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N, .L wx 1. rg, pw, 3 mAm'.i,4, -GEF" cg, :TI-5 H 5, xr 4. x - T -Q ' u4'4iriTH4f3L2bQ.Jer'1'pp 14, 1 '- ..':-gbigr ' ,,gQ2",1?5a 4.4. 37-'.f'1 . -o,,Hyl'. ,L 1-gf 55,4 ' ,f,y,,.g,-, .VJNJI 4 V . 4 I Z 0,36 41 P ,l .4,- I ,wg , , I f ' . F -J x P x 1 ' V 1 f-Qu N4 A ' M- 34 141, . , 15i'?q gf H- :-f fl 1. 5134 iff f '?2g5f?1Ka2'i4 4- gquf' n fl' 41,1 Q Y lui. "A ' a 93? 1 i. H' ,'-.1 :Elia '1 ,fr 1,4 eff! 1.4 I3 4 4' 'uric 5,2132 J? s 5-is gf gl 114 .-.ff , 1'5" 51332 , JW' J 'P 1.0 f'3it'9'5' Q My 9 ,-,.,, - , 'f ii Q, fi W Q M ' . w , 5. . 'W' 4 --23535 'Q S51 " iffx'317f'x-5.51 f 1 ' Rf, 'A " .55 .pf-1 ff' .'ff'2' 'K Fuf' I ', '7i2t""f.a'i, v ,Tv -ff' 53 , 5671" 1" z:-'gg 5' -,, nh, ... .,- I1 1 X YW: '1 1 ,-'Q ,. J 4 I C' he T, 1 ,1 I. f 1 ' ,x H ,I 5. bf 7, '-Q A? xv, Z? 1 yi. Kr '. .- -fr f , fu. .5 2: if 'xtxn-'i ,sv lx ' xg , wr u ,-ya , A , Q ggi-lfwsiff ' +1 agiryb ky, f ff: 1 f 5,111 fr E "-.45 - figs V , X 1 I l , ,z 1'- All X THOMAS JEFFERSO X H I G H s c H o o BROOKLYN, New Yon CLASS OF JANUARY 194 "say it arith nlusif' ulefs build a stairway to the stars The eyes of +he young are ever drawn 'ro +he s+ars, and The spirir of you+h is seldom earlh-bound. Seniors, we musl' awake from our lelhargy. We are going ou? info a world +ha'r knows liHle of s+ars-a world well aparf from our dreams. Life is wha'r we make il. Therefore, ours should no longer be idle dreams. Lei us prepare ourselves +o climb many s+eep hills and face life's complexifies wisely. God has endowed each of us wi+h some creaiive agency. l'r is our duly and our privilege 'ro mold our exislences in a way which will make us an assel +o our counfry and lo all humanily as well. Everlasring peace musl be achieved. Wars musf be done away. Miracles will nor bring us 'lhe 'rhings lhal are close +o our hearis. They will noi make life ioyous in a world of freedom. lngenuify and efforl' will serve as viial faclors in fhe a'r+ainmen+ of This goal. Ask fhe soldier who foughi' for if and suffered war-pangs for il. Ask fhe war-worker. Blood, swea'r and leafs are no black magic. They are sacrifices men have made. They safurafe +he world's ear+h and are 'rhe elemenls which have ier+ilized 'rhe soil of life. Seniors, we are The archi+ec+s of fomorrow, of +he world and of life. Lei us succeed in making our foundafions sfrong. ln choosing a role in life, lei us choose iudiciously. We musf noi fail humanilyll Ida Rabinaviich 4 J , A ,--1 f"r. ff'-. R , 1 , -. ,H L- ,.-, wr 7 f L V ,Q 14, .... 1, mf' .Lf W I Q Dear GraduaTes: Your approaching commencemenT brings To our minds The speed wiTh which Time marches on. lT seems only yesTerday ThaT you enTered JeTTerson as liT+le girls and boys. Today you are young men and women, TiTTed To mee.T The new and urgenT demands oT a changing world. During your high school liTe The world. Too, has changed. We have gone Trom a war To a peace Time basis. The big Thing now is To geT along wiTh peoplep geT along wiTh Them in our Tamily, our college, our place oT business. our communiTy, sTaTe and naTion, and mosT imporTanT, inTernaTionally. We Teel conTidenT ThaT The' graduaTes oT Thomas JeTTerson l-ligh School will do more Than Their share in The cause oT harmony and world peace. In This hope The TaculTy wishes you God-speed. Sincerely yours, . 'ff Principal 66 ' ' 99 patience and fortltude SAMUEL LEVINE EDITH SIMONS Adminis+ra+ive Assis+an+ Adminis+ra+ive Assis+an+ SAYWELL B. MULDORF JOSEPH NEWMAN Dean of BOYS Head of Hinsdale AHYIEX 4 Moi' thee we sing" Fellow GraduaTes: Cur high school lease has expired. fXTTer Tour years oT com- TorT and happiness in our resTive world, we musT Tind new shelTer, someThing more signiTicanT Than The addiTion oT meaninqless rooms. We are on The Threshold oT liTe on a Tull Time basis. As we enTer our new aparTmenT we are Taced by a long corridor wiTh closed doors on eiTher sideg some oT The doors closed because oT The world's hares and preiudices. Some oT The doors musT be opened cauTiously, some musT be opened wiTh deTerminaTion and some musT be Thrown down. We musT build a ramparT oT reason and iusTice. The conTlicTs and shorTcomings oT "our Time" loom insurmounlrable in our eyes, buT so did similar problems seem To Those who builT This qreaT ediTice oT democracy. Vxfhen These oThers leTT, They may have leTT a Tew Things awry, buT on The whole The house oT democracy has been cared Tor raTher well. Now we Tind ourselves in The posiTion oT human engineers. We musT devise, we musT build and we musT demolish. BuT more Than anyThing we musT perTecT our "house" in These diTTiculT Times. We musT eradicaTe any discriminaTion Towards The TenanTs, Tor They all helped To build and musT share in our co-operaTive. We musT uprooT The elemenTs ThaT inevi- Tably lead To war. Above all we musT show our neiqhbors, The world, ThaT our aparTmenT is a good one. We will have aTTained our goal when The peoples oT The world Try To dup- licaTe our way oT liTe. Only Then can we aTTord To siT ouT on The baclc lawn and baslc securely in our glory-. LeT us apply our Tools oT educaTion, reason, and conscience To The Taslc. ii? A. Very sincerely, Rhoda l-limmel MARTIN WACHTEL Vice Presidenf HELEN GLUCK Class SecreTary i l i 1 i s s T RHODA HIMMEL Class PresidenT IRMA BOXER Class Treasurer :ny ideal To The GraduaTes of The Class of January I947: IT is wiTh graTiTude and humiliTy ThaT I address These words To you. I am graTeful for your appreciafion of a Teacher's efforT To guide and befriend his sTudenTs. I feel humble before The Taslc which has been alloTTed To me. To giveyou guidance-To send To you The greeTings of The faculTy. We. your Teachers, represenTaTives of a world ThaT is confused, ThaT has been mismanaged-we place our hopes in you, poTenTiaI leaders of a beTTer world. We have seen whaT The forces of evil-forces of greed. selTishness and haTe, have done To our world. lvlan againsT man. naTion againsf naTion, ideology againsf ideology,-These have ThreaTened our securiTy and are again menacing our hope for peace. We ask you To consecraTe yourselves- To insure Iasfing peace in The world. True peace can be secured only by observing The fundamenfal TruThs in life-The forces of good. We Teachers have Tried To inculcafe in you The ideals of selflessness. service and self-effacemenf. Too offen have These qualifies been overwhelmed by The selfishness and greed of individuals and of naTions. Men have disTrusTed each oTher, men have enslaved each oTher, men have killed each oTher because of Their greed and Their selfishness. There should be inscribed in your hearTs and in your souls These TruThs which are noT clearly "self-evidenT": we all have The same righTs, The same responsibilifies. No man is greaTer Than his neighbor. No man is beTTer Than his broTher. We are all human beings, wishing To live in peace and in securiTy. LeT us demand peace and securiTy for all men, regardless of race, of color, or creed. We believe in a True broTherhood of man. 1 I These TruThs are The basic philosophy of True democracy and True ' . democracy means real peace and securiTy for The world. On behalf of your Teachers, who were your guides and are your friends, I wish you all God-speed and happiness in whaTever you may under- Take. May your sTay in Thomas Jefferson be one of your fondesf memories. and may we counT upon you To regard us always as your friends. . T ' Sincerely. Max Canfor CXD 'lx Q' X. From -the Heart of 'Ummm -- me 3 , is V A , ,. h , Y. 4 , 1. Q ,rv V 4 - K, WH l I I R Ui! jess ver Q 5.01-1 , Slrganx fha gra4l'u,-f .1 ' tion clams:--., -f .L AA-as. 1 K1 XQQ xx.. 5 X' l mix , K , J. s H" .7 ff , K . J ,.: Q. 1, x L " . 3' it E. A- - ' ",. 1 I X , El life 4 Il Pass - - Thig '11 be founl Cm'- Euvkel , i f I I t Q.. girly sca- Trgiv-eltqg ubeizj real but non.: wail fo' AA f' 4-f"""' : ...-1 T "roman in ' through o 99 the gloanun' x 5 ' TQ Away back in The disTance a Tuzzifaced, wide-eyed boy slinlcs Through The JeTTerson halls Tor The TirsT Time. lnconspicuous, crushed, sTepped upon, he searches in vain Tor a hole To crawl inTo and hibernaTe Through The Tresh- man year .... The TirsT RegenTs examinaTion-"liTTle innocence" siTs in a cold sweaT, paralyzed wiTh Tear oT The horrible punishmenTs Tor cheaTing againsT which he is warned by his well-meaning Teachers. Jail senTences and hanging by The Thumbs, congruenT Triangles and alTernaTe inTerior angles. all dance around in his weary brain .... The sophomore year-once more The ex-Treshie can liTT his head and loolc his Tellow-man in The eye. The middle years have The TondesT memo- ries .... SiTTing up Till Two A. lvl. over a "Trig'T booln The nighT beTore The big TesT, periodically dousing his head under The cold waTer TauceT To lceep awake .... The TirsT shave-a Two-hour aTTair perTormed wiTh all due cere- mony Trom which a voice Tinally emerges TriumphanT and exclaims, "My head is bloody buT unbowed,". ..The l'Teas" in The social Torms room in which coTTee and cocoa were served .... The lunchroom, where hash as- sumes The romanTic name oT Mexican STealc .... The Tender messages scrawled by unknown lovers over The JeTTerson deslzs which were an insTiTu- Tion unTil The recenT scraping and varnishing iob. A rainy SaTurday morning in OcTober sTanding in raincoaT and rub- ers, waTching a JeTTerson Team playing TooTball Tor The TirsT Time in Tive years .... Sgueezing The mosT ouT oT our lasT Term, a sudden realizaTion oT The meaning oT The word "school spiriT" comes To me. Senior days.-The Tour years are successTully weaThered. The senior receives his "croix de guerre," an orange and blue aTTair oT Three-inch diameTer, and swaggers Through The halls glowing wiTh red and green class colors. . . . GraduaTion picTures. "Gimme ThaT Tar-away loolc-gazing inTo The TuTure Tor new worlds To conquer." Harold Korn uthings are se what they s flb y So you hale lhe waler and you don'l lirsl lhing aboul swim- ming and never wanl lo. You're delin inleresled in any sorl ol waler lhal is higher lhan a drinkingqlias ,and you're a person who calches cold easily. Well, don'l worry. Youfw-ll?never learn lo swim, and l doubl very much il you will ever even louch lhe waler, You see, lhis is how il is in Jellerson. The swimming pool isn'l where you learn lo swim. ll's merely lhe place where you calch alhlele's lool, pneumonia, and rnasler lhe arl ol dressing haslily. ln one minule llal you gel inlo lhe grey bag lhey call a swimming suil, you lake an icy shower, dip your leel inlo a solulion lhal makes lhem ilch, and slip down lhe lile lloor where similar unlorlunales line up lor allend- ance. This day lhere are lour presenl, which means lhal only 26 are absenl. You are lhen inslrucled lo lwisl yoursell inlo a ball, roll smoolhly over lhe lile ledge and mell silenlly inlo lhe yawning waler. lnslead you lall in wilh- oul ceremony, and wilhoul any inlenlion lo do so, and lorgel lhal oxygen is essenlial lor exislence. Aller coming lo lhe pool lor almosl a lull year, lhis is lhe lirsl lime you have louched lhe renowned waler, and are dead sure il will be lhe lasl lime, loo. Belore you have had a chance lo do any swimming, lrom lar oll you hear a whislle which means, "dead man lloal" or, "you musl be oul in lwo seconds." Desperalely you make a vasl ellorl lo hoisl yoursell oul. You grab on lo lhe iron bars and immedialely lall back inlo lhe waler, Every- lhing has lo be done lhe hard way. You lry explaining lo lhe inslruclor lhal you can'l possibly gel oul lhe way you came in, bul in vain. l-lall ol your weighl is waler, Well, aller a heclic slruggle wilh lhe inslruclor and lhe lile ledge, you're oul. You come lo lhe English class lale, wilh mascara dripping down your lace, ankle slraps dangling, bullans unbulloned, hair wringing wel, guile comparable lo a drowned cal. Ol course, you're iusl crazy aboul sailorsg you gel guile as crazy when someone menlions Jellerson's swimming pool. lrene Choldaker ff' J i- i l X Q.. 