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QL, QW? V M llfWfb"gWN Q5 emo ok, fe eef5,a,5f1o'l WL , WMLLL If yff me Lf QL " .W gui, lc ,QL 9' fx Wx5Lf'0l'1R,lfL? MQ W M 'N f' K 0- ,, oX ' 3 o my , j L V1 f 3, wx' K I, fx V J ., 2 I ' ' ,,' 1' 'fu , fx ,XX ' V xx err! U, og M' 16 QQ X CB M63 qw islgy X X if -M Q f M X x L fy J J ., XJ K X ' H f, ' Hx f J ' ! J! ly VN, I TQ - -JI RX I! K X . J A as 0 553125255 ef S3991 3937 "youth is the time to go flushing o ,QA from one end of the world to the Cijyep other in both mind and body . . . Q 2 - stevenson 4 the glamour of youth-the fire of ir! the glad season of life when all is hope the joy of youth with its radiant ambition when life's a painting on the mind in warm glowing colors of things not yet known the pain of youth with its hollow security untried and alone with the ache of thwarted dreams each moment trembling with des- tiny the frenzy of youth-its intense idealism groping for meaning, yet haunted by reality the confidence of youth, all youth! dancing and leaping audaciously in the triumphant c o n V i c t i o n of its strength the enchanted light that is youth: fleeting, beautiful youth a glorious sun dazzling the uni- verse with its brilliance a stream of glory flooding the soul with its life ...F-1 "J 'fs Q, if ifa! img? djs, ff li, 4' was 2 5 , fl fs, ' ' Xa I 3 uyouth is a fast gallop over a smooth track to the bright horizon . . . the time of great expectations for yourself and of others for you-to be fulfilled at an unspecified time called 'somedayf " hazini 'x K' i gf is uusr , 4, 1 434 11 .V gtk Ni Q if N' XE ink Egg nr' XX I nk E f x 2 1 ,N di i must laugh and dance and sing, youth is such a lovely thing." -thomas i 7 athe thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts." A av 4 Q longfellow ik W 5i Nh 5, ,.,..,...l-+ ttf-QM : Xi igsffm- W - youth vibrates in a Crowd. . . I0 N spirited youth: competition- contagious laughter fulfilled anticipation gregarious conversation . . to succeed, always to succeed as an individual in a crowd. table of contents activities ............... p. organizations .......... p. military ..... ...... p . 148 sports ..... ...... p . 158 faculty ...... ...... p . 214 classes ...... ...... p advertising ,,,,, ,,,,,, p . 358 . 242 was in ggwiilisfs ,saw A ist wk this youth needs a leader, one of understanding authority to guide . . youth needs a man, one of sincere interest in its activities to support . . youth has a genuine person, one who loves nature, fishing, a dog, and people . . . youth has a symbol of aid, one who is appreciated by students, faculty, and document staff . . . youth of thomas jefferson high fortunately has mr. C. C. Smith, a principal to whom We proudly dedicate-. I4 'NWO' R xxx W J: Avi? 5 Nil, '15 , 3 E I k:'::f""'M.,,5i?I 3- , rm- - E 35 P i 3 5 E E fi 'e E X. Q ii We E5 a 5 5? 9- 'Q 6' Q S Q, Y fu fi 2 5 KiA1N8'X a 'l' '. DMN N 'MZ 'li' 'Wi ,bFE - 2958? !KVI1mBlBl,'5l?Kf.T'HGK!" x xWH!AJ!12'1i'S'L7G?.'L5T'ZlPF.?4V-24,9 'NNY HXAQ':v'!X'.C58h1:.N1tlKl-NSW!r2aYE1-, lf, J jeffelfsqn 2lCt1V1f1CS V ., 'ragga Calendar sw-1 2 Sk Q all r I :, 1 September Our introduction to TJ is an autumn one, whether for the first year or the third. Fall impressions are perfumed with anticipationg as the days progress, momentum increases- our starting football game, the stands are a blur of intense faces and umbrellas-the Junior Achievement assembly awakens a mood of awareness. September is an eager month. We delight in the expectation of the year ahead, a new beginning, a different perspective. We join a party in the courtyard, feel the hypnotic call of a drum beat-the warmth of old friend- ships. A world of activities clamor for participation: Youth responds .... QS Ns V 1 'ffff lg If ' i ' iff-K s Q ' 6 1. h, gf-eng , it 'Vt Q A kaleidoscope of interestg a rainbow of promiseg a merry-go-round of whirling, changing patterns- absorbing its sounds and colors, we yield to the call of October . . . Document sales and college night focusing on the shadowy future. the Rebel doll and unforgettable Myrtle Click uniting Youth in pleasure in our pep assembly. the announcement of homecoming nominees and senior class officer candidates awakening a tech- nicolor array of expectation. a victorious speech tournament and an Allied Youth Charter creating in us a proud spirit. the State Fair, Youth on a holiday animated and elated. tuned to a Calliope of melodies caught up in the carnival of life. 20 ,ggws l'l"'w""""M-H pu... October in if Q1 r. - , 3 .1 Dlli Ei. if w , Hg yi:-41 J! Ji 2:5 72 w-.M 'Q November WM V1 N Time suspended like dust particles in the sunlight, yet how the days race after one another, brilliant and quick, like the flashes of exploding fireworks. Filled with activities, eventful and short, resembling fleeting dreams. Basketball season opensg players working hard in preparation for the games that are to come. Mr. Ramsey sells graduation announcements to seniors whose poetic, fertile imaginations buy visions of May. Yet minds are forced from these cloud-built fancies . . . Bent head, crooked elbow, pensive grimace signify some mechanism of thought in high gear. With books for a pillow, the less industrious seek a moment of rest. Adults strive to know our fantasies. ln the night, they come to a strangely lighted school to hear teachers tell of our educational development, their new-found understanding reflected on the window. Thanksgiving baskets, our interests expand beyond the school itself for we are concerned members of our community. Sometimes we retreat for shelter to covered walkways and warm coatsg but at other times, feeling dramatically romantic, we venture into the cold and let the wind thrill us with its icy breath. November, a time for air-castles and chimeras when one tries to see beyond his own sphere finding an aspect of education in the A iniperishable dreams of Youth. Wa... .,., .. .,,,,,.t.-mm. l it. iz' in , 23 H-, .,,, .,.,,, ,, A aku December 0 -'Q A constellation of wonder and youth bedazzling with its galaxy of emotions intensely burning with the Christmas spirit We like assemblies: people on either side can be familiar or unknown, Yet in a crowd something intangible is shared- laughter at the antics of comedians happreciation of good music xanticipation of the Senior Play An all-school talent show, the safety assembly, the Senior Play assembly, all seniors selling tickets dramatizing our thoughts Meeting another challenge, the S.A.T. filled with realization of the importance of the test question after question until at last, the end Sounds of December frost crackling on the frozen ground city traffic impatiently clangoring Carols ringing in expressions of JOY A Christmas project Thomas Jefferson reaching out, sharing its wealth with the underprivileged communicating its concern for our country through cards to Viet Nam Youth gifted with reverence and love January .W ig ur .K i M i ik Kwvli L . hug . M A.. Dreams subside, lulled to sleep by the stillness ofthe January air . . . it is the noontide of the school year and we live veiling thoughts of the future with immediate cares. Auditions for the spring musical an event penetrated with excitement for the future, the elite chosen to bear the work and the recognition. Distributive education, crystallizing the hopes of many a program preparing students, giving them work experience. A concert, breaking the monotony of concentration. a trip to the State Fair Music Hall pleasantly taking the place of a morning at school Sights of winter bare trees, clouds of frozen breath, cheeks tingling with color Yet the pressures of exams are upon us producing dusty notes and old test papers for a last- minute cram session jf. Hihernation a time for storing up, Preparing L 'i N K Youth awaiting the dawn of spring to scatter the shadows of study. g E' 3 ,. 1- 1 5 I i i NM' Q A 9 Ig jjj, ,'gQf,l...49-mlwwrwpc 'M A A .-1 wvlvfnr-'-H r February Brooding February an in-between month at the merging of Winter and Spring shifting winds, scudding clouds Nature exchanges her bare trees for greening earth. ACTQ NMS tests the connecting links, joining the present with the future Valentine's Day, the Brotherhood Assembly persuading every sense and every heart to experience a oneness drawing general feelings from the after- exam slump The selection of a new drill team and officers another group of girls accepting the responsibilities and privileges of being a Reb Belle. A National Convention of Principals uniting administrators from all over the country The last Document deadline the final transformation of schemes and half-formed ideas into reality February pervaded by a sense of change Youth overcoming the inertia of a new semester bridging the unendurable of schoolwork with sighs for spring V March An fanfare of applause, a flourish of movement Blustering March sweeps onto the stage grandly displaying his windy temperament . in a pageant of beauty Science Fair Projects and term themes taking the lead with a splash of Originality an exposition of creativity requiring many hours to perfect The inspection of the R.O.T.C. a moment in the limelight rewarding achievement Peter Rabbit, Easter Holidays bringing a sense of happiness comedians interpreting the script with gay colored flowers and brightly dyed eggs Musical Rehearsals Youth preparing for the final enactment a splendid spectacle :orthy of ovations. Lhe tempo changes, the air softens buds burst to play their part like a gentle western breeze, March makes his exit with prancing, lamblike steps our hero takes his bows . . . April and Nluy ng. lr l The long awaited season arrives full of promise, blossoming with the renewed vigor of youth April and May heralding the summer . . . To some, the end of the school year means time to bask in the sun, to travel. to work For others, training in spring for a year to come For seniors-Graduation . . . inviting friends to join the culmination of twelve important years of their lives in caps and gowns of blue and white to accept the challenge of the future we can feel the hot pavement on our bare feet the cool caress of the shadowy grass yet the days drag by deliberately Finally, after what has seemed like an age, the Documenl ,67 arrives climaxing a year in the life of TJ youth friends, teachers, clubs, teams, beauties, queens, activities Forever young in these pages . . Special Events Homecoming The climax of long hours, spent 1n preparation for the Mardi-Gras festivities A gleaming crown, a new queen Exciting, nostalgic Ceilings woven from twisted strands of blue and red paper cobwebs strung in a patterned canopy for the A Homecoming with the 6'Spirit of '67' holding gay youth entranced, blending enchantment and memories. dance November 4--5 34 ak an Princesses sl1 LLL, gf ,- P' 'P if 1 'G Princess Susan Boggs Princess Judy Savage eff Princess Patti Hayes Princess J an Wllllams OITI Laurie Seltzer SON R PLAY 967 Casts December I Jan Morrow .... Nancy Erickson Brad Allen ..... Orrin Harrison Jonathan Forbes ,lim Wiley Alma ......... Elizabeth Atkinson Pierot ......... Gary Schenck Mrs. Walters .... Sara Jackson Tony Walters . . .Jim Oliver Marie ......... Wesley Rogers Eileen ......... ,lenise Hyde Yvette ......... Darla Blatnik Miss Conrad .... Betty Fine Supervisor ..... Chris Kageler ' Policeman ..... Bruce Margrave Miss Dickenson .Susan Hamilton Bessie ......... Martha Spalding Mrs. Frost ..... Ingrid Stromberg Mrs. Ames ...... Patty McKinney Graham ....... Mark Cross Tllda .......... Linda McKinney 4 Ann .......... Donna Huckaby Extras .......... Alan ' Ford, Payne Vicki Ray, Laurie Seltzer, Marj man, Mary Welch, Donna Trott, ,, 1 Production Stage Manager .... Jeff Hafkemeyel Stage Crew ........ Bill Cowsar, Lee Kelton, Carolyn Mascho, Marsha Lighting Crew ....... Scott Causey, ley, Debbie Riddles, Chris Sch Set Designer ........ Eve Becklund Properties Chairmen ...... Barbara san Rakow t Make-up Crew ...... Anne Lobley, Program Cover ...... Eve Becklund Produced by . . . ..... Mrs. Mollie Adams Assisted by ........ Mr. McKinney Student Assistants . . Steve Brutsche, Cobb, Eric Jacobson ,... 1 5 lrxf' Backdrops curtains swaying gently behind the grease paintg new pe: formers throb with anticipatio awaiting that moment for which they have rehearsed the stage is set, house lights dim the Senior Class 1967 presents "Pillow Talk". fwqf rw 'A."f f.Qfff"f ',':, .. ii ,wg - . :Q- R , . ,. . ,1- ' . . -af --2--- iiiii o ' 5' ESU: ' EE gk .i':i'::gs5f.:.i-gg -, g Q f ::- ak . In ... M , , ,zaaesgaiziigvzf :AWG do not wire crematory urns I " horng Rita Howell? Y S ' 'sxsl , .gr -, we ., - ,-1,-1-,zu 1 'Tm an inspector!" fMike Kaufmang Barbie Tilll 14th Ceniury "Stop living vicariously in what you think I do!" f0r1'in Harrisong Uacoh Ein- Nancy Ericksorrl '4Hatrack Glovedrier?"fLiz Atkinsom "Do you know what it looks like me?" fJim Oliverg Sara Jacksonb "Yes, I'm very good looking!" CJim Wileyg Nancy Ericksonl "I'll just stay at the Copa." C0rrin Harrison: Wesley Rogersl '4Back5Cru1Cher!" "I have something to show you!" fLynn Stephens, Mike Kauf man, Debbie Green, Bill Hickey? Dr. Pepper Tournament Dec. 26-30 Shivering in the clear cold of December Weather We are warmed 'by the excitement of the Dr. Pepper Tournament fast changing, rebounding, hotly competitive Basketball and a holiday queen, Judy Savage K k'Yk v:" " kf ' K Vkrl V lk ytyyttyyyt ut t l yy ,ttlyy ttt y etete ettltttllt l 5 teyy -3 etyet ,5 ,Mi i mL , 't y t tt t ' ltt ettneette t to to t y .yt.t by 42 "What did I ever seen in him?" fKimJ . M A ., , . 1 f i f - 1. .AM . .X 'uf 4.,-,sly . .M 44 v' 0 ggi: "Just call me Spanish Rosa." Judy Savage CROsaJg the Shriners "What a catch you'd he for some convalescent." Mike Edgar fA1bertJ Judy Savage fRosieD, Zoe Connor CMamaJ. - ' Y 'Jia' ,pi we is "Hello, Mary . . . Sweet Apple, please." Mike Edgar 1 Judy Savage F be on Ed Sullivan?" 2, J im Wiley, Steve Kinderdick :Afee Familyb -RM, leel i3 'Tm a new man, Rose! A world leader." Mike Edgar fAlbertJ, Judy Savage CRoseJ A Conrad in a Reform School! ?! onradlg Sweet Apple teenagers "Suffer!" lirdieb, Sweet Apple teenagers Cast of Characters Albert Peterson .............. Rosie Alvarez Kim MacAfee Hugo Peabody . . . Mr. MacAfee .. Mrs. MacAfee .... Randolph MacAfee Mae Peterson . . . Conrad Birdie .. Ursula Merkle ., Mayor ........ Mayor's Wife .. Mrs. Merkle .... Gloria Rasputin . Harvey Johnson . Deborah Sue . . . . . Bob McKay . . . . . . Sally Savage . . . . Cathy Garrett Charlotte Murphy Gina Mills Cayle Codbey Ann Armstrong, Nancy Jelinek, Cay Elliot Green, Patti Hayes, Prissy Tate Billy Hammett, Andy Hudson, Larry J im Oliver, Mike Travis, Rick Vadala Arthur Gonzales . . . . . . . . Alan Ford, Mike Kaufman . . . . . . Bruce Young . Stewart Stimson "Lou'? Where ar Mike Edgar fAlbertJ, on a bus a perfect secretary' Mike Edgar fAlbertJ, Zoe Connor IO icy s .5 tm- A P r lii it i 46 This is Spam .ludy Savage fRos 1 2 v .. Q ff- .+k...,.d-f-K-f-.,.,'f-w., 111 Q , ----f--- ,V F, :, If . fx in .. m,,,,.,,,,,, ....,1, I H ..,...-.v n 'f' f- 'WW 'Q .4 1 n qp--.fnoaup--w ....r...... Mu Q. v an- u -can-qfh-nv if-: T""""T F... ax" losa's coming out ! " e Shriners Y A . C 1. .lf e ice house! Doris, call the Mounted Police!" Sweet Apple parents Military Ball Febluafy 25 L . Military Queen Dianne Jopling Long dresses, soft music a background of red, White, and blue- the thrill of the Grand March formal, elegant, Dramatically memorable crossed swords and a queen's crowning The Military Ball the magic and grandeur of a military extravaganza I ii-f - F9 - ' Q , 1 .. .-,' a rI lss i ,,.,x:L y kkit r..JJ . K - . "', S uuru T 'efa , 3. k ,W .. Lady of Monticello Honors A National Merit Scholar Henry Stern Eric Jacobson A high school senior rewarded for his diligent effort- never despairs of his task, never ceases in the attempt to realize his vision. David Merritt Stewart Stimson Jim Wiley E Dan Yarberry James King Mark Gross Jim Oliver is 1 Sl Honors National Merit Letters of Commendation: Back row: Left to right: Keith Susman, Orrin Harrison, Johnny Rector, Randy Nohlitt. Front row: Left to right: Kathy Pickrell, Carolyn Mayo, Cathy Puro. National Merit Letters of Commendation: Back row: left to right: Bob Harbert, Steve Womack, Alan Ford, Wayne Stewart, Jim Massie. Front row: Left to right: David Barr, Lloydine Clayton, Vicki Guest, Prissy Tate, Shari Payne. Kneeling: Johnny Rector. Letters of Commendation: Bill Hickey, David Dunlay Cindy Bethel: Betty Crocker Home- maker Award .lack Nafus: Distributive Education Salesmanship Award receives his award from Mr. Smith. vention Dan Yarberry: Chicago Atomic Science Con- Jane Hawkins: 3,week Stay with European Speech Tournament winners: Back row: Left to right: Linda Lacy, Susan family, Lions Cinb Students Abroad Atkinson, Vivian Thompson, Webb Breeding, Betty Fine, Missy Shockey. program Front row: Left to right: Patty Zahnizer, Julie Wasson, Debbie Riddles, Zoe Conner, Debbie Green. First in city, ensemble singing: Pat Tiner, Barbette Quigley, Keith McC1aren, JoAnn Park, Wes Harris, Marsha Pound, Gary Schenck, Sheryl Kuenstler. Superior First Division ratings in Solo and Ensemble Contest: Barbette Quigley, Lynn Humphreys, JoAnn Park. Exchange Students Widely-traveled, world-famed an expert on South American Affairs Thomas Jefferson's personal ambassador representing America another strand in the bond of Understanding between people'- Mark Darneron linking us with the Youth of Santiago, Chili Mark Dameron ' ,t,,, MQ .M A Av-w.W.s........-, W Wm-asa.N,sW ex S Q2 "Ng 54 i Exchange Students faced with a strange land, a new world of ideas, customs Erect, smiling, Japanese Akira Odera versatile, low voiced, Italian Ela Folco ambassadors bridging the gap between countries. discovering America -...,,,,,,,j ss. . img SQ il 35 Ela Folco 17' ,yu Q. ve, finding Youth different, yet- so much alike. The American Field Service, an exchange of love. Akira Odera Dear Rebs, I feel it is my duty to express to you and to the teachers and all the members of TJ my most profound and heartfelt gratitude. I arrived in Dallas some months ago armed with my enthusiasm, though not without fear and perplexity. I knew in fact that most of my life here in the United States would revolve around the schoolg and as the school has always been and still is of great importance for me, I was always worried by the thought of what I would find and how I would be able to fit into new surroundings so different from those of my country. Even 1ny most optimistic expectations were surpassed and I still find every day new reasons to consider myself extremely fortunate to be here in TI and in Gorrell family, and in Dallas. No one ever considered me an outsider and I never felt alone or a stranger. This is the first reason which has moved me to write these lines: for the warmth and understanding with which you helped me in my first difficulties, I say "Thank you" with all my heart. To the faculty goes my promise I will never forget you. I have tried to tell you my feelings and I hope I will always be able to show myself worthy of being a part of the wonderful world of mourn TJ. Grazie mille, Emanuela 1' za' " ,. ,, .WX , W' Elu Folco .W . wt Q Ma ff" 56 VR w L' if diay eetd c he or e to Hmm, A Akira Oderu Dear TJ ers, Frankly speaking, one year was a little too short for me. So if I could, I certainly would stay in TJ for a couple more years. Everyone of you has been friendly and helped to make my staying here more comfortable and more meaningful. Every- time you asked me questions about Japan, AFS, and sometimes myself, I felt closer to you. Of course, I have experienced a lot of hardships, too. Even when I felt deeply down-hearted, your saying to me, "Hi, Akira", ':Hi, Akeewg or just smiling to me in the crowded halls really encouraged me and made me cheerful again. Consequently, l learned the importance and the great power of friendliness and smil- ing. There are hundreds of other important things I have learned here, which would not have been possible without this AFS program. So let me thank you again for your help in many ways all through the year. Please give my best regards to our Uncle Sam. Yours, Akira 57 Beauty Tea February 12 r Qin., x.L. . ,M A graceful figure clad in outward loveliness, Radiating from an unseen spring the joy of life. delicate, flowerlike- the Beauty of Youth Judges 'Z ,r wwy ' w,,r? V rm? 1' 73 , GW' Document Beauties V Jw. W . f':f-Ive: -,f i 1, - . Q :,,e, ,,e. 1f,L,, - , Ng, i , ..,, ,,,,, ,.,.,,, . f ,,,.,, .ff,, .,,1:Ayg. . , ::s,g ,,,. i Sarah Wilson 7 991: iHV""' Judy Suvag6 J 1 s V I ? Document Beauties Wesley Rogers ,ffw 25 iw F- A 1. Fxmrfxz '- - .-1.-fag, -'Y iff? 'K tiki ? M ,fl A - ,nf Q , X 1 15' -1 1 ,,, 31 gn- Patti Krusz Q, , X . kg 4 Beauty Finalists , R K f1'Ul'ilif Jenise Hyde MAS. Q., , Wm f -f Sophomore Favorites 'H 1, 5 :if yr :X 2 A::: "fs : Z Z taxis-Qi iw - ifffi' nfl, Denise Alvarado Lawrence McBride ff N . Patti Krusz Tom Oliver Friendly- smiling with a certain warmth Junior Favorites mg., 1 ".,' ' ,L Phil Meyercord N r Kathy McKissack s s 2. X ,Q it arrsss 1 Allen Birmingham 32 5, mszse 1 Q .,, Ms'- i he 11-eases iw., 534 W if f we-5' Na. '51 .,-' 5 :sz . at K"'k 5' X "' i , ,',w,,,..ugpem ' san l- Sssieinsfihewl f 'Yivlpk-nil at-fm 14 Wi as q4,!51li - 33 3. QE? - , f-fn--Aw f " -am' me -- l,:.m H' A s 5 .1. s 'XN A+ , gs M E :'1'Z1ii!iLps. V mf .4 A.,, A Wawfrf . asv' W U Z 31.9 -K 'A' , Zoe Conner Sincerity- earning the respect of their classmates Senior Favorites eg., yin 1, Susan Boggs Forrest Dunlap Spontaneous- Iaughing with the ease of Youth .V Ag 1 ' 'Ju 7 -:Q 5 -ya 17,4 la, A rg' A A., Q' Aa ul ,g V' E' Q., A Q,-. f , y' , n' ,.,q'. 5 6 av, rm . W 'V' J? A69 ff, 'W 1 1 Ak . 9 ' W ff in if 4 ,Y 3 k Q 4 sv ' H fr :2 . 'Y vi' . x wi S gl: WRU? "H, J, , ,, .. Best All Around Forrest Dun'ap Laurie Seltzer 72 Andy Nleyercord Susan Boggs Friendliest Eric Jacobson Prissy Tate M351 Likely To Succeed Most Dependable as selected by Thomas Jefferson Faculty Carolyn Mayo Gary Schenck .y f 512 'lxgl wily mg? er 'X Q s rl Q QXXQQQ E T? g g John Paul Young Terrie Seltzer Wittiest 76 Nlost Creative Sandy Bolton Eve Becklund Fw Q, 1 Most Athletic Robbie Best Barbie Murrell 5 I t The joy of youth with its radiant ambition Wvhen lifeis a painting on the mind in Warm, glowing colors of things not yet known at I of A i - ' f Q I -f,..4-fix , xx f 4 ., 'f -h I flffgi If A My "We .- 4:6 'a nf ,Q , Y . A' K Q v -' J 1 -. - .- 1-pb ' J ' .- , Q . 13 -Ig. -1 X - - fdz.--fha: Q, 'V-, HN tx .ff , . ,gh -v . Nth..-., 'S ,,' . -. 4' .-.'Q"' ' lil ire' P 'fini 23451 ..x'-Q .ff -MEG' if f' V "'1., .?5 f iv :ff -2 viii? if 'fi' . ' --"' .-Ni' . ' 'i' '- ' na: . ig. :ft A - 1522? 13341. H V? 7, Y- 0+,ff:4- 1 . Q' ff' K - vA2Sm.!7'ff1f- ww, wg ff' L 1967 jefferson organizations 8I Student Council Scurry, plans dance posters, ticket sales prodded by last minute meetings of committees blending tradition and innovation Homecoming, Teacher Appreciation Day aware of a duty to serve as a citizen of Dallas, and of America Thanksgiving baskets to the underprivileged letters to Viet Nam Christmas gifts to the Benita Juarez School TJ Appreciation Day, Lady of Monticello Dance honoring the principles upon which our school was founded Discussion- between members debate, diverse imaginations The Student Council , elected representatives EUC -l 390115011 displaying the capability of youth President Orrin Harrison Vice-President Eve Becklund Chris Kageler Treasurer Secretary Eric Jacobson talks with Mr. Billy Little, Ql Q4 Mrs. Katherine Clayton, assistant sponsor. MEMBERS-AT-LARGE: Left to right: First row: Trey Dowdy and Lawrence McBride, Sophomores. Second row: Zack Miller, .luniorg Kathy Hickman, Seniorg Bill Starnes, Junior. Third row: Forrest Dun- lap, Senior. 82 t r , Q-4 ' W1 . vi 5' Qi, . S K, ta' at 5 fc' ' ' s. K i' , A A Q fy .JF-Q 5 "L 'gifs-,,"1 , A ,JENJ , ,3 in- f 'if -24 The Sticks entertain at the Howdy Party. fr it 'KB ix 1 1 e -.. IQ-is The first Silldfflli C01U1Ci1 P1'0leCt is for' Refreshments arrive for hungry Rebs. enjoym . CHI ,,:,m,,,, to v "uf Q., SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES: Kneeling: Left to right: Scott Williams', Webb Breeding, Jeff Blum. Standing: First row: Scott Daniel, Ken Travis, Mark Deeds, Patty McKinney, Gary Schenk", Ginny Ward, Sam Kincaid, Marjie Stephens, Wes Harris. Second row: Jim Oliver, Johnny Rector, Debbie Green", Mary Beth Twiehaus, Janet Smith', Brad Williams, Pete Thornton, David Reynolds, Leonard Hoffman. Third row: Jim Wiley", Jan Edgar, Bob Ball. Not pictured: Cathy Genarlsky' Mike Travis", Prissy Tate", Mary Lou Swift", John Paul Young, Gina Mills, Laurie Seltzer. 1 9 Cathy Hickman distributes in- formation sheets on the sopho- mores' first day at TJ. 11 E f.'g'lf1,,'se,. 4 Jim Wiley helps with the Sophomore orientation pro- gram. 'Indicates Committee Chairmen 33 -7 C f""X JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES: Left to right: First row: Delmhie Riddlesti. Carol Hopkins. Robert Kieschniek, Cordon Hill. Sandra Hills Marsha Morey? Tom Skinner. Second row: Kathy KIcKissaCki4. Larry Meyers, Patty Zahniser, Charles Allen, Rick Taylor, Ann Brad shaw, Zoe Conner. Third row: Maureen Ingram, Don Jackson, Farrel Ray, Loy Sneary, Karen Alexander, Diann Tessman, Lila Cratltloekiq . . , . . T . Y l Sheryl Kuenstler. Not plcturedz Jimmy Stevens, George Purvis. Dale l,LlflSll, lNe1l Coin-ns, Ken Matthews, Sandra George. ' l l A college representative talks with students and parents. i Chaos strikes as representatives try to Spot their vollege sponsors. The Welcoming Committee acquaints new students with TJ. Laurie Seltzer suggests a proieet at a Tues- day morning meeting, 84 zlzlndieates Committee Chairmen Ken Travis defends his stand on an issue before the Student Council. Janet Smith and Carol Hopkins carry a Thanksgiving basket filled with food for needy families. Chris Kageler and Mary Lou Swift check Christmas cards being , sent to Viet Nam by TJ students. Mary Lou Swift boxes student donations to be distributed by the Salvation Army. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES: First row: Left to right: Peggy Richards, Nancy Entwistle, Dorothy Mills, Delana Dunham, Leonora Stephens, Marilyn Sell. Second row: Coke Buchanum, Michelle Lindley, Denise Alvarado, Becky Ferguson, Louise Lytal, John Bangs, Wayne Hamilton. Third row: Robert Wassow, Rick Hurley, Tim Evans, Tom Oliver, Trey Dowdy, Casey Robbins. Not pictured: Kay Hill, Jimmy Langkop, Kirk Larsen, Randy Glickman, Susan Morton, Steve Loving. 85 fe David Arthur Liz Atkinson Bob Ball Eve Becklund Darla Blatnik David Dunlap Second Year Members Betty Fine Cathy Genarlsky Debbie Green Vicki Guest Jeff Hafkemeyer Orrin Harrison Patti Hayes Bill Hickey Robert Howell Beverly Johnson Tom Kaut James King fir I Carolyn Mayo David Merritt David Reynolds Gary Schenck Laurie Seltzer Terrie Seltzer , 1 ' ' F3 ' if X X 5 M X QR t stee y rii. ietirt e Janet Smith Sandy Smith Henry Stern Wayne Stewart Steve Stimson Karen Surbaugh OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretaries Treasurer F . M S '12 I XX x SEE , E-PR ENT Prissy Tate .lay Teng Ray Teng Susan Whitehouse Barbara Wunsch Dan Yarberry Gary Schenck Dan Yarberry Debbie Green Barbara Wunsch Eve Becklund n l 1 -WM X Q v. Mrs. Ina Mae Mason Sponsor 'KM . -N-we A A Danny Berry J " an f Mrs. Carmen Price Sponsor gawk- if Charles Cox p Susan Harrison ,vii W fl" Eric Jacobson Susan Bud Boggs Boynton ' ,, - g i? CUOIYU Olivia Crook Crooks f 'lv t. ' 'F 5 S National Honor Society First Year Senior Members Diane Catn Y Hirsch Hickman Kathleen Kingsley Bob Kaltenbach . ,,,. it , pg 3 W Q S is N HHCY Gail David Mannie Aronoff Atherton Barr Berk . l V orti i '... . o 1: of - A+ , e ri r in Webb LYIIH Ann Lloydine Breeding Bussey Calvert Clayton TJ, p . -,.. t gl i I ,, A K 5 Linda Katherine John Ladd Mark Dodson Egan Creeno Gross h K . Q15 f ,L i " 5-f S JM' L 5 . , . Doug Cecil Jenise Hirt Holland Huey Hyde p on Pledging A to uphold the high purposes of the National Honor Society p A " true L p ki" to the principles for which " ' it standsg ' loyal to the school S ., maintaining, encouraging g high standards of Scholarship, Character, Rita Leadership and Service Kyser The National Honor Society rewarding the efforts of Youth. Ne , my ,, Q. . qi J, .W J ffc, K zgi , ,i, .:,,, 5 W l Ag , 1 , t H L L , ' if , V ,-f' I S - "K, if i ' - ' 'V 7 f 'I 5 ' fe ., . V ,,Ll, mm"A' .. A y y - r Pat Karl J im Patty Sharon Barbara Gina Lambe Mahaffey Massie McKinney Mead Melton Mills S Qg lr n f Q5 Wf 2.3 V' in . . Charlotte Keith J im Kathy J anice Cathy Susan Murphy Newquist Oliver Pickrell Pruitt Puro Rakow . A L Q 'Qff ,lrly t ,Q ' 1 ,. t A 1 i A ll' I Lynn Sally Linda Lina Beth Paula Pam Marjorie Rucker Savage SCOOP Selly Shewmake Starr Stephens , ljh . Q , 'Q . t t W eylt l at N . Hg V , V : ,. K Vrii f L Karen Keith Mary Lou Cathy Bill Ken Mary Beth - Surbaugh Susman Swift Thomas Tomlin Travis Twiehaus ' illi"' ' y yly , tlz I to y K S 1 iiii i t S, . Not pictured: ' K S J ames Elmer Doug Mitchell Mary Barbara Leith J im Mark Dameron Welch Whatley Wildfong Wiley Pam Williams jf. Scott ' L u m' V , Williams - 2 Steve 4, . Womack iii ' il Pam Woods 88 L4 V. Roger Barrier .ludy D'Avignon r Maureen Ingram Stacy Langston Karen Litton . 55, 5' r Laura Reich 89 Q! ' Debbie Bearden f sf. Lynette Farr as. r ,bw Sarah Johnson Kathy Lieb A Steve Marcum S Debbie Riddles 5 M x 5 eiie . K J , 11 k-VVJ . Q Q Q l r ' i it f S -4 I f . f ,, r , x h , 1 L K - James Randy Sara Doug Lila Breckenridge Bryant Clack Conoway Craddock , X +V , Q ' "'- ' H - e g y f ii .', u . ' ' K -I bg, ig .7, K ,,, Vicki Diane Carrie Bill Jane Fish Folsom Genarlsky Gipe Hawkins First Year Junior Members EZ lhe.s of snn lf: L':' . 1 Alan Hirt 1 sa it x .X Gayle Howard fx I Q, at gifs s 'gil xiixxkkx Zack Marcia Miller Moran , ' "ui M ,ia K is : M 1 in -'V. 1 ' I 7? I , . ,if Dede Helen Shipman Waldorf Second year members are inducted in the spring of 1966. S Nancy Sharon Neff Peek 'ar gi .lulie Brooke Wasson Williams Ray Petty als ' 'Er .0- Linda Prescott Not pictured Rod Douglas William Star HCS A Farrell Ray Key CI u b Friendship and service sponsored by the Kiwanis International trick or treat collecting Halloween candy for hospitalized children patterning, building floats Hayrides- characterized by aggressive leadership selected for qualities of citizenship Initiative, the Key Club Parade a TJ Sweetheart, Patti Hayes Banquet, speeches, membership kits, induction The Key Club , , M . T T ll , d hi 'f . Youth motivated by a desire to serve. I om a ey' sponsor an is W1 e Banquet speaker Pierce Allman speaks about leadership. V' I 6 1 V ia it qt 1 I Charles Allan -79- 'Q' 422, ,,, , 4 ,V 1 'x Don Blum 90 Bob Barry Ball Barrett so Q4 C Webb Dennis V Breeding Carruth ,wa 1, 4 4 vi I Danny Berry hands out kits to new members as President Forrest Dunlap and Sweetheart Patty Hayes look on. Roger Bill Danny Robbie Barrier Baxter BCITY BCS! E:-' Tom Bill Charles Scott Conner Cowsar Cox Daniel . iir if t 'ff' Rod Trey Duvid Forrest Dewitt Douglas Dowdy Dunlap Dunlap Easterling f ' J Q 6 a George Alan Bruvf? Bill Randy Field Ford Gardmer Cipe Glickman ,it fw i,tt ii' f '5"" z ' h X Terry Freddie Andy Eric .lohn Hess Howard Hudson Jacobson Jordan Sam James Jim Karl Andy Kincaid King Langkop Mahaffey Meyercord T ,f LX, D .- i f 1 1. sw N i tip ' ' 'N Mark Dowell enjoys Key Cluhlmers who come to pattern llim. 61 v s I if , K John Echols li - Mark Cross M , 'Z K Bob Kaltenbach Z' 6 H. W Philip Meyercord Z .f AE: Mike Edgar Orrin Harrison 3 Ed Kepner :fer 1 gn vw X . Bobby Miller 4,5 Webb Breeding entioes Tobi Bone to huv candy. . La H N ,V ,fag if -. e in Zack Miller . Larry Myers Richard Myers J, , 'L , -nw 'F . " a L Larry Prestien in iv V Bill Starnes Bill 92 Tomlin E H A Key Club Sweetheart, Patti Hayes, rides Key Club float in November parade. is Keith Kraig Akira Newquist Newquist Odera Farrell Steve Gary Ray Sample Schenck Henry Wayne Keith Stem Stewart Susman Y ,, vw Miki? Pat Steve Travls Wallace Whitney J im Oliver A of sw XX I Dan Short 1, .S g fl, Rick Taylor J im Wiley by I .s:s'iQ5 3 , Tom Oliver Q 'Si- K at W, L Tom Skinner 641 an Ray 'Petty Stacey Smith J ay Teng J-L F , f lA K .lay Wimberley Ray Teng Dan Yarberry X 5 4. E gun. V x J . Fi , ' Q xx R M W ' it ' 1' .V og Y r Q." ff: I Q6 E in Y .Q ,, 5, 5 , x Ea Q K Je- S fs K , Quill and Scroll Outstanding Juniors and Seniors in publication of the Document, and the Reveille Quill and Scroll individuals rewarded for their journalistic encouraged to communicate, to interpret, and to record the actions of TJ Youth achievement Mrs. Maurine Fussell and Miss Sharon Kimmell Sponsors W.. . Document Stu David Burr Darla Blatnik Don Blum Weblm Breeding Steve Brutsche Cathy Cenarlsky Chris Kageler Tom Kant Maureen Ingram Eric Jacobson Andy Meyercord Ray Petty Terrie Seltzer .lanet Smith Prissy Tate Helen Waldorf Brooke Vllilliams Barbara Wunsch Reveille Stuff Gail Atherton Liz Atkinson Mannie Berk Betsy Bilheimer Terry Blackwood Sandy Bolton Jacob Einhorn Susan Epstein Debbie Green Bill Hickey Gary Hoffman Kathleen Kingsley Charlotte Murphy Lynn Russell Cary Schenck Connie Smith Mary Lou Swift Mary Welch Eva Lynn Wortham 93 iTerrie Editor y y pyy in 3 e s i t ' f-tom , Darla Blatnik, Maureen Ingram, and Eric Jacobson Barbara Wun sch Editor Miss Sharon Kimmell Sponsor , E E! Chris Kageler and Helen Waldolf Activities Editors Taking pictures, typing, filing Creating Struggling to meet deadlines under the yet enjoying the frenzied pace. Learning to work with cooperation and responsibility Providing a panoramic view vital, lasting, significant The DOCUMENT Staff '67 Youth with a common goal. pressure of time ..-....