Seventh Row: James Gray, Ruth Heflin, Billy Hicks, Martha Hinkle. Eighth Row: Beverley Kersey. 0860 0U8l"l'll'l'lel'lt . . . "Democracy in action" is charac- teristic of the House of Repre- sentatives. Each member, chosen for the term from his homeroom on the basis of character, leader- ship, good conduct, scholastic rec- ords, and willingness to serve, knows that he is the link between the student body and the Senate. It is his responsibility to carry sug- gestions trom homeroom mem- bers to the House, Where action may be taken. Thus each student is enabled to voice his opinion for measures to improve the school. Meeting the first and third Mon- day atternoons of the month, the group works to voice the opinion ofthe student body for the better- ment of the school. Beverley Oliver, vice-president of the stu- dent body, has served as presi- dent of the House, Milly Millhiser, as secretary, Walter Emroch, as sergeant-at-arms, Martha Hinkle and Jackie Shahda, as City Fed- eration members . . . This group has done a great deal to solve S, ,,,,fh,, all F . f "V"'l - . T .cms k . r ' 6 T B, flefgiuefiijj, if problems arising school during The bers gain invaluable Training and pracTice They learn The menTary Tion . . . Among ing favorable acTion one calling for The The school bulleTin monThly calendar of one calling for price iTems of food in The T cafe- Teria. A good ex. a special service of The House is year was The conducTing of a sTudenT opinion poll on examinaTions, in response To a requesT from The sTudenT body. The House also carried on in The homerooms a "geT acquainTed" campaign by ex- plaining each monTh a different' phase of sTudenT parTicipaTion . . . lnTeresT of Tee Jay sTudenTs in The successful operaTion of The school has done much To promoTe good undersTanding beTween TaculTy and sTudenTs. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES-First Row: Tommy Lewis, Becky Lonas, Betty Marchant, Edwin Mayo, Second Row: Carol Mc!-Xnally, Mickey McFarland, Mildred Millhiser, Carole Mullin. Third Row: Beverley Oliver, Larry Reed, Heck Rice, Carter Robins. Fourth Row: Lewis Royster, Jackie Shahda, Andrew Sherman, Mary Beth Sikkelee. Fifth Row: Nancy Simpson, Joyce Slavin, Walter Staples, Tommy Stav- redes. Sixth Row: Joan Talley, Charles Tingley, Anne Trites, Eddie Tucker. Seventh Row: Pat Weaver, Terry Welborn, Ann Willis, Nancy Wilson. Eighfh Row: Clyde Abell. 0870 iq' 1 raining . ,I COUNCIL OF HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS-Front Row: Betty Jones, Kay Bobzien, Madison Miller, Mary Jo t-lclcher, Bobbie Felthaus, Carol Seibert, Barbara Saunders, Jimmy Belcher, John French. Second Row: Joyce Eggert, Barbara Lewis, Frank Call, Bill Robertson, Dewey Morris, Marc A, Seldes, Nathan Turbeville, John Thompson, Jerry Radford. Third Row: Bobbie Reynolds, Bunni Payne, Jack Willard, Tim Suttles, Marx Mitteldorler, Ellen Wray, Jimmy Bear, Lynn Sims, Ken Anderson. Fourth Row: Jim Alexander, Torn Payne, George Sweet, Guy Tripp, Jeanne Connell, Helen Silvette, Ronnie Oslin, George Woodall, Roland Myers. Fifth Row: Mary Lou Hagen, Marie Welsh, Gordon Barlow, Vaughan Hargroves, Bette Ballagh, William Hicks, Richard George, Howard Gills. Back Row: Henry Proffitt, Lewis Drew, Jane Myers, Marianne Hall, Catherine Brooke, Otey Hayward, Craige Pelouze, Tommy Foley, Wayne Rutherford. in ofgcwlerdkila The Council of Homeroom Presidents endeavors to strengthen the home- rooms, which are the basis of our Student Participation. They also strive to inform the students of the various activities throughout the school. This council meets once a month to consider problems brought up by students in the homerooms. Helping each homeroom president conduct successful and efficient meetings in his homeroom is another duty which is carried out. This year the council has worked hard trying to promote the success of the school's newly formed Parent-Teachers Association. The Council of Homeroom Presidents is presided over by the president of the Senate and is sponsored by Mrs. Brumble of the Student Participation. , .... . his , ,.. , i , , . . , 0880 Mgkggkfing fA P4019 Suggesting programs for the homerooms is a method by which the Character Committee accomplishes its purpose. These programs are based on the high ideals ot honesty, courtesy, self-control, cooperation, and obedience to authority that are expressed in the school pledge. Promoting school spirit and arousing student concern in the school and its progress are also aims of the committee. A steering committee composed of students from the different classes, headed by Lauretta Bailey, Senate chairman, and Miss Elizabeth Beaman, sponsor, plans the committee programs. Each homeroom is represented at the meeting, and members are tamiliarized with the programs that they will present in their homerooms. CHARACTER COMMITTEE-Front Row: Edna Weiss, Linda Millican, Lloyd Tilton, Sara Ellen Flowers, Carol Surface, Joanna Roden, Martha Rhodes, Lenora Shevitz. Second Row: Emilie Ander- son, Mary Turner, Cheryll Ahern, Caryl Cornthwaite, Charlotte Gasser, Gloria Riner, Jonell Kelly, Ann Bickerstaff. Third Row: Eleanor Goldstein, Barbara Randlett, Susan Murphey, Jane Roulston, Betty English, Cynthia Powell, Lauretta Bailey, Joan Vellines. Fourth Row: Arnold Lowenstein, David MacMillan, Bob Roman, Robert Murray, Roger Spencer, Emil Gasser, Elsorn Pickral. Back Row: Arthur Stopes, Ralph Cauthen, Ralph Chesson, Drinard Smith, Bob Royer, Wayne Wiley. Not Pictured: Tucker Jones. 0890 S FORUM-Fronl Row: PaT Carr, Mary Lou Hagen, Marguerite Dorsey, Anne Fay, Anna Ghazarian, Joel Kocen, Joyce Hogge. Second Row: Wayne Johnson, Anne Baker, Marilla Matlox, Caroline Massey, Linda Lane, Ralph Cauihen, Mary Ann Harrison. Third Row: Waller Padow, Ernily Kedy, Mary Davis, Jean Gordon, Suzanne Davis, Sandra Harris, Judy Armeniroul, Barbara Parsons. Fiourfh Row: Martin Soffer, Melvin Cary, Bill Holland, Bobby Graves, Patty PilkinTon, Winnie Angevine, Adelia Mayer, Claudia Burnefl. Fifih Row: Jimmy Raines, John Loving, Joe Perkins, Blyfhe Moore, Beverly Wright, Florence Capps, Deanna Beverly, Gay Balihis. Back Row: Jack Wilson, John Donald- son, DeWili Adams, Bobby Henley, Karen l-larsl-ibarger. .HCWLCLS ACPOJJ tAQ .5265 This year, wiTh inTernaTionalism as The Theme OT The Forum, sTudenTs inTeresTed in hisTory and currenT evenTs have TurThered Their knowl- edge oT The peoples of The world and Their relaTionships. The members heard noTable Talks during The year. Miss Eileen Edmondson, Tee Jay's exchange Teacher from England, Told of English schools, Lise HarTvig, an exchange sTudenT aTTending WesThampTon College, spoke on life in her naTive Norway, Mrs. CauThen, a former missionary born in China, described The cusToms and conTrasTs wiThin ThaT counTry, and Jack Welch, gave an accounT of his experiences abroad. AnoTher ac- TiviTy is a Trip To some place of inTeresT To sTudenTs of currenT affairs. V fi o o guide for motif? oguing To promote Christian activities in the school has been the purpose ot Tee Jay's Christian Youth Club, organized in 1953. Each morning devotions are held before students go to their homerooms, to give them a time tor quiet thought and prayer for the day. Hymns are sung and members ot the club speak, with someone giving a thought for the day. At the regular meetings held each Friday there is a guest speaker. These have included missionaries, ministers, and directors of Christian education. Just before Christmas the club ioined vvith the Character Com- mittee to sponsor the auditorium carol singing. CHRISTIAN YOUTH CLUB-Front' Row: Sandy Watkins, Thelma Maior, Laurie Kundis, Aubrey Brown, John Brooke, Ralph Cauthen, Charlotte Cornell, Blair Plunkett, Mary Lou Maphis, Norma Jean Hepler, Mary Meade Maxey, Marilla Mattox. Second Row: Gay Martin, Faye Greenstreet, Virginia Crute, Joyce Eggert, George McFarland, Carolyn Cauthen, Martha Rhodes, Nancy Lee Martin, Sandra Cheatham, Barbara Wenzel, Adelia Mayer, Winnie Angevine, Mary Mac Thomas. Third Row: Pat Singleton, Ed Stephenson, Eugene Funderburke, Sally Jo Woodford, Winnie Townsend, Carrie Darginis, Jeanette Norwood, Joyce Richwine, Nancy Dodd, Mary Frances Betts, Tucker Jones, Molly Barefoot, Elizabeth Jackson. Fourth Row: Wayne Wiley, Arthur Stopes, Bob Olton, Anne Schular, Peggy Bowen, Lynn Guyton, Linda Anne DeVault, Judith Lacy, Catherine Miller, Jean Harris, Betty Thomas. Fifth Row: William Holland, Ruth l-letlin, Betty Ann Lewis, Zaida Brown, Diana Boelt, Bob Roman, Betty English, Nancy Jacobs, Patricia Jane Lynch, Esther Madison, Gerald Hall. Sixth Row: Keats Vincent, Barbara Funderburke, Louise Bray, Elizabeth Green, Marguerite Dorsey, Anne Fay, Anne Loving, Edward Wade, Judy Armentrout, Jean Crane. Back Row: Beverly Parker, Jane Givens, Kathleen Williams, Bette Carol Steger, Mary Frances Goode, John Arnold, Jr., Ralph Gardner, Charles Duke. 1 'Q o9'lo x C , . -...c . t.. .. ...LQ ' . - . 41.1 -.- -,. - . ,- n. H, .- cs.. .,. ,. ., ,. , ,ss V,-J-,f ree.- .- , -,,,.-. 2 c-s t.., ' N-.e ,,. ,. ,, , ...Y---, , .t , Y BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB Front Row: Peggy Meintel Anne Langford, Sonya Turner, Josephine Ann Nash, Doris Franck, Barbara Murray, Barbara Noel. Second R-ow: May Larsen, Hazel Farmer, Florine Bell, Peggy Bowen, Barbara Dufler, Beverl Wright. Third Row: Phyllis Cane non, Joan Hufflman, Lynn Guyton, Martha Southern, Pat Waldrop, Barbara Ann Baber. Fourth Row: Ordra Jackson, Pat Parrish, Roberta Tyler, Phyllis Franks, Daisy Maior, Barbara Parsons, Judy Armen- trout. Back Row: Badrieh Mahmood, Josephine Trainham, Monnette Webb, Merrill Bendall, Doris Through talks by prominent business men, followed by field trips, the Business Education Club attempts to ac- quaint its members with employers' points of view. In addition, the group has former club members return and tell of their experiences as employees in the business world. In their lighter moments the club also enioys socials and picnics. .jwleacb kr udinefm Brame. TT' ,1- 'ffl ff-Q BZ! - W bg TV '- .?i DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB Front Row: Mr. Ray M. Ayres, Kathleen Hicks, Jane Webb, Dale Whitehorne, Stuart Collins. Second Row: Peyton Gryrnes, Jr., Mary Ann Whitley, Mary Ann Bauer, Gloria Shaheen, Ernestine Eaheart, Elva Binns. Back Row: Dickie Phillips, William Blaylock, Jim Kauffman, Robert Kennedy. :P f i The Distributive Education Club provides the members with a means of learning vocational opportunities in their field. The club also seeks to develop leaders among its members. Jane Webb, Dale Whitehorne, Stuart Collins, and Peyton Grymes have been the officers for the year, led by Mr. Ayres, in charge of distributive education in Tee Jay. 09241 CLUB AFFILIATIONS Fnonf Row: PaT Henderson, chairman, Ann Peter- son, secretary, Bobby Moore, Carol Freeman. Second Row: Daisy Maior, Sandra Cheatham, Sara Steele, Nancy Simpson. Back Row: Diana Boelr, Ruth Heflin, Bobby Henley, Jimmie DeVoe. ,-1 .,,1-1 -f'1 V' 1 l"'!AM .Q-l I Representatives of The various organizaTions ThaT are of- ficially recognized by The school adminisTraTion make up The Club AffiIiaTions CommiTTee. This group sTrives To increase inTeresT in The smaller clubs and To assisT in The organizaTion' of new ones. The commiTTee, sponsored by Mrs. PlunkeTT, also aTTempTs To aid in solving problems of The clubs. Mowbray jogefker. . . mr ing jogefker To broaden Their knowledge Through liTeraTure and To spread enThusiasm for books ThroughouT The school is The obiecT of The members of The Book Club. Under Miss T EsTher SingleTon's sponsorship and The guidance of The officers, The club This year promoTed "Book Week", par- r- - TicipaTed in The Children's Book Council, and submiTTed f reviews To The DeclaraTion. H! is-Z PJ:-4? BOOK CLUB Front Row: Nancy Moore, Ruth Hetlin, June Wil- kinson, Sara Steele, Bonnie Buff. Second Row: Catherine Miller, Barbara Lamm, Ann Howell, Mariorie Lapp, Biddle Goodman, Miss Singleton, Sponsor. Back Row: Pat Horne, Carol Chap- man, Susan Ford, Jeanne Moseley, Mary Ellen Dickelrnan, Nancy Wilson, Patsy Pilkinton. oQ3o RADIO COMMITTEE Front- Row: Judith Reynolds, Macon Carrer, M Rosalind Marks, Carol Jacobs, Pat Weaver. Second Row: Jackie Good, Mary Lou Maphis Harriet Davids, Joan Laulenslager, Rosalind Weinstein, Myrna Fogel. Back Row: Irwin Gersh man, Drinard Srnilh, Torn Mackey, John Hudson Tom Robinson. Fil ffl 7 1 Q45:?i I T , Tee Jay's day begins wiTh announcemenTs To The home- rooms aT 8:45 A. M. over The public address sysTem, an essenTial parT of The school's rouTine. When The members of The Radio CommiTTee are on The air, They sTrive earnesTly To achieve clearness and accuracy. The noTices inform The sTudenT body of meeTings, conTesTs, sporTs or anyThing else of inTeresT. o 0 O wg UIQ fke .Alla an U1 tk? 52 Ot! P ? New To reward and honor Those devoTed To The advancemenT JW of dramaTic arTs in secondary schools is The purpose of The ' Nafional Thespian Sociefy. The members of The Thomasggwyyflp J! i .7 Jefferson chapTer, 741, have earned Their membership noT My ,-l fl ,D- I b - - 05 1 ' PL on y y Their TalenT on sTage, buT by Their backsfage and , I diff , V v communiTy work as well. Mrs. Josephine KriTzer sponsors JMU A A , Ti a, , , The chapTer. , " A . 'U Q A Xjffwb fi " l " N , ':h:zE?Pll:vTsElizabeIh Goldstein, Lee Landsberger, Gill Crowson, Bill Keech, Nancy Blorider, Mrs. Krilzer, Irwin Gershrnan. j o O Showing films for Teachers, mimeographing Teaching materials and tests, and keeping recorders and proiectors in proper order is The work of The Audio-Visual Staff. This group, working under a sponsor and a iunior and senior assistant, not only is a valuable aid To The school, but gives The members important knowledge of audio-visual F., AUDIO VISUAL Front Row: Clarrey Trice, Eddie Lapkin, Porter Seay, Ronald Yaffee, Franklin Wolf, Butch Miller, Anne Wingfield. Second Row: Jim Fisher, Harold Schwartz, Joe Brown, Jerry Gordon, Sam Straus, Louis Helion, Jack East. Back Row: Gibson Phillips, Harvey Scherr, Frank Wood, Charles Duke, Bobby Vass, Hardy Timberlake. li? A ,-leg s w . machinery. olI6tA0l" Ehud fAe .gzened I I , ,W , K gcxy X dl l . sms: cksw Front Row: William Hicks, Bill Keech, Miss Laura Humphries, sponsori Tony Darnerel. Second Row: Donny Wilkinson, George McFarland, E. C. Smith, Marc Seldes, George Mayer, Back Row: Garnett Kennedy, Jimmy Blunt, Bill Schneider, Sam Straus. Reflecting credit on The Stage Crew, the stage in Tee .lay auditorium is always clean, orderly, and neatly arranged in preparation for assemblies and special programs. Each period during the day, under the guidance of a student supervisor, two specially trained members of the crew perform the task of keeping The stage in readiness for use. 0950 JUNIOR RED CROSS iUpper picturel-Front Row: Barbara Bradford, Sandra Pattashniclc, Joyce Verstandig, Hilda Castelvecchi, Diana Davis, Elizabeth Hill, Judy Ayers, Ellen Gillio. Second Row: Barbara Ellington, Gonzalee Ford, Frances Baker, Lois Jane Walters, Mary Davis, Molly Barefoot, Joyce Kuhn. Third Row: Jean Harris, Kathleen Jackson, Judy Lacy, Marcia Minton, Mary Butter- worth, Dawn Donoghue, Alice Knight, Doris Frank. Back Row: Betsy Clark, Carolyn Carino, Kathy West, Patty Wade, Sarah Denoon, Sandra Wright, Ann Mills, Mary Ann Wills. JUNIOR RED CROSS iLower picturel--Front Row: Jane Prescott, Martha Jo Bigony, Mary Lou Maphis, Sandra Cheatham, Miss Botto, Fran Markel, Martha Hinkle, Alice Kent, Daisy Maior. Second Row: Anne Johnston, Kathleen Williams, Susan Wilson, Jan Freeze, Cynthia Lewis, Biddie Goodman, Connie Hinchman, Norma Hurowitz, Norman Jean Hepler. Third Row: Kathleen Frayser, Anita Haeberlin, Nancy Latham, Anne Thompson, Deanna Beverly, Sandy Watkins, Nancy Blonder, Blair Plunkett. Back Row: Leighton Huske, Bob Dial, Suzanne Dawsen, Roy Hermann, Nancy Blackwell, Paula Gould, Nancy Slusser, Lucy Shiver. eruing wifA a earf Bright new ideas for Junior Red Cross work this year must be credited for the most part to Miss Helen Botto, new sponsor. With her guidance and aid the group, practicing good citizenship, responded unusually well tor work at the Richmond Chapter House, McGuire Veterans Administra- tion Hospital, and the Medical College Hospital. There has been this year the usual assembly program and the beautifully decorated baskets at Thanksgiving. The officers, Fran Markel, president, Sandra Cheatham, vice-president, Martha Hinkle, secretary, Mary Lou Maphis, treasurer, and Pat Mahoney, Senate chairman, led the council, after the successful en- rollment drive, in a year ot hard but most rewarding work. o96d nfilairecl mimic The bell rings! There is a rush Tor insTrumenTs, and The orchesTra is again beginning iTs daily rehearsal. ConducTed by Mr. Frank WendT, The orchesTra parTicipaTes in many acTiviTies, such as The Virginia All-STaTe STring OrchesTra, The CommuniTy ChesT, and various school funcTions. The annual spring concerT highlighTs The year, and laTer The orchesTra joins wiTh The vocal groups To presenT The spring opereTTa. A highlighT This year has been The bassoon concerTo, played by Donald Charnock, delighTing everyone. Along vviTh serious sTudy of music by eager sTu- denTs, There is much Tun and laughTer in orchesTra period . . . Annually officers are elecTed from The orchesTra To help Mr. WendT in his duTies. ORCHESTRA-UPPER LEFT: Froni Row: Joe Bal-wer, Carrnen McKinney, Susan Metzger, Lenora Shevitz. Second Row: Larry Reed, John Drurn, Margaret McFee, Jim Arnold. Third Row: Amy Sadler, Jean Ellen Connell, Mary Lou Maphis, Pat McGarry, Bobby Michael, Betty Anne Naegle, Back Row: Mr, Wendt, director, UPPER RIGHT: Fronl' Row: Autry Noblitt, Bryan Vitsky, Winnie Townsend, Stuart Mallory. Second Row: Bob Holtz, Howard Sutton, Sam Peters. Back Riow: Armorel Walling, Ann Bickerstafl, Margaret Overton. Lower LEFT: Front Row: Celia Forern, Joyce Eggert, Claire Wil- kinson, Carolyne Oandee. Second Row: George Quisenberry, Jean Johnson, Ronnie Oslin, John Bowers. Back Row: Pete Hostetter, Donald Charnock. LOWER RIGHT: Front Row: JoAnn Smith, Paul Williams, Ordra McKinney, Ann Duncan. Back Row: Dick Koeppe, Ann Thompson, Martha Henna, Marilla Mattox, Gayle Davis. i Y l ,f .sw , A2125 oQ7o gap., 9, ,1..-.,, i s.LLvx 1 -' g .1 . -rs' ' .amy P, 0,1 , ,L,w.. r ., u,A. .. - X . A Hi-Y l-Front Row: John Wise, Jimm Whitfield, Harold Reagan, Bobby Moore, Robert Dunnington, Charlie lrby, Second Row: Charles gollman, Bob Parker, James Craven, Howard Moss, Bob Smith, Bolling Langhorne. Third Row: Alvin Collins, Tim Suttles, Dick Hansen, Sonny Murray, Bob Saunders, Eddie Tucker. Back Row: Butch Hastings, Carter Lane, Billy Williams, Jimmie DeVoe. men ala, un . . . ,Q To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community igh standards of Christian character is a duty and responsibility of Tee ay students. lt is the purpose of the Hi-Y clubs to set a good example of clean living and sportsmanship in the school. The Hi-Y members as- sume duties in order to help their school and their fellow students. At lunch time the Hi-Y boys are on duty in the cafeteria and "Rec" Hall to watch the lines and maintain order there. ln order to raise money the Hi-Y clubs sell programs at all Tee Jay's home football games and sell drinks after other games . . .The programs of the Hi-Y clubs consist of a business meeting followed by a guest speaker, a movie, or some good .SZDOPEJHQCLIQJ LIU other constructive activity. These clubs sponsored a very successful Victory Dance this year after the John Marshall-Thomas Jefferson foot- ball game, the dance being held at the Mosque Ballroom. Needless to say, with so much purposeful activity, the influence of the Hi-Y clubs is felt at Tee Jay. The clubs have been under able leadership this term. In Hi-Y i Bobby Moore has been president, Harold Reagan, vice-president, Jimmy Whitfield, secretary, Bob Dunnington, treasurer, Bernard Barrow, sergeant-at-arms, Charles Irby, chaplain. In Hi-Y ll Jack Gravins has been president, George Johnston, vice-president, Carroll Farley, secre- tary, Tom Doub, treasurer, Tommy Lansinger, sergeant-at-arms, Ed Dovel, chaplain. HI-Y ll-Front Row: Edwin Dovel, Carroll Farley, George Johnson, Jack Gravins, Tommy Doub, Tommy Larisinger. Second Row: John Waddell, Charles Tingley, Jimmie Hartz, Jack Willard, Frank Call, Bert Sikkelee. Third Row: Frank Slusser, Tommy Gravins, Scott Parker, Robert Marshall, Ellis Dunkum, Bob Jones. Fourth Row: Flave Tyson, Bill Waters, Bobby Whitehurst, Bernard Pitts. Back Row: Dabney Stuart, Richard McGrath, Tommy Jefferson. OQQQ LZD .W ..,, .,-,,,..,.., -. -, , , A , M, , , , H WJ H A if ly" ,. ,TJ 1 1 ul' T iv' 5.1 . ' fr ry. ,, 1,1 T' 5 .J ' T -Ti, J' ill A 5 ' ' ' li 1 , 1' ' T P 4' ,AQ 1 ,ii A - " . ,, v . T, ,,,, . A , .'.. . , ,, . oor fo 00 -Lfzzend ala -' , A ' P H f f . ,A In if .ir Y iffy . 'A N, T T 1 Y L15 , T 5 - If, T . ,, . ' , ,-T ,, Y- T . : l T X , , , , T , .l l' H ' cj I Developing iniTiaTive and leadership, providing Experience in living land working TogeTher, and sTriving for Useful ciTizenship are The main purposes of The ,Key Club, anyinTernaTionalTorganize-lTion sponsored by Theflfivvanis Club. All nominees'Tof'meQmlbership in rThe club musT be of good icharacTer, possess leadership 'TabiliTy and have a good scholasTic sTanding.fUlhderp The sulpervision of Mr. C. G. Pembroke, Kiwanian, sponsor, Mr.6HarrAy Woody, TadulTy sponsor, and iTs capable officers, The Key Clyb bominued To pvrogress This year, selling pencils prinTed wiTh The basketball sffheddulei and helping To mainTain order in The "Rec" Hall aT recessi PresidenT has been Jimmy DeVoe. PaTTi Powell has been "sweeThearT" of The club. T 1 T 9' 01000 y J 'A J. rar l it 0 39 C971 fAQ CLSZQOIJA9 Here is a group of athletic girls who are emphasizing sportsmanship, arousing interest in, and encouraging participation in school activities. This club, sponsored by Miss Edith Todd and headed by Carolyn Ayers, is composed of sophomore, junior, and senior girls who play one varsity team, one iunior team, or two ofthe third teams. The girls have spon- sored the Cafeteria Committee, and each year the club contributes from the proceeds of the previous year useful equipment for girls' ath- letics. The goal of the club is to develop and extend throughout the school and community high standards of integrity and to make Tee Jay a better place for clean thinking and living with the observance of sportsmanship. TEBAHOES-Front Row: Beverley Bowles, Ruth Thompson, Nancy Gilliam, Carolyn Ayers, Patti Powell, Miss Edith Todd, sponsor. Second Row: Sallie Lalor, Nancy Blunt, Marilyn Barnbacus, Sue Ware, Jo Ann Farr, Jane Myers, Doris Belcher. Third Row: Mary Louise Lawler, Nancy Eubank, Mary Lou Hagen, Alice Joyce Dix, Anne l-lite, Sue Durham, Leslie Hughes. Back Row: Harriet Thomas, Ann Peterson, Mary Marlowe, Joan Butler, Janet Harwood. 01010 6i7lz0u aizlarif jaughf Mi ow fo oliuev For everyone vvho aTTends The special NaTional Honor SocieTy assembly, The occasion is solemn and impressive. NOT only does a sense of pride and saTisfacTion fill The hearTs of Those seniors who are Tapped, buT also a worThy goal is seT for The underclassmen, who are deeply impressed by whaT They see . . . Those qualified for membership in The socieTy are raTed by The enTire faculTy, and The faculTy Honor SocieTy CommiTTee, headed by Mrs. Barbara Robinson, makes The final selecTions . . . lniTiaTes can well be proud of Their aTTainmenT, for To achieve This high honor one musT have a "B" average in his subiecTs and musT possess The four qualificaTions sTressed in The socieTy: scholarship, character developmenT, leadership, and service. Any student meeTing These requirements musT look back on his days at Tee Jay wiTh saTisfacTion and pride. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Front Row: Elizabeth Goldstein, Sarah Davis, Florine Green' berg, Frankie Richeson, Jean Davis, Beverley Oliver, Mary Etta Glenn, Carolyn Cauthen. Second Row: Elizabeth Ramos, Katherine Schools, Patty Lee, Joan Talley, Macon Carter, Barbara Lewis, Carol Freeman, Mary Burfoot Phillips. Third Row: Barbara Baurnes, Jane Kraemer, Peggy Flippen, Mary Lou Maphis, Pat Henderson, Anne Baker, Beverly James, Kay Alderman. Fourth Row: Rosalind Lott, Nancy Harris, Martha Blake, Lauretta Bailey, Robert Olton, Frank Call, Tommy Mackey, Pat Forrest. Fifth Row: Ann Turner, Betty Chesson, Betty Hundley, Mary Anne Williams, Henry Zimmerman, Wilton King, Aubrey Brown, Roy Saunders. Back Row: Jane Kluttz, Philip Brandt, Bert Sikkelee, Lucy Hall, Barbara Worrell, Mary Marlowe, David MacMillan. Not Pictured: Anne Warren. IATIUIAI. Q' y .SL umm sqcim Q :. i A 4 . .',.. -4' - at " 01020 "Labor omnia vincit" is a phrase put to appropriate prac- tice in carrying out this year's activities in the Latin Club. This club ot the more advanced Latin students meets twice each month. With Macon Carter presiding, Elizabeth Ramos, Diana Boelt, and Joan Talley assisting, the club plans an annual banquet, an assembly program, and an exciting annual project. F LATIN CLUB Front Row: Diana Boelt, Macon Carter, Elizabeth R amos, Joan Talleyh Back Row: Marilyn Bam- bacus Catherine iller, Aubrey Brown, Patty Lee, Melissa Brooks, Miss Gray, Sponsor. ,..i:- W I - QQ 1' 5G Ha. xyfl W05b"CL 0l'l0l"Q . . . I1 OMF' 0l'l0l" Students who qualify as honor study chairmen sign a pledge and take an oath to carry out their duties faith- fully. There are usually two or more chairmen tor each study, who carry on their tasks without a teacher present. They keep the roll and sign library permits for the mem- bers of the study, and they see that the study is con- is rig? - 'f bil .' x ducted well. I ju F l .. HONOR STUDY CHAIRMEN Front Row: Matthew Litten, Michael Armstrong Stuart Jennings, Tom Robinson. Back Row: Twyla Willey, Laura Moore, Carole Young, Virginia Mayes, Bey Markham, Joyce Kuhn, Stuart Brooks, Robert Smith. 01030 -WA 1-L g. ' at a f ,LHP CAPPELLA CHOIR-Front Row: M ry Lou Hagen, Be'ty l-tundley, Betty Roney Chesson, Robert J W' o 7 I ri U' Jackson, Deanna Beverbf, John Broo , Kathleen Hi 5, Bob Mills, Kay Alderman, Joan Talley, L 0 jf . - - - v " 0 A Q. . K Carol Turner, P Forrest. Second V w: Patti Powe , Betty Lou Lightner, Chris Hassel, Martin A " ...tie r ' , - Soffer, San atkins, Jimmy Whitfi ol, Alice Kent, Car lyn then, Mary Frances Betts, Linda s .1 JU 4 ff! P' l' D-f'Millican, Pat Marshall, Tornrny Lansin er. Third Row: Ji y , David Newell, Wayne Johnson, cw . Joh L ing, JUhn u ett, Yayne ogde , Beb B , J e arwg:od,hPatty Lee, Mary Turngr, " 1, . W rrell t oodw rd. urih I o o n, Ralph aut en, Anne Jo nston, at , L. I V , h t, 'i ba a Ba mes, K'tty Chappell, L'llian Subley, IL of " LPI 5' aim gf: eaton, ia aesfioifsrglue l 8 S pens, Arnn lpeterslog.-'Fiflh Row: John l-llidson, David L, , ' ,iy pt P rki , Lyston rkgy Nana on Tish Griffin, Dee-Merrill, Judy Bond, Suzanne Dawson, yi ht ' - I' g 89 Olert, Beverl Ker ay, ue , Beverley Dyson, Billy Cooper. Back Row: Ned Peple, Jane ' ' ' F ' T arrin, Eleanor B ker, gpnn all, Jimmy Young, Tommy Lewis, Jack Cardwell, Marianne Ha'l, J J,,"l'j , pg u f 6 Eairtgsheplwa, ads da S, ries Mttearany Damefet, .3 V v Q ' ' 0" 9 . - I Pg f J - ' 1 , fi , i l l -f , , 1 i , ' U , 0 Jung an N eu' ea A N , X 1 f A I . . . v 144141, The Thomas Jefferson A Cappe a Choir, composed of eighty voice stu- , Y r I, MPO I Au, r ,kj . f' . . . . - . lu' dents sin s all t' es of music from azz to classical. This ear the rou I 4 14141 .ual 1 ul, R144 I 'uLl.A.x.L'lL naw U iliugdng for many community functions. In April the choir gave a spring Mifg 0 vu, '-'ca.u.u 14.41, 4.5, J AAN., 74 loerg's operetta, "New Moon", with Tony Damerel as student director. concert with the orchestra. In May the group presented Sigmund Rom- w..4Ql5 The "Jeff-Ettes", a girls' quartette from the choir, appeared on various programs and also did some extracurricular singing. Kathleen Hicks, Jackie Stevens, and Tucker Jones, three of the choir's soloists, vvon respectively the Frankie Lane, the Eddie Fisher, and the Youth Parade Contests during the year. ANNIVERSARY rnom 01040 AQFQ .Si QIQCQ e915 QOAJQIQ Interested students who devote one period each day to aiding the librarians in their many duties compose the Library Staff. The staff members work alternately at the desk. Here some receive and check out books, file cards, and give general information to pupils. Members are given varied library tasks so that they become familiar with all phases of the work. Staff members find enjoyment in their work while gaining valuable experience. . . The staff has a business meeting at the beginning of each term and a planned program at the end of each term. Beverly James has been president of the staff this year, while Carol McAnally and Susan Payne have served as secretary-treasurer. LIBRARY STAFF--Front Row: Susan Payne, Dotty Nelson, Betty Wood, Marilyn Quick, Quent McKennis, Elizabeth Hill, Bicldie Goodman, Patricia Simmons, Jane Roulston. Second Row: Carol McAnalIy, Marianne Zimmerman, Barbara Larnrn, Carol Chapman, Betty English, Rebecca Sisson, Anne Goodman, Betty Grigsby, Patty Liebert, Gloria Riker. Third Row: Alice Kent, Mary Burfoot Phillips, Beverly James, Kathy Keck, Jean Murray, Louise Bray, Barbara Duffer, Sandra Cheatham, Marie Welsh. Back Row: Patty Moore, Barbara Cofer, Patty Lee, Beverly Ashworth, Dee Merrill, Carolyn Hawthorne, Dottie Cass, Anne Willis, Courtney Mann, Betty Jones. V v 01050 jk? SOM! of 6LI"I'l'LOI'lg The Girls' Glee Club directed by Mr. Alton B. Howell, Takes part in many school activities. This year the group participated in the "Messiah" and the spring concert. On Fridays the class is given over to student talent programs, in which students appear in instrumental, solo, and ensemble performances. The officers of this section are as follows: presi- dent, Ruth Thompson, vice-president, Ann Perkins, secretary-treasurer, Jackie Good. The section leaders are Elizabeth Hill, first soprano, Jane KClarke, second soprano, and Nancy Gordon, alto . . . Aside from vocal ,,.. , .X - t xt ' 'rf if 4 activitiesj the club discusses musical radio and television programs. W "" 3 LL GIRLS' GLEE CLUB lUpper Leftl lst SOPRANO-Front Row: Martha Rhodes, Jackie Connell, Anne Fay, Elizabeth Hill, Ann Woolford. Second Row: Joyce Wolfe, Harriet Rein, Jo Ann Thorn- ton, Jean Powers, Hilda Castelvecchi, Alvinia Holzbach. Third Row: Joan Cournow, Betty Train- ham, Joyce Vaughan, Cary Upshur, Mary Davis, Mary Ellen Yates. Back Row: Myrna Hare, Mary Lou Farley, Jackie Vunck. iUpper Rightj 2ND SOPRANO-Front Row: Frankie Willard, Ann Perkins, Carole Mullin, Jane Clarke, Jo Ann Pruett, Beverly Wright. Second Row: Jeanie Wal- , 46 r 1 ffffff- L ,r ,QM , lihan, Jane Boyce, Claudia Burnett, Eugenia Phillips, Mary Marie Fagg, Glenda Soble, Anne fx Cohen, Dorothy Moody. Third Row: Elizabeth Cope, Nancy Latham, Linda Kersey, Joyce Harris, - Marion Liniado, Beverley Parker, Peggy Heasley, Bonnie Buff, Donna Moran. Fourth Row: Marian Munson, Betty Ann Hazell, Betty Ruffin, Jean Gordon, Betty Robins, Betty Ament, Kathleen Frayser, Pat Singleton, Esther Madison. Back Row: Iris Scher, Jane Page, Bobbie Reynolds, Bunni Payne. fBottoml ALTO-Front Row: Nancy Gordon, Ruth Thompson, Jackie Good, Mollie Williams. Second Row: Nan Noble, Helen Leath, Dee Conwell, Margaret Welch, Jean Grant, Jean Perkins. Third Row: Brenda deHaven, Mary deTreville, Bette Allan, Nancy Jacobs, Sedley Hotchkiss, Nancy Edmunds, Beverly Clark. Fourth Row: Catherine Brooke, Becky Morris, Mary Ellen Deckelman, Judy Arrnentrout, Margaret Swearingen, Linda De Vault. Back Row: Mary King, Patty Bowman. f j o'lO6o ab' QUILL AND SCROLL-Front Row: Ann Turner, Mary Ann Williams, Barbara Lewis, Macon Carter, Nancy Eubank, Carol Freeman. Second Row: Frankie Richeson, Mary Marlowe, Jean Davis, Marilyn Bambacus, Jane Marrln, Jane Kluitz. Third Row: Sarah Davis, Nancy Harris, Barbara Worrell, Laureiia Bailey, Ann Baker, Rachel Lewis. Back Row: Mrs. Thelma Hutton, Mrs, Margaret Callaway. Not Pictured: Barbara Kriz. aure A Aw ouma mia Quill and Scroll, an international honorary society, was organized to reward outstanding iournalists, The society's seven aims-truth, loyalty, enlightenment, opportunity, initiative, leadership, and friendship-are impressed upon each initiate by a solemn candle light service. Require- ments tor membership are a year's work on a school publication, a scholastic average ot B, membership in the iunior or senior class, and recommendation by the adviser ot the publication on which the student works. Named this year the Ellen Glasgow Chapter of Quill and Scroll, the Tee Jay society has striven to promote the highest ideals in school iournalism. Officers this year have been Macon Carter, Barbara Lewis, Mary Anne Williams, and Nancy Eubank. 