Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA)

 - Class of 1949

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Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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The ff fi I III onfice fo PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF 49 OE THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL E""'JI'4H1.I SN I , VIFI MMM I QIWII I fi N I, IK ' , 'I ix ' ,Lx K I, XX , I V, A 5 2,1 3 Is I N I? I : 1 Q, , w ' .". figm ,f .Tl " 1 A q I, ,:f1.iIf?4 .' Req ., w ' ,J - 'I I ,. I 2,1 .I N 'X f . ,HJ 4, NI ' -1 .L SN ' W ,MN 2' if xp I 2 , '7pTI: ,WI 1: M'N--,LM ,.Q,,,2:w '-,V A.-S' I l Nl Nf H s -' Ir- ' V S- I f' I . I QI jLvT'1v - L 5 I1 ., 1 , IL ,If I fx-.1 M 4- , .-1 L , If .L I ,II L,,.,Qw pf, 1 2 Lx N- - L I K q I 'L 'I 'I-w.:.,2i , X Q. W I ., Tj M U,q,.,'wJ- Y '11 I' I I-T 'I X ' I I, T NI :wh-III. I I 0 II Q I ll vw' " , Q S -""""'-Q1 I ' ' ' ff ,K S XMI W I qf :T li I .. , 41 A77 ' " It E lu X y H' 11,43 ' r-J, gv IFE. fi, I I ' I I W If ,Av I 4. if 'I -A L ff I-'I-I il- I Im J I . Wi.. .., ,W II9 T ff- , I U , Y V V-- ,gl n Ak f - HL., I Il I I ' ---- S L, ,f 'J 5' 1 -f-...,,,f 4 ' " -, ' L Q , wif'-I I -V. :I ,.., .1 I I II I 4 , Iw-Ag 1 'E' :LQ .... Z. '. I 3.1: fx . I , 1 f'----.f A Li' IL, , ' I :X Q. "j, If: I " - .... , I------I -- , Il .,p:4:Lm li ui 4.15 , W , I-, ., ,A A .- g ,L ,, W , ,-N,-A I ,,,,,-,- L -I ,- I I' ' me LC6Lfl0l'l for l 949 Annual To the Thomas jefferson Hugh School of Council Bluffs lowa thus book as dedicated ln the hopc That the school may munnster to nts country by Chcrlshrng, those young men and women who In Its fulfilment of vvsron That the school may ever assure froe play of Info and nts yntal objectuves That the school may continue to help others as It has helped the Class of l949 to fund the better and fnner beliefs an lnfe Edvvln Hunting ,Q 0 . . I 1 v . . halls, would gather power and perfection toward tho R F Myers Prun Russellj Mourer Supt Mrs M Edson Mrs Helen Steer 5 I r ,r Kermt Haas Benz l.aVern LaMont a Frark Sk enkcka oseph Reuben Harr son F Mue er Bo ton Bernard Stue ke Back Row Gay ord Rupp O A Bump Dorothea Cenger Garnet We sch M nne B a Hutch son M dred Sm th Str ck and Natha C ara FS WM eRo l d M +- LLI Lucy er Mrs Mare Boton Mrs Ruth Moe an Re tan Martha Wangberg L Easter Madden He en Kohr Front Row Mrs He en Speer rd Grace Schroeder C ara Cathmann W da Farmer Mrs M Edson th Schneck o I I I , I , , II , I , I I , I I, , I . Homer Townsend, Ralph M. Letrs, Orville Orr, F, 1, Paluka. ic l 1 , l i l , li i , il i , I , I , i I , , . . . dward lewett, S ephan Field, Harold 1. jones, Margie Smith, R. F. Myers. 1 . I , , I , IIII I , , II , , I I , , Bai , . , I , il , , . I 2 , il , , . Phyllis l . YS M FFIYOD ho T Dorothy ton H rry Ha TS Rober VY Ma ed P ctur T No 6lCll Bits. Edutor an chnef Busnness Manager CHARLES CULEK DICK ROGERS Art Cr Make up Edltor Art Er Make up Edutor Art C1 Make up Edntor BETTY TURNER ED HUNTING BEVERLY POWELL VERNON HENRY Once more the yob of putting out the Monticello befell the Sensor Class the ,ob for the class of 49 was a b1g undertakmg wnth a great deal of hard work mvolved Soon after the second semester started the Annual Staff was orgamzed wnth Chuck Culek as Edntor nn chnef and Duck Rogers as Busuness Manager Wnth Mr Mueller as sponsor the art and make up staff consnstnng of Betty Turner Beverly Powell and Ed Hunting began to hum The staff had to really work to beat deadlmes to make thus book possnble The composmon staff was composed of Roberta Ryan Martha Hoyt Gwen Barber and Bob Mahrt The tremendous job of typlng was given to Vernon Henry our chuef typlst whose work was always well done Beverly Woods and Barbara Butler han dled the sales Unhappy and loyful moments were common The staff had many phases of the job to do mcludung pnctures mounts typed sheets and wnte ups After much hard work we gnve to you the student body the l949 Annual . X . 1 "NM ,N , . . . . . , . . , - , . . 9 I - ' , . anuafg eI'll0l' G55 C53 gf? Sec reta ry Treasurer GEORGINE ROCKWELL DONALD STRONG President RONALD GRAHAM At last' One short semester has passed and we are now on our own We feel we are ready to face life and to make our own decnsuons Our last few months of hugh school were joyous and memorable ones Under the able guud ance of our class offncers Don Strong President Georglne Rockwell Secretary Ronald Graham Treasurer and Mary Ferrarello Vuce Presldent We opened the refreshment stand for football W games nth the help of our class sponsors Mrs Strickland and Mr Benz We held dances to obtain money for our treasury and left qurte a sum for the sensor class behind us Durung the last week of school we had our skip day whlch wlll remaln a happy memory to all of us january l6 brought with It our Bacculaurate services and followmg on january l8 came th B T e anquet hen on Thursday january 20 Commencement and the coveted dnplomas 8 . ,fx ARRELL DEAN BELLOWS College Prep NORMA LEORA CAIN Homemakmg AA Pres Treas Sgt of Arms lpha Theta Sagma FHA Cnrls Clee junior Chour Acappella Chour Southwest Iowa Chorus Love our Neaghbor Carl s Lounge oad Shows 3 ORDON CHRISTIANSEN College Prep Forum Student Councnl Boys Cnty HAROLD ED BOCCS College Prep ORVILLE HENRY CARMEN Manual Arts WILLIAM R CLAWSON College Prep Boys Cnty Lettermens Club Basket ball 2nd Lt R OTC DON EVERETT General Lettermen s Club Football Wrestl nn BOB GREGORY College Prep Football Lettermens Club Chour Operetta Student Teacher RICHARD HEAD College Prep ROBERT T HOUCH College Prep Red Cross Scuence Club R OTC IOE FERREL College Prep Staff Sgt R T O C The Firefly RONALD G GRAHAM College Prep Pres Lettermens Club Treas f jan Class Boys Cnty Football 4 ROTC Sgt CLARABELL HICKMAN College Prep Garls Glee Operettas Acapella Choir C A A Irs Lounge Road Shows ROBERT KAUFMAN Colege Prep Boys Cnty Red Cross Sgt R O T C Student Councnl Sugnal Staff Qunll and Scroll . ' , . o t - 4, ' . . . ' . - sfudel1fc0uncalfR.o.T.c. Lf. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ', ., F.H'.A., on ELDON LETNER College Prep Brology Club Scuence Club Boys Clee Band LettermensClub Foot Ba 2 Track 3 Basketball l Sgt ROTC GEORCINE ROCKWELL Homemakmg Sec of jan Class GAA Red Cross Forum Road Show ra DON STRONG General Pres of jan Class Fottball 4 Basketball 4 Track 4 Letter mens Club Road Show 46 47 48 Boys Clty Flrechlef ROTC 2nd Lt Dramatncs Chour jAY WATSON Manual Arts R O T C Press Club ROBERT LINDQUIST College Prep TOM ROPER College Prep Pres Debate Club Scuence Club ootball Red Cross HAROLD TOMICH College Prep HAROLD WHISLER College Prep Band lst Lieutenant Student Coun nl Boys Cnty A Capella Basket ball Football 1, H4 . ' - , ' -f ""t1"' "Home Sweet Home." Biology Club, R.O.T.C. 2nd Li. F . . .