- Class Editors Deadline tomorrow and only three pages in! at H , , Document Staff Terrie Seltzer and Barbara Wunsch Editors Chris Kageler and Helen Waldolf Activities Editors Cathy Genarlsky and Janet Smith Organization Editors Don Blum and Webb Breeding Sports Editors Brooke Williams Faculty and Military Editor Darla Blatnik, Maureen Ingram, and Eric Jacobson Class Editors Steve Brutsche Advertising Editor Andy Meyercord Index Editor and Business Manager David Barr, Tom Kaut, and Ray Petty Photographers Prissy Tate Copy Writer Miss Sharon Kimmell Sponsor QQ? QW J 1 Cathy Cenarlsky and Janet Smith Organization Editors Steve Brutsche Advertising Editor Andy Meyercord Index Editor and Business Manager Brooke Williams Faculty and Military Editor Prissy Tate Copy Writer 'S' if 5 E Don Blum and Vvebb Breeding Sports Editors i rf .9 8' f t Document Award Each year the Document staff award recognizes those who give unselfish service to the staff, those who willingly perform that which is not expected. With the publication of the first Document, a tra- dition was initiated that awarded those whose contributions to the Document proved especially outstandingg in honor of the first seven winners, no more than seven elections will be recognized in any one year. Hopefully, each successive group will live up to the stand- ard of excellence begun by the first and continued by the following awardees. Sharon Kimmell, Sponsor Awordees 1957 Q 1958 1959 1960 Nancy Akndgff NOFHIH D6P3Sql1al Vicky Chames Donna Alexander .l0 AHI1 Cl1II1II1lIlgS Jane Donald Don Dalton Mary Lou Beaird John Ingram Jay Ordeneaux Bill Proctor Ann Stooksberry Barbara Walker 1961 Sharon Austin Carol Crosby John Harrunond Lee Hughes Tommy Jones Diana Gibson Carol McDonald Steve Schlosstein 1962 Gail Aronoff Lin Campbell Barbara Glew Kathleen Hagaman Joann Ondrovik Marilyn Gump Frank Haley Kay Hendricks Frannie Tuckfield Carolyn Williams 1963 Caren Clark Genevieve Griffin Linda Hay Nancy McMinn Susie Thornton Ann Bonnick Sam Carpenter Bill Herries Becky Ransdell Bill Wilkinson 1964 John Drollinger Carolyn Feibel Helen Hagaman Janet Lawrence Linda Lewis David Wilkinggn Cynthia Ley Jan Woods Anne Vaughan George Sickler M1146 Blum Beth Cathefall Term, Seltzer Barbara Fassel Carol Hafer Carol Ann Katz Thomas Starnes Rodger Whitney Sally Eddins Chris Kageler Wanda Klein Valerie Slattum Connie Thomas Barbara Wunsch Darla Blatnik Maureen Ingram David Barr Tom Kaut Ray Petty Janet Smith Columns and printers' ink headlines deadlines coverage seeking a wider scope commenting on a span of issues The Reveille Staff awakening Rebels to an awareness current activities future events reflecting the pace of fast moving Youth. Melinda Bishop, Betsy Belheimer, and Mary Lou Swift ...Q Cary Schenk, Copywriter Debbie Green, News Editor l I l i Terry Newlin Editor xg ,S Sz X, Kathleen Kingsley Assistant Editor Bob Jacobs Photographer The Reveille Mannie Berk and Terry Newhn Editors Kathleen Kingsley Assistant Editor Debbie Green News Editor Terry Blackwood and Lynn Russell Sports Editors Robert Jacobs Photographer Betsy Bilheimer, Melinda Bishop, and Mary Lou Swift Advertising Liz Atkinson Feature Editor Gail Atherton Club Editor Connie Smith and Mary Welch Liz Atkinson Feature Editor Gail Atherton Club Editor Exchange Editors Gary Schenck Copy Editor Sandy Bolton Cartoonist Ann Calvert Columnist Bill Hickey Distribution Gary Hoffman Business Manager Mrs. Maurine Fussell Sponsor Terry Blackwood and Lynn Russell Sandy Bolton Cartoonist Sports Editors Mary Vllelch and Connie Smith Exchange Editors Bill Hickey, Distribution Gary Hoffman, Business Manager Stage Band ALTO SAX Mark Gross- lead Ann Allman Hubert Knight TENOR SAX Phil Garonzik -lead Dave Webster BARITONE SAX Ricky Gebhardt Pam Staton BASS Phil Barnett TROMBONE Flash Rogers! lead Bryan King Chris Blair Charlie Banks TRUMPETS Craig Logan- lead ,lim Massie Rick Taylor Ronnie Klett DRUMS Bill Gipe Billy Holmes " 0 ...K Sm.. 1 Phil Garonzik, student conductor, holds a Stage Band performs at the Senior Play under the direction of Mr. James L. Fox. n afternoon rehearsal. A proud -flourish of sound exuberant, staccato a talented ensemble united through a common musical interest learning to improvise displaying the results of long and steady practice The Rebel Stage Band IOI Flute .lerry Anderson Laurie Douglass Betty Fine James Fredd Karen Hickerson Pam Keller Kathy Metz Diane Pope Lisa Rogers 'Stewart Stimson Vicki Whitman Oboe Bruce Erwin Pat Mobberley "'Craig Wright Bassoon Robert Wells Clarinet Richard Allen Phyllis Barnett Phyllis Cobb Tom Conwell Gordon Davis Greg DuBois Charlotte Garner Grover Garner Beatrice ,luarez yFPhil Garonzik Glinnis Hunt David Merritt Billye Mullins Suzy Patton Pam Staton Debbie Willey Ken Williams Linda Williams Lucia Ringueberg The Rebel Band Alto Sax "iAnn Allman David Baker Mark Gross .lack Hill Hubert Knight Tenor Sax Caralyn Franka "Dave Webster Bari. Sax Cheryl Arnold ,FRicky Gebhardt Sop. Sax David Bryant French Horn Olivia Crooks David Dunkley Richard Green "FRobert Penny Randy Penny Cornet and Trumpet Bruce Billings .lohnny Curtis Steve Day Richard Dorman Freddie Edlin Bob Erskine Margo Glater Robert Harrison Ron Hill Ronald Klett Craig Logan ,lim Massie Dennis Prewitt Ricky Taylor Freda Webster Fil Trombone Charles Banks Chris Blair Judy D'Avignon Bryan King 'Francis Rogers William Tyson James Tyler Tom Williams Baritone ,lay Briden Adelia Buckley Steve Coburn 'ilimmy Kimble Mike Ramzy Paul Rosenberg Tuba 'Ken Haynes Steve lustiss Mark Zoller Percussion Everett Caldwell Scott Causey i'Bill Gipe Billy Holmes Donna Page Brenda StPierre Vivian Thompson Linda Walden 'FPrineipal of section Mr. James L. Fox, Director The Rebel Band participates in pep assemblies. Big-voiced, Brass and horns raising spirits and emotional fervor at rallies and games celebrating a touchdown with trumpet-tongued fanfare pulsating, reverberating percussion The Rebel Band serving the school entertaining its students l03 2 Stewart Stimpson and David Mer- ritt, Drum Majors ,e W in Band members prepare for half-time show at football game, W ,af tk ti,: Vicki Whitman i M J Ma j orette Morning practice-a time of awakening! 0 .Ja IO4 Rehearsal for Christmas program. Rebels set a pace at the Fair grounds. X inf, Q A if-iff Q Siren., W ,gzfiilm J , Kilim Q .fn- 5 Superlatives Vicki Whitman and OFFICERS: left lo right: Vicki Whitman, Secretaryg Craig Craig Logan, Logan, Presidentg Ricky Taylor, Treasurerg Bobby Penney, Vice-President. Vicki Whitman performs for the fans. ALL-REGION BAND: left to right: Phil Caron- zik, Ann Allman, and ,lim Kimble. The Torchlight Parade B G n d H 0 n 0 All State Band-Craig Logan, Phil Cvaronzik 4 A5 ALL-REGION BAND: left to right: Adelia Buckley, Linda Wil liams, and Craig Logan. Reb Belles Synchronized, enthusiastic Contagiously spurring the student body into a feeling of school spirit Hours of continuous drilling A proud moment - the Torchlight Parade Reb Belles The first game found Reb Belles huddling in the highlighting both rallies and games. Captain, OFFICERS: left to right: Linda Dodson, Marsha Wilson, Captain Patti Hayes, Patti Hayes Keller, .lenise Hyde. f V X 5" Cel ,, V 4 Smiling faces exhibit Reb Belle spirit The Torchlight Parade spotlights the Reb Belles during the State Fair. Reb Belles raise up to '4Dixie". Sponsor -s lie has Miss Sarah Hardy, l l - 1-me Miss Greaves brings surprises at the Christmas Party. I08 f E MANAGERS: Charlotte Muri phy and Cookie Selly. As the stadium lights dim, the girls end another night's precision performance. SOCIAL OFFICERS: Left to right: .lan Edgar, Vice-President, Mary Beth Twiehaus, Secretaryflnreas- urerg Susan Boggs, Presidentg Debby Brigance, Chap- laing Zoe Conner, Reporterg Cookie Selly, Reporterg Judy Shipp, Chaplain. L A , - f .f M- - Y--.-., ., t .M ,,.,.,.i,,.,,.,, i .lei V, I Q fuk , , ,lip .NL K vi, , 3,2 'izhfy Q. al., , ' Z' '-+,g,,, , f til, t , , y y , C x. fy s. 1 . Z f ' .- V, X fx -, - .4 .,. an 44.,:r?f,fJ3?, Qi-sk: ww wg ffywwrww-sfwfvwfxtitlb ., -J K 'I .nina 1- ,,.,f The Reb Belles and the band execute the traditional TJ formation in the Cotton Bowl. First row: left to right: Debby Brigance, Ginny Cole, Lieu- tenant Marsha Wilson, Linda Taylor, Charlene Cravotta. Second row: Cindy Webb, Nancy Watson, Susan Harrison, Pam Woods, Diann Tessman. Third row: Susan White- house, Carol Hopkins, Kathy Knotts. f ,, . 75 I f V-1V " I It C -I 1 ' -, i,i 3 S f E ' QR fa-Qxx 7 ,QYQX xi' ' Bemis Yer 'T ,t i,7 Wt?.g 1 , fi, 4,5 ,ggi . new - - S . f t , l u 5: .gt t s.,. 2, tr, ,I np .Spiga Heir K . H91 , -a V Mg ' , ll s 'B-57' f-,,f -' 2, t -Q- QQ 1 ,Nl-., S ,' x ' ' 5 ,P x ' wh! L,,, - - f-1, if -F ' . 9 'A 3 WP' 1v'rff2' , r, ff - -ft f -. - - s X -A ef z. ? to Z- 'M ' W , as X- A' rx 5' a e ' f , ' V , z.. ,' ' 'W'-a ,X W siyss r -5 ea- , ,M -1-f' 1 L Kneeling: left to right: Susan Sehaerdel, Candy Hall, Jo McKenzie, Mary Beth Twiehaus, Lieutenant Becky Keller, Marcia Sanders, Kathy McKissack, Eva Lynn Wortham, Kit Rohi- son. Standing: Carol Cook, Jan Edgar, Diane Folsom, Judy Shipp, Pat Herndon, Sandy Bills, Sharon Seagraves, Cyndy Moss, Teresa Whitlow. First row: left to right: Leith Wildfong, Janet Floeker, Ingrid Stromberg, Trudy Hinckley, Lieutenant Linda Dodson, Mary Ramsey, Carol Webb, Judy Savage, Marilyn MacDonald. Second row: Zoe Connor, Lila Crad- dock, Linda Lacy, Diane Murray, Nancy Lowman, Debbie Marvin, Martha Caynier, Janice McBride, Lu Ann Argabright. Kneeling: left to right: Susan Boggs, Jann Murphy, Deb- bie Holland, Lieutenant Jenise Hyde, Linda Prescott, Marcia Moran, Susan Crossette, Judy Ohland. Standing: Janet Dorscll, Sara Short, Carolyn Matthews, Mallory Campbell, Nancy Murray, Sara Clack, Debbie Riddles, Patty Tumer, Marilyn Wisner. l rfb OFFICERS: Seated: Adrienne Stetson, Secretary. Standing: left to right: Cindy Webb, Treusurerg Charles Cox, Vice-Prcsidcntg Craig Logan, Librariang Bob Ball, President. Surging, swelling, symphonic sound delighting ' the ear with its majesty 4 r A ,W Under the creative direction of Mr. Wendland V C 'iii i distinguishing the Orchestra, a superior musical iii? , ,-1 IIO Ken Travis, Student Director. if STAGE MANAGERS Ken Travis und Bobby Penney. Mr. Weldon Wendland, Conductor. Orchestra First Violins Bob Ball Lynn Bussey Charles Cox Kathy Egan Bruce Erwin Ken Travis Second Violins Chris Blair Pat Bracken Randy Bryant Mary Northcutt Roger Roof Cindy Webb Viola Sharon Bennett Cellos Phyllis Barnett Glen Weynand Bass Phillip Barnett Flutes James Fredd Pam Keller Bonnie O'Brien Oboe Pat Mobberley Craig Wright Clarinets Mark Gross Robert Howell Pam Staton Linda Williams Bassoon Robert Wells Trombones Charles Banks Flash Rogers Trumpets Ron Klett Craig Logan James Massie Kirby Vaughn French Horns Ricky Green Bobby Penney Percussion Darrell Dunham John McMath Piano Adrienne Stetson Orchestra Honors ALL-STATE ORCHESTRA: left to right: Craig Logan, Charles Cox, and Ken Travis, All State Concert-Master 2 7' .-" ALL-REGION ORCHESTRA: left to right: First row: Charles COX Ken Travis, Rohr-rt Howell, and Craig Logan. Second row: Bobby Penny and Boln Ball. DAL-HI ORCHESTRA First row: Mary Northcutl Craig Logan Lynn Bussey Kathy Egan Charles Cox Robert Howell Second row: Ken Travis Bob Ball Chris Blair ,tw a ' 7 ' Fifth period is a concentrated effort. lu, ..,,. fvgtf ef- 5 .. f I fe" fi" QFD" mo- W... Sk' Q.. gn up 9 v- ..- u OFFICERS: left to right: Peggy Redding, Presidentg Linda Dod- son, Secretaryg Janet Dorsch, Treasurer. Mr. Jack Cannon, Director Memorable moments of musical pleasure varying from classical to modern. Sparkling a blend of light voices. Uniformed in navy and white. First Soprano Cheryl Arnold Mary Barrett Ann Bradshaw Sharon Coffey Sandra Copeland Gwynne Hargrove Lynn Humphreys Cindy Kahanek Sharon Lowe Cindy McCally Janice Mead Vicki Muelhause Janice Pruett Sue Ann Rankin Penny Ross Lynn Rucker Rita Weis Beverly Wilson Second Soprano Liz Atkinson Lloydine Clayton Linda Dodson Kandy Evans Linda Foster Dianne Jopling Sharon Maus Shirley Pound Sally Purnell Lynn Stephan Susia Stowers Linda Taylor Ginny Ward Leith Wildfong Linda Wilson Marsha Wilson First Alto Janelle Baldridge Girls Cholr Eileen Bierner Lisa Collier Janet Dorsch Kandy Fankboner Nancy Fields Nancy Goodman Susan Goodman Debbie Graham Lee Hagood Leslie Harrington Pat Herdon Rita Howell Patty McKinney Jody Miller Sarah Wilson Second Alto Shelly Addington Vicki Bigger Ann Dilworth Donna Huckaby Patti Lambe Sally Michero Nancy Murray Mary Myrick Susan Peters Carol Quinn Peggy Redding Delores Simmons Patty Stephan Anna Suhlett Nancy Watson Carol Webb Cindy Webb Jan Williams Accompanist Ann Adams Susan Morton II3 SOPRAN OS Ann Armstrong Bette Bates Jessica Campbell Lavita Carlson Cindy Chase Zoe Conner Lee Crick Gale Elliott Ela Folco Paula Friedman Terry Garver Cathy Genarlsky Kathy Gill Gayle Godbey Vicki Guest Marilyn Halbrook Sheryl Hedrick Trudy Hinckley Jenise Hyde Barbara Jones Kathy Knotts Carolyn Mascho Judy Ohland Jo Ann Park Kay Pride Barbette Quigley Beverly Robbins Judy Savage Donna Trott II4 Concert Choir Jane Williams ALTOS Deresa Baldridge Eve Becklund Susan Boggs Ann Calvert Linda Cathey Evelyn Cobb Susan Crossette Debbie Eaton Tanya Ekblad Cathy Garrett Debbie Green Patti Hayes Yolanda Herandez Judy Hilz Nancy Jellinek Sally Kreischer Sheryl Kuenstler Susan Land Carolyn Matthews Gina Mills Charlotte Murphy Judy Nichols Nancy Poteet Marsha Pound Linda Prescott Anita Randall Debbie Saunier Sally Savage Judy Shipp Missy Shockey Adrienne Stetson Prissy Tate Barbie Till Mary Beth Twiehaus TENORS Richard Biens Steve Brutsche Scott Causey Mark Dameron Tommy Feitel Billy Hammett Richard Hill Critt Jarvis Steve Kinderdick Tom Larson Keith McLaren Richard Mitchell David Reynolds Roger Roof Doug Smith Pat Tiner Mike Travis Jim Wiley BASSES Ray Allen Jeff Blum David Brinson Brad Brown John Butler Tom Clark Larry Coles Tommy Cook Mike Edgar Loren Edwards Scott Edwards Alan Ford Arthur Gonzales Bert Guthrie Wes Harris Andy Hudson Mike Kaufman Larry Kowalewski Vincent Manley David Mars Bob McKay Phil Meyercord Akira Odera .lim Oliver Bill Parr Gary Schenck Tom Skinner Stewart Stimson Rick Vadala Ronnie Wilson Bruce Young 1 ,vw Q, 5 Lrg r .lack Cannon Director Mike Edgar President r Q' The auditorium is filled strains of a pulsating melody an unbroken chord sounding something deep in us a certain harmony of our innermost throughts- a fine-toned Serenade accentuated by crescendos descrescendos enhanced by a visual medley of blue uniforms Mr. Cannon working equally with all choir members to attain a musical unity The Concert Choir the highest rung of TJ's vocal-musical organizations taking great pride in the quality of their performances l J i " if ' b i 3,4 L J- Prissy Tate n 1 B n. es: f' Rick vadaia A X Vice-Presidents I 'J Q55 ', Third Period Section Leaders: Left to right: Sally Savage, Altosg Doug Smith, Tenorsg Terry Carver, Sopranosg Bill Parr, Basses. Social Secretaries: Left to right: Third Period Mike Kaufman Patti Hayes Fourth Period Judy Savage Larry Kowalewski Librarians: Left to Right: Ronnie Wilson Sheryl Kuenstler Kathy Gill II6 i it ' -.1 "2 :J i ,X I , , z . it H x f E -,Lk I K Q 3 lrvl seer ryser F if -. y - 'nt Wtkz I r xv .af .- ,- y ,f S .. J si Sevretaries and Treasurers: Left to right: Lavita Carlson, Sec'y, Fourth Period: Charlotte Murphy, Treas.g Mary Beth Twiehuus, Sec'y, Third Periodg Burbette Quigley, Treas., Fourth Period. -i 6+ -.M ' 65 Fourth Period Section Leaders: Left to right: Ronnie Wilson, Bassesg Lee Crick, Sopranosg Nancy Poteet, Altosg Scott Causey, Tenors. sms "Bye Bye Birdie" cast members perform I ' 9 l Concert Choir girls anticipate musical tryouts. l mst X 'N-K Sit down strike? No, nervous kids waiting to tryout for musical parts. ' Ronnie tryout. ,before the class. l Choir rehearscs for the Brotherhood as- sembly. 5 lifflfgg ITA-v Wilson calls Mike Edgar for his II7 Art Service Club "Off with the old" for another school session. lt takes two to tackle this problem. A flat is gently lifted into the well to be re- paired. H8 Water soaked hair-laurel of ASC parties. Girls become adept with a hammer, too. MX '5 ASC members know the phrase, "So look for something to do". pf' Af S , I if Some ASC 'iBut the paint on this flat must be left from the King and I", roars Jan Williams. Are bare feet and hearty breakfast prerequisites for membership? OFFICERS: First row: Left to right: Scott Causey, Lighting Managerg Bill Cipc, Business Manugerg Lee Crick, Secretary. Second row: Jeff Hafkemeyer, Stage Munagerg Exe Becklund, Presidentg Marsha Morey, Treasurerg Carolyn Mascho, Vice-President. Not Pictured: Cathy Genarlsky, Historian, 'V ,aj 'bra ug tim e -. J A Miss Marian Cole, sponsor 3 T lf kids find time for a little dancing. Sketching, designing employing both method and skill Useful art water, scrubbing brooms, blisters composing canvasing school life a brush of paint- The Art Service Club of colors and shapes of grace the creativity of Youth. mid shows Eve Becklund, President, knows the art of wheat paste. ANJQW' STAGE CREW: First row: Left to right: Doug Smith ill Gipe, Eve Becklund. Second row: Marsha Morey, Bill Cowsar, Bruce Kelton, Lee Crick, Dale Killings- worth, Jeff Hafkemeyer. Jeff Hafkemcyer Stage Manager Stage and Lighting Crews shoving, sawing, building sets, working out the details of staging for the Senior play, the Thespian Review, the musical arranging lights. managing the sound system precision and reliability- The Stage and Lighting Crew on whom depends the success of many school productions Stage Crew members fix the fate of a wobbly flat. ey Scott Causey, Lighting Manager, is a familiar face in the balcony. LIGHTING CREW: Left to right: Chris Scliechner, Julie Wznsson, Ladd Creeno, Debbie Riddles, Brooks Haley, Scott Causey. w A ga- Q , " xt Library Servlce Club V Shelving, sorting f H I caring for books that wait bg ,A V patiently To f V gl to answer questions X jx ' m"'A' M to enrich with their wisdom The Library Service Club tw presel-vin gr the silent influence of books. , in 5 l 4 , V, N 'WM H"-W ., ,,,,,' An afternoon session making Christmas booklets Members aid in checking out books. for the TJ faculty. , 112, Ns ll l T 'Jr A f I' ' f"'11'dfe, 'r ff' 47" 'K' .KW 32 sg"""'fQ-.- ij? fix? Q ya 't W , W ff I 17 1 ' ,nf ' S .,r-' First row: left to right: fkneelingl Paul Rosenberg, Coleen Donohoe, Margie Osburn. Second row: Carolyn Mayo, Louise Ellison, Pam Barry, Meg Rohrt, Susan Erickson, Ann Spencer. Third row: Cheryl Hathaway, Janet West, Frances Ramsey, Greg DuBois, Patricia Arnold, Bob Whittington. Not pictured: ,Ian Chandler, Diana Tucker, Martha Pollard, Diana Wagnon, Eneida Sainz, Bill Ellis, Amy Willcox. OFFICERS: Left to right: Eneida Sainz, Social Chairman 5 Amy Willcox, Chap- laing Bill Ellis, Sec- retary-Treasurerg Carolyn Mayo, Pres- identg Martha Pol- lard, Vice-President. Mrs. Mary Smith, Librarian l2I 1 Susan Atkinson Jay Teng Henry Stem Liz Atkinson Debate Club Y, 1 Ccsticulating, articulating limiting Foreign Aid to , A Non-Military assistance gm' provoking others to agree or disagree Monday meetings, tournaments notecards, NFL points excellent coaching by Mrs. McKelvey polishing self-confidence sharpening logic The Debate Club Betty Fine listens to chal- l representing the ability of TJ lenging remarks' in the field of forensics resolving the problems of Youth. Andy McGregor and Neal Teng prepare for 3. A a debate. U 9 in- if Liz Atkinson Susan Atkinson Betty Fine Bill Hickey Andy McGregor Dan Raider A yy ,yye f ,,, ,srii . A. Robert R0l1diU6 Mrs. Molly McKelvey, Sponsor, and Bill SIHIHCS Robert Roudine judge a debate. Henry Stern lay Tong Neal Teng Vivian Thompson ,lulie Tiffany Paula Warren Julie Wasson Mrs. Molly fllclfelvey Sponsor OFFICERS: Left to right: Bill Hickey, Presidentg Susan Atkinson, Secretary-Treasurer: Liz Atkinson, Vice-President. Vivian Thompson and .lulie Wasson prepare for their '22 rebuttal. Drama Club Controlled gestures studied-movements costumed players auditioning earning points for National Thespians a Halloween Party. a one act play The Drama Club playing a part in the life of TJ. First row: Left to right: Barbie Till, Barbette Quigley, Vicki Looder, Yivian Thompson, Brooke Williams, Dede Shipman, Kay Quigley, Debble Riddles. Second row: Susan Atkinson, Marsha Morey, Liz Atkinson, Ann Armstrong, Susan Epstein. Kneeling: Left to right: Lisa Metcalf, Steve Brutsche. First row: Roxanne Mongaras, Ann Armstrong, Ma Welch, Nikki Cham- berlain, Debbie Engstrom, Zoe Conner, Sheryl Kuenstler, Betty Fine, Gay Elliot. Second row: Kay Pride, Debbie Riddles, Prissy Tate, Mary Beth Twiehaus, Eileen Noblitt, .ludy Fritz. Third row: Sandra Bills, Karen Alexander, Nancy Neff, Wendy Schneider, Vicki Whitman, Phyllis Cobb. -ml-w--u-. ,eff 1 91 Drama Club tryouts keep eyes up in the air. .-I.-7 F -.,.,..4-..5-- ..-1.---f-f-y 8'-'fl First row: Left to right: Dorcas Schindler, Sandy Robinson, Mary Green, Susan Rakow, Nina Scrima, Donna Trott, Ann Bradshaw, Lynda Cole. Second row: Sherry Smith, Carolyn Mat- thews, Debbie Beard, Cindy Chase, Sheri Hodge, Terry Addington, Grover Garner, Jacob Einhorn. Third row: John Fitzhugh, Scott Causey, Missy Shockey, Ann Williams, Neal Teng. Mrs. Ann Adams, sponsor. OFFICERS: Left to right: Bottom row: Brooke Williams, Sec'y-Treas.g Nancy Erickson, Vice-President. Top row: Ann Armstrong, President. I23 S s . 0 5' Q, Thespluns Lisa Metcalf and Steve Brutsche clown around. Clever impersonations, dramatic timing Entertainers acting, directing producing skits, Serendipity, the Review with excellence- an honorary association National Thespians projecting themselves into life portraying the tragedy and comedy of Youth f- , . W Q Mrs. Ann Adams, sponsor, discuss club pins. I24 L 1 a Q iw? NATIONAL THESPIANS: Left to right: First low: Mary Welch, Debbie Green, Sara Jackson, Julie Wasson. Second row: Brooke Williams, Laurie Seltzer, Steve Brutsche, Eve Becklund, Terrie Seltzer. Third row: Zoe Conner, Betty Fine, Rebecca Ramsey, Debbie Riddles. Not pictured: Prissy Tate, Leslie Utay, Vicki James, Nancy Erickson. Brutsche, Committee Chairman. Standing: Debbie Green, Vice-President, Betty Fine, President. Not pictured: Zoe Conner, Program Coordinator, ,lim Wiley, Rebecca Ramsey, Committee Chairmen. , ,A f.ff +1 "Behind you Terriei' 1' and Eve Becklund Thespians look at pin sizes. p gi JI E t Y Q, was Typical Thespians, Sara Jackson, Mary Beth Twiehaus, and Debbie Green. Debbie Riddles is about to be crowned? The wedding party consists of Brooke Williams, Beverly Johnson, Debbie Green, and Sara Jackson. Thesplan Jim Wlley and Orrm Har- rison perform forthe PTA. -F c 'Y Something entices the Thespians. Betty Fine tries her power of hypnosis on fellow Thespian Julie Wasson as Ann Armstrong coaches. Scott Causey, fearless hunter type, snares Eve Becklund. Student Assistants Res onslble . p A giving of their time freelyg Talent and interest appreciated by the school. PROJECTIONISTS: left to right: Gary Keeton, Terry Starnes, Kraig Newquist, Keith Newquist. Not pictured: Rod Alexan- der, .lames Young, Larry Wilkerson, David Nelson, David Chamberlain, Bill Mather, Larry Petron, Pat Halleck, Robert Holland. A e t it it - I i'l fx,oP"'-Q . ei ' ' " CLINIC: left to right: Lynn Friday, Marsha Davi son, Marsha Lyon, Susan Flood, Teresa Whitlo' Vicki Guest, Jane Bergstrom, Debbie Degennaa Not Pictured: Helen Daniel, Susan Atkinson, Kitt Crawford. .... ,,..,.Ll 'ff' five ' f 3,3 - .N X Pi , 4+ .3 P F ,f u Q, - X ,sf kia.. ' ' t Y a , l t XA Agfa yt ff i R L 'lf' 1 gr--. ., -Ac, x h t Qajfrat li 1i"""'hq CDV? 1 T X W- X f its ff NR i 1 K ' Wg' :Q e X .e.t., t,.. 's'f+,qsff ,Q D 3 ,rrtts A A X A us. YQ' my, , va 5 A an K 3 Q14 MQ, Ei I 452. , r xi E I., figs' its J' -'lille-'fxf f :M ' "X f 4' 'Q ilfs. -. it r f. 4, ,J ia' gifkfir stfflli' ' so Y .3821 is All uf, VI.: .I ik .Ll i z r 5 fm-,gases t 5 X4 E will gig? T R e IBM: left to right: Mrs. Carson, Diana Hirsch, Nancy Poteet, Wendy Hill, Carol Reynolds Janice Pruett, Eileen Bierner, Jerry Anderson. Not pictured: Suzanne Chapman, Debbie Saunier Terry Garver. Elisa fs LANGUAGE LAB: Seated: left to right: David Arthur, Mike Wilder, Bill Arnquist. Standing: Nancy Aronoff, Mary Beth Twiehaus, Leith Wildfong, Sharon Peek, Paula Shewmake, Carolyn Crook, Neal Blankinship, Julie Wasson. Not pictured: Ted Melady. OFFICE: First row: left to right: Sarah Wilson, Venita Thompson, Susan Harrison, Sue Ann Rosenberg, Patti Williams, Judy Savage, Rita Howell, Gayle Peddy. Second row: Linda Taylor, Donna Thomas, Linda Wilson, Lynn Crozier, Jackie Huie, Linda Skinner, Susan Whitehouse, Margaret Zanes. Third row: Rita Weis, Kathy Reed, Patty McKinney, Carol Edwards, Debbie Riddles, Marcia Moran, Debbie Holland, Cathy Thomas. Fourth row: Anita Ahrns, Gayle Howard. Not pictured: Ruth Stephan. 1 l 5 COUNSELOR A S S I S T - ANTS: Seated: left to right: Jean Nunn, .Marcia McCrary, Susan Epstein. Standing: Liz Hilburn, Margie Orsburn, Susie Jackson, Cathy Puro. Not pictured-: Connie Kemp, Linda Woodson. Aurease Scott prepares solu- tions in the Biology Lab. ir... l-"W BIOLOGY LAB ASSISTANTS: left to right: Barbara Jones, Dianne Jopling, Janeen Smith, Donna Johnson, Carrie Genarlsky. Not pictured: Teresa Mad- ., .na den, Rita Kyser, Mary Ellen Turner, Debbie White, Shari Payne, Carol Gathings. I . l l i PHYSIC LAB ASSISTANTS: Left to right: Seated: Dan De- vine, David Reynolds, David Barr. Standing: Dale Killings- wortli, Pete Thornton, Mike Travis, Dan Yarberry, 'Mike Edgar. Not pictured: Jini Wiley, David Merritt, Henry Stern, Orrin Harrison. .15 Lyn Sidener, Cindy Buell and Linda Hill display Christmas stockings for needy children. Red Cross A symbol of mercy and involvement Project Thanksgiving 1966 comfort, aid, and understanding to Vietnamese refugees Dedicated to helping others Outreaching Conscious of the service relationship of the organization to the community. OFFICERS: First row: left to right: Cheryl Hathaway, Secretaryg Janet Smith, Treasurer. Second row: Ashbey Toulman, Publicityg Bruce Margrave, Reporterg Allan Koos, President. Not pictured: Terry Carver, Vice-president. , itt C ,,,,ttt , Miss Martha Minter, Spon- sor, helps members pack supplies for Vietnamese refugee school. Future Nurses Training to administer to the suffering Active Producing programs for the C. C. Young Home the Scottish Rite Hospital Becoming acquainted with the nursing and premedical fields preparing for a career of service. Mary Gott helps at a bake sale. ,If ,,. ,sf , Nil , I 7 Seated: left to right: Donna Stout, Judy Barnes. First row: Betty Womack, Marsha Lyon, Tonya Holloway, Pam McDonald. Second row: Kathy Piano, Susan Flood, Barbara Beckman. OFFICERS: left to right: Marsha Lyon, Historiang Mary Gott, President g Barbara Beckman, Chaplain, Susan Caffee, Secre- tary-Treasurerg Tonya Holloway, Vice-President. Dr. Walter Skinner speaks on medicine as a career. Girls enjoy a picnic at Bachman's lake. 18" Seated: Debbie Mickey Standing: left to right: Susa Caffee, Carol Edwards, and Laurie.Seltzer. Mrs. Elizabeth . Childs, R.N., Sponsor. eizi Future Teachers Q The slide wasn't slick enough for fast A period of apprenticeship spent in absorbing The Future Teachers have a progressive dinner. the fundamentals of the teaching profession 1 Tutoring The Companionship Program, Project Headstart T Directing, guiding, enlightening ln the education of others working for a better world OFFICERS: Seated: Left to right: Barbie Till, Presidentg Susan Epstein, Vice.Pre5j. dentg Standing: Ricky Green! Vice-Presidentg Gail Atherton, SCC'YI Sherry Smith, Treas.g Donna Mitchell, Historian, I3I Y'-Teens OFFICERS: Barbie Till President Linda Cathey Vice-President Sandra Tacke Secretary Sheryl Kuenstler Treasurer -We Rev. Tom Shipp speaks to Y-Teens at a regular meeting. Sponsoring projects, promoting city-wide campaigns sharing a spirit of good will a Christmas party a clothing drive helping the Salvation Army useful, charitable Y-Teens united by a bond of service .ludy Hilz presents the weekly devotional, a Y-Teen project. B0I1I1i6 Hudsfm DMS UP H HPZIWS' Charlien Rutkowski and Sheryl Kuenstler take mem- DOSICT Sfafmlg the Y'Te9n5 bership dues from a new member, Valeria Hickey. membership drive. ...NNN rv ff ,030 pw n 4 Q 'W sy st Q-Ol Rev. Tom Shipp presents President Judy Shipp with Allied Youth Charter. gl. .. if Sara Jackson discusses future plans at early moming meeting. wi A NI 5'g - 'T , v M s,ss. s, MI. Malone, Mr. Secrest, Mr. Talley, Rev. Shipp, and Mr. Smith preside at the Allied Youth assembly. "The Lively Ones" provide entertainment for the members. 'Zi' ' . JF l ix ,cl vxtlgii ' 3' '- 'I 3 ts" fr' rm Allied Youth El Terry Ncwlin helps with the membership drive. Uniting youth in fellowship patriotic, freedom-minded, Dallas Cowboy Buddy Dial inspiring an aXV3I'6l'1CSS-' instilling principles of good citizenship a campaign for healthful living a membership drive Thomas Jefferson Allied Youth chartered 'S+ 2 I r as the biggest in the world. Tom Cropper, International Allied Youth President, is guest speaker at a Friday morning UFFICERS: Left to right: Seated: Judy Savage, Social Chairmang Bruce Gardiner, Vice-President. Standing: Barby Murrell, Pub- licityg Judy Shipp, Presidentg Liz Atkinson, Secretary. Not pictured: Sara Jackson, Treasurerg Coach Charles Blanton, Sponsor. l33 pouring all their imagination into English Guild Left to right: John Kelly, Helen Waldorf, Gene Soslow, Ladd Creeno, Sandra Bills. Portraying, expressing Transposing thoughts s if emotions into words with pen, ink, and paper they seek to master techniques of good writing short stories, poems, essays Communication the most difficult art. Left to rzght Linda Taylor John Paul Young Bill Cowsar Pat Mobberly Linda Klutts Nancy , th Kingsley Cash OFFICERS: Helen Wal- dorf, President: Bill Cowsar, Vice-Presidentg Sandra Bills, Treasurerg Cathy Ruppert, Activities Chairmang Mrs. Susan Cordon, Sponsorg Kath- leen Kingsley, Secretary. First row: Left to right: Laurie Douglass, Bill Starnes, Mark Gross, Bill Gipe. Second row. Craig Olden, Stevie Gorrell, Anita Ahrns, Neal Teng. German Club "Wer die deutsche Sprache studiert, befindet sich auf dem Markle, wo allen nationen ihre waren anbie- teng er spielt den Holmitscher, in- dem er sich selbst beraichert . . . Goethe Studying the German language discovering the market where all nations offer their goodsg playing the interpreter, while enriching themselves The German Club aided and inspired by Frau Webb ieated: Left to right: Henry Stern, Johnny Rector, Jim Massie. Standing: Javid Merritt, Carlton Fisher. Not pictured: Steve Womack. Mft to right: Julie Tiffany, Sonja Quinones, Nancy Neff, arcia Sanders Mrs. Marlene Webb, Sponsor ' OFFICERS: Left to right: Henry Stern, l Presidentg Ken Travis, Vice-Presidentg Jim Massie, Secretary-Treasurer. Left to right: Jeff Hafkemeyer, Orrin Harrison, Bob Kaltenbach, Alan Dunn, David Dunkley. French Clubs The French Clubs carol at Christmas time. Life in France appreciating history and culture "ls Paris Burning?" easy mastery in speaking a banquet, a play sampling French literature tres interessant Entre Nous and La Coterie 'zamong usn we share beaucoup de joie Entre Nous - lst and 2nd Year i 'W Left to right: Sally Micherzo, Debbie Beard, Doneeta Han- cock, and Lyn Redmond. V French students enjoy a progressive dinner. l Nancy Ar0I10ff enjoys Paula Shewmake and Barbara Wunsch in French literature. French play for all the French students. Left to right: .lan Schneider, Pat Lambe, Linda Skinner, and Debbie Be . ard Left to right: Chris Heaberlin, Lu Ann Argabright, 'Carol Gathings, and Leslie Harrington. Left to right: Diane Jopling, Debbie Holland, Judy D'Avignon, Mary Welch, Paula Shewmake, Mary Beth Twiehaus, Darla Blatnik. OFFICERS : Mary Beth urer. La Coterie - 3rd and 4th Year aetWtt,+t.,t,,w,3,- ,.., , Seated: Left to right: Janeen Smith, Lynda Cole, Shari Grifford. Standing: Sue Ann Rosenberg, Kay Pride, Cathy Lieb, Mary Lou Deason. Left to right: Paula Shewmake, Vice-President, Diane Jopling, Presidentg Twiehaus, Secretary, Debbie Holland, Chaplain, Debbie Birigance, Treas- Seated: Left to right: Dede Shipman, David Arthur, Scott Williams Standing: Sharon Peek, Helen Waldorf, Todd Greeno, Leith Wildfong, Debbie Brigance. La Coterie members relax at an afternoon meeting. Left to rzght: Carolyn Crook, Beverly Benn, Nancy Jellinek, and Esther Laredo. Mrs. Doris Phillips, sponsor . ' I37 Pon American Student Forum Fourth year students perform the tale of the Three Bears in Spanish. Creating an interest in Latin American Culture Chile, Mark Dameron statewide friendships results of a convention in Austin Spanish fluid, musical, pleasing to the ear The Pan American Student Forum introduced into a different world of thought enjoying una experiencia nueva Mrs. Yolanda Kennedy. and Miss Virginia Vaughan, sponsors. Mark Dameron speaks about life in Chile. David Barr, president, chats with the exchange students at the annual Spanish banquet. l 38 PASF members sing Christmas carols. Nancy Belden, PASF state Vice-Presi- dent, interests TJ members in the con- Vemlon- Betty Fine on the guitar accom- panies Pat Klein. Enida Sainz, Stewart Stimson, Ann Calvert, Dennis Martin and Mannie Berk hold candles, a part of Honor Society Initiation. OFFICERS: Left to rightg Pat Klein, Treasurerg David Barr, Presidentg Lin- da McKinney, Vice-Presidentg Ann Bradshaw, Secretary. ay' OFFICERS: Left to right: Seated: Ann Dilworth, Historian. Standing: Linda Pigg, Secretary: Jeff Pfleug- President: Cathy Hickman, Los Vencedores Treasurerg Diane Wagnon, An- nouncer: Laura Chavez, Reporter: Jim Kimble, Vice-President. -Mrs. Joyce Thompson Mrs. Joy Smith Sponsors A take-off on Mrs. Thompson's seventh period class. 5 1 Spanish students satirize commercials. Spanish National Honor Society 1i1iS5vaughn,sponS0r . . gg S ' L, usman, Stacey Langston, Sue Schaerdel. Third row: Nancy Neff, Cox. MEMBERS: Seated: Left to right: Eileen Bierner, Jane Hawkins, Zahniser, Linda Moore, Janet Fox, Sara Johnson, David Barr, Dan First row standing: Janet Epp, Maryann Broadhurst, Cindy Moss, olsom Second row' Susan Bo s, Jeff Winchester, Jacob Einhom, OLD MEMBERS: First row seated: Left to right: Vicki James, Ann Calvert, Eve Becklund, Pat Klein. Second row seated: Susan Epstein, Linda McKinney, Beverly Johnson, Mannie Berk. Standing: Stewart Stimson, Eneida Sainz, Carolyn Mayo, Dennis Martin. R-E-S Latin class provides amu ement for 1ts students First row: Left to right: Steve Manley, Susan Morton, Dale Jacobs, Bonnie O'Brien, Mike Sell. Second row: Harold Mc- Elfish, Pam McGregor, Phil Barnett. Third row: Greg Ashton, Bill Aderhold, Lawrence McBride, Mrs. Hastings, Marsha Lyon, Dechard McAffee, Don Wilson. First row: Left to right: Vicki Wolf, Diane Ku- cera. Second row: Kris Silverthom, Mary Green, Vaughn Williams. John Echols listens to questions during fourth period Latin. First row: Leff to 'lghff Bun ,Solomons Pam Sat' Second year members of RE-S wear lOgaS, the dress of Ancient Rome. ton. Second row: Kathy MCK1SSHCk, Sharon Sea- graves, Chris Blair. Left to ri ht' Sandra Bills Prose ina' Pat Worrell, S - s TP y Dianag John McCray, Pluto, Al Hirt, Mars. Seated: Karen Litten, Minerva. Standing: Left to right: Karl Shewmake, Neptune, Jghn Jordan, Julusg Dan Frederick, Bac- c us. Gods and Goddesses Reading, studying, discovering a treasury of knowledge appreciating Latin the source of modern languages classical authors linking us with the past R-E-S makeshift togas, a banquet the culmination of a year's study tempus fugit Seated: Left to right: Paula Shewmake, Juno, Lynn Bussey, Venus. Standing: Barry Barrett, Apollo, James Breckenridge, Jupiter. R-E-S gods and goddesses pose in the Rotunda on the SMU Campus. l4l International Club 1 If I le Prissy Tate and Mary Lou Swift assist a speaker with slides. Mr. Arch Gibson, sponsor, talks with TJ exchange students. International Club visits Love Field: Seated: Left to right: Charlotte Barker, Orrin Harrison, Aurease Scott. First row: Chris Blair, Debbie Vassallo, Charlotte Murphy, ,lacoh Einhorn, Kathy Hickman, Prissy Tate, Ela Folco, Mark Dameron, Scott Copeland, Akira Odera, Laurie Seltzer. Second row: Jay Teng, Chris Kageler, Patty McKinney, Bud Boynton, Alan Ford, Johnny Curtis, Susie Chandler, Wendy Hill, Teresa Whitlow, Donna Thomas. Third row: Ladd Creeno, Stevie Gorrell, Eric Jacobson, Patti Hayes, Henry Stern, Connie Kemp, Dan Devine, Neal Tong, Lynn Bussey. Fourth row: Brooke Williams David Reynolds, Carolyn Mascho, Mary Lou Swift, Meg Rohrt, Julie Tiffany, Cail Codbey, Mike Edgar, Lee Crick, Linda,MeKinney, Patty Zanhiser. I42 -..I 'T'. " - -5 ""'?"+- e Q1 V - - . C Si- S ,X M .C ,Y y , - --V M, - Rebels wait impatiently for the plane that brings their exchange student back home. N I , Q ' - !"4 ' -S, AFSer Mark Dameron returns from study in Chile to an excited TJ crowd at Love Field. ,u i L Ela Folco presents Italian Christmas customs. . E Q 'll t 3 i I ef V f 525 9 N' -, I . ' 3, ' s C X U WV, G? , asa ,A 57,7 K L N S T S i of 'Va QW.- f ' ' ,,,... OFFICERS: Seated: Left to right: Prissy Tate, Presidentg Charlotte Murphy, Historian. Standing: Orrin Harrison, Vice-President, Cathy Hickman, Secretaryg Ela Folco and Akira Odera, Hon. Vice-Presidentsg Jacob Einhorn, Treas- urer. Mark Dameron discusses life in Chile. an I A lixs. . lub members listen attentively to a description of Chilean ucation. Planning session catches officers off guard. Questioning, in an effort to learn participating-H experiencing world citizenship through the American Field Service motivated by a desire for peace and Freedom for all peoples speakers projecting imaginations to the International scene Warren Bosworth on Viet Nam afternoons spent in explorations the far corners of the earth Italy, Japan, Chile, Brazil The International Club Youth probing for an understanding of current affairs searching for a justification of the world today I43 Science Club 1 U fe ,Q ' 5 U Experimenting, discussing researching The Science Club practical enjoying field trips increasing their knowledge of scientific developments 'f s if First row: Left to right: Mike Edgar, Nancy Aronoff, Johnny Curtis, David Barr. Second row .lay Teng, Dan Yarberry. Orrin Harrison and Henry Stern watch Mr. Williams develop a picture in the dark room. el! Q, First row: Left Lo right: Bud Boynton, Bobby Jacobs. Second row: Bob McCarty, Bob Kaltenbacli, Ray Poston. I44 K E- ,fag OFFICERS: Left to right: First row: Dan Yarbexry, Presidentg Nancy Aronoff, Secretary. Second row: Mike Edgar, Treasurerg Henry Stern, Vice-President. ..