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..,.- W x 1 vm .i nag, - 1 an f. 41: .f ffl .iff Q ,..' "-9' , 'wx 1' 'fd a -T f f ', " !j'.s5'f-" 5 .-- . X ' . A . 'fW""I1" ,A N - 14, K ,K', 9 ,L tl ,,,,, 3, X, , i f :gif .fl ff"'.4, gy ' . .1 Y, ' "f'-'37 if ' ,Pg .'. if Q - :V - "f:',, F" . ff , V-,-15" -1 '51 14 5 qv "'17 W. thu!" . . Isgjjiv H I' 7 if X J 1 . 1, ' .I X ff: 3 .' ,',1- 2- 7 QQ-4,9 "-'fi 'F' f fi -5 1'-7' zlfifwf 2' xg an .hw -. fa,-3 ,1,'pLQ-' f Q, "V -- '11, . 143 -,tp 1 .. , I, J TA, Y,,, I ,- 4 Q "l -555.15 vi, dx. . is 5, 2 ,V ,- ' v "2 - ' hw s ., -. "1 " X -1 ' fl --'fn' 1. 4 - .:7.'1"'l'N"" , L ffm? -ff',? Q!,if' y .JI J-.gif ff, J 'M Fifi." Q 1' I 1, V1 J: V Y, .1 . ' wg, g.':f,J' P 1.1-Af -V ri. f X PHI. , 'gg-J , I: 1 ,i jf" , If .glgyx '14 11' r ' -,WX fit? .- 19,4 'ft' yew .,, 1 qif y, , , ' iff !-'e 'mmf'-u'.A'a u. Q "if A' ',J '.4,j+, ,wil , if 'I '. J. , ' :' '-. 'J' :!f'.t.?, Wg' ':,,'g, .'ffik:'gp'faf -ga f l 'l 'j?Lyiiv,-'F' ,, ' " ' 45, 57 J". Hg.: ,ff , -. 1,4-1 - ' 'lp 1 .7 if 'ff- 12.11 -. - ef Z- W' I' .fyfial , f gwf-, I gf' -.3 ' V fri, QWG6 'L 1.4 . m . F ,f 7-'fi' iff 'Sig' h' ' Ixqjvri' ' I f . 4,5 -.s!,n'Q5.p-t,!d It - ,yy.5l2gU, 5, , ' ,aku 5.1 - . 3-' . ' X , ?i4iu., " f iff' .Y lag 551 I- K 2' . 'f' rn. ' 1 1 'Y V, ' ' . I"T A J . .frat ,.,5' 1 EX LIBIH -5-,izfifq u 1 L a s .f . , wx -x4 Qi V 'L QA, wi' , - ,ff 54-f4gLfsf 754 xi PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS 0F JANUARY, 1943 THOMAS JEFFEHSIIN HIGH SCHO0L, Bll00KLYN, N. Y. eontents faculty 8 seniors 15 uetivities 53 literature 63 sports 7 7 spirit The world is in turmoil. Pandemonium reigns. Complexities rise to chal- lenge minds that seek refuge in idealism-idealism in a 'world of reality! While civilization burns, while the castles of civilization crumble, while humanity decays, while our American way of life is threatened, we seek refuge in what is pure and bright-our American spirit! Menacing threats crack the defenses we have built-our way of life. Yet what we have is more than valuable-we have spirit alive with hope . . Q hope of mind . . . hope of body. . . We have come to believe more than ever in the ultimate victory of what is right. Vile have sought a certain guarantee for the coming Victory. We have found it in our American spirit. We have found it in a multi- tude of little things that symbolize American morale. We have found it in the little things that make life meaningful. Ours is the American spirit of 1943! A. W. OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL November 19, 1942 Dear Graduates: The best wishes of the faculty and the lower class men go with you as you leave us to take your places in the more serious school of life. We have watched with deep appreciation your efforts to make Thomas Jeffer- son High School a force for good in the greater community as it struggles to survive the storm and stress of a world war. We feel that your contribu- tions to this cause have been most valuable and that you have set a fine example for succeeding generations of Jeffersonians. We hope that you have learned the all-important lesson that all social and collective action is successful only to the extent that each member of society feels his individual responsibility. Our girls will find that society will demand much more of them in the way of self-sacrifice. Your whole-hearted cooperation in the life of the community is absolutely essential for the winning of the war. To the boys who are about to go into the armed forces, we give our thanks for the sacrifices they will make so patriotically in the cause we all hold so dear. Our best wishes and our prayers go with you. Let us hear from you as often as possible, because we will want to know what you are doing. To you we can only say as the Bible puts it: MQuit yourselves like men-be strong." Sincerely yours, f W w Dear Seniors: What can anyone say to you today, that will have any meaning for you? Perhaps I should tell you what you already know. And then offer you a suggestion. Life IS cruel. I do not refer now to the bestial savagery and the lust for murder among the Axis leaders and so many millions of their blood- thirsty followers. That is another story too gruesome to mention. But I do refer to the countless minor cruelties each of us encounters in his normal, daily life-the injustices, the discriminations, and the other wrongs that cast so many shadows upon what might well be a pleasant, cheerful existence. You, who are about to leave the sheltered life of Jefferson-what will you do when you encounter such inequalities in your own lives? Will you give way to cynicism, anger, hatred toward the world? Or will you try to emulate George Washington Carver? Who is George Washington Carver? Born a slave. Self-educated. Great scientist and public benefactor. Instead of making millions of dol- lars for himself by copyrighting his discoveries and inventions, Dr. Carver has given all those discoveries and inventions to the American people, free. llc has been conhdential adviser to other great people in many fields of endeavor. So fine a man is he, that the Herald Tribune, in a recent editorial. used the word usaintlyl' to describe his character. Just the other day, Senator Truman, of Missouri, and Representative Short, of the same state, introduced a remarkable hill in Congress. It would make the Missouri farm on which this great Negro was horn a Federal memorial. Mind you, this honor is scheduled for Carver while he is still alive. Does this mean anything to you, especially in these days? Or will you, who are about to pass through the gates to a broader life, scoff at such encouraging signs of greater fellowship and good will between races and religions? I know that a war is going on. I know that hatreds are being engen- dered and that love and respect for one,s neighbors are being put to the supreme test. But I warn you that unless you begin, here and now, to train your minds and your hearts to look for the tie that binds us to our fellow- man. even in this day of carnage and murder, your own lives will be the poorer and of small value to humanity. George Washington Carver must have had innumerable occasions to hate mankind. How often must his blood have boiled and his heart shriv- elled at rank injustice and blind intolerance? But he never permitted such thoughts and feelings to tarnish his life-work or to blacken his outlook. Seniors of Jeiterson-go from strength to strength on the high road that the Lord has stretched out before you. Take the right road. There lies your usefuhiess to your Country. to your loyed ones. to yourselves. And reineniher the ex-slaye who. now nearing the end of his earthly journey can face eternity with a sniile in his heart for a life well iiyed. Your friend. H. A. HARRISON fm ,A ,, XL x W MN. SMIUIQI, LICVINIC M155 EDITH SIMONS MR. JOSEPH NEW MAX MR. SAYWELL B. MULDORF BERNARD SUNSHINE SARAH RUBIN BETTY NEWMAN BEVERLY SERKEN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer f' 6 bodw D X' OFFICERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS December 1942 Fellow Graduates, Vile have come to the termination of our instructive and enjoyable years of high schoolg termination in fact, but certainly not in thought. Wie are now ready to experience reality, with its pitfalls and peaks. In normal times we would all go our separate ways. each with his own plans and ambitions for the future. Today, however, we are in the midst of a brutal global war, fighting for the salvage of civilization. Wie must make heroic sacrifices., if necessary, to keep and preserve our democratic way of life. and put the welfare of our country above personal ambitions. Our roads may take us far apartg but irrespective of the distance. we all must be unified in a determination to win the war. and to help make a just and lasting peace. Only in an unharassed world will we be able to pursue our aims and eventually. attain our objectives. Sincerely yours. BERXARD SL-XSHIXE aarora editorial staff LITIQHARY Rasha Charney, Lottie Chazin, Harriet Gordon, George ltzkowitz, Ruth Kwelman, Eugene Shuhe, Goldie Wal- la:-h, Annette Weinstein. KNOCKS AND BOOSTS Ruth Davidoff, Murray Hoffman, Merle Puchkoff, Lenore Rosenberg, Lawrence Rosenthal, Helen Shachnov- sky, Shirley Shapiro, Betty Sherman, Mildred Shutly, Ruth Weinberg. TYPISTS Rachel Albala, Vera Barouch, Evelyn Bernstein, Ethel Bialer, Mollie Gilbert, Sylvia Leventer, Shirley Silver- fine, Irene Silverman, Helen Soefer, Ruth Steingart, Sylvia Stone, Sylvia Wiatric. ART Harriet Scher, Seymour Bernstein, Hyman Cohen, Norman Davidson, Bernard Sunshine, Frank Tornick. FACULTY Literature-Dr. Felix Sper Art-Mr. Ben Clements Bus1'nesseMr. Nathaniel Emil seniors ,lwwlllffcfbfi 53' A MARILYN APl'II.SON Brooklyn College. Successful llome- maker and Mother. Arista, Sec. Arbitration Court, Sec. to Miss Macpherson. llow can we knock ht-r we ask in vain? We can't find u thing for which she's to lmlatne. CLARA ARMEI. "lllKEY" Business School--,Brooklyn Col-.ii lege. Librarian. .Library Service, Red Cross Cliih, Sec. to Miss Phon. A Rt-d Cross member is now in town. lf she'll-stake over it will pay to drown. SYLVIA ASIIKENAZE 'KSYIJ' Private Secretary. Ilealth Squad, Class,ftT1'east1rer. Sweet personality, honest and true, She's of excellent quality, you'll agree too. FLORENCE AUCENSTEIN 'SLEFTYU Business College. Dancer. G.O. Rep., Student Library Asst. Who knows! She may be a future partner of Fred Astaire. CORINNE AXELROD Stenographer. Student Library Asst. As clever as any girl can be, No faults that even we can see. HELEN BADER "HONEY" Hunter College. Secretary. Arista, Sec. to Mr. Solemnick, G.O. Rep. Steady and stable, Willing and able. OSCAR BAER "HOTZ" C.C.N.Y. Engineer., G.O. Rep., Sec. to Mr. Kaufman, Key Squad Sec. One day school, two days rest, That,s when Oscar's at his best. DOROTHY BAER "DOTTY" Brooklyn College. Dietitian. Hebrew Club, Athletic Clubs, Bank Rep. Her faoe is her future. Her future looks bright. LOTTIE BAKER "CHINKIE" Business College. Secretary. Asst. See. of C.O.. Student Patrol. She has the beauty of the Orient. And the wisdom of the Occident. mvnvc BAIQABAN 'ZBALF' World Travel. Fame and Fortune. First Aid, Sec. to Mr. Coldberger. If we write "he's the idle of his classfl Ht-'ll'hreak the neck of a certain lass. RUTH BALICK "Rt'BX:" Pace Institute. Bookkeeper. Pin and Ring Rep., Record Office Sec. Neat and sweet and quiet too, llere's a girl that appeals to you. MOLLIE BANKS Sewetary-Business. Tho' this lassie is so small, She is popular with us all. ADELE AARONSON "ADDIE" Business College. Sec- retary. Liberty Bell Rep. Always active, talking ever, Merry, witty and clever. HENRY ACAD "HANK" U. S. Army or An Accountant. Civil Service Job. Student Patrol. He knows where Carbon- ate, But where did Io-dine? LENA ACID Nurses' Training School. Nurse. Pres. of 77, Sec. Mr. Melov, Student Patrol. She's always there with a friendly smile, The kind of girl who makes life worthwhile. DAVE ALBAHAE NABNER JUNIOR" U. S. Army Air Corps. Captain. He's entering the air service since he thinks he's of no earthly good. RACHEL ALBALA "FRECKLES" Business School. Sec- retary. Aurora Staff, Health Squad, Sec. to Mr. Tenrosen. ln school sheis as quiet as a mouse, But outside she raises the house. EDWARD ALBERT "LEFTY" Brooklyn College. Vice-Pres. Current Problems Club, Sec. Current Problems Club, Sec. Wil- liams Annex. His ear is attuned to the news of the world. ALBERT ALCOSSER "RIPPLESfRIPl" C.C.N.Y. Ensign- Engineer. Senior Council, Pythagorean Society, Class Pres. Ensign Alcosser4He is entering the navy as an anchor. SYLVIA ALDERMAN 'SMONIEB Business College. Private Secretary. Sec. to Miss Baum. Sylvia surely will get by, With that twinkle in her eye. PHYLLIS ALPERT g'PHlLL" .Queens College. Dietitian. llealth Squad, Sec. to Mr. Lieberman, Sec. to Mr. Kostiner. This girl will he a dietitian, For she knows her nutrition. MANNY BEHAR "C.M.1" Army Air Corps. Master Sergeant. The echo in the Eco. class. Q ALBERT BEJA L. S. Army Air Corps. A Commission. Doolittle Jr. FLO NCE BELHQSKY " IGE6. 'f.Wh'.iQcountant Se ' . Emlyfgxilezllgillr. Rlilbinor, Sec. tojlr. Green: ac yionj c fist 'he' knows howitogy it. bf,-!lff"' f L LIL 'I ' . .H "Agent 1 o egc. Psychol. ogist. e y Bell. ' cie- the kind tat goes to school t e ANN BERCER NHENNIEN Brooklyn College. ivate Sec- retary. Sheis been a help to none. Perhaps sheis lots of fun. JLDITH BERGER ",lL'DY" Business School. Assistant. Sec. to Mr. Harrison. Sec. to Mrs. Atkins. Sec. to Miss Peters. A good math student. she talks in circles. VICTOR BERGMAN LQ S. Army. Captain. Orchestra. Math Sec. As soon as Yic gets in. weill start winning the war. MARTHA BERKOWITZ C.C.N.Y. Secretary. Hebrew Club. Sec. to Mrs. Nordell. Sec. to Mrs. Atkins. Does she want to be a secretary. Or marry the bossis son? A SYL A ERKDWITQIQKEQ5 'Frivate.Secre1tarV.f Sec. tofl Mrs. ' Snglesitn dimples are pleasant to' see. So is red hai . she has a three. 7 xl ki A . ' I s' .1 If fb' 14,-A-1 f I, -Lx K' I ,- M . . . , I . .FRANCES BERLAT College. Head Bookkeeper or Head Sec- retarv. Sec. to Mr. Siegel. Bank Rep. for Mrs. Rieger. Sec. to Mrs.'Blatt. Be to her virtues ,very kind. qtoher faults a little blind. . J ' BEVERLY BERMAN "BEVEY" St. .Iohn's E. Criminologist. Library Service. Not famous. -just faithful. ' . l.ll-LlAN BERMAN Continue Study of Drafting. Drafting. jeff,-rsonian Rep. for Mrs. Lewis. .Ieiiersonian Rep. for Mrs. Sherman. Red Cross. Sweet and friendly, fair and shortg An intelligent girl and a real good sport.. t -. X f' f' of s I ' of A' Ki .f . . . 1 arte est' er. Off vvfll . hi . '. X, he g- lQlS1.,:i' STANLEY BARON "STAR" if adio Technieia gdgh Soliord .funinr TrainetpCd se. 'Tis past-that elancholv ream. 'His four vears at hiffh schoolw g - -1 4 VERA BAROLCH Pace Institute. Civil Service Emplovee. Senior Council. Sec. to Miss Xierenberg. Aurora Staff, Come pensive one. devout and pure. Sober. steadfast. and demure. JEROME BARR 'JERRY' West Point. Army Otlicership. He's a wonderful fellow-If you don't believe it just ask him. SAMKEL BARR -Btsrtri' 'ivfct Dotftfdconam Maetqg of Orchestra. Health Education Sea., Pres. of Orchestra. Clark Gable?-What have I got that he hasift-2' 1 ' DOROTHY BASS "DITCH" Brooklyn College. Private Sec- retary. Student Patrol. Health Squad. Like Coca-Cola. the pause that refreshes. , - . 1 N. .tseix "JERR'9"'1-Ig of P6-ITN' Jwlifag Pres. of Service Council. G.O. Council. Penn State: br St e Pen? AL BAEM "DUKE" IQ. of Wisconsin. Writer. Booster Club. Orchestra. He likes his girls similar to geometry-plane and solid. IRYING BAYEWITCH "BOOTS" Machinist lst Class. He likes his girls like a winding highwavfplentv of curves. Q UW iI'i'p'1. ik. 'Milf 4 1 ...fn 4 . . 5,- 2 if J .414 l'l'I'HIQL I5IAI.l-IR "lC'l"l'lE" Secretary. SllIll1'Ill Patrol. Aurora Typist. Sec. to Mrs. Quinn. We can tell you'1'c a girl of tact, By the way you speak and the way yllll act. TIIELMA BINSTOCK Brooklyn College. Teacher. Red Cross Club. llebrew Club. We drink a toast of luscious wine. To Tltelina and IICI' Palestine. DOROTHY BIRNBACII "DOTTY" Secretary. Sec. to Mr. Tenrosen. C.O. Rep. A smile as charming as a queen, A love- lier sight we've never seen. DORA BIRNBAUM Brooklyn College. Secretary. Sec. to Mr. Horowitz, Hebrew Club, Red Cross. She speaks Hebrew. but it's Creek to us. JULES BIRNBAUM 'SBOOK-WORME C.C.N.Y.fBusiness, Government-Taxation. Student Patrol. Asst. in Lunch Period, Arista. Asst. to Mr. Duskis. Sir Somnambulist, where art thou bound, Who all these years have caused no sound? RAY BLAGMAN. "BLONDIE" Sec. to Mr. Neidich, G.O. Rep., Sec. to Mr. Steinberg. Light-hearted-light-haired, But not light-headed. HERMAN BLANK g'BLTCI-I" Brooklyn College. Chemist. Booster. First Aid. Class Pres. Homework. schoolwork, what a waste. Dancing and music are more to his taste. IRWIN BLAUSTEIN Brooklyn College. Pharmacy. Sec. to Mr. Clements. Sec. to Mr. Rosenhlum. Student Patrol. Full of action in a quiet way, Before you know it. he'll have his say. PHILIP BLICK "RED" IJ. S. Air Corps. Pilot. Meet the surgeon. lle cuts daily. GEORGE BLOCK Army Air Corps. Airplane Mechanic. Claims that even if parallel lines did meet. they wouldn't talk to each other. ROSALIND BLOCK Business School. Comptometer. Pru- gram Com., Sec. Soon she-'ll be counting llle men in her life. SIDNEY BLOCK "BLOCRY' IV. S. Arnn. Draftsman. Fire XY arden. Shel got to be beautiful with big hronn eyes. To win from Sid admiring sighs. RUTH BERMAN "RUTHIE" Bookkeeper. Liberty Bell Sec., Service Council. Sec. of Official Class. Fair. tall and sweet- The world will find her quite a treat. MARIO BERNARDI "BLONDY" Civil Service. Hes present every day except when he's absent. EVELYN BERNSTEIN "YOV" Business College. Secretary. Aurora Staff, Sec. to Miss Barclay, Student Patrol. She has humor, she has wit, She l1as charm and lots of "it.', SELMA BERNSTEIN "BERNIE" Nurses' Training. Nurse. Sec. to Mr. Barbanell, Health Squad. Playful, charming and gay is she, With a pleasing personality. SEYMOUR BERNSTEIN "BERT" Cooper Union. Archi- tecture. Stock Manager of Art Dept., Leader of Art Squad, .Leffersonian Art Staff. Rembrandt, Michelangelo, DaVinci and ernstein. RLAY BERSE Business School. Bookkeeper. Student Patrol. A ays happy lwgs gat In our opinion she's okay. SEYMOUR BERSON "CYE,, U. S. Military Academy. f- ficer in Il. S. Army. Head of Volunteer Student Defense, First Aid. The guy with '4Athlete's Soulf, MAY BERZON "MIMI" Business School. Typist. Student Patrol. Reticent, sincere, Nice to be near. SYI.VlA BERZON "SUE" Sylvia is a quiet lass, I wonder how she's out of class. DOROTHY BRICKMAN "DOTTY" Hollywood Model School. Model. Yice-Pres. of Hostess Club. Sec. to Mr. M. C. Cohen. Service Council. In charm and wisdom she is blessed: In pretty clothes she's always dressed. LEON BRICKMAN "RED" C.C.N.Y. Engineer. Arista. Liberty Bell. Service Council. Leo is always full of cheer. Aims to be an engineer. EX ELYN BRODACH NEYEY' Business College. Accountant. C.O. Treasurer's Sec.. Sec. to Mrs. Rieger. Regents Folder Com. A laugh. a chat. a gay retort, perhaps sometimes a pun, A friend to all who know her, and a smile for everyone. ETHEL BRODSKY "ETTIE" Business College. Secretary. Sec. to Mrs. Rich. Student Patrol. Health Squad. When Ethel flashes her big black eyes. We wonder whether she's the inspiration for dark eyes. IRYING BRODSKY Casey Jones Aeronautics. Army Air Corps. Senior Council. Engineer Amplifier Squad. Studeiit Patrol Ofhcer. When it's ladies' day at Ebbets Field. look for Irving. MORRIS BRODSKY "MOISHE" St. John's U. Lawyer. Stu- dent Patrol Captain. Service Council. Fire Warden. His class is like a Pullmang He's just one of the sleepers. MARTIN BROOKE "DANNY, U. S. Air Corps. Flyer. He must have received a very raw deal. Because he wants to leave us with so much zeal. RUTH BROWN Brooklyn College. Teacher. Arista, Sec. of Off. Class. Sec. of Dental Hygienist. Sweet. polite and clever. Will she fail? Never. BEVERLY BRUMER "BOBBIE" Civil Service. Hostess Club. Sec. to Dr. Kramer. Sec. to Miss Palmer. Pretty. friendly. a bit "Devily." Is a perfect description of Beverly. MILDRED BUDIN "MOLKY', N.Y.U. Bookkeeper. Regents Folder Com.. G.O. Store Sec.. Red Cross Club. Calm and col- lected. And by all respected. THERESA BUDOFF Business School. Secretary. To call her sweet is quite unfair. Because thereis more than sweetness there. ALYIN BURNS "BURNSIE" Penn State College of Optoine- try. Optometrist. Clee Club. Sec. to Mr. West. He doesn't like moth, But he's a wiz at figures. .L x 41 JEANNETTE BLLEIVEISS 'IIEANNIEQ Business College. Private Secretary. Sec. to Mr. Aaron Jaffe. Student Patrol. Class Treasurer. A pleasant girl. a swell pal. She's what we call a regular gal. STANLEY BOLOTIN Brooklyn College. Math Teacher. Arista. Pres. of Pythagorean Society. Sec. to Dr. Kramer. Ready for work with plenty of grit. Ready for fun: that's why he's a hit. SYLYIA BOMZER Brooklyn College. English Teacher. Sec. to Miss Hay. Sec. to Miss Simons. Liberty Bell Rep. Jeffer- son's gift to the boys. MORRIS BORDMAN "MERRY" Delehanty. Bedding In- spector. Please go away and let me sleep. ESTHER BRAM "BOSHIE" Business College. Secretary. Sec. to Mrs. Chavin. Sec. to Mr. Einhorn. Student Patrol. Her big blue eyes are her pride and joy. Most appealing to any boy. THELMA BRATHIVAITE Bookkeeper. Library Service. Stu- dent Patrol. She wants to be a bookkeeper. But when the right guy comes along. she'll be a housekeeper. TOBIE BRATMAN 'PEPPYN Brooklyn College. History Teacher. Record Office. Teaching yourline? Success be thine. WILLIAM BRALTERMAN "C.M.l3" Officer Training School. Playboy. Meet the surgeon--he cuts daily. LILLIAN BREITSTEIN "LEE" Barnard. Journalist. Editor Liberty Bell, Arista. Service Council. Talent in all things literary. Charm-out of the ordinary Qu g '4 A 1 1. - A if f A l, , gy 2 K N 3 5 1 . ' A f E F 'I' A 'Q 9- RASIIA CIIARNICY Brooklyn College. Bfieteriologist. Arista, Servive Counvil, tlhie .lusticr Arbilrgf' n Court. A Df!lIl0t'I'lllIC Arista-eral. I V l.O'l"I'Il'l CIIAZIN N.Y.ll. Journalist. Aurora Staff. .lefto- sonian Stall, Sec. to Mrs. Chavin. A mighty hard worker, elli- cieney plus, A worthy student whom .ls-llwson trusts. AlJl'll.IC QIIIECKNOFF NIIINNYM .lewish Ilospital of Nursing. I't'diatric Nursing. Infirmary Ilealth Squad, Sec. to Mr. Green, llebrew Club Executive Com. A maiden very neat, And always so discreet. BERNICE CHERNICK "BONNIE" N.Y.Il. Secretary. Vice- Pres. of Orlicial Class. Shes witty and pretty and clever, too, With the traits of a leader strong and true. .IOSEPH CHIPRUT "CI'IIPPY" Army Air Corps. Lieutenant. He's high-school bred. A four year loaf. HENRY CHOZICK HHANKH U. S. Air Corps. Technician. While reading, his mind drifts far, Whom is he thinking of, Hedy LaMarr'? FLORENCE CI-IUDNOVSKY "FLO" Brooklyn College. Teacher. Leaders' Club, Sec. to Mr. H. Epstein, Sec. to Mr. Goldman. To all who do not know her well, I want to say that she is swell. RUTH CICALE Secretary. Sec. to Mr. Spund, Sec. to Mrs. Cox. Full of charm and vitality, Ruth's a girl with person- ality. ABE COHEN "COLLINS" Stanford LI No knockg we extend our sympathy. ALBERT COHEN 'CHINZM Art College. Artist. No data. no knock. BELLA COHEN "BELLE" Stenographer. Sec. to Mr. Green, Sec. to Mr. l mans, Sevretary to Mr. Steinberg, Heres a .lef- Iersonian loyal and true, Shes quiet. intelligent and friendly too. BELLX COIIEN "BELLE" Hunter College. Bacteriology. Choral Group. Watch Belle oxer test-tubes. Bending to watch the microbes. ESTELLE BUTENSKY Brooklyn College. II. E. Teacher. Chancellor of Kagathos, Service Council, G.O. Council. With Estelle we don't compete, For we know shels an excellent athlete. CLARA CAMHI Sec. to Dr. Kramer, Sec. to Miss Palmer. Health Squad. An asset to ,Ietlerson RENEE CAPELL Brooklyn College. Dress Designer. Effi- ciency is precious. i-F ALBERT CAPON MAL CAPONEH Well what do you know,- it really happened. , 0 SYLVIA CASSLER "SYL" Business. Secretary. Student Patrol, Sec. to Mrs. McLellan. -.Mild of nemper, good of heart, Always ready to do her part. SILVIA CHAITOFF HCHICKIEH Regents Com., Student Patrol, Record Office. We've often wondered what makes her tick. She's so remote and yet so chic. MARIAN CHAMBLEE "MARIANINA" Artist. Artist on .leffersonian Staff, Aurora Art Staff. Chamblee and Rembrandt. SOLOMON CHAMPAGNE 'LSOLLIEH Machinist. We are afraid to knock. He may awake. BELLA CIIANOFSKY "BELLE" C.C.N.Y. Commercial Str-nographer. Student Patrol. To know a person who is swell, You really have to meet Belle. 0-1 Q. L .f'f,,.g' ., , If .V 4 'fy f ' . ' 4 A f 1 A N 5. 1 s... THELMA COHEN "THEL" Business School. Secretary. To give Thel a knock, Would produce too great a shock. JOSEPH COOK NJOEI, Accountant. Auditor for Athletic Dept., Sec. to Mrs. Rieger. I regret that I can give only four years to Jefferson. ROSLYN COOPER UROZN Pratt Institute. Dress Designer. Health Squad, Mimeograph Squad, Sec. to Miss Wirth. To make smarter clothes herself she's resigning, To follow the field of dress designing. NICHOLAS COROZZA 'i'CI'IICK" School of Aeronautics. Aviator. First Aid. The cream of the crop. P.S. The crop failed. SYLVIA CUSHER HSOOKIEP Nurses' Training School. Nurse. Lunchroom Captain, Liberty Bell Rep., Bank Rep. A nurse to be she's made up her mind, A prettier one will be hard to find. ESTELLE CUTLER "ESSIE', Red Cross, Service Council, Captain Student Patrol. Witlrteachers who know their students best, It's Estelle 2 to I. IRMA DAREVSKI Nurses' Training School. Nurse. Usher Manager, Student Patrol, Leader, Service Council. Traveling over hill and dale, Shelll be a future Florence Nightingale. RUT DAVIDOFF N. .U. yer Library Staff, Sec. to Mr. tman ' ' ' t ,ason Ruth never carries bo x. e ur r her looks. NO AN DAVID N VY" ooper Union. Commercial Artis . Asst. Art ditor Aurora, Art Editor of Jeffersonian, Art Squad. Here is a real go-getter, Always trying for some- thing better. JOHN DE BLASIO i',lEAN" Air Corps. Aviation. Sec. to Mr. Casey, Monitor to Mrs. Cox, Board Foreman to Miss Spencer. A promising studentg always promising to do better. IRWIN DENIS 'QIUNIORU U. S. Army. General. This picture of health, he ought to be framed. DANNY DIAMOND 'tWHITEY" Cooper Union. Engineer. Senior Council. Gets into more things than a head of lettuce in a sandwich shop. ne- f. ., 1. 1 -1 .. 'th I 1 af. . I ,I .1 In Al',a.'ii"'id t Y I DOROTHY COHEN "DOTTY" Pratt Institute. Interior Decorator. Senior Council. Mr. Cosman's Sec.. Student Patrol. Her laugh is delightful and so is she. As friendly and chic as she can be. HYMAN COHEN Cooper Union. Engineering. Arista. Pythagorean Society, Lock Squad. Hels going to find the Fifth dimension. HYMAN COHEN 'SHYH New York Institute of Photography. Photographer. Photographic Squad, Class Color Rep.. Tool Foreman to Mr. Steinberg in Elec. Shop. He thinks Kreisler composes automobiles. JULIA COHEN 'fC.M.10" Secretary. Charm, intelligence and personality, Itls quite uncommon to have all three. MARY COHEN HSHORTYH Brooklyn College. To have a Civil Service Position. Sec. to Miss Meehan. Little Mary 2 by 4, Too bad there isn't more. MILTON COHEN Air Corps. Mechanic. Cheering Squad, Handball Team, Liberty Bell Staff. A higher goal is this boy's aim. Heid sit on a tack to rise to fame. NATHAN COHEN HBIG DAVE" Fordham. Ball Player. Student Patrol. Leader of men, Follower of women. REBECCA COHEN "BECKY" Business College. Account- ant. Student Patrol. Proficiency and eficiency, not a sign of deficiency. CRTC I A A Hn 40 IRVINU DORESON ll. S. Army, Mcct lledy LaMarr. Ile thinks Captain Kidd was u hnmorisl. l3l'IRNlCli DIIIZIN Sccrclary. Regents Folder Com., lleallh Squad, Sec. to Mrs. Rim-ger. Brilliant and clever. charming and sweet. The kind of girl ai guy wants to meet. NATHAN DllBlNE'l'T 'tS'l'ERI.lNG" C.C.N.Y. Biologist. Pres. of Chemistry Class. Two things keep him from dancing-s his feet. SHIRLEY DUBROFF "SQUlRLY" St. John's School of Busi- ness. Bookkeeper. Kagathos, Senior Council, Service Council. She has but one ambition: To till a bookkeeper's position. MURIEL DUFFY Typist. Student Patrol. Like a book, she's hound to please. ELEANOR EARL "SANDY', Business College. Private Sec- retary. Sec. to Mr. Schneider, Sec. to Miss Baum. Her charms are delightful and so is she, Friendly and gracious as she can be. LILA EDELMAN Brooklyn College. Secretary. Health Serv- ice Squad. Easy to look at, a pleasure to know, One to whom you never say no. DIANA EHOODIN Secretary and to iloin the WAACS. Clee Club. Diana with her voice so clear, Sings the songs we love to hear. FLORENCE EHRENFREUND HFLORIEU Nurses' Training. Army Nurse. Minute Men, Current Problems Club, Health Squad. A well-dressed girl with a pretty face, A winning wit, with charm and grace. JOSEPH EHRLICH Queens Fire College. Fireman. Will he burn ur, when he reads this? MARTHA EISENBERC "MICKEY" Brooklyn College. Journalist. Associate Editor of Liberty Bell. Service Council, Rep. of Defense Council. The Belle of the Bell. WILLIAM EISNER HBRONCO BILL" IV. of Wyoming. Electrical Engineer. Stage Squad. Dramatic Coach. He's got a touch of Texas in his walk. MAX DIAMOND His class is like a Pullman, He's one of the sleepers. CHARLOTTE DIENSTAG Bookkeeper. Sec. to Miss Hay, Sec. to Mr. Greenwald. Snappy, vivid, full of pep, Charlotte sure does keep in step. VINCENT DITARANTO HD" Delehanty Institute. Court Stenographer. On the swing shift of Lockheed, He's learning to duck before she swings. EDITH DLUCASH Secretary. Health Squad in Infirmary, Health Squad in Pool, Leaders' Club. She'd be a welcome addition to any ollice. ZINAIDA DLUGASHEFSKA ",IERRl" Business College. Secretary. A struggle indeed, But now she's freed. THERESE DLUZEWSKI 'LECKAU Brooklyn College. Sec- retary. Sec. to Dr. Klein, Sec. to Miss Natelson, Service Council. Mischievous eyes, a pep thatls rare, A smile so winning beyond compare. ALICE DODSON Lincoln School for Nurses. Psychiatric Social Vlforker. Health Squad, Radio Workshop, Vice-Pres. Fellowship League. She's sure to bring light to a world not hright. BEATRICE DOLCE Business College. Bookkeeper. HQth Squad. Praise llle Lordsand pass the information. f SHIRLEY DOMENIKOFSKY "BLONDIE', Brooklyn College or C.C.N.Y. Accountant. Vice-Pres., C.O. Rep., Sec. to Mrs. Cliavin. Awfully sweet, personality fair, Gentle voice with golden hair. SHIRLEY ANN FALKOFF "PINKEY" Delehanty Business College. Bookkeeper. Student Patrol, Sec. to Mr. Riley. She is small, she is slight, But a mighty. mighty mite. DOROTHY FARBERBIAN "DOTTY" C.C.N.Y. Bookkeeper. Kagathos, Service Council. Leaders'. Nice to know. Always on the go. RUTH FECHER Chairman of Junior Red Cross Club. Sec. to Miss Hay. Of kindly deeds so true. She does more than few. ALMA FEDER 'SALINKAR Brooklyn College. journalist. Dr. Klein's Sec.. Mr. Emil's Sec.. Member of Current Problems Club. Alma is short. everyone knowsg But short and sweet the saying goes. JANE FEDERDOWICZ Business School. Regents Folder Com. .Iane's a rareffind. So sweet and kind. MARTIN FEIN U. S. Naval Academy. Officer. Student Patrol. Pres. Official Class. Mimeograph Squad. One thing we can say. He doesn't do things half way. . ."I..'lv"'l BEATRICE FEINERBIAN HBE.-T" N.YQ4U. ' Radio Script Writer. Vice-Pres. Oiiicial Class. Senior Council. Pres. Council. Here's a girl we must admit. Is cheerful, neat and full of wit. ALVIN FEIT U. S. Army. C.P.A. Nlimeograph Squad. Class Treasurer. A conscientious worker is he. Success will follow. you will see. DOROTHY FELDNIAN "DOTTY" Typist. Sec. to Miss Meehan, Bank Staff. A diller a dollar. An 8:15 scholar. ELEANOR FELDMAN "ELLY" Business College. Book- keeper. C.O. Treasurer's Oliice. Class Treasurer. Official Class Pres. As charming a lass as ever did go to Jefferson. JEANNE FELDMAN MFRENCHY' College. Aviation Engi- neer. Oliice Sec. to F. Shore. Library Service. Student Patrol. Aviation, Jeanne. collegeg Aggravation. Jeanne. no knowledge. SHIRLEY FELDMAN i'BLACKIE" Brooklyn College. Sec. to Miss Meehan. Sec. to Mrs. Rieger. An asset to any school. AAA SEYBIOLR ELLENBBRC HSCHLOIBIEH L. of Mongolia. Teehniral, Llama. Orchestra. He thinks that the "Law of Diminishing Returns" was established by the laundryman. SHIRLEY ELWORTH Secretary. OO. Rep.. Sec. to Mr. Einhorn. Some girls are natural: some girls are nice: But here's a girl vvho's naturally nice. PALL EXIANLEL Temple Lniversity. Dentistry. Student Defense Council. Liberty Bell Rep.. Pythagorean Society. I'm going to college. Professors. beware. ROSE ENIANLEL "SHORTY" Business School. Secretary. This charming little lass. Is an asset to our class. . ..,.L,,1 , HARRI-XT C.C.N.Y. Spagish Stenographer. Pres. . g . R . , of Spam 1 uh,g-Krista H rriet L lovaflsleyeheerfltllaxid 'wise With a merry twinklejn ltr? eyes. - ROSE EPSTEIN Theatre. Actress. Defense Council. Senior Dramatic Club. Sec. to Speech Office. To be a Bernhardt is her aim. She's got the charm. the looks and brain. SHIRLEY EPSTEIN Brooklyn College. B.A. Degree. Sec. to Hr. Neidicb. Always sincere. ever hard working. And her duty never shirking. f SEL' IA ETHE BRE?" Bfoo an College. Teacher. Sec. for Nlr. ilfmllxfl Mo'rTifo't'. ' .elma with her quiet way. Will be teaching math me day. fifzjl 'V x ,K , LENA FACAN 4'LENNY" Civil Service Stenographer. Sec., Bank Rep. Klodesty oft hides merit. .,. , Al L , , '-LW L Rtllililfl' FLAM M "l"l.lM FLA MB N.Y.ll. Flyer. A good sport, a good friend, A will to work that can never end. ROSLYN I"l.A'l'UW Secretary. Arista, Sec. to Mrs. Pasner, Student Patrol. An Arista-crat. SHIRLEY FLAX Business Colle-ge. Secretary. Health Squad, Asst. Business Manager of Jeflersonian, Liberty Bell Rep. She has a heart like a hotel: room for everyone. PEARL FODIM Secretary-Bookkeeper. Senior Council, Regents Folder Com., Sec. to Miss Nierenherg. Here's a .lef- fersonian loyal and true. She's quiet, intelligent, and friendly too. SHIRLEY FORMAN Brooklyn College. Senior Council, Serv- ice Council, Library. She's pretty, she's petite, She's rather quiet and very neat. RITA FORTGANG HREECHIER Nurses' Training School. Nurse. Sec. to Mrs. Powers, Class Treasurer. She surely is the soothing type. RICHARD FRANZEL "DICK" College. B.S. Biology Laboratory Asst., Asst. Miss MacPherson. Multum in parvo. ARNOLD FREEDMAN Brooklyn Polytech Institute. Engi- neer. Dance Band, Field Band. Beethoven, Mendelsohn, Bach and Freedman. MARILYN FREEDMAN St. Johnls. Secretary. Kagathos, Service Council, Sec. to Hr. Kostiner. High in mentality, Rich in personality. LEWIS FRIED C.C.N.Y. Engineer. Soccer Team. He wants to be an engineer. He'll succeedg have no fear. RIlTll FRIED Record Oilice. Student Patrol. Sympatheti- cally, no knock. ELE XNOR FRIEDNIXN C.CN.Y. Court Stenographer. Sec. in History Office. Ste-nography Club. A modest maid. Wim'- made the grade. A MILTON FIALKOW "MlLTY" C.C.N.Y. Medical Doctor. Sec. to Mr. E. Sakol, Sec. to Mr. Rosenblum, Asst. to Mr. Goldman. Brown-eyed brunettes he does admire. Of their smiles, he'll never tire. RHODA FIDELMAN HFIDDLESTICKSM Juilliard Music School. Pianist in School Orchestra. She may not he hril- liant, but she's nobody's fool, Against all odds. she-'ll get out of school. MAY FINKELSTEIN 'EMAISIEM Ballet Dancer. Sec. on Liberty Bell, War Stamps Salesgirl, Sec. to Mr. Garelik. A little girl with lots to say. Leave it to May to lead the way. EDNA FINK Business School. Secretary. Library Service Group, Arista. A dillar, a dollar, An all-around good scholar. SAMUEL FINK St. ,Iohn's. Accountant. Liberty Bell Rep., Sec. to Mr. Rodgers. Never do today, what you can do to- morrow. SEYMOUR FIRESTEIN Printer. Who will doubt this fellow here, Will make a "gov of his career. BERNICE FISHER 'LBERNIEN Business School. Secretary. Regents Folder Com., Sec. to Dr. Kramer. Happy as the day is long. HERBERT FISHMAN "FISHY" Brooklyn College. Journal- ist. Bank Rep., Sec. to Mr. Bloom. Whenever you have a favor to ask, Herbert is there to do the task. SYLVIA FISHMAN "WAAC" Kings County School of Nurs- ing. Red Cross Nurse. Arista, Business Manager of Liberty Bell, Program Com. Books she'll read, stories she'll write, But none of these on Saturday nite. 'Q' .AIA 'itf ' V .-" 3 M9 g 4 t! l ' l AHYMAN GELMAN "gC.M.1j" Kalamazoo U. Playboy. Friends, senitvrs. classmates, lend me your homework. SHIRLEY GENDIN "LEE" Business College. Secretary. Sec. to Mrs. Pasner, Student Patrol. Sec. to Miss Meehan. A very sweet and quiet lass. So we're glad she's in our class. RUTH GERSON "DlMPLES" Brooklyn College. Secretary. Health Squad. A modest gal with a sparkling wit, Always sure to make a hit. MOLLIE GILBERT Bookkeeper-Stenograplier. Aurora Typist. ProHciency and efficiency, Not a sign of deficiency. ZILLIE C-ILDIN Business School. Private Secretary. Red Cross Club, Student Patrol. Neat and sweet and quiet too. Here's a girl who'll appeal to you. Q NAT- E GI X' EAT" lia d. Singer. Her y is ' l ' s. BENJAMIN CINSBERC"'C.M.7,' Polytech Institute. Engi- neer. Sec. to Mr. Steinberg. The girls are crazy about him. The girls are crazy. - Y i CINSBERG t'GINSY",' Philadelphia-Textile Institute. ITV t e"' iivineer. Li ert Bdll. Swimming Team. Defense t-Cbunci Oupoy sts glivetsiiieci He prefer' engineer- ing ' fields allied. 'V Q MURRAY GINSBERG HSCOOP' Columbia. Athletic Pub- licity Director. Liberty Bell Sports Staff. He has his fingers in every pie. There's not a thing he passes by. DAVID GLASER 'fD.G." Cornell. Farmer. Sec. to Dr. TYashington. Sec. to Mr. Dolgenas, Pin and Ring Rep. From those who know you very well. We want to tell you that you're swell. FREDERICK CLASS "FRED" Successful Businessman. Service Patrol. Knocking some folks may be fun, But knock- ing you can't be done. JEROME CLASS Tice-Pres. Student Patrol. Service Council. CD. Council. A connoisseur in the art of K.P. A MILDRED FRIEDMAN "MILLIE" Typist. Rep. of Senior Jewelry. Leaders. Health Squad. Millie is modest. quiet and sweet. Yery small but can't be beat. RLYTH FRIEDMAN "ROSALYX" Model. Chairman of Eco. Class. Sec. to Mr. Rieger. So reserved and quiet. More ought to try it. THOMAS FRISCIA C.C.N.Y. Engineering. Arista. Sec. Pythagorean Society. Soccer Team. Even the waves in his hair, Are arranged mathematically. CODEL GANDLER "ADONIS" College. Doctor. Treasurer for Liberty Bell and Jeffersonian. Sleep on. MacDuff. ANGELINA GANDOLFO BANN' Business College. Sec- retary. Student Patrol OHicer. Sec. to Mrs. Wells. Service Council. Smiling. cheerful. always dependable. Nothing about her thatis not commendable. LAWRENCE CARDENHLARRYR N.Y.L'. Medicine. Sports Editor of Liberty Bell. Service Council. Vice-Pres. of Senior Ofhcial Class. A medal for sports writing he'd surely win: But Larryis more interested in medicine. BERT D. GASTER Columbia. B.S. Degree. Arista. School Paper "Stadium" and G.O. Delegate at Townsend Harris. Who does his task from day to day and meets whatey er comes his way. BELLA GELFAND Stenographer. As noisy as a falling snow- flake. JACK CELLMAN HPROFESSORW N.Y.L'. Aeronautical Engineer. Arista. Service Council. Pythagorean Society. Looks innocent. but his wolf call caused an Alert the other day. 1 -wi ,4- Ix 'Q 8 . f, 3 'sfgsfg :I 'T . A , g ' Lift' 't' aft' ,faqs A .An . .V Y rm' c 1 nw -'ttkfr' ist..-tmdi. 'qi WA Q 'so to ' ,QV . ' , . , mgi. . Q . . Mrs. Pasucr. ll cycs ,til soft rcd hair, M614 charm than canil compare. IRVING GOLDICN "tI.M."" Air Corps. Meteorologrist. So fond of an argument, that he wouldn't cvcu eat the foofl that agrees with him. BTORRIS GOLDEN NDOLE' Boston Collcge. Accountant. Auditing for Athletic Dept., Prcs. of French 4- Class. From baseball to figures, All in a tlay's work for Morris. DONALD GOLDBERG C.C.N.Y. Accountant. A little non sense now and then, ls relished by the wisest men. HELEN GOLDFARB Bookkeeper. Sec. to Mrs. Rieger, Sec. to Miss Wilgard. As sharp as Gillette and as Ever-ready. GEORGE GOLDMAN h'C.Mf',' U. S. Army. General, We'd like to see him get ahead--He needs one! MANNING GOLDMAN NMANNIEH N.Y.U. Engineer. Sees all, hears all, says nothing. ROCHELLE GOLDMAN HRENNIEH WAAC. Sec. to Dr. Klein, Work on Draft Board, Arista. Glowing charm and rare vivacity, Loveliness and brain capacity. GERTRUDE GOLDSMITH To be a nurse is her aim, We hope she-'ll realize her fame. HYMAN GOLDSTEIN "HY" Service Council, Chief of the Amplifier Squad. His serenity hardly conceals, The goodness that his heart reveals. MARTIN GOLDSTEIN College. Martin never frowns or frets, When glancing at those pretty brunettes. M0 0 DS N-J"LEFTY" Brooklyn College. Ac- cogfaritfaaffk . .st.f'P"ffLdslt125ff!B4!Y3VtLQ.ud has a ,silver lirlinjg.,'LT,bi.s writgfpciew,i,,6,4,I .it Qglfful 4 K ESTHER GLAZER Bookkeeper. Student Patrol. A pretty girl with eyes of blue, And personality smiling t rough. ADELE GOLDVYVEMER itsings. Secret r .2 SWG, Y Patrol, S '. to fltliss fgfilfdiiigrf Sie stmids iilere and aghast, Amlvq ries that are asked. J BEATRICEIG 1:15 Of all the charms that. ess, The best she has is friendliness. LILLIAN GOLD Secretary. General Office Sec.. Student Patrol. Defense Council Rep. Always working for the school, "Do a good jobu is her rule. HENRY GOLDBERG MHENNYR Cooper Union. Commercial Artist. Secretary to Mr. Bloom. If brains were electricity, he'd be a dead generator. PAUL GOLDBERG HPINKSR C.C.N.Y. Accountant-C.P.A. Came from Hamilton. To knock this boy we cannot do. So we will pay our respects and praise him too. 'EH GILOLIEER ENNY" Sigel? ily.-a C shes wittyg She's clever, sheis pretty. Z SAUL GOLDBERG Xavier. Graduate. Saul likes them dark and light, For all we know he may be right. SHIRLEY GOLDBLATT Business College. WAAC. Aurora Rep. We believe that Shirley is qualified to reach her ambition. 1- Qi SHEILA GOROSI-INIK Brooklyn College. Librarian, Mime- ograph Squad. Like Dr. .lekyll and Mr. Hyde, She's quiet in schoolg but oh! outside!! GILBERT GOTFRIED HCARDINIH C.C.N.Y. Teacher. Swimming Team, Chess Club, Lock Squad. Those who say the least, often say the most. ALBERT GOTKIN "ALBlE" University of Arizona. Agri- culture. Cheering Squad, Student Paqol Capt. No athlete of f MQQX. SHI Y ,'REDW .ft rivate L ary. SEQ..-Ill Mrs tle,bg1r',dle of w some charn.. fame, But a sport 'ust the same. . . A , MEHIN GOT Aviation Engineer. His nose is on the wheel. REBECCA GRALIA 4'BECKY" Brooklyn College. Account- ant. Circulation Staff of Liberty Bell, Senior Council, Service Council. Becky is the girl with the three P's: Personality, pep, and popularity. RUBIN GRALLA "CURLEY" U. S. Air Force. He walks through the halls with the greatest of ease, Trying his best the ladies to please. ALVIN GREEN U. S. Navy. To Teach Radio. He is striving to reach the top, And he's not going to stop. ' CLARA GEEN UGREENYH Brooklyn College. Library Serv- ice Group. She is charming and sweet, and very petite, And believe me sheis sure a treat. SHIRLEY GREENBAUM Business School. Private Secretary. She's quiet and refined, The real Jeffersonian kind. BLANCHE GREENBERG Stenographer. Sec. to Mr. Ham- mer, Sec. to Mrs. Sokolove. Calm and unruffled as waveless waters. JULIUS GREENBERG "JULIE" U. S. Army. He thinks manual labor is a Spanish dancer. NATALIE GOLDSTEIN Bookkeeper. Sec. to Mr. Barbanell, Class Sec. Quiet, courteous and refined, She is one of the finer kind. SYLYIA GOLDSTEIN Nurses' Training School. Nurse. Swimming Club. First Aid Squad. Theres nothing to show in verse, How good will be this nurse. SYLVIA GOLDSTEIN HSTIPKAN Dancer. Sec. to Mrs. At- kins, G.O., Sec. in Local Draft Board 210. Our class wit- always doing things in halves. YLL s coqotiz roo yn cot - ssc' Worker. sec. i' . n O e, ' nL it . ' t . you don't lxiow P- y lis-he c 1 are us: , brains and Ziff personality plus. HARRIET GOR ON MHA-RRIETB Brooklyn College. Psy- chologist. Program Com., Aurora Literary Staff, Sec. to ll. G. Cohen. Harriet makes the teachers blue, the boys red, and the girls green with envy. MILDRED GORDON Secretary. Sec. to Miss Palmer, Health Squad in Pool, Sec. to Mrs. Levy. Short as Mildred she can be heard above all. SYLVIA GORDON Stenographer. Student Patrol, Health Squad. She keeps the school clean and neat. O HAROLD GORENSTEN Brooklyn College. Doctor. Capt. Student Patrol, Member of Service Council. Student Defense Council, Air Raid Warden. Studious, ambitious, friendly and such, Is liked by his classmates very much. NORMAN GOROFF C.C.N.Y. History Teacher. Lock and Key Squad, Asst. to Mr. A. ,latte in the G.O. Store, Service Council. A magician. He knows a million ways to give a teacher gray hair. 4 fi l IIARVEY IIABICR "RED" Syracuse. lsorestry. Defense Rep., Soccer Tezini. Ile thinks u "seniorila" is a female senior. Rl'lNl'll'l IIALPICRN ller st-twice read like a poem---blank verse IIICRZI. IIAMMICR Brooklyn College. Teaching. Arista. "II Penseroso." MARCY HANFT C.C.N.Y. School of Technology. Civil Engineer. Pres. Chess Club, Senior Council, Capt. Chess Team. A lady killer-One look at him and they die of fright. ERNEST HANSEN "HANDSOME" Harvard. Bank Presi- dent. He plans to make money by putting fenders on grape- fruit spoons. DORA HARTWELL Fisk University. Musical Supervisor. Harmony with every grace, Plays in the fair, proportioned face. IRYING HAIISER Cooper Union. Mechanical Engineer A gentleman and a scholar. ISRAEL HEFLING St. Johns University. C.P.A. The sap of his family tree. ANNA HEIMBINDER "PEANUTS" Juilliard School of Music. Opera Singer. Sec. of Jeffersonian. Asst. to Mr. Schneider. Chorus. A ready smile, a ready wit. Makes our Ann a certain hit. HAROLD HELLER C.C.N.Y. Electrical Engineer. Yice- Pres. Chess Club. Pythagorean Society. Chess Team. Claims that even if parallel lines did meet. they wouldn't talk to each UIlIQ'I'. ELE,-'KNUR HILSCHEIN "EI.l.Y" Nursesl Training: School. Nurse. Student Library Xsst. Leave silence to the saints. Shes only human. ARRL IIENDY "HONEST ABE" Nlerehant Marine School. Naiigator. Narsity lfootltall. Xarsity Swinnning. would our leant he a team at all. lf llently couldn't play footljzill? PAULINE GREENBERC "PAT" Private Secretary. Student Patrol, Sec. to Mrs. Scott, Leaders' Club. Secretarially yours. . , Q FRAN GREEDJFIELD HBLONDIEM Secretary. Sec. to Mr. Sa , Class Treasurer, Batik Rkp. She's sweet and simple -very imple. 'NJ BELLA GREENHOUSE MCLAUDIA' Sec. to Mrs. Lewis. She's always there! BLANCHE CROMAN Business'College. Business Eigecutive. She's "well-bred"-just finished a four-year loaf. PAULA CROSS "PENNY" Business College. Secretary. Regents Folder Com., Bank Rep., Sec. to Mrs. Rieger. Her charming ways, Deserve much praise. GERTRUDE GROSSMAN "CIT" Business School. Book- keeper. Sec. to Mr. Einhorn, Red Cross Club. An all-round girl-all around the school. GLORIA GROSSWIRTH Stenographer. Attendance Ofice, Sec. to Mrs. Pasner, Student Patrol. Girls like her are few: Helpful, charming and pleasing too. ANNE CURIAN Arista, Service Council, Hostess Club. A modest possessor of that. happy blend, A splendid scholar and an excellent friend.. -A I V -f " . '. .. ' Ag HARVEY CURIEN NEVILLE Co'll'egel'Research Chem . 2nd lou's Pasteur. Service Council, Band, Orchestra, Circula- tion Slafl. The genius of Pasteur. fills him with aweg But we think hc'd do better, to be a second Shaw. 7 -1 4 ls HELEN HOROWITZ Brooklyn College. Private Secretary. Liberty Bell Sec.. Paper Warden. Little though she be, she is the very best. I , IIE Y N HUBIERAIAN L. S. Navy. Appointment AixAnnapolis. Yarstjq7ootJ1alI'Team I7unchnoomiSqu4d. Studeni Patrol: A lead 'men and aillowefof vifomen. 5 GERTRUDE HYATT HCITTY' Secretary. Sec. to Mr. Ten- rosen, Sec. to Mr. Auslanrler. Clever. charming and a dear, A witty maid who spreads good cheer. CHARLES HYAAIS "FRANK" St. ,Iohn's Lniversity. C.P.A. He thinks ,Ioan of Arc was Noah's wife. MURRAY IKEN "IKE" Landscape Artist. Student Patrol Lieut., Service Council. Asst. to Slr. Sternberg. Model Airplane Foreman. I got one thing out of high schoolgmyselfl GEORGE ITZKOWITZ "ITZIE" N.Y.I'. Pilot. Aurora Literary Staff. Ofiicer on Student Patrol. He doesn't drink coffee in the morning. because he's afraid it will interrupt his sleep during the day. MELYIN ,IACOBOWITZ "C.lI.l"' Business School. Court Stenographer. Work never killed anvone-but he's not taking any chances. JOYCE LORNA JACOBS. Nursesi Training School. Nurse. Program Com.. Sec. to AI. G. Cohen. Service Council, Fm sure she'll be without fail, A second Florence Nightingale. RESHA .IACOBS Brooklyn College. Artist. Shes sure to paint her way to fame. EVA ,IACOBSON Brooklyn College. Arista. Service Council. Leaders' Club. Alert. efficient. nice to know. We really hate to see her go. FLORENCE IACOBSON 'AFLORRIEN Basketball. Sec. Flor- rie wants to aim high in life. She'll probably make a very good wife. YIYIAN ,IAFFE "AYIYA" Brooklyn College. Pres. Jeffer- sonian Stafi. Arista, Minuteman. She thinks there are two sides to a story: Hers and the wrong side. ,A FAYE HENIN "IRISH" St. ,Iohn's Lniversitv. Accountant. Leadersf Kagathos. C.O. Rep. Faye is an athletic girl. Shes got the boys all in a whirl. BIILDRED SLSANNE HERBIAN "DOLLY" Hunter College. Language Teacher. Program Com.. Sec. to II. C. Cohen. Serv- ice Council. Her manner most charming. Her smile is dis- arming. KLARA HERSCHER C.C.N.Y. Accounting. Sec. to Bliss Hay. Our Klara is original: She replaces C with K. EYELYN HOCHHALSER HDAISEYBELLM Brooklyn Col- lgge. b iitctress. Katharine Cornell. Katharine Hepburn. and alsy e . ROS N H C EISE Secretary. Sec. tn rlrs. Atkins. Sec. I0 ' . ec. , rl. P sner. Inteygence and "it." A u e ll , f 4 s - . " ' , I I 4.-4fK,,..Lg,u AILRRAI HOFFMAN Brooklyryfollege.Columbia. t Dentist. Aurora Staff. Class Treasurer. He thinks dentistry is'a holy profession. because it fills cavities. A, , HARRY HOLZBERC "HAL" Navy Wings. Capt. Handball Team. Like Quebec-Hes built on a bluff ELAYNE HOLZBIAN 'NIKEEN School of Hard Knocks. Novelist. Sec. for Alrs. Cox. Sec. for llrs. Lewis. Attendance Squad. I'll fight to the end. if I know I am right. FLORENCE HOROWITZ NCANARYN Hunter College. Teacher. Program Com.. Sec. to Aliss Johnson. Clee Club. A diller. a dollar. An 8:15 scholar. ff, IVRICD KA MMICRMAN N.Y.ll. Dentist. By saying little you infer much. ,IICAN KANOWITZ ",IOMllC" Smith College. ll. S. Waves. Sec. to Miss Nix-renherg, Class 'lll't'llSllI'f'l' of RL, Stamp and Bond Rep. Blonde. sweet. and charm galore, Boys! what are you waiting for? ROSLYN KANTOR "l'0RKlli" Nurses' Training School. Nurse. Swimming Club, Health Squad, Student Patrol. Charming, alarming. And most disarming. FLORENCE KANTROWITZ "BUTCH" Business School. Secretary. Sec. and Capt. Student Patrol, Service Council, Defense Council. A leader againg .lust watch the men. GEORGE KAPLAN "BARRY,' U. S. Navy. Writer. Sugar and spice, Quiet and nice. HARRY KAPLAN "C.M."' U. S. Army. Air Corps. When it comes to study, he is an economist. I JEAN KA PLAN Business College. Secretary. Sec. to Mrs. Atkins. Every time she opens her mouth, a dozen moths Hy out. PEARL KARP 'LBLONDIEN Brooklyn College. Stenographer. Student Patrol in Lunchroom. Sec. to Mrs. Quinn, Treasurer to Mr. jaffee. Pure and lovely as a pearl, What more can we say about a wonderful girl? DOROTIIRA KASS "DOTTY', Business. Sec. to Mrs. Atkins-General Office. Work for Local Draft Board, Radio Workshop. Of all girls we know, Truly she radiates friendly glow. ARTl'lliR KATZ 'ARTYH C.C.N.Y. Engineer. Those who say the least often know the most. Ii'l'lllfI- KATZ Prixate Secretary. Sec. to Miss Meehan. Sec. to Mrs. Pasner. Student Patrol. She possesses them all: Charm, neatness. petiterits-. I-LURIQNCIC RXTZ "PlSSY" N.Y.l'. Stenotype. Health Squad. A pleasant lass. a smile so sweet. With manner so gentle, sh:-'s really romplete. 4 IRENE JENDRASZEK Business College. Secretary. Irene is nice and tall, Who lim sure is loved by all. ESTELLE JOSEPH C.C.N.Y. Accountant. Sec. to Mr. Umans, Auditing Staff, Service Council. Though you search the whole worlrd around, A nic ffirl can ne'er be found., I ntiE1.fJ,,KtgB1NoFPH ' 's 6 ry? lftheAt- -eelEzQX,lCSec'i,4tfm?ss n. y s Plenty of C SS. H' 1 rf! fi f ffl DORIS KADIN C.C.N.Y: Accountant. Pin and Ring Rep., Librarian, Treasurer of S ience Club. A witty mind and danc ingfeet, A combination, rd to beat. I , ,. 'Y' Q .gf f - -- - , -K u noritafttdxtihy KD G, .yn gf . ilayae sara A st. to Mrs. Kroite jiri lIi'ETgy.K,gcreQB6ally,'yoi1rs." W' ' .L- CLORIA KAHN ' ooklyn, N. Y. School Social Work. Social Worker. Senior Civ ncil, Defense Council, President's Council. A go-getter if there ever was one. The thirigs she starts are always done. MURRAY KALMANS S'R0Y" f'SIMBA" Alabama University. Marry a Blonde. Student Patrol Officer, Soccer Team, 6th Term Pres. Leader of men, follower of women. CERTRUDE KAMAN "ClTCH,' Business College. Private Secretary. Sec. to Mrs. Goldin, Leader, Sec. to Miss Schwenker. A pleasant girl, a good pal, All around a regular gal. WALLACE KAMINER U. S. Air Corps. Aviator. Shop Asst. to Mr. Steinberg, Sec. to Miss Schwenker, Library Service. To he an aviator is his aim. In this he might secure some fame. 0 f 4 A 11 Vx SEE' 4 'E AQ GERTRI DE KATZEN 'GERRY' N.Y.L. Executive Sec- retary. Sec. to Mr. Reynolds. Senior Council. Pin and Ring Rep. Silence is gold. Speech is silver. Gertrude takes silver. HENRY KELTER Cooper Inion. Electrical Engineer. Orchestra. Pythagorean Society. The "he-man"-he eats brick ice cream. rock candy. and marble cake. CALYIN KING "CAL" College. Policeman. Sure. my mother signed it I EDWARD KING NHARCOIVRTU Merchant Marine. Seaman. Pres. of 8E. Pres. for Last 3 Terms. No knockfl use ethyl. SELMA KINZELBERC "SEL" Business College. Private Secretary. Sec. to Miss Meehan. Sec. to Mrs. Pasner. Class Bank Rep. A young lady with school and business on her mind. Reliable. dependable and l rd to find. ' 1 L A ' L" lQ7',ratt Institute. Radio C 'V 1. Engineer WOR. Asst. Captlxole . IIIIEOQFZIIMTSNSUUSCI. Asst. Sound Engineer of Amplifier Squad. Capt. First Aid Squad. All great men were-n't good scholars. TILLIE KIRSCHENBALM Lawyer's Secretary. Student Patrol. When told to undertake a job. she buried it. SELMA KLAHR NSHERRY' Commercial College. Civil Service Secretary. Program Com.. Sec. to Miss Agnes Natelson. Sec. to Mr. Schneider. As a well-known Eco. teacher would say. "Is that Klah'?" IRMA RLTH KLEBANOFF Brooklyn College. Receptionist for Broadcasting System. Sec. for Mr. Tenrosen. Sec. for Miss Barclay. Rain makes pretty flowers they say. A downpour must have come her way. Rl TH KLEIN Brooklyn Evening College. Accountant. Li- brary Service. Auditing Staff. A modest gal. a sparkling wit. Always sure to make a hit. WILLIAM KLEIN "MI SCLESU Civil Service. Sec. to Mr. Tenrosen. Sec. to Mr. Hodesblatt. He comes from Tilden. soot-o-what can we say? MARJORIE KLIENFELD NMARCIEH Franklin School of Business. Court Stenographer. Sec. to Mrs. Hoeg. C.O. Rep.. Student Patrol. From those who know you well. we vvant to tell you that you're swell. J ev HAROLD KATZ C.C.X.Y. Chemical Engineer. Boy Leader of Arista. Member of Senior Council. Member of Service Coun- cil. He's got a priority on brains. HARRY KATZ NLNPRIXTABLEU Dannernora Institute of the Criminal Insane. The Army. He'll be in good company up there. LOLSIS IQATZ "LARRY" St. ,lohnis Iiniversity. Chemist. Gods gitt to women-They gave him right back. MATHEW KATZ HMLSCLES' Business. Claims that "graft" is an illegal means of uniting trees to gain money. MAX ICATZ NPLVSSYU Brooklyn College. Lawyer. A real Boy Scout. He did so many good turns. he got dizzy. XORMA KATZ Brooklyn College. Private Secretary. Sec. to Mr. Tenrosen. Sec. to Mr. E. B. Riley. She's lovely to look at. delightful to know. But when friends tell her so. she always says. "Oh. nolu REBECCA KATZ Bookkeeper. Red Cross. This charming little lass. Is an asset to our class. RLTH KATZ Brooklyn College. Linguist. Sec. to Mrs. Kahn. P.M. Presidents Council. Spanish Club. Don't try to double talk you see. For a linguist some day she'll be. TOBY KATZ Business School. Career Woman. Sec. to Mrs. Quinn. Member of Hostess Club. A business mind and perfect host. Of each opportunity she'll make the most. I FANNIIC KIIl'fl'l'fl'ill "l"AY' Business College. Secretary. A proinising,student always promising. ll'III.DRIiIJ"'lKIilCMNITISR "INllNlJY" Business. Stenog- l'LlllIlt'l'1X jrlfht't"fSt't',.W51'k for,Miss.Nicrenlicrg, Secretary of Rt 'Ili m Ollioial Glass. R rig Ifolder Com: Ilcauty, lmrains argl All rtlllgd into oiliggls it . ,-li lClfJlll'lI KROLI. "I'lI7IlC" Brooklyn iw-ning College. Civil Service. Lihrary Service, Volunteer for Draft Board. Liherty Bell Rep. Alert, ellicient, nice to know, We really hate to see her go. ANNIIC KRUCER Nurse IWVAFL When Annie starts to parlez-vous, We know she'lI make a hit with you. HERMAN KRUCER "HY" U. S. Army Air Corps. Pilot. Aurora Rep. Work is a wonderful thing. I could sit and watch it all day. SHEILA KRUCMAN Business College. Secretary. Sec. to Mr. Carelik. Sec. to Mr. Harrison. Sheila's ambition de- serves recognition. RUTH KUNKES "RUTHIE" Secretary. Student Patrol. If every young lady were as sweet as she. What a wonderful place tltis world would he. LOUIS KURLAND "CURLY" Brooklyn College. Ll. S. Navy. I am the idol of the classsl have been idle for the last four years. HERBERT KUSKIN C.C.N.Y. Policeman. Work fascinates nie--'I could watch it for hours. RITII KWELMAN "RlCKIfY" N.Y.Il. Journalist. Serxice Council. Kagathos, -Xurora Staff. Ruthie is always on the go: ,X cheerful girl and a pleasure to know. BEN LANG HSONNY' C.C.N.Y. Pedagogy. Arista Council. Seriice Council. ILO. Council. Ile speaks French with a Boyer accent. His lmrains and wit are eyer present. XLICE L 'XNGER "XL or ALLY' Prixate Secretary. Shes so fine in every way. There is nothing left for us to say. RENEE M. KLEIR "BABE" Defense School. Housewife. Hygiene Librarian, Student Patrol, Sec. to Mr. Greenwald, To he a housewife is her dream. Mighty pleasant, cloesn't lt seem? BEATRICI2 KLINGER "KI..INC" Private Secretary. Sec. to Dr. Klein. Cay as a lark, bright as the sun, With her near by. there's plenty of fun. GLORIA KOENIG Lorg Island College of Nursing. Nurse. Student Patrol Officer. A good sport and a swell friend, A will lo work that has no end. HERBERT KOOSE ENLISTED. DONALD KORNREICH Berlin. If she can't see too well, I might have a chance. EDNA KOWITCH HEDU Brooklyn College. Drama Teacher. Senior Dramatic Club, Defense Council4Minute Man, Sec. to Mr. Harrison. Jeflerson's g.ft to the teaching profession. . l.gt1x 1 I I ..1 I ' if I Il'-. KRAMER 'LCI'JA"RLIE,l C.C.N.Y. Accountant. egrfo' lr. Lefkowitz, Qtutdent Patrol in Sackman Annex. Like 3Il5nnyson's hal1hIjngt"brook. MARILYN KRAMER St. ,Iohn's University. Law. Sec. to Mr. Raliinor, Senior Council, Service Council, Minute Man. A little girl with lots to say, Leave it to Marilyn to lead the way. l'II'JI'I'I'I KRAUS Business School. Secretary. I'Iere's a girl whose amhition in life, Is lo lie a secretary and then the boss's wife. Q 9,1 I. . ' " 'fr ' 4 f "'f ,,., , ,f . , f Y W 9 K, f 1 0 ,X , Ah em , .1 L MIRIAM LEITNER "MIMI" WAFS. Sec. to Miss Flaum, Sec. to Mrs. Rich, Sec. to Mrs. Nordell. If you are so anxious, your knock to hear, All we can say is earnest, sincere. GLORIA LEITSTEIN Brooklyn College. Journalism. Asso- ciate Editor Liberty Bell, Service Council, Pres. of Economics Class. The pleasant wit that she displays, Helps her out in many ways.- SYLVIA LENOWITZ Civil Service Employee. Secretary to Mrs. D. Nordell, C.O. Rep., Health Squad. To knock her no one tries, For of her we can tell no lies. ELAINE LERNER "BUBBLES" Defense School. Welder. Sec. to Mr. Umans. When the numbers on her scale get bgger, She'll be losing her gorgeous Hfiggerf' 'J LAURA LESSER Bookkeeper. Health Squad, Student Patrol. A Giddy Cay Gossip. 2 GE LD LETVAK NCEE" Navy A 'fi' 001. P' n. str or, e is thouv ' tl S? skY. O SYLVIA LEVENTER 4'SIMMIE" '.C.N.Y. Business College. Private Secretary. Class Treasurer, Health Squad, Aurora Typist. Ever jolly, ever gay, See her frown to spoil the day. IRWIN S. LEVINE Brooklyn College. Teacher. Capt. of Mimeograph Squad, Service Council Biology Lab. Modesty oft hides merit. JEROME LEVINE "MUS" Business College. Income Tax Expert. He dislikes labor but loves to pun, A minimum of work and a maximum of fun. LAURA LEVINE 'SPINHEADR C.C.N.'Y. Secretary. Mimeo- graph Squad, Liberty Bell Rep., Sec. to Miss Nierenberg. The nicest girl with the heavenly smile, Her charm will linger the longest while. .f ' ' " MORRIS LEVINE -"MOISH', Brooklyn College. Dentistry. Liberty Bell Reporter, Library Squad, Student Patrol. A veritable live wire. RACHEL LEVINE '6RAY" Brooklyn College. Bookkeeper. Sec. to Mr. Rosenman, Bank' Rep., Student Patrol. The girl with the future. SIDNEY LAPIDLS 'lC.M." West Point. Handball Team. Four years in a quandary-And now he is out. SHIRLEY LALFTERSTEIN Merchant and Bankers Business School. Private Secretary. Sec. to Mr. Sakol, Student Library Asst., Sec. to Mrs. Artale. Shirley is merry, Shirley is gay, She'll be a swell secretary some day. ROSALYN LAZAR NROZU Singer. Member of Chorus. Sec. to Miss Meehan, Rep. in All-City High School Chorus. A beautiful voice is her acclaim. With this she hopes to sing to fame. HOWARD LAZARUS HLAZZY7' C.C.N.Y. Electrical Engi- neer. C.O. Rep., Pythagorean Society. Lazzy's a wiz at math, Who's going to follow an engineering path. LILLIAN LEBOWITZ HLYNNEN Civil Service. Student Li- brary Asst. A hundred virtues all compiled, Co to make up this sweet child. GLORIA LEDER Service Council Member, Sec. to Mr. Greenwald, Student Patrol Officer. A perfectly shining light is she, In schoolroom fun and jollity. BLANCHE LEFKOWITZ HBELLEH Brooklyn College. Hebrew High School Teacher. Hebrew Club. Service Council, Sec. to Mr. Jaffe. A charming lass, jolly and gay, She wears a smile the livelong day. MAZIE LEHRER P.C. Course and Then College. Private Sec- retary and Civil Service. Attendance Office. Her friendship has a power, to soothe af'fliction's darkest hour. LAYLA LEIBOWITZ HLEE" Business College. Private Sec- retary. Sec. to Mrs. Coldin, Bank Rep. Jolly, boisterous, full of fun, And sheis liked by everyone. Mlllillfl, l.Il'Ilil'IltS lirooklyn College. liusiness Success. Student l'a1t1'ol Olliccr. Once you lI1I't'l hcr you lltlllil want to meet the olhcr girl. I'l'l'lll'il. l.ll'illMAN "SW'l'II'1'I'S" Secn-ta1'y. llcallh Squad i11 Girls' SWIIIIIIIIIILI Pool. Sec. to Mr. Roseinnan. Always smil- ing, always guy: laugliing. si11gi11g the Iivelong day. IIAROLD LIEIIMAN C.C.N.Y. Me-cltanical I'il1fllI1G'f'I'. Class 'Ill'l'Z1Slll't'l'. .lust like old man Depression, lltfs always begging for tnoney. l.ll.I.Y l,lEROl"E "LIL" .loin the VVAACS. Lieutenancy. Regents Co111.. Sec. to Mr. Clark. Radio Wiorkshop. When trouble for her begins to brew, She relaxes with a stick of gum to chew. HARR Tb I llege. Health Squad. Everyb ink- s gra . vays willing to lend a hand. HILDA IPMAN Brooklyn College. Library Asst., Chairman of Minute Men. Arista. Always ready the intelligent wit, She's one of few that's sure to l1it. WILLAIAINI LIPPERT "BILL'i U. S. Navy. Appointment to Annapolis. Ahoy! Another guardian of our shores. MILTON LIPSCHITZ Syracuse University. Current Problems Club. The army needs men like him . . . to spread ideas. SEYMOUR LIPSHITZ "LIPPY" Cooper Linion. Draftsman. Student Patrol. Class Sec. He's going to be a drafted drafts' man. ELE-KNOR LIPTON "RED" Brooklyn College. Student Patrol Otlicer. Service Council. Spanish homework she abhors. Spanish dancing she adores. ROSE l.l CAS Business College. Coinptometrist and Secre' tary. Asst. Nlonitor Board Operator. Tl1e 3 P's fit Rose to a T---Pretty. Plcasing a 4 erso1'lity. f ' 1 I 'IN LILKZL -' . ' x F. of . 1216- mat sctmi. E i triw,hA chanic. ' - t ngnlie ' tock of gradu- attn is too I1 1 fm 1111. D WILBERT LEVINE Psychiatry. Student Patrol Ex-Lieuti ll's a holiday when he comes early. But he doesnt go to sc 100 on holidays. ABE LEYINSON NOBBIER He invented a new device f01' looking through wallslwindows. DAYID LEVY C.C.N.Y. Engineer. Football. We l10Pe his structures will be erected, With tl1e same ease as l11s field errors are detected. MARTIN LEYY "MOE a11d REDN C.C.N.Y. Electrical Engl- neer. Senior Official, Pres. of Official Class, Arista. The es- sence of ambidextrous versatility, Plays a hot trumpet, or 3 mellow melowphone. SHIRLEY LEVY Secretary. Service sl1e has given none, Comes at eight and leaves at one. ROSLYN LEWIS HROZYM Private Secretary. Sec. Mr? lvluldorf. No sooner does the last gong sound, Than Rozy is oft a11d homeward bound. MOLLY LIBEN Brooklyn College. Hebrew Teacher. llebrew Club, Sec. to Mr. Horowitz, Sec. to Mr. Lewittes. We have a notion that some day she'll be, An A grade Hebrew teaclier, you'll see. JOEL LIEB A'RED" C.C.N.Y. Chemical Engineer. There Illily be red in his hair, But there's none on his report card. BEATRICE LIEBERMAN Secretary. Sec. to Mrs. Rieger, Sec. to Miss Stoloff. Smiling, courteous and dependable, There's nothing about her that can't be commendable. . ,t., 1 ' yy I A I 5 4 0 Al SHIRLEY MANDEL Secretary. Sec. to Mr. S. Steinberg. Regents Folder Com., Student Patrol. Shirley wants everyone to know she's a wit. EVELYN MANDELBAUM "MANDY" "Roller Yanitiesv tRoller Skating Showl. Student Patrol. Mandy we all agree is quite handy. BERNIE MANDELKER Study Aircraft. Mechanic. Pres. of Official Class, Sec. of Official Class. One swell fellow. LILLIAN MANDELMAN "MANDYH Stenographer. Student Patrol, Though you search the worldvaround. A nicer girl can ne'er be found. Q' ' W ' NORMA MANDELSTAM Business School. Bookkeeper. She dislikes labor, hut likes to pung A minimum of work, a maximum of fun. ESTHER MANN Secretary. Her laughter. pep and fun. Make her the friend of everyone. CLAIRE MARCUS Brooklyn College or Singing Training. Radio Singer. Student Patrol. If her voice is as sweet as she. A singer fine she'll undoubtedly be. JEROME MARCUS "JACK" Navy. Ground Crew. Home- work-Wfhere art thou? Q. GERALD MARGOLIS"iMAyRCE" C.C.N.Y. Engineer. Circu- lation Staff of Liberty Bell? Senior Councih Hebrew Club. A maih seitolar. if.ever there was one. Give him an example and yoiire sure it's done. SEYMOUR MARGOLIES "PEANUT, Farmingdale Agri- culture lnstitute. Farmer. He's high school bred-A four- year loaf. WALLACE MARYANSKI HTHOMASU Naturalist. Sec. to Mr. Shupack. Sec. to Mr. Einhorn, Library Service. Nature is a wonderful thing. What pleasure it can bring. HELEN MASTlN UHONEYH Brooklyn College. Sec. to Mrs. Artale, Sec. to Mrs. Rich, Sec. to Mrs. Wells. The pretty girl that's like a melody. ft N -Q A ' ff 54 MILDRED LLTZKER "MILLlE" Stenographer4Typist. Library Service. She's the type typists learn to type from. LAWRENCE LYNN C.C.N.Y. West Point. Army Tactician. Military Scientist. Vice-Pres.. G.O. and LB Grade Pres. of Townsend Harris: AristafThomas Jefferson. lremalesf Be- ware! MIRIAM MADOFF Head Bookkeeper. Library Service. Haste thee lass and bring with thee. Shrewdness. Charm and jollity. SYLYIA MALAMENT Brooklyn College. Scientific Re- search. Sec. to Mr. M. G. Cohen. Sec. to Arista. Chairman of Program Com. To the Federal Surplus Commodity Cora.: l sure could use some of her brains. ANNA MALLACH School of Nursing. Nurse. Hebrew Club. Bank Rep. A freckle-faced lass. Who cooks for her class. SALLY MALIZINGER Burroughs Business School. Secretary. Sec. to Mrs. Spencer. Sec. to Mr. Gordon. Pretty. but there are prettier. oh. yesl But she's tops when it comes to dress. ANTOINETTE MANCL SO "TONE Secretary. Sec. to Miss Grossbard. Sec. to Miss Kelly. Health Squad. Seeks no trouble. and bothers none, From reponsibilities she'll never run. BERNARD MANDEL "COWBOY BECK" L. of Minnesota. Rodeo Rider. Stage Squad. Production Man. He and the Russians are working on the five-year plan. IRW IN MANDEL "lGGY" C.CN.Y. or Brooklyn College. Businessman. Asst. in the Library. Asst. to Mr. Emil. Sec. to Mr. Shoenfeld. They call him Coney Island for he has a "Bored Walkf' v L. .5 L3 JA t ef A: Qu. T L A N . 'f1T'f1.'fl , gt 'T 1: li' ' ' . 'Q J Q . ,g .3 s 1, 4 All 4.1 l,l'.0 Mll,l.l',R t..t..N.Y. t..l'.A. Arista, Latin lhree Year Medal, Svc. to Mr. llluldorf. Tlu-re isn't much that he docsn't know, If you dou't ln-lievm' us, usk him. SlllRl.l'iY Mll.l.l'iR Pratt Institute. llivlitiau. Pres. of llostess Club, llehrew Club. llow long will she watch her calories? Gt'1RAl.D Mll,l,MAN "JERRY" llelehanty lnslitute. Police- man. If ever a friend in need was IlCI'tlC4lf-'llt' net-ds il. CELIA MINTZ "tIYRIL" Brooklyn College. Law. Sec. to Miss llay. Three cheers for Celia-,lefl'erson's Portia. MICHAEL MIRANDI ENLISTED. RUTH MISF LDT Bro klyn College. Aviatrix. Sec. to Mrs. Rich. "He'l wegfxbp ' silver wings." fl f I fJMfj..1,1 RUTH MITNICK 'iIRMA" Art School. Artist, Bookkeeper. Michelangelo and Mitnick. BERNICE MOLINSKY HBUNNYU Wellesley College. Private Secretary. Sec. to Miss Nierenberg, Sec. to Mr. Rosen, Student Patrol Utlicer. A girl like Bernice is hard to find, Both fair of face and good in mind. DOMINIC MORABITO lf. S. Air Corps. Mgr. of the Stage Squad. A quiet lad with clever wit. IRENE ETHEL MORGENSTEIN i'STlNKEY" Secretary. Nature made her as she should. No! too had and not too good. RIIODA MORRIS Brooklyn College. Psychologist. Pro- gram Com., Sec. to M. G. Cohen. Service Council. ls sure to gain a lot of knowledge. She intends to go to Brooklyn College. CARI. MOSKOWITZ "MO5KOW" St. ,lohn's. Law. Soccer Squad. 11.0. Rep.. Record Ofliee. Brains are a gr:-at asset. No wonder hes bankrupt. 1 RUTH MATTES Brooklyn College. Librarian. Sec. to Mr. Siegel, Red Cross Club, Se . is on display, Observe her style and eflectlve WHY- rvice Council. Her charming smile SYLVIA MAY HTZYPER Business World. Boolflieepel' and Secretary. In all her arduous years of school, She S alleged 10 have adhered to every rule. JQHN MAZZOLA eMUZ" Columbia. Chemist. Vice-Pres. of Official Class. Nitrates are cheaper than day-rates. ABRAHAM MELTZER. Civil Service. Wox'k fascinates him. He just sits and stares at it for hours. SAUL MENDELOWITZ g'SONNY" Columbia. Writer. Member of Arista. He's quiet and small, And liked by all. ELLENOR METNCK HEL" Hunter Evening College. Court Stenographer. G.O. Sec., Sec. to Mr. Harrison, Program Com. She is one of those girls who are simple and sweet, Full of personality, but not conceit. RALPH MEYERS HFRANKLINM U. S. Air Corps. Mechanic. A math genius-Four years of geometry. JEROME MILGRAM HCURLYU U. of Minnesota. Exposing P.M. Liberty Bell. His class is like a Pullman. He is one of the sleepers. ABE MILLER UALB Machine Shop. Asst., Student Patrol, Asst. Book Room. Ile cameg he slept, he graduated. A u . La. if W, Q PHILIP NELSON '4SKIP" C.C.N.Y. Engineer. Pres. of History Class, Defense Rep., First Aid. A rare combination: A scholar and an athlete. NORMAN NESSIMOF N.Y.U. Engineerin. A mathema- tician-he studies his hgures well. BETTY NEWMAN N.Y.Ll. Secretary. Orchestra, G.O. Council, Service Council. Such secretaries are very rare, Pleas- antly talkative beyond compare. STANLEY NEWMAN "TEX" U. S. Air Force. Tooth Puller. School Orchestra, Swing Band, Military Band. If he could only pull teeth as he makes his teachers pull their hair. DOROTHY NOYICK "DOTTY" Brooklyn College. Library Service Group, Minuteman, Pres. of English Class. She has a date with higher educationg But give her a male with a good occupation. HARRY NOYICK "BUTCH', Brooklyn College. Anatomy. Student Patrol. He knows where carbon-ate, But where did io-dine? ELEANOR NUDELMAN Juilliard College of Music. Profes- sional Musician. Orchestra, Attendance Com., Service Council. She'll give them food for thought, And music for their souls. MURIEL NUSSBALIM "MARGIE" Pratt Institute. Singer, Dancer, Actress. Hostess Club. iVith her talent and determi- nation she's definitely going places-so watch her. ROSLYN OBERTER 'BUBBYH Stenographer. Pres. of Me- chanical Drawing Class, Sec. to Mrs. Powers. Though she blushes such a pretty pink, She isn't as modest as you think. IRYINC OGINTZ "PANTHER', C.C.N.Y. Business Adminis- trator. Those who say least often know most. KATE OKRYENETZ "KITTY, College and Dramatic School. Dramatic Teacher. Sec. to Miss Meehan, Senior Dramatic Society, Sec. to Mrs. Pasner. Kitty is cheerful, lovable, and wise with a twinkle in both her eyes. MINNIE OLESH Business College. Private Secretary. Monitor Board Operator, Sec. to Mr. Sakol. Minnie shoulchft worry a bit. With her qualifications, she'll make a hit. HERBERT MOSKOWITZ N.Y.L'. C.P.A. One of the all- seeing silent army. ZEYA MOSS Brooklyn College. Social Yiiork. Sec. to Mr. Shapiro. Sec. to Current Problems Club. Service Council. She was secretary to Mr. Shapirogneed I say more? GERALD MLNCHICK "JIGGS" Army Air Corps. Bank Rep. Beware. laps: He Hies thru the air with the greatest of ease. .fx ,,' LILLIEZ-MYERS LLSPOTTYU Hunter College. Gym Teacher. Sec.ViojMrsJ,Gl'rzrin. l.+?clers' Cl-ub.'K,ey and Piin'Rep. Spar- kling eyes. dancing feet, Aicombination hard To beat. ' - ROSE NADEL Secretary and Pianist. A Sec. to Miss Hay. What a girl. what a face, Charms. beauty. brains and grace. PHILIP NADLER HWOLFIEU Civil Service Job. Mimeo- graph Squad. First came the WAACSQ then came the WAVES: then came the WOLYES. FLORENCE NASS Secretary. Sec. to Mrs. Pasner and Miss Meehan. Full of laughter, yim, and pep. Always gay and right in step. Y - I EX ELYN N DE AN A'E'CIE" Egvdeling School. Model. vice- C irwioodmafy t yprtive-ef. ,I.d'r?5liT' Dar Man cl big brown ffes, A yiuty to Sat with fond surprise. LILLIAN NEKRLTMAN 'GNETTIEV Stenographer. It's hard to kncck a quiet girl. I t I 1 i 1 t t t ltOBl'Ilt't' PANKEN "5.l'i.W." 'l'ccli. C.C.N.Y. Electrical l'lltglll0t'l'. Circulation Stall. An artist his ambition is to "draw" it steady salary. JANICl'ARlJO",lANll'1" lhisinesstlollege. WAVES. Choral Training. l"irst Aid Squad. l.t-ada-rs' Clnli. Pure and lovely as a pearl. What lllOl't' can we say about a wonderful girl. AR'llllllR l'lCACElNlAN "AltClllE" Nothing done, nothing said. I A -CHTE llE1ARl..ltlAN ll. of'-?1lichigan'. Journalist. Liberty R ID Swimming Instructor. ,Heqwould probably ticklzytrlienter- m ids. ' 1 i GLORIA PICARSON Business School. Accountant. Student Patrol. Library Service Group. llere's a maiden simple and sweet. ,lust the kind youid love to meet. ' V SOPHIE li?l'l'LER s'DlMPLES" , Business School. Secretary. Treas. of agathos. Leader, Sec. to Mr. Kostifner. With inter- ests athletic. and manner esthetic, She has a personality truly magnetic. i HILDA PEPPER MKID CHARACTER" Cumberland Hospital. Nurse. Class Treas., Library Service Group. Red Cross Defense. Boy! What a character! BEN PERLIS Aviation School. Aviator. He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. FLORENCE PERLMAN "FLO" Business College. Secretary. sec. to Mrs. Lind, Sec. to Mrs, Hoeg. Pregy .little busy-body. . f. I , i Av ls! int' " 4 't . .v 1 , few- X ,, .s SARAH PERl.NlAN From all her friends in school we hear. That she is sweet and quite sincere. BISVXTH E PFE l' 'R "B TY" Business School. Bottli- keepgsz. t tht. girl. nd sue:-t. Full of person- ality lr concei OLIX ER l'ltIlil-QRING "l.E5l.lE" Since football and studies do not mix. We wonder what interests Oliver picks. J T. LEONARD OLINSKY "JULUS" West Point. General. Sec. to Mr. Hodesblatt. The mighty mite- RUTH OLIVER "TOUSY" Brooklyn College. Doctor. Pro- gram Com.. Arista, Kagathos. Ruthls ambition is to go to college. She has charm, and plenty of knowledge. ANNE ORLAN "HONEY" Columbia. Office Manager. Sec. to Mrs. McLellan. Regents Folder Com., Sec. to Miss Palmer. She danced and skated her way through school. IRVING OSTAR Civil Service. Up with me into the clouds. CLARA OSTROFSKY Business College. Secretary. Sec. to Miss Natelson, Sec. to Mr. Epstein, Current Problems Club. A future adornment to any office. MILTON OSTROW L. I. University. Pharmacist. He's served his time, and now he's free, To reach the top, just wait and see. MORRIS OVADIA C.C.N.Y. Accountant. Pres. of English 836. Damon and Pythias4Ovadia and Rosenberg. CIIARLOTTE OWEN C.C.N.Y. Accountant. Sec. to Mr. Sakol, Leader. Shels got vim, vigor and Weight. ABRAHAM PAIKEN "PAlK" Georgia Tech. Engineer. Circulation Staff. lle's so fast, he can turn off the light and he in lied ht-fore it gets dark. 3 . . .hfieaf L f Wt, me Qzgy . .., .... , M 2 Mtfr "' ff at W 1 f V 4 "'l ti.., f H c I I si 1 'Y fd 14 f fl . 4 P ARNOLD POSXER "RED" Pratt Institute. Radio Engineer. Asst. in M. A. Classes. Liberty Bell Rep.. Senior Council. All great men die young. I don't feel so well myself. CHARLES POTASHINSKY Machinist. Class athlete-He has hidden power. LILLIAN POTASHNICK UWILLY' Bookkeeper. Many are her thoughts. But few her actions. VIRGINIA POTTER "GINIA" Civil Service. A fine police- woman she will be. She'll knock the men down, three by three. SHIRLEY PREISER "SANDY" Bookkeeper. Always willing to learn more, oh yeahl ADELE PROMISEL C.C.N.Y. Accountant. Sec. to Mrs. Quinn. I like anything that deals with numbers and ledgers. DORIS PRLSMAK "DOREY" Private Secretary. Student Patrol. A very sweet and dainty miss. You're sure to find in Doris. MERLE PLCHKOFF "NIL" College. Aurora Staff. Service Council. Generally speaking . . . well. she isl CHARLES PIILIZZI "CHICK" Pre-Flight School. Aviator. Senior Council Rep.. Prom Com.. Pres. of Ofhcial Class. Class politician. SANTA PLLIZZI Business School. Secretary. Sec. to Mr. Sakol in Bookkeeping Stockroom. Sec. to Miss Palmer. Sweet and fine. Like precious wine. MELYIN PLSHKIN Symphony Orchestra. Military Band. Swing Band. Whats Tommy Dorsey got that I'd like to have? LOIIIS PYGIN "LABY" Cooper Lnion. Mechanical Engi- neer. Yiye la femme! GRACE PILGRAM Pianist. Attendance Office. When she plays. she opens the keys of sound. MIRIAM PINSKY "MIME College. Teacher. Student Pa- trol. Service Council. Yesl She has them on the run: I wonder if her heart belongs to just one? ARTHLR POCRESS Accountant. Vice-Pres. of Official Class. Good at figure-s4animate and inanimate. MICHAEL POLANSKY "MIKE" Annapolis. Officer in Navy. Sec. to Mr. Hodesblatt. An asset to any school. MINNIE POLIS "MIXCH" WAACS. Sec. to Mrs. Annen- herg. Sec. to Miss Meehan. She's no example. shes a problem. ARNOLD POLOKOFF "ARXIE" Brooklyn College. Current Problems Club. 'Tis better to have argued and lost. Than never to have argued at all. SHIRLEY POLLS "DIMPLES" Capt. Student Patrol. Lsher Lieut. Class actress-doubles for Helen Hayes. EDWARD PONTES 'SHORTY' Columbia. Journalist. Student Aid Rep. A far-sighted fellow-he started to worry about his Regents a week in advance. BERT POPOWYITZ L. S. C. G. Academy. Lf S. C. G. Asst. Chief Auto Shop Squad. Asst. in the Physics Lab.. Asst. in Radio Lab. A tool is the extension of a man's hand. 'Q -'Q 1,3 lCl.l.lO'l' RIIIAN "PRO or l"Rl'1NlllllE" Marine Radio Oper- ator. l"il as at tidtllt- and :ilwuys fiddling around. MARTIN ItltIll"RllIIlll'1" Cooper llnion. Machinist. Rich in niccliuniczil ahilily. Rl'l'A lililll N.Y.ll. Court Stcnogrraphcr. Defense Council, Orchestra, Service Council. The girl with the "Rich" musical smile. EDWARD RICIIMAN "ED" Boston Collegc. All-American lfoolhall Player. Capt. of Foothall Team, Lunchroom Squad. Tall and dark--well. what else do you want? SHIRLEY RICIIMAN Business School. Stenographer. Health Squad, Regents Folder Com., Arista. An ambitious light that will burn quite long. GRACE ROBINSON "RED" Business School. Secretary. Sec. to Mrs. Annenherg, Student Patrol. Soft, red hair, Charm beyond compare. JULIA ROC Bookkeeper. Sec. to Mr. Lieberman, Bank Rep. A hit petite-hut quite complete. CERTRI. DE ROCOFF Business College. Civil Service Sec- retary. Sec. to Mrs. Rich, Sec. to Mrs. Lind, Service Council. Sweet girl-shels willing to listenvprovided she talks. GEORGE ROLNICK "LITTLE SHMEEN LI S. Navy. Ad- miral. Sec. to Mr. Adolph. He sees all, hears all, knows nothing. SHIRLEY ROSE "SHlRL" Bookkeeper. Sec. to Mr. Neidich. A jitterbug with one foot in the grooie. PEARL HOSEMAN N.Y.L'. Stenographer. Leadersi. Sec. and Lihrarian to Mrs. Wirth. liagiathos. A leader in all fields, As well as a sport. D.-XYID ROSEN "PETE" Say. who's got the homework? NIORTON RADDEN "MOE" I'. S. Army. General. Sec. to Mr. Ackerman. I am a lireadwiimer, I just finished a 5-Y931' loaf. CELESTINA RAHMING "CELY and CELESTEB .luilliard Music School. Concert Singer. A famous singer, she will be, She'll reach high B above high C. ARTHUR RAISFELD "BUZZ" C.C.N.Y.-Business School. Merchant Marine Officer. Swimming Team, OfIicer Student Patrol, Bank Rep. Swimming is one of his favorite sports, And he's good say all reports. SHIRLEY RAPP Stenographer. Health Squad, Sec.. N.Y.A., Sec. English Class. All her virtues cannot he told, Shirley has a heart of gold. ISRAEL RAPPA PORT ENLISTED. MARTHA RAY Brooklyn College. Art WeavingvTeacher. Sec. to Miss Flaum, Sec. to Mrs. Pasner. With brains above par, Martha is bound to go far. DOROTHY REICH "DOTTY" Secretary. Treas. of Senior Class, C.O. Rep. I-Iere,s a girl who collects money with a smile. SEYMOUR REICHIG EN ISTED. it. TIE R oLD S-Lo To College. Live in a free world -5- itl9 my . . Sec. to Miss Worth, Sec.. to Miss Flaum, Stuter Patolf Alwa s smil' g, always de dable, Nothing alto ter . , LAA.-l..qw fdlfiffz r! at 47'-3 LAWRENCE Arista. Aurora a scholar. C.C.N.Y. C.P.A. A gentleman and FREDA ROSENZWEIG Business College. Secretary. Sec. iin Attendance Office. President's Council. Senior Council. iweet and dimpled, bright with joy, Sheld make a pal for any oy. LOUIS ROSOFF HSHORTYH C.C.N.Y. Engineer. Student Patrol. Multum in parvo. HAROLD ROSS "HAL" Photo Engraving School. Photo Engraver. Student Patrol Lieut., Defense Council Rep. His class is like a Pullman-He's one of the sleepers. DOROTHY ROTHBARD 'ADOTTIEN Brooklyn College. Secretary. Work on Draft Board, Radio Work Shop. Calm yourself. surxive the shock. Wie found she is too nice to knock. MURTEL ROTHBART "ME'ILLE" Brooklyn College. Writer. Editor of Liberty Bell. Arista. Former Pres. Williams Annex. Who will doubt this lassie here, Will make a go of her career. SHIRLEY ROTHGARBER "LEE" Brooklyn College. Yiolin- ist. Student Patrol. Quietness-personified. ADOLPH ROTHMAN ,leffersonian Staff. Heaven, answer to a squirrel's prayer. ROSLYN ROTHMAN "ROZ', Brooklyn College. Business. You seem so quiet. meek and mild. Are you sure you're not fooling the public. my child? FRANCES ROTHSTEIN NFRANKIEH Cooper Union. Mar- riage. Sec. to Miss Kelly. Radio Club, Red Cross First Aid. So still. so sweet-So Charming and petite. HELEN RUBENFELD Brooklyn College. Stenography Teacher. Aurora Rep. Always sweet, always mild, She's niama's best child. DORA RUBENSTEN "DOTTY" C.C.N.Y. C.P.A. Sec. to Mrs. Rieger. Her liabilities few, her assets great, To be an accountant is her fate. GOLDTE ROSEN Cornell. Home Economist. Sec. to Alrs. McLellan. Hygiene Librarian. Health Squad. A darling girl with sparkling wit. Always sure to make a hit. HAY ROSEN Brooklyn College. Dietitian. Student Patrol. Yehudi's riial-no one knows her. ALBERT ROSEXBERG "AL" C.C.N.Y. C.P.A. Class G.O. Rep. He's always asking for money. BERNARD ROSENBERG "BERNlE" L. I. Lniversity. Chemist. He is so athletic. he jumps to conclusions. ESTELLE ROSENBERG "ES" Spanish Stenographer. All rolled into onel Beauty. brains and loads of fun. LEONORE ROSENBERG "LIBBY" Brooklyn College. Bacteriology. Aurora Staff. Presidents Council. Pin and Ring Rep. Girl leader of the "invisible" Arista. BIORTON ROSENBERG "SINGER" Photography School. Commercial Photographer. Pin and Ring Rep. Bing Crosbyls successor. BHLDRED ROSENKRANTZ HSHERRYH Secretary. Audit- ing. Hey Mom! Theyire going to make a .lunior Commando out of mel GLORIA ROSENOWITZ "GIT" Smith College. WAVE. Sec. to Miss Nierenberg. Student Patrol. She's like a Nestle! Sweet and nutty. I , my X . p Q . 1 L ti lfl'lliNARD SACIKS "ll1'iRN11'1" Cornell. Airt'ral't l'ingLinttr. 111- aims to please himself. l'l1.1.1O'1' S,-Xlttllflf "'l'fXl.l.Y' Pratt lnstitutc. Cartoonist. ,lt-flictweoitiatt Art Stall. We hope that SadoH gets to be, Another Walt Disney. NUHMA SADOWl'l'f Business School. Bookkeeper. lli-llo, lli-llol lt's otl to work slit-'ll go. " IRVINC SACER "lZZY" tI.tI.N.Y. Senior Council, Sec. to Mr. llodeshlatt, Defense Council. He's one fellow we can't knock. RITA SALTSBERG "ROBIN" Secretary. Sec. Speech Ollice, Health Squad. Sec. to Miss Saslaw. Pray, timid maid, what is your fear? Speak up and let us know you're here. M' MLRIEL SALZMAN f'MlCKE.Y" Bnsiness,School. Private Secretary. Sec. to Miss Meehan, Pinkand Ring Rep., Student Palxrol. Speech is silver, silence is goldenfhluriel is off the igoltbstandard, - i X . JACK SANFILIPPO Trade in U. S. Navy. Middleweight Champ. Yarsity Football Team, Sec. to Dr. Washington, Sec. to Mr. G l rgerw, ln' football no lamp-But in boxing a l J 1 "U 1 Rl. SAM QKj'.2,te'ctetary'. Health Squad. Brilliant and c ver. char of-and swelzt. The kind of girl a guy wants to ch np meet.. - Q . RUTH SAWITZ Dramatic Sc ool. Actress. Senior Dramatic Society. Health Squad Sec.. efense Council. Acting is lrer main ambition: llelen llayes has competition. . ' ', FRANCES SCllX1iFl"lfR "l"RENCHY" i Private Secretary. Svc. to Airs. Salitan. when she finally does a job. it must he important. SISYHOI R SCIIXFFHR C,lf.N.Y. Dentistry. Liberty Bell Circulation Stall. Orvltestra. Nlilitary Band. At some future datc. Well find Seymour a dentist great. SlllRl.l'iY Stl XLET Stenograplte-r. 'Ks-t. in Library. Student Patrol, Worked under Nlr-. lfisetnan. llereis a girl who wants to get ahead Shi- needs one. ADELE RUBIN 'SDELLH C.C.N.Y. Good Citizen. Radio Work Shop, Choral Training. A rare species-A modest singer. CHARLOTTE RUBIN MCHEERYH N.Y.U.-Business Course. Sec. General Ofhce--Attendance Office, DFBTTTBYIC Club, Rffd10 Work Shop. Charlotte sounds like a whipped confectlon, Sweet. petite, almost perfection. SARAH RUBIN HSUNNYN C.C.N.Y. Court Stenographer. Arista, Service Council, G.0. Council. A "Sunny" smile will greet the guy. Who meets this maiden sweet and shy. IRYING RUBENSTEN HBEETHOVENB Mathematician. Orchestra. God made earth-and rested, Cod made man-and rested, God made Irving. Since then neither God nor man has rested. RUBIN RUDNICK C.C.N.Y. Chemist. In school he's quiet as we know, But after session he's a whole show. CHARLES RUEBEN 'gSTAN" Pre-Flight School. U. S. Army Air Corps. Sec. to Mr. Adolph, Liberty Bell Rep. Tokyo! Look Out. .lOllN RUCCIERO "STRETCH" U. S. Army. Meteorologist. Vice'Pres. of American History Class, Senior Council Member, Class Night Com. Tidy and studious is this boy, Who can sell anything from house to toy. l.ll.l.lAN RUSHINK "LlLLIE" Brooklyn College. Bacteri- ology. Sec. to Dr. Klein, Sec. to Miss J. Wilcox, Health Squad. She could be sweet, Were it not for that terrible case of conceit. ARLENE SACKRIN Oberlin College. Journalism. Girl Leader of Arista, Chairman of Student Victory Council, Judge in Arbitration Court. Arista--personified. SELMA SCHLEIDERER Sec. to Mrs. Serels. A musical sec- retarygle most extraordinary, Y MARY SCHLIER Stenographer. Student Patrol. Music hath charm, So hath Mary. SEYMOUR SCHNEIDER "WHITEY" C.C.N.Y. Engineer. Pres. of Official Class, Assisted Mr. Wallach, Sec. of English Class. Born with a will to do. DAVID SCHNEIDERMAN "SHNEIDY" U. S. Army. Sec. to Mr. Hodeshlatt. He's still yelling-Hang the Kaiser. MILDRED SCHONEELD Dental School. Dental Hygienist. Health Squad, Student Patrol. A red head whose disposition is white. LOUIS SCHULLER "RED" Brooklyn College. Veterinarian. Student Patrol, Victory Council Rep. Quietly you come. quietly you go, That you'll succeed, all of us know. BURT SCHULMAN "SEXY', Cornell. Scientific Farmer. Cheering Squad, Sec. to Mr. Hodesblatt, First Aid. Leader of men, follower of women. RUTH SCHUMACH HRUTHIES Business College. Book- keeper. Ruthie comes to school each day, Prepared for work, as well as play. GLORIA SCHWARTZ "GLO" Business College. Government Stenographer. May she 'aglown in her future career. HARRIET SCHWARTZ L'SMILEY" Business College. Stenographer. A ready smile, a helping handg always ready to understand. HELEN SCHIVARTZ Stenographer. Sec. to Mrs. Wacker. Health Squad Special. Good natured and friendly is she, A swell pal for you and me. HERBERT E. SCHWARTZ "BOOBY" N.Y.LF. Dentist. Hi. Ma, it was a tough tight. But I finally made it. , I RLT s HAP AJ mtv cf. og Bigtgi ist. ef 0 Dr. e ' ag She spea s t , " and beauty. She's conscious of her duty. LEOXA SCHARCEL ,levvish Hospital School of Nursing. Registered Nurse. Library Service. Student Patrol. A quiet. charming. yet modern girl. A combination rare as a pearl. FLORENCE SCHATZ HFLOSSA' Secretary. Sec. to Dr. Klein. Itis too had we have to say goodbye to Florence. RAY SCHATZ Student Patrol. Defense Council Rep.. Sec. of Official Class. Sec. for Bliss Wilgard. Ray surely will get hy. With that twinkle in her eye. SHIRLEY l'PE,E-'WEEE Singer. Service Council. SPC' Lo AIyAa, A. 'Clifftalfffg Ting. 'She 'tookaa trip to "Efney.9E.3i'mTshe111it theyltighfggf' BLANCHE SCHEENBERG Nurses' railing scimifafyut-se. Sec. to Hrs. Powers. So quiet she can hear herself think. 1 p ' 4 , HAIRRIET SCHER Pratt Institute. Art Teacher.. Jefferson- ian and Liberty Bell Artist. Arista. Service Council. Here she goes. cruel world!Please he gentle. J . -. 4 M PHILIP SCHIFFBIAN NCENILSH 'N.Y.L'. Accountant. Class pest. RLKTH SCHIFTER "RICCI" College. Cheer Leader Co- Capt.. Sec. to Mrs. Sokolove. Model in Portraiture Class. A silver banner. For her cheerful manner wi H Q it . . "I I"ll.fXNtIIiS Sl'Il.It2SlbIIN "llI'1Il" Nurses' 'llruiningi School. Nurse, Svc. to Miss 'Nici-lion, Sloth-nl l'utrol, Sec. lo Miss Posner. She has her linger in 4-wry pic: llicrt-'s not ll thing she posses luv. Al.lll'lll'l' Sltllill. Cornell. 'X:1l'll'lllllll'f'. Stage Squad, Stu- dent l'nIrol Ollicer. llc ex ccts to go to agricultural school. .o you can lic sure. lu":- n Rh-ol, , If ' fi 0 Il ' ' .ll.Y Sl'lllKl t's' 'llruini gg-Scliogf I Nurs Pair wi I 1 ss l e i, .s. . l ' sess. 'nior o ucil. S ' 'Ireasuf 'NO ic. Lass. li lfthou hu air. nrinkind acore, .. .'mi e, and at wo l is i dak lwlop- l lee. Sl'l'tlNlOllH SE. OFSKY "SEZ, C.lNl.'2" -ll. S. Army. To lit-tit tht- laps. Caine in like a latnlm. went out like a lionl ll l'llfll.EN SILMIIINOYSIQY "lNIAlSlE" Nurses' Training School. Registered Nurse. Aurora Stall, Sec. to Mr. Neidich, Dramatic Cluh. The perfect dream girl-always dreaming. ELEANOB SIIAKOFSKY "ELI.Y" Brooklyn College. Bac- tcriologist. Sec. in English Office. Sec. to Miss Hay. She's always nice and quiet. Not the one to start a riot. ABRAII.-XXI SHAPIRO C.C.N.Y. Civil Engineer. Paper Conservation Warden. Pres. Ready to help the fallen. but laughs when he falls himself. BE.-XTHICE SHAPIRO 'lRED" Pace Institute. Secretary. St-c. in Record Olhce. Sec. to Mr. Neidich. Sec. in Attendance Office. ller temper doesn't match her hair. l"RlEDA SH.-XPIRO Bookkeeping. A 50-50 proposition: She'll kt-ep hooks and hooks will keep her. . . ' i v Sllllll.liY Sl-IXPIRO Nurses' Training School. :Xrmy,,Nurse. ,'Illll't'll'Ll Staff. See. to Nr. Geiger, Sec. todlrs. Nordell. If the war ket-ps. up. all aiailalwle men will lie in the arniy-'Xntl so will Shirley. f Al XCOB Sll XTSKI 'fl Ufli" .Xrrnyp Air Corp-.' Svc. ol Gym, I friend of all. I foe of none. FH XNKES SIIENI EN Business College. Secretary. Sec. to Ill: Filfus. Chairnian ,Xccounting and Law. lt's nice to ht- nutural when you re naturally nice, JOAN SCHWARTZ Brooklyn College. Stenography Teacher. Sec. to Mr. Levine, P.M. President Rep. Here's a girl whos sweet to the "n"th degree. LLBBY'SCHWARTZ4"SlN'IILEY" Business College. Business Executive. A'Senior Ctfuncill Health 'Squad Librarian. Sec. to Mr. Beickenstein. Libby's short, but she's wise. She's awcorlier for her size. I , ' ' 5H1RLgx-SSCHXKABTZ -SSHERRY' Brooklyn College. Bi- ologist. tSef, to Ig. Steinlnergx Set. 1oUlVliss BHIITCLQ Lf'3flC1'- Haste 'thee' nymph and-bring with thee, JeS't?a'rld youthful jolllty. SYLVIA SCHWABTZ "SYL" Business College. Business Executive. A winiiing smile, a wit so rare, Cay and clever and like YCTYWIQIB7 JN! X 4 R g GL S Q.QP"f"B NDI-E7 lblifiiess School. Washing- ton Se 1 . ictory Rep.,,'Sec.' to IN . C-erber. A vital per- son! is she, Always using IICIJ energy. IRWIN SEIDMAN Brooklyn College. Engineer. School Orchestra, Soccer Team, Swing Band. Here comes Irwin, a future engineer, Of his work we will learn from far and near. MILDRED SEIDMAN Sec. to Mrs. Atkins. In character and inspiration, She deserves our commendation. Fi.oincNcE SEINFELD, ffrrossner' Bank Rep., Arr Club. A mighty, mighty mite. ICSTIIER SELICIVIAN Private Secretary. Little of yourself you'vo shown, So hy very few you're known. MIIBDRER S 'GMICKEYR Business School. Stenog- rap er. u 1-at ta no' d osts, Se . to M' K ll , Student Pa rfjmlif thai peopllzsszidmieyg Beauty, cleverness and perfect attire. MILTON SIECAL C.C.N.Y.-R.O.T.C. U. S. Army. Pres. of Official Class. l'le's waiting to be decorated by MacArthur. SHIRLEY SIECAL Business School. Secretary. Student Patrol. She finally got something out of Jellersonfherself. DORIS SIEGEL Stenographer. Mr. Katz's Dramatic Club. Sec. to Miss Sandry. ln the world of dramatics she'd like to rise. In her, they're bound to receive a prize. RHODA SIEGEL Private Secretary. Clee Club. She'll sing her way to fame. BERNARD SILVER HBULLU Brooklyn College. Army Air Force. The one who wrote 'gliost In A Fogf, must have had him in mind. SHIRLEY SILVERFINE 'ESNAZZYB Brooklyn College. Sec- retary. Senior Council, Aurora Staff, Sec. to Miss Meehan. She's sweet as a Nestle-And just as nutty. BEATRICE SILVERMAN HCOOKIEU N.Y.U. Private Secre- tary. Regents Folder Com., Class Treas., Sec. to Mrs. Rich. She's so athleticHshe jumps to conclusions. . I E SILVERM N Sec. -to Mr. Lieberman, Se. to Mr. th' , W 'll vote, er,.tin. . - - , ,T , 4 , 1 IRENE SILVERMAN HCANDYV Secretary. Sec. to Miss Meehan. Senior Council Member, Aurora Staff. A lovely girl, whois full of fun, And has a smile for everyone. MARION SILVERMAN HSHRIMPH N.Y.U. Secretary. Arista, Regents Folder Com., Sec. to Mrs. Warsh. Such sec- retaries are quite rare, Pleasantly talkative beyond compare. SEYMOUR SILVERMAN Ohio State University. Optometry. Service Council, Biology Lab., Manager of Stage Squad. Imita- tion of life. HOYVARD SHER Swing Band. Orchestra. Blow. bugle. blow. Send the wild notes flying. BETTYSHERXIAN C.CN.Y. Dept. Store Executive. Victory Council, Arista. Service Council. Shels got charm. shes got witg She's got brains, she's got Hit." SYLVIA SHIFFNIAN. Brooklyn College Teacher. Library Service, Service Council. Red Cross First Aid Squad. We envy her pupils. JORDAN SHIFREEN HJORDY' Varsity Football. Drummer in the Swing Band. Football and music. what a combination. That and good looks make him a sensation. EDITH SHOKIER HCYRIEW C.C.N.Y. Economics Teacher. Sec. to Mrs. Lind in Record Office. Sec. to Mrs. YVacker, Sec. to Mrs. Sandry. An eco. teacher she would like to he. She has our utmost sympathy. SAMUEL SHOMER 'LWHITEYV Brooklyn College. Bacteri- ologist. Student Patrol, Supply Squad. Jeffs loss. Brooklyn's gain. EUGENE SHUBE HPROFM C.C.N.Y. Mechanical Engineer. Aurora Literary Stall. Defense Rep.. Victory Council. A culin- ary expert-He thinks green steak and iodine are delicious. ARNOLD SHULMAN HARNIE' The Army will decide it. Sec. to Mr. Hodesblatt, C.O. Rep. to Mr. Hodesblatt. Arnie is quiet, hels no meddler, But what a cinch for every peddler. DORIS SHUMAN Brooklyn College. No data: no knock. L Rlllll SIAX IN 5t't'It'lJlI'y. Svc. lo lllrs. Itn-li. ln ht-1' ipiivl. pl:-:using wav: She carries on day hy dai. lNll'il,l'lN Sl,AY'l'0N "MEI," tI,tI.N.W. A4-wountaol. l'in and Ring Rep. A lint- fellow who has rharin, Wants a girl to take his arni. llllllllifki Sl.UXlS NCOUIYYN C.C.N.Y. Clwiiiical l'iiig1iiieei'. Class 'l'rt-as. Ile enjoys telling hair-raising stories lo halft- ln-atlt-tl inen. .littik SMITH "llllKlf" tI.tI.N.t. Cop. Pres, Ainerican llistory Class. Pres. of Oflicial Class. ln school he's quiet and denture. But out of school. we're not so sure. ORMOND SMITH "SfNIlTTY" Iloward University. Civil Service. The schools idol. lle has been idle for four years. SAM SMl'lll'l "SNlITTY' C.C.N.Y. Engineer. Capt. Student Patrol. A kind face-The ferocious kind. RATE SNIOLOWITZ "K-XY' Bookkeeper. Sec. to Mrs. llrawyor. Warden. Friends. classmates, lend me your home- nork- -Please. LEON SMULOWITZ "SMG" Brooklyn College. He lost his halance and is still looking for it. ROS4Xl.XN SNYDER Secretary. Class Pres. English 8. Sec. lo Mrs. Rieger, Sec. to Mrs. Weinberger. Such secretaries are seldom found. .XHTIH R SUBOX INSKX "S NRO" C.tQ.N.Y. Engineering. Arista. Sec. to Xlr. tfosnian. Nlath Cluh. .Xrthur always takes pains. And good marks he attains. SlllRl.l'fY SUCllRlN Ste-nograplier. Yiorketl in l.iln'ary. See. to ftliss Nierenherg. NX lieiie-vt-r Shirley is called upon lo speak. .X blush appears upon each 1-lieek. it tim J ed mi e ie lllill-IN Sill" '.R CCY , ookkeei Xurora Stall. Sew. to Mrs. Rvl .S t ' '1 li il s 'l . Tl lttiys she xv' - tn v. BEATRICE SILYERSTEIN "BEATY" Hunter College. Teacher. Sec. to Mrs. Rich, Sec. to Mr. Cosman. Sec. to Miss Cordon. She always tries to help around: Quiet she, with little sound. ESTHER SIMON NESS-Y" Singer. Sec. to Mr.-latte. Her dream is to be a singer. And we hope her desire will linger. RUTH SIMON "RICKY" Business College. Court Stenog- rapher. Sec. to Mr. Neidich, Sec. to Mr. Goodman. Introduc- ing a miss of the modern day, Sweet, sympathetic, CIHIUIY and wav PEARL SINGER Blrool-:lyn College. Social W01'l4CT. Arista, Service Council, Senior Council. We think she's wonderful, honestly do: If you knew her, so would you. IRENE SIPKIN "RED,' Business College. Stenographer. Sec. to Miss Simons, Red Cross First Aid Squad, Sec. to Mrs. Cutter. Her hair has such a vivid glow. They call her 'LRed" and rightly so. V ft C BEATRICE sirzeti' ffifsizitvfisusiness. stuaetgi Patrol. sec. to Miss Baum,NSec. toylilrs. Saslaw.ftfShe's got a' smile the Qvlmle day thru. lldrefs a girl thai,Vdoesn't stay hlue. It EDNA SKULNICK HEDDYN Secretarygl-lome. Sec. to Miss Meehan, Student Library Asst., Student Patrol. She dislikes lalaor. hut loves to pun, A minimum of work and a maximum mf fun. MILIJRED SKOLNICK "MlLLY" Business College. Civil Service Secretary. Sec. in Record Oflice, Sec. to Mrs. Rich, Sec. to Mrs. l.ind. The husiness world is in for a treatg As secre- tary, she's hard to heat. tLlCR'l'RltlJE SKOTCIIIJUPOLE "SCOTTY" Secretary. llrznnatitz Chili, Air Raid Wartleii. A girl with lots of vitality, And a pleasing personality. ESTELLE SPITZ Dartmouth College. G.O. Rep., Sec. to Miss Stoloff. A sweet disposition within her lies, She has a character that satisfies. DAVID SPRUNC N.Y.U. Business Executive. Pres. of Stu- dent Patrol, Member of G.O. Council, Member of Service Council. Dave is beginning to get in trim, For N.Y.U. is calling him. VIOLA SRULOWITZHVICKYN C.C.N.Y. Secretary. Sec. to Mr. Sakol, Ping Pong Club. Not too fast nor too slow, The type one likes to know. SALLY STAFF MSUSHR Art School. Vocalist. Sec. to Mr. Einhorn. Petite and sweet, sheis quite a treat. HENRY l. STARK t'BALDY" Brooklyn College. Dentistry. Member of Chorus, Sec. to Mr. Dolgenas, First Aid. He got where he is by pull and push. MARVIN STECKER Albright College. Physical Education Teacher. Member of Football Team. He plays football- that's all! TILLIE STEICER "TOBY" Quietly she goes her way, Spread- ing cheer all the day. HARRIET STEIN UHEPPERQ' Delehanty Institute. Defense Worker. Sec. to Mr. Kostiner. Student Patrol in Lunchroom. As a jitterbug she's strictly hep. Full of fun and full, of pep. MURRAY STEIN C.C.N.Y. Heis always running for some- thing-The nearest exit when the bell rings. WILLIAM STEIN "POP" St. John's. Pharmacy. Vi-lhen Pop becomes a pharmacist, One drop of his medicine and no ,lap will exist. JOSEPH STEINBERG Columbia. Accountant. One thing we can say: He doe-sn't do things. RUTH STEINCART "RIlDY" C.C.N.Y. Secretary. Aurora Staff. Her thoughts travel to the skyg Her wish remains on earth. ROBERT SOFFES "BOB" C.C.N.Y. Pilotflf. S. Army Air Corps. Pres. of Official Class. Member of Stage Squad. Blem- ber of Senior Council. Here's a lad who has a brain. About his looks he isn't vain. FAY SOLASH Nurses' Training School. Child Nurse. Worked in Library. Hebrew Club Member. Silence is golden. speech is silver. Fay takes the silver. FRANCES SOLOMON HPENNY' Brooklyn College. Drama- tic Club Pres.. Sec. to Mr. Aaroni. Service Council. She sighs for the ways. Of sw et Hele Hayes. G IA sri ' , 1.11.-ga. D.. 1-raw-55451 C ve 'f U, of erv' Council. It-s be a pleasure, 3 iss So -. vu ve been an asset too. BERNARD SONKIN HPEBBLEST Bucknell Univ. Engineer- ing. Varsity Football. May he kick the ball over the goal post. ALBERT SOSNIAK C.C.N.Y. Engineer. iVhen it comes to homework. Heis an economist. BERNICE SOSNICK Brooklyn College. Court Stenographer. Sec. in Gym-Hygiene Library. Sec. to Mrs. Klusicus. A charming and a winsome maid, We have no doubt she'll make the grade. AILEEN SPIELBERG "PUTSY" C.C.N.Y. C.P.A. Jeffer- sonian Business Staff, Sec. to Hrs. Reuillard. Sec. to Mrs. Granoff. A well-dressed girl with charm and grace. A winning smile, a pleasant face. BEATRICE SPITZ HSPITZIES Barnard University. Dietitian. Pin and Ring Rep., Sec. to Mrs. Rich, War Stamp Rep. When one needs a favor, Spitzie's the saver. og. 'sbemgyz Eaumssqf AA- U. . i dt- 1 ., ,, , , l'Alll. Sllllllxll "NON Sll'.ltISl',N t..t..N.t. f.onsullnnl Melt-orologist. Ile nmkes ti lol of noise, trying to convince every- one ln-'s quiet. Sl'il,MA SIlCKl'illMAN lluggenlieini llental School. Dental llygicnisl. Sec. to Mrs. Nordell. lli-altb Squad. Sec. lo Mrs. Wacker. One ol our likable girls, With at head lull ol curls. IIICRNARII SUNSIIINE "SUNNY" Columbia. liiigiiieer. Pres. of the Senior Class. Vice-Pres. ol Service Council, Mem- ber of Arista. Senior President. Soeccr Manager, Photographer too. A "Sunny" disposition and always true. Bl'lA'l'RlCE TANKANOG "Bl'IA'I'Y,' Secretary and Photog- raphy. See. to Miss Palmer. ller quality of sweetness, Adds an air of petiteness. SONYA TANNENBAUM Bookkeeper. Sec. in Attendance Otliee. In good nature she abounds, To knock her we have no grounds. SOL TANOYSKY "TlNNY" Cooper Union. Engineer. Supply Squad. Student Patrol. Liberty Bell Rep. Does his work, and does it well. But jumps for joy when he hears the bell. JOSEPH TARNOVSKY Brooklyn College. Engineer. Can't call him a sucker, can we? .IOIIN TEARE "SONNY" Howard University. Author- Poet. He wants a geometric girl. plane and solid. NETTIE TICKMAN "NAT" Business School. Secretary. Student Patrol Ofhcer. Service Council. To know Nettie is a "must." IIYNIAN TILLEM "RED" Randolph Field. Naval Air Cadet. Ile-'s got a condenser for a neart. BESSIE TOLCIIIN College. Teacher. llebrew Club. Silence is a xirtue. But a little speech won't burl you. .I XCR TOPOISKY tf.C.N.Y. Engineering. Pb.D. Service Vonncil. Biology l.ab Xsst.. Class Treas. Ile s the schools idol. llt-is llc't'Il itlle ful' llllll' S't'LtI's. Qiinds "Cadiz, ROBERT STEINH T "BOB" Cooper Union. Vagabond. Booster Com. A lover of the open road. STEVE STLNICK "C.M.2" College. Vagabond. llis brain is like new4It's never been used. EDXVARD STEMPEL "EDDIE" Columbia. Medicine. Arista. Service Council, Varsity Soccer. l'le'll talk his way through medicine. L N LENORE STEPHENS g'LEE" Columbia. Court Stenographer. Sec. to Miss Meehan in Attendance Office, Sec. to Mr. Nordell. The height of ambition. GLORIA STERN "GLOW Bookkeeper and Stenographer. Sec. to Mrs. Cohen, Student Patrol. ,lust a quiet girl at heart. All she needs is a little start. ISRAEL STERN "SOOKY" Army Signal Corps. The only signaling that he's ever done is to the girl with slacks. SYLVIA STONE C.C.N.Y. Teacher. Kagathos, Service Council. Aurora Staff. The All-American Girl'Sweetness, simplicity and sincerity personified. SAMUEL STREITER 'ESAIW' Albright University. Physical Training Teacher. Varsity Football Team, Sec. to Mr. Hodes- blatt. After going to Jefferson, I'le's ready to tackle "anything" DENNIS STROM 'LDANNYH N.Y.Il. Accountant-C.P.A. See. to Mr. Mi-lov in Grade Adviser's Ofhce, Program Corn., Sec. to Mr. Emil. Accountant or Accounting dead Japs. 44 ELEANOR WARSHAW "ELKlE'i Bookkeeper and Stenog- rapher. Sec. to Nliss Hay, Senior Council. Sec. to Mr. Ein- horn. She has all the assets: Sweetness. neatness and petite- 11655. HERBERT WASSERMAN Army. Master Sergeant. Arista. The .leFfersonian. One of the last lo leave Jefferson with plenty of brains. JOANN WAXNIAN "JO" Secretary. Sec. to Miss Palmer. Sec. to Mrs. McLellan. Class Pres. Jo. Jo, we hate to see you go. GLORIA YVEICHSEL N.Y.ll, Sec. to Mr. L. Goodman, Bookkeeper of T. J. Teachers Association. Talks in her sleep fliight next to me in English. Rl TH AVEINBERG "HONEY" Alviene School of Dramatics. Actress. Victory Council Rep., Aurora Stall Knocks and Boosts. Dramatic Club. Ruth is a lassy. Whos quite classy. SAMUEL WEINBERC Brooklyn College. Lawyer. Always trying to apply his sense in school. FLORENCE WEINER "FLD" Franklin School of Business. Official Class Pres. ls she breezy? Florence comes in like a typhoon. KIILDRED WEINER "fNlALK" C.C.N.Y. Secretary. Sec. in Sten Ofhce-Bliss Baum. Sec. to Mrs. Rosenman. All she wants is a diploma and then a little desk with her name on it. PHYLLIS WEINER Brooklyn College. Social Wiorker. Sec. in Speech Oflice. Senior Dramatics Society. Library Service. The three S's: Sweet. Smart and Scintillating. WALTER WEINER N.Y.l3. ll. S. Army Air Corps. Pytha- gorean Society. Pin and Ring Rep. The boy who flirts with all the girls' names on the desk. PAVLINE WEINCER Brooklyn College. Spanish Interpres ter. Student Patrol Officer. Sec. to Miss McDaniel for Lan- guage Office. Service Council. EHicient in her own quiet way. ARLlNE WETNMAN Brooklyn College. Library Service Group. Program Com.. Service Council. A good sport and a swell colleen. Wore all out for Arline. FRANK TORNCK4 "EF" L. S. Signal Corps. Photographer. Boys' Lsher Manager-Styflerrt Patrol. Service Council. Cheering Squad. He's chairman of the hbored of education." FRANCES D. TRLBACZ An innocent face but a rascal at heart. RLTH TLCHBIAN MYICKY' C.C.N.Y. Engineer. Health Squad. Junior Dramatics. Senior Dramatics. Sheis blonde and flaring. Her nature's daring. ARTHLR TLCKER Florida lvniversity. Engineer. Basket- ball Team. First Aid. Football Team. Four years in a quantlary. and now he is out. BERNICE TLCKER Business School. Social Worker. We hope sheill be as great as ,lane Addams. DANIEL TLNKEL 'QDLDYU C.C.N.Y. Army Ground Crew. Progressive in a retrogressive way. FLORENCE LNICH "HANK" Business School. Secretary. A diller, a dollar. An all-round good scholar. NICHOLAS WALENKOWITZ 'LNICKN N.Y.l'. Chemist. .Arista Alemher, English Book Room Asst.. Class Treas. He's an honest fellow-We trust him with our money. COLDIE WALLACH Hunter College. Social Work. Arista. Literary Stall of Aurora. Sec. to Nliss Hay. Goldie has a high mentality. Plus a charming personality. 3 l Ml'Il.XVlN Wl'L'l"I'l'llt 41.lf.N.i. Awotilitaiil. Aurora lit-p. Yveller is iievvr tlry. lvlAliRll'l'l' Wl'lXl,l'llt .lolui Powers Motlt-ling School. Model. Sec. to Miss Sli-loll. The pretty girl wbok like a nielotly. SYLYIA WIATRIKI littsiuess School. Bookkeeper. Aurora Stall lypist. Senior Council. Sec. of Pr:-sidei1t's firitint-il, Ilulf the tune. SlllPl'1lllSl'i0ll3'. The other time tiiivoiiseiotis. SIIIHLIQT WIIQNIQR C.C.N.Y. Accountant. A quiet girl who is very lineg One whose cliaracter is sublime. SEYMOUR WINKELMAN HWINKIH' N.Y.l3. Dentistry. Sec. to Mr. Emil. Sec. to Mr. Schoenfeld, Sec. to Mr. Hodeshlatt. Wiukie can wink and take a joke. .f KIXIALCOLISI WOLF "MAC"7Yarsity Basketball Team. Jeilerr sons .due lol? a 'Yneti' loss. ADELE WOLFE "ADDIE" N.Y.U. Engineer, First Aid, Sec. for Mrs. Quinn. Sec. for Mrs. Powers. Her delight is math: Engineering's her path. LAURA WOLFSON Secretary. Like sugar. sweet and re- fined. 4 ANNA WOLMAN Brooklyn College. iI'Iebrg'wwTea'eher in Palestine. Sec. to Mr. Lewittes. Hebrew Club. This young lass, sweet and divine. ,wrsltes to return to Palestine. UK7' ,vi tx 1. "' srrrvm ivorsiefr --etiArrANooG.i'f Nm-sfrfaining Schooll Nurse: SewisxgjCouncil.fLe3,der.-L-'Class Sec. in Rec' ord UBRH-. ln athletics best. Shell pass all the tests. AARON WI RBI ii.C.N.Y. C.P.gX. and Commercial Teaclier. Krista. Sec. to Nlr. Tenrosen. Sec. to Nlr. Horowitz. Aaron is friendly as lie is clever. Nlay Jeilerson see boys like liini forever. RITII YAXOFSRY Nil. Private Stenograplier. Sec. to Nlrs, Wacker, Sec. to Nlis- lf. li. Coldin, Shes the original niglitsowl Sleeps all day in class. ANNETTE WEINSTEIN Brooklyn College. Lawyer. Arista. Aurora Literary Staff, Kagathos, Seiwice Council. A Portia come to judgment! CECELIA WEINSTEIN "CECEE" Brooklyn College. Court Stenograplier. Treas. of Official Class, Sec. to Mr. Katz. She's plenty liep. And full of pep. ESTELLE WEINSTEIN Brooklyn College. Ilebrew Club, Ping Pong Club. Lively and charming, Her energy's alarming. ESTELLE WEINSTEIN "SUNNY" Secretary. Sec. for Miss Rich. Slie's "light" on her feet, No wonder they call her Sunny. JEