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sw . ni xx, t- .w,v ,v . -V "'lfN'QN' Rx ,N KAN, xW Q, "x:.. i .V '-. Ti -Qf'x2'i1f " Ewikiafirsp, '3i':'3":'25-3352" fir mywiwtgialwvg. nga., gb-r'-2J'iw S 74, - 5 Q N ls,-?2'7. gang, FSEQAQ i 'K ' Q .. -. Qc.,-.3 'mei-' aw "-2 " -. i 1 Y aan' Qifffszq- .lfifif " '51 Ni 1 .. 'xt fps. f-y r, "5-12, 5 '14-52345 'Q , ,N . A 'lqrffirr ' ' Vs N- ,T K- '-., 5. :- 1234-25-'i13i3' sis: wg? -1 'L' ' N.. 747 , .- ,ann lah 412:-Q, U11 fi-g,Lu.,Z,' 'ls.'iu.., Q.. tug. t,0iag,' "isg'v.,,1: rug.-.-A Q i l E 14 L. -- l Q 'Q 'Q'-' . , 1 ng., ' Guru ---:if ,.,, q. In " '. ' -A-il, "' -. ""'.:-v.-. ' ' A Q --...:."?-QM . --- ."'f""r'. -L -4" lm 'LTL' Uaiisusn F' human. Ln: me Y 4 , M .., Q 'T ,W Q K' 4-f A s ,:gx:':' 4 1 -2-'-ggyw , ., . - .. , . - ... i , lun an ggzsz. lined! Iso-o-1 RL nd: S.- :a?a::Cl dns: I1 1101 au na -nm . sm nos- gs- onu- gon una can anon 311 35' 1 , -ffm,--,qw f 0 FOREWORD The gray weaihered wheel of a covered wagon painfully cfealring ifs way wesi' over fhel prairie . . . fhe ficlring of a finy wheel making delicale arcs as if measures seconds in a day . . . ihe whirring wheel of a dynamo gleaming wiih power . . . wherever wheels are, fhere civilizafion has pro- gressed. ' Our school is like a wheel: ihere is knowledge a+ fhe hub-+he spolxes. our 'faculfy-our siudenfs, fhe rim. Working all fogefher we have a smoofh- ly funcfioning unif ihaf will advance even as fhe wheel has moved ihrough fhe ages. ' CARNIVAL SPORTS LITTLE Wheels B IG WHEELS SPOKES The crowded halls REMEMBER v The 8 10 rush V at the Lubrary gf" l -If . ,r , ,k ' Q.. uf I 've-1 a ,-us 1 . ,, .4 P .-'fm-: 'V3' 'Qf -1' 'Ewing i Y K W w r , I I I . 5 'YJ' Q F - 3 . i . 5 frm 5 .f . ef.- , . 1 .If jg, , V . . . 'vi'-fswisszvbw -f Jjwgf, ,M-' "Q 'Y...'4,'- " Vi' x . '- at ww-'Hi' -7-"1r'?5' L' S " 'J' , ,'Livgr,zvg, - fl, 'sr ty' snlqv., qu.: I L:f3v2'4L5igff'i', A qi il Q ' gg? I 0 . ' , r rig? J' J 1 ' "f.'1"-""I .""'4" 0 fm fi W 4 ei . tn, s l i lyffrlf' 1 ati.. An" iv 53" f hfxx sf- 5, '1 l 5. j.: x -vw-07' Q fir' 4' . 4 - - r t x 'L Jw y. ,x Q ', .M , 1 ' ,nm ..x X .Y- s, .H r, 4 Y xr - . 1.- f 'iff-f Q :EY . . ' - LH- ef -x '. gf- . . v Q X S , I ' -w '.- '1 ' Q- - at rf, "'.1-r- 4 1' ' ' If 1 I I 4 I 1 , ' -' 'f x 1 4' " I-Z v - . , P . , .U ' I' Q' . , .5 -'- ' ., ,. ' l.., 7 - . Q' ,. ,, f' Sf. 4 . -.g:m55,,g,ti,'."-f 1 5..fE's's .ze-M511 ,- f.-1 ., ,N Y " ff- fl!f:f 1 ' " 1.2"f' ."n ' 'v -. fl," Q v-W2 A I-G ' fx ,.-,- :ln"t.'-. Q 1 A' -R N s J I ' Q 'ze' . I ' 3 'ru x ' .ffl 7 .V 'K ls: .l 3 if Jn ,, .NT"p:,, xr? F A ' nf . Il , I ., - 1,111 V, V, , -'b r.-ff . E , . ,. Q un. ', .I ,x , 'f -r " vi N'.'..AUv..f f' " f f -' rn Q- . Q ' ' 4,g:fr'!55u ,313 ,V .rig I ,gi A. 5-A , .J-Q2-1,7 f4,,fF'A . 155, Q 'M QW W, , g'?!"g',J',f .v, -' g:g,f1-q .:"5,q'Ef1'J, ff--J, w, if-Q lqm.. Q , 4 I L , v 4' I . . 1 an - . . A .Vis .6 ' A ' '- .. "ff 'fa Q5 ' mf 'J x2'z.S'Y J Mfg. 'v Ja" . flhffl ' Q V , S JV -3 nu ' . A' mv . J. I jg! 1 47 . ' 4 ,A 'Ei - , x 1 I A I in A Y 'gijfnbg "9"Q qlir' 'S anmql G! g C, . rr 'AE . . . , 4 Q1-35 .N , , I ,4n V, M . , N- 'QA 59 , !,,: , I 11. I , Y ja AY 2 F 1, 6 ,fn 4 ,' f,!., fg K A 5 V aiu? ,d Q E .3 9 g 4' im! ' E fl . - it ,,q 5 J L I . J 4 ! Pickled grasshoppers nn,-...Q REMEMBER THE SMELLS Prin'rer's ink Burnt cusfa rd REMEMBER THESE SOUNDS And the gurgle glup plup whoom!!! in chemistry lab. Miss Ga, hm walking Sce an readfn ne fI'O,-n the Slee Cbefh. The radio blaring during stage management P REMEMBER Whew!! Wharf ii THE SIGHTS . . . of one of our men streaking toward the goal posts Q' Or dancers cheek To cheek af the Friday Night Hop REMEMBER THE QUIET TIMES In The study hall? And The hush af Graduation Q54 E . When the Star Spangled Banner played . . . X . SPCJKES BDARD OF EDUCATION Planning new buildings, worrying about population increases and keeping a supply of teachers keep the board busy. The Board of Education includes Francis Putnam, Harry Voss, Carl Eckert, Fee Chew, Mrs. John Hansen, Arnold Christensen, and John Jungquist. The Board's regular meetings on Thursday evenings often run into the small hours of the morning. is +5 Y, , ---Q 1 '- ., , , HA fmt 3,5131 ,Q i ' F531 , .. , 5.5 . .r , P E 3, ,ii Q , , 4' YK ff f 'f 3 E: . M f ' 3 bw M E2 k w H X Q4 in 5-Hi" S Q ' my G2 "PEG" EDSON "MARIE" BENTLAGE "MARGE" SHEELY 'Mr. BolTon? .lusT a momenT. Mr. BolTon, Telephone" . . . Familiar sTaTemenTs To The office sTaff. These Three capable women keep our school running smooThly by-paying bills, regisTering new sTudenTs, sending TranscripTs of grades and keeping Track of who's here and who isn'T. They face a daily mounTain of clerical work buT despiTe The nerve wracking office grind inspired by an endless parade of noisy sTudenTs and faculTy aT The counTer They manage To keep a balanced sense of humor. FACULTY Teachers are human? You beT They are! They eaT, sleep, and geT exciTed, and even geT disgusTed. Many of Them are married and have children of Their own. They undersTand us -They know how badly we feel afTer we lose The big game, They feel proud when a Tee Jay sTudenT or grad does someThing ouTsTanding. Yes, They are pulling for us all The Time even if many of us don'T know iT. Thafs dieTing'?'?'? CompIimenTs of HUNTER TYPESETTING RO ERT L CAPEL B S Omaha Unlverslty Eng and B a s k e t b a Coach Sophomore Class Sponsor HUGH M COOKE BS nn Ed Nebraska Unnver slty also attended Om aha Unnverslty Algebra Trigonometry ED CORNELL BS and MS Kansas State Teachers College Prlntnng VIRDEAN DORMAN B S un Ed Northwest State Teachers Teaches Art and co sponsors Pep Clubs G BLADT BA of Ed ISNU MA at Columbna University Engllsh and Latnn Sponsors FTA and Latun Club MERRILL BROWN B M Simpson College M Mus Ed Drake Um versity Band and Orchestra QULTIY' mm vo.. Compllments of PAUL Dl BONO SHOP and HOBBY SHOP R H FANDERS A B Peru State Nebraska Unuver sat Drama Annual sponsors Thespuans Road Show and Plays ST PHEN J FIELD BA Iowa Unnversnty M A Unuversuty of Munnesota Blology sponsors Brol ogy Club WILBER EGE BA Degree Nebraska State Teachers College Industrial Arts DON E ELLINGSON Scuence Ed Iowa State College Bnology CLARA LOUISE GATHMANN AB degree State Unuversuty of Wash mgton UC LA Unuverslty of Chicago others English and co sponsor Library Club JOYCE E GRUBB BA Peru State Teachers Nebraska Umversnty Englush Sponsors Freshman Class Compliments of FRANKS DRIVE IN :Si E ' ' " W, - , . - ., J . . - . ., F ' Y' Yi I I , . E . - . ., : ' -, , I , I . , N ' , .... , I , 2 - I . - . ., I , 1 g I . ,gr-P MADGE E HINKEL BS degree Omaha Umver slty Unlversnty of Neb raska Boulder Umver slty and College of the Am Gymnastuc Unuon Algebra and General Math MRS CAROLYN JARDON BS degree Nebraska State Teachers College Homemaklng and Co sponsor of F H A LESLIE L JEROME BS Parsons Col lege Englush Freshmen Football Coach and Assnstant Track and Wrestlmg Coach ROY F JESSEN BA degree Sump son College Omaha Unuversuty World Community Economlcs Baseball coach and sponsors Sen lor Class MK' FRANCISL HANSON BA degree State College Colorado State o lege of Ed Industrnal Arts and physical educatlon R A HARRISON MA ln Science Omaha Unuverslty Unlversnty of Minnesota Creighton Journalism DO Signal Advisor .4lV"'9 tx. 16- iv--'74 Compluments ofthe EMERGENCY STORE gif' EDWARD JEVVETT AB Simpson College Induana State Normal and Omaha Unlverslty General Sclence HARROLD J JONES BA and MA degrees Gregg College Iowa Wesleyan Capntal Cnty Com mercual College Umversuty of Iowa and Parsons College Sec retarlal Practice and Typmg FRANK LAMANITA M A degree Educatuon Omaha Unnverslty Math Football coach and track coach Sponsors Letter men Club RALPH M LETTS AB de gree Coe College M A degree Unuversuty of Iowa Geometry ESTHER W MADDEN BA degree Unnversrty of Nebraska MA Unlver slty of Mlssouru Engllsh and co sponsor of Jun nor Red Cross HAZEL T MILLER BA and BS degrees Iowa State Teachers College and Omaha Unlverslty American Literature A Compllments of FANGMAN BROTHERS INSURANCE Co' FRANK J PALUKA B degree Ripon College University of Chicago and Omaha University American History ROBERT L PAULS BA de gree Boone Junior Col ege I S Drivers Tralnlng PAT L PATRICK BA degree Sump son College Colorado State Col lege Girls Education Sponsors Junior and Senior Pep Clubs Cheerleaders G A A Co sponsor of Girls Rifle team Tranpoline Team LILIAN C REITAN BA State Uni versity of Iowa Omaha Unlver sity Columbia University Mxnne sota University Spanish and Eng lush Sponsor of Spanish Club I WALLACE V. MILLER-B.S. degree, Iowa State College, State Univer- sity of Iowa, Stout Institute, Draft- ing, RUTH L. MOELLER-B.A. degree, Uni- versity ot Omaha, University of Iowa, University of Nebraska, English, American History, Spon- sors Junior Class "Y" Teens, Stu- dent Councll and Travelers Club X"N-AI Compliments of HUNT FOOD MARKET SERGEANT FIRST CLASS HUEY L BURGE ROTC MASTER SERGEANT EDGAR W ROBERTS R O T C xy' MRS MERIAM SCHLEGEL BS Home Economncs Sampson Col lege Iowa State College Omaha Unuversuty Homemakmg GRACE D SCHROEDER BS In Com merclal Education MA In Sec ondary Education Unnversuty of Nebraska University of Colorado Bookkeeping Sponsors Junior Red Cross Compliments of ECONOMY MARKET REGINA REAGAN - B.S. degree, Clarke College Iowa Stale Col lege Homemaklng and sponsor of F H A CAPTAIN FRANKLIN P ADAMS PMST ROTC I - .W 'f' Q 'Q I MW . -.. in , , 0 , : I . JOSEPH SKLENICKA BS Unlver stty of Omaha Chemmstry Physncs Scnence Club MARGIE SMITH B F A In Education Nebraska Wesleyan U SC N braska University Vocal Music MRS PHYLLIS SMITH BA degree Iowa State Col lege Engllsh and Debate LOVICE M SPRUGEL BA and MA degrees Morn mgslde College Arnzona State College Shorthand and Typmg Sponsors Y Teens MRS CLARA STRICKLAND BA and MA degrees Park College Un: versnty of Iowa Columbta Umver suty Creighton Unnversnty and University of Omaha American Government Dean of Girls Sen no C l a s s sponsor sponsors Aurora Club FTA Natlonal Honor Society and College Day DOROTHY G THORNTON BA Midland College Umversuty f Omaha Unlversnty of Denver Ll brarlan Sponsors Lnbrary Club Compliments of DENNIS CLARK BARBER SHOP , 1 'l' v as - - I 1 , , - .. . , , e- I z - . 1 I - 4 , . I ,,f 2 5 ff I I - , , 5 . r 1 , . . ., ' , . . - . ., , 0 A , 1 - I . GARNET WELSCH and MA degrees Iowa State Creighton Univer stty Global Georgraphy and Cnvxcs PHYLLIS L WICHMAN BA degree Tarklo Col lege Shorthand and Transcrlptnon Sponsor of Altruma MARY JANE STAGEMAN Registered nurse Jennie Edmundson School of Nursing Unlversity of Omaha Homemaklng HOMER L. TOWNSEND-B.A. degree, Cornell College, Iowa State, Uni- versity of Iowa, and University of Omaha, General Science and sponsor of Junior Honor Society. MARTHA WANGBERG- B.A. and M.A. degrees, Augustana College, University of Iowa, Omaha Uni- versity, and Creighton University, World History, American History, Sponsor of International Relations Club. Compliments of HINKY DINKY GROCERY STORE CUSTODlANS l,,, ' A ' I' Cleaning halls, steps and rooms after a raln or snow us anything but pleasant for Mr Springer and hrs corps of hard working custodians Because of thelr tireless efforts Thomas Jefferson shnnes lnsude and OU Left to right Clara Shockey Vuola Cozad Ellen Prasse Betty Le Master Daralene Smnth COOKS Left to right: Harry Wohlers Harley Butler Jim Jensen Milton Springer Mrs Penmgton Herb Grayblll A balanced duet IS the essence of llfe Knowing this Mrs Prasse and her staff of excellent cooks keep the student body and teachers of Tee Jay well fed Compliments of HOUGH BROTHERS GARAGE AIM' -I nimv-,.:.b ' Y., D Q ' 5.1 CARNIVAL Q W 'QRF1 CTIVITIES The 3 TO bell rings school is ouT locker doors bang sTudenTs Troup down The halls and pour ouT of The school doors BUT The inTerlor of Tee .lay is sTill busTling wiTh aCTiviTy. In room 207 Mr. Sklenicka and The Science Club are planning To blow The place inTo a mass of molecules and aToms while nexT door The Biology Club under The leadership of Mr. Field is meefing To devise a meThod of stopping The poTenT smell drifTing from The ChemisTry Room. Down in room lO5 The Aurora is meeTing wiTh Mrs. Sfrickland and planning a dance for The nexT week. BUT The friendly rival Altruma is meeting with Mrs. Wichman To discuss a candy sale. Mr Fanders and his Drama sTudenTs rehears ing The Lady Who Came To STay are compeTing vviTh Miss SmiTh and a quarTeT Tuning up for a RoTary Club program for The nexT Week And Then in TO6 some of The brighT liTTle angels who are required by Mr. BolTon and Mr. Field To sTay afTer school are secreTly hoping The Science Clubs experimenT will be successful! OThers are gazing ouT of The window waTching The .leffs pracTice offensive and defensive fooT- a . This is our exTracurriculum. From 3:10 unTil 6:30 or 7:OO and even lO:OO P.M. plays pep meeTings clubs and sporTs-an endless round of sTudenT acTiviTies. DANCES 1 Q -xi Try this one. Pushing, shoving, yelling with activity tickets and quarters held high, the Tee .lay students crowd into the weekly Friday night dance. The janitor with the corn meal barely has time to get out of the way before we hear "Coby Dooby" and "Green Door" over the P. A. Suddenly our attention is drawn to a corner of the tield house where a large cirlce of yelling and clapping kids are watching the latest dance- "The Chicken." The Chicken-Cluck! Clock! As the hands of the clock slowly approach ll:3O we hear the slow strains of "Love Me Tender," as the dance comes to a close. f Should I ask her??? You tell that to all the girls. Compliments ofthe COUNCIL BLUFFS GAS COMPANY ser, Jr. Famous last words: "This should work," followed by a chuckle from Mr. Sklenicka, the sponsor of the Science Club, is a common experience to the club. President Jeanette Romans takes a backward step in anticipation as Arnold Davidson, the Secretary-Treasurer, begins adding up the cost of the new test tubes. Dick Olson, the Club's Program chairman, is wondering why he ever chose the sodium and water experiment for today's meeting. All fears are calmed, however, as the hydrogen bubbles begin to form, and the expert hands of Mr. Sklenicka collects them in iars. Another experiment successful! The Science Club holds meetings every other Thursday at 3:15 in room 207. The afternoon's agenda consists of activities of common interest to the members. Despite the odors and failures, the members all agree, "lt's fun and interesting." BIOLOGY CLUB Bugs, worms, and plants! Sound interesting? Then loin the Biology Club and see them inside and out. This faction of scientific interest at Tee Jay also spends much of their time visiting such places as the Taxidermy Shop of Omaha the Omaha Zoo, the Museum at the Union Pacific Building a Mink Ranch a dairy and a couple of trips with Warden Garret, the conservation officer The highlight of the year is the big Biology Picnic in the Spring The Biology Club meets every other Thursday, with Glen Teller, the president calling the meeting to order. Eugene Strong is the vice president with David Larson as the Secretary Treasurer, the Club is sponsored by Mr. Fields. First row, left to right: Glen Teller, David Larson, Eugene Strong, Mr. Fields. Second row: David Utterback, Kenneth Burris, Chuck Reed, Larry Opal. Third row: Don Reed, Eddie James, Bill Heaps, Dick Auhll. Compliments of CRAWFORD LUMBER CO SCIENCE CLUB First row, left to right Mr Sklenic a Arnold Davidson Jeanette Romans Rich ard Olsen. Second row Gay Moore Jim Gammon, Dick Auhll Ronald Adamson James H. Varner Third row Jim Hartman Jim Humes, Paul Di Bono Dean Night FUTURE TEACHERS First row left to right L G Bladt J Thoreen J Ashley G Moore Mrs C Strickland Second rovv B Hoclen P McGee N Hester Third row D Konecny J Freese R Adamson J Gammon O K novv, lets quiet down is often heard by Tee Jay students but when the members of FTA turn teachers at one of the grade schools for a day each year the expression really takes on meaning Teaching helping the teachers correct papers, and running errands on Adult Education nights help keep the club ably sponsored by Mrs Strickland and Mr Bladt busy JUNIOR RED CROSS Every first and third Monday the Junior Red Cross meets under the leadership of its President Gloria Barron in room lO7 Tee Jay s Junior Red Cross is sponsored by Miss Schroeder and Miss Madden The club packs and sends gift boxes to foreign countries and favors to hospitals Other officers are Sharon Thomas vice president Betty Lee, secretary and Larry Walker, Treasurer First row left to right K Palmer M Posey L Gordon J Carlson Mass Schroeder Miss Madden G Barron S Thomas B Lee L Walker J Allmon S Turner S Traylor N Lang K Johnson B Phtllps A Brannon C Stucker J Thoreen J Foreman M Messersmtth N Myers M Langston Third row E o f J Hndes G parks J I n S u e o er Sp: zna e Ree L Tanner Beckner M Gillispie B Rogers J Grosvenor J Wakefield P Bowen Fourth row C Johnson L rphy G Thacker D Ivy B Johnson J Finney I Plu eff G Co ms J Killbarda D Shannon B Rockwell G Erbes D Fox J Thacker This Page Compliments of ROGERS JEWELRY H , - H . . . , , , . I , . . , . . : , ' I F - , . , - , . , - , - , - , . , . , I ' I - Second row: M. Marr, J. Williams, D, Cupit, A. Cook, P. Maxwell, M, Phillips, B. Pilger, D. Baxter, W lf , . i , . S , . L'sto , L. tr bl , W. B y , J. 't gl , M. d, . , P. Mu , . , . , . , . ' , . nk , . ll' , , " , , , ANNUAL Wheels The Theme of This years MonTiceIIo was dreamed up planned drawn up and disTribuTed by Ten wheels CThe annual sTaffj They Turned around The axle Mr Fanders sponsorj Lookrng rn on a normal day rn The basemenf Thrrd period we hear Mr Fanders shouTrng WhaT rs The maTTer wrTh you krds'? The deadlrne rs only days away geT To work If These pages are noT funrshed we wrll sTay afTer school unTrl They are done' And Then he pulls anoTher handful of harr ouT of has head EdrTor BeTTy Lee and AssrsTanT EdrTor Nana Croson are lookrng over The annual dummy wh.1le Carole STucker adverTrsrng edrTor confers wrTh Bob Frreze and Bruce John son promoT1on and drsTrrbuTron edrTors abouT The adverTrs Ing campargn Janrce Larsen arT edrTor Throws her pencrl down and screams aT SporTs EdrTor Jrm Humes How rs Thus baskeT ball page supposed To go? Over rn The corner Business Manager Joyce Ashley rs sendrng ouT bulls and wonderrng how Thus years annual can possibly be financed The radro rs Turned on and how Marlene Swanson and Russell Grove copy edrTors can frnrsh wr1Trng copy before The deadlrne wrTh Elvrs srngrng Hound Dawg rs beyond Mr Fanders This year has gone raprdly and alThough Thus annual Took work The fun of sellrng adverhsrng plcTure Takrng and The rnformalrTy of The class made :T enloyable MARLENE SWANSON Copy Ednor 'TX "QS RUSSELL GROVE Copy Editor O K WhaTs IT gonna be'P'P9 ComplrmenTs of COHOE LUMBER I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 C . , . . . ,, . ' I ' I Q H I I - I I - I I . . ,, . . I I I Il 1 1 . . . . , 1 1 . . . . . ,, ,, . I . . I I I His, , je, it - l"' T .., 'lll s., I T 'l w., l 'Tlx ' T , . , BETTY LEE Editor 1. NINA CROSON JOYCE ASHLEY Assistant EQ Busmess Manager JIM HUMES Sports Edttor ,wg E' X rv 'LpZf,ZT',?ERSX A JANICE LARSON A rt Editor CAROLE STUCKER BQB FRIEZE AdVefT'S'nQ Ed'f0f Promotion Edttor gfSlfSEUff3:"g'32,'f compnmems of CITY NATIONAL BANK 5' if A - .1 ' XX X f N V ' vt I 'vi t ' trt ttt ' E . X U' Front row left To nght McCauley Clnton Sie ber Ed for Kennedy and Moore Back row Gorham Talbott Mowery Mongoven Grove Narmu and Foreman The Sighcll Hey look' I goT my name In The Slgnal and guess who ns The Teen of The Week' Signal News has echoed In Tee Jay halls for ThIrTy Tlve years The Signal STaff as composed of Journalism I and II sTudenTs Under The TaculTy advlsorshap of Mr R A Harrison The sTaTT mTervIews persons wr1Tes The sTorIes proofs The copy sells The ads and In shorT Takes care of every 'ob of a regular news paper In addmon To Their regular duTles Thus years sTaTT also planned The Sngnals ThurTy TlTTh bnrThday parTy The whole school enloyecl an Ice cream and cake parTy In each homeroom compllrnems of The Signal Compllmems of BOB PYLE'S STUDIO , 5'- ' kj-I NJ v. ry, 3 x .f K if ' M i M NW ' 4. I ' : , i , i , I 3 , , g , 1 1 I I 'I - II . . . I ' I I I ll . . . , I I I I .. . . . . . 1 I . 1 . . . I T7 SECOND SEMESTER STAFF Front row left to rlght Narmn Hoden Netusnl Hundes Foreman Stelber Addlngfon Talbo1f Gorham Wakefneld Vmcenf Second row Jones Swanson Phlllnps Third row Moore McCauley Busvvell Fourth row Larsen Davidson Spern Fuhh row Clanton and Mowery 'Tv 190 PL Robena Stelber Signal Ednor cuts the Bwrthday Cake Complurnen S of SWANSON FURNITURE LETTERMANS CLUB First row Humes Grove Fox Clunton Lmmger Ackerman Fneze Johnson Konecny Lang Second row LaMantna Mattox Fmney McBr1de Morrow Freese Talbott Thurd row Cummnns Vogt Hyde Dlngman Blaylock Turpm Clark Collins Howell T IS club IS llmlted to mayor sport letter wlnners only The athletes meet every Friday at 3 T5 under the guldance of Mr Lallllantla and Mr Elllngson T e oftucers Cummuns Presndent Humes Vuce Presldent Lunnnger Secretar Clanton, Treasurer, Connell, Sergeant at Arms every Thursday G A A Flrst row Brannon Ruger Thomas Ewcher Nlahony Goodman Watson Medakovlch Second row Waugh Bnnkman Wnlluams Schneucler Banks Bray Cook Plunkett Knofler Thlrd row Shamblen Waugh Rogers Vernon Butler Stevens Turner Ruchardson Fourth row Hester Ackerman Mumm Hollnnger Rolfes Torrez Houge The Gnrls Athletuc Assocuatlon under the sponsorship of Mass Patrlck practlces the rules ot good sportsmanshlp and talr play through nts many actvvltnes The gurls, lncludlng every grade, participate ln various sports Including trampo lane practuce, volleyball and softball A gurls cuty basketball tournament, the tlrst of nts knnd here at Tee Jay Compllments ot HARRY CROWL I h. . . . . . ,, ,, lt ' 2 ' , ' 1 , ' ' 2 ' ' , Y: One of the rules of the club is that every member must wear his letter sweater C U I , . AURORA Ftrst row Grove Thornton Putnam Walker Engle Corntsh Hager Madtson Olson Kruse Shtpley Cassell Second row Mann Larsen Nteman Stetber Pugh Paul Hatcher Roper Graves Ptlger Tterney Crawford Thtrd row Moser Gorham Medakovtch Taylor McCauley Mally Johnson Grazter Thomas Rogers St Clatr C Strtckland Fourth row Struble Jensen Netustl Hoden Htndes Swanson Reed Young Jones Colltns Ryan Wakefteld Aurora IS one of the oldest clubs at Tee Jay It ts composed of Sophomore Junior, and Senior gurls and has limited membershtp Under the advtsorshup of Mrs Clara Strtckland, the gurls sponsor an annual Alumnt party, gave food baskets at Chrtstmas tlme, and have a Mother Daughter banquet In the Sprung ALTRUMA Ftrst row Mrs Wtchman Foreman Chrtsttna Holmes Sorenson Benson Mathews Lapslcy Coleman Baxter Second row Barron Foreman McGee McCauley Tacy Cohrs Lane Cohrs Bowen Thrrd row Marttn Kendall Peterson Ferrarello Sanders Herweg Cloptne Srntth Brtggs Poole Fou th row Smtth Jones Hoden Muller Phtlltps Gordon Souser Carlson Wolfe Waugh That feels awful' Whats that you re smeartng on my face? Those were lust some of the comments that could be heard the ntght of the Altruma tnmatton Along wtth dances and candy sales thus club has a banquet at the end ot the year Mrs Wtchrnan has done an excellent 'ob as sponsor The purpose ot th s club ts to promote frtendshlp and to build character Compltments of EDNA KLINE S BEAUTY SALON 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , . . : , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 . . . . V l . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 1 1 - 11 - 1 1 1 1 LIBRARY CLUB Fnrst row Mxss Thornton Ashley Lee Marr Carlson Pugh Steuber Gorham Ryan Reed Mann Mnss Gathman Second row Johnson Eggers Hnndes Teller Brannon Jones Wnllnams Borgaula Sanders Croson Grove Cassell Thlrd row Muller Schoenrock Schmodt Souser Brannon Smlth Lapsley Mathews Brlggs Thornton McCauley Mally Fourth row Kendall Christina Colman Baxter McCauley Nlemann Hillman Jones Hoden Graves Putnam The Llbrary Club was organized un February of 1932 and today has a member lrbrary They sponsor a program each year during Book Week and present the Colonial Ball every February as well as a Mother Daughter plcnlc rn the sprung Thus servlce club IS credited with presenting two of the rnost educational and charming events of the school year GIRLS' LOUNGE Furst row Reed Dettmann Barron Moore Saar Mltchell Larsen Second row Cohrs Rulz Bogardus Bowers Hatcher Rothe Rogers Mrs Strickland Thnrd row Waugh Campaln Hartman Ryan Gllllsple Rogers How many of you have felt under par? If you have, you possxbly have sngned out to go to the gurls lounge Upon arrival and during your stay you were helped and made as comfortable as possnble by one of the proctors The gurls work wlth Mrs Strickland and Mrs Stagernan school nurse for your benefit and for the school Complaments of COOKS PAINT ship of 50. Members must be "A" or "B" students and willing to serve in the . , . I . ' ' I I I SPANISH CLUB First row: Jone Jones Friedman Jones Orme Kendall Warden Butler Reitan. Second row: Hollinger Robmgson Bruner Ruffcorn Goodman SprInkel Sparks Broughman Espmosa ThIrd how Becerra Loukota Drake Rovhe Lea Hurd Kleldgarrd Jensen StogdIll El CIrculo Espanol, the SpanIsh Club has as Its purpose the PTBCIICS of SpanIsh and the tamIlIarIzatIon of the club members wIth the customs, lIterature, ITTJSIC and art of Spam and SpanIsh Amenca It also trIes to Increase frIendshIp between those countrIes and our own Its motto Forward, always forward I adelante, sIer'npre adelante D LATIN CLUB Frrst row Ivy Garst Bladt DIBono Adamson Ingersoll McBrIde LaMotte PI-Illtps TobIas Nadakowch Gorham Cummms Clmton Second row Varner McAlexander Gordon Johnson Howland Clalvson Lee Moore Gearheart Moats EnglIsh Fox Buswell Stubbleheld McGee FIelds Estes Thompson Fourth row Grove Thornton Sanders SmIth Hoden Hoober Peterson Ofstedahl Marr Ga rett Blggers att Pace HavIck Olson Thacker FIfth row Boren Godden Hester Thomas PIlger Johnson Carlson Vlrakeheld Brannon Austm Plunkett Stevens Cook Brannon WIllIams Hogue SIxth row. Gammon Ac-Il Lyons CraIg GraybIll BIrd Frnney DavIdson Culrat Hartman Rolter Wassem James If you happen to walk by Room IOO and suddenly you hear a sound Ike wIld horses relax IIS lust the LatIn Club rehearsmg theIr skIt for the Road Sleofv The sponsor, Mr Bladt has brought fun and laughter wIth hIs Ideas tor the Latn Club members I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I A I I I ' - ' 2 I I I I I I I I I I ' ,, . ,, . . . . I ' II II II . II I . I - ' 2 I I I I I I I Stogdill, Gardner, Coleman, Hallberg, Fogle, Liston, Harris, Knotler. Third row: Rolfe, Klement, -loft, Hoff, I I I I I I I 5 I I I I I ' : . V . 7 A I I ' I I I I I I A I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I ' I: I I I ,. . . , . . . . . X I I ' - I Y TEENS Flrst row Sprugel Castle West Crang Meek Rodnquez Campam Rurz Johnson Breeden Bascue Mnllard Second row Fnsher Waugh Goss Ellrson Chambers Marr Rlchardson Doty Clark Godden Jones Correa Thrrd row Bard Bogardus Rerch Saar Walker West Mclaughlrn Boren Knofler Luce Reed Pender Fourth row Singer Little Max Hague Tarrez Rolfes Hollrnger Robnnson Herman LeRette Reed Mitchell Service IS the key word of the YTeens, affllrated with the YWCA The gurls, sponsored by Mass Sprugel, have engaged rn many servlce actnvltles whrch Included sellnng Christmas seal bangles peanuts for the Polio Drive and sollcltlng money for the Unlted Nations Childrens Emergency Fund Y Teens fall and sprung conference First row LeMaster Brown Beals Boyer Garst Larsen Bray Taylor Beckner .lamk Reagan Second row McRae Beckner Ahart James Breedon Bascue Mlllard Butler Klrk Lrston Waugh Third row West Bensley Castle Richards Rodrlquez Rurz Reed Reed Robinson Wrlght Marr Kung Fourth row Ashley Hopkins Hartenhotf Timmons Bowen Coleman Poole Pelper Evans Wall Rowe Fifth row Drllehay Tallman Pearey Pennmgton Bogardus Baxter Sorenson Waugh Johnson Sheely Nlchols Lennugkent Planning nts annual birthday party, taklng charge of the Book Week Tea refresh ments, sponsorlng a Sprung Style Show and attending conferences, are only some of the many actrvntres nn which our Future Homemakers of America engage nn F H A IS under the sponsorshlp of Mass Reagan, homemaklng teacher 3 1 1 1 l 1 1 . 1 A 1 .1 1 1 1 I 1 7 . 1 . -1 1 1 1 1 A 1 l 1 1 1 1 l - They also have a Mother-Daughter tea, Christmas party, and attended the , . F. . A. SENIOR PEP CLUB Fnrst row Gorham Jones Reed Lapsley Struble Cassell Briggs Shvpley St Clalr Orme Wnlluams Hager Rogers Second row Frnedman Fowler DeMare Bowers Strong Vlsurl Putnam McRae Swanson Hoden Hartman Sorrell Jones Smlth Mumm Dorman Thlrd row Warden Medakovxch Ackerman Mathews Nichols Klonus Ebert Smnth Moser Jones Martm Thomas McCoy Gardner Van Scoy Lee Fourth row Mann Netusnl Schoenrock Schmidt Souser Sheely Johnson Tworney Lee Muller Ruger Mally Pnlger Walker Marr Flfth row Barron Gordon Jensen Carlson Wakefneld Brannon Collrns Phnllnps Madnson Holmes Olson Crawford Wolfe Grazler Thomas Rlchardson Team' Team' They re our men' If they cant do It nobody can' This yell IS expressive of our Pep Club s feelings for everyone In a sports actlvlty at Tee Jay They ve worked wlth the cheerleaders and wrth Mass Patrlck and Mlss Dorman club sponsors, to help bullcl school splrlt and push our many fine teams to victory Our coaches have sand that a large measure of the success IS due to the en thuslasm of the Cheerleaders and Pep Club FRESHMAN PEP CLUB Fnrst row DeSantl Turner Andersen Hummel Rogers Shamblin Austm Allmon Traylor Conaway Second row Souser Awall Waffle Zimmerman Bowen Latham Soyers Rowe Lang Thlrd row McConnell Doughman Posey Pace Blggerstadd Vernon Harrlson DeBarr Dennus Edmonds Fourth row Dorman Lyons, Tennugknrt Butler Stevens Chnstransen Waugh Coleman Hogue . I I I I I I I ' I ' 1 4 I I I ' ' I I I I I - I I ' I : I . I I , I .S , , , l 1 1 r D I 1 1 1 1 - 5 . I .I I ' I I I I I I 4 I I I I ' . 1 I I I I ' I I 4 I V . I ' I I I I I ' I I 4 ' H , , , . ,, , . . . . . , ' 2 ', , , , , ' , ' , , I - 1 , , f ' , , , , , . ' 1 , I I I I 1 1 I I I I I ' : I 4 I I I I . I I I I ' Bonnie Pilger, Marlene Wolfe, Sharon Thomas, Roberta Walker, Karen Rogers, Mary Crawford, Carol Holmes lalt.D, Jane Jones, Valeria Hager, Carole Stucker, Sandra Gorham, Linda Mally, Helen Medakovich, Glenda Olson, Judy Grazier. 'D-rv' S n DeAnn Sf. Claire, Sandra Lapsley, Marilyn Reed, Joycelyn Williams, Nancy Cassell, Joyce Shipley, Janis Briggs, Barbara Orme, Linda Struble, Carolyn Barron. lnserfed are, left: Nancy Jones, righl: l.aRi1a Sorrel. T 1 MISS PATRICK if Deliah DeSanti, Lona Doughman, Suzanna Traylor, Nancy Lang, Jackie Allmon, Kay Conway, Cathy Souser. CHEERLEADERS "Hey, try that jump again, we're still not together," is a familiar saying which echoed Through the girls' gym every Monday and Thursday. The occasion? Cheerleading practice, of course. Thinking up new cheers, working them out, and practicing the old ones for precision and timing have made our Cheerleaders the best ever. It has taken up much of their time but ask any of them if it was worth it. The answer? "Yes!" Our pert, pretty maiorettes with their many routines have helped to give this year's marching band eye appeal. Performing between the halves of our varsity football games, the girls helped to make half-time entertainment more enjoyable. BAND Hear all those squeaks? That's probably the Band warming up for a concert. Consist- ing of 93 members, the Band, under the direction of Mr. Brown, takes an annual trip to Ames, Iowa, where they participate in the Veisha Day Celebration. They also have concerts and various appearances including marching at the football games. One of the best liked attractions is the Pep Band, a unit of the regular Band. A pleasant manner and an ever ready smile can be found whenever or wherever you find Pat Kennedy, this year's band ma- ior. Pat's hard work and leadership have helped to make this year's band and Pep Band more dynamic than ever. 51'H'-ns 73 I . CHOIR Furst row Muller Hmdes Muller Graves Wagner Mowery Opal Easdale Howell Ivy Ingersoll Funney Olson Harrod Lee Foreman Croson Marr Baxter Poole Colman Putnam Second row Grazler Mally Clopme Foster Engel Rnce Opal Heffernan Howland Phullups Johnson Hartman Havuck Ortez Bray Jones LeMaster Mallard Phlllups Carlson Cormsh Kenyon Walker Rothe Dettmann Thurd row Paul Nnchols Bowen Netusul Srmth Boyer Chrlstxna Ashley Hager Nnemann Gorham Herweg Sorenson Hopkuns Fourth row Eggers Hartman Lnttle Jensen Crawford Johnson Moore McGee Larsen Waugh Medakovtch Schmudt Blrd Damon Schoenrock Holmes Wakefueld Harruson Max Tnmmons Beals DeMare Campam Thoreen Gllbreath Clunlc and other fnne concerts erungs one and Two and SING, We all appreclate thelr "lob well done" by our Vocal Musuc Department l Z I I Q I I I I I I I I I I I l I , , 1 1 , I , I , - 1 ' , , . V I I l I I I I l l I I I . I I I I I . I . . I I I I I I I ' : I I I -I I I I ' l I I I - I I I Rogers, Jones, Lee, Jones, Madsen, Killat, Russell, Wolfe, Phillips, Lewer, Foreman, Copeland, Rogers . ' 1 I I Q I I I I I I I ' I ' I . I I I I I 1 ' I I l I I , , - Il ' ' I ' ll ll ' ll ll . . ,, . Our Tee Jay A Cappella Chour has done a great deal this year to put our school one notch hlgher on the ladder of success Through the never tlrmg and dynamlc ef forts of Muss Smuth and the chosr members, they gave an outstandlng performance of Flntans Rainbow for the 1956 operetta Among their serlous efforts they presented The Messuah, helped sponsor Mu nc Small vocal groups from our chour have done a fune service to the communuty by appearing at numerous cnvlc and club gath STUDENT COUNCIL Furst row Graves Foreman Mally Hager Jones Rogers Kennedy Shnpley Mrss Moeller Second row Morrow St Claur Thornton Roper Thomas James Wassem Mow ry Brown Thrrd row Talbott Nrernann Larsen Sterber Hester Waugh Opal Lrttle Jensen Fourth row Garst Hoden Barron Medakovrch Benson Rothe Souser Clunton Cummrns The 1957 Student Council was responsible for the enloyable Sno Ball held December 28, along wnth therr customary duties of sponsoring the magazine sales, provldlng muslc for the Frlday night dances, and advising the students and faculty alike on school problems Under the capable guidance of thelr sponsor, Miss Moeller and presudent, Karen gratulatuons THESPIANS Flrst row Warden Ackerman Hlndes Croson Boyer Lee Heaps Hartman Frnney Second row Palldan Mally Paul Howell Schoenrock Gordon Mann Brannon Thrrd row Rosenberg Opal Ashley Cullat Havnck Ingersoll Taylor Olson Mowery Wagner Gee, l do hope our play wins at State Thls comment IS on everyones lrps as the Thesplans One Act Play Contest gets under way Thesplans Society IS a natlonal organuzatnon Under the sponsorshrp of Mr R H Fanders this club contributes a great deal to Thomas Jefferson Thus year they com pleted