--.--.......1,,,, SONS OF BRADY: First row: Jim Wiley. Second row: Left to right: Robert Jacobs Dan Yarberry, Mike Travis, David Barr. Third row: Henry Stern, Bob Kaltenhach, Mar Cross, Mike Edgar, John Dennis, Mr. Williams, sponsor. 1- Problem Solvers Experimenting, diagraming Capacity for complicated thought Ambition to further their ability in higher mathematics Problem Solvers. Q .W Igfg to right: Evg Begklund, Dan Yarberryv Todd Left to right: Steve Woniack, Nancy Aronoff, Mike Edgar, Greeno. Standing: Henry Stern, Bob Kaltenbaeh, Helen Alan Ford, Scott Reid, Akira Oldera, Dick Land, Joe Waldolf, Cockrell. Seated: left to right: Brent Morris, James King, James Fredd. Stand- l ing: Dale Killingsworth, Bob McCarty, Jim Wiley, John McCray. David Barr and Miss Pat Copley, Sponsor. Seated: Jim Wiley Nancy Aronoff H Standing: Henry Stern Bob Kaltenbach Mike Edgar Dan Yarberry Eve Becklund Mannie Berk John McCray Mu Alpha Theta Honorary I45 Challenging, keenly competitive interscholastic league tournaments all school tournaments requiring contemplation, analyzation The Chess Club minds continually seeking advantageous moves toward checkmate. OFFICERS: left to right: Brent Morris, Parliame tariang Ray Teng, Vice-Presidentg Helen Waldoi Presidentg Carolyn Mayo, Secretary-Treasurerg D nis Martin, Tournament Director. Q V. .,, .t 753535, X , John Murray Jay Teng ,lack Butler and partner con- James Fredd, Helen Waldorf and and Gary Goodsell template a move. Brent Morris, Thursday afternoon brings the silent hour. Anita Ahrns Stephen Benoist Dick Benson Chris Blair Jay Briden Adelia Buckley Jack Butler John Dennis Greg DuBois Katherine Egan Bill Ellis James Fredd Jimmy Fryar Ladd Greeno Todd Greeno Wayne Hamilton Jack Hill Robert Howell John Kelly Dennis Martin Lorin Massie Carolyn Mayo John McCray Gene McKeever MEMBERS Donna Mitchell Brent Morris Keith Newquist Kraig Newquist Eric Oetting Roy Poston Dan Rader Mike Ramzy Roy Reiber John Rogers Paul Rosenberg Eneida Sainz Mike Stephens Henry Stern Stewart Stimson Jay Teng Ray Teng George Turner J ack Turquette Helen Waldorf Bruce Young Mr. Greer, Sponsor Left to right: Sheryl Kuenstler, Bob Penny, Ronnie Wilson, Judy Hilz, Helen W aldorf, Jeff Becker, Bob McCarty. First row: left to right: Tom Conwell, Bud Boynton, John Kelley, Linda Skinner, Ladd Greeno. Second row: Glen Morse, Vicki Ray, James Tyler. as JCTC Assuming the role of keeping safety foremost in the minds of TJ students The Junior Citizens' Traffic Commission aware of the rising rate of teenage traffic fatalities Announcements, posters, assemblies reminders of our obligation to be responsible drivers. W F 'gwf fr , . C ' gr.. I Q - ,,.. .. "'wa1sj, ' i it- 'TQ , ., me M, ,. as ,, K, f ,,,, ' M V , , 5 , I , -t ,, - , , 5,1 . " it 7,3 t Z , M k ::.,t ,,f,LV J' K . - lf- . . , Lk, at l 1 1 4, as 'X X as rf , 4, ids' 'W' is fr W nr ig 9 Q, K' , 'wi YE' , 2 Tk N 5 tix 4 'Y 'bww- wu N: s. a-5' OFFICERS: left to right: Scott Copeland, President, Ann Bradshaw, Secretary-Treasurerg Sheryl Kuenstler, Vice-Presidentg Bud Boynton, Reporter. First row: left to right: Harriet Witherspoon, Scott Copeland, Sherry Smith, Tom Roberts, Ann Bradshaw. Second row: Frank Strozier, Susan Rogers. ki? : g , i .gr 1. gi: ""5aigd I z :: sis? ?:-.W 1967 I-I 555' 5735 'DR N20 D Teaching obedience, enforcing Discipline- capable, qualified forrnerly sewing in Army Intelligence Colonel F rindell assisted by Sgt. Cilio moulding youth, the leaders of a newer age. The Battalion Staff under the supervision of Col. Frindell organizing l uniting the efforts of individuals heading an effective military corp. Battalion Executive Officer s-2, Public Relations S-3, Training Officer Battalion Commander s-I, Personnel s-4, Supply Officer Jack Allison, C.0. .lan Edgar' Cdt. PFC Paul Cdt. ISC Neal Cdt. Pvt. Stephen Cdt. Pvt. David Cdr, Tim Cdt. 2fLt. Fred Hussy Blankenship, Crouch Allred Lemburg Davis, Exec. lst Sgt. Cdt. Pvt. Randy Cdt. Kirby Cdt. Tim Cdt. Buddy Cdt. PFC Larry Anderson Vaughn Hensley Buddin Teafatiller Cdt. PFC Tom Dole Foregrolmd: Left to right: Cdt. PFC John Wilsong Hon. Maj. .lan Edgarg Cdt. Pvt. Robert Whit tingtong Cdt. 2fLt. Jack Allison, C.0. A Company Alan Hirt, C.0. . PNP. nf.. Q J", --i-' D 9 P525 5' I. A -i.', ft' Debbie Holland B Compu ny Cdt. 2!Lt. Ronald Priess, -Exec. Cdt. PFC Roger Apple w Cdt. ISC Bruce Young, lst Sgt. Cdt. PFC Stephen Cdt. PFC Mark Cdt. SFC J. T. Elder Trumann Cowden G Cdt. PFC Richard Cdt. PFC Lee Cdt. SSG Eric Shelton Walden Oetting Foreground: Left to right: Hon. Maj: Debbie Hollandg Cdt. 2fLt. Alan Hint, C.O.g Cdt. PFC George Winston. Larry Sweeny . L, V , .,-,. is ,N -.aaoxia-x N M f H ,M YU! A ' I- 32 "'W V Cdl- 2fLi- Robert Cdt. PVI- David Cdt. Pvt. Larry Cdt. Pvt. Calvin Cdt. PFC Lyndon Cdt. SFC John , A -lf'f: 0'D0Il61l, Exec. Schad Wilkerson Ferguson Gaither McMath ff, ' .1 M V Cdt. ISG .lim Cdt. Pvt. Gary Cdt. Pvt. John Cdt. PFC Wilson Cdt. SSG Pat g Harrison, Keeton Glendenning Ross Gilbert A iiii Ji: V Foreground: Left to right: Hon. Maj. Susan Harrisong Cdt. lfLt. Larry Sweeny, C.O.: Cdt. Pvt Susan Harrison Henry Dres- C Company .... . - L- :Ji cfiii. Lf. ul Ronald Priess, C.0. N , Wa? rrr J mf. tlt F F . , , nw Lisa Tears Cdt. SFC Richard Cdt. PFC Bruce Cdt. PFC Fred Crosby Clark Booth Cdt. 2fLt. Bob Cdt. PFC James Cdt. PFC Ed Lindner Munsell Clark Cdt. PFC Doug Devine Foreground: Left to right: Hon. Maj. Lisa Tearsg Cdt. D Company Cdt. PFC Ray Cdt. SFC Michael Lindner Wilder Cdt. Cpl Tom Cdt. MSG .lohn Michaels Hovancik Cdt. PFC Don Wilson lfLt. Skip Tabbertg Cdt. Arthur Kirkpatrick l53 Charles Wilkerson, C.O. Cdt. MSG Danny Cdf- PFC GHTY Cdt. Pvt. Gary Cdt. Pvt. Wallace Cdt. SSG Bill Pittman, Exec. Robinson Petty Brown Simmons Cdt. ISG Jimmie Cdt. PFC Paul Cdt. Pvt. Burl Cdt. PFC David Cdt. PFC Lorm Bybee, lst Sgt. Hubert Evans Mars Massie Cdt. Pvt. Richard Cdt. CPL Emilio Cdt. PFC Mike Edwards Garcia Powell Sally Kreischer Foreground: Left to right: Hon. Maj. Sally Kreischerg Cdt. 2fLt. Charles Wilkerson, C.O.g Cdt Pvt. Paul Courciar. E Company Judy Savage Drill Team Cdt. 2fLt. Mark Cdt. Pvt. John Cdt. SSG Bill Braun Glendinning Simmons Cdt, SFC J, T, Cdt. PFC Wilson Cdt. CPL Lyndon Cowden Ross Gaither Cdt. 2fLt, Bob Cdt. PFC Paul Cdt. lSG Bruce Lindner Hussey Young Cdt. Capt. Jeff Cdt. SSG Pat Cdt. 2fLt. George Hafkemeyer Gilbert Field Cdt. 2fLt. Ronald Preiss F oreground : Left to rig 2!Lt. Jack Allison. ht. Cdt. lst Lt. La fry Sweeny, Cornmanderg Hon. Maj. Cdt. 2fLt. Fred Davis Cdt. SFC Richard Crosby Cdt. SGT Emilio Garcia Cdt. lSG James Harrison Cdt. 2fLt. Alan Hin Judy Savage 3 Cdt Left to right: First row: LSC Jimmie Bybeeg Cdt. ISC Jim Harrisong Cdt. 2fLt. Alan Koosg Cdt. ISG Neal Blankinship. Second row: Cdt. 2fLt. Charles Wilkersong Cdt. 2fLt. Fred Davisg Hon. Maj. Diane Joplingg Cdt. Capt. Jeff Hafkemeyer, Captaing Cdt. Maj. Scott Williams. Left to right: Hon. Maj. Jenise Hydeg Cdt. Capt. Jeff Hafkemeyerg Cdt. 2fL!. George Fieldg Cdt. 2fLt. Alan Koosg Cdt. 2fLt. Mark Braung Cdt. MSG Gary Smithg Cdt. Maj. Scott Williamsg Hon. Maj. Susan Boggsg not pictured, Cdt. 2fLt. 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' ""' ' fy, H hh f X " ' 7 I ,fy ,n ff, ,if 'f , 2 f iV,,f,f?ffffiwfAivWf M' IWW iff! ,fffvf , fff Hffff f X 5 1 2 2 4 1 QW: QW' 1 1 1 f ,' . , 5 ,f ,f ,,n ,H X, 1 1 1, f, f f M 4, , 1 f f W ? 2 i f Q fi 2 1 1 Z. 14 Z f Z 1 X J 11 , X - X 1 2,, 4 ', V ' 1 in C, 94. 544, ,if f,,,'f M , ,,, Www.. , , ,... , ' , ,ugh AAN f 'ww 3 A " wa ' a second place at S.M.U., gecorated cars, ami-lwd -iam, thrill of excited voices ?5 Cheerleaders of their spirit, the spirit of competition, the spirit of TJ. Youth. Q Football '66 SEASON'S RECORD Jefferson 14 Carrollton 21 Jefferson 6 South Oak Cliff 16 Jefferson 21 MacArthur 20 Jefferson 0 Sunset 10 Jefferson 6 Garland 34 Jefferson 12 Bryan Adams 40 Jefferson 1 5 Spruce 14 Jefferson 7 Samuell 33 Jefferson 14 W. T. White 21 Jefferson 7 Hillcrest 13 An electrifying thrill ran through the crowd as the fighting Rebels, under new Head Coach Ralph Hollywood, demonstrated their fighting ability. Although a 2-8 record might have hampered their spirit, the 1966 Rebel Football Team continually fought with determination, pride, and enthusiasm. Outstanding Rebel football players were: All-City End: Robbie Best All-City Hon. Mention: Jerry Potter As selected by the team, F ightin'est Rebel: Jerry Potter 1966 Rebel Managers Kneeling, David A Taylor and Rod Douglas. Standing, Terry Bartoli, Terry Hess, and Bob Cummings. Left to right first row: Terry Hess, mgr.g Billy Hammett, Bobby Miller, Phil Patton, Forrest Dunlap, Phil Hamilton, Gary Courtney, Doug Smith, Andy Meyercord, Richard Meyers, Rod Douglas, mgr. Second row: Coach Allen Kirk, Bob Shelton, Bill Baxter, Trip Miller, Jerry Potter, Ray Neal, DeWitt Easterling, Dennis Carruth, Meredith Hill, Charlie Stowe, John Echols, Coach Ralph Reynolds. Third row: David Taylor, mgr.g Steve Sample, Leonard Hoffman, ,lim McNatt, Sam Kincaid, Charlie Betancourt, Frank Strozier, Jerry Hill, Dickie Enlow, Jimmie Dunn, Jim Williams, Webb Breeding, Bruce Morrow, Rix Reeves, Robbie Best, Head Coach Ralph Holly- wood. 1966 REBEL CAPTAINS: Jerry Potter V Forrest Dunlap - W i"'A A Robbie Best 3 ie 'rs I Head Coach Ralph Hol- W lywood-on his left 'T' - 3 Coach Ralph Reynolds ' ! and on his right Coach -, Allen Kirk. I63 A double debutg the first test for the fighting Rebelsg the first crowd to cheer from the stands of Loos stadium. Rebels kick off season against Carrollton. Running wild between the 20-yard-lines, the Carrollton Lions decisively gainedg but when they moved into the shadow of the goal posts, the Rebel defense held. Junior Richard Myers gave warning of things to come as he got the first score on a 15-yard sweep around left end. Steve Sample, a defensive back who had seven unassisted tackles, caught the slick football and carried it for the second touchdown, bringing the game to a 14-15 fight to the finish. How- ever,'the slick field proved the necessary mar- ging and the clock ran out with the Rebs at the Lions 31, trailing seven points .... 33' 'axis 1. K , ,z:, Q gil' i :,. Q Determination is shown by Coach Reynoh l I64 Rebels show explosive offen e with end sweep carried by Dicky Enlow TJ. vs Carrollton Forrest Dunlap goes back to pass. TJ. vs. S.O.C. An aerial performance, eyes lifted to behold the ball suspended .... TJ., basically a ground team last season, astounded the fans with a brilliant air attack in the game against South Oak Cliff. Forrest Dunlap, a quarter- back Who may rank with T.J.'s greatest, worked himself out of impossible situations and com- pleted 15 out of 29 passes for 154 yards. Yet, the Rebels started out cold, and, although they warmed up in the second half, the Golden Bears managed to roll up a count of 16-6 and put the clamp on the offensive designs of Jefferson. BILL BAXTER Sr. Tackle ROBBIE BEST Sr. End All-District All-City Team Captain WEBB BREEDING Sr. Center FORREST DUNLAP Sr. Quarterback Captain 1. Pg " 5 Kiki s y 11 .1 up A 9 H L ,,,,. sf- R' , as otee 1 s ,eof 1' E R if fiiid . i 'C iiii .F 4 fm? y. l , . 4 9 Robbie Best punts Q f ,s Q -Y ff K,,.r X 4 , A ,rf-': .f f . f H A Y -ff, 1 1 ' " 15 f f 3"hf ,.. ff-- e'.. 1 1 ' - -F T, 'u f t for the Rebels, V Robbie Best returns kick-off against the Cardinals, Manager Terry Bartoli aids injured Richard Myers. ln. I66 s TJ vs. Mac Arthur A tense thrillerg a season's first victory . . . ln their first win under new Coach, Ralph Hollywood, the Rebels edged Mac- Arthur in a 21-20 thriller. Kicking special- ist Trip Miller made the difference with three important conversions. On the first play, Richard Myers broke for an electri- fying run of 50 yards. Then Rebel line- backer Dennis Carruth set up the team's second 6-pointer by intercepting a way- ward Cardinal pass at his own 36 and re- turning it to the lrving 6. The fighting Rebels opened gaping holes in the tough MacArthur line and treated the fans who journeyed to Irving Stadium Saturday night to football at its best. It was a great game for TJ., who for the previous two games had left the field in defeat. Rebels drive for first score. Rebel line shows good blocking as Dunlap completes a pass. A secondis difference, the lights of the scoreboard illuminate the suspense of 3,000 fans . . . The wind set the tempo for the bruising defense duel at P.C. Cobb Stadium, where Sunset downed the fighting Rebels by scoring on the last play of the game. The Rebels started out well with half-back Dicky Enlow moving from the Rebel 46 to the Bison 20. However, an interception on the second play halted the drive and prevented the Rebels from scoring. The defense, bulwarked by Robbie Best, Frank Strozier, and Phil Patton, gave yardage grudgingly. Proving to be the key man, half-back Robbie Best stopped big plays with hard-nose tackles. Despite this excellent defense, Sunset rallied in the fourth quarter for a field goal and snapped a 0-0 deadlock with only 4:56 left to play. Rebel chances sank when we lost possession of the ball on our own 8 in the fading seconds of the game. A Bison player slipped around left end for the score just as time ran out. TJ vs. Sunset I gogow .mu l al is ' 4 mv An unidentified Bison brings down a Rebel after a sweep around left end. DEWITT EASTERLING Sr. Tackle DICKY ENLOW Sr. Back BILLY HAMMETT Sr. Back JERRY HILL Sr. End WM' is Y e - A u f ff: mx f- Q - ,,.p Q' . - Lx -'0X?'iIFzu.'Z5l fmgxuq is V , ' J 1 2 "5 r . 1 . s:,, agf' if wg? , e -'D f' -x I 33- H iii-f..v-11 as l' l I Rebel line sets up against Garland. A clash of colorg the red and blue pitted against the gold and black, struggling on a field of green . . . Hampered by injuries and bad breaks, the Rebels suc- cumbed to a well-oiled machine from Garland. ln the open- ing minutes it looked like an upset might be brewing, sharp on both defense and offense, TJ. had Garland well in hand. Off to a slow start, the Owls finally began to move, stopping a 52-yard Rebel march at the 11. Now in possession of the ball, the Owls blasted the Rebels with three quick touchdowns. The fighting Rebels made a desperate effort to overcome Carlandis advantage, but lost two fumbles which the Owls recovered to clinch the victory. TJ. vs. Garland 1 ,,., Dunlap drops back into pocket formed by Meyers and Echols. LEONARD HOFFMAN ANDY MEYERCORD Sf- Elld Sr. Back TRIP MILLER PH? EATEON Sr. Guard r' Har 1' P" JERRY POTTER Sr. Back Captain All District Team . i i Rebel back Jerry Potter carries against the Cougars. STEVE SAMPLE ' ' Sr. Back A rising seag the voice of the crowd drowned in the waves of the wind . . . Rebels, still stinging from a defeat at the hands of Garland, traveled to Loos Stadium for an encounter with Bryan Adams. It proved to be a costly one, as Rebels lost guard Pat Wallace for the season from a knee injury. Hard- charging Jerry Potter took over and proved himself to be a cool performer, the game's leading rusher with 73 yardsg but the Rebels were killed by 2 fumbles and an inter- ception in a difficult 25-mph wind. The Rebel defensive unit held All- city Cougar Chuck Anderson down to 3 carries, but other B.A. backs piled up substantial yardage in the 40-12 T.,l. defeat. T..l. vs. Bryan Adams FRANK STROZIER Sr. Tackle i Hon. Mention City Team 'x 0 1 '. 'QC' A - 8 :'kF A :KE : t 6 X. 'gf lf Q . 4 a N. -5. . , tm Q. ..-. f , Yeh. aes as , Q , f .,. PAT WALLACE DAN SHORT SAM KINCAID JIM WILLIAMS Sr Guard S13 Tackle Sr. Center Sr. Tackle '69 Dunlap rolls looking for a receiver T.l. vs. Spruce Meyers carries for a gain against Spruce. I70 The will to wing consuming each player with a fire that blazes on to victory . . . The Rebels, riding a four-game losing streak, made their first Cotton Bowl appearance and delighted fans with a victory over Spruce. It was one of the finest offensive efforts of the season, as Thomas Jefferson racked up l09 yards passing to Spruce's 52. Rebel defensive end Gary Courtney, battered the Spruce line, picking up a fumble to be the leading tackler of the game. A picture of Dunlap strategy and team desire crushed the Apaches in one of the most exciting games of the season. Dunlap carries on the keeper. 1 ffr , jf ' , .Har Ii s 'liii I krk, K, . , cii i ' 2 i" A Q 1 -- fi? "-' .522 2z'?fwi, , ,A M BOBBY MILLER RICHARD MEYERS Jr. Back Jr. Back CHARLES BETANCOURT GARY COURTNEY JIMMY DUNN Jr, End Jr. Guard Jr. Tackle A twist of fateg the hard-hitting ' hh J 'P Z struggle as players scramble to recover a fumble . . . g . X Q53 T.J. vs. Samuell J Q ' tll I ' eftt rf, Q .l.k- 5 A ' 5 fs,1sss:lg.1w K I I . ' I T .ff K 1 . JOHN ECHOLS R 3 t tr ' eee e t Jr. Back T.J. met a fired up Samuell team at Loos Stadium and barely es- 4 caped with one of the worst beat- K ings of the season. The Spartans stymied the Rebels 33-7 with a p L kk fierce defensive line, collaring i., ,... gunlap for killing losses on cruclal owns. The T.J. offenslve was V g',. . if bottled completely for three quar- ters and scored for the first time T in the Waning minutes of the 4th. Hrs ,-i'tt me ---, s'a,,fg.'1 . 't-- Gary Courtney set up the touch- 4. Richard Meyers returns punt against Samuell. down with a fumble recovery at the Spartan nine. Three plays later John Echols scored and Meridith Hill kicked the point. 2 "I-. Best punts for Jefferson. . PHILLIP HAMILTON Jr. Back JIM McNATT Jr. Tackle if Sm I Ta? Q was-sii iflig it aayvo aerd . f f , - fa". A pre-game presentationg setting a pace of rivalry-Homecoming with the MSpirit of 67 Rebounding to a near victory after a stun- ning defeat by Samuell, the Rebels edged by White 21-14. Although little right for the Rebels in the first half, the 2nd period found them on top. The TJ. offense came alive when Dunlap faked a handoff and then hit Robbie Rest with a 45-yarder. In the last nine plays the fighting Rebels pushed to the White 14. With fl seconds remaining, Dunlap chose the option and rang but the Longhorns halted him at the 5. WVCTB Went T.,l. vs. White Q W, . xi, ' t N W 4 'i - - 'T if Qfyiagiifs -r-Sv , fe - '- W' e- . 1 J,-Q. 4, K -'.lfY'5ff'1, M :ij x 5 ,W 1 as yy DENNIS CARRVTH MEREDITH HILL S0Ph. Guard Soph. Tackle J Captains of T..l. and W.T. White meet for the opening of the annual home coming game. Rebel offense looks on as defense thwarts another White offensive .,.. ... t t. ,mm I 1 . . r .1.. t 1 1 1 k-f. 'V . t . .... .... ..y. CHARLIE sTowE BOB SHELTON I72 -lf' Guard Jr. Tackle -we sa 3 3 Q S A season's endg yet the red and blue streamers wave defiantly from the goalg the empty stands echo the spirit of the fighting Rebels . . . TJ vs. Hillcrest The Rebel injury list was siz- able as the TJ team invaded Loos Field to take on perennial rival Hillcrest. Tackle Trip Miller, de- fensive halfback Dickie Enlow, and center Sam Kincaid were in- jured in practice. The game de- veloped as Hillcrest's ground game against T135 passing game, with TJ holding the upper hand. Rebels dominated play throughout the game with Dunlap connecting 12 out of 18. An outstanding defense kept the Panthers to only one pass, but it was all they needed. That lonely air strike was good for a touchdown in the fading minute to give Hillcrest a 13-7 victory. Jerry Potter, All-City back, carries on large gain against Hillcrest. cr. BRUCE MORROW Jr. Guard RAY NEAL Jr. Guard RTX REAVES Jr. Back Jerry Potter scores from eight yards out. T 5 :1 ..k. V . in f ia . .... a r s w:-12 ff- a,,z:1g2.,i tw-ws if Q Y as xr Sr s Q it was . S . t E+ :Mai 7 X ' 1-l ax' - ' ex tags asi a .. . it W ir Y. .Qr.'4g,,, 523s is .N xt.: S X, fsfrgi i Q Q, is - -. -aw., - . .. ..-agar., 1 . G . N ,riff YF" - A W -l i l S3 N X 'lf' .f w 5 a fi l iii Yi -my s X r it ,tv X R 2 X , xg ..., fi--V. t ei in Wag 2 ,I .A A Q so ' 21" 4 , 5 . .gig , kitten . .,., , V DOUG SMITH Jr. Back I 73 ,X AWA f r fl 5 ' :ff i t jg Xi it 0 S 21 First Row, left to right: 68 Lawrence McBride 84 Jerry Elmer 76 Ben Wilson 50 Bill Parr 83 Buddy Mayes 72 Tom Franklin 67 Dick Williamson 53 ,l im Wylie 73 J im Pate 74 Randy Lee 89 Chuck Paterno tr 24 Ricky Whittle 84 Dale Jacobs 80 Lynn Taylor 65 Jeff J ones 14 Mike Howard 70 Donny Bell 87 Richard Turner 12 Tom Conner 73 Ronnie A514-git 34 Richard Snider 30 Lee Cook 52 Mark Eddins 55 Bruce McPhearson 36 Rex Deans 10 'Sid Martin 63 Ken Perry 28 Randy Glickman 62 Craig Melde Second Row, left to right: 81 Tom Stark 32 Bock Collins Coach Al Hawes ,lim Read, manager 83 Ken Keizan Steve Thomas, man ger Thifd ROW, left i0 fight? 22 Manuel Saucedo 83 Spencer Lewis AHCI1 0fSh211iCk 81 Corry Payne 87 Kris Silverthorn Jerry Robinson Steve Loving, manager 71 Cary Earl Coach Charles Blanton Rebel B Team Coaches: Albert Hawes, Head Coach, Charles Blanton, Mike Pinkham. Rebel HBR 'Team Sports A 2-2-5 Record 6 Kimball 10 Carrollton 42 SOC 12 Sunset 12 Bryan Adams 6 Spruce 7 Samuell 6 W. T. White 0 Hillcrest Young Rebels show strong defensive abilitie 6 30 0 6 14 6 52 12 16 Rebels carry on gain around left end. bf W. gsm , i 20 Ibslffii n F 5' I J 'J'm1W,,1,s--f'5 " ' Q EES ' -wi? is if f f 1, . W f A its if K. A use ' x New 'V' -'VY .iff W A 70-ii: ,E fz, 4 'S ,. gi ff, gf i ' 2? f gb ,, M V f nf , . , V if 2. er. va M gan Q 'H 1 fi 1 1 1 n gl' Z' Rebels, overcome with joy, congratulate Coach Pinkham, on a TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ ictory over W. T. White. Seuson's Record Denton R. L. Turner Waltrip Austin SOC MacArthur Monterey Sunset Denton Richland Hills Denton Arlington Hts. Spruce Woodrow Wilson Bryan Adams SOC Irving Adamson Highland Park W. T. White Hillcrest Samuell Spruce Woodrow Wilson Bryan Adams W. T. White Hillcrest Samuel 66 56 50 42 34 38 48 63 64 45 73 53 66 55 50 57 42 44 58 65 57 66 56 63 51 48 61 65 Head Coach Mike Pinkha Rebel Managers Pete Thomton a d W Ite Mill gan it M K , . Mg.. -. QQ? Dr. Pepper Tournament Rebels group together for last minute pep talk before defeating Adamson. Steve Sample dribbles down court past unsuspecting Irving defenders. The roar of the erowdg the ball swishing in the basket . , . Such was the opening day for Thomas Jef! ferson as it posted an impressive victory in the first game in the 27th annual Dr. Pepper Tournament. TJ. went into the third round by topping Irving 59--12 as Stacey Smith scored 15 points for the Rebels. The Rebs finished the day's work with an impressive 47-44 Win over Adamson. After winning their first twc games, the Rebels were finally knocked out oi competition by Highland Park in a 58-41 battle. Steve Sample scores two points against Adamson. if ri' B li rn .Q 9, fowl , 29 "' T K' - f 25 575155-1 ' ' ' ' .A ' ' M91 W li? 242. Cloclcwisei First row: Stacy Smith, Danny Berry, Barry Barrett, Gary Brobst, Stan Ley, John McKey. Second row: Ted Melady, Tommy Tucker, Allen Birmingham, Bill Starnes, Steve Sample, Freddie Howard. Third row: Head Coach Mike Pinkhum, Carl Saxon, Tommy Dyer, Pete Thornton, manager. 1 Varsity Squad 1967 T.J. vs. Spruce The opening of a new field house, the beginning of a new season . . . Thomas Jefferson, under new Head Coach Mike Pinkham, enjoyed its first victory in North Zone com- petition with an 84-66 victory over Grady Spuce. TJ jumped off to a 24-6 advantage at the end of the opening quarter as Steve Sample pumped 10 points, then the Rebs led all the way. Danny Berry led the Rebs with 175 Stacey Smith got 10 as did Ted Melady, while Sample finished with 14. Danny Berry shoots for the Rebels. Despite a hand in his face, Carl Saxton goes up for two against Woodrow. l80 ii 'Q if get gg TJ. vs. Woodrow Wilson The tipoff, the ball suspended in the air . . . The first game of a double-header at Forester saw Woodrowv hand Thomas Jefferson its first league setback, 55--1-8.'The clash saw TJ get off to a terrible start, mak- ing only three field goals in the first half. The Rebels trailed Woodrow 31-12 at half- time. But the Rebels roared back with a full court, man-for-man defense and finally took the lead at 40-39 on a field goal by Stacey Smith with 6:15 remaining. How- ever, the Rebs couldn't keep up their rapid pace, and Woodrow regained the front and the victory. Steve Sample jumps for a tip-off for the Rebs. Four overtimes, the longest game of the season-ethe TJ -White marathon . . . TJ. vs. White Taking two hours to post their third victory in zone play, Thomas Jefferson was finally successful after 12 minutes of extra play. Trailing in the third overtime by a White 2-point lead, the Rebels secured the ball by a twist of fate, and Danny Berry paved the way for a 4th overtime with a field goal. Deciding to end the unexpected marathon, TJ. pushed aside White 68-65 in the fourth and took over second place in the North Zone. TJ. vs. Bryan Adams Hitting, shooting, rebounding- zeroing in on another victory . . . Thomas Jefferson found its shooting eye once again as the Rebels posted an 87-50 victory over the Bryan Adams Cougars. The Rebels, hitting an eye-catching 119 per cent from the field, pulled away from B.A. early and had an easy time while recording their second win in three games. After building a comfortable 39-12 -half- time margin, TJ kept hitting and led by 39 points with 4:46 remaining. Carl Saxon came through with 12 points in the third period and led the attack with 18, despite sitting out the last quarter. Stacey Smith added 14, and James Breckenridge put in 12. Ted Melady was singled out for his rebounding as were Smith and Breckenridge for all-around good play. Tommy Dyer hits for 2. , , . Danny Berry dribbles clowncourt for the Rebels. TJ. vs. Samuell The quiet crowd, the agony of defeat . . . The Rebels, first meeting with the Spartans proved to be disastrous as the Rebs gained their third loss against as many zone victories. However, the game, as expected, was a thriller as the Rebels, who led early and tied the Spartans twice in the second period, were only down by five points at the start of the final period. But Samuell chipped in 11 straight points to widen the gap to 54-38. Thomas Jefferson scored its first two points on a one-and-one free throw by Carl Saxon, with only 4:31 remaining in the game. How- ever, time ran out for the fighting Rebels as Samuell came out on top 66-59. High point men for TJ were Steve Sample with 13 points, Danny Berry added 12 more to the Rebels' total. l82 l A TJ. vs. Hillcrest Tense players, the frantic movement of the ball downcourt . . . Such was the action as Loos Field House as the Rebels were handed their second defeat in zone play by the Hillcrest Panthers. The score, 57-56, indicated the fine offensive and defensive play by the Rebels with Danny Berry hitting 19 and Carl Saxon hitting 11 to lead the Rebs in scoring. However, as fate would have it, Hill- crest sunk a two-pointer with 12 seconds remaining to overcome the Rebel lead. Stacey Smith hits for two against Samuell. Y ' .,,. i 1 .ef ....,1 .7 ' i5"Q g,jf:gf"f1 , ' Q. R N, K.. .4 , ,,,,,mn .:.N , ..,,..:.i ::1,,, - Q V , i , l t 'frk ' K at ' Carl Saxon hits for two against Woodrow. ' 'K A ......L.1S22...iTmw9.':t"l'l xv-xr V if T 5 t i 3, ,Y ,,,,. ,,V,,, , , ,Q N Izfl - 4, 1 ,, rg M 'G ' ,o Q - , Q ' ?l, , j l ' VA o Q 'ffm ,, 'N 1 M ,f Q . Q M T. Freddie Howard defends for the Rebels. li TJ. vs. Spruce Accurate aim, the ball in the basket, 13-point victory . . . In their second meeting with Spruce, the Rebels proved again to be victorious. The Rebels, having just lost to Samuell, still strove to win, 73-56. They won as Carl Saxon put in 20 points. The Rebels hit a total of 41 points the first half and 32 points in the second. TJ. vs. Woodrow Wilson A second opportunity, a victory . . . With four zone games left, the Rebels kept up their victorious spirit by defeating Woodrow Wilson, T6-63. The Rebels, improved from their first meeting with the Wildcats, hit fl-7721 of their shots the first half and 5776 the second half. Carl Saxon again led the scoring with 18 points, followed by Steve Sample with 14, and Freddie Howard with 12. I83 pta! N ,Ax , i A. 3 i Bl 4 :fi lhffm ww i we , . il ,' ,Q,,,m 5. " H' - Q o ' " is ' i I lsr? H: 52252, 52515: . , H Z V! . 'W if F, .. V Tommy Dyer hits for two against Hillcrest. 1' ' Ted Melady increases Rebel lead in the victory over Samue rliii s f e s! siiii i ll Q Q N "x' ii" l if 2? , V' '1 1, I "': ' 'J- b 5 A ,f I 1 'f I if ax ,,Li ,.,,, ,,,..,,,-, . ,,,Nc... W V VYIEA: L W' V Q na4 i ,ii if T.J. vs. Bryan Adams A slow start, a determined victory . . . Reginning the first half with a slow start, the Rebels went to the dressing room with only a two- point lead over the Cougars. ln the second half it was still a close game most of the way, but TI moved out to an eight-point lead with 2:40 left in the third quarter on Danny Berry's field goal. The Cougars fought back, but the Rebels led again by eight at 6:12 to go C46-385 on Carl Saxon's bucket. Carl Saxon hit 20, and Danny Berry hit 13 to put the Rebs on top 62-51. T.J. vs. W.T. White A clash of rivals, a close victory . . . The Rebels again proved to be victorious in their second meeting with the Longhorns. The game was a close one with neither team holding a substantial margin during any part of the game. Things looked as though this game would be another overtime, but the fourth quarter proved fatal to the Long- horns as the Rebs got fifteen points to the Long- horns, eight. However, White led by one point with seven seconds remainingg but Steve Sample sunk a two-pointer to assure the Rebels the victory by a close score of 49-48. TJ. vs. Sumuell TJ. vs. Hillcrest A second place tie, a disastrous let-down . . . The second meeting with Hillcrest proved to be disastrous to the Rebels. The Rebels were again defeated by the Panthers and knocked out of their second place tie. The game was not de- cided until the last 21 seconds as the Panthers hit more consistently than the Rebels and thus gained a substantial margin. The game was close most of the way, however, as Carl Saxon hit 20 and Steve Sample hit 14, but these efforts were not enough as the Rebs went down in defeat 61-57. 1 The season s end, a taste of victory . . . moments of the final quarter. . zone competition. H ' 4 Stan Ley hits a lay-up for two points 7"'f' against Bryan Adams. In the last game of the season Thomas Jefferson dealt Samuell its first defeat in zone competition at Loos Field House before the largest crowd attend- ing a basketball game there this season. The game was close for most of three periods, but the Rebs almost ran way with it in the early With 5:41 left, the Rebels led by 15 points, 58- 43, as Steve Sample's field goal gave TJ its largest advantage. However, Samuell was in contention until the final 31 seconds. At this point, Carl Saxon hit two free throws to give the Rebels a 69-63 lead, going on to a 71-67 victory 'and a third place in Tommy Tucker Freddie 91 --a -n-n .... .4- ,,...q I88 kkyyylkk x:'ii 4 , i, .-k',.. 5. 5 K H s .. ' ,k fi k.,. t . gpg RQ s iw "B" Team Starters: Left to right: Chuck Pate, Mike McCask1ll Tom Longino, Jeff Watson, Al Newman. A long season, many victories, a city play-off . . . Throughout 23 games, the Rebel Basketball HH? Team struggled under new coach Mr. Charlie Blanton to maintain the Rebel tradition of fine basketball. Intense practicing and drilling accompanied each game and provided the team with the Rebel drive that carried them to a 22-1 season's record. Ending the excellent season, the 1967 Rebels entered into a 3-Way tie for city championship with Carter and Samuell. New Coach, Mr. Charhe Blanton Seoson's Record 52 Denton 64 Carrollton 74 St. Marks 57 Kimball 55 SOC 58 Grapevine 54 Denton 68 Garland 60 Bryan Adams 60 Spruce 68 Bryan Adams 54 SOC 45 Sunset 43 Adamson 42 Carter 70 Samuell 56 Woodrow Wilson 56 Kimball 49 Crozier Tech 45 Hillcrest 47 North Dallas 57 W. T. Vlfhite 64 SOC Track o. " iwiffv 'ffww:sa,H,.. ,,,, . ,. . Hard Workouts, consistant performance requiring precision in timing and Coordination- the peak of effort grueling hurdles testing skill and Stamina- Runners churning into the Home stretch straining for the tape pushing for that last yard The Track Team achieving an impressive record i9O 1 Coach Allen Kirk 5 si Managers: David Taylor and Steve Loving Left to right: First row: Richard Turner, Lee Cook, David Gordon, Richard Douglas, Greg Ashton, Dennis Kalk, Richard Myers, Tim Evans. Second row: Clay Atkinson, Mark Eddins, Andy McGregor, Larry Burnett, ,lohn Echols, John Esquivel, Mike Harher, Sid Martin, Jerry White. Third row: Van Kreaps, Johnny Robinson, Carl Hamilton, Steve Whitney, Rick Whit- tle, David Merritt, Dill Tomlin, James McFiney, Charles Allan, Dennis Carruth, Wayne Stewart, Jack Stewart, Steve Hood, Bob Shelton, .lay -3 e.- .. ,....,, in , . 5 1 5 f ' " 5 ., . 2 A in .ifnio ,- as -I .t :. . ,, K' -..:.-P. ,I Dolfuss, Mgr. Steve Loving, Coach Allen Kirk. 'Q CAPTAINS: Left to right: Mike Harber, Wayne Stewart, Bill Tomlin. ' W We we 5' E 'B . , 'ff ' ' a i, ,Q ,Q . f 12-1 iii-of Wi' ' t , '- .Tf i ,V 'elk L ' -'22 T15 -I f 4' I Q N as. ,Y gfgffgig : 5 -wx ' " - ge.g,,,f ,- ,, N V, fr: . 4 vf - v-22501 ,Ag Richard Myers takes the baton from Charles Allan in the relay run. Mile Relay: Top to bottom: Charles Allan, Wayne Stewart, Dennis Kalk, Richard Myers. l9l 2, v:,,i,.. I, , 7: fe mf, M, -' 7511-41,7553 X ff' 2415 ffffjw Q ,. Wx. T4 - , ,Egg . 1. .. 1 , ,fsjj ', .7-A H., . L, f' -4, ,, , Distance Runners: Left to right: First row: Steve Whitney, Steve Hood, Bill Tomlin. Second row: Sid Martin, Carl Hamilton, .lack Stewart, James MoFiney. Richard Turner flies the high hurdles with determination. Q. . Fw N. 'z Weight Men: Left to right: Bob Shelton, Jay Dolfuss, John Echols, Dennis Carruth. I92 z -0-, ,,, ly. K . 1., i, Q if: S . Q' J Hurdlers: Left to right: Richard Turner, David Merritt, Johnnj Robinson. ,dir 499592 Y A -Q ' V2 ,. E Aa L'fI ":AlL 1 ' V I ' f - Mike Harber clears the pole as Richard Douglas and John 'Q ifm A Q A ,. H' A 12 vtrfns4,f.j o s M Esquivel look on. I ,, lf. F1 31 1 a , 4 . .aw , ,, 6 nf ' wff ,M W. , ' -YM -7.8 1, ' v- ' --P 'PJ - .f' 1 'H M14 -' , . ' 5' , 7,.w5?f.g 23. -L ,A ,K 'B t. is A,.f,,,,,ft ..m, it ' Jumpers: Left John Esquivel. O John Echols throws the 12 pound shot. to right: Mike Harher, Lee Cook, W, Sprinters: Left to right: First row: Clay Atkinson, David Gordon, Richard Douglas, Greg Ashton. Second row: Mark Eddins, Ricky Whittle, Andy McGregor, Tim Evans, Jerry White. ? '94 Strong contenders in competition. I Q si me si, First row: left to right: Hugh Chappel, Mark Hamilton, Mike Ellslmcrry, John Bangs, Paul SDSU, John Jordan, Boyd Herndon, Karl Mahaffey. Second row: Coach Greaves, Karen Litton, Sheri Greenwood, Suzanne Evans, Mary Church, .ludy Hilz, Missy Shockey, Susan Boggs, Barby Murrell, Manager Vicki Smith. Left to right: Captain Karl Mahaffey, Coach Lola Greaves, if Vicki Smith, Captain Susan Boggs. fig 1:92 ff ,fstfz-,xg 4-'P :ff Coach Lola Greaves we A sport of skill and Precision Tournaments, matches Polishing coordination and techniques a strong serve, a good return the ball Hit with a hollow sound Whizzing dangerously low over the net Miss Greaves coaching, encouraging, inspiring The Thomas Jefferson Tennis Team Susan Boggs 3, Missy Shockey Barby Murrell rs 'fa i 3, -bu, Y b , 4 V M. fy 1, on '--Ys -W - ffam.. v:.b ., s,sJ.As Q .515 S f A -Xgizalmf :MW Boyd Herndon iii: - 'K' K Paul Speir l95 :if ,1 1 i ,L :.. it gr Karl Mahaffey Karen Litton Q .Q Mark Hamilton "I if fi, I 3 Mary Church John Jordan --.......,,, Hugh Chappell ,i Sheri Greenwood John Bangs Mike Ellsberly Q, . . gg Judy Hilz Suzanne Evans Golf '67 Concentrating on a good approach, good form driving down the fairway Match play, medal play- avoiding natural and artificial hazards The Golf Team putting, sinking a hole in one I98 Coach Melton Owen Senior Phil Marcellus Senior Dan Devine is Senior David Dunlap X! , J' 1 1 , i K 1 ,fx 1' , ' 6 Ji - X X f . . -5 fx N E ',.. ' .r.,,,r.,,.,,,Mr-... 