01070 fo. 6lll The aim of The Jeffersonian LiT- erary STaff is To gaTher all The local news, plan The paper, WriTe The sTories, and see ThaT The school is well informed of evenTs wiThin The school or connecTed wiTh The school. The work is done during The fifTh and sixTh periods, and afTer school. The sporTs deparTmenT has To have, in addiTion, a few "early bird" sessions in order To cover The laTesT aThleTic evenTs. Seniors hold all The higher posi- Tions on The sTaff, excepTing ThaT The members of The journalism class serve as reporTers. Phofog- raphers and TypisTs may be mem- bers of any class. A few sopho- mores come afTer school To proof- read copy and To begin learning The inside sTory of The paper. In Their iunior year many of These O Lab y ai Baby L-if ., -Vi JEFFERSONIAN LITERARY STAFF T p F if M ll dl Y "" N T r Q 'L ' C f v Q v Q - T Ed l irecf an fl-,,.fAfJ students take journalism and put this practice to use . . . Miss Estelle Tankard is the adviser, and the staff is headed by Frank Miller and Aubrey Brown, editor-in-chief and literary editor, respectively. . . . The photographers of the Jeffersonian have their own equipment and develop the pic- tures they take for the paper and for the Monticello . . . The Jeffer- sonian was well represented this year at the meeting of Columbia Scholastic Press Association, held at Columbia University, where the paper won medalist rating. Dele- gates representing the paper were were Anne Baker, Barbara Wor- rell, Bunky Miller, Jean Davis, and Emilie Anderson. The Jeffersonian was also represented at the meet- ing ofthe Southern lnterscholastic Press Association in April. I out-R ey ,3 AF, XV 'Ve Top: Ed Brown, Page Editorg Ed Gibbon, Head Photographer-g Lilalee Guerrant, Assistant Feature Editor: Jane Kluttz, Page Editor. Middle: Bryan Vitsky, Carl Salsbury, Jo Ann Campbell, Jackie White, Carolyse Parker, Betsy Henley. Bottom: Rachel Lewis, Page Editorg Betsy Michaux, Typistg Elizabeth Goldstein, Assistant News Editorg Jackie Collier, Head Typist. 01090 JEFFERSONIAN BUSINESS STAFF-Barbara Worrell, Advertising Manager, Peggy Flippen Exchange Editor, Mrs, Malcolm M, Hutton Adviser. we pI"0l02l" l0l0l"06LC The Advertising and Circulation Staff, advised by Mrs. Thelma Bryant Hutton, promotes the business end ot the Jettersonian. The Advertising Staff is composed ot a manager, an exchange editor, and a group ot copywriters and solicitors. The manager makes up the advertising layout for the pages, gives assignments to the solicitors, and handles the tiling and billing. The exchange editor has contact with school newspapers all over the United States, in Japan, and in Alaska, in order to give and receive Q --CL-F fe it X- 'I X, 4, f, ,2. iiifV7 F ll? JEFFERSONIAN CIRCULATION STAFF- Florine Greenberg, Virginia Epps, Co-Circulae tion Managers, Mrs. Malcolm M, Hutton, Ad- viser, John Hamilton, Cadet Manager, Macon Canter, Mailing Manager, Mary Etta Glenn, Sta . V 0ll00 JEFFERSONIAN BUSINESS STAFF-Advertising Staff: Frank Lane, Marcia Minton, Garnett Smith, Twyla Willey, Madison Miller, Betsy Conwell. ,?' ' "' lmxd 0 waning 6ix4oL5v 93-Lg, if 2 , if Q7 J -5 , f Z7 S' f gist c1u,yL.c,W information and new ideas. The solicitorscontact local business concerns, and the copy writers work with the advertisers in preparing the desired copy. In the past several years the staff has won high recognition from the Columbia Scholastic Press As- sociation. The important obiective of the advertising department is to train students in the proper approach to business problems. The Circulation Staff, which handles all duties pertaining to subscriptions, is divided into three groups: fifteen captains, sixty-one JEFFERSONIAN CAPTAINS-First Row: Becky Slaughter, Star Conquest, Helen Allen, Jack Mendel. Second Row: Diana Boelt, Mary Etta Glenn, Martha Blake, Mary Jane Seaton, Sue Garrett. Back Row: Ed Peple, Carole Sue Reese, Jo Anne Pollock, Joyce Slavin, Joyce Huband. Olllo A I is ' . ,ir ' , if , Je!! Gif JEFFERSONlAN LIEUTENANTS-Front Row: Norma Sue Wolfe, Kay Eisen, Ellis Dunkum, Beverley Plunkett, Carrie Darginis, Pat Williams, Beverley Heinz, ,lean Gordon. Second Row: Anne Pittman, Peggy Brooks, June Richardson, Jean Powers, Dee Conwel, Leslie Hughes, Carol McAnally, Carol Turner, Nancy Atkinson, Porter Seay. Third Row: Harry Grymes, LaVerne Russell, Kay Luning, Peggy Ann Stubbs, Susan Ford, Betty Smith, Barbara Randlett, Rosalind Lott, Joan Hamilton, Peggy Meintel. Fourth Row: Lynne Saunders, Ann Smith, Bolling Williamson, Betty l-lundley, Kitten Swatlin, Helen Leath, Irene Allen, Jan Freeze. Back Row: Tony Damerel, Pete Roye, Betty Jones, Woody Woodard, Phyllis Frank, Louis Randall, Edward Smith, Adele Vogel, Jimmy Blesse, jlreir aloer lieutenants, and the managers. At the beginning ot each semester the Circulation Statt promotes a drive for term subscriptions ot seven issues for sixty cents. Money, taken up by the lieutenants from their home- rooms, is collected by the captains on Tuesday and on Friday when the paper is not distributed. This staff also handles the mailing list for alumni of the school and complimentary subscriptions. In March of this year the Jettersonian Advertising Staff won the third highest rating in the nation at the Columbia Scholasic Press Associaion Convention at Colum- bia University in New York City. Last year the Jettersonan was well recognized at the Southern interscholastic Press Association Convention, held at Lexington Virginia. The Jeftersonian is represented by delegates at these conventions each year. , ,th , ,.' , M I ,,y' It "' 0ll2O DECLARATION LITERARY STAFF-S e a te d : Frankie Richeson, Carolyn Cauthen, Editors-ina Chief. Standing: Jean Davis, Story Editorq Joanne White, Ann Perkins, Carolyn King, Alumni Editor. agic mr A ,.... rl.,-. I ' SC !...1 At the opening of each term, you are haunted by four little words. First of all you hear them over the P. A., next you see them on posters in the hall, and finally you hear them from your English teacher. What are those magic words? WRITE FOR THE DECLARATION! Thus the literary staff of the magazine launches its term's work. To pro- duce a magazine of this quality the staff must carefully evaluate, select, and edit material. "Characters" must be counted to determine space, and the "dummy" must be made. All these time-taking jobs must be accompanied by extensive publicity work. DECLARATION BUSINESS STAFF-S e a Y e d: Palsy Critzer, Martha Hinkle, Cynthia Powell, Debbie Sperberg. Standing: Mary Ann Wil- liams, Business Managerg Betty Pritchett. 0ll3O r wrgpfwr 7 K Br'tton, Johnny Bowers, 0.64 In The fall of 1954, The Business STaTT of The DeclaraTion, with Miss Nancy Gary as adviser, launched a program Tor The producTion of The winTer issue. WiTh enThusiasm each member seT ouT To acquire Two "ads", ResulT-The goal was reached! Mary Ann Williams, business manager, worked diligenTly To arrange The "ads" aTTracTively. Mary Turner, cir- culaTion manager, paved The way Tor a successful circulaTion campaign. VViThouT The assisTance of The Teachers, who Took orders for The maga- DECLARATION LITERARY STAFF-UPPER LEFT: Ann Schular Publicity Manager, Sarah Davis, Feature Editor: Ann Johnston Exchange Editor: Bolo Mills, Barbara Baumes, Nancy Moore UPPER RIGHT: Sealed: Ellen Schwarzschild, Lee Landsberger STanding: Wayne Johnson, Ann August, Frank Eubank, Betty Hinsdale. MIDDLE LEFT: Seated: Elizabeth Ramos, Mary Mar lowe, Nancy Eubank. Sfanding: Kay Alderman, Jane Marrin, Beth Morris, Mary Anne Harrison. LOWER RIGHT: Seated: Beth Morris, Ann Warren, Jo Sturz. Standing: Beverly James, Helen Leath, Ann Turner. LOWER LEFT: Fronf Row: Betsy Clark, Arden Bundy, Joyce Slater, Ann Duncan. Second Row: Melba Gammon Joyce Kuhn, Molly Barefoot, Marcia Minton. Back Row: Earl I UML. . M 'ff f4f'p0"i 'T' fl""lV'i ,4 Eoaflaaciwf zine in The English classes, This could noT have been possible . . . In February plans were seT up for The spring DeclaraTion, followed by a producTion and circulafion campaign no less successful Than ThaT of The fall Term .... As always, wiTh an eye To business, The sTaff sponsored a rummage sale To finance The Trip To The meefing of The SouThern InTer- scholasTic Press AssociaTion. 01150 rogrefifi in QClLll"e5 . . The ultimate goal of the Monti- cello Literary Staff is to produce for the school the best annual possible. In attempting to achieve this goal a great deal of hard work is done, and much time and energy are spent by all staff members. With the help of the Business Staff, an ap- propriate and workable theme must be chosen. In order to ob- tain necessary and accurate in- formation, questionnaires must be distributed to individuals and organizations desiring to be represented in th e book. Copy from various groups must be revised and edited by the staff. Each page for the book must be drafted in a complete dummy, and the art work to be used throughout the book must be prepared. To identify persons in MONTICELLO LITERARY STAFF-Top: EDITORS AND ADVISER-Barbara Lewis, Co-Editor, Miss Grace Rowe, Adviser, Marilyn Bambacus, Co- Editor. Second: SENIORS-Lauretta .Bailey, Mary Ph.llips, Caroline Massey, Editor, Elizabeth Beazf ley. Third: JUNIORS-Josephine Trainharn, Rosa- lind Weinstein, Editor, Judy Johnson. Boi!-om: FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORESfJoy Bailey, Harriet Rein, Oiey Hayward. 341001494 fAe ecard each picture and to caption and crop each picture to be used is in itself a tremendous job and one that requires the aid of every staff member . . . The Monticello is represented each year at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the South- ern lnterscholastic Press Asso- ciation . . . The hardworking staff is more than rewarded in the great satisfaction it experi- ences when the book finally appears at the gala spring ban- quet. On this festive occasion the next year's staff is an- nounced and positions on the staff assigned. Excitement reigns supreme at the first glimpse of the new Monticello. Immediately plans begin to take form for making the next year's annual even better than this year's book. Top: FACULTY AND SPORTS-Barbara Kriz, Editor of Faculty Sectiong Tommy Foley, Bobby Oakes, Frankie Willard, Sports Staff. Second: ORGANlZATlONS-Jackie Shahda, Pat Parrish, Rosalind Lott. Not Pictured: Alice Trattner, Editor: Margaret Eubank. Third: TYPISTS AND MlLlTARY-Judy Sunderland, Typistg Mark Seldes, Martin Williams, Editor of Military Sectiong Martin Ganderson. Not Pictured: Nancy Blackwell, Typist. Bottom: FEATURES AND ART-Nancy Harris, Editor of Feature Section: Porter Seayg Brennan Ryland, Suzanne Carter, Co-Editors of Art. o 70 Msn' f IH! rf ,xy fr. 5. 2230! M The MonTicello Business STaff has an exciTing and inTeresTing Task seT aside for Them each year. In order To have The MonTicello ready for The eager sTudenTs, Th e sTaff members musT secure adverTising con- TracTs from various merchanTs, Take iunior, senior, and organ- izaTion picTures, arrange and compile "ad" proofs To be senT To The prinTer, and soliciT sales for The annual. Under The ex- perT guidance of Miss Gray, The work is accomplished wiTh relaTively few difficulTies. Every Friday a business meeTing is held in lO7, and members dis- cuss adverTising conTracTs, The budgeT, and pracTices of The business W o r l d , acquiring knowledge which will prove useful To Them in The fuTure . . . AT The annual banqueT in The spring, boTh The liTerary and MONTICELLO BUSINESS STAFF-Top: MAN- AGERS-Barbara Clarke, Assislanl Managerg Eleanore Craig, Business Manager: Elizabeth Ramos, Advertising Manager. Standing: Miss Gray, Adviser. Second: SENIORS-Front Row: Liicy Carr, Anne Folkes. Back Row: Belly Ann Hazell, Kay Babzien, Ann Wells, lra Rosenberg, Billy Bnndas. Bollom: JUNIORS-Fronl Row: Belly Bulilanr, Carolyn Vaughn. Back Row: Alice Joyce Dix, Faye Scoll, Belle Ballagh, Dick Connell. . . . an S058 business sTaTTs are d u I y re- warded wiTh The premiere pre- senTaTion of The year's annual. Also aT This evenTTul banqueT The nexT year's sTaTT appoinT- menTs are heard, and new members are welcomed. As a reward for exceIIenT service, eligible iuniors and seniors, meeTing schoIasTic require- menTs, are recommended for membership in Quill and Scroll . . . Each year The sTaTT sends represenTaTives To boTh The An- nual ConvenTion of The Colum- bia ScholasTic Press AssociaTion, held aT Columbia UniversiTy, New York CiTy, and The Annual ConvenTion of The SouThern InTerscholasTic Press Associa- Tion, held in LexingTon, Vir- ginia. The delegaTes r e T u r n eager To puT inTo pracTice new ideas Tor The improvemenT of The nexT year's annual. Top: SOPI-tOMORESeFronT Row: Joan Hamilton, Kathy West, Amy Sadler. Second Row: Joan Silverstein, Sandra Cheatham, Virginia Conte, Theo Sarnniis, Polly Thompson. Back Row: Diana Lea, Carole Sue Reese, Eileen Peck, Jimmy Wallace, Richard Jones, Sam Straus, Photographer. Second: STAFF MEMBERSfFronT Row: Sam Peters, Betty Deans. Second Row: Tommy Jefferson, Barbara Diiffor, Carole Creelcmore, Anne Fay, Beverly Rogers. Third Row: David MacMillan, Molly Barefoot, Dee Conwell, Fourth Row: Beth Appleby, Peggy Bassett. Back Row: Paul Gross, Walter Padow, Margaret Boulden, Margaret Swearingen. Third Picture: SENIOR ASSISTANTSA Carol Freeman, Pat Ayers, Barbara Saunders, Ruth Yarbrough. Bottom: JUNIOR ASSISTANTS-Ruth Heflin, Nancy Blonder, Alice Joyce Dix. BIOLOGY "LAB" ASSISTANTS-Sitting: James Gray, Stuart Levet. Front Row: Jim Alexander, George Clemons, Jim Arnold, Bobby Henley, Back Row: Curtis Dickerson, Russell Mann, William Snidow, Norwood Clemons, Dick Decker, Jimmy Blesse. CHEMISTRY "LAB" ASSISTANTS-Front Row: Albin Meisel, Jimmy Paxton, John Shurley, Sigrid Stanley, Barbara Kriz, Kathleen Frayser. Second Row: Ned Newell, Bill Trout, Lee Davis, Jr., Tyler Garrett, Tom Mackey, Tom Kerrian, Bob Ferguson, Jim Harlan. Back Row: John Crump, Earl Britton, John Thompson, Bill Harrison, William Decker, Bill Painter. Ja 0l"6Li0l"y OZTCLAOPJ A laboratory assistant's main duty is to relieve the science teachers of some ot the more monotonous aspects of their work. Such duties as unlocking desks, arranging specimens and materials, setting up equip- ment, running errands, and caring for the stock rooms are delegated to them. These helpers, who give one period per day to the work, often give aid to students. With three or tour assistants in each "lab" every period, some of them also have time occasionally to read, do home- work, or go to the library. The biology and chemistry "lab" assistants are under the sponsorship of Mrs. Browning and Miss Gill, respectively. The assistants consider themselves fortunate in getting this training. 25 r0wfA fAr0ugA gefowd ila Y-Teens are iunior members of The Young Women's ChrisTian Associa- Tion. The goals of The Y-Teens are To grow as persons, To grow in friend- ship wiTh all persons, and To grow in The knowledge and love oT God. Two acTiviTies This year included service proiecTs Tor The VolunTeer Service Bureau and Tor The MeThodisT Orphanage. OTher acTiviTies were bowling and swimming parTies, a panel discussion on daTing, a Tour Through an indusTry, and a Trip To The NaTional Y.W.C.A. Vesper Service in VVashingTon, D. C. Mary Lou Hagen presided over Triangle I This year and Peggy Rayburn, Triangle II. Y-TEENS TRlANGLE I-Fronl Row: Marianne Zimrnerir-an, Dol Nasser, Mary Lou Hagen, Gwendolyn Taylor, Jane Prescoli, Nancy Simpson, Bonnie Buckner. Second Row: Joy Lynne Bailey, Killy Reid, Rebecca Sisson, Mary Lee Fielder, Ann Rucknian, Florence Gay Capps, Frances Mann. Third Row: Connie Jones, Mary Belh Sikkelee, Gail Wicker, Gonzales Ford, Frances Baker, Belly Ewell, Kaihy Keck, Berry Ann Neagle. Fourlh Row: Jean Newbold, Anne Clarke, Parry Pearson, Anne Carol Walkins, Ann Wooliord, Suzanne Palierson, Cynihia Powell, Jeaneire Norwood. Fiflh Row: Nancy Fox, Adele Vogel, Jane Roulsion, Penny Haiiield, Anne Alford, Carrie Darginis, Evelyn Spivey. Sixlh Row: Anne Johnsion, Nancy Wilson, Jane Clark, Deborah Glazier, Virginia Ann Crule, Mary Marie Fagg, Louisa Hopkins. Back Row: Marilla Mairox, Jean Johnston, Beverly Heinz, Mrs. Alslon, sponsor. Y-TEENS TRIANGLE ll-Front Row: Arden Bundy, Rulh Heflin, Marie Hayward, Peggy Rayburn, Alice Michael, Mary Anne Harrison. Second Row: Miss Alrna Lowance, Sponsor, Judy Johnson, Jeanne Moseley, BelTy Day, Carole Jones, Ordra Jackson. Third Row: Sarah Sledd, Jeaneiie Trainer, Peggy Siubbs, Claudia Burneil, Sylvia CeccheTTe', Sarah Denoon. Back Row: June Wilkinson, Beverly Gardner, Mary Ellen Deckeliran, Elizabeih Hill. if 01210 jf goin in judzie f T 'f 1' GAIETY AT THE LATIN CLUB lBelowJ-Joan Talley, Elizabe1l1 Ramos, Diana Boelf, Macon Carter. DRAMA AT ITS BEST lAbovel-Marion Butts, Norma Sue Wolfe, Jackie Soloman, Ann Coleman, Anne Taylor Me-iz. 01220 Wg Af 1. Ai mmf-f . VMI. y .v ,li . ww: 1,, , 1 I ' f 1 L . 4.1 'x M, '-Q .5 I X rf ' 1 1'-. 11-. x , f. ,-ref .hawk 1 . ,, 1- .1 1 re . w J x v FRISCHKORN, G. K. PAGE SHAFER ABELI., C. G. BELL, T. E. Cadet First Captain Sponsor Cadet Captain Adiutant Cadet Captain Quartermaster FALL TERM STAFF THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL orlaao Kaclefa SPRING TERM STAFF MACKEY, T. E. MARTHA BLAKE FERGUSON, R. F. PINDELI., R. I. Cadet First Captain Corps Sponsor Cadet Captain Adiutant Cadet Captain Quartermaster 01230 nf... . ..-....,...,.- V. J Front Row: Charnock, D. J., MacMiIIan, D. W., Davis, G, P., Maliory, E. S., Bowers, J. H., Highfili, P. C. Second Row: Ctayton, J. S. Riffey, W. D., Landrum, J. H., WoodaII, G, S., HoItz, R. E., Sutton, H., Mayo, E. A., Kernan, T. E., Gordon, T. M., Berger, J. R., Adarrts D. E., Gray, H. A., Brown, C. C., Lee, K. F., Mitcheli, A. A., Tatum, S. A. Third Row: Holtzclaw, W, F., Shuriey, J. R., Lewis, P. W., Sarvay T. L., Steadrnan, J. B., Oslin, R. D., Liyeiy, J. H., Spencer, R. W., Harlan, J. C., Johnson, R. G., Mitteldorfer, M. E., Ogiivie, J. D., Presson M. L., Stratton, L. B., Hostetter, W. P., Smith, G, M., Mann, R. T., Viener, J. D., Cohen, I. R., SaIsbury, C. A. Back Row: Gregory, R. K. Plunkett, J. H., Tomiinson, W. T., Vitsky, B. H., Melton, B. W., Hendricks, W. C., Arrnistead, R. R., Bailey, J, M., Welsh, J. D., Arnent R. M., Landis, H. T., Bass, R. E., ConneII, R. G., Ennis, B. R., Spivey, J. H., AIInutt, B. C., Chesson, R. R., Harrison, W, A., Wooidridge, J G., McFarland, G. M., Otton, R. M. FALL TERM Band DAVIS, G. P. DORIS BELCHER ELLIS, J. M. Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant S P R I N G T E R M CHARNOCK, D. J. SUE POWELL MacMILLAN, D. W. Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant 225- B 1240 t-Q Front Row: Frlschkorn, H. B., Andrews, F. F., Gasser, E. J., Hardwick, J. T., Gills, H. A., Eubank, W. B., Fuqua, T. H., Rayburn, J. A. Seco Row: Davis, A. K., Painter, W. H., Nottingham, T. B., Hinckle, W. C., Kephart, R. B., Atwell, R. L. Back Row: News-'l, E. P., Caraner, W. Hurt, D. R., French, J. L., Voss, E. C., Hayes, N. H., York, C. M., Brown, R. L. Xlbasr aQ.x.uqc, cms.. K ,, at Q T rt-5 an qrscq- Doa-qtn 400. xi , F A L L T E R M FN .. ,,-,qn,fT,-O Owe CS- 'QUJV' E-:ZSSNCJY3 qc,-ng 677 OUEC L-Loft-Pye. 0l'Yl any MACKEY, T. E. MARTHA BLAKE FRISCHKORN, H. B. Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieuetenant SPRING TERM FRISCHKORN, H. B. FRANKIE CLICK RAYBURN, J. A. ATWELL, R. Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant Cadet Color Lieutenant r ,I ,. 01250 , . , f , N. N f .4 1 AN., A f N, .sf ' Q xx ront Row: Wiltiarns M. B. Keccn W. H., Haddon, J. M., Garnett, J. M., Cudii , W, S., Norvetl, T. C., Snaughnessy, J. D., Eck, R. F . . . pp Second Row: Harding, R. W., Cousins, F, M., Dickens, F. L., Gambriil, T, G., Seldes, M. A., Aibrigni S. L. Back Row: Hamilton, J. C., Dun vant, B. L.. Jester, D. C., Henley, R. S., Phaup, A. A., Steeie, W. T., Smith, E. C. Not Pictured: Cooper, W. E., Thompson, J. J. FALL TERM Olflflldafl y FERGUSON, R. F. FRANKIE CLARK BROOKE, J. G. Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant SPRING TERM WILLIAMS, M. B. MARGARET EUBANK COOPER, W. E, ECK, R. C. Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant Cadet Lieutenant 1 Jr I. X' "' .M -N Front Row: Biake, H. F., TITIINGD, H. F., Rice, J. L,, Biesse, J. S., Meyers, S. A., I-Iinzkle, I-I. T., WooIey, R. M., Frank, A. J. Second Row: Bennett, JDS., Crump, C., Joynes, W. C., Brogden, C. E., Walker, T. G., Caperarr, A. C, Back Row: Decker, R. H., Payne, D. P., CIay, C. W., Srrnth, D. E., Winfree, G. R., MasIan, N. L., Woodward, E. J. FALL TERM 0I'l'Ll06U'l PINDELL, R. I. JOYCE NICHOLS BLAKE, H. F. BROCKMEIER, R. S. Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant Cadet Color Lieutenant S P R I N G T E R M t BLAKE, H. F. PAT SIMMONS FRANK, A. J. TROUT, W. E. .L Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant Cadet Lieutenant Executive Q I ., s U. I -If -1 , O Ar ' 5' . A' ' I 01270 ? . 5 X4 Front Row: Riddick L. G. Ganderson M. L., Biddle, R. K., Louie, H., Strauss, I. S., Gray, G. B., LittLe, C. E, Second Row: Durr, W. H. swan J C wma wfe. Burns Rl L. Maisel, A. L., Cantor, P. s. Back Row: naming, P. H., Haages, H. N., Der-wshran, R. W., Perkins J. R., Llnnes,-LD, P., L!IcKennLs, Q. IS., Mc'CLenny, D. O. Not Pictured: Dervishian, W. A. FALL TERM 0l'l'l an STEINGOLD, L. B. SUSAN METZGER RIDDICK, L. G. Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant SPRING TERM RIDDICK, L. G. MARTHA HINKLE LITTLE, C. E. Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant 3 V mf H . D 128 O . ' 1,2 xx xx . . 'X F-ron? Row: Sncfnran, A. L., Lisagor, W. B., Tornnnion, W, B., Funderburke, E. B., Smith, T, L., Swear, G. B., Adams, T. W. Second Row Tripp, G. T., Afkiru, T, H., Deffenbaugh, E. R., Brady, J. D., Ffsner, J, G., MM7, J. R, Back Row: Carriwnll, J. R., Thsckvr, W. K., Omfion J. L., Donahiaon, J. E., Blake, R. B., Randan, L. W., Svewari, A. J. FALL TERM wyffaiuf , Z4 ff MJW7- X7 Onlpang VAUGHAN, VV. M. JAN RUTAN MINOR, R. E. Cadet Captain Sponsor CacletLieu1enan1 S P R I N G T E R M SHERMAN, A. SUSAN WILSON ADAMS, T. W. Cade1CapTain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant 4 I Y 01290 B ' f . . NX I ' I 1 . fl! . . xx , x it Front Row: Srvitti, G, B., Estes, H. P., Peole, E. C., Mayo, G. R., Leftei, D. D., Frischkorn, C. I-I., Bond, D. B. Second Row: Allen T R F Latimer, W. S., Harris, W. O., Tnorvas, . L., Jenkins, D. P., Bryant, C. R., Bridgers, M. W. Back Row: Kirby, H. S., Schwartz, P. JI, Lian F. W., Risby, T. L., Koeppe, T. C., Oakes, B. D. F A L L T E R M 0l'l'll0Cl,l'l g ALLEN, T. R. ANNA ALEXANDER ENGLISH. R. T. Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant SPRING TERM SMITH, G. B. LOIS WALTERS BOND, D. B. Cadet Captain Sponsor Cadet Lieutenant 01300 ., f x DRILL PLATOON-Front Row: Dunnavant, B. L., Capehart, A. C., Andrews, F. F., Srnlln, D. E., Snwltlw, T. L., Keecln, W. H., Enbank, W. B., Steel, W. T., Latimer, W. S., Abell, C. G. Second Row: Estes, H. P., Wooley, R. M., York, G M., Slwaughrtessy, J. D., Llsagor, W. B., Hamilton, J. C., Harrls, W. O., Thomas, F. L., French, J. L. Third Row: Woodward, E. J., Peple, E. C., Bridgers, M. W., Oaks B. D., Ganderson, M. L., Donaldson, J. E., Gordon, J. L., Tishman, H. F. Back Row: Sweet, G. B., Decker, R, H., Davis, A. K., Blesse, J. S., Albright, S. L., Haddon, J. M., Garnett, J. M., Fuqua, T. H., Brown, R. L. cibrif pfafoon ana! eam RIFLE TEAMfFrlscl1l4orn, G. K., Rayburn, J. A., Williams, M. B., Trlpp, G. T., Keeclt, W. H., Brldgers, M W. Insert Instructor. cConnel', A. T.. 121310 I3 .. www, , 33255325 H 'QSQa4xb fs! ,2 W M 53 ::: ::.-.1 w f ,im COL 2531523 fx T.. fm i 'ni EDWARD ' x jacphy Mensa of X. X x. x xx Ji 0acAe:5 an .fdcfuiderd SHELBURN CARMACK WELDON E. BLOXSOM LEMUEL W. FITZGERALD MILDRED BRAME EDITH V. TODD JOSEPH C. URAM VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Center ' ab l C I I Head Cheerleaders Ellz h Beazley, and Carroll Farley. Left Row, Front lo Back: Carol Selbert, SI rl CI Pall P ell J ' Mary Lou Lawler, Jane Cole, Edith letter , Q i owA , un Cheerleader, Right Row, Front to Back: Roy Savinders,.Rorvnre Grub Tommy Jefferson, Terry Marlin, Jimmy Grcalllead, Junior Clteerlea 'X Mascots Patsy and Ronnie and Those Kid Balloons Routers for the Future Varsity lg ,bs Q Nix! .SZaLe. . g or Wand. . . IQ! Inspired by the new cheer, introduced by head- cheerleader Carroll Farley, our peppy'cheer- leaders spirited the Big Red Teams on to many victories. Elizabeth Beazley, co-head cheer- leader, worked tirelessly with Carroll in guid- ing the cheerleaders in their numerous'duties -painting posters, selling shakers, and declar- ing "Red and White Days" before the big game with John Marshall . . . The traditional clash with J. M. was again celebrated with many festivities. Beverly Oliver was crowned "Miss Jeff" at the bonfire, sponsored by the cheer- leaders, on the eve of the game. Also reigning over the game were eight princesses: Lauretta Bailey, Barbara Baumes, Pat Forrest, Pat Hen- derson, Ann Peterson, Kitten Swaffin, Mary Faith West, and Ellen Wray .... Mr. Allison, adviser, gave invaluable assistance to the cheerleaders as they chartered buses for the out-of-town games. The Jeffs were lucky to have a little brother-sister team for their mas- cots in the persons of Becky and Ronnie Duggan. Y Rs' K 'N -as X S Q . . . There was another "first" this year in a Q Q X Qpsquad of iunior varsity cheerleaders, led by K A W Matti Powell and Jimmy Greatheacl. Those A Q K K seacted were Betty Allan, Cheryl Ahern, Sara if Y i Sllen Flowers, Beverly Kersey, Bobbie Reynolds, R A , X XL Weaver. Patti and Jimmy will lead next year SQ yPat Simmons, Joanne Watkins, and Beth Y Qhe varsity cheerleaders in yells and songs of I Q Q J victory. ' B R Carroll leads the "Allahs" is-to f Tfii q . ff j ': ' nf., ..,. . xmas '4' .tg .-,. f I .LY I I il I l i VARNTY HUUKEY P-ront Row' Nanny Bi ni Marwn Banc? ' Cc CiD'3l"' Second Row' Nancy Anqero 'lvlgry Marlo fi r-larrieldrvor Nancy Eiil:ank,IS':e-D.'rharnI Carol Ste Reese.. ThirdlRow: S.,eTM7ar'J, Sa lie Laler,'.Alicei Jqyfe aj?1!'lJanel 'Harw,odld,'.Liicie Hall, .J-van Perkins, Ann lille, Be"y Brent, Jean Harris, Manager. I, , 1 I " I ,I N -l . .Aww ,J ,rf " . ' J s , C - A- I If 2 1' . 1 ' Q A i I 9 A K' K ' a X- ' A , Z5 ,I , z . I , ,A -wxnsirv scones 1 , 'Q 4 I 4 0 1 , "'lkJ,.. .,., ,....,, . H3 Hopewell .. O 'wc -T.J. .. ..l Henry Clay , . ...l , I I , I T.J. ..,., H4 St. Gertrude's . . 4 In a winning season the girls varsity hockey team was led TJ 7 PeIeIIsbIIIg O by letterholclers Marilyn Bambacus and Nancy Blunt. The T.J .... .. .,....0 Manchester .. 1 Lady Jetts were downed only twice, won tour games, and TJ' "" ' ' ""' 0 5" Ca'l"e'lne'S ' "2 I I I T.J,. H3 Matthew Whaley were tied three. The shnncrackers suttered a heartbreaking T.J. II, Couegime II II I I loss to Manchester and a loss to St. Catherine's. The T-J-H e2 John Marshall -- - all lunior varsity ended the year with seven wins and a loss JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES to St. Catherines. T.J .... .. .,7 Hopewell , .. , N1 At the Virginia Allied A Tournament, Jean Perkins won TJ' ' A M7 Chandle' -'-""i-'-i" H O I T.J.. . ,.., 3 St. Gertrude's ., , ,'l a place on the first team, Nancy Anderson and Nancy UI I H3 ,VIIIIICIIESIISI Eubank, on the second team while Irene Bambacus and TJ-V-V-V -l Sf- Catherines . H2 . . . T.J. ,.,...,,,. 3 W h , . ..1 Ann Hite received Honorable mention. Managers Sue es' Tmplon T.J.. , , A Collegiate .,.,. .. O Ware and Jean Harris deserve much credit. T.J. ..5 John Marshall ,. 0 RESERVE HOCKEY-Front Row: Peggy Greenberg, Bobby Grczsrr-an, Marv Lo.: l-lagen, Co-caplaing Susanna l-lasselI Caroline Clay, Mollie Williams, Sara Ellen Flowers. Second Row: Jane Myers, Irene Bavrbazuq Par-:es Baker, Joanne Farr, Janet KellevI Shiras Elliott, Kay Bendheini. Third Row: Nancy Slusser, Adele Vogel, Barbara Arthur, Leslie l-lagneg Marianne Hall, Ann Corten, Anne Clarke, Gwen Taylor. VARSITY FOOTBALL-First Row: Hartz, Dovel, Laneiriger, Pitts, Stuart, J. Gravins, Call, Doub, Tirigley, Mori., Langhorne, Sliisser, Diinnington, Coll- rnari. Second Row: Donnaliy, Spiegel Gi'l, Diilfe, B, Smith, Taylor, Kent, Payne, White, Beam, P, Smith, Saunders, Yoiirig. Third Row: Riggr, Seldom, Bagby, Butler, Peloi-ze, Dickinson Hall, Berger, Acr-re, Ford, Tiicker, Thorpe, Broaddiis, Fourth Row: Davis, Bowles,Tirnr-r,1horirpf.ori Waiiilf-ll Ownni Ragland Car-wirll T. Gr-Wim. Fifth Row: Coach Fiwge-raid, Laiiqhorryhop iwori if-eliiy Conch Ca'ri'Ji,i'. . . . . ,Aj-'C' if Z! OMC Olflllfl l"l is ,gfgfyd-,X ' 49' ' . r Opening their 1954 gridiron campaign, the Jetits encountered a spirited . SCORES Andrew Lewis team at Salem and took a 13-7 victory from their fumbling T.J. 13 Andrew Lewis . 7 opponents. At Parker Field the Big Red and White won a 27-O victory my 27 pemsburg O over Petersburg. Costly mistakes by Alexandria's George Washington U. 28 Alexandria A 9,4 eleven and alert defensive play by the Tee Jay squad brought a 28-14 - . I T.J. 21 Hampton 7 victory. The Presidents at Hurricane Hazel-hampered Hampton defeated the Grabbers 21-7 . . . ln their first intercity contest the Belt Liners took J 7 Hermllage l3 on a strong Hermitage eleven before a crowd ot six thousand at City H' 19 WaSl'l"9lO'1'Lee 7 Stadium. Tee Jay, holding a 7-6 lead until the latter part of the last TJ- 25 Hopewell A 6 quarter, tell behind on a fourth down T. D. pass. This turned out at the T.J, 6 Warwick .. 6 end ot the season to be the play that kept Tee Jay from winning another H- A4 Highland Springs 12 State Championship. At Arlington the Jefffs tripped the Washington-Lee LJ, M John Marshall 13 Generals 19-7. Facing an always troublesome Hopewell team, the Big Red - +4 l , and White overcame the Blue Devils 25-6. Tee Jay, host to the Warwick 4 5 ii " B Q, ' ' "MJ ',,i-4 '1r"i.i,ll if ,I triis is A SPONSORED PAGE l x .0 li ' 1 - 0 5 Dovel's First T-D Ready and Waiting! z 1 1 . 'tri ' f , il. r. Fu' , of -Llidf' ov!! 514, wfffpi J '1 4 61 jfx 4 0 'I' a'fJ7'Fp,d- ml?" ,suv - ,rx ,, . . x 1" 'T Y .J - i- . vi griabron .ghcncloufd ri Farmers, settled tor a 6-6 tie. The Jefts unleashed their otcfensive strength E to vvallop Highland Springs 44-12. The Belt Liners and their cross-town TL-:fin rivals, John Marshall, collided at City Stadium in a thrilling gridiron encounter, in which the Jetts racked up a triumph by a lrl-T3 count . . . 'QQ With shoulder pads and helmets hung up, guard Frank Call, end Jack iq, Gravins, and fullback Tom Lansinger made the All-City and All-Central District eleven. Call and Lansinger also made All-State and All-Southern . TSBTTTS. THIS IS A SPONSORED PAGE FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL-Firsl Row: Ford, Ledbetter, Grubbs, Butler, Ttevette, Best, Eiibank, Cano, Bradley. Second Row: Puwwll, Fricks, Wallace, Berlin, Knight, Brown, Grigsby, Third Row: Davenport, Anthony, Sahnow, Phillips, Anderson, Smith. Fourth Row: Binder, Moors- lielci, Manager, Parker, Crenshaw, Williams. Shepardson, Coach Bloxsont, Fifth Row: Managers Yafley, Gunner. 4 P VARSITY BASKETBALL-Front Row: Collins, Whitfield, Parker, Irby, Craven, Langhorne, Back Row: Rice, Manager, T. Gravins, Teefey, McKinney Coll nan, Taylor, Snort, Coach Bloxsom, No! Pictured: J. Grnyins, DeVoe. . I I I.: twq-4LusrrvL'g4!.AViz.,E ..A.,5,...gL..t.1. , f ,f l rtvspqegzfa- :.,,,',,, xx. tier.. I' Q. lj plc' arnylgjwofn, WH . . . ... .. . J.. . H . I If A 'V :V ihti. s , ' A-I.-, , ,.'l"1.6 ig.. 4. nfll' After ca turin Qeiierflr fict title fro 'John hall in a VARSITY BASKETBAU- SCORES P Q X, , VU. . s ' play-oft game at th ren-ac, JetSF,dage s red the State 22 "'- '-"" ' ' "" '- Group I Tournament., 'facing a alwapfs angerous Newport . 49 George Washington 54 Maury . .,.,,... .... .,., .... , News five. Finding it hard to it inahe final quarter, the Red and White team was overcome 52-48 . . . In the regular season play, the Jetfs compiled a I7-4 record, I2-I against Central District foes. Leading the Jeffs was Jimmy Whitfield, finishing with a l7.l 'average Hurt by the midseason loss of Jimmy DeVoe and Jack Gravins, the team was also hampered by in- juries to Bolling Langhorne and Bob Parker. Losing two games to GaorgeLlWashingtpntof Alexandria and one game each to E. Q."Glass and John Marshall, the Belt Liners handed defeats tolothegi opposition, although they had to go into overtime twice to capture thctories over Hopewell and Petersburg, whom Irby Scoring with a Jump Shot Basketball Ballet . , 62 Highland Springs .. .. .4 76 Petersburg .... .... ,... . . . .. ,, 75 Hopewell .,... . ,.,,....55 John Marshall .. , 73 Hermitage . .,,.. . . .,.. , 70 Hampton .86 Maury ,,,,. . ..... H57 Petersburg , ., .. KOvertimeJ ., 70 Hopewell .,... .. lOvertimej .. 70 Highland Springs . . .... ,. 57 Hermitage ., 50 John Marshall 46 Glass .. .. 57 Lane ,, ,.,. .. .. . 55 John Marshall ,, , A8 George Washington . . 61 Hampton . , . 48 Newport News Hold Dat Ball' JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES George Washington ..,. . E.C.Glass Blue Ridge School .,.,.. . Highland Springs .. Petersburg Hopewell .... John Marshall .. . Hopewell ,.,., .. .,.,.,., .. Highland Springs ,...,. Hermitage ..... John Marshall Hermitage E. C. Glass ,..