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, , -' rj 4 . . ig- p A I Vs ,Q ""' i1 ruak I 6"l Qffv,-O.-u.p'-1J'. ,fn -' I 5? a 2' ' 941 7" -' ' J"-f9,A -,L 1' 3 ' . - 1.4 ,1,'f,r -'vw' 1- K .'t .Ic',' ' '13-'L '..f- L-af'-' -, E 1 1 ll-ill ' I ,x - l . ' ' "fs" '-'LI-Du fi.. 1. 'Ph ":-la if 1 -'a.'5f"'-' . -, r.r. .1 .1 ' '.v 04' 1'.4' ' " ' - ' 4 . -.- -4-4 I I ,A , f - .. 1, 4 -,,..s..x-Y -.AI . - . - ' ,Q . ,r'- Ly, . . .', gs-'..r . . , .1 .. ' ":. - 4 .",1 . 1 u,-f " I ' WV1 24s-a:""l':', f- --.1'.."!' lv. - . vi I: lug lw Dill 7' MFL, -..... 1, 0? X 'AxiQxoc! '-'ia S Q 9 .a ., SE'-7' A xr R- 3 ENCQNS: 'KX Q23 ins ' dx Lv., .x 'CQ fr-Zalsex dx A Q, J, 1 , 2-Zfeggff is 10, Q! f""'ff5'x 1' G1-ir? fix sg, 'RQ-Cu fp "Q Nr Q-'51 QSPJX OJ: ,N EX NX J 'D' f. L with 'J K " l A 'xx 'wx' X O K 1, -1, gn J, -.1 'fs X K' X, W Q, f- H XZ B XX 5 ' is Xxx 1 1 X? 1' 3 XX S 33 ' S Xxx WR . x ffm " Li: gb X XIX Qi, 3 J. ' 1 1 XX A X if '+ -2 X J ug. J X 44-Xl'-1 XM. X N JK -Q50 4 QE fb r N Y - T 1 is ,. ' 'fr 1 Qs 'YS YW- -Y ' 3 - in A 3 vi M XX NB, ft f X, N25 . Jx U L 3 Q X X x Q ERSON Dallas, T I958 Volume u KEY TO THE FUTURE . . . gg Me r 15 1 -wc fx T l :JZ-J, As we of Thomas Jefferson pursue our quesT for knowledge, we are really casTing a masTer key which will open The doors of op- porTuniTy To The fuTure. IT is very imporTanT ThaT we Take proper care in casTing This key, for The more versaTile iT is, The more per- fecT our laTer lives will be. We musT sTudy and prepare ourselves Thoroughly so ThaT, when The Time comes for us To proceed Through The firsT door ThaT is opened To us, we may Take a firm sTep forward, knowing ThaT we are capable of overcoming any obsfacle ThaT may confronT us. Truly, our whole success in The profession, business, or field of work we choose depends upon The foundaTion of learn- ing we build here. Our firsT Senior Class, now nearly finished wiTh The preliminary educafion, is almosT ready To apply whaT has been learned in The four years of high school. Each of The members has been shaping a key, you mighT say, forged of experience and knowledge, which will decide The successes or failures To be found behind The doors of opporTuniTy in his fuTure. The differenT keys discovered among our Seniors reflecT The varying amounTs of diligence puT inTo Their school work -and Their acTiviTies. WheTher any of The keys are per- fecTly casT or noT depends upon how well each has availed himself of The profiTable lessons of Their high school career. IT is The sincere hope of The DOCUMENT STaff ThaT each person in This firsT Senior Class of Thomas Jefferson High School will graduaTe knowing ThaT he has done his besT To make ready To use his key To find suc- cess in The fuTure. Tir As you Turn Through The pages of This i958 DOCUMENT, you will Tind many reminders ThaT There are doors To be opened in your TuTure . . . doors ThaT may pos- sibly lead To prosperiTy. We of The annual sTaTT have puT many long and arduous hours inTo pre- paring a yearbook of which youf The sTudenTs whom we serve, will be proud. lT is my sincere hope ThaT each of you . . . especially The Senior Class . . . may realize The Tull imporT of The doorway: ThaT behind The doors of opporTuniTy lie success, securiTy, and happi- ness. l ! Thom-ry . wifes Www if rfb' . in UU J QS 5'0EEf52f2, 52299 J 3 HW Kofi? M QW W . gpm , 99657 JLQNWX WW M4399 'nl ,,, A, 230 , Qfjwgfjkw gf r X .-'wx ,,v,, DEDICATED H Jw wx xl . we Sv Q, 5 . ,QQ vf N J QM .V.xjwyl ll aj .4 Vijfly fl! lil!! lf' A' Q72 ,VL,n'll Lb ,gf Q. any LCV: Ill gflvgiid BTV db YQ, X VNV XJ , K9 JJ ly Subo ljlfm jlf J 1-JD fl, ' AJ .IX bln lxjjjvbklhkpwlws ,M I Q V Q fy' JUN JVM L U, Sy WW O W WWW 'WW .S .fl M .l TO... THE FIRST SENloR CLASS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOQL P54 W yiify Who have established worthwhile Traclilions for fufure Rebels To follow proudly. "key" To a successful life. Mr. Stroud shows The fine portrait of Thomas Jefferson, donated To The school by Judge Charles E. Long. KEYNOTE MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL The Theme "doorways To The fuTure" seems parTicularly appropriaTe To me for The firsT Senior Book of Thomas Jefferson. CerTainly here we have endeavored To provide ThaT "key" which will open The doors of opporTuniTy for our graduaTes. lT will be in- TeresTing To see how These, our firsT venTurers inTo The vvorld, find Themselves equipped. The example which They seT will, of course, have a bearing looTh upon Their own fu- Ture and upon ThaT of Thomas Jefferson. May There be for each of These Seniors, and for Those who follow Them as well, The QLJWQL 5. Principal TABLE DE CDNTENTS 1 FACULTY AND BUILDING ...... X CLASSES ORC-ANIZATIDNS ATHLETICS PAG E PAC-J E PAG E I 3 AND MILITARY .... . .PAGE 204 ACTIVITIES f IIII . . , , . . . 40 PERSONALITIES. .. ...PAGE we AND ADVERTISING ...... .PAGE 250 I If em , ,news 1. I ' f v 1 -Lk L x,x, "v',' . K in jug 'jffl Rig.. y lf 'Z , LAL 11 A iq :f3,5Q'i1 ' W T' wif, ' fa A ,ffm "LL lv L ai , .Q .H '. -511 3 :fag-, w ' ?f 5f' J XA A 4 h 4 ' 4 ,J V, A--V H 5, "k- "1 . 44 'Q Z. eva" 1 A4-Q . Y In l A k I I ni ki W .giglyy f V ' S ' is V 5 A , J up"T.w4 av '- "F Q b L ,. Q yi P A L 1 ' C' -rl, .. ' , f Am Q s Q W ' x xlg K 1 x xg 'M Q I . x Q 1 Q s oe' Q . U u ,--4. A4 Z , f g..f gf, 1 'Q ffng , -,g , X x as - A, , E, Q53 xg 1. ff- an 13,43 L . . .,. i ,H Wag, -v v mln- V ,R rag-EY" - 5, 6 . ga, mgjfy A Q ' . w , Hn. X57 5 , . E14 ' A2 Vx m s, . S1 - W , f ' .. if X N K I x -M x I , gf , w s W. fi- 4 5 1. N K, ,, M N , .x -A 5 , ' '4. 'M ' f K 2, - ,- W A y - JW . . A A 5 1 ,Y f , Q ., P Q , , .pf .. 1' 1 , X A 'mf' A , mil.-4 N-Q., -A. f' K a Q-. M,-Z xv, gf if , ,ff .x 1 y .X.4'V, ' , x , ,. . x f, '- VW-'w. fx 2 f. -M . my new Q .. gd A 5, ,S iwwxfgri - ni :L v V W ,L , - ,wk v--1 " EBEL BAN We are especially proud, This year aT Thomas Jefferson, To splash across fooTball field and parade ground, The REBEL MARCHING BAND . . . The shine of silver buTTons, The flash of The columbia blue and cardinal red, glow as brighT as Rebel spiriT . . . Here iT is, The beginning of a colorful TradiTion . . . color-keyed for VICTORY! REBEL COLORAMA . . 1 ff '-"fn:-','f,5-1' - f,:w.i,s"'f .Wy 52. Q We have such a beaufiful school! The wonderful feaiures of our building surely creafe an atmosphere most conducive To learning. Pictured on These pages are some of The facilities ThaT make Jefferson one of Dallas' shovvplace schools. I 1 35 w E Z L 3 x QE I3 Left To right: R. B. Gilmore, R. L. Dillard, Jr., Vann M. Lamm, Mrs. Tracy B. Rutherford, Dr. Edwin L Rippy, President, Dr. W. T. WhiTe, Superintendent of Schools, Franklin Spafford, Mrs. Vernon D. lngram Rouse Howell, W. A. Blair. I THE SCHOOL BQARD Since l884, The Dallas lndependenT School DisTricT has been under The direcTion of a Board of EducaTion, composed of civic-minded ciTizens elecTed To serve vviThouT remuneraTion To supervise The educaTron of The youTh of The communiTy as compleTely as possible. The School Board conTrols The budgeT, conTracTs Tor building and expansion of The educaTional planTs, parTicipaTes in naTional educaTional programs, and sTudies The needs of The child in relaTion To The communiTy iTselT. Dallas has been exTremely TorTunaTe in having many capable governing bodies, such as The one picTured above, To direcT These acTiviTies. The difficult Task of adminisTraTing The many and varied acTiviTies of The Dallas Independent School DisTricT resTs upon The capable shoulders of Those pictured below. IT is due To Their ToresighT in The planning Tor an expanding community of sTudenTs, Their sensiTiviTy To The needs of The child as an individual, and Their sense of obligation To The building of democracy Through iTs TuTure citizens, That The Dallas school system has been adiudged one of The most successful in The counTry. THE BOARD OF ADMINISTRATIO First row: Dr. Frank L. Williams, Assistant Superintendent in Charge of lnstructiong Dr. W. T. White. Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Ewell D. Walker, Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Personnel. Second row: T. W. Browne, Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Businessg R. H. McKay, Assistant Superintendent of Charge of Administrationg Don E. Matthews, Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Special Services. EDITH COOPER Dean Attendance is The special province of our popular Dean, Mrs. Cooper, who also supervises the social life of the school, counsels with The girls, and works with The P.T.A. .-I TORBETT W. CROFT Assistant Principal Thomas Jefferson is extremely for- tunate in having such a capable staff to aid The principal in The administration of school affairs. Mr. Croft, our As- sistant Principal, in addition To his ad- ministrative duties, keeps Track of The varied extracurricular activities and maintains an atmosphere of order and cooperation in the school. LlLLlE MAE GEORGE Counselor The duties of a counselor are, of course, quite varied, but Mrs. George manages to see that the seniors graduate, the underclassmen have the proper courses, and all students receive counsel- ing on their curriculum problems. MARIE L. BROWN Secretary Need a bus card, a lost book, a ques- tion answered, or some other semi- impossible problem solved? Mrs. Brown, our capable secretary, is the person to see, for she keeps the prin- cipal's office functioning smoothly and efficiently. OFFI E STAFF Mrs. lda Parker, Mrs. Velma Templemeyer, Mrs. Opal Gibson, and Mrs. Ann Mor- row staff the library and office. Without their capable assistance in keeping at- tendance, tarclies, records, and books, Thomas Jefferson could not have such efficient administration. me f--f- wa-wwwwwfffW-w7A f'mwfw-gne-'aff-Q. 'f---ff---:Q--e.f-'ffwvmuawf-f- -f -A -t" ww yrf- --V-1-imwawafw-H-www-e PATRICIA COPLEY B.A., Southern Methodist Universityp M.A., Texas University. MATHEMATI S "Oh, what acute angle!" says Linda Lung to Mr. Watson. ALLEN G. KIRK W B.S., M.Ed., East Texas State Teachers' College. HERMAN COWLEY I B.S., M.S., North Texas State College. Mideterm addition to the faculty: JIMMIE BLAINE SIGLER B.B.A., North Texas State College. l CHARLOTTE SNELL C. B. HOWERTON E. E. MARSHALL B.S., Southern Methodist Universit . B.S. M.Ed. kl , a.fsM-.21 s,Mw:esfe.111w,-wtifwfa .tt.,.t:,ff,,-vate U .,f.-t f ,mwm:iwMt:- :mmm .fm , H R V ,omg K , ., V Z. , V. ,,,ie,g- ,- , Nt, twi,ftt 1 i if-ewv:.:: y , , O ahoma University. B,S., East Texas State College. gf at t if ti W s fl is H i Q Si i 2' li 5 2 if Q 5 E Q 5 DEP RTME --bl' VB5- 4la.c, 2.4, .. . Formulae and equations are old friends to Thomas Jefferson's mathematics students, who have the opportunity to be- come proficient in algebra, plane and solid geometry, Trigonometry, and commercial mathematics. In every case, the curriculum is intended to illustrate the value of mathe- matics in practical application. An introduc- tion to calculus and analytical geometry is this year being presented in an accelerated section, an experimental course of which Thomas Jefferson is justly proud. ALVA SHEPARD B.S., North Texas State College. WANDA BROWN ROBERT M. LEGATE B-S-, North Texas State College- B.A., East Texas State College. +"n', U f 'vi- I6 CHARLES WATSON MARTHA PIGEON ARCHIE PORTER B.S., ETSCp M. Ed., Southern Methodist University. l B S , M.E., North Texas State College. B.A., Texas University. inunlwminuexwmwmawml .l,m4w.amf,ta Q-.ww .-f, ,f.,.l,Wt-ctw we-.vm .f-. We f mmm-m ,t,. X.-W were ..-. .2twemzz:fq,m:avam.a ?3':h SCIENCE E : mcf . , . HZO . . . phylum, genus, species . . . with the present emphasis on scientific studies, the science program must play an important role in fitting today's student for his place in the modern world. At Thomas Jefferson the curriculum is designed to do iust that., A basic knowledge of the various fields of natural science is offered in the beginning years, biology, physics, and chemistry provide a more specific training for the advanced student. "Elementary, my dear Watsons!" lggilm . B l ' h ' gl'1heolgfQoQfp,ZllE I e myslenes Bs., tscw, R.N., Hams Hospital. SAMUEL LOWE Biology B.S., ETSC. ROBERT E. KEY VIRGINIA A. HORN physics General Science B.S., NTSC. B.A., Henderson State College. I DEP RTME Thomas Jefferson has more sections of chemistry than does any other Dallas high school. The course it- self offers studies in organic, quantitative, and bio- chemical fields. Physics, the study of the nature of matter and energy, embraces the fields of acoustics, optics, thermo-dynamics, electronics, and magnetism, as well as nuclear and atomic physics. The biology course is presented from an ecological approach, with emphasis on human inter-relationships in the world of nature. There is also some history and philosophy of science included, as a foundation for later studies, aswell. CAPTAIN THOMAS L. MORING Military Science B.A., B.S., M. Ed., Hardin Simmons "And this is where sputnik comes in' says,Mrs. Horn to her budding scientists University. IRENE C. PENRY Biology B.S., SMU. F. R. BOWEN DORIS S. COOK Chemistry Chemistry B.S., SMU, M,S., ETSTC. A.B., M.S., Ph. D., University of Illinois G. MAY BLACKMORE BA., Queen's University, Ed. D., Saskat- chewan Teachers' College. NANCY HARRISON HELEN NlCGlNNl5 B.A., Southern Methodist University. B.A., MA-I NTSC- GLISH " . , . and here's where Macbeth's witches are boiled!" says Elizabeth Holweg, as Mrs. Black- more and Jay Ordeneaux look on. RUBIA OPAL CLEMENT B.A., NTSC, TUW. MARTHA P. ADAMS B.A., Rice Institute Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote . . . Thomas Jeffer- son's English Department would develop Within the student a de- sire to express himself well in conversation, to evaluate the writ- ten and spoken word of others, to appreciate the works of the masters, and to realize the pleas- ure to be found in the world of reading offered to him. Courses in American and English literature are offered in the iun- ior and senior years, based upon a general foundation of gram- mar and literature begun early in the student's course of study, with these- aims as the ultimate goal. ALICE T. CRAFT B.A., Mississippi State College for Women. 7-z. DEP RTME T 2 w i g 1 T FX 75, I 5 I M Q Y P 1 - A -4 Xl L V MARGARET GRIMES ' 'Qs 1" B.A., M.A., Texas University uf ANNiE GEM FELDER B.A., M.A., Texas University. MARTHA PANKHURST B.A., M.A., NTSC. KEITH H. FERRELL B.A., Kansas University. BETTY MCLAIN DOROTHA B. MCCLAIN B.A., M.Ed., Southern Methodist University. A g,A s University. f . ' ,. FCREIG GLIAGE Mid-term addition to the faculty: MARLENE E. WEBB M.A., Phillips University, Goethe University lGermanyJp Texas University. Magistra dicit et discipuli . . . er . . . omnia ingellegit? Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres . . . Com- ment allezvous, Monsieur? . . . Abren los librosl Thomas Jefferson is fortunate in being able to of- fer a broad program in the foreign languages. Latin, Spanish, French, and, since mid-term, Ger- man, are included in the course offering, which is designed to make the student proficient in his con- versation and appreciative in his reading. The aquisition of fundamental skills and basic vocabu- lary is stressed in the beginning years, while third- and fourth-year courses build toward an apprecia- tion of the literature. Finally, outside activities as well as regular class sessions attempt to create in the student an understanding of the other cultures and peoples which he studies. DORIS COMSTOCK BETTY GIFFIN INA MAE MASON French Latin Latin B.A., M.A., B. Mus., Southern Methodist B.A., Millsaps College. B-A-1 BSYIOF UnlVeVSl'fY- Uf"lVe"5llY- DEP RTME "Tor-teeeeee-ya!" says Mrs. Hiiiier . . . and iust before lunch, too! y as 5 v . O A .- 1 4 JO ANN HILLIER Spanish B.A., Southern L Methodist X U X K University. i SHELLEY ROSS Spanish B.S., Southwestern University. FRANCES HATCHER SARA DAVIDSON Spanish Spanish B.A., Texas University. B.A., M.A., Texas University. DOROTHY GERLACH B.A., University of Texas. HISTORY Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent, a new nation . . . Thomas Jefferson offers at comprehensive program in social studies with the ultimate aim of developing in the student an understanding of the world in which he lives, a comprehension of his country-The United States-its history, its government, and its dreams of the future, and the development of a loyal citizenship and desire to participate in the affairs Of his country. The course offering includes World History, American, Texas, English, and Latin American History, Ad- vanced Civics, Problems of Democracy, each of these is designed to equip the student to cope with the problems he vvill face in life. FLOYD Mr. Richardson takes the class "Around the world in 90 days." C. V. GOODMAN ANN AHRNS B.S., ETSC, M.A., University of Missouri. B.A., Birmingham Southern College. MECHLER B.S., Rice Institute, M.S., South- west Texas Teachers' College. MELTON OWEN B.S., .M.S., ETSC. 9 4 3 1 , , 1 Y' sf Mid-term addition to the D- D- RICHARDSON faculty: B.A., M.A., TCUp Texas University, Uni- versity ot Iowa. ARCH GIBSON B.A., Southern Methodist - University. F. LEROY MILES B.S.E., Henderson State Teachers Collegey M Ed ETSC HAROLD BARTLETT Shes got the whole world in her hands . , . Miss Gerlach s history B.S., M.S., North lectures cover the whole situation. Texas State College. ' Boasv H. JONES ELEANOR MANUEL B.A., Southeastern State Collegeg M.E., B,A,, Texas University, SOUTPICH1 M6Ti'IOdiST Uf'liVSI'SifY. FI RTS O O7 ' . MOZELLE WELCH Librarian B.S., NTSC, M.A., SMU. ART MARIAN cous B.A., slviu, M.Al, University of California. "lt may not be talent, but it surely is fun!" Junior Salva dore Dalis take advantage of part of the fine arts program offered at T.J. "Art for art's sake" of- fers many opportunities for creative expression at Thomas Jefferson. Courses in music, including band and orchestra, as well as choral singing, in applied CAROUNE C. art, including crafts and art DANIEL theory, add culture to the B'A"SMU' Jefferson curriculum. The B.S., Colorado . University. student is encouraged to develop his own individual creative abilities, and to ex- press his interests function- ally. Lots RISLEY BETTY LAMBERT MICHALENE MEYER CHARLES H. VICK Chorus Chorus Orchestra Band B. Mus., SMU. B. Mus. Ed., SMU. B.S., Abilene Christian College, B- Mus., MM-, NTSC- m1ii5aanmR.wmAsiwmsws mmsnnnmmrwmva.mum.. nun: l I I DLI TRI L RTS at '5' ft i The wood shop provides opportunities for all manner of useful - , proiect l l I' Q COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT y S 5 E. Bovo cumis Bs., Ntsc. MABEL Run-L OLDHAM s.A., slviu, M.A., Texas University. "The value of a practical education is measured beyond mere dollars and sense" . . . At Thomas Jefferson industrial arts and commercial courses offer practical training for the student, all of which tend toward developing in the individual an interest and understanding of the world ,i 2 in which we live. Industrial arts offers wood, metal, tl and electric shop courses, as well as architectural, mechani- cal, and technical drawing. Commercial courses include L 2 5 typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping, in the general busi- S ness curriculum. L. H. HARLESS M. B. RUTLEDGE Lucius L. cox JAMES S. PATTERSON as., Ms., NTSC. Bs., Etsc. Bs., Ms., NTSC. B.S., M. Ed., ETSC- 5 if ? it L it I L PHYSICAL EDLICATIO DEP RTME T The gym class volleys and thunders! "Oh boy, the girls are playing baseball!" . . . "Gkay, clear out of that dressing room!" Physical education aT Thomas Jefferson aims aT the Training of the sound body for The sound mind, a greaT varieTy of sporTs is offered in the program, including baskeiball, um i 5 I J baseball, and volleyball for boTh 1, yi boys and girlsp fooTball, Track and ll Tennis for boysg and of course, The scooter game for The girls! HealTh and driver Training courses are also offered during The year as a parT of The program. lnTra- N mural sporTs compleTe a well- U rounded curriculum as fine as any gi , in Dallas. J Q5 T Wu Vu -' gif' Us T l T ll' - ly milf I ill' A T iii l T T ' iv l Pi it M,-ii v W iw , - A-Alf sr iw QQ ii ll ' +A A il MXN li 'T U! CHARLES R. LEE V DONNA BOHANNON SAM C. MCCLURE Boys Physical Education Girls' Physical Education Drivers' Training B s,, M, Edu msc, Bs., Nrsc. Bs., MA, Nrsc. SHIRLEY LIVELY WILLIE MAY BERRY Clothing FO00lS B,S., Texas University. B.S., Texas University. HOMEMAKI G "Rip it out and do it over" . . . "Girls, something's burning!" Not neglected in the curriculum are the homemaking arts, both foods and clothing courses prepare Thomas Jefferson's future homemakers for a very important phase of their careers. The most modern equipment is found in both depart- ments, vvith brand-new stoves, sevv- ing machines, and every convenience adding to the pleasure' of learning most useful skills. JESSE WATKINS B.L., Mary Hardin STUDY H LL ELLEN LOUISE F- WARE GLADYS R. BARNARD Cox College. NTSC. Baylor. JOHNSON Texas Tech, SE BUDDY NICHOLS DONNA DeVANEY, Secretary BILL PROCTOR, Treasurer STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT GUY STORY, Vice-president Governing body ot Thomas Jefferson is our omni-present Stu- dent Council, composed of repre- sentatives trom every homeroom. The supervision of all activities of social nature, the approval of organizational activities, and the improvement ot relations with other schools come within the province ot the Council. There is much interest in the development' of student selt-government, a goal for the future. All in all, the Council aspires to be the co- ordinating factor in an efticiently run school. THE STUDENT COUNCIL 34 SENIOR COUNCIL MEMBERS Front row: Sterling San- ders, Guy Story, Ronnie Chapman, Buddy Nichols, Mrs. Blackmore, Tom Ligon, Phyllis Rogers, Lynette Taylor. Second row: Carl Box, Ann Langham, Winfield Scott, Pat McKnight, Sharon Murdock, Jerry Huffer, Mary Ann Edwards. I 5' Z IIIX JUNIOR COUNCIL MEMBERS Front row: Barbara Smith, Joe Miller, Donne James. Second row: Pete Jessup, Judy Harbour, Suzanne Blailock, Janice Johnson, Donna DeVaney, Tommy Bailey, Rose Marks. Third row: Bill Proctor, Pat Young, John Scruggs, Kay Kramer, Mickey Newton. "We're legal!" Guy Story, Mrs. Blackmore, Buddy Nichols, and Bill Proctor admire the charter 1 1 n msv One of those inevitable Student Council duties, Bobby Nichols, Judy Lipman, and Sue Krider roll -and roll-and roll-crepe paper for one of the Council-sponsored dances. 1u:luu1i ...i L-an f, -- --t f.:tntginum:v: if.::-as-5.f f,4wtf:s-ww Q i. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL MEMBERS Front row: Chuck Ander- son, Dick Goode, Jeri Gates, Patsy Gumm, Truett B u cl d, Cecil Schwalbe, Judy Wood, Janet Kirby, Mike Kelly. Second row: Donna Alex- ander, Kent McCoin, Gus Blackshear, Jerry Rufger, Kay Puckett, Barbara Col- lier, Bill Jamison, Burt Mackaman. FRESHMAN COUNCIL MEMBERS Front row: Donny Crowder, Bob Beckman, Sue Krider, Mark Magi- low, Peggy Jessup, Jay Ferguson. Second row: Ann Becklund, Carole Gibson, John Schuricht, Sue Ellen Wall, Nina Williams, Carol Crosby. EIGHTH GRADE COUNCIL MEMBERS Front row: Judy Lloyd, Bobby Nichols, Ann Turriff, Judy Com- roe, Larry Kelly, Cheryl Kothe. Second row: Dean Downing, Charlotte Warren, Carol Clark, Irving Queal, Roslyn Graneck, Judy Lipman. AFTER . . . Yes indeedy, Student Self-government will find a way! Urged CID on by Miss Copley and Mr. Richardson, Council Members Tom Bailey, Suzanne Blailock and Bill Jamison solve the problem effectively. "Ugh!" The Iunchroom problem-here exaggerated l?J-has been a major council concern, Sharon Murdock, Jerry Huffer, and Pat Worrell register disgust at the situation. BEFORE STUDENT COUNCIL SOLUTION . . "No, no, Pete, move that one over to the right lust a little . . . " Barbara Walker, Pete Jessup, and Patsy Gumm decorate for the Christmas dance, the maior Council social activity for the year. JERRY Pres THE FIRST I SENIOR 1 E i W M- -1' W i X l W N Mrs. Blackmore proudly puts the 'first Senior Ring on Jack Lagows finger JOHN ABDNOR Pep Club, President, Library Club, Thespians, Red Cross Cheerleader, 57-58, Wiffiesf, Art Service Club, Presidenf, French Club, President, Thes- pians, Treasurerp Student Council, Y-Teens, lce Ska?