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-Gif., 'ks'-52 zfzef'-sz 1- 5959+ Sf 1' ' ::?1a: 5' i""73 . . -L1 . .,.,.. , ,.' - .,...- ,hi - iw ...W -:f EfEaf?wi55'f?.+ ,',, -,, 5 ' 5' -, , ' ' " .-1 .I .',-fn.-:,zz.f"n wiffiwvf A " 15::f.'.fT"' .' -ffr'r,-:zu Fi- 'Q ' ff. ' " ' .JN ,. .1 1 5 1 1 x , Q Q15 .5545 F' :iff 27, , N, xiii S5722 . Q2 ,wg . 'U'- hrmpff- .fwf- - -SFJHE 5.155222 , '.: .-" ':'g5e:'r lx,- "IE . ki . .19 , Eli A .h -r. V. 'Q Q kit- f - .. . ,Q ' az., . , , fum-. - 4..' X f... , A .f f w V y ,,. . .f . 1 1 1. .,4. .-gf Q' - .nut ,',,,. T ff . X -'ki' . ...-,- 55. . . -,, H., ff-,X :A -.-. .I .- . F P, , W -' 1 ,1.,:',-gd.,-,-'za , , , . 15-,: ' 'JL " 4. f V Ag - T, 1 . - . vyff '-1 . L. . , - n J f-1-ff-F f,.w,,-.-:n.:' - -fe - f' V , T fl 'P' -55 ir up . 7: V' ,mr Q- A 'i 3-3 , . I. 4 Q fm ,tx 5. N 1 4 I I 4' M' i 1. I - ... Q J- f"""L A I 'fd N ,. -mx ' rw '45 5 ns i PST 2 , QU. A H5 Gi , ,, 2- H -- A X, V .1-,Q-158 ' -aw -....'W.-yw 3 - 91.3 , 'fl . I ' . ,g -,W 1 X .,.,,f if m 3: -r' ,NW ., i M .V ,H I Q - x. A, ,A r 7. ,11-I !21a 52:1 V. K - 'I F1 'Aff f' sy? 'i 7,6414 ,. . mug! f-dw' - F ""?- wg' -..A , 'S Q fffis su 'f"ffA i fy 555, gffrl, ,4 .14 . In T. v 1111" 'yy-um-1 ' . , ff' i A-5452. T - 113431 QA . Q ,, , , f , 'A ff? f f X 1 5 1w 'Qi 2 Presenfedxby K fhe Senior Clqss Af -A ' 'fiiwff Qf f A Mi .vim ex , 5 ,.Ey,'G! hx! K A K 4,6 , X A D SCHOOLM K, 152, i,, M i ' 2' S g'A-f A 1 ' Cbuncil Bluffs, Iowa Q , if fl . 1958 M ' I 3' X s x . . X., . . A 1 w,X4N '1QjfJ 'S w ,. W MS A .Q M mmwmm ' 2 Many Times he has been seen working as late as midnight on a school ro' t H p lec . e has put tireless hours of work in tor the sole benefit of th e Student Body at Thomas Jefferson. So with gratitude and deep appre- ciation we, the 1958 Monticello Staff, dedicate this Annual to our Spon- sor, Mr. R. H. Fanders. 3 TATBBLTE UF QUNTTENTS HOMBURGS PARTY R O T C HELMETS BONNETS GRADUATE 4 W ,JL ' ,Q 0 'wnwx '- , 4 . , V M "' jig 'VER Q :JV 532 ' J'i?r'?f' ' 1 A 'R 'lg Ig il I-'-. .fn 'f lr ,ml Q r. fx "WL .IV-MTN 'dfkx " f if +P' J T' N- .I ' 7 13-ggi '.i.l ' ' 4'-V 1' 1 'ff 1 f D' lg.'. J '1 Qlisl, 1 4 .15-if 5. 4 N' 1 lf! , 1' . H , K 1 1, K l i - X' -, 'oil . .-1 . 4. . . 1,"'.f',LfM f-nun H: ai-W' 1? 5. 1 v "'?'.' "g, wxgfffd: .,, , Q 3:4 if 'SA Nr' an SUMETHHNG 6 Did ya' hear The latest!! ULD Quie'f?? 7 SUNUIEZ F T H H N QQ ,n., lb, ,Q .-', 'Q 5555.-W L, WhaT's new for lunch? 9 Ouch!! f 4 U. ' V5 ,, , x 'O ' ' SYODMETHHNG F A f How's my credit? I0 There's the book I borrowed BURRQCDWWIEHDD Can I borrow your girl? Two seventh periods for bemg Tardy? Blew!! After hours SUMETHHNQQ BLUE Humumluum I3 954 xxx Y if A HOA RD OF EDUCATHO FRANCIS PUTMAN-has been a wholesale distributor fo r petroleum products since 1940. He is a senior member of the board serving his eighth year. DR. FREDRICK MARSH SR.- formerly taught in college. He is now an M.D. in Council 1 f 50 as I x F x -L f 5 , 1: . . XX I FEE CHEW-is representing Northwestern National Life ln- surance Company. He was formerly an instructor at A.L.H.S. LES ANDREWS-is Secretary to the Board of Education. He has been in the Council Bluffs school system for seven years. I4 Bluffs. JOHN JUNQUIST-has been working for Western Adiust- rnent and Inspection Company for the past 22 years. He is the second senior member serving his fifth Year. MRS. JOHN HANSEN-is a housewife and a bookkeeper for the Ouren Feed Company. She is active in P.T.A. work and is a primary superintend- ent of the First Christian Church. RICHARD STOUFER-has been ARNOLD CHRISTENSEN-has working for Kimball Brothers had his own engineering prac- Company for the past 22 years. tice in Council Bluffs for the past 15 years. K Born in Benton County, Indiana, attending Purdue and Colum- bia Universities and graduating with B.S. and M.A. degrees, and later attaining the highest position in the Council Bluffs school system, is none other than Mr. Russell J. Mourer, our greatly admired Superintendent. 1 I5 With the same fighting spirit as he had for Am ' d ' erica unng World War 2, Bernard U. Bolton leads the cheering section of Th ' omas Jefferson s grandstands. His main concern as Princ' l spa is the welfare and benefit of the Student Body at T. J. I6 JMX Wi' OFIFHCE STAFF The iob of keeping everything rolling smoothly goes to our of- fice staff. They keep attendance, permanent records, and account- ing, plus countless other tasks and favors for the students and faculty. Busy at work are: Mrs. Beck, Mrs. Springer, and Mrs. Bentlage. SOCIAL STUDHES As the pioneers built our nation, so do the teachers increase the knowledge of our government and our country. They are: Mr. Hawkes, Miss Welsch, Mrs. Strickland, Miss Wangberg, and seated is Mr. Paluka. f' IENCGILHSH Looking at the Saturda of Literature are: Miss Thornton y Review Mrs. Brisbe, Miss Reitan, Mrs. Northcott, and Mrs. Wilson. ENGILHSJHI The task of teach write, and comprehend the Eng Iish langue e ing Us to read Iish department. Seated at the table are: Miss Grubb, Miss Moel- ler, Miss Madden, and Miss Kes- sener. 1 g goes to our Eng- NlA'lllll"llll:iMl A'lllllCS Mathematics should be an im- portant part of everyone's educa- tion. After mastering simple problems, students may advance into algebra, geometry, and trig- onometry. These math wizards have lust solved a difficult prob- lem: Mr. Letts, Mr. Cooke, and Miss Hinkel. 9 fsrmkqw SCClIlEN4ClE Through Science we have ad- vanced from the stone age to the atomic age. From Newton's ex- periments with gravity to today's study of electrons, we have ad- vanced over the years. The teach- ers not only teach us science but make it very interesting. Looking at the Geiger counter are: Mr. Townsend, Mr, Jewett, Mr. Sklen- icka, Mr. Fields. VUCATHUNAL ARTS This group offers courses in shop, mechanical drawing, printing, iournalism, and drivers training. The teachers are: Mr. Ege, Mr. Cornel, Mr. Formanek, Mr. Harri- son, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Pauls. BUSHNESS ADMHNHSTRATHUN The Business Administration De- partment produces many stenog- raphers, typists, and bookkeep- ers. They are: Mr. Jones, Mrs. Wichman, Miss Schroeder, and Mr. Mortenson. llti'llNlEl AR'lli'S We all enioy art, debate, and music. Our fine arts teachers are excellent instructors in these fields. Shown in the Band room are: Mr. Brown, Mr. Fanders, Miss Smith, Mr. George, and Miss Dorman. ,553 A'll'lHIlL,lE'lli'lICS Win or lose our coaches teach our players the value of good sportsmanship. ln charge of foot- ball, track, baseball, basketball, and Girls' Education are: Mr. Capel, Mr. Jessen, Mr. Hansen, Mr. Laylantia, Mr. Jerome, and Mrs. Gunderson. t C X ln- ,M AC lR.U.T.C.. Among the many lessons taught to the R.O.T.C. students are lead- ership and responsibility. Inspect- ing the weapons are our fine R.O.T.C. instructors: Sergeant Burge, Captain Adams, and Mas- ter Sergeant Roberts. HI K D M llilllfll A K ll N U Teaching our future homemakers the fundamentals of cooking, sewing and home nursing are: Mrs. Schlegel, Mrs. Stageman, Mrs, Netherton, and insert is Mrs. Jardon. COUKS The hunger of our students was certainly satisfied by the wonder- ful food our cooks prepared this year. Their efficient work en- abled the lunch lines to move with a minimum of delay. They are: Mrs. LeMaster, Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Prasse, Mrs. Hampton, Mrs. Fredrich. NM A 6 ,f if lf . 1 W x , n X ul: i . IH: 'E ll' 2 M. ii fs uw.. CUSTUDHANS The work of the custodians has certainly paid dividends to the Tee Jay students. The efforts of these people have made our school a pleasant place. They are, left to right: Mr. Thornton, Mrs. Pennington, Mr. Graybell, Mr. Smith, Mr. Springer, Mr. Jensen, Mr. Epp. Y FACULTY HNFURMALS Many extra hours are included in these teachers' schedules each week with the extracurricular activities around Tee Jay such as sponsoring the Friday night dances, handling all of the clubs, and sponsoring each class. 24 Wy 25 ' A ll ...SFR Ll M '-qfglittjyg First row: J. Ferrarello, S. Peterson, J. Carlson, S. Lapsley, Secretary Joan Mathews, Treasurer J. Briggs, Sergeant-at-Arms C. Holmes, Vice President, C. Jones, President, M. Phillips, Mrs. Wichman, Sponsor. Second row: J. Clopine, M. Marr, K. Miller, D. Hoden, V. Herweg, S. Cohers, S. Souser, A. Brannon, M. Wolfe. Third row: J. Rogers, S. Traylor, N. Zimmerman, S. Turner, K. Souser, S. Obiatt, L. Ebert, N. Smith, J. Smith. Fourth row: Pat Smith, J. Kendall, L. Smith, J. Humlicek, J. Brinkman, L. Evans, B. Madison, V. Borgaila, S. Sanders. Absent: L. Gordon. The Sigma Tau Literary Society was organized in l922. ln 1948, the name was changed to Altruma. The aim of this society is to develop the members in scholar- ship, leadership, and character. They sponsor a Mother-Daughter banquet, and give baskets of food at Christmas and Thanksgiving. ll9'.llall.A. ,. V. i' 5: ms. is., - .. 4 First row: D Breshers, L. Breshers, L. Boyer, K. Kissel, A. Ahart, Treasurer, G. Brown, President, L Potkoniak, Vice President, J. Hopkins, Secretary, l.. Cumming, C. Betts, N. Dillehay, A. Blonkenship M. Strong. Second row: P. Maxwell, J. Hartenhoff, J. Gaylord, L. Simons, P. Kellar, P. Campbell, T Christiansen, C. Vernon, M. O'Brien, C. Marr, K. Taylor, J. Liston, F. Sturgeon, Gloria Brown. Third row B, Castle, S. Watkins, D. Butler, E. Mulorhill, K. Ives, J. Ackerman, J. Steiber, S. Sherlund, B. Lurver, K. Rief, K, Campbell, J. Stork, J. James. Fourth row: E. Bollig, C. Croghan, C. Ackerman, J. Nickelson J. Fuss, B. Lanham, S. Hansen, A. Williams, J. Lonelace, P. McKern, M. Walker, D. Walling, A. Garst Mrs. Netherton, Sponsor. 26 , 'Q' df! 