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YHE 194 3 Hie .... { [ontiaEiLLo THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL f . PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1946 • I ■■I ■I is 11 «ii We the class of 1946 extend a welcome to those who have served us well on the world ' s battlefield and have returned victoriously to help us to preserve and continue the American way of life. Page n r u o- ADMINISTRATION ACADEMICS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS Page 3 c dniini iiatLon Students of Thomas Jefferson High School: Another year has rolled around. Another fine class is graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School. As you go out to further your education in institutions of higher education, or to enter your regular lifes ' work, you take with you the well wishes of your parents, your friends, the school faculty and the world at large. May your success be great, and your accomplishments worth ' while. You have almost insurmountable problems to face, but you are the ones who must and will meet and solve them. With best wishes, C. L. Crawford, Superintendent of Schools SUPERINTENDENT C. L. CRAWFORD Capable Superintendent of the Coun- cil Bluffs, Public School System sends this message to the graduating students of Thomas Jefferson High School. My Dear Friends: In addition to the good you have accomplished while in High School, there is still some work that will never be done if you do not do it. There is a place to be filled that you alone can fill. It IS the prayer of your Principal that you will be equal to the task assigned to you by society. Sincerely, R. F. Myers, PRINCIPAL R. F. MYERS Guiding students through high school and directing the office force and fac- ulty, Mr. Myers is indeed a friend to Page 4 jaaiiLtij 3rd row: Mr. Harold J. Jones, Mr. Albert W. Schwabe, Mr. Isadore F. Mueller, Mr. Orvillc Urr, Mr. Gaylord Steulke, Mr. O. A. Bump, Mr. Edward Jewett, Mr. C. H. Carter, Mr. Ralph M. Letts, Mr. Samuel Gorbach, Mr. Ray F. Myers. 2nd row: Miss Grace Schroeder, Mrs. Hope Lee, Miss Clara Louise Gathmann, Miss Nathalia Hutchinson, Miss Esther Madden, Mrs. Covert T. Brown, Miss Dorothy Gienger, Miss Minnie B. Rupp, Mr. Stephen J. Field, Mr. Homer L. Townsend, Mr. Frank J. Paluka, Miss Hajel T. Miller. 1st row: Miss Hedvig Nyhohii, Miss Gretchen Thies, Miss Hannah Nyholm, Miss Helen Kohr, Mrs. Maria N. Bolton, Mrs. Leslie S. Bowman, Miss Laurentza Edwards, Miss Wilda Farmer, Miss Mary Charolette McGonigle, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Aker, Miss Dorothy C. Thornton, Mrs. Clara M. Strickland. Mr; Elizabeth Aker B. A. Tabor College, U. of Southern California Latin, Algebra Maria N. Bolton B. S. Iowa State College Foods Mrs. Bowman B. S. Iowa State College Algebra, Geometry O. A. Bump B. A. Huntington College Physics, Chemistry C. H. Carter B. A. Nebraska State Teacher ' s College, Colorado State Teacher ' s College, Iowa State Shop. Leathercraft, Woodwork Charles Davis B. A. University of Iowa, Administrative Medical Corp, Air Force Chorus, A Cappella Laurentza Edwards B. A. Omaha U., Nebraska State Teacher ' s College Physical Education Wilda Farmer B. S. Drake University Typing Stephen J. Field B. A. and M. A. U. of Iowa, U. of Minn., Iowa State College Biology Clara L. Gathmann B. A. U. of Nebr,iska,U. of Chicago, U. of Omaha English Dorothea Gienger B. S. Iowa State Teacher ' s U. of Iowa, Iowa State College Sewing Samuel Gorbach B. S. and M. A. U. of 111., Northwestern Band Nathalia Hutchison Cedar Falls, Colorado State Teach- er ' s College, Gregg Shorthand Col- lege, Thomas Shorthand College Shorthand, Transcription Edwart Jewett B. A. Simpson, Omaha U., Indiana State Normal General Science Harold J. Jones B. A. and M. A. Capital City Commercial College, Iowa Wesleyan, Parsons College, Gregg Commercial College, U. of Iowa Commercial Subjects Page 5 Helen Kohr B. A. and M. A. Diploma in English, College of Wooster, U. of Wis., LT. of London U. of Colo., Ohio State, Friends U., Kings College English Mrs. Hope Lee B. A. Iowa State Teacher ' s College Drama, English Ralph M. Letts B. A. and M. A. Coe College, U. of Iowa Mathematics Esther Madden B. A. and M. A. U. of Missouri, U. of Nebraska, U. of Iowa English Mary Charlotte McGonigle B. M. E. Christiansen Choral School, North- western U,, U. of Idaho, U. of Southern California Choir, English Hazel Miller B. A. Jamestown College, Iowa U., Iowa State Teacher ' s College Journalism I. F. Mueller B. S. Iowa State Teacher ' s College, Omaha U. Drawing 7 acuLtu— y- Hannah Nyholm B. A. and M. A. Dana College, U. of Iowa, U. of Chicago, U. of Nebraska, U. of Colorado, Waves Spanish Hedvig Nyholm B. A. and M. A. St. Olaf, Middelbury College, Bread Loaf, W. A. C. English Orville Orr B. A. and M. A. Iowa State Teacher ' s College, U. of Iowa Economics F. J. Paluka B. A. Ripon College, U. of Chicago, U. of Omaha Am. History, Law Minnie B. Rupp B. A. Colorado State Teacher ' s, Wash- ington U., Omaha U. Mathematics icE izU Grace Schroeder B. S. and M. A. U. of Nebraska, U. of Colo. Bookkeeping, Junior Business Albert Schwabe B. S. Winona State Teacher ' s College Printing Mrs. Clara Strickland B. A. and M. A. Park College, Columbia U., Creigh- ton U., U. of Iowa, Diploma in History Am. Government, Am. History Gaylord Stuelke B. S. Coe College Physical Education Gretchen Thies B. A. and M. A. Yankton College, University of South Dakota English Dorothy Thornton U. of Denver, Midland College, U. of Omaha Librarian Homer L. Townsend B. A. Cornell College, Omaha U., Iowa State Teacher ' s, Iowa U. General Science Martha Wangberg B. A. and M. A. Augustana College, University of Iowa World History Garnet Welsch B. A. Iowa State Teacher ' s College, Creighton University Civics Centrally located on the first floor of Thomas Jefferson is the office of the school where assistance is freely and generously given to all those seeking it by a competent and efficient office force. The office force included the Registrar, Mrs. Virginia Buck Moats, Attendance Clerk, Mrs. Marguerite Edson, and Bookkeeper, Miss Betty Meadows. Mrs. Moats and Miss Meadows are alumni of Thomas Jefferson. Miss Beatty Meadows, Mrs. Virginia Buck Moats, Mrs. Marguerite Edson. Note: Since this picture was taken Mrs. Marguerite Edson has replaced Mrs. Moats as Registrar and Miss Betty Jane Wall has been appointed Attendance Clerk. Page 6 anuaii ' ■ ' J Entoz c : ail MR. ORVILLE ORR TED KY5TER PRESIDENT SPONSORS MRS. LESLIE BOV MAN in BETTY CLINKENBEARD KEITH MEYER BEVERLY WOOTEN SECRETARY VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER The January Class of 1946 departed from our fair school on January 20 with impressive graduation exercises in the auditorium. With the cooperation of their officers; president, Ted Kyster; Vice-president, Keith Meyers; secretary, Betty Clinkenbeard; and treasurer, Beverly Wooten, the class sponsored dances in order to provide funds for gym bleachers. Their advisors were Mrs. Leslie Bowman and Mr. Orville Orr, who with this small but important class held their traditional banquet in the school cafeteria. Note: The activity list of many January and June seniors had to be curtailed because of lack of space. Many students had honors which could not be mentioned here. Page 7 DONNA MARY ADAMSON stenographic Library club; Forum; Religious Leaders; Student teacher; Road Show, 2. MARGARET BETTS General Business Band: Signal advertising man- ager. DORIS BROWN General Merchandising: Pep club; Forum: Religious Lead- ers; Signal reporter. JEAN CHRISTENSEN General BETTY LOU CLINKENBEARD stenographic Sr. Class Sec; Religious Lead- ers; O. G. A. club; Nu Omega, 4; Pep club, Sgt.-at-arms; Road Show, 3. DOLLY GOLDSBERRY stenographic Sigma Tau, 3; Red Cross; For- um, alt.; Signal reporter; Road Show. CLAYTON HAKENSON College Hi Y club; Biology club; Boys " Glee, A cappella choir; R. O. T. C. Sgt. DICK HANSEN College R. O. T. C; " Headed for Eden], Prod.; " Every Family Has One " Prod. DORIS HENDERSON General THEODORE KYSTER College Engineering Sr. Class Pres.; R. O. T. C. 2nd Lt.; Student teacher: Boys ' City, 2, Clerk. MARGARET LEININGER General Clerical G. A. A.; O. G. A.; Religious Leaders; Glee club; Pep club; " Garden of the Moon " ; " Young April " ; Road Show, 2; Signal advertising manager. LUCILLE MAYBERRY Stenographic Sigma Tau, Forum; O. G. A. Senior Sextet; A cappella; Stu- dent teacher: Signal staff; Road Show; " The Forest Prince " ; Minstrel Show; Southwest Iowa Chorus; " 42 " Follies. X ' KEITH MEYER fieneral Merchandising Boys " City; Fiiruni; Boys ' Glee; LettermcnV club, 4; R. O. T. C. :nd Lt.; Rifle team. 2: W ' restlnii;, 4. Capt.: Foiithall, 1. BARBARA MOGENSEN Stenographic Pep club, ' . P.: O. G. A. Prcs.; " 44 " Follies; Road Show; A cap- pella; Forum: Religious Leaders; M. E. E. club; Signal Staff; Sr., Girls " Glee; Student teacher. BARBARA MULLEN Colleee Sigma Tau; Religious Leaders; Library club; Flag Drill; Signal ad solicitor; Southwest Iowa Chorus; Girls " Glee; Colonial Ball. RUTH SULLIVAN General Colonial Ball. ROBERT VELECHOVSKY Colleee R. O. T. C; Boys " City; Chad- ron Prep. School. MARIE WALTERS College G. A. A.; A cappclla; " The Forest Prince " ' ; Road Show, 2; Southwest Iowa Chorus. WAYNE WARD General Business Forum; R. O. Student teacher. C. 2nd Lt.: DON WILLIAMSON College R. O. T. C. BEVERLY WOOTEN Stenog:raphic Sr. Class Treas.; G. A. A., Sec; O. G. A. club; Religious Lead- ers; Cheerleaders, Sec; Forum, Treas.; Victory Queen Court; Jr. and Girls " Glee. MARILOU BECKMAN College Girls " Council; Science club, Pres.; Religious Leaders; Girls " Glee. BOB KUBAT College Football: Track: Basketba O. T. C. P. F. C. ROBERT LEE McCULLOUGH College Chemistry club; Biology club; R. O. T. C. Sgt.; Road Show, 2; Stage Crew; Signal reporter; Ad solicitor. CL all HHBk Hn v c, BILL CLINKENBEARD PRESIDENT MR. CHARLES DAVIS CLARK FOBES VICE PRESIDENT SPONSORS MRS. CLARA STRiC]5(LAND The class of 1946 completed a successful postwar school year with the