'TJ i x l i h graduate and on world 1 . . -- . - 1 1 C11 1 3 11 111 A -1 .3 1 U1 1 11 11:1 1-j . ll! " - fl, 1 W 11 , -XJ fl 11 111 5, 111 H I1 'I' , 'R' 5 F - U, 4, 1 111 1 111 ' X 11, 1 1 . - 1 11 11- . G1 111 1 111 , U W4 ' O fl: 2 i Ui I' i A4 10 1 1 '- ' , tg .,, U 1 1 g,, O1 11 M. 53 C? 1 F11 .1 , 'fx Q1 U C- A 1 1 J T 1 1 U U 111 LU 11 fl 'Q ,J 'E 1114 f ,, 111 -' U: ' K3 1l1 U' Q, . , - Q 1- H 11 'H K , 1 U 3 + fb 11 1 G1 7 111 C., U I1 1 OJ f 1 1 1-D -1 1 1 111 U 11 1' l 1' CIP " .11 f 111 m Q U' U1 W x fb Us J Q' ' ' 3 In O ' 1 1 J . 3 fl, 111 H' 51, 5 , , O 1 K fl, 0 C - ' -11 5 4 O4 SD 1 U7 :U A1 ' A -: fl' ff' ' "' 1 11. 111 7, Q, 111 3 1 U 1 . fI1 1 fl? U if :Q I' G7 4+-1 CJ U, rw U1 f3- Q3 2 U.: f 401 'U 1 A Nl CD O fl: 9: H fs L11 ' U! 1 I ? in U, .X J L V fl KE 1 111 4' 1 4- U -1 V V1 ' 10 ,- 1' ' 3' 'J 11 V 11 111 1 1 . -1 , ,J W- 'A 1 1 1 1 'X - O 1 1 O -1 1 U C ' 1 ' 1 111 111 111 1 11 fb A . 1 L 111 ,,, U3 fi U1 3 I 111 111 - 111 . .. I 111 L , , I1 1 1. I 3 tj' 1 '1 3 111 fl, X, IJ' rj 'l-1 J 3 fb UI ' Q . U1 'f' ', .f fi FD 7 11 ' 1 A 1 2 1 Af- f U1 111 1 'U 3' uf I: 1 '1' tr U I J' as 'Q 111 U 1 U". 1 ' ' 111 .1 fI1 1 . '. fb II' '1 U 111 15 1 1 1 11 3 . L U 111 1 'U ff' "' I1 1 11, C , 111 3 J - 57 . 1,6 -' 1 1-13 - 'A' 11' U CJ U 111 111 fl, 111 :Ii 1 3' 3 Q' ,J KI, 11 1 CJ 1 3 111 11, O A 111 rw I , L ll . ' U1 5: Q I" :sim f T7 I 1 qi U' U1 111 1 " U 111. - I , - 111 11 1. 'I i .f U '- U' 1 4 if ICI: 5 fl, fl: ' 1' 'D ji I 111 fb 'I' I1 L 1 flw fl 11 O 11, 1 1' A - 'II jj 111 1 CJ . 1, 1a F51 cj "1 "Q 11 UI ,' 111 1 .5 3 111 U 1, 111 11: -1 1 1 1 .f 1 1 -' fl' 1 ' 111 fl' 11 11 1 11 .1 4 'D :ff ul H I fl! x In 1 tn . 11 In 1 fl, 11 f 1 lb 1 ,U F11 1 "' 111 fp ,L 411 1 Y .1 U, I ' ' 11, 1 11 ,U 1 fb , U1 - 1 1 1 , , J 4 11. , .f 1 111 11 1 1 111 4 1 1 11. 1 qi 12 in fy . ' fl, 3 fl 1, 111 I - 31 J 111 J 41 .. 11. I 114 111 U 11 U in '41 O fi Q to is i 111 Q A213 4' ll ' A 'I . ' 3' CJ Ah 113 -1' 41 1 111 H' .f CJ ,IJ ' 'N O rf , U 11, 1 fb 2 1 4 111 111 .1 C 3 01 1 'f- 'fa ' ,U 11 FD 1'l1 13 11 U 1 1 fri fb fb P 8 J' U U1 U Q O 'Q 3 -11 I1 U KD 111 ' 3 K1' J , 1. ,D 2 in U1 rp A.. O, U Q. O 11 C. Q J. ll 1 I U1 fl 1 O fl O 1 'I L' "' Q " " 3 5 J 4, '11 1 111 3 " Q KD O 1 A-I1 111 A3 I 'U U LU ,4 11 Al- 1+ 1 . 4 -1 111 111 W- 1 1. 11. -1 'ff W- 1 U 111 'I 1 fb , -V 3: '11 1 1 111 ' .f 1 ' 111 - U J 5, KI1 F11 A 1 IJ TD 1 7 ' H1 111 'D +1 U' L11 2 , U D 1 1 2 U 111 ' ' ' 2 5 1 tu 1 -2 . 1 I ,W U.: U 1? . . . , fb ID U1 O 'cf 111 -' , I ': 11 1 1 ,B U: " 1 ,T 11 ,', 12 11 1, rf Q F11 H' 1 ' fb A+, - :: A . . fn K - 3 I 111 ,I , 1 111 51' 21' 111 1 J. 3 111 1 1 U -. D 11 1 ' 1 ' ' 9 1 ' U' 1 H U U 1 ' 1 ' 11, 1 11 1 1 -f' 1 1. 1 K. U' fb r .1 -1 . CJ f 1 -' -1 1 11. fl 1-wf Ce QW? VVOVQ f 'Ye P5111 Hffsc' 181 Z l fr, A ., ,, , fi-,vy-ha'T x ax ' X V - I I! 'vig A 1 if ll ' I x Ili- X pg . X ag? ,J A ' M X-, E I 669 'J .5 'H 'xl H , fa G le' 9 99 u J i fn. U T W, in 1 a me an K I ig 17- ff N J age? ' I 4 fi, fl-A ,f - as s o , fr-iv.--fm, L - fi f I Q E" , I . L' ,fl K Q ge? 'i. .4 ,psf f . ,. I 1 F., . -2 , fhappy, and all The world will be aT your TeeT. -lvloTTo T XQI -ns omfl IT is guiTe easy To undersTand Trom my moTTo why, when QW, rom school every day, iT is necessary Tor me To consume an f ni. T is apples, one quarT oT milk, halT a dozen cupcakes, and such S 4 v Sivan r g s. TT2all, when one exerTs such a TerriTic amounT oT valuable -5- -gi on!lsfifrTing all day in school, as I do, why Then iT's absoluTely essen- N Tial To b. fonesekfap. I-lowever, all oT liTe is noT ioy, and evenTually I ThaT I l.TsT prepare my mind Tor labor-one halT hour oT erl, The inlelligenl parT, oT course, relaxes . iT is done while lying upon a down-Tilled soTa. is gone Trom The nerves lyou Tinally discover and iT is Time To seT The sTage Tor acTion. windows, slaml goes The doors, and all my books are Tor a person wiTh The "sysTemaTic" insTincT likes every- To be can Tind iT. In The cenTer oT The Table I place a beauTiTul bowl Tilled To The brim wiTh Tood Tor ThoughT-iuicy, red, lNleaTly sharpened pencils lie sTrewn abouT The Table and a hovers abouT The room. OperaTion homework is abouT Trying To puT TorTh some honesT ehCorTs Towards doing my The Tloor, reTlecTing The day's classroom evenTs. K : oT hexagon. "ThaT was brillianT," I shouT immodesTly. Now To me? Ch, yes, The boy ThaT siTs near me. I-Immm. I-Ie's very And wiTh ThaT . . .The porTraiT oT a very deTermined- young lady soTTens inTo one of a sTarry-eyed individual, 'ing va casTles in The sky. BuT Then, bursTing like a bubble, The picTure and a ranTic JeTIersonian sTares wiTh horror aT The hands oT a TleeTing Tim . "Ooh-how laTel" lmmediaTely The Tloor pacing is resumed Chinese Tashion oT sTudying is begun once again. Upon The TiTTeenTh Trip,To The bookcase, an eager eye glances ThoughTTully aT a brighTly bound "Amusing STories." "I wonder. . .NCI I really shouldn'Tl-buT . . ." And once again I relax upon The down-Tilled soTa and read on and on and on- Tor English, NATCI-I! Irene Fagelson Freshmen, lake heed? As an experienced Jellersonian, I am handing down lo you some very uselul inlormalion lor your lulure lile in lhis wonderlul school. Firsl ol all, respecl lhe seniors. When you sighl a senior, bow low lrom lhe waisl down and remain lhus unlil lhe senior approves yo posilion. The senior . will lry lo sell you audilorium sealstwli 'pwtemfecatrlls you can gel lhem cheaper lrom lhe sop omores. Should you encounler a senior coming down lhe corridor wilh lwo or more books, simply drop your own and aid lhis worlhy soul oul ol his unlorlunale plighl. You will be generously re- warded by nol having lo polish his senior bullon. So you'd like a program change, dear lreshman? Jusl reguesl whal you wish and a bonded messenger will have your O plea granled immedialely. Gelling bored by your hislory pe- riod? Simply cul lhe period and lel mallers lake care ol lhem- selves. Il you are presenled wilh a pink card, don'l Iel il worry ' you-a blue one is worse. Always consull a senior and you will never go wrong. Shirley Fuchs All my lile I was whal may be lermed a "good sludenl." I was always a guiel, hard-working lillle slave. I rose al lhe crack ol dawn so I could reach school even belore lhe ianilor did. Once in school, I spoke very Iillle lo my neighbors and always pored over a book when leacher was busy. I jumped oul ol my seal lor every answer I knew, handed in exlra lenglhy 6 6 ' 9 ' orl d il m business lo slgymller school lo mark lesl I a blQOpe iiilamjlr'oI'gmped down a glass ol milk and proceeded lo gel mysell weary wilh homework unlil bed lime. I only paused lor dinner and lhe Lone Ranger. I Bul now I am a senior. Lile is wonderlull In lhe morning I leave home al lhe Iasl momenl and lry my very besl nol lo be loo lale lor my second period class. I lalk every possible minule and even lhose minules which are nol possible. Books have come lo be only lhings which musl be carried lo and lrom school so I ' can look sludious and pacily my parenls. Doing homework is a mere lhing ol lhe pasl and I only slay aller school when I can'l O gel my locker open. I have spenl almosl lhirleen school years lo become lhis educaled and il was worlh il. The only regrel I have is lhal I ' couIdn'l be a senior lhroughoul high school. Kale Cohen 1.9- f ,-,yi -n 'Ji.,+N . ,.- A N A.. I J fy 5,- -,, . 1 ,rf fr , 4 1, L :A X 1 ' , J' .. ' ,.l '-I . ' 7 v r 1 ' 'X 1 y f YT' iw Vs.-. rw 1 V5- v ,rv , , .w,,-L3 j'i'x-igfsaxv x, 1,Yg44.1,g f -5, .mv W X x5 vw , - ,.N.- N N,x,,,:Tx... 5 'SN FL.: N 'UN 1. , . -u wwf Q KWH'- - , ..--Q wx .iv Q... V!.1.g, ,Q X X X -wmxaam wwmwa Qxx Aimuw-1 9 ,wwf pf Edgy 2' X , , f s - . ' Q .fpiz . ' . 1 . . f. . 12. 'i1rE"5'2 ii.,-"fi, ',.v3.,Qs--,L my-EP' 31317.-5 ff - , "QF ,-'ivy V -, - Y 'ifivvf -nfs?-s i"-e- - 4 T f '5 .'1:w1L, fzee'-gg-rf - ' 1 .- X1 i V. K -, Tw: f V. 1, J: f'f91g'k5? f..' , 'Q' ' :4.,.'g.L C, I . T - .fir -3.11 c ' Hr 3 A, V f ".".,A - '. T15 -ff' .gb . fl ,. . V f 695 T X , 1.1, 512 3553.7 utain 't necessarily so 9' "All righT, will all Those ThaT don'T belong in here please leave so The meeTing can begin!" ThaT is CharloTTe, The liTTle girl wiTh big ideas. ediTor-in- chief oT The JeTTersonian sTaTT. "Where The devil is The resT oT This sTaTT? IT They won'T come down To meeTings, why do They ioin up?" Each ediTor speaks Thus abouT The oTher seven ediTors, The maioriTy oT whom really do come To meeTings raTher regularly. Being edi+ors They Teel They should say These Things, and we'll leT Them because iT is one oT The very Tew liTTle happinesses in liTe ThaT These people have. A momenT's quieT has now spread iTs way inTo The room. and an alerT member immediaTely Takes advanTage oT iT and be- gins To read one oT The many conTribuTions oT sTaTT and sTudenT body. "One morning l saw a TurTle dove. A TurTle dove so whiTe, A TurTle dove oT my hearT's love, A TurTle dove. yes guiTe!" And on, and on, and on, and on, The seemingly endless piece drags on. Finally, when no one is expecTing iT, The end leaps inTo exisTence. Discussion. I learn To my horror, ThaT many presenT like my liTTle anTagonisT, The TurTle dove. Discussion. CharloTTe noTices The odd expression on my Tace and asks me whaT l Think OT iT. I leT loose all The haTe Tor ThaT TurTle dove ThaT is wiThin me and damn The bird To an eTernal purgaTory where iT will suTTer always. Discussion. A member poinTs ouT The beauTiTul picTures in The line, The sweeTness, The joy oT This piece! Discussion. "We'll voTe now. Yes, no or possible." The TurTle dove is now demolished, and sighing deeply. shiTT- ing To a more comTorTable posiTion, we go on To The nexT. The JeTTersonian musT go on and iT does! AniTa Rice utomptation " freshman lnirialion . . Salulralion . . lnlegrarion . . Revelalion sophomore Elevalion . . Conversafion . . Casligalion . . Dominalion Junior Confemplalion . . Concenlralion . . llluminalion . . Apprecialion senior Culminalion . . Compensalion . . Libera+ion . . Gradualion EXCLAMATION ' Selma Luxenberg 65 ' ' 99 danclng ln the dark Evening claslied ber cymbals, announcing llwe niglnl ol flue prom. Triumplwanlly, winler blew lner discord ol wind and snow inlo Jrlie radianl laces of Jrlie graduales. When llfme seniors linally slvul ber oul, winler walclmed inlenlly Jrlirougli Jrlie windows ol Jrlie warm, brillianlly-liglfred ballroom al llwe Waldorf-Asloria. Music enveloped Jrlie dancers and greeled llne newf comers. Dazzling liglwls and mirrors rellecled llne wonderful orclieslra, Jrlie smoolli dance lloor, Jrlie couples lleeling by. Evening dresses ol swislwing laliela, ruslling sillc, craclcling organdie and purring velvel blended inlo a rlfiyllwmic pal- Jrern. Fluslied cheeks, familiar laces and warm liellos were everywhere. As Jrlwe evening wore on, llie music subsided, liglwls were dimmed and niglil slrelclned oul an enveloping arm wlmiclm drew The dancers once more inlo llie fury ol llwe wind and snow, and liomeward. Only memories remain. Irene Clioldalcer uyou 've got me crying again 'Q Well, There I was enTering JeTTerson Tor my TirsT oTTiciaI high school day. I paused Tor a minuTe To read The inscripTion over The doorway, "l.eT reverence Tor The laws become The poIiTicaI religion oT The naTion.' Abra- ham Lincoln" I chuckled-a guoTaTion oT Lincoln over The doorway oT Thomas JeTTerson I-Iigh School. I inTerred ThaT JeTTerson never said anyThing proTound enough To adorn The cornice oT This sTaTely school building and I enTered. I-laving Tripped up The TronT sTeps, I was conTronTed by whaT seemed To me an eighT TooT gianT wearing an armband marked wiTh The IeTTers HS. P." "Where do you Think you're going?" he bIurTed. "I am a Third Termer," I said apoIogeTicaIIy. "ThaT's your problem," he said. "You'II have To waiT Till The bell rings beTore you can enTer The building." I Thanked him Tor his aid and wenT ouTside To waiT. I spenT my Time on The sTreeT, idly counTing The windows in The buildings across The sTreeT, as I anxiously looked Torward To The ringing oT The bell. Five minuTes passed and I heard The bellg I sTraighTened my Tie and enTered again. This Time This TugiTive Trom JonaThan SwiTT's "Brobdingnag" meT me aT The door and said, "You're IaTe." I Tried reasoning wiTh him, buT iT seemed I was making Things worse. I-Ie Tinally Took me To The dean's oTTice. I sTood in The rear oT The oTTice while The "STudenT PaTroIIer" las I IaTer Tound ouT he was calledl, submiTTed his charge againsT me and Then IeTT. The dean eyed me causTicaIIy, "Are you here again?" he said. "I remember you: I never TorgeT a Tace." I poIiTeIy explained ThaT I was a Third Termer. I-le was very nice abouT iT, released me Trom durance vile and dismissed me wiTh a warning noT To geT inTo Trouble again. ThaT was eighT years ago. Now I am a senior. The HS. P's" wouIdn'T dare boTher me now. Ch, nol "WhaT did you say?" "Why, I didn'T even eaT ice cream. VVhy should I clean The Table up? LisTen young man, you should respecT your elders. All righT, don'T push: I'Il go. Mr. lvIuIdorT, here I come." ArThur I-Teller 'ffl F. -vb' Q . v if-iw il I Edi+orial Board Philip Brogadir Carl Silver Irene Clioldalcer Irene Fagelson Sheila Pinkwaler Georgia Peaclriey Ar+ Slaff Sylvia Roloerls Albefr Sanqiarno Eugene Goodman L-gg? l-lerber+ Deulsclw nr Abe Dolinslcy ff Typisfs Rebecca Lederman Rlioda lvlerdinger Lila Rosen Marilyn Binin Faculfy Coordinafor Madeline B. Quinn Liferary Adviser Arflwur A. Schneider Ari' Adviser Janellw lvl. Allenso ff 0u're the topsw JJ Mu X f .F M 6 af' J ye. okay 56- 0 iff? 1561 4 T !bGAL dd of W A ka.. J fy ay fl' L PM V A 'Civ xl' fi., Cufefi' 7L-LLb14,5j51,, 4fe:.fJeI' pst Joker' fflfdf- ghd P1147 .Vefgl Beck Biifrcv h J' JUJIDF lefe Kareban ts ff I 756W Ijrohfyfaclcl Uoodrfljff K ,4 Tffdn f foafnfy IAYJIGJQ7 57 of"'7 ,lmman ' New 74 M687 e rr Mia an QC If bam WJ IJ Wflrfl 77 Kam Q? G .-E3 -1' 9 Qi, 1 ' 4 is X I turkey in the straw ln The locker room you will TrequenTly hear a cheery "Square your seTs and waiT Tor The call." Mr. Clark is ready To begin The Folk and Square Dancing. The sTep normally used in square dancing is a graceTul, glid- ing walk, buT our dancers always elaboraTe on iT and you will see a varieTy oT shuTTling, sliding and skipping sTeps. ShuTTling size l I 's, small, skipping balleT slippers, The sTumbling gaiT oT a newcomer and The polished slide oT The "Leader" may add To The general noTe oT conTusion, buT Square Dancing is Tor Tun. FrequenTly The head genT geTs losT and is seen wiTh puzzled brow seeking his parTner. "l-lal, geT back here. You wenT The wrong way." OT course, no meeTing is compleTe ET Normie The Joker doesn'T yell, " 'Round and 'round The railroad Track, when you're halTway Through, Turn and go back." Then halT The seT conTinues wiTh The dance while The oThers, Thinking They have heard The nexT call, Turn and reverse Their sTeps. lmagine The conTusion and disorganizaTion ThaT Tollows. All is done and accepTed as good- naTured sporT. lT's Tun To hear The ribbing among The members. "l-ley, Mr. Clark, you're going The wrong way." "GeT oTT my TooT, gangrene is seTTing in." "Don'T break her back, Charlie." All The senior members oT The club will miss The warm and Triendly geT-TogeThers in The back oT The locker room. Thank you Mr. Clark Tor The happy aTTernoons we spenT square dancing. 'Ubxllemande leTT and a grand righT and leTT." You made iT easy To learn and a Thing To remember. Sheila PinkwaTer 555 as exif iiiiscli!z-QiXXlx, ii l I916' 'Nc X you 'ro got lo be a hero ATTer a war-Time pigslrin absence oT Three long years, JeTTer- son once again has iTs huskies wearing The orange and blue on The gridiron. STarTing Trom "scraTch," we've builT an aggregaTion ThaT The school has reason To be proud oT. ATTer pracTicing arduously Tour and Tive hours a day under The slcilled direcTion oT lvlr. ArThur Goldman, The TaculTy coach, The squad learned oTTensive and deTensive TooTball, and aT The season's opener on OcTober I2 emerged againsTlV1idwood a balanced and TighTing aggregaTion. ATTer dropping The iniTial conTesT 6-O, The boys bounced back, Turning in consecuTive wins over Teams ThaT mosT experTs gave us liTTle chance oT beaTing. Coming Trom behind in all Three TilTs, The niclaelmen emerged The vicTors againsT Poly Prep, Seward Parlc, and STuyvesanT, The Tinal scores reading l9-I4, I2-7, and I3-I2 in The respecTive conTesT. The TJ baclcTield, led by Al C5ursTein, PeTe Karaban, Sonny Gold, WhiTey Kobran, Larry Chizener and lVlarTy Jacobs, has Turned in perTormances They have iusT reason To be proud oT. Karaban, aT righT halTbacl4, has repeaTedly brolren away Tor long runs, cuTTing around would-be Taclclers and slipping elusively ouT oT The hands oT opponenTs. PeTe's speed, shiTTiness, and his abiliTy To sTop and cuT malce him him a "naTural" Tor oTTeTacl4le and end runs, and once away in a brolcen Tield, he can usually carry The ball To pay dirT. S fr X S X S Sonny Gold aT leTT halTback does mosT oT The passing Tor The Team and has demonsTraTed his skill aT "hiTTing" his receiver wiTh well-Thrown heaves. Gold can carry The pigskin Too, and wheTher passing or running, has whaT iT Takes. On The line, sTarTing sloTs belong To CapTain Mike Paladino aT cenTer, Jerry KurTz and Dave FerTig aT Tackles, Meyer Diller and WhiTey Weiner aT guards, and Jerry VapniTsky and George "Beansy" Rosenbloom aT ends. Working smooThly wiTh The backicield, Time and again The line has opened up huge holes in The opposi- Tion's deTense Tor oTT-Tackle runs and line-bucks. On passing and kicking plays, The boys have held like a "sToneiwall," giving The bac:kTield plenTy oT Time To geT The ball away. . T The currenT season will be The lasT Tor seniors Paladino, KurTz, FerTig, VapniTsky, and ends Gene ChesTer and Fred Shapiro. AT The end posiTions, lanky VapniTsky has shown a remarkable abiliTy To gaTher in diTFiculT passes, while ChesTer and Shapiro have played Their posiTions wiTh The sparkle and drive Typical oT The enTire squad. The graduaTion oT The seniors on The squad will undoubTedly weaken The Team considerably, buT given a chance, The "Ripper" and The remaining boys will Turn ouT a pigskin eleven nexT year ThaT will do honor To The Orange and Blue. Phil Brogadir jeff downed tilden in turkey day ganna I3-6 basketball l.eT us seT down here The sTory oT our baslceTball guinTeT, Their Triumphs and Their deTeaTs during our Tour years sTay aT JeTTer- son. Vifay baclc during The season oT IQ43-44, The sTarTers on The JeTT hoop sguad were Mac ZasloTslci, Jack Williky, Jack Gordon, Irv "CuTTy" Rosenberg and T-lerby Novaclc. ZasloTslci's shooTing, iumping and all around drive made him one oT The besT ballplayers in ciTy scholasTic baslceTball. lvlac piloTed The squad on The courT, seTTing up plays, Teeding and passing. Top man in The scoring column well inTo The laTTer parT oT The season, Mac iusT missed gaining The crown Tor The mosT poinTs scored in ciTy-wide compeTiTion during The year. Jaclc Williky will be remembered Tor his unusual "dead" seT shoT. Though only 5 TeeT 9 inches Tall, Jacks drive and deTensive lcnow- how made him a perTecT man on The deTens sive, while his seT shoT accounTed Tor many JeTTerson Tallies. AT cenTer Jaclc Gordon was a valuable man on The Team, under The boards and in The pivoT sloT. The amazing one- handeid push shoTs neTTed by popular "CuT- Ty" Rosenberg placed him second in The scor- ing ToTals. "CuTTy" will long be remembered as The boy ThaT clinched The division TiTle Tor JeTT wiTh a lasT minuTe one-handed Tield goal againsT Boys. AT The season's end our squad boasTed seven wins and one loss in PSAL compeTiTion. ln The Brooklyn championship playoTT be- Tween JeTTerson and Erasmus, our slowness in geTTing our aTTaclc sTarTed cosT us The game and so ended JeTTerson's never dying hope Tor a ciTy crown in I943. JeTTerson came ouT wiTh renewed hopes in '44, The Team Tailed To place second in The division aTTer a hearT-brealcing one poinT loss To EasTern. LasT year's rosTer included Rosenberg, Ro- sen. WiTkin, lvlessinger, Seymour "Ooshie" ReiTT, Joe PasTuch, Murray RosloTslcy, Marvin lvlahl, and Shelly Berl4owiTz. Rosen, WiTl4in and Messinger were all comparaTively "liTTle" men, buT Their brillianT seTshoTs and clever ball handling enabled The squad To worlc per- TecTly as a well-TuncTioning uniT. The Team en- ioyed a highly successTul season in T945 AT- Ter dropping a one-poinTer To New UTrechT and losing To EasTern, JeTTerson sTruck back wiTh imporTanT wins over Boys, Tech, EasTern and UTrechT, and in a playoTT Tor The division championship, deTeaTed UTrechT aT The Brooklyn College Gym. Easily The mosT Thrilling momenT oT The campaign occurred when, wiTh one second leTT in The second game wiTh Boys, Rosen seT The ball up Trom pasT mid-courT. The ball leTT Eddie's hand iusT beTore The Tinal whisTle blew, arched high in The air, and as The hushed crowd held iTs breaTh, denTed The Twines cleanly. Division champions, The Team iourneyed To The Garden Tor The guarTer-Tinal maTch wiTh Benjamin Franklin, minus The services oT ReiTT, who had graduaTed aT mid-season. Though leading aT The close oT The TirsT guarTer, The hoopsTers Tell aparT, Franklin piling up a siz- able lead. Though The boys Tried, The conTesT ended wiTh The Orange and Blue on The shorT end oT a 52-3I counT. And now we say good-bye To The Teams we've rooTed Tor. The sTory oT Their cam- paigns are a parT oTJeTTerson hisTory, buT The memories will long remain. Phil Brogadir swimming This year, The JeTTerson swimming Team broke The hoodoo ThaT has Tollowed iT Tor years. ATTer a number oT successive deTeaTs, The Thomas JeTTerson swimmers upseT a pow- erTul lvlanual Team This winTer To bring To JeT- Terson iTs TirsT waTer vicTory in seven years. AlThough lvlanual led 25-24, during The TirsT parT oT The meeT, our mermen capTured The 8 poinT relay and won by a score oT 32-25. ln addiTion our brillianT lineup, TighTing neck To neck wiTh The scrappy UTrechT Team losT ouT by a maTTer oT less Than a halT second. ATTer a TerriTic sTruggle The UTrechT swimmers cop- ped The relay which gave Them 30 poinTs To our 28. UTrechT, incidenTally, ended up in a season Tie wiTh The T. J. mermen. Under The masTerTul guidance oT our new coach, ex-G. l., "Doc," Shapiro The Tommy JeTTs rolled uo a season's ToTal oT poinTs, The like oT which hasn'T been seen in JeTTerson Tor many years. Because oT graduaTion we are losing The Tollowing seniors: Shelly lvlunach, capTain oT The Team and an able Tree sTyler, Danny Klein, a Tine breasT sTrokerg l-larold Eigg, a speedy Tree sTyler, and manager Ted BernsTein. In These Three seniors Coach Shapiro is losing key men who could assure a winning nexT year. Theodore BernsTein SDCCQI' The JeTTerson soccer squad has Turned in season aTTer season oT suc- cessTul perTormances. Yes, under The experT guidance oT lvlr. Maurice Clark, The inexperi- enced soccer recruiTs are TaughT The game Trom The very TundamenTals, and are Turned inTo skilled ballplayers. This season, despiTe The loss oT key men To The TooTloall Team, The booTers have Turned in a record ThaT Truly does crediT To The school, wiTh Tour wins, Two losses and Two Ties in PSAL compeTiTion. AT The very sTarT oT The campaign, Two ouT oT The Three remaining veTerans on The sguad were losT To The Team, lrving "Pussy" KaTz Through a leg iniury, and Sammy Krinsky Through an appendiciTis operaTion. These losses leTT CapTain Normie KanowiTz as The only seasoned ball- player on The squad, and The success oT The booTers is a TribuTe To his leader- ship and skill. Qn The Tield, Normie is 'ieverywhere aT The same Time." A "husTler," he guides boTh The oTTense and deTense Trom his halTback posiTion, his passing and drive keeping The Team on iTs Toes. Normie is a Three year man wiTh The Clarkmen and has held a posiTion on The all-ciTy soccer Team Tor The pasT Two years. WiTh The reTurn oT lsrinsky, also an all ciTy choice, aT mid-season chances looked brighTer Tor a .leTT TiTle, buT Two hearTbreaking losses To Grover Cleveland, 2-l and l-O, ended The orange and blue's chances. Prior To The Cleveland games, The booTers had deTeaTed Bayside Twice, 4-I and 2-l, beaTen ForesT l-lills I-O aTTer Tieing Them O-O, and played Jamaica To a scoreless deadlock, deTeaTing The same Team in a laTer encounTer, 4-O. The booTers lose KanowiTz and KaTz Through graduaTion, which will leave To Krinsky and The rookies ThaT showed up so well This season The Task oT keeping JeTTerson up There wiTh The leaders. Phil Brogadir CLU N Arista G. 0. Council Student Patrol Liberty Bell Q s Y Q - - N 1 EI' K I Service Council N Service Council Student Council Against Intolerance Arbitration Court " -'-- ' V3 lY.XY , Senior Council Senior Class Treasurers jeffersonian Staff Hostess Club Kagatllos Orchestra Amplifier 3 Cheeriyg Squad Publications Business Staff Dance Band 65 99 0110 HIUPQ t0I1l0I'I'0lU I don'+ know whai' iomorrow will bring, Or wha+ H' will bes+ow, Whe+her l'll sense for+une's s+ing, Or face disas+er's blow. Bur whefher 1'he dawn be clear or gray, Wherever +he road may wend, I'm sure 'rhaf somewhere on fhe way, l'll meef an olcl school friend. Whaf'er +he direciion lmay go, Where'er I chance fo look, l'll find a familiar face, I know- A face from my class book. Years will come and years will pass, Age will creep up s+eal+hily. Bu'r memories of +his senior class, Unchanged-will be a par+ of me. Sylvia Jacobs LILLIAN ABADINSKY I747 Union Slreel' 'Aobevi' Dralce's Busin Sec. ol A. C. 333 G. O. Rep. lAnnexl Ping-Pong Club Volley Ball Club Pi-ivale Secralarx XNILLIAM ABRAMSON QIS Blake Ave. 'Silly-il Aflendance Squad Accounlanl ll33A ALBOM 586 Alabarna Ave. 'Sonny' Pres. ol BA and 7A Senior Council Pre-sidenls' Council Cncrus Singer RUTH ALMAN bl I Slone Ave. "l?ill4y" Set. ol Language Ollice SALVATOR E AMATO 149-42 Talnoe Sl., Ozone Jerfersonian Ar+ Slall CARL AMBERY I677 Sler ing Place ess Scnool Pl. LIU CCNY NYU 'Cyranoil Miclwiqan Slafe Crllrluf- Sec. lo Mr. Harrison Sec. lo Mizz Tliurfr- Banlf Pep. Velerinarian LEON APPLEBAUM 447 Milford Sl. .il-M., Sec. To Mrf. Wells Sec, lo Mr. Eriedlierw La ff, '-V BESSIE ARENSTEW 433-5 Millar Ava. 'Bi-cz" SO". ol Lihrfmry Squad Qi-r, fri Mr., MrLi-ll in Br fill.-,-...if ST lilnrii' un.. X SHIRLE 640 Bradford S+. "Miss A" Music Singer GLORIA AVRUTSKY 628 Durnonl Ave. "Glo" Business Sec. lo Mrf l-larrison G. O. Rep. ol 8l-l Sec. lo Mrs, Rieger Privale Secrelari. DOROTHY AXELROD 332 Alabama Ave. "Collie" Journalisn' Sec. lo Dr. Spef Healllw Squad Service Assf, lo Miss Al enfi Wriler BERlNllCE BAKER 522 Alabama Ave. C Service Ccurci' Manager ol Lic-erm Be' lB Sec. lo Mr. l-larrisen Sec. in English Omze Bus. Manager HANNAH BALTER Srlin ' 5-H f Szn Cr 62 Malla S'. "Banana" l-la' Arisla Library Squad Sec. lo Dr. l-loroni Service Counjil Psvglwiafriv PAULINE BAROUCl-l 658 Pennsxlxania Axe. 'Palm Pace lv" SiQlWl'CCVlS'S'l'X'3llDFl Asif. Sec. la M7 l-larnsc' Seirelarx G-LORlA E. BASHKOXNITI l83I Piosuer Pl 'Eunnx Faso 5e'r1Ja::r T, S1 Liberly Boll Slafi Sec. lo Mr. l-larrisu Soc. lo Mrs. Colpn l-lab. kinderqarlon lcagl' PAUL BASLIN IO2 Grallon Sl. 5ro:L x Sludonl Palrwl swf. lo Mi. Aan,-ii Dvnlisl 11-nn... .,...... RUIH 'BASS ' ' 465 Georgia Ave. "Blondie" Secrelarial Sclriool Handball Club Ping-Pong Club Siglil-Conservalion Assl. Sec. lo Miss Koeniqsloerq Secrelary ALMA BECK I633 Slerling Place "Ki++y" Sludenl Aid l2 yrs.l Sec. in Allendance Oilice Service Council Arisla Aclress EDITH BECKER 524 Saraioqa Ave. Brooklyn "Edie" Business Sclwool Sludenl' Palrol Receplionisl JOSEPHINE BELGIORNO 28 Clwesler Sl. "Jo" Business Colleqe Secrelary AARON BENDER l45 Powell Sl. Arisia Pin 81 Ring Rep. oi 8A Pres. oi 5A FRED BERC-MAN 3I7 Saraioqa Ave. "Rocky" Class Sec. Teaclwer NATHAN BERMAN 544 Dumonl Ave. "Na+" Radio Workshop Sludenl Palrol JACOUELINE BERNER 495 Warwick Sf. "Herbie" Sec. 'lo Dr. Klein Exec. Com. of S.C.A.l. Arisla Turorinq C C Trl Y Brooklyn Siqlil Conservalion Class Tulor Social Worker BEATRICE BERNSTEIN 642 Blake Ave. "Be5Hy" Hunler Arisia Tulorinq Siqhi Conservalion Slud. Service Council Woi'ld Traveler DANlEL BERNSTEIH 682 Linwood Sl. Teclinical Sclnool MURRAY BERNSTEIN 266 Riverdale Ave. "Buqsy" Brooklyn Pkiarmacv Sec. ol 7A Treas. oi BA Sec. 'ro Mrs. McDonald Sludenl Palrol Pliarmacisl THEODORE BERNSTEIN 504 Brislol Sl. "Ted" C C N Y Mgr. of Swimming Team Pep Club Square Dance Leader Communicalions Engineer HERBERT BESMANOFF 6l9 Slone Ave. "Bessie" Brooklyn Sec. of 8A SABINA BESSEN 544 Tkwaliord Ave. "C.C,G.L.O. .O5' C C N Y Service Council Program Com. Sec. lo Mr. M. G. Colrien Viciory Corps Teaclrier SEYMOUR BETENSKY 485 Riverdale Ave. "Sy" N Y Ll Accounlanl ARNOLD BETT l46O Park Place "Bell" Bmaklyn G. O. Book Slore Language Book Room Service Council Slamp 81 Bond Collecloi C. P. A. LAWRENCE BIENER 736 Williams Ave. "Larry" Pres. ol Sludenl Palrol G. O. Council Service Council Mgr. of New York Times Allorney MARILYN BININ 425 Barbey Sl. "Meryl" Arisla Sec. 'ro Miss Meehan Sec. To Mrs. Schiller Slalislician SOL BINSKY 557 Amboy Sl. "Gabby" U. ol Bank Rep. Sludenl Pafrol 6. O. Rep. Radio Club Rancher LUCILLE BLAU 346 Snediker Ave. "Red" Sec. lo Mr. Goodman Slen Club Program Com. Sec. lo Mrs. Monahan Privare Secrelary EDITH BLOOM 436 Crown S+. ..EdY,. Sec. lo Mr. Tenrosen Sec. fo Miss Aplner Hebrew Club Business Adminislralion LAWRENCE BLUM 366 Pennsylvania Ave. "Twin" Orcheslra Band Journalisf ROSALIE I. BONFANTE 224 Georgia Ave. 'ILover" Beau Receplionisl in Infirmary Beauli-:ian YVETTE BORNSTEIN 808 Lalayelle Ave. Sec. lo Mr. Dolqcnfis Sec, lo Mr. I-larricrin Designer Brooklyn c c ri Y wyoming c c NY c c ri Y L I u ly Cullure CLARA BOTWINICK 330 Hinsdale S+. "Nose" Bookkeeper IRMA BOXER I757 Slerling Pl. Sec. ol Senior Class Presidenl's Council O. O. Council Sec. 'ro Miss I-lay C. P. A. Sl-Iljyjf BREGER 587 JFrorne.Sil. JVC' "Trina" CCNY Bflsoriyn Capr. olJCheeri qu-ad, G. O.TRe'p, nnexl i I-Ieallh Squad AX Sec. To Mr. Newmgj Journalisf I-IARRIET BRENNER EIO New Lofs Ave, Arisla Library Squad Sec. of Eng. Office Service Council DELORES BRERETON 366 Ralph Ave. J Brooklyn "ChinkyI' Rings Counrx I-Isso. Public I-Iealfh Nurse RAYMOND BRICKMAN 344 New Jersey Ave. Sec. Io Mr. Eriedloerq General Shop Foreman Capl. of Sludenl Palrol Service Council Business Emeo FLORENCE BRODSIQY l739 SI. Johns PI. Busine 'iLucky" Dancinq School Clolliinq Drive Viclory Corps G. O. Rep. Chiiirnian ol Paper Squad Ballroom Dancer PHILIP BROGADIR SI-I Bvrrimim Sl. uphill' Aullior Cornell LILLIAN BROSCHOW 395 Chrislopher Ave. "Lil" Lunch Squad IAnnexl Courl Slenographer RUTH BROWN 48I Howard Ave. "Ru+hie" Heallh Squad Commercial Arlisl ROSLYN BUCKNER 457 Georgia Ave. Arisla Sec, To Mr. Harrison Sec. Io Social Sruclies D Pin 84 Ring Rep. Business Execulive ANTHONY BUSCEMI 9 Crosby Ave. 'The Greal An+onio" ITZ N Y U C C N Y Brooklyn ep'+. Biklyn Conservarory ol Music Swing Band Choral Training Drummer SONIA BUTNER 234 Rochesler Ave. USonny" Sfudenr Palrol Viclory Corps Buyer ETHEL CAIN I 783 Gales Ave. I"Mu+'r" M Alrlendance Office Sludenl Pa-Irok Typisl' - SYDELL CAMEN 566 Verrnonl S+. .Si .i d Brooklyn Vicfory Corps Sec, +o Miss Goldman Sec. Io Mrs. Berkenblil C. P. A. MARIE CAVALLO 252 Liber+y Ave. Business School Biology Laboralory Sec. fo Mrs. Bergman Privale Secrelary MADELINE CEMBROLA 560 Van Sicklen Ave. "Dolly" Music All CiIy Chorus Jefferson Chorus Sec, Io Mr. Feldman Sec. lo Mr. Tenrosen Singer IRWIN CHABON 53l Jerome SI. N Y U Arisla Radio Workshop Doclor FRANCES CHARTOEF BIO Blake Ave. "Fran," College Bookkeeper for Mr. Jallee Sec. 'ro Mrs. Cohen Accounlanr SONYA CHERKASKY I225 Easlern Parkway "Sunny" Brooklyn Viclory Corp Rep. Sec. To Miss Gold Sec. Io Dr. Dolqenas Pin 81 Ring Rep. ol: BE Nursery School Teacher DORIS CHERNOEE 88 Arnboy S+. Business School Sec. lo Mrs. Berkenblif Privale Secrelary EUGENE CHESTER 535 Suffer Ave. "Che+" C C N Y Eoolball Team Sec. lo Dr. Dolqenas G. O. Rep. of 6A Pres. of Eng. VI Lawyer IRENE CHOLDAKER IB3 Heqeman Ave. "Ike" L I U Orcheslra - G. Of. Rep. Slrinq Quarlel ELEANOR CHOTINER 567 Powell Sl. "Elly" C C N Y Arisla Siqhl Conservafion Tulor Library Squad Heallh Squad Asst Accounlanl EVELYN CHQVNICK '55 I-Jeri Sf, NEWS" Sec. fc Mrs. Berke-nbfif Sec. +0 Mrs. McLeH5n G. O. Rep. of SH Bcckkeeosf ADELE COHEN 446 NQv'.QQV+ 'Debbw Q Q N Y Bookkeece BERNICE CQHEN 583 Snedilcer Ave, "Bonnie" C C N Y She CVUPJ fAnrwew1 Accomfarv BERNICE D. COHEN I 569 Prospecf Pl. 'Nefcym Sec. fc Mr3.QuIm1 Aish TC Mr. Sofemniclf Asif. +0 Mrs. Gofdbgrg IRWIN COHEFJ 475 Wfcna Sf. Set. fc Mr. Adolph Muslim JERRY COHEN 635 Neff Jersey Af "VVhi+ey' e. Swdenf Pafrcf ASSY. Mgr. if Fcofbefi T Foresfry KATE CCDHEN i777 Parlr Fi. 'Va+Ie" C555 Pfei. cf 5V Sec. fc Mr. Safe' f Mafflaae MILDPED COHEN 230 Pfibfcfffr Aw- fmf. mf 6. O. 'Armwfl f . - , Jeff-W fmlfln STM' Sf'-with Cfumill Mfr Am' VN UT' 'Ein' fx PAULYIYL NJXJT-ILIY 52 Bar+le-H S+. Hu VT Sec. 'ro Mr, LewIHe-S Sec. +0 Miss Hay Sec. fo Mr,TenroSEf1 Assf. +C Mr. Gfeen Cosmme Designs' RAYMOND COHEN 415 MTFNQ Si 'Ray' Cor' Asst TO Mimeogfaoh Souad Pres. :JF Scafhh C4535 Sec. fc Mfs. Ma:D:fa5d Hzffcuhuf' A ROCHELLE CO5-IEN 704 P-Vfsjie S1 Sheff Li'7f l'3'Ef STUd6V'T Aid SL:--1 Dramaic Club Leaders Cfuo Presideni 435 81 6+ Sec. To Mfg. BerLe'C"' Fgfeigr Se-ffge RUTH COHEN 695 Alabama Awe. "Ru+He" BP'- Sec, fc Df. Hifi- Libfxify' Souad Aris+a Service C:u':Y Heb. UN.. YF P515-5 SELMA COHEN l62l Pifk Pi. 'Ruff Ami fi Mr. Lv: J",- Sec. +0 Miss AUP:- Sec. fc Mr Rabfrf SECV'S+3VX SHIRLEW CCHEN QS! Sunef 'M 5. 'Sandf Emu Sec. fr M355 A151329 Sfudem Paffiq pp..- .qpua SP-HRLEW CC?-WEN 608 DL,'1fD"f Axe. 'Red' ENA- Sef. is Mr.EIrrP1G' Sfi'V'CQ"3DDS" STANLEY COHEN 355 Snedilw Ax Q. BMJ' CK Sw. fo N111 A:i'!'u C. P, f-X. Y.,,,,,..,,.,, ,, 264 Bradford SI. Bones" School of Oplomelry Service Council Usher Capl. of Srudenf Palrol Capf. of Arhlelic Squad Oplician IRENE COLEMAN 527 Hendrix SI. Teacher SHIRLEY CONNELL 53l Chrislopher Ave. iconnieli Bank Rep. Bookkeeper JOSEPH COOPER 523 Snediker Ave. "Joe" Salesman ARNOLD COVEN IO4O Easlern Parkway 'Muscles' Hebrew Club Sec. lo Mrs. Arlale RI-IODA DAREVSKI BI Herzl Sf. "Rhodv" Sfudenf Palrol Hunler Travel N Y U Colleqe CCNY Monilor for Misz Allensfn Secrelary ANNE DATKOWITZ 34I Sackrnan Sl. Journalisl ARTHUR DAVID 376 Alkins Ave. Senior Council 6. O. Rep. of 8A m ff rn NYU CCNY -xx PEARL DAVID IQ39 Berqen SI. "DoocIy" C C N Y Arisla Liberly Bell Business Slail Svvilchboard Operalor Accounlanl MYRA DAVIS 258 Rochesler Ave. "Mike" Brooklyn Sec. lo Miss Hay Sec. ol Enq. Class Sfudenl Pafrol Journalizl HELEN DELITSKY 486 Powell SI. "Cr.C.E." C C Il Y Ediforial Board of Jellersonian Sec. in English Office Lab. Squad Euqenisf ANGELO DEMARTINO l3OI Herkimer Sl. "Mel" Colleqo Arbilralion Courl Lawyer EVELYN DENBIN 4I6 Hopkinson Ave. "Blue Eyes" Brooklyn Siudenl Palrol Pep Club Medical Slenoqrapher DORIS DERRINGER 88 McDonough SI. "Dolly" Business School Sludenl Aid Srudenl Palrol BaIIeI Dancer HERBERT DEUTSCH 363 Jerome Sl. C C N Y Edilor-Jelllersonian Arl Shall Liberly Bell Carloonisl Adverlisinq EVIELYN DIATKIN ZIO Brislol SI. "Evie" Bifioklyri Siudenl Palrol Heallh Squad Liberly Bell Reb. Journalisl l . by. Us f P fl 'l' il ABRAHAM DQLINSKY 6OI l-lsward Ave, 'RE'V7lll Aurora Arl Stag SELMA DOMENKLOFSKY 35I Hinsdale S+. 'Tse-cf Sec. rc Dr. Klelr Pres. cl 7l Vice-Pres. cl 8I Pres. cl: A, C. l3l Ccncerl Pianls' EMlLY D ONOFRlO 205 Srcne Ave. Lee Busmess Colreue Assr. Srglwr Ccrrsef-.f5'Cr Squan Sec. rc Mr, Nordell Prlvare Secrerary s PAULINE DUBOFF 758 Be.rrwor-rA.fe. "Blorroie" Sec. fo Mr. Dulcen Desrgrver LAWREV-ICE DVVQSKIN IOB3 l'lCDLlVlECf'l Axe. lcurlyll Chief Erg. Sfage-Elec.-A Servlce Counclf Manufacturer HAROLD EGG 552 Pennsylvanla Axe. Ccllene vo. Sai. r r 'l-leslw' Media rbi' Sl.-flmrrrlng Teirr Square Drce Leade' Sec. rc Mr. Mzrzar M54 Clui Dcclcr ELAlNE EINMAN 55 Mirurrerr Vlfifl 'Elem V' Z Pkg Pen. zl El ,:1C.'ClJlr,fANCLErf'-1' Cl-lElLA EISLIEP 5l2 Sflf-rvlA1if. Sfuclrg-r.l Pulfrl Sec. lr. Mr. T'-rrr-1 n Brwrllf-1.-pi-r Trl f7.,r,, I.. F X , N FRANLLQ El.l'L:w umm 527 Schenclc Ave. "Babe" Business College S-rude-nf Palrol Reqenls Folder Com. Bcolckeeoer SEYMOUR ENDLlCl'-l 694 Cleveland S+, 'Sevmll Cornell Casr.o1CMl'rweCgraol15quacl Sec. so Mr. 5:r:e'?e':i Sfuderr PSYC S'E"V-CE C:,"Cl Vfyerfrarlfar LOUl5 ENNlS 42C WE 'avi Ag, 'Delmar' U. 5.Arm', E e:"T:'ar DCRl5 EPSTEIN 362 Eas' Qtr? S1 'DubCxl' Sez. +: Miss Meera Sec. ro Mlss Aorre Sec. :F SH CJ'TTC7C"2E-'QF Osera' BERNARD ERBSENTHAL 547 LTrae' Bl- cn. Bobby C C N Y Orgrwesni Davie Bard Ml'l'5'v Barca Clwe'r1fCalE"gYr MANCN ERLQCN 502 C5rYs':crer Ne. 'Rea' Wg-L S. C. Rs-Q, if SF Suse" Few: -Rss' 'S Dr. D: 73 l-lea 'r Sana RQSE EXENSNN l35 Qsrfre 51 'NN Q For C ur beg. ': Mrs. Fas 1 51.2. N- Ix1:',Slwg'-3 Mrs. I-g, ANNA FABNQ-XNT IUMA l'lr3J9v'r1r' 'Kvy Shwvlv C C N Y 5:--.3 M: Mrs, Bw'ke"bllr Buvw 1 .-.-ww -. --.2-4' an-una-n1 IR' I 593 Prospeci PI. Pres. oi G. O. IAnnexl Treas. of Kagaihos Arisia Senior Council Foreign Trade VIC FALKOFF 688 New Lois Ave. CCNY "Wings" Roosevell Avia. School Library Squad Sludeni Pairol Sec. Io Mr. Friedberg Gen. Shop Foreman Airporf Operaior FLORENCE FEIGELES 973 Dumonl Ave. "Tsipora" Arisia Service Council Assi. 'ro Miss Meehan Sec. Io Mrs. Goldsiein Ph.D. NATHAN FEIN 297 Pennsylvania Ave. "Nady" Arisra Tuioring MOLLIE E. FEINGOLD 960 Suffer Ave. "Mickey" Sec. +o Dr. Klein Sec. +o Mr. Reynolds Social Worker BEVERLY FEINSTEIN 86 Newpori S+. "Cherry" Pres. of Hygiene Claes Sienographer GLORIA FELD 583 Hendrix S+. Brooklyn C C N Y Brooklyn "Glory" Business Sludeni Pairol Sec. 'ro Miss Levine Modern Dance Club -' M- Swimming Club Marriage . j ' ANITA FELDMAN I77 Chrisiopher Ave. T "Chana" W'-fd?-'iif. Q Ai Dieie ics Vice-pres. of Hebrew Club Sec. +o Mrs. Powers Library Reference Rm. Hebrew Club Publicify Chalulza giinmmw ri QQ' UUKUIHY I'IZI.UIVIPxN 555 Powell SI. "DoHie" N Y U Annex Glee Club Pres. of 6M Treas. of SJ Sec. Io Mr. Lalndowne Librarian RHODA FELDMAN 707 Linwood Si. "Ronnie" Brooklyn Sec. 'ro Mr. Casey Service Council Senior Council Sec. Io Miss Thury Teacher RUTH FELDMAN 545 Hopkinson Ave. "RuIhie" C C N Y Sec. Io Mrs. Goldin Sec. Io Mr. Lapidus Couri Slenographer SARAH FELDMAN 440 Williams Ave. I'IunIer Arisla Tuforing Sighi Conservarion Class Senior Class Treasurer Sec. 'ro Mr. Klein Hebrew Teacher GERALDINE FELNER 425 Ashford SI. "Gerry" Business School Sec. 'ro Mrs. Fischer Sec. Io Miss Naielson Assf. io Mrs. Goldsiein Privaie Secreiary IRMA FERGUSON 38I Alabama Ave. "Fergie" Ari School Jeiciersonian Senior Council Sec. 'ro Mr. Nordell Sec. ro Miss Simons Window Designer DAVID FERTI6 675 Hinsdale SI. "Junior" Cornell Square Dancing Club Fooiball Team Sec. To Mr. Hodesblail Veierinarian MOSES FINE 293 I-Iinsdale Si. "Moe" C C N Y Liberiy Bell Gen. Shop Foreman i Accounianr L :ACL FINGERHUT '54-4 Perln Pl. cies' NY, Ll 1, C. P, A. w.1ARTlN HNKEL :8ll Perl Pl. fr-' CCNY -fern Bell Rec. 3? TB Sink Rep. cl 54A S'u:1ervrPa+rcl C. P. A. 5EATRlCE FINKELSTEN 520 Po.-.lell S+. BEELXN L ess C: eg-3 V rw 8 R-Hg Res. Ml Se: regary JERRY HRESTONE 354 Perfsylvarla Axe. "Jake" Bri:-llyn Arwfi Ser cr Council Sec. fo Mr. Errll .lcurnellsf ARTHUR l:lSCl-lER 759 W,'cr1a S+. 'Arllel' lfl Y U Clvfef Eng, Sraqe-Elez.-AHC. Sod. Mgr. cf Fccrball Team Senlrgr Courgll Sewlce Councl E -Ecvlcel Erwglnee LVLLIAN FlSl-lER 582 Llvcrla Afe. Lee' , Kagallwcs Leaders Club Library Squad Service Council Mcderm Dancer BERNARD A. FlSl-llflll 235 Roclwesfer Ae. Barnef' Peri- Llg-erff BellClrq1, 3' jr C Swderfr Palrcl A21 1-e"V'lri1 Sl-llV'LEY FLAMEVJEAUM lcfl? Prlrlf Pl. C.,-.ff A r J 4 r , ., Qfw, Rn Ulf Wl',rlilwl'r X r mir Cf-lr-r r E BA 'Ui 444 44 4444 RUT J Q., ff ,J 592 wamns S+. ' x ' 1 ,G S .. J 5 a L L"f YP Y sl, l ,N Annex Glee Club ' Vidory Corps Rep. ' Peo Club Com. Prlvale Secrelary JEANETTE FOREM 7I9 Sackman Sf. 'Jai' C C N Y Sec. fo Mr. Srvepard Accourfarv ANNA FGRMAN 3I4 LGT' Ave, 'rua' C C XJ Y G. O. Res. 'A"exl Sfudev Pavol G, O. Pee. 25 6M Buyer MARTIN FOX 634 Sackrrer S+. "Mart N.V:f?" Citrus Buslressfe . I ' , . K 4 .lJ'fuly. J SH: E Arylg' L . A , eps- Age.. 3" f are-' f 4-"5.1s",ess M' k Dbhzfmj Club' 1 LI' ju Sex, M .qilslellvf J-A dv . Se 'TA .fPafs'eg,Ppf4 'fray l vu Prix? effgiih Qgq JO MARCIA FRIED WST Llrder Blx d. l-l,,"9 Se-nlcr Cowell Sec. 'J Mr. Aaromf bee. 'Q M ss Tmrrr Teaclwor IRWNQ- FRIEDMAN 524 Gecrda Axe. Wfixex Sec. 'Q lXl", l-lcsvsblaf' Aff Squad RLITH FRlEQMAN ISQS Fvcirvid Rl. L " -' Off H Sum M Pvt Cris' Rwdf: NN swallow P-fp C Ll' Dlr"l l!" RUTH FUCHS 2779 Ailanlic Ave. "RU" C C N Y Program Com. Sec. io Mr. Epslein Sludenl Palrol Sec. 'ro Miss Hay Teacher SHIRLEY FUCHS 669 Sfone Ave. "Shirl" C C N y Sec. io Mrs, Weinber-yer Sec, of 6M Bank Rep. Social Worker DANIEL GAMSIN i604 S+. Johns Pl. UDGDH X Engine Shop Foreman Gen, Shop Foreman l3 Termsl ASSY 'fo Mr. Rodoerg Business V FRANCES GANDELMAN i822 Prospecl PI, "Princess" S.C.A.l. Chess Club Aurora Aclivilies SMF? Hebrew Club Marriage MAlZlE GARDNER l I l Arnboy Sl. "Congo" Nursing Sfllml Service Council 6. O. Council Senior Council Kagalhos lLeader5l Nurse ROBERT GARRISON 269 Talzie Pl. "Bois" Pres. Hislory Clagg AC 3531 Journalisi HERMAN GERSTMAN I78l Park Pl. "Sonny" N Y IJ Radio Workshop Assr. fo Mr. Fohr Pep Club Sludenl Palrol Denlisl' HERBERT GILDIN 564 Ve-rmonl S+. "Herbie" Brooklyn Aclverlising MYRNA GLASSER 687 Georgia Avo. "Marnsie" Hunlffr Assl. 'ro Mr. Cvoldnwan Soc, lo Miss Wirlki Sec. lo Mr. Guss Soc. lo Mr. Fohr Spanish Correspondent MARALYN GLASSMAVI 570 Hendrix Sl. "Lyn" Business Colleqe Sec. io Miss Wilqard Privfile Secrelary HELEN GLUCV BI Powell Si. "Blacky" Cooper Union Treas. for Senior Class Liberfy Bell Business Slail Pres. of 8l Sec. lo Mr. Sieinberq Airline Siewardesc SIDNEY 6-OLD 895 Sfone Ave. "Sonny" Brooklyn Eoolball Tearn Soccer Team Service Council Square Dancing Club Journalisl ROBERT G-OLDBER6 604 Bradford Sl. ..Bag,, Gen. Shop Eorernan Sludenl Palrol Accounlanl SARAH GOLDBERGH- f V l4ol Sl. Marks Ave. H, .r ,Q A I ff Sec, To Mr. Tenrosen U71 f Sec. lo Miss Levine XX A' I , , ff-J.. in , Privale Secrelary f ' " 'S 'S of , T , -K .Q ri " , . . , ' V Zi, X, no L, . SAUL GOLDMAN 70 Herzl ST. "Sonny" U S. Navy General Shop Eorernan Machinisl SHIRLEY GOLDMAN IS Brislol Sl. "Ere-ckles" Heallh Squad Marriage SYDELLE OOLDSMITH '554 S+. Marla Ave. Syd Paper Squad Sfuoe-nf Pa'rol Clo+L1ing Drive Squad Marriage VlVlAN GOLDSlVllTl-l 426 Slove Awe, 'Vickeyi S+a+e Teacliers' College Sec. of Radio Vvbrksror: Sludenl Aid S+uden+ Palrol Teaclwer MlLDRED GOLDSTEW I28l Union S+. "Millie-ii Pralrl lnslilule Jegersonian Aff Siaii Sludenl Aid Arl' Squad Sec. ro Mr. Green Sec. lo Mr. Aclcerfr-an Commercial Artis' MIRIAM GOLDSTElN 492 Livonia Ave. "Mir-ne" N Y U Sudan? Pa+rol Acociunfarir YVETTE GOLDSTEIN I63O Parlf PM ' Red" Healflw Squad Marriage HENRY GOLE I64 Vxfil iafe Afe. il-lgnry Y Accounlanl DOROTHY GOP-JSVY 304 Pflwell ST. "Daffy" CCFJY Sec. +C Mr. Laoiqus Seq, lo Misi Scrirnidf C. P. A. EUGENE GOODMAN 546 Siiclrrian Sn 'pimfjg' pl ill lnifilu Auriiri-3 Aff Sf il' Vigoprr-,,rilSqii.1ii- Dm il Club Pres. of SA Sllldpfll Aiglilli-fl 1- LEO 258 Glenmore Ave. 'Gfoodyn Brooklyn Sec. +o Mr. l-lodesblall' A++endance Squad Business 1 I f r Anim e.oomicK 'Wi 'X' 537 Hinsdale Si. VH- 'lvl ' Nha' A Bqolglyn' Cneerin- Squad V 'i.'f ' ' Service iouincil J .fl 00 - ll l Bar-lr Res. Set. 'Q Mr. Aclcefnnan l-louse.-.ilie Pnnus GORDON 423 l'-lirsdalix Si Pb. Business Collage Treas. cl: 8l Sec. Y: Mr. Goodman Sez. fo Mr. Auslanaef Se:. 'C Mff. S'e""a' Secfeiam JUNE OORMAN 270 RCCVESTQ' A.e. iiuluniei C C N Y Sec. 'C Mrs. G: 3" S'uden' Pa'f:' Reqenfs EC de' C:"'. Bxlkeeoef JACK GORSTETN o5C Nev- Jawa. Ame. L l U Lawwe LEONARD OOTMN No Aacama Ale. Ocffie N W Ll Sfuden' Paffbf Olsie' Sec. of c-A Enaim r SELMA GOTTESM -RN SOO XVA-mid Sf. Cookie Seq. 'Q Miss karat" i L Sei. 'Q MF. Mssktwi' Marriage CARL GOTTFRIED 7I5 New Joram Awe. Coober Union OvL'l1CSlVri lvlililary Band Eioqlrical Enaineo fnmf -r- r I-I 2l I5 Union S+. "Hal" Vice-pres. of G. O. Capl. ol Sludenl Palrol Uslner Manager Service Council Cliel MARVIN GOTTLIEB 224 Cryslal Sl. HM G.. Juilliard Sclnool of Music Dance Band Dance Arranging SYLVIA GRACHUK 435 Hinsdale SI. 'ISI-ICIYH Business College Secrela ry EMANUEL GREEN 692 Aslrilord SI. "Tarzan" C C N Y Pianisr-Arranger-Composer ALBERT GREENBAUM 578 EI+on S+. "Avi" Brooklyn Hebrew Club Clialulz in Palesline I , BEEC GREEN13AUML4f 1 I, I usly" Businesfdolhge Librarian Assislanl Sec. lo Mrs. Mars' Privale Secrelary EDITH GREENBERG I54 Herzl S+. Business College Secrelary MINA GREENBERG I7O Pulaski SI. "Blackie" Business Sclnool Heallli Squad Baskel Ball Squad Privale Secrelary :ummm I- I-. ZELDA GREENEIELU 569 Clirisloplwer Ave. "Ziggy" Business Sclnool Sludenl Palrol Privale Secrelary VERA GREIE i654 SI. Jol1n's PI. Classics Club Exec. ol SUNO S. C. A, I. Hebrew Club PAYE GRITZ 449 Hopkinson Ave. College Business Sclwool Travel AUDREY GROSS I57 Bradford Sl. Librarian Allendance Squad Sec. lo Mr. Reynolds Senior Council Accounlanl HANNAH GROSSBERG 266 Riverdale Ave. "Honey" Busines Sec. Io Mrs. Weiner Sec. lo Miss Woodbury Sec. lo Mr. Ackerman Sec. 'Io Mr. Slnepard Privale Secrelary HERBERT GROSSMAN 529 Kings Slln Walk U, S. Navy NATALIE GROSSMAN U84 Sl. Marks Ave. Brooklyn s College College "Na+" Business College G. O. Rep. Sludenl Aid Tickels Lunclw Room Monilor Bond Bi Slamp Rep. Privale Secrelary ELAINE GRUBER 5I Argyle Rd. Bond Xi Slamp Rep. Cornell Liberly Bell Circulalion Slaii Arisla Assl. lo Siqhl Conservalion Slud. Sociologisl .hx N VL 'VQLLPE CJMLNLL LL Amtzy gf. Mlikexx .X P Q aww- we Ass ', 1m Sex-ficrgmkf-Liss C? 3: Riggwez. Sei, T3 fV1".S"3-'CE-Vg fyfawiaqe SYLVIA HAEERMAN N593 Presse? PL Eu F555 Sip ' Sfgfr Cirsemg ECW Gffuc S'ewCgr5QEer ELAINE HAGLEP 134 Sc. 9 S+. E'TrE Oassics CME A VLS'El S. LJ. N, O. Sec. fc Hear-ew Desi Me'HefTa'f:Yer BEVERLY HALPEFEVN :QQ S'Cr1e Ave. Be, Sec, 'Q M155 WT"L - - 81 Emo Peo. Lum "tcm Soued 'Amp Wes. af 4F E . - . v-.aff L-Q ,p -.S -M l:1v,L .-: SHIPLEY I-IALPEPNN S9911 brave A.e. Lee Fei. 'Q M25 'vVIr+r 1. 'i Mn Sabi! f,"jN1f,y QTL' S'x.".Z'?"T Pant EICYLGQCQV ANNA HAMME9 'JU Sine Awe. I-Icnef Ar cet. 't Mn Cafif 5-3 'Q Mr, Circ Sec. 'Q Mr. Sak! VP 8 Pkg Pen. if il Dlamcnd Cuff-gf EST!-4EP HArLAMEP'SC+-'LA 4I8 Ahbafva Are. E3 Sec, ff M11 g'1'1"'J' ec. To Mies AHQr,ifir Q C. Yr, Arne' 055241 m S'QPf"1ff1rf rcf1rnph4,' Ta-'l1LxV'f CTELLA HAFIAH 165 Cf. 5 Sf. Ar, W1 ffq, ff V! 1' 1 A14 g,,,.f, 'I' EVIL r7, fF'A , STANLEY HEIKQEE lO55 Blake Ave. "Hike" Bank Rep. Cl'1emis+ GLORIA HELECQD 458 Riverdale Axe. Glcrx, SE'CVf3+GVy ARTHUR HELLER 7OI Bfaafwd Si Arflfg Arisra Dfimafc Cu: Sec. TC Dr. Kfaffef Sfudenf Aid Slwi 4-v' Act' RAY HELLER 402 Jercwe SY Sermze Czu' : LIcef'y Bew Sec, fo MESS SA":'1 Nufsrng MELWN HERNE3 I5i2 Park PE. Shim BE: 3-gk' JANET HERE?-MCP Ile 5"7s'Q' St Jan Seq, 'Q Mm Nefe' Chorus Soc. 'rf A9'evfoe':'i O Rage-Dharma' RHODA r-HMMEL 549 Sheffum Axe, Pvos. of Sem :f C al- Swxhie Qmmj' G, Q. Csw PVCA. of ft' TQMNLGV M-XRVAN HIRSCH lhll Eivm-' Pww..A.1 Amid gm-vmdvx lm A I Tum, of SG' Shlcfvrvf Aid Lbmvwmg ff- .umm CCNE CCNW ETS MNH l L L Q L.l,,- n L M R Pl RSCI-I 3I6 Hinsdale Sl. "Muh'y" Glass Blower PAUL I-IIRSCI-I 8640 Bay Parlrway Adverliser GLORIA I-IOCI-IBERG 208 Rochesier Ave. "Glo" I-Ieallh Privale PI-IYLLI Squad Secreiary S HOFFMAN ISSI Sl. Marlrs Ave. "I-Iol'Fy" Service Council Liberly Bell Slalzl Juslice ol Arbirralion Co Arisla Tuloring Corn. M,S. BARBARA I-IOFFZIMER Iool S+, Johns PI. 