'if' lt .H 1 T BHOLUGY CLUB F. Paladino, T. McBride, P. Paladino, Mr. Field, T. Hays, J. Larsen, G. Walling. The Biology Club is an organization where students with a special interest in Biology may spend their spare time studying on that subiect. These students spend their own time going on field trips and other outings. SPANHSH Q. First row: J. Klement, C. Richardson, G. Roberts, S. DeSantiago, B. Schoenrock, L. Reitan, Sponsor. Second row: J. Espinosa, D. Martin, B. Sorenson, G. Bohnet, J. Hiers, L. Louden, B. Richardson, M. Showers, G. Williams. Third row: J. Childers, D. Godwin, L. Strubb, K. Butler, M. Sprinkel, R. Bruner, A. Goodman. Fourth row: T. Tobias, D. Mitchell, L. Morrow, J. Hammers, S. Crouse, R. Schuning, C. Hattan, G. Spencer. The purpose of the Spanish club is to give the members familiarization with cus- toms, literature, and music of Spanish America. They also have an active part in the Road Show. 27 SCHENCE S nfl r X Q .ulll"" First row: C. Johnson, D. Olson, R. Adamson, Mr. Sklenicka. Second row: J. Hartman, P. Jensen, R. Orr, L. Adams, J. James, A. Garst, D. Larson, D. Utterback. Third row: B. Heaps, J. Havick, P. Howland, D. Reed, R. Auhll, J. Gammon, J. Varner, J. Klement. Test tubes, and water turning into hydrogen bubbles, are only a few of the activities carried on up in room 207 at 3:15 as the Science club starts its meeting with Mr. Sklenicka sitting in as sponsor. Under the new sponsorship of Miss Kessener, the Latin club learns about Rome and the Roman ways. They also sponsor dances, and have an annual party. LATHN Front row: F. Paladino, C. McConnell, P. Brannon, E. Plunkett, J. Johnson, Vice President D. Fox, President D. Hoobes, Secretary F. Campbell, P. Freese, M. Walker, Mrs. Kessener, Sponsor. Second row: G. English, A. Garst, J. Liston, A. Cook, L. Gearhart, L. Morrow, R. lngersall, D. Biggerstaff, R. Austin, K. James, G. Williams, J. Varner. Third row: E. Craig, F. Henning, G. Rolfes, D. Ivy, B. Garrett, G. Grove, J. James, J. Robshaw, D, Tobias, D. Lee, D. Gearhart, D. Larson. Fourth row: S. Rothe, B. Hoden, J. Wakefield, A. Brannon, M. Johnson, P. Bird, S. Craig, R. Adamson, J. Gammon, R. Auhll, J. Klement, D. Utterback, J. Havick. Absent: L. Gordon. V 28 HNTERNATHUNAL RELATHUNS First row: Miss Wangberg, Sponsor: N. Smith, J. Teller, A. Garst, A. Ahart, and S. Boren. Second row: J. Klement, D. Olson, J. Varner, J. Gammon, D. Utterback, and D. Larson. International Relations is sponsored by Miss Wangberg. They give a P.T.A. pro- gram, carry on correspondence with people in other countries. Also they have entered the U.N. Contest. Some of the members attended the University of Omaha's institute on world affairs. They have discussions on world affairs. Y-TEENS First row: Mrs. Brisby, Sponsor: L. Sorrell, B. Castle, J. Singer, S. Craig, S. Fisher, L. Max, P. Bird, C. McLaughlin, Mrs. Kessener. Second row: E. Speer, C. Vernon, R. Calabro, D. Alton, K. Chambers, A. File, J. Hollinger, P. Stearns, M. Showers, and J. Kenyon. Third row: L. Aylsworth, D. Schafer, N. Hatcher, K. Vanderlos, C. Damon, D. West, S. Boren, P. Meek and B. Culton. Fourth row: A. Williams, M. Conway, C. Betts, K. Ives, L. Mclntosh, B. Manson, J. Ackerman, and B. Beltz. 29 ART CLUB Firsr row: J. Mahrt, L. Taylor, H. Jones, B. Poffenbarger, E. Hansen, Miss Dorman, Sponsor, Second row: K. Wolff, M. Thacker, P. Nichols, B. Swanson, H. Sorick, B. Reynolds, J. Ackerman. The purpose of the Art club is art appreciation and the discussion of art topics. Some of the projects are ceramic works, oil painting, water color, and tempera for poster painting. It is under the direction of Miss Dorman. CG. R. A. 1 CS? WH 'isis First row: Mrs. Gunderson, Sponsor: C. Mahoney, E. Plunkett, C. Stevens, K. Belt, S. LeMaster, S. Keele. Second row: C. Konecny, C. Smith, J. Wohlert, J. Smith, L. Lloyd, C. Croghan, S. Van Scoy. Third row: M. Conway, J. Weatherill, P. Moore, J. Brown, J. Glade, N. Mumm, B. Lauver, G. Bird. G.R.A. is an organization that promotes girls' sports. They practice the rules of good sportsmanship and fair play through their many activities. The girls, including every grade, participate in various sports, including trampoline practice, volleyball, softball, and basketball. 30 LIIBRARY CLUB First row: J. Kendall, N. Cassell, G. Grove, M. Johnson, J. Carlson, J. Teller, A. Brannon, M. Marr, L Main. Second row: Sponsor, Miss Thornton, J. Briggs, M. Hillman, M. Akers, A. Thornton, S. Turner L. Schoenrock, S. Souser, K. Miller, and P. Brannon. Third row: B. Hoden, L. Smith, N. Smith, S. Lapsley J. Mathews, J. Williams, N. Jones, M. McCauley, V. Borgaila, and S. Sanders. Besides being librarian, Miss Thornton sponsors the Library Club which carries out many of the duties in Tee Jay's library through the day. The club sponsors the Colonial Ball in which the top ten girls in the senior class are selected. Also the Book Week Tea is sponsored by this club. .lllUNll4UJR RED CRUSS First row: Miss Madden, E. Plunkett, C. Barron, P. McCoy, K. Schlegal, C. Campbell, G. Humilcek, M. Watts, C. Wright, J. Teller, S. Traylor. Second row: D. Clark, M. Kruse, C. Lee, L. Taylor, J. Brown, Miss Schroeder, K. Wilson, J. Mendenhall, C. Clausen, M. Reed, D. Ivy, J. La Motte, F. Paladino. Tee Jay's Junior Red Cross is sponsored by Miss Schroeder and Miss Madden. The club packs and sends gift boxes to foreign countries and also hospitals. They also sponsor dances, and send Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets. 3l r r The Student Council, made up of a representative and an alternate from each home room, is an organization in which the students have a chance to voice their opinions on how the school can be improved. Their two biggest projects for the year are the annual Snowball Dance and the Magazine sale. Part of the proceeds from these two proiects was used to purchase a spotlight for the Dramatics Department. 32 if R llil Vllill V lli lW R llTil N fl Sl S. Cleveland, J. Clement, D. Ahull, D. File, B. Bovack, T. McBride, P. Petersen. Second row: Mrs. Brisby, Sponsor, Creative Writing was organized this year to stimulate an interest in emotional writing. To be eligible for this club, you must have a "B" average in English. The club has entered Writing contests, open to high school students, for the first time this year. llDll45lll?D Til5', First row: Mr. George, Sponsor, J, Clement, D. Ahull, D. File, L. Hoff. Second row: J, Havick, D. Olson, R, Adamson, J. Varner, D. Fox, J. Gamon. Placing fourth in the Inter-City Contest was a highlight for the boys of T.J.'s Debate Club. For the first time this organization became a member of the Missouri Valley Conference. Compliments of COHOE LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. 33 TIIaIIIIiSIPIIIANS First row: Mr, Fanders, Sponsor, V. Putnam, M. Phillips, L. Main, A. Brannon, Treasurer, L. Gordon, Secre- tary, L, Schoenrock, Vice President, B. Easdale, J. Culiat, J. Grazier, R. Ingersall. Second row: B, Heaps, K. Miller, B. Poffenbarger, M. Warden, S. Van Well, J. Kirk, L. Max, J. Ackerman, J. Havick, D. Olson, E, Duncan. Third row: S. Lapsley, P, Eggers, J. Hartman, L. Taylor, M, Thacker, R. Clemens, J. Varner, D. Ivy, C. Clawson, B, Hoden. Two all-school plays, a Christmas play, and a Contest play, all add up to the busy schedule that T.J.'s Thespians maintain. This club has a limited membership, and is sponsored by R. H. Fanders. One hundred hours, doing dramatic work, is required for membership. I' IF.'IIi'.A. First row: L, Campbell, M. Ingram, M. Fox, M. Friedman, J. Friedman, B. Hoden, D, St, Clair, S. Cleve- land, E. Plunkett. Second row: C. Campbell, C. McConnell, C. Fogle, G. Williams, N. Hester, J. Kendall, L. Strubble, G. Grove, P. Brannon, N. Jones. Third row: Mr. George, Sponsor, J. Culiat, T. Petry, J. Sornson, R. Adamson, J. Smith, K. Mumm, Miss Wangburg, Co-Sponsor. T.J.'s F.T.A. Club uses the point system to gain experience for their future teaching career. They spend one day each year teaching a grade-school class. Compliments of BAIRD TEXACO SERVICE Ll iltifl IDR First row: G. Olsen, S. Roper, M. Kilday, B. Pilger, S. Thomas, H. Netusil, B. Graves, M. Johnson, V. Put- nam, J. Teller, B. Youngworth, J. Grazier, S. VanWell. Second row: K. Conaway, B. Orme, L. Schoenrock D, Tierney, M. Fowler, M. Klonus, M. Akers, M. Kruse, L. Struble, G. Grove, N, Castle, W. Boyer, A Thornton. Ihird row: DeAnn St. Clair, J. Williams, B. Madison, J. Wakefield, E. Collins, S. Thomas, J Moser, N. Lang, R. Austin, N. Jones, M. McCally, Mrs, Strickland, Sponsor. Fourth row. J, Shipely, J Jensen, L. Main, K. Coleman, K. Butler, E. Plunkett, M. Vogt, L. Doughman, J. Allmon, B. Hoden, C Young, M. Reed. Aurora, or Nu Omega Sigma, is one of the oldest Literary Societies at Tee Jay. The club engages in various activities, such as the Annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. lt is sponsored by Mrs. Strickland. lLlE'lli'TlElRMA.N'S iCll.,'UT?n First row: L, Morrow, J. Dingman, Rod Colglazier, T. VanScoy, President, R. lngersall, B. Vogt, R. Turpin. Second row: Sid Hyde, E. Nelson, T. Colman, T. Stark, D. Peterson, D. Shannon, J. Lang. Third row: R. Ingersoll, Ted Hott, J. Robshaw, T. Bruner, D. Walsh, N. Bryan, R. McBride, Mr. LaMantia. This sports organization has a limited membership. The requirements are to earn a letter in one ofthe main sports ot Tee Jay. 35 i First row: Barbara Poffenbarger, Judy Jensen, Laurene Gordon, Lynda Main, Diana Tierney. .Second row Marlene Wolfe, Maggie Phillips, Carol Holmes. Third row: Lamoine Gearhart, Larry Taylor, Dick Shannon Denny Walsh. NNUAL STAFF This year's theme for the Monticello was hats. It was used to illustrate the dignity of the teachers, fun of the organizations, and the ruggedness of the sports. Most famous words were: "Oh, no, you didn't lose it," repeated by Mr. R. H. Fanders as he stalked up and down the room. Screams can be heard over the blare of the radio. They come from assistant editor, Lynda Main, as she corrects a mistake made on a layout. Laurene Gordon, editor, is busy trying to get Dick Shan- non and Denny Walsh, sports editors, to get to work on the football pages. Lamoine Gearhart, business manager, is off in the corner with re- ceipts spread out in front, figuring up bills. Diana Tierney and Marlene Wolfe, copy editors, sit pulling their hair out trying to think of clever things to write. Busy at the typewriters are Judy Jensen, Carol Holmes, and Maggie Phillips. The staff has memories of selling advertisements, taking pictures, and working together after school, evenings, and weekends. 15" x fc-pm W . ai K tx JT ,4 wil First Semester-Seated, left to right: Karen Miller, Virginia Putnam, Helen Jones, and Denny Walsh. Standing: Mike Boyer, Joan Teller, Bev Beltz, and Douglas Curtis. 37 Second Semester-Seated, left to right: Jim Gammon, Margaret Fowler, Helen Jones, Tom Coleman, and Denny Walsh. Standing: Linda Strubble, Wanda Boyer, Marie Kruse, La Rita Sorrell, Terry Cavett, Carol Johnson, Sharon Peterson, Margretta Warden, The Signal, Thomas Jefterson's School paper is published every two weeks, under the faculty direction of Nlr. R. A. Harrison. The staff interviews people, writes the stories, proofs the copy, sells the ads, and takes care of every iob of a regular newspaper. A special attraction in every issue is Teen of the Week, in which popular seniors are in- terviewed. To be eligible forthe Signal Staff, you must have a "B" average in English and be a member of Journalism class. The Signal consistently wins top honors in the National Scholastic Press Association. LCIHIOIIR FIFTH PERIOD CHOIR MISS MARGIE SMITH At its head, and largely responsible for the Choir's enthusiasm and perfection is Miss Margie Smith, whose dynamic efforts and sense of perfection are the helpful forces. Compliments of KRESGES STORES 38 SECOND PERIOD CHOIR Tee .lay is proud of its Choir which makes many public appearances and does so much to keep the public informed of the fine things we do in our school. The Choir's largest proiect was the Broad- way Musical, "Oklahoma," which with technical assistance from the Drama Department, proved one ot the highlights of the year, Traditionally the "Messiah" was presented for the student body at Christmas time. The Music Clinic is only one of the big events of the Choir in the Spring. Small vocal groups within the organization, made an excellent and profitable year, plus many public ap- pearances. Compliments of HUDSON OIL BAND -linnnnundlv ,slxv-if ws,-m. Giving a "Forward March" command is our 1958 drum maior, Dennis Schupp. The Band opened its season by presenting some very intricate and colorful routines, during football halftimes. This year's band boastecl lO5 members, under the direction of Merrill Brown. One of the popular attractions is, the Pep Band. It is a unit of the regular band, that plays at football, and basketball games. This year the band will attend the Annual Veisha Celebration. They will also at- tend Clinic, and play in the annual Spring Concert. All through the year the band's brilliant orange uniforms and their snappy playing, give color, and spirit to all the school events. Compliments of LANE'S CAFE Leading the front ranks of this year's Band, were These maioretfesg Martha Rugur, Vickie Borgalia Ann Brannon, Lynda Main, Marilyn McCauIley, and Laurene Gordon. 4I ARSHTY CHEERLEADERS Alternares Nancy Cassell Sally Thomas Bottom: Glenda Olson, Barbara Orme, Bennie Pilger, Judy Grazier, Helen Nefusil. Leff to right: Joyce Shipley, Marilyn Reed, .loycelyn Williams, Sharon Thomas, Carol Holmes, DeAnne St. Clair, Sandra Lapsley, Pat Eggers, Marlene Wolfe. 'YB Compliments of COUNCIL BLUFFS GAS CO. 42 Slli1CC END 'llllli..tXNl if i'll'llll91'lilllQ 'l ,lil ll D llF1lRS Left to right: Judy Coleman Cindy Konecny Margaret Walker Carolyn Bryan Pat Lewis Mary Diane Fox Linda Clodfelder Carol Christensen ll-9' il? HES ll tl Nl N Cf' ll ll lliillilfli llo,ll'?1,A D llillRS Compliments of CRAWFORD LUMBER 8. COAL CO. Lona Doughman Jeanne Brinkman Delilah De Santi Kathy Souser Kay Conway Suzanne Trayler Jan Wilderman Nancy Lang Sally Latham Ruth Austin SlE1NllUlli flltllillb ll.jLl'flE5 First row: J. Wakefield, M. Shoers, M. Warden, S. Cleveland, B. Hewitt, Y. Sayers, C. Stevens, E. Plunkett K. Miller, V. Putnam, J. Moser, Mrs. Gunderson, Sponsor, J. Smith, Second row: M. Johnson, L. Main B. Hoden, N. Jones, D. Hoden, K. Mumm, A. Cook, M. Wallace, J, Vernon, J. Rogers, S. Turner, C. Gordon Third row: E. Collins, J. Mathews, N. Castell, P. Brannon, S. Thomas, M. Hosteder, G. Sheeley. Fourth row A. Brannon, A. Christensen, K. Coleman, K. Butler, C. Fogle, N. Zimmerman, J. Friedman, L. Ebert G. Grove, L. Struble, L. Sorrell. ll4'ilf2llE1SilsllNl .NN PEYP ff'il-,'L'fl5 First row: A. Hewitt, K. Baily, K. Ackerman, A. Blankenship, S. Hains, E. Speer, G. Knudsen, S. Keele N. Hawkins, N. Mumm, M. O'Brian, M. Schmidt, K. Schlegal, S. Nugent. Second row: P. Tornatin D. Walling, M. Friedman, P. Freese, J. Vallier, L. Holmes, S. Hansen, S. Richer, D, Sage, M. lngram D. Jacobsen, S. Gallaher, S. LeMaster, C. Reed. Third row: L. Oviat, K. Beltz, J. Nickelson, M. Camden K. Reipe, S. Rothe, W. Hudson, B, Buvak, B. Graves, B. Lanhom, B, Truble, M. Lambert, N. Tomaneo, K Tacy. Fourth row: E, Mulvihill, J. Cooksey, J. Steiber, J. Loveless, P. McKern, S. Huffy, C, Campell, S Bessy, C. Phillips, J. Fuss, B. Schronrock, L. Commings, S. Shirley. 44 r I -Zi C3 Qi QW r FN Q- fx E kJ rN 1 KN Nl A bit of Paris by Suzanne Van Well and Ron Ingersol. fygf 5 owp Tee Jay's JUDlTHE'S "Up in the Morning and Out to School"-With this familiar phrase the curtain of Thomas Jefferson's 1957 Roadshow went up. Based on the theme of "School Daze," the entire student body helped make this year's show a huge success. Starting at "Kindergarten" and ending on "Graduation Day," the joys and disappointments of our school life were portrayed, with such activities as "Hooky Play- ers," and "Do You Remember When." Outstanding acts were, "Out of the 1900's and Into the Blackboard Jungle," and a modern calypso take-off, entitled "Tee Jay High," and of course Tee Jay's crack chorus line, The Judithe's, with Judy Grazier's chore- ography. Cathy Campbell as Tammy. 45 3 Q- Bill Easdale, as Will Parker, explains the wonders of Kansas City to his friends. This year's musical, "Oklahoma," under the able direction of Miss Marge Smith, featured Judy Giazier and Ron lngersol lleftl as Laurie and Curley while in the villainous role Miko Boyer labovci sang an outstanding Jud. llililiiiiii Compliments of HARRY C. CROWL COMPANY, REALTORS 46 s Most gripping scene in the musical came in the thrilling fight between Curley and Jud on Lots of humor was supplied by Will Parker and Ado Annie-here played by Marilyn Phillips. , Q Final scene in which the entire cast reprises "Surrey," "Beautiful Morn- in'," and "Oklahoma," with the aid of Technical Director R. H. Fanders' and crews' fine sets, brings a lump into the throats of all, and everyone leaves humming the wonderful music. ' , f , ! f , f ,i:,,-- 1 ili I . E , gge g Compliments of PA UL DIBONO SHOE SHOP 47 y i it ll N 'C ll We got our own gang. The "Silk Hats." 5 . Look! Her brains are showing. You bet l'm gonna smack you, talkin' to your father that way. ,NN Q 8 za' dl' .A 'WP , f " My 'f 5 -M W to ' A settlement house in a slum district of New York, an over-worked case worker, and tinally a young, misunderstood boy, who is fighting between two conflicting emotions. This adds up to some of the tense drama in the first All School Play ofthe year. i 48 mmm jeff: 49 R..O.,T.C.. HEADQUARTERS COMPANY - FIRST PLATOON Firsr row: R. Turpen, J. Ackerman, J. Paladino, D. Hassler, D. Brougham, K. Couch, C. Ofstedahl, D. Lambinh, D, Auhll, E. Nelson. Second row: J. Humlicek, T. Tews, S. Chapin, M. Carmichael, R. Bolte, R, Andersen, J. Klemeni, J. Kieldgaard. Third row: J. Marshall, S, Wright, B. Neil, C, Wells, J. Murphy, K. Anderson, J. Pogue, T. Brownell, D, Paulson, J. Hopkins, J. King. HEADQUARTERS COMPANY - SECOND PLATOON First row: J. Rice, R. Amsberry, J, Coppoch, J. Medakovich, J. Clopine, M. Mumyon, E. Klingensmith, J Jensen, O, Saar, B. Carlson, D. McMullen. Second row: R. Ingersoll, B. Hewiif, C. Kern, R. Johannsen, J Kaspar, K. Jones, A. Childers, L, Walker. Third row: J. Culiat, J. Martin, B. Tennigkeif, M. Conzemius, E Tompkins, R. Rockwell, G. Peicrsen, B. Edwards, H. James. Compliments of LUCEY JEWELERS 50 ,ul L lRi.O.,"l .CI COMPANY "A" FIRST PLATOON First row: B. Johnson, D. Souser, B, Wandra, L. Olstrom, J. England, T. Coleman, L. Blackford, R, Hunler M. Boyer, P. Brougham. Second row: D, Smillw, T. McBride, L. Whitney, H. O'Hara, J. Gorham, L. Taylor Third row: G. Hassler, L. Morris, D. Harold, C. Brittain, G. Hubby, D. Martin. Aa. COMPANY "A" -A SECOND PLATOON First row: T. Van Scoy, L, Walker, J. Eicher, A. Thomas, E. DuBois, D. Storm, D. Mclnfosh, C. Reed, R, Boryn, J. McDaniels, D, Lauver. Second row: D. Doty, R. Burns, N. Wakefield, C, Clawson, L. Walson, D. Lee, T. Camp. Third row: H. Clark, L. Ray, D. Hassler, S, Martin, D. Walsh. Compliments of McMlLLEN'S STUDIO 5I lR.D.'lF..f fi. COMPANY "B" -- FIRST PLATOON First row: H. Anderson, S, Kilbardo, C. Willard, B. Talbot, E. Hines, P. Paladino, J, Dalton, B. Biggerstaff, J. Guinan, J. Havic. Second row: L. Fehr, C. Johnson, L. Johnson, L. Strublc, J. Griffen, P. Andrews, M. Donnon. Third row: D. Mansen, B. Matics, M. Mathews, W. Mains, T. Wassinger, B. Richardson, L. Porter, T. Moore. COMPANY "B" --f SECOND PLATOON First row: M. Hefferman, R. Bocerra, J. Doughinan, P. Osborn, L. Arnold, R. Sigler, B. Mclntosh, Phil Holland, LaMoine Gearhart. Second row: K. Hurd, D. Utterback, J. Hansen, K. Price, K. Lamphear, G. Goldsberry, F. Collins, L. Smith. Third row: D. McClintock, G. Barr, C. Hook, B. Reichert, G. Sollazo, G. Helms, T. Bethers. Compliments of MUSIC SHOP 52 R.O."lT'.C. COMPANY "B" - THIRD PLATOON First row: W. Johnson, P. Johnson, M. Thacker, G. Walling, S. Irvin, N. Holmes, T. Deltmann, L. Olson F. Siedel, D. Weafherill. Second row: D. Wendell, L. Goldsberry, G. Dewaele, R. Wesierbery, R. Smilh, J Larson, D. Wymore, D. Bollig. Third row: G. Wagner, D. Max, R. Drake, T. Benson, K. Ruffcorn, T. Lee G. Beclwner, D. Guss, T. Hoff. 1 COMPANY "C" - FIRST PLATOON First row: D. Pratt, G, Simpson, C. Young, J. Anderson, D. Scouler, L. Ives, R. Moore, C. McDonald, L. Ackenbaugh. Second row: D. Hobbs, G. Bacon, K. Corum, G. Kirkendall, J. Sorensen, J. Thacker, A. Wilson, L. Mahan, Third row: R. Reed, G. Poe, R. Jones, M. Regars, T. Hayes, D. Hoober, F. Franks, T. Turner, B, Dimmilt. Compliments of HINKY DINKY 53 R.O."lli'.C. C5 , COMPANY "C" W SECOND PLATOON First row: M. Fox, J. Kidvvell, K. Seaman, D. Adams, N. DeSantiago, R. King, J. Evans, G. Lane, I. Plunkett E. McAlexander, R. Adamson. Second row: R. Kelley, T. Carrigan, T. Waldron, R. Gittins, T. Annin, R Hobbs. Third row: L. Wltccler, J. Absltier, W. Peterson, G. Hopkins, G, Retry, E. File. COMPANY HD" QIRST PLATOON First row: J. Dingntnn, W. Ensclalf-, J, lanq, 1. Johnson, R. Nlosslnurq, L. Belt7, D. Tobias, D. McClintock s D R, Wclsclw, R. Jonvs, F. Dungan. Swcnncl rtwx l. Dulfo, D. larson, D. Rltoclcn, l. Keene, D. Plwipp, LoRcttQ, C. Corrigan, R. Tmylnr. llmfl rfwrv. D Cnilis, l. Wanqlw, G. Erlws, l.. Ray, J. Swift, R. Kitclwel, E Allerton, L, Rollcs. Contpliments of BOB PYLE'S STUDIO 54 ullazfo, lnylonzl Slriilulr- Dong Irilv, Marvin Hinn, and Whitney Jolinson. R.OfllD'.,C. l ' A. . COMPANY "D" SECOND PLATOON Fir5t row: D. Milclwcll, R. Moore, G. Colm-nmn, P. Rollo, R, DeBoer, L. Hynwcr, R. Miller, F. Kralzclc, R. Shannon. Soroncl row: J. Robslwavv, S. Stewart, E. Mason, M. Hiati, D. Owen. Third row: J. Espinosa, M. Graybill, D. Prirninur, VV. Cloycl, L. Hook, J. Evwrcll, T. Cavclt. R ll lllll ,ilil T ll il Nl Qi . -k rf: 1 1 r .- mi row, lr-fr In rrrilii Dennis Scoular, Paul Osborn, Ron King, Lamoinc nwrlmrt, Dirk Paulson, Bill Fnlvvarnls Bark row: Harry Clark, Gary 55 0, lclvvarfls, and Gcarlmrt, svniors on tvmrr, clcinonslralu llwc tlwrov Slioolrnq posilions. CDlLDlR GUARD AND DlRllllalL, Vllilf' MM We feel that this year's Drill Team is one of the best, if not the best, T. J. has ever produced. Predominately Soplwomores the esprit and industry of these young men is commendable and worthy of emulation by all stu- dents. They appeared in public during the year on the following occasions: Veteran's Day T.J.-Creighton Prep Basketball Game T.J.AA.L. final Inter-city Basketball Game American l.egionfJan. l4, l958-VFW Benefit Annual Formal Inspection All routines used were originated and perfected by the Cadet Members. E A ff X X X N zwyf' COLOR GUARD Larry Taylor Don Martin Jon Klement Gary Huffy 56 f DRILL TEAM ROSTER Dick Amsberry Thomas Annin Paul Osborn Bob Carlson Ron King Marvin Munyon Chuck Reed David Tobias Ed Dubose Larry Walker Jim Evans Bob Welch Lamoine Gearharf Craig Wells Marvin Hiatt Jim Rice Larry Hyrner Samuel Irvin Jim Johnson , KY !f, ff , gf ,J , , l IA vi , X 7,1 Circle to the right "echelon'." 