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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1957 volume:

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V, Vg? i L, f fe 6 l V, ,, 1 , -V? 4 V 'Q 'V'-W ., 5 A , ' 9 5. V VV .. ff "Y, V " vu . V "V V V V ,, V A V. ' V ' Vs' V- -iw V , . . V .V . V 4 VR V' , V I , I A , V 5 V V ,V V r .1- VQV 4 ,V 5 I K Q a 9 a T I f 'QL Q 4 rf .4 . V ,, ,V ' H K , ,,l I , .Q 'V t e- ,Q an L -V av V ,V V' I xf V1 ' . ,, A , a ,X 'V ng ,Vf , .E V A E f V, VV 'V an V 1 1 , , ff 4 A, A , 1 V f 'V V ri, ff x ul 4 W ', V -V ' up -V 3 V V. ' . 'ff V V ,MA V 4 , , ' , V, , I w A V 'ka H ..f 11' ... - 1 -r ,, V . , , 4 8 4 7 ,-if Au YL 4 , , , li A 5 x V V- an , K V ' X n 5 Q ,Q ' 5 'a , V V , V 4 V1 VV, V I -4 . ,- IJ" , 89, 4' J ' gf 1 ' 3 "'?V,,v in , 5' V 'V W , . MQ '-'ff-4? 'fii V V V' , 4, W ' " i V V x ,. V - VV , ,,VV 1- VV is VVVV V , V , I ' 1 - .. QV 5 A Y" -.Q x x 1 , , ' , A , Vfu 5 -' W 4, I i u 1 wr U " . 'v L R J V . , ,. , Y . ' , ' A. K f , lr A 1- , ' , , ' ' , V' r ' ' 9 4 ' TA '59 1, V ' Q , , L' r V 'nu X , , V u 1 41' 4 4, ,' V " f I, -fl I ' Y ' 4 1 ,, I 'V , . 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' . . gy- V. , 1 9 ,N ,V - ' f 1 -vi f ,V 'D V V -9 F, V , 'V' - 1 V ,- VV 4 V 1 Vg ., W V 'V ,, , , 5 ve, Q, V V f , n - f ., , - V f. , , . ', 3 4 . V 2 , , . ' ' - L. . 'Z fi -4531 ' -fa Vg VV-V" Q, 'M ' ' 5 - ' " Q 1 5 '? . f' '47 7 V 5 wr, V A 9 If ,,, Y -5 V 1 'V 'Q' Q Q . VV. , . V , . V 1 - 1 1 ' ,hm V, N' - , ' A 1 w .'- ' 1- ' . ' , 1 Q, . V. in A 1 Q, 1 ,Vw . L V V, , V V V .. V 1- 'sv "9 : 4 1 Q, ff 6 --.H 'X' ,IWII I H I Q be ""'l :: 2 - b 0011-at 9132, THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL i DALLAS, TEXAS First Edition 1957 FRGM THE PAST . . -igiii ug Q - --. 5 1- 45- 1 S llf "' -.'- - vp., - -, -. 'i ,,,f 4.f Ti , 4,1 l fl an 'U a I n every school there will be traditions-traditions based upon that which, in the past, has been tried and found worthy. We, too, have a heritage upon which to build, beginning with the noble name of jefferson and what he stood for. From this beginning, we may derive many worthwhile tradi- tions of our own. It is, then, the unique responsibility of those of us here at jefferson now, to establish such traditions for the future and for future students of our school. May our traditions include first of all a love and respect for our school, its physical aspects, its human aspirations, and its social opportunities. May we always look forward and upward, and in so doing, may we apply sound principles of democracy to the individual and to our school. X 1 'J I, '3- TO THE FUTURE ' T Q v Xf '-.. .Q .,,..-, 'C ii oc e have chosen the name DOCUMENT for our annual with all of these things in mind. The term document means an original official paper or book judged to be authentic, which includes writings and information representative of the thoughts of a given group of people. Behind the term, further, are many implications connected with the heritage of the American people, of documents precious to our past history. Thus THE DOCUMENT of Thomas jefferson High School is presented with the belief that it will be representative of the dreams, the aims, the ambitions, and the day-by-day activities of the student body. It is hoped that the 1957 DOCUMENT, the first edition of what may become a well-beloved tradition of our school, may begin a long series of memory-storehouses for the students of Thomas jefferson High School. WM 3 -am 1.4 max -1 gf A mg ww ffit':fvi4iXwiie -44 -f -, me-gigpn t , i , Q J M ft f412'P"f,-A - f :fa - , , gt,Qgq25Lv,,Sa. K., +I-" ,- ' 'lf' -. X-T if . ' ' ' , .ie ' - . t ' 5: f XX, Mjwxwvg V V V .. . 4 V- - f X -2 .ff fan L5 1 wi ' , ' K, X 'Q pg- -L 0' pr . . : 4 ' K Q X - swf? 'T-fp-3 K K f s Lf e V-T125 r N-M - Wc.emAw'- :44.,i,.,f,f,.1 , RW D E DI CAT Iii D 6 ,g,aL? ,, .,.,,,b Ig lu xlff il 07" ctw Ein twin" TV . . . for his fairness and his understanding of the student's problem. Under his guidance We believe that Thomas jefferson can and will become the best school in Dallasg and it is in the spirit of this promise of a bright future that we dedi- cate to him the first issue of THE DOCUMENT. 4 'TiHf FSR, iQQfslf il,fS MESSAGE TO THE STUDENTS AND STAFF OF THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL: Traditions play an important part in developing "a school" into "a great schoolf' We at Thomas jefferson High School now are privileged to be laying the ground work of tradition for the future generations of students to follow and revere. It is, therefore, most important that we should choose that which is worthwhile, to establish as our standard. The tradition of having a favorable record of the vital activity of a school, it seems to me, ought to grow as the school grows. Such a chronicle should prove to be a treasured possession of any student, for it is a reflection of some of the happiest years of his life. With this first edition of THE DOCUMENT, we intend to establish a tradition of excellence that will remain unbroken in the long years ahead. The annual will be deserving of praise in so far as Thomas jefferson High School is de- serving, that both may be successful is my earnest hope. Very sincerely yours, 4 5 I A VI: If ?Af'tlf'ilff 'ini f ,af ,TP , ' y - -- 'A' - f Richard E. Stroud, Principal -. rl gf X L 'E f- S iii? jjj!! '1fXi :, 1 Z- ",.- Q- ff E nffgerds P 'mmlzwmmlaunfmvf Q le, 51.1, .X 4 4 ,o-1 7 i 7 Q lv ,-1' Q - +- , - - S Q Q f .. i 7 - 4 f .-. , - 4 1, 7- a- - fs Y , V g f is ., f ,. -1 Q .- " 4 743' FACULTY AND BUILDING ..... CLASSES. . . ORGANIZATIONS ..... PERSONALITIES .... SPORTS AND MILITARY ..... ACTIVITIES AND ADVERTISING 6 - Q., 1. ,. pened january 30, 1956, Thomas jefferson High School has been described by Dr. Edwin L. Rippy as "Dallas' first great comprehensive public high school." It was constructed at a cost of some 352,182,605 which amounts to approximately 313900 per student. The building is equipped to give extensive training in arts, sciences, comprehensive shop and prevocational work as well as academic study. The 171,750 square feet of the building covers 716 acres of the 43-acre site. There are four softball fields, a football field, one battery of four separate tennis courts, an R.O.T.C. parade ground, and a practice field. Inside are 45 classrooms, band and choral rooms, a large auditorium, a mechanical drawing room, metal, wood, and electric shops, two typing and one bookkeeping room, four student activity rooms, R.O.T.C. armory and rifle range, eight faculty lounges, three study halls, a homemaking suiteg biology, physics, and chemistry labs g and other modern facilities. fw abAY. . , c x k X? 7 IDU jgklifii-3 5 THE SCHGGL BCARD Left 150 right: R. B. GILMORE, R. L. DILLARD, JR., VANN M. LAMM, MRS. TRACY B, RUTHERFORD, DR. EDWIN L. RIPPY, Prefidentg DR. W. T. WHITE, Superin- tendent of Srhoolfg FRANKLIN SPAFFGRD, MRS. VERNON D. INGRAM, ROUSE HOWELL, W. A. BLAIR. Left to right: DON E. MATTHEWS, Auiftant Superintendent in Charge of S peeial Seru- ieeJ,' T. W. BROWNE, Aniftant Superintendent in Charge of Bufineng DR. W. T. WHITE, Superintendent of Srhoolfg R. H. MCKAY, Auiftant Superintendent in Charge of Adnziniytrationg DR. FRANK L. WILLIAMS, Affiftant Superintendent in Charge of Inftructiong DR. EWELL D. WALKER, Ayfiftant Superintendent in Charge of Peryonnel. THE BOARD OF ADMINISTRATION - : .l Q.. 4 1 Q-ff, .. .. ,fa- ' Q 1. 41 ? EDITH COOPER Dean ff. ,Zf 2 -Q 2 Q" -fr.. aff TORBETT W. CROFT Auifmnt Principal 1 Li Q5 , I ,,., --P ..... - r.-..,,,,-f' 1 1 D 1 gp.. no OFFICE STAFF MARIE I.. BROWN SeM'em1fy LILLIE MAE GEORGE Counselor OPAL GIBSON ANNE E. MORROW Clefk Clerk 9 Z 1" "' 'uk ANN AHRNS Health, Science FLOYD MECHLER General Science and Athletics MOZELLE WELCH Librarian ANDREW COUCH Biology HAZEL CASEY N une FACULTY SCIENCE x JACK GREEN Chemistry ' ' fy li 3 I n ,V 4' Q ,.', ti, YA A ' , if ,C Xt . X THOMAS MORING Military Science Q5 MATHEMATICS PATRICIA COPLEY Geometry I-IERMAN COWLEY General Mathematics and Athletics C. B. HOWERTON ALLEN KIRK ARCHIE PORTER Mathematics General Mathematics General Mathematics and Athletics and Athletics ALVA SHEPARD CHARLOTTE SNELL CHARLES WATSON Algebra and Geometry Algebra and Journalism Algebra and Geometry ART MARIAN COLE Art VIRGINIA OECHSNER Art MAY BLACKMORE MARGARET GRIMES NANCY HARRISON English English English DOROTHA MCCLAIN English MARTHA PANKHURST English and Speech ELAINE PHILLIPS English and History STUDY HALL LOUISE WARE Study Hall JESSIE WATKINS Study Hall FOREIGN LANGUAGE DORIS COMSTOCK SARA DAVIDSON JOAN HAMBLIN French Spanish Spanish 'fy- FRANCES HATCHER INA MASON WANDA BROWN Spanish Latin Mathematics PHYSICAL EDUCATION CHARLES LEE Boys' Physical Education DONNA BOHANNON Girls' Physical Education HISTORY HAROLD BARTLETT DOROTHY GERLACH C. V. GOODMAN History and World History World History Athletics ELEANOR MANUEL LEROY MILES D, D. RICHARDSON History History American History Qfmw SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES WILLIE MAY BERRY Horne-making MABEL RUTH OLDHAM Typing and Shorthand LOCHE LUND LOIS RISLEY LOMETA STAVELY Band Chorus Orchestra M. B. RUTLEDGE JAMES PATTERSON SAM MCCLURE Mechanical Drawing Industrial Arts Driver Training AWO DERF L EW PLACE Students of Thomas jefferson are well aware how fortpnate they are in the facilities offered at their wonderful new high school. The most modern in the Dallas system, Thomas jefferson presents a number of unique features. The physical aspects of the build- ing, such as those pictured on these pages, are de- signed to provide an atmosphere which will prove stimulating both intellectually and socially. The classrooms, furnished in an attractive blond and green decor, are light and airy. The library offers a beautiful setting for recreational reading and research. r 5 l Three shops-metal, electric, and the wood shop pictured here- provide students an opportunity to develop vocational skills. Among the most attractive features of the building is the impressive auditorium, a blend of light brick and dark wood. TO LEARN 'z JFW., Future homemakers enjoy using the beau- tifully decorated foods laboratory, which adjoins a parlor and a fully-equipped cloth- ing laboratory. New machines are a feature of the typing rooms. The spacious gym accommodates physical edu- cation classes, inter-school activities, and social functions. The same aqua, red, and yellow color scheme found throughout the school brightens the cafeteria to provide a pleasing atmosphere. K E J w llhrl ' 1 il N D Q7 12535 E jamce Vrckery explores the facrlrues of the Up and atom, junior Chemrstry Students' --'P-' .,,. , 3 ,, ,,A5 ,M , . ff Zmaffx-3. American program. UU-'NJ ULLUNG UV UE SHEL f J-i"x 'Y'I'M"v Iohn Abdnor Mervin Aftergut X2 f ,E ZZ., Gail Airoldi 168- Beverly Anderson Quinta Bardwell Sandy Baftofl Jennilynn Bennett Barbara Bierner Dianne Blanche 2, I f f if 5 GCO1'gi2l.1'19. Blaylock Linda Boaz Barbara B00k Reggie Bowman Carl Box Jimmy Bradley Charles Brazeal Linda Briden Valerie Brown - ff . KX xx ,,. .. as K 7 "f :gs tags .gilt N , W I I H Y ' 121, f .Ve. ll "Ml . lf Q Q i rl' John Bruner Vance Burton Tom Butler Peggy Campbell James Carlisle Tommy Chames Ronnie Chapman Martha Ann Childers Susan Clark ,.,4,,,,,.,,, My ry Tommy Cook Ken Coppage Brenda Cravotta Faye Crawford Sammy Crenshaw Wesley Crenshaw Gretchen Crigger 1 Billy Cox james Crittenden Joanne Cummings Jody Daniel Diane DHDHCUY Linda Davis Ed Davis jimmy Dawson Fred Deafgn jim Denison Norma De Pasqual Michele Dillard Kathy Donovan Betty Dunlap Mary Ann Edwards Davicl Ellington Jean F arquhar Diana Finney Nellie Garrett Johnny Gaughan X f ffl' Jud Gee Diana Gibson Mary Margaret Glew "Dx Robert Graff Terry Grant Gloria Gregg Neal Griffin Mary Gross Robert Haller S1317 N in Aj M 4-V1 fax 'wfwmsyw QA, 9952910166 af Z VV 3 ' twig ' , K , 'Ml 6931-f .. 