-- A I ufure fam! I 51' ore for Whitfield BOYS' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL-Front Row: T, T, Ha tings, Bob Swim, Bilx Robinson, Capfainj George Baskerville, Arlrv NeLi'i'r. Back Row: Walter E' 'octy J rn Hargrove, Billy Robertson, Dewey Morris, Calvin S'-Xin, Iftnrxey Rauf- fl '. a O ' ' f I' , f I they had soundly defeated before . . . After going down in defeat in the first two games between the JeFfs and Justices, the Belt Liners came back in the second game at the Arena to capture a one-point victory on a stolen ball and layup by Charles Irby, from where they went on to defeat the Justices in the playoff to become Central District champs . . . Among Group I squads over whom Tee Jay took victories in both games were Highland Springs, Hermitage, and Lane, all of whom were Central District victims, plus Maury and Hampton representing the Eastern District . . . At the close of the tournament, when basketball jerseys were hung up, the coaches selected leading scorer Jim Whitfield as a member of the All-City Squad. Whit' field and Irby won places on the first All-District team, and Whitfield was selected for a place on the second team All-State. DeVoe Driving Again Alvin Up and 1 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL GIRLS' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Nancy Blunt, Joann Farr, Jackie Collier, Back Front Row: Carol McAnnalIy, Frances Baker, Becky Wooldridge, Ann Row Jane Myers, Janice Harwood, Leslie Hughes, Curley Clark. Back Row: Nancy Anderson, Maridell Bugg, Sarah Olert, Goh Durham Nancy Gilliam. zalee Ford, Carolyn Taylor. onfiififenf Cagerzi The girls vying for positions on the varsity basketball team this year had another goal in mind-a chance to play in the Tenth Anniversry Varsity- Alumnae Game. Held in honor of their coach, Miss Mildred Brame, the exciting game climaxed the season, with the varsity edging the alumnae 47-41 . . . Tri-captains Jackie Collier, Nancy Blunt, and Joann Farr led the varsity forward to a winning season during the regular scholastic play. Their impressive record of six wins was marred by only one defeat, that at the hands of St. Gertrude's. Honored at the All- Prep Tournament, were four Tee Jay varsity players. Janet Harwood and Jane Myers, both sophomores, were placed on the All-Prep first team, while Joann Farr and Jackie Collier won positions on the All-Prep reserve team. Only three of the team will be lost through gradua- tion this year. Row: Barbara Pohl, Suzanne Davis, Mary Godsey, Betty Jones. Second ean Johnston, Evelyn Muse, Bobbie Courtney Mann, Cynthia Powell, Sissie Brown, Judy Shocket, 'J Joanna tO" C-I Ili' of YNOKVQTS If S G' I ' Fllamml' me GIRLS' VARSITY SCORES 67 Petersburg . 53 St. Gertrude's ,. 43 Freeman , 49 Petersburg ,, 56 Manchester , 48 Hopewell ,, 54 St. Catherine's , GIRLS' SOFTBALL TEAM-Front Row: Pat Simmons, Maridell Bugg, Jane Myers, Nancy Gilliam, Leslie Hughes, Frances Baker, Carolyn Taylor, Porter Seay, Betty Grigsby. Second Row: Ann Lipman, Caroline Clay, Barbara Krystel, Glenda Soble, Carol McAnally, Jane Hamilton, Gwen Taylor, Cissy Brown, Martha Holladay, Mary Claire de Treville, Norma Jean Hepler. jQl'l'lI'l'l85 ""'l I ms. pyro, y ,733 A Q 'K ,s i Having games scheduled with Petersburg, Hopewell, St. Catherine's, Man- chester, and Midlothian, the softball team early this spring began practic- ing diligently on the diamond in front of the school. About twenty girls, forming the A and B teams, with base coaches, held practices every Mon- day, Wednesday, and Friday, Under the watchful eye of their alert coach, ZZ Miss Mildred Brame, the lady sluggers worked long and hard to perfect their various skills and to develop a team equal, at least, to the best of former years. Bringing plenty of enthusiasm with them, five letter holders, Leslie Hughes, Pat Simmons, Nancy Gilliam, Carolyn Taylor, and Betty Grigsby, returned to the team this year. Leslie Hughes was chosen captain of the squad. The interest, perseverance, and skill of the femmes is to be rewarded near the end ofthe season in May when a presentation of awards 'T is planned to honor the outstanding members of the team. Stretch, Leslie, Stretch Catch that Expression! Jw fs W Wwe MQW - ' ,1 l W ,A ,Yi , s, Aqzlqv WWE' I A , ' I Q R V 1t,r1' rr. I 63" W "ff Catching the "French" VARSITY BASEBALL SQUAD-Front Row: Bagby, Gravins, Willard, Drew, French. Second Row: George, Collman, Saunders, Langhorne, Selden. Back Row: Coach Bloxsom, Thorpe, Stuart, Taylor, Morris, Manager, Harlan, Manager. ' K ,Um-o-J .,1..M,Kf.'fA 1- of 'X A v-or al 4' . . ' - quare ,gferg on fke The Big Red sluggers opened the spring 1955 season with a wild Triumph over Hermitage, l l-4, as "Bus" Langhorne held the Panthers for his and the team's opening victory. The tide, however, changed, as the Jeffs' errors helped John Marshall pile up an 18-7 victory. After bowing down to a strong Wave nine, by a late rally the Jeffs sneaked by Hopewell in a l-O thriller, with Spiegel hurling the nip and tuck shutout. Led by shortstop Gravins and pitcher Langhorne, the Jeffs handed St. Christopher's a 6-3 defeat in iam d. The Benedictine Cadets, although cracki ' t ly o sa s oft Spiegel, capitalized on the hits a a error Te Jayf?-O. Superb Irish hurling mad' ' di rence dv' y d eat. In a second encounter victory . . . With scarcely F 3Ja 'h an 8-4 ncl I uad stleladily I :iii Xffwrt 'ff VARSITY BASEBALL 'CORES T.J .,,...................,.. ll Hermitage ,......,.,.................... 3 T.J ...................,..... 7 John Marshall .........,,.......... 'I8 T.J ......................,.. 4 Petersburg ..... ,.................... 6 T.J ................,........ 1 Hopewell ............. ........... O T.J .........,............... 6 St. Christopher's .,...........,. 3 T.J ...............,.,....... 0 Benedictine ....,.,.....,.............. 3 T.J ................,........ 8 Hermitage ......,.,...........,......... 4 T.J. .,..............,...... 1 Highland Springs .,.......,.. 4 T.J ......,.......,.......... 7 Hopewell ........,..,.............,.... 4 T.J ..,...................... 6 John Marshall ..........,,......... 7 T.J .....,.....,...,......... 9 Petersburg ,.....,.,..........,.,...,, 2 . , Alf' ,lf AV 'Smis is A SPONSORED PAGE improving, the outlook gb . L JF Way Collman "Gets Wood on Another TRACK-First Row: Davis, Campbell, Elder, Moss, Towell, Knight, Johnston, Smith, Hardwick, Duke, Dunnington. Second Row: Call, Henry, Grymos, Condyles, Osterman, Sublett, Gibbon, Prevatl, McCann, Crenshaw. Third Row: Tigner, Broaddus, Jackson, Newman, Perlstein, Rice, Robertson, Parker, Bach, Thompson. Fourth Row: Turbeville, Beam, Rogerson, Huske,.Kent, Eubank, Bishop, Hansen, Binder, Acree. Fifth Row: Coach Fitzgerald, Tuck, Eldridge, Doub, Gravins, Parker, Slusser, Miller, Dickenson, Whitfield. .gkef-dgoofec! .7fiincfcwA With veterans Frank Call, Howard Moss, and Bob Dunnington form- ing the nucleus, Tee Jay's track fortunes appear to be bright. ln the early meets there have been outstanding performances by Jeff tracksters. Sophomore Butch Spiegel broke the State Group l 60- yard dash record with a time of 6.3 seconds, and weightman Call put the shot for a new school mark. Newcomers Al Elder and Paul Smith have also been ci ' nt scorers, contributing to the one- sided victories over Hope e nd Hermitage. Tasting defeat only once thus far, the Belt ' s ere ov y Y le by a well-balanced Lane squad in Charlottes the .ann l Tidewater Track meet at William and Mary eff r led u points and third place in the meet, with cre I to all r two firsts in the discus and shot put, togethe .Wa r owing in the short sprints. Tri- Captains of the s a ,voss, and Dunnington. t lardwick Hurdles Dunnington Gets Set Moss to TRACK SCORES T.J ...,.., ..,. .,.,. 7 9 Hermitage ,. ........, U33 T.J ......,,,,,. .......... , 82lf2 Hopewell ..... 3Olf2 T.J. .,...... . ..... .Al Lane .. ...... .,.,,,. ..,..... . . .72 T.J.. ....... .....,,... . 21 3rd Place Tidewater Meet T.J ...... .,.,.,.,.,.,.... 5 2 Woodberry Forest,6l T.J. .,., .. .,.,. 62lf2 E. C. Glass... . .50lf2 the Tape Call Puts for a Record GIRLS' TENNIS BOYS' TENNIS SCORES T.J. ......,. 5 U. of Richmond... 4,., ..,. . 6 T.J. ......,.,. 9 Randolph-Macon .,.,. ......,.,,. 3 T.J. ,.,.,.., 6 Medical College ..................,. 2 T.J. 8 Suffolk H. S. ......,.,.....,.,.... .. T.J. ,.,...,., 6 Woodberry Forest ............., 3 T.J. .,......., 8 St. Christopher's ....,...........,.,., I T.J. ..,.,.., 7 Maury H. S. .,.,......,.... .,....., . 2 T.J. ,,,..... 7 R. P. l. ............ .,....,.,.,....,.......... . 2 T.J. ,...,. . 3 Woodberry Forest ...,.,........ 6 T.J. 8 Suffolk H. S. .....,.,..........,.,....... 0 T.J. 7 Petersburg "J. V. ".,....... .. 3 T.J. 3 Episcopal H. S. .,.,... ...,.., 6 THE BOYS' TENNIS SQUAD-First Row: Klaus, Cooper lCaptainl, Sylvia, Gill, Waters, Duke. Sec-ond Row: Crouch, Carlton, Michaels, Gunter, MacFarlane, Hurt, Adams, Denby. Behind Net: Paret, Rutherford, French, Haskins, Snead, Glaser. 6l,l08I"fI Olfl fAe Courf Bovs' TENNIS Although the '55 tennis squad was said by Coach Sam Woods to be a year away from great things, this early prediction has been proved wrong. Headed for another championship year, the Jeffs have highlighted their early matches with a victory over their arch-rival Woodberry Forest, 6-3, fol- lowed by a victory over St. Christopher's 8-l. Cap- tained by Billy Cooper, a senior, the netters have been led by sophomore Bruce Sylvia and iuniors The asphalt courts at Byrd Park are again this year the scene of practice and matches ofthe girls' tennis team. Senior Letterholder Joanne Farr was chosen captain. Joyce Slavin, Jackie Shahda, and Doris Bel- cher are expected to claim top positions on the first ladder and thus be in line for awards at the end of the season. Matches are scheduled with St. Cath- erine's School, Collegiate School, Westhampton Col- lege, and Richmond Professional Institute. Wayne Adams and Frank Glaser. GIRLS' TENNIS-Front Row: Janet Kluttz, Nancy Wilson, Mary Lou Lawler, Beverly Morgan, Mary W. Davis, Mary Lou Hagen, Jackie Shahda. Second Row: Peggy Greenberg, Velma Bender, Bobbie Grossman, Nancy Slusser, Becky Wooldridge, Joann Farr, Susanne Hassel, Ann Clark, Jackie Collier. Back Row: Vaughan Hargroves, Adele Vogel, Irene Bambacus, Neal Banks, Joyce Slavin, Doris Bel- cher, Patty Lee, Harriet Thomas, Nancy Eubank, Margaret Eubank. L.-1. ...- .4 Lr F 1' 1 4 kj 1, ' , - , L A -' ' x f,!Lw,Z WV N My My WM MW? MEAN hu A Y .2 .'.kQ'!L"' "1 dv -J. n ig-Q Our dnb! Quill!!! was festive, The night was gay. The scene Chrisrnnasiirne was on its way As Edith Sheppard and Frank Cali ' -Junior Baii. Reign ed o'er The Senior 5:11119 our ,, ax sinus .1 an ll 1 ,, wk W-,-. K ' f NW- ag, gif lm wr Q Q 'f ... QE ,Q MM 'fi l ,x . L... -gn-ng I fra N is M651 1 Wntnesrw' x Alan ED X. Y if 1 K 3 Ng Sf . niveau-nanunnuuin-5 X 1 ,.w, l i N W W Q LA k m Tommy Lansirsger ' Carol Smither h - ' X.. v-wzmmg, ww W A up-q,X',Mffw?"VR?E2?I1i H Q31 'W Q Mass Jeff Presents um Club Threat aded for a T "We're Behind You, Cheering for You!" Tyson---Dowd and Out onmg---Bag Ga 9,3 an 5 ,Wi .Sfaofkgkfd Big Tom Lansmgez ix And Edlfh Went Hobblmg Along f' x Cast-Offs Coilege Ahead Presidenis Win Again! 00,9 The Bill of Rights Girl-Ann Turm 1 Xxx s QM Arsenic and Old Lace" 'll WSG.. ark ww . 'HI' p I, gc U' Us Q ' .- , - . s o,. I, nn." ' Q We '. 1 x Q ul 0 0 - f . ' :SX 'Q 'Q, Q, , ni n -Q an M M ,. j,'.'-:'w4,Z - ' - 1 ...-', M,u u 4. fa 1 ,,, , .Q 1 r 4 '-' .e'v.,,,uv' 1 a v. ,',' 9 o 3 ,v,f,.nau. .v ,."n'.'0oq al'a',.a, n0."..'lon go 4 I .env-n ,n- nn. o.aaDg, Q 4 4 0"o.,o 9 , 4 'Q Q u u U Au 165W n W fs ,W ' H1 .. o,,, 5.0 lfgt if vs " 1 We 4. U., "N" 0 'Q 'Q ,Q ..,,f, .f,'A Q... ,"',',." 'Q ,Q M'n 4 ,, . '-, ,,' 0 n -N.-, M. I. I." . . ' nv Q Q o 1 Q . Q ,,.. 'Y - Nun uf Q u . .1 , sv Q". Q ' 'Y . -f . s ,o , , 0 - 1. . - , . . , ,I w , . . A , . A N.. -.,f.,-,GNN , ., .pn .Q5 M-N' 'flvf 'UN -'U' , aff-, ' .. Q .- . . ,,-1 .. A is -. . ' Q . W . A Blrihday Cake for Vlrgll Q iv n . Q v Qwuashl Cadets and Their Dates Exchange Favors Four in Step Bert and Barbara-Marchmg Along Together The Throne--A Few Steps Away W 2 s , gl, ' S .4 Big Four Conference 'i ' K if V . 4- Red Roses for an English Lady Wa RA L55 Wemorie5 f OJUA ww! cflwb Rob Goes Roma Fancy laces and Flashy Garters J. V. Cheerleaders 'l A ' Winning Pair E X "And the Saints Go On Vw W ,. Come Ye Thankful Come" Charleston! Charleston! The Billy McCoy Girls "Little Things Mean a Lot" fi- 'I' QC X IQ,-sfqe 5 ...QF Q vi-w -s..s ERP ,SQ These names were onthe balIoT Too When we voted for Senior Who's Who. If you can'T identify These lassies and lads, You'II find their names back in the Ads. Scgggpn f 4 I ,1 4 if fp' 7 9 Q 9 113 if 47167 2 Z? f Z Z f f f f ffjz fQg 47? ff 544 Z? if 6 'S g 3- 3 gf 6 Z Z 1 Z fi ff 'L J Milo! JD Milf W nununuuuuuu uuluunuuuullll luul IQ gun BYRD PHARMACY Harris. Flippen 6. Co. Harvey S. Pitts, Pharmacist 3322 W. Cary St.. Richmond, Va. PHONE 5-4308 Phone 3-9716 A. E. WINDER, Mgr. PARKING - GAS - OIL 411 E. FRANKLIN ST. RICHMOND, VA. 2 - E1 El EJ COMPLIMENTS or W. H. Bacon Insurance Agency 200 NORTH FOURTH STREET Phone A7-3591 or 2-6630 luluuuInunnunununnuInurnunulullnlnuunuluuuunlnlnl nuuununnluIunnnnnulnllnnnununnuuuuunnnuunuuu La France Cleaners 8: Laundry COMPLETE LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING SERVICE Telephone 5-1341 Dial 4-4444 ENNIS BROWN MOBILGAS - MoalLolL KEYS MADE 2901 W. Broad Street Richmond, Va. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll En num til : E 15 Sporting Goods 713-715 East Main Street Richmond. Va. QI!! llllllllll lllllllllllllll I llllllllllllllll lllll lllllll Quinn' nnnnnu u nlnulullnllluuu uuusuuu ulullll nun f Let's go to- 5 A R N E T T E ' S EIU lllllll llll llllllllllllllll lllllll lllllllllllllll lllll llll ll lllll QIll.IllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll 5 WILL 8: DELANEY, Inc. : Building Material of AII Kinds E Phone 5-8673 4410 West Broad Sire t mllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Bun uuluu an lulnnlglullggll............l.......... I ........l...l.. 1 llunupuu E CHAMBERLAYNE CLEANERS : Exclusive Dry Cleaning 81 Dyeing - 2404 Chamberlayne Avenue g Phone 4-1882 Wlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllll I 3'IIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll lllll Franklin Inn Confectionery soo NORTH CLEVELAND ST. EulnuIIuuulullulunulllllullnuunnunununnnunlunln Harley and Columbia Bicycles Johnson Outboard Motors ' Outboard Boats "WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL" PINNELL'S 701 West Broad Street Dial 7-0726 E1 El 1530 ..-nn.. For Home Made Flavor and Home Made Goodness . . . K oooo fx fx E 5 NE ff, K enum we , . wwe, 011354 Ewan EQTXONNMSE TRXONNAHSE WONRAISET MTONNAISE T QMYUNNAIEE L --.fzixfi 'T-Jrxzntfs' J T..?:::.Xif' T I T "'oW XT .',' i T N .'.' if Tk J DEPEND ON DUKE'S .EF Vflig' 14fF ffgl?9 .ilffl ffll .Heli o if .Fli n if DIME Q Q' J 9Jul?E2.' f L 'Dl0Q'?5?.z T -liak i -:Fifi 'llzlr i 5-ftqird illlfii z-Rift M2 2 T lxlii X .f xx - xx. xx- J XX-if aunuunnununnuuunununnumnnnnmnuununnunnuununun-mum The Official and Recognized THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL RINGS Sold thru Ricl1mond's Leading Jewelry Stores sir in ik MANUFACTURED BY T ' ,ww 'WAYONNAISE ff any N :i'73?fT'liL'.?l'?"' T .',' Z' -fb... . ' I :gif-1 'I W X! J I 32 lfinsull J UMQLLEW E l Q J. JENKINS SONS CO. 2601 WEST LEXINGTON STREET, BALTIMORE 23, MARYLAND W 01540 T7 nuununnumu Emu.. ......l....' .un llgllqqlllp nun nlnunnnnannun luusulunv E BllIlllnulullnlnnlnlIuuulllullIllnllnllIlllnlnlnllulllulluu Auto Glass Service , . . Guthrie Bros. Esso Station Q 5 E 2901 West Cary Street 5 DIAL s-mo RICHMOND, VA E EllnlIIllIIllIlullnuuaIIllIlullunullullnuIunluuuunlunllu Generator, Magneto and Starter 3............................................................................. SEATCOVERS COMPLIMENTS OF E 1103 N. BOULEVARD, RICHMOND, VA. Q E . . Phone 5-4373 FrTec1man's Loan Office bllllllll llllll ll llllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllllllm E IIlllllllIllIIllllllllllllllIIIllIllllIllIllIIIIlllllllllllllllflllfllllllll ?lnnlnlnl llllll llll lllllllllllll IllIIllIIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllll DANCING 23, Friday and Saturday Nights mo RM. TILL 12:30 A.M. . . 'ro THE: 2 The Song Begum NATION'S FINEST DANCE 22: ORCHESTRAS 3 3817 West Broad Street For Reservations Dial 5-9151 EIN' lllllllll llllllllllllllllllll0IIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllll llllll lllllllllllll lllllll llllllll Illllllll'l'llllll'lll'll"" Q1 """""'"""""""'"""'"""""""""" """' For the Finest in Photography 744m Swim E for 74 Years E1 B uuunununnnnnnunuuununn 1 nuunnnnunn n nnnunnnn n nnnnnunn.nnnnnnvnlunnnxnnnunnuuunuuuun E Elm unnu n unnn mm nnnnnnunuununununu n unununnnuunluulluuulll I llunl ll Zeeman Clothing Co. NEWMAN'S 719 WEST BROAD STREET SERVICE STATION Phone 3-7069 Richmond, va. : Q E""' """""""""""""' """" ' """""""""""' E Amoco GAS AND OIL Ellnun ullnu nunnnvnnnulluunuulvnuuununnl luulnnunnuuul Q E Q Q E n E : Washing and Greasing Comphme Noi General Auto Repairing 5 S 5 2 4201 W. Broad Street Phone 6-1607 B lllllllllllllllllll lllllllll lllllllll I llllllllllllllllll lllllllllll Illlllll IIIIIIQ mllllllllllll llll ll llllllllllll lllllllllllllll lllll llllllillllllllllllllllllll A. CAROL SEIBERT Ao T55 O QlIU'VNU'llllnlllifliilillli Ullilllll llll HUB Qllllillllllllllilllllllllnlielllllluulnlnneeuluuuulnu Dial 6-ons Bowlcer and Roden, Inc. mc:-mono, vmomm E Q REINFORCING BARS O E Wire Mesh ' Placing Accesso 2 5 5 F m Ties 5 5 E Ol' : 5 Em:nun:nuIIunuluuulnlunnlunlunln Inllnllllneni Eunnullllenn E' FRANK A. BL Funeral Home COMPLIMENTS OF Mrs. Plyler's NURSING HOME .23 1615 Grove Ave. Dial 84-322i llllunsnul elullIIllIIlnlnnnnnullunnnllellnlllnunIunnlluuulleuuuulununuuululnun ILEY 217 WEST GRACE STREET Dial 3-2761 Park View Pharmacy u 3000 Moss Side Avenue l.ACY'S AUTO SERVICE ' 3338 N. Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia 5 gl E ni.: 5-mo : I5 nnnunluunuuuununueuuuuuluuunluuluueuuulunluulu """"""' """"""""""" """"""""""""""""" El """'-"'-"--"-"-" "-' -'---'---'-"---'-"--"--'-----'----- A. P. GRAPPONE 81 SONS I IO4 South Randolph Dial 5-6050 if GRANITE WORKS Ford Sales and Service l.AYFlEl.D-PARKER, INC. Sandston, Virginia 273' llllllllllU lllllll Illlllill llllllllllllll llllllflllllll llllllilllllllllll IIN? Qlll lllllll llllllllll lllllll lllllllllllll lllllllllllllll lllllllll Tommy Auto Sales 2 E HAVENS 3, MARTIN. INC. "Your Friendly Used Car Dealer" D - STATIONS ' RADIO 2 DIAL 1380 2039 WEST BROAD STREET 5,000 WATTS Richmond, Virginia E 5 llllllllllll llIllllllIlIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll Q F' M. T DI L . ll lllll lllll llll llllllll llllll lllllllllllll llllllllllllllla g O D WE DELIVER TELEVISION H THE ROLLING PIN WTVR Toozumis Bakery and Pastry Shop, Inc. 5' The First Stations 2732 WEST BROAD STREET of virginia Dial 5-1755 or 6-1836 llllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllflllflll llll lllll llllflll llll 'NE aillllllflllll IllIllllllllllll'llllllllIlll lllll I B annunan1nnnnnunuununlunIunnnnunulununnnnlnunnunuunnuununllluInnnonnnnnnuunununnuu:nun Fancy Goods for Smart Young Homemakers B. JOHN MATT 01570 y mm uxnlur lnvuunvnnuunulnnuunulunuulunluuunuuunllrnln: uvruluunuun Q Q lu llulnn nnuunnnuuluunnnnnunlnuululuuluulnnnlununuu:Q 1 1 5 Londeree and Wollsiefferi 2 Compliments ol 2 GODDIN ai CAYTON E 5 lncorporated 5 COMPLETE Esso SERVICE 5609 Patterson Ave., Dial 5-9717 i' . : lan Hull sheer - Phone 82-1271 I CarY St- Rd- and Rio Vis'-H I-PM zso4 w B a sf f Ph sms P Dl"'5'9592 1 ' 'O' 'ee one ' RICHMOND, VIRGINIA mllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll llllllllllllllllllllm Elllllllllll IIIllllIIIIIllIIIllIIllIllII'llllllIlllllIllllll'lll lllllllllm Qlnunu nuIunnulnnnuuulnlluunlnun uulullnq Qlunnun unsung L E R O Y ' S E 5 5 COMPLIMENTS OF E Wholesale Sandwich Shop 5 Q ' James Robertson Mig. 4101 Killam Ave., Norfollr, Va. C Phone 4-8112 ompany - 5010 Lalreside Ave., Richmond, Va. E - 1700 W. MAIN STREET 2 Phone a4-59a9 gunna: nuunlnlnlllululullulu lllllllllllllllullllllll nuluunlun lllllllllllll lllll lllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllll lll lllllll Q TABB, BROCKENBROUGH 8: RAGLAND T E General Insurance Agents me noi EAST MAIN STREET Bom: E Boiler Phone 2-6546 F Yaxhts L' A t b'l ine rts E J:wi:11i'3 8: Furs Plate Glass 5 Public Liability Personal Effects : Q Burglary 8: Theft Accident 8: Health g innunnInIuIIgnunnunnnluugn 1nuunulnunnluuun luuluuuunlnunuunnluunnuni .... .... ..... CANVAS and ALUMINUM 1 Compliments ' Z AWNINGS I ii' E ol C. B. Norvell Awning Co. aloe NORTH BOULEVARD ' A FRIEN D Phoh. 5-9147 2 E E Combination Storm Windows and Doors E Q ,,,,,,,,, nunulng unnlunnlunqn n nhnn n nnunnnnnnn nan unnn nuuu nnnnnnununnnununuunuuunnun nuunlm 1 01580 llIluulnllnullllIIlIInulnullullunnnunnnllnuunnun CARTER AVIATION Byrd Airport, Richmond, Va. 1 f Y CAA Approved Aircraft Repairs and Maintenance annnn n:numinnInannunnn:nununnuvnunununnuuununrrrnununnunununnunuI--....1uunnnnununnu nllllll E rllllllv nu In lllll n lluunl n unlullll um :vunnn E E ulun a vnnn u nnnn ua nnunu u llnlnnl u qnnnnn un nllnnl un qnlnnnnnuuunnaun nnmuu virginia School Equipment DIRLOMAS FRAMED C0-. Inc- sam: Colors Added RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 55- c3v H. BERRY Complete School Equipment Service Telephone 97-3327 "YOUR SERVICE WAS RECOMMENDED BY OUR 2 5 ALSTON BQSSIEUX FRIENDS" Many Give This Reason for Calling Us ug to Serve 5 CHI-TJSSONS 1050- E Cow Manure ' Top Soil ' Stone E E Waslied Gravel ' Fill Dirt ' Sand usrew ra wrvn .wt no eu. 5 g EI' ......... ................................................ ............EI E1-.............................................................................. visiT 5 5 5 F. Wanderer, Prop. CLOTEINE- 'EA'?'O:' JEWELRY 403 NORTH ADDISON STREET t I : 5 Phone 2-1667 cr e n 're amlzle E. Broad si. 5 Phan' H325 unun1nnununnununuuuuunununnunnnnuuuunununnnuum Einuunn nuununnnununnununuuuuunnuuuun nuunu mmmnm--muum'-nun-nummum-mumin-ni--in-in-i 'Thi--m........-n ui. ui. um nm .mm--ii... Q . Compliments oi Q 5 HOWARD C. SCOTT cam of "4o" - Compliments OI a Friend Your Blue Scottie Esso Dealer : E LIBBIE and PATTERSON AVENUES 5 5 ..............................................................................E1 5............................ ..........l3 C. KITTEN SWAFFIN 0 I59 0 i----in .Y- T EVARD BIIUL E' F, 2 ' SINCLAIR I ' SHELL , 'E I E 1: i A I FUREST HILL 9? AVENUE K WESTDVER ILLS All Roads LeacI to RicI1moncI's Better Service Stations If cox's Esso STATION 4900 FOREST HILL AVENUE 'A' CLARK'S PURE SERVICE 590I FoREsT HILL AVENUE 'A' STRICKLAND ATLANTIC SERVICE 4810 FOREST HILL AVENUE 'k BARDEN SHELL SERVICE 4806 FOREST HILL AVENUE E 'k WEAVER'S SINCLAIR SERVICE wo FoREsT HILL AVENUE Eunuunnnu nun: nun E E nnunlunnnnuuuuunnnnnnannnununannumunununnnnnannunnunannunnnnunuanunununnnunnnu E El 3 D. DICK CRAIG on A ,uses s:cVno ,o 1,161 U L"' Z E LOUIS BYRAM'S Restaurant LOUIS BYRAM zoas WEST BROAD STREET S TOMMY GREGOR RIOI-IMOND. VIRGINIA Eulnuunnu :nunnunuulnuuuunuunnunulul IInnInIIuuIllllnlnnuulIllnnIuluununulunununuuuunu nlnuu ElIIIlIIIllIllIIllIIIIIlllIllllllIllIllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg BIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll .EEL-IEINQRPESEIYIE Grove Avenue Pharmacy g CARY STREET AT FQURTEENTH S 5 PRESCRIPTIONS, FOUNTAIN SERVICE E RICHMOND 19' VIRGINIA g 4911 Grove Avenue Phone 6-3405 lil "''''''ll'lllllIllIllIIllIIllIIIIlllllllIllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllluul 5 E llllIulIruIluulrllllulrullrlllllrrllullr lllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllul lll I? I? E' JAYNE HARDWARE CO. MONTHLY PARKING E 7039 Three Chop! Road i E RI-IONE aa42a4 RICHMOND za, vA. 2 13th and Canal Sham EI ------------------------'--------- -----.-------------------------.-----..-.- E E .....---.---.-.-..-.--..----------------------.------------ --------- Qlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllll lllllll llll llllllllllll? wlllll lllll lll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllll 2 Home of Fine Quality Foods 2 FREE DELIVERY-DAILY C0"f'PI5mef1'S Patterson Food Center OI f sm PATTERSON AVENUE I" T' WRIGHT RICHMOND, vA. DRUG CO, Q Chas. SaIIcen Phone 84-3274 E E mIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll lIlIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg hllllllllllll lllllllll ?""""""'llllllllIl nIuIInlulllllnllllllIllInululnulllnlllull Compliments OI GORDON METAL COMPANY I4tI'I and Dock Streets RICI-INIOND, VIRGINIA 0 162 Q ROYAL ENGRAVING COMPANY ENGRAVERS FOR THE 1955 MONTICELLO II NORTH EIGI-ITI-I STREET RICHMOND VIRGINIA T I ph 3 o42I El El For only 518.95 The RCA Victor "45" Attachment Makes Any Radio An Automatic Victrola Available at Your RCA-Victor Dealer E TOMMY DOUB I Q T63 O El ........................................................................... Eg M,-4 7Z4me Zan dm 7w4t in Eagan MARLOWE TIRE C0. IIIC. I III7 NORTH BOULEVARD RICHMOND 20, VA PHONE 5-9I7I ers-om TEN-HOUR HAWKINSON TREADING SERVICE BY APPOINTMENT E1 El WL 164 2 Liplorcl Printing Company, Inc. LETTERPRESS and PHOTO-OFFSET Phone 2-2683 5 602 EAST MAIN STREET RICHMOND I9, VIRGINIA QIIlllllllIlllllllllllllIllIInIIllIllIInllnlluluullnlunnu uuluununnuunu ulll u lllu uns ulluuu lnnululuunumu E1lln-ununnuuunluullunnuuuunuununnu nuuunnunnuInunnun--nuunnnu-nn .llpu nuuunun-Inunnnnnuunlnl INCORPORATED 1906 PHONE: 84-3276 ATLANTIC BITULITHIC COMPANY 1 Grading ' Concrete Pavement ' Macadam Pavement ' Asphalt Pavement Stabilization ' Water Mains ' Sewers ' Surface Treatment General Offices: 1400 ROSENEATH ROAD - RICHMOND 21, VIRGINIA Qnuuuuuunnununnnun:luuunInunun:nnunnollunnumuuunnunlnnunuunnnnuumunnmmuunmnunmnnmunnuununun Quinta.. --mm--mmm.-II-I---mum--mn In------I3 QIIIIIIIIIII I-I------n--m-.mmmI------Im ....., Compliments ol LAUNDERITE : FONTAINE PRESS 5 2 4023 MacArthurAve. P,-inte,-5 - Publishers Sell-Service - 35 Machines 5 T 5 Tintex Dyeing 5 Let us turn your washday into a holiday mo ALTAMONT AVENUE Phone 6-2748 2 phone 5-3329 E E Opposite Bellevue Theater iuuulluluu nulunnnnunlllnullnuu nnnlnub Quuunuu ulllnunuuunuuunuu uuuln nun QI11I1uulnnululInuInununuIuIIluIu1nn:Inlunununuunun:Q QIIuIuIlllIlnlnuun:IluIrnIlnnuulullnnu1IunInlnluulnnuunnu Q THE WATCH SHOP REDUCED PRICES ON DIPLOMA FRAMING som Forest Han Ave., RIEI1mOnd,va. Hughes Frame Shop Phone a4-2471 209 N, THIRD STREET ElIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllm wllllllllll IIlllllllIlIllllIIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll 'E' 'E' llllllllllllIllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIll'llllllllillllillllllllllllf'Q llllllllll llIllllIllIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll Thompson's Welding Shop , P ,d E. R. ESTES E NTS WEST LEIGH STREET E 2 Real Estate and Insurance E - E 601 E. FRANKLIN ST. DIAL 2-4408 5 Phone 84-4470 EJ' ........... ....... F. PAT FORREST 0 I65 O 3 ,.-- E1 fggEE8QQQm 12 ' ,,.....,,, f -- i1 f'Qwi 'f ,,,,,,.. n wb I Q, ,ff 5 f . .A.. 4- 9' '-""..-.v. 1 11:3-" Qmggggw Zwmwpd' 7 7 Qian ' df? Quan' 4222 in ml W7 we Graduaiinn aq... and nag is always PET IDE DREAM DA Y! unununnnnuunnnnluunnnuluuunuulnlun B lllll lulllllllululllulllllllullllllllllllllnll quuuumm I Compliments of HUGHES-KEEGAN, Inc. General Contractors RICHMOND ' VIRGINIA """ ''''''"'"""""""""""'l"'"II'I'I"Ill'lll'lllllllllllllllll lllllllllllg Mother Goose Nursery Winters-James School E 4703 PATTERSON AVENUE Phones 6-l985, 88-2278 'I' MRS. CARLYSLE H. CLARKE of Richmond Professional Institute and 5 Graduate of Mary Washington College Q Insurance Agency, Inc. Au. Lmes or msunmce AT suasrmrm SAVINGS Representing Old Line Mutual Companies 'I17 BROAD-GRACE ARCADE LOBBY E Phones 7-0144, 3-5189 2 . Ray W'n ers res. arr . ames - res. Q , 5 E . f , P H y R J , v P llllllllulllnllllllllllulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllm Bllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllulllllllllllmllllllllllllllllllllllllllulllllllm lllll lllllnll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllrm mlllllllllllll Rappahannock Fish 8: S Oyster Co. T05 N. ROBINSON STREET Phone 5-4364 - lllll lnnnlllllg 5 lllllllllllll lnnuuu Complime llllllllllll? Compliments of A FRIEND lil mn-ln--Q nts of Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Co. 3203 WEST CARY STREET G. BERNARD PITTS 01670 WOOLARD'S FAIRFAX LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS IOO9 Overbrook Road ' Dial 84-0838 One Day Service :nunuuununuuunununnun1uuunluIunnnunnnuunlnun AInulununaununuanununuInuuuIannunnuuulnnnnlunuun UNITED SURPLUS STORES 20a E. BROAQ STREET . y Across from Central National Bank Building Phone 7-2l72 Richmond, Va. E. W. RUDD CO. E. L. LUCK, Owner Plumbing and Heating PROMPT 24-HOUR REPAIR SERVICE THE RED DOOR RESTAURANT Buck and Phil 4th and Grace Streets 2-0456 Herman's Beauty Salon SPECIALIZING IN CUSTOM PERMANENTS Phone 2-7747 ' 204 N. Third St. RICHMOND, VA. R. ASHFORD FINNELL General Insurance Surety and Fidelity Bonds 0 Office: Dial 4-9061-Emergency: Dial 4-6696 5 800 MUTUAL BUILDING 3467 West Cary St. Richmond,Va. E E RICHMOND, VA. nulununuuunlnulnnnnnu IIuIIAuuunullulullunnlm 'B ullnlllnlll llllllllllllulllllllllll I I CHARLOTTESVILLE WOOLEN MILLS SinceI868 Manulacturers oi a Distinguished Line ol I00? VIRGIN WOOL UNIFORM FABRICS Inc uding top quality Cadet Grays and Blues Used by Leading Military Schools and Colleges Prescribed and Used by the Cadets oi Thomas Jefferson High School lllllllll IIll'Dlllllll.llllllllll.lllUlll IIIIUIIIIIIDIE EIEIIDUIIDIIIUIIID lllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I l'.l.lll'll'l'l.'-' .' E f L E E I S FORMAL WEAR TO RENT Also Accessories, 281 I Patterson White Mess Jackets OR Patterson at Colonial : g I I3 North 8th St. Phone 2-0533 Phono 84-6336 Q E E E BETWEEN GRACE 8: FRANKLIN a ------ -------a a. --------------------------------------------- --------------- nuuulu nuns E1 ......... ...........E PELOUZE SALES CO. 200 NORTH FOURTH STREET - RICHMOND, VA. Phone 2-5025 WI'ToIesaIe Manufacturers Distributors Represemat s ALBEROER HEATER CO .,,,......... ......,...,.... H EAT EXCHANGERS CHICAGO PUMP CO. .,,..,... ........,.....,, P UMPS-ALL TYPES BADGER FIRE EXT, CO. ........r... ............,rr E XPANSION JOINTS BELCO INDUSTRIAL DIV. ...I.,... .....,,,I,...... S WIMMING POOLS TEMPERATURE INSTRUMENTS TRERICICE CO. ..................,.......r.........,............,,....,.... - YORK-SHIPLEY - OIL BURNERS STEAM GENERATORS uulu llllllllullllllllllln I llllllllllvlllllll llllllllllllll "lllll"""l"""'ll"l" I I IIIlIlllllIlllllllllllllllllllllilllIlll I luluuni lllllllllllllllllllllll llll IllllllllllllllIlllllllIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllQ QIIlllllllllIlllllllIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllQ B. H. Cobb Lumber Co., Inc. WESTHAMPTON nouoH a. DRESSED LUMBER, CEDAR Posrs BEAUTY SALON Q BUILDING MATERIALS Yard Phone 5-0641 44oa w. Broad sf. 5804 GWB Avenue 54922 "'""''"'"''"'""'"''''''"''"''"'"'''"'"""""""""""""'E E'"""""""""""""""""' "''U"""'l'l"llllllllIlllIE '?""'?E'E'5U"I'E2ZE?XEIEQ'''"''"'"'""'EIIG2?"E'5'JI?Q""'E' ReIlabIe Co., Inc. LOVINGEHZQSRECE CO. 1731 EAST MAIN STREET 825 Emcanal 5,,,,, '500 HULL STREET 5 g DIAL 7-4584 PROMPT DELIVERY E umm- Ill llllll lllllllll Illllllll ll IIIIIIIIIIIIIII HI I lfll ll lllll El E-IlIIImunuuuuuInuasnunTaumTnunmTnuTnuImn-umm-unmum un lunuu nu lllul ulluul llullu: nlllTnluuIInnlITnunuullnllnnlllllIlullIInlunInnuIInllulInlInlnnlullIInlInIlunulllullullllllllllllla BLACK if WHITE STORES Serve Yourself . . . the Best for Less 3142 WEST CARY STREET - 6526 HORSEPEN ROAD 6919 LAKESIDE AVENUE Your Richmond-Owned Chain ET --------- ----------- - ----- ------- ----- -------Ta H. MARILYN BAMBACUS O T69 O For A More Comfortable Home Jalousie Windows, Doors and Porch Enclosures mms nmcx storm: wmoows Kool-Vent Aluminum Awnings Nationally Known and Recognized Brands 27 Years Experience Specializing in Home Improvements RICHARD J. LEA 8: CO. 423 West Broad Street Dial 7-5538 UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND Richmond College, Liberal Arts and Sciences lor Men RAYMOND B. PINCHBECK, Ph.D., Dean Westhampton College, Liberal Arts and Sciences for Women MARGUERITE ROBERTS, PILD., Dean The T. C. Williams School of Law, Professional School lor Men and Women WILLIAM T. MUSE, S.J.D., Dean Graduate School, lor Men and Women B. C. HOLTZCLAW, Ph.D., Dean School ol Business Administration, for Men and Women F. BYERS MILLER, Ph.D., Dean Summer School, for Men and Women EDWARD F. OVERTON, Ph.D., Dean Summer Session opens June 13: Winter Session September 12, 1955 GEORGE M. MODLIN, President El' --.-- -.----.--.--------------------------.--.-------.-.-- - ------ - -- ra 01700 1830 1955 RA DCLPHJVIACGN CGLLEGE Ashland, Virginia An accredited liberal arts college for men with a national reputation for the success of its graduates. Blackwell Auditorium with Fox Hall in the Background Information may be secured from WILLIAM ALEXANDER MABRY, Dean of Men and Director ol Admissions E u nnnuulllull Inu lnllllllllulll uunnnl lllllulllulllnll I E I. AUBREY BROWN 0 171 0 'T -"----'--'------'---------'-------"----------------"---'--"--'---'--'---'---- E E' "-------'---------'---'----'--------------"--'---------------'---'----------'-- DIE'IZ PRINTING co. DARNES' LAUNDERTERIAS : "Complete Quiclr Service Laundries" 3532 W. CARY ST. Phone 84-3796 5404 LAKESIDE AVE. . Phone 84-3832 RICHMOND, VA. Qununuun lululuuulunululunulunll uulllul QI luul lnnu WILLEY DRUG COMPANY 1205 Bellevue Avenue DIAL 5-ms I I More Than a Half Century oi Printing Service . AUGUST DIETZ - AUGUST DIETZ, III . ' 109 E. Cary Street E ----'----- ------'--------'-- "-----' Groome Transportation CHARTER SERVICE I Our Specialty BUSES and LIMOUSINES + I DiaI7-2903 and 7-3656 eoz E. LEIGH sT. RICHMOND,VA. i E : . blllllllllll Illlllllllll llll llllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIUIIIE E lllll lllllllllllIlllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illll llllllllllllllllm ?llll lllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllll lllllllllll llllllllll? wlllllllilllll lllll llllllllllllllllll llll lllllllllllllllll lllllllll llllllll llllll I? T EARL R- THOMAS MooRE's FUR SHOPPE 5 AUTO SERVICE Dial 4-1491 El Wee Tee Playgrounds 2 Golf Driving Range and Miniature Golf 5 Broad St. Rd. ' Richmond, Va. 