the new dnmmmng equipment for the school , Rogers, they executed these tasks exceedingly well and therefore deserve con- rf ' If ' ' f ' :Qi Thar Old Devul Moon shone down on a fine performance of This years opereffa Frnlan s Rainbow The love making between Sharon and Woody The magical powers of Og and The splrltecl dancnng f Susan gave Flnlan ancl hrs arThrlTls much To blame on hrs beloved lrlsh Blarney af' Romance ga1eTy and souThern charm rnade Thus opereTTa a greaT success Many Thanks To our wonderful durec Tor Mlss Margne SrnlTh Tor The superb muslc and To R H Fanders for The magnlfscenT seTs and magucal eTTecTs ThaT were necessary In Thus produchon 'lb Q ALL SCHOCL PLAY This cold and moody set provided a grim background for this tense drama. THE LADY WHO CAME TO STAY The curtain opens the lights dim and we suddenly find ourselves in a dark and gloomy room the setting for the All School Play The Lady Who Came to Stay Due to the talent available this year Mr R H Fanders double cast this years P GY The cast and crew created the mood of this psychological thriller very effectively Tension mounts as Phoebe prepares to attack Anne lt. ln a state of shock the frightened Roger is revived by the TWO aunts Katherine stands up to Phoebe and meets her gaze ll ll I I I ,, , ll I ' 1 W Vi D 1 W- S' ' ,'k, . if of - , V' .L r T f' ,, P rdflef Ur get You a From rlp roarln shootln to real lazz IS what went on at the 1957 Roadshow with Westward Ho as the theme The Judlths which was started last year was a bug attraction again thrs year The Senior Class would luke to Thank Mr R H Fanders for makung thus years Roadshow a bugger and better success than ever before Im an Old Cowhand by the Judnthe s WESTWARD 57 ROADSHOW The Jazzman 11 1 11 ' . . , . , . . 11 11 11 - 1 11 - . . , . - . 11 1 11 ' 1 , . ROTC yfierb f 4 4? I If X s 44 fb Q Thus years Thomas Jefferson ROTC Battalion as boastlng a new hugh ln nts enrollment wnth over 320 cadets Slnce 1925 when Reserve Officers Tralmng Corps came to Tee Jay the battalion has been given the award of Honor School every year Thus IS sag nlfned by the wearing of a red star on the rlght sleeve The purpose of R O T C trammg IS to give sophomore lunlor and senior boys a knowledge of mllntary and clvlllan dusclpllne ln the fall of every year our R O T C Battallon honors the Armed Forces by an Armlstece Day Parade On April 6 T957 thnrd year cadets recenved rec 1957 thlrd year cadets received rec ognltnon as cadet officers at the annual Mnlutary Ball The hughllght of the year as Federal Inspection Thus takes place In mud May o o o o X 22, ,V - T 'N X X 6 I 4 4-1.-Lira? . 1 R fl T . alll x 4- C 2 f .X I , C ff x T ff ' .1 ' W , ff XX I I ' L I l -. X.. . ' x S . X I - 'x , .x Xu, , . . . . ' I ' I . . - . . , I ' I . . . I - - . I . . I . ' , Q f - ' ? , I . -as, 'Q 15' 45, V, I ,. , Y x 4 x ,144 CEI 'E Iv w .Y if Q ag Q5 ' ,'5 '9' 'Q Ns.-'I' 'Q' v V ' ' if 'G a I a ,rg .' Q v aff 5 L , I? QS 5 4 Qi V ppg . ,T r r I: 7 1 V I . b , 'Y K . 4 W , R? w,. . , 9 x Q5 ,Q If A sys, i K 15 1 A 5 v f?X-., f L 5 ,W 2 M gigs ,sk 6.1 -f R1 fi QW M., 4, f lx ya Md ' 1 Jigga 'es 2? if ' r 5 I X I ' ' xg it F ! I 1 E ig. A . Q fy J! xi fa 'L 0 G A M il 'W 4' . n L- ,QU Q V, viwvwv 56 W E ig Q1 gi 6 f '53 ff gs f " I "' - 9. wb ' Z -n ' u ,, W, W f 6, ,,...,, . ...U--W M ,,, ,,,, ...,,......-.m,,, M. ,MW-W 1 M... , ,, , tif. 9:19121 ,,, f 3 WM' 1 if x , if Yi a fag 'M 3 59 O 5 5. , 1 2 . WW-M Ww.M.,- --. W9 iq 2 WQKYIWQ. 3 5. gf it ig. 5 Q Q .--nn ,,.s.x+.W,,,, V-mmmm L, .MM A. ,S+ . W. M- , 'ff VM . fill.. , f" Ni r x fa . avi? Qing, Hg V. f ,wi sw -.f ' Q-f fer f ig , lj Y W ,ww n. I fd" Ka, 3 I n 4 Y Q 1 f 1 if X 1? as 3 I . , 25, , :I 5 I Q, 3' 4? 'F' , A W' if is ' 4 1 u Ig if 31 WE if E fl? gf fi 12 ff 3 W 1, f rumen- f 7 , 1 W, 13 X 1 af 'Wg eg Q I s 1 Q r MY 1, I , I n X 4? V, 4 L Q , Q W Q? 1 Q 5 'Q is 7 eq qs 4 3 5 3 Z ,W EJf'W5' 6 'Y' Ybzlff We -4' 1 Y' fa!! 5' 15 si 1 .iv :lf I Rv ,f I If e ' ' if s gm 15215 'U an w., . , wr' ' f Q 1 if ig? qw f i Q - A 3, xg? ? 6 ja? if ' Q p M - I Q sm, E 'Q' - if f V 3 Ke Q. 4? C fi xi if 3 S 3 'Tzu A g 3 1..,,...............22.fa...............,..,...m, , V A A i L ,ME ' 1 'au A M. 4-V In I 4. Q gl ,un lv ,fy, x., JA' 4, Z 'J 14 4 555 -V fs' M -an CHUCK ACKERMAN 2 . X NX ltsx X JOE BLAYLOCK x ibiim GERALD COLLINS mar JIM CONNELL C4 ,Zi ' X SENIORS AL CUMMINS ggi? Go! Q4 IL? GARY FINNEY JACK FREESE BOB FRIEZE BRUCE JOHNSON 'ilniiifff EARL HOWELL DON KONECNY l 3 -ua Av:- mcn LINNEGER DEAN MATTOX AL MONOHAN ,E M -- 1.7 5 ' , mL" 'A K f , ' L La W H K' 5 2 K ' ' A2 E, KI' , v m ,L ' , A L . I nf 9 ,V I 1 fix L L il, 4 X A .F : O g I3 VARSITY FOOTBALL Front row Fneze Hyde Ackerman Turpin Collins Blaylock Middle row Assistant Coach Ellmgson Finney Plunkett Cummins Konecny Colglaz er Johnson Back row Connell Freese VanScoy Fox Coach LaMantna Clark Monahan Lnmger Absent when picture was taken Bryan Chafen Dlngman Erbes Fuller Howell Ingersoll Mattox McBride Shannon Vogt They were termed by many as the Valiant Jeffs because they never gave up regardless ot the odds Inlury ridden from the first of the year they were often out manned but never out fought Due to the number of lnluries their 2 7 record is quite respectable Shut out only once they were a highly respected opponent in the tough Inter City League Opponent Score Missouri Valley ....,e.,.................... Abraham Lincoln .a.......e,..,...,........ Creighton Prep ............................ North ............................................ South ............................................ Tech .................,.......................... Benson ...........,,...........,s.,.,e..,...,.. Central,.......,..e...,,......,ea..,....... Boystown ...,,.,........,.....,-,-,,..,,,...... 34 Front row Mingus Walker Thomas Collrngs Schubert Hobbs Coppock Walsh Second row Raymond Bryan Morrow Coleman Stark Boren Larsen Bruner Marhn Coach Capel Coach Hansen Thrrd row Annan Carngan Floyd Aldrrch Taylor Fourth row Prnmer Wahl Wagner Phrlllps Graybell Emmons SECOND TEAM FOOTBALL Under The dlrechon of Mr Capel and Mr Hansen The Yannlgans scored In every game buT one Though Their record IS noT as lmpres slve as :T could be The experience They gamed will be puT To good use on nexT years varslTy SEASON S RECORD Tee Jay Opponenr Abe Lynx Benson Prep Tech SouTh l 3 NorTh Compllmenfs of TOM CAPEL l 3 ....,c...........e,........... 0 6 .................,..........,... 7 l 3 CenTral ................,................. l 2 7 ,,,,,,,,,....,,.,,,,,......,........ 26 T4 ........,...............,......-....-- 19 0 ,,.---,,,c,.,-,,ca,,,,,,c...,....... 21 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Frrst row Souser Johnson Mahan Second row Kndwell Ingersoll Anderson Holmes Smnth Hays Bergansell Johansen Thurd row Mutchell Holder Beltz Medakovrch Buswell Kratzke Steward Paladana Fourth row Whitney Kelley Souser Mossberg Wakefleld Mann Brown Howland Thus frosh team was much stronger than the overall record Indicates Never beaten by more than two touchdowns they showed the ele ments of a tune team Much of the credut IS due to thenr fme coaches Mr Jerome and Mr .lessen SEASON RECORD Tee .lay Opponents Bloomer Benson,,,................,.... O Central .........c.,ee.,.............,.... 6 6 Prep .,eeeee......................,........ l 3 l 8 Tech .,......e.e,eeeeee,................... 12 O South .e.e,e,.............. . ..,..,.,.... 14 1 3 North .e,.eeee.,..,e..e...e.,,eee..e,.,e,e O Y CHA 'S lntercity Champions' After leading the league all year the fighting Yellowlacket 5 made it official with a 68 61 win over North at the Omaha U field house February 22 lt was a fitting finale to a fine season Rated third in pre season forecasts the team set out to show what they themselves believed that they could and intended to win the intercity title The season opener was with Centrals Eagles on the Tee Jay court Showing much promise the boys outscored the Eagles 68 57 On the next night they took an easy win from Missouri Valley 64 47 At Benson they encountered stiff competition The Bun mes wilted in the last half while Tee Jay finished strong 8160 Next came one of the big ones . . . A.L. at T.J. Playing before a capacity crowd the Lynx were set back 78-75. Jack Freese and Bruce Johnson emerged as the heroes but it was a team victory as were all of the wins this season. The Prep game matched the leaders. The records of both teams were identical prior to the game. Led by Bobby Frieze T.J. emerged victorious 70-61. The Sioux City Central and Harlan games followed. They proved to be easy marks falling 79-65 and 81-60. Resuming intercity action Tee Jay iourneyed to Omaha South Friday January 11. Using a balanced scoring attack the Packers fell 53-50. The following night matched North s Vikings with P the Yellowlackets Proving to be as valiant as their nicknames the Vikings were in the game until the final quarter Final score was 56 51 Tee Jay s favor Going into the final game of the first half of the season our Yellowlackets had a 9 0 mark and a league mark of 6 0 The next two weeks proved anxious for every one Playing two afternoon games we fell 63 57 to Tech and 55 41 to Central There was talk of His tory repeating itself This was quieted effectively when Benson was turned back 71 61 and South 65 64 and Abe Lynx 73 69 The last two games were close fought and well played by both teams Revenge is sweet and the team tasted it in aveng- ing its previous loss to Omaha Tech 78-64. Then came the game of the year as far as title hopes were concerned. Tee Jay was matched with Creighton Prep. A victory over the'Prepsters could insure us of at least a tie for the championship. An- other close well-played game was the result. Jim Fuller dropped in the winning bucket in the last 12 seconds for the Jeffs. ln the season finale our fighting five iourneyed to Omaha U. fieldhouse to meet North High. The boys knew that a win meant the title and set out from the jump at center to cinch it. The final score 68-61 in favor of Tee Jay. The first lntercity League Basketball Championship for Thomas Jefferson in the history of the school. VARSITY BASKETBALL ll Ai.. fk Y Furs? row Fra Ex nk Thomas Bruce Johnson Bob Frueze Terrell Clmfon Second row Jam Fu le-r Earl Howell Phrllrp Wassem Jack Freese Coach Bob Capel Thnrd row Norman Raymond Al Monahar' Tvn Van Scoy Duck Shannon and Sud Hyde There's two Bruce clears the boards! Compliments of TOM CAPEL ont o Hy rt h W sh Th d e SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL The Yannigans played good ball throughout the season and developed many tune players They averaged 56 points per game to their opponents 54 and won better than halt ot their contests The experience they gained will be of invaluable and to the varsity team next year SEASON S RECORD Tee Jay Opponent Central Missouri Valley Benson Prep Harlan South North Tech Central Benson South Tech Prep 43 North This Page Compliments of FOX OFFICE EQUIPMENT Fr r w: Wagner, Raymond, Ivy, de, Madson. Second row: Ma in, Primer, Aldric , al ir row: Taylor, Coppock, Gibbs, Walker, Humlic k, Coach Hansen. 55 ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,s,...,,.,c,c,.,.. l 9 55 ' ' s,...eeoe.....,,,... 23 70 ,.,,,,,,.....,,.,....,,e,c,..,., 59 42 A. l.. ...,e...,e..,e.,...,,e... V ,,,ee..... 51 36 .,,see ,uc,,,,,.,.....,.,e,e.. . cVe,o.. 6 6 55 Sioux City .ee..e....,ee.,eee..eee.e e..e7l 70 ,eceeesoc 4e.eee,,,.,.eecc e ,O s,.. ,559 58 .,..ceececc,e.cceceeee,..eee 6 eeeecc. 