3 ,, J. "' K fx :4'2'A'Lx: - "Agn nzhfw f ' 'wi ""'?- ' . 1.1 , " ' 4 ' '21 ?. iffy' r" .f , 5153! I" .4 I I ff"- . .' WU.. 'M ' Vw g 4 qify v ' if-1' Sw, F- I , fy ,yn , .Q gj 9 15,47 4' 13 , f' Aw' ff: 5,1 f. .V of ffjffzf ' 4, M3 5 s,Vi 3, Nr- A x? ff . uw , .- M . ' .X xv,-.Qin , . . Q Junior Letterman Zack Miller l I ' 'va .. r igor ma..rv-if Senior Alan Ford Sophomore James Bond Nl ,Av 5, K, r r . ff M tg, 3 I' If ,L Junior Chuck Larson Sophomore George Cox i 1 M 1 'Q ' f Amy 3? Fw M ,,1 ,. , , ,,,o , 1 1- . " 5' :i 'W3?5'1"'W ',': . :Z5G::'- -Qfffiirsrfw -fw - - W f 'S ',ff,-v'?,"'?f iff Ti' ff :h.wi,u ff M .Q jfg 'gm Jn ,,, A f- , ah' .Q-' fix f- M '45 '6' 94-Qgfffa -' 3' f ff- 3 -'5 . v .. W. uw 'WF . -M3,!.n,,3', .AD ,-M52 W . . 5, A , ra 1, ? 'H . Q Y :Q -Q 1 X Q N x ff 'Q H' Q ' :Ax ggi, M . .. K "Greg fgwgdxxfifhiigg-C A N ' M aisy Wax ,, ,N 54 A ,- ,fi gi wr' Www g' My 9 E32 qs? 'I iq? ka' 63. 3 .PJ Y .o,- 5 5, .P .ff I -A - f ,'... Nr rf' 1 ' Q 'J-,gr ww . N :J .gf :.-- 'Q ,-iw, K ,-,J T, 1-f . , .-lg-,, f ., J:-ft., gr ' ' A, I 5: .. ' A . iw . . 1, 1M br I , Sophomore Richard Hurley ,z Junior Don Speckman .1 'iff : F gg?-"A Qq gw. 'f 3 . wil . vaxmar-ra-:auf 1' . ' '41 'u . " " .,.,,, nfs " 5 "', . :Kiwi Jff- A - " ,mil l1E'::'Ei I . g- '- Ef'l,E,L iff-I ,. S?'..,,-,9f:a3g -- : '- f-N :I ruff- 45 i-:.,.5 .-.ff V. ii, fri: f ,Qs . M -,-r!,,n.'.f, Q -i . Ziff? ",3?'Zv'-i'f't',' I 'E , -if ,inks 1 Q Y. .. 1 , ., :1-f"'EQS3fA"Lw six, . E"':,:. W. rp: 'z' ,-,- -" +5-wa-23 f -5 M 1.4-1 P AF -s get ' Y-fi'i5ge'fi55fiE1 z: 33. I :f:. jg:'gg3,?:gg wg. ,, .4 2 1 V yf, me ,,,. J ,, . M-1 if ' 7, R ivfiiliiif fx' ,+1.sf' i""?f 9- ' ,-h- , Y-LPS-V ' - ' ' x 4 ' 1155'- 4, eager' ' If' -3 ,L JT11- A, ' - H li f t , 2153 I . , , - ,QV - .., .- 1 H - -' e",ff' - - . Junior Letterman Kirk Bounds Junior Letterman Ray Sutton .L ':'h,L.I.Q,i -in I ' 1:i:s?aw,:- I -I L fu' " '- fm.-. l"2w,Ri2i. "" H21 7115 , 'ffffff- i vgi - 4 91- VN:-1' 4, -' I P K - 1 ' " A ,ga wx - W, -. Nl! e 'm--:mr-' w-:.f-:H 41. ' ' 1' J - :f. sea-a-aw 13:12 - K M '-if ,am Q . 'Eur X Ter 1 awww X3 'fsksydigg it it egg 'B' RW? 'Elisa 'H-'ap 3 if 2 ff sa'?e..f"5f-li ,V 1 Q if za. .Z J 'j A i ff it , it il 5 ,, A ' '1 Q. ni'iri?3'lS'Q?9wSHB'E 4 W :RHGQF H if Saw Y .qv 'K' is rf Junior Glen Morse 'B 1, ., if - 1 Junior Gordon Hill Sophomore Bert Maxwell -jg .. . Baseball A springtime sportg the team emerges from the dugout eager a batter stoops over the plate Speculating, rubbing his hands in the dust- the boisterous fans at the first game i tense movements f the umpire's call A an infield hit, a well-executed bunt, . a strong hitter sliding safe into home Agility, spirit- f The Baseball Team 1 formidable contenders for the championship. 2 A Coaches Ralph Reynolds and Al Hawes Left to right: First row: Mike Mcffaskill, Troy Gray, Jeff Watson, Jim Williams, Steve Sample, Mike Howard, Kris Silverthorn, ,lim Langkop, David Nicholson. Second row: Johny McKey, Trey Dowdy, Mike LeMasters, Mark Beal, Dale Jacobs, .lim McCracken, Freddie Howard, Bobby Penny, Tommy Conner, Keith Randall. Third row: Coach Al Hawes, Rod Douglas, Danny Berry, John Murray, Mike Jones, Al Altick, Stan Ley, Bill McDaniel, Rex Deans, Steve King, ,lim Read, Terry Bartoli. 202 E 3' f 2 I. K .. Vg N .3 , I . , 1 1 ILM f ff 4 - r ,1 , fwfg ' g,f9 MQs2Wf1 Q' Yi , sn , --" f - - Q, M .Jax E' Q, 1 gg H EA,.3'L,ri,. . an , -- ' K can 'fs 5 ,S , K . 24.1 M' ' v f -, ,g -T Q ,, 1-:ng kv v-A-..,,MWw -M., .4 , NM 555' v D 7'5" .KY K . ' A ,gQ,A.x, V f"""""fpfF"' 1 1-aa: V' I ML vvjkjgv .l 4 ,,., ,.-'A' 3 ,0- . ,',g5r.:.f-:Sz-,.'.:f' XX ,Pa I 9- 'wk , H k 4 eww .41 MANAGERS: Terry Bartuli, Jim Read, Rod Douglas. 1 ,, , Pv- fx 12 any m" gfvilf N ' X V 5 Infielders: Left to right: Standing: John Murray, Mike Jones, John McKey, Trey Dowdy, Steve King. Kneeling: Tommy Con- ner, Troy Cray, Mike LeMasters. 'S eee'e e O iw s Jim McCracken All-City Outfieldersz Left to right: Kris Silverthom, A1 Altick, Danny Berry, Stan Ley. 204 pf 1 1 I1 x We . Ar? . e,.,.,f - 3 , f? ll! O Catchers: Left to right: Rex Deans, Bob Penny, Mike Howard Jn Langkop. .J I V 4 ., 1- F '5 4 ' F F 'E in we ,Q f A J J W Q je ,V if if ,l 3 , I ,, ,Q :fin--v is ...M in F . X. n . 1 ' i'nbnO 'RF N' f F flwffiii , 5 ff ' J F sw A V -ffl 1 1,15 , is 2 1'd ,A H f ' ' 1, Qi? f I A.. iii'-ix' jf ' Sw.. ,.,,,a , - X -1 A v rw I ,V M .,,, , f , ns' en - - - J . , Tl, ' ,V Villa V V , f ' j x, ' ' , , ,i L sw ,, . 4' F F f iv 1 2 F ' - ffl .7 f 4 ,ffm Q71 s - i 0 K fg 3- ,f'ff-" ,, , w ' ,. G', ..,. V V, f ltching Staff: Left to right: Standing: Keith Randall, Dale Jacobs, avid Nicholson, Bill McDaniel, Mark Beal. Kneeling: Jeff Watson, .lim illiams, Steve Sample, Freddie Howard. Freddie Howard All-City fan.. wg.: First Basemen: Mike McCaskill and Jim McCracken. The swimming season begins with traditional victory yell. A racing dive slicing the surface cleanly with a determined trust Relays, medals- competition the crack of the starter gun a swimmer takes the lead with a strong start flip turn, open turn- Racing techniques the churning water distorting sight and sound The record breaking, C' D D Thomas Jefferson Swimming Team Season's Record TJ. 62 W. T. Wfhite 33 T.JQ 40 Highland Park 53 TJ. 76 Samuel 17 TJ. 39 Hillcrest 49 Off to victory with the 200-yard medley relays. .. , Nm ,W Left to right: First row: Captain David Arthur, Coach Jim Steadman, Captain Scott Daniels. Second row: Cecil Huey, Dennis Martin, Bill Thoreson, Orrin Harrison, Spencer Williams, Jack On, David Nelson, Bob Gerhardt. Third row: Larry Coles, Fred Ferraro, Bruce Sweitzer, Charlie Morris, Juddy Kennemer. Burt Solomon, Karl Shewmake, Doug Conaway. Fourth Row: David Orrell, A1- len Weax'er, Bob Armstead, Tom Roberts, Martin Kreis, Tom Gerhardt, John Bangs, Don Blum. Fifth row: Larry Prestien, Paul Hussey, Eddie Lee, Robert McKenna, George Kohoutek. 206 X I .V ' i i r 4 1 3 W- W -.Vf'l, nfl' will 'i I ...if is . we , ,r F ' Q Returning Letlermen: Left to right: Fred Ferruro, Spencer Williams, Jack Ort, Scott Daniel, David Arthur, Dennis Martin, David Nelson, Charlie Morris. My rrrr 'E Manager Orrin Harrison R me -1 !fon""""'v-.,..,....N In . R + V K ' 15. 551. 43' Times and judges ready? Swimmers take your mark. .gf l K Coach Jim Steadman Coach William O,Neil -.elk Bang! The meet goes on 207 Nr--J JM s Free Stylers: Left to right: First row: Karl Shewmake, Fred Ferraro, Charlie Morris, Scott Daniel, Martin Kreis. Second row: David Nelson, Spencer Williams, David Arthur. Breast Strokers: Left to right: Gerhardt, Don Blum. Second row: 208 First row: John Bangs, Allen Weaver, David Orrell, Bob Dennis Martin, Cecil Huey. 'Z' Back Stroke 2, ,, ,, 1-wwf,,1f'f W K A , ., x f . : f I ,, my ,,,, ,W 3 W7 - g l, fr" QQ V , A ' " ' H. V 1- A A . f ' rs: Left to right: Eddie Lee, Juddy Kennemer, Jack Ort, Tom Roberts, Lany Coles. D -n Left to right: Burt Solomon, Brucie Sweitzer, Tom oug Conawuy, Robert McKenna, Paul Hussey. Divers: dvi'-. Left to right: George Kohoutek, Bob Armslead, Thorscn, Larry Presticn. Bill 209 Charlie Stowe Bill Baxter Robbie Best Webb Breeding Dennis Carruth Mgr. Bob Cummi Forrest Dunlap ngs Mgr. Bod Douglas Dewitt Easterling John Echols Dickie Enlow Phil Hamilton Jerry Hill Meredith Hill Leonard Hoffman Sam Kincaid Andy Meyercord Trip Miller Richard Myers Ray Neal Phil Patton ,Terry Potter Steve Sample Doug Smith Frank Stroizer Pat Wallace lim Wlilliams BASKETBALL Danny Berry Freddie Howard Steve Sample Carl Saxon Stacy Smith Mgr. Pete Thornton BASEBALL Danny Berry Freddie Howard Stan .Ley Jim McCracken John Murray Steve Sample ,lim Williams Mgr. Terry Bartoli TRACK Charles Allan Carl Hamilton Mike Harber Mgr. Terry Hess Dennis Kalk Richard Myers Wayne Stewart SWIMMING David Arthur Scott Daniel Dennis Martin Charlie Morris Spencer Williams GOLF Kirk Bounds Zack Miller Ray Sutton TENNIS Carl Mahaffey Susan Boggs Mgr. Vicki Smith 'illtimaam ni , V wwf , Q, , V , my ',11,' H480 M!! ' Left to right: First row: Pete Thornton, Jim McCrack- en, Forrest Dunlap, Stacy Smith, Robbie Best, Carl Saxon, Steve Sample, Mike Harber, Freddie Howard, Danny Berry. Second row: Phil Hamilton, Pat Wallace, Leonard Hoffman, Bill Baxter, Dewitt Easterlirlg, Sam Kincaid, Trip Miller, Jerry Hill, Rod Douglas, Doug Smith, Ray Neal, Gary Brobst. Third row: James Breckenridge, Phil Patton, Andy Meyercord, Terry Hess, Cary Courtney, Dennis Kalk, Dennis Martin, Frank Stroizer, ,lim Williams, Dennis Carruth, Webb Breeding. Lettermen s President Steve Sample Vice-President Jerry Potter Association Secretary Pat Wallace Not pictured: all 1967 Lettermen of Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Track, Basketball, and Baseball. Sports '67 L,,, , ,ga W, 2I2 United as a team or Alone-striving for perfection, recognition as an individual A taste of victory the agony of defeat the triumphant end . . . Q, 'Wm N E I-:Q-- sl. L- I 1967 jefferson faculty t A Tribute to the Board of Education and the Administrative Officers for forming policies in matters t h a t deeply concern youth for taking the lead in defining the educa- tional needs of youth for assuming the re- sponsibility for see- ing that the needs are met. 2l6 Left to right: James E. ,loyg John Plath Green, J. Willard Graggg Jerry Wheatg Lee A. McShan, Jr., Presidentg Dr. W. T. White, Mrs. Henri L. Bromberge, Jr., Mrs. Vernon D. Ingram: Percy E. Lueck, Jr., M.D.3 -Field Scovell, Vice-President. Left to right Kclockwiseh Dale Douglas, Deputy Superintendentg C. C. Miller, Assistant Superin- tendent-Organizationsg Hollis Allen, Assistant Superintendent-Administrationg Don E. Matthews, Assistant Superintendent-Special Servicesg H. D. Pearson, Assistant Superintendent-Business, Dr. W. T. White, Superintendent of schoolsg Robert H. McKay, Assistant Superintendent-Opera tionsg Dr. E. D. Walker, Assistant Superintendent-Personnelg Dr. Frank L. Williams, Assistant Superintendent-Instructions. 4 , . A , -hifi 1 5 m:t'.,g75t MR. SMITH, aware of the two important elements freedom and discipline and sMU -1, --Q., 11 Y lp , X' of education-intellectual experienced in administration with degrees from Austin College W interested in the problems of individual students motivated by a desire to make Thomas Jefferson a fine place in which to learn appreciated by faculty and students alike, Mr. C. C. Smith, Principal 2l7 Mr. J. H. Malone, Assistant Principal serving as a naval instructor during World War II, coaching basketball at Mercer University- fragrnents of a fascinating background. showing a sincere interest in students and their affairs, contributing to the direction of Thomas Jefferson- tall, likable Mr. Malone. B.S., NTSU M.Ed., SMU A X ...NMNNM 3 Mrs. Edith Cooper Dean Miss Laura Ethridge B.A., U. of Texas M.A., NTSU Mrs. Jean Crownrich BS., Howard Payne M.Ed., TCU nthusiastic in handling the American Field Service program of exchange students ledicated to improving the organization of pupil personnel qualified in serving as a Dean for nine years with a BS. and MS. from NTSU Vlrs. Edith Cooper Mrs. Thelma Warthan BS., NTSU, ETSU, TWU, SMU Mrs. Lois Marshall B.A., Baylor U. M.A., Texas Tech Counselors helping youth planning academic life insuring the completion of requirements preparing youth for the future. Personnel Left to right: Mrs. Dorothy Joy, Mrs. Ruby Pelton, Mrs. Velma Gun nells, Mrs. Peggy Ware OFFICE STAFF Left to right: Mrs. Gladys Dorsey, Mrs. Edwina Thomas COUNSELORS' SECRETARIES Left to right: Mrs. Betty Waggoner, Mrs. Lydia Delgado, Mrs. Bernice Tarpley 220 OFFICE SECRETARIES Mrs Arline Carson I.B.M. :15Z:1fa.waeew:1..:f Mr. J oe Digiglio HEAD CUSTODIAN Mrs. Ann Adams Speech Mrs. Betty Alllson Sophl and Jr' English Mr. Charles Blanton World History R,,,3,,,M,m,.,s,,l,.-r.,l, L lly. ,l l EV: Y L Mr. James Balley V Algebra and Plane Geometry Mr. Francis Bowen Chemistry Faculty Bing use Una? unto lxltrvtn 800.5 ii!! uve !'D ua noon 'oo 'on 6 ,.i.o Mrs. Margaret Burgan Jr. English Mrs Genevleve Brxtton Study Hall ""'N Mrs. Kathryn Clayton American and World History Mrs. Sharon Bullis Chemistry Mr. Jack Cannon Choral Music As the twig is bent, So the twig a inclined." The future of a na- on depends on the education of s youth. if' -I. , 'N np' fl: 1- 71, ,.k in'-,- 'lg .-- lxxxs ' if .Q x Faculty 'YA Miss Marian Cole Art i Mrs. Betty Casper Soph. English Fm Mrs. Sara Coleman Shorthand and Typin Mrs. Elizabeth Childs Mrs. Coleen Cook Nurses and Health Education Emanuel Cilio R.O.T.C. Miss Patricia Copley Elementary Analysis and Algebra T .,..,,h, Mr. Lucius Cox Metal Shop Mrs. Alice Craft Soph. and Jr. English 224 Mrs. Mary Ann Dobbs Jr. and Sr. English I , ,ir hay? THE GREGG TYPING WALLfCHAR'I' W ageeaaae a eamae omaa Queens gaaanamm' Mr. Homemaking and Family Living Mrs. Grace Delatour STRUCTOR E. Boyd Curtis Typing Miss Kay Edwards American History and Problems of Democracy F Faculty Mrs. Marjorie Fair Study Hall Miss Annie Gem Felder Soph. and Jr. English , .-,., ,.,, ,. .,:.sf.z: ,,.. maxim: !! Col. Harold Frindell R.O.T.C. 226 Mrs. Maurine Fussell Jr. English and Journalism, Reveille Mr. Arch Gibson American History and English History i N r J lvf Mr. James Fox Band . Miss Doroth Cerlach J Y M1-S. Susan Gordon American History and Civics Jr. and Sr. English 4111455159 Mrs. Ettle Forrest Homemaking Miss Lola Greaves Physical Education and Tennis Coach Faculty 5,301 Mr. Robert Greer Electronics Miss Sara Hardy Physical Education, Cheerleader and Drill Team Sponsor 1 I l il .,s..A Miss Gwen Guillet Plane Geometry and Algebra 227 Mr. Albert Hawes Algebra and Baseball Coach .LJ Mrs. Elizabeth Higgins Study Hall Mrs. Claudine Hoag Plane Geometry Mrs. Margaret Hastings Latin and World History Mr. Ralph Hollywood Civics and Football Coach Faculty Mrs. Margaret Hyde Study Hall 32- Mrs. Yolanda Kennedy Spanish M. Mr. Allen Kirk Driverls Education Miss Sharon Kimmell Jr. English and Document Mr. Robert Legate Algebra G6 The teacher is like the candle which lights others in con- suming itself." --Ruffini Mr. Billy Little Miss Patricia Lodewick Soph. English Mrs. Mary Ann Algebra Economics and American History McClure Mr. Charles Lorinez Biology Mr. Sam McClure World History Miss Betty McLain Sr. English Faculty Miss Kathryn Martin Civics Mrs. Mollie McKelvey Speech I WV' f , ff X, a Miss Dorotha McClain Jr. and Sr. English rr. i f Miss Princess Martin Jr. and Sr. English Mr. Maurice Meals Bookkeeping and Business Law s.,. ..,g 5 ' Mrs. Ina Mason Latin Mrs. Frances Moore Jr. and Sr. English Miss Martha Minter Homemaking x Mrs. Shirley Moore American and European History seg Mrs. Claudine Morgan Biology Mrs. Mary Lou Neil Soph. and Jr. English Miss Mabel Ruth Oldham Typing and Shorthand Mr. William O,Neal Drafting Faculty 233 ui tw, 1 Mr. Melton Owen American History and Texas History M I Mrs. Irene Penry Biology Mr. W. A. Parker Business Math 'P snsss N A, Mr. James Patterson Woodworking Mrs. Doris Phillips French aff' a e e G: x. nz 5 as Q .Q ' . f 552173 ' IHQM 21 'Q ' N fi' C X'iA-S" Mrs. Carmen Price Algebra N41 Mr. Mike Pinkham American History M - and Basketball Coach rs' gI:5yRE:ErdS0n 2443 mann-Q-ga... ""-' ' Faculty Mr. M. W. Poteet Physical Education Mr. Lee Roberts Chemistry Mr. Ralph Reynolds Driver's Education 6 235 Mrs. Joy Smith Spanish Mrs. Mary Selvidge Plane Geometry , , .,,,,,,,. . :,1i,..M, M ,, r,rr Mr. ,lim Steaclman Physical Education and Swim Team Coach Mrs. Wilma Schoenke Study Hall 4 Mrs. Carolyn Sharif Plane Geometry Faculty , " ff 4 rraiii .awww .i Mrs. Martha Green and Mrs. Dorothy Dillender Assistant Librarians Mrs. Mary Smith Librarian Billye Faye Thompson Distributive Education gfjwwmna Mr. Tom Tally Bi0l0gY Mrs. Joyce Thompson Spanish Mr. John Torbett Physics 151:22-f'i22x.S1:,,.sm4 Mr. Gary Verm11l1on Biology Mr Charles Watson Nr? Y Q + K, X N' r X Q N N .www - X A K as ar X 1 Nd . Mgmt Q H, ,HR w MVS, QL E . if ,of 'y'. L, ff Faculty fo Mr. Weldon Wendland H Orchestra Q Mrs. Pamela Wise Plane Geometry and Algebra 6 Mrs. Claranelle lvcekley Mr. Leonard Williams Ty ping Physics , if f By developing the kind of learning that is the function of a great school, teachers help to shape ideas of Youth, the leaders of a newer age. TJ Faculty Volleyball Champs Q? WWA -F--"M "Wit y " HL ,, , mp N .1 HQ!! '- MUNI , 'TIM Ui mwflxqy I , Il Xl. 111W ' 'Y' l !ff""WH11 1aff.W-I hu '!"Y' ulllmmmumumhn H M Mllillblliliilf' xp! Milan, "-' H llllnmym U, . ,, W' "ml ...'0F'11NMnn IIllllllllllllllllllllllllll I 67 19 fcfferson classes yy M thomas iefferson high school hooh fn :" Y- -'NZ' ff "'. j ,'.' I of 'W H iyfoi A ,.,i- . I J. ,, Mfw H rn , , U hw ,ww . gj 51h,hf ohoh o ",.,. . ,. f.., fl, VLVV, , SE Q j ,. . f ., ,, . o,'1 'ho' h W ho hhhoho hhhhohh h N ,, VU, f ".'f, ,, y ' .,,: ".f .,K,,, I I A ,A , "', j ',V-L'f ,h," :, H 1 V ,AVVA , ., .,.,V.,, ,V ,. . ., N oh h:,, o,1,, oh' h o fr.. o gfggm .. Nzyo . . W YM W4-.4,.,,,UW W fi 1-W., Mm 'W ,Huw ,fm ssl My mo Y'-to K W V,,,, Q ,, f y ,W,,,. .. .W ,g-,,,y ,W-an .g ,,,. , ,,.,,g4f ,, 1 ' "NW ,.,,, ,, V 1 ,55j51ff,f,k' VMMHa4,m ,V f-,-, ,, H v Q L Hs:-3 'V V ,, ww , .4,. f:'ff?? ,,,, M, a building laid bare in the orange of the sunlight ' and within its walls geomsetric youth, living in a dimension of creat Viewing life from every vantage point. ivity, .9 , N PY 6' 4 A X .ff 5335? N. -mis. WNW 5 Q Q . ,l Cathy Aaker lMindy Abercrombie Ann Adams Mary Adams Donna Ahrens Susan Albright Ann Albritton Ann Allman Deniese Alvarado Lacretia Anastas Judi Anson Tom Armstrong Patricia Arnold Allie Ashley Ronnie Aslett Bob Austin Barbara Ayers Donna Bailey Doskie Baird David Baker Charles Banks Bill Barbour Kerry Barnes ,lim Barnett Phillip Barnett Phyllis Barnett Mary Barrett .lan Barron Pam Barry 'L 47 .. -f' xi 'x N A 53' I " 'QQ f s. 5 The Sophomore-Members-At-Large are Trey Dowdy and Lawrence McBride. . , Ha 3 WWW?" 3 ,si 1 Za, A Q, H S' Q QV! if r V.: X y ff Alice Bass Bill Bayman Coral Beach Beth Bean Donny Bell Mike Bell Sharon Bennett I St Z if sf I '- X ,ri fi il ,si- t s. B 1 3 v Ka A 5 tif, B . , Bruce Billings , F 'V or 'f QX Vicki Bigger B 3 ' W is if if . itk- i . -Q, S T X. x N . "5"-A 5 lk. . if if ii Y YT' mf ,S Sk. .r 1935? Q as up-.3 'R S iz .gin . QQ m B ix x " Mnkxq' i i ... . 'kzk R. ..,. P' K2 ,, or Q Yag i . w . , , i t in X . AE' B ':.q . 'Af'Q B ,.miQ 1 ' E fa Qi . K5 ,VV : Y . 4 N :.,A 'X , - 2 i x r 5' I 5 ,. if X is if 'am J 2 W l,1 5 if g a' l ' xv N. V N",: , Irk . . , Sophomores I ,.,,. 1.. .fc . M B 1' ' 'B ii 'x"., i -" ' so " li, 41 Q n 'Q ' B Bio l T oooyaar on 'if Bio , S 248 B Q' B B Carter Bills Ann Blackwood Debby Blankenmeister George Boedeker Karen Boettcher Lisa Bolton Bert Bond Tobi Bone Roy Bowman Patty Bracken Myra Bradshaw Judy Braun Paula Brewer .lay Briden David Brinson Pat Brooks Brad Brown Mark Brown Wallace Brown Coke Buchanan Jann Buchanan Adelia Buckley Sue Buckner Buddy Buddin Lana Burkhart Becky Butler Steven Bybee Donna Bynum Barbara Byrne Karen Cade Ellen Campbell Beverly Carroll Jackie Carroll Mike Carroll r... ,,., .a,,, . ,aaa-?a aria! , '1 Z,.- 1"r ' Dennis Carruth F : "A N' A ' i '..1 Mary Ann Cash , 3 .. . Colleen CHSSMY 1,-1 i Mika Cara D '1'Q BeCkY Callghfan ' '-., V W, Diane Causey A: LL'i f fl fra CD7 " A f ge Q. f a , KW1: . ,iililg ,E C a C an . . , C David Chamberlain N E xii i Q ii, -ii' ,, . Janis Chandler 'ii" - . -Y,,. if , , VI .W ' i,i af f Chappell i iiiiii 5 A r ,,, Laura Chavez ' -l.' a M ij 'ILD .:- Mark chaaaham y 1 aa-a a e or y Darla Chick A D - 'Q ' :T if 'ii EC "i' 2- 'f - ez: q. I ,YQ School is not all workg in fact, reven sophomores find a lot to laugh at! Connie Crenshaw Tony Crick Bill Crockett Craig Crosby Pete Crothers D .- :' Billy Culberson Lynn Culpepper allali Marianne Dalzell Mike Daugherty Marsha Davidson Candy Davis E. Johns Clark Cathy Cleaveland Allison Clinch Glen Cline .loe Cockrell Vicki Cole Buck Collins Tim Comer Tommy Conner Vikki Corley Carol Cornelius Mike Cossota Suzie Cossota George Cox Richard Cox Kittie Crawford a . M' 'N' Z ,,. 3 i 53' aa , S ai C 'ill , ' all a a aa nl ea 1. lll a -- . K f i A leal C il if ' ' rr ,1., ,rr, a . r in li - ' fl a n, an 'Q ' ll D li ll iar n H aa - a- - Wk.. aaee he -a K kL,, V Q wr F a elii C il ' lia 'all a i "" f I 5 S 4 fa Q w 5 a f i aaa' ' i iii? R an sf fr -',' A """i'i' . .,,, aaa em, " is .Q if if . -,X if A is A : N X r Q , , W D i ' A A Q As, ei at -- f-eq: X,,.. ,ks F Q is . in ssjwg as as :,- ' Q xi Q, N Q .s a t is -k" E f yssss . .. 1 . ,,., , . sw 1 W V ' t, 5 ' :gi 'E 1 X 2 . .P in , W ' f ':i""1 'L - X 'ii -W 5 Q1:-- 4 . - ' s G , aw' ' if' N iw. 'F , 'R' ' ., 5 , 11:- .yts ,, ,,h , ' ,, b . Sophomores 7 E A k i fm' 5 Jas Q S . A4 s 1 hw A I WW' i 1 ff Steve Elder Susan Ellis Louise Ellison Vicki Elrod Cindy English Randy Engstrom Nancy Entwistle Susan Erickson Tim Evans ,yyssslssy ssisi L 6. ,, if lk Q25 f,,, . 'A if ,.k.,,- s r in A. ai? X . ZI. .5 5 fa ,- , :isa .A ,ity k ,,::k:L , , Debbie Davis Ed Davis Cordon Davis Clara Davison Steve Day Rex Deans Doug Devine Judy Dickens Kent Dill Beverly Dodd Dawn Dodson Vicki Dolfuss Coleen Donohue Debbie Donehoo Trey Dowdy Henry Dres Greg DuBois Mark Dumdie Delana Dunham Kathy Dunlap Tricia Dye Cary Earl Mark Eddins Richard Edwards 'tim HI look good in what I eat." Nickey Fain Kandy Fankboner Cef Farmer Wayne Farrar Beverly Farrow Tommy Feitel Becky Ferguson Candy Ferguson Mike Ferrell Jan Fields Mark Fishel Peggie Fisher Michael Flanagan Licia Flores Keith Ford Gary Foster Glennietta Fout Ronnie Fox Tom Franklin Joanie Frazier Marilyn Freedman Portia Fregia Mark Freiman Lynn Friday Judy Fritz Carolyn Frnka Mike Garcia Grover Garner Robert Gartner Carol Gathings 451 "The first day and a mistake already! I have girls' bi gym third period ! " fl ' i F i 1,y , ' ia H f ' . i ' M " 7' ' ve A I M A v We if gr . Pt ,,,, it g e t , , , z F . i lae - , f f 4 f- if , I K 1' ,,:VA ,, iii I l 1 K at , N asf, A yrryl i., Wm 1 W I A I f X :H , wha , ' ' 4' e. t G 5 F, tteeis st it ii ii 5 E 1 V M , fi W, , ,,,, y 'fied f F ' , A, ,.yy i,y,, y Y ' 1 fi' v t 'F f N . X, 7? . , , ,. , ,,4: ff ,IW ,, nn ,.m 'Eiga 42 V ff.,, W X 2, vn- ., ,, 4 ' ' I t , ,L,, , Q, yn W 4 1 541 1 " 1 M, 1 W 5 ita i,VQ , ' 44 K, Q . , i i 'F J EX I -S-,L-, ,..:: tp. -fam-qw , :sis sa- ,gg QW K ' stasi- Y 3 t t :::B-. Es-wiig, at . ' i i1l fag Q Quik lg s Q. Ms' J X x ,Vw e 5 3 4' ' u SWF, 5. . f P. Y s li E s Yk if : ::. :Z- e at N. ,:Q, it l ix N, - :qu gs 1'4" 1 V A ,I pt 'iv gg' . to ssst J , J' K, we if 'Y ' 2 g'...: 4 t .1 . fel , , ee 1 , iosai - ,ii LVL- Q Y E . . l 7 e . J ot f W ii ..k, 1 01 'at 5. K W Qi yye ag Q 4 ga ,, J, X 252 E W! l as I I N l 'ti Q9 Larry Geibel Marty Glasgow John Glendinning Randy Glickman Nancy Goodman David Gordon D'aun Gray Troy Gray Mary Green Laura Greenwalt Mike Grisham Susan Grissom N K 'M X af: 0 Q fs : R 9 4 4- sr Bert Guthrie Janie Guthrie Judy Guyton Marsha Hafkemeyer Charles Hagens Bruce Hamilton Mark Hamilton Sharon Hamilton Wayne Hamilton Cathy Hamlin Donna Hammons Scott Handy Richard Hankins Jo Ann Harbert Peggy Harmon Shirley Harrington Nancy Harris Robert Harrison P555 Xi XX is Q "' T IEP' 'ti 5 'X tt 5 ' or xxx J1- yg i at J Tommy Harrison Gayle Harrison Betty Hart Susan Hause Kenneth Haynes Cathy Hemhy Mary Henderson Brenda Hendley Betsy Hess .lack Hill Janet Hill Kay Hill Meredith 'Hill Ron Hill Sammy Hiltz Jan Hinds Charles Hodges Mary Hodges Robin Holmberg Billy Holmes Ginger Horton Mike Howard Sandra Howerton Paul Hubert lm0I'6S f R ,,.. ix P , Q w e f ' 1 M' 2 3 " J ' K -.eaking of lunch, we dissected frogs in Biology." Trina Jacobson Debbie James Margie James Carolyn Jaquess Loretta Jay Paul Jenkins Dale Johnson Debbie Johnson Chuck Jones Jeff Jones Judy Jones Laurie Jopling . r., , A" P Q... -k 'Q X I Kathleen Hudson Jackie Huie Lynn Humphreys Cheryl Hunn Pat Hurley Rick Hurley Paul Hussey Carol Jackson Susan Jackson Dale Jacobs Dennis Jacobs Janice Jacobs an-,... ,J .Q 5- s I o 1 i ,Dv . K KY '7L it Q 'fi ' Q! -1 ' 1. -:2:" 7, i ' W I ,, 3 , my ,- if fy sf X C yyyoo M - "' .'., ,r,. J I , ' : . is ,..i -1, Q M - 6 r f X s xi tt? .- gi . be CI' -Sl. -:.,:, Sv WWTF' Xa ,Wt .. f - - .- , wil 1 X gl . 'l .f 336 ,fave 15" A, ,.. g ig. wx ' Y . i f Qi" it it J X 'ff mv' :1x 3' 5 '45 S X , :,, , ey of ' 1 .lb - ..' K1 -is Sophomores Bob Jordan Johnny Jordan Richard ,lustiss Danny Keesey Cary Keeton ,Iudy Kilcrease Steve Kinderdick Bryan King Steve King Elizabeth Kingsley Connie Kirk Kitten Knauer Hubert Knight George Kohoutek Nancy Kramer Van Kreaps Martin Kreis Ken Krizan Patti Krusz Diane Kucera John Kuehne Julie Land Jimmy Langkop Gay Langston pd, :N it X N ',M E ,, I "Are you sure you Learning is listening . Debi Larsen Betty Lawson Eddie Lee Randy Lee Lynn Leighton Tim Lemberg if .:., i ,, 'hA: Richard Levine A , b A A VZ - b Rex Lewis Q ,,., '51 is Spence Lewis 1f ' siitii Michelle Lindley 'LwLLLW" 1 Ray Lindner ur contact lens here?" . . . and taking notes. Linda Lipsie Susan Lisk Tom Longino Vicki Looder Steve Loving Wendy Lowerre Gail Lucas Melinda Lyon Martha MacDonald Nancy Madden Vincent Manley Mike Markoulis Randy Marshall Pam Martin Sidney Martin Lorin Massie Sharon Maus Paula Maxfield Bert Maxwell Susan Mayers Mike McAlister Lawrence McBride Sue McCabe Christine McCaffrey Mike McCaskill Charles McCleskey Priscilla McClure Debbie McCo0l i fs -K 5 we S A X. Z 'f t R .,.. B in at 3 .,... W.. ., -5 A is wgm, ,zz , 3 Q . RSS ziii 'rgy ' ii- ' .: Y eee S selsf "': if k r. Nt' :.c i f ' i .t i , , -ttt he yiz 3 , .r.- i , sh 4 ng.-I: Ye 1 f W' Y i A"' K' 'Jie ,". , , awe , ' ft :" , wi 1535 tar! M 5 I M' .112 4 if if if x .wa r 5 f if 321 , , X3 ..s,, M K , ,, J' mel ., Ke it 'exif ,ziwlwz Rial ,mv-,ek Sd gl pp Y gf! i n , ifzc. yyie S5 Q Q ,ee 7' stl tl' i Sili ,X 1 we il i is :tk 'fi' at xg 3' if A,:. .. 5 Af 1 1 X -r' N . ,e 'X I ' , J J, i ft? ,B ' x. Haw A. w- . i n tar h l 6 XR v K ., R . :em ,, ' - if ,r A 'ii-f P if f yy s , V Q T. Li k , if B ' 2 555: li' 1 Q 1144 it 5 E. , I Q t sr ,11-J,,.. s ' -1 1 ml N X Mike McCormick Gil McDaniel Pam McDonald Joe McDonnell Harold McElfish John McFadden Jan McFarlin Beverly McGilbe1'ry Helen McGinnis Q! gM..W-ww Sophomores deliberate on challenging math problem ,M , fer-- v it if X ey- os it ,, 6' ' QQ we A :JF 1? ,M D A Pam McGregor Martha McGuire Candy McKeever Becky McKissack Debbie McLain Kleta McNulty Craig Melde Greg Metz Mark Meyer Randy Michero Debby Mickey .lody Miller Dorothy Mills Krissy Mirkes Beth Mitchell James Mitchell Richard Mitchell Tom Mobberly Susan Moffet Shirley Moore Pam Morgan Debbie Morton Susan Morton James Munsell Carol Munson Vlary Myrick Eloise Nayfa Io Ann Neely lohn Nelson Kris Nelson Alan Newman Kandi Nichols lll Nlsel 2 Eileen Nobliir "1e' QJ ""':t Nancy Nfmemeief Nancy Norsworthy l..1 Bonnie O'Brien -Jee - xi ie, Tom Oliver P fa 1 .3 ::" :- , fu ., isa We va f Laura Olvera Dale Orsburn 4 -a a Alan Orshalick Bill Padilla iiis r Donna Page ' "-- iiii fx Selina Partridge Z., i'i" ' i .' iill Chuck Pate or Jimmy Pate inl ' 1 Chuck Paternostro Martha Patton e"' ' Y Kaihy Paul or ' s s e z- e involves getting your teeth into the Sophomores , SE: N-'im ,P is E 3 J 2' .. P f yi ssrl Corry Payne Carmel Pearson Donna Peddy Kristen Pederson David Pence Virginia Perelson to .M - L' if ttz- ' , w I tlf ff ,I... A ,ff t xr, Xlgfetg .sig .. ,. W' i I sw- ,, 1 E e Y : fl -f ai,,,,. ' ' P '--- t , . f ,mi I ,MEf:.., :N , fs. . , ,,snt 'K ,, s inee . ,,..,,,... ,, ri: - , A ff lg , ,..,. gm, W it in P a t .,.i s R 'ftkofkfiz-if . K Y.. vi . j H i 5 P ,,,, , t,,i ' K "" li l ' .,.ts we . l'iii "ii , f ,, I Vyyy :.' ,l,, "jf" ,,, , lgaxuffgiz mick iiii Perry ' Bob Perryman 'gig-x : 5' il Q.:- lL a E 7 Q to iL. , is 5. o Q N f 3 VN x Y if X :gr 5 3' iw- ? f, Q 'W' f my ,igi , .E 1 so- a f at M , , I f -7 ...K :Lai 1:-ii f"r -- 2 21 ' k1 .. -' ' t l iii X '2 it wx X Q do ttt teeae iiiffjift it Scott Reid Susan Reid Debbie Reisfield Connie Reynolds uMy lips are stuck to the ice cream bar!" Gary Petty Richard Pfeffel' Jeff Pflueger Debbie Pierson Linda Pigg Debbie Pinter Pat Pittman Tim Pitts Penny Plackard Diane Pomara Shirley Pound Mike Powell Debbie Pressly Larry Prestien Steve Prilliman Mary Puryear Kay Quigley Carol Quinn Sonja Quinones Robin Rabun Jackie Randall Keith Randall Jim Read Lyn Redmond Evy Rhodus Martie Rice Peggy Richards Harma Richardson Lucia Ringueberg Janice Robbins Susan Robbins Ronnie Roberts Torn Roberts Lisa Rogers t oooo f' i ,,,- ' 1 ,.'. Studying is the main activity of most sophomores . . . but some find time for extracurricular activities. Jackie Rudder Robert Rudine Allana Ruesch Elizabeth Rutkowski Jim Sanders Paula Schmidt Mark Schmitz Bobby Schneider Wendy Schneider Janene Scrima David Sears ..vL . KW at 2 i E3 Margaret Rohrt Roger Roof Paul Rosenberg Penny Ross Susan Ross Randy Roth gk , . Vr,, iw ,A iifm Ji . '-ii i .:., 11 .. ,, .,,. ,, ..,,,, V QQ ,,t.., , gb Q ff 5 - 1 5' H M- J' i its ,, 4 : W iii, . 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A Cathy Starr Anne Stembridge Patty Stephen Leonora Stephens xx' 2 X X3 s ti if X ,., .if . ,. s ' ,,,.,: - Xj..,..k ,..,,:.,,::5.... 3 Edith Seay Randy Seely Marilyn Sell Michael Sell Steve Seybold Pete Shack Ron Shafer Sydney Shelton Julia Shirley Jimmy Sibley Bonita Silvers Kris Silverthorn Cindy Smith Mitzi Smith Patty Snodgrass Elizabeth Solender Pat Solomon Mary Soule Walter Speir Ann Spencer Mike Staley Stan Standfield Bill Stark Tommy Stark D ' Sr . . . . Joigzfe Sglviers Illlncgarstanding is a teachefs guiding an ' . . Q-1. he I me 5 -ei 1-Qiili "Kra v- eii Sylvia Stowers Cathy Strain Laurie Stuart Kathy Swann Karin Tabbert Sophomores No matter what shape your cast iron stomach is in, the food in the lunch- room will melt it. 5 Linda Tappan ,A 5 y iii Q Jackie Tarrant 'A L I w Chuck Taylor J , ' ' rry. Jere Taylor VAAVz K w aiu Thoele t V N ' Debbie Thomas V ' ' A i f-fa 425 Steve Thomas "' -, A I ., Scott Thompson Vivian Thompson e t l:,yl., i 1. y t to y Julie Tiffany H . '19 V' if ,M 'a Patrick Tiner A W Virginia Torres 'f Diana Trott V ' "Eat the tail first?" George Turner Richard Turner Sharon Tumer Tomm Turner Y Becky Van Deventer Warren Van Brunt 1:1 ,Zag J ..,,. .Z 4 ,f U, fp gg ,M a a xi, H. my of Q 1 i ? - 3 ' 11 3" mf 'H 1- A ww A A. ,.i,, ya, if ,- :A f rr . 1 M 'Fi 'M i V' oir X. A 25 W..,," J - " W J v M Qi Y 1 QW K ' ' if I if ni 'WK V - mii. f -eff ,l l , , a , .ti 2 4. g fi' 'f,- f f l il 1, if 'Wry KL Q ,,,. . f Q, N , 'fl F' 4- get 4 nv' 7 '22, 'U-ff. 'J' by f 'x . ,I 'C' I if In Q W .V x 3, f' fafv lu ' 1 jf ,df - T! Q I . S ,, , . gf I , f Glen Weynand Linda White .lohn Whitehurst Bob Whittington Ricky Whittle Gail Williams Glynn Williams Kathy Williams Linda Williams ff IA Ricky Weaver Gail Welborn Karen Wells Robert Wells Patty Westbrook Vincent Votolato Lee Walden Linda Walden Paula Warren Billy Watkins Martin Watson ' w 31. t Y f i: 'W , gf ' L Dick Williamson Bobbie Wilson 'f Greg Wilson K . hwk ek I ,, :E xi m , , Q iii -,riL l .f'i 1,, ov , K ' N I W' - fr 1, - s Y V 5 jyn AVV V , iii V , Ni ai - si .lames Wilson .lohn Wilson Nancy Wilson Pat Wilson George Winston Vickie Wolf Belinda Wommac Harold Woods Bob Woodson Robert Wussow Bonnie Zacharias Margaret Zanes .,,,.l., 'r--' "luv Sophomores The tender green of Youth in all its freshness . SOPHOMORES torn between activities and studies scarcely pausing to admire and taste So eager are they to hasten to a new opening imagining that the vista will be still more intriguing Seeking recognition and acceptance, they fight not to be trampled Or crowded out knowing wonder and awe in the face of Rebel life SOPHOMORES touching fire to the torch of Youth. , UH 2 x x 41 'ir I we 5. ...Qi fi? Ml Shelley Addington Bill Aderhold Glenda Akins Karen Alexander Mike Alexander Charles Allen Richard Allen Alan Altick Donna Anderton Luann Argabright Ann Armstrong Marilyn Arnold Bill Arnquist John Ashley Susan Atkinson Chris Bailey Linda Baker Janelle Baldridge George Balle Betty Banks Roger Barrier Randy Bauer Mark Beal Debbie Beard Debbie Bearden Deborah Becker Beverly Benn Jeffrey Berger Paul Bernstein Charles Betancourt Eileen Bierner Sandra Bills Allen Birmingham Neal Blankenship 4' V ' , Q, eee, it if M - 9 . , .- an A ' if ,J EW w e at 1 X flip, . 'V A A x 1 ,e e ag. , gf, mf J, 'Z Chris Blair K J Frank Blanton if N A 1 f??'. . 1 5 fig .A v-' J J A4 ' "V, 1 1. ? i W ,Q .311 l ,E-W, 3 fi A A f fig, ' .1 Q, .F iilf . 1 Aw ,W I ,i 1 X 2 S bk! el A ., J L 5 . i li gg :I . i rayl T1 J ' E, , , ,, f-1: s ig .. V ,li .ll K xx if 9 UW A f is ,,..p was , ,, ' vw 'J' Ml , 4 as 'B xi wr V "' 4 ' M' wfvsi ,.,. 5, W' , x Q- , , K fr I at - M., it A'ii iw' af ,. ,,,, - izfyf ,f ' r '.,fe-wf, I 4 H A .4 , any 'KX if " M l af I .L" 1 Juniors Suzzie Bloskas Don Blum Craig Bock Carol Boerder Lynn Bond Terry Bone Steve Bookatz Tracey Booth Laura Bornrnan Kirk Bounds Paula Boyd Ann Bradshaw Juniors provide good competition for the seniors in the pep assemblies. , ,, ,. , .' . ri" my Z M, fa, QL it .-ff ' ' LV 1, iiiif ' L H ww 4 "' V, xr, fl' ,,.. , R mu y .ffl Z Q . V i f M 5 ' ' so ' o q " Q 'Q M ' aa? s' Q .. ff .7?, H CSX - 'Ulu 6 pf 1, kr I . ' ff ur fe M - Q 57 Q W 1 G L y M W L ,iippy 1,p P, --,,.r I he 'X 'W Q I x A , i Sondra Brandenbur Mary Brann Mary Braun James Brecken idge r Debby Brigance Mary Ann Broadhurst Dana Brown Randall Brown Randy Bryant John Buchanan Barbara Buck .lohn Buff Don Burkarth Larry Burnett Nancy Burrow Craig Buskirt Lelland Bussy Jack Butler Dianne Clay Steve Cobb Lynda Cole Larry Coles Judy Collier Lisa Collier Judy Comer Doug Conaway Sally Conley Zoe Conner Carol Cook ,lim Cook Lee Cook John Butler Jimmy Bylmee Everett Caldwell Malory Campbell Sonny Camplen Ken Carey Skip Carleton Bob Carney .lane Carpenter Vanchee Certain Nicky Chamberlain Susie Chandler Kathleen Chapman Doug Chase Cathy Cheakes Mary Church Sara Clack ,lim Clark Susan Clark Toni Clark 'PH' J, .N t. y yyy eey yy Q Iii bi V. bw,-' 75 It 'Q at , Mk ' ii ii . ff , fmrf X . x , A rrrr A f k yi 1 M 1 fs- , ,J nk a fb A rv , George Cooper ,H Q . - Sandra Copeland " W ye 5' Cary Courtney -1- "" ' Neil Cozzens cd 'i Lila Craddock 'W' X V Charlene Cravotta ' W M? V ,V 'V in Cristy Crego .... Q , - Q Richard Crosby 'A' in , ., Doug Darnell ' , I Karen Darst i -Y Barbara David ' If '-, Q ' f I ,. 1, W ilu 32 emit' 1 A KWQ' ' ,,. ,X K ' , V7 , K f if 'fi, A 20 L WU' K W' . ' .,,,-f 'lx l V.f,.' f5. f tl . i C i iiitrt A-W yt C 117 'lla we we , at ' L ys L Niii li D E 13 A 4 . - Q QT iiti MM, VV.. ,, , , . 1 Tl if -+A 44, af? 1 ,Stax .,m,,,:, , ! C -1 ., 4 1 .. 'E ,ji 'Ya 4 9 ? X ,wr- 97' M, ' it - 454 .. G 5 f if i ff.: ' ,, ,, 25 YE! 2? fi' ijt th 6 X1 Q. an 'L' - - . if 5 a- Q. nr.:- Q isis: ii v 5 aaa v Q M . N. . iq , , qs- ,L if -. s lift' if ii as Q v if ' ,X 'Elf . , ..1',w! J 'IF a fi .Qi N Thad De Groot Linda Dennis Linda DePasquel Mary DeWees Elf? ' ji li' 1 sm.-.--, 3' V ai, Q, . . , if YM -vi mga .,... XA V , ,L 2 D, W -QT, 5 a uf xx as W... H., f . 1 u Juniors Judy D'Avignon Alice Davis Donna Davis Mike Davis Mary Deason Cary Deeds lv - N, x x, A n o .. in - Debbie Dixon fa fe L M , s. -' 1 lg ,: 3' f X . Sb R .1 kg, E Q- as i M - --,1 f 50' if.: .Ne yr M D a -as ,Q - - .M , s ,arf , . if 1 u eie X K ,S Y, six ago Q , vii? X iii , ii 7 D lf'- -li A f I 2 f X li ill ' IX 5 x .lay Dolfuss Jon Doster Claudia Doughty Richard Douglas Rod Douglas Betty Drury David Dunkley Alan Dunn .limmy Dunn Johnny Dvorak Alice Easley B. C. Eastham John Echols Ramsey Eddins Fred Edlin Carol Edwards Scott Edwards Gale Elliot John Ellis Linda Ellis Mike Ellsberry Debbie Engstrom Janet Epp Bob Erskine John Esquivil Kandy Evans Suzanne Evans Roxanne Evenson Pam Fain Judi Fambro Lynette Farr Cindy Farris George Field Nancy Field Vicki Fish Janet Flocker Susan Flood Dianne Folsom Glenda Forbes Landa Foster Gene Fowler Janet Fox Mary Alice Fox James Fredd Dan Fredrick Paula Friedman Jimmy Fryar Anita Fulfer Jim Fullinwider Emilio Garcia Charlotte Garner JL N D ye t TTR r' gay .sf I .. lif x -K ...