very- capable leadership of their officers: President, Bill Clinkenbeard; Vice President, Clark Fobes; Secretary, Marilyn Clementsen; and Treasurer, Lom a Peterson. Under the untiring supervision of Mrs. Clara Strickland and Mr. Charles Davis, the class increased their finances by weekly dances in the drill hall, by the proceeds from the Road Show and the Senior class play. Marilyn Clementsen was named managing editor of the ' 46 Monticcllo and an able staff assisted her. Despite the shortage of materials an excellent annual was pro- duced. A Radio and Television Road Show was presented on April 5 and 6. Marjorie Marcum and Harry Schultz with their production staff worked hard to make Station BLOW on the TJBC network an achievement. On May 10 and 11, " Old Doc " a comedy-drama, was enacted by a superb cast, supported by the entire production staff. Senior Skip Day was highlighted by a humorous program in the auditorium. Presentation of honors to deserving seniors followed the banquet prepared by the Senior parents. Other traditional activities in- cluded the Senior party, Junior-Senior Prom, the inevitable tests, baccalaureate, and finally commencement. The class of 1946 departs with a will to maintain a peaceful world to the best of their ability. Page 10 JEAN ADAMSON Stenofiraphic Nu; Curls " Council; Self Reliant; Library cliih; Forum; Colonial Ball; Road Show; An- nual staff; Religious Leaders; Student teacher: O. G. A.; Best Loved Girl Honor Court. FRANCES ASIKIN General Pep club; Red Cross Council; O. G. A,; Forum; Road Show; Red Cross Carnival; Student teacher; Signal reporter; Victory Corps. LOIS BARNES Commercial Religious Leaders; choir; " The Forest A cappella Prince " . GEORGENE O. BAUGHMAN College G. A. A., 3; Road Show, 2; State Baton-twirling contest. EDITH BECKNER College Nu Omega; Religious Leaders, Forum; Self Reliant; Library club; Colonial Ball; Debate club; State Debate contest; Girls ' Coun cil; Mardi Gras Maid: Best Loved Girl Court. ESTHER BECKNER College Library club; Nu Omega; Girls ' Council; Self Reliant; State De- bate contest; D. A. R. Repre- sentative; Victory Queen Court; Prom Countess; Junior class Sec; Mardi Gras Maid; Best Loved Girl Court. LEONARD BOGGS College R. O. T. C, Sgt.; Signal staff; Wrestling, freshman, 2nd team letter. CAROL CARMICHAEL Stenographic JANE ANN CARTER stenographic Band; Religious Leaders; Red Cross council; O. G. A.; Forum; Signal reporter; Home Room sec; Girls ' basketball. NORMAN CAVE College Boys ' City; Forum; Sgt. Band, M. KEITH CHAMBERS College Camera club; Photographer, ' 45, Monticello and Signal; Signal reporter; Forum; Student teach- er; Road Show. PAUL JONES CHAVET College R. O. T. C; Band. MARILYN CLEMENTSEN College Library club; Nu Omega; Girls ' Council; Pep club; Signal: mgr. editor, most valuable journalist, ' 43; Student teacher; Religious Leaders; Senior class Sec: Best Loved Girl Court; R. O. T. C. Major ' s Lady; Monticcllo Editor. BILL CLINKENBEARD College Senior class Pres.; Forum; Signal Editor: Monticello Staff; Math club; Sports Mgr.; " Best Foot Forward " ; R. O. T. C. Best Co.; Road Show: R. O. T. C, Lt. Col. ARLENE CONKLING stenographic Senior hand: Drum Majorette; Band Co-captain; Twirling con- tests: Signal staff: ' ictory Corps; Religious Leaders; O. G. A. CHARLENE COONEY Stenographic G. A. A., Sec: Road Show. JOHN R. DIMON General Photography club; R. O. T. C; Q. M. School Ft. Warren, ' Vv ' yo.: T 4 Q. M. C. A. U. S.-Ha- WINONA DERRY General Red Cross Council: G. A. A. Jr. Glee; Chorus. NORMA DOLLEN stenographic " Every Family Has One " ; Re- ligious Leaders; Self Reliant: Girls " Council; Christmas Pro- gram, 3; Annual staff; Nu Omega; Pep club. DARYL DONER College Mardi Gras Escort; " Headed for Eden " . W ' lLMA DRAPER College Girls " Council; Road Show; Nu Omega, 2; G. A. A., 2: Library club, Treas.; Self Reliant; Stu- dent teacher: Forum: Red Cross Council; Colonial Ball; Religious Leaders; Mardi Gras Maid. KENNETH DUDLEY Tecnical College Biology club: Religious Leaders; Christmas Program; Freshman track; Rifle Team; Best Squad: R. O. T. C, Sgt. MARY ANN DURICK College Nu Omega, 3; Forum; Religious Leaders: Student teacher; Mardi Gras Maid. EARL EILTS College R. O. T, C, Sgt.: Biology club. Rifle team; DAGMAR H HRTS (icncrni " Vouni; April " " : ' " The Forest Prince " , prod.; " ' Every Family Has One " " , prod.: O. G. A.; Signal reporter. proofreader; Road Show: Abraham Lincoln high school. 2. MAUDE EWING College Girls " Council; Pep club; Self Reliant; Girls " Lounge; Flag drilL GERALDINE FEEKIN Stenographic A cappclla: Road Show. 3 " Headed for Eden " ; Girls " Glee Sigma Tau, 2, Sgt-at-arms; Re ligious Leaders; Colonial Ball Signal reporter; Library club Forum, alt.: Victory Corps. ' Mm W vr WINIFRED FIELD College G. A. A.: Red Cross Council Forum: Girls " Glee. EN ' ELYN FILLEBECK College Red Cross Council. CLARK FOBES Tecnical College Lettermcn ' s club, 2: Math club Senior class ' . P.; Annual staff Prom Prince: Boys " City Mayor Forum: Interstate Discus Cham- pion; Student teacher: R. O. T. C, Best Squad Outstanding Sophomore and Junior; Major. GORDON FOUTCH College Student teacher: Signal staff; Boys " City, 3; Forum: Monticcllo Editor: R. O. T. C. 2nd Lt.; Lettermen " s club, 3; Hon. Mem- ber of Lions club: Co-Captain Football and Track. LAWRENCE GILSON College Good Drivers: Student teacher; Signal staff: " Garden of the Moon " " , prod.; " Every Family Has One " , prod.; Signal press- man; Religious Leaders. GRACE GOpSK Commercial O. G. A.: Religious Leaders. EILEEN GOTSDINER College " Every Family Has One " ; " The Forest Prince " ; " Headed for Eden " ; Signal staff: Forum; Re- ligious Leaders; Road Show com- mittee; " Young April " " , prod. KENNETH HAGERMAN Tecnical College R. O. T. C, 2nd Lt.: Wrestl- ing, 2nd team letter JERRY HAKENSON Tech. Colleee Engineering Biology club, V. P., Sec, Treas.; 2nd team wrestling: R. O. T. C, Sgt.: Religious Leaders; R. O. T. C. best platoon. ALMA HAMANN College O. G. A.: " Every Family Has One " , prod.: Red Cross Coun ' cil, Student teacher. DONNA HATTAM College G. A. A.: A cappella; Nu Ome- ga; Library club; Religious Lead- ers; Forum, Pres.; Self Reliant; Girls ' Council; ' ictory Queen; Prom Lady; Mardi Gras Maid; Best Loved Girl; Pep club. MILDRED HENRY College Red Cross Council; Pep club; O. G. A. HAROLD HIBBS College Forum; Boys " City; Math club; Letterman ' s club; Football; " Every Family Has One " ; Student teacher, 2; Signal reporter; Mardi Gras Escort. JANIS HOFFEINS College G. A. A.; Girls ' athletic letter; Library club; Religious Leaders; Band. 1st Lt.; Baton-twiler; State Marching Band contest; State twirling contest, " 1 " rating; " Every Family Has One " ; Sig- nal staff; Monticello staff. JAMES HOOVER Tecnical College Forum; Religious Leaders; " The Forest Prince " ; " Headed for Eden " ; " Every Family Has One " ; Band, Captain; District musiccontest, 3. BETTY JEAN JACKSON College EDWARD JOHNSON General R. O. T. C, 2nd Lt.; Forum Signal Business Manager, 3. ELEANOR JOHNSON College A cappella: Jr. class Treas.; Prom Princess; Forum; Religious Leaders; Nu Omega, Treas.; Girls ' Council, 2; " Every Family Has One " ; Pep club, Pres.; Vic- tory Queen Court; Monticello staff; Signal staff; Best Loved Girl Court. GEORGE JOHNSON College Band; Signal staff. SHIRLEY ICiHNSON stenographic Bloomer jr. High; Abraham Lin- coln High School; Pep club; O. G. A. NORMA JONES General Religious Leaders; Council; Band. Red LORRAINE KING StenoKraphic Road Show: Rcliijn ' ii? Leaders; Red Cross Council: M. E. E. club: O. G. A.; Mardi Gras Maid. BETTY KJELDGAARD Commercial Religious Leaders; O. G. Signal reporter. ELLA MAE KNAUSS Stenographic Southwest Iowa Chorus: O. G. A.: " Every Family Has One " , prod.: Girls " Council: Pep cluh; Red Cross Council: Solo club; Religious Leaders; Home Room Sec. DARLENE KOZAK General Girls ' glee: Girls " choir; Sigma Tau, V. P.: Forum; Signal re- porter; Road Show, 2. CHARLES LAMMERT ColleKe A cappella choir; " Every Family Has One ' " : " Fore ' st Prince " ; " Martha " . KATHRYN LATEY College Red Cross Council; Library club, Pres.; Forum; Colonial Ball; Southwest Iowa Chorus; Escon- dido high school, Calif.; West Denver high school, Colo.; Lib- eral high school, Kansas. MARILYN LAWLESS Stenographic Forum; Girls ' Council, 2; Self- Reliant; G. A. A.; Girls ' Ath- letic Letter; State G. A. A.; Road Show, 3; Monticello staff: Victory Corps; Honor Court. Best Loved Girl BOB LEE College Football, All - Southwest Iowa, All-Statc-6th: Basketball; Track; Band; Forum: Lcttermen ' s club, Pres.; Student teacher; R. O. T. C, M Sgt. DORIS LEHMER General Girls " Council; Red Cross Coun- cil; Student teacher. PEARL LIDGARD Stenographic Band: A cappella choir; G. A. A.; Orchestra; Girls " Cadet Corps; State Music Contest, 2; Southwest Iowa Chorus; Road Show, 3; M. E. E. DOROTHY LORENZEN College Road Show: Orchestra; G. A. A., Sec, Treas.; Girls " Lounge; Girls Basketball: Religious Lead- ers; String Quartet, contest. MARJORIE MARCUM College Library club: Self Reliant: Nu Omega; Religious Leaders; Girls ' Council; A cappella; " Young April " " ; Prom Lady: Mardi Gras Maid: Monticello staff; Debate club; " The Weak Spot " " , Best Loved Girl Honor Court; Pep club; " Martha " " . MARGARET MAYBERRY stenographic Red Cross Council; Pep club. PAT McCABE College Pep club; G. A. A._; Road Show, 3; " Forest Prince " . ERNEST McCALLUM College " Every Family Has One " ; Biol- ogy club: Religious Leaders. BETTY McNEIL Stenographic Forum; Religious Leaders. RICHARD MEIDLINGER College Forum, V. P.; Lettermen ' s club, Sec.