- ing Clubp Pep Club, Senior Favorite Nominee. BEVERLY ANDERSON Ice Skating Clubp Homemaking Club. LINDA SANDY BARTON SALLY BESEDICK Reb Drill Team, Lieutenantg Y-Teensp Pep Clubf Art Serv- Y'Teensp Ice Skating Clubg ice Club: Pan American Club: Pan Club. Honor Rollg Crossp GEORGIANNA BLAYLOCK Y-Teens: Red Cross: Library Assistant, Student Council: Reveille Staff, Sports Editorp Pan American Clubp Football: Latin Club. Ice Skating Club. BARBARA BOOK REGGIE BOWMAN CARL BOX JIMMY BRADLEY Student Council: Ari Service Key Clubp Track, Honor Roll. Club, Treasurerf Red Crossp Pan American Clubg Trackp Honor Roll. CHARLES BRAZEAL NDCCf Major, Drill Team: Rebelairesf Latin Club: Hon- or Roll. NDCCp A Cappella Choir, President Key Clubp Banclp Track. JOHN BRUNER VANCE BURTON P, .. , -..MW ,J 1 l l l l l 1 l l T , f , l F STUART BYNUM I Pan American Clubp Linz Pin. f, C C ASS Janet Wenger and Lee Salz- berger say, "Ain't love grand?" Pan American Cluklfr Y-Teerie. BRANDEE CHAMBERLAIN i l lk ,xx li National Honor Society l lx Student Councily Latin Clubg Thespians, Contest Finalist, l L Thespiansg Baseballg Honor A Cappella Choir: Honor lt l Roll. Rollp Linz Pin. C' RONNIE CHAPMAN MARTHA CHILDERS L s l l BONNIE CHARIN Pan American ClubflY-Teensp A Cappella Choirpl Chorus Capers. l l r l 1 X V 1 E. NN 1 lr V1.1 John Ingram, editor of the 1957 DOCUMENT, receives the first editor plaque from Mrs. Harrison, sponsor. SUE CLARK Ice Skating Club. Student Council, Alternate, Camera Club, President, Band, Officer, Thespians, Annual Staff, Art Service Club, Proiectionist, Stage Crew. BILLY COX Cheerleader, Senior Sponsor, Valentine Princess, 57, Junior Class Favorite Nominee, Pan American Club, lce Skating Club, Y-Teens. BRENDA CRAVOTTA SAMMY CRENSHAW Band, All-Regional Band Orchestra, Proiectionist. GRETCHEN CRIGGER JAMES CRITTENDEN Rebs Drill Team, Vice-pres., NDCC, Latin Club, Ice Skat Pan American Club, Sec. 57, ing Club. 58, Art Service Club, Skating Club, TOMMY CUNNINGHAM OE Football Track C ub. Coun- Ari' Team, Club, NDCC, Regimental Com- Rebs Drill Team- Office As- mander- Key Club Pres: sistanf dent. DIANE DANNELLY ED DAVIS l g caalc .V at 5 LINDA DAVIS Rebs Drill Team: Reveille Staff: Thespiansp Pan Ameri- can Club. FRED DEATON BUD DIEHL JIMMY DAWSON Reveille Staffg Art Service Club: Latin Clubg French Clubg Y-Teens: Ice Skating Clubg Nurse's Assistantp Hon- or Roll. MICHELE DILLARD KATHY DONOVAN Devotional Committeey Y Teensp Latin Club: lce Skat- ing Club. CASS BETTY DUNLAP Rebs Drill Team, Lieufenarff: NDCC, Honorary Alidutenanf Colonelg Latin Club: Devo? iionai Commiheep Red Crossp Honor Roll: Linz Pih. BILLY Boa FELITISON Jefferson students get in the mood forthe Odessa Trip. DARLEEN FREEMAN National retaryp sistant Class Editor: Crossp Library Club: Pan American Clubp Y-Teensg lge Skating Club: Honor Rollf Student Councily Football. Linz Pin. JUD GEE DIANA GIBSON GERALD GILBERTSON E Roll I MARY MARGARET GLEW BOBBY GRAFF pan American Club, Vice. Pan American Clubg Camera Y-Teens, Treasurer: Club? Red Cross- Team, Lieufenanff NEAL GRIFFIN NDCC, Second Lieutenant. NDCC, Maiorf Honor Roll- BOB HALLER DICK HAMILTON MARY ELLEN Art Service Clubp can Clubp Ice Y-Teens: Honor GAIL HAMILTON CHARLES HART Ice Skaiing Club: NDCC, Maiorg Rifle Teamp Proiectionist. . ,I i H' l. .Irs ZH" NORMA HARWELL Reveille Staff, Assistant Edi- TOV- Honor Roll. TOM HILKER ALICE HIRSCH m-umu:mwe.mwufeuuuum:m'mw 4 mwwseumnw limwawmnum CAROL LEE HODGES Student Councilg National Honor Soclelyp Rebs Drill Teamg Devotional Committee, Thespiansg French Clubg Y- Teensg Honor Roll. fivi i if-ii ' 4 CI,-A S N-,1..,1 J BETTY JO Dnll Team, i, Secretary- 56-57: Pan Ameri- Art Seryice Clublg Ciubgllce Skat- Teens. ll ', l ' i i l GARRY HOl.Ti K 1 1 l J LORETTA Bobby Wilson pins the mum on the Football Queen to be, Doan Simmons Homemaking Club, Presi- dentp Rebs Drill American Club: Club, Y-Teens, Club. Team, Pan Art' Service Ice ' Skating Reveille Staff, Sports Report- er, Football, Manager, Let terman's Club, Library Club Latin Club, Camera Club. MIKE HONEA ELIZABETH HOLLWEG Most Athleticg Annual Sweet- heart Nominee, Rebs Drill Team, Captain: Y-Teens, Vice- presiclentg Pan American Club, lce Skating Club, Ot- 'Fice Assistant. AL HONZA "But hon, I always wear my orchids on my elbow!" S DONNA HORN Friendliestf Senior Class President: Junior Class Fav- oritef Student Council, Foot- ball: Baseballp Letterman's Club. JERRY HUFFER MICHAEL HUMPHRIES BILL HOYT DOROTHY HUNT SANDY HUNTER Rebs Drill Team, Art Service Club, Pan American Club, Club, Y-Teens, CORRYNE lce Sl Man- Rebel Band. - MAURICE JERWICK ANNE HYMAN Friendliest, Football Princess, 57, Annual Sweetheart Prin- cess, 57, Annual Sweetheart Nominee, 58, Senior Class Favorite Nomineep Junior Class Favorite, 57, Senior Class Secretary: Rebs Drill Team, Manager, Y-Teens, President, lce Skating Club, President, Reveille Staff, Fea- ture Editor, Pan American Club. MARYDEL JACOBIE Rebs Drill Team, Red Cross, Art Service Club, Homemak- ing Club, Y-Teens, Honor Roll. Wittiest, Rebs Drill Team Vice-president, 57, Reveille Staff, I-eature tditorp Pan American Club, Thespians Historian, Red Cross Alter- nate, Homemaking Club , Winner in Speech Contest, Office Assistant. GENEVA JONES RCN JONES JIM KAMMERER Student Councilf Football KeY ClUb l'l0n0" ROI' Baseballg Letterman's Club. GEORGE KARLEN Student Council Alternate NDCC, Captain. Student Council: Chorus Secretaryg Latin Club: Y- Teens: Devotional Commit teep Nurse's Assistant. ANN LANGHAM C ASS rom ucom Siudenf Council Alternafd: Ice Skating Club: Pan AmeriT can Club, Pep Chjbp Track Team. H! X N W DON MARSHALL i . N w "And then he said . . . " JOHNNY MCBEE NDCC, Company Command- ery Drill Teamg Red Cross Golf Team, Red Crossf Latin Clubp ice Skating Club. CLYDE MCCORMICK PETE MCKENNA PAT MCKNIGHT Cheerleader, 56-585 Student Council: Art Service Club: Thespiansp Latin Clubg Y- Teensp Ice Skating Clubf Honor Roll. l PAT MCMICHAEL ROE MILLAR Reveille Staff, Band, Y-Teens, Office Assistant, Honor Roll. ALICE MINCAVAGE SANDINA Cheerleader, Princess, Junior tary-Treasurer, Treasurer, Senior orite Nominee Club, Art Service Y-Teensp D tee, Red Cross ant, Honor Roll. National Honor Society, Vice- l-eaCleFSl'llP Club: lCe Skaflng president, Student Council, Club: Y-Teens, Honor Roll, Linz Pin. GINGER MOTT SHARON MURDOCK um mmmmww wf ,, , ,,,, nQ1::eefmpwwwwwmm e-4 W -. FWWT SENIOR JIM NEILL RICHARD NEWTON Most Likely to Succeed, Most Representative, 57, National Honor Society, National Merit Scholarship Semi-final- ist, Latin Club, President, 57, Thespians, President, Band, President, All-Region Band, Honor Roll, Linz Pin. Rebs Drill Team, lce Skating Club, Pan American Club. SANDYE NORRIS JACK NELSON Track Team, Camera Club, Honor Roll. NDCC, Lieutenant Colonel, Drill Team Commander, Rifle Team, Key Club, Honor Roll. TOM NORTON rmmrwt z1-1ulmm terman's Honor Roll, Linz Pin. JIMMY NORVELL "How It All Began," 56 library Assistant, Honor Roll Linz Pin. E i .r .-.I F , f fl .F h...,e Y" . .2 ' , V- V ,. Mr. Thobo-Carlsen visiis his daughter, Ann-Lis, exchange student from Denmark. DOLORES CRMS Devotional Committee, Art Service Clubf Ice Skating Ciubp Y-Teens. Club. i3 V H In Office Assistant. X ' DAVID PALMER ' GAIL PARSONS L 1 ' X . A K X I I , i I I RON lE'4E'A'GE'i r ji rl ,' H' '4 LUV! "But after all, xl admire your intellect." JIMMY PEARSON NDCC, 565 Football. Rebs Drill Teamp Latin Club: Rebs Drill Teamg Y-Teens: Future Teacher's Clubp Office Honor Roll. Assistantg Honor Roll, JIMMIE CAROLE PITMAN EVELYN POYSER MIRIAM PROCTOR Leadership Club: Y-Teens Ice Skating Club. PAT PUGSLEY MIKE RABUN Red Crossy Library Clubp Reveille Slaff- Latin Clubp Ice Skating Clubp Student Council Alternate YTeens Officer 57 Pan American Club Ice Skatan Club. SANDRA ROBERTS 9 TERRY RICHARDSON Most Athleticf Senior Class Favorite Nomineep Football, Captaing Track, Captain. Student Council Alternate Red Cross Alternate Reveille Staff Ice Skating Club Y Teens Office Assistant Hon or Roll. PHYLLIS ROGERS BOB Senior Class, Document Staff ROSALYN ROUGH Rebs Drill Team, President, 57, Secretary, 57-58, lce Skating Club, Secretary-Treas- urer, 57, Vice-president, 58, Pan American Club, Art Service Club, Student Coun- cil, Y-Teens, Honor Roll. LEE SALZBERGER Pan American Club, Devo- tional Committee, Red Cross, Band, 56. JIMMY SAUNDERS JUDY RYMER French Club. National Honor ture Nurse's Club, President Chorus, Co-President, 57 Student Council, Red Gross Speech Club, Y-Teens, Of- fice Assistant, Honor Roll. -.,J lil fill li . X VLA 'x,.....C, NANCY SCHARA ESTHER SCHKURMAN Thespians, Latin Club, A Cappella Choir, Student Council, 57, Y-Teens, Office Assistant, Honor Roll, Linz Pin. W l l l ASS "l dreamed of you last night, Schwalbe . . . that'lI teach me not to eat before going to bed." , Student Council: Reveille sfaff, French Clubp this- piansg Devotional' Commita teef Office, Assistant: Honor Rolly Linz Pin. ' LINDA SCHWALBE Red Cross: Latin Clubp Rebs Drill Team, Managerg Leader- ship Clubg Reveille Staffg Ice Skating Club, Y-Teens. Eighth Grade Football Coach 56. KAY SETTLE PETE SHERMAN WINFIELD SCOTT 5 Cheerleader, 56-585 Student- Councilg Times-Herald Teen- age Councilg Latin Clubg Thespiansg Key Club: Icel Skating Clubp Honor Roll. "AYEEAHHHHH! This is your iungle-keep it cIean!" or, Linola Schwalbe plays "FriencIIiest" at the Document Assembly. SE I SUJO SHERMAN Art Service Club. Best All-Around, 56-58, Head Cheerleader, 56-58, Football Queen,VaIentine Sweetheart, 56-57, Junior Class Favorite Nominee, Pan American Club, Art Service Club, Secretary, Reveille Staff, Pep Club, Y- 56-57, Library Club, Reveille Teens, Honor Roll. Staff, Honor Roll. DOAN SIMMONS CYNTHIA SMITH HAROLD SMITH Football, Art Service Club Red Cross. MOLLIE SMITH RICHARD SOWELL Rebs Drill Team: Reveille Art Service Clubg Library Sfaffp Y-Teens: Honor Roll. Assisiant. BILLY STATON Devotional Committee, Presi- denfp Thespiansp Key Club. Club: Eighth Grade Football Coach, 57-58. NDCC, Drill Team, 56-57. JOHN STEWART CHARLIE STILL ANN STOOKSBERRY Document Staff, Class Editor, 56-58, Reveille Staff, Home- making Club, Red Cross, Y- Teens, Honor Roll, Linz Pin. TOM STUART NDCC, Cadet Lieutenant Col- onel, Drill Team, Band, Key Club. National Honor Society, Latin GUY STORY Most Representative, Student Council, Vice-president, Jun- ior Class Vice-president, 56- 57, Football, Captain, 56-57, Letterman's Club. Club, French Club, Thespians, Pan American Club, Library Office Assistant, Honor Roll. SANDRA SUTTON Club, Homemaking Club. SAUNDRA SWARTZ . ' 7 , 'Iv .E 3 I 111' li ' lx "nl 1- .L Y E! it ' s BAXTER TALYOR NDCC, Cadet Captain, Rifle Team, Art Service Club, Vice- president, 56-57, Latin Club, Red Cross, Orchestra, 56-57. ,- .. "- "' "" e X ,VN Ai' A ,V ,QW .Lg S i'r4.1'.'g2l! '31 ysk. "Certainly . . . lskinned it myself . . . " i ANN TENISON Art Service Clubg Y-Teens v l l l l ANN-LIS THOBO-CARLSEN' Exchange Student fllnirti Defi-f markp Red Crossp ing Club. F l L l H X lj Honor Pan American Clubp Library Club: Honor Rollg Linz Pin. Football: Baseball. PAT THOMAS DENNY THOMASON "She's get dimples on her elbows, dimples on her knees" . . . " . , . fair Jeffersonians at the fair. l'l' l7"f5 FFR -,iiQ".fl2 .VV W . Isl, r':A-H, W i ig'- l 1 .lc , v v " ' J. CRAIG THORNHILL NDCC, Cadet Major, Rifle Teamg Bandg Science Clubg Honor Roll, Ari Service Clubg Honor Roll. JOE TOMLIN JUDY TOWNER ANITA TREAT Pan American Clubp Office Assisiant. JOHN NDCC, Rifle Tea Pan American Roll. ROGER TUTTLE BRENDA VACCARO Pan American Clubg Honor Roll JOHN WALKER BONNIE VINE Pan American Club: Red Cross Alternate: Y-Teensg Of- fice Assistant. Red Cross: Thespiansf Home making Clubg Nurse's Assist anti Office Assistant: Sales manship Essay Contest Win nerg Honor Rollg Linz Pin. LOU ANN WALL LINDA WEILER Annual Valentine Sweetheart, Rebs Drill Team, President, Homemaking Club, Vice- president, Ice Skating Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Football Queen Nominee, Senior Class Favorite Nominee, Pan American Club, Art Service Club, Y-Teens. JANET WENGER National Honor Society, Treasurer, Red Cross, Presi- dent, 56-57, Vice-president, 57-58, Thespians, Secretary, 57, Document Staff, Assist- ant Layout Editor, Future Teacher's Club, Historian, Latin Club, Devotional Com- mittee, Speech Tournament Winner, Ice Skating Club, Y-Teens, Office Assistant, Honor Roll, Linz Pin. Q BEVERLY WEY Library Club, President, Pan American Club. Homemaking Club, Art Serv- ice Club, Honor Roll. PAT WILCOX Cheerleader, 56-57, Council, All-City, All-District Baseball, 57, Football, 57, Letterman's Club, Ice Skat- ing Club. BOB WILSON CARROLL WILSON ,""44A' - Q I 1 ', Q ,W ,Ati MA -mtl-. ii.. V 'Z' .r "Nonsense, Robert, tl'1ey'll put your picture in somewhere!" Fren PAT WORRELL Cheerleader, 57-58, Student Council, Pan American Club, lee Skating Club, Baseball and Football Manager, Letter- man's Club, Honor Roll. BARBARA National Honor votional Co president, Latin gate to JCL Hoover Rebs Drill Team, Treasurer, "How gan," Co-Editor, Linz Pin. Baseball, Captain, Basketball, Manager, Red Cross. DALE YORK FRED YOUNG uezsnsvnmanmnwmw ww.xmwfmpt.nnw.wmmmw:emmummmMfee: -- ---unmwmvmuam mnramamamr---:sauna Y nmmswuuwmasunu Oom-pah! Honey, that's the funniest thing you've said all night." 72 "Now, it says here . . . " SENIGRS "Hey Joe, is the ceiling leaking again?" l 7 1 e l l l l l i l l AT LAST! "Gimme, gimme!" Valentine Queen Linda Weiler and Escort Bob Rippv- wheel "Get your left-handed door knobs. . .on sale at all lunch periods today." "Look out, cameraman!" The annual staff is found diligently at work as usual , . . 73 SENIOR SPONSCRS "Hnnmmm . . . rather large, I'd say!" Punchy from measuring the two-hundred- odd heads of the Senior Class in preparation for the ordering of caps and gowns, Sponsors D. D. RICHARDSON and MAY BLACKMORE measure their own! Gradua- tion activities, senior ring ordering, senior calendar scheduling, and all the other duties connected with GETTING THE CLASS GRADUATED! falls on their shoulders as well. Fortunately for the Seniors, these popular sponsors are quite capable! iJIMMY BRADLEY I94O- I 958 Above The laughTer of Jefferson Seniors This year will be The spiriT of one who cannoT be vviTh Them. The Taking of This young life has left The vacancy of a valuable personaliTy, whose memory will follow The class Through iTs acTiviTies and beyond . . . CLASS OFFICERS George Seay, President Janie Ausiin, Secrefaryg Hart Dinkins, Vice-president ' J in TH Jill and Bill show chill at Football Queen presentation. Ransdell, Scruggs, and Wascom brew up a little mischief! ICR C ASS Larry Agan, Mama Guitar, and Paul Deis perform at the talent show. 77 Football Princess Donna Devaney and her esc0rT, Gary Lawrence, prepare for the half-time presentation. 78 ARLENE ABEL LINDA ADAMS BOB ACKLEN PAM ADKINS LARRY AGAN NANCY AKRIDGE MARY ANN ALLEN BONNIE ANDERSON MIKE ANGELL BURR ANGLE 1fmmumn4mmnu1 wmfAL,A,,2fJ,1fWfA-- - - 1n 1 wrwz- in - f - x ff: I BOB ASMUSSEN DALE ATKINSON JOHN ANGLE BILL ARGO LASS Good grief, if's Jerry Brown on the Ivories! MARY ALICE ATKINSON MARJORIE ATWOOD I JANIE AUSTIN CARLOS AVILA SONNY BAGGESE TOMMY BAILEY I 79 5 3 BETTY BALLARD EVELYN BARNES I 1 I I CAROLYN BAKER JERRY BAKER N "This one wiil kiln 'ya," says Haynes. MARY ANNE BARNES JANE BEAVER GAY BEHYMER JUDY BEIBER SHARON BELK MICKEY BENNINGHOVEN 1 K 1 1 JANE BIRD DAVID RAY BLACKMON BOBBY BENSON DIANA BILLINGS ASS Ye olde buttonholing technique wins many an election! SUZANNE BLAILOCK TED BOGART JERRY BOGGE55 FRANK BOLTON MARILYN aoosc BOBBY BOYLES 82 JIM BRILL BARBARA BROACH MARJORIE BRADSTREET SHELIA BRENNEMAN Miller and Seay caught in a rareI?J moment of conversation. I I BILLY BROWN JAMES BROWN JERRY BROWN BARBARA BRONSON MARY JANE BROGAN DWIGHT BROGOITTI KENNETH BURGESS MARY BURGESS BILL BRUNSON NANCY BUDD c Ass A roof-top-led pep rally sends the football team off io Odessa. BECKY BUTLER JO BUTLER JOE BUTLER MARY BUTLER BILL CAMPBELL PEGGY CAMPBELL 83 84 TOMMY CHAMES VICKI CHAMES Q 5 JANELLE cAssiDY SMITHY CAUDLE What I like about The Drill Team is the early workouts on a brisk, invigorating morning! CAROLYN CLARK CAROLYN CLARK i LANA CLARK SHARON CLARK SHARON KAY CLARK SUE CLAY i CAROLYN COBB CHARLES COBURN GILL CLEMENTS BOB CLINGER ASS KAREN COCHRAN EUGENE CONALIZO CHARLES CONNELL JOY CONNELL PAT COSTIGAN JENNY COW'-EY 85 CLIFF CROSS JIMMY CUMMINGS BILLYE COX RITA CREIGHTON JLI IOR Look out, Russia! Here comes Master Scientist Benninghoven! LINDA DAVENPORT DEAN DAVIS TOMMY DAWSON BILL DENNIS DONNA DeVANEY ELIZABETH DeWOODY ww,-M.f1,,,.W....,ts .vi 4 ,5,1f,MN 7w Q Tx M. f. L Sf I - Z -M H may ,S , ,.,,.., m,,.,. , J, t,,,k L, W, mm, TOMMY DONALD SANDRA DOWNING - HART DINKINS JANE DONALD C ASS Little Cowley supervises preparations for Big CowIey's machinations! RICHARD DUBES DON DUKE RON DUKE BARBARA DUNCAN VINCE DUNCAN PATTIE EASTON ns -:-nm ei., 1 f n . .,., L, som- . f 4 87 CLOVIS FELMET JERRY FERGUSON CARLYN ENOCHS FOREST ERNST Ju loR l 1 "Hmm . . . it says he was absent because of an earache, 1 two broken legs, and 1he measles . . ." W SHARON FERGUSON LORETTA FEW W ELAYNE FINCHER MlKE FOSTER CATHY FRANKLIN BARBARA FRAZIER rr wwwxv4mmm:muwQwmmAnnmumw:mfmuaa1n:- , ,fe ln C ASS , ANN GAUGHAN MARCIA GENG I JIMMY GARY TOMMY GARY LINDA JO FRENCH TOMMY GAINER Fair day finds Bermuda's Fair Ladies enioying holiday from dear old TJ. ROBERTA GEREN DOUGLAS GIBSON HAROLD GIDDENS LINDA GILLEAN 89 90 SAM GLASS GEORGE GODFREY A Ray and Sharon . . . er . . . Sharon and Ray . . . er . . . . oh well. TOMMY GILLEN CAROLYN GILLETT I 1 LESTER GODWIN LINDA GOFF CAROLYN GRADICK DEE ANN GRAHAM HELOISE GRANT JOE GREGG BOB HALEY FRANK HALEY z:.,'1f.?:s.I 'fi'Ef'k,: "H , " 2:-' Q L g-Q1 1 'K'. X 7 f'? f17-w w w 1 -3 riff -:. 1 ' - 1 , -Sz I L Q - ' i f 'iv 'W 15,315 pa., ra. -Q,-1, K 4 - my , - -1,3 13:1 xr' f i k K , ' ww w ',.mm MARILYN GUMP JUDY HALE V, ,V ',g. , .,kk f'1zif4.1-ff . - ' ?,wfkWW,.-::- . ' -.--. is .. V - . A V, , , A A.,,5AW ,, , ,,.,.,,,,,..Nm L I . f 4, Y .V -.41 W,,.-gm. K I A S S R L , LDLDA Y A . 1 . 'Zak Igififiligff-11 " ' ' W F 'if ?,f655i"H"""' 1 1 .,En-f4wzz1- g ' P ' V ' , 5 mf lg!""""" A A 2 f 3132152 fi A it L A LALL A L, 1li?LgE.'f "giIfS:"1vv W5 'L - -was ,A 1 A ' 'nw-Q4 'K . ff? 'Ln'-4.M :use if Z A , W H Nkkzi A fv N'-352.1 2sfS,5"'.w-1 , ,-,. 5, , .NK nl h 4 4 -5 ,-Mgpx ,, g if A L 'D Jw' . A ' fr.?vf2e2x'Z1,'Ji , L ., " f, , "lg L 5 W- ?f'i4f"w L "Su-weet Ad-o-line . . ." V GEORGE HAMILTON VINCE HAMMOND JUDY HARBOUR TIM HARRINGTON BOB HAYES GAYLE HEDGE 9I MARTHA HENDERSON KAY HENDRICKS X . I ,. fi ffm 4 Y X X Q9 :SK If XX X X X X I X , , X I XFN 2 X: FX X -EQ, ' A K L I w P5 4 W I? XE my 5 XR X f ff 4 1 2 X ,E , ,kk. ,.,,X X . , I XX v,..W X,,,,.XX,X.,L ?,,XT,,2 XXX 1 ff'ff'X2WeVf2Xi?fasi44z1?XXI Y I , RX X sz ,XJ fXm,,,5SXaa.wXQ?iXXX R-ww 2 Q - ,X X X X sa x 1' .. 2:45. Fflgrailfv. ,,, l.V , - YQ? 4 V, HT, L? if EW e f f? . ,s sp MX f HILL A, .,,,. , X ,L,. ., .2 T 2Xf'fs:sfzX 1:fei:Lfs W- .XX -X21 xg I g45z3ZX?R sgg7gX T F fi' 7 an ,TX XX X K 3 I X X X 2X XX X 25 gg X K, 3 X if X X fd X X X ,X , wel X K if E 3 WM , L X52 S I K? EX X X A I X IXWRQXHEXZEX ,Ei R X325 W 4 R9 vi I -,X , T 'fi ' .f1fi2f"f:T i' 1I ' P- ' ' A , Xt ' .:.,,,,,. M--. - JIMMY HI MARGARET HOBART JAME HORN PETE HOUCK MAX HUNTER Q- fn:-ml, -- w ,A XXX..fT.XX:1mXX:eTewXMXz JENNIFER JAMESON JACK JENKINS J. E. INGRAM DONNE JAMES ASS "Thaf's what I said . . . read 209 pages for iomorrow I JOHNNY JESSUP PETE JESSUP BOB JOHNSON HANNAH JOHNSON JANICE JOHNSON LEE JOHNSON ing K ff, I -f f, -:JM 'mf' WINSTON JONES , , fz,.L1 Q .M-'fsfj in fl ff 55991 4 K . f'74i1f52 V ' F . A 5592 fx X fi J V, , f H L xg , My yy g as K, 9 A if ! .W N Y 1 , bf Se- L , QA , 1 4fZ, L NANCY KECK BETSY KELLY JO KELLY JUDY KENT ALAYNE KORNBLUEH LAURIE KOVSKY KATHY KLEIN MARIAN KLUND ASS "Which one ya gonna ask for Saturday, George? af xi? 3? ,L A J va. KAY KRAMER SANDRA KRAMER KEITH KRESS DAN KURIC JANET LACAZE VIRGINIA LAKE "Okay, teach, tell me what I made or eIseI"' TOMMY LEA LINDA LEE GARY LAWRENCE RUSSELL LAWSON ' I I I I WALTER LEGG DIANNE LENHART BILL LEWIS GEORGE LEY EDDIE LIEBMAN ROBERTA LIEVSAY I JACKIE LOINETTE DALE LONG BRUCE LIPSHY GEORGE LIVINGS ASS "But I thought fhis would fit your head, Tommy Bailey says Suzanne Blailock. BUDDY LUMPKIN LINDA LUNG MARY MALONE JOHN MANGRUM BRUCE MARCUS RICHARD MARCUS I1nmx1ma:.w -I M :ln-1 'l 97 -i .s ROSE MARKS JILL MAXCY 4 JANIE MARIS LILA MARKS "TwinkIetoes" Fincher! I WARD MAYBORN MARYLIN MERRITT I I JOE MESSINA CHRIS MEYERCORD JOE MILLER NANCY MILLER I i :Hn ,,I 1w .:i- M ., ., TQMMY MIZELL AUBREY MOODY DWAIN MINCY WAYNE MINCY ASS "Were you looking for a certain type?" asks Lila Marks CORREYNE MUNDY FORREST MURPHY MARY ELLEN MURRAY JOHN MacDONALD PAT MCCLURE JAMES MCCOY 1 .zfwwfxmwewzrm-mf:w.fw mmmarmnnswmf f, -r4-fi--,wwwfwgwzmprfmfzfmw-A1-mmmzwiwmgwm nnmr:.:iruwaw1wzmwn- 5 - .am-mwwwmw,wmzauu: 99 I00 - - 1 N 5 JIMMY MCKEE MIKE MCKINSEY 5 CAROL MCDONALD SANDRA MCGILL Ju lolz Fear nor, World! Your problems are being solved by Kress, Connolly, and Goode. BEVERLY NEAL BlLLlE JEAN NEELY KIM NEHER LARRY NELSON MICKEY NEWTON HENRY NICKS F M ' 'f-- f munmmnwn.5 nm-ifnwzmmnuuuunnn .mf , .. , 5 hr I I I BUZZY OLAN SUE OVERHOLSER CAROLE NIVENS JACK OGDEN LASS "These decorations look good enough To eat!" say Forest Ernst and Lester Godwin. MIKE PACTOR DOUGLAS PALMER LINDA PARKER SUE PARKER SUZIE PETERSON JIMMY PHILLIPS IOI I02 I 2 2 2 E I I 3 CHARLOTTE PINSON NELLA PITTS 4 S 3 RONNY PHILLIPS LINDA PIGMAN I I I Miss Grimes gives Graham a cracker. MICHAEL POSEY ELAINE PRESTON BILL PROCTOR BOB RANSDELL DAVID RAY DAVID REED . KATHY RENFRO JACK RILEY GEORGIA REED JOYCE REEVER CLASS Talent Show: "I'm Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage! ROBERT ROBERTS RICHARD ROGERS JUDY ROSEBROCK JUNE ROSINBAUM CONNIE ROSS ROBB ROUGH I04 PEGGY SAMUEL JOHN SCHEFFEY is If L4 ,2 ANN RUTLEDGE PETE RYAN l l Ju :QR "Sure, sure, Mr. Owen, I know all Three hundred and 'forfy-seven battles of the Civil War." TONY SCHLESINGER STEVE SCHLOSSSTEIN MARTHA SCOTT JOHN SCRUGGS JEANNE SEARS GEORGE SEAY his hr I CAROL SHIELD SHIRLEY SHULL PATSY SENKOW JEAN SHAW LASS KusTer's last march. DEBBIE SKINNER ELLIS SKINNER WAYNE SLOVACEK BARBARA SMITH JACK SMITH JIMMY SMITH 1m nf :ai1Q:.,:fs'ef-ssfpf I ,- .M , ,.,.Qw,M. Q mnm:u-nnm2wsf sma.x1 mwmwmw 5: ROGER STALEY STEVE STANLEY 2 Q4 -I Q wi K .I Q5 MICKEY SMITH SANDRA SNODGRASS The Band's quite proud of their colorful new shakos. I PAT STAPP MARTHA STARK YVONNE STARK VIRGINIA STARNES JUDY STARR RUTH STOUT I I .n-1:31111 inu1nnmuumaaumann1wnmnumm1m mm n ning- I-mnu.:anu:mf.w4,.f,mNxw+-nwuwwnsmzws BETTY STUBBS ROBERT SUTTLE JOHN STRATMAN ANDY STROUP C ASS Happy smiles of Foresf Ernst, Partie Easfon, Linda Gillean, and Lester Godwin decorate The Chrisfmas formaI. KAY TAYLOR CAROLYN TEEL MARY TOWNER DAVID TRICE PHIL TROUT GINGER TROXEL ' B I HI HL'll1l1xlIulllHI4:Q:l I lllnlxlat I07 I08 ! li K I NANCEY WADLEY BARBARA WALKER 5 if ll 3 5 l FRANNIE TUCKFIELD ROBERT TUGGLE Ju lolz l I 1 Mrs. Lamberf leads The Girls' Chorus, evidently in a l funeral march. DON WALLACE BOB WALNER BECKY WARD JOHN WASCOM JUDY WEBB RAY WEBB :- - Nl-'ffl 1 f'5 MYRNA WELLBORN RICHARD WESTBROOK BILL WEHNER JACKIE WELDON ASS Tom Ligon contemplates the nexf move as Pat McClure supervises. LOYAL WHITAKER SUE WILCOX CAROLYN WILLIAMS WAYNE WILLIAMSON DICK WILLIS BOB WILSON I09 JIMMY WOFFARD CAROLYN WOODLING Siudy, siudy, study . . . and ihe library is The best place to do it! ROBERT WILSON JACQUELINE WISMER JU IORS GENE WGRRELL soamr vvoremv Jo ANN WRIGHT Jo AN YOUNG PAT YOUNG RAY ZIPPER Il0 ARCLI D T.J. ... Handsome couple . . . Sandina Montanio and Joe Miller at the Christmas formal. Mrs. Morrow has to listen to the funniest excuses! The chorus and the choir rehearse before one of their successful assemblies. Paul Thompson and George Seay present Mr. Stroud with our first basketball trophy: First Place in the Irving Tournament. E 1 4 L 5 i "But I've go? one voie and six 'friends running!" f c , Q1 GH do THE SCPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Neal Bright, Presidenrg Beverly Maxcy, Secreraryf Orville Hudson AS S Vice-president. fl Nix 0 V "Work that problem!" says Mrs. Snell. Linda Bolton Jane Bonnet Ann Bonnick Beverly Bowen Thomas Bowman Sherry Boyd Bill Bradford Nancy Bradshaw Bernard Brastield Delores Brazeal Patty Breum Rick Brewer Suzanne Abernathy Carol Adams Benita Aftergut Sandra Akers Donna Sue Alexander Sandy Allen Bryce Anderson Chuck Anderson Nancy Anderson Ronald Anderson Ellen Arthur Carol Asbill Joan Asmussen Annabelle Austin Dick Baker Dan Barr David Barton Sondra Kay Barton SOPHGMQRE f.7fll.-Z' ,. 152.1 '-ES r.,',ess:s,-vm A s.., Mary Lou Bealrd Gary Benmngfleld George Blackburn Wi Gus Blackshear -fi fe1fz's.x,ff Y' -- ft f- .gm XF 'Kits Qi Wu fl? if Patricia Briden Neal Bright Anne Brineman Edward Brounstein Beverly Gay Brown Judy Brown Kay Brown Nash Brown Frank Bruchsaler Vera Bruchsaler Patti Bryant Mike Burkhart Sharon Burns Wally Bushring Mike Byrne Cody Cadmus Don Cameron Sally Campbell Dick Goode and friends make monkeys of selves CLASS Carol Camplen Frances Caudle Bruce Carpenter June Carpenter Beth Carter Glenda Carter Nick Carter Kay Catherall Anthony Catina Sandra Caughran Jackie Cawthorne Billy Chandler Louise Chandler Judy Chapman Winford Chick Larry Clark Have you ever seen a square, dance? Norman Clark Nancy Clements Patty Cobb Gary Coen Howard Coggeshall Barbara Collier Carolyn Collins Robert Colton Joan Conley Darline Coose Pat Copeland Kathleen Costigan Emma Cowley Jimmy Crenshaw Gary Crump Linda Crossett Terry Cullender Barbara Culver Judy Davenport Carolyn Davidson Jeanie Davignon Stella Davis Richard Day Eddie Dayton Charles Dedmon Paul Deis David DeWeese Linda Dill Diane Dodson Margaret Dransfield Julie Cummings Ben Cumnock Kathleen Cunningham Janet Curby SOPHGMORE Paul Dubes Dick Edelstein Jane Edwards Bill Ellis Larre Emerson Betty Emory Steve Erickson Judy Evans Jerry Farney Kay Felker Tommy Fergus Bonnie Ferguson Llucy Ferguson Mary Fletcher Norman Foitasek Michael Forsyth Franklin Frickey Janice Gallaher Sue Sims studies scenic statues. LASS Billy Galbreath Mark Gardner Sandra Garner Jeri Gates Leighton Glass Dwight Gleaves Virginia Glines Patty Goldammer Robert Golden Robyn Goldman Kenny Goodacre Dick Goode Jesse Graves Randy Green Sheri Greene Sandra Grimes 7 Sophomores cuT up at Calico Capers. Barbara Groombridge Gerald Gruber Jimmy Gsell Paisy Gumm Tim Guyton Norma Haggard Roger Hall Bobby Hamilton Sally Hanson Donnie Hardin Linda Harvey Jean Hatch Palsy Hathaway Glenda Hawkins Larry Hays Frances Head Peggy Head Pam Heath Bill Herries Joe Heupel Rosemary High Sue Hilburn Barbara Hill David Hill Tom Hodges Judy Horn Bolo Horton Betty Howard Diane Howard Merceda Huckaby Dean Henderson Nancy Henderson Carolyn Hendricks Mike Henrich SGPHDMOR Kelley Hudson Orville Hudson LeRos Hull Mike Hulme Gary Hunt Judi Hurst Charles lsom Kyle Jackman Arthur James Baird Jameson Chris Jameson James Jessup Janie Johnson Jerry Johnson Jan Johnston Bob Jones Joan Jones Judy Jones Rock 'n Roll, Western style? CLASS Lloyd E. Jones Sandra Jones Barbara Justice Jeanne Kalousek Carol Keck Joel Kelly Mike Kelly Joan Kershaw Chad Kersting Judy Kidd Janet Kiesler Jack Kilpatrick Rio King Kay Kinkel Stewart Kipness Nancy Klein Becky contemplates Baxter's lip-decoration at the "Chorus Capers." Dick Kline Betty Knickerbocker Marie Knight Nancy Krevis Paul Kunde Martha Kuster Janet Lang Jimmy Langham Volney Launey Donna Lay Carol Lee Nan Lindsley Michael Lingley Marilyn Lipman Murray Loetfler Melvin Loinette Rochelle Lynn Nancy MacDonough Gerald Marshall Sam Marshall Clara Martin Kay Massie Martha Mathews Stewart Matlock Beverly Maxcy Douglas Mayes Gerald McAdams Mary McCall Morrison McClellan Kent McCoin Kay Madera Sandra Marcom Suzy Mars Alberta Marshall SGPHOMORE Don McCulIar Tommy McDonnell Wayne McGowen June McKee Judy McLane Dan McLendon Kathleen McLeod Patty McShane Jo Ruth McSpaddin Regina McWilliams Martha Meyercord Yvette Milburn Carol Miller Pat Miller Steve Miller Cathy Mims Patricia Mitchell Frances Montfort f 5, 9 X :Nh Steve and Jenny demonstrate Rock 'n Roll! LASS Becky Moore Jimmie Moore Catherine Morgan Don Morris Jack Morris Jill Morton Tom Mosley Nancy Muir James Muller Stephanie Mullins David Murphy Betty Myers Patty Myers Sue Nelson Lyndia Nichols Ray Norton I 2 l Tappy talent by Emily Pigman at the talent show. I22 Becky Ransdell James Ray Joe Reed Annette Rehders Judy Rice Carol Richardson Alice Rickman James Rigby Kay Rigsbee Scott Ripley Sue Ritchie Esther Ritz Sidney Max O'Hara Joseph Owens Phyllis Palmer John Parker Roger Parker Cooper Parks Sammy Parks Marianne Pecora Nancy Perry Bill Phemister Charles Pittman John Platt Yvonne Pope Elaine Porter Gerard Prestridge Charles Price Jeff Price Sandy Price QPHOMGR Sharon Pringle Key Puckett Jimmy Putnam Ronnie Ramblin Margaret Roath Janet Robbins Bruce Roberts Dana Robertson Jimmy Roddy Margaret Rodriquez Carolyn Rosenbloom Emma Rosinbaum Mary Ann Ross R. L. Ross Jerry Rucker Chris Russell Sue Rutledge Margaret Sagnibene Sandra Sample Pat Sanders Jane Scarborough Vin Scheihager "Wl1o's a pig ?" CLASS Karen Schneider Kit Schoenfielcl Cecil Schwalbe Sondra Schwarz Mickey Scott Betsy Seals Marybelle Seals Gary Shafer Gwyn Shook Beryl Siemer Sharon Silk Sharon Silver Davis Simmons Sharon Simmons Sue Sims Barbara Smith l23 Mr. Shepard and flock caught in rare crowded moment. Gail Taylor Susan Taylor Donna Teague Jean Teel Judy Temple Janis Thomas Sammye Thomasson Georganne Thrower Leslie Tiedtke Bill Tiftt Terry Tomlin I Kenneth Tracy Martha Smith Mary Ellen Smith Patti Smith Pete Smith Roger Smith Sharon Smith Dave Somerville Chris Sowell Donna Sowell Deloris Spradlin Stanley Stages Sondra Steftins Mike Stern Jane Stewart Richard Stewart Tommy Story Kirby St. Romain Barbara Surles Dick Sutton Alfred Taylor Buddy Taylor Carolyn Taylor SGPHOMQRE Susan Travis Jimmy Troyer Budd Truett Gary Tuveng Ronnie Underwood Lincla Vandivort Paula Van Wagoner Jack Vickrey Phil Vickery Robert Vickrey Marion Victor Warren Vine Larry Vinther Nancy Vos Shirley Walden Sharon Waldorf Ann Walker James Walker "Take me to your leader!" LASS Pat Walker Buddy Wall Bobby Warner Margaret Watkins Peggy Weaver Suzy Webb Lynn Wendell Herman Wheeler Betty White James White Jackie Whitehurst Joe Whitman Kitty Whitworth Jim Wight Jackie Wilcox Bill Wilkinson Charles Yarborough Zada Jackson 'Man, that Suzy Mars simply melts me!" Benny Williams David Winn Frostie Winters Tracy Witchell Esther Witte Bobby Glen Wright Phyllis Wright Jimmie Wood Judy Wood Allan Woodcock Lenore Woods Renee Woodward SCPHCMOR Patty and Orville . . . clown the hall on cloud 13. 8-dr"i ABSENT SOPHOMORES The flu-bug got us on picture day. Front row: Linda Rice, David Ballard, Marlene Cohen, Glenda Miller, Delia Stark, Sandra Sulkin, Noel Houck, Rawley Curry, Pat Rovvden. Second row: Kennel Hogan, Linda Woodruff, Gale Rosenthal, Glenda Tinsley, Patricia Kogan, Robbins Jordan, Marilyn Emery, Darrell Lummus, Marion Brooks. Third row: Barry Skiles, Bill Jamison, Sally Shaw, Billie Trombley, Sue Jensen, Mary Still, Ricky Donehoo, Ronny Parish, Donald Dalton. Fourth row: Doug Roberts, Butch Delcambre, Stanley, Glanz, Phil Sigman, Harrell Eubanks, Joe Williams, Harry Zier. Fifth row: Mike Ervin, Jimmy Story, Jerry Wade, John Reagan, David Rogers, Denneth McMullen, Bobby Schulz, Burt MacKaman, Marshall Sullivan. LASS S fx Q HF sa. Mi X 'H .A mi 58, gmm gsgeaw l l Lb' at 5 Which Wood twin has the Toni? , .V Eli A 5 , , .X if ' ' r' f ii, QM. g, Wff15g' , f-L'k- 3, A. - kg .,,Jga,5 iss K L A 15 , 5' fi ,.,c it . iff hi I ii' X iw 'X ' , Mk V K, .gg .,if'f" fi' V . i ri.: i ig , VV , A iiV,V. g13Qg3.f,,i525go Nfl, ., 5 ,MVQ5 ,V ki If M " 15? Hiilcifflihliiz- 'X ll ' ,:4-f-...., ll' Mike Hulme and Carol Keck examine a dis- play of the Sophomore's favorite subiect . . . Silas Marner. wana? 'filer ---....,.. .. f. V: V. ,in , ss Wi 'A L -L -. A ,yhkr 3 . . ,ge m K . ,-', ' . ' i tt . ' - 2 W fa... . it , gm . ,1'. , f ew-4 F' . .", i 'P , 1" if . ' ' , . - 1 ' 3 , 4 -',, ' W ma. I . sl,f .M gf gri m ,:.,,. . K 1. f . E .. 5- vt t 4 r t t. S Q 2 . ,.-. e gg 5 jg, ,. . if at a any 9, Q L., lf in ., F DB6 A L is f L S L L , .4 L. Q if A 73 A f if ' .. I . . , 3 ' " I 'F' - I . 9 M it - Y' f if tsst -as A " A W L - A L"- , I f 4 t - isii 'S - C . A.Vk it A ea ' ' First row: Scott Ables, Dennis Abrams, Dinah Adams, Bob Al- britten, Mike Alexander, Ryan AI- len, Billy Alling. Second row: Julie Almond, Joe Altick, Nick Anderson, Judy Astholz, Carolyn Bailey, Mike Barber, Brenda Barnes. Third row: Gail Barzune, Ann Becklund, Bob Beckmann, Paula Benninghoven, Micky Bierner, Billy Billings, Billie Blanton. Fourth row: Larry Blas- ingame, Jeb Blum. CLASS OFFICERS 2 Wu. 1 W 'oe . .W J N258 K sy, FRE HMA First row: Preston Blum, Ronald Bockburg, Kim Boemker, Walter Bone, Pat Bonnet. Second row: Patricia Bradley, Allen Brandenburg, Llrlda Brieger, Charles Brothers, Judy Brown. ffvfeirfi, T' ' r, gffiizgstfasa Lee Weatherly, President, Bobby Legg, ViC9-pl'6Sf0l6fWTi SUS Kfl' der, Secretary. Third row: Mary Lou Browne, Larry Bruner, Sandra Budd, Kendall Bull- er, Patrick Burns, Nancy Bybee, Betty Cain. Fourth row: Linda Car- penter, Bob Casey, Chris Cason, Joe Chick, Gwen Childers, Ronnie Childers, Ray Claxton. l28 17-7- First row: Barbara Cockrum, Eliza- beth Colborn, Diane Colfry, Eugene Comroe, Betty Connolly, Sanlyn Cooley, Theodore Cowley. Second row: Lorraine Cox, Sharon Craft, James Crook, Carol Crosby, Pris- cilla Cross, Donnie Crowder, Joyce Cryder. Third row: Pete Davis, Sally Davies, Wayne Dawson, Gene Dempster, Betsy Dennis, Sandy Dennis, Sandra Dilworth. Fourth row: Steve Doane, Margaret Dod- son, Benny Drollinger, Tommy Drumm, Cheryl Drumheller, Connie Eaton, Judy Egan, CI 3 E 5 "Won't they ever learn how to spell Treasure Island?" asks First row: Judy Ellington, Gail Erskine, Carol Evans, Bobby Earhart, Mike Feemster. Third row: Roberta Feil, Jay Ferguson, Rick Fetterman, Burt Finger, Richard Freed. Miss McClain, popular Freshman English teacher. Third row: John French, Jimmy Kaye Friday, Mike Friedman, James Geren, Fred Gerson, Carole Gibson, Jimmy Gilmore. Fourth row: Bill Grant, Don Green, Nancy Greer,- Margie Gross, Diane Grove, Kathy Guernsey, Jackie Givinner. l29 Algebra wouldn't be so bad if l could only add and subtract! Third row: Peggy Jessup, Judie Johnson, Charles Jordan, Coleman Juett, Royce Kanter, Barbara Katz, Edward Keeler. Fourth row: Billy Keesey, Karol Kelley, Pat Kelly, Carol Kennedy, Dale Kimmell, Bar- bara Kline, Aubrey Knight. l30 il"+x First row: Buddy Haden, Mary Ann Hammer, Orbin Hanks, George Harris, .loan Harris, John Harris, Carol Harrison. Second row: Glenda Hathaway, Judy Hatherley, Joe Hayes, Karen Hernfelt, Ronnie Heslop, June Hewitt, Jay Hicks. Third row: Barbara Hill, John Hill, Nancy Hill, Sandra Hill, W. B. Holl- weg, .loan Holway, Heather Honan. Fourth row: Carolyn Honza, Ed Hord, John Houck, Rowena Hoyt, Jimmye Sue Hudgins, Georgia Hughes, Peggy Hundley. FRESHMA First row: David Hundt, Mike Huneycutt, Robert lrish, Celeste Irwin Steve Israel. Second row: Jane Judy Jarog, Ann Jarrett. Jackson, Sandra Jackson, Gayle Jacobie Aw., , .tg 'B - V v .. ,M . ,1 .V ',-.L First row: Peter Kovsky, Ronald Koons, Carolyn Koontz, Sue Krider, Joe Labruzzo, Ann Lander, Bev- erly Lane. Second row: Dorothy Lash, Larry Leatherwoocl, Larry Lee, Robert Legg, .loan Leonard, Eddie Lester, Robert Leslie. Third row: Diane Lett, Freydann Levit, Mary Lindsey, Steve Lipner, Don Loewen, Charles Long, Sandra Longmire. Fourth row: Jane Lough- miller, David Loving, Mark Magilow, Baird Mallory, Pam March, .lo Ellen Margrave, Cindy Marks. CLASS 'K 'a it ,V ,. ,.,2, 46 Vi S VV QQ J V see- V M air' eee'z. Q .gig , :-, j , ..,, V vw , Q" I WV 6 , L ar: it t wi' ' 1 , , in Mellfsii .5 VV-ferr ff - K. " " K V .' 4' V 1. - if Vw -at QW 1 r Y ' A I 4 , V K 2 ,gn 5 fs 5' ' ii K it 0 Y ' f is M , X St? if SWL f Y L V ,.., l:5'f"Qi?fl,' 'LLL AV . , A V1 "' ' F .Q F 'f 'll' " V - 1 V . -v -V -V ,. V VV V , 1 5 V i,-' 1 lf VVM in V, . 'F z .V - , -'Q V. V . -"-' . , , WV-22.-'Q Vgfgj-ir, . ii ,. Vp ' , . , V " if V V .V em. use -K 1 VV ,ff, Vt aww VV: . ..'- V, H MV , . . ., -V t. ,HV be . ff ,V ,,... t fa. wa ,. t We . ,. . . . V ,MV ' ' if '- ' ., ' 1 V . . ' V V' V .V fl V -. l I . -wi,-E: i fs - 1 if 'Vai VV ' ' M f -.7 gr ' V ri" - 1' ' V ' t S f I . . fi' ii1Vf 5v'ii PQI TA if ' sm , 'V 1 .A -'-- V- ,,-AV VV--., - ' ,. Q 1 gf A .sitlilx ' V ' t 1 V lt' 5941" .. 'Vt ' - " 3 'L "'- f3L:5,L " f. F " - f V 5 . W, V ,- ' L . K " , 'i . -f lift. V, ,E ,, V"- 1122 -f VV ,-VV-- f J' , V' ' V iiisiil, L ' Y V 1, . fa 'Y V -I t Q V 1 2 . . " .. ,gf ' -' 'VV2VW"' ,',- , ," 1 , ' ,. LVLVL S V . . V .. " . V V A ' , t H ,. V '-" - asgag-.iwggs ff' '- K-,, ' 4- - ff ' ' ' ,Isp s 1 Vi ' " " V , ,1V .. ,f "-"' V ns. V 6155? V t 'M ' V - ri" . . 17fi-Vri.V.V,,V.f A , r,,, 'J 5 gr -2- V 1 , -ljgiffgf f I "-. - . '. 1. f - V 1 . V "1 , .Vt iii "?"'i it V' . L15 i 1 . i- . ' .. ,' : , V V V fi'-i V 1 X5 'TW V ' ' 'LMP 2" 1?:. - , ft' F' ng 'L . ,. 1194 'ii 7 25' kiwi' gg, tmgjt f--511: 7 9?-5 - VT - Q -I f- , .: ' ' Vg I ',:.t1QQ F' K E' V.i- F' V f2fi21fV V ' V in if 'E' r i . , 4, V K V ai' J ri- x ..., - V. V VJ .V Vs . 4, 1:4 ' I -Q: I at ..: 'QVV - M- Q-sg, V, V ' .:V Vi VVK V- VV ,VVV nr r.i-'. V r'VJ ii. - Y V - tt I- ,V -1 ' L 1- 5, ,g it Mrs. Mitchell introduces Freshmen to the mysteries ill of their first foreign language. First row: Ann Marmaduke, Frank Martin, Spinner Martin, Sherry Martz, Warner Massey. Second row: Duncan Mason, Lucy Mason, Charles Mathens, Phil Maxwell, Eileen McCullouck. d"'l'5 V V? ',-fi' -5 X2 . x c. ,V qi VL 5. nz . ' ' ' VB- '-if 5,561-ala. ' f-vw uf--Q x asf Agjgxk . gf u d t ., 1 E i .2 YI' an so Va Ae' 4 '4 W ,pa ,-Q., Third row: Sid McClain, Sherry McDaniel, Donald McDonald, Mike McDonnell, Bob McGregor, Marc McKinney, Mary Ann McLeod. Fourth row: Bill McLeRoy, Pat Mc- Lester, Diane McMillan, Don Meyers, Susan Miller, Mike Mims, Shari Minton. rev' 'wwf Nw-A 'ns 5 1, my x I3I 1 Vgee ' V V S . B' I Q a 4 5 M K Vi if , I 'W ii V. i A. 'l 'il Vs 7 . -. ' L VVV 'i" - L- -. 'ff ' . , -' ' ' V"' : "" 1 f' '-VVV V-N - , V. LV V fi 'A . r . :Y 'la , 9 ' - 1 'L Z if gl Q 1 ei l A 'isfq F 'VV""., 1 7 'F i ' " 7 K V,,', . V S V i l "Gee whiz, Mrs. Johnston, you don't expect me to study in study hall, do you?" Third row: Becky Pounders, Joyce Powell, Margie Rechif, Ronnie Reed, Steve Reed, Mary Lou Ren- fro, Ann Reynolds, Fourth row: Billy Rice, Sandra Richie, David Ritz, Ricki Ricker, Shelly Roberts, Steve Robertson, Robert Rogers. I32 -80' ilr First row: Ann Mary Mitchell, Billy Mitchell, Tim Mitchell, Pat Monley, Martha Ann Montgomery, Peggy Mood, Lynda Moore. Second row: Marsha Moore, Marie Morel, Jane Moreman, Russ Morris, Joe Moss, John Muller, Carla Mundt. Third row: Bill Murray, Joan Muth, Carol Myers, ldie Nakano, Susan Neel, Jane Ann Nelson, Joan Nichols. Fourth row: Judy Nix, Candy Noyd, Bobby Odor-n, Maureen O'Toole, Jimmy Pace, Carol Parker, Linda Parker. FRE HMA First row: Eddie Parma, Jimmy Patton, Mike Perry, Jimmy Peterson, John Phillips. Second row: Marynell Phillips, Luke Piccola, Emily Pigman Ronnie Porter, Noel Portnoy. F wfj, . : , . :. ' 5 i 6 wJ X .X ,., , . ., X-lim , 1 Hi ,,, Y J 5 it pi- ., , ., . E .123 'Y ll FJF HF is NB.. l all Si 6 . 4 1 K L 9 V.., I I ,y ,glu V F 'Q' . - . Q.-.m :lr ,V : Nitin ' . ,.. , ... u " y. 'fs 1 iv -Q , N ' , If ' .F 'N ' 2 , ,N f f l'-sr ., M 123 ' 't if -, . - ' V. fi iv? A ,. We , 555221, F Q l Som if , i A ": A '-'!:, ei' . A J ., , . ,S ,gi ,,,3,c. N M,. . we ,fu V ,,. ,pf , V , . - , 1 si, 3 ei. ,ff rg fl - at - f. ' ,, 1. ' ga .ii - 'X s vi -"4 it . w e.. nf . 'N , Q- K4 T ,,.. . was -, X uv! .W N-4 f M ,ff g ., ,g iii, S , 'wa 'NR , J , fi ,f s F f ' " ' 'a,,,' A , S- .ggi agp . F. 3? ., ,, 2 ' - 5 if .. 1- I A .Nz iw ,,Lf , ffv , 'IQ ,a j , K .. 1 f M it ir, f First row: Tom Root, Jimmy Rosen- 9 D H berg, William Rumsey, Sherry Sad- ' hx I- ." .5 ler, Robert Sample, Cliff Saunders, . , I 35 , 1 7' Tommy Schara, Second row: Sally V ,1-A "L V. K f g Schmidt, Henry Schread, Marlene I im kVVh :V ' Schultz, John Schricht, Gregg lf., , 'D 4 Shafer, Walter Shaw, Barbara Av M Shockey. Third row: Mike Silver- If I glat, Kay Silverthorn, Charles Skin- ner, Bobby Smith, Danny Smith, . :- Jerry Smith, Kent Smith. Fourth 1 F D row: Lloyd Smith, Ronnie Smith, 'L',x ' Sue Smith, Sandra Sohrweide, Gor- V ii' " ""i l' H Lvy' don Speights, Jimmy Spence, John ,.: - ..,,' V - iiijiiyiyyy , lr - "fl Je ww J, Sn H ' ' , I., , V. , . Mx' 5 . i w ,V as 0 1 'E ' W- ' , 1 Q, at ,,., P C .. . C, ' ' -' 5 . ., iff fi - f I 5 J 1 K ,V 'V K 3,-U , ,.i"' ,X . ,,-, ' ' , "-, i 'Z ' '25 ' ."T ' , " J t 441 .,f:- J, , , S' - ' r ,-" r D X A . ,C ff' Q. First row, below: Walter Strain, Diane Starr, Alan Steckler, Sheryl CLASS Fourth row: Pat Welborn, Eddie Werth, Cecelia Wey, Sharon Whar ton, Skippy Wharton, Billy Whitehead, Joyce Wiggins, Barbara Williams Dick Williams Mike Williams Nina Williams Steve Wil liams, Pam Williamson, Mescal Wilson, Martha Wofford, Karen Wolf, Ray Worchester, Dicky Worrell, Richard York, Charles Zell, 'C' Steele, Sandra Stephens. Second row: Tony Stiner, Mary Stokes, Carol Strong, James Stuart, Don Swinler, David Tache, Geraldine Tiffany, Margie Trett, George Trotzuk, Zack Troxel. Third row: Judy Troyer, Sally True, Jimmy Vermillion, Barbara Vernon, Fen Vesecky, Suellen Wall, Margaret Wallace, Nancy Wallace, Dick Ward, Shelby Weir, CLASS OFFICERS Bobby Nichols, President, Irv Queal, Vice-president, Joan Reed, Secretary. Third row: Win Campbell, Robert Camplen, Nellie Cash, Marilee Cass, Riley Cavin, Fred Chandler, Jo Deane Clanton. Fourth row: Buddy Clark, Carole Clark, Pamela Clark, Joe Coker, Richard Collins, Anita Collins, Judy Comroe. I34 First row: Mariorie Adams, George Ainsworth, Karen Alford, Sarah Allen, Donna Sue Ammons, Kath- erine Anderson, Phyllis Andreoli. Second row: Barbara Andrews, Sherry Andrews, Kim Angell, Steve Arnold, Connie Ashton, Stephanie Askew, Billy Atkinson. Third row: Jim Aussicker, Tim Baker, Carol Ballard, .lean Baile, Richard Barn- holz, Jay Bates, Rhoda Bellen. Fourth row: Diane Belshaw, Ran- dolph Benson. EIGHTI- First row: David Billings, Walt Blackwell, Frank Booth, John Borchart, Ray Brinson. Second row: Mica Brock, David Brown, Margie Brude, Sandra Buchanan, Judy Calvin. First row: Charlene Callison, Jayne Conley, Carol Cook, Kent Cowley, Joe Crawford, Susan Crisford, Ruth Crittenden. Second row: Judy Cross, Carol Crumbacker, Bob Cummings, Johnny Daniel, Byron Davey, Carolyn Davis, Sarah Davis. Third row: Donna Deans, Bill Dela- field, Den DeShong, Diane Dickson, Arlene Dietz, Suzie Ditto, Jimmy Donahue. Fourth row: Larry Dono- hoe, Dean Downing, John Doyle, Frank Ducker, Edward Dumbar, Lewis Duncan. RADE Future homernakers begin their training in The eighth grade. First row: Donna Dungan, Chris Emery, Gail Evans, John Fedricks, Mike Ferguson. Second row: Mike Ferguson, Tony Flores, Mickey Francis, Anne Franklin, Sheila Gaiser. We 'ae . Xe 1 Isi- Third row: Penny Gamble, Bob Garlrell, Sally Gary, Greg Gates, Marlene Geng, Donna Gilbertson, Robert Gilman. Fourth row: Robert Glass, Barbara Glew, Pat Gorman, Bill Graham, Sharon Graham, Rosy- land Granek, Kay Grant. l35 "Okay, class, here's your cue!" says Mrs. Hillier. First row: Evalynne Gruber, George Guerry, Johnny Guest, Joyce Guthrie, Steven Hanks, Kathy Har- bour, Robert Hart. Second row: Pa- tricia Harwell, Jim Hawkins, Arnold Hayes, Elise Heademan, Paul Hede- man, Jim Henson, Dick Heider. Third row: Judy Hibbs, Suzanne Hinckley, Betty Hines, Frank Hof- fer, Mary Lou Hogue, Nancy Hol- lander, Lewis Hollweg. Fourth row: Jody Horton, Bobbie Horvick, An- nette Howell, Larry Huelbig, Ruth Ann Huffer, Mary Jane Hutchison, Alice Inman. EIGHT Third row: Bill Kane, Cheryl Kathe Karen Keefer, Ann Keller, Carol Kelly, Jackie Kelly, Sally Kenne. mer. Fourth row: Charles Kemp, Elizabeth Kersting, Ruth Klund, Billy Knighton, Kathie Kuhn, Susan Ladd, Sharon Lambwright. I36 First row: Jill James, Ben Johnson, Roy Johnson, Sandra Joiner, David Jones. Second row: Ronny Jones, Sandra Jones, Tommy Jones, Lynn First row: Skippy Landers, Jim Lawrence, Lana Lee, Lynn Lehmann, Eric Lewis, Judy Lewis, Linda Ley. Second row: Judy Linthicum, Judy Lipman, Tommy Little, Judy Lloyd, Haywood Lusk, Earl MacBride, Gail MacDonald. Third row: Betty Jane MacDonough, Bobby Mallory, Jan Maples, Dexter Marvel, Judy Mas- sey, Archie Massie, Donna Mays. Fourth row: Helen McCarroll, Carl McCullar, Suzanne McGannon, Martha McGavlock, John McLeod, Bart McKay, Grover McMains. SRADE l iust can't resist any longer! First row: Carolyn McRoberts, Kenney Miller, Ted Mitchell, Tommy May, Teddy Meads. Second row: Adrian Michelson, Mark Minton, Joan Mob- berley, Virginia Moody, Frank Moore. Third row: Mike Moore, Sue More- head, Barry Mossesman, Marsha Mundt, Leslie Murphey, Jimmy Murrell, Susan Nelson. Fourth row: Bobby Nichols, Eddie Ogden, Tom Orndorff, Maryly Pardoe, Joann Ondrovik, Susan Paullus, Lloyd Palmer. l37 An eyeful from Mrs. Horn enlivens the eighth grade health science course! First row: Andy Parks, Carol Penn, Kathy Porter, Keith Preston, Tom Price, Irv Queal, Jo Lynn Randle. Second row: Dan Rather, Judson Rawling, Brenda Ray, Joan Read, Sally Read, Dennis Reever, Judy Reeves. Third row: Creig Reynolds, Johnny Richards, Bill Rider, Beth Roach, Rusty Roberg, Doug Roger, Patsy Rogers. Fourth row: Terry Rogers, James Roper, Joanne Roseni berg, Norman Rosinbaum, Mary Rubin, Andra Rust, Carol Rutledge. EIGHTH Third row: Ronnie Shafer, Howard Shahan, Evelyn Shakno, Joyce Sharp, Jack Sherman, Barbara Shield, Susan Shields. Fourth row: Bruce Shockey, Barbara Sickler, Duff Simpson, Sandra Skinner, Carol Slocum, Sandra Smalley. I38 First row: Chuck Sandlin, Charles Schafer, Bruce Schurger, Dave Shurger, Ronnie Shurger. Second row: Dorothy Scott, J. W, Seapoh, Jr., Joy Sue Sears, Burnel Sedden, Martha Seelig. First row: Carol Smith, Caroline Smith, Clint Smith, Diane Smith, Jane Smith, Mike Smith, Penny Smith. Second row: Sherry Smith, John Sorlie, Bobby Sparks, Sharon Speir, Donna Spence, Charles Standifer, Elizabeth Stanley. Third row: Marilyn Stern, Erik Stephens, Bob Stevens, Carolyn Stewart, Kathy Stewart, Suzett Stiegman, Rarrdel Stringer. Fourth row: Sharon Sulli- van, Linda Taylor, Shirley Teinert, Ellen Thomas, Paula Ann Thomason, Ronny Tomlin, Richard Tracy. RDE First row: Bill Vandivort, Judy Cooking is also a part of the eighth grade program-"Look out, it may explode!" -.1 Wade. Second row: Martha Ann Walls, Charlotte Warren, John Wal- son, Charlotte Wells, Jim West- brook. Third row: Mary Wheeler, Jim White, Linda Whitehouse, Kitty Whiteside, Buddy Wilkinson. Third row: Claudia Williams, Bob Willis, ? ' -. W" if5'?,i1r' K 4 l fy, il "' S 3, Mr 'FE A , 21 gg, 5, Q2 R ggi ' --mf -v X .1 ruff? S 2 '- . twiki? ,. 5, Kathrine Wilson, Nancy Wilson, George Winslow, Barbara Wise, John Yarborough. Fourth row: Becky Zier. ABSENT STUDENTS: 9th grade, Michele Emerson, Carole Fursman, Fred Phillips, Judy Young, Bth grade, Darnell Blackmon, Wil- ton Ledbetter. I39 ATIGNS ATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society has four ideals: Service, Leadership, foundations upon grow. The Thomas composed of very up to these ideals, Character, and Scholarship. There ideals are the which this society was begun and will continue to Jefferson branch of the National Honor Society is select iunior and senior students who strive to live . thus setting an example tor the school. Election to the National Honor Society is indeed the highest ideal to which a student may aspire. T1 Q 0 X x, MARTHA CHILDERS MARY ANN EDWARDS CAROL HODGES DICK NEWTON NANCY SCHARA SANDRA SUTTON LYNETTE TAYLOR BARBARA YATES BUDDY NICHOLS SHARON MURDOCK DIANA GIBSON JANET WENGER President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer 111 1muwe.x.1ss:.f 'must -g 1- l,un U 2::.fisf-. .1si -4fzQg:,...s,s-1 Ed Davis Bill Proctor Mike Amis Pete Jessup Tom Norton President Vice-prGSl0leHf Secretary Treasurer Senior Director Bruce Marcus Junior Director A KEY cLu B ...Q 1' ' The Key Club is our boys' service organization here at -' l t Thomas Jefferson. One of their worthwhile activities this past :Y -I V year has been to paint numbers in each space of the teachers' parking lot and to assign each teacher a regular parking af , fl., space. With this and other useful proiects and social functions ' to their credit, our Key Club has become an important part of the school's extracurricular program. f"",-L First row: Ted Bogart, Neal Bright, Bill Brunson, Vance Burton, Gill Clements, Tommy Donald, Tommy Gainer. Selsond row: Sam Glass, Jimmy Hill, Bob Johnson, Mike Joslin, Jim Kamnerer, Eddie Liebman, Kent McCormick. Third row: Mickey Newton, Bruce Roberts, Tony Schlesinger, Billy Staton, Tom Stuart, John Volcansek, Bill Wilkinson. l e7szu-mn BILL PROCTOR, Editor THE I95 STAFF Editor-in-Chief ,...,,,,,, ,A.,,.,...,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, B ILL PROCTOR Class Editor ,,,,,Y.,,,,,......, ,,,,.. A NN STOOKSBERRY Assistant Class Editor ,.s,, ...,,,,s.,,,s, D IANA GIBSON Art Editor ..,s..s,.,,ss,ss... v,.., N ORMA DePASQUAL Sports Eclitor ,,,,.,,,,,....s, ...,,,,,..,,.,.... B ILL LEWIS Assistant Sports Editor ,,,,...,o.....,,o....s.. DON WALLACE Organizations Editor ..,,,o,.oA,,,.,...,,,s BARBARA WALKER Assistants ,os..vss........ MARILYN GUMP, KAY HENDRICKS, BOB RIPPY, FRANNIE TUCKFIELD, JANET WENGER Index Editor ,,o...,..,s,,s,.,,,,v,..,.s,,,.s,,., NANCY AKRIDGE Faculty Editor O...,s,,s..,.,v-,,A,,,,,s, .,,,. C AROL MCDONALD Cartoonist ,,,,,,.A,,..,,,,,,,L,,L,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,, V ICKI CHAMES Chief of General Services and So Forths ,..,,s,,,.....v,,s,....,....,ss,.....,..,. JANE DONALD Business Manager ,,AA.....,s,,.,..o,. JAY ORDENEAUX, Fall STEVE SCHLOSSSTEIN, Spring Sponsor ..,,,,, ...,,,.,..,.,,,,, NANCY HARRISON Q: "Let's see . . . that's spelled 'BIfzksp'." Identifying gobs of people is one ofthe chores shared by Ann Stooksberry, Nancy Akridge, Diana Gibson, and Barbara Walker. "Either this fellow has two heads or l've got too many names!" Carol McDonald, Kay Hendricks, Frannie Tuck- field, Jane Donald, Marilyn Gump, and Janet Wenger check to see. u-sawn -isxasa.e:11xuunm:w--annoisxafis-:msg.-he-it I..-It ,ai -,.. sf mrs s.,..4-surffs 5OCUME T Amid the mass confusion of photographs, write-ups, and other miscellaneous iunk, your hard-working Csometimesb Document Staff has come to near-insanity Trying to organize these odds and ends into a year- book that will recall for you in the future many pleasant events of the past. While working hurriedly and feverishly to meet deadlines and biting our already stubby fingernails to the very bone, we have at- tempted to make this Second Edition of The Document an annual representative of the everyday lives of the students of T.J. With the cruel whip of our slave-driving sponsor continually hovering above our heads, you can be assured that you will be presented with a yearbook at the end of the school term which combines the best efforts of each staff member. Seriously, it is truly the hope of the Document Staff that! you, the stu- dent, will be pleased with your i958 Docu- ment. Bill Proctor, Editor "MY picture's not big enough!" There are certain ad- vantages to being on the staff, after all, as Bill Lewis CHD Art Department, hard at work. Amid thousands of hearts manufactured for the Valentine Dance, Cartoonist Vicki Chames and Art Editor Norma DePasqual incidentally try to put out an annual. 'Er . . . lfloth page for Acme Toothbrush?" The Business Managers figure out if we and Bob Rippy discover in the sports section. can afford almhis. -ISI-ima , I THE DOCLIME T AWARD VViTh The pubIicaTion of The TirsT ediTion of THE DOCUMENT, a Tra- diTion was esTabIished To recognize Those whose conTribuTions To iTs success proved especially ouTsTanding. The DOCUMENT Award honors noT only iournalisTic achievemenT, buT also unselfish service and willing- ness To perform beyond ThaT which is expecTed. Seven charTer members were eIecTed, in Their honor, no more Than seven eIecTions in any one year will be recognized. IT is hoped ThaT each successive group will live up To The sTandard of excellence begun by The TirsT, and conTinued by The T958 awardees. N. HARRISON, Sponsor CHARTER MEMBERS - I957 JOHN ING-RAM BILL PROCTOR ANN STOOKSBERRY NANCY AKRIDGE JO ANN CUMMINGS BARBARA WALKER JAY ORDENEAUX I958 NORMA DePASQUAL DIANA GIBSON STEVE SCHLOSSSTEIN JANE DONALD CAROL McDONALD Front row: JoAnne Cummings, Norma DePasqual, Ann Stooksberry, Geneva Jones, Diana Gibson, Jane Donald, Nancy Akridge. Second row: Mike Rabun, Mike Honea, Dick Newton, Linda Davis, Lynette Taylor, John Ingram, Bill Proctor. Barbara Walker, not pictured. QLIILL AND SCROLL Quill and Scroll is the honorary society for high school journalists. Election to Quill and Scroll is the highest honor attainable by members ot the yearbook or newspaper staff. Only Junior and Senior students with high scholastic averages and outstanding iournalistic achievement are eligible. Lynette Taylor, Secretary John Ingram, President Dianna Gibson, Vice-president. INTERNATIONAL Sonoma., - CGWIULEL1 Qs LYNETTE TAYLOR, Editor Gail Airoldi, Assistant Feature Edi- tor, JoAn Penfold, Fashion Editor, Michelle Dillard, Assistant News Edi- tor, Pat Schreiber, News Editor, Valerie Brown, Feature Editor. W' l F m W 'I T TT nan: I ills PM Our newspaper, the Reveille, has just completed its second successful year of keep- ing the Rebels informed about the doings here at Thomas Jefferson. The Revellle comes out every two weeks amid flourishes and fanfare. Behind the scenes, however, there are endless hours of writing copy, writing head- lines, digging up last minute news stories, and, of course, getting everything to the printer. Despite all this, the staff still man- ages to produce an excellent newspaper for the Rebels. Newton, Hank VanWaggnor. STAFF-Front row: Winfield Scott Mike Raybon, Geneva Jones, Linda Davus Ann Stooksberry, Lynette Taylor. Second row Norma DePasqual, Nancy Schara Pa Schreiber, Larry Jackson, Elizabeth Hol weg, Mary Ellen Gross, Valerie Brown Ellen Arthur, Tom Hillburn. Third row Cliff Cross, Mollie Smith, Clyde McCor mick, Fred Sauter, Mike Honea, Mnchelle Dillard, Ann Hyman, Pat McClure Dick Front row: John McDonald, Frank Bruchsaler, Mike Hulme, Mike Foster, Ted Bogart. Second row: Bonnie Ferguson, June Rosenbaum, Diana Gibson, Einda Lung, Sue Hillburn, Joy Connell, Jo Butler, Ruth Stout. Third row: Nick Carter, George Godfrey, Gaundra Schartz, Pat Pugsley, Jimmy Norvell, Mike Honea, Sandra Downing, Frank Bolton, Barbara Cleveland, Pam Sultzbaugh, Evelyn Barnes, Beverly Wey. LIBR RY ERVICE CLUB The Library Service Club provides efficient assistance for stu- dents and faculty in finding and enioying the sources of literature and information available in the Thomas Jefferson library. They are especially interested in stimulating an appreciation for good books and in helping to maintain a pleasant, friendly atmosphere for all who come there. Shelving the books-one of the tasks shared by Mary Anne Barnes, Kay Rigsby, Betty Huster, and Gail Airoldi. orncerzsz Beverly Wey, President: Mike Foster, Vice-president, Ruth Stout, SeCr6f5fy: JOY Connell. Treasurer. I BEVERLY ANDERSON President The Art Service club ot Thomas J ers aid to the school through d dances, building stage scenery, ma arranging exhibit work, and doing tasks that need to be done. The clu work in contests and fairs Through Q if if rueffgm fi r it it La , 'ff l rv- -' Vid! W'Ji""'f'ti'S0'f'53iH55Q3'1':?f ?usx5 "1 'git Q, 472.1 15' 51 'gifrffzge 1- .apww . Siitgmtmiiittaaiiataaz vie -, :fc r .,f,lmeWfefe,,fe.. .Q ffm. J a f.-1aar., M , rgig1a,SsgQ.'g2ffeM, -- - n -f Mp-ru: ' ,r-'l rf- - ' 11 'J ' ' ' 'tikirEl'S?QiEfr2.3f'5fi'?srffw-J-rl: 'K ' , SMQFEZ? H -r . 5 3'Ziffrs2,:51gfKiJ?2:a,ai' , - ,. ,c,rs , fm fvffysvsoa :S A L- :'f1:1?f. A - ir5??i:5?5ii5 r i - aggeef. me 4 J X We fweesxla 5 wagers. A M we re '53 A ,Yam gwgfgea v Qugriigyyxaf -J- ar- A , ifrg:-','s5-,'fim,,,r , .,f. i 3 ' ., f . ' .- ' 121: 3 323--'gragfwai-Pre ' , JW I fm ?t'fas,-'dfsif-'Hfw?f . , V - M y g 3k Q.:,,5,..V, ' , ' A ' Qfff 5 3 V ' ' -'kin,,fj.1fi.'lZfsif1,g'fvl'1'1" i are ' , I I -,', i., ,:-, -, 5 - . .gre , 4. ,ev , . Z rf. " ,g ' - M- Q15 ' - VICKI CHAMES Secretary BRENDA STUBEL Vice-president efterson rend- ecorating for king posters, all the "arty" b also enters out the year. LUB Front row: Beverly Neal, Mary Ellen Murray, Sherry Carwile, Carol Fursman, Idie Nakan, Sally Schmidt, Sharon Craft, Marie Morel, Judy Blum, Linda Harvey, Dianne Howard, Sherry McDaniels. Second row: Geraldine Tiffany, Ann Lander, Drew Wight, Bill Hoyt, Pat Stapp, Linda Parker, Judy Towner, Mary Towner, Virginia McBride, Norma DePasqual. Third row: Ann Marmaduke, Mescal Wilson, Gregg Shafer, Barbara Hill, Gail Barzune, Margie Rechif, Judy Davenport, George Trotzek, Emma Rosenbaum, Mary Lou Browne, Linda Carpenter, Karen Hemtelt, Sandy Cooley. Fourth row: John Marlin, Margaret Wallace, June Rosenbaum, Cindy Marks, Peggy Campbell, Carol Keck, Georgana Thrower, Mike Hulme, Richard Sowell, Jimmy Adams, Scott Ripley, Carolyn Gradick, Vicki Chames, Ronnie Childers. Fifth row: Marcia Geng, Michele Dillard, Yvonne Stark, Joellen Margraves, Gayle Jacobie, Diane Lett, Sue Jensen, Nancy Keck, Suio Sherman, Sandy Hunter, Joanne Penfold, Barbara Culver, Ronnie Smith, Sandina Montanio. Sixth row: Carl Box, John Stratman Janet Lacaze, Marydel Jocobie, Joanne Cummings, Beverly Anderson, Pat McKnight, Margie Terrell, Ann Becklund, Srenda Stubel, Ann Tennison, Dolores Orms, Betty Jo Holland, Loretta Holway, Mary Ellen Gross, Rozzie Rough, Sally Besedick. CARL BOX Treasurer ART SERVICE "ls the roast ready?" Mike Hulme is actually working on copper enarneling with Pat McKnight and Ann Becklund. "Those Seniors are designing people!" Jo Anne Cum' mings, Bill Hoyt, and Carl Box are really designing a set for the contest play, "Ondine." are-fm 11:- I Mary Towner, Judy Davenport, Margie Trett, and Ann Marmaduke build that crazy mosaic. "This is simple . . . I think!" Tim Mitchell investigates the silk-screen process. "I said we should have moved it more to the right!" Conference by Decorations Committee members Kay Woodling, Virginia Nelson, Cynthia Smith, Susan Travis, Sandra Stephens, and Tim Mitchell. l5l CLINIC ASSISTANTS Front row: Mary Ann Edwards, Nancy Schara, Myrna Wellborn. Second row: Lou Ann Wall, Patty Breum, Carolyn Williams. These are the girls who lend Mrs. Casey, the school nurse, a helping hand in the clinic. Both of our offices are dependent Q upon the efficient student assistants who carry out the innumerable errands necessary to the administration of a school the size of Jefferson. Attendance office workers pick up the daily re- ports, deliver call slips, and answer the telephone, Mrs. Brown needs their help in answering the questions of stu- dents and parents, in conducting tours, in taking messages to teachers, and in typing and making reports. C3 Q OFFICE kim t A a ASSISTANTS O' , 4' QQ by Q 10 Front row: Sally Schmidt, Sue Krider, Patti Goldammer, Tracy Witchell, Joyce Wiggins, Bobby Benson, Dinah Adams, Jane Maris, Emma Cowley, Patsy Gumm, Kay Madera. Second row: Regina McWilliams, Pat Copeland, Peggy Jessup, Janie Austin, Roe Miller, Elizabeth Hollweg, Betty McClure, Diane Dan- nelly, Janet Wenger, Phyllis Rogers, Jackie Wismer. Third row: Sandina Montanio, Nancy Schara Georgia Reed, Jean Shaw, Geneva Jones, Jimmie Pittman, Gloria Gregg, Pattie Cobb, Sondra Steffens Carolyn Taylor, Carolyn Davidson, Carlyn Enochs, Jean Till. 1 1 Front row: Dianne Finney, Pattie Smith, LuAnn Wall, Janet Wenger, Beverly Anderson, Pat Mc- Knight, Cathy Franklin, Jeanne Sears, Lynette Taylor, Esther Schkurman, Nancy Schara. Second row: Barbara Yates, Sandra Sutton, Pat Young, Kay Hendricks, Diana Billings, Margaret Hobart, Janie Austin, Barbie Walker, JoAnn Penfold, Patsy Redding, Linda Crossick, Janet Kirby, Carol Lee Hodges. Third row: DeeAnn Graham, Hanna Johnson, Rose Marks, Barbara Hill, Martha Meyercord, Janice Johnson, Suzanne Blailock, Pat Schrieber, Bill Proctor, Dick Newton, Linda Davis. Fourth row: Martha Childers, Marilyn Gump, Jo Butler, Pete Ryan, Bill Jamison, Vince Hammond, Jerry Boggess, Ronnie Chapman, Mike Amis, Geneva Jones. we 0 , i ii an W, e0 60 Thomas Jefferson's speech club, the Thespians, cb I l can be justly proud of an excellent record this year. Participating for the first time in the North Texas Speech Conference at Denton, against much more experienced competition the Jeffer- son delegation vvon three first place medals and two third place medals, for an outstanding per- formance. , til "m L THESPIANS Q W Y lif t f5i'7l"X rn ,QU af lb , s OFFICERS Mike Amis, President, Martha Childers, Vice-president, Janet Wenger, Secretary, Barbara Yates, Treasurer, Lynette Taylor, Historian. "Personally, l prefer May- belline!" says DeeAnn Graham as she makes up Ronnie Chap- man. Jerry Boggess, Carol Hodges, and Nancy Schara also paint. f THE LATIN CLUB f The Junior Classical League is an organization for Qi the benefit of those people interested in the ancient Romans, their language and their customs. The Thomas i Jefferson branch of the Junior Classical League was Ill begun two years ago and has been steadily growing, X9 lavish Roman banquet was March ll, where, amid Roman entertainment and revelry, the spirit of old Rome was awakened once more. until it is one of the largest clubs at Jefferson. Their LIB U N LATIN CLUB OFFICERS Front row: Kitty Whitworth, Lyndia Nichols, Marian Klund, Pete Jessup, Bill Proctor, Jo An Young, Janie Johnson, Pattie McShane. Second row: Sharon Pringle, David Winn, Betsy Seals, Martha Myerchord, Margaret Dodson. Third row: Bill Campbell, Barbara Walker, Bill Jamison, Dick Goode, Cecil Schwalbe, Ken McMullen. A 1 -if 5 X THE PONTIFEX MAXIMUS Bill Proctor fcenterJ KING AND QUEEN OF SLAVES Peggy Jessup, Jay Hicks THE CONSULS Pete Jessup Jo An Young CJust in case you don't dig this Latin iazz, these are the oFFlcERszJ THIRD YEAR CLASS " . . and there, accused, sits Cataline! Callas Pete Jessupl. The Senators: Front row: Jo An Young, Sandy Sutton, Marian Klund, Jennifer Jamison, Marcia Geng, Frannie Tuck- tield, Carolyn Williams, Bill Proctor, Bill Campbell, Pete Jessup. Second row: Betsy Kelley, Kim Neher, Mike Joslin, John Scruggs, Jimmy Hill, Mervin Aftergut, Richard Marcus. Not pictured: Vicki Babb, Mary Jane Brogan, Mike McKinsey, Barbara Walker. Front row: Sidney O'Hara, Nancy Bradshaw, Martha Ann Smith, Alayne Kornblueh, Linda Parker, Patty McShane, Judy Brown, Betty Knickerbocker, Barbara Collier. Second row: Lyndia Nichols, Janie John- son, Jerry Brown, Bill Wilkinson, Patty Myers, Frances Caudle, Steve Miller. Third row: Judy Harbour, Sharon Pringle, Jill Morlon, Margaret Watkins, Stewart Matlock, Ken McMullen, Norman Clark. Fourth row: Ellen Arthur, Nancy Anderson, Susan Schreiber, Sondra Garner, Pete Smith, Sammye Thomasson, Mike Byrne, Jerry Farney, Bert Mackaman. SECOND YE R Front row: Butch Delcambre, Charles Brazeal, Sherry Boyd, Margaret Hobart, Judy Temple, Sondra Schwarz, Sharon Burns, Franklin Frickey, Tracy Witchell, Susan Travis, Beryl Siemer, Julie Cumming-s, Jimmy Gary. Second row: Margaret Roath, Janet Curby, Virginia McBride, Martha Meyercord, Mary Lou Beaird, Brenda Strubel, Benita Attergut, Marion Victor, Margaret Dranstield, Jeanne Sears, Third row: Ann Lang- ham, Kathy Donovan, Cody Cadmus, Betsy Seals, Bill Jamison, Carol McDonald, Patsy Gumm, Nancy Muir, Sharon Clark, Kitty Whitworth, Marty Scott, Janie Austin. Fourth row: Forrest Murphy, Jerry Johnson, Ricky Miller, Jimmy Gsell, Ronald Anderson, Tommy Fergus, Jimmie Moore, Bill Lewis, Cecil Schwalbe, Dick Goode, Terry Tomlin, Sally Campbell, Patsy Hathaway, Sandra Sulkin, Janet Lacaze, Noel Houck. FIRST YE R Front row: Peggy Head, Carol Gibson, Sherry Sadlee, Karol Kelly, Sanlyn Cooley, Carolyn Koontz. Second row: Hoyt Wilson, Linda Crossett, Shelley Roberts, Margaret Wallace, Nina Williams, Roberta Feil. Third row: Frank Bolton, Chuck Long, Bob Mc- Gregor, Warner Massey. Front row: Lucy Mason, Sandra Richie, Emily Pigman, Jane Loughmiller, Carol Strong, Priscilla Cross, Second row: Ann Jarrett, Rowena Hoyt, Linda Carpenter, Elizabeth Colburn, Nancy Hill, Betty Con- nolly. Third row: Micky Bierner, John Harris, John Schuricht, Bob Beckman, David Loving, Marc McKinney, Duncan Mason. Front row: Margaret Dodson, Sally Davies, Nancy Akridge, Ann Marmaduke, Jane Ann Nelson, Ann Lander, Carol Fursman. Sec- ond row: Sandra Jackson, Dinah Adams, Barbara Vernon, Marie Marel, Dianne Lett, Candace Noyd, Karen Hemfelt, Joan Nichols. Third row: Benny Drollinger, Robert Royers, John Parker, Dan Barr, Ray Claxton, Lloyd Jones, Charles Brothers, Buddy Haden. fl Look out, pinatal The Spanish class cele- brates Christmas in traditional manner. llllll 5 Sa fl! 3 EL FORO PANAMERICANO DE ESTLIDIANTES Front row: Mary Margaret Glew, Gregg Hill, Sandy Hunter, Loretta Holloway, Betty Jo Holland, Diane Dodson, Jane Beaver, Carolyn Baker, Sandy Barton, Margie Atwood, Annabel Austin, Carol Asbill, Sandy Allen, Mary Ann Allen, Sandy Akers, Pam Adkins, Susanne Abernathy, Arlene Abel, Cathy Franklin, Sue Jensen, Miss Davidson. Second row: Janice Johnson, Mike Hulme, Pam Heath, Glenda Hawkins, Marlene Cohen, Barbara Hill, Neal Bright, Nancy Budd, Pat Briden, Mary Burgess, Judy Beiber, Beverly Brown, Marilyn Book, Ann Bonnick, Suzanne Blailock, Diana Billings, Sharon Belk, Mike Amis. Third row: Kyle Jackman, Betty Huster, Sandra Grimes, Gill Clements, Peggy Campbell, Carolyn Clark, Nancy Clements, Peggy Campbell, Kay Catherall, Bonnie Chapin, Carl Box, Stuart Bynum, Mary Butler, Donne James, Joe Butler, Carol Adams. Fourth row: Diane Howard, Judy Hale, Robyn Goldman, Lynn Garonzik, Tommy Gary, Lucy Ferguson, Linda Harvey, Kay Felker, Mike Ervin, David Deweese, Betty Emory, Gayle Hedge, Jeri Gates, 'Ann Hayes, Barbara Culver, Patty Cobb, Carolyn Collins, Mary Ellen Gross, Terry Cullender, Donald Dalton, Bob Johson. Q. l E X . , . -, - ,H ,..,L,' W , . 7, arf, 1s,.r, . ., ,L ,. ,..,,. 2, .. , ,a , W, N T ,, , ,, C .5 :,:,Yf,f'.fE5fl9 i ' - " .. r,., ., , 4, 4' is S ,A Hlz 2' ,M 25, .,r 5 r 2 A J, s a ff, . W W Mike Amis President The Thomas Jefferson chapter of El Foro Panamericano de Estudiantes has several dinner meetings at local Mexican restaurants. The program usually consists ot Latin American and Spanish entertain- ment, vvith Spanish-speaking visitors. The Spanish club also undertakes an an- nual service proiect and sponsors a trip to Texas Women's College in Denton, in celebration of Pan American Week. '- 'sz sg i,, 1ff::'1' e 1,,zf, 3, si r if ei., ,,,, ff? as , ,. 'fl ,rf ,i"i 2 Q Q , , 5 giiigigi '. 2 -. s',r,"'v::1",: " U ,,rt, , .,,. ,,.,, . ,. 9 5 ,. . eismsw,-, fa zen,--4 ' : Mary Margaret Glew Vice-president Gretchen Crigger Treasurer Cathy Franklin Secretary ,, ,r ' r i s ' it it sta: - -" i t :frgaffst if.. L X , tm, ti. swf, rt ,Q L if in 2 , ' get ai Brig ., rs .fy 2: ,. ,a v A r ,mf 7 SSM is is? z Ft .. ,slew sesame - aagrsfarqfsfvz ,. , s ,sig,,e3.s ' W 'ABQ " "T , ' Ha lf lk - .T i. -as ,1:, , Mx - WSF 1 lf' f'Tt,,"t 'li' WT-5 l ay rigrf f m .ffwfasrifyyff , .. -. ,. ,,.k sssM,,,,s,,.c,. ,J-a s C, ,,,,, C, Ea ., . , T. ,ms .. .L ,, ,sew ,, i - r, .87 -111i--.ass '-2+f'fw5Sg'1?4Lgf:i',ff 1 '-s www. ,.., ts 1, ,, ,s,,,ea-at -A .. ,. lime, E ,aww ' gi fggxtiif is-ai . I ' : ?.:3t'fi?Z1f:sLr Ht V Ig -:V ' S 43 '-17,'c3Sf1::33?fi!s:rz'fr 51555 gsa,,,,,g,,,a Mg , 1 s ewagzssfi-sf swf .:, fiaf:55i555f'V1if ll :sea ' t issues?-is .1 411 .,,gj'fLisf ' Geneva Jones Reporter First row: Patti Smith, Beverly Wey, Billie Trombley, Judy Starr, Paula Van Waggnor, Pat Thomas, Nancy Vos, Jimmy Wofford, John Volcansek. Second row: Yvonne Stark, Betty Stubbs, Carol Nivens, Sandra Sample, Kathy Mims, Barbara Smith, Lenore Woods, Carolyn Woodling, Kathren Schoentield, Sharon Silk, Don Wallace, Joe Williams, Jimmie Wood. Third row: Miss Hatcher, Sponsor, Pat Young, Karen Schneider, Mary Ellen Murray, Carol Lee, Sandra Kramer, Geneva Jones, Nella Pitts, Laurie Kovsky, Robin Jordan, Margaret Rodriguez, Joan Jones, Donna Krevis, .loan Jones, Sandra Roberts. Front row: June Rosinbaum, Diane Starr, Sheryl Steele, Sahri Minton, Emma Rosinbaum, Rosemary High, Marilyn Lipman Carolyn Taylor, Beverly Anderson, Marilyn Gump, Gail Barzune, Esther Ritz, Deann Graham, Barbara Bierner, Jimmye Hudgins, Carol Crosby. Second row: Sandra Sutton, Heather Honan, Sherry McDaniel, Elna Armstrong, Judy Chapman, Gwyn Shook, Judi Hurst, Sondra Steffens, Joan Kershaw, Becky Moore, Patty Goldammer, Carolyn Davidson, Judy Evans, Lynda Woodruff, Carol Richards, Peggy Mood, Sharen Craft. Third row: Donna Sowell, Anne Walker, Frosty Winters, Jackie Whitehurst, Jackie Weldon, Marilyn Book, Judy Webb, Buzzy Olan, Bonnie Anderson, Linda Adams, Carol Keck, Judy Rymer, Frances Head, ldie Hakand, Paula Benninghoven. Fourth row: Kay Taylor, Sue Overholser, Kay Kramer, Barbara Frazier, Connie Ross, Richard Liebman, Bill Lewis, Bill Dennis, Dave Sommerville, Pat Schreiber, Nancy Keck, Myrna Wellburn, Janelle Cassidy, Anne Crumloacker, Carolyn Gillett, Nelleke Wemmers, Sue Hilburn, Mescal Wilson. Qj f , J al French. OFFICERS Carolyn Taylor, Secretary. :.-f,see:.e,ffwms- , f,.. s av E TRE OLIS Entre nous translated from the French means "between us," or "confidential ly," But the French Club does much more than merely translate French to English. Last fall when Neiman Marcus celebrated "Paris in Dallas Week, Entre Nous took full advantage of the French exhibits available. They have also at tended several French movies where the club members had practice following rapidly-moving conversation Front row: Marilyn Gump, Vice-president, Nancy Keck, Treasurer. Second row: Bill Lewis, President Y Jennifer Janet SammYe Nancy Jamison Wenger Thomason Akridge President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer 11-arjliiigyg. n --fr-. Q ' iie fi I i 5? ,- reree S iiii iii .L A at I ---- 1 eree A ' E ' ll! The aim of the Junior Red Cross is to serve the com- munity, state, and nation in every possible way. This year the organization has had several projects. They gave a talent mile, show for a Veterans' Hospital, made hospital tray favors X I Vx s 5 for various holidays, and are building a gift chest similar to CL G Y the one sent overseas last year. J l l ,T JU IOR RED CROSS J.. Front row: Susan Todd, Virginia Moody, Marlene Coen, Sue Hilburn, Jill Morton, Sandra Sample, Joan Asmusen, Suzy Mars, Barbara Seidler, Nancy Hollonder, Diane Smith, Brenda Ray, Janet Wenger, Mary Ann Victor, Kay Felker, Jimmye Wood, Nancy Akridge, Rosemary High, Bill Keane. Second row: Jackie Kelly, Lana Lee, Jill James, Marilyn Lipman, Diana Billings, Mary Malone, Pattie Smith, Joyce Wiggins, Gail Barzune, Freddy Levite, Kitty Shoenfield, Sharon Pringle, Priscilla Cross, Alice Mincavage, Linda Davenport, Evelyn Barnes, Diana Gibson, Sandina Montanio, Sandra Snodgrass, Betty McClure, Ann-Lis Thobo-Carlsen. Third row: Gail Evans, Nancy Wadly, Sharon Belk, Linda Schwalbe, Jackie Gwiner, Sandra Budd, Judy Ellington, Carol Harrison, Pattie Cobb, Saunclra Swartz, Martha Meyercord, Carolyn Cobb, Dann Allen, Betty Connelly, Pat Pugsley, Jennifer Jamison, Debbie Skinner. Fourth row: Mickey Benninghoven, Dwight Gleaves Chris Meyercord, Byran Davies, Lloyd Palmer, Tim Guyton, Sally Gary, Carla Mundt, Carolyn Bailey, Sammye Thomason, Warren Massey, Tim Mitchell, Aubrey Moody, Frank Brooksaler, Mervin Aftergut. OFFICERS Front row: Jennifer Jamison, President, Donna Sowell, Vice-president. Second row: Shirley Marlowe, Myrna Wellborn, Secre- taries, Sue Krider, Treasurer. Mrs. Hazel Casey and Mrs. Eugene Legg, Sponsors. FUTURE LIRSES An organization for those girls who wish to make nurs- ing a career, the Future Nurses Club sponsors many field trips to local hospitals, where the duties of nurses are ex- plained. ln These trips hospital life is closely observed that aneinsight may be gained into the medical world. Front row: Linda Vandivort, June McKee, Joyce Wiggins, Sue Krider, Patsy Gumm, Judy Wood, Jackie Cawthorne, Jennifer Jameson, Pam March. Second row: Betty Cain, June McKee, Pat Breum, Donna Sowell, Nancy Schara, Alice Micavage, Barbara Collier, Beth Carter. Third row: Geraldine Tiffany, Royce Kanter, Sue Smith, Jane Byrd, Carolyn Williams, Myrna Wellborn, Andrea Stroup, Vera Bruch- saler, Shirley Marlowe. ,QA ! f , Front row: Jane Stuart, Jill Morton, Mary Ellen Murray, Nancy Akridge, Janet Wenger. Second row: Ann Walker, Karen Snider, Laurie Kovsky, Patty McShane, Pat Stapp, Norma DePasqual. Third row: Linda Lee, Barbara Martin, Rose Marks, Virginia McBride, Marian Klund, Pam Adkins, Frannie Tuckfield, Kay Hendricks. Fourth row: Evelyn Poyser, Gayle Hedge. FUTURE TEACHER The F.T.A. Club seeks to enable the teaching profession J to develop selective recruiting programs, to identity capable candidates tor teaching and to motivate them to choose appropriate fields of preparation, to offer potential teachers ..- applropriate experiences which will help them develop readi- ness tor college programs of teacher education, to achieve PT-Q' ' X T A T and maintain a balanced supply of qualified teachers. 2 f ' - ' S - T' 7 1? 'E ft, 3!:f7!iT24i!" ' -4 .fi 1 ' iii ' s 5' - -- 1 ' '., me-f' szfigfikisiiiwiifiiwf ffstfzzr- if . . A Zfgljl. 'f ' r T w ' . r V . r'-- Q s 1 - sw. . Q :-iff 1, 2:92, ,ss -..- ' :Q'i,:':H I Q- ., , - W . L , '--- W '. , 1 Norma Depasqual Laurie Kovgky Kay Hendricks Frannie Tuckfield P,-esidenf Vice-president Secretary Treasurer wg :FQ 5,3 SENIOR Y-TEENS MEMBERS The Y-Teens is made up of nearly every one of our lovely ladies here at Jefferson Chence, no iolentificationl. The Thomas Jefferson Y-Teens is the largest branch in the state and has undertaken many activities to pro- mote Christian fellovvship, which is the basic principle of all Y-organizations. -v--.- f. NW Y-TEENS Anne Hyman Elizabeth Holweg President Vice-president 5 gn Jill Maxcy Mary Margaret Glew Secretary Treasurer 5 y ww p . V, . ', w i Flisfffi G ,E g if -'Va if , 1. , ,,,, , 'M ...may fin Y 1 'M Q Qffiffi ' T ,l" . ,EVE-ifli E s T 'T 'sc,t'l ' ff'filfi3l.E ,. ,s iwmgi at 2325 Q is - rsfgsgv w,5fg-YWK-Hszze rx-sz eg 1 , f -' sie Quai. igefsezsiisisfzeriifffiiffsllisfr :Y 'Q 1 'lsgzssggswszigzfiiasf-we'sevsglifaig 1 'vkfis atasQggsgsgfmisatis?-Qiftfsf2335221 1 - if 'Ifftaffkf-Svlfiffbpfaiesfhfsifsaiiisstfififii V T i fsws1W.M,,M, rar, ,. ' I 1- lwikiiif 'X ii955i354f?1iiEi'-552555 L Mt:-Sifix as . ..,.. .5 Y .. . . l iv ., . , ' - Eii5iQE75FiIf3?s3Elf S ai"EE': lvxineiij -fits :, sa. f'ea'sssfa5s2 1 .-sae m e age 'ff- SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS JUNIOR Y-TEENS FRESHMAN Y-TEENS zulu: 7 Linda Parker, Lou Ann Wall, Sandy Hunter, Sandy Barton, Jean Loretta Hollway, Betty Jo Holland, Geneva Jones, Ann Stocks- Shaw, and Joann Pentold make felt Christmas tree skirts. berry, and Marydel Jacobie learn some of the tiner points of party-giving. HOMEMAKI G CLUB Pictured on these pages are the ac- tivities ot the new homemaking club. The girls are very enthusiastic about the skills of sewing, package wrap- ping, flower-arranging, and applique- ing, which they are rapidly acquiring. that all the members will graduate to become well-rounded homemakers, no -l doubt! ,- A tapestry for TJ! Composing are Susan Taylor, Saundra Swartz, Jane Donald, Carol McDonald, and Barbara Cleveland. 41 The social graces are also explored, so Mary Butler, Mary Burgess, and Jo Ann Wright experiment with Sharla Hightower, Linda Boaz, Carolyn Gradick, and Barbara Smith The flower affanglng Pfogfam- show how they've learned to make prettier Christmas packages. aasaxfiswuxanu msm2va-mmwwwma,,w1nmwgamo.W.-se-'fads-weaaaeawfwm-esmaasws Naam-a...M..mesw-:la Anne Hyman, President Linda Weiler, Vice-president Will Rozzie Rough, Secretary-Treasurer J f" I 5 :,V . ,.: ti gt A f 1., 4 F T so 5 ,h,l 1 , 'K l Activities of the Ice Skating Club include . . . well, X T , A Z i'iiA 5, ice skating! In fact, that's the sole purpose of the group, 1 "iii if which has certainly proved a popular one. Thursday afternoons iourneying to Fair Park-after all, that's where the ice is-for a jolly afternoon of toe-freezing. ICE SKATI G CLUB Front row: Paula Benninghoven, Barbara Collier, George Trotzur, Walter Strain, Janet Curby, Gayle Hedge, Judy Brown, Emma Rosin- baum, Anne Hyman, Rozie Rough, Carol Gibson, Dan Closser, Edna Wilson, Marcia Geng, Kay Catherall. Second row: Barbara Wil- liams, Barbara Groombridge, Carolyn Collins, Jackie Cawthorne, Joyce Wiggins, Sue Clark, Beverly Neal, Beverly Bowen, Nancy Vos, Diana Gibson, Norma DePasqual, Nancy Lindsley, Frances Head, Jackie Whitehurst, Ginger Mott. Third row: Beth Carter, Jane Ann Nelson, Alice Rickman, Judy Ellington, Joyce Wiggins, Carolyn Koontz, Sherry Saddler, Kathy Guernsey, Alayne Kornblueh, Judy Deiber, Sue Nelson, Sue Ritchie, Joan Asmusson, Sandy Ahern, Sandra Allen, Kay Kinkle, Sharon Silk, Patsy Redding, An-Lis Thobo-Carlsen, Kyle Jackman, David DeWeese. Fourth row: Tom Ligon, Linda Crossett, Cora Cadmus, Beverly Brown, Gail Taylor, Kathleen Costigan, Betty Knickerbocker, Linda Lung, Benita Aftergut, Billie Trombley, Judy Temple, Mary Burgess, Sally Shaw, Linda Boaz, Norma Hag- gard, Carolyn Taylor, Miriam Proctor, Gwyn Shook, Ann Nonymous, Judy Chapman, Tom Brown, Joe Williams. Fifth row: Susie Spencer, Beverly Anderson, Kay Kramer, Pamela Heath, Patty Cobb, Pattie Smith, Diane Howard, Tom Dawson, Roberta Livesay, Jo Ann Wright, JoRuth McSpaddin, Lenore Woods, Kay Rigsby, Gayle Jacobie, Jimmie Sue Hudgins, Georganne Thrower, Jimmie Kay Friday, Robyn Goldman, Stanley, Stages, Pat Pugsley. Sixth row: Delores Orms, Sandina Montanio, Gretchen Crigger, Becky Butler, Virginia McBride, Kay Brown, Carol Lee, Pat Walker, Tom Barton, Tommy Gainer, Carol Miller, Annette Rehders, Ellen Arthur, Diane Colfry, Maureen O'Tooyle, Sharon, Craft, Sandy Sample, Beverly Maxcy, Joe Smith, Brenda Stubel. wwl-iffam-1msgfm,.:w.:w f.A.vs.:4 ,sfsmnnn.-gmsmmwmsminaammpu.-1mamwv f . na s Front row: Priscilla Cross, Diane Finney, Betty Huster, Mescal Wilson, Zacla Jackman, Barbara Smith, Julie Cummings, Bonnie Chapin, Nella Pitts, Buzzy Olan, Ann Rutledge, Esther Schkurman, Virginia Starnes, Dolores White, Lucy Mason. Second row: Gregg Shefer, Rowena Hoyt, Sandra Ritchie, Ann Walker, Nancy Anderson, Betty Howard, Diana Billings, Carol Shields, Karen Schneider, Kitty Whitworth, Becky Moore, Shelly Roberts, Sandy Allen, Third row: Nancy MacDonough, Sandy Dennis, Georgianne Thrower, Pat Wellborn, Ann Jarrett, Sue Jenson, Jimmie Kay Friday, Ann Becklund, Martha Childers, Dwayne Mincy, Scott Ripley, Franklin Fricky, Vera Bruchsaler, Joan Martin, Noel Houck. Fourth row: Peggy Jessup, Ellen Arthur Margaret Sagnibene, Herman Wheeler, Johnny Moore, Eddie Parma, Warner Massey, Larry Vinther, David Blackmon, Roger Smith, Billy Bob Ellison, Charles Brazeal, Jimmy Dawson, John Bruner, Baxter Taylor, Norman Foitasek, Winford Chick, Rawley Curry. CHOIR COUNCIL REBELAIRES D A CAPPELLA CHCDIR Front row: Martha Childers, Jim Dawson, Buzzy Olan. Second row: Dwaine Mincy, , .1 ,,, :. 1 L,g1z, 2. Q , 1 ' ' N, . 1. , key, .. a ' 1 ' TMA 1 , . . 1. K ...... .. E . 1 . ' 1 - ' - X ' .. 1 - M . , a .1 r ' . .. .. ,.,,., . . -- --lr . . . A -1--1e.1-afar '- 1 1 1. 1. .. - F - A , . 1 ' 2. 1"-1 ':'.?i. -' 5, - f55'T3' li al ffl3'lf4"TN V5j'Af.?T"fl"' fi iii ':.,. ss. f1 ' "U K' 'L "kL zxz.w,"s5w f 1 :,115151f-1,fg.Sgf-21,1 gee ' ' fy , 11 . fa.2 'f1-gf:-f-. ' 'W fL,s..l -g1.'7T'xl,LQQ-'iq 1-1 1 .AQI A i :I Q - 1 31-if -5, 'ltgrfeg iggtgtt W ww 11' 1 " ' W ' 1 1 - 21gs,:,, l '. 1 .M -91:1 il, ' 1 55,5 1 1, L ' . . Fifi. 'I :"':.f -"' - -- 7 ... 1950 b V' c at J X X 2 Q., ' 5 N .3 5 fs E -s ww . . .sv V- 1 -- , ,11.,1 1 . 1. 1 . , . -- T It 1, f55fii5i f 311,, 11 I -Inj. . , ' I . 3 V A 1 -4 Ulfkjff f ., F 1 , " I 1. "Tis sf-11 '-i,r3411.3 ' J: 1. " 21-1 1. - 1 1,gaL1g1t1gf1.y- ff-fl , W 21 i - ,111 3 A3 'iw ' 1i'.1vigz'i". 3221 ' HP -LLgL f 1 r F ' 151 3 F . - --" i ts 1 .111 1 1 ,:.1.:,i, - eel., 1, t. 1 11-1115. -, gg: . ifistses. . 1111 1 145:14 - '1 211212 :-9 'Z 1 A " . S ,- ' ' g sf., f - . 1.11sf::w1,: "ff'E:1s.'1. ' - K ' ' ' 1 1.s1s-syn f . " ..,, - fs H 1 M t K" ' ' 1 -W 1 - '- R -. sg 1 QQ- OFFICERS Front row: Baxter Taylor, Social Chairman, Nella Pitts, Kitty Whitworth, Secretaries, Diana Billings, Treasurer, Rawley Curry, Business Manager. Second row: John Brun- son, President, Jimmy Dawson, Librarian, Vice-president, Winford Dwain Mincy, Chick, Business Manager, Norman Foitasek, Librarian. The Thomas Jefferson choral groups, the A Cappella Choir and the Rebelaires, are among the most active in the school. Called upon for all manner of assemblies and extracurricular activities, the Choruses are always ready with a scintillating rendition or two. They have sung for the Texas State Teachers Convention this year, participated in the All-City Community Music Festival, the Easter program, and the Band Concert. This year also they sponsored the First Annual "Chorus Capers," a musical review that is to become a tradition at Thomas Jefferson. "We can make beautiful music . . . " Dwain Mincy and Nella Pitts warble one of the numbers for the various choral programs presented during the year. ,waela LOIS RISLEY, Director I69 fi? The Blue Rebel Band kicked off The musical season aT T..l. wiTh The half-Time show aT The TirsT TooTball game, and devoTed all iTs eTTorTs Tor The nexT Twelve weeks To The producTion of such shows. Toward The end of The fooTball season, iT represenTed T.J. in The Band Day proceedings aT NorTh Texas' homecoming. A few weeks aTTer The close of TooTball season, The Band and A Cappella Choir ioined in a concerT for The Texas STaTe Teachers AssociaTion. The Band inTroduced The ChrisTmas spiriT downTown in The An- nual ChrisTmas Parade, and soon aTTer performed an ouTdoor con- cerT aT E. M. Kahn's in The lnwood shopping village. Also during This Time, members of The band parTicipaTed in Try-ouTs for Region- al and All-STaTe Bands in FT. WorTh. Six were selecTed To play in The Regional band, and of These six, Two were selecTed Tor mem- bership in The All-STaTe convenTion in GalvesTon laTer in The year. The Band's acTiviTies reached a climax in March, wiTh The,TirsT annual Band FesTival aT Thomas Jefferson, in which five ciTy bands and The SMU ConcerT Band parTicipaTed. The Choir and Band laTer ioined Torces for a Tinal concerT. The Band culminaTed iTs acTiviTies wiTh a banqueT aT The eripl of The year, The lasT of several all-band social TuncTions. ' Bob Hayes, Drum Maior, Donna DeVaney, '70 Ann Gaughan, MaioreTTes. .T if is 3 li i I9 s BLUE n-:ssnm2m:m uw:wTnwmfes-is, Ln.wmw REBEL BA D TROMBONES Richard Day Wayne Noster Charles Carlin Bill Bradford Ryan Allen Mike Travis BASSES John Ingram Paul Deis Jimmy Vermillion STRING BASS Susan Travis Benny Williams PERCUSSION Roger Staley Bobby Warner Roe Millar Jean Teel Billy Cox Skippy Wharton Mike Feclrick Chris Myercord PIANO AND BELLS Barbara Bronson CLARINETS Mama Shoemaker David Winn Jimmy Gilmore Joe Whitman Carolyn Teel David Ritz Donna DeVaney Delores Brazeal Ann Gaughan Berry McKernan Joe Hays Mary Ann Hammer Jimmy Patton Diane Grove Don Loewen Kent McCoin Steve Lipner David Barton Tom Root Ben Howell ALTO CLARINETS Barbara Katz BASS CLARINETS David Whitaker David Eshleman FLUTES Nancy Muir Corrine Monday Sandra Coughran Martha Myercord Carol Lee Virginia Starnes Ann Rutledge OBOE, Becky Ward John Mangrum BASSOONS Dick Newton Mark Magilow MEMBERS TENOR SAXOPHONES Charles Mathews Dick Dubes ALTO SAXOPHONES Lynn Garonzik Gail Abdnor Larry Lee Sandra Grimes Jackie Loinette Johnny Gaughan BARITONE SAXOPHONES FRENCH HORNS Joe Tomlin Sam Crenshaw Sharon Clark John Emerson Nick Anderson BARITONES Dean Davis Jerry McFarland James Goode Murray Loeffler Mike Posey Bob Casey X iq comets X ' s Fred Sautter K , Bob Hayes - Sam Glass 53 3. Er F519 W Tommy Gainer Y' 'f Jimmy Gsell 0 I Mike Alexander Q ' If Terry Grant I- 1 Bill McLeRoy ' Tommy Dawson Mike Freedman David Hill 4, if SQ Pat Bonnet Jimmy Wofford X Ben Cumnock Bill Murray X Jerry Nolan Ronnie Koons Gayle Hedge 8 it 2- l . J . A ' . .. K A iljf 2' 7 I f.. i,?i,Q,f3fS r-is-Q Q Wi ,fs f , J , J f 1 S f L stiferfr.. -I Jef. -'wr tt' . 'L 'J fy .. iii' ','1'Q"f, 1757 f' 'ii'-I-lit-"'f'ffi''ltiiui ifwtfkilrk 'wif' . Q r -zzz-vwrf K V - w i2fz?i5ir.w.ez. new 1 ri. we f .e-fff Hifi, . wfnxi, -this -ek Q., ,, rgi,,1,.,-.5 ' , ,fl iyiif' . Ala ' rr- af f ' 1 f 'T 'M I EUZABETH HOLWEG . 51 rl, Capfam fi 'r LY' V J F .r rss? gr bt Irma ggi, ai,fr' ,, . f. semis-git . .epf-.-.g.p?.1.yv. . "-Z " fi vis' ffm.. kiwi? ' :fl I' , Ms Q" ., T",-T ,DLI " Tx 'ma' 'L' , - J 2 - sax ,r . - rf-1,r.,.'. MILITARY OFFICERS V' SOCIAL OFFICERS Lt. Valerie Brown, Lt. Sandy Barton, Capt. Elizabeth Rosalyn ROUQH, Secretary-Treasurer: Gay Behymer, Hollweg, Lt. Mary Margaret Glew, Lt. Betty Dunlap. Ref-70'f9fi Linda Weiler, Pfesldenfi GFeTCl'1efl Cflggefr ' Vice-president: Georgia Reed, Chaplain. . i if .w l- afa a REBEL DRILL lEAlVl 1, Front row: Lana Clark, Jan Maris, Loretta Holloway, Betty Jo Holland, Judy Beiber, Elizabeth Hollweg, Pattie Goldhammer, Nancy Clements, Tracy Witchell, Barbara Yates, Rosalyn Rough. Second row: Jane Beaver, Jo Anne Wright, Marydel Jacobie, Jeanne Sears, Peggy Samuels, Kathy Kline, Elaine Porter, Carol Camplen, Sondra Steffens, Linda Weiler, Regina Williams, Sandy Hunter, Pattie Easton. Third row: Valerie Brown, Mary Margaret Glew, Linda Davis, Judy Hale, Linda Goff, Roberta Lievasay, Margaret Hobart, Betty Stubbs, Gretchen Crigger, Jean Atwood, Diane Dobson, Jo Anne Cummings, Sondra Marcom, Donna Teague, Gay Behymer, Yvonne Stark, Dinae, Howard, Sandy Barton, Betty Dunlap. Fourth row: Barbara Smith, Kim Nehr, Pat McClure, Mary Burgess, Debbie Skinner, Carolyn Clark, Jimmie Pitman, Carolyn Cobb, Nancy Keck, Rose Marks, Becky Butler, Sandra Kramer, Patsy Gumm, Gerri Gates, Ann Hays. Fifth row: Geneva Jones, Mollie Smith, Gloria Gregg, Evelyn Poyser, Jane Scarborough, Betsy Seals, Donnie James, Georgia Reed, Diane Dannelly, Janelle Cassidy, Martha Kuster, Suzanne Spencer, Janie Austin, Ca rolyn Davidson, Nella Pitts, Virginia Lake. X S t'-'Wi 'WJ-'aff " F f- .. F "f,'ir1!.ii ,ff ' 3 ' - if fe , me 'I ' . - - .. - L' F' - . 1 .V ' ' ,.., .. 1 .- -'4 J ' ' f. - ' ' - . 1 gf r ' J if " . L., ...Q , 5, ent. ., ,X 52. .Q . E. at Q, , ..2 .... ,, ,, . .ra avail .,g,,.., , sw .fi . . , , .Jw . . . ,.,, .,, .,..,-. -,..,. .,.,,, ... .... . .,,.- ,.. S .iQ,. ..,-...s. - -... ,..... ..,s.. A S ' ' , ' -, , , - J. 1-air., 1' 22.152110-5': 'xi L1 .uw fl? 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Dr , .gf 'ef 5 1 'Qi-, ,r A - if Fez X . .. a . 4. wr.. tffifar- .5 f ef- - V ,V w - f. at r , s . fa. . 0 J ,, V a. Ja- .ni -V .M is., . . 5, is-ri. , .- r w r- I .,. ,sr it e, , 4 -yrs.. t, , sr- ,W .. .s ' "' '-Q gg7iW'fiYtfw:51.fw ..,,. es: ,Q '- 3 'KLQ t . f r a ' J' ' ta i... V H " ' -":eE11:ag,.. ' ' QQ Fw .- 'Ju-2 JK,,i'i,. , H is '-'iirrsff rzlsgig er, 1 , - fr rife -2' a g e. i' e. '1' , J . -r z,.a:ef.f , ' , ti 5? 31' - . 1 if , , Za - 3 it r - S+ tf:Jf5-that tJ'5i e 'ii,rgr,r.-,fr,,' el,5'rfj?1iaf1g5' -2' Q21 . fa rvt:'g r 'la ' 51-' t' .- ' ' A ' 'V . s ir . J . S' . - W ' . ' . . I ' ,V . , ' f if f . - 1 . are . . ,. was -- - V yr f- ., S , 'S 5 - - .L ' . I " " " - ' " Q .- . . ' V . ..f,V. f V ,VV VV we Q VVV, 1, ? 2W2f112V-V- . , " . 3 sf sf V V V V, K V :V 1. 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Vfeicfl sw - V V 1 V f ', A X' .N V V' ' ' tv, : " .' 'N' 1' V -1 Vs- 'f W , ' , aw- " .V 'sm "" 1- EXE- F4?3"Wi .V-fy . V Vi' ' V'-W' if.-sf-Vw V- ,. ,,,gs.-, . 2' V.: , Q Q., VX 2 ,, X V , 551-fr -' VL V Vt" - . ' I VV - .,V 4 'VL.-o f , 1HVi1VfV.11"Vf we ' VV , Z- 3' '51 . ' 2 ' X' ' 1 .J tt ! ' if 5, ' ' J ' ,'-.symza 32: 1 V ,V I A ,Vp .V'e:!f? 'Va-" .. a i.52:f: J- 5 VV V, - - ,i . gV if I -s gag .W .-Ji' as , '-4?hw1f.e.V.V,.:g3. ,LV ' -, -lgss.,V...f'13VVs- ---- Fur,-QVVEXHZH'-sAi..f:x , .asf MWAMEV V ., .Q , . . 5 4, VV - ,- V. .3 2- vp,-V. f-.VNV 7,-gs X. . "sn, ' ' -V . a-Fe, V. , . -ef ,V -, - VJ' '- ,V ff -V V- ,. N f V Mx?-1 .V .s ff sa. His H' -nf: 'aw '. V, : ff fl feffagatww -. ., . W asf- .-,,.-w,V-sef - .: '- :V NV ,L - V- i f ' :V V V .V -' ' -1 4- -ff-V V-Vftiiyifgf "" 1' ' ' 1 1 NM fuse ! - . '52 1 7 ' 'f V V " 'V . '19, if iq? V 7 " 'X V, 1 :'f2H1.vV,gffxf1s5Fff::g,gzVq fifiw-ig,',,33,j-f' .g'SVfys, VVg,g4' ' -I ' - - 'vga V . V ' 5.1 V. V lynx V VV ev r V V V V , V' H VV -' ' V . .1 v 1. if Qi N ' a ,, 1 V3.1 " " V i - 'V V ' 'V ., -f 1 V iizlffbgsr - -V , -.V T lbw V M' r t,5lE'Ff'f,t-m VV :' .3..Iss5 . faces fik if 1,-wg.--V.s.Ve,fy.r VVA V ,.wVV,- VVVV ,V , , .. A L, . V M. H . V .NVQ- -,-fV. V.,fV -555, V --fr9'ai",,5.:we,,-3 sf: Prs,'-,--2.212-Y'z.g'2'q,,s-VQesa:+w- ,Sw an V ,Vf :,.,ws, i ' V 'V ' ,sg .sa .V w Many new formations have been added to the Rebs' repertoire this season. The "Rebs" is the precision marching group which provides halftime entertainment during foot- ball season. They form the center of the cheer- ing section at all sport activities. They also spon- sor several social events during the school year. LINDA SCHWALBE and ANNE HYMAN, Managers. PLATOON 1 Front row: Betty Jo Holland, Judy Beiber, Patty Goldammer, Sandy Barton, Tracy Witchell, Pattie Easton, Sandra Steftens. Second row: Rosalyn Rough, Nancy Clements, Regina Williams, Barbara Yates, Sandy Hunter, Carol Camplen. Third row: Lana Clark, Jane Maris, Loretta Holloway, Peggy Samuel, Elaine Porter. nunuu1 . V- -f1lV.:',.ef. 111:Vs-ma. V, 1-' -vp.. PLATOON 2 Front row: Linda Weiler, Gretchen Crigger, Betty Stubbs, Mary Margaret Glew, Carolyn Clark, Joanne Cummings. Second row: Diane Dodson, Nancy Keck, Linda Goff, Yvonne Stark, Roberta Lievasay, Diane Howard. Third row: Gay Behymer, Barbara Smith, Margaret Hobart, Sandra Marcom, Donna Teague, Marydel Jacobie. .,, V Vlf'f2VS2iSfgV1ffTV:gf-2Siiifimigigffxfi9I?153?a2EWPgf5ta'i?fssZf-'lyVVQ5f?l5?iglvix3a2sf'.fiVs15i2J,Va1.iVg2V1: ' ,K , Vs5sV5qeV5,, V :-'ff-li':Y'fflSjV'iSiii'51:tlisiiiiWi?ief3fgsfigs:lfEl7if:UifSifEtiff,'iii-f1?:Qii,gi,e':".'S',fffIl21VQQ.gQ35,j' ',ll?.QS,igZgi5V'jl -Siliikjf. " A' ,V VV ,, ''Ve:a'22ff2fzsH93VVfi--YV .2 ' , ' ' 5fVi3fV ,, 2 2fiJ?e?f2Vf+- ,r . fsVIffii1'2f03s5fi5?1i?iff aVfsfr??aV- Viet? " ef ess. , ' 1 ""afsfV ',.V'1sgggf ' 1si ,,VVV1iVtfVVg,5ege5g5,-S Mpggw-faV-VVV,r 'V -,iff , VV-V V A , V ,PV - -VV-- - JM, ai - .V VV-.f,4E,. ...,4V:,V- Vs V,,:fm'4s,Vi V' mm.,,Vi.,auV2VVstV'fV -?sv13i.:.5.f:V'.' ,K VVM-f5,Vzw.V, le -,: 5:fn.,21,.Vi1gV VH V. . x ii , a s ' ., msgs 3255 ' - 251 ' 'V:'fzs2ss?f w ifi -is gqf3xssg m .' iz- ,' 1 1 V, 552 '. .. 5 f -, ,-Q - '- V 'sr K-1-" 'V ' 1 was , 4 ' , S, ,gj'V, A ' , -'l ,.V.g1:. , '.V V ' , V. Vi .. 5 ' an .- 3 fg5'f.V-KQEQQWQQQQQ .,e'f,.V. VVV t Ve- his ',2sf,, s2zf,, - Vt 'EV .fV, ' - V' V V - VM ., V , , ,M .. NV,,,,.V,,. ka, L, , ,,,,,,,.,,,,,, , T A Q. 2' V V aV::'V."'1i1:w.f4 fav QWVVVVVV J s iiszswsfzzefz s ':w..,, S-H,1W,1s1V af':a-1. Vt.-',:V MHV V '- ""'wx . V .3 ' as 1 ff?'5t5a? V V eV,g?s'z?3 . - ' -- , ,. , s ., . -, ,. 'g,.VaVV.:1 ts. f3':...,.. 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' V fj M3513 " ET6f'f?iil5ik 1 V ' finffi Qilsiif iillrli' 'itfifii ,:: 'ii : 'a:i3i2!":.'i' 'lj5Y.f' ,j5f5g?Eglgl - V U KP st at-VV4,s,,-:'... 5.-.,1, ,, tim" 55225 wrt gases "sys- -21-fV,V'r 1-':V . v..e,:15' V, -4 , aP,VVs1 m .,VVi,,Va - ,Vw :,,:e.5.:z ,aa-. Vg, -VgVVV1Vf ag,w,1,,s .,-L , eg ,--, esta -V. ,..f. , ,, , .. -, ,es egagla .,. V ' V' , M ,Vgfgp :,VV ' ' " a V , ,,VVs r ' , lf M Ti l YK, ,VV " fn 35' + ':TiEs'k7" -'21 'jjfsfk 5292, ' eff 'liigg J, V ' -V iz Sm ' ' Mrs. Bohannon talks over plans for the Sadie Hawkins' Day Dance with military officers Sandy Barton, Elizabeth Hollweg, Mary Margaret Glew, Valerie Brown, and Betty Dunlap. DONNA BOHANNON, Sponsor I74 PLATOON 3 Front row: Jimmie Pitman, Virginia Lake, Pat Copeland, Betty Dunlap, Jo Anne Wright, Patsy Gumm, Jane Beaver. Second row: Debbie Skinner, Ann Hays, Linda Davis, Mary Burgess, Jean Atwood, Gloria Gregg. Third row: Janie Austin, Georgia Reed, Evelyn Poyser, Dina Dannelly, Judy Hale, Donnie James. J -ttta:fu7uumu.t. fmsfi Heads up! Many long, hard hours of hard practice are required to perfect the complicated formations ably presented by the Rebs PLATOON 4 Front row: Kathy Kline, Jane Scarborough, Valerie Brown, Suzanne Spencer, Carolyn Davidson. Second row: Jeanne Sears, Nella Pitts, Pat McClure, Janelle Cassidy. Third row: Kim Nehr, Martha Kuster, Betsy Seals, Rose Marks, Geneva Jones, Mollie Smith. PERSC' 4 F Y Q LADY SANDINA ot The house of MONTANIO Escorted by LORD CARL of The house of BOX I78 THE VALENTINE COURT LADY ANNE of the house of HYMAN Escorted by LORD GARY of the house ot LAWRENCE LADY BARBARA ofthe house of MARTIN Escorted by LORD LARRY ofthe house of JACKSON LADY ELIZABETH ofthe house of HOLLWEG Escorted by LORD DAVID ot The house ot JONES ' .V . ,Jw , . Agygw u A uf' , - If 5 J, .4 S1 353 . . if 1. .Q P1 f ,fy . , .1 5' f ,Q ' 5 I ia .ez :gig ff , 532' , V. : -A , . .1 f av 'ik my 1 ANNE HYMAN SENIOR CLASS FAVORITE ' ' 'ww Q! 4 12503 J 3 , 5 2 W Y ,,c SKY, 'N' 'sf J E RRY H U F F E R SENIOR CLASS FAVORITE "'5w-1 'fx 'QR"2,?"s' "' 5 ' HARTDINKINS JG DCNNA Dew-xNEv t ' -,JUNlOR'CLAfSS FAVORITE. V ' . Q 1. M N PATTY MYERS SOPHQMORE CLASS FAVORITE QRVILLE HUDSON SOPHOMORE CLASS FAVORITE' K ,., -' -FRESHMAN CLASS ,FAVOIQITE JIMMYPACE - u . . - A L SUELLEN WALL . g . FRESHQVIANAACLASRS FAvcjRlfE. bb ',' i i ' , t J ,L F tar Juov LLDYD EIGHTH GRADE FAVORITE EDDIEDQMING-uEz X . I89 s E Q 3 E OUR FIRST Another tradition was established at Thomas Jefferson this year with the crowning of the first Football Queen. Nominees were chosen by the team, and presented at the Woodrow game, last of the season. Six senior girls were eligible for the crown, and two iunior princesses, Jill Maxcy and Donna Devaney, were chosen attendants. The big moment ar- rived at a cold and windy halftime ceremony, as the court passed through the honor guard of drill team and R.O.T.C. cadets. Amid much suspense, the football captains revealed that Doan Simmons had been voted bythe stu- dent body to become the first Football Queen of Thomas Jefferson High School. FQQTBALL l Surprise! Doan wins! Each of the nominees was presented a corsage . . . be careful of Sandina's leopard there, Carl! THE NOMINEESFOR T957 FOOTBALL QUEEN AND ESCORTS Anne Hyman, Thomas Bowman, Linda Weiler, Jud Gee, Jill Maxcy, Bill Proctor, Queen Doan Simmons, Bobby Wilson, Pat McKnight, Winfield Scott, Sandina Montanio, Carl Box, Barbara Martin, Larry Jackson, Donna DeVaney, Gary Lawrence. Front: Crown-bearers Donny Goldammer, Cindy Bowman. l 3 3 , a L Q l J .S 2 E 's l t , QUEEN OAN SIMMCDNS THE BEST ALL AROUND X P S - 5 f As voted by fhe Thomas Jefferson Student Body I DOAN SIMMGNS 92 THE BEST ALL-AROUND 5 As voted by The Thomas Jefferson Student Body r BUDDY NICHOLS x-If 71 lf zz y MUST LIKELY TO SUCCEED DICK NEWTCN LYNETTE TAYLOR 11. MOST DEPENDABLE NORMA DePAsQuAL G-uv STORY 5533 1 WL 2 E MO T CREATIVE .IOANNE CUMMINGS JOHN INGRAM FRIENDLIEST fl, ff JERRY HUFFER ANNE HYMAN MOST ATHLETIC ELIZABETH HOLWEG TERRY RICHARDSON WITTIEST JOHN ABNOR GENEVA JONES BARBARA MARTIN Serzivr lgmufy 200 A h by M Charl O SUZANNE BLAILOCK junior Heaufy PAT CQPELAND Sophomore Kooufy 202 A hosen by M's Charlotte W D IAN E COLFRY junior HMI Beauty n AND MILITARY f i 1958 REBEL YELLMAKERS: Pat Worrell, Doan Simmons, Robert Moore, Beverly Anderson, Winfield Scott, Pat McKnight, Claude Martin, and Sandina Montanio. THE CHEERLEADER Action, alreaclyl A number of new Rebel yells and routines have produced more scenic screams at the various athletic contests This year. S lt' f 4 1 ' A j H 7 N sam , ' u-I Smmmzl Front row: Sandina Montanio, Pat Worrell, Doan Simmons, Pat McKnight, Robert Moore, Beverly Anderson Second row: Sally Reed, Kathy Habour, Suellen Wall, Carol Gibson, Suzanne Blailock, Judy Harbour Jenny Cowley, Sally Bessidick, Delores White. Third row: Barbara Glew, Dorthy Scott, Sandy Dennis Barbara Hill, Becky Ransdell, Jill Maxcy, Betty Emory, Carolyn Taylor. Fourth row: Carolyn Stewart Curry Pressley, Teddy Meads, Tom Legion, Mike Amis, Sue Krider, Gene Worrell, George Blackmon Cecil Schwalbe, Brenda Stubel. PEP CLUB The Pep Club, an organization newly-formed to assist the cheerleaders, has been a real help this year in "pepping up" the yelling in the auditorium as well as in decorating windy goal-posts and dusty busses. Ticket sales have also increased with the aid of the club, in fhe future, the school spirit of Thomas Jefferson will undoubtedly be kept on top through the effects of this group. OFFlCERS John Abnor, President, Suzanne Blailock, Vice-president, Carolyn Taylor, Secretafyf Jenny Cowley, Treasurer. 1 1 1 1 T FooTBALL-I9 s This year the Thomas Jefferson football team placed a close second in the district competition, losing only to State champion Highland Park. The Rebels, using their lightning aerial attack, powerful running, and solid de- fense, handed in a district record of three wins and one loss. Behind the bulwark of the Rebel line, fortified by Joe Miller and Johnny Jessup, playmaker George Seay led the Rebels to victory after victory in spite of being hounded by the ever present flu-bug. The Rebels can indeed be proud of their first year of district competi- tion. Coach Herman Cowleyg Tri-Captain Terry Richardson, George Seay, Buddy Nichols. JOHNNY JESSUP All-District Center We S4 the " . W i- ' 21x 1 gala" -,A GEORGE SEAY All-District Halfback A JOE, MMR, All-City TGClfle -rvz I ft ? Jrz3?i5t-. Q V S if t! I '.- 275- giifillflfi .V V ,-: ig ,.,,-r ww T ftl ' i ' fa- -Y. ,.,, P :,, 1. ,,,, W: . 1 r f,f i23gfzi,5r,gr ' In fsgw 'ir .wifgsiimsh V was . isfillfifl- EN -14 . 'fgifi ",- g N .gy - s , A4555 5, . - sssi ,J I ss A' r V 'figut . T you ,,V. f 8 fb si, i. 'Ti' any .J f'-r A 1 " V ALL-DISTRICT HONORABLE MENTION 'Mt' "' Ronnie Jones, Back Buddy Nichols, End 208 E, 2 2, S i 5 E 5 i 1 2 E as I958 REBEL FOOTBALL SQUAD First row: Ronnie Jones, Bill Horton, Terry Richardson, Buddy Nichols, George Seay, Jack Lagow, Joe Miller, Johnny Jessup. Second row: Lester Godwin, Wayne Williamson, Jerry Brown, Joe Daniels, Harold Giddens, Richard Westbook, Jerry Huffer, Aubrey Moddy, David Jones, Bobby Benson. Third row: Alfred Taylor, David Ray, Tommy Bailey, Dick Willis, Denny Thomason, Bob Clinger, Lee Johnson, Bobby Schultz, Guy Story. Fourth row: Kelly Hudson, Bob Rippy, Orville Hudson, Winston Jones, Smithy Caudle, Hart Dinkins, Bruce Lipshy, Bobby Wilson, Judson Gee. ' SEASON'S RECORD Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson South Oak Cliff ,- Crozier Tech ..,,.. Sunset .,....... Odessa ........... North Dallas ...,c, Samuell ............ Highland Park A- Adamson ......,.,, Hillcrest .........Y,. Woodrow Wilson et ass 151, ,f,. COACHES Floyd Mechler, "B" Team Coach, Allen Kirk, Line Coach, Herman Cowley, Head Coach, Harold Bartlett, 9th Grade Coach, Sam McClure, Backtield Coach, QQ 9? Front row: Lloyd Smith, Eugene Comroe, James Ray, Pat Kelly, Charles Zell, Terry Clark, Dick Sutton, Don Cameron, Buddy Roberts. Third row: Orbin Hanks, Norman Neal Bright, Sid McClain, Gerald MacAdams, Jerry Rutger, Bobby Glen Wright, Gary Shafer, John Reygan, William Smith, Tony Stiner, Coleman Juett, Jimmy Spence, Lancaster. Second row: Rick Brewer, Paul Dubes, Norman Taylor, Roger Hall, Key Puckett, Thomas Bowman, Bruce Foitasek, Ronnie Underwood, Donny Crowder, Eddie Lester, Nash Brown, Billy Mitchell. Fourth row: Chris Jameson, Aubrey Knight, Frank Williams, James Danny Smith, Ronald Bock, Mike Feemster, Jimmy Pace, Steve Robertson, Ray Cave, Mark Mc- Chris Sowell. Fifth row: Bill Wilkinson, Zack Troxel, Bobby Odon, Bill Grant, Mike Clayburn, rchester, Allen Brandenburg, Mickey Scott, Tommy Storey. Stuart, Kinney, Ray Wo , . ' il 'i" I . 1 t,. 'fgillff . ' ,,., . A , ' b I I K K, I Vi K gf K V,V: A 'ji' . I K , P 'r'. to , f t'., , Q, Q , -, ' ,r A l J ' T' at tw rt' f - .,." 5 ' W " .- .- ' Z ' S I' V ' -:,il,f. ,.-': t'- 5511- 1 illl t L A G . ,. , -3 ,.:' tzjgifl FT "MY g' SU- 9 c , in i T ii' K J J .. g t , , L l t ,,,s is -A , ,V , , ft ri" it'- T 1 . if-, : , 'A I H B " 1 , - A N , t . . : gf rf .1 ,, I J , N i 1 f I . it ', - J 'iii ' ,, ff ,,',- :ggw ,," i','i r f , -.ff, . I Z1 it i 1. ' ,n so , J al ,1 -fi, K ff' t . ,, - i' ' rrf 2,-f 1 -,-":' wsts ' - ff 'f Q W -mt, A , -A fi S , , c ' All A C an t ,,.. A . ,,,V,,, , ,, XV K -555,2 t t li' 'V V, , , Sling, . I kkgr jiri' . , I .iff-i VV f- ff g .gg ,. s KM, . iii, In , 3 ,fr . I - L, , 7 K K Vx 9 7 if ,. . ' Y . . 155Q5,J ffl - if l E I J . ' . , :'t l7:"ifi" Q- I K M I I ,H i .V V Vkk, , LT f Y .ii .K I Vw. ., .V ,sts tiiit J ci,i T S A C rist W N W. ' C , f Q il , -fig-i2,'fiQilif V ' " ' - 1+ J, 1g'i'.fi l Fx' 'S' Q' 'll lV', 5 V T , ,, , , ., ,j L xtE14,t 4 fb-K ef A I A . 'iw V, , J S is is iiii . x ,. ii ii r,'i H J' t A , t , i 4 In My QM ,figs gg L -G53 as ,. , ,,,.,. ,, , , , ,, .g M . A , ,, H it A T ittri ,,,i c,,c,,, it J , S 5,1 - ",' ' MN xi? Z - . ' of if ' 'iw ' L ii t .- ff fig, -- -X 4 ",, ' ' " 1' " ' ii J X ' ' 'iff . wg-,1ri,. 5 " ., ,,.f' ' , 1, ., ,t . , qi -,', - - 1 , ' , , ' ., ,I ' ,Ev a . ' ' 7. V f "-. Q A " B' ' i" is Q ' Q .,J7 r , ii' - , Front row: Tommy Storey, Bill Wilkinson, Bob Horton. Second row: Ellis Skinner, Jerry Boggess, Mike Honea. EIGHTH GRADE TEAM .Z , i,, , KM, MANAGERS Front row: John Watson, Charles Standifer, Jody Horton. Second row: Billy Knighton, Billy Atkinson, Clint Smith, Steve Hanks, Bobby Mallory, Den De Shong, Jim Lawrence. Third row: Coach Hank Horton, Doug Rogers, Jimmy Westbrook, Tim Baker, Ray Brinson, Eddie Dominguez, Ted Mitchell, Coach John Stewart. Fourth row: Tommy Ordorff, Paul Hedeman, Dexter Marble, Dean Downing, Steve Roper, Mike McKay. Fifth row: Bill Vandervort, Howard Schayhen, Billy Wray, Bob Camplain, Richard Walker, Robin Tidwell. 1 fxfQtfnms m!ll11in1hl J 5 I REBELS SOCK S. . C., 39-0 GAME AT First Downs ........... Rushing Yardage Passing Yardage Passes .,.,..,.,,.,..,,.... Passes intercepted .... Punts .,.,,..,,,,,,,..... Fumbles Lost ,,,,, Yards Penalized .... GLANCE Jefferson SOC 18 1. 317 .. 118 7-13 .1 1 3-41 3 6-50 5 73 56 2-7 O .6 4-30.7 3 3-35 Taylor drives for two. Dallas, Texas, September 13, 1957-Led by George Seay, the Rebels showed complete control of the-situation as they beat the South Oak Cliff Bears in the season's opener, 39-O. The first drive began with a 76-yard march spear- headed by Richardson, who accounted for 48 yards. After a pitchout around right end for the score, the Rebels missed the extra point try. The two SOC threats came at the mid-point of the game. The first was stopped by the Jefferson defense, and the second died as the Bears fumbled. Sparked by the reserves, the Rebels scored twice in second-period play. Miller, Daniel, and Hudson were stand-outs on de- fense play. JOE MILLER rv ' 0 15? 1 GEORGE SEAY BUDDY NICHOLS , V1 1311111712111 e11f1V'Tg54ZsQj Q?7Q1K,11 14 1 'QJPQEFHEEVMLWRLVKA1 "WL E1'::c1?.:'-:EIVVEQVEEVV '- - ,j ,,1:v,,j'- I 51-51151111115121Mi'f?sHs11EEiE11Q27115?fffV111215U 4 1 2 ' 1 1 ,V LV 1 15111 .. s1fsV1111V111VV,11m55g53g1gIaE5Q11sV1s9g11tVf111111V,,1rf 3 3,a55V,12f1 V V 3 1VV11VrVE5a3sV51g111V,1VV.rV15 . W.. ,,,1, 1 Viifiiiffiflfiifes -1' 1' ,LV -' I V Tv 9751?-fi? 1V1 - -V -fTKiff5ti1' E-115151 ily: VIBE 13 TT? 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The Rebels managed to move the ball to the Tech 44, but time ran out in the first half. The only score came in the third quarter, as Crozier scored on Holden's drive from the 1-yard line. Rebel defense showed promise throughout the game. U if 1 ll ' lll XJ, 'I l i ,i f X GAME AT First Downs .......Y. Rushing Yardage ..,.. Passing Yardage ..,.... Passes .......v......-....f,v...V- Passes intercepted ..,,,., Punts ....................fVV Fumbles Lost ,s..,,,,, Penalties ,YA. .,YY,Y G LANCE Jefferson 14 0 O-4 O 4-35 15 Tech 17 207 36 3-7 0 1-28 1 30 Benson sloshes around end for a first. JOE DANIEL TERRY RICHARDSON DAVID JONES My W wl s -ulnfssflr BOBBY BENSON JOHNNY JESSUP JAMES TETER Gidclens and Willis show strong Rebel defense. llll 1' ' . X , C' ' REBEL UPSET SUNSET, I9-6 GAME AT A GLANCE Jefferson Sunset First Downs ,,......,,,,.... ...YVY. 1 0 15 Rushing Yardage ....... ,,.... 9 3 T45 Passes ,,,,,,,...,.,.............,,, .,..... 4 -14 7-18 Passes Intercepted ,A.,,..... ....,. 4 1 Punts ,,,,,A,,,,,-..-,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,, 7 -35.9 4434.3 Fumbles Lost ,A,....,..... ..,,.s 0 2 Yards Penalized ......... .....,. 7 7 20 Dallas, Texas, October 4, i957-Sparked by Gidden's Three thefts of the Bison pigskin, the Rebels scored a 19-6 upset over the favored Sunset eleven at Sprague Field. Jefferson's first TD was set up when Giddens re- covered a Bison fumble after Williamson iarred the ball loose. Two minutes later Nichols pulled in a pass from Seay for the second Rebel score. Sunset's only score came on a pass play. Ron Jones accounted for the final TD on a six-yard run, as Williamson made the evening's only conversion. Giddens intercepted two Bison passes and recovered a fumble. RONNIE JONES HART DINKINS BILL HORTON JACK LAGOW A' ff Q' L M nd- At least Richardson's healthy! ...---"""' -,,,,. -:.---- FLU A D ODESSA TRIUMPH, 47-0 Odessa, Texas, October ll, 1957-The flu bug proved too much for the Rebels as they lost to Odessa 47-O. Deprived of the services of outstanding quarterback George Seay, Jefferson found their five fumbles costly. It was Odessa all the way as they scored one touch- down in each of the first three quarters and then ex- ploded for four in the last quarter. In the long run, fumbles proved the decisive factor in determining the score, which was a real heartbreaker. GAME AT A GLANCE Jefferson First Downs ..,,,,...., ....... 1 I Rushing Yardage ,,..... 62 Passing Yardage ..,,.,,,. 161 Passes ...,....,.s,.....,.,..........,. 'l'I-25 Passes intercepted by ...,.. O Punts ......,,,..............,.....,.,., 2-35 Fumbles Lost ,,..,..,..... 5 Yards Penalized .......,. 80 Odessa 18 224 79 6-15 5 3-46 0 'IOO JEFFERSCN BOWS TO BLILLDOGS, I8-I4 GAME AT A GLANCE North Dallas Jefferson First Downs .,.........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 15 Rushing Yardage ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 2 35 Passing Yardage .,,,,,,,v, ,,,,,, 3 3 Passes .......,....,..................,...... 3-6 Passes intercepted by .,,,,,,,,,,, 1 Punts ........,,..,,........,...,. ,,,,,, 1 -27 Fumbles Lost ........,,,,,, ,,,,,, 'I Penalties ......,.,.. A..... 3 -25 Jones makes five on a pitch-out. 14 157 36 3-5 O 1-31 1 2-20 Dallas, Texas, October 17, 1957-Damaged by the ab- sence of eleven players, Jefferson bowed to the flu and North Dallas at a close game at Cobb Field. Jones took the opening kickoff and scampered 52 yards down the sidelines to the Bulldog 30. Eight plays later, the Rebels scored on a pass from Bailey to David Jones. Bailey converted. The second touchdown came on a 3-yard plunge by Benson. Bailey converted again to end the Rebel scor- ing. A late Bulldog rally saw the score 18-14, but the Rebels almost pulled it out of the fire until an inter- cepted pass ruined the last-minute drive. xw V' 5 'X ,X GUY STORY AUBREY MOODY JERRY BROWN REBELS DUMP SAMLIELL, 21-7 Dallas, Texas, OcTober 24, 1957-The Jefferson Rebels broughT The ToTal To Three wins and Three losses as They defeaTed The Samuell SparTans, 21-7, aT PleasanT Grove. In The firsT quarTer, Jefferson conTrolled The ball and made The firsT score. ln The second quarter, The Tables were Turned as Samuell scored, and The half ended wiTh a 7-7 deadlock. Jefferson moved To The SparTan 13 afTer The second half kick-off, but Samuell inTercepTed a Rebel pass. The SparTans were forced To kick and Jefferson moved in To The score wiTh Seay on a quarTerback sneak. Jefferson scored again in The fourTh quarTer as David Jones reached goal-dusT from The one. Bailey made all Three exTra points. - ' I 1111l 1 -i+ Q GAME AT A GLANCE Jefferson First Downs .....,..,,... ,,.,,,, 1 7 Rushing Yardage ,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 68 Passing Yardage ,....,.... ....... 5 5 Passes ....A..,......,,,..................... 5-11 Passes lnTercepTed by ....,...,.,. 1 PunTs .......,...................,,.,......... 3-37.3 Fumbles Lost ..,,c.,..,,.... ....... 1 Yards Penalized ....... ,,..,,. 5 O Seay around end for 15. Samuell 12 137 23 2-7 1 3-28.3 0 20 WAYNE WILLIAMSON BRUCE LIPSHY DENNY THOMASON KELLY HUDSON 1 ji TOM BAILEY DICK WILLIS BOB CLINGER ORVILLE HUDSON But we can catch 'em too-Nichols grabs one over the shoulders. Av ,.- ,L- STATE CHAMPS DOW REBELS, 35-0 GAME AT A GLANCE Jefferson Hi Park First Downs ..........,. ....,.. 1 2 'I7 Rushing Yardage ,... ,,,,.... I O0 'I59 Passing Yardage ........ ........ I I9 281 Passes ...................,... - .....A..... 'I 0-I 6 6-9 Passes Interceptecl ................ 0 'I Punts ,.......,.,.....,......... ....,,.. 4 -34.5 3-32 Fumbles Lost .....,..,.. ,.... 3 2 Yards Penalized ...... 2I8 . 'IO 45 Dallas, Texas, November I, T957-The Rebels bowed to state champion Highland Park in their first and only loss in district play. Brilliant passing accounted for most of the Scot scores, with Reed and Jones proving a fatal combination to Rebel defenders. A total of 201 yards in the air was racked up against Jefferson in the devastating passing attack, although Jefferson connected for ten of their own. ALFRED TAYLOR LESTER GODWIN HAROLD GIDDENS DAVID RAY TN 0 Bailey eludes Adamson defenders ik AERIAL CIRCUS TAMES ADAMSDN, 33-6 Dallas, Texas, November 8, I957-The Jefferson Rebels appeared to have mastered the aerial attack, as they scored for four touchdowns against Adamson at Cobb Field. After fumbling twice in the first quarter, the Rebels got down to business, as a 46-yard pass from Seay to David Jones brought the first score. The first conversion was missed, but Bailey made three others good for the night. Seay tossed TD passes to Bailey and to Ron Jones in the second period, and to Nichols with seven seconds left in the game. The only score on a drive came on a I-yard plunge by Benson. GAME AT A GLANCE Jefferson Adamson First Downs ................ .--. I2 Rushing Yardage Passing Yardage Passes .,.......... ............-..... . Passes intercepted Punts ................................... . Fumbles Lost ........... .......... Penalties ....... 213 224 7-I3 4-22 6 'I-15 'I 'I 'I37 54 3-'I6 0 5-32 2 2-20 REBS RUIN HILLCREST HOMECOMI G, 20-I3 GAME AT A GLANCE Jefferson Hillcrest First Downs ,,,,,..,......,..,..,.,,,.,, 25 10 Rushing Yardage ,,,,,,,, ........ 2 75 59 Passing Yardage ..,.,....,,.....,..... 74 62 Passes ,,...,.,...,,,.,,,,,,,,,...,.......... 6-10 3-10 Passes intercepted by .,........., 2 1 Punts .....,,,,,,,,,........,..,,.A..,...... 2-33.5 5-34.4 Fumbles Lost .,..,.,,,,,,,,,, .,.. 2 1 Yards Penalized .,..., .,,, 5 5 65 David Ray observes end-around play. Dallas, Texas, November 15, 1957-Trying to keep Dis- trict title hopes alive, the Rebels defeated Hillcrest at Franklin field, 20-13. Jefferson took the opening kick-off and drove for a touchdown on a pass from Seay to Nichols, and Bailey added the extra point. The Panthers then tied it up, and, in the second quarter, scored again affer recover- ing a touched punt. In the second half, Jefferson was king. Thomason recovered a fumble on The Panther 8-yard line, and Seay then passed to Bailey for the score. Bailey converted to make it 14-13. A fourth quarfer score put the game on ice. Q ,T fff ,-5 fix X 0 o . . o adicbwlyc ...- ...Q LEE JOHNSON SMITHY CAUDLE WINSTON JONES JEFFERSON CHILLS WILDCATS, 33- Dallas, Texas, November 21, 1957-The Rebels brought the season to a fiery finish on a cold winter's night at Franklin field in defeating Woodrow Wilson, 33-13. The Rebels' total offense was a whopping 501 yards gained. The first score was set up by Thomason's re- covery of a Wildcat fumble on their 20 yard line. Five plays later Seay scored on a four yard run. Bailey con- verted successfully the first of three times. Richardson made the next touchdown on a one yard plunge, and Benson then did the same. The next two Rebel tallies came on passes from Seay, one to Nichols and one to David Jones. The Rebels had cinched second place in their first year of district play. GAME AT First Downs ,,,..,,., Rushing Yardage .,,,,, A GLANCE I3 Jefferson W. W. 20 382 Passing Yardage ,,,,,,.c,, Y,w,.- 1 19 Passes ,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,, Passes lntercepted by 5-13 Punts ..,,.,,,,,,,,. ,,.c,,,,,,,Y.,,,,,,,v,,,,,., 4 .37 Fumbles Lost ...,,,.,,,,,, 3 1 1 78 188 12-31 1 4-23.7 2 David Jones comes in to spoil the pass RICHARD WESTBROOK BOB RIPPY JERRY HUFFER BQBBY SCHULZ BASKETBALL- I9 8 Rebel round-ballers turned in a very respectable performance in their sec- ond year of AAAA competition, losing by a narrow margin to city champion Woodrow Wilson. The record for the season was 20 wins to 9 losses, with prospects even brighter for next year. Coach Porter finds himself in a for- tunate position with the entire squad returning, and Jefferson no doubt will continue to threaten as a power in city competition. Captains Paul Thompson and George Seay Coach Archie Porter. Front row: Tom Bailey, Paul Thompson Tommy Lea Jerry Wade George Seay Dave Somerville Second row: Coach Archie Porter, Bill Kammerer Bill Dennis Bill Argo Pete Houck Jack Riley Jr Mike Joslin Buddy Nichols. SEASON'S RECORD Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson 19 41 Garland .... .... 5 4 59 Gober .,.,.... .... 4 O 41 Sunset .,,.ssss. ..,. 3 1 60 Garland ,.s,...... .... 5 8 47 Adamson ........... 6 4 61 S. Oak Cliff ..,.... ,,.. 7 3 53 Carrollton ...,,, .... 2 6 67 Duncanville ..., .... 4 8 Adamson ...., ,a., 3 8 57 lrving ,.,,..,s.,, ,.-. 4 7 46 Adamson .s,s,.,, ..,. 4 2 43 North Dallas ,,...,,,ss.... 62 47 North Dallas ............,, 41 46 Boyce .,.,.,........... .,,. 5 8 42 Byrd .,,...,..,,,,,,,,,,s...,,, 44 48 Wilmer-Hutchins ...... 35 45 Highland Park ,,,,,,.... 42 31 Port Arthur ,,,....-... 53 60 Terrell ,,,,....,,., ,,,,,,, 5 8 60 Hillcrest .,,v,,,,..,,,s,,,,,. 45 52 Samuell,.sss,,.,.s, 35 56 Woodrow Wilson ,,,,,. 52 55 Highland Park .,..,..a.. 67 63 Hillcrest .....,...s,.......,. 46 58 Samuell ............s,,,,,.. 48 46 Jesuit ssss.ssssss,.,.,...,.... 42 60 Woodrow Wilson ....,, 63 30 Highland Park .....,,cs. 35 PAUL THOMPSON All-District First Team GEORGE SEAY DAVE SOMERVILLE All-District All-DiSfriCT Honorable Mention Second Team Thomas Jefferson's firsl basketball trophy was won this year in the Irving Tournament. Here Dave Somerville goes up for the Tip-off as Thompson and Wade watch. All the team turned in a sterling performance as Jefferson iriurnphecl. TOM BAILEY TOMMY LEA JERRY WADE PAUL THOMPSON fleffl DAVE SOMERVILLE fright! "B" TEAM Front row: Donny Crowder, Steve Robertson, Orbie Hanks, Jack' Morris, Dick Goode. Second row: Mike Kelly, Larry Hayes, Bobby Colton, Jay Hicks, John French, Mike Claiborne. JACK RILEY JR. Paul Thompson has proved to be one of The outsianding reasons for The success of The team. PETE HOUCK MIKE JOSLIN BILL ARGO BILL KAMMERER GEORGE SEAY This year Thomas Jefferson's candidaie for Queen of the Dr. Pepper Tournament was elected to reign. Miss Barbara Martin, here crowned by Captain Paul Thompson as the ieam looks on approvingly, smiles at her towering subiecis. fe -1,y1saww f f.. . .ef Eighth grade captains: Eddie Dominguez, Jim Westbrook, Tim Baker Coach, Billy Lewis. "B" team captain: Larry Hays. Manager, JOHN WASCOM. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM Front row: Larry Huelbig, Tom Price, Jim Westbrook, Eddie Dominguez, Tim Baker. Second row: Tommy Little, Dexter Marble, Bobby Nicholas, Charles Stanoliter, Dean Downing, Archie Massey. - -t ,--,, vmmecm1tf-:- ff Front row: Suzanne Blailock, Jenny Cowley, Gayle Hedge, Jackie Weldon, Betty Emory, Becky Ransdell. Second row: Coach Donna Bohannon, Bill Lewis, Steve Schlossstein, Mike Amis, Bill Proctor. Bill Proctor and Mike Amis anticipate a successful season for Jefferson, Hedge whops one as Suzanne Blailock prepares to reinforce. TENNIS With one successful season behind them, the members of The Tennis Team have been able to pick up a great deal of valuable experience which should aid Them in making a name for Jefferson in future competition. This spring the team also spon- sored iTs first Tournament, the Annual Thomas Jef- ferson Invitational Tournament. BASEBALL- I9 8 Spring gets underway with Rebel Baseball prospects in full bloom. Although the DOCUMENT goes to press before the regular schedule begins, in- dications are that Jefferson should be a real power in city competition. Such stand-out players as Bobby Wilson, All- City Outfielder, and versatile Joe Mil- ler, who doubles as catcher or pitcher lgood trick, eh'?l should assure the Rebels of an outstanding season. Coach Floyd Mechler discusses strategy with Bobby Wilson, T957 District Batting Champion and All-City Outfielder. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Front row: Henry Suche, Hart Dinkins, Ron Jones, Jerry Huffer, Tom Bailey, Orville Hudson. Second row: Richard Westbrook, Dale York, Jerry Brown, Roger Hall, George Lea, Manager Bill Wilkinson. Third row: Ronnie Chapman, Bobby Wilson, Wayne Williamson, Buddy Nichols, Jow Miller, David Jones, Manager Pat Worrell. INFIELD Front row: Hart Dinkins, Tom Bailey, Dale York, Henry Suche, Jerry Huffer. Second row: Jerry Brown Buddy Nichols, Roger Hall, Tadpole Westbrook, George Ley. OUTFIELD Bud Nichols, David Jones, Bobby Wilson, Ron Jones. --: :mu . , 1 W--, ,-rwrmi-.,u fz,Q:,1..m ,owe f - , .1... ii "l got it! I got it!" Joe Miller goes after the pop-up CATCHERS Joe Miller,-Wayne Williamson, Richard Westbrook. PITCHERS Jerry Huffer, Ronnie Chapman, Henry Suche, Joe Miller, Orville Hudson. f Q 11 if 1151-d A - - In i e, Dmkuns, Slide. Hart makes it safely to second base. ' ff L L, ff owe W ' f J 5 ' : . l L ' L L L .mw.,,,, L L ,,.. A L .L .Y A I ' ax li' i 1' PM L ,q., L g L x,-' V N, ' ' , .,,, Q F4 V K f . lszQwL , L,' L f ,L -fri!-15? Q, yff- ' ,L -V 5 'ff-. " X"' Ms Mavis 1- WL 'V has - ' " - w.'ff5Sz-,i'f,7 sf . t , fia t-QW ,wy:1EwzW,3.L?i'FfL, .: H as - ,-A 'f 522agt,f2 ,fiylz 5 gg, V - 541 L S , L ' jigliigt, 'WS' '2Y1e1f'7,LE,iYEZ,ifT,i lfiwffz-::,:,lzglki..f ' K 3 " in - if 1' A -r .VA LL ' - -A 'Si' -miiffiz--1-z2iW'f"viflizf "7 f2,11wswfw,, L 2 wig :iz wi. I . L f f. "11 Les, , L 5 41 '45 B' A L 2,2 ,www ff: L' ,, f ,swzLf1.51f,i?Qw71 L, - mf ,M 1,--g2kLV,f,,,gw r f " i Af," 1 59 : --- . 'L"-- Q wx x ' W, K A i k.k, L x K A4:g:f-.., .',f L-,-K , , 4,54 Y A: , Q f H in Vhkk f ff-f,s1,:', ffffv 5 :X WT - B' ,L Qgffi: liste L L , ' ' - 'fan tm f 15- A 'Ev' f .7 l 5 'L ' J' VV iff? " ,Mft4faf1QL 1,25 In I 'VN LLB , - i, ,gk ,,.-, MM 5, B 4fW'w.3tc eivmsmvc ijf- Q I ,,-- I - S X-H 25 4 ,s4','il" '-92l?a-QHWQQ ' ' it -: 1-Q ' 'f wgfilfii 3253255 ','bQ1e,Li-:QsPl"W1 - YA v Ls15,f,,LLf,t-ftwfi.flaw, .1 - ,f ,.., L1 ' A ,L,i,,L,y '32 ,, V V Lt 'als' 12-"Jig-,,,h,.w, -,-,, uLL.,- Q Wx, LL L, ,?E"' W -' t L r ' fb ,Q iearw ' ' 'r' f ' - ' W - 4 " , ,.w' -.9 -ff ffl . e sin , L V "" t2f' f 0 W' ffnwli ' X if -' A ,L 84, V ,L L 1' 1 .Q 5,2-f ."""' 'ff' , . ' S ff 56:26 tlsgf wiafi, rf ,L -- , M X r S, if qv 4413511 ml an Q X with K xg Q S F A ASI? 49 x U 'S r K 5 Q an df? ffl' H U tw i ' 'K 3' KK 9' 65523 4 r li: if 4 A ,X s , M 4 X 2 W 'lg Q2 if S A J' 3 5 Q MEN W r N 5 im! M f M Q' if -w l ,, 4 26493 'W K W? 4 ,ggi fi Q, ,X W v A H sz, J, at 4' Q . fit' Q, ' l ,G V 1 R , if f :Q 'N E129 Sa Q f fi Lg W ,. ' EW, We -B K, .4 , qw 2 Q .. , A . ,H N- ,s ag, sg AMW, Wx, X2 Q ,. ,f ft, , A ,Q f ,A B 5 4- si Q, , L 2, tw ,, wwf, L if W sv 3 1 'l' 'vt 3' X? Q' Qs. W .ti H t 15 4, , s 52, df , Q f ,N X ,Q , 'fp ,X J ez, y ' a as t ' K Slit ,,,53,,?1f-1 L -.K yt U A ---34,51-w,,1,,,ML,, - NM -A tag-t H 4 LW. L,,L Ad ,, LW , . L 1 N' 4 4 N I x wi Q HA if 3' K ' M Q .1 X ' Y H " N. W f as 1 Q J Q 1' A P .- S 1 S , A 4 M R L ,J xx , 1. , Q I ix X' A .KK :Q . , , fx 0- N w,ffA.X N t 1-'sf 7-'Y W , 'ik vi, H u 5 5 f' ,,. 1 6' it wa 4' .SL if .- 4' 'af A 'iw . 35' HY' gr' A 1 1 ,fa + N X 4 , 1 ig 2 guys 2. if E . 'f Q 4 V M A J? "' t Q '- 1 J, 1 ' 4 ,X '-xM4l7L+J2i'+?4i.4i4'w , 'i'Qf'4QH, ,'?'1?' , Pi ' ff"'Vfi13f '2LiAg" "B" TEAM Frort row Pat Kelly Buddy Hayden Jeff Price, Bobby Legg, Pat Burns, Steve Reed, Neal Bright. Second row Truitt Budd Steve Robertson, Alan Steckler, Tom Hodges, Jim Story, Danny Smith, Bill Kelly Third row Jim Sigler Coach Steve Williams, John McBride, Mike Ricci, Jimmy Putman, Chuck L- is it s E E E YS 5 I Q 5 ! i And it's a 400-yard drive straight clown the fairway by Jimmy Smith! C?J GOLF- I9 8 As the yearbook goes to press the golf team is enioying considerable success, having defeated Garland ancl Samuell in pre-season matches. Coach Melton Owen's junior Demarets anticipate a good season as they enter city competition, where they will meet teams from all schools at Tennison and other local courses. VARSITY GOLF TEAM Bob Walner, Pete McKenna, Eddie Dayton, Bob Ransdell, Jay Ferguson, Jimmy Smith. . - V. xwlM ,f--, M... TRACK - I9 8 Prospbcts are excellent for the T958 Jefferson cindermen. With such standout lettermen as Terry Richardson, Tommy Lea, and Bob Clinger re- turning, Coach Kirk can expect a fine showing in city competition. As the yearbook goes to press, Jefferson thin-clads triumphed in the opening meet, racking up a thumping 7O points. ln the pole vault and distance departments, Carl Box and Alfred Taylor are expected to add to Jefferson's point totals, as well. Taken all in all, the Rebels ought to be strong contenders for the City Title. Coach Allen Kirk poses with the Co-captains, Terry Don Richard son and Ronnie Underwood. VARSITY TRACK TEAM Front row: Mervin Aftergut, Jimmy Langham, James Teter, Terry Richardson, Aubrey Moody, Bob Clinger, Tommy Lea, Bill Argo, Bobby Benson, Speedy Ernst. Second row: Charles Maples, Jack Nelson, Jimmy Hill, Chris Jamison, Bill Horton, Bobby Glen Wright, Jerry Baker, Mickey Scott, Eugene Comroe, Richard Marcus, Robb Rough, Chris Meyerchord, David Ray, Rawley Curry. Third row: Coach Bartlett, J. C. Nix, Johnny Jessup, George Seay, Dick Willis, Mike Foster, Larry Hayes, Tom Ligen, Jerry Wade, Norman Clark, Eddie Lester, Ronnie Underwood, Alferd Taylor, Sid McClain, Barry Skiles, Eddie Worth, Tom Cunningham, Carl Box, Coach Kirk. WEIGHT MEN J. C. Nicks, Johnny Jessup, George Seay Second row: Barry Skiles, Norman Clark Dick Willis. The Discus Thrower Calias George Seayj MILE RELAY Top ro borrom: James Teter, Jim Langham, Speedy Ernst, Alfred Taylor. Alley oop! Richardson flows easily over ihe hurdle. l HURDLERS Terry Richardson, Tommy Lea, Eddie Lester, Larry Hayes. DISTANCE MEN Front row: Jack Nelson, Ronnie Underwood, Eddie Comroe, Jimmy Hill, Second row: Tom Ligon, Eddie Worth, Chris Jamison, Jerry Baker, Richard Marcus. . f wsm 1-:nur-:K ,me-4 SPRINTERS Mickey Scott, Rob Rough, Bob Horton, Alfred Taylor. QUARTER MILERS Front row: Jimmy Langham, James Teter, Bobby Benson. Second row: David Ray, Forest Ernst. MORE SPRINTERS Jimmy Langham, Bobby Glen Wright, Terry Don Richardson. ixwmwwemxe:eu mwmes1ma1A POLE-VAULTERS Coach Charles Maples, Chris Meyercord, Tommy Cunningham, Carl Box, Jerry Wade. l 1 BROAD JUMP, HIGH JUMP Mike Foster, Tom Ligon. Carl Box should prove to be a standout in pole-vault competition this year. SOFTBALL "Slide, Akridge, slide!" Patty Myers covers home plate-unsuccessfully! BASKETBALL Suzy Mars drives in for two! VOLLEYBALL Sally Shaw whops it over as Lucy Fergu- son and Carol Hendricks get ready to help. SCOOTER GAME BASKETBALL We don't know quite what to call this, but it's lots of fun, as Sally pany-Myers and 5UZyMar5Hpi1off- Shaw and Emma Cowley find out. GIRLS' INTRAMURALS The girls' lntramural program ot- fers an opportunity for after-school participation in such activities as soft- ball, volleyball, tumbling, and the new- ly added but as yet un-named "scooter game." The program is designed to pro- vide supervised recreation, and in so doing, to provide the benefits ot com- petition and cooperation tor all girls interested in athletics. SOFTBALL The big pitch-everybody in the intramural program enjoys the game when the weather turns nice! JUNIOR REBS Mrs. Bohannon looks toward The future in selecting a group of ninth graders who will be future prospects for the drill Team. SOFTBALL Okay-here ll comes into left field. SCOOTER GAME l guess we know who the "Wheels" are around 1i1is place! LETTERMEN'S ASSOCIATION The Letterman's Association Is formed of all those who have earhecl a letter In a varsity sport at Thomas Jefferson. RONNIE JONES Vice-president MIKE AMIS BILL ARGO TOM BAILEY BOB BENSON JERRY BROWN BOB CLINGER JODY DANIEL BILL DENNIS HART DINKINS FOREST ERNST JUDSON GEE HAROLD GIDDENS LESTER GODWIN FRAND HALEY BILL HORTON MIKE HONEA f!VIanagerI ORVILLE HUDSON JERRY HUFFER JOHNNY JESSUP DAVID JONES RONNIE JONES WALTER JONES fManager2 BILL KAMMERER JACK LAGOW JIM LANGHAM BUDDY NICHOLS President JACK LAGOW Secretary-Treasurer TOMMY LEA JOHN MANGRUM JOE MILLER AUBREY MOODY BUDDY NICHOLS JIMMY PEARSON KManagerJ DAVID RAY TERRY RICHARDSON BOB RIPPY GEORGE SEAY BOBBY SCHULTZ DAVE SOMERVILLE GUY STORY DONNY THOMASON PAUL THOMPSON JAMES TETER JERRY WADE JOHN WASCOM Ulflanagerl RICHARD WESTBROOK WAYNE WILLIAMSON DICK WILLIS PAT WORRELL IManagerJ DALE YORK MILITARY TRAINING 1 3 I I I CAPTAIN THOMAS L. MORING, commandanr REGIMENTAL STAFF l Front row: Hon. Cdt. Lt. Col. Brenda Cravotta, Cdt. Col. Ed Davis, Cdt. Lt. Col. John Ingram, Hon. Cdt. Lt. Col. Betty Dunlap. Second row: Cdt. Mai. Charles Hart, Cdt. Mai. Joe I Tomlin, Cdt. Lt. Col. Tom Norton, 2nd Lt. Bob .Haller. Not l pictured: Cdt. Mai. Dick Hamilton. I l The National Defense Cadet Corps has as its mission the training of young men in intelligent l citizenship and leadership through orderliness, T precision discipline, and self-respect. The second- ary obiective of the course is to keep the cadet abreast Ofjhe Changes and developmem-5 in Mili- Front row: Cdt. Lt. Col. Bill Brunson, Mai. John Volcansck. Second row: Mai. Tommy Donald, Capt. Baxter Taylor, Capt. George Godfrey. Third row: 2nd Lt. Gerard Prestridge, 2nd Lt. Dwain BATTALION STAFF MMV' l BATTALION STAFF tary Science and Tactics. Front row: Cdt. Lt. Col. Tom Stuart, Cdt. Maj. Claude Martin. Second row: Cdt. Mai. Charles Brazeal, Cdt. Capt. Steve Stan- ley, 2nd Lt. Bobby Boyles, 2nd Lt. Dwain Mincy. CADET RIFLE TEAM Front row: Ed Davis, John Ingram, Joe Tomlin, Charles Hart, Baxter Taylor, Dwain Mincy, Bob Adden. l Second row: Don Myers, Richard Day, Lee Gibson, Don Cameron, Gerald Farney, George Sneed, Charles Carlin, Gary Hunt. CADET DRILL TEAM i........,....-.......,-I XIX , OFFICERS: Cdr. LT, Col. Tom Norfon, Commander, Bill Brunson, Exec, Cdr. LT. Col. Tom Siuart, Sqd. Leader, Mai. Charles Brazeal, Mai. Tommy Donald, Capt. Jerry Hibbs, 2nd LT. LeRos Hull, Guidon Bearer. 'Q Ga 41' f S w i i s 6 x Ll Commander Ed Davis and Lt. Commander John Ingram study a momentous matter. The lesson is taught by Lt. Johnny McBee as Captain Moring supervises. I COMPANY "A" Front row: Cdt. Capt. Forrest Murphy, Company Commander, Hon. Cdt. Maior Arlene Abel, Sponsorg Cdt. 2nd Lt. Ray Norton, Cdt. 2nd Lt. Ken Goodacre, Cdt. 2nd Lt. Bob Haller. Second row: Donald Koos, Peter Kotsky, Scott Ables, Larry Bruner, John Harris, Peter Davis, Robert irish, Russ Morris, Larry Clark. Second row: George Williams, Keith Chandler, John Schurieht, Dick Ward, Mike McDonald, Allen Harr, Robert Rogers, Mike Silverglat, Lee Gibson. Fourth row: Bobby Hamilton, Joe Altick, Douglas Wattens, Don Morris, Doug Mayes, Sammy Parks, Cooper Parks, Larry Vinther. Fifth row: James Schrieber, 246 Jerry Farney, James Stewart, Baird Mallory, Charles Wilson, Tommy Schara, Tommy Root, Charles Skinner. COLOR GUARD Don Morris, Sgt. Winford Chick, Guard Commander, Bobby Hamilton. flfzfi kara 'A ++ In X f 1 A ,B , - ,J Q. cyl' V N 1 1' T. 1 , QQ' ' ' , . , L'L'. H g,g,, . i . s- f . ex. if -LL- xi- V, ' ,V-if: " J A i' 'O - Jill", -1 ,f Q pt 2 A". m i .bs l,f-gwggiif Wi, 5 'J 'iff -'.. ,WA'i 5 , , -iifl A A Y "' . ' J , ,L AVVV- Viagra. st, f f 3 A V.V, VuVi,V3M.,i ' AA'k ,ni 5' 5352-.!i. J fe?2gEjfQ,ff?14 . l 1 fl xl ,5"iffifil'lY.i 7 . ew i- r . 2 5 'lf ' R fl Y J A il A i J Y CORPS SPONSORS l l Left to right: Hon. Mai. Annette Rehders, Hon. Mai. JoAn Young, Hon. l Lt. Col. Betty Dunlap, Hon. Mai. Pat Copeland, Hon, Mai. Arlene Abel, Hon. Lt. Col. Brenda Cravotta. COMPANY "B" Front row: Cdt. Capt. Jerry Hibbs, Company Commander, Hon. Mai. JoAn Young, Sponsor, Cdt. lst Lt. Jay Ordeneaux, Cdt. 2nd Lt. LeRos Hull, Cdt. 2nd Lt. Jimmy Gary. Secondlrow: Newton Hammet, Robert Loving, David Walters, James Crenshaw, Richard Day, Morris McClellan. Third row: Max Hunter, Jack Jenkins, Wallace Smith, James McCoy, Winford Chick, Charles Carlin. Fourth row: Wayne Sutton, Frank Bolton, Ronny Johnson, David Hill, Mike Quigley, John Houck, Dan McClenolon. 247 . . I Ia in . X I 5. Pat Copeland admires Johnny McBee's "IIl Gotten Gain? "All right you, tote that rifle!" says Joe Chick to Fred Derring, Robert Lumpkin, Nick Carter and Bob Miller. Front row: Cdt. Capt. Jack Ogden, Cdt. Hon. Mai. Pat Copeland, Cdt. 2nd Lt. Robert Acklen, Cdr. 2nd Lt. Jim Brill, Cdt. 2nd Lt. Dean Henderson. Second row: Don Swindler, Freddy Gerson, George Black- burn, Paul Kunde, Don Myers, Gary Hunt. Third row: John Stratman, Ronny Parrish, Tim Harrington, Sydney Hare, Rick Fetterman. Fourth row: James Isbon, Stan Parr, John Angle, Burt Mackaman, Jimmy McKee, Ronald Koonz. 248 H T ' ' 0 E Gigi C C0 n ""nv K 69 :QS 369 I .. xx :le ' C , f s Lcs o X -l. D .. 1 f X fa" , if ,.1. Q like iii 'f' l vim wi N .f-"' K no ' Nl ' v"e.,iX 0 W5 'vo 0' eo! XV Robert Samples spruces for inspection! "And now . . . Egad! there's a piece left over!" Sgt. George Sneed and 2nd Lt. Pete Houck present the daily instruction. COMPANY "F" Front row: Cdt. 2nd Lt. Pete Houck, Cdt, ist Lt. Johnny McBee, Hon. Mai. Annette Rehders, Cdt. ist Sgt. Jimmy Wofford, Cdt. Sgt. lst Class George Sneed. Second row: Robert Alling, Gary Hammons, David Whitaker, Ben Howell, Robert Miller, Ronnie Hambin, William Murray, Robert Sample. Third row: Joe Chick, Robert Lumpkin, Ben Cumneck, Bill Ellis, Gerald Cruber, James Dawson, Nick Cater. Fourth row: Bob Dearing, James Rounsaville, Franklin Frickey, Larry Lee, Steve Doane, Richard Kline, Luke Piccola. Fifth row: Gary Taylor, Danny Kuric, Jimmy Phillips, Don Cameron. 249 ct NVITIES ADVERTISING Q 'i .1 ' 1 , sm J, 'ow e ' N Like we said, "candid," CAUGHT XX -- -4 CAN DIDLY "Hey, George, I'm in the clear! 'As for me, I bring my own lunch because I can't siand Those war surplus vihles." 3:46. So what . . . I doh'f like it either!" 8:59. "Yes, if is a broken fingernail . . . I guess you'II have fo stay in the clinic this period." "Oh well, l've still got nine fingers." "Now with the magenta we'll use an orange border, and with the purple, a little Chartreuse . . ." Green is my favorite color!" says Dollar Bill Proctor. N l.-l H vt :ll ' ll ll ,G U4-0 'O Football Queen Doan Simmons receives her roses from Cindy Bowman and Donny Goldammer as Bobby Wilson smiles ap provingly. NORTH TEXAS STATE COLLEGE SPEECH TOURNAMENT WINNERS Dianne Finney, ist place, Bible Reading, Janet Wenger, 3rcl place, Oratorical Declamationf Janice Johnson, lsr place, After Dinner Speaking, Barbara Yates, 3rd place, Bible Reading. "l always look forward to this class with the utmost eagerness . . . " "Let's see . . . pinch of salt . . . dab of butter, gob of flour . . . " "Good heavens, this building has five sides!" Mike Foster gets down to the bear facts. U9 R., if i Carol Strong admires the Iibrary's Latin exhibit. There's Joe Miller being corny again . . . Janice Johnson seems to have found a 'friend . . . "Will you take an IOU?" asks Tom Ligon. The reason we win is that we're so cute! l've'been smiling all day waiting for you to take this picture!" The new junior high, Edward H. Cary, is rapidly being erected on the lot adioining Thomas Jefferson. "Well you see, this morning I oversleptg yesterday the alarm didn't go off . . . " uvwmawwmtza uma y:s1m+fMlwAf Mfr G9 IE I NEALE'S Q Phone EM I-578I aqb PresI'on Cen+er P I suB.TEENs TEENS AND JUNIORS ' ' SHOES FOR THE FAMILY I50 Inwood Village 2 Doors Eas+ of 'Ihe Inwood TheaI'er PHONE: FL 2-6637 HARRY'S HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE CO. TOYS , 83I7 Wes'I'ches'I'er Dr. 0 HOBBY CRAFT Exclusively , PAINTS , H , EM I-79l8 D Speclallzlng In ' s'QAEEPS!NT Formals Open Sundays 9 AM-I PM CONGRATULATIONS! 2If2'X, ON SAVINGS Join 'I'he Thousands Who Say . . . CAM F. DOWELL, JR., Presideni' MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CLARK VARIETY STORES I52 Inwood Shopping ViIIage FL 2-9398 SEE US FOR LARGER SELECTIONS-PARTY FAVORS GIFTS-SCHOOL NEEDS TJ's firsi' gracluafion announcemenfs - 'From SOUTHWESTERN BALFOUR COMPANY Supplying SENIOR RINGS CLUB PINS GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS Down+own Sales Office SANGER BROTHERS-Second Floor K Next to Record Department Q D GULPMIE IEIEUEEIEESEY VISIT CUR FARM II200 Den'I'on Dr. Wm MM... ..,. , rggfj J. T. LIVELY 'E 'W Z ' AND JACK LIVELY I " Owners ffrffga 1j1f5'1IiLs5' ill.-.ll I , HOME-MADE TYPE ' '. - ' ' ' ICE CREAM GOLDEN GUERNSEY GRADE "A" PASTEURIZED Homogenized-Vi+amin "D" CH-7-3I28 Whipping and LigI1I Cream BuH'er, Cage Eggs, and Bu'H'ermiIk Since I877 DALLAS DOWNTCWN PRESTON CENTER WMM- .lane 79 l0020 MARSH LANE FL 2-7559 lNex1' fo WyaH"sl Prescriptions . . . Our Specialty Prescrip+ions Called for and Delivered Wirhin flue Hour . . No Ex+ra Charge . . . Charge Accoun+s lnviled. 260 INWOOD VILLAGE 82I5 WESTCHESTER FL 7-3939 EM 8-3667 x, H 'XL "ConsuH' Your Insurance Ageni' as You Would Your Lawyer or Doc'Ior" ROBERT SAXON INSURANCE AGENCY 5I4 BURT BUILDING Fire, Aufo, Casualry, Liabiliry, Bonds, Life RI I-3902 FL 2-4567 "In +I1e Eveni' of Loss YOUR Inferesi' Comes Firs'I' WHI1 Us" Join +I1e Many Sa'risfied Cus+omers Who Say I'm FuIIy ProI'ecI'ecI - Rober+ Saxon Handles AII My INSURANCE E. C. "BO" HARRIS 9966 Marsh Lane FL 2-5870 COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE We Give S 8: H Green Sfamps PHONE EM I-6684 wowofel 'For "AMERlCA"S FINEST BROADLCOM CARPETING" Fea+uring-CoHons. Avisco, Nylon, Wool Visif Our Air Condifioned Showroom or Have Our Experienced Represen+a1'ive Call ai' Your Home UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PAY 4408 Lovers Lane on Hue Miracle Mile I Try Triple Town for Still? Sub-Teens SCHOOL ART dang lt ENGINEERING SUPPLIES ' V JUNIOR MISS TRIPLE - SHOP TowN A OFFICE SUPPLY '28 Vlilgi' H"' FL 2-7776 FL 2-5242 I42 Walnu'l' Hill Village Juniors Ladies 5-I5 8-I8 Brude, Boyd, Abdnor, John .,,. Abel, Arlene ..,,.,, Abernathy, Sue Y.Y.... Ables, S cott .,....... Abrams, Dennis frfr Acklen, Bob V.... Adams, Carol ,,,,, Adams, Dinah ,,,,, Adams, Linda ..... Adams, Marlorie ,,,, ,.,,, Adkins, Pam ,,,,... Benita .,,..,. .... Mervin .,,,.. ,.,,,, Airoldi, Gail ............. .,,.,. Akers, Sandra ....,,,. ..,Y r, Donna ...... ,,.,. Aftergut, ' Aftergut, Agan, Larry ..,,.,,,,. Ainsworth, George Akridge, Nancy Albritton, Bob ..... Alexande Alexande ' r, Mike ,,,, A,., Alford, Karen ,,,,,,,, Allen, Mary Ann ...,, ...... Allen, Allen, Ryan ,,,,,,,..A,, Sandy ,....,.. Allen, Sara ,,,,,. Alling, Billy .... Donna .,,,,.. .,,,A , Bryce .... ..... , Cathy ,..,... ,44.A , Nancy ..,. ,,,. , Nick ,....... .... Almond, Julia ,.,,. Altick, Joe ,..,........ Ammons, -Anderson, Bonnie Anderson, Beverly Anderson Anderson Anderson, Chuck ., Anderson Anderson Anderson, Ronald CLASS INDEX Baker, Tim ,,..,.. Ballard, Betty .... Ballard, Carol ,.,.. Ballard, David W Balle, Jean ,,,,,..A,. Barber, Mike ,...,, Barnes, Brenda ,,,,, Barnes, Evelyn ...,,.,,,, ,,,,,. Barr, Dan .,,.,,,.........,,, .... Sandra Kay ....,, ,.... Barnes, Mary Anne Barton, David ,,,,..... Barton, Barton, Sandy ,,,.... Barzune, Gail ,.,, . Mary Lou ...,,,, ,..,. Bates, Jay ,,.. .,....... Beaird, Beaver, Jane ,,..,...., Becklund, Ann ,,,., Beckmann, Bob .,,,. Behymer, Gay .,.. Beiber, Judy ,... Belk, Sharon ,,,, Bellen, Rhoda ..... Belshaw, Diane , ..,.... .... Benningtield, Gary .. Benninghoven, Mike Benninghoven, Paula Benson, Bobby ,,,,,,, Benson, Benson, Charles ..,,. Besedic k, Sally ,.... Bierner, Barbara Bierner, Mickey ..,,. Billings , Billy ....,, Billings, David .,... Billings Bird, J , Diana ..,,,, BHS , ,,....., ., Birnholz, Richard ,,,, Blackburn, George , an ,..........,. Q if Andreoli, Phyllis ,eee ...,Y Andrew, Barbara ., Andrews, Sherry ,,,, ...., Angell, Kim ....... Angell, Mike ,,,,... Angle, Angle, Argo, Arnold Arthur, Asbill, Burr .... John .... Bill ..,.,,,, , Steve ,,,,. Ellen .... .. Carol ,,,,,,, Ashton, Connie ..... ..,. Ashton , John .......... ....... Askew, Stephanie Asmussen, Bob Asmussen, Joan .... Astholz, Judy ........ Atkinson, Atkinson, Atkinson, Atwood, Aussicker Dale ..........,, ....., Maryalice Billy ......... .... Margie .... ,,,,,,, , Jim ,,,,.... ..... Austin, Annabelle Austin, Janie ,,,, Avila, Carlos ...,. Sonny ,,,,, ,...,. arolyn ...,... ...... Baggese, Bailey, C Bailey, Tom ....... Baker, Carolyn .,.,. Baker, Dick ..,..... Baker, Jerry 264 Blackmon, Darnell .,.. Blackmon, David ...... ,.,... Blackshear, Gus ..,,. Blackwell, Walt ,,,,.. Blailock, Suzanne ,.,,, . ...... Blanche, Dianne ..... Blanton, Billie ..........,. .... Blasingame, Larry ,..,,, .... Blaylock, Georgiana Blum, Jeb ,,,.,.,.,....... Blum, Preston ..... Boaz, Linda ..... Bock, Ronald .... Boemker, Ken ,,,,. Bogart, Ted ....,...... Boggess, Jerry .,.. Bolton, Frank .....,. Bolton, Linda .... ,W ..... Bone, Bonnet, Bonnet, Walter ,,.... Jane ...... Pat Bonnick, Ann ...... Book, Book, Booth, Borchar Bowen, Barbara .,.. Marilyn .... Frank ,........, dt, Johnny .... .... Beverly ..... Bowman, Reggie .,.... ..,., Bowma n, Thomas ....... ..... Box, Carl ....,..,..,. Sherry Boyles, Bobby .... Bradford, Bill ..,,... Bradley, Jimmy ....,,, 134 80 134 127 134 128 128 80 80 114 114 114 41 128 134 114 80 128 128 80 80 80 134 134 114 80 128 81 134 133 41 41 128 128 134 81 81 134 114 139 81 114 134 81 81 128 128 41 128 128 41 128 128 81 81 81 114 128 114 128 114 81 41 134 134 114 41 114 42 114 81 114 42 Bradley, Patricia .... Bradshaw, Nancy , Bradstreet, Margie Brandenburg, Allen Brasfield, Bernard Brazeal, Charles Brazeal, Delores ,.,, Brenneman, Sheila , Breum, Patty ,,,,,,,,,,s Brewer, Rick ....,.... Briden, Patricia .,.,.. Briden, Linda .,... Brieger, Linda ,.... Bright, Neal ,.s,,. Brill, Jim ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, Brineman, Anne ..., Brinson, Ray ........ Broach, Barbara ..... Brock, Mica .....,,.,... Brogan, Mary Jane Brogoitti, Dwight Bronson, Barbara . Brooks, Marian .,,,, Brothers, Bob ,,,,, Brounstein, Eddie .. Brown, Judy ,,,,.,,, Brown, Kay ..,... Brown, James .... Brown, Judy ...... Brown, Jerry ,,., Brown, Valerie ...,. Brown, Bully .,,,, Brown, David ..... Brown, Beverly ....,,, Brown, Nash ...,..... Browne, Mary Lou Bruchsaler, Frank .. Bruchsaler, Vera .... Ma rg ie H... Bruner, John ,.,. Brunner, Larw .,,,. Brunson, Bill ...... Bryant, Patti ,,,,.,.,... Buchanan, Sandra . Budd, Nancy v,,,,.,,. Budd, Sandra ,,,.. Budd, Truett ...,..... Buller, Kendall ..... Burgess, Ken ,,,,. Burgess, Mary ...... Burkhart, Mike ........ Burns, Pat .......... Burns, Sharon ..,.. Burton, Vance .... Bushring, Wally .... Butler, Becky ....... Butler, Jo ,,,.,,, Butler, Joe ...,. Butler, Mary .... Bybee, Nancy ...,,. Bynum, ,Stuart ..., Byrne, Mike ...,. Cadmus, Cody ,,... Cain, Betty ..........., Callison, Charlene . Calvin, Judy ......, Cameron, Don ........ Campbell, Peggy .. Campbell, Peggy .. Campbell, Bill ,.,.... Campbell, Sally ..... Camplen, Carol ..... Camplen, Bob ........ Canalizo, Gene Carlisle, James ........ Carpenter, Bruce ....,.. Carpenter, June A ...... Carpenter, Linda .... Carter, Beth .....,. Carter, Glenda ..,,. Carter, Nick ,,.... Casey, Bob ,..... Cash, Nellie .,,, Cason, Chris ..,.. Cass, Marilee ,.... Cassidy, Jan ,..... Catherall, Kay .,... Catina, Tony .,.... Caudle, Frances ,.,., Caudle, Smithy ..... Caughran, Sandra ..... Cavin, Riley ,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,, ,,,-,- Cawthorne, Jackie ,,.,,,, ,,,,,- Chamberlain, Brandee Cahmes, Tommy ....,. ,.., Chames, Vicki ,..... Chandler, Billy ..... Chandler, Fred ..... Chandler, Louise ..... Chapin, Bonnie ..,.... Chapman, Judy ..,v.. Chapman, Ronnie ..... Chick, Joe .,,,,,,,.,,,, Chick, Winford ....... Childers, Gwen ...... Childers, Martha ,.... Childers, Ronnie ...... Clanton, Jo Deane ..... ,,,,,,, Clark, Buddy ....,.... Clark, Carole ....., Clark, Carolyn .... Clark, Carolyn ..... Clark, Lana .,... Clark, Larry ......,. Clark, Norman .... Clark, Pam ....... Clark, Sharon ....... .. Clark, Clark, Sharon ......,,..,,,,,, ,,-- Susan ..... - ..,...., ,,., Claxton, Ray .... Clay, Sue ........... Clements, Gill ..,... Clements, Nancy ..... Clinger, Bob ..,..... Closser, Dan Cobb, Carolyn .... Cobb, Patty ......,.,,,,, Coburn, Charlie ....... Cockran, Barbara ....... Cockran, Karen .,,, .,,,,,, M ,,,.,- Gary ................ ,...,. Coggeshall, Howard ,...... ...... Coen, Cohen, Marlene ...,. Coker, Joe ........... Colborn, Liz ........ Colfry, Diane ....,. Collier, Collier, Anita .,.... Barbara ....... Collins, Anita ..... Collins, Carolyn ....... Collins, Richard ....... Colton, Bob ........... Comroe, Gene ...... Comroe, Judy ,...... Conley, Jayne .,... Conley, Joan ...... Connell, Charles ...... ..,. Connell, Joy ........... ........ Connolly, Betty ,.... ...... Campbell, Win' ,... ....... Cooks, Tommy ...... ........ Cooke, Carol ....... ...... ....... Cooley, Sanlyn .,., ............. ....... Coose, Darline ..... - ......... ....... Copeland, Pat ...,. ...,.. Costigan, Kathy ...... ....... Costigan, Pat ....... .... Cowley, Emma ...,... ....... Cowley, Jenny ...... ..,.. Cowley, Kent Cowley, Teddy ..... ...... Cox, Billy ............. ----- Cox, Billye Ruth ..... ...... Craft, Sharon ......... ...... Cravotta, Brenda Crawford, Joe ...... ....-- Creighton, Rita ..... ....YA.. Crenshaw, Jimmy Cox, Lorraine ........ N... Crenshaw, Sammy Crigger, Gretchen Crisford, Susan ...... .....-- Crittenden, James Crittenden, Ruth .,,. .......... ....... Crook, James ...... ....... A .............. Crosby, Carol ...,. Cross, Cliff ,..... Cross, Judy ..,.. Cross, Priscilla ..... ....... Crossett, Lmda ........ ....... Crowder, Donnie ....... ....... Crumbacker, Anne ..... ..... Crumbacker, Carol ....... ....... Crump, Gary ,,........a. ...... Cryder, Joyce ....... ...... Cullender, Terry .... ...... Culver, Barbara ..., ...... Cummings, Bob ..... ...,... Cummings, James Cummings, Joanne .,.... ------ Cummings, Julie ........ ....... ...... Cumnock, Ben .... E ........ ....,. Cunnigham, Kathy Cunnigham, Tom , Curby, Janet ......... Curry, Rawley .,... Dalton Donnie ..,... Daniel, Jody ,,,,s Daniel, Johnny ..... Dannelly, Diane Davenport, Judy .. Davenport, Linda . Davey, Byron ...... Davidson, Carolyn Davies, Sally ....,, Davignon, Jeanie Davis, Carolyn ..,.,, Davis, Dean .,,..,... Davis, Ed ,..... Davis, Linda ..... Davis, Pete .,,.... Davis, Sarah ...,.... Dawson, Jimmy , Dawson, Tommy Dawson, Wayne ,. Day, Richard ..... Dayton, Eddie Deans, Donna ...... Deaton, Fred s,... Dedmon, Charles .. Deus, Paul ..., Delafield, Bill ...... Delcambre, Butch .. Dempster, Gene .. Denison, Jim ..... Dennis, Betsy .,.. Dennis, Bill ..... Dennis, Sandie ....,. DePasqual, Norma Deshong, Den ...... DeVaney, Donna , DeWeese, David ,, DeWoody, Beth .... Dickson, Diane .... Diehl, Bud never mugs the cameralll sem: . O E OF OUR NHEARTIE T" MOMENTS.. . JACKSON LAUGHS NERVOUSl.Y . . . "Sure, l got this all 'figured out" . . . . . "But WE know who's going to win!" say last year's Queen Doan Simmons and Editor Bill Proctor, as they come clown the aisle to reveal to all who will be the 1958 Sweetheart. 266 ,,, lffff BEFORE THE CORONATION, the Ladies and their escorts: Larry Jackson and Bar- bara Martinp Bob Rippy and Linda Weilerg Gary Lawrence and Anne Hymanp David Jones and Elizabeth Hollwegp Carl Box and Sandina Montanio. -,-fl V 'N UV 'W 971-1 "Tee hee hee! I won!" Bob Ransdell and Martha Meyercord pose at a heartfelt moment of the dance Yep, it's Linda Weiler! Roses for her maiesty, brought by Linda de Pasqual. . . . THE ALENTINE CORO ATIO A D DANC I ,fe'fe1, -- f .f . "COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE" X.. ghffactwi X? ya Nffybiw , ypfywipf 99950, if ff Q, QD 0 - UQ Y fflffymfffwg HAROLD GIDDENS TELEPHONE Q FL + d 7214: QM' FLOWERS DIRECT FROM GROWERS T0 YOU AT A PRICE YOU LIKE T0 PAY my 7 my Carnafion Corsages O ch cIs Q-UQ W PHONE-LA 6-9074 5630 LEMMON AVEN sTRAus-FRANK co ,G I W4 INWOOD PHARMACY 7709 Inwood Road PRESCRIPTIONS. COSMETICS SCHOOL SUPPLIES KT 1-1, i Free Delivery QT! FL 2-7543 CompIimen+s of TU RN ER HARDWARE 4444 L EXCHANGE BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY "A good bank to start with . . A good bank to grow with" GUS A. BOWMAN, Presicleni' EXCHANGE BANK BUILDING 64l9 Maple Avenue FL 7-38I I To oi TOY TOWN I89 Walnui' Hill ViIIage FL 7-5780 Your ExcIusive Toy Shop Serving +I1e Love Field Area aI' Nor'rI1wes+ Highway and Lemmon COMPLETE LINE OF CHRISTMAS AND BIRTHDAY GIFTS DOAK WALKER 37 SPORTS CENTER INCGRPORATED TEXACO SERVICE "SpeciaIis'I's in Spor'I's" 972I Lemmon 5529 Lovers Lane FL 2-3036 DALLAS, TEXAS ' e lim? l HIRE sa lgcrmcpix DALLAS POWER S- LIGHT COMPANY There'll be more fun in your future because year-after-year I find more ways to make living better, electrically. You'll get more done with less effort . . your future home will be more convenient, more comfortable. With more time to do the things you really like, you'll get more fun out of living. Your electric servant, 0 0 WWW I 71am One of 714 Dade V FRED MAYES HSPORTSWEAR 3423 Lombardy Lane FOR WOMEN PHONE: FL-2-335I Meei' Me a+ HUMBLE LOBELLO'S Pe'I'roIeum Produds MILLER'S SERVICE STATION 5534 Den+on Drive DALLAS, TEXAS Phone: LA- I -9637 PARK CITIES HARDWARE 8: PAINT COMPANY 4336-38 Lovers Lane DALLAS 25, TEXAS Phone: EM-I-7I46 Complimen+s of TOWN NORTH HARDWARE ROBERT E. MCKEMIE "Your Home and Garden Cen+er" l05 Marsh Lane Shopping Village FL-I-0596 Com plimen+s- Pmf Zeeae Sliced II4 Walnui Hill Shopping Village DALLAS, TEXAS FL-2-42I l WALNUT HILL MAN'S SHOP Feafuring ManhaH'an Shirfs Enro Shirfs Janhen Ro-Lynshire Sporl' Clofhes Top-o-Mari' Cloihes Haggar Slacks Weldon Pajamas Esquire Socks Cooper lJoclceyl Underwear Hiclcolc Bells Swank Jewelry Forsiman ln Apprecialion +o 'Phe THOMAS JEFFERSON DAD'S CLUB and P.T.A. Complimen+s of RAY'S ICE CREAM l52 Walnul' Hill Village S4444 'Zfafwlwaae Dietz, Arlene ...., 135 Dill, Linda .....,,v., 116 Dillard, Michele 46 Dilworth, Sandra .... T29 Dinkins, Hart ..... 87 Ditto, Suzie YY., 135 Doane, Steve .,,,. T29 Dodson, Diane .,..,,, T16 Dodson, Margaret ,,,. T29 Donahue, Jimmy .,., 135 Donald, Jane .....,. 87 Donald, Tommy ,,,,... YYYVY. 3 7 Donehoo, Rickey ,,A.... ....Y T 27 Donohoo, Larry ,... T35 Donovan, Kathy YY..Y, f----A 4 6 Downing, Dean ,,.. 135 Downing, Sandra Y.,,, 87 Doyle, John eYee,,e,Y..,...... Y.--- 1 35 Dransfield, Margaret T16 Drollinger, Benny ...... YAAA- 1 29 Drumm, Tommy ,... T29 Dubes, Dick ,,..... 87 Dubes, Paul ,,,,,, 117 Ducker, Frank ,,,,. 135 Duke, Don ,... 87 Duke, Ron ..,,,,,. 87 Dunbar, Eddie ....,,, T35 Duncan, Barbara ,,,A, B7 Duncan, Lewis ,,,, 135 Duncan, Vince ,,,,,, 87 Dungan, Donna ,,,, 135 Dunlap, Betty .... I ,..,,,.. 47 Earhart, Bobby .... 129 Easton, Pattie B7 Eaton, Connie .,.... 129 Edelstein, Dick ........... ..YV T 17 Edwards, Mary Ann 47 Edwards, Jane ...,.,,.,, YYY.. 1 17 Egan, Judy .........,,,... ..... 1 29 Ellington, David 47 Ellington, Judy ...,,,. 129 sms, Bill ........,,......uuuu ....,s 1 17 Ellison, Billy Bob .. 47 Emerson, Larry ....... 117 Emerson, Michele ..... A.... 1 39 Emery, Chris ,YsY.,,,.. 135 Emery, Marilyn ......, 127 Emory, Betty ,.,.... 117 Enochs, Carlyn ,, 88 Erickson, Steve ,,,,.. 117 Ernst, Forrest ,e,,,. ,, 88 Erskine, Gail ,...... 129 Ervin, Mike ,,,,,,,,,,, 127 Eubanks, Harrell ...., 127 Evans, Carol ....,, 129 Evans, Gail ,,,,,, 135 Evans, Judy ,Y,, 117 Farney, Jerry .,,..... 117 Fedrick, John ...,.. 135 Fedrick, Mike ...,.. ---- 4 7 Feemster, Mike ,,,.... 129 Feil, Roberta .....,,, 129 Felker, Kay ..,,,... TT7 Felmet, Clovis ...,.. 83 Fergus, Tommy ..... 117 Ferguson, Jerry ,,,,, ..Vf 3 3 Ferguson, Lucy ..,.,,, 117 Ferguson, Mike ...... 135 Ferguson, Bonnie ....,, Y..ff- 1 17 Ferguson, Jay ....... 129 Ferguson, Sharon .... .--- 3 3 Ferguson, Mike ,,,, 135 Fetterman, Rick LL,,.. 129 Few, Loretta ,,,,,, .-ff 3 3 274 Fincher, Elayne ...,.. Finger, Burt ,,,....., Finney, Diane .... Fletcher, Mary ,,,,, Flores, Tony ............ Foitasek, Norman ..,,... ..... Forsyth, M. P. ,,,,,,. . Foster, Mike .,,,,,, Francis, Mickey ..,,,,,. Franklin, Anne .,,,. Franklin, Cathy ,..... Frazier, Barbara ,..... Freed, Richard ,,,,..,, Freeman, Darleen ,,,,, French, John ,,,,,... French, Linda .,,...Y,.... Frickey, Franklin ,,,,,,..,. .ff- Friday, Jimmye Kay Friedman, Mike ,,........... ..... Fursman, Carole ,,,, Gainer, Tommy ,,.... Gainer, Tommy ..,... Gaiser, Sheila ,,,,.... Galbreath, Billy .,,, Gallaher, Janice ,... Gamble, Penny ,,,,, Gardner, Mark .,,,, Garner, Sandra .,.., Garrett, Nellie Gartrell, Bob ...... Gary, Jimmy .... Gary, Sally ...... Gary, Tommy .... Gates, Jeri ,,,,,,,, Gates, Greg ,.....,.. Gaughan, Ann .,,.A, Gaughan, Johnny ..... Gee, Jud ............... Geng, Marcia ......, Geng, Marlene ..... Geren, Jimmy ...,. Geren, Roberta Gerson, Fred ,,,,,. Gibson, Carole ,,... Gibson, Diana ....... Gibson, Douglas ...... ...... Giddens, Harold ,,,,.. ..... Gilbertson, Donna .a.... Gilbertson, Jerry ...,.. ,...,, Gillen, Tommy ..,.... Gillett, Carolyn .... Gilman, Richard ...., Gilmore, Jimmy ...., Glanz, Stanley .,,, Glass, Leighton .,... Glass, Robert ,,.,, Glass, Sam ,,,,...V..., Gleaves, Dwight ,,,,,.. Glew, Barbara ..,,,,,,...A.,,... .... Glew, Mary Margaret Glines, Virginia ,,,,,,,,. Godfrey, George .,.... ...... Godwin, Lester ..,,..., Goff, Linda ........,,,,, Goldammer, Patty G, Golden, Robert ,,,,. Goldman, Robyn ,,,, Goodacre, Kenny .... Goode, Dick ......,.,,, Goode, James ,,,, Gorman, Pat ....,,,,,,, Gradick, Carolyn ,.,.,. Graff, Bobby ,,A,, Graham, Bill ...,...... Graham, Dee Ann ,. Graham, Sharon .... Rosyland ,,,.. Granek, Grant, Bill Y,,,, Grant, Kay .....,. Grant, Punky Grant, Terry ..... Graves Jesse ,so,.. Green, Don ,,,,... Green, Randy ..,,,, Greene, Sheri Greer, Nancy Gregg, Gloria .,,,, Gregg, Joe ...... . .,..... 89 Griffin, Neal ..... Grimes, Sandra ..... Groombridge, Ann .,,,, ,,,... Gross, Margie ,...,,..,. ...... Gross, Mary Ellen ....... f.....s. Grove, Diane ,,,,.,,, ...., ...... . Gruber, Gerald ,,u,,, Gruber, Sue ,,,... Gsell, Jimmy ,,,,,,. Guernsey, Kathy ,..,,, ...... Guerry, George ,,,,., Guest, Johnny ,,,,,,, Gumm, Patsy ,.... Gump, Marilyn ..,.. Guthrie, Joyce .... Guyton, Tim ...,... Gwinner, Jackie ,.,,, Haden, Buddy ,...... Haggard, Norma .. Hale, Judy Haley, Bob ....... Haley, Frank ..,, Hall, Roger ..,.,,,, Haller, Bob ......,... Hamilton, Bobby ...... ...... Hamilton, Dick ,a.,.... .... Hamilton, George ....... ..... Hamilton, Gail s,..... Hammer, Mary Ann Hammons, Vince .....,.. .... Hanks, Orbin ,,,,,,,,, Hanks, Steve ,.,. Hanson, Sally ,... Harbour, Judy ..... Harbour, Kathy ..,.,. Hardin, Donnie ...... Harrington, Tim .... Harris, George ....,, Harris, Joan ,..., Harris, John ........ Harrison, Carol .... Hart, Bobby ..... Hart, Charlie .,.,.. Harvey, Linda ,,.. Harwell, Norma ..... Harwell, Pat ,,,,. Hatch, Jean ,,,.,,,,... Hathaway, Patsy .......VV ..ffs- Hathaway, Glenda Hatherley, Judy .,.... ..... Hawkins, Glenda Hawkins, Jim ,...... Hayes, Arnold .....,, Hayes, Bob .... Hays, Ann ..,. Hays, Joe ....... Hays, Larry ..,..... Heed, Frances ...,.,. Head, Peggy .,.. Heath, Pam ,,,,,, Hedeman, Elise Hedeman, Paul ...... Hedge, Gayle ..,,. Heider, Dick ...,.. 135 135 129 135 90 49 117 129 117 117 129 49 90 49 117 118 139 49 129 118 136 118 129 136 136 118 91 136 118 129 130 118 91 91 91 118 49 118 49 91 50 130 91 130 136 118 91 136 118 91 130 130 130 130 136 50 118 50 136 118 118 130 130 118 136 136 91 50 130 118 118 118 118 136 136 91 136 Hemfelt, Karen ,... Henderson, Dean .,,,,,,,,, Henderson, Martha Henderson, Nancy Hendricks, Carolyn Hendricks, Kay ,,,,.,, .,,--,- Henrich, Mike ...., Henson, Jim ..... Herries, Bill ,.,.,..,.. Herrmann, Helen .... ,,,, Heslop, Ronny ..,... Heupel, Joe ,..,..,, Hewitt, June ..... Hibbs, Jerry ..... Hibbs, Judy ....... High, Rosemary ....... ,..,,, Hicks, Jay ,....,..,,.. Hightower, Sharla Hilker, Tom ..,...... Hill, Barbara ....,..,. Hill, Barbara ...... Hill, David .,.,, Hill, Greg ...... Hill, John .,.,...... Hill, Nancy ......, Hill, Sonda .......... Hillburn, Sue ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,-, Hinckley, Suzanne Hines, Betty .......,.... ,,-,, Hines, Bill ,,,,,,,,,,,, Hirsh, Alice ,,,,...,.,.,... Hobart, Margaret ....... ..., Hodges, Carol ........ Hodges, Tom ..... Hoffer, Frank ........ Hogan, Kemmel .. Hogue, Mary Lou Holland, Betty ..,..,,, ,,,,,,, Hollander, Nancy ,,,,,,, ,,,,, Holloway, Loretta Hollweg, Liz ....... Hollweg, Lewis ,,.... ,.... Holt, Garry .....,...... Holway, Joan ....., Honan, Heather ,..... ..... Honea, Mike ,..,... Honza, Al ......... Honza, Carolyn ,v... Hord, Ed .......,... Horn, Donna Horn, James ,.,., Horn, Judy .,...,. Horton, Bob ...... Horton, Bill ,.,,... Horton, Jody ...... Horvich, Bobbye ..... Houck, John ,....... Houck, Noel .,.,., Hoyt, Bill .....,...,....,.., ,,,,,, Houck, Pete ,.... Howard, Betty ....., Howard, Diane ...... Howell, Annette ,,,, Hoyt, Rowena ,,.. Huckaby, Hudgins, Jimmye Sue James .......,,... Kelley .,.,...... ,,.,. Ruth Ann ...., ..... Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Orville ..... Huelbig, Larry ...... Huffer, Jerry ....,.,..., Huffer, Hughes, Georgia ,.,.. Hull, LeRos ......... Hulme, Humphri Mike ............. ..... es, Mike .,...,, Hundley, Peggy ..... Hundt, Huneycu David ....,.... tt, Mike ..... Ma rcy .,,,........ 130 118 92 118 118 92 118 136 118 92 130 118 130 92 136 130 118 50 50 118 130 118 92 130 130 130 118 136 136 136 50 92 50 118 136 127 136 51 136 51 51 136 51 136 130 51 51 130 130 52 92 118 118 85 136 136 130 127 92 118 118 136 130 52 118 130 52 119 119 136 52 136 130 119 119 52 130 130 130 Hunt, Dorothy .... .-,- Hunt, Gary ....... Hunter, Hunter, Hurst, Max ..,,, Sandy ,,,. Judi ....,,.,,,., ,,.,, Hutchison, Ma ry ,,,,,, -,-.,, Anne .... Hyman, Ingram, J. E. ..,A. . Ingram, John Bob Inman, ' Alice ....,,,,,,, ,,..,, lrlsh, Bob .,,,,,,,,,,,, .---,- Irwin, Celeste lsom, Charles Israel, Steve Jackman, Kyle ,,,,,, Jackson, Jane ,...... Jackson, Larry Jackson, Sandra ..... ...,. Jackson, Jacobie Jacobie, Jamerso James, James, James, 1 Gayle ,..... .... Marydel n, Baird ..... ...,,. Arthur ,.,,,, ,,,,,, Donne ..... ,.,,,4, Jill ,,.,.,,.. Jameson, Chris . Jameson, Jennifer Jamison, J a rrett, Ann ......,. ,,,,, Jarog, Judy ...... Jenkins, Jensen, Jensen, Jerwick, Jessup, Jessup, Jessup, Jessup, Jack ........ ,,,4 Corky Sue ........,. ,,,,,, Maurice Peggy ---- ---,. James ....., ..... Johnny ,... ,,,, Pete ..... Johnson, Ben ..... Johnson, Bob .,.... Johnson, Hannah Johnson Johnson Johnson , Janice , Janie ....,. ,,., , Jerry ,..,.. ,,.,,, Zada ...,.. ..... Bill ....,.,.... ,,,,, Johnson, Lee ...,, , Judie ,,... ...... , Roy .,,... ..... Sandra ,..,.. .,.,. Janice .,,,, Sandy ......, ,,,,, Saundra ...... .,,.. Walter ...,. Winston ..... Chuck Robin ...... .,... Mike ....... ... Johnson Johnson Johnston, Jan ,,.... Joiner, Jones, Geneva Jones, Jones, Joan ,...... Jones, Judy ,,..... Jones, Linda ..... Jones, Lloyd ..,.. Jones, Bob ..,v.,. Jones, David Jones, Ron ,...., Jones, Ronny ..... Jones, Jones, Jones, Tommy Jones, Jones, Jordan, Jordan, ' Jordan, Lynn Joslin, ' Juett, Coleman ,.,,.. ..... Justade, Pete ...., Justice, Kahn, Barbara .........,.. ,,,,, Carol ..., Kalousek, Jeanne ,..,,, ---- 1 19 Kammerer, Jim ..... 54 Kane, Bill ......,.., 136 Kanter, Royce .,..... 130 Karlen, George ,.,,,, -..v- 5 4 Kathe, Cheryl ......, 136 Katz, Barbara .... 130 Keck, Carol ,... , 119 Keck, Nancy .,, 94 Keefer, Karen ,.,, 136' Keeler, Ann ..,., 136 Keeler, Eddie ,... 130 Keesey, Bill .... 130 Kelley, Carol .... 136 Kelley, Joel ..,v.., 119 Kelley, Karol .... 130 Kelly, Betsy ...,, kgnrvg- 9 4 Kelly, Jackie ..,.,,, 136 Kelly, Jo .,,.... 94 Kelly, Mike ....,, 119 Kelly, Pat ....,.,..... 130 Kemp, Charles .,... 136 Kennedy, Carol ...., 130 Kennemer, Sally ..... 136 Kent, Judy .,,,,,,, 94 Kershaw, Joan ,..., 119 Kerstring, Chad ,,.,,,, ,-,- 1 19 Kerstring, Liz ..,...,.. 136 Kidd, Judy ,....,,,, 119 Kiesler, Janet ....... 119 Kilpatrick, Jack .... 119 Kimmel, Dale .,.. 130 King, Rio .......... 119 Kinkel, Kay ,,,4,,,,.,,,, ,--, 1 19 Kipness, Stewart 119 Klein, Kathy .....,,.. 95 Klein, Nancy ..,,.. 119 Kline, Barbara ..,.... 130 Kline, Dick ,,.,.... 120 Klund, Marion .,,.,,, ,.,,4 9 5 Klund, Ruth ,.,,..........,, ,,,, 1 36 Knickerbocker, Betty 120 Knight, Marie ......... 120 Knight, Pearline .....,., ,,,,,,, 5 4 Knight, Aubrey ...... 130 Knighton, Billy 136 Kofsky, Pete ....... 131 Kogin, Pat .,....... 127 Koons, Ronnie ,...,,, 131 Koontz, Carolyn ..,..,,. ,,,,. 1 31 Kornblueh, Alayne ,,.,,,, ,,,,,,, 9 5 Kovsky, Laurie ,.,a..,, 95 Kress, Keith ,..,. 95 Krevis, Nancy ....... 120 Krider, Sue .,.... 131 Kuhn, Kathy ..,,.. 136 Kunde, Paul ...... 120 Kuric, Dan ..,..., 95 Kuster, Martha ,,,,.. 120 Kramer, Kay ..,....,. 95 Kramer, Sandra ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 9 5 Labruzzo, Joe ....... 130 Lacaze, Janet ..,,.. '95 Ladd, Susan .,,,... 136 Lagow, Jack .,,,.... 54 Lake, Virginia ......,,. ,,,,,. 9 5 Lambright, Sharon 136 Lander, Ann ...,...,,.,. ,,,, 1 31 Landers, Skippy ...,.. .... 1 37 Lane, Beverly ...... 131 Langham, Ann .... 54 Langham, Jimmy ...,.. 120 Lash, Joan ........ 54 Lash, Dotty ..a,.,..,.. 131 Launey, Volney ...... .... 1 20 Lawrence, Gary .... 96 275 FINE SCHOOL PICTURES ARE TO BE MADE photographers Will Make Them . . . 'I' COMMERCIAL 'I' WEDDING 'I' PORTRAIT 64II HiIIcres'I' LA-6-8559 IN PRESTON CENTER A COMPLETE OPTICAL PRESCRIPTION SERVICE In CooperaI'ion Wi+h Your Eye DocI'or M 014014 we W PRESTON CENTER OPTICAL SALON W. B. HERD L. A. LIST 6I38 Berkshire Lane EM 8-2432 SHARP HARDWARE "Dallas' Mosf Comple+e Hardware and Housewares SI'ore" 4244 Oak Lawn l2O Inwood Village LA I-2I8l FL 2-4856 Zmwlqh BARBER SHOP "lf your hair isn'I' becoming Io you . . . You should be coming Io us" Phone EM 8-3I72 - 6I26 Berkshire Lane DALLAS, TEXAS MRS. ANDERSON'S Complimenfs 01' BAKERY I-ORDIS We Specialize in Decora'Ied CGIKGS TOT All OCCGSIONS- 227 Presfon Royal Shopping Cen'Ier 207 Presfon Royal Shopping Cenfer DALLAS 30' TEXAS EM 8-26I8 PHONE EM 8-3437 Complete Approved Service and State Repairs - Inspection DEALER AKRIDGE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE FRANK 0. AKRIDGE, owner sron '1'H'ET 4402 Wes+ UniversiI'y FL 2-5262 Dallas, Texas .il '," 1 -I-YIHARDWFRE AMERICANA Everything in Hardware GiH's Sporfing Goods Household Appliances Servel Au+oma'Iic Refrigera+ors and lcemalcers WALNUT HILL HARDWARE COMPANY l27 Walnu'I Hill Village PHONE FL 2-IOOI DALLAS, TEXAS BEAUTY SALON We Poin'I Wi+h Pardonable Pride Io Ihe Sfyling and Hair Color Glamour by Recognized Technicians and Beauficians. 4524 LOVERS LANE EM 8-4632 if w X 1 ssts f' gg 2 1 --'-vifsifis. gigrvyfziz'fffwff--1''far it 7 E f 'fea-fmt ft -ft - Wi,-L1,:',s 2,1 - ,,-sigifig . A N , ,QE-f ,: 1fq,,L5t,l ,ig L,fk. fi, f A 1 'z,ssz.'m 6 s,,1.,,AL,,..,L.,, . I at 5 5 if 550 f re-:rf-' Lit .5 uf , K if T , . i 3 t Hey, what is this summer supplement jazz? "What! Time for the supplement? Glub!" Summer staff members Norma DePasqual, Diana Gibson, Janet Wenger, and Jane Donald register martyrdom. One sleepy eye of Ann Stooksberry is visible behind Norma, while Editor Steve Schlossstein was out looking for a whip. The sort of thing we want to remember-Honors day brought rec- ognition to the deserving graduates, such as Lynette Taylor, here re- ceiving the Quill and Scroll trophy from Mr. Ferrell. Deadlines, deadlines! All year long the Annual staff is steam-rollered toward the inevitable day i-n March when all of the book must go to the printer. Naturally, life doesn't stop around TJ just because the yearbook has gone to press, though. So-having recuperated from distributing the glorious product of the year's endeavor, some of the staff nobly undertake to put out this sample of the end-of-year activities. CVVe pause here for a mo- ment of silence in honor of their sacrificej Of course there isn't room for everything, but the staff hopes that you will enioy the cross section selected to represent the spring's activities. Spring saw the installation of the Thomas Jefferson chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society. Here Sandy Barton, Stewart Bynum, Mary Margaret Glew, and Pat Thomas re- ceive their membership. AH, PRI I Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores desported themselves merrily at the daisy- littered Spring Frolic. Dick- Newton and Donna DeVaney, both of whom received honors in city com- petition, accompanied the one-act play "Oncline" to the state contest. Omnipresent Balfour representative Charles Wilson helps prospective Seniors order their rings. Excite- ment! P.S. from Annual Staff to said prospective Seniors: Have you had your picture made? lGrr!J Ouch! Here we go again! The spring football game shows prospects for next season-of course we'll win! """"'Mtt-........, 2 I 3g 5 i l ,C , C s t ,S is V?,A Q t 1 i , Mm C R, Q 5 S E Ji4 v l l J, areas, aero L ft lf , ri-is gf Q. ll is , si, if as 5, Ss was-W 4 I I H., ww , g. X :- ..q. , .:.. A.,..-,,,J-,N,,,, ::.+,,. i Y E K I A A L Q' , 3 4 QQ E Qs '5' 5' ' i L if it 1 :rf 5' 2 gt-ff ni as I I 5 1 Q '4 C '5 I .srtrttt l tt il R R ,,,, , at , r s s I 1 -.L rl QZ,,fQI.f,Q,,f, NLL, M ' - . , It . ., zgb . 5 E lt' it " I , ' tif? 'i,,'5- S fUiEfiY?'lf.sf-.g,, - 4 I 45FE'i'6br tif-QS I if EB' 1.isftfefiffgistfritrfiiaiaziizM' gg 2 ll!! 4 1 Mi 1 QI 9 rt. IIE, Q if lv 0, --fffwwffr-fv - iii, H t 35 5 'If ,gi t '25 ff ' S I ,rss S I C r . . ,,,, . sars 1 I F I 1 as - 3 F 2: i. l M I Q F 9 5 5 , ':"'k ' Gif, i '- 1 F' .. - ' Q "h" , , it . R ' ' at S 1 .f , psig, -k:.f . , 'f ' ,ii K ' ' 'J si:-.J:rz. , , ' I f I I I ff! ' Q V . 1 ii xl' l'rl'3",l Q 'fi I' FAQ? EQ904 f f R H ' , I fx, ,. A .A ,gg F 1 90 fx Q 3, c .ag 5' f it . f F., W I as , , , .,, if I L. Ml v . J F R M Q Vkk. Qi - . Y- .. 4 Q li- 'li M f . .- 'QT I E f 'f .V ., Wx ..,,k -W f ,sin ,XIX -K Vi, XG - ' W. i K key K 1 .4 1,. " Y xvgvk www L' 3 , ' wi. -V , F x, " ' .3 ' ' ' ,- . . 2 . -1 ,L " ' - .. ' -2 V "fb" A - ' ' - , - ,.- - " za, fi 1 F 11 M F '7".I Y , P c M. so . . , , AA,,i .,:A - . .. . . . ., . s . - . , . we L if A . I .. ,,,, L as fi?-My . I t' 'Q I ' f C -12 ' QR! ' ' SM 2 . , . Q V . .. N. I n I " I S Q 'Q f 4' I 2' si g , . . We i M f .. , OUR FIRST CITY CHAMPIONS Front row: Henry Suche, Jim Story, Dale York, Ron Jones, Orville Hudson, John McBride. Second row: Manager Bill Wilkinson, George Ley, Jerry Brown, Jerry Huffer, Hart Dinkins, Richard Westbrook. Third row: Coach Floyd Mechler, Bobby Wilson, Ronnie Chapman, David Jones, Joe Miller, Bud Nichols. Coach Floyd Mechler's 1958 Rebel baseball team brought to Thomas Jefferson this year the first city championship. As the cover indicates, the team, and of course everyone else, is quite proud of that trophy! Finishing the regular season with a 5-I record, the Rebels' final smashing Triumph over Highland Park brought sweet victory in district play. In city competition, hard-fought contests with Sunset saw the Rebels come out tops in the pitching duel. Unfortunately Lufkin hindered Jefferson's hopes for State, but next year's prospects for State are great! l JOE MILLER All-City, All-County Pitcher JERRY BROWN All-City, Third Base SPCR-l'S FQOT OTE . . . BASEBALL TEAM TRIUMPHSX Mrs. Snell observes new angle of game acutely. Dale York was one of The stand-outs Throughout The season. Heavy Rebel bats-graduating seniors David Jones, Bobby Wilson, and Ron Jones. "On, Rebels! Sadie Hawkins Day Dance: When the moonshine's over the mountain . . . Elections . . . maybe we need a "cleanup" campaign? Well, if looks as though everybody caught her man except Mary Margaret Glew, doesn't it. Better luck next time. Rah Rah! Cheerleader hopefuls line up at the conclusion of the election assembly. Student body officers elected were Bill Proctor, President, Jerry Brown, Vice-presi- dent, Donna DeVane4y, Secretary, and Nancy Clements, Treasurer. And she Won, too! New cheerleaders Claude Martin, Gill Clements, Bob Roberts, Sue Parker, Jenny Cowley, Jill Maxcy, and Jo An Young try their stuff. Senior Play: Dick Newton, Carole Hodges, and Ginger Mott star in Cheaper By the Dozen. "Hooray, we're gonna get out!" Buddies assist Harold Smith to get up in the world. Everts' Award winners Carole Hodges, Mary Margaret Glew, Diana Gibson, Betty Dunlap, Martha Childers, Ronnie Chapman, and Valerie Brown seem understandably pleased! "Come wiz me in my little red Afa-Romeo, Baybee . . ." Ingram hands Gibson line at Senior All-Night Party. f ifffgli i tgi2:3 wiki Marydel Jacobie and Larry Dunlap-one of the many happy couples at the prom. Ed Davis, Beverly Wey, Linda McClellan, Joe Tomlin, Cynthia Smith, and John Ingram preserve selves for posterity in their moment of glory. - SENIOR PRO CAmid much festivity,l Thomas Jefferson's first Senior Prom was held May l6 at the Junior Ball- room of the Statler-Hilton Hotel. To the scintillating strains of Roland Drayer's orchestra, the beautifully govvned and tuxedoed gathering danced till the wee hours, making memories to be treasured in future years. in typical attire. "Spread your dress a little farther, Rozzie my knees still show" . . . Jud Gee turns up girls, such as . Traditionally, Senior Proms are made beautiful by the lovely dresses and the lovely go- .5 f f , F liiii S hge' "it:i'Qi all rg-f. il 112, rf! iii, wi 153. Avwfikfiif E,fEb:iQYfi?isYl.i?9liF4?ii' Hai". f f iiifislt X14 3 t I 5495555555 .- fi eww' z, t M,,,., ,. rise, , GEL , f-.f4f::.--., ,f.,sx .,.i,f.wx?lfa. -- ..,, effi, - -V , 2 nw'-V .,i- - 'lSEgf?W4'rs5'Emftlf s-.ef..f5i5gfaeir24fas':z:9?isff'4eEQQ,2t:f1:beg3iis6iZ?, tlfwi :swiss-g,'1' gi V-r95f:r"Fieefe:!llTz,, -A r"r' .,.1s9f'-mH,e-vf."s'ga, ,.f-:W-:m::,. x . . 4fZglm'Lr-vfti'25:-tgltrzrftr qs 11, 'fir' ' , N J - ORMA WPASQUAL M , I 7 Qfdili Fifi L l'fj5fI7'z1EyfEzi?l'.Q7 'wnsiiifsil :liz 3225-7'5Z7,3"'l'5 MV' , .. f f r S' T , . mEiEfr:lf 5 ,f ,-A f s 'L - TI' S ii ' -- .:,7 f 'NW ' 3 , ' 1rf1?"f ' 'r 1 Aw .12-, ' at '-A . ,mmf M-,j A gif x fr ,ar Evelyn Poyser and escort display dignified senior pose. , i,y1 , lm. i . 'li Teifre, . 5 r i X 7 2 ,, via" " - ',ffs'f:.- rff.e,. if , ,. ,, ., .,.. ,,,. . -f 'f ' rii i i: Dewi' xii? .1 r, rr fr. E . r fffcfisfvizfi' 41553155 ' 5' ' ' .i,., rrs, W . , f :El .V "f ' were-1: .s .S sm.e29'1 :Jr Q' L , VIN f s A 5? Zgggivf " f f. Q. ': I 1:-fgyiggsggli 2 -,Air , gifzfffiggfit S if-fis,.1w r 2, -:"its."" - !1i:'f" :ws -' " 5 t - 'V e ig ,wfregn ir si -Hsffzf-7 1,111.1 ffesreq -f'2f9fi5'f3rfw,. e n S i ,, X , - - LL rt?ts?1afi.,i1i t 2 was -fz-511 f- .- :vi i i rtffyzg, rffzstl , H Qg kw gsg if 5 ' Hm:e": if,32'?f: . ' .f..e1,- -ff Ma - mes , . - -'esifeg we: , g. ' ' Q tr 11 E, :N '. 'wifi' -, L, . .- Y 2 if Q' s , .fig ig, j 7 w A , rrss ,,,. ' S 1 5 . BEVERLY WEY + it gif? -- in 4' 225515 55' f, A gif 7, y..,,i,, Each Senior girl presented Mr. and Mrs. Stroud with a carnation compliment at the grand march, creating a moment of pageantry. ' fewer f J , at we tw gms an at 4 Ls :Sax 9' N3 MM, es? if K sw' X P 3 M if 45" En' 2 tiff :ma 4 se amp W tat rf Q sq N Wie 7931 3 MJ! 49,Ys'txf5 is 1 m yr , 3?5gg,tt,N? ms Q W 5 if 5' f -rcs M S Q Q ssifmcfi Q A5234 fs, jggjfg '?5'1gw3,. 5:45 . DEQ Sfkx 95 wr 'Haw 7's1'l7,f 7 1:3-w ' . .Wiz . 1 , ,G -kj? W me sfiliigk ff ,H V . is 2 A wr? if ,fx A 'f 3,43 sa 1 ,Y r " 'i r sgiitif s i 'ii we . his is .fe W' ,s.' :l '1 ?:'5 . K 'trl""l Hr rr 'dig Y 7 R ite -V if ,Q T 4 rv pr, 3 . .,,..,, V- A, :Y . 5 ' feugiiim V - t - .mer it s-f ., may L-f r- fs f 'W -:fe-2: r. f-WX . r W """ fsfgsy, K fe: ,, f ., ff Vggyrtygggz gs :,Wggg,:vttg5 .wsggyg 1 - A fi, U fuwfw-:rl at figs e , wiv: fifaslzivaias,sz.'fag,.' ,I fl fs , ,sg , J' 2-fix ww.: - , fm: wc," ,, X -W--wrssrryi zrwf 'iff,s:sasth5f'f2f.frt.v6 " " at , ., ,.., te mfr-rwV-M,-,M f . 1 is ' , f f Q , iffy' ,N J- ,f -- L Q if .gf xgffesgrf 1 If rr- :zvsssz wi tm H Q5 N l E 2 1 E Sf Q P l fi N E if Q- fy 1 ff ft my ,:' Q. ,, ,A 15,4 s. , -rs 1 s 'A 2 iff, ..- J' x - v!5.fq+??- 'Qs ,long V 41 xy M, 5,1 . , , . ff S W fig Q We -:ge-:M 4 QM THE UPREME MOME i The Auditorium was a blaze of red flowers and blue robes . . . the music swelled out the solemn dignity of the occasion . . . at last graduation had arrived! ln honor of our first graduation, Dr. W. T. White, Superintend- ent of Schools, gave the address, and Dr. Edwin L. Rippy, President of the School Board, presented diplomas. Mr. Stroud poses with iustifiable pride with the distinguished guests. John Stewart's smile of tri- umph speaks for the class! Barbara Yates, Salufatorian, receives her diploma from Dr Rnppy Carole Hodges was also named Valedic- k my : wig 5-, L, -Ar 1-5 Q fair rf , 555 - fx: X-'Z li :W . S , , lfzif h ?'Y7Ci '1l ' , may f 4, 5' gre -"2 ,qui 3 S- . 4' if if ' I . 1 3 ,a'12eff"' f, wg V, ' .fs '1 P-71? . MQU? fd' 1.,S mp? - "4 Sis., w 1. ,v-rg.: mei' N p f ' M Nw ' .. " 17, 'wgfuz'-ff 4 :V-1 " L are ' g1::.:::,2, sr 'KT' Y" r 1",'i,:Q F l , Use s, . - " . m x of 5155 ' A- ' To have graduaiecl a wonderful exchange sTudenT Ann-Lis Thobo-Carlsen, from Dena mark Best of luck, Ann-Lis! Fred Young and Bud Diehl express the sentiments of all The Seniors- SUCCESS AT LAST!!! IUINEIAEI CIEINELLSIOIN SI EIITT9 HBOS EIEI OEIS Ol. HHOI-I EINO .LHS BIOOEI .LEYI - HEIAOD :lO HCIISNI - DIOOHHVHI. :IO XDVEI NI EIDLLS GNV EIITI9 NELLSIOW DNDIDLLS Lewis, Bill ...,,,.... Lovmg, David ......... ,,,,, Lawrence, Jim .,,,,,, ,,-,, Lawson, Russell .,,,.. Lay, Donna ........... Lay, Linda ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -,-LV Lea, Tommy ,,,,,,,,L,,, Leatherwood, Larry Ledbetter, Wilton Lee Lee, Lana Lee, Larry .,,.. Lee, Linda ..... Legg, Bobby ,,,, Legg, Walter .,,,.. Lehmann, Lynn Lenhart, Dianne .... Leonard, Joan .,,,,. Leslie, Bob ......,.. Lester, Eddie ,,,,, Lett, Dianne ...... Levit, Fredyann ,,,,. Lewis, Eric ...., Lewis, Judy .....,. Ley, George ..,.... Liebman, Eddie ..,,.. Liebman, Richard .... Lievsay, Roberta ..., Ligon, Tom .,..., Lindsley, Nan . Lingsey, Mary ..,,. Linthicum, Judy Lipman, Judy ,,,,... Lipman, Marilyn Lipner, Steve ....... Lipshy, Bruce ...... Little, Tommy ,.,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,, Livings, George Lloyd, Judy ........, Loeffler, Murray Loewen, Don ,.,.... Long, Charles ,,.... Long, Dale .....,,,.,, Long, Janet ...........,. ,,,,. Longmire, Sandra ,.,.,. Loinette, Melvin Loinette, Jackie ..... Loughmiller, Jane Lummus, Darrell ..,... Lumpkin, Bob .... Lung, Linda .,... Lusk, Haywood .... Lynn, Bill ....,.... McAdams, Gerald McBee, Johnny ...... McBride, Virginia McCall, Mary .,...... McCarroll, Helen ...... ..... McClain, Sid ........ McClure, Betty ...... McClure, Pat ...,..,... McColn, Kent ...,............. ..... McCormick, Skipper McCoy, James ............... ...., McCullar, Carl ....,..... ,,,.. McCulloch, Eileen ..,... ...... McDaniel, Sherry ....,, ...... , Carol ........,,,,,, McDonald, McDonald, McDonnell, McDonnell, McGannon, McGavock, McGill, San McGowen, n McGregor, Carol .......... ..... Donald ...,.. ,.... Mike ........ ...,. Tommy ...... ..... Susanne Martha ...... ..... dy ,,......... ..... Wayne ,..... ..... Bob ....... ,.,.. 136 96 120 131 96 131 139 120 137 131 96 131 96 137 96 131 131 131 131 131 96 137 137 96 96 54 96 54 120 131 137 137 120 131 97 137 97 137 120 131 131 97 120 131 120 97 131 131 127 97 97 137 120 120 56 56 120 137 131 51 99 120 56 99 137 131 131 1OO 131 131 121 137 137 100 121 131 McKee, Juney ......, McCullar, Don ,,..... McDonald, John ....,. ,,,,,,,, McKee, James ,cc,... McKenna, Pete .,,,. McKenney, Ma rc ,,,,,, ,,,,,, McKinsey, Mike .... McKnight, Pat ..,. McLane, Judy ,... McLendon, Dan ....,, McLeod, Kathy ,.,,. McLeod, John .... McLeod, Mary .,., McLeRoy, Bill .... McLester, Pat ,,..,,, McMains, Grover ..... ..... McMichael, Pat .... McMillan, Diane .....,.. ,,,,.. McMullen, Ken ,,,,. .,,,,, , ,,,, , McRoberts, Carolyn McShane, Patty ........,.. McSpadden, Jo Ruth McWilliams, Regina . MacBride, Earl ....., MacDonald, John ,,.,,, .... MacDonald, Gail ......... .... MacDonough, Betty ..,. ..... MacDonough, Nancy Mackaman, Bert ,......... ..... Madera, Key ,.......... .... Magilow, Mark .... Mallory, Baird ....,, Mallory, Bob ..... Malone, Mary ,,.,. Mangrum, John ...,.. ... Manley, Pat ......., Maples, Jan ..,., Marble, Dexter .,,,,. March, Pam .......... Marcom, Sandra ...... Marcus, Richard ...,.. Marcus, Bruce .,.,,. Margolis, Steve ........ . Margrave, Jo Ellen Marks, Cindy ...... Marks, Lila ,.., Marks, Rose ..... Marlow, David ,..,. Marlow, Shirley .,... Marmaduke, Ann ...... ...... Mars, Suzy, ............. Marshall, Don .,..,,. Marshall, Gerald ,..... ...,. Marshall Sammy ...... ...... Martin Barbara ,.... ...... Martin, Clara ,..,.... Martin, Frank .... Martz, herry .... Mason, Duncan ...... Marshall, Alberta ,..... ...... S Mason, Lucy ...,.. Massey, Bill ......... Massey, Warner ...... ...... Massey, Judy ..... Massie, Archie ...... Massie, Kay ...... Martin, Spinner ..... Mathews, Charlie .... ..V... Mathews, Martha ., Matlock, Stuart ........ ...--- Maxwell, Phil ....,.. May, Tommy .....,.... ..... Mayborn, Ward ...c.. ..... Mayes, Doug ,.., Mays, Donna ..., Maxcy, Bev ,,,,, Maxcy, Jill ....,., Meads, Teddy ,,,. Merritt, Marilyn ,,,,., Messina, Joe ..,....... Meyercord, Chris ..,. Meyercord, Martha ., Meyers, Don ,,,,..,.,,,,.. Michelson, Adria Sue Milburn, Yvetta ,...,,, Millar, Roe ,,,,,.,,.. Miller, David ,,,, Miller, Glenda Miller, Joe ,,,.,,, Miller, Kenny ,,,,.. Miller, Nancy .... Miller, Carol ..... Miller, Pat ,... Miller, Steve Miller, Susan .,.... Mims, Bobbie .,,, Mims, Cathy ..,,.,...... Mincavage, Alice ..... Mincy, Dwain .,,.,.. Mincy, Wayne .... Minton, Marc ..,.,. Minton, Shari ..... Mitchell, Billy .,,,,,,, Mitchell, Mary ..,.,, Mitchell, Ted .,..,. Mitchell, Pat .,.. Mitchell, Tim ...,. Mizell, Tommy Mobberly, Joan ,.,., Monday, Corrine .... Montanio, Sandinia Montfort, Frances ...., Montgomery, Martha Mood, Peggy .,,... , .. Moody, Aubrey ..... Moody, Ginny ,.,,. Moore, Becky ...., Moore, Jimmy .,.s. Moore, Frank ,..,.. Moore, Mike .,,... Moore, Linda ..... Moore, Marsha ,,.... Morehead, Sue ...... Morel, Marie ........., Moreman, Jane ..... Morgan, Kathy ,,.... Morris, Don ..,,..... Morris, Jack Morris, Russ .... Morton, Jill ,,.......... Mosesman, Barry Mosley, Tom .,.,,,.. Mott, Ginger ....... Muir, Nancy ..,.... Muller, James .,,,,.. Mullins, Stephanie .. Mundt, Carla ...-,..., Mundt, Marsha ........ Mundy, Correyne .. Muller, John .......... Murdock, Sharon ..,. Murphy, Dave ...... Murphey, Forrest ,,,, Murphey, Leslie .,.,.. Murray, Billy ........... Murray, Mary Ellen Murrell, Jimmy ,...... Muth, Joan .,....... Myers, Carol ...... Myers, Patty ..... Myers, Betty ..,... "lt's done already!" . . . The annual staff isn't a bit affected . Nakano, ldie Neal Beverly ......,. Neel, Susan .,....,...... Neely, Billie Jean Pactor, Mike ,YY.., ---YY Page, Ronny .,,,. Palmer, Palmer, Palmer, Palmer, Doug ...,. .-... Lloyd .,., ,.,,. Phyllis ..... ...YY David ,..... ..Y. Ogden, Neher, Kimm ....,. Neill, Jim .,...........,. . Jack ....,..,.,.... ..... Larry ....,,...,,... .... Sue ............. Mickey ...,, Buddy ...... ,,,.. Nelsen, Nelson, Jane Ann Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Susan ...,.. Newton Newton, Dick ,,,.. Nichols, Bobby ,,.. Nichols, Nichols, Joan ...... Nichols, Lyndia ...... Nicks, Henry ,,,,,A,., Nivens, Carole ,,.... Nix, Judy .......... Norris, Sandye .,.. Norton, Ray ,,,,,,, Norton, Tom ...., Norvell, Jimmy .... Noyd, Candy ............ Odom, Bobby ,,,, Eddie ,,,,.. Pardue, Maryle . Parker, Linda ,,A.,. Parker, Roger Parker, Linda ....... ...... Parker, John .,.,. .... Parker, Sue ,,,,., Parker, Carol .,,,.. Parks, Andy .e.... ...,, Parks, Cooper Parks, Sammy ,,.. .,,.. Parma, Eddie ,,,, ..,, . Parrish, Ronnie Parsons, Gail ..... ....... Patton, Jimmy .,,,., ,,e,, Paullus, Susan ...... ..V.4 Pearson, Jimmy ..... ..f.... Pecora, Marianne Pentold, Joanne Penn, Carol .,........ ..... Perry, Nancy ...... Perry, Mike ....s Peters, Cindy ,,,,,, .... Peterson, James Peterson, Suzie . Phemister, Bill ....,, ..... Ogden, Jack ,.... O'Hara, Max ,,,, Olan, Buzzy ,,,,,,, Ondrovik, Joann ...., 4..... Ordeneaux, Jay .,,, O'Reilly, Gerald ,,,, Orms, Dolores ,.,,. Orndorff, Tom ,..... O'Toole, Maureen ,..., . --v- A- Overholser, Sue ...... ..-.-- Owens, Joe ...........,....,,,,.,, .....s Pace, Jimmy ,..,,. 280 Phillips, Fred Phillips, Jimmy ...,.. ...... Luke .,,..... ..... Phillips, John Phillips, Ronnie ., Phillips, Merrinell Piccola, Pigman Pigman, Pinson, Pitman, , Emily ....... ...... Charlotte Jimmye ...,, ........ Pittman, Charles Pitts, Nella ,,,,,,. Platt, John ..... Linda .,.... .,... Pope, Yvonne .... ..... Porter, Elaine .... Porter, Ronnie Porter, Cathy ,,,, Portnoy, Noel .... Posey, Mike .....,.., Pounders, Becky . Powell, Joyce ..... Poyser, Evelyn Preston, Elaine ,.... Preston, Keith ..... Prestridge, Gerard Price, Sandy ..,... Price, Charles ss,... Price, Jeff ....., Price, Tom ...c,.,s.. Pringle, Sharon .. Proctor, Bill .,.,..s,, Proctor, Miriam Puckett, Key ,,,,. Pugsley, Pat ,..s,, Putnam, Jimmy .,... Queal, Irv .... Rambin, Ronnie ,. Rabun, Mike .,...,, Randle, Jo Lynn . Ransdell, Becky . Ransdell, Bob ,... Ratner, Dan ...... Rawding, Jud ,.,, Ray, James .,t.. Ray, Brenda ...... Ray, Davis ..... Read, Joan ...., Reagan, John ..,. Rechif, Margie .. Redding, Patsy Reed, Joe ..,,,,,,, Reed, Sally .,,,. Reed, Ronnie ..,,,,, Reed, Steve ,.... Reed, Georgia ..... Reed, Dave ..,,,..,, Reever, Joyce ,,,, Reever, Dennis . Reeves, Judy ..... Rehders, Annette Renfro, Kathy ,,... Renfro, Mary Lou Reynolds, Craig . Reynolds, Ann ... Rhodes, Tommy . Rice, Linda ..,....... Rice, Judy .,,c,..... Rice, Billy ...,......., Richards, Johnny Richardson, Carol Richardson, Terry Richie, Sandra ..... Ricker, Riki ,..,,.... Rickman, Alice ,.... Rider, Bill ...,... Rigby, James ...,... Rigsbee, Kay ..,.,. Riley, Jack .......... Ripley, Scott .....,, Rippy, Bob ..,,, Ritchie, Sue .,,. Ritz, David ..,... Ritz, Ester .,....,.,. Roach, Beth J .....,,, Roath, Margaret .. Robbins, Janet ,.,,. Roberge, Rusty .,,. Roberts, Bruce ,.. Roberts, Doug ..... 127 Roberts, Sandra .... 61 Roberts, Bob ,,,,,,., 103 Roberts, Shelly ...,.. 132 Robertson, Dana ,,,, 123 Robertson, Steve ,... 132 Roddy, Jimmy ,,,,,,,,,,, .--,, 1 23 Rodgers, Bob ,,,,,,,A,,,,, ,,,A 1 32 Rodriguez, Margaret 133 Rogers, Dick .....,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 O3 Rogers, Doug ,,...,,,., 138 Rogers, Teresa .,,,, 138 Rogers, David ..,,, 127 Rogers, Patsy ..,,. 138 Root, Tom .....,,,, 133 Roper, Jim ,,,,,,,,,,, 138 Rosebrock, Judy ,,,,,,, -,-- 1 O3 Rosenberg, Jimmy ., 133 Rosenberg, Joanne ,,,,,, ,-,. 1 28 Rogers, Phyllis ,.,,..,,.,,,, ,,,,,, 6 1 Rosenbloom, Carolyn 123 Rosenthal, Gayle ...,, 127 Rosinbaum, Emma ,.,. ,,-, 1 23 Rosinbaum, Norman Y,.A A 138 Rosinbaum, June ,..... ,33, 1 O3 Ross, Connie ..,,...,, 103 Ross, R, L. ,,,,..... 123 Ross, Mary Ann ,,,,, 123 Rough, Robb ..... 103 Rough, Rozzie .,... 62 Rowden, Pat ,,A,,,, 127 Rucker, Jerry .,,,,, 123 Rumsey, Bill ,,.. 133 Rush, Andra 138 Russell, Chris ...... 123 Rutledge, Ann .,...... 104 Rutledge, Carol .,.,, 138 Rutledge, Sue ,,... 123 Ryan, Pete ,,,, 104 Ryner, Judy ..,,. 62 Sadler, Sherry 133 Sagnibene, Ann ..,. 123 Salzberger, Lee .,., 62 Sample, Sandra ...,. 123 Samuel, Pegi .........,, .,.. 1 O4 Sanders, Sterling ,.,.. .,.,,., 6 2 Sanders, Pat .....,.. 123 Sandlin, Chuck .... 138 Sergeant, Bill 62 Saunders, Cliff ......, 133 Saunders, Jimmy ..,.. ....,.. 6 2 Scarborough, Jane ....,. ...., 2 13 Schara, Nancy ...... 62 Schara, Tommy ,.,,.., 133 Scheffy, John .... 104 Scheihagen, Vin ..... 123 Schkurman, Ester ...... ..., 6 2 Schlesinger, Tony ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 O4 Schlossstein, Steve ....., ..... 1 O4 Schmidt, Sally ,......... ..... 1 33 Schneider, Karen ...... ,,,,, 1 23 Schoenfield, Kit .1a., 123 Schread, Henry ..., 133 Schreiber, Pat ...,,.,.,,,c 63 Schrimsker, Nancy 63 Schultz, Bob ,.,,......... ,,,,, 1 17 Schulz, Marlene ...,. 133 Schurger, Bruce .,.,. 138 Schurger, Dave ...., 138 Schurger, Ronnie 138 Schwalbe, Cecil ...... 123 Schwalbe, Linda .......... ,,,, 6 3 Schwarz, Sondra ............,, ,,,., 1 23 Scott, Dorothy .,.,.. 138 Scott, Mickey ... 123 Scott, Winfield ..,.. 63 Marty ....,. ..,. Seabolt, James ,,,,. ..,, Betsy ,........ Marybell ,,,, ..,. George ...., .... Kay ........ ...... Charles .... ,,,, Gregg ,,,,. ..... Ronnie ,,e,,, ,,,, Scott, Scruggs, John ,,,, Seals, Seals, Sears, Jeanne Sears, Joy ...... Seay, Seelig, Martha ,,,, Selden, Senkow, Settle, Shafer, Shafer, Gary ,,,.,. Shafer, Shafer, ' Shahan, Howard Shakno, Sharp, Joyce .,,,. Shaw, Jean ,.,.., Shaw, Sally .... Shaw, Walter ..-s- ,... Burnel Patsy ,,,,.. ..c. Evelyn ,,., .... Sherman, Jack .,.. Sherman, Pete .,,,,, Sherman, Sueio Susan z.,, , ..,. ..., Shield, Barbara ,,,... Shield, Barbara ...... Shields, Shockey, Barbara Shocke y, Bruce ....... ..... Shoemaker, Marna Shook, Shull, Sickler, Gwyn ......., ,,,, Shirley ..... .... Barbara ...... .,,,, Siemer, Beryl ....., Sigman, Phil ...... Sigman, Renee ,. Shultz, Bobby ..,. Silk, Sharon ,...,,., Silverg lat, Mike ,...... Silverthorn, Kay ,.,. ,.... Simmons, Davis .... . .... Simmons, Doan W Simmons, Sharon Simpso n, Duff ........ ..... Sims, Sue ,,,..,.,.... Skiles, Skinner Skinner, Skinner, Ell Skinner Slocum, Barry ......,,.,.. ..... , Charles .... ..,.. Debbie ,.... ...., is ,..,.... .,... , Sandra ,... .... Carol ........ ..... Slovacek, Wayne Smalley, Sandra .... ,.... Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, 1 Barbara .... Barbie .,,,, Bobby ..... ,.,. Carol ,..,,...... ..... Caroline ....... ....,, Clint A,....,.,, .,,.. Cynthia ...... Danny ...., ..... Diane ...... Harold Jack ...... Jane ..,. Jerry ,..., Mickey ..... ..... Mollie .,..... Jimmy .,,,, .... Kent ,..... Patti ,..... Penny ..... ...., Pete ...... Roger ...,,,. ...., Ronnie ..... ..,., Sharon ..... Sherry ...., 104 104 138 123 123 104 138 104 138 138 105 63 138 123 133 138 138 138 138 105 127 133 138 63 64 138 138 138 138 138 64 123 105 138 123 127 64 121 123 133 133 123 64 123 138 123 127 133 105 105 138 138 105 138 123 105 133 139 139 139 64 133 139 64 105 139 133 106 65 105 133 124 139 124 124 133 124 139 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Sue ..,.,,,,., Martha ,..,, Mary Sherry ,,.... Sue ........,. Snodgrass, Sandy Sohrweide, Sandy Somerville, Dave , Sorlie, Sowell, Sowell, Sowell, Sowell, Sparks, Jon ,,,,,,,,., Chris ,,,,, Donna .. Richard ,, Charles Bobby ..., Speight, Gordon , Speir, Sharon ..... Spence, Spence, Donna ..,,. Jimmy ...., Spencer, Suzanne Spradlin, Deloris , Stages, Staley, Stanley Roger ,...,. Standifer, Charles , Stanley, Stanley, Stanley, Sfapp, Ann ....... Liz ......... Steve ..,.. Pat ,,,,.... Stark, Delia ,,.,. Stark, Martha ...,.. Stark, Yvonne ,..., Starnes, Virginia . Starr, Diane .,....,.. Starr, Judy .,.,. Staton, Billy ..... Steckler, Alan ,,,.... Steele, Sheryl .....,. Steffens, Sondra . Stem, Marilyn ,.,,, Stemple, Margaret Stephen Stephen s, Saridra . s, Erika ., Stern, Mike ......... Stevens, Bob ssss., Stewart, Carolyn . Stewart, Cathy .. Stewart, Jane sss... Stewart, John ,,,.,, Stewart, Richard , Stiegma n, Suzette Still, Charlie .....,.. Still, Mary ....,.. Stiner, Tony ..,.,. Stokes, Mary ...,,,,,. Stooksberry, Ann Story, Guy ......,,,. Story, Tommy ....... Stout, Jim ,..,.,.. Strain, Walter ....., Stratman, John .. Stringer, Randle . St. Romain, Kirby Strong, Stroup, Carol ,,.... Andy ...,,. Stuart, James ,.s,, Stuart, Stubbs, Stubel, Suche, Sulkin, Tom ..... Betty ...... Brenda ,,,, Henry .... Sandra ..... Sullivan, Marshall Sullivan, Sharon Surles, Sutton, Sutton, Suttle, Swartz, Swindle Barbara .. Dick ......... Sandra ,.., Robert .e..., Saundra .. r, Don ..... ,Pri ,.,fQf..,.ffwf' , W . o,. STANDIFER SERVICE STATION Humble Produc'l's C. H. STANDIFER, Agenl' Famous Aflas Tires, Bai-ieries and Accessories-Guaran+eecl Mechanical Work Phone FL 2-9088 - Walnirl Hill Lane a'I' Marsh Lane DALLAS. TEXAS f K . , 0! 1 . I , ' U l 1 I l I l My T " Tuggle, Robert .v,. ...,,.,.,, , ,, Wheeler, Herman T r G -Y--- - ....... W ' , Teelne, David ....V...7..V............. Y. ...,....,..,, l 33 Uveng ary Wl:llZkerBelS,yal Taylor, Alfred ..., ,,,, l 24 U Whnel James Taylor, Baxter ,.,.., Y,,,,, 6 6 Wh- iq d B. Taylor, Buddy ,,,,,,, ,,,4 1 24 Underwefid, Rennie .,,.....e.. .... W hglghjfg' ,gig """ Taylor, Carolyn ..,,. ,Y,, l 24 V Whitman 'Joe Taylor' G,all """" '--' l 24 Whifworfh, Taylor' Lmda -'-- ---' l 39 VeCCHr0, Brenda ............ Wight, Drew Taylofr Lynene -"'- ------ 6 6 Vendivorr, Linda 77.V....... Wight, Jim Taylor' Susan ------- ---- l 24 Van Wagoner, Paul ,,,, Wilcox Pay ,,,- Te l Kay """"""" ---- l 07 Van WHQOUSF, Paula ------ Wilcoxl Sue ....,,,, --'f---- .-.-. 'l 24 Ventura, Sammy ,,,,-- Wilkinson, 5511 ------- eaguef L' P- -'--------- --"f- 6 7 Vermillion, Jimmy VvY.... Williams, Carolyn Teel, Carolyn -----.-f .... 'l 07 Vegeckyl Fen ,--,,Yw-YYY Williams, Dick -mm Tefel' Jean, """"""' "" l 24 VlCk9l'Yr Pllllllp ---- Williams, Benny ,,,,,,, Te"'e"' 5h"'eY ---'- ---- l 39 Viekerv, Robert .AAT Williams, Miko ,..,... Temple' Judy """""""' -'--- ll 24 VlCkel'Y, .l6Cli ... Williams, Sieve hu Temson' Ann """""" I """ '-'--'- 6 7 Vine, Bonnie r--r-- Williams, Nina ,,,, Thobo-Carlsen, Ann-Lis. ..... 67 Vine, Warren Williamson, Pam Thomas' Pa' ------rrr-------rr- ------ 6 7 Vos, Nancy .... ....,A w illig, Dick ,,,,,,---- Thomas, Ellen ....,,.,,,,,,, ,,,, l 39 Willis Bob Thomas, Janis ......, ,,,, l 24 W Wilsog Kathi,"-U' Thoma o , A ...,,.. ,,,, l 39 - ' Thomagorlll Dennrh 67 Wadleyf NanCeY --"-f----- Wflson' Mescal ",,"' l ' y r"""' ------ W alden Shirle Wilson, Edna ... 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'l O7 - Townerl Judy 68 Warkgns, Ma,-ga,-ef ------ Wrighf, Jo Ann .,....... , Tracy, Ken -mn M- 124 Webb, Judy ......... l Tracy, Dick .,.,. ,v-- 'l 39 Webb' RaY ----e i Travis, Susan ......, ,,.., l 24 wegbf 5555: ----- Yarborough, Charles . Tfealr Anile --f-.. .,.... 6 8 eler' ln 3 "" """ Y ales, Barbara ,,,,,,,,,, , Trice, David ...,....... ,,,,, 1 O7 Wellborni Myma --"--- York, Dale w,w,,,,,.,.--- T Wellborn, Pat .,....... roizuk, George ...A... .,,o 1 33 Weldon Jackie - N h Young, Jo An ,-,,,, , Trdxelr Ginger ....... ..,c. l 07 Wengeri Jane, li --V4 Young, Pat ..,c,.,, , Tmxel' Zack ------- ----- l 33 Westbrook, Richard ,,,,,, TYOYGIZ Jimmy ------- ..... l 25 Wey, Beverly ,,,,,,, True, Selly --e---------r-- .... 1 33 Wey, Cecilia ......,... Zell, Charles ,,,,, , Tuckfield, Frannie ...,..........., .......,,..... l O8 wha,-ion, Skippy -,-,.,, Zipper, Ray ,,--, M11 fafi?'Qf, H' fe' 'Lf v If azyx' rl 1 ,J f' e . l I 4' I . -D I ll Ll 'i I rc., ff, i 2 V 1 A 92 Q , , ,ry ll" 1551, 2 I .1 Q 'X1 ,QI I 1 K,-,1 J ' Y' I ' F4 6 -'f 5 l 1 1 1 1 i f'. 1 I ,. c . , 1 . I Ny .I Zi , K, .f . ' 'ffk f L .V VX, f XJ. 7, 212,37 ' I 1 1 N -a ' i f ' ' f ' g ' . . .' 5 .. ' 'ok' 5 fifkqff .ff BQ, in W V """ff14, MX. 4 . 1 - i V 1 '. af-Lf LZ-'N -Cf J,-oi: 4 :... I' I , -X' 1 ?.f'i,L1f ic fri .- x, CUSTODIANS Fronf row: Joe Digiglio, Head Cusrodianp H, A. Chennauif, Assistant Custodian, J. E. Sefile, C. H. Lock- miller, E. W. Wilder. Second row: Joe T. Biles, J. A. Chennaulf, C. M. Thomason, J. H. Esskew, F. J. Parks, Paul Brown. Nettie Walls, Irene Wilson, Doroihy Sea- boif, Tressie Goff, Almira Bayne. LLINCHROOM STAFF Georgia Mae Lewis, Evelyn Marie Lee, Maedell Ross, Beatrice James, DeLois Young, Eiease Reeves, Bettye Titus, Mozetta 3 Wright, Earlie Mae Montgomery. si ,...,. w.M,' f 1 f Frank Bruchsaler and Jo Butler brighten up the library with an appropriate display. "Hot dawg!" quoth Dick and Lynette, who are always quick on the repartee. "You know, Doan, sometimes I just have the urge to crown you . . . " says Buddy. Miss Risley directs the tonsil-trillers as the choral groups prepare for another as- sembly. 285 ,XID P , f-Ai-W :.'Qg,'f,f ,. ,-. 1 wx' X ' Q,-wi-'. N-J' .1 , wr' ,f 'f N-' ' api' 'hifi QQ. ,. 'xxx 'rs-ov-. "ff AA? AQ ' fyfu ,, af- N.:- ilf -. X x , .xi xx fx, QW WQ1 fxigwgv PM -- AN . -f" ff' Q' . A " 'Q'A W, J73 ,A,. - ' "AIA'q Qxfxi-by Aiafybz? W L fu A NJ 6:52 QJZS, ' 'F ! MN! 'ft:'f'5i?f fx 7 F655 W A 4 01 'O gf! jp .EQ -I . H O iw D X ', Yi Wf52 MY ? Wi' 1 LWwWf'w X fkluw C .vgjf iw 9 Q MMM Z 'fwfwww A-J N . 5.9 1 N X N QDW X Q X xxf A, WK X52 . 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