- ax W S sk , if :F '25 ,- Q . Jt.,t1 , Wi .Q vw li ' ,l..t - fi if I is ., k k .A s-ww so lug, .- if A lva vis., at re-sw 've-Q-V ,- Us X Q X ,QA 4 K N my ,,, Q ri Q5 or Q.. , ,. A , 1- Z tL I J-,i .. K 1 W1 , oi, -' iiivi-'5" I . -' A 1 . r , 1 'J J rslr - t irry 'J V Q . 4 N . .. X . 5 r - ig ' are . , K 'XM , , Q rv FI . W f " Q ' r S. ' t,,,,,h fffzw, gf it as s or F r fr' . 'Cir' if ' N' ' ' J . gg . ' iiii , iiii A ss. 1 ,fasf F t bf . s- x f mt! Q xi il- 6 ,nfs gr as A , J :ii H i ..- Excedrin is 5078 stronger for the relief of head ache pain. ,G yy,,, or J 5 -M 2 fs. .Nt i AK 'gala ,Q , e r y ESX Al i G11 M ,P , i t ifffnf s-,?fi 4-ei? f',i ffiq G h V fxa ., crack and I'll All right, one more ' Jig, 'S , 1 he Ur 1 r make you eat it. A L, A i . Steve Garrison Terry Garver Phyllis Gayne Martha Gaynier Ricky Gebhardt Douglas Gee Carrie Genarlsky Sandra George Tom Gerhardt Jenny Gibson Gigi Giddens Sharon Gifford So, what's a little spoiled milk. 1, Gi g' ' , .1 i , V -4,,, W" V, I A" 'ii' A A vga, i A fi' :cy , ' , , 1,4 tin G K I.: K A 41, ,' 7 'f" F s 'wwf i 'W W. agar at , at 'H' Q if 5 H jvgv Q Pat Gilbert Douglas Gilmore Bill Gipe Hank Glasgow Margo Glater Mike Glennan ,lim Glidwell Susan Goodman .lames Gorman Stephanie Gorrell Frank Graves Todd Greeno l lbert Gregory am Griswold ichard Grossnickle Leve Guerry on Habitzreiter obert Lee Haefs ze Hagood arilyn Halbrook lndy Hall arlene Hamhrick irl Hamilton ndy Hammond reg Harher lckie Harlen :slie Harrington nda Harris Jger Harris ndy Harwell Juniors andy Hayes iana Hayslip hris Heaberlin inda Heald ancy Heath eith Heatherly ieryl Hedrick n Heifner Lindy Heitman ark Hendricks rri Hennigan Ethy Hergenroether yd Herndon t Herndon ren Hickerson len Hicks rdon Hill nnie Hill at Hilly lan Hirt erri Hodge oug Hofert eborah Hoffert onya Holloway ii fi at r 1 e -. -t i: 522251 "5 .rs Q K 2- 1. Es 25135 Egg' .- ' iii. ' ., 'HS' X A ' ' Mfg. JE. I fix... i ' iron q laee fr ooreoo n N il' " Y I- lui? I H Y, magma Fir' 5 .. .ff ,Q if 'il I -H 111 It ls W E '3 .. .YH , M ar ei X . at X l 115 Q. r e-e ' A22 Sw Sf new r wwf! g ', L VV .,., 5 rw- " -k,,..f,, -- ,,.--,: , K . ,...,, V ,. Q 1 -1,355 g 1 ,. ,. . in 3 Cheryl Hathaway A D t" ,fi .lane Hawkins r 'lf Nav w. X 'fi o r o we rryy i ' gi' 4 K 1" i f i il! iii ii 1 iiii iii g.e H- vig: 'pf ... n .-., ,V " w. X W he R is 3 We Q lg, X fl' 1 it ,M " 5 I f A iv Nb. gy :L X 9 B if 5 'H ,1-A4 W I it +R fa 'Hs 5 -. f 1 52 E is as .se f WI -Q, 'df J R is 'Qs Y is gg X J fl A il cffl is ri c g . R in r- -s ' Hr' Rv, E55 PSE-s .N , ..: by .EIR g . K . ,. ' 1 Y 3' i m if 5 X YB 5 " is Q 3? isis' f? E as QQ, .. .5 fs, R i ll A R J e iltzxfl .. x. Steve Hood Carol Hopkins Ronnie Horton Gayle Howard Janice Howertan Barbara Hubbard Barbara Hublein Bill Hudson Hara Hunt Maureen Ingram ,V 1 ' - Rock Isom J -E, Don Jackson i "' v c c Greg Jackson - Robert Jacobs an " Gary James l K iii, 5 , Q55 f ' i 21 5 as . . 'G in 5 ll: 1 ili 63 r bb I A .- K V .sr Ezk K .. ks., U E I ,Ji J rs J K . ssss r .J I sa r T iiii J S+- R s il" I .,,. it Y J lllii it liii' H N ers . ,.g' N -N 1 'H H as -N R 5 Z LKZL :Q iyi M .. :Nb alzz Q lyr i ,:,: . . at A ,. '1 ,,r,, I r,r--- ' 1W'i X 1 1 1 Ju Nancy Jellinelk Patty Jenkins Frank Jiminez Barbie Johnson Donna Johnson Nancy Johnson Peggie Johnson Penny Johnson Sarah Johnson Randy Johnston Barbara Jones Christine Jones Michael Ray Jon Sue Jones Thordur Jonsson Hilarie Jordan John Jordan Cynthia Kahanek Dennis Kalk Don Kanagy Judy Kattawar Cindy Kaut Gayle Keaster Rita Keetan Pamela Keller Bruce Kelton Judy Kennemer Eddie Kepner Robert Kieschnic James Kimble C rw, 2 elm Z 1:7 l 5' W hs, I ul 4, HY ou say make like muscles, Echols . . . I make like muscles, Echolsf' S Bill King Steve King Ron Klett Kim Kohler Courtney Krutilek Arthur Kuehne Sheryl Kuenstler Linda Lacy Marcia Landwehr Stacy Langston Chuck Larson Esther Laredo Connie Largent John Lawrence Cindy Learned Mike Lee Melinda Leevy Mike Lem Mike Lemasters Debby Leonard Ronny Letot Janet Lewis Stan Ley Kathy Lieb Kyle Lindley Karen Litton Danny Loader Anson Long Mary Lovell Sharon Lowe A, Z' i s 7 gf ? 'L ,R Y '1 iiii r .F s - . 5 i fl-. 5 .. E S X ' f if ee sr ,E "t . , ,, .- it y L N -err lf-hw fm ' 3 -W' .pi A 'K Q , it 'F Q W- .,..... X . DD' t in-rg " -,ms F! Y if vw G-1 ..-.J X X ls' l' , z' . - ... ,k ,L ., . - ' QW-'V . ' till' " .5 'ff Fa Hr' .. W K ..... N N - it P gh S' t ' " f f Wi' 51 K 'SN lb Q is . 2- . 'fl it ' . QM AT li 'R X 'Ni Luv-aff, A K W- I L' - A W 1 mm , h ' I M 51 i C iQJ sJ4 33- .A gil-9 A .fl !'NN 'gg A than.: x oi A sl-1 C ' Qm V .L xk ' . Q Q V A " fu- K l ve M a e e i r n I uu N 'ID RJ fSt Q ff? .4 2 , g i g ' : ..,. K 5 iii it L 56.351 lg 'Q' C a if R 4- "" it ik Sr' 'M - - yiee C 5 ' "" W if M 4 Q Cl M G h Maybe just a little bit larger than , arence c a a , v. H Nancy Lowman John Lowrie David Luce Linda Lundbeck Brenna Lusk Marsha Lyon Teddy MacMaster Bruce Mae Phears Bob Magee Carol Maheer Linda Maldonado Steve Manley Steve Marcum Susan Margolis Debbie Marvin Sue Mathis Carolyn Matthews Ria May Dechard McAfee Emily McBride Janice McBride Cynthia McCally Steve McClendon Ross McCollum Sharon McCrary John MeCray Mike McCray Nan McDanial Clint McDonnell Tom McElveen L a size ZMQ? 1? A Andy McGregor V ix X week W 'tt i T Cece McGuire Gene McKeever Jo McKenzie Kathy McKissack Keith McLaren Bill McLean ,lim McNatt Steve McRoberts Janice Mead Ann Meador Ted Melady Maury Melton Nancy Meskan 3- r Kathy Metz Phillip Meyercord Tom Michaels Ronnie Middleton Bobby Miller Zack Miller Walter Milligan Vickie Minton Cindy Mirkes Georgie Mirkes Donna Mitchell Linda Moore 3 leae Q 1, - X ' , , 3: 4, . K tg tlt it yc ta ' I .:' ' V K' F si ix K s t t 9 WW. lim . .. e A, X K J t P N , ,W , S b yy if at Q . - ' , txy t I b.,- L A-- ' . AK 'V lb . '- t' -'E " Qai' K X' il' ' arcxa oran 1 , V ,L M W. A K ' 5 ' y V L, Marsha Morey G Q . i at A V . if G in' Q' . ' Kathy Morgan iife s wit? is K K ' as K Brent Morris e ,,,1t 'Qt' i ,Q ii Charlie Morris - -" W " ,,y" .3 yyy , ' 1 .. Bruce Morrow e're ' ee t, ,,,' --12 1 ieg 2 "' e . .yyyese 'sts J Q - .:-' it.,. 1 f Q ' S - it Glen Morse V X iiiii Cyndy Moss 5 Joe Moss iid N ' "7 i Shelia Motsinbocker ,G L ' in Q 3 Gary Mowery ma 1 -A .-: -.5 jx A ii , Vickie Muehlhause -K A kb, ' Dian Murray 15... 2, J- Nancy Murray M V Q , Larry Myers wi ' if Richard Myers Ray Neal Nancy Neff Debbie Newsome Judy Nichols K' , 4 ,ps I' in 1 ilii "' ,,yel yii K x is was " ,E K feb X X N .ta-Stars.. If A K , ,.,, X Af Q P ,ff r .,.,f I Q4 X 4' tl K 5 . fi? 2 2 3 H as , -+- an a R X l 1 A k Tm. W 9? Q' Vai L w X 5 - jr' wx Q , 3' 61 r X Juniors 1 ,fi 4' W' are sk 4... A Q4 'K as 5 ,P N NX z Mi X4 if ' au t P as , 1 . im, 'WJ I s it Ns og. .A, -A . .. "' t o ' Q--' I ' X i ki .. AAA 1 P , . Q f A la " . . ,A D .mii X ,. 1 sz i .. K . , 2 an --.' 4 , Ax r' P D it 127' if .:'. 3 if- as ' -' .1 it --- ,. K We , 1 DI '- "" V- , il - . t ,, ' a n r P , i -'- ' So what,if there's 11 minutes, 22 seconds left, we quit! ex David Nicholson Nancy Northcutt Patty Oates Eric Oetting Judy Ohland Craig Olden David Orrell Loemma Owens Bob Palms Toni Pappas Dale Parish .lo Ann Park William Parr Cindy Paschen Gina Patton John Scott Peacocl Carol Pearson Sharon Peek Randy Penny Larry Petron Laverne Pettit Ray Petty Dennis Piranio Jerry Pittman Diane Pope Robert Porter Ray Poston Linda Prescott Dennis Prewitt Lanny Price 59 ,Q 55 0 K, send in the cheerleaders! Would you believe the Rebel doll? Lzbecca Ramsey - , rsan Rector athy Reed - osemary Reed e - ura Reich - Endie Richmond I 11. 2 :bbie Riddley S Jbert Rippley , - ' , Q- ary Nan Roeder ' 5: .. ll Rogers A 5 , ' ' o hn Rogers f .,--" ' A , A uben Rogers l V Ag A ' 5 ete Rosenberg .. A ,ll Ross V in o ,M -eith Sadler ,S "" ' , "" " 'Q B arcia Sanders , L if -Fl Esan Schaerdel M 'S N' yle Savage . ,aw ris Schechner P f bbie Schierenbeck L A-X rcas Schindler S " v' ' ndy Schramrn Q X ' zanne Scott - I 1 aron Seagraves ' 1 s N rx rm f 6 3 Kay Pride George Puwis Steve Pylant Farrell Ray Rix Reaves Frances Ramsey Q . , N R -If , QA, 4. 'V X ,..,-,, N. N X x E il ' , nd L ,,, gf lf. .iv az , 'k Kkh LL R 1.3 ' AX .' 'A Q eeee A I I 5 ,ll 3 37 'X ,. , at , y fe: r :S i 'Ill l .I lg ' A . s. K V in ..l 3f,,.,il M 5 S ww rolyn Seay l R Slll . f RE K' sp E ' nne Seay A 'F ec. bert sen ' ly Sellers ii , ,gl :.' " I A . ke Sheafer b I . ,f - f A, ' N f b Shelwn I - ss l s y yels R S , A' 1 .tiff fl 5: il sink i X Q.. is 1 ,iss vi X Q 3' SN S is-Y Q: ,gt , 'E X nf- fra. 'V' . it XV.. 5 . et N ' . . 0 r ie wx -2. E X ' - f- i t e ,Zi 9 N 'iisq i :L-sph in J xi Q if it -v. ., :Q w N ..,. h K. :ur - - :ek . Sherry Smith Karl Shewmake .lim Shields Rhonda Shields Sue Shinsky DeDe Shipman X K' fk' ff-we-res... Juniors .'t AN 14 'Qi Yeap! It's sulfur. -fra L X l ,N be ' il lj ' " ,... ' DHS f - S '-- Q S S r R Vkkiij. l- , XE 54 W" - X it r d S t 5 I I I . i i M QQ , We Q ts. W ig? if Xi" ' S ix lt ., ll, , " V ' I 'S ' 11- , W' ff D J Mk -K: . . 'iw fs' , ., fir' 1 --..,, 5, i, fy S- -L '13-'R as Missy Shocky Sara Short Joe Siddons Lyn Sidener Ginger Sienknecht Mike Silver Bill Simmons DeLores Simmons Gail Sims Debbie Singleton Sandra Skaggs Tom Skinner Freddy Slice David Slocum Becky Smith Douglas Smith Gary Smith .lack Smith Janeen Smith Judy Smith Kathy Smith Merrie Smith Stacey Smith Loy 'Sneary Burt Solomons Jim Spalding Don Speckman Susan Spellman Cindy Squih Brenda St, 'Pierra Bill Starnes Pam Staton Ruth Stephan Adriene Stetson Jim Stevens .lack Stewart Greg Stiles Margie Stiles Dennis Still Jodie Stout Charles Stowe Anna Sublett Ricky Sultzbaugh Ray Sutton Carol Sweeney Bruce Sweitzer Richard Sylvester Richard Tamez David Taylor Rich Taylor Neal Teng Dian Tessman Jeanine Thelen Charles Tiner Kathy Touhy Beverly Treadwell Robert 'Trotman Sammy Tucker Mary Ellen Turner Patty Turner Jack Turquette Cissie Tweed Vickie Vandiver Cheryl Van Hooser Bob Vassallo Ross Vassallo Lynn Vener Laura Vlcko Ann Wait Helen Waldorf Buddy Walker Bruce Wall Jim Warmersan Nancy Warren Dianne Washam Julie Wasson Robert Scott Watkins Nancy Watson if tix? 1 'f'z:,, ' izs. -f Q' I at y ,:,i eeeey 'K fag Siv- f l is , ' , - N ' Xi' f it 1 I . -S: VV I it .f R f, . 2 Q, 'S ef X 42 K 6 it as Q Li" i II: '5 7 J., A 1 s . ,-s?Q,..,,- - .. 5 if at :gferg K,,, ' ' .:" i rrs c ,yyt tiiii " se f, sca ss c Sit A Q rf 1? u Q 6 . ,,.s o.:, Q. X 'X ttt,, ' - tii S ' ssatiiiiit yes S W , f'f4ffQgg3ir . i I Vk rii ' T- T y, .K kkrk K . if .i V S W X Ex 'Q T T' gas 3 W f l tk, "9 9, Ea ,,, , l.,, VLIV My V.,,. ,,,,.. i N V trz T - l'11f 4? ",,' -f l tss eyyee R ' iii S T X H. Qi R S v E FX lii 'W' . Q r S ttii ' l "'5E" .M a 4 i F X FP J 2. W I '45 c it ses f., ,'VVt ."' ' ' - ' n l 1 titv ,. I 'VVV ..,f 279 sa, 6 . ,.. I, ,, ' ..:. . " E 'F I V .. is 11. HWS W, .1,, .ii an 5 ,.. fx. Q , W A Q R , gg X Z ' 9 M3-'L we 'A X IYZ ' LL Allan Weaver Marty Weaver Cindy Webb Ken Webb Kyle Webb Gail Webster Rita Weis Polly Westdyke Debbie White Jerry White Brooke Williams Ken Williams Patty Williams Tom Williams Vaughn Williams William Williams Riley Willson Cathy CSonnyJ Wilson .leff Wilson Mike Wilson Sarah Wilson .lay Wimberly Jeff Winchester Betty Womack Charles Womack Judy Worme Pat Worrell Dean Wynn Beth Yates Lester Young Olivia Youngbloo Patty Zahniser Bill Zellman Roger Zetterlund it i fiii i. Q is ' f QF r f A . - as rsss ml i Q f 4 1 32,1 in if Kyle White . " 'G 5 A"' 5 -5 ' Terri White A 7 - ":" , Lindy Whitehurst LV ...Z K Steve Whirngy we 1 I W Freddy Wlellnga K A 5 5 A f L A V t A 'W 1 "::i' ' i'ii iff '--1 iiiii fix V : . ,KNQK K M j ig x wr t.,, if 1 , I .. Q.,,. ir. v 5 'il ' 3 Roe1Wielinga at '-" is Mike Wilder I -- 1 11' xx qzbk' 5' .l q 1 E ' Amy Willcox rw if ii t get All i-" ii 5 t.r IAA , B' ',, 1 A Deborah Lynn Willey 1 E 1 ' , ' 'ili Anne Williams 5? A r f ' :, tx : K,-- kbrh if-2, . x . r li V N S k 5, B Q Qkkk 3 . E. In i 5" ,, I A aae of F 9 ,,., f' i , 1 i v ' 5 fs' ..., J K . zb Q. i as ef' iiii 57" f f . ' s' ii Q 1, il' li i d X V i A s a - Juniors A flash of crimson splendor challenging the murky future JUNIORS outwardly calm, inwardly burning with self-discovery feelings split into a clash of colors as if by a prism confidentially superior to the sophomores, yet humbly inferior to the seniors, testing their new idealsg to them obstacles are but mirrors that reflect even more brightly the luster of their development earnest, yearning to belong alive with an interest in Thomas Jefferson, becoming true Rebels for the first time JUNIORS symbolically like a torch afire with the spirit of Youth. 1 111 16 7 Q zA V fx. , M M Q dew? MA RTY ADA MSON JOHN ALEXANDER Distributive Education 3 Honor Rollg Red Cross Representative 5 Allied Youth TERRI ADDINGTON Student Council Alternateg Pan American Student Fo- rumg Drama Clubg Art Service Clubg Honor Rollg Allied Youth ANITA AHRNS Spanish National Honor Society, Parliamentariang Pan American Student Fo- rumg Deutsche Vering Of- fice Assistantg Y-Teensg ,lr. Traffic Commission' Chess Club ROD ALEXANDER Allied Youth "They call me Sealman FRANK ALBANO Latin Clubg Science Clubg Art Service Clubg Inter- national Cluhg Basketballq Honor Roll JOHN ALBRIGHT Bible Award, Allied Youth kg nw J ACK ALLISON Latin Clubg International Clubg Chess Clubg ROTC: Allied Youth JERRY ANDERSON Science Clubg IBM Assist- antg Bandg Allied Youthg T.A.E.R.F. Nuclear Science Symposium Representative RONALD ANDREWS Distributive Educationg Al- lied Youth WILLIAM C. ARMSTEAD Student Council Alternateg Ice Skating Clubg Distrib- utive Education RANDY ARNOLD B "Dove is one quarter cleansm cream NANCY ARONOFF Entre Nousg Latin Clubg Math Clubg Science Club, Secretaryg Debate Club: Art Service Clubg Honor Rollg Mu Alpha Theta DAVID ARTHUR National Honor Societyg La Coterieg Swimmingg Lettermenls Club: Honor Rollg Allied Youthg Lan- guage Lab Assistantg All- State Swimming REGGIE ASLETT Los Fiesterosg Distributive Educationg Allied Youth LIZ ATKINSON National Honor Societyg Reveille Staff, Feature Ed- itorg English Guildg Latin Clubg Drama Clubg De- bate Club, Secretary-Treas- urerg Girls' Choirg' Red Cross Representative g Honor Rollg Allied Youth, Secretary GAIL ATHERTON 'Reveille Staff, Club Ed- itorg English Guildg Fu- ture Teachers, Secretaryg Art Service Club, Reporter DERESA BALDRIDGE Concert Choirg Distribu- tive Education CLAY ATKINSON Deutsche Vering Track Craig Wright fulfills a lifelong ambition. PAM BALDWIN Y-Teensg International Clubg Honor Rollg Bible Award BOB BALL Student Council Represen- tativeg National Honor So- cietyg Latin Clubg Science Clubg Orchestra, Presi- dentg Dal-Hi Orchestrag Honor Rollg Key Club CHARLOTTE ALICE BARKER Entre Nousg Art Service Clubg Ice Skating Clubg International Cluhg Red Cross Representative K JUDITH THERESE BARNES English Guild g Future Nursesg Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Club DAVID BARR Student Council Represen- tativeg Document Staff, Photographerg Pan Ameri- can Student Forum, Presi- dentg Math Clubg Science Clubg International Clubg National Merit Letter of Commendationg Allied Youthg Physics Lab As- sistant LINDA BARTON Art Service Clubg Y-Teens BETTE BATES if at .A Student Council Alternateg We is Entre Nousg La Coterieg Y-Teensg Concert Choir g Allied Youth BARRY BARRETT Student Council Represen tatlwe Latin Club Bas BILL BAXTER Football Lettermen s Club Key Club Allled Youth xg X "iii exarsr I trr- isr f fi' . :-- kethall, Key Club, Allied Youth RANDY BARTA Pan American Student F0- rumg Jr. Citizens Traffic Commission, Ice Skating Clubg Allied Youth TERRY BARTOLI Football, trainerg Baseball, manager, 'Lettermen's Club :mw- College Night gives seniors a chance to explore the poss1b1l1t1 of higher education. JEFF BECKER Jr. Citizens Traffic Com- mission 3 International Clubg Chess Clubg Allied Youth EVE BECKLUND Student Council, Treas- urerg National Honor So- ciety, Treasurerg Thes- pians, Treasurerg Spanish National Honor Societyg Pan American Student F0- rumg Art Sewice Club, President, Treasurerg Con- cert Choir, '6Brigado0n"g Most Creativeg Mu Alpha Thetag Stage Crew, Set Designer BARBARA BECKMANN Entre Nousg Latin Clubg Future Nurses, Chaplaing Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg Red Cross Repre- sentative Seniors MARGIE BEDFORD Los Fiesterosg Future Nursesg Future Teachersg Art Service Club: Y- Teensg lee Skating Clubg International Clubg Allied Youthg Red Cross Repre- sentative JENNIE BEHAN Future Nursesg Interna- tional Clubg Allied Youth MICHAEL BELDEN Latin Clubg Math Clubg Science Clubg IBM As- sistant JOHN TODD BELL DICK BENSON Reveille Staffg English Cuildg Chess Club MANNIE BERK Reveille Staff, Editorg Spanish National Honor Societyg Pan American Student Forum g Math Clubg Debate Teamg In- ternational Club 3 Honor Roll g National Forensic Leagueg Mu Alpha Theta BETSY BERRY Future Nursesg Office As- sistantg Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Clubg Allied Youth DANNY BERRY Basketballg Baseballg Let- termenis Clubg Key Club, Vice-Presidentg Allied Youth ROBERT BEST Football, Captaing Base- ballg Lettermen's Clubg Most Athleticg Key Cluhg Allied Youth CINDY BETHEL Pan American Student Fo- rumg Future Homemakersg Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg International Clubg Document Beauty Semi- finalist RICHARD BIENS Concert Choir CLAUDIA BILBO Reveille Staffg Pan Ameri ,.,,3f... 'QL can Student Forumg Li- YE- Q SQQQ 7' brali' Assistantg Art Serv- Red Cross Representative BETSY BILHEIMER Student Council Represen- tativeg Reveille Staff, Ad- vertising Editorg Office As- sistantg Art Service Clubg Allied Youth MELINDA BISHOP Document Beauty, Semi- finalistg Reveille Staff, Ad- vertising Editorg Art Serv-. ice Clubg Y-Teensg Inter- national Clubg Allied Youth TERRY BLACKWOOD Reveille Staff, Sports Ed- itorg Debate Teamg Chess Club . . . ice Clubg Allied Youthg i if l ww.. lx T -- DARLA BLATNIK National Honor Societyg Document Staff, Junior Class Editorg Drama Clubg Honor Rollg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" LESLIE ANN BOOTH Pan American Student Fo- rumg English Guild 'JDO we hafta eat it?" MICHAEL B. BLISS Art Service Club JEFF BLUM Student Council Repre sentativeg Deutsche Ve- ring Concert Choirg Track CAROL BOEDECKER SUSAN BOGGS Student Council Represen- tativeg Drama Clubg Con- cert Choirg Girls' Choirg Reb Belles, Presidentg Tennisg ROTC Sponsorg Friendliestg Sophomore and ,J unior Favorite 5 Homecoming Princess g Senior Class Treasurerg Senior Favorite Nominee Seniors JAMES BORGSTROM Latin Clubg Allied Youth JANE BORGSTROM Latin Club g Future Nursesg Clinic Assistantg Y-Teensg Honor Rollg Red Cross Representativeg Al- lied Youth fl 1' , euu 1 .,,,,..,, .. 11,3 K ga JOHN BOVINICH BECKY BOWEN Entre Nousg IBM Assist- antg Allied Youth GARY BOYD HBH Team Footballg Al- lied Youth BUD BOYNTON '- PAT BRASWELL MARK BRAUN R.O.T.C. WEBB BREEDING Student Council Repre- sentativeg Document Staff, Sports Editorg Foothallg Basehallg Lette1'men's Clubg Honor Rollg Key Club Seniors Student Councll Repre sentativeg Deutche Vering Latin Clubg Science Clubg Jr. Traffic Commission, Re- porterg .International Cluhg "BH Team Footballg Honor Roll' Allied Youth HELEN BRASWELL It's schoolburger day! WM. RALPH BREWER "B" Team Footballg HB" Team Baseball BECKY BRIDGES Y-Teensg Allied Youth MARCIA BRIEGER Entre Nousg IBM Assist- antg Y-Teensg lce Skat- ing Clubg Allied Youth PATSY BRILEY Entre Nousg Office As sistantg Y-Teensg Interna- tional Clubg Allied Youth GARY BROBST Reveille Staff g Basketball g Baseballg Allied Youth JOHN BRODERS Allied Youth DEBBY BROWN Library Assistantg Y-Teens STEVE BRUTSCHI-f Student Council Alternateg Thespiansg Document Staff, Advertising Editorg Drama Club g Concert Choirg Honor Rollg Bible Awardg Allied Youthg Senior Play, Student Di- rector, "Pillow Talk" DAVID BRYANT Pan American Student Fo- rumg Chess Clubg Bandg Allied Youth FRED BUCKN ER Swimming l fismzz 1 ut. . I ,L... V ' 1 L. BEVERLY BUDDIN Pan American Student Fo- rumg, Allied Youth LYNN BUSSEY Student Council Alternateg Latin Clubg International Clubg Orchestrag Dal-Hi Orchestrag Honor Rollg Bible Award 3 Allied Youth KATHY BUTARA Future Teachers g Distrib- utive Education 3 Honor Rollg Allied Youth SUSAN BYBEE PAULETTE BYNUM Art Service Clubg Y- Teens JAMES BYBD Bible Award SUSAN CAFFEE Pan American Student Fo- rumg Future Nurses, Sec- retary-Treasurerg Art Service Clubg Allied Youth ANN CALVERT Reveille Staffg Spanish National ,Honor Societyg Pan American Student Fo- rumg Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Concert Choirg International Clubg Honor Rollg Bible Awardg Allied Youthg Girls' Choir S b s- 1 ,, teeee ml. BOB CAMPBELL Allied Youth LAVITA CARLSON Concert Choir, Treasurer, "Brigadoon"g International Clubg Allied Yuuthg Red Cross Representative Seniors and then you said 'out, out damned spot'!" JESSICA CAMPBELL Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg Concert Choir, "Brigadoon,"g Ice Skat- ing Clubg International Clubg Allied Youth KIM CANFIELD Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg International Clubg Distributive Education BRANDON CARRELL NANCY CASH English Guildg Art Serv- ice Clubg International Club, Allied Youth LINDA CATHEY Y-Teens, Vice-Presidentg Concert Choirg Interna- tional Clubg Bible Awardg Allied Youth SCO'I'1' CAUSEY Reveille Staff, Photogra- pherg Drama Clubg Art Service Club g Stage Crew, Lighting Directorg Concert Choir, Section Leader, 'gBrigadoon"g Pro- jectionistg Symphonic Bandg Thespians l WW: 'CQ A ya fe.,,.,, 1' ill DOYLE CHAPMAN SUZAN N E CHAPMAN Latin Clubg IBM Assist- antg Library Assistantg Y- Teensg Bible Awardg Red Cross Representativeg Al- lied Youth NANCY CHARLES Art Service Clubg Inter- national Club g Allied Youthg Red Cross Repre- sentative CINDY CHASE Student Council Represen- tativeg Document Beauty semi-finalistg Drama Clubg Art Service Clubg Concert Choirg lce Skating Clubg International Clubg Cheer- leaderg Honor Rollg Al- lied Youth CHRIS CLARK Y-Teens MARCELA CLAY Art Service Club LLOYDINE CLAYTON Latin Club 3 International Clubg Honor Rollg Na- tional Merit Letter of Commendation g Allied Youth STEVE CLEVENGER 'N DAVID ALAN WALLACE CLUFF CHEATHAM Latin Club Art Service Clubg Allied Youth Rita I dont see this anywhere in the script." EVELYN COBB Pan American Student Forumg Y-Teensg Concert Choirg International Clubg Red Cross Representativeg Allied Youthg Girls' Choir PHYLLIS COBB Reveille Staff, Reporterg Los Fiesterosg Drama Clubg Future Teachersg Y- Teensg Senior Play, Stu- dent Director, "Pillow Talk"g Ice Skating Clubg Band SHARON COFFEY Chess Club Seniors ALAN COKER Football VIRGINIA COLE Latin Clubg Debate Teamg Future Nursesg Office As- sistantg Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Reb Belles JOHN M. CONNELLY International Club TOMMY COQK Concert Choirg ROTCg Al- lied Youth SCOTT COPELAND Jr. Traffic Commission, Presidentg International Clubg Allied Youth d,. 5 -was gt. ai' , E 3 W15' 1. Y 4 2- I M 2L,. Hill 1 MARCIA CORCORAN Entre Nousg Art Service Cluhg International Cluhg Bible Awardg Allied Youth CYNTHIA CORDES Future Nursesg Library Assistantg Art Service Club WILLIAM BEEMAN COWSAR English Guild, Vice-Presi- dentg Art Service Clubg Stage Crewg Track CHARLES COX Student Council Alternateg Pan American Student Fo- rumg Orchestra, Vice- Presidentg Honor Rollg Key Clubg Dal-Hi Orches- tray All-State Orchestra TINA CRABTREE Art Service Clubg Ice Skating Club 5 Allied Youthg International Clubg Pan American Student F0- rumg Math Clubg Make- up Crew LEE CRICK Entre Nousg Drama Cluhg Art Service Club, Secre- taryg Concert Choirg In- ternational Cluhg Cheer- leaderg Allied Youth CAROLYN CROOK Entre Nousg La Coterieg Latin Clubg Art Service Clubg Language Lab As- sistantg Honor Rollg Al- lied Youth OLIVIA CROOKS Bandg Allied Youth SUSAN CROSSETTE Student Council Represen- tativeg Future Nursesg Of- fice Assistantg Y-Teensg Concert Choirg Reb Bellesg Allied Youthg Girls' Choir LYNN CROZIER Latin Club 3 Future Nursesg Office Assistantg Library Assistant g Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Clubg Inter- national Club g Allied Youth l CAROL CRUMP Entre Nousg Art Service Clubg Allied Youth LINDA CRUTCHFIELD Concert Choir BOB CUMMINGS Football Manager Bas ketball Manager Base ball Manager Lettermens Club ROBERT CUNNINGHAM Library Assistant ROBERT CURRY Pan American Student rum ,Ir Traffic Com mission Ice Skating Club Allied Youth JOHNNY CURTIS Entre Nous Science Club Band Honor Roll Blble Award Allied Youth Senior Play Pillow Talk Seniors Jacob Einhorn rei ns as T..I.'s first I-lomecominff Prince. Q xp SUZANNE DALZELL Y-Teens SCOTT DANIEL Latin Clubg Student Coun eil Representativeg Swim mingg Lettermen's Clubg Key Club BELINDA DAVIS Honor Rollg Allied Youth Red Cross Representative FREDDIE DAVIS HELEN DANIEL Clinic Assistantg Allied Youth LOREN DEANS "Bw Team Football 3 Sophomore Favorite Nomi- nee MARK DEATON Latin Clubg Chess Club "To heck with the swlmmln workout MARK R. DEEDS Student Council Repre- sentativeg Pan American Student Forumg Art Serv- ice Cluhg Stage Crewg Al- lied Youth DEBORAH DEGENAAR English Guildg Drama Clubg Clinic Assistantg Y- Teensg Ice Skating Clubg Band JOHN DENNIS La Coterieg Math Clubg Science Clubg Chess Clubg Basketball Seniors Hg: .memarngwe tm MIKE DENNY Allied Youth DAN DEVINE Pan American Student Fo- rumg International Clubg Golfg Honor Rollg Allied Youthg Physics Lab As- sistant ANN DILWORTH Los Fiesteros, Historian g Pan American Student Fo- rumg Office Assistantg Girls' Choirg Red Cross Representativeg Ice Skat- 1. I, , ,,,l it , ,,,,,mE.,, .. ing Club LINDA DODSON Entre Nousg La Coterieg Art Service Clubg Girls' Choir, Secretaryg Reb Belles, Lieutenant, Secre- tary-Trcasurerg Honor Rollg ,Iunior and Senior Favorite Nornineeg Allied Youth JANET DORSCH Y-Teensg International Clubg Reb Belles: Honor Rollg Allied Youth'g 'Girls' Choir, Treasurer LAURIE DOUGLASS Reveille Staff, Reporterg Entre Nousg La Coterieg Deutsche Vering Future Nursesg Bandg Allied Youth DEBBIE DOYLE Y-Teensg International Club g Distributive Educa- tion IAYNE DOYLE Entre Nousg La Coterieg Office Assistantg Art Sew- ice Clubg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Clubg Reb Bellesg Honor Roll DARRELL DUNHAM Orchestra g Dal-Hi Sym- phony Orchestra g Track DAVID DUNLAP Student Council Alternateg National Honor Societyg Latin Club g Football g Golfg Honor Rollg Na- tional Merit Letter of Commendationg Key Clubg Allied Youth ..-- - . swf - : awe V XL Y K Q? tk' fi t X , t X95 ' Q, 3' ,. ,,.. ,. P Q Wit Q we ss Q Rn 9 t o is' 1 af ...f 1 1? FORREST DUNLAP Student Council, Sopho- more, Junior, Senior Member-at-Largeg Foot- ballg Lettermenis Clubg Best All Aroundg Sopho- more and Junior Favorite: Senior Favorite Nomineeg Senior Class Presidentg Key Clulu, Presidentg Al- lied Youth TOMMY DYER Baskethallg Allied Youth DeWITT EASTERLING Student Council Repre- sentativeg Foothzillg Base- ballg Lettermen's Clubg Key Clubg Allied Youth DEBBIE EATON Student Council Represen- tativeg Pan American Stu- dent Forumg Office Assist- antg Concert Choirg Honor Roll JAN EDGAR Student Council Represen- tativeg Reb Belles, Vice- Presidentg ROTC Sponsorg Allied Youth f. . if 'S MEX-P X -- 3 Mr. Terrific versus . . . MICHAEL EDGAR Latin Cluhg Math Clubg Science Club, Treasurerg Concert Choir, President, 'ABrigadoon"g International Clubg Key Clubg Allied Youth LOREN EDWARDS Concert Choir SANDRA EDWARDS is vyg I l Y, I ,, ' ' fyaszz wk .,.. ,A,,1 -2,l f,L g .B . I I ,,,,,, I KATHERINE EGAN Latin Clubg Future Teach- ersg Clinic Assistantg Y- Teensg Chess Clubg Or- chestrag Dal-Hi Symphony Orchestrag Red Cross Rep- resentative Captain Nice! Seniors JACOB EINHORN Reveille Staffg Pan Ameri- can Student Forum 4 Drama Clubg Math Clubg International Club, Treas- urerg Honor Rollg Senior Play, "Pillow Talkn DIANE EISENKRAFT Pan American Student Fo- rumg Future Teachersg Art Service Clubg Inter- national Club TAN YA EKBLAD Student Council Represen- tativeg Concert Choirg Al- lied Youthg Girls' Choir BILL ELLIS Library Assistantg Library Service Club, Secretary- Treasurerg Chess Club ROBERT ELLIS Golf DICKY ENLOW Footballg Trackg Letter- men's Clubg Bible Awardg Allied Youth ,,,iy.tte , V k,,,,,: . fl SUSAN RACHEL EPSTEIN Reveille Staff, Reporterg Spanish National Honor Society, Reporterg Pan American Student Forumg Drama Club g Future Teachers, Vice-Presidentg International Clubg Red Cross Representative g Make-up Crew NANCY ERICKSON Student Council Alternateg Thespiansg Entre Nousg La Coterieg Drama Club, Vice-Presidentg Library Assistant g Honor Rollg Senior Play, "Pillow Talkng Serendipity, 1966 BILL ERICKSON TONI FAIN Allied Youth ELIZABETH CALBERT FINE National Honor Societyg Thespians, Presidentg Spanish National Honor Society, Treasurerg Pan American Student Forumg English Guildg Drama Clubg Debate Teamg , Fu- ture Nursesg Senior Play, "Pillow Talkug Interna- tional Clubg Bandg Honor Roll CARLTON FISHER Deutsche Verin Seniors TOM EVANS GAYLE L. EWING Document Beauty Final- istg Art Service Clubg Language Lab Assistant tx :X 6 , as ., , it - i,,fIf5s5 f f .. I sa t'Honey, if you love me wont you please please smile? JOHN FITZHUGH Drama Clubg Trackg Al- lied Youthg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" KATHLEEN ELLEN FLANAGAN Deutsche Verin STEPHEN FLORES ELA FOLCO Pan American Student Fo- rum, honorary memherg Concert Choirg Interna- tional Clubg Vice-Presi- dentg American Field Service Exchange Student from Italy ALAN FORD Math Clubg Concert Choirg International Clubg Golfg Honor Roll 9 National Merit Letter of Commen- dationg Key Cluhg Allied Youthg Senior Play, "Pil- low Talk" DICKIE FREEDMAN MARC FREEMAN LIN FRITZ Future Teachers 5 Office Assistant g Y-Teensg Al- lied Youth LINDA FRNKA DEBORAH GALBRAITH Student Council Alter- nate 5 Tennis g All ied Youth JOE GARCIA Seniors PAT GARCIA Entre Nousg Y-Teensg Al- lied Youth BRUCE GARDINER Student Council Alter- nateg International Clubg Key Clubg Allied Youth, Vice-President PHIL GARONZIK Bandg A11-Region Bandg All-State Band CATHY GARRETT Y-Teensg Concert Choirg Girls' Choirg Red Cross Representativeg Ice Skat- ing Club -a "Oh, brother! Why couldn't I have been on tk Document Staff?" ,,I' iel I ..,. CATHY GENARLSKY P ' W , - zzz , Student Council Alternateg National Honor Societyg I Document Staff, Club Ed- , . itorg Art Service Clubg o -' Concert Choirg Honor Roll it ' . BOB GERHARDT Allied Youthg Swimming PATRICK JAMES GERMANY Latin Clubg Science Clubg Jr. Traffic Commissiong Allied Youth L KATHY GILL Future Teachersg Concert Choir, Librariang Girls' Choirg International Club THERESA GILMORE DONNA GLENN English Guildg Future Nursesg Library Assistantg Y-Teensg Lab Assistantg Allied Youth GAYLE GODBEY Pan American Student Fo- rum: Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Concert Choirg International Clubg Allied Youth CHARLES GOLDMAN Los Fiesterosg .lr. Traffic Commissiong International Club ARTHUR GONZALES Concert Choir, "Plain and Fancy," "Brigadoon" GARY GOODSELL Trackg Allied Youth LYNN GORDON 'Student Council Repre- sentative and Alternateg Entre Nousg Honor Roll MARY GOTT Future Nurses, President Clinic Assistantg Y-Teensg Allied Youthg Red Cros Alternate MARY THERESA S 9 I EL gawk. me "i"'.1'i"G GRAFFI-30 . ' Wi' K N' DAVID GRAHAM RICKY GREEN as l A1 A Pan American Student Fo- rum DEBBIE GRAHAM Girls' Choirg Ice Skating Club LINDA GRAHAM Entre Nousg Art Service Clubg Ice Skating Clubg Bible Awardg Allied Youth DEBBIE GREEN Student Council Represen- tative, Historiang National Honor Society, Secretaryg Reveille Staff, News Ed- itorg Concert Choir, "Brig- adoon"g Reb Bellesg Honor Rollg Senior Class Secretaryg Bible Awardg Allied Youth 3 Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" GEORGE GREEN Science Cluhg Jr. Traffic Commissiong Allied Youth JOHN LADD GREENO Latin Clubg Art Service Clubg Jr. Traffic Com- mission g International Clubg Chess Clubg Allied Youthg Lighting Crewg Stage Crew SHIRLEY GREENWOOD Art Service Cluhg Y- Teensg Tennisg Allied Youth LINDA GREGORY Art Service Clubg Ice Skating Cluhg Allied Youth MARK GROSS Deutsche Vering Orchesf trag-Bandg Stage Bandg Honor Roll g National Merit Semi-finalistg Key Clubg Senior Play, "Pil- low Talk"g Nominee for the 1966 NCTE Achieve- ment Award . X r e- H X Wk., s I X f I 1,-we ws, .w.....w ! 'US l S I e r ' o ,., ,,yy A sq, ,W "Pillow Talk" will long be remembered for its action SCCIICS. S583 'N NAOMI GRUEN La Coterieg Honor Roll VICKI GUEST Student Council Alternateg National Honor Societyg Entre Nousg Clinic Assist- antg Y-Teensg Concert Choirg International Clubg Honor Roll 3 National Merit Letter of Commen- dationg Allied Youthg Girls' Choirg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" CARL GUNTER GEORGE HAFKEMEYER National Honor Societyg Deutsche Vering Art Serv- ice Club, Stage Managerg ROTC, Rifle Team, Cap- taing Drill Team, Execu- tive Officerg Battalion Ex- ecutive Officerg Honor Rollg Allied Youthg Texas A Sr I Rifle Match, first placeg Wozencraft Com- petition, third place DEBORAH HALBROOK Office Assistantg Y-Teensg Jr, Traffic Commissiong Future Homemakersg Red Cross Representative 5 Honor Roll BILLY HALL PAT HALLECK Trackg Projectionistg Al- lied Youth LYNN HAMILTON Allied Youth Seniors al. S-get . aa I I fd K A at 'K 'L 2 I as f --st v-wwf SUSAN HAMILTON Student Council Altemateg Drama Clubg Art Service Clubg International Club: Honor Rollg Allied Youthg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" BILLY HAMMETI' Concert Choirg Football MIKE HARBER Student Council Alternate Art Service Club Track Lettermens Club Allied Youth WANDA DIANNE HARR Allied Youth Don t cry, Jim, 1t's just a booster BOB HARBERT La Coterieg International Clubg Honor Rollg Na- tional Merit Letter of Commendation GWYNN E HARGROVE Office Assistantg Girls' Choirg Allied Youthg Red Cross Representative BARBARA LEAH HARRIS Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg Allied Youth WESLEY HARRIS Student Council Repre- sentative g Entre Nous 3 Drama Club g Concert Choir, "Brigadoon'lg Al- lied Youth Sensors is 2 ORRIN HARRISON Student Council, Vice- Presidentg National Honor Societyg Deutsche Vering Science Clubg Interna- tional Club, Vice-Presi- dentg Swimming, Man- agerg Honor Rollg Key Clubg National Merit Let- ter of Commendationg Bi- ble Awardg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" SUSAN HARRISON Entre Nousg Office As- sistantg Clinic Assistantg Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg Reb Bellesg ROTC, Sponsorg Honor Rollg Red Cross-'Representative CISSY HARVEY Future Teachersg Art Serv- ice Clubg Y-Teensg Jr. Traffic -Commissiong Ice Skating Club g Allied Youth CHARLOTTE HAUSE PRISCILLA HAYES English Guildg Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Jr. Traffic Commissiong International Clubg Allied Youth JUDY HAYNES Bandg Allied Youth MARY ANN HERNANDEZ Art Service Clubg Allied Youth YOLANDA HERNANDEZ Latin Clubg Future Teach- Concert Choir, "Briga- ersg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Club PATRICIA ANN HAYES Student Council Altemateg National Honor Societyg Latin Clubg Concert Choir, Social Secretary, "Briga- doon"g International Clubg Reb Belles , Captain g Honor Rollg Homecoming Princessg Key Club Sweet- heartg Allied Youth doon" TERRY HESS Football, Managerg Track, Manager 3 Lettermen's Club g Key Club 'x t'5'!'v'-3 I eree 1 l , Q s N , " ti Q ' L,,' i- th ' ::., -1 l BILL HICKEY National Honor Societyg Reveille Staff, Distribu- tion Editorg English Guildg Drama Clubg De- bate Club, President 9 Honor Rollg National Merit Letter of Commen- dationg National Forensic Leagueg Senior Play, "Pil- low Talk" VALERIA LEE HICKEY Y-Teens CATHY HICKMAN Student Council Senior Member-At-Largeg Pan American Student Forumg Latin Clubg Art Service Clubg International Club, Secretaryg 4Honor Roll ELIZABETH HILBURN Entre Nousg Drama Cluhg Office Assistant g Art Service Club 3 Allied Youth ELLEN HILL Student Council Represen- tativeg Document Beauty Semi-finalistg Los Fieste- rosg Future Nursesg Fu- ture Teachersg Art Sew- ice Clubg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Clubg Interna- tional Cluhg Red Cross Representative g Allied Youth JERRY HILL Footballg Lettermen's Club LINDA HILL WENDY HILL IBM Assistantg Art Serv- ice Clubg International Clubg Make-up Crewg Al- lied Youth JUDY HILZ Latin Clubg Office Assist- antg Art Service Clubg Y-Teens, Chaplaing Jr, Traffic Commission, Treas- urerg Concert Choirg Ice Skating Clubg Interna- tional Clubg Tennisg Girls' Choir TRUDY HINCKLEY Pan American Student Fo- rumg Office Assistantg Art Service Clubg Concert Choirg Reb Bellesg Bible Awardg Make-up Crew: Allied Youth TW "qi .JS if 1 L me Tse, W' si n cccc st Q Q.. ,-1. -f A ' ie or or e'cres:c oeeeee- -lnn k iiiigii CHRIS HIPSKIND Jr. Traffic Commissiong International Clubg Dis- tributive Educationg Allied Youth DIANA HIRSCH Future Te:-lcllersg IBM As- sistantg Art Service Cluhg Y-Teensg International Clubg Honor Roll DOUGLAS HIRT Science Clubg Jr. Traffic Commissiong Honor Roll GARY WAYNE HOFFMAN Student Council Alternateg Reveille Staff, Business Managerg Entre Nous, Vice-Presidentg Honor Rollg Allied Youth LEONARD HOFFMAN Student' Council Repre- sentativeg Reveille Staffg Foothallg Lette1'men's Club ca RICK HOFFMAN HAL HOLDEMAN JIM HOLDEN Student Council Alternateg Jr. Traffic Commission Seniors Finals don't bother me! 'mums ,qs-wx 'W .al DEBBIE HOLLAND Student Council Represen- tativeg Entre Nousg La Coterie, Chaplaing Office Assistantsg Reb Belles: ROTC Sponsorg Honor Rollg Bible Award ROBERT D. HOLLAND KATHLEEN HOLLENBECK Entre Nousg Art Service Club, Allied Youth JOHN HOVANCIK International Clubg Chess Club 3 ROTC g Allied Youth FREDDIE HOWARD Basketball, Baseball, Cap- tain, All-City Team, Let- termen's Club, Allied Youth PIX HOWELL Art Service Club RITA HOWELL Student Council Alternate 7 Entre Nousg La Coterieg Office Assistant, Art Serv ice Clubg Allied Youth, Language Lab Assistantg Girls' Choirg Senior Play "Pillow Talk" "It's snake eyes V ROBERT HOWELL National Honor Society, Latin Club, Chess Club, Orchestrag Dal-Hi Orches- trag All-Region Orchestra: Honor Roll, Allied Youth 7 .l TL?'l?-E ' Q ifig vw'-u My-' DONNA HUCKABY ' A11 Service Clubg Y- Teensg Jr. Traffic Com- missiong Ice Skating Clubg International Clubg Allied Youthg Senior Play, "Pil- low Talk"g Red Cross Rep- resentativeg Girls' Choir ANDY HUDSON Concert Choirg Cheer- leaderg Key Club V BONNIE HUDSON Art Service Clubg Y-Teens J EAN HUNTER Future N ursesg Future Teachersg Y-Teensg Red Cross Representative TAM HUNTER Future Nurses JENISE HYDE Student Council Represen- tativeg Document Beauty Finalistg La Coterieg Y- Teensg Concert Choirg Reb Belles, Lieutenantg ROTC Sponsorg Honor Rollg Sophomore Favorite Nom- ineeg Allied Youthg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" Q'T'7"v fi. CECIL HU1-:Y BILL-ISOM Science Clubg Golf g Swim- DCIIIS-Che Vefilli Lalin p Honor International , Youth Y0llIl1 LINDA HUGHES SARA JACKSON Thespians Latin Club Drama Club' Art Service Club' Y-Teens' Interna- tional Club' Allied Youth Treasurerg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk"g Red Cross Representative Seniors 15' Vkrrrr ? as ii me ERIC JACOBSON Student Council, Presi- dentg Document Staff, Sen- ior Class Editorg Entre Nousg International Clubg Most Likely To Succeedg Senior Favorite Nomineeg National Merit Semi-final- istg Key Club, Secretaryg Senior Play, Student Di- rector, "Pillow Talk" VICTORIA JAMES Student Council Alternateg Thespiansg S anish Na p . tional Honor Societyg Pan American Student Forum: Drama Clubg International Club BEVERLY SUSAN JOHNSON Student Council Alternate, National Honor Societyg Thespiansg Spanish Na- tional Honor Society, His- toriang Pan American Stu- dent Forumg Drama Clubg Art Service Clubg Ice Skating Clubg Honor Rollg Allied Youth g Senior Play, Student Director, "Pillow Talk" MIKE JOHNSON TIM MARIE JOHNSON Latin Clubg Art Service Club g Y-Teens, Interna- tional Club "I was a 98 pound weaklingln CHERYL JONES JEFF JONES SUSAN JONES Future Teachersg Y-Teensg Jr. Traffic Cornmissiong Ice Skating Clubg Inter- national Club 3 Allied Youth Seniors E RANDY JOPLIN Footballg Allied Youth DIANNE .IOPLING Document Beautyg La Co- terie, Secretaly, Presidentg Latin Clubg Girls' Choirg Lab Assistantg Interna- tional Club' ROTC S on- , P sorg Allied Youth BEATRICE .IUAREZ Los Fiesterosg Spanish Na- tional Honor Societyg Pan American Student Forumg International Clubg Chess Clubg Band CHRIS KAGELER Student Council, Secre- taryg Quill and Scrollg Document Staff, Sopho- more Class Editor, Activ- ities Editorg Document Awardg Document Beautyg English Guild, Historiang Drama Clubg Art Serv- ice Cluhg International Clubg Senior Play, "Pil- low Talk" ROBERT KALTENBACH Deutsche Vering Math Club g Science Club g Honor Rollg Mu Alpha Theta 3 Key Club g Allied Youth MIKE KAUFMAN Student Council Alternateg Concert Choir, Social Sec- retaryg Lab Assistantg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk"g' Basketballg Base- ballg Honor Rollg Allied Youth TOM KAUT Student Council Alternateg National Honor Societ ' Y, Quill and Scrollg Docu- ment Staff, Photographerg Latin Clubg Math Clubg Science Cluhg Interna- tional Clubg Honor Roll: Allied Youth BECKY KELLER Latin Clubg Art Service Clubg International Cluhg Reb Belles, Lieutenantg Allied Youth JOHN KELLEY English Guildg Jr. Traffic Commissiong International Clubg Chess Clubg Allied Youth JOE KENNEDY KATHY KENNEDY Pan American Student Fo- rum g Y-Teensg Distribu- tive Education g Honor Rollg Red Cross Repre- sentative JAMES KING National Honor Societyg Latin Club, Presidentg Science Cluhg Honor Rollg National Merit Semifinal- istg Key Clubg Allied Youth SANDY KENNEDY WILLIAM CORLEY KING Concert Choirg Distribu- tive Education Seniors WILL KIEBLER Art Service Club DALE KILLINGSWORTH Science Clubg Art Service Clubg Allied Youthg Stage Crew Johnny Rector strikes a typlcal pose SAM KINCAID Student Council Repre- sentativeg Footballg Letter- men's Clubg Allied Youth KATHLEEN KINGSLEY Student Council Alternateg Quill and Scrollg Reveille Staff, Assistant Editorg English Guild, Secretaryg Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg Allied Youth MARY LOU KIZER Pan American Student Fo- rumg Art Service Club PAT KLEIN Spanish National Honor Society, Vice-President: Pan American Student F0- 'rum, Treasurerg Drama Clubg Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Allied Youth LINDA KLUTTS English Guildg' Latin Clubg Future Teachersg In- ternational Clubg Red Cross Representative KATHY KNOTTS Entre Nous 3 Concert Choirg Reb Bellesg Allied Youthg Girls' Choir ALAN KOOS ROTC, Staff Officerg Red Cross, President LARRY KOWALEWSKI Concert Choir, Social Sec- retaryg Allied Youth SALLY KREISCHER Entre Nous g Concert Choir, "Brigadoon"g ROTC Sponsor JACK KUHATSCHEK Art Service Clubg Foot- ball RITA KYSER International Cluhg Allied Youthg Biology Lab As- sistant PATTI LAMBE Entre Nous, Presidentg Girls' Choirg Allied Youth DICK LAND Math Clubg Chess Club SUSAN LAND Student Council Alternate Latin Clubg Office As- sistantg Concert Choir DANA LANE Allied Youth KARLA LARSEN Pan American Student Forumg Art Service Clubg Y-Teens 5 International Club 5 Allied Youth THOMAS WESLEY LARSON English Cuildg Latin Cluhg Concert Choir: Baseballg Trackg Allied Youth JIM LAWSON CHARLES RUFUS LEE MIKE LEFTWICH Track BUSTER LEIGHTON Track MARK LEMON S Seniors Dickie Enlow is fascinated by the world of eco- nomics. JERRY LEONARD JACKIE LINCOLN STEVE LINDLEY Distributive Education BOB LINDNER ROTC, Company Execu- tive Officer A,.,N h RUTH LITTLE Ti-iT 5 Y',- :..,, ANNE LOBLEY Student Council Alternateg Entre Nousg Girls' Choirg Ice Skating Cluhg Inter- national Club. CRAIG LOGAN Orchestra, Librariang Band, Presidentg All-Re- gion Orchestrag All-State Youth Orchestrag All- State Symphony Orches- tray All-Region Band TONI LOGAN Spanish National Honor Society 9 Pan American Student Forum 5 Y-Teens GREG LOYD English Guild: Art Serv- ice Club MARILYN MACDONALD Student Council Repre- sentativeg Entre Nousg Office Assistant g Art Service Clubg Reb Bellesg Allied Youth JOHNNY MACK . RONNIE MADDEN KARL MAHAFFEY Entre Nousg Tennisg Let- termen's Clubg Honor Rollg Allied Youth PHIL MARCELLUS Golfg Allied Youth BRUCE MARGRAVE International Clubg Allied Youthg Red Cross, Execu- tive Staff g Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" .l MARTHA MARSHALL Entre Nousg Band, Red Cross Representativeg Al- lied Youth . 2 -ff as , if I' W , ,, 2 , f , 11, , , ,. "', f and then he got fresh, so I turned him into a frog!" DENNIS MARTIN Spanish National Honor Society, President, Pan American Student Forumg Chess Club, Presidentg Swimming 5 Lettermen's Qlubgl Honor Roll MICKY MARTINKUS "B" Team Football, "B" Team Baseball CAROLYN MASCHO Entre Nousg Latin Club: Art Service Club, Vice- Presidentg Concert Choir, International Clubg Allied Youthg Girls' Choirg Sen- ior Play, "Pillow Talk"g Stage Crew J IM MASSIE Deutsche Verin, Secre- tary-Treasurerg Math Clubg Orchestrag Band, Section Leaderg Stage Bandg Honor Roll, National Merit Letter of Commendation BILL MATHER LESLIE MATHIS TERESA MATKINS Library Assistant Seniors K Q- gli' 'Q' PAULA MATTHEWS A Entre Nousg Office As- I.. y A A sistantg Allied Youth -A 1 -1 'Wai' BILLY MAXVILL STEVE MAY CAROLYN MAYO National Honor Society: Spanish National Honor Society, Chaplaing Pan American Student Forum, Historiang Math Clubg Library Assistant, Presi- dentg Mu Alpha Thetag Red Cross Representativeg Chess Club, Secretary- Treasurerg Honor Rollg Most Dependableg Na- tional Merit Letter of Commendationg National Council of English Teach- ers Competition DAVID MCCOOL Student Council Repre- sentativeg Allied Youth JIM MCCRACKEN Jr. Traffic Commissiong Baseball All-Cityg Letter- men's Clubg Allied Youth MARCIA MCCRARY Student Council Repre- sentativeg Office Assist- antg Art Service Clubg Y- Teens DAVID McDONALD A V T i"5-Q' we if K J Q' BoB MCCARTY LHWANDA if Science Clubg Jr. Traffic MUCH-BERRY I Commissiong Allied Youth Bandg Allied Youth 1' ig I if M ,. A ,V " 2 'Us --.Dx l iii' ex, P E X? a all LINDA McKINNEY Student Council Alter- nateg Reveille Staffg Spanish National Honor Society, Secretaryg Pan American Student Forum, Vice-Presidentg Ice Skat- ing Club, International Clubg Allied Youth PATTY McKINNEY Student Council Repre- sentativeg La Coterie: Latin Clubg Drama Club: Office Assistant, Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Jr. Traffic Commissiong International Clubg Honor Rollg Allied Youth CONNIE MCLEAD Transfer Student JOHN R. McMATH Student Council Alter- nateg Latin Clubg Drama Clubg Library Assistantg Jr. Traffic Commission: International Clubg Or- chestra, Section Leader: ROTC, Platoon Leader, Rifle Team, Drill Team JOYCE MCWHORTER SHARON ANNE MEAD Honor Roll MARTHA MEADOWS BARBARA MELTON Art Service Clubg Jr. Traffic Commissiong In- ternational Clubg Honor Rollg Allied Youth DAVID MERRITT Student Council Repre- sentativeg National Honor Societyg Deutsche Vering English Guildg M a t h Clubg National Science Foundation: Bandg Trackg Honor Rollg Na- tional Merit Semi-finalist: Allied Youth SIGRID LISA METCALF Thespiansg Drama Club, Vice-Presidentg Y-Teensg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" Seniors T.-fa-nv LM 4'-. 'Q W K ' a ... 1 s l "l"4.':f.:r ,,.MV1s,. Q Y ,. S ,N ,X L r r KI QP' FB Gil ANDY MEYERCORD Document Staff, Business Managerg Latin Clubg Footballg HB" Team Bas- ketballg Lettermen's Clubg Friendliestg Sophomore, Junior and Senior Favo- rite Nominee g Senior Class Vice-Presidentg Key Clubg Allied Youth SALLY MICHERO Student Council Repre- sentative and Alternate: Entre Nousg Pan Ameri- can Student Forumg Li- brary Assistantg Art Serv- ice Clubg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Clubg Interna- tional Clubg Allied Youth 3 Girls, Choir g ROTC Sponsor RICHARD MILLER Baseballg Swimming '4Don't look at me like that. We all have our little quirks." Seniors TRIP MILLER Footballg "BU Team Bas. ketballg Baseballg Trackg Lettermen's Clubg Allied Youth REGUENA MILLS Student Council Repre- sentativeg Concert Choirg International Club PATTI MOBBERLEY Student Council Alter nateg English Guildg Lat in Clubg Debate Teamg Biology Lab Assistantg Ice Skating Clubg Orches tra, Librariang Band DANNY MOELLER fix ROXANNE MONGARAS Pan American Student Forum 3 Drama Cluhg Y-Teensg Allied Youth: Red Cross Representative KAY MOORE Y-Teensg Ice Skating Club Q Allied Youth MARSHALL MOORE Latin Clubg Math Clubg Science Clubg Chess Club: Honor Roll SUSAN MOORE Y-Teensg Ice Skating Club BEVERLY MULLINS Latin Club: Office Assist- antg Art Service Clubg Allied Youth CHARLOTTE MURPHY Student Council Repre- sentativeg Entre Nousg La Coterieg English Guildg Drama Clubg Art Service Clubg Concert Choir, Treasurerg Reb Belles, Managerg Allied Youth .I ANN MURPHY Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg Ice Skating Club: Reb Bellesg Red Cross Representativeg A l l i e d Youthg Make-up Crew PATRICIA LYNN MURPHY ran American Student Forumg Girls' Choirg Dis- tributive Education JOHN MURRAY B a s e b a l lg Lettermen's Club BARBY MURRELL Band, Secretaryg Tennis: Most Athleticg Bible Awardg Allied Youth, Publicity Chairman f at It sl- .T X u Ear- 'Qw ' . - gr' A fi arab we---cw .IACK NAFUS DAVID NELSON Proj ectionist 3 Track g Swimming g Lettermen's Club 3 Allied Youth TERRY L. NEWLIN Student Council Alternateg Reveille Staff, Editorg Future Teachersg Office Assistantg Art Service Clubg Red Cross Repre- sentativeg Allied Youthg International Club KEITH B. NEWQUIST Latin Club, Reporter: Chess Club, Vice-Presi- dentg Honor Rollg Projec- tionistg Allied Youth KRAIG E NEWQUIST Latin Club Chess Club Secretary Treasurer Pro Jectlonxst Allied Youth KAREN NICHOLS Art Service Clubg Y- Teens RANDY N OB LITT Student Council Alter- nateg Drama Clubg De- bate Clubg National Merit Letter of Commendation KENNETH NORSWORTHY Debate Clubg Art Service Clubg Basketball --sf ft? 'FNS is 1 "Yeh, my wife used to give me trouble too, so one day JEAN MARIE NUNN Office Assistant 3 Y- Teensg Red Cross Repre- sentativeg Honor Roll AKIRA ODERA Math Club 3 Concert Choirg International Clubg Key Club g American Field Service Exchange Student from Japan ROBERT O'DONNELL Latin Club 5 Science Clubg International Club: ROTC, Company Execu- tive Officerg Allied Youth owned her." WES OHLAND Los Fiesterosg English Guildg Jr. Traffic Com- mission 9 Chess Club g Allied Youth 3 Spanish National Honor Society JIM OLIVER Student Council Repre- sentativeg Debate Club, Vice-Presidentg Concert Choirg Cheerleaderg Ten- nisg Honor Rollg Nation- al Merit Semi-Finalist: Key Clubg Allied Youth: Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" MARGARET ALICE ORSBURN Office Assistantg Library Assistant JACK ORT Ice Skating Club: Swim- ming: Lettermen's Club: Allied Youth PAT PAMPELL Seniors rrli s AE SUZANNE PARKS Entre Nousg La Coterieg Office Assistant g Art Service Clubg Internation- al Club JANIE PARTRIDGE Future Teachers g Art Service Club g Allied Youth DON PATERNOSTRO Reveille Staffg Ice Skat- ing Clubg Footballg Allied Youth RALPH PATRONO Bible Award S A - elre PHIL PATTON -"' Footballg HB" Team Track g Lettermen's Club "Where were you on the night of October 1? SHARI PAYN E Student Council Alter- nateg International Club: National Merit Letter of Commendation GAYLE PEDDY Document Beauty Semi- finalistg Entre Nousg Of- fice Assistantg Art Serv- ice Clubg Y-Teens RANDY PEDERSON Distributive Education 5 Golf Q2 F gg 72 'Z' , G, fee:-me ROBERT PENNY Pan American Student Forumg Jr. Traffic Com- mission g Intemational Clubg Orchestra, All-Re- giong Band, Senior Rep- resentativeg Baseball: Allied Youth JANET DEAN PENROD Student Council Alternateg Latin Club: Distributive Educationg Reb Belles: Honor Rollg Allied Youth SUSAN PETERS Future Nursesg Art Serv- ice Clubg Girls' Choir JOHNNY PEURIFOY Office Assistant 3 Art Service Club g Stage Crewg International Club: ROTC KATHLEEN PIANO Latin Club 3 Future Nursesg Art Service Club KATHY PICKRELL La Coterie g English Guildg International Club: Honor Rollg National Merit Letter of Commen- dation DON PIES Pan American Student Forum JERRY PINSON Ice Skating Club: Inter- national Clubg Distribu- tive Education STEPHANIE PIN TER Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg Ice Skating Clubg Allied Youth DANNY PITTMAN ROTC Seniors MARTHA POLLARD Entre Nousg La Coterie: RONALD PRIESS Deutsche Vering Science Office Assistantg Library Clubg ROTCg Chess Assistant, Vice-President: Allied Youth NANCY POTEET Entre Nousg La Coterieg IBM Assistntg Y-Teens: Concert Choir: Girls' Choirg Allied Youth JERRY POTTER Football, Captaing Letter- men's Club MARSHA POUND Club .IANICE PRUETT Los Fiesterosg Pan Ameri- can Student Forumg Latin Clubg IBM Assistant: Girls, Choirg Bible Award CATHY PURO La Coterieg Latin Club: Office Assistant g Y- Teens 3 International Clubg Honor Rollg Na- tional Merit Leuer of Commendation ROBERT PURYEAR Art Service Club 3 Con- Student Council Alter- cert. Choiri, accompanist, nateg Red Cross Repre. BT15301003 3 Red Cross sentativeg Lab Assistant Representative g Allied Youth JANET PRESTON Office Assistantg Allied Youth BARBETTE QUIGLEY Student Council Alternateg Drama Clubg Concert Choir, Secretary, "Plain and Fancy," "Brigadoon"g International Club: Bible Awardg Red Cross Rep- resentativeg Vocal Solo and Ensemble Contestg three first-division medals if-Vx, 'VCV 1 W 1 , ,,.,i - X X. "" f ' i--ei QMW MA l CHARLIE QUINLAN Honor Roll SUSAN RAKOW Art Service Cluhg Y- Teensg Red Cross Repre- sentativeg lnternational Cluhg Future Home- makers MARY RAMSEY Latin Cluhg Reb Belles: Red Cross Representativeg Allied Youth ANITA RANDALL Pan American Student Forumg Office Assistantg Y-Teensg Concert Choirg Trophy in Dads' Club Talent Show, Guest Or- ganistg Honor Roll SUSAN RANDALL Pan American Student Forumg English Guildg Future Teachers 9 Art Service Club: Y-Teensg Jr. Traffic Commissiong Red Cross Representative SUE ANN RANKIN W Red Cross Representa- 5 tive, Girls Choir, Section Leaderg Senior Play. uPillow Talk" VICKI SUE RAY Art Service Cluhg .lr. Traffic Commissiong Ina ternational Clubg Senior Play, '4Pillow Talk" Careful, Wes They re watchmg you BILLIE LYNN FORY RAYBOURN .4 Seniors JOHNNY RECTOR Student Council Repre- sentativeg Deutsche Ver- ing International Clubg Cheerleader 3 National Merit Letter of Commen- dation PEGGY REDDING Entre Nous 3 English Guildg Y-Teensg Red Cross Representative 5 Girls' Choir, President ROY REIBER Distributive Education 5 Chess Club, Co-Captaing Third Place in Dallas High School Chess Tour- nament CAROL REYNOLDS Entre Nousg La Coterieg Pan American Student Forumg IBM Assistantg Y-Teensg International Clubg Honor Roll DAVID REYNOLDS Student Council Repre- sentativeg Lab Assistantg Concert Choir, A'Briga- doon"g International Clubg Honor Rollg Bible Awardg Allied Youth No wonder the room is so cold' MAUR EEN REYNOLDS Entre Nousg Office As- sistantg Y-Teensg Allied Youth JOHN RICHARDSON Los, Fiesterosg English Cuildg Allied Youth FRANK RILEY Pap American Student ,Forumg International Cluhg Baseball Seniors BILL RINGUEBERG Pan American Student Forumg Science Clubg Ice Skating Clubg Allied Youth BEVERLY ROBBINS Entre Nousg La Coterieg Concert Choir, Chaplaing Allied Youth CARLA ROBINSON Entre Nousg La Coterieg Library Assistantg Art Service Clubg Ice Skating Clubg Bible Awardg Al- lied Youth KATHRYN ROBISON Entre Nousg Office As- sistantg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Clubg Reb Belles CYNTHIA ROEDER SUSAN ROGERS Pan American Student Forumg Future Teachersg Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg Jr. Traffic Com- mission g International Clubg Allied Youth WESLEY ROGERS Student Council Repre- sentativeg Document Beauty Finalistg Entre Nousg La Coterieg Eng- lish Guildg IBM Assist- antg Y-Teensg Ice Skat- ing Clubg Allied Youthg Senior Play, '4Pillow Talk" KATHY ROPER Q S o -rrsnn ' ...- SUE ANN ROSENBERG Entre Nousg La Coterieg Office Assistantg Interna- tional Clubg Al l i e d Youthg Red Cross Repre- sentative JAMES B. ROSS Allied Youth KENNETH ROSS International Clubg Allied Youth JOHN ROSSITER Distributive Education 3 Honor Roll JOE ROZELL Allied Youth LYNN ANN RUCKER Y-Teensg Girls' Choirg Honor Rollg Allied Youth KATHRYN RUPPERT English Guild, Activities Chairman 5 International Clubg Allied Youth LYNNE RUSSELL Reveille Staff, Sports Edi- torg Art Service Clubg Y-Teens CHARLIEN RUTKOKSKI Art Service Clubg Y- Teens, Service Projects Chairman 5 Ice Skating Club: Senior Play, "Pil- low Talk" PAUL ST. CHARLES Sensors Q --4 - t -,,,. ,, PETE ST. CHARLES Entre Nousg English Guild ' International Club: Allied,Youth - l.-l EN EIDA SAINZ Spanish National Honor Societyg Pan American Student Forumg Library Assistant, Social Acti- vities Chairmang Ice Skat- ing Clubg Chess Club STEVE SAMPLE Football 3 Basketball g Baseball g Lettermen's Clubg Key Club, Treas- urerg Allied Youth KATHY SATCHELL Latin Cluhg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Clubg Interna- tional Clubg Allied Youth DEBBIE SAUNIER Entre Nousg La Coterieg IBM Assistantg Art Serv- ice Clubg Concert Choirg Ice Skating Clubg Inter-- national Clubg Allied Youthg Girls' Choirg Red C r 0 s s Reprcsentativeg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" JUDY SAVAGE Student Council Repre- sentativeg Document Beauty Finalistg Latin Clubg Office Assistantg Concert Choir, Social Sec- retaryg Girls' Choirg Reb Bellesg ROTC Spon- sor: Junior Favorite Nomineeg Homecoming Princessg Allied Youth, Social Secretaryg Basket- ball Queen E SALLY SAVAGE Student Council Repre- sentativeg Document Beauty Semi-finalistg Art Service Clubg Concert Choir, Section Leader: Girl's Choirg Honor Roll CLAYTON SAWYER Pan American Student Forumg Footballg Allied Youth "Ooh-that smarts! CARL SAXON Basketball g Lettermen's Club Q Allied Youth GARY SCHENCK Student Council Repre- sentativeg National Honor Society, Presidentg Reu- eille Staff, Copy Writerg Latin Club, Vice-Presi- dentg Drama Clubg De- bate Teamg ROTC, Public Relations Officerg Honor Rollg Concert Choir, Ac- companistg Key Clubg Most Dependableg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" JOHN SCHMIDT JAN SCHNEIDER Student Council Alter- nateg Entre Nous, Secre- talyg Drama Clubg Office Assistant g International Club STEPHEN W. SCHNEIDER Allied Youth ROBERT E. SCHULTZ Student Council Alter- nateg Distributive Educa- tiong Allied Youthg Red Cross Representative SANDRA SCOGGINS Student Council Repre- sentativeg Document Beauty Finalistg Art Serv- ice Clubg Y-Teensg Allied Youth AUREASE I AN E SCOTT Latin Clubg Art Service Clubg Y-Teens, Refresh- ments Chairmang Inter- national Club g Allied Youth: Biology Lab As- sistant Seniors IW 4 xi! I I , ,A,,. 5. r I 1- , -f fs 52 it at 'fi ' ,, lm:- ayysi . t , V4 Q fl me 1 Bi I d A LINDA SECOR Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg Honor Rollg Allied Youth g Senior Play, 6'Pillow Talk" SANDRA SEIBERT Pan American Student Forumg Office Assistantg Library Assistantg Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Clubg Inter- national Clubg Allied Youth: Senior Play, "Pil- low Talk" SHARON SELLERS Future Teachers: Clinic Assistantg Y-Teensg In- ternational Clubg Allied Youth COOKIE SELLY Student Council Alter- nateg Latin Clubg Inter- national Clubg Reb Bel- les, Manager, Reporterg Honor Rollg Allied Youth LAURIE SELTZER Student Council Repre- sentative, Junior Member- At-Largeg National Honor Societyg Thespiansg Docu- ment Beauty Finalist: Drama Club, Vice-Presi- dentg Cheerleaderg Honor Roll: Best-All-Around: Sophomore and Junior F avoriteg Senior Favorite Nominee 3 Homecoming Queen TERRIE SELTZER Student Council Repre- sentative, Treasurerg Na- tional Honor Society: Thespians, Group Com- mittee Chairmang Docu- ment Staff, Editor, Club Editorg English Guild, Vice-Presidentg Honor Rollg Wittiestg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" ANN SENOR TOMMY SHARP JAMES B. SHEPHERD Distributive Education JOHN SHEPHERD Art Service Clubg Chess Clubg Band, Managerg Allied Youth Qu-.9 ' oyts 1 Q :'i ,t i ii 2f1" --22-W i vvitt 1 A 'i i' L P' 4 - - yyy RICHARD SHEPHERD .I IM SIDDON S Latin Club K 'HVNQQ t. . ,,,.. t. Q, W Q 3 , X ' X1 - g " ig it nf . f Ng X JI.: .- m.L . -figs ." . K Q.: jjj,-" y f , 'Q Seniors PAULA SHEWMAKE Entre Nousg La Coterie, Vice-Presidentg L a t i n Clubg Language Lab As- sistantg Ice Skating Clubg' Honor Rollg Allied Youth ROBERT J. SHEWMAKER Band JUDY SHIPP Student Council Repre- sentativeg Entre N ousg Y-Teensg Concert Choirg Reb Belles, Social Officerg Honor Rollg Allied Youth, President g Red Cross Representativeg G i rl s' Choir Football Track MARK SINGER Student Council Alter- nateg Football KERRY SKIDIS LINDA SKINNER Entre Nous, Treasurerg English Cuildg Latin Clubg Office Assistant: Art Service Clubg Y- Teens: Jr. Traffic Com- mission 3 International Clubg Honor Rollg Senior Play, Make-up Crew Chairman International Club Bas- ketball DAN SHORT WAYNE SLAUGHTER - K Tri' .efg 5- A -,fg CONNIE SMITH Reveille Staff g English Guild g Latin Club 3 In- ternational Club JANET SMITH Student Council Repre- sentativeg National Honor Societyg Document Staff, Club Editorg Entre Nous: La Coterieg Art Service Club g Y-Teensg Interna- tional Clubg A l l i e d Youthg Future H o m e- makers, Vice-Presidentg R e d Cross, Reporter, Treasurer MARK SMITH Spanish National Honor Societyg Track RICKY SMITH SANDY SMITH National Honor Societyg Latin Clubg Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Honor Roll VICTORIA SMITH Y-Teensg Tennis, Man- ager GENE SOSLOW English Guildg Interna- tional Clubg Allied Youth MARTHA SPALDING Latin Clubg Office Assist- antg Art Service Club: Y-Teensg International Clubg Allied Youth: Sen- ior Play, "Pillow Talk"g Red Cross Representative PAUL SPEIR Pan American Student Forumg Tennisg Allied Youth PATRICIA SPRADLIN Future Teachersg Library Assistantg Art Service Clubg Allied Youth fwiln, - I. CAROLYN STANDFIELD Student Council Reprei sentativeg Allied Youth DIKKI STANLEY '4Yes, Henry, the world IS round T52 F? RICHARD STANLEY MARK STARK Reveille Staffg Y-Teensg Allied Youth TERRY STARNES Allied Youthg Projection- 'istg Red Cross Repre- sentative PAM STARR Entre Nousg La Coterieg Art Service Clubg Honor Roll LYNN MARIE STEPHAN Deutsche Vering Drama Clubg Allied Youthg Sen- ior Play, 'iPillow Talk" MARJORIE STEPHENS Student Council Repre- sentativeg Entre Nousg La Coterieg Drama Clubg IBM Assistantg Y-Teensg Honor Rollg Allied Youth Seniors HENRY C. STERN National Honor Societyg Deutsche Verein, Presi- dent: Math Clubg Science Club, Vice-President: De- bate Clubg International Clubg Chess Clubg Honor Roll 5 National Merit Semi-finalistg Key Clubg Physics Lab Assistant: Mu Alpha Theta National Forensic League Award BEVERLY STEWART 1 .N . . "Ms Art Service Clubg Honor +32 Rong Allied Youth ,l ff- ,,.,, X. L 2--,Q WAYNE STEWART Latin Clubg Trackg Let- termen's Clubg Honor Rollg National Merit Let- ter of Commendation: Key Clubg Bible Award STEWART STIMSON Student Council Alter- nateg National Honor Societyg Spanish National Honor Society g Pan American Student Forumg Chess Clubg Orchestrag Band, Drum Major, Sec- tion Leaderg All Senior Honor Bandg Honor Rollg National Merit Semi- Finalistg Certificado de- Merito en Espanol SHANNON STOHL Entre Nousg Y-Teens: Allied Youth DONNA STOUT Future Nursesg Y-Teensg Allied Youthg Future Homemakers SUSIA STOWERS Reveille Staffg Pan Amer- ican Student Forumg Dra- ma Clubg Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Girls' Choirg Honor Roll JOE STRANGE INGRID STROMBERG Latin Clubg Office Assist- antg Art Service Clubg Y-Teensg Red Cross- Rep- resentativeg Ice Skating Clubg International Clubg Reb Bellesg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" FRANK STROZIER Entre Nousg Footballg Art Service Clubg Jr. Traffic Commission Let- ter1nen's Cluhg Allied Youth N 5 ..- if ,i . l . -..L p ., . ' kl.h: W" 5 I ,--'W' ' l M X ..e..-Q 1 ' i . Q ' -"" . iisi l RYAN SUMERFORD ROTC, First Sergeantg NDCC, Rifle Team KAREN SURBAUGH National Honor Society: Spanish National Honor Societyg Pan American Student- Forumg Future Nursesg Distributive Edu- cationg Honor Rollg Allied Youth LARRY SWEENEY Deutsche Vering Science Cluhg Ice Skating Clubg International Clubg ROTC Company. Commander JAMES SWIFT "Arc you sure ? " Seniors KEITH SUSMAN Pan American Student Forumg Math Clubg Science Cluhg Interna- tional Clubg Honor Roll: National Merit Letter of Commendationg K e y Clubg Allied Youthg Mu Alpha Theta. MARY LOU SWIFT Student Council Alternate: Future Teachersg Office Assist:-mtg Art Service Cluhg Honor Roll SKIP TABBERT Student Council Repre- sentativeg Entre Nousg Latin Cluhg ROTC, Com- pany Commander SANDRA TACKE Student Council Repre- sentative: Entre Nousg Future Nurses: Future Teachersg Y-Teens, Sec- retaryg Ice Skating Clubg International Clubg Allied Youth X out we P Mx :trek i xa,z. 'fte Q 1 MW rm. P Q' t Q ,K A 1 as-t KP' -F 5' 5 2 , 2 2 ,- 'asf " 3'-. QI? t EJ' -at -H-'W t S21 5'-'P 'E H-sf PRISSY TATE Student Council Repre- sentative, Chaplaing Na- tional Honor Societyg Document Staff, Copy Writerg Drama Club, Vice-Presidentg Debate Team, Secretaryg Concert Choir, Vice-Presidentg In- ternational Club, Presi- dentg Most-Likely-To-Sue ceedg National Merit Let- ter of Commendationg Senior Play, "Pillow Talk"g 12 years of danc- ins .IERALYN TATUM Distributive Education LINDA SUE TAYLOR Student Council Repre- sentativeg Entre Nousg English Guild, Office As- sistant 3 International Clubg Reb Bellesg Allied Youthg Girls' Choir LISA TEARS Entre Nousg Latin Clubg Art Service Clubg Y- Teensg ROTC Sponsorg Allied Youthg Red Cross Representative .IAY TENG National Honor Societyg Deutsche Vering Debate Teamg International Clubg Chess Clubg Honor Rollg Key Clubg Bible Awardg Allied Youth RAY TENG National Honor Societyg Deutsche Vering Science Clubg International Clubg Chess Club, Vice-Presi- dentg Honor Rollg Key Clubg Bible Award, A1- lied Youth CATHY THOMAS Drama Clubg Office As- sistant g International Club, Reb Bellesg Honor Roll g Allied Youth 3 Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" DONNA THOMAS Entre Nousg Office As- sistantg Art Service Clubg International Clubg Allied Youth MIKE THOMAS Jr. Traffic Commissiong International Clubg Allied Youth VENITA ARLENE THOMPSON Office Assistant g Ari Service Club 5 Alliet Youth -yytt K. Z.. ii ,fl Q' 3,-M . ff , ' 1.-ge ' Q . If X'-. E' '.-ff , we X 'K H at L 1 BILL THORESON Latin Clubg Ice Skating Club g Colfg Swimming 3 Allied Youth PETE THORNTON Student Council Repre- sentativeg Pan American Student Forumg Science Club 3 Basketball, Man- agerg Lettermen's Club 5 Lab Assistant CINDY THRASHER Future Teachersg Office Assistantg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Cluhg Interna- tional Cluhg Allied Youth BARBARA TILL Drama Cluhg Future Teachers, Presidentg Art Service Clubg Y-Teens, Presidentg Concert Choir: Honor Rollg Girls Choir: Senior Play, 4'Pillow Talk" BILL TOMLIN Trackg Honor Rollg Key Club ASHBY HARRIS TOULMIN KEN TRAVIS Student Council Repre- sentativeg Deutsche Verin, Vice-Presidentg Orchestra Concertmasterg All-State Orchestrag Honor Roll MIKE TRAVIS Student Council Repre- sentative, Sergeant-Ab Armsg Math Club 3 Science Clubg Concert Choir: International Clubg Key Clubg Allied Youth DONNA TROTT Student Council Alter- nate 3 Document Beauty Finalistg Entre Nousg La Coterieg Drama Club g Office Assistantg Art Service Clubg ' Concert Choir Ice Skating Clubg Allied Youth 3 Senior Play, "Pillow Talk" LOU TURANO Seniors tl' CAROL TURNER "Hey! Don't eat the spoon." E Rim Q"""P' MARY BETH TWIEHAUS Student Council Repre- sentativeg Thespiansg Entre Nousg La Coterie, Secretaryg Drama Club, Secretary-Treasurerg Of- fice Assistantg Concert Choir, Secretary-Treas urerg International Clubg Reb Belles, Secretary- Treasurerg Honor Rollg Allied Youth g Senior Play, '6Pillow Talku JAMES C. TYLER Jr. Traffic Commissiong International Clubg Bandg STEVE TYRRELL Allied Youth MIKE UMPHREY RICK VADALA Latin Club g Concert Ch 0 i r, Vice-Presidentg Allied Youth VICKI VAN BRUNT Student Council Alter- nateg Future Nursesg Art Service Club g Allied Youthg Make-up Crew RON VAN HOOSER ff A V1 I N "X . 'Z 1 if X, w R. fix fc if "cz" , K at on S N iw 'HJ if it Iv 11344 5 , ,gl S if X itil' Q -Eaten N... . :1 f truss . :L Stage Bandg Bible Awardg Allied Youth 14-f,"'.'B' ROGELIO VARGAS Pan American Student Forum, Vice-Pre sidentg International Clubg Allied Youth SUE WALKER Entre Nousg La Coterieg Art Service Clubg Y- Teens g International Clubg Allied Youth x K f Lugiij xi ,, ,f DEBBIE VASSALLO GEORGE J. WADE Drama Club DIANA MARIE WAGNON Pan American Student Forumg Library Assistantg Art Service Clubg Red Cross Representativeg Al- lied Youth EDDIE WALKER 4'That's right-a green contact lens." Seniors PAT WALLACE Student Council Alter- ii nateg Pan American Stu- dent Forumg Latin Clubg Football 3 Lettermen's Clubg Key Clubg Allied Youth GINNY WARD Student Council Repre- sentativeg Entre Nous 3 Office Assistantg A rt Service Club g Y-Teens Ice Skating Clubg Inter- national Clubg Girls' Choirg Make-up Crew in - S. ,..k i K . ,E 5 I its it I I x 1 L gs, rL 5 ZZ: if llse l : .1 SANDRA KAY WARD LINDA WASSON SANDY WATERS DARRELL L. WATSON PHILIP WATSON JANET WEATHERFORD Art Service Clubg Y- Teens CAROL WEBB Latin Clubg Girls' Choirg Reb Belles DAVE WEBSTER Banclg Tennis CHARLES F. WEISSERT MARY MARK WELCH Thespiansg Reveille Staff, Exchange Editorg Entre Nousg La Coterieg Eng- lish Cuildg Drama Club, Historiang Office Assist- ant g Y-Teensg Senior Play, "Pillow Talkng In- terscholastic League Spel- ling Finalistg Allied Youth CATHY ANN WELLS Future Homemakers NORA A. WEST Distributive Education wtf? SUSAN WEYAND Y-Teens ' 'Ei I TERESA WHITLOW Pan American Student Forumg Clinic Assistantg Y-Teens 5 International Clubg Reb Bellesg Bible Awardg Allied Youth VICKI WHITMAN Drama Club g Future Teachersg Y-Teensg Ice Skating Clubg Band, Sec- retary, Feature Twirler, Sweetheartg Honor Rollg Allied Youth LINDA WHITTEN Seniors BARBARA WHATLEY La Coterieg Honor Roll SUSAN WHITEHOUSE National Honor Societyg Entre Nousg La Coterieg Office Assistantg Art Service Clubg Internation- al Clubg Reb Bellesg Honor Rollg Allied Youth KIRK WIDENER Bandg Trackg Swimming LEITH WILDFONG Student Council Alter- nateg La Coterieg Office Assistant 3 International Cluhg Reb Bellesg Honor Rollg Girls' Choirg Lan- guage Lab Assistantg Al- lied Youth JIM WILEY Student Council, Parlia- mentariang Thespiansg Math Clubg Debate Team, Presidentg Concert Choir, "Brigadoon"g Interna- tional Clubg Honor Rollg National Merit Semi-final- istg Key Clubg Senior Play, "Pillow Talkvg Dal- las County Youth Coun- cil, Vice-President BRADLEY KENT WILLIAMS Student Council Alter- nateg Latin Clubg Foot- ball JACK WILLIAMS JAN WILLIAMS Document Beauty Final- istg Office Assistantg Y- Teensg Girls, Choirg In- ternational Clubg Cheer- leaderg Homecoming Prin- cessg Allied Youth JANE WILLIAMS Reb Bellesg Girls' Choirg Concert Choirg Entre Nousg La Coterieg Of- fice Assistantg Y-Teens JIM WILLIAMS Student Council Alter- nate g Football g Basket- ballg Baseball g Letter- men's Clubg Allied Youth JOYCE WILLIAMS .Q l Seniors spark Rebel spirit. KAYE ELLEN WILLIAMS Y-Teens 14. i' K TM PAM WILLIAMS Transfer Student f mm' 3 X x , , . .., X it Entre Nousg Honor Rollg 2 t F. ,M , :IL ' SANDRA WILLIAMS Latin Clubg Allied Youth Kkwr Q ,,t. Q SVVA - 42:17 J SCOTT WILLIAMS Student Council Repre- sentativeg La Coterieg Latin Clubg ROTC, Bat- talion Commander SPENCER WILLIAMS BEVERLY WILSON Y-Teensg International Clubg Girlsf Choirg Senior Play, uPillow Talkug Al- lied Youth Randy Barta demonstrates the art of four square BRENDA WILSON LINDA WILSON Future Nursesg Office Assistantg Library Assist- antg Y-Teens: Girls' Choirg International Clubg Make-up Crewg Allied Youth MARSHA JANE WILSON Latin Clubg Office Assist- antg International Clubg Reb Belles, Lieutenant: Girls' Choirg Allied Youth l A RONNIE WILSON Jr. Traffic Commission: Concert Choir, Librarian, Section Leader VICKI WINGFIELD Entre Nousg La Coterieg Office Assistantg Clinic Assistantg Y-Teens CAROL WISEMAN CAROLYN C. WISNER Los Fiesterosg Latin Club, Art Service Clubg Jr. Traffic Commissiong Al- lied Youth MARILYN WISNER Student Council Repre- sentativeg Latin Clubg Art Service Clubg Jr. Traffic Commissiong Reb Bellesg Allied Youth HARRIET WITHERSPOON Pan American Student Forumg Y-Teensg Jr. Traffic Commissiong Ice Skating Clubg Allied Youth STEPHEN WOMACK Student Council Alter- nate 9 Deutsche Vering Math Clubg Science Clubg Debate Club 5 Track 3 Honor Roll 3 National Merit Letter of Commen- dationg Allied Youth QUIN N WOOLRIDGE JIMMY WOODS PAM WOODS Entre Nousg La Coterieg English Guildg Art Serv- ice Clubg International Clubg Reb Bellesg Allied Youth www VW' LINDA WOODSON EVA LYNN WORTHAM Reveille Staff, Reporter: Entre Nous, La Coterieg Office Assistantg Art Serv- ice Club, Y-Teensg Reb Belles CRAIG MATHEWSON WRIGHT Lation Club, Jr. Traffic Commission: Orchestra, Stage Manager, Band: Honor Rollg Allied Youth GARY WRIGHT Bandg Allied Youth BARBARA WUNSCH Student Council Alter- nate, National Honor Society, Secretaryg Quill and Scroll, Document Staff, Editor, Index Edi- torg Entre Nous, Secre- taryg La Coterieg Office Assistant, Y- Te e n s 3 Honor Roll: Senior Play, "Pillow Talk." DAN YARBERRY National Honor Society, Vice-Presidentg P a n American Student Forumg Math Clubg Science Club, President 5 International Clubg Honor Rollg Na- tional Merit Semi-finalist Key Clubg Allied Youthg Delegate-National Youth Conference on the Atom JOHN PAUL YOUNG Student Council Repre- sentativeg Entre Nous: English Guild, Drama Club, Ice Skating Club: Chess Clubg Wittiestg Junior Favorite SUE YOUNG LINDA ZAVALA Sensors TNR we J 4' 1 4 ia-1. 