-Treas.; Boys " City, Chief of Police; R. O. T. C Sgt.; A cap- pclla; Mardi Gras Escort; Road Show; Lettermen ' s club, 2. BETTY MILLS General Merchandising G. A. A., Sec-Trcas.; Girls " Bas- ketball; Religious Leaders. VIOLETTE MORTENSEN College Sigma Tau; Band; Forum; " Every Family Has One " ' , prod.; " Young April " " ; " Headed for BARBARA MOSER Stenographic Nu Omega, Girls " Council; For- um; Road Show, 4; Prom Dutch- ess; " Every Family Has One " " ; Pep club; Monticello Staff; Re- ligious Leaders; Signal stafl; A cappella; O. G. A.; Best Loved Girl Honor Court: Sponsor of T. J. R. O. T. C. Battalion. ELAINE MOSS College G. A. A.; Sigma Tau, 2; Asso- ciate Editor, Signal; A cappella; Road Show; " Forest Prince " ' ; " Young April " " ; " Every Family Has One " ; " The Weak Spot " " . THERESA MULLEN Commercial JIM MUNSON Tech. Colletrc Engineering Student teacher; R. O. T. C, Capt.; Mardi Gras Escort; Let- termen " s club; Religious Lead- ers. BETTY NARMI stenographic Red Cross Council; Leaders. Religious VERNON NELSON Tech. Colleffe EnfcinerrinK Lctternicn ' s club: Footh;ill-Lct- tcrcd. 2; Riflc team 2; R. O. T. C, Capt. PATRICIA NEUMANN Stenographic SiKma Tau; Road Show, 3; G. A. A. IRVIN NIELSEN Tecntcal College Forum; " Garden of the Moon " , Stage crew; " X ' ariety Show " , Stage crew; Student teacher; R. O. T. C., Sgt. ARLENE NOWLING Secretarial Red Cross Council MARGARITA NUNEZ Homemaking Spanish club. DON NUSSER General Lettermen ' s club. HELEN O ' CONNOR College Holy Family; St. Francis Acad- emy; Religious Leaders. GERALDINE PERRINE stenographic Pep club. JACK PERRINE General MARJORIE PETERSON Stenographic BETTY LOU PETERSEN Commercial Southwest Iowa Chorus; Girls ' glee; Nu Omega; O. G. A.; " Forest Prince " , prod.; " Young April " , prod.; A cappella choir; Girls " Sextette; Road Show. JO ANN PETERSON College Nu Omega; Girls ' Council; " Young April " ; A cappella; Forum, Sec; Student teacher; Signal News Editor; Monticello staff; Mardi Gras Maid; Home Room Sec; Best Loved Girl Court. JOHN PETERSON Tech. College Engineering R. O. T. C, Sgt. LOMA PETERSEN stenographic Senior Band; Nu OmeRa; For- um; Sen. Class Trcas.; Orches- tra; Red Cross Council, V. P.; Road Shaw; Colonial Ball; Vic- tory Queen Honor Court. LAREE PHELPS ( " ollege Sit;ma Tau, Pres.; Pep club; A cappclla choir; Road Show, 3; Student teacher; " Martha " ; Art Editor, Monticello; Southwest Iowa Chorus. LORRAINE PHELPS College Road Show, 3; Sigma Tau; Pep club; A cappella choir; Art Ed- itor; Monticello; Southwest Iowa Chorus. OBTAYIA PICKERING College Sigma Tau, Sec, V, P.; club, Trcas.; Road Show. fep DONNA RANNE Stenographic Nu Omega, 3, Sec; Girls ' glee; Pep club; Road Show, 2; A cap- pella O. G. A.; Red Cross Coun- cil; Forum; Signal reporter; Vic- tory Corps. MILDRED RUST Secretarial Self-Rehaiit; Red Cross Council, Sec; Pep club; Forum; Road Show; Girls " Lounge; Red Cross Carnival. KATHLEEN SAMPSON College Sclf-Rcliant; Religious Leaders; Mardi Gras Maid; Red Cross Council; Signal reporter. HARRY SCHULTZ Tecnical College Best informed contest, 2; For- um; " Young April " , " Headed for Eden " ; District and State Debate Tournament; Colonial Ball, prod.; Band, 3, 1st Lt.; De- bate club, 2; Mardi Gras Escort. PAT SHANNON CoUegre Red Cross Council; Girls ' Coun- cil; Library club; Nu Omega; A cappella; Religious Leaders; De- bate club; Victory Corps; Colo- nial B;dl; Southwest Iowa Chor- us; Homeroom Sec; Variety Show. BRUCE SHRADER General Lettermen ' s club; R. O. T. C, 2nd Lt.; Wrestling; Track; Foot- ball. JUNE SHUFFLER stenographic Girls " glee; Girls " choir; South- west Iowa Chorus; O. G. A.; Girls " Council; Religious Leaders club; Home Room Sec; Signal reporter. BERNADINE SIMMONS General Religious Leaders; Victory Corps. BILLIE MAE SISSON General Pep ckih. CLARENCE SMELSER College Orchestra; Best Cadet, R. O. T. C, ' 44: Boys " Quartet; District Music Contest, Vocal - " 1 " rat- ing - ' 44 and ' 45 State contest, " 2 " rating ' 44 and " 45; A cap- pella choir, 3; Religious Leaders; " Martha " ; " Forest Prnice. " WANDA SWEENEY Homemaking Flag team; Recreation cluh: Girls " glee; Religious Leaders: A cappclla choir. BETTY JANE SMITH College A cappclla, 3: Religious Lead- ers; Road Show, 3: " Forest Prince " " ; " Martha " ; Girls ' glee; Southwest Iowa Chorus: Senior Se.xtettc. NORMALEE SPICER College Red Cross Council: Pep cluh, Treas.; Forum: X ictory Corps; Road Show; ' " Variety Show " " , prop. OVELA TREON General Religious Leaders: Signal staff. NICK VUKSON College BONNIE WALLACE College Lihrary club; Colonial Ball; Re- ligious Leaders; Mardi Gras Vlaid: Road Show; Girls " Lounge; " Martha " " , prod. BOB WENNIHAN College Football: Basketball: Track; Let- terman " s club, V. P.; R. O. T. C, 2nd Lt.; Boy " s City, Mayor. HELEN WHITE Stenographic Road Show; " Forest Prince " O. G. A. dunioi ( Lc ail JERRY MURRY PRESIDENT LORRAINE NELSON SECRETARY JEANNINE FRYE TREASURER MR. HAROLD J.JONES SPONSOR JACK COOK MISS HANNAH NYHQLM VICE PRESIDENT SPONSOR The Junior class selected Jerry Murray as its president, Jack Cook vice-president, Lorraine Nelson, secretary, and Jcannine Frye as treasurer. The Junior class play, " His Name Was Aunt Nellie " was presented February 15 and 16. John Greenlee in the stellar role stole the show with his humorous por- trayal of " Aunt Nellie. " The annual Junior-Senior prom was held at the Hotel Chieftain May 4 with the Seniors as guests and the Juniors acting as hosts and hostesses. In order to increase their financial status, they sponsored dances in the drill hall. They also had great fun at their traditional Junior party We now leave the class of ' 47, secure in our belief that they can and will meet the necessary problems next September. Page :0 ROBERT AHART KATHERINE ALLEN MARY ALLEN VIRGINLA ALSPAUGH MAXINE ALT DORIS ANTHONY BOB ATEN LUCILLE BAKER ART BATES DON BENEDICT EVELYN BLOOM JOHN BLUE SALLE BOYER ANNE BRABAND BETTY BREWER ILENE BRIGHT JOAN BROWN MARY LOU BROWN MURIEL BROWNELL RUTH BUCK BEVERLY BUCKRIDGE RAY BURKEY KENNETH BUTLER JEAN CARMIGHAEL PAT CATO MARY LOU CHAPMAN JUANITA CHILES EVELYN CHURCH DON COGLEY BONNIE COLLINS WILLIAM CONNELL MAXINE CONOWAY JACK COOK LOWELL COOK VERA MAE COOKSEY JUANITA COONTZ ' ii v Mk A n BILL COPELAND NORMAN CRANE ARLENE CUNDIFF BILL CURRAN RUTH CURRIER DICK DAMON DOREEN DAN ' ENPORT NORAN DAVIS DONNA DETTMAN VIRGINIA DITTMANN GARY DODGE CLIFFORD DANNEEL FLOYD DRAPER JERRY DUGGAN NAOMI EICHLER MARJORIE ELLIS JACK FARILEY GERALD FEBLOW ' ITZ BEVERLY FIELD ARLEANE FITZ LILA FLANAGAN JACK FRICKE SHIRLEY FRIED JEANNINE FRYE MARLENE FRYE DONNA FUSS LOIS JEAN GANO NORMA JEAN GARBER LORENE GARST BEVERLY GIBBONS ILENE GIBLER MERRILL GILLETT MARJORIE CORN MARY LOU CORN JOHN GREENLEE PAUL GREENLEE TED GREGORY ROBERTA GROS ' ENOR LOUIS HACKBART BEVERLY HADLUND BURTON HAGER DUANF, HAGER BEVERLY HANCOCK BETTY HANSEN JOAN HANSEN FRANKLIN HAWK IN PHYLLIS HAYNES JOANNE HEAD JOYCE HEAD ALAN HEATH BARBARA HEMPEL PHYLLIS HENDERSON FRANCES HOIFELDT UNA HOTCHKISS ELIZABETH HOUGH CORA LEE HOYT lOAN HUMPHREY MARGARET HUNT ELIZABETH HURD FAYE HURD SHIRLEY HUTCHENS PAULA IVES EILEEN JACKSON TRGINIA JACKSON MARION JACOBS DON JAMES GLADYS JAMES JO ANNE JEFFERIES MILDRED JENKENS MARTHA JENSEN MAURIETA JENSEN RUTH JENSEN WARREN JENSEN ANNET JEWETT JO ANN JEWETT DICK JOHNSON JACKIE JOHNSON REG JOLLIFF : , PAT JORGENSON j KAY KELGAARD FLORENCE KINART VERA KIRKWOOD JOAN KJELDGAARD GENE KLINE NORMAN KNOTT DORIS KOLB RICHARD KOOS JACKIE KUHN GEORGE KULL SHIRLEY LAND BONNIE LANGDOLE JACQUELIN LARSEN GERRY LARSON EUGENE LAUVER ALICE LEE DICK LEWIS JOAN LINDSEY BILL McGRUDER MARY McMANNIGILL ELAINE McMULLEN JOAN McSORLEY BERNIE MALONE BEVERLY MARSHALL DONNA MARTIN MAX MASON DONNA MAYBERRY DELORES MICHAELES ETHELE MILLER JACK MINIKUS PAT MOORE JERRY MURRAY LEONARD MUSGROVE LORRAINE NELSON MARGARET NELSON BOB NEWBERG MARILYN NOONEN MARJORIE NORMAN CHARLES O ' BRIEN NANCY OGREN GEORGIA OLIPHANT DOROTHY OWENS MOREY PALMER PEGGY PALMER MICHAEL PAULSON LOIS PETERSEN PAT PETERSON PHYLLIS PETERSON SHIRLEY PETT BOB PETTIT JOAN RADCLIPF JOYCE RANNUM PAT REAMS BOB REED GAYLORD RICH BOB ROBINSON DELORES ROGERS FRANCES ROONEY MADELYN ROPER ARTIS ROWLEY DWAYNE SAGE WENDELL SCHERWIN EVERLY SCHICKETANZ JOHN SCHNECKLOTH SYBIL SCHNECKLOTH YVONNE SEALOCK MARILYN SEEDERS ROSEMARY SWANEY MARILYN SHAVER GLORIA SHRADER DARLENE SIMMONS MARY SINGER CHARLOTTE SLUYTER BERTHA SMITH BETTY SMITH CHARLES SMITH JERRY SNYDER LINDY SOLON DICK SOMMERS DARLENE STANSBERRY BETTY STEPPUHN Jg 1.. ' Jfl 1 BILL STINGLE MARVIN STOCKTON KEITH STORM EUGENE TEFFT lEANNINE TELLANDER BARBARA THOMPSON BEVERLY TINNELL BOB TURNER GWENDOLYN VALLIER BARBARA VAN HORN RONALD VOGT BETTY WAKEHOUSE EVERLYN WAKEHOUSE BERNICE WALKER JOAN WALKER CLARA MARIE WALL DOROTHY WALSH JACK WATKINS BEULAH WATTS BOB WEBSTER BETTY ANNE WILDE JOAN WOOD ROBERT WREDT BETTY JEAN WRIGHT DOROTHY YEATMAN (I[a±± of ' 4S- ' 49 Sophomores were the lucky creatures who gaded about the halls without a care in the world. They attended dances and club meetings minus a knowledge of how they were run — hut just wait! Their slaving session is pending. We wish luck and prosperity to the up and coming class of " 48. 1st row: Joan Ricker, Patty Ann Baker, Barbara Tefft, Mary Lou Babbitt, Mary Nowling, Ruth Gearhart, Barbara Butler, Florence Minister, Jean Weyant, Mildred Nagunst, Donna Land, Nancy Pleas, Ethel Robbins, Pat Stanley. 2nd row: Patricia DeSantiago, Beverly Brown, Jecqueline Pitchery, James Peterson, Bob Peter- son, Dick Scott, Bud Ferrell, Dick Wooten, Lavern Farmer, Bob Edwards, Robert Mont- gomery, Betty Kaufman, Lois Larsen. 3rd row: Richard Hartman, John Haizlip, Bob Flanagan, Harry McCormick, Bob Hancock, Snm Fried, Jim Makacek, Gerald Phillips, Dale Smith, Don Croson, Gordon Griffith, Charles Wood, David Penney. 1st row: Helen Parrish, Maryann Gutheil, Mary Culbertson, Donna Bevington, Donna Kirk- patrick, Dorothy Wakehouse, Leona Anderson, Marian McHargue, Betty Jean Foster, Patty Wrinkle, Flossy Britton, Pat Fobes. Doris Woods, Pat Talbot. 2nd row: Marjorie Bigley, Pat Smith, Dorothy Pleake, Leta Gorham, Betty Nicolay, Beverly Anderson, Jackie Fedor, Mary Ann Haven, Donna Boartz, Irene Thomas, Betty Lou Edenborn, Dorothy Bunten, Virginia EicKer, Lenora Steffen. 