3. IM, ,411 1, ,f ' H .1f"r: ., X-f ,lx .. btvr I 5 A ' K Dick Hamilton Gail Hamilton George Hamilton Charles Hart Ann Hays Sharla Hightower Tom Hilkef Carol Hodges Betty Holland Loretta Holloway Elizabeth Hollweg Garry Holt Mike Honea Donna Horn Bill Horton jerry Huffer Dorothy Hunt Sandy Hunter Anne Hyman John Bob Ingram Larry I9-CkSOf1 Marydel Jacobie Corryne Jensen johnny Jessup Geneva jones Ronnie jones Linda Kamens MZ WM jim Kammerer George Karlen jack Lagow Richard Landers Ann Langham Charles Lawson Richard Liebman Tom Ligon Gail Parsons Robert Lumpkin Gene Malone X ..,, f , Y 1, rf, , ,f f yy n e , 1'2 A A- , 4 ff X , fff' f X fa? If 4 , "7 5 I ef f Z Q JY 1 5 a if ff fa Am! A f gf 7 fl , M f Q, mg, ,N N f 11' ff 1 ff pan I 153 4' ,v X ,lg Z 6' f A , sf jf f W f Xa Shirley Marlow Carolyn Mason Bill Massey johnny McBee Virginia McBride f , f Z K ff! 7 :ci 3' David Marlow Denny McCarty Betty McClure Clyde McCormick Bob McCutchen Pete McKenna Melinda McKimball Pat McKnight Pat McMichael Roe Millar David Miller m. A ' A iff' '36, QXf'2c- A X' 7 . Bobbie Mims Alice Mincavage Sandina Montanio Sharon Murdock Jack Nelson Virginia Nelson Richard Newton Sandye Norris Tom Norton 4 ' N M, 8 nm Buddy Nichols David Palmer , ,f..f,1'f0 , ,fo if If its ,sf 1 ,Ni,, s Qpw dwmwv. ' -f-m::1..4:,,sf , ,qgsafe L , Q e e A w'f1N,w,,p npr.- , . ,lN5.,.Q. N, N Ney N. - pm-sw A- X ix, Q 5 Q ,,,, 4 QW ' "f:iS'u 1 ix :awe-w"i4 N ' , f. if 4Pf1?ii e l dddd dddd i e- ---4,10-N Q QV- WX-, fe Q M rib - ,..-hw' 1, 5 X, -. n , 35295 0 , 5 dd dd e fwa'ew!' .QW 1.-zf,f,,: f 'WW , fr V, M ' , vi '-W: A , ,Wf ,,,Q',, ,,,, ,, ' f gl 5 jimmy Norvell jay Ordeneaux Dolores Orms John Page Ronnie Page Jimmy Pearson Joanne Penfold f?Qnw Y It ,uw f 1 if Z f y 5 f Z0 , Q12 "9 521' ' 1 .4 6517! 2 I 4 9' x " fi f 2 'FC 4' aw? f fbi ff f- dfff-Qejfffi' N611 Penwell Mmam Proctor Evelyn POYSCI Pat Pugsley M1ke Rabun Ken Ramsey Patsy Reddmg Tommy Rhodes Terry Don Richardson Robert Rippy Sandra Roberts Phyllis Rogers Rosalyn Rough Lee Salzberger Sterling Sanders Bill Sargeant Nancy Schara Esther Schkurrnan Nancy Schrimsher Linda Schwalbe Winfield Scott Kay Settle Bill Shaw Sujo Sherman Marna Shoemaker Doan Simmons Cynthia Smith Harold Smith . , 15, L' "'-t f ' i, -'S'Lf 1'-K '- ' ,,.y Q , .,, L ff ' fi ' x' l f i , L Y . I ff , .V ,Wwe " QQ ,f-1 ,fl if K Q' Mollie Smith Richard Sowell Suzanne Spencer Ann Stanley Billy Staton fin Wwamlyw- John Stewart 5 g 3 ,ivy f my iii: W sf WWW ,wx x 0, l My e Ni. 2' it Charlie Still Arm Stooksberry Guy Story Thomas Stuart Brenda Stubel Henry Suche Sandra Sutton Saundra Swartz Baxter Taylor ""'2f'-iff-'ff Lynette Taylor L. P. Teague Ann Tenison Pat Thomas Denny Thomason Craig Thornhill Shirley Thurman Joe Tomlin Judy Towner Anita Treat Roger Tuttle Brenda Vaccgro Paul Van Wagoner Sammy Ventura Janice Vickery Lola Vickery Bonnie Vine ' johnny Walker Nmggtf A 'wxffi Lou Ann Wall Linda Weiler Ianet Wenger ,fy QW!! X ,, fl! A Al . law Pat Wilcox Beverly Wey Dolores White Talbot Wight Bobby Wilson Bobby Wilson ,gf . ,Q Pat Worrell Patricia Yandell Barbara Yates THANKSGIVING DANCE You're tickling! 2 0 22 Floorshowz Genius at Work CPD Three's a crowd NEW JUNIOR STUDENTS Front row: Bill Webb, Dan Closser, Harold Hallman, Darlene Freeman, Nelleke Wemmers, Alice Hirsch, jimmy Saunders, Fred Saulter, Second ww: Glenn Watson, john Ashton, Bill Holt, Morris Ansley, Steve James, Charles Kuehn, Al Honza. "First you boil the water Mr. Bowen explains a complicated experiment to budding chemists. 52 My, what nice tonsils! I9 fi Brown-eyed handsome man. Bright eyes! Hmmm! I thought I saw him earlier today! Ed Davis and Beverly Wey enjoy the R.O.T.C. Christmas banquet. Sometimes I just want to crawl in and get away from it all! Sophomores often need the library for N those frequent book reports! i t Mrs. Snell gives a new angle to the geometry class. The romantic age. Z ,- Star pupil in the biology class. PQ -X e MORE 1 L, T "fEEoPHi eett Mr. Rutleclge's mechanical drawing classes are very popular with the sophomore boys. I A ,ff 'ff af, VV I MQ, , W W , , ,W , , ., ,,,,V V V, www ,V V .V ' , 4 V1 ,, V , VV VV: V, ', ' VV 5 2 V V g -fi , L ,fd , V 41Zf "VgVT 2QVV37Vh'Vf,V4 Q, xi? Q5 w 'f ' v V . - WWQVV if 4 1 gli JV 'W V WVVVVV if VV ,V ,V ,Vyff , , :V 1, V -9 - LQ iff, fV ffwjy ' ,V 3 " , V ,V I 3 if 6 " 14 , xi. VV , , V , , ,, ,I Vikv, 9,5 VV, V fyV'VV,V,,1VV-WV V V- VVVV VV-V V ,,4 .. U f V , I I HV Y 'V j 7,5 Off -V' 'V'V4jzfVV'Z,f,V1f,V' , V, -VV V V WA 'V 'W ,4,7 1,g.VVV, ,HV , V V , 5, iw- , I , , fr K V A K 4 Y ' ' V Q X ' V171 '77 VZVV',?7'i7L7fV2V9 'V H Z V ' iff4f5'577f ,Q Y, 91 ,V V67 V 14 , V .V VM VV V , X , Q It 3 V- V VV ffVV.,i,i ,mf ,1V-,y,4-WA,gg.?,- V241-zp,,g.fVV ' . ,QMIW Vif W! . f 5 fx 4 ' if f, , , '. ,f X 4 ' WV" Q T37 ifikff V V, Q " , ., , V ,V fV,f,y,V,V A , my ,Q WV! V1-WV -V V " X ,, ,,V,.VV-.g,V,!L'4,fV4 'ff ,,,-V., V L h ,A V, t ,,-,V , V, ,V.,,V VV,g,,, .,V, V V. , , ,, ,V , ,. VV V f VV , , , A ,fy ,fl ,VkV:y,7p,-:V,,kVVV 7- f f M !k J,,.-,',.Al,,:Q I, 5Vl'iW'iWV'W W ywif-"fL'f,V ' 5, , . .V , V, , V Q, wr 'F 5 VfV f?7E k7V?'f , V v .V Vf V V, v 4. . ,,- V V,fV,kgVV :,. , WV-V, g ,V ,1,,g.Wg5,., f I V,,,Vf-VV.w,,VVVV , in - 1 ' fxiffeg ' ' V f WWC' ' V V f My 4 V61 V ' gm ff , , - V . f W "" gi 7 , ., f V, V ,f ,:LV,,,,iA.V,m-VV? im , - ' A 2 . .V f V Q ' VV, V, 'V VK , V' , VV X I . I. in V A J, ,wwj , , , 'V V,'z'igff V .. f I X 3 -JV?" 2 , - i Q Q X .r .ni V-cum: . V 7V V N T Mike Angel Burr Angle john Angle Bill Argo Bob Asmusson Dale Atkinson Marjorie Atwood Janie Austin Carlos Avila Arlene Abel Linda Adams Pam Adkins Larry Agan Nancy Akridge Mary Ann Allen Mike Amis Bonnie Anderson Kristine Andresen Sonny Baggese Tom Bailey Carolyn Baker jerry Baker Betty Ballard Evelyn Barnes Ma Ann Barnes W Larry Bartlett Jane Beaver Gay Behymer Judy Beiber Sharon Belk Micky Benninghoven Bobby Benson Diana Billings jane Bird David Blackmon Pat Blackmon Mary Iane Brogan Dwight Brogoitti Barbara Bronson Billy Brown jerry Brown Bill Brunson Nancy Budd Kenneth Burgess Mary Burgess Suzanne Blailock Ted Bogart Jerry Boggess Frank Bolton Marilyn Book Bobby Boyles Marjorie Bradstreet Ioan Bragg jim Brill Becky Butler Io Butler joe Butler Mary Butler Bill Campbell Peggy Campbell Wesley Campbell Nick Carroza Janelle Cassidy Smithy Caudle Vicki Chames Carolyn Clark Carolyn Clark Lana Clark Sharon Clark Gill Clements Bob Clinger Carolyn Cobb vnu' 60 f KW f ffm rw, 4 . ff X f f XXA f ,X , 9 Q! 4 , , - A 'f X A 1 , ' 9' , " , ,, K I D We C f 'jf ' . XV ,. Zz f gf f Rita Creighton Jimmy Cummings Linda Davenport Robert Dearing Bill Dennis Donna DeVaney Elizabeth Dewoody Hart Dinkins jane Donald Charlie Coburn Charles Connell joy Connell Grant Cook Dean Coppage Pat Costigan Jenny Cowley Billye Ruth Cox Rebecca Crawford 4 an ' f ilu' 3 .em r Tommy Donald Rob Donaldson Sandra Downey Dick Dubes Barbara Duncan Lee Duncan Vince Duncan Pattie Easton Beverly Edwards Barbara Elsey Marion England Forest Ernst Carmen Fereday Ierry Ferguson Sharon Ferguson Loretta Few Elayne Fincher Frances Fivecoat wwf Lee Gibson Harold Giddens Linda Gillean Tommy Gillen Carolyn Gillett Robert Gilman Sam Glass George Godfrey Lester Godwin Mike Foster Cathy Franklin Barbara Frazier Mike Frazier Tom Gainer Jimmy Gary Tommy Gary Ann Gaujhan Roberta Geren Linda Goff james Goode Carolyn Gradick Dee Ann Graham Heloise Grant Gale Grassman Carmen Green joe Gregg Marilyn Gump Sue Halbrook Judy Hale Frank Haley Vince Hammond Bob Harris Judy Harbour Almon Hare Bob Hayes Gayle Hedge Joan Howe Ben Howell Max Hunter Betty Huster Donne james Jennifer jameson jack jenkins La Vonne Jensen Pete Jessup Martha Henderson Kay Hendricks Gregory Hill jimmy Hill Margaret Hobart Bruce Hodges Sandra Holt james Horn Peter Houck Bob johnson Janice johnson Lee johnson Janice jones Linda jones Walter jones Winston jones David Kahn Bill Karnrnerer Nancy Keck .Betsy Kelly JO Kelly Kathy Klein Marian Klund Alayne Kornblueh Laurie Kovsky Kay Kramer Sandra Kramer Linda Lee Walter Legg Dianne Lenhart Bill Lewis Eddie Liebman Roberta Lievsay Max Lipscomb Bruce Lipshy George Livings Keith Kress Bill Kuster janet LaCaze Virginia Lake Dale Lang Gary Lawrence Lyla Lawrence Russell Lawson Tommy Lea jackie Loinette Linda Lung John McDonald james Magnolia Mary Malone john Mangrum Bruce Marcus Richard Marcus Janie Maris Rose Marks Lila Marks 1111 Maxcy Ward Mayborn joan McClure Pat McClure Carol McDonald Richard McFadden Gary MCHHYH Tommy Mizell Aubrey Moody jimmy Moody Margie Moore Bill Mordecai June Morton Forrest Murphey Mary Ellen Murray Beverly Neal jimmy McKee Mike McKinsey Marylin Merritt joe Messina Chris Meyercord Joe Miller Nancy Miller Robert Miller Bill Mills y ag QL fll!l'0iMfA7 ff dbg . -P W bv P U . . flflyfljfff 7 gba' Y? ii ,Jf X Psjllie jean Neely ll JQ0' ,W K Nh if if M M MiQkeymNm5f51l ff' if - J' l , 7 , M J QW - W' wfflf l VX A ,Up J 4 if 2 Ulf if gi,'lfl'l'lx f 4 i V V j fl -fly' :X lu fall! if Q: My Ma' All O1 L- K E qiglyjwi EVM Af i wifi! li P9 llffflli I M if W' J if 1 ,ff l ff' 1 f an J' ' ' 3 . 5 jf, -fl f ull 'jay Y A ,y ,ll f Henry Nicks X54 "X y ! flgffwj Carole Nivens M fbMfjAj Jerry Nolan V :L ll Xlfl I C 1 iff , ffljxf jjfi f jj! 'ff 0 If fllf fl Ann Norman Jack Ogden Buzzy Olan Allen Oliver Amelia Oppe Sue Overholser Mike Pactor Bill Paine Douglas Palmer Nancy Palmer Linda Parker Sue Parker sewn mu? 6 ,Flex xiw David Ray Georgia Reed Joyce Reever Kathy Renfro Melvin Renolds Judy Rhymer Jack Riley Jr. Richard Rogers Gene Rubin Suzie Peterson Jimmy Phillips Ronnie Phillips Charlotte Pinson Nella Pitts Mike Posey Bill Proctor Steve Ranes Bob Ransdell Bob Roberts Judy Rosebrock J une Rosinbaum Connie Ross Robb Rough Ann Rutledge Peggy Samuel Sharon Sams John Scheffey Tony Schlesinger Marty Scott John Scruss Jeanne Sears George Seay Patsy Senkow Jean Shaw Carol Shields Jack Shook Pat Smith Wallace Smith Sandra Snodgrass Bill Spiers Roger Staley Steve Stanley Pat Stapp Judy Starr Martha Stark Shirley Shull Debbie Skinner Ellis Skinner Wayne Slovacek Barbara Smith Don Smith jack Smith Mickey Smith Melinda Smith Yvonne Stark Virginia Starnes Alfreida Stephens Richard Stewart Ruth Stout John Stratman Andrea Stroup Betty Stubbs John Sturdevant George Tate Barbara Taylor Carolyn Teel Paul Thompson Mary Towner David Trice Phil Trout Ginger Troxel Frannie Tuckfield jjzfflgl'-166-MJ 73 Myrna Welborn Richard Westbrook Sue Wilcox Carolyn Williams George Williams Wayne Williamson Dick Willis jackie Wismer jimmy Wofford Nancy Wadley Barbara Walker Don Wallace Bob Walner Becky Wood Judy Webb Ray Webb Bill Wehner Jackie Lu Weldon Carolyn Woodling Gene Worrell Bobby Worthy Jo An Wright Edna Young jo An Young Oh well, I can't learn anything anyway 1, ,t -A vrrrr W W W gg, f lrlrr or J - If ' ff f ! wi fuer" ' .91-Q: X H ' I' - ,.,. A . .., ' X X ff f RK I Pat Young Oh where, oh where did my little dog fhoundj go? Uhhhhhhhhh ! 11' .- , --k'V, ' ,, 'wif' .f 11' 1' sf, 'Sq gk. r ,Q 75 5 X, I -2, NEW SOPHOMORE STUDENTS Bob Adams, Dwayne Mincy, Mary Alice Atkinson, Penny Warren, Wayne Mincy. La manzana se luce? Hurry, only five more mlnutes . . . Z "Would you believe it if I told you I was sick?" "Let's see, green with a dab of purple makes . . "I'11 have beans . . . and bean soup . . . and . . . oh, yes, a beanburger !" "I just can't wait to get to my fifth period class." You can't tell the fans without a label! "Eeek! there's a piece left over!" ya :Z ,xl The military science program is begun at the freshman level. Bring on the trough! I l 1 n l l w l x Four cups of what?? 3 an V 5 E 5 f ' Q , Steve demonstrates the "Brain-twister." f 1 CL. iis l- li-f Q -if i QQ -5 ., ...A-xq AS DICK GOODE ..............,.,............,..,....,........ Prefzdenl NEAL BRIGHT ........... .......... V ire preyidenl NANCY CLEMENTS ......,.........., Secrelafy-T1'eaJurer I E I 1 r E E E a r 1 b ? I4 f a f Q Sue Abernathy Carol Adams Sandra Akers Donna Alexander Sandra Allen Chuck Anderson Nancy Anderson Dick Baker David Barton George Blackburn Ruth Boatwright Thomas Bowman Sherry Boyd Pat Breum Pat Briden Neal Bright Marion Brooks Nash Brown Frank Bruchsaler Vera Bruchsaler Pat Bryant Don Cameron Carol Camplen June Carpenter Nick Carter Judy Chadman Billy Chandler Winford Chick Larry Clark Robert Clark Nancy Clements Kathy Cluck Patty Cobb Gary Coen Carolyn Collins Pat Copeland Emma Cowley Gary Crump jerry Cullender Barbara Culver julie Cummings Ben Cumnock Rawley Curry Donald Dalton Judy Davenport Carolyn Davidson Bill Davis Butch Delcambre David De Weese Diane Dodson Rickey Donehoo Paul Dubes Dick Edelstein Bill Ellis Larre Emerson Ralph Emery Mike Ervin Harrell Eubanks Judy Evans Bonnie Ferguson Norman Fojtasek Franklin Frickey Lynn Garonzik Sandra Garner Jeri Gates Stanley Glanz Dwight Gleaves Patty Goldammer Robyn Goldman Kenny Gooclacre Dick Goode Susie Goode Randy Green Bill Greer Sherry Griffin Gerald Gruber Patsy Gumm Newton Hammet Patsy Hathaway Glenda Hawkins Frances Head Peggy Head Pam Heath Dean Henderson Mike Henrich Rosemary High Sue Hilburn David Hill Kennel Hogan Bob Horton Noel Houck Patsy Houghland Betty Howard Diane Howard Le Ros Hull Mike Hulme Gary Hunt Judy Hurst Baird Jamerson Chris Jamerson Bill Jamison Sue Jensen Janie Johnson Jerry Johnson Sandra Jones Jeanne Kalousek Carol Keck Joel Kelley Joan Kershaw Judy Kidd Janet Kiesler Rio King Kay Kinkel Paul Kunde Martha Kuster jimmy Langham Volney Launey Donna Lay Marilyn Lipman Melvin Loinette Delores Long janet Long Nancy MacDonough Kay Madera Pat Malone Sandra Marconi Kay Massie Beverly Maxcy Douglas Mayes Judy McClane Don McCullan Don McDaniel Tommy McDonnell jerry McFarland Barry McKernan Dan McLendon Kathy McLeod Patty McShane Regina McWilliams Bill Miller Glenda Miller Ricky Miller Kathy Mims Frances Montfort Steve Montgomery johnny Moore Rebecca Moore Neal Morris Jill Morton Fred Moss Nancy Muir james Muller David Murphey Henry Nelson Lyndia Nichols Raymond Norton Carolyn O'Reilly Phyllis Palmer John Parker Roger Parker Cooper Parks Sammy Parks Marianne Pecora Jean Peirsol Sarah Pender Elaine Porter Beth Powrie Gerard Prestridge Fri F ears-il tei f X x X 95 is -. Nxfi! I 'rr WFP as W' 9 F. ff' vu , , ll if 4 X . at y ' ESA., K- rc-- 1 . 5.1, My f K ff, WV "N www QA B5 F 'W' Q , V i 1. Qv.. W' 'Q' 1 u.. . ex ,M ,, .. wr.. -Mn Y, ! . N lx . . Aung .. 2 X ve- V 5 ..,1' Q. if rd ex., l fl muses , r r ii P isri N 15 KX fi' ,1 15 TK i i"f1i4., in X .if-S 'KJ' 'WW KN! Gif Stanley Prewitt jeff Price Larry Prince Sean Quinn Ronnie Rambin Joe Reed Annette Rehclers Linda Rice Carol Richardson james Rigby Scott Ripley Joella Rippe Esther Ritz Bruce Roberts Doug Roberts Emma Rosenbaum Mary Ann Ross Charles Rowden Chris Russell Sue Rutledge Sandra Sample jane Scarborough Karen Schneider Kathryn Schoenfield Deanna Scott Betsy Seals Gary Shafer Sally Shaw Gwyn Shook Beryl Siemer Sharon Sill-c Davis Simmons Sharon Simmons Sue Sims Barry Skiles Barbara Smith Patty Smith Pete Smith Roger Smith Donna Sowell Stanley Stages Delia Stark Sandra Steffens Jane Stewart Tommy Story Kirby St. Romain Sandra Sulkin Mary Tatsch Carolyn Taylor Gail Taylor Susan Taylor Donna Teague Sammye Thomasson Georganne Thrower Kenneth Tracy Billie Trombley Gary Tuveng Ronnie Underwood Phil Vickery Robert Vickery Warren Vine jerry Wade Shirley Walden Ann Walker Kaye Wallace David Waters Doug Waters Margaret Watkins Peggy Weaver Susan Webb Sheldon Weisman Fred Weyand jackie Whitehurst Kitty Whitworth Jim Wight Jackie Wilcox Bill Wilkinson joe Williams Sandy Wilson Frosty Winters Nancy Wiseman Tracy Witchell Jimmie Wood Judie Wood Lynda Woodruff Phyllis Wright Charles Yarborough Harry Zier THE DOCUMENT b comes a tradition Thomas jefferson mba-M. KWH Was M any 1 ww 1f.1s,1 this NEW FRESHMAN STUDENTS Kent McCoin, Jeri Gates, Sandra Knapp, Alberta Marshall, Robert Golden. susan 'U' Ulliiilllv "What do you mean, I'm not studying ?" 'lOh, well, at least it isn't poisonous mom L I if l X f f f ,, ' ' 'f pf71ff'Q,L f g 9 , 7,9 ,ff ,f,,ff 9 g ff! WW f, , X X 'Q , 4 4,517 i S in' 'f I HT!-lf- 1-xi O is, 1.' if f f Scott Ables Carol Abrams Dennis Abrams Dinah Adams Mike Adkine Bob Albritten ' Mike Alexander Ryan Allen William Alling Julia Almond Joe Altick Nicky Anderson Elna Armstrong Carolyn Bailey Mike Barber Brenda Barnes Gail Barzune Ann Becklund Bob Beckmann Paula Benninghoven Mickey Bierner Billy Billings Larry Blasingame Ronnie Bockburg Ken Boemker Walter Bone Patricia Bradley Carolyn Bragg Allen Brandenburg Nancy Breard Judy Brown Mary Lou Browne Larry Bruner Sandra Budd Nancy Bybee Betty Cain Linda Carpenter Chuck Carroll Ronald Carroll Bob Casey Chris Cason Ray Cave Gloria Chaffin janet Chapman Joe Chick Gwen Childers Ronnie Childers Mike Claiborne Claudia Clarke Ray Claxton Barbara Cockrurn Gary Cody Elizabeth Colborn Diane Colfry Eugene Comroe Gene Cook Sanlyn Cooley Theodore Cowley Tommy Cowperthwaite Sharon Craft James Crook Carol Crosby Priscilla Cross Donnie Crowder Peter Davis Betsy Dennis Sandra Dennis Sandra Dilworth Steve Doane Margaret Dodson Benny Drollinger Cheryl Drumheller Tommy Drum Linda Earls Wanda Elmore Judy Ellington john Emerson Michele Emerson Stephen Erickson Gail Erskine Carol Evans Patricia Evins Roberta Feil Nick Fereday jay Ferguson Rick Fetterman Burt Finger jack Fraley Richard Freed john French Mike Friedman Jimmie Kaye Friday Lee Fursman jimmy Gary Freddy Gerson Carole Gibson Carolyn Giles Barbara Godfrey Martha Graham Bill Grant Don Green Nancy Greer Anne Gross Margie Gross Kathy Guernsey Buddy Haden Mary Ann Hammer George Harris joan Harris John Harris Robert Hart Glenda Hathaway Vicky Hayden Joe Hayes Karen Hernfelt Billie june Hewitt Jay Hicks Barbara Hill john Hill Eric Hodges W. B. Hollweg Joan Holway Heather Honan Carolyn Honza Harold Hooker Anita Horwitz Diane Hottman John Houck Tommy Houston Rowena Hoyt Jimmye Hudgins Georgia Hughes Robert Irish Celeste Irwin Steve Israel jane jackson Mike jackson Sandra Jackson Gayle jacobie Judy jarog Ann Jarrett Peggy Jessup Judy Johnson Royce Kanter Barbara Katz Edward Keeler Billy Keesey Bill Kelly Carol Kennedy Dale Kimmell David King Barbara Kline Peter Kofsky Ronald Koons Sue Krider Ginie Kruse joe Labruzzo Ann Lander Betty Lane Beverly Lane Dorothy Lash Larry Lee Robert Legg john Leonard Eddie Lester Dianne Lett Fredyann Levit Mary Lindsey Steven Lipner Don Loewen Charles Long Jane Loughmiller David Loving Gerald Luther Mark Magilow Baird Malloly Pat Manley Pam March jo Ellen Margrove Cynthia Marks Anne Marmaduke john Martin Sherry Martz Duncan Mason Lucy Mason Warner Massey Charles Mathens Steve Matthews Philip Maxwell Sid McClain Becky McCoy Eileen McCullouck Sherry McDaniel Bob McGregor Marc McKinney Mary McLead Bill McLeroy Pat McI.ester Richard McMichael Dian McMillan john Miller Susan Miller Shari Minton Billy Mitchell Tim Mitchell Martha Montgomery Peggy Mood Marsha Moore Marie Morel jane Moreman Herman Moreno joe Moss William Murray Don Myers Idie Nakano Susan Neel Sandra Neill jane Anne Nelson joan Nichols Candace Noycl Bobby Odom Maureen O'Toole Donna Page Carol Parker ' ,, 1 M y S 'f Y , ef K wma Linda Parker Eddie Parma jimmy Patton Mike Perry james Peterson Mary Nell Phillips Becky Pounders Joyce Powell Curry Pressly Victor Reavis Ronnie Reed Steve Reed Mary Lou Renfro Sandra Richie Diane Ricker David Ritz Shelly Roberts Steve Robertson Jimmy Rosenberg Karl Rubenstein john Rutledge Tom Rutledge Sherry Sadler Robert Sample Tommy Schara Sally Schmidt Henry Schread Frank Schultz Marlene Schultz John Schricht Susan Sensenbach Gregg Shafer Walter Shaw Barbara Shockey Mike Silverglat Kay Silverthorn Bobby Smith jerry Smith Kent Smith Lloyd Smith Ronnie Smith Sandra Smith Sandra Sohrweide jean Spangler Gordon Speights jimmy Spence john Spence Diane Starr Alan Steckler Sheryl Steele Sandra Stephens Tony Stiner David Summers Billy Surles Don Swinler David Tache Geraldine Tiffany Margie Trett Zack Troxel Judy Troyer Sally True Nancy Tuttle Michael Verduix Jimmy Vermillion Fen Vesecky Suellen Wall Margaret Wallace Nancy Wallace Dick Ward Lee Weatherly Pat Wellborn Eddie Werth Cecelia Wey Sharon Wharton Skippy Wharton Billy Whitehead Billy Whitsitt Joyce Wiggins Barbara Williams Mike Williams Nina Williams Steven Williams Pam Williamson Mescal Wilson if " ffl f , X X X ,ww X , Martha Wofford Ray Worchester Judy Young QAM Let's see, now . . . two times two equals NEW EIGHTH GRADE STUDENTS Front row: Sherry Carwile, Carol Harrison, Joyce Cryder, Sue Smith, Barbara Vernon, Carolyn Koontz. Second row: Bob Kuehn, Danny Smith, Betty jean Connoly, Charles jordan, Richard Allen. za 1. Isn't he cute? Gregg Shafer presents the trophy she won for the talent show to Mr. Croft. Q9 13,171 i 282950 9 G STUDENT COUNCIL JILL MAXCY ...,. ..,............ S ecrelafy GUY STOREY ........ ....,., V ire Prerident BILL PROCTOR ..,,.... ............ T reafufer BUDDY NICHOLS ...... ...... P refident OFFICERS EIGHTH GRADE-Firrt row: Victor Reavis, Carol Abrams, Carol Gibson, Sandra Dennis, Peggy Jessup, Ann Becklund, Mark McKinney, Tim Mitchell, Ray Clackston, jay Ferguson, Mr. Croft, Sponsor, Buddy Nichols. FRESHMEN-Semnd row: Thomas Bowman, Bob Horton, Peggy .Head, Carolyn Taylor, Sandra Sample, David Blackman, Ray Norton, Beverly Maxey, Judy Hurst, Donnie Dalton. SOPHOMORES-Third ww: Joe Miller, Bob Benson, Bill Brunson, jill Maxcy, Suzie Blailock, Bill Proctor, Barbie Walker, Bonnie Anderson, Steve Schlossstein, jerry Brown, Larry Bartlett, George Seay. JUNIORS-Fourlla row: Sharon Murdock, Joanne Cummings, Rozzie Rough, Beverly Anderson, Reggie Bowman, john Ingram, Guy Storey, Sterling Sanders, Judson Gee, Bob Rippy. THE STUDENT COUNCIL "Gimmie that ballot!" Nearly every homeroom period has seemed to bring another election, handledby council members. Solving the traffic difficulties in the lunch- room has been a major Student Council concern. , Peggy Head and Thomas Bowman look through clippings for the Student Council scrapbook, a valuable record of the year's ac- tivities. NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS Front row: james Rigby, Bobby Beckman, Mrs. Blackmore, Spon- sorg Dick Garde. Second row: Gail Barzune, Carol Keck, Mary Ann Edwards, Micky Newton, Carol Hodges, Jimml' SPCUCQ Paul Kunde. It Darn an ,pfv- -e "Caption, pleaseli' Editor john Ingram and Class Editor Ann Stooksberry think up a good one. Among the traditions established at any new school should be the building of an annual which will be a worthy representation of that school and its activi- ties. This task is far from easy, and it requires the cooperation as well as the support of the entire student body. The staff of the First Edition DOCUMENT have bent their labor toward producing, even in the first endeavor, an annual of first rate quality, in order that it may be equal to the already outstanding achieve- ments of Thomas Jefferson High School. Here, then, is a possession to be prized-your first DOCUMENT. In future years it will be a cherished remembrance of a wonderful first year. STAFF: Talbot Wight, johnny Gaughan, Billy Cox, Jo Ann Cummings, Nancy Akridge, N. Harri- son, Sponsorg John Ingram, Ann Stooksberry, Barbara Walker, Bill Proctor. f ' is . 'ff' . Z 3 t i ref, 5 an J' if W und FIRST EDITION l 9 5 7 STAFF JOHN INGRAM ...,..,.,,,,,, ANN STOOKSBERRY NANCY AKRIDGE .,...,,. Editor Clan Editor Copy Editor BARBARA WALKER ...... Orgtznizatiom JO ANN CUMMINGS ..,,.. .,,,.,,,,,.. A rt Editor BILL PROCTOR ............................,....,.............. Sporty Editor BILLY COX ........................,...,,......................,, Photographer TALBOT WIGHT, JOHNNY GAUGI-IAN, JAY ORDENEAUX ....,............................... Bufineff Staff N. HARRISON ..........................................,,..........,... Spomor "I wonder who that is on the second row ?" Nancy Akridge and Barbara Walker find a typical yearbook problem. fc , JOHN INGRAM, Editor Sports Editor Bill 'Proctor and Photographer Billy Cox pick out the 780th picture. , ft ,W , ,.,,,tu.,,, , ,, V, ..,...,X 1 "Isn't this fun?" Business Staff members johnny Gaughan and Talbot Wight handle sub- scription and advertising funds. Not pirtured: jay Ordeneaux. 99 ,gf yss, , ' Z , 4 ' H Y 1 e he P - L --' -- JW n. . -, , ' vig TEES 'Q' .1 ' .lilll Q 5 1 -.- ,. , , , ,, , Eff , M ' fa , V-- . l7waWV.,z,,i,.,,Y,Z3g Z' A ' Wu, 2 f, . 4' 'L 3.3-3- ,.V,5,, , E ,,,. , ,f,, ,,., X 5 ,V 'M ' 43 , Miz !3lc'x'f2ll6 ,jr V ,,,, , , Q gp 7 E ,V VV V 14,44 ff , rrff l if ,Md Q3-nfl--' ff , aw A X J , Mrs. Snell demonstrates the finer points of journalism to Larry jackson, Business Managerg Lynette Taylor, Editor, and Anne Hyman, Feature Editor. , V4 ww W, VV, , Z ,Z MWVMM X lfrr, , ,.,, , 1, ,,,,, , ,,,' , 7aaf..,.af N,,w i lw H H f f I H If M V , rv V ,ff ,y,, :-Z-ZZ, 1 , ,J V 1,345 e LYNETTE TAYLOR, Edilof as f ' V "t' "'f V Q9 ,V ,, , V, f, ' Z , ,, 1 'f gf, I , gi ,W . , '- if E V 0 WT! I ff1l14wI2ifhi5iZA!lV,.V, ,1V XMI' " , ,,,, ,tj ,Wim . 