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 - Class of 1959

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I was rtfhixiiig in at grtutt LIl'IllCllLlIl' rcutling the financial sco- tion ot tht- Now York Tinics. while Ilohncs was husily ruin- iniiging through his dusk for Ll violin string. Ainid till this svn-iiity tlit-iv suddenly cznnc it shout ti'oni Ilolnivs. nxlltlldtllll look wlmt IRAQ found. Reincinlwi' this gold smilf I giant-t-d ut thc ohjcct hc held in front of inff Lind uttc-rvcl tin uninti-lligihlc rt-ply, MXVLIISOII, old inun, put down that c'ontouiiclc'd pnpvi' und listvn to inc. Donit you iwgiiit-iiilwi' thi' mist- wliicli VV1'SUlNl'ClLIfTll0lIlllS.lCl'l'CI'SOIl Iiilhif' "Ui course i.'l I sind. Mlsult that wlic-ix' wc' wen' rc'- sponsihlnf for lizufing itll those se niors ivctiixv tht-ii' diplomas on tinu-P" "lbs, yvsf' sziid Ilohnes. itnu nilui it is il I it wcrc yostt-i'tlz llu ui lllll'I' was like that ot todiui. NVQ- had lu-vn ciillvd to .Int tvrson ut that urgt-iit wqiivst of Mi f oht n the piincipztl ol thu school It sunud tliit thc- sml uscd to , uns missing and no onc had 1 ith 1 ulitu it wus. i tht- diplon XVI- wcrt- uskcd fi to i'c-covci' it in tinic tor thc In if '59 Qlllllllllflflll. 444' NNW- did ll good ioh th didnwt wc?" I said. tt ,. 'iXVliy yt-sf' said llohnts. I it ,.,., .A to ' S011 thc' . . . IN IIN L16 THOMAS BROOKLYN A xx A ff. ww NK mm a-mx xx mr. Qu ww Nw xv -.. .Nm sn n .Nm X xv s N- x ww www .Q -W + xc: wneauxx mu'-u xx -s www um --an ...wan-Q wmv Nwqu. w.wppmvN xmwxfm iQQ um x- .mm xw jx 4. uu- x+ ...x -- ans w Nw.. uv.. mn. KN. w mx .Q www -wr un- w -,.wxMx -.X -nw. .wwg wa vw.-m 4 -:aux mama 1 K. --as ...we X, M was-.uw pw-:nn mxwxgn if nm.:-sums' nm. n-:wa urn an Nunn fs-emu...-.. 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Q M......, .-4. , . .Q - W , f mg.. -x .W WW -- --MMM NA -W 5-., O R PRI CIPAL IHVINC 1, COIIIQN 4 "Mr. Cohen, pray give us the facts about the case," said Holmes Dear Graduates, At this milestone in your lives, it is customary to look back over the paths you have followed, and then to look into the future, to plan for the road ahead. Although no one can presume to predict, there can be little doubt that you will be privileged to live through an era of tremendous change. History has shown that although such eras often try menls souls, they also produce great leaders and tremendous advances in human culture and welfare. During these last years, your teachers at Jefferson have tried to prepare you for the challenge ahead. XVe hope you have acquired a love for your fellow man, and a sincere desire to work unselfishly for the benefit of all humanity. As you leave us to join the growing army of Jefferson alumni who are striving to build a better tomorrow, you take with you the hopes and the good wishes of all your teachers. May the years bring us only glad tidings from each of you. Sincerely, I know nothing about the disappearance of the school seal, or its whereabouts, but perhaps Mrs. Highberger, Mr. Muldorf or possibly Mr Levine can aid you," replied Mr. Cohen. I I ITRATIO I must go hack to jefferson again, to that wonderful time of my life, And all I ask is a clay to spend thc-rc, free from worry and strifeg Back to FI'lt'I'lflSlll1J ancl thc- desire for knowlcrlgc, and thc youthful dreams and goals, The dreams that jc-tlcrson molded, and iinhcclclc-cl within our souls- I must go hack to jefferson again, to tlw noisy halls ancl stairs, To the Warmth ancl thc crowcls and tlw lauglitcr, that flustroyccl all fcars and carcs. And all I ask is one short clay with my tcachcrs, my fricncls, my school, To livc again through lovc and kinclncss, man's most valucd tool. I must go hack to Jeifcrson again, for it beckons like an ocean ticlc, A call of warmth and happiness that cannot hc denied. And all I ask is one more clay within the halls of jefferson High, And the memory of that hvloyecl clay will linger till I dic. Slmilfl Kmioicit: V' ' 7 ff,,, f v f, V, , ffii if vffit I , f f'f',, P I 2 2 W Nlrs. Nlaclc-linc lIiQlllJl'I'Lft'l' Nlr. Sain Mulclorl' Nlr. Sam lmyinc On consulting these three administrators, we learned little more, ex 6 cept that the seal had last been seen in January. DEDICATED TO SIDNEY ZFCKOFF Graduates: Hay I express my uppreciution to you for huying chosen me to address you on this. your graduation duy. All of you ure uwure thut this is it duy which you will rememher for the rest of your liyes. A duy thut is filled with such excitement might leuye little time for quiet thought. hut I would like to share with you some reflections on the significunce of this time. Graduating from High School is hoth u heginning and un end. For niuny it is the end of it way of life thut hus heen theirs for twelye yeurs. The close friend- ships formed. the shared experiences, the feeling of ht-longing und liuying to he accounted for in ti large hut xery friendly school. ull this will end. For those of you who will continue your schooling. High School duys will forever cull to mind happy Clays of youtll and iI'1Iioct'lict'. But this day represents it heginning for ull of you. New und greater respon- sibilities face you. decisions affecting it lifetime will have to he made. and greatest of all, the opportunity for fulfillment us un indiyiduul uwuits you. The challenges are there. In confronting these chullenges. let tolerance he your constant coinpaniong recognize that honesty and integrity cannot he comprornisedg realize that educa- tion is a never-ending processg he aware that acquisition of material goods is not the key to happiness, hut that service to your fellow mun. to your community, and to your nation offers much greater personal rewards. Good luck to all of you. SIDNEY ZUCKOFF Well, Watson, what do you make of it?". . Through the halls we wandered, in and out of rooms, up the up starrways and down the "down" stairways. "Do you member when we first saw that beautiful little senior?" l asked The fair sex is your department," Holmes retorted. be we of flze The time-the seventh period, the place-jeffeie son, U.S.A. tit eouldnlt happen anywhere elsel, spe- cifically-the boys' gym. At the moment one hundred odd tand I mean oddj adolescents are pursuing has- kethall, volleyball, or ping pong or are just standing around and Indian Wrestling. Suddenly the bell rings. All immediately make haste toward the locker room, some running and others quietly sneaking out. However, the teacher blows his whistle and tells all for Whom the hell tolls with a booming "The hell is for me and not for you.l'He then motions every- one to his spot. A lecture then follows which ranges from an appeal for tardy dental notes to a reprimand for the lad who is wearing a Mad T Shirt instead of an oflicial jefferson uniform, whatever that is. At last the class is allowed to change. By this time the late bell is long gone. Four minutes, five hurled sneakers, and three broken combs later, everyone is set to go. Of course, the gym is on the ground floor and as fate would have it, our herols Cnot the one with the Mad shirt, the one who Wanted to be excused because of his triple hairline fracturej next class is Chemistry, which is on the fifth. After breaking the worldis indoor record for the five story dash, uphill, Mr. jefferson arrives hreathlessly in class and staggers toward the general direction of his seat. As luck would have it, teacher is alert today and cahny spying our hero from behind his Bunsen Burner inquires as to what kept him and would he please get a late pass. As he stumbles out of the room our harried Warrior wonders if this really is the best of all possible words and if he should have carried out his previous threat to transfer to Tilden. Rielmrfl Goldstein TIVE ATHLETE W ff gf J- ZF' V1 - 4 f 9 '- Z ff ff ff? f if ff' ' , Am" nv A bil 1 - ' IF I UF Y flf fp N7 I .1 I f ,, . , , X I , mn! 0011, Emi Q , L ..,.,.. 1w1L+-M . y WW, SPOT yilswssa 1 fi .2 'e -' wi . . -vs lr 1. '. . .-Q ,I ,.,, .. ..s..:a1:5-. q w , giyyyybrigrjwmx BS is - The case you are 2ll7Ollt to hear is positively, without a doubt, 1U03f4',k, a farce. Everything Qexcept uaniesl was changed to protect the norinal. Any siinilarity to absolutely anything-"pull llp a couch, buddy, youlre a sick boylu S125 ASI. The student patrollers were working the first shift. Suddenly the building shook. It was tl1e chiefs yoice. "XVant 111c, Mr. Lapidus'?'i, I answered the call. 'iYeah. just got a report from the Bio lab. Tell her about it. Captains Sheila Kanowitz and Martin Nlendelsolnif' 'iXVe've got a big case." Fred Altschuler spoke up, "The Bio class dissected frogs today, and o11e slimy green leg left the room without a pass. Your job-find itlv' "But a student patroller's job is to sit on a post and check to see that students haye passes. XYe'ye never worked with frog legs before." 'iThe lab is counting on youf- warned Leonard Schindler and Ierry Geier. i'But where do I go? "XYhere would X011 go if YOII were an a1np11tated leg?" asked Capt. David Sable. I checked the infirinary and just as I suspected-bandages were gone. This was no longer a niere l'lll1llXVZ1y caseg it had become a "bandage robbery." I heard screaming, then cryi11g COll'lll1g from the fifth floor. Might be a leadl I flew up the steps, threw open the door and heard the sobbing. Wrong easel just a girl who passed her first test. Subject-geometry. Then it hit nie. iThe falling plaster canie through klgilllld I went to the lab and I saw it: a table full of bandaged frog legs. I played a h1111cl1 and I was right. 1 UNO matter where frogs' legs inay roani. They always return to the lah, their hoinelnj Trial was held i11 Dept, Science in and for the sectio11 of East New York, borough Brooklyn. I was found guilty of annoying the science depart- ment and was sentenced to anotlier terin of checking passes o11 the student patrol. Rochelle Snyder X wsu"wwwwQ 9 Affair? TO ?++++++++++++ i l ?++++++ A FRE HMA - 41 lt is an Ancient Senior And he stops a new Freshie 'tliy thy long drawn face and glittering eye Now wherefore stopp'st thou me?" "jc-llerson's doors are open Wide They're there to let me in The students met, the school is setg Cans't thou hear the classroom din?" He holds him with a knowing eye The Freshie now stood still, And listens like a three year child The Senior hath his will. The hell has rung, the school halls cleared. Nlerrily the students Hew, Past the ottice, past each room Past the teachers too. The Freshie, he turns his face Yet he cannot choose hut hear And thus spake on, that Ancient Klan Now in his Senior Year. And now he told how late he was To every class head had. And thus he told his tale of woe To this young eager lad. 'Uh Freshman! This soul hath heen Late eyen to a Regents Class. So late I was, that I myself Saw no Way l could passl "Sweeter than the graduation. T'is sweeter tar to me To walk in on time to eyery class. XVith a goodly company "Oh a ,left S.P. taught me well To get to my class early. And forced me to tell my tale And only then he lelt me tree. ulfarewell, lkarexyell, hut this l tell To thee, thou lfreshuian hoy llc passeth well, who goeth early To eyery class with ioyf' The Senior whose eye is hright, And came late neyer more ls egoneg and now the young Freshman Turned quickly to his classroom door. lle went like one who hath heen stunned And is ot sense forlorn A sadder and a wiser Freshie, lle rose the morrow morn. Marilm XVHIIUCI1 QUR E IOR TEACHER Four years have swiftly passed us hy. And we are leaving old .lellerson High. XYe extend to you, teachers, our appreciation, For adding a ehapter to our education. On many occasions we argued. it's true. It was only because we worried aliout you. Like the times you said. "Test" and we said "Noi" XVe thought only of your marking, papers, you know. Or the times we forgot homework. you lieeame mad, You had less to eorreet. we thought you'd he glad. Youll miss our kindnesses. hut try' not to fret. Previous students like us. you are soon hound to get. t ------be .. ...d M ,Wm 'W From left to right, front fUlL'.' Nlrs. Nordell, Nliss Wlirtli. Xlrs. Gilhert, Mrs. Sehor. Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Lasker, Mrs. Solow. Buck row: Nlr. jahin. Xlr. Fenton, Mr. Beek- man, Mr. Hecht, Mr. Amienherg. Missing: Mrs. Gallagher, Nliss Xlillson. Nliss Sarquis. Xlr. Beekenstein, Mr. Drucker, Mr. Pfeffer. Little did we realize, however, how important she would be to us . . be Crm 0 THE HAPPIE T DAY Bright faces are gleaming, proud parents are beaming, and hundreds of vibrant voices are re-echoing tones of joyful laughter. All because it's graduation day, and "youu are graduating. But why aren't you laughing? And why do you feel so tense? Perhaps itls that noise, that dreadful, rhythmic, repetitions beat that keeps pounding in your ears. G-d, what is it? Then, for a moment, reality, you realize that it's the sound of your heart palpitating with such abnormal intensity. And once again your head is swimming. XVhat is happening to you? How will you ever get your diploma? Suddenly, all noises fade into the distance and you,re all alone, and thinking. It seems as if it were only yesterday and you were starting out in elementary school, but 12 years have already passed. You hadnit a problem in the world then, except perhaps, the task of choosing whether to play ball or to ride your tricycle after school. Many of your actions were silly, but excusable, because you were only a kid. Then you reached the higher grades and just couldn,t wait to grow up--to be a teenager. To have funl Teenage life did consist of that fun you longed to have, but it was also a blend of the problems of adolescence you hadn't anticipated. Your pranks were criticized, yet understood, because you were at that in-between stage. Strong was your desire to grow older, as was your goal to be graduated from high school. XV ell, the time has come, and youire afraid! Suddenly, the sound of music breaks your period of silence. The noises of the crowd seem to return, too, and you realize that you are no longer alone. You're in a world with millions of people who expect you to face responsibility, make decisions, and react with decorum to all arising situa- tions. You know now that living won't be a 'gbed of roses," but your education has, both directly and indirectly, helped to prepare you for the future and now you must hope for the best. All around you happy faces are glowing, and before you know it some of the radiance seems to be passed on to you. You find yourself proudly smiling, and you know, uthis is your graduation day." "You finally made it, kid! You're all grown uplu Hoclzellc Snyder By 11:00, we were well on our way to a solution. We had gathered many bits of information from cooperative teachers and had narrowed down the search considerably. The C 11136 ef the ERVOU GRADUATE XYell, the big day is here . . . I thought it would never eome . . . YM FINALLY GRADUATING . . . All those tiresome rehearsals I went through . . . hope it all goes off okay .... This gown is so long I should have taken it a size smaller .... My hair looks a mess. . . what a waste of money. . . .I could have done just as badly myself. . .Wish We wore caps so my hair wouldnt show .... The people are beginning to take their seats .... Gee, the stage looks beautiful .... But thatis what I paid for .... These days it costs a lot to graduate .... My hands are shaking, I sure am nervous .... This gown is so long .... I hope I donit fall flat on my face . . . the band is tuning up . . . the march is beginning . . . here We go . . . everybody upstraight, heads high .... I feel like Iim a trained monkey . . . no more of this tomorrow. . . . Iim finally on my own ..,. I wonder where my folks are sitting .... Oh, I see them . . . my mother is crying-my father is sound asleep . . . sure hope he doesnt snore .... I'd never live it down .... I dont see my kid brother. . . . XYonder what hes up to .... There goes the valedietorian to give her speech . . . hope it isnt too long . . . these seats are uncomfortable . . . it sure is late, the speeches are all over .... The band is beginning to play the school alma mater '... the graduates are all standing .... I feel the tears coming to my eyes .... I'm going to miss JEFF ..,. I had some fine times there, THREE VVONDEHFUL YEARS - - - Lift your banners, lift them skyyvard Loud our song renew jefferson, our alma mater, The orange and the blue. Carol Singer Mrs. Fox volunteered the information that she had last seen the great seal somewhere on the second floor. We C11l'.sr' 0 THE U PPEA E APPET ITE Everyone in our school majors in the same subject-lunch. The surge of interest in gastronomy can be attributed to the fact that this subject complements one's knowledge of almost any field of human endeavor, from psychology to physics. Besides, it affords the opportunity to fill one's tank before starting out on the long hard road to the remainder of the dayis classes. Lunch is a very extraordinary subject. It has an unusual course of study with a special type of subject matter-food. Everyone is required to take lunch although few will become professional eaters upon graduation from high school. Even if you are quite familiar with the subject matter Cand we have been exposed to it from early childhoodj we are not given advanced standing. XVe must do well in it-that is, We must never have an unfavorable notation made of our lunchroom behavior-yet no recognition is given to those who do well in the subject. In fact, one does not even have to absorb the subject matter in order to pass. The lunch period holds a significant place in our program because most people hold that, without exception, it is misplaced. This is a delusion. While you think that you were given lunch after gym to annoy you, the Program Committee was taking into consideration those with bad appetites. The climb from the main floor to the cafeteria is quite invigorating. Many complain of having gym directly after lunch because it makes them nauseous Qf ce' xo ' X oo Qfvgcv Base Q, W9 pc'Vf,X7' V' 0 9 bw' KNO woe- me xc" YYSW L 605 O ,..f' +0 K qi.. Q00 0 , 'ix' ve , ,. S 97' A . Vo' 0-P , 'Lx ,f' 992511 JA 194 ff!