'E' "The Hub" STUART CIRCLE PHARMACY SODAS - DRUGS We Deliver Prescriptions l6Ol PARK AVENUE PHONE 5-I773 if ' 403i MacArthur Ave. Richmond, Virginia IIllllIIllIIllIllIIllllllIIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllflllllllllllllllllllllll Q Q 609 W. Main Street E Richmond,Ve. DiaI2-2158 um E aannulln uulu uulluullu unlln uuuunun llllll I ulll :mini -EE '-------------'----------'-------------------------------'------'---------------- E' COMPLIMENTS or Q Richmond Builders Supply Corp. ssoo WEST CLAY STREET EI EI ll blulnunnuIulInlnuluuununuulnuuuulluuunlulnuuuuunn L? Qu! llllll ul ulllull unun l lulnlulnlll nun lun lllull llllu A. Lloyd Hobson, Jr. General Contractor l224 WHITBY ROAD TELEPHONE 84-I347 : ------------- ---------------------------------------------- ------------- E 0 172 0 EI ----------------------------------------------'-------------------------------------------------------------------'---------------------------------------'------ an I FLOWERS SCHOOL EQUIPMENT CO. INCORPORATED MANUFACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTORS i' SCHOOL, CHURCH AND PUBLIC SEATING FURNITURE ak 327 WEST MAIN STREET RICHMOND, VIRGINIA FACTORY: LAWRENCEVILLE, VIRGINIA EI' E l Tho Natural Bridge To SECURITY. than I60 sales and service off This Company maintains more ices from the Great Lakes e Gulf of Mexico. 'mn Llrnawmgmw, 0F VIRGINIA RICHMOND ' ESTAIIISHED I87l E. nunnn unulcunullounuluulnu u ulnvulnunllllll n lun uulnnlalllnll lllnll I an E J. JEAN DAVIS 0 T73 O unn:ulinnunninIulnlnnuunununnnnunnnnnnnnunrm Euunn unun nunuuunnuununuuuuunnuuunuun uunu nlunlu E MORGAN OIL 8, SUPPLY CQ. Charles E. Brauer Co., Inc. wh a CARY STREETS DISTRIBUTORS Pelroleum Producls Delicious Candy Wholesale l324-1326 North Boulevard 5 5 Richmond 4' Va- Phone 3-2503 Richmond 20, Virginia E E ' lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllm mllllllllllll llllll lllllllll E nun nun nnnnunuuuln nnununuIninunnnnnunnrun nnnnunnnnnunnn nn: nlunu Richmond Coca-Colo Bottling Works, Inc. I3l0 Roseneath Road RICHMOND, VIRGINIA uni nunu Compliments of LIPHART STEEL COMPANY INCORPORATED DESIGNERS - FABRICATORS - ERECTORS STRUCTURAL STEEL - ORNAMENTAL IRON OFFICE AND PLANT: 3308 ROSEDALE AVENUE RICHMOND 20, VIRGINIA P. O. Address Box 5028 Telephone 5-748I M 01740 BROAD STREET MOTORS Body and FenderWork ' Painting ' Repairing ON AUTOMOBILES AND TRUCKS Telephone 84-4569 ' 7300 West Broad Street CHARLES M. WALLS 1? 5 - .I 14' ------------------------------------------------------- -------------- I I ----------- f ----------------- I --ra. 51. , f: "" " "" A When a young man can face the business world with the same undaunted courage that he bucks the line in foot- ball, and can take the bumps that inevitably will come to If The Mark oi a Champion! fwffrzfzlz' ji? him in business, and can keep his fighting spirit and keep smiling . . . then he has the mark of a champion. The world needs young men like this and the world will make way for them. The life insurance business needs such men, so why not prepare yourself for a career in the life insur- ance business. It's a business of opportunity for young men of ambition and vision. Home Beneficial Life Insurance Company. Inc. "'I'he Home of Protection" HOME OFFICE RICHMOND. VIRGINIA ilffjflf ff GRAHAM BROTHERS General Contractors DIAL 7-2345 - P. o. Box 423 W 906 SOUTHERN STATES BUILDING RICHMOND 3,VlRGINIA WI E nnnulnulununuunlInInuInuuulnllIulnlu:unIuInuuununnunu:lunulnnunslununnununununnlIlunnuuunuuulnul:running My f K. NORMAN SCHER Mil' ! 01750 My W i 2 ullnlulu unuuullllnlnululululullnlnllllull llunung Qllunnnnnlnn...u.u.......u.....n....n.n.n...,,.,.,,.,,. Compliments of 2 H the Refrigeration Supply Company I83I WEST BROAD STREET uluulllnunlnlnnlnnIulnn:luInlunullulunnununnnunulug Emnlluuuulnllu A. L. LORRAINE ARDWARE CO., Inc Dial 5-9101 O LOWE BROS. PAINTS House Furnishings Q 3114 West Cory Street IulnnlulIulIuInlIInluInuunlnuuIllIuInlIInuuuunuunnvuum Eunnunn uuuunnnunluIInnuuuululnnlunulI W. L. WACHTER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR COMPLIMENTS OF Commerciolond Residential C' O' Motor Repairs ' Wiring ' Fixtures TRAVEL AGENCY Phone 4-0794 224 W. BROOKLAND PARK BLVD. - : ek Richmond 22, Va. E S ...................................... .............E1 Compliments Of 5 E Telephone 7-4524 PEOPLE'S FINANCE R. E. B. BLANTON, INC SERVICE STUDEBAKERS A Smoll Loon Corporation 1+ 202 NORTH THIRD STREET : : Richmond, Va. 520 WEST BROAD STREET RICHMOND 20, VA. unun nulunnuugIInlgulnusnggngugnq ...nun-nm EuInunuulullnnllllllllIIIIIIIIIIOlIUIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll E Cadets Special Service on Cadet Uniforms ' Telephon 84-3245-84-3246 today for really fine Dry Cleaning fllahalier Qtleanzrs THOMAS HERBERT VAUGHAN-EDWARD JOSEPH SCHUTTE - 4021 MacArthur Avenue "Q, . . . ' ' ay, X 3433 ' I Q 01760 wooD's MARKET TI I INCORPORATED I2II BELLEVUE AVENUE 4oo N. ROBINSON ST. -rg ----- - ---------------------------------------------- El Worren's Lustro Gloss Paper Used in the I955 "Monticello" X- if -V' FURNISHED THROUGH B. W. WILSON PAPER COMPANY, Inc. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA COLE KELLY EQUIPMENT CO. Dabney Road Phone 84-501 I L. E Lewis E. Ferguson PAINTING and DECORATING 3IIl WEST CARY STREET RICHMOND 2I,VA Phono 5-I896 5 5 lrnuun u uuls uulu llllnunl s lulululllllllnulllulllulll u CAROLYN CAUTHEN O I77 O WE REPAIR ALL MAKES OF FOUNTAIN PENS 2 : Things for the Office, Home and School I 8th St. bstw. Broad In Marshall Richmond Va. 5 5 : llllllllllllllIIIllIIlllllllllllllllIIllllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllll urnnnlc. HEATING Ann GAS Avvunucls 5 5 3109 West Cary Street E E G IAMES GILMAN RICHMOND, VA. E 5 uuluunulnuuIInIunnnlInIlnlnnn1uululnunuunlunllnm I Roseneath Auto Supply Co. s .. PLANNING FOR FUTURE SECURITY Throughout the nation this June, thousands of young men and women are graduating from high schools. Many ol them look towards college educations and career opportunities which could not have been theirs except lor lite insurance purchased tor them years ago by a loving parent or relative. Lite insurance guarantees many other personal and family am- bitions, too, and its ownership will bring you the same satis- faction and security it now provides millions in all wallcs ol lite. ATLANTIC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ESTABLISHED I90O RICHMOND, VIRGINIA More than a Halt Century of Service E .. ichmond Price Dial 2-79I4 E EI " PRICE BROTHERS . . 5 Z El Phone 4-9921 E E GILMAN PLUIVIBING CO. ROSENEATH Rofxo s . ............................................. ............E1 : Congratulations to E T-J STUDENTS FROM 5 Hubbard's Barber Shop ' 9 5 O 0 Ice CREAM a ........... ....-..-..--..-..-.--..--.-...--..-.--..---- ------'---'----------'-----'-" - ------------ -------'---------------- el ----'--------' -------------------- ------'-- - --e RYLAND T. WHITLOCK Alterations - Additions 111-fwflflveflgeflvy or minor or major repairs, call E 2 - E 5-5050. Jim White will also help 2 Q ENGINEERS ' AUDITORS E Q UNDERWRITERS - ADJusTeRs you plan and finance your iob. 5 . White Construction Co. ' ' Inc. . Suite 800, Mutual Building - - 5 Telephone 3-8341 E E Telsphone 55050 5 E llllllllll I llll lllllll lllllll llllllllllllllllllll lillll l lllllll llllllllll E B llllllllllll llllllll I lllllll I llllllll llll lllllllllllllll lllll lllllllb mllll llll lllllllll lllll I llilllllllllllllllll I llllll lllllll llll llUlllll llllllllllll 3 mlll IlIIIllIlllIIIIIlllIIlIIIIIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllll I llllllllllllll E ""ffARROLL.S E550 STAQQETIES Jesse McBRIDE'S STEAK HOUSE 5 WASHING and LUBRICATION "ll YOU 90' H bum Sffef YOU don" PGY - - - Q Patterson and Colonial Aves. E E :md ,hfls no bull? E Q PHQNE 4-N30 RICHMOND, vA. Midlothian Turnpike Q BllllllllllulInunullunIIlnunnunnununununn ulnu lun llnuuln mm mnnunnnnn unlnnll unnnnnu lgllllllll luuuu... .,,.,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,, ,E QI!! lllll lllllnn llllllllllllllllul Inu lllllllllllllllulln ull: Illll Iluuuung Bulunn lullnnllln uuuuuu llllnlnlq uunuun lllglll nun.. ,,,,,,, ...num Q SHEPPARD ST. PHARMACY Highland Parlt Pharmacy Q E 604 N. SHEPPARD si. R- R- ROOKE : Phono 4-932' 5 E 2929 Second Avenue ' Richmond, Va. gt 5 we oeuven FILMS DEVELOPED Q Phone 3-1847 5 BnnnnunnununnnnununnunInu1nuInnnnlnlununnnnunuuuulm Eulnulnuluu nlInununuuunnnnnuInlIunnluuunuunum ?l lllllllll 'll' l"'ll Q ? llllllll ull n lllliylgl .Q Compliments of WOODSON'S MARKET 2509 Chamberlayne Ave. A F R I E N D PHONE s-om E """"" """"' 5 E """""" llllllllllll 5 ?"" """ """"""""""""""""""""""" ' ' I"l'll'-' Q Qlllunnun .,,,.,,..,..,? COMPLIMENTS oe MlKE,S GRILL Uncle Jalce s Barbecue : 2601 PARK Ave. BROAD STREET if i E -is h ' .- : A GOOD PLACE To EAT , ee you t ere a ter the games 2 Air-Conditioned Television E E E E vaunlllllllnlllnlllolll I ullluuluuullu unlluunuuunlluullnuulu I num mul Illllllllllllllllll unnnnnnn 4 mi M. ROY SAUNDERS 0 179 0 1920. . .. 1955 FUR 35 TEARS, l 'THE HOME OF BETTER MILK ! On the occasion of our 35th Anniversary Year, we thank our many friends at Thomas Jefferson Whose families it is our privilege to serve. And our best Wishes to all TJ students and staif for happy schooldays, happy future! ....y.lg7e4gT.4.... VIRGINIA Dairy 1810f 1814 W. Main St. Dial 5f2838 MI 01800 ulnnnnunulIunnuulnnnluunnlunuuunuunnnnunun: El EI EI -'------'----- --------- E1 4 4-Hour Film Developing Ir COMPLIMENTS FILMS LEFT BY Imo-READY AT 4:30 AT NO INCREASE IN PRICES of af Adams Camera Shop DeJarnette 8: Paul CORNER sm and BROAD Q E Richmond,Va. E E Illllll llllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllli Ellllllllllllll lllllllll G llIllllIlllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg Q llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll CAPITAL CITY IRON De t. of Public Utilities 1 : P WORKS 0 FABRICATORS AND ERECTORS SINCE I9I3 New BUSINESS DIVISION + 0 General Plate and Sheet Metal Products 9th and Broad Streets 1 5 + DIAL 2-7239 RICHMOND,VA llllll llllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllll lllll lllllllllllli Qlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll WORLD INSURANCE COMPANY VIRGINIA STATE OFFICE ' I20 W. GRACE STREET Richmond, Virginia 55' Our I-Ieartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes for I-Iealth, Wealth and Happiness to T. J.'s I955 Graduates 58' Telephone 7-4037 N. LIZ BEAZLEY 0I8I0 nunnnnnuunn1nnnnnnnlnun1unnu1nunlnInununnunllullulnnm EIIIIIIIIIII ulununnnln1nunnnnnulnll1uluIlunnuIIununnnuuluunulmE EnunnnnllnunllunulnsnulunIuInlnllnlnllulluunlunnuulnl Semmes Avenue Pharmacy PAT'S RECORD SHOP PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 5 708 East Broad Streei Couneous Service Low Prices E Q INN, to National Theatre, DIAL 82-454I 33l8 SEMMES AVENUE E Q Tglgphqng 1-3515 lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllIIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllm mllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIUIIllllllUllllllllllllllllllllflllllllllllllllll Westhampfon ReaH'y Co. HARRY COPLEY, Broker PERSONALIZED HOME SALES 'ik IJ 3 0. + : 5701 Grove Ave. Dial 5-7750 nuuuaunnunnnnumnnnuu nunun:nunuuuunuum EI.-nn-.nn lm lllllll llllll Illl lllllllllllIlllrlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllE Enunnnnun:uannnunulununu:nunnlnunnunnnnnnuunn THE SARAH LEE Richmond Valeteria, Inc. KITCHEN ' ,K CAKES, PIES, BREADS, SANDWICHES. sox DRY CLEANERS LUNCI-IES, BEATEN 2 BISCUITS, Erc. 1 Customer Parlring ' Closed Mondays E 2705 West Broad Street Dial 3-2805 708 W. Grace St. Q E Ph RICHMOND, VIRGINIA on' 54949 1.nunuunun..nununuulnnnlunuuunuuununuunununum E uununu 1uIunnunullunlunnunulull nunuu Compliments of the WENDELL B. POWELL STUDIO 3201 GROVE AVENUE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA llIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllIllIIllIIllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllB BIIIllIllIIllIIllIIllIllIIllllllIllIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllll QVERNITE TARRANT- DRUG CO. TRANSPORTATION co. ""5'BTL'F2.Z12gg's's Dependable Motor Transpormuon E 5 Foushee and Broad Sis. Richmond, Va 25 - - El A. W. GRANDIS CO. RICHMOND'S HEADQUARTERS G E N E RA L FOR HOME BUILDING NEEDS c o N T R A c T o R s ' I 2913 w. Leigh si. Phone 5--me mmmm Wm um E RICHMOND 2l,VIRGINIA 5 lil ------------.------.----...-.. ...................-..-.--..-..----.---..--.-.--.-- EI EI --.-.--.-...- -------- - --E D- ---------- ---------------------------------------------------- ----------- El 2 "Highest Quality" MILK AND ICE CREAM il ClIRlES NECK DAIRY, INC. U : l600 Roseneath Road El T-I CAFETERIA Hot Plate Cold Plate A La Carte SELECT A BALANCED LUNCH DAILY Ar Youn Sc:-roor. 'I'-I CAFETERIA Dial 5-1745 umumnnum ummunnumnmnuuumls E' E-I -'------ - -'------------'--'----'--'- - '---------'----'------------'------'-'--- El 5 Westliampton Pharmacy E E CORNER OF GROVE AND MAPLE AVES. 5 E E "Westharnpton's Finest Drug Store" E Phone4-4561 E E qllllllnunnunnunununlununlunuuunulunnnnuulunnnunm E RHODES PHARMACY PHONE 5-sm E Kensington Ave. and Robinson St. Q , RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 3 EllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIE! Class Rings ' Club Pins Calling Carcls ' Invitations Caps and Gowns E li? 5 : WALTER B. ANDERSON E L. G. Ballour Products , E 3 4lIlKensingtonAve. ' RiclImond.Va. 5 E, .,,, nun, .,...,. . ..... lulunlm E1Inuunqnu.un-nun nu n uununnnnnnnnnnn nunuulunm O. BOBBY JONES 1830 snunu nu:nunlInunununununnnn lunnnnlum EuunIuIlua:nunlIunununuuuusuun uunuuunuuuuulunn uuuunnu:nunuuuuunuunnunuuuuunuunnuuuuuunuuuuuuuuuuuun unununuununuuuunnu uuuuu uuuuuu nu nnuuu n:nuns:nuunIuIvuuunnunnullnulunulunuuuuuunq qllllllnnn nunluluuulnuuunuununlu lunulln Q We B. CO. Q S Compliments ol E ' THE TRANSPORT CORP. WELDING EQUIPMENT ' ' Oll- EQUWMENT Pioneer Tobacco Truckers O W. G. Epes, Jr., President 2915 W. Leigh St. Q E i E I L CKS ON ,V . ' R C O , . E RICHMOND, VIRGINIA E 2 B A T E A l HM ND VA Q anunuu1nuIunuuuuuuulnulIIuIIIIlIuuulullullullnuluuuna Emunuulluuuluuulunluuluull llluuululuuluuluullnunng uuuu nunnnuuuunnu unnnnnnunu unuul lunlInlululuuuunlunlm? mlnnnnun uluuonuulluulnlluuunnunnunnnu nnanununuuuv Q COMPLlMENTS OF 5 S E THE Wachter 8: Wolff Corp. BAUGHMAN CO PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTORS Printers cmd Lithoqrcrphers . i' 402 North Robinson Street E E Phan. 84-3914 5 E 801 South Randolph St. Richmond, Va. E EJ nnummumumnunnnnmunmuuumunumnuun nnnnnnl mm Ennunun nnmmmnnn uuuuun n uunu :TQ Congratulations to the Class of '55 : 5 The n PARK FOQDLAND f -FROM- 5 E "Ricl1mond's Most Complete Food Store" Q, -A' R. H. MINOR CORPORATION 5 509 North Meadow Street . I2 N. Robinson St. Richmond, Va. E E RICHMOND 20' VIRGINIA E ofric. 84-2103 E IllllllllllllllllllllllllllIll'llllllllllllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllm Q lllllllllll IIIllIlllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIIllIllllllllllllllllllulllm uuuuu InunsIusInlnunlllnlununslnununAnnI:nuununununuIsuunuununnlunnluu unuunug cARRoLL's, INC. 5035 Forest Hill Avenue HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SHOES Featuring Poll-Parrot, Star Brand, Rand - Also P-F Canvas Shoes 01840 Jordan-Pclmore Agency JOHN S. PALMORE, Manager GENERAL INSURANCE May Building, II5 East Franklin Street, Corner Second Street RICHMOND I9, VIRGINIA Phone 3-3685 .............................................................................EI E1......................................................................... DUKE'S SHOE SERVICE CDMPIQMEIER c, Ia. carer, Prop. : ik SCI'I00l 905 N. Sheppard St. 5 Phone 5-H46 Offers one oi the quickest ond : surest woys to enter business. 'f YOU Ore 0 high School shed- uote, Iike figures, then you will enioy the course in Lafayette Foodland COMPTOMETER OPERATING I007-09 LAFAYETTE STREET E +- .E FREE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE F I N E F O O D Comptometer School 'Sf : : 304 FIRST FEDERAL BLDG. H. I. Bren M. I. BMI.. 2-S241 ............... ...............................If1 Q............... ............... ......... El W. H. WHITE Plumbing ancI Heating Contractors MODERN KITCI-IENS Oil Burners ' Water Heaters ' Gas Appliances 2416 CHAMBERLAYNE AVE. - DIAL 4-0585 P. LYNNE SAUNDERS 0 185 O F E............ .......................... ...............- ..., B DELICIOUS . . . NUTRITIOUS TASTEE-FREEZ 3312 NORTH BOULEVARD EL m""""""""' """"""""' Il'l""l"ll"ll'lll"ll 'lll"ll'l IIIIIIIIIIIIB mlllllllIllIIllmlIllllulluulmlInInlululnmluuunm ml E McGinnis 8: Browning Texaco S Service Q 2 3308 North Boulevard, Richmond 26, Va. E E mlIllllllllIIIllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllla g E llllll uunun ulllulll lluuuuInlIulllIllluluululluuunulu llllul mug E BOULEVARD MARKET 2 MEATS - VEGETABLES - FRUITS - 5 1403 amont Avenue E An E g Dial A-am llllunllu llllllnllIululunnuuunnnununuunuunuluunu IE' EI . Compliments of 3 JAMES RIVER LUMBER CO., INC. Lumber Products for the Builder WESTWOOD AVE. and R.F. 8: P.R.R. Phone - 6-1554 EnnnnunIInIllluluIlllI1lnllnlInunIulullululuullluluul E Eullulnlnn:InIluIInlululullIllullulllllullullnllnllunlunu J. M. Fry Co. AND ELINOR FRY Richmond Printing Ink Co. : + of I Printing Ink Manufacturers aff t Phone a-zzoo 104 N. mn sf El '------------ --------------'-----------------------'-------------- E1 Et ---'---------------------------------- ----------"---------------------- 9' "'""""""""""""""" " """""""""'"""""""""""'"" 'E' E' ''''"'""""'""""""'"''"''"""'""""""'"""""""""" E' Jones E99 RODIHS yuansel amz Qrelfe! E Incorggratod ' Realtors and Deveiopers G,IESmF3IE Cfvieiisizifdhis s if s -19' R'CHMOND'V'RG'N'A sm PATTERSON AVENUE E1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EJ lil ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E1 A , fit r E 01860 nuuunnlInlunnllnnIlllulllluulnuuullunlllnlunulnnn El? MEASE PHARMACY Owen's Service Station E Q AMOCO TIRES AND BATTERIES l039 W.Grace St'.h d V 5 5 AMOCO PRODUCTS Phone 5'9'93 Rm mon ' "' DIAL as-mo l2ll WESTOVER BLVD IllllIlflllllllllIlllll.'lllllllllllIllllllllllllflllIlllllllllllllllllllllllm BIll'I-...I...Ili'l'..lllI-I.I.ll..l...ll.lll'.lll.'ll..lll.llll....lllll.ll. nunnlnlunluulunululllunluunllInnununulullllnllnuulg Qgnugnu...,.,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.j.,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,..,,,.,,,.u,..,,.... B. F. GOODRICH STORES E 5 Complnments of 2700 West Broad Street E 5 n3hIocga'fsFpo:nIc?wZ gesfaurj-nIH TIRES - BATTERIES ' BICYCLES 8 Hj,hiN5"iRfSKL"j,'1mfQgZn'f"'Y nu... ,,,,,,, I ,,,,,,, ,...,,.umm.u..u..u.,...muqulnnunnnuub blmnlnulnullullllllunllllullullmlluluullulllululummu nl uulnu nun:nuInnlluinululIullulllllIlullllllllllllllllllllllllllq ?lllll"lUl' UIlllIIllIIll'Illl"ll"lll"l"ll"'lll llllll l , H A R D W A R E BurnI'Iam Baseboards. RadIatIon 2 Burnham Boiler Burner Units ' + Related Heating Equipment ,gf 5807-9 Patterson Avenue 3l22 WEST CLAY STREET Phono 5-6030 DIAL 4-1751 .na s-oosa lllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllg Qlllllfllllll I'illlllllllllllllllllillll llllIlll'lll0lll0l lllil Congratulations, Graduates! RICHMOND DAIRY COMPANY ' 314 N. Jefferson Street 'A' FOR THE BEST IN MILK AND ICE CREAM unnn unuunnllunluunnuuunuunnunnlunlluuluIlllnuuuuuuulnlunuuuuluuu lun luuuluuuunllnulnunluunInulllulluluuuunnllnlnnnllm EulunununnunnnunulnuuuuunulInununulnlunnnnuu ' - Dial 4-757l g 3 COMPLIMENTS OF FOY'S PHARMACY Conrad-Deans Company THE SHENANDOAH SPECIALTY Eooo BROKERS Allen Ave. and Grace SI., Richmond. Va. 5 Q RICHMOND, VIRGINIA nunuunnluuuluulullI lllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllll lllllll :ummm EI lllllllllllnllllllllll llllllllll llll lllllllllnl llllll u llllllll unlunuu up nlqnnlu un ulnuununlunuullnu nnnnululuuuu llnl uuunu rsnulnuuun B mu nnnnunununuuulu nounnllnuuunnnnnul nuuulnulun 1 llnnnnnnnun un FOR A REAL CLEANING SERVICE-CALL E E BELLEVUE PHARMACY Westhampton Cleaning Co. PRESCRIPTION DRuoGIsTs 314 LIBBIE AVE.-DIAL 5-1571 E Q 4013 MKAHQW, Avuw. Ono-Day Service-Cash and Carry 5 5 Telephone 5-4329 Richmond V uuullllululluluulul llul InunInnuuuulnlluuulll llllnlll mum Bun lluuluul I llll nululnllluuluInuInuulullulluuuuunun? Q. JOHN BROOKE 0 I87 0 .J EI 1 I I I I II X g i -Q u-1 u-Q e1 -9 als vi "I bought a camera today, Cathy, to take along on our vacation." f4Qa..-soma-nl-lu-liars:-5 I Glfohl "Our first year with the company has been such fun." ..- -uu1.,,+-...-1- K, I I I I I I "And now we're getting a vacation with pay . . . it's good to count on that nice check every week." "Let's tell our graduating friends to find out all about well-paying, interesting telephone jobs." gf' C 2 The Chesapeake 8. Potomac Telephone Company 'cm gf' of Virginia E., El J 01880 El El 6l4f'L6lfLtL 5flfL6ZLO GRACE AT SECOND PHOTOGRAPHERS for THE 1955 MCNTICELLC W' Er E1 R PEGGY FLIPPEN 0 189 0 li' Riverside Drug Co., lnc. Q Qnnnunun mln Pnescmpnon oxuoeusrs McLane Construction Co 1 5 Contractor 5075 Forest Hill Avenue T024 NORTH nh STREET RlCHMOND,VlRGlNlA 5 Dial 5-8627 2 E Richmond, Virgmla PROMPT Auto DELIVERY glIIlllllIIIIIIllIllllIllllllIIllllllllllllIIllIIllllllfllllflIQIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIUIIG Qllllllllllll IIIIIUIIU BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllillllllllllllllflllllllIII'IIIUDII'UIIDIII.UIl"'l."l'll"lll'lllllllllllfllllllllllllllflll llllllflllllll'll'llllll'll.llllll..ll.llllll'l B HAMPDEN-SYDNEY coLLEoE I776-I955 A Nationally Known College for Men with an Exceptional Record For... LONG HISTORY OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICE UNUSUAL OUTPUT OF LEADERS IN CHURCH AND COMMUNITY HELPFUL PERSONAL RELATIONS BETWEEN TEACHER AND STUDENT 1 1 1 For Catalogue and Information. address EDGAR G. GAMMON, President Hampden-Sydney, Virginia llllllllllllll llllllllllll lllll llllllllfflllll. llll glIlllIIIIIIllIllIIllIIllIIIIIIIIIllIIllIIllIIIIlIIIIllIllllllllllllllln'llllll.'? Qllnlnl Lafayette Confectionery BETWEEN GRACE and CUTSHAW Louis Haboush and John Traina SOFT DRINKS ' SANDWICHES School Supplies Beauty Nook Salon Owned and Operated by Mrs. Samuel Mull AIR-CONDITIONED COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Dial I4-4737 612 N. Sheppard St., Ricl1mond,Va Formerly located at I005 N. Jefferson St t llllllllll IllIllInuIIIllllllllllllullullllll llllllllllm EuIluIluInllnunlululIInullnlluInIlulnuulllnnlllnlnl 01900 5 COMPLIMENTS of g The Clover Room 5 .............. ............................- - E- "-'----- ---'-'------------------ -'----'------ E -----"'----- '--"---''--"---'-------'--------"----'------- - TQDD-5 LAFAYETTE VARIETY STORE ESSO SERVICENTER . - lOlO Lafayette Street E Hermitage Road and Boulevard 2 CALL 844854 DML4-535' sci-looL SUPPLIES -------------- ------------------------ -------------- E1 E .----------------------.------------- ------------------------------ gn uunnlnuuonul lunln I :nun uulIlnunnuuanlunnnanllnnlnnunuu ounnnunuunnuu Q ? nuulnnnnnuurnnuurnIIluuIuluIlulIlnnInllunnuIIlllllulnluulunllnnnuuuun nu D l X l E Phelps-Bowles-Coclce Sc, l0c to 51.00 Store Motor Coq Inc. 'iff 2735 WEST BROAD STREET 3012-14 W. CARY ST. RICHMOND' VA' E 3002 E E Desoto - Plyrnouth saza PATTERSON AvENuE SALES AND smvrcl-I Er --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E1 ------------------------------------------------------------------ - R. B. AUGUSTINE INSURANCE AGENCY E INCORPORATED AGENTS - GENERAL INSURANCE 5 ---------------------.----------- --------------------------------------------.----.-....-..............................-...........-...--..--.-.--...--.... mlllluuuruuuullnruullunnnluunnInnllulnnnunnvuunull E EnnunuuunlununnnnlInuuunulnnnlun nun E Richmond Fixture and Equipment Co. E 5 COMPUMEN-rs OF E Store Fixtures and Equipment ot All Kinds E E ' GLASS ' CHN" ' S'LVER Clarence Wyatt Transfer E l0l4-l0l6 East Cary Street Phone 3-8338 5 Q E1.............. ................... .................................rg E1....................................................................... 01910 llllnun l uunnnuu 1uun:nnnInununuIuulllnuunnulunnnnnun:nunuunnunnunuuurunnnnnlnnnuunnuunnnnnnuun l 5 Dial 3-1700 302-306 Mutual Building, Richmond, Virginia EI El MEISTER of SMETI-IIE Bookbinders 105-107 GOVERNOR STREET RICHMOND, VA. 'A' BINDERS OF I955 "TI-IE MONTICELLO' THURINGTDN CONSTRUCTION CU., INC GENERAL CONSTRUCTION Industrial - Commercial - Institutional ZIO6 North I-IamiIton Street Dial 6-2387 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA E ............... ............ ............ ..... ............ ..... .. 5 West Engineering Company DILL ROAD AND VAWTER AVENUE Richmond, Virginia 55' Designers and Builders of Special Machinery E nu ulnIlullulllulIuIluluulullnlIllullllllnlInnIlllInuluInuluIluluuuunuuunulnu al nnnul lull nun: E Compliments of LAWRENCE MOTOR CC., Inc. Your Friendly DODGE-PLYMOUTH and DODGE TRUCK DEALER Modern and Complete Service Boulevard Off Broad Pl1one 6-1536 as ------------------------------------------------.-------- -------------------'--"----'- ------------------------------------.----- E1 El ---------------'----------------------------------------------'--------- lg I? ---------------'---f----------------------------'-------'----------------f B FRED ,R' HU?HES Your Friend in Disaster Service Stations Q 0 'I' 27l8 West Bro d Street Ph 53459 1100 East Cary S set Ph 30947 s'2.1TL'lI JL ""' III 'ZZZTZ RED CRQ55 :za s It N it s Ph ncaa 01930 ' ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL CHURCH SUNDAY SERVICES . 9 a.m. Holy Communion .AA..., ,.,.,..,,....,.................... A,,A.,..............V... .,..,.,.........,... C h a pel 2 I 11 a.m. Church School ,.,.,, 4...... ,,.................................................,A.. A,..,...,.,. P a r ish House : 11 a.m. Morning Prayer .....4....rr,,.........r..r,....,.....,..,.................,,,........,, ,...,....,..... C hurch E Q "The Church with the Boy Choir." 5 Qu... .III I n nuuuuluul nlnlnuulnulu lnlllllllll IllIllIllIllIluIlllllllllnlnunlullullu nlulullllugg'.uu,.,n,Q gun nnvunlrlu lllll-lnn ' SAINT PAUL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH T 819 EAST GRACE STREET "Across the Street from the Capitol" EnnuunnnnuuIulnnnullunnlnnunulnnnnnlnlnn OWEN M. WEATHERLY Minister running RICHARD F. COOK Q Minister of Music and Education S SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH FRANKLIN AND ADAMS STREET 9:45 A.M ..,,...............,,..........,.,.,,,.,.,..........,....,............. Sunday School 11:00 A.M .....,.....,,.,.,.......,.,,.,......., ......,......,.,... M ornmg Worship 6:45 P.M .,....,.............,.,,......,........ ,.........,,.......,....... T raining Union : "The Church with a Heart. . . in the Heart oi the City" a -----....- ---------------------------------------------------------------------.----------------------------------------------------- ---------- T5 gm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EI El --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EI THE MONUMENTAL E. H. Thomas P. L. Thomas w. L. Thomas CHURCH THOMAS BROS. 1226 East Broad Street F U R N I T U R E Established 1814 is Sunday Services at 7:30 and 11:00 A.M. E E A Cordial Welcome Extended 5 to You! E REV. GEORGE OSSMAN, D.D,, Rector Q REV. ALLEN J. GREEN, Asst. Rector CASH or CREDIT Q 123 East Marshall, Corner 2nd S RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Phone 3-4621 STOVES, RANGES, PARTS 3 FLOOR COVERINGS, ETC. E Emu...ul...gnuInnun..llInugllnlngllIllnlnun-nunnnnunununum EnuununllnunIn:nunlnuIulIInnuInlullunlIIlIulllllulullllllulllla nnnnnunulnuunnluuunnuunuunnuuluunuunu unsung Eunuuunll1ulIuuInInnnnnnunnuunununuunnnuunnunuunnuuu EI : 4 E Compliments of E Q Park Avenue Beauty Salon ' Dial 4-7886 E ummm.-1-.I.1mIn1--.In-ummm-mmm-.I---.I---I--m----Utn-E 5 El ------------------'-----------------------------------------------'---------'---- EI BRESCHEL'S BAKERY 5 5 los NORTH 6TH STREET na.: 2-ma 5 E We Specialize in Party 81 Church Orders 3 5 Q -..-1-'-------a - -nna----n--a------:---uu--:---:o-u------ll--r-------lll-lI--lIll IQ E ---I--l--l lgullnuun lnnunlululluuu ulll lunuunul lllnll lnnnnlluuulnll lllnl ulluInununlIluuunuuluuunuIunnunulnuluunu DIXIE WHEEL CO. INCORPORATED WHEEL AND RIM DISTRIBUTORS Automotive Ports if 916-918 N. BOULEVARD RICHMOND 20, VA. Phone 5-3207 TIRE HEADQUARTERS IN RICHMOND FOR 29 YEARS Iilltnmm TIIIMESA QM.-M. TIAFFID-Tllfll A-.MN RICHMOND RUBBER CO., INC. 5 7th and Leigh Streets E llll llllllllllIIIlllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Qnnnlluln Phone 2-8326 Royal-Liverpool Insurance Group 4001 Fitzhugh Avenue . Phone 6-5586 5,,,,,,,.,,,. .........-.tu ..... guuunuu nnnmnlmunmnuumnnnInllnlnnuunluunun? Q BILL'S BARBECUE Two Locations 5 E 927 Myers Street 5805 Broad Street E Phone 5-9905 Phone 5-9504 E, ' RlcHMoNo,vlRGiNiA s 2 "A Trial Males A Customer" 5 5 illlllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfl lllllllllg E 01950 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA American Paper Co., Inc. EAST HIGHLAND PARK Richmond, Virginia El........... ...... llllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIllllll COMPLIMENTS OF ob and JacIc's Circle Station LIBBIE AND PATTERSON AVES. Phone 5-9540 nun ln E llIIllllllillIllIllIIllInllulllllllllllllnllllull luuunlullm EmullinInIInllulInInnuInunnun:lunununlnnnlulullnul E Phone 4-7447 LANIER'S AUTO SERVICE GAS AND OILS ATLANTIC LUBRICATION WASHING AND POLISHING Let's Go Bowling! IT'S GREAT FOR A DATE P L A Y D I U M BOWLING ALLEY 1807 West Broad Street Exide Batteries ' Firestone Tires 3301 W. Cary St. Richmond, Va. Open I0 Pm- ' llillllllll IIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll lllllllllllllllllllllllm Elllllllllll llllll Illlllll llllllll lllllllll llllllllllll llllfllf E Dial 3-7351 Residence 5-7337 R . A . Y O U N G BUILDING ' REMODELING ' REPAIRING COMMERCIAL ' RESIDENTIAL ' CONCRETE WORK 522 Brook Road, Richmond, Virginia STONES DIAMOND SETTING Southern Jewelers, Inc. FINE JEWELRY REPAIRING Engraving 116 Broad-Grace Arcade, Richmond, Va. Telephone 2-4179 ra AWALT'S ICE CREAM For a Real Ice Cream Treat. . . Go to AWALT'S It Can't be Beat 1905 Semmes Ave. ' ,c ,Stl Phone B3-1726 ........ ....................................... ..............rj E1...................................... ................................... Medical Arts Pharmacy Maxey J. Wallace Co. 2nd and Franklin Streets 3 1 R E A L T 0 R S if FREE DFI-IVFRY SERVICE 5604 Patterson Avenue TO ALL PARTS OF TI-IE CITY 5 RICHMOND 26' VA. Phone 3-2723 5-2340 4-0347 ra M Q 01960 Ph E llul lsunoulluvlusuuuunnunacuuunnnuunnuunu s n nnuunnuun-uneanunau--n--.n..-.............................................. .,..,,,. ,.,,......,.., ,..,,..,,.., B Peck Iron oncl Metal Company, Inc. 23I4 BELLS ROAD IStop I2 Petersburg Pikel Telephone: Richmond 82-5636 C. B. Chance Esso Station Chamberlayne Ave. and Overbrook Rd. CHESTERFIELD GRILL Midlothian Pilce GRILL-CURB SERVICE Private Party Rooms nn uunnn nuuuuuuuunnuuuuuu-u uunnnu nu nunn:unnununununununuuuuu ununnni Compliments ol A FRIEND one 5-9739 RICH MOND, VA. Richmond, Va. EI? QE' as me 5, .... . I97 lil lil - '? lil EI NUTTALL'S GROCERY CO. 5 4010 MacARTHUR AVENUE E "Visit Us at Our New Location" E """" """l"' lbllllllllllfa EI WILLIAMS OIL CO. Fuel Oil-Kerosene III4 Hull Street Phone 82-8686 E I5 inmm-munuummm-nm-num-mmImumnmunu-nn-in-Q R. D. Parrish Service Station 3210 WEST CARY STREET S ri nulnnun nnnunu Q JEFF EIISII H o T E L Salutes the '55 Class of The Thomas Jef- E ierson High School and in Richmond Tra- E dition sets the scene for many of your Q social and business activities. Q lllllllllllllllllllllfllllllllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg Iu-ummnmmmnmmuume-mnumnm-nmmun-.E QunuInnuumm-mnnununuuununmmm-umummnnu Hospffelifyt Inc. WIM AUTO SERVICE General Auto Repairing 100 N. Seventh Street STATE INSPECTION ik 4419 W. Broad Street BUSINESS MEN'S IUNCHES AFTER-SCHOOL SNACKS E Phone 5-9873 S.R0v W-mm E uiunnuummmummmmnnummmmmmmnuummmmmnmnunn umm E Congratulations . . . Future Home Makers of America 1 1 1 I WILL BE MOST HAPPY TO SERVE YOU WHEN YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR HOME 1 1 1 FANNIE A. HARRIS Real Estate Broker Dial 7-8902 Dial 84-2924 E U. .......iii.-i.- -In nillunlilinniiil un ullllllllllllllllllull 'mm vllluunununn E Compliments of VIRGINIA TOURS 208 SOUTH SECOND STREET RICHMOND. VA. E1 ......... -----.-------------------------------------- - -- EI 01980 unu ulnuulnnunlnn uuuuu :nun nununnnunnunnnnununuuuu nnun- I? EI Hoenniger-Sizemore Co., Inc. QLD VIRGINIA CRAFTS CQ. HARDWARE-SPORTING GOODS E 5 1433-35 East Main Sf., Richmond, Virginia S 5 UNUSUAL GIFTS AND NOVELTIES Phone 3-3483 Q E 626 S. Belvidere St. Richmond, Virginia llllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllj illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lnnunuuuuulunuuuuuuuuunnlunluunnuuunnunnun QllIuInununl:nuunnulnunllulnllunlnnllllnnu ulnn E' . NEW YORK DELICATESSEN 5 5 FRED SWAFFIN, Inc. 2920 WEST CARY STREET 5 2 The Furniture Center Dial 5-6956 5 5 I "The Best Sandwiches in Town" E 5 Kilmarnock. Va. E' I? : CAPITOL FOOD PLAN Ennis Brown's 2 : sERvlcE STATION ii 290I W. Broad St. Q MOBILGAS-MQBILQIL iff 4015 MacARTH UR STREET Pho es 6-I I90 and 6-5990 Eat Better and Save with Your Freezer Keys Made-Phone 4-4444 E E lllllll llllllllllllllllll llllllIIllllllllillllllllllllllllllllrllllm ElllllllllIIllIll!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIINllllllllllllllllllllll HOWARD JOHNSON'S Restaurant and Ice Cream Shoppes 2 RICHMOND LOCATIONS Brook Road and Azalea Ave. IAt the end of Chamberlayne Ave. Bus LineI AND 110 N. 5fh Street Telephones: 4-0757 and 7-2289 RICHMOND. VIRGINIA IIIInu1nI1nIuulnuuununnuununuuunulnlnluulunllnulq Quinnuunnuunnnnnuunuunulnunununnnuunnlnnnun Brooks 81 Richards Hardware ?e9I?'f3': Beef? Sala: 3102 WEST BROAD STREET "e""' 'ss"'H,,'i1'2?QI?I.'g """'g "" -- - - -' 5 DIAL 6.-uso Mos' Anymng 'n Hardware als N. Addison sr. opp. wm. Fax sum: llllllllllllIIIIlllllllllllillllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllI Q El!!!llllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll consolidated Printing co. NELSEITIMQLIQERQISEIIOME J. Hitman Burtchett, owner E Phone 24601 2710 W- COTY Street Phone 4-3927 E I603 winraamsbufg nd. Richmond za, Va Ilulnlnunulunl1uluIlunIllIIluuluu1uunun1ununnunuuuuuum I3lllllIlllllllIllIllllll'll"ll"""""'l "l""""""""""lllIllll 01990 Ig QI.--ni-.-.I -mmu-mm-numummm-um nu-nu? E FOR LAFAYETTE PHARMACY E 101 1 Lafayette Street Phone 5-1777 Q E CRESTVIEW PHARMACY, INC. , E 6516 Horsepen Road Phone 88-2831 2 5 WESTWOOD PHARMACY, INC. ' 5 5805 Patterson Ave. Phone 6-2385 Q : SUBURBAN PHARMACY, INC. E 5 SERVICE 2369 Staples Mill Road Phone 6-4929 Q 6 llllllllll llllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllll llllllll llllllllllllllllli muuurunlnunnnn unun unnunnu unnuum ElnluulunnInununnunnunnuuununnnnuunnInnnlulullulnlullug CRUMPTON AUTO SERVICE 3701 GROVE AVENUE l O Cinder Block Company : of Richmond, Inc. 5 Ellen Road and Rosedale Avenue ROAD SERVICE Phan, 34-2433 2 : General Auto Repairs - Dial S4-I 780 E ..........l. unsung Qulnlnulu Iununnnunnlnlllnllnn uuluulg gil lllllllglllgllllllgllilllilly lllll lllllllllllgllglllllqljll li llllllllllllllllll 3 alllllllllll lllllll llll llllll lllllll lllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIQ GARNETT'S ESSO SERVICENTER I GAS - OIL - ATLAS TIRES a BATTERIES MORTON S 2 WASHTSAIJ SEli3F5EAT'ON ' Economy Market : om 5-me aIoI w. sfoaa sr. E -A ElllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllm g Riverside Hardware : lk 5013 FOREST HILL AVENUE 5 W' N- LOMBARDY ST- : E Phone 84-4190 E Dial 5-9111 E guunluu lununq wunnuuu lncununuunnnnunulununuuIuuunu uununqi , S U T E R ' S Compliments Hand-made Furniture of En: A FRIEND 3024 WEST CARY STREET E E E Richmond, Virginia 5 illlllllllll lllllllllg Elllllllllll IllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllm 102000 ., , E u unnn- uIullnun1ulnuIIuaInnuunuuuuunuununnuununnunnulunuunlnul E HARRIS-BRENAMAN, Inc. 717 E. Grace Street Phone 2-4796 and 2-4797 RICHMOND ' VIRGINIA MacGREGOR - A. G. SPALDING SPORTING GOODS AND ATHLETIC SUPPLIES Sheppard St. Barber Shop 707 N. SHEPPARD sr, C. A. CARDINAL ANTIQUE REPRODUCTIONS Phone Mineral 3881 Pendleton, V BradIey's Restaurant i' 4415 WEST BROAD STREET Phone 5-9832 '-SIE' EE QE' EET fill? Mahone's Amoco Service Center TIRES ' TUBES ' ACCESSORIES Cars Calledf and D Iivered 5701 Patte son Ave. Dial 84-1301 COMPLIMENTS OF Virginia Drug Company 4005 FOREST HILL AVENUE Atkinson and Howard Sf? PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 71? 2930 NORTH AVENUE Phono 3-9095 E1 --------- TASTEE FREEZ 5057 Forest Hill Avenue AIv1ERICA'S FAVORITE FROZEN DESSERT G. E. MacCARTN EY unnununununuuunl uluuuIIIunnnunluuunuunlll uluuuun 201 0 T' i 5 Blluunn lluulll aInullInInlInuulnuIuIIuInuInllnulullllulllnunm EllulllllllllllllIllllllllIlllululnlnllulllullllnnlllllululun Rucker 6. Richardson MUSE BUICK, Inc. E 1414 Semmes Avenue REALTORS Richmond, Virginia Insurqnce - Lqqng : Telephone 82-2388 Q 118 North Elihih Sl. Phone 2-4741 E 5 FRED A. M USE' President Elluuuluulullnuuluunllunnu lullullll uulnllluun 'E' E15 .-------------.----.-.----.--.-...-..-...-----..-- --..- MORGAN BROS. BAG CO., Inc. COTTON ' BU RLAP Richmond, Virginia ' PAPER lilr -------------- ---------------------------------------------------- E ----'---"---- -''--"-"---'-'-"---'-'---"-"--------- "--"-'----'-- E E --'-"'-"--'- '-'-"-'-"-'----'---'---'---'--'----"-- QUALITY Rachmonds BAKE SHQPPE Modern Food STOres Telephone 4-4054 . 5728 PATTERSON AVENUE CQLQNIAL STQRES Richmond, Virginia l"c""Po""'d E. ............... ......................................--. ---------- E1 E+ ----------------------------.-------------------------- - E1 CAVEDO'S DRUG STORE Phone 5-sm FLOYD AVENUE AND ROBINSON sr. Iii OUR PATRONS . . . Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Abrams Mrs. N. Carl Barefoot N. Carl Barefoot, Jr. T r 02020 Mary Beard Shop Bellevue Card and Gilt Shop Jacob V. Bowen Edward's Food Store H. C. Harslwbarger Kay's Family Cloflwiers LUndin's Morris Luffo Joyce Ann Slavin A SIGN OF GOOD PRINTING IDD IGX W? Nl .f K 'fl QW S I Q2 Q9 Eivfc-mfg Nd 1 THE PRESS OF WHITTET E99 SHEPPERSON RICHMOND ' VIRGINIA TELEPHONE 3-3579 02030 ,TBMN1-W - E, er egnolex fo .fgvfuerfiaemenfa Adams Camera Shop Adams, Floyd E. Addison Drug Company All Saints Episcopal Church Allen Radiator Service, Inc. Alley, C. O., Travel Agency American Paper Company Arnette's Ice Cream Co. Atkinson lr Howard Atlantic Bitulithic Company Atlantic Life Insurance Co. Augustine, R. B., Insurance Agency Awalt Ice Cream Co. Bacon, W. H., Insurance Agency Balfour, L. G., Company Barden's Shell Service Baughman Company Uhel Beauty Nook Salon Bellevue Pharmacy Berry, Herbert Bill's Barbecue Billups Funeral Home Black and White Stores Blanton, R. E. B., Inc. Bliley, Frank A., Funeral Home Blue-Scottie Esso Service Bob lr Jack's Circle Service Bossieux, Alston Bowman, Louis O., Inc. Bowker and Roden, Inc. .f' , gs . . f Bradley's Restaurant Boulevard Market Brauer, Charles E., Co. Breschel's Bakery Broad Street Motors Brooks and Richards Hardware Brown, Ennis, Mobllgas Byrd Pharmacy Capital City Iron Works Capital Food Plant Cardinal's Furniture Shop Carroll's Esso Service Station Carroll's Inc. Carter Aviation Caston Studio Cavalier Cleaners Cavedo's Drug Store Chamberlayne Cleaners Chance, C. B., Esso Servicenter Charlottesville Woolen Mills Chesapeake lr Potomac Telepho ot Virginia Chesterfield Grill Chlocca's Downtown Restaurant Cinder Block Co. of Richmond Clark's Pure Service Clover Room, The Cobb, B. H., Lumber Co. Cole-Kelly Equipment Co. Colonial Stores, Incorporated Comptometer School 02040 ne Company Conrad-Deans Company Consolidated Printing Co. Corley Music Co. Cox's Esso Station Crumpton Auto Service Curles Neck Dairy, Inc. Darnes Launderterla DeJarnette lr Paul Dementi Studio Department of Public Utilities Dietz Printing Co. Dlxie Sc, l0c, Sl Store Dixie Wheel Co., Inc. Duke's Shoe service Estes, E. R. Ferguson, Lewis F. Finnell, R. Ashford Flowers School Equipment Co. Fontaine Press Formal Wear to Rent Foster Studio Foy's Pharmacy Franklin Inn Confectionery Friedman's Loan Office Fry, Elinor, School of Dance lTl1el Fry, J. M., Co. and Richmond Printing Ink Garnett's Esso Station Georgian Beauty Salon Gibbs, Tommy, Auto Gilman Plumbing Company w-rw- Goddin and Cayton, Inc. Goode, W. B., Company Goodrich, B. F. Gordon Metal Company Graham Brothers Grandis, A. W. Grappone, A. P., It Sons Groome Transportation Grove Avenue Pharmacy Guarantee Trust Lite Insurance Guthrie Brothers Hampden-Sydney College Hansel and Gretel Gitt Shop Harris-Brenaman Harris, Fannie A., Broker Harris-Flippen Sporting Goods Havens It Martin, Inc. Hazell, W. L., Co. Herman's Herman's Beauty Salon Highland Park Pharmacy Hlgh's Ice Cream Hobson, A. Loyd, Jr. Hoenniger-Sizemore Company Home Beneficial Lite Insurance Co., Inc. Howard Johnson's Restaurants Hubbard's Barber Shop Hughes Frame Shop Hughes, Fred R., Service Stations Hughes House Restaurant Hughes-Keegan, Inc. James River Lumber Company James Robertson Mfg. Co. Jayne Hardware Company Jefferson Hiotel lThel Jenkins, J., Sons Co. Jones 8- Robins, Inc. Jordan-Palmore Agency Lacy's Auto Service Lafayette Confectionery Lafayette Foodland Lafayette Pharmacy Latayette Variety Store La France Cleaners In Laundry Lanier's Auto Service Launderite Lawrence Motor Co., Inc. Layfield-Parker Lea, Richard S., It Company Lee's Texaco Service Station Leroy Sandwich Shop Lite Insurance Company oi Virginia Lipford Printing Company Liphart Steel Company Londeree In Wollsieffer Esso Service Lorraine, A. L., Hardware Co., Inc. Lovings Produce Co. Lukhard's Market, Inc. Mahone's Amoco Service Center Marlowe Tire Company McBride's, Jesse, Steal: House McGinnis L Browning Texaco Service McLane Construction Co. Mease Pharmacy Medical Arts Pharmacy Meister lr Smethie 02050 Mlke's Grill Minor's Music Monumental Church lThei Moore's Fur Shoppe Morgan Brothers Bag Co., Inc. Morgan Oil Company Morton's Economy Market Uhei Mother Goose Nursery School Muse Buick, Inc. Nelsen Funeral Home Newman's Service Station New York Delicatessen Norvell,C. B., Awning Company NuttalI's Grocery Company Old Virginia Crafts Overnite Transportation Company Owen's Service Station Park Avenue Beauty Salon lThei Park Foodland lThei Park View Pharmacy Parrish, R. D., Service Station Pat's Record Shop Patterson Food Center Peck Iron It Metal, Inc. Pelouze Sales Company Peoples Finance Service Pet Dairy Products Company Phelps-Bowles-Coclre Motor Co., Inc Pinnell's, Inc. Playdium iThei PlyIer's, Mrs., Nursing Home Powell, Wendell B., Studio Price Brothers Propst-Allen Service Station Quality Bake Shoppe Ragland, W. L., and Sons Randolph-Macon College Rappahannock Fish and Oyster Co. Red Door Restaurant Refrigeration Supply Company Reliable Furniture Company Rhodes Pharmacy Richmond Builders Supply Corp. Richmond Coca-Cola Bottling Works Richmond Dairy Company Richmond Fixture lr Equipment Co. Richmond Printing Ink Co. Richmond Rubber Co. Richmond Valeteria, lnc. Riverside Drug Co. Riverside Hardware Rolling Pin Bakery lThel Roseneath Auto Supply Co. Royal Engraving Royal Liverpool Insurance Group Rucker In Richardson Rudd, E. W., Co. Ruffin lr Payne, Inc. Saady's Restaurant Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Sarah Lee Kitchen iThel Sauer, C. F., Co. Second Baptist Church Semmes Ave. Pharmacy Shelburne Transfer li Storage Co Sheppard St. Barber Shop Sheppard Street Pharmacy Smith, Guy, Hardware Southern Jewelers Standard Drug Co. iThet Strickland Atlantic Service Stuart Circle Pharmacy Suter's Hand Made Furniture Swaffin, Fred H., lnc. Tabb, Brockenbrough In Ragland Tantilla Garden Tarrant Drug Co. Tastee Freez Taylor 8: Sledd, Inc. Thomas Bros. Furniture Thomas, Earl R. Thomas, Miss Elizabeth Thomas Jefferson Cafeteria Thompson's Welding Shop TP. Thorington Construction Co., Inc. Todd's Esso Servicenter Transport Corp. iThei Uncle Jake's Barbecue United Surplus Store University of Richmond Virginia Dairy Virginia Drug Company Virginia School Equipment Co. Virginia Tours 02060 Wachter, W. L., Electrical Contractor lnc Wachter and Wolff Corp. Wallace, Maxey J., Co. Watch Shop lThej Weaver's Service' Station Wee Tee Golf Range West Engineering Company Westhampton Beauty Salon Westhampton Cleaning Company Westhampton Pharmacy Westhampton Realty Co. White Construction Co. White, W. H. Whitlock, Ryland T. Whittet lr Shepperson Williams Oil Company Will lr Delaney, lnc. Willey Drug Co. Wilson, B. W., Paper Co. Wim Auto Service Winters-James Furniture Agency Woods Market Woodson's Market Woolard's Fairfax Laundry l Cleaners World Insurance Co. Wright, L. T., Drug Co. Wyatt, Clarence, Transfer Wyatt-Cornick Young, R. A. Zeeman's Clothing enior ABELL, CLYDE GEORGE "Clyde" College Prepartory 3309 Park Avenue Traffic Committee, Chemistry Assistant, Junior Stunt Night, House of Representatives. ABRAMS, ARNOLD LEE "Arnold" College Preparatory 2l5 East Grace Street Representative of Spanish Class, Band. ADAMS, THOMAS WADE "wear- Hub.. College Preparatory l222 Westminster Avenue Homeroom' President, House of Representatives Sergeant-at-Arms, Track Team, Cadet Corps, Junior Class Council, Vice-President Senior Class, Vice-President Key Club. ADDISON, EDWARD CHURCHILL UNM.. College Preparatory 5ll7 Evelyn Byrd Road Homeroom Vice-President, House of Representatives, Freshman-soph- omore Basketball, Homeroom Treasurer, Varsity Tennis. ALDIFRMAN, BARBARA KAY .. ay.. College Preparatory i505 Westwood Avenue Declaration Staff, Homeroom Sec- retary and Treasurer, "Brigadoon," Sponsor Cadet Company A, A Cappella Choir, Homeroom Vice- President, Alternate to House of Representatives, "Song of Norway," Junior Stunt Night "Rat" Assembly, Secretary Senior Class, Secretary of City Federation of Student Councils, Honor Society. ALEXANDER, ANNA ASHLEY "Anna" Elective 303 N, Thompson Street Eastern High School, Louisville, K e n t u c lc y, l95l-l952, l952-l953, Junior Stunt Night Usher, Sponsor Cadet Company "F," ALEgiANDER, DANIEL CARROLL .. an.. 1320 Brookland Parkway. ALEXANDER, JAMES ROBINSON "Alec" College Preparatory l2l6 Claremont Avenue "Lab" Assistant, Jefferstonian Lieu- tenant, Homeroom President. ALLEN, HELEN LOUISE "Helen" Elective 618 Pensacola Avenue House of Representatives, Jefferson- ian Lieutenan-t, Alternate Ito Junior Class Council, Jeffersonian Cap- tain. ALLEN, THOMAS REESE "Tommy" Elective 3804 Chamberlayne Avenue Cadet Corps. irecfory AMOS, CARO LYN FAYE "Carolyn" Elective 3l4 West 29th Street Foru-m Club, Homeroom Vice- President, House of Representa- tives. ANDERSEN, NIELS CHRISTIAN "Niels"' College Preparatory 6l20 Howard Road Junior Stunt Night. ANDERSON, THOMAS FRANKLIN "Tommy" Elective 3104 ldlewood Avenue. ANGEVINE, WINNIE LOUISE "Winnie" Elective 24l3 West Main Street Club Sixteen Committee, Forum Club. ANTHONY, PHYLLIS ANN "Phyllis" 6726 Kensington Avenue Junior Red Cross, Homeroom Secretar , Character Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Secretary for Guidance Office. ARMENTROUT, JUDITH HOWARD -.Judy-I Business 43l0 Brook Road Junior Red Cross Christian Youth Club, Messenger Committee, Forum Club, Business Education Club. ARMSTRONG, LOUISE ALLISON .. ou.. Elective 3600 Montrose Avenue Orchestra ,Homeroom Secretary. ARMSTRONG, MICHAEL "Mm" College Preparatory 4 Malvern Avenue ATHAS, ANTHELIA "Ann ' Business House of Representatives, nate to Junior Red Cross. Aller- ATTANASIO, JOYCE MAE "Joyce" Business 3ll4 West Moore Street ATWEQD, WILLIAM SINCLAIR College Preparatory l5ll Palmyra Avenue AUGUST, ANNE ELIZABETH "Augie" College Preparatory l233 Westminster Avenue Library Staff, Guidance Aid, Jef- Iersonian Staff, House of Repre- sentatives, Homeroom Secretary, Junior Stunt Night, Declaration Staff, Alternate to Jeffersonian Lieutenant. 02 AYERS, CAROLYN ANN "Carolyn" Business 3l04 Stuart Avenue Homeroom President, Junior Var- sity Softball Y-Teens, Character Committee, Junior Varsity Hockey, Jeffersonian Lieutenant, House of Representatives, Jeffersonian Cap- tain, President of Tebahoes. BACCARDI. ALLEYN CAROL "Carol" Business l80l Seddon Road Junior Red Cross Representative, Guidance Aid, Auxiliary Aid. BAILEY, LAURETTA RANDOLPH "Lauretta" College Preparatory 4l05 Hanover Avenue Freshman and Sophomore Class Council, Homeroom Secretary, Guidance Aid Freshman, and Sophomore Basketball, Monticello Literary Staff, Junior Stunt Night, Coaching, Point System Commit- tee, "Big Sister", Freshman Tennis, College Day, "Rat" Assembly, Quill and Scroll, Senior Senator, Honor Society. BAKER, ANNE MARTIN IIAMNU College Preparatory 3322 Park Avenue Character Committee Club Af- filiations, Jeffersonian Reporter and Co-News Editor, Forum, Honor Society. BAMBACU5. MARILYN ZMARO "Bambi" College Preparatory l09 North Wilton Road Junior Varsity and Varsity Hockey and Basketball, Tennis, Cafeteria Committee, Honor Study Chairman Tebahoes, Monticello Literary Staff and Co-Editor, Junior Stunt Night, Homeroom President and Secretary, Latin Club, "Rat" Assembly, Col- lege Day, "Big Sister". BANDAS, WILLIAM IRVING "Billy" College Preparatory 3104 Monument Avenue Monticello Business Staff, Traffic Committee, Usher Committee, House of Representative Member and Alternate. BAZISER, ELEANOR GRACE .. Y.. College Preparatory 3920 Wythe Avenue Freshman Class Council, Office Aid, "Fortune Teller", Sophomore Class Council, Head of "Lucky Star" Committee, "Brigadoon", Junior Class Council, Junior Stunt Night, "Song of Norway" Re- ception Desk Committee, Senior Class Council. BARROW, BERNARD GIBBS A "Bernard" College Preparatory 30 Albemarle Avenue House of Representatives, Junior Stunt Night, Hi-Y I. O70 BASS, IRMA BLANCHE "Bebe" College Preparatory 2 Glenbrooke Hills Towson High, Baltimore, Marylandg Hermitage High, St. Calherine's A Cappella Choir. BATES, HELEN MARIE "Helen" Elective 3900 W. Broad Street Nurse's Aid, Homeroom Services, Alternate to Jeffersonian Lieuten- ant. BAUMES, BARBARA ANN "Barbara" College Preparatory 4526 Newport Avenue House of Representatives Member and Alternate, "Brigadoon", A Cappella, Junior Stunt Night, Dec- laration, Homeroom resident, "Song of Norway", Honor So- ciety. BEAELEY, ELIZABETH STEWART ti ht. College Preparatory 3400 Park Avenue Auxiliary Aid, Bus Ticket Commit- tee, Homeroom President, "Lucky Star" Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Reception Desk, Junior Cheerleader, Monticello Literary Staff, Secretary Saiet Council, Head Cheerleader, 'Flypist for Guidance. BELL, FLORINE INEZ timot- Business 2300 Bryan Park Avenue Alternate to Character Committee, Junior Red Cross Representative, Honor Study Chairman, House of Representatives, Alternate to Senior Class Council. BELL, THOMAS EDWARD "Tommy" College Preparatory 4800 Stuart Avenue House of Representatives, Home- room Officer, Stage Crew, Junior Stunt Night, Cadet Corps, Rifle Team. BENDALL, BERNARD WALTON "Bernie" Elective 3l04 West Cary Street Varsity Baseball. BENNETT, JOAN MARIE "Joan" Business 230l Floyd Avenue Nurse's Aid, Typist for Point Sys- tem Committee. BETTS, MARY FRANCES LIVING. STON "Mor Frances" College Preparatory 405 Libbie Avenue Vice-President of Homeroom, Coaching House of Representa- tives, Jett Clet Club, Girls' once Club, "Song of Norway", A Ca - pella Choir, Christian Youth Club. BEVERLY, DEANNA ARLENE ..Dee.. College Preparatory 46l5 Pauserson Avenue Welch High School, Welch, West Virginia Junior Red Cross Representative, Forum, A Cappella. BICKERSTAFF, ANN LOUISE "Bunny" Elective BI03 Larcom Lane St. Ann's, Palm Beach, Florida Varsity Tennis, Orchestra, Charac- ter Committee. BINNS, CAROLE ANN "Carole" Elective 320i Rueger Street Alternate to Jeffersonian Lieuten- ant, Office Aid,Red Cross Cha ter House, Guidance Aid, Girls' Cglee Club, Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Typing Committee, Business Educa- tion Club, Homeroom Treasurer, Elftuge of Representatives, Spanish U . BINNS, ELVA HORACE "EIva" College Preparatory 725 Arnold Avenue Alternate to House of Representa- tives. BINNS, GEORGE JOSEPH, III "Bubba" College Preparatory Benedictine, Richmond, Virginia. BLACKWELL, NANCY FAYE "Nancy" Business 608 N. Boulevard Hugh Morson High School, Raleigh, North Carolina Library Committee, Junior Red Cross Representative, Red Cross Charter House, Monticello Literary Sta Typist. BLAKE, MARTHA ANN "Martha" College Preparatory 4700 Devonshire Road Library Staff, Character Commit- tee Homeroom President, Office Aid, Guidance Aid, Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Honor Study Chairman, Homeroom Treasurer, Honor So- ciety. BLaYhOCK, WILLIAM DAY .t i t. Elective 3Il N. Cleveland Street Junior Stunt Night, Traffic Com- mittee, Homeroom Treasurer. BLU NT, NANCY LEE "Blunt" College Preparatory 4BI2 Stuart Avenue Office Aid, Guidance Aid, Teba- hoes, C a f e t e r i a Committee, Hockey, Basketball, Softball. BOBZIEN, KAROL SUE ..Kay.. College Preparatory 4620 Cutshaw Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant, "Big Sis- ter", Alternate to House of epre- sentatives, Junior Stunt Night, Monticello Business Staff, Home- room President. 5 A . .,-5 BOND, JUDITH CAROL ..JudY.. College Preparatory l4lI Claremont Avenue A Cappella Choir, "Brigadoon", Radio Committee, "Song of Nor- way . BOSEMAN, PATRICIA CELESTE "Patsy" Business 4I3 North Stafford Monticello Business Staff, Alternate to Character, Committee, Club Six- teen, Receptioness for Business De- partment, Bulletin Board Commit- tee. BQWEN, PEGGY ANN Poser" Business 2700 W. Grace Street Junior Red Cross Representative, Nurse's Aid, Christian Youth Club, Club I6 Committee, Guidance Typist, Business Education Club. BOWERS, JOHN HARRIS, JR. "Johnny" College Preparatory 4322 W. Franklin Street Character Committee, Traffic Com- mittee, Junior Stunt Night, Oper- Etta. BOYDEN, WAYNNE PAGE "Waynne" College Preparatory 805 West 47th Street Alternate to House of Re resenta- trves, Frosh-Soph Basketgall, Li- brary.Staff, Y-Teens, Cafeteria Committee, Junior Red Cross Representative, Messenger Corn- mittee, Forum, Jeff Clef Club, Monticello Business Staff, "Big Sis- ter", "Rat" Assembly., Homeroom Secretary, Fingerprinttng Commit- tee, Class Council Alternate, Bus 'ggket Committee, A Cappella our. BRANDT, PHILIP HANSFORD "Philip" College Preparatory IIOI Libbie Avenue Key Club, President of Homeroom, Honor Society. BRAY, LOUISE MATTHEWS "Louisa" College Preparatory 3865 Fauquier Avenue Library Staff, "Big Sister", Chris- tian Youth Club. BRITTON, RALEIGH EARL, JR. HEMI.. Elective 3407 Maplewood Avenue Vice-President of Homeroom, Spe- cial Services Committee, Fresh- man Class Council, House of Rep- resentatives, Chemistry "Lab" As- sitant, Declaration Art Staff. BROADDUS, ROBERT DAVIS .tsobn Elective 520l Wythe Avenue -1 BROCKMEIER, ROBERT STAUDTE "Bobby" College Preparatory 322l North Avenue Alternate to Junior Red Cross Rep- resentative. BROOKE, CATHERINE "Cathy" College Preparatory 3205 Hawthorne Avenue Librar Committee, Fresh-Soph Basketball, Nurse's Aid, Vice- President of Homeroom, Junior Class Council, Junior Stunt Night, Character Committee, "Big Sis- ter", "Rat" Assembly, Clu Pic- tures for Monticello Business Staff, Senior Class Council, Alternate to House of Representatives, President of Homeroom. BROOKE, JOHN GILBERT "Johnny" College Preparatory 6097 Hull Street Operetta, Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Traffic Committee, Junior Stunt Night, S.P. l23, Vice-President of Christian Youth Club "Rec" Hall Committee, B.O.C., "lhe Messiah", Vice-President of Homeroom, Presi- dent of A Cappella. BROOKS, GEORGE KENT HKQM.. College Preparatory i222 Windsor Avenue Homeroom Treasurer, Junior Cross Alternate. Red BROOKS, STUART HOPE HSN.. Elective 2629 West Cary Street Junior Red Cross Alternate, Secre- tary and Treasurer of Homeroom, Honor Study Chairman. snowN, AuanEY NEBLETT, In "Aubrey" College Preparatory 3213 Brook Road Forum, Freshman Class Council, House of Representatives, President ot Latin Club, President of Home- room, Jeffersonian Reporter and Literary Editor, President of Chris- tian Youth Club, Honor Society. BRQZVN, EDWARD STEPHEN College Preparatory 400l Grove Avenue Houselof Representatives, Traffic Committee Sky Watch, Monticello Business Staff, Character Com- mittee Alternate, Page Editor of Jeffersonian. BRYQNT, eowno HUNTER Elective 46l5 Leonard Parkway Audio-Visual Committee, Traffic Committee, .Junior Stunt Night, Script Committee, House ot Repre- sentatives, Homeroom President and Treasurer, House of Repre- sentatives Alternate. BUCHANAN, JO ANN "suck" College Preparatory 4929 Bromley Lane Washington Irving High School, Clarksburg, West Virginia, l95l- i954 Guidance Aid. BUTLER, DAVID EDWARD "David" College Preparatory 2l00 Custis Road St. Johns-Chile South America Wampum High, Wampum, Penn- sylvania. t 02080 BUTTERWORTH, MARY ELIZABETH nmaryt. Elective 4008 Evelyn Byrd Road Junior Red Cross Representative to Junior Red Cross, Y-Teens, Book Club, Treasurer of Homeroom, Freshman-Sophomore Basketball, Tennis, Junior Stunt Night. CALL, FRANK LLOYD "Frank" College Preparatory 64l6 Roselawn Road President of Freshman Class, Presi- dent of So homore Class, Presi- dent of Situdent Participation, Usher, Committee, Cafeteria Com- mittee, Sophomore Football, Foot- ball Tri-ceaptain, Basketball, B- Basketball, rack, Sophomore Class Paper Drive, Junior Stunt Night, Junior Senator, Honor Society. CAMPBELL, PATRICIA JOANNE "Joannl' Business 5804 St. Christopher Lane Representative to Junior Red Cross, Auxiliary Aid, Guidance Aid, Li- brary Staff, Point System Commit- tee, "Rec" Hall Committee, Cafe- teria Committee. CAmnBELL, WILLIAM ELWOOD .. Y.- College Preparatory 3ll0 Hanover Avenue Sophomore - Freshman Football, Traffic Committee. CARTER, LUCY MACON "Macon" College Preparatory 605 Henri Road Character Committee, Guidance Aid Committee, Jeffersonian Cap- tain, Jeffersonian Staff Member, Jeffersonian Mailing Manager, Junior Stunt Night, Radio Staff, President Quill and Scroll, Senior Class Play, Honor Society, CARY, JOHN MELVI N "Melvin" Elective 653i Kensington Avenue CAUTHEN, CAROLYN FRANCES "Carolyn" College Preparatory 4009 Cutshaw Avenue Christian Youth Club, Girls' Glee Club, A Cap ella Choir, "Song of Norway", go-Editor-in-chief of Declaration, Honor Society. CERVARICH, ALICE EVANS "Pidgin" Elective 39I6 Wythe Avenue Nurse's Aid, Junior Red Cross Reg- resentative, Christian Youth Clu , Junior Stunt Night Choir, Alter- nate to House of Representatives. CHANDLER, LEONARD "Loonard' College Preparatory 5302 Ditchley Road Freshman-Sophomore Football. CHAPMAN, GRADY BRUCE "Moo" College Preparatory 4607 Devonshire Road Homeroom Treasurer. CHARNOCK, DONALD JOHNSON Huong.. College Preparatory 5710 Bromley Lane Band, Orchestra, Homeroom Treas- urer and President, Junior Stunt Night, "Fortune Teller", "Briga- doon", "Song of Norway". CHESSON, BETTY RONEY "Betty Roney" College Preparatory 6 Lexington Road Freshman Class Council, Home- room President and Vice-President, Y-Teens, Forum, A Cappella Choir, "Brigadoon", Reception Desk, Junior Red Cross Voluntary Service, Junior Stunt Night, Auxiliary Aid, Honor Society. CLARK, GRACE WOODSON Stunt "Frankie" College Preparatory Bon Air B-Company Sponsor, Junior Night. CLARKE, BARBARA LOUISE "Barbara" Elective 4703 Patterson Avenue Junior Red Cross Representative, "E" Company Sponsor, Homeroom President, Junior Stunt Night, Club 16 Committee, Bulletin Board Com- mittee, Welfare Committee, "Song of Norway", "New Moon", As- sistant Manager of Business Staff of Monticello, "Arsenic and Old Lace". CLEMONS, WADE NORWOOD "Norwood" Business 3308 ldlewood Avenue Traffic, Elevator, Audio-Visual Com- mittee, Biology "Lab" Assistant. COBBS. PHYLLIS ANN "Phil" College Preparatory 3011 Woodcliffe Avenue Office Aid, Guidance Aid, Junior Stunt Night, "Lucky Star" Com- mittee, Character Committee, Al- ternate Representative to Junior Red Cross, Auxiliary Aid. COCKRELL, JOHN REED, JR. wack.. College Preparatory 4311 Chamberlayne Avenue S.P. 123, Football, Usher mittee. Com- COFER, BARBARA ANN "Barbara" Elective 3900 West Broad Street Homeroom Secretary,. President, Red Cross Representative, Library Staff, Library Committee. COHEN, IVAN RONALD "Ronnie" Elective 2815 Park Avenue COQ-IEN, SIDNEY MORTON .. i .1 College Preparatory 5310 Monument Avenue House of Representatives, Home- room Vice-President. COLE, JANE BLANCHE "Pooh" College Preparatory 1220 Claremont Avenue Office Aid, Alternate to Sopho- more Class Council, Monticello Business Staff, Senior Cheerleader, Aiivxiliary Aid, Senior Class Coun- ci . COLLIER JACQUELYN ANNE "Gee Coe" College Preparatory 5224 ylvan Road Basketball, Hockey Bus Ticket Committee, Head Typist for Jef- lersonian. COLLINS, STUART ELROY "Stuart" Elective 3312 Ellwood Avenue COOPER, WILLIAM EDWARD aamyt. College Preparatory 4205 Chamberlayne Avenue Tennis Team, Traffic-Usher Com- mittee, Junior Stunt Night. CORNELL, CHARLOTTE MAY "Char1otte" Business 3310 Hanover Avenue Secretary of Homeroom, Jefferson- ian Lieutenant Alternate, Treasurer of Homeroom, Character Com- mittee, A Ca pella Choir, Club 16 Committee, Szcretary of Christian Youth Club, Guidance Aid. CORR, LUCY HARRISON ..Lou.. College Preparatory 202 North Sheppard Street House of Representatives, Monti- cello Business Staff, Sophomore Class Council, Senior Class Coun- cil, Junior Stunt Night, Guidance Aid, Reception Desk, Library Staff. COWHERD, THOMAS EGGLES- TON "Tommy" College Preparatory 703 Maple Avenue Jeffersonian Staff. CRAIG, ELEANORE ADELE "Eleanore" College Preparatory 4300 Chamberlayne Avenue Homeroom President, Assembly Committee, Messenger Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Business Mana- ger of Monticello, Junior Red Cross epresentative. CRAIG, RICHARD BLAIR "Dick" College Preparatory 4630 Hanover Avenue Hi-Y ll, Traffic Committee, House of Representatives, Senior Senator. CRENSHAW, ANNE WARFIELD "Warfield" College Preparatory 1004 West Avenue Art Staff for Declaration, Junior Red Cross Alternate, Gray Ladies. DAMEREL, GARDNER TERRY ...ronyn Colle e Preparatory 5102 Sing William Road Traffic Committee, "The Fortune- Teller", Jeffersonian Lieutenant, "Brigadoon", Stage Crew, Home- room Vice-President, "Song of Norway", Homeroom President. D'AMICO, FRED LOUIS "J. Fred Muggf' Business 4106 Wythe Avenue DAVIDS, HARRIET MERLE "Harriet" Elective 8 North Sheppard Street House of Representatives, Jeffer- sonian Lieutenant, Radio Commit- tee, Forum, Library Committee, Tennis Team, Junior Stunt Night. DAVIS, JEAN GARNETT ahah.. College Preparatory 2921 Seminary Avenue Bus Ticket Committee, Junior Gray Lady, Homeroom Vice-President, Story Editor Declaration Staff, Junior Class Council, Latin Club, Junior Stunt Night, Senior Class Council, Reception Desk Com- mittee, Honor Society. DAVIS, NATHANIEL BAILEY "John" College Preparatory 3021 Third Avenue Mr. Smith's Office Aid. DAVIS, SARAH FORD "Sarah"' 2822 Hawthorne Avenue Library Committee, Declaration Staff, Junior Red Cross Alternate, Reception Desk Committee, Home- rom Treasurer, Alternate Jefferson- ian Lieutenant, Junior Stunt Night, Honor Society. DAVIS, WILLIAM MASLIN "WiIllam" College Preparatory 319 Clovelly Road Unionville Joint Consolidated High School, Unionville, Pennsylvania, l9Sl-1952 Homeroom Vice-President, Forum, Elevator Committee. DEAL, ROBERT LEWIS ulob.. College Preparatory 307 North Thompson Street High School of Charleston, South Carolina, September 1951-June 1954 DENSON, JOHN ELEY "Johnny" Elective 3204 Floyd Avenue Sophomore Football, Sophomore Basketball, Traffic Committee, Usher Committee. DEPPENSCHMIDT, WILLIAM HENRY "Buddy" Elective 2614 Grove Avenue, Apartment 6 Track Team, Cadet Band. DeVOE, JAMES APPERSON "Jimmie" College Preparatory 3801 Noble Avenue Freshman-Soghomore Basketball, Messenger ommittee, Homeroom President and Vice-President, "B" Team Basketball, Cafeteria Com- mittee, Hi-Y I Chaplain, Key Club President, "Rec" Hall Com- mittee, Junior Senator, Varsity Basketball, Club Affiliations, Var- sity Track Team, Junior Stunt Night, A Cappella Choir. 02090 DIEDRICH, KAREN EDA "Karen" Business 1022 W. 45th Street Character Committee, Guidance Aid, Homeroom Secretary and T.reasurer,. House of Representa- tives.Junior Red Cross Alternate, Auxiliary Ald. DICKERSON, CURTIS EDWIN "DIcIry" College Preparatory 16 Willway Avenue Cadet Band, Biologg "Lab" As- sistant, Homeroom ecretary and Treasurer. DORSEY, MARY MARGUERITE "Marguerity" Elective 5000 Park Avenue Bus Ticket Committee, Mixed Glee Club, Girls' Glee Club, Junior Stunt Night, Forum Secretary and President, A Cappella Choir, Operetta, "Song of Norway", Ot- fice Aid, Junior Red Cross Alter- nate. DOUI, DONALD THOMAS "Duck" College Preparatory 619 Roseneath Road House of Representatives Home- room Vice-President and President Freshman-Sophomore Football and Basketball, B-Team Football and Basketball, .Tarffic Committee, Usher Committee, Cafeteria Com- mittee, Senate, Key Club Treasurer, Hi-Y -ll Treasurer, Student Par- ticipation Treasurer, DOVEL, EDWIN WORSHAM "Eddie" College Preparatory 4407 Fitlhugh Avenue Guidance Aid, Track, Junior Var- sity Football So homore and .lliumior Class Council: Varsity Foot- a . DOWNS. ANN JUSTICE HAM.. Elective 203 Oxford Circle Guidance Aid. DRACOS, CASSIE ANN "Cassie" Elective 3219 Monument Avenue Homeroom Secretary, Character Committee, Daily eport Com- mittee, Sophomore-Junior Hockey. DRANOFF, ALBERT ABE "Rocky" Elective 3915 Park Avenue John Marshall High School, 1950- 1953. DREYLINGER, BARBARA ELAINE "lobbie" College Preparatory 4806 Bromley Lane Office Aid, Band Sponsor-Fall, 1953. DUDRA, BARBARA ANN "Barbara" College Preparatory 4521 Brook Road Kenmore Hi h School, Akron, Ohio, 1952-19553. Junior Red Cross Alternate. DUFF, RONALD DOYLE "Ronnie" Elective IOI0 North Belmont Avenue House of Representatives Alternate, Homeroom Treasurer and Vice- President, Usher Committee, Eleva- tor Committee. DUFFER, BARBARA FAY "Duffia" Business I8l5 Maple Shade Lane Junior Red Cross Representative, Monticello Business Staff, Club Ib Committee, Absentee Sheet Com- mittee. DUNKUM, ELLIS MARTIN "Ellis" College Preparatory SIS Maple Avenue Freshman Baseball, Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Baseball, Junior Stunt Night, Assembly Committee. DUPUIS, ROBERT THOMSEN ..Tom.. College Prep-i"al0l'Y 2lI Banbury Road Character Committee, Monticello Photographer. DURHAM, SUSAN WATKINS Hsu... Elective I82l Park Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Homeroom President and Vice-President, Junior Varsity Hockey, Cafeteria Commit- tee, J. V. Basketball, V a r stty Hockey. EAHEART, CATHERINE ERNESTINE "ErnestIne" Elective 822 Pepper Avenue Office Aid. ELAM, GEORGE THOMAS, JR. "Tommy" Elective llI0 Carrolton Street S.P. I23. ELAM, JOHN FLEMMING "Johnny" Elective 3323 Grove Avenue ELDER, ALFRED STRATTON HAI.. College Preparatory 3800 Plymouth Drive Traffic Committee, Library Staff, Elevator Committee, Honor Chairman. Study ELLIS, JOHN MANNING "Johnny" Elective 3I05 Carolina Avenue Cadet Band. enousl-4, nosenr TYLER ..,,ob.. Vocational I205 Wetsbrook Avenue Audio-Visual Committee, Cadet Corps. if .27 - ,: v . T rf' ETHERIDGE, SHARON "Sharon" College Preparatory 34Il Kensington Avenue Freshman-Sophomore Basketball, Freshman-Sophomore Baseball, "Song of Norway", Office Aid, Homeroom President and Vice- President, Library Committee, Junior Red Cross Representative, Club I6 Committee, Cafeteria Committee. EUBANK, NANCY ANN "Bangie" College Preparatory I02 Windsor Way Junior Varsity Hockey, Cafeteria Committee, Freshman-Sophomore Basketball, Junior Varsity Tennis, Alternate to House of Representa- tives, Junior Stunt Night, Varsity Hockey, Character Committee, Tebahoes, Junior Class Council, Quill and Scroll, Editor Sports, Declaration Staff. of Girls' EWELL, CHARLES MUSE "Charles" College Preparatory 3421 Cutshaw Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Boys' Glee Club, Jeffersonian Captain, Eraser Committee, Baseball, Elevator Committee. FARLEY, CARROLL XAVIER "Shoo" Elective 64I0 Roselawn Road Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Home- room Vice-President and President, House of Representatives Alternate, Junior Cheerleader, Director Junior Stunt Night, Head Cheer- leader, Hi-Y Il Secretary. FARMER, HAZEL EDNA "Hazel" Business 3509 ldlewood Avenue Library Committee, Guidance Aid, Daily Report Committee, Business Education Club, Special Service Committee. FARR, JOANN NAOMI "JoAnn" Business 4205 Hillcrest Road Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Guid- ance Aid, "Rec" Hall Committee, Library Committee. FAY, ANNE MADOLINE "Anne" College Preparatory BOI St. Christopher Road Office Aid, French Club, Librarian of Girls' Glee Club, Christian Youth Club, Forum Secretary, Mon- ticello Business Staff, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross Alternate, Busi- ness Education Club, "Brigadoon", "Song of Norway". FELTHAUS, BARBARA GREEN "Bobbie" Elective 66l3 Van Buren Road Alternate Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Homeroom President, Office Aid, leffersonian Exchange Editor, Class Council Representative, Auxiliary Aid. FEREILSON, ROBERT FORBES .. o .- College Preparatory 4309 Hillcrest Road Traffic Committee, Homeroom Treasurer, Laboratory Assistant, Company "B" Captain, Drill Platoon. FL.l'PPEN, MARC-usnlts EVELYN Feast" College Preparatory 4220 Seminary Avenue "Brigadoon", Jeffersonian Business Staff, Sophomore Class Council, Junior Gray Lady, Special Services, Junior Class Council, Lucky Star Collector, Bus Ticket Committee, "Song of Norway", Junior Stunt Night, Senior Class Council, "New Moon', Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. FOLEY, THOMAS PRESTON, JR. ..1-ommy.. College Preparatory 39l6 West Franklin Street Homeroom President, Track, .Traf- fic Committee, Usher Committee, Monticello Literary Staff. FOLKES, ANNE DAVIES "Anne" Business 4507 West Franklin Street Homeroom Secretary, and Treas- urer, Nurse's Aid, Monticello Busi- ness Staff, Junior Stunt Night. FORREST, PATRICIA GAIL .. at.. College Preparatory 3225 Kensington Avenue Secretary of Freshman and Sopho- more Classes, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Senator, A Cappella Choir, Library Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Y-Teens, "Song of Norway", House of Representa- tives, Class Council, "Lucky Star" Committee, Honor Society. FRALEY, CHARLOTTE THOMAS "Shorty" Business 3I I3 Patterson Avenue Freshman Class Council, Absentee Sheet Committee. FRANCK, DORIS ELEANOR "Doris" 8 N. Rowland Street Freshman-Sophomore Basketball, Tennis, Guidance Aid, Office Aid, Absentee Sheet Committee, Secre- tary of Business Education Club. FRANKS, ANTHONY JON ..-I-ony.. College Preparatory 47 Malvern Avenue Cadet Corps, Traffic Committee, Usher Committee, Junior Stunt Night. FRANKS, PHYLLIS JANE "Phyllis" College Preparatory 4BlB Seminary Avenue Business Education Culb, Jefferson- ian Lieutenant. FREEMAN, CAROL GRIFFITH "Carol" College Preparatory 2809 W. Grace Street Homeroom Secretary, "Lucky Star" Committee, Club Affiliations, City Federation of Student Councils, House of Representatives, Library Staff, Junior Manager of Monticello Business Staff, Quill and Scroll, Corresponding Secretary of S.P., Honor Society. 02100 FRISCHKORN, GEORGE KEMP ...uma College Preparatory 33l4 Gloucester Road Traffic Committee, Junior Class Council, Ke Club, "Rec" Hall Committee, First Captain of Cadet Corps, Rifle Team, Homeroom Secretary and Treasurer. FRISCHKORN, HUNTER BERNARD "Hunter" College Preparatory I4 Clark Road Freshman Class Council, Radio Committee, First Lieutenant of Co. "A". FU NAI, JOYCE ELAINE "Joyce" Elective 38l0 Sulgrave Road Sophomore Class Council, "Lucky Star" Committee, A Junior Stunt Night, Homeroom Vice-President. FUNDERBU RKE, BARBARA ELLEN "Barbara" Business 3506 Rosewood Avenue House of Representatives, Club lb, Christian Youth Club, Alternate to Jeffersonian Lieutenant. GARDNER, JOYCE ANNE "Joyce" Business 4205 W. Franklin Street Guidance Aid, Homeroom Secre- tary, Freshman Class Council. GEORGE, RICHARD LEON "Richard" College Preparatory Il2 N. Meadow Street Freshman-Sophomore Baseball, Junior Class Council, Varsity Base- ball, Homeroom President. GERSHMAN, IRWIN CHARLES "Butch" Elective 2032 Park Avenue Freshman Class Council, Freshman- Sophomore Baseball, Character Committee, Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Class Play. GIBBON, EDWARD LEE ned.. College Preparatory I420 Nottoway Avenue Track, Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Head Photographer of Jeffersonian, Mr. Smith's Office Aid. GLENN, MARY ETTA "Mary Etta" College Preparatory l20S Amherst Avenue Bus Ticket Committee, Daily Re- port Comrnittee, House of Repre- sentatives, Junior Stunt Ni ht, Or- ganist for "Brigadoon" 'gona of Norway", A Cappella Choir, ice- President of City Federation, Jef- fersonian Captain, Circulation Staff of Jeffersonian, Honor Society. GOLDSTEIN, ELEANOR "Eleanor" College Preparatory 3408 Cutshaw Avenue Library Staff, Junior Red Cross Representative, Monticello Literary Staff, Alternate to Jeffersonlan Lieutenant, Character Committee. GOLDSTEIN, ELIZABETH FINN "Elizabeth ' College Preparatory 47l0 Cary Street Road Homeroom Secretary, Jeffersonian Captain, Jeffersonian Business Staff, Jeffersonian Cub Reporter, Jeffer- sonian Assistant News Editor, Na- tional Thespian Society, Auxiliary Aid, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. GOLDSTEIN, SYLVIA EVE "SyIvla" College Preparatory 23l2 Maplewood Avenue Declaration Literary Staff, Recep- gonbDesk Committee, Girls' Glee U . GRAVINS, JOHN JACOB "Jack" College Preparatory 4022 Fauquier Avenue Freshman-Sophomore Baseball, Football, Basketball, Varsity Foot- ball, Baseball, Basketball, Track, Hi-Y I, Traffic Committee, Junior Senator, Senior Class Treasurer. GREEN, GERALD ALFRED "Jerry" College Preparatory 44llHanover Avenue GREENIERG, FLORINE ALEX- ANDRIA "Flossie" College Preparatory 3003 Brook Road Absentee Sheet Committee, Char- acter Committee Alternate, Jeffer- sonian Captain, Staff, Co-Circula- tion Manager, Honor Society. GREGORY, RICHARD KIRKWOOD .. r .. College Preparatory 29l3 W. Marshall Street Band, Office Aid. GRESHAM, GAIL "Gail" College Preparatory 4l04 Cary Street Road Homeroom Secretary. St. Catherine's School, l95l-l953g Monticello College, Alton, Illinois, i953-l954. GRUBBS, RONALD EARL "Ronnie" Elective 3426 Parkwood Avenue Junior Red Cross Alternate, Senior Cheerleader. GRUBBS, THOMAS RAY "Tommy" Business 5505 Toddsbury Road Jeffersonian Runner. , GRYMES, PEYTON, JR. "Peyton" Vocational l8l2 Grove Avenue Freshman-Sophomore Football, Homeroom Treasurer, Mr. Smith's Office Aid, Distributive Education Club Promotion Manager. GUERRANT, LILALEE CLAUDIA "Lllalee" College Preparatory 76l5 Hollins Road Homeroom Secretary, President, Treasurer, Junior Stunt Night, Jel- fersonian Cub Re orter, "Song of Norway" "Big gsteru, Assistant Feature Editor of Jeffersonian. GUYTON, LYNDAL LOU HLYM.. Business 7ll N. Boulevard Office Aid, Club lb, Christian Youth Club. GUYTON, STUART U RBAN "Stuart" Elective 2240 Park Avenue Freshman-Sophomore Football, Baseball, Junior Class Homeroom President. HAEBERLIN, ANITA "Anlta" College Preparatory 2509 Seminary Avenue Junior Gray Lady, Junior Stunt Night, Character Committee, Junior Red Cross Alternate. Council, HALL, JAMES EDWIN "James" College Preparatory 270i-A Kensington Avenue Monticello Business Staff, Jefferson- ian Lieutenant. HALL, LUCIE RANDOLPH "Lucie" College Preparatory 2ll4 Stuart Avenue Junior Varsilty Hockey, "Song of Norway", omeroom Secretary, Junior Stunt Night, Varsity Hockey, Bus Ticket Committee, Honor So- ciety. HALM, FRANCES ANN "Frances" Business 3I36 Hanover Avenue HARE, HERBERT MARSHALL "Herbert" Elective 204 N. Sheppard Street Cary High School, Cary, North Carolina, i952-i954 HARE, MYRNA LEE "Myrna" Business 3425 W. Franklin Street HARRIS, NANCY VIRGINIA "Nancy" College Preparatory 602 Somerest Avenue Homeroom Secretary, Guidance Aid, House of Representatives, Coaching, Sophomore Class Coun- cil, Junior Stunt Night, Radio Committee, Editor of Features- Monticello Literary Staff, "Big Sis- ter", Chemistry 'Lab" Assistant, Quill and Scro l, Honor Society. HARTZ, JAMES LEE "Jimmie" College Preparatory 4824 E. Seminary Avenue Homeroom President, "B" Team Blasketball, Varsity Football, Hi-Y HASTINGS, SARAH JANE "Sarah" College Preparatory 4006 Chevy Chase Street Alternate Sophomore Class Coun- cil, Nurse's Aid, Auxiliary Aid, Reception Desk, Guidance Aid, Junior Stunt Night, Daily Reports Committee, Alternate Junior Class Council, "Lucky Star" Committee, Declaration Typist, Alternate Senior Class Council. HAYWORD, MARIE KING "Marie" College Preparatory 4207 Augusta Avenue Y-Teens, Jeffersonian Literary Staff Assistant-Editor, Junior Class Coun- ci , HAZELL, ELIZABETH ANN "Betty Ann" Elective 5006 Bromley Lane Nurse's Aid, Auxiliary Aid, Alter- nate Character Committee, Girls' Glee Club, Alternate House of Representatives, M. C. V. Volun- teer, Character Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Junior Red Cross, "Bi Sister", Monticello Business Stafa Office Aid, Aletrnate Junior Red Cross. HENDERSON, PATRICIA ANNE .. M.. College Preparatory l22l Windsor Avenue Sophomore Class Council, "Lucky Star" Committee, Jeffersonian Staff, Guidance Aid, Junior Class Secretary, Secretary of House of Representatives, Junior Stunt Night, S. P. Secretary, Club Affiliations Committee, Honor Society. HERBERT, JOHN OVERTON lll "Jerk" College Preparatory 309 Roseneath Road HERIMAINN, RAYMOND JACOB 3Y Elective 8l4 Blanton Avenue Homeroom President, Traffic Com- mittee, Junior Stunt Night, Pulora- tion Art Staff. HICKS, KATHLEEN LOUISE "Kathy" Business 4632 Grove Avenue Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, "Brigadoon", Y-Teens, "Song of Norway", Junior Stunt Night, Junior Red Cross Alternate, Vice-President of A Cappella Choir, President of Distributive Education Club, "New Moon". HICKS, PEGGY JO "Peggy Jo" Elective 27l2 Grove Avenue Special Services, Bus Ticket Com- mittee, Senior Class Council. HIQISSLWILLIAM RUCKER i College Preparatory 27l2 Grove Avenue Stage Crew, Junior Stunt Night, Homeroom Vice-President, Alter- nate to House of Representatives, Band, Character Committee, Band Drill Platoon, Homeroom President, House of Representatives. HIGHFILL, PAGE CARLYLE "Page" College Preparatory 68l9 Kensington Avenue Cadet Band, Orchestra. HIRSHBERG, DONALD WAYNE noon.. College Preparatory 4'il3 Chamberlayne Avenue Baltimore Polytechnic, Baltimore, Maryland, i952-i953 02110 HOFFMAN, STANLEY MURRAY "Stanley" Business 45ll Bromley Lane HOLLAND, WILLIAM RUSSEL I . Elective 6724 Paterson Avenue Audio-Visual Committee. HOLZBACH, RICHARD RYLAND "Ryland" College Preparatory 3l23 Patterson Avenue Homeroom Vice-President and Treasurer,- Radio Committee, Audio Visual Aid, Junior Stunt Night, Elevator Committee, HUSGIND, WILLIAM NEAL Elective 3333 Pa rkwood Avenue HUDSON. JOHN WALTHALL "John" College Preparatory 3610 Moss Side Avenue House. of Representatives, Usher Committee, Radio Committee, Al- ternate Class Council, A Cappella Choir, "BrEadoon", "Song of Norway", " ew Moon". HUPFMAN, JOAN WINIFRED "Joanne' Elective 5l8 West Thirty-first Street Business Education Club. HUNDLEY, ELIZABETH Gnsoonv "Betty" College Preparatory 5018 New Kent Road , Character Committee, Freshman- Sophomore Basketball, Jefferson Lieutenant, Homeroom Prseident, "Brigadoon," "Song of Norway," Reception Desk Committee Junior Red Cross, Junior Varsity l'lockey, A Cappella Choir, Honor Society. JACKSON, ELEANOR NOBLE "Jackie" College Preparatory l3ll Bellevue Avenue Office Aid, Girls' Glee Club, Guidance Aid. JACOBS, CAROL ANN "Jackie" Elective 4750 Patterson Avenue .Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Office Aid, Junior Red Cross Representative, Forum, Radio Committee Chair- man, Fashion Show, Jeffersonian Reporter, Junior Stunt Night, Freshman Assembly, Christian Youth Club, Club I6 Committee, Jeffer- sonian Feature Editor, School Re- porter to Richmond News Leader, Senior Class Play. JAMES, MARY BEVERLY nan.. College Preparatory 3850 Brook Road Library Staff, Homeroom Secretary and Treasurer, Poetry Editor of Declaration, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. JEFFERSON, THOMAS "Tommy" College'Preparatory 33l6 Loxley Road Tennis Team, Sophomore Class Council, Junior Stunt Night, Safety Council President, Hi-Y ll, Homeroom Vice-President, Monti- cello Business Staff, Senior Cheer- leader. JENNINGS, STUART TURNER "Stuart" College Preparatory 4803 W. Franklin Street Guidance Aid, Monticello Business Staff. JOHNSON, SHIRLEY ANNE "Johnny" Elective 4904 W. Grace Street Homeroom Treasurer, Sophomore Class Council, Cadet Sponsor, JOHNSTON, GEORGE HERBERT "Buba" Elective l434 Lorraine Avenue Homeroom Treasurer and President, Hi-Y ll Vice-President, Track, Traf- fic Committee. JONES, JEAN THURSFIELD "Jean" Elective i906 Seddon Road JONES, MILDRED ANN "Millie" Elective 2605 Stuart Avenue Office Aid, Guidance Aid Ty ist, Business Education Club, glee Club. JONES, ROBERT GRAHAM "Bobby" Elective Slll New Kent Road Jeffersonian Runner, Homeroom President, Hi-Y ll. KAUFFMAN, ARTHUR JAMES ..Jim.. Elective 2003 Grove Avenue KERNAN, THOMAS EDWARD ...I-om.. College Preparatory l024 Fourqurean Lane Moorefield High School, Moore- gelzg West Virginia, l95I-l9S2, an . KING, WILTON WAYT "Willie" College Preparatory I625 Nottoway Avenue Homeroom President, Alternate to House of Representatives, Senior Class Council, Traffic Committee, Honor Society. KLUTTZ, JANE WALKUP "Jane" College Preparatory 4310 Grove Avenue Hockey, Baseball, House of Rep- resentatives Jeffersonian Reporter, Manager, Girls' Basketball, ennis, Honor Society. KNIGHT, ALICE ROPER "Alice ' Business 3522 Edgewood Avenue Homeroom Treasurer, Business Ed- ucation Club, Typing Committee, Junior Red Cross, Alternate Jeffer- sonian Lieutenant, KOCEN, JOEL EVAN Noel.. College Preparatory 32l2 Park Avenue Band, Jeffersonian Staff, Junior Red Cross, Homeroom Treasurer, Usher Committee, News Editor Jefferson- ian, Alternate to House of Repre- sentatives. KUYK, VIRGINIA CHRISTIAN "Gin" College Preparatory l229 Westminster Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Sophomore C'ass Council, Junior Class Coun-. cil, Jeffersonian Staff, "E" Com- panz Sponsor,.Alternate to House of epresentatives. KYHN, POLLY DUVAL "Polly" College Preparatory 906 W. Ladies Mile Road Jeff Clef Club, Literary Commit- tee, Y-Teens, Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, "Song of Nor- way. LACKEY, ROBERT CARRINGTON "Rob" College Preparatory 46lb Devonshire Road Homeroom Treasurer and President. LALOR, SALLIE JEAN "Sallie" Elective 800 Seneca Road Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball Manager, Cafe- teria Committee,. Junior Stunt Night, Auxiliary Aid. LANE, CARTER FRANKLIN "Carter" College Preparatory l06 North Dooley Avenue Traffic Committee, President Fresh- man Class February-June, Home- room President, Eraser Committee, Hi-Y l, Treasurer of Sophomore Class. LANGFORD, SYLVIA ANNE HAM... Business 3l20 Stuart Avenue Secretary of Homeroom, Nurse's Aid, Junior Red Cross Representa- tive, Office Aid, Character Com- mittee, Business Education Club. LANSINGER, WILLIAM THOMAS ...romn College Preparatory 3326 Park Avenue Football, Basketball, Track, Traffic Committee, President of Home- room, Hi-Y ll, Sophomore Senator, Junior Red Cross Representative, Alternate to House, Junior Stunt Night, A Canpella Choir, Senior Class Play, " ew Moon". LARSEN, MAY NORVELL ..MaY. Business 503 N. Boulevard Business Education Club, Special Committee, Junior Red Cross Alter- nate. LATHANI, NANCY LOUISE "Nancy" College Preparatory 5403 Bewdley Road Freshman Class lCouncil, Junior Red Cross Committee, Forum. LAUTENSLAGER, JOAN MARIE "Joanie" Elective l72l Laburnum Avenue Homeroom Secretary, Jeffersonian Typist, Radio Committee, Alternate to, Junior Red Cross, Junior Stunt Night, Alternate Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Guidance Aid. LAWLER, MARY LOUISE "Squeek" Business 4805 Bromley Lane Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Home- room President, Freshman Class Council, Secretary and Treasurer of Homeroom, Junior Red Cross Rep- resentative, Cafeteria Committee, Tebahoes Junior Stunt Night, Senior Cheerleader. LEATH, HELEN LUCILLE "Leath" College Preparatory 3806 Fauquier Avenue Auxiliary Aid, Cafeteria Commit- tee, Guidance Aid, Library Com- mittee, Nurse's Aid, Office Aid, Junior Stunt Night, Reception Desk, Declaratoin Staff, Secretary and Treasurer of Homeroom, LEE, ALAN FERGUSON "AIan" College Preparatory l4l6 Lorraine Avenue Homeroom President, Homeroom Vice-President, "B" Basketball Team. LEE JANE PATTERSON i-pany-I College Preparatory 50ll Devonshire Road Bus Ticket Committee, Basketball, Tennis, Character Committee, "Operetta," Library Staff, Chem- istry "Lab" Assistant, Honor So- ciety. LEVET, STUART ALLAN "Stuart" College Preparatory 4l02 Park Avenue Usher Committee, Biology "Lab" Asssitant, Monticello Photographer. LEWIS, BARBARA WINSTON "Barbara" College Preparatory 330 Lexington Road Basketball, Tennis, Auxiliary Aid, Guidance Aid, Homeroom Treas- urer, Secretary, Vice-President, and President, Junior Stunt Night, Latin Banquet Editor of Sophomore and Junior Sections and Co-Editor of Monticello Literary Staff, "Big Sister," Vice-President of Quill and Scroll, B. O. C., Honor Society. LEWIS, RACHEL MIRIAM "Rachel" College Preparatory 24l9 Stuart Avenue Junior Red Cross, Guidance Aid, Coaching, Jeffersonian Typist and Reporter, Jeffersonian Page Editor. LIGHTNER, BETTY LOU "Betty Lou" General 3900 West Broad Street Character Committee, A Cappella Choir. LIPSCOMB, BETTY EULA "Belly" College Preparatory 204 S. Colonial Avenue Character Committee, Bus Ticket Committee, Guidance Aid, Mon- ticello Business Staff, Junior Stunt Night, "Song ot Norway." LITTEN, MATTHEW BENJAMIN "Matthew" College Preparatory l9ll Arrow Head Road Honor Study Chairman, Vice-Presi- dent Homeroom. LOTT, ROSA LIND "Roni" College Preparatory 3l05 West Franklin Street Alternate to House of Representa- tives, Auxiliary Aid, Homeroom Vice-President, Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant, Monticello Literary Staff, Declaration Art Staff Junior Stunt Night, Senior Class Play Publicity, Scenery for Operetta, Honor So- ciety. MACKEY, THOMAS EDWARD atom.. College Preparatory 5l02 Evelyn Byrd Road Homeroom Treasurer, Chemistry "Lab" Assistant, Jeffersonian Staff, Senior Class Council, Honor So- ciety, First Captain of Cadet Corps. MacMILLAN, DAVID WISHART ..Mac.. College Preparatory 74l0 Normandy Drive Homeroom' President. House of Representatives, Traffic Commit- tee, Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Mon- ticello Business Staff, Usher Com- mittee, Character Committee, Cadet Band, Club. I6 Committee, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. MAEDER, NANCY HARRIET -:worm-I College Preparatory 5022 Caledonia Road House of Representatives, Charac- ter Committee, Homeroom Vice- President, Sturm Committee on the Character Committee, Daily Re- ports Committee, "Lucky Star" Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Monticello Business Staff. MAHONY, HELEN GRACE --Part College Preparatory 3107 Stuart Avenue L i b r a r y Committee, Alternate House of Representatives, Home- room President, Junior Class Treas- urer, Junior Stunt Night, "Song of Norway," A Cappella Choir, Jeff Clef, Y-Teens, Senior Senator. MAJOR, DAISY LEE Husky.. Business 3900 West Broad Street Auxiliary Aid, Junior Red Cross Representative, Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant, Office Aid, Homeroom Treasurer, Glee Club, Library Staff, Christian Youth Club, Business Ed- ucation Club. MAJOR, MARY LOU "Mary Lou" Elective 4l I4 Patterson Avenue Character Committee, Bulletin Board Committee, Alternate House of Representatives, Guidance Aid, Book Club, Junior Stunt Night. MAJOR, THELMA LEE "Thelma" College Preparatory 3900 West Broad Street Character Committee, Library Staff, House of Representatives, ghrgtian Youth Club, Algebra lu . 02120 MAELORY, EARLE STUART, JR. .. N.. College Preparatory 359 Lexington Road Junior Stunt Night, Operetta, Character Committee. MANN, RUSSELL TALMADGE, JR. "Russ" College Preparatory I0 Maxwell Road Cadet Band, Traffic Committee, "Lab" Assistant, Homeroom Treas- urer. MANSINI, CHARLENE MAY "CharIene" Business I308 Greycourt Avenue MAPHIS, MARY LOU "Mary Lou" College Preparatory 4203 Monument Avenue Junior Red Cross Representative, Junior Grab! Lady, Red Cross Volunteer ork, "Brigadoon," "Song of Norway," Future Nurses' Club Secretary, Junior Stunt Night, Character Committee Alternate, Radio Team, Treasurer Junior Red Cross, Christian Youth Club, Honor Society. MASKHAM, BEVERLEY CAROL .. ev.. College Preparatory 407 N. Shields Avenue Office Aid. MAR KEL, FRANCES IRVIN ..Fran.. College Preparatory 319 Oak Lane President Junior Red Cross, Guid- ance Aid, Cafeteria Committee, Section Editor of Declaration, Rep- resentative to Columbia Scholastic Press Association, Junior Stunt Night, Book Club, Assembly Com- mittee, Parents' Day, Hostess, Coach. MARLOWE, MARY CAROLYN HMMY.. College Preparatory 4l03 Sulgrave Road St. Catherine's, l95I-I953 U Junior Stunt Night, Declaration Staff, Hocke , Basketball, Softball, Tebahoes, Cafeteria Committee, Junior Red Cross Alternate, Honor Society. MARRIN, MARY JANE "Janey" College Preparatory 5408 Toddsbury Road Cafeteria Committee, Declaration Staff Editor, Guidance Aid, Office Aid, Character Committee, Library Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Operetta. MARTIN, DAVID TERRY ..-I-.Hyi- College Preparatory 34lI Noble Avenue Homeroom Vice-President, Home- room President, Junior Stunt Night, House of Representatives, Jefferson- ian Lieutenant, Cheerleader. MARTIN, JEAN ANNE "Je-an' College Preparatory I2l3 W. Laburnum Avenue Alternate to Character Committee. MARTIN, ROBERT LAMB "Robert" College Preparatory 4609 Augusta Avenue Traffic Committee, Homeroom Vice-President, Homeroom Treas- UI'eI'. MARSHALL, ROBERT GAYLE "Robert" College Preparatory 4306 Dover Road Freshman-Sophomore Football, Homeroom Vice-President, Traf- fic Committee, Usher, Hi-Y ll, Mr. Smith's Office Aid, Athletic Aid. MASSEY, CAROLINE AMELIA "Caroline" College Preparatory l406 Cherokee Road Alternate to House of Representa- tives, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative, Junior Stunt Night, Aux- iliary Aid, Senior Section Editor of Monticello Literary Staff, Forum. MATZANIAS, ALEXANDER ZAHARIAS "Alex" College Preparatory 3Ill W. Grace Street Audio-Visual Aid, Traffic Commit- tee, Usher, Homeroom President, Homeroom Secretary. MAYER, ADELIA ARMISTEAD ..D.... College Preparatory 502l Wythe Avenue Homeroom Secretary, Auxiliary Aid Library Committee, Forum, Club I6 Committee, Y-Teens, Christian Youth Club. MAYO, EDWIN AYLETTE "Edwin" College Preparatory 3207 Carolina Avenue House of. Representatives, Home- room President, Character Commit- tee. McANALLY, JEAN CAROL "Carol" College Preparatory 54l0 Dorchester Road Nurse's Aid, Homeroom Secretary, Tennis, Basketball, Coachin , Li- brary Staff, Latin Banquet, Soatball, Sophomore Class Council, Jeffer- sonian Lieutenant, Character Com- mittee, House of Representatives. McFARLAND, MARY JEAN "Mickey" College Preparatory l2I8 Windsor Avenue House of Representatives, Library Staff, Dail Re orts Committee, Absentee Sheet Committee, Junior Gray Lady, Junior Stunt Night, "Lucky Star" Committee, Reception Desk Committee, Junior Red Cross Alternate. McNIEL, MARY LOUISE "Weasie" College Preparatory 1219 Whitby Road Woodrow Wilson High School, Portsmouth, Virginia, l95I . Nurse's Aid, Y-Teens, Auxiliary Aid, Junior Stunt Ni ht, Declaration and Monticello Art Staffs, "Brigadoon," "Song of Norway." MICHAUX, BETSY ANN "Betsy" Business 4800 Cutsltaw Avenue Auxiliary Aid, Office Aid, Home- room Secretary, Alternate to Junior Red Cross, Junior Stunt Night, Monticello Business Staff Finger- printing Committee, Jeffersonian ypist. MILLER, FRANK IEN, lll "Bunky" College Preparatory I2 South Boulevard House of Representatives, Sopho- more Class Council, Homeroom Treasurer, Homeroom President, Junior Stunt Night, Photographer, Page Editor, Co-Sports Editor, and ,Editor-in-Chief ot Jeffersonian. MITCHELL, BEVERLY ANN "Beverly ' Elective 3020 Park Avenue Homeroom Secretary. MITCHELL, DAVID PAUL "David" Elective 293i W. Clay Street MOORE, HARRIET MAE "Harriet" College Preparatory 34 Maxwell Road Nurse's Aid, Assistant Hockey Man- ager. MOORE SIMON DELANO moments "Rabbit" College Preparatory 326 Roseneath Road Freshman, Sophomore Class Coun- cils, Homeroom President, Vice- President, and Treasurer, Freshman- Sophomore Baseball and Football, Varsity Basketball Manager, Presi- dent of Hi-Y l, Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant, Cafeteria Committee. MORRIS, ELIZABETH BAGBY "asm" College Preparatory l52I Laburnum Avenue Alternate to House of Representa- tives, Junior Stunt Night, Declara- tion Staff. MOSS, ANNE SIDSEL "ToddIe" College Preparatory 824 W. Forty-Seventh Street Vice-President of Freshman and of Sophomore Class, House of Repre- sentatives, Office Aid, Guidance Aid, Reception Desk Committee, "Lucky Star" Committee Chairman, Junior Stunt Night, Senior Senator, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Councils. MURRAY, BARBARA JEAN "Barbara" Business 3420 Hanover Avenue Freshman Class Council Office Aid, Auxiliary Aid, Messenger Committee, President of Business Education Club. MURRAY, JAMES WILLIAM "Sonny ' College Preparatory 3420 Hanover Avenue Homeroom President, Homeroom Vice-President, Sophomore Baseball and Football, Ht- I. 02130 Mtrsns, sconce rmucx 6 College Preparatory l200 W. Forty-Fourth Street Homeroom President, Eraser Com- mittee. NASH. JOSEPHINE ANN "Joanne" Business I907 West Main Street Member and Treasurer of Business Education Club, Girls' Glee Club. NAZLS, EDWARD MELVI N College Preparatory I39 South Colonial Avenue Traffic Committee, S. P. l23, "Y" Swim Team. NETHERY, CLAUDE EDWARD "Claude" Elective 30l2 Ellwood Avenue NEWMAN, PETE RALPH "Pete" College Preparatory 30l9 Floyd Avenue Freshman-Sophomore Football, Team, Varsity Track, Office Aid, Traffic Committee, Inter-Faith Com- mittee. NICHOLS, JOYCE DIANE "Josie" l23l Lorraine Avenue Treasurer of Homeroom, Bulletin Board Committee, Daily Reports, Sponsor of Cadet Company "C". NOVICK, zsun me nzd.. Elective 3322 Monument Avenue Office Aid, Auxiliary Aid, Home- room Secretary, Junior Red Cross Freshman Class Council Reprei sentative. OAKES ROBERT ORLANDIS nsobby.. College Preparatory 3923 Grove Avenue Houselof Representatives, Traffic Committee, Character Committee, Freshman-Sophomore Football, Treasurer of Homeroom, Monti- cello Literary Staff, Usher Com- mittee. O'BRIEN. JUDY MARIE ...Iudyn Business 2207 Rosewood Avenue Sacred Heart, Holyoke, Mas- sachusetts, Anacostia High School, Washington, D. C. Junior ed Cross Representative. OGILVIE, JOHN DOUGLAS "Jack" College Preparatory 30l2 Second Avenue Club I6 Committee, Elevator Com- mittee, Junior Stunt Night, Cadet Band, OLIVER, BEVERLEY ANN "Beverley" College Preparatory l207 Nottoway Avenue House of Representatives, Home- room President, Office Aid, Junior Senator, Key Club Sweetheart, Outstanding Junior Award, Junior Stunt Night, Vice-President of Stu- dent Participation, Honor Society. OETSN, ROBERT MATTHEW, JR o College Preparatory 3200 Seminary Avenue Traffic Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Biology "Lab" Assistant, Homeroom Vice-President, Cadet Band, Christian Youth Club, Honor Society. OWSND, RICHARD MILTON o . Business 3404 ldlewood Avenue Band. PARKER, FLORENCE CAROLYSE "Bobby" College Preparatory 38l4 Fauquier Avenue Jeffersonian Typist, Alternate to Character Committee. PARRISH, PATRICIA LEE npaf.. Col'ege Preparatory 4808 East Seminary Avenue Druid Hills High School, Atlanta, Georgia Character Committee, Monticello Literary Staff, Alternate Lieutenant to Jeffersonian, Business Education Club, Quill and Scroll. PAYNE, BARBARA ANN "Barbara" 502l Devonshire Road Character Committee, Guidance Aid, Alternate Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant. PEABODY, WILLIAM ALDEN "Aldan' Col'ege Preparatory 4805 Brook Road Traffic Committee, Tennis. PETERS, JAMIE SAMUEL nsamn Col'ege Preparatory 2806 Monument Avenue South Charleston High School, South Charleston, West Virginia Traffic Committee, Usher, Or- chestra, Band, Operetta, President of Homeroom, Club Ib, Junior Stunt Night, Vice-President of Homeroom, Monticello Business Staff. PETERSON, MARY ANN -.Penn Elective B00 Oxford Parkway House of Representatives, Home- room Treasurer, Varsity Hockey and Tennis, Frosh-Soph Basketball, Guidance Aid, Cafeteria Commit- tee, Tebahoes, Alternate Jefferson- ian Lieutenant Assembl Commit- tee, A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Operettas, Senior Class Council, Club Affiliations Secre- tary. PHILLIPS, MARY BURFOOT HMMYH Col'ege Preparatory l296 Confederate Avenue Character Committee Alternate, Li- brary Staff, Junior Red Cross, Junior Gray Lady, "Brigadoon," "Song of Norway," and "New Moon," Homeroom Secretary and Treasurer, Special Services, Junior Stunt Night, Monticello Literary Staff, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. PINDELL, ROBERT IRVING "Bob"' Elective 1230 Warren Avenue Captain of "C" Company, Home- PITTMAN, ANNE TEMPLE "Anne" College Preparatory 3l5 N. Boulevard Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Christian Youth Club,-Club Sixteen Board Member, Senior Class Play. PITTMAN. BETTY JEAN "Barry" E'ective l235 Hermitage Road Character Committee, Cafeteria Committee, Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent, Sophomore Class Council. PITTS, DONALD ALLEN "Donald" College Preparatory 33l0 Monument Avenue Chemistry "Lab" Assistant. PITTS, RALPH BERNARD "Bernie" Elective 3334 Parkwood Avenue Hi-Y ll, Football, Baseball. PLUNKETT, BLAIR HILLMAN "BIair" College Preparatory IO4 N. Belmont Avenue Junior Red Cross Representative, Junior Stunt Night. PLUNKETT, JOHN HOLLYDAY "Buddy" College Preparatory i422 Avondale Avenue Cadet Band, "Brigadoon," "Song of Norway," Office Aid, "New Moon". POEGL ROBERT FRANKLIN nsobby.. Elective 3l00 W. Leigh Street POLLARD, BETTY RYLAND "Betty" College Preparatory 5005 Park Avenue Junior Red Cross Representative, Library Staff, Girls' Tennis, Oper- Bild. POPPAS, PENELO PE GEORGIA "Penny" Business 2306 Rosewood Avenue PROFFITT, HENRY WILLIE "Henry" Elective l900 Amelia Street Baseball, Basketball, Homeroom Treasurer, Homeroom President, Junior Red Cross Representative, "Rec" Hall Committee. QUICK, MARILYN LYDIA "Marilyn" College Preparatory 2209 Rosewood Avenue RAMOS, ELIZABETH ESTELLE "Elizabeth" College Preparatory 3800 Montrose Avenue Library Committee, Secretary of Homeroom, Guidance Aid, Library Staff, Junior Red Cross Representa- tive, Library Staff, Junior Stunt Night, Daily Reports Committee, House of Representatives, Latin Club, Monticello Business Staff, "Lucky Star" Committee, Bus Ticket Committee, Latin Editor of Dec'aration, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. RAYBURN, JAMES ANDREW ...uma College Preparatory 52l2 Devonshire Road Cadet. REAGAN, CHARLES HAROLD "Huck' College Preparatory 4644 Kensington Avenue Freshman-Sophomore Baseball, Homeroom Vice-President, Varsity Baseball, Hi-Y I Vice-President, Steering Committee for Character Committee, Cafeteria Committee, Eraser Committee, Biology "Lab" Assistant. REYNOLDS, JUDITH MELLOR ...Iudyn College Preparatory 47lB New Kent Road Library Staff, Radio Committee, Office Aid, Junior Red Cross Alter- nate, Reception Desk, Character Committee, Senior Class Council Alternate, Club lb Committee, Chairman of Audio-Visual Com- mittee. RICHARDSON, JOHN NORTH ..-lack.. College Preparatory 309 Albermarle Avenue St. Christopher's School, l95l-l953 Traffic Committee. RICHESON, FRANKIE ST. CLAIR "Frankie" College Preparatory 32l6 Noble Avenue Declaration Editor, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, Office Aid, Homeroom President, Junior Stunt Night, House of Representatives Alternate, Honor Society. ROACH, ELLEN GAYLE "EIIln" College Preparatory 40l9 Clinton Avenue Freshman Class Council, "Rec" Hall Committee, Special Services Committee, Sophomore Class Council, Monticello Business Staff, Junior Class Council, Senior Class Council, Guidance Aid. ROERFSON, MILDRED RAMONA .. iv.. College Preparatory 3306 Barton Avenue Library Committee, Office Aid, Fingerprinting Committee, Ad- vanced Dramatics, Jeffersonian Re- porter. ROBINSON, THOMAS HILLIARD ..