43 56 ,s,,o,, , e,e,, ,O -, ce,,e,e. 6,5542 43 ,. eeeeeee e..eeee......eeeeeee . . O57 51 O rccr eeee e, ,OWOOH47 44 eeee,,eee O O eeee eeee 47 58 as so 47 57 A. l.. 6 E, as Y f C59 59 , O s,., 53 51 eee.e. C .O 60 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Squad A Front row Richard Ingersoll Fred Kratzke Larry Morse Bill Mattcx Joe Medakovich Dave Lee Second row Roy Jessen Bob DeBoer Jery Baird Chuck Wohlent Bob Stepphum Terry Hays Gene Bacon Tee Jays frosh teams proved as strong and as valiant as Their upperclassmen A team with a 5 2 win loss record finished in The City An undefeated season with the "B" Team gave that segment of The Frosh Team first in Inter City basketball Thanks goes To Roy ing Two fine Teams To Thomas Jefferson Squad B Front row Jimmey Larsen Jennie Joneson Larry Mahan Wayne Moms Jim Abshine Bob Konecny Dave Lee Second row Roy Jessen Howland Struble Hoff Whitney Arnold Steward Bacon , . Top division in Freshman Inter- Jessen, freshman coach, for will- Front row left to rnght Moore Etter Fmney Gearheart Connell Talbott McAlexander Morrow McBnde Vogt Second row Fisher Bruner Thomas Phulllps Olson Rowe Skaggs Espnnoso Back row Ellungson Our wrestlers faced a vast re buuldung program thus year under Don Elllngson This years team featured only two sensors, Jerry Talbott and Jnm Connell The remannder ot underclassmen gained much val uable experience thls year and will be a great threat next year The second team, ably coached by Lloyd Jerome, provided sev eral boys who will also add to The team s strength next year the direction of the new coach, 98 4 9 4 884 RIFLE TEAM F151 row Vemgn Finney Howard 55-Hpley Jack B'-,JWD Tom Stogdlll Second row Edward Flle Ronald Jensen Paul D, Bono Franklin Clark No' shown Davld Howell Mmchael Peters Stuart Clodfelder The Thomas Jefferson ROT C Rlfle team flnlshed thurd In a field of eight In Inter Cnty competition At thus moment the sharpshooters have fared In the Fifth Army Inter School match and the Wllllam Randolph Hearst Trophy Results of these two matches have not been recelved yet Two bug matches the marksmen have yet to flre are the Kemper Mldwest Indoor at Camp Perry Mnssourl and the National Inter Scholastic matches FIRST ROUND Opponent Score North Benson Central Abe Lynx 7 8 4 90 92 96 879 89 885 55 SECON Opponent South Central Benson North Abe Lynx D ROU ND Score 8 4 892 844 829 T.J. T.J. O .........,..............,,......,,c......,.. 8 8 8 .....,,......,,,,.,,,,,,,--,--A,,,--,---,AAw 2 88 South .....a,.....................,...,,.......... 2 ..a... .L ..,...,...,,,........,,cc,,,,,,,c,, 926 885 ,,,.,.,.,,,W..,.........................c. 8 3 .,,,..a.,,,..,.......aa....,,,cc-,,-..,,L 2 .,,.,..,...,,aaa..,.a,,..,..a...,,,,,a.,.. 3 .-,, ,,,,,c,,AAc,-w--,,uuA,,w--AAcw---,,wA-Ai x 'V A-f""'sx Sometimes we fe happy If Xa: ESL' we is SUMMER BASEBALL Runnersup in the state meet in the Spring cam paign the boys set out July 3rd on the Summer season The Yellowgackets started their winning ways in the sectional tourney with a TO-2 victory over A.L. Bruce Johnson pitched a five-hit ball game and had a perfect day at the plate to lead the victory. This was followed by an 8-2 win over Oakland in the final. A big second inning clinched the victory for Tee Jay with Johnson Nuzum and Talbott Shannon and Connell all gathering hits. As District play began T.J. was paired with Lennox at Stanton. Coach Jessen reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out the bunt to win the game 6-O. The squeeze was executed succesfully several times for the scores. Dave Lewis a right- handed Senior pitched the three-hit shutout and was helped by Jimmy Connell s three hits. In the final Exira was tipped 4-l in a rain-shortened con- Sometimes we re sad f yqfilfll Cllr 2 Real George! BASEBALL Front row left to rnght Mervm Baxter Gary Shannon Jummy Joe Connell and Jack Lang Muddle row Chuck Keller Bob Frneze Bruce Johnson Wlllne Nuzum Jerry Talbott and Chuck Ackerman Back row Dave Lewus Jam Humes Ron lngersoll Terrell Clanton George Epperson test T J got three runs In the fourth on four hlts wlth Charley Ackermans 325 foot double as the bug blow They added another In the flfth shortly before the game was called The Substate Tournament opened wlth the Jacket rune facing Ames at Dennlson the game whlch some considered the toughest game we played The Lrttle Cyclones sported a T3 O mark for the summer and proved to be as tough as their record Indicated Chuck Ackerman accounted for the games only run blastmg a 400 foot home run In the fourth lnnung Jerry Talbott a Junior right hander then set out to protect has slam lead He dad so fashlonably glvlng up only four huts and three walks while strrklng out nlne Dave Lewis made a sparklung defensnve play In the suxth to knll an Ames rally The next contest was at Breda wuth Bancroft St John s the opponent The Yellowlackets made It an easy victory over the Amerlcan Leguon Champs 7 l Dave Lewis turned un a 'fune mound performance wlth Gary Shannon Sensor second baseman addmg sax faeldlng gems to the victory Entering theur second State Champlonshlp game an T956 Thomas Jeffersons baseballers met the Muscatine Muskves at Pioneer Staduum In Des Momes July 31 The Yellowlacket nune packed up three runs In three different Innings to lead 3 O goung unto the last frame Bob Frneze banged out two trlples and added a theft of home to the Jeff cause Muscatnne rallied however to score seven bug runs after two were out to dlstrngulsh them selves as State Champuons Our boys played excellent ball throughout the summer and we should be tremendously proud of them A Runner up trophy was presented to them with mdrvldual medals for each member of the squad 1 I , , , . I 1 1 1 1 1 - 7 1 1 1 1 ' . . . , . , . . . I ' ' - 1 . , - . . . . , 1 1 . . ,, . . . . . ,, . . . . . , . . I - 1 - 1 - 1 1 - I i I . , . I , . T7 x L ,J v- 'x As the minutes drew closer the ex citement and tension built to the final climax as Ronald Ingersoll placed the crown on Karen Rogers our football queen of 1956 at the half of the T J vs A L game on September 28 January 25, Carole Stucker received the crown from Tee Jay's muscle men. The crown, placed on Miss Stucker by Jerry Talbott, proved to be the highlight of the evening. QUEENS This years basketball queen Valeria Hager had the honor of reigning over Inter City champions Co Cap tams Bruce Johnson and Bob Frieze crowned Miss Hager at the home coming game To climax the evening a victory over Omaha Benson 71 61 was presented to Miss Hager by the Jacket cagers. L st COURTS FOOTBALL Jeannette Foreman Helen Medakovuch Carole Stucker Sandra Gorham Jane Jones Joann Foreman Betty Lee Thelma Poole Roberta Walker Nancy Hatcher Queen Karen Rogers Valerla Hager Standln BASKETBALL Roberta Walker Sandra Gorham Carole Stucker Queen Valerla Hager Karen Rogers Jeannette Foreman Helen Medakovsch 1 l WRESTLING-Karen Rogers, Jeannette Foreman, Queen Carole Stucker, Roberta Walker, ' . ' g: Helen Medakovich, Sandra Gorham. Q' if Q, if in ,f I, WHEELS RICHARD INGERSOLL JOE MEDAKVOICH Presfde r Vice Pes dent l 1? Q KAY CONAWAY Secretary 'Q' 8 DAVID Tosms FRESHMAN CLASS Luttle wheels play theur part In the making and work of all great machlnes and our freshmen are no exception At first they came confused and bewnldered the up perclassmen wonder The won derment as gone and the cont: dence that they will carry on has taken Its place SPONSORS MISS GRUBB MR. JEROME Treasure Front row left to rrght Mary Laudon Judy Knotler Shnrlee Peavey Audrey Wallace Sharon Hlers Jean Gray Mary Meecham Connle Hummel Mnddle row Vernell Rossum Sharron Everett Lnnda Anderson Cookue McConnell Mary Etta Hostetter Kathrnne Ann Mace Sharon Harrnl Dtana Doyle Back row Bessue Jones Jeanne Brinkman Carol Fogle Carole Alexan der Sharon Burkhart Sandy Pace Duane Brggerstaff Sherryl Edmonds FRESHMAN CLASS Carrugan Davtd Tobias Gary Klrkendall Kenneth Reddung Mlddle row Roger Nixon Davnd Godwtn Bernard Peterson Ronald Clemens Wayne Lotz Terry Roberts Davud Fox Steven Gruneau Back row Marvun Akers Paul Rolfe Douglas Mumm Howard Johnson Gnlbert English Mlke Dlnovo Lawrence Hoff Kenny Hawkrns Compliments of PAUL DI BONO SHOE AND HOBBY SHOP Front row, left to right: Bob Konecny, Donald Dalton, Fred Kratzke, Bon Steppuhn, Leroy Front row left to rlght Joan Posvar Shnrley Moore Sandra Mattox Carolyn Stultz Donna West Valerie Sayers Joyce Rowl Mary Relchart Middle row Josue Rodrnguez Marcia Vargas Saundra Wilson Margulta Posey Nancy Wulllamson Janet Price Jam Wnlderman Mary Vogt Nancy Znmmerman Mary Waugh Back row Judy Stull Peggy Pleper Jolene Wllson Connie Shamblen Carol Stevens Janet Stork Carol Homan Shirley Walker Karen Morlan FRESHMAN CLASS Front row left to right Marvun Fox Bob Stubblefueld Nell Holmes Larry Ives Norman Wakefleld Duck Slgler Don Souser Alfred Chllders Muddle row Davy Lee Jam Abshuer Keuth Anderson John Murphy Charles Bergantzel David Gllson Complnments of DAIRY QUEEN 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 ' Front row left to rught Jeanetter Johnson Joyce Edmonston Donna Alton Juduth Lenmgkent Nancy Dlllehay Marxlyn Lammers Katherine Massourxs Florence Svoboda Muddle row Donna Sturgeon Pat Wolfe Glorra Wray Dorothy Breshers Pat Garber Lots Kannedy Caro lane Rhodes Neomua Harrison Back row Aileen Farrset Sharon Hardusty Farllann Garrnson FRESHMAN CLASS Front row left to nght Denms Harold Paul Osborn Tommy Dettmann Pete Rocha Bob Brown Thomas Annum Wullram Arvsn Jerry LaMotte Muddle row Leslue Blackford Phullup Andrews Ronald Burns Bull Mattox Herky OHaray Gene Dnlluon Jerry Cluffort Marvrn Hratt Back row Alvun Wrlson Otto Saar lrvrn Saar Larry Slaughter Larry Morse Robert Jones Dean Broughman Complnrnents of ECONOMY MARKET I . 2 l I I . . . I . I . , . . I A , : I I . I I ' . r I U , Q l . I l , l , A h , Donetta Cupit, Gloria Beckner, Evelyn Arnold, Juanita Keen, Meri Strong. l l. l . . . I I ' ' . : ' A , , ' I , , , . Front row left to right Nancy Foster Judy Fnelds Carol Knudsen Dnanne LeMaster Lona Doughman Patsy Bowen Sue Ovuatt Claudua McGaughlen Middle row Judy Rogers Nancy Lang Kathy Souser Barbara Maduson Karen Pennangton Judy Coffman Sharon Harruson Bonnls Hlvely Back row Suzanne Traylor Judy Andersen Barbara Hewltt Sherru Cleveland Carol Hodge Rodelle Thompson Kelleen Lamphear Llnda Mowery FRESHMAN CLASS Front row Tom Benson Charles Kern Henry Watklns Tnny Breeden Melvrn Carmuchael Jim Robshaw Dave Hoober Chuck Wohlert Jlm Tomes Mlddle row Chuck Clawson Terry Brownell Clanr Fennell Ronald Kung Duane Hassler Kenneth Buchard Michael Stogdlll Terry Hays Robert Kltchell Back row Tom Mann Phnllnp Buswell Lester Whltney Jerald Hopknns Stanley Chambers Ronald Westerberg John Hansen Ronald Kelley Complnments of EWALD CAFE I I I I I I I I I ' : I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I I I I I 1 1 1 - Z I I I I I I I I ' : V 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' : V I I 1 1 1 1 - Front row left to right Gloria DeBar Rosalle Bruner Joann Buna Theon Hogue Angelina Tarrez Barbara Janlk Middle row Connie Gordon Joan Halllnger Kathleen Butler Jane Vernon Lula Chrnstensen Nancy Pulger Sharon Rolfes Carolyn Wrnght Back row Susan Truner JoAnn Waffle Janice Russell Mary Kaufman Marcla Sanders Alta Mahan Loss Jane Markey Jackne Allmon FRESHMAN CLASS Front row left to right Eddue Tornpklns Jum Thacker Thomas Tews Chuck Reed Chuck Hook Jerry Anderson Lynn Watson Garrett Wallung Muddle row Kermit Pruce Kelvnn Lampheer Dan Rhoten Dave LeRette Bully Shepard Kenneth Corum Wayne Mains Stanley Chapm Back row Charles Young Lee Wohlers Larry Maker Larry Olson Mnke Regam Cary Leurs Jam Holder Reggie Edenburn Compllments of JOHNSON CASHWAY I : I I I I I ' Z I I I I I- I I ' I I I r f v I , . I : I I I I I I I ' : I I I r 1 I I ' I I I I I I 7 , , . Donna Cumpston Rose Andrews Harruet Hallman Joella Kurk Jen Humlncek Dorothy Bray Carol Watt Rose Bradford Muddle row Erma Lea Dougherty Frances Rumlrs Geri Rlche Joyce Branson Dons Franks Helen Escher Cynthia Waugh Duanne Lewus Back row Lmda Edwards Ann Cook Karen Chambers Anita Flle Darlene McKeever Pamela Gallup Kay Dell Barley Judy Ann Doty FRESHMAN CLASS Front row left to rrght Ronnie Mossburg Jam Pague Dennis Scoular Lloyd Arnold Ed Sprunkel James Donaldson Ron Smuth Make Bousfaeld Mnddle row Dennls Storm Jummue Evans Gary Sallazzo Marvm Munyon Bull Reuchart John Coppock Warner Sublet Kenneth Ruffcorn Back row Marvin Myers Larry Wheeler Terry Waldron Howard Anderson Frank Collins Jerry Sweeney Jerry Bird Delmar Mclntosh Compliments of KRESGES DOLLAR STORE 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 7 I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' Front row left to right Sally Jacobson Sally Latham Arllss Goodman Payys Jones Delores Butler Penny Sterns Lorraine Tallman Karen Palmer Middle row Charlotte Fraun Kay Conaway Barbara Paulson Karen Taylor Mary Davenport Joanne Dennns Ruth Austln Back row Ruth Calabus Kathleen Krudsen Sllvua DeSantlago Nancy Robrnson Sharon Smuth Connie Medley Janne Coteman Connue Marr FRESHMAN CLASS Front row left to rzght Larry Betz Richard Grttuns John Mrtchell Jerry Massey Kenneth Turner Raymond Renz Bob Tucker Sam Irwun Middle row George Helms Narcuso De Santiago Joe Paladnno Douglas McCl1ntock Robert DeBoer Ruchard Anderson James Grnf fun Fred Franks Back row Craug Wells Gary Kelley Gary Goldsloerry Kenneth Mattox Edward Klune Gary Petray Layland Struble John Swuft Compluments of KUHN FLOWER SHOP I : I I I I I I I ' : I 1 I I I I ' 2 I I I I I I 1 - I - : I I V . I I I I I I ' 1 I - I I I I V V I ' Z I V I I I I 1 - Front row left to rnght Dorothy Lyons Sharon Boren Kathryn James Etha Plunkett Leona McGee Mxddle row Kathleen Coleman Evelyn Hallberg Joyce Lnston Barbara Harrns Back row Charlotte Muller Judy Wllllams Michael Congamnns Dennls Moore 'sv ,unsw- l -.Q wan. It says here Compllments of LUCY JEWELRY DORSIE IVY JOAN MATHEWS Pres de Vce P es de t 9 T TOM BRUNER li NORMAN RAYMOND Secretary T e s e 'Ld SOPHOMORE CLASS Flrsf the pully and Then The cog They with Thelr sponsors Mr This years Sophomore Class Capel and Mass Smlfh have gaunecl expenence knowledge helped To serve as backbone for and respect from The rnachlne all of our many achvmes SPONSORS 1 MISS SMITH MR CAPEL f i nr i r i n vi 5, K ...QQ- 'X f.-, 1 W I 1 N l xxx X L A , , Qjgg y 1 1 la rp ' 'fr 1 2 .uf 1 W" W J . , 5 M 4, ' fl I a ur r fi 1' N Wy J X L., I AV H MI , . nn- . , . . , I M Front row left To right Madge Ellen Marr Wanda Fields Barbara Garret? Marilyn Reed Karen Kennedy Shurley Thacker Beverly Miner Joyce McCabe Middle row Sharon Sanders Gall Grove Marllyn McCauley Sharon Berry Joan Moser Barbara Hoden Mary Martin Dona Gray Back row June Larsen Marulyn Sprunkel Pat Smnth Charlene Robmson Billy Jackson Beverly Hall Linda Tanner Evelyn Wolff SOPHOMORE CLASS Front row left to rnght Dlck Spencer Jerry Vernon Leonard Keene Davucl Doty Donald Doty Donald Wymore Larry Murphy Ron Young Gary Rolfes Mrddle row Jam Hartman George Ellrotf Davld Phipps Duck Olson Ruchard Auhll Ronnie Draker Jack Kgeldgaard Ron Klement Back row Bob Carlson Jam Gammon James Varner Don Mingus Bob Week Cllfford Hurd Ronme Palmer Richard Amsberry Paul Nuchols Compllmenfs of LANES CAFE I : I I I I I I I ' : I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I I I I I 1 1 1 1 I h Z I I I l I I I I I ' : I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' : I I I I I I I I ' Front row lett to nght Lunda Smuth Sandy Lapsley Lunda Struble Joyce Shupley Joycelyn Wulllams Margaret Fowler Vncku Borgaula Jeanne Ferrarello Muddle row Janus Briggs Jolene Fruedman Laurel Ebert Marrlyn Klonus Elaune Kellar Nancy L Robinson Marne Kruse Ann Thornton Back row Barbara Castle lrls West Jo Anne Bensley Pat Meek Barbara Culton Judy Ackerman Wanda Boyer Sharon Peterson Front row left to rlght John Cloprne Kenneth Seaman Doug Prlmmer Sam Klllbarda John Cullat Larry Porter Blll Hewltt Mrddle row Davrd Utterback Raymond Boren Jnm Coppock Norman Raymond Jim Humlrcek Jrm Elcker Gary Frelds Back row Dale Fuss Davud Larson Eldon Hrers, Harry Clark Ralph Becerra Muckey Heffernan Danny l-lead Erwln Mahan Compluments of MID WEST CUT RATE AUTO SUPPLY J SOIPHOMURE CLASS Front row left to rught Paul Jensen Jerry Esplnosa Ralph Aldrlch Davtd Llndsey Lawrence Ray Dennts Fox Larry Hester Dorsue Ivy Mnddle row Eddie James Douglas Ferris Jack Lang Larry Taylor Eddle Jantzon Gene Nelghbors Floyd Ray Tom Bruner Back row Sud Hyde Gene Wagner John Martln Jerry Townsend George Lane Rlchard Paulsen James Marr Larry McCart SOPHOMORE CLASS Fnrst row left to right Beverly Haven Nancy Smtth Sharon Watklns Barbara Orr Arbutls Adamson Janet Kennett Januce Fletcher Annetta Ferrln Mnddle row Margaret Watts Jeanne Spurgtn Kathy Martln Judy Grosvenor Nancy Hester Grace Wnlluams Cynthla Daw son Judy Herman Back row Darlene Jones Donna Clark Barbara Potfenbarger Alma McCorm1ck, Wanda Hathway Barbara Tlelsort Karen Godden Betty Gulbreath Kathy LeRette Compliments of MUSIC SHOP 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 7 f 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' Front row left to nght Lots Tnce Charolotte Lee Betty Lee Kaye Belt Jaclcle Ha lberg Karen Beam Peggy Maxwell Joyce Burd Mlddle row Beverly Grayblll Eva Myhzhousen Sharon Vargas Loss Smlth Karen Howell Judy Jensen Janlce Johnson Marulyn Showers Back row Beverly Woods Carol Rhednn Sharon Nichols Shlrley Price Rosemary Sweeney Sharon Malcom Gladys Wnngnngton Bernice Mances Front row left to nght Dave Brown Larry Walke Marvnn Thacker Francls Snedel Gary Benson Denny Clark Jerry Doughman Mark Lane Larry Shlnn Middle row Jlm'ny Ald redge Donald Sorenson Andy Thomas Walter Loudon Rrchard Henderson Paul Larsen Bob Johnson Terry Camp Back row Clarence McDonald Gary Blrd Herb Grafbull Bcb Wondra Don McKeever Herman Taylor Fred Benegas Paul Cuccla Complrments of MCMILLEN STUDIO I SLOPHOMDRE CLASS Front row lett to right Patrlcua Trotter Margaretta Warden Joan Mathews Sharon Mohr Barbara Belt Julle Spltznagle Diana McKlever Arlene McClelland Mlddle row Nancy Jones Barbara Orme LeWayne Cyohers Joan Fost Janet Brmkman Marva Wall Marllyn Evans Kathleen Waugh Back row Jackxe Kendall Nancy Cassell DeAnn St Claur Pat Brannon Sally Thomas Martha Ruger Marnlyn Smlth Maxlne LeBaugh SOPHOMORE CLASS Burchard Gary Chambers James Reeves Gary Petersen Jam Annan Muddle row Melvun Finley Kenneth Parks Chuck Davldson Eugene Lea Roger Bolts Gerald Mahan Craig Carrugan Al Haussener Rocky Rockwell John Marshall Back row Leonard Flnley Ernest Putt Ronme Holmes Duck Eskew Gerald Coleman Bull Dye Chuck Otstedahl Ronnue Hunter Stephen Mattes, Blll Heaps Donald Bollug Compluments of NELSON GROCERY Front row, left to right: David White, Ken Snethen, Don McClintock, Dick Bogue, Arthur Front row left to rught Susan Van Scoy Gen Gardner Peggy McCoy Shurley Plummer Charlene Myers Karen Johnson Mary Lou Stogdull Carolyn Barron Mlddle row Martha Langston Gay Sheely Sharon Twomey Carol Johnson La Ruta Sorrell Joyce Bams Dansy Anderson Back row Chrustma Newman Januce Dew Glorus Maluck Sallu Wahl Catherme Mahoney Barbara Rlchardson Frltzy Minor Pat Lovelace SOPHOMORE CLASS Albert Harruson Gary Exlune Gary Rowe Muddle row Terry Narmv Louis Fnsher Gary Gubbs Davnd Max Blll Tenmgkeut Mnchael Bnggerstaff Kenneth Moore Jnm Loukota Kenneth Bur ns Back row Buddy Phllllps Bon Ruchardson Mervrn Baxter Larry Wilson Larry Gardner Alfred Wrlson Jam Andrews, Larry Opal Compliments of REX DAVIS BARBER SHOP Front row, left to right: Ed Skaggs, Louis Wolfe, Harold Axtell, James Marr, Robert Teague, Front row left to right Bonme Hastue Sybul Richardson Sharon Vaughn Helen Sonck Wanda Smith Middle row Juanita Mendenhall Karen Wnlson Sandra Moats Loss Brown Barbara Elluson Back row Sonya Henry Faye Daugherty Sharon Estes Sharon Herman Mane Elluson N 1 i N! ff But the pattern says Thls page compluments of STATE SAVINGS BANK CAROL HOLMES Secretary Under The guidance of Theur spon sors Mass RuTh Moeller and Don Ellang son The Junior Class Thus year gave a wonderful and enloyable program RON ADAMSON VIRGINIA PUTNAM President Vice President MARY CRAWFORD ' Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS The class offlcers Ron Adamson Presldenf Vlrgmla PuTnam Vlce Pres: denT Carole Holmes Secrefary and Mary Crawford Treasurer led Thelr class Through The school year wuTh hugh honors By ransnng money from candy sales dances and dues They financed all of Thelr prolecfs SPONSORS fi Q5 rw 427 MISS RUTH MOELLER MR DON ELLINGSON ' 1 1 1 ' f I ' 1 1 1 5 1 1 - 1 1 I 1 1 5 - A ' ZW 1 ' , -va.. , Y V l id A xxx if ' "" -Z, ' - .575 gf. ' x' M R' , ' 'Q ,lr ' - , ' tr 5 .r .sf Jim Ackerman Beverly Beltz , X la " 1 X Charles Brittain A ar ,, uf' Judy Carlson 7 fb' John Cloyd N614 sf., K. s fr l Ll? Douglas Curtis .-A-' Don Adams ig , s Md -4 Tom Bethers Lb- fy-.vas I -- 4 Phillip Broughman Terry Cavett F., 639 Sharon Cohrs if Cathy Damon Q. '. Q, is QP ar' .6 ix can ar R has L g W 4 ff, l-, l 'A' rl 2' ' K l David Ronald Carla Frank Alyce Alice Judy Patsy Adamson Adamson Addington Adrian Ahart Baker Beals Beckner E4 ri if C "' 'Q' Ax W - ff fi ty 7 f ,fa . l ,. Phyllis Eileen Mike Anne Tom Suzanne Bird Bollig Boyer Brannon Bray Brisco 2 5 eff.. "' , 'S W 4 'F , , Gloria Norman Judy Charlotte Brown Bryan Buswell Campbell . la. :F is 1 A AU' Jack Shirley Beverly Judy Chafen Chambers Christensen Clopine fb V A E A X , , Q' ff' fr l , r 2 -at , , L 4-' sw gi Q it , ' ' A f NYU , 'ry' 3 M i l "N J wg- D Tom Rod David Eunice Sue Mary Coleman Colglazer Collings Collins Craig Crawford Fl 2 1 im :sr --'GV "Qc 'if' A 'f 's V -C pl as 1 ' V , -,. M ,171 ,..- w -is ,r ,ff -f 5, 'Ur -A My 4 is X Eff' .. AJ ' - r . x W 4, , .xx fi A gp wwf., .1 X Manuel Jerry Jim Larry Elton Bill Bill Pat DeSantiagD Dingman Doughman Duke Duncan Easdale Edwards E999"5 QF, cf- G ,V .... Q '-: 'EF' , r if ., , H. lik r KAI -. L Jim Lynn Douglas Leonard Sherryl Everett Fehr File Finley Fisher ,, Q 6 5 2- 'Q 0: Za. .3 af 2 - ' 2 .J-lx Y NY ujrlnx, -.x'll" l1lAx x - .1 ,, Carol Anne LaMoine Larry Laurene Fuss Garsf Gearhart Goldsberry G0l'dOn S' J :gs rw Q- C Tum 21 ,l -.4 Z 35. Q, o ' - 1 1 :U I P gg 00 3. Lg 3- 52 .' ' 02. 32 'ii' 30 A .J N, Q-525 iq' Q , Q . N, m . 4 '- I ' ,I 35 , 55 rf Z9 49, Eg ' 35 161 ri .x E: Xukfn, E-3 1 at 'I -5 .W X' , f 3 m It- I I - .. 0: JL Q, rg' '- 'l nnr- 155' .440 :sw r " U, ff X, J 3 Q' X1 5 Q 'F sefsv Lo g i, 1 In fi 1 EE, .IH 55 Q F: Q- mg? cfs' f. " - rn ., '-'L X , E52 11' gg- ,N .7..-5 5E.,N!KtM Q-2'e,,A :Q 9'-2 - Q 3: N may if ,-, . ' M0 1' "I Joe Judy Deanne Eileen Jim Gravich Grazier Hannum Hansen Hansen Q .1 1'- A Afr- xl' x V' Willma 'Beverly Richard Joyce DOD Harrison Harrod Harrod Harrenhoff Hassler 41 I Ol ' 6 , "' G1 I ,VX 1 V 6,9 gr 1 Qi' Q 4 f' 'J "1" I ,, e if ' J " Marilyn JUdY Dick H. Deanna Ted Hillman Hindes Hitchcock Hoden Hoff ' , lf 'Ju 6, 4,7 V. 1 J A 7 , '?.,'., 2 A , in f 1 fa 4197 - Alrllrl Lf1 4 In 5 . I Phillip Kenneth Ronald Harvey Judy Howland Hurd Ingersoll James James .79 I fx L Whimey I Ardle Cathy Johnson Johnson JONES JONES "' 'aff Q 5 'Z L. l X 'X Nl l Ralph Judy Charles Mary Paul Jeffres Jensen Johnson Johnson Johnson J bb X C ' t I A Hi-f I , f X N97 ' ' Y xx Q A . HM R. K Q I m fe Xl A 'X 1 nm :4 :I f l l '- .wlf-:"'w-'-lf' l PHY LeRoy Mary Nancy John Rhinda Ellzabeth Jones Kennedy Kilday King King Kirchert Kullat X . V ,.,. 