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Qgffp kv 311. Fpfy 164, , X: v. gg, c wwl: I CA, Q. ' Ml' Xl. I ifkg , "SQ YS! l X ' . my .M - , l ll, , , . ,N L N ,A . J ,V 2 1 ' ' Q11 n if ' 1 R KQQ1 Q- -X 3-XQIZ, .fx xx ,XA XXV. 5- X C .xg X V.,--,RQ Ei ix X-il' X X J in--NI 'XX ' , X - -I . wa J I - 1 . . -- ,X CHX I MIN f kj lf. T, . ' I K., X. YN, +. X '- I 'P lf-f li II fm- - . QQ- A 3. f, J - V . W- ' ' I 1 ,. .fr XY gif. fS"5'xX N XT" I , ' wi, V Qkfff I Xxx V Xxx k X j.,, .Y -kk' X , P 969 VOLUME 10 , ,, A ,, My 5 L ji 9 ' 1- LV WEST JEFFERSON HILLS SCHOOL DISTRICT 4 ,V QV f' ,Q ', 1 1, , .r West Elizabeth Q, V " E ! ' U' 7 "VB 'I Jefferson Borough L if " JL, f Jyvfffbi L f L12 5 L Pleasant Hills ,, Lf,f f fi. . L R11 "ALI-1 f - ww- ' I 7941" 4-Lf 3,1fL:l, ,ff 4. N Q,,x,Ly 4 Mu fl . , v x I I if '-VJ, I VI , S ll., . 1 ,ff M M5 ,ff PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA 15236 gf-if -141, TABLE OF CONTENTS Forword -ll,.llfjlC. OKI: .XC 4 ADMINISTRATION at FACULTY C111 X. X . Qt . . s School Board ................................ 10 Administration .............................. 1 1 High School Staffllk'l'lQ .... . finil. tb.. 12 Guidance, Nurse, Secretariesvlfl fill, ...... 13 Clerical Staff .lfICl,b'iVr . 14 Maintenance, Cafeteria tflftfql' . . 6,.lLA.LlCfJfn-15 Science . . .Cl . .Clfl .lcd . . .. 16 Mathematics ,............,.................. 19 Engiish 1135 ft.. .watt . . . .i1k.U1.tCxlx. . . 22 social Studies QQ1ZiiIiA. .WI . .L5CLLlC.l1'1C0Q. . 25 Languages .................................. 28 Library XYHCB. . LlC1ll . . ..,, 30 Special Areas .................. H ............ 31 Steel Valley ........... .... 1 'tl . . . 33 Fine Arts .... ..... ' Mg. . 34 Practical Arts . . . ...... . . . . 36 Business ........ .......... 3 8 Gym ..,......... ........ 4 0 Faculty Directory .... .... 4 2 ATHLETICS ...... .... 4 4 Football ......... .... 4 6 Football Banquet .... .... 5 3 Cross Country ..... .... 5 4 Basketball ........ . .......................,. 5 6 Wrestling ................................... 60 f. 1 1. my Track ......... , ...................... 1 .... 64 Go1fKl'fil'. .ivggxlg , Mtggtio. .1tlllQll'Yl3iJY. . . 66 Tennis QYQ. jf? J . . . 67 Cheerleading .X. .'fDllfl?l,?ffijlfl. Qllff. . . 68 ACTIVITIES ....................,........... 70 Junior Class Play .....,........... ........ 7 2 Dances ..........,.......................... 74 Christmas Semi-Formal, ..... , ..................- . 75 Donkey Basketball Qlldslalli Student Faculty Game . Senior Class Play ....... A ..... I ................ 78 Sophomore Carnival IQ . N .C1QC?OiYlf8U Prom .lxfiaft . QlQl'L3l xl. 5. .C Nfl. . ClLXl,l.1'82 Student Council ............................. 86 Statesman .... . . .... 88 Monticello .,.... .... 8 9 Forensics ......... .... 9 0 Student Librarians . . . . . . 91 Coin Club ...... .... 9 1 Key Club .... .... 9 2 Pep Club ..... .... 9 4 Varsity Club . . . . . . 96 JT's ...... . . . 97 F.T.A. ..... . . . 98 Usher's Club . . .n . . . 98 Art Club .......................... 99 F.S.A. ........................... 99 ,i gg ALMA IVIATER Now our high school we are praising With our hearts so true. Black and gold our banners waving Loyal e're to you! Moulder of our lives to come, Mentor of our youth. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, Thomas Jefferson. "Time it was, And what a time it was . . . Crystallized on these pages are our times . . . iw-fx. TQ Que Qi' Mu. vueeslv falvls 'K v6 evfv Mft, Qfavucvubfv Xi-like dtgcvxcfs We wazevlf +o,uMcK,, all HM. NXXAQV. dv-ifcur WQQA, lfefwieg we had Ls. uvcfi xuwvmev uctdx '-sw-'QB QQ-X Q? Jvvooble, R M211 f EJXQD ' 72 L',,.,-.wry-5 ,---- Our quick rush from bus to building, and back again. And the laughter at climbing out the back of the bus during fire drills .. . and always falling. iffb if QP DLLLGIJ 1 ' Q P QQ!! Deg I OULQ. WAI Ot? W UL e Our work and ever-increasing hope that we would be the greatest. And the exuberant gladness at triumph in the Big Ten. 5 1 'VV Our fears knotting Within us, and the unwinding as we found nothing to fear. But still we worried and wondered over the right answer. , V . L, , VJ X I H , F' ' '11 ' md? of , J LJ, V ,vp Q e 1.4 1 4, KJ ' ' sv" , X f Vw ,Lf X, K. V , ' 'Q -1' . L, A V ' Fx V , Q' J , pVVI"x.' ,V U v w. 'xy ,X . H, ' W ' ' xi' I rf' U -,tif J ,L-D Xt :vu , 1511 V 3 l V .- x 2 5, . . L .X A - fl' Xe., .AN pf VV , of V E, ' , W xx ,V ,V X. Our small anguishes as we hurried to meet a Statesman deadline, or to choose just the right picture for Monticello, or to prop up columns "Gone With the Wind." Our larger sorrows, not within ourselves, but in our paradoxical World . . . John Fitzgerald Kennedy Martin Luther King Robert Frances Kennedy. 6 And always our learning, inside and outside the classroom as We discovered our world, its problems and its infinite possibilities . . Iwi A 5' 4 R 1 . W,....-M r ' QL-'gf 4 Tl' Xpbr 'Wg 'ug i KY '-6 1,-.6 Cf h MV? 'e"'q A -eylfvx Q 8 ,. ADMINISTRATION 2 Tj ANDM0, 1 1 QL 5 I FACULTY . f N is 'S I W4 Q , , L5 i. K'.f:K-Q2 .frm T ' my 1 s 3 R J. ' 3 N. K K gf-P A- ks, ! ' 5: . . . 1, k I . , - X ' sf 'W 1' ' A - x , , ,P R Q, .... rg .il C g ,., Wy Y iv f- ' s ei 'S if. , f ' 2? l ' as ft ci 5' 'wx C' Lf-505 H Y, r . x "f 1 'f 4 1 . '+A L - V, ' , ' 4, '1 , , . I , A J W fm- V I ,. ,' 1 g 'xf , . V 1 1 ' 1 . I ' 9 , 1 , 4 XJ 1 Q W 2 Hq 3 C L41 ,Ay ' pg ' 1 'f r " tx" f X N ,1 1 , f ' 1 K. NXCY' LV L. SCHGOL BOARD Mr. Clifford A. Barton, Mr. James Kemp, Mr. John Miller, Mr. Lloyd Fuge, Mr. Clarence Sutton President Vice-President Secretaryg Clerk, Solicitor School Authority Mr. Allan C. Sanderson Mr. Robert Lindsay Mr. Michael Korposh Mr. Robert Furlong Dr. Walton Forstall SCHUUL AUTHORITY Left to Right: Mr. Harry Miller, Chairmang Mr. Bruce Noordhoff, Vice-Chairmang Mr. John Yogan, Secretaryg Mr. Walter Bowmang Treas- urerg Mr. Charles Duke, Clerk. 10 ADMINISTRATION Dr. Joseph E. Shafley Samuel L. Bedogne Superintendent of Schools Administrative Assistant for Special Projects Robert W. Cronenweth Harry F. Kapouralos Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant for Curriculum for Business Affairs 11 HIGH SCHOOL STAFF Foster P. Rutter George P. Istvan, Principal Vice-Principal, District Attendance Officer James W. Roberts Rayrnond J. Kloock Vice-Principal Vice-Principal 12 GUIDANCE AND NURSE Ruth H. Manning Elizabeth Stimmel Dir6CIOr Of Gl1id21I1CC Counselor, Grades 10 and l l Counselor, Grade 12 ' W f""' ' 45 1552 Kr Jawa J? 32? ,pang George M. Bauman Mary Rhea Counselor, Grade 9 Nurse 13 I CLERICAL STAFF Virginia Purviance Gloria Webb Barbara McDevitt Margaret Miller Secretary to Principal Secretary to Secretary, Secretary to Office Manager Vice-Principals Guidance Office Superintendent Kathleen Fazzoni Carolyn Griffith Jean Danzey Secretary to Secretary to Mr. Bedogne Switch Board Operator Mr. Kapouralos Receptionist Doris Pugh Margaret Shafer Mrs. Loftus Jamee Neal Attendence Clerk Library Clerk Payroll Clerk Clerk in Guidance Office 14 V , c4,u,,ff, ,M . - it li Wiiffi f fig f , ffm fff4L4,,7'fffQK " 'ffie ,f4mf'f Q ffl 7 ,nf I I P, Geerge L. GieslSg Zf4f V 'i r . 1 Ma1ntenanceS f I X V v t . MAI mls! me CE fl llyl . i W 4 f ' A 11 V , f, ' 1 W ' A " " , -V X ' A ' W W N .. A 'W 9' I f 2? of -7:17, - 5' f 4 34 'f l W' , 1 M ,... 1. K g K .X I , H , . I fy " ,I J W i ' fy e W If g V W .A, W t at t l 4' , N ' L ,fx f W wg f try, . 51, ig 35 it W A at W 1 Row l: Mary Jane Goreker, Roxanne Culley, Ella Gulla, Margaret Trainer fManagerJ, Ann Johnson, Elizabeth Stiefuater, Francis Kislan. Row 2: Ma.ry Williams, Gladys Large, Jane Dreier, Helen Bauer, Nila Kampert, Margaret Brain, Helen Moses CSupervisorJ. Row 3: Loretta Roberts, Olive Shipp, Pearl Wise, Ann Lesofsky, Hazel lawrence, Margaret Harrigan, Mary Withers. 15 SCIENCE Kenneth Beal Psychology sure does stimulate the mind! The Sciences may truly be considered of greatest importance in our modern advancing world. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Physical Science classes at T.J. are equipping students of today to be the scientists of tomorrow. Lynn Stablein , Biology students investigate a culture of paramecium. 16 Morgan B. Hezlep Below: There can be no loahng in this tough Chemistry class. Robert H. Morgan John Rapchak Robert Similo 17 Ralph Arrigo Joseph Spadafore Above and Below: Through experi- mentation, students learn the fundamentals of chemistry. Lawrence Dalla Betta ROb61't BatCll6lOr Ronald Campbell 18 M THEM TICS Rudy Bruggeman Mathematics, along with the sciences, is a subject which is becoming increasingly more important in today's world. Students begin early in grade school to learn modern math, and progress through Algebra, Geometry and Calculus in high school. Each year the math studies become more complicated as T.J. students build their knowledge. 2 4 Q'-Q.. f .. . 1 1 ff 1 1 11 fzsrf 1. Q. 1 :1f'2?"3"r:, E I' 'S it -Q 11 new 14 XA: 39:4 'ZFX :sax Q3 . .gg '- -' ' . . Jvafifyi ffowrl -f fn'-1. Top left. "It's your problemg Fm only the teacherli' Above: Dave Hopkins points out the properties of a parallel- Arno Martello Ogram' Nancy Heisler 19 Dorothy Ghilani Lawrence Solomon ,fr 'if' , me . bf- Ahove: A jolly Mr. Solomon explains the joy of figuring out "Instant Insanity". Us that what those nice colored blocks are!?j Below: Hard at work in Algebra Class. Donna Supra 20 Above: Mr. Kolenc checks a student's home- work. Below: A bit of discussion with one's neighbor at the blackboard often solves the prob- lem. Barbara Scott 1 , 21 John Kolenc , . A X ji jf ,J Mary Shepler E GLISH No matter what career each student chooses to follow, he will soon discover that knowledge of proper English will benefit him. The stress on grammar and studies of famous literary works expand one's intellect and provide for inter- esting discussions. Marie Barone Shirley Hirsh 22 Jacqueline Myers f 1 1rg1n1a Shew .:sgc.,- Abovez Mr. Seabol, the students, choice! Below left: Mrs. Hansen smiles at the antics of students in her English class. f' i R A YZ? Penny Natale Beverly Hansen Michael Gersna Irene Gourley Acting out a Shakespeare play can be amusing. Edith Frola Thomas Petey AHH6 0,C0I1I10f 24 SOCIAL STUDIE Ernest Oskey , 5, if -M K, 'W ff Not even our expert teachers can know all the history that there is to learn. Each day something new develops in World affairs. We are learning these current events along with ancient Greek history, American history and European history. It seems that We do not always learn by the mistakes of our ancestors, but a knowledge of the past will, hopefully, lead us to peace in the future. Charles Bakewell Robert Frazier Michael Kolmski 25 Barbara Tussing Charles Jeffrey Lee Is economics that bad, Mr. Frazier? Taking notes? 26 Ainslee Hance Janet Bradley Chew-chew gum, there? An interested teacher makes interested students. Donald Jones 27 FOREIGN LANGUAGES Carolyn Vernet Not all of T.J.'s Foreign Language students will become international travellers or United Nations translators, but all of them are gaining a bit of culture. Through German, French, Latin, and Spanish classes we discover lands different from our owng besides, isn't it sort of nice to be able to pass the time of day in another language? Thomas Phillips Nicholas Mamula David Burdash K ,QA Florence Frazier """""., .1 -Nw 5 3 W fx fi! uri' 5 Anita Harper 1 Wx I as QM Warfff H L H -.. ,,.a--""""',w Marian Walters 1 ,, AV! ., TL T' 3. x M gb 5' 3 KJ X KX m TV' ' 'X 1 . M x. 29 A51 My fx, V SF' .1 N MM X9 LIBR RY It is often said that the strength of a nation de- pends on its books. Students discover this to be true at term paper time and during research periods when they make use of our library. Reading for relaxation is one other use of booksg literature educates and relaxes. Isabelle Duronio Above: "You can read it when I'm through and not before!" Below: Ser- ious studying, the mark of a good stu- dent. Louise DeWeese SPECIAL REAS Ruth Weingart Reading A awoewx, ,X S. 'SE-in-1 Mrs. Weingart creates a 'glivingroomn atmosphere in her reading classes. Nancy says, NI don't know what's so interesting up theref' Reading, Speech and Driver Education are three special areas which usually prove invaluable to students in everyday life. The abilities to speak and read well help keep us well informed as citizens, and every teenager knows the impor- tance of being able to drive a car. 'S' , James Seabol Speech Mr. Seabol cracks another joke. SPEECH AND DRIVER'S EDUCATION Steve Hopkins offers a gem to the sparkling discussion. Baptiste Manzini Driver's Education 32 l i l r OUR STEEL VALLEY STUDENTS .risk .- - Each year a small group of T.J. students attend Steel Valley Technical School, directed by Mr, John Duronio. These people study data processing hy- drolisis, marketing, diesel, instrumentation and elec- tronics technology. Steel Valley is a year program which grants certificates of achievement to its stu- dents and also assists in job placement. Left: Don Barca lends a helping hand. Top: "We leave our leather jackets on until they turn the heat up." Middle: John Caligurie and Dan Tillery seem to know what they're doing. Above: What a formidable looking monster! Rudy Kuchta Fl E RTS The Fine Arts Department is one curriculum in which students have great opportunity to express their emotions. The Ollllef may be H SCHIP- ture, the singing of the "Ave Maria" or "It,s Up to Us", or playing the clarinet in our Jaguar band, but participants in the Arts always find a great sense of accomplishment in having done something creative. Above: Chris Connelly poses beside a Prom pillar as his classmates create his image on paper. Below: A bit of togetherness in art class. l 34 William Wetzel Kathleen Crump Lefti S'The Maestro" conducts Girls' Glec in the HI-lallelujah Chorus". Right: Dave Mikolaj glances up from his artwork. Richard Hiller James Tucci 35 'I PRACTICAL ARTS Y: , K. ' Joseph Matteo Gee, this is a good show Above: Hey! You got more blocks than I did This is a tough one! 36 Mlchael Pratko Veerry interesting!! 1 .419 Martha Manspeaker The Practical Arts Department which consists of Industrial Arts and Home Economics, prepares the student for a more rewarding life. Whether sewing a skirt or making a table, this department teaches the students useful skills which may help him in his later life. Robert Currie 5' USINESS Evelyn Wilson Elinor Wilson Those students who have chosen business as their future career find T.Jfs Commercial faculty exceed- ingly competent. Courses in shorthand, accounting, bookkeeping and typing prepare students for the business world of tomorrow. They will meet their challenge as capable secretaries and businessmen. Patricia Patterson 38 Sarah Erskine NHHCY Hoffman Terry Paszkiewisz, Kathy Monahan and Lynn Black concentrate on developing typing speed. Ruth Headley Gus Schultz 39 HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Marlene Cummings T.J.'s Physical Education Department believes that physical fitness is of the utmost importance to mental stimulation. Field hockey, soccer, gymnastics, and those dreaded exercise periods all keep our stu- dents in shape. William Weir These "athletes', donlt appear to be very concerned with fitness. 40 Pauline Garden Richard Rosensteel Kenneth Clark Howard Crawford Mr. Roscnstcel explains the basics of soccer Coordination plus! A ff 57 41 FAC LTY DIRECTORY RALPH ARRIGO galifgrnia State Collegeg B.S.Ed.: Introductory Physical Science 9, Football Line UBC . CHARLESBAKEWELL California State College, B.S.Ed., World History 9, Government 12, Varsity Club Sponsor, Baseball Coach. MIES. MARIE BARONE University of Pittsburgh, A.B,g English III, Senior Red Cross ponsor. ROBERT BATCHELOR Pennsylvania State University, B.S., M.Ed.: Introductory Physical Science 9, Math Survey, Physics I, Sth Grade Football Coach, Volleyball Coach. GEORGE BAUMAN University of Pittsburgh, B.S., Un' 't f T M " ' ' Mid-5 gm and mth Grade Counselgrsrsi y o ennessee, .S.. Duquesne University, KENNETH BEAL California State College, B.S.Ed.g Physics I and II, Projectionists Club Junior Class Sponsor. ' SAMUEL BEDOGNE izggtzzrlnta State College, B.S., University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed., Administrative MRS. JANET BRADLEY Eastern Pilgrim College, Associate ' At C lif ' S - Hismlyvwond Cultures- in rs. a omia tate College, B.S., World RUDY BRUGGEMAN Thiel College, B.S., University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed,, Modern Trigonometry, Modern Analysis, College Algebra, Calculus, Senior Class Sponsor, Math Department Co-ordinator. DAVID BURDASH I6ehiglh University, B.A., Latin I, ll, Ill, IV, Language Club Sponsor, J,V. Baseball OIC . RONALD CAMPBELL California State College, B.S., Westminster College, M.Ed.g Biology I. KENNETH CLARK University of Pittsburgh. B.S., M.Ed,: History, Health, MRS. MARY LOU COLES Westminster College, B.A., University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed., English I, F.T.A. Sponsor. HOWARD CRAWFORD Loclt Haven State College, B.S.: Physical Education 9-12, American History ll, Varsity Wrestling Coach, 9th Grade Football Coach. ROBERT W. CRONENWETH University of Pittsburgh, A.B., M.Ed.: Assistant to Superintendent for Curriculum, Research, Planning, and Development. MRS. KATHLEEN CRUMP Hiram College, B.A., University of Pittsburgh,, Music Appreciation, Ensembles. MRS. MARLENE CUMMINGS University of Pittsburgh, B.S., M.Ed.: Physical Education 9-IZ, J,V. and Varsity Cheerleaders' Sponsor. JAMES CURRIE California State College, B.S.: Industrial Arts 9, Practical Drawing, J.V. Football Assistant Coach, Tennis Coach. LAWRENCE DALLA BETTA California State College, B.S.Ed.g Introductory Physical Science 9. MRS. LOUISE DEWEESE Grove City College, B.A.3 Librarian. MRS. ISABELLE DURONIO California State College, B.S., Duquesne University,, Librarian. MISS SARAH J. ERSKINE garnegie-Mellon University, B.S.: Typing, Clerical Ofice Practice, Secretarial Ofliee ractice, MRS. FLORENCE FRAZIER Mount Mercy College, B.A., French I, III, IV. ROBERT FRAZIER California State College, B.S., Columbia University, M.A., Economics 12. MISS EDITH FROLA Clarion State College, B.S.l English I, Freshman Cheerleaders' Sponsor, J. Teen's Sponsor, Junior Class Play Director. MRS. PAULINE GARDEN Slippery Rock State College, B.S,g Health 10, Gym 9 and 10. MICHAEL GERSNA California State College, B.S.Ed., English I and ll. MRS. DOROTHY GHILANI California State College, B.S.Ed., Duquesne University. M.A.: Algebra I, Il, Ushers Club Sponsor. MRS. IRENE GOURLEY University of Pennsylvania, Clarion