-1 1- une QIIJOI' G55 Secretary Pressdent Vsce Pressdent Treasurer BEVERLY WOODS ROC-ER WITKE IACK BUTLER IOAN WARDEN Thss has been the year' The year we hoped for as Freshmen the year we dreamed about as Sophomores and lunsors the year of our chersshed hopes The fsrst semester opened wsth the electson of class offscers Elected were Roger Wstke lack Butler Beverly Woods and loan Warden Under thesr dsrectson and the gusdance of the class sponsors Mrs Strsckland and Mr Orr the class held candy sales and sponsored dances to obtasn money for the treasury ln November the all school play was gsven sn whsch many sensors partscspated The second and last semester brought wsth st preparatsons for the Montscello and early sn March work was begun on the Road Show The theme of the show was Televssson On May l3th and l4th the class play Our Town was gsven The last weeks were full of hustles and bustles wsth the lunsor Sensor Prom on May 28 Bacculaurate on May 29 and followsng on May 30 the Sensor Banquet Then fsnally on Wednesday lunel Commencement And so our four years of hsgh school draw to a close we leave behsnd happy and sad mem orses of progresses made and moments of excstement and expersences We now stand on the threshold of Tomorrow looksng hopefully yet a lsttle fearfully at the world and what the future holds for us As we move snto the varsous walks of lsfe we wsll always be grateful to the faculty for thesr efforts patsence and understandsng We grope for words to express our thanks but only wssh that wherever we are whatever we may be dosng we wsll be a credst to Thomas jefferson Hsgh School -I 21 ECIL D ADKINS College and Capt Orchestra Student ouncnl Boys Cnty Red Cross I0 Club Sec Scnence Club Sec ebate Road Show 47 48 49 Date Wnth judy Once There as A Prnncess Fnrefly n a Sweethearts MES R AVIS College amera Club Pres Scnence Club Capella Chonr Road Show 48 9 Operettas All School Play 2 nnor Play Sensor Play R OTC WENDOLYN BARBER General r Class Treas 48 Prom Honor ourt Mardn Gras Mand Sngnal taff Sngma TauV Pres Pep Club ed Cross Student Councnl Stu ent Teacher Trno Sextet Glee lub Madrngal Group Road Show 7 48 49 Katnnka Fnrefly Martha Sweethearts Love our Nenghbor State Musnc Con TTO BARTELS College OTC Band Orchestra Boys Cnty Bnology Club Road Show 49 H1249 M 'CFKMQ 4'-n--Q BONNIE ALLEN Stenographnc Sngma Tau Llbrary Club Offnce Attendance All School Play 47 Colonnal Ball Lnbrary Club PATRICIA BAKER College Treas Gnrl s Councnl Altruma Sec Cheerleader Pep Club Football C1 Wrestlnng Honor Court Colonnal Ball junnor Sennor Prom Honor Court Road Shows 46 47 48 49 Gnrls Lounge Red Cross Mardn Gras Mand Acapella Chonr Student Teacher 48 Natnonal Honor S0 cnety RICHARD BARRITT College Boys Cnty Scnence Club Camera Club Slnde Rule Club ROTC A Capella Chonr Band Boy s Glee Southwest Iowa Chorus Outstand nng Soph Cadet Road Show 2 You Cant Take lt Wnth You Date Wnth judy Sweethearts Katnnka Natnonal Honor Socnety ALAN BENSON General ROTC Sgt Boys Cnty Student Teacher Wrestlnng DAVID BLODCETT Stenographic lst Lt. Band, Boy's City, Red Cross, Road Show 48, 49, Biology Club. MARIORIE BRIGGS Stenographvc Road Show Curl s C-lee Southwest Muslc Contest ROBERT BROWN lndustrlal Arts Bnology Club Vace Pres Band A Capella Chonr Boys Clee Pep Band ROTC Offucer Red Cross Road Show 46 47 Sweethearts Katlnka RUTH BURNS Stenographuc Pep Club IACK BUTLER College S If Rellant Pres Boy s Cnty Boy s State Vlce Pres of S nnor Class A Capella Cholr R OTC Otfucer Road Show 47 48 49 Student Teacher Natnonal Honor Society Red Cross Student Councnl Mardi Gras Escort Letterm ns Club junior Semor Prom Court HELEN BOWEN Stenographic Spanish Club Treas. Cr Sec., Roa Show 48, 49, All School Play. BONNIE BRITTAIN Stenographnc C-lrl s Lounge BEVERLY BUNDY Commercial Dlverslfled Occupatlon BARBARA BUTLER College Student Councnl Vrce Pres AI truma Vlce Pres DAR Curl Council Pep Club A Capella Cholr Mardl Gras Maud Slide Rule Club Curl s Lounge Student Teacher Coloma! Ball Honor Court Sweet Cllee Natlonal Honor So nety O Town THEODORE E CAMPBELL College Boys Cxty Student Councnl Bas ketball ROTC Track . . . , - 'I Y Y E I ' , .... , , , . . . . .. ,. . . . , .. . ., . . - I, 1 5 -. - - -, A . . . - y , . - ' It hearts", Road Shows 47, 48, 49 ' . C, ' .. U D - . , , , , . , I G . ROBERT CANAVAN College Sec. Lettermen's Club, Lt. R.O.T.C., Road Show 49, Football, Track-4, Student Teacher, Student Council, Boy's City. BEVERLY CHAMBERS College Aurora Club Camera Club Pres Band Queen lst Lt Band Orches tra Mardu Gras Maud Road Show 47 48 49 Colonial Ball Signal Staff Katlnka You Can t Take It Wlth You Once There Was A Prlncess Sweethearts IOAN CHR l STENSEN College Sec 6' Vice Pres of F H A Pep Club Aurora Club Spannsh Club Red Cross Student Teacher Offlce Attendan tAIlled Youth Self R llant Club Sec of Student Council Once There Was A Prnncess You Am t Heard The Half Of It You Cant Take lt Wlth You Date With ludy RONALD COONEY College Student Councnl Forum Red Cross Boys Cnty ROTC Offucer A Capella Chonr Allued Youth Re lnglous Leaders Quull G Scroll Slg nal Mardl Gras Cheerleader Sweethearts Road Show 46 47 48 49 MARILYN CORZINE College Altruma Club F H A Spanish Club Camera Club Relnguous Lead ers Allred Youth Self Relsant YG s Student Teacher You Cant Take lt Wuth You Date Wnth ludy Can t Take lt Wuth You A Date ludv LAWRENCE CARMAN College Student Council, R.O.T.C. ALVIN CHANCY College Science Club Slnde Rule Club WILLIAM COFFEY College Student Teacher Lettermen s Club R O T C Offxcer Basketball 2 Football 2 DELMAR CORBIN College Councnl Vnce Pres Track Football 4 Basketball 4 OPAL ILENE COWLES College Spanxsh Club Pres F H A Treas Self Relnant Club Girls Councnl Student Councnl Altruma CAA Mardn Gras Maud Relnglous Lead ers Dramatlcs YC s Alpha Theta Sngma Once There Was A Prnn cess You Cant Take lt Wnth You D ' I - I I l U 1 A . . . ,. .. , , . H J H ' ' , . . - . . . ., . e- . l ' l V ' ' I . 1. Q " .... g -T I , ll I , . .. . .. y - ' ' . ' , .... , - ' 'v ' 'y ' , Lettermen's Club, Boy's City, Cadet v I v r - - " i 3' I I 1 ' ' , . v . ' h ., . . . ., I I ' tl ' . ' I' ' ll , . , I - t ' - -1 ' ' ' ' ' I I - V 1 ll' l l CHARLES CULEK College Boy's City Mayor, Auditor, Police Chief, Pres. National Honor Soc., Editor Signal, Sports Signal, Mon- ticello Editor, lr.