'lm i 3 'Val WN! GX 1-P"""? N Left to right: Andy Meyercord, Vice-Presidentg Debbie Green, Secretaryg Forrest Dunlap, Presidentg Susan Boggs, Treasurer Senior Class Officers and Sponsors ff in 4' t l Senior Class Officers- ! chosen to lead and to serveg responsible g S unifying the Senior Classg striving to make Graduation Activities 3 uniquely '67. E SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS: left to right: Mrs. Mary Ann McClure, Mr. E. Boyd Curtis, Miss Gwen Guillet 1967 Senior Year The white heat of a sun which rises and sets in glory . . . SENIORS united, supporting their class in competition- they demonstrate their leadership and strength striving to leave a part of themselves to be remembered by all. While acting so carefree and confident, they silently contemplate, seeing beyond school life Approaching the end of their beginning. SENIORS holding high the torch of Youth wanting it to burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future classes. 354 Y k 'WW-.I m An End to the Beginning Ren6e Allen Reggie Aslett Kelly Aussicker Estrada Wayne Furgerson Richard'Garland Pat Germany Roh rt G h e ra am Curtis 'Grove Linda Gruber Haley Sbniors Harang Harrison " if N1 4 P fx' 1. 5 1 fl 'vw A L55-,fv -,. M W.-f,-K .A ug..4,..1.g-Q-..-, 1 -- . , ,,.f.v.. ,,,f-' ,A -amvfu w", 1 'HWQ "il 4 ,,,, ,.v"" 1 'ly ' 1 v .,. y , I f 5 1 ""WUu-1.-,.... va n .4 5 f..A .,-.3 1 -A 4 7- T ,iw 1 hal ,ikflfi EJZ ' VY?" 'i.f. ,M lziflpehnggy l Q ! Zi: .fuk f 'a Q Z! 73 .w,Wf'?H V: - Q 'W' . .I V, X jefferson advertising Ace Boal' Service Acceni on Flowers The Arf Shop Bell Cleaning and Laundry Boo+h's Toys Bosficlc Cleaners Camera Land Campisi's Egypiian Resfaurani' Chape Chapin's Texaco S+a1'ion Cinderella Shop Clyde CampbeII's Universify Shop Couniry Club Pharmacy Dallas Music House Dallas Power 81 Lighf Co. Diclc Chaplin Dance Siudio Doalr Walker Sporfing Goods Dr. Pepper Co. E. T. Me+z Real Esfaie Fish 'N Chips Friendly Chevrolel' George Downey's Texaco S+a+ion H 8: H Beauly Salon Heerman's Highland Park Weave Shop 360 Advertisers Herifage Savings Associafion House and Table House of Gong Inwood Barbers Jeff Magee's Gulf Sfaiion Jerry's Shell S'I'a'rion Jes1'er's Humble Sl'a1'ion Kaye Really Lan1'rip's Marsh Lane Pharmacy Lynn TV Marie Leavell Marsh Lane Barbers Mayes' and Associafes' Barbers Melody Shops 4 and 5 Midway Pharmacy Modern Sewing Shop Mor'I'y's TV Service Mr. B's Murray's Men's 8: Boys' Shops My Florisl' Norlhwesi Nafional Banlc Orange Julius Pa'I'io Beauiy Salon Paul's Shoes Pilcwilc Dress Shop PiH'sburgh Paim' Cenfer Presfon Foresi Barbers Presfon Opfical Salon Presfon Royal Day 8: Nighl' Barbers Presfon Royal Painl' Company Producer's Freezer Meals Raiah's Cusfom Cloihiers Salih's Barbecue Sandy's Shoe Siore Sharp Hardware Skinner-Welwood Soufhwesiern Balfour Sparlc's Cleaners Sfage Crew Sl'andi'Fer's Service Cenler Taf'Fy's Dancewear Texas Karafe lns'I'i+u1'e Thomas Opfical Salon Tiger Swea'l' Triple Town Office Supply Tupinamba Reslauranl' Turner Hardware Villager Shop Wal-Mar Beauiy Salon Walnul' Hill Barbers Walnuf Hill Hardware Walnui' Hill Jewelers Young Ages Young ldeas Zubik Beaufy Salon Gratitude The '67 Document impossible without those who helped the ideas and dreams of Youth materialize incomplete without an expression of our gratitude The '67 Document staff indebted to many . . . Mr. C. C. Smith and Mr. 1. H. Malone, for a sincere interest in the Document and its staff Mrs. Edith Cooper and the office staff, for good-natured co-operation and patience Mr. John Ramsey, representative from Taylor Publishing Co., for his professional help, his invaluable advice, and his concern for the individuals of the staff Mr. ,lim Bolin and Mr. Don Cantrell, of Taylor Publishing Co., for assisting us in every way and for answering our many questions Mr. Lester Scott, photographer for Gary's Studios, for the many fine photographs in the book Miss Underwood, of Gary's Studios, for her devoted aid in producing the needed photo-graphs Mr. .lim Murrah, of Browne and Browne Studios, for excellent work in portrait photography and for his assistance when needed Mr. Craig Morton, of the Dallas Cowboys, Miss Sandra Drewes, of Patricia Stevens, and Mr. John F iglmiller, of the Dallas Theater Center, fo-r their cordial warmth and invaluable assistance in selecting the Document beauties The Dallas Morning News and The Dallas Times Herald, for use of its sports write- ups and pictures Mrs. McDonald, for collecting Document funds Dallas Marseilles Zoo, for allowing us to take Senior Personality pictures and for the fine co-operation received during this time Miss Sharon Kimrnell, sponsor of the Document, for her patient, skillful, and guiding hand in co-ordinating the many facets involved-for her enthusiasm, loyalty, and superhuman effort that carried from September to the end ADAMS, MRS. ANN-B.A., Med., Sul Ross State College 123, 124-, 221 ALLISON, MRS. BETTY-B.A., NTSU 221 BAILEY, MR. JAMES-B.S., ETSU 221 BLANTON, MR. CHARLES-B.S., NTSU 133, 174-, 221, 188 BOWEN, MR. FRANCIS-B.S., SMU, M.S ETSU 221 BRITTON, MRS. GENEVIEVE Glenville State 222 BURGAN, MRS. MARGARET-B.S., U. of Illinois 222 BULLIS, MRS. SHARON KAY-B.S., U. of Texas, TCU 222 CANNON, MR. JACK-B.M., M.M., sMU 115, 222,113 CARSON, MRS. ARLINE-127, 220 CASPER, MRS. BETTY-B.A., SMU 223 CHILDS, MRS. ELIZABETH-B.S., TCU, NTSU, R.N., Grant Hospital School of Nursing 130, 223 CILIO, SGT. EMANUEL-U. of Deleware 223 CLAYTON, MRS. KATHERINE-B.A., SMU 222 COLE, MISS MARIAN-B.A., SMU, M.A., U. of California 119, 223 COLEMAN, MRS. SARA-B.B.A., NTSU 131, 223 COOKE, COLLEEN-R.N., Warren A. Canderson, B.S., TCU 223 COOPER, MRS. EDITH 219 COPLEY, MISS PATRICIA-B.A., M.A. SMU, M.A. Texas, 145 224- COX, MR. LUCIUS-B.S., M.S., NTSU 224- CRAFT, MRS. ALICE-B.A., Mississippi State College for Teachers 22,41 CROWNRICH, MRS. JEAN-219 CURTIS, MR. E. BOYD-B.S., NTSU 224, 353 DELATOUR, MRS. GRACE-B.S., George Peabody College for Teachers 224- DILLENDER, MRS. P.-237 DOBBS, MRS. MARY ANN-SMU, B.A., NTSU 224- EDWARDS, MISS LAURA-B.S., Sam Houston State, SMU--225 ETHRIDGE, MISS JOAN-219 362 Faculty Index FAIR, MRS. MAJORIE-225 FELDER, MISS ANNIE GEN-B.S., M.A., U. of Texas 225 FRINDELL, COL. HAROLD-B.E., M.A., NYU, U. of Alabama, Milwaukee State Teachers College, U. of Puerto Rico, SMU 150, 225 FUSSELL, MRS. MAURINE-B.A., U. of Texas, BJ., U. of Missouri 98, 226, 99, 93 FORREST, MRS. ETTIE-B.S., NTSU 226 FOX, MR. .IAMES-B.M., SMU 103, 226 GERLACH, MISS DOROTHY-B.A., U. of Texas, SMU 226 GIBSON, MR. ARCH-B.A., SMU 14-2, 226 GORDON, MRS. SUSAN-B.A., M.A., SMU-134, 226 GREAVES, MISS LOLA-B.S., ETSU-108, 194-, 227 GREEN, MRS. MARTHA-237 GREER, MR. ROBERT-B.S., M.ED. NTSU-227, 146 GUILLET, MISS C-WEN-B.A., Midwestern U.-227, 353 HARDY, MISS SARAH-B.S., TWU-107, 227 HASTINGS, MRS. MARGARET-B.A., Central Normal College, M.A., SMU-1410, 228 HAWES, MR. ALBERT-B.S., M.ED., N TSU-174-, 202, 228 HIGGINS, MRS. ELIZABETH-228 HOAG, MRS. CLAUDINE-B.A., TWUH228 HOLLYWOOD, MR. RALPH-B.A., M.ED., Austin College-163, 228 HYDE, MRS. MARGARET-228 KENNEDY, MRS. YOLANDA-B.A., SMU, M.A., NTSU-228, 138 KIMMELL, MISS SHARON-B.A., OU-94, 95, 228, 93 KIRK, MR. ALLEN-B.A.,-163, 190, 191, 228 M.ED., ETSU LEGATE, MR. ROBERTwB.A., M.ED., ETSU-228 LITTLE, MR. BILLY J.-B.S., M.ED., NTSU-230 LODEWICK, MISS PATRICIA-B.A., B.U., MA, SMU, Sweet Brier College---230 LORIN EZ, MR. CHARLES-B.S., M.ED., SMU-230 MCCLURE, MRS. MARY ANN-B.M., SMU-230, 353 MCCLURE, MR. SAM-B.S., M.ED. NTSU-230 MCCLAIN, MISS DOROTHEA-B.A., U. of Kansas, N.W., Mo. State Teachers College, U. of Nebraska, U. of Wisconsin, Northwestern U, SMU-231 MCLAIN, MISS BETTY-B.A., M.A., ,SMU-231 MCKELVEY, MRS. MOLLIE-B.A., osU, M.A., OU.-231 MALONE, MR. .l.H.-B.S., NTSU M.ED., SMU-133, 218 MARSHALL, MRS. LOIS-219 MARTIN, MISS KATHRYN-B.S., TWU, SMU-231 MARTIN, Miss PR1NCEss-B.A., M.A., NTSU-232 MASON, MRS. INA-B.A., Baylor, U. of Texas-232 MEALS, MR. MAURICE-B.S., NTSU, M.B.A. ETSU-232 MINTER, MISS MARTHA-B.S., U. of Texas, Mary Baldwin College-129, 232 MOORE, MRS. FRANCES-B.A., U. of Texas-232 MOORE, MRS. SHIRLEY-B.A., Baylor U.-233 MORGAN, MRS. CLAUDINE-B.A., Henderson State Teachers' College, MS., U. of Arkansas-233 NEIL, MRS. MARY LOU-B.A., TCU, U. of Texas-233 OLDHAM, MISS MABEL RUTH-B.A., SMU, M.A. U. of Texas-233 O'NEAL, MR. WILLIAM-B.S., M.ED ETSU-206, 207, 233 OWEN, MR. MELTON-B.S., M.ED, ETSU--198, 199, 234 PARKER, MR. W.A.-B.A., NTSU-234 PATTERSON, MR. JAMES-B.S., M.ED., ETSU 234- PENRY, MRS. IRENE-B.S., SMU, M.S. ETSU, TWU, Brown, U.-132, 234 PHILLIPS, MRS. DORIS-B.A., B.MUS, M.A., SMU-234-, 137 PINKHAM, MR. MIKE-B.S., ETSU-1.74-, 177, 179, 235 POTEET, MR. M.W.-B.S., M.ED., ETSU-235 PRICE, MRS. CARMEN-B.A., SMU-235 REYNOLDS, MR. RALPH-B.S., NTSU-163, 164, 235, 202 RICHARDSON, MRS. ANN-A.A, Stephens College, Baylor U.-235 ROBERTS, MR. LEE-B.S., ETSU U. of Texas-235 SCHOENKE, MRS. WILMA-236 SELUIDGE, MRS. MARY-B.S., M.ED., NTSU.-236 SHARIF, MRS. CAROLYN-B.A., TCU-236 SMITH, MR, C.C.-B.A., Austin College, M.ED., SMU-14-, 15, 133, 217 SMITH. MRS. JOY-B.A., McMurry CollegeM139, 236 SMITH, MRS. MARY-B.S., Winthrop College, NTSU-121, 237 STEADMAN, MR. .IIM-B.S., Hardin-Simmons U.-206, 236, 207 TALLEY, MR. TOM-B.S., SWTSC, M.ED, NTSU-90, 133, 237 THOMPSON, MRS. JOYCE-B.A., SMU-139, 237 THOMPSON, MISS BILLYE FAYE-A.A., Kidd-Key College, B.A., Austin College, M.A. NTSU.-237 TORBETT, MR. JOHN-B.A., M.A., SMU-238 VAUGHAN, MISS VIRGINIA-B.A., M.A., WTSU.-139, 238, 138. VERMILLION, MR. GARY-B.S., ETSU-238 WARTHAN, MRS. THELMA-219 WATSON, MR. CHARLES-B.S., M.ED., N TSU-238 WEBB, MRS. MARLENE-M.A., U. of Texas, Philipps Univ. fGermanyJ Goethe Univ. fGermanyl-135, 238 WEEKLEY, MRS. CLARANELLE-B.S., B.B.A., SMU-239 WENDLAND, MR. WELDON-B.M., SMU: M.M., U. of Texas--111, 239 WILLIAMS, MR. LEANORD-B.S., NTSU, Arlington State, SMU: Trinity U.-144, 239 WISE, MRS. PAMELA-B.S., Texas Tech, U. of Texas, U. of Houston-239. Craftsrnanship is unfhanging, though its tevhniques hare been revolutionized Q endlessly through the years. Craftsrnanship is precision . . . knouledge , . . dexterity - patienre. But most ofall,rraftsrn11nship is pride in the job - pride that goes beyond pay or price or profit. Craftsmanship is not a system that fan be installed by engineers. It is an indefinable element that is bred into the fabric of an organization by inspired leadership and unending insistenre upon produring only the finest. Craftsmanship works through the mind and the band, but its genesis is in the heart. xW?57' e,"'f4xfTe hw llllll Q! semen Ween dp 75 . . Q23 Q 363 Administration 216-241 AFS Exchange 52-54 Allied Youth 133 Art Service Club 118-120 Band 102-105 Baseball 208-211 Basketball 178-189, Cheerleaders 160-161 Chess Club 146 Clinic Assistants 126 Concert Choir 114-117 Counselor Assistants 128 Debate Club 122 Document Award 97 Document Beauties 58-65 Document Staff 94-96 Drama Club 123 A Adamson, Martin 283 Aaker, Cathy 247 Abercrombie, Mindy 247 Adams, Ann 113, 247 Adams, Judy 247 Adams, Mary 247 Addington, Shelly 113, 265 Addington, Terry 173, 283 Aderhold, Bill 140, 265 Ahrns, Anita 127, 135, 283 Ahrns, Donna 247 Akins, Glenda 265 Albano, Frank 283 Albright, John 283 Albright, Susan 247 Albritton, Ann 247 Alexander, John 283 Alexander, Karen 84, 123, 265 Alexander, Michael 265 Alexander, Rod 283, 126 Allan, Charlie 84, 90, 191, 210, 265 Allen, Bay 114 Allen, Richard 102, 103,265 Allison, Jack 152, 154, 284 Allman, Ann 101, 102, 103, 105, 247 Allred, David 152 Altick, Alan 265 Alvarado, Denise 247 Anastas, Lacretia 247 Anderson, Jerry 102, 103, 127, 285 364 General English Guild 134 Entre Nous 136 Football 162-177 Future Nurses 130 Future Teachers 131 German Club 135 Girl's Choir 113 Golf 200-203 Homecoming 34-37 IBM Assistants 127 International Club 142-143 J CTC 147 Junior Class 264-281 Junior Class Favorites 68-69 Key Club 90-92 Lab Assistants 128 Student Anderson, Randy 152 Anderton, Donna 265 Andrews, Ronnie 284 Anson, Judi 130, 247 Apple, Roger 152 Argabright, Lu Ann 109, 136, 265 Armstead, Bill 284 Armstead, Bob 206, 209 Armstrong, Ann 114, 123, 125, 265 Armstrong, Tom 247 Arnold, Cheryl 102, 103, 113 Arnold, Marilyn 265 Arnold, Patty 121, 247 Arnold, Randy 284 Arnquist, Bill 144, 177, 136, 265 Aronoff, Nancy 127, 145, 284 Arthur, David 86, 127, 206, 219, 284 Ashley, John 247 Ashton, Greg 140, 191, 193 Aslett, Reggy 285 Aslett, Ronnie 247 Atherton, Gail 99, 131, 134, 285 Atkinson, Clay 191, 193, 285 Atkinson, Liz 40, 86, 123, 99, 113, 122, 133, 285 Atkinson, Susan 122, 123, 265 Austin, Bob 21-7 Ayers, Barbara 247 B Bailey, Chris 265 Bailey, Dom1a 247 Index La Coterie 137 Language Lab Assistants 127 Latin Club 140-141 Letterman's Club 212-213 Library Service Club 121 Math Club 145 Military Queen 48 National Honor Society 86-89 Office Assistants 127 Orchestra 110-112 Pan American Student Forum 138-139 Projectionists 126 Quill and Scroll 93 Reb Belles 106-109 Red Cross 129 Reveille Staff 98-100 Index Baird, Doskie 247 Baker, David 102, 103, 247 Baker, Linda 265 Baldridge, Deresa 114, 285 Baldridge Janelle 265, 114 Baldwin, Pam 113, 285 Ball, Bob 86, 90, 129, 121, 112, 285 Balle, George 265 Bangs, John 85, 194, 206, 208, 197 Banks, Betty, 265 Bavnks, Charles 101, 102, 103, 110,111, 247 Barbour, Bill 247 Barker, Charlotte 142, 285 Bames, Judy 130, 134, 286 Barnes, Kerry 247 Barnett, Jim 247 Barnett, Phillip 101, 102,103, 110, 111, 140, 247 Barnett, Phyllis 102, 183, 247 Barr, David 52, 95, 96, 128, 144, 145, 247, 286, 138, 139, 286, 93 Barrett, Barry 90, 140, 178, 186. 286 Barrett, Mary 113, 247 Barrier, Roger 90, 265 Barron, Jan 247 Barry, Pam 121, 247 Barta, Randy 286 Bartoli, Terry 162, 163, 166, 202, 286 Barton, Linda 286 Bass, Alice 247 Bates, Bette, 114, 286 Bauer, Randy 265 ROTC 150-157 Science Club 144 Senior Class 282-356 Senior Class Favorites 70 Senior Class Officers 353 Sophomore Class 246-263 Soahomore Class Favorites 66- Spanish National Honor Society 139 Stage Band 101 Student Council 82-85 Swimming 204-207 Tennis 196-199 Thespians 124-125 Track 190-195 Y-Teens 132 Baxter, Bill 90, 162, 163, 165, 286 Bayman, Bill 247 Beach, Susan 247 Beal, Mark 265, 202, 205 Bean, Beth 247 Beard, Debbie 123, 134, 136, 265 Bearden, Deborah 265 Becker, Deborah 265 Becker, Jeff 147, 287 Becklund, Eve 71, 77, 86, 114, 119, 82, 120,125, 139, 145, 287 Beckman, Barbara 130, 287 Bedford, Margie 287 Behan, Jennie 287 Belden, Mike 287 Bell, Donny 247, 174 Bell, John 287 Benn, Beverly 265 Bennett, Sharon 111, 247 Benson, Dick 287 Berger, Jeff 265 Berk, Mannie 98, 138, 139, 145, 288 Bernstein, Paul 265 Berry, Betsy, 288 Berry, Danny 90, 180, 182, 186, 198, 202, 204, 211, 288 Best, Robbie 71, 78, 90, 162 163, 165, 171, 211, 265, 288 Betancourt, Charles 162, 163, 171, 265 Bethel, Cynthia 288, 52 Beins, Richard 114, 288 Bierner, Eileen 113, 127, 134, 139, 265 Bigger, Vicki 113, 247 This is Ieruwati Seman. He's 19. He's never watched television, slept under an electric blanket, and wouldn't know an electric food freezer if he saw one. And, chances are this college age student in India won't be able to enjoy these things for some time . . . if ever. In his country, electricity is still a luxury. Even though India has tripled its use of electricity in the last ten years, most things are still done by hand. And the standard of living in India, compared to countries who use large amounts of electricity, is still low. You see, a country's standard of liv- ing is closely related to its use of electricity. And the hundreds of mil- lions of people in the entire nation of India use little more electricity than do the people in Dallas! The abundant supply of low cost electricity in Dallas helps you enjoy a better way of life, every day. Next time you switch on a light or use an electric appliance, remember that much of the world's population still lights with lanterns, and does laundry in a river. D kl- DALLAS PowER s. LIGHT COMPANY T PINAMBA K CHAPE CHAPIN . Marsh Lane Texaco U5 ' ,Y I j L Gnves lu Green Sramps 6 Marsh Lane al' Walnu'I' Hill 4aa.a ,Q FL 7-3969 FL I-9242 R U 5 Dallas, Texas 75229 N: ' R1'.,,,,-fix f Ax f mmf, Q Ml ,H Ai "A Touch of Qld Mexico" 5633 W. Lovers Lane FL 2-8593 34I9 Lombardy Lane 2I3I F+. Wor'rh Avenuc DRY CLEANING SHIRTS WH 6-0645 coLn sToRAeE VAULTS ALTERATIONS 366 MORTY'S TELEVISION SERVICE FL I-l283 FI. 7-9052 204 Webb Royal Plaza aa,a I R, 1 3 TEXAS TEACHING ALL PHASES OF KARATE DEFENSE and OFFENSE 67l3 Hillcresi' Ave. INSTITUTE EM 8-4877 .IIKUVISION , I MI DWAY PHARMACY lO226 Midway Road FL 7-6638 Bliss, Mike 289 Bilbo, Claudia 288 Bilhemer, Betsy 98, 174, 288 Billings, Bruce 120, 103, 247 Bills, Carter 2A-8 Bills, Sandra 84, 109, 123, 141, 265 Birmingham, Allen 67, 178, 186, 265 Bishop, Melinda 98, 288 Blackwood, Ann 248 Blackwood, Terry 100, 288 Blair, Chris 101, 102, 103, 111, 112, 140, 142, 265 Blankenmeister, Debby 248 Blankinship, Neal 127, 152, 155, 265 Blanton, Frank 265 Blatnik, Darla 86, 94, 95, 137, 289 Bloskas, Suzanne 266 Blum, Don 90, 95, 96, 206, 208, 266 Blum, Jeff 83, 114, 289 Bock, Craig 266 Boedeker, Carol 289 Boedeker, George 187, 248 Boerder, Anita 266 Boettcher, Karen 248 Boggess, James 356 Boggs, Susan 36, 48, 70, 71, 77, 108, 109, 113, 114, 152, 194, 195, 289, 353 Bolton, Sandy 71, 77, 100, 356 Bolton, Lisa 248 Bond, Bert 199, 248 Bond, Lynn 266 Bone, Terry 266 Bone, Tobi 91, 248 Bookatz, Stephen 266 Booth, Fred 153 Booth, Leslie 289 Booth, Tracey 266 Borgstrom, Jim 289 Borgstrom, Jane 126, 289 Bornman, Laura 123, 266 Bounds, Kirk 199, 201, 266, 210 Bovinich, John 290 Bowen, Becky 290 Bowman, Roy 248 Boyd, Gary 290 Boyd, Paula 266 Boynton, Bud 142, 144, 147, 290 Bracken, Patty 111, 248 Bradshaw, Myra 248 Bradshaw, Ann 84, 113, 183, 138, 147, 266 Brandenburg, Sondra 266 Brann, Mary 266 Braswell, Helen 290 368 Braswell, Pat 290 Braun, Judy 248 Braun, Mark 151, 154, 155. 290 Braun, Mary 266 Breckenridge, James 141, 186, 211, 266 Breeding, Webb 53, 84, 90, 91, 95, 96, 162, 163, 165, 211, 290 Brewer, Paula 248 Brewer, Bill 291 Briden, Jay 248, 102, 146 Bridges, Becky 291 Brieger, Marcia 291 Brigance, Debbie 108, 109, 137. 266 Briley, Patsy 291 Brinson, David 248 Broadhurst, Maryann 139, 266 Brobst, Gary 178, 211, 291 Broclers, John 291 Brooks, Pat 189, 248 Brown, Brad 14, 248 Brown, Dana 266 Brown, Debby 291 Brown, Mark 248 Brown, Randall 266 Brown, Wallace 154, 248 Brutsche. Steve 45, 95, 96, 114, 123, 124, 291 Bryant, David 102, 103, 291 Bryant, Randy 110, 111, 266 Bryden, Jay 102, 108 Buchanan, Coke 248, 85 Buchanan, Jann 248 Buchanan, John 266 Buck, Barbara 266 Buckley, Adelia 102, 248, 146 Buckner, Fred 291 Buckner, Sue 248 Buddin, Beverly 292 Buddin, Buddy 152, 248 Buell, Cindy 129 Buff, John 266 Burkarth, Don 266 Burkha Burnett Burrow Buskirt Bussey, Bussey, rt, Lana 248 , Larry 266, 191 , Nancy 266 , Craig 266 Charles 266 t Lynn 111, 112, 112, 141, 142, 292 Butara, Kathy 292 Butler, Becky 24-8 Butler, Jackie 146, 266 Butler, John 267, 114 Jimmie 154, 155, 267 Bybee, Bybee, Steve 248 Bybee, Susan 292 Bynum, Donna 248 Bynum, Paulette 292 Byrd, James 292 Byrne, Barbara 248 C Cade, Karen 248 Caffee, Susan 130, 292 Caldwell, Everett 102, 103, 267 Calver, Ann 114, 138, 139, 292 Campbell, Bob 293 Campbell, .Ellen 248 Campbell Jessica 114, 293 Campbell Mallory 109, 267 Camplen, Sunny 267 Canfield, Kim 293 Carey, Ken 267 Carleton, Herbert 267 Carlson, Lavita 114, 116, 293 Carney, Robert 267 Carpenter, Patricia 267 Carrell, Brandon 293 Carroll, Beverly 248 Carroll, Jackie 248 Carroll, Mike 248 Carruth, Dennie 90, 162, 163, 177, 191, 192, 211, 249 Cash, Nancy 134, 293 Cassidy, Colleen 249 Cathey, Linda 114, 152, 293 Cato, Mike 249 Caughran, Becky 249 Causey, Scott 102, 103, 295, 114, 161, 125 Causey, Diane 249, 120 Certain, Vanchee 267 Chamberlain, David 126, 249 Chamberlain, Niki 123, 267 Chandler, Janis 249 Candler, Susan 142, 267 Chapman, Doyle 294 Chapman, Kathy 267 Chapman, Suzanne 294, 127 Chappell, Hugh 194, 197, 249 Charles, Nancy 294 Chase, Cindy 44, 114, 123, 160, 161, 294 Chase, Doug 267 Chavez, Laura 249, 139 Cheakas, Cathy 267 Cheatham, David 294 Cheatham, Mark 24-9 Chick, Darla 249 Church, Mary 194, 196, 267 Clack, Sara 109, 267 Clark, Bruce 153 Clark, Chris 294 Clark, Ed 153 Clark, John 249 Clark, Jim 267 Clark, Susan 267 Clark, Tom 267, 114 Clay, Dianne 267 Clay, Marcella 294 Clayton, Lloydine 52, 113, 294 Cleaveland, Cathy 249 Clevenger, Steve 294 Clinch, Mary 249 Cline, Glen 249 Cluff, Wallace 294 Cobb, Evelyn 114, 295 Cobb, Steve 267 Coburn, Steven 102, 103 Cockrell, Joe 148, 249 Coffey, Sharon 113, 295 Coker, Alan 295 Cole, Lynda 123, 137, 267 Cole, Vicki 249 Cole, Ginny 109, 295 Coles, Larry 114, 209, 267 Collier, Judy 206 Collier, Lisa 113, 267 Collins, Buck 174, 249 Comer, Judy 267 Comer, Tim 249 Conaway, Doug 206, 209, 267 Connelly, John 295 Conner, Tommy 90, 174, 24-9 Conwe1l, Tom 102, 103, 147 Cook, Carol 109, 167 Cook, James 267 Cook, Lee 174, 191, 193 Cooper, George 267 Copeland, Sandra 113, 267 Copeland, Scott 142, 147, 295 Corcoran, Marcia 296 Cordes, Cindy 296 Corley, Vikki 249 Comelius, Carol 249 Cossota, Mike 249 Courcier, Paul 154 Courtney, Gary 162, 163, 171, 211, 267 Cowden, J. T. 152, 154 Cowsar, Bill 90, 120, 134, 296 Cox, Charles 90, 110, 111, 112, 139, 296 Cox, George, 199, 200, 249 Cox, Richard 249 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN MAIN OFFICE-I8II Commerce-RI I-552I BRANCH OFFICES: 5930 RoyaI Lane 440 Nor'rI1 Lake Shopping Cenfer 400 Golden Triangle CircIe more beef to the bite! the original double deck HANIBURGER ""':'m'W Q. - - - 4-.L in I 'L "" 1 f I O i ..., . jf, D. .21 1 I -'A., ,,-' 'i N, . .V . - ' Q, . - 'm Q xvm Q ,Q 'la Q, .,..,. R 0 lan nt U H 1 .4 ,. ....,.,A,. 4 xi ieizitz R FAMILY R ESTAU RANT "4"V' " - I! 'agility mm' Q 513: " i f eg. TM. f R. C. W' E . 1962 ""' "'4' DALLAS FORT WORTH 5704 Lemmon Avenue 6540 Camp Bowie Boulevard 2600 S. Zangs Boulevard I523 S. Universi+y Boulevard 5706 E. Mockingbird Loane HOUSTON 6833 W. Norfhwesf Highway . 62I5 Gasfon Avenue 5' ll Gr'g.9s Road 425 E. Main Sfreef lGrand Prairiel 5320 Bellawe Boulevard GENERAL OFFICES: 66I6 Fores'I' Park Road, Dallas, Texas 1 ' I x ' I I 1' 1 X I EXPERT WATCH WELRY R . fllfafrzub Gif gscvslsu 146 WALNUT HILL VILLAGE DI ONDS WATCHES BOB JARRETT I+ Pays +o Look Good Mayes 81 Associa+es BARBERS Ma nicurisl' IOOI6 Marsh Lane DALLAS, TEXAS WALNUT HILL HARDWARE "We Don'+ Wan'l' All +he Hardware Business- JUST YOURS!" I27 WaInu+ Hill Village Dallas, Texas FE 2-IOOI PRODUCER'S FREEZER MEATS 2I5 Marsh Lane Shopping Cenfer FL 7-8386 Beef Processing +o Your Sa+isfac+ion Congra'I'uIa+ions From PRESTON ROYAL PAINT CO EM 8-2323 E. T. METZ REAL ESTATE 3739 Walnuf Hill Lane FL I-3570 INWOOD BARBERS We Use Your Head in Our Business 77l5 Inwood Road FL 2-OII9 moflrzz SQUID? QSAOP FABRICS-SEWING MACHINES CUSTOM BELTS AND BUTTONS SALES AND SERVICE Phone FL I-0754 I85 Walnuf Hill Village JEFF MAGEE'S GULF SERVICE STATION NNEAVING , OTH H EXPER TABLE LINEN5 5l45E'U720,I25, RO6d Sewlce Tires- gbazg flfyscws ggoppz Mechanical Repairs Ba'l"l'el'le5. and 3119 KNOX STREET PHONE LA 6-8797 Mns. PAUL. B. HEg:RMANs DALLAS 5, T Walnu+ Hill ai' Marsh Lane, FL I-38I3 LYNN T.V. SALES 81 SERVICE N II6 Marsh Lane Plaza T5 e Nexi' +o Tom Thumb Color ls Our Specially." FL I-9997 Compleie Sfoclc T.V.s STEREOS TRANSISTORS HI Fl's AND TAPE RECORDERS f:: Melody Shops l22 lnwood Village IOZ6 Norlhparl: , M, lg, ,,,, f2122zzz1we2vzs:fe,s1nf:,ei ,,, 'gh - 'i H -, " ci A d mio wafer . . . No. wafer mlo acid . . . ff,1vWWm,.g, ,f , Helpl!!" JERRY MENEFEE Complele Aulomolive Service JERRY'S SHELL SERVICE 9763 Webbs Chapel Rel. Near Lombardy FL 25559 CLYDE CAMPBELL lvy League Clolhes For The College-Minded Male 6407 Hillcresl' J Compliments X of X THOMAS OPTICAL COMPANY Ground Floor of l'l1e Medical Arls Building cf 'W AL, '06- nz- eawfwa Quppam WE QELL l-lAl2DWAl2E- iuizweiz iwrenwmae WEBBQ CHAPEL l2D. SIZOYAL LN- . ,. .,...,...1,.:-vw: ' 374 Complimenls of Sondy's Shoe Stores 5l8 Preslon Royal Cenler-EM 8-8030 307 Parlc Foresl' Village-FL 9-6774 FINE CUSTOM HOMES BY SKINNER-WELWOOD V01 Compliments of Quang H045 PHARMACY IIO Inwood Village at Lovers Lone FL 2-9781 PRESCRIPTIONS, SUNDRIES, COSMETICS, TOBACCOS, GIFTS COFFEE SHOP FREE DELIVERY-CHARGE ACCOUNTS Cozzens, Neil 267 Crabtree, Tina 296 Craddock, Lila 84-, 109, 267 Cravotta, Charlene 87, 109, 267 Crawford, Kittie 249, 126 Crego, Christy 267 Crenshaw, Connie 249 Crick, Lee 114, 116, 120, 142, 160, 161, 296 Crick, Tony 249 Crockett, Bill 249 Crook, Carolyn 127, 137, 296 Crooks, Olivia 102, 103, 296 Crosby, Craig 249 Crosby, Richard 153, 154, 267 Crossette, Susan 109, 144, 296 Crothers, Pete 249 Crouch, Steve 152 Crozier, Lynn 127, 296 Crump, Carol 297 Crutchfield, Linda 297 Culberson, Billy 2A-9 Culpepper, Lynn 249 Cummings, Bob 162, 163, 297 Cunningham, Bob 297 Curry, Bob 297 Curtis, Johnny 102, 103, 142, 144,297 D Dalzell, Marianna 249 Dalzell, Suzanne 297 Dameron, Mark 54, 114, 138, 142, 143 Danell, Doug 267 Daniel, Helen 298, 126 Daniel, scan as, 90, 206, 207, 208, 297 Darst, Karen 267 Daugherty, Mike 249 David, Barbara 267 Davidson, Marsha 126, 249 D'Avignon, Judy 102, 103, 137, 268 Davis, Davis, Davis, Alice 268 Belinda 298 Candy 249 Davis, Debbie 250 Davis Davis, Davis 298 Davis Davis, 9 Donna 268 Edward 250 Freddie 152, 154, 155, Gordon 102, 103, 250 Mike 268 Davison, Clara 250 Day, Steve 102, 103, 250 376 De Pasqua, Linda 268 Deans, Loren 298 Deans, Rex 174, 202, 204, 250 Deason, Mary Lou 137, 268 Deaton, Mark 298 Deeds, Gary 268 Deeds, Mark 83, 298 Degennaar, Debrah 126, 298 Degroot, Thad 268 Dennis, John 144, 298, 146 Dennis, Linda 268 Denny, Mike 299 Devine, Dan 128, 142, 198, 199, 299 Devine, Doug 250 Dewees, Mary 268 Dickens, Judy 250 Dill, Kent 250 Dilworth, Ann 113, 139, 299 Dixon, Debbie 268 Dodd, Beverly 250 Dodson, Dawn 250 Dodson, Linda 106, 109, 113, 299 Dole, Tom 152 Dolfuss, Vicki 250 Dolfuss, Jay 191, 192, 268 Dolfuss, Nelson 268 Donehoe, Colleen 121, 250 Donehoo, Debbie 250 Dorman, Richard 102 Dorsch, Janet 109, 113, 299 Doster, John 268 Doughty, Claudia 268 Douglas. Rod 91, 162, 163, 202, 203, 211, 268 Douglass, Laurie 102, 135, 299 Douglass, Richard 170, 193, 268 Dowdy, Trey 91, 82, 85, 202, 204, 247, 250 Doyle, Debbie 299 Doyle, Jayne 299 Dres, Henry 153, 250 Drury, Betty 268 Dubois, Greg 102, 121, 250, 146 Dumdei, Mark 250 Dunham, Darrell 111, 299 Dunham, Delana 85, 250 Dunkley, David 102, 135, 268 Dunlap, David 52, 86, 91, 198, 199,299 Dunlap, Forrest 71, 72, 82, 90, 91, 163, 165, 168, 170, 300, 353, 173, 210, 211 Dunlap, Kathy 250 Dunn, Eddie 268, 137 Dunn, James 163, 171, 268 Dye, Tricia 250 Dyer, Tommy 179, 181, 189, 187 300 E Earl, Gary 174, 250 Easley, Alice 268 Easterling, DeWitt 91, 163, 167, 211, 300, 210 Eastham, Rebecca 268 Eaton, Debbie 114, 300 Echols, John 140, 163, 168, 171, 191, 192, 193, 269, 210 Eddins, Mark 174, 191, 193, 250 Eddins, Ramsey 269 Edgar, J an 108, 109, 152, 300, 93 Edgar, Mike 45, 46, 91, 115, 117, 128, 142, 144, 145, 300, 44, 114 Edlin, Freddie 269, 102 Edwards, Carol 127, 130, 269 Edwards, Kathy 356 Edwards, Loren 114, 300 Edwards, Richard 154, 250 Edwards, Sandra 300 Edwards, Scott 114, 269 Egan, Kathy 111, 112, 301, 146 Einhorn, Jacob 40, 123, 142, 139, 143, 301, 93, 297, 39 Eisenkraft, Diane 301 Ekblad, Tanya 114, 301 Elder, Steve 152, 250 Elliott, Gay 123, 114, 269 Ellis, Bill 121, 301, 146 Ellis, Bob 301 Ellis, John 269 Ellis, Linda 269 Ellis, Susan 250 Ellison, Louis 121, 250 Ellsberry, Mike 194, 197, 269 Elmer, Jerry 174 Elmer, Jim 356 Elms, Pete 356, Elrod, Vicki 2.50 English, Cindy 250 Engstrom, Debbie 123, 269 Engstrom, Randy 250 Enlow, Dickie 163, 164, 167, 301, 319, 173, 210 Entwistle, Nancy 85, 250 Epp, Janet 139, 269 Epstein, Susan 123,128, 131, 139, 302, 93 Erickson, Bill 302 Erickson, Susan 121, 250 Ericson, Nancy 40, 41, 123, 302, 38, 124 Erskine, Bob 102, 269 Erwin, Bruce 102, 111 Esquivel, John 269, 191, 193 Estrada, Rosario 356 Evans, Burl 154 Evans, Kathy 113, 269 Evans, Suzanne 194, 197, 269 Evans, Tim 85, 191, 193, 250 Evans, Tom 302 Evenson, Rozanne 269 Ewing, Gayle 302 F Fain, Nicky 251 Fain, Pam 269 Fain, Toni 302 Fambro, Judy 269 Fasnkboner, Kandy 113, 251 Farmer, George 251 Farr, Lynette 269 Farrar, Wayne 251 Farris, Cindy 269 Farrow, Beverly 251 Feitel, Tommy 114, 251 Ferguson, Candy 251 Ferguson, Becky 251 Ferguson, Lorance 153 Ferraro, Fred 206, 207, 208 Ferrell, Mike 251 Field, George 91, 151, 154, 155 269 Fields, Jan 251 Fields, Nancy 113, 269 Fine, Betty 53, 86, 102, 138, 122, 123, 124, 125, 302, 38 Fish, Vicki 269 Fishel, Mark 251 Fisher, Carlton 135, 302 Fisher, Peggy 251 Fitzhugh, John 123, 303 Flanagan, Kathy 303 Flanagan, Mike 251 Flocker, Janet 109, 269 Flood, Susan 126, 130, 269 Flores, Steve 303 Flores, Licia 251 Folco, Emanuela 55, 56, 114, 142, 143, 303 Folsom, Diane 109, 139, 269 Forbes, Glenda 269 Ford, Alan 52, 91, 114, 145, 142, 199, 303, 38 Ford, Keith 251 Foster, Landa 113, 269 Foster, Gary 251 Fout, Glennietta 251 Fowler, David 269 Fox, Janet 139, 269 PRESTDIWGQEQ Teenage Shoes 'for Every Occasion PRESTO-CHARGE Sharp Hardware 'We l'lave Fixlures lo Fix il." 6ll2 l-U'l'l'1el' Lane THREE LOCATIONS EM I-75I3 4244 Oalrlawn LA I-2 I 8I I20 Inwood Village FL 2-4856 62I Presfon Royal Village EM 8-646I , I... n eeieaa . IIIII JESTER'S HUMBLE SERVICE N A IE'IaI Free Pick Up 8: Delivery Plaid Sfamps-Tires,.Ba'Heries, Accessories "Minor Aulo Repair" FL 7-2748 9740 webbs Chapel Ra. ,. I4 2 - f Jifif ti. 2 ,k,., of ,..i ., "1" ,.,,. , . . . . . u 4 . . . 5 ' 'JIE OFHCE SUPPLY V If l42 Walnul Hill Shopping Villlgp 'F' I' A , FL 2-5242 ' .l,., 2 377 CONGRATULATIONS TO TJ SENIORS we suv SALVAGE .rqce goal Sedafce Geniu COMPLETE BOAT REPAIR SERVICE Marine Upholshring - Fiberqlassing - Cusiomilinq A Wrucks Robuilf Il055 Harry Hinos Blvd. Dqllggi Tgxgg Owngr CH 7-2244 SALIH'S "Fines'r In Barbecue" 8309 Wes'Icl1es+er Presion Square QQQNSE Ullgss. S , 4 r I up , n aaoa ffnk' IDHILICIOIIS Chili Dogs. Charbroiled Burgers Refreshing Orange Julius TO TAKE HOME-FL 2-9759 I0042 Marsh Lane IAT WALNUT HILL LANEI O' 1 IN fn' 'N .J ga ,ULU gz 14 :Lu D-I QU Ex? 002 U17 1 :IEE O11 N2 2 C51 Q CAMERA LAND LOCATED INSIDE TOM THUMB Marsh Lane Plaza Marsh af Walnul' Hill ONE DAY SERVICE FL I-I825 THE ART SHOP Oil Painiing Classes for All Ages RUBYE BRIDEN Walnul Hill Village I I I' CAMPISIQS l EGYPTIAN I RESTAURANT I ,V DAILASOTEXAS -Q-gg----q , I f 141 gA l "'fff00D5 I J ITALIA K5 gi fsrfll I ,-,: solo EASY Mocxwcsaireo LANE TA 7-0355 PHONES TA 7-77ll J DALLAS I TEXAS I lil FAMOUS Fon l I . -qv. ,-1 -1. I HERITAGE SAVINGS ASSOCIATION Telephone FL 8-2335 0 I20 Marsh Lane Plaza Dallas, Texas 75229 MAIN OFFICE: 200 N. Main, Duncanville, Texas Member FSLIC 7 I WHT FX BECKLUND Q HAFKEMEYER ,M fi ...U MASCHO - f 4 Tal" 'Z DEEDS t , '67 STAGE 1 CRICK pf gr Nd! Cmiw :Nc vm MOREY A-, fi . 3II Park Foresf FL 2-9743 FAST, FRIENDLY AND COURTEOUS SERVICE Dolls, Games, Wheel Goods, Swing Sefs, Sand Boxes Toys, 'f are s fm , , ,. Q , .- .QV 'n. , I i :q E , ,i:v:.5NxN , WA' -A f"si - ,' ftig ' 1' Ax ECW -' . ff-3-. If-ff ' - .sxxkx-A ' 3 Ji" I : F' ng . T X' -',','f - r ' ' .iv A "U Q 52 1 . .."'L"71.L..1 fl -L x,,. -QL- Q' ' if A A x ' f f' . ' Q f, ' iq . ' " g',2-1'.- T- , 'i Q: Q x, nb ' X X s fe, A 1 , ' .---- ' J? r 2, fixv 54 lip . I ,,. - Y U . .. , W ,5 Sj5.j-" :'a: Q.. x 1' if , 'Z A -. if ' ff V ' 4 r - A - K X pl E f '.-' ' Q Z3 , ff LA 8-0287 LA 8-0294 UQICANTGO iBlYGlGNl nowins 775, 7g,,,,,u LUTHER M. MARSHBURN 5342 Lemmon Dallas, Texas 380 LANTRIP'S MARSH LANE PHARMACY I0020 Marsh Lane-Dallas, Texas 75229 FL 2-7559 Free Pickup and Delivery of Prescripfions Compleie School Depar+men+ FEATURING: Required Laborafory and Poclcef-Book Orders Teenage Cosmefic Make-Up Cenier TRAFFICANO ENCO SERVICE SCA LE ROAD SERVICE MECHANIC ON DUTY Washing-Lubricotion-Accessories Complete Automotive Service OUR SPECIALTY IS YOUR CAR' 9998 Marsh Lane at Walnut Hill FL 2-9088 "1 "I+ fool: you long enough, sI'upid." PRESTON CENTER OPTICAL SALON A Compleie Oplical Prescriplion Service 6I38 Berlcshire Lane Phone: EMerson 8-2432 PRESTO-CHARGE Q8 y0UfS6!I. CZS OZIAQFS S98 5024 PAUL'S SHOES I600 Elm S+.-Norfhpark Highland Park Village Pres'I'on Cenfer-Presfon Royal TAILOR MADE CLOTHES FOR LADIES AND GENTS 0 ZIQAQS cusgm ci.oTi-mens! 6807 W. NORTHWEST HIWAY AT HILLCREST DALLAS, TEXAS Faeawmhiire IQBAL "IKE" SINGH SEKHUN EM 3.1504 Q Suiis Q Jaclcefs Q Trousers Q Coais Q Tuxedos Q Blouses Q Ladies Evening Dresses Q Beaded 8: Sequined Dresses 8: Sweafers Sarees From India Sfoles-Scarfs-Ties Beaded Bags if sk OPEN iozoo AM. DAILY 382 rv-fww . N , gi? is K eff. A5 8 David Barr is shown 'rhe expensive lining of a "Rafah" sporfcoai' by Ike Selchon Goodman, Susan 113, 270 Gaither, Lyndon 153, 154 Wayne 85, 252, 146 Fox, Mary 269 Fox, Ronnie 251 Franklin, Tom 174, 251 Frazier, J oanie 251 Freedman, Marilyn 251 Freed, James 102, 111, 145, 146 Frederick, Daniel 141, 269 Freedman, Dickie 303 Freeman, Marc 303 Fregia, Portia 251 Freiman, Mark 251 Friday, Lynn 126, 251 Friedman, Paula 114, 269 Fritz, Judy 123, 251 Fritz, Lin 303 Frnka, Carolyn 251, 102 Frnka, Linda 303 Fryar, James 269, 146 Fulfer, Anita 269 Fullinwider, James 269 Furgerson, Wayne 356 G Galbreath, Debbie 303 Germany, Pat 304 Gibson, Jenny 270 Giddins, Gigi 270 Gifford, Sharon 270 Gilbert, Pat 153, 154, 270 Gill, Kathy 114, 116, 305 Gilmore, John 270 Gilmore, Theresa 305 Gipe, Bill 91, 101, 102, 119, 120, 135, 270, 39 Glasgow, Hank 270 Glasgow, Marty 252 Glater, Margo 102, 270 Glendinning, John 153, 154, 252 Glenn, Donna 305 Glennan, James 270 Glickman, Randy 91, 174, 252 Glidewell, James 270 Godbey, Gayle 114, 142, 305 Goldman, Charles 305 Gonzales, Arthur 114, 305 Gonzales, Charles 189 Goodman, Nancy 113, 252 Goodsell, Gary 146, 305 Gordon, David 191, 193, 252 Gordon, Lynn 305 Gorman, James 270 Gorrell, Stephanie 270, 135, 142 Gott, Mary 130, 305 Graffeo, Mary 305 Graham, David 306 Guerry, Steve 271 Guest, Vicki 52, 86, 114. 