3rd row: Miles Withro, Richard Markussen, Jim Rice. Bryce Birchard, Frank Mortensen, Marvin Lauver, Donald Hutcheson, Bob Parrish, Jack Witzke, Dick Millard, Don Frazer, Jerry Nelson, Louis Blake, Stanley Davidson, Richard Steffen, Jimmy Aten, Alton Thomas. Page 27 Page 28 1st row: Charlcnc Palmer, Gertrude Narmi, Delores Mamyshoff, Beverly Anderson, Paula Epperson, Gwcn Barber, Joyce Nordhorst, Jackie Dettnian, Doris Filibeck, Joan Warden, Pat Flaxheard, Dorothy Schulti, Mar)orie Briggs, Pauline Baldwin. 2nd row: Juanita Pruitt, Pat Prouty, Phyllis Morse, Betty Hires, Lietha Rau, Joan Gallagher, Janis Milne, Beverly Morgan, Elaine Fairnian, Beverly Chambers, May Moore, Eileen Lcnnihan, Joan Dawson, Mar]orie Wright, Wanda Burkhart, Billie Jo Chapin. 3rd row: Dale Simpson, Keith Shradcr, Jim Duggan, Bob Damon, Max Henderson, Cecil Adkins, Jack Shepherd, John O ' Brien, Don Heaton, Bob Smith, John Reninger, Earl Jensen, Junior Gorn, Bruce Larson. 1st row: Jack Brunstedt, Bob Lawson, Leonard Kelly, Norma Foutch, Florence Daub, Eulonda Shiles, Betty McKeown, Wanda Parker, Patricia Johansen, Gloria Stockton, Elaine Trescott. Janice Hess, Opal Cowles, Augusta Sisson. :nd row: William Coffey, Quentin Pittman, Veto Daprizio, Robert Brown, Ted Campbell, David Blodgett, Bob Canavan, Jack Butler, Jim Kennedy, Chuck Culek, Don Larsen, Al Benson, Laurence Carman, Robert Mahr, Richard Head. 3rd row: Pete Elonich, Emil Pavich, Dick Payne, Dick Barritt, Don Aldrcdge, Don Nelson, Harold Whisler, Dean Storm, Bernon Henry, Delmar Corbin, Otto Bartels, Jim Avis, Dean Ogren, Gerald Mace, Clco Jenkins, Bob Willis. Page 29 Page 30 1st row: Darlene Palmer, Lois Jensen, June Thalis, Jackie Brown, Beverly Powell, Betty Turner, Nadine Jackson, Ruth Moon, Clarabell Hickman, Shirley Mullen, Vergene Gearhart, Darlene Hunt, Mary Paulson, Barbara Eldrich. 2nd row: Marjorie Carter, Phyl Shamblem, Shirley Belts, Shirley Williams, Delia Lovelady, Betty Snipes, Bonnie Brittian, Kathryn Hager, Anna Watts, Mary Nowling, Darlene Hiatt, Florence Hansen, Melva Bruce. 3rd row: Bill Deal, Richard Franks, Jim Teeplc, Barbara Carroll, Evelyn Mahan, Janis Williams, Mary Ferrarello, Wilma Durick, Joan Garner, Joyce Wilson, Laurel Larson, Marilyn O ' Dell, Joyce Clark, Terry Rickert, Bob Teeple, John Gardner. 1st row; Thelma Caldwell, Marilyn Corzine, Evelyn Lewis, Agnes Kudera, Teresa Youngs, Nancy Hays, Bonnie Allen, Ida Fields, Mary Dudley, Mary Filkers, Laura Main, Madonna Sweeney, Phyllis Wittman, Virginia Taylor, Maryann Raes. 2nd row: Bonnie Smothers, X ' ivian Stallard, Ardis Walters, Rose Mae Jackson, Eleanor Silen, Shirley Ritt, Kathryn Moran, Delia Harman, Ann Erickson, Ruth Williams, Mary Alice Simmons, Pat Thalias, Beverly Thomas, Doris Wolcott, Beverly Neuman, Beverly Bundy. 3rd row: Don Adkins, Al Chancey. Phil Springer, Raymond Oles, Bob Thomas, Jerry Smith, Morris Jones, Glen Spahrk, Harold Kinart, Gene Jones, Mickey Goodman, Bill Humphrey, Roger Redmond, Bobb Nass, Dick Rogers, Jack Hansen. Page 31 Page il CLa±5, of ' .S— 49 The greenhorns of T. J. were the freshmen, the inevitable victims of overbear- ing upper classmen. They were the unsuspecting individuals who looked for the school elevator, got smeared with oriental sapphire lipstick, and went up and down the wrong stairs. Eventually, however, they learned the curious ways of high school students and in a few years will become our football and basketball stars, performers, debaters, dramatists, and musicians. 1st row: Helen Mcintosh, Norma Knapp, Mildred Morris, Juanita Acosta, Juanita Burkhart, Hazel Riddle, Ruth Brown, Frances De Marc, Janet Fisher, Mary Ethel Vincent, Mervena Bilton, Margaret Morgan. Viola Smith, Mary Smith, Lois Ruth Pritchard. 2nd row: Norma Bauer, Nada Donor, Norma Barnuni, Glenora Bates, Phil Brown, Fern Boardman, Mary Heady, Reva Brown, Barbara Linton, Inez William, Mary Lou Ham- mond, Virginia Collins, Carolyn Solon, Joanne Tallman, Jeanne Tallman, Betty Croghan. 3rd row: James Cunningham, John Larson, Rollic White, Lylc Culbertson, Randall Culpepper, John Williams, Nick Cavallaro, Keith Tague, Glen McCoy, Bob Dudley, LeRoy Carter, Tom McCabe, Roy Smith, Leland Munson, George Mahrt. 1st row: Barbara Meyer, Jackie Nipps, Betty Molk, Virginia Cooper, Thelma Van Bibber, Phyliss Lee, Patty Jolliff, Mary Ann Feekin, Cleo Schicketanz, Dorothy Haines. 2nd row: Bob Reichart, Bob Kaufman, Mark Cook, George Webster, Bert Hotchkiss, Bdl Dohse, Orville Carman, Clyde Carter, Eldon Letner, Ed Boggs. 3rd row: Jim McAvoy, Gerald Clark, Lee Edwards, Bob McCallum, Anthony Narnii, Gordon Christiansen, Bob Gregory, Whitey Matters, Don Everett, Bob Parrish, Doyle .Croson, Tommy Roper, Robert Lindquist. Page 3 3 Page 34 1st row: Shirley Musgrove, Helen Craig, Margaret Pcttit. Dorothy Dee, Ruth Boaz, Barbara McClintock, Janis Smith. Delores Cook, Sally Cottmirc, Barbara McManamie, Janet Boyer, Jackie Kern, Jackie Knowles, Pat Holliday, Carol Dawson, Viva Ogrcn. 2nd row: Jack Matzen, Glenn Mcintosh, Dick Easton, John Respeliers, Ruamo Cussia, Mildred Hoefeldt, Ruth Kaufman, Emogen Mahan, Dixie Lee Tinnell, Merna Taylor, Virginia Christiansen. Joy Cahill, Vramona Nhamon, Donna Ward, Jean Blue, Neomi McGonigle, Don Peters, Bob McHargue. 3rd row: Henry Boege, Dale Davis, Dan Henry, Harold Brodahl, Pete Larsen, Tom Caster, Jack Mowery, Roy Adams. John Rau. Jack McTwiggan. Phil Bigelow. Bill Miller, Ivan Allen, Al Schwartz, Bob Sharrett, Karl Burkhart, Dave Wooley. 1st row: Joan Neumann, Jean Peterson, Geraldine Jenseon, Edna Messersmith, Sue Moss. Pat Bryant. Letha Edie, Nancy Luther, Pauline Majeski. Elaine Hager, Jean Wadum, Marilyn Mynster, Jackie Fox, Barbara Bethers, RoseMarie Tellandcr, Phyllis Walkensdorfer. 2nd row: LaVonne Damon. Carol Boyd. Mary Javor, Ardith Britt. N ' era Van Scoy, Betty Lou Drake, Barbara Nicols. Pat Smith. Alice Hooker, Carolyn Rolland, Shirley Minick, Audrey Johnson, Lila Burgin, Edwin Lane. Jrd row: Norma Wiese, Henry Carmichael, Leonard Schrieler, Gene Ford, Don Strong, Joe Mullen, Bill Fran:, Joe Nalti, Jerry Hudson, Leroy Lovelady, Bob Smith, John Rathten, Edward Smith, Rex Billings, Bob Flanagan. Page 3 5 Page 36 1st row: Joyce Moore, Lillian Buck, Donna Vanderzeil, Peggy Elder, Normalee Cain, Erma Merritt, Alice Bahnsen, Lillian Godsk, Joyce Hodge, Beverly Woods, Barbara Burke, Sally Hargl, Pat Kebler, Mary Greer. 2nd row: Joyce Lammert, Pauline Watts, Shirley Gibbons, Joan Thornton, Greta Anderson, Elisabeth Hansen, Anita Ellis, Geraldine Huebncr, Norene Boot, Patty Willman, Mar- orie Backman, Delores Brown, Betty Jensen, Doris Phillips. 3rd row: Bernard Walker, Terry Rooney, Ronald Cooney, Darwin Kohl, John Dinovo, Marrill Morford, Bill Clawson, Lyly Harrington, Ronald Graham, Richard Hagcr, Gordon Paulson, Darreli Bellows, Walter Nelson. 1st row: Nada Doner, Norma Wright, Ruth Hcrold, Barbara Wassem, Doris Van Bibber. 2nd row: Barbara Carlson, Jack Hardy, Grant Fncke, Gordon Griffith, Boh Joneson, Barbara Smith. Page 37 Page 38 J ii iDniEoa 3rd row: Delores Cook, Jackie Dcttman, Wilnia Draper, Eleanor Johnson, Mary Ann Durick, Edith Beckner, Marjorie Marcum, Donna Hattam, Marilyn Clementsen, Bertha Smith, Loina Peterson, Donna Vanderzeil, Jean Adamson, Lila Flanagan, Pat Shannon. 2nd row: Yvonne Sealock, Lillian Buck, Mary Lou Brown, Betty Peterson, Esther Beckner, Jo Ann Peterson, -Donna Dettman, Sally Boyer, Janet Boyer, Pat Holiday, Joan Brown, Phyllis Haynes, Joan Humphrey, Donna Ranne, Mrs. Strickland. 1st row: Barbara Moser, Maxine Alt, Pat Peterson, Marlene Frye, Pal; Jorgcnson, Buelah Watts, Normalee Spicer, Betty Clinkenheard, Nancy Luther, Sally Cottmire, Elizabeth Hansen, Jackie Johnson, Jcannine Frye. The Nu Omega Sigma, sponsored by Mrs. Clara Strickland, is the second oldest literary society in Thomas Jefferson. Its objective is to develop character, literary ability, and service. The membership in the Nu Omega Sigma is limited to 50. In order to become a member, a girl must have a high scholastic record and must be voted upon by Nu Omega Sigma members. The two most important activities of the society were the annual Alumni party and the Mother-Senior banquet. Other activities included the selling of hot dogs at football games, sponsoring dances, a Christmas party, and the initiation party. The Nu Omega members also undertook the task of producing an honor roll composed of the names of all former students who served in the armed forces. OFFICERS Barbara Moser President Marjorie Marcum Marilyn Clementsen Vice-President Esther Beckner Donna Ranne Secretary Jo Ann Peterson Esther Beckner Treasurer Eleanor Johnson Wilma Draper Sergeant-at-arms Yvonne Sealock Jean Adamson Parliamentarian Delores Cook Page 39 iama aii The Sigma Tau Literary Society, sponsored by Miss Garnet Welsch and Miss Gretchen Thies, is the oldest society in the school. The object of this society is to help others to develop poise, leadership, self confidence, and cooperation among its members by having them appear before club- mates once a semester. The outstanding activities of the Sigma Tau for this year have been the " Sweet- heart Sister " week and the Mother-Daughter banquet. OFFICERS La Ree Phelps President Lorraine Phelps Artis Rowley Vice-President Obtivia Pickering Obtivia Pickering Secretary Artis Rowley Elaine Moss Treasurer Leatha Edie Doris Van Bibber Sergeant-at-arms Donna Mayberry 3rd row: Sybil Schneckloth, Lucille Mayhcrr ' , Artis Rowley, Joan Jewett, Barbara Labor. Violet Mortensen, Margaret Mayberry, Nita Ellis. 2nd row: Miss Thies, Bonnie Allen, Ilene Gibler, Pat Neumann, Elaine Moss, Barbara Mullen, LaRee Phelps, Lorraine Phelps, Miss Welsch. 1st row: Joan Head, Roberta Grosvenor, Joyce Head, Dolly Goldsberry, Joan Neumann, Leitha Edie, Rosemary Swanney, Beverly Neuman. r { yfyMp f " 1 P 4 1 B ' ' i| B|K ' ' In- mMt ' Bf H B mi f If ■I . Hi B KciO i Ji 4a Hfe.!Hb ' iHH Page 40 Lf ELi nt 3rd row: Marjorie Marcum, Donna Hattam, Edilh Beckner, Jo Ann Peterson, Esther Beckner, Artis Rowley. 2nd row: Mr. Myers, Norma Dollen, Kathleen Sampson, Maude Ewing, Ann Braband, Joan Head, Joan Brown, Miss Rupp. 1st row: Jean Adamson, Marilyn Lawless, Wilnia Draper, Philip Bigelow, Joyce Head, Mildred Rust. cy E.d ( xo±± C ounaiL 3rd row: Maxine Mendenhall, Pat Bryant, Frances DeMare, Philip Bigelow, Louis Nelson, Bob Robinson, Bill Smith, Ruth Currier, Vergene Gearhart. 2nd row: Miss Schroder, Janis Milne, Letha Rau, Anita Ellis, Loma Peterson, Alice Bahnsen, Ruth Jensen, Mildred Rust, Miss Madden. 1st row: Ella Mae Knauss, Darlene Stansberry, Jackie Dcttman, Lorraine Nelson, Nancy Luther, Evelyn Fillebeck, Phyllis Lee, Don Benedict. 7 oziun 3rd row: Dick Johnson, Bert Hotchkiss, Jimmy Hoover, Dale Simpson, Floyd Draper, Wayne Ward, Don James, Roger Witke, Sherman Stark, Pete Larsen. 2nd row: Ted Gregory, Jerry Feblowit:, Emogene Mahan, Lucille Mi ' yherry, Dorothy Yeatman, Donna Hattani, Winifred Field, JoAnn Peterson, Dick Meidlingcr. 1st row: Mr, Field, Delia Harmon, Yvonne Sealock, Joyce Head, Maxine Alt, Viva Ogren, Lillian Buck, Joan Thornton, Laurel Main, Hannah Nyholm. The Forum, under the sponsorship of Mr. Stephen J. Field and Miss Hannah Nyholm, acted as the governing body of the school. Its members were elected to the group through the home rooms. The Forum ' s activities consisted of discussing and solving problems of the school, sponsoring school dances, providing new records, conducting guests through the school, and visiting other neighboring high schools. OFFICERS Donna Hattam President Dick Mcidlinger Vice-President jo Ann Peterson Secretary Gaylord Rich Treasurer Self Reliant day was held December 18 with Donna Hattam as principal. The students managed the classes while the teachers enjoyed a half holiday. The Forum performed official duties in the office, the halls, and conducted visitors through the school. jtjLoLoau ( LuIj The Biology Club, sponsored by Mr. Stephen Field, consisted of a group of boys interested in conservation, trappi ng, hunting and fishing. The group took field trips, stuffed animals for the biology room, reviewed movies and attended lectures on scientific material. OFFICERS Jerry Murray President Bill Copeland Bill Copeland Vice-President George Kuli Jerry Hakenson Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Hakenson This year the club visited Schwartz Ta.xidermy Shop and Jacobsen ' s collection of live birds and attended lectures at Joselyn Memorial. Lectures were also given by Mr. Ward Garrett, Pottawattamie County game warden and a member of the Iowa State Game Commission. Standing: Cecil Adkins, George Kull, Boh Joneson, Ted Gregory, Warren Jensen, Earl Eilts, Robert Brown, John Larson. Mr. Field, Carleton Burkhart. Seated: Jack Fricke. Jerry Hakenson, Bill Copeland, Jerry Murray, Bill Proksel, Harold Adams. Page 43 Jdoiji Citu 2nd row: Mr. Myers, Bill Copeland, Jerry Smith, Norman Crane, Gary Dodge, Ted Kyster, Jerry Murray, Don Coglcy, John Schneckloth. Ronald Graham. 1st row: Jerry Snyder, Bob Canavan, Dick Meidlinger, Boh Wennihan, Don Ryan, Boh Matter, Dick Rogers, Charles Culek, Robert Kaufman. The Boys ' City organization, sponsored by R. F. Myers, dealt with and studied community problems. The group visited such city departments as Police, Fire, Street and sat in on a City Council meeting. The group also sponsored a locker mspection. Bob Wennihan and Vernon Nelson were elected mayors of Boys ' City. sHrah C[u[r The purpose of the Debate club was to give its members a more definite un- derstanding of the art of debating and how it can be a benefit to their lives. Presi- dent for the year was Marjorie Marcum. 2nd row: Phyllis PctcrsL-n, Esther Bcckncr, Ruth Currier, Miss Hedwig Nyholm, and Joan Brown. 1st row: Harry Schultz, Edith Beckncr, Marjorie Marcum, and ' Mr. Frank Paluka. Page 44 ' ciL CounaiL 3rd row: Marilyn Lawless, Barbara Moser, Ruth Currier. Marjorie Marcum, Joan Jewctt, Esther Beckncr, Edith Beckncr, Pat Cato, Wihna Draper, Maude Ewing. 2nd row: Mrs. Bolton, Eleanor Johnson, Jo Ann Peterson. Marilyn Clementsen, Donna Hattam. Dorothy Lorenzen, Una Hotchkiss, Gerry Larson, Jeannine Frye, Miss Kohr. 1st row: Yvonne Sealock. Ella Mae Knauss, June Shuffler, Pat Shannon, Doris Lehmer, Ann Brahand, Norma Dollcn, Lorraine Nelson. Jean Adamson. The Girls " Council, composed of thirty Junior and Senior girls selected by the faculty on basis of service, leadership, scholarship, and character, was organized for the purpose of serving the girls of Thomas Jefferson. The sponsors were Miss Helen Kohr and Mrs. Marie Bolton. This organization promoted various activities to carry out its purpose. One aC ' tivity was the " Big and Little Sister " plan. Each member chose two or three freshmen girls as " little sisters " and helped them with problems that arose during their fresh- men year. An assembly was held at the beginning of each semester to inform these girls of school activities. The Girls " Council helped to make freshmen girls feel at home on the first day of their high school careers. A freshman girls " party was held for the purpose of getting freshmen acquainted with the upper classmen. Assemblies were held consisting of appropriate motion pictures, speeches, and panel discussions by mothers and daughters on modern problems. OFFICERS Edith Beckncr President Jo Ann Peterson " Vice-President Jean Adamson Secretary Esther Beckner Treasurer Page 45 y di UliOill 3 jLEudi EX± 3rd row: Ruth Currier, Janet Fisher, Dale Simpson, Gerald Feblowitz, Jim Munson, John Green- lee, Ernest McCallum, Artis Rowley, Darlene Simmons, Norma Jones. 2nd row: Miss Mary Charlotte McGonigle, Pat Bryant, Dorothy Schultz, Edith Beckner, Janis Hoffeins, Dorothy Lorcnzcn, Betty Kjeldgaard, Donna Hattam, Marjorie Marcum, Esther Beckner, Mary Lou Hammond, and Mr. Harold Jones. 1st row: Ronald Cooney, Jim Hoover, Elaine Hager, Mary Dudley, Jean Carmichael, Barbara Moser, Margaret Morgan, Gaylord Rich, and Earl Jensen. ctt £ A£ita£ 2 i xouh r n l n £ fn mJ J±h Id l B • ■H H m - IP ' Cr p l ' J ' jl 1 nt 7 ' 4 .4 ' " » WY : Sl] -f - - _ m wJak. Seated: La Ree Phelps, Kathryn Latey, Esther Beckner, Florence Kinart, Donna Hattam. Edith Beckner, Marjoric Marcum, Barbara Moser, Eleanor Johnson, Janice Hoffiens, and Lor- raine Phelps. Standing: Gaylord Rich, Bob Wennihan, Jerry Murray, Keith Chambers, George Kull, Robert Lee, and Bill Clinkenbeard. Page 46 J ibiarij (LLub WK » J e WNP% 3rd row: Esther Beckner, Gerry Feekin. Marjorie Marcum, Doniid Hattani, Cora Lee Hoyt, Bonnie Wallace, Kathryn Latey. Edith Beckner, Margaret Mayberry, Marilyn Cleinentsen, Janis Hoffein;!, Betty Molck, Pat Kechler. 2nd row: Alcan Fitz. Roberta Grosvenor, Ann Braband, Gerry Larson, Dorothy Walsh. Dorothy Owens, Lorraine Nelson, Betty Brewer, Agnes Kudera, Una Hotchkiss, Joyce Herald, Alice Bahnsen, Mary Lou Gorn. 1st row: Miss Gathman, Jean Adamson, Pat Shannon, Wilma Draper, Ramona Najmon, Joan Thornton, Vergene Gearhart, Florine Hansen, Nancy Luther, Miss Thornton. A useful organization of the school, the Library Club, sponsored by Miss Dorothy Thornton and Miss Clara Louise Gathmann, assists the students in the li ' brary during study halls or after school. Membership in the Library Club requires a training course, passing an examina ' tion, a vote of the members, and grades of a B average. The Library Club sponsored the annual Colonial Ball, February 22, to determine the ten best loved senior girls, a Book Tea on November 22, and Daughter picnic. OFFICERS Esther Beckner President . Pat Shannon Vice-resident Mother and Kathryn Latey Janis Hoffeins Mary Lou Gorn Secretary Jean Adamson Wilma Draper Treasurer Ann Braband iiBf;- " Tf " itv ' - ' ' riT GIRLS WORKING AT DESK GIRLS WORKING AT SHELVES ( oLoniaL JljaLL Seated: Jean Adamson, Marilyn Lawless, Barbara Moser, Donna Hattam, Esther Beckner, Eleanor Johnson, Edith Beckner, Marilyn Clementsen, Marjorie Marcum, and Jo Ann Peterson. Best loved girls chosen at the 1946 Colonial Ball were Donna Hattam, George Washington; Esther Beckner, Martha Washington; Edith Beckner, James Madison; Eleanor Johnson, Dolly Madison, and the court of honor: Barbara Moser, Marjorie Marcum, Marilyn Clementsen, Jean Adarnson, Jo Ann Peterson, and Marilyn Lawless. The Colonial Ball, sponsored annually by the Library Club is held each February honoring Washington ' s birthday. Attendance is Imiited to girls and their mothers. The best loved senior girls of Thomas Jefferson are chosen each year by popular ballot by the girls of the school. The program and presentation of the best loved girls was followed by a grand march by the participants and a dance for all. Page 48 J zaniaiicL Back row: Harry Schultz. John Greenlee. 2nd row: Nancy Ogren, ' irginia Alspaugh, Mrs. Hope Lee, Jeanne Jewett. Beverly Gibbons, Dorothy Owens. Seated: Jim Hoover, Bertha Smith. Pat Reams and Gerald Feblowit:. The Dramatics department, directed by Mrs. Hope Lee, opened the school year with a comedy, ' Headed for Eden. " as the all school play. The play was given before a ca- pacity ' house, November 30 and December 1. The Junior class play. " His Name Was Aunt Nellie " was presented, February 15 and 16 in the school auditorium. A two cast per- formance presented a hilarious show on their respective nights. The play " Old Doc, " a dramatic comedy w asgiven by members of the senior class. May 10 and 11. Mrs. Hope Lee, dramatic coach and EngUsh instructor Page 49 Enioz iJ- Laij (Lait 3rd row: Ernest McCalluni, Jim Munson. Dick Meidlinger. Jim Hoover. 2nd row: Charles Lammert, LaRee Phelps, Dorothy Loren:cn, Janis Hoffeins, Pat Neumann, Harry Schultj. 1st row: Marjorie Marcum, Barbara Moser, Normalec Spicer, Mrs. Lee, Jo Ann Peterson, Kathryn Latey. 