'FQ F, ' J Q ff' ea, 6 'f 1 'f l,i V' .xg Q 49 N f '1 'J '- J Q Roseanne Karen Coleen Dwayne Judy Bafbafa Klem Lane Lafsen Lauverr LeMaster l-SWE' l y 909' 'in' n 'Q' wi lu WV I Duane Errol Ron Terry Betty John Lntt e McAlexander McBride McBride McCabe McDaniels 4' f A -3. SJ 6: , ' Q, 'Fw' C' - S . ,oven ""' - T7 ' 1 ' . V ' Q x M Carolyn Lenore Gene Dick Beverly Janet Lynda Mclntosh Mclntosh McKern McMullen Madison Madsen Main aa Sam Sally Lorulue a Karen Ann Karen Kay Karen Rae OB Sa y Karen Martnn Massourls Max Maxwell Muller Muller Muller Muller M-Iler MIUYUH T2 -' 'fairs sf 1, fx ,E .,' c .. , 'V .5 an as-1' . My .. .1 ,wwf a c Arif ? Ay -M 4 Nb' x M , l5. 1 l Douglas Dick Mltchell Moore JUNIORS x 4 Terry Zeke Moore Moreno ,- ug 'X ir Helen Bernice Netusul Newland Juduth Robert Rakes Reed -3-G -'v L W -Ea? I 1 4 SQXQ' L Bonme Morlan a Nnchols we 'Wa' F1 g 15' ,W P W .--v ., I 4 Larry Morrow ,pa-v'- Bruce O es 1 ke.. Larry Ostrom Marllyn Phllllps 1- ,D+ Damel Paulson L Karen Murnm Don Olson V Norma Myers Glenda Olson f-4' a Mnchae Paludan Peters Bonnue a Pulger Plunkett lo' .111 i ,,- Woneta Reed -loaf' Sally Laurell Russell S-Chmudt Schneuder Schoemock Lmda John Reuch E' Denms Schupp James Race sv Duck Shannon Davnd Pratt 'S Betty Ruchard Gary Snmpson ,L an-as Fred Neaghbors .fl Donald Owen Don Peterson GHG Carolyn Price 'Q Esther Rocha .v Juduth Smger , 1 , ..L E vas Nelson a Opal Q59 ev Phnllups -uv Vlrgmua Putnam ,Lx wi 7 4+--i Sonia Roper -TP Delbert Smuth . 4 li I . R V 5, 4 Q - 2. . 1 vi X-A fx, Q an Y tx W 7 i, Y l W P V Q V 'jf ' 1 5 X 7 at x ' Y, f ' P 1 P f I ' l row , again. Navel 1 'ls '13 .13 Q53 xx l ' P r ' 1' B gf' 1' A Q P P2 4 ' 4 ,Z L , , ' W ' 1 ' l W N I . . If . . .. R C , , A 621 ,gg ' ,T g H L, F 3 I 4, V , l 7 'f' 'gl J P , ,.' l Q ' " ll 'X .. fo A 11- ' D X' ,ff y 1 I V .35 ,, L .I -ft c.-'34----l LX- L E K . .,. P Q I A ll . ll i ff l WW' l'tl A 6 l .,N .sz , , .GH lavx A 6 8 'vga ,.1 AL CUMMINS President 1:"'f lv 3' Tr xv if' ' if The Bug Wheels A tltle that belongs to every Senior Class so named be cause ot the experience and knowl edge gauned from four years of hard work and fun Mrs Strickland and Mr Jessen class sponsors deserve most ot the credit for a tune Sensor Class Classwork maknng money by sell Ing Christmas cards attending the Class Party Feudln n Fussnn kept the seniors occupied thus year After sponsoring the Road Show and Senior Class Play Our Hearts Were Young and Gay they were ready to graduate Graduatlng In 1957 vvnth colors ot Punk and Silver and the motto ln Ourselves Our Future Lnes thus year s Bug Wheels will step into the future wlth heads and hopes held hlgher BOB FR IEZE Vice President MRS CLARA STRICKLAND KAREN ROGERS SENIOR CLASS MR ROY JESSEN ROBERTA WALKER -1? 6 Keawffss 3 f ffl - .-'Tlx , V C o t , y N S sr S -tl A . ' . , . A , Secretary . . D ,M ,.3 II ' I I I f I ll A 1 - 11 " Treasurer rl' ' I' , V X! , x . S R . . . gi " 1 'A , vw' ai 'Q f , ll ' ' ll II 3' Lv W I ' II I I I CHUCK ACKERMAN Industrial Arts, Junior Red Cross, ROTC, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Letterman's Club. JUDY ADDINGTON General. BARBARA Stenographic. JOYCE ASHLEY Stenographlc Student Councul Jun for Red Cross Nahonal Honor So cnety Annual Choir Operetta FHA Library Club FTA Roadshow Book Week Tea All School Play Thes plans E. ANDERSON SENIORS EDWARD AUFFART Industrial Arts ROTC DAVE L AYLESWORTH General ROTC I I - I . , f , 1 1 V , , , I . I . - , , . , . , I LEE A. BAILEY General, ROTC. CAROLE J. BARKER Stenographic, Band. GLORIA BARRON College Prep, Altruma, Studem Council, Junior Red Cross, Girls' Lounge, Roadshow, International Relations. ANNA MAE BASCUE Stenographuc FHA YTeens BARBARA DIANE BAXTER Stenographlc Altruma Junior Red Cross Choir Operetta FHA Library Club Roadshow Book Week Tea JANICE BECKNER General :X THOMAS W BEEZLEY Prunvlng Slgnal Wrestlmg CAROL M BENSLEY Homemakmg FHA GAA Pep Cluk Offlce Work ff' DARLA D BENSON Stenographuc Aliruma Student Councul Junior Red Cross Offlce Work Roadshow JOSEPH BLAYLOCK College Prep Leflermans Club ROTC Football 1 . n. M- I SENIORS JUDITH ANN BOGARDUS Stenographic, FHA, Girls' Lounge, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Office Work. PHYLLIS BOWEN Homemaking, Altruma, Siudent Council, Junior Red Cross, Rifle Team, Choir, Operefta, FHA, Pep Club, Roadshow. RWLBPVXL KAREN BOWERS Stenographnc FHA Pep Club SHARON L BOYER Stenographc Chor Lnbrary Roadsho Operetfa Cub CHARLES E BRAY Vocatonal Prmtmg ROTC Road show Operetta Staff DONALD EUGEEN BREEDEN JR General ROTC PEGGY BREEDEN Homemaknng FHA YTeens JACK W BROWN Eng neer ng Student Counc I ROTC Rnfle Team GARY BROWNELL General Band MARY ALICE CAMPAIN College Prep Chonr Operetta Teens Roadshow TV' 3 DAVID N CHRISTENSEN Industrnal Ans Pep Band Band KENNETH CHRISTIANSEN General ROTC 'Grain SENIORS ROSE CHRISTINA Sfenographlc Altruma Jumor Red Cross Cheerleader Choir Opereha Library Club Roadshow Book Week ea FRANKLIN B CLARK General Student Councul Letter mans Club ROTC Rifle Team Football Track Art Club Band Roadshow GERALD COLLINS Vocatnonal Prlntlng Letterman s Club Junlor Red Cross Slgnal Prlntmg ROTC Football Wrestlmg Roadshow TERRELL CLINTON College Prep Student Council Na tnonal Honor Socuety Signal ROTC Basketball Baseball Latm Club Roashow STUART CLODFELDER College Prep ROTC Rifle Team SAN DRA COH RS Co ege Prep Altruma urls Lounge SANDRA KAY COLMAN Sfenographuc Altruma Chonr Op eretta FHA Llbrary Club Road show Book Week Tea JAMES J CONNELL Pnntnng Letterman s Club Junior Red Cross ROTC Football Wres tlnng Baseball All State REBECCA JEAN COPELAND Homemaking, Choir, Operetta, Latin Club, Roadshow. LYLE CAIN General, ROTC, Biology Club. fri! M 2 CONNIE M. CORNISH Stenographic, Aurora, Student Coun- cil, Choir, Operetta, FHA, GAA, Pep Club, Roadshow. NINA DENE CROSON Stenographnc Annual Cholr Op eretta Llbrary Club Roadshow Thespuans AIlSchool Play Book Week Tea 04,81 SENIORS AL CUMMINS College Prep Student Councnl Let termens Club Natnonal Honor So cnety Football Wrestlang Latun Club Band Roadshow Boys State President of Sensor Class Prom Prmce DAVE DALEY General ROTC DO Roadshow PAUL DI BONO College Prep ROTC Student Coun cil Science Club National Honor Society Rifle Team Latin Club Roadshow RONALD L DRIVER General ARNOLD I. DAVIDSON College Prep, Science Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Signal, Latin Club, Band, Roadshow. JULIANNA J. DEMARE Stenograplwic, Junior Red Cross, Choir, Operetta, FHA, Pep Club, Roadshow. rx iff! ROSE DESANTI General Red Cross FHA GAA CHRISTINA DETTMANN General Student Council Junior Red Cross Choir Operetta FHA Roadshow Book Week Tea il' ROBERT EHLERS General, ROTC. ROBERT L. EICHER College Prep, ROTC, Rifle Team. 3 MARGIE ELLISON General Y Teens KAREN R ENGEL Homernaklng Aurora Chour Oper etia Pep Club Roadshow SENIORS i DICK EvANs .l Vocational ROTC Basketball Wrestlnng i MICKEY FEEKING I General Band Ain. 1 X 79- K GERALDINE FIELDS General Student Councnl Jumor Red Cross GAA Pep Club FHA Roadshow GARY FINNEY General Lettermans Club Jumor Red Cross ROTC Football Cholr Operetta Roadshow Golf Jumor Class Play X VERNON FINNEY Engnneenng ROTC Rufle Team Football Wrestlmg Latm Club Track JEANNETTE FOREMAN General Altruma Student Councul Sugnal Football Court Chour Op eretta Qulll and Scroll Pep Club Roadshow JOANN FOREMAN General, Altruma, Jumor Red Cross, Football Court, Chour, Operetta, Pep Club, Roadshow MARGARET FOSTER Commerctal, Y Teens JACK FREESE College Prep, Student Council, Let- terman's Club, ROTC, Football, Bas- ketball, Track, Tennis, Prom Court, FTA. BOB FRIEZE General, Letterman's Club, Junior Red Cross, Annual, ROTC, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Vice President Junior and Senior Class, Prom Court RON GARRETT Engineering ROTC 95533 JIM FULLER College Prep Letterman s Club Sig nal Printing ROTC Football Bas ketball Track FRED GARTI N General ROTC GILBREATH Ro dshow SENIORS BEVERLY JOANN General Choir Operetta Band , . 1 1 1 I I I ' , . , . -11 -1- rrhtzif V V aft, , , r , , r 5 . X VIVIAN GOSS General Cholr Operetta FHA Y Teens Roadshow MILDRED L GILLISPIE Stenographuc Jumor Red Cross FHA GAA SANDRA GORHAM College Prep Aurora Student Coun I Cheerleaders Natnonal Honor Soclety Sngnal Football Court Chonr Operetta Latun Club Lnbrary Club Pep Club Band Roadshow Book Week Tea Prom Court M lorette Quill and Scroll BILL GRAY General ROTC JACK GRAYBILL lndustrual Arts Signal ROTC GARY D GROSVENOR Prnnttng Sngnal ROTC RUSSELL GROVE College Prep Student Councul Let vermans Clu Annual Sugnal ROTC Basketball Spamsh Club Golf Roadshow Quill and Scroll VALERIA JEAN HAGER Sfenographlc Aurora Sfudenf Co n cl Cheerleaders Choir Operefa Pep Club Roadshow ROY G HALLBERG Engmeermg ROTC Football Bas ketball 'Q MARILYN JANE HANSEN General Transferred Football Court YTeens All School Play kf SENIORS JUNE HARMON College Stenographuc Internahonal Relafuons Club KEITH C HARRIS General Blology Club Band Road show Pep Band Technical Staff AllSchool Play and Opereffa X-1 1:-P17 JOHNNY HAVEN JOYCE ANNE HARTMAN College Prep Junuor Red Cross Chorr Operetta FHA Grrls Lounge Pep Club Offrce Work Band Roadshow NANCY LU HATCHER College Prep Aurora Student Coun cal Football Court Choir Operetta Glrls Lounge Pep Club Offuce Work Roadshow Industrial Arts ROTC Football IRENE HENDERSON Stenographrc HELEN HOBBS General, Junnor Red Cross, Chour, Operetta, Roadshow CAROLYN HOOVER Homemaknng, Jumor Red Cross, FHA, Offrce Work ..s,,,. l . ' ., I lf . I , . - , , r , ., . , 1 , . u 3 1 N 1 Quwm ,fx I .. :wx 1 Q, K Y 'x l I I ' PT: GLENUS HOUGH College Prep Jumor Red Cross Y Teens DAVE HOWELL Industnal Arts ROTC Rnfle Team 7? EARL D HOWELL Industrnal Arts Student Councul Lettermans Club ROTC Rlfle Team Football Basketball Cholr Oper etta Tenms Roadshow JAMES L HUMES College Prep Student Council Science Club National Honor So clety Annual ROTC Baseball Spanush Club Roadshow Prom Court Boys State Representatnve SENIORS JO ANN HUMLICEK M Stenographzc Pep Club JOYCE E HYDE Stenographuc, FHA, YTeens, GAA, Pep Club fam, ESTELLE JACKSON 'Ii College Prep. MYRA FAYE JAMES College Prep, Y-Teens, Office Work LARRY A. JENSEN Industrial Arts ROTC Rifle Team. RONALD JENSEN College Prep Student Council ROTC Rifle Team BRUCE JOHNSON General Student Council Letter mans Club Junior Red Cross An nual ROTC Football Basketball Baseball All State Baseball DONALD GENE JOHNSON College Prep Student Council ROTC Spanish Club Roadshow KAY JOHNSON Homemaking, Junior Red Cross, Signal, FHA, Y-Teens, GAA, Pep Club, Roadshow. LORENE JOHNSON Stenographic. VARIE JONES "sf JANE JONES College Prep Aurora Student Coun cl Cheerleaders Nanonal Honor Society FoofballCour1 Chonr eretta Spanish Library Club Pep Club Road Show Book Week Tea Colonnal Ball General YTeens Chonr Operetta FHA Roadshow SENIORS PAULINE E KELLEY General PAT KENNEDY College Prep Student Councul Slg nal Choir Operefta Band Road show 'mix VIOLA KOHLER College Stenographlc JACK KILIBARDA College Prep Jumor Red Cross ROTC LAWRENCE KING General Band ' 0 4 Smit. fe, rail- DON KONECNY College Prep Engmeermg Letter man s Club ROTC Football FTA W Color Guard iq ,Y MARY A LAKE General JANICE LARSEN College Prep Aurora cal Jumor Red Cross nal Choir Operetfa show Book Week Tea Student Coun Annual Svg FHA Road im 6 , I .M . I , I , . K A nl . ' . ' l Q 1 , ' , n, F . 5 I . 1 , YzY:'f'f M 11551, - 11 'mqli' ez-,ws 3: , V e 6 .A , . . 5 ig I K if t.