Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Richmond, VA)

 - Class of 1948

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Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Richmond, VA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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,W ' A - s J if W ,ff , ff ' MPWQW THE MUNTIUELLU 1948 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS UE THOMAS -.. Tw? is 4' . W 1-. -.Aw . K , s , W . 1- ,V az 'A " Mifga, Contents FACULTY . CLASSES. . ORGANIZATIONS . MILITARY . ATHLETICS. . FEATURES . . ADVERTISEMENTS . SENIOR DIRECTORY EDITOR: DOROTHY PENDLETON I BUSINESS MANAGERS: CAROLYN ALDERMAN, EDWARD S WILBARGER JR ff L sinh, ' -A ,QW 4.17 I A WISSASSGLNW " I " ff. 4 -f . VN., . . Z "J - -. 54, -UIQ, 2-:Lf J -, 'xr'- 4 :Wiki " I . If '.',f!zff .L :HM I I 1 -S1112 H'1'J. ,, :Ive X l ,E M. 5 .I wa' ,A,. 'mm ,.KH,-. Rpm ' . QQ , 4:-.-J.-'z .5 1.- 1 I I I 1 , l, . Alt.,-L , fum. . 1:-f -if ' ftitffzjf 315355. rihzv-'E Igijy. I.-5-af fi'-Jw, 'I Q "Ai :Quiz Q3 " 1""32.E 'v1'!.gfi: , a PIM: ggfggww , ,tis-1 ' .C -,Qui ,s':. ' .mur- , fififk .xx . Tr-S3252 'Rafi' 1 mg. .,.'. . I ,Q 7561, '-'z1'FS: ' 5031 . ii-MP ' , 2932152 ,A I 9:51 ,r::1l1"'i i 124-xzig 1 Sf.'Tli'x-'H ' WEEE, 535-IYQQI . I I-5923-E . if gh,-,y .4,m!5n.fI Q4 :Nz 7 V' f IVJXI -. 1'?.I:'. I I fiiiii ' 75,7P.V,izj.,: 7, 1512164 vip- 5? V Q.-iEq5.f, 1 if T4 1 -Jw EE? fsa '11, Az. ' Iwwsae Eqfi. ihwivi - av 33521. 5459515 I fv I s-I-v. - :-1 E. ,I 'I . I M:-M 1 ---..x - ,:- . I-,fu . - .. , ", 'X-sgffkiiigf, 'mah F 5:04 ' 'iv 1-ffxdl Ig' FQQQQL 3 5122525 QED, -A Du .Ig 9. ff-7-q.w,'i I 34.59551 . mfg M65 Wrwfs-' PI gf.. A IE. Lie-55? M: Q I :lex Fig ' I -Q., 'f-?-if-.J,':V I ix -IF, -gi f pf 'gas "MI Wi- H' 5 'Yi LEPIIF: .I , lk, . ,,v..., 1,71 ., .,E,.AK'g, my .. X ,qv .i 571 ' -swSw,V '1-Iiffiig, iff- I ', ' '- lx' -TA . X - x 'A . ' 1 . . TH Ee-QLAf?55 O-1EI:I948, D EDICATE ou R "9 'FIVQQLI' -n-ff, 'lx ,nf ,N'1.N 9- J. - 'M , Jr, , I , .mmf Aw.. I .IJ af, "':n"'-9: 5491 7' 5, 142 v fl-ir ,. v- ff W fiwzwikz 'fQ'ff:m, IRAQ, M. ,, ,,, ... D rig 7512.3 Em, S5 4 , CESII J I-...X I 'A M JY, bf:- LEQUTURE. TI-IE STAGE Lfflfiik '31 i Til. -11 F- -- rv --x-I AAL: '5'i"I'iv-, 'T-:nu IST: 171 ',-1,211.5 xv, ' .r- . Nw , Y ,N -I: 'f-fizsf'-. "sg fm 5554 UPON 'EEQQFORMANCE BASED gy, T211 'f A P11 I.:'??gg: -.IEE 3, ' r 2 : UPON TI-IE PRINx'6f'5g1,P'IgJE5I,5AND IDEALS AC- ELK' "iq 'Z O U I R E D I N O AT TI-IO MAS JE UR EAII FFERSO NW Rf1Ig5Ifg1S'T REI-IEARSALS ILL BE PRESENTED. b, ,,1vNmwfQMXm,,,,,L,A,,w, free h ,N ,gamut sw ,Y .1 'fu ,5- 'J 1 t': 4 1 J. fl : vig 5394. ' Ili! y- s . 'QI JE. 21, 1' L -- J if . P J 4 Q 4 i ., 'J' N ., 5 . T ff W was ,Q Nr m .,-.4 A -f 95-SLQw'f1i:2L is 't!""l'WiffQ5'fl +1 ' sQQ27ff7fg5t3i'f+. ,.fBQ1f eiti sff --ns -' i..,g,g"'h"iVfg-fy .fd ,Lf--4-A' , MTW - as-Q ,. . , ' N- A 1 , - .. W "- '1 ful? . -. - 1 1 . . ,LJ I . 1 .9. X :..c ,- '. . 'fmt 2: i1 '?i'155i4V'?-4 5 192'-NQPQ Hi! . ff. , ml, -5 f: 2' 1 : . ' wiv-f' 2 E? 'B'-'tZni?ff'f1' ':- Q 'J'L-"ui-it .1 32561 -' ' ' - H105 v :E 'b F w -1- -'Zz Q 1' 1.1 gf .-A--fu,-ETL 5 1 'r ff. ,:::'4r .rr ,4'-,xp-fi X, 5.-1 4 3- 5' 'f?,. . 'P' 'F "Elf " 'E ff' ., . '- stgggi-2 A l ,. xg' .I rifxf +3 5" " Qi is if. '1 ' EL lf . 5 i LY .-1 4 T1 " if 1:4 Q' Q' , 151 ,LQ Ie 2 -i -'it-, 4- .grih '- 5 115 And Q5t,?fxf9f5st,d . , .,. ,'I51tfn "?e'eiY?'QlYe?Sfi 2' Z ' nf . f 5 fr if bt .712 f. r asf - 1 5- , ufpgifrg -, .I ,. ,:, -.1 ,Q 4 f 3- jg I ,, . ,, uve, 5 Tl1eY 2B"df1!d'fl'l9'fQ!4l'!l0lfiCQ5iS5: 1. -:-f. gp-.,z ,.f, , gf:-,3 1 Apfse.---. lg- 'c "Wi", EH: Zi ' 'I 1' if 315' ff' if EG if I -1 fl? 552-94 1 :P iq? g:f :pr -f .5 ,pi ..'. '. f : , ig f I : :,-, 'jj .Lg .5 '- .5 Q-E gg. f :. in gm' ,' 5, And oQ rg9s'rgtime QIQQS rljpnpy partym? ei 12 5 ,fa 2 M A -Q 1 f :1 .2 fs if f.. - .f , f fa. - ri V fr. '- uv -P 3 'S .l: A f. V? 3 if " dl 'i' F2 rf I 1 Ii-' .4 .-5 iq raw" pf fi f- -is My 59' -1 : s 1- ff .Nz -up--f 3-1 - f 3-,f w 3, ,, , 3 ui r- :Q 13 .,, A - 55' t bw' ' si' 22 - , ' rj ,r 'f- --'gl at 1 Q Q-'ff 3 ,ax .g':ri53lg,,gg5, 1,31-.-' " - ,. .. 4 ' Q-gl -1 ' , .J ' " -me . - ty .. , F 'K 1 L -... -K -,rr ,Zi-..vwgK,, ' p . , .cf 3.-3--.:' IM.-. .-' 5 . ' '-'mfr "'l'f'9'f "L 'V i 5'-"W" 1 " .- . J .'.w"' .- ...ri ..,i,,.v,,...gfuQC? 41.-sv 4-:P 2.-it-.U gg-4,mg,.s,J,3-Arg 11-v.vf4wv!Y. 4fE"iSg.-Jw .-A . l1Q1:?:"7 '. fi uns. f Q-.kgs Qigf3yg153zg??g.-q:A9p:f"-gmbhfaabgz'viai-5-'l5"gg"w3J5,-'s,5c:.yT,sit J-if -'.1-",.-Wfghffgafi 35264148-ifPG-11'2553iii5255245--if-5S'Z'i9g,v?4g3-'iif -' fr' . - .. , - , - , v .5-f .-,5-gag.,-cg'--4j, ,-5 -wx , 'gy '.,.,AL.,-31, S.. . hg- .ft . -ff' .fzzifig yer?f?f,f:15W'l3a?SE3fI1f?:.33z1Eit'3'1ff?2?ljf5e.':ffy:.2i? f -' .. Q ,F ,p15j:,.-" - fgiltg-:3.1"I,fL-Q5'i.Jf'Qrfggfg-1:51'.Qg1::v-ggi? ".'y.-355.9 V -. ln., ,lg g- Mx i- :mi qfg., NAA:-. ,331-4:.: -A.,.,.,:. ai.,-,JL-5, We, th e, fU n d e.rstL1.dl e,s25o,i. A r-row, n ow . ,ff-' -q-::' f-mvf' f'..-,.::':-7 .' ,f.:.1.JJ,g-' .- - ft' ,.szffffivl-f?.f3f'i'. .feftf-f",:9' .. ' reolnzeq:-renhedrssslimrnegfsslrsjfgiz,-:,vr..f'MiK5rfinlIzltngbmos.Jetterson os the ,,.' nf .sz-f3.'1'..v'Dwi' ,112--Lu' ii' fi' -if" ,..F' .g.,r1' .'cf'7'gi" lfi:'1-f-ii' silt' 5'-5 ,Affs-52' ' ',s6enevfot,:oprfreheQ,rSQls iiofftltlfee Worx-,wwe lnove procticed ond V' ,if 1-f' Azixl' "Y f -55-' ,iff s.jf5jL','i1Qg'-" ,gl jg?-L' K A--A-ff? rf' .mf fbi: ff-' ci-fQ?r"F.f'2' cf.--Q-" .fify ' -H of? ,, - .ref s, -fi-' -' .-jpg'-I,-,."' .r'L .:i' ,Qi-' 33' Ievgrfied the regyrregnevnjs-'gli,cfrtgzecns of the world. ." . fi" J .ff .L-rs' hav' I.-.,f' gp", f 115' .55 .-ff'yi4if'i f Q57 1-271 if rfiifif if ' .iff il fit? . . T-Our teloc-hers?-lmqgfe ,been--ourmgxlirectors. Guiding us olong the ,-.. '42-' J' fe' Jr' .--3: gf :Sl lv' 'Q .' ,,.' 547' 5- vb.. ye iz: Vj- br- M. I rgepridrto lgbccyetss, theyffnovegtought Us not only courtesy ond kind- L3. ,-7 ,237 :ff ,pf A,n5eiss,1l5UtUx5lso,tl1e monygilgcessory orts ot living in ci progressive generoition. 1 The people of the world os our oudience will be os reddy to occloim Us o success os ci loilure. As citizens we slwoll reop the rewords ot our yeors ot trcining ot Tlwomos Jelterson, tor we slwoll never torget thot "All tlwe world's o stoge" ond the stoge is oll ours! gf fl Q ii 5 -3 A 2 . E g . I Reading and studying to increase our knowhdge 5 4 i ! T I I i 4 v I l Q 1 Saying good bge at the end of a busy dag ...Ari F E E i I T e Administration COALTER C. HANCOCK Principal CHARLES FRANKLIN NOBLE ROY N. PUCKETT Assistant Principal Acting Assistant Principal ALLENE ARCHER Mathematics ELOISE W. ARTHUR Hema Economics MARGARET FRANCES BAKER History MARY ELIZABETH BEAMAN Spanish G. REY BENNETT Faculty Mgr. Athletics: English MOZELLE P. BENNETT Counselor AZILE BERRY English W. E. BLOXSOM Commercial HELEN C. BOTTO Commercial MAZIE J. BOWLES Secretary MILDRED BRAME Physical Education LaRUE BRANDENBURG History Facult Top Row: RUTH PAUL BROWNING, Biology THELMA BRYANT, Modern Languages Bottom Row: ESTELLE GRATZ BUGG, Mathematics GEORGE BUTLER, Retailing Coordinator Top Row: SHELBURN CARMACK, Physical Educolion MARIE E. CHILDRESS, Mclhemalics Boflom Row: DOROTHY S. CORPREW, Spanish LILA CRENSHAW, English KATHERINE M. DAVIS Hislory KATIE MAE DAVIS English MAJORIE GOODWVN DAVIS Art SUSANNA FARLEV Physics LANCY LE BARON FITZHUGH English ELIZABETH M. FLEET Hislory CLYDE 8, FORTNA English AME GARTHRIGHT Home Economics NANCY BELLE GARY English EUNICE V. GILL Modern Languages HELEN GILL Chemistry VIOLET ANDERSON GILMER Commercial FRANCES GIVENS Malhemalics GEORGE J. GONDA Commercial MARY E. GOODWYN Librarian M. FRANCES GRAY Latin MERLE C. GRAY Commercial DORIS ANN HARGROVE Lalin and French FENNELL C. HARWOOD Mathematics HELEN KING HATTORF Arr LUCY R. HENDERSON Head of English Deparlmeni JEANETTE HENNA Malhemalics EM ELIE T. HOWERTON Science LAWRENCE W. JARMAN Head of Science Deparfmenl Facult Top Row: CLINTON E. JONES, Mechanical Drawing MARY G. JORDAN, Counselor Boilom Row: JOSEPHINE T. KRITZER, Dramciics AUDREY LAMB, Nurse Top Row: MARY P. MADDOX. History HELEN ROSALIND MARKS, English Bottom Row: FRANCES TREVVETT MATTHEWS, History BESSIE M. MOTTLEY, Director of Guidance CLARA NORFLEET Visiting Teacher CECI LLE M. PARKS Mathematics LYNDELE ATKISSON PITT Science ANNE B. PLUNKETT Latin MAYO PROVENCE English and Speech MARTHA C. PU LLIAM Mathematics BARBARA LEWIS ROBINSON Commercial GRACE I. ROWE English MURIEL SANDERS English ANNE LOUISE SANFORD English ARIANA A. SAUNDERS Science ESTHER E. SI NGLETON English qx Q AJ MARION FLEETWOOD SMETHIE Commercial 6, I - EL ANOR WRENN SMITH English EDWARD N. SMITH Mathematics HARRIET DERBY SNOW Science MARY ELLEN STEPHENSON Spanish EVELYN S. SWIFT Secretary M. VIRGINIA SYDNOR Head af History Department VIRGINIA D. THORNTON English EDITH V. TODD Physical Education CATLI N E. TYLER English SUSETTE BEALE TYLER Head of Commercial Department JOSEPH C, URAM Science Top Row: FRANK G. WENDT, Instrumental Music Director MATILDA WOOD WEST, Mathematics Bottom Row: ANNE KENNON WILLIAMS, English RUTH WILSON, Head of Mathematics Department ix,71 Top Row: MARY M WOMACK, Commercial HARRY A. WOODY, Mechanical Drawing Bottom Row: FRANCES BRISTOW YOUNG, Librarian STANLEY H. YOUNG, Industrial Arts I l 1 RETURN T0 youm num PERMJID CLASSES sv-umey Sfmu ,X f gy, Bifffffw W f MM XM f 'Mp -fgxffw yu yy Bw? Bw- ' MJ mfww JUWWM RWM nu 8 7 'MN' 'uf 'efir glqy s ,ff-zz.: Izzf I::1'- - fuzz, my 52572 1-' -'W' , f-:fn-ffm-.sufzw mfw,:,igi '-:":,.f-H, , Www ,. sure: sf E-'ffzszsn-I::.v'+225--" f na., .1152 jiiiisif,-zsfgsiii F azbfwx f I--25 ' -,5fs5,-geff,4q3-- -- -' , g s , 3 . I ' I Wiiful 'iz ,egg . I Hfgm, ' is ,. ' - i I 2 -f f 111' ,qgaw w .. ' -:'-- -Ima :-' ' ,iff . 41-4.4 1352255 3 .gli if' 222. , , we ,i g -X' fx ff ,igw ' I 1 '+I gl 'f I ' ' I u p y N1 if , F if fi ! ' + -if 1 - ,s - Q IH 15152 2 Q . 'i'.",. 'S -.I f- , ,. ,ef A 'N ,wc f I I I' 9 igief were 4 fs? , .f1f'-f3 - - 242:52 an Erie' f A ..., - - , , .i ,se .kgs M. .., Y. , , .. ., , . f , , +R .5 5.x evw -'-- - Li 14:af4.fI- fi '51 wffif- F F ' ,-m 1 :Efi5ve'E1i?f51s1s2i-QL' vfeiz , -is 7 President Vice-Presidenf Secretary Treasurer FRANK HAWKINS VIRGINIA SAUNDERS SI-IIRLEY STAIRS CECIL BAILEY COUNCIL OF FEBRUARY I948 First Raw Ileiv to righrlc S1erIing Davis, SI'iirIey Stairs, Catherine AIexander, Mary Lee Fuqua, Nancy Rector. Second Raw: Frank Hawkins, Miss Beaman, Virginia Saunders, Cecii Bailey. Third Raw: Dick Janes, Jerry Page, Marina Snead. K I I8fI l ,..- , -.. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer AUDREY BOSCHEN JEAN PJDENOUR MARY JEAN IVEY JOHN KRAUS COUNCIL OF JUNE 1948 First Row lleft to rightl: Marriott Henry, Jo Woodward, Mary Jean Ivey, Audrey Boschen, Miss Pitt, Jean Ridenour, John Kraus Page Hudson. Second Row: Carroll Walker, Marion Wiggins, Suzanne Kesteloo, Barbara Wright, Bettie Beattie, Isabel Sanford Carolyn Alderman, Frances Morgan. Third Row: Sam Myer, Henry Willett, Bill Clark, Franklin Mullinax. E19 FAITH ABBOTT VIEWLETTE FRANCES ABRAHAM FRANK SLATES ADAMS, JR. WILLIAM DENNIS ALCORN FAY CAROLYN ALDERMAN CATHFRINE LEE ALEXANDER NANCY ALEXANDER DOLORES ANN ALVIS '. U 5, "'f, X1 1. 'r ' 1,"' 'F' f JOYCE LUCILLE ANDERSON JEANNE LEWIS ANDREWS - - X 1 , , 1 7 ' JOYCE MOWRY ANDREWS THOMAS S. ARMISTEAD FRED WILLIAM ARMSTRONG MARY LEE ARMSTRONG ASI-IBY JEANETTE TEMPLEMAN ASHBY U... . H.. .-M-... .-.-.,....A.. N-N. ZMI..-1-A.. MHFVQ. M-.nn-r um: nnmum nnnzu-r nnwl mn nAnnAnn EDITH LEONA BARNES SAMMY BARONIAN EDWARD ELLIAS BAROODY HUNTER WOOD BEADLES, JR. E21 CAROLYN GENE BEASLEY BETTIE LACY BEATTIE CAROLINE ANN BEAZLEY JANET ELIZABETH BECK HILDA CELESTE BECKH MARGARET BEDUCIAN LORRAINE MARIE BERNAT AUDREY JANE BERRYHILL EVELYN LOUISE BIGGER MARY FRANCES BLAKESLEE IRVIN RAY BLILEY MARGUERITE JOYCE BLILEY 221 VILMA ZELDA BLOOM REXFORD GEORGE BOOTH I O AUDREY FAYE BOSCHEN JEAN ANNE BOSWELL ANN MARIE BOTTOMS GARNETT LEE BOWEN, JR. WILLIAM HARRISON BOWEN ANNE REW BOWERS I f I I I JUNE ELIZABETH BOYCE GEORGE WALKER BRADLEY KATHERINE HAZEL BRAID SUZANNE WEITZEL BRANNER E23 BARBARA JANE BRAUER FORREST RICHARD BRAUER, JR. BETTY ANNE BREWER HARRIS NATHAN BRODIE I JEAN MARIE BROOKS CONSTANCE LOUISE BROWN JAMES THOMAS BUCK FREDA LANGE BULLINGTON GLORIA VIRGINIA BULLOCK MARY ELEANOR BULLOCK . 1' I E NINA JEAN BULLUCK WILLIAM EARLE BURNETTE 241 JACK EDWARD BURNSTEIN GLORIA WANDA BUTLER DORIS MARY CAKE JESSIE ANNE CAMDEN DAVID ROGERS CANTRELL HERBERT LEON CAPLAN VIRGINIA CLAIRE CARLTON GERALDINE LENETTA CARTER MARY JANE CARVER MILDRED HAZEL CARWILE WILLIAM WELLS CHAFFIN WILLIAM BURDETTE CHAPIN E25 RUSSELL LYLE CHEATHAM MARY ANN CHOATE GEORGE LEWIS CHUMBLEY HEATH CHRISTIAN CLARKE I I I I WILLIAM TURKINGTON CLARKE HENRY GARLAND COGHILL, JR. ESTELLE THELMA COHEN PAUL M. COHEN DAVID EDWARD CONSTINE, JR, MARY HELEN COOK MARY CAROLYN COPLEY BERTHA BRAUER COSBY 261 CHARLES B. COULBOURN, JR. GEORGE LESLIE COX O JO-ANNE CRAWFORD MARY ADELE CRAWFORD MARY ELIZEBETH CRONK GARLAND TRAVIS CULBRETH MARY JANE CUMMINGS VIRGINIA PIERCE CUMMINGS MARY FRANKLIN CURTIS EDWARD TURNER DADMUN BARBARA ANNE DALE JOHN EDWARD DAMEREL II WILLIAM DUNLAP DARDEN ERNEST GARY DAVIS, JR. FLOYD KENT DAVIS FRANCIS GUY DAVIS RICHARD RANDOLPH DAVIS STERLING FREDERICK DAVIS JEAN MARIE DAWSON HELEN ELIZABETH DEAN GILBERT FRANK DeBIASI LAURA DIAL L94 Lqvscywild ' f Q. ', V W AI Vfxglf A A . , K . lr-' . K ffl' , JANET LINDSEY DICKERSON FRANCES LOUISE DIETRICH 281 JOYCE MARIE DIVERS BEVERLEY MAE DODD I PARK ALTON DODD JOHN LLEWELYN DONATI CATHERINE EVE duCUENNOIS MARY ANN DUGGAN WILLIAM PARKER DULANEY DARRELLYN MARY DUNSMORE JEANNE EVELYN DuVAL MARY ANNE DuVAL WALTER URBAN DuVAL JOANE FRANCES EARDLEY E2 9 LOUIS FRANK EDELBLUT JACQUELINE TOMLIN EDMONDS FRANKLIN HENRY EDWARDS MARTHA OSTERGREN EDWARDS VIRGINIA BURGESS ELLINGTON STUART WARREN FEITIG ERNEST WESLEY FERGUSSON JAMES EDWARD FLOURNOY MARGARET E. FOGLEMAN JO ANN FOLK r , I ROBERT HOWARD FORD JERRYLENE FORNEY 301 ELIZABETH MILLER FOSTER JEAN LEE FOX RICHARD Mcl. FRAZER, JR. HELEN MAE FRIAR ROBERT NICHOLAS GALANES HAROLD GAMMON CHARLES OVERTON FRANCK RUDOLPH JOHN FRANCK, JR GRANVILLE GRAY GARBER CLELIA DOLORES GARY BEVERLY ANNE GEORGE RAYMOND LOUIS GERMAIN E31 5 -I JACQUELINE DEBORAH GERSON JEAN MARIE GILL WILLIAM FRANCIS GILLEY BEN WEAVER GLASS CHARLES WILLIAM GOLDING JOHN RUSSELL GOOD SYLVIA LEE GOOCH SHIRLEY ANNE GORDON WALTER HAMPTON GORDON SHIRLEY ANNE GOULDER O BETTY JANE GRAHAM JOSEPH EDWIN GRAY 32:1 I MOSEY ALBERT C-REENBERG MARION CARTER GUTHRIE Clm 48 CHARLES DREWRY HALL JOHN DAVID HALL, JR. LOUISE HOBSON HALL MARION LINWOOD HALL WILLIAM THOMPSON HARKESS ASHER WATERMAN HARMAN, JR JAMES HARTLEY HARRIS BETTY JOYCE HART EDWARD BRODNAX HASKINS BARBARA ANN HAWKINS E33 BARBARA ANNE HAWKINS JAMES RANDOLPH HAWKINS ROSS FRANKLIN HAWKINS, JR. JOYCE ALLEN HAZELWOOD ETHEL MAE HEAD ANNE MARIE HEEKE JOAN LOUISE HELBIG MARRIOTT HENRY VIRGINIA ALYCE HICKS BEVERLEY CRAFTON HIGHTOWER Faso anus HOENNIGER ANN FRANCIS HOLLAND 34 QI ROBERT GOLD HORTON, JR. NANCY ANN HOWISON O RICHARD PAGE HUDSON, JR. CLARENCE WRIGHT HUFF, III MELBOURNE HUFF, JR. PHYLLIS MAE ISBELL THERESE ANN IVES MARY JEAN IVEY FLORIAN TAMRA JACOBS BARBARA JANE JACOBSEN FLORENCE IRENE JAMES PATRICIA LOIS JAMES E35 ROBERT MEREDITH JENNINGS WILLIAM STUART JOHNSON ELIJAH HUGHES JONES HELEN CAROL JONES JACQUELINE LEE JONES JACQUELYN LOUISE JONES JEAN MARIE JONES EDWARD MADISON JOYNER NANCY ELIZABETH JUDGES ANTHONY MANUEL JURANIS I I CHARLIE KARO JANE LEE KELLOGG 363 JAMES ALEX KENNEDY, JR. THELMA LEE KENT I SUZANNE MAY KESTELOO SUSAN BERKELEY KIMBROUGH ANNIE GERALDINE KIRBY BLANCHE SANDERSON KIRBY KENNETH WILLIAM KOHLER HENRY IRVING KOLM C 1 A I CHARLOTTE CELIA KORN MARILOU CAREY KRAFT VIVIAN BERTHA KUNTZ LESTER HOBSON KYLE E37 BETTY ANNE LAIRD ALMA FLORENCE LAKE HELENE ROSEANNA LAKE URSULA HARRIET LAMM MARY ELIZABETH LAMONT MARGARETE JOAN LANDRUM CHARLES TAZEWELL LANE VIRGINIA ANN LANE GRAHAM ARLINGTON LAWRENCE RICHARD CRAWFORD LAWRENCE JOHN COURTHOPE LAWTON JEAN SHEFFIELD LAYNE Qt. 'T'-.aj "'1Zf. 7 7 "fr I Ib s I r I ' - -, ff., 1. 4':fQ,,,. Jim! ' ARLYN MARILYN LAZARUS BEVERLY ANN LEBAR O JEANNE BEVERLY LEWIS PATRICIA GARRISON LEWIS FLORENCE KATHERLEEN LLOYD JOSEPH BERNARD LLOYD THOMAS LOCKE BETTY JEAN LUCY RICHARD EDWARD LYLE ALICE VIRGINIA NIADDOX LUCILLE ANN MAITLAND GORDON BARON MARSHALL E39 I ' I I I BETTY LEE MARTENSTEIN DAVID NATHAN MARTIN SHIRLEY ANN MARTIN HELEN MATCHUNIS I , I BARBARA MARIE MATTHEWS DOROTHY GAINES MAYNARD ANNE DABNEY MAYS FRANCES ELIZABETH McEVER GERALD JOSEPH McGRAW SAM MEYER I I I I I ELIZABETH MARGUERITE MILBURN MARILYN ROBERTA MILLER MORGAN REAGAN MILLS, III JUNE HENLEY MITCHELL FRANCES PHILLIPS MORGAN HANNAH MAURINE MORRIS RICHARD NEILSON MOSELEY NANCY LOUISE MOSS EDMUND MONCURE MOORE JANET HORTON MOORE SIMON MOUGHAMIAN PERRY FRANKLIN MULLINAX MILDRED LAVERNE MURPHY EDWARD R. MUSSER WILLIAM EUGENE MYER CAMILLA FAUNT LE ROY NEAL JEAN ELIZABETH NELSON MARIE CAROLINE NEWCOMB ELIZABETH ANN NEWSOM WILLIAM JOSEPH NISSLEY ELOISE VIRGINIA NOLDE HILDA ANNE NOLEN BEVERLIE NUCKOLS HELEN CATHERINE O'BRIEN ANN O'CONNOR CAROL ELIZABETH OLIVER 421 LOUISE EARLINE OLMSTEAD LULA MAY OSBOURNE O JOAN DUNCAN OVINGTON RICHARD LEWIS OWEN WALTER LINWOOD OWEN, JR. EDWARD JERROLD PAGE GLENOLA BELLE PAIR BEVERLY ANNE PARKER CAROLYN PARKER MAY FRANCES PARKS AUDREY MAE PARRISH HAROLD JACKSON PAYNE ,f . ...-- .... . ML, W, ,, .,II,r'LY,rI!",I f PAULINE ELIZABETH PERKINS ROBERT VIRGINIUS PERKINS, JR. BETTY GRAY PERRY DAVID SAMUEL PERRY, JR ALLEN MARTIN PETERSIEL RHODA INEZ PETERSIEL I DONALD LEO PETRI THOMAS FRASER PETTIGREW AUDREY LEIGH PETTIT HOWARD COTTRELL PHILLIPS O EVELYN SHERRY PITTS BETTY ANN PLEDGE LOUISE PAULA POWELL ROBERT GEORGE PROCTOR CONSTANCE FRANCES PRUEIT ROSCOE ELLERSON PUCKETT THOMAS HUDSON PULLIAM CHARLES GERALD PUSEY KENNETH HERMAN RAMSEY BEVERLEY MINGE RANDOLPH E45 BERNICE GLENN RANEY NANCY ELLEN RECTOR CAROLYN RAWSON REELITZ JAMES GORDON RENNIE, JR NANNIE GORDON RENNIE GEORGE AUGUST RIDDELL JOYCE ANN RIDE JEAN GRAHAM RIDENOUR JOYCE MAE RIDENOUR CONSTANCE ISABEL ROACH O 1 REBECCA JANE ROCHE JOYCE ROGERS 461 JAMES DAVID ROSE ROBERT SOL ROSENBAUM I HENRY GEORGE ROULAND MAXINE WALDA RUDMAN LOTTIE MAE RUTHERFORD CAROLE SACHS ISABEL GRESHAM SANFORD VIRGINIA BAGBY SAUNDERS ANNE ELIZABETH SCHERER JOAN CATHERINE SCHODT MORTON SCHOENBAUM WILLIAM HOWARD SCHREMP E4 7 ELIZABETH CONSTANCE SCHULZE NORMAN SCOTT NORMAN SERWITZ DAVID PRUDEN SHAFER, JR ROBERT TILTON SHELBURNE BETTY ANN SHERMAN ROBERT GLENN SHIRES MARILYN LOUISE SHIREY IRMA DOLORES SHORTT ROBERT HENRY SHULTZ, JR. LOIS ANN SHUTT ROSALINE SILVEIQSTEIN BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SKINNER IDA MAE SLATER I NETTIE GRACE SLEDD LAWRENCE SMILEY BETTY LEE SMITH EDWIN FARWELL SMITH ERNEST HERBERT SMITH FARQUHAR ALAN SMITH JEAN FAY SMITH JEAN GORDON SMITH JEAN PAYNE SMITH PINKNEY CRAIG SMITH ROBERT HILL SMITH EDWARD NICHOLS SMITHER ELENA JOAN SMORTO BARBARA ANNE SNEAD MARTHA ANNE SNEAD ROSE MARY SOGHOIAN ALICE WEBSTER SPEIGHT JOSEPH ELNA SPRUILL, JR SHIRLEY MARIE STAIRS SHIRLEY YVONNE STANCIL I EDNA JEAN STANTON VIRGINIA ELIZABETH ST, CLAIR 501 RICHARD WALLACE STEVENS CHARLES LEWIS STEWART O ANN CLOPTON STONE ALICE SUBLEY ELLEN VIRGINIA SULLENDER DELMER ROSS SYLVIA WILMA EILEEN TAGGART BEVERLEY MAY TANKERSLEY BARBARA ELIZABETH TATE BETTY CAROLYN TAYLOR BETTIE JANE TERRELL ANNE PRESTON THOMAS E51 FORREST DERIEUX TIGNOR MARY BYRD TIGNOR ROBERT JAMES TINDER LUCYLE CARLTON TINGLE JOHN RICHARD TOMPKINS JOHN HARRY TRATTNER NANCY LORRENE TREXLER WALTER WARREN TREXLER MARY LEE TROMBOLD BETTY LOU TUCK ROBERT SPENCER TUCKER JOHN LUCAS TUTTLE 'R 'ff .'.x"f' :, ' -: ,m F r .5 Q6fS45HF!55.z1i:f4fyrZiS.f xiigyaifafragfffayra- Lifes: 19: :Tar 1-617.5 . f' . 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EUNICE CORRIENNE WILLIAMS JOHN RAY WILLIAMS ROSALIE JEAN WILLIAMS TONY PASCHAL WILLIAMS JEAN FORREST WILLIAMSON MARION JANE WILLIS JEAN CLAIRE WILSON SOMERS MARION WILTON WILLIAM LEE WIMBISH JAMES W. WITTSELL, JR. PATSY THEA WOMACK ANN PAGE WOLFE ELISABETH SHIELDS WOLFENDEN MASON DAVIS WOOD IRENE VELMA WOODSON JOSEPHINE G. WOODWARD MARY BEULAH WORD BARBARA ANN WRIGHT SUZANNE WYATT I, .i . xg. 3 r ' I-.-. ,-.1 uf-cn lv 1 - :fag .gg 95 , , 'rl ..r . . ,x , JN- ,,,, I lc-3 W!! 55151 dbh Sag-QI 2459? 'gm 25 5. Jai' -van is :,:,w7fS'w,.af'-amifigm 45Qaii3?ebHffmfw Vx ,1sfb.qi.fQ:.aBfy ,gig .. '-wE,..:Q .-.ff 32,31 Iyiffevi-'33-'2'b343qiN?51:'-QM rewgelffvzqiigzfhfsai -11:-'If ,-- .L- Qgffk..-f 3 y-a..Q'R'75Zv.Qxj2' igqvgfhj .wg-gif'5f,g1ggrg gl sliiiaif, ee:'fl.f9la,,35 -44521 ,135 ,ffp3x,.g-9-1..,nqgfLx: .x .g:g5fzsw43ggI gfmggmgg I -. 4,441 ,4 f'-Q. 1, -.X 5, 4 1 ' 51--f 151. ' frrfqfffnz. iiffiifr. 'S 'f 32:01 lf5cy:, -.:i.g.+,-v. Q: : - Wx. -'wg 52914 :Mime by 125: In aff?-'KQQ "VE "6 472: I'-233:35 , 1 . ,' Cx-f 'j94mL4i 1, 1-4' --:av nwg . J, gsjpf 5 jam-ffl WM? E..-...fb , . E5 FRED on WYGAL O gagtlty'ntQ,1tt1,Qttv,QIU9,atIQ'Qm,QIty,QtI9,ntQ'1tNQntmtttgttN,attQ,9mQntQg1ttIgtIttgvtItyIttlQ9IttQ1ttIg0ttoq9vttyuIt1grttt,9ttQ,vttipQItt'vtttgvttmttmttmttmltvyog 2 se f ' f f ' W f ft W 3 2 The Hem Wears M QQ? mem 5 E is 2 2 P R o L o G u E E E FEBRUARY 1945 . . . Q E On the morning of a memorable winter day Q 2 Our ambitious young class made entrance at T. J. 2 E For our sponsor we chose Miss Elizabeth Beaman. 5 5 Jones, l-lawlcins, Thomas, and Bailey became our lcey men. 5 ,' 4 5 JUNE 1946 . . . 3 i ln September, happily entered the class of June. E 2 As sponsor, Miss Pitt was chosen very soon. S E Beattie, Boschen, Felvey, and Atkinson-elected. 2 2 All proved themselves leaders perfectly selected. E gi 1946 . . . 5 E Red and white teams in forty-six were glory-bound. E E Basketball-state title: football-the city crown! 5 Q Tee-Jay played Jay-Em before a roaring crowd, 2 E The score 46-O was one of which to be proud! 2 5 The head of schools, Mr. Binford, retired: 3 5 Mr. Willett toolc the reins, and all were inspired. 3 E To hall-mast, Thomas Jetterson lowered her flag that year, 3 z : - - : 2 - - E E 2 2 - - : : - - if5MI55INWIMlNH5M555MlHtmlI5'NIlllMl.56IllMll5ItllNIllI5IIl5N55MlllIItUlNI5lNII55N5l5IIllllItlI5IlllII5lNIlllIt5l5II5l5II5lU0Il55It5lNIillhllllttlllltllltilllg? IQ 57 gf'NU!'INl'QIN'HNgINUQlmQlm'UNlyINlgIW!'NN'lWQIWgiINQWIQUNIQIIN'NN'WlgINI'ItII'IWQ!UNQ!UN'NlIQIUNg!IN'WIQINlQ!IN'Wlg!UW'!lN'!9l!'lN1'!N!vu3 Q 2 fc Our school mourned the death ofthe President dear. Q QQ The Sophs gave a tea dance and skating party too. 2 if '46 seemed almost too good to be true! 3 Q IVNQVWQUN! 3 -A xl mlmbhmh ttttqltllylttlytlttwq 3, Q V' uw c. a C C 2- 2. o 2 5 5 S N 8 2 :- S fl O Q.. Q. 5' S 3- Q- cn -4 3' CQ' 3? O o 5 -v-Q 5- -1 CL 2 3 L CD Q 0 NF 3' ru na ? nlmmmlu 4 2 Q November brought the convention ol the S.C.A. Q 5 The crowd roared the loudest it had in years. Q 5 The Senior-Junior dance came, "Christmasy" and gay. E E All of us were there . . .to laugh, to dance, to play. 2 E Junior Class Night, we enioyed, "Who Knows What Goes," 5 Q And deemed it the best of all previous shows. E E The Junior-Senior was another "swell" affair, E E For the music was sweet, and everyone was there. 5 2 1948 . . . 5 E Cheering inthe rain, we watched Jay-Em's squad E E Beat us 6-O . . . defeat hit us hard. 3 E The Senior-Junior was a dancer's dream 5 5 With a brilliant and gay red and white scheme. 2 E "A Date With Judy" drew a crowd. 3 E A grand comedy, we laughed long and loud. 5 E Gur final dance, the Junior-Senior in spring. 2 E Was unforgettable as our last school "tling." 3 E Graduation day is upon us at last, 5 5 In sadness we realize high school is past. E 2 '46, '47, '48-each a grand year- 3 E "The Best Years of Our Lives" spent here! 5 ' 2 E -DOROTHY PENDLETON E 735'UN65IMITNI55INIllMlTNI55NII'NI5'llIll55IITlItITNI55IN5llMIlilI5TMI55lMIliII5TMI5'56IlllMITllllllhlmttllltllllltl5MII5IMIllIAIllllllillmhllllllmltITNIUTIAWE 58 fl First Row lleft to rightj: Jackie Mocha, Treasurer, Heien Watkins, Secretaryg Miss Martha I I I Puiiiam, Sponsor, Sarah McElroy, Vice-President, Guy Mattox, President. Second Row: Anne Beaziey, Jeanne Plunkett, Doris Maduson, Joan Blackman, Ray Alhiser. Third Row: Herbert Peters, Norma Giick, Ronald Davis. ZUNIQR ZEEJAQQ First Raw Ueft to rightj: Jane Ramsey, Secretary: Peggy Dietrich, VicefPresidentg Pat Haggard, President: I I Duck Bennett, Treasurer. Second Row: Caro! Jones, Marie Vaughan, Pauline Bagbv, Ann Wiitiarns, Kathleen Jones, Jody Levey. Third Raw: Peggy Brown, Norma Cuiiey, Barbara Jones, Nita Kirby, Shirley Smith, Dee Funai. ourth Row: Frances Bowe, Blli Wendt, Bobby Gorton. Fifth Row: Charies Fraley, Hunter Pendieton, Blake Corntttwaite. E59 GLORIA ABRAMS MARISSA ABRAMSON SUZANNE ADAMS BERYLE ALLEN JANE ALLEN ROBERT ALLEY BOB ANDERSON JUNE ANDERSON PAULINE BAGBY KAY FRANCES BAHEN GLEN BAKER JEFF BANE Top Row: NED BAYLOR, ANNE BEAZLEY, JOAN BELLMAN, PATRICIA BETHEA Middle Row: SHIRLEY BEVINS, JOAN BLACKMON, FRANCES BOWE, SHIRLEY BOWE Boiiom Row: CHARLOTTE BREEDEN, AGNES BROOKS, JACQUELIN BROOKS, JERRY BROWN 601 Top Row: MYRA BROWN, PEGGY BROWN, PEGGY BRYAN, LOIS BRYSON Middle Row: SHIRLEY BULLINGTON, PAT BURKE, CAROLYN BURT, ELIZABETH BURTON Bofiom Row: JEAN BURTON, PEGGY BUTLER, NANCY CAMDEN, NANCY CARDEN VERNON CARPENTER CAROLYN CARTER JEANNE CARTER BARBARA CASKEY MARGARET CHANDLER JEAN CHILDREY LOUISE CHRISMAN RAY CILIMBERG GRETA CLARK JOYCE CLARK BARBARA CLEMENTS EDWARD COBB X 4 fm fy WM JIMMY COLLINS xr S ff , ai? 5 I I fi GEORGE DAVIS BERT COOK BARBARA DAWSON EVELYN COX MARY A. CREATH MARY JANE CREATH BETTY DANIEL f ANYHONY DEEP SELMA DEITCHMAN DICK DICKERSON PEGGY DIETRICH Top Row: JOYCE DOOMS, BETTIE DORSEY, ANN DROSTE, JANE DUNNAVANT Middle Row: MARY C. ELLISON, SHIRLEY EMERSON, EVA FISCHER, BARBARA FORD Bottom Row: CHARLES FRALEY, SHIRLEY FRAWNER, MARY HALEY FRAYSER, FRANK GALLEHER, JR. I 621 I Top Row: BOBBY GARIAN, VIRGINIA GARY, BETTY LOU GAULDING, BETTY GAYLE Middle Row: ROSE GENTRY, MARTIN GERSON, DICKIE GIBBS, GLORIA GIBSON Bottom Row: BARBARA GILLIO, NORMA GLICK, ELINOR GOLDSTEIN, MURRAY GOODMAN ,... I I .A..w'If' LYNWOOD HANCOCK JEAN HARDAWAY EUGENE HARKER BOBI HARNER JACKIE HARRIS STEWART HARRIS -6 ANNE HATCHER MARY ANNE HENLEY HEROLD HOFHEIMER PAT HOGGARD zu' .,'ANNE HOLLAND JOE HOOD - x I K! I CAROLYN INGE EDWARD INGE LOIS IPOCK ROBERT Av? EY JANETOS , BARBARA JEFFREYS , pf, ' U I , jf V ' Q If f Top Row: JANET JOHNSTON, CAROL JONES, DICK JONES, KATHLEEN JON lv 'U 1 Middle Row: EUGENE JUSTICE, GAIL KIRBY, NITA KIRBY, EDWARD KNOTT I I ' ' Bolfom Row: EHUD KOCH, PAGE KOHN, CORNELIA LANGSTON, BILL LASSITER . V' I . I I ' I x r, N' I , I I ,. , I vv I' 641 Fr C Top Row: ALVIN LEHMAN, JODY LEVEY, STUART LEVINE, GENE LEWIS Middle Row: DAVID LICHTENSTEIN, DORIS LICHTENSTEIN, KENNETH MACE, DORIS MADISON Bottom Row: HELEN JUNE MAGILL, JEAN MARTIN, LINWOOD MATTHEWS, GUY MATTOX MARIANNE MCDONALD VIRGINIA McDOWELL SARAH McELROY KATHLEEN MCGEE LOIS MCGEE PAT MCGLOTHLIN NAN McGRUDER VIRGINIA MCLEAN JUNE MCSWAIN BARRY MEHLER BOBBY MILLER JANEY MILSTEIN JACKIE MOCHA BETTY MONCURE BETTY MONTGOMERY HARVEY MOORE NANCY MORRIS BILLY NEAL eos NEALE ANNE OLIVER soanv ossMAN BETTY PAGE CAROL PAGE Top Row: JUNE PAGE, MARY ANN PALMER, BETTY PALMORE, SUSAN PATTON Mime Row: BETTY PENNINGTON, BILL PERKINS, JOAN PERLIN, KENNETI-I PERRY Bohom Row: MARY PHILLIPS, JACKIE PITTMAN, LEoNA PLOTKIN, JEANNE PLUNKETT 6621 Q 4 i Top Row: SARA POLLAK, TOMMY POLLARD, ELIZABETH POWELL, MARY ELIZABETH PRICE Middle Row: JANE RAMSEY, PAULINE REES, RAY ROBERTSON, BARBARA SAUNDERS Bottom Row: JOAN SCALES, CAROLYN SEARS, MILDRED SEARS, LUCY SEASE KATHERINE SHAWER BARBARA SHEVITZ BETTY SIRLES JEAN MARIE SMITH SHIRLEY SMITH SUE SMITH 335 'TW' ,. -it 4. DOROTHY SOUTHWORTH WALLACE STAPLES BETTY STARKE BETTY STEPHENSON NELDA SUITS MYRA TANKERSLEY GLADYS TATARSKY MARGUERITE TATE NANCY TAYLOR VERA THEOFANOS WESLEY TIGNOR JOYCE TUCKER TERRY ULLMAN MARIE VAUGHAN CARLA WAAL MARTHA WALKER SHIRLEY WARANCH Top Row: HELEN WATKINS, MURNIE WATSON, CHARLES WEINBERGER, HARRIETT WEST Middle Row: BOB WHITE, LOUISE WHITE, CLIFFORD WILKES, CAROL WILKINSON Boflom Row: JANE WILLCOXON, JOHN WILLIAM, ALFRED WILLIAMS, ANN WILLIAMS 68:1 if Top Row: BETSY WILLIAMS, FRANK WILLIAMS, ROSALIE WILLIAMS, JANE WILSON Middle Row: CHARLES WILTSHIRE, MATT WILTSHIRE, KENNETH WINDISH Boltom Row: FRANKLIN WOODALL, HORACE WOODBURN, JEAN WOODY, DOUGLAS WOOLFOLK timnimr Memories Our entrance into Thomas Jetterson was spotlighted by many outstanding perlormances. First was the election ol class officers, then our respective out- ings, a skating party and an informal dance. ' Our second year brought no less an ovation from the audience when junior class officers and senators were chosen. Soon plans were underway lor our individual stunt nights, "Who Knows What Goes" and "Ticlcets Please." The curtain tell on the climax ol our Junior year, the Junior-Senior Prom. ' Now, with great supporting actors in our midst, we plan to begin rehearsals lor our future role as stars ol to- morrow. E69 Ugly, First Row Uett to rtghtt: Btrtond Batrd, President, Miss Doris Hargrove, . I n Sponsor, Stuart Sachs, Treasurer, Anne Shanks, Secretary, Second Row: Pttytlts Trnble, Nancy Bexley, Lee Pierce, Shirley Conwell. Thtrd Row: Angeline Dracos, Anne Hudgins, Sytvia Srntth. Fourth Row: Gillie Martin, Barbara Jones, Ted Biesecker. , ,1 M W 5,17 , ,,, 4 4 ' , . QQW Q QQQ QLQQQ 1' 5 "' . .1 . Q t., J I " ' ' v ' l N rn 1. o F' R Ilf 't1:L'M dgM'L'Std,S ,Bt Q5fLJ,!?lQl!-J,,C!-ASS QEHJUNE 1959, Fefggttsciwrtf p,5,L,'fg,2g,?t,f',.,,,e:t:tg,,, fsssg c,eti5t,5s,tsfe,,s2,?g60,5223 5213? 701 the monticello fort -ei ht Alfriend, Carolyn Alley, Doris Ashworth, Anna Ashworth, Melton Baird, Birlond Ball, Margery Qemw Cardoza, Wilbur Carroll, Jerry Chapin, Ann Chiles, Jean Clemons, Janice Coleman, Millicent Beckh, Jean 0 Sisnwell, Shirley Belaff, Larry , ,Q bcyzozgr, Betts, Jane J' 9?ws,yricid., si esec ker,redg,Q9"f',,L' Booker, Russel ' Cvtdi-C, ,QW He X J.: 3,9-fish, Bogey' Nancy P Delaney, Earnest Dennis, Roy Boyd, Barbara Bozarth, Cecil Bralley, Margaret Briuolara, George Buck, Buddy Burke, Walter Butler, James Cadoza, Kenmore Doherty, Margaret Donald, Mary Dracos, Angeline Dunn, Gayle Dunn, Virginia Durrelte, June Dutchls, Frank me Wwe, Zgehwemy 2.949 Dwyer, Palsy Eddy, William Eike, Milton Eubank, Elsie Feinmel, Helen Feitig, David Fisher, Ronald Ferguson, Nancy Gardener, Janet Garter, Betly Geikfer, John Gentry, May Gibson, Cary Gifiio, Belly Gordon, Helen Gordon, John Gordon, Nancy Gresham, Barbara Griggs, Barbara Grimes, Barbara Grubbs, Jean Hamilton, Charles Hargrove, Edward Harnsburger, Robert Harrell, Mary Hastings, Merill Hawkins, Jean Hawkins, Miller Hawkins, Nancy Haxelgrove, Jane Heflin, Wallace Hicks, David Hicks, Rupert Hoey, Virginia Horton, June Houlgrave, John Hudgins, Anne Hull, Allen Jenkins, Agnes Jewett, Beverly Johnson, Carle Jones, Alex thomas 'efferson high school If7l Sophomore mow, Zlebwmmy ZQQQ Jones, Barbara Julian, Maurice Kalman, Malcolm Kalman, Samuel Kennison, John Kimball, William Kingrey, Jane! Kravitz, Harriet Land, Henry Leake, Roderick Lee, Palsy Lipson, Hermine Locke, Martha Mackey, Jack Marlin, Gillie Mallson, Pearl McAlisler, Richard McGee, David Mckee, Goodrich Merrydew, Margarel Miller, Jean Miller, Newton Miller, Rogers Mitchell, Sara Dee Millhiser, Claire Mullian, Allan Nunnally, Mary Oliver, Jean Owen, Barbara Page, William Parker, Hallel Parkinson, Ann Parrish, Curlis Patlashnick, Marvin Perlstein, Robert Perry, Mary Lee Pierce, Ballard Pierce, Lee Raney, Gordon Raskind, Ruth Rhoades, Donald Riggs, George Robb, Annette Root, Jack Sachs, Stuart Sage, Allred Sager, Alice Schoenbaum, Paul Scott, Earl Shakespeare, John Shanks, Anne Shannon, David Shares, Alma Shriner, Janel Shure, Belly Skaggs, Harry Smith, Nina Smilh, Robert Smilh, Sarah Smith, Sylvia Stephens, Barbara Straus, Carole Tambellini, Lawrence Therlen, Marion Tinken, Willie Trible, Phyllis Trienens, Angela Turlington, Edgar Tuttle, Alan Vrainian, Edward Vaughan, Belly Walton, Macon Weimer, Carolyn Wells, Beverly West, Betsy Williams, Shirley Wilson, Nancy Winko, George Witherington, Allan Womack, John Woods, Donnie Wright, Roberta Yancey, Jewell Yancey, Ralph nj the monticello forty-eight Adams, Janice Addison, Buddy Alexander, Betty Allen, Raymond Allen, Truett Alley, Gloria Anderson, Shirley Andrews, Ramon Ansell, Burness Apple, Jean Armstrong, Dorothy Augustine, Jimmy Austin, Joyce Ayers, Kenneth Bailey, Jean Baker, James Baker, William Bangs, Corrine Banks, Tommy Barco, Bobbie Barden, Landora Borshaw, Bradford Baskett, David Baskett, Natalie Bass, Betty Bateman, Margaret Baumberger, Virginia Bayer, Arthur Beal, Walter Bear, Nada Benton, John Binns, Katherine Blaylock, Lillian Boinest, Dan Boinest, William Bolen, Edwin Bolton, Bill Sophomore Qiooo, Zgme 3.950 Bond, Lawrence Borches, Joe Boyd, Audrey Boyd, Barbara Boyd, Jackie Boyer, Cartha Boyer, Margaret Brady, Louis Bragg, Wiley Branch, Jimmy Brand, Dorothy Bricker, Fay Britt, Stanley Broadus, Phoebe Brooks, Pauline Brothers, Ronald Brufiey, Harry Buck, Richard Burton, Barbara Burton, Joyce Buxbaum, Millard Cannon, Elizabeth Carden, Robert Carson, Barbara Carter, Sara Cervarich, Jerry Chamblee, Susan Cheek, Petey Christian, Jackie Clark, Creston Clayman, Jennie Clemons, Tom Cobb, Bernard Cohen, Betty Cohen, Betty Cohen, Joel Cohen, Roberta Collins, Jack Coleman, Theresa Comley, Roger Compton, Dorothy Cornell, Charles Conyers, Dan Corbett, Koster Castello, Emmalee Cowan, Carole Crane, Sam Cridlin, Billy Crowder, John Crowson, Dick Curtis, Betsy Cutchin, Pat Dassler, Anne Davenport, Shirley Davis, Hector Davis, Withers Denson, Agnes Dickens, Mildred Dickerson, Beverly Dickerson, Peggy Dickerson, Dorothy Dickson, Mary Ray Doane, Mary Donovan, Billy Downs, Sherwood Driskill, Doris Edward, Mary Edwards, Danny Elliott, Grant Elliott, Robert Eubanks, Barbara Ferguson, Barbara Ferguson, Blanton Flinn, Stanley ord an Fost , Mickey wl r lsie Mae r, Frank F , Beverly Fu r, Seaborn lanes, Stephen alloway, Billy anzeri, Caroline Gary, Vaughan Gatewood, Carmen Gibbs, William Gilbert, Anna Lee Gill, Jane Goddin, Dorothy Goodman, Selma Gordon, Joyce Greenberg, Gilda Grubbs, Herbert Gunn, Bryant Guyton, Lewis Hamilton, Dick Hampton, Alvin Hall, Patricia Hanks, Robert Harbold, Joan Harman, Henry Harris, Calvin Harris, George Harris, Janet Harway, Andrew Hasty, Harry Hersman, Melvin Hicks, Jo Ann Hickson, Roberta Holloday, Billy Howard, Dick thoma jefferson high school Hudson, Phyllis Huff, Nancy Hughes, Melvin Hurst, George Hynes, Charles Ingraham, Lacy Ingram, Patricia James, Edward Jennings, Adrian Jennings, Beverly Johns, June Johnson, Laughton Johnson, Nancy Jones, Alfred Judges, Susan Kandle, Mary Ann Kephart, Roberta Kephart, Steve Kerpelman, Howard King, Johnny Kingotf, Zelda Kinker, Patsy Kirby, Jacqueline Kleiman, Eugene Kluttz, Anne Knabe, Joan Knopps, John Kocen, Philli Kyle, Phyllis Lambert, El o Lancaster, Langhorne, ry Lawrence. De ores Lawrence, Steward Lawson, Hugh Layne, William Leach, Jimmy Levey, Anne Linlr, Gordon Little, Sharon Livesay, Carol Long, Faye Long, Norman Long, Barbara Lowell, Calvin Lowery, Helen Lutsey, Barbara Mains, Joe Maroney, Ruth Marriner, Marie Martin, George Martin, Hirst Mason, Oliver Massard, Louis McCormick, Jean McDaniel, Jo Anne McFarland, Dan McLennan, David McLead, John McMahon, Teresa McGuire, Margaret Meador, Gordon Melser, Shirley Meredith, Nell Meyberg, Bill Miller, Bill Mills, Warren Miltledorler, Nancy Mock, Peggy Moore, Richard Moore, Robert Morecock, Mary Lou Morgan, Charles Morris, Jim 74-fl the Sophomore mass? mme 2.950 Morris, Myerl Morse, William Morton, William Moss, Betty Moss, Mary Lou Nagler, Eva Neale, Betsy Neale, Betty Negus, Sidney Newcomb, Irma Newman, Jackie Nolde, Jane Nolley, Billy Nolte, Patricia Oliver, Anne Oliver, Jack O'Neil, Ranny Orrack, Ann Owens, Roland Pace, Dick Padow, Libby Pahlig, Donald Parker, Jack Parks, Alice Parrish, Jeannette Parrish, Joyce Parrish, Raymond Parsons, George Paul, George Payne, Ray Pendleton, Parke Perkins, Patricia Perritt, Donnie Pettit, Ralph Phillips, Earl Phillips, Irvin Polloclr, Eleanor Pond, Jack Powell, Bill Proffitt, Beverly Propert, David Query, Robert Quick, Patricia Raabe, Patricia Ribble, Pattie Ridd, Zarion Reinhart, Harry Ritchie, Logan Roberts, John Robinson, Mallory Rose, Carlisle Rudley, Barbara Ruth, Donald Sale, Barbara Sandvig, Jerry Sandvig, Mary Jean Sarvay, John Sarvay, Rutus Saunders, James Segal, Sally Seward, Jean Sheffield, Shirley Shelhorse, Suzanne Shepardson, Jed Shocket, Ronald Showalter, Joanne Slaughter, Betsy Smart, Bob Smith, Barbara Smith, Clarenline Smith, Dorothy Smith, Jean Smith, Louis Smith, Virginia Spear, Shirley Sporn, Norman Stainton, Charles Stagg, Mary Stallard, Joanne Stanley, Nancy Sterz, Shirley Stevenson, Nancy Stratton, Carolyn Stringer, Raymond Sturgis, Charles Sunderland, Diane Taggart, Delores Talley, Charles Tench, Mary Tennis, Louise Thaw, Skip Thompson, Ernest Thompson, Francis Thompson, Sara Jane Thomas, Beatrice Thorp, Arthur Thorpe, Douglas Tiller, Jack Toney, Robert Towe, Mildred Towler, Annette Trivett, Raymond Tromley, Tom Tyler, Jane Usry, Darlene Van Denburgh, Barbara Wachter, Dorothy Wagener, Dick Walden, Martha Wall, Peggy Walton, Ken Wanderer, Betty Watkins, Bobby Webb, Jean Webster, Dick Weigel, John Weiner, Betty Ann White, Harold Whitlock, Jean Whitlock, Mickey Wienburg, Henry Williams, Jean Williams, Sarah Wills, Betty Ann Wirt, Billy Witt, Walter Whitten, Jimmy Wittshire, Maxine Womeldorf, Katherine Waodfin, Eugene Woods, Scott Wright, Jack Yagel, Gerald Young, Dick Young, Eugene Yuhase, Billy monticello forty- eight Clubs and "1-2 Soc ietie s 'I!QIIIMIIlyIIIIyiINg1IIt'VII!QQIIIQIIII'IIIIQQIIMIINIIIIQIIII gs, NIQ'IIII'QII!QIIINIII!Q1II!QQIIQ'UW'III!'QIIQQQIIMIIUQQIIMIUG l il, - ff -4 153, ! 