4 t -VT'-.Wvwnn 3 AL, 3 fi, ,ff .' ' ' y V y 3 2"t'rrr,W " , ff f ,Q , 2, , MJ ,L4,7fVf,,' " H "'V ,VV M' , V ' ' V i r O, f"' ,MJ "7"W!fffw V WMM V' X The sporting approach is taken by Paul Van Wagoner, Photographer, Reggie Bowman, Sports Editor, while Reporters Phyllis Rogers Valerie Brown work beaverishly. "Gee whiz, isn't this marvelous ?" The staff cheers itself up after the gruelling weeks of putting the paper together. and and 'ff 'Off' Z Linda Davisg cartoonist fsecond from leftj, explains her latest to Reporters Cynthia Smith, Sandra Sutton, Tom I-Iilker, and Roe Miller. Dpzllar, Texar, 1957 -The newspaper of Thomas jefferson High School was launched this year amid much discussion as to what the name and content should be. At length "The Reveille" was chosen by the student body, and a new tradition established. Published each six weeks by the staff pictured on this page, "The Reveille" has found favor with students and faculty alike. Much credit is due to the members of the beginning staff, as the task of building a paper is indeed a dif- ficult one. a X i f f Of f .- .. L.- OFFICERS Mike Hulme, Preridenlg Sue Halbrook, Vire preriderztg Billy jean Neely, Secfetaryg Barbara Smith, Treasurer. Mike Foster Richard McFadden, Evelyn Barnes, and Sandra Downing paste pockets in some of the new additions to Tfs growing library. ,....M..k. ,....Mi.-. -ELIBRARY ASSISTANTSii A great many valuable tasks are performed by Thomas jeffers0n's able library assistants. The pasting, filing, shelving, checking out of books, and other such inevitable library duties are capably per- formed by this service organization. ' . We ' New f 77 LE i-'www iii. john Sturdevant and Billy Neely attend the check-out desk. ff 1 """.j J- in LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Front row: james Carlisle, Richard Mc- Fadden, Mike Foster, John Abdnor, john Sturclevant, Mike Hulme, jimmy Mc- Kee. Second raw: Barbara Smith, Lana Clark, Billie Neely, Saundra Swartz, Sue Halbrook, Ruth Stout, june Rosenbaum. Third row: Beverly Wey, Sandra Down- ing, Mary Ann Barnes, Diane Howard, Pat Thomas, Marilyn Book, Joyce Con- nell, Evelyn Barnes, Nancy Keck. I0l Wa X f vrm 513 aff ara,-as me fc' 4' au' . VX, 1 L n I' VICKIE CHAMES BAXTER TAYLOR CYNTHIA SMITH CARL BOX Prerfdezzl Vice Prerident Secretary Tffflfllfff' g fly V CLUBf"'- '-1 - aARTSER HIE ,5- - The Art Service Club does all the scenery for our various assembly programs here at Jefferson. They also design costumes, decorate for our dances, and do any other artistic work needed around the school. From row: Peggy Campbell, Nancy Keck, LeRos Hull, Carl Box, Bill Sargent, Ronny Johnson, John Stratman, Baxter Taylor, Scott Ripley, Carol Keck, Judy Davenport. Second row: Vicki Chames, Mary Butler, Dianne Blanche, Pat Wilcox, Pearline Knight, Judy Hurst, Cynthia Smith, Ann Tenni- son, Sue Jo Sherman, Bonnie Anderson, Carolyn Gradick. Third row: Yvonne Stark, Sharon Clark, Brenda Stubel, Norma DePasquel, Delores Orms, Linda Weiler, Sandina Montanio, Rozzie Rough, Loretta Holloway, Beverly Anderson, Joanne Cummings, Betty Jo Holland, June Rosenbalm. . ,ar 1 Fin! row: John Abdnor, Richard Marcus, Baxter Taylor, Drew Wight, Johnny Gaughan, Billy Staton, Billy Cox, Billy Lewis, Mike Amis, Vince Hammond, Jerry Boggess, Mike Joslin, Winfield Scott. Second row: Bill Proctor, Barbara Walker, Pat Young, Rose Marks, Jean Sears, Sandra Sutton, Lynette Taylor, Diane Finney, Martha Childers, Barbara Yates, Pat McKnight, Cathy Franklin, Janice Johnson, Judy Rosebrock, Pat McMichael, Tony Schlesinger, Gene Worrell, Joe Messina, Dick Newton. Third row: Sharon Sarns, Linda Davis, Geneva Jones, Marilyn Gump, Jo Butler, Nancy Schara, Esther Schkurman, Dee Ann Graham, Dianna Billings, Kay Hendricks, Beverly Anderson, Janet Wenger, Ronny Chapman. Q -,g-..-.5 of-3.2 THE THE PIANS 'fy ve- 'Q-'fig .:, e .,- -I1 SPEECH CLUB OFFICERS BARBARA WALKER ................................ Secfelary LYNETTE TAYLOR ...... .... V ice Pferiiient RICHARD NEWTON ........ ........... P feridenl BEVERLY ANDERSON ..... ....... T reamrer The Thespians is a group composed of our very fine Speech department here at Thomas Jefferson. They will represent Jefferson in the Interscholastic League of One-Act Plays for the first time this year. They also stage our assemblies. l03 OFFICERS-Front raw: Bruce Lipshy, Jeanne Sears, JoAn Young, Bill Proctor, Bill Dennis, Vince K Hammond, Jackie Loinette, Mary Ann Edwards. Second raw: Mary Malone, Mike McKinsey, Walter Legg, Jerry Boggess, Richard Marcus, John Scruggs, Janie Austin, Bob Hays. Third row: Ward Mayborn, Mickey Newton, Jimmy Hill, Mike Joslin, Eddie Liebman, Richard Newton, Bill Lewis, Smithy Caudle, Pete Jessup. THE LATIN CLUB 'M r'7 Q 'B E 492, Q 5 .x .KJ Q9 Q Q FORSAN ET HAEC oL1M MEMINISSEEJG E, Q K IUVABIT - VIRGIL ff Discipuli linguae Latinae ex variis scholis et Aborigines Thomae Jeffersonis sodalitatem condiderunt, Hi postquam in una moena convenerunt incredibile fuit quam facile coaluerint. Ita brevi spatio, W. Dennis, W. Procter consulibus, multitudo dispersa concordia sodalitas facta est. Fuit proprium munum magistratuum se gerere personam sodalitatis et ea fidei suae commissa meminisse. Servos autem oportuit aequo animo cum civibus ludere et laborare, atque in schola ea velle quae tranquilla et honesta essent. Omnium societatum nulla fuit carior quam ea quae cum sodalitate fuit uni cuique. Q-mul' . 5 was ww Geese. Www .wwe 6. . f ww, 1 sw vw-f-we W we we Nm I ra ' , fl fi xii CITIZENS--Franz row: Forrest Murphey, Kathy Donovan, Ann Langham, Barbie Walker, Linda Gillean, Barbara Book, Ann Rutledge, Mary Ann Barnes, Jennifer Jamison, Janet Lacaze, Frannie Tuckfield, Buzzy Olan, Carolyn Williams. Second row: James Crittenden, Becky Butler, Dale Atkin- son, Sandra Sutton, Lynette Taylor, Marian Klund, Virginia McBride, Diane Blanch, Marty Scott, Mary Jane Brogan, Jackie Weldon, Tony Schlesinger, Dick Rogers, Bruce Marcus. Third row: Mike Honea, Kim Neher, Virginia Lake, William Paine, Forest Ernst, Terry Grant, Ronnie Chapman, John Page, Winfield Scott, Linda Schwalbe, Esther Schurman, Norma DePasqual, Jane Wenger. SLAVES-Front row: John Ingram, Jane Stewart, Sherry Boyd, Noel Houck, Lyndia Nichols, Kitty Whitworth, Melinda Smith, Frances Montfort, Betsy Seals, Patsy Gumm, Julie Cummings, Franklin Frickey, Patty, Jill Morton, Alayne Kornblee, Tracy Witchell. Second row: Pat Breum, Beth Powrie, Janie Johnson, Sandra Sulkin, Sandra Garner, Margaret Watkins, Sammye Thomasson. Linda Parker, Carol McDonald, Baxter Taylor, Bill Jamison, John Moore, Margaret Hobart, Pat Bryant. Third row: Ruth Boatwright, Patsy Hathaway, Judy Harbour, Terry Tomlin, Michael Hen- rich, George Williams, LeRos Hull, Richard Donehoo, Nancy Muir, Sharon Clark, Randy Green, Barry Skiles, Bill Wilkinson, Dick Goode, Jerry' Johnson, James Rigby. Front ww: Miss Hatcher, jack jenkins, Mike Amis, Ruth Stout, jean Shaw, Denny Thomason, Sandy Barton, Rozzie Rough, Joanne Penfold, Brenda Cravotta, Reggie Bowman, Donna DeVaney, Linda jones, Beverly Edwards, Cathy Franklin, Peggy Campbell, Jeanne Kalousek, Marilyn Book, Betty McClure, Rose Marks, Miss Davidson. Second row: Linda Kamens, Sandra Swartz, Anne Hyman, Linda Weiler, Sandy Hunter, Mary Margaret Glew, Loretta Holloway, Dianne Lenhart, Jill Maxcy, Debby Skinner, Janice Vickery, Beverly Wey, Kay Hendricks, Yvonne Stark, Judy Hale, Pat McClure, Allan Oliver. Third raw: David Marlow, Geneva Jones, Linda Davis, Shirley Marlow, Dianna Gibson, Melba Connell, Bonny Vine, Harold Giddens, Carl Box, Bill Sargent, Winfield Scott, Sharon Belk, Nella Pitts, Donne James, Betty Ballard, Elayne Fincher. EL FORO EST DIANT IL PAN ERICAN E Thomas Jefferson Chapter OFFICERS: Betty Jo Holland, Reporlerg Gretchen Crigger, Serretafyj Joe Butler, Vire Prefidenzg Suzanne Spencer, Trearzzreu' Shirley Shull, President. ,743 1' M, , 2,3 , 43 X , tf-. Q 1 -2 PURPOSES: 1. To give students an opportunity to enrich their knowledge of Spanish by a study of the history, customs, and geog- raphy of Latin America and Spain. 2. To give students an opportunity to hear native speakers and to practice conversa- tion in Spanish. 5 , fi- K fy 2 E 7 .,kx Front row: Georgiana Blaylock, johnny Miller, Buddy Hayden, Lee Fursman, Gwen Childress, Idie Nakona, Mary Ann'Ross, Robyn Goldman, Donna Alexander, Kay Kinkle, Lou Ann Wall, Bill Brunson, Baxter Taylor, Sandy Sample, Nancy Akridge, Linda Briden. Sefozzd row: Bruce Cave, David Tacke, Bob Casey, jenny Cowley, Linda Gillean, Mike Verduin, Pattie Easton, Grant Cook, Carolyn Cobb, Margie Moore, jennifer Jamison, Betty McClure, janet Wenger. Third row: Pete Sherman, Pete McKenna, Mickey Benninghoven, john Abdnor, Aubrey Moody, Frank Brucksaler, Doug Roberts, Linda Swalbe, Chris Meyercord, Sammy Thomasson, Donna Page, Carl Box. .2 UNIOR RED CROSS?--1 2- 1 1-1 The junior Red Cross is constantly doing deeds of good Will. This year the big project of the organiza- tion was filling a high school chest for overseas, through voluntary contributions. This chest was filled with health supplies, a few small toys, school supplies, an Atlas, a book of United States geography, an almanac, and as a friendly gesture, the brochure on I l the beginnings of Thomas jefferson. OFFICERS: Betty McClure, Vire Pre.fidem',' Nancy Akridge, Secretary-Trearureu' Janet Wenger, Pferidenz. MILITARY OFFICERS SOCIAL OFFICERS Lieutenant Sandy Barton, Lieutenant Valerie Brown, Betty JO Holland, S9f'fff1'J"TfF4fl4"9f'! 'Rozzie R0U8h, Captain Elizabeth Holweg, Lieutenant Betty Dunlap, Pf'fI1dfH1?f Geneva Jones, Vfff P79514-Will' Barbara Lieutenant Mary Margaret Glew, Yates, ReP01'lf1'- A , :X"-' rf ..-1. --- 5, eTHE REBEL DRILL TEAM '-f ' 1 Franz row: Mary Margaret Glew, Mary Del Jacobie, Linda Weiler, Diane Dodson, Nancy Clements, Carol Camplen, Tracy Witchell, Elizabeth Hollweg, Barbara Yates, Sandy Hunter, Loretta Holloway, Rozzie Rough, Jill Maxcy, Jane Maris, Sandy Barton. Serond row: Betty Detweiler, Evelyn Poyser, Jane Beaver, Diane Donnely, Jimmie Pitman, Gay Behymer, Roberta Lievsay, Virginia Lake, Judy Hale, Janie Austin, Patsy Gumm, Dale Long, Shirley Shull, Betty Jo Holland, Lana Clark,'Valerie Brown. Third row: Pat Copeland, Becky Butler, Pat McClure, Kim Neher, Sandra Snodgrass, Geneva Jones, Mollie Smith, Dixie Jones, Suzanne Spencer, Dandra Kramer, Betty Stubbs, Mary Burgess, Donne James, Debbie Skinner, Jenny Cowley. Fourth row: Linda Davis, Gretchen Crigger, Patty Goldammer, Sue Simms, Yvonne Stark, Linda Goff, Nancy Keck, Jo An Wright, Joanne Cummings, Margaret Hobart, Carolyn Cobb, Barbara Frazier: Jean Sears, Donna DeVaney. 5 E 2 2 LEFT-Front row: Diane Dodson, Lieut. Sandy Bar- ton, Loretta Holloway. Serond row: Suzanne Spen- cer, Sandy Hunter, Betty Jo Holland, Carol Camplen. RIGHT-Front row: Bar- bara Yates, Lieut. Betty Dunlap, Janie Maris. Sec- ond raw: Gay Behymer, Evelyn Poyser, Geneva Jones, Nancy Clements. Third raw: BeckySButler, Pat McClure, Sandra Kra- mer, Dixie Jones, Betty Stubbs. iff , Q., I -eq v ,Q I , 3 ,fwfr iff , is-.,-1 f' 'rt' mav- i-+wu-r-5 rang J y a , t, if I if M' ., . ,- ,L S' . K 3 -fi 32M MANAGERS T , X Rf M SPONSOR Anne Hyman and Linda Schwalbc , X M A " Mrs, Bohm-mon r '- "-' hi V' iiil i'il ,, , ff J a'Sa f . A J S fal' c ' ea,, Q. J 'l" " '1li-E ylyti . 1 , r Z Q L33 Sa f W , t Hwy cw, if CAPTAIN ELIZABETH HOLWEG TWIRLER DONNA DEVANEY an KT MQ if 5 I , , LEFT-Front raw: Rozzie 4, 'if V ' Rough, Lieut. Mary Mar- ' ,- Q- "f,,,' ' iz," fffnfr, garet Glew, Pat Copeland. h ,S ,ff X ,-., in Second vow: Jimmie Pit- f -Q 1 K ,jg W J lg, if ,rw man, Debbie Skinner, Janie ' Austin, Linda Weiler. nf M Q jd.. N '-.., " ' V ",',,,j Third row: Patsy Gumrn, Sandra Snodgrass, Jill Maxcy, Shirley Shull. RIGHT-Front row: Tracy Witchell, Lieut. Valorie Brown, Judy Hale. Second row: Dale Long, Jenny Cowley, Roberta Lievsay, Dianne Dannley. Third row: Kim Neher, Donne James, Mary Burgess, Molly Smith. p4M .,,,, ffqpfmdgf . '-'W Y ' fr q vy V..1. Bl K-T--.T T l ff-M R 7 ji f 5 W. 47 T -N I in f S9 7' , x 4 A 4 4 I f wg " c 1 1 ' , f fy S 3 1 n j 4- -T ., :ff S, .A , 1 ,ff V '- 1-1-ff ,. 1 , q ff f N " , 1wW,MwwawWw7Q M- ,AL , , V I 3 I Q7 f Tl , 1435 f, , f J 1 'lick 3 gm, K , 'fy Nm' 'iff' . - , V! , f 4 , ' 12. , li? , .. ' 272. ff, ,f 4 V' f H V ., In L, A V - ' f m , , A ff ' ly, .1-Ii-:JZ I gg. X V 5 ,LI f ff H VV ,I , ei I , gk ,K tn" f' - X' - W4 , I, . if 5 , t f. ' ' A "V ' w U1 . -rf.. 'f 4 712 N MQ: , . , - ,pf'rfii'f' " A J Q ' 1 H ,ffgl-2-t S J ,, ,,, 'L N.-if Af 3 HM- .M f-.A 71, 1 3.