-rom... Elective l2l2 Westminster Avenue Avondale High, Atlanta, Georgia, l949g Hillcrest High, Dallas, Texas, l950, Woodlawn High, Birmingham, Alabama, l95l Traffic Committee, Character Com- mittee Alternate, Junior Stunt Night, Senior Class Council Alter- nate, Radio Committee First Lieu- tenant Cadet Corps, I-lonor Study Chairman. ROLL, VIRGINIA HELEN "Virginia" College Preparatory l506 Laburnum Avenue Reception Desk, Messenger Com- mittee, Absentee Sheet Committee, House of Representatives Alternate, Junior Red Cross Alternate. ROMAN, ROBERT LAWRENCE ...obn College Preparatory l723 Wilmington Avenue Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina, l952-l9S4 Character Committee. ROSENBERG, IRA HROSY.. College Preparatory 3902 Stuart Avenue Junior Stunt Night, Audio-Visual Committee, Monticello Photog- raphy Staff, Traffic Committee, House of Representatives and Al- ternate, Safety Council, Slide Rule Club. ROSENFELD, MARSHALL STRAUS "Marshall" Elective 4807 Park Avenue RUEGER, BETTY LOU "Batty Lou" College Preparatory I5 Albemarle Avenue Vice-President Homeroom, Hockey Team, Tennis Team, Cafeteria Com- mittee, Daily Reports Committee, Library Committee, House of Rep- resentatives, Y-Teens Junior Stunt Night, Jeffersonian Staff. RUSSINOFF, FRANCES RITA "Frances" 22l6 Maplewood Avenue Orchestra, Junior Red Cross Rep- resentative, Typing for Teachers. SAMPSON, MARCIA WADE usam.. Elective 4305 West Franklin Street Huntington High School, Hunting- ton, West Virginia, I952-l953 Club Affiliations Committee, Guid- ance Aid, Absentee Sheet Commit- tee, Alternate to Character Com- mittee. SAUNDERS, BARBARA ELLEN "Barbara" Elective B0l N. Sheppard Street Chairman of Freshman Council, House of Representatives, Home- room President, Monticello Business Staff, Alternate to House of Regre- sentatives, Junior Red Cross ep- resentative. SAUNDERS, ISABELL LYNNE "Pooh" College Preparatory 49l6 Evelyn Byrd Road Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Declara- tion Business Staff, Junior Stunt Night, Art Exhibit Hostess, Honor Study Chairman. SAUNDERS, JULIUS ROY HRW.. College Preparatory 2029 Park Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Jefferson- ian Captain, "Rec" Hall Commit- tee, S. P. l23, Office Aid, Bioloov "Lab" Assistant, Jeffersonian Staff, Cheerleader, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. SCHER, NORMAN ALLAN "Norman" College Preparatory 307 Greenway Lane Freshman-Sophomore Foo t ba I I, Usher, Committee, Homeroom Vice-President, Assembly Commit- tee. 5 ae' -T -2 . - ' ' 5,-' : . x 4. - ., . room Vice-President. 02140 SCHNEIDER, GERALDE MAE ncerry.. College Preparatory 4516 Stuart Avenue Sponsor of Cadet Company "B", Cafeteria Committee, Absentee Sheet Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Alternate to House of Rep- resentatives. SCHOOLS. MARY KATHARINE "Katharine" College Preparatory 1723 Avondale Avenue Cafeteria Committee, Junior Gray Lady, Library Committee, Guid- ance Aid Committee, Office Aid, Absentee S h e et Committee, Character, Alternate to Class Coun- cil, Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Honor Society. SCHULAR, MARJORIE ANNE "Anne" College Preparatory 3422 Hanover Avenue Tennis Girls' Glee Club, Library Staff, Bus Ticket Committee, Recep- tion Desk Committee, Bulletin Board Committee Forum, Christian Youth Club, Club I6 Committee, Junior Stunt Night, "Song of Nor- way," Library Committee, Auxiliary Aid Committee, Declaration Staff. SCOTT, BETTY CARROLL nhny.. College Preparatory 3232-A Park Avenue Forum, Sister," Alternate to Character ommittee, Alternate to Junior Class Council, Alternate to Junior Red Cross. SCOTT PAULA KAYE "Paula" Elective 2119 Rosewood Avenue Highland Springs High School, Highland Springs, Virginia, 1951- 1952. Daily Reports Committee, Auxiliary Aid Committee. SEIBERT, CAROL CHRISTINE "Carol" College Preparatory 4516 Newport Avenue Homeroom President, Cafeteria Committee, Junior Gray Lady, "Lucky Star" Committee, Junior Stunt Ni ht, Cadet Headquarters Typist, Cheerleader, Bus Ticket Committee, Guidance Aid Com- mittee, Daily Reports Committee, Honor Study Chairman. SHEPPARD, EDITH LOGAN "Eduff" College Preparatory 1601 Princeton Road Homeroom Secretary, Alternate to House of Representatives, Guidance Aid, Glee Club, Auxiliar Aid, House of Representatives, "SYong of Norway," Cheerleader, A Cappella Choir, Reception Desk Committee, Christian Youth Club, Forum. SHEVITZ, ROSALIND DEBORAH -.Kenya College Preparatory 4814 Park Avenue Guidance Aid, Secretary of Home- room, Alternate to House of Rep- resentatives. SHU LTZ, GERALD EDWARD "Jerry" Elective 2317 Maplewood Avenue Freshman Baseball. SHUMATE, SARAH LEE "Sarah" Business 3119 Barton Avenue Library Staff, "Rec" Hall Commit- tee, Homeroom President, Guid- ance Aid, Alternate to House of Representatives, Alternate to Character Committee, Alternate to Junior Red Cross, Junior Stunt Night, Homeroom Secretary, Auxi- liary Aid, Senior Class Council, Absentee Sheet Committee. SHURLEY, JOHN ROOKER, III "John" College Preparatory 4505 Augusta Avenue Cadet Band Vice-President of Homeroom, Chemistry "Lab" As- ststant, Traffic Committee. Sl KKELEE, ALBERT DRAKE "Bert" College Preparatory 4400 Newport Avenue Key Club, Hi-Y ll, Homeroom President, Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent, Track Team, Senior Class President, Traffic Committee, Usher Committee, Alternate to House of Representatives, Honor Society. SLABUSHTER, WILLIAM PARRY College Preparatory 7708 Hollins Road Hermitage High School, Richmond, Virginia, 1952. SMITH, ASHLEY PAUL "Paul" College Preparatory 3802 Hermitage Road Huntmlgton High School, Hunting- ton, est Virginia, 1952-1953 Woodrow Wilson High School, Beckley, West Virginia, 1953-1954 SMITH, GEORGE BUCHANAN ..H!Do'y.. College Preparatory 3900 W. Broad Street Cadet Corps, Alternate to Charac- ter Committee, Audio-Visual Com- mittee. SMlTH,HOWARD IRVING nkock.. College Preparatory 506 Horaker Avenue Class Council, Alternate to House of Representatives, House of Rep- resentatives, Junior Stunt Night, Traffic Committee. SMITH, JAMES DRINARD "Drinard" College Preparatory 1404 Sauer Avenue Character Committee, Traffic Com- mittee, Auxiliary Aid, Radio Com- mittee. SMITH, KATHARINE ANN HAM.. Elective 502 Seneca Road Nurse's Aid, Character Committee, Auxiliary Aid, Girls' Glee Club, Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Declara- tion Staff, "Big Sister," Junior Stunt Night, Future Nurses' Club. SMITH, NANCY LEE "Smitty" Coilege Preparatory 1510 Laburnum Avenue Alternate to Junior Red Cross, Ab- sentee Sheet Committee, Senior Class Council. SMITHER, CAROL LEE "Smiz" Co lege Preparatory 1608 Wilmington Avenue A'ternate to Junior Red Cross Li- brary Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Club 16 Board, Jeffersonian Staff, Alternate to House of Repre- sentatives, "Rat" Assembly. SPARKS, DOROTHY ROSE "Dottie" College Preparatory 1417 Westbrook Avenue Office Aid, Declaration Business Staff, Homeroom Treasurer. SPERBERG, FRANCES JANE "Jane" College Preparatory 4107 Kensington Avenue L i b r a r y Committee, Geometry Coach, Junior Red Cross Repre- sentative, Daily Reports Committee. SPRACHER, KATHLEEN MERLE HMCYIIII Elective 3120 Edgewood Avenue John Marshall High School, Rich- mond, Virginia, 1951-1952 Homeroom Secretary, Junior Stunt Night, "Song of Norway," A Cap- pella Choir, Sponsor of Cadet Band, Vice-President of Homeroom. SPRUILL, ALLEN LINTHECUM "Allen" Elective 5504 Toddsbury Road St. Christopher's School, Richmond, Virginia, 1951-1954 Junior Stunt Night, "Song of Nor- way," A Cappella Choir, Boys' Choir, "B" Team Basketball. STANLEY, SIGRID MADEL "Sigrid" College Preparatory 209 Gun Club Road Auxiliary Aid, Guidance Aid, Ten- nis, Alternate to Character Com- mittee, Chemistrv "Lab" Assistant, Alternate to House of Representa- tives, Alternate to Junior Class Council, Junior Stunt Night, Senior Class Council, Senate Wel- fare Committee. STAVREDES, THOMAS GUS "Tommy" College Preparatory 3918 W. Franklin Street . Traffic Committee, Usher Commit- tee, Homeroom Vice-President, House of Representatives, S. P. 123. STEBHEKNSON, RICHARD STYLL .. ic .. College Preparatory N 4505 Newport Avenue Track, Hi-Y I, Ke Club, "Rec" Hall Committee, Cafeteria Com- mittee. STERTZ, MARY ELIZABETH "Boo" Busniess 113 N. Crenshaw Avenue "Lucky Star" Committee, Recep- tion Desk Committee, Junior Class Council, Audio-Visual Committee, Vice-President o t Homeroom, Sophomore Class Council, Fresh- man Class Council, Alternate to Junior Red Cross. STUCKEY, JAMERSON HERNDON "Jack" Elective 3806 Tomacee Road Christchurch School, Christchurch, Virginia, 1952-1953 House of Representatives, Traffic Committee, Safety Committee. 02150 SWAFFIN. CATHERINE EDITH "Kitten" College Preparatory Kilmarnock, Virginia Vice-President of Junior Class, Junior Stunt Night, Sophomore Class Council, Treasurer of Fresh- man Class, Nurse's Aid, Cafeteria Committee, Spanish Club, Home- room President, Homeroom Secre- tary and Treasurer, Declaration Staff, Monticello Business Staff, Special Services, Senior Class Council, Jeffersonian Lieutenant. TALLEY, JOAN MARIE "Joan" College Preparatory 4401 Patterson Avenue House .of Representatives, Guid. ance Aid. A Cappella Choir, Latin Club, Honor Society. TATUM. SAMUEL ARUNDAL "sam" College Preparatory 3004 Seminary Avenue Cadet Band. TAYLOR, ANNE CAROLINE "Anne ' College Preparatory 3107 Edgewood Avenue Character Committee, Junior Red Cross Representative, Junior Gray Lady, Fingferprinting Committee, Library Sta , Guidance Aid, Alter- nate Junior Class Council. THOMAS, ELEANOR STEPHENS "StevIe" College Preparatory 3545 Grove Avenue House of Representatives, Office Aid, Guidance Aid, Daily Reports Committee, Junior Class Council, Junior.Stunt Night, Reception Desk Committee, Operetta D a n c e r , "Lucky Star" Committee. THOMAS, HARRIET ELIZABETH "Harriet" College Preparatory 5704 Bromley Lane Hockek, Basketball, Tennis, House o f ' epresentatives, Tebahoes, Junior Stunt Ni ht, Reception Desk Committee, Ofgce Aid. THOMAS, JOHN MICHAEL, JR. .uayn Elective 2938 W. Clay Street Traffic Committee, Basketball, Track. THOMAS, MARY MCCOWN "Mary Mac" College Preparatory 3905 Seminary Avenue Waynesboro High School, Waynes- boro, Virginia Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Guidance Aid, Library Committee, Cafeteria Committee. THROCKMORTON, MARY ANN "Mary Ann" Elective 2309 Rosewood Avenue Library Staff, Declaration Staff. rt-inulnsron, Jo ANN 0 College Preparatory 6715 Patterson Avenue Nurse's Aid, Homeroom Secretary House of Representatives, Girlsl Glee Club, Library Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Y-Teens, "Song of Norway," Mixed Voice Class, Alternate to Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant. TOLBERT, CHARLES RAY C'3?I16l'I55" , e e r t 2.2. trim Ill nmnrtam H""'e'O""1 l'eaSU'e" EUGENE EDWARD wiu. HENRY WALKER scHuEsEn, Jn. TQmEkL,dRlCHARD LEIGH July 19, 1936-Oct. 2, 1953 March 26, 1937-April 20, 1954 c ar College Preparatory 2820 Monument Avenue VASS, ROBERT WILSON WHITEHORNE, FLORA DALE Norfolk Academy, Norfolk, Virginia "Bobby" "Dale" Elective Business TRATTNER, ALICE "Alice" College Preparatory 1210 onfederate Avenue Library Staff, Editor Organization Section Monticello Literary Staff, Jeffersonian Lieutenant, J u n i o r Stunt Night, Vice-President of Book Club, Quill and Scroll. TRE:IIBLIAN, ROBERT CARR .1 o .. Colle e Preparatory 3509 Stuart Avenue TRlaln'l'.,. WILLIAM EDGAR College Preparatory 7 Bostwick Lane Chemistry "Lab" Assistant, Committee. TUCK, DUNNIE RICHARD "Willie" Colle e Preparatory 1811 Seddon Road C. H. Friend High School, South Boston, Virginia, 1951-1953 Tennis. TUCKER, EDWARD PEOPLES "EddIe" College Preparatory 3326 ensington Avenue TURNER, ANN SARGEANT HAM.. Traffic College Preparatory 3214 Patterson Avenue Declaration Staff, Auxiliary Aid, Homeroom Vice-President, Guid- ance Aid, Junior Stunt Night, "Song of Norway," House of Rep- resentatives, Quill and Scroll, Radio Committee, Tennis Honor Society, Winner in National Essay Contest on Bill of Rights. TURNER, ELIZABETH OMEGA "Bettie" College Preparatory 3900 W. Broad Street Atlantic High School, Oak Hill, Virginia, 1951-1953 Auxiliary Aid, Homeroom urer and Vice-President. TURNER, SONYA WHITE "Sonya" Business 1814 Floyd Avenue Library Staff, Club Affiliations Secretary, Homeroom Secretary. TYLER, ROBERTA LEIGH "Bert" College Preparatory 1211 Lorraine Avenue Welfare Committee, Typist for English Department, Business Ed- ucation Club, Alternate to Junior Red Cross. TYSON, FLAVIUS MAYNARD "Flave" College Preparatory 3917 W. Franklin Street Traffic Committee, House of Repre- sentatives, Track, Football. UPSHUR, CARY ELIZABETH .tcarvn Elective 4810 Riverside Drive Homeroom President, Character Committee, House of Representa- tives. Treas- 3614 Garland Avenue Traffic Committee, Band, Or- chestra, Audio-Visual Aid. VAAISSZHAN, WILLIAM MAYO I College Preparatory 6201 W. Club Lane Company "E" Captain. VINCENT, KEATS "Keats" Business 2228 Hanover Avenue Club I6 Committee, Christian Youth Club, Bulletin Board Com- mittee, Guidance Aid Business Ed- ucation Club. WARREN, VIRGINIA ANN HAM.. Colle e Preparatory 2905 Chamberlayne Avenue Alternate to Junior Red Cross, Junior Stunt Night, Office Aid, Honor Society. WASYICK, SALLY MAYNARD .. a Y.. College Preparatory River Road St. Catherine's School, Richmond, Virginia, 1951-1953 Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom, Office Aid, Sponsor of Cadet Company "D", Senior Class Coun- ci , WEAVER, PATRICIA "Phoebe" Elective 1020 W. Forty-Seventh Street Guidance Aid, Office Aid, Junior Class Council, House of Repre- sentatives, Radio Committee, Re- ce tion Desk Committee, Monti- cello Business Staff, Alternate to Jeffersonian Lieutenant, "Lucky Star" Committee. WELSH-VVILIAM DALE Colle e Preparatory 4208 Cutshaw Avenue Traffic Committee, Freshman-Soph- omore Football, Vice-President of Homeroom, Audio-Visual Aid Com- mittee. WELLS, GARNETT ANN HAM.. Business 535 Granite Avenue Homeroom Treasurer, Library Com- mittee, Sophomore Class Council, Nurse's Aid, Guidance Aid, Alter- nate Junior Red Cross, Monticello Business Staff. WEST, MARY FAITH "Mary Faith" College Preparatory 3600 Noble Avenue Representative to Junior Red Cross, Alternate to House of Rep- resentatives, "Big Sister," Senior Class Council, Office Aid, Jeffer- sonian Lieutenant, Junior Stunt Night. WHITE DIANNE JACQUELINE "Jackie" Business 3900 W. Broad Street Alternate to Junior Red Cross, Nurse's Aid, Homeroom Treasurer, Jeffersonian Typist, Alternate to House of Representatives. 4702. Patterson Avenue Testing Committee, Guidance Aid, Junior Red Cross Representative, "Big Sister", Nurse's Aid, Secre- tary Distributive Education Club. WILKINSON, BEVERLY JUNE "Beverl'y" College reparatory 2413 loyd Avenue Character Committee. WILLIAMS, MARY ANN "Mary Ann" College Preparatory 114 N. Crenshaw Avenue Cafeteria Committee, Junior Red Cross Representative, Alternate to House of Representatives, Secretary of Homeroom, Declaration Business Staff, Quill and Scroll, Bus Ticket Committee, "Song of Norway," Y- Teens, Book Club, Declaration Literary Staff, Honor Society, WILLIAMS, WINSTON WILLIE "BilIy" Elective 429 N. Stafford Avenue Football, Baseball, HiY I. WILLIAMSON, JOHN BOLLING "Bolling" College reparatory 5106 tratford Crescent Declaration Art Staff, Jeffersonian Lieutenant. WILSON, CLAUDIA ELIZABETH "Stinky" Business 306 S. Colonial Avenue "Rec" Hall Committee, Character Committee, Office Aid, Auxiliary Aid, Testing Committee, Daily Re- ports Committee, Alternate to Jef- fersonian Lieutenant, Alternate to Junior Red Cross, Business Educa- tion Club, Alternate to Character Committee. WINGFIELD, ANNE STOVER "Anne" Elective 1100 Myrtle Place Stage Crew, Office Aid, Repre- sentative Junior Red Cross, Audio- Visual Aid Committee. WINGFIELD, JACQUELYNE REARDON "Jackie" College Preparatory 2604 Kensington Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Jeffersonian Business Staff, Nurse's Aid, Home- room Secretary, Reception Desk Committee, Club 16 Committee, Auxiliary Aid, Office Aid, Library Staff, "Lucky Star" Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Cafeteria Com- mittee, Alternate to Junior Red Cross, Monticello Business Staff. WISE, JOHN DANA "Johnny" College reparatory 4803 ocahontas Avenue Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Virginia 1952-1953 Junior Class Council, Traffic Com- mittee, Eraser Committee, Junior R+edYCiross Representative, Baseball, I WOOLARD, JAMES LEWIS "James" College Preparatory 5917 Kensington Avenue 02160 WOODWARD, PATRICIA ST. CLAIR ..',a'.. Elective 706 N. Belmont Avenue Auxiliary Aid, Guidance Aid, "Brigadoon," "Song of Norway," Milk Bar, Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Jeff Clef Club. WORRELL, BARBARA GRAY "Barbara" College Preparatory 5002 E. Seminary Avenue - Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Jeffersonian Business Staff, Homeroom Secre- tary, Alternate to Senior Class Council, A Cappella Choir, Or- chestra, Girls' Glee Club, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. WRAY, ELLEN ELIZABETH "Ellen" College Preparatory 4312 N, Ashlawn Drive Hockey, Tennis, President and Vice-President of Homeroom, Guidance Aid, House ot Repre- sentatives, Junior Stunt Night, "Song of Norway," "Lucky Star" Committee, Senior Class Council. WRIGHT, KATHLEEN DELORES "Kathleen" Business 4718 Monumental Avenue Bus Ticket Committee, Absentee Sheet Committee, Reception Desk Committee. YARBROUGH, RUTH SYLVIA "Ruth" Elective 2023 Seddon Road Bulletin Board Committee, Monti- cello Business Staff. YOUNG, CAROLE HARRISON "Carole" College Preparatory 3203 Garland Avenue Homeroom President, Homeroom Vice-President, Honor Study Chair- fT1BI'1. ZIMMERMAN, HENRY WILLIAM "Henry" College Preparatory 1630 Nottoway Avenue Homeroom President, Freshman- Sophomore Baseball, Usher and Traffic Committee, Junior Stunt Night, Key Club, House Represent- ative Alternate, Honor Society. NOT IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER: KRAEMER, HARRIET JANE "Jane" Colle e Preparatory 1204 Palmyra Avenue Homeroom President, Reception Desk Committee, Senior Class Council. KRIZ, BARBARA HELEN "Barbara" Colle e Preparatory 5504 Riverside Drive Red Cross Representative, Bus Ticket Committee, Homeroom Vice- President, Chemistry "Lab Assist- ant," Auxiliary Aid Committee, Welfare Committee. KUHN, JOYCE WINSTON ...Lavat- Business 290S Moss Side Avenue Character Committee, Guidance Aid, Forum, House of Representa- tives, Junior Stunt Night, Declara- tion Typist, Junior Red Cross Rep- resentative. QFLQPCLK e9l'l6JeX ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS A Cappella Choir, 104 Audio-Visual Committee, 95 Baseball Squad, 142 Basketball Team-Boys, 138-139 Basketball Team-Girls, 140 Biology Laboratory Assistants, 120 Board of Coordination, 83 Book Club, 93 Business Education Club, 92 Cadet Corps, 123-132 Band, 124 Company A, 125 Company B, 126 Company C, 127 Company D, 128 Company E, 129 Company F, 130 Drill Platoon, 131 Rifle Team, 131 Character Committee, 89 Cheerleaders, 134 Ctiganistry Laboratory Assistants, Christian Youth Club, 91 Club Affiliations Committee, 93 Council of Home Room Presidents, 88 Declaration Business and Literary Staffs, 113, 114, 115 Distributlve Education Club, 92 Football Team, 136-137 Forum Club, 90 Freshman Class Council, 78 STUDENTS AND FACULTY . A . Abell, Clyde George, 17, 22, 87, 123, 131 Abeloff, Judith, 74 Abrams, Arnold Lee, 17 Acra, Catherine Sue, 59 Acree, Fred Milton, 59, 136, 143 Adams, DeWitt Eugene, 59, 90, 124 Adams, Leonard Wayne, 59, 144 Adams, Robert, 75 Adams, Thomas Wade, 16, 17, 22, 100, 104, 129, 146 Addison, Edward, 17 Adt, Joseph Franklin, 74 Ahern, Cheryll, 79, 89 Algzight, Spurgeon Larry, 59, 126, Alderman, Kay, 16, 17, 102, 104, 114, 146 Alexander, Anne, 17, 130 Alexander, Dan, 17 Alexander, Jim, 17, 88, 120 Alford, Anne, 74, 82, 121 Allen, Barbara Ann, 73 Allen, Barbara Ann, 74 Allen, Elizabeth, 73, 106 Allen, G-ordon, 73 Allen, Helen Louise, 17, 86, 111 Allen, Irene, 75, 112 Allen, Thomas Nelson, 59, 85, 100 Allen, Thomas Reese, 17, 130 Allison, Arthur W., 10 Allnutt, Bruce, 81, 124 Girls'Glee Club, Section 1, 106 Hi-Y l, 98 Hi-Y 11, 99 Hockey Team, 135 Honor Study Chairmen, 103 House of Representatives, 86-87 Jeftersonian Business Staff, 110, 111, 112 Jeffersonian Literary Staff, 108-109 Junior Class Council, 58 Junior Red Cross, 96 Key Club, 100 Latin Club, 103 Library Staff, 105 Monticello Business Staff, 118-119 Monticello Literary Staff, 116-117 National Honor Society, 102 Orchestra, 97 Quill and Scroll, 107 Radio Committee, 94 Senate, 84-85 Senior Class Council, 16 Softball Team, 141 Sophomore Class Council, 72 Stage Crew, 95 Tebahoes, 101 Tennis Squad, Boys, 144 Tennis Squad, Girls, 144 Thespians, 94 Track Squad, 143 Y-Tgfns, Triangle 1 and Triangle 1 1 Alston, Anne S., 10, 121 Ament, Betty, 74, 106 Ament, Robert Miller, 59, 124 Amos, Carolyn Ann, 17 Andersen, Niels, 17 Anderson, Emilie, 75, 89, 115 Anderson, Emory, 76, 77, 88, 137 Anderson, Nancy, 81, 135, 140 Anderson, Thtomas, 18 Andrews, Fred, 58, 59, 125, 131 Angevine, Norma Lee, 77 Angevine, Winnie, 18, 90, 91 Anthony, James C., 10 Anthony, John, 73 Anthony, Phyllis Ann, 18 Appleby, Elizabeth, 59, 119 Archer, Allene, 10 Armentrout, Judy, 18, 90, 91, 92, 106 Armistead, Bob, 74, 124 Armstrong, Louise A., 18 Armstrong, Michael, 18, 103 Arnold, James, 97, 120 Arnold, John, 80 Arthur, Barbara, 75, 135, 140 Asbury, Tommy, 74 Ashby, George, 59 Ashworth, Beverly, 59, 105 Athas, Ann, 18 Atkins, Thomas, 77, 129 Atkinson, Nancy, 59, 112 Attanacio, Joyce, 18 Atwell, Robert LeRoy, 59, 125 021 Atwood, William Sinclair, 18 August Ayers, Ayers, Ayers, Ayres, Ba ber, Ba ber, Baccar Bacon, Bagby, Basbv. Bailey, , Ann Elizabeth, 19, 86, 114 Carolyn Ann, 19, 86, 101 Judy, 80, 96 Pat, 59, 119 Ray M., 10, 92 . 3 . Barbara Ann, 59,92 Joseph Wilson, 59 di, Car-ol, 19 Katherine, 59 Dick, 79 John, 77, 136, 142 James Marvin, 59, 124 Bailey, Joy Lynne, 75, 82, 116, 121 Bailey, Lauretta, 17, 85, 89, 102, 107, 116 Baines, Robert Madison, 59 Baker, Anne, 19, 90, 102, 107, 108 Baker, Dick, 73 Baker 140,'1 Baker, Frances, 59, 96, 121, 135, 41 Joe, 97 Baker, Margaret, 10 Baker, Mary Lou, 77 Ball, Charles William, 59 sallagh, Bene, 59, ea, 118 Balthis, Gay, 59, 90 Bambacus, Irene, 77, 135, 144 Bamba 107,1 cus, Marilyn, 19, 101, 103, 15, 135, 152 Bandas, Billy, 19, 118 Bandas, Janet, 80 Banks, Elaine, 59 Banks, Neal, 144 Banks, Steve, 80 Barefoot, Molly, 59, 91, 96, 114, 119 Barham, Catherine, 79, 86 Barker, Eleanor, 16, 19, 104 Barker, Lyston, 74, 104 Barker, Mary Anne, 80 Barlow, Gordon, 74, 88 Barrett, Eddie, 74 Barrow, Bernard, 19 Baskerville, George, 83, 85, 100, 139 Bass, B Bass, R Bassett ebe, 19, 104 ichard, 75, 124 , Peggy, 77, 119 Bates, Helen, 19 Bauer, Mary Anne, 92 Baughan, Sally Elizabeth, 59 Bafxlrges, Barbara, 19, 86, 102, 104, Baulde Beam, Beama Beama n, Margaret, 119 Robert, 136, 143 n, Mary Elizabeth, 10 n, Sue M., 10, 58,83 Bear, James, 59, 88 Beazley, Elizabeth, 20, 28, B3, 116, 134, 152 Beck, John, 77 Belcher, Doris, 74, 101, 124, 144 Belcher, James W., 88 Bell, Fl orine, 20, 92 Bell, Thomas, 20, 123 Bendal I, Bernard, 20 Bendall, Merrell, 59, 92 Bender, Velma, 81, 144 7 o Bendheim, Kay, 73, 135 Bennett, Connie, B1 Bennett, G. Ray, 10 Bennett, Joan, 20, 115 Bennett, Mozelle, 10 Bennett, Rose, 76 Bennett, Sidney, 59, 127 Benson, Beverly, 78 Benson, Jerry, 73 Bentley, Scott, 81 Berger, George Philip, 60, 136 Berger, James Robert, 73, 124 Berlin, Dan, 79, 137 Berman, Maxine, 75 Bernstein, Barbara, 74, 115 Besecker, Jacqueline, 60 Best, Lewis, 81, 137 Betts, Mary Frances, 20, 91, 104 Beverly, Deanna, 20, 90, 96, 104 Bickerstaff, Ann, 20, 89, 97 Bickerstaff, Joan, 60 Biddle, Richard, 77, 128 Bigony, Martha, 74, 96, 115 Binder, Mark, 80, 137, 143 Binns, Carole, 20, 86 Binns, Elva, 21, 92 Binns, George Joseph, lll, 21 Bishop, Lovelace, 58, 60, 136, 143 Blackwell, Mary Elizabeth, 79 Blackwell, Nancy, 21, 96, 117 snake, Bobby, so, 129 Blake, Herman Freeman, 21, 60, 127 Blake, Margaret, 60 Blake, Martha, 102, 111, 123,125 Blaylock, William Day, 21,92 Blege, Jimmie, 76, 112, 120, 127, Bliley, David, 60 Blonder, Nancy Ilene, 60, 71, 94, 96, 119 Bloxsom, W. E.,10, 133, 137, 138, 142 Blunt, Jimmy, 21, 95 Blunt, Nancy, 101, 135, 143, 147 Blunt, Randy, 81 Bluth, Donald, 75 Bobbitt, Helen, 74, 82 Brobzien, Kay, 21, 88, 118 Boelt, Diana, 60, 91, 93, 103, 1C4, 111, 122 Bogan, Forest, 75, 86 Bogin, Bernard, 60 Bond, Belah Daniel, 129, 130 Bond, Judy, 104 Boseman, Patricia Celeste, 21 Boseman, William, 73 Botto, Helen C., 10,96 Boulden, Margaret, 77 Bowden, Elaine, 77 Bowen, Peggy, 21, 91, 92 Bowers, John, 21, 97, 114, 124 Bowers, Robert, 60, 86 Bowles, Beverly, 101 Bowles, Calvin, 77, 136 Bowman, Patly, 74, 106 Boyce, Jane Lee, 76, 106 Boyden, Waynne, 21, 104 Bradford, Barbara, 96 Bradley, Arthur Linwood, 77, 137 Brady, James, 129 Brame, Doris, 60, 92 Brame, Mildred, 10, 133 Branch, Barbara, 77 Brandenburg, A. LaRue, 10 Brandt, Philip, 22, 100, 102 Bratman, Joyce Theresa, 60 Bray, Louise Matthews, 22, 9 Brent, Betty Cabell, 60, 135 1,105 Bridgers, Marvin Warren, 60, 130, 131 Brinkle y, Collier, 60 Britton, Earl, 22, 114, 120 Broaddus, Alfred, 79-143 Broaddus, Bobby, 22 Broaddus, Norma, 10, 78, 83 Broaddus, Scott, 76, 136 Brockmier, Robert, 22 Brogden, Claiborne, 77, 127 Brooke, Catherine, 22 Brfaake, John, 22, 83, 91, 104, 126, Brooks, George Kent, 22 Brooks, Katherine, 60, BB, 106 Brooks, Melissa Jackson, 60, 105 Brooks, Peggy, 73, 112 Brooks, Stuart, 22, 103 Brown, Arnold, 79 Brown, Aubrey, 23, 91, 102, 103, 108, 152 Brown, Clifford, 73, 124 Brown, Dottie, 74 Brown, Edward, 23, 109 Brown, Joe, 75, 95, 137 Brown, Myrna, 79, 141 Brown, Robert Lee, 60, 125, 131 Brown, Trudy, 81, 140 Brown, Zenda, 73, 91 Browning, Ruth Paul, 10 Brumble, Katherine, 11,83 Bryant, Bill, 79 Cannaday, Albert, 80 Cannon, Betty, 81 Cannon, Phyllis, 23, 92 Cantor, Philip, 76, 128 Capehart, Albert, 76, 82, 127, 131 Capps, Florence, 79, 90, 115, 121 Cardwell, Jack, 75, 77, 104, 129 Carino, Carolyn, 77, 96 Carlton, Graham Ashton, 61, 144 Carmack, Shelburn, 133, 136 Carner, Ellie, 81 Carpenter, Connie, 71, 75, 115 Carr, Lucy, 118 Carr, Pat, 61, 90 Caraher, Fred, 81, 125 Carson, Dorothy, 11 Carson, John, 61 Carswell, William, 136 Carter, Carroll, 73 Carter, Clyde, 11 Carter, Macon, 23, 94, 102, 103, 107, 110, 122 Carter, Suzanne, 58, 61, 117 Cary, John Melvin, 23, 90 Cary, Landy, B0 Case, William, 73, 137 Cass, Dorothea, 80, 105, 115 Cassada, Archer, 80, 86 Castelvecchi, Hilda, 73, 96, 106 Castelvecchi, Peggy, 73 Cauthen, Carolyn, 24, 91, 102, 104, 113, 152 Cauthen, Ralph, 61, 89, 91, 104 Cecchetti, Silvia, 81, 121 Cervarich, Alice, 24 Chandler, Leonard Pritchett, 24 Chapin, Virginia, 79 Chapman, Bruce, 24 Chapman, Carol, 74, 93, 105 Color, Barbara A., 25, 105 Coghill, Donald Edward, 61 Cohen, Anne, 79, 106 Cohen, Ivan, 24, 25 Cohen, Leithia, 61 Cohen, Lois, 77 Cohen, Norman, 73 Cohen, Sidney, 25 Bryant, Edward Hunter, 23, 86 Bryant, Ray, 78, 81 Bryant, Richard, 77, 130 Buchanan, Jo Ann, 23 Buckner, Bonnie Joan, 60, 121 Bugg, Estelle, 11 Bugg, Maridell, 77, 140, 141 Buff, Bonnie, 79, 93, 106 Bulitant, Betty Gayle, 60, 118 Bullard, Mary, 80 Chapman, Della, 79 Chapman, John, 61 Chappell, Kitty, 75, 85, 104 Charnock, Donald Johnson, 24, 97, 124, 147 Cheatham, Sandra, 77, 86, 91, 93, 95, los, 119 Chenault, Betty Lou, 75 Bullock, Charles Thomas, 60 Bundy, Arden, 81,114, 121 Burckell, John, 81 Burden, Isabelle, 11 Burke, David, 75 Burnett, Claudia, 90, 106, 121 Burns, Bobby, 78, 81, 128 Chenault, Bob, 74 Chepp, Theodore Jerry, 61, 100 Chesson, Betty Roney, 24, 102, 104 Chesson, Ralph, 80, 89, 124 Childress, Geraldine, 79 Childress, Marie, 11 Chilton, Pat, 73 Christian, Evelyn, 80 Christian, Sara, 75 .C. Burton, Duane Lee, 60 Burton, John Charles, 60, 128 Bush, Patricia Lee, 60, 76, 86 Butler, David Edward, 23 Butler, Irene, 80 Butler, Joan, 60, 101 Butler, Tim, 73, 136 Butler, William, 137 Butterworth, Mary Elizabeth, 23, 96 Butterworth, Pat, 60 Butts, Marian, 81, 122 Byrd, Robert, 80 Clark, Ann, 140, 144 Clark, Beatrice, 61 Clark, Betsey, 80, 96, 114 Clark, Beverly, 79, 106 Clark, Frankie, 24, 126 Clarke, Anne, 79, 121, 135 Clarke, Barbara, 24, 118 Clarke, Jane, 78, 106, 121 Clarke, Robert, 77 Clay, Caroline, 75, 82, 135, 141 Clay, Charles, 73, 127 Clayman, Hana, 77 Clayto n, John, Jr., 79, 124 Cleasby, Dorothy, 78, 79 Clemens, George, 120 Call, F rank, 23, 83, 84, 88, 99, 102, 136, 137, 143, 145, 146 Campbell, Ann, 77 Campbell, Hawes, 60, 86 Campbell, Patricia Jo Ann, 23, 109 Campbell, William, 23, 143 Clemons, Wade Norwood, 24, 120 Click, Frankie Mary, 61, 125 Cliff, William, 61 Cluverius, Patricia, 76 Cobbs, Phyllis, 25 Cockrell, John Reed, 25 Cohn, Ada Carol, 61 Cole, Jane, 16, 25, 134 Coleman, Barbara Ann, 61, 122 Collier, Jacquelyn Ann, 25, 109, 140, 144 Collins, Alvin Leon, 61 Coggns, James Alvin, 61, 98, 100, Collins, Stuart Elroy, 25, 92 Collman, Charles, 61, 98, 136, 137, 138, 142 Colman, Ann, 74 Condyles, George Edwin, 78, 80, 143 Connell, Dick, 61, 118, 124 Connell, Jackie, 74, 106 Connell, Jean Ellen, 97 Connell, Jeanne, 74, 88 Conquest, Star, 61, 111 Conte, Virginia, 119 Conwell, Betsy, 61, 77, 111 Conwell, Dee, 106, 112, 119 Cook, Archer William, 61 Cook, Mary Jane, 79 cooper, Billy, 25, 104, 126, 141 Cooper, Darlene, 76 Cope, Elizabeth Grover, 61, 106 Copple, Carolyn, 140 Cornell, Charlotte, 25, 91 Cornthwaite, Caryl, 79, 89 Corprew, Dorothy, 11 Corr, Lucy, 16, 25 Corso, Melvin, 76 Costen, Mildred, 61 Cothan, Jane, 73 Cotton, Ann M., 61, 135 Cottrell, Barbara, 73 Council, Dottie, 77 Cournow, Joan, 106 Cousins, Fred, 75, 126 Cowherd, Tommy, 25, 108 Cox, Davis, 75 Cox, Joe, 74 Craig, Eleanore, 26, 118 Craig, Richard, 26, 85, 152 Crane, Jeanie, 81, 91, 140 Cravin, James Warren, 98, 138 Creekmore, Carole, 61, 75, 81, 119 Crenshaw, Ann Warfield, 26 Crenshaw, Lila, 11 Crenshaw, Stuart, 81, 137, 143 Critzer, Patricia Ann, 61, 113 Cromer, Charles Robb, 61 Cross, Daniel, 77 Crouch, Raymond Earl, 144 Crowder, Shirley, 74 Crowson, Katherine Gill, 61, 94 Crump, John, 120, 127 Crumpton, Beverly, 75 Crutchfield, Ben, 79 Crute, Virginia, 77, 91, 121 Cudl1pp,Bill,81, 126 . D . Damerel, Tony, 26, 95, 104, 112 D'Amico, Fred, 26 Darginis, Carrie, 74, 91, 112, 121 Davenport, John, 79, 137 02180 f Davids, Harriet Merle, 26,94 Davidson, Joyce, 80 Davis, Arthur, 77, 125, 131 Davis Bryan, 74 Davis Diana, 79, 96 Davis Gayle Knox, 97 Davis Gilbert Paul, 26, 124 Davis, Jean, 16, 26, 102, 107, 113, 152 Davis, Jimmy, 76 Davis, Joe, 74 Davis, Katherine, 11 Davis, Katie Mae, 11 Davis, Lee, 80, 120 Davis, Mary Williams, 62, 90, 96, 106, 144 Davis, Nathaniel Bailey, 26 Davis, Sarah Ford, 27, 102, 107, 114 Davis, Davis Suzanne, 80, 90, 140 W1lliam,27, 136, 143 Dawson, Margaret Roselle, 62 Dawson, Suzanne, 62, 96, 104 Day, Betty, 81, 121 Deal, Bob, 27 Deans, Betty Jane, 62, 117 deButts, Anne, 77 Deglielman, Mary Ellen, 80, 93, 106, Decker, Richard Henry, 58, 62, 120, 127, 131 Decker, William, 77, 120 Deffenbaugh, Elmer, 80, 129 DeHaven, Brenda, 81, 106 DeHaven, Yvonne, 62 Delmar, Dorothy, 11 Denby, Paul, 62, 86, 144 Dennis, James, 62 Denoon, Sarah, 74, 96, 121 Densen, John, 27 Deppenschmldt, William Henry, 27 De Pue, Richard, 62 Dervishlan, Bob, 81, 128 Dervishlan, William, 80 Delqeville, Mary Claire, 106, 140, DeVault, Linda, 81, 91, 106 DeVoe, James, 27, 93, 98, 100, 104, 138, 147 Dial, Bob, 96 Dickens, Frank, 80, 126 Dickerson, Curtis, 120 Dickerson, Douglas, 27, 62 Dickinson, Dickie, 136, 143 Diedrich, Karen, 27, 86 Dix, Alice Joyce, 58, 62, 101, 118, 119, 135 Dodd, Nancy, 81, 91 Donaghue, Dawn, 73, 96 Donaldson, John Elwood, 62, 90, 129, 131 Donavon, Warren, 62 Donnelly, Jim, 73, 136 Dorsey, Mary Marguerite, 27, 90, 91, 104 Doss, Jean, 62 ooub, tommy, 21, az, a4, 91, 136, 137, 143, 152 Dovel, Edwin, 27, 99, 136, 137 Dowd, Betsy, 77 Dowell, Doris, 81 Downs, Ann, 27 Dracos, Cassie Ann, 28 Dranoff, Albert, 28 Drew, Lewis, 62, 88, 100, 142 Dreylinger, Bobble, 28 Drum, John, 76, 97 Dudra, Barbara, 28 Duff, Ronnie, 28 Wayne, 75, 137 Haeberlin, Anita, 33,96 Dufter, Barbara, 28, 92, 105, 119 Duke, Charlie, 75, 91, 95 Duke, James, 76, 136, 143 Duke, Mac, 77, 144 Duling, Darleen, 79 Dunbar, Donald, 73 Dunbar, Faye, 62 Duncan, Ann Caroline, 62, 97, 114 Dunkum, Ellis, 28, 40, 99, 100, 112 Dunnavant, Bertram, 62, 126, 131 DuPuis, Tom, 28 Durham, Susan Watkins, 28, 101, 135, 144 Dunnington, Robert, 98, 136, 143 Durr, William, 128 Dyson, Beverly, 62, 104 . E . Eads, Mary Carroll, 75 Eaheart, Ernestine, 29, 92 East, John Uackl, 95 Eastman, Benny, 74 Eck, Robert Charles, 62, 126 Edmondson, Eileen, 11 Edmunds, Nancy, 81, 106 Edwards, Ann, 81 Edwards, James Robert, 62, 86 Edwards, William, 73 Eggert, Joyce, 81, 88, 91, 97 Elsen, Fay, 112 Elam, George Thomas, Jr., 29 Elam, John, 29 Elder, Allred, 29, 143 Eldridge, sen, 75, ss, 1oo, 143 Eldridge, Carol, 78, 79 Ellett, Virginia, 11 Ellington, Barbara, 96 Elliot, Juanita, 74 Elliot, Shiras, 80, 135 suis, Earl, 76 Ellis, John Manning, 29, 124 Ellyson, Shirley Lee, 62 Elmore, Bobbie, 80 Emroch, Walter, 73, 86, 100, 139 English, Betty, 77, 89, 91, los English, Bobby, 29, 