-W' x.,,,, r fgik. 1-ru , - ' 4 Q A L 1 ' ' for fi F 1 'Z' 25 5. L N r 1 f r K A I I V ffvzl, ' - A L5 fr I I ' . . , . I I I ' I I I 1 ' I , . BETTY JANE LEE Stenographnc Junior Red Cross Cheerleaders Annual Football Court Choir Operetra Library Club Pep Club Roadshow Thes plans Book Week Tea AllSchool Pay DAVE LEE General ROTC JAMES K LEE General Jumor Red Cross ROTC Library Club Book Week Tea Orchestra DONALD L. LE MASTER College Prep Biology Club ROTC Wrestling Spanish Club. Xml SENIORS DONALD LLOYD LE RETTE General, ROTC. DICK LINlGER College Prep, Lerterman's Club, ROTC, Football, Wrestling, Track. College Prep ROTC ELDON V MAHAN JOY LITTLE General Student Councul Chonr Opereifa FHA Y Teens Offnce Work Roadshow BETTY JEAN LYTLE Stenographnc YTeens Roadshow JAMES T MATHEWS Enguneermg Student Councol ROTC Wrestlmg WILLIAM R MATZEN Printing ROTC PHYLLIS ROSE MCCAULEY Sfenographnc Altrurna Sngnal Lu brary Club Band Roadshow Book Week Tea JMX LINDA MALLY College Stenographac Aurora Stu dent Council Cheerleaders N tlonal Honor Socnety Chorr O ere ta Llbrary Club Pep Club Roadshow Book Week Tea PEGGY MCGEE Stenographnc Altruma Junuor Red Cross Chour Operetta FHA FTA Office Work Roadshow General ROTC ye 'W .4 RICHARD MCGLADE General ROTC BILL MCMULLEN SENIORS CLAUDEEN MCRAE Homemakmg FHA Pep Club HEL EN JEAN MEDAKOVICH College Prep Aurora Student Coun cal Cheerleaders Nanonal Honor Socuety Football Court Chour Op eretta Latm Club Pep Club Road show Gnrls State Alternate RON MEN KE Engmeermg ROTC MARY MESSERSMITH Stenographuc Jumor Red Cross WILLIAM F MEYER College Prep Student Councul ROTC Internatlonal Relatlcns GEORGETTE MILLARD Homemakmg Cholr Operefta FHA YTeens Band Roadshow CAROL J MITCHELL General YTeens JOHNNY P MEYERS General Junior Red Cross ROTC Baseball ALFRED L. CAL? MONAHAN College Prep, Student Council, ROTC, Football, Basketball, Track. DENNIS MONGOVEN College Prep, Signal, ROTC. GAY MOO R E College Prep Student Councnl Jun nor Red Cross Science Club Sugnal Choir Operetta Latln Club Qunll and Scroll FTA Roadshow All School Play lnternatuonal Relatnons PATRICIA ANN MOORE Stenographnc Grrls Lounge Inter national Relations .crm 'HL SENIORS MARVIN MOWERY Industrlal Arts Student Councul Junior Red Cross Sngnal ROTC Chovr Operetta Qurll and Scroll Roadshow BEVERLY MUSGROVE Stenographuc Nahonal Honor So Crety 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . . H, Na' .. ' . . , 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 , . W7 1 ' . W , I f'-aw, .. N-A HX General ROTC FRED NASS General MICHAEL NARMI Rotc ENNETH NEIGHBORS SHIRLEY NIEMANN College Stenographuc Aurora Stu dent Councll Natronal Honor So cnety Choir Operetta Lubrary Club Band Roadshow Book Week Tea DEAN E NIGHTSER, JR General Bnology Club Scuence Club Wrestling Band Roadshow Thesprans All School Play JOE OPAL Industrral Arts Jumor Red Cross ROTC Choir Operetta Roadshow General Student Councrl Sngnal SONDRA LOU PAUL General Aurora Chonr Operetta FHA Pep Club Roadshow CAROL A PENDER Stenograpl-nc Jumor Red Cross Y Teens EARL J PERENTIS General Jumor Red Cross ROTC Y? JANET L POINTS My 5544 Work Munn' f -.Q-do Sienographlc FHA GAA Office WW mm. SENIORS TH ELMA J U NE POOLE Sfenographnc Altruma Junior Red Cross, Football Court, Chosr, Op BYSTYB. FHA, Pep Club, Roadshow MARGARET G POULOS General General Spanish Club GERALDINE PRINE DARLENE E PRICE Sienographnc FHA Pep Club NANCY PRIEST Stenographlc Thespuans All School Pla s 2 3 A JOAN M PUGH College Sfenographnc Aurora Chour Operetta Lnbrary Club Roadshow Book Week Tea KENNETH J RABUCK General ROTC Basketball JOYCE REED Homemakmg FHA YTeens Road show -F! MARLENE A REED Homemakmg Nafnonal Honor So cuety Library Club Girls Lounge Book Week Tea MARY ANN REICH General YTeens Band wr' Km' BOB L ROC KWELL Vocational Pram: Jumor Re Cross Signal ROTC GON IA MARY RODRIGUEZ Homemakang FHA YTeens GAA QT' Q SENIORS BARBARA ROGERS Stenographnc .Iunuor Red Cross FHA Gnrls Lounge GAA Office Work JACQUELINE J ROGERS Homemaknng Student Councul Chour Operetta FHA Roadshow PAULINE V RUFFCORN General Course Spanish Club AMMELIA N RUIZ Homemaking FHA YTeens Road show KAREN ROGERS College Stenographic Aurora Stu- dent Council Cheerleader Football Queen Choir Operetta Pep Club Roadshow Junior Prom Court. JEANETTE ROMANS Liberal Arts Junior Red Cross Science Club National Honor So- ciety Band. Y 1- ' ns.: BERNARD C ROSENBERG General Choir Band Operetta Roadshow Thespians Christmas Play All School Play Staff JEAN ROTHE Stenographic Junior Red Cross Choir Operetta FHA Spanish Club Roadshow International Relations 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 if ruiffw 4 2 ' A 4 i w " ? e 2 l 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 , - . f 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . , . 1 1 ' 1 ' C .ffl Aw ROGER RUSSELL Engmeermg ROTC JEAN MARIE RYAN Stenographuc Aurora FHA Lrbrary Club Glrls Lounge Office Work Book Week Tea 'S 3' MARY ALICE SAAR Stenographuc Student Councrl Jun lor Red Cross Slgnal Gvrls Lounge Y Teens GAA K' DAVID SCHUTJER College Prep Junior Red Cross ROTC. S.. S 481 SENIORS HOWARD SHIPLEY College Prep, ROTC, Rifle Team. JIM SIMPSON Industrial Arts, ROTC, Basketball. in lg JOANIE SPEARN Stenographic, Signal. x P S DONALD J. SKAGGS General, ROTC. DORTHEA M. SORENSON Stenographic, Altruma, Choir, Op eretta, FHA, Roadshow. LE ANNA SMITH Stenographuc ROBERTA STEIBER College Prep Aurora Student Coun cnl Nahonal Honor Socrety Sngnal Lafm Club Lnbrary Club Roadshow Book Week Tea Quill and Scroll International Relatuons DAR DON STEVEN General TOM STOGDILL College Prep, Student Council, ROTC, Rifle Team, Spanish Club. HAROLD EUGENE STRONG General, Biology Club, Band, Or- chestra. MARJORIE STRONG Stenographuc FHA Pep Club Band Roadshow GERALDINE STUBBS General SENIORS CAROLE STUCKER Hcmemaking Aurora Junior Red Cross Cheerleaders Annual Foot ball Court Prom Court Pep Club Office Work Roadshow GARY LEE SWANSON Printing JERRY TALBOTT College Prep Student Councll Jun lor Red Cross Signal ROTC Foot MARLENE FRANCES SWANSON College Prep Aurora Student Councll Jumor Red Cross Annual Sngnal Pep Club Offnce Work PATTY TACY Liberal Arts Altruma Student Coun cul FHA Pep Club Roadshow eretta Roadshow ball Wrestlmg Baseball Choir Op GLEN EARLE TELLER General Course Jumor Red Cross Blology Club ROTC GEORGE L THACKER JR General Jumor Red Cross Natuonal Honor Soclety ROTC Latm Club FRANK JOSEPH THOMAS General Student Councxl Letter mans Club ROTC Basketball JACK THOMAS General, ROTC. JO NELLE THOREEN General, Junior Red Cross, National Honor Society, Choir, Operetta, FTA, Roadshow, International Relations. at-fx ROSALIND VISURI flce Work NORMAN H. VINCENT Industrial Arts, ROTC. College Prep GAA Pep Club Of SENIORS RON VITTITOE Industrial Arts ROTC GARY L WAGNER Industrial Arts Junior Red Cross ROTC Choir Operetta Roadshow ff LEONARD J. WALLING JR. Industrial Arts ROTC. R . fits Q 35259 PHILLIP WASSEM College Prep Student Council Jun nor Red Cross Basketball Latin Club Band MAVIS J. WALKER General, Girls' Lounge, Y-Teens, GAA. ROBERTA JEAN WALKER College Prep, Aurora, Student Coun- cil, Cheerleaders, Football Court, Choir, Operetta, Latin Club, Pep Club, Roadshow Prom Princess, Sen- ior Class Treasurer. CAROLYN WAUGH General FHA YTeens Roadshow Book Week Tea SHARON L WAUGH Homemaking Altruma Choir Op eretta FHA Roadshow SHIRLEY WESEEN Sfenographuc GAA Pep Club BILLY WILLIAMS General ROTC TOM WINGSTAD General Student Councul Red Cross Biology Club ROTC Rnfle Team Spamsh Club Junnor GLORIA IRENE WOFFORD General MAX Pos! graduate Tee Jay mascot Chess Checkers Pong Pong Ca nasta Club Nafuonal Honor for Dogs Fnend of everyone SENIORS GOTTBRECHTS HARDWARE STORES Farm Supplies Housewares Con9faIUIaI'0n5 I0 Ihe Sporhng Goods Class 57 J C PENNEY CO DOWNTOWN STORE WEST END STORE :bow Bd y 3l3aW Bd y Congra+uIa'I'lons KUHN STUDIO STYLE SELECT UNIFORM FC"""y P0'I""IS 25 SO MAIN PHONE 629I 725 Wesi' Bdway Co Bluffs LARSEN S CITIES SERVICE STATION 2Is+ and 5+I1 Avenue CONGRATULATIONS SENIQRS 2709 Wes? Broadway Congrafulahons +o The 57 Class From DR. G. H. WAHI. F'0We'S by Says WALTONS Congra+uIa'Iions 420 NOFII1 26+I1 Seniors PHONE 4059 . W6 . . wa . Phone 4463 Phone 440l I ll ll 9 'F 7 GRAVES CITIES SERVICE d Bd DICK ROGERS P p + BALLENGER AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 9 f57 CONNOLLY DRUG COMPANY The RexaII Store 2400 W Bd y Ph 5557 BROWN SHOE FIT COMPANY SHOES FITTED BY X RAY BROADWAY FLOWER SHOP W+B +FI BENO S 'H' CONGRATULATIONS 57 CLASS MARCUS CLOTHES SHOP W + B LUSTERTONE CLEANERS Personalized Service PICK UP AND DELIVERY 3343 W I' B ad ay Ph 22567 Con ra+uIa'rions fo +I'1e Class o '5 Says Zbfh an way' Con raiulafions, Seniors , ro rie or 0 . Complimenfs of u ll " A FH for Every Foo+" . w . . - I A Be er Depar+menI' Sfore 28IO es roadway . Corsages and Cu owers 6I2 es roadway es ro W one WORLDS RADIO LABORATORY W 'I' B Ph 2 77 g 5 SCHUBERT STUDIO W+B P 33549 QUALITY PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS STAN DARD AUTO PARTS AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND SUPPLIES 9 an RALPH S MEAT MARKET mpI AI NSWORTH PRINTING COMPANY ff PPV d Eq MASONIC TEMPLE BLDG CO BLUFFS C pI I' T CHARLOTTE RAES Real Estate and Insurance 227 PEARL CO BLUFFS MONTICELLO STAFF Besi' W shes an Congrai' I To s 'I e G ad h g Sensors of '57 2305 es roadway 34I5 es roadway hone one 02 C n ra+uIa+ions +o +he ' 7 CIas Con ra+uIa'rions CO From I6I8 Wesi' Broadway Phone 37527 FuII Line of d I CompIe+e Machine Shop Co imen'Is From The Prini' O ice Su I an uip. I d u a I n o Th om imen s o r ua 'n ' COUNCIL BLUFFS SAVINGS BANK 507 Wesf Broadway Phone 3-7544 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '57 MODE - O - DAY FROCK SHOP Dresses - Lingerie - Blouses - Hosiery 522 W. Bclway. Co. Bluffs MRS. STEWART, Manager-Owner INTERCITY CHAMPS Bes+ Wishes +o T.J. Graduafes of '57 From PEOPLES STORE "LeI's TaIIc II Over" PAUL E. WEAVER COMPANY Real Esiaie, Loans Complefe Insurance Service PHONE 7773 550 Mynsfer Sireef Council Bluffs, Iowa Iowa CIoI'I1es Shop Says Congrafulahons Semors f? Congrafulahons Is+ FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF CO. BLUFFS 50 I Broadway dbxywf Nfyxgqv C? 5 W ww W AR? ,X M V EQ X5 g Q J XRQYQ? ,rj my RX KSQEQQS 56 Y w NJ N Q ARQRWQEA W -gy QR W0 MJUJ4 JL R 0 AQ E EX liwlx Qjs. QXEPSQ Xi 5 AH R RSX 1 F X SKB SKF S11-kwxklb X BRS? 3 1' Eiyxxd Bi 15-S1 HE lilwi ,hx WR lx 1 gx v-ax IEE Eiaaiix ' X EXXSAWSLJ XSS N33 1 QR iii -:QW E2 A El iligliiiqxsi QXBCQQ 2312? at gig gifg Hifi ry E - 5 N A 2 , T Mcfrp .557 1 M , , , bf f . XV ,lf v I VU ,O vii Nyc' yah' kill 1,4 D- i M ' IQ my Qf W WO' 9 . x Q kY2rV'Uv X5 YMM x vw Q C X5 L1 X: x M ' AN N X! XJ A ik V fm PM A pl L M x C' I " P V KC W df J M W? V V' Sf 6 ' A A ,4 L , -I , f i t fl I ,J A h VX D ex C W C97 I ,A X Xb, - NNNH ' Q1 ' M A ff' x W ' KX! ll es rv qi? 0 xi? JI O J WNV' W W Of, S, f A , A ,CW C, . Muix I I Qfvfvi LVM i W 9 ., Sy Q' A If fl, A V! 5 . '. W W I wx J M , VUL ' uf U ' ff. 1- H M im J J, - of K , 9' X53 lil-X - aiu Elm . 'lT.JsXs E Xxgj , ' j ' Q2 X: Ei XXX Z, - X 2 E . Q-1 Q Q ' ix 'ES QA V 'N CQX' Y x - Q 1 , 1 B QQ S 1 I X S - , QQ, ' .im Q3 X QPR gg, le, Xb , in QQ 1 . R Y X' K tok X R K QTQN -.xL E iq K V -.2 bs .15-5 l ci Y ', A X-E ig 5K,- 0 Geixf 26 Eg Q? Dxiigfxflxqf Xixgfajcif Qi Ei 2333 X Keir' E - is if ' Y 'N ,G Nil? . - 'wpxif -6- n CX' . Q Q u 'A " f X 29.11 . " I A X' 'QP R fi 5 A 1 XX I .XAA xx. i , . xx ' Q NX XX TA LOR PUBLISHING CO ww-Qxxx KKK? EO K x Jfxjgii iw 2 Q

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Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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