-fi jf' ov! Qwfj JJ' JA .wrt +G' 0'O.- V ,ff rvstbd vvtsw V- J -' wx,,,-Yah Q9 X 0 X . 'T x ,X V 471:61 .Q-.f"n 0 Y ,Q "0 gvvwdl X K j , f X, ,r , I I 490' HA' U me N X K tthe strenuous exercise-not the teachersl. In this case the Program Committee was thinking of those who need to lose weight. If the oyer-weight are constantly reminded of the unfayorahle consequences of eating, they will refrain from doing so. Other pupils are not contented with their lunch period hecause it either precedes or follows a sulmject which produces a species of stomach hutterffy hy exposure to gory pictures or upsetting smells, such as in hiology or chemistry. These people apparently do not realize that our faculty is trying to deyelop in usa mental and physical control that will remain with us in adulthood. ln spite ofthe complaints, lunch remains an exceedingly popular suhjeet. The popularity can he attrihuted to the faet that more goes on. that is of interest to more people, in less time and in a more limited space than can possihly he ae- counted for scientifically. Take an ideal lunehrooin situation, -gJ,,f,t 'ymvy' me-' P OGRAM CARD Q. 3 l YDESIRHALE ignlyg E A ,. f'.:fi,i4'T? Imax, humlrvmu '1vMY'lI'1 'W " H" gr ral.-Yjigipnfg vw.-'Lf I flugfiwr l ,U , r gi T LU,,1,fflfflg - L .g -... 3 .E 5, ,s 1 y . ,asf ... 4 'rg , V ,,-7 -' . I .. . 5 Lu'YLtLJl U Zi ,L ,X V C Fug FLG lah., Y..-1 -- Z v K, 7 , cg... c'i 4 ff' l i . -7-M A-I N, A ml B ,,,,, MN. 10-1, fm for instance. At one tahle sixteen people sit Xvltlllll a radius of thirty yards from this tahle there is not another tahle with more than two or three people. Interesting characters are to he seen in any section of the lunch- room, howexer. lnyariahly, there is the optimist who attempts to do homework when someone is hatting him oyer the head with an American History text hecause his shoe has slipped under his tahle fthe Lord knows howl. Such a situation ahsorhs the amateur psychol- ogist. Next to him. two amateur physicists are trying to get rid of a penny hy making it stick on the ceiling. One throws it up, while the other fields it. After a few unsuccessful shots, the fielder misses it and the penny rolls underneath a tahle. An amliitious student fam- hitious hecause he takes the initiative and gathers the strength to pick up something from the floorj prods his friend and they start a game of penny foothall. After scoring the first goal he ukicksu. The kick flies wide and lands in someone's chow mein. The chow mein enthusiast hecomes angry at this intrusion, hites off the end of his straw wrapper and hlows through the hole in the hope of hitting the gny-witli-the-had-aim in the eye. The wrapper flies high and wide and lands perma- nently on the ceiling to the amazement of the two hoys who had the penny. Such is lunchroom life. Years from now, indulgent in our affluence, we will dine in high-class restaurants with white tahlecloths, suhdued light, and all-inclusive menus. Then, with a loved one across thc tahle, her features enhanced hy the flickering of the candlelight and with gypsy violins strumming in the hackground, we will reflect upon our younger days. Will we ever realize that we received our epicurean start in the Thomas jefferson High School cafeteria? Ronald Allffilllllll The C1156 0 Q THE FACE I THE CROWD How many times have you heard folks refer to the adage. l S i'It takes all kinds", in reference to an odd or unusual individual. The adage is certainly a true one. It does take all kinds to con- stitute a family, a school, a community or the world. Never let it he said that jefferson is an exception to this rule. In fact jeff is a perfect example of its application. In Thomas jefferson High School we have all and every kind, different sizes. shapes and temperaments. If you are not convinced perhaps you'd he willing to allow me to guide you through the hallways of jeff. That is if you think you can take it. XVell here we are on the first floor. It's awfully early. not many kids here yet. Oh, here he comes. You can always count 4. on him to he the first one in school. The darling of honor school. Aristals sweetheart, 'intellectual Irvingn. This is the hoy who not only meniorizes the encyclopedia, he writes his own. VVe shouldnt rib Irving too much this weekg its heen tough for him. Only QS in solid geometry 97 in Latin and yesterday with S4 in physics. Well, that was the straw that hroke the camels hack. C'mon, let's go to the second floor. Ah, here we are on the second floor, the home of the extra-curricular bulletin hoards especially formulated to let the activity minded student know what is going on. Iley, watch out, duck! Qswoooshl-fthis happens every time.l There she goes, pinning a notice on every bulletin hoard. This is "extra-eurricular Carol". She's President of the Hostess Cluh, Vice-President of S.C.A.I. and Captain of The Cheerleaders. Carol is the girl who has more cluhs than suhject classes. Hey. look over therel guess who? thats it. uDrihhling Donald". This is the All-American athletically inclined sweetheart of the cheerleader set. He canlt get it through his mind that the five floors of jefferson High are not just extensions of the gym in the hasement. On the first floor he gets his foothall practice tackling everyone foolish enough to he on the field at that time. On the second floor he i X drihhlcs his way to class. On thc third Hoor hc tcsts his track-running ability, completing thc cntirc tloor in record timc. Funny thing, though, he nsvcr gcts to his class on time. Huw. do you smcll salaini or is it tuna fish? Xl'hat did you say? "lt's only thc sccond pcriod, the lunch room isnt opcn yctf' That makcs no dittcrcncc to our hclovcd tricnd 'Nihhling Nora." Thcrc she is, sandwich in onc hand. candy' har in thc othcr. You can hc surc hcr pursc is ladcn with goodies ot all sorts to tidc her through till lunch pcriod, And when the tcachcr looks around in Eco wondcring whcrc that strangc ccllophanc noisc is coming from you can count on Nora. Ah. hcrc wc arc on tht- fifth and last floor, XYhat did you say? "Thcrc's a radio with music on soincwhcrc." A radio in Alcitl XYhat do wc nccd a radio tor? wc have morc than an aniplc amount of musical ahility. And hcrc conics the lcadcr of thcni all, commonly known as "Singing Samuclfi This is thc hoy who kveps all tht- students entcrtaincd in thc halls with his rock and roll sonas. And that takc oft on Elvis. man its wild. Howcvcr. for tcachcrs in a suhjcct class it docs get annoying to haw Elvis. singing at thc opcning of thc Civil XYar. XX'cll, l Qucss youw c sccn cnongh to Qct a Licncral idca of our interesting and, shall wc sav. varicd stndcnt hotly. Xthat did you say? 'iTlrcy"rc an nnnsnal groupfl XYcll inayhc thcy' are. hut you know what thcy' always say. "If fukzhs all kirifltspu Slmilrl Krlaoicilz. ,...-- f""l' -sw mv, qiwcfww ff lx THE ++++++++++++++++' 4+ +++++++++++++ ++ F I AL PROBLEM ff I ,, , 5 Is this a Regents which I see before me, the questions towards my face? Come, let me clutch thee. VVill I pass? I know not, yet I see thee still. Art thou not, fatal enemy, harsh unto my grades as unto my feelings? Ur art thou but a misery to the Il1II1Ll, a horrible creation that proceeclecl from The brilliant teachers' brains. Thou temp'st me to use a gyp sheet and Such an instrument Ill like to use. My intelligence is made a fool of by The others, for look at all the rest. The room is still and on my paper, Answerless questions, which was never so before. Thou art a terrible Thing whose contents bring one thought only to my mind, now half which is NVorking. And to my tired brains my answers seem dead, and wicked Dreams abuse these torturous hours. The faculty celebrates. Thou sure and firm-set heaven, hear my prayers, which way they walk, for I Fear this exam will determine my whereabouts. I beg you, take the present Horror from mine eyes. WVhile my soul dies. my teachers happily lives And feelings of anguish my heart gives. I go and it is done: The bell invites me. But lack of time made it to be A knell, that summons me to heaven tgracluationj or to hell fnot gracluatingj. Phyllis Saretm l j 'W ,, ,,, V ' , The zfIllC'5!lfIll'6' 0 ' T THE PI IK CARD I walked into jefferson and I did frown, For all of the stairways were marked UP and DOXVN. I followed all rules and did not try, Even after three years, them to defy. I trod through the stairways. each day for three years, And always gave heed to the signs of my peers. I followed all rules, but then came the day, VVhen a stairway marked DOXVN was to cause my dismay I cautiously climbed as the kids ran right past me, A big guy came by and he wanted to blast me. I ,got to the top and lo and behold, A teacher was waiting, month open to scold. "Get down to the bottom." I heard him scream and cry I felt like a fool and I wanted to die. I was quite embarrassed and counted to ten. But when he wasnit looking I tried it again. I almost succeeded, but when I reached the top stair, He called np to me but I didnt care. So he screamed and yelled, And he didnit let me speak, His reign was soon over ,... I CRADUATED THAT VVEEKY Adrienne Potaslinian We rang the bell for the elevator and after a five-minute wait got to the second floor. be me 0 THE FADI ORY It's 1959, and were graduating from High Schooll How very mature we all feel for our age. Not as old as our 'ipractically ancient? parents and teachers, of course, but very grown-up indeed. NVe now look back at our 'cchildishw years and recall uthose good old days? in kindergarten when we were young. But, in 20 years from now, we'll look back and reminisce in the very same sentimental way about our ujuvenilei' days in high school. And will we remember all those tests? Boy, did we put in hours of study and preparation Qto place all those long test answers on those little 'cgyp sheets? D. And will we recall the clothes we wore? XVill you fellas remember copying the appearance of singers Elvis Presley and Pat Boone Cwho you claimed you despisedl? You started at your head with those long sideburns and went right down past your paisley print shirts to the white buck shoes on your feet. And will we girls recollect those big, baggy crew neck sweaters we wore four sizes too large for us, while we wore all other sweaters four sizes too small? Sneakers Qwhich were sinful to wear cleanl was the vogue in footwear, and heavy make-up was the trend for eyes fit weighed down eye-lids and gave a good excuse for falling asleep in classj. XVhat about the memory of our lunchroom and our favorite delicacy, potato chips? CVVe also liked egg salad, tuna salad, bologna, pastrami, salami, cheese, ice cream, candy and anyone hungry?j And will the memory of these sly techniques we used in class haunt our minds in the future? For example, nodding our heads "yes" in Spanish class to give the teacher the assurance that he was putting his lesson across. CVVe knew very well it all sounded like Greekd Then there was the falling plaster tthat kept falling until the painters camel, the new look of the school when the painters were through Qsame old light green colored walls, we loyedl, the weekly baby sitting jobs, the homework Call week and twice as much on week-endsl, the blind dates falways lu lusl, the gym Qwith the daily dressing and undrcssingl, and the weird expressions Culiin cracking up", "crazy man", "I could croaku, 'Tm going to blow a fuse" And those were the good old days .... YVill we remember??????? H0l'lIt'lll' Sllillfttl' "Try every room on this floor, Watson," remarked Holmes. "You know O ll my methods. The Adeerzfzzre 0 THE OLITARY T HI KER It was a warm lune evening. I was sitting on a pillow by the Window, wallowing in each breeze that happened to make its way through the screen. My freshly-polished nails would not dry because of the lack of circulation in the air. This worried me. Tomorrow I had to look perfect. It would be graduation day and for once my classmates had to see me shining from head to toe. Tonight I would not have to burn the midnight oil doing some boring and lengthy chemistry assiginnent. Tonight I would not go to bed too tired to set my hair. I could retire at eight if I wished, but deep in the back of my mind I doubted if I would be able to sleep. I looked out of the window. There stood jefferson in all her red-bricked, vineless glory. XVhat had made me become so attached to this forbidding building? I remember as a child looking at that very same edifice and think- ing how Id never be old enough to go there. On another occasion I had accompanied my mother there so she could vote in the booths set up in the lobby. She left me standing in the middle of the hall while she entered one of those curtained contraptions, and I had looked around with wonder and awe at the statues, the glass cases and the many doorways and stairwells leading to the unknown. I marvel now at how things have changed since then. I can now look at the outside of the building and know exactly what it is like inside. The locker room. the library. the elevators. and the bookstore all in their familiar little nooks. No longer do I panic when walking down a dark, uninhabited staircase. I know exactly where each one will lead me and no longer get those quaking freshman knees. Three years have I spent there, looking forward to Christmas vacation, assembly programs. mid-terms and the Regents, and now they mix in my memory as one blurry pot-ponrri in my lifetime. A rare evening breeze brought me back to the present. The light of the quickly disappearing sun revealed the entrance to the school and I had to laugh just a little at the quote from Lincoln over the main portal of MThomas Jeffersoni' High School. I had never noticed the mistake before entering Jefferson but now it only made the building more endearing for it gave it a distinction of which not many others could boast. Now it was dark. A light. grayish drizzle fell softly and mist covered all. The building once more took on its macabre hue and I wondered. in the years to come would my warm. familiar home once again become the for- bdding monument of the past? Carol Rubin A group of worried seniors gathered around us as we searched, anxiety written on their faces. "Have no fear," I said. "Mr. Sherlock Holmes and I will solve this case." Holmes smiled. Q 1 'ICAQ H51 7 xyozw i X Q 5 - xr if- N Q' x W V , K .A : fin 7' ' f 1 l The Case 0 POI lt's no mystery that our haskethall team lost its chance at the City Championship hy losing to Erasmus hy a mere eight points. XVe need no committee of investigation to tell us that. Nor is it unknown that the jeff team had an almost perfect season with its only loss to Boys High. This too, we know. The captains of the Nickelmen certainly deserved their titles. Charles Iackson, jr., and Spencer Sander led the team, and gave them great aid in playing their games. Charlie, sometimes called "Flash,l' would like to continue his athletic career as a physical education teacher. Perhaps jefferson will be fortunate enough to get Charlie hack in the gymnasium in the near future. The only thing that was wrong with Spence's basketball career was his excessive fouling. But, thatls the penalty you sometimes must pay if you want to make every shot count. Spence, a seemingly quiet person, could he depended upon for a "wild sessionw once you got him started. THE ELU IVE 79 9 HTl1e fW1'5.s'1'1zkg Tlzrec QIIIIITCJI' . . cf' .' ,t g g.: ,ijt 1 1 i,, V il We visited gyms, laboratories, and classrooms, looked in closets 24 peered under desks, questioned everybody in sight. I Thomas Bushel, a real asset to the team, occasionally added comedy to the games by confusing the opposing players with his fast-talk. If you sat close enough to the court, you could hear "BushD whispering to the opposing players, i'You don't want that ball-Hey! give it to mell' This comical streak may help Bush in helping others when he achieves his career in social working. Jeff Deneroff and Richard Klitzberg will be remembered as the "cut-upl' of the team, on and off the court. Richie was forever surprising the crowd with his amazing long-shots. leff, the phenomenon of the season who was associated previously with the football team, became a varsity star when Mr. Hodesblatt, the teams enthusiastic coach, saw him playing one day. Jeff gained the respect of the fans and the team when he 'istole the shown from the "regulars" the first time he played. Although handicapped at times by a tricky ankle, Jeff proved his worth as a basketball player to all who saw him play. NVhat about the other seniors on the team who werent starters as the five aforementioned and James Boatwright, a junior, were? Often, Stuie "VYlieelsi' Beilin, Dave Miller, and Steve Fleischman were seen on the court in the place of some team-mate. Asked what happened in the locker-room before and after the games, Bush mentioned that the boys occasionally sang, and more often, made jokes about Richie and Spence, who were always the last to be ready. Any other things discussed in private by our basketball team, were labeled "Top Secretf' We the seniors, thank you, fellows, for being such a great team of boys. on and off the basketball court. . ' Marcia Spat: WI I G TEA v-s.-.5 , H"'s"-+..?NH A 1. After two hours of this, during which Holmes smoked two pipes of tobacco, the seal was just as hidden cis ever. The fy!IfU6'l7fZll'C' 0 THE 0 E THAT GO I A W AY It has been said that Springtime turns a young mans fancy to thoughts of love. However, many of their thoughts turn to other things, especially the national pastime, Baseball. And here at lef- ferson it's no different. XVhen March rolls around, the Baseball team with the help of the Coach, Mr. Robert L. Schain, who is also chairman of the Social Studies Depart- ment, looks for new prospects, who, we hope, will carry the team to many victories. The members of the team this year are mostly newcomers and the only three seniors are Spencer Sander, and Barry Goldsmith, co-captains, and Lewis Rubin. Sander, who is also a very good bas- ketball player, is expected to be one of the out- standing pitchers in the season. Last year he batted an even .500 and struck out at least 12 men in every game he pitched. Goldsmith, who is the shortstop, is another outstanding athlete and we hope he does as well on the baseball diamond as he did on the football field. The fi1'st game of the '59 season will be played against Boys High and Mr. Schain and his team are hoping for a better record than the 5-5 record of last Spring. With the efforts of the team and the support of all Ieffersonians there is no reason why their goal can't be reached. Valarie Asher It was apparent, however, that a theory was forming in Holmes' mind. E The S lllljjf of THE DANCIN GIRL I XYhat's this? Sherlock Holmes in the girls gym? And with such LI grin on his face. XYhat's that. Nlr. Holmes? They dance jolly well? Yes, They do. Er . . . who dances well? Oh, of course, how silly of ine, you'rc watching the modern dance class. Yes, they do look upipu in those hlucla tights. But I thought you were interested in their dancing. Are you here to inyestigate the girls for ai Broadway show? No? just for your own entertainment? I don't hliune you. They are yery talented young women. You saw the Student Aid Show? I agree. They certainly did put on a wretchedly. jolly good shevy '... er, show. Leaving so soon? Oh, Dena Nelson, the class president, just culled the girls to order. XYho is that lady in the juniper? Oh, you ineun Nlrs. Solow. Sheys the advisor of the class. Yes, she is quite spry, isnt she! Cheerio? That ineuns good-hyc, doesnt it? I was neyer at muster of foreign larigunges, you know. Uh, you don't know? XYell er, cheerio, Nlr. Holmes. Inquisitiye fellows, those Englishmen. Marcia Spill: From time to time the familiar face of the pretty little senior bobbed up. I paid no attention to her, but Holmes became more and more in- terested in her actions. STUDY I WHITE XVhile walking around the main hall of our beloved school, my eyes suddenly focused on a small piece of orange paper protruding from under the door of the girls' gym. After snatching it up, I quickly whipped out my trusty magnifying glass and examined the paper carefully. Then, to my complete amazement, I discovered that this was not just an ordinary scrap of processed fiber, but the letter obviously lost from an important bul- letin board in the school. Through my mind went the names of the various organizations, but I couldnit find one with this particular letter in its name. Alas! here I was with a clue and I could not find the missing link. Then, as if my prayers were suddenly answered, I remembered that there was a girls, athletic group called LEADERS. I ran into the girlsl gym as fast as my legs would carry me and returned the missing letter to a very grateful girl. Since I was already there, I decided to find out a little more about this group of girls who are always seen in snow white gym suits coyered with many felt letters earned by excellence in after school clubs. As I was stand- ing engrossed in my own thoughts, four girls suddenly came over and asked me what I was doing in the gym. After explaining my presence, I found out tl at these four girls were the newly elected ofheers of Leaders. They are: Natalie Cuttler-President, Rosemarie Del Purgatorio-Yeep, Leona Ha- inoska-Treasurer, and ludy Ettinger-Secretary. The bell rang. Students scurried in and out of rooms, brushinq past us Seeing that I was interested in their organization they willingly told me several facts ahout it. They informed me that this term Leaders is under the very capahle leadership of Mrs. S. Strauss, Chairman of the Girls' Gym Department, and that the leaders-in-training are under the ahle supervision of Mrs. YValden. The hell which signaled the start of the class now rang and the girls told me that if I wanted to see them in action I could stay. No sooner had the girls left me than the class officially hegan. It was the leaders' joh to help check the attendance of the students, teach various skills, demonstrate, and giye good and poor work marks. After watching for a whole period the work of these girls, I finally realized why they are such a select group. For these girls must be courteous, self-disciplined, pleasant and, ahoyc all, ahle to lead others at all times. They are: Rae Beilinson, Brenda Buschel, Joyce Carlin, Leicla Domeneck, Alice Drogkin. Mary Drozdowski, Susan Eisenstein, Phyllis Federman, Francine Furman, Ann Gordon, Helene Hechtman, Sheila Mehl, Doris Pollack, Adrienne Potashman, Fay Rubinstein, Janice Smith, Beverly Wash- ington, Cecila NVashington, Sharon XVolff, and Melinda Zaniewski. Indy Ettinger rn therr haste to get to what we later found out were club meetings. 1 s 12 ACTIVITIES fZF17YIS'OIV' I CLASS TREASURERS ENIOR C U CIL 5 i 'N In Room 232, Lamont Bettis was presiding over the Senior Council meeting. All regular business had been laid aside, and the discussion seemed to center around the great mystery . . . CLASS OFFICER Lamont Bt ttis Pre.s'irlc nt Dear Seniors, This Iune of 1959 terminates a vitally important phase of your life. Your diploma represents two aspects of your life as a Ieffersonian. These two are scholastic accomplishments and social achievements. The first represents your attainment of proper grades and the completion of required courses of study. The second represents an advance in the maturity of your character and mind. for you are no longer a child hut an adult. This was not an abrupt change. It was a gradual transformation. The seeds of this development were planted in Iunior High School, where we first realized the purpose of our education to he the preparation for a successful and heneficial venture into modern society. The three years which we spent at Thomas jefferson High were the most influential factors in our development as intelligent adults and our realization of the importance education plays in our lives. The seeds that were sown in our youth hegan to hlossoin at Jefferson, for we expended our energies to hetter her, and we henefited hy her improvement. Now that we have ahsorhcd the wisdom -Ielferson and her faculty had to offer. we are leaving well equipped to face the future. XYe will, I am sure, encounter the ups and downs of life, and as we do, we will constantly think of Thomas Jefferson and thank her for the successes that the education she afforded us made possihle. Sincerely, . ' Lrinzoiit Bettis Www Marcia Spatz Steve Kopp Phyllis Federm in Secretary Vice Presicleiit Tl'CII6'lll'CT wwe X s f,,. , r l . l l +44 A..-g i.. lily , . C COU CIL The CO. Council is considered to be the governing body of our school. This student congress is headed by the executives, or C.O. officers. This ternrs officers are all seniors, President-Roger Elowitz, Vice President-Lowell Kleiman and Secretary-Mona Chadkin. The body of the CO. Council is composed of representa- tives froin the various organizations and grade representatives from the President's Council. Their advisor, Mr. Beckenstein, has held this position for seventy terms--since the C.O. Council was organized. In essence its purpose is to "regulate the establishment and management of all extra curricular student activities, teams, clubs, and associations, connected with our school. It is also expected "to provide for their support, and to promote within its ahility and jurisdiction the health and welfare of the student hodyf' As is stated in the constitution of the C.O. Council, it is the function of the faculty and students of Ieiferson to "promote school spirit, stimulate loyalty to the ideals of Thomas jeilerson, encourage interest and participation in school activities, and secure the co- operation of the student hody in fostering student self-government.M Dreena Lev Mr. Beckenstein and the G.O. Council were worrying about the finqn cial aspect of the mystery. Buying a new seal would play havoc with the budget. ER ICE COU CIL Membership in the Service Council, an honor society ol jefferson, is conferred upon those students who have given outstanding service to the school. lVith the expert guidance of Mrs. Zack, faculty advisor, and the direc- tion of Service Councils officers, President-Fav Rubinstein, Vice-President -Anita Soloinan, and Secretary-Linda Cohen, the lneinhers of Service Council aid the school through the Service Exchange Connnittee, which supplies jobs for students during their free periods. lim sure we all agree that it is indeed an honor to wear the gold pin representing membership in this fine organization. Rochelle Bennett VP' The service council as usual offered its services. 'U ARI TA The Installation of new Arista members is a most impressive ceremony. Twice a year those students who have met the vigorous requirements are inducted into the honorary society and it is an occasion to be remembered by participants and spectators alike. This term Miss Meehan, Aristas advisor, called the new members to the stage of the auditorium. Phyllis XVeisberg, Girl Leader, lit the three candles symbolizing Scholar- ship, Service, and Character and explained the significance of each attribute. Mr. Cohen, our principal, greeted each new member and presented him or her with the traditional pin and certificate of membership. Assisting were Larry Corelick. Boy Lead- er, Rochelle Pearlman, Corresponding Secretary, Judith Shepulsky, Treasurer, and Robert Taylor, Chairman of the Arista Tutoring C-roup, which has given such invaluable aid to Jefferson students, Members of Arista represent the "Best" and their characters and achievements really prove it. Jlurflm llvlllllltll Arista members volunteered to participate in the search. "No," Holmes ruled, however. "l prefer to work alone." 5 a . PM .......x.... MMSM.. ..X.... 1 K is A A Q is R Q. T 5 5 lf QWXYAWE 1. N STUDENT COUNCIL AGAINST INTOLERANCE STUDENT PATROL Student patrol, that stalwart group, stood by watching all wl1o d Se. , qyw-1. , GIRLS CHGRUS BOYS CHORUS My Q, Q MIXED CHQRUS And the search con d . . , 1 ' 4 , , ,, f, 1 DANCEBAND CKDMHRIWBAND ORCHESTRA 39 CHEERLEADERS 'TWURLERS BOOSTERS fi J MJD X ff E . L Q11 Ju I Q L! 4 My H XJ" ' E .ff N'J'V,f-HX Fwfgyfl' KW Q Holmes drew his glass out of his pocket and examined what seemed to be the traces of a footprint. After a moment, he straightened up. 40 "To the senior office," he said cryptically. KAGATHO I "Preserve Health, Pursue Knowledge, Glorifv Service, Have Faithw. As I stood there proudly, allowing the words to echo, and reecho, in my ears, I realized that reciting this motto of Kagathos marked the culmina- tion of one of my fondest dreams. As an uncertain ninth grader, I had heard the name at an orientation ceremony for future Ieffersonians. Its strong impressive sound remained with me until the following vear. I joined Iunior Leaders and many cluhs and worked hard to meet the requirements of Kagathos. Having passed these, I dedicated myself to working for the gym department as a Kagathos prohationer for a term and soon found myself participating in the impressive vet rewardinglv meaningful proceed- ings of the installation. Now, after two years, I look hack at the many wonderful hours I have spent as a memher of Kag. All the girls have a great love of the outdoors. Every term we have a hike and a cook-out. This sometimes includes a hoat- ride or a friendly game of hall. Kagathos is also dedicated to inter-school friendliness and health education in all fields. To further these goals we have a forum once a term with a special guest speaker. Topics are varied hut always enthralling. This, my last term in Kagathos, I will rememher always. Harriet Rosen- hlatt, our chancellor, Xliss NYirth, our advisor, and the many wonderful girls Ilve worked with have made it a rewarding term. The heritage of fairness, dedication, and leadership that all Kagathos girls receive will remain with me long after the doors of Iefferson close hehind me. The following are senior memhers of Kagathos: Ann Cordon, Carol Rubin, Harriet Rosenhlatt, -Indy Ettinger, Natalie Cutler, Brenda Buschel, Sheila Klehl. Francine Furman, Cecelia XVashington, Nlarcia Spatz, Susan Eisenstein, Leona Ramoska, Rosemarie Del Purgatorio. Carol Rubin f 1121-1FERsoN1AN STAFF Whats new in school? Who was to tell? Our school paper, of course, 'The Liberty Bellf, It contained factual info of all the news And many expressions of pupils, views. H 1 'W Talent in art and literature XVent hand in hand, - To make K'The Ieffersonianl' A e book that was really grand. lt had clever stories, poems, And illustrations in View, I All' "l' din it rea 5 enjoyec lea g And expect that you did tool Rochelle Snyder LIBERTY BELL STAFF PUBLICATION BUSINESS STAFF fs PROGRAM C OMMITTEE Y -wy- fp 1 f" M Q J W f ,,, AMPSQUAD :nm 0 ARBYTRAiTObJ CGURT NLYTH 'TEAMI The seniors all collaborated And formed ii incnioralvle book, Wvitliin tlic pugvs of "The Aurora" In futurc f'Cill'S WGIII look. Our fuccs will happily smile And our lic-arts will gently sigh. As wi- rc-nd und rvc-z1lI sciitiiiiciitully Our days ut llvifcrsoii High. 'ff Yhiv AURORA TAFE LITERARY Ill rx Editor-in-Cliicfz ,Indy Ettingf,-r gfIl!5 IN-vhfr ,I xi C-1d0ql.'X,f26VL,,Ifx l313vi,HJo4fm,C 4 Iitcrary' Editor: Sliciln Kiinowitz flu, 5, LQ Lfdlqiffj --i Qfcfvqlfixfh . , if bpm f ei MJ Rocliclle Snyclc-r Xlmtlm Xmlliip-li V I' T ' i Xlurciii Sputz Ciirolcf Singvr ,lucly Harris J fx? ART Don Luderman, Editor Riu Bernstein LITERARY ADVISER: Allncrt Glass ART ADVISER: Ianetll A. Fox TECHNICAL: Jerry Ceisr, Gerald Robinson, Henry Skorr, Frcd Leila 45 Tffh' FIIVAL PAJOBLEXW SENIORS EILEEN ABEL 395 Livonia Avenue l3oolclfc'r'pr'r AttLtllLlLll1L'k' Oliice See. ll yr.l, Student Patrol, Regent l'llllClK'l' Corn., Cirls' llealtll Squacl TRINA ABRAI I.-XTXIS 541 Asllforcl Street Boolclcwpw SHEILA ABRAMSON 198 Sutter Avenue C.C.N.Y. Prirulc St't'l't'l!ll'll Attendance Otliee Squad Q 2 ternrsj. See. to Mrs. Goldstein JOE ADAMO 1-15 Powell Street SlllCSlllZlll SUSAN ADLER 612 Penn Avenue Drakes Busincuss College , Legal Sfenograplzer' Twirlers Q6 ternisj, Service Coun- eil, S.P. VICTOR ACUECE 503 Van Sicklen Avenue Com. Col. GLORIA ALBERS 252 Osborn Street Ser'rc'tury Assist. to Mrs. Goldstein PIIYLLIS ALES IGH Selieneli Avenur SUl'l'ClllI'lf 48 ,A phi fum . I - e ff X av 1 Q9 M.. JW X' iw .N 5. - t f 5, fr' A V .: If ,dm M , .M 7,-.. If 1 .. ,W Vx, M 0 Q Q , V Af ' Am LA .M 'ffl' '- " 1 ,. an 1 4 -Q M., ' f- , 1 4,1 .. . ' "ke L 'siwiif 'Z x':3'0, j ,Q ,- .-M, JAY ALLEN 1215 East 101st Street Bklyn. College of Pharmacy INA ALPERT Flflll Avenue NI Mfmfll ML'zlir'z1l Crzlltgqc' .'tIc'zIiz'f1l Secretary Stmh.-nt Patrol, Class Pres. XVAI.l,ACl'i ALSTON S4575 Blake ,'Xv1-luxe Pilot Drum Corps CARY ALTER 478 Braclforcl Street Com. Col, FRANCES ALTBI.-XX 1017 Hopkinson Avenue FRED ALTSCHULER 2535 Linden Boulevard C.C.N.Y. CPA. Sportsulsfer See. of -1-TX and 5-TX. See. of the Student Patrol L2 ternisl. Student Patrol Capt., Blatli, Team C2 terinsl and Service Council Q2 tt'I'lIlSl NAOBII ALYAREZ 1-1-10 East 921111 Street Com. Col. SCCI't'l'lIl'!l RONALD ANDIXIAN 432 New jersey Avenue Colrmzlfiu Doctor Boy Leader of Arista, Chief jus- tice of Arliitration Court, Eclitor of f,iln'rtg1l Bt-I1 Q3 t 1 'ms U, Service founei tx XIPQQ KA, Qwriirrw Wie I Xl fM,2 The door of the office was closed and the lights W me o, t. f' was Yr IOHN ANDRADE 325 Riveulgile Ax cnuc XIYHOX AXTOXOFF GSS AAi.ltlRIl1s Strvvt Blclgm Cnlluuu nf Pl1l1l'I71tlt'U I'lu1rn1m'i.xf ALAN APPEL 135 Rsinwn Axenu AHIIILH API'IfLI3AL'XI 635 Klillvr Au-mi: Stun' TMILIAU' CQHII. U! Alllzlligf 7-L'Il1,'lll'I' Eligll'-ll Bwfwlirfffllri Capt. 2 ll'I'lIlNl BAIiBAIiA .AIJIJLEBALWAI 656 Clrrxrlniifl 5tr1'--t Brfwlclyli T1 IH fzvr Sec, to Dr. Klrfiii 2 UJTIIIN . Sf f,. tu Mr. Lev'-r .ind Klrx. Atl-Qin. Stllfl"Ill Patrol ALAN AIIIILSH 628 Yffrimmt Stn-vt LniL'L'r.sity of Hliffflfg fslrlnff Plzyf.s'1'nul Ifdufufirm TWIIIIIUI Varsity Irllflllhlll Vliyrmi ARNOLD ASCII 525 Bradford Street C.C.N.Y. Engincnr VALERIE ASHEH 653 Hinsdale Stn,-cat Bnolckecper Sec. to Mr. Sclmin K3 terms J, Surv- ice Council C2 terrnsj, Aurora Rep., Arista The omce seemed locked. x K' I YQJN, 0 X ,fl 4 X' igi'FAix AINE TERBACH V3 N. X3-131 Alu venue ,' U 37 X I I ' Bri nklmi fC1lL7U ZIIIJIIQVQ X sgff - Il Clll 74 teri sJ,Qilo0St , L X t'l'ILl5flf ILQLICCXIV I eil Af, C' ' ,ll ili'l'l Clioru. 4 tc-rm: A p I X3 X 1 Il' an f 'W' In A ' uw -I SIIICLDUN AUERBACII 1225 Ezlstcril I,Lll'liNVLlj' limulqlgfri Tvarlicr IIONYAHID BABBUSII 4-41 Alzilmmai Avenue K. TH '. '. :l.CC'0llHl'Ullf 5 CCNI 458 Stil Q ILUIII l'ntrol, Arista A LINDA BACIIKIAN ' ""1 6939 Alzllmnm Avenue b -v CH1111. Cul. ACCUIIIIZLUHI gh 1- lim-il Cruss Hcp., Gym. Svc. Q2 .QQ tvrmsl. Stucli-nt Patrol, Service fn Cmiiicil 'Iv-" - .M , l SVIILIART BAILIN lfil SL'lll'ImN L'w.lL' c' T' 5' lilwwlclyiz 'WWA r 1Jlzy1.x'fHflr" , uc' f lIC'l15f li.nxlxm'tlw.nl7lZ,21 3 rs. 3: M1231-Q 7-"' NIAIKSIIA BAHANOXVITZ lil I.,l'glUll Slrvvl Secretary BARBARA BARASCII S105 Strim- Avenue Iimnlflyii Buyer NIAHTIN BARR i I Af 1375 Pitkin Avunui- V J i X linmlflyiz V M3 -, f I " 49 GLORIA BAUMAN 402 Christopher Avenue Brooklyn Matlz. Teacher Hostess Club C235 yrs.D-Treas., Twirlers C2 yrs.D-Co-Capt. ll ternll, Arista, Service Council RICHARD BAYER 661 Sheffield Avenue C.C.N.Y. Aecoimfanl JOE BEHAR 1407 Linden Boulevard Hunter SARA BEHAR 60 Gleninore Avenue Executive Secretary Sec. in Attendance OHice, Sec. to Mr. Polner, Typist in Attendance Office RAE BEILINSON V441 Hopkinson Avenue , Bookkeeper Sec. to Mrs. Strauss Cl yr.D, Lead- ers, Class Treas. SA, Student Patrol ISRAEL BEKIER 1979 Strauss Street Lawyer Health Education Sec. ROCIIELLE BENNETT 560 Saratoga Avenue C.C.N.Y. Certified Public Aeeozuztnnf Service Council, Aurora Literary Staff, Boosters Q3 termsl, Girls, Chorus SANDRA BERCEII 449 VVilliams Avenue Brooklyn Healtlz Ellllfllllllll Teaelier S.C.A.I. KZD 50 Y w fe , ,A- . f W s a ,lp f 01 ,, 1 o f at f 'W W at Q 3 V L S 1 .,..,. 1 , Z' , Z e . il MQW -Q 9 'WT Q ' we , ff, we sa W an 5: , in 4.,.a..a5 , f MN , iv X SHARON BERGER 105-67 Flatlands 10th Street Brooklyn Teacher Service Council, Gym Assist. C 2 termsl, Library Squad C2 termsl FREDERICK BERKOVVITZ 703 Georgia Avenue Armed Forces Student Patrol, Mimeograph Office ll yr.J, Baseball Team lVarsityJ, Ticket Sales Ek 40 12,-E' -fwfr RONALD BEHKOVVITZ l H29 Sehenelc Avenue W WMJWQI Brooklyn College of Pharmacy Pharmacist Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Marching Band, Dance Band BARBARA BERMAN 473 Pennsylvania Avenue Secretary ELLEN BEHMAN 1551 Park Place Legal Stenograplrer Pres. of 4X, Attendance Ollice Squad, Student Patrol SHELBY BERMANN 647 Belmont Avenue Brooklyn Model Student Patrol ANN BERNSTEIN 287 Bristol Street Brooklyn Secretary BURTON BERNSTEIN 393 lliusclale Street L.l.II. Pliarnmey Druggist Student Patrol, English Bookroom Squad Holmes turned the door handle vigorously. FRED BERNSTEIN 1151 East 85th Street C.C.N.Y. Draftsman RIA BERNSTEIN 15-1 Herzl Street Fashion Institute of Teclzritiltigy f Fashion IllllSfl'!llUl' Service Count-il ti terrnsl. Art Stall "Aurora", Associate Art Ed. of "Ieffersoninn", Arista SHEILA BERNSTEIX 66 Powell Street BVOOHUVI Legal Stcnogruplicr JOHN BERNSTIEL 390 Essex Street Brooklyn. Aeronautical Engineer Service Council. Progrrnn Corn. Newspaper Rep.. Adxisors Sec, MAXINE BEST 592 Penns51vani,l .A"tf!'l1.1P if l f . v , X I ETT ' , ' I alce:gXx r ' rinc' , , A 4 ff Serrio ss P f .. Fo tb fr P. C4 t. ll ts Pre i Pres, Ct,Ef,5r1r CLORINDA BISCONTI 579 Essex Street Brooklyn Lilymriun Pres. of SA MARTHA BIVONA 389 Hendrix Street Secretary x S X Q' S1 x X .X X- , -im, A 5? 1 sw AZT' Sa hAxL 1 f 'X . K s 1 Vi K. fr 'C' , f ,. E' B 'U H '27 'Y r, V fl 0 ,Q 5' , if yr. 'lf' 77 il 2' ,,,, , rr ?,, ff STANLEY BLANDER ' 220 Bristol Street Brooklyn Businessman Student Patrol FRANCINE BLAUFARB 552 xV1lllJll11S Avenue Stenograplzer RONALD BLICKSILVER ' 1579 Sterling Place BRUCE BLOCK 529 Saratoga Avenue F.I.T. BARBARA BLONDER l54 Sutter Avenue .-lrlclplzi Legal Stenogmplaer Atteiitlnruct- Squad STEVE BLOONI 121250 Vlcst lltli StTCOt Hrnnlflyll KIAHTIN BLUMBERC 2045 Rockaway Parkway Brooklyn College of Pharmacy Pharmacist Concert Band, Marching Band CAHOLE BLUMKIN 940 Hegenuls Avenue Medical Secretary A A strange sound came from the inside. 51 ROSA BOHERMAN 226 East 239th Street Brooklyn, Legal SlCllU,Ql'lllIlll'l' Boosters C4 teriusj, Sec. to Mr. Eigg, Sec. to Mrs. Criss LEXVIS NV. BOLTON 522 Chester Street DIANE BONDEROFF 585 Chester Street Brooklyn Teuclzcr Assist. Sight Conservation Dept. CI yr.P, See. to Mrs. L. Sapiro, Sec. to Miss Hay, C.O. Rep. ELAINE BOORD 2065 Rockaway Parkway Stenogmplzer Dean's Oflice C2 ternisj, Service Council, Official Class Sec., Re- cording Coin. DORIS BORAK 1491 St. johns Place SC'C'fCflll'Ij ABBE BOROV 442 Chester Street BRUCE BOSLEY 693 Stone Avenue Brooklyn Clzeniisf ROBERT BOVINO 961 Sutter Avenue 52 ,zz In ' '. ,QW 4 Wham We . L.. , o f M., so 2" K+ 'nfl we T4 I I .,:,. C 1 I W : V K , , ,,.. r , L V . V E.. t h u -if wal! -- , , 1: f uw , , 'L ,rw f W f f v j STI si. fpa . sa N, -it X ,C Q, fb Q X e DAVID BOWLES 762 East 105th Street Cooper Union Commercial Artist Basketball Squad C2 tennsl, Art Squad R 1 .l cl 'enue B, yn Aecozuitrmf - t Patrol C1 yr.D, Presidents Co C3 terinsj, Senior Council STUART M. BRAUNFOTEL STOA De Kalh Avenue C.C.N.Y. Accnuntfznt RICIIRD BHAUSE 1590 East I02nd Street Brooklyn Clieniist BEVERLY BREADBAR 705 Bradford Street Brooklyn Teacher Twirlers C235 yrs.D, Capt. CI yrfi. Hostess Cluh C135 yrs.l. Senior Council, Service Council ARTHUR BREZAK 673 Georgia Avenue Broolclyii Clieniist Assist. Chief justice CStudent Courtj BEVERLY BRODSKY ll-I East 95th Street C.C.N.Y. Ciniinierciul Artist Service Council, See. in Attend- auice Olliee, Sec. ill Art Ullicc, Sec. to Dr. Seolnicli AIAXIES BRONYN IOS-OT Flatlaiids Avenut S We opened the door and snapped on the lights. LINDA BROXVN 639 Xlhtliins Street COIN. Col. llcrlival .'xN.X'iNftllli Sec. to Mrs. Solnw. Lll5I'L11'lLll1 Squad. Sec. Oil. Class 4D ROCHELLE BHL'CKEN'l'll.-XL 2330 ROL'llttStLl1' .'XYt'I1l1L' C.C,X.Y. C7l14'mi.wt Ott. Class Sue. L53 turxnsl, At- tendnnt-Q Oltiee Squad, Svlwiev Cl3L1I1L'll. Set: ill St'it'Ilu' Olliut- BHEXD,-X R. BUSCIIEL U59 Eglst ltllst Strvvt Bruulclgflz II.ED. Tfrzulzw' Leaders 15 tt-rnisv. liuqrmtlms 44 terms P, Serxiue Council 12 tt'l'lIlN 1. Lilurtmry Slllltlil 12 terms! lx rrioxrgxs Bt's15iE43 'K' L" il 599,El16stEr S1Ieef'f 1, 'I '- f' f Cuinj lJ,l,l'Q3L'Vg C S4rgiQl'Llli-.1ll:iiL'l' B.iQm2l11 tml., mls. +. swam.: Paltrful 'Q terrnlvil 'Cm XI 4. X ' REGINA C.-XLDlillUX 8, 657 Hiriwdtile Street l Brrmlclyn Tn Ill, lim' Serviee CfJl1HQll.DtlI'lC4'f .ind Clmri- ograrplier lielmfx-.' Dinar- umnp. See. in hnglisli Ofiiu- '1 yru Student Patrol AX C X O ' A rits A'XXlgIllI4' Br yn lX4lH'Sr' ed Cross Hep.. Lilirtiry. Stnilvnt Aid 'Girls' Clmruw XIARCARET C.-XXIKI.-Xli,-YIYJ 1578 Sterling lilncf' Bu11lclcL'c'11c'1' Liberty Bc-ll Stuff, llfsud Bwnlv keeper l 1 yr,J JOAN CARTER l Ei X .- , . . C X ki 44 X X X as Q ..i-Q . rr'- X i V P i X A , ,fr rf " sm i i s V ill. U Q , L l x A . ,Q Q - -"' ' W M li iff 4 we 223- "' rv f ,.-f-v X ,vw A A xl S f tg.. 12 W. ,M Z I , ' ' in -.ff H 1: , f7 jr f W , I W, if 12' K L 1 ANNA CASEY 391 NVy0n11 Street CAROL CELESZ 385 Aluluunn Avenue C.C.N.Y. ftJlH'illIllSt NIONA CIIADKIN 578 Elton Struct C.CT.X.Y, Bin. Tcfzclzer CLO. Svc., Arista, Service Council f,l'L'llL'Stl'1l FHIEDA CHAHNIN llST Eastern l'u1'kxvny BI'UUlilllIZ Teacher See. in Cuiclunee Dept. L2 termsl, Liluerty Bell ClTLtlll'ltlCJH staff, Arista, Service Council , V1 AHLLNE CHTHNI ff ,Z ,Z Z ssstriifsmer 'rrtltfiglrcdk 0, lirfmklyrql 7 E l,?.S'l1fT 'fl ze llnstAfI,klf11l5A4 Hs crvice 'f Cnuilci 42 lt'I'lHSl4 S.C.A.I. C2 lt'I'lIlS J, Pres. CmuiZlH'Ll'4l' termsl LK 5L4L,QiLf.,7v..,gff' DAVID CIIICSSLICR STI? New -lt'l'SL'f' !xYL'lllll' Culmnlziu Pl1y.s'iCi.s't Aristzl, St'1'YlL'l' Council, Jeffer- Slllllllll, .'xIll'Ul'Ll DOllU'l'llY CIIISIIOLM 1719 llvnn Street .IOANNE C ICC! IETTI 79- Dumont AVUIUL ,, 495 Burlmcy Street L.. 1 A ' ' ' V A '- , ,., Brooklyn Sue-ful W'm'lcer , Sffffffffv Mixed Chorus l3 yrs.l, Student Patrol K2 terrnsl, Infirmary, Sec. U to Mrs. Solow f' There in the corner of the room calmly polishing the seal was our 53 ubiquitous senior girl. LOUISE CIMINO 451 Howard Avenue LEONARD CITRIN 520 Newport Street Brooklyn Bnsinanwiiznn English Bookrooin Squad ALFRED COHEN 1692 Park Place Brooklyn. Af'L'tlllllltlllf Ass't. Secretarial Studies Dept.. Assit. Language Dept. ll tt-rml, Service Council ARTHUR COHEN 708 VVyona Stix-ct Brooklyn BEVERLY COHEN 273 Buffalo Avenue SL'l'l'Cflll'U Attendance Oflicc, GO. Hcp. CAROLE COIIEN 1319 East Now York AX'l'IlllL' Sl'l'I'L'lIlI'lj SCC. to Mr. Bt-ckenstt-in, Sec. in Book. Dt-pt., Library Stall, C.O. Rep. DAVID COIIEN 449 Barbey Strc-et Brooklyn Biologist Jcffersonian Stall, Cnptnin Stntlvnt Patrol DEANNA COIIEN 424 1lC'j2,'I'lllilll Avcnnrt Brooklyn Tc'at'l:L'r Student Pntrol C3 tC1'Il1SD, Svc. to Mrs. Goldstein 54 iw! Q WA' 1 ELAINE COHEN 1544 Park Place Secretary Gym Otlice Aide, Attendance Office Aide, Sec. to Mrs. Kramer FRANCES COHEN 1407 Linden Boulevard Com. Col. Dental A.s'Si.9tant St-L-. to Cyni Tc-achcrs, H. Ed. l.iln'ary IHVINC COHEN 6523 VVllllillllS Avcnuc N.Y.U. Dentist ., N - l .X A o 1EN P S . o . s Plan-0 p f S 1 High S lzool Teacher ' Ser in 0l1I'1C1lSCL'., S ,Sea to J tblis IKQQXLIC1 it a y . - Mounts Con N V. 248 New Lots Avenue ' '.'--. Brooklyn Asfronomvr L .gg ,Q 1 'W Bio. Lab. Assistant, Bookrooni W Clerk. Student Patrol Q, ,,,, W . f.. K . - I AQ ' SANDRA COHEN 2 k,,VV,.p1.V,. 241 - .... E 218 East 4th Sri-wt ,:, Blwoklgfri Legal Stt'1mf.Z1'apl1Cr Q AQ 13llUStK'l'S L3 terinsl. Sciwice Coun- "" X eil Q2 tt-rnisl, 1,l'k'SiLlCI1flS Council. I ' . Alll'UI'Ll Stati- A to ,,m,V, V , ff-X . M .. X X KW, Q 'X K ., 1: 'ilk F fx-klsdsx W ' P73 , ri .. Q W ' :...f'1 f l N . A X 'N n X , Iwo: 'W' . . Q X I X x Sl IAHON COIIEN llfifi East 100th Struct licvvptioaiixt Student Patrol QS tvrnisl, Health Svlw ive Sllllilkl Sl ll'Ill,.'X COIIEN Allli Clonniorc Ax onus - SCCl'Cl'tll'U Svc. oi -ll'P When she saw us, the seal almost dropped out af her hqnds, STUART COHEN 1614 St. Johns Place Brooklyn Physical Education Mixed Chorus IOSEPHIXE COLUMBIA 16 Hill Avenue St'e1'etu1'y Sec. of SF BRENDA CR.-XYYFOITD 1280 Pacific Street Com. Col. Jlcflicul :l.S'ii.xfz1nf tSCCrt'lt1ryl Student Patrol NATALIE CHOSXICK 215 XX-0I'l'lill.LIl .AYEYIIII3 B11olcliL'c'pC1' Glee Club 111: yrs. P. Sec. to Kira. Zack 4 I yr. I RICHARD CL'fXIBEIlBA'l'ClI 100 Herzl Street Yin' it A, 'Yr "1 Q f, li 'W . , A Nl YS XJ I' W X . , Y L ' -1'1,M1'n XS ret 1 C fa ' ' 43, , . .c 43 N TALIE CL"I"IiI-EI1 ,I f . '63 QI'iil'tfJI'1fgLItg1'l fyflflnfgl in iw lBrClOlcl1 n Tl' 1 luv' 7 Aris .n new C , Lcd, iQr1-.1il1Qx 1 f : ' Q Q -ffc, ,ff we Ji I ra !Ll:xv'P"W- nz! X S 2 - ! 'CIDCCX 'gfikv Y 4 AARON CL"rLEr1 it 71-1 Z 5985 Shore Parkway If 5Z.f 4 ' J- C.C.fN'.Y. li" zzsincsslfzrzn ' 5 ADHIENNE DAVIDOFF -194 Sheffield Axcnuc C C N I Aftmzntnnl Orchestra VH yrs J Strxitr C oun crl KZ yrs J Attcndinu Ofhtt fl xr 1 Sec to Nlrs Frankel ll xr J M if 7 ,yn V 4, W . x ma 0 ,pri 'K ff ., f st! ,,,, l AW if 4101 1 .jj fb W W f ' ,r 4 Holmes began to queshon the frightened gurl MARTIN DAVIDOFF 2045 Rockaway Parkway Cooper Union Electrical Engineer Arista, Service Council, Math Team, Amateur Radio Club Pres. ANITA DAVIDOFSKY 562 VVyona Street Brooklyn Medical Assistant Aurora Rev. F IZILEEN DEITSCII 8:30 New jersey Ax cnue Secretary Trens, of TF and PSE, Student Patrol. Sec. of 51 and 611 Qlao CA RIO 16 New lersey Ave .N Mn OSENI IE ' ogrz ll r Yice -atlers, Ser 'i un- cil, Kagiat . ' . Council 1155441 c:g4x,fEsy:i2lacJ1fF .t 5 ' fl " yi f ' cz in ac' L Vai? 4 p as ' l l rj ug er! yr. J, udent ll' " J -I A4 I. IIOXYAHD IJICUTSCII ,199 Al1'I'1JIllL' Street limnklgm Bz1sineS.s'n1f1n Cll:Xlll,l'lS IJINIINO 282 New Lots Avenue HCA lnxl. Eleelrieul Teelznician Swimming Team Q3 yrs.D, Student Patrol ll yr.J, klellersonian Art Stall NUIIINIAN DINCFEIJDER 2001 Linden Boulevard 55 DON DOLCE 215 VVortman Avenue University of Florida Areliileel Baseball Team Q2 yrs.D, Student Patrol Q1 yr.D, Library Squacl LEIDA DOMENECH SS1 XVilliams Avenue Brooklyn, Tezzelicr Leatlers, Alumni Com., Senior Couneil Rep., Attenclanee See, 717- SE MARY DONNELL 521 Rockaway Avenue Bu.s'inc'.s'.s' School Seereizfrgf IAMES DOUGLAS 395 Livonia Avenue AIAHCIA DHOCEN 307-9 East 12tl1 St., New York City Com. Col. Bio. TCf'l11mlogi.s'f ALICE DROl'lilN 921 Montgomery Street N.Y.U. Violinisl Oreliestra, Leaclers C135 yrsj, Vol- leyball Team, Swimming Team , Rl xx ,V NIARY DHOZDQNVSIFI 329 Saekman Street ,U M :U Y. ' Boolokifegfer Lei1cle1's,Qf'I1'. Leaclerii-9, ' Leaders Couneil'-N .K Qi 4' 'O "Tri lllflllilfllrll DRUCKEH 570 Slierlielcl Avenue C.C.N.Y. Orchestra, Stuclent Patrol C2 termsl 56 ,W 1 2 A M. n , f tg My BEAM! V 1 f 'W 4 : vp. HN 4.-Q"'A ix L, - V' I 5 + 3 Q f x f N X , A, A .V Gi., f ,, Q' ws, f 7 ,WV - :gy U"'ff'r1r0' , .le QD ELEANOR DUBINSKY 2241 Plurn lst Street Brooklyn Legal Stenographer SANDRA DUBNICK 524 Saratoga Avenue Secretary jettersonian, Boosters, Diploma Com., Serviee Council i " I ' I "GN ,g. I lXll:lLVlN EDELNIAN 1968 Strauss Street Com. Col. .llcrlzzlliielll Teclmician Stuclent Patrol ll yr.2 MARK EISEMAN 524 Berriman Street C.C.N.Y. Teacher STUART EISENBERC 250 VVOITITILIII Avenue Com. Col. Toelmician Chorus C235 yrs.J, Student Patrol C1 terinj SUSAN EISENSTEIN 662 Bracltorcl Street Broolclyn Elem. Erluezlfion Tcnelier Clieerleaclers Q3 termsl Co-Capt., llostess Clulw Q5 termsl Pres., Kagatlios, Leaders L3 terinsl. ALAN ElSNl1lll 394 Sclielleli ixX'l'llllC BIYYUIQIIIII Stuclent Patrol L2 termsl 'lllll'lLNl:X l'llSNEll TOS lloxvarcl Avenue C-C-N-lf Aeeoiznffinf Stuclent Patrol, Lilwrarv Squad, Liberty Bell Cireulation Stall, Speeell Olliee See. I didn'f mean to cause any trouble, but I . . . I , , EDYVARD ELLIS 426 Sheftield Avenue Brooiciyn Tcuciicr Art Squad. See.. Student Patrol XY. ' EL YXGH H. llrvtvlxfgi ia QE! f Cciiuz f C61 cite of If 'iiiiifzf ,I 5eZfz2r:z'tffffK bl-ROGER L. ELOXYITZ IU6 Sxllllitlf' Street Broolcigm Pres. of C.O.. Pres. of ABI. Pres. Council. Pres. of Radio Clulw QNYQBYII 1. Serxice Council :XBRAIIANI ERLB.-XLXI -163 Howard Avenue Bmolciyn Electrical Engineer Student Patrol JE,-XNETTE. ERLB.-XLXI -1653 Howard Awgntie Brooklyn IJQIJTCILA Ieffersrniian Club Teunizcr JUDY E'I"liIXGI':lI 231-1 Pitkin .-Xu,-riiirf Ilunfer Plzysinai lfclzicutinn 'llfrirlznfr Kagatlms 12 terinsir Lf'ad1'l's +4 terrnsuc Orelwstra 45 ternisy. Service Council 42 terms! BEN EZHA 614 Slieffield Avenue C,C.N.l'. Ifngizzeer GLORIA FALEK 319 Berriman Street Secretary Student Patrol, Sec. to Dr. Satlow ,temp x I is-5 'P ,sf as Y .r xv N eww Q M Y 4 e t 3 v 61 Ri wi KW N S , . F .pg-1 an v ,Q f .fe "' 4 . 1,01 ff I' I f , ,, Z ug- an 0 f f 4, 1 ' an . . f Y f f ff , 2 W , I Q W .f .mf VV .2 -: ' N X Q is Q x ws .2 ff W X xp ,F- I Ig: we 4 E . V ff . 4 1, f 7 IN' gifs-qi 1 Wx wr 3" I as of . .I '. vi I 3' I.. gil . 5: L4 . gl .jiri 'Z WP" 5 ig f 1 far 1 1 fla- 2 K W,y 7 W YC if ffgg I ,, A- Q. . . . yx It , if 72 Q.,-, 7 , QW ' f win. Qff QWWQW :. .,!Xf,',vff 'f X, ,CV -ji. MM V - y f f II Oh! I might as well fell the whole story. HENRY FALKOVVITZ TSS Stanley Avenue Baseball Team C3 yrs.D, Off. Class Monitor HAROLD FARBER 1539 Park Place N.Y.U. Cizemicui Engineer Pl IYLLIS FEDEHIXIAN 25553 East Ttli Street Corliuncl Slate Tcrlcizelts' Col. Elem, Etlueution Teacher Senior Class Trcas., S.C.A.I. C5 terms 7. Vice Pres. K I ternij, Boost- ers 15 terinsl. Trens. CI termj, Hostess Club K3 ternisl SIIEILA FEIGELSON 'fl-I Hinsdale Street BHI'I'Ull,QlI-S' Bookkeeping Operator ELAINE FEIXSTEIN 512 Saratoga Avenue Bookkeeper Attendance Office Squad XIAHCI.-X FEINSTEIN 542 ,IL'l'UllIt' Street Bookkecpel' Sec. to Nlr. Drucker, S.P. tm-rnisl, Sec. to Nlr. Livoti HITA FEINSTEIN 1762 Park Place Brmkkeepei' See. in Accounting Dept., Sec. to Mr. Bord. Service Council ANN FELDMAN 1485 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Legal Sfenograpiler Service Council, Regents Folder Coin., Sec. in Gym, See. to Mrs. Brooks 57 P1lILIP FELDMAN 215 NVort1nun Avenue Stcno. Typ. Inst. Court SlL'lIUgl'1Il7lll'l' Pres. of Oil. Class STAN FELDMAN I-14-1 Park Plucc Polytcclmic Inst. Sec. to Clirni. of S.S. Dm-pt., Scc. in Lungualge Dept., Scc. to Mrs. Gallagher and Mr. Spcctor STEVEN FELDMAN 270 XVOITIIILIII Avenuc N.Y.U. Mcclmnir-ul Engginccr CHARLES FEUERSTEIN 525 Millcr Avcnuc Brooklyn Accorzntunl Assistant lXlunugcr Lilicrty Bt-ll. Stuclcnt Patrol Q2 tcrnisj JUDITII FEUERSTEIN 525 Miller Avenue Broolclyn Accountant Asst. Munngcr Lilicrty Br-ll l-1 ternisj, Scc. to Mr. Prociclu I4 tcrmsj, C.O. Hcp. C7 tcrnisj, Scrv- icc Council HELEN FIELD 580 Stnnlcy Avenue Brooklyn Tcuclicr C.O. Council C1 yr.D, CVicc Prcs. I tcrinl, Scnior Council, llostcss Club C4 tcrnisj, Scrvicc Council Q4 tcrinsl, Arista LAVVHENCE FIELDS 2055 Hockuwaxy Parkway Broolclyn Ifllllfllllll' M ICI IAEL l"1NK 640 Brziclloul Strcct C.C.N.Y. Al't'fPllllllIlIl an, f 'ij 7 f fn f in ,,,, if ZA, f ! 'W' ...M f W' IAQ. 1 X K l 7 . ,,,, Z W no ew W Z X M Mm - , N. 'IWW f An' 444 ff-+ ' , V c r., ,, X' " ii y -. .. ,f V . of Lg A .- i .M W 3 Q . .. 0-. up X wa vu E X N 'R ' IX .,-ssc E. X PETER FINTCHENKO 501 Hopkinson Avenue PHYLLIS FISHER 516 Ilinsclulc Street Brooklyn Social W'orlcer Hostcss Club, S.P. GEIIKY FISIINIAN 799 Vcrinont Strcct Brooklyn Icrwislz Ilosp. Nzlrse Scnior Council, Red Cross Hep., Scc. in Hygicnc Dept., Pres. Coun- cil LINDA FLEISCHBIAN 17-15 Park Place ' Broolclyn M , Nurse' C.O. Council, t Service Council, Pres. Council I2 terinsj. Concert and Marching Band STEVEN FLEISHAIAN 1416 Brooklyn Avenue KARL FORER 199 Powcll Strcet Broolclgfn Enginccr SUSAN l'1OS'l'Eli 1637 l':11'li lllLlL'l' Iioolqlqcppfr Scc. to NIV. BIIYIIS, Soc. to Mr, lfcnsicr. Class Nlonitor for Mrs. Sgilraiii :KN N IC lflt.-KN lilil. 515 llrislul Slrcct Boolilcccpcr "Well, you see, one night I was sitting home and thinking about how 53 wonderful Jefferson was and how much I would hate to leave it. JOEL FRANKEL 515 Bristol Street Fashion Institute of Tccliimlipgy Luneli Room Patrol ALICE FR.-XZIER 343 Hopkinson Avemie Etl-S'IL'fIl St-Iiool of Plii1.vii'iuii.w llvrliwll SUa'l'CIz1i'y S.P. L2 tt-riusl, Vice Pres. of SRI CARY FRIEDFERTIC 544 Hegemiui Aveiiiu- C.C.X.Y. Lriivyui' Dance Biincl. Concert Band. Or- L-lieStru HELEXE I-'HIEDBIAN 25-55 Fiir Hot-l4.iw.i5' B0lllf'Nd1'Cl SUL'I'L'llII'Il Boosterm I 4 tffrrris I. Atteritltiiit-it Office 12 terins J. Student Patrol 1 I term I HEXRY PIIILIP I7l'lIIfDXIAX 249 Sulwrif-cttifly .5x'N'1'I11,1L,' fX'.Y.L'. Statesninn SEC. to XID, S. K. SilU'1'I'i'itiI'i Ili terms '. Ser.. Lgi1'iLrii.i:f- Dept. f 2 terms '. PKI, Pre-. Cjiiiiiitil 12 tCrI'1'iS I JUNE PHIEIDXIAX 472 Irlericlrix Street Steinigrffplirfr-Tyfiiisl Arista I3 tvriiisf. Serxiu- Coiiiicil I3 tg-rms I. Ret-rirrl Office I5 termsl. Bwolflfeeper on Lili1'rU Bell JOSEPH FHISCIA 405 Sclfient-lc Avenue Bfggklyn Illllfllflllkl LGRRAINE FROM 303 Sheffield Avenue Brooklyn Social llforlcer Sec. to Mrs. Glass, Student Patrol, Lunchroorn Patrol E , W. 4 5' Q-.... by , , f f N F Q- in , .,. if ...Q ,,,, LYL , fs. 0 N S, as X I I ff- sr. . iff, , f .,g:.. u te, -. A "IL" MQW L I f MARTIN FUCHS 570 Stanley Avenue Nurse S.P. I2 termsl, Library Squad, Orchestra, Band. Times Rep. for SM I FRAN FU MAN fn' 14211591 ins Place J s ,Q I if qt. " vbeiital 'Ass' HB1-t im, Svrvici Cmiiitfil' UQ .C 'Iieagsf' I I t ii , Leaclgs YZE 'yrs.l,- ice Kagilioq II' V yribv Sach- 14' It 9 A V, Y lionrt Ofgfzuttktl 2. yrs- Q 2' 5 s lil IODA CALEN S07 CII1'YCltllKl Street Kiiigs County Ilnspitzll Svliool Nurse lied Cross Hcp. C5 termsj, Service Count-il Cl yr.l, Sec. to Mrs. Gal- liiglicr IT terinsJ. Student Patrol SONDHA CALL -172 Ilendrit Street SfCIl0,QI'lIjIll6'I' Attvnclunce Office, Library. Stu- cli-iit Patrol. Lum-li :XLLAN CALOXSKY 2011 Pacific Street lt.-XYNIOXD C.-XHCIA -ISS Suvclilu-r Avviiue Iiriiiiklyii Veterinarian 10' l oocl iid Yrgi ' t'tf1ft'Coll Ve smiurzr 1 iv ' o Y lII.Ef I' xi vim 2 yrsj Mixe . all-ntPi1trol it .IICIROME GEIICR SSG Powell Street I'llll'IlIlll,Q'IIlllC Farmer Si-rvice Count-il Q5 terinsj, Vice Irvs. QI tc-rnilg Student Patrol C8 twrnisl, CP1'r:s.jg Swimming Team KS tm-rinsl, Capt. ll termjg Foot- liaill TL-mn Q6 tt-rmsj Then I realized that I would be leaving it sooner than I thought. 59 I I .W SANDRA GELBERG S35 Hinsdale Street Bookkeeper Tennis Club, Student Patrol, Regents Folder Coin., See. to Mr. Beekenstein JACK GEMORAH 511 Georgia Avenue Brooklyn Pliy.s'ic'ul Education Tl3llL'llC1' ELLEN GERBERW l- , 5 , 1224 East 105th Street ' K, .Q ' Brooklyn 5 if , Tengli r fl Boosters C1 ying, iPres. of Off: 55, 611 t l , 1 bl -,P V , ll- X It IW ' . Qt if' wi. f ' ' " l 4, :J 1 K. 5 l' ,. l IRA L. GERSHENSON H ' 590 X'Villiains Avenue N.Y.U. Lrlavycr GERALD GERSHMAN 565 Christopher Avenue Brooklyn Sociologist STEVE GERTZ 437 Berrinian Street R.C.A. Institute Electronics' Teelmicifm l ,4"' . LANA oiziiviiijuiu 1 .1251 Eastern Parkway ' ,Y Qisia,ki,,n . " if il W, 'l'eaL'lier Boosters C15 yrll, Seigviee Council, S.C.A.I., :Aurora Typist IOSEPHINE GIIIGNONE 94-28 13-Srd Avenue Brooklyn Sleno,Q1'uplie1' Bookkeeper for Liberty Bell, Atl- vertising for Liberty Bell, Clerk in Record Office 5 new QQ? 1 f fifw . 1 X X fel fi 1, 45 2 Z5 X W'-Q ,, M l' ' gh' , . . ...WA Z 551. if I by t A J ,ff viz X , if W, W Z ,W X ,, ff w 2 4, ay i M fm , W , we 7 at 54311, ' s e .vi JOSEPH GIARDINO 9722 Flatlands Avenue Amer. Bank Inst. Financier School Bank Rep., j.V. Basketball Q1 yr.j, Varsity Baseball C2 yrs.j, junior Class Play ROCHELLE GINSBERG S43 Georgia Avenue Typist See. to Mr. Bord, Library Squad, See. to Mr. Goldstein HERBERT GILMOHE 335 Bristol Street L.I.U. Biologist HOCHELLE GINSBERG 3-13 Georgia Avenue ANN GIOIA 1082 Crescent Street ARNOLD GITOMER 721 Van Sielen Avenue Brooklyn Biology Lab Squad Q2 ternisi, Arista Tutor, Arista iifxiivix QL.-xtigitgiii XA X T61 Blake . vie-nuex' 1 -2 ' , K Coat-li lfootlrall t3 51's.1. Capt. L1 yr.lg AWD it ll l A Xl' ' w XV ' a W I .R QQ Af' SALATI IA tj OYCEJ GLOVER 301 Dumont Avenue Iluiitcr Social 1VorkCr See. to Mrs. Gilbert. Sec. in In- irinary, Library Squad, See. to Arbitration Court J I frantically rushed to the calendar and saw that it was only days 60 before graduation. 'funn-isk Team , 2 vis. 7. Baseball, Q1 5 iii SHELDON GOLD 59-15 Shore Parkxvay C-C-N-Y Engineer Arista Q2 ternisl. Service Council L3 ternisl, C.O. Council L2 termsl. Math Teaim Q2 vrs.l EDNY.-XRD COLDBERC -154 Georgia Avenue C-CA-1. Sfcleli BIUIQUIA Student Patrol ELEANOH COLDBEHC 32 Chester Street Com. Col. Denial Ilyeicizixt Aurora Hcp.. Aurora I.,ltL'I'Lll'y Stiitt. Sec. to Xlrs. Brooks 12 terms 1. Liliriiry Squucl LORRAIXE COLDBERC 606 Sneclilicr Avenue Com. Col. Dental I1ll,QlL'I1lKl Sec. to Mr. Stcinlierg 12 termv. Student Putrol I2 tennx P. Liberty Bell Stuff vBuNiri1,M f CHARLES GOLDFAHB 31-1 Pennsylx uniii Ave-inie fV.Y.L'. Luuyer Service Council. Minn-o Squurl. Capt, Student Piitrol. Scliool Stock Room DANIEL COLDXIAN 271 Yun Sicleii Avenue C.C.X.Y. HARHIET GOLDSTEIX 45-1 Hinsdale Street Teachers College at Osucgo Teurlzer Student Patrol. Attendance Office JOAN GOLDSTEIN 133-1 East 89th Street Stenograplzer English Dept. Sec., Sec. to Mr. Drucker, Corresponding Sec. for Jeffersonian, Lunch Patrol iw ' X X J ex... . X Q---vf' NNN T, X Sgt. -- , ,ix A eqm 5' SQWWCV 1 ww. r '-as-,L x 'L wx '- K 1 .,.,-' 3 L m Wh E , x- 'YM' If Y A l l fi .1 '15 7 -If " ff! V- '- . A Q i , .. xi A .4 .6 ,r M., fl, lk,-Q W' kv 4 X, M. U' 1'W .y.,,,,, ff X 9 1 K . fu V f 4 7 1 f Z 7 K f 2 ? 1.2 0 W 7 ' 7 N V ajfw . 44 'yky l . MYBA GOLDSTEIN -1-10 Xllilliuins Avenue Steiiograplzer NATHAN GOLDSTEIN S395 Belmont Avenue Broolclgfn Pres. of 7F, SE, Senior Council, Sec. to Mr. Klein Q3 terinsj, Serv- ice Council li1CHAllD COLDSTEIN 275 Rockaway Parkway Brooklyn Iourimli.s'f Concert and Marching Band Cell, Lilicrtv Bell, Arista, Pres. Council RONALD COLDSTEIN GUS YYilli1uns Avenue LO1lE'l"llA GOOD D, L , 56 Somers Street Clucerlealtlcrs Co-Capt. CUE yrs.l, llostexs Cluli, Service Council, Le-rulers ALAN GOODMAN U2-1 liopkinxon Avenue Com. Col. l3us'ii1r'.w.s' .llamrger S'l'l'lVE GOODMAN 690 XYilliums Avenue C.C.N.l'. Biologist ANN GOBDAU 398 Wlyonn Street New Pall: Teacher Lcaiclcrs C3 termsl, Service Coun- cil C3 termsj, Arista C2 tcrmsl, Kaigutlios C2 tcrinsj In cs few more days there would be no more games, no more clubs, ' 61 no more of anything. . ft 1 -T67 V I i I F J . LARRY CORELICK 851 Dumont Avenue Brooklyn Bio-Cllemisl Arista Q2 yrs.l Boy Leader C1 ternil, Service Council, Arbitration Court Judge, Senior Council BARRY GOROWOY 508 Bradford Street Com. Col. Electrical Technician Medical Ofliee Sec. ' 1 o f 4 y' W K R CO I . f 'F - E3 elif of F . ' 114' 'W Sta smun tj ,fforyiz 'Cpune . ,. O. ou eil E-pl 'Serblce C lel I Q2 Jroifvli. lf .9,PI'6Sg " sv Q. ' A A il : W . K M .1 , , ta IULIA CRANNUM 492 Jerome Street C.C.N.Y. Econornist Student Patrol, See. to Mr. Smith MARTIN CREENFIELD 511 Van Siclen Avenue Columbia Univ. Doctor Program Com. Chairman, Arista. Service Council, judge, Arbitration Court SHIRLEY GREENFIELD 359 Van Siclcn Avenue Brooklyn Rceeptionim' Student Patrol X, ! ' v AMICIIAIQIL GREENSEID' i871'gHcgqman Avenue Brooklyril i 4 '.P.sryelLologi.sf Chairinan Program Com., S.P., See. ito Mr. Rosen, Service Council CERALDINE GREENSPAN 899 Stone Avenue SCCl'C'lflfU Worked for Mrs. Laufer, Student Patrol 62 f f 1 4 'iw S f ow f 7 f , 1, 4' I W 'WW f A rom x ,, 'W . 1 , K, .- ,, 1 1 f X A .' ,4 Q! ,., 3 j no , fav fur-ff A. 'Lf CALVIN GREILSAMER 553 Hinsdale Street C.C.N.Y. Engineer Student Patrol, Library Squad RUDOLPII GRIFFIN 813 Putnam Avenue Com. Col. Tellfllef CARL GRILL 390 Saratoga Avenue C.C.N.Y. Bu.s'ine.9.s' Adnzinistrator ROBIN GRITZ 2115 Rockaway Parkway Brooklyn Pls-ycllologist Library Squad I2 termsj, Student Patrol C2 termsj FRANCES CROSS 647 Linwood Street Albany State' English Teaelier Hostess Club C3 termsl. S.C.A.I. C2 termsl, Preside-nt's Council Q4 terms J, Service Council ALBERTA CROSSIXIAN 234 Roclicster Avenue Secretary ,,' 'J Roosters 12 x'rs.l I ffkiwee 'L 1 ,I .3 ,W uk 4 .' f I f-57'-uc RERNIE CROSSMAN 57 East 5SJtl1 Street Comnr. Col, Clothing Manager Rio. Lailw. t3 ternisl, Study Hall Assistant BURTON CROSSMAN SHO Rogers Avenue C..f..N .I. Engineer ' mlogy Lalm Q4 terinsl I was frantic. CAIL GROSSMAN 730 Miller Avenue Bookkeeper General Manager of the Liberty Bell. Service Council Q2 ternisl. Sec. to Mr. Steinberg Q2 yrs.D JERRY GROSSMAN 553 Hinsdale Street C.C.N.1'. Physics Squad. C.O. Council, Service Council HONOR1.-X CUADABRANIA 509 Blake Avenue Lawyer Modern Dancing Croup 4,2 tenus l. Sec. to Sir. Tutnauer MIRIANI CUTTER 1521 St. lolins Place Brooklyn Interpreter Arista. Student Patrol. Sec. to Mr. Klein. 1'1el3rexv Dance Croup FRANCES HACK T01 Cleveland Street Maryland l'nit'ersity Nurse Sec. in Alatli Off.. Sec. in Attend- ance Off.. Sec. in Hr-cord Off.. Class Treas, of SP EDVVABD 11ACER'1'Y 852 Sutter Avenue Brooklyn Retailer Student Patrol 1232 yrs. J CAROLE ANNE HACUE 361 Livonia Avenue Bookkeeper Liberty Bell Circulation Staff, Student Patrol, Attendance Off. Monitor 522 DOROTHY HAHN 429 Snediker Avenue Stenograplier Liberty Bell Circulation staff wwe . ' 1- "1 'L U W- r 'iii sito-r"": -YF gy 1 be A - .' yi .,.. , N... .iv S A :wi 'S , 6' ,,,.. V , lm .2 1 N I f X u Lt Wig: 'Ya .ap .' I , V 2 ' f ,Q ,Mk f " " M ml fi' 1. -ze f , f '-lie. . ' , y rf . I I I V 1 f A7 .. ,W V if ,gm WV vi 457' I md . , , .. ata , ', WW 4 Q7 X rf V! , The only thing I could think of was to get hold of the diplomas or maybe the seal to delay graduation a few weeks. 63 VELMA JEAN HAIRE 515 Xllatkins Street Bm-irzc.s'.si Sclzool Clerk-Typist Scc. Q6tlil, Typing Sec. C7t11D NIORTON 11ALL 483 Tllatford Strcct SUSAY HALPERN 185 XVort1nan Avenue Brooklyn Teacher S.C.A.1., Service Council, Liberty Bi-ll Busincss Staff JUDITH HARRIS 639 Saratoga Avcnue Brooklyn Journalist -letlcrsonian, Co-Editor K5 termslg English OH., Service Council, Aurora Staff DOUGLAS HARRISON 432 New Lots Avcnue l'1'lVl1A llA1iY1'1Y 1425 Eastern Parkway Lilmrary Squad, Lilmerty Bc-ll Busi- ncss Staff SUSAN CAROL 11AST 1621 Park Place Biologist Scrvicc Council, Student Council Against Intolcrancc 4135 yrs.j, Scnior Council, Pres. of Oificial Class IIOVVARD HAUPTMAN 411 Hinsdale Street Brooklyn Lawyer IIELENE l IECI ITMAN Z ., 508 Braullioul Slrvcl , fag C.C.N.l', I3oolflfr'r'pz'r 2 ' ' ,ZW Sm-1'x'icu Comm-il C2 tvrmsl, S1-L-. lo ZW 5 I ,,, , Mr. Epstuin Q4 ivrmsj, lA'Lllll'l' KS m" f tcrmsl, Svc, to Mrs. Solow V' ,X I f 3 I Q W PIIYLLIS IIECIITXIAN 560 Saratoga Avviiiir- THELMA IIECKLEH 857 Blake Avenue Brooklyn Legal SfL'llII,QI'lljJ,lCl' Advisors Off. Q2 fCI'lIISl, Lilwrty Bell Business Stull we 9' -5: ,gf L F J r Z f 1 I , ' 6 l A F E '. "" B ' W. - , lirif C ' I Avo n 1 , ookj , I , ' l tlruh, ' '11 er o Elminfur i gi u if 1' in ' V N ost s V'1's.l, SJ ' n . Q-il ' ,"", 4 y , S.C.A.I. s f '1 yi-Sp, I LL-ri rs C3 termsj - RITA HESTEH 872 Ashford Street Library Monitor IUDITH HODES 503 Hoge-main AVUIILIQ Brooklyn Legal SfL'llUgf'llfJllCl' Pres. of Off. Class GN, Sec. ol OH. Class 7K and 8N SEYMOUR HOFF 56l llendrix Street C.C,N.Y. En,Qim'r'l BERT l'lOl'll7lN'lAN 524 Ilinsdiilr- Straw-t C.C.N.l'. Tt'lll'llf'I' Huclio VVorl4sliop K2 tvrinsj yr, I , A 1 E ..,.,? 1 ' re ZZ' 153.1 Y' ' r X . . ' X X ' 4 1 ., X W SX ff X . ' wi? if K, , fx use f fr ii :J EVELYN IIOLLOMAN 361 Livonia Avenue Secretary Studi-nt Patrol, Library Squad, Svc. to Mrs. Atkins I"gUOIiENCl'I IIQLTZMAN G58 Mlhhgnlaz Ajlrnlel 4' MQ, lr- X A ,Slvnrfirqpilzer liooslvrs f46r'ri-T-rli5r7f'Cf1D'lIj' lbstpss cllllll KSC tr-yinsj, MC.O. 'Q'ouric-il, Svrvicw- Coi,I'iiQil!' l' 'JA A .,V, ix K- j,,L44,j" 9 AL Li, Ls, Al,l5lCli'l' llUliOXX'l'l'Z 5-'39 Alilliillllll XXYVIIIIQ' C.C'..Y.Y. Illllll,S'fl'f!lI Arts Teacher IHXVIN HOZINSKY 474 Junios Street Com. Col. Bu.s-inc' Administrator ANN IIYMAN 458 Slip-irfielcl Avenue Broolflylz Legal StC1io,Qrap110r Crude Advisor Sec.. Attendance Off. Sec., Service Council ROSLYN GENE HYMONYITZ 198 Legion Street Brooklyn Sfcnogrzzplzy Tcavlmr Student Patrol, Sec. to Mr. Procida I IAHOLD HUCES 550 Sionc Ax L'llllC Nl.-Xli'l'lN lNCllElJx llbli' Sterling lllllL'L' Cfolumlrin Collcgc of Plmrzmivy Plimvmicisf 64 Tl1c1t's all I wanted really, just a few more weeks to spend in Jefferson. L. PHYLLIS ISAACSON 419 Amboy street P- Bmvlfllllt Tvttvllw' A- H l SP. ti tcrmsl '-'-- A X Q Q. SUSAN IABLON A 564 Riu-ral.1lc Ax cuuc A S!t'11ugrt1pl1t'r ' C.O. Hcp. Ttlx tvrm. Clxuml Vllflllll- ing W A ,Fld A f EXID ,IACKHEL 430 S.Ll'.lll'f.l Ax 1-nut' ' - N- ' l'lut1lilit't'11t'I' L. "2 N ". A - J' Llmrtll lI.lllIl1l'l '- tn-rlml A 2 - A Q 15, . Q Q X fs Nt 4 if NN' Bw M x ml A , , I .4 QQ'-. , gi You '- S- Za in i CHARLES ,lACfK5OX 15 SH Parli Platt- ' I f LIAHTIX JACOBS 611 AAldI'XK1Ll'Q Str'-tt Bffnllilllll ID' VLfINl xllll1ffU!l'.l13ll Sflllqfl flu-Ctpt. 'Z 'P '91, tr-rmi '. 5tl1Cl"llt Ihttrwl 2 l4'flIlN' ' ' - V Gfj. Cfnlllgil All-l11lJf'1' 2 lfrluw ' Stage: uml Amp. Sqlmrl Ctpt, rd te,-rms + ISAAC 'YACOU X 490 Vvillitulnw Atv-ml f .A . 457 W W 3 is -7 HITA JAMES 553 Stunt- .'AXfjllllI 1 A3 1 fy EDXVAHD JL'Hx1AN 655 Srtedikcr Awtnuez A ' ' 7 X,1'AL', P1111-SlClfl7l X K5 . . But then I began to think . . ANITA KANNER T64 DcKt1lb Ax cuue Typist Student Patrol, Soc. to Mr. Beckeu- stviu S l IEILA KANOXVITZ 207 Ht'l'Zl Strt-vt Iimtrklylt Clziltl P.s'g1t'lmlogist linclio Xlbrkslmp Q5 tvrmsl, S.C.A,l. C4 tt-rmsl, Arista C2 tvrnnsj, St-1'x'it-v Council Q3 termsj Slhllllllfx KAPELNEH 182 llvgt-1111111 Axwllllt- ff.C.A'.Y. l'l1ysiw Lulu Stluntl. Svc. 1NIt-ditul Ulliu' DALE KAPLAN 21175 l'lHt'liL1XX'1lj' Parkway Lcgul SfE'IltPgI'llf7IlCl' Sxvitt-lwlvmrtl Operutur Con. Off. UOXALD KAPLAN GHS llimclztlv Strevt Hlwflklyyt C1lHt',LIt' P!llll'IIlcll'U Plzr1rnmt'i.s'1 Stutlt-nt l,LllfHllL'I' li tt-rmsl, Pro- Qllllll Crum. 44 tvnnsj. Arista Q4 lm-rmxl H'l'lCXY.Xli'l' KAPLAN Ull ljllllllllll .'AXl'Illlt' ffmn. C.'4fllt'gg1' 1jl'IlffSHIIIll SIIEILA liAlll'lSll 355 Nvw Jvrsvy Axvllllc Ojlivt' Clark Jxtlbllllllllfl' Ullict' 42 tcrmsb, Stu- clvnt llzntml Q2 tcrmsl, Prcs. ut Ollit-itll Clues L3 tt-rmsj l,.-UVIKICNCTIQ KASTICN T-40 Nt-w lt-rst-5' Au-ltllr C,C,N.Y. Intl. Arts' Tt'ut'l1t'r 65 SHULAMITH KASTNEH S66 44u1surQr A A tl f' "kf"' t Brooklyn Doctor ' D Q Hebrcw Dance Group, Scc. to Dr. I my Horowitz, Svc. to Mr. Epstein Q w Qi , , , ,N J X J i ' SAUL KMTZ,'i Qgf V'r 495 XV5tea11h!'St1'6Qtt 4, QW x N.Y.U. - , HAH 'illjcvzc vr C.O. "CQn1tiu'lQJQQi2i ,tcr1usfiiCH927cs. Couucii f,4ituisF, St'Ii1i401' ,.C'ouniuii, Service Cqunciij X N-' ,QW ' i DONALD KAZENOFF 361 XVurtmun Avenue Brooklyn, Engineer Sec. to Mrs. Epstein, Arista, Stu- dent Patrol ,,,,, 12" "' CHARLES KELLEY 603 Sackinaui Street ELLEN KEMPNER V .,,,, ,--I 4 579 Hopkinson Avcn ue VV ',.1 1 K f x 'V J' :Q W 'mw- 7 AIUHHAY JOSEPH KEEPER 573 Van Sicien Avvuuc- Long Isiurzcl Unit. Atfllllllflllll Liberty BL-ii, Student Pulrol, Serv- ice Council SOPIIIE KE1isCHENBAUxl 565 Surutogu Avcnui- it BmJcffc'r'pr'r , ,f L ' Soc. to Dr. Sutimv N Nlr. imssr-1' 'QW 7' "' STAN KIRTIXIAN N 5975 Short- Parkway :v -1:1'.: I C.C'N.Y. I':ll,LfiIll'l'I G in P "You began to think," interrupted Holmes, 'Q-'LOWELL KLEIMAN 981 Sutter Avenue Brooklyn AfU.S'iCit1TL Viet:-Prcsicieiit of C.O. Service Cuuncil, Baud, Orchestra, Marching Band, Arista FRANCES KLEIN 513 Wfutkins Street Secretary Attr-miuiicrf Off. Stuff, Sec. to Mr. Cc-rtnc-r 64 Miss Huy SAMUEL KLEIN 1492 Park Piucc Brmzkiyn SIIEILA KLEIN 1470 St. Johns Pint-e Bmnkiyzz fEL'L'7liIlgi Jlcdictzl Steuugraplzer SCC. Accounting DL-pt. Q5 ternisj, Service Council Q2 terms 7, Arista, Sc-c. in Gen. Oiiice STEVE KLEIN 104-OS Avenue K XYARREN KLEIN 2053 Nr-xv Lots Avcuuc C.C.N'.Y. Luirgfcr Prugruui Cum. Q1 tvruii, Service Cuul it-il Lii,:X txLEXii'XEli 503 Vout-li Strvot liV4'l'i4iIlII l7.N'tll'11Q7iL7QiA'f .Nrislu Q53 ivriusi, Suiwicc Cuuucii Q3 ll'1'1uwi. .-Xriiitraitiou Court Q73 il'i'IllSi. ixl't'SikiL'Ili'S Cmuuiuii liIQ'llfXlil3 RLl'l'ZlSE1tG AISS Sm-niiiwi' ,M ciuu' lil'ifl.!6l74il'f Lawyer Silllikfli i'ut1'oi.- Iuuiur Yin-gity liaixlwlixili Qi 5115, Varsity Basket-- luxli Q2 yixj X "that a few more weeks 55 really wouldn't make much difference. IACK KLOC T122 Sutter Avenue Brooklyn Teaclzcr Student Patrol Q2 termsj, Stock Room Asst. K2 terms? IOEL KN.-X1'l:f11 5-11 Snetlikt-r XXNUIHIU Pl10lUgl'tI1PlIt'l' Library Sqnacl SARA KOFA1.-XX 1551 Pitkin .'XXL'l1l1l' Boolqlc1'1'111'1' IHEXE KOLAKOXYSKI 5352 M1111-r .'XNt'l111i' B0nlclcc1'p1'r Lilnrary Squad 11 yt-arl. Sc-L-. nl Oil. Claw. Stuclvfnt Patrol. Vim' Prw. ul 6P STEPHEN KUPP 514 Hmxarrl IAYEINIFI Luulsuille Clirnzixv Footluall Tffarn 12 yvarx , 5-:nior Claus Yiul-Prus.. 51-15. in Langnagv- Dept.. StllflfjIl1 Patrol Al.-XRILYN l'QUl1XZXYE1C 1611-1 Eaxtwrn lirrlxxxay igfllllfkl f'lJI'I Attfgnclantv Ollicv Aiclv. S1-fx. ol Klatld. D1-pt., Ci4'llf'I'd.l Olliul A1111- l-1 U'l'l11s1 NORMAN liUliUX'V1'l.Z 160-4 St. blolnns Plau' Brrmlclyaz Tf'll1lH'l Student Patrol 1 IH years 1. llf-lirftn Dance: Group. Sr-tx in H4-altln lifl. Drfpt.. Sf'r1iur Count-il EUGENE KOVACH 1540 Park Place,- Ilzznter LlllLljl'l' Capt. Student Patrol I .,. JEANETTE KOVEN qluu V W 1 950 Dumont Avenue A N Q N ursc , Q Asst., Sight Conservation Dept., A Student Patrol y Alviv CARY KRAIDIXIAN My ii - 670 Stone Avcnuc X Q X C.C.N.Y. Engiwzcer , to :gr Nw W! vc: , X ,M + , Q m 8 1 y DIAYQX Ax11i11 . , .- - 2060 fast 24tl1 Straw-t W 'STI ' up - 1 , -Y4' f ' W' fix.. K Qt" I 1 LMI , ,K 1, Q, ff A Ami' qu. rf- ,A at U A v-My W 3 E 1 ,f 'fu Y v , J ,B .'- ff., Q W 4' 5 Z Blhlllilljll Bio-C Sillllll cltllllllll C0 C 1 ' . - - . - , ,. . , ncl gs. , C in il Q2 turn s , A 'n STUART KHAYITS 1 1029 Dumont Avenue , Engineer 'A C.C,N.Y. Pros. of Official Class l'llYLL1S KHISTOL 486 Xlilliaunw Ax'1'nuc' SlCllU,QI'IIfIllC1' A11L'l1tl1tllL'L' Squacl Q2 UTIIISJ LINDA KllU1,1, SIT Sulu-lucli .fxYl'Illll' SCL'l'Cl1ll'y Sm. to Nlr. 'lllllIl1llll'I SIDNEY KUPICHBIZIIC -I0 Tapst-uit Strmfm-t lgl'UUlCll1ll ISUUCI' SANDRA KUHLAND 199 Avnlioy Straw-t Sfm10,Q1'upl11'r Axsistunt. Siglit clUllSl'l'Vl1t1Ol1 Dvpt. You would only be delaying if cmd, after all, why should you delay it? 67 DENNIS KURTZ 742 VVyona Street Tulane University Dentist BARBARA KXVALBRUN 196 Bristol Street Brooklyn Eng. Teaelzer See. to Mr. Unians, See. to Mr. Spector, Arista Tutor, Jeilersonian Staff DONALD LADE N ' 9721 can 033 ii SY-5 X Pratt I'rzstilliqr2f -1 e' 15-t. x 1 Stt c t Art Squa Ie ,oni u a Staff? og V' Ass' ta , J Pattd MARTIN LAKOFF 642 Hinsdale Street Brooklyn College of Plzurnmcy Pl1!lI'lHClC'iSf Marching Band, Oreliestra, Con- cert Band JOEL LANCER 1023 Dumont Avenue C.C.N.Y. Engineer CAROL LANDFISH 2125 Rockaway Parkway Hunter Conanz. Artist ALLAN LANGMAN 527 Alalmania Avenue Brooklyn 111-S'Ul'tlHl'L' Broker BARRY LASKY 1138 East l02nd Street N.Y.U. History Terlelzer Aurora Literary Stall. Aurora Art Staff, Orelwstra. Student Patrol 68 4, gf, X 1 QQ fw fr ' ffl-1 fi' ' W 5 , ,M 5 ' ig- f W if 5 L-EQ ff ' M fl' i ' 4 55,5 1, if y E , Wi 4 3 PW I 19' my in 'Q W ., -'El 5 ff. 1. " m l fri ff f f f gf M Zi f fi Af f ' A ,ne f S 'X f ' f , vas- vs DIANE LASKY 536 Essex Street Bookkeeper NANCY LAYN E 220 Bristol Street Secretary Student Patrol, D.E.C.A. Club, Liberty Bell Business Staff .IOY LEFKOXVITZ 738 Stanley Avenue Brooklyn See. to Mr. Katz, See. to Mr. Cuilliempe, Library Squad. See. to Miss Ungar Tear-her FRED LEIB 559 Saratoga Avenue Brooklyn Mixed Chorus C3 yearsj LORETTA LEIBLE 660 Snediker Avenue Secretary RENEE LEIBOXYITZ 1503 East 9Gtl1 Street St'Cl'Cft1Itf Lilwerty Bell Statl' L2 termsl lil'l'A l,l'llBONYl'llZ 409 Sutter Avenue C.C7.N.l'. Aeeozoitant Student Patrol, See. to Mrs. lligll- lierger. Atteudauee Olliee Q2 termsl, llealtli Squad E QQQQ SHARON LERNICR Q " in ..,-- 1 518 Pennsylxxrliia Avenue .- N 'i" C.C.N.Y. Legal Stenogruplier TLS 5. TI Arista tl YUl11'i. Service Couneil x .Q tl yearl. Vice-Pres. of Official 2' Claws 42 it-rinsb, Co rap. of GR X ,xr g.i if '.:. X Ai - There are so many wonderful things after graduation. college, business and brand new exciting horizons. MW DREANIA LEX' T1 Amboy Street Brooklyn Bio-Chemist Arista, Service Council, Arlmitration Court judge, Managing Editor of the Liberty Bell MORRIS LEYENE G95 Linwood Street Columlriu Enginccr Swim Team Capt., Lifeguard in Pool. Stutlent Patrol LYDIA LEYEXSON I L 661-Brr1clford,Streetzf ' t I I Broolclyn , ' c Sff'7'L'lLlI'll Seccto Qffr. f-Sclrallul l terms W, Stu- lcleut Patrol. Servicc Council, Sec. to Mrs. Anker -ei ternrsy, A C- L , SIARILYX LEYINE 12-'30 Errst lllfncl Street I.B,,lI. Opcrrlfffr SCC. to Rliss Xxllftll MARILYN LEYINE 1919 81-t Sffccl lfffolfliugmr Student Patrol 4' W ,W EBECCA LEYITT 309 Shcffrerlcl Awfnuc Bellevue Nursing Srlrnnl Num' Editor-In-Clrifft of uJf'll4'I'N'llIlllll,H SCC. to Alf. LIIHAIIN. S1-rg. ff: Airs, Frankel, St'I'XlL'l.' Council ARTHUR LEYY 285 Cozinc .AYf,'lI11f,' Brooklyn Arrmmtrznl DIANA LEVY 620 Snediker Avcnuc Brooklyn Brmlclccepcr Mu r -wt E X E sw' ssi s ities? 5: iiiff , .pw-W' C get 1 K A I N 'N V 4 T7 "' c. ra- W- hr- It 'X AV' ,ik K A It K 'U' A , .W , ' I x 12 S cz 5 .,, .W ,W fn W, x All t 2 A ff 7 V! 'W W f Tf 'if X ,W 0 W M .y 1 'iff' A' 'fyf W 'X W 5 - , Graduating isn't the endp it's just the beginning. JOSEPH LEVY 563 Powell Street Com. College Bio. Assistant, Gym Assistant, I, v ' -sw ,li fe' ff ',l.f4 55:-"A L "X-L C 1 8 O. l on -fc: L w' into f LOHRAINE LEVY 129 Amboy Street Stcrmgruplzer PAULETTE LEVY 495 l'It'gL'lIltll1 Avcnuc Brfmklyn Stcnograplzcr Arista, Scrvicc Council, Orchestra 12 tcrmsj, Dance Class HoBERT LEVY I r 464 f Dc YVitt, Avcnue ,X l ' 1 5 Y -V ,gi J Sfllesnrrzzkyiffyfl l I F 4 ' 1 . f lf" A f cm' X' F, ffl ' c Qfiiftf , , , f, H:f5f57g24V R fwrf t wb' L' L' ' -J -, f , ' 45" ,-CULZLW -IUIJITLI LEXYIS . li-15 Eustcrn Parkway Brooklyn Booklcccpcr Sr. Lcuclcrs, Stutlcut Putrol, Scc. of SR, Scrvicc Council SUSAN LEXYIS 1480 Eastern Pmluvay Bnolclcccpcr Altvlntlullcc Ofllcc HAR!-lIE'l' LIEBERMAN 245 Xvtlftlllllll Avcnuc V0 Iironklgfn Legal Sfunogruplrer ' Boostcrs " 1 J ,f ,2 gggfjf .1 CLLAL if Liflfig 4 E H 5 4 , 4 lf,f5,2,1,ef IIARRY LIEBEIUNIAN 1487 St. -lolms Plncc fltllllllllllll Collcqqc' of Plmrnzucy Pl1llfl7HlCl-St 69 JAY LIEBERMAN 579 Alabama Avenue Brooklyn RG-S'L'fll'l'll Scicfntist C1 . S l Pa l LU, f 1Dt tuc ent any ,Q MELVIN LIEBE 'MA ' A 273 Buffalo Avtlmw Brooklyn Teaclzcr BLANCHE LIEBOVVITZ 107-O2 Farragut Road Brooklyn P.9ycl1olo,aist Arista lHead of Tutoringl, letter- sonian lassoc. editorl, Aurora, Service Council MARILYN LIFSCHITZ 1614 St. Iohns Place Brooklyn Doctor MURRAY LIPMAN 660 Hegeman Avenue Brooklyn Polytecll Electrical Engineer PHYLLIS SUE LIPSCIIUTZ 320 VVyona Street Plattsburglz State Teaclzers College Teaclicr Sec. in Attendance Othcc C2 yrs.J, Student Patrol, Sec. in Senior Ot- fice, Service Council ARNOLD LOMITA 449 New Lots Avenue Com. College Eleclricnl Tcclz. Student Patrol, Sec. to Mr. Tut- nauer, Ticket Sales MICIIAEL LOWENBERG fa 'W 1 9' 4 W.. ..,: in 1 A - ,- ,,..,-.4 . .,, W 2 ,V ' X CVS " W , I, , 1,41 M Wissirv: 'W '67 'rrzzff M' Z I X AW R 4 1 X iw 1 W n Wig X f i 4 'W I W re 7 X iw www 4' 711 New Jersey Avenue , A, S' Brooklyn Scientist Q 'i' Sec., Concert Band and Orchestra, Qi, ,i Service Council Q2 ternisj, Arista, S, E Student Patrol '1: ':':': x r' 5 I' JEROME HERRYD LUDGIN 1570 East l02nd Street Brooklyn College of Pharmacy Pharmacist JOHN LYLES 113-65 201st Street, Queens Queens Draftsman Mixed Chorus MYRA LYNN 654 VVatkins Street I.B.flI. Operator Student Patrol HERBERT MACHOXYSKY 588 Alabama Avenue C.C.N.Y. Sec. for Eng. Office ll terml. Orchestra C3 termsl, Dance Band C2 terinsl ANTHONY MALTESE 468 Ashford Street ARTHUR KIANCINI 282 Van Siclen Avenue C.C.N.Y. Pl1ySlL'l5l ERNEST MANICAULT 95 llerll Street l'1u'L' C.P.A. Student Patrol MARTIN MANTELL. 215 Snodikcr Avenue N.Y.U. Tcaclzcr of Pl1y.s-ical Education Student Patrol C3 tcrmsl, Football Team Q2 years? 70 "And so for the days spent in Jefferson, you will always have the memories." NOELA MANUEL 635 Hendrix Street B"00lflllll Entertainer Girls Chorus Q2 terrnsl, Xlixed Cl1OfUS ll terlul. Student Patrol L2 t91'1HSl. Sec. for Health Educa- tion Dept. L1 yeurl RENEE MARCUS 5-12 Ylhrwieli Street SANDRA MARCUS 590 Osborn Street SlL'll0,QIt1l7l1CI' Student P.itrol 12 terinsl ALDREY KIAHDER V168 lunius Street Brooklyn .-lrfwliiifrliit P.M. Pres. Council , N. Stolin. Treats. of SM DON MAHMO T-1-1 Sclienclf Axf-nm- C.C.N.Y. Clicmitul ltillflllffl Baseball Te-Jilin 13 wnirv RICHARD MAHSIIAK 113 Blzrlifr .'AX'lfI'llll' Com. Cnllrfgc Elutrifnl Tull. ILANITA MAHTIXEZ 395 Livonia Avenue IEANETTE MASSA 448 Elton Street lloclcl Sec. to Mr. Tutnauer 'CV' ,- I an 4 '97 7 24 , f Q39 fha 1 Z W, f X' 4 1 f W J in IRXNIN MAST 79 Legion Street Brooklyn Bio-Cllemist ELI ORE MATLIN' 106 A urloey Street Alfred University Artist Sec. tri Dr. Klein K6 terrnsl, Sec. to Mrs. Gusts CRecord Office 2 ternisl. Student Patrol Officer, Sec. to Mrs. Sluelttun ADIHAN MAY 2851 Blulfc Avenue Hruultlini Teacher S.C.A.I., Lilurury Stuff C236 ycarsl Council, Sec. Stuff H235 yeursj STUART MECHANIC 560 XYilliauus Avenue L.I.l'. Accountant Ifootlmll Varsity 43 yenrsl, Base- lmll Yursity ll yeurj SARA NIECHLOXYICZ 1816 Purk Place Bookkeeper Sec. to Dr. Sutlow UQ yearl ELBA MEDINA 5:33 New Jersey Avenue SIIEILA IXIEHL 220 Bristol Street Blvtilillfll BioIn,gi,s-t liugutlios C2 teriusl, Service Coun- cil QS terinsl, Leaders C4 terinsj, Lilmlry Squad ll ternil SARAH MELENDEZ 387 Vvlllldlllb Ax enuc, Broolxlifn I Caclztr Arlstr Strx ice Council Pres Counul 1 WGIIS Set V ve lr 94 V A 5 ' 'V - 1 s Q" V, :L ' -' c ,rt if -. c Q "That's it exactly, Mr. Holmes," she cried and immediately replaced 71 the seal in the closet. AUCUSTUS MELTON 267 Osborn Street Pflflf' In.s'tifute Teuelzer Football QI yearj, Student Patrol 12 terinsj MARTIN MELTZER 1248 Blake Avenue Bftltllilyll Lglyygf Library Squad ll terinj, Student Patrol C2 terms? MARTIN MENDELSOIIN 701 Linwood Street Brooklyn Lawyer Capt. Student Patrol C235 yearsj, Service Council, Dance Band, Con- cert Band BETTY MENDLOXVITZ 430 Sheffield Avenue Medical Secretary Service Council, Attendance Office. Student Patrol PETER MEREIN 660 Hegelnan Avenue Brooklyn Accozmtunt BARBARA MEYERS 354 Pennsylvania Avenue Com. College Meclieul Lab. Teclmieian ROSALYN MEYERSDORF 100-1 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Affcmmlfrut IVIARILYN MICIIAELS -164 Miller Avenue Oberlin Guizlrznee Cozlmellor Editor-In-Chief of '4LilJerty Bell," Arista, Service Council 72 V ,,,, 'M' 311 ,,., 431 , E we W 31 M 'tif f' 5 WW V JM, in Kuff, f x l li.- . . . er ll I turned to Holmes BEATRICE MIELE 463 Pennsylvania Avenue Brooklyn Secretary SONIA IVIILKES 485 Howard Avenue ANN MILLER 656 Slieflield Aveune Priuutc Secretary BERNARD MILLER 508 Heglnan Avenue Com. College See., Student Patrol, Medical Office Staff, Liberty Bell BEVERLY MILLER 619 Barbey Street Bellemze Sclzoolfof Nursing Nurse Aurora Rep., Service Council DAVID MILLER 449 Slietlield Avenue P.syelmlogist Basketball Team Q12 vearsd Student Patrol L2 terinsl ELLEN MILLER -IHS lloxvartl Avenue l3Uokli1'epCr J5tlli'l1Llill1k'L' Olliee See. LINDA L. MILLER 528 Cleninore Avenue lilwiolilyll Klflrgg Leaders. Q2 ternisl, Student Patrol, See. to Mrs. Berger s , "Excellent reasoning," I exclaimed. MARCIA MILLER 266 Riverdale Avenue XYEXDY BIILROD 9623 Cliurcli Avciniv SL'L'l4L'fllI'!f Soc. in Pool SHAREX NIIXDLIX 597 Bl'LlCl1'U1'L1 Strect 51.11.11 Sl'L'l'L'ft1fIf XORKI.-X XIINIKE5 593 Hoxurrgl Axfxnm- Cf.X.Y. SL'Cl'L'flIfU Arista. Serviw Council Buustcrs. DLiI'lL'L' CLINE BARBARA XIIRODDI I-1-17 East 955th Struct PATRICIA KI1'1'C11IfLL 557 B0c1i.n'vay .5kY1'I1l1l' Brfmkfyn Hl,',U1fSfCf1'II Xrzlw Boosters 1212 ymirx J. Stuclwnt limtrwl 12 ycarsl XIICK'-IjI'l'S. 41 xi-.l1'1. Aurora Rcp,. Clmrm PHILIP NIITTELNIAN 537 Alalnnnu ,'5xYf'I'lUl' .. A ' ' 1 sf tx SL- X qjfxxixw W 5 li :,, ':" in I 1 I If x I Q, ' W 1 . fix . ,M "" 1 'za 4: I -Si' ,ng if ' ... .T 'r f' V1: W Q Com. Collage' Buycr Gym Sec., Stuclflnt Patrol . wp 4 SHEI A . nor Zmnyf V 106 asf 10' Strcct f' 1, f Execzgcrefary V I , I eadcr: eg nts er irrnnit- 4 H0 ,ii fi ee. 'cial Clasyga . KI tffI'Il'l51, A f ,gyms ' 'ice Co . 1 " X Jr , I ,f f I li W 1 . "Elei enfary, my dear Watson," was all he said . . LARRY MONTEMORRA 9-17 Sutter Avenue Brooklyn Mu.s'ician Band C3 yeursj, Dance Band 11 ye-url, Orchestra C1 ycnrj, Murch- ing Band 13 yeursb BIENVENIDO MORALES -120 Shcfficld Avcnuc i60 XY' Iii S Avi-nu K Bwwkly Astrunm 1Cr S11llll'III lztrn 1 rsl . c . ' K x rv ,. snuu JN f1-Z! II H11-XRD BIOSESM. . 2156 Linclcn B0ll1E'Y1lI'Ql Al1l,l'1Nl11 MOSS H34 Blnkc .'xX'K'I1llL' limnklyrz Bnnkkecpcr Stunlcnt Putrul, Assistant Sight Cmiscrxailimn D1-pt., Scrvicc Coun- cil, Svc. tu Mrs. L. Sllupiro S.-XYDIIA MOUCfA'1'lQL 2871 Fuln-r 'll-rrucc, Fair Rockaway 1"f1.wl1im1 llwfifllfl' uf Tcclznnlogy Fuslrimz l1lu.s'tr11f0r Lilncrly Ba-ll Business Stuff, 12 ti-rnisj, Student Patrol 12 tcrinsj TOBY NADLER 591 XY1111LlIllS Avcnuc lllmlw' Teacher limnstcr C4 tcriusl, Capt. 12 tr-rnnsl, Pri-S. of S.C.A.1., Service Council 14 tcrnisj, C.O. Council 13 1l'l'lllS1 ICLIQANUH NATIIAN 581 Xvytlllll Stn-ct Lcgul SfL'lHJ,QI'tl1Jl1Cl' 73 BARBARA NATTBOY 457 Hillsdale Strcet Brooklyn Mczlical Stcnogruplzer Attendance Ollice Squad, Student Patrol, Aurora Art Staff IERRY NEADLE 600 Powell Street N.Y.U, Blue Printer Student Patrol JEAN NEAL 433 Dumont Avenue DENA NELSON 943 Duinont Avenue Adelphi Buyer Dance Class Sec. Sz President's Council QI yearl, S.C,A.I., Cheer- leaders C3 termsl MICHAEL NELSON 616 Belmont Avenue Brooklyn Electrical Engineer SHELDON NEVVMAN 700 VVyona Street C.C.N.Y. Buyer BARBARAJDGINSKY 600 itno ' value t.1. . 1' Tcxtil De' iw- rt 'c ad, 5 ' iian Staff , 1 ' J NANCEE OKSE 758 Miller Avenue C.C.N.Y. Accountant Sec. to Mr. Cantor Q2 terrnsl, Red Cross Rep. 74 I SANDRA OSTROFSKY ., 4, it M I A 185 Wortman Avenue Q ' A C A C.C.N.Y. Chemical Engineer , Dj, if Arista, Arbitration Court Judge, Sec. to Mr. Epstein, Service Coun- I ,t f - V. eil -. S x 'N LAVVRENCE OWEN 594 Barbey Street JEROME PACKER a 519 Barlvey Street Brooklyn Accountant 1 f 9 , if Y, 1 I V Q STANLEY PACKER .,V, 519 Barbey Street N ,.....l, Z A Brooklyn Accountant 1 5 'DIANE PACKMAN AS 745 VVyona Street Brooklyn. Lalbyef m 5: Leaders C2 yearsj, Kagathos Q1 W, yearl Official Class Pres. QI yearl ,lk-V HARRIET PADIACK 758 Bradford Street Brooklyn Secretary Student Patrol, Attendance Oliice, I Liberty Bell Circulation Stall, Sec. We i, to Mr. Steinberg L2 terms? L VINCENT PACNOTTI 1000 Dumont Avenue Electrical Engineer Z ,WI was gm M fl ,A HARVEY PAM A 4553 NV1lllill1lS Avenue Draftsman . . .THE END JOSEPH PASQUALE 608 Ieron e Street Hnudlgul lferiiii Q2 yCilQ'Sl , A 1 M3520 IG ftw lylfbfflvgzgvvbl LIXDA PAZOFS KY -192 Tliatford Ax viiuc P1106 Houkkt'u1u'1' SGC. to Mrs. Cwlclstciil, Stl1LlL'IlI Patrol ROCHELLE PEAHIAIAX T55 HQ-iiclrix Strt-vt Brunklyri Iiiuliwgixt Arista. Serviut- Cniiiiuil. Auruixi Stuff. :IGH-t'l'SUIII.lII MICHAEL PEITLEH T32 Xcw -ligrwy Ax wriiiv .-Ificlplzi Auwuzntzzrit ILXTHIE PERKINS -139 XYyona Strfsfft HAROLD PERLXIAY l6l7J IDl1tl'i1t1l'1 AKVIHII JERRY PEHLNlL"I"I'I-QM 580 Stanley Avenue B1-ogklyn JHIUHIIIIXI Liberty Bt-11 Sportwritn-r 4 4 tvriiiv. Arista GLORIA PERLOXVITZ 651 Alabama Avenue Secretarial II'nrk Sec. to Mrs. Dickmuri, Library Squad . X X A pgs 53' S N r 4. Nik, X X X X wx f 3 in ww Q .132 . , 3 x W X3 N0 " Ss aww X I wg M, RX Y' ilk x W ll 65 A ip- swf q.. "ea-'M qw i avi f gr 7......, 1 '-.. .,,x I .WY L , 'VB I Nw .13 '. -fa' 'C' q'. M . 6' it O if: " ww 1f""' ' s A I - if . ll. TERRY PETERFREUND ISI5 Eastern Parkway I.B.M. Operator IIAHVEY PINES, i. I I ' G04 BI'kld.l.Ol'Cl Street V X3 My 'I7.C.N.Y. ' Financibr " Si-iwic-v Cloiifit-il, Progruni Com., N. Y. Tiiiu-s Distributor, Radio XVoi'ltslmp ' u, Li' l3lCX'l'flIl,Y PINSKY SHT Nvw -ll'l'Sl'j' Au-11110 Svcrctary I,ilu'iu'3' Sqiigicl UIERUXIIC PLISRIN 245 Cuyiiic Aw-iirrt' lhuwklyiz Maflzcmcztician Stiicla-nt Patrol, Arista DORIS JOYCE IJOLLACK T110 lfuulicl Au-mic .llillvr S042 School Priuutc Secretary Si-i'x'it-v Cmiiicil, StllClL'llt Patrol, ll. lf. Lt'1lQll'l'S, Svc. to IXIIS. IIigl1- ln'i'1fa'i' .-v ' ' L LLL-o J., aura y1fo15Lme-'- Q Q ' X .. i ,IlIlll'lI'BlmlEWQl'V Q-LLQLR v'k. 3 uw' X. 3C'1Ln'f IHPI uv- -,7llS' - 44 Zlzkfilcfrs I 116 yLai1'slfSv,QL,blrlildhl.' 55" '. Arist:'r'lH7F xvfwirs , Sc-rxicv C l 1 "l 4 " Q,-ytpgrh ,ibm I w -.a-Jvs.Y""+""- S' QR '- 'guy M0 , .. sk A 'kk , ANATOI, I. POPOVICII :ik Hi 379 Xll'l'IlIllIlI Strom-I C.C7.N.I'. EHL1IHL'0l' Truck 'll-qiiii, Stiitlciit Patrol RUIBICRTA POSNER 1670 Stcrliiig lJl1lL'l' Secretary Svc. in English D1-pt., Soc to Mrs. Coltlstviii 75 Mt' LEONARD POSTILIO 109-60 111th Street ADRIENNE POTASIIMAN 555 Christopher Avenue QQ ,ix Brooklyn Drmcc Iiistriacfor Service Council lScrihe 3 terinsl, Leaders Q4 tt'I'l1lSl, Boosters' 45 tennsl, Hostess Club C3 ternisl HELENE PRESSMAN 1319 East N. Y. Ave? lmgx 435.1-7! " cfcwicmry All flee LOUISE PRIEFER 375 Blake Avenue Brooklyn Legal Sll0ll0,Ql'Ilj?l1CI' Service Council 42 tGI'l11Sl, Boogt- CTS C4 t6'Tl11Sl, Hostess Cluh l2 ternisl, Senior Council AIAHVIN PROMAN 1593 Prospect Plucc CEORCE PUDLO 1351 Eastcm Parkway C-C.N.Y. Eaagizzru X W I L X H: 'I , , f' ir. 5 .. H X if FRANK RABINOVITZ 788 Blake Avenue ALLEN RABI?VV!y1' 7 . 1 . O r l 7, ji if ,f C LL A - swf CEHA LD HABINOXVITZ 538 Cr-orgiu Avenue C.C.N.1', Public Relations in ff Concert and Marching Band, Stu- ' " 'l dent Patrol C2 tcrnisj, English Of- Eifik ' . XT" ' hcc fucle NINA HALLO 178 Shcfficlcl Avenue A ,,,,,, A C.C.N.Y. Bookkeeper t 1- S ..,,,. C, 6 5 I ri 4'-ay' LEONA RAMOS -1 A 'Ri C 630 Barbey Street A'Q'Q'JN M Hunter llIHl'l1Cl7lf1lfClHl1'ib W 1 Leaders, Service Council. Kaga- ak ,. jf thos Treas. of Leaders 7l3fx:.vt,L,k 'M - if 1 Q , ,V-.X wwf f f 'Q l fr JAG? ROSLYN RASKOYITZ 610 Snccliker Avenue Brooklyn SCCrCf1Il'y Sec. to Dr. Klein, Mixed Chorus. Student Patrol, Service Council f Q J I A -IUDITII HATINETZ LQEONA. I UBVIS ' 328 Atkins ,'xYC11llC 'LS Marlon Strut I V -if ' 5 ""'- Brooklyn Private SL't'l't'flII'U I ' N""'9l"S 5"ll""l ,- Hx ' 06 'l'xx'i1'lc1's L4 tcruisl, Service Coun- SPC' ff' Mrs' Sffwktofls 1'f'e"P1'f'H- ' ' , cil K3 tcrinsl, Orcliestrai lil tcrlnsl. Ui 7DD nge ' Y Senior Conn -il JUDY QUAST MICLYYN HEBACK 1166 Clexnnorc Aw-nur Q . ' T05 Ccorgiu Avenue , N ' A Brooklyn Jlulli. Tl'lIC'l1J.'l' 11" fl P' Qc ww :QE N.. t 1 K A 6 76 SHELDON RIFKIN 677 XVntkins Street BVUUHZIH LIIIUUCI' Arista. Concert Band. Q2 ycursl, Concert Ol'L'l1ttSt1'Ll L1 ycni'l, Surv- ice Council SHEIL.-X RISSKIAN 1570 East Iofllxl 5tl'l'l't Stwio,gruplu'r Lilwerty Bt-ll Bnsint-as Stull' tl tt-rinl RICHARD RITTRIEYER 131 Slivllfivltl Au-iitiv Kt17lXtI.S Stuff CNHll5fII'I'l1fil7l1iXf C.-XRNIEN RIYERA-X -ISI I.iXoiii.i .'XXt'I1lYlI.' Broolclyri Orclivxtrn. ,'lktlff'I'ICltlllLlA Offiu' GEHARDO RIYERA 599 Vllitliiin Strvfrt Com. College Izitcrprcltfr Y GERALD ROBINSON -162 Uvilliiuiis .'xYl'I'1114' Brooklyn Hrrs-infsw Servicwf Coiincil. CLO. Coiinnil. Stu- dent Patrol Q4 lf'I'IIlNl. liootlmll Team 17 tvnml ZAIDA ROBLES 1-1-16 Grafton Strret BfItllflfC'C'1lL'f Pan Arnc'ric-an Clulu. Biiskr-tbull Club K2 yetirsl, Tennis Club fl ycurj, Sec. to Bliss Slmpiro EVA RODRIGUEZ 1590 East New York Avenuc: m X Q ' up Q St t 'Y X 3 S 'Sf' x 1 A X 796 ii ,iii 1. M x 5 N S ,F xx X ,. K., , X ,- an .., ' wwf 3. ., . 1 W. .. , ,N ,nf xi - gal il. I fx .f 7 3 5 ? f I :- .Y 4, W7 f ,fi if f f 'ZW X f Z 52 LVV I Qian ? ,JAW' F X ,f,- , Q, Q, W 422 YZ:-w f Zyl X !,, V, 'ff A , K3 1 IIIRAM RODRIGUEZ 567 Hendrix Strcet SIIAIIUN HONIS 528 llinscliilc Strcn-t Hroolclgfu Arista, Scwicu Council, P1'og1'11ni clll1lllNlfftJO, kIl'fl:l'I'Sl7ll12l1l lX1l1QilZ1I'lC Stull' ALBERT RUSEN T533 Vain Sit-li-n Au-inic Folia' Avurlvmy Defvcfive Stncln-nt Patrol, Iliinclbzill T6-mn ARLENE IIOSEN 271: XYUTUIILIII Aw-nilc Booklcccper Sw. to Mrs. llanclt-linun CIERALDINE ROSENBERC 573 Sziriitogil Aw-rails' Sccrvlury llzitlio Xlbrksliop, Stiiclc-nt Patrol, .-Xurorii Stull KlfXXl'1'l1ll liUSlfXBEHC 1411 Liiiclvii Bo vvurt l'1l'4J?dllIlc:l?fGL'f' o urinary 7"f7'of L6 Plzurn1ru'i.s't Cf1ipt6i?-ibwit A L ,Zz SALLY HOSENBERG 2055 Rockuwiiy Parkway FII-81114111 lnstilizte of TC'C'f1ll0IU,QU Fuxlzion IIIu.s-imtor Svc. to Bliss XVilgurtl, Pres. of SDD, Stntlunt Patrol, Presidents Council IIARHIET ROSENBLATT 33534 Vtfilliiuns Avvnuc llruzivr Medical Social 1'V0l'k6T Arista K3 tr-rnisj, Swrvicc Council 63 tcrmsj, Cliiincclloi' of Kagutlios C3 tt-rmsj, L1-iitlt-rs 15 tvrnisj 77 BARBARA ROSENBLUM 645 Shepherd Avenue Brooklyn Buyer Library Squad, Chorus PHYLLIS ROSENBLUM 503 Howarcl Avenue Brooklyn. N arse Gym Leaders RONALD ROSENBLUM 567 East 108th Street C.C.N.Y. Bu.s'ineSs Executive BERT ROSENQUIT 754 NVyona Street Kansas State Veterinrzriun Capt. of Student Patrol SANDRA ROSENTHAL 518 Saratoga Avenue Office Vlforker Attendance Office C3 termsj MAXINE ROSMAN 624 Glenmore Avenue Brooklyn Bioelienlisl Arista, Service Couneil, Math Tearn, Liberty Bell, Copy Editor W1 . ww Z Tire Wf 'ey Z Sym X A I W We ? Zi' 2 ev- - V ft . ng 1 . U rg. ,f . ,X 4' . , ,M fe ' 4.- 94. IZ fb. W., , , .., W' 47 e ' CW , sw my , , , if ee- 2.7" W M , ... 1- f QQ' 1, ti f 'Mis "' L 1 fe fe Sf- -WW 4 , , ,nu PM ff 5, ,de w fc! we MARGARET ROSS 733 Snecliker Avenue A, 4' is SCl'l'C'fllI'ff I 'f f' , Swimming Pool Aitle, Student VV 5 2 ss.: Q Patrol, Infirmary Asst. ,Z Q ie' FRANCINE ROTEMAN N 1035 Clarkson Avenue Eastern Selzool PlIlf.S'iL'flIIl-S' Aids .. zlleclieul Il-S'SlSflllll an ,Q D i, . Student Patrol KS terinsj 5 4-fi. HP ' O , K l x 5 I 78 EVELYN ROTH 352 Hopkinson Avenue C.C.N.Y. Lawyer SP C2 yearsl, Captain, Sec. to Mrs. Zussman 8: Mr. Amster CAROL RUBIN 347 Pennsylvania Avenue Brooklyn Kindergarten Teacher Arista, Service Council, Kagathos K2 yearsj, Aurora staff HERBERT RUBIN 1,647 Park Place Brooklyn. Economist Switchboard Operator C3 yearsl LEWIS RUBIN 367 Miller Avenue C.C.N.Y. Engineer Baseball C3 yearsj !l,?'DLt76Mf,jfnf'.?.:1 NJA 14.2. eff' , QT 'i- Zeb., fin' ,M .X Lkflt -1i,g.f'1lfJ JOHN RUBINATE ' J ' 588 Chester Street fj5"5497'v'- MICHAEL RUBINOFF -101 Jerome Street C.C.N.Y. Engineer See. to Mr Raskin, Orchestra, Stu- dent Patrol, Gym Seeretary if 4' FAY RUBINSVFEIN 1' ' -H2 Sehenelt Aveimxlrem .l ' - ' Private lSqerefary Seryil'e Comrncfil K4 !TCl'lllS", Pres., LdnleigjAtfeuclnmee Ofliee Arista f . . r lllCl,AlN.-X Nl. RUDD 562 Linxxoorl Street Pl'il7llfU Secretary Mixed Chorus QS Terinsl HERBERT IRA RUDICH 602 New Lots Avenue Brooklyn TCIICIICI' Lilmuy Squaul, Stutlcut Patrol FRANK RUSSO J -50 AYOITIHLIII :XYCllUC Swimming Team ti j't'L11'Sl LEON RLWTAIAX T5-l Saulcrurm Strt-vt Brtmlclyrl Prw. Count-il tl A't'l11'l. St-uiur Council Drlvfnl' BARBARA SABETSRY 7300 XYortmtm Avenue Bw'fHic't'pc'1' DAVID SABLE T98 Hflndrix Strf,-ct Lllv. SP. Capt. r 3 ymtrw ESTELLE SAC! IS 6-D2 ljf-1' Aw mul Bnmkfrfn Ltgjflf 511 nffllfllffnf IJI'IjS, Cltlllllbll. Avt. hr Xlrx. Cultlsteirr XIARILYX SACKOXX ITZ 579 Miller Axrlrruc- C.C.X.Y. Trnrflrv Auditor ot' I,ilnfrt'y Btrll Stull, Stu- clc-nt Patrol Ui yr.2 SIIELDOX SALIXSKY 1872 Strztuw Strcrt Brrwlclyn AvL'lL'.SjlCljJL'HIlUH Stutlcnt Patrol, 'AriStu V' . 'Q J rf: 4 3 va. ff AV ,Q .N g, ,X wt V , fl -, 1451644 W X xl ,, X Z' ., v 6 , TC .. 'N , we Q ,AZN "fx" Q x K t ta ' Q 17, 'J' ' 7 , 'fffl 4 in 27 X 41 1, ., I . 7 , av . f fy 'J' ,, K A f' 7 f' My f 'S W j ,Jw , . W, f f f ,yi mf " w , W- ,, 4 W t .. W A Q STUART SALLES 1215 Eustttrn Parkway C.C.N.Y. Accountant Amplificr Squad, Student Patrol, Gym Sec. ROBERT SAMUELS 677 Essc-X Street Brfmlclyn Civil Erlgirwcr CARLOS SANTIACU lil l,ixunizn Avcullc' RONALD SANTIACO Wil East lf!-lth Struct CAROL SARCH fi-ll! Strmlt-5' Ave-nut' Hllullilyll Electriciflrz Tuzmlzcr HlllYNtl'l'5 45 Tcrms J, Capt. Hostess fllllll 15 'l't'I'lllS,l, Yict'-Pros. SCAI 1-4 'll1,'I'lllS 7, llama- Class C4 Tr-rmsl l'IIYLl,lS SARl'l'll'l'A fllfi Axvytlllll Strtwt Scc,'1'L'iz11'y PHYLLIS SAllE'l"I'A T211 llinstlatlt' Strvvt Iinmlclyn Lcgnf SfUl1Ugl'I1jIl1L'l' Huustt-rs Cl ycurj, Svni or Count-il, S.fI.A.I. Cl yt-url, Aurora Stuff STEVEN SCHATZBERG 25 Lcgicm Street 79 Q 1 ...I HARVEY SCIIEINBERC W, 346 Lott AX'C11llL1 1' Com. Cul. " 'K 4 A1111 Pr111l11rli11n .l11IlI1l,Q1'l' ff . g Att11111l11111'1- 011111 Sllllllll J ' I '72-f I A l If I RICHARD SCl1EINClOl,lJ 2202 Lin1l1111 13111111-1'111'1l Bl'017kI1lIl lJI1lL'lll'l4 Swi111111i11g T1'11111 1-1 yL'1ll'Hl, 111111111 SCl11111l, St111l1'11t P1lt1.l11 1"'1i,',5" VJ at Q x M G SCHIFTE11 Eust 1021111 St1'1'1't T1'111'l11'r Hoosters C2 yeursl, S111w'i1-1- C111111- K cil 11 y1-url. S.C.A.1., Arista LEONARD SCHINDLER 286 Sn1'1lil41-r Avenue C.C.N.Y. L1llL'1jCl' Student Patrol Capt. 11 ye-url, CPres. 2 ycursj, GO. Council C115 yearsl, Pros. of Off. Class 12 yearsj, R011 Cross R1-11, 1135 ycursl STEVEN SCHINDLE11 758 Stanlvy Avenue C.C.N.Y. Afunzif' En,gine1'r SUSAN SCIHNDLER 807 S1'l11'n1-lc Avenuv Brooklyn P.s-y1'l1111n,qi.s'I Arista, Sl'1'V1CE' C1111111'il, A11r11r1 staff, 111111-rs1111i:1r1 LEONARD SCHLACIITICR 639 Nvw -I1-rs1-y AVl'I1ll1' Brid,Q1'p11rt U11i11c1'.s-ifgf A1lL11:l'fi.s'i11g Ifx1'1'. 170111111111 r1ll'1l111 C3 Yl'2lI'Sp HOWARD SC1'lLEC'11lX1AN 1384 Cl11l'l'IJll Str1'1't BI'HUklflll l,1l11'y1'1' 80 ,, 'Al fr 'Em 1 M f f 8 Q , , ii.. ,f ff I M, ' L 11 -.' ,- 61, f - Q f ., 5 Y Aw VEB 7 4 , hw fin , 5? if O PHYLISS SCVHMIDT 554 Ashford Street' Brooklyn Buyer Twirlers C3 termsl, Pres. of Off. Cl. f7tl1 terml, Prc-S. of Off Cl. 13111 term lf -IUDY SCHMUTZ 767 Eustc-rn P11rkw11y Slfrn H11S'fI1fiUl1 Class r17l'K'2lS. of 81' .IULI SC111X1U'l'Z 777 lCllS1II'1'I1 Purlcwny Slvrn Cll?77l1.S'f BARBARA SCHNEIDER 753 1'lOL'liLlXVllj' A11-11111: Boolclcccqlcr Ol'H1'iz1l Class SL'L'I'1'1llfj' 11 yvurl LAXVRENCE A. SCHNEIDER T39 Miller Avenue Com. Col. Draffszrzan SUSAN SCHOENFELD 728 Nvw Jersey A1'1'1111e l311r1111r11' S,C.A.1.. Arista. S1'rx'i1'e C1111111'il. l,I'1lQ1'il1l1 C11111. ANl'l'.-X SCIIUIUROFF 1020 Sl. ,l11l111s 1,l1lk'l' H1'f'f'lfl!ll1 TL'l11'I11'I' S1-1'x'i1'11 C1111111'il. 1711111-111' 111111 Cl1111'- 1-11g1'11pl11'1' for 111-lwrcw l3Ll11t'l' CVUIID. Svc. to N111 l'i111'l1's. S111: lo Nlrs. ll1gl1l1111'g1'1' HENRY SCIIULNIAN H1111 111111111 Str1'1'1 CT.CT,X.1f Cl11'111i1'11I El1g1l11'1'1' 51111111111 lllltlhlll .W 1 ,qv idr,y' KKK PHYLLIS SCHULMAN -176 Iunius Street SCCl'Cl'ary Boosters C4 termsl, Mixed Chorus, ,I Attendance Office A "1 ix l X, RX 'll,v.,k ' 'Lax ,Ei UN r I H ii iP'i'ii' liifvlf' 5' 5 X STEVEN SCHULNIAN 20-15 Rockaway Purkwuy C-C-X11 EllgIllL'L'l' Arista. li ternisl, Serviee Count-il li teruisl, Oreliestru N Duuee Baud K4 teruisl. Senior Couneil MARGARET SCIIUTT X A4 A F309 XXX on.1 Street l I mt 1- Typixf I I N 5 ' ' f .J t ' l aw l ' . CAROL SCIIXYARTZ AM IU2 Christopher Averure- 'fs I W ' Brfmlflyn Teuclzvr Aurora Art Sttrti. See. in Gym 12 If-l fx A Tw' terrm P. See. to Nliw Niilqurd. See L, X, in Irrfirrnrrry' M' I " W ,F V LARRY SCIIXYARTZ T93 Hendrix Street X ,1 CII 1 ,rf KIADELIXE SCQlIXYAR'I'Z 228 New Lots Axrmie I l5f,Hl:lc1yepn'r , Stuclf-nt Patrol. See. to Xlr. L'in.uw. See. to 5tl1 Ex fitli Ofl. fjluss. At- tendunee Office '- 5. 4. .. 7 MARILYN SCIIXYAHTZ 1640 Sterling Pluec- f Brrmlclyn P.s'yf'l1r1lugixl M. f 4 I 9 , 44 Z , J, , f f' 'G 1' v' f ELLIOTT SCOLNICK , 597 Bristol Street 'lf Sclzoul of Visual Arts VAA' , X Commercial Artis! f l' """ Student Patrol f 1 f QQ W . , , nw, 5 f X f IRENE SEIDE 12315 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Teacher See. in Gym C3 termsj, Aurora Art Stuff BARRY SELBST 580 Chester Street Enflinevr Stuclent Patrol fl yeurl, Liberty Bell L2 yenrsj, Attendance Oltiee, Auroru Rep. IXIYRA SELTZER TTI XVilli:uns Avenue Secretary SHARON SENATORE GG Powell Street Brooklyn Legal SvlCIlIlgl'fl1IllCI' See. to Mr. Certner NI,-XRCIA SERKIN SSS AYXUIIRI Street llroultlyn Model IIAHYIQY SI'lRO'l4A lfil Bllllzllo AX't'lIlll' Salcsnzun OLGA SIIABUNIN 505 New jersey Avenue llunlcr Politir'iu'n Arista, Leaders AVRY IRA SIIATZ 53716 Cypress AX't'IlI,l6, Seal Cute Nj .U. Al'l'UllHlllllt 81 SANDRA SHERMAN 786 Miller Avenue Brooklyn Teuclier Student Patrol Q1 vt-ark, Library Squad, Switchboard C1 yeark, Arista MICHAEL SHIFMAN 512 Georgia Avenue Brooklyn Dt'iz!i.s'1 Biology Lab Monitor STEVE SHIFMAN 51:2 Georgia Avenue Brooklyn Lflrtycr Sports Ed. Lib. Bell C1 yearj, Reporter Lib. Bell Q2 vearsi BARRY SHINDLER 392 Miller Avenue Brooklyn Track Team K1 yearj HARVEY SHOSTACK 195 Cozine Avenue C.C.N.Y. Salesrmrn Student Patrol, Lunch Room Squad ROCHELLE SIIOSTACK 1297 East New York Avenue Seerelury ILENE SIKOIWITZ 546 Hopkinson Avenue Bookkeeper SANDRA SILKES 651 Snedilcer Avenue N.Y.U. Tezlelier Student Patrol, See to Mrs. Solow Leaders, Service Council 82 ,.M,W,,,. , . . Jw ., , , fi! , f' W , ,f fr.. mf ,A f W ' '98 " ff l , f, f 2 r X CW 'U in W! Q0 f 9 'f W f 2 ff? W1 fi i Q1 r 35 hi A .yl .,'f' ,,. li ,,..,.,,.., K , W ,wsu w Q DORAINE SILLS 722 New Jersey Avenue Claremount Executive Secretary Sec. to Mr. Katz, Infirmary See., Health Ed. Leader, Table Tennis Club l'llIL SILVER 7539 Sheffield Avenue C.C.N.1'. C.P.A. Orchestra, Concert Band, Dance Band, Marching Band HOCIIELLE SILVER 527 Hendrix Street Secretary Library Squad, Lunch Room Pa- trol, Attendance Office Squad TOBY SILVERBERG S19 Saratoga Avenue Brooklyn Speech Tlreropist See. Guidance Dept., Sec for Girls Infirmary, Kagathos, Service Coun. CAROLE SILVERMAN 257 East -15th Street Brooklyn Executive Secretary Sec. to Dean of Girls, Attendance Office NIADELYNE SILYERBIAX 942-I Avenue B SL'L'l'Clt1!'If ALEX SILYEY .' 'X sylxania Avenue Vrni 'yn Flrysivist K. ' l3.XlIB,-XII.-X SIMMONS il k:l'LliilOIl Street Secretary i ! SANDRA SIMON 213 East 95th Street Hunter Tcuclzcr Attendance Squad C-I IGIIHSD. Stu- dent Patrol L2 tcrnisj STANLEY SIMON A 1550 East 102nd Strcct Brooklyn CAROLE gixcma f 190 XVortnian Avenuc SBTUUHUII ' ' Iczicliur EPres. Council C1 ctcnnj,-Stutlcnt Patrol ii temrsi, Sic. to Mr. Sliapiro 11 fcrinl. Aurora Staff FREYA SINGER S5-1 Ashford Street BooICIiCt'pCI' BIAHYA SIXKLER 31 Chester Street Blffflilif 4110! Sec. to Minn XYirtli LEWIS SITKOFF 10-1 Grafton Street BHIUIQIUII ,-11,1-111111111111 ELLEN .s1'rox1ER ' East Qgtli vstrrvt :Brooklyn I 741,111 lim IBUOSEEIS C4 tcri'o5l, flirlb Clioruw INg4Il16'I'JfI1Sj, Service Council Q2 teghiisj' A-4 ' f . ,,, ,K 'NEIL SKOLNICK 518 Pennsylvania Avenue Brooklyn N Doctor + F lf. C-:Alix-'L 1 QZIE5 NKQ VVARREN SKOLNICK 1210 Sutter Avenue Student Patrol, Library Squad ww SF I at S HENRY SKORR 275 Ncw -Icrscy Avenue ra, K we u , GLORIA SLUTSKY A- , Tl Aniluoy Strcct Z. 1 New Puff: Teacher E ' 4 ILO. Council Rcp. Q2 ycarsj, Lib- IIVL it A crty Bt-ll Erlitor Q2 ycarsj, S.C.A.I. X I H V' I . AR -fx V . . . ' ll ycarl, Scrvicc Council . I " ' I ARTHUR SMITH 167 Xt-wport Strcct Brooklyn IIVIICI Lawyer ,Q Clit-in. Lab. Asst., Bio. Lab. Moni- lol' 'EV . I LANYIIENCE SMITH lk , G52 Blakc Avcnuc - 0 Brooklyn '- Biology Dt-pt. Q5 ICTIHSD NUIINIAN SNIITII 4412 Bristol Struct Coin. Col. Engineer M, 62.0. Hcp, L2 tc-rnisl, Off. Class Prcs. -Mic ELLE SNYDER 1 510 Ilowarcl Avcnuc 5 :2 Brooklyn Teacher M of ' A ' OH. Class Pres. C1 ycarl, Liberty 17 J Br-ll Q2 ycarsl, Aurora, Scrvic f Council ' Q r" 2 IHA SOLLER -185 Esscx Street C.C.N.Y. Engineer Arista C3 tcnnsj, Scrvicc Council W K3 tcrmsj, Program Com. CG tcrinsj, S.C.A.I. Q4 tcrnisl NQN 88 ,P +V. -.,...,., JJ-4 .af- WfM'LANITA SOLOMON r v-,vit 9105 Rockaway Parkway WJ, J F-Brooklyn. Teacher ervice Council Q3 termsj, Vice - es. Q1 termj, See. Presidents, 't""'-'V' Council QS termsj, Roosters Q-I A t msj, S.C.A.I. Q4 termsl S ziult Pr . jf-A, SYLVIA SOLOMON 574 Ralph Avenue 4l"l'i :ri SlLL'llUgI'lllIlll'lA 0.4.1 Sec. to Mrs. Monahan, Mrs. Safran M X I Sz Mrs. Zack, S.P. -v.,-al-.454 'Q -dw EDYTHE SOLOWITZ I 665 Alabama Avenue v H :C X Bookkceiner 1 Student Patrol, Sec. for Accounting rZ'ly.v-4 . Dept. FLORENCE SOMMERS 25 Legion Street SCCT6'fIIl'U Student Patrol, Liberty Bell Busi- ness Staff ELLEN SOSNICK 1690 President Street Bookkeeper Lunch Room Patrol, Liberty Bell Business Staff C3 termsj, Service Council MANUEL SOTO 144 Clenlnore Avenut Clerk MARTIN SPAHBER 2, 455 East 92nd Street ' MARCIA SPATZ ' 187 Blake Avenue Brooklyn Boosters C2 yearsj. Arista, Hostess Club ll yearj, Senior Class Sec. TCIIFIIUI' 84 V f Sf. Q .- , ,A aw. . 'I i 4 'mp ' N , N . 'X P 1 ,J ff, f rl , I f . W swf Q A ,f f , ' f Z .5 W AA A 4 , ' g rl .. A 4, ,of , Q i I V , I F. f c f s ,A .1 1' , 4 X V j ,. 1 W , K .X ,sz f X A U Z f Q f , X f 1 f k M 1 A.. 2' -' f QA .1 4? his ,W 1 4 1 I gr . ', fbiwf... J' willy! " is ,, wr W' ZX ,-x N 536 L4 SUSAN SPERLINC 732 Snediker Avenue Secretary ELEANOR SPIECEL 669 Pennsylvania Avenue Brooklyn Teacher Vice Chancellor Of Kagathos, Serv- ice Council, Leaders, Student Patrol BERNARD SPILKO 59335 Shore Parkway Agric. and Tech. Institute at Ffll'fIlfl1,!llllIL' Poultry Farmer Handball t2 ycarsj, Student Patrol BARBARA SREBRENICK 1245 Eastern Parkway L.I.U. Secretary Sec. to Mr. Lesser C5 termsj ERROL STABINER 767 Hendrix Street C.C,N.Y. Engineer Football C2 vearsb, Pres. of 6th term, Baseball Q1 vearl SONDRA STARR T75 New Lots Avenue C.C.N.1. CPA. SP. Officer. C.O. See. Q6 termsl. Sec. to Mr. Clark MAN ST.-X'l"l'YN 453 Sliellield Av enne .llmilmtlfln School of .llusie .llllxie TL'tlt'1It'I' Orch. Q3 vearsl, Service Council 13 U'I'11lSl, Student Patrol Q2 termsl. Attendance Monitor tl yearl NlAXlNE S'l'lflCliER T21 Yan Sielen Avenue B"fH'kflll1 Speeelz Tlzerupisf VllNY1l'lC1'S Q5 ternisl, Co-Capt. Q2 termsl. ostess Club Q2 tennsl, Service C. ieil 53 terms? ai vi N ,DSP .gl A kb-XX V as Y to R19 5 .1 .fs ,ev X Cir FP OP . .gnu - . 0 +f - a I B vo y Mr' Bio om I 5 . I FY 3 if I I X! sm ROCHELLE STEIX 268--11 S2llCI,-.'XYCIHlL'. L. I. ' N51-5-K -, I1 SC4'11'tc1l'y VNC J Bbtbifers I-PXLQIIQSCI. ?K'lixccKCgL1Q1'l1s, cf X - Smxlfto Nlrs. IIigl1Iju1"Qcr, S551-yik-L. L K JCu11if5II mpc 5 1-I' I N 1 L Ivkx L14 I- Sv 6 Epo J is ALVIN STEINBERC I-50 CIIQAKVT Street B"f'f'liI!l71 TL'l1L'lIL'lA Trms. of Closs SN DIANA STEIXBEHC 544 Elton Strat-t Brooklyn Airlim' SfC'lL'lll'!1L'NS Capt. HI CI'lL'fffI','glfI1'fN. Smgrxiuf C1ll1fIL'II. CI'lllfI1N. S.fQ.:X.I. IRWIN STHIXBEHG IST P1A'.'vII 5i1'f:f:t 5111481111111 IV, Baskv-IIIILII Tunmlxl VIOYCE 5'I'I5I4I,:X'I'U I35 Lf.-:ion btrfct Brffolcfyn Lulu! SIf'Ilf'!I'llIlllfl Stuclfgnt Iiltrwl -I tfrmf, Ciirls Clmrlh '5 I4'1'I1IS'. I'rfAs. C11llll4.II f I if-rm! DAVID II. STEHX 9011 DIIIIIIIIII Awfrnu- Hrooklyn ,Ilcfzfifrzf Hcsrsflnlz Arista Tutor K4 t4-rmsy, fIIlflIfIIlilll of Arista IIAIIUJIIHLI CflI'l1lIlIIIf'f' Svrxjcc Cmlncil, Aristgl 14 IWTIIISI CARRIE STEVENS f 1570 East IU21'1cI Str'-vt Brooklyn Ijrrzsidents' CIUIJUCII, S.C.A.I. 522 yrforsj, NIixr,-LI fII'IfJI'l,lS, Sf-fxifr Comm-il .3 . .I 6 ' ,,. . Ni.. K .., . I. 1? ' W. I' . 48 in 3' . " I fz H. , 4 fe' .Q . I -.... .7 ,W ,SN L 1 " in 'h sei ,ff " I W- . 1 rm 'ig .W ' 5 47 f , Z fh,, W I I A71 ' ."'J-Q"- ' -N 63 BERNARD STIEF 345 New Jersey Avenue Brooklyn Polytech Elccwicrzl Engineer Mimeograph Squad C2 yenrsj CAMILLE STONEY T63 East 108th Strc-ct IAN STOSSEH 569 East 86th Strm-t SIIICSIIIALIIL Asst. Sight Cmm-1'vutio11 Dept. BARRY STRAUSS 625 Ilfmwurd AX'L'I1llG Com. Col. Hotel Manager Pres. of OH. Class, Chem. Lab. Asst. NI.-XDIQLICINE STUDNICK 215 XYHIAIIIIAUI AYUIIIIC Hroolclgm P.sg1z'l1oIo,gi.S't Boostvrs 13 turmsl, Scrviu- Coun- cil, Aurora Stuff, S.C.A.I. Q73 tc-rms? ISAIIB.-XII.-X SULIZTXIA T44 S-lL'IxlllLlIl Strvvi Svc. lu XIII BL'k'I'il'll5II'IIl, CILISS SCC. fillll JXBBY SUNSHINE .5416 Cvu1'giu FXYVIIIIL' Tvucfzcr Brooklyn Class Trms of SL., Class Pu-s. of ffl. :mtl 5U LAIIHY SUSI ITS5 Linclr-11 Bmxlm-vnrd Navy Cfzracr 85 DIANA SUSSMAN 1233 Eastern Parkway Corflancl Stale Teziclzeits' College Teacher Student Patrol C1 ycarjk Gym Leaders C1 tennj, Wfork for Mrs. Ilighbcrger h IVAN SNVEBERC 1458 Saint johns Place Brooklyn College of Plmrmacy Pliarmacisf CEDRIC SZECLIN 438 Vermont Street BARBARA TANENBAUM 630 Stanley Avenue Secretary, Bookkeeper Senior Council, Official Class Sec- retary C1 yearl ROBERT TAYLOR 1000 Dumont Avenue Brooklyn Matlzematician Arista fC112l11'11'121T1 Arista Tutoringj, Program Com. C3 yearsj, Capt. Math Team C2 yearsl BEVERLY TEMAN " 646 Bradford Street Cooper Union Engineer Arista C2 ycarsj, See. Program Committee C255 ycarsi, Math Team 4135 yearsj, Service Council C2 yearsl INIARY THOMPSON 375 Blake Avenue Brooklyn Service Council, Student Patrol N zz rs c MARTIN TOBIAS 265 Rochester Avenue 86 f , 1 , S: 1 WM Q W ' f c 2 I t f Q 'nr of Z ZZ? :VJ V f Y f' , j, ,Kr , E 4 WW' X, , A , 3 i i' A f ' 'I A' aw of f ,f X 1' ' r QQ ? in . W - -, 1 ' f .. x. ,g K ' 1 1, J! W 7 X ,ggi Q -1 wig . ,V 0 . it , ,. , X , ' if' ' 'ii 1. STANLEY TOBIN 188 Malta Street Brooklyn Chemist Chemistry Squad IIOVVARD TOPOFF 643 Wyona Street C.C.N.Y. Plzysicist Arista i2 termsb, Math Team C3 termsj, Ott. Class Pres. l2 termsl CENERO TORO 424 Livonia Avcnuc Air Force ELEANOR TORRES 194 Court Street Artist STUART TRAY 772 Shepherd Avenue Brooklyn Engineer 'XVILLIAM TU 1490 St. Johns Place C.C.N.Y. Engineer Capt. Track Team ROBERT.-X TURCIIIN T63 Cleveland Street C-C.X.1'. Teuclzcr MARY TURNER 281 Dumont Avenue Nurse Attendance OtHce Squad, Service Council, Mixed Chorus L2 termsj, Cutting Squad SONIA USATCH 270 Atkins Avenue Brooklyn Social YVorkcr Pres. of GCC, Student Pgitrol, Pres. Council ROSA IRIS YALLE 1805 Pitkin Avcnue Kings County Nursing School Nursc Service Council Q3 tcrnisl. Lilwrury Squad I6 tcrinsl, Pain-Anicricun Clulv li tcrnisl MARIA YISB.-XL 1727 Park Plucc XARYIS XY,-XLDEX 156 Lixoniti Ax'eni.n- C.C.X.Y, Sfcnngraplzcr Atterid.iriL'c Office f 3 terms P. Cen- ertil Ollite ibwitcliliorirtll. Mixed Cliorus 42 tcrrns M Student Patrol 1 2 terms v MARTHA XYALLACII 558 Vermont Street Brooklgm .Vutli Tcarlicr Corresponding Sec. of Aristri. Scri- ice Council 14 t"l'lllS'. Aurorii Stuff. XI.itl'i T+:tirn ROY XY.-XLLS 297 Dumont Aufnliv- Com. Col, Lfilz, Tnflinivirizi KIAURICE Ui.-XLl..Sll 302 Cla-riiiiore Avenue: Brooklyn Dffcffff Student Patrol Oflicf-r I4 tffrmsi, Math Tutor, Class Tiincs Rep. 8tli term BARBARA XVALTERS 340 Hopkinson Avenue Com. Col. Buyer Aurora Rep., Student Patrol l2 termsj 0 7 'W f M1121 Q . XWHB XIERLY YWASHING ON ' , L7 j g , A fylxf 1 74 Lincoln Place VJ gig' ,xr ..,.., , , f If I CACC0 , nt A it 4. Leadel: 'LQQI 21250, Sec. ofUi ' ra- , . L! ation Court yearlfec. A IS1 K im' ..,, f y f iber l ell 1 BllSl11f aff AZT? CECBLIEX XAHINCQO 123 Nostrand Avenue f f Bookkeeper :,E, x ll' Lcutlcrs C335 yeursl, Kugatlios C1 .gm ,f VI I Z ycnrj, Sec. Pres. Council, Orcli. 'i i 13 Yl'1'1'5l b , Q . ,rx Y' ei . Q , it or L an .I Qu 1 XJ . X L 'ffl , va rf? . 'KW Q-' vvs IL, ' fi? A . . 'o,V we .fr -4 'KZ' 56? f 1 Z SllAl11 XYEBER 361 Nlillcr Avenuc Brooklyn Nurse Scrvicc Council, Sec. to Grade Ad- visor. Sc-c. to Health Ed. Dept., Student Patrol NORMAN XVECHSLER T6-I East 105th Street Insurrmce Broker Cliorus CXIixcdl C3 yeursl, Radio Xlbrksliop .IEHHY WEIXE A Nq,Qx.1.f0 620 V- iiriiit lt! lk Arista: LIU' J ,X RIAIRYIN XYEINCAST -'32-I BI'llilillll'Ql Strci,-t Hrimklgm Mutliematician Scrxici- Council. Mutli Team, Aristzi BAlll5Al1A XVEININGER T58 Bi'ucltortl Strcet BARBARA XVEINSTEIN 527 Hopkinson Avenue 87 HARVEY WEINSTEIN 609 Euclid Avenue LESLIE XVEINSTEIN 83 New Lots Avenue Fclslzion Institute of Teclmology Apparel De.s"ignL'r See. to Mr. Robbins, Student Pa- trol, Ietfersonian Art Staff RAPHAEL XVEINSTEIN 2125 Rockaway Parkway Brooklyn Tcuclzer Pres. of Dramatic Club, Service Council, Sec. in Speech Dept., Pres. of Off. Classes 15th and 7th terms? MARTIN XVEISBERG 1579 Lincoln Place Com. Col. B1l.s'ine,s's Aclnzinisfrfltor PHYLLIS XVEISBERC 737 Miller Avenue Brooklyn Tcaclzer Arista C4 ternisb, Girl Leader, Serviee Council C3 ternisl, Copy- Editor of the Liberty Bell Cl ternij, G.O. Council QI termj CAROLE XVEISKOPF 2156 Linden Boulevard Com. Col. Legal Scmrctury Arista, Service Council, See. in Grade Advisers Off., Sec. to Dr. Seolnick DAVID XVEISS 737 Sncdiker Avenue Brooklyn Velerinurizm Student Patrol ll yeark, Gym Sec. VVARREN NVEISS 3917 Hinsdale Street C,C.N.Y, Aeeorllzlzzlzl SS W ff l ' Y' 1 ff iq' , 427 ,J Ji? ' Ex a n 4. ,.,. W - v 1 - 5, Qs , -a. 1?s"m:s L-31569 insdale Stree VVILLIAM WEISS 6530 Stanley Avenue STEVEN VVEISSMAN 668 Sheffield Avenue Brooklyn College of Pharmacy Plmrmacist Student Patrol ROBERT VVERNICK 481 Van Buren Street Pace C .P.A. LARRY VVEXLER 1590 East I02nd Street Long I.s-land University journalist Liberty Bell Staff MARILYN XVHITE A MK 'I-wolllafsow S .t Mr. u a d ,Pa- L,tw-0-f 'YW HELENE XYILENSKY 675 Bradford Street N.Y.U. AHS and Crafts Tcaclzcr Sec. in Cyin , ster SAUL XYILICNSKY 659 Powell Street llllitllilllll Bus. Admin. Football Team gi ycarsj D.-XNIEI, Wll,l,l,-XMS 972 XIIIIIILIIIIS Avcnuc lI"f'4'lfl!l11 Art TCl1CllCl' Drum Corps lCo-Capt.D, Jeffer- sonian Art Stall, Art Squad HELEN VVILLIAMS -110 Christopher Avenue N.Y.U. Lawyer Student Patrol Q2 tennsl, Library Squad Q2 terinsl, Band Q3 ternisj STEPHEN NYISHNACK 582 East 51st Street Brooklyn Teacher Arista Tutor. Red Cross Rep. SHEILA XYISOFF 661 Xllitliins Street Kings County IIox-pitul School of Nuriing Xxzrzve Lilirnry Squntl. Student Patrol, Mixed Chorus l 3 terins J. Assistant Sight Conserxution Dept. HEXRY XYISOTSRY 371 Altiliuiim .AYt'lll1L' Brnnklyri Teacher Attendance Oflieff. Student Patrol 12 termsu Aristit CECILLE XYOHL T62 Miller Axenuf- Clrgrli-Typist SHARON D. XX'Ul-l"l" 215 C1f1ZlI'lf' SANVTIIII' Preparatory Srlnffrl Cffrurf S1e1mg1'r11rhn'r Leaders. Cyn: 13 tv-rms r, Student Patrol, See. to Xlrs. Slmpiro 13 tC1'ITl5l CALVIN XYOLFNIAN 772 Cleveland Street N.Y.l'. EXL'C'llftt'l' Swimming Tenn: KS terinsl, Pool Lifgguard 12 tr-rmsk, Class Pres, FSYV, Senior Council IOAN YANOVSKY 547 Howard Avenue Senior Council, Student Patrol, Presidentls Council, Service Coun- eil w is t- 5 it 'M Q VGA. ' L- 6 Q, smq, '1 we 0'- 1 , I Q . W1 'QQ 4-- ' , f N' 4 N . Q, 'j 4, I f .3 f 2 wr W, ' V 4. ,,,, s ' I 4 , A FAY YONKS 470 Sheffield Avenue Bookkeeper ELAINE YOUNG 550 Stone Avenue C.C.N.Y. Nurse Lihmry Squad C1 yr.D, Class See., llenlth Eel. Service, Assistant Sight Conservation Dept. AIACQUELINE ZACON Q90 Blake Avenue Singer Cirls Chorus L5 terinsj, Orehestru 42 ternisj, Attendance Otlfiee XYILLIAXI ZAKOTIRIA 543 Clhnstopher Avenue Cf.C,X.l'. Civil Engineer Xlixetl Chorus Cl yrl, Boys Chorus l l yr? blfllfl. Z.-XKUXY 5531 Saxeknnln Street lilmrkfgflz Clzprriigt lilCllNAlllD ZABIFT 5151 cllll'Sll'I' Street lilwrlqlrfrl Pilot l'l IILII' ZANIFT 519 Chester Street lirmfklyn Cliemist linulish Buokromn Squad, Lihrn1'y, See. to Dr. Sntlow, Sight cltlI1SL'I'Vll- lion Assistant L3 ternisj fXll'll,lNDA F. ZAVVIENVSKI 5337 Aslihntl Street Iirmrklylz zltftlllllftlllf Lentlers, Cyin C6 terlnsb, Serviee Count-il C4 ternisl. Boosters C3 ternnsi, Lihrury Aide 89 BARRY ZAREMBER S32 Sutter Avenue Brooklyn Clzemisi RHODA ZIMONOXVITZ 92-1 Stone Avenue Brooklyn. C.P.A. Pres. of TEE, Pres. Council BERNARD ZIRIN 532 Chester Street Brooklyn Alatlicnmtician Gym Sec. STANLEY ZISKIN 303 VVilliz11ns Avenue Electrician NORMAN ZITNER 39 Legion Street Brooklyn Dentist SICMUND LOHNER 1590 East 102nd Street 90 , SHEILA ZITOWSKY , .:,. 5945 Shore Parkway V VV ,, V A- Brooklyn Teach ef Boosters C5 terrnsl, S.C.A.I. Q4 ag , 'L ' termsj, Service Council C3 terrnsl, Dance Class C2 termsl 2 - ' I 7 . .L on V1 '- ,f W W , '7ENNETH ,ZOLOTSKY I A , ,,,V,,V A 221 ist, lst Street X, f V. -,U L wb 'W fy 69 Z4 ZA4' E' , J s,.,, .f Z f .-f' . i ' ff .5 X f MARILYN ZUCKERMAN 307 Sheffield Avenue Brooklyn Secretary if Student Patrol. Sec. to Mrs. Zuss- 'Q mun MICHAEL ZUCKERMAN 307 Sheffield Avenue . Brooklyn BzL9ine.s:s' Aflminisfrator ,. ww f JVM f Y Z I JUDITH ZURACK 215 Wlortman Avenue V Brooklyn Teaclier ' Treus. of SK. Sec. TEE, Sec. to ' Mr. Umans C3 terlnsl. Student Patrol J HARVEY YYASSERMAN 565 Snecliker Avenue Illinois Unit. Market Rescarclzcr Asst. Manager of Basketball Team CAMERA HY JOSEPH BAKER 312 Osborn Street Fairleiglz-Dickinsmz Uniuersiz'y Service Council AIANXVE LL BROKAYY -190 XVilliams Avenue Lawyer Columbia Plmrnmcy Plmrrmzcisi JOSEPH DeFALCO S51 East 98th Street RONALD DORSEY 567 Chauncey Street JERRY GOLDSTEIN 461 XYilliams Avenue ALAN DAVID GREEN 107-U2 Farragut Road ARNOLD CRODNIAN 1517 Park Place N.1'.L'. JOEL HEGER 44-1 Pulaski Street LARRY HOROYYITZ 968 AY11112ll'l1S Avenue HOXVARD ISACOFF 658 Hendrix Street L'.C.L.A. I l 1 v .llu.s'ic'icm Scientist 1 1 I N 1 Ae- 4 . J 7 I I V V ,, 1 I , f ff i'J1f"l!' 'I I l , 1- V V 4 514' 2' V 1 BARRY NEREREVITZ EOS VV1111L1111S Avenue Brooklyn Chemist DONALD RAUBE 2301 Strauss Street Com. College Dental Technician Student Patrol BENJAMIN RIZZO 641 XVilliams Avenue L.I.U. Advertising Exec. MICHAEL ROSNIARIN 1-L11 Linden Boulevard CONFESORA SERRANO 5-13 Hopkinson Avenue ESTELLE TENDLER 458 Georgia Avenue Sfenographer CALVIN XVILKENS -'37 Blake Avenue ALEXANDER YATCHENYA 615 Sackman Street Com. Col, F.B.I. Agent Lunch Room Patrol, Student Pa- trol, Biology Lab Assistant -' A, M , : X fu? ,,-, fqoi as ' -' A ,a gm 4 I V E W V, MJQM .JI " I f y 5 5 X-:il F-X fx . K E . LVN - Hi ,., M.. -tl 1 Qu F'-M I w- .' 1-Y!-76: ' f w ' " Q vwmxww., 'W-"' 4 Q. m:z4waQ:f- 4.-.?,:,:y 1-' Aww ,mmiif . Q i vu C NR. - MISS JE ER' N 1:33 kid, 5 6 mmonr Barns - HELEN F 51.01 if!! H . -254 S 7. sag: :FW ia ,V QE? Exif, ' w5Qwy if I 53 M1 EE: is ,W I 1 tv , 2 , . Q, 5 Ill! hu I .xi farm -4 -Q7 .W W' 'Dog is Clnff ICHO 9 Hmmm mfmmnn Susnvw SQHCMWLLD 2 -if 'A-' sz' A AAAA 'x S 1 "T"15-'. .Llw 5 ,Lwf 9 ' 4 X o A CLHSAS' Cnnmgf, .mcmgnri YNFATAUE Qu FITHLETEJ 'YTLEQI w '39 v y V- ,.w M . 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' 6l5 NOSTRAND AVENUE EYES EXAMINED Special Allenllon Given IO y Cor. Bergen S+ree+ Broolclyn, N. Y. Eyes oIScl'1ool Clnlclren y . -,-- HI.. N Stgft oi we INDEPENDENCE Q I5 3 SAV I N G S - EI RSEE y B A N K Iwwwwlili iigbwwwm Q ACCOUNT - I Many a fortune started with a A ll,.a?f-fig , y modest Savings accountl INDEPENDENCE HALL EE-'AST NEW YDIQKSAVINGS BANK EASTERN PARKWAY AT UTICA PITKIN AVE. AT HOPKINSON BROOKLYN, NEW YORK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION J4 W 4 cxfvflerzz' deyiylz slczlffva' t'7'Ilff5Hlf1l15!1 ip R .fzzpvrb RINGS rj zmfflpy PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES YOUR CLASS .IEWELER DIEGES CLUST Bosrou 17 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 8, N. Y. PROVIDENCE R MANUFACTURING JEWELERS I must leave Dear Old Jefferson, and how I hate to go. With its friendly halls, and smiling stairs, Gee, I love it so I never thought I'd see the day I woulcl want to stay, I never thought I'd ever miss a school this way. But when I think of all the years of toil ancl fun, I know why I love jeff, and so cloes everyone. Mary Thompson iw! My ' fffgiffrjw' i fi Autographs I ' ,ff Fr ' ' of if ff G63 fxwij Ja W7 7 If .I , I "lt fl C . ' ' . I J? fc- inc: Tr paw if f Ii I T C2 A F' fi ' .. r,ii' ' ,f 7 "I Q: T j5Q4?,,U MMAV if Hio M in .A , ' I f I -J.. I ?f7flgfQ,E1f5'lli'g ii! v 1 f l C! ' L' A ' 'S' H1fl7Mg7M illflfi' .,4lffi4VffA H.,f v' ci .' " 7 CIDA' I y tl , ff t : My VM 6 Ly iw :V Uvvwx iff' X E f 5 N M M tl if I iv' 'UD Mar 'V Q I M yn lf' if I i wet JP " .--f , -V I3-1 gl gf WKMQ, fr! df any Qwiffktrlf 4fQ PRINTED BY THE COMET PRESS, 1Nc .f 6711 ff 21 nf, I i 1 1 Z i I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I i 1 1 F 1 i 5 1 1 I 1 i 1 1 i 1 i i 1 g.,....,m.f..r,,..rf,m.....1....11..m.,, 1 - ,A W.-f ,Um5.w..v,m.-,.,..-,-1...f--ff..m,.1 ,,-.M w.....A-N'f...1,1.v.,4 1-,VV P " .V 1' J.-1 gn 4 as r ' ' V+ K VI W! 1 7' Xlwl ' VV ,4-!, VV. V rf, . . 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A 4 'V 1 ' K -,VIV V V VV I 4 'T V VV bi K f V.: V , "' Y ,Vw .,- , V 'V V , ' 2+ V ' 1 -1 ' 4 V, .V l - r' :ij VV ggi-A, :Af V 3-'A - 'I 1.x ' AJ . - .J , X A V 'T 'fu' - V I W. 1, '-ff Vx, -V . 'ffw ji, i F 1- ,:, V-A - 'X .. K-1 ' r--..f ., v"1 -.fs j... .c'r., -, TL: L,.,,,- 1 , . ,,.,-.3 wh.n-I JA I' I Vw' v V X V 1 .1,-, V . .ul-,D .-.-.,., N , I V., V I X f 'fl' I , . v ' V 7. V...n Em,- . S .Q vu- 1 1 x N Y ' Xu '. !'.' 'Lei' 5--1 --,A 3, or :'::f-sag ... 1.--L . X v xx. x NW X N ix X 1 N 1 V 5 x f x i. -424.- .3-4 ,:- f 1 1 ' "ff, u f, N 1 4'g-fyfff. -s 5 4 -, I-1 af 'f ' ,D ,JZ ff-s !'v -B'-fax Y 7115-hakx. 55:11-f , ',.-'..',1-- in ,. -- ,o .,1. J-4 'f', ' - .. f 7-2 .x 2 1' ' , x I N N . X Q ,X ,X .y x - ix Af - . 4 wx -f F Wk' R Li NV' ' if! X X ,- ' .X . X I N A, 'r , g ,h , N R u 'L J D. , ' , N X N V! 4 5 ' Rx I ' X 1 -1 I 1 N X .rx 4'x 'Jn Q, 'lf' .- 5 .i'17f1. '7 4:--. fl in -TQ' 1 :' ,'g':., H ,ij-.35-7.' .-an V I . 1 f 4 1 . I' n '.,V , , 4,7 --,,- 'I -M., ' . p, '.,.','u7 1 A r ' - ,'1g+jg, 53:2 j,2fji!',,5:1 T .. .'.' I:.-.,-. ..4!v..,H ..-...v - 1 v 1 1 l., .fi -fx 1, .f.,4,.4 'P ,Q 4. f 1' '15 1. K " xi...-,f , ny"- l'. df' n n mf . -4 l' ':?': 7 7.9 ' "J, . ' 'N A- , 4 Af . .-,L:g'--iw 5:11-, r1.5--2 9- , 1 . . v - c L -. , 1,-. ' L' .L .,.-',.f ,g ' . . ,-., ,,.,..,, ., ,4-44, . ' .- .Y ,. '.,,f- l... .,-- . v 1 V J iv' - ' ' ,'- ig:'fk""?:-:ELSE-ff , . W I , -.5--,Omg 21, V ,vs "" '1 L, 0 'fn J lo f,f , -' ,,-,. mf- p.,.'-.,.'-.-,.v-,-., '.-, ' -..' 'J M. ' 1 ." 1 Jw Jn 3' . '-. 457---'gf 2"":,:kf-:J.:Q31L- riff- :"'f3"'-,1,'f's X 'x

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