-r ,fi "T , 1 vi' if f'?Q5'TBlw1' ,. ' ,,, ' -1,2-,S-af? , 1 , vfy- .4.:4':'ff-7...31Z5LQ-,-,x.Zf4135.44v.2ZgJil,2 in NSN Ncwxh 5 if by V iia , Q X NS - FV , if ' 5 A Q37 4 V ' jf: "isa LQQLI .51 ' 'N' -"- 2' ,Q My 'M ' -ff fx il , 3 51:15 . , al I cl S 5' f 5 ,,: wil w.N,N, .tg 8 Ni A ist, 4 4 it zdgags I Q I . , X4 ! Franz row: Barbara Colburn, Donna Sowell, Pat Breum,Rosemary High, Pattie McShane, Sandra Sample, Carmen Green, Nancy Weismain, Vera Broolcsoler. Second row: Anne Walker, Susie Goode, Janet Keisler, Patty Golddammer, Patsy Gumm, Kitty Whitworth, Sue Sims, joan Kershaw, Carolyn Taylor, Carolyn Woodley, Myrna Welborne. Third row: Andrea Stroup, Jeri Gates, Regina McWilliams, Patty Cobb, Nancy Schara, Alice Mincavage, Ann Stanley, Carolyn Cobb. Sammye Thomason, jennifer Jameson, Betty McClure, Sandra Garner, Shirley Marlow. This club is organized to give an opportunity for service to those girls interested in nursing. Service is their primary goal. In March, a state-wide Convention was held in San Antonio at which speakers presented the purpose and goal of a nurse's life-which is a dedicated one. QFUT RE URSES CLUB fs E -:-. :-- OFFICERS Kitty Whitworth, Secrelafy-TreaJurer,' Ann Stanley, Cofrarponding Secretaryg Myrna Wel- borne, Vice Preridenlj Nancy Schara, Pferideni. 6-as ,,i.,,m,,,,,.,,...-m---"I OFFICERS-Dwight Gleaves, Social Direrzorg Sondra Steffens, Trear- CHOIR COUNCIL-Front raw: Emma Cowley Carolyn Taylor Judy wer Ann Langham C0-Jecretafyg Kitty Whitworth, C0-secretary' John Wood, Rawley Curry, Sgmmi ww.. John Bufner, Franklin Hickey Bfuflef Pfffldffff Gerald Prestridge, Norman Fojtasek, Kitty Whitworth. 1 THOMAS JEFFER ON CHORUS '-- 2: Front row: Rosemary High, Saundra James, Nancy MacDough, Rebecca Crawford, Judy Wood, Barbara Smith, Sharon Silk, Betsy Seals, Julie Cummings, Nancy Schara, Kitty Whitworth, Sandy Allen, Karen Schneider, Billye Cox, Vera Bruchsaler, Pianirtfz Sue Goode, Noel Houck, Second row: Sandy Wilson, Carol Shield, Gringer Troxel, Dianna Scott, Barbara Cuhrer, Kay Madere, Nancy Anderson, Sharon Simmons, Scott Ripley, Rawley Curry, Franklin Frickey, Melvin Loinette, Linda Rice, Ann Langham, Elaine Porter, Susan Webb, Ruth Boatwright. Third row: Sondra Steffens, Anne Walker, Margaret Watkins, Patsy Hathaway, Sue Jensen, Betty Huster, Jimmy Dawson, John Bruner, Norman Fojtasek, Ricky Donehoo, Herman Wheeler, Mike Hendricks, Pat Briden, Carolyn Taylor, Rebecca Moore, Donna Sowell. Fourth row: Jane Stewart, Sherry Boyd, Peggy Weaver, Marion Brooks, Betty .Howard, John Moore, Randy Green, Roger Smith, Tommy McDonnell, Winford Chick, Gerald Prestridge, Dwight Gleaves, David DeWeese, Patty Cobb, Pam Heath, Patty Breum. OFFICERS Bob Hayes, Preridenzj Dick Dubes, Vice preridenlg Becky Ward, Secretary-Trearufer. The 1957 Rebel Band has displayed amazing talent in view of the fact that it is functioning as a unit for the first time this year. Com- posed of seventy-eight pieces, the band has performed for various school programs and P.T.A. concerts, as well as for the Dallas Music Federation. Mr. Lund, first semester Director, and Mr. Vick, second semester Director, are to be complimented upon their ac- complishments. Band members are looking forward to their new uniforms, of West Point dress style in red and blue, for next season's football games. THE REBEL BAND FIRST CHAIR PLAYERS Front row Marty Scott Dick Newton Tommy Stuart, Ben Cumnock, Sam Glass, Bob Hayes. Second row Dick Dubes Nancy Muir Becky Ward, Barbara Katz, Ann Rutledge. Third row: Lynn Garon- zrc Maurna Shoemaker joe Tomlin B111 Brunson, Charles Mathews, Roger Staley, Tommy Dawson. 1 ,. i , Q i I , gr f, 1 5 K 1 I 1 B-b Clrzrinelf Marna Shoemaker Jimmy Patton Donna DeVaney Kent McCoin jimmy Gilmore Diane Grove Carolyn Teel Ronald Carol David Ritz David Summers Ann Gaughan Barry McKernan joe Hays Ben Howell David Eshleman David Barton Donald Lowen Leighton Glass Flutes Nancy Muir Virginia Starnes Allen Oliver Ann Rutledge BAND MEMBERS C orneti Fred Saulter Bob Hayes Sam Glass Tommy Dawson Mike Alexander Tommy Gainer Mike Freedman john Page Jerry Noland Bill McLeRoy David Hill Bill Murhy Oboe Becky Ward Brmoon Dick Newton Alto Srzxopbonef Johnny Gaughan Lynn Garonzik Larry Lee Gail Abdnor jackie Loinette Bob Casey French Horny Joe Tomlin Sam Crenshaw Sharon Clark Fred Phillips Dwayne Mincy Nick Anderson Alto Clarinet Barbara Katz Bair Clarinet David Whitaker Tenor Saxophone Charles Mattews Trornlaonex Charles Carlin Wayne Noster Bill Brunson Steve Montgomery Phyllis Palmer David King Perczmionf Roger Staley Wayne Mincy Roe Millar Maurice Ierwick Billy Cox Barbara Bronson Brzritonef james Goode Dean Davis Ben Cummock Jerry McFarlin Wesley Campbell B Ban Marty Scott Dean Coppage John Ingram Il3 5 2 Mickey Benninghoven Ted Bogart jimmy Bradley Vance Burton Dean Coppage Tom Gainer We 1 Sam Glass jimmy Hill 5, Pete Jessup s, elll Bob johnson l'r A f l'll me Mike Joslin eV 1. A ,J jimmy Kammerer M' y kj iiie I Bruce Marcus i V ,X ,, I f K Tommy Rhodes 7 Tony Schlessinger ,j,, ,V Winfield Scott ,.,c C vii' f 1 f 5 f yr, , , I W ' T' f 1 , , , l V, qygfff rf fy f ef' fy.. , W: :fi V , ry! r f! I . yn, i I I ,QM 'M-...N 34 Y""'1'r ' I S Qiiiiu i .af ff 5 ta .1 ..-"T: .-' - ,, 1 i i Q Q ! f -ew Q . V " -- ?' "" ' E..- - 1 .:.. f Preridenf The Key Club of Thomas jefferson, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, is newly established this year and promises to be one of the outstanding organizations of our school. March 15-17, members of the Key Club attended the annual District Conven- tion in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they received many helpful suggestions about carrying out future activities and projects. Their motto for the. coming year is "WAGE PEACE." BILL PROCTOR TOM NORTON ED DAVIS MIKE AMIS KEN COPPAGE Vice prefidenz Secretary Treasurer junior Director , my 1 V ', M4- 2 I 'r s Wu, if fig MM! x ,ru , f , , fy er. The Amica Tri-Hi-Y of Thomas jefferson spon- sors many types of service projects for the school and community. For example, this Christmas the Amica Tri-Hi-Y made a needy family very happy. They collected food, clothing, a tree, and gifts for them. Front 1'0llf.' Diana Billings, Secretaryg Debbie Skinner Vice President, Top row. Kay Kramer, Chaplaing Nella Pitts, Treasurerg Donne James, President. fa -:-Ji'-?1 '31 5'iAMICA TRI-HI Y Front row: Cathy Franklin, Barbie Walker, Donne james, Debbie Skinner Diana Billings Nella Pitts, Kay Kramer, Jean Sears. Second row, Veritas Memberf: Linda Rice Kit Schoenfield Patsy Gumm, Janie Austin, Marian Klund, Frannie Tuckfield, Sandra Snodgrass Yvonne Stark Betty Stubbs, Marilyn Merritt. 1 k Z I Front row: Geneva Jones, Linda Davis, Bunnie Book, Norma DePasqual, Diane Dannelly, Pat Mc- Knight, janet Wenger, Beverly Anderson, Ann Langham, Kathy Donovan, Sharla Hightower. Second row: Lynette Taylor, Linda Swalbe, Michele Dillard, Patsy Redding, Ester Schkurman, Joanne Cum- mings, Mary Del Jacobie, Virginia McBride, Bonnie Vine. DELPHI TRI-HI-Y jf 5 .41 .l -L - g , j , X x -5 no --1 X i 9, -5155 1 ' ' -" -'- .1 5 5 -5 soRoR1s TRI-H1-Y Front row: Linda Gillean, Counfil Repfe.renznzi1ze,' jill Maxcy, Cboplaing Shirley Shull, Vice prefi- denty Linda Parker, Pferidentg Nancy Wadley, Tferzrurer. Sefond row: Sue Parker, Donna DeVaney, Sharen Belk, Suzanne Blailock, Pattie Easton. 'WW3 if fjfffmjw fnwfnfi vw C7 129' Brenda Cravotta Gretchen Crigger Mary Ellen Gross Anne Hayes Betty Holland Loretta Holloway Sandy Hunter Melinda McKirnball Sandina Montanio Delores Orms Joanne Penfold Suzanne Spencer Janice Vickery Linda Weiler 'f -,D ..-1. ... if , W, A g ge 33? .ag-A .W 7 W' E 41,3 W, , g MM 'wwf' y ,V' , fi W , . Q22 E K 'Q , .ff 7 UMINAR SER II TRI-HI-Y- -"- " -'1 Pferident 222' W. ff f-f-fy gg. , If M.,,1 I A ' Of V' "f' f f w S f X fwf 'V , ,V ,V ,.,, , V, , .,, A af fffff ff f K gif ff, U I ff IO X f Y ggfff ,fff , ff f f fiwf ff J f a , , f ,X , f ff I . .5 . , fp! fkf,Ql,k 2,2 Q4 ,.,f'gf"if",.f,'f,f.7ff, i '17 V, by f yff ff!! , tl J M ,,., y bg ,,.V ,..r t,,.ry , t k , V ' 'fi iff! f SCMQQ' 5 : ' " ' Y -L A: an ' -e , Z , yvmnrf, i ,,,y, ., f ' r WW 4:3-'ev The Aluminar Servii Tri-Hi-Y is yet another of our outstand- ing service organizations. Constantly on the lookout for projects to benefit our school and community, they are a fine example of the good will and patriotism of our school. DOAN SIMMONS ROZZIE ROUGH LOLA VICKERY GEORGIANA BLAYLOCK Vice Pferident Secretary Tfedfllfef Chaplain ,J X ' ,X 1-In .-4,4.,- X 'X f l ",,,-3ai',, few '-Q 1. ga --,-1 tk. 9 -., ,. ,, , ,"g , , 1 H , ff, , uf, , , Q ,, X fqw , yi ' 5 QV I gli, ,WW agp, 'I-wav , 7 , ,r5:,Q,1'! jj' VQV , .1i'wl"e:w12w if fwgfi, 1. 3 ,Z N i' fs' ,- If ' 259' J . I -, . 4 s Mi - i I Front row: Bobby Wilson, Craig Thornhill, Henry Suche, Sammy Ventura, Reggy Bowman, Ronny jones, jerry Huffer, Jud Gee. Second raw: Winfield Scott, Tommy Cook, Bill Horton, Pat Worrel, Pete McKenna, George Karlen, john Stewart, Bob Rippy, Richard Westbrook, Thomas Bowman. -n an -u "4-v"' 11 ,--' 2 'TTDELTA GAMMA SIGMA HI-YE'-1 Delta Gamma Sigma I-Ii-Y is a boys' service organization newly formed this year at Thomas jefferson. In addition to the worthwhile projects such as those carried on by all Hi-Y organizations, Delta Gamma Sigma this year sponsored a formal Christmas dance at Hodges Hall. R! V JOHN STEWART JERRY HUFFER BOBBY WILSON SAMMY VENTURA REGGY BOWMAN Preiiaiefzt Vice Pferidenl Secretary Trefzrurer Cazuzril Reprerezztalive ,va I I , -4 nr, :ri -,ag . , 4 ,,.,,, , I ,J 1, , V O, f n H.- .,,, ,ff - j s X ' 1 l 2 Front row: Marilyn Gump, Pam Adkins, Nancy Akridge, Virginia Starnes. Second row: Lana Clark, Roberta Lievsay, Mary Burgess, Barbara Smith. Not piatured are: Evelyn Barnes and Beverly Wey. THETA PHI TRI-HI-Y "' 1 W. - L rg. "'u: Q3 - - -' Q " En -i f - ..- 5 .: .. - I+ it -- -v ' G 1 -ug 5 Y -i.,- 1 CAMERA CLUB From' row: Billy Cox, Preyidentg johnny Gaughan, Vife prefideng' Talbot Wight, Serretary, Semnd row: Diane Blanche, Jimmy Gary, Tommy Rhodes, Grant Cook, jay Ordeneaux. Third row: jim Wight, Le Ros Hull, jerry Hibbs, Chuck Carlin. X X -ni- 50 - --if fy? 'jig ., ,A ,,y..fv Gy: , ,"'r X -,uskx ,J Z . I f 1 ee '11 LADY ANNE of the house of Hyman escorted by LORD THOMAS of the house of Bowman LADY DONNA of the house of DeVaney escorted by LORD GEORGE of the house of Seay ffm ykwqfye R A 2 A ea., fs THE FIRST ANNUAL SWEETHEART COURT 1 , ff X f ' I f , LADY BRENDA of the house of Cravotta escorted by LORD REGGIE of the house of Bowman LADY JO AN of the house of Young escorted by LORD ROBERT of the house of Wilson , - K :Q s P I ' V .. V X1 LQ ANNE HYMAN junior Clam Favorite JERRY HUFFER junior Clan Favorite BOBBY BENSON S 0P!9077701'6 Class Favorite J ?ll,1 DONNA DEVANEY l , ? SUPIJOWZOVE Clan Favorite K BILL JAMISON Freshman C1455 Ffworzte NANCY CLEMENTS Frefbmm C1455 Favorzte -S SUE KRIDER Eighth Grade Clam Favorite 2 2 1 3 5 2 9 S S 7 wx 22 7 ff ,QZQI ff f V f, ,f,, X", fff ,',, af ff, I fiffZf4f,ff, ,cg 79,5 W ,,,,,f,f,,M ,X 7,5f V, ,,,, 7 f f mfg, X , 'G i"5ff,z , , 7,13 ,, f,, ,ff ,!V,,, ff,f , , f,, W gf f, far f,, f 0,51 ffm , ,, ,, f fmcifff X yf, ,gy ,fb !,V,,,V,f, , ffwf, Q, ff ,rf 47 f V103 WZ .ff x 10 1, gg, 'uf f f hw' WMM, , 5 ffyjz,,'wf f,!,,,',, 7 , , ,Wy 7, mm , f ff yy, fm ZW i gmfff 2. f ' gf Vx' ff, wf ,,f f ff, f f, f ,Wu f A ff 3 2 fn, X, 474' Q! ff, lf, f f f f f Z, , , if ' ww fffxw xx f , , ,, C4 f f f,' f , , ff,,, f f f f f , yf X , Lf' ,f9,jQ: , f 14324, ' f 7-21, f iff, ' ,f 4 i' f 2 f 1- 2' f-1, 47 , ,Z 'wff ,a f ,f , ,Z ffm, ,, Q , 19 f, ,. N. ,ki , X ,,,, fm ,nf ,QM A , ,. 1 ,- -'MU N ,, , -af ,, , , Q. 1 ., f f wwf ,,ff,w2f' f 5 ai: f::g,,f'pz5,1-W f , ,, ,,,,. , ,,,,, r , wx , 'f I, X xt M45 fffffv nh A flu,-7f' ff' f f?f7Vlff'7'1'4ffnWwf , ' AH , f f y ,f if . an ww wi 'fn fffymwf if M fy 'f f . f, 4- -Q:wf-Lkfwmf Z ' H 7 4 ,. ,2 55 " H'-fzfvzf-gfffiiff if '1 iizif ' . , , 1 W. of-my A,Wn,1-rf'.z f, ',J4?9fi'fl7f5?l3f A C f K f fm f ffl , f 'M ' 4, 4,,,AMf:1+V7fW?w2a,3, 2f1f27zfzfa'X'f" W' ' " ' 7 77? dii?7fV'M'f'fffff X X 'X f X aka- ff-4, - 7? I VBIQQ? ff f ,, N, 'f'M"'f ' Ag 2.3:-' ,' ZmMfh5YZ5'5'4Vz-:,.1Aiwirvf7,fZ:?+z" iw' 1:4 7 - MSW- 'If 'ffffl ,hzff ff ,f'ff"?W f. "fWZ'0'f 'inf- W I , ,,xWf,wf'w" -ff 4 ,W V 7 wwf' .fm kk- 'Aw W:-iiswb 2 A Ufff,w,' 5315 644 1 yawn ?11g'A ' M4-v ,ww- ffa , M sf I nw L',,..j:j ,, . 1, , -fy: :Z fff f , L ,.21,,. 