1 ' ' -liH Standing: Mary McManigill, Gerald Fehlowits, George Kull, John Greenlee, Jerry Ford, Ted Gregory, Boh Turner, Merill Gillette, Jack Watkins and Juanita Chiles. Seated: Joyce Head, Joan Head, Dorothy Walsh, Dorothy Yeatnian, Mrs. Hope Lee , Lorraine Nelson, Jeanninc Frye and Doreen Davenport. Page 50 y oad L lOVJ Page 51 l ocaL yvluiia Mr. Charles Davis, Vocal music instructor. Miss Mary Charlotte McGonigle, Instructor of vocal music. One of the most active departments in Thomas Jefferson has been the vocal music department, composed of four large groups. The A cappella Choir was the most advanced and the only mixed choral group. The Choir performed at Christmas, ap- peared before the Rotary club, presented a spring concert, participated in the Road- Show, entered the State Music Contest at Atlantic, Iowa, and performed at the Southwest Iowa Teachers ' Convention. Officers of the Choir were as follows: president, Eleanor Johnson, vice-presi- dent, Marjoric Marcum, and secretary-treasurer, John Greenlee. Section leaders were Donna Hattam, altos; Mildred Jenkins, tenors; Clarence Smelser, bass; and Jcannine Frye, sopranos. Betty Jane Smith served as robe chairman. Senior Girls " Glee is an advanced girls ' choral group. It performed for South- west Iowa Teachers ' Convention, the Christmas program, P. T. A., and the operetta. Boys ' Glee was composed of boys who wanted to obtain some vocal music ex- perience before entering the a cappella Choir. Small vocal groups which performed on many occasions were the girls ' trio, composed of Joan Head, Marlene Frye, and Joyce Head; girls ' glee sextet which is composed of Pat Bryant, Lois Peterson, Pauline Majeski, Elaine Hager, Norma Barnum. and Frances De Mare. The school operetta, " Martha " directed by Miss Mary Charlotte McGonigle was presented March 8 and 9. The four talented leads were Clarence Smelser, Dclores Michaelis, Charles Smith and Marlene Frye. Page 52 Cal iL CUi % % V ' V ' - ' - 3rd row: Jeanninc Fryc, Pat Cato, Artif Rowley, Gene Kline, Jerry Duggan, Charles Smith, Paul Greenlee, Bill Fran;, Clarence Smelser, Charles Lammert, Nancy Ogren, Lois Barnes and Jackie Johnson. 2nd row: Joan Brown, Betty Smith, Helen White, Marjorie Marcum, Norma Dollen, Delores Michaelis, Jo Ann Peterson, Joan ' Ratliff, Marjorie Jensen, Eleanor Johnson, Donna Hattam. Donna Ranne, and Phyliss Haynes. 1st row: Miss Mary Charlotte McGonigle, Yvonne Sealock, Lorraine Phelps, ' Barbara Moser, ' anda Sweeney, Marjorie Gorn, Beverly Tinnell, Jo Ann Lindsay, Shirley Fried, Joan Head, Joyce Head, Jo Ann Jewett and Barbara ' an Horn. n tL ViExata 3rd row: Bill Frant;, Paul Greenlee, Norma Barnum, Glennora Bates, Mary Heady, Pat Fobes, Joan Warden, Paula Epperson. Dick Barritt, Phillip Springer, Jim Cunningham. John Larson, Donovan ' olpp, Dick Easton, Joy Cahill, William Larsen, Dixie Tinnell, Robert Dudley, Myrna Taylor, Frances DeMare, Janet Fisher, Gene Kline, Jerry Duggan. 2nd row: Elaine Hager, Pauline Majeski, Nancy Luther, Leitha Eddy, Virginia Cooper, Charles Lammert, Duane Hager, Jo Ann Peterson, Betty Molck, Virginia Christiansen, Pat Bryant, Barbara ' an Horn. Phyllis Wakendorfer, Gwen Barber, Barbara Wassem, Jerry Ford. 1st row: Joan Jewett, Jackie Johnson, Jeannine Frye, Phyllis Haynes, Norma Dollen, Joan Rad- cliff, Clarence Smelser, Delores Michaels, Marlene Frye, Charles Smith, Doris Fillebeck, Phyllis Lee, Beverly Tinnell, Joan Head, Joan Brown, Yvonne Sealock, Joyce Head. Page 53 ■■£ GiixL ' (?fL EE 3rd row: Beverly Thomas, Mary Heady, Janet Fisher, Darlene Palmer, Evelyn Mahan, Dorothy Schult:, Pat Fohes, Pat Bryant, Virginia Christiansen, Joy Cahill, Merna Taylor, Dixie Tinnell, Marilyn O ' Dcll, Pat ' Talbot, and Wilma Durick. ' 2nd row: Miss Mary Charlotte McGonigle, Nadine Jackson, Lois Jensen, Glennora Bates, Norma Barnum, Mary Dudley, Joan Dawson, Ilene Lennihan, Frances De Mare, Betty Molck, Doris Woods, Bonnie Langmade, Norma Cain, Laura Larsen, Phyllis Wolkensdorffer, Joan Warden, Leta Gorham, Bernadine Simons, ' and Inez Williams. Ist row: Paula Epperson, Virginia Cooper, Thelma Van Bibber, Norma Bauer, Nancy Luther, Leatha Eddie. Pauline Majeski, Elaine Hager, Phyllis Lee, Thelma Cowell, Gwendolyn Barber, Patricia Talbott, Doris Fillebeck. jBoyi ' [ee Top row: Jim Hoover, Dick Somers, Jack Cook, Bill Frantz, Earl Eilts, Bob Pettit, Keith Chambers, Lawrence Gilson, Floyd Draper, John Greenlee, Jerry Murray, Bill Clinken- beard. Second row: Dick Barritt, Bob Edwards, Charles Lammert, Ernest McCallum, Donovon Volpn, Gene Kline, Charles Smith, Don James, Paul Greenlee, Dick Damon, Clark Fobes. First row: Mr. Charles Davis, Bruce Shrader, Westley Knousc, Clarence Smelser, Duane Hager, Jim Munson, Kenneth Dudley, Dick Mcidlingcr, John Larson. Page 54 L nitzuniEntaL y [u±ia An eventful year was had by the Thomas Jefferson High School Band directed by Mr. Samuel Gorbach. Two evening concerts for the Rodeo started the season for this organization. Many fine performances were given by the marching band at the football games. A new march, written by Mr. Gorbach, was adopted by the students as their school song. On September 21, the band won first place in the Class double AA marching band contest which was held on the Thomas Jefferson Athletic Field. In the twirling contest, held at the same time as the marching contest, Janis Hoffiens, received a number one rating. Arlene Conkling, Georgine Baughman, and Margaret Morgan received number two ratings. Another top rating was won by the marching band as they marched away with the 125 prize in the Crinoline Day Southwest Iowa Marching band contest on Oc- tober 3. The band led the parade which followed on the Saturday after the contest. (Continued on page 56) The members of the hand are Jack Fricke, Darlene Hyatt, Phil Bigelovv, Richard Koos, Loma Peterson, LiDian Godsk, Joyce Rannum, Beverly Chambers, Patsy Flaxbeard, Elaine Fairnian, Darlene Simmons, Margaret Morgan, Jams Hoffeins, May Moore, David Blodgett, Ruth Gearhart, Donna Bevington, Harold Whistler, Robert Copcland, Robert Brown, Viola Smith, Jack Hansen, James Cunningham, Marvin Lauver, Ruth Williams, James Hoover, Gerald Feblowit:, Richard Somers, Dave Jeffries, Keith Storm, Max Mason, Alfred Schwartz, Louis Hackbart, Marilyn Nowling, Betty Smith, Robert Johnson, Jack Shepard, Sam Fried, Don Flanagan, Don Croson, George Johnson, Cecil Adkins, Noran Davis, Norman Wiese, John Dinovo, Don Benedict, Norman Cave, LeRoy Carter, LaVerne Farmer, Marion McHargue, Richard Millard. Page 55 SAMUEL GORBACH Instructor lof instrumental music B. S., M. A., U. of Illinois, Northwestern U. Janis Hoffeins, Margaret Morgan (Continued from page 55) The Band Parents Association was reorganized this year. This is a group made up of the parents of the students in the band. New uniforms for the twirlers and additions to the marching band uniforms were purchased by the band parents. The band furnished the entertainment which preceded the Mihtary Ball on March 1 and performed for the Road Show April 5 and 6. An all male band furnished the music for the United States R. O. T. C. Federal Inspection. The Thomas Jefferson Band participated in the State Music Contest held in Atlantic, Iowa. Page 56 ititaxij Ba r Lieutenant Colonel, Bill Clinkenbeard; Sponsor of the R. O. T. C, Clark iFobes and Sponsor of the the R. O. T. C, Marilyn Clementsen. Barbara Moser; Major, With the roll of drums and the crispness of miHtary air. Cadet Lt. Colonel Bill Clinkenbeard and the Sponsor of the Thomas Jefferson Reserve Officer Training Corps Battalion, Miss Barbara Moser, were presented at Thomas Jefferson ' s seven- teenth annual Military Ball. Also presented were Cadet Major Clark Fobcs and his lady, Miss Marilyn Clementsen. The ball was held March 1, under the supervision of T. Sgt. E. G. Todd. Harry Schultz was announcer for the program. The Forty and Eight medals presented by Mr. Dorrance Mann to the outstand- ing sophomore; and to Cadet Sgt. Jack Watkins, junior. The Rotary Club academic perfection awards were presented by Harry Voss to Cadet Sgt. Jack Watkins, Cadet Pvt. Bernie Malone, Cadet Sgt. Jeriy Murray, and Cadet 2nd Lt. Jack Cook. Capt. Ulysses S. Willis, Professor of Military Science and Tactics, presented the rifle team certifi- cates to the following cadets: 2nd Lt. Kenneth Dud- ley, Sgt. Don Taylor, Capt. James Munson, Pvt. Robert Turner, Staff Sgt. Robert Newberg, Sgt. Terry Newsome, Sgt. Earl Eilts, and Capt. Vernon Nelson. Following the program, the remainder of the evening was spent in dancing, accom.panied by the music of Ray Backman and his orchestra. Technical Sergeant E. G. Todd Instructor of military science j . o. D. a. Company A Jrd row: Mike Murphy, Bernie Malone, Glen Mcintosh, Duane Lake, Ivan Allen, Harold Brodahl, Jack Fairly, Jack Minicus, Richard Mullen, Robert Reed, Don James and Arthur Bates. 2nd row: Leonard Schrieber, Jack Madison, Henry Boege, Henry Carmichael, Joy Watson, John Respeliers, Gaylord iRich, Frank Fillebeck, Jim Tolne, Don Peterson, Dick Easton, and Don Ryan. Seated: Carleton Burkhart, Roy Adams, John Schneckloth, Pete Larsen, Norman Knott, Jack Watkins, Jim Munson, Leonard Boggs, iLowell Cook, Clarence Smclser, John Rau and Gene Ford. Company B Jrd row: Kay Keldgore, Bob Sharrod, Randal Cawpeppcr, John Larsen, Edward Smith, Rollie White, Boh Miller, Charles Smith, Harold Hibbs and Bill Connell. 2nd row: David Woolly, Jack O ' Dcll, Lloyd Carle, Bot Aten, Jack McTwiggcn, Joe Elonich, Tom Lennihan, Roy Smith and Merill Gillette. Seated: Edwin Lane, Eugene Lauver, Lawrence Gilson, Vernon Nelson, Gordon Foutch, Gary Dodge, Jack Cook, Bruce Shrader and Earl Eilts. . (D. 17. e. Company C 3rd row: John Lindstrom, Bob Webster, Bill Stingle, Bill Smith, Calvin Lehmer, Don Cowles, Donovon Volpp, Floyd Draper, Don Perrine, Louis Nelson, Warren Jensen and Ernie Gray. || | :nd row: Frank Hawkins, Nick Cabellero, Donald Flanagan, Don Cogley, Ronald Vogt, Clifford Ellis, Dick Johnson, Bob McCargue, Leonard Musgrove, Alan Heath. Charles Deterding and Reginald Jolliff. Seated: Bill Proctor, Daryl Doner, Charles O ' Brien, Bob Newberg, Bill Clinkenbeard, Edward Johnson, Lindy Solon, Bob Lee, Kenneth ' Dudley, George Kull, Wendell Sherwin, Dick Damon and Bob Robertson. ■%I JL H,.J| li I Company D ' 3(1 3rd row: Robert Ahart, Joe Ferrill, Richard Mattox, Bob Smith, Clifford Ridenour, Jerry Murray, Morrey Palmer, Clifford Danniel, John Williams, Ernest Jensen. 