'IBOI3by" Pra Sec. +o Miss Sirrtrns Chorus Pep Club Siudeni Pafrol Dieririah LEAI-I I-IOLZIAAII ZIB Grafron Sv. I C C N Y CC N Y Brooklyn ull 'rlnslilule College Piano Soloisl in School Cjrch. Chorus I-Ielorew Club FLORENCE I-IOROVVITZ 73 Glenrnore A-fe. "FIorrie" Lab, Assr. Sludeni Palrcl. Recefiicnisl LEOLA I-IOROVVITZ i708 Park Pl. Sec, fo Mrs. Cohen zlrniw.. .,:. :- Broollyr. Brooklyn MARILYN HOROWIIZ I I I5 Blalre Ave. "Lyn" Broo Kaqalhos ' Leader: Library Squad Prom Corn. Model TI-IELMA I-IORWITI-I 534 Powell Sl. "Temmy" Business Sc Sluclenl Palrol Secrelary RENEE I-IUBERFELD 2045 Sfrausz Sl. "Dimp'e'," Marriage Irlyn C2 i , X, JY + nj,qia.QLP Seof 0fMSss:Leyin J SeErq'taPy' f BEATRICE ISAACS I62I Prospeci PI. "Bea" Sell-educalion Arisla Sec. To Miss Schmid? Sec. io Mrs. Schor Marriage RITA ISMARK 32A Suffer Ave. Sluclenl Palrol Privale Secrelary VIVIAN ISRAEL IO7 Van-Buren SI. IIVICIKIGII Brgij Sec. Io Mr. Sallow Sec. lo Mr, Aaroni Assl. Io Miss Nalelaon Secrelary ESTI-IER ITZKOWITZ 522 Hinsdale Sl. S9010 Mr. Aaioni Pres. ol I-Iosless Club Senior Council Sec. lo Mies Thurnw OFFICE- Manager Irlyn ANlTA JABLQN 509 Barbev Sl. 'Na++a" Sec. lc- Mrs. Serels Sec. 'ro Mrs. Goldsleln Buyer BARNETT JABLON 270 Van Siclen Ave. "Bagels" Service Council Capl. of Sluclenl' Palro Teaclwer SYLVIA JACOBS 60l New Jersey Ave, "Cl1ippy" Sec. ol Arisla Kagallaos Service Council Program Com. Teaclwer BEATRlCE JAFFE 50l Slone Ave. Bea Business College Reqenls Folcler Com. G. O. Deleqale Sec. 'ro Mr. Lapiclus Sec. 'ro Miss Sclwrnicll Secrelary MAPY JAFFE lOl Clwrisroplwer Ave. 'ilrielrlil Sec, +0 Mr. Emil S. C. A. l. Sec. 'ro Mrz. Golden Buyer MAX JOSEPl-lCJlNlTZ 4lO l-lendrir Sl. "Marie" C. P. A. JULIUS JUSSIM l876 Slrauss Sl. .Jaya Sludenl Palrol Accounlanl PEQJNA l4AMl-ll 677 Slwellield Avfi. 'lem' Limary Serlficf: Sf-c, in Enrqlizli Qlliff' PVC! ol HY"1lllVlIfClil'- fy - Jr r If 'lu Vxfillff EVELYN KAMINER l88 Sulmer Ave. "Evey" Pres. ol Slenograplwy Club Sec. To Mrs. Berlcenblil Slenoqraplwer NORMAN KANOWlTZ 509 Livonia Ave. College Baslcelball Service Council Square Dancing Capt ol Soccer Team IRWIN KAPLAN 557 New Jersey Ave. "Kappy" CC NY Aris+a Pyrlwaqcrean Sociery Marlnemarics Tulor Malllemalician PETER KARABAN 406 Sl'ueLlTelcl Ave. 'Pele' Miami U, Soccer Team Foolball Team Service Council Square Dancing Cul: De-nrisl HARVEY KARP 622 Dumonr Axe. 'Mai' Corre Pres. Council Gen. Shoo Porennaw Radio-Aclor eemro AATZ l gi 63l New Jersex Av . 4 "Jerry lMe-ox i L P. eo. g Busin ' nA X 'U lRWlN IKATZ S20 Williams Ave. 'Pussv' N Y U Crclweslra Soccer Team Dance Band Service Council Music Teaclwer MADELINE KATZ 208 An'ilDOX Sl. "Maclyi' Business Sclieel Pres. ol Economics Class Soc. lo Mr. Tonrosen Slonoqrapliy f mme r ' IKFILJUIX IXIXIL RI'1kJUl"X IKHIL l58 Brislol SI. "Vicky" Sec. Io Mrs. Rieger Privale Secrelary ROBERT KATZ 73I Pennsylvania Ave. "Ki+Iens" Sludenl Palrol Orhcer Medicine STANLEY KATZ 236 Berrirnan ST. "Pussy" Liberly Bell Rep. Deniisl ZELMA KATZ 89 Wyona S+. "ZeI" Arisra Program Corn. Sec. Io Mrs. Goldberg Sludenl Palrol Child Guidance DORIS KATZMAN 636 Miller Ave. "Debby" Sec, Io Miss Thurrn Sfenographer SHIRLEY KATZMAN 389 Riverdale Ave. 'IShelkie" Dramalic Club IAnne-xl Glee Club lAnnexl PsychoIoqis+ ADELE KAUEMAN 469 Sheffield Ave. "Oody" Sec. Io Mr. Aaroni Sec. Io Miss Wirrh Swimming Club S. U. N. O. Social Worker HERBERT KAYE I78O Bergen SI. "Herb" Pres. Ori. Class l5Ihl Pres. of OPI. Class lofhl Psychialrisl rmvvw, 1 .r NYU LIU Brooklyn Brooklyn CCNY Brooklyn Cornell EVERETT KERNER b3I Suller Ave. Brooklyn Sec. ol Sludenl Palrol Service Council Assr. in Library Sec, To Miss Touvim English Teacher RUTH KILSTEIN 3IO Surnpler S+. Business MARCUS KING 502 Verrnonl SI. "Red" Trade School Veieran Eleclrician SELMA KIRSHENBAUM I7OB Park Pl. "Sonni' Brooklyn Arisla Sec. in Allendance Orclice Pres. oi 86 Sec. Io Mr. Lewilles Singer IRVIN6 KITCHNER 425 Monlauk Ave. C C N Y Pres. of Ori. Class l2nd, 4+h, 5ThI Business Adrninislralion BERNARD KIVOWITZ 695 Verrnonl SI. CCNY Klb Sludenl Palrol Pres. of 6B ARTHUR KLEIN 357 Vermonf SI. Brooklyn DANIEL KLEIN II2 Thallord Ave. "Fish" L I U wining Team Sec. Io Mr. Sakol ' Sec. Io Mr. Spund Swimming Carnival Biology Teacher ?.' 43 f'N P-XLEW -1 -'--.1 L L4 5 - . Am.. Pew. Lise", Be-3' Sri: RUM:-: K.,'uC bmaef' Pav: Sec. ': Mfs. Zig- JQJ- 515' MARVIN KLENN Zo H-:ckT's:' A1 Me Law-xef NATALIE KLEVN 574 5'5:1f:r3 Si Na' 59171: Mf. ETMQ' Trias, cf 85 Sweep Pav-CL PTE-'y SEQ!-NLC KOHANSKY' 572 A. 55515 Ave. Gefszbi' S. C. A., I. Eerefz :gT:a! Raef WTA KOHEN 439 S'e3'?-ef Ae. Af ri Kane Leauefz Se:.': fJ1'2,rlE""" p,-.51 gwfrh HADCLD I-'OPM W-1-74 L"::" P. fi", Afra .lege :TGP Lif. S65 Line", Ee C-f1'Ji E-Q' - 'f ECMA YOSSC"WSP'Y 726 A acaffa Af? Sz", Sluvf A53 Crifnyfi Siilii Set. fc Mr. Lfebe-f" ' Szzef' Pevt Affez' LCJWSE YOVAL 449 'f:'f'fi'L 32 Lu r, ,, J' J S'J Cu N db'- JUUI I H KLJVNEN. 586 D-Hnsdale Sf. Judy" Sfudenf Pairs! Sec. TO Mr. Me :. Bookkeeoe' SELMA KRAMER 52I Va' S':?a' Pm? C Ll Y ACCCUR'3F' LEONA KQASLLCVSKLX' 588 Belmr' Ae. 'Lee N Y U Set. f: Mt C:'9' PFCQVGY C:". Aviva SE"'J:I'E' Czf A:cou"5f' DANIEL KQASYE: iS4l Si Mi'-5 Ae. Dafw Q G. O. Re: PM 81 R719 ff Tre-as. :5 Af's'a SAMUEL ixQALJS'1A 444 Hs-'JW S-. S""u Weis Mgt :L Bas.e'C N 551. 'Q M1 SHA' AQ'-QL. JS GERALD rx? -X251 433 ECT SY Je-'fx Ne-:'5 WETT5 Pxqfxx. T: IO Hifi 51 Tim, STANLE3 NQWSSE, I34 CM'-S'-' S' WL "'- 5-. L C N X Smasn' V' S, U. N C CP, 'X I935 Sfrauss SI. "Ruby" Sec. Io Mrs. Johnson Officer of Siudeni Pafrol Scienrilic Aqricullure JEAN KRINSKY 568 Elfon SI. "Green Eyes" DORIS KUMMER 372 Alkins Ave. Hygiene Librarian Privale Secrerary IRVIN6 KUNIS 81 I'IerZI SI. JEROME KURTZ 7I8 Sfone Ave. 'IJerry" Fooiball Team Doclor LEONORE KURTZ 457 Rowell SI. CorneII niru "Lee" Business School Newspaper Rep. Sec. ro Mr. Newrnan Privale Sef:re+ary ETTA KUSI-IER 464 Hinsdale Sr. "E+ique'r+e" Sec. fo Mr. Einhorn Sec. ro Mr. Wesr Assf. To Mr. Green Sec. +o Miss Wirfh Secrefary MAE KUSI-INER I7I Van Buren SI. Publicarions Business Shari Pres. of 6J Secrelary Brooklyn C C N Y w fm. LEON LACI-IMAN 534 Belmonf Ave. "Lippy" SI. John: Vice-pres. oI Sfudenf Pairol Ca pr, of Afhlefic Squad Usher Capr. of Sfudenf Palrol Service Council Pharrnacisf SALLY LACI-IOFF 359 Wyona Sf. Brooklyn Secreiary BERNARD LACI-ITERMAN 658 Georgia Ave. Business School Sfudenl Pairol Senior Council Vice-pres. of BM Traffic Manager JANE LAKIN 727 Saclcman SI, IVSIWUIZIH Brooklyn Secrefary BERNICE LAND 76I Cleveland Sf. "Bunny" U C L A Allendance OFFice Squad Assl. Io Mrs. Reuillard Marriage ROBERT LAND 457 Williams Ave. "Bob" Insurance Brolfer SAM LANDAU 2046-76 SI. "The Loyerl' Oswego Slale Cc-Ileqe Lieuf. of Srudeni Palrol Teacher SIDNEY LANDE 520 Williiams A-.54 , "Sid" Wisconsin Soccer Tearn Engineer MARILYN LANDEISH l746 Park Pl. 'LVL' C C N Y Sec. 'ra Mrs. Blarr Sec. lc Mrs. Gcidin Sec. To Mr. Feldman Sec. lo Mr. Nordell Radio Adverfsinq ROSLYN LANDSTElN l4l8 Presidenr S+. 'Blondie' C C N Y Library Squad Sec. ro Mr, Kosriner Sec. 'ro Mrs. McLellan Execuriye Secrerary MILTON LANDY 852 New Lofs Ave. 'Mickey' CCNY Teacber IRENE LANGBAUM 530 Cleveland Sf. PEQQY' Sec, in General Office Marriage ROBERT LASKIN T88 Su++er Afe. N Y 'J Pres, of BC Arr Slari Seniar Council Pres. ai A. Biol. Zlb MlCl-TAEL J. LAUDAI-JNO I3Ol Herlrirner Sl. ' Law" Chief Judge cf Arbirrarfef- Czuf' Capf. of Arfendance Squad Service Council Mirneograph Squad Policeman HERBERT LAZAP 605 Jerorne Sr. "Herb" ll Y U Soccer Team Dccror POSALIE LAZEAR 403 Georgie A fe. Ev'-'V-l G. 0, Ccuncil Sf-r ir r Ciiiunril Pri .ifif-rilu' Cf ur-f il 'fi' rriv ,' Cfrpf Pop. VA 1v'i:":'g JACK Lizrxvii I 669 Slone Ave. "Take if or-" C C N Y Liberry Bell Associale Edifor Liberfy Bell Pl'io+ographer Pres. of Pbolograplriy Club Adverfising Execulive MONA LEAVITT l602 Prospecl Pl. "Mona Lisa" Brooklyn Sfudenl Pafrol Clwairrnan of Pin 81 Rings Sales Rep. oi Herald Tribune Sec. TC Mr. Guss Business Execuriye REBECCA LEDERMAN 385 Alabama Aye. 'Beckie" C C N Y Ofelriesrra Sec, re Mr. Schneider Pres. of SN Pres. cf 6P Efeculiye Secreiary PAULA LEINER lbi Urica Ave. C:'ie Arisfa Sludenl Palrol Erencln Tulor Language Teacber BETTY LESSER 524 New Legs Aye. 'Haney' Sec, lc Mr. Nordell Sec. fa Mr. Nei-vnan Annex Lunclirocfn Eadcfurn RHODA LESSlN6 l5l I Sierling Pi. 'Rhadieu Business C:l'e:1 Sec, to Mrs. Gilbert G. O. Rep. Secrelary L. rs. T BEC i,S ie Arbifrafbn C Y Redisrgred N .e ARTHUR LEWNE 73B Sacknmn Sl. 'Sunnf' N Y U Pius. cl G. Q. Sludonl Aid PTPKTLS. CTT Riiclin Anni im r fun' V ,.,r-. .WY., mvlwo Ll:vlNl: 42I Clirisloplwer Ave. "Hooker" C C N Y Liberiy Bell JACOUELINE LEVINE 343 Georgie Ave. "Jackie" C C N Y Regenls Folder Com. Sec. Io Mrs. Weinberger Slen. Club Accounlanl MARVIN LEVINE 85 Brislol SI. "S+urly" Businessman RICHARD LEVINE lO55 Blake Ave. "Big Bill" Accounlanl STANLEY LEVINE 403 Hinsdale Si. "S+ascl1" Sec. Io Miss Meelien Service Council Business ABRAHAM LEVY 626 Powell S+. ,.Abe.. Businessman SAMUEL LEVY 396 Sclienck Ave. 'isniicierl' Denlisl ZELDA H. LEVY 229 Suiler Ave. Program Com. Vice-pres. of Swim Club Heallli Squad Denial Hygienisl L I U Brooklyn N Y U C C N Y Brooklyn Brooklyn HERMAN LEWIS 389 Riverdale Ave. HHY... Arisia Mallw Club French Club l:'l1.D. in MaII'i PHILIP LICHTENSTEIN 33I Hinsdale SI. "Phil" Clworus Sludenl Pairol Ollicer Slwow Business DOROTHY LIEBMAN 307 Williams Ave. "Dol" Arisla Service Council Sec. Io Miss Barclay Sec. Io Mrs. Wells Arlisl MILTON LILIEN 227 Clnrisiopner Ave, ANN LIPPMAN SI6 Hinsdale SI. "Hennv" Pres. Hislory II7 Ari Model Reqenls Folder Com. Bookkeeper SELMA LIPSCHITZ 669 Sclienck Ave. "Herbie" Jelzlersonian Social Worker ARTHUR LIVINGSTON 377 Hinsdele Sr, CAROL LOBEL 526 Williams Ave. "Carla" Assl, Io Mr, Barbanell Siudenl Palrol Officer Aviairix CCNY Benninqlon Experience Brooklyn C'-4-XQLQTTE LUEVTZ I7ZO S'er3Zr: Pi. Business S-:mol Siudenr Pidrcl Bookkeeoef FLORENCE LUTSKY' 707 Hopkinson Ave. "Flo" Healiiw Squad Sec. ro Miss Wirrh Sec. +0 Miss Leon SE-C. fc Mrs. Welis S+-enoqrepner SELMA LUXENBERG 705 Belmonf Ave. "Sei" Bfciskiw Arisra Chief Jusrice of Arbirrgrion Cguir Service Council Sec. To Dr. Kramer Counseiicr an Lai.-. MARION MACHULAM 628 Junius S1 "Mary Bugineis C:iie3e Sec. To Mr. Earon Spanish Srenograplwer ANNA MALES 528 Wifcrna Si L I LJ Accountant SHEILA MALMAT 280 Piferfjie Are, Lee N f EJ Jegefzor Docrcfr SARAH MANUEL 429 Csborn Si. C C il Y Giri Leader oi Arisi Service Council G. O. Cciuncii Sec. oi Ari ,vi LUCILLE MAIIOWITQ 54i Sfirfiifr-'4-i Ay.- 'Cinippif' Evf. iff Sim-r i'-i'Q'1iii'i Squad Sf- Mr-., Cvriliin, J ,vfiivinwfiri fr' if-Mi , nw FLUKLNU: NIAKKUWIIL SCH Dumonf Ave. "Flo'i Brooklxr Sec. 'ro Mrs, Gofdin Journalism FLORENCE MARKOWITZ I88 Suffer Ave. "Flo" Sec, fo Mrs, Zussrran Baskefbai, Ciub Glee Ciub 'Annefi Bookkeeper GRACE MARSHALL 639 War.-.ick Si "Gracie" Brcckfvn Sfudenf Parroi Service Counzi, Arfendanie 05:5 Leaders Lab. Tecrin , 3 MURIEL MAUQEC 640 Biake Ag, "Midqei' Sec, fc Mr. F"'E'3"'i' Srenc-Tsnis' JENNIE MAUSHAN I83 Poweli S-, 'Qluannie f ess C:"e Se-C. YQ Mfs. XA. 4-- Se-rfior Ce?-C"'i, Ct' Reqervs Ccm, Sfuaen' Paw: . ,, , Fore-ia' me 5' RUTH MARE? 305 Bur: Si Hx? LUV'Qk7'Cf'77 S'-Qf"' Sei. 'Q N"', G 99' 59:19 in IRLNE ruiimrx 38 E. 58 S: NW L ben igo L funi Qi'Qi1p,Hpi 5aL. M Ni s bi x DAVWCG Club PsxcirOLxxfs' ANITA MEDON 559 SYOHC Axg, SLN, is iX1iss pi V, SiOV7Wkll'iLW"' fam' -- - - I X.. 5.2 PEARL MEISLER 4,35 Jerome S+. "Perry" Sec. lo Miss Kabalchnilc Sec. 'ro Mrs. Viclrery Sec. lo Mrs. Schiller Allendance Olilice Squad Housewife RHODA MERDINGER B99 Livonia Ave. "Rho" Slen Club Housewife GLORlA MERER 903 Slone Ave. "Flame Sludenl Palrol Handball Club Ping-Pong Club Swimming Club Commercial Arlisl EDWARD MERKE 556 Dahlll Rd. Eddie" Typing for 'Sighlw Sluderwls Assl, in Boys' Gym BENJAMIN MESSER 2020 Pacific S+. SYLVIA MEYER Io8 Suller Ave. l'Lovey" Secrelary BERNARD MEYERS 448 Williams Ave. C C N Y Biology Lab. Assl. Lunchroom Sludenl Pafrol Research Scienfisl CAROL MEYERSON B26 New Jersey Ave. Prall l nslilule Sec. lo Mr. Green Sec. lo Mrs, Newman Sec. in lnlirmary Commercial Arlisl' 1-n.m.....-mm.. BERNARD MILLER 320 Bradford Sl. "Bernie" Arisla Pin 81 Ring Rep. ol BC Malh Club Sec, lo Miss Millson C. P. A. FLORENCE MILLER 733 Sheffield Ave. Service Council Senior Council Hosless Club Sec. lo Miss 'lhurrn Child Psychologisl HELEN MILLER IQ3 Tompkins Ave. "Hindie" Sec. in q. Ollice ' rsrl d- 'Y s- elary ' LAWRENCE MlLLER 204 Pennsylvania Ave. "Lel+y" Sec. lo Mr. Adolph Treas. ol BC C. P. A. PHYLLIS MILLER 706 Sheffield Ave. "Phyl" Library Squad Sludenl Aid Sec. lo Miss Gold Hosless Club Teacher IRENE MILLMAN S59 Van Siclen Ave. Pres. of 7K Sec. lo Miss Saslow Sec. lo Mr. Ealon Sec. ol: Hygiene Class Privale Secrelary RITA MINTZER CCNY Broolflyn Business School 'T' N Y U Hunler CCNY ' X 387 William Ave. ' rf' -if f-ffl If nRee" 71,47 Brooklyn I Sec. ol Viclory CORDIS Business 'A CLARA MITNICK 7l7 Saclrrnan Sl. 4 . "Blacl1ie" Dramalic School C-lee Club Dramalic Club Sec. lo Mr. Kalz Adress MURRAY MITTLER Tlb Cla-xelard Sf, Busrress SELMA MOLDAWSKY 246 Amboy ST, 'lSlmrr1y" Sluclerwr Palrcl Sec. rc Mr. Scrreloe' Marriage MAWNE MORRlSON l4l8 Pllkln Ave. "Frec:lcres" George Wa Sec. +C Mr. Siegel G, O. Rec. cl 84 Sec. +C Mrs. Sclwlll-er Dover Elwlrlglrirw LEAH MORSE 627 l-leqerrran Ave. 'Lee' Busiress S:l1::l Sec. lc Mr. Tenrosen Model ROSE MORTELLARO 35l Wa'lln5 Sl. "BlaclrIe" Buflrlef' Sec. lo Miss Kabarchniclf l-lealfr. Squad Llbrirlin Acccunfarlf SHIRLEY MOSCOWHTZ 302 Van Buren Sh "Mr:Sl'l" Trees. cl BK Sfudent Parrcl S6010 Mrs. McLellan Sec. lo Mrs. Vwfarclw Laf-' Srencgraprrer MARIO MOSERA I3 Menace Pl. U. S, A++-erwdance Olllce Arr Squad Sec. ol I-leelllw Ed. Clafi Ccrrrmerglal Arllsr CLAIRE MOSIVOVWTZ lO45 Umlcrl Sl. llcoc-lil? BU Ini- Sec. lo Dr. S.-jflcrw l-lealllw Squ .'n4 3 ln Irwhrrrrary Prlfrrlrf Sri-r'r'l lfy' Mim- S 1 RE I769 Parlc Pl. "Roxy" Sec. lo Mrs. Sclwiller Sec. To Miss Wirlh l-laalllw Squad Marriaae ANN MOSS 24 Balfour Pl. Sec. ro Miss Allenscn Sec. 'o Mrs. Gilberf Sec. In l-lygiene ADELINE MOSTOWSKY W9 Surfer Ave. 'Ad:5, Srucerq Parrzl Wlfe SHELDON MUNACH 545 Suver Ave. 'S'-ally Cam. cl S.-.?"'r"g Tea' S'3ge Sams Scccer Tear' Server Civ: OD72TSlFl, WALLACE M USOFF 526 Rwfraa e A'.e. Wal x E err' 'Q EDITH NACHEMSON 589 Sr-5-ale' Axe. Sec. 'Q Mr. Er-nerr lx1cCierl:r M1 eff-S' l-'rlxare Se-:refarx GOLDHE NAROFF 430 She-qller 'me-. Rugfx Xe-rgvar A552 TQ Mrs. Swercer Srudenl Parrcl Bcokle-ever -lLlDlTl-'l NEXN MAN SOL1 LI'-Jem E xc. .luclxl Bpsin Publr.alrcrws Buslrwess Sfal' Ser. lo Mlss Palrrer Seq. lc Mr. Slelrmerq Scfromrw College UCLA Q-D, '-lN.N al SL .L els Sclwool fn., Ukllilb NLJllNC5lZR 86 Legion Sl. Sec. of S. C. A. I. Treas. of 84 Sec. lo Mr. Emil LIBBY OBLER 225 Herzl Sl. "Lynne" Secrelary HAROLD OSOESKY 405 Monlaulr Ave. NYU CCNY Pres. of Mallw Class lblli Xi Yllil Mall1Teaclner BERNICE OWEN 273 Clnrisloplner Ave. "C5iQQv" Liberly Bell Rep. Sec, lo Mrs. Jolwnson Banlc Rep. of 84 lnierpreler HELEN PAKCHAR l522 Slerlinq Pl. Sec. of Kaqallios Senior Council G. O. Council Service Council Psycliologisf MICHAEL PALADlNO 600 Snedilrer Ave. Hunlei College "Mike" Miami U. Capf. of Foolball Team JOSEPHINE PALMACCIO 283 Jerome Sfreel' "Feenie" Sec. in Englisl1O1CTice Heallli Squad-Pool ROSLYN PARMESHEFSKY 426 Clirisloplner Ave. Business College Assi. Librarian Secrelary unur' Q' GERTRUDE PASTELNICK 37l Alabama Ave. "Trudi" C C N Y Privale Secrelary HARRIET PASTER 522 Alabama Ave. Sec. lo Mrs. Rosenllwal Sec. lo Miss Nalelson Sec. lo Miss Wirlli Receplionisl JOE PASTUCH l58 Pennsylvania Ave, "Marlcsman" W. Virginia Capl. of Baslcelball Team Square Dancing Club Sec. 'ro Mr. Schoenlelcl GEORGIA PEACHEY 55 Mcllonouqlw Sl, "Peacl1ie" Cliorus Assl. 'ro Siqlnl Conservalion Group Doclor's Assislanl ABRAHAM PEARLMAN 293 Hinsdale Sl. "Chic" N Y U Cl1oralTraininq Sludenl Pairol Assl. in General Office Plwoloqrapliy Club Eleclrical Enqi er EVELYN A LMAN 48 l a v 'l Bus es relary LAURA PERLMUTTER l85 Kosciuslro Sl. Business College Aclress STANLEY PERLMUTTER 554 Saclcman Sl. 'll'-lanlrl' C C N Y Baseball Player gECN PHQSER ::4 bszffef Si DAVID PINKWAS 477 Sackrnam Sf, Eazvfe' MImeograpT1Squao Ordwesfra Aesi Muiicfarw SHEILA PTNKWATER 455 Arldns Ave. Pfnlryw A-ufcfa Liferary S63 Service Coumcif Square Dance Leader 3. O. Bock Shop J:L1rnalIs+ PHYLLIS POLIKCFF I76 RI-verdaTe Ave. Frankie" Sec. 'rc fv1rS.SCrfrer P.1n'rcafrcrs Buzrreis S Srger SYDELL POLLACV 325 Wycna Si Deffyw H-eaTrr. Squad Sec. in Mr. Earcrr Sec. fc Mr. Gcccref Sec. +9 Mr. Fe'c1Wer Accounrarwf ZEVA POLLACV 684 Greene Afe. Sec. 'o Mr. SH-epafc Sec. To Iv1r.Greefe Pubiieeticrrz Euirer CYNTHIA POLSPY U39 Blabe Ave. Aziociare Ed. cf l.'C'L'f E-'T' Journafisf SHIPLEY PORTNOY 623 Verrrronf ST. BA, Tv Zfli. To fAI' Wfr'Tr B 'rWff0pf:r 'gf ALBERT PQSNER 333 Srmefgeld Ave. "Albie" N Y U Sec. +0 Mr. Sdwoenfeki Sfudenf Parroi Denrisrry MURIEL POTTER 387 Williams Ave. "Terry" Liber+y BeTT Rep. Prfvare SeCr'e+arX, ICA RABINOVITCT-T CO4 Br7s+:T Sr, 'Edie' Sec. fc Mr. Gzccvfim Health Squac Assf, Sfude-nr Pa'ff:T Soda! Worker CARLTON RAT-IMING l5l4 P'es'Jef' Si Carfx' Orchesrra Srrlng Q..if+Ef Muwuarr Sv fv1r"w:+Er MIRTAM REIM 479 Permsv xarii Rye, 'Mickle' Radio VVUKST-:D Hvqie-me Lftfafle Marriage BEATRICE TQESNEQX 233 Che-sfe' Si Bfeoidyn B Hy: Sunsrife AJ'7:Q', 5 Q: 5 Affendafce O9 Sec. Sec. fo Miss Rows-N' Se-mice Ccwf' FjY'f7"El' GLADYS RESNIClx 409' Newcw' ST. Bufcrf' 7 Marriage' ANITA RVCE 792 SUN .Hve Aw? 'Ricvu Arisfa Edrfmml Bums cf JQ"0v v 1 Pwsidvnfx' COunriT VMYUN Bull Toqm 1 4-v--F - waz-n .N Um IVIUKKPXY IQILHWIAN 673 New Jersey Ave. Pres. of 3D Engineer MURIEL RIEGER 2l3O Union Sl. Sec. lo Dr.Sa1Iaw Privale Secrelary PHYLLIS RIFIELD 2020 Pacilic Sl. "Pl1yI" Library Squad Healllw Squad Sec. ol: Enqlislri Oflice Te-acI'ier SYLVIA RCBERTS 483 Hopkinson Ave. C C N Y C C N Y I-lunli,-i N. Y. Easlwion Ins. ol Desiqn Radio Worksliop Aurora Ari Slall Jeliersonian Ar+ Slarl Service Council Arlisl NATI-IALIE ROBINSON I696 Prospecl Pl. 'Babyi' Health Squad Sec. 'ro Miss Meelian Sec. 'ro Miss Saeaw Marriage DORIS ROGOEE 563 Sackman Sl. "Dolly" Pianisl RALPH ROMANO 9 I -22-87 Sl., Woodlwa fc-n IIPUPPYH Accounlanl BERNARD ROSEMAN 34 Legion S+. Sludenl Palrol C. P. A. Juilliard Cc lleq Sl, Jolinz CHARLES ROSEN 638 Osborn Sf. "Rosie" Square Dancing LEONARD ROSEIA-I l603 Presidenl Sl. Calleqe C C N Y Liberly Bell Circulalion Slall Aurora Rep. ol 8A Business Eyeculive LILA ROSEN 85 O4 Ilillrln Avo., lurlfi Sec. lo Mrs.Scl'1iller I-Iosless Club S. U. N. O, TF'flfI'If'f LEQN ROSENBERG l58 Clirisloplwer Ave. "Lee" Sludenl Palrol Jefferson Swing Band Musician RUTH ROSENBER6 703 Essex Sl. "Rull1ie" Sec. lo Mrs. Goldin Sludenl' Palrol Sec. lo Mr. Eriedrnan Slenoqraplwer RENEE ROSENZWEIG 290 Hinsdale Sl. Arisla Senior Council Presidenls' Council Liberly Bell Bookkeeper C, P. A. ANNETTE ROSMAN I765 Park Pl. "Anne" Sludenl Palrol Cliild Psyclwoloqisl SYLVIA ROSOEE 726 Cleveland Sl, nsyyi. Bond 31 Slarnps Corn. Assl. lo Miss Meelrian Hebrew Club PHD, Village Brooklyn College C C N Y College Brooklyn HELEN ROSS 545 Sheweid Ave. 'Leiiym Business Coilege Red Cross Rep. Se-creram MORRIS ROTHENBERG H2 Legion S+. "Moisi'ii' Big Business ROSALYN ROTTER IQIO porin Pi, "Roi Bro-:Hin SARAH ROUSSO II3 New Lc+s Ave. "Sarilra' Bus Pres. of Hygiene Ciass Segreiirxf FLORENCE ROVNEP I74 Prosoec? Pl. Fic Bug Knivinq Afghans Agjf, in Sigfi COFSE' SE'CFE"'3V, MYPA RUBINSKY SOO Suffer Ave. Pres. of 3lE G. O. Pep, 41 D Tirriee Pep. Booblfzeoef SHIRLEY PUSALEIA 854 Glenmore Afe. "Pusfy" Seq, rg Dr, Doiqenas P-ieaifin Squad Vicfory Corps Lab. Tecnnicinr KETTA SACHEP I7B Poffefii 31. 'civiniy Sf'-A Om Niue gf-f. Tw ME' Pnirru-I Qi-f. iff I'J1rf.iHf1i, -I rifiiirf Ines- Ciiilege in.:-C Cifiif-le Oriuo iifvioiifieii Bu in-A S'H'fi Prriif r L. 4' JEANETTE SACKMAN I746 Union Sf. "Jeanne" Bkiyn Conservafory of Mu: Sec. To Dr. Safiow Pianis+ in five Orciwesfra Pianisf in +lwe Dancing Club Pianisr in fhe Swing Band Piano Teacher JERROLD SACKRIN 58I Miller Ave. "Shep" S. U. N. O. Engiish Book Room Squad Accounfani SYLVIA SADOWSKY 573 New Jersey Ave. NYU 'Tsip' Br: xi Sec, fo Mr. Aarorl Sec. ro Miss Trwurrr Sec. of I-ios+ess C ub Service Councii Cniid Psychoogis' KALMAN SALPETEP 459 Pennsyivania Ave. Zeke B- Licervy Bei Soy? 5'5" Pacer Sahaze PEARL SALPETE? lo2 Bradicra Si "Blonde See. +L M , E.. . Aris+a Se-mize Cin. Prog'5" CBC". Tessina-f LILLIAN S'KLT1M-RN 550 Ge-:foie Axe. 'Li B Vice-pres. Q' ben gs Cyn. Sec. 'Q N12 Casei Sec. fo Miss Tnun' Sec. fc Mrs.S:"1 9 Sogia' VN urls' RAW MOND S-XMORODN 555 Asniofu S2 'Bafnnwx C G. O, Rom. S. U. N. O. Ros. Rod Cross G. O. Bow. 33 Tsfws P:sxCi1id'Vis' JACQUELINE SANOAR i453 Sf. 'Wills Axv. 'Qlnqlx Ps'.rqQ S0610 Mrs. NN .msn SCA . in Ml.. ln A S mxi. . iw Kin, iV1i.'L0ii.1n Num- C C 1 -ir -Qu.-1 ng JERROLD SANDLER 650 New Jersey Ave. "Jerry" N Y U All-Cily Radio Workshop Service Council Sludenl Aid Jeliersonian Slafl Radio Aclor ALBERT SANGIAMO 206 Malia Sl. "Abby" Brooklyn Edilorein-Chief of Jellersonian Boy-Leader of Arisla Aurora Slall Pres, ol Eco. Class Arlisl, Wriler LOUISE SARLO us Adelphi si. "Honey" Swimming Club Bookkeeper SHlRLEY SCHADCHEN 456 Williams Ave. "Sonnie" Juilliard Orcheslra Chorus-Accompanisl Service Council Srudenr Pairol B.S. ALlCE SCHECTER I986 Slrauss S+. Hunler Sec. 'ro Dr. Kramer Sec. ro Dr. Dolgenas G. O. Rep. of 7M Vice-pres. ol BH Reporler LEON SCHECHTER 664 Linwood Sl. "Lee" C C N Y Mimeograph Squad Pin 31 Ring Rep. S. U. N. O. Accounlani SAMUEL SCHER 580 Hinsdale Sl. "Shrnerl" C C N Y S. C. A. l. HELEN SCHERER 303 Alkins Ave. Brooklyn Viclory Corps Rep. Vice-pres. of 3F- Sec. lo Miss Moldover Sec. lo Mr. Tenrosen Nurse .1-1.-p-1-. Af. EDWARD SCHlEl: IBI4 Prospecl PI, "Eddie" C C N Y lnlramural Eoolball Squad Inlramural Handball Squad Menorah English Help Squad lBrooklyn Techl Lawyer ALDA SCHLAGS IS36 Sl. Johns Pl. MAIN Assi. lo Mr. Einhorn Sec. lo Mrs. Rosenlhal Heallh Squad Office Manager RlTA SCHMUKLER 447 Powell Sl. "Terry" Business School Bookkeeper EDITH SCHNElDERMAN 747 Miller Ave. "Edy" Business College Assl. ro Miss Naielson Assl. lo Mr. Nordell Assl. lo Miss Schmidl Pep Club lAnnexl Legal Slenographer RUTH SCHNEIDERMAN 554 Verrnonl Sl. Business College Assl. 'ro Mr. Nordell Kagalhos Leaders Annex Lunchroorn Eaclolurn Bookkeeper WALLACE SCHOENBERG 2058 Union Sl. N Y U Publicalions Business Srail Pylhagorean Sociery Viclory Corps Rep. Sec. lo Mr. Melov Medicine JOSEPH SCHOLNICK 459 Sheffield Ave. "Joe" All-Cily Radio Workshop Sludenl Aid Sludeni Palrol Service Council Radio Execulive ROSE SCHONEISEN lB00 Pilkin Ave. "RO" Brooklyn Sec. lo Mr. Schneider Regenls Folder Corn, Secrelary SEORGE SCHONHOLT 240 Cl-rislooner Axe. Seheny' Arfsla Pres. of Honor Class PUbllC6TIOVWS Buslness SEZ Mecllcirme SARA SCHREIBER Olg Pine Sl, Sharon" Chorus Sec. lo Mr. Elf-hcrn Fashisn Deslqner BETTY SCHUBERT 394 Alabama Ave. Sei. 'C Dr, KI-yn LwD'5rl,f A5511 Sec. ln Awrencence Ofzlze Healfh Squad Erglish Teacher BEATRICE SCHWARTZ 370 l-llnsciale S+. Beezy' Frei. of 56 and 7L TS. O. Rep. of 7L Sec. fc Miss Wilgard Pfn 81 Rlnq Rep. 8L Bcclvleeper HERBERT SCHaLMJ-ER 19I4 Sgmrnw-5. T jqijerw f X' Mgr. of Q a.l Teern 'f Qgngaerl Parrol Qi-Fleer Serfice Counckl , . . Orchesfra 2-' 4 SHERPY SCHULMATJ i544 S+. Maris Ale. Dinnnlef Sverzgrapher PENEE SCHULMAH 456 Alabama Ame. Red' Senior Council Vwce-prec. of 8L Gen, lo Mr.. Reullldrd Sei. fo Mr.. Quinn Erflleeper ELAlllE SCHVVAFTZ E55 Elfllf' AVN NYU Cclleqe Bn-'Llp Env, ll r T rll 1' 2' 'f fvllw, l'l-my L " Mr' Fflllrxr-r f4l' 8 frfj EVELYN SCHWARTZ I636 Park Pl. 'lEvie" Brooklyn Arista Kagafhos Leaders Accounlanr HERBERT SCHWARTZ 303 Wllliams Ave. "Ufbe+" Accounlam' ROSE SCHWARTZ 3l6 l-lirvsoele Sl. Junlcr Aff, 'i Mr, Effn Trees. lt' MK Sw: r ANNE SECSAL 587 Du"'r:r-f A.-5. Pig-ear Asst, TC Mr, Rjagers 6. O. Rec. :T 3lE Rrlvafe Secrewsr, SEYMOUR SEGAL 730 l-lingua e Sf. NYU Sl fri. Mqr. el Lun:'f::' TS. :til ljbern, Bel R':':3r3:n Serxlce Ctrl' Mgr. :T N, N, TE'-'es Lax-Xe' ARTHUR SEGAN oOo l"lOCkfr'5C" 5.51 Ibex MH Q Enrem'-' va Sf-Q. if S" pcng SN Lvl.