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Looking Girl Thomaf jefferfon X Q , Fir 9 c THE CHEERLEADERS WINFIELD SCOTT PAT MCKNIOHT DOAN SIMMONS JOANNE PENFOLD BRENDA CRAVOTTA BOBBY WILSON Leading the Rebel cheers for the 1956-1957 season, the energetic group Of Ugyrating jessiesl' has proved a large factor in the spirit behind the Thomas jefferson teams. Head Cheerleader Doan Simmons and her able staff have come up with yells both Original and Well-beloved, SO that the Rebels have yelled with the best Of 'emi 7325?-z1Nwf , . 5???5a?f' f ' 1' .AA. Q73 A ': 1 1, 'r Q. A , ' - ri 'A2A 4 , bvw. It I . V. . A: Q, - ,. A x , in 3 , 6 4 blir , f 1. if ' ' ff , ' , 5 as - Q J 5 1 g i CMON 4 ' A ' -' Vi iffl' 2 A A' ' 5 YOU YELL . . f .,,,. geggg K ' 5 v 4 Q 3 'f'!-if ' 'Q I M N? f ' "- 1 7 5, i 53 REBELS irbow-Q'-1 -1 2 Head Coach Herman Cowley and Captain Guy Story. c7""'f ALL Z The first Rebel football team made its debut in high style. With seven wins, one loss, and one tie, our players have, Without a doubt, set a high standard for future jefferson gridders. With a swift backfield and a powerful line, they have shown that they possess the potential to make a good name for themselves in future district competition. OUTSTANDING PLAYERS BUDDY NICHOLS GEORGE SEAY "Lineman of the Week" "Back of the Week ffl Ss ,NZ rx G F L Y 2 S: ' -Jrxxyl Q U 1957 REBEL FOOTBALL QUAD Front row: Harold Giddens, Terry Don Richardson, Ronnie Jones, Bobby Benson, George Seay, Buddy Nichols. Serond row: Managers Jimmy Bradley, Pat Worrellg Richard Westbrook, James Teter, Jerry Brown, John Jessup, Guy Story, Joe Miller, David Ray, Manager Mike Honea. Third row: Coach Sam McClure, Bob McCutcheon, Bob Rippy, Lester Godwin, Reggie Bowman, Wayne Williamson, Gerald O'Reilly, Tom Bailey, Bob Clinger, Aubrey Moody, Jerry Huffer, Jud Gee, Manager Pete Sherman, Coach Floyd Mechler, Head Coach Herman Cowley. Fourth row: Coach Allen Kirk, Lee Johnson, Dick Dubes, Jack Lagow, Jody Daniel, Frank Haley, Denny Thomason, Harold Smith, Coach Harold Bartlett. Fiflb row: Smithy Caudle, Winston Jones, Jimmy Langham, Bill Dennis, Tom Bowman, Bruce Lipshy. SEASON'S RECORD JEFFERSON .,..... ....... 3 9 SEAGOVILLE .... ....,, 2 7 JEFFERSON ....... ..,..... 1 5 HANDLEY ..... ,,,,,,, 1 3 JEFFERSON ....... ....... 1 5 BREWER ............ ,,,,,, 7 JEFFERSON ....... ........ 2 6 CARROLLTON ............,,,,,,.... ,.,,,,, 7 JEFFERSON ....... ....... 2 4 WOODROW WILSON "E" ,,,,, ,,,, , , 0 JEFFERSON ....... ....... 2 6 RICHARDSON .,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,,, .,,,,, 0 JEFFERSON ....... ......, 1 S SEYMOUR ..... ,,,,,, 2 1 JEFFERSON ....... ....... 7 2 CASTLEBERRY ..,.,. ,,,,,, 7 JEFFERSON ....... ..,.... 5 7 OFHLDRESS ,,,, 031 J 1 fb X' l43 l,we4.s ' 1-LEGH UL' '5GHli1ff' :xY.HhLT V fa: V,c,,,l-s ,efeh V., i X, COACHING STAFF Fran! row: SAM McCLURE, Bezckfield Codcbg I-IERMAN COWLEY, Head Coezchg ALLEN KIRK, Line Coach. Second row: FLOYD MECHLER, "B" Team' Coarbi HAROLD BARTLETT, Auiytanl "B" Team Coach, Front row: Dick Willis, Bill Horton, Coach Cowley. Second row: Ronnie Pursel, Neil Penwell, David jones. EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL Front row: Steve Robertson, Sid McClain, Billy Billings, Eugene Comroe, John Miller, Ronald Koons, Second row: Coach Bill Horton, Duncan Mason, Ronnie Book, Jim Peterson, Orbie Hanks, 4 M ifcgfyvwvf fn 43. gm me ren i 7 I qty. qw K ,VVV N if y HAROLD G1DDENs and sta., . X 1 f 2 -14,14 f Q 'fh' . -fs . "h' V ,V 1' f f f fm ' ,, s ' if QQ rsrr T Ipsf , ' y T at , , , .- ""- 1 ff? Ei' ft .asf T.. RONNIE JONES , , if M X,., 1:"?:-M - ' A 'Q araaa 7 4 ,., .. , - 2' GERALD O'REILLY Charge!! 43,1 ' , 4 4-Y X 4 Aff' Alf -.- - 2' 4" T Y 5- 3 ef' P1 so me + KX N , - - QQ :T S8904 With a well coordinated display of offense and a stout defense, the Rebels easily slew the Dragons. T. J. took command of the ball in the middle of the first quarter after the Dragons had drawn first blood. Then Terry Richardson made his football debut with the Rebels by racing 46 yards for the first TD. Shortly afterward a beautiful 37-yard pass from Seay to Nichols was erased by a penalty. Refusing to be robbed, Seay made the same play work again for the second Rebel TD. Halftime came with the Rebels leading 12 to 7. Evidently the Rebels got a tongue-lashing for just making two scores, because they broke the game wide open in the second hal-f. Bobby Ben- son made the first TD, followed by Ronnie jones, Buddy Nichols, and Bob Clinger respectively. -M 4 , , . l v' .-ga, ,U .. . .f l ,,,, ff, 7 Hifi. ..., ff, 121 1. I 'F -fty w, A GEORGE SEAY an I as 5 QL 1 l BUDDY NICHOLS are-may 1 , 1 Xe f i i , ,ggi . , I Af M, q .1A,5.g.A. Seay makes pass completion to Giddens. 4 JOE MILLER 7 "2 f'5 I E: g 4. 'Q .1 F , I x -Ti , ,sk 'Z i j ,, v ff JACK LAGOW X U 1 Y S 4,5 ,g g Q 54, "' .5 S af- ,p.Pev-iso'-, L -Axe, XX N -' J Q T ' I 3 TT- H06 D 5 f The Tj Rebels met the Handley Greyhounds, Friday night, Sept. 21, at Handley in a deadlocked score of 15 at 1 ' I E 'I to 15. l 1 DT' The Rebelswere the first to score in the second period 1 when Seay carried over from the one-yard line. Handley ,y 3' A finally caught fire and scored the last few minutes of the V period. The third period was scoreless. In the remaining - K if five minutes of play of the fourth period, Clinger inter- ce ted a ass for the Rebels which led to a TD by Sea . The P P Y extra point by Nichols was good, Terry Schroeder returned '-1et:f TERRY DON RICHARDSON I 46 Nichols' kick to the Rebel 25 which ended in another TD and successful conversion, making the final score 15 to 13. 53? at BOBBY BENSON , M V' it THOMAS BOWMAN X' f f 'Q f Vt 1 teffwa ff? 'f ' 42 T . ff-A -my , 4 . if we V ' KM M f, 1 f 1 ' ga X 'if , , J-as Q fc: -Ht,g'f,3:, ,:L,1V.-n,- I L 'I A512 ' rf T , my ,. , N . v, ,-'Z yfy f ' 5. , X 5' Af l if f f 1 I u' i N- "M MJ ' 2 f Q' ff , 4, ,K -'- ,,, fa A 4' Al f Z Q W Q Y 1? :Z ' ,Q 5 A' , 4 , V .m,::1w , J V I .M ein' ..f JAMES TETER 'il 4 l, 'f .J f f f f' ' 1 1 - 9 .4 "" sw 'f f :F I -, 1 Yak . . 2 V, M .ef swf f GA 6 4 , if 4 95 1 5 T Move 'em, George! if e'PEe"'S.SlX-...-ist' -1 , The mighty Rebels upset the Brewer Bears Thursday night, Sept. 27, by a score of 13-7 -at Franklin Field. The Rebels didn't slow down after receiving the opening kick-off. In the first period, Richardson ran 60 yards through a Bear opening to the four-yard line. Jones, taking the ball from Seay on a pitch-out, made the four-yard carry good for six points. The Bears made their only TD on the first play in the second quarter and the conversion was good. A fumble, recovered by Rippy, led to the TD play by jones and Seay, consisting of a run around left end. Nichols successfully divided the goal posts with the ball for the extra point. Brewer was able to carry the ball in the last two and one- half minutes of play to the one-yard line, but the Rebels held the Bears scoreless in the last period of play. I3 w NT i"::,w" 22 pai' , V: , ' ' 1- ' f f, +,,f l V W fc' i ' N av I ft' A 1, ' 7 BRUCE LIPSHY V ,M s J '1 5 R ' ff , J r ., JERRY BROWN w g ,et 1 ' ,,R, gg , fy f , REGGIE BOWMAN aff, ff , w wf . i f'- R R JODY DANIEL X ' in ' ,, , s , wr Wg, , 30 5- . f "f , ry sf ,ff yn, f 1 X 1 W. L , Z I, i. X fjj , V' f':, I 1:71, ff 4. 3 , , , p., , BILL DENNIS Richardson through the middle. il T 16-,fX+ 1 + :Je -So fe ' ol 055 - l On Friday night, Oct. 12, the Rebels met the Lions in Carrollton in a gruelling battle in which the Rebels were ,W ' the victors. The score was 26 to 7. l , l , f J The first score of the game was tallied by the Rebels 1 5 ,A on a 95-yard drive in eleven plays. The TD came when ff' jones swept around the end for six yards in the second . W. quarter. The second quarter was good for another Tj TD ff on a pass play from Seay to Nichols. Q The Lions opened play in the second half with a 66-yard move down field, ending in a pass play which was good 'fl ' for six points. The conversion was good. The Rebels re- 'Q A turned the kick-off to their 35-yard line, and in 12 plays fy WU, V Q, AUBREY MOODY I48 moved 65 yards to pay dirt for the third time, making the score 18 to 7. During the fourth period, the Rebels, recovering from a Lion fumble, moved to the Lion one-yard line. They scored on a sleeper play to Seay. The try for the extra point was good. TJ wins, 26 to 7. E B11 Mifv . 'Wwe W 4 . , ff,-mf, , 0 ff'-4125 2 'H ,, , 2 Q 4 ff fx' JERRY HUFFER 1 - Bois CLINGER gk, KX: iv Kx A V 2 VA ' fy r. if --2 ' 2 'I '73 X Yu 7? if 21.5 gm x 1. TM . fa' f y :Je-fr- ,-v-2 , 1-,,i 5 is .-n ':fz91'?'! ' 5 ,1 fil.-.Ifw ' 'TQ' '- . 'iL9"?7'-L' ml ! J .sv , ns, . A Y , 4 .,,,, if f 5 2 .fa X A 1 MEQEM' -, aff s f ! 7 J qs?- fe JUD GEE , Cf-i - fi' Thatis the way, Ronnie, you tell 'em . . 1,4-"" jf!! R X A X 'Je-if 'aide 1 row is XC? K X g r ,xr N The Rebels kept their undefeated record intact Thursday, October 18, with a 24-O victory over Woodrow Wilson HB" at Franklin Field. AQ' jefferson failed to score in the rain-marred opening quarter, but scored two TD's in the second quarter and one in the ,sh 71 last half. J Ronnie jones' five-yard plunge brought the Rebels their first l g ? score. Later in the second quarter, Seay passed to Huffer for A another TD which made the score 12-0 at the half. iifxyi Seay again passed but this time to Nichols who set up the i,Vi ' third quarter TD which was made by Clinger. Reggie Bow- -' V man's two-yard plunge brought the scoring to an end. A Woodrow was able to threaten only once, moving to the Rebel 15 just before the end of the first half. HAROLD SMITH A rw r f gf il ,f my ' sv f, or 'syy' e , fix 'few g,., Q . '- YW teyc DENNY THOMASON T . . , I 4 A',, , , y Q i f e all V :uA,,,: af ,g 4. T DAVID RAY 3 2 t 'si dw ,Eh 4 :VU X: v , ' 2 , 1 4 V' 1 ,4 ' Q ' y my at e 'f i1ffffehk4f W BOB RIPPY "Go, Ronnie jones, go." Z' I- R- Q 7 L, QF-. Q s c or.. 5 V ' ,v ' 1 ' , an U, ' : Q 'l' ,f-.f 5 ','. 'hifi . U5 "" V .i f FRANK HALEY I 50 -26" The Rebels marked up their sixth victory Thursday night, October 25, at Franklin Field, when they defeated the Rich- ardson Eagles 20 to O as Jefferson's poise and class proved too much for a hapless but game Richardson team. The Rebels cashed in on two of Richardson's mishaps during the first half of play to account for two of their scores. The first was scored on a carry by Bob Benson over right tackle after a Richardson fumble. The second TD came by a power play by Terry Don Richardson after an attempt to punt failed. jefferson tallied again when George Seay presented a 66- yard drive late in the second period. He completed four out of five passes, the last one being for two yards to Buddy Nichols and a touchdown. Tj's scoring was rounded out by Ronnie jones, midway in the final period, on a run over left tackle. Nichols then converted. K iff, 5 X Jig ,, ' Q f - , 1 Ib ti , LESTER GODWIN ', f if . -xg-X . U BOB McCUTCHEON c A " A A is N' ,xi Y V5 . g gli? J T - 2, "iii rg , -' JIMMY LANGHAM if Oops! Watch the pants, buddy! fN0t Nicholsj Jes ,Fix seqkbup, -2.4 b Three extra points were just enough to hand Tj its first loss Friday, November 2, at Franklin Field, as the heavier Seymour Panthers barely sneaked by the Rebel team. Unbeaten in six starts, the Rebels stayed ahead of the Class "AAU Panthers for nearly two and a half quarters, but a third period Seymour tally and the extra point kicking put the Panthers out in front. Ronny jones accounted for the first score, but Nichols' kick was Wide. Second period scoring depended upon the passing of George Seay, but again the conversions were ineffective. Seymour dominated the second half, as they scored the go- ahead tally and converted to add the decisive points. In the final period, with one minute to play, jefferson tried a fourth-down pass from the Seymour 30, only to have it intercepted in the end zone for a heart-breaking finish. ,ti-A if -if L F gf ' g f ft-fl F 1 H R yi, if ig DICK DUBES 1 4 . ,I ,Cy , hw-V: 1 I LEE JOHNSON , , A Y ' , ff ff 5 ' 1 W C' Qjaggff WINSTON JONES 1, . as 9 :wc Us M ,,,', E W 1,v, f .ff Richard Westbrook tackles opponent ,, 4' if f I " I'Vilj6:' ' , kr. ' .Maria Zgyf ' ' 44 3... 1 ff ,wwf af , "6 ' 7 yi Q ff, if I WAYNE WILLIAMSON n gfpe 1 D' 71 L' 1" Cie Ti XX- X I 2 fr ,ff ' , V f, fri' ,, W f , ., I f ij f ff K at I ,, 7, , Cf , 4, ' il .AZ A I ' 7v H RICHARD WESTBROOK I 52 A slow-starting Thomas jefferson team took a quarter to warm up before routing the Castleberry Lions of Fort Worth, 72-7, Thursday night, November 9, at Franklin Field. jefferson scored first when Giddens took a Lion punt on his 30 and went all the way. Seay's kick was wide. The Lions then went ahead on a kick conversion. But from there on the Rebels dominated. In the second quarter David jones capped a 43-yard drive with a seven-yard TD run. Seay's kick was wide. The next time the Rebels got the ball they took it for a TD in two short plays. Aubrey Moody scored and Seay converted. David Ray then tallied a TD with Seay again converting. Seven TD's and three conversions later the game came to 2 close with the Rebels storming the Lions 72 to 7. ,gm , 1,92 5 "' ff , . 