-Sr. Prom Honor Court, R.O,T.C. Officer, A Capella Choir, Student Council, Co-Capt. Basketball, lr. Class Vice-Pres-, Quill Cr Scroll, Mardi C-ras Escort, Lettermen's Club, Boy's St,, Basket- ball Football Road Show, Our Town' . DALE DAVIS College lst Lt R O T C Red Cross Wres tling WILLIAM E DOHSE College Student Council Pres Boys City Spanish Club Science Club Let termen s Club Football Wrestling A Capella Choir Znd Lt R OT C Road Show 48 49 Sweethearts Natuonal Honor Society BARBARA IEAN ELDR l DCE College A Capella Choir Signal Reporter G Editor Colonial Ball Road Show 4 9 Sweethearts Date With ludy IACQUELINE SUE ELLIOTT College Altruma GAA A Capella Choir Self Reliant Club Student Council Wrestling Queen Colonial Ball Vice Pres Slide Rule Club K tinka Sweethearts Road Show 48 49 107' VETO DAPRIZIO College Boy's City Chief of Police, R.O.T IACQUELINE DETTMAN College Aurora Vice Pres Pep Club tional Honor Society Girl s Coun Red Cross Vice Pres Cheerlea Colonial Ball Mardi Gras M Football G Wrestling Honor Co Student Teacher Office Attenda Once There Was A Princes You Cant Take lt With Yo Sweethearts Road Show-4 JAMES DUGGAN College lr Class Pres Boys City Ma R O T C Officer Lettermen s Cl Student Council Road Show 49 lr Sr Prom Honor Court B State Football PETE ELONICH College Science Club Red Cross Print Club PAULA EPPERSON Stenographic Altruma C- A A Student Coun Road Show 46 47 48 Marth DONALD L. EVANS Manual Arts Boy's City, Lettermen's Club, Foot- ball. IDA FIELD Stenographic C A A Student Council Curl s Lounge Alpha Theta Sigma Road Show 49 JAMES FLAHERTY College ROTC BETTY FOSTER Y Gs Red Cross Camera Club Spanish Club Girl s Lounge A Ca pella Choir A Date With ludy Sweethearts You Cant Take lt with You Road Shows 47 48 SHIRLEY CAHM General Red Cross Curl s Council lnterna tional Club Student Teacher Carl s Lounge Office Attendant Once There Was A Princess You Can t Take lt With You Sweet hearts A Capella Choir Road Show 48 49 ELAINE FAIRMAN Stenographic Pres. Altruma, Band- -l, Band Officer, Drum Majorette. Girls Lounge, Girl's Council, Student Council, Self Reliant, Pep Club, Red Cross, "You Can't Take lt With You" Road Show 47, 48. 49, DORIS FILLEBECK General Pep Club Vice Pres Sgt at Arms Altruma Treas C A A Girl s Glee A Capella Choir Road Show 47 48 49 Football Honor Court Stu dent Council Once There Was A Princess A Date With ludy Katinka Sweethearts Mar a PATRICIA FLAXBEARD College Curl s Council Pres National Honor Soc Cheerleader Football Queen Pep Club Treas Aurora Club lr Class Treas lr Sr Prom Honor Court Road Show 4 Colonial Ball Office Attendant Mardi Gras Maid Music Contest Band Stu dent Teacher Firefly Katinka Sweethearts Once There Was A Princess You Cant Take lt With You SAMUEL FRIED College Boys City Treas Auditor Boys Band Student Council Red Cross S lf Reliant Math Club Science Club Debate National Honor So ciety IOANNE GALLACHER College National Honor Soc Girl s Council Aurora Pep Club Debate Club S lf Reliant Red Cross Student Council Curl s State Road Show -I Student Teacher Mardi Gras Maid A Capella Choir Sweethearts Once There Was A Princess You Cant Take lt With You I . . . . I - '., , , I I ' . I I I - . . . II l ' - th . .. v, v' v I I . . I I I - . . College State, Orchestra, Drum Major, , I I. I I I I D V I I I - - - 4 ll ' II ' F I I I ' . 49. ' . ' I' - I - I I , . , ,, I I Y . - 'I ' I I I I . - ' ' - ul l - VY' . ' ' sl v - It . - .W V. 4 ' JOANN GARN ER Stenographic Cir's Council Library Club Altruma C.A.A., Sec. G Pres. Student Council Office Attendant Colonial Ball, Road Show 46 47 49, Office Manager Red Cross. VERC-ENE CEARHART Stenographuc Road Show 2 Colonial Ball Lu brary Club Red Cross LESLIE IACK HARDY General Forum Club Boys City Track 4 Letterman s Club DONALD HEATON College Self Reliant Science Club Pres Slide Rule Club Boy s City junior Play R O T C Officer MAX L HENDERSON Manual Arts RUTH CEARHART College Band Cirl's Clee, Road Show . CATHERINE HAGER Stenographlc Road Show Twlrlers Club Band Lt Drum Mayorette State Music Contest Pep Band Orchestra Colonial Ball Firefly Katlnka Date With judy JACKIE HARROD Stenographic DONALD HENDERSON General R O T C Basketball Track Le termen s Club VERNON B HENRY Stenographic Boy s City 2 R O T C Tech Sgt Track 4 Student Council Cross Country Relay Annual Staff 5 l l l l I . . . . l . , l , . l , 48 l ' l Football, Basketball: Rt o. T. c., GAA" CWS Gee' Pep C't'b' . . , , f- IOYCE HERALD Stenographrc Altruma Club Self Relrant Club Natronal Honor Socuety Lnbrary Club Treas Pres Colonral Ball Natronal Bookkeeprng Contest Red Cross Musrc Contest Student Councrl Drversrfred Occupatron EDWIN HUNTING College National Honor Society Boy s Cnty Chref of Polrce Self Relrant Club Science Club A Date Wlth Iudy Road Show 48 49 A Cap lla Chour Madrrgal Sweethearts South west Iowa Musrc Contests Mardr Gras Escort Track Basketball Bus Mgr of Srgnal Annual Art and Make up Editor urll and Scroll Our Town ROSEMARIE IACKSON College Alpha Theta Srgma Allred Youth Crrls Lounge lnternatronal Rela trons Self Relrant Spanssh Y Cs Musrcal Contests Orchestra Road Show 48 49 You Can t Take It With You LOIS IENSEN Stenographrc Student Councrl S G Pres f S If Relrant Club Altruma Crrls Councll Pep Club Mardr Gras Maud Football Honor Court Colo nral Ball Road Show 47 48 49 Sweethearts The Frrefly PATRICIA IOLLIFF Stenographrc CAA Vuce Pres Red Cross Road Show 47 gre- 'Uh Nw .4- MARTHA HOYT College Spanish Club Sec Quill and Scroll Pep Club Altruma Red Cross Curl s Cholr A Capella Chorr Sng nal Ed Road Show 48 49 A Date Wrth ludy Katunka Sweethearts Southwest Iowa Chorus Natnonal Honor Society DARLENE HYATT Stenographuc Relrgnous Leaders Camera Club Allued Youth lnternatronal Rea tuons Orchestra Band You Cant Take It With You EARL IENSEN College Rellgvous Leaders R O T C Wrestlrng 2 PATRICIA IOHANNSEN College Aurora Pres Pep Club Spanrsh Club Curl s Glee A Capella Chorr Road Show 46 47 48 49 Once There Was A Prlncess Katlnka Sweethearts ROBERT IONESON College Band Lt Orchestra Pres of Bro Club Student Councll Debate Club Road Show 47 48 You Can t Take It Wrth You LEONARD KELLEY General Wrestling. HAROLD KINART Manual Arts Lettermen s Club Vlce Pres Foot bal 2 Basketball 3 Track 3 2nd Lt R OT C A Capella Choar Boy s Cnty Student Teacher Road Show 49 All lntercaty Guard Basketball Southwest Iowa Team DALE KOHLER General Spannsh Club Duversufued Ocupa tion DONALD LARSEN Stenographlc Football Track ROTC Offlcer LOIS LARSEN Stenographuc GAA Pres C1Vuce Pres Altruma Student Councll A Capella Chonr Southwest Iowa Chorus Red Cross Student Teacher Camera Club Road Show 47 48 49 Sweet hearts Katlnka Furefly Once There Was A Prmcess You Cant Take lt With You IAMES KENNEDY College Lettermen's Club, Basketball, Sig- nal Staff, Student Council, Boy's City, R.O.T.C., Road Show 49. DARWIN KOHL College ROTC 2nd Lt Date Wnth ludy Love Thy Nenghbor All School Play AGNES KUDERA Stenographlc Library Club Altruma Club Play Colomal Ball Road Show 47 48 49 LAURA LARSEN College Treas International Relatlons Club Date With ludy Dramatlcs MARVIN E LAUVER College Band Science Club Red Cross Student Councnl International Re latnons Club Road Show 47 I- , - , " - , -. - ,l ' l in ' ' I . , lf. B0Y'S CNY. Red CYOSS. Basketball. "You.Can't Take It With You", , ' lti, -lA ' li, .. . . ,, ' I PHYLLIS IEAN LEE Senographuc Red Cross Road Show 45 46 lunnor Play Operetta EILEEN LENIHAN Stenographuc Altruma Club Pres Pep Club Self Reluant Club Student Councnl A Capella Chonr Curl s Councul Red Cross Colonlal Ball Football Honor Court Road Show 3 Musrc Con test 3 Mardu Cras Maud South west lowa Chorus 2 Sweet hearts You Can t Take It Wlth You HAROLD IAMES MCEVOY General GERALD MACE Manual Arts ROTC ROBERT MAHRT College Sngnal Sports Edntor ROTC Sgt ROBERT LAWSON Manual Arts EVELYN LEWIS Stenographlc Altruma Club CA A jumor Play Red Cross 2 Road Show 47 49 MARIAN MCHARCUE General Club Band Orchestra Pep Band State Twurlmg Contest Lt nn Band Operettas Colonial Ball Road Show EVELYN MAHAN General YC Sgt at Arms ACapella Cholr Southwest Iowa Chorus Sprung Concert Allled Youth Road Show 46 47 48 49 Furefly LUAREL MAIN College Altruma Lvbrary Club C-AA Student Councll Red Cross Road Show Curl s Clee Student Tea her Slnde Rule Club Colonnal Ball l . I - A , . . ., A , v 1 l ' - , , . ' 'Al - F.H.A. Club, Y. G. Club, Twirler's , -. . - . . - . . . . -. - . . I V I l 1 l n .. . ., . . , . - . . - - -. DOLORES MAMYSHOFF Stenographlc Natnonal Honor Socuety GAA Pres Llbrary Club Sec C7 Treas Aurora Club Glrls Councll Self Reliant Club Girl s Lounge Student Councul Colonnal Ball Red Cross Southwest Iowa Chorus Road Show 46 47 48 49 Once There Was A Prlncess Date Wnth judy DELMAR MEYER General Band 4 Boys Glee A Capella Choir Wrestling JANIS MILNE College GAA Vnce Pres Aurora Pep Club Red Cross Debate Cheer leader Student Teacher A Capella Cholr Dramatlcs Signal Staff Mardl Gras Maud Road Show 46 47 48 49 Sweethearts Once There Was A Prlncess National Honor Socnety Curl s Sextet Quill and Scroll Our Town IOYCE MORDHORST General Offuce Attendant Aurora Pep Club Alpha Theta Slgma Student Councll Allred Youth Signal A Capella Chonr Red Cross Road Show 47 48 49 Once There Was A Prnncess You Can t Take lt Wuth You Sweethearts BEVERLY MORGAN College Natnonal Honor Soclety Band Or chestra Colonlal Ball Sngnal Ed Student Councnl Red Cross Self Rellant Sec Curl s Councll Llbrary Club Altruma Sec Pep Club De bate 5 Mardu Gras Maud Stu dent Teacher Debate Club Road Show 46 47 48 49 Once There Was A Prnncess You Can t Take It With You Our Town 'NV' MAXI NE MEN DENHALL General Red Cross Sugnal Reporter NADI NE MEYERS Stenographuc IAN ET MOLCK College 2nd Lt Band Orchestra Red Cross Road Show 47 48 49 State Twlrl :ng Contest Glenwood Rating I MERRILL MORFORD College R O T C Oftncer Lettermen s Club Student Councll Student Teacher Slgnal Staff Athletnc Manager Qunll and Scroll SHIRLEY MULLEN Stenographlc Altruma Club Glrl s Lounge Road Show 47 CERTRUDE NARMI College Girl's Council, Altruma, Pep Club. Red Cross, Student Council, Choir, Student Teacher, Cirl's Clee, Of- fice Attendant, Dramatics, Road Show 47, 48, 49, "Once There Was A Princess", "Sweethearts", "Katinka", "You Ain't Heard The Half Of lt". ROSALEE NEES College Student Teacher F H A Honor Court of Football Road Show 47 BEVERLY NEUMANN Stenographic Sigma Tau Girls Lounge Road Show 45 RICHARD LEE NOWLINC Manual Arts Press Club Red Cross R O T C IOAN O CON NOR College Pep Club Aurora Club Student Council Red Cross A Capella Choir Road Show 49 Sweet hearts f 'ew ills-'ir -MQ.. 'YNY 'WK Qs. 1"""' ROBERT NASS College Print Shop Foreman, Student Coun- cil, Boy's City. DONALD NELSON College Biology Club Road Show U S Navy MARILYN NOWLING Stenographlc Alpha Theta Sigma Twirler s Club Pres F H A Band Co Capt Drum Malorette Band Queen State Music Contest Orchestra Colonial Ball Best Informed Camera Club Religious Leaders Pep Band Sweethearts IOHN O BRIEN College Science Club Pres lst Lt R OT C A Capella Choir A Date With ludy Sweethearts MARILYN IEAN ODELL Stenographlc Aurora Club A Capella Choir Road Show 47 48 49 Sweethearts DEAN OGREN College Science Club, Radio Club, Slide Rule Club. CHAR LENE PALMER Stenographlc Sec of G A A Red Cross Road Show 49 You Can t Take It With You MARY LOUISE PAULSON College Stenographic Student Teacher Red Cross Stu d nt Council Aurora Officer Girl s Lounge Self Reliant Dramatics Alpha Theta Sigma Road Show 47 48 49 You Cant Take lt With You MARIE PERKINS College Aurora Club SHIRLEY PITT Stenographic G A A Road Show 48 49 RAYMOND OLES College Boy's City, R.O.T.C. Officer, Slide Rule Club, Football, Basketball, Track-2, Road Show, Mardi Gras Escort, Cadet Council Lettermen's Club, National Honor Society. IOAN PARRACK General EMIL PAVICH College Science Club RICHARD PETERSON College Student Council Pres Self Reliant Club Slide Rule Club Lettermen s Club Quill and Scroll Football Basketball Annual Staff Edator Signal ROTC Officer ACapeIla Choir Mardi Gras Escort Road Show 49 BEVERLY IEAN POWELL General Red ross GAA Sgt of Arms Annual Art C1 Make up Editor National Bookkeepang Contest Art Poster Contest Road Show A Date With ludy You Can t Take lt With You Girls Lounge I . . . ., , II I . I II I I ' , . , . I Q - I I I I v I II I I I I . II -I - I I I I I I I I , .... , , I I , . . ., . , . - ' I II . . . I - I I ' - II II I I . I, . I . MELVA PR ICE Stenographic Library Club, Colonial Ball-3, Road Show, Yellow jackets. ROBERT PUR I NCTON General Biology Club Trans from Clear Lake Iowa LEITHA RAU Secretarial National Honor Society Girls Council Self Reliant Altruma Pep Club Mardi Gras Maud Football C1 Wrestling Honor Court Colonial Ball Student Council A Capella Choir Road Show 3 Once There Was A Princess YOu Can T Take lt With You A Date With udy Sweethearts O u r Town JOHN RENINCER Ceneral R O l' C Diversified Occupation RICHARD ROGERS College Annual Business Manager Signal Advertising Manager R O T C O fncer Student Council Boy s City Mardi Gras Escort Road Show 49 A Date With judy You Cant Take It With You 1'I""! PATRICIA LEE PROUTY College Pres. Y. Cfs, FHA. Club, Red Cross, Road Show 48, 49, "You Can't Take lt With You". MARY ANN RAES Stenographic Altruma Club Alpha Theta Sigma Student Teacher lun or Red Cross Student Council ROGER R EDMOND College Student Coun il Letterrnen s Club Boys C ty Football Wrestling D vers fled O cupatlon TERRY ALAN R ICKERT College Pres Science Club Camera Cub Biology Club S If Reliant Club Annual Staff ROTC Lt Cadet Council lunior Award All School Play Road Show 7 Operetta junior Play National Honor So clety Boy S City ROBERTA RYAN College Aurora Club Pep Club Red Cross Drarnatics Signal Staff Road Show 48 49 You Can t Take lt With You A Date With ludy GERALD CEN E SEALOCK College Biology Club, Boy's City. KEITH Sl-IRADER College Lettermen s Club Boy s City Stu dent Council 3 Mardi Gras Es cort Football Wrestling 3 Road Show 49 Znd in District Wrestling Meet DALE SIMPSON College Student Council Religious Leaders Mardi Gras Escort Diversified Oc D You BONNIE IEAN SMOTHERS Stenographnc Altruma FHA Road Show 48 49 PHILIP SPRINCER College Biology Club Science Club Stu dent Council R O T C A Capella Choir Martha You Can t Take It With You National Honor So ciety Our Town DOROTHY SCHULTZ College Natl Honor Soc. Treas. C1 Sec. Girls Council Self Reliant Club Pep Club Aurora Club Debate Club Road Show--4 Student Teacher Girls Trio Mardi Gras Maid A Capella Choir State De- bae 2 Once There Was A Princess Sweethearts MARY ALICE SIMONS Commercial Diversified Occupation ROBERT L SMITH College ootball Wrestling 2 place in District Wrestling Meet Fire Chief of Boys City Science R O T C Officer Lettermen s Club Sweethearts Mardi Gras Escort NEAL SPENCE College Boys City Bao Club Pres Choir Wrestling Basketball ROTC Of ficer You Cant Take It With You VIVIAN STALLARD Hornemakmg FHA t 4 y .. ' F - 3, ' -- , lst CU anon, -'You cam take If with Club. Track.. Road show 48, 49. DOROTHY IEAN STUART C-eneral PATSY RUTH THALLAS Stenographuc Football Queen Attendant ROBERT THOMAS College R OTC Offucer Dramatucs Colo nual Ball You Can t Take It Wuth You Once There Was A Prun cess Smulun Through Road Show 47 48 49 IAMES VAUC-HN College Scuence Club ROTC Capt of Rufle Team Rufle Team 2 IOAN WARDEN College Pep Club Pres Altruma Sec Stu dent Councul Red Cross A Capella Chour Football C1 Wrestlung Honor Court Road Show 4 S nuor Class Treasurer Edutor Sugnal Student Teacher Mardu Gras Maud Martha Furefly Katunka Sweethearts Headed F o r Eden Love Your Neughbor Once There Was A Pruncess Date Wuth Iudy S W Owa Musuc Contest mow? 'QQ Q wwf PATRICIA TALBOT College Aurora Club S C Pep Club Stu dent Coun ul Football Honor Court Red Cross Pres A Cap lla Chour Span sh Club F H A Curl s Lounge Offuce Attendant Mardu Gras Maud Allued Youth Southwest lowa Chorus Date Wuth udy Sweethearts You Cant Take It Wuth You Road Show 41 48 BEVERLY IEANE THOMAS College Sec G Treas of Natl Honor Soc Sec of F HA Treas of Student Councul Altruma CAA Self Re luant Club Scuence Club Scuence Club YCs Camera Club Gurls Councul Reluguous Leaders Curl S Clee Mardu Gras Maud Slude Rule Club Student Teacher Red Cross Once There Was A Pruncess Date Wuth ludy You Can t Take lt Wuth You BETTY TURNER Stenographuc GAA Reporter Annual Art Cv Make up Edutor Road Show Pos ter Contest You Cant Take It Wuth You A Date Wuth ludy ARDI S E WALTERS Stenographlc Self Reluant Club Curls Councul Lubrary Club Offuce Attendant Duversufued Occupatuon PHYLLIS WI LLMAN Stenographuc Red Cross You Cant Take lt Wuth You IOYCE WILSON Stenographlc Red Cross BEVERLY WOODS College Natuonal Honor Society Sensor Class Sec Pep Club Treas Self Reliant Pres Altruma Allled Youth Rellgnous Leaders Girls Councul C-url s Lounge Football Honor Court Student Teacher A Capella Choir Katlnka South west Iowa Chorus Road Show 4 Dramatucs Sweethearts Slade Rule Club Colonlal Ball DORIS WOOLCOTT College Band GAA Science Club Slnde Rule Road Show 2 Orchestra TH ER ESA YOUNC-S College Cnrls Councul Self Relnant AI truma Pep Club Library Club V Pres A Capella Chonr Student Councul Student Teacher Road ow 3 You Cant Take t Wuth You Katlnka Sweet hearts . qw- ROCER WITKE College Sr Class Pres Debate Basketball Boys Cnty Student Councnl Sport Editor of Signal ROTC Officer e Rellant Club I S ro Honor Court Boy s State DORIS WOODS College A Capella Chonr Aurora Club Pres Pep Club Pres CAA Self Re llant Club Road Show 3 Sweet hearts Katlnka Southwest Iowa Chorus Gnrls Clee Allled Youth Red Cross MARIORIE WRIGHT Stenographlc Library Club Altruma Club Self Rellant Club Student Councnl Red Cross Road Show 3 Colonlal a 2 Natsonal Bookkeeplng Contest NORMA ZAHNLEY College Altruma Pep Club A Capella Cholr Sweethearts Road Show 48 49 Q 'URS' 'W' bf' Secretary Presldent Vlce Presldent Treasurer ELINOR CALLAHAN DON ROCKWELL BOB HATCHER DELORES HENRY The lunnor year thus was the year when the class became organlzed and things really began to happen The first step toward organlzatuon was the electron of oftncers Don Rockwell was elected Presndent Bob Hatcher Vnce Presndent Elnnor Callahan was chosen to be Secretary and Delores Henry as Treasurer Sponsors who were chosen to lead and advase the class of 50 were Mass Margne Smath and Mr Harry Halton The memorable play Smnlun Through was presented by the class on March 4 and 5 On May 28 the junior Sensor Prom was held un the Chneftann Ballroom Thus annual affanr sponsored by the Iunnor class was excltung and untnl that nnght everyone wanted to fund out who the members of the Prom Court were to be Wnth the end of school the class was now the Sensor class of l95O and they began to look forward to theur last year ...29... RUTH IEAN ANDERSEN VIOLET ASKIN WANDA BALDWIN DONNA BOYER M I LDRED BRODALL MILTON BROWN BILL BURNS CARROLL BURKE ELINOR CALLAHAN SHARLINE CAUVEL IOE CLABRO BOB CHRISTIANSEN LAVONNE CRAIN IOYCE CUNNINCHAM SALLY DALTON PAT CURRY CARRIE MAE DINOVA BOB DORSETT RAMONA DRYER DOROTHY EDWARDS ED ELLIS DOROTHY ESPINOSA PAUL FERRELLO PAT FOBES ERLA MAE FAZ ETTE IOYCE FOSTER LOIS FULLER MARGARET FRICKE DELORES CADD IOHN CIBBONS CARRIE MAE CODDON MARVIN BEEZLEY MARGARET GRAHL DICK HAINES CARROLL HAKENSON BOB HATCHER ROSELEE HATCHER IOYCE HEAPS DELOR ES HENRY DONNA HENDERSON MARGARET HERNDON CLAIRE HOPKINS GLORIA HUMMEL IOANNE HUITT TWILLA HUNT 1AcKlE 1oHNsoN DEAN KNOWLES BRUCE LEE DARLENE JONES TOM LENIHAN TOM LEWIS ROSELIE MCMANAMIE IOYCE MENDENHALL SHIRLEY MOORE GAIL MOORE ANTHONY NARMI MARLENE OGHE PATTY O HARA DONNA OWENS GEORGE OLSON MARILYN PARRISH IOE PINHERO GEORGIA PORTER IANET PONCELOW PHYLLIS REED ANNA LOU REED LORETTA RICE VIVIAN HARTWELL DON ROCKWELL SECORRA RODRIQUEZ BERNICE ROUNDTREE DAN SCHWARTZ PAT SCARPELINO IANET SIEGAL ELYNOR SILEIN BOB STARRETT DORIS STEWART LORIS ANN SPRINCER GLORIA STOCKTON DICK STUELKE MARY STURTZ SHIRLEY SWANEY LORRAINE TAYLOR TOM TINC-LEY BARBARA TOMICH DONNA TOMLINSEN C-AIL TRUTE HELEN VUKSON CEOROINE WADE ELAINE WAC-NEP AUDREY WALTERS ANNA WATTS IANE WEATHERILL LEWIS WEBSTER DOROTHY WHITE INEZ WILLIAMS BETTY WILMAN PAT WRINKLE BEVERLY SAUNDERS 32- .S P 0l'n 0F86 BACK ROW Merle Nlclntlre Hershal Nuzum Beauford Halzllp Bully Hunter Robert Wlnger Bull Joslen Ed Rath Duck Fox Duane Dettman John Elcker Jum Schultz Jack Marshall George Tague MIDDLE ROW Mary Peterson Elizabeth Ollphant Jeannette Hough Jonadlne Johansen Myra Paula Jackle Tatro Roberta Tralte Sue Hocker Stanley Harsh, Larry Peters Ed McKee Bob Wrinkle Dale Cook Pep Cooney FRONT ROW Maralyn Dannell Wanda Jenson Mary McGruder Anne Grulnan Fanny Mae Cool Mary Nellsen Pat Marshall Lenora Thorsen Jeannette Armatls Gloria Folra Martha Flannlgan Duane Snyder BACK ROW Jackle Calbertson Joyce Balts Glorra Anderson Alberta Evans Sharlene Whntly Betty Ruth Keller Evelyn Keller Joan Alstln Phyllis Stlngle Shirley Stynes MIDDLE ROW Joanne Turner Beverly Rockwell Donna Yeatman Marlan Mlllard Carrol Roper Della Damon Geraldine Brsen Caroline Wagner Beverly Connor Dorothy Escher FRONT ROW Thelma Dawson Janet Cau el Margle Smith Goldle Parker Betty Flelds Jean Bishop Dorothy Allen Beverly Benedict Frances Allen Shlrley Wrlght Carol Booten 33 '1, 0 30,94 0I'l'l OPQJ BACK ROW John Lee Davld Hart Blll Paterson Robert Lynch Rex NlcGmnls Duane Henry Gary Odgen Bull Charles Bob Lewls, Blll Heubner Dale Sherwin Bob Haden Jlmmy Nllson MIDDLE ROW Pat Snethen Carolyn Nellson Ginny FICQBF Elma Durlck Bessie Merrlt Phyllls Coffman Phyllis Mayberry Janls Messerlee Verna Sandy Ramona Nenez Lynn Ives Marilyn Luther FRONT ROW Shlrley Thomas Celia Hohnson Dorothy Lee Joyce Plckerlng Janet Pasvar Janet Plcerlng Karen Marklnsen Donna Rae Stechman Beverly Colllns Margarer Kennedy Llllan Jarnmars John Bowen Robert Frazer Boyd Crouse Donald Smuth Robert Allen James Hurdes Gilbert Davldson John Foot Kenneth Link MIDDLE ROW Sally Hiatt Donna Freud Shirley Jensen Joan Underwood Donna Van Scoy Pat Thomas Linda Hayworth Delores Proctor Donna Nelson Rosetta Nosllm Alice Chrlstlansen Peggy Neve Pat Wangberg FRONT ROW Pat Letner Helen Hansen Beverly Colllns Vlrglnla Hopper! Betty Hackman sllgen Smith Pat Deprlso Janus Walters Peggy Ffutch Mary Ann Thomas Bonnie r: anlel 1 V I v - l ' . . I 1 v I A 1 I h 4 Y ,. V I . y . ' . 