1-,JN A rx ACTIVITIES m y The Point System Award is given to those students who are outstanding and taithtul in their service to our school. By participating in our various organizations, we not only gain this honor but also obtain the backstage preparation tor our tinal performance. We practice leadership and cooperation, and learn to assume responsibility and render service. JF The Student Participation Association, composed oi the Senate. House oi Representatives and various committees, acquaints us with the or- ganization and the tunctions of the various branches of our national and state governments. Through the music groups we become more inter- ested in the history and interpretation ot classical music, which will aid us in the future in our enioyment ot operas, symphonies, and local music organizations. The Science Club makes us ever conscious of the rapid developments in modern science and the part we will play in this move- ment. The publications provide an opportunity for students to exercise their originality and writing ability, while the athletic department gives us a chance to develop our physical abilities. We receive instruction in teamwork and good sportsmanship, which will be valuable to us as we go out on the playgrounds ol the tuture. if As we step on to the stage ot the world, we are truly thankful tor the excellent training and experi- ence given us in these organizations at Thomas Jetierson. andIImIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIImIIIIIIIIIIItIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII5IIIIIIIIIIIIII5IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMII.IIIIININIIIIIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP thomas jefferson hi h school the monticello I Board of Qamdiamiiaza Behind the scenes at Thomas Jefferson, on the tirst Tuesday ot each month, the Board of Coordination meets. This organization consists ot faculty sponsors, class presidents, representatives from the military and ath- letic associations, and other members ofthe various groups oi the school. ' These di- rectors ot the extra-curricular schedule at Tee Jay meet to discuss and vate on the school calendar. Other outstanding ques- tions are settled, and the lite of the school is elziiciently regulated. ' The Board ot Co- ordination is the binding tie in the chain ot school committees, and by democratically settling conflicts and disagreements having to do with the school, it promotes a well-run and congenial Alma Mater. cz. STUDENT PARTICIPATION First Row llett to rightl: Miss Singleton, Miss Smethie, Miss Gary. Second Row: Marilyn Shirey, Nannie Gordon Rennie, Betty Beattie. Third Row: Franklin Mullinax. b. CLASSES First Row: Miss Beaman, Miss Hargrove, Miss Givens, Miss Pulliam, Miss Pitt, Miss Sanlord. ' Second Row: Frank Hawkins, Birland Baird, Danny Knight, Pat Haggard, Audrey Boschen, Guy Mattox. c. PUBLICATIONS First Row: Betty Brewer, Jo Ann Folk, Dot Pendleton. Secona Row: Ed Wilbarger, Henry Willett, Bobby Perkins. d. MISCELLANEOUS First Row: Suzanne Branner, Wesley Fergusson, Mary Byrd Tignar, Blue Bagby. Second Row: Mrs. Kritzer, Virginia Saunders. Third Row: George Ross, June Christian, Page Hudson. Fourth Row: Frank Hawkins. fort - eight The Qemerie Long before school starts each September, the Senators are busy making prepara- tions tor student activities. The Senate is composed ot nineteen members: the tour Student Participation otticers, the tive class presidents, and ten other senators elected by the student body for their ability as leaders. This group meets in the Tower room during the third period every day tor business meetings, discussions, and conferences. With Miss Marion Smethie as sponsor, this year's Senate has engaged in many activities, such as assisting with re-organization at the beginning of each term and organizing and directing the numerous student committees. Several ol the senators attended the State S.C.A. convention at Fredericksburg in October, and profited greatly by the speeches and panel discussions. ' In accordance with a bulletin sent out by the State Board of Education, the Senate is stressing, more strongly than eyer before, personal honor and integrity. The Character Committee is assuming the responsibility tor promoting this project. THE SENATE-First Row llett to righll: Nannie Gordon Rennie, President, Franklin Mullinak, Vice-President, Bettie Beattie, Secretary, Marilyn Shirey, Treasurer, Faith Abbott, Blue Bagby. Second Row: Birland Baird, Anne Beazley, Audrey Boschen, Shirley Conwell, Frank Edelblut, Frank Hawkins, Third Row: Pal Haggard, Guy Mattox, John Trattner, Billy Wendt, Ann Williams, Jane Willis, MASCOTS-Nelson Ann Puckett, Teddy Wolstenholme. thomas jefferson high school Home M Qegereeemetmree "The meeting will please come to order." ' With these words the president ol the l-louse ol Representatives, who is the vice-president ol the Student Participation Association, begins another meeting in Room 2l8, The members, who are elected from each homeroom in the school, talce out their notebooks and prepare to write down items which they will report to their homeroams. Any student may submit his suggestions or criticisms to his representative and leel confident that they will be given lull consideration. Such improvements as milkbars lor those students who Mascot Page Coleman Hancock HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES-First Row llelt to rightl: Franklin Mullinax, President, Jerry Forney, Secretary: Macon Pharr, Sergeant-at-Arms, .lane Betts, Carolyn Carter, Betsy Curtis. Second Row: Pat Dwyer, Virginia Elington, Shirley Emerson, Beverley French, Mary Fuqua, Barbara Hamilton. Third Row: Jane Hazelgrove, Cynthia l-lodges, Phyllis Isbell, Janet Johnston, Kathleen Jones, Samuel Kalman. Fourth Row: Shirley Kay, Mary Lamont, Jimmy Leach, Alvin Lehman, Anne Levey, Jody Levey. 78, the monticello forty-eight . swf -- tw-111. 'V 5 we Q- i F ti i f L A 'Eb ei , i- fsifzsi: , . fggiisgris 1 . . S a House of epresemeswes bring their lunches and pencil sharpeners in the auditorium and recreation hall were brought about through the efforts ol the House. The selling ot tickets lor dra- matic productions is another one ol the activities of the House. From the profits of these plays the House has been able to make the above improvements and also to purchase a record player for the recreation hell. Thus the interests ol all students are considered in a democratic way. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES-First Row ilett to rightj: Sharon Little, Virginia McLean, Betty Montgomery, Jerrold Page, Jack Payne, Donald Pemberton, Second Row: Barbara Pinnell, Connie Roach, Sally Segal, Shirley Sheffield, Dolores Shortt, Shirley Spear. Third Row: Shirley Stairs, Martha Tennis, William Terrell, Wesley Tignor, Carla Waal, Dick Wagener. Fourth Row: Shirley Waranch, Helen Watkins, Jean Williams, Elizabeth Wolfenden, Mary Beulah Word. Not Pictured: Richard Bennett, Maury Blankenship, Margaret Bralley, Malcolm Burns, Jack Geikler, Joan Gilbert, Allan Harris, Page Hudson, John Knapp, Phyllis Kyle, Richard Stevens. thomas jefferson high school 7 W., Wwe maez'eete,a' Qommittee With the future ol civilization as uncertain as it is, the need lor a new spirit is apparent. Several years ago, two students realized that the only way to start a new spirit in the world is to start with yourself, your home, and your school. They organized the Character Building Committee ' Each homeroom sends a representative to the Char- acter Building meetings to discuss problems and exchange ideas. These students take back to their homerooms interesting programs and skits planned by the steering corn- mittee which works with the Faculty sponsor and Senate chairman. Posters and publicity of all sorts are employed to make this committee more effective. THE CHARACTER COMMITTEE-First Row lleft to rightl: Jack Parker, Tony Karo, Glen Baker, Nancy Boxley, Barbara Dawson, Carol Oliver, Rosalie Silverstein. Second Row: Donald Fohlig, Faith Abbott, Pauline Rees, Peggy Bryan, Davis Alley. Third Row: Raymond Huband, Wirnpy Wilks, Susan Kimbrough, Janice Clemons, Glenola Pair, Laura Dial, Fourth Row: Herald Hotheirner, Buddy McDerrnott, Jerry Yagel, David Chapman, Ill, Louise Chrisrnan, Dolores Gary, Beverlie Nuckols, Jackie Pittrnan. Fifth Row: Hop Sigrnon, Ronnie Blankenship, Gordon Link, Mary Ann Powers, Shirley Bullington, Jean Apple, Pattie Ribble. Sixth Row: Blake Cornthwaite, Robert Alley, David McGee, Alvin lldas, Betty Starke, Sue Smith, Clayton Stallrnouth, Grady Whitehorne, Nancy Hutt, Not Pictured: Margery Ball, Peggy Dickerson, Thomas Trornby, Stuart Booth, Harold White, Charley Coulbourne, Cary Getson, Darry Dunsrnore, Anne Mason Chapin, Jean Smith, Marilyn Miller, Betty Bass, Joan Ewers, Ellen Hayman, Jolo Jones, Mary Ann Dugan, Audrey Pettit. the monticello fort -elght The Tr.-efiie emm etee The Traliliic Committee strives, with the help ol its forty-tour members, to keep order in the halls and to keep the students moving at a sale speed. The boys leave their classes three minutes early and station themselves at strategic positions in the halls and on the stairs. Two rovers on each floor check to see that everyone is on duty and till in the posts which are empty. The committee has done very well this term because ot the cooperation ot the student body. THE TRAFFIC COMMITTEE-First Row llett to righti: Bill Bowen, Bucky Williams, Gene Collins, Charles Larus, Roger Comley, Kenneth Goolsby, Jack Payne, Dan McFarland, Richard Lawrence. Second Row: Bert Cook, Jimmy Harris, David Lichtenstein, Alex Jones, Tyler Miller, Jerry Swatt, Tim Edmonds. Third Row: Pot McMahon, Everett Gill, Tom Wiley, Sterling Davis, John Cevorich, Charles Stantio, Buddy Horton, Rusty Booker, Tony Karo. Third Row: Bill Morse, Bill Power, Mr. Jones, Henry Land, Carl Parrish, Norris Lake, Billy Bullard, Alvin Lehman. Not Pictured: Edwin Bolen, Ray Cilimberg, Bill Clark, Tom Coghill, Cole Culver, Buddy Curtis, John Darnerel, Bill Darden, Ernest Davis, Bruce Dovell, Frank Dutcher, Walter Duval, Jimmie Fiorillo, Alfred Gillio, Bond Harris, Melvin Hughes, Jimmie Hughes, Lester Kyle, Charles Isbell, Meredith Jennings, Philip Kocen, Jock Lawson, Michael Levee, David Litchenstein, John McCloud, David McLeonon, George Martin, Sam Meyer, V. Newton Miller, Simon Moughamion, Mike Nasser, Parke Pendleton, Robert Perlstein, Herbert Peters, Donald Petri, Tommy Pollard, Frank Robins, Hubel Robins, Rufus Sarvay, Skippy Scott, Bob Shelburne, Arthur Thorpe, Bobbie Tucker, Eddie Wayne, Bill Wendt, Charles Wiltshire, Horace Woodburn. thomas jefferson high school HONOR STUDY CHAIRMEN Left to right: A, First Row: Jeanne Plunkett, Mary Crawford, Joyce Burroughs, Miss Archer. Second Row: Marianne Mc- Donald, Frank Edelblut, Chairmang Bill Chafiin, Dick Davis, Beverly Parker. Hamm Wad? maeiemeza HONOR STUDY CHAIRMEN Left to right: E. First Row: Vilma Bloom, Barbara Dawson, Nancy Camden, Betty Tay- lor, Patsy Womack. Second Row: Frank Seldes, Glen Boker, Marie Vaughan, Anne Hatcher, Louise Chrisrnan, Norman Hughes. Not Pic- tured: Carolyn Alderman, Shirley Hall, Joyce Ride, Russell Good. For fourteen years the Honor Studies, which are now held in eight rooms with twenty-tour boys and girls as chairmen, have given students a chance to study in rooms under their own supervision. The student directors keep silence throughout the period, permit the students to go to the library, sign O.K.'s. and see that the members live up to the pledge ot the honor study. When a student volunteers for an honor study, he must be approved by his homeroom teacher, a former study period teacher, and the librarian. Therefore the students at Thomas Jetlerson Feel it is an honor to be in an honor study. Alter a student has once been in an honor study, he usually requests one each term. Honor studies help greatly in relieving the crowded conditions in regular studies and in releasing teachers from study hall duties tor other school activities. the monticello fort -eight thomas 'efferson high school CHEMISTRY LABORATORY ASSISTANTS Left to right: Henry Coghill, Forrest Tignor, Ann Wolfe, Page Hudson, Stuart Harris, Alan Smith. Laboratory Aee etame Among the test tubes, acids, snakes, skeletons, and pickled frogs in Tee Jay's science supply rooms, there are usually two or three boys and girls. These are the laboratory assistants, pupils important to the smooth op- eration ol the science department. ' These students are divided into two groups, the biology assistants and the chemistry assistants. They are recommended by a science teacher and usually show a great interest in or an adaptability for science. Their duties require them to spend one period each day in the supply room to assist the teachers. ' The biology assistants keep the specimens, films, and various materials in order, and carry objects to and from the classroom. They are sometimes called upon to set up moving picture machines and even to give tests to classes. ' The chemistry assistants make many ol the preparations lor experiments. They unlock the desks, see that all needed apparatus is available, and aid the teachers in many other ways. ' Thus, students working with the science supplies help keep Tee Jay well-regulated and well-organized. BIOLOGY LABORATORY ASSISTANTS Lett to right: First Row: Stuart Sachs. Second Row: Jack Geikler, Andrew Briggs, Marvin Reinstien, June Durrette, Phyllis Trible. Third Raw: Jack Davis, Ronald Davis, Frank Robinson, Tom Headlee. E83 lA'fJj The L brery Qmmmmee The members ol the Library Committee, which is composed ol twenty-seven stuclents, collect the library slips from the pupils at the beginning ol the period, make sure that these slips are filled out properly, prevent pupils lrom leaving the library belore the end ol the period, and assist the librarians in lceeping the library a quiet place lor reference worlc and study. Two members are on duty each period and also during home room period. They are stationed at each door in order to carry out their duties more elliciently. Although they have little to do with the actual boolcs, the members ot this committee do much to help the library run smoothly. THE LIBRARY COMMITTEE-First Row llelt to righrl: Anne Beazley, Chairrnang Cartha Boyer, Nancy Carden, Bertha Cosby, Emma Lee Costello. Second Row: Faye Long, Borbora Finnell, Jeanne Watkins, Betty Wills. Not Pictured: Rose Gentry, .Ioan Scales, Barbara Caskey, Jewell Yoncy, Helen Feinrnel, Susan Judges, David McGee, Anne Dossler, Bobs Rudolf, Carmen Gatewood, James Boker, Marguerite Milburn, Graham Goodwin, Fronk Caldwell, Ronnie Blankenship, Blanton Fergerson. the monticello fort -eight Wwe Meme? MZ? The Library Stott members work in the library every day as assistants to the librarians. Two students are usually working each period. One student is assigned to the desk to receive and slip books, sign out books, answer questions, and perform the routine duties ol the desk. The other student shelves books, carries necessary messages, and assists the librarians in other duties. By alternating each week, the students become lamiliar with all phases ol library work. ' The members ol the Library Stall meet every other Friday at home room period to discuss their work and to otter suggestions which might be beneficial to all. ' To become a library assistant one must be a 3l. or higher, must be passing on all subjects, and must be interested in library work. THE LIBRARY STAFF-First Row lleft to rightl: Jeanette Ashby, Beulah Olive Benson, Mary Bullock, Barbara Clements, E'inor Goldstein, Second Raw: Virginia McLean, Louise Olrnstead, Jaan Ovington, Margaret Scruggs, Shirley Smith. Not Pictured: Joyce Allen, Audrey Pettit, Mary Anne Power, Barbara Shevitz. thomas 'efferson high school .1 . . .sn ni, .nl The Otfice Aid Committee The Office Aid Committee is composed ot students who volunteer to assist in the main otiice. The chief duties ot its members consist ol running errands, looking up informa- tion concerning students, carrying messages, sorting mail, helping students who come in late, and doing other usetul work. Each member must have o study period every day during which he is willing to work. Members are asked to work one out ol every three weeks. This type ol activity teaches students to carry out orders and to work with other people. OFFICE AID COMMITTEE-First Row lleft to rightj: Harriett West, Patricia Perkins, Vivian Kuntz Betty Jeanne Tyson. Second Row: Joyce Clark, Millicent Coleman, Marguerite Tate, Alice Speight, Third Row: Shirley Bawe, Florian Jacobs, Sally Segal, Alma Lake, Helene Lake. Fourth Row: June Horton, Gillie Martin, Jane Betts, Rose Soghoian. Standing: Jeanette Ashby, Nancy Camden, Pat Hall, Sue Smith, Marie Newcomb, Charlotte Breeden, Gladys Totarsky. Not Pictured: Dolores Alvis, Jeanne Andrews, Jeanne Bullock, Vilma Burkat, Pat Burke, Betty Burns, Joyce Burroughs, Joyce Cash, Mary Lou Clarke, Patricia Elam, Mary Fuqua, Joan Gilbert, Cynthia Hodges, Jody Levey, Jean Lindsey, Kathleen McGee, Virginia Nussman, C. Padgette, Betsy Slaughter, Martha Tennis, Marion Wiggins, Betsy Williarns, Ann Willicirns. the monticello fort -eight . ,!"d1.b0 'N 'Hue Guidance A d Qammimee Every period each day, two students assist Mrs. Bennett, Miss Jordan, Miss Mottley, and Miss Nortleet in their daily work. Olten a student who has had typing types tor Miss Mottley: otherwise the members ol this committee tile records, see that the cata- logues are in their proper places, run errands, answer the telephone, and do many other necessary and helplul tasks. These girls serve in three shilts ond when they are not assisting they study as in a study period. THE GUIDANCE AID COMMITTEE-First Row tleft to righti: Jean Beckh, Susan Chambley. Second Row: Shirley Con- well, Martha Walker, Marguerite Tate, Nancy Boxley. Third Row: Carolyn Burt, Mildred Sears, Anna Lee Gilbert, Virginia Lane, Anne Hudgins. Fourth Row: Audrey Parrish, Betty Newsom, Beverley Tankersley. Fifth Row: Page Kohn, Sue Smith, .lo Ann Folk, Betty Boyer. Sixth Row: Janice Clemons, Ann Stone, Betty Smith. Standing: Joan Blackman, Shirley Keeton, Harriette Kravitz, Ann Weimer, Mary Parks, Jane Brauer, Virginia Cummings, Virginia Hicks. Nat Pictured: Agnes Brooks, Connie Brown, Maxine Davis, Helen Dean, Joyce Dooms, Mary Fuqua, Nancy Gordon, Geraldine Dirby, Mary McGrath, Nan McGuider, Mary Helen Musser, Jean Neale, Audrey Pettit, Ida May Slater, Barbara Snead, Carolyn Strattor. thomas jefferson hi h school THE RECEPTION DESK COMMITTEE Lett to right: First Row: Nettie Sledd, Nancy Cam- den, Shirley Waronch. Second Row: Phoebe Broaddus, Margaret Bralley, Anne Beazley, Joan Perlin. Third Row: Barbara Hamilton, Betty Vaughn, Marriott Henry. Fourth Row: Joann Eardley, Phyllis Isbell. Not Pictured: Jean Neale, Nancy Morris, Nancy Walker, Jeanne Andrews, Natalie Schreiber, Janet Moore, Jane Kellogg, Betty Schulze, Connie Prueit, Ann Mait- land, V W , 1 ' , .' 1 , . an '- The Reeeptwm Desk Committee Members ol the Reception Desk Committee add a bit of color to lite at Thomas Jetterson. These attractive students, who sit at the desk in the lront hall, are called on duty every third week during their study period. Greeting visitors is not the only Iunction of this committee. Receptionists direct or conduct people around the building to the cafeteria, auditorium, recreation hall, library, otlice, or any other specified place. The Messenger Qomm ttee The Messenger Committee, which consists ol thirty members, is divided into three shitts. The members work a week at a time: but when there are many messages, all members help. It is their duty to get to school early each morning and come to the Tower room to get the notices from the various branches ol the Student Participation Association. These notices ore delivered to home rooms throughout the school before the tirst period begins. THE MESSENGER COMMITTEE Lett to right: First Row: Joney Milstein, Jackie Pitt- man, Doris Alley, Carol Sachs, Shirley Frauner. Second Row: Beverley Jen- nings, Carol Jones, Vivian Kuntz, Laura Dial, Bettie Beattie, Barbara Griggs. Third Row: Kathleen McGee, Jane Nolde, Nancy Howison, Jackie Ed- monds, Betty Gillio, Angeline Drocos. Fourth Row: George Mitchell, John Kennison, Kenneth Mace, Scott Woods, David Hicks, Wesley Tignor. Fifth Row: Martin Gerson. Not Pictured: John Donati, Mary Bullock, Bobbie Burton, Wallace Wolf, Jack Irons, Jackie Brooks. 883 the monticello forty-eight THE BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE Left to right: First Raw: Ann Maitland, Audrey Boschen, Carol Oliver, Mary Ann Walker, Suzanne Kesteloo, Virginia Ellington. Second Row: Frances Mor- gan, Edgar Everett, Frank Williams, May Gentry, Harriet Williams, Cecile Harris, Thelma Gross. Not Pictured: Herbert Peters, Jane Lee Kellogg, Virginia Saunders, Billy C'ark, Barbara Dale, Macon Pharr, Janet Dickerson, Juanita Ford, Laura Dial, Beverly Ran- dolph, Kenneth Mace. The whe n owe Qem iieee The Bulletin Board Committee, organized to keep the bulletin boards neat and attractive, has developed a new group consisting ol students with artistic ability. These members design posters lor plays and other S.P. activities and present them ta the other members to be posted. These two groups, working together, add their bit toward the beautification oi Tee Jay and to the etticient functioning ot the school activities. The Deity epem end ebeemee Qe mieteee Contributing to the efficiency of Thomas Jetierson, the Daily Report Committee collects from each home room every morning a list oi the students who are absent. Members ot the committee must have a first period study: they go on duty every three weeks. The Absentee Sheet Committee is composed ot students who have volunteered to help the school ottice. Every day at period three, members oi the committee get the mimeographed lists and distribute them to all the rooms in the building. . f THE DAILY REPORT AND ABSENTEE SHEET COMMITTEES Lett to right: First Row: Florian Jacobs, Sue Smith, Janet Dickerson, Jane Willis, Bertha Cosby, Harriet Williams, Second Row: Patsy Kinker, Peggy Mock, Joyce Clark, Tom Coghill, Joan Scales, Evelyn Kax, Lenore Zacharias, Betty Terrell. Third Row: Myra Tankersley, Ann Williams. Not Pictured: Frances Edmunds, Betty Foster, Anne Marie Heeke, Nancy Morris. thomas jefferson hi h school E89 THE NURSE'S AID COMMITTEE Lett to right: First Row: Shirley Conwell, Chairman. Second Row: Peggy Dickerson, Kath- erine Shauer, Joyce Doorns, Jean Nel- son, Carolyn Beasley, Betty Boyer. Third Row: Peggy Hall, Roberta Kep- hart, Phyllis Tribble, Harriett West, Joyce Tucker, Nat Pictured: Shirley Bowe, Betsy Curtis, Helen Dean, Carol Kidd, Jean Neale, Dolores Shortt, Mary Thacker, Jane Thomas, Leah Troy, Jane Wells. The Msweeie QM Qomm seee The Nurses Aid Committee is headed by lvliss Lamb, the school nurse. The committee members report to Room ZA one period each day every third week for duty, They run errands, tile record cards, take charge of the infirmary when the nurse is out, and do many other odd jobs. The students who serve on this commit- tee not only render an important service to the school, but receive valuable training as well. The Ushers' Qommimee The Usher Committee has twenty-one members of whom eighteen are regulars and three are substitutes. The committee is divided into two groups, one lor the senior assembly on Wednesday and one lor the iunior assembly on Thursday. In addition to the regular assemblies, the ushers are called upon at various times to help distribute programs and keep order for called assemblies and special plays. The committee is under the sponsorship ol Mr. Butler. THE USHER COMMITTEE Leftto right: First Row: Raymond Huband, Thomas shipp, sinend Baird, Jeff Bane, Buddy Jones. Second Row: Harvey Scoggs, Kenneth Perry, David Feitig, John Donati, Donnie Woods. Third Row: Norris Lake, Eugene Harker, Stuart Christian, David Hicks, Sam Saunders. Mr. Butler. Not Pictured, Tommy Pol- lard. 3 the monticello forty-eight thomas 'efferson high school THE ERASER COMMITTEE Left to right: First Row:Alvin Lehman: Mrs.Womack, Sponsorg Richard McAIister, Second Row: Tom Coghill, Roddy Gemrnillg Hunter Pendleton, Chairman. Not Pic- tured: Jimmy Fiorillo, Edward Heintz, The mee? Qe mimee The Eraser Committee is composed ol six boys with Mrs. Womack as their sponsor. Two members are assigned to each of Thomas JetTerson's three floors. Once a week during the first period these boys collect the erasers from each classroom. These committee members are willing to spend part of their tirst period study in cleaning the erasers. This committee has played an important part in helping to keep our school neat and clean. The web Afi tietieee rigemmimee The Club Attiliations Committee, composed ot representatives from all the clubs ot Tee Jay, regulates the time and place of meetings, exchanges constructive ideas for programs, helps organize new clubs, and attempts to increase the membership in the smaller clubs. The committee meets on the third Tuesday of every month with its sponsor, Miss Marion Smethie. The Senate chairman represents this group in the B.O.C. and cl member ot the committee has a seat in the House of Representatives. THE CLUB AFFILIATIONS COMMITTEE Lett to right: First Row: Carole Sachs, Suzanne Bran- ner, Miss Srnethie, Sponsor, Anne Levey, Peggy Dietrich. Second Row: Franklin Mullinax, Senate Chairmang Beverly Dodd, Carla Waal, Beverly George, Shirley Emerson, Vaughan Gary, Jr. Not Pictured: Page Hudson, l Anne Stone. Whe Wmiemm mam' eeiety Leadership, character, service, and scholarship are the requisites tor, and the motto ot, the Thomas Jefferson Chapter ot the National Honor Society under the sponsorship oi lvliss l-lenna. Its members, seniors only, strive to live up to the high standards ol their pledge by participating in school activities, setting examples ot good citizenship, and serving as coaches for their tellow students. For the monthly meetings ol this school year students ot Thomas Jelzlierson have been invited to speak on their travels abroad or on interesting topics ol their own choice. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-First Row llett to rightj: Caroll Walker, Nancy Alexander, Mary Beulah Word, Shirley Stairs, Jo Ann Folk, Marian Guthrie, Nettie Sledd, Page Hudson, Betty Sherman, Mary Ann Duval, Betty Hart, Nancy Judges, Ann Holland. Second Row: Alan Smith, Mary Jean Ivey, Betty Brewer, Bertha Cosby, Anne Wolfe, Torn Pettigrew, Frank Adams, Joyce Hazelwood, Betty Beattie, Marilyn Shirey, Jean Ridenour, Marion Wiggins, Nancy Rector, Claire Carlton, Barbara Wright, Suzanne Brunner, Carol Sachs. Third Row: James Rennie, John Damerel, John Trattner, Jane Willis, Mac Frazer, Robbie Shultz, Bill Chapin, Forrest Tignor, Wesley Fergusson, Nannie Gordon Rennie, Laura Dial, Faith Abbott, Eloise Nolde, Carol Oliver, Beverlie Nuckols, Ed Wilbarger. Not Pictured: Mary Frances Blakeslee, Freda Bullington, Jeanne Lewis, Dick Lyle, Rosalie Silverstein, Alice Subley. the monticello forty- eight W EB and germ? UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS GRAY AND MISS MADDOX Place: Room ll3 ' Time: Second Wednesday of every month ACT l. Initiation al members who have done outstanding worlc on the business or literary staffs ol the "Monticello," "Jettersonian," or "Declaration," ACT ll. l-ligher literary standard in journalism through the seven guiding aims: Truth, Loyalty, Enlightenment, Opportunity, Initiative, Leadership, and Friendship. ACTIII. Students' acquaintance with school publications by an annual assembly program. QUILL AND SCROLL-First Row llett to rightjz Nancy Rector, Claire Carlton, Mary Anne DuVal, Frank Adams, John Trattner, Anne Holland, Forrest Tignor, Betty Brewer, Catherine Alexander, Betty Taylor, Carol Oliver, Betty Sherman. Second Row: Beverlie Nuckols, Audrey Boschen, Suzanne Kesteloo, Dot Pendleton, Dick Lyle, Ed Wilbarger, Miss Gray, Robbie Shultz, Miss Maddox, Tom Pettigrew, Henry Kolrn, Nancy Judges, Jo Ann Folk, Mary Beulah Word. Not Pictured: Faith Abbott, Carolyn Alderman, Anne Beazley, Mary Frances Blalceslee, David Constine, Bertha Cosby, Laura Dial, Wesley Fergusson, Eva Fischer, Harriett Lamm, Mary Lamont, Eloise Nolde, Rosalie Silver- stein, Nettie Sledd, Ernest Smith, Shirley Stairs, Alice Subley, Shirley Waranch, Jack Willcoxon, Charles Wiltshire, Barbara Wright. thomas 'efferson high school MRS, JOSEPHINE T. KRITZER PRESENTS Troupe No. 74-l ol the Wai mea? twaesgmem Qeeiew DRAMATIS PERSONAE President .,.....,, ...,........ .....,. ,,,. . . T ony Kara Treasurer. .... .,..,,.. .... .... J e r ry Harmon Vice'President..... ....,..., ...,. Franlc Adams Reporter... ..... .... .... .... . . F ranlclin Mullinax Secretary .. ..... .. .... ., ........ Carla Waal Librarian ......... ..,....,.... ......,......... ..... . . , .Dora Kara BACKSTAGE WORKERS: William Atkinson, William Chapin. Mary Jane Cummings, Jean Dawson. Norma Glick, Charles Kara, Virginia McDowell, Helen O'Brien, Wilma Taggart, Anne Thomas, Frank Williams ACT l-Requirements lor Membership l. Points from loaclcstage work and participation in plays. 2. Approval ol troupe. 3. Approval of National Thespian Board. V ACT ll-Activities Assistance in stage work for all school groups. The setting ot these meetings is Room IOS during filth period or a member's home at night. the monticello forty- eight The eegemsiem Striving to present more varied material to its readers, the statt ol "The Declaration," Tee Jay's literary magazine, this year opened several new departments, including science, music, languages, and Quill and Scroll. About hall ol the articles were written by members of the 7x English class in creative writing taught by lvliss Azile Berry. The others were written by representatives from the English classes or the different clepart- ments. The financial side ol this semi-annual publication is under the direction ol Miss Nancy Gary. "The Declaration" otiers an opportunity lor Thomas Jefferson students to gain experience in literary worlc and to express their creative talents in the lorrn of stories, poems, essays, and illustrations. These combine to produce a magazine that continues to receive recognition from the scholastic press associations. THE DECLARATION-First Raw lleft to rightl: Dick Lyle, Dorothy Pendleton, Bob Proctor, Beverly Lebar, Second Row: Phyllis Kolinsky, Anne Bowers, Betty Brewer, Nettie Sledd, Miss Berry, Nancy Alexander, Jean Williams, .lack Willcoxon. Third Row: Frank Adams, Ernest Srnith, Henry Willett, Bill Golding, Faith Abbott, Bertha Cosby. Not Pictured: Roscoe Puckett. thomas jefferson hi h school eiiweom ma aeiaaeee mem The Business Statt ot "The Jettersonianm is composed ot two groups, circulation and advertising. The Circulation Stott supervises the collections mode in the home rooms by the lieutenants and captains, and, in addi- tion, mails out about one hundred and sixty- tive copies to school board members, alum- ni, advertisers, ond schools on our exchange list. This year seventy-tour per cent ot the students bought term subscriptions, and many have purchased single copies. Cadet subscriptions were taken in the companies by the first lieutenants. As a result ot this drive, I-iomeroom 324 and Cadet Cam- pany F were first to report one hundred per cent. ' The Advertising Stott sells adver- tisements tor the space allotted them, draws up the new copy, and lays out the dummy lor each issue. A plaque, awarded by Vin- cent Edwards and Company, the warld's largest advertising service organization, was received by "The Jettersonianu Adver- tising Stott in the spring ot T947 and I948 tor having won the advertising contest spon- sored by the Columbia Scholastic Press As- sociation. The publications were iudged on their originality in creating the type of ad- vertisement which actually sells, the adver- tiser's story to the school buying public, the layout technique, position and effectiveness ot the advertising section, and the way in which the Advertising Stott has "said" the publication to advertisers as a worthwhile investment. The statt has devoted a great deal ot time to the improvement ot the pub- lication and the layout ot all advertisements in order to be able to keep the plaque. Be- cause at the Retail Merchants' approval ot "The Jettersonianf' the statt has been able to secure advertisements tram Richmond's leading stores. ' Another proiect under- taken by the Circulation Stott is the sale ot "The National Echo," a school periodical review by and tor the high school student. ' During this term "The Jettersonianu has secured a second-class mailing permit, which speeds up delivery considerably. the monticello forty- eight I 1. , .y s 4 A- -kc.. ,.-f- ,, Lf. c Jr. -f,.,l If , . 