57 C K e- SK f M' 9 1 n ,wi ,I Nw-"WU 4 '4- 69? 3 MUDHMULE3 . ...F ID - C I ,. .I ,. ,VJ-V -V -Af 'W ' ,,, .,. b 5ASllQ,llEAlluli fit'-31' i-sw , s HUM Ni time wx X J , -- Q 'J l A i l sas' W ,A ji Tj ic il! .s soggy! g 5 ,f 4 Connell crosses home plate. aff -ft 1 Front row:- Jerry Talbott, Bruce Johnson, Bob Frieze, Chuck Ackerman Ron Ingersoll. Middle ro : Ji ' W m Hurnes, Rich Ingersoll, Terrill Clinton Norm Raymond, Jim Connell, Top row: Larry Morrow, Gene Wagner Don Manson, Joe Medakovich, Jack Lang. The Thomas Jefferson baseball team compiled a T3-l vvon-loss record in the summer baseball season. Their onl loss ' ' y was suffered in the important sub stt - a e tourney against Bancroft St. John. The stellar pitching of Bruce Johnson and Jerry Tal- bott led the Y ll ' ' e ovviackets in a try for an un re- d P ce ented second straight state cham ion h' p sip. These same Jeffs captured the spring title at Mason City Tee Ja was f y avored to take the summer championl h' b s ip, ut was upset. The Jeffs featured a strong hitting attack paced by Chuck Ackerman and Bob Frieze. C h ' ' ' ' oac Roy Jessen instilled in his team sound baseball knowledge and a fighting spirit that was outstanding even ' th ' in eir lone defeat. Compliments of CITY NATIONAL BANK Bn-we Front row. B. Hewitt, Manager, J, Floyd, M. Peters, T. Van Scoy, G. Esbes, B. Vogt, R. Colglazier, T. Stark, J. Dingman, D. Shannon, R. Turpin, D. Martin, G. Solozzo, Manager. Middle row: Coach Hanson, D. Mingus, N. Bryan, J. Medakovich, D. Walsh, R. Boryn, B. Brown, D. Brown, J. Robshaw, J. Coppock, J. Hansen, R. Ingersoll, T. Coleman, Coach Formanek. Top row: D. Souser, J. Cloyd, M. Fox, S. Hyde, R. Ingersoll, L. Morrow, H. Anderson, H. Clark, D. Peterson, H. Graybill, T. Bruner. VARSH Y ll'7OOTll?tAllalL, COACH HANSON FORMA T.J. 6 Mo. Valley O T.J. 6 Prep 44 T.J. O A. L. 7 A T.J. 6 North 33 T.J. 13 South 33 T.J. 7 Tech 14 T.J. O Benson . .33 T.J. . O Central 14 T.J. 7 Boystown 38 Compliments of ECONOMY MARKET bl NEK ,mic lv ' BILL M., ,gf 'vu ,A Qwmtf, . my ' -lu :A ya 25 W 1 1 dh- 'ff-' .wi A f ,, I 'r-T hi.. f ,J 'g Q W X ., ANM5 Lk , Y HN! f H+. ffwjaqxqy ,, . X . N" X RV ,wake 4 T-.1 aff KV if L M. ., A ix E , Q fi . 5 4 5 1 K vw Q. Q 4 .L , f f'M+.R, 4 X i' V ff' 1 - t ' fgw I g 1 w 1 Pa. ,af M A ,V K',,1. W gg V G ' 'S 95 , ixgygvff.. .f , . W , muqgffavf 5 wif' H M ,+5,u , P'x,,f.. 5' r I ' X ' 5 2 L I X Q f 225. ii 549 0 f1fT'5y,,Q ww .. gmc wig vu? .3 A , gjgv "PSN" 2' W S ? 3 1 ss, J , .1.. DICK SHANNON-End TIM VAN SCOY-End JIM HANSEN-Back DON PETERSON-Back The North Vikings offered the opposition for Tee Jay at the Jeffs' Homecoming. The Vikes walked off with a one-sided win. Then came South, the Inter-city leaders and the top ranked team in Nebraska. The Tee Jay football field was the scene of an exciting battle as the highly-rated Packers finally wore down the Jeffs for a 33-I 3 victory. Tech and Benson visited the Yellovviacket field next and each took home a hard-fought win. The high-flying Eagles from Central were held to only a I4-O victory by the Jeffs in a contest dominated by cold weather and ankle deep mud. Thomas Jefferson traveled to Boys' Town for the season finale without Coach Hanson, who was ill. The Jeffs closed the T957 grid season on a bitter cold night and a tough loss to one of the nation's top teams. LARRY MORROW-Back NORM BRYAN-Back RON INGERSOLL-Back JOE RYBA-Back DENNY WALSH-Back Compliments of FOX OFFICE EQUIPMENT 0 UUTBATLJL QUEJ IN Cathy Fanders, Junior La Mantia. One ot the highlights of the football season is home- coming. Twenty candidates were first chosen by the Letterman's Club and then the student body voted for T l girls. From these girls the team selected the Queen. On October 4, during the halt-time ceremonies of the Tee Jay vs. North game, the candidates and their escorts stood in line for a breathless moment. The T957 Football Queen, Miss Virginia Putnam, was crowned. lvqwln My --ri Q ,V ' - -. A N1 MQW. VIRGINIA PUTNAM x 7 i I S- T Left to right: Bonnie Pilger, Bev Graves, Helen Netusil, Sue Craig, Carol Holmes, Queen Virginia Putnam, Judy Jensen, Judy Grazier, Marlene Wolfe, Sonia Roper, and Glenda Olsen. 64 YANNTTGANS Coach Bob Capel's Yannigans finished The season with a respectable Three win and four loss record. Capel's sophomores closed out The season with a win over cross-Town rival Abraham Lincoln by a T2-7 score. The Yannigans showed considerable offensive potential which should help The Yellowiacket varsity in The coming years. Tee Jay Benson ,,,. Tee Jay Central Tee Jay Prep ,,.,c, Tee Jay Tech . ,.,. . Tee Jay South Tee Jayn... North Tee Jay Abe Lynx Front row: J. Evans, J. Mitchell, R, Johansen, R. Boryn, T. Wasinger, K. Snethen, A. Thomas, R. Howland L. Whitney, and Fred Kratzke. Middle row: J. Johnson, Manager, A. Wilson, B. Floyd, H. Wright, T, Brownell, M. Mathews, L. Porter, G. Poe, S. Irwin. Back row: Coach Capel, L. Walker, J. Medakovich G. Murphy, T, Carrigan, J. Donaldson, A. Agnew, R. Ingersoll, D. Brown, R. Carlson, L. Anderson P, Steward. 65 1 1 TBQATBLY .lil-ZTFTFS Front row: L. Monahan, R. Moss, L. Adams, B. O'Neill, J. Williams, D. Duke, L. Taylor, R. Nichols, T. Tobias, E. Renniger, R. Sorensen, J. EberT, A. Farr. Middle row: Coach Jerome, R. Pilger, D. Lee, J, Cavanaugh, R. Cook, P. Palmer, P. Thompson, J. Bohnef, R. Jessen, J. Hiers, M. Hufchins, G. Forresf, B. HunTer, B. Wolfe, N. Betts, Coach Jessen. Top row: B. Porter, G. Gear, S. Crouse, C. Suder, L. Louden, S, Visuri, C. Wickersham. The freshman fooTball Team was spliT inTo Two groups, "A" squad and "B" squad. Bofh Teams were coached ioinTly by Mr. Jessen and Mr. Jerome. The frosh were Tough and much loeTTer Than Their record indi- cafes. Much of The crediT for Their success musT be given To Mr. Jessen and Mr. Jerome whose guidance and sporTsmanship were perfecT ex- amples of Tee Jay spiriT. UAH 20 Benson .... ...., . ,. 7 T.J. .. T3 Missouri Valley . .... T3 T.J., ,. . 7 Prep .. T4 T.J. 7 CenTral , .14 T.J. . 26 Tech . T4 T.J.. . ...T4 , T9 Soufh . 6 40 Longfellow . O 66 uBrr A.L. . Longfellow Bloomer L A.L. ..... . Bloomer . Firsr row: Rich Ingersoll, Jim Humilcek, Ron Ingersoll, Dick Shannon, Chuck Wohlert, Jack Lang. Second row: Ralph Aldrich, Howard Andersen, Gene Wagner, John Martin, Dorsie lvy, Sid Hyde, Don Manson, and Coach Capel. VARSITY BASKETBAXLL Jump ball starts cross-town rivals. Van Scoy tries for rebound, Coach Bob Capel's Yellowiackets suffered through a winless l957-58 basketball season. Capel used a sopho- more and iunior dominated squad in an effort to rebuild the Jeffs into a powerful club for next year. The Jeffs set a record by falling to the bottom of the lnter-city League after placing first the year before. Lone seniors on the club, Dick Shannon and Ron Ingersoll, led the fighting Tee Jay team even in defeat and their examples of sportsmanship and spirit will be left behind for the T958-59 Thomas Jefferson team. However everyone is saying of next year's club, "From the top to the bottom, to the top again." Shannon hits for t o' SCHEDULE T. J. 39 Benson 23 Boystown 6O Abe Lynx 5l Prep 48 South 30 S. C. Central 48 Harlan 42 Tech 38 North 38 Tech 40 Central 36 Benson 58 Abe Lynx 45 Central 5l Prep 27 South 56 North 62 Abe Lynx Compliments of SHANNON'S CAFE 5 EASKETEALL Q EEN JUDY GRAZIER ,, ,f Excitement and speculation marked the T958 Basketball Homecoming as the audience awaited the appearance of the Queen and the Court on January 24. The moment came when Dick Shan- non placed the crown on sparkling Miss Judy Grazier, the T958 Basketball Queen. The Court was selected by Tee Jay students, from a group of twenty candidates chosen by the Lettermen's Club. The team made the final selection of the Queen. .dbdhwv q,4H2ai5b VO' QQQV 09 wygyfw 90 fif v' 5. 'Q5o'O s 6 Q" CNFOO' 'QQQQIQ 'foo : .Q 0 9900 4 P ' 995 . Marlene Wolfe, Glenda Olsen Carol Holmes, Bev Graves, Bon nie Pilger. Virginia Putnam, Judy Grazier SUPHUMURE BASKETBALL The Yannigans began their season with the potential of one of the league's best reserve teams. However, as the season progressed, the top performers on the squad were moved up to berths on the varsity club. Robbed of his best players, Coach Francis Hanson, experimented with many different boys in an effort to give them valuable experience for their coming years at Tee Jay. From the efforts these players gave, we think Coach Hanson has succeeded in building a strong future varsity. SCHEDULE T. J. T7 Benson c.,... .c.,...c 3 0 52 Boystown c,.a.. -60 63 Abe Lynx ..... ..c,.... 4 4 39 Prep ..c.c ,cc, .34 50 South ,...c,,.... ...assss 5 8 31 Sioux City ...... ..,., 6 6.43 49 Harlan c,,... , ,c.. -751 52 Tech - .,.... ,..f 5 4.42 43 North ..,.c 4444 42 Tech ....... 6 .s,, 4747 44 Central c..,.. .., 45 40 Benson ,,.. ,.e,,,se 3 0 46 Abe Lynx ,ccc. s.,,, . ,648 39 Central ,,c. ,,,cc c,,, . 6 41 39 Neola Public ccuu, ., svcrs 50 39 Prep ,,cc,.a.c.,.c,,. .652 47 South ,, 6. , 62 44 North,Laccca 6 62 Front row: Jim Larsen, George Poe, Chuck Young, Larry Morse, Bill Mattox, Wayne Mains, Fred Kratxke Doug Primmer, Jim Coppock. Second row: Coach Hanson, Joe Medakovich, Doug McClintock, Jerry Baird Larry Mahan, John Joneson, Jim Robshaw, Lloyd Arnold, Larry Porter. 70 Coach Jessen, R. Paige, D. Duke, R. Rowe, A. Vallier, L. Adams, T. Tobias. Second row: C. Suder, S. Crouse, M. Hutchens, D. Jones, H. Max, T. Floyd, 5. Visuri, D. Friend. llrilRlE1SHlMAN l ASllilETll55AlLlL Tee Jay's freshman basketball teams were again split into two squads, an "A" team and a "B" club. Up to the time this copy was written, the "A" team was undefeated and were assured of a first place in the lnter-city league. The "A" club had a l7-O record. This quint was a high scoring outfit that rolled over all tough opponents. The "B" team had lost only one game this far. That defeat was at the hands of Creighton Prep The Tee Jay squad had a lO-l record. Congratulations Coach Roy Jessen on another fine season. ... .,, t B , First row: Coach Jessen, D. Versaci, J. Ebert, J. Mahrt, B. Porter, J. Williams, N. Paulson. Second row: W. Martin, J. Bohnet, G. Forrest, R. Jessen, L. Louden, J. Hiers, D. Schunning. 7l Tee Jay's wrestling squad was a pleasant surprise for all Yellowiacket followers. Coach Richard Formanek in his first season of coaching at Tee Jay, masterminded the Jeffs to a winning season and established them as a coming power in area wrestling circles. Highlight of the mat season was a 23-22 victory over cross-town rival, Abraham Lincoln. Heavyweight, Bill Vogt led the squad in this victory with a dramatic pin over his Abe Lynx opponent. In the state tournament the best of the Yellowiacket grapplers, iunior Dave Brown, 120 lbs., and sophomore Ron Mossburg, 112 lbs., captured fourth places and established themselves as title threats in next year's tourney. Congratulations Coach Formanek and the Tee Jay wrest- lers on a wonderful season. SCHEDULE Lincoln Northeast Abe Lynx ..As,.a.... Bellevue South aa., Tech a,a,., Audubon Central ..,, Central ..., North c,,c,, Abe Lynx ,,aa,, North .,.... Tech aaaa, South a,c. WRESTLING -- - 1-1-mL,, p-i.