State College, Pennsylvania State Universityg English I, TJ. Quill Sponsor. MRS. AINSLEE HANCE A , 1 Manhattanville College, B.A., Columbia University, M.A.: World History 9. MRS. BEVERLY HANSEN University of Minnesota, B.S.L English III, MRS. ANITA HARPER University of Delaware, B.A., German ll, lll, and IV. MRS. RUTH HEADLEY University of Pittsburgh, A.B., Carnegie-Mellon University, B.S.1 Government 12, Economics 12, Shorthand ll, Transcriptions. MRS. NANCY HEISLER University of Pittsburgh, B.S., Algebra I, Special Algebra Il, National Honor Society Sponsor. MORGAN HEZLEP California State College, B.S., University of New Hampshire, M.S.g Chemistry I, Honors Chemistry, A.P. Chemistry, F.S.A. Sponsor. RICHARD HILLER Carnegie-Mellon University, B, Fine Arts in Music, B. Fine Arts in Music Ed.: Music Theory and Composition, Senior Marching and Dance Bands Assistant Director. MRS. SHIRLEY HIRSH University of Pittsburgh, BA.: English III, Honors English Ill. I MRS. NANCY HOFFMAN Grove City College, B.S.1 Business English, Work Experience, Merchandising. GEORGE ISTVAN Duquesne University B.S.Ed., University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed., Vice Principal. DONALD JONES University of Pittsburgh, B.A.g World Cultures 10. HARRY F. KAPOURALOS Duquesne University.. B.S.g Business Manager. RAYMOND J. KLOOCK Califomia State College, B,S. Ed., Duquesne University, M.I-Id., Vice Principal. JOHN KOLENC California State College, B.S.l-1d.g Math 9, Algebra I, Freshman Class Advisor Freshman Basketball Coach Student Council Sponsor. MICHAEL KOPNSKI West Virginia University, B.S., M.A.1 American History ll, Freshman Football Coach, Track Coach. RUDY M. KUCHTA Edinboro State College, B.S., Pennsylvania State University, M.Ed.: Art Department Co-ordinator, Crafts 9-IZ, Art, Past and Present ll and 12, Statesman and Monticello Advisor. CHARLES J. LEE California State College, B.S.Ed.1Ameriean and World History. NICHOLAS MAMULA Duquesne University B.S., French I and II. MRS. RUTH H. MANNING University of Pittsburgh B.A., M.Ed.: Director of Guidance. Counselor 12, MRS. MARTHA MANSPEAKER Indiana University, University of Wisconsin, Duquesne University, B.S.: Home Economics 9-12, F.H.A. Sponsor. BAYTISTE MANZINI St. Vincent College: Driver Theory and Practice, Head Football Coach. ARNO MARTELLO University of Pittsburgh, B.S., M.Ed.1 Geometry, Special Geometry, Algebra Il, Sophomore Class Sponsor. JOSEPH MATTEO California State College, B,S.Ed.: Technical Drawing, Golf Coach, Industrial Arts Co-ordinator. ROBERT MORGAN California State College, B.S.Ed., Springfield College, M.Ed.:Chemistry I, Director of Activities. Key Club Advisor. MRS. .IACQUELINE MYERS Camegie-Mellon University, B.S.g English IV, Pep Club 9-12 Sponsor. MRS. PENNY NATALE Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.S., English ll, Honors English Il, English IV, Senior Class Play Director, MISS ANNE 0'CONNOR Mount Union College, B,A.3 English II, Pep t'lub Sponsor. ERNEST W. OSKEY i - California State College, B.S.Ed., Carnegie-Mellon University, M,A,. American History, A,P. American History, A.P. European History. MRS. PATRICIA PATTERSON Indiana University ol' Pennsylvania. B.S., Duquesne University, M.A.. Shorthand l. Typing I, F.B.L.A. Sponsor. THOMAS PETEY California State College, B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Nl.I7d.: English ll and III. THOMAS PHILLIPS University of Pittsburgh, B.A.: Spanish I and II, Lnaguage Club Sponsor. MICHAEL PRATKO California State College, B.S.1 Wood Shop I and II. Machine Shop I and Il. JOHN RAPCHAK California State College, B.S.: B.S.C.S. Biology I, Football Coach. MRS. MARY RHEA University of Pittsburgh, B.S., School Nurse, Head Nurse ofthe District. JAMES W. ROBERTS California State CoUege, B.S.: Duquesne University, M,Ed.: Viee Principal. RICHARD ROSENSTEEL Slippery Rock State College, B.S.3 Physical Education 9-IZ, Driver liducation, Basketball Coach. FOSTER P. RUTTER Lock Haven State College, B.S.. Pennsylvania State University, M.l-.d,1 High School Principal. GJ. SCHULTZ University of Pittsburgh, B.S.: General Business 10. Business Math 12. MISS BARBARA SCOTT Westminster College, B.S.: Math 9, Geometry, Chess Club Sponsor. JAMES SEABOL Georgetown University, B.S.1 Speech, Moderator, Forensics and Debate. JOSEPH E. SHAFLEY University of Pittsburgh, D. Ed.. Superintendent of Schools. MRS. MARY E. SHEPLER University of Pittsburgh, B.A., M.A.g English IV, A.P. English IV. MRS. VIRGINIA SHEW A Eau Claire State College, Northwestern University, B,S.Iid.: English II. Creative Writing, Spectrum Sponsor. ROBERT SIMILO California State College. B.S.lid.. Biology I. LAWRENCE SOLOMON Ldinboro State College, California State College, Pennsylvania State University, B.S.: Geometry, Math Survey. ioscm SPADAFORE P I University of Pittsburgh, B.S,, Western Reserve University, M.S.: loundations of Human Behavior. LYNN STABLEIN California State College, B.S.Ed., Syracuse University. West Virginia University, M.A.3 Biology I, Special Biology l. MRS. ELIZABETH STIMMEL Bethany CoUege, B.A., University ol' Pittsburgh. M.Ed,g 10th and 11th Grade Counselor. MRS. DONNA SUPRA California State College, B.S.Fd.: Algebra I and Il, Student Council Sponsor, JAMES TUCCI Duquesne University, B,S.1 Senior Marching, Dance, and Concert Bands, and Wind Ensemble Director, Music Supervisor of W..l.l-I. School District MRS. BARBARA TUSSING Grove City College, l:l.A.: World Cultures, Junior Chess Club Sponsor, MRS. CAROLVN VERNET California State College, B S.: Spanish II. Ill, and IV. MRS. MARIAN WALTERS - Millersville State College, B.S.: German I, Russian Club Sponsor. MRS. RUTH WEINCART t A A , Comell University. B,A,, University of Pittsburgh, M.Erl,, English ll, Reading Improvement, Reading Development. WILLIAM WEIR A - - University of Pittsburgh. B.S. M.l'Id.: Director ot' Physical Ed., Athletic Director. WILLIAM O. WETZEL - A - Q Edinboro State College, B.S., Pennsylvania State University M.hd.1 Art I, II, Ill, IV, Crafts I, Art Club Sponsor, Monticello, Advisor. MRS. ELINOR S. WILSON - Carnegie-Mellon University, B.S.: Accounting I and II. MRS. EVELYN K. WILSON Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.S.: Personal Typing. Typing Il. Automation and Record Systems. Loci AT "lo" Hops IPS Mg gam- O' DQQMQQX HU. ffqff Il , All ATHLETICS tw W QWQW, jf ' M ,AGNGQWQZ WZZVM fm W JL 44 WL JMR Mfdgkmfmi J , Q ,gif 4' I S Uk Nw X . sand?" 'Nui Xfxl' A THOMAS JEFFERSON'S JAGUARS T KE "BIG TEN" CONFERENCE ITH AN Row 1: Ken McEl.heny, Gary Irwin, Harry Phillips Jim Griffiths, Bob Morini, Howard Cochran, Ted Spear. Greg Plavchak, Dave Loughran, Steve Snavely, Tom Houlihan, Coach Rapchack. Row 2g Coach Manzini, John Mitruski, Tom Fisher, Jim Leete, Alan Potts, Tom LaFrankie, Brian Hebert, Ben Castor, Barry Hintz, Tom Coles, Gary Lotz, Coach Lee. Row 3: Bill Charles, Tim Stack, Paul Hravnak, Burt Bartko, Ron Stoops, Ray Wolf, Terry Ackman, Jim Lee, Jim Reynolds, Jim McClanahan, Dave Lacoma, Coach Arrigo. Row 4: Ken Golden, Louis Malacki, Don Licht, Shawn Lyons, John Macurack, Alex Dziaminiski, Ed Hutchinson, Bob Good, Tom Swaney, Chip Lanks, Ken Langfit, Coach Hoffman. JAGUARSQ NO. l AT LAST They said it couldn't be done. Many people agreed with them, especially after a 12-0 defeat at the hands of Baldwin and an 18-6 loss to Clairton later in the season. If they gave the Jaguars the same chance to win the Big 10 Championship as a snowball has of remaining a permanent part of the scenery in Hades, then why did it happen? It happened because someone forgot to tell the Jaguars that they were "small, slow, and inexperi- enced" compared to last year's team. It happened because the Jaguars were a team above all else, because their coaches taught them how to win, and because they had the pride to want to do so. It happened because Thomas Jefferson outnumbered their opponents 12-11. Everyone associated with the season, the team, the coaches,the cheerleaders and band, administration has reasons to be proud of the Championship. The 12th man can also be very proud, especially of the fantastic pep-rallies and attendance at every game. 46 FOOTBALL RECORD FIRST PLACE IN 8 AND 2 SEASON WSSS LOSSES i BROWNSVILLE 13- 6 BALDWIN 12-03" i SOUTH ALLEGHENY 20- 0 CLAIRTON 18-6 CHARLEROI 20-12 ELIZABETH-FORWARD 21- 6 MONESSEN 26- 6 MONONGEHELA 25-13 LAUREL HIGHLANDS 18- 6 BELLE VERNON 14- 7 L IFBALDWIN IS A NON-CONFERENCE TEAM. l 1 Above: Harry Phillips just gets the ball away as the Monessen team moves in. Above left: Head Coach '1Bap" Manzini, Jim Hoffman, Ralph Arrigo, Tim Lee, and John S , Rapehak. Left: Eric Helquist fHead Managerj, Kevin - V Finley, George Erola, and Tom Bonura. S , y v ww, -' -V x ' 1: X V Y 6? ...f Sf Sa' f 1 47 'J ., , IWW - f N Q26 9391: .5 , dl s xr. John Mitruski Wingback SUCCESS Steve Snavely Center Jim McClanahan and H py Mitruski open the hole for Tom Fisher against Charleroi. 196 CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS End Ken McEIlicny Bob Morini Gary Irwin Guard Tackle Guard Tom Fisher Howard Cochran Gary Lou Tailback Tackle Kicker n I Q, '11 HY SL A1 yadiw 3 thenw SWA as mi vw mm. nnwxm stvaxgfab vmxory ami exgbvn scormg dn e on-:ered nz yards ww guys ew mm Jeixcmsn wus. have so mme Bxg w on s n seven pkays, Nm BBXC1- K 191 W me 11 M15 W fwm 'mm 0 Qmve me Ex X0 on evexxcex akimck nm 4 05183 0 DXCKWQ 119 '54 YN55 09 an dmm 3 can 'We' Aim' iqomav champxnmmp uns sea sc we he ae-:xswe touc dnvm non may tn set up the score. TJ K sed, ck to e mt nw Yami and Ywkh S son xmxdway Lhmu e L x mar uh a mx-A and X1 on the gem! DY mu! mt 'SBI mD?fS8YC12Y lil -Um GMSBWB- .sawn T e Jaguars ma e sm at new when he v-em :wer vow me w me news uwk a xrcbwx xx gym yum me evmxmg at Sm vw W wi T5 19 Nm mm umm hack iauxvarxkxx :om fxumevha Jw- C H' 0 - l ' WOW 10' W iw 'me 'MW www mio EVA x Fx wg nc pass recekvexs open, 'YM 343 nts were fame wlxb 01 MK SD W9 LNY5 Quartet Th A wk lj F unlike was w we s ,1 if SWQSNWD 09 VP- W' SCQYN 90' 9 1 UCQ " megs wwf sam .rm f mm 0 11 ar we HV G S Q U ' -v Pygmxps aekm gn 5 Gem swysxdprlrds wa xx J AaoBVAmck sim- mn emi msn xedirowd O mn wxikx seven YD s an oiiexae amy at ave mmm 5 m me iustwali Gary me Jagvars a mst down c the ixrst oi tu! we mo: the DX. 6l543f!5M ixiense me rest Xawxni 11 7 'X ai fffvasgm 55105 GYBNIB 'LO In mt zi 5 'G sh fngfbxd 'flkvgaxmff Ma ww 8 Drogl-lm aigqgtminng A' , D 4 . ,,,"j'Mhi, 'Firma ,mmf sf fm' ilirggarm 'hassf,"s"I'.n:Sn ann? and Msgasdns Q Surfed Sign. Filling mango ,re wp-ve I build fight, ll glo TJ Ja A J gl' ma':uf,Q'T1v I C h Umas .rm Unul Ulu they U bf B fY We dw 'K T he ff, 'E' ery meg, efson fsck Snano time Pm, be Q2 se reason I0 I' en C W The to omerencgzlers of 0 F 61 Ch w wth Sha, ces 9. 9 Ou Ma M ed of B3 cu h H32 f on th r ay lz 21,2 or'C'iz t Qssene nnep Man sganfhreee een md h' fs b gh ln 0 Ca ' Ove las 21111 or 01' , Wiz, is SH Owac Ufebmufe team 'yeaf wfow the sp our Wngfosst W seas? :Lia 7,0 Myfenlteggr 'son ins at4'tt1e Vic. ao! ,ling U13 e the J 6 possess Ulf: fo siiuars an Ie ta 1' One ll W it 01 11 Bela ,ma Ie Ie' a Cu liters.. esslon ce otfhgfhgngb u one W Xu L m qt Laiframoc when Li, www mm am we 'U xi fm f wax bwck. !Q ga A d femme the Bde Xemwx lack n anon th M 1 dw ev, hauXu1hun down .P iz , ass hom Vhmms Ji tmilxth 4, Sour hmm were Fwher armss xmvugh rx ht we xx h 'IM nmaimn :hard quarifbr W W' M. '5 nv rwerm Qfflggggfgggw. W I5 WM Eg? 6 2 Y We M5 V , .rm d anis b , ssl Domls pm 5' A mg 5 -ffmvwcn V n locked Z2 Mint If Bar nv no Cfiffilhsl P-me f , "'mD1L'1041 , P of f-lglglpgjig yafds, hji Corm L39-9 111 .-,.mmm armsf, LP!" FUN' ,ws-mwnz, comm. Lk. Riv- ards Hman! M , f , cimennv, lfw'm Q, mam-S, Lou W-snavefv. M..:1rmQp,, Mmm. F A s H - f aj v:,cfaf-wmv, uFrQnk:e, mwah 1 - e .wmmm Lemma Y? Q- ggh' ' m io" .mas af X395 5 hi K -pum1S wax mafu' m Sghlw Wd qu!! me aw" S. was de ni? paid' u mx up me L60 et un- ski ' coumn X Q We - xc, . Bexcgfmbe Wet 36 cavves' VSYG5 m Second sz. 2-anim ' ww ' x W' :Asa Wd 3 0 , as W 5 5 deiefgfxg me mia wt ,My siuumown io L30 season' .Ia-w:z4z's M.-xw 42 SWG i'h"'N" , f ,J ,:v','5 - um! , harloroi fig? 'Lzighrff-.fffqfivup v, M1 the Big N, 531-enffvi 12.24, ,Mfiiiij . , , 3 f in L' " The mnmncj Yljble 'fm L put ,-my . ,. 4 vyuvla In MIVVV :Jl'JV' To Cop Big Ten Tulle 5' C2119 fop I a There, , 37141: v ,Z ll ' ffm H, f9l'e S A , hm , Y Footballneu lf!-Hflff T11 JC,U6,rq0 ence ' le . ' K U ' ' . iq MfjeZgZZPwlEf11opia,CgZ?iJ6d to me lm Bent ' " Fndav I A vem . !1!,'ZhZ. by Eli24'gb9!3n.A1:1giWiv,1g MTG the Fifdf M UM vzrtue of the My W' ' .gffffffzk me A xl 1 1 if Ln. 54,2-03 C fohbay N Q G' f " bmw, P. fy' wr i QM' n..,,, . ' Ll filfxfabkljhallk 52013, gnc me ha' , ze ne., ,W ,Ma1mm. 4 Dia, . V dUe'm0PIfPii'.W rrf:iePaS 'E P05-if mm Jgv . Q' " ar aff' I f um" ffuuka gm to MYQN f L'ayi.,cd M may dr ' ' L , . L , UPPER! fl 49, 5 M'm'5k1 at the Iwi? ' HI Alzfmgl, ' ff , ' f 57 9 V f-,TMI me 'ldzwarq Un-Wf011nds M. " ml' dow-,,W ,Q -Y ff! pun! ,U Dwmzz-,gig , A 'meme . BA? MANZIN! 1. 1 11 N .Q mme aiu mic' 'bf ww, " wffldne t- ' K S Tl - Q ,, M tim .51 ' IJGIHUX. 1 V , faq K meg ,mn M dl on Jim f' wilh MHS iliviafs awrfpvijngf A. Qzfgwgssgwxe , new nn ,ggiqgfou of a ' bum wh ' i,,1sfQ2,f'f'5 R J 14 :M i.,1U"0W' womadmi A Heh gap! gffj3gf.,.A ,M-irj:'f,,.f UJML ' 'Ph' V AP one at 1 gn' 9H0"fZfb. 'M , N H ar.. 12 V lm, qfffN.'wff ,Y V f Wege ng! in ye! ,F W Q MSM, -Fifign, MW 1.5, avfgnfrni after the 231 H XT TW' fkfiffw, V I 5,54 hte? . 1 ., M, .. ny . anythin 515 Oneg jfjje, 50'-5 f 0 A wrlfiml, 5 94' Ufffi ,S , , 5? Can he , M',,h:"': A 'Y xfmfm, X 'ffm Scorqy Conference npen ,U T I-fum f,,, M az ,Weye playingjmogcf. ge Q A ff-. , , .m 2 me M H three beg ' QW Onei ,Q gf? are lu R b Ig s My V80 'QM ,S ffl' fzrgf b N V0-Qfl. I Hckwln th b EVQQ' 8 ,mer ,ml C :fy 82 .Yam arqesl !h9V"62uarS wh V 'lfds in 14 ,,,,:nfElff2d u was Coles wh ' lc-ad 3nd 0 Rav? T lefflnt W4 ja can-, b score as Zejglgklhvn hmgbe key blade to Jones Barimsnfirpitgtawt ugfn ' 8 If TD C end' ' in 15115 UT U7 mp ia 'mf and Q, " M719 ui: B . V J -Clltem ar th! A' dmvp with 217,96 ast mghl gf 1- A a n ons of ra great team :ran Pffiyeaff games UHF 'GC' in th l'tlaI1f:i1f:Zo:jS,ien Cfmlfmi gem, The Qomg on 'fb Ma X S of' 14 4. lT""' Davis 1 . Q J wma Zu 5!he vrsltorg i,, 39 ' h 2" ' unt e second Quar Defeutedf 7 nv JACK HKU? N, ' K 1' , d YS ' 0, Uapnwtvxn jiwfmen me uafi ' - EWNOFY Umm gb are asked wh:-n 'U Sglclfisnll 'rhwmas in mc- hmm? famous im. ,IQXJNSN1 WB' . 1 N , rw-1 teachers may gd W hampi, hwmnmg 1:35815 W 1 oushiP in msg' img my greamx NHL ' , 'xx by 1 'naw Wd m QWWLFM' Manmru saxd :ha uit aimr hxS -Wfluars mfg, down me me Ynigmi :nw ,- I e A atm A 14-F tmunwfl OW we-I-f-H . we wwf' A hcmif "'T"M?'-.,nglra 4111112 watched me .Mt Wgqikewxii' lim, huhaml NPV 'S Y ww pi! " W, me mr 'H' . ,, szwdhbx tmud mf. grmLfvWf'd wm,cX,1 U1 whwf ffm, winch zu Jffi? li-alum walk Blosxeken " t mam . 3 ,rea . ,nut vskcnhjfd xiasilirmi saxd, gan seams 4 ht had tht DU' , , thou? L . ' . wg we 0 an the way. Thus BIG TEN TROPHY AWARD ASSEMBLY Top: Entire Thomas Jefferson student body shares the pride of the presentation of the Big Ten trophy award. Bottom: Coaches Lee, Manzini, Arrigo, Hoffman, and Rapchak after receiving the trophy. On November 15, 1968, Thomas Jefferson was the recipient of the BIG 10 Championship Trophy, an award many thought was out of reach. Among those present were the Big 10 principals: Mr. Joseph from Belle Vernon, Mr. Alex Barantovich from Brownsville, Mr. James Harris from Charleroi, Mr. Neil Brown from Clair t o n, M r. William Klein from Elizabeth-Forward, Mr. Claude Frankhouser from Laurel Highlands, Dr. Henry Furio from Monessen, Mr. John Conte from Monongahela, Mr. Peter Berletic from South Allegheny, and Mr. Rutter from Thomas Jefferson. After opening remarks by Mr. William Weir, our Athletic Director, Mr. Barantovich presented the trophy and was accepted on behalf of the school by Mr. Rutter. A few brief remarks were then made by Coach Manzini and Superintendent Dr. Shafley. Students Jim Griffiths, representing the Varsity Football team, Vicki Reed, the Cheerleaders, Greg Taylor, the Marching' Bandg and Ken Brennfleck, the Student Council, made brief comments concerning the seasonal efforts of their respective organizations. The assembly was concluded by the Alma Mater played by our band. The student body is fortunate to have a winner and excellent school organizations which are equal. Then again, our team is also fortunate to have a 12th Man that gave 100 percent of themselves. SENIOR PLAYERS HONORED AT T? Top: Juniors and Seniors at Football Banquet. Middle: Parents join in on victory. Bottom: Kenny receives his trophy. Far Right: Mr. Miller gives his impression of the team. Right' Mr. Manzini talks about his boys at the banquet. FOOTBALL BANQUET On December 5, the West Jefferson Hills Football Mothers, Club held their eleventh annual banquet to honor the football team and coaches. This year's banquet, honoring the Big 10 Champion Jaguars was held at the Ankara Supper Club. Following the invocation and serving of dinner, Mrs. Eileen Leete, president of the Mothers' Club, extended a welcome to all. Next, Howard Miller, of a local hardware store, presented an award to Harry Philips and Steve Snavely as outstanding lineman and back, respectively. Coach Bap Manzini then introduced his staff and presented the Senior football players with trophies. CROSS CUU TRY HAS WINNING SEASO : 4 WINS 3 LUSSES 4 I . 44 4- ' Row 1: Manager, Dave Amrheing Dave Ginglesberger. Chris Takagi,Larry Hagar, Jimmy Doyle.Row 2: Tom Ivak, Tom Kossum, Ken Brennfleck, Russell Acheson, Walt Cook, Coach Sanderbeck.R0w 3: Phil Bogdan, Jack Verna, Tom Fleet, Bill Martin, John Wamack, Dave Kovalcin, Gary King. I I 1 Above and Below: The Cross Country team starts off with leaps and bounds. 54 Above Left, Middle, Right: Tom Fleet, Gary King and Tom Kossum show their running abilities. gfdljfifn , Above: Ken Brennfleck, Russell Acheson, Chris Takagi, John Warnack, Tom Kossum, and Walt Cook give signs of victory after a meet. 55 hx. , t K 5 i : . ii, ,rir . r Mm, "J"'a8Hb,,,f , Q 9' ' , ,ai -my . r.-4 A ,ff 'v,. , , ,, fsffwf 4 37' L Q V, L. ' E QV Q .Y Q 'fi V Above: Walt Cook rounds the corner to the finish. .1 gf. ., , if fam 1 . " ztsllxg Wil? . 