4 ,agp TOMMY BAILEY ikrif' f MW " , 1 k X' 'M "1-ii ir!! X 1 V, , W .QQ QAq:' Xxx s E ig.. 'U 6 X 1 X Q in 'Y gf? is ,fir ws N 5 , i X s , ,tw p w-, K , V SIMTHY CAUDLE Childress on the move but Giddens saves the day! ,f' g1'50h 1-" g . N Je-P3 57 N s N chQyQpD55 -31 Q -X Childress was stormed Friday, November 16, by jefferson at Childress, with a score of 57-31. Never behind, Tj led 19-13 at the end of the first quarter and had stretched the margin to 31-13 at the half. The visitor applied the pressure to score twice in each period after the intermission. Rebel quarterback George Seay paced the attack, scoring twice and passing for three more T.D.'s. Bob Benson plunged over from the one to give T. its first T.D. in the opening quarter. Buddy Nichols converted. Chil- dress quickly tied the Rebels. Nine T.D.'s and two extra points later the game came to ar. end with T. J. romping over Childress with a score of 57-31. 'David Ton - 1 'plc.+uFNe. o l53 r' ..,- , Captain George Seay and Coach Archie Porter. ,- '- '- x Q '- . ' 1 .. f f- ' . 'Cf ii. L if BASKY- , Ns For the jeff Cagers this was truly a year for gain- ing experience. Composed almost completely of sopho- mores, the youthful Rebel team nevertheless made a better showing than was expected. With the double scoring punch of George Seay Qwho upon one oc- casion sunk a total of 41 pointsj and Paul Thompson, our team will undoubtedly prove to be a basketball power in future years. "An TEAM Hart Dinkins, Harold Giddens, Mike Joslin, Bill Argo, Bill Dennis, Tommy Bailey, Bill Kammerer Front row: Tommy Lea, Buddy Nichols, George Seay, Paul Thompson, jerry Wade. Second row: STARTING LINEUP Coach Porter and Tommy Lea, Buddy Nichols, George Seay, Paul Thompson, and jerry Wade. GEORGE SEAY OUTSTANDING PLAYERS PAUL THOMPSON All-Cily Honorable Mention All-Diftriez Honorable Menlion All-Difzrict Honorable Mention I56 BUDDY NICHOLS BILL KAMMERER TOM BAILEY TOMMY LEA BILL ARGO HAROLD GIDDENS BILL DENNIS 3 HART DINKINS JERRY WADE PAUL THOMPSON MIKE JOSLIN r GEORGE SEAY 1 41 Q MB-J l58 A Sw? K X M qw 1 Jswfsib i X in l if ip, f .V k , Vik, ,J ,gay - 1 f ,M f- 4 V l "B" TEAM Front row: Dale Atkinson, Bill Webb, jack Riley Jr., Denny McCarty, Ray Webb. Serond row: Stewart Bynum, Bruce Roberts, Gary Lawrence, Pete Houck, James Brown, Thomas Bowman, Bill Proctor. STEWART BYNUM ' BILL WEBB RAY WEBB THGMAS BOWMAN DALE ATKINSON JACK RILEY JR, GARY LAWRENCE DENNY MCCARTY BILL PROCTOR PETE HOUCK JAMES BROWN BRUCE ROBERTS EI GHTH GRADE TEAM Front row: Jack Fraley, Billy Billings, Buddy Haden, jay Ferguson, john Miller, Sid McClain. Second row: Mike Adkins, Donnie Crowder, Orbin Hanks, Mike Claiborne, Fen Vesecky, John French, Steve Robertson. KYB ,f9ASEBC1x.x..5l The sophomore-laden Rebel baseball team shows great promise to succeed in the near future. Behind the stellar pitch- ing of jerry Huffer and Henry Suche, and the dangerous bats of Joe Miller and Buddy Nichols, the team should take district in oncoming years. Coach Floyd Mechler talks it over with Joe Miller. fl. if g r Q E Front raw: Dale York, Denny Thomason, Tom Bailey, Ronnie jones, Wayne Williamson. Second row: Henry Suche, Bill Kammerer, jerry Huffer, Hart Dinkins, Jerry Brown, Richard Westbrook. Third row: Coach Floyd Mechler, Smithy Caudle, Lee Johnson, Bobby Wilson, Buddy Nichols, Joe Miller, Ronnie Chapman, Manager Pat Worrell. 1 il i ,,,2J11f4 G rw .fggznm H1521 gczffivns, STARTING LINEUP Front row: Henry Suche, Hart Dinkins, Ronnie Jones, Tom Bailey, Dale York. Serond row: jerry Huffer, Bobby Wilson, joe Miller, Buddy Nichols. I ,. INFIELD Hart Dinkins, Tom Bailey, Bill Kammerer, jerry Brown, Dale York, HCUYY Suche. l .aah OUTFIELD Ronnie jones, Smithy Cau- dle, Bobby Wilson, Buddy Nichols. 1. S ..... W lf X X PITCHERS AND CATCHERS From row: Wayne Williamson, joe Miller, Richard Westbrook. Second row: jerry Huffer, Ronnie Chapman, Lee johnson, Henry Suche, Denny Thomason. "B" TEAM Front row: Barry Haynes, Bill Jamison, Gary Lawrence, Greg Hill, Neil Bright. Semnd row: Rawley Curry, Mickey Smith, Pat Costigan, jerry Bogess, Chuck Anderson, john Waskom. Third row: Pat Neil, Russell Lawson, Dale Atkinson, Gene Worrell, Leighton Glass, Melvin Reynolds, Tom Butler, 4 Coach Archie Porter. ll vi V. . l 4 .- 5 .R .5 ' ? . 2 7 J' ,ff Coach Allen Kirk and Co-captains fy, Terry Don Richardson and Bob X -47651 Clinger. , ,gf : sta. 'IW f"4, K gf rf 7i"iBQK,-- to' The Jeff track team has already made quite a name for itself in various meets, including a fourth Place in the highly-touted Dal-Hi Relays, in which seventeen other high schools competed. With the worthy efforts of such stand- outs as Bob Clinger, Terry Richardson, Glen Watson, Tommy Lea, and others, our cinder-men should attain even greater heights. From row: Terry Don Richardson, Forest Ernst, Ronnie Underwood, Bob Benson, jimmy Bradley, George Hamilton. Second rowx, Bob Clinger, john Mangrurn, Bob Horton, Aubrey Moody, Robert Howard, jirnrny Langham. Third row: Assistant Coach Sam McClure, Manager Walter jones, Bill Argo, jack Nelson, Neil Penwell, Glen Watson, Tom Ligon, john Jessup, James Teter, Tommy Lea, Coach Allen Kirk. , 9-1' L-4 S ,iyff , , ss-fx if., L.-aww-U. , A-iif,-ivwvwx .JD 4 ,,, ,'-twigs, 1-5 if .,,,,,. V. ,,,.,,g4., f f , Z,,,:1Qi., , J if if! MINY 1 ,,.,, f 4 i if 9, in ff 4,94 ,kg ., , f ry 6 ax' -, 5 I ii, L 0 Z ' W 1 s g ff ya, wa' 2 M ,4 f x 1 .V I ' ' s '4 . ., ,, , Q .4 . mf.. . W, , f, . ,- . A f E . P' ,v f -aw 1 f . A ww f fy 1 ,, , sy , Z ' 7 X , 215, '59 f- 44' rays '31-M' If jj , , ,,., , fa ' x gf 19 LQU SPRINTERS Fran! row: Forest Ernst, Bob Benson, Bob Clinger, Terry Don Richardson. Serond raw: Bill Horton, Jimmy Langham, Bill Argo, f fffy X, r ww 7' ' Uv- ' 4 ,X , V, ,?VV, ,Lil jam' '6 ff W. f 'fi' , 5 . Qu' 'ff wwf H 'ix 'Q QYER6' ,.,, 140+ 5 QED, ', f6lm504f XLT? fb 2 ,L .rw 31, lf' i 2. - .ff Qi 4 ,QQ 553215. ew. we Eff' W free? Aubrey Moody. HIGH JUMP Tommy Lea POLE VAULT Charles Kuehn Not pictured: Carl Box 440 RELAY Aubrey Moody Bob Benson Bob Clinger Terry Richardson MILE RELAY Bob Benson, Forest Ernst, james Teter, jimmy Langham. Outstanding hurdler Tommy Lea placed in the Dal-Hi Relays to boost Tj's score toward their fourth-place achievement. -X I a Q i 1 i WEIGHT MEN john Jessup, Robert Howard, Glen Watson. HURDLERS Terry Richardson, Tornrny Lea, john Mangrurn. kv. M es 4-J ff' W f X513 Coach Francis Bowen, Manager jane Donald, Steve Schlossstein, Bill Proctor, Mike Amis, Ward Mayborn, Bill Lewis, Suzanne Blailock, jackie Weldon, jenny Cowley, Gayle Hedge. x S Z a -- - 5 1 f E- X B+? - - - - , , , "!NnS-- -.. ov A' fx- if-' '- " , Q X A ND f , jimmy Smith, Bob Walner, Bob Ransdell, Pete McKenna, Coach Andrew Couch. if it f ff W f, Arg? f' 1 f 2' J f I M66 f f 17 W J ff xg A E Xia! M ,.i, J 1:17. ,ff B 2 M If XL-yi-Q f 1 ,',," 1 Girls' Intmmumlf is an after-school pro- gram set up for all girls at Thomas jeffer- son High School. The activities include volleyball, basketball, tenniquoits, tum- bling, softball, and any other sport with available facilities which the students desire. The program is designed to provide supervised recreation, and in so doing, to provide the benefits of competition and cooperation for all girls interested in athletics. VOLLEYBALL WINNERS Franz wwf Linda Davenport, Lynette Taylor, Sharla Hightower Pat Young Second row: Joyce Reever, Carolyn Williams, Dee Ann Graham, Janice johnson Third row: Gale Grassman, Mary Ann Ross, Barbara Elsey, Carolyn Clark ...-,- J i lss,- VIXUQALS X C'mon, let's set up that volleyball ! I! -WNTV-PN Tennequoits players eagerly watch the flying ring INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL Franz row: Kathy Klein, Gayle Hedge, Rozzie Rough, Carolyn Cobb. Second row: jenny Cowley, Carolyn Clark, Betty Dunlap, Anne Hyman, Mary Ellen Gross, Delores Orms. TUMBLING Up and down: Delores Orms, Anne Hy- man, Pat Young, Betty Dunlap, Carolyn Cobb, Rozzie Rough, Carol Lee Hodges, Janice johnson, Mary Margaret Glew, Caro- lyn Clark, Kathy Klein. I68 Look, Hyman's making away with second base! EXPANSION OF THE INTRAMURAL PROGRAM Thomas jefferson looks forward to a great expansion of the present intramural program. A tumbling club, an organized preparation for prospective members of the Drill Team, a tennis club, and other activities depending upon the addition of new equipment, are planned for the near future. Guard her, drat it! Over the hedge ! BASKETBALL Spanrorx Hon. Lt. Col. Betty Dunlap, Hon. Lt. Col. Brenda Cravotta, Major Pat Copeland, Hon. Major Arlene Abel, Hon. Major JoAn Young, Hon. Major Annette Rehders. Fifi! Baztalion Staff." Lt. Col. Ken Coppage, Major jack Nelson, Capt. Charles Hart, Capt. Tommy Donaldi MILIT R -rr' -""-.." 9--T. Q bf ln 1, an an ,,. 1 Q 1 1 G 5 .1 " ' Q Q 'y Q Q 1 fm of 1 it i ,Q The Thomas jefferson Military Science Program 55C N.D.A. aims to build a foundation of intelligent citizenship in the student and give him such basic military training as will benefit him not only in his military obligation but also in his later life. The course is designed to develop habits of orderliness, precision, discipline, and self-respect in the cadet. Regimental Staff: Sponsor, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Brenda Cravottag Regimental Commander Colonel Ed Davisg Regimental Executive Officer Lieutenant Colonel John In- gramg Major Bill Brunson, Major john Page, Major Dick Hamilton. , , , ,,r- . ..,. Serum! Batialiozz Staff: Lt. Col. Tom Stewart, Major Claud Martin, Captain Dwight Brogoitti, Captain Joe Tomlin. Y I ,r J' .-" -FIX ..-'- -4' 1.4 Q L Q 5 Qs 5' 1 an ' "' . -. F - FALL CRACK DRILL TEAM -QR Q i 1 3 Front row: Ed Davis, John Ingram, Jack Nelson, Claud Martin, Tom Norton, Bill Brunson, Dick l Hamilton, Baxter Taylor, Tommy Donald. Serorid row: Jack Ogden, jimmy Phillips, Dan Kuric, Bob Acklen, Ronald Rambin, Russell' Lawson, Grant Cook, Ray Norton, jimmy Gary, Johnny MCBee. Third row: jerry Hibbs, Steve Montgomery, Franklin Frickey, LeRos Hull, Ronald Phillips, James Dearing, jim Brill, Tom Rhodes, Kenneth Goodacre, Charles Brazeal, Fourlh row: Charles Still, George Sneed, David Hill, Dean Henderson, Dan McLer1don, Sam Parks, Don Cameron, Charles Carlin. Fifth row: Jimmy Wofford, Forrest Murphy, George Williams. HEARST RIFLE TEAMS Front row: Ed Davis, john Ingram, Joe Tomlin, Tom Norton, Ronald Phillips. Second row: Claud Martin, Lee Gibson, Charles Carlin, Steve Montgomery. Not pirlzzred: James Carlisle. it 1 l 55C L ' T --g "' " 'X if I-5A it E Q Fir!! row: Company Commander, Captain Baxter Taylor, Sponsor, Honorary Major Arlene Abel, Platoon Leaders, Master Sergeant Dick St. John, Second Lieutenant jack Ogden. Second row: Jimmy Wofford, Grant Cook, Robert Lumpkin, Stanley Prewitt, Newton Hammett, Mike Angell, LeRoy Hull. Third row: Gene Worrell, Jimmy Phillips, james Carlisle, james Magnolia, Joe Messina, Tom Rhodes, jim Brill, Stanley Stages. Fourth row: Ronald Phillips, Bobby Boyles, Charles Still, james McKee, Marion England, Max Hunter, Douglas Waters. Fifth row: john Angle, George Sneed, Mike Posey, james Dawson, Russell Lawson, john Bruner. The jefferson Color Guard. It's like this. Pat . . 4- X O , I, ae' 4. 1 COMPANYB 550 ' ' 47 Q ' ' e g 'Iii' l e BB L N Fin! row: Company Commander, Captain Tom Norton, Sponsor, Honorary Major jo An Young, Platoon Leaders, Second Lieutenant George Godfrey, Second Lieutenant Russel Cox. Scand row: Ronald Ramblin, Robert Dearing, joe Reed, David Waters, Bob Acklen, Doug Palmer, Gary Hunt. Third row: Burr Angle, Tim Harrington, Keith Chandler, Cooper Parks, Nick Carter. Fourth raw: Dan McLindon, Sammy Parks, James Rounsville, Bob Haller. Commandant and Sponsor: Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Betty Dunlap and Captain Moring. Fall Honor Guard Company. I73 7 L-" 55C COMPANY pg'- - 7 s A YH A - Q X5 - - , - s ig 7 - 1 5 un " 7 Q Q Q 7 .1- Firft row: Company Commander, Captain John Volcansekg Sponsor, Honorary Major Pat Cope landg Platoon Leaders-Second Lieutenant Charles Brazeal, Master Sergeant John Sturdevant. Secand row: jack jenkins, Dan Kuric, Roger Smith, David DeWeese, Ramon Norton. Third row Franklin Frickey, Chris Meyercord, Phil Washam, Don Cameron. Fourth row: Stanley Stages Ben Howell, Ted Bogart. y Captain Moring congratulates Mr. Louie Throgmorton, speaker at the first annual Military Banquet, held this year at the Adolphus Hotel. ' A Surprise! Captain Moring is presented a briefcase at '74 the banquet. Q - - QIPANY F s f 1- fl -. .L "' -. lfl ,, I . . ,. V..