2nd row: Kenneth Butler, Burton Hager, David Torres, Leland Munson, Jack Mowery, Duane Sage, Clarence Montgomery, Don Henry, David Waugh, Sherman Stark, Dale Davis, Bob Reed. Seated: Jerry Duggan, Bill McGruder, John Greenlee, Clark Fobes, Bob Wennihan, Kenneth Hagerman, Jerry Hakenson, Ted Gregory, Bill Curran, and Terry Nujum. fl lonticELLo Marilyn Clenicntscn Editor Bill Clinkenbcard Business Manager Top row: Norma Dollen, Administration Editor: Jo Ann Peterson, Academics Editor; Eleanor Johnson, Activities Editor; Marilyn Lawless, Girls ' Athletics Editor; Clark Fobes, Boys ' Athletics Editor. ' Bottom row: Jean Adamson, Assistant Activities ' Editor; Marjorie Marcum, Assistant Academics Editor; Barbara Moscr, Assistant Activities Editor; Janis Hoffeins, Assistant Girls " Ath- letics Editor; Gordon Foutch, Assistant Boys " Athletics Editor, i Typists: Normalec Spicer, Donna Rannc, Pearl Lidgaard Photographers: Norman Knott, Jack Watkins, Keith Chambers Artists: Lorraine Phelps, La Ree Phelps z 4 L fj (1 Page 60 gixL ' ALtic Miss Laurcntja Edwards Miss Laurentza Edwards with her winning smile has made a hit during her first year with the Thomas Jefferson girls. Under her guidance the gym classes have taken part in a variety of athletic projects this year including basket ball, volley ball, badminton, soft ball, t.ible tennis, deck tennis, hand ball, dancing, exercises, and marching. They have had special in- struction concerning posture and health problems. Below is a picture of a typical gym class. Page 61 . c . lOtt, 3cverly Murfjan. Jackie Larjcn, 3rd row: Norma Cain, Vergene Gearhart, Dclorc5 Mammy j Charlene Cooncy. Doris Fillebeck, Billie Jo Chapin. ind row: Jams Milne, Leitha Rau, Margaret Nelson, Dorothy Schultn, Betty Mills, Pat McCabe, Margaret Morgan, Eva Little, Ilene Fitz. 1st row: Joan Gallagher, Eniogene Mahan, Marilyn Lawless, Miss Edwards, Janis Hoffeins, Dorothy Lorenzen, Mary Filkins, Joan Warden. The G. A. A., sponsored by Miss Laurentza Edwards, has takLii p.irt in various outside-of-school activities this year as well as the usual school sports. Among these activities were potluck suppers, parties, hikes, picnics, swimming, and howling. OFFICERS Marilyn Lawless President Janis Hoffeins janis Hoffeins Vice-President Margaret Morgan Dorothy Lorenzon Sec.-Trcas Margaret Nelson Marie Walters Sgt.-at-Arms Doris Fillebeck The four girls pictured below have each earned over 1000 points for which they received the Iowa State Athletic Association pin. Marilyn Lawless Janis Hoffeins Betty Mills Dorothy Lorenzen Page 62 £P£ i Ur 4th row: Maxine Alt, Barbara Moser, Gerry Pcrrine, Joan Woods, Nancy Ogren, Sally Cottmire, Delores Cook, Roberta Grosvenor, Margaret Nelson, Ruth Jensen, Joan Jcwett, Lorraine Nelson, Marilyn Clementsen, Sally Boycr, Jackie Knowles, Jackie Kern, Janet Beyer, Pat Holiday, Ruth Kaufman. 3rd row: Doris Anthony, Marlene Frye, Pat Peterson, Normalee Spicer, Eleanor Johnson, Virginia Alspaugh, Ella Mae Knauss, Juanita Chiles, Billie Sisson, Lila Flannagan, Barbara Van Horn, Doris Brown, Marilyn Shafer, Pat McCabc, Jackie Johnson, Jeaneanne Frye, Darlenc Simons, Carolyn Solon, Marjorie Gorn, Annette Jewett, Joan Lindsay, Maude Ewing, Evelyn Mahan. 2nd row: Margaret Morgan, Frances Rooney, Peggy Palmer, Delores Michaels, Phyliss Haynes, Madelyn Roper, Joan Humphrey, Barbara Mogenson, Mrs. Bowman, Barbara McManimie, Ilene Gibler, Sybil Schneckloth, Shirley Johnson, Lorraine Phelps, La Ree Phelps. 1st row: Dorothy Yeatman, Doreen Davenport, Florence Kinart, Joan Head, Joyce Head, Pat Reams, Carol Dawson, Joan Brown. The Pep Club sponsored by Mrs. Leslie Bowman and Miss Dorothy Gienger, is one of the newest organizations of the school. Its purpose is to promote school spirit and aid the cheer leaders in the various yells at the games. The different activities promoted by this group have been a vice-versa dance, new yells, participation in the Road Show and a Mother-Daughter banquet. OFFICERS Jeanninc Frye President Eleanor Johnson Barbara Mogenson Vice-President Barbara Van Horn Pat McCabe Secretary Delores Michaels Obtiva Pickering Treasurer Normalee Spicer Betty Clinkenbeard Sgt.-at-Arms Sally Cottmire The cheer leaders led the cheering sections inscveral new yells. Mrs. Leslie Bowman also spon- sored the cheer leaders. OFFICERS Florence Kinart President Joan Head Vice President Joyce Head Sec.-Treas. Page 63 JdoijfL czrfi ril- tiai Coach Stculkc Coe College Physical Training Page 64 xaduaUncj . azLOti Bob Lee Guard Gordon Foutcii Halfback Clark Fobes Tackle Bob Wennihan End Bill Clinkenbeard Manager Harold Hibbs Tackle Vernon Nelson Tackle Keith Meyer Quarterback Dick Meidlinger Guard In spite of the loss of eight Icttcrmen Coach Gaylord Stculkc should have a power house with nine vets and many more promising second-tcamers. Page 65 ::if s.tuxnina Bernie Malone Junior Halfback Jack Cook Junior Fullback Ray Burfcey junior Halfback Strengthened by the return of eight lettermen, the young yel- lowjacket gridsters won five, tied one, and lost two games. The vic- tories were over Missouri Valley, Logan, North, Benson and the Abe Lynx. The first game with A. L. ended in a scoreless tie, but the Jeffs struck hard the second time to defeat the hill toppers 12 to 0. The Jeff eleven ' s losses were to Boys ' Town and Central High. Known for their offensive pow er the Stuelke men exhibited their ability when they met Boys ' Town. Although defeated, Tee Jay was known as the team which scored twice as many points on the Boys ' Town team than any Lindy Solon Junior Halfback Chuck O ' Brien Junior Center X tu xniai other high school eleven in the u. s. The Yellowjiiekets also exhibit- ed great offensive power in hold- ing Benson twice inside their own four yard line, but rose to their peak when they limited A. L. to .1 total of 36 yards gained. Gary Dodge Junior Center Tee Jay 12 Scores Missouri Valley Bob Pettit Junior End Tee Jay 21 Logan Tee Jay 26 Omaha North 12 Tee Jay Abe Lyn.x Tee Jay 7 Tee Jay 19 Benson 6 Boys ' Town 37 Tee Jay 12 Abe Lynx Tee Jay 6 Omaha Central 12 Jerry Snyder Junior Guard Mark Cook Sophomore Manager John Schneckloth Junior End Sai4 Ba[[ Back row: Dick Damon, Clark Fobes, John Schneckloth, Jack Cook, Bob Wennihan, Robert Lee. Front row: Bob Pettit, Lyle Harrington, Marvin Liddcll, Bernie Malone, Ray Burkey, Jack Fields. Not shown is Lindy Solon. Lacking height and any kind of luck, the Jeffs pulled through the current sea- son with a 10 loss-8 win record. The team fought to the finals in the district tourna- ment spilling Glenwood 33-32 and losing to A. L. in a 39-22 thriller. In the annual classic the Yellowjackets galloppcd by the alumni 62-45. They also won from I. S. D., St. Francis, Malvern, Clarinda, Glenwood, Logan; all of them close games. None of the basketeers seemed to be able to find the hoop this year, except Bernie Malone and diminutive Lyle Harrington. These two combined with lanky Bob Pettit who did most of the rebounding. Jack Cook, Dick Damon, Clark Fobes, Marvin Liddell, Lindy Solon, John Schneckloth, Ray Burkey, and Bob Lee seemed unable to stop Benson, A. L., North, Creighton ' s Junior Jays, Harlan, St. Joseph, Boy ' s Town, and Missouri Valley. Page 68 aJz t Baft S. COZZl Basketball Scores Tee Jay 12 Benson 46 Tee Jay 46 Malvern 33 Tee Jay 30 1. S. D. 23 Tee Jay 33 Clarinda 31 Tee Jay 20 Abe Lynx 43 Tee Jay 41 North 57 Tee Jay 24 Logan 21 Tee Jay 24 Prep 55 Tee Jay 28 Harlan 45 Tee Jay 35 Abe Lynx 54 Tee Jay 38 L S. D. 29 Tee Jay 31 Boys " Town 48 Tee Jay 29 Glenwood 24 Tee Jay 31 St. Francis 22 Tee Jay 37 . .Missouri V.illey 54 Tee Jay 35 St. Joseph 38 Tee Jay 32 Glenwood 31 Tee Jay 22 Abe Lynx 39 Page 69 J £,tt£XfiiEn C liib 3rd row: Jerry Snyder, Bill Clinkenheard, Bernie Malonc, Bill Smith, Charles O ' Brien, Ray Burkey, Gary Dodge, Bruce Shrader, Gaylord Rich. 2nd row: Dick Damon, Don James, Vernon Nelson, Jack Cook, Bob Pettit, John Schneckloth, Harold Hibbs, Gordon Foutch, Dick Meidlinger, Coach Steulke. 1st row: Bill Copeland, Boh Wennihan, Paul Greenlee, Bob Lee, Lindy Solon, Harold Adams, Clark Fobes, Joe Nalty, Jerry Duggan, Dick Lewis. The Lctterman ' s club was composed of boys who were interested in athletics and who had won their letters in one or more of the school ' s four major sports. Mr. Gaylord Steulke, physical education instructor was the groups sponsor. The annual football banquet for members and their fathers was held after the season ' s closing and letters were presented to members of the respective teams. Coach " Skip " Palrang was the speaker and several of his Boys ' Town athletes were guests. Washington grade school won the trophy given by the club to the best basket- ball team in the class B standing. This award was given to promote the grade school sports. As a part of this program, the lettermen coached the grade school basketball teams. The interpretation of " The Easter Parade " by the group was a highlight of the ' 4fi Senior road show. Their annual picnic was held in May to initiate new lettermen. Bob Lcc President Bob Wennihan Vice-President Dick Meidlinger Sec.-Trcas. Jerry Snyder Sgt. of Arms Page 70 Ql iEitfing Gaylord Rich Junior 105 lbs. Bill Smith Junior 118 lbs. Under the instruetion of Orvillc Orr, Thomas Jefferson wrestlers went unde- feated during the 1945-1946 season to regain the intercity wrestHng title. The Jeff grapplers twice defeated Abraham Lincoln, South, and Tech, by an easy margin, and upset Omaha Central in two thrillers. Orr ' s boys also turned back East and North Des Moines in a dual meet, and again defeated them in the District Meet. Tee Jay took an easy first in this meet, winning eight firsts out of a possible ten. Traveling to Clarion for the Iowa State Wrestling Meet the aggressive matmen won a sixth place. Dick Lewis 95 lb. class and Bill Smith 123 lb. class scored the points when they both took a hard earned second. Winning the coveted Geppert Trophy, which is presented to the most valuable wrestler of the year was the climax of Dick Meidlinger ' s wrestling career in T. J. The Orr Trophy, the one presented by Coach Orr to the wrestler winning the most points during the mat season, went to Dick Lewis for the second consecutive year. Page 71 Darrel Bellows Sophomore 83 lbs. Dick Lewis Junior 93 Ihs. Scores Tee Jay 23 Tech 19 Tee Jay 33 South 9 Tee Jay 2J Ce-itial 17 Tee Jay 37 . .Dcs Moines East 3 Tee Jay 29 Dcs Moines North 13 Walt Furler Junior 112 lbs. Sherman Stark Junior 118 lbs. Bill Connell Junior 130 lbs. Lowell Cook Junior 105 lbs. Dick Meidlinger Senior 136 lbs. Scores Tee Jay ? 