130 Ennis, Robert, 62, 124 Epps, Virginia, 110 Erhart, Charles, 62 Estes, Howard, 76, 130, 131 Etheridge, Sharon, 29 Eubank, Elizabeth, ll Eubank, Frank, 78, 114, 137, 143 Eubank, Margaret, 77, 117, 126,144 Eubank, Nancy Ann, 29, 101, 107, 114, 135, 144 Eubank, William, 73, 125,131 Ewell, Betty, 74, 121 . F . Fagg, Charles, 74 Fagg, Mary, 80, 106, 121 Faison, Carol Lee, 58, 62, 115 Farley, Carroll Xavier, 28, 29, 83, 99, 134, 146 Farley, Mary Lou, 80, 106 Farmer, Claude Crisp, Jr., 62 Farmer, Hazel, 29, 92 Farr, JoAnn Naomi, 29, 101, 135, 140, 144 Faulconer, Barbara, 75 Fayi,Ann Madollne, 29, 90, 91,106, Felbish, Marlene, 73 Felnmel, Harry, 62 Felthaus, Barbara, 30, 88 Ferguson, Robert, 30, 120, 123, 126 Ferneyhough, Barbara Anne, 62 Fielder, Mary Lee, 121 Fisher, Jimmy, 77, 95, 129 Fitzgerald, Lemuel, 133, 136, 143 Fitzhugh, Nancy, 11 Fleming, Phil, 76, 82, 128 Fletcher, Thomas, 81 Flick, Nita C., 63 Flippen, Marguerite Evelyn, 16, 30, 102, 110, 152 Flournroy, John, 75 Flowers, Sara Ellen, 73, 89, 135 Fogel, Myrna, 63, 94 Fohl, Barbara, 140 Foley, Tom, 30, 88, 117 Gasser, Charlotte, 73, 89 Gasser, Emil Joseph, 63, 89, 125 Gay, Patsy Anne, 63 Gay, Rebecca, 81 Genderson, Sam, 81 George, Richard, 31, 88, 142 Gerken, Katherine, 140 Germain, Mark, 73 Gershman, Irwin, 31, 94 Ghazarian, Anna Lillian, 63, 90 Gibbon, Edward, 31, 109, 143 Gibbs, Nita Mac, 77 Gill, Eunice, 12, 141 Gill, Helen, 12 Gill, John, 76, 136 Gilliam, Nancy Gay, 63, 85, 101, Grigg, Judy, 79 Grigsby, Betty, 63, 105, 141 Grigsby, John, 79, 137 Gross, Paul, 63, 119 Grosser, Joan, 79 Gzgzsman, Roberta, 80, 135, 140, Grubbs, Ronald, 32, 134 Grubbs, Thomas, 32 Grubbs, Wythe, 74, 137 Grymes, Harry, 33, 112 Grymes, Peyton, 92, 143 Grymes, Virginia, 79 Guerrant, Lilalee, 33, 109 Gunst, Susan, 76 Gunter, Brad, 78, 79, 83, 137, 141 Guyton, Lyndol, 33, 91, 92 Folkes, Ann Davies, 30, 118 Ford, Alton, 78, 80 Fonda Gonzalee Marie, 63, 96, Ford, Judlth, 76 Ford, Judy, 75 Ford Shirley, 93, 112 Ford, Susan, 81 Ford, 140, 141 ci111o,e11en,aa,9s Gills, Howard, 77, as, 125 Gilman, Betty, 63 Gilman, Catherine, 63 Givens, James, 74, 86, 91 Givens, Frances, 12 Glaser, Frank, 77 Glazier, Deborah, 80, 121 Forem, Cecilia, 80, 97 Forrest, Patricia Gail, 26, 30, 85, 102, 104, 152 Fortna, Clyde B., 11 Foster, Joan, 74 Fox, Nancy, 80, 86, 121 Fraley, Charlotte Thomas, 30 Francis, Marie, 74 Frank, Doris Eleanor, 30, 92, 96 Frank, Anthony, 30, 127 Frank, Phyllis Jane, 31, 92, 112 Frayser, Kathleen, 96, 106, 120 Freeman, Carol, 18, 31, 83, 84, 93, 102, 107, 119 Freeze, Janice, 76, 96, 112 French, Bruce, 73, 144 French, Jol':22Lawrence, Jr., 63, 88, Glenn, Glenda, 76 Glenn, Mary Etta, 31,102,110,111, 147 Guyton, Stuart, 33 . H . Haag, Mike, 74 Haddon, Patsy, 73 Haslld-on, Joseph Marvin, 63, 126, Hagen, Mary Lou, 63, 88, 90, 101, 104,121, 135,144 125, 131, Friedman, Arthur, 75 Friedman, Sandra, 74 Frischkorn, Charles, 77, 130 Friszcihkorn, George K., 31, 100, 123, Frischkorn , Hunter, 125 Frix, Alton, 137 Funai, Joyce Elaine, 31 Funderburke, Barbara, 31, 86, 91 Furzdierburke, Eugene, 77, 86, 91, Fuqua, Tommy, 77, 125, 131 Furman, Jerry, 77 . G . Gallaway, Margaret, 12, 107 Gambrill, Tommy, 81, 126 Gammon, Melba Rae, 63, 114 Gandee, Carolyn, 97 Gagderson, Merlin, 74, 96, 117, 1 1 Gardelle, Gardner, George, 77 Ann, 73 Gardner, Beverley, 81, 121 Gardner, Joyce, 31 Gardner, Ralph Harry, 63, 91 Godsey, Mary, 140 Golderos, Hilda Theresa, 63 Goldman, Stanley, 80 Goldstein, Eleanor, 31 Goldstein, Elizabeth, 32, 39, 94, 102, 109 Goldstein, Sylvia, 32 Good, Jacqueline Evans, 58, 63, 94, 106, 115 Goode, Mary Frances, 75, 91 Goode, Mariorie, 81 Goodman, Anne, 105, 114 Goodman, Biddie, 70, 93, 96, 105 Gordon, David, 81 Gond-on, Jean, 63, 90, 106, 112 Gordon, Jerry, 74, 95, 129, 131 Hall Aubrey Hires, 63 Hall Ben Rosebro, 64 Hall Gerald Maxine, 64, 91 Hall, James, 33 Hall Lucie, 33, 102, 135 Hall Hall Marianne, 75, 88, 104, 135 , Wayne, 64, 136 Halm, Frances Ann, 33 Hamilton, Bette Belle, 64 Hamilton, Joan, 73, 112, 119, 141 Hamilton, John, 64, 110,126,131 Hancock, Coalter C., 9 Hanger, Shar-on, 76 Hansen, Dick, 58, 64, 83, 85, 98, 100, 143 Harding, Wayne, 75, 126 Goadon, Nancy Terrell, 63, 104, 6 Gordon, Thomas Marshall, 63, 124 Gould, Paula, 77, 96 Graham, Elizabeth Ann, 72 Grandis , Elaine, 76 Granger, Nancy, 74 Grant, Jean, 76, 106, 115 Graves, Bobby, 63, 90 Gravins, Jack, 16, 32, 99, 136, 137, 138, 142, 143, 147 Gravinf58Thomas Benford, 77, 99, 136, Gray, Harry, 124 Gray, Graytred Bethea, 63, 128 Gray, Jim, 76, 86, 120 Gray, John, 63 Gray, M. Frances, 12, 103, 118 12s, Garnett, James, 129, 131 Garrett, Frank, 73 Garrett, Susan Powers, 63, 104, 111 Garrett, Tyler, 76, 120 Garrison, William, 76 Gary, Nancy, 12, 115 Gary, Merle C., 12 Greathead, James Rutherford, 58, 63, 134 Green, Elizabeth, 81, 91 Green, Jerold, 32 Greenbaum, Jean, 77 Greenberg, Florine, 32, 102, 110 Greenberg, Michael, 79 Greenberg, Peggy, 80, 135, 144 Greenstreet, Faye, 76, 91 Gregory, Richard, 32, 124 Greiner, James, 63 Gresham, Gail, 32 Gressett, William, 81 Griffin, Patricia, 75, 104 Grigg, Carolyn, 75 02190 Hardwick, Keith, 64, 100, 143 Hardwicke, John, 76, 125 Hare, Ann, 75 Hare, Herbert, 33 Hare, Myrna, 33, 106 Hargrove, John, 75, 139 Hargroves, Vaughn, 81, 88, 140, 144 Harlan, Jim, 120, 124, 142 Harris, Bernard, 64 Harris, Billy, 74, 130, 131 Harris, Carolyn, 79 Harris, Dorothy, 74 Harris, Eleanor Jean, 64, 91, 96, 115, 135 Harris, Nancy, 33, 48, 102, 107, 117 Harris, Rachel, 74 Harris, Sandra, 79, 90 Harrison, Arthur, 80 Harrison, Bill, 120, 124 Harrison, Mary Ann, 81, 114, 121 Harshbarger, Karen, 64, 90 Hartz, Jimmy, 12, 33, 99, 136, 137 1'1iZ16IOQd,JBhB1, 76, 101, 104, 135, Haskins, Wayne J., 64, 144 Hassel, Chris, 74, 104 Hazel, Susanna, 78, 79, 135, 140, Hastings, Jean, 79 Hastings, Powell, 76, 98 Hastings, Sarah, 34, 115 Hastings, T. T., 139 Hatfield, Penny, 76, 121 Hawkins, Elizabeth, 64 Hawthorne, Barbara, 80 Hawthorne, Bill, 75 Hawthorne, Carolyn, 79, 81, 105, 115 Hawthorne, Charles, 58, 64 Hawthorne, Walter, 64 Hayden, Joyce, 64 Hundley, Elizabeth, 11, 35, 102, 104, 112 Hurowitz, Norma, 64, 96 Hurt, David, 78, 125, 144 Huske, Leighton, 64, 96, 143 Hutcheson, Ann, 64 Hman, Thelma, 12, 107, 110 Inman, Lee, 81 Wilton, 37, 102 Jackson, Hayes, Skipper, 75, 125 Hayward, Marie, 34, 108, 121 Hayward, Otey, 76, 88, 116 Hazell, Elizabeth, 34, 106, 118 Heasley, Peggy, 80, 106 Hefflin, num, 75, as, 91, 93, 119, 121 Heinz, Beverly, 80, 112, 121 Helion, Louis, 75, 95 Hemphill, Jean, 12 Henderson, Ruth, 74 Henderson, Pat, 34, 83, 84, 93,102, 146 Hendricks, William, 76, 124 Henley, Betsy, 109 Henley, Robert Spalding, 64, 90. 93, 120, 126 Henna, Jeanette, 12 Henna, Martha, 80, 97 Henningsen, Mette, 77 Henry, William, 77, 143 Hepler, Norma Jean, 73, 91, 96, 141 Herbert, Jack, 34 Herman, Raymond, 34, 96 Hicks, Kathleen, 11, 34, 92, 104,147 Hicks, Peggy Jo, 16, 34 Hicks, William, 34, 86, 88, 95 Highfill, Page, 35, 124 Hill, Elizabeth, 96, 105, 106, 121 Hillman, Jeanette, 64 Hinchman, Connie, 75, 86 Hinckle, Bill, 79, 125 Hinckle, H. T., 127 Hinkle, Henry, 81 Hinkle, Martha, 73, 86, 96, 113, 128, 140 Hinsdale, Betty, 76, 114 Hirshberg, Don, 35 Hite, Ann Deiarnette, 64, 101, 135 Hodges, Harry, 73, 128 Hoffman, Stanley, 35 Hogge, Joyce, 90 Holladay, Martha, 141 Holland, Duval, 35 Holland, Jim, 81 Holland, William, 35, 90, 91 Holt, Luella, 12 Holtz, Bob, 80, 97, 124 Holtzclaw, W. F., 124 Holzbach, Alvinia, 74, 106 Hood, Dickie, 80 Hopkins, Louisa, 80, 121 Horne, Pat, 80, 93 Hostetter, Pete, 74, 97, 124 Hotchkiss, Sedley, 73, 106 Howell, Alton, 11, 12, 83 Howell, Ann, 79, 93 Huband, Bill, 35 Huband, Joyce, 73, 111 Hudgins, Ann, 80 Hudson, John, 35, 94, 104 Hut, Turid, 78 Huffman, Joan, 35, 92 Hughes, Leslie, 77, 101, 112, 135, 140, 141 Hughes, Richard, 64 Hulcher, Mary Jo, 77, 88 Humphries, Beechie, 81 Humphries, Laura, 12, 95 ,F g 1 l A f I1 , Innes, David, 74, 128 Irby, Charles, 98, 138 Isaacs, Betty, 77 lttenback, Phillip, 75 Kennedy, Robert, 92 Kent, Alice, 77, 96, 104, 105 Kent, Stephen, 65, 136, 143 Kephart, Richard, 79, 125 Kernan, Thomas, 37, 120, 124 Kersey, Beverly, 80, 86, 104 Kersey, Linda, 76, 82, 106 Kevorkian, Dick, 75 Kimball, Jane, 73 Kimmel, David, 80 Lawler, Mary Louise, 38, 101, 136, 144, 146 Lawrence, Joanne, 65 Layne, Davis, 79 Lea, Diana, 74, 119 Leadbetter, Raymond, 79, 137 Leahey, Garrett, 65 Leath, Helen, 106, 112, 114 Lee, Alan, 38 Lee, Blanton, 81 Lee, Frank, 79, 124 King, Carolyn Sue, 65, 113 King, Joanne, 65 King, Mary, 74, 106 King, Sidney Joel, 65 King, Lee, Patty, 39, 1o2, 103, 104, 105, 144 Leffel, Donnie, 75, 130 Lehman, Reva, 76 Leong, John, 80 . J . Jackson, David, 79, 143 Jackson, Eleanor, 35 Jackson, Elizabeth, 64, 91 Jackson Kathleen 79 96 Jackson: Ordra, 64, 92, 121 Robert, 78, 104 Jacobs, Carol, 35, 94, 108 Jacobs, Nancy, 74, 91, 106 James, Beverly, 10, 36, 102, 105, 114 Jarman, Lawrence, 10, 12 Jefferson, Tommy, 36, 99, 119, 134 Jeffries, Jerry, 74 Jenkins, David, 130 Jenkins, Marguerite, 77 Jennings, Stuart, 36, 103 Jernigan, Susan, 77 Jester, David, 76, 126 Johnson, Bobby, 79 Johnson, David, 76 Johnson, Jean, 74, 97 Johnson, Judith, 58, 64 Johnson, Judy, 81, 116, 121 Johnson, Wayne, 81, 90, 104, 114 Johnson, Shirley, 36 Johnston, Ann, 64, 96, 104, 114, 121 Johnston, Fount, 75, 143 Johnston , George, 36, 99 Johnston, Jean, 80, 121, 140 Jones, Betty, 79, 88, 105, 112 Jones, Bobby, 99 Jones, Carole, 81, 121 Jones, Connie, 74, 121 Jones, Dare, 74 Jones Dick, 119 Jones Evelyn Mae, 64, 89, 91 Jones, Fontaine, 58, 64 Jones, Jean, 36 Jones Mildred, 36 Jones, Millard, 76, 85, 100 Jones, Robert, 36, 152 Jones, Scott, 75 Kingrey, Margaret Carole, 65 Kirby, Scott, 77, 130 Kirk, Marcia, 65 Klaus, Philip, 80, 144 Kleinkopf, Louise, 81 Kline, Betty, 79 Kline, Jimmie, 75 Kloss, Carolyn, 74, 115 Kluge, Marilyn, 65 Klugman, Margaret, 80 Kluttz, Jane, 37, 102, 107, 109, 144 Kniesche, Carrloll, 65 Knight, Alice, 37, 96 Knight, Eddie, 77, 137 Knight, Robert, 76, 143 Kocen, Joel, 37, 90, 108 Kohn, August, B1 Koeppe, Dick, 97 Koeppe, Mary Jane, 65 Koeppe, Theodore, 73, 130 Korn, Lee, 81 Kraemer, Jane, 16, 37, 102 Kraft, Garna, 12, 83 Kravitz, Linda Ann, 65 Kritzer, Josephine, 13, 94 Kriz, Barbara, 37, 107, 117, 120 Krystel, Janet, 74 Krystel, Barbara, 140, 141 Kuhn, Joyce, 37, 96, 103, 114 Kundis, Laurie, 78, 81, 91 Kuylr, Virginia, 37 Kyhn, Polly, 37 . L . Lacy, Judy, 91, 96 Lalor, Sallie, 37,101, 135 Lamb, Audrey, 13 Lambeth, Martha, 77 Lamm, Barbara, 73, 93, 105 Landis, Har-old, 124 Landrum, James, 79, 124 Landsberger, Lee, 65, 94, 114 Lane, Carter, 38, 98 Levet, Stuart, 39 Lelvgis, Barbara, 39, 48, 88, 102, 107 Lewis, Betty Ann, 77, 91 Lewis, Cynthia, 96 Lewis, Janet, 81 Lewis, Peter, 73, 124 Lewis, Rachel, 39, 107, 109 Lewis, Thomas, 65, 71, 87, 104 Liebert, Patricia, 80, 105 Lightner, Betty Lou, 39, 104 Ligon, David, 79 Lindsey, Sue, 73 Liniado, Marion, 76, 106 Lipman, Ann, 77, 141 Lippy, Janice, 65 Lipscomb, Betty Lou, 39 Lipscomb, Nancy, 80 Lisagor, Barry, 73, 129, 131 Litten, Beniamin, 39 Litten, Matthew, 103 Little, Carl, 65, 128 Lively, Joe, 24, 80 Lloyd, Peggy, 65 Lonas, Margaret Rebecca, 65, 87 Londeree, Helen, 76 Lolttakosalind, 39, 102, 112, 115, Louie, Henry, 128 Loving, Ann, 65, 91 Jordan, Mary, 12 Joynes, Cooper, 75, 127 . K . Kainakian, Manuel, 74 Katz, Cynthia, 65 Kauffman, James, 36, 92 Kay, Virginia, 65 Kayne, Ellen, 80 Keck, Kathleen, 79, 105, 121 Kedy, Emily, 65, 90 Keech, William, 75, 94, 95, 126,131 Kelley, Janet, 76, 135 Kelly, Jonell, 65, 89 Kennedy, Judith, 74 Kennedy, Garnett, 95 Lane, Lane, Lane, Lang, Frank, 73 Linda Dare, 90 Rosemary, 65 Fred, 60, 130 Langford, Sylvia, 38, 92 Langhorne, Bolling, 74, 98, 100, 136, 137, 138, 142 Lansinger, Tommy, 38, 99, 104, 136, 137, 147 Lapkin, Edward Allen, 95 Lapp, Mariorie, 93 Larsen, May, 38, 92 Latham, Nancy, 38, 96, 106 Lattimer, William, 76, 130, 131 Laughon, Franklin Earl, 136 Lautenslager, Joan, 38, 94 Laveri, Steve, 80 02200 Loving, John, 75, 90, 104 Lowance, Alma, 13, 121 Lowenstein, Arnold, 89 Luning, Kay, 74, 112 Lynch, Betty, 74 Lynch, Patricia, 77, 91 . M . MacFarlane, Bobby, 79 Macke , Thomas, 16, 22, 39, 94, 102, 120, 123, 125 MacMillan, David Wishart, 39, 89, 102, 119, 124 Madison, Esther, 80, 91, 106 Maeder, Nancy Harriet, 39 Mahmood, Badrieh, 65, 92 Mahoney, Pat, 39, 42, 85, 104 Maier, Daisy, 40, 92, 93, 96 Maifor, Mary Lou, 40 Maior, Thelma, 40, 91 Mallory, Stuart, 40, 97, 124 Mann, Courtney, 80, 105, 140 Mann, Frances, 79, 121 Mann, Karen, 74 Mann, Russell, 40, 120, 124 Mansini, Charlene, 40 Mantlo, Tommy, 80 Maphis, Mary Lou, 40, 91, 94, 96, 97, 102 Marchant, Betty, 74, 87, 115 Markel, Frances, 40, 96 Markham, Beverly Carol, 40, 103 Marks, Archie, 13 Marks, Calherine lrene, 65 Marks, Rosalind, 13, 94 Marlowe, Mary Carolyn, 41, 101, 102, 107,114,125 Marr, Gloria, 65 Marrin, Jane, 41, 104, 107, 114 Marshall, Franklin Lee, 65, 104 Marshall, Jack, 79 Marshall, Pal, 65, 104 Marshall, Roberl, 41, 99 Miles, Charles, 77, 104 Miller, Calherine, 66, 91, 93, 103 Miller, Frank, 42, 83, 108 Miller, John, 81 Miller, Madison, 76, 88, 111 Miller, Melvin, 80, 95, 143 Millhiser, Mildred, 66, 87 Millican, Linda Louise, 66, 89, 104 Mills, Doris Ann, 66, 96 Mills, Roberl, 66, 104, 114, 115 Minor, Roberl, 75 Minlon, Marcia, 96,111,114 Marlin, Carolyn, 77 Marlin, David, 41, 134 Marlin, Gay, 73, 91 Marlin, Jean Anne, 41 Marlin, Lydia Ann, 66 Marlin, Nancy Lee, 91 Marlin, Roberl Lamb, 41 Maslan, Neal, 127 Massey, Caroline Amelia, 41, 90, 116 Mall, John Anlhony, 152 Mallhews, Frances, 13 Mallhews, Susan, 74 Mallox, Belly Sue, 66 Mallox, Marilla, 66, 90, 91, 97, 121 Malzanias, Alex, 41 Maxey, Mary Meade, 75, 91 May, Joseph, 66 Milchell , Alan, 124 Milchell, Barbara, 66, 140 Milchell Milchell Milchell , Beverly Anne, 42 , Carolyn Ann, 66 , David Paul, 42 Milleldorfer, Marx, 77, 88, 124 Mizell, Kay, 79 Modica, Carmen, 79 Monlague, Lewis, 79 Moody, Dorolhy, 79, 106 Mooney, Melvin, 74 Moore, Blylhe, 66, 90 Moore, Harrier, 42 Moore, Jerry, 77 Moore, Jim, 76 Moore, Laura, 75, 103 Moore, Nancy Carolyn, 66, 93, 114 Moore, Simon Delano Roberls, 42, Mayer, Adelia, 41, 90, 91 Mayes, Virginia, 74, 103 Mayo, Cary, 76 Mayo, Edwin, 41, 66, 87, 124 Mayo, George, 79, 95, 130 McAnally, Jean Carol, 41, 87, 105, 112, 140, 141 McCann, Billy, 23, 143 McC!eary, Richard Charles, 66 McClenny, Donald, 66, 128 McCray, Cole, 81 McCumber, Chrislina, 76 McDaniel, Mary Helen, 74 McDanie1s, Dorolhy, 79 McFarland, George Max, 66, 91, 95, 124, 144 McFarland, Mary Jean, 41, 87 McFee, Margarel, 79, 97 McGarry, Pal, 77, 97 93,9a,1os Moorelield, Roberl, 80 Moran, Donna, 78, 106 Morey, Jeanne, 81 Morey, Palsy, 73 Morgan, Beverly, 79, 144 Morris, Becky, 79, 140 Morris, Calhy Cecelia, 66 Morris, Charles, 80 Morris, Dewey, 74, 88, 100, 139, 142 Morris, Elizabelh, 42, 114 Moseley, Jeanne, 93, 121 Moss, Ann Sidsel, 85 Moss, Howard, 78, 136, 137, 143 Mullin, Carole Augusla, 67, 87, 106 Munlord, Randolph, 76 Munson, Marion, 76, 106 Murphy, Susan, 74, 89, 140 McGhee, William Lee, 58, 66 McGralh, Richard, 66, 99, 100 McKennis, Quenl, 77, 105, 128 McKinney, Ardra, 97 McKinney, Carman, 66, 97 McKinney, Carroll, 66, 138 McLeod, Murrell, 81 McMurdo, Sara, 66 McNie1, John Glen, 66 McNieI, Mary Louise, 42 Meade, Jo Ann, 74 Meelze, Ann Taylor, 66 Megne, Krislina, 66 Meinlel, Peggy, 77, 92, 112 Meisel, Albin, 74, 120, 128 Mellon, Bruce, 79, 124 Mellon, Nelson, 73 Mellon, Palsy, 77 Mendel, Jack, 74, 111 Merrill, Deanna, 75, 104, 105 Melz, Anne Taylor, 122 Melz, John Richard, 66, 129 Melzger, Susan, 66, 97, 128 Meyers, Meyers, George, 42 Slephen, 81, 127 Michael, Alice Jane, 66, 121 Michael, Bobby, 81, 97, 144 Michaux, Belsy, 42, 109 Murray, Barbara Jean, 92, 93 Murray, Carolyn, 75, 115 Murray, Murray, Murray, Jean, 79, 105 Mary Adelaide, 76 Roberl, 89, 98 Muse, Evelyn, 79, 140 Muse, Roberl, 80 Musser, Mildred, 80 Mygrs, Jane, 75, 88, 101, 135, 140, 1 1 Myers, Roland, 74, 88 .N. Nash, Josephine, 43, 92 Nasser, Dorolhy Jane, 67, 121 Navis, Edward Melvin, 43 Neagle, Belly Ann, 97, 121 Nelson, Dorolhy, 75, 105 Nelhery, Claude, 43 Neuman, Elizabelh, 67 Newbold, Jean, 77, 121 Newell, Newell, David, 75, 104 Minor, 77 Newell, Ned, 75, 120, 125 Newman, Edilh, 76 Newman, Joyce, 79 Newman, Pele, 43, 143 Newlon, 8Hl,81 Nichols, Joyce Diane, 43, 127 Nicholls, Pal, 73 Noble, Charles F., 9 Noble, Nan, 80, 106 Noblill, Aulrey, 74, 97, 139 Noel, Barbara, 73, 92 Norfleel, Clara, 13 Norwood, Jeanelle, 77, 91, 121 Norvell, Gregory, 76, 126 Nollingham, Thomas, 80, 125 November, Richard, 76 Novick, Zelda, 43 Nussman, Lewis, 81 . gg . Oakes, Dean, 77, 130, 131 Oakes, Roberl, 43, 117 O'Brien, Judy, 43 Ogilvie, John Douglas, 43, 124 Olerl, Sarah, 104, 140 Oliver, Beverley, 18, 44, 83, 84, 87, 102,146 Ollon, Roberl Mallhew, 44, 91, 102, 124, 147 Orrock, James, 67 Oslin, Ronald, 67, 81, 88, 97, 124 Oslerman, John Harold, 143 Overley, Elnora, 13 Overlon, Margarel, 67, 97 Owen, David, 74 Owen, Richard Millon, 44, 136 . p . Padow, Waller, 73, 82, 90, 119 Page, Eleanor, 81 Page, Jane, 79, 106 Pahnelas, Mary, 74, 115 Painler, William, 77, 120, 125 Parel, Louis, 67, 144 Parker, Beverly, 74, 91, 106 Parker, Carolyse, 44, 109 Parker, Richard, 76, 143 Parker, Roberl, 67, 85, 98 Palrlcger, Scoll, 78, 85, 99, 137, 138, Parkingl-on, David, 104 Parrish, Jane, 77 Parrish, Pal, 44, 92, 117 Parsons, Barbara, 90, 92, 122 Parsons, Deane, 81 Palrick, Brenda, 78 Pallashnick, Sandra, 75,96 Pallerson, Brenl, 67 Pallerson, Suzanne, 80, 121 Paxlon, Jimmy, 80, 120 Payne, Barbara Ann, 44 Payne, Chrislina, 81, 88, 106 Payne, David, 75, 127 Payne, Lois, 67 Payne, Susan, 75, 105 Payne, Tommy, 79, 88, 136 Peabody, William Alden, 44 Pearson, Pally, 79, 121 Peck, Eilene, 77, 119 Pelouze, Craige, 74, 88, 136 Peple, Ned, 76, 104, 130, 131 Perkins, Ann Lee, 58, 67, 106, 113 Perkins, Joe, 67, 90, 128 Perkins, Roberl, 73 Perkins, Virginia, 79 Perkinson, Julia Lee, 81 Perlslein, Roberl, 67, 143 Peffgs, Jamie Samuel, 26, 44, 97, Pelerson, Mary Ann, 16, 44, 93, 101 104 0 S2221 O Pellil, Mary Ann, 73 Peyronnel, Nellie, 81 Phaup, Arlie, 126 Phillips Dickie, 92 Phillips Eugenia, 80, 106 Phillips, Gibson, 74, 95 Phillips, Mary Burlool, 45, 102, 105, 116 Phillips, Sonny, 74, 137 Phillips Pickral, , Virginia, 67, 115 Efsom, 76, 89 Pierce, Robyn, 75 Pilkinglon, Palsy, 67, 90, 93 Pincheisky, Rosalie, 67 Pindell, Roberl, 45, 123, 127 Pill, Lyndele, 13 Pillman, Anne, 45, 112 Pillman, Belly Jane, 45 Pills, Donald, 45 Pills, Ralph Bernard, 45, 99, 136, 137 Plunkell, Anne, 13, 83 Plunkell, Beverly, 74, 112 Plunkell, Blair, 45, 91, 96 Plunkell, John, 45, 104, 124 Poegl, Roberl, 45 Pollack, Jo Anne, 67,111 Pollard, Belsy Ryland, 45 Poppas, Penelope Georgia, 45 Porlewig, Ronnie, 81 Pomgll, Cynlhia, 80, 89, 113, 121, Powell, Dewey, 75 Powell, Gail, 75 Powell, Palli, 58, 67, 100, 101, 104, 134 Powell, Sue, 124 Powell, William, 78, 80 Powers, Carl Millon, 67 Powers, Jean,76,106,112 Prescoll, Jane, 74, 96, 121 Pressner, Linda, 79 Presson, Marvin, 77, 124 Prevall, Jon, 75, 143 Prilchell, Belly, 81, 113 Proflill, Henry Willis, 45, 88 Pruell, Jo Ann, 73, 106 Puckell, Roy, 9 Pyron, Frances, 76 . gg . Quick, Marilyn, 46, 105 Quisenberry, Bob, 80 Quisenberry, George, 97 . R . Radford, Jerry, 79, 88 Ragland, Dallon, 77 Ragland, John, 136 Raines, James Granl, 90 Ralslon, Mary Alice, 67 Ramos, Elizabelh, 40, 46, 102, 103, 114, 118, 122 Ramos, Harvey, 73, 139 Randall, Judy, 74 Randall, Louis, 76, 112, 129 Randlell, Barbara, 80, 89, 112, 115 Ragiurn, James Andrew, 46, 125, Rayburn, Peggy, 76, 121 Reagan, Charles Harold, 46, 98 Redman, Norma, 67 Reed, Larry, 78, 81, 87, 97 Reese, Carol Sue, 75, 111, 119, 135 Reid, Calherine, 73, 121 Rein, Harriel, 77, 82, 106, 116 Reisig, Joyce, 67 Reuger, Betty Lou, 108 ReVille, Kay, 81 Reynolds, Barbara, 80, C8, 106 Reynolds, Judy, 46, 94 Rhodes, Martha, 74, 89, 91, 106 Rice, Branstord, 67, 138, 143 Rice, James Linwood, 67, 87, 127 Richardson, Jack, 46 Richardson, John, 73 Richardson, June, 75, 112 Richardson, Preston, 81 Richeson, Frankie, 46, 102, 107, 113 Richwine, Joyce, 91 Riddick, Larry, 58, 67, 128 Riffey, William, 124 Riggs, Frank, 76, 136 Riner, Gloria, 67, 89, 105 Risby, Tommy, 75 Sanders, Muriel, 13 Sanflord, Louise, 13 Sarafian, Peter, 77 Sarvay, Thomas, 77, 124 Saslaw, Marcia, 75 Saslaw, Marlyn, 75 Satterwhite, George William, 68 Saunders, Ariana, 13 Saunders, Barbara Ellen, 47, 88, 119 Saunders, Robert, 98, 132, 146 Sargizders, Isabell Lynne, 47, 112, Saunders, Julius Roy, 47, 102, 108 134, 152 Savage, Martha, 13 Sayles, Mary, 68 Schaffer, Virginia Page, 60 Scher, Iris, 80, 106 Scher, Norman, 10, 47, 152 Silvette, Helen, 73,88 Sims, Lyn Lee, 68, 88 Simmons, Joan, 81 Simmons, Pat, 81, 105, 127, 141 Simpson, Nancy, 77, 87, 93, 121 Singleton, Esther, 14, 93 Singleton, Pat, 77, 91, 106 Sinsheimer, Louise, 76 Sisson, Rebecca, 74, 105, 121 Slater, Joyce, 80, 114 Slaughter, Becky, 76, 111 Slaughter, William, 49 Slavin, Joyce, 87, 111, 144 Sledd, Sarah, 68,121 Slusser, Frank, 76, 99, 136, 143 Slusser, Nancy, 81, 96, 135, 144 Smethie, Marion, 14 Smith, Betty, 68, 112 Roach, Ellen Gayle, 16, 46, 67 Robertson, Bill, 75, 88, 139, 143 Robertson, Edward, 75 Robertson, Mildred, 46 Scherr, Harvey, 75, 95 Schneider, Geralde Mae, 48 Schneider, Shirley, 77 Schneider, William, 95 Robins, Ann Carter, 67, 87 Robinson, Arvin, 73 Robinson, Barbara, 13 Robinson, Bill, 139 Robinson, Jane, 80 Robinson, Nell, 73 Robinson, Red, 76 Robinson, Tommy, 47, 94, 103 Roden, Joanna, 73, 89, 140 Rodrigues, Paul, 74 Rogers, Beverly, 76, 119 Rogers, Tony, 79 Schools, Mary Katherine, 48, 102 Schnow, Billy, 76 Schular, Mariorie Ann, 48, 91, 114 Schwartz, Harold, 80, 95 Schwartz, Hazel, 77 Schwartz, Jackie, 81 Schwartz, Paul, 81, 130 Schwarzschild, Ellen, 68, 114 Scott, Betty Carroll, 48 Scott, Jimmy, 77 Scott, Mildred Fay, 68, 118 Scott, Paula Kaye, 48 Rogerson, Donny, 74, 143 Rohn, Jack, 75 Roll, Virginia Helen, 47 Roman, Bob, 47, 89, 91, 104 Romm, Elizabeth, 67 Rose, Frances, 68, 115 Rose, Peter, 80 Rose, Philip, 77 Rosenberg, lra, 47, 118 Rosenfeld, Marshall, 47 Rosenveare, David, 74 Rosenzweig, Richard, 76 Ross, Alta, 79 Ross, Esther Rae, 68 Rothschild, Jean, 75 Roulshon, Jane, 78, 79, 89, 105, 121 Rowe, Grace, 13, 116 Roye, Pete, 74, 112 Royer, Robert, 89 Royster, Lewis, 81, 87 Ruckman, Ann, 68, 121 Rueger, Elizabeth, 47 Ruffin, Elizabeth, 68, 106 Ruggles, Caroline, 81 Russell, Barbara LaVerne, 68, 112 Russinoft, Frances, 47 Rutan, Jan, 129 Rutherford, Wayne, 88, 144 Ryland, Mary Brennan, 68, 119 . 5 . Sadler, Amy, 76, 97, 119 Sahnow, William, 136 Saleeba, David, 76 Salomonsky, Louis, 74 Salsbury, Carl, 76, 109, 124 Salsbury, Harriet, 81 Salsbury, Sandra, 81 Sammis, Theo, 115, 119 Sampson, Marcia, 47 Seaton, Mary Jane, 68, 104, 111 Seargent, Betty, 79 Smith Betty Ann, 73, 112, 115 Smith Betty Anne, 79 Smith Bob, 74, 98, 100, 136, 139 Smith Calvin, 77 Smith, Dallas Edwards, 68, 127, 131 Smith Dickie, 115, 124 Smith, Dorris, 73 smirh, Edward N., 14, 133 Smith Smith Eugene, 68, 95, 126 Garnett Flloyd, 68, 111 Smith George Buchanan, 49, 130 Smith Howard Irving, 49 Smith James Drinard, 49, 89, 94 Smith, Jo Ann, 76, 97 Smith, Katherine Ann, 49 Smith Marshall, 81 Smith Maxine, 68 Smith Nancy Lee, 16, 49 Smith Paul, 136, 143 Stewart, Jack, 58, 68, 129 Stillman, DeAnn, 73 Stock, Ann, 77 Stlopes, Arthur, 69, 89, 91 Stratton, Lewis, 81, 124 Stratton, Pete, 73 Straus, Beniamin, 95 Straus, Sam, 73, 119 Strauss, Irvin, 74, 128 Stuart, Walker Dabney, 69, 85, 99, 136, 137, 138, 142 Stubbs, Peggy, 81, 112, 121 Stuckey, Jamerson Herndon, 50 Stutz, Jo, 80, 114 Stutzman, Carl, 14 Sublett, George Barnett, 58, 143 Subley, Lillian, 76, 104 Sullivan, Ted, 69 Sunderland, Judith, 117 Surface, Carol Ann, 74, 89 Suttles, John, 88, 98 Sutton, Howard, 75, 97, 124 Swaffin, Catherine Edith, 16, 50, 112, 152 Swearingen, Margaret, 73, 106, 119 Sweet, George, 73, 88, 129, 131 Swift, Evelyn, 14 Sydnor, Davis, 81 Sydnor, Virginia, 14 Sylvia, Bruce, 77, 144 . T . Taliaterro, Carol, 77 Talzy, Jloan, 51, 87, 102, 103, 104, 1 Tankard, Estelle, 14, 83, 108 Tatum, Samuel, 51, 124 Seay, Mary Porter, 68, 95, 112,117, 141 Seay, Sara, 68 Seay, William, 76 Seibert, Carol Christian, 48, 88, 134, 152 Seldes, Jean, 74 Seldes, Marc, 81, 88, 95, 117, 126 Selden, Dickie, 77, 136, 142 Self, Clara, 76, 140 Smith, Robert, 73, 103 Smith, Thomas, 75, 129, 131 Smither, Carol Lee, 49, 147 Smithey, Eleanor, 14 Snead, Glenna, 80 Snead, Robert, 81, 144 Snidow, William Weaver, 68, 120 Snyder, Bill, 81 Sodini, Sam, 68 Taylor, Ann Caroline, 122 Taylor, Carolyn, 75, 140, 141 Taylor, Gwendolyn, 75, 121, 135, 141 Taylor, Sonny, 81, 136, 138, 142 Taylor, Turner, 69 Teachey, Jimmy, 81 Teefey, Joseph, 74, 136, 137, 138 Temple, Carol, 74 Terrell, Mary Lou, 76 Servitz, Marshall, 79 Setien, Angelo, 14 Seward, Harvey Lee, 74 Shafer, Virginia Page, 123 Shahda, Jackie, 75, 87, 117, 144 Shaheen, Gloria, 92 Shaheen, Shirley, 77 Shaughnessy, Johnny, 77, 126, 131 Shaughnessy, Patsy, 79 Shepherd, Elizabeth, 74 Shepardson, David, 78, 79, 137 Shepardson, Thomas, 137 Sheppard, Edtih Logan, 48, 104, 134, 145, 147 Sherman, Andrew, 68, 87, 129 Shevitz, Leonora, 75, 89, 97 Shevitz, Rosalind Deborah, 48 Shirey, Jim, 68 Shiver, Lucy, 75, 96 Shocket, Judy, 140 Shull, Fred, 80 Shultz, Gerald Edward, 48 Shumate, Sarah Lee, 16,49 Shurley, John, 49, 120, 124 Siegal, Judy, 77 Siegal, Melvin, 68 Sielski, Edward, 73 Sikkelee, Albert Duke, 16, 49, 83, 85, 99, 102, 146 Sikkelee, Mary Beth, 73, 87, 121 Silverstein, Joan, 75, 119 Soble, Stanley, 79 Soble, Glenda, 80, 106, 141 Thacker, Waverly, 73, 129 Theofanos, Stanley, 80 Softer, Martin, 80, 81, 90, 104 Solomon, Jackie, 80, 122 Southern, Martha, 74,92 Sparks, Dorothy, 49, 115 Specter, Braddy, 81 Spencer, Roger, 76, 89, 124 Sperberg, Deborah, 113, 115 Sperberg, Frances Jane, 50 Spicer, Gailya, 75 Spiegel, Butch, 73, 136 Spiers, Dan, 80 Spivey, Evelyn, 73, 121 Spivey, James, 124 Spracher, Kathleen, 50 Spruill, Allen, 50 Stanly, Sigrid, 16, 50, 120 Staples, Buddy, 76, 87 Stavredes, Thomas Gus, 50, 87 Steadman, John, 124 Steele, Bill, 126, 131 Steele, Sara, 79, 93 Steger, Betty Carol, 75, 91 Steingold, Louis Brandt, 68, 128 Stephens, Jackie, 68, 104 Stephenson, Edward, 77, 91 Stephenson, Richard, 100 Stern, Betty, 81 Stertz, Mary Elizabeth, 50 Thomas, Ann, 69 Thomas, Betty, 69, 91 Thomas Eleanor Stephens, 51 Thomas, Harriet Elizabeth, 51, 101, 135, 144 Thomas, Larry, 75, 130, 131 Thomas, Mary McCown, 51,91 Thomas, Patricia, 77 Thompson, Anne, 96, 97 Thompson, Betty Anne, 76, 115 Thompson, James, 76 Thompson, Jimmy, 80, 136, 143 Thompson, John, 77, B8, 120 Thompson, Jon, 74, 126 Thompson, Polly, 76, 119 Thompson, Ruth Alberta, 69, 85, 101, 106 Thornton, Jo Ann, 69, 106 Thornton, Ed, 13 Thorpe, Ames, 75, 1oo, 135, 142 Thnockmorton, Mary Ann, 51 Thulln, Bernard, 79 Thurston, Carol, 69, 73 Thurston, Jo Ann, 51 Tignor, Leslie, 74, 143 Tilton, Lloyd, 75, 89 Timberlake, Hardy, 74, 95 Tingley, Charles, 69, 87, 99, 136, 13 7 lj, Q.. .,,. il, . 1-' ., y,- . ,' - J a' Sanders, Lundi, 76 02220 Wood, Betty, 77, 105 Woodward, Pat, 54, 104 Wooley, Robert, 127 Tishman, Henry, 69, 127, 131 Todd, Edlth, 14, 101, 133 Tolbert Charles Ray, 51 Tomllnson, Wiliam B., 73, 129 Tomlinson, Willlam T., 124 Tony, Theresa, 76 Towell, John, 77 Towell, Richard Leigh, 51, 143 Townsend, Winnie, 76, 91, 96 Tralner, Jeannette, 79, 121 Trainham, Betty, 80, 106 Tralnham, Josephine, 69, 92, 116 Trattner, Alice, 51, 117 Traylor, Joyce, 80 Trevillian, Bob, 51 Trexler, Francia, 79 Tribble, Chippy, 79 Trice, Clarry, 81, 95 Tripp, Guy, 80, 88, 129, 131 Trites, Ann, 81, 87 Trout, William Edgar, 51, 120, 127 Tuck, Richard, 51, 143 Tucker, Bill, 73, 82 Trigger, Edward Peoples, 36, 51, 87, Tucker, Emily, 73 Vaughan, Wilton, 74 Vaughn, Joyce, 106 Vallines, Joan, 77, 89, 115, 140 Verstandig, Joyce, 73, 96 Vestal, Irvin, 80 Vick, Sarah, 69 Viener, John, 76, 124 Vincent, Keats, 53, 91 Vitsky, Brian, 80, 97, 109, 124 Vogel, Adele, ai, 112, 121, 135, 144 Voss, Chris, 77, 125 Vunck, Jackie, 75, 106 Wendt, Frank G,, 97 Wenzel, B arbara, 73, 91 West, Kathleen, 75, 96, 119 West, Mary Faith, 16, 53, 104 West, Nel Wheatley, lie, 74 Carolyn, 80 White, Ernest, 7.9, 128 White, Jackie, 53, 109 White, James Forsyth, 70 White, Joanne, 70, 113 White, John, 76 Whitehead, Russell, 70 . W . Wacker, Carol, 77 Waddell, John, sv, 99, loo, 136, 137 Wade, Edward 73 Wade, Patricia, 80, 96 Wade, Sandra, 69 Whitehorne, Flora Dale, 53, 92 Whitehurst, Bobby, 81, 99 Whitfield, Jimmy, 98, 100, 104, 143 Whitley, Mary Ann, 70, 92 Whitlock, Bill, B1 Wicker, Gail, 74, 121 Wiener, Paul, 74 Wiley, Wayne, 77, 89, 91 Tudor, Linda, 73 Turbevllle, Nathan, 75, 88, 143 Turnzr, Ann Sergeant, 51, 102, 107, 1 Turner, Carol, 75, 104, 112 Turner, Elizabeth, 51 Turner, Jimmy, 75 Turner, Martha Ann, 69 Turner, Mary, 76, 89, 104, 115 Turner, Primm, 14 Turner, Sonya White, 51, 92 Turner, Thomas Anthony, 136 Tyler, Catlin, 14 Tyler, Roberta, 51, 92 Tyson, Flavius Maynard, 46, 51, 99, 136, 137 . U . Uram, Joseph, 14, 83, 133 Upshar, Cary, 53, 106 . V . Van Ness, Frances, 14 Vass, Robert Wilson, 53, 95 Vassar, Robert, 76 Vaughan, Vaughan, Vaughan Carolyn Kent, 69, 118 Herbert Edward, 69 Mayo William, 53, 129 Waldrop, Patricia, 73, 92 Walker, Joseph, 69 Wall, Van, 69, 100 Wallace, James, 119, 137 Wallihan, Jean, 74, 82, 106' Walling, Armorel, 97 Walters, Lois, 96, 130 Walton, Linwood, 73 Wampler, Robert, 81 Ware, Susan Marie, 69, 101, 135 Warren, Malvin, 73 Warren, Virginia Ann, 53, 102, 144 Warwick, Sally Maynard, 16,53 Wash, Ronald, 69 Waters, William, 99, 144 Watkins, Anne Carol, 79, 121 Watkins, Joanne, 80 Watkins, Sandy, 75, 91, 96, 104 Watson, Caroline, 81 Weaver, Beth, 73 Weaver, Pat, 53, 69, 87, 94 Webb, Harriet Monnette, 69, 92 Webb, Jane, 69,92 Weinberg, Allen, 80 Weinstein, Betty, 80 Weinstein, Gerald, 69 Weinstein, Rosalind, 69, 94, 116 Weis, Billy, 53 Weiss, Edna, 69, 89 Weiss, Marcia, 70 Welborn, Terry, 74, 87 Welch, Margaret, 70, 106 Welch, Marie, 78, 88, 105 Wells, Garnett Ann, 53, 118 Wells, Mac, 74 Wilkerson, Carrington, 76 Wilkinson, Beverly June, 54 Wilkinson, Claire, 76, 97 Wilkinson, Donny, 95 Wilkinson, June, 78, 80, 93, 121 Willard, Frankie, 72, 74, 106, 117 Willard, Jack, 70, 88, 99, 142 Willett, Harriet, 79 Willey, Twyla, 70, 103, 111 Williams, Alice Ann, 74 Williams, Anne Kennon, 14 Williams, Anthony, 70 Williams, Jerry, 73 Williams, Joyce Patricia, 70, 112 Williams, Kathleen, 73, 91, 96 Williams, Marilyn, 79 Williams, Martin, 70, 117, 126, 131 Willliams, Mary Ann, 54, 102, 107, Williams, Mollie, 106, 135 Williams, Nancy, 75 Williams, Paul, 81, 97 Williams, William, 54, 98 Williamson, John Bolling, 54, 112 Williamson, Nancy, 79 wma, An ne, 81, 87, 105 Willis, Jean, 76 Wills, Judy, 76 Wills, Mary Ann, 70,96 Wilmore, Wil-son, C John, 75 Iaudia, 54 Wilson, Deborah, 74, 115 Wilson, Jack, 70, B1 Wilson Nancy, 78, 80, 87, 121 Wilson, Susan, 77, 96, 129 Wimer, Frances, 14 Vaughan, Rosalie, 69 75 lv. lk' X, ri 10 1 X Welsh, Jack, 70, 124 fX?v 1 1' ri? Q 1 Winfree, Ruffin, 74, 127 Wingfield, Ann, 54,95 Wingfield, Faye, 73 Wingfield, Jacquelyne, 54 Wirt, Joe, 79 Wise, John Dana, 59, 98 Wolf, Franklin, 70, 95 Wolf, Joyce, 77, 106 Wolfe, Norma Sue, 80, 112, 122 Womack, Mary, 14 Womble, Thomas Franklin, 58,70 Wood, Frank, 75, 95 Woodall, George Satterwhite, 70, 88, 124 Woodcock, Kenneth, 70 Woodford, Sally, 91 Woodle, Patricia Lee, 77 Woodson, Avon, 81 Woodward, Edward, 70, 127, 131 Woodward, Woody, 77, 112 Woolard, James, 55 Wooldridge, John, 76, 124 Wooldridge, Rebecca, 76, 140, 144 Woolford, Ann, Bl, 106, 121 Woolford, Sally, 80 Wooters, Nancy, 74 Word, Lynn, 77 Worrell, Barbara Gray, 55, 102, 104, 107, 110 Wray, Ellen Elizabeth, 16, 55,88 Wright, Beverly, 73, 79, vo, 92, me Wright, Kathleen Delores, 55 Wright, Sandra, 96 Wyland, Louie, 80 . Y . Yaffe, Ronald, 81, 95, 137 Yarbrough, Ruth Sylvia, 55, 119 Yarbrough, Terry, B1 Yates, Johnny, 74 Yates, Mary Ellen, 81, 106 Yates, Pat, 79 York, Clyde, 76, 125, 131 Young, Carole Harrison, 55, 103 Young, James Wallace, 70, 104 Young, Russell, 73 ' .Z. Zimmerman, Henry William, 55, 100, 102 Zimmerman, Marianne, 73, 105, Zimmerman, Nathan, 76 if ,Y Q-l,,eH,, he 15351 lil sql 151 fi 1 HX if 1 1 , ii la , l lfliia lriiii iliilae' ggoigiiig imiirll 1 13 l ' lx ibgiiagggiigifiiiiilgig 02230 121 2.1 1 T. A 1: 'Q fu F it 1 Q1 ll 1 fi f-X 9 ff 1 ff J x IN .-9 i-3 WGHL5 . . P To Miss Rowe and Miss Gray, our staff advisers, and Miss Hemphill, our art adviser, for helping us in every way to produce a better and more attractive annual. P To Mr. Stirling Kinggand Whittet and Shepperson, our publishers, for their cooperation, patience, and under- standing in printing our book. P To Dementi Studio, Caston Studio, The Jeffersonian, and Richmond Newspapers, Inc., for coming through with excellent pictures. P To our advertisers, for helping in such an important way to produce the T955 Monticello. P To Mr. Ernest Shawen and the Tee Jay Library for the use of Mr. Shawen's scrapbook, so carefully kept during the first years of our school and used in celebrating the school's twenty-five years of growth. usin staff for working so earnestly to record the chool year in pictures and copy. lects d inspiration of the Monticello. y our staff photographers and the entire literary and To and every one, we say, "THANK YOU." ' THE EDITORS MARILYN BAMBAcus BARBARA Lewis o th students of Thomas Jefferson for being the sub- 5 i, iii lr' iiiliilti .... 02240 -bf-QP Flgqga .rn fill'-x qxqg un. Nd. 'BvsqX1.x, .y,,,x,:H'.. 23 me. 9,9 !I 3 . X-M-X-euqk Wow RQL ,,,,:'3eA.Lo'w wi: 9-wi-. 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Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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