126. 307 Gunter, Carl 307 Guthrie, Bert 114, 252 Guthrie, Janie 252 Guyton, Judy 252 H Habitzreiter, Ronnie 271 Haefs, Bob 271 Hafkemeyer, Jeff 86, 120. 135, 151, 155, 307, 119 Hafkemeyer, Marsha 252 Hagens, Charles 252 Hagood, Lee 113, 271 Halbrook, Marilyn 114, 271 Halbrook, Debbie 307 Haley, Brooks 120, 39, 356 Hall, Candy 109, 271 Hall, Billy 307 Halleck, Pat 307, 126 Hambrick, Dikki 271 Harrison, Gayle 252 Harrison, James 153, 154, 155 Hart, Betty 252 Harvey, Cissy 309 Harwell, Andy 271 Hathaway, Cheryl 121, 129, 271 Hause, Charlotte 309 Hause, Susan 252 Hawkins, Jane 53, 139, 271 Hayes, Patti 36, 86, 90, 92, 114, 116 , 106, 309, 142 Hayes, Priscilla 309 Hayes, Lillete 358 Hayes, Sandy 271 Haynes, Judy 309 Haynes, Ken 102, 252 Hayslip, Tiana 271 Hayslip Tim 271 Heaberlin, Christine 136, 271 Heald, Linda 271 Heath., Nancy 271 Hamilton 210 Hamilton Hamilton, Hamilton, Bruce 189, 252 Hamilton, , Carl 191, 192, 271, Lynn 307 Hamilton, , Mark 194, 196, 252 Phil 163, 171, 210 Sharon 252 Hamilton, Susan 308, 38 Hamilton, Graham, Debbie 306, 113 Garcia, Emilio 154, 269 Garcia, Joe 304 Garcia, Mike 251 Garcia, Pat 304 Gardiner, Bruce 91, 133, 304 Garland, Richard 356 Garner, Charlotte 102, 269 Garner, Grover 102, 122, 251 Garonzik, Phil 101, 102, 304, 105 Garrett, Cathy 114, 304 Garrison, Steve, 270 Gartner, Bob 189, 251 Garver, Terry 45, 114, 116, 270, 46, 127 Gathings, Carol 136, 251, 128 Gagne, Phyllis 270 Gaynier, Martha 109, 270 Gebhardt, Dick 101, 102, 270 270 Gee, Doug 270 Geibel, Larry 252 Genarlsky, Carrie 128, 270 Genarlsky, Cathy 86, 95, 96, 93, 114, 304 George, Sandra 270 Gerhardt, Bob 206, 208, 304 Gerhardt, Tom 206, 270, 209 Graham, Linda 306 Graham, Robert 356 Graves, Frank 270 Gray, D'ann 252 Gray, Troy 189, 202, 204, 252 Green, Debbie 41, 53, 83, 99, 86, 98, 114, 124, 125, 306, 353, 39, 93 Green, George 306 Green, Mary 123, 252, 140 Green, Ricky 102, 111, 131, 306 Greeno, Todd 137, 145, 270, 146 Greeno, Ladd 120, 134, 142, 146, 147, 306, 38 Greenwalt, Laura 252 Greenwood, Sheri 194, 197, 306 Gregory, Albert 271 Gregory, Linda 306 Grisham, Mike 252 Grifford, Shari 137 Grissom, Susan 252 Griswold, Sam 271 Gross, Mark 111, 135, 38, 91, 51, 306, 101, 102, 144 Grossnickle, Dick 271 Grove, Curtis 356 Gruber, Linda 356 Gruen, Naomi 307 Hamlin, Cathy 252 Hammett, Bill 114, 162, 163, 167, 308 Hammons, Cindy 211 Hammons, Donna 252 Hancock, Doneeta 136 Handy, Scott 252 Hankins, Dick 252 Harber, Greg 271 Harber, Mike 191, 193, 210, 300 Harbert, Jo Ann 252 Harbert, Bob 52, 308 Hargrove, Gwynne 113, 308 Harlen, Vicki 271 Harmon, Peggy 252 Harr, Dianne 308 Harrington, Leslie 113, 136, 271 Harrington, Shirley 252 Harris, Barbara 308 Heatherly, Keith 271 Hendrick, Sheryl 114, 271 Heifner, Jan 271 Heitman, Randy 271 Hemby, Cathy 252 Henderson, Mary 252 Hendley, Brenda 252 Hendricks, Mark 271 Henningan, Gerri 271 Hensley, Tim 152 Herman, Robert 356 Henningan, Gerri 271 Hergenroether, Cathy 271 Hernandez, Mary 309 Hernandez, Yolanda 309, 114 Herndon, Boyd 194, 271, 195 Herndon, Pat 109, 113, 271 Hess, Betsy, 252 Hess, Terry, 91, 162, 163, 211, 210, 309 Hickerson, Karen 102, 271 Hickey, Valeria 310 Hickey, Bill 41, 86, 122, 132, 310, 100, 52, 93, 99 Hickman, Cathy 139, 142, 143, 310 Hicks, Ellen 271 Hilburn, Liz 128, 310 Hill, Ellen 310 Hill, Gordon 84, 199, 201, 271 Hill, Jack 102, 252, 146 Hill, Janet 252 Hill, Jerry 163, 167, 211, 210, 310 11111, Meredith 163, 172, 173, Harris Harris, Harris Harris, , Linda 271 Nancy 252 Roger 271 Wesley 53, 83, 84, 308 Harrison, Orrin 38, 40, 41, 52, 82, 86, 91, 125, 135, 142, 143, 144, 206, 207, 309 Harrison, Bob 102, 252 Harrison, Susan 109, 127, 153, 309 Harrison, Tommy 252 210, 253 Hill, Kay 252 Hill Linda 129, 310 Hill Richard 114 Hill, Ronald 102, 271 Hill, Ron 253 Hill, Wendy 127, 142, 310 Hill 'ard Briwn 356 1 , . Hilliard, Dana 356 Hilly, Pat 271 Hiltz, Sammy 253 383 Hilz, Judy 114, 132, 194, 197, 310, 147 Hinckley, Trudy 109, 310, 114 Hinds, Jan 253 Hipskind, Christopher 311 Hirsch, Diana 127, 311 Hirt, Alan 154, 271, 141, 152 Hirt, Doug 311 Hodge, Sheri 123, 271 Hodges, Charles 253 Hodges, Mary 253 Hoferz, Debbie 271 Hofert, Doug 271 Hoffman Gary 100, 311, 93, 99 Hoffman, Leonard 83, 163, 168, 311, 210, 211 Hoffman, Rick 311 Holdeman, Harold 311 Holden, Jim 311 Holland, 'Debbie 109, 127, 137, 152, 312 Holland, Robert 312, 126 Hollenbeck, Kathy 312 Holloway, Tony 130, 271 Holmberg, Robin 253 Holmes, Billy 101, 102, 253 Hood, Steve 272, 191, 192 Hopkins, Carol 109, 272, 84, 85 Horton, Ron 272 Horton, Ginger 253 Hovancik, John 153, 312 Howard, Freddie 91, 79, 183, 186, 202, 203, 312, 205 Howard, Mike 174, 210, 202, 204 Howell, Pix 312 Howell, Rita 40, 113, 127, 312, 39 Howell, Robert 86, 146, 111, 112, 312 Howerton, Janice 272 Howeton, Sandra 253 Hubbard, Barbara 272 Hubert, Paul 253, 134 Hublein, Barbara 272 Huckaby, Donna 133, 313, 38 Hudson, Andy 91, 114, 161, 313 Hudson, Bonnie 313, 132 Hudson, Bill 272 Hudson, Kathleen 253 Huey, Cecil 206, 208, 313 Hughes, Linda 313 Huie, Jackie 127, 253 Humphreys, Lynn 253, 113, 53 Hunn, Cheryl 253 Hunt, Glennis 102, 272 Hunter, Jean 313 Hunter,Tam 313 Hurley, Pat 253 Hurley, Rick 253, 85, 199, 200 Hussey, Paul 152, 154, 253. 206, 209 Hyde, Jenise 106, 155, 313, 114, 209, 38 384 I Ingersoll, Vickie 356 Ingram, Maureen 84, 272 Isom, Bill 313 Isom, Rocky 272 Jackso Jackso Jackso Jackso 313, Jackso Jacobs, 253 Jacobs Jacobs Jacobs J n, Carol 253 n, Don 84, 272 n, Greg 272 n, Sara 40, 124, 125, 133 38 n, Susan 128, 253 , Dennis 253 , Janice 253 , Robert 99, 144, 272 Jacobson, Trina 253 Jacobson, Eric 50, 71, 74, 82, 94, 95, 314, 91, 93, 142 James, Debbie 253 James, Gary 272 James, Margie 253 James, Victoria 139, 314, 124 Jaquess, Carolyn 253 Jarvis, JHY, J e Critt 114 an 253 Jellinek, Nancy 114, 137, 272 Jenkins, Don 356 J enkin J enkin s, Pat 272 s Paul 253 Jewett, Phil 356 Jewett, Vicki 356 Jimenez, Frank 272 Johnson, Barbara 272 Johnson, Beverly 86, 125, 139. 314 Johnson, Dale 253 Johnson, Debbie 253 Johnson, Diane 356 Johnson, Donna 128, 272 Johnson, Mike 314 Johnson, Nancy 272 Johnson, Peggy 212 Johnson, Penny 272 Johnson, Sarah 139, 272 Johnson, Tim 314 Johnston, Randy 272 Jones, Barbara 114, 128, 272 Jones, Carolyn 212 Jones, Sue 272 Jones, Chuck 253 Jones, Cheryl 314 Jones, Christine 272 Jones, J Jones, J eff 174, 255, 314 udy 253 Jones, Mike 202, 204, 272 Jones, Susan 314 94, 95. 93 Dale 140, 174, 202, 205. Jonsson, Thordur 272 Joplin, Dianne 48, 113, 128, 137, 155, 315 Joplin, Laurie 253 Joplin, Randy 315 Jordan, Hilarie 272 Jordan, Bob 189, 254 Jordan, John 91, 141, 196, 194, 272 Jordan, Johnny 254 Joyce, .Joseph 356 Juarez, Beatrice 102, 315 Justiss, Steve 102, 254 K Kageler, Chris 82, 85, 94, 95, 93, 142, 315, 38, 97 Kahanek, Cindy 113, 2.72 Kalk, Dennis 211, 272, 191, 210 Kn11nn1nnnn,Bnb 91, 135, 144, 145, 315 Kanagy, Don 272 Kattawar, Judy 272 Kaufman, Mike 40, 41, 114, 116, 315, 39 Kaut, Cindy 272 Kaut, Thomas 86, 95, 96, 315, 93 Keaster, Gayle 272 Kecsey, Danny 254 Keeton, Gary 126, 153, 254 Keeton, Rita 272 Keller, Becky 106, 109, 315 Keller, Pam 102, 111, 227 Kelley, John 134, 147, 315, 146 Kelton, Bruce 120, 272, 38 Kemp, Connie 142, 128, 356 Kennedy, Joe 315 Kennedy Kathy 316 Kennedy, Sandy 316 Kennemer, Judy 206, 209, 272 Kepner, Edward, 91, 272 Kiebler, Will 316 Kieschnick, Bob 84, 272 Kilcrease, Judy 254 Killingworth, Dale 120, 128, 14-5, 316 Kin11n1n, Jann-is 102, 105, 139, 272 Kincaid, Sam 83, 91, 163, 169, 316, 173, 210, 211 Kindefdink, steve 114, 254, 45, 47 King, Billy 273 King, Bryan 101, 102, 154 King, James 51, 86, 91, 145, 316 King, Steve 254 King, Steve T. 273, 202, 204 King, William 316 Kingsley, Elizabeth 134, 254 Kigrgsley, Kathleen 99, 134, 316, Kirk, Connie 254 Kirkpatrick, Arthur 153 Kizer, Mary Lou 317 Klein, Pat 138, 139, 317 Klett, Ron 101, 102, 111, 273 Klutts, Linda 134, 317 Knauer, Kitten 254- Knight, Kubert 101, 102, 254 Knob, Kathy 356 Knotts, Kathy 109, 114, 317 Kohler, Kim 273 Kohoutek, George 206, 209, 254 Koos,Alan 129, 151, 155, 317 Kowalewski, Larry 114, 116, 317 Kramer, Nancy 254 Kreaps, Van 254, 191 Kreis, Martin 206, 208, 254 Kreischer, Sally 114, 154, 317 Krizan, Ken 254, 174 Krusz, Patti 254 Krutilek, Courtney 273 Kucera, Diane 140, 254 Kuehne, Arthur 273 Kuehne, John 254 Kuenstler, Sheryl 53, 84, 114, 116, 123, 147, 273, 132 Kuhatschek, Jack 317 Kyser, Rita 317, 128 L Lacy, Linda 53, 109, 273 Lamaster, Truman 356 Lambe, Patti 113, 136, 319 Land, Julie 254 Land, Dick 145, 318 Land, Susan 114, 318 Landwehr, Marcia 273 Lane, Dana 318 Lane, James 356 Langkop. Jimmy 91, 189, 202, 204, 254 Langston, Stacy 139, 273 Langston, Gay 254 Laredo, Esther, 137, 273 Largent, Connie 273 Larson, Debi 254 Larsen, Karla 318 Larson, Charles 199, 200, 273 Larson, Tom 114, 318 Lawrence, John 273 Lawson, Betty 254 Lawson, Jim 318 Learned, Lucinda 273 Lee, Charles 318 Lee, Eddie 206, 209, 254 Lee, Mike 273 Lee, Randy 174, 254 Leevy, Melinda 273 Leftwich, Mike 318 Leighton, Buster 318 Leighton, Lynn 254 Lem, Mike 273 LeMasters, Mike 202, 204, 273 Lemberg, Tim 152, 254 Lemons, Mark 318 Leonard, Deborah 273 Leonard, Jerry 319 Letot, Ron 273 Levine, Doug 153 Levine, Richard 255 Lewis, Bill 178 Lewis, Janet 273 Lewis, Rex 255 Lewis, Spence 174, 255 Ley, Stan 185, 187, 202, 203. 204, 273, 179, 210 Lieb, Kathy 137, 273 Lilli, Mary 255 Lincoln, Jackie 319 Lindley, Kyle 273 Lindley, Michelle 255 Lindley, Steve 319 Lindner, Bob 153, 154, 310 Lindner, Ray 153, 189, 255 Lipsie, Linda 255 Lisk, Susan 255 Little, Ann 319 Litton, Karen 141, 194, 196, 273 Loader, Danny 273 Lobley, Anne 320 Logan, Craig 101, 102, 103, 105, 110, 111, 112, 320 Logan, Toni 320 Long, Anson 273 Longino, Tom 255, 188, 189 Lovell, Mary 273 Loving, Steve 174, 189, 255 Looder. Vicki 123, 255 Lowe, Sharon 113, 273 Lowerre, Wendy 255 Lowman, Nancy 109, 274 Lowrie, John 274 Loyd, Greg 320 Lucas, Gail 255 Luce, David 274 Lundbeck, Linda 274 Lusk, Brenda 274 Lyon, Marhsa 126, 130, 140, 274 Lyon, Melinda 255 Lytel, Louise 85 M MacDonald, Marilyn 109, 320 MacDonald, Martha 255 Mack, Johnny 320 MacMaster, Teddy 274 MacPhearson, Bruce 274 Madden, Nancy 255 Madden, Ronny 320 Magee, Bob 274 Mahaffey, Karl 91, 194, 196, 370, 210 Maldonado, Linda 274 Z0 Manley, Steve 140, 274 Manley, Vincent 114, 255 Marboulis, Mike 255 Marcellus, Phil 198, 199, 320 Marcum, Steve 274 Margolis, Susan 274 Margrave, Bruce 129, 320, 38 Mars, David 114, 154 Marshall, Martha 321 Marshall, Randy 255 Martin, Dennis 138, 139, 146 202, 206, 208, 211, 210, 321 Martin, Pam 255 Martin, Sid 174, 191, 192, 255 Martinkus, Mickey 321' Marvin, Deborah 109, 294 Mascho, Carolyn 119, 142, 321, 38, 114 Massie, Jim 52, 101, 102, 103, 110, 111, 135, 321 Massie, Lorin 154, 255, 146 Mather, Bill 321, 126 Mathis, Leslie 321 Mathis, Sue 274 Matkins, Teresa 321 Matthews, Carolyn 109, 114 123, 274 Matthews, Paula 322 Mattingly, John 356 Maus, Sharon 113, 255 Maxfield, Paula 255 Maxville, Bille 322 H Maxwell, Bert 199, 201, 255 May, Rig 274 May, Steve 322 Mayers, Susan 255 Mayes, Buddy 174 Mayo, Carolyn 52, 71, 75, 86, 121, 139, 146, 322 Mc McA1ister, Mike 255 McAfee, Richard 140, 274 McBride, Emily 274 McBride, Janice 109, 274 McBride, Lawrence, 66, 82, 140, 174, 255, 247 McCabe, Roberta 255 McCaffrey, Crhistine 255 McCally, Cindy 113, 274 McCarty, Bob 144, 145, 147, 322 McCaskill, Mike 188, 189, 202, 255, 205 McClaren, Keith 53 McClendon, Steve 274 McClesky, Charles 255 McClure, Priscilla 255 McCollum,Ross 274 McCool, David 322 McCool, Debbie 255 McCormick, Mike 256 McCracken, Jim 202, 203, 205, 211, 322 McCrary, Marcia, 128, 322 McCrary, Sharon 274 McCray, John 141, 145, 274, 146 McDaniel, Bill 202, 205 McDaniel, Gil 256 McDaniel, Nan 274 McDonald, David 322 McDonald, Pam 256 McDonell, Clint 274 McDonnell, Joe 256 McElfish, Harold 140, 256 McFadden, John 256 McFar1in, Jan 256 McFarlin, John 256 McFiney, James 191, 192 McGaha, Clarence 274 McGilberry, Beverly 256, 322 McGinnis, Helen 256 McGregor, Andy 122, 191, 274, 193 McGregor, Pam 140, 256 McGuire, Cecile 274 McGuire, Martha 256 McKeever, Candy 256 McKay, Bob 114 McKeever, Gene 275, 146 McKenna, Robert 206, 209 McKenzie, Jo 109, 275 McKenzie, Kathy 356 McKey, John 178, 187, 202, 203 McKinney, Linda 138, 139, 142, 323, 38 McKinney, Patti 113, 127, 14-2, 323, 83, 38 McKissack, Becky 256 McKissack, Kathy 68, 84, 109, 140, 275 McLain, Debbie 256 McLaren, Keith 114, 275, 53 McLean, Bill 275 McLean, Connie 323 McMath, John 110, 111, 153, 323 McNatt, Jim 162, 163, 171, 275 McNulty, Kleta 256 McPhearson, Jim 174 McRoberts, Steven 275 McWhorter, .1 oyce 323 Mead, Jan 113, 275 Mead, Sharon 323 Meador, Ann 275 Meadows, lvon 356 Meadows, Martha 323 Melady, Ted 178, 184, 187, 127, 275 Melde, Craig 174, 256 Melton, Barbara 323 Melton, Maurice 275 Merritt, David 50, 86, 102, 104, 323, 133, 191, 192 Meskan, Nancy 275 Metcalf, Lisa 123, 124, 39, 323 Metz, Greg 256 Metz, Kathy 102, 103, 275 103, Meyers, Richard 256 Meyercord, Andy 71, 73, 91, 95 162, 163, 168, 303, 324 Meyercord, Phill 68, 91,114, 275 Michaels, Tom 153, 275 Michero, Sally 113, 136, 324 Michero, Randy 256 Mickey, Debbie 130, 256 Middleton, Ronnie 275 Miller, Bobby 162, 163, 171, 275, Miller, 91 Richard 324 Miller, Robert 91 Miller, Jody 113, 256 Miller, Trip 162, 163, 168, 211, 324, Miller, 210 166, 173, 210 Zack 82, 92, 199, 275, Milligan, Walter 275, 177 Mills, Dorothy 85, 256 Mills, Ruegena 114, 324 Minton, Vickie 275 Mirkes, Cindy 275 Mirkes, Georgie 275 Mirkes, Krissy 256 Mitchell, Donna 131, 275, 146 Mitchell, Beth 256 Mithcell, James 256 Mitchell, Richard 114, 256 Mobberley, Pat 102, 103, 110, 111, 134, 324 Mobberley, Tom 256 Moeller, Dan 324 Moffet, Susan 256 Mongaras, Roxanne 123, 325 Moore, Kay 325 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moran, Linda 139, 275 Susan 325 Marshall 325 Shirley 256 Marica 109, 127, 275 Morey, Marsha 84, 120, 39, 123, 275 ' Morgan, Kathy 275 Morgan, Pam 256 Morris, Brent 145, 146, 275 Morris, Charles 206, 208, 209. 210, 275 Morrow, Bruce 162, 163, 173, 275 Morse, Glen 147, 199, 201, 275 Morton, Debbie 256 Morton, Susan 113, 140, 256 Moss, Cindy 109, 139, 275 Moss, Joe 275 Mowery, Gary 275 Muehlhuse, Vicki 113, 275 Mullins, Beverly 325 Mullins, Billye 102, 103 Munsell, James 153, 256 Munson, Carol 256 Murphy, Charlotte 114, 116, 142, 143, 325, 93 385 386 Best Dressed Juniors Shop arSff'ISh0p A ,:-1-:-- , . .F lx f N , '25 1,1 as P ' QA wc. 1 SNCE 1938 ,I I X NUITIIPIIK PIESTUI CEITEI 'V 'X J sf fy .E 'K Iv x X 4 X 6319 HILLCREST 5 E i .ask ll HE ff r . 2, f ,Q K Q 1 s ' 3 , 5 , wwww o,Q:.,Q 4, ,ye 4,,::,.s + ,,wn',c ,,,,o',e '44,u':,v: :+a,n' et, 4 n u 44o,:':,g a.I.n' 44,0 v 09 V 49 54 +4040 ,goooooooo +roooooo+ qwoaoa-4 'w+++o4++ 'X 04 04 1 .:o., ',x-ffo-041+ t-,QQQQQ-94 ,,,44+++v 044.4-sfva-Q 01' soo ' 4 Vi' 454 v+Qo 909501 4 +9 5669+ WHEN IN DENTON VISIT YOUNG AIR'S 'IO1 AVENUE A, PHONE A. C. 817-387-5041 Pikwikq PHONE A,C. 214 EM 8-B532 205 PRESTON ROYAL VILLAGE DALLAS TExAs 75230 FFY'S TA DANCEWEAR I Q9 ,I fre Q , , , 4: f S? 9 75229 Texas, Dallas, hway Hig si' or'l'l1we N 5960 -73I3 EM8 ny Club? you believe 'llwe Colo oulcl "W gym? girl's The Else? . +Sump'n OU 'How ab Murphy, Pat 325 Murphy Jann 109, 325 Murray, Diane 109, 275 Murray, Nancy 109, 113, 275 Murray, John 146, 203, 204, 375 Muffell, Barn, 71, 78, 133, 194, 195, 325 Myers, Larry 92, 275 Myers, Richard 92, 275 Myrick, Mary 113, 257 N Nafus, Jack 52, 326 Nayea, Eloise 257 Neal, Ray 162, 163, 173, 211, 275 Neely, Jo Ann 257 Neff, Nancy 123, 135, 139, 275 Nelson, David 206, 207, 208,326 Nelson, John 257 Nelson, Kris 257 Newlin, Terry 98, 133, 326 Newman, Alan 188, 189, 257 Newquist, Keith 92,l26, 328 Newquist, Kraig 92, 126, 326 Newsome, Debbie 295 Nichols, Judy 114, 275 Nichols, Kandi 257 Nichols, Karen 326 Nicholson, David 203, 209, 276 Noblitt, Eileen 123, 257 Noblitt, Randy 52, 326 Noltemier, Nancy 257 Norsworthy, Ken 326 Norsworthy, Nancy 257 Northcutt, Mary 110, 111, 112 Northcutt, Nancy 257 Nunn, Jean 128, 327 O Oates, Patti 276 Oberien, Bonnie 110, 111, 140, 257 Odera, Akira 55, 57, 92, 114, 142, 143, 148,327 O'D0nnell, Bob 153, 257 Oetting, Eric 152, 276 ohidnd, Judy 109, 276 Ohland, Wes 114, 327 Olden, Craig 135, 276 Oliver, Tom 85, 276 Oliver, Jim 40, 51, 83, 92, 114, 160, 161, 327 Olvera, Laura 257, 206 Qrrell, David 276 388 Orsburn, Dale 257 Orsburn, Margie 128,228, '327 Orshalick, Alan 174, 257 Ort, Jack 206, 207, 209,327 Owens, Loemma 276 P Padilla, Bill 257 Page, Donna 102, 103, 257 Page, Tim 257 Palms, Bob 2.76 Pampell, Pat 327 Pappas, Toni 276 Parish, Dale 276 Park, Jo Ann 53, 114, 276 Parks, Suzanne 328 Parr, Bill 114, 116, 174 276 Partridge, Janie 328 Partridge, Selina 257 Paschen, Cindy 276 Pate, Chuck 89, 257 Pate, Jimmy 174, 188, 257 Paternostro, Don 328 Paternostro, Chuck 174, 257 Patrono, Ralph 328 Patton, Gina 276 Patton, Phil 162, 163, 168, 328 Patton, Suzy 102, 103, 257 Paul, Kathy 257 Payne, Corry 174, 257 Payne, Shari 52, 328 Peacock, John 276 Pearson, Carmel 257 Pearson, Carol 276 Peddy Donna 257 Peddy, Gayle 127, 328 Pederson, Kristen 257 Pederson, Randy 328 Peek, Sharon 127, 276 Pence, David 257 Penny, Bobby 102, 103, 105, 110, 111, 112, 14-7, 329 Penny, Randy 102, 103,276 Penrod, Janet 329, 107 Perelson, Virginia 257 Perry Ken 174, 257 Perryman, Bob 257 Peters, Susan 113, 329 Petron, Larry 276 Pettit, La Verne 276 Petty, Gary 154, 258 Petty, Ray 92, 95, 96, 276 Peurifoy, Johnny 329 Peffer, Richard 258 Pflueger, Jeff 139, 258 Pickrell, Sydney 52, 329 Piano, Kathy 130, 329 Pierson, Debbie 258 Pies, Don 329 Pigg, Linda 139,258 Pinson, Jerry 329 Pinter, Debbie 258 Pinter, Stephanie 329 Piranio, Dennis 276 Pittman, Dan 154, 329 Pittman, Jerry 276 Pittman, Pat 258 Pitts, Tim 258 Pollard, Martha 121, 330 Pomara, Diane 258 Pope, Diane 102, 103, 276 Porter, Robert 276 Poston, Roy 144, 276 Poteet, Nancy 114, 116, 127, 330 Potter, Jerry 162, 163, 169, 173, 330 Pound, Marsha, 58, 114, 330 Pound, Shirley 113, 258 Powell, Mike 154, 258 Prescott, Linda 109, 114,276 Pressly, Debbie 258 Prestien , Larry 92, 206, 258 Preston, Jane 330 Prewitt, Dennis 102, 103, 276 Price, Lanny 276 Pride, Kay 115, 132, 276 Priess, Ron 152, 153, 154, 330 Prilliman, Steve 258 Pruett, Janice 113, 127, 330 Purnell, Sara 113 Puro, Cathy 53, 330 Purvis, George 227 Puryear, Mary 258 Puryear, Bob 330 Pylant, Steve 277 Q Quigley, Barbctte 63, 114, 116, 123, 330 Quigley Kay 123, 258 Quinlan, Mike 331 Quinn, Carol 113, 258 Quinones, Sonja 135, 258, R Rabun, Robin 258 Rakow, Susan 123, 331 Ramsey, Frances 121 277 Ramsey, Mary 109, 331 Ramsey, Rebecca 124 277 Ramzy, Mike 102, 146 Randall, Anita 114, 331 Randall, .Jackie 258 Randall, Keith 258, 202, 205 Randall, Susan 331 Rankin, Sue 113, 331 Ray, Farrell 84, 92, 277 Ray, Vicki 147, 331, 38 Raybourn, Billie 331 Read, Jim 174, 258, 202, 203 Reaves, Rix 163, 173, 277 Rector, .John 52, 83, 135, 160, 161, 332, 316 Rector, Susan 277 Redding, Peggy 113, 332 Redmond, Lyn 136, 258 Reed, Kathy 127,277 Reed, Rosemary 277 Reiber, Roy 332, 146 Reich, Laura 277 Reid, seen 145, 253 Reisiield, Debbie 258 Reynolds, Carol 120, 332 Reynolds, Connie 258 Reynolds, David 86, 83, 114, 128, 142, 332, 47 Reynolds,'Maureen 332 Rhodus, Kay 259 Richards, Peggy 85, 259 Richardson, Harma 259 Richardson, John 332 Riddles, Debbie 53, 34, 127, 277, 109, 38,128, 123, 124, 125 Riddley, Debbie 277 Riley, Frank 332 Ringueberg, Lucia 102, 103, Rippley, Bob 277 Robbins, Beverly 114, 333 Robbins, Janice 259 Robbins, Casey 85 Robbins, Susan 259 Roberts, Ronnie 259 Roberts, Tom 147, 209, 259 Robinson, Carla 333 Robinson, Jerry 174, 191, 192 Robinson, Gary 154 Robinson, Sandy 123 Robison, Kit 109, 333 Roeder, Roeder, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, 277 Rogers, Cindy 333 Mary 277 Wesley 41, 333 Susan 147, 333 Richard 277 Jill 277 John 101, 102, 111, 146, Lisa 102, 103, 259 Rohrt, Margaret 121, 142, 259 Roof, Roger 111, 114, 259 Roper, Kathy 333 Rosenberg, Paul 102, 103, 121, 259, 146 Rosenberg, Pete 277 V- S.. " I Conley's Harley-Davidson Sales 'fun W at nyc: d H961 2824 Main X DALLAS, TEXAS Phone RI a 2556 lkiversidel PRESTON FOREST BARBERS 73I Presfon Foresf Shopping Cenier FISH 'N CHIPS Open 'Til I O'CIock FRIDAY 81 SATURDAY NIGHTS 554I W. Lovers Lane I743 Greenville Ave. "Too bad. Carolyn, caughl' again!" - O M8iN DRESS SHOP Sportswear PARKER MOBIL SERVICE Everylhing for Your Car 5655 W. Lovers Lane LA l-3454 FREIZJVIZZRKER l0030 Marsh Lane Smarl Fashions Juniors-Misses SURINAM TOADS For Sale or Renl' Fealuring Bobbie Broolc College Town Campus Casuals Conlacl' E. JACOBSON Esq. and ,+I-,er Iines Also: Beauliful Box Turfles Scinlillaling Snalces as Well as Slupendous Surinam Toads. Rosenberg, Sue Ann 127, 137, 334 Ross, James 334 Ross Ross Ross, Ross, Bill 277 , Kenneth 334 Penny 113, 259 Susan 259 Ross, Mark 154, 153 Rossieter, John 334 Roth, Randy 259 Rozell, Joe 334 Rucker, Lynn 113, 334 Rudder,Jackie 259 Rudine, Bob 259, 122 Ruesch, Allana 259 Ruppert, Kathy 134, 334 Russell, Lynne 334, 93, 99, 100 Rutkowski, Charlien 132, 334, 139 Rutkowski, Elizabeth 259 S Sadler, Keith 227 Sainz, Eneida 121, 138, 139, 335, 146 Sample, Steve 92, 162, 163, 187, 169, 178, 181, 203, 201, 205, 335 Sanders, Jim 259, 189 Sanders, Marcia 109, 135, 277 Satchell, Mary 335 Satton, Pam 140 Saucedo, Manuel 175 Saunier, Debbie 114, 335, 127, 139 Savage, Judy 36, 44, 45, 62, 42, 109, 116, 114, 127, 133, 154, 335, 405 Savage, Sally 114, 116, 335 Sawyers, Clayton 335 Saxon, Carl 178, 180, 183, 187, 211, 336 Schad, Richard 153 Schaerdel, Susan 109, 227 Schechner, Chris 120, 227, 138 Schenck, Gary 53, 71, 75, 83 86, 92, 98, 336, 238 Schierenbeck, Debbie 277 Schindler, Dorcas 277, 123 Schmidt, John 336 Schmidt, Mark 259 Schmidt, Paula 259 Schneider, Bobby 259 Schneider, Jan 136, 336, 139 Schneider, Steve 336 Schneider, Wendy 259 Schramm, Kandy 277 Schultz, Bob 336 Scoggins, Sandra 336 Scott, Aurease 128, 142, 336 Scott, Suzanne 277 Scrima, Janene 123, 259 Seagraves, Sharon 109, 140, 277 Sears, David 259 Seay, Carolyn 277 Seay, Edith 260 Seay, Jeanne 277 Secor, Linda 337 Seely, Randy 260 Seibert, Sandra 377, 39 Sell, Marilyn 85, 260 Sell, Mike 180, 140, 260 Sell, Robert 277 Sellers, Sally 277 Sellers, Sharon 337 Selly, Cookie 108, 337 Seltzer, Laurie 84, 37, 71, 86, 160, 161, 337, 405 Seltzer, Terrie 71, 76, 86, 94, 95, 337, 39, 93, 124 Senor, Ann 337 Seybold, Steve 260 Shafer, Ron 260 Sharp, Tommy 337 Sheafer, Mike 227 Shelton, Bob 152, 163,172, 191, 192, 227 Shelton, Richard 152 Shelton, Sydney 260 Shepherd, Jim 337 Shepherd, John 337 Shepherd, Richard 338 Sheppard, Bob 189 Sherdell, Sue 139 Shewmake, Karl 141, 208, 278, 206 Shewmake, Paula 127, 136, 137, 141, 338 Shewmaker, Bob 338 Shields, Rhonda 278 Shiels, Jim 278 Shinsky, Sue 278 Shipman, Dede 123, 137, 278 Ship? Judy 108, 109, 133, 338. Shirley, Julia 260 Shockey, Missy 194, 195, 114, 123, 278 Short, Dan 92, 169, 338 Short, Sara 109, 278 Sibley, Jimmy 260 Siddons, Jim 338 Siddons, Joe 278 Sidener, Lyn 129, 278 Sienknnecht. Ginger 78, 208 Silvers, Bonita 260 Silver, Mike 278 Silverthorn, Kris 140, 174, 202, 204, 260 Sims, Deborah 278 Simmons. Delores 113, 278 Simmons, Bill 184, 278, 154 Simmons, Ronald 356 Singer, Mark 338 Singleton, Debbie 278 Skaggs, Sandra 278 Skidis, Kerry 338 Skinner, Tom 84, 114, 160, 161 278, 92 Skinner, Linda 127, 136, 147 338, 38 Slaughter, Wayne 338 Slice, Freddy 278 Slocum, David 278 Smith, Becky 278 Smith Connie 100, 337, 93, 99, 339 Smith Cindy 260 Smith, Doug 114, 116, 120, 162, 278, 163, 173, 211, 278 Smith Gary 155, 278 Smith Jack 278 Smith Janet 83, 85, 86, 95, 96, 129,339 Smith, Janeen 128, 137, 278 Smith, Judy 278 Smith Kathy 278 Smith Mark 339 Smith, Merrie 278 Smith, Mitzi 260 Smith, Ricky 339 Smith, Sandy 86, 339 Smith, Sherry 123, 131, 147, 278 Smith, Stacey 92, 278, 178, 182 Smith 1 Vicki 194, 339 Sueary, Loy 84, 211, 278 Snider, Richard 174 Snodgrass, Patty 260 Solender, Elizabeth 260 Solomon, Pat 260 Solomons, Burt 140, 209, 206, 278 Soslow, Gene 134, 339 Soule, Mary 260 Spalding, Jim 278 Spalding, Martha 339 Spalding, Patricia 339, 38 Speckman, Don 199, 200, 278 Spier, Paul 194, 195, 339 Spier, Walter 260 Spellman, Susan 278 Spencer, Ann 121, 260 Squibb, Cindy 278 St. Charles, Paul 334 St. Charles, Pete 335 Stanley, Mike 260 Standfield, Carolyn 340 Standfield, Stan 260 Stanley, Dikki 340 Stanley, Pat 356 Stanley, Richard 340 Stark, Bill 260 Stark, Mary 340 Stark, Tommy 174, 260 Starnes, Terry 126, 360 Starnes, Bill 82, 92, 135, 170, 279, 187 Starr, Cathy 260 Starr, Pam 340 Staton, Pam 101, 102, 103, 110, 111, 279 Stembridge, Anne 260 Stephan, Lynn 41, 113, 340 Stephan, Ruth 279 Stephan, Patty 113 Stephens, Leonora 85, 260 Stephens, Marjorie 83, 340 Stern, Henry 50, 86, 92, 122, 135, 142, 145, 341 Stetson, Adrienne 110, 111, 114 279 Stevens, Jim 279 Stevens, Vicki 260 Stevenson, Kyle 260 Stewart, Beverly 341 Stewart, Wayne 52, 86, 92, 191, 193, 341 Stewart, Jack 279, 191, 192 Stewart, Jack 260 Stiles, Greg 279 Stiles, Marjorie 279 Still, Dennis 279 Stimson, Stewart 50, 102, 103, 104, 114, 138, 341 Stohl, Kristin 260 Stohl, Shannon 341 Stone, Dennis 260 Stout, Donna 130, 341 Stout, Jodie 279 Stowe, Charles 162, 163, 172, 279 Stowers, Johnnie 260 Stowers, Susie 113, 341 Stowers, Sylvia 260 St. Pierre, Brenda 102, 103, 278 Strain, Cathy 260 Strange, Joe 341 Stromberg, Ingrid 109, 341 Strozier, Frank 147, 162, 163, 169, 211, 341 Stuart, Laurie 260 Sublett, Anna 113 Sultzbaugh, Eric 279 Sumcrford, Ryan 342 Surliaugh, Karen 86, 342 Susman, Keith 52, 92, 139, 342 Sutton, Ray 199, 201, 279 Swann, Kathy 261 Sweeney, Carol 279 Sweeney, Larry 153, 154, 342 Sweitzer, Bruce 206, 209, 279 Swift, Jim 342 Swift, Mary Lou 85, 98, 142, 342 Sylvester, Richard 279 T Tabbert, Karin 261 391 HHJIFCE 'HD If 5 innsli?2w WALNUT HILL VILLAGE PARK FOREST CENTER Norihwesl' Hwy. and Marsh Lane Foresf Lane and Marsh Lan FL 2-4996 FL 2-9932 x 4 W 4 Fx" I ' 16' x l if -.Q TAFFY'S V, XX f I DANCEWEAR 5960 Nor'rhwesI' Highway 0 Dallas 25, ,Texas EM 8-73I3 . WQIDMQT BEAUTY SALON IDA BROBERG. Owner I3I A Marsh Lane Plaza "IF YOU ARE NOT BECOMING TO HIM, YOU SHOULD BE COMING TO US." 392 4' ,J "II's foe-lickin' good." or Is II, Kirk? 280, Thomas Tabbert, Skip 153, 342 Tacke, Sandra 132, 342 Tamez, Richard 279 Tappan, Tarrant, Linda 261 Jackie 261 Tate, Prissy, 52, 71, 74, 86, 95, 96, 114, 115, 143, 343, 142, 39, 12 3, 124, 93 Tatum, Geralyn 343 Taylor, Chuck 261 Taylor, David 162, 163, 190, 279 Taylor, Linda 109, 113, 127, 134, 343 Taylor, Lynn 174, 261 Ta lor Rick 84 92, 101, 102, Y 4 4 103, 105, 279 Teafatiller, Larry 152 Tears, Lisa 153, 343 Teng, J ay 86, 92, 142, 144 ,146, 343, 122 Teng, Neal 122, 123, 135, 142, 279 Teng, Ray 86, 92, 146. 343 Tessman, Diann 84, 109, 279 Thoele, Thelen, Bill 261 Jeanine 279 Thomas, Cathy 127, 343, 39 , Debbie 261 Thomas, Donna 142, 343 Thomas, Donna Sue 127, 142 Thomas, Mike 343 Thomas, Steve 174, 189, 261 Thompson, Scott 261 Thompson, Venita 122, 123, 127, 343 Thompson, Vivian 53, 101, 102, 261 Thoreson, Bill 204, 206, 209, 344 Thornton, Pete 83, 128, 178, 179, 211, 344, 210 Thrasher, Cindy 344 Tiffany, Julie 135, 142, 261, 122 Till, Barbie 40, 114, 123, 131. 132, 39, 344 Tiner, Charles 279 Tiner, Patrick 53, 114, 261 Tomlin, Bill 92, 191, 192, 344 Torres, Virginia 261 Touhy, Kathy 279 Toulmin, Ashby 129, 344 Travis, Ken 83, 85, 110, 111, 112, 135, 344 Travis, Mike 92, 114, 128, 144. 344 Treadwell, Beverly 279 Trott, Diana 261 Trott, Donna 114, 123, 344, 39 Tortman, Rob 279 Truman, Mark 152 Tucker, Tommy 178, 186, 279 Turano, Lou 344 Turner, Carol 345 Turner, George 261, 146 Turner, Mary 279, 128 Turner, Patty 109, 279 Turner, Richard 174, 191, 192 261 Turner, Sharon 279 Turner, Tommy 261 Turquette, Jack 279, 146 Tweed, Cissie 279 Twiehaus, Mary Beth 83, 108, 109, 114, 116, 125, 137, 345, 39, 49 Tyler, James 102, 103, 147, 345 Tyson, Bill 102, 103 Tyrrell, Steve 345 U Umphrey, Mike 345 Utay, Leslie 124, 356 V Vadala, Rick 114, 115, 345 Van Brunt, Vicki 345 Van Brunt, Warren 261, 357 Van Deventer, Becky 261 Van Hooser, Cheryl 279 Van Hooser, Ron 345 Vandiver, Vickie 279 Vargas, Rogelio 346 Vassallo, Bob 279 Vassallo, Debbie 142, 346 Vassallo, Ross 279 Vaughn, Kirby 110, 111, 152, 356 Vener, Lynn 279 Votolato, Vincent 262 Vlcko, Laura 279 W Wade, George 346 Wagnon, Diana 139, 346 Wait, Anne 279 Walden, Lee 152,262 Walden, Linda 102, 103, 134, 262 Waldorf, Helen 94, 95, 134, 137, 145, 146, 147, 279, 93 Walker, Buddy 279 Walker, Eddie 346 Walker, Sue 346 Wall, Bruce 278 Wallace, Pat 92, 169, 211, 346, 210 Ward, Ginny 113, 346, 83 Ward, Sandra 347 Warme rdam, Jim 279 Warren, Nancy 279 Warren, Paula 262, 122 Washam, Diana 279 Wasson, Julie 53, 120, 1 125, 127, 279 Wasson, Linda 347 Wassow, Robert 85 Waters, Sandy 347 Watkin S, Billy 262 Watkins, Scott 279 Watson Watson Charles 262 , Darrell 34-7 Watson, Jett 188, 202, 185, 208 Watson, Nancy 109, 113, 279 22, 124, Watson, Phil 347 Weatherford, Janet 347 Weaver, Allan 206, 208, 280 Weaver, Marty 250 Weaver, Ricky 262 Webb, Carol Anne 109, 113, 347 Webb, Cindy 109, 110, 113, 111 Wliiniiigmii, Bob 121, 262, 152 Whittle, Ricky 174, 191, 193, 262 Widener, Kirk 348 Wielinga, Fred 280 Wielinga, Roel 280 Wilder, Mike 127, 280, 153 Wildfong, Leith 109, 113, 127, 137, 348 Wiley, Jim ss, 45, 51, 41, as, 114, 92, 124, 125, 144, 145, 349 Wilkerson, Charles 153, 154, 155 Wilkerson, Larry 126, 153 Willcox, Amy 121, 280 Willey, Debbie 102, 103, 280 Williams, Ann 123, 280 Williams, Brad 83, 349 Williams, Brooke 95, 96, 280, 123, 124, 125, 142, 93 Williams, Glynn 262 Williams, .lack 349 Williams, Jan 36, 49, 113, 119, 160, 161, 349 Williams, Jane 114, 349 Williams, Jim 162, 163, 169, 205, 202, 349, 210, 211 Webb, Ken 280 Webb, Kyle 280 Webster, Dave 101, 102, 103, 347 Webster, Gail 101, 102, 280 Weis, Rita 113, 127, 280 Weissert, Charles 347 Welburn, Gail 262 Welch, Mary 100, 123, 124, 137, 347, 39, 93 Wells, Cathy 348 Wells, Karen 262 Wclls, Robert 110, 111, 262, 102 West, Ann 348 West, Janet 121 Westbook, Patty 262 Westdyke, Polly 280 Weyand, Susan 348 Weynand, Glen 110, 111, 262 Whatley, Barbara 348 White, Debbie 280, 128 White, Jerry 191, 193, 280 White, Kyle 280 White, Linda 262 White, Terri 280- Whitehouse, Susan 109, 348, 86, 127 Whitehurst, John 262 Whitehurst, Lindy 28 Whitlow, Teresa 109, 126, 348, 142 Whitman, Viki 102, 103, 104, 105, 124, 348 Whitney, Steve 92, 191, 192, 280 Whitten, Linda 348 Williams Williams, 7 Joyce 349 Kathy 262 Williams, Kaye 349 Williams, Ken 102, 103, 280 Williams Lee 140, 280 A Williams Linda 102, 103, 105, 110, 111, 262 Williams, Pam 350 Williams, Patti 127, 280 Williams, Sandra 350 Williams. Scott 83, 151, 155, 137, 350 Williams, Spenser 350, 206, 207 208, 210 Williams, Tom 280 Williams, Tom 102, 103 Williams, Bill 280 Williamson, Dick 174, 262 Willson, Riley 280 Wilson Ben 174 Wilson, Beverly 113, 350, 39 Wilson, Bobbie 262 Wilson, Brenda 350 Wilson, Bruce 262 Wilson, Cathy 280 Wilson, Don 140, 153 Wilson Greg 262 I L61 Wilson, James 262 Wilson, Jeff 280 Wilson, John 262 Wilson, Linda 113, 127, 350 Wilson, Marsha 106, 109, 113, 350 Wilson, Mike 280 Wilson, Nancy 262 393 Wilson, Ronnie 114, 116, 117, 147, 351 Wilson, Sarah 60, 113, 127, 280 Wimberley, J ay 92, 139, 280 Winchester, Jeff 280 Wingfield, Vicki 351 Winston, George 152, 262 Wiseman,Carol 351 Wisner, Carolyn 351 Wisner, Marilyn 109, 351 Witherspoon, Harriet 147, 351 Wolf, Vicki 149, 262 Womack, Betty 130, 280 Womack, Charles 280 Womack, Steve 52, 145, 351 Wommack, Belinda 262 Woods, Jimmy 351 Woods, Pam 109, 351 Woodson, Bob 262 Woodson, Linda 352, 128 Wooldridge, Quinn 351 Worme, Judy 280 Worrell, Pat 134, 141, 280 Wortham, Eva Lynn 109, 352 Wright, Craig 102, 103, 110, 111, 352 Wright, Gary 352 Wunsch, Barbara 86, 74, 95, 136, 352 Wussow, Bob 189, 262 Wylie, ,lim 174- Wynn, Dean 286 Y Yarberry, Danny 51, 52, 86, 42, 128, 139, 144, 145, 352 Yates, Beth 280 Young, Bruce 114, 152, 154, 280 Young, .lohn Paul 71, 76, 134, 352, 83, 139 Young, Sue 352 Youngblood, Oliva 280 Z Zacharias, Bonnie 262 Zahniser, Patty 53, 84, 13 280 Zambrano, Angelina 280 Zanes, Margaret 127, 262 Zavala, Linda 352 Zellman, Bill 280 Zetterlund, Roger 280 Zoller, Mark 102, 103, 356 PHONE FL 1-6756 IIBQTSIIQKBB ladies specialty shop 333 PARK FOREST SHOPPING CENTER DALLAS , TEXAS 75229 C .C U IU o O fx. U, GJ CC 7. YU Q -.A 'E -I U 2 U, 32 2 '4- o KD C 6. 4- U, ID "'c. ww uni' 25 -O- .1,: E .. ow sg .Go P- -Ci o. mn o'E wg P11 .Qui 3.2 32 gba 35 3.1: OTE Bl will 1351252745 fif'fzfla?H4?f Ki., s For the "lN" Look Shop 'rhe Cinderella Shop 304 Parlc Forest Village C I N -M 15 D i A E R E L L SHOP We 'fealure l'he complele line of Gehen band inslrumenis lincluding +he 'Famous Doc Severinsen frumpefl, Armsirong flules and piccolos, Marlin saxophones, Wurliizer insfrumenis and Guild Guifars and Amslifiers. We also have a complefe repair shop, compleie band in- inslrumenl' accessory deparlmenl, and compleie sludio opera- lion. You are cordially invifed fo visii our new s+ore. Opening hours are 9 A.M. lo 9 P.M., Monday fhrough Friday. Sal'- urday 9 A.M. +o 6 P.M. T L USIC HOUS 231 Preston Royal EM3-0284 PRESTON ROYAL DAY AND NIGHT BARBER SHOP 227 Presfon Royal Easl' EM 8-9209 OPEN TIL 9:00 .5315 Q if ' ii INWOOD VILLAGE FL 7-92 I 8 ...,.,..,, V N- V VE i GEORGE DOWN EY H U TEXACO is kiw- ww EE, Full Aufomolive Service ii 5302 W. Lovers Lane lLovers Lane al' lnwoodl FL 7-0353 Lefs slclp Miss Hardyll never know MR. B's Sample Dresses and Sporlswear l0024 Monroe OPEN EVERY TUESDAY NlGl'lT Come See Us for Values You Never Thoughl' Possible CLOSED MONDAYS Sizes 5-I2 Pefiies, Juniors, Misses FL 2-3094 OLD BY 8 EM 3-1531 5944 ROY AL. LANE . . . "Wanna Bef." 397 l29w Blocl: of Walnui' -Hill Wesf, Turn Norlh V2 Bloclrl WHAT BRINGS BEAUTY TO THE BEAST? 041' fPUSSf-Y C 'I' we question hom TIGER SWEAT smulls the way zz man should -vigorous, clcmz cut, masculine but good grief - not sweat! Truly an elegant gift of fmgmuce . . . what man could resist zz gift like this. TIGER SWEAT the all purpose lafzon f 4 ozs 53.50 Go with The CProud Crowd drink distinctively different 3 3 Compliments Senior Girls of to l 967 PATIO BEAUTY SALON "Specialisls in Spor'rs" Dllllll ll.llllHER Wiki? EENTEF 5529 W. Lovers Lane JACK CARTER and LEE THRASHER FL '-9951 u I075l Preslon Road . Dallas, Texas 2827 W' mmms Phone EM 34368 FE 9'4"' LARGEST AND MOST DlSTlNC,TlVE Cl-HNEsE RESTAURANT Behind lhe Food Baslcel J. W. GONG 240 Marsh Lane Village house and table FL 2-0054 presfon royal easi- inleriors--gifls-accessories H 81 H SUPER MARKET l0242 Midway Road This Localion I8 Years OPEN 8 TO 8 SUNDAY 9 TO 6 Fl. 2-5032 Try Our Delicious Fried Chicken 1 AEHLIATED ,'0n gvinhls 400 Y-Q.. -..,..- WE GWE F-TEE sronss Gary Studios Your Document Photographers NORTHWEST NATIONAL BANK 0F DALLAS "THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN NORTH DALLAS" New Drive-Ins and Communify Ro-om 20I WaInu'I' Hill ViIIage FL 7-82II RAY R. MITCHELL, Presideni' HERBERT L. ADAMS, vice-Presidenf WE PAY Wm on All Saving MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM d FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP SHIRTS 1...-.f S Bibi 'mass 1-f"""T BELL CLEANING AND LAUNDRY 5545 Wesf Lovers Lane PITTSBURGH PAINT CENTER IIOO Presion Royal Plaza EM 3-7238 Nwfwmm., Young Ideas PRESTON ROYAL ,HIGH LAND PARK HILLCREST By Command of Her Royal Highness BRCWNE and BROWNE STUDIO MISS LAU RIE SELTZER iii MISS PATTI HAYES Inwood Village MISS JUDY SAVAGE the glamour of Youth-the fire of it! the glad season 'of life when all is hope. F- ' fs- B., ,Nya- , , A. 5. ..... 1 A bwwix N W Q 5 V l 1 sv if S., 5 S ,. M Q 3. " . " i . Q . W',. ,iii Qml f - i , Nm' K ' "': :F 1--f A KN 1, Y, an 'K W qw 'V A , N A MV 01 x x 1 W 0 GJ QP K Vu W U U H LJ, W dxf My 1 bm! Nuff' NJA' OK! .Wd My A Mu UN Ebb W' W4 M MJ WL, wif 03335 W X WG -ff? !QC,fl,,g,,579q fcflffzfyf , JL if QQKJLC A ,V vu ic.5,f , X J A 1, 2 ,A Qib, ' Qfwfff W fm ,Jawa nad 4' 4C' ?J 174 J""'59'5Z7 C3555 QA! akfmq Q4 ff! 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