1 . 'V In V - V4 v 1 I I , 1 . BACK ROW-Darrell Johnsen, Glen Haines. Walter Dunn, 4Richard Howell James Quintes. I A - U . lg ' I . r J . V 1 V V' P85 Wien BACK ROW Arthus Brlttlan Jerry Krlvolek Fred Wllson Rex Rlche Melvln Blrd Mason Wagoner Dennls Ferrell Marvin Fleld Enrlque Rlvlz Lester Le Vler Dean Davls MIDDLE ROW Shirley Smith Norma Slaughter Shlrley Nlcholas Beverly McCllntock Darlene Kelly Glennys Boggs Shirley Howe Delores Walsh Donaldlne Olson Beverly Wood Januce Zahn Joan Simpson Lows Flenhold Shlrled Thomllson Shlrley Martln FRONT ROW Judy Rogers Mary Toman Myrna Bowan Janice Gardner Verna Owens Doris Lang Carmella Kyster Edllne Turner Vlrgmla Bartholomew Ellen Parr Irene Jacobs Maxine Belt Lois Andersen BACK ROW Earl Berdlne Donna Knnow'and Jerry Tuttle Lyle Damgaard Sldney Davis Luther White Duane Smlth Jack Peterson Jerry Oles VVIDDLE ROW Chrlstlna Ament E :le lone Shockey Salley Lynch Jldy Banley Mary Kely Corlee Stoltlemyer Margre Burns Lorraune Hansen Donna Lee Jacobs Myrna Blake-ley Beverly Schrader Norma Morgan Rosalne Frlend FRONT ROW Lenora Wredt Barbara Arnold Beverly Kennedy Doris Jones Patrlcla McCoy ary L ulse Hopknns Lennaoelle H ad Glorra Alt D nn Brown dy Shea Gllrene Mueller Gloria Peterson 33 q . V 4 . ' . . ,' , ' C .H 1 I H - ' H ' v I v . . , . . . . . . . . ' v 1 - I 1 v I . . . . , 1 - T I , l , 1 , . I. - ' . a' . K , l , I . l 1 . c c , . I . 1 - M o . el . , o a Rae . Ja l. 4 ' c . jfedkhlell BACK ROW Charmme Danlelson Nancy Shea Nancy Thompson Donna Payne Marlene Mc Dowell Mary Mlller Sharon Hough Twylla Carry Olean Jackson FRONT ROW Connle North Marllyn Handschy, Paulme Belt Alta Lee Godden Janlce Hutchlson Josephlne Kellar Joyce Collxson Nancy Donnelly Georgla Ashley Charlene Roberts BACK ROW Bully McBride Duck Newburn Don Hager Elwood Mahan Darrell Terry Harold Reuchart Jerry Chadwuck Rlchard O Hara Gordon Sturgeon Kenneth Anderson Tom MIDDLE ROW Wlllard Lamb Everett Jones Albert Harter Walter Cozlhar Laverne Whymore Stanley Teller Ronild Mahrt Roger Woods Jess Harris Don Keller FRONT ROW June Wright Mary Lou Hooker Donna Hannon Jan Carrlgam Pwtrlcm Clemet Jeanette Bishop Georgia Hohnlnum Joyce Mlnlck Marlly Hoesly Beverly Polle Jeanette Mace, Shlrley Strobel T I I I I V I i I I I H I V 1 I h l U V I V v Y v Pumper. v . c . . . ' , I 1 4 - 1 l . I . f V Q , I 1 I: c 1 I I I - . , 6 I , Wafiona! .iwlonor ociefg BACK ROW Phlllp Springer Duck Barrltt Terry Rlckert Ed Hunting Ray Oles, Sam Fried Roger Wltke Bull Dohse Jlm Aten Chuck Culek Jack Butler MIDDLE ROW Leltha Rau Jackle Dettman Thersa Youngs Barbara Butler Pat Baker Pat Flaxbeard Mrs Strlckland Lols Jensen Lorls Ann Springer Sharlene Cowvel Joyce Hearld Leta Gorham Delores Mamyshoff Pat Fobes Elinor Callahan FRONT ROW Jackle Johnson Dorothy Schultz Joanne Gallagher Beverly Woods Martha Hoyt Beverly Morgan Janls Mllne Beverly Thomas Andis Walters, Gloria Hummel BACK ROW Jam Aten David Hart Don Heaton Ronnie Narml Terry Rlckert Bob Hatcher John Elcher Duck Vogt Gilbert Davldson MIDDLE ROW Sam Frued Jackle Johnson Elleen Lenlnan Elaine Fanrman Leltha Rau Opal Cowles Joyce Hearld Doris Woods Beverly Spear Jownne Underwood Mary Paulson Delores Nlamyshoff Ardns Walters Marjorie Wright Don Reans Dale Cook Carrle Goden FRONT ROW Sle Elllot Mary Nellson Jean Schultz Jownne Gallagher Joan Chrlstlansen Loss Jensen Glorla Hummel Beverly Woods Beverly Morgan Tl eres1 Youngs Beverly Thonms Mwvllyn Corzme Rosemirle Jickson M1ry McGrlder Betty Hackman 37 - .. . . . . V Q . V . ' . Y -T ' v 5 I - u - V . . . . . Y 4 1 ' , , ' I ' . ' n Don Rockwell. Duck Hoyt, Ed Hunting. Richard Peterson. Roger Witke, Jack Butler. L - I 1 I - x - c . , - A . I . l I K ' C , , I 1 . 1 ' . . ' 1 . 1 l . A . , Lghcclenf gounci BACK ROW Pep Cooney Gilbert Dwvldson Gwry Stevens Jum Aten Andy Buckrnan Duck Rogers Cecil Adkins Bull Doh e Jam Nlwtzen Terry Tuttler MIDDLE ROW Gertrude Nolrmn Rex lVlcGlnnus Jwne Weatherull Mary Ann Raes Betty lVlcCIlntock Beverly Shrwder Wwyne Evans Duck Stuelke J1net Posv1r Bll lVlcBr1de FRONT ROW Delores Nlimyshoff Phyllis St rge Nliry Peterson Joan Christiansen Pit Talbot Glorla Hummel Barham Butler Beverly Thomas Loss Larsen Mwrgaret F-'rncke Qlljif COUIICL CK ROW Annw Lon Reed o Ce Herwld Thersi Y llngs Lois ensen ETIFIE Falrnmn MIDDLE ROW B verly Wrlods rlmrw e eoves 'Vim s 0 f eltha al P t F 'IX be1rd P11 B1ker Gertrude Num: Joan Gwllwgher Jackle Johnson Miss Kohr- FRONT ROW Jwckle Dettnmn Gloria Hummel Onil Cowles Beverly Thomws Nl1rq1ret Herndon Shlrley G1hm Letw Govlmnw EH-vovly Vlorqin Jownne Gwrner 3 5 0 0 BA W 1 . . J y . . . 0 . ' J , I.' . . Eileen Lenllmn. Jane- Wentluerlll, Ellnor Cnllnhnn. Arols Walters. Dorothy Shultz. l ff e ' Bae . '. BlftI-r, DI 1' ll. y h f. L R 1, A l. - oaafg BACK ROW Albert Hirter L1rry Peters G'1ry Odgen Jam Kennedy Ed Hunting Chuck Culek Lelind HlQQSl'1lJ0ttOY'l1 J1ck Hwrdy Ivan Escher FRONT ROW Sam Fried Duck Hoyt Ronnie N1rml Duck Vogt Don Re1n1s John Lewis Wayne Evwns Gury Stevens Swm Collins Chmles Regger Darrel Terry BACK ROW Deiores Mvnyehoff Lewtnu R11 Betty Foster Mrs Strrck'and Betty Kmfmwn Mary P1 lson Bonnne Brfttfafx Beverly Ne man FRONT ROW EWBIUE F1rrm1n J n wrwsmn Bever Woods Swnrley G1nm Beverwy PoweIN Rose ndrxe Jdfkeon Q o y , Qrfzi ounge all WWW Owl, FRONT ROW David Blodgett Carrie May Dinovo Celia Johnson Janet Milck Georgia Hohnbaum Carmella Kyster Shirley Thomas Darlene Hyatt Boyd Crouse Doris Woolcott MIDDLE ROW Shirley Wright Joyce Heaps Beverly Chambers Elaine Fairman Harold Reichart Donald Johnson Jerald Harrod Frank Hines Bob Allen Gene Schwing John Davis Gilbert Davidson Janet Posvar Leland Terry Beverly Benedict Marvin Mc Hargue Lenora Wredt Ronald Larsen Jim Grovesnor Bill Harriman THIRD ROW Larry Knauss Betty Kellar Pat McCoy Gilbert Jensen Ivan Elcher Sidney Davis Wayne Knouse Cecil Adkins STANDING ROW Bill Humphrey Bob Willis Hilton Director Jackie Johnson John Millard Edline Turner Barbara Arnold Delmar Meyer Sam Fried Drum Major Otto Birtels Ralph Jacobson Mr H-lrry H Foote Laverne Wymore James Hirtes Duck Stanley Teller Carole Booton Shirley Wiese 26 tfa 1 --.-.,. BACK ROW-Mr. Harry Hilton, Director, Jackie Johnson, Ronnie Larsen, Marian lVlcHargue. Beverly Benedict. SECOND ROW-Georgia Hohnbaum. Norma Slaughter. Lyle Darguard. Bill Wooley. Leland Terry. Carrie May Dinovo, Celia Johnson, Beverly Chambers, Pat McCoy. Carole Booton. Shirley Wiese, Barbara Arnold, Mary Ann Stewart, Lenora Wredt. FRONT ROW-Gilbert Davidson, Wayne Knouse. Doris Woolcott. Shirley Thomas. Darlene Hyatt. Carmella Kyster, Otto Bartels. Sam Fried, Janet Molck. x' ' ' : . L U ' V 'Au ' My ha, JG UI U 1 F .fghfunld BACK ROW Paula Epperson Evelyn Lewrs Bonnre Smothers Mrldred Brodahl Joyce Herald Letw Gorhim El1rne Firrrrnn Pat Bwker Mary Ann Raes Roberta Martrn Agnes Kuderw Sue Ellrott J1ckre Ev1ns Jo1nne Garner Norma Zahnley MIDDLE ROW Pwt Curry J-met Poncelow Gwen Bwrber Jo1rr Warden Lors Jensen Erleen Lenrhwn Beverly Morgwn M'rrth1 Hoyt Audrey Wwlters Delores Henry Silly D1Iton Lorrs Ann Sprrnger Laurel Mwrrr Barlnrw Butler Lors L1rsen Mrss Welsch Lerthw Rwu FRONT ROW Dorrs Frllebeck Shrrley Thonms Shrrley Mullen Gertrude N1rmr Theresa Youngs Beverly Woods Sharlene Cowell Helen Vlrkson M'xrrlyn Corzrne Beverly Thonms Opal Cowles Rosilre McManrnrre Donni Freeman Mirrorre Wrrght lfLl"0l"Cl BACK ROW Thelma D'rwson Vrrgrnr-r Huckfeldt Beverly Collrngs Helen Hansen Fanny M16 Jensen Joni Deene Johinson Beverly Chambers Rolmertu Ry1n Marre Perkrns Joinne O Connor Anna Lol Reed Lorrwrne T1y'er MIDDLE ROW s St rcklwnc Joinne- Gwllwqher Lrllnn Germar Mwrrlyn Luther Marguret Herndon Jewnne Wewtherrll Beverly Ro kwell Donnw Yeatnren Mwrgr Snrrth Elrnor C1ll1h1n Donnw Boyer Donnw Owens Dorrs Woods Port Fohes Port Smnley Delores lvlwrrryslroff Nldry Pmlson Pwt Johinson FRONT ROW Elrzalneth Olrphant Jwckre Detfrnvl PM Flixbeird Maureen Mulen Glorn H rmrnel Jdnrs Mrlne Pit Twllrot Joyce 'vlordhorst M1ry NlcGruder Mirrlyn Somrners Dorothy Edwirds Anne G rnun M1rgle Godsk Je1nne!e Armatrs Dorothy Whale Ccol, Mnrrlyn Dlanreel. Joan KChrrstrans-en. Dorothy Schulrz, Mary Peterson Wanda '4wrr-K .V . rf . ', . 'K . . . , , r - I L L Q 4, K. 4 Q . . 4 . . . I , . legal? A BACK ROW Davnd Hart Bob Starrett John Escher Duck Hoyt Mllton Brown Roger Wntke Duck Stuelke Bob Marcum FRONT ROW Beverly Morgan Marnlyn Parnsh Jo1nne Gallagher Mass Roberts M1Tfh1 FI-in nxgan Dorothy Schultz gofogy 'NNW W. BACK ROW Robert Race Jnm Spencer Clufford Rowe Otto Bartels B II Sulhvan Jnm Nlchols Bob Purrlngton Bob Winger Jack Larsen FRONT ROW Mr Fueld Jerry Hansen Forest West David Lewes Roger Roads Jack Ctccla John Davls Robert Ahart Jam Sweetman 43 ' air W . . X 'N . Q A V, , , '- Q R ' O Z ' ' .X :I I A f 43 5 L f ' , W K 2 ,er , rv 1? . Q x A 3 4 . ma wa. V N, Aa Qs M ,A 4 " ' f by ' -S' Lf l "W 'W 'X - f' 3' 5 1' fj, . f D 3 W i Y i ' ' A bg' wr f' Nb .. Y' ' 2 ,. pf ., ' Oi ! :.. Y ' I 1 ' ' V ' A V i ' ' ' ' Y C,m,.,,f, cm BACK ROW Lnlllan Gemar Marllyn Luther Nincy Thompson Connle North Normw Slwughter Beverly Morgan Theresa Youngs Sharlnne Cauvel Leta Gorham Dorothy Edw1rds Beverly Colllngs Janice Hutchison Lorraine Hansen Delores Mamyshoff Delores Henry Lorls Ann Sprlnger Melva Prlce NIDDLE ROW Miss Thornton sponsor Vergene Gearhart Shlrley Lee Ellen Wilson Ch1r maine Danielson Shirley Swaney Jane Weatherlll Jeannette Slegal Anni Lou Reed Laurel Mann Ardls Walters Pat eVrnon Joyce Plckerlng Bessie Merrlt Agnes Kuderw May Ida Bradley Joan Austin Shirley M Wright Nllss Gathmann sponsor Joan Underwood Pat Thomas Joyce Herald Beverly Spear Celia Johnson No 1 Fneld Joan Garner, Margie Wright Frances Allen Phyllis Reed Lavonne Gearhart not n picture BACK ROW Phyllis Mayberry, Jane Plckerlnu Janet Posvar, Ellen Parr Peggy Neve Beverly Woods Peggy Foutch Geraldine Brown Joln Austln Donna Fried Sally Hiatt MIDDLE ROW Karne Markussen Joyce Pickering Shirley Thomas, Joyce Heaps Lenora Thomas Carmella Kyster Dorls Lang Bessle Merltt Helyn Vukson Pat Thomas AIICE Christensen Miss Glenger sponsor FRONT ROW Pat Wennberger Margaret Grahl Joan Chrlstensen Beverly Thon11s Opal Cowles Marcella Rue Pat Prouty Murxlyn Corzlne Barbara Tomlch Irene J1colJs Carlta Pwrks 0 FRONT ROW-Dorothy'Lee. Jeannette Armatisf Mary Nielson. Pat Marshall, Jane Pickering, . . . , ' . I. . ' ' - ' . ' V - l o QM 0 BACK ROW Pat Daprlzlo Phyllls West Evelyn Mahan Joyce Heaps Eileen Smlth Betty Foster Shlrley Swaneey Pat Prouty Betty Schlckner Carlta Parks May ld1 Bradley Joyce Foster FRONT ROW Dorothy Esplnosa Georgina Wade Darlene Colllns Rosemarie Jackson Seldorla RLIIZ Jeanne Bushop Marcella Rea Delores Gadd Corrle Mae Dmova Secorra Rodruquez BACK ROW Shlrley Allen Karen Marcusen Bertha Wa'ker Carol Wagner Peggy Neve Lnnora Hayworth Francus Allen Neva Kohl Mary Clark Pat Wrlnkle lda Fleld MIDDLE ROW Janet Pasvar Margaret Frlcke Sally Hntt Joanne Underwood Pat Thomas Opal Cowles Charlene Palmer Pat Vernon Pat Jollff FRONT ROW Leona Anderson Beverly Thomas Lows Larsen Mildred Bordean Betty Turner Beverly Jean Powell Joanne Turner Marllyn Nowllng Jane Pickering pp Cm BACK ROW Joanne Gallagher Dorothy Schultz Joan Christiansen, Gwen Barber Pat Flax beard Jackie Dettman Pat Baker Barbara Butler Ann Gulnan Marllyn Sommers Beverly Morgan Jams Mllne Mary Peterson Marllyn Danneel, Wanda Jensen Roberta Ryan Martha Hoyt MIDDLE ROW Joan W1rden Dorothy Whlte Helen Vukson Delores Henry Margie Godsk Pat Fobes Ruth Burns Gertrude Narms Pat Johansen Theresa Youngs Dorothy Edwards Elizabeth Ollphant J1net Poncelow Pat Curry Enleen Lenihan Elaine Falr man Joyce Mordhorst Leltha Rau Sally Hough Donna Freeman M1ureen Mullen Rosalie McMan1rnle Beverly Woods Doris Woods Elinor Callahan Donna Boyer M1ry McGrlder Donna Owen Pat Talbot Pat Marshall IOCLIZLJA K A BACK ROW Carrle Mae Godden Jenny Flchter Bull Burns Duck Howe Don Fraser Earl McKee Bob Kamann Joe Plnhevo Larry Peters Dale Kohler Katherlne Mendenhall Pat Vernon FRONT ROW Rosenmrve Jwckson Jacme Ev1ns Pat Johansen Carolyn Neilson Secorra Roclrnquez Mass Reltwn Helen Bowen Betty Foster Dorothy Esplnosa Pat Sneuthan Lynn Ives Delm D1mon FRONT RO'W-Lois Jensen, .CIarrolKBurke.vDoris Filabeck, Audrey Walters, Gloria Hummel, . 611712111 is SJ 'MQ BACK ROW Dlck Barratt Terry Rlchart Rlchard Morford Don Frazer FRONT ROW Lois Larsen Shirley Thomas James Avis Beverly Thomas Mildred Brodall IZA CH BACK ROW-Leland Terry, Stanley Davidson, Alton Thomas. Don Heaton, Ray Oles. Milton Brown, Fiichard Peterson, Richard Steffan. Jack Larsen. FRONT ROW-Dick Barrltt. Doris Woolcott. Lanra Marn, Beverly Thomas. S e Elixot. Beverwy Woods. Pat Fobes. Barbara Butler. Dean Ogren, Mr. LaMontia. ,L47.. oaffermen it BACK ROW Duck Stuelke Roger Redmond Duck Chrlstnansen Harold Kmart Ed Ellus Robert Smith Richard Peterson Ball Coffey Nl rrull Nlorford Bob Nusser John Glbbons Jack Hardy Bob Hatcher MIDDLE ROW Geryl Wilson Don Rockwell Ewrl Jensen Dale Lane John Halzllp Jim Aten Duck Steffen Delmar Corbin Chuck Culek Jlm Kennedy Dan Schwartz FRONT ROW Lewls Webster John Foote Don Hager Joe Esplnosa Cecll Cooney Roger Wltke Beauford Halzllp Bob Canavan Kleth Snrader Bull Dohse Ray Oles mea fda? Ga' BACK ROW Bob Chrnstlansen John Hanzllp Boo Smith Bob Montgomery Bob Nusser Keith Shrader Jerry Sealock Earl Jenoen Ed Ellus Foach Orvulle Orr FRONT ROW Don Hager Joe Esplnosa Pep Cooney John Foote Jeryl Wilson Beauford Haxzllp Jlm Aten Roger Redmond 'med lang The I9-48 -I9 Tee jay wrestling squad under the coaching ot Orville Orr took the is trict Tournament and ranked tenth in the State Tournam nt at Mason City The season s opener was with the Abe Lynx grapplers who tell 28 I-I to Tee jay on De cember 3 Bob Christiansen won a close decision over Don Cnader -I 3 in this match In the Tech match December IO Rocky Redmond helped a victory by dropping Larry Fargher in the last minute after coming from behind They met the South Packers December I-I with South taking 1 26 I4 win The next match was South on February 4 brought a 36 5 loss for Tee jay Don Hager and jim Aten racked up the only points anuary Il Tee lay lost a close decision to Central ZI I9 Central also took the Second match on February 5 john I-laizlip lost a close hwrd fought match to Frank Mancuso O january 4 the Tee jay squad traveled to Ford Dodge to lose a I9'2 to IO' 2 decision Best matches were with jim Aten and Bob Nusser The North grapplers took the Tee jay wrestlers on january I8 29 I3 The second time the two schools met Tee jay took a 29 II fictory Tee jay won nine of I2 matches in this second duel match Tom Diblasi Lynx four year veteran was decisioned by jim Aten 4 3 Tee jay placed fourth in the North Invitational Meet December I7 and I8 with tour run ner ups Bob Smith john Haizlip Keith Shrader and Don Hager Orr s crew took the district tournament at Des Moines February I2 coming out with tive winners and 38 points The five winners were Cecil Coon y im Aten Bob Christiansen ohn l-laizlip and Bob Smith Tee ay ranked tenth in the State Wrestling Tournament at Mason City February I7 Bob Nusser racked up the only points for Tee jay Bob came as close as a referee s decision to the State Championship in the I65 lb division jim Aten I2-I pound grappler was honored with the Orr Trophy and the Ceppert Trophy jim was undefeated in dual competition 49 o - ' ' U D - l . ' A I - - n , X ' ' . The second match with Abe Lynx on january, proved a ZI -IS victory tor Tee jay. ln this . ' , . . 9 V I. ' . . ' I I ' ' . . nf .lam Z?a.4Lef6af BACK ROQV Harold Klnart Jlm Kennedy Chuck Culek Mr Bolton Ray Oles Delmar Corbln John Gibbons FRONT ROW Pete Larsen, Roger Wltke, Richard Peterson, Jack Butler, Blll Coffey Dan Schwartz BACK ROW Merrull Morford, Marvln Beezley, Johny Lee Jack Marshall Jlm Kruse Mr LaMantla FRONT ROW Jerry Vogt Bob Coffey, Ronnle Carle Dlck Fox, Jlm Schultz Stanley Harsch gaalfelgaf The I948 48 varsuty basketball team under the reuns of rookue coach Bernje Bolton complled one of the best records any Thomas jefferson cage team has had ID many a past season Bolton In hls flrst year as head coach led has basketeers to a I4 5 won loss record The Yellowjackets opened season play November 26 wnth State Champjon Ivlannjng Iowa as thelr guest The home team took a 45 27 declsuon wnth Chuck Culek leadlng the wunners wnth a I4 pount effort Travellng to Benson Hugh the followjng Frnday the jeff s were stopped cold by the Bunnue flve 25 22 Del Corbnn tossed nn I2 polnts to lead the losers December IO say the jays journey to Logan Iowa where they ran over a small Panther team 42 22 Corban s I3 markers agaun topped the winners Remaunjng at home December I7 and I8 the jeff s met Sioux Cnty Trjnuty and Omaha Central and came out vuctorjous both evenungs by the score of 45 40 and 42 29 respectnvely In a Northern Iowa tour over the Chrlstmas vacatuon Bolton s Crew was upset by the Eastervnlle Mudgets 45 37 but came back to tromp over lnttle Dunlap 73 30 Wlth just one day s rest the Yellowjackets met A L IH the fjrst of two regular season clashes and came out on top 54 38 Corbun meshed a cool I9 pounts to lead the jeff assault Oakland Iowa s flne crew became vnctlm number seven for the Tee jay s as they out classed the vnsntors SI 23 Inter cnty champuon Creughton Prep downed the underdog jeffs by the embarrasslng score of 62 37 january I5 Revenge was sweet january 2I as a double barrage of jum Kennedy and Del Corbin fired I5 polnts each to lead the jeff s In a 38 37 squeeze past Benson Traxeljng to Boystown the Bolton coached klds clown the West Dodgers 45 43 Culek s I5 ponnts topped all scorers The follownng week the second A L Tj game produced another vnctory for the Yellow jackets 44 32 Harlan s nufty outfnt hung close to the jeff s throughout the evenjng of Feb 7 but fell to the superlorC B club 34 33 Moorhead eaked outa 48 40 vnctory at Mlssourl Valley the next Frxday but the jays c1me back to nick Mo Valley the next week 45 39 Tee jay had a fleld day at the expense of St Francis by smotherung them 69 42 on the Abe Lynx floor Culek and Corbun hut I9 and I8 polnts respectuvely In the season s funale Omaha North came across the rlver and fell to the surprlsjng Yellow jackets 5I 4I Clbbon s I7 markers and Kennedy s I4 assured second spot In the Inter Cnty League for the Tee jay s Dlstrlct tournament play ended the sea on for the jeff s as they lost to an Improved A L crew 49 36 Wnth ten of Bolton s twelve man squad graduatnng the I949 SO team wall be led by co captalns to be john Cubbons and Bob Dorsett 5I . . It .H , - t . I , -. . ., , . . .. . 't ' 4 t . ' t '- . . .. r . t ' ' . 1 . ' I v - f. . , , . t ' - -I . , L . . . , t . . . '- t . ,, S . ' L - f' is 'fr vi, 'sw ,N Zhi wmv, fl Af! 5 0' ang 3' .fx W 1 '19 A 35,0 .W J , f ' 4 , , Y K 9 .. S A . r 4 ,uf K vs in L . 0' ii a V Q- Vfx M n.,jl9 bv We-+A' WWXXD w Do WITH uf Low! 'VNV 7' IAC s..4, M610 ra nfl DQNT YEL F .12 r an ff' US-LL Haw Tfmf ,FL-15 QGNS oFouRTMN L REMEMBER' INT'ER'Esf W fur-1 Fi Rf If 'ww REL P' EV! FLYING f V5 Jim HuEEA'HunBA' I J+..NN ignaf-fa! Aemedfer STANDING Bob Kaufman Make Narml Chuck Culek Merrnll Morford, BIII Humphrey Jlm Kennedy Skip Cooney, Roger Wltke and Pete Peterson SEATED Barbara Eldridge Martha Hoyt, and Joan Warden igna -:Spring demeafer STANDING Left to Right Gwen Barber Janice Welch Janet Poncelow Martha Hoyt Beverly Chambers Barbara Eldridge Janus Milne Ann Watts Mackey Goodman and Bob Mahrt STANDING In Rear Row Duck Rogers Jlm Duggan Bryce Blrchard and Tom Lenihan SEATED Chuck Culek Joan Warden, Beverly Morgan Bobble Ryan and Ed Hunting pefetta '- llleef Qdftii Herndo MIDDLE ROW Jack Butler Ed Huntlng and Bob Smuth BACK ROW Gwen Barber Gerald Phllllps Jeanette Armatls Ray Krager Lenora Thorsen Duck Barratt and Jackie Dettman unior pfag-Smilgn , jAroug SEATED Marllyn Parrlsh Shirley Wlese Glorla Hummel! Elmor Callahan Rosalie McManlrnle and Delores C-add STANDING Sharllne Cauvel Jack Wltzke Delores Henry Bob Hatcher Gall Moore Duck Halnes Leland Terry Dean Knowles Bob Starrett Dan Schwartz Maureen Mullen and Jackie Johnson 9, V s . Vi V Q 5 I v iz. --H, . 'K 1 8 . V in 1 FRONT ROW-Barbara Eldridge, Sue Elliot. Gloria Hummell, Lois Jensen, and Margaret Fl. 8l'll0l' p ayi Own BACK ROW Ed Hunting, Sam Frled Chuck Culek, BIII Dohse AI Chancy, Ronald Cooney SEATED-Barbara Butler Roberta Ryan, Janus Mllne Leltha Rau, Beverly Morgan Pat Flaxbeard and Gwen Barber ..!4ut0gl'6lP 5 Cecil-lidklns, Roger Wltke, Ricnard Petersen, and Phll Springer. ' ff 51f,,,,,f f0f,,,.,4 gzvafe mf, glmf, FRONT ROW Nola Field Duck Hannes, Beverly Barrntt QEATED Joan Warden Pat Talbot Elmor Callahan and Leutha Rau BACK ROW Laura Larsen Delores Gadd Ed Huntlng Duck Rogers Jim Avis Cecil Adkins Bob Thomas Dick Barratt Beverly Morgan and Betty Foster .All f0gl"CLl9 5 .!4ll,t09l'6ll0A:f

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