1 ' j 1, r ,f.'l JEFFERSONIAN LIEUTENANTS-lAbovel First Row lleft to rightl: Douglas Woolfolk, Buddy Layne, Ellen Sullender, Mary Ann DuVal, Betty Gayle, Jane Ramsey, Joan Bellman, Betty Page, Nancy Camden, Martha Walden, John Danati. Second Row: Joe Borches, Ernest Thompson, Janet Dickerson, Carolyn Burt, Ellen Hayman, Mary Anne Powers, lrma Newcomb, Katherine Womeldorf, Joanne Showalter, Everett Hobson. Third Row: Jimmy Leach, Harris Brodie, James Padow, Nancy Giannotti, Hilda Beckh, Ann O'Connar, Louise Powell, June Durrette, Patsy Lee, Mildred Sears. Fourth Raw: Jackie Gerson, Rosalie Silverstein, Diane Sunderland, Audrey Parrish, Jean Fox, Hilda Nolen, Bobbie Carson, Nancy Mitteldorler, Patsy James, Jeanne Plunkett. Fitth Row: Gene Lewis, G. F, Winks, Frances Valley, Jackie Newman, Frances McEver, Camilla Neal, Raymond l-luband. Sixth Row: Peggy Bryan, Greta Clark, Alice Speight, Charlotte Korn. Absent: Mary Donald, Pat Lewis, Frances Lloyd, Edgar Turlington, Ann Weimer. THE JEFFERSONIAN-lOpposite pagel A. Seated llelt to rightl: Mary Beulah Word, assistant cir- culation manager: Florence James, secretary: Suzanne Kestelao, assistant advertising manager: Ja Ann Crawford, assistant advertising manager. Standing: Paschal Williams. assistant circulation manager: Wilma Taggart, assistant circulation manager: Lucyle Tingle, exchange editor: Catherine Snedeker, as- sistant exchange editor. B.Captains: June Page, Dick Lyle, Peggy Moring, Bobby Garian, Armand Weiss, Janey Milstein, Jane Pamplin, C. Captains, standing: Meredith Jennings, Billy Lassiter, Bill Chapin. Captains, seated: Nancy Moss, Diana Cottrell, Ann Hatcher, Betty Hart. D. Nancy Rector, advertis- ing manager: Miss Muriel Sanders, business adviser: Bob Perkins, circulation manager. E. Ad Stott, seated: Wilhelmina Tinker, Lee Pierce, May Gentry. Ad Staff, standing: Kenneth Perry, Rusty Booker, Seeman Waranch. Ad Stott members absent when picture was taken: Ray Oglesby and Wesley Tignar. F. Cadet Lieutenants, seated: Franklin Skinner. F Ca.: Charles Page, E Co.: Robbie Shultz, C Co.: W. B. West, staff: Jerry Schmidt, D Co. Cadet Lieutenants, standing: Heath Clark, B Co.: W, C, Jones, A Co.: Charles Hall, Band. lthomas jefferson high schoolm Jefiersomian Literary Staff Journalists who publish "The Jelzlersonianu attempt to till its pages with material that will inform and entertain its readers and guide them into the paths ol cooperation, sportsmanship, and leadership. ' Under the direction ol Miss Mayo Provence, adviser, members of the Literary Stott plan and pro- duce the bi-weekly newspaper during tilth and sixth period studies. ln order to become lull-fledged stahl members, students are re- quired to complete the iournalism course. which is offered to low iuniors upon recom- mendation ol their lormer English teachers. Since staff positions are open only to the qualified upperclassmen, sophomores may become acquainted with the work ol "The Jettersonianu by serving as cub reporters, thus preparing themselves lor luture ad- vancement. The cub reporters do not actu- ally write for the publication, but they sub- 5-av JeFFeRsoNiAN LITERARY smrr A. Left to right: Alice Subley, Editor-in-Chief: Betty Sher- man, Managing Editor. B. Page Editors-Seated: Laura Dial, Anne Dabney Mays, Anne Beazley. Standing: David Constine, Anne Hatcher, Dick Lyle. C, News and Feature Writers-First Row: Joan Bellman, Feature Writerg Virginia McLean, Feature Writer: Wil- lard McClure, Associate Page Editor: Jim Edmonds, Sports Writerg Armand Weiss, News Writer: Mac Frazer, Feature Writer, Jean Kilday, Sports Writer: Suzanne Adams, News Writer: Eloise Nolde, News Writer, Bill Wendt, Feature Writer, Betsy Ross, Associate Page Editor: Kathleen McGee, Sports Writer. D. Photographers-Marvin Mallory, Ronnie Brown, Roscoe Puckett. the monticello forty- eight mit material trom their assigned beats to an editor who may find a place lor it in the paper. Members ol the journalism class olten have a chance to see published an especially good article written as a class assignment. Not to be excluded from the Literary Staff are its experienced typists, who ploy a major role in sending the news to press. Also worthy of recognition are the photog- raphers, who take all the pictures lor the pa- per with their own equipment. Very impor- tant, too, is the statt artist, who contributes most of the cartoons. ' "The Jetllersonianu is a member ol three press associations which render a great service to the newspaper in their yearly awards, criticisms, and sugges- tions tor improvements. ' To the subscriber who reads it, "The Jettersonianu endeavors to present through its columns the knowl- edge ol a rich heritage which belongs to high school students: to the young iournalists who edit its pages, "The Jettersonianu ot- fers an adventure never to be forgotten. is JEFFERSONIAN LITERARY sun: A. Department Heads lleft to rightl-Tom Pettigrew, Sports: Betty Brewer, Newsg Anne Holland, Features, Henry Kolm, News Ifall terml. B. Seated: Ehud Koch, Newswriterg Jody Levey, Associate Page Editor. Standing: Kenneth Perry, Associate Page Editor: Frank Caldwell, Sports Writerg Hunter Pendleton, Feature Writer, Betty Starke, Associate Page Editor. C. Typist:-Helen Roberts, Betty Perry, Vivian Kuntz, D,Reporters-Phyllis Kolinsky, Everett Gill, Jack Will- coxon, Ray Oglesby, Barbara Clements. Seated lleltt: Pauline Reesg trightt Nettie Sleddg lcenterl Beverly Wells. thomas 'efferson hi h school .NN 0 .'W 'VFW amsweim 'aemeee Wei? Each Friday during the tourth period, "The Monticello" Business Stott meets in Room l07. One who has never worked on the "Stott" cannot realize the work involved or the pleasure derived from publishing an annual. Under the expert guidance ol Miss Frances Gray, the statl, composed of representatives ol the sophomore, iunior, and senior classes, begins its work immediately alter school starts. At this time ads are assigned and senior picture appointments made. The next step is arranging for junior class and club pictures to be taken. Then comes the task ot obtaining annual sub- scriptions through the home rooms and making plans tor the mailing ot annuals to Febru- ary graduates. Finally, alter the advertising proof has been returned by the printer and checked, there is a short lull. At last the storm ot distributing the annuals comes and goes, and another year ot work is completed lor the stall. At the end of the year a banquet is given tor the combined statts, at which time new members are welcomed. MONTICELLO BUSINESS STAFF-First Row lleft to rightl: Mary Henley, Betty Graham, Barbara Dawson, Audrey Boschen, Frances Morgan, Frances McEver, Miss Gray. Second Row: Betty Taylor, Nancy Mitleldorter, Marissa Abramson, Sally Segal, Shirley Waranch, Charles Wiltshire, Tommy Pollard, Forrest Tignor. Third Row: Anna Lee Gilbert, Mary Anne DuVal, Jack Payne, Carol Oliver, Betty Brewer, Mary Helen Cook. Fourth Row: Mary Helen Musser, Nancy Morris, Ronnie Blankenship, Susan Patton. Fitth Row: Nancy Rector, Eva Fischer, Robbie Shultz, Sam Myer. Sixth Row: Edward Dadmun, Jo Ann Folk, Claire Carlton, Eloise Nolde, Virginia Saunders, Nancy Stanley. Standing: Edward S. Wilbarger, Jr., Carolyn Alderman. Not Pictured: Pauline Bagby, Glen Baker, Billy Clark, June Christian, Mary Curtiss, Eleanor Goldstein, Virginia McLean, Audrey Parrish, Sue Smith, Matt Wiltshire. the monticello forty- eight il emiemitle Members ol "The Monticello" Literary Stott are representatives ot Thomas Jetlerson who are interested in working hard to produce a good yearbook. Theirs is the task ot planning the annual, gathering all the pictures and the innumerable lists which must accompany them, and making it an interesting and attractive picture ol the activities and outstanding events ol the year l948 at Thomas Jetlerson. ' All members ol the stalt talce part in the selection ot the theme and general arrangement ol the yearbook. Then students are assigned to either the Classes, Military, Club, Athletics, or Feature section. These sections assume the responsibility ot their designated worlc willingly, and the entire statt does its best to produce a "Monticello" that is better than any before it. MONTICELLO LITERARY STAFF-First Row llelt to rightl: Shirley Stairs, Barbara Wright, Dot Pendleton, Nancy Judges, Connie Roach, Virginia Ellington, Betty Warren, Joyce Throclvnorton. Second Row: Katherine Worneldort, Mary Frances Elakeslee, Jerry Forney, Peggy Dietrich, Jeanne Plunkett, Helen Watkins, Jean Marie Dawson, Jean Ridenour, Isabel Sanford, Ann Stone, Susan Walton, Third Row: Dorothy Wachter, Marie Vaughan, Kathleen Jones, Mary Lamont, Miss Crenshaw, Sponsor, Bill Golding, Graham Lawrence. Not Pictured: Nancy Bexley, Wesley Fergusson, Suzanne Kesteloo. thomas jefferson high school Im The Qmiseeizre The activities at the Orchestra, which has worlced under the direction of Mr. Franlc ' -"" Wendt, have been varied and pleasant. Meeting daily during tourth period, the stu- i l cj ,X dents obtain valuable experience in performing cultural music. This term's studies have included Beethoven's "First Symphony," "Egmont Overture" by the same com- poser, "Arioso" and "Chorale-Fugue" by Bach, "Finlandio" by Sibelius, and, on the lighter side, "Oklahoma," Orossman's "An American Fantasie," and "Cole Porter Favorites." As outside activities, the Orchestra performed tor the Richmond Area Community Chest, gave several assembly programs, played at graduation exercises. and entered the Spring Music Festival oi the Richmond Public Schools. The Orchestra participated in the presentation oi the Annual Spring Concert which was given by the music department as a climax to the term's worlc. The State String Clinic also offered an inspiring opportunity to the more advanced members of the Orchestra's string sections. ORCHESTRA MEMBERS-First Violins: Cecil Bailey, Concert Master, President: Marilyn Shirey, Vice-President, Bertha Cosby, Dorothy Duval, Cornelia Langston, Shirley Stertz, Carol Livesey, Catherine Snedeker, Anne Kluttz, Bobbie Hickson. Second Violins: Jody Weaver, Rudolph Ama- deo, Ruth Ann Gee, Katherine Binns, Frances Garner, Joan Knabe, Janet Kingrey, Helen Feinmel, George Hurstg assisitant librarian, Shirley Stertz. Viola: Mary Haley Frayser. Violoncellos: Emma Lee Costello, Dorothy Rice, Rusty Booker. Basses: Bill Wendt, Roger Comley. Oboes: Bryant Freeman, Jane Gill. Flutes: Laura Dial, librarian: Janet Johnston, Lois Damerel. Clarinets: Jean Hawkins, Barbara Griggs, Dolores Taggart. Alto Saxophone: James Crummett. Tenor Saxophone: Clarentine Smith. Bassoon: Anne Levey. Trumpets: Fulton Lee, Jr., John Driver, Bill Wood, Irvin Phillips. French Horns: Sonny Bond, Lawrence Tambellini, Phillip Kocen. Sausaphone: Ed Wyatt. Trombanes: Jack Webster, David McGee, Dick Howard. Piano: Mary Jean Ivey, June Christian. Percussion: Guy Webb, Charlie Hall, Secretary-Treasurerg Rudy Franclr. Not Pictured: Ernestine Briesrneister, Darry Dunsmore. Zjthe monticello forty- eight The Med Qiee mah The Glee Club is composed ol approximately titty boys and girls who meet during the lourth period. lvlr. Joseph H, Bair was director ol the vocal department during the first term. ln February lvlr. Alton Howell came to talce over as head ol our vocal groups. The purpose of this organization is to give entertainment to others, and to prepare and train the students' voices lor college glee clubs and other musical groups. Another purpose ol this club is to help the members to appreciate musical artists. The Glee Club participates in the Christmas program and other assemblies and in a musicaleg it also furnishes entertainment at the Veterans' Hospital. MIXED GLEE CLUB-First Row llelt to rightl: Carolyn Carter, Kitty Alexander, Frances Valley, Thelma Kent, Mary Jane Cummings, Joyce Allen, June Magill, Carla Waal, Peggy Bryan. Second Row: Nita Kirby, Rosalie Silverstein, Bernice Raney, Phyllis lsbel, Sarah McElroy, Doris Madison, Selma Deitchman, Marie Heady, Jean Marie Jones. Third Row: Harriett West, Florence Lloyd, Dara Kara, Ed Smith, Jean Williamson, Mary Ann Choate, Bob White, Bill Fleming, Jim Buck. Fourth Row: Suzanne Branner, Betty Schutze, Mary Byrd Tignor, Stuart Booth, Linwood Matthews, Wimpy Wilks, Bill Myer, Augie Riddell. Fitth Row: Betty McGeehee, Jean Layne, Nelda Suits, Fred Wygal, Walter DuVal, Dick Moseley, Jack Germaine, Jack Miller, Sixth Raw: Charlie Kara, Everett Hobson, Dave Martin, Gene Doyle, Mr. Bair, Ramon Cilimberg, Dave Woodcoclc, Dave Baskett. Not Pictured: Tony Kara, Dave Rose, Faith Abbott, Bettie Beattie, Anne Marie Heeke, Barbara Matthews, Jane Willis. thomas jefferson high schoolmg The H ale? wiee mah r A f A, 4 I 1 y - to ,I f t 'II ' l I .J -, I 4' hX The Girls' Glee Club was under the direction ol Mr. Joseph Bair, Jr., during the first term ol this year, ln February Mr. Alton Howell toolc over as voice teacher. The club is divided into two groups, Glee Club A and Glee Club B. These groups meet each day during the tirst and second periods respectively in Rloom 2l8. The purpose ol this club is to acquaint its members with good THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB A First Row Cleft to rightj: Carolyn Reelitz, Jeanette Ashby, Janet Gardner, Shirley Bevins, Lula May Osbourne, President, Beverley George, Secretary-Treasurer, Jewell Yancy, Claudine Williams, Virginia Lane, Joyce Throckrnorton. Second Row: Elizabeth Burton, Mary Helen Cook, Martha Snead, Annette Gravatt, Louise Hall, Nancy Hardwiclgg, Emily Hurt, Marriott Henry, Geraldine Kirby, Joan Ovington, Third Row: Connie Prueit, Joyce Andrews, Joan Scales, Sue Smith, Florence Spector, Barbara Stephens, LaVerne Brown, Joyce Vaughan, Lucy lngraharn. Fourth Row: Betsy West, Jane Wilson, Shirley Brockwell, Patsy Womack, Martha Bandy, Mr. Bair, Carol Cowan, Betty Foster, June Breon, Zelda Kingoff, Not Pictured: Constance Brown, Joyce Rogers. the monticello forty- eight 1041 . n ts choral music. Singing and reading techniques are also taught to the members. The girls receive much pleasure and enjoyment from singing together, as well as valuable training for college glee clubs and other musical groups which 5s they may join in the future. The club contributes to many assembly programs lor the entertainment ol the school and participates in other formal concerts. THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB B First Row llefl to righll: Martha Walden, Janel Shriner, Carol Wilkinson, Darlene Usry, Pam Meyers, Lucy Sease, Shirley Sheffield, Shirley Emerson, Carolyn Inge, Elsie Waldren, Second Row: Joyce Parrish, Jean Ford, Ann Walker, Jean Williams, Jean Grubbs, Ellen Hayman, Eleanor Pollack, Alice Warner, Vera Theofanos, Belly Hazlewood, Joyce Cash. Third Row: Peggy Scruggs, Pat Nolte, Belly Ann Pledge, Lilly May Godwin, Barbara Janes, Barbara Scale, Peggy Mock, Belly Garter, Carol Kidd, Katherine Wells, Jean Webb. Fourth Row: Nancy Cohen, Lois lpock, Harrier Coleman, Martha Walker, Mr. Bair, Virginia McDowell, June Mitchell, May Gentry, Anne Kluttz. Not Pictured: Edith Barnes, Mary Fields, Grace Olmstead, Suzanne Wyatt. thomas jefferson high schoolms I06 memos Red Qwee The Junior Red Cross, as in lormer times, has had a very busy year. l-leaded by its Fourteen cauncilors and titty-eight representatives, it has given aid to Europe by send- ing Christmas and educational boxes to children in war-torn countries, has prepared Christmas stockings for hospitalized veterans, and has collected clothing to send to mountain children. The annual membership drive was very successful this year. The Red Cross is helping to make the present post-war world a place worth the time and energy contributed by so many people. Volunteer groups have been organized from time to time to carry out its work. JUNIOR RED CROSS-First Row llett to rightj: Ruth Raskind, Sara Pollack, Gail Kirby, Betty Lou Gaulding, Betty Moncure, Dan Conyers, Barbara Long, Blanton Ferguson, Mary Bullock, Jane Dunnavant, Janice Adams, Maxine Davis. Second Row: Beverly Lebar, Alice Warner, Carolyn Sears, Mary Creath, Mary Parks, Patsy Womack, Lenetta Carter, Roberta Wright, Mary Thacker, Mary Lee Perry, Natalie Schrieber. Third Row: Clarence Huff, Dooley Dillard, Gregory Weatherford, Connie Jones, Robert Shahda, Ronald Shockett, Dorothy Southworth, Mary Price, Betty Mass, Anne Kluttz, Mary Joan Sandrig, Carolyn Alfriend. Fourth Row: Torn Clemons, Shirley Bowe, Tornmy Armistead, Beverly Dodd, Jolo Jones, Ethel Head, Therese Ives, Pat Blankenship, Rose Gentry, Audrey Parrish. Fifth Row: Juanita Ford, Suzanne Branner, Susan Kimbrough, Florence Specter, Leah Troy, Carolyn Parker, Betty Lucy, Raymond Cilimberg, Marie Heody. Not Pictured: Robert Bass, Shirley Bevins, Virginia Mae Dunn, Jackie Frazier, Dee Funai, Susan Goddin, Nancy Johnson, Jaan Kessler, Marilyn Miller, Page Miller, Jean Neale, Pat Rose, Charles Talley, Katherine Wells, Carroll Wilkins, Joyce Womack. jthe monticello forty-ei ht Y Weezue Txiemgie ZZ Triangle ll ol the Y-Teens, which meets every other Tuesday, is an organization ol the Y.W.C.A. The membership is voluntary. The club, which is directed by Miss Eliza- beth Conwell ol the Y.W.C.A. and sponsored by Miss Susanna Farley, participates in World Fellowship by helping others. The activities include parties, picnics, movies, helping orphans, entertaining at old people's homes, and sending boxes to Europe. Members also serve on the Cafeteria and Recreation l-lall Committees. The otlicers are Suzanne Branner, President: Kathleen Jones, Vice-President: Joan Helbig. Secre- tary: Jaclcie l-larris, Treasurer, and Charlotte Korn, Program Chairman. Y-TEENS TRIANGLE Il-First Row lleft to rightjz Suzanne Branner, President: Kathleen Jones, Secretary: Jackie Harris, Treasurer: Betty Brewer, Lenetta Carter, Jane Dunnavant. Second Row: Betty Gayle, Carol Jones, Roberta Kepharr, Charlotte Korn, Doris' Madison, Dot Maynard. Third Row: Anne Dabney Mays, Betty Montgomery, Mary Ann Palmer, Elizabeth Powell, Barbara Snead. Not Pictured: Frances Brooks, Marny Bruffy, Joan Helbig, Vice- Presidentg Phyllis Janoski, Nancy Kahen, Harriet Maloney, Eva Nagler, Jean Martin, Jane Nolde, Ann Oliver, Carol Oliver, Kathleen Plagernan, Bettie Terrell, thomas 'efferson high schooltm Y tfeeme Tariemme Z N2 The Y-Teens Triangle l, sponsored lay the Y.W.C.fX., is a member of a world-wide organization lor high and iunior high school girls. The group meets twice a month to discuss timely subiects, to plan programs and social activities, anal to carry on various service proiects which it losters. Discussions pertaining to friendship and union among peoples are held, speakers are invited 'ro talk to the club about different countries, travels, fashions, and personalities: programs on racial, social, Y-TEENS TRIANGLE I-First Row lleft to rightl: Virginia Saunders, President: Mary Byrd Tignor, Vice-Presi- dent, Blue Bagby, Treasurer: Doris Alley, Anna Ashworth. Second Row: Virginia Baumberger, Carolyn Beasley, Katherine Binns, Shirley Bowe, Shirley Bullington. Third Row: Carolyn Carter, Mary Helen Cook, Mary Ray Dickson, Jo Ann Folk, Dolores Gary. Fourth Row: May Gentry, Cary Gibson, Anne Hatcher, Jane Hazelgrove, Lois lpock. ,083 the monticello forty- ight and religious problems are otten given. The Y-Teens have performed the moni- torial duties ot the cafeteria this year and have played an important part in this phase oi school lite. They have also sponsored better conditions in the girls' rest rooms. The club has fun and good times, too, for they enioy teas, dances, picnics. and skating parties. Miss Louise Sanford is faculty sponsor ot Triangle l, andthe group is under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Conwell ol the Y.W.C.A. Teen-Age Program. Y-TEENS TRIANGLE l-First Row flett to rightt: June Johns, Barbara Jones, Suzanne Kesteloo, Sarah McElroy, Frances McEver. Second Rawr Margaret McGuire, Nancy Mitteldorfer, Patsy Mooney, Myerl Morris, Betty Neale. Third Row: Jean Nelson, Helen O'Brien, Patricia Quick, Nannie Gordon Rennie, Isabel Sanford. Fourth Row: Alice Speight, Ann Stone, Betty Taylor, Wilhelmina Tinken, Barbara Van Denburgh, Fifth Row: Marion Wiggins, Elisabeth Wollenden, Irene Woodson. Not Pictured: Edith Barnes, Jo Dene Benton, Pat Blankenship, Hazel Carwile, June Christian, Janice Clemons, Pat Cutchin, Agnes Denson, Nancy Gordon, Patricia Hall, Joyce Hazelwood, Cynthia Hodges, Alrna Lake, Helene Lake, Virginia McLean, Janey Milstein, Anne O'Connor, Dorothy Pendleton, Patricia Perkins, Jackie Pittrnan, Eleanor Pollock, Beverley Randolph, Jean Ridenour, Mary Jean Sandrig, Janet Shriner, Dorothy Srnith, Rose Sog- hoian, Shirley Spear, Roslyn St. Clair, Nancy Stanley, Dolores Taggart, Mary Tench, Anne Thomas, Secre- tary, Betty Jeanne Tyson, Dorothy Wachter, Helen Watkins, Murnie Watson, Jean Williams, Lenore Zacharias, Lee Pierce. , .. ,,-, , -5319.7 f' 4 ,.- . -.L , 1 ..f4,,..-g's..,'e 0 's A . .1 ?sui1'u'u'fl-nr--. 3 , ,W - .v K - -en-v, Q ,.. 'T x Y titeens Tarieamie E are thoma 'efferson high school E109 a"' The Thomas Jefferson l-li-Y Chapter l is sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. and Mr. Joseph Uram. The weekly meetings are held at the "Y" on Monday night. Among the various activities, the l-li-Y boys contribute to the Red Cross, the Community Fund, and the Christmas Mother. l-li-Y Chapter l's lirst social event was the annual T.J.-J.M. Victory Dance. This was followed by several outings and parties. Chapter l was also represented in the Y.M.C.A. Basketball League. The Hi-Y is not only interested in training its members physically and socially, but it also endeavors to develop high ideals and standards of conduct. Chapter l feels it has had a highly successful' season and has fulfilled its pledge, which is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high stand- ards ol Christian character." Hi Y Qiwmear H es HI-Y CHAPTER I-First Row lleft to rightl: Bill Kohler, Vice-President, Sanford Vint, President: Anne Beazley, Sponsor, Clarence Huff, Treasurer: Russell Cheatham, Secretary, Gene Doyle. Second Row: Bill Myer, Ed Kimbrough, Norman Scott, Jerry Page, Dave Martin, Dooley Dillard. Third Row: Buddy Brouer, Jed Darnerel, Gip Richardson, Dick Jones, Al Ford. Fourth Raw: Mickey Mills, Floyd Tyson, Robert Cournow, Carl Leach, Robert Barnard, Ted Rawlings. Hojthe monticello fort -eight Mi my l-li-Y Chapter ll, a club tor Tee Jay boys sponsored by the Central Y.M.C.A., meets every Thursday night at the Y.M.C.A. building. ' The club contributes to various charitable organizations and renders assistance whenever called upon. as ' The club helps at school by giving programs to entertain and promote better ideals throughout the school, sponsoring the big Pep Rally for the T.J.-J.lvl. game, giving social functions lor the school, and serving on various committees. The entire club serves on the Recreation Hall Committee. ' For its members, it pro- vides many social and athletic events, and sponsors a team in the Senior Boys' Basketball League at the 'The boys leel that their aim and purpose, which is "to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character," has been fulfilled in their activities this year. Hl-Y CHAPTER ll-First Row lien lo rightl Ernest smith, Lawrence Smiley, Ted Aeems, Dick Jenes, Bill Gelding, Audrey Besehen, Dave White. Second Row: Eugene Justice, Ray Johnson, Yank Dulaney, Francis Davis, Jerry McGraw, Bob Shelburne, Bill Fleming. Third Row: George Ross, Tommy Ford, Bobby Shires, Jack Tompkins, Jimmy Stevens, Tom Armistead. Fourth Row: Billy Burnette, Gene West, Delmer Sylvia, Frank Hawkins. OFFICERS-fFalIl: President, David Whiteg Vice-President, Dick Jones: Secretary, Bill Goldingg Treasurer, Ray Quarles, lSpringl: President, Bill Golding: Vice-President, George Ross, Secretary, Bobby Shiresg Treasurer, Bill Dulaney. thomas jefferson high schoolm The Lemma Clam TRIBUNES Jackie Brooks, Betty Moncure SENATUS Left to right: First Row: Jeanne Plunkett, Vice- Presidentq Andrew Briggs, Presi- dent, Shirley Waranch, Treasurer, Second Row: Mac Frazer, Bruce Dovellg Miss Gray, Sponsor, Joan Perlin. Not Pictured: Joan Oving- ton. ii COMITIA Left to right: First Row: Susan Patton, Bond Har- ris, Alon Harris, Robert James, Betty Terrell. Second Row: Ehud Koch, Alice Warner, Michael Korb, Eva Fischer, Frank Caldwell, Clif- lord Wilkes. Not Pictured: Taylor Scott. The Latin Club, which is composed ol the Latin 5 and 6 classes, has very varied and interesting programs, such as debates, talks on famous Romans, and in- structive games. The Latin 6 class, whose motto is "Ex nihilo nihil Tit" and whose name is "Societas Romana," is the senate or "Romani Senatoresf' The Latin 5 class is called "Populi Romani" or the Roman people. Two members from the Latin 5 class act as 'rribunes or intercessors between the two groups, and attend the meetings ol both classes. The Latin 6 class meets in the first period in lO7, while the Latin 5 class meets in IO7 during the fifth period. Both classes are under the direction ol Miss Frances Gray. Zjthe monticello forty-ei ht A kg, ki ern o by jp? 'yd Wm ,fi B ln the second year ol the organization ol the Junior Classical League the members have continued to carry through their purpose ot enlightening and cultivating the minds ot Latin students through the development ot the ancient language. ' To elaborate upon the more social side ol the lives and activities of the ancient Romans, the club opened this year with a Latin treasure hunt to arouse interest. An inspiring initiation in Roman style was then given to the new members. A true Roman teast and many socials were also planned throughout the year. ln order to have varied and good programs ol lasting interest the members agreed to meet the second Tuesday ol each month. ' The officers are Consul, J. Vaughan Gary, Jr.: Pro-Consul, Glen Baker: Scriba, Barbara Dawson: Quaestor, Beverly Page French. THE JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE-First Row flett to rightl: Vaughan Gary, Jack Willcoxon. Second Row: Beverly French, Betty Neale, Shirley DePriest, Claire Millltiser. Third Row: Carolyn Beazley, Sarah Jane Thompson, Blanton Ferguson, Bobbie Hickson, Clarentine Smith, Barbara Dawson, Dorothy Wachter, Dorothy Brand. Fourth Row: Mrs. Plunkett, Sponsor, Lee Pierce, Mary Harrell, Miss Hargrove, Sponsor, David Baskett, Glen Baker. thomas 'efferson hi h sch00l,,,3 The Zaman' Qmesical League rt ll The Z-Baxmm mah The Forum, one of the most prominent clubs at Thomas Jefferson, was organized lor those interested in historical events, as well as for those who desire to express their opinions freely concerning alzlairs which affect our city, state, and nation. ' Club meet- ings are held in Room 3l9 on the lirst and third Wednesdays ot each month after school. Membership is strictly voluntary. Being a very active organization, The Forum hasinteresting programs which include student debates, discussions, motion pictures, and tours ol historical places ol interest. Occasionally, a guest speaker is invited to talk to the students. Each term The Forum presents an assembly program lor the entire school. This year's club introduced The Forum Pin, which is awarded to members who have met certain requirements ol attendance, participation in club activities, program planning, and committee work. ' The Forum helps students ol today to prepare to be capable citizens ol tomorrow. THE FORUM CLUB-First Row Cleft to rightj: Nancy Judges, Kathleen McGee, Frank Williams, Glen Baker, Treasurer, Jack Willcoxon, Vice-Presidentg Page Hudson, President: Betty Taylor, Secretaryg Mary Ann DuVal, Greta Clark. Second Row: June Christian, Barbara Dawson, Jean Dawson, Betty Starke, Donald Ruth, George Tutwiler, Frank Adams, David Propert, Myerl Morris, Harold White. Third Row: Mary Lamont, .lack Payne, Tyler Miller, Jr., Frank Edelblut, Dick Lyle, Danny Knight, Alice Parks, Ann Kluttz, Phoebe Broaddus, Beverly French. Fourth Row: Johnnie Tuttle, Bob Barnard, Bill Chattin, Billy Atkinson, Craig Smith, Franklin Mullinax, Jane Ramsey. Not Pictured: Charles Bingham, Bill Chapin, Withers Davis, Goodridge McRae, Edwin Niedermayer, John Roberts, Yervant Soghoian, Martha Tennis. th monticello fort - ight S fi 1 J, , R The Qeiezwe with The Science Club, under the sponsorship ol Mr. L. W. Jarman, brings to its members a more thorough understanding ot scientific principles through their application to every day living. Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday ot every month aiter school in Room 311. The attendance this year has averaged more than forty boys and girls who are interested in science. During November the Science Club sponsored an assembly program at which Dr. Livingston, ci prominent chemist from Du Pont, gave an illustrated lecture on "Prevue ol Progress." Over one thousand pupils interested in science attended this assembly as guests of the Science Club. Another proiect of the Science Club has been to interest boys and girls in the National Science Talent Search Contest. THE SCIENCE CLUB-First Row lleft ta rightt: Nancy Judges, Bucky Williams, Kathleen McGee, Franklin Mullinax, President, Jack Willcoxon, Page Hudson, Vice-President, Vincent Mahoney, Susan Patton, June Christian. Second Row: Mary Larnant, Jean Dawson, Nettie Sledd, Barbara Dawson, Evelyn Cox, Martha Edwards, Rusty Booker, Danny Knightf Jack Parker. Third Row: Donald Ruth, Parke Pendleton, Armand Weiss, Frank Adams, Craig Smith, Billy Atkinson, Bobby Garian. Fourth Raw: Mr. Jarrnan, Ehud Koch, Howard Kerpelman, Bob Barnard, Alan Smith, Fred Hoenniger, Glen Baker. Fifth Row: Jock Payne, Robert Shahda, Edward Inge, Jack Burnstein, Bill Chaffin, Edward Wilbarger, Walter Gordon. Not Pictured: Donnie Edwards, Bruce Hobbs, David McLeanan, Angelo Trienens, George Tutwiler, Betty Williams, Secretary. thomas jefferson high school E115 QQ!" -ha-a! ' C ,,,' , 52 5 45 inii THE SPANISH CLUB Left to right: First Row: Jean Smith, Peggy Dietrich, Jane Romsey, Eva Nagler, Jeanne McCormick. Second Row: Laura Dial, Londoro Borden, Kathleen Jones, An- geline Dracos, Evelyn Cox, Carol Jones, Emma Lee Costello. Third Row: Martha Walden, Florian Jacobs, Jane Gill, Jeanne Plunkett, Jean Wilson, Lorraine Bernot, Pot Nolte. Fourth Row!Mrs. Corprew, Sponsor, Landrum Atkins, Guy Webb, Danny Knight. Not , Pictured: Greta Clark. The Qpem eh Qme Alter school on the fourth Tuesday in each month, "Los Gringosf' Thomas Jetlerson pupils who are interested in knowing better our Spanish-speaking neighbors, hold varied meetings designed to improve their relation- ship with Latin America. One month otlered on informal discussion ol Spanish customs, and the next, a trelc to the home ot the faculty sponsor, Mrs. Dorothy Corprew, to cook Spanish dishes and taste the results. Each spring this club with the French and Spanish clubs ot John Marshall sponsors a banquet to promote the feel- ing ot understanding and Friendship that is uniting our country with our Spanish cousins. The E222 QM? QZHQ The Jett Clel Club, sponsored by Mr. Joseph H. Bair, meets in Room 2l8 on the second and the tourth Mon- day ol every month. This club strives to promote appreciation ol classical and popular music. Members have the privilege ol hearing and discussing recordings, hearing guest artists, and having member participation. THE JEFF CLEF CLUB Lett to right: First Row: Bill Wendt, Marie Vaughan, Jody Levey, Suzanne Adams, Shirley Sheffield. Second Row: Joan Ewers, Betty Garter, Carol Kidd, Mary Evans, Ann Kluttz, Anne Levey, Sara Carter, Eleanor Lambert, Zilda Kingofi, Third Row: Bucky Williams, Phil Kocen, Glen Baker, Rusty Booker, Mr, Bair, Span- L sor. Not Pictured: Ann Stone. LN... the monticello fort -eight llbil thomas 'efferson hi I1 'school THE COMMERCIAL CLUB Left to right: First Row: Carole Sachs, Treasurer, Ethel Head, Secretary, Joyce Ride- nour, Vice-President, Beverley Dodd, President. Second Row: Dot Cromp- ton, Barbara Ferguson, Darlene Usry, Rose Gentry, Miss Helen Botto, Spon- sor. Third Row: Pat Elarn, Barbara Long, Marie Marrenir, Meredith Jen- nings, Fourth Row: Marguerite Mil- burn, Jock Irons, Joyce Throckrnorton, John Danati. Not Pictured: Lois lpock. The Commercial mam To acquaint its members with the significance ol the business world and to develop their interest in commercial worlc are the purposes ol the Commercial Club. Each month business and social meetings are held on the second and fourth Fridays respectively. lncluded in the programs are speeches by prominent business leaders and field trips to industrial concerns. This club is sponsored by Miss Helen Botto. The Tee Jay Diem-ibmoxte Club The Distributor's Club provides the club members with an opportunity to learn more about the field ol dis- tribution and the vocational opportunities in the field. People who hold prominent positions in the business of retailing are invited to spealc belore the club. Regular meetings are held twice each month and plan's lor luture business and social functions are discussed. The club had two social functions this year and sent a delegate to the State Distributors Club convention in March. ' All members work in local retail stores and receive training at school along retailing lines. The officers ol the club this year are the following: President. Nancy Moss: Vice-President, Susie Greer: Secretary and Treasurer. Ronald Spindler. THE TEE JAY DlSTRIBUTOR'S CLUB Left to right: First Row: Charles Yarbrough, Joyce Anderson. Second Row: Pauline Per- kins, Lottie Rutherford, Jeanne Smith. Third Row: Leonard Brody, Dorothy Voss. Fourth Row: Robert Weber, Susie Greer, Nancy Moss, Barbara Tate. Fitth Row: Ronnie Spincller, Mr. Butler, Sponsor: Shirley Stoncil. Sixth Row: Evelyn Pitts. Not Pictured: Mary Lee Armstrong. THE THOMAS JEFFERSON BOOK CLUB Lett to right: First Row: Carla Waal, President: Mar' garet Boyer, Helen Feinmel, Jane Ram' sey, Treasurer. Second Row: Carol Jones, Katherine Womeldorf, Mary Haley Frayser, Secretaryg Florian Jacobs, Lee Pierce. Third Row: Miss Stephenson, Sponsor, Shirley Bowe, Betty Boyer, Peggy Hall, June Chris- tian. Not Pictured: Janet Shriner. The Thames Zeiieseam oak mme "ln the darkened hall Geraldine stood rigid, her pulses beating wildly, her brain numb with sheer, stark terror . , .' Have we by any chance entered a dramatics class? No, this is only a scene from one ol the unusual pro- grams presented in the Thomas Jetierson Book Club, which meets every second and fourth Tuesday alter school in Room 308. The club, which is sponsored by Miss Mary Ellen Stephenson, strives to interest its mem- bers in good books and gives them an opportunity to discuss their favorites. Those pupils who show an in- terest in literature and meet the approval ot the members receive invitations to become members oi this worthwhile and enioyable club. 'mae aeeeta Qtek The Speech Club ot Thomas Jetterson High School, which is maole up ol pupils ot Miss Mayo Provence's sec- ond period speech class, meets every Friday at second period in Room 328. The purpose ol the club is to acquaint the members with parliamentary procedure and to give practice in speech. The officers, president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, are elected at every tourth meeting in order to enable each member to have the opportunity to hold one or more otlices. The club gains a great deal ol knowledge under Miss Provence's guidance. Also there are very interesting programs provided lor each meeting by the vice-presi- dent and a special committee. THE SPEECH CLUB Lett to right: First Row: Delmer Sylvia, Anne Bald- win, Joyce Divers, John Donati. Sec- ond Row: Shirley Waranch, Jean Fox, Caroline Beazley, Miss Mayo Provence, Jean Marie Smith, Betty Tuck, Mariam Mitchell, Margaret Chandler, Ann Morgan, Douglas Neal, Terry Ullman. Not Pictured: Hazel Jessup, Allan Pe- tersiel, Pete Spiro, 83 the monticello forty- eight 1. 4 .5 4 1: ,E J: -j 1 v - Y A ,: -Q 52.1 ..... ,,...., , Q By ' .mg MQ X v 71,1 Y :Tr A .F , 5: a wk Q -vgviw-if QW - I-V ,LJ ,:.., K fvylr 'qi I .Mk nf it W . if A t 4 R A, t AK 5. SJ X, ' X Q 5 Q.. 1 ,nga xg ' " r ' "f K '- " ' ' , 2 fi:,Q'A3j! Q X X? W 0' 4 ' Q f"6f ' f f Q? bf if' A-., ' cg-'95 it 'J Q ' QI i f , ' il , i V V A , , o .V gp gl 3 Q ' ' ,, I Ljvhkwlhriw, Xl E M Q N N 1 N.lcHLlIDNllQ A. L COLONEL CATLIN E. TYLER Commcmdont MZ 4-A W wwf J v v thomas jefferson high school H9 'Ar 99' SHIRLEY CONWELL Sponsor FALL TE BATTRLZO TA?F HAWKINS R. F. 3 Battalion Commander CAPTAIN TIGNOR, F. D. CAPTAIN OWEN, W. L. SERGEANT KYLE, L, H, I-IOBBS, BRUCE 120 Captain Adjutant Captain Quartermaster Corps SuppIy Sergeant Warrant Officer MCMAI-ION, P. Warrant Officer DENNIS, C. E. Warrant Otaiicer RIGGIN, G. T. Warrant Officer jthe monticello forty- eight BETTY STEPH EN SON Sponsor SPRING- TER BATTALHQN' QTAFZ-"' CAPTAIN WILBARGER, E. S Battalion Commander CAPTAIN PERKINS, R. V. CAPTAIN ATKINSON, W. E. CAPTAIN BAROODY, E. E. SERGEANT-MAJOR WEST, E. B Captain Adjutant Captain Quartermaster Aide to Cornrnandant SERGEANT NEAL, W. R. Corps Supply Sergeant JEAN WILLIAMSON Corps Secretary Fall and Sprlng Terms thomas jefferson high school Clerk, Fall and Spring Terms 121 Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant FERGUSSON, E, W. HALL, C. D. RENNIE, J. G. SMITH, F. A. FALL TERM OFFICERS 'r H E B A N M. . LVM gg, CIN .4 '!ff jjfyp 'L ,lf "AM M31 ANN WILLIAMS j ,A PATSY JAMES Sponsor I K, - ty Sponsor Fall Term I Spring Term SPRING TERM oFFlcERs .Q Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Q' QP RENNIE, J. G. SMITH, F. A. HOENNIGER, F. B. CONGDON, E. E. 122 4 jthe monticello forty- eight X! I - ve. M4 W' 7 HE BAND ' 4, Captain .. .. .,A, .e ,,.,., . ......,A, . ...A . BENNIE, J. G. First uenfenenf. ...... . .sMurH, F. A. Second Lreetenent .,.......,.. . HOENNIGER, F. B. Second Lieutenant. .,....,.,., .,.. . ..coNGDoN, E. E. rarer sefgeenf .. .... .. . . .... vvmm, vv. M. sfefnf sengeenf.. ....,.. .. ,,..,. ..,..., . FREEMAN, B. c. sfernf sefe ent ........... .... .... . . HWEBB, cs. E. snpeiy Sergeant.. .,...,. ....... . .... ....... .,...... . ............. ....,,, M I L BER, G. T. SERGEANTS fag, M- ' , 6Bennett', B. G., Bradley, R. c., Letnnnen, A. L., Williams, F, B., Wiltshire, R. c., Wolfe, .on 5, FS weeex,w.r. ' 'E R J coRPoRALs Bond, L. B.: Howard, A. D.: Hull, A. M.: McGee, D. O.: Milter, W. W.: Skaggs, H. M.: Swain, R. E.: Worley, L. D.:Wyott, EG. Z tm-i , d-5 iwv ww n PRIVATES All .e,nB.,., tl. f. ' "NW-l1,0.A, J. I fl .1-17451. Congdon, J. R.: Fetttg, D. A.: Hersmcn, M. C.: Heck, R. L.: Johnson, L, W.: Jones, H. M.:IKing, J. F ' ' fy Kloss, J. J: Kocen, B. P.: Linfietd, M. P.: McAlister, R. W.: Meyer, H. I.: Morgan, C. E.: Otlver, E. J J.: Phittips, V. I.: Reinhort, H. R.: Sounders, J. A.: Shockett, R. D.: Skaggs, F. R.: Srnort, R. F.: Smith, F. B. Tombetltni, L. C.: Thorpe, R. D.: Troutmon, J. L.: Wotton, J. K.: Webster, J. M.: Winters, H. Yogel, G. T. f Lv o flfC4,nn4-LN. thomas 'efferson hi h school .I g E123 Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant EDWARDS, E. M. JONES, W. C. MULLINAX, F. P. ATKINSON, W, E. FALL TERM OFFICERS A Q WAWY 0-4"'V 51:2 W ,4f,1,-JVJ CAROLYN ALFRIEND W ELIZABETH BURTON Sponsor Sponsor FaII Term Spring Term SPRING TERM OFFICERS Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant HARRIS, S. L, DAVIS, E. G. ARMSTRONG, G. G. EDELBLUT, L. F. ,mthe monticello forty- eight A QU WA Y' Captain .,....,., . .. . ..., HARRIS, S. L. First Lieutenant. .,.,, ,.,., DAVIS, E. G. Second Lieutenant . .... ARMSTRONG, G. G. Second Lieutenant. .,.. .. .. .,..,., LAWRENCE, R. C. First Sergeant .,.. . ......, .,...., H OGGARD, W. J. Supply Sergeant . ...... ,...., STANSBURY, G. Af do Zaigf' SERGEANTS IFJ 'K' Edmunds, J. T.: Lewis. G. L.: Eraley, C. B.: Goolsby, J. K.: Blottner, F. G.: Guliclc, J. T.: Harris, B.: I Pendleton, H. B.: Slgmon, H. D.: Smith, R. K. coRPoRALs :Q C u. '4 K - Godwin, G. J.: Kennison, J. D.: Lansinger, F. H.: Munson, C. E.: Pond, J.: Thornton, T. H. 062, Qwwktn VNV 'C X V SH ANNO PRI ATES V Q2 Bullington, T. S.: Brown, J. H.: Burnett, L. R.: Coulbourn, D. L.: Edelblut, L. F.: Galloway, W. A.: g"N Haraway, A.: Jones, A.: Jones, W. C.: Miller, V. N.: Morton, W. R.: Pendleton, P. D.: Powell, W. F.: Williams, J. R.: Wiltshire, M.: Query, R. P. thomas 'efferson high schoolms JQ YW ms, LJ-00-C, Deo. M M J,4W4,0,Mf Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant ALCORN, W. D. DAVIS, E. G, PUSEY, C. G. BOWEN, G. L. FALL TERM OFFICERS W QQ ?AWY 13 SHIRLEY EMERSON MARILOU KRAFT Sponsor Sponsor Fall Term Spring Term SPRING TERM OFFICERS Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant S ond Lieutenant NISSLEY. W. J. PUSEY, C. G. PEARMAN, R. N, T ODWARD, C. L. X . X W the monticello forty- eight ., .0 6 . ,ACJJLJQQN ew w ? MNISSLEY, W. J, First Lieutenant................. ,.,....PUSEY, C. G. Second Lieutenant .. ...... . ...., .,....,. P EARMAN, R. N, Second Lieutenant. ......... ,,.,.....,.,,.WlLTON, G. C. First Sergeant ...... .... ...,..... . . HARRIS, G. B. Supply Sergeant... .......... ....., . , GARBER, G, G. pf SERGEANTS juli, deo, J. R.: Angely, A. M.: Deep, A. A.: Irons, J. C.: James, R. W.: Pinctmefslcy, H. W.: Tignor, ' X XC. W.: Wilks, W. G.: Woodward, C. L, 4 , UB go 1-'I W . Q0- CORPORALS W Bas ett, D. T.: Borctmes, J. E.: Carson, J, W.: Chapman, D. V.: O'NeiH, D. R.: Perl tein, R. M.: Swatt, J.A. 10-CJ MLW! 2: fc M-J-0 ,f9,,,,,,, PRIVATES Barslnow, B. N.: Brown, R. W.: Corkran, P. E.: Geilcfer, J. A.: Harker, E, W.:'JoI1nson, C. S.: Kephart, S. M.: Lancaster, C. H.: Pemberton, P, L.: Stewart, S. B.: Tiller, J. K.: Watt, W, C.: Young, D. R. thomas Jefferson hlgh schooltm Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant GERMAIN, R. L, SHULTZ, R.tv1, CEVARICH, J. PARTLOW, K. L. FALL TERM OFFICERS Q Qw ykmy is MARTHA SNFAD JACKIE HARRIS Sponsor Sponsor FclII Term Spring Term SPRING TERM OFFICERS Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant I-IUBAND, R. E, PETTIGREW, T. F. CEVARICH, J. CHRISTIAN, S. B, 83 the monticello forty- eight ss- F Q Q Q W A Y Captain... ......,.. .. .,., .,., . ...... H UBAND, R. E. First Lieutenant .,.,..,., .,.,. . . ,.,.. PETTIGREW, T. F Second Lieutenant... .. ...,.,...DeBlASl, G. F. Second Lieutenant... ..... .....,..,.,TUCKER, R, S First Sergeant ..... .,.,..,.,.. .... ...... MMATER, F. H. Supply Sergeant.. ........, . GILES, J. E HK W ,R v My yf, SERGEANTS Christian, S. B.: Frost, E. L.: Heard, J. A.: Hoilweimer, H. R.: Partlow, K. L.: Perritt, D. R.: Perry, K. M.: Willcoxon, J. W.: Winston, A. S.i Mfayldi, CORPORALS Bruffey, H. F.: Jones, A.: Land, H. C.: Polwlig, D. A.: Rutlw, D. K.: Smith, L. P.: Woods, T. S. . J, 4 PRIVATES Bradley, J. A.: Buck, G. N.: Cevaricln, J.: Cheek, W. F.: Clarke. J. L.: Connelly, C.: Ferguson, E. G.: Henley, S. E.: Kleiman, E. B.: Ripley, E. G.: Robertson, R. F.: Sweet, R. C.: Tinsley, C. B.: Woronclw, S.: thomas jefferson high schooling Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant X HARRIS, J. H. SCI-IMIDT, J. A. I-IARMAN, A. W. GI EY, W. I FALL TERM OFFICERS MJ jf I fm f ft X 4 Q 4 Qw wm y is BETTY GAYLE y BARBARA HAMILTON Sponsor Sponsor FcIITerm X Spring Term SPRING TERM OF ' A .. ,--.... . dlp- . K- iv, . 130 the monticello fort -eight Elilw , . .. ,Q 7 'L Af Captain ,,,. ,.., ,..,.,.,,. . . Second Lleufenanru.. .. First Sergeant.. ....., .. ill? Mi? , 5.-i' I a"14'f2 M en em y -2' jeff - -ef-fe da? QMS. 1 ATKLNSON, W. E. First Lieutenant... ....A., , .V....,., ,..,. .,.. . A . ' 'JV .,..,..., . .DAVlS, S. F. Second Lieulenanf ...., ,.,.. . .4 . . .... HMULLINAX, P. P. Supply sefgecnf ..V.V, , .,e,. 7.4.-QfQf V' K fi ,' 'M' N yk5"1v,, SERGEANTS Nags T. P.: Wlndislw, K. S.: Wlnks, G. F.: Wyker, J. N. Blankenship, R. L.: Hall, J. D.: Lassiter, P. B.: Oglesby, R. T.: Quick, W. C.: Smitlw, W. A.: Willc' ms, Gif CORPORALS Banks, G. T.: Flinn, S. H.: Gary. J. V.: Harnsberger, R. K.: Sarvay, R. H.: Sparn, N. J. PRIVATES Appich, D. L.: Bell, R L.: Breese, W. D.: Bucln, R. S.: Carcloza, W. K.: Eddy, W. C.: Howard, C.: Lowell, C. A.: Marion, J. H.: Neale, B. R.: Sarvay, J.: While, H. A.: Willey, E. E.: Woodruff, J. H.: thomas 'efferson hi I1 school J gl E131 Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant PERKINS, R. v. PAGE, C. L. LYLE, R. E. SMITH, P. C. FALL TERM OFFICERS E ga wk ? ev JANE PAMPLIN BETTY GARTER SPOHSOI' Sponsor Foll Term Spring Term SPRING TERM OFFICERS Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant PAGE, C. L. WILKINSON, G. D. LYLE, R. E. SMITH, P. C. 132 jthe monticello fort -eight iff., nqgff Jul' 1' JI-D 3 . Z Q o QA N Y f rfwfly. f'fi-we K A he aa X I-:H Q Captain .. .,.. .f ........, I .,,., ,, . PAGE, C, L. First Lieutenant. ...., ., . .... .,... LITLE, 5. E 6 ' Second Lieutenant ..., ..4,.,,, ' SMITH, P. C. Second Lieutenant ,.., ,..., CgULAND,,1-l. f- First Sergeant .,.... .. .... DONAHOE, L. C. Supply Sergeant.. .,.. . ,.,..,.. ..,.,, rl 1 SERGEANTS iffy ll f 'K' gy ' ' 'if Brizzolara, G. A.: Dennis, R. O.: l-licks, R. M.: Walton, M. B.: White, R. ES iv CW F-X -4 f i ' ' rrp W7 ! 1 f Vs . f rf , - " ' CORPORALS Ansell, E. P.: Harmon, H F.: Knapp, J. W.:,1.owrence, S. B.: Link, G. L.: Nolley, W. T.: Maddad. L. B.: Propert, D. B. PRIVATES Britt, S. B., Jr.: Cervarich, P. J.: Clemons, T. E.: Collins, E. D.: Cridlin, W. B.: Crowder, J. N.: Crowson, R. B.: Davis, H.: Martin, G. R.: Meyburg, W. H.: Morse, W. H.: Sandvig, J. M.: Shakespeare, J. C.: Singleton, W. E.: Watts, R. G.: Weigel, J. M.: Wilkinson, G. D.: Wright, J. F.: Young, F. E. thomas jefferson high school R 1: 133 Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant WILBARGER, E. S, SKINNER, B. F. DADMUN, E. T. ARMSTRONG, J, I-I. FALL TERM OFFICERS W QQ WQ Y is BETTY STEPI-IENSON PAGE MILLER Sponsor Sponsor FQII Term Spring Term SPRING TERM OFFICERS Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant SKINNER, B. F. DADMUN, E. T. CHAFFIN, W. W. COULBOURN, C. B. I34 jthe monticello forty- eight .. W' ' ni ws If AWK M . . " Riu ? Q U ?A Y Captain.. .,,. .... ....SKiNNER, B. F. First Lieutenant......... Second Lieutenant. COULBOURN, C. B. Second Lieutenant First Sergeant .,.. DADMUN, E, T. Supply Sergeant SERGEANTS Armstrong, J. H.: Ashworth, E. T.: Crowder, R, W.: Giliio, A. P.: Hagner, Neale, R. K.: Pace, L. E.:Slwat1da, R. Y CORPORALS CHAFFIN, W. W. A. R.: Lowry, W. Boyer, A. C.: Carden, R. C.: Roberts, J. B.: Sheplnardson, JRP.: Yuhase, W. B. PRIVATES ..,.. .,....,..,.. . SHIPP, T. E. HORTON, R. G., JR. QW -f Amadeo, I. T.: Andrews, R. W.: Buiiock, W. L.: Cameron, S. M.: Coiiins, J, M.: Cook, B. H.: Gernrnili, R. S.: Hastings, M. T: Lindamaod, F. E.: McFarland, D. S.: McLennan, W. D.: Milier, R. S.: Nasser M. J.: Parker, H. M.: Ritchie, L. R.: Stevens, R. W.: Wittsell, K. E. thomas jefferson hi h schoolms E4 53 WADE? QQRWQ ln September, T94-7, we were honored to have Clinton E. Jones, a Captain in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, take over the new iob ot Assistant Commandant and Training Otliicer. Since that time, many improvements have been made. l-le has a likable personality: and having been a teacher ot mechanical drawing here, Cap- tain Jones was already in contact with many boys in the corps. l-le is a time otticer and a gentleman, and has the respect of all who serve under him. A training class tor the new otlicers was the iirst thing on Captain Jones's schedule. The I5-day course included lessons on or- ganization, tirst aid, the principles ot drilling, and advice on commanding their units. The sergeants attended the next school, which was held two days each week until the end of the term. At the beginning of the spring semester the boys previously trained were the new olzticers, and it became their duty to help train those cadets under them. Classes in map-reading tor the entire corps were started. All ot these classes have proved to be a great success: and as time goes by and the corps becomes better trained, we will remember to thank Captain Jones. 13621 G+' The Semi-Annual Competitive Drill was held in the Grays' Armory on January 30, 1948, with Company A winning the Green and Koegel Trophy. The rifle team, under the direction ot Col- onel Tyler and Captain Jones, has had at least two practices a week forthe past term. They are now using John lv1arshall's range on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday morn- ings. Sports always play an important part in the cadet's lite. The intramural basketball league was continued with scheduled games every Wednesday night in the l-lill School gymnasium. Company A won the trophy otziered by the West Richmond Business lv1en's Association. This group ol men also presented a much needed State Flag to the Cadet Corps in the early part ot March. Among the social activities ot the corps were the two Sponsor's days and two Cadet l-lops, with figures directed with much ac- curacy by lv1r.l-larry A. Woody, corps coun- selor. On January 18th, in honor oi those two great generals, Lee and Jackson, the corps again had the pleasure ot attending First Baptist Church, where Dr. Theodore F. Adams, our Chaplain, presented the sermon. the monticello W forty-eight " 1 l N D X C it A 1 1 'IJ V is 4 :ci 'Z V A iy ll .5 2 i ir ' K 'Q So f my f QI, 'Q f f A- Q , 1 5, A I ' VI it H 6 I V, 1 .ing . W? QW! '11 1 1 "Vi f 1 KE' U, . 1 - 1 W ' V ' A-F 2 KK X 'fff ggim . f 1X f x S12 mfg H f i 1 f- may 'i - sfiiiillkm' 'Duc MIIRTIPI ZEWWE QUN? tZ ?W QQ ? YHA This yeor o peppy bunch of cheerleoders led the student section in their support ol the "Big Red Teom." Not only could you see them ot the home gomes, but you could ol- woys count on seeing them ot the vorious out-ol-town gomes rooting tor the teom. Win or lose, they upheld the morole with their enthusiostic cheering: not even the roiny doys could dompen their spirits. if l-leoding the vivocious group this yeor were Joyce Hozel- wood and Forrest Tignor, who were ossisted by Morion Wiggins, Dick Jones, Beclcy thomas jefferson high school Roclce, Stuort Johnson: Beverley Rondolph, Bill Fleming: Borboro l-lowlcins, ond Bob Shelburne. These cheerleoders will olwoys remember the trip to Roonolqe, the luncheon ot the Country Club, decoroting the stadium lor "the big doy," the outing in the spring, ond obove ull, their understonding sponsor, Miss Susonno Forley. JF Next yeor when the bond once ogoin ploys "Jel:lersonio1ns" ond the crowds cheer, you'll see o new group ol cheerleoders who will be copobly led by Betty Stephenson ond Ronnie Blonlcenship. III37 ALMA LAKE HELENE LAKE GIRLS' HOCKEY SQUAD-First Row llett to rightj: Ethel Head, Jane Ramsey, Janet Johnston, Betsy Williams, Mary Ann Henley, Alma Lake, Helene Lake, Faith Abbott, Eloise Nolde, Jean Ridenour, Betty Sherman, Second Row: Mary Jane Carver, Mary Elizabeth Price, Barbara Griggs, Anne Kluttz, Anne Hatcher, Katherine Worneldort, Jean Kilday, Alice Warner, Katherine Binns, Susan Ovington, Jane Gill, Myerl Morris, Patricia Perkins, Mildred Towe. ONE MAKES ALL-PREP FIRST TEAM: TWO, ALL-PREP SECOND TEAM Field Hockey is increasing in popularity at Tee Jay as evidenced by the number ot girls who enjoyed the game this past season. More than 30 girls reported three days a week lor practice and games. A total ot l2 games were played by the Varsity and Reserves. From a win and lose point of view the sea- BETTY SHERMAN JEAN RIDENOUR son was not strictly the most suc- cesstul one: however, the Tee Jay- ettes exhibited a time spirit whether they lost or won. The Varsity lost to a hard play- ing Petersburg eleven by a score ol 4-2, the game being played on the Petersburg tield. At our next game, one with Collegiate, we broke into the win column to the tune ot 3-l. St. Catherine's more experienced team proved too much lor the Red and White, lor we lost 9-2. The second hall was played on even terms, and we were really proud ot the way our girls worked together. The highlight for the sea- son was our victory over John Mar- shall, the game being played on Hotchkiss field, or perhaps we should say Hotchkiss lake, as a good portion ot the tield was sev- BARBARA ASHBY ETHEL HEAD mjthe monticello fort -eight CO-CAPTAINS JEAN RIDENOUR, BETTY SHERMAN ACTION SHOT eral inches below water. The final score was 4-2. Our girls played host to a less experienced Man- chester team and showed them how I-lockey should be played. The Jettsters came out on top with a score of 4-O. Our final game was played with St. Margaret's in Tap- pahannock. Alter keeping the score even until the hall time, our team went down in oleteat by a score ot 4-2. The All-Prep I-Iockey Tourna- ment was held at St. Catherine's on November I5. The weather was more suitable lor ducks, but, in spite of the cold and wet, Hockey was played. Betty Sherman was chosen for the all-prep first team and Barbara Ashby and Janet Johnston were given berths on the all-prep second team. These girls iustly deserved their awards. BOX SCORES VARSITY Tee Jay-2' Petersburg , . 4 Tee Jay-3 Collegiate ..,...,,,, I Tee Jay-2 St. Catherine s , 9 Tee Jay-4 Jay Em , . .,.. 2 Tee Jay-4 Manchester ,. .,.,, O Tee Jay-Z St. Margaret's ., ...,. , 4 RESERVE Tee Jay-I Petersburg . ,... ,,, 3 Tee Jay-0 Ashland . ,, I Tee Jayf0 Collegiate ,. ,.., . 4 Tee Jay-2 Jay Em .. ., . I Tee Jay-0 Westhampton I Tee Jay-O St. Catherine's 3 It is hard stars on the to pick out individual team: however, Faith Abbott, Barbara Ashby, Ethel I-lead, Alma and I-lelene Lake, MANAGER "BLUE" BAGBY Eloise Nolde, Jean Ridenour, and Betty Sherman will not be around next year to help the team. The Reserve team was made up almost entirely oi sophomores, sev- eral ot the girls never having played I-Iockey betore. They played six games, winning only one game against Jay Em, by a score oi 2-I. The remaining tive played were: Petersburg 3-I, Ashland I-O, Col- legiate 4-O, Westhampton I-O, and St. Catherines 3-O. Much experience and practice were gained by these games and the Reserve players of this year will prove to be excellent Varsity team-mates in the I948 season. Our coach, Miss Edith Todd, who in every way led us through an eventful season, was responsible tor the splendid sportsmanship and playing shown by all the girls. FAITH ABBOTT JANET JOHNSTON BETSY WILLIAMS MARY ANN HENLEY JANE RAMSEY ELOISE NOLDE I homas jefferson high schooling First Row Cleft to rightl: Co-Capt. Rose, Butler, Burnette, Harris, Dillard, Bernard, Ford, Martin, Wind, Scott, Kohler, Chumbley. Second Row: Hobson, Ford, Ketchie, Huff, Mesco, White, Cournow, Tompkins, Smiley, Golding, Marchetti, Wallace. Third Row: McConaghy, Willis, Deierhoi, White, Pace, Dulaney, Phillips, Hood, Bashaw, Vint, Plunkett, Roberts. Fourth Row: Feitig CManagerl, Coach Uram, Woodcack, White, Kovacs, Hanks, Brightwell, Romsey, Pleasonts, Sherrod, Mocha, Haggard, Davis, Gotten, Wall, Coach Carmock. TWO JEFFS CAPTURE ALL-CITY BERTHSg PRESIDENTS POST I-5-4 RECORD Butler Leads Scorers The l947 edition ol Thomas Jet- lerson High School's lootlooll squad produced two All-City players in Co-Captain and Fullback Dave Rose and End Bill Burnette. Rose, outstanding all-round player, led the team from his tull- back post in high spirit as well as great running ability. Burnette also received honorable mention lor All- State with his stellar end play, par- ticularly on the raging defensive role. The "tying iinx" plagued the Jefis in the early season, as they CO-CAPTAIN DAVID ROSE 51 ,,. - 'xr :,. I s :rw 'L' 'lei' i:ja,,g2s::-iz, ew l4 knotted the count tour times in post- ing the record ol one win, tive losses, and tour ties as they were THE SEASON'S SCORES Tee Jay- Alexandria 6 Tee Jay- Salem ,.. .,..... .,..,.., I3 Tee Jay- Petersburg , ..., 7 Tee Jay- Granby .,.,.,.. .., .,,,.. ., O Tee Jay- Hampton Tee Jay- St. Christopher's , O Tee Jay- Jefferson. Roanoke 35 Tee Jay- Benedictine .,.., 6 Tee Jay- John Marshall , 6 Tee Jay- Hopewell , ...., .,...l2 defeated tor the tirst time in tive years by John Marshall 6-O in a stubborn defeat. Belt Liners Open With Two Ties Tee Jay's gridiron warriors got oft to a tying start as they iour- neyed to Alexandria, tying George Washington 6-6, and then pro- ceeded the next week to end dead- locked with Andrew Lewis ol Salem on a l3-l3 count. With less than three minutes lett in the game in the northern city, Wingback Bill Kohler gathered in a punt and promptly raced 40 yards to paydirt and save lace For the Presidents. The Jeits' line was invincible as led by Co-Captain "Meats" Martin and Leo Mesco as the boys in red out-classed G. W. in every department. On Tee Jay's own Shawen Field the next week the Jelzls were out- played by their smaller opponents from Salem, but managed to sal- vage a tie as Big Dave Rose broke through the middle of the visitors' line and raced 63 yards tor the ty- ing Jetierson folly. Crimson Wave Edges Jetfs 7-6 The Jetts traveled to the Cock- ode City lor their third contest and became another victim ol the "Pe- CALEB WALLACE-l NJU RY JI NXED! 03 the monticello fort -eight tersburg iinx," by losing a heart- breaker 7-6, before 6,000 fans. A drive of 85 yards in the last five minutes, climaxed by a I6-yard cutback to paydirt by Tailback Johnny Butler, left the Presidents trailing by the narrow one-point margin as Dave Rosels attempted conversion was blocked. Big Red Reaches Peak Against Granby and Hampton Thomas Jefferson's Presidents reached their season's peak on suc- CO-CAPTAIN DAVID MARTIN cessive week-ends as they knotted the count with two of the state's leaders, Granby and Hampton. The Jeffs battled their heavier foe from Norfolk to a O-O count as they put up a brilliant goal line de- fense at the end of the game, and held the Comets on the one-foot line. With passing impossible on the wet, muddy field, Chumbley and 5 Ei ' g.s.i.3L.i?v. 'rf is-gg tt +1Afs.sy2fsgig'51i3Q-ff .- cemsk " BOB BERNARD '- BUTLER GALLOPS 40 YARDS AGAINST SAINTS Butler sparked the Red offense, but were stopped twice within the ten on downs. The Big Red line was sparked by Sidney Lee, Bill Bur- nette, and Dooley Dillard in the oi- fensive contest. I-lampton saw another "mud battle" and Tee Jay in its fourth draw I8-I8. A final drive which carried to the 23 failed for the Jeffs in the closing minutes as they lost the ball on downs. WINGBACK BILL KOHLER After the Crabbers knocked the Presidents back with a quick score, Bill Burnette blocked a kick and Butler scored three plays later. Hampton retaliated, but Butler tossed one to Lee good for 40 yards and a T.D. Roses punt was blocked, and the visitors scored again: but Rose, displaying his fin- est performance, refused defeat as he galloped 4I yards and then scored. Jeffs Routed on Western Trip: Tripped by Cadets, I2-6 Tee Jay's tying habit was finally halted on their western trip to Roa- noke as the Jefferson Senior High Magicians whipped them 35-I4-, and the Benedictine Cadets upset the Jeffs to the tune of I2-6 in the city championship race. Although thoroughly trounced by the hard-charging Roanokers the Presidents provided the thrills as Tailback Johnny Butler staged an 85-yard T.D. iaunt and then gal- Ioped 95 yards on a pass intercep- tion, only to have the play called back. Butler opened the Cadet game with an 82-yard return of the kick- off for a Jeff score in the first I5 seconds, but from there on out the Irish edged the Belt Liners in the strictly offensive contest. Presidents Completely Outclass Saints I9-0 The Red and White bounced on the winning side of the ledger with TAILBACK JOHN BUTLER homas jefferson high Schoolw BLOCKING BACK NORMAN SCOTT a decisive I9-O victory over their West End foes, St. Christopher's, at the City Stadium. Johnny Butler once again was the wheel ol the Jett otlense as his posses set up a score in the second period and two in the fourth. Blond John passed I5 yards to End Sid- ney Lee on the eight, where he ti- nally plunged over. I-le later ran lor 23, as Rose louclcecl over, and passed 30 yards to Lee tor the tinol tally. The statistics were all in favor ol the Jetls, as Big Jalce Ford was the stone wall ot the Jett line. as he more than once brolce through to drop the Saint baclcs lor heavy losses. Chumbley Hurt As Jay Em Blanks Jelifs 6-0 in Sea ol Mud at Stadium The Presidents finally went down GUARD TACKLE BILL DULANEY JACK TOMPKINS .mms to defeat loelore the hands ol their arch-rival, John Marshall, 6-O, at the City Stadium in a duel in the mud. The Justicels big, iarring lull- baclc, Ted Filer, plunged over in the fourth period to clinch the tirst vic- tory in tive years over Tee Jay and the city championship title. The ZOO-pound star all but single handedly led the Ninth Streeters to victory as he golloped 66 yards and scored three plays later belore I4-,OOO lans who turned out despite pouring rain to see the players wal- low in two inches ol mud. On Filer's T.D. iaunt Tee Joy sulllered its worst blow of the sea- son as George Chumbley, Jett tail- loacli, caught up and downed Filer, but not before receiving a dislo- cated hip. GEORGE CHUMBLEY LIES HURT IN JAY EM GAME The Jetta were up as usual lor the traditional toe and waged a brave, hard battle. The line baclc- ing ol Dave Rose and the brilliant end playing at Bill Burnette led the Jetls time and again in the deten- sive cause which held the Justices when driving deep into pay dirt territory. Rose with Chumbley's punting lcept the Belt Line ottensive alive as they battled evenly until the score. ALL-CITY END BILL BURNETTE Final Clash Sees Red Team Drop 35-I4 Count to Hopewell The Presidents wound up their dismal campaign with a 25-I2 loss to I-Iopewell at the City Stadium. But it was a razzle-dazzle contest all the way as the Blue Devils out- triclced Couch Carrnaclcs Red team. I-lopewell scored on the tirst ploy, passing through the Jetts' spotty air defense. The Jetis tied it up before hall time and Bill Koh- ler gathered in the second half kick- off and raced 22 yards, only to be tagged on the tive. The Belt Liners just couldn't push it over. The Blue team iced the game with two follies in the third period and one in the lourth. Later Johnny Butler passed to Reserve Hugh Mc- Conaghy tor 68 yards and the tirst T.D. of the game and season. GUARD TOMMY FORD mjthe monticello forty- eigh VARSITY SQUAD-First Row llett to rightl: Barbara Griggs, Betty Palmore, Jean Rideriour, Helene Lake, Alma Lake, Nancy Alexander, Angela Trienens, Joan Jones. Second Row: Pat Dwyer, Betsy Williams lManagerl, Pauline Bagby, Mary Ann t-lenley, Margie Ball, 'Garnet Odt. Third Raw: Ethel Head, Betty Sherman, Lou Mass, Mary Edwards, Ann Weimer, Marianne McDonald, Katherine Shower, Jackie Brooks, Barbara Saunders, Gladys Tatarsky. Almost, But Not Quite The Tee Jay lemmes varsity basketball team came within one game ol having a perlect record. Their one defeat came when they tackled a fast moving Varina team: however, this deleat was partially wiped out by the return game. ln the tirst, Varina won 26-23: and in the sec- ond. Tee Jay won 27-23, The Varsity sextet had double wins over Petersburg and Hopewell, and single wins over Glen Allen, Collegiate, St. Catherines Jay Em, and St. Joseph's Villa. The highlight ol the season was the game with St. Catherines. lt was not only the most ex- citing game, but our girls also showed more teamwork. The score was 32-3l with Tee Jay as victors. Another maior ACTION SHOT homas jeffe win was the deteat of our crosstown rivals, Jay Em, the score being 26-l8. The only pre-season game was won from Glen Allen by a score of 33-l3. The scores ot the games with Collegiate and St. Jo- ACTION SHOT seph's Villa were 49fll and 32-9, respec- tively. This yearls Alumnae game was not as exciting as the previous year as the Alumnae bowed to the Varsity Six by a score ol 40-I4. However, much tun was had by all. For the tirst time in several years there was a game played with the faculty. This proved to be very exciting and the teachers atforded much enter- tainment lor all. The annual All-Prep Basketball tournaf ment was held in the Tee Jay gym. We are proud to claim the tour Jett girls who received berths on the tirst and second teams. Betty Palmore and Jean Ridenour were placed on the first team, and Alma and l-lelene Lake on the second team. The Reserves received much practice and experience in their nine games, The scores ol the P.H.S. games were I8-lb and 26-IO, and the scores of the St. Gertrude's games were Z6-ll and 33-lb. They bowed to the Jay Em girls by a score of l4-l5, to the St. Catherines girls by a score ol 22-42, and to the Sophs by ll-l9. Other teams that they bettered were Ashland, 27-l2, and Collegiate. 28-l7. year there was a last-moving This Sophomore team and the players have gained much experience, and promise to be good Varsity team-mates in the luture. Through thick and thin we were led by our inspiring coach, Miss Mildred Brame, who in every way taught us good sports- manship and teamwork, CO-CAPTAINS HELENE AND ALMA LAKE rson high school E143 Front Row Cleft to right, kneelingtz Ketchie, Cheatham, Whitehorne, Leach, Mougharnian, Smiley. Back Row: Mingy ltvtanagert, Jones, Carpenter, McGraw, Perkins, Neal, Ross, Coach Bloxsom. Not Pictured: Sylvia, Damerel, PRESIDENTS REACH STATE PLAY-OFFS AGAIN: LOSE OPENER TO NEWPORT NEWS, For the sixth consecutive season Thomas Jefferson I-Iigh's baslceteers entered the state play-offs, held DELMER SYLVIA this year in the new tournament attair, but the Jetts were downed in their tirst outing. Tee Jay's cagers drew the finalist Tycoons of Newport News tor the opening round and at tirst seemed on their way to a great upset by leading 20-I I at intermission, The Jetts tell apart in the second halt, and the final count resulted in a 42-28 vic- tory tor the opponents. I44QI The Redmen placed to the State Champions and their arch-rival, John Marshall, in both the city and central district races for the season campaign. Post I I-6 Record Under the genial head coach, Welton E. lSpudI Bloxsom, the sea- son was a very favorable one. The Jetts started out llhotl' against CARL LEACH I-Iopewell, and triumphed over the University of Richmond Bees, Pe- tersburg, and Benedictine. Then 42-28 the Jetzls edged Granby in prob- ably the season's thriller. Going in- to the tourth period and trailing by SIMON lShackI MOUGHAM IAN I6 points, they caught tire, and, with the Tee Jay gym rattling from the Belt Line supporters, the team emerged victorious. The Presidents then dropped tour oi the next tive, losing two to Maury and being set baclc by Jay Em and Granby. They managed to whip Hampton on their eastern trip, and returned home to subdue St. Christopher's twice in two rough the monticello forty- eigh contests, Benedictine, and Peters- burg. The Paul Gentry and Com- pany from Jay Em staved off a Jett rally to defeat them a second time and cop the city and central titles. Whitehorne, Cheatham Gain All-City Honors Captain Grady Whiteharne and stellar torward Russell "Dootsy" Cheatham captured two ot the All- City high school quintet. Tall, six- Ioot three-inch Whitehorne was named to the mythical tive tor his second straight season, as is easily understood from the looks at the modest Jett captain under tire. Russ Cheatham was never in doubt coveted tive positions ot the lor the "5" from his superb scrappy tloor game and high spirit among the competitors. The Belt Liners also placed sharpshooter Sylvia on the second team at stars, and dependable Carl Leach on top ot the honorable mention list. Cheatham Leads Scorers Scrappy forward Russell Cheat- ham ted the Belt Liners in scoring, tallying I66 points in I7 season contests. He was followed closely by "set and push shot" artist Del- RUSSELL lDooIsyl CHEATHANI LAWRENCE SMILEY SCRAMBLE IN J. M. TILT mer Sylvia with I52 marlcers and rebound man Grady Whitehorne with I49. Other leading scorers were Carl Leach with 95, Simon Moughamian with 40, and Gene SEASON'S SCORES Tee Jay-37 Hopewell .,.,..,....,.,..,.. .... Tee Jay-47 U. of Rich. Bees Tee Jay-37 Petersburg .,....,., Tee Jay-40 Granby , .,,, .,..,. Tee Jay-3I Maury . .,..,.,. Tee Jay-50 Benedictine .,., .,.., , Tee Jay-3l John Marshall .. Tee Jay-33 Hampton .,....,.,., ,. Tee Jay-22 Maury ...,., Tee Jay-40 Granby ., .,.,.,, ., .,..... Tee Jay-46 Hopewell ,.., .,., , . Tee Jay-46 Hampton .. .,.,.. .,.., . ., Tee Jay-43 St. Christopher's .. Tee Jay-53 Petersburg .,..,.,., .,.,.. Tee Jay-40 Benedictine . .,.,,., , . Tee Jay-44 St. Christopher's Tee Jay-4I John Marshall . Tee Jay-28 Newport News .,.,..42 y Doyle and John Butler with 33 and 20 respectively, each in a halt sea- son ot playing. Sophs Undefeated in Banner Year Coach Shelburne Carmaclcs ba- by Jett team came through once again with a banner season, un- defeated in I7 contests. These spir- ited "little" Jetts completely swamped all opposition except Fork Union, brealcing up a tie with seven quick points in the last 43 seconds to show their superiority. Some of the better local Bee teams such as St. Christopher's, Benedic- tine, Highland Springs, and John Marshall were easily subdued. Outstanding players who are ex- pected to brighten the varsity bas- ketball outloolc in the next few years and establish a time record are Albert Oliver, high scorer with I88 points: Gayle Dunn, I86 points: Al Ford, Jabe Cooper, Warren Mills, and Bobby Garian. CAPTAIN GRADY WHITEHORNE thomas jefferson- high school U45 Firsl Row llefl To righll: Jean Lindsey, Barbara Griggs, Mary Ann Henley, Co-Caplains Berry Sherman and Nancy Alexander, Alma Lake, Helene Lake, Margarile Milburne. Second Row: Nina SmiTh, Lou Moss, Karherine Shawer, Annelle Fowler, Mariorie Ball, Barbara Saunders, Barbara Boyd, Marianne McDonald, Miriam Sarafian. Third Row: Shirley Marshpuna, Pal Dwyer, Sue Foley, Harrlelre Yarbrough, Marian Armsvrong, Parricia Burns, Alice Creaih. Not Picluredz Barbara Dale, Ruth Ann Gee, Angela Trienens, Jean Ridenour, A surprisingly large number ol sophomores, juniors, and seniors Turned ouT for The l948 soTTball Team. As co-capTains The Team chose Nancy Alexander and BeTTy Sherman. When The initial game was played wiTh MidloThian, The JeTleTTs were vicTorious by a score oi l7-6. FuTure games have been planned wiTh Petersburg, l-lopewell, John Marshall, and Varina. 4 In The l947 season The solfball femmes dele-aTed l-lopewell by lO-83 Jay Em 8-21 MidloThian 8-lg and a reTurn game wiTh Jay Em l 3-8. They were The underdogs once To l-lopewell l-63 and Twice To PeTersburg 3-lb and 3-l5. From The experience and pracfice obTainecl by The '47 squad, The '48 Team should prove successful in all Their un- derTalcings. Co-Captain Betty Sherman Manager "Blue" Bagby Co-Captain Nuncy Alexander ,463 the monticello fort -eight umm e inn First Row lleft to rightl. DuVal, Moughamian, Trexler, Cheatham, Ch l y, Ketchie, Hobson, Danavi. Back Raw: Coach Bloxsorn, Nolte, Kelley, Heflin, Haggard, Wallace, Perkins, Carpenter, Manager Puclcev. Nat P d H ll W d lc F d H d . f f f V The Varsity Baseball Squad lor l947 had a very satisfactory record. Winning from Hopewell once ll-6 and bowing to them once 4-3. the team then downed John Mar- shall 8-3 in their tirst game and in their last game walloped them l 3-7 to take the Central District Championship. They also beat St. Christopher's one out ot two games, bowed twice to Benedictine, bowed once to Peters- burg 5-O, and defeated them once ll-lO. From there they went to the Semi-tinals tor the state championship, but lost to Alexan- -re : a , oo coz, or , en erson. ZQQ7eZQQ dria 5-O. 14- Coach Bloxsom's '48 sticlqmen entered the season by losing to Petersburg by the score ot 5 to 4 in an exciting twelve- inning game. Later they were defeated by John Marshall 5-l. The Red Team won their third game by overwhelming the Saints l3-2 at Shawen Field, but later gave in to Hope- well 7-6 in a ten-inning game. ln their return engagement with St. Christopher's the score was l7-l in favor ot the Saints. So tar their average is .l67, but we lcnow they will bring it up tor the Ole Alma Mater. - thomas jefferson high school E147 l 1948 TRACK SQUAD-Front Row tlett to rightt: Harris, Smith, Martin, Kohler, Bagnell, Miller, Johnson, Harlan, Heinz, Jones, F. Davis, Mocha, Tutwiler. Second Row: Owens, Ashworth, Gotten, Weiss, Dickerson, Plunkett, Parsons, Matrox, Cobb, Whitehorne, Wirnbish, Phillips. Back Row: Coach Gonda, Pharr, Hundley, Nuttycortibe, Deierhoi, Coats, Root, Cilimberg, Wood, Manager Al White, and Coach Smith. Absent from Photo: Cooper, Scott, Gemmill. Bagnell Breaks State High Hurdles Marla: Scott Bests 220 School Record as Jetfs Win First Five Meets The l948 Thomas Jefferson traclc squad, headed by Coaches George Gonda and Ed, N. Smith and led by Co-Captains l-larry Bagnell and Bill Kohler, proved to be one of the state's better squads and one of T. J.'s best. Although in the early season they dropped their claim to the City Indoor Champion- ship as they placed a close second to John Marshall in their hrst meet at Grays' Armory, they went on to improve and shine in their dual competition. The Jeff harriers captured wins over four of the next five opponents as they were only squeezed out by Woodberry Forest. They easily routed Glass and Petersburg and gained on new state low as well as the school record. Weeks later the l2O-yard school dash rnarlc fell before the Belt Liners' top speedster, Norman Scott, as the stoclcy footballer covered the distance in 22.8 seconds. Also brilliant performances have been turned in by junior Jack Miller in the mile. Bognell again in the 220-yard lows, Scott in the century, and the steady Stuart Johnson in the 880. TRACK SCORES close victories over George Washington of Alexandria and Tee Jay-7Blf2 E. C. Glass .. .......,. .,..,...,,. .,.34lf2 Granby, The thinclads placed a respectable third at the Tee Jay-75 Petersburg ...., , .. 33 Tidewater meet behind Jay Em and Granby. Tee Jay-55 Woodberry Forest ..,.. ., 58 The squad proved itself a wellrroundecl one with all its very Tee Jay-63 George Washington .. .,.., ...,....... . . .... .45 strong points in the running events. Jetfster Harry Bagnell Tee Jay-62lf2 Granby ,, ,,.,. , ,.., ,. ,.,.., .,... 5 05fo established himself as o Tee Joy alletime great as he brolre Tee Jay-2l Third Place, .,., .,.,.. .Tidewater Meet the l20-yard high hurdles marl: and lowered it to l5.l seconds. STUART JOHNSON CO-CAPTAIN HARRY BAGNELL SCOTT WINS l00 AGAINST G. W. mjthe monticello forty- eight Sylvia Wins State Crown tor Second Straight Year Delmer Sylvia, Thomas JGHGFSOHIS No. l man and top state player in '47, retained his State High School Tennis Championship this year as he easily swamped his opponent 6-3, 6-2 in the tinals ot the tournament at Char- lottesville. He also finished his second consec- utive unbeaten season in dual competition. 1748 GIRLS' TENNIS SQUAD-Standing Ilett to rightj: Myerl Morris, Jackie Brooks, Betsy Williams, Libby Padow, Manager Mary Elizabeth Price. Kneeling: Captain Hilda Beckh, Betty Palmore. SEASON'S MATCH SCORES GIRLS-1947 Tee Joy-2 Hill ...,.,..... ., ...,.,.. . ., ...,.,..,. I Tee Jay-2 John Marshall .,.. . .,.,, 3 Tee Jay-3 Hill . ......,. . . .,.,. 0 Tee Jayf2 St, Catherines ., 3 1949 Tee Jay-3 John Marshall .... 2 1 iijfvfygki f fs-'ff-' A!! I If , ya' fi . ,- thomas 'efferson hi h school 1948 BOYS' TENNIS SQUAD-Standing Ileft to rightt: Bill Dulaney, Delrner Sylvia, Gregory Weatherford, Bob t-rblorlnez, Dciqnnlie Wocadt Denny Knight. Kneeling: Eugene Justice, mom amen, Q Payne. SEASON'S MATCH SCORES BOYS Tee Jayf8 E. C. Glass .. .... l Tee Jay-7 U. ol R. Bees ,. .,..,.,. 2 Tee Jay-5 St, Christopher's ..,.... . .,.. ,... 4 Tee Jay-3 Woodberry Forest .,.,.. 6 Tee Jay-9 Hopewell .,.., ,.,.. .. 0 Tee Jay-3 Woodberry Forest ,. .,.. .,.. . 6 Tee Jay-9 Hopewell .. ...,, .,..,.. .,.,. ,......,.,. . . 0 Tee Jay-5 St. Christopher's . .. ..... 4 Beclch ls Captain, Palmore Plays No. One Singles The summons from the tennis coach, Miss Todd, brought forth many experienced players: those who do not make the team this year will prove their worth on future teams. Our girls started the season by defeating John Marshall 3-2 and hope to be victorious in the matches with St. Catherine's and Hill. J g E149 " 'i s 4 Ha mee? Qmrleemem ee mee Zeiiewem For every type at person there is some sport or some form of exercise available at Thomas Jefferson. Since all cannot make the varsity teams, various other activities are planned by the physical educa- tion instructors so that every boy and girl may par- ticipate in class or intramural sports or games. 4 In the girls' locker room are ping pong tables, and here lively games and tournaments are held. In the gymn classes intramural volley ball games are l played. From these classes girls are chosen each year to compete in a track meet to form and break records. During the sixth period and after school the Y.W.C.A. pool is used by the swimming classes. 4. ln their gym classes the boys gain experience and instruction in football, basketball, softball, and volley ball and such games as dodge ball, dribble and shoot relays, and twenty-one. All at these sports make physical education enjoyable tor everyone. 1501 the monticelloiforty-eight ,Q dx HIRIEY STAIRS D327 WKQN 'Q 2 S . is ,ii 45 9212 mg. ,V Nam BEST LOOKiNG BEST ALLfAQouNo go MRM MOST SCHOOL- fmmreo II MOST INTELLECTUAL MOYT POPULAR MOST ATHLETIC BEST LOOKING X BEST ALL"AROUND MOST SCHO0L'5PiRlTED 0 MOST INTELLECTMQ. MOST POPULAR MOST ATHLETSC s i I ly f fl' , Q, 'f54"W3B 4,7 IW- 1-, "Gi 'EW , I '? A WW 1. J .wflhl . U! ? Nl' fl 'W' 'QE A .-S109-M S4 upwmm-ww 5' . ,im :W pf fr' if sw 1,11 .qfimf ' - L. ,,,,,, A X 1. 1 rf - ,, , ., i .MR GRAB Gmov ,1 1 'N A ,K f 3 1. 4 Wm Y A W ""' f M QM 1 MARK lsr A sun.: as voua fx 9' .L A fix- .' M 53531 . Z' , L if . 'qu ,U 80775 11... ' X Usrfensouwfs, Jerfsnsomms f - L aff' 'wiv' Q qggbii, K is ASI 5 Y 2' A 'fi ., 14,3 H-vf? . . ns I . E 4 5L:,S if fb kv HTHE :X ,, . . , 5' -t ::- 'ZYN W cn ,qw A ,K oysu an 4? 174,65 P5111 1, Q wg My um XZf1,.-we .L - uw -Asszifgfgggz, gi, 5j12fff??43g,ff, .3595 " 4 1 TTL " 1 ..11,g..d. 5 3 r, kt 7 KKK . Q i-W''ar?N'?'Th7l?W7sf sicf' 51 ' J. Aww C' - :f'f::f2'f:ftfI4:1a.: '::. V Ts A256 M..ggg4:,fs1fffsiwewiffw Sz, lm jffw wk gi H?f427L?l9F?H?sis2 a: 5ga 5f?L W 1 H I V , -vw 2??f1f1g:Z?i? Mika - ' Q' M Q 1 H v Q2 W ,, x f ,ex :Q fi We gy iw U ws' 7646 .Z . 12 N' QL 'Wz' 0 A 1 . Q .,, .I- Mi" auf ' if 1--4' Zn' WEEK T0 ADVERTZQER AAA Electric Co. A 81 B Leader J. H. Adams Walter B. Anderson Ramon W. Andrews The U. S. Army and U. S. Air Force Recruiting Service Atlantic Life Insurance Co. W. Harry Bag by The Baughman Co. Bell Delicatessen Bellevue Bakery Bellevue Shoe Repair Co. Berrier's lce Cream Bill's Barbecue Black Zi White Food Store Otto Blersch Sons Frank A. Bliley Paul S. Bliley Blue-Scottie Esso Service Bourne-Jones Motor Co., lnc. Brad's Camera Exchange B. Brouer Sons L. W. Bray W. Russell Brigg Broad Street Esso Station Broadway Open Air Theater Brookland Beauty Solon Bullington Paint Co. Butterworth-Hawkes Furniture Co. Henry Collis Carter Brothers, lnc. Cary Street Food Store Cavalier Arena Cavalier Cleaners Cavalier Tropical Gardens Center Hardware, lnc. Chomberlain's Pie Co. Chamberlayne Food Center J. H. Chappell Charlottesville Woolen Mills Lewis G. Chewning L. T. Christian City Hat Cleaning The Fay F. Cline Agency Clover Leaf Dairy B. H. Cobb Lumber Co., lnc. Coca-Cola Bottling Works H. C. Cockrell Storage Co. Colonial State Service Colonial Stores The Corley Company Cox's Auto Service Walker Crump Curles Neck Dairy Davis Beauty Academy Dementi Studio Dennis-Vonderlehr Department of Public Utilities Dixie 5c-lOc to 51.00 Store Dixie Wheel Co. Drewry-Cushman Co. Emerick Chevrolet Sales Corp. EpesfFitzgerald Paper Co., lnc. E. R. Estes Realtor Estes Express Lines R. E. Evans Furniture Co. is J. W. Ferguson Bi Sons Ferguson Paint Store R. Ashford Finnell Florsheim Laundry and Dry Cleaners Flowers School Equipment Co. H. Linwood Ford, lnc. Foster Studio Foy's Pharmacy The Elinor Fry School of Dance The Fuller Brush Company Mason Funai Garrett Bm Company Garrett Br Massie W. F. Gerhardt Gilman Plumbing Company Gilmer Electric Co. Goddin Xi Cayton Goodes' Gulf Service S. B. Goodman Xi Sons Gould's Pharmacy Graham Brothers, Contractors Gresham Court Tea Room Groomes Bus Service Grove Avenue Pharmacy G. L. Hall Optical Co., lnc. Hampden-Sydney College Hankins and Johann Hanover lnn Harris-Brenaman, lnc. Harris-Flippen Zi Co. l-larry's Fruit Store Home Beneficial Life lns. Co. Home Supp'y Co. Horseshoe Grill Howard .lahnson's Restaurant Hubbard's Barber Shop C. F. Hughes Service Station J. B. Hughes Motor Co. Industrial Supply Corp. Jones Electric Co. A. W. Jones, Electrical Contractor Jones and Gooding J. Jenkins Sons Co. Thomas L. Jeter 81 Son Johnston-Willis Hospital Jordan-Palmore lns. Agency Kiddie Korner Kingan and Co. Lafayette Cleaners Lafayette Confectionery Lafayette Foodland Lafayette Zu Westwood Pharmacy La France Cleaners Er Laundry Lance, lnc. La Vogue Shop Robert Lecky, Jr., lnc. Lee Grill l. R. Levet Life insurance Co. of Virginia Lipford Printing Co., lnc. Lisman Studio Little Giant, Fine Foods Lockwood's Radio Service Lukhard's Market Lundin's, Jewelers Magnolia Frozen Foods, lnc. Maior's Service Manuel Cleaning Co., lnc. Markow, Florist Morton Marks Marley's Delicatessen Marshall's Clothing Company Martin Chevrolet Sales Corp. Massey Builders Supply Corp. G. W. Mayton Transfer Maxwell's Confectionery Meador, Poulson, Priddy, lnc. Meister Xi Smethie Mendel's Market Mooers Motor Car Company Joseph T. Moore Morgan Oil and Supply Componv T. Cecil Morris Morton's Grocery Store Motley's Grocery Store Moser Photo Supply Company James McGraw Nasser's Restaurant Nehi Bottling Company Nehmi's Confectionery Newport News Ship Building and Dry Dock Company Nick's Grill Nolde Bros. Bakery North American Assurance Society of virginia, Irie. W. Morton Northen Company, lnc. North Side Electric Company Old Colony Tire and Rubber Co., lnc. Opportunity Shop Oriental Restaurant Overnite Transportation Company Park Avenue Drug Company W. B. Parker and Son Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Pet Dairy Products, lnc. Phelps, Bowles 81 Cocke Phillips Insurance Company Phillips Machinery Company Phillips Place Postal Shoe Store Wendell B. Powell Studio Price Brothers Pusey-Parker Quality Bake Shoppe Richrrond Amusement Co. Richmond Broom Co. Richmond Business College, Employment Dept. Richmond Dairy Co. Richmond Gillette Tire Co. Richmond Paper Co., lnc, Richmond Potato Chip Co. Richmond Printing Ink Co. Richmond Rubber Co. Richmond Valeteria Roloinson's Market Rolling Pin Bakery Rose 81 Latoon Roseneath Auto Supply Rucker Bi Richardson Rusco Corp. of Virginia Sarah Lee Kitchen C. F. Sauer Ca. thomas jeffer on high Charles E. Savedge Harry J. Segal Furniture Co. Adam B. Sichol Simmons-Bynum Motor Corp. Singer Sewing Machine Co. Slaughter, Saville, Blackburn, lnc. Smith-Moore Body Co., lnc. Smither Associates Southern Athletic Supply Co., lnc. Southern Dairies, lnc. Standard Drug Co., lnc. State Cleaners Stebbing Machine Br Welding Co Stiener, Jewelers Julius Strauss Xi Sons Stuart Circle Pharmacy Subley Beverage Co. Tabb, Brockenbrough Bi Ragland T. A. Talley Tantilla Garden Tarrant Drug Co. M. F. Taylor Teal's Pastry Shop Thomas Jefferson Cafeteria W. W. Thompson Co., lnc. Thorington Construction Co., lnc. Todd's Esso Servicenter Universal Life Insurance Company The University of Richmond Virginia Auto Parts Co. Virginia Dairy Co. Virginia Engraving Co. Virginia School Equipment Co., lnc. Virginia Tours Virginia Transit Co. W. L. Wachter, Electrical Contractor Wade's Drug Store Wallcce's Restaurant The Walrnarr Co. Don Warner Studio Watkins-Cottrell Co. Wells-Richie Motor Co., lnc. West Richmond Business Men's Ass'n Westhampton Beauty Salon Westhampton Cleaners Westhampton Electric Center Westhampton Florist Westhampton Pharmacy Westhampton Shoe Repairing Westover Appliance Co. Westover Sc and l0c Store Marion H. Wharton, Broker Ryland T. Whitlock, Insurance Whittet Br Shepperson Wilkinson, Florist Will Si Delaney, lnc. Willey Drug Co. William Byrd lnn B. W. Wilson Paper Co. Wim Auto Service Wood Cleaning Co., lnc. Wood's Market Woody's Pastry Shop school E159 Q0::::,::::1::::-: :::::::::::o:::::::::-----::11::::::lc w p 1 my ww u U glALTERING:REPAlRING:WEAVINGl5 0 0 ll ll ly 0 Nl U STATE ClEANlNG CO. ' 1218 North Boulevard DIAL 4-2319 '23 Complete Cleaning Service ll ll-IALF POCKETS REPLACED FREEEF Nl 0 ll ll ::::::,--::-:: ,,,. ,,:::,-,:,i,,,:::,,,::,,::t::-::-t::::3:l U RT HNS N Wthe monticelloiforty-eight I 4---- ...... - ..,v eeeeef:::::::::-:::::::::e- exe-- U ff Brad's Camera Exchange QE "Everything for the Camera Fan" If BEADS IS RICHMONDS ONLY CAMERA EXCHANGE WHERE YOU 11 CAN TRADE YOUR OLD EQUIPMENT FOR ANYTHING NEW 0 II 3 West Broad Street Richmond. Virginia Il Phone 7-4421 Mail orders Filled i::::--:: c 2 :---: 1 2: en: Q e .... 3 C ....... ....-......-..----- f::::: 2 33:3 I 1 f::- -::::::-'22 ':::'::"':::::::::::::::: 15 Phone 4-0794 Commercial G Residential I I. H. Adams Co. 1 1200 E 1 c S1 1 It W. L. W G Chi er . Richnijnd, I:-iqinlize Electrical Contractor I 5 Wholesale I Motor Repairs I r Wiring and Fixtures Z P0'L1lf1'Y 1 41 4, 31 3911 Newport s1. Richmond zz, va. E 3-8694-7-6574 xx?ffzxiefe--f::f::::::+ ,xxx eeeeeexcxe 2122+ O ll ll 0 EE JAMES MCGRAW 1 " INCORPORATED 1 0 1 I ll l 0 li 'I II ' "We Keep Plants Running" I I I I I In I 1 11 ll .1 1 5: ll 1' TELEPHONE 2-9021 ll U 0 II It 42:1 xx: :f:::::::::::::::: :xv thomas jefferson high schoolw 162 4 lr Ride A Street Car or Bus tl lr ' To: SCHOOL THE MOVIES , THE ATHLETIC GAMES , Q Q 1 I-----I X ! Q X I XV! Congratulations to the Class oi '48 Virginia Transit Company the monticelloiforty-eight ::+ 5::e:e:-+ 4::::ee:4 +:::::-eec-e::f::eef4 0 9 11 0 O 11 11 I 2 If S E3 fl :I Q 9 2 11 g H111 11 Q 11 ' T1 0 11 ' QI: Il 5 ll z E' gl 11 I m 11 11 S UI E 11 g , 5 gg .E S 5 gg g H 'D S. "' : 2 O m U Q S-191: 'ES2w:: MSETV-S?"1S we m fb 'g Um W ' 5' T x -1 D' Iwgnll 25" I1 112352. 2.0 ll 111 I5 11 95,5 11 11 P T, '-' I gp 11 S Z "' 41 ' 3' ll 11 V' -1 E I1 9, cf' 5 1, ESE 11 0 'L' 7' 'D Q n-U 4 z E. SQ :ooo Q ,, 0 :lj 3 O Ca' 41 8 Q 3 57' 2 Qmg 0 11 "" 5 S' S U :rl U' 11 111033550311 55 E'-3.:g IT 91' 59:11, 5 'HB 2 z 9- F 11 E E11 11 g I n Q 0 11 I4 3 5 - 1 g Q 1 1 g 11 Q 41 11 + +..-----+ + + +- ------- -0 '--'- -"+ ::::i3::::lii::'vi,1v:,l:+ 4:ee:::eeeeee::::E11+ 0 5 5 EEE E 3 Q " 9 3553 3 " Nl 1: an A m E.: G E 1: fn 33 5 G E O 'D ko . 0 O L-' 8 59 U' we -1 . 3 11 1 H 3" Q E 5 cg II It 95 0 E if H' E I-I 11 11 3 UU 2 5 1' E Q N m O .4 11 0 Q :U ull-I Ef " 0 6, Z m 11 11 U O I-113 :s 41 an S .4 U, r-1 :1 1: EE :nu in 2 Q w s G w 1' 0 gn lem 4 . 4' n-1 " " QU? ' 513 "" 2 ,ez 1191, mo I-U W wg? m B Q 41 dom.-M ,.3 rd 0 IP Q L-I 41 gyda E. lb '-4 " 5 5 E' ll ff ii -0 11 11 O 2 --v,- ---. ,lieieffefey +:::f::- --:-:::lf WOODIS MARKET H Ouifiiiers E U Delivery Service 11 1: 2 LI '1 1E T EE 12' ., It 1211 BELLEVUE AVENUE ll 3 DIAL 5-8621 1: 116 NORTH SEVENTH STREET 1: 4................-......-------....------....----..---..--- 5 anfrlbm 23? 11 OAR DEN 9 P. M. TILL 12:30 A. M. 5, o 0 1 - TO THE ' z The Souilg sullllost Beauhiul NATIONS FINEST DANCE 3 C' com EQ, ORCHESTRAS 1 1 ff J E For Reservations Dial 5-9151 11 coUP1.Es ONLY .1 +-::---f::f::: ----- ::-:::--:: -...- 2:-xx fi:-':::::::-i thomas jefferson hi h school 163 164 good . investment .4 and a lasting one w.,f R, 73.5 23.1 lj . ngfhquizl . A 7- Q, ,nb 'I:L -7 f 'f A Y A A .Njsx 'f' fx -' l..f:e '-:-jf ' f'Li41g :I1i'1..' I I T ' 5 -' 4 , :mf :T - Y '71 F -,-. v - 9. ' ., . I . - W" " fgff' sv Nililig - 3 H Y, I '- I IA IOM: , - f-irx-:i ss igxhmll VA R , .. s . I gxwpreu ...LFMBGIIP3 ..- - VVHERE JEFFERSON WENT TO SCHOOL BEFORE HE ENTERED WILLIAM AND MARY COLLEGE Tuckahne, near Richmond, the one room schoolhouse where young Th mas receiv d his grammar grade h I' g. THE Learning which you have made yours through school years will enrich your future far more than many of the material things which you will acquire. Not iust the lore of books and study . . . but the valuable Ies- sons of Americanism, teamwork, good fel- lowship, and wholesomeness. And because you've learned that good health is essential to a happy and useful life . . . keep on with your good health diet . . . which naturally includes plenty of milk! Congratulations . . . good wishes QZIIQCBUNU E HRT? CCCDQ 'fTbe Home of Better Mille" 1810-16 WEST MAIN STREET RICHMOND, VIRGINIA the monticello forty- eight +..--- I P H ll Il II II Il -..----------1 111--111- 41 1 1 111-11111---111--11111- 1 + Iv ll Ir Il H ' I I 1: Cook Gas H. C. 1 tl I DEPARTMENT or 4, STORAGE CO. , PUBLIC UTILITIES ,g , t' F I 1 E 5: 3 General Merchandise H or n orma on 1: I Storage II Call Our Promotion Division 11 W: E Dial 3-2831 3 It RICHMOND. VIRGINIA 1-1 ------.-- 111111111--111111 3111111111-11-11111--111111 ii: "" '-'::::::2:::: ::::f Yx: """' """"""""' ll ll :T QUALITY PIES Slaughter I Mrs. Chamberlain's U ll Saville 6. Blackburn 0 0 0 1: 3 ,I mconromxrsn l M I P 11 U INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS 612 HULL STREET aah and Main streets Il 3-2701 2 IC Richmond 19, vu. 21111111111111111-111--1111 4::::::::::::::::1:111111111-11111-11 .... 11:1 -:::1:111:1:: ,, U ig The Mark of a Champion! if When a young man can face the business world with the H same undaunted courage that he bucks the line in foot- Iu ball, and can take the bumps that inevitably will corne to I: him in business, and can keep his tiqhtinq spirit and keep 4, smiling . . . then he has the mark of a champion. The i world needs young men like this and the world will make 1 Way for them. The life insurance business needs such men, 1: so why not prepare yourself for a career in the lite insur- :I ance business. It's a business of opportunity for young I: men of ambition and vision. 1 5' Home Beneficial Life Insurance Company. Inc. ll "The Home of Protection" I HOME OFFICE RICHMOND. VIRGINIA ll 1 +11 -111 11---11111111111 11111 -1111111---1111- B. PHYLLIS ISBELL thomas jefferson high school E165 --+ Q- 3 + +.-..---..-.....---....-.. 0 0 9 ...... Q..-.... 1 0 I COMPUMENTS 5 2 H. LINWOOD FORD Q INCORPORATED OF . Insurance Real Esiuie ! Surety Bonds Mortgage Loans 1 211 wEs'r GRACE STREET I RICHMOND 20 VA. 5 Phone 7-3008 . 5 ---.....---..--.. ........ ..Q 4 .... -.---.--..---------.-- Q ---- f-f ---f--:::---f---f-f- 0 il li 0 lr ls U 0 li 0 II u ll il I ll lr I1 I+ 0 lb 0 0 0 li ll ll U 5:0 The Official and Recognized 4, THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL RINGS 1: II U Ii il SOLD THRU Richmond's Leading Iewelry Stores Z :R 5 De O H 4: :U L'l'.1 O III I4 9' QI Hi Z 27.5. Z cn In Q Z cn Q Q 7:13252 E7 2 L-I-I on H T m U 5 O O U m -3 5U m D1 I-a ui UP' I-' 'j Z O 'SU P'-1 Z U 16- II il Ir lr ll U H 4+ lb lr ll lb 0 II ll II ll li II ll ll lx lr 0 0 I I 11 ll U ll li II ni u H ll H u Ii In u lr Ii Iv li u 0 ll 0 0 O 0 ll 0 li 0 lr -Y 4r-----.,- ,-::::::::::::-::-::--:: ...O ,L -- ..... -::::::::::::--- if RYLAND T. WHITLOCK lnSun1nce.Aaency l ...-- , LIFE - GROUP LIFE - PERSONAL ACCIDENT FIRE - BURGLARY AND SURETY BONDS Dial 3-1964 Suite 801, Mutual Building x..--..-. .... .... .... --mff-x:1::m::-fxxeee--exe-, Wthe monticelloiforty-eight ?:::::::A.t. In tl ti III " 25: "' 1' O .,9"'Ib-O 0 SQQEE3 V559 2 S OW 5 g o 229-0 Q wil- U g 5651: lwUn1Q 0 lil?-55.3 SUM: 'wr z Siagrn 1, .1049-D" N O H 24 'U 8 Q O' z O +........, , 8 '-12 z sag Q4 E E C: 0 SER 32 Or S O SE L1 22 Og 9 qu E 535 an 'nz' 20 : -15 ' U: OE :1:::::4 +-......-..-...-..-----..---+ ----...----....-----..-...-4 'D 0 M tt wt I Q u 'N HARRY'S FRUIT STORE II t Comphmems Of " 1+ U 4 4' W Specicxhze in Fans Fruit Baskets I N L: e For All Occcxzions g L A O 4g 2l8 N. Ninth St. Nan: Richmond Hotel Q 505 East Grace Street l +.-..-..-.........-......--- +-::-:::::--::::-::-:::::::- +:::1: -::::::::::::::::::y +::::::::-::::::::::-13::::-4 1E J EL w H p 11 Goode's Gulf Servxce 1: Rose 5: Lafoon Co. 11 Y N tt It REALTORS 3 PATTERSON, PARK 3 1: Ii AND COLONIAL AVENUES 2 109 North Eighth street Il LZ RICHMOND' VA- H Dial 2-1631 ., It . H 1 n f PhOT19 5-9642 REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE at i 0 Q 0 2--: :-::::::::--:::-::----::5 +----...........-..-........+ +:::-::::::::::::::::::11:1:----::::::::::1:::::::::::::---? U it wr 1, H 0 U u ue H U H ' ' tp 3 , Southern Dames , T be H 1: Ice Cream 5 bla J, 1: if out 11 J' 11 N li 4' I 0 ti Fmeft 1: U H U 3 . Re Cream! gg 0 in UIUIHDII tl '-T t 0 0 1 - Y 'P S Z X95 h f ' Wm nnuunli 'N Ask FOI' It By Name tt R ,, 11 at Southern Dairies Dealers ! lf w A H N 0 xt M N H H 4-------:::::-::-:::-::::-::::--Q::::::::-::::--::--2:: :::+ thomas jefferson high school H167 ii ll l I qi il ll ii qi I -'-- i ff l I I i I II l 4 II II ii li ii ii l I' l l l ll i ii fl ll I: il I APPRENTICE STUDENTS' DORMITORY ll ' 1 ll ll :. E, Il The Apprentice School ol The Newporf News Shipbuilding ond :Q ll If Dry Doclc Compony offers on opportunify for qualified young ll 4' il ll men To obfoin cu Junior College eclucofion while acquiring on 11 I skilled croff. School cofolog sent upon requesf. 2 1' 0 ll :g 1: ll Newport News 1 I ' Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company i NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA l in 4, l l + -ZQQ1 :xz--xffffic---fi:fix :is the I68:I monticello forty- eight 9-::::::::-:::::::::::::11: :Q if Westhcrmpton Shoe Repair 0 SAM ELKIN. Proprietor ::--::::::::::::::::::::::: MEET Youn rmsnns AT MAXWELL'S 5-S731-5-9581 2401 West Main 5000! Simmons-Bynum Motor Corp. num Norm-1 nounzvnn mcnmorm. vn. --- ----------A-A --- ---- ---- 4, Factory Method Used if 312 Libbie Avenue Dial 5-490k Q:::::::::::t:: ::::9Q0:::::Q t::::::::-::::::::::::: : :::: If Virginia School Equipment Co.. 43 INCORPORATED 1: RICHMOND tg Complete School Equipment Service y-::::::::::::::::::: : :::::: 4::: : : : ::-::::::::::::::: ::: V I 11 We Deliver Telephone 6-5220 lb lv 1: Tea1's Pastry Shop ur 1: WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES wr OUR SPECIALTY M M 1: 3123 West Broad Street M Richmond 21, Vcr. 1 H 4 Y If ARCHIE E. WILKINSON tl 1: , ,gg sf illllvso 11 H H :L 103 Ecxst Main Street if PHONES: 3-3503-3-3504 Home 2-7193 'I 4 - ----- --- -------A--------- -:::::::--:::::::--:::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::---:::: -:::::::::::::::::::::::::: --,,:,,,---, ,,,, -,,,,, ::,: Q KIDDIE KORNER Infants' and Chi1dren's Specialty Shop 3128-30 WEST CARY STREET RICHMOND, VA. ::::---:::::::::::::::::::: Compliments of T. CECIL MORRIS +, ,-,-,- ,,v-vv, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,-,,,,-, ,:,, , - ,.,,, : : ..... - 0 0 4l 'I li M U wx wx N Compliments of :L BULLINGTON PAINT COMPANY lr 0 ll ll 11 11 i thomas jefferson high schoolt 169 170 +1111111111111111111111111--+ +-1------1.1111 ---- -"---+ If Bellevue Shoe Repairing 1 coMP1.IMEN'rs or 0 II C 11 1ZI5IQr?rS1fSXf1i1If1g1iTSe 1 12 Davis Beauty Academy :Q SHOE REPAIRING AT ITS BEST 2 2 +1fefceexeeex::"f:2:-fe:-+ +11111111111-111111 1 1 1111111+ 4--11111111-111111:--------+ +11-111111111111111111 1111+ 11 "Wes1hamplon's Model Station" 2 I 4 0 I5 SJEZZFESZ. YAEifi1f3iiii.. 5 11 THE EBLUH-SCOTTIE I 1 211 E. Grace SL Phone 3-1413 11 11 V Y SSO SERVICE O 1-1 1 1 1 1 1-1 11-11 1-1 1-11-1 1-1 11 ic ffllli Z'f1P2'flS2r1 1 1 1 ecfiinf 322111 --1111 111-1 1 11 11--Q 1 . E 1 5 lL Sarah Lee Kltchen I 1 Comphmenis of I Il 11 0 Il 11 Il 1: CAKES. PIES, BREAD. 1 12 OTIS W' I ONES 1 3 Box LUNG!-IES. 11 IC E1 . 1 1 1: SANDWICHES. ETC. 11 :Q ecfflw IT ll fl Contractor 3 701 West Grace Street Q: lj , 11 11 ll 1 +111111111111111111111111111+ +-11:11:21: -1:--xxxev 41 1' 0 4+ 1 11 I PAPER 1 11 1' I ,g FOR THE II I ll 11 gg 1948 ' I 1 : 1 HMONTICELLU' 1 11 1 11 1: If FURNISHED BY I: ii 2 . 0 B. W. WI1sOn Paper CO. g II INCORPORATED U 1 1I RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 51 li 1 +11111 111111-111111--11111-111--1-1--1--1----+ C. FRANK HAWK! NS the monticello forty- eight geeeeeeeeeeefeeeeeeeeeeee-e:+ 4:::::e:--e::-----::e: :::--y v A n 11 WOODY'S PASTRY SHOP it Compliments of 'I tl 3224 West Cary street 1: W ALL ACES RESTAURANT ll 1 84-2279 ,, I if T: Birthday and Party Cakes A Specialty fl 828 East Mum Street +--------..........-........+ +--------...................+ ., PosTAL's sHoEs 1: t. MORTON MARKS xt 1: Mpc, ,een me Girls" t. it OFFICE FURNITURE SPECIALIST 1: 0 3 East Broad St., Richmond, Va. it Dial 2-56I6f7-2227 4, fi Phone 2-7195 Y' Y' 1217 EOS' Mum street Richmond, virginia ff +----e:::,,--e e:e:e--ee:::,-+ gee: ::e:::-e e:::1::::::::::f+ +:::::e:::::::::---:::o::o::f ?::oo-::oo::o::::--o::: ooo? 11 0 qt 11 0 0 tt li t ll ll Il it Compliments of " " , 0 It QL I Compliments lt U tl 0 tt P SMITH-MOORE tl II of I' U P 0 0 1' BODY CO., Inc. Il L. W. BRI-XY I. " M il lf " 0 iv U in 1+ in 'T A' 2. 1 +---............-----....---y -e e---: e e C : :---: 2-2: :::-: e Teeeeee 1 L 1 1 1 ee eeeeecee 1 eeeeet T----...-----..---.......---t t 3 " Il 4, Compliments U a I W: of 2 Compliments of 13 t tl 4 ti m IORDAN-PALMORE :E CARY STREET 75 U o o H :Q Insurance Agency ' ti FOOD STORE 0 it nu if E.Gienn Jordon U John S. Palmore .T Q 0 2 +-22:211:2-2:11122--::f::::+ +::: :f:::::::4:::i 1 :eff t T 12::Cx'x'::::x:xf'x:':::f:f:"'::::1 1 i'::'::T't ig I5 y T. W. MAYTON TRANSFER 1: tt 5 Local and Long Distance Hauling H it fi 252 EAST BANK STREET, PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA I' PHONE 2914 gg 1: Moving Furniture a Specialty t 1' Lx?-A ---xxx:1f::::::::::f:::1f .---- -M-...4 thomas jefferson high Schoolm 4 - - It H lt 1 1 1 I MEISTEE 51 SMETHIE ' n 1' Bookbmders EE ' 105-107 GOVERNOR STREET 1 , RICHMOND, VA. l 1 1 11 13 1 1t :Q BINDEHS OE1948 "THE MONTICELLO" I1 fl it ffffr - A"A Q-21022222 --"- - ff-: ::: i 3:::::i:Zl:ll::::::::::::: 222 12::::::f:ff 2:2 11 :E W' F' Compliments ot the it Automatic, Domestic 35 and Commreligicxggil Burners - Bgiirfaizt' :1 .1 BRUSH COMPANY :I Used Cars - Electric Ranges 1 Electric Refri era ors It SI English Austizn Cars 4: ,I 65, tl zoov w. Broad sum Phone 5-1361 fl II H -ff: 12:222::f::::::f:::::---3 fl 11 if Mosfzn QQ , Best Wishes E 1 PHOTO SUPPLY 55 ' ' " Developing 1 1 ll 5: S' Printing - Enlcirginq QE 1' if 1: 1: Everything Photographic , 0 ,, srmrrzn 11 ,, ,, ,, sznvxcz 11 11 41 11 202 NORTH FIFTH STREET Q1 tl 11 DIAL 3-3466 11 ff-ff: izzif +:::::::fff::ff112:22:31:-+ Zjthe monticello forty- eight Q 5 0 ' WEST RICI-IIvIoND . BUSINESS IvIEN'S ASSOCIATION I SKS O II I An Association of More Than ZOO Business Firms E Located in West Richmond, Banded Together :E to Promote a Community Spirit, High Business : L Principles and a Greater Richmond. ' SIS . 1 E. T. PHILLIPS President l IP ll E. G. HARRIS U First Vice-Pres dent L. M. POWERS Second Vice-President T. E. BABER 17 Third Vice-President 0 CHARLES P. BIGGER Secretary-Treasurer 4 thomas jefferson high School 173 4 H in 4 ....+ O lr 0 I I lx 0 O O O lr 0 0 ll 0 ll 0 tl il nl 0 0 0 tl H H 0 0 41 it T 4 0 Compliments of 2 6 2 Q Gilmer Electric Co. z 1:-QQD STQRE i ' 2610 WEST CARY sT. 3 , DIAL 5-0335 i i 3100 West Cary Street 5 0 O + eeeeeee::::::e:::::-::::-e:::::::: ..-- :::: Flowers "Qucdity First" 304 NORTH em STREET DIAL 2-0988-2-2590 RICHMOND 19, VIRGINIA . hx: :xxx :Teefe:-:::::-::::::f-:::: --:- Pee v Phone 5-9888 Phone 84-0448 EE ' CCX AUTO SERVICE WASHING - GREASING TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE EE H. T. COX, Prop. Called for ood Delivered 1.-xffeexf-exe: -ffffxx: xoxo: -A 4 mjthe m01'1ticell0,7f0rty-eight I I ?---- ----.-- :::::---::::+ +::-::::: v.....: eeee--e:::: 5 ll MORGAN l I ll I OIL 5. SUPPLY co. HANOVER INN I l' 2525 Hanover Ave. Distributors of 11 A E 0 Specializing in Full Course Meals 0 3 2 Sandwich -f F ntcxin Service 1324-1326 North Boulevard E l DE,,,,m PHONE 4,2550 I ,I Richmond 20. Virginia 3 S ll +-2:22:22--::ff:::::::1:+ lege: :ex + ?'::: Z 1 :::::::::: "" 2 i :':::": :': :':1 1 :'::::::1 :::::":: f::T I II Used Corrs 'l ll I l Il Il II Used Trucks ,, ll I DREWRY-CUSHMAN CO. ll ll lI ll Allen Avenue and Broad Street ' l INex! to Sears-Roebuckj l I: Phone 4-1777 ll 1: B. G. "PAT" Dm-:WHY TOM CUSHMAN li 1-xeccefffxeexccc - A -------- -fern :::::::::::::f--4 ':':::::':::"':i: :::x':::"'f ll l FOI' :I I Good Health, " ll Lovely Complexion, ' EE Strong Teeth, tx I 11 and Sturdy Bones . . . ll I Drink Plenty ol . RICHMOND DAIRY MILK Q5 if RICHMOND DAIRY COMPANY I For the Best in Milk and Ice Cream , ..... +--e -:--ff:x D. MARILYN SHIREY thomas jefferson hi h school tg E175 76 +11 1:1:111-11: .... 11--t +1111---1111::1::111:11:1:: 2 Comphmems of " Harry I. Segal Fumiture Co. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHEHS MACHINE 6 WELDING CO. 2 14-1s N. 18th sf. +-111111111-111111--111-1111+ --11111111111111 11 if 1111 +1111 1 1 11111111 11111-1111117 1111 1 1 11-11 1 11111111111111 WILL 6. DELANEY. Inc. gi E. R. Estes Building Materials oi All Kinds RE1?II5S?EgAA-EEEAND i 4410 W. Broad St. Phone?-867i-l Zimkunllllll +............. ...... ..-..---6 ---.... .... .....-.......... :c Compliments of E M. F. TAYLOR , I 2 EPES-FITZGERALD 5 Staple and Fancy if PAPER CO., Inc. E Groceries E Richmond, Virginia E FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES jf 0 , , , 0 0 1: Ralelgh' N' C- Columbm' S- C- Qi 12 2800 H011 sf. Phone 7-3035 :R tl U lx 211111 1 11111111111111111111-i 12111-111111111111111111111114 +1113 11111111---11-1-11 ---- 11-111111111111111111-11---111+ 'L I RN R R A 17 C' 1' X 5 l n cage n A TQ 'I 1, ii 110 EAST BROAD 4 1319 HULL 3005 WEST CARY 55 Richmond Owned and Operated ll ll ll 4----..-----------------....-----------..-----...--..--..--Q the monticelloifcyrty-eight 4v11-- 1 A---- ----1---11---.4 Q 9 w P 1 P w 4 w 4 l ll COLONIAL s'rA'rs ssnvrcz Chamberlayne Food cemer l: 1: Overalls and Wipinq Towels Supplied ll EVSYYUHHQ Gudfcnleed " N 3311-W. Broad Streei, Richmond, Va. W: 4924 Chamberlayne Avenue ll in Phone 5-0333 M Self servic L' 4 1 11111111111-1111 1 11111-1 11 4--111 1 1 1 11111---11111111 1 1 1+ -1--- 1: Complimenls of T A L L E Y ll CARTER BROS.. INC. Plumbing .. Hedging 4: I: 2924 West Marshall St., Richmond, Va. 4200 West Broad Phone 6-8764 'i 411111111111 1111111111111111 +-1111111 11111 1111111111115 41111 1111111 111 111 o11111111::11:1:1:11:11: 5 3 Compliments of BILL'S BARBECUE f Phillips Machinery Co. 927 MYGYS Sffeef l QI CONSTRUCTION Richmond 20, Virginia , ff MACHINERY PHONE 5-9905 'E 0 i EE Richmond, virginia "A Trial Makes A Customer" 411111 1111111 11111-111 111111111111111111111 3:35 If H l Compliments of " TROPICAL GARDENS ' The Corley Company fl " 214 East Grace sheet Corner Broad and Boulevard 5' "EVERYTHING FOR THE AOLlARIUM :I 0 0 AND WATER GARDEN ' ,, 0 0 N 111111- 111111111-11111111111111111111111111111111111 33:5 0 ll 0 ll U wb " GRAHAM BROTHERS l' ' 1 J General Contractors 'E 709 Mutual Building Dial 2-0039 1: P. O. BOX 423 1: Q RICHMOND 3, VIRGINIA Q thomas jefferson high schoolm, H H 4 f::f::1f:-::1eff::n ::::+ 42222: .v . .. ::::,:-T 1' , 1: ,Q Compllmenis Harris. Flippen 6. Co. jg 11 Lukhard's Market I Sponinq Goods H . H lf as z 713-715 East Main Street 1' 1229 Bellevue Ave. . I LE 5418 Lakeside Ave. l l Richmond' va' I i:f::f::f:::ief:---:::f::f+ i::f:::::::::f:::T:: ff:f4 7'::tx::::::'::':::x"':::::: x:::::::":::"fK H CHARLOTTESVILLE WOOLEN MILLS QQ 4' CHAHLOTTESVILLE. VIRGINIA II I Manufacturers of 1 HIGH GRADE UNIFORM CLOTHS I IN SKY AND DARK BLUE SHADES 1 , FOR ARMY AND NAVY AND OTHER UNIFORM PURPOSES 1 V AND THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT AND BEST QUALITY l CADET GRAYS 4+ USED BY THE LEADING MILITARY SCHOOLS OF TI-IE UNITED STATES If THOMAS IEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL 4, +--1: f::fff:ff:::ff::f:ff1:1f::::ff:::::::::eff--::::+ 43:51 -2:1 -If-eexxxc .--- 2:---eff::::::+ H 3 1 VIRGINIA ENGRAVING COMPANY ii :I ' u 1 ll : 3 1 l 1 I " ENGRAVERS FOR I , 1 . THE 1948 "MONTICELLO" ff :P : 8 ' ' if I' 101 GOVERNOR STREET I RICHMOND, VIRGINIA gg Ir Phone 3-8459 Ig IE fi +12 ff::--::f-WAf:::-A-- f:f-- 7:22 the 3:1 monticelloiforty-ei ht 1 il 4 5: .-...- :::::-:: : : ::::::: :::::::-::::::::---:----:----vw 0 11 'I RICHMOND VALETERIA if INCORPORATED 2 THE SOUTH'S MOST MODERN CLEANING PLANT 3 DeLuxe Clegning, Pressing II and Aitering 1: 2705 WEST BROAD STREET RICHMOND, VA. QI Phone 5-2849 +::: :ee ::: .... :::,:,,-L::::--:::: ::::-:::::: Q-:::::::ee::::::::::,:::::: ::::: :e:::ee:::::::-- :: ' L, FAMOUS FOR GOOD FOOD H M u 1 , , NICKIS GRILL 'C ,E Bu11ders Supply Corp 0 E Steaks and Chops 11 11 Umm :I ' it 3700-3712 West Brood St. 11 W 1, ,g RICHMOND, VA. il 214 N. LOMBARDY DIAL 6-1212 " Phone 5,1733 ir M H Q:::::::::::::::::::::::::::, 4:2 ,.,: ::::,::::::L:: :: 1ZxxixxxIxzxxfzfxlf f:xx':::::x::x:xxx ig Broad Street Esso Statlon U L Quality Bakery Shoppe 1: WILLIS C. GARNETT 11 5714 GROVE AVENUE 1: Belmont and Broad Sis. Dial 6-7129 1: PHONE 52796 +::::-:::::::-::::::::::::::+ +--:::-::::::-- -H--::::: T77it:::::f::::":::'f 17::::Th2,fff9Z2Txxx: gi Compllme-His Of 1 ,, GILMAN PLUIVIIZINCE co. 1 i Pumlxna, I-h:A'nN ND A IS 1: A F R I E N D 1: 1 3109 Wejt ,Cary Stieet C 0 Q 11 G. IAMES GILMAN RICHMOND, VA v-Lx:ff-2:-21:22-'::::::::+ +--------Q--N-Q--w 1: RICHMOND xi R- E- EVANS ll 11 2132 Hu11 Street E 11 z ll Richmond, Vg. 0 5: x- 1- rl- rf as, :L H, D, PRISON' Mgr, 1 NEW AND USED FURNITURE i :::::::::::::-:::::::+ i:::::::::::::::::::::::::::4 E. FORREST TIONOR thomas jefferson high schooling emenfn CSQMJLO GRACE AT SECOND Y PHOTOGRAPHERS POR "The 1948 MOntiCe11O" Y the monticellfyix forty-eight 1801 4 + -.--.-- v..-. : 2: .-..f..fv --- +n-H -----f -- ---- --------E-4 If Robert Lecky. Ir.. Inc. S NASEEQIQOEEIEEESEQANT 1: INSURANCE ' SURETY BONDS "Best of Foods ui Popular Prices" Q 201-202 MHTUCII Building 909 EAST MAIN STREET RICHMOND, VA. 1, 4:::::::::::::::::::: 1 1 1:1 f+ +--21 1 1 f:::::-::::::f:::f2::' +:::::::::1---:::::::::112::+ f::::::-::1i1::: --'- :1f:2f::x WILLEY DRUG CQ, 3 ROSENEATH AUTO SUPPLY if 1205 Bellevue Avenue 3401 Patterson Avenue H T, DIAL 5-4395 2 Phone 3-9813 4:2---:: ---- xx: --:: -2:24 +-ff--:fff::1::':::'::1::f:+ :-2M:----Q--Q----'----Nm'-"mx 1: 0 0 H ml TOPS ae .2 IN ii EVERY Q ii CLASS PEPSI-COLA COMPANY. Long Island City, N. Y. ' Franchised Bottlers: PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO., Richmond, Va. ' wr wx li M 0 H P 1.::f---::::-I-:Aft-Aif-A:f-::::f--All ..... :::::::--::::L:.x +:f::::f:1: ---:::-- -:::::::+ +:::::::-::::::F::::::::::+ Q1 Conqratulcrtions Class of 1948 SEIBERLING TIRES 5, TUBES lf .T RECAPPING - VULCANIZING 11 IL CENTER BATTERIES and BATTERY sznvlcs 11 nr 4 1: HARDWARE, INC- Old Colony Tue and U wx 11 328 North sm sueex Rubber Company TT ,Q Richmond. Va. 1'm'P0'a'ed 11 3: Successors to HOWELL BROS., Inc. 2 3425 ISTREET N 4. .... xx .... ::::::::-:zx-+ 42::--212122:3212:-Cx:-222+ thomas jefferson high schoolml 0 CLEANING COJNC 1 9 f 1 9 4 8 ..--... I I I II U I I I U U I II II ii ii I I ii ii ii I I II 0 I I I U i i 0 I V ......------------:::: 1 HOME OF QUALITY CLEANING SINCE 1910 We review with pride the confidence which discriminating Richmond people have placed in our services during the past thirty-eight years . . . and the steady growth of our repu- tation lor excellent cleaning. ln celebrating our 38th Anniversary, we renew our pledge to always consider First our ob- ligation to render our patrons the best service of which we are capable. It is the maintenance ol this high standard that has made our plant the "Home of Quality Cleaning." I I I f L I . CLEANINE' wi ,-,, colnc. MANUEL DERDERIAN HOME OF QUALITY CLEANING SINCE 1910 Main Office and Plant-1600 Floyd Ave.-Dial 4-8971 2227 Parlc Avenue 2329 West Main Street 9 South Belvidere Street 620 North Twenty-fifth Street 2928 North Avenue Twenty-First and Fairmount Avenue 3307 East Clay Street 224 West Broolcland Parlc Boulevard 'I T00 WEST CARY STREET Cash and Carry and Delivery Service ------::----::---::------::::1Q: the monticello forty- eight I82 4--- ---- -- ----------- ------ - ----- ---- - - ------'fA-f--- U E IUNIOR CLASS AND CLUB PICTURES BY I z I 5 Mffzdly 0 I S T U D I O I GRACE STREET. NEXT TO I.OEW'S +-::---:f:-::1:::::::1:::::::::::::-::::::::::::: 0 1 I I B' BRAUER S SONS 5 Emrick Chevrolet 2 DEALERS IN choice Home-Killed Meats , Sales Corp' :E SIXTH ST. MARKET i jx? Richmond, VU. Dic1I3-5328 2 -::: 1---n...-N-.-M----w +----...,.....-..........-- DIAL 2-2 357 r ---------,---- .Y.YY- ------------ I. S. SHEAHIN. PRO 3 RICHMOND POTATO CHIP COMPANY "You Tell 'Em Potato - I'm A Perfect Chip" L- EHIYIFVPI-ETITFET ,,,,, T T I T - -- ,T C , C ,SBIQTIQQHPQ 113219151 2 +:::::::::f1Zfezeeexc:-::+ +:::::::::::::::::1iff---+ If , LITTLE GIANT ': POLE SEHEEMECY Fine Foods IL Allen Ave. 6 Grace St. Richmond, Vcx. 106 N. Vine Street Phone 6-8003 +-xc:Z-::::::::::-x:-::::+ +:::f:::::::::ff:::f::::: ff:::: 33:1 12---::2:::::::--:c---::::::::: fx 2212:-ed II DIAL 3-5140 DIAL a-saoz IQ Butterworth-Hawkes Furniture Co. , COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS ' 215 W. Broad Street Richmond, VCI. "WE BOTH PROFIT IF YOU BUY HERE" 1 Q ' - "" ---'-" ' ' ' '- ' ' ,-- ,,.,v,,,,,,,,, ------::::::::::-A :::::-4 F. BECKY ROCHE thomas jefferson high schooll 183 184 0 ::::::::::::::::-:::::-+ +::::::1--:::::::::--:::- Compliments of I . MAIOR'S SERVICE HAT CLEANING 3200 North Boulevard Richmond 20, Vu. 16 E, Broad Street Richmond, V + ::::::::::::::-::::::::+ 4 .... ....................... Q::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::? +:::,:::,,::1::::,::,:::: ll RICHMOND HANKINS 6. OHANN T, PRINTING INK COMPANY shea, Mlm, Inks for EVGYY P'-IFPOSS Manufacturers and Contractors A 104 NORTH FOURTEENTH STREET 2409 West Moore Street Richmond, Virq 4 ':::11f:::f1f'::::1::"::+ +::':::1l::::::: "" :ccll 3211: ::::::::::Q::::: ::-Y-::oo:::r:0:::2:::2::::02:2 4 ll o Q - 1 v o T' THE FINEST BAKERY PRODUCTS ll H H A KI . Q W DIAI. 5-1755 2732 Wesfnroad sn-ee: WE mguvnn Qxeeeeeeeeeeeee :-:effe:ee::::::::::::::::::::f:: feeeeeeeeeeeeeee -:ee::-+ +::::::::':::::::::::::: + Compliments E Phelps Bowles Cocke of I Motor Co.. Inc. lf WATKINS CQTTRELL l 2735 WEST BROAD STREET U RICHMOND, VA. DeSoto - Plymouth ll i SALES AND SERVICE l...................--.. .... + ex: :-:exx--Q:-2 + Tlx:::::::::3:::::::::::x:':::13' ::::'::'::' H ll 1- Compliments of " VIRGINIA TGURS 1 " 101 EAST LEIGH S'l'REE.'I' :I RICHMOND. vA. 0 tl +. A--- - -v--- ---- the monticellofforty-elght t:::::::::::::Q:::::::11:--::::::::::::1L:::::::::--::-: 0 PHILLIPS 8. coMPANv 618 North Lombardy Street Richmond. Virginia 'Sk f All ronms or lNsunANcE it Safety - Security - Savings 71 H ll 0 5::: ::::::::::::1::::::::::-------- ------- ------ Q If---ex'-11-11 f11:::::::ef1:--1 1::::::::::::---2:2 + H For Your School Lunches or Home Use NOLDE BROS. BAKING PRODUCTS FOR SALE BY ALL GOOD DEALERS J W V 4 ::::zeeeeefffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeefeeeei xxixxcxczixlxxxi 'x:::xx::::::::::::inf MAGNOLIA Q . A . Con ratulahons to the 't A FROZEN FOODS . g if 1: INCORPORATED Gfaduaies 11 " 5705 Patterson Avenue i 6-6843 , FROM H . mm 5 I The Elinor Fry 2 FRESH AND FROZEN 3 lg MEATS, POULTRY, SEAFOOD E School of the Dance ,, FROZEN VEGETABLES E R ICEQREAM xexxl +:::::::::::xxeexxxe1 thomas jefferson high School E185 I, II II In ll I I I I lb 1 1 1 1 I ll ll 0 ll 4 GRESHAM COURT 3,655 TEA ROOM 1030 WEST FRANKLIN STREET Z RICHMOND'S RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Dial 5-8963 Mrs. B. B. LACY, Mcxncxqer MODERN FOOD STORES COLONIAL STORES INCORPORATED 42:2f:::--:::ee::::e:::::: -Y..YYf- - ...Y--v - v....Y.. 2 M II DIXIE. sc, loc to s1.oo STORE TARRPQNT PIFUQIJ CQMPANY Y' 3012-14 WEST CARY STREET F resgnphoz mggm V S, , . 3 We Curry Complete Line of School Supplies OUSHEE AND S1223 32469 ICHMOND A Q 4 -f-- -fA--- f-fA- - -f----A - 2 , A... , ,,., ---,,,-, 0 I ' P 0 U 0 Q3:53::::3:g:::g33::::::::, :::::::::I:t: 1 i::::::::::: S1 DENNIS-VONDEHLEHR CO. The Westhampton Florist ll TIRE RECAPPING ,, 320 LIBBIE AVENUE , 1: Chamberlcxyne at Lombardy, Richmond, VCL PHONE 6-5401 4222222222--2222222222222222i 422222 22222222-222222222222+ +-:222222:222-22-222222 222+ +22-2222 ------ 22-22 ----- 33:25 Il X 1, Compliments of , ll Lewis G. Chewning E '1 WESTHAMPTON 5 Q ll I ' REAL ESTATE AGENTS H BEAUTY SALON 3 EI ag ' 2 IC Q lb Grove Avenue S E Slxlh cmd Main Streets if phone 5.6922 Q ji RICHMOND 19, VIRGINIA ll 0 lf X22-2222222222 -2222-222---- 1 42222222 2-2--22 222222 222222 24 5 eeeeee ::::-::::e::e::::::::::::::::::--:e :::::: 3: -::::::-F :N Compliments of the I I I I 1' WENDELL B. POWELL STUDIO 1 li E 3201 GROVE AVENUE . RICHMOND, VIRGINIA lf :L ff 4:13 -::: :::--:::::::: :1:--:::: -22:::: --11:4 the 1861 monticello forty- eight --------WA--A--------------:::::-----eeeeeeesteel::::::-.+ +------H --------v W---H -v Class Rings - Club Pins - Calling Carols - Invitations Q' Caps and Gowns li WALTER B. ANDERSON ', L. G. BALFOUR PRODUCTS TL 4lll KENSINGTON AVENUE RICHMOND Zl, VIRGINIA l.-:--,:--x:,,,::-:,:,-,,,-:-e:-:,--:sexes-:eeeefxuf- +:: .... ::::::::::::::-::::-- eeeeeeeeeeee:::::::::-2111: If WEDDING CANDIDS - 3 Charles E. Savedge Cleaning Works CHILD PORTRAITS -Q COMMERCIAL, ETC. W. RUSSELL BRIGGS PHOTOGRAPHER 4400 West Franklin St. Richmond, Virginia TELEPHONE 5-8525 ---...-................,...oo J. H. CHAPPELL CO.. Inc. 309 EAST MAIN STREET 2-4201 Or 2-5702 Richmond's Oldest PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS 0 0 Q DIAL 5-3258 1 l 3106 WEST CARY STREET Richmond, Va. l 62: ::::0r:::::::: :::0:: ?::::::::::::: 1 ::::::::::::: If PRICE BROTHERS :Q Eiqhih Street, Between Broad and Marshall 0 "Thing: for the Office, Home and School" l- yi 'f'f'Sii ffl- Lklkfl 31 f'1"i"f'?- BTL - f:::::::::::::':::::::::':: I R. ASHFORD I-'INNELL t. General Insurance S SURETY AND FIDELITY BoNDs Dial 3-1964 B00 Mutual Building Richmond, Va. Compliments of MASON FUNAI ::-:::::::::::::::::::::::: O 4::::::::::::::::::f:::::::: 4 n ia 11 HARRIS-BRENAMAN. Inc. I " 717 EAST GRACE STREET H ll II it H H 11 A. G. SPALDING ll 3 Richmond, Virginia P. GOLDSMITH " ATHLETIC SUPPLIES G. JOHN DAMEREL thomas jefferson high schoolt 187 188 4 222: 22- 222: 2:23224 41 11 11 z Pet Dairy Products Co. 1: 3 PET ICE CREAM o O DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. A Health Food 0 lr + 22222222222 2222 2222222222222222 222221 4 2222222222222222222222222+ +-2222222-2222222 ---- 22 -22- -3 11 SUBLEY 1 GARRETT 5: MASSIE BEVERAGE COMPANY INCORPORATED 11 if Printers Phoneigl-1071 Publishers 2906 W. Brood Si. Rich d, VG. RICHMOND. VIRGINIA + 22 2-222+ .2222 222-2--22222 fx '::::x::" ' E T. G TABB T. W. BROCKENBROUGH STUART RAGLAND TABB. BROCKENBROUGH AND RAGLAND I N S U R A N C E 1, Phone 2-6545 1101 East Main Street 11 the monticellohiforty-eight g::::----:::::-::f::e::::----::::: fee: fee: 5 tl 0 U IP qi U li U I If Jones Kc Gooding ., P P I "THE FINEST IN HOME APPLIANCES" ' I ' 3158 West Cary Street ' 1' IIN THE PARK AND SHOP CENTERI , Richmond 21, virginia U 3 :::f::::::f::-::::::::: 33:53 +:f: :::::::f:-::--::::f::-: ev I :I 1, COMMENCEIVIENT "Setting out well is a quarter of the journeyi' ' J' I :I If Ask Dad to teII you the best time for you to begin a life insurance 1 5: saving plan. We'II wager that he wishes his insurance program E! 5: had been started when he was your age. The best time to begin I: 11 any worthwhile effort is now. I ll I I I W LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY of VIRGINIA 1+ u it 4 :I Home Office: Richmond, Va. Established 1871 1' I BRADFORD H. WALKER ' ROBERT E. HENLEY gg I Chairman of the Board ' ' I Pfesident 1 A----A-A: --A--e Aeee AAA-AAA.A+ - - fx: +:1:e:f:-1111122222212 fy ll U Compliments of K GROVE AVENUE E H 5 DIXIE WHEEL co. PHARMACY I, EE A Prescriptions and Drugs O 1 Q' 916-18 North nouievmd 2 4911 GROVE AVENUE 5 5 521 Hull Street DIAL 5-3405 0 L ::::-:::::1:::: f:::+ +------Q'---Q'---Q-1 thomas jefferson high sohoolmg + --A---A ee ----- ee ----- M---+ 4--- A-A- --- -----A- eeeeeeeee 1 1 . 1 1 1 llrvvrvvv-v Yrvvvv -iv---vvvvvv Y-vrvrrv Yvrvvvrr 11 GOULUS PHARMACY OPPORTUNITY SHOP 11 Your Friendly Drug Store ANTIQUES 11 4013 MacArthur Ave., Richmond Gifls for All Occasions I 1 We Diilivri ...AOOO Phone 5-43311- A flflefffef .A..A... f?5If'1'f'TLSfg geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :eeee:ee-e:e:eee:eee :eeeee 11 L k d, R d, S , Compliments of 11 OC Woo 5 U 10 ewme FLORSHEIM LAUNDRY AND 11 Phone 7-B140 DRY CLEANERS 1: 513-15 West Broad Sl., Richmond 20, Va. Your Patronage Will Be Apprecialed 4:eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: tee: -eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee+ feeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-e:ee:--ee 1' 11 11 Lunch and Dine at Telephone 94552 ll EE PHIU-1P'S PT-ACE EE 1 HENRY CALLIS ii I 5704 Grove Avenue 1' ii " Il 11 11 Automobile Painting I 11 3 HOT MEALS DAILY 11 Body and Fender Work Breakfast 7-ll - Lunch 11-2130 510 WEST BROAD STREET 11 Dinner 5:00 lo 9:00 11 11 RICHMOND 20, V1RG1N1A 11 ll 11 ,, 11 Q 1 eeeeeeee--e::ee:ee-- eeeeeey +::e:-::::ee---eeeeee:::ee eey geeeeeeeeee-eee:e::eeeee-::ef eeeeeeeee ee::::-:eee:eee:.T 1 1 I 11 TI HENRY o'1"ro 11 11 Complimenis of 1' 11 1 I 1: " -2 1l 1: Meador-Poulson-Pnddy 11 I1 5 E 1 11 Incorporated 11 2 E L E R S C H 5 1 11 1 - - li WHOLESALE 11 1, 11 1' 11 11 Fancy Fruits and produce 11 11 Master Cleaners and Dyers 11 12 I1 11 1 NORTH Monms STREET 1: 11 1302-1304 E. CARY STREET 11 ,, 11 11 11 Phones: 5-2845-5-2846 1 1 11 4-:::e eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey 4-e:::::e::e::e e 1 e e-ee eeeeee 4, 'f-ee::::e-e :::::::eeee::--ee::e e::e:-:e:e:::-e:::-: e-:::::-m 1, 11 .1 ATLANTIC LIFE 17 11 1' If Insurance Company 1 I1 11 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 11 if Organized 1899 11 Directing the Way Toward Financial Security 11 Since the Turn of the Century 11 11 " Q :::::o4.:::::o:::::::::oo::::::::::::::::::::::::: :cf Im the monticello forty- eight 4 ------f- -e-- ,.,,,. :::f::::: Industrial Supply , ,v,, - ,,,, ,,,, - ---0 Office Night Dial 6-3739 Dial 4-5562 Corp. IONES Mill Supplies and Machinery E1eCt1'iC Company DIAL 7.2371 Electrical Contractor 15th and Franklin Streets Dealer . 3024 W 1C Street Rlchmond' VCL G. C. Iones Ric?-rxojdzl, Va. +:::: ieeeefeeeefeeee -jeff -eeeeeee eeeefeeeeeeeeefe f::::::::x::::::::::::xx :xx ::::::f:f::::::" it Ph 3-9810 O 6 A.M. - Il P.M. gi pen ,B. H. Conn QQ LUMBER CO., Inc. If Sawmill Operators, Purchasers of Timber O u Rough and Dressed Q: STEAKS-CHICKEN-CHOPS Dealers in Fuel - Wood Il Office and Yards: 4408 W. BROAD ST. jf PHONE 5-0541 J: IAKE HARRIS, Prop. 413 Cowardin Ave. RICHMOND 21, VIRGINIA geeeffeefe :eeeeeee :-::: eeeee --:-:ee-:tee eeeeee : eeefffe- 4 .... -- -.-- - I mi ,T 1 0 r 4 r LAFAYETTE PHARMACY 4, l0ll Lafayette Street Dial 5-l 777 l D ll 's 1 ll . D 0 ll I .. Prescription Service 11 WESTWOOD PHARMACY 5805 Patterson Avenue EE Dial 6-2385 it 0 0 0 + H. BETTY BREWER thomas jefferson high schoolt l9l t t w :::::: ::-: 1:13 ::-:::::::2 2-2 :--:::::--::::::::::::::-::::: P 1 P 9 T U M Q, THE FAY F. CLINE AGENCY U Insurance gg U 'E WE ARE QUALIFIED TO COUNSEL li lt YOU ON "YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS" lx Q1 Suite 801 Mutual Building Phone 3-1964 TE 0 V +22-22.-.2- -.-........... 2222-22222222-222222--22222222222+ +2 2 2222--22 222-222222 2-2 222+ +222-22222 22222--2222 222--22+ ll V It lx ll Flowers EI Il School Equipment Co. ll Compliments of w 327 West Main Street ' 4 E Richmond. va. ,' :I MR- 5' MRS' , Contact Us When Needing 1 I, I, R, I :: School and Church Equipment U ff Phone 7-4035 Q1 z-..-...-..-.... .... .. ...... x 42222222222-2222222222222222+ +-22222222222222 ---- 22222222+ l 55 If N th 'd' l lf lt OI' Sl 9 " ' ADAM B. I HOL l I . H I S EEN lf :J Electric Company tt TATI 'U , ' E550 S E LL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS tg 'I 4102 West Broad Street :E and ENGINEERS . II y 713 W. Broad sf., R1chmOnd,vQ. 11 N Phone 5-8916 :Q .I T : 2 tl Telephones: 3-7369 and 3-7360 11 ' . 1. I +333 222-222-222222222 2222+ +':1:::f:::':::::::'::::::::9 4 2 2 222222-222222-222-222222 --.-- 2222-22---2 509::::::':::::'4 'l Ambulance Service Phone 3-2761 H H 1, FRANK A. BLILEY 9 . o it Funeral Home 3 ,t Q gg 217 WEST GRACE STREET Q I, Frank A. Bliley J. M. Kain E X22222222222222 ---- 222 222---22 ---- 22222222222 ----- 222222-4 the l92:l monticello forty- eight +. --------.- 0 ..---- ee--ee-.+ f -----.. en-eu -.---- Q-----+ G BELL DELICATESSEN z W. MORTON NOHTHEN 6 CO., Inc Delicious Sandwiches and Fine Foods 2 ASpH1l'1lI'1iQpIiETf3JM: TILE :I 401 N. Robinson Sireet z 2 N. sth sh 2,5507 vffeeffeeeee'-2:2211 :::::f:f+ ve:-:feefe:-sssss'-:TTTTTQ Il Complmeflfs Of f I: DIAL 476371 ll II RICHMOND GILLETTE Q It LAFAYETTE CLEANERS II 1: TIRE COMPANY 2510 West Main Street Qeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee---f::::+ 4::::i::::i:::::::::::::::::, 1: "Own Your Own" 1: A 1: 1: ,, Congrafulahons fo IL I 105, T, M0035 I I. I. Students I 'E Builder N :I from tl 5 SSACOWSHZZH ' 75 HUBBARD'5 I I ic mon , irqinia I, I I TI ll II BARBER sI-IoP I Q1 WE BUILD WE SELL :I :I gg leeeeeeeeeeu eeeeeeeeeeex ieee e,eee-e,e::eeee, ,eel t:::T:::::::::::::::::::::::? t::::: ,zglg l:::::::::::: 333+ Ig Telephone 6-2341 II Ig PhOHe4'033G 'I Compliments II I " II of l I La France Cleaners " II V jg 6 La ndr I If MARLEY'S :E 1, u Y jx QI "Home of if COMPLETE LAUNDRY AND 11 JT The Finest Sandwiches" It 'l II 1' I II :N DRY CLEANING SERVICE 3 'I 2927 W. Cary St., Richmond, Va. 1: ll ,, ll Bos GOLDMAN, Prep. ,, +-::::::::::::::::::::1:ees 9:::::::::::::::::l::::iif::? ,::::e,:::eee::::eeeeeeeI eeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee+ Y I l BROADWAY OPEN AIR THEATRE ll ll 'E 3 Miles West on Broad Street Road 'L Il ll If TWO SHOWS NIGHTLY - 8 P,M, AND 10 PM. E I MIDNIGHT SHOW EVERY SATURDAY NITE I I 0 lf ADMISSION: One Dollar Iplus 20c Federal Taxi per car full 11 II II II Q Q T T ----- ----' T T -----A-' AATT T T T ,,,,,-,--,--------,,,,,,,,-, , ,::, ,,:e::::::::e:---:::::-,L+ thomas jefferson high school 194 3333--33-33333-33333333--33 3333-33333333333333333333334 7 + + II II lf WALKER R. CRUMP T: Bernstein's Shoe Repair TT TL SPECTM AGENT TT 424 EAST BROAD STREET TT TT Th P d Rifilmond Aggcy f A I TT , t' . ' TT None 3 'Im ll IL DioT 228:72 eIETzi?n QCZUETCZTS., 'RTQifn0'J'dei'Qavn. I 4333333333333333333-33----33+ +--33333333-3333333--3 3333334 4...33333-3333333--33333-33-+ +33--3 3--33333333333333333334 TT TT I TT TT T LET us PLACE vou IN A WELL PAYING T sTANLEY's MARKET IT T TT II 704 N. SHEPPARD STREET :Q II RSHFMFJgEBu5S2iIl'L2mE :I II Phone +9255 IT Employmenf Dept. II I' T T, Franklin QT Second PtTone3-4411 LT +--3 3 3333 33333333 3 3 333333333+ +-33-33333 33 333333-- -3 3 333 33, ?33333333-3333333-33-33333333 T33333-333333333, 3: 333,333,317 II 0 For Reail Good S a hetti Tr II ll A New Novel You Must Read T: TT Y P 9 Y II T: H H TT TI WILLIAM BYRD INN If TT THEY TOOK the HIGH ROAD 300 NORTH DAVIS AVENUE I: BYGUrth1e Show patch g +-33-33333-33333333333--333-5 T IL AT ALL BQQTQSTQRES 5300 ll t333333333333333333333 3333. TT II ,T . II TT I , Comphments of II jg THE DIETZ PRESS, Inc. Il TI II T1 ll2 EAST CARY ST. RTCHMQTTD, vA. TI TT CAVAI-'ER ARENA 11 TT 0 TI +333333 33333-33 3 3----3333333+ 43 33-333333333--333333-333334 +.-3333--3333:-:3: 1 2:---:::::: : 1-33-3333 :-------------....-4 II TT :I TT IT TT T, TT T, TI T, II TI IT 3 II TT II 'I TI SCIGFIITIIC II IC Vision Specialists IQ TT TT II TI IL Photo Developmg TI ll Headquarters I T TT for Eastman IT I I ll I TT If TT IT Il TT I TI TI Y the nlonticello Q fort - vig 4 -.f------- - .... ..... l' C. T. Hughes Service Station li 1: TIRES-TUBES-BATTERIES ll Phone 547870 4930 Charnberlayne Ave. ll Q ---A----- -- -- vo-, ,------o:, Y-- ,:::::--:: -- --------- Q ---- Q-------A-- ::----:::::::---::::::- A 81 B LEADER 24 E. Broad Street CLOTHlNG ' JEWELRY "CHARGE lT" , oo T WADES DRUG STORE 0 E. W. Wade, Prop. 0 H Grove Avenue and Harrison Street N Phone 5-0515 Richrnond, Virginia 0 -v-----,:::::--:::---:::-:: ovvooa: : : :o::o-osc:L : : : : : :of YY----,,--,,-::::-::11113:2 :::l-::----::-----::::: 1 ze: Compliments ol THE HOUSE OF LANCE MANUFACTURERS OF PEANUT FOOD PRODUCTS SINCE I9I2 Phone 4-2372 4 ll in ll ll II Compliments ot A FRIEND l R I ll .. +---------- ---- --- +-e-,Y,- ,, ,.--..--......---..-....--- ---- -- Y vv... ---:::-:::: -::-::-::--:::::---:::::::- BELLEVUE BAKERY 4023 MacArthur Avenue Richmond, Virginia Phone 3-7925 -v--Y,,- YYY. :::--:--:::::: Q-:ee::e::::::::::::ee:eee:: MENDEL'S MARKET GROC ERI ES-M EATS-VEG ETAB LES FROZE N FOODS 4214 Hull Street Richmond, Vcl. ----......--- ..........---- ---v-----:-v::::::-::::---- I 0 in 1 il ll ll 0 ,, Compliments of THORINGTON CONSTRUCTION CO. ii ii ll ll ll o in u in l 0 ir ni ll ll t 0 ii ll ll ll T 205 East Canal Street Richmond, Virginia ll ll 4 I. SAM VINT thomas jefferson high Schooli T 9 M M M M M ....--....------....-------+ - 4 l ll tl It ll ll ll 0 O 0 ll ll 0 ll O ll ll O 0 ll ll I 0 lt ll ll 0 W ru :nu :nu -'L-Tu' fl! Em is QL-ri in :su ru IP' 3 ..--..y W. W.Thompson Co., Inc. l tl ll ll 1 l it ll l l H Q 1304 North Boulevard l School Photographers i--i A--A ---ih2T.5l33Q::-::-:- Z Z 2 ', Printers and Publishers 'Y v' 7 v Y I ol School Annuals +-"""'-""""""""'t 2lI HulISfree1 Z E WEi':.'gSyl:li"iZZ vCQ.E:Z1:l:ji CO. E ll RICHMOND, VIRGINIA n Q 3 g 314 LIBBY AVENUE DIAL 5-1571 2 ive:--2: '--- ee--eexecx-::::+ +--is--ex--2C-:ee--::-"'::+ fx::li--f:f::::--cfffefxf -.-- 2:22-if :if ---:rss-f:::+ ii li TODD'S ESSO SERVICENTER z o E North Boulevard and Hermitage Road CALL 5-9401 ll Service At Its Best 1 --......... ::::x:::e:-::---:: .... 1ie-:-e:::::::-f::-:::+ z'mm'--------Q-W----------W-'M'-------'----'wuz 0 g II 2 ' I OHNSTON -WILLIS HOSPITAL ' 3 :u RICHMOND, VIRGINIA E H A Private Hospital located in a quiet residential section, 3 overlooking the grounds ot Battle Abbey. 0 Fireproof l if construction, most modern equipment. 0 Medical, Sur- 57 qical, Pediatrics, Obstetrical Departments. Accredited l traininq school for nurses. 0 Approved training for ll 11 Residents, Assistants and lnternes. ' 225 Beds - Single, ll it ,, and Double Rooms and Wards. 2 0 ,, l it P o REASONABLE RATES I IL ll ll 0 +::: ::::-22:-:::::sd--2: --'- :nzxxc-::: ---'---.- -+ the 1961 monticello forty- ei ht ---s --,, +-,,,----- 4 .v-- --v--vv v -- ---v -+ ---- -----.--v - - -ev--we ' o + ll ll PHONE 5-91 Il il ii 'l li ,i ,, 2 Compliments ol ii Call Us for Good Things to Eat , . il 9 li 5 ORANGE CRUSH 531 MORTON'S gg l BOTTLING COMPANY ll ECONOMY MARKET 11 H " s. M. MORTON u J. c. POLLARD +P il i , . 11 i: "We Deliver" i. l ii M 3 614 Norlh Lombardy St. Richmond, Va. Q:::: 1 13: 1 ::-::-1:Q ----........ooooooooo-0000+ ll ll ll . 1 :L Singer Feature: f THE li Teen-Age Classes BAUGHMAN CO. ll l a EASY LESSONS Il Printers 3 0 FOR ONLY 5990 i cmd Lithoqrcxphers If ii ii , ll Singer Sewing Machine Co. ll W ll ll zu eAsr snow sneer 1: l h d V ii H PHONE 2-0662 I H 1418 West Marshall St. Rl mon . a. ll li Q-o::::: -::::-::::::::5 +-::::::::::oo2222- 222222224 Qexeee ::i::,l,:::::::,:::::1ee---xl 222+ ii ii li il ll ii - - -- r i ' l l ll 3 il 0 l ll , RICHMOND NEI-il BQTTLING co. l' 221 I Chamloerlayne Parkway jj I Richmond, Va. l thomas jefferson high schoolim t...-..--......---...--..---f f:: ee :--:: 2:2 1 1 ::: C 2 C :--: 3 2 :Q I MOTLEY'S GROCERY STORE I I Westhampton Electric Center I Groceries - Meats - Vegetables I 5716 Grove Avenue I I NEW AND COMPLETE RECORD SHOP S PHONE 4-6728 711 N. SHEPPARD STREET I Phone 6,6527 1 42: ::::::::::-:::,:::,:: ee 1 3 y +---....................----4 I """- "'- E """-: E :inf1::x:1':x:':::: """' " I . WE DELIVER I PARK AVENUE PHARMACY I I c. M. SMITH, Proprietor I PHONE 6-2355 KENSINGTON AVENUE AND ROBINSON STREET, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA I +::::::::::::::e::::-: :-::::::-::::::: ::::-::::-::::e::: 1 ::+ f::::':::":::':: """ 2: "" zzlzcxx "':::: "" ::""T II Compliments of II II II II ' WELLS-RICHIE MOTOR COMPANY. Inc. - I Pontlac Dealers I I II II II IOI6-20 NORTH BOULEVARD, RICHMOND 20, VIRGINIA II II II Telephone 5-7461 IIN..-...-.N --..-.--.-..-...-...- N... ..--.--... .-- ---.- Il 4'::::112:2:::211::::::11-:::::::::::2:1:--::::::::::'1f2::'+ IC II II 9 II If HAMPDEN-SYDNEY COLLEGE 1776-1948 I O II II II II I II :I Notable record of Service in State and Nation Since the foundinq of II the United States Government. II II II II Il Time-Tested standards of character and Scholarship. I I II I II Personal and vocational guidance for the individual student. jj I 0 I For information and literature address: I I I I I I: EDGAR G. GAMMON, President :I II HAMPDEN-SYDNEY, VIRGINIA II I I II Q II O 4::: ::::oooo:::: :::o:::QQ:::oo:1:::::QQoo::ooc:::o::e::Q+ the monticello forty- eight 981 ' +:::--::--::-::::::::::::::-+ ' O Q------:l::::::f: 1 :-:::::::: 9 +:1f:-- 1--4 -2:2111 4-22:-:xv - xxw +21 --: v :::::::+ 1112:---1+ +'----- Q Q 11 11 11 0 I O 11 S 11 ll ll I 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 3: . E 1 1 121 1 3112 1 1 1 11 1,0 11 1 QE-u1 SEE 1 11 11? 1 ac:EQ11252?g11E2 1 1 1 -4 M 11 151, U! 0 11 11 1vwl.,.,11 g"""3 Q cn O U -1 .Y 11 I B 11 11gEla:,.l: 1 g 11 Iwo 11 2 gm a1:1,f2,-131.112, 1 Q .U 1. mpc I 1:1 1:1 3 5 11121s1s..,11':i15'1f1 1 rl 1 1 mo -1 11 1 " td CD 11 115' 511011 Omfmm 11 0 rn 1 s EOD O 2 1 S 51 1 111115111011 132213 11 I X 3 p.. H 11 11 Bmw pg O I 0 .,,. 2 11 1 Qu 11 11 m-1 11 11 EUC: 135112111119-111 was 11 QU 1UH"g:EO515"f532S111 0 11 1111112615- H :- 1 ' 1 1 1 1g.5E53u41.s51,0-D111 11 11 1141 Qirmegmg- 11 11w--11 ...... -1 1121-1Z12F1r1U11fLSZ8 1-1 110 O E312 1 1 ' " O 11 + - 1 1-Q ---- -1 .- 11 QAQU gm mo 1 11 1 11 1 11 1 IICM OID 2313zg0I11S IT' 1133 11 Q. '-lm "' O1 -.rh 'T 11 I1 z I og :U N S O -11 10: ml-I I 1 2.3, CD Z 11 E 3 1 NE- 11 111: 3 1 91mm-O!2Q4SQm21 0 8211113521- 11 '4 30 Z1 1 ff' 1 1 11 162155111 1 F5 UU 1 ... F1 11 2113011 P1391 i:1f:':11115 11 1 11 1 O 5 11 1119503511 11 'fl Z Q 2 O Q 3 m Z 11 Q O 'U 11 T52 " 11 11 5' 1 Q :U 1 1 CDE 5- ' 11 m 5 11 :3,,,5QEIl11 11 532121: 1 - 11 1 1 .Emo V' 1 Q0 B 1 1ILf2am1 11 bl . 1 -U 11 I-11 Q 11 z3?5Q"U 11'5H's 1 3 1 E 11 w ... 11 gf-1:-f'11Uf"-ll 11NZ 5: 2 Z 11 W w 11 Aa :H 1,m"' 9 ' -U I ' owzmz' QC DI 1 2 E m 0 1 ' U' O 1 11115111 122 1111 P Ph ,ul " 1 11 "' 1: 1 0 1 1s1:5'1 5' 11 1 1 11 1 O 1 '25 11 11111 Z 11 2 0 11 ' 11 1 ' I 1131 11 11 11 O 0 OS 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 Q-xi:--:f-:::::--::+ +ff:-:-:C 1:11-:l:f:+ +----xx --:: :xx-+ v-::::::+ l::-::- J. MARION WIGGINS thomas jefferson high school E199 AAA ELECTRIC CO. ::::+ II 70 I 3 I 9- IE Jr Q. I " :".. I -U Il W II 91 ro X'8 :I I 5' 5- 'S '- I c 22 I fb g I II 2 g I I n.o. I In f"- EE T II 0 3 9 Q. II -- I .QQ SERVICE - RADIO - SALES ' APPLIANCES II L-IPI' B' FD O B FI' is O fb Pi ISIII O E' 'S FI' 'X4 TD is UQ F FI' A- - -- - -- - -- -- :Q :A 4:1 1 Il II I I I I 5 II II I I I Z rpm I '-. I I 0 'D CD I I I 3 za N PH II w II II I Q Q., I"2 II I II I 27 ,Q Q I' I I V' 0 ua Ii Il I E :I : E' II I II II 'U ru gg II 8 II II Q '-'L H B N 'T1 C II 70 S. 5' In I 4' 9 Q I I U 5 p-S D II 2 Q- II II ? w ff I 1 IT- w I I 2 5' um Q I "' g -I ,T rn -I II 5 II vl SI S 2 3 V' I I II 3 O 3- m , I II N. 3' I 5 I -I U Q I U' 2 O I I Q I -I I ' I T. O I I 5 Z Il I 2- I I n II I CJ I I 17 I O I I P I I I O. I I I If II I B II II II II II II v-1:11 --- - - A - ---0 --- --+ 4 RICHMOND COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. ---,----v v...v.. :--::----:::: :::::-------..-oooo Theo W. Kelley Mrs. Irving I. Straus IULIUS STRAUS 6: SONS Insurance - Exclusively ORGANIZED 1868 1110 East Main Street Phone 2-8395 --------f::::-::----:::-:::--::-::: ::::::::----: ------::-:::-:::::::l::::e:1::-::::::::-::::::::--i: UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND RICHMOND COLLEGE, Liberal Arts and Sciences for Men. Raymond B. Pinchbeck, Ph.D., Dean. WESTHAMPTON COLLEGE, Liberal Arts and Sciences for Women. Marquerite Roberts, Ph.D., Dean. THE T. C. WILLIAMS SCHOOL OF LAW, Professional School for Men and Women. William T. Muse, S.I.D., Dean. GRADUATE SCHOOL, for Men and Women. B. C. Holtzclaw, Ph.D., Dean. EVENING SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, for Men and Women. F. Byers Miller, M.B.A., Dean. SUMMER SCHOOL, for Men and Women. Edward F. Overton, Ph.D., Dean. For catalogue and other information, address the Dean of the division - University of Richmond, Virginia. Summer Session Opens June 9 Winter Session September 13, 1848 F. W. BOATWRIGHT, Chancellor GEORGE M. MODLIN, President ,--::::::::::::--::--:::---::--A ---- ------ -A----------- ---v ---------::Qc:-:Q-------..---......,-.,-.. BOURNE-JONES Moron co., Inc. HUDSON Sales and Service 2930 WEST BROAD STREET, RICHMOND 20, VIRGINIA Phone 6-3819 thomas jefferson high schoolt --Q ..-Q 201 202 f U 1 I ---- ----Q ---- --::---:::::-:::::::::::::--::::- -LL:,,- W DON WARNER STUDIOS N 4 P H 1 0 'e H tl 219-A EAST GRACE H H --A-- -Y --- --- ------: --Q--- Modern Methods of Teachin g Modern Music Piano CPopularl, Accordion, Voice DIAL 7-9601 :::-:::---::::::::----- , vv... -------------------Y gen' -e D..v.....vv --H- M M 1 P 11 Rucker 6. Richardson I ll REALrons 0 J Insurance - Loans EE 0 U U 4 118 North Eighth St. Phone 2-4741 - YYYYY -Y .... -----------:::: --::::::::--::::::--::--::- --...-..-......-.... Superior Dry Cleaning For Delivery Dial 6-1569 Cavalier Cleaners RH ERBERT VAUGHN EDWARD 1. SCHUTTE 4021 MacArthur Avenue ---------- ----A ----------- ::::::-:::1------------- '---f 'f --ff """"' ' if Compliments of the ll MARTIN-CHEVROLET 1: SALES COMPANY if me +-- THE WALMARR CO. 702 W. Broad Street Floor Covering Headquarters Linoleum - Asphalt Tile Wall Covering -..Q 0 +P tt 6l8Hu11Street Phone 3-6791 ,R , mom: 1.1089 2--........--......-.......-x 4---......................... ,::::1::1::---:::-::::-::-::: ..... 1112: .... ::::-::::::l::--t I 0 nt ff 15 za KINGAN fs. co. gg 'E :I I lx .t Fine Meats Since 1845 " I PE if ::::--:x::: ---. :::::::-:-:::--2:-1:2 :xl the monticello forty-eight 3 RICHMOND TIRES Q' 5 Rubber suns - Raincoais I1 g T-I CAFETERIA 1: Rain Hats - Super-Recapping Q 2 li 0 U 0 Q 5 RUBELZHEVSNTFRNY 55 E Hof PM II 57 T5 Cold Plate 1: 7th and Leigh Streets If g,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1 A La Carte 1: edsuu u UR44,Q, ll ': SELECT A . 5 'ia I Tl BALANCED LUNCH DAILY 5 4, ' . i ' I Ar YoUR SCHOOL l ,C""'1oND . vxvlflvxxr l 1 3 UNIVERSAL LIFE 1' 5: 'I W 7' T- CAFETERIA ' INSURANCE fl H I 116 South Third Sireet ff 4 ::::----:---:::-::-:-ff-4 +:--:sux :ffxfsfffxff + 1:1--::--:xc---1-:xx-2 f+ +::::---::::::: --.- :f---::- . Bus. Phone 2-1573 Res. Phone 4-5989 1' C 1' tj HOME SUPPLY co. . mp Tents 1: 1, M. SEARS, Prop. O if Used Fumiture Boughi. Sold A F R I E N D EE and Exchanged In 326 W. LEIGH STREET. RICHMOND. VA xzxx----2---s---:-me---1+ .ff ---------T f"" """' 22-2222222222 "" 2 "ff:: ::::: "" ::: 1? LINCOLN MERCURY Tj Pusey-Parker, Inc. I PARTS - SERVICE - ACCESSORIES All Makes Used Cars PHONE 5-1581 Q RYLAND AND BROAD STREETS RICHMOND. VIRGINIA Q ,,:::::::T::i:::::::::,- 'ZC' C-- K. GEORGE CHUMBLEY thomas jefferson high .school 2 'AMBULANCE -------...-...+ PRIVATE AMBULANCE SERVICE O O O Boulevard. Park and Patterson Avenues I O O ,W ANYWHERE-ANY TIME 3 I ,W E DIAL4-9711D1AL , H H w i.,,,::: , mjthe monticelloiforty-eight me 2 I s 3 s 3 3 I E I 2 2 e 2 I -1 SMITHER ASSOCIATES i - ROBINsON'S MARKET 1: Wutchmakers - Iewelers ! 406 N, Cleveland Street il Dial 3-S137 216 N. ard street, Richmond, vu. I HOME OF FINE FOODS AT LOW PRICES 02221: ----- :C ---- xx ---.- ::+ 4 --.---- Q.----'O ---- - ---- --4 f'-M"-"""""""""-I : Compliments of S E OVERNITE 1: g WESTOVER I . TRANSPORTATION CO. If I I 1 Dependable Motor Transportation +----.Q ------- -.-- ---- ---+ +::::f:-:::::::---2:-:::::--+ +-Q.-.-.-.... ------ -- .---- + 4 ..-... ....-..--...........-f 11 tl ' Dial 2-6440 1: 1: Compliments Of 1. 1 3 S. B. Goodman 61 Sons il X it W. B. PARKER I PLUMBING - HEATING 1: AND SON gg and REFRIGERATION 11 X Il I 5: 2 Home Appliance 2 ii 1: I Sales and Service 1: :Q Contractors I, , I: 1 I 1121 1-IuI.L STREET RICHMOND 24. vA. 15 as and ae I A A it BuHders E ,::: ,,,,, ::,,::,,:::: ,,,,, :,? g In i 704 WEST 49th STREET Complimenfs of 4, 0 41 ' phone 6,6063 I' GODDIN 6: CAYTON 1, I 4, Incorporated H OR It I 11 so EAST 38th STREET 1: It 1 1, Ir +1 I 1837 WEST BROAD STREET H Phone 20360 H THEPHONESASB 1 f:::ff: ::::::::::::f1:::"ff:::::::::f::"::::'::: :::'f I 0 ig GROOME'S BUS SERVICE LQ H 0 Q Buses Rented for Any Purpose 1: IQ ORGANIZATIONS, CHURCHES, SCHOOLS, SIGHTSEEING I TRIPS, HISTORICAL TOURS 1: is Careful, Courteous Drivers Prompt, Reasonable, Insured Service ii Dial 7-2903 Home 84-5379 gg ,, nu +::ff:::::::::: --:ff -2:-ci: f:::f:-::::::::: thomas jefferson high School lf 205 Q: C -------: :-::-:::---: : : fo D I - - - Il J? ff Atlantic Electrical Supply Corp. 0 0 15-17 SOUTH EIGHTH STREET ll RICHMOND. VA. tl gl ll 122222222 2222222222 .-.. 222222 ---- 222-2-2--2-222.2-----.. + --..-- 22--2-2--"2---222-- 22 2 2 2 2 2 2 ---- 2 2 2 22-2 2 2 2--22 Il Thos. L. I eter 6- Son RAMON W. ANDREWS I, .... Instuance Agency Eg 1402 EAST MAIN STREET gg INDIVIDUAL AND COMMERCIAL AccouNTs 0 RICHMOND, VA. ll 0 o gg I gg ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE gg gg "" lg g AND SURETY BONDS 11 . . - 11 g gg R1dmq Boots English saddlery gg gi Dicl 3-1964 Mutual Building .1 .22- +2222222222222222222222--22-f 43:1 2222 2222+ 4 " I g LAFAYETTE gg IRGINIAAUT0 PARTS g CONFECTIONERY gg gg ..,, 1- P 3 Between Grace and Cutshcw 3 I gl It ll gg Automohve Parts 11 gg I. DEHARDIT 1 ,, I Q 1, 11 I Equipment ., gg SOFT DRINKS, SANDWICHES gg gg d S 1, gg gg AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES gg 2 an 'IPP 'es gg L.. .... ..-......2-....2 ..... 2 L2222222222 .--. 222222 .... 2-2 43:35:55: ---2 22222222222--2-2 2-2-2222--22 22--222-22-22222+ 3 IQ I Established 1871 Dial 3-5379 11 'I 11 Il 41 It g P I RICHMOND PAPER CO. g gg "lf lt's Paper, We Sell lt" ' 0 gg 201 GOVERNOR STREET RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 0 11 42222222222222222222222 2222-2222 2-2222222222222222222+ mjthe monticello forty- eight ................--......--------- ........................ I, II 1 'I 0 0 , I I f I you art num fattd tuith tht must I tf important rlttisinn nf gnur lift. . . I EIIUUBIIIQ El EHIYKP. II II II II II I Btfnrt gnu makt gout hnal thuitt, U it mould gag gnu to lnuh into tht 5 hmndtrful nppurtunitits that art ht' 55 IC fnrt gnu in tht . . . Gnittd Statts Elhmg and Hnittd Statts EIir1Eurtt U S M d U S AIR FORCE RECRU TING SER ICE EAST RO D STREET RICHMOND VIRGINIA thomas jefferson high school II 207 + I O I If I Westover 5c 8: I0c Store I :I g 5009 FOREST HILL AVENUE : 1: I' 2 Take YourTime ond Spend o Dime S II II +222-22222222222222222222222+ II 0 II 0 4M---M..--w -.----.---- no I if I WESTHAMPTON PHARMACY I Ig I1 W. W. WHITE, DruggIsI I II WeslhcmpIon's Qldesf Drug Store I II H O Save Wlih Safety . 0 ,, Q Phone 4-456I 5813 Grove Ave., R' n d, vo. g il I Il ":x::x::::::"':::'xx' II ,ffiiffi . , N II 4 ff We H ++22222-222-222:2:2222222-22? 5: X Q 55 I. W. FERGUSSON 55 :, X . I X XX 3 I AND soNs I II u ' IL ' I II I ESTABLISHED 1845 I I IX I X II Il 5 I' I ' 2 II I' :I IX DL I 1: Printers and Publishers il N' 1' ' 1 I+ M I :I Richmond, Virginia I, 0 Y qlwn Ir II :r :z :: X Ig 4 ---A A EAAAAA AAAALA Q W, I I I Im vmmwll 1: I, , f I :I W I 1: R X , 1 A z Comphments of 4 II 2,2 ., -' 0 0 0 4, 0 ' I Jbsnlufely A F R I E N D 1: II II QI fare and 'uncooked I IL Sir I I I I I' . Il H ll 2 I 9 422222222 22222 2-22 ---- 22+ +222 2222222222-2222222-4 geeee ::::: ,:::::::::::::::::::::-:::::: :ee ::::.+ II H 1 II I "Highest Quality" I , II It MILK AND ICE CREAM 1: I 1: .1 NE II I I 31 Curles Neck Dalry, Inc. 1: I woo ROSENEATH ROAD DIAL 5-1745 5, ,. o g:::::::::::::: .... :::::::::::oo::: :::::::eo:::o:::o::::::+ mjthe monticello forty- eight +-f22:2--2:-11:::::::::::::::::::::-1 :::::::-::::::::::::: + 1 1 s11 1 1 1 u 1 '1 1 1 I O 11 0 0 O 11 0 11 O 0 O 1 O 11 11 11 0 0 O 11 11 0 11 1 1 g 1 g I 11 I 11 Q 11 O 11 1 0 11 11 11 1 1 0 U ,1 11 11 I 1 Q 1 I 1 0 0 0 u 0 0 0 u 11 11 1 Q 1 Q u 1 11 11 11 11 U 1 1 I 11 Q 1 9 1 0 0 0 1 0 11 ll 11 11 0 0 u 1 0 u 0 1 u 1 11 0 11 11 11 11 11 11 0 B 0 C I 1 q 11 11 O 0 U 0 u 1 11 11 u 1 u u u w 4.1:::::-::::::--:::::f:-:::::::-::-:f:::::::-:::::--- --A-- thomas jefferson high school 21011 ----Q ------------------- --v fvvffv -- --ff H-H + fn- -v----nf-H 4 EE courvrzsv or-' ! Compliments of U I gg Marshal1's Clothes Q NEHMI S 0 INCORPORATED QQ 830 East Main Sireei E H Q Home Made Ice Cream H E .R n wa +.-ffffu -:::+ + aff:-x-: :ff--:M-+ 4 -A--- f ----+----f------ :s-:::f:::::::::: .--- --- Q-4 H GARRETT 6. co. 0 ROAD AND STREET CONTRACTORS DABNEY ROAD AT WEST BROAD ST. 4 -- -- + 4 ::::,:,::::::lf + 35 BAGBY 5 PHQTQGRAPHIC SERVICE EE All Branches of Photography 3 '33 CALL 4-3022 + --1:-::ffff::ff:-M + the monticelloiforty-eight HOW TCD MAKE FRIENDS . AND KEEP THEM Keep skid chains on your tongue 1 always say less than you think. Cultivate a low, persuasive voice. How you say it often counts for more than what you say. Make promises sparingly, and keep them faithfully, no matter what it costs you. Never let an opportunity pass to say a kind and encouraging thing to or about somebody. Praise good work done, regardless of who did it. If criticism is merited, criticize helpfully, never spite- fully. Be interested in others, interested in their pursuits, their welfare, their homes and families. Make merry with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who weep. Let everyone you meet, how- ever humble, feel that you regard him as a person of importance. Be cheerful, Keep the corners of your mouth turned up. Hide your pains, worries and disappointments under a pleasant smile. Laugh at good stories, and learn to tell them. Preserve an open mind on all debatable questions. Discuss, but don't argue. lt is a mark of superior minds to disagree and yet be friendly. Let your virtues, if you have any, speak for themselves, and refuse to talk of another's vices. Discourage gossip, and make it a rule to say nothing of another unless it is something good. Be careful of others' feelings. Wit and humor at the other fellow's expense are rarely Worth the effort, and may hurt where least expected. Pay no attention to ill-natured remarks about you. Simply live so nobody will believe them. Disordered nerves and poor digestion are common causes of backbiting. Don't be too anxious about getting just dues. Do your work. be patient, keep your disposition sweet, forget self, and you will be respected and rewarded. North America Assurance Society OF VIRGINIA, INCORPORATED ROBERT U. WOODS. President f HOME OFFICE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA More than 250,000 persons have bought policies in this Society "Virg'inia's and the South's Pioneer and Leading Hospitalization-Surgical Company" - .... ,v--,,- ........ vv--o-- ..... Q- .....YY - -.... -::: thomas jefferson high schoolt 211 4 : --,- -::- 4 nu o II 0 I QM fluff. .. To be sofisfocfory, good fruit musf , be good from core Through skin-just I os good printing musf be from cover Io cover. We consfonfly strive for I such o product. WHITTET 84 SHEPPERSCDN II NORTH EIGHTH STREET ' RICHMOND, VIRGINIA ' 4 v,-::: 5 the monticelloiforty-eight 2121 ' SENIOR DIRECTORY ABBOTT, FAITH "Fabbatt" College Preparatory 4010 Patterson Avenue Senate' Sophomore Council: Char- acter Committee Representative and Chairman' Hockey: Softball: Glee Club: Jeffersonian Columnist: Declaration: Junior Class night: Senior Class day. ABRAHAM, VIEWLETTE FRANCES "Frances" General 2603 West Main Street Maury High School, '45, '46 ADAMS, FRANK SLATES, JR. "Frank" College Preparatory "Duci o" S.A. Productora de Rayon Paseo Colon 285 IR. 441 Buenos Aires, Argentine Vice-President in Home Room 203: Jeffersonian Reporter: Vice-Presi- dent of Thespions: Member of Forum: Member of Science Club. ALCORN, WILLIAM DENNIS "Denny" General 3420 Rosewood Avenue Cadet Corps Captain: Company B: Cadet Honor Court. ALDERMAN, FAY CAROLYN "Carolyn" College Preparatory 1505 Westwood Avenue Cafeteria Committee: Sophomore Basketball Team: Varsity Tennis: Captain of Cafeteria Committee: Monticello Business Staff: "B" Team Basketball: Associate Busi- ness Manager: Senior Council: Coaching Study Chairman. ALEXANDER, CATHERINE LEE "Kitty" General 4227 Seminary Avenue Class Council: House of Repre- sentatives: Office Aid: Messenger: Typist for Jeffersonian: Absentee Sheet Committee: Reception Desk gorfnfmittee: Y-Teens: Declaration ta . ALEXANDER, NANCY "Nancy" College Preparatory 1216 Claremont Avenue Sophomore Basketball: Varsitv Softball: Varsity Track: Treasurer of Home Room 217: Art Editor of Declaration. ALVIS, DELORES ANN "Dee Dee" General 5113 Devonshire Road Bulletin Board Committee: Monti- cello: Office Aid Committee: Red Cross Representative: Eraser Com- mittee. ANDERSON, JOYCE LUCILLE "Joyce" General 3411 Rosewood Avenue ANDREWS, JEANNE LEWIS "Jeanne" General 10 -42nd Street Secretary of Home Room: Bulletin Board Committee: Absentee Sheet Committee: Reception Desk Com- mittee: Sponsor of "D" Company: Office Aid Committee. ANDREWS, JOYCE MOWRY "Joyce" Commercial 4309 South Ashlawn Drive House of Representatives BLILEY, MARGUERITE JOYCE ARMISTEAD, THOMAS S. BEADLES, HUNTER WOOD, JR. "Tommy" "Hunter" "Joyce" General General General River Road Red Cross Representative: Hi-Y Chapter ll: St. Christopher's High School '41-'44. ARMSJRONG, FRED WILLIAM . e .. College Preparatory 49 Towana Road Evanston Township High School '44. ARMSTRONG, MARY LEE "Mary Lee" General 605 Rothesay Road Red Cross Representative: Secre- tary of Home Room. ASHBY, BARBARA JEAN "Bobbie" General 3405 West Franklin Street Library Committee: Cafeteria Committee: Varsity Hockey Team: Co a c h i n g Committee: Reception Desk Committee. ASHBY, JEANETTE TEMPLEMAN "Jeanette" General 3405 West Franklin Street Red Cross Representative: Cafe- teria Committee: Hockey Team: Library Committee: Library Staff: Glee Club: Office Aid Committee. ATQHSQN, WILLIAM EDGAR Generdl BZOVQ West Grace Street Treasurer of Sophomore Class: Ad- vanced Dramatics. BAILEY, CECIL HAMILTON "Cecil" General 3329 Park Avenue Treasurer of Class '45, '46, '47, and '48: Vice-President of Orchestra: President of Home Room: Alternate to House. BALDWIN, MARGARET ANNE "Anne" General 3914 Hanover Avenue Absentee Sheet Committee: Mes- senger Committee: Daily Reports Committee. BAILNARD, ROBERT DOWLING .. mn College Preparatory 5212 New Kent Road Sophomore Football and Baseball: Varsity Football and Track: Hi-Y: Bulletin Board Committee: Char- acter Building Committee: Treas- urer of Home Room: Audio-Visual Committee: Cafeteria Committee. BARNES, EDITH LEONA "Edith" General 1915 Lakeview Avenue Y-Teens. Sparrows Point '45-'46. BARONIAN, SAMMY "Sammy" General 1601 Hanover Avenue Home Room Committee, BAROODY, EDWARD ELLIAS "Edward" General 1502 Sauer Avenue President of Home Room: Traffic Committee: Junior Football: Vice- President of Home Room. 1611 Confederate Avenue House of Representatives: Forum Club: House of Representatives Al- ternate. BEASLEY, CAROLYN GENE "Carolyn" General 3306 ldlewood Avenue Character Building Committee: Y- Teens: Junior Classical League: Nurse's Aid: Cafeteria Committee. BEATTIE, BETTIE LACY "Bettie" General 6221 Dustin Drive President of Class '45, '46: Presi- dent of Home Room: Secretary of B.O.C.: Senate: Chairman of Mes- senger Committee: Chairman of "Rec" Hall Committee: Secretary of Student Participation Associa- tion: Honorary Member of Senior Council. BEAZLEY, CAROLINE ANN "CaroIine" General 3028 Kensington Avenue Red Cross Representative: Caro- line High '44-'46. BECK, JANET ELIZABETH "Sandy" Commercial 2416 Barton Avenue Jeffersonicn Lieutenant Assistant: Speech Club: Red Cross sentative: Glee Club. John Marshall '46, BECKH, HILDA CELESTE "Hilda" College Preparatory 313 Charmian Road Jeffersonion Lieutenant: Cafeteria Committee: Hockey Team: Basket- ball Team: Tennis Team. BEDUCIAN, MARGARET "Margaret" General 2527 Stuart Avenue BERNAT, LORRAINE MARIE "Lorraine" General 3913 West Grace Street Christian '44-'45, BERRYHILL, AUDREY JANE "Audrey" General 2912 Park Avenue Vice-President of Home Room. BIGGER, EVELYN LOUISE "Bunnia" Commercial 3102 Grayland Avenue Glen Allen. BLAKFESLEE, MARY FRANCES HM -- Repre- College Preparatory 2916 Noble Avenue House of Representatives: Book Club: Jeff Clef Club: Reception Desk: Library Committee: Vice- President of Home Room: Honor Study Chairman: Monticello Liter- ar Staff: Cafeteria Committee: Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Vice-Presi- dent af Latin Club: President of Honor Society: Post-War Activities: Quill and Scroll. BLILEY, IRVIN RAY "Irvin" General 208 South Belmont Avenue 4108 Cambridge Road "Rec" Hall Committee: Junior Play Script. BLOOM, VILMA ZELDA "Yilma' General 2212 Maplewood Avenue LibratY Staff: Honor Study Chair- man: Junior Red Cross Alternate: Junior Red Cross Representative: Spanish Club. BOOTH, REXFORD GEORGE Ulu.. 600 Pollock Avenue "Rec" Hall Committee. IOSCHEN, AUDREY FAYE "Audrey" General . B12 West 49th Street Vice-President of Sophomore Class: Member of House of Representa- tives: President of Glee Club: Sec-- retary of Junior Class: Junior Class Night: President of Senior Class: Senate: Chairman of Bulletin Board Committee: B.O.C.: Club Affilia- ions. BOSWELL, JEAN ANNE "Jean" General 407 Libbie Avenue Red Cross Representative. BOTTOMS. ANN MARIE "Ann Marie" General 3523 Grove Avenue Bulletin Board Committee: Mem- ber of House of Representatives. BOWEN, GARNETT LEE, JR. "Deakin" General 3032 Rosewood Avenue Cadet Corps. WILLIAM HARRISON I General 3009 Park Avenue "Rec"- Hall Committee: Traffic Committee: Junior Varsity Foot- ball: Radio Staff. BOWERS. ANN REW "Anne" General 3616 Seminary Avenue Laboratory Assistant: Nurse's Aid Committee: Assistant Editor of Declaration: Alternate to House of Representatives. BOYCE, JUNE ELIZABETH "June" General 3016 Ellwood Avenue BRADLEY, GEORGE WALKER "George" General 801 Lake Road Usher Committee: Bulletin Board Committee. BRAID, KATHERINE HAZEL ..KaY.- Commercial 206 South Addison Street Typist for Jeffersonian. BRGNNER, SUZANNE WEITZEL Collegs Preparatory 2926 ensington Avenue Library Committee: Vice-President of Jeff Clef Club: Vice-President of thomas jefferson high schooltm Y-Teens Triangle 2: President of Y- Teens Triangle 2: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Sophomore Council Representative: "Rec" Hall Com- mittee: Junior Class Night: Vice- President of Home Room: Glee Club. BRAUER, BARBARA JANE "Jane" College Preparatory 2920 Chamberlayne Avenue Red Cross Representative: Secre- tary of Home Room: Sophomore Council Representative: "Rec" Hall Committee: Guidance Aid Com- mittee. BRAUER, FORREST RICHARD, JR. "Buddy" General 5502 Toddsbury Road Red Cross Representative: Treas- :Jrer of Home Room: Hr-Y Chapter BREWER, BETTY ANNE "Betty Anne" College Preparatory 4338 Chamberlayne Avenue Y-Teens: Home Room President: Treasurer of Home Room:Cafeteria Committee: Character Committee: Bulletin Board Committee: Presi- dent Latin Club: Monticello Busi- ness Staff: Page Editor on Jeffer- sonian: Literary Staff: B.O.C.: Edi- tor of Declaration: Secretary of Quill and Scroll: Member of Honor Society. BRODIE, HARRIS NATHAN "Harris" College Preparatory 4506 West Grace Street "Rec" Hall Committee: Jefferson- ian Lieutenant. BROOKS, JEAN MARIE "Jean Marie" General 3005 Floyd Avenue Secretary of Home Room: Basket- ball Team: Hockey Team: Cafe- teria Committee. BROWN, CONSTANCE LOUISE "Connie" General 3010 Fendall Avenue "Rec" Hall Committee: Guidance Aid Committee. BUCK, JAMES THOMAS ..J5m.. General 2917 Parkwaod Avenue Traffic Committee: Audio-Visual Committee: Junior Football Team: Glee Club. BULLINGTON, FREDA LAYNE "Freda" College Preparatory 3219 Carolina Avenue Sophomore Council: House of Rep- resentatives Alternate: Cafeteria Committee: President of Home Room: Y-Teens. BULLOCK, GLORIA VIRGINIA "Gloria" General 2218 West Grace Street Nurse's Aid Committee: Messenger Committee: Y-Teens Triangle I. BULLOCK, MARY ELEANOR ..Mary.. General 3100 Groveland Avenue Library Committee: Library Staff: Messenger Committee: Cafeteria Committee: Red Cross Representa- tive. BULLUCKVNINA JEAN "Hooks' General 1207 Taylor Avenue Secretary of Home Room: House of Representatives Alternate: Office Aid Committee. BUIQNETTE, WILLIAM EARLE 1. il.. General 1421 Lo burnum Avenue Varsity Football Team:Traffic Com- mittee: Cafeteria Committee: "Rec" Hall Committee: Track Team. BURNSTEIN, JACK EDWARD "Jack" General 807 North Sheppard Street Eraser Committee: Usher Commit- tee. BUTLER, GLORIA WANDA "Gloria" Commercial 601 South Nansemond Street Cafeteria Committee: Softball Team. Patterson Park. CAKE, DORIS MARY "Cookie" General 3108 Hanover Avene CAMDEN, JESSIE ANNE "Jessie" General 3207 Ellwood Avenue Speech Club. CANTRELL, DAVID ROGERS "Dave" General 3004 Moss Side Avenue Point Lama '45-'47. CAPLAN, HERBERT LEON "Herbert" General 2103 Maplewood Avenue CARLTON, VIRGINIA CLAIRE "Claire" College Preparatory 1503 Wilmington Avenue Office Aid: Coached Algebra, Messenger Committee: Business Manager of Declaration: Monti- cello Business Staff. CARTER, GERALDINE LENETTA "Lenetta" General 407 Raseneath Road Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Monticello Business Staff- Library Staff: AY- Teens: Script Committee for Junior Class Play. CARVER, MARY JANE "Mary Jene" College Preparatory 7 Malvern Road Hockey Reserve. Boyertown '45-'47. CARWILE, MILDRED HAZEL "Haze1" Commercial 2508 West Grace Street Vice-President of Home Room: Y- Teens. CFIQEFIIN, WILLIAM WELLS General 2701 Stuart Avenue Forum Club: Science Club. CHQITIIN, WILLIAM BURDETTE .. i .. College Preparatory 2704 Chamberlayne Avenue. Traffic Committee: Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Jeffersonian Captain: Junior Class Night: Script Com- mittee lor Junior Class Night: Na- tional Thespian Society: National Honor Society. CHEATHAM, RUSSELL LYLE "Dootsie" General 3319 Hanover Avenue Sophomore Basketball Team: Var- sity Basketball Team: Junior Foot- ball Team: Hi-Y Chapter l. CHOATE, MARY ANN "Mary Ann" General 411 North Boulevard Character Building Committee: Glee Club: Junior Class Night: Y- Teens. CHUMBLEY, GEORGE LEWIS "George" College Preparatory 209-A North Rowland Street Varsity Football: Sophomore Foot- ball: Varsity Baseball: "B" Basket- ball Team: Hi-Y Chapter l. CLARKE, HEATH CHRISTIAN "HeaIh" General 4018 Mr. Vernon Street Traffic Committee: Vice-President of Home Room: President of Home Room. CLQRKE, WILLIAM TURKINGTON .. .Hn General 307 North Allen Avenue Junior Council: Red Cross Coun- cil: Senior Council: Monticello Business Staff: Bulletin Board Com- mittee. COGHILL, HENRY GARLAND, JR. "Mouse" College Preparatory 3412 Montrose Avenue "Rec" Hall Committee: Labora- tory Assistant: House of Represent- atives Alternate: Jeffersonian Lieu- IeI'tGI'tl'. COHEN, ESTELLE THELMA "Estelle" Commercial 2406 Maplewood Avenue Jeffersonian Reporter, COHEN, PAUL M. "Paul" General 4801 Chamberlayne Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Usher Committee: Eraser Committee. CONSTINE, DAVID EDWARD, JR. "David' General 2812 Monument Avenue Coaching: Jeffersonian Staff: Latin Club. COOK, MARY HELEN "Mary Helen" College Preparatory 4808 Old Brook Road President of Home Room: Cafe- teria Committee: Guidance Aid Committee: "Rec" Hall Commit- tee: Spanish Club: Y-Teens: House of Representatives: Girls' Glee Club. COPLEY, MARY CAROLYN "Carolyn" College Preparatory 5113 Evelyn Byrd Road Bulletin Board Committee: Guid- ance Aid Committee: Secretary of Home Room. COSBY, BERTHA BRAUER "Bertha" College Preparatory 601 St. Christopher's Road House of Representatives: "Rec" Hall Committee: Library Commit- tee: Coaching: Absentee Sheet: Junior Class Night Script: Declara- tion: Girls' Glee Club: Orchestra. COULBOURN, CHARLES B., JR. "Charlie" College Preparatory 505 St. Christopher's Road Cadet Corps: Paper Committee: Character Building Committee. COX, GEORGE LESLIE "George" General 414 North Addison Street CRAWFORD, JO-ANNE "Jan" General 3524 Hanover Avenue Assistant'Advertising Manager of Jeffersonran: "Rec" Hall Commit- tee: Class Secretary: Bulletin Board Committee: Nurse's Aid Commit- tee: Library Committee: Absentee Sheet Committee: Office Aid Com- mittee: Red Cross Representative: Daily Reports Committee. CRAWFORD, MARY ADELE UMUC.. College Preparatory 1510 West 44th Street Guidance Aid Committee: Coach- ing Study Chairman: Senior Class Council: House of Representatives Alternate: "Rec" Hall Committee. CRONK, MARY ELIZEBETH "Beth" General 1601 Bellevue Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant. CULBRETH, GARLAND TRAVIS "Garland" General 103 South Boulevard CUMMINGS, MARY JANE "Mary Jane" General 606 North Nansemond Street Library Staff: Library Committee: Advanced Dramatics Club: Glee Club: Office Aid Committee:Treas- urer of Thespian Society. CUMMINGS, VIRGINIA PIERCE "Virginia" General 2506 Floyd Avenue Guidance Aid Committee: Jeffer- sonian. CURTIS, MARY FRANKLIN "Frankie" General 3023 Grove Avenue Nurse's Aid Committee: Guidance Aid Committee: Y-Teens: Jeff Clef Club: Monticello Business Staff. DADMUN, EDWARD TURNER "Peeky" General 4802 Kensington Aevnue Monticello Business Staff: House of Zepresentatives: Home Room Presi- ent. DALE, BARBARA ANNE "Barbara" General 3235 Woodrow Avenue Sophomore Basketball Team: Li- brary Staff: Library Committee: Messenger Committee: Varsity Re- serve Basketball Team: Varsity Softball Team: Cafeteria Commit- tee. DAMEREL, JOHN EDWARD "Jed" General 5102 King William Road Traffic Committee: Home Room President: Basketball Team: Track Team. Williamsville '44-'46. DAISDFN, WILLIAM DUNLAP ' .. College Preparatory 3008 Seminary Avenue "Rec" Hall Committee: Junior ctw Night, DAVIS, EARNEST GARY, JR. "Ernie" General 21 Clarke Road Eraser Committee. DAVIS, FLOYD KENT "Sonny" General 5709 Park Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant, the monticello forty- eight 21411 -f DAVIS, FRANCIS GUY "Francis" General 2822 Hawthorne Avenue Hi-Y Club. DAVIS, RICHARD RANDOLPH "Dick" College Preparatory 4110 Bromley Lone Vice-President of Sophomore Class: Sophomore BasketballTeam: Home Room Treasurer: Home Room Sec- retary: Home Room Vice-President. DAVIS, STERLING FREDERICK "Sterli " D9 General 4109 Bromley Lane Senior Council: "Rec" Hall Com- mittee: Cafeteria Committee: Traf- fic Committee: Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant: Cadet Corps: House of Representatives Alternate: Rat As- sembly Committee: Captain of Cafeteria Committee. DAWSON, JEAN MARIE "Jeannie" General 3416 Wythe Avenue Red Cross Representative: Home Room Secretary: Home Room Treasurer: Messenger Committee: Junior Classical League: Y-Teens: Office Aid Committee: Dramatics Club: Science Club: Forum Club: Monticello Literary Staff: Art As- sistant: National Thespian Club: Director of Senior Class Play: Swanson: Covert: Cloverdale: Plattsburgh: Fort Valley. DEAN, HELEN ELIZABETH HTH.- General 208 Roseneath Road Nurse's Aid Committee. DeBIASI, GILBERT FRANK "Gilbert" General 2 North Robinson Street Cafeteria Committee. DIAL, LAURA "Laura" College Preparatory 2500 Hanover Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Reception Desk Committee: Messenger Com- mittee-: Cafeteria Committee: Jef- fersonian Reporter: Jeffersonian Editor: Orchestra: Jeff Clef Club: Bulletin Board Committee: Charac- ter Committee: Spanish Club. DICKERSON, JANET LINDSEY "Janet' College Preparatory 120 Seneca Avenue Sophomore Council: Bulletin Board Committee: Office Aid Committee: Junior Class Night: Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Absentee Sheet Com- mittee: Senior Class Day. DIETRICH, FRANCES LOUISE npeggy.. General 3114 West Moore Street "Rec" Hall Committee: Glee Club. DIVERS, JOYCE MARIE o General 5109 Boscobel Avenue "Rec".Hall Committee: Testing Committee. DODD, BEVERLEY MAE HBH.. Commercial 2bl3 Grayland Avenue Glee Club: Secretary of Home Room: Red Cross Representative: President of Commercial Club: Jeffersonian Lieutenant Assistant. DODD, PARK ALTON "Park" General 2302 Essex Road George Washington '44-'47. DONATI, JOHN LLEWELYN "John" General 2527 West Main Street Messenger Committee: Commer- cial Club: Varsity Baseball: Jeffer- sonian Lieutenant: Speech Club: Usher Committee: John Marshall '43. duCKUENNOIS, CATHERINE EVE -. my.. College Preparatory B12 West Grace Street Reception Desk Committee: Daily Reports: Cafeteria Committee: Y- Teens: Jeff Clef Club. DUGGAN, MARY ANN "Mary Ann" Commercial 211 South Stafford Avenue Character Building Representative. DULANEY, WILLIAM PARKER "Yank" General 3 Malvern Avenue Varsity Football: Varsity Tennis: Varsity Track: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Traffic Committee: Hi-Y: Cafeteria Committee: "Rec" Hall Committee: Home Room Secretary: Home Room Vice-President: Home Room Treasurer. DUNSMORE, DARRELLYN MARY ..Darry.. General 3226 FendallAvenue Character Building Committee: Messenger Committee. DUVAL, JEANNE EVELYN "Jeanne" General 4017 Clinton Avenue DuVAL, MARY ANNE "Mary Anne" General 4025 West Broad Street Cafeteria Committee: Red Cross Representative: Monticello Business Staff: Jeffersonian Literary Staff: Coaching Committee: Alternate to Junior Council: Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant: Forum Club. DUVAL, WALTER URBAN "Walter" General 306 Granite Avenue Glee Club: Baseball Team: Traffic Committee. EARDLEY, JOANE FRANCES "Joane" College Preparatory 16 North Allen Avenue Nurse's Aid Committee: Reception Desk Committee: Jeffersonian Re- porter: Y-Teens. EDELBLUT, LOUIS FRANK "Frank" Geneial 4512 Park Avenue House of Representatives: President of Home Room: Senator: "Rec" Hall Chairman: Honor Study Chairman: B Team Tennis. EDMONDS, JACQUELINE TOMLIN "Jackie" Commercial 2508 North Avenue Messenger Committee. EDWARDS, FRANKLIN HENRY "Dukie" General 3326 Rosewood Avenue Cadet Corps. thomas 'efferson J EDWARDS, MARTHA OSTERGREN "Martha" College Preparatory 3bO4 Seminary Avenue Spanish Club: Coaching Geometry: Counselor's Aid Committee. ELLINGTON, VIRGINIA BURGESS "Ginna" College Preparatory 909 Floyd Avenue Home Room President: Bulletin Board Committee:Vice-President of Home Room: Alternate to House of Representatives: Monticello Lit- erary Staff: Y-Teens: House of Rep- resentatives. FEITIG, STUART WARREN "Stuart" . General 3307 Hanover Avenue Junior Football Manager: Varsity Football, Baseball, and Basketball Manager. FERGUSSON, ERNEST WESLEY "Wesley" General 1209 Nottoway Avenue "Rec" Hall Committee: Home Room President: Monticello Liter- ary Staff: Captain of Band: Board of Coordination: Honor Society: Quill and Scroll. FLOURNOY, JAMES EDWARD "Eddie" College Preparatory 3503 Edgewood Avenue Cadet Corps: Traffic Committee: Speech Club: AssistantJeffersonian Lieutenant: "Rec" Hall Committee. FOGLEMAN. MARGARET E. "Pe9QvQ' Commercial 2512 West Cary Street Jeffersonian Secretary. FOLK, JO ANN "Jo Ann" College Preparatory 1609 Princeton Road Monticello Business Staff: Cafeteria Committee lCoptainl: Red Cross Representative: Guidance Aid Committee: B.O.C.: Jeffersonian Typist: Y-Teens. FORD, ROBERT HOWARD "Robert" General 3110 Ellwood Avenue Mixed Glee Club. FORNEY, JERRYLENE ..Jeny.. General 4312 Kensington Avenue Sophomore Council: Junior Coun- cilt Vice-President of Home Room: Reception Desk Committee: Mon- ticello Literary Staff: House of Representatives: Secretary of Home Room: Junior Class Night: Y-Teens: Senior Class Play, Prompter. Granby High, Norfolk, Virginia. FOSTER, ELIZABETH MILLER "Betty" College Preparatory 5300 Bewdley Road Daily Report Committee: Nurse's Aid Committee: Y-Teens: Secre- tary of Home Room. FOX, JEAN LEE "Jean" General 1710 Floyd Avenue Red Cross Representative: Junior Council: Home Room President: Vice-President of Home Room: Sponsor of A Company: Jeffer- sonian Lieutenant. FRANCK, CHARLES OVERTON "Charlie" General 408-A North Addison Street FRANCK, RUDOLPH JOHN, JR. ..Rudy.. General 8 North Rowland Street Cadet Corps Band: Vice-President of Home Room. FRAZER, RICHARD Mcl., JR. HMM.. College Preparatory R,F.D. 9, Richmond, Virginia Jeffersonian Reporter: Alternate to House of Representatives. FRIAR, HELEN MAE "Helen" Commercial 3907 Kensington Avenue Y-Teens: Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Alternate. Norview High School, Norfolk, Va, GA:!.AtNbES, ROBERT NICHOLAS 9 Y General 1649 West Broad Street Hargrove Military Academy. GAMMON, HAROLD npoxy.. General 704 Freeman Road GARBER, GRANVILLE GRAY HGNY.. 3224 Cliff Avenue Eraser Committee. GARY, CLELIA DOLORES "Dolores" General 4306 Old Brook Road "Rec" Hall Committee: Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room: Character Building Committee. GEORGE, BEVERLY ANNE --sew General Route 4, Box 469 Office Aid: Girls' Glee Club. Glen Allen '45-'46. GERMAIN, RAYMOND LOUIS "Rennie" General 2716 West Grace Street Cadet Corps '45-'48. GERSON, JACQUELINE DEBORAH "Jackie" College Preparatory 3225 Patterson Avenue Library Committee: Cafeteria Committee: House of Representa- tives: Jeffersonian Lieutenant. GILL, JEAN MARIE "Jean" Commercial 3107 Rosewood Avenue Post-War Activities Committee. oii.:eY,IwlLLlAM FRANCIS I V General 1521 Greycourt Avenue Captain of "Rec" Hall Committee. GLASS, BEN WEAVER Haan.. General I 4524 Kensington Avenue Football. GOa..InING, CHARLES WILLIAM I College Preparatory 3812 Fauquier Avenue Hi-Y ll: Varsity Football: Sopho- more Football: Sophomore Basket- ball: Vorsity Track: Cafeteria Com- mittee: "Rec" Hall Committee: Jeffersonian Staff: Monticello Lit- erary Staff: Senior Class Play. GOOD, JOHN RUSSELL "Russell" General 1210 West 48th Street Sophomore Council: Basketball: Football: Home Room President: Honor Study Chairman: Coaching Committee, high school E215 GOOCH, SYLVIA LEE "Sylvia" College Preparatory 4407 Fitzhugh Avenue Council Alternate: Basketball. GORDON, SHIRLEY ANNE "Anne" General 2705 West Main Street Spanish Club: Character Building Committee: Nurse's Aid Commit- tee: Forum Club. GORDON, WALTER HAMPTON "Walter" College Preparatory 3401 Montrose Avenue Junior Class Night: Science Club, GOULDER, SHIRLEY ANNE "Shirley" College Preparatory 209 Westham Parkway Cafeteria Committee: Red Cross Representative. GRAHAM, BETTY JANE "Betty" College Preparatory 1501 Hampton Street Monticello Business Staff: Forum Club: Y-Teens: Mathematics Club: Cafeteria Committee. Andrew Lewis School Salem V Handley High seiiooif ' ci GRAY, Joseri-i EDWIN Hoe.. General 208 Roseneath Road Recreation Hall Committee: Junior Class Council: Vice-President of Home Room: Captain ot E Com- pany. GREENBERG, MOSEY ALBERT "Mosey" College Preparatory 3003 Brook Road Roanoke Rapids High School, Roa- noke Rapids, North Carolina. GUTHRIE, MARION CARTER "Marion" College Preparatory 601 Roseneath Road Cafeteria Committee: Sophomore Council Alternate: House of Rep- resentatives: Hockey Team. HALL, CHARLES DREWRY "Charlie" General 6 North Dooley Avenue Band: Orchestra: Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant. HALL, JOHN DAVID, JR, "David" College Preparatory 3022 West Leigh Street HALL, LOUISE HOBSON "Louise" College Preparatory 4528 East Seminary Avenue Cafeteria Committee. HALL, MARION LINWOOD "Marion" General 2115Graylancl Avenue Basketball: Baseball. HARKESS, WILLIAM THOMPSON ..Bmy.. General 3130 Ellwood Avenue Traffic Committee: President of Home Room: Jeffersonian Lieuten- ant. HARMAN, ASHER W., JR. "Asher" General 401 St. Christopher's Road Cadet Corps, Second Lieutenant. HARRIS, JAMES HARTLEY "Jimmy" General 2922 Garland Avenue Guidance Aid Committee: Traffic Committee: Cadet Corps, Captain of D Company. HART, BETTY JOYCE "Betty" Commercial 2716 West Grace Street Bulletin Board Committee: Hockey Team: Basketball Team: Jefferson- ian Lieutenant: .leffersonian Cap- lGlI't. HASKINS, EDWARD BRODNAX "Brodnax" General 1107 West Franklin Street HAWKINS, BARBARA ANN "HawIrie" College Preparatory 22 Massasoit Avenue, Westmore- land Place President of the Home Room: Cheerleader. HAWKINS, BARBARA ANNE "Bobbie" General 6 South Auburn Avenue Commercial Club. HAWKINS, JAMES RANDOLPH "Jimmie" General 3156 Floyd Avenue Football ISophomorel: Track. HAWKINS, ROSS FRANKLIN, JR. "Frank" General 113 North Shields Avenue Sophomore Council Representative: Chairman of Traffic Committee: President of Home Room: Cafe- teria Committee: Vice-President of Home Room: "Rec" Hall Commit- tee: Vice-President of Junior Class: Senate: President of Senior Class: Hi-Y Chapter ll: Cadet Corps. HAZELWOOD, JOYCE ALLEN "Joyce" Commercial 3921 Chamberlayne Avenue House af Representatives: Junior Cheer Leader: Sponsor of Hi-Y 1: Sponsor of B Company: Head Cheer Leader. HEAD, ETHEL MAE "Ethel" Commercial 1620 Grove Avenue Hockey Team: Basketball Team: Cafeteria Committee: Spanish Club: Red Cross Representative: Office Aid Committee: Secretary of Commercial Club. HEEKE, ANNE MARIE "Susie" General 3025 Grove Avenue Y-Teens. HELBIG, JOAN LOUISE "Joan" College Preparatory 5708 Park Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Home Room President: Y-Teens Secretary: "Rec" Hall Committee: House of Representatives: Sponsor of F Company: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent: Red Cross Representative. HENRY, MARRIOTT "Mariott" College Preparatory 1501 Confederate Avenue Vice-President of Home Room: Cafeteria Committee: Girls' Glee Club: Reception Desk Committee: Senior Council Member. HICKS, VIRGINIA ALYCE "virginia" General 3405 Chamberlayne Avenue House of Representatives: Library Committee: Library Staff: Coun- selor's Aid Committee: Red Cross Representative. HIGHTOWER, BEVERLEY C. "Beverley" General 100 West Lancaster Road Reception Desk Committee: Daily Report Committee. HOENNIGER, FRED BIKLE "Fred" General 1302 Nottoway Avenue Recreation Hall Committee: Home Room Vice-President: Home Room Treasurer: Senior Council Alter- nate: Red Cross Alternate: Mes- senger Committee, HOLLAND, ANN FRANCIS HAM.. College Preparatory 2223 Rosewood Avenue Reception Desk Committee: Quill and Scroll Treasurer: Jeffersonian Regorter: Associate Page Editor of Je ersonran: Feature Editor: Dec- laration Staff. HORTON, ROBERT GOLD, JR. "Buddy" General 1222 Greycourt Avenue Cafeteria Committee: Junior Coun- cil Representative: House of Rep- resentatives Alternate. HOWISON, NANCY ANN "Nancy" College Preparatory Route 13, Box 140-B Home Room Secretary: Character Building Committee: Messenger Committee: Orchestra: Library Committee. HUDSON, RICHARD PAGE, JR. npageii General 3608 Seminary Avenue Class Council: Secretary of Forum Club: President ot Forum Club: Vice-President of Science Club: President of Science Club: Vice- President of Honor Society. HUFF, CLARENCE WRIGHT, Ill "Clarence" General 1521 Westwood Avenue Sophomore Football: Varsity ball: Varsity Track: Treasurer Hi-Y, I: Cafeteria Committee. Foot- John Marshall High School: Fort Stockton High, F. S., Texas: Green- briar Military School: St. Christo- pher's. HUFF, MELBOURNE, JR. "Melbourne" College Preparatory 4016 Newport Street House of Representatives: Committee. ISBELL, PHYLLIS MAE "Phyllis" General 25 North Sheppard Street Reception Desk: Character Com- mittee: House of Representatives. IVES, THERESE ANN "Teater" General 27l5 West Grace Street Red Cross Counselor. IVEY, MARY JEAN "Mary Jean" College Preparatory 6507 Ridgeway Road Character Building Cafeteria Committee: Senior Coun- Traffic Committee: cil Member: Junior Council Mem- ber: House of Representatives: Secretary of Home Room: Senior Class Secretary: President of Or- chestra: Honor Society. JACOBS, FLORIAN TAMRA "Cookie" College Preparatory 3401 Wythe Avenue Recreation Hall Committee: Test- ing Committee: Office Aid Com- mittee: Absentee Sheet Committee. JACOBSEN, BARBARA JANE "Barbara" General 7001 Park Avenue Lamar High School, Friends School, Towson High School. JAMES, FLORENCE IRENE "Flossie" General 3900 West Broad Street Character B u i I d i n g Committee: House of Representatives: Cate- teria Commmittee: Typist for Jef- fersonian. JAMES, PATRICIA LOIS "Patsy" General 4501 Bromley Lane Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Secretory- Treasurer of Home Room: Ceramic Lab. Assistant: House of Repre- sentatives Alternate: Wichita Falls Senior High, Wichita Folls, Texas. JENNINGS, ROBERT MEREDITH "Meredith" Commercial 1420 Avondale Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Jefferson- ian Captain: Cafeteria Committee. JOHNSON, WILLIAM STUART "Stuart" College Preparatory 3100 Kensington Avenue Sophomore Basketball: Elevator Committee: Hi-Y Chapter ll: "B" Basketball: Track Team lco-cap- tainl: Cheerleader: "Rec" Hall Committee. JONES, ELIJAH HUGHES "Dick" General 4205 Cutshaw Avenue Sophomore Class President: Junior Class President: Senate: Senior Council: Cheer Leader: "Rec" Hall Committee: House of Representa- tives: Junior Football: Track: Hi-Y ll President: Hi-Y ll Vice-President, JONES, HELEN CAROL "Carol" General 5111 New Kent Road Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Red Cross Representative: Y-Teen Program Chairman. JONES, JACQUELINE LEE "Jackie Lee" General 3921 Wythe Avenue Absentee Sheet Committee JONES, JACQUELYN LOUISE "Jolo" College Preparatory 1426 Claremont Avenue Red Cross Representative: Cafeteria Committee: Library Committee: Laboratory Assistant: Alternate to H o u s e of Representatives: Vice- President of Home Room. JONES, JEAN MARIE HRM.. Commercial 118 North Nansemond Street Girl Reserves. JOYNER, EDWARD MADISON "Madison" General 5111 Devonshire Road G eo rg e Washington, Alexandria '44-'45: Jefferson, Roanoke '45-'47. the monticello forty- eight 2161 JUDGES, NANCY ELIZABETH "Nancy" College Preparatory 3808 Brook Road Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room: President of Home Room: Alternate to House: "Rec" Hall Committee, Captain: Monticello Literary Staff: Quill and Scroll: Honor Society: Junior Council AI- terncte. St.Clement's School, Toronto, Can- ada '44-'-46. JURANIS, ANTHONY MANUEL General 3330 Patterson Avenue KARO, CHARLIE "Charlie" General 3402 West Grace Street Glee Club: Advanced Dramatics: Character Building Committee. John Marshall '42-'43. KELLOGG, JANE LEE "Kelly" College Preparatory 3514 Hanover Avenue Counselors' Aid: J u nior Class Night: Reception Desk: B u I l eti n Board Committee. KENNEDY, JAMES ALEX, JR. "Jimmie" General 6809 West Franklin Street Greenville, South Carolina. KENT, THELMA LEE "Thelma" General 5204 West Franklin Street Glee Club. KESTELOO, SUZANNE MAY "Pudgie" College Preparatory 4714 King William Road Bulletin Board Committee: Jeffer- sonion Advertising Staff: Junior Council: Usher Committee: Chair- man at S.C.A. Convention: Monti- cello Literary Staff: Senior Coun- cil: Y-Teens: Quill and Scroll: Sponsor of Hi-Y Chapter ll. KIMBROUGH, SUSAN BERKELEY "Susan" College Preparatory 3303 Edgewood Avenue Cafeteria Committee: French Club: Red Cross Representative: Char- acter Building Committee. KIRBY, ANNIE GERALDINE "Geraldine" General 2600 Idlewood Avenue Sophomore and Junior Council: igeteria Committee: Guidance I . KIRBY, BLANCHE SANDERSON ..Red.. Commercial 224 Roseneath Road Glee Club: Absentee Sheet Com- mittee. KENNETH WILLIAM r General 1207 West 47th Street Sophomore Baseball and Football: Varsity Football and Track: Vice- President Hi-Y Chapter I: Co-Cap- tain Track Team. KOLM, HENRY IRVING "Henry" General 3217 West Grace Street Sophomore Co u n ci I : Jeffersonian Reporter, Associate Page Editor, and News Editor. KORN, CHARLOTTE CELIA "Charlotte" General 616 Maple Avenue Library Staff and Committee: Y- Teens, Treasurer and Program Chairman: Jeffersonian Lieutenant: "Rec" Hall Committee. KRAFT, MARILOU CAREY "MariIou" General 1312-A Avondale Avenue Alternate to House of Representa- tives: "Rec" Hall Committee: Guidance Aid Committee. KUNTZ, VIVIAN BERTHA "Vicki" General 428 Roseneath Road Red Cross Representative: Jeffer- sonian Lieutenant: Advertising Staff Typist: Cafeteria Committee: Messenger Committee: Office Aid Committee: Home Room President: Varsity Hockey. KYLE, LESTER HOBSON "Lester" General 4214 Chamberlayne Avenue Junior and Senior Council: Cadet Corps, Captain Quartermaster. LAIRD, BETTY ANNE "seem General 2302 Kent Street Cafeteria Co m m i t t ee: Reception Desk Committee. LAKE, ALMA FLORENCE "Alma" College Preparatory 16 North Sheppard Street Office Aid Committee: Testing Committee: Y-Teens: Girls' Sports: Script Writing Committee. LAKE, HELENE ROSEANNA "Helene" General 16 North Sheppard Street Testing Committee: Junior Class Night: Hockey: Basketball: Soft- ball: Y-Teens: Secretary of Home Room: Cafeteria Committee. LAMM, URSULA HARRIET "Harriet" College Preparatory 2009 Hanover Avenue Declaration Staff: Quill and Scroll. LAMONT, MARY ELIZABETH HMQW.. General 2501 Kensington Avenue Character Building Committee: Office Aid Committee: Reception Desk Committee: Forum: Science Club: French Club: Home Room President: House of Representa- tives: Monticello Literary Staff: Library Committee. LANDRUM, MARGARETE JOAN ..Joqn.. General 1007 Granite Avenue LANE, CHARLES TAZEWELL "Taz" College Preparatory 106 North Dooley Avenue Usher Committee. LANE, VIRGINIA ANN "Ginny" Commercial 2218 Grove Avenue Girls' Glee Club: Office Aid Com- mittee: Guidance Aid Committee: Sophomore Basketball. LAWRENCE, GRAHAM A. "Graham" General 5402 Ditchley Road Track Team: Junior Council: Sports Editor for Monticello Literary Staff: Radio Staff: Junior Stunt Night: Speech Club. LAWRENCE, RICHARD C. "Richard" College Preparatory 1212 Greycourt Avenue Usher Committee: Traffic Commit- tee: Home Room President and Vice-President: I-louse of Repre- sentatives. LAWTON, JOHN COURTHOPE "John" General 3911 West Franklin Street Football: Jeffersonian Staff. LAYNE, JEAN SHEFFIELD "Jean" College Preparatory 3208 Patterson Avenue Character Building Committee: Cafeteria Committee: Junior Class- ical League: Office Aid Commit- tee: Treasurer of Home Room: Junior Class Night. LAZARUS, ARLYN MARILYN "ArIyn" General 3421 Ellwood Avenue Guidance Aid: Character Build- ing Committee: Reception Desk Committee: Speech Club: Radio Staff: Jeffersonian Reporter and Columnist: Home Room Program Committee. LEBAR, BEVERLY ANN "Beverly" College Preparatory 4310 South Ashlawn Drive Cafeteria Co m m itte e: Library Committee: Red Cross Representa- live. LEWIS, JEANNE BEVERLY "Jeanne Bee" Commercial 2918 Floyd Avenue LEVgIS, PATRICIA GARRISON r. cr. General 4019 Augusta Avenue Nurse's Aid: Home Room Treas- urer: Bulletin Board Committee. LLOYD, FLORENCE KATHERLEEN "Florence" Commercial 1031 Tilden Street Glee Club. LLOYD, JOSEPH BERNARD "Joe" General 3115 Patterson Avenue John Marshall '40, LOCKE, THOMAS "Tommy" General 3111 Hanover Avenue LUCY, BETTY JEAN "BeIIy" Commercial 3437 West Cary Street Commercial Club: Home Room Vice-President: House of Repre- sentatives: Y-Teens: Office Aid Committee: Red Cross Representa- tive. LYLE, RICHARD EDWARD "Dick" College Preparatory 4710 Kensington Avenue Home Room Secretary: Character Building Committee: Jeffersortian Lieutenant, Captain and Page Edi- tor: Quill and Scroll: Junior Class Night: Declaration Staff. MADDOX, ALICE VIRGINIA "Lecie" College Preparatory 3116 First Avenue Senior Council: Alternate to House of Representatives: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Absentee Sheet Com- mittee: Y-Teens. MAITLAND, LUCILLE ANN HAM.. General 5215 Devonshire Road Monticello Business Staff: Recep- tion Desk Committee: Bulletin Board Committee. MARSHALL, GORDON BORON "Gordo" General 1504 Confederate Avenue Alternate to House of Representa- tives: Red Cross Representative. MARTENSTEIN, BETTY LEE "Betty" General 1106 Lake Avenue Home Room Treasurer: Daily Re- port Committee. MARTIN, DAVID NATHAN "Meats" General 1708 Westover Hills Boulevard Sophomore Football: Varsity Foot- bath 'Co-Captain: Track Team: Hi MARTIN, SHIRLEY ANNE "Shirley" Commercial 1000 Westover Road MATCHUNIS, HELEN "Chunie" General 3324 Kensington Avenue Home Room President: Guiadnce Aid Committee: House of Repre- sentatives, Alternate: Typist for Jeffersonian. MATTHEWS, BARBARA MARIE "Bobbie" General 17 North Stafford Avenue Glee Club: Office Aid Commit- tee: Reception Desk Committee: Library Staff: "Rec" Hall Captain: Absentee Sheet Committee: Eng- lish Coach: Y-Teens: Red Cross Representative:'Alternate to House of Representatives: Honor Study Chairman: Guidance Aid Commit- tee. MAYNARD, DOROTHY GAINES HDM.. College Preparatory 3027 Grove Avenue Absentee Sheet Committee: Alter- nate to House of Representatives: Post-War Activities Committee: President of Y-Teens ll. MAYS, ANNE DABNEY "Anne Dabney" College Preparatory 117 North Crenshaw Avenue Jeff Clef Club: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Jeffersonian Staff: Y- Teens: Post-War Activities Com- mittee. MCEVER, FRANCES ELIZABETH "Frances" College Preparatory 1316 Laburnum Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Library Committee: Basketball: Home Room President: Monticello Busi- ness Staff: Y-Teens. Blacksburg High School '44-'45, MCGRAW, GERALD JOSEPH "Jerry" General 4117 Patterson Avenue Junior Football: Varsity Basketball: St. John's Prep. H. S., Brooklyn, New York, '44-45. thomas 'effer on high schoollim MEYER, SAM nsqm.. General 46l4 King William Road Character Building Committee: Cafeteria Committee, Captain: Junior Football: Senior Council: Monticello Business Staff: Home Room President. MILBURN, E. MARGUERITE "Marguerite" Commercial 2709 Northumberland Avenue Library Committee: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Junior Council Mem- ber: Cafeteria Committee: Home Room President and Treasurer: Character Building Committee. MILLER, MARILYN ROBERTA "Marilyn" Commercial 2709 Northumberland Avenue Library Committee: Junior Red Cross Representative: Junior Coun- cil: Cafeteria Committee: Home Room President and Treasurer: Character Building Committee. MILLS, MORGAN REAGAN, Ill "Mickey" General l607 Pope Avenue Hi-Y Chapter I: Sophomore Foot- ball: "B" Team Basketball: Cafe- teria Committee: President of Home Room. MITCHELL, JUNE HENLEY "June" General 3329 Kensington Avenue Utility Committee: Y-Teens: House rg' tlfepresentatives: Girls' Glee U I MOQRE, EDMUND MONCURE General l3OI Park Avenue Sophomore Football: Junior Foot- ball: Vice-President of Home Room: House of Representatives. Alternate: Track Team. MOORE, JANET HORTON "Janet" Colleqe Preparatory l4l2ClaremontAvenue Character Building Committee: Junior Class Council: Junior Stunt Night: Daily Reports Committee: Reception Desk Committee. MORGAN, FRANCES PHILLIPS "Frances" General l504 West 4lst Street Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Council: Reception Desk Commit- tee: Y-Teens: Monticello Business Staff: Bulletin Board Committee: Senior Class Play. MORRIS, HANNAH MAURINE "Hannah" General 32l6 Stuart Avenue Library Committee: Distributive Education Club. RICHARD NEILSON IC College Preparatory 4709 Kensington Avenue Glee Club: Home Room Treasurer and Vice-President: House ol Rep- resentatives, Alternate: Paper Col- lections. MOSS, NANCY LOUISE "Nancy" General 3l6 North Tilden Street House of Representatives: Home Room President: Character Build- ing Committee: Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant and Captain: Home Room Vice-President: Distributive Club President: Girls' Glee Club. 2I8:I MOUGHAMIAN, SIMON "Simon" General 508-A North Allison Street Baseball Team: Basketball Team. MULLINAX, PERRY FRANKLIN "Franklin" General Ilb Matoaka Road Vice-President of Student Partici- pation: Science Club: Chairman at Club Affiliations Committee: Bulle- tin Board Committee: Radio Staff: Sophomore Paper Drive: Forum Club: National Thespian Society: Vice-President Board of Coordina- tion: President of House ol Rep- resentatives: Home Room Presi- dent: Junior Stunt Night. MURPHY, MILDRED LaVERNE "Mimmie" General 2926 Porkwood Avenue Library Committee: Radio Com- mittee: Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room. MUSSER, EDWARD R. "Eddie" General 5407 Ditchley Road WILLIAM EUGENE t i .t General 3032 West Leigh Street Sophomore Baseball: Sophomore Basketball: Varsity Football, Ca- Captain: Hi-Y l: Varsity Track Team, NEAL, CAMILLA FAUNT LE ROY "CamiIla" College Preparatory 2709 Chamberlayne Avenue "Rec" Hall: Reception Desk: Jef- fersonian Lieutenant: Softball: Bas- ketball: Character Building: Sec- retary-Treasurer of Home Room. NELSON, JEAN ELIZABETH "Tubbie" General 3318 Park Avenue Library Committee: Library Staff: Nurse's Aid Committee: Coaching Committee. NEIQICOMB, MARIE CAROLINE .. ee.. College Preparatory i608 Claremont Avenue Absentee Sheet Committee: House ot Representatives Alternate: Of- fice Aid Committee. NEWSON, ELIZABETH ANNE "Betty" Commercial ll3 South Mulberry Street "Rec" Hall Committee: Reception Desk Committee: Guidance Aid Committee. WILLIAM JOSEPH Generdl 3522 Edgewood Avenue "Rec" Hall Committee: House of Representatives: President of Home Room. NOLDE, ELOISE VIRGINIA "Eloise" College Preparatory 420l Monument Avenue Cafeteria Committee: Library Committee: Sophomore Basketball: Softball: Co-Captain Reserve Hockey Team: Script Writer Junior Class Night: Jeffersonian Reporter: Varsity Hockey: Monticello Business Staff. NOLEN, HILDA ANNE "Hilda" General 206 North Lombardy Street Jeftersonion Lieutenant. NUCKOLS, BEVERLIE "Beverlie" General 2605 Northumberland Avenue Character Building Committee: Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Messenger Committee: Bulletin Board Com- mittee: Monticello Business Staffi Quill and Scroll: House of Repre- sentatives Alternate. O'BRIEN, HELEN CATHERINE "Helen" College Preparatory 3IZO Porkwood Avenue Y-Teens: Advanced Dramatics. Hempstead, Hempstead, N. Yr. '45: Lassen Junior, Susanville, Cali- fornia, '47. O'CONNOR, ANN HAM.. College Preparatory 3105 West Franklin Street Secretary of Home Room: Jeffer- sonian Lieutenant: Y-Teens. OLIVER, CAROL ELIZABETH "Carol" College Preparatory l307 Nottoway Avenue Monticello Business Staff: House of Representatives Alternate: Charac- ter Building Committee: Y-Teens: Bulletin Board Committee: Cafe- teria Committee: Junior Class Night. OLMSTEAD, LOUISE EARLINE "Louise" Commercial 3409 Maplewood Avenue Library Committee: Library Staff. Glen Allen, '44-'45. OSBOURNE, LULA MAY ..Lou.. General 3l53 Floyd Avenue Sophomore Basketball: Library Committee: Library Staff: Girls' Glee Club, President: Office Aid: Junior Class Night. OVINGTON, JOAN DUNCAN "Joan" College Preparatory l7l9 Hanover Avenue House of Representatives: Library Staff: Latin Club: Glee Club. OWEN, RICHARD LEWIS "Dick" General 4l I5 Crestwood Road OWEN, WALTER LINWOOD, JR. "Zeke" General 2-A North Rowland Street Cadet Corps, 2nd Lieutenant of F Company. PAGE, EDWARD JERROLD "Jerry" General 623 Lancaster Road Senior Council: House of Repre- sentatives' Hi-Y I: Football: Bas- ketball: Sophomore Paper Drive: Cadet Band: Cafeteria Committee: UsherCommittee. PAIR, GLENOLA BELLE "Glen" General 3lZ North Rowland Street House of Representatives: Room President: Character ing Committee, PARKER, BEVERLY ANNE "Beverly" General IO3 Maple Lane Cafeteria Committee: Nurse's Aid Committee: Reception Desk mittee: Coaching Chairman: Room Vice-President, Home Build- Com- Home PARKER, CAROLYN "Carolyn" General I524 Grove Avenue Red Cross Representative: PARKS, MARY FRANCES HMMY.. General 5604 Cary Street Road Red Cross Representative: Red Cross Council: Guidance Aid Com- mittee: Nurse's Aid Committee. PARRISH, AUDREY MAE "Audrey" General IBZ7 Pope Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Monticello Business Staff: Red Cross: Office Aid: Guidance Aid: Declaration Typist: Jeff Clef Club: Y-Teens: Script Writer for Senior Class Day. PAYNE, HAROLD JACKSON "Misery" General I704 Carter Street House of Representatives Alter- nate: Library Committee: Cafe- teria Committee: House ot Repre- sentatives: Forum: Science Club: Traffic Committee. Reedville, '46-'47, PAYNE, VIRGINIA COLE "Ginny" College Preparatory 2904 Seminary Avenue House of Representatives: Nurse's Aid Committee: Home Room Presi- dent. PEARCE, BETTY AMELIA "Betty" College Preparatory 4506 Reyton Street Nurse's Aid Committee: Character Building Committee: Mathematics Club: Commercial Club: Coach- Glass, Lynchburg, Va., '45- '46. Y-Teens. PEMBERTON, DONALD LEE "Donald" College Preparatory 3443 West Cary Street House of Representatives. PENDLETON, DOROTHY MAIE ..Dc'.. General 3 North Granby Street Library Staff: Monticello Staff: Home Room Vice-President: Home Room Treasurer: Editor of Monti- cello: Declaration Staff: Quill and Scroll: Board of Coordination: Y- Teens. PERKINS, PAULINE ELIZABETH "Pauline" General 526 Pepper Avenue PERKINS, ROBERT VIRGINIUS, JR. uhh.. College Preparatory IOO Westmoreland Avenue Jeftersonion Lieutenant: Jefferson- ian Captain: Jeffersonian Assistant: Circulation Manager: Jeffersonion Circulation Manager: lst Lieuten- ant, Cadet Corps, F Company, PERRY, BETTY GRAY "Betty" General 3402 Fendall Avenue Cafeteria Committee: Library Committee: Junior Council. PERRY, DAVID SAMUEL, JR. nsamt. General 208 Wood Road Usher Co m m i t t e e: Audio-Visual Assistant. the monticello fort -ei ht PETERSIEI., ALLEN MARTIN "Pete" College Preparatory 501 Roseneath Road Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Jefterson- ian'Co tain, House of Representa- tives, Sbpeech Club, Junior Class Night, Coaching. PETERSIEL, RHODA "Rhoda" Commercial 501 Roseneath Road INEZ Library Committee, Library Staff, Spanish Club. PETRI, DONALD LEO "Donald" General 2338 West Grace Street Usher Committee. PETTIGREW, THOMAS FRASER ...romn College Preparatory 3325 West Franklin Street Sophomore Council, Junior Class Council,Jefiersonian SportsWrtter, Radio Staff, House of Representa- tives, Supply Sergeant, B Com- pany. PETTIT, AUDREY LEIGH "Audrey" General 1700 South Meadow Street House of Representatives Alter- nate, Y-Teens, Guidance Aid, Counselor's Aid, Library Staff, Character Building Committee. New Albany, Indiana, '45. PHILLIPS, HOWARD COTTRELL "Howard" College Preparatory 1206 Confederate Avenue Home Room President, Track .Let- terman, Junior Football, Chemistry Laboratory Assistant. PITTS, EVELYN SHERRY "Evelyn" General 3334 Parkwoad Avenue Daily Report Committee. PLEDGE, BETTY ANN "Betty Ann" General 4511 East Seminary Avenue Counselor's Aid, House of Repre- sentatives. POWELL, LOUISE PAULA .tl-ou.. Commercial. 3207 West Franklin Street Jeflersonian Lieutenant. PRQCZOR, ROBERT GEORGE Colleage Preparatory 3003 Hanover Avenue Oakridge, '44-'47. PRUEIT, CONSTANCE FRANCES "Connie" General 4704 Sylvan Road Reception Desk. PUCKETT, ROSCOE ELLERSON "Roscoe" College Preparatory 207 Matoaka Avenue Jeffersonian Reporter and Photog- rapher, Audio-Visual Committee. PULLIAM, THOMAS HUDSON "Tommy" General 16 South Dooley Avenue PUSEY, CHARLES GERALD "Jerry" College Preparatory 4021 Monticello Street Sophomore Co u n c il, House of Representatives. th ma RAMSEY, KENNETH HERMAN "Kenneth" College Preparatorg 4307 West Franklin treet Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Sophomore Football, Junior Football, Sopho- more Baseball, Varsity Football. RANDOLPH, BEVERLEY MINGE nan.. College Preparatory 2200 West Grace Street House ol Representatives, Bulletin Board Committee, Junior Cheer Leader. RANEY, BERNICE GLENN "Bernie" General Z2 South Stafford Avenue Glee Club. RECTOR, NANCY ELLEN "Nancy" College Preparatory 1615 Wilmington Avenue House of Representatives, Council, Home Room President, Honor Study Chairman, Declara- tion, Jeffersonian Advertising Staff, Jeffersonian Advertising Manager, Monticello Business Staff, Messen- ger Committege' Bulletin Board Committee, Cafeteria Committee. REELITZ, CAROLYN RAWSON "Carolyn" General 4019 Chevy Chase "Rec" Hall Committee, Bulletin Board Committee, Library Com- mittee, Girls' Glee Club. RENNlE, JAMES GORDON, JR. "Jimmie" General 1202 Confederate Avenue Cafeteria Co mmittee, Cafeteria Captain, Bulletin Board Commit- tee, House of Representatives, Captain of Band. RENNIE, NANNIE GORDON "Nonnie Gee" College Preparatory 3600 Moss Side Avenue Honor Society, "Rec" Hall Com- mittee, House of Representatives, Sophomore Senator, President at Student Participation, Vice-Presb dent of Girls' Glee Club, Chatr- man of "Rec" Hall, President ol Home Room, Chairman ol Bulle- tin Board, Junior Senator, ,Chatr- man of Nurse's Aid and Guidance Aid, Junior Stunt Night, Senior Class Play, Y-Teens. RIDDELL, GEORGE AUGUST "Augie" General 3101 Ellwood Avenue Vice-President of Home Room,Glee Club. RIDE, JOYCE ANN "Joyce" General 3 South Mulberry Street Junior Red Cross,Representative. RIDENOUR, JEAN GRAHAM "Jean" College Preparatory 350bV1 Park Avenue Home Room President, Library Committee, Cafeteria Committee, House of Representatives, Charac- ter Building Committee, Reserve Hockey and Basketball Teams, Junior Council, Junior Class Night, Varsity Hockey and Basketball Teams, Vice-President of Senior Class, House of Representatives Alternate, Co-Captain of Hockey Team, Y-Teens, Monticello Liter- ary Staff, Honor Society, Senior Class Play. Council, Senior 0 s jefferson RIDENOUR, JOYCE MAE "Stinky" Commercial 3227 French Street Red Cross Representative, House ol Representatives Alternate, Vice- President of Commercial Club. ROACH, CONSTANCE ISABEL "Connie" College Preparatory 4019 Clinton Avenue Guidance Aid, Jeffersonian Liter- ary Staff, Monticello Literary Staff, House of Representatives Secre- tary. ROCHE, REBECCA JANE "Becky" College Preparatory 5400 Toddsbury Road House of Representatives, Aid, Cheer Leader. ROGERS, JOYCE "Joyce" General 2914 Moss Side Avenue Red Cross, Reception mittee. ROSE, JAMES DAVID nooct. College Preparatory 2907 West Marshall Street Varsity Football, Varsity Track, "Rec" Hall Committee, B Basket- ball, Varsity Baseball. ROSENBAUM, ROBERT SOL "Bob" Office Desk Com- General 503 North Addison Street, Apt, 4 Sophomore Basketball, Sophomore Baseball, Varsity Baseball. ROULAND, HENRY GEORGE "Enrique ' College Preparatory 109 North Foushee Street RUDMAN, MAXINE WALDA "Moc" General 3217 Douglasdale Road Girls' Glee Club, Post-War Activi- ties Committee, Monticello Literary Staff, Cub Reporter on Jefferson- ian. RUTHERFORD, LOTTIE MAE ..Ann.. General 6532 Kensington Avenue SACHS, CAROLE "Sackie" Commercial 2501 West Main Street Library Committee, WarActivities, Red Cross, Softball, Messenger Committee, Library Committee, Basketball, Senate Typist, Library Typist, Library Staff ll'lonorJ, House Member, Senior Council, Commercial Club, President, Sott- ball, Captaing Monticello, Typist, Point System Work. SANFORD, ISABEL GRESHAM .. sw.. College Preparatory 4301 Augusta Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant, House of Representatives Alternate, Secre- tary of Home Room, Junior Coun- cil, Senior Council, Monticello Lit- erary Staff, Y-Teens, Cafeteria Committee, Captain. SAUNDERS, VIRGINIA BAGBY "Gergie" College Preparatory 3100 Edgewood Avenue Sophomore Council, Junior Coun- cil, Vice-President Senior Clossi Y-Teens, President, "B" Company Sponsor, Cafeteria Committee, Assistant Senate Chairman, Monti- cello Business Staff, Bulletin Board Committee. high school Em SCHERER, ANNE ELIZABETH HAM... College Preparatory R.F.D. 7, Box 296 Cafeteria Committee, Guidance Aid Committee. SCHODT, JOAN CATHERINE "Joan" General 3507ld1ewood Avenue SCHOENBAUM, MORTON "Morton" Business 2815 West Grace Street T. J. Cadet Corps, Treasurer of Home Room. SCQREMP, WILLIAM HOWARD .. i Y.. College Preparatory 2940 Northumberland Avenue "Rec" Hall Committee, House of Representatives. SCHULZE, ELIZABETH C. "Belly" General 3205 Monument Avenue Messenger Committee, Y-Teens, Glee Club, Reception Desk Com- mittee. SCOTT, NORMAN "Skinny" General 2404 Semmes Avenue Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Hi-Y I, Traffic Committee, Junior Stunt Night. Forest Park High School, '44. SERWITZ, NORMAN "Norman" College Preparatory 201 Commonwealth Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant, Cafeteria Committee, Eraser Committee, Usher Committee. SHAFER, DAVID PRUDEN, JR. "David" College Preparatory R.F.D. 3, Kings Road Glen Allen, Va, "Rec" Hall Committee. SHliL1UIRNE, ROBERT TILTON Collgge Preparatory 1911 Seddon Road Sophomore Basketball, Junior Foot- ball, Hi-Y Chapter ll, Cheer Leader. SHERMAN, BETTY ANN "Betty" College Preparatory , 1801 Oakdale Road Varsity Hockey, Varsity Softball, Basketball, Track, Glee Club, Mes- senger Committee, "Rec" Hall Committee, House of Representa- tives Alternate, Jeffersonian Liter- ary Stoff, Jeffersonian Lieutenant. SHIRES, ROBERT GLENN nsob.. General 2000 Walker Street Junior Football, Hi-Y, "Rec" Committee. SHIREY, MARILYN LOUISE "MariIyn" College Preparatory 1732 Wilmington Avenue House of Representatives, President of Home Room, Coaching Com- mittee, Messenger Committee, Junior Council, Counselor's Aid Committee, Junior Classk Night, Treasurer of Student Participation, Member of B.O.C., "Rec" Hall Committee, Chairman, S.C,A.Con- vention, Orchestra, Honor Society. Hall SHORTT, IRMA DOLORES "DoIores" College Preparatory 1607ClaremontAvenue House of Representatives: War Activities Committee: Nurse's Aid Committee: Cafeteria Committee: "Rec" Hall Committee: Testing Committee: Lab. Assistant: Presi- dent of Home Room. SHULTZ, ROBERT HENRY, JR. "Robbie" College Preparatory 1300 Grove Avenue "Rec" Hall Committee: Monticello Business Staff: Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant. SHUTT, LOIS ANN HAM.. General 3341 Jeter Avenue Red Cross Committee: Cafeteria Committee. SILVERSTEIN, ROSALINE "Rosalie" College Preparatory 203 Tuckahoe Boulevard Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Jefferson- ion Reporter: Character Commit- tee: Sophomore Council: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Vice- President of Home Room: Honor Society. SKINNER: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN "Franklin" Colleqe Preparatory 2500 Stuart Avenue Traffic Committee: Vice-President of Home Room: Captain of F Company. SLATER, IDA MAE "Ida Mae" College Preparatory 5123 Boscobel Avenue Cafeteria Committee: Red Cross Representative: Coaching: Nurse's Aid Committee: Counselor's Aid Committee: Testing: Alternate to House of Representatives. SLEDD, NETTIE GRACE "Nettie" College Preparatory Route 1, Box 250 Sophomore Council: Junior Coun- cil: Alternate to Senior Council: Cafeteria Committee: Reception Desk Committee: Jeffersonian Staff: Declaration Staff: Secretary of Home Room: Vice-President of Home Room: Secretary of Honor Society. SMILEY, LAWRENCE "Smiley" College Preparatory 2'-713 West Cary Street Football: Basketball: Hi-Y Chap- ter ll. SMITH, BETTY LEE "Belly" General 1012 North Belmont Avenue Jeffersonian Columnist: "Rec" Hall Committee: Guidance Aid Com- mittee: Junior Class Night. SM gdlzll, EDWIN FARWELL General 2620 West Grace Street SMITH, ERNEST HERBERT "Ernie" College Preparatory 2422 Stuart Avenue Track: Cafeteria Committee: Quill and Scroll. New Brunswick High School, New Jersey, '45-'46. SMITH, FARQUHAR ALAN "Alan" General 3008 Noble Avenue "Rec" Hall Committee: Character Building Committee: Secretary of Home Room: Messenger Commit- tee. 22011 SMITH, JEAN FAY "Jean" General 1006 Nelson Street SMITH, JEAN GORDON "Jean" General 1511 Wilmington Avenue Cafeteria Committee: SMITH, JEAN PAYNE "Jean" General 315 North Boulevard Reception Desk Committee: Nurse's Aid Committee: Absentee Sheet Committee: Alternate to House of Representatives. SMITH, PINKNEY CRAIG "Craig" General 204 South Mulberry Street Alternate to House of Representa- tives: Member of House ot Repre- sentatives: Cadet Corps. SMITH, ROBERT HILL "Pete" General 505 South Davis Avenue SMIIIHER, EDWARD NICHOLS ic ' College Preparatory 1608 Wilmington Avenue Junior Football: Sophomore Bas- ketball: Sophomore Paper Drive. SMORTO, ELENA JOAN "Elena" Colleqe Preparatory 2131 Floyd Avenue Cafeteria Committee: Nurse's Aid Committee: Messenger Committee: Softball. SNEAD, BARBARA ANNE "Barbara" General 1611 West Grace Street Sophomore Council: Junior Coun- cil: Guidance Aid Committee: Re- tail Club: Treasurer of Home Room: Character Building Com- mittee. SNEAD, MARTHA ANNE "Martha" College Preparatory 2338 Monument Avenue A Cafeteria Committee, Captain: Red Cross Representative: Charac- ter Building Committee: Chemis- try Laboratory Committee: Senior Council Member. St. Catherines SOGHOIAN, ROSE MARY "Donuts" College Preparatory 3211 Hanover Avenue Cafeteria Committee: Latin Club: Reserve Basketball: Office Aid: Junior Class Night: Junior Class Script: Character Committee: S.C,A. Dance. SPEAGHT, ALICE WEBSTER .. I.. General 3231 Kensington Avenue Secretary of Home Room: Cafe- teria Committee: Library Commit- tee: Office Aid Committee: Recep- tion Desk Committee: Junior Class: Script Writer for Junior Class Night: Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Cafeteria Committee, Captain: Treasurer of Y-Teens: Y-Teen Rep- resentative ot Youth Council. SPRJUILL, JOSEPH ELNA, JR. .. oe.. College Preparatory 5504 Toddsbury Road Vice-President of Home Room. Oceana '46-'47. STAIRS, SHIRLEY MARIE "Shirley" General 504 Somerset Avenue Monticello Literary Staff: Secretary Senior Class: Member of House of Representatives. STANCIL, SHIRLEY YVONNE "Cheryl" General 2616 West Grace Street Glen Allen '45. STANTON, EDNA JEAN "Teddy" General 5123 Boscobel Avenue Alternate to House of Representa- tives: Alternate to Senior Council: Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room. Central, Scranton: Penn., '44-'47. ST. CLAIR, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH "Ginny" General 105 South Rowland Street STEVENS, RICHARD WALLACE "Dick" General 3804 Stuart Avenue CadetCorps: House of Representa- tives. Haverford, Haverton, Penn, '4b. STEWART, CHARLES LEWIS "Charles" General 3207 ldlewood Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant: "Rec" Hall Committee. STONE, ANN CLOPTON HAM.. College Preparatory 4104 West Franklin Street Secretary and Treasurer of Home Room: Red Cross Representative: Absentee Sheet Committee: Daily Reports Committee: Club Affilia- tions Committee: Alternate tg House of Representatives: Testing Committee: Jeffersonian Lieuten- ant: Counselor's Aid Committee: Treasurer of Jeff Clef Club: Y- Tkeens: Cafeteria Committee: Mon- ticello Literary Staff: French Club. SUBLEY, ALICE "Sub" College Preparatory 37 Willway Road Managing Editor of Jeffersonian: Jeffersonian Captain: Script Writer Junior Class Night: Guidance Aid Committee: Cafeteria Committee: Club Affiliations Committee. SULLENDER, ELLEN VIRGINIA "Ellen" General 7713 Hollins Road Red Cross Representative: Jeffer- sonian Lieutenant: Office Aid Committee. SYLVIA, DELMER ROSS "Dell" General 3201 French Street Baseball: Basketball: Tennis: Speech. TAGGART, WILMA EILEEN "WiIma" General 1621 Pope Avenue .Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Jefferson- ian Captain: Ushering for Sopho- more Class: Testing Committee: Assistant Circulation Manager of Jeffersonian: Junior Stunt Night. TANKERSLEY, BEVERLEY MAY "Beverley" General 3404 Enslow Avenue Cafeteria Committee: President of Home Room: Cafeteria Committee, Captain: Counselor's Aid Commit- tee: Guidance Aid Committee: Treasurer of Home Room: Coach- ing Committee: Jeffersonian Lieu- 'eI'ICI'Il'. TATE, BARBARA ELIZABETH "Bobbie" General 5600 Grove Avenue TAYLOR. BETTY CAROLYN nsenv... General l!s08 Grove Avenue, Apt. Z Vice-President of Latin Club: Y- Teensk: Secretory of Forum Club: Monticello Business Staff: "Rec" Hall Committee: Junior Class Night: Honor Study Chairman: House of Representatives: Quill and Scroll. Upper Darby, Philadelphia, '45-'46. TERRELL, BETTIE JANE "Turf" College Preparatory 29158 Monument Avenue Daily Reports Committee: Absen- tee Sheet Committee: "Rec" Hall Committee. THOMAS. ANNE PRESTON "Anne" College Preparatory 3005 Monument Avenue Bulletin Board Committee: Cafe. terra Committee: Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant: President of Latin Club: Spanish Club: Secretary of Y-Teens: Forum Club: House of Representa- tives: Club Affiliations: Junior Clalss Night: Advanced Dromatics: Office Aid Committee: Alternate to Character Building Committee. TIGNOR, FORREST DERIEUX "Derry" College Preparatory 3315 Chatham Road Character Building Committee: Cafeteria Committee: Junior Class Council: Junior and Head Cheer Leader: Lab. Assistant: Monticello Business Staff: Quill and Scroll: Cadet Corps Captain: Book Club: Honor Society. TIGNOR, MARY BYRD "Mary Byrd" General 2704 Grayland Avenue Red Cross Representative: Jeff Clef Club: Office Aid Committee: Re- CQDtion Desk Committee: Nurse's Aid Committee: Y-Teens: Alternate to House of Representatives: Board of Coordination: Vice-President of Y-Teens: Secretory of Home Room: Cafeteria Committee: Secretary of Speech Class: Assistant in Art Lab. TINDER, ROBERT JAMES "Bobby" General 300lg Noble Avenue Junior Class Council: Sophomore Football: Sophomore Basketball: Sophomore Paper Drive. TINGLE, LUCYLE CARLTON "Lucyle" College Preparatory 1625 Westbrook Avenue Jeffersontan Lieutenant: Jefferson- ian Captain: Assistant Exchange Editor: Exchange Editor. TOMPKINS, JOHN RICHARD "Jack" General 308 South Colonial Avenue Football: Hi-Y: President of Home Room. TRATTNER, JOHN HARRY "John" College Preparatory 1210 Confederate Avenue Forum Club: House of Representa- tives: Member of Senate: Editor-in- Chief of Declaration: Monticello Business Staff: Junior Class Night: Secretary of Forum: Senior-Junior Figure. TREXLER, NANCY LORRENE "TrexIer" General 1811 Fourth Avenue TREXLER, WALTER WARREN "Walter" General 1811 Fourth Avenue Glee Club. the monticello fort -eight TROMBOLD, MARY LEE "Mary Lee" Commercial Route 8, Box 484-A Guidance Aid Committee: Sopho- more Council: Secretary of Home Room: Biology Secretary. TUCK, BETTY LOU "Belly" General 2303 Rose Avenue Red Cross Representative: Junior Class Council: Nurse's Aid Com- mittee. TUCKER, ROBERT SPENCER nach-- College Preparatory 4235 Brook Road Sergeant in C Company: Cafe- teria Cammittee, Captain: Traffic Committee: Senior Class Council. TUTTLE, JOHN LUCAS "Johnnie" General 113 College Avenue, Ashland, Va. Cafeteria Committee: Traffic Com- mittee: Co-Manager of Football: Audio-Visual Co m mittee: Forum Club. Ashland High School '44. TYSON, BAILEY FLOYD "Floyd" General 3115 Grove Avenue Granby High '44-'46. VALLEY, FRANCES SUE "Frances" General 204 South Addison Street Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Guidance Aid Committee: Daily Reports Committee: Correct Intelligence Tests. VASS, DOROTHY EDNA "Dorothy" General 11? South Stafford Avenue VAUGHN, RUTH JEANNINE "Jean" General 2203 West Cary Street VINT, SANFORD BEAZLEY "Sanford" General 4305 West Franklin Street WALDROP, DOLORES LLOYD "Dolores" Commercial 3126 Grayland Avenue Secretary of Home Room. WALKER, LELIA CARROLL "CarroIl" College Preparatory 308 Somerset Avenue "Rec" Hall Committee: Junior Class Council: House of Represen- tatives: Senior Class Council. WALKER, MARY ANN "Mary Ann" College Preparatory 308 Somerset Avenue Sophomore Class Council: Alter- nate to House of Representatives: Bulletin Board Committee: Hockey, WALKER, NANCY HAMILTON "Nancy" General 1000 Libbie Avenue Reception Desk Committee: House of Representatives: Office Aid Committee: Absentee Sheet Com- mittee: Library Staff: Y-Teens. WALTON, SUSAN ANN nsue.. College Preparatory 3204 Garland Avenue Red Cross Representative: House of Representatives: Reception Desk Committee: Monticello Literary Staff: Guidance Aid Committee. WARREN, MARY PAGE wage.- General 800 West Grace Street WATKINS, JAMES GARLAND "Garland" General Midlothian, Virginia Midlothian High '45-'46. WAITKINS, TSCHARNER DeG. .. ID..- College Preparatory Midlothian, Virginia Midlothian High '44-'46. WEATHERFORD, HUGH G. "Gregory" General 112 South Belmont Avenue Tennis: Red Cross Representative. WEINBERG, FRED MELVIN "Fred" General 3547 Grove Avenue WEISIGER, MARJORIE LEE "Margie" General 3101 Floyd Avenue WEISS, ARMAND BERL "Armand" College Preparatory 2912 Floyd Avenue Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Jefferson- ian Captain: "Rec" Hall Commit- tee: Science Club: Track Team: Sports Writer for Jeffersonian: Usher Committee: Monticello Busi- ness Staff. WELLS, DREXEL DEWEY "Drexel" General 3910 West Franklin Street Sophomore Basketball: Sophomore Baseball. WELLS, VIVIAN KATHERINE "Kitty" General 2409 Kenmore Road Red Cross Representative: Presi- dent of Home Room: Office Aid Committee: Girls' Glee Club. WEST, ALMA JOANNE "Joanne" General 3600 Noble Avenue Guidance Aid: Cafeteria Commit- tee: Bulletin Board Committee. WESTBROOK, JOHN IRVING, JR. "Westbrook" College Preparatory 4412 Forest Hill Avenue Post-War Activities. WHATE, ALBERT WILLIAM, JR. .. I.. General 4204 Hanover Avenue Varsity Football: Vice-President of Home Room. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, '43- '44: Upper Darby High, Penn., '44-'45. WHITEHORNE, HENRY GRADY "away" Commercial 2317 Stuart Avenue Basketball: Track: Character Build- ing Committee. WIGGINS, MARION ELIZABETH "Marion" College Preparatory 1510 Greycourt Avenue President of Home Room: Alter- nate to Junior Council: Office Aid Committee: Cheer Leader:Y-Teens. WIIEZARGER, EDWARD S., JR. General Glenbroake Hills President of Home Room: Sopho- more Council: Biology Lab Assist- ant: Monticello Business Staff: Usher Committee: President of Home Room: Cadet Corps? Sopho- more Paper Drive: Scroll: Honor Society. WILEY, RUTH LEATH "Ruthie" General B03 Edgehill Road President of Home Room: Program Chairman of Home Room: House of Representatives: Daily Reports Committee: Hockey. John Marshall '45-'46. WILKINSON, BETTY GWYN "Betty" General 2002 Evelyn Byrd Road Secretary of Home Room: Red Cross Representative: Bulletin Board Committee. WILLCOXON, JOHN WEIR "Jack" College Preparatory 4013 Clinton Avenue Jeffersonian Literary Staff: Decla- ration Literary Staff: "Rec" Hall Committee: House of Representa- tives: Forum Club: Science Club: Latin Club: Junior Class Night: Quill and Scroll. WILLETT, HENRY IRVING, JR. "Henry" College Preparatory 2609 Park Avenue, ADI. I "B" Basketball: Senior Class Coun- cil: Business Manager of Declara- tion: Cafeteria Committee: Special Senators. Churchland High School '44-'46. WILLIAMS, EUNICE CORRIENNE "Butch" General 2822 Woodcliff Avenue WILLIAMS, JOHN RAY ..Ray.. College Preparatory 1912 Elsmere Avenue Traffic Committee: Usher Commit- tee: Eraser Committee. WILLIAMS, ROSALIE JEAN "Jean" , General 4814 Grove Avenue Member of House of Representa- tives: Creative Writing Class. John Marshall '45-'46. WILLIAMS, TONY PASCHAL MPM.. Quill and General 1811 Elmsmere Avenue Cafeteria Committee: Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Jeffersonian Captain: Jeffersonian Staff. WILLIAMSON, JEAN FORREST "Wee Willie" Commercial 28l0 Kensington Avenue Library Committee: Library Staff: Junior Class Services: Secretary to Commandant. WILLIS, MARION JANE "Jane" College Preparatory Cafeteria Committee: Character Building Committee: Monticello Literary Staff: Sophomore Editor: Sophomore Basketball: Member of Senate: Honor Society. WILSON, JEAN CLAIRE "Jeannie" General 2920 Montrose Avenue Y-Teens: Red Cross Representative: Secretary oI Home Room: Spanish Club. George Washington '44-'45, WILTON, SOMERS MARION "Cocky" General 2001 Powhatan Street Bond. WIMBISH, BILL LEE "Bill" General 808 Lancaster Road "B" Basketball. WITTSELL, JAMES W., JR. ..-Mm.. General 4626 Leonard Parkway WOMACK, PATSY THEA "Patsy" College Preparatory 5926 Kensington Avenue Cafeteria Committee: Red Cross Representative: Character Building Committee: Honor Study. WOLFE, ANN PAGE HAM.. College Preparatory 6515 Three Chopt Road President of Home Room: Lab, As- sistant: Y-Teens: Alternate to the House of Representatives. WPLLFIENDEN, ELISABETH S. Il General 35 East Lock Lane Office Aid Committee: Cafeteria Committee: Absentee Sheet Com- mittee: Member of House of Rep- resentatives. Blackstone '44-'46. WOOD, MASON DAVIS "Mason" General Retreat Farm, Tunstall, Virginia Battlefield Park '45-'46: Washing- ton-Henry '46-'47, WOODSON, IRENE VELMA "Rene" Commercial 2200 Floyd Avenue Library Staff. WOJOIDWARD, JOSEPHINE G. 0 College Preparatory I2 North Cherry Street Senior Council: Y-Teens: French Club. Andrew Lewis, Salem, Va., '43: Raleigh, N. C., '44-'45. WORD, MARY BEULAH "Mary Beulah" College Preparatory 3817 Brook Road Secretary of Home Room: Cafe- teria Committee: Jeffersonian Lieu- tenant: Jeffersonian Captain: As- sistant Circulation Manager of Jef- Iersonian: Vice-President of Home Room: House of Representatives: Quill and Scroll: Honor Society. WRIGHT, BARBARA ANN "Bobbie" College Preparatory 3615 Noble Avenue Member of House of Representa- tives: Sophomore Class Council: Senior Class Council: Monticello Literary Staff: Y-Teens: National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll. WYATT, SUZANNE asus.. General 3426 Hanover Avenue WYGAL, FRED ORR "Fred" General i 706 Seneca Road Jeffersonian Lieutenant: Red Cross Representative: Orchestra: Junior Class Night: Glee Club: Sopho- more Class Council. thomas jefferson high schoolml H U 0 Y H a hwy ii e Aan! On. I es 5 0 0 0 The Sfoff of The Monticello wishes To express its oppreciczfion - 1+ 0 To those whose oicl hos been involuoble. 0 U 5---A-----::::-:::: --::::::::-::--:::: O O FZQZZZO Z0 ZKKZZO C C g.Q.F??C PC 3a'a'Jfa'C Z 70 PE Lnz .cnwwwx oocnI' lr' gil-'mr O D, 3312:-'U EE ogToi"SDe O Q O-O-Q-r' I 3 -I 3QQ-U Z 4 szfffwo we H920-if -1 Q -'fD"?g" KYB S'fD'n9'G'17' 70 355' O 3' 393'-om is 3 QMBLSSQ Q35 Q2-55a'Z,2 C FT1 65384173 9.573 o N40 -4 70 UCD :V O U' oo. 'U , 2 mog- 77 9.-2 I 37. Kfcjcn' ff' 0 fn 1 Jael T 472 9+ U55"l'1Q o 212fD0 ' 3 5-KU'-Q-3 - U7 Q-O..,U 3' 54440 CD 1--gg' 3 'O 'fgcnf-28 Q 3,1101 CD U5 3 cn 'O 1 o Z 7 II U QQa::QQo::::: - :::::Qo::oooo::o::::-:::::::::oooo::oo9Q: mjthc monticello forty-eight FAREWELL! . - e And as we go forth to make our delSut on the stage of the worldi we are certain that our. training and ltnowl- edge gained at Thomas Jefferson will lead us to great things in life as we shall continue to uphold 'the ideals of our school pledge: We pledge allegiance to Thomas Jefferson High School and tothe ideals lor which it stands: honesty, courtesy, sell-control, cooperation. and obedience to authority with kindness and iustice to all. .six 41.092 7244! - Qj,,'f?gKif"9 K if P r P I

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