-....z.-f ,ML ,,. .. A , L 1 Front row: Roger Nichols, Jerry LaMotte, Ron Mossburg, Dave Brown, Jerry Espinosa, Jerry Doughman Errol McAlexander, Larry Morrow, Ron McBride, Torn Bruner, Gary Erbes, Bill Vogt, Back row: Larry Taylow Luke Rodriquez, Ray Reninger, Fred Paladino, Sam Irwin, Ron Moss, Pete Paladino, Lyle Monahan Roger Howland, Rick Johansen, Paul Palmer, Terry Carrigan, Ron Strong, Jim Kidwell, Herb Graybill, Jim Evans Coach Floyd Jerome. R, BILL VOGT RON MCBRIDE GARY ERBES -www Vogt maneuvers rival into pin position in Homecoming match, Avw x , ' X SX HA- -L - k ERROL MCALEXANDER LARRY MQRRQW 73 Sri 31 JY X fl ,Q Miss Carol Holmes presided over the Homecoming Wrestling festivities, Left to right: Bonnie Pilger, Judy Grazier, Sharon Thomas. Center: Carol Holmes, Virginia Putnam, Marlene Wolfe, and Bev Graves, On January Zi, the largest crowd in years Watched the match of muscle men and the presentation of the Queen and her Court. As tension and excitement mounted, a cheer went up when Ron McBride placed the crown on Miss Carol Holmes, 1958's Wrestling Queen. 74 HHMMWHQSSUWM1 75 Ron Jessen President IFRESHM QN Sponsors Mr. La Maniia Sli. O"""X f Carolyn Bryan Secretary H45 11 Karen BBHQY Sandra Keele Vice President Treasurer Miss Grubb 76 Cosette Ackerman Judy Ackerman Larry Adams Gary Ahrens Harry Ahrens Dale Ahlquist Mark Allen Dessie Anderson Larry Anderson Larry Anderson Bill Armstrong W Lorraine Ayls orth Karen Bailey Dvvyane Bain Dennis Baird Jack Bambery Linda Barnes Jerry Baxter Judy Beaman Rudy Beserra Denny Beckman Phillip Beckman Karen Belt Virginia Benegas Mary Bergantzel Judy Berry Sharon Bessey Carol Betts Norman Betts Dorothy Bingel Glenda Bird Eddie Black Audrey Blankenship Maxine Blum Gerald Bohnet Marilyn Bollig John Bolt Mary Ellen Boyer Linda Boyer Rose Bradford Lillian Breshers Barbara Bright Rita Brown Carolyn Bryan Janice Burkhart Walter Burtnett Bonnie Buvak Merron Camden f iil sswl al l l. I fig. A L gt Q fx X L y - he s A as fix JJ Y 5 Q x , ill has y Q 1 . L ' if 5 'T A if ,lk yi i lim Y. Q, ,,,r., A i as 'Q-3 1' 'f m she.. if' ' .Q B N ., V LILJL : A ' is . 'l" sa tl k ,1, , i 'V' , 'gl 4 li g - L ll X it il l' 4 L' "L 1 l A ni In R 1 Q' L' N 5' X.. X Q, '5- X . W? 'H xi 'Nh ' ll-lil '55 s. try yl'1'ik Q-1 K f ,. A Vf' A L51 .Wig-'2w?9m'4.L .l 'A ' 2.9 .l ,X xg 9 L. 9-r u- .s Q 1 5 i fps 7 ll ' I, W ' if la. if K FRESHMEN ,b 1 , 19 , 1 g ' ivan KW H? . 5 3 I g wg? l K 3 I A ,i lx 'sg' Z. A ,W ' 'L fl an lg' :RNWTX A ' C A J lb K X' 'N' J X ox M r :lf it 7 ,lik W ' C Q f W' er y .V E E g. xx a, M b .1 6 lt if J f l is st J " ' ' .... Xvx! x I l is I ...K hi-. V , 'A"' f fififl Xl it 'J J S' it Q ,, F 1 wigs? ." l lxl . j ' 'Xl ' 'J . 1 ,J R ,il 'vw'lL5QEV! sta e, ' 1 V, Don Campbell Kathleen Campbell Minye Campbell Patty Campbell Frances Campbess David Caranaugh Darrel Carlson Janice Carr Jerald Childers Arthur Christensen Carol Christensen Trudy Christensen Sarah Christina Gary Clark Qaaron Clemens Linda Clodtelder Gary Clopine Ed Cloyd Janice Cohrs Judy Coleman Everett Colton Mary Conway Judy Copeland Joan Cooksey Mildred Couch John Conzemius Cleo Cozard . Jason Coziahr Eugene Craig Colleen Croghan Stuart Crouse Linda Cumming Paul Damon Larry Daugherty June DeSanti Don Diamond Dale Dickinson David Dillehay Dan Duke Harvey Dyr Dennis Eakin James Ebert Diana Eicher Carol Ellison Bill Erickson Linda Ethington Algie Farr Roberta Fenton Eileen Finley Jean Fifsimmans Clyda Flowers Clyde Flowers Bonnie Floyd Tom Floyd John Flynn Gary Fogle George Forrest Carherine Foulch Lauralee Fowler Mary Diane Fox Pamela Freese Marlene Friedman Dick Friend Jack Fry Jean Fuss Sharon Gaines Sharon Gallaher Renee Gallup Trudy Gardner Michael Garrean Jerry Garrelson Oralee Gates Janneffe Gaylord Dwylan Gearharl Gene Gear Virginia Gibbs Hyla Gilson Lynn Godden Mike Golham Carrie Good Barbara Graves Linda Grosvenor Marsha Grote Sharon Haines Jimmy Hanners Dave Hannum Leslie Harris Marilyn Harrison Sandra Harsen Barbara Hastie Gloria Halcher Nancy HaTcher Carlin Halfan XX . 'q i B x A , as, mf 'IBO-f 'W 'Q , R wg AXE hs K , - X v F , rv mf c 3, ix? y i J Si? A. 1 fl 5 ,Q if mf Y 1 f kansas? XS 'S w -U fx , Ni!! ' 1 , 2 ,wwvpg 1 l "SS N il li eww 3 w A fi' 5 .. .1 ,, x 5 l W I 1 W! 4 D in ., iw . , is X' 4, ,' 'fl 9, 2 ' '51 s Q., ll If X H Ns K l ' X , X K bifr Q 'Q J' J Q' Aix B X David Haven ,W Nancy Hawkins , , J Head ., . as - . .R .ze h xo' X' i s 'ii ,,i.. 79 si J or -sr .'-' N 6' K' .1 1 x - gi .-5' i 3-YI' A 'FS 6 -X i 5-gn 4 :gr if 0 'ax lli'RlE',SlHlNllEN , a s ' f .yi . -in HKU", 'E ' i'.,, "il" 2- 'fl 1 I i Q3 G x K"" 1 ,fy l l""k i L g ii V-JA X if E1' 4 J 4' , if i We - L i Ji f, Tx ffl L sbss . i: ,. q'f4,..,, .- 'K ' 'll 6 4, we I ik-M U 4 X , if as dj K l l f ' .. Lz' Q ft sit, J, Avq K he y f ti i Don Hemstedt Frank Henning Allen Hewitt Johnny Hiers Bob Hill Lynn Holmes Robert Hopkins Richard Hrasky Sherryl Hulby Waverly Hudson Bennie Hunter Mike Hutchens Marilla Ingram Kathleen lves Dolores Jacobsen Donald Jennings Ron Jessen Richard Johnson Waunetta Johnson Harry Jones Richard Jones Joyce Kannedy Sandra Keele Patricia Keller Ronald Keller Jean Kennedy Kathy Kissel Marilyn Klein Cindy Konecny Georgia Knudsen Dennis Lamberth Beverly Lanham Margaret Lannert Roseanne Larsen Bonita Lauver Frank LeBaUgh Dave Lee Mary Lee Dixie Lehrner David LeMaster Sharon LeMaster Dwight Lerette Ronald Lewer Pat Lewis Linda Lloyd Lewis Louclen Jackie Lovelace Larry Louder 80 Jerry Mahrt Beverly Manson Art Manzitto Ray Mark Paul Martin Sandy Martin Wayne Martin Richard Mathiesen Homer Max Darlene Mendenhall Bob Meritt George Miller Larry Miller Pat Miller Terry Miller Garald Monaham Lyle Monahan Terry Montgomery Rosanne Moon Pamela Moore James Moraen Ron Moss Ellen Mulvihill Nancy Mumm Gary Murphy Robert Musgrove Richard McCabe Betty McCart Mary Lou McCart Arla McCoy Warren McDaniel Maurice McDonald Larry McGlade Phyllis McKern Lillian Mclntosh Bob McNeal Roberta Nahach Sharon Newman Roger Nichols Judy Nickelson Sandra Niton Jim North Sharon Nugent Mary O'Brien Eldon O'Dell Linda O'Hara Bob O'Neil . Roger Orr 5, L it p ii. R L -Q. --f W' i 1 1 'Y . V, x L lllx em 2 in fi N twill it 5 ,K 9 mv 'Q 5- 6-:ia lx "-'- ',.' - 5' ig- X 2 f 1 in 3 l lwll gs l l ll ll uc Lttiill ml K ,ax 5' ,.-rf-'. William Osborn Linda Oviatt Bob Page Ronald Page Fred Paladino Paul Palmer Kirby Parksy Nick Paulson Patricia Paulson Bob Payne Paula Petersen Terry Petry Bob Phillips Kathy Phillips Ronnie Pilger Barbara Pitt Judy Pleake Jean Plummer Tommie Plummer Diana Points Mary Jo Points Sharon Points Bill Porter Linda Potkoniak Barbara Real Carol Reed David L. Reed Larry Reese Raymond Reninger Richard Rowe Paula Richards Connie Richardson Jacque Richardson Sherry Riche Suzette Richer Jim Riet Karen Rief Crayle Roberts Carl Rogers Alice Rogge Leland Romans Sherry Rothe Deanna Ryba Doris Sage Ronald Sayers Donna Schafer Karen Schlegal Belva Schoenrock 82 Marlene Schmidt Richard Schuning Carol Sharp Sharon Sherlund Paul Schoat Rosemary Shoemake Charlotte Siedel Linda Simons Frank Singer John Singer David Slack Charlotte Smith Dennie Smith Dennis Blair Smith Jeannette Smith Karen Smith Norman Smith Redda Smith Bobby Sorenson Fred Sorrel Rosemary Specht Elizabeth Speer Gary Spence,r Judy Steiber Marcene Steinhoff Roxie Lee Story Ronald Strong Patrick Sturm Chuck Suder Nick Sulentic Peggy Sullivan Jean Sweeney Cecelia Svvingwood Karen Tacy Lawrence Taylor Leslie Taylor Pamela Thomas Perry Thompson Tom Tobias Nancy Tomanio Pat Torneten Barbar.a Trumble Franklin Turner James Turpen Danny Ulmer Albert Vallier Judy Vallier 83 -G' s .L gxvycx Q. T ,gs .l W? 1+ 'Cl' lf 'ff m Q l g N J . Emu 1.-. ' 4 T -.. a s 4353 ' t:,, by ' J is Q af sf? f s' L it it V ,T Q S Q' . i n f. wi I , X Pass ! nf till R il'ss .L ' X Pzfgflg A 'L K '., K "V in K A if N-f f y' 'T' 1 F 3 sim. T il l l r x 5 ,, sa g-me sr.. ff, f ax, a i . i s i g , 4 an 7' K l AX w'ftg"l.ff?lQ 1: cdf ffifl' S yg S E' f as 1 6 at F S rrl. Q ' 'riz like F , L T J it ll ' t t t llll il nr ffl' S ' W I X l pf .,v: - A X. am... L -Q it tiff, xx . f-:Q - fl lil- Q L ttf 'gf Marvin Vallier Kathy Vanderloo Norma Van Dyke Sally Van Scoy Corrine Varner Connie Vernon Don Versaci Spencer Visuri Larry Waffle Claud Walker Donald Wall Margaret Walker Marilyn Wallace Dianna Walling Glen Walling Arthur Walter Harry Watts Judy Weatherill Pat Weatherly Kenneth White Richard White Roger White Chuck Wickersham Jerry Williams Mike Wilson Ann Marie Williams Judy Wohlert Robert Wolfe Kenny Wolff Phyllis Wolford Larry Woods Randy Zahn Kathy Butler President SQUDiP?iHlUM ORES Sponsors Mr. Capel Roger Howland Secrefa ry Ricky Johansen Speed Tobias Vice President Treasurer Mrs. Gunderson 85 is 0 Q .4- 'rs SUlPllsllUNlURlf',S 0 T V iuq is sf" basses fb' "Sf ie A L 6 1 . . ., I q, 1 X T- KN Ref? Jim Abshier Marvin Akers Carole Alexander Eddie Allerton Jackie Allmon Donna Alton Judy Andersen Richard Anderson Howard Anderson Jerry Anderson Keith Anderson Linda Anderson Phillip Andrews Rose Andrews Evelyn Arnold Thomas Annin William Annin Lloyd Arnold Ruth Austin Gene Bacon Kay Bailey Jerry Baird Bary Barr Gloria Beckner Larry Beltz Tom Benson Diantha Biggerstaff Joanne Bina Leslie Blackford Sharon Boren Mike Boustield Patsy Bowen Dorothy Breshers Joyce Branson Jeannie Brinkman Dean Brougham Bob Brown Terry Brownell Rosalie Bruner Gary Buechner Sharon Burkhart Ronald Burns Phil Buswell Delores Butler Kathy Butler Ruth Calabro Melvin Carmichael Terry Carrigan Karen Chambers Stan Chapin Alfred Childers Lila Christensen Chuck Clawson Ron Clemens Sherri Cleveland Judy Coffman Jane Coleman Kathleen Coleman Frank Collins Kay Conaway Kenneth Corum Michael Conzemius Ann Marie Cook John Coppock Kenneth Couch Donna Cumpston Donetta Cupit Donald Dalton Erma Dougherty Lona Doughman Gloria DeBar Robert DeBoer Joanne Dennis Delilah DeSanti Narcisa DeSantiago Silvia DeSantiago Tommy Deltmann Gary Deioaele Floyd Diamond Nancy Dillehay Mike Denova Bill Dimnitt James Donaldson Judy Ann Doty Diana Doyle Sheryle Edmonds Joyce Edmonston Linda Edwards Helen Eicher -Gilbert English Jim Evans Linda Evens Sharon Everett Aileen Fausett Clair Fennell Judy Fields 87 l 4 '51 , N .1 Y 4 L , QD lil fl ll fl D Nl Ulla? HSS rf! KJ , F 5 fy Q, , X E 17, .fl , , -3,11 , 1 2 qt k i 3 K J l 57 Z .-gm: 'NN f L ,X 'rx MN H J' A PK. al 4 lk. in-v' ii sv K 1 if 1 ' 1 Anita File Carole Fogle Nancy Foster David Fox Charlotte Frain Fred Franks Joan Gallaagher Farelann Garrison David Gilson Richard Gittins David Godwin Gary Goldsbery Arliss Goodman Connie Gordon James Griffin Steven Gruenau Pamela Gullup Pamela Haley Evelyn Hallberg John Hansen Sharon Hardisty Denny Harold Sharon Harrill Barbara Harris Neomia Harrison Sharon Harrison Duane Hassler Kenneth Hawkins Terry Hays George Helms Barbara Hewitt Marvin Hiatt Harriet Hillman Carole Hodge Lawrence Hoff Theon Hogue Jim Holder Neil Holmes Joann Hollinger Dave Hoover Charles Hook Jerald Hopkins Mary Hastetter Roger Howland Jeri Humlicek Connie Hammel Gary Hubby Richard Ingersoll Sam lrvin Larry lves Sally Jacobson Kathryn James Jim Jensen Ricky Johannsen Howard Johnson Jeanette Johnson Jim Johnson Bessie Jones Kenneth Jones Robert Jones John Joneson Mary Kaufman Juanita Keene Gary Ke'lIy Charles Kern James Kidwell Ronald King Joella Kirk Gary Kirkendall Robert Kitchell Earl Klingensmith Kathy Knudsen Bob Konecny Fred Kratzke Mariea Kuhn Jerry LaMotte Kalvin Lamphear Killeen Lamphear Nancy Lang Jim Larsen Sally Latham Mary Laudon Davy Lee Dorothy Lee Dianne LeMaster Dave LeRette Dianne Lewis Gary Lewis Wayne Lotz Bobbie Lovelace Joyce Liston Dorothy Lyons Kathrine Mace Barbara Madison Larry Mahan Tom Main 89 R La , i iw is J ' li? ,L ,,. f T ,N as f if . ffl ,j'k"f' P NL , Af I.,-f-yg4vfgf'?fgy ,iw , gy Y ing Q Ks L K x ,X L Ei xv, E .af if , ,L -.M J' X Qmm frgesz y X , ,K 4 Q ' , Sys' 1 1 'K I - i ii i' K ctct in fit L L "' ' 3 R L y tg. ' V L gl 1' ' J f-'J 'Q L si e f I , A y ,J , l Q? G- fklll 4 X f K 'li ' ,-if .. wi lp st X t v- 'fi it Li K N - x l P it M Q XX - .- 2 -V L,'L i L W 59 l in" 'll' l Riclixig " L ' X L al 5' . ,L LL W mA Nz N M' Xe, , Q 1 LLLL- - D 4 Q , si Y 4 .J V..-.tak 'te x is L S alll.-sif gi ll . li Xe X 'fi r L ' 24:1 Re."sL53tlY L' ,..v - . l' 'Vi :la . 5 fx if , Q-L", 'lkgf . l SDlP?lHlUlNllDlRlli1S V A A x r5 A 1 Zkii, ,,:' 5 Vi. t L 5 L if L 1 . L - X " .1 gk X y L l - L ' 1 A yt.. 1 X I lb Xt L ,l 'Mk K, g jg y D L is ,ff 'VA L ,j i i i L . i -,.. Wayne Mains Lois Markey Connie Marr Everet Mason Katherine Massouris Mike Mathews Bill Mattox Douglas McClintock Clarice McConnell Leona McGee Bob Mclntosh Delmar Mclntosh Claudia McLaughlin Joe Medakovich Connie Medley Charlotte Miller Robert Miller John Mitchell Dennis Moore Shirley Moore Karen Morlan Larry Morse Ron Mossburg Linda Mowery Douglas Mumm John Murphy Bob Neal Frank O'Hara Larry Olson Paul Osborn Sue Oviatt Sandy Pace Joe Paladino Pete Paladino Karen Palmer Barbara Paulson Keith Paskevvitz Shirlee Pearey Karen Pennington Wilbur Peterson Carolyn Peterson Margaret Peterson Gary Petry Jerry Sorensen Gary Sollazzo Ron Smith Peggy Pieper 90 Etha Plunkett George Poe Jim Pogue Joan Posvar Terry Prentice Kermit Price Chuck Reed - Q it s ir gm 3, Mike Regan Bill Reichart Mary Ann Reichart Frances Reimers Caroline Rhodes Don Rhoten Alfred Riche Geri Riche Terry Roberts Nancy Robinson Velda Robinson Jim Robshavv Josie Rodriguez Luke Rodriguez A r Judy Rogers Paul Rolfe Sharon Rolfes Kenneth Rutfcorn - it Gary Saar J Otta Saar as . Marcia Sanders in it ,Qg If Jaletie Sayers ' K Kin f Raymond Ruiz J ki sf Dennis Scoular Jacquelyn Shank Bill Shepard S li V ' Dick Sigler is K ' Leon Smith gyygi K -2 kyig Don Souser ':'i s ,:.- Kathy Souser Penny Stearns Robert Steppuhn Carol Stevens Eugene Steward Judy Still K Michael Stogdill Janet Stork Dennis Storm Meri Strong Fonda Sturgeon Florence Svo bod a ..., ' 95- AG,-- ' -2 ,..,.,, Jerry Sweeney 9l if -S W aj T i K K it ,i. ,1 A, .VX 1 ICN SUll9ll:llOMlUll'lill'ES L Q r-W T il 4 if T is r T V iw " L r fill tiki, , V g y cy ., y m r L A ' L .T riic A W-.-kk' A . ,, ' i..g:"k izr, 4' WVR --"' c' A Q "gs ,,.. 2,5 fx 'fl L 'T K y JA i kk I A lx f 2 X? -, 2 , N V y A' je g VLLLVL 21 3, yt xv at F Alla - 1.. Q l A if Y ' ' J it J , "' ' , 6 , 'H ii- , NSY ' 1 XX A l ' 'VY i .,,. ,.-' fffitfx L, Q ,. , 1 , 5 . g . , Q: ty I I ,ski f ' ., ' fi x Q3 John Swift Bill Talbott Larraine Tallman Karen Taylor Tom Tecos Judith Tennigkeit Jim Thacker Jim Thomas Rodelle Thompson David Tobias Eddie Tompkins Marilyn Tornholm Sylvia Tornholm Angelina Torrez Sandy Torrez Jerry Townsend Suzanne Traylor LaDonna Turk Kenneth Turner Susan Turner Marcia Vargas Jane Vernon Marry Vogt Joanne Waffle Norman Wakefield Terry Waldron Audrey Wallace Mary Jeanne Wallace Garrett Walling William Walters Tom Wasinger Cynthia Waugh Mary Waugh Craig Wells Donna West Ronald Westerberg Larry Wheeler Lester Whitney Lorraine Wigington Jan Wilderman Judy Williams Nancy Williamson Alvin Wilson Jolene Wilson Soundra Wilson Dorothy Wingatt Carol Witt 92 Bob Welch Henry Watkins Lynn Watson Gloria Wray Li. g ,, 5 in W Q Chuck Wohlert ' gf ZS: 'J Ml 5 8 X N is A xv X A if x l Carolyn Wright - V 1, M . ' .5 . Y M Y A Q1 575.3 L Howard Wright , Q . , '4 Louis L. Wright ,. Q t ,,. g , Steven Wright j 1-ev tv g Q -73 ' 3 57 Charles YOUHQ 1 ,. L ",r ,gg ...'! Nancy Zimmerman 'l V Quit T X :'ff H W' .1 K 2 1 x T NSXX L L ' fx it L X " H--at . . vf: .Fixx xx Q- Letts explains Geometry to Sophomores. 93 Joan Mathews President tl L' N tl C DR Sponsors Mr. Hanson ""'Q" ffglism A 1 I: 'swf ' Ann Thornton Secretary -We Q-Q' Wasil' Tom Bruner Marie Kruse Vice President Treasurer Miss Moeller 94 Judy Ackerman Arbutis Adamson Mary Ann Akers Jimmy Aldridge Ralph Aldrich Richard Amsberry Daisy Anderson Jim Andrews Jim Annin Dick Auhll Joyce Banks Carolyn Barron Mervin Baxter Karen Beam Ralph Becerra Kay Belt JoAnn Bensly Gary Benson Michael Biggerstaff Gary Bird Dick Bogue Don Bollig Roger Bolte Ray Boren Vickie Borgailla Wanda Boyer Pat Brannon Janis Briggs Janet Brinkman Jim Brooks Dave Brown Judy Brown Lois Brown Ken Burris Terry Camp Bob Carlson Craig Carrigan Nancy Cassell Barbara Castle Gary Chambers Denny Clark Donna Clark Harry Clark John Clopine Bill Cloyd Gerald Coleman Jim Coppock Paul Cuccia 95 'iq' -.121 ,age N iw 'L i as J 1 . Q, B Q . y o u 51' f gf is ,,i,v 'Fir C 'c.' A .llc my V i i Qglgffllil? lg . . A I '. Q 'Q'-Alva ,, A , .,,. , .5 . 5' J rg., X 1 si 'ri . K -V Ap . A ,.:-. Q Q sr s , 4 li Q' lar 4 nv' Q -,,.- . -sl i f . RER, Q. l irc. s mil er fl ,- It is - V .kilt ' , . fu PX, Q , liz ir. Sw f-' M ai' Q . rv , Bw ggi Q 4. 1 0 ' "rv, CK' Q. 1 rsxifk , 7 John Culiat Barbara Culton LaWayne Cyphers Faye Daugherty Cynthia Dawson Karen DeHart Janice Dew Mike Dorman David Doty Jerry Doughman Ronnie Drake Laurel Ebert Jim Eicher Marie Ellison Judy Erickson Jerry Espinosa Sharon Estes Marilyn Evans Jeanne Ferrarello Gary Fields Wanda Fields Louis Fisher Janice Fletcher Joan Fost Margaret Fowler Dennis Fox Jolene Friedman Dale Fuss Jim Gammon Geri Gardner Barbara Garrett Gary Gibbs Karen Godden Dona Gray Beverly Graybill Herb Graybill Gail Grove John Guinan Beverly Hall Jackie Hallberg Albert Harrison Jim Hartman Joe Haspar Bonnie Hastie Wanda Hathaway Beverly Haven Danny Head 96 Bill Heaps Mickey Heffernan Sharon Heiman Dorothy Henderson Sonja Henry Judy Herman Larry Hester Bill Hewitt Eldon Hiers Dick Hobbs Barbara Hoden Ronnie Holmes Karen Howell Jim Humlicek Ron Hunter Sid Hyde Dorsie Ivy Billy Rae Jackson Ernest James Shirley James Eddie Jantzon Judy Jensen Paul Jensen Bob Johnson Carol Johnson Janice Johnson Karen Johnson Darlene Jones Nancy Jones Leonard Keene Elaine Keller Jackie Kendall Karen Kennedy Janet Kennett Sam Kilibarda Jack Kieldaard Jon Klement Marilyn Klonus Marie Kruse George Lane Mark Lane Jack Lang Martha Langston Sandra Lapsley June Larsen David Larson Eugene Lea Maxine LeBaugh Betty Lee 1 was 214. W . - ,wt me lf' .W 2 Q H v . 2' is . 5 L s .,.. 1, fili ,Q V ,.,. il' V Q Wx 5 ft S' LE. JL' V peg y 9 S flllligl Q1 L Wie 5 ' 1 I i I 1 1 , . l' . ff e L ima L it ,im Q A 1 if . 3 My 4 48,3 Ji, M -.1' if .s.. . ,- 5 fi, H t wwf' fr w lf fee ,Q e rx Q N it . ,A ,MJ - figggfqlew get 'gg-,QA S i'-527,521 5 .- , -1 af yl S" JE' 5 ' A 'ttf .L K X . ' ""'fLc t . iffil . x .. J r 4, . . 555 5 ,L ' V ---M ' . fi, 2, 4-v"'f2 9' 3 t -Pla . - ,, . ., X ..,. ,Kiwi xi. ty - .- LM :Q v , 1-7 V K 9 .i '- i '- 'w1..,. if-Ii :K . H . '22ii.1' Q 5 H .t gi Vw .fs l A . .1 rf .K L '-' 5 as - ws. 12 -mf . .fy W ' ww -.-, .w .,.. Q . V-.tai i J fr. ' wi 4 dl' ew 8 Y Q. X. , Q- if . X ,,,, tg i,3:A--QW no--H -N s 6. ey an . i t A lm tr 4 at hw, game R .. i I is X rs Q ., Q Charlotte Lee Tom Lee Katherine LeRette Jim Loukata Catherine Mahoney Sharon Malcom Gloria Malick Bernice Mances Don Manson James Marr Madge Marr Don Martin John Martin Kathy Martin Mary Martin Joan Mathews Stephen Mattes David Max Peg Maxwell Marilyn McCauley Arlene McClellan Don McClintock Alma McCormick Peggy McCoy Clarence McDonald Diane McKeever Don McKeever Pat Meek Juanita Mendenhall Beverly Miner Don Mingus Sandra Moats Sharon Mohr Ken Moore Joan Moser Larry Murphy Charlene Myers Eva Myhlhousen Terry Narmi Gene Neighbors Christina Newman Paul Nichols Chuck Ofstedahl Richard Olson Larry Opal Barbara Orme Barbara Orr 98 Mary Jane Palen Ronnie Palmer Richard Paulson Gary Peterson Sharon Peterson Buddy Phillips David Phipps Shirley Plummer Barbara Potfenbarger Larry Porter Shirley Price Doug Primmer Lawrence Ray Lloyd Ray Don Reed Marilyn Reed Ronnie Reed Barbara Richardson Bob Richardson Charlene Robinson Nancy Robinson Ron Rockwell Larry Rogge Gary Rolfes Gary Rowe Martha Ruger Sharon Sanders Kenny Seaman Gay Sheeley Joyce Shipley Marilyn Showers Francis Siedel Linda Smith Lois Smith Marilyn Smith Nancy Smith Pat Smith Wanda Smith Donald Sorenson Helen Sorick LaRita Sorrell Dick Spencer Ed Sprinkel Marilyn Sprinkel Jeanne Spurgin DeAnn St. Clair Linda Struble Barbara Swanson Rosemary Sweene y 99 . 'ci ..r N ,,,. 5-1 ir 'S' A K , 'V pix i x -ill, I 1' 6 gg ii, S if f E-f io- Q kim lg ? is' i N-? 4x L K S K 4 L XV 1, , Tai is . ' 5 A ,, - - . k Q- as 2 ' ' L wr Paw in W P' 'T Efa 331 X X JK L54 P 1, lffif- si P y S y Q p s? 5 ii i' - :,,. fi . -- S' """ 'K .-ft, f.'f:i'5: '45 l f L E ,lx I NL , L I 2. I -6- . k.- ky . G W N, Z S 'vu' - L it . , 5' Vrvk K I ivli f at f fm. Ll Eg ' 1 I x... f,,,,. ' .23 1, f- 1 '55 K ,,u, K: LJ, s ,fy f wfr g if is S aaci 5 'SL xxx to We 'W' N' 1 lt i ni , , . ,AQ qvh ,ncaa L i If JI 'X iw f 4 I "Ei ' S 'E ,ri A 1,1 ir, . vi .. L fi ,g f 1-.r, -L wc-' 5 , 1,--ri si :ill sf: , 3 ' Qtr Britt? r. Haig, QW .. 'ai :if llri a a L , .- il Lili -gif 1- H- --:,r'i' H L Sq' I+.,- F 1-1 5 1 i :,,i:. A A A rf fi " W If LL Q '1i'I,y5, 'lllmriw il l , ,, -e 1 i A at L. 1 1 ,E fi, .. Rai .r.'9flf"Sx S. 1 3 x ec if N. r I gl ra A a Larry Taylor Marvin Thacker Andy Thomas Diana Thomas Sally Thomas Ann Thornton Barbara Tietsort Patricia Trotter Sharon Twomey David Utterback Susan Van Scoy Sharon Vargas James Varner Jerry Vernon Gene Wagner Sally Wahl Larry Walker Marva Wall Margaret Wallace Margaretta Warden Sharon Watkins Margaret Watts Kathleen Waugh Iris West David White Grace Williams Joycelyn Williams Lela Williams Al Wilson Karen Wilson Louis Wolfe Evelyn Wolff Terry Waltrip Bob Wanda Beverly Woods Donald Wymore Wmmmms Drck Shannon esidenr Nlrrgknka Putnam President Vice Pr SI " K HN rr U R S Mrs. Sfrickland SpOnSOrs M I'. .lessen :fv- ,4- r a, ' W ! 