-X SEIDER 437 Hopllnign Alf- blvv Club gfknnml AEST. fo MIS. :min .1 Sluclcnl Pafrol B.wll,.N.q-lx. ROBERTR SELLTIN IROf8v1f1"v' SK llublw 'NN A Cr C u-l -Nl fl' "'r nm15.,...i.1 NIH-l M ml 1 1.1 . gm- 437 Barbey Sl. "LOliiei' Broolclyn Sec. lo Miss Meehan Sludenl Aid Leaders Club Sludenl Palrol Teacher HARRIET Sl-lAlNE 677 Essex Sl. BLKDOLIYIT Sec. lo Miss l-lay Sec. lo Miss Schwenker Library Squad Teacher ARNOLD Sl-lAPIRO 563 l-loplcinson Ave. C C N Y Chorus G. O. Council l2 Termsl Senior Council Mimeoqraph Squad Opera Sinqer DORIS SHAPIRO 724 Hinsdale Sl. Brooklyn Secrelary FRED Sl-lAPlRO 768 Monlqomery Sl. Miami U. Eoorpall Team Soccer Team J. V. Baslre-'rball Team Sec. lo Mr. Adolph HARRY SHAPIRO 255 Liberly Ave. Ohio Slale M Co-Capfain of Arfendance Squad Treas. of Oiiicial Class Service Council Oplomefrizf Ross si-ifxrirzo 255 Libefiy Ave. Broollfn G. O. Rep. Alrendance Squad Library lAnnexl Law Slenoqrapher MIRIAM SHATSKY 243 Brislol ST. "Mimi" Business School Sec. in Alfendance Oltliice Guard in Annex Secrelary -iw-' LAU l756 RA SHERMAN Parlf Pl. we A' ' "Laurie" Sec. lo Mr. Emile Marriaqe BERNICE Sl-IIFRIN 840 Sfone Ave. MBU., Sec. Sec. lo Mr. Salcol ol Swimming Squad Reqenls Folder Com. Secrelary ALFRED SIEGEL 559 Ellon Sl. Arisla Pres. of 8D Senior Council Serv ice Council C. P. A. ALICE SIEGEL l5OO Sec. Sec. Sec. Sierlinq Pl. lo Mr. Green 'ro Mr. Rodgers 'ro Miss Saslaw Privale Secrefary IRW 2l3O IN SILBERG Union Sl. llsiiiy' Slud Psvc ELO enl Palrol hoanalysl RENCE SILBERT 3l9 Verrnonl Sl. Sec. 'ro Mr. Rosen Service Council Sec. Proq Exec ARL 290 Pres. lo Mrs. Annenberq ram Com. ulive Secrelarv INE SILVER Monlaulf Ave. of SL Senior Council Arisla Sec. 'ro Mr, Nordell Privalo Secrelary CARL SILVER 290 Monlaulx Ave. "Kenny" Drum Maim- Auro Sec. ra Slall lo Mr. l-lodesbl-all Chorus Wriliii CCNY Broolclyn Packard Brfi.wliIyn RITA SILVERMAN 390 S-BVGIOQ5 Axe, bww' Q N Swderwf Pave' S O. Rep. cf 346 S, O. Rep, if ae Rep CIUE ROBERT SILVERMAN 57 Brfs+c S+, Bob" EQQII rw S. U. N. O, Srudenf Pavel C. P. A. JACOB SIMON 290 Iv1crwfauI: Ave. Jake" CIW-frwfsf BESSIE SINGER 488 Snediker Ave. CI'1inIry" Ura Sfenogrepher JOHN SKAAR 230 RccI1e5Ie' Awe. Jtrnnf A5545 Sec, +G Mrg. Arva3e Prez. of French CIe:i Red Crczs Reb. Scawizr Prcfefzcr AL SLOVES 37I Suffer Ame. DuCIry" Ser ff BD EEPIIICE G. SMITH S57 Mbler Ave. Ifcrery Squm SCA. I. Ha-aIII1Squad Darrcinq CIUID IJOPMAI1 SMITH 465 Pi-fr-rdnlrr A.,-. SrrIIIIy" AQI.IfIMirm31'1v1I-II Prf- , A C. I. pu A. C II W . III 3D II Irwlrgn S'-I 1 CCI-1 fy IAUN II II II 1:1 rw: wi ELLIIXW-X QIVIXJLLIVVIII- 655 Alabama Ave. "Gerry" Drake B Sec. Io Mrs. Gilberf Regenfs Folder Com. Olee Club Trees. for Mrs. BerIcerwbIII Srenographer DORIS SNITKIN 2I5 Che-sfer S+. 'Dorriem Busirve Sec. IQ Mr, CIarIc MURRAY SOHN 538 Esse1 S+. Sfuder' Ravi-I EngIISI1BCGlfROC'W' 6. O. Rep, 'S TerrrsI Bank Rep. Engineer LUCILLE SOLOMON 603 Osborn SY ' C.C.G.L.O. 7-I I ' Program Ser-.Eze Cemd Sec. f: Mr. Kes' r Sec. fc Mr. C:'e' Buyer FLORENCE SOMMEQS 30 Leqlc' S'. Fc Fas' : Ruclicarcrs Bus'-ess SG: Smden' PSTFSI Razzle Worksi-CD Sec. fc Mrs. S: J ' Dress Us-s'q'e' CW RUS SOSNAN 290 Gwermffe Axe, Cx' Smcer' Ra'r:I ErsI'eer SAM SPECTOR 321 Vkfxcrwa SY Sues 5. U. N. O. G. O, Rep. SM. Io Dr. Ddgeras Sfuderwf Pa+rOI R'.arf'waos' MICHAEL SPEISER ISR CI1r-isfonrwer Axe ,RKNLH 144- H'- us. School ss C: Ie-ge BrccIrIyrw C C N Y x'1 Ewa- x 484 New Jersey Ave. Bookkeeper ROSLYN STAMPLER 53-40 4l Drive, Woodside "Rozzy" Sec. in Gym Sec. in Infirmary I-Iealih Squad Marriage SANDRA STAUBER ISIS SI. Marks Ave. "Sandy" Br Sec. Io Mrs. Rieqer Siudenf Pairol Officer Library Assi. I-Iealih Squad Ciinicai Psychoioqisi M iQ5g?,fif...aI'Q' e om I . Q 1 I ec. io rs. Vickry Marriage pf - ,... SIDNEY STEINBERC- 4OI Pennsyiyania Aye. yn 'Shloimiew C C N Y Adyeriisinq ESTELLE STELNIK SIB Pennsyiyania Aye. "Essie" Buiinefs Coiieqe Sec. Io Mr, Lewiffes Secrefary SEYMOUR STERI--I 366 Thafford Ave. "Cy" c c ri Y Siudenr Pairoi C. P. A. IRVING STEVELMAN 298 I-Iinsdaie S+. "Chubby" Coiieqe Mirneograph Squad Helper in General Office I-I. E. Teacher DOROTHY STITZER 473 Pennsylvania Ave. "Debbie" Marriaqe BERNICE STOPOL l48I Easiern Parkway "Blue Eyes" C C NY I-Iealih Squad Pres. of I-Iisfory Ciasc Buyer SI-IIPLEY STRICKER 2l9 AIIinz Aye. I-Iunier Aurora Siaht Treas. of BI-I Chorus Teacher ALBERT TANNENBAUM 603 Verrnonf Sf. II Y U Deniisf REGINA M. TANOVVITSKY 562 Linwood SI. 'Rgqqieu Di'OOICIyI'l Sec. To Dr. Doigenas Sec. Io Mrs. Ouinn Science Teacher JEROME TARTASKY 30 Legion SI. "Jerry" NY U Pres. of Service Council Assi. Chief Jusiice of Arbri. C+. Sec. To Mr. Muldori Arisia Social Research ERNEST TAUB 6l3 New Jersey Aye. FLORENCE TAUB 589 Elfon Si. Sec. Io Mrs. Goidin Sienoqrapher PUTI-I TAUE S93 Sude' Ae. bei. 'Q Mr. Nfrileu Seizr-very HARRIETTE TESSLEQ IbI4 ST. JDHFS PI. "Tessx,' Liberfy Be-II Sec. cf Affendence O Arista Service Couni:iI EVELYN TGIV I89I Strauss Si 'Bicndiei Sfudervf Pafroi B I 55:9 Sec. +0 Miss Kabaicnnigi. Sec. Io Mr. I-Ierf Sec. +I: Miss AIIe-nscn Singer GERTRIJDE TOLCI-IIN 2I I2 Srrauss S+. 'Trudiei Sec. Io Mr, Green Sec. io Dr. Seflov. Anne: Glee CIub Sec. Te Miss Alienmr Accoun+ar1' RUTH TOLCI-IIN 7I4 Sfene Are. ichinif Arizfa Sec. Io Miss Sa5Ief,' Sec. fc Mr. IvIaI'ow Treal. ei BL Accounfer' CCIIK I-IAPRIET TPACI-ITENBEPG 5l2 Sarafcue Axe. S. C. A. I. Litrarf Squee Accounfem GEPTFJUDE TPEISTEP 434 Brisfoi Sf. ifiiida Sfufjem Pave., Sec. Ie Mr"- Pirrni' Sec. fc Mizs Vibe-I-iI'n Marriaile EDWARD TU BEF MAI S41 Sfirfn-tru-li Ave, !DN'f"IJI'Ii:l1V'T' 'pie I-I. iii I If T4 Y urxviu L. iupixci-X 249 Berriman S+. Bklyn Conservafory oi Music Dance Band Orciwesfra Milifary Band Radio Musician LILLIAN TULLER I84 New Lofs Ave. Brooklyn Sec. Io Mr. Harrison Aris+a Service Council Sec. Io Miss Tnurrn Teacher JERRY VAPNITSKY 433 Van Sider Av-E. Si.-.imrninq Team Foo+baII Team Business IRVING VIGDO9 43I Ne .-.' Lev A.f. 'Pefeu N Y U Orchesrre Dance Band Miiifari, B5"3 Music BLANCHE VQRSI-ILEISER 3034 Ocean Parr---as BeIma 'H I Sec. of 8M Prixefe Se-:rs-'a GERALD VI. ACI-ITEL 24 I-IoIIx S2 N R U Nice-Pres. Qi Reels NNorIis?-:D Q. O. Councu Pres. of SE Service Cow C. P, A, MARTIN I-I. X'X'iAxCI-'ITEL 24 HQIIN Sv, Twin C C N Y Niue-pres. of bemor pass Radiw VVorL Trees. of SE Svfxifv Cou snow i,S:iun:1 E"-X "J TII PAULA VVAHRMAN l4H4 SI. IxI.xi-I: Asc, PEPP? C:fIe:.e Hvibroxx CiLIlT S, C. A. I. Tum. Iwi ,inmunn 095 Riverdale Ave. PEN" Ediior of Liberfy Bell Program Com. Leaders Service Council Journalisl ROSE LEE WALDMAN 9ll8 Ave. A Chancellor of Kaqaihos Service Council l-losiess Club G. O, Council Psycholoqisi RITA WALITSKY 378 Pennsylvania Ave, "Ree" Bond Rep. Operaiic Sfar IRENE WALLACl-l 72 Powell S+. ..Hy., G. O. Rep, Sec. 'ro Miss Meehan Siudeni Palrol Bookkeeper NETTIE WALLACH 1686 Park Pl. "Springy" Sec. fo Mr. Feldman Columbia Brooklyn Julliar-l CCN Cloihing Collecfion Squad l-lealih Squad Swimming Team Marriage FANNIE WANK 853 Essex S+. Bklvn Coneervaior, of Mudif. "Fran" Kagaihos Service Council Leaders l-losless Club Conceri Pianisi HAROLD WASSER MAN 5l I Jerome S+. Accounfani MARTIN L. WAXMAN 492 Sheffield Ave. CCI! "Red" N Y U Edilor oi Liberiy Bell Service Council Journalism LYDIA WECHSLER, 565 Miller Ave. Sec. lo Mrs. Schiller Swifchboard Viclorv Corps Secrerarv LEONARD WEINER 312 Brisiol Sl. "Sniffer" C C N Y Accouniani MIRIAM WEINRIB SB7 Dumonl Ave. "Mimi" Sec. lo Miss Allenson Assl, lo Mr. Rodgers Aurora Rep. Savings Bank Monilor Business Execulive L EDNA vveiusreim 7.1.17-Jr" 390 Saraloga Ave. 'M "Midge" CCN Y :Q Sec. io Mrs. Schiller Paper Colleclion Squa Sec. To Miss Thurm L A Sec. io Miss Kelly J Bookkeeper A: if JEROME WElNSTElN 44I Monfauk Ave. MARVIN WEINSTEIN 223 Bay 23 S+. "Mal" English Book Room Sq Chemisl MAURICE WEINSTEI 484 Snediker Ave. "Doc" Bio-Chemisi LILY WEISBROT 327 Alabama Ave. Times Rep. Slen Club Secreiarv , ,flyu NYU uad N Brooklvri BLANC?-IE WEISS -US S"e':'e!d Ae. r- V- rf. ?"erEor Def:cra'cr CHARLQTTE WENSS i485 Eashern Pirkv.-Ex Crwarifiw S'ercgraD1'wer DORNS WELSS 226 Leqicn S+. FMR? E,s"eff S Mardage STANLEY WELSS 494 Pcwe-IN S+. Swim - E'-gn-eer SEYMOUR NNEISSNAN c95Shegre1d Are. wmey C C fl 'V Seal: Tv1r.AoC'::rs 3. O. Rep. Sec. rc Mr. Gcwdoefge LEONARD VWLENSYY E70 Sarafcga fue. Wfrxy C C, Tl I Smoenr Parrcl Crerrlcar Englrp MARVNN WlLEYAlSYf 1387 Sf, JOPITL PW. Marlrl' Orqhesfra Sung Band Choral Club Drerfrafics Club Arcrrifecf MAX WILSOTJ 305 Plfrgrrjgxr- Pwr. M GG " r r L' Edlror of Liberry Be-U Program Com. Service Council Jcurr1aV?s+ EDITH WOLFF B59 Lawcayef-re Ave. Eoie Business Serco Sec, fo Mrs. Gohisreln Asst rc Mr. So'er'1nYf:k Sec. :V Cccklrg Cass IRA VVOLFF 592 VVarA.-ACL Sr, Ike!! C C N1 G, O. Rec. Ad'.er'E5'ng RMA WOLFSON F484 Sverlrg Pr, Bafke Burl: S Pres. cf Sfe' C iss Marriage RAE wx CLFSON ISS Sumfe' A-E. VVQWS' Sei. ': MES NN" gs Se-3. 'C Nr. S'ei' Marfe e ELAVNE XNCNSANTKEQ WSCF L7':c"' F. EEEEEH. E..-ess Sei. 'S M ss Megg- C PAR. ALLEN WHRINSKY CWS Seglrra' Sf. x. E' S x.' "'g3 Ovcw e"Sr SERNNCE NASkOLkA IO'7 Blake Axe. BUNNY Se-cre'ar?a? Sgr I Sv- . ?Q N1Vx.Er2b9Vf Lfbuary Squad Sw VUAJVN I693 SI. Johns PI. NEW.. Pin 81 Ring Rep. Sec. Io Mr. Green Sec. Io Mr. Feldman Sfenoqrapher CLARA YOUNG I734 SI. Johns PI. "ShorIy" Arisla Kagalhos Senior Council G. O. Council Foreign Trade MARY YOUSI-IAI-I 739 Verrnonl SI. Brooklyn C C N Y "Blondie" Business School Siudenl Palrol Secrefary MURRAY YUDEWITZ 830 New Jersey Ave. "Moishe" Asst-Mgr. Soccer Team S+uden+ Palrol Engineer JENNIE YURIDITSKY I757 Slerling PI. "Blondie" Busi Pres. oi 3 I F Treas. +o Mrs. Sherman Sec. 'ro Mr. Einhorn G. O. Rep. of 8M Marriage IRVING ZALESKY 534 Sheffield Ave. Irzilb' Sfudenl Palrol Publicalions Business SI Waichmaker VIOLET ZARNITSKY 652 Wyona S+. C C N Y ness School all 'II-Igneyil C C N Y Crlee Club Regenls Folder Com. Model MARILYN ZARROW 207 A+I:ins Ave. "Mar" Business School Treas. of 8M Sec. 'ro Mr. Solernniclc Marriage ALBERT ZEIFMAN 470 Riverdale Ave. "ZeiIy" Soccer Team Vice-pres. of 8E Aurora Rep. Adverlising MINNIE ZI-IARNEST 326 Chrisfopher Ave. "Mona" Glee Club Singer TINA ZILBER H903 Prospecl PI. "Rudy" Privale Secrelary RAY ZUCKER IBSI Parlc PI. Sec. Io Mr. Solemniclc Marriage SI-IIRLEY ZUCKERMAN 398 Howard Ave. "ShocIrey" Jewish Slenoqrapher CELIA ZWICK 300 Pennsylvania Ave. Sec. of Eco 224 I-Ieallh Squad Badrninlon Club Volley Ball Club Commercial Arlisl TI-IERESA CASPARE I89' Snedilcer Ave. I-IANNAI-I SHEWIIZ 454 Chrislopher Ave. N Y U N Y IJ College -CQR-NINE SES? 775 B aka Axe. ANDREW' ALBERTC GEQNARC GOLLJB ,AMES Q. 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Dlclxens 6-67lO Brooklyn, N. Y. For Smarf Sfylas Shop Wisely af ILENE'S SPECIALTY SHOP Bags, Coslume Jewelry, Gloves, Hosiery, Lingeries, Flesh: Comb, Sporfswear 387 NEW LOTS AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Dickens 6-4595 C R A N E ' S Frankfurfers, Chips, Soda SUTTER and GEORGIA AVENUES Brooklyn, N. Y. Complimenf of . . . RICHIES' LUNCHEONETTE 27I NEW LOTS AVENUE Brooklyn, N, Y, IBIN TYPEWRITER 81 SUPPLY Typewrifers Repaired, Sold, Renfed Agency for Porfables 484 NEW LOTS AVENUE Cloverdale 7-l79I Open Eveninqs Complimenfs of . . WIL-PORT BAKERIES COMPANY 208 NEW LOTS AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Cornplirnenls of T H E B O Y S 'Formerly Sugarman's Delicafessen PENNSYLVANIA and LIVONIA AVES. Complimenrs of SUTTER AVENUE M E R C H A N TS' ASSOCIATION, Inc. "For Besf Values, Always Shop on Su++er Avenue" Examining Eyes in Easl New Yorlc lor Over 38 Years DR. L. SIMMONS Easl New York's Oldesf and Mosl' Reliable OPTOMETRIST 642 SUTTER AVENUE Brooklyn, New Yorlc Special Allenlion Given Io Eyes of School Children I Phones PReSidenI 3-6644-6645 I CALLAS BROS. FLORISTS y 6I5 NQSTRAND AVENUE Corner Bergen Slreel Broolclyn, New Yorlc I The Comel Press, In RAY SORTN y I 200 VARICK STREET OFFICIAL JEWELER NEW YQRK l4l N. y, ol THOMAS JEFFERSON : i Huen Scnoor I 387 BRADFORD STREET Brooklyn, N, Y. APplQqa+e 7e7I97 I 1 ii .Tv TTi-i ww 1 '-fi ix- ., 2 iiii im-I S.- will T.-in. ii. N. x, ui I F I 1 1 1 1 x i 5 1 1 1 1 x A i I I i i 1 Q . i : i I L i Q i i i I I I 2 n1rll..iv.nw. 'lnznm n.l.1namu-.nsmf aum1m,nrl.-m-:um.1rnux1'znru4-1 .v'nnmn.:'uQmmn ' niulllvm-nl ,.. jsv 4 - .'.,. 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