3 South 6 Tee Jay 36 Tech 6 Tee Jay 29 A. L. 20 Tee Jay 25 Central 20 Tee Jay 33 A. L. 9 Don Ryan Junior 145 lbs. Gordon Foutch Senior 155 lbs. Louis Hackbart Junior Manager Vernon Nelson Jerry Snyder Senior Junior Heavyweight 145 lbs. cziiQnaL 4th row: Marilyn Clementsen, Una Hotchkiss. 3rd row: Eleanor Johnson, Lindy Solon, Gary Dodge, Jo Ann Peterson. 2nd row: Edward Johnson, Margaret Betts, Evelyn Schicketanz, Dagmar Everts. 1st row: Fan Hunt, Phyllis Peterson, Lila Flanagan, Gerry Feekin, Roberta Grosvenor, Maude Ewing, Ilene Bright, Pat Cato, Joan Wood, Joan Walker, Marita Jensen, Frances Askin, Bonnie Collins, Ovela Treon, Gerald Feblowitj, Gerry Larson. The Signal, weekly newspaper of the school, is eagerly awaited hy both students and faculty every Friday afternoon during the sixth period. Miss Hazel Miller, journalism and English instructor, supervises production of the Signal and Mr. Albert Schawbe, printing instructor is faculty advisor for the printing of each issue as it is printed in the Thomas Jefferson print shop. The staff was as follows: Managing Editors: Marilyn Clementsen, Una Hotchkiss, Joan Wood. Managing Editors: Elain Moss, Frances Asikin, Maude Ewing. News Editors: Jo Ann Peterson, oan Walker, Bonnie Collins. Society Editor: Eleanor Johnson. Sports Editors: Lindy Solon, Gary Dodge, Gerald Feblowitz. Business Managers: Edward Johnson, Margaret Betts. Advertising Managers: Ovela Treon, Betty Wakehousc. Make-up and Press work staff: Jerry Snyder, Don Nusser, Reginald Jolliff, Lawerence Gilson, Steve O ' Bradovich. Proof Readers: Evelyn Schicketanz, Dagmar Everts. 0 14 Paij " JrikiU ' , 1 Charlie H. O ' DcU Gordon Klefman Keith F. Ghze Dale W. Williams Lester M. Larsen Paul Bach Jack Siddens Eugene Andersen Dale G. Ellsworth Elwood Garrean John H. Fields Clyde Knapp Donald McCauley Paul Ingalls Lynn L Springer Leland J. Evers Albert T. Collett Russel E. Troth August William Davis William Anderson Harry A. Sluyter Harlan Fisher Robert S. Evans Bruce Wright Tom E. Leach David R. Keltncr Kenneth C. Berry Glenn Vernon Kenneth Plummer William A. Humes Waldo " Ted " Adams Garrett A. Walling Harold R. Rockwell James H. Grose William O ' Connor Robert Schuelzky Wayne Wold Harold Hartwig Jack A. McCormick Charles Emerson Gearld D. Steward Maurice Chancelor James D. Anderson George E. Bergman Walter A. Moore Darwin Christensen James Friend Don Supernois Dale E. Gustafson Robin G. Connelly C. " Bob " Hough Elmer Chancellor Eugene Mueller William Garner Page 75 Owl Grocery Everything for the Table Broadway at Seventh Street Dr. John S. McVitty OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined - Glasses That Fit 408-410 West Broadway Phone 6752 Congratulations To The Senior Class J. C. Penney Co. Congratulations to Class of 1946 Wi igwam orocery Gn For Paint and Wallpaper SEE Sherwin Williams 349 West Broadway Phone 3-2144 T= Schoentgen Co. Wholesale Groceries, Fruits 8C Vegetables 9th Street 8C Broadway Congratulations And Best Wishes To The Class of ' 46 Connolly Drug Stores Liberty Shoe Shop 539 West Broadway Council Bluffs, Iowa Shoes Repaired While (iu Wait or Shop E. O. Bcvill C. M. Chiles Hat Cleaning and Shoe Shop Butler Sales Co. Sales 8C Service JOHN DEERE Full Line of Farmer Equipment and Parts 600 East Broadway Sulley Motor Company BUICK Sales and Service Telephones 6667 and 6668 126 East Broadway Council Bluffs, Iowa Southwest Iowa ' s Automotive Merchant Hughes Motor Company Chevrolet Oldsmobile 153 West Broadway Lincoln Highway Garage PONTIAC AND PACKARD Sales and Service Carl M, Ruber Prop. Phone 569 11 1-1 17 West Broadway Council Bluffs, Iowa Congratulations and Sincere Best Wishes Erskine Motors Dodge - Plymouth Dealers West Broadway at 8th Phone 7472 Chieftain Motor Sales Milc5 of Smiles in The New Studcbaker W. F. Robinson 329 West Broadway Council Bluffs, Iowa Dial 7372 MARKEL MOTORS Authorized Dealer MERCURY LINCOLN S lies - Service 12-24 Fourth Street COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA Butler Sales Co. 600-610 East Broadway Council Bluffs, la. Phones 7626-7344 Compliments Iowa Jewelry Co. The Ole Rasmussen Co. Diamonds, Watches And High Grade Jewelry 347 Broadway Everything Guaranteed Council Bluffs, Iowa 204 West Broadway Couneil Bluffs, Iowa Kconomy Market Groceries CongratuLitions To The Graduating Class of 1946 and Meats Paul Di Bono Shoe Shop 416 South 21st Street 506 South 21st Street Phone .1557 Free Delivery Wc feature La Mae Weld Invesible Soling Method Congratulations To eaeh member of this graduating elass For Attaining Suceessfully Another Milestone in Life G. CROWL COMPANY Real Estate, Loans, Insurance All Kinds Broadway Theater Building CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 BALLENGER .Automotive Service. Rogers Jewelry Jewelers and Opticians Watches - Diamonds - Costume Jewelry LITTLE GIANT CHICKS There is a Difference! Council Bluffs Hafchery 9th fe? Broadway Congratulations Class of 1946 Kuhn ' s Studio Congratulations To Class of 1946 Wholesale Auto Co. Home of the Hudson 1800 West Broadway Phone 3-0632 Congratulations To The 1946 Senior Class R. S. Shoe Store Best Wishes To Class of 1946 KEENAN GLASS PAINT COMPANY WASH DAY At The Jones " is Simple She Uses BROADWAY ' S Laundry Service - It Costs So Little - You Feel So Fresh NO WASH DAY - NO IRONING Just Dial 3544 And Our Route Man Will Carry on From There P. S. Don ' t Forget To Send Your Dry Cleaning Broadway Cleaners-Laundry 125 West Broadway Phone 5544 Make Our Store Your Headquarters For Quality Footwear fe? Hosiery Council Bluffs " Truly Modern Shoe Store Brown ' s Shoe Fit Co. 413 West Broadway Compliments to the Class of 46 B E N O ' Soulliwestern Iowa ' s Oldest and Largest Department Store Wc Have Served The People of Council Bluffs And its Trading Area For more than 25 years E marines 7 ' ' a Printers - Stationers Broadway at Scott - Phone 2864 Congratulations Class of 1946 Furniture Radios - Stoves Refrigerators - Rugs Swanson Furniture Go. " Everything For The Home 342 West Broadway Phone 3-1212 The Iowa Clothes Invites You at Any Time to See The Latest Styles in Sport and Dress Wear See Us First and Last Everything Available From Head to Toe IOWA CLOTHES SHOP 536-38 WEST BROADWAY COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA S. S. Kresge Co. LLOYD ' S HATCHERIES High Quality Chicks Hatcheries at Council Bluffs 506 East Broadway Council Bluffs, Iowa Gifts For Every Occasion Let Us Help You Make Your Selection Chaffee Watch Shop 16 Pearl Street Phone 7812 Congratulations to the 1946 Senior Class Ellis Typesetting Co. CDNGRATULATIDNS On The Successful Completion Of This Phase of Your Life ' s Journey. May The Road To Your Future Be Always Smooth. U. S. Tires Will Give You Better And Longer Service Whether The Road is Smooth or Rough See Your U. S. Dealer At U. S. TIRE SERVICE 15 Fourth Street Phone 7321 Council Bluffs, Iowa . . Cogley Clinic. . J. p. Cogley, M.D. C. V. Edwardf, M.D. E. B. Floersch, M.D. A. C. Brown, M.D. L. R. Martin, M.D. Aileen E. Mathiascn, M.D. W. O. Griffith, M.D. Bennett Building Council Bluffs, Iowa Compliments to the Class of ' 46 Council Bluffs Clinic You ' ll Find ■What You Want ' V hen You Want It At The Right Price At The Peoples ' Department Store BROADWAY AT BRYANT COUNCIL BLUFFS. IOWA .Con well Grocery. 2424 West Broadway • Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1946 SKATING Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Party Nights Monday and Wednesday Peterson Roller Rink 2900 West Broadway Phon 9873 Expert Car Repairing and Service Gas, Oil and Lubrication CONGRATULATIONS .Fred R.$tiaw Flower Shop.. 18 Pearl Phone 7355 COMPLIMENTS NONPAREIL PHOTO-ENGRAVING CO. Congratulations to Class of 1946 o r fl Quaker Bakinp Co. AINSWORTH PRINTING . COMPANY «H{4- h 4- l- t-»Ji- »- - -t- H»5H5 H5 ■ •- • " • ♦ Mjl- i- t- We Print Everything I Complete Line Office Furniture |: i and Office Supplies % ♦ t COOK CAREEUL CLEANERS 303 West Broadway Phone 6636 C. E. BAIRD JEWELRY Dependnble Jewelers 8 Scott Street Telephone 4936 We Congratulate The Class Of ' 46 We Wish You the Fullest Measure of Success. May Health and Happiness Al- ways Be Yours Younkmn M Co. The House of Quality Better Crops From Better Seeds 53 Faithful Years Service Your Friend And Ours The Farmer F. J. Cunningham Groceries And Meats Phone 7763 100 West Broadway Compliments Of a Friend If It ' s For The Home And Runs By Electricity — We Have It To Sell The Music Shop Open 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. - ' For Quality Lumber - Coal And Hardware of All Kinds See Farmers Lumber Coal Co. Phone 4091 318 East Broadway Best Wishes from an Alumnus Schuter Grocery Co. 2101 Avenue C 3-0015 Ne son Grocery Co. GROCERIES AND MEATS Dial 7743 232 West Broadway Laustrup Music Co. COUNCIL BLUFFS ' HOME OWNED MUSIC STORE J. 8. Electric Company Everything Electrical E. M. Pat Jensen Harry W. Schultz 41 North Main Street, Council Bluffs, la. Telephone 7261 LANE ' S CAFE Steaks - Sandwiches Soups - Dinners - And Breakfast Items Served At All Hours Drive In Parking 2 20 East 2608 West Broadway Broadway Phone 9940 Phone 883 3 Damon ' s Food Store If it ' s good to eat we hav e it Phone 7797 PHDTDGRAPHIC WDRK IN THIS ANNUAL BY 622 WEST BADADWAY PHONE 536B CONGRA TULA TIONS TO THE Class of ' 46 Community Homes, Inc. BRUCE BAKER NEIL DURICK drfutoaiab-ni . z iitoa xahni I L

Suggestions in the Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) collection:

Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Council Bluffs, IA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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