'E me '02 Bev Grav Secretary Mrke Boy ef es Treasurer L. LOUIS ACHENQAUGH General ROTC. JIM ACKERMAN General Thespians, ROTC. DON W. ADAMS Col. Prep. En. Track, Student Council, Latin Club, ROTC, Road- show 4. DAVID ADAMSON Indus. Arts RONALD A. ADAMSON Col. Prep. Science Club, Biology Club, FTA, Roadshows I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor, Latin Club, Boys' State, ROTC, Debate, Junior Prorn Court, Junior Class President. CARLA ADDINGTON Steno. Gen. GAA. FRANK ADRIAN General ALYCE AI-IART Steno. Gen. GAA, FHA, Girls' Lounge, International Relations Club, Roadshow 4. I03 505 PHYLLIS BIRD Col. Prep. Y-Teens, Choir, Operetfa, Latin Club, FHA, GAA, Roadshow I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, Student Council, Pep Club. CLAUDE BLANKENSHIP General ROTC. EILEEN BOLLIG Voc. Hmkg. FHA. MICHAEL BOYER General Junior Red Cross, Thespians, Signal, Biology, Choir, Operetfa, ROTC, All-School Plays 2, 3, 4, Bess? Actor 3, Prom Court, State Play Conlest 2, 3, Sludent Council. IO4 ALICE BAKER Gen. Steno. Junior Red Cross, FHA. JU DY BEALS Gen. Steno. BEVERLY BELTZ Gen. Steno. Y-Teens, Signal, Choir, Opereifa, Pep Club, GAA Spanish Club, Colonial Ball, Roadshow I, 2, 3 4, Quill 8: Scroll. TOM BETHERS General ROTC. SIE, IDRS Choir, Operelta, Roadshow I, 2, 3, 4: FHA- ANN E BRAN NON Gen. Steno. Junior Red Cross, Thespians, Choir, Operetta, Latin Club, Orchestra, Roadshow I, 2, 3, 4, All-School Play 3, Book Week Tea 2, 3, 4, Maiorette- Colonial Ball 2, 3 4, Pe Club, 1 4 ' P Altruma, GAA, Library Club, Band. TOM BRAY Voc. Print. Signal, Football, Golf, Choir, Operefta, ROTC, Roadshow 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council. CHARLES BRlTTAlN Ind. Arts ROTC. PHIL BROUGHAM Engineering Student Council, Spanish Club, ROTC, Roadshow. GARY BROWN General GLO R IA B ROWN Gen. Steno. Pep Club, GAA, FHA, Roadshow NORMAN BRYAN General Football, Track, Choir, Lettermen's Club Band Orchestra. JUDY BUSWELL General Altruma. I05 BEVERLY CHRISTENSEN Col. Prep. Pep Club, Band, FNA, Latin Club. JUDY CLOPINE General Choir, Altrumag Opereitag Roadshow l, 2, 3, 4. JOHN CLOYD General Basketball, Football, Wrestling, ROTC, Color Guard. SHARON COHRS Gen. Steno. Altruma. I06 CHARLOTTE CAMPBELL Gen. Steno. JUDY CARLSON General Junior Red Cross, Choir, Opereitag Pep Club, Altruma, Library Club, Latin Club, Roadshow l, 2, 3, 4, FHA. TERRY CAVETT Col. Prep. Signal, ROTC. SHIRLEY CHAMBERS Col. Prep. Y-Teens, Latin Club, Spanish Club. STE HOURS TOM COLEMAN General Signal: Football, Lettermen's Cluby ROTC. ROD COLGLAZIER Voc. Print. Football Captain, All-lntercity, All-Southwest Iowa, Basketball, Track, Tennis, Wrestling, Letter- men's Club, ROTC. DAVID COLLINGS Col. Prep. En. Football, Track, Wrestling, Sophomore Class Secretary. EUNICE COLLINS Steno. Gen. Junior Red Cross, Pep Club, Freshman Cheerlead- er, Aurora, Band, Roadshow 1, 2, 3, 4. SUE CRAIG Col. Prep. Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Football Court, show, Student Council, Band, Girls' Lo Future Nurses' Club, Orchestra. DOUG CURTIS General Road unge Signal, Football, Student Council, ROTC. CATHY A. DAMON Steno. Gen. Y-Teens, Choir, Operetta 3, 45 Roadshows 3, 4, Pep Club. MANUEL DE SANTIAGO Steno. Gen. Spanish Club, Band. I07 I ELTON DUNGAN General Thespians, Football, Wrestling. BILL EASDALE General Junior Red Cross, Thespians, Student Council, Choir, Basketball, ROTC, Operetta I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM EDWARDS General Football, Track, Wrestling, ROTC, Rifle Team. PAT EGGERS Gen. Steno. Junior Red Cross, Thespiansy Pep Club, Chee: leader, Library Club, Roadshows 2, 3, 4 I08 JERRY DINGMAN Voc. Print. Basketball, Football, Track, ROTC, Boys' Glee Roadshow, Leftermen's, Boys' Glee. CHARLOTTE DINOVO General Band. VIRGINIA DUBOIS General LARRY D. DUKE Voc. Print. Junior Red Cross, Biology Club, ROTC. ROBERT A. ELLIS General SYLVIA ELONICH Gen. Steno. Pep Clubg GAA. JAMES ENGLAND General Signalg Basketballg ROTC. GARY D. ERBES Col. Prep. Junior Red Crossg Basketballg Footballg men's Clubg Wrestling: ROTC. Letter- JAMES EVERETT General Spanish Clubg ROTC. LYNN EEHR Ind. Arts Biology Club. DOUG FILE Col. Prep. ROTC: Latin Cluby Roadshow 1, 2, 3, 45 Rif Teamg Debate: Creative Writing. MELVIN FINLEY General ROTC. I09 AN N E GARST Homemaking Science Club: Student Council: FHA: Latin Club: International Relations: Roadshow I, 2, 3, 4. LAMOINE GEARHART Col. Prep. Monticello: Basketball: Football: Baseball: Choir: Operetta: National Honor: Wrestling: Roadshow: Boys' State: ROTC: Rifle Team. LARRY GOLDSBERRY General LAURENE GORDON Gen. Steno. Junior Red Cross: Thespians: Latin Club: Editor of Monticello: Pep Club: Student Council: Al- truma: Band: Maiorette: Colonial Ball: Rcaadshows I, 2, 3, 4: All-School Plays 2, 3, 4: Contest Play 2, 3: Best Actress 3. Il0 SHERYLE FISHER Gen. Steno. Y-Teens: FHA, JOHN FLOYD General Football. MELVIN FOX General Junior Red Cross: Basketball: Football: Track ROTC: Lettermen's Club. CAROL FUSS Gen. Steno. FHA: Roadshows 2, 3, 4. SENHORS JACK GORHAM General ROTC. BEVERLY GRAVES Col. Steno. Football Courtg Choirg Operettay President Stu- clent Councily Pep Clubg Aurorag National Honor: Library Clubp Girls' Loungeg Roadshowg Book- week Tea. JOE GRAVICH Col, Prep. ROTCg Spanish Club. JUDY GRAZIER Gen. Steno. Thespiansf Pep Clubg Student Councilg Cheer- leaderp Choreographer for Judithe'sg Aurorag Football Courtf Choirg Operetta 37 "Oklahoma"g National Honorg Roadshow 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Court. -.Y.............-,, DEAN NA HANNUM Gen. Steno. EILEEN L. HANSEN General Pep Club: Girls' Loungep Art Clubg FHA JIM HANSEN General ROTCg Trackg Footballp Basketball. CAROLYN HARGIS Gen. Steno. Girls' Loungef Office Workp FNA. GLEN HASSLER General ROTC. JOH N HAVICK College Prep. Thespiansg Science Clubg Choir: ROTCQ Operetiay Debateg LaYin Club: Boys' Stateg Roadshowp AII- School Play. BRIAN I-IAWKES College Prep. Choir: Operettap Band. VIRGINIA HERWEG General Choirg Operevtap Altrumag Band: Girls' Loungeg Roadshows I, 2, 3, 4. I I2 WILMA HARRISON Gen, Steno. Choirg Opereftag Roadshows. JOYCE HARTENHOFF Voc. Hmkg. Junior Red Cross: Student Councilg Pep Club FHA. DON HASSLER General Track: ROTC. SIENIIORS MARILYN HILLMAN College Prep. Student Council, Pep Club, library Club, Latin Club, Roadshow l. DE ANNA HODEN Steno. Gen. Signal, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Student Council, Pep Club, Altruma, Roadshow I, 2, 3, 4. TED E. HOFF Engineering Basketball, Football, Track, Lettermen's Club, Wrestling, Latin Club, Roadshow 4, ROTC. CAROL HOLMES Steno. Gen. Junior Red Cross, Monticello, Football Court Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Student Council, Cheer- leader, Pep Club, Altruma, Roadshow I, 2, 3, 4 Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class Secre tary, Junior Prom Court, Music Contest. V14 - .1.. sl J sea we 1: LARRY HOOK General Basketball, Football, Track, ROTC, Rifle Team JAMES HOPKINS Col. Prep. ROTC, Rifle Team. JEANETTE HOPKINS General Choir, Operetta 3, 4, FHA. PHILIP HOWLAND Col. Prep. En. Junior Red Cross, Basketball, Golf, Science Club Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Latin Club, All-State Chorus II3 MARSHALL JAMES Col. Prep. ROTC. RALPH JEFFRES Col. Prep. Spanish Club. J U DY J ENSEN Steno. Gen. Junior Red Cross: Monticello: Football Court: Choir: Operetta 3, 4: Pep Club: Aurora: FHA: Roadshow 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM JOHNSON Voc. Print. Basketball: Track: Wrestling: ROTC. II4 KENNETH HURD General Junior Red Cross: ROTC. RON INGERSOLL Col. Prep. Thespians: Basketball: Football: Baseball: Choir: Operetta I, 2, 3: "OkIahoma": Lettermen's Club: Latin Club: National Honor: Freshman Class President: ROTC Summer Camp: Junior Prom Court. HARVEY JAMES Lib. Arts Spanish Club: ROTC, Lieutenant. JUDY JAMES Col. Prep. Science Club: Y-Teens: Latin Club: FHA: Roadshow 4: International Relations: Student Council: Pep Club: GAA. SIEZNIIURS CHARLES JOHNSON Col. Prep. Junior Red Cross, Science Club, Biology, National Honor, Band, Debate. MARY M. JOHNSON Steno. Col. Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Latin Club, Roadshow l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, Student Council, Aurora, Library Club. PAUL E. JOHNSON Ind. Arts ROTC. WH ITN EY JOHNSON Col. Prep. Junior Red Cross, Basketball, Football, Golf, Choir, Operetta 3, 4, ROTC, Latin Club, Road- show 4. ARDIE JONES General Junior Red Cross, Choir, Operetta 3, 4. CATHY JONES Steno. Gen. Choir, Operetta 3, 4, Pep Club, Altruma, Road- show I, 2, 3, 4. HELEN E. JONES Col. Prep. Junior Red Cross, Signal, Spanish Club, National Honor, Art Club. PATRICIA JONES Voc. Hmkg. Junior Red Cross. ll5 MARY KILDAY Gen. Steno. Aurora. TRUDY E. KILLAT General Choirp Operetta. JOHN -R. KING Col. Prep. RICHARD KINGERY General II6 Junior RICHARD C. JONES Engineering Band. LAVONNE JUDD General Red Crossf GAAp Pep Clubg Choiry FTA LEROY KENNEDY Industrial Arfs Footballg ROTC. JOAN KENYON Steno., Gen. Y-Teensg Choir. SENHORS RINDA A. KI RCHERT General Y-Teens ROSANNE KLEIN Gen. Sfeno. Pep Club: GAA: FHA. DICK LAN HAM General Junior Red Cross: Track: Biology Club: Choir. COLLEEN LARSON Voc. Hmkg. Junior Red Cross: Pep Club: GAA: Girls' Rifle Team. DWAYNE LAUVER Voc. Print. Signal: Football: ROTC. JUDY LE MASTER Steno. Gen. Junior Red Cross: Choir: Opereffa 3, CounciI: Pep Club: Roadshow I, 2, 3 BARBARA LEWER Voc. Hmkg. Choir: Opereita 3, 4: FHA. DUANE R. LITTLE General ROTC. II7 Student FHA. SAM MARTlN General Basketball, ROTC. SALLY MASSOURIS Junior Red Cross, GAA, FHA. LORELEI MAX Col. Prep. Y-Teens, Thespiansy Choir, Operetta I-ioma"p Girls' Lounge, Roadshow Chorus, Future Nurses' Club. PATTY MAXWELL General FTA, Roadshow 4. 3, "Okla- All-State BEVERLY MADISON Steno. Gen. Junior Red Cross, Student Council, Pep Club, Aurora, FHA, Roadshow I, 2, 3. JANET MADSEN General Choir, Operetfa 3, 47 FHA. LYNDA MAlN Col. Prep. Junior Red Cross, Thespiansp Monticello, Pep Club, Aurora, Library Club, Band, Roadshow 1, 2, 3, 4, All-School Play 2, Maiorette, Colonial Ball, Judithe's, Book Week Tea. MARY LOU MARR Steno. Gen. Junior Red Cross, Student' Council, Pep Club, Altrurnay Library Club: Band, Choir, Operetta 3, 41 Colonial Ball, Book Week Tea: Latin -Club, S NHQDRS ERROL MCALEXANDER Col. Prep. En, Golfg Biology Cluby Latin Club: Wrestling. RON MCBRIDE General Football: Tracky Latin Cluby Sfudent Council: ROTCQ Le11ermen's Club: Wrestling. JOHNNIE MCDANIEL Incl. Arts ROTC. CAROLYN MCINTOSH General Girls' Lounge. LENORE MCINTOSH Steno. Gen. GAA. BOB MCLAUGHLIN General DICK MCMULLEN Col. Prep. Junior Red Crossg Basketball: Footballg Track ROTC Summer Camp. KAREN ANN MILLER General II9 YW. .fy s ,gf RICHARD MOORE Ind. Arts WrestIing Manager. TERRY MOORE Col. Prep. Basketball: Football: Track. ESEQUIEL C. MORENO General Junior Red Crossg ROTC. BONNIE MORLAN Gen. Steno. I20 KAREN KAY MILLER Voc. Hmkg. Junior Red Crossg Thespiansy Signal: Choir Oper ettag Roadshowg All-State Musicp Music Contest Pep Club: Altrumag National Honorp Library Club Band. KAREN RAE MILLER Gen. Steno. KAREN KAY MINTUN Gen. Steno. FHA. DOUGLAS MITCHELL General Biology Club: Student Councilp Spanish Club ROTC. SIENIIORS LARRY L. MORROW Col. Prep. Signal: Basketball: Football: Baseball: Lettermen's Club: Student Council: Spanish Club: Wrestling. KAREN MUMM Col. Prep. FTA: Pep Club: GAA. NORMA L. MYERS General Junior Red Cross: GAA. FRED NEIGHBORS General Band. ELVIS J. NELSON Col. Prep. Basketball: Football: Track: ROTC: Lettermen's Club. HELEN NETUSIL Gen. Steno. Signal: Football: Choir: Operetta: Student Coun- cil: Pep Club: Cheerleader: Aurora: Girls' Lounge: Roadshow. BERNICE NEWLAND Gen. Steno. Y-Teens: Band. PAT NICHOLS Gen. Steno. Choir: Operetta: Student Council: Pep Club: FHA. l2l LARRY OST ROM Ind. Arts ROTC. DON OWEN General ROTC. CAROL PASKEWITZ Gen. Steno. PATRICIA PALUDAN General Thespiansy Library Club, l22 GERALD ODELL General Junior Red Crossg Spanish Clubg ROTC. DONALD OLSON General Football. GLENDA OLSON Gen. Steno. Football Courfp Pep Club: Cheerleaderf Aurora Library Clubg Roadshow 2, 35 Colonial Bpll. PATRICIA OPAL Gen. Steno. Junior Red Crossg Student Councily FHA. STENTTORS MIKE PETERS General Football, ROTC. DONALD PETERSON General Basketball, Football, Track, Tennis, Lettermen's CIuI3g ROTC. BEVERLY PHILLIPS General Junior Red Cross, Choir, Operettap Band. MARILYN PHILLIPS Gen. Steno. Junior Red Cross, Thespians, Signal, Monticello, Choir, Operetta, FHA, Student Council, Pep Club, Altrumag Roadshow I, 2, 3, 4, Music Contest. ,fe DONNA PIERSON General BioIoQYf FNA. BONNIE PILGER Steno. Col. Junior Red Cross, Football Court, Student Coun cilg Pep Club, Cheerleader, Aurora, Latin Club Roadshows I, 2, 3, 4. DAVE PRATT General ROTC. CAROLYN PRICE Voc. Hmkg. Junior Red Cross, GAA, Girls' Lounge. I23 1 I I BETTY RICHARDS General FHA. SONJA ROPER ' Gen. Steno. Junior Red Cross, Football Court, Student Coun- cil, Aurora, Roadshow. JOE RYBA Col. Prep. Football, Baseball. HARLAN SCHLUETER General Junior Red Cross, Choir, Operetta, Band. l24 VIRGINIA PUTNAM Col. Prep. Junior Red Cross, Pep Club, Tl-iespians, Editor of Signal, Football Queen, Choir, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Roadshow 2, 3, 4, Student Council, Aurora, National Honor, Library, Girls' Captain in Band, Senior Class President, Junior Class Vice Presi- dent, Colonial Ball, Junior Prom Court Princess, Good Citizen, DAR, Girls' State, Quill 8- Scroll. JUDY RAKES Gen. Steno. Pep Club, GAA. WONETA REED Gen. Steno. Y-Teens, JAMES RICE Col. Prep. Choir, Operetta, ROTC, Drill Team. SENIIORS A K ,ia . SALLY SCHIMDT Steno. Gen. Junior Red Cross: Choir: Operetta: Pep Club: Library Club. LAURELLE SCHIEDER General Pep Club: GAA: Girls' Lounge. LINDA SCHOENROCK Col. Steno. Junior Red Cross: Thespians: Choir: Operetta 3, 4: FHA: Spanish Club: Pep Club: Orchestra: Roadshow 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council: Sophomore Cheerleader: National Honor: Library Club: All- School Play 3: One Holy Night. DENNIS SCHUPP Steno. Gen. Band: Drum Major. DICK SHANNON General Junior Red Cross: Monticello: Basketball: Foot- ball: Tennis: Lettermen's Club: Student Council Spanish Club: ROTC: Senior Class Vice President Freshman Class Secretary: ROTC Summer Camp BARBARA SHREVES Steno. Science Club: Pep Club: Library Club. GARY SIMPSON General Football: Wrestling. JUDY SINGER General Y-Teens Social Director. I25 I I fi 55" GLORIA SPARKS Col. Prep. Junior Red Cross: Spanish Clubp Girls' Lounge. TERRY STARK General Foolballp Trackg Le11ermen's Clubp Siudent Coun- cilg Wrestling. RICHARD SUBBERT Voc. Print. Baskefballg Footballp Wrestling: ROTC. SANDRA SWANGER Steno., Gen. Girls' Loungep Rifle Team. l26 DELBERT SMITH General Junior Red Crossg Trackp ROTC. JANET SMITH Col. Prep. Junior Red Cross: Choirp Operettag Latin Clubf FTA: Roadshow li 2, 3, 4: STudenT Councilg Pep Club: Altruma. BOB SON DAG Col. Prep. Junior Red Crossg Basketballg Football: Track: Science Clubp Biologyg Choir: Operetia 4. SANDRA SOUSER Steno. Gen. Junior Red Crossy Pep Clubp Altrumap Cheer- leader I, 27 Library Club. SHARON SWINNEY General Signal. ANITA TAYLOR General Aurora. JOAN TELLER Steno. Gen. Junior Red Cross: Student Council: Signal: Au- rora: Spanish Club: National Honor: Library Club: Band: International Relations Club: Roadshow: Book Week Tea: Colonial Ball: Girls' State Al- ternate. SHARON THOMAS Col. Steno. Junior Red Cross: FTA: Student Council: Pep Club: Cheerleader: Aurora: Latin Club: Road- show 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice President Freshman Class: Judithe's. IRENE Tl EDEMANN Stenographic DIANA TIERNEY Steno. Gen. Monticello: Pep Club: Aurora: Roadshow: Glee JOYCE TIMMONS Stenographic Junior Red Cross: Choir: FHA: Roadshow 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT TRAYLOR General Student Council: ROTC. l27 , BILL VENARD Engineering TRU DY LEE VIETZEN General Signal, Student Council: Red Cross, BILL R. VOGT General Football, Captain: Letlermen's Clubg Wrestling: Band. GLADYS WAFFLE Steno. Pep Clubp Spanish Club. l28 RAY TURPEN General Basketballf Football: Baseball: LeTfermen's Club. MARION VALENTEN General TIM VAN SCOY General Basketballg Footbally Lettermen's Cluby ROTC SUZANNE VAN WELL Exchange Student Y-Teensg Thespiansf Student Council: Aurora: Li brary Club. SENLORS JOYCE WAKEFIELD College Steno. Junior Red Crossy Signal: Choir: Pep Club: Stu- dent Councilg Aurorag Library Club: Latin Club: Roadshow 1, 2, 3, 45 All-School Play 4. LANNY R. WALKER General Student Councilp ROTC. DENNIS WALSH Col. Prep. Signalg Monticello: Basketballg Football: Letter- men's Clubf Student Councilg ROTC. NANCY WARREN Gen. Steno. Footballp Ch ROGER WATERS General Rorc. ' LARRY WAUGH General oirp ROTCp Wrestling: Student Council DON WEATHERILL General ROTCp Student Council. DON WENDELL General ROTC. l29 CAROLYN YOUNG General Student Council, Aurora, Pep Club, Junior Red Cross, Orchestra, Roadshow l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club. BARBARA YOUNGWORTH Gen. Steno. National Honor, FHA, Colonial Ball, Junior Red Cross, Choir, Operetta 4, Roadshow I, 2, 4, Pep Club, Aurora, Student Council. IRA PLUNKETT General Football, Junior Red Cross, ROTC. ROBERT REED General ROTC, Football, Spanish Club. Not pictured TERRY McBRlDE General Biology, ROTC, Creative Writing. GENE NICKERN Voc. Printing Basketball, Football, notc. l30 MARGIE WHITE Gen. Steno. FHA. GILBERT WITTLAND Voc. Print. Basketball, Football, ROTC. SALLY WITTHAUER Col. Steno. Pep Club, GAA. NIARLENE WOLFE Gen. Steno. Monticello, GAA, Cheerleader, FHA, Choir, Oper etta 3, 4, Football Court, Altruma, Pep Club Student Council, Colonial Ball, Junior Red Cross Roadshow I, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Class Treasurer SIE IIORS amwfaumrremuufemws I3I REDMOND SERVICE I824 W. Broadway PHONE 9785 FRED R. SHAW FLOWER SHOP Beg Wishes +0 T. J. I8 Pearl Phone 7355 Gradua+es of '58 From PEOPLE'S STORE Ban Sunglasses B. 8: L. Binoculars SHIPLEY STATE OPTICAL DISPENSARY I27 So. Main S+. Personalized Prescripiion Service W. Max Shipley Ph. 3-340I SAVINGS BANK 509 Wesi' Broadway PHONE 3-752I SWEETMAN CONSTRUCTION CO. 3424 8+h Avenue Phone 3-9772 Flowers by Walfon Whisper Wha'l' Words Cannol' Say" FLOWERS BY WALTON 420 NorI'h 26'I'h PHONE 4059 CONTINENTAL KELLER CO. als W. Bdwy. Ph.-5594 COOK PAINT 84 VARNISH CO. 306 w. Bdwy. Ph. 2-2585 Congra+uIaI'ions Complimenfs From of DAMONS FOOD MARKET EMERGENCY STORE an I 7 Nor+I1 32 RALPH S MEAT MARKET Ph. 2-8646 GOTTBRECHTS COUNCIL BLUFFS SAVINGS BANK 507 Wesf Broadway PHONE 3-7544 Congra+uIa+ions Class of '58 HARDWARE STORES Farm Supplies, Housewares, Sporiing Goods DOWNTOWN STORE WEST END STORE leo w. Bawy. 3138 w. Bdwy. Ph. 4463 Ph. 4401 KEENAN GLASS 81 PAINT CO. 234 W. Bdwy. Ph. 77II KINNEY'S SHOE STORE 402 W' BCIWY' J. C. PENNEY CO. PHONE 3-7339 Congrafulafions fo 'l'l1e Class of '58 LUCKY SEVEN STORES Peoples Sfore 308 W. Bdwy. Bubb's Grocery i930 S. l0'l'll Sf. Hannan's Grocery 3500 5+h Ave. Whife Fronf Mld. 533 Main Sf. The Ideal Grocery 30fl1 and Ave. B CoHmire's Food Cenfer 2I0l Ave. C Marfin's Sfore Underwood, Iowa bfh Sfreef Mlcf. 600 W. Bdwy. Congrafulafions fo fhe '58 Class From "THE QUlCKlE" 2709 Wesf Broadway MARCUS CLOTHES SHOP 6I2 WEST BROADWAY MODE-O-DAY FROCK SHOP Dresses-Lingerie Blouses-Hosiery 522 W. Bdwy. Co. Bluffs MRS. STEWART, Manager-Owner LUSTERTONE CLEANERS Personalized Service Piclc Up and Delivery 3343 WEST BROADWAY PHONE 2-2567 MORPHY DRUG COMPANY Wholesale Druggisfs II9 S. Main Sf. Co. Bluffs PH. 3-75ll Hdkilhl Is+ FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of COUNCIL BLUFFS 50I Broadway IOWA CLOTHES SHOP Says, "Congra+uIa'rions, Seniors I35 Complimenls AINSWORTH PRINTING COMPANY Prinling, Office Supply and Equipmeni' Masonic Temple Bldg. CO. BLUFFS ARNOLD MACHINE WORKS Tools-Dies-Fixlures 3I35 Wes+ Broadway Phone 3-9330 COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA C. E. BAIRD JEWELRY 8 ScoI'+ S+. Phone 4936 "ANY TIME IS GIFT TIME" BENO'S Pearl and Broadway A BeH'er Deparfmenf S+ore CONGRATULATIONS. '58 CLASS BOGARDUS PLUMBING 81 HEATING CO. 30l2 Wesi- Broadway PHONE 6874 BROADWAY FLOWER SHOP 28I0 Wesi' Broadway Corsages and Cul' Flowers Complimenls of CHARLOTTE E. RAES Real Es+aI'e and Insurance 227 PEARL CO. BLUFFS Complimenfs of CON NOLLY DRUG COMPANY "The Rexall S'I'ore" 2400 W. BDWY. PH. 5557 DR. G. H. WAHI- SCHUBERTH STUDIO Says Says Congrafulafions, Seniors Congrahllafions 2305 W. Broadway Seniors PHONE 3-3549 WORLD RADIO C. E. BAIRD JEWELRY 8 ScoH' S+. LABORATORIES Phone 4936 34 I 5 W. Broadway PHONE 2-0277 "ANY TIME IS GIFT TIME" Good luck fo The class of 1959 from fhe MONTICELLO STAFF. I37 , 'jf by ,VN ,.,w0"'r lv I 1 Q2 ,fa I el ? 5 Nw. an wwe + W A ww Z l N. me W 1 I L55 4 Lm.L V. J J A, ?4 lS+,,,, Www Q h AUTOGRAPHS Y X ,L v 1 MA' 'bl Aft fu-'W' 4 m U 71 .11 Q I 1 2 . Lxgfi ,Ybkq V I N LL., A N 1 1 LDUL ,I L Q! ,V LS 41 XD, Sf I V M V x x'W l40 LITHOGRAPHED BY Z TA Lon PUBLISHING co. 'flffh ' 3.59 SWMV DALLAS o TEXAS X Th-' 9952! Y9'1Yf'H0kS 1YDTI'4Yl47H MAIN' me lm vufboen Au YAVIOI MAD! VAVIOI PUIUSNING COMPANY UAHAS 'HAS .1 Y-ig-I--VJ VV. 1 C It an Wlzhi -xi: -AM Uh xr :N V' Y ' t YA I H F l Q ,rl t 41 J- in V4 - U D In ck g 2 rl:--,HW Q UI"-EEEWPI: W:-li-I? H 3 M V-bv -W! ' H. :NK WL -K ,iv by 'W'-'rg---V HV,Av.A,mu'g'F:2D ihisa-kiLawns pi4NlmvuvnfiamiEgmHiggggwrgmmwigigmam XWVNNWFAAMJH :Ea wp l xr: jam-VR in 8 F q 'A' wma PM Iv, UF :PEI wh J ,'MfG-'lwigws an i KEW:KmhwwhbwxnwwswymminEMEWM W? 5 6 Af ig P ' A -

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