-.. 4 -1,7 lv ss Y -'-x 7 l O E Front row: Company Commander, Captain George Hamiltong Sponsor, Honorary Major Annette Rehdersg Platoon leaders-First Lieutenant Jerry Hibbs, Second Lieutenant johnny McBee. Serond row: Robert Miller, Larry Clark, Forrest Murphey, George Blackburn, Sidney Hare, Gerald Gruber, Ken Goodacre. Third row: Gary Coen, Douglas Mayes, James Crittenden, Paul Kunde, Steve Montgomery, Jimmy Gary. Thin! row: Winford Chick, Dean Henderson, John Stratman, Bobby Wilson. Fouflb row: Gerard Prestridge, David Hill, Wfilliam Ellis, Charles Clarin, Peter Houck, George Williams. .f t ,V,, 4 , . r S 4 . .,,. . I 1, f I l f V. . " E I Commander Ed Davis gives the lesson. , V 2,5 ' fff pfff' , f ,. " H ' ' 'iif 1' L "' ' if if if if ' 'I ff 4 If t My -'v4 'f sf' f A " , ' ' V4 ,,,,, ' ,:5,,,f,1,f-a,3:f'5. - ,f , , , ,,.,, ,I , , , .,,,,,,,M1q , . W Parade. Maw! X ffff X Wy! f f vdqzy UOVXUZ f ffff fa! iff? QV ffw y lf ,ffyhff f , T , , ' " ,.'3-',-',fy'fi+Z-L Y-ZW afLaf,fi4wff'fL-I rm? -L-fy! f S KU' U47 wa .: I Y- f fs'-em 1 ,f :Ax ff J if 1 of f ff HW f,',,,,,3,,,,,, ff A aff f f ,frfrfar MIM, ,. ,, Thomas jefferson participates in the Armistice Day I75 M K .Di 3 Cad VOUQ flbocummf ' Hana ovolg' R f A ff, Fiji? 'fs f B AMERIQQ A II gluff Mew am VISIT OUR FARM Highway 77-Two Miles NorI'h of Circle on Den'ron Hwy. J. T. LIVELY AND JACK LIVELY 1 Owners Home-MADE TYPE -.Q4.,' .., - --:.i1'.- ...fl-' . X e-OLDEN GUERNSEY i fl-T555 'IMIE1 iw fl' 1 ' GRADE "A" PASTEURIZED l Homogenized-ViI-amin "D" Whipping and Ligh+ Cream FLee,wood 7-2400 BUTTER AND BUTTERMILK DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR E. C. "BO" HARRIS MAGNOLIA SERVICE 9966 Marsh Lane FL-2-5870 COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE We Give SGH Green Sfamps The House Of Music "Every+hing in 'rhe World in +I1e World of Music" l4I Walnul' Hill Village-Norlhwesi Highway and Lemmon SG' l Q f 7 Q F-4 Yf4 'I , Q3 . --" ' ' P . ll F . f "' J A GELLBLOGK 1 FV I I Q- I q A 4 if I A f J J W I L I W' S "a4 Wm as A ., . "Home Of The Cell Block 7" OPEN 7 DAYS Mon., Thru., Fri. ................ I0 AM 'lo 9 PM S- RECORDS 2311 iiiijijiiiii1331iiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiiii33'I 'BRI 122 FII MUSC LESSONS SS Q HI-Fl ACCESSORIES Q ig? RADIOS GUITARS if Q PHONOGRAPH ACCESSORIES TAPE RECORDERS Q Q BAND INSTRUMENTS ENTERTAINMENT Q ENGAGEMENT SERVICE Q RECORD SHOP MUSIC STORE l4I WaInu'I' Hill Village l50 Walnul' Hill Village FL 2-5580 FL 2-6l57 The Only Compleie Music S+ores in Norih Dallas I79 f 1 AROUND T. J. ... . . students exhibit much diligence . .. ,V,A H V V V V, 1. lxjkf ,v4,wvwwA,yyV,,,wm-,,v,lWM- 'if ,"-i Q ,132 V ff,-v-. 0 - .t .,.. -.,,,, I., 4 2 Y , a sm - . . ., A111WW-W.7i.Wm4,,, , V , L, UW ,,,, , ,.,, ., ,fy ' 'wwf ' 'f ,W a - - - M-t V. V , fix 'f f 'f-+1211-g'L Mr. Vick, Miss Cole, and Mr Stroud beam smiling ap ,, " .3 ' L - , - f 5 im fiil I v, ,, ,,,, :V-',-H -"' ff ' J wh, , , .,.I ' , M , 2-1 I f -. ,,,, f-,f MW ,..., ,.-, roval of the new band uniforms .m.wM,y,4g,i , . . . I . , , ,, , ttet f P' , s p , -'ff A. ., , it ., ,,.f " V, , ' ' , 1 ,,., 'A - L, ' , -"' fsfts t my A , s 'Q ff-,' K ,Wy ijgfsn, . ' ' 1.11 ,'f 'g,- , k. ,,, "L W" lrpf I 1', ' , ,V ff,,,V , X' X, 7 ' iff 'i w Aff ' f , . . some of us are just cut-ups . . . . "Mr. and Mrs. Bo" are popular sponsors . . and we all love to "mug" the camera! ... ..., I, l80 l Free Carpe! Estimates MATHIS - TITCHENOR FLOORS 4420 Lovers Lane 2520 Gus Thomasson Rd. '50 A- HGFFIS Cehfel' Em 8-63OI Da 7-7334 Fr I-2307 CompIimen+s of LONE STAR CADILLAC CO. E. L. BURKS 5c TO 55.00 STORES 5307 Lovers Lane 7700 Denfon Drive SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR LESS Open Evenings Congraiulafionsl 2V27o On Savings Join Ihe Thousands Who Say . . . Cam F. Dowell, Jr., Presideni MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION X15 Aco ONE STOP SERVICE 5 HAROLD GIDDENS SERVICE STATION EQ A 4202 Weir Lavery Lame I :som J CLARK VARIETY STORES ocl Shopping Village FL2-9398 ECTIONS - PARTY FAVORS I 52 lnwo SEE US FOR LARGER SEL GIFTS-SCHOOL NEEDS TOY RANCH Toys - Games Hobby-Crafl' 2lI Marsh Lane Shopping Village FL7-3272 YOUR ENDS Ladies' Shoes Res+yled iuii 92 A Vamps Lowered, Plaiforms Removed f 'T 35 MX From Plaiform Shoes A LOulE's SHOE REPAIR ' -95 K- - ' -TAR RT1 pf Bes+ Equipped in Dallas 'A S FL2-0059 l48 Walnui' Hill Village l82 Mr. Charles Wilson, Balfour Represenfafive. shows eager Juniors fhe firsf samples of fhe Thomas Jefferson ring. Supplying SENIOR RINGS CLUB PINS GRADUATION INVITATIONS Downfown Sales Office Sanger Brofhers Second Floor ,ou 9 Y? X1 PAGES TO THE VALENTINE COURT Fran! raw: Pat Copeland, Nangy Clements, Beverly Maxcy. Second row: Peggy Jessup, Vicky Hayden. THE COURT EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL QUEEN AND HER COURT Diane Lett, Sue 'Krider, Queen Peggy Mood, Joyce Wiggins, Vicky Hayden. 2 i. 'K f eilli, P f PM 4 SHOES FOR THE FAMILY Complimenls of I S I50 Inwood Village 2 Doors Eas'I' of Inwood TI1ea'Ier Phone: FI 2-6637 ' GAGS v P ,N ' GADGETS Your Appearance Is Our Business f - elmmlcs QI hi NORTH rowN BARBERS .--14 . - - Complele Barber and Manlcurmg Service ir DICK SHELTON FI 2-4l07 I58 WaInu'I' Hill Village .0 -, : v ., .1 0 F CE BERNARD - FAIN CARPETS 4444 Lovers Lane Phone Em 8-63I6 L-i..-X.-L 4' fo we ERlcKsoN's XI f i I Ladies' Apparel I24 WaInu'I' Hill Village INWOOD PHARMACY 7709 Inwood Road PRESCRIPTIONS. COSMETICS Complimenfs of BU D'S TEXACO SERVICE K? if SCHOOL SUPPLIES ! Free Delivery 972I Lemmon FI 2-3036 Q Fl 2-7543 " Editor john Ingram at a suspenseful moment-who will be queen? The winner-Doan Simmons! 7 ffy ' Q ff fry! M 1, 7 ff , A robe for Her Majesty . . . ' , f and a salute from a loyal subject! Kathy and Richard look awfully happy! I'm taking you to heart' Ah, love! Come on, Cupid! Linda and Bruce play Valentines :I . g. K A 9. 4- KX -: ',-,- :J-1 I ' kg. fe :Siif ning-7 ,, ',, - , . '., .5-: 1:32 . .1 'K IIIIYK' QWNFII a' .jf kg' .:h lv' HARDWARE sronf 7 A 'vii I' Illcyim muh Everyflming in Hardware Gills Sporiing Goods Household Appliances Servel AuI'omaI'ic Refrigeraiors and Icemalcers WALNUT HILL HARDWARE CO. I27 Walnui' Hill Village PHONE FL2-IO0I DALLAS, TEXAS Girls Su b-Teens 7-I4 ----- JUNIOR MISS SHOP I28 WaInu'r Hill Village FL2-7776 JUNIORS LADIES 5 - I5 8 - I8 HAIR STYLING AND PERMANENT wAvlNe- IN WALNUT HILL VILLAGE NAOMI WRIGHT BEAUTY SALON 164 walnuf Hill Village Fu-lazo ALLIED SALES COMPANY 308 Merchandise Mar+- Dallas IManu'Fac'Iurers' Represenfalivesl Since I945 0 HOUSEWARES 0 GIFTS 0 PREMIUMS C. D. CRAVOTTA-R. J. GENTILE Meei Me al' LOBELLO'S HILLCREST CLEANERS Piclc Up and Delivery Service We OperaI'e Our Own PIan+ 70II HiIIcres+ LAI-I950 Af ... , , l.A f fe , .,,..,,,, tt A , t fauna-"""""'-----'-""'N-.N , , 5 f ICC il Graduate to Better FQ eff V f in El of your own, X X RX Litinpflfcrnlcnllvggf if ,, ww Z, 21:7 ' i ' N in Y V' , J : f" ""Q .--- in 7 -1 xv, ' , ,, . I 'f gij gaj' L n 1 1. Mwgfvgge it 1 f, ' 17, fr , j 1? , wM i2ii !wi im a 5 it f 'f liliiwiil' ' f 31 'V ' twin P n fa ?fve.4iigu1q 1- MZ' 1 nf fn' HW . 'ie 1 if ,yygzw grin ss' 2:-in ' Q ,L I if 2 araaaa K ' ff' w f f f ,f f i fi 1 , , , i 1'V Front row: jackie Wismer, Patsy Redding, Gail Parsons, Ann Stanley, Pat Copeland, jill Maxcy, Elaine Kornblu, Franny Tuckfield, Lester Godwin. Second row: Myrna Welborne, Betty Ballard, Kitty Whitwodh, Kit Shoenfield, Andy Stroup, Virginia Nelson, Patty McShane, Dianne Blanche, Elaine Fincher. OFFICE SSISTANTS Front row: Jerry McFarland, Kathy Donovan, Bonnie Vine, Janie Maris, Donna DeVaney, Carolyn Clark, Barbara Bierner, Regina McWilliams, Patsy Gumm, Georgia Reed, james Goode, Dean Hen- derson. Second row: David Ballard, Terry Cullender, james Rounsaville, Freddy Moss, Tony Schles- singer, Richard Marcus, David Ray, joe Miller, Dale Atkinson, Bob Horton, Terry Grant. 2 2 STAN DI FER SERVICE STATION Humble Proclucls Member Dallas Au1'o Club C. H. STANDIFER, Agen+ Phone FL2-9088 . Walnu'I' Hill Lane DALLAS. TEXAS STAARN OR A. BOWMAN Building Contractor Fine Home Construction Fl 2-0605 Compliments of it Friend "Consul+ Your Insurance Agenl as You Would Your Lawyer or Doc+or" ROBERT SAXON INSURANCE AGENCY 5:4 BURT BUILDING Fire, Aulo, Casually, Liabili'I'y, Bonds, Life Ri I-3902 Fl 2-4567 "ln 'the Evenl of Loss YOUR ln+eres+ Comes Firs'r Wi'rh Us" Join fhe Many Sa+is'Fied Cuslomers Who Say "l'm 'Fully profecfed-Roberl' Saxon handles all my INSURANCE TOY TOWN I89 Walnul' Hill Village FI 7-5780 Your Exclusive Toy Shop Serving +he Love Field Area A+ N. W. Highway and Lemmon COMPLETE LINE OF CHRISTMAS AND BIRTHDAY GIFTS Try Triple Town 'For SCHOOL ART ENGINEERING SUPPLIES ri e Own ,l.l,,,,,i WW FI 2-5242 I42 Walnul Hill Village MARSH LANE MERCHANTS' ASSOCIATION BOZEMAN BROTHERS SUPER MARKET BUTLER'S VARIETY STORE DR. J. M. DREWRY, Den+is+ E. T. METZ REAL ESTATE COMPANY DR. J. M. HENRY, Physician LITTLE BIT OF ITALY M 81 N DRESS SHOP MARSH LANE BARBER SHOP MARSH LANE PHARMACY MARSH LANE SHOE SERVICE MARSH LANE TV SERVICE TEXIE WATERMAN SCHOOL OF THE DANCE TOWN NORTH HARDWARE TOY RANCH WAL-MAR BEAUTY SHOP THOMAS JEFFER O ORCHESTR Members: Maryalice Atkinson, Mary Burgess, Sharon Burns, Sammy Crenshaw, Judy Davenport, Robert Donaldson, Dick Edelstein, Richard Fetter- man, Linda Lee, Dick Newton, Sam Rutledge, Norma Shoemaker, Shelda Weisman, George Wil- liams, Fred Saulter, Roy Zipper. Party dolls I NOTICE This page is dedicated to all those pictures we couldn't get on another page. "Let's see . . . which one IS my left foot?" Dal-Hi Relays: Don't drop that baton! 1 , . 'Sf , i ff f R, "10.50...11 . . . SILSOIU "All I want for Christmas . . FINE SCHOOL PICTURES ARE TO BE MADE BOX photographers Will Make TI1em . . . 'I' COMMERCIAL "' WEDDING 'I' PORTRAIT 64II HiIIcres+ LA-6-8559 an TQ, ji Complimen+s of W X NEALE'S R ' X Phone EMI-578i fs I l l, lil Presfon Cenier . E ' ,l X W4 f T! My WAREHOUSE f l ll Sub-Teens Teens ancl Juniors if lk 72? if ik Exclusively Specializing in Formals . HARRY's HARDWARE "' S mel AND APPLIANCE co. High Concen+ra+ion of i f -,ggsw 83l7 Wesfchesfer Dr. Fashion Beau'l'y -"f :lm on Misses AND JUNIORS . Pain+sY .ff 0 Gard n RAE-ANN SHOP A4 Equipi'nen+ 44I7 Lovers Lane OPen 5U"daYS 9 AM-l PM EM I-79I8 Compliments of A FRIEND OF THOMAS IEFFERSON WALNUT HILL PAINT STORE lI5 Walnul' Hill Village FI 2-5096 ILDI T FF CUSTODIANS Fran! row: joe Digiglio, Head Cmtodiany J. E. Suttle, E. L. Radcliff, C. H. Lockmiller, E. W. Wilder, W. E. Walker. Serozzd row: C. H. Youngblood, H. A. Chennault, Axfifzant Cui todianf C. E. Hennessee, E. G. Garvers. f ..M f"1'- Y 'W H . -P '. 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Bea jones, Marilyn Wilkins, Florence jackson, Mozetta Wright, Dorothy H111 Lillie Mae Webb. 11 X75 J 1 X 575 U , . l lwauf' UQ MSW? We' iw W ' Q S3512 18 1e,1'3',7,,,,,,,,M-.45-MP, 4 ?4, 'E gvfm, ,4,,,,5- ww 49. mi, ffffx ,L W Cx, 21:m..L,bQ ai Ziff' M 'Wahl flaky? Qf ,QD I 4 Xxx Z . , ,.-'L' ,,,'g,, 'QW 'W Wfw 'X f' 4 . ,, xddgh .ilk -N l ,,.".' X- K ' A N: - JW 'fo N6 Jw by J J, 4 ff! ,Z M LQ U w . . ff' - ' ' ,Q 9 gy M jw f ,, f ww M wx W f 1 , A fwxx AQ ixsdvuxyw ' A .X ' MH W W V X .gif My Mx J yy my X ff fx -x ww U1 01 3 L X im! xx .X 'GN 'YN ,fx N MW rn' uvhw' M 4 J 5 cm Mffwgymwv fy up" WE? Ify My xi Wwfsoyuwy 'X A Kg? Kb Ogg QS gi wiv fp 1 k wx Wg ,363 Q W QQ 2532223 Riafgfl uf 1 Q My 2 A iii 3 53, ,ij Ziff T725 K !i44Y4 fm' fdlgi Vfiiliffi Q7 fm XMLJ J haw af wwfffff .5C,Wwm,, ,WN W l . iL2.,.."V ' A - , - . 1 ' Q, ' 'iii' iv , , , M .' NF, f 1 , f' 51S Q:f?'4 z1' . 4L,.f f" , ' 42571, . . 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Suggestions in the Thomas Jefferson High School - Document Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

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