5 A M 4-was THOMAS JEFFERSON BASKETBALL TEA Row l: Tom LaFrankie, Mike Deese, Jim DeWeese, Dwight Newell, Bob Barton, Tom Pavlak, Dave Lockard, Don Farquar, Tom Farr, Greg Plavchak, Jim Griffiths, Steve Ruth. Thomas Jefferson's basketball squad of ,68-,69, completing its third year in section 4-A, finished the season with a rather dismal 4-18 record, l-ll in their section. The team lacked the necessary height and on several occasions committed vital turnovers. Victories came against South Park, Southmoreland, South Allegheny, and Elizabeth-Forward. The record, however, does not indicate the many close games such as those with Charleroi and pre-season league rivals which were lost in the final seconds. The Jaguars will lose eight due to graduation, among which include scorers Ruth, Deese, and Griffiths and the rebounding of Newell and Farr. Lockard, LaFrankie, Pavlak and the remaining squad bear the burdens of next season. Above: Griff takes the lead Above: Managers Al Freund, John Cirillo, Dennis Bottonari, and Tim Session. Right: Jaguars get the ball. 56 l VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD 1968-1969 Wins4 Losses 18 Opponent South Park Upper St. Clair West Mifflin South Clairton Taylor Allderdice Trinity Southmoreland South Allegheny Churchill Area ffDonora "'Belle Vernon 9fCharleroi "fMonessen ffMonongahela ,"E1izabeth-Forward Albert Gallatin "'Donora "'Be1le Vernon i"Charleroi i"Monessen 1'Monongahe1a 'Elizabeth-Forward 'indicates Section 4-a games. 2 Above: Jaguars take a breather Right: Mel makes two points. Opp. 655' Pk 71 87 88 65 80 58 61 92 83 62 68 59 87 5114 63 76 80 57 61 70 Row 1: Chips Lanks, Ken Golden, Bob 93 Lutes, Sheldon Slepecki, Ron Stoops, Tim Stack, Ken Langfitt. Row 2: Gary Recd, Rob Piccki, Dave Buches, John Laverick, Joe Curlee, Jeff Swift. Row 3: Pat Clifford, Mark Fallert, Rick Egeland. A9 rf 57 SEASON WITH 4 WINS AND 18 LUSSES x K az 241K Above: Tom Pavlak and Tom Farr rush in for the ball. Right: Greg puts rt in. Far right: Griff ups the score. A . f . A , Dwight Newell Greg Plavchak Steve Ruth Bottom: Tom and Steve wait impatiently for the ball. Bottom right: Where did it go? J as W TJ. WRESTLERS FINISH SUCCESSFUL SEASON Once again the Jaguar wrestling team was one to be proud of. After losing several Seniors, Coach CraWford's team still managed to compile a nine win-five loss record. Losses were suffered in close matches as evidenced by Baldwin's win 23-22 and others which were lost toward the heavier weights. The Grapplers were led by Seniors: Jim Leete, who was 12-1-1 on the year, Howard Cochran, 10-3-lg Dan Kuchta, 10-3-1, and Ed Kutsenkow, 9-5. Once again Chris Takagi, John Stivala, and Jim Foster displayed consistent improvement. Chris, a Junior, wound up 13-0, and for the second consecutive year was sectional champion for his weight class. Jim Leete set a new team record with 10 pins, and the team as a whole did well in the sections. Sophomore Bill Earls, 11-3, must also be considered a bright spot in the Jaguar future. Several opponents, such as Serra, Charleroi, and Belle Vernon were defeated rather easily. Our team has definitely established itself as one to be respected. Wrestlers receive a victorious teammate. Chris Takagi gets his man. WRESTLING STATISTICS Team Record Wins-9 Munhall 27-17 Elizabeth-Forward 31-20 Bethel 36-16 Charleroi 41-9 Serra 53-6 W. Mifflin North 29-14 McKeesport 31-11 Belle Vernon 60-6 Upper St. Clair 30-14 Losses-5 Wilkinsburg 31-17 Richland 32-14 Baldwin 23-22 Gateway 30-17 West Allegheny 30-19 Row l: Bob Devine, Bill Earls, Chris Takagi, Jim Foster, Dan Kuchta, John Stivala, Jim Leete. Row 2: Dennis Haines fmgizl, Harold Swift, Ed Kutzenkow, Kurt Spartz, Bob Good, Paul 1-lravnak, Howard Cochran, Mr, Crawford. ff 4.1 VICTORIOUS IAGUARS COMPLETE SUCCESSFUL SEASON IN SECTION Row l CFrontJ left to right: Bob Livingston, Jack Doyle, Penny Ashman, Dan Kuchta, Ken Carroll. Row 2: Steve Mitchell, Joel Lee, Bob Morini, Ray Thomas, Fred Shadema.n Row 3: Coach Bakewell, Jim Angotti, Terry Newmeyer, Alan Potts, Mgr. Chris Connelly. Row 4: Art Zych, Len Hamilton, John Flynn, Bill Boyd. OPPONENT TJ Chartiers Valley 2 1 Upper St. Clair 0 7 Mt. Lebanon 0 4 Baldwin 0 6 South Park O 2 Bethel 4 9 Chartiers Valley 1 3 Upper St. Clair 0 6 Mt. Lebanon DNP DNP Baldwin l 1 1 South Park 0 2 Bethel O 1 WPIAL SECTION PLAYOFFS lst Round South Allegheny-5 TJ -4 ANOTHER 2 ASEB LL The rain never seemed to cease to let the sun shine for the T.J. Baseball Team. When- ever the rain let up the boys practiced for the fine baseball season to come. However, after 4 canceled games, the Jaguars let the sun shine with an ll-l win over Baldwin. Many of last year's lettermen returned to help surpass last yearis great record of sec- tional champs. Some of these fellows include Bob Livingston, Fred Schademan, Jack Doyle, Bob Olsen, John Flynn, Len Hamilton, and Allan Smith. Along with many wins, the team attended a baseball clinic in Penn Hills. Under the directions of their coach, Mr. Charles Bakewell, the team had a very suc- cessful year. f rfzggri-57, . , ,,,,. i- , ,nf ,.,. ,ffl , . ..... A. afr. . sz 2 4 " f 'Q . - , Y . ., y-...g.f:., , " : 1 H r f i i Top: Al Potts waits for the throw for an important out. Middle:Len Hamilton winds up for a fast pitch. Bottom: Jim Griffiths gets another hit to boost his batting average. Left: Mr. Bakewell coaches from the sidelines. 63 196 YIELDS VERY UCCESSFUL TRACK TEAM Row 1: Phil Bukes, Ralph Barco, Paul Brenntleck, Gary King, John Dleunik, Dan Scott, Chuck Wolfgang, Tom Kossum, Brian Hebert, Dave Lacoma, Bert Bartko, Dan Taylor. Row 2: Manager Gary Jenks, Tom Keefer, Don Lodge, Bob Skelly, Ken Brenntleck, Mark Washabaugh, Tom Fisher, Tom Coles, Jeff Noble, John Neal, Chuck Moskowitz. Row 3: Manager Kevin Finley, Jim Caley, Rick Lacoma, Joe Sullivan, Mel Farr, Don Licht, Burr Bridge, Phil Bogden, Brad Grey, Mark Peterson, Les Taylor, John Warnack. Row 4: Mike Costolo, Tom Jenkins, Harry Phillips, John Cirillo, Tom Frenock, Bob DeNale, Bill Wagner, Dave Ivak, John Verno, Walt Cook. Track coaches Sanderbeck Mr. Kopnski and Mr. The track team of 1968 compiled a total record of 7-3, running up a consecutive seven victories, which is quite an achievement. Captained by Paul Brennfleck and Tom Jenkins, the team defeated Brownsville, South Catholic, Monessen, Elizabeth-Forward, Belle Vernon, Donora, and Charleroi, with three losses against Clairton, Upper St. Clair, and Mon Valley Catholic. Rich Lacoma and Mike Costolo helped lead the squad which placed second in a "Big 10" meet. A number of firsts were compiled by individual members, Paul Brennfleck in the 440, Tom Fisher in the high hurdles, and Tom Jenkins in the javelin at this meet. Other season accomplishments include the pole vault team of Jim Caley, Brian Hebert, and Bert Bartko placing third in WPIAL relays, and the team tying the record for the most duel meet wins in one season. With the addition of indoor track in next year's plans, our track team,under the coaching of Mr. Kopnski and Mr. Sanderbeck, should continue to be a strong contender in the WPIAL. Far right: Dave thrusts the javelin.Right: Brian and Bert display their skills before prac- tice. Don Lodge receives the baton. Brian watches Harry Hy over the high bar. Right: Paul Brennfleck sprints ahead of Tom Coles. Bottom right: Brian at- tempts to clear the bar. Bottom: An ex- hausted Phil Bukes crosses the finish. TENNIS TEAM HAS RECORD 0F 7 WINS 2 LOSSES Left to right: Steve Ross, Bill Hubbell, Dean Foster, Dick Meyers, Rick Roethe, Keith Forstall, 1968 marked the third year of W,P.I.A.L. competition for the Jaguar tennis team and held significance in that it represented their first winning season. Coach Currie has extreme pride in the team and their fine record of seven wins and two losses, and with a strong team returning, is confident of a great season next year. 1968 TENNIS TEAM RECORD TJ OPPONENT 3 California 2 3 Monesson 2 5 Charleroi 0 1 West Mifflin North 4 4 California 1 5 Clairton 0 2 Monesson 3 5 Charleroi 0 Row l: Mr. Matteo, Dennis Steiger, Joe Biedenbach, Bill Bracken, Larry Little, Steve Manners. Row 2: Dave Lockard, Bob Scott, Jim Vazzana, Keith Gloeckel. EW CO FERE CE FOR GOLF TEAM Thomas Jeffersonis 1968 golf squad completed their first season in a tough new conference with a 2-8 record. Competition was in the form of such schools as Upper St. Clair, Brentwood, Baldwin, Chartiers Valley, and Mount Lebanon. Senior Jim "Fuzzy" Vazzana and leading Juniors Bob McDonald and Dennis Steiger headed up the team under Coach Matteo's capable guidance. ,f Top left: Jim Vazzana gets ready to swing. Far left:Dennis Stei- ger stops to pose for a picture. Left: Joe Biedenbach, Dennis Steiger, Dave Lock- ard, Jim Vazzana, Bill Bracken. 67 CHEERLE DERS PRO IDE THE EXTR SPARK I T.l.'S ATHLETIC EVENTS ...fav . ' Row 1' Debbie Nolan Jean Se mour Marion LoPresti Ann Shalle Terr Chock. ' , Y , y Y, Y Row 2: Mary Bald, Margaret Bald, Pat Halen, Marita Nowe. Row l: Linda Wright, Cindy Ellrod, Barb Breisinger, Becky Marsh, Shelley Gabauer. Row 2: Barb Lodge, Joyce Schademan, Eileen Gurecka. School spirit, that is what our cheerleaders, under the direction of Mrs. Cummings, provide. The girls spend many long hours practicing and preparing skits for pep rallies and games. In their effort to promote school spirit, the cheerleaders also perform other services such as selling shakers, making hall signs, decorating the team room, and passing out "spirit pins". As members of the American Cheerleading Association, our squad participates in competitions sponsored by the league. In order to learn catchy new cheers, some of the girls attend cheerleading camp in Allen- town, Pa. The girls sucessfully promoted school pep at all the games year. 68 THE GIRL . . X .al e Top:T.J. Cheerleadersg Debbie, Pat, Terry, Mary, Ann, and Jean lead the student body during one of the weekly pep rallies. Above: Cheerleaders and friends dress up for 'gBeat the Bears? Right: Barb Lodge and Joyce Schademan lead a cheer. INITIATE SCHOOL SPIRITED ACTIVITIES Pat Halen and Vicki Reed go through one of the many pep routines, 69 Sew-N an .W O5 X 1 'Fffib fmx Qfmfiii my Q Cf fi3T4Cv-K awk Wig YQU X Q-CMT VQCNKX GQ, T: YQOHXXZQAEA SQ M N VQQM XLAAQUQ DUO QBQXU LQUX Yi Ev Kim M5 KX NON QQQ CWM QM NVQ A X HOD Y5XNxiQi5 w ww QVCUQ Tm md U QMCXM woe? CGW m wr QNKQDFW LW wwzmss '3EVQGfEl3IVIn'HlfQXXX QW mga MX WY mfg 1 NNQXNN Q 'U 're f P , , M. Q- Mawr M. gR9NQ .M www? lb, A QL". K' f'QefU, ' A 4 5' , 1- iq, 1 ,al Q in W STQ pf? 33,3 3, fr-- um: ,www X rw fi x J ,,-Xi X Wqi, wa Nm , Q Q awk MTM , w N X Ni: Vcfmg fiat f Qi- Qvugy N. . w W 1 xx! .iq C, 5, V. N , 1 f -wg K l , , . :J fb A u X Q Vu, s IU IOR CLASS PRE E T "TAKE lVlE TO YOUR PRE IDE T" On the nights of November 17 and 18, 1967, the class of 1969 presented "Take Me To Your Presidentv, a comedy which was a unique endeavor for a high school cast. It made no use of backdrops and little of props, depended entirely upon the cast to bring to life the char- acters and the events surrounding a mysterious spacecraft's arrival on an Indian Reservation. Tom Fisher and Mary Ellen Mullen played the leads,with the able support of the rest of the cast. Mr. Petey was the director, and with his help this play became part of the history of the class of 69. Row l: Donna Shortuse, Julie Holmes, Betty McDonald, Mary Ellen Mu1len.Row 2: Karen Guthrie, Debbie Ellis, Sue Conway, Cindy Chalfant, Mary Bald, Dan Kuchta, Tom Fisher, Mr. Petey.Row 3: Georgianne Boal,Jackie Bowser, Janet Fenton, Sheryl Meek, Candi Lanks, Dave Bailey, Belinda Bayles, Sue Noordhoff, Cheryln Moore.Row 4: Jessie Gabauer, Kitty Elsesser, Bill Crawford, Harold Swift, Debbie Rieck.Row 5: Barb Wilson, Dixon Dudderar, Bob Oskin, Pam Pitts, Kathy Hinsman.Row 6: Kathy Veronick, Steve Groninger, Darlene Wise, Anna Benedetti, Joe DeFra.ncisco, Kenny Brennfleck, Eric Helquist.Row 7: Steve Mitchell, Dan Flynn, Bill Braun.Row 8: Rob Morini, Dave Loughran, Bill Hubbell, Ba.rry Hintz, Tom Fleet, Ronnie 9: Dave Amrhein, Tim Bomba, Greg Fletcher, Mark Washabaugh, Jeff Schalles. Behind the scenes. On the stage. I . 1 QW! .Vx 'U- ,t4, , mf W 4 35395531 ,f ,. I . 1, :sm- 'Wf ,4,,, ZffQ ,,, f ,iii U I ij? 3, , 2-1? A , 2, ,V LV 90 51 an MQ FI' 1 2.'V'iM- a+ we-14 aww' an I, ,si 35, ,feg,ziza'ff'f , ,043 hw, A 'wad-w Mx , snswdii' gr WWE' .,fJ,,,,,:,m, ,d .W 1, 4 -' wwf . . f-X ywwut -W ,,,,,., ?,9,l,.,,w ,W ,ww,1., A+-V V , ,f ,, 4. yi, ,4 ww , 0 .551 4 1 ,. Q .Q HW Wi? If i, W iw X Q A 'sv ., N . B. mg, i ii , RY, -:KM x wr ? ff V3 W. .3 ji? gi X 5 W ,gan 435. N2 5 .? ' ff KEY CLUB DONKEY BASKETBALL Mr. Similo and Mr. Mamula horsing around. On Saturday, January 18, The TJHS Key Club hosted an- unusual, but unique event. They brought "Donkey Key Club Cheerleaders in their finest. Basketball," an exciting, fast?? moving sport to T.J. for the lst time. It proved very interesting for the large crowd, but put the players at a disadvantage the following morning! The contest between the Key Club Seniors and the men's faculty proved the faculty victorious, 14-8. Mr. Solomon and Mr. Similo found difficulties in riding their animals, and Harold Swift in finding the basket. Allin all, it was an evening few will forget. Right: The Sanitation Committee of Wayne Jones, George Soles, Jeff Tuomi, and Steve Ross clovsm before the game. Below: A struggling player fights a stubborn opponent? 'ACULTY BARELY BEATS STUDE TS 50-46 Left: Mr. Matteo, the faculty's coach, takes a bow before the game. Middle: Senior's watch pre-game show. Right: Men faculty members try out for barber shop quartet. The capacity crowds jammed into the gymnasium to observe the festivities. They witnessed the eleventh annual Student-Faculty game and were fortunate to be present for the first Senior-Junior competition as a pre-game show. Though the display of skill was close, T.J.'s senior boys topped the Juniors and Sophomores by a score of 57f48. Tom LaFrankie was high scorer for the .5 underclassmen while Tom Farr led the seniors to S victory. The Student-Faculty main attraction commenced with Terry Newmeyer and Mr. Rosensteel starting. As the game progressed, Mr. Kolenc led the faculty to victory with his own fifteen points while the seniors trailed behind, Hoppi Mitruski as the high student Above: Seniors beat juniors in pre-game show. Bottom left: Mrs. Weingart and Mrs. Supra cheer team to Soofefa Tension built H1 the end of the Second Period victory. Bottom right: Seniors wait for results of the jump when the SCOTC WHS fied- But, with the nel? Of 3 ball that started the game. warped set of rules, the teachers gained the lead position. And so it terminated with Mr. Matteo's aged companions as the victors by a score of 50-46. The the J F T fund 77 SENIOR CLASS PRESENT Row l: Candi Lanks, Judy Gaydos, Debbie Rieck, Pam Pitts, Donna Shortuse, Bunny Wagner, Mary Sweeney, Mary Talley, Jessica Gabauer, Eileen Hostert. Row 2: Bob Oskin, Bill Crawford, D. Alice Ellis, Barry Hintz, Glenn McNamee, Nancy White, Laurie Saylor, Alma Travis, Georgann Boal. Row 3: Camille Hirsch, Kitty Elsesser, Janet Fenton, Steve Groninger, Harold Swift, J onna Faulkner, Eric llglelquEt,kBill Hubbell, Pam Polens. Absent from picture: Rob Morini, Michael Groninger, Ken renn ec . On March 7th and 8th the class of '69 presented "Pillow Talk," under the direction of Mrs. Penny Natale and Debbie Goldman, student director. Those lucky enough to attend the performance observed the result 0 long hours of preparation and total class support. The capacity audience was hypnotized by the lead characters, Pam Polens Uanj, and Mike Groninger fRex-Bradj. Bill Hubbell and Debbie Ellis promoted humor as the sup- porting roles. The success of the play was proven when the seniors were given a standing ovation both nights. Congratulations to the entire senior class and its unity which made it possible for the presentation of "Pillow Talk? Leads: Michael Groninger, Pam Polens. - 78 "PILLOW T LK" ' ectors and Committee C0-Ordinatorz Debbie Goldman, Penny atale, Michele Betler. l , I Roles: Bill Hubbell, Debbie Ellis, Bill Crawford. Not Mitchell. l Right, Top to Bottom: Masking Brad A11en's apartment. Jan's latest interior decorating masterpieceg "Is this your new maid, Cherie?"g "Ma,am, Ain't these dog biscuits tasty?"g"Mrs. Walters, we do not wire 14th century crematory urns!!,' Row li Sally Magnuson, Cindy Matthews, Bethann Basch, Debbie Gengc. Row 2: Barbara Wilson, Karen Stokes, Jessica Gilmore, Karen Anderson, Rachel Frantz. Row 3: Jim Vazzana, Tom Fisher, Jack Briekncr, Darcie Ewing. Absent from picture: Sharon Anjcski, Dave Lougliran. Sophomore boys drsplaying their skills at basketball On April 26, 1968 another successful carnival was presented by the Sophomore class. With Mr. Martello in charge, the class worked together on their second project. Traditional booths were used with a few new ideas. To end the day of fun, a dance was held for grades 9-12. Barbara Hintz falls down on the job. 9' 7 ,Q mg. A bullys eye made by John Cirillo. THEIR SOPHOMORE CARNIVAL Wayne Jones patiently waits for the bets to end The slave auction is opened for customers. 81 "GONE WITH THE WIND" filf 5 Joan Polansky welcomes Becki and Bill in fine Southern tradition. Many couples danced to the music of Benny Benack's band at last year's prom entitled "Gone With the Windv. The Class of "69" did an outstanding job decorating the gym for the big event, Murals adorned the walls, streamers lowered the ceiling, and a huge mansion at the head of the gym completed the pre-Civil War setting. Many bushes, flowers and trees gave the room a polished look. The hostesses brought punch and cookies to the festively decorated tables. Tiny colored parasols and little dainty rose baskets were given to each young lady. Couples dropped coins in the flowered wishing-well at the center of the floor, and danced the last dance of the evening to "Tara's Theme', from the motion picture "Gone With the Wind? Steve and Joanne make a wish at the pond in the arbor. Rx Dave and Bunnie, Kenny and Leslie begin an evening on Leslie and Debbie return to Tara the southern plantation. Above Right: Southern belles and beaux dance to the strains of Benny Benack's orchestra. Below: Tom and Janet, Renee and Fee reflect the moods of the prom. 83 S rw 'Wm Barb, Dave and Bunnie, Darcie and Bert,Brian and Janice, and Jim and Marion take a break. Sophomore serversg Row 1: Elaine Cassini, Eileen Gu- recka, Debbie Nolan, Sheryl Korposh. Row 2: Joyce Schademan, Diann Costolo, Marcy McCartney, Karen Sunnarborg. gh, Ka. J gf Sophomore serversg Row 1: Tom LaFrankie, Tim Stack, George Soles. Row 2: Chris Takagi, Alex Dziaminiski, Ron Stoups, Wayne Jones, Wayne Tuomi. Above: Kenny and Leslie stop to recieve punch from Eileen and Wayn e. Right: Greg and Debbie stop for a picture before they enter, Right:Decorations set the mood for an evening of enchantment. Below:Benny Benackas orchestra keeps the Prom in a tone of merrirnent all evening, 85 1 igfqmevm-ww .f X Row 1: Joan Maxynezak, Michele Betler, Barb Pallman, Nancy White, Valerie Wagner, Cindy Matthews, Linda Thomas, Nadine Fraikor, Marsha Colonna, Sue Aitken, Nancy Mason, Marcie Davis, Glynnis Lyons. Row 2: Dean Genge, Glenn McNamee, Janis Meek, Shelley Gabauer, Eileen Gurecka, Sally Withers, Karen Goltz, Jeff Bucar, Dorrie Lentz, Donna Thomas, Linda Wright, Barb Hintz, Karen Pfleuger, Linda Ragan, Beck Marsh, Barb Lodge. Row 3: Pam Manns, Barb Rudolph, Nancy Breisinger, Vicki Selznick, Martha White. Kim Lindsay, Wally Camerom, Cliff Faulkner, Steve Luthultz, Doug TBUSY,-JeSSiCa Cabal-ISI, Kathy Hinsmally Barb Breisinger, Tom Brown, Debbie Warren, Nancy Wright. Row 4: Gary Lang, Greg Conklin, Neal Watko, Leslie Lytle, Robin Swicord, Mary Ellen Schmidt, Rex Smith, Brian Bootay, Chris Ulrich, Dan Kiggins, Jim Vazzana, George Frola, Joe DeFrancisco, Chris Hinsman, Pam Polens, Sue Primm. Row 5: Rick Elias, Jeff Tuomi, Steve Ross, Dan Flynn, Ken Brennfleck, Steve Ruth, George Soles, Dean Foster, Blake Shaffer, Tom Ivak, Bob Picchi, Mike Hilty, Greg Fletcher, Charles Karnack, Gerry Lynch. Absent from picture: Bethann Basch, Tom Weiner, Mark Washabaugh, Jonna Faulkner, Bernice Pallman, Debbie Genge, Jackie Hanley, Bill Compolli, Dennis Haines, Tim Lewis, Joanne Demich, Tom LaFrankie, Mark Bowashart, Charlene Pasco, Bill Earls, Barb Ross, Steve Zebert, Rich Brown, Nancy Mason, Dale Watazychyn, Fred Dudderar. TUDE T COU CIL- UMBER O E I THE COU TY Officers of Student Council: 1. to r.: Jeff Tuomi, Parliment- ariang Steve Ruth, treasurer, Bernice Pallman, vice- president, Jonna Faulkner, secretaryg Ken Brennfleck, president. 86 This year, as president of the Allegheny County Association of Student Councils, our student government has been active throughout the county as well as at Thomas Jefferson. With this honor comes the responsi- bility of hosting all member councils at a spring convention. Among Student Council's services to the school, were the selling of football programs, a "letter to Santa Clausi' project for the area grade schools, the initiation of an annual bon fire program, and the purchasing of signs directing visiters to the school as a joint project with the Key Club. Also, to improve relations between Thomas Jefferson and neighboring schools, the Council has participated in a Student- Exchange Program. With the help of the two sponsors, Mrs. Supra and Mr. Kolenc, and the cooperation of an understanding administration, Student Council has been better able to fulfill the role of an active and responsible governing body. INVOLVEMENT IN MANY ACTIVITIES In I .V I Q ,. . i Above: President Ken Brenntleck conducts a meeting. Left: Mr. Kolenc advises Council proceedings. THE STATESMA EXPRESSIO OF STUDE TOPI IO As in previous years, the Statesman has published a monthly record of school life with an interested staff submitting articles and photographic work. But this year, the Statesman extended its fields of interest. No longer totally preoccupied with sports, the paper looked outside the school for reviews of events around the Pittsburgh area. It also actively sought opinion from the student body, which resulted in many Letters to the Editors, Cathy Brenholts and Jonna Faulkner. The Statesman truly has become the focal point for student expression of opinion. Left: Editors Jonna Faulkner and Cathy Brenholts prepare the paper for press. Above: Steve Ross sells candy for Statesman. Row 1: Judy Gaydos, Robbie Salmon, Sue Primm, Geri Dranch, Jonna Faulkner, Cathy Brenholts, Karen Sunnarborg, Debbie Genge, Debbie Duff. Row 2: Debbie Ellis, Janet Fenton, Carolyn Qlascoe, Mary Ellen Mullen, Pat Scholl, Dorothy Check, Sally Weinberg, Sharon Anjeski, Cheryl Simeone, Karen Estock, Bunnie Wagner, Mary Ann Julian, Mary Smoyer. Row 3: .Joann Nelson, Steve Groninger, Anna Benedetli, Dori Lentz, Steve Ross, George Soles, Phihp Lovejoy, Jim Thomas, Jmr Kish, Mark Torre, Dave Bradish, Sue Rudolph, Pam Pitts. Row 1: Debbie Genge, Jonna Faulkner, Karen Sunnarborg, Bunnie Wagner, Debbie Latstetter, Mary Ellen Mullen. Row 2: Karen Anderson, Pam Bomba, Cheryl Simeone, Debbie Rieck, LaVerne Ryerson, Sharon Anjeski, Geri Drnach, Row 3: Pat Scholl, Mary Smoyer, Karen Estock, Debbie Dewalt, Mary Ann Julian, Martha Snyder, Mark Torre. Row 4: Pam Pitts, Rachael Frantz, Cathy Brenholts, Robbie Salmon, Anna Benedetti, George Soles, .lim Thomas. The Monticello staff works hard each year to create an accurate history of the years events. lt is not a weekly project or even a monthly one like the school newspaper, but requires an entire year of preparation. The editors, typists, and sponsors work on laying out the book from cover to cover. With a little bit of originality and a lot of hard work this year's staff has succeeded in creating an unforgetable history ofthe year 1969 at Thomas Jefferson High School. THE MONTICELLO STAFF CRE TES YE RLY HI TORY Below Bottom: Monticello Staff checks layouts for errors. Below Below: Photographer Philip Top: Mr. Kuchtais crafts class look at Thomas Jeffersonis many Lovejoy poses for a picture. yearbooks. , t ki ri . I -I w,,,yM, 89 Left. Mr. Seabol speaks to a captivating audience. Above. Officers of Forensics conduct a meeting. FORENSIC : VOICE OF STUDE T BODY Row 1: Cathy Orosi, Debbi Ellis, Janet Fenton, Bob Weingart, Laurie Tetzlaff, Karen Goltz, Mary Ellen Mullen. Row 2: Debbie Goldman, Peggy Noroski, Marian Zeher, Lynn D'Orazio, LuAnn LaFrankie, Marcia Mills. Row 3: Phil Weingart, Gary Lang, Keith Bishop, Kim Lewis, Margaret Llewlyn, Pam Bomba, Nancy Gallatin, Marjorie Frantz, Row 4: Donald Mamula, Rex Smith, Karen Hoesch, Darlyn Oitto, Debbie Herr, Rachel Frantz, Dan Zeiler. Row 5: Tom Brown, Karen Gibson, Dave Hopkins, Matthew Pavuk, Steve Hopkins, Budd Prus, Absent from picture: Jim Backstrom, Bill Stotesbery, Geri Drnach, Karen Prus, Anne I-Iarnack. 90 TUDE TLIBR RIANS Row 1: Evelyn Paul, Margaret Gardner, Nancy Breitinger, Sharon Evans, Dianna Pancoast, Mary Ellen Mullen, Janet Fenton, Leslie Trimbath. Row 2: Kristen Anderson, Joann Demich, Dianne Malone, Kathy Drnach, Debbie Latstetter, Kathy Hurl, Luana LaFrankie. Row 3: Dorene Pancoast, Debbie Yanik, Janet Emmer, Judy McCay, Kathy Clancy, Eileen Hostert, Edith Bindernagle. Row 4: Roberta Eirtle, Cheryl Balogh, Karen Snyder, Donna Bauer, Darlene Wise, Paulette Mitchko, Mary Scott. Row 5: Linda Rutter, Anne Hamack, Anna Benedetti, Carolyn Glascoe, Lin Bayles. Absent from picture: Janice Davadick, David Todd, Jane Smith, Barbara Wilson, Susan Primm, Marlys Litchfield, Jay Ann Lowe, Debbie Elms, Elaine Small, Evelyn Kobelik, Debbie Chiappini, Brenda Hines. kms Row 1: Bill Unrath, Bill Wolfgang, Rusty Do V 3 Dowie, Gordon Heckman, Tom Spartis. Row 2: , - Don Smith, Dave Erhardt, Gary Will, Jim Doyle, John Vernon. Row 3: George Hansen, Walt Cook, Dave Hansen, George Warhola. Row 4: George Crain, John Macurak, Eric McNeil, Harold r -1 Chllagher. Absent from Picture: Wayne Guenther, A 1 Ron Shepard, Charles Moscowitz. 91 KEY CLUB- SERVES SCHOOL AND CO Row 1: Rick Glaus, John Lindberg, Tom Spartis, Jim Shetter, Glen McNamee, Gary Lang, Tim Lewis, Gary Lotz, Bob Kennedy, Matt Pavik. Row 2: George Tankosic, Rick Erwin, Don Mancuso, Steve Arnowitz, Dave Armstrong, Don Mamula, Harold Swift, Steve Luthultz, Steve Brandta Row 3: Bill Hanlon, Mike l-lilty, Dwight Newell, Rex Smith, Mike Reeves, George Soles, Wayne Tuomi, Tom Simpkins, Mark Klein, Dan Flynn. Row 4: Bill Boyd, Bob Hughes, Barry Hintz, Lew Ifft, Wendell Wickerham, Glenn Fiore, Jeff Struble, Bill Hubbell, Ken Brennfleck, Blake Schaffer. Row 5: Steve Werle, Dan Kuchta, Steve Ross, Wayne Jones. Bill Hubbell, Treasurer, Dan Kuchta, Parliamen- tariang Dwight Newell, Senior Board Member, Bob Kennedy, Secretary, Wayne Jones, Junior Board Memberg Rick Erwin, Vice-President, Dan Flynn, President 92 Above: Are these Santa's helpers? Right: Mr. Morgan and the Key Club wait for the show to start. Bottom: Tom, Rex, Mat, John, Bill, Jeff, and Jim, cheer the Key Club to defeat. This year, the Key Club reached a goal for which it has been striving the past three years. With the help and advice of R.H. Morgan, Thomas Jefferson Key Club has been recognized as the number one club of Pennsylvania District Key Club. They have earned this recognition by successfully fulfilling the Key Club International admin- lstrative theme: "Influence through Examplef, Among the many outstanding projects completed by the club were the Homecoming Queen elections, the Christmas semi-formal, the Donkey Basketball game, the spaghetti dinner, and the school clean-up campaign. Best of luck to next yearls Key Club. May they make it :heir goal to uphold and build upon the reputation they rave established. ZESEJTEJQMP 5 .Mes ' W I es-it F , ff ,.., ,MM-,,,,,,.-.W.m. SR figs 12 r 3. sf Q xxx.. - fs PEP CLUB INSTILLS SPIRIT Pep Club fSeniorsJ Row 1: Margaret Gardener, Jean Ward, Jean Seymour, Mary Beth Demich, Kathy Freiwald, Kathy Shallenberger, Sharon Folmar, Bernice Pallman, Marian LoPresti, Debbie Genge, Julie Holmes, Cindy Matthews, Debbie Duff, Patty Fazzoni, Terri'Chock, Mary Bald, Brenda Mattes, Bobbie Kapp. Row 2: Cathi Hines, Martha Snyder, Pam Polens, Nancy White, Renee Radu, Bunny Wagner, Mary Ellen Mullen, Cheryl Fergassi, Lin Bayles, Debbie Latstetler, Sally Magnuson, Camille Hirsch, Nadine Fraikor, Charlene Moflitt, Sharon Goltz, Eileen Hostert, Joan Bates, Amra Benedetti. Row 3: Cheryl Meek, Joan Kovalcin, Sarah Goode, Terry Hoffman, Donna Urban, Gloria Gray, Sally Weinberg, Karen Estock, Alma Travis, Debbie Shirley Garman, Darlene Wise, La Verne Ryerson Mary Buches, Shelley Clark, Dixie Ba.rkand, Sue Conway Karen Snyder, Lynne Caffarel, Imogene liaiello, Debbie Jackie Bowser, Linda Paulson, Donna Schmidt, Pat Carolyn Glascoe, Annette Rumanzik, Kitty Ellsesser Smoyer. Pep Club Uuniorsj Row 1: Ann Shalley, Kim Munro, Darleen Hicks, Donna Smith, Gail Bankard, Carole Metzinger, Lynn Black, Georgia Miller. Row 2: Aritha Lewis, Linda Wright, Barb Murray, Jackie Doering, Landy Cranisky, Sue Shuback, Elaine Casini, Eileen Gurecka. Row 3: Joyce Schademan, Lill Plavcik, Karen Remensnyder, Jackie Stack, Peggy Lyons, Millie Veronick, Debbie Pasqualini, Cathie Weightman. Row 4: Darlyn Oitto, Barb LeDonne, Cindy Barb Breisinger, Patty Westland, Valerie Bisacca Debbie Charlene Davis. Row 5: Karen Gibson, Peggy Stonick, Evie Kobelak, Marcy McCartney, Karen Michele Tsoris. Absent from picture: Geri Drnach Sunnarborg, Sheryl Korposh, Lisa Hornberger. STUDE T BODY al' Pep Club members Laura, Marcy, Karen, and Bunnie paint signs for basketball game. Above top: Officerls of Pep Club from left to right: Barb Dziamniski, Bernice Pallman, Linda Wright, Geri Drnach. Above: Pat and Dave perform for part of the skit during pep rally. I- Z' 1-if ARSITY CLUB I CLUDES ALL PORTS Q 5 Row l: Bill Earls, Dan Kuchta, Craig McDonald, Ed Kutsenkow, Gary Lotz, Ken McElheny, John Mitruski, John Stivala, Bill Kosar, Russell Ashman, Harold Swift. Row 2: Bob Barton, Tom Angotti, Tom Fisher, Steve Ruth, Dan Scott, Phil Bogden, Dean Foster,Steve Werle,Bob Morini, Shawn Lyons, Howard Cochran. Row 3: Walt Cook, Jack Verna, Russell Aeheson, Tom Kossum, Tom Fleet, Ken Brennfleck, Steve Ross, Dennis Steiger, Bert Bartko, Tom LaFrankie, Steve Mitchell, Ken Langfitt, Dave Lockard. Row 4: .John Warnack, Barry Hintz, Lew Ifft, Jim McClanahan, Jim Reynolds, Tom Farr, Greg Plavchak, Bob McDonald, Mark Washabaugh, Ted Spear, Dwight Newell, Charles Moskowitz, Row 5: Jim Leete, Tom Houljhan, Ken Carroll, Brian Hebert, Jim DeWeese, Harry Phillips, Steve Snavely, Gary Irwin, Dave Loughran, Alan Potts, Mike Deese. Absent from picture: Lou Malacki, George Lee. letter at T.J. their football letters from Mr. Manzini. 96 Left: Mr. Rapchak gives Jim Griffiths his last Left: Kenny sells "Jaguars Got Soul" buttons in order c make money for his varsity jacket. Above: Juniors re l.T. PROMOTE SERVICE PROJECTS Row 1: Jean Seymour, Roxanne Chock, Becki Marsh, Teri Moore, Laurie Saylor, Mary Beth Demich, Lynn Black, Carole Metzinger, Eileen Gurecka. Row 2: Ann Shalley, Sue Shuback,LandiCranisky, Barbara Murray, Donna Thomas, Patti Fazzoni, Terry Chock, Mary Bald, Cynthia Chalfant. Row 3: Sally Magnuson, Nancy Mason, Dixie Barkand, Debbie Warren, Linda Wright, Joyce Schademan, Marian Zeher, Nancy Breisinger, Janet Ememer, Paula Kaufman. Row 4: Cindy Ellrod, Laure Razumic, Barbara Lodge, Cynnie Flory, Peggy Breen, Marita Nowe, Karen Kuesar, Patricia Westland. Row 5: Barbara Breisinger, Barb LaDonne, Karen Stokes, Terri Paskwiecz, Candi Lanks, Judy Kraesneski, Barbara Wilson. Absent from picture: Margaret Bald, Cheryl Chock, Nancy Puckett, Barbara Pallman, Kathy Joseph, Brenda Hines. .l.Tfs Officers Left to Right: Margaret Bald, Miss Frola, Terri Chock, Eileen Gurecka, Mary Bald. 97 USHERS'S CLUB ERVES UsJ1er':ClIcI1!1JI D lm V E h h h I B 1 R 2 Laura Neff sleeps through Row : cy o' ar, Mary eres, Janis conovrc Bet ann Basch Mic ee et er ow Cindy Matthews, Terri Chock, Elaine Casini, Cindy Dunphy Lmda Estock Janet Fenton Row 3 anothef meeting of Usher S Lil Jenkins, Nancy Gallatin, Barbara Hintz, Cheryln Moore Marita Nowe Mary Ellen Mullen Row Club 4: Marcy McCartney, Karen Castagna, Jessica Gabauer Sally Weinberg Sharon Anjeski Row 5 Joyce Sewald, Martha Snyder, Mary Smoyer, Pam Pitts Kittie Elsesser FUTURE TE CHERS OF MERICA Row 1: Elaine Casini, Kathy Hurl, Margaret Gardner, Marion Lo Presti, Bemice Pallman, Noreen Miller. Row 2: Cindy Matthews, Sharon Folmar, Sharon Goltz, Karen Goltz, Mary Ellen Mullen. Row 3: Marcia Mills, Sheryl Meek, Barbara I-Iintz, Eileen Hostert, Nadine Fraikor.'Row 4: Sally Weinberg, Barbara Dziamniski, Pat Halen, Trish Vilga, Jackie Di Pietro, Donna Bauer. Row 5: Chris Hinsman, Joyce Danzery, Lillian Jenkins, Kitty Elsessor, Margie Evanson. Absent from picture: Sheryl Korposh, Nancy Adams, Ginny Horgos, Dorie Lentz, Collen Morrow, Carol Oelrich, Bob Oskin, Ca.rol Polinsky, Susan Primm. ART CLUB Below: Mr. Wetzel works hard? Row 1: Terry Ulmer, Dori Lentz, Ginger Maple. Row 2: Jackie DiPietro, Carol Beeson, Jackie Bowser. Row 3: Kristie Anderson, Nancy Severns, Mary Hahn. Row 4: Mary Jo Roney, Marion Marchese, Janet Samuels, Cliff Faulkner. Row 5: Cliff Sunnarborg, i Stan Mitchell, George Hansen, Bill Wagner. , F.S.A. Row 1: Karen Kress, Gary Will, Tom Demehak. Row 2: Earl Kline, Erie McNeal, Joe .Carsonl, Bob Maguda, Wayne Guenther. Absent from picture: Richard Fritz, Gary Howard, Albin Kozrkowskr, Jeff Schalles. 2' ' 5 , 99 PROJECTIO CLUB Row 1: John Fragassi, Tim Matthews, Tim Session, Chuck Bryant. Row 2: Jim Kish, Eric Knabenschuh, Dave Burcin, Dave Erhardt. Row 3: Fred Hunter, Jim Bernardo, Jess Shallenberger, Bill Matthews, Albin Kosikowski. Row 4: John Fabrey, Tom Frenock, Dave Hansen, Denny Pitocco, Merl McGrew. Absent from picture: Bruce Maxchitti. STAGE CREW Greg Lenhart, Bill Hines, John Bucar, and Bill Newton. LANGUAGE CLUB CHESS CLUB Row l: Carolyn Markley, Randy Parish, Mark Kuchta, Rich Wyble, Frank Gardner, Joe Glew. Row 2: Bob Craig, Dave Korberlain,Dave Johnson, Mick Kozikowski, Don Mamula, Eric McNeel. Row 3: Rich Semk, Chuck Weber, Gary Howard, Steve Arnowitz, Debbie Herr, Ron Fletcher. Row 4: Bob Joseph, Terry Logue, Tim Logue, Greg Curry, Dave Winn, George Crain, Dave Goodrum. Absent from picture: Don Mancuso Mark Klein ,Charles Karnack, Jay Newmeycr, Karen Kruss. 3 , 101 Row 1: Mr. Phillips, Karen Hoesch, Glady Kuznich, Pam Steffey, Karen Pflueger, Peggy Noroski. Row 2: Natalie Kuzmich, Barbara Gavala, Evelyn Kobelak, Gail Claytcr, Daren Prus, Doric Lentz. Row 3: Donald Mamula, Bruce Seely, Helen lfarquhar, Linda Grissinger, Gary Howard, Chris Hinsman, Marsha Dowic, , 3455? ,A C ny TJ. QUILL .,. Row 15 William Woicik, NHIICY Sharpeta, Rick Wyble, Ava Stadnicki. Row 2: Ginny Denale Carol Mancuso, Clifford Faulkner, Walter Yablonsky, Michael Peretic. Row 3: Karen Francis Marjorie Frantz, Debbie Restauri, Dan Zeiler. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF MERICA 1 Row 1: Marion LoPresti, Michele Betler, Marcy Dolinar, Sara Goode, Sharon Folmar, Burmie Wagner. Row 2: Debbie Latstetter, Sue Yablonsky, Vicki Reed, Annette Rumansik, Belinda Bayles, Mary Scott. Row 3: Donna Bauer, Debbie Werling, Sally Magnuson, Jessi Gilmore, Robin Rieck, Rose Marie Bucar. Row 4: Brenda Mattes, Annetta Barkman, Valerie Bissacca, Sheryl Meek, Kitty Elssessor, Kathy Bradish, Pam Polens. Row 5: Sheryl Korposh, Debbie Ewing, Jessi Gabauer, Janiee Persichetti, Darcie Ewing, Barbara Dziaminski, Margaret Evans, Robbie Salmon. Absent from picture: Marcy McCartney, Laura Neff. 102 2, Row 1: Sharon Evans, Kristen Anderson, Teresa Thornmeyer, Kathy Manners, Kathy McNamee, Janet Rinaldi, Judy Pratt, Karen Bachman, Maxine Hicks. Row 2: Barbara Bridge, Lyn Hudson, l Chris Stomness, Vicki Herbert, Jean Veltri, Linda Rutter, Cindy Barchlield, Ann Harnak, Pat Shuback, Evelyn Paul, Debbie Hudak. i i i PERFGRMS COMMU ITY SERVICES l National Honor Society Row 1: Debbi Ellis,.Ianet Fenton, Alma Travis, Jonna Faulkner. Row 2: Mary yTalley,Mary Ellen Mullen, Debbie Goldman, Karen Stokes. Row 3: Gary Will, l Mary Buches, Pam Polens, Jack Brickner. Row 4: Mike Deese, Dwight Newell. 1 if f f s I b iili ATIO AL H0 OR SOCIETY 103 Above Seniors discuss scope and sequence of topics. Right: Developmental Possibilities'?7 Row l: Tom Spartis, Jean Seymour, Bobbi Kapp, Ginger Maple, Debbie Genge, Jonna Faulkner, Pat Fazzoni, Dixie Barkand. Row 2: Susan Conway, Donna Bauer, Georgann Boal, Nancy Puckett, Margaret Evans, Debbie Herr, Trish Vilga, Kathy Polansky. Row 3: David Payton, Ed Kutsenkow, Marita Nowe, Harold Swift, Cathy Brenholts, Steve Ruth, Susan Primm. Row 4: Dennis Kelly, Dan Scott, Phil Bogdan, Joe l-lill, Bob Oskin, Doug Nanista, Steve Groninger, Tom Weimer, Dave Deremer. Row 5: Mike Hilty, Mike Chamberlain, Lew Ifft, Dave Amrhein, Ted Spear, I im DeWeese, Bob Barton, Bill Saccani. Absent from picture: Eric Helquist, Jean Ward, Bill Schwenk, Dave Mikolaj, Debbie Duff, Betty McDonald. SPECTRUM: TJ. LITERARY MAGAZINE outlet for student's opinion. 104 The Spectrum Staff, with the help of Mrs. Shew, has worked hard this year to create the fine literary annual enjoyed by the student body. Including prose and poetry and expressing the student s awareness of man and his changing environment, the Spectrum provides an F Right top FBLA wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. f Right bottom LaVerne tries to get a point across. Mary Smoyer is an ACE on the typewriter. F B L Row 1: Cathy Frewald, Val Colonna, Donna Urban, Geri Sharpeta, Irene Dzubinskfi, Eileen Bendel, Pat Augustine, Cindi Bodnar, Joyce Felix, Sara Sparks. Row 2: Barb 'Slack, Denise Thompson, Donna Smith, Carol Metzinger, Yolanda Cranisky, Millie Veronick, Cheryl Kampert, Cheryl Withers, Joanne Skeddle, Cathie Weightman, Darlene Appleman, Row 3: Jeane Barclay, Dottie Sinithson, Imogene Faiello, Dorene Pancoast, Jeanne Warner, Denise Frost, Gloria Gray, Sandy Cunningham, Terry Hofmann, Sharon Anjeski, Diane Withers, Anna Benedetti. Row 4: Linda Lewis, Pat Walsh, Debbie Elder. Janice Ryerson, Sharon Stonick, Brenda Hines, Gloria Humphry, Peggy Roberts, Charlette Holzer, Roberta Eirtle, Mona Swiderski, Bob Oskin. Row 5: Pat Scholl, Mary Ann Julian, Bev Verno, Helen Jones, LaVerne Ryerson, Janice Davidick, Loretta Generi, Dorothy Buches, Debbie Schroeder, Jane Smith, Donna Schmidt. Absent from picture: Bethann Basch, Jackie Powell, Renee Radu, Mary Smoyer, Cathy Vernonick. 105 Row 1: Kathy Hines, Jackie Stack, Charlene Moftitt, Kathy Shollenberger, Mary Ellen Mullen, Debbie Ellis, Michele Betler, Jonna Faulkner, Kathy Joseph, Laurie Saylor, Darlene Appleman, Julie Holmes, Barb Pallman, Sally Magnuson, Renee Radu, Debbie Genge. Row 2: Sue Remiie, Linda Lewis, Sue Conway, Dixie Barkand, Jean Seymour, Kim Foley, Joyce Felix, Sheryl Meek, Debbie Latstetter, Ruth Caldwell, Shelly Clark, Georgann Boal, Joan Kovalcin, Anna Mae Jaskolski, Bill Stotesbery, Michael l-ljlty. Row 3: Karen Snyder, Rachel Frantz, Donna Bauer, Debbie Herr, Mary Talley, Vicki Reed, Cheryl Simeone, Ma.ry Scott, Margret Evans, Geri Drnach, Kathy Polansky, Debbie Rieck, Debbie Ewing, Janice Persichetti, Nelson. Row 4: Pam Polens, Kitty Elsesser, Barb LeDonne, Gary Howard, Connelly, Glenn Zewe, Frank Kislan, Jim Glenn Critchlield. Row 5: Greg Fletcher, Bryant, Glenn McNamee, Mike Colonna, Ron Wickerham, Robert Foster, Mark Washabaugh George Crain, Lenny Milas, Bill Hartlein. Absent Steve Groninger, Mike Groninger, Bill Hubbell Tom Coles, Carol Polinsky, Betty McDonald. 3. CHOHMSO CEfU3AI GLEE CLUB Girl's Glee Row 1: Joan Voss, Janet Kurin, Margaret Gardner, Beth Daniels, Amy Hotham, Nancy Furlong, Becky Marsh, Debby Davis, Row 2: Carolyn Markley, Chris Geddis, Nancy Breisinger,Janet Moninger, Colleen Nanista, Karen Estock, Sharon Martell, Rose Marie Bucar, Joni Marymczak. Row 3: Thea Marcedes, Anne Mitchell, Sherri Chilzer, Jayne Brierly, Diane Patton, Lynn D'orazio, Cheryl Appleman, Gail Clayton. Row 4: Karen Kelly, Barb Lodge, Cynnie Flory, Peggy Breen, Allen Mauk, Dottie Roll, Holly H. Crosier, Patty Green. Row 5: Gretchy LeDonne, Bev Kossum, Janet Davis, Janice Weissgerber, Debbie Yanirk, Sue Ellen Plavchak, Margret Lewellyn, Linda Rutter. Absent from picture: Shelly Gabeaur, Teri Lindsay, N A CAPELLA EMBLE JPRO IDE EXCELLE w MIXED CHORUS Row 1: Don Smith, Mary Beth Demich, Carole Metzinger, Diane Breitinger, Gimiy Horgos, Jim Shetter, Pat Clifford, Steve Werner, John Bach, Dale Watazychyn, Bill Lindberg, Charlene Grese, Debbie Coo, Kathy Linn, John Hudzik. Row 2: Bruce Seely, Russell Eori, Lynn Mclntosh, Gail Bankerd, Leon Choeinsky, Shelley Grice, Leslie Laughlin, Karen Parland, Darlene Hicks, lMi1lie Veronick, Sue Ann Shuback, Barb I-lintz, Karen Estock, Glenn McNamee, Beth Rodgers, Tom Curry. Row 3: Nancy Adams, Eileen Bendel, Terri Weiss, Marcy Henderson, Edith Bindernagel, Brenda Hines, Debbie Elder, Martha Ganss, Bobbi ff-xr Row 1: Rachael Frantz, Kathy Joseph, Jackie Stack, Joyce Schademan. Row 2: Debbie Latstettar, Ruth Caldwell, Jessica Gilmore. Row 3: Carla Anderson, Margaret Evans, Debbie Rieck, Joan Kovalcin, Susan Noordhoff. Absent from picture: Betty McDonald, Carol Polinsky. TMUS C McConnell, Brenda Mattes, Marcia Mills, Charlene Davis, Carol Beeson, Margie Frantz, Lillian Jenkins, Joyce Schademan. Row 4: Rhonda Maust, Debbie Chilzer, Judy Foster, Charlotte Holzer, Peggy Roberts, Mary Lou Laverty, Karen Hoesh, Sheryl Korposh, Sally Weinberg, Laura Neff, Diane Costolo, Linda Reese, LaVerne Ryerson, Debbie Chiapini, Lorraine Lute, Carol Oelrich. Row 5: Janice Davadick, Jane Smith, Bill Stotesbery, Art Sutton, Brian Bootay, Bill Boyd, John Ray, Marc Torre, Sue Rudolph, Linda Grissinger, Joe Carson, Gary Aldridge, Paul Roberts, Jim Spari, Jay Gurman, Lee Herzberg, Tom Frenock. B who-mf -Nw 107 THE THOMAS JEFFERSON Mike Groninger turns on the band with his directing. i 41 DANCE B Row I: Helen Johnson, Steve Groninger, Suzi Benack, Barb Wilson, Judi Weaver, Mary Talley. Row 2: Chuck Schaffer, Greg Nuss, John Greenwald, Kathy Jo Sedinger, David Kraft, Glen Bost, Greg Taylor, Mike Groninger. Row 3: Fred Harnack, Bob Weingart, Dan Scott, Tim Bomba, Keith Bishop, Jim Lowery, James Marshall, Joe Hill. CONCERT BA D as il in Row 1: Phil Weingart, Bob Weingart, Sandy Cunningham, Pat Fazzoni, Margori Cross, Kathy Jo Sedinger, Donna Shortuse, Terry Gerwig, Jay Ann Lowe, Barb Roethe, Kathy Fitzsimmons, Paula Wiktorowski, Harry Metzinger, Suzi Benack, Elaine Small, Peggy Fazzoni. Row 2: Jeff Swift, Mike Deese, James Marshall, Scott Taylor, Phil Spartis, Pam Bomba, Joan Knudson, Helen Johnson, Bill Crawford, Rose Baccilc, Anna Marye Stickles, Doug Fletcher, Dorthy Rowland, Barb Gavala, John Robbins, Mike Monath. Row 3: David Kraft, Keith Bishop, Linda Moebs, Barb Palowitch, Lisa Bookert, Helen Berliner, Jane Chopak, Margaret Bald, Cindy Chalfant, Sue Thomas, Joanne Nelson, Donna Eichler, Gail Critehfield, Andy Zarichansky, Patty Boehmer, Bill Germann. Row 4: Kathy Leech, Jane Dickason, Bill Campoli, Keith Pancoast, Jim Wcddell, Gary Metro, Pete Esselman, Greg Taylor, Richard Elias, Pam Pitts, Barb Wilson, Judy Gaydos, Grace Shipp, Janice Mittenzwey, Don Mamula, Frank Gardner. Row 5: Jack McConnell, Greg Nuss, Glenn Bost, Dan Scott, Steve Groninger, Dave Shipp, Jim Lowery, Joe l-lill, Stan Stadnicki, Bob Jacky, John Lindberg, Mary Headley, Sue Tussing, Abbie Griffin, Mary Ann Julian, Lee Cleveland, Row 6: Mike Groninger, Chuck Mozingo, Tim Bomba, Keith Graham, Tom Steinen, Brad Gray, Ed Schmidt, Mike Chamberlain, Craig Hustwitt, John Greenwald, Bob Price, Fred Harnack, David Hopkins, Jeff Schalles, Dave Frola, Tom Brewer. Absent from picture: Barb Bloom, Leslie Guldenshuh, Candi Lanks, Al Lesofsky, Lynn Meadows, Chuck Shaffer, Karen Stokes, Lowry Stoops, David Talley, Mary Talley, Nancy Tussing, Becky Truxall, Judi Weaver, THE THOMAS JEFFERSON MARCHIN MAIORETTES SCORE HIGH A BAND IS ,, Top. A great group, isn't it? Left: T.J. majorettes make up the A color guard at the Belle Vernon game. Above: A meeting of the or maybe a goodjob? Right: The Thomas Jefferson Majorettes step right with their sharp uniforms and bright smiles. 110 AND A D H LF TIME .495 'if .M M El' 2 ii 1 ' 'L i,L ,ffgy W 3, t't 3, M 1 fi 3 1 Qffzrfi, 1? fl' V2 5 I 'h '21 ,L , Af ,1 1 iff ., f g. ,,+ , , ,3.,-'sw . ,Ji - 3- 2, ir rl " f f ,I, gg ii 2' iz: gi , ,wif of ., lr 2561 - I I ff :es .grv-1,if?f.u.,If1 .- f A fmfm,1+ N3 -, If y Q 'A T? zz. ' 1 W I ' -, Wig 1 cH1Q.lf -A ,.. I , ff W1 f Left: Ed Schmidt stands erect as a proud T,J. drum major should W ' T ' Above: Mr. Tucci rests and calls instructions as the band marches and X V, X H' follows orders. I F.- l A CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIV L lll l X, ',., 5NW 'YXNM4 -. , X. Q NNXXB "Q Xxy KNNC5 'CQ Xcj K nv 3 Sq ' ' ' xx-Q, K 1' Q . J X 3 NYT V FW? X '59 'Q 3 A Rx N 'X AXL XJ. Agkj Xmwy fjijgj' 1' KBCJNQB wx 'XYNQL cg Qgvrwix vw . QL:N'w4fxNxX3Q v gig V Y'N Y:. X RNWV 33 XJML 4' N: a mg? .ig LnxQ:' L93 Q5CC'K1xT ffisxl' 5' .,N, fmbmxx :MN 'X KA X KX Ai XX 4 X' SQJQ Xgxfwx qjx i xgiiciq if XQTXNCK W QLRXNUY ,XS BL-, Q 5 Q' V C: , Qfi KK LXU LQYXQQ LAY NC Q Wx WN Lain, MQNXQX Wg XXQN XX X 4' F? LQQN1, 'KW C5 QXC VX Q -xY'5XX XY Y UNC, sx XXX3 QM aff mimi RCLASSMEN :QCA . -, - 1 Q-QNX E K QQL1Q.3Qb K XNCVQKXQXT- TQ, gli' Q, 1 XXX QA Y' Q K XX QJXY-XYXXQQ UQ XX YN Q f 9 see, aiu ' 'Y Vug RNNYHNQ' Y' nj, 3 yy Q-E XNQWY me-XY Kgimv Lu 'v' kiwi N v v XM M, H if ' '59 ' A ff I ,V , ,JJ Q 1 if 1 ff 0 5 sg, ,f ,V , , ,uf 1 W 4. 6 f 11 151 Z W Q , 5 E T V , . 9 . , g ff ml , 19' :V Ka .- Y 3, M B f 2 3, , is 1-.H 31 '29 9 , ffl' ig I A gl ZLWL V +:"5J uk 'iraq ALL , 4:-Lei 4,4 CTL oc:-zum ,aawnfa cite fi 5 iii -V!ki"OL5 ,Lfbif ,ff-yc,A.fvL,44, ,bpd moi rvLfCa,Qfu-A -A LC ,514 f1'54,z ,VJ'1LfQfJ LVL LLAAJZQ .,,,4 Luk, A,tL..1.1L.fd, Cc. c Q,ga.4.+L4,Aa -1 ,VT-1441 ,Vg I,,f,Lu4 lqfkgagy rjywwclcaofat 'jfvik 1'-JN PM ,XL4-f4fff,f4u:N.' 'ALHII , -K W M. f a,Mw.a r ,JM Wea + stood THE 6lfASid0F Ab 534'-'li 6.4444 wifi' .fZx.1Q.LL, e.u.,c.+e + 0-Aww 'L Officers: President, Doug Talley, Vice-President, Joni Boeningg Sponsor, Mr. Kolencg Treasurer, Nancy Wrightg Secretary, Sally Robertson. We are freshmen now. It sounds. .new, a little strange, a little exciting We are a class, the class of 1972. . .united. The magazine sale. . .we worked together, We were welcomed. . . Freshmen, Freshmen, have you heard? Jaguars, Jaguars, is the word! . , .and we became a part. . .we were a part of the twelfth man. The pace was a little faster. . .there were late bells, and buses wait for no freshman. We found a new sophistration in our courses. . .and in our lives. 114 Row l: Richard Wilson, David Petrovich, Christopher Kerr. Ray- mond Severns, Susan Aitken, Denise Betler. Row 2: Robert De- vine, Roberta Fusco, Laura Slack, Harry Hillegass, Linda Stickles, Sally Robertson, Jeanie Goebel. Row 3: Linda Pukansky, Louis Cassinelli, John McConeghy, Greg Lenhart, Sue Macurak, Gladys Kuzmich, Larry Metz. Row 4: Sue Eichler, James Weddell, Dave Talley, Jane Chopak, Thomas Brown, Nancy Tussing. Row 5: Bonnie Nicklow, Cheryl Balogh, Tom Hudzik, James Markle, Terry Logue, Fred Harnack, Roy Curry, Bill Parland. Absent from picture: Pam Andres, Debie Kamerer, Bill Sayre, John Hirsch. 9B-103 Row 1: Lynn Piluger, Carol Harris, Kathy Foglia, Jean Schmalenberger, Debbie Daerr, Dan Kampert. Row 2: Dave Demus, Evelyn Hines, Susan Huffman, Valerie Stonick, Gary Met- zinger, Earl Garber, Elizabeth Bindernagel. Row 3: Malcolm Mag- nuson, Curt Gotto, Theresa Niedzield, Charlene Pascoe, Marcia Bruder, Debbie Elms. Row 4: Tom Abrosia, John Marks, Richard Quel, Doug Talley, Bill Christofel, Jack Shaffer. Row 5: Mike Ban, Don Eirtle, Charles Kill, Tom Hintz, Sandy Weinberg, Jack Slavonia, Mike Lorence. Absent from picture: Sondra Fisher, Paul Lenhart, Doug McCorkle. Observing Sneaker Day 1 115 Row l: Maude Harvey, Nancy Sharpeta, Bill Unrath, Michele Ney, Jean Barr, Patti Lemars, Larry Elliott. Row 2: Mike Hiscar, Patti Basch, Joni Bocning, Ellen White, Scott Taylor, Doug Fletcher, Bev Humphrey. Row 3: Kim Lewis, Cheryl Altman, Linda Ragan, Bonnie Rogerson, Jane Davis, Debra Mathews, Shirley Lower. Row 4: Nick Pitocco, Tim Schumann, Michael Cochran, Bob Olcott, Larry Buear, Tom Paszkiewicz, Jim Kish. Row 5: Terry Hintz, David Story, Rex Smith, Rich Mahon, Danny Gaydos, Roy Grant, Absent from Plcflllel Bob Dowie, Kathleen Kampert, Dale McElheny, Bob Withers. 9D-105 Row l: Terry Ulmer, Debbie MeCune, Marlene Hummel, Barbara Roethe, Carol Carman, Janice Lott, Donna Kampert. Row 2: Mike Lentz, Jim Pigmon, Philip Weingart, Joann Smith, Cindy King, Patty Eles, Donna Fleet. Row 3: Jeff Bucar, Bob Aldridge, Kevin Withers, Luanne LaFrankie, Alice DeGruttola, Janet Noordhoff, Marva Mikell. Row 4: Maryellen Schmidt, James Pasinski, Jamie Marshall, Larry Stoops, Keith Bishop, Mark Graham, Jess Shallenbcrger. Row 5: Jul Barbcra, David Michael, Rick Radomsky, John Harvey, Mark Maguda, Bill Hines, Terry Dougherty, Dan Troxcll.. Absent from picture: Donna Clark. 9C-104 Row 1: William Wojcik, Rex Foley, Joseph Gurecka, Pam Mattes, Joanne Lucey, Linda Erwin. Row 2: Linda Thomas, Carolyn Batschelder, Melissa Lillico, Paul Pitoceo, Mark Deese, Jean Veltri, Karen Knabenschuh. Row 3: Jeff Struble, Marylin Miller, Janis Holbert, Leigh Ann Smithson, Marjorie Booth, Lynn Schopf. Row 4: Doug McFarland, Robby Sheppard, Chris Snyder, Penelope Rathgeber, Abbie Griffin, Greg Conklin, Matthew Pavuk. Row 5: Leigh Burger, Rick Romano, Jeff Orr, Terry Lewis, Dennis Majetic, David Anderson, Richard Bruce. Absent from picture: Janine Dragan, Martin George, Tim Hyland, Wayne Warner. 9E-106 , ,A V, Row 1: Gloria Cooley, Romona Vilsack, Laura Matthews, Sharon Evans, Diane Malone, Kathy Dmach, Karen Sherwood. Row 2: Julie Burgett, Darlene Sutovich, Rebecca McGibbenny, Douglas Seely, Dan Morgan, Gary Spartis, Richard Rose. Row 3: Bob Workman, Debbie Lute, Deborah Hudak, Nina Guldenshuh Kristen Anderson, Michelle Haugliton, Martha White, Linda Karchuck, Mark Place. Row 4: Jackie lgnaczak, Susan Holgerson, Charles Yoest, Edward Foster, Michael Reeves, Mark Lindelof. Row 5: Jacqueline Komar, Gary Lang, Thomas Booth, Howard Beam, Paul Peck, Thomas Tindall, Dennis Oskin, Richard Mclieaters, Alfred Benedetti. Absent from picture: Jerry Degidio, Rosena George. Qr L. get , f s .7 1.1 I C' Jw 4. ks:-..1. f-xfkfx, Ninth graders make a success of their Hrst class project. 9G4202 is Row 1: Scott Bowers, Suzanne Pallman, .. Nancy Walker, Peggy Fazzoni, Candyf Haynes, Debbie Lappa, Margaret Russell. Row 2: Nancy Wright, Larry Jenks, John Fragassi, Tim Matthews, Cydney Beck, Karen Shinn, Susan Tinder. Row 3: Ava Stadnicki, Bill Germann, Kim Lindsay, Carol Mancuso, Orlo Lute, Robert Craig, Shelley Caldwell. Row 4: Barbara Wiederkehr, Paige Swaini, Debbie Restauri, Lance Selznick, Steve Kass, Mike Pekala, Merle McGrew. Row 5: Autie Holmes, David Armstrong, Bill Kossum, Steve Koontz, Fred Dudderar, Richard Dell. Absent from picture: Greg Guthrie, Pat Moore, Ray Pokorny. 117 Row l: Vernon Caley, Bonnie Haeck, Leslie Trimbath, Janet Frost, Agnes Marsha Hommel. Row 2: David Duke, Dwaine Atkinson, William Mort, Steve Fraikor, Rita Matyasousky, Dianna Pancoast. Row 3: Margaret Beeson, Joanne Shirley, 9H Manlyn Ferguson, William Lipowcan, Drew Stahlman, Edward Granisky. Row 4: Andrea Vicki Selznick, Jayne Lavery, Victoria McIntosh, Elaine Kaszycki, Robin Rieck, Donna Porter 5 Michael Peretic, Garry Walter, Danny Ryerson, Mike Zarichansky, Norman Jerome. Absent picture: Jim Swaney. Row 1: James Liptak, Alvin Ferree, Kathie McKee, Kathy Hemptield, Joyce Mantia, Cheryl Shoemaker, Donna Sabat. Row 2: Janet Rinaldi, Jessi Vemo, Carol Gilbert, Ronald Braun, David Kauffman, Joseph Hager, David Kra.ft.Row 3: JoAnn Demich, Rose Baccile, Gail Critchfield, Joyce Mayfield. Teresa Kuesser, Karen Francis, Mark Eamest.Row 4: David Johnston, Deborah Sesher, Debbie Ceresa, Debora Bendel, David Primm, Larry Trimnal, Dan Zei1er.Row 5: David Williams, Payl Wassell, David Hopkins, Thomas Castillenti, Joseph Perozich, Larry Nagel, David Swatko, Jerry Lynch. Absent from picture: John Laverty, Robert Paparella, Jeff Steltzer. 91-204 118 91-206 Row 1: Anne Bennett, Carol Ulrich, Kathy McNamee, Karen Bachman, Kerry Stephens, Mary Lawson.Row 2: Jim Sawchak, Bill Zewe, Ginny DeNale, Ruth Hostert, Gail Maple, Karen Primm. Row 3: Laurie Gilmore, Patty Shuback, Carol Finfmger, Andrea Efaw, Ginny Curlee, Bill Nath.R0w 4: Mary Hahn, Lee Keener, Neil Watko, Bob Johnston, Ken Wilson, Leslie Lytle, Tom Bren- holts.Row 5: Marlys Litchfield, Bill Freebom, Bill Trimnal, Jim Sweeney, Bob McCall, Dave Herr, Dale Kroll. Absent from picture: Tim Session, Eric Parke, Bruce Riniger, Gary Williams. ,H Go, go, go, gofite, lite, lite, win, win, win, win! 119 9K-208 Row I: Joe Sirokie, Laura Curry. Putty Lyons, Linda lfreneh. Sandy Dererner, John Cherrington. Row 2: Randy Parish. Donna MeCay. Janis Meek, Kristie Suylor, Roberta Beten, Sandy Baldwin, Row 3: June Tsuris, Maxine Hicks, Cheryl Kuinp, Nancy Severns. Donna l-lichler, Debbie Marcheleta. Guy lfinney. Row 4: Barbie Bridge, Carolyn Hudson, Nancy Kepliart, Marcia Sewald, David Roarty. Robert Joseph, Joe Glew. Row 5: George Hansen, Craig Nelson. Scott Livingston, Robin Swieord, Leonard Prns. Joe Stiekles, Russell Wauganran. SOPHOMORES THE CLASS OF 1971 f .4 Z rs? Officers: Secretary, Marcy D Shelly Gabauerg Sponsor, Mr. ,rar avisg President, Dave Buchesg Vice-President, Michelle Quattrog Treasurer, Martello. 1 r' vez'-rrgsvvwe We are progressing. As Sophomores, we have gained recognition. . .as football and basketball players, as che . . .as Sophomores We begin to think of Sophomore Carnival. . .it erleaders and majorettes, as Statesman staff members We have triumphed. . .We are no longer "small fryf, our future careers, . .we make decisions for ourselves now. The was never as much fun as the year we put it on. 120 1 Row l: Debbie Parker, Marcia DiCar1o, Darlene Sopko, Wendy Morris, Michael Rhoades, Sheryl Pollak. Row 2: Sylvia Chervon, Tom Azzarella, Steve Zebert, Glynnis Lyons, Ann Mitchell, Sharon McDevitt, Paula Kaufman. Row 3: Sandy Robertson, l10 Linda shauenbergef, Sally cameu, Diane Patton, Claudia Matthews. Row 4:Barbara Steinen, Ricky Egeland, Rick Wyble, l Jim Abercrombie, James Foster, Gary Odenthal. Row 5:Robert Greenwald, John Evans, Dennis Bottonari, Alan Freund, Paul l Coury, 'Jeff Latstetter, Gary Swaney. Absent from picture: Bruce l Knabenshuh, Pat Bentley. l l 10B-120 Row l: Evelyn Paul, Nancy Mason, Janet Ehringer, Jodie Keffer, Sherri Chilzer, Linda Baccile. Row 2: Margaret Llewelyn, Helen Berliner, Nancy Prusak, Jancie Weissgerber, Marilyn Oelrich, Marian Zeher, Anne Harvey, Lydia Abrasheff. Row 3: Doug Steltzer, Joseph Riccio, John Kosan, Richard Brown, Jane Moskowitz, Janice Mittenzwey. Row 4: John Griffith, George Crain, John Laverick, William Jacobs, William Boyd, Donald Mamula, James Vamossy. Row 5: David Frola, Lee Loftus, Scott Sutton, Wayne Hays, William Mattes, John Soukup. Absent from Picture: Helen Farquhar, Jane Gilmore, Chris McDonald, Albert Barton. 121 J 1 Michelle, Laurie, and Nancy "canning the Cougars." 2 S3 -Q in Ti . 10C-ll Row 1: Barb Stetar, Joan Voss, Becki McDonald, Cathy Orosi, Sandy Kemp, Russ Wergin. Row 2: Shelly Gabauer, Colleen Pearsol, Cindy Dunphy, Pam Jester, Pam Shirk, Janis Dohiack. Row 3: Gretchen LeDonne, Vivian Ferguson, Beatrice Radus, Walter Yablonsky, Bob Baher. Row 4: Andy Zarichansky, Kevin Christofel, Bob Maranche, Dick Schmidt, Dan Breen, Mike Monath, Craig Bieda. Row 5: Charles Mozingo, Jim Sperry, Richard Glaus, Danny Cundra, Lee Herzberg, Dave Buches, Mark Fallert. Absent from picture: Rick Elias, Chris Burgess. 10D-213 Row 1: Barbara Eicher, Robert Weingart, Karen Kelly, Karen Layne, Denise DiAntonio. Row 2: Gary Bachman, Pamela Manns, Debbie Werling, Clifford Faulkner, Leon Chocinsky. Row 3: Nick Wytiaz, Peter Veres, Craig McDonald, Craig Stephens, Ralph Hackman. Row 4: James Barr, Leslye Olsen, Deborah Lloyd, Beverly Kossum, Linda Moebs, Mary Beth Grix. Row 5: Frank Bernardi, Dennis Jaskolski, Richard Radu, Gary Aldridge, Thomas Pavlik. Absent from picture: Frank Shenkle, Sherrie Matthews. l0E-122 Row 1: Ray Stinner, Karen Halpenny, Judy Kraft, Arlene Spritz, Janet Moninger, Ellen Mauk.Row 2: Lynn D'Orazio, Cheryl Appleman, Celeste Marchelletta, Rhonda Casiraro, Barbara Lodge, Margaret Breen, Row 3: Bernice Thormeyer, Jaon Knudson, Stephen Werner, Ken Pernisek, Kevin Gloechl, Dennis Churley, Joe Curlee. Row 4: Randy Rathe, John Robbins, Tom Bailey, Bill Scarbrough, Debbi Eberman, Barbara Bloom. Row 5: Linda Rutter, Tom Renne, Glenn Fiore, Tom Yaksick, Mike Elsesser, George Tankosic, Sam Orr. Absent from picture: Georgia Cady, Dan Kiggins, John Stark, Robert Galardini. l0F-217 Row 1: John Bock, Georgiann Glumae, Barbara Moore, Kathy Fitzsimmons, Barbara Stoops, Linda Foytik. Row 2: Coleen Nanista, Nancy Breisinger, Laurie Razumic, Dan Handshue, Michele Quattro, Nancy Simoncic. Row 3: Bob McDonald, Debbie Yanik, Judy Krasneski, Debbie Fancsali, Janet Emmer, Kathy Clancy. Row 4: Cliff Doughty, Tom Hickman, George Walter, Paul Arch, Dave Marcucci, Dean Caley. Row 5: Don Johnson, Bob Picchi, Wendel Wickerham, Jim Lindberg, John Galey, Greg Curry. Absent from picture Edie Bindernagel. l0G-223 Row 1: Barbara Nazaruk, Harley Moore, Robin McKown, Nancy Breitinger, Debi Slogan, Diane Go1dsworthy.Row 2: Paula Wiktorowski, Linda Marella, Dale Watazychyn, George Ruposky, Bill Lindberg, Patty Boehmer.Row 3: Debbie Archibald, Joni Maxymczak, Dennis Caligiuri, Gale Claytor, Kathy Scdinger, Helen Johnson, Tim I.ogue.Row 4: Barb Palowitch, Nancy Gallatin, Chris Strom- ness, Cindy Barchfeld, Russell Eori, Rick Munsick, Jim Doyle.Row 5: Pat Hanley, Bill Rodgers, John Maxymczak, John Yogan, John Schuster, Ron Fletcher, Tom Curry, Gary Reed. Absent from picture: Sandy Hilty. Row l: Carol Erickson, Beth Daniels, Mary Beth Jones, Cheryl Dranko, Elaine Sma.ll, Laurie Tetzlaff, Teri Moore. Row 2: Carolyn Markley, Mark Kuchta, Karen Pflueger, Sharon Martell, Doris Roll, Bob Watazychyn, Pat Clifford. Row 3: Cynnie Flory, Barb Brenholts, Terri Lindsay, Pam Bomba, Mark Klein, Walley Cameron, Gary Metro, Phil Lovejoy. Row 4: Gary Reith, Keith Pancoast, Karen Hoesch, Annetta Barkman, Peggy McCaughey, Bruce Seely, Jim Mesing. Row 5: Wyatt Neel, Emil Sujeta, Terry Stanton, Steve Amowitz, Bill Hanlon, Bob Miller, Dave Winn, Dave Goodrum. 10 -109 ff T Row l: William Earls, Gordan Heckman, 1 g- Michael Sellers, Frank Gardner, Clifford ' : , Carrilli, Michael Wittman,Row 2: Allan -'wifi , Withers, Darlene Sopko, Cheryl Rennie, 5315, ' Deborah Ban, Marcella Dolinar, Jay Ann A f , --.r,, Lowe.Row 3: Amy Hotham, Rebecca ' ' Sf , , Marsh, Deborah Davis, Cheryl Smith, .vi L ' Judy Pratt, Dorothy Rowland, Roger E f -3- ,- Webb.R0w 4: Pam Steffey, Susan Moraitis, Kathleen Neilson, Susan Thomas, Judy McCay, Lisa Bookert, ,QU William Weber.Row 5: Cathy Gotto, fp' 2 'N' Debra Kalinna, Deborah Linn, Susan X ,. Phillips, Peter Esselman, Robin Folmar, S Michael Kukich, Larry Reitmeyer. Absent from picture: Thomas Brewer, David Colonie, James Klescich. 101-212 Row 1: William Wolfgang, Gail McConnell, Janet Kurin, Chris Geddis, Barbara Rudolph, Linda Estock.Row 2: Patricia Green, Pauline Kobelak, Debbie Steiger, Chris Antal, Patricia Litt1e.Row 3: Virginia Frankert, Carol Zalakar, Denise Murr, Janet Davis, Thomas Conley.Row 4: Richard Pasinski, Richard Semk, Charles Weber, Clifford Sunnarborg, James Lowery, Row 5: Craig Houston, David Snyder, James Reno, Joseph Carson, Marc Tourre, Joseph Harchar, Arky Moresea. Absent from picture: Brian Bootay, Darlene Ebemaan, Jay Newmeyer, Sue Ellen Plavchak. 124 l i Row 1: Steve Papierowicz, Nancy Benter, Bernice Sopko, Marcy Davis, Peggy Noroski, Patty Police. Row 2: Bryan Stein, Steve Cheplic, Dave Koeberlein, Jayne Briefly, Teri Shaffer, Marjorie Frantz. Row 3: Derek Wright, Earl Auzintae, Scott Livingstone, Dave Eyrolles, John Hudzick, John Rhea, David Kaszycki. Row 4: Paul Morris, John Greenwald, Robert Booth, William Hattlein, David Kovalcin, Len Kushner, Bill Martin. Absent from picture: Jack McConnell, Dean Genge. 10K-220 l0L-205 Row 1: Thea Marcedes, Ruth Mowry, Kathy Gnus, Nancy Furlong, Roxanne Chock. Row 2: James Hobaugh, Holly Crosicr, Janet Samuels, Barbara Ross, Rose Marie Bucar. Row 3: James Faust, David Bradish, Douglas Dick, Mark Boansorte, David Piccini. Row 4: Jeff Swift, Andrew Girman, Ronald Sakol, Gary Ceresa, Steve Gajdosik. Absent from picture: David Houston. ual I "'5S' ku' . JU IORS THE CLASS OF 1970 gfficeas: Vice-President, Tim Stackg President, Wayne Toumig Secretary, Barb Hintzg Treasurer, Geri mac . More than ever before, we are one.. .Juniors. We worked. . .and accomplished.We became nuns and murderers. . .and prompters and make-up artists and stage lighting technicians. . .together. We transformed the gym. . .shunned it of its usual scoreboards and basketball hoops. . .presented it to the Seniors on Prom night. We played, cheered and prayed hard. . .to win the Big Ten Championship, Thomas Jefferson High School won. . .we, the Juniors, helped. The band. . .chosen to go to the Cherry Blossom Fes- tival. . .we, the Juniors, helped. We have developed a rapport with the Seniors. . .and unparallelled relationship... memories of Senior Day Basketball game.. .of cheering side by side in the football stadium. . .of sharing friendship and good times. Our Junior year was great. We look back for a moment. . .wishing it could be ours once more. But we turn quickly away. . .there is something greater ahead of us. 126 2 'J' We Row l: Beth Anne Rodgers, Lynn Black, Buddy Swinglc, Barb Gavala, Marian Marchese, Debbie Lawlor. Row 2: Roberta McConnell. Anna Marie Stickles, Marisue llarves. Vicki Hubert, Chris l-linsman, Ed Budday. Row 3: John Lindberg, Bob Mcgraw, I Albert Bowers, Chris Ulrich. Richard Craig. Russ Acheson, Paul Miller, Row 4: Mike Cuthell, Debbie Chiappini, Albin Kosikowski. Ron Goodrum, Tom Hobuugh, Mary Lou Laverty. Row 5:Pat Acholl. Laura Neff, Glenn Bost, John Wurnack, Ronnie Desimonc, Dan Capanna, Dun l-'orcnce,Sheldon Slepecki,Absent from picture: Pal Demeis, Irene Dzubinski. Deloris Pitocco. Row I: Kathy Linn, Cindi Bodnar, Regina Hess, Colleen McCorkle, Landy Cranisky, Jane Dickason. Row 2: Dennis Hood, Debbie Warren, Karen Remesnyder, Pat Chontos, Bruce Marchetti, Judy Foster. Row 3: Joanne Nelson, John Stivala, Ken McConcghy, John Smith, Fred George, John Frost. Row 4: 1 l B-1 Ann Harnack, Mary Jo Roney, Debbie Schroeder, Bob Rennie, Dennis Pitocco, Keith Graham. Row 5: Dick Barton, George Lee, Steve Vamossy, Charles Karnack, Gary Carden. J if ,- J ,. .4 127 72 J f 4 x 5 if :,Y I S ' ' 11D-11 Row l: Mary Veres, Janny Econovich, Carol Ignaczak, Jackie Siafik, Eileen GUIHCKH, Carol Metzinger, Terry Gerwig.Row 2: Charlene Grese, Debbie Nolan, Doris Lentz, Natalie Kuzmich, Marlene Heeg, Carol Beeson, Larry Wojcik.R0w 3: Charles Bryant, Don Smith, Bill Kerr, Bill Mathews, Kathy Monahan, Dave Friday, Bill Campoli. Row 4: Cliff Boehm, Ron Mesing, Les Taylor, Bob Price, Glenn Critchfield, Tom lvak, Donna Stoops. Row 5: Gene Dixon, Bob McDonald, Jim Reynolds, Brad Gray, Steve Hopkins, Bob Maguda.Absent from picture: Greg Bowers, 'Dave Lockard, Ann Shalley. ll -lll Row 1: Sally Withers, Marleen George, Judi Weaver, Linda Calesarick, Nancy Adams.R0w 2: Jacque DiPietro, Karen Kueser, Kathy Leech, Sharon Stonick, Bob Kennedy. Row 3: John Cirillo, John Pleunik, Vicki Washabaugh, Steve Ross, Larry Little.Row 4: Paul Fanscali, Dennis Moresea, Steve Markle, John Crisp, Tom Frenock. Row 5: Jeff Noble, Ed Schmidt, Ed Hutchinson. Absent from pictures: Dave McCork1e, Barbara Murray, Tom Sweeney, Karen Kress, Patricia Spencer. Row 1: Virginia Horgos, Shelly Grice, Jackie Kacmarik, Donna Smith, Marjorie Cross, Harry Metzinger. Karen Prus, Janice Ryerson, Vicky Goode, Cindy Ellrod, Thomas, Chris Takagi, Millie Veronick.Row 3: Ken Weaver, Melhado, Nick Nero, Lorraine Lute, Mary Headley, Anderson, Lee Cleveland. Row 4: Ron Stoops, Gary King, Lacoma, Ed Carpenter, Pete Friday, Ricky Irwin, Lesofsky.Row 5: Bill McGrew, Mark Morrison, Wolfe, Terry Ackman, Dave McEll1inny, Keith Richardson.Al from picture: Tim Stack, Lenna Petersen, Susie Benack. llE-ll9 Row l: Marcia Colonna, Lynn Melntosh, Richard Fritz, Linda MOH, Caihie Weighfman, Susan Saecani.R0w 2: Lill Plavchak, Terry Carroll, Darlyn Oitto, Lisa Homberger, Bill Thomas, Ronald Sheppard.Row 3: Gery Heagy, Stan Stadnieki, Bob Crusan, Joe Levat, Peter Swaim, Mark Jackson. Row 4: Pamela Richardson, Ruth Axelson, Karen Gibson, Richard Erwin, Tom Lalfrankie, Bill St0feSbCfY-Row 5: Earl Kline, Bob Boyle, Wayne Guenther, Emil Domer, George Rack, Bob Lutes.Absent from picturee: Meg Petersen, Ross Williams, Tom Parry. fi l llF-121 Row l: Paulette Santoro, Denise Muse, Colleen Morrow, Aritha Lewis, Cheryl Choek, Patty Montresor. Row 2: Kathy Haoek, Linda Wright.Randy Rininger, Jim Shelter, Jim Baekstrom, Mary Jayne Fail. Row 3: Charles Moskowitz, David Erhardt, David Todd, David Gindlesberger. Tad Wells, Rhonda Maust, Lynn Conklin. Row 4: Barb LeDonne, Debbie Chilzer, Bob Jacky, George Ifrola, Gary Howard, Jim Bernardo. Row 5: Bill Wagner, John Rovnak, Eric McNeal, Joyce Sewald, Marsha Dowie, Leonard Milas, Evelyn Kobelak. Absent from picture: Art Cuddy, Shawn Lyons, Bob Smith. 4, - A 74 ,3 1 Q, ,ff ' xlvfg-J' 'X11f'J.Wh J , fi , , i f, 2 . ar ' ' A 2 ,,:.V ' 13' ,,, RK N IQ, 5, I M V f' 's ya, Cgohb' N J ' 'A - -W A x , . , I. . Y 45 Q T , ' ' 'T i 4 gf 1 ai Y: They don'i give drivers and ridcr's passes every day. Row 1: Georgia Miller, Kathy Hurl, Jamie Driscoll, Elaine Casini, Tom Walker, Dennis Sawchak. Row 2: .Kevin Finley, Bob Bailey, Dan Legler, Pat Rathgeber, Debbie Pasqualini, Donna Lewis, Dennis Haines. Row 3: Keith Erringer, Paul Hravnak, Ken Langtitt, David Shipp, Chris Connelly, John Macurak, Debbie Brown. Row 4: Eleanor Sujeta, Patty Westland, Rhonda McNeil, Barb Breisinger, llH-214 Joyce Danzey, Charlotte Holzer, Peggy Roberts. Row 5: Brian Hebert, Kenny Golden, Dennis Fuccaro, Lillian Jenkins. Absent from picture: Frank Bartko. lll-221 Row l: Noreen Miller, Debbie Coo, Karen Goltz, Mary McTigue, Joanne Evans, Diana Breitinger, Darlene Hicks. Row 2: Gail Bankerd, Kim Munro, Karen Sunnarborg, Sue Ann Shuback, Karen Jerome, Joyce Schademan, Sheryl Korposh. Row 3: Karen Castagna, Valerie Bisacca, Michele Tsouris, Marcy McCartney, Geri Dmach, Fritz Wherry, John Vema. Row 4: Walt Cook, Glen Zewe, Ray Hall, Bruce Peterson, Chip Lanks, Dennis Steiger, George Soles. Row 5: Luddy Malacki, Paul Roberts, Linda Grissinger, Linda Lewis, Letch Hudgins, Harold Gallagher. al 130 'Row l: Jacque Hanley, Donna Bisel, Karen Parland, Leslie ,Laughlin, Sue Costello, Peggy Lyons. Row 2: Tim Lewis, Ed ' Schmalenberger, Wayne Tuomi, Martha Ganss, Marcia Mills, Lynne Meadows. Row 3: Sue Robertson, Jeanne Barclay, Patty Walsh, 'Kathy Wherry, Charlene Davis, Phil Spartis. Row 4: Wayne Jones, 'Gary Zoller, Duane Breitinger, Gloria Humphrey, Linda Reese, Ellen Primm. Row 5: Jim Malone, Ray Fedela, Tom Steinen, Jim McCla.nahan, Bob Good, Bill Kosar, Tom Simpkins. Absent from picture: Leslie Petro, Craig Shaeffer, Andrea Hilty, Darryl Pearsol, Curt Swaney, Thomas Duke. s llK-116 i 5 35 I llJ-224 Row 1: Barbara Tsouris, Joanne Skeddle, Dian Stevens, John Pigmon, George Warhola, Kathy Joseph. Row 2: Barbara Hintz, Dale Robinson, Brenda Hines, Sue Tussing, Bonnie Papierowicz, Diann Costolo. Row 3: Andy Fedorka, Don Bittner, Bill Charles, Tom Kossum, Bob DeNa1e, Dave Hansen. Row 4: Bert Batko, Don Licht, Alex Dziamniski, Stan Mitchell, Fred Hunter, Don Mancuso. Row 5: John Neel, Kurt Spartz, Bob Zo1ler,George Williams. , if 'L-rr , , f. fs! ha 1 N 41 O x ,,,, 131 Xjcmexf, QM 0? N LM ggmvfwsk- MMO GUKFSE qwg qQQQn8, ivxfxij Um amd Hjogii 510 VH- Nevvv ? '11 Nba.: Jvc: 0.355033 UK WW- Une- Up PGV Q3-61'-:vi-el' Cwcmiomf if Cum' mqvj C523 Ps, IH s 9 o vale ff Woes agen L5 HN QUASS fb 4'U'xQ U45 O Q J-we l-L cdbo C4113 52. Wwic YYXQQQC X 'Y-Ng SENIORS Zia", ' ' sf V fag .fy aa? 1 QW K 15,1 'ff Q, ,, ,. ', , 14355 , mf. 4 ,f 1 a, ., H, fyr, - ' , mm- f, V ,,.,, pf A W . ff, f' ' f' -' 4 ,JW V W. W f W , , ,, W , V Zn 'W M ' , 5,1 ,, 1, ,, Q Z . ., ',,zf,- . ,,, 1 ,li f L, 7, W 'gi Q 1 5 iz 1 ,nm ffl. f 11:1 1 E ,,,, 1-M5 1 S ,WN . ,ws 52? A 'H JIM i ' fi M32 E4 Nw , THE CLASS OF 1969 . . . A large red rectangular building sits squarely beside the roadfinside, 324 people talk, write, listen, speak, laugh, look, cryggrow. For the past six years, we have spent many hours Within this red building, growing. Our minds have been filled with many thoughts and ideas, adding to our individual concepts of the shape and form of our world. Now we leave the red rectangle, to enter another of greater size and scope. How we function, what roles we take, how our actions affect the structurefwill depend upon the ability of each of us to deal with the patterns of these concentric rectangles. No matter which angle we adhere to, no matter which side we are drawn to, no matter which area we mold to fit our personalitiesfthe structure of Thomas Jefferson High School will remain a factor in the development of our individual structures, and in the form of the New World we shall build. Climb Every Mountain. "Climb every mountain! Search, high and low! Follow every byway, every path you know. Climb every mountain! Ford every stream! Follow every rainbow, till you find your dreamf A dream that will need all the love you can give, Every day of your life, for as long as you live." i PGM 9 Q05 34' 9 r 'Wt 'MS We Brown-eyed Susan. : Brown and Gold. : "To Strive, To Seek, To , Find and Not To Yieldl' SENIOR OFFICERS: Row l: Karen Stokes, Treasurer, Vicki Reed, Secretary. Row 2: Mr. Bruggeman, Sponsorg Steve Snavely, Presidentg Gary Lotz, Vice-President. 1 ' -aw DAVID AMRHEIN KAREN ANDERSON JAMES ANGOTTI SHARON ANJESKI MERRILL ANKNEY DARLENE APPLEMAN STEVEN ARCHER RUSSELL ASHMAN Sharon and Mary collect Senior picture money as Michele and Kathy wait their turn. ,N gg . X T , MARGARET BALD MARY BALD f qs. N 'Q f'--Q., PM was 'f PATRICIA AUGUSTINE DAVID BAILEY LAURA BAKER 5, f .fi ' X 5 'N 5 1. z , , em., 3 5- . at L X gf iT: 'VZ 131 ,.z:tE::3l,kg3f?QE.-, px 4 . usp-. A 1 1 I 'Aa Se zzzzzzgazqgi.--.22-:,. ,,... Q1- 5.61. FTS! fm L v gnu--A fZ....s.!:1 .fQa,nQ.- q:5:'.'g--f.1g---- ta wmrtzv- .x.c,g, . .. mu m. in 4 f' ' ' ' . '21 1. .. .- I 5551-ffirze -2-:--:I-. I1-.1-Q.-.:::.-:Q-1 ,unulZm'iv,-.-.n fnn. .M-M -Q- DONALD BARCA WILLIAM BARELLA DIXIE BARKAND ROBERT BARTON BETHANN BASCH JOAN BATES DONNA BAUER BELINDA BAYLES EILEEN BENDEL GARY BENDEL . I A z-NM gf I I " I' XE N xx SX if ANNA BENEDETTI MICHELE BETLER GEORGANNE BOAL PHILIP BOGDAN TIMOTHY BOMBA THOMAS BONURA J ACKLYN BOWSER KATHLEEN BRADISH STEVEN BRANDT CATHERINE BRENHOLTS JAMES BRICKER BURTON BRIDGE WILLIAM BRAUN KENNETH BRENNFLECK JOHN BRICKNER JOHN BUCAR unsung, QCV N-vu-., vm wr ,' -K ff 'af' 4 'T N K-1:-5-gr 5 5 QI X 1 xi ' 3 I- ' is LIfI I I ,I k,Lr ,L 52 I I X I DOROTHY BUCHES MARY BUCHES DAVID BURCIN GARY BURKHART LYNNE CAFFAREL RUTH CALDWELL JOHN CALIGUIRE KENNETH CARROLL FLOYD CASSINELLI BENJAMIN CASTOR CYNTHIA CHALFANT MICHAEL CHAMBERLAIN DOROTHY CHECK JOSEPH CHEPLIC RICHARD CHERVON 138 TERRY CHOCK SHELLY CLARK HOWARD COCHRAN THOMAS COLES dnqqg . ,, . ,xzvgvgwgLJy:!t.5wiMi . VALERIE COLONNA SUSAN CONWAY LYNN CORNELISON I . am mhi ,E 5, . K: W ff? QW 5 'K A' I ' V W A.: I f"iX A Q55 ff A CAROL CRAIN DONALD CRAWFORD WILLIAM CRAWFORD 139 MICHAEL COLONNA into BRUCE CROWNOVER GERALDINE CUDDY SANDRA CUNNINGHAM JANICE DAVADICK MICHAEL DEESE JOSEPH DEFRANCISCO Michele poses for her senior picture. THOMAS DEMCHAK MARY BETH DEMICH DAVID DERMER DEBORAH DEWALT JAMES DEWEESE DEBORAH DUFF 140 BARBARA DZIAMNISKI DAVID EICHLER J' S53 A X DEBORAH ELLIS KATHRYN ELSESSER KAREN ESTOCK MARGARET EVANS MARGARET EVENSON DARCIE EWING ROBERTA EIRTLE DEBORAH ELDER DAVID EVANS K'Hey, look! MONEY! E aa? if .QQ 'H aw Q Q k"iY',ki . -X xx Tk 'K B Of - wr, DEBRA EWING JOHN FABRY IMOGENE FAIELLO y DONALD FARQUHAR THOMAS FARR PATRICIA FAZZONI JOYCE FELIX JONNA FAULKNER Q '54 Y Rims, X X If r 'spa ,1 wg E wk, , 1:1 ggwffg, 13 .I vm L - ,g,51k5rzfQi'1zs H ix EE . 1., '-4.-if' fy' A 'E JANET FENTON GREGORY FINCH THOMAS FISHER THOMAS FLEET GREGORY FLETCHER DANIEL FLYNN JOHN F OGLIA KIM F OLEY 142 SHARON FOLMER ROBERT FOSTER CHERYL FRAGASSI RACHEL FRANTZ CATHY FREIWALD Seniors hard at work in Homeroom 218, NADINE FRAIKOR if THOMAS FRANKERT DENISE FROST ROBERT GAJDOSIK I I JESSICA GABAUER MARGARET GARDNER at N 4' SHIRLEY GARMAN , . 4' JUDITH GAYDOS LORETTA GENARI DEBORAH GENGE RITA GLOS Art classes visit "Fal1ingwater.,' JESSICA GILMORE CAROLYN GLASCOE BERNARD GLOS EAAER .......-.par 4. 7 ' . 'iv , ,, ,. 2, sg 'f- "'l ti, .Q GLORIA GRAY DEBORAH GOLDMAN JAMES GRIFFITHS Hal' SHARON GOLTZ MICHAEL GRONING ER SARAH GOODE STEPHEN GRONINGER I LESLIE GULDENSHUH Jim DeWeese flies through the air with the greatest of ease. W W' KAREN GUTHRIE PATRICIA HALEN LAUREEN HARTMAN PAUL HEAGY JOHN HELBIG ERIC HELQUIST 'kv ,347 VS! Aw' X MARCELLA HENDERSON DEBORAH HERR JOSEPH HILL MICHAEL HILTY KATHY HINES SUSAN HINES ,f" A A ES , L: wigs" 3 wh, 55.11 . , E , ff: . - . - .Q N , N 1 z- S 'ilk' ?"v N Q 5 1? 55" OQH fi A ' E AN S' Q kk" qw A TIMOTHY HITE REGINA HODGE TERESA HOFMAN KATHRYN HINSMAN BARRY HINTZ CAMILLE HIRSCH JOHN HUBBELL ' I ROBERT HUGHES EILEEN HOSTART PAULA HOUGH THOMAS HOULIHAN i WI, 4. ,I w. ix Y? 53 .TULIA HOLMES MICHELE HORNE DAVID HOSMER LEWIS IFFT GARY IRWIN uns. Y LARRY JAGEMAN ROBERT JANUS ANNA MAE JASKOLSKI HELEN JONES Susan accompanies Debbie, Kathy, Ruth and Joan in Room 123. PAUL JORDAN MARY KEFFER MARY ANN JULIAN MELISSA KELLER Marita "Manzini" Nowe Leads TJ. cheerleaders in spirited song at a Pep Rally. CHERYL KAMPERT BARBARA KAPP tif DENNIS KELLY EDWARD KELLY RANDALL KIMSEY FRANK KISLAN ERIC KNABANSCHUH JOAN KOVALCIN DANIEL KUCHTA EDWARD KUTSENKOW EDWARD LABOON CANDACE LANKS Mr. Kuchta performs a dissection on one of the specimens in 124. rig' THOMAS LARGE DEBORAH LATSTETTER JOSEPH LAZUR LINDA LEWIS RAYMOND LIPOWCAN ROBERT LIPTAK MARION LOPRESTI HOWARD LOTT GARY LOTZ , 149 '99 M, 4-' 'j 9 W 'I of gui" DAVID LOUGHRAN SALLY MAGNUSON STEVEN MANNERS A fQY,jx W , JAMES LEETE GINGER MAPLE MICHAEL MARCHELLETTA MICHAEL MARKS ,.-., 4. .. ' . ."' '33 u W 'Wh N A RICHARD MARTELL CYNTHIA MATTHEWS BRENDA MATTES BETTY MCDONALD I PATRICIA MATTES KENNETH MAXON GLENN MCCONNEL KENNETH MCELHENY TIMOTHY MCINTOSH GLENN MCNAMEE SHERYL MEEK 2 f PAULETTE MITCHKO ROBERT MORINI ' JOHN MITRUSKI ROBERT MORRIS 5, N, . j"'f,. V 1 . 7 ,gf 2 ,Q - f I wav? I, ww 2-' A 2 DAVID MIKOLAJ CHARLENE MOFFITT STEVEN MITCHELL CHERYLN MOORE fi?-ness, Jil-+4 """"? J TIMOTHY MOWRY MARY ELLEN MULLEN LEONARD MURPHY DOUGLAS NANISTA DWIGHT NEWELL TERRENCE NEWMEYER WILLIAM NEWTON SUSAN NOORDHOFF Viva' 151 A A M 3 I W A' ,duh mist, DONALD NORRIS MARITA NOWE GREGORY NUSS CAROL OELRICH JOHN O'NEILL ROBERT OSKIN BARBARA PALLMAN BERNICE PALLMAN DORENE PANCOAST THERESE PASZKIEWICZ Cathy, Dorothy, Sharon, and Sue decorate the Christmas tree. Jim and Steve demonstrate T.J. good sportsmanship. JOSEPH PATRICK LINDA PAULSEN DAVID PAYTON .IANICE PERSICHETTI an .gy WW! CHARLES PF LUEGER HARRY PHILLIPS PAMELA PITTS GREGORY PLAVCHAK KATHLEEN POLANSKY PAMELA POLENS CAROL POLINSKY ALAN POTTS in ,mam ,.--'J JACQUELINE POWELL SUSAN PRIMM NANCY PUCKETT RENEE RADU VICTORIA REED SUSAN RENNIE THOMAS ROTHBAUER Underclassmen line up fo ALAN REID DEBORAH RIECK SUZANNE RUDOLPH r homeroom pictures. ANNETTE RUMANCIK STEVE RUTH LAVERNE RYERSON WILLIAM SACCANI ROBERTA SALMON LEONARD SANDS Ns LAURIE SAYLOR CHARLES SCHAFFER JAMES SCHALLES DONNA SCHMIDT T A-1f'ii I x 1 MQ -- - LINDA SCHRAN WILLIAM SCHWENK DANDRIDGE SCOTT MARY SCOTT an MU fir JEAN SEYMOUR BLAKE SHAFFER JOHN SHAKESPEARE GERALDINE SHARPETA 155 GRACE SHIPP KATHY DONNA SHORTUSE CHERYL SIMEONE SHOLLENBERGER JOSEPH SKERGAN BARBARA SLACK JANE SMITH DOROTHY SMITHSON MARY SMOYER STEPHEN SNAVELY KAREN SNYDER MARTHA SNYDER THOMAS SPARTIS SARA SPARK THEODORE SPEAR PATRICK SPEICHER 156 KAREN STEPHENS KAREN STOKES RAMONA SWIDERSKI HAROLD SWIFT GARY THOMAS JAMES THOMAS DENISE THOMPSON DANIEL TILLERY ARTHUR SUTTON MARY SWEENEY MARY TALLEY GREGORY TAYLOR TJ. mujorcttcs Mary, Rhonda, Kathy, and Sherry perform. ALMA TRAVIS REBECCA TRUXAL PATRICIA UNITES DONNA URBAN JAMES VAZZANA BEVERLY VERNO KATHRYN VERONICK PATRICIA VILGA VALERIE WAGNER JEAN WARD JEAN WARNER MARK WASHABAUGH LQ THOMAS WEIMER SALLY WEINBERG TERRY WEISS RONALD WELLS 158 STEVEN WERLE NANCY WHITE DOUGLAS WHITEHOUSE GARY WILL CHARLES WILLIAMS BARBARA WILSON I ' 'J if Lk , mbgwe Ax Yi I Y 1- A vi-3 Jaguars go to fight and Win the Big Ten Champ- ionship! Q0 effi- DARLENE WISE CHERYL WITHERS DALE WITHERS DIANE WITHERS SUSAN YABLONSKY DONALD YANKO E IOR DIRECTORY DAVID B. AMRHEIN Aeadernie: Fborbatl 9,Trae1r 9, 10, 11:Crbrr Ceunmry 10,Crere Cbunr.ry manager 11, 12: Cnesr Club 9: Barkerball Manager 10, Junior Clare Play 11, 1AMEs T. ANGo1-rl oerieral,11areba1lll1.11,1z.varn1yclub1o,11.lz KAREN I. ANDERSON Academic. lefrerrun 9, Arl Club 9, 11,C1rera Club 9.Clruir 9, Pep Club 10, 11, lz, Medreal Careers Club 10, 11. Sephombr-J Carnival 1n.Girlr G1ee1u.1umnr Clara Play Cbmrnrnee 11, Prem Curnmillee l1.Men1leel1b 11, SHARON A. ANIESKI Rurinerrg F.B.L.A, 11, secretary 12: Usllera Club 12 Mbulieellb-rrearurer 12: Statesman 12: Student Secretary IZ, MERILL D. ANKNEV General DARLENE A. APPLEMAN Aeadernie. sophomore Churue 10, A Cappella 11. 12. Girls' Enrernble 11. Medreal Careerrrlub ll,F.B.L A. 12, STEVE EDWARD ARCHER General. Transferred from wa11aeeJr High in 1966. RussE1.L c.Asl1MAN Aeaderrue,lfbe1ball9.lorlzareball-2,ln.11.11,1rarlre1bal19.varrrlyC1ub ll, lz PATRICIA A. AUGUSTINE Burrnerr, Pep Club 11, I' B 1. A,12. DAVE R,1aA1LEv Afaderrue. wrealluig 9. lo, ll, 12, Clrerr Club 9, Cree Ceunrry lo, cal-ruval cernuurree 1o.1urubr Clara Play 11.rrbnr cruurrunue 11 LAURA E. BAKER lauunurr.s1uuerrr seerrrary 11 MARGARET E. BALD Aeaderrue. Ceneerr Band 9,1u,1l, 12. Marenrng Band 9.1 V Clreer1eader10,varsrly Cireerleader11,12,Pep Club 10: Pep ClubTrearurer 11.12. I.T.'rrTrearurur 11 MARY E, BALD Aeademlc, Iv, Cneerleader 10. Varrrly Cheerleader 11, 12, Pep Club 10, ll, 12. sepnel-nbre Carnival Cenrrnilree lu. Junior Play Carl 11. Prem Cemrnrrlee ll. 1 T 'r-secretary 12 DON BARCA Aeademrerraek 10: Baseball 11 Preieeuun Club 12 D1x1E L. BARKAND Aeadruur, 9111 czrade clurrua. uulr' lzlee lo. 11, spplrenurre carnival 1n.Mlre.1 Cliprua11.Pepl:1u1.11,12:A cappella12.1.T.'a12. WILLIAM E. RARELIA Buainear. 1- B L A 12. ROBERT C. BARTON Aeademre.P'uelba119, Basketball 9, 10,1I, 12, Gull' 9. 10,1l.Varu1y Club 10,11, l2.1nlrarrrural Pregram 12 BETHANN BASCH Business, If H.A, 9. Cnerr Club 9: Gulf Glee 10: If.B,L.A.-11. -Regional Prerrderrx 12, Ushers Club 11,12: I.T,'r I1,Junror Gass Play Cemrrrinee 11. Prurr1Cumnu1lee 1, Student Council I2 1oAN E.sA1-Es neueral,JTeerrrlo.Pepclub11.12, DONNA M. BAUER Araderrue: 911i Grade cnelrr Student Lzbrarian 9,1o,11,12, Girla Glee cub lo,11: F.H.A. 1o,11, Hirluriarr-Prrliarnenrarian 12, seplierrrere Carnival lu. Senior Mrred Gam: 10: F.1'.A. 11.12:A Cappella cbbrr 12. BELINDA F, A. BAVLES Aeadenrrc, Srarnfp Club 9, Mixed Cnbrr 9. Pep Club lu, 1l,11,s1udenlLrbrarran 111, 11, 12, Grrlr lee 10, Ir Class Play 11: Prem Cemmirlee 11, 1-.H A.rPregrarri Conrrrrulee 12, EILEEN L. BENDEL Clerical, Clrolr 9, sbpliemere Carnlval 10. Pep Club ll, Prom Conn-nmee 115 E B L A l2.Cnoir 12:Sluden1 seererary 12 GARY L. BENDEL Aeadernie.C1iear Club 9, 10, ll:Vol1cybzll9:Chcu 9,10, ANNA L. BENEDEITI Buslrresr: F H.A. 9. sophomore Carnival IO: Junior Clam Play 11, Prem Cunimiuee 11. LB L,A ll. Treasurer 12: Pep Club 11.12, Librarian Aaiia1an1l1.12:5ruden1 Secretary Il,12:sla1eunan S1a1'rl2,Tranrrerredrrprn sl, Paulinur-1965. MICHELE M. BETLER Aeadernre, Fprerrrrer 9. Ninth Grade Clruir, Iefferaurr Sraff 9: A Cappeua Chair 10.11.121 Senior Mixed Cliruur IU: Urlrerr Club 111,l1,12, Sophomore Camlval Cumminee 10: Pep Club 10: Junim Clarr Play Oernrrullee 11, Prem Cbrrirninee 11. F.H.A,lZ:S1uden1CeurreiI11. CEORGANNE BoA1. General, Narub Grade clreir 91 J T 'S 1o:Gulr'G1eeClub lo. 11.sepliurnere carnival Committee 10, Iunior Clara Play Carl 11, Pep club 11. 11: Prem Cbrnrruller l1,A Cappella clrerr 12. PHILIP J. BOGDAN Academic, Key Club ll, IZ, Track 11. 12, Cresrfbuntry 12, varruy club 12, Tranrlerred from slekbx High rn 1967, T1MO'I'HY F. BOMBA Aeaderrrle. Senior Band 12, Marelring Band 9. 10, 11, 12, Danee Band 11, 121 Barkelbatl Band 10,11.12:Cbnben Barra 9,10,l1,l2:Junibr Class Play II. THOMAS M, BONURA Terhnieal: I-'oo1ba1l9, 10,1'uelba11Manager 11, 11 JACKIE .1.BowsER A Aearlernrr. Main Club 9, Cnbu 9, 1o,Prbnr Cbrrrrruirpe ll.1urubr crarr Play 11, Library Aul 1 1. Pep Club 11 An club 12 KATHLEEN M. uRAnlsr1 Aeadernru. Chen Club 9.1-1-l.A lo, 11. 11,sparr1rn Clublu.PepC1ub11.lzr12rurri Cbrruuulee 11, STEVEN R. BRANDT Aradurrue. 1-edlball 9, 111. Trurlr 9, 111, Key Club ll, lz Trurulerrud in 1961 lroni Lanrduuvne,Alllan1lipn selrebl WILLIAM C. BRAUN Aeaf.1ernrc,Wres1un11Tearrr l0:lunrbrC1arrP1ay ll, CATHERINE J, BRENI-IOLTS Academic. Seplrenrpre Carnival Currimruee 111. If T.A, 11. Pep Club 11, 12. Prurn Cornmrllee 11. Iunror Play Cbnrrniuee 11, Statesman 11. slalesrnarrcbrnlrter 12 Mbnrreellb 11 s, KENNETH w. BRENNFLECK Aeaderrrrefrbarfpunlry 9. lu, l1,l2.1'rae1r 9, 10, 11. l2:Hpmerourn Reprererrlalrve 10, 11. variny Club 10, 11, lzgsrudenlceunell10,11,12,srudenr Cuuneil-Presrdenr 11. lunrur Clair Play l1.Prerri Server 10.Cap1ain efcrerrceunrry 12. Key Club 12, Pruridenr-Allegheny Aarrieialien bfsluden1Cpune1l 12, IAMES H. BRICKER Tee1rniea1.A v. Repalrmurr 9. Prureeuurrrrr Club 10, sraee Crewrpund 11. JoHN M. BRICKNE11 Aeaderrrre, rdulball 9. 10. Nauerral 110 s 1 11. P 'rl -N seeieiy 1z.rnm-nnlry Lab Araelarn 11, nu' we Y M' 'M mom' Hom' BURTON E. BRIDGE Aeadernre.Clrurr 9, 11J, F,s.A, lo, 11,Trae1r 11. JOHN E, BRIDGE Aeau1urrr1e.Chbir 9 JOHN J, BUCAR Aeauemre,Cbbir 9 DOROTHY A. BCCHES Buaineir. supnenrere Carnival Curumuree 10. Prem Cbrrlrrrrlree 11, Pep club 11, l'B1 A 11,12 MA1rv1. nucleus Aeadurnur, rrp Club ll, lz. llbrurr sberel,-evlrrerrerruurir 12. Traurrerrud from mvure Redeemer Aeauerriy rr. lm DAVID I. BURCIN Alrarlunrie. Pruieelrennlr 9. 12.Bavebu11Managur 9 GARY M, BIJRKHART Transferred frnnrPlrrul.rel1r1'brw.lrrlrrr 19611 LVNNE M, CAFFAREL Academic Pev Club 10, 11, 12, Suplrunrbre Carnival lu. Library Airrslarrr 10. Prem Corrlnriuee 1 1: Transferred from sarnl 1'11r.a1irz1r'rrn 1964 IOIIN A. CALIGIURE Teelu-lieal.Frre1bal19, lu, l1,Trae1r 9, lu.Prl-rreelren Club 12 RIJ11I A. CALDWELL Aeadenue Choir 9, 10. A Cappella 11, 11. Girlr' Glee ll: Mixed Chenrr 11.Glr1r' Enrerrible 121Pep Club 12 KENNETH P. CARROLL Aaademre. Baseball 11, lZ.Vnrw1Iy Club 11. 12: Prem Cbrnrrrinee 11 Tranrferred rn 1967 from sl Elrzabelilrt FLOVD 1. CAss1NELLI Aeadeniie. Marching Band 9,lu,l1,12.uanee Barrr19,10,11,l2 BENJAMIN C. CASTOR Tee1rnrea1,Fbe1bal1 11 CYNTHIA L, CHALEANT Academic, semer Band 9, 10. 11. 12: Saplrernbre Carrirva1Cerrrnii1ree 10, Clair Play 11,Prbnr Cbmrnrlleu 11. Pep Club 12,1 T.'r I2 MICHAEL w, CHAMBERLAIN Academic: Band 9,11J.11.12.Clur: Play l1.Kuy Club 12 DOROTHY M. CHECK Busrrrearg Ieflerrun-Treasurer 9: F.H.A. 9, Treasurer 111,1I, Secretary 12: sophbrriure Carnival 10: Usher: Club 10,11,1z: Prom Committee 111 F.B,I,A, l1:S1udenl Secretary 11,1Z:S1a1errnan 121 Munueello-Aaunarrl Treasurer 12: JOE S. CI-IEPLIC Diarribulive liduealrbn RICHARD w,C11ERvON Aeaderruu. Preiefrrbnrrriclub 9 TERRY L, clloclc Amdemie: kv Club 11.121 I.T.':f-Woe Peexldem 11. 1.T.'pPeeuden1 12, Pmm Committee 111 Uilien club 12: vaadly Clleeileadei 12. 'riamrened num sl. lzllzabeuri in 1951. SHELLV I. CLARK Ge11enI:Choir 9.Slu11enlCounc1l 9. lo: P.H.A. 9. Mixed Cllurux lu. 1l.GiilyC.lee 10.11. Sophomore Camlvalcdmmlnee lu. Pep Club 1 1. 12: A Cappella Cnoul1.12 Prom Commillx IZ HOWARD A. COCHRAN Acndemic:FoutbzlI9.l0,ll.l2.Wrex!lingll:Vl.1x1ly Club 11, 12. 'rom R. cows A Aeademle. Fbeiball lo. 11. 12: Track 10.11. l2.va1e11y Club11,12.C11eull,A cappella 121 Pmm ceinminee 11. MICHAEL T. COLONNA Acadenue. Cllbii 9. Mixed Cnonls 10: An Club Il. Pium Coml-nmee 11. A Cappella ll. 12. VALERIE A. COLONNA Busmeei. Camival Cbmmlnee 10, sludenl Seexenry ll. 12. Pep Club ll. 12: F.B.L.A. 12. susAN 1.. c0NwAv Academic: Pep Club 10. 11. 12: Sophomore cunuyal Cen-lminee 10,Gu1i' olee 10. 11.Pna1n cpnuniuee ll: clan Play l11lnl.ramunlSporls12,A cappella 12 LYNN A. CORNELISON Aeademlcg Cneli 9. Glee Club 101 Pep Club 11, 12. Pmm Cbmminee 11 CAROL A, CRAIN Aeademic,Cnn11 91 Glee Club 10. An Club ll. Intramural Spam 12 DONALD T. CRAWFORD Aeademle, Marching Band 9, 10. 11. l2:Coueen Band 9. 10. 11. 12 wlLL1AM R. cRAwFoR1: Aeademie. senlei sand qeeueem 9,Sen1o1 sand lmaielung and euueenl lo. 11, 12. clameal Muue club 91 cenuan club 9.Cam1ya1 cbmnunee l0:Med1calCueers Club l1.c1aai Play 11.Pmm cenunulee luslazeamm 12 BRUCE A. CROWNOVER :zi1smeesLHbmempm yepiesenlazive 10, Canuval Cummiuee 10. Drlvefi Cbmmiuee . ,B. .A. 2 GERALDINE L. CUDDY General. seplibmdie Canuvul Commlnee 10, Prom Cdmmillee ll, Clase Play Cbml-nllzee ll.. SANDRA L. CUNNINGHAM Business. rnuelunlc Band 9. IU. ll. l2.Cdneen Baud 9, IU. ll. 12. Dance Band ll. F.B.L.A,12.Pmrn Cornmmee ll. .IANICE M. DAVADICK Business. Gull' Glee 10, 111 Sopllomun Carnival Cdmmillee l0.Clm Play ll.Pr.1m Cgmmulee ll:Llbr21'y Aeelsunl l2.s1udemseeiemy 12:1-'B.L.A. l2.sen1bi Chou C. MlcllAI-:L BEES11 Aeadeuue. lsaikellaall 9, 10. 11. 12. clue mauuei 9. Claes vlee-Pieiideni 10. ll. Maielung amd 9. lo, 11. 121 cdneeu Band 9, 111, 11, 12. Nallpnalluaibi 1-lenui seelely 91Na11ema1 Henbi seelely ll. 12.camlva1 ceinmluee 1o,P1em cemmlliee 1l.vafe11y club 12 JOE C. DeFRANCISCO Busuleys, Tmpieal Fish Cluwieeidenl 10. sludeul Oigamil l1r:Clasi Play ll.s1uden1 Counell 12 Transferred from Keyslune Oaks High school in 1955, THOMAS A. DEMCHAK Aeadem1e.Cness Club 9. 10, 11, Lab Amalaul 11, 12, MARv BETH uwlcll Aeademieq clmu 9: supnemem camual cummiuee 10. sule' clue lu. Play cdinmuiee ll.Pna1n cpmfnmee 1111.135 12, Pep Club 12.sen1e1 cllbiux 12 DAVID H. DEREMER Academic. DEBBIE 1. DEWALT lluuneee. slamp club 9. lo: cllpli 9,1o,Pep club 11.12,Ai1c1ub1l.Mpauee11e12. sem.-aicllbnlx 12.Pm1n ceuueuuee 11.s1udem seeieuey 12, IAMEs N. DEWEESE Aeadem1e,s1uden1cpuueil9.laauielball9.1o.11.12.Rey c1ub1n.1l. 1z.camua1 cummulee 10: Plum Committee 111 vanuy Club 12. DEBORAH L, DUFF Clzncal: Mixed Clmir 91 Camlval Comminee 10: Gills' Glee 10. Malmene 11, 12. slalesman ll. l2gYepCluh ll. 12:Prbn11Cb1nrni11ee 11 BARBARA 1. DZIAMNSKI Academic. F.H.A 10, ll, l2.Cu1uulCbmmi1eee 10. F.l'.A. ll.F.T.A.-Pieeidunl 12, Class Play Cbmmmee ll. Pmm Cumminee ll, Pep Club ll: Pep Club-seemary 12. DAVE J. EICHLER Academic. Bulld 9. Foothill 10, ll. ROBERTA MARIE EIRTLE Clerical: Mixed Clmius 9. 10. Pell Club ll. F.B L,A. 12, Student Secretary 12. DEBORAH L, ELDER Buxlness.PepClub ll, 12.1-.B.L.A. 12. a..mpeew.... A DEBORAH J. ELLIS Aeadenue. Clase seerulazy 9.1-nicnslei 9,10. 12. Jelreiaun 9. Lalm Club 9. 1U.5en1d1 Mixed Cneru1 10. Canuval Cul-nmluee 10, Pmm Committee 11. Cluse Play ll: Nanunal llener sdeiely ll. 12, Folk Gmup ll. l2.51a1esma11 12 .A CuppeuaCl1ui1 11,12 KATHRVN I. ELSESSER Aeldemle .lefrmuu 9 Mlxed Clmiua 9.C11uix Club 9 1- 1-1 A 10.11. l2.Culs'C.lee I0 Camlval Commluee 10. P T A.-ueaeum ll. F TA 12. Pep Club ll. 12.l:el1m Club ll. 1z.Clnei Pluy 11,P1um eommi11ee1l.A Cappella ll.Ma1ore11e 12, KAREN E. ESTDCK Budneas,PepClublll.1z.llxr1enClub10.ll.12.1T'i11:C1amm11ceeCl1al1man11. Claw Play Cummiuee ll slullenl sammy 12,Sc111o1 Chbu 12 slalexmau 12. Munuuellu 12 DAVE L, EVANS Dlsulbullve ldueamm Tiauifuned lmrn Baldum m 1965 MARGARET 5. EVANS Aeaufmle slamp Club 9 1 H A 9. 10. l1,1,H Aeviee-Pieudenl 12.M1xed Cnufua 10.11 Med1ealCaiuei1ll,lnaum1ale11. A Cappella 12 MARGARET A. EVENSON Aeadum1l.11'a1eeny 9 lreuen Club 10,1 T.A 12 luuamulalspbm12,Tranefe1-red from Academy Mlgh School 1967 nARc1E1.1f:w1Nc Aeademu Cliuu 9.10.11 1.11 A lu.11.1z.c11eeC1ub1l Pmnlcbnu-n111eel1,Pep C1u1911.1z.A cappella 12 DEBRA A. Ewlwc Academia. Mixed Cndfux 9. ln. 11 leffenuu 9. spanish clue 9, lo.cam1yal Cemnuilee 10.1 HA 10. 11. 12. Pep Club 11. 1z.c1aae Playcumm111ee1l.Pmm cbmminee 1 l,uu1co1ee 11, A cappe11a12 JOHN M. FAERY Aeademu. mage neu 12. Pwieellun Club lo, Piepelum club-vm-Pieaideni 11. Plcxldenl ll. Radlcl Club I0 Tnnllcrrud from Vlovl Clly1rll966 lnoofl-112 1:.rA1E1.1.o Aeudemu spamu. Cum 1:1 clue' mee lu. 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Clmir 9,10:Pep Club 11, 12,1-'.B.L A.12.Sludenlsecreiary11,12, DENISE M. FROST Buunesr. Carnival Cuinrniiiee 10, Pep Club 10. 11, 11.Library Aieirlanl 10, 11,Proin Cbnrininee ll. lf.B.L.A.-Bulleui-1 Board Chairman 12. Sruderil Seereiary 12, Tranrlerred from si. Michaela in 1965, JESSICA L. GABAUIZR Acudcniic. Library Asrmanl 10, F.H,A. 10, 11: F.1i,A.-lreaaurer 11: Carnival Cbinmiuce 10, Girls' Glee 11. Pep Club 11. Prom Corniniriee 11,0151 Play 11, Szudcrii Council lz, urherr Club 12 ROBERT GAJDOSIK Gencnl MARGARET A. GARDNER Academicgclibir 9, 10: G A A. 10, ll,Gulr'Glce 11. Pep Club 11, 12:G1ee Club 12. library Club12:F.T.A, 12 SHIRLEY 1. GARMAN Acadeinic. spanirn Club IU: Pep Club 11. 12. IODITH M. GAVDOS Aeadernic: Marching Band 9. 10, 11, 12, Cuneerl Band 9. 10, I1, 12, Canuvai Cgnirrimee 10. Clasr Play Cbmrrimee 1l.Nuiiunal Hurrur Socieiy 11, 12: sialearnan LORETTA B. GENAR1 Buriners, Library Arsmanr 10. 11. siudenl secrelary 11, 12: F.B.L.A. 12: 1uniur Acliieverneni ll, 11. 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Senior Mixed Cliurur 10,11:C1rerrClub 9,12.Asrie1anliu Librariani 9, 10,11,12,ClasP1ny11:AnClub10:Enwnib1c11: ACappe11a 11, 1z:GirIr'G1ue 11. JOSEPH C. HILL Acarluiriic. Mareliing Banu 9, 10, 11. I2:Concvn Band 9,10,11,l2.Danee Band 10, 12. wruailing 9.10. Track 10.12:Prum Curnrninuc 11, MICHAEL A. HILTV Acadcrnic. Choir 9. Mixcd Cliorur 10. Key Club 11, 11,Langu1ge Clubherideni 11: A Cappella 12. Sludcni Council 11. lcA11lv L.1l1N1as clcncal. Cnuir 9. Maprrulic lo, ll, 12, Maibrcirecbcapuin 12: Pep club lo, ll, iz: rarnnfal cbinmiucc lo: sludenl secrerary ll, iz: Picrn curnrniuee 11: Play ccrnrninee ll, 1 la.l.A 1z:ACappeuu lz. SUSAN J. HINES Business. Bridge Club 9. siudrni Librarian 9, 10, 1I.Pep Club 10, 11. KATIIRYN M,HINsMAN Acadunuc, Pep Club 11, 12.C1ase Play l1.sludenlt7punci1 12.,1.T.'a 12. Translencd Iruin Ccnlral Cailiulie llipli seliucl in 1957. BARRY F. HINTZ Acadenuc. lfuuiball 9, 10, 11, 12.Key Club 10. 11,12,Camiva1Cbinniiilee 10,C1aar Play 1l.varriry Club 12: slanurrnan 12 CAMILLE T. HIRSCH Academic, Choir 9. smiling Club 10. Majbmlu 10, 11, 12, Pep Club 10, 11, 12. Prurn Committee 11 Trznsfvr rruin Sl. liliaabuih 1965 TIMOTHY M. HITE Academic: Pham Club 9. Prbirenuniri Club 9. wrciiling 10, 12. Clag Play 11, Baseball 12 Pruin Cdinrniliec-11, REGINA C. HODGE Academic, TERRV I. HUPFMANN Bueincir, Library Amelani 9. lo, ll,c1ioia 9. srudenisccrelary ll, l11CIass Play cbrnniiiree ll, pep club 12. P.B.L.A. lz. IULIE A. HOLMES Academic, Clibir 9, srudenr Cbuncil 9, 10, Srrriur Mixed Cnurus 10, 11: Medical Careers 10: medical Caauerr-Treasurer 11.1.V, Cheerleader 10, 11. Grrlr' Glee 11, Prbm Curniniuee 11,Claas Play 11: A Cappe11u I2 Pep Club 10 and 12 MICHELLE T. HORNE Buunerr,1f,II.A, 9, l0.1crl'errun 9 DAVID M, HOSMER Academic. EILEEN M, IIOSTERT Aeadeinie:CarniyalCurnniil1uc 1u.l'T.A. 11, 12: Prbni Coiriniince 11. Pep Club ll, 12: Library Club lz. PAULA G. HOUGH Buaineai. Pep Club 12 11IOMAs P. IIOULIHAN Acadernie,Fou1ba119. 10. li, 11:Tiac1r 9. Cnuir 9. Carnival Cbrnrniucu 10.varriiy Club 11. 12, Class Play Cuiniriiuce 11, Pmrn Comnuncc 11. JOHN W. HUBBELL Acanuinic.Bar1reiball9, 10: Tennir 9,10, 1l,l1,varriiy Club 9, 1D,11,11:C1mir 9, Key Club ln, 11, Key Ciulrhcasurcr 12: Carnlvalcuininillee lu, Mixed Clibrui 10, 11,Clarr Play 11. Fulk Group 11, 12: Mzycol ll, 12, A Cappelia ll ROBERT R, HUGHES Academic, Sump Club 9, Band 9,Trbprcu1 lfisli Io, Key Club 11, Iz, LEWIS G, 1FFr Academic, Key Club 10, ll, IZ. Carnival Cuinniillee 117: Swimming-T.1. rcpreeerilaxiye in Big 10 and w P.1.A.L-10, 11. swu-nining 10, ll. 12, varrily Club 11.12,PrurriCuruini11eel1 GARV R.IRwIN Acadurnrc. lbuibau 9, lo, 11, 12. voucybali 9: Camlval Ceininilree 10, Prprn Cbrnniiilee 11. Play Curr-iniineu ll: vuruly Club 12, l.AwRENcl-: B. JAGBMAN Grnural, wruslling Il ROBERT G. IANUS Academic: Tranrlurnerl from Si. Iliizabeilfy in 1965. ANNA MAE C. IASKDLSKI B-mm:ss.Gi1ls'Glw l0,ACappeI1alI.12. HELEN LOUISE IONFS Business: l ,B,L,A 12. PAUL P. IORDAN Aaaumm. lfwmau 9: Tuck 9, lu: Mum Club 9. lnuamunl Spam 12, B-mms Mmmng num 9, 10, ll, l2,ConoerlBand-9. 10, ll, xz.v-.B,l.A,l1,l2. may ANN Juugm Monlicclllo 11, 12, smumm n. 12: swam sammy 11, 12. cnmzvl. L. KAMPER1' cnuml,Gif1,. om xo, Pep cm 11, 11. mm commune 11, 1' BLA, 1z,swaum sammy 12. BARMKA A. KAW Genml. Immun 91Chcu 91 Carnival Cumminw 1lJ,Pup Club lu. 11, 11.11 'S 10, T423-1 Chews 10, A Cappella lo, 11. Tnmfmed from whine Smion Hugh School in MARY L. KEFFER Dimilmiw liaumion. MELISSA L, KELLER Academe, spanish Club 9, 10. vysra 10, ll. Jumm Council on wmlu Arr-In 11. 1.135 115 Pep Club 12 Tmmfuued from Bumcmck High Smmljn was DENNIS A. KELLY Business, Crum 9: Immun 9. EDWARDI. KELLV Academic. Tmnrcm-1fmmKnuehNigh selmnl m 1957 RANDALL A. KIMSEV Ammmc FRANK M, KISLAN A:mQmic.Tmpi:a1l'im Club xo. Inmmwax spam 12 Emc 11. 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LE!-:TE Academic, lfmnmll9, 10,1l,1z,'mek l0.wws11ing 11, I2 LVNDA J. LEwls Eminem. r.B.L,A 12: Chou 9. Mmm Cr-cms1n.A Cappella 11, 12 RAYMOND 1. LIPOWCAN Aczdemmcnon 91 Chuwlun 9, 11. hmamuml Spam 12. ROBERT A. LIYIAK Audcmm.l'nmbnl19:Bawhall11,12 MARION C, LUPRQSTI Academic: HLA 9. 10, 11, 12. Pup club lo. ll. 121 An Club 10: mmm: Commune 10: I-TA ll, 111 Umm Cm ll, 12. Play uummincu 11, Pmm Commizneefhmrman ll:1,v.Chmlwm ll.vminyCnw1emu 12 HOWARD H. LOTI' Auaemic. Cum' 10, 11 GARY w,LOTZ Academic, Foumall 9, 10, ll: :nm Pmidcm 9, 115 clan vm-Pmmcm lz. snawsmm ln, ll, 12. Key Club-Lieummn comm. 10, ll. Key Club-sum Nfwspapu Edna: Iz. Play Fommhlm: ll,Vmiuy Club 11,12 mferrsun sm! 9 DAVID W. LOUGHRAN Annum. mmm!! 9, 10 ll. 1: Tm-x 9. lu H. :Mmm 11-mmnm lu UN Pm-c'h.urw.m l1.l'wm Cmmwuw 11 Sxllv LMALJNLSON Amamuk mmm 9 vhwu Cn mx lo c'mw.1l Lmmmw. l0.AL'.nw1m 11, lz, U H I Il A H 12, Pfp club ll. 13 Prom mwmnnw 11 fm Pl., rwnmnw ll.: T K 12 sn vw u, mr-:Nuns mu.-mn, swam umm.: Q f,mgf.,,+., nun -w om, rm Q nu n,o0u lo. ul, l2.Tr.mJu1rrnI Ilum Bmlduln In 1967 Gmuum L. MAPLE Amd.-ml. Anrlub 11 Mlcmsl.1.mkcnm.n1'm -m.1fm,..1mwnmnsp.-nVrm..1.-.H 1: MlcnAsL1.M,uzKs Aradumh: Bmnd 9, IO. ll. ll. Ski Flub 9. IU Damn Balm! ll Tmnsffrlcd Iwm up1a...11ngmn.1 sum: m mv mcmxn A, wm1'u.l. h Afqamlf cnmw..1cnmm.uQ. 1o.m,ml I M uw1o.vwmr0mm.mfumm Pla, l1.1mmmm1spm- nz nmmfmx :mm sem mg, sum: In wee. nnmm F. MA1'rr,s Acmlunllf. Brldgv fluh 9, I,l'lA lil ll. Il bills lilvv ID. ll. flaw PIIIY cUmumm-um-mlm mmrumm.uN,Prpr1ub11 1z,sen.m-nm, 11 nrmrm l..m1-rhs f'n.uh'nm fhon 9. I0 All Univ 9 Ili. II ll, I H -X 9, ITK HL ll Prom fonllvvlltrr CVNTHIA M. MATTHEWS Audfmh. I-awww 9. lu. ll swam muunm 9. In ll 12. Pmw Club 9, m, Camwml Cmmmmf mo, lunch mm H. 12,c1w Pm, H. Pr.-In uymmlmf ll. ITA 11,11 Pvprmnllnz KFNNFTH C. MAXSUN Acmrmx. ummm!! Q. 10 mmf v, lu lwumfummlu.. ll lmunmf.lQS,..-m 12 GLENN H. MCCDNNELL Acmlmm Tmm'.nf.1 umm Sym In mm awww' 1. wfnorw fu.u fxwsvxm. Ancmnv rhunw xmfucmu-11,. xmsnpnumun rhwm 1o.r:m- cm-Q xl uw rl., lu mm c'0.mmn.v u A mppvlm 12 umc rnwmbl: 12 UQLNNFTH R. Mcruanwv Mm.-mx. lwzl-1119, ln, lx, 12 c.mMu'wmmu.v m c1.x.v1..k cxunmunfr 11. mm I umwinfv ll. vmu, mm 11. I2 Tlmfrruv A, MUNTOSH A..-llvmu mmf 0 GLENN J. MCNAMFE Au.1mm,c'.lN mmm v. m mm Iv. In wmlf 1: um-mm 1u.s.,,mmmm- Cm,m1cs,Kfy mn11.:LA1-.ppnm'h.ml1.1z.xm.,.n'hmm1l umm-.I 12 sNu1vL A. wzhx xmvnn- vmmmnoww,L'r-mlmluv rlvwslurv I H A, no 1l,l2 L.-melts 10,11 fmmml rummmw 10 I 1 A 1l,17,P.pc'hm ll.12.Pm rm u.Pf-lm Cwmnnm- 1l.Mu-mn. lr. 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Tmxum 12: A Capella Chou 11.11. smesmm 1l,lz1An Club 11. Play Cm ll , Prom cumming 111 Umm Club ll,l2, F.'r.A. l2.Tnm1emd nom sn, lam-3 Sum-m1,1964. LEONARD R. MURPHY General. DOUGLAS A. NANISTA Acadcrnie: Track 9, lo, Il. Cross Counrry 9. Prom Cominirlee1l,Key Club ll, 12 DWIGHT A. NEWELL Academic, laaskerbau 9, 10, Il, I2.Foolba11 9. Ill, l1.StuderlI Counci19:Clroir 9. 10: Key Club 10, I1-senior Board Member 12. Nazicnal 1-loner Society 11. 12: varsiry Club ll. l21Pmm Com:-nillee II TERRY L. NEWMEYER Academic, llaskerball 9, 10, 11. Baseball 10. ll, l2:VarsiIyClubI1, 12. WILLIAM S. NEWTON Academic. Radio Club 9, 10, Pliolo Club 9, chess Club 9. Bowling League 9, 10. ll. Projeerionisrs11.sIage Crcsv 12, SUSAN L. NODRDHDFF Academic Forensics 9. 10: Choir 9. slaresmsn 10, 11: Medical Careers Club 10. Senior Cnerus 10: Girrs Ensemble 11. 12. Play Carl 11 DONALD D. NORRIS General. wressling 9. Track 10. MARITA A. NDWE Academic: Pep Club 11. 12, Ushers Club 11, 12, Class Play Cornminee Il, Prom Cbrnmmee 11.C1ioerleader 12, l,T's 11. Driver Cormnillee I2.Transferred from SL Eluabelli, 1967, GREG E. NUSS Acadernic: Band 9,10. 11, Iz. Marching Band 9, 10. 1I.1z.Danbe Band 9.10. 11, I2:ConeerI Band 9.10. ll, 12. CAROL A. OELRICH Academic, Play Cornmiuee Il. Prom Cummillee II: Pep Club II. 11.GirIaGlee Il. Senior Chorus 11. F,T,A. 12. IDHN T, 0'NEILL Acaden-nc, Foosball 9, 10, R0sERTT.0SKIN Academic: lunlor Red Cross 9: Choir 9, 10, Bridge Club 10: Track 11. senior Mixed Clionls Il: F,T A. 12: F,B,L A. 11. RARBARA A. PALLMAN Academic. Chun 9, 10. Library Aide 9, 10: Pep Club 10, ll-Board of Direclors 12. I.T,'s 10-Board or Direcrors 12. Carnival Commluee 10,Senlu1 Mixed Cnorus ll. F.T.A, I 1. Sludenl Council 11, 12: Prom Comminee ll, A Cappella Chou' 12. RERNICE A. PALLMAN Aeuleniic:cbeer1eader 9. Io, 1l:surdenscounci19. Io-vice-Piesidenl 11, llacnoir 9. Pep club lo-vioe-Presidenl 11. Presidenr 11: Senior Mixed chorus lo. 11:12 r,A. 11, lz: A csppeua cnoir lz. DQRENE s. rANcoAs'r clerical, Cnoir 9, Fl-l,A 9, lo, 1l,Gir1'sclee Club lo. Pep club 11: F.b.L.A. 11, 12: A cappella Clioir 11 'nIERFSE A. PASZKIEWICZ Business: l,T.'s 11, 12,TransIei-red from Sl. Elixabezb. 1965, .IDE PATRICK General, Rsdro Club 9, 10. Sreel Valley 12: Eleccronlcs 12: Sludenl Council Represenralive al sleel valley 11. LINDA PAULSEN Academic. F H.A. 9, ln. 11, I2, Pep Club 11. 12: Russian Club 12. DAVID L. PAYTON Academic. Forensics sbciely 9: Transferred from Lansdowne, 1967 JANICE M. PERSICHETI1 Academic: Cl-ieerleader 9: F,I-I.A. 9, 12-secrerary 10, vice-Presidenl 11: Mixed Cborus 9. 10, 11: .l.T.s 10, Cu-nrval Committee 10: Pell Club Il. 12: Play Commillee 11: Pron-1 Committee 11:61:11 G1ee1I:A Cappella Choir 12. CHARLES E. PFLUEGER Academic, IIARRY I. PHILLIPS Academic, Fuolball 9, 10, Il. 12: Track 9, 10, Il. 12: I-laskelbau 9:Clioir9:varsily Club I 1-Treasrer 12:weslingIrouse Science Honors Inslilule. PAMELA F. PITTS Academic. Marclnng Band 9. 10, Il, 12. Concerl Band 9. 10. 11. 12, Carnival Commmee ln: ushers club ll. 12: Play Cumrnilsee ll. Prom Comrnillee 11, Monlrcello 12:Slalesinan lzgwoodwind Ensemble 12. GREGORY M. PLAVCHAK Academic, Foulbull 9. 10, 11. Easkerball 9. 10. ll, 12 PAMELA A. PDLENS Academic: F.H.A. 9, 10. ll, 12. Medical Careers Club 9,10,1l. Pep Club lu, ll, 12: Girl's Glee Club 10: Carnival Crunrnirlee 10, Sludenl Orgsnisl lo, ll, lz: llonor Sociely ll. 12: Sludenl Council ll, 12: Mixed Chorus ll. Prom Commilree 1l,A Cappella Choir Iz,Translcrred from Ss, Elizabelb, 1955. KATHLEEN A. POLANSKY Academic. Choir 9. rorpnsics 9, lu. Girls ull-e Club 10. spanish Club 10: A Cappeua Clion II, 12, Play Comrnillce11.Prorri Comniillce II. Pep Club ll, 12 CAROL A. POLINSKY Acadcrn1c:Clroir 9, 1U:F H A. 10.11, 12, Library Assislanl 10, l1.l-,T.A. Il. 12. Girl's Ensemble Il. 121A Cappella Clsoir Il, I2. ALAN R, PUYIS Academic. Baseball 9, lo. ll, 12, Ifooibau 9, ll,12. IACQUELINE L. P0wELL Business. Mixed Chorus 9, lo, Cdrnival Cornrnillee l0,Gir1's linsemble l1:Prbm Cornmillee ll, Play Coinmnluu II. Tl Ouill Typisl I1,1f.ll.L.A. 12. Sludenl Secrelary 12 SUSAN L. PRIMM Academic, Pup Club lu. ll, 12, Library Aide 10, 11, 12, Camival Cornmilree 10. l-.TA ll. l2.sru1esman ll, I2. Play Cornmnlee 11: Prom Commrllee Il, Sludenl Couneil 12, Trunsrcrred from warwiclr, l965. NANCY E. PUCKETT Academic. sludenl Council ll, Pep Club ll. 12, FT,A, 11: l.T.'s 12: Transferred from weslpbrz, 1967. RENEE RADU Academic. Clrolr 9, 111. Carnival Cornmmee 10, A Cappeua Choir ll, I2: Girl's Ensemble 11: Play Commmee 11, Prom Comrnirlee I 1. Pep Club IZ, F.B L.A. IZ. VICKI L. REED Academic. Clieerleader 9. 10: Il, 12, Clroir 9, 10. Library Aidc 9, 10: F,H.A.-Vibe-Presrdenl 10, Presidenl ll, I2. ACsppeua Clioir 11, 12:CIass Treasurer 1I,Class Secrerary 12. ALAN w. REID Academic. Marclnng Band 9, ln: Tropical Fish Club 10: Bowling League 12. DEBORAH A, RIECK Acarlernic, lelrer-Sun 9. Cnolr 9. Forensics 9: F H.A. 10, 12- Secrelary 11:5en1or Mixed Clronrs 10: Medical Careers Club l0.Camival Commillee 10:srudenI Librarian 10, Monlioello 11 Co-Edilor 12: Girl's Ensemble 11, 121A Cappella Choir 11, 12: Prom Coinmluee 11, Play Casl I 1. Pep Club 12. SUSAN A. RENNIE Business, A Cappeua Clioir 10, 12, Mixed CIrorus1u.!.T.'s1I. TDM ROTHBAUER general, szeel valley Eleczronics: Sleel Vuuey Sludenl Council: Transferred from ei-ra SUZANNE C. RUDOLPH General, Clnsms 9. 10: ,lelrer-Sun 9. An Club 9, IU. Play Cbmmillee Chairman 11. Prom Comrnilzce Chairman 11. sludenl Council ll. Monlieello 12: Slalesinan 12: .lunior Miss Pagcunl 12. ANNEITE M, RUMANCIK Acsdernlc, Mixed clronls 9, lu, ll. F.ll.A. 9, lo, ll. 1z:carnival cornrnmee lo. Girrs Glee club ll. rrorn cornnnnee ll: Play coinrnlsrcc ll. A cappeua choir 12: rep club 12 STEVE C. RUTH Academic. saskexball 9, 10. II, 1z.CrossCoun1ry 9, I0, 11,Sluuenl Council 9, lo, Treasurer of sludcnl Council 12: vursily Club 10, 11. 12: Carnival Coinmnlee 10: szarermen 11: I oomball Srarsslicisn Il. 12: Prom Commincu 11, LAVERNE R. RYERSDN Business: Br-idgc Club 9, Choir 9: Stamp Club 10: Carnival Conimillee 10, Gi.rl's Glee Club 10, 11: Pep Club 11-Board oi Direclors 12. 1-'B.L.A, ll-Prusidenr 12. Play Comrnislee Chairman 11. Prpm Cormnilrec 1I:MonIrceuo 12,Slalcsman I2.sludei-is secresary 12, Senior Mixed Cnonis lz. G,A.A 12. WILLIAM J. SACCANI Academic. Cboir 9, ROBERTA .l. SALMUN Academic. lc H A 10, 11, 12. Library Assislanl 10: Medical Careers Club 10. Girl's Glee Club 10: Pep Club 11, Play Cbrnmillec Co-Cnairrnsn 11. Monlieello 12, Slalesrnan 12 Tmnslcrred From Sl. lwliaabellfs 1965 LEONARD D. SANDS Business LAURIE A, SAVLDR Academic. A Cappella Cnoir 9, 12. Field Hockey Team 9. Honor Roll 10. Larin Award 10.1 T 's I2,Transferred from Osborne. CHARLES w. SCHAFFER Academic. Dance Rand 9. 10. ll, 12: Marching Band 9,10,11, 12:ConoerI nand 9, 10, 11, 12, Carnival Cumrnmcc IU, Prom Corninillee ll, Play Comrninee I 1. IAMES I. SCHALLES Acaden-lie, Band 9, 10. ll. 12: Dance Band ll: Play Carl 11. DONNA L. SCHMIDT Clerical. Choi: 9. lerferesun 9: Tropical Fish Club 10: Camival Cernrnruee 10: Pep Club ll, igzrrorrkcomniruec ll: Play Cornmiuee Cnairman 11. srudenl secretary 11. 12. F .A. 1 LINDA L, SCI-IRAN uencral. Chou 9. 1lJ:Camival Cornmnlee In WILLIAM P. SCHWENK General, DANDRIDGE 1. SCOTT Academic. Band 9. Marenmg Band 9, 10. 11, 12:Conocrm Band 9.10. 11,11.Cnolr 9. woodwind Ensemble 11, 12: Dance Bind l2.Tmnslei-red from Clalnon. 1959 MARY A. SCDTI' , Academic, Choir 9:Chess Club 9: 1' 1rl.A,9.10, 11-DegreesCliaurnan 12.Bndge Club 9. Girl's Glec Club 10, Il, sludcnl Librarian 111. 11. 12, Pep Club II-Board ol Dirucsors 12: Mixed Cborus 11, Medical Careers Club 11. A Cappella Choir 12. JEAN I-1, SEYMOUR A A Academic. Cheerleaders 9, 12: Clmrr 9. Sgudenr Council 9. 111- secielary II: Senior Mixed Chonls IO: A Cappella Chou Il, IZ: Play Cnmmlllee ll: Prom Commillee ll: Pep Club ll. 12: Ushers Club ll: 12: J,T.'s l21Tlansfened fmm SI. Elilzbelh. 1966. BLAKE R. SHAFFER Academic.Cness Club 9: Key Club 12:SIudenrCounei1lz. JOHN E. SHAKESPEARE Business. GERALDINE M. SHARPETA Business. Chou 9. Carnival Commmce 10. Play Commmee 11. Pram Commune: 11. Yep Club 12. F,B.L,A. 11. GRACE A. SHIP? Academic. Marching Bum 9,10.11.12:Coneer1 Band 9.w,11,1z KATHY LSHOLLENBERGER Academic: Chair 9: Mixed Cham 10, 11. Fmemics 10, Pup C1-nh 11-lwmemom Repmenunve 11, Ginn Glen 11, A.P. U.S. History 11, A Cappella Chou 12. A P Eumpeon Himry 12.. A.P. English 12. DONNA I. SHDRTDSE Academic: Muchmg Band 9,10,11, 11: Cm-wen Band 9, 10.11, 11. GAA. 9. 10. 11, 11. Cuniul Commime lu, Girfs volley B111 Ca um 10. Plny Cm 11. Pmm Cammiuu 11. Pep-Bud 11, l1:Vmily Hana omw F21 lnxumunl spans 12 Cl-IERYL E. SIMEONE iKi:fdSIm1v::Al!e1ngte smdemmuncil 9: Pep Club 10, 11, 11.F.H,A.11. 12. An Cmb . om c0mmmg11.r1 c 1 11, 5 , Clpwhchonn:RummClu:yl24omm11ee mes.-nm 12. 140111156110 11. A losmu w.s1u-:xc,4N Academic. nm 11. nmagu A. sucx gzgggm, r.n.A, 10, 11, Pep cm 11, 11. F.n.1..A. 12.Tmu1ema rmm rdkmgw. JANE n.s1m1u Aa-iemle: sump Club 9, hp Club 11:L11amy Ammm 11, 11: Gmac Ame 12 F.B L.A, 12. Dmwrl-IY M. SMITHSON Busimsxq F.B.L.A. 12.Tm:fened from Baldwin. 1968 MARY J. sMOYEk B-mum, Pap Club 10. ll, 11: Ushers C1-lb 10, 11, 12: l,T.'x 11,C1m P1ayCumm11m 11.Pmmcmmmu:e11:F.B.L.A. 11.sme5mM 11: Monmiwuo 11 SFEHIEN V. SNAVELY Academ1c:Foolball 9, 10, ll. l2:Tmck 9. 10, vmny Club 11- vwv-Pmlaenn 12 sander-:Council 11: Play Comminee 11.C1a.s5 Pmidgm 11, KAREN 1x.sNYDER Awiemicp Chou 9, 10: Seninx Mixed Churux 11:Cam1u1 can-mince 10. Gun mn Club ll: Psp Club ll. 111A Cnppeuu Chan 12, MAK11iA J. SNVDER Acmemzc. Jerrubsun 9: An Club 9, 11.Camivz1 Commune: 10. Chou 10 mm Ccmmmee 11. Medical Cmm 11: Pep Club 11- Bum nr Dimmu 1z.U111en Club 11, 125 Monuceuo 12. SARA E. SPARK Business. Pep C1ub11.F.1a.1..A.1Z 11-IOMAS L. sPAR'l1s Academic. Mmmng num 9: Tuck 10, 111 Key Club 12 THEODORE J. SPEAR Aczdem1c:Fcn1hal.l 9, lu. 11, 12 PATRICK M. SIEICHER Andem1c.1'nns1ema from sz. Eliubem. 1962. KAREN C. STEPHENS Acmem1c.Cnoir10.P:pC1ub 11, 11g 51-mmm Caunul 11 KAREN E. STOKES Audemicg Class vice-Pmmem 9, Band 9, lu, ll. 12161255 Tmsum 11:v.i'u1--M1 Committee 10:C1asx Smeury 11gNuinna1 Hmm: Saciuy 11. 12, Pwm Cmnmnm 11: Clm Treasurer ll: 1,T,'s 12, Mmhmg Bnnd 9,10,11, 12 ARTHUR w, slrrrow Auaemw, Fuunhm 9, logchou 9. 10, 12, MARY E. sw!-:ENEV Audemie: Magarene 10, 11, 12: Pep C1ub10,ll.1Z.Pmm Cummiuee 11. RAMONA ILSWIDERSKI Buxineug Camivnl Commxtlee 10. Pep Club 11, lZ1 Play Cemrmuw 11, sum-nx Seumry 11: F,B,L.A. 12:T1-unfmea from Baldwin, 1056, HAROLDILSWIFI Academic: Wmzling 9, 10, ll, 12: P1-ajnunnim 9, 10. 11, 1z.C11uu 9. lu, 11 swam Cmmcil 9: Key Club 10, 12-v1ce-Pmmmu 11. may cnmmmeu Chwnun 11: Slaiexman 12. Vmiry Club 11. MARY A, 'FALLEY Academe. Pep Club 95 Fmnsics 9, Choi: 95 C125 smemy 111 Mina Ch-wus 141. Mqmgqes 10-Head Mnjomu ll, 11,601-een hand 10. 11, 12.6amwa1Comm1m4- 10,6111 5 Ensemble 11. Dance amd 11. 121A CxppclhCho1r 11, 12. GREG A.'rAYL0ll An-iemic. amd 9, 10-viwrmsidmx 11, Pmmem 12. Conan Band 9. 10. 11, 12. Dum uma 10. 11, 125 Pep and 9.11J,11,12. GARY THOMAS General: Tuck 9 JAMES F. THOMAS Amumic, Phmwaphy Club 9-su-dem Cunnan Repmenxmve 10. Radio Club 9-Crm: Club 9, 101Cmsx Country 10. Tennis Team 10: Snmman 11, 12.11-:nmcun 11, 1115:-mem Plmmglphu 11, 12 DLNISL F. THOMPSON samnw Pup Cm 11, 12 Prom Cnmmmec 11. wma ummm 11 1z.L1bm1 m111.4n1 11 1 14.1.11 1: DMILL ,x.1'1L1.ERv Tf.1m1f11 1mkuh111 mum, lu, 1mmnun1 spam 12.TmnQfuwd1mu1 flmwn was 4LM,x 'IRM 1s -mufwn, caynlm Cummuef 14111-111411 Honor Semen 11 Cmnmn orTuwrmg12.P1uy Cummnm Cnmman 11 Prom C-1mm1nee I1 REBELCA J. TRLXA1. muumnl.. Luncen Banu 9. 10, c'Qmm11we10.PepC1un11.1z,P PATRICIA L. LNITES lu, Pup Cm: 11. 12 v1m1u1 Umm Cum 11. 11. 1z,wmh11.g uma 9 10. 11. 12. CMM1 1., cammnm 11,mmc0mfm-me 11 1m.1fmw,c'am1w1Cummmw 10 Pepclub 11,12 v1Qm1qfuo11 Pmmrommlucv 11 my 4'umm1mf 11 Rmmn rms 12 Do1sNAM.uRmN s1mnw,sn1aem Lmman 1o.Camwa1 Cumming: 10 Prp rum 11. 12.smaem Dnvmg Commune 11, 1 BLA 11. 12 rmm Commnwf 11,P1ay commune 11. Iypm 101111 Qmu 11.s1ua:mswmry 1z.Tfmm-rea nam s1.F1m1m11, 1954 JIM 1.. VALLANA m.1mm,c1w, cm 9 5.111111-g League 9. 10, 11 11 can mm 9, 111, 11.12, 13.1.11 c1ur,11.1z,1acy c1ub 11,m11fn1c01.m1 11 BYVERLV L. VERNU nxwms, snap rum v. Own 9. 10. 1 HLA 11-v1fe,1'm1am 12 Pep Club 12 Iumwmom Chaumn 11.P1,1yc'0mm11we 11 KATHRYN T. VERONIC K C1unm1,c'm1w1 Cnmmluev 10 1 B LA 11 1z.sma1emscu1-my 11. 12,Pmm L'omm111ccl1,Plzyln11l PATRICIA VILGA Amar-me -m Club 11, Pm, Commmn 11 Pmm Comminee 11, FT A. 12, Pep cum 1: Tm-dmvd from S1 sm1'g.1-261 v,u.ER1l, L. WAGNER Afaafmm. 1 mmm 9, 10. Cum: 9, spanish Club lu A Cappeua Chou 10, 11.M1m-1 c'1mf-11 1U Cm-wal ro-nmmee 10, Smesman 11. 11, Mc-nuceun 11 Cn-Edna: 12, 1'upC1uh11.1z.szuuunCQune1111.1z,F H.A.12. Manx WASIIABAUGH 1,-ww.. Emu 9. lv rms-m Q. A uppf114 Chun 10, 11 12 Truck lu. 11. 11 nm! 611111 11. 11,1411 c1111111, LOUISE 1. WARNER S111uuufm1nf11 12 1xwm1, 1 14.1. A 11 Tmmrmm rmmmingo. was C,mo1.vv 1. WARD -mdfnm.Pvpc1ur1 11. Human mb 12.rm1g1mfu1wm Momma, 1965, T110wAs 0,w1lMEk a,.111-ww 51-111w11u1um11v 5.11.1 v l.. vu-lvlarkc f1.,,.1m.1. 1'11-mv or c'.1.1m111m 11. vm, ulwlfummnmff1o.spnn1111c'1ub10,u11wm'111b11.1z,P1ny 1 Comm.: we 11. snmwmn 12. mp Club-Hnmerkoom Rfpm.111.11w 1: 1 T A Su111un1c'm1nc11 Rq1mfnm1vf1z,SQn1o1 Mum Chorus 12 TERRY L. wE1Ss AL.111m11. :mm 9.45111'.L:1w C 12 R0N,x1.nJ.wL1.l5 Am.1f1n1f rlmu Q. 1:1 srl-PM1-rw L wuu.E wwlmg mn 10, semen mwa Crwnn 12.1mmm11n1 Spam 1011 A..111.m1. 1uQ1m11 Q. 10 wmnlmg 9.10 11.12 umm Club 11. 12,Kq C1-m 11, 12 mmcv wH1TE m11f1.111. r'm.11w1u. 9.c' 1o,11cpr1-11111, 1z,s1uf1m1cmmC11 11 11 1-1a,c.,mm11m11.1nmmun1spom sammy 11 A.111U-nn k1.m11mg B 4.A11Y A. w1LL -x...m111. Cum rum from sn 111maem. 1964 CH-xRLLs 1. w1LL1AMs b0l1G1 As L. W1-HTEHOUSE and Q, 10. 11 12. comm Bma 9. 10, 11, 12,Cnmiu1 cxmlvvlmnfe 10,1'wm Cnnmmmv 11 11 v1nm.a1 Hom' sammy 11. 12. 1- SA 12. Tmsfemd 1xu,111m.1.w11n11-1 Tmx .na new 11 s,u1n,xk,x L. w11.soN 110.11-1.11: s1m1.-m1.11mmn 9. 12 1a.ma11.11 myrm11.PmmCummmef11.Pfp1'1ub12.1T's12 DARLD L 11. w1sE -1.1.11-1111.. c .1mm1r'.m1 CHFRV1. 1..w1rHu1s ,mmf 10. Bu-mm r'11uu 1n.PmmC111wn111v n1,xMl.w11HFRS Band 9.10.11,1:.C..mm1Cmnm111ce10,Dance sp..m1l-C11m1u.P1ag, 01,111 Pop Club 11, 12 Q 11 1 B L A llszudmseu-:mm 12 11.-11111 mmm10.1m1mC.11um1mf11,PcpC1ub12,1 B LA 12 SLL 1. vA141,0rwsKV ,x..111mw1f 1 11 A 10. 11. 11. mn 12 Munumlln Dom YANKO 1Com-n1z1u 11 P141 Cummmee 11 Prp Club 11. 0.111111 mlmfm-1 from cmwn-11.v1u1an, 1961 U HTllllC it was, X And what a time it'vQas , . I have a photqgraph, Preserve yourlmemoriesg fi ' Amr -A,-11 Thcy're all thiffs left you." -X iz' X X Q' Q K 'Rl A H .Weary , F 'ax ,,g..5' HlKiiS'SE" -W ' 'X E :A ff V 1 1 X 1 ' fx . ff7 E5 15:-d 5 rg 15312 , .. N, -- ' X 5 "ark, K - -. YK? 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Suggestions in the Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Jefferson Hills, PA) collection:

Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Jefferson Hills, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Jefferson Hills, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Jefferson Hills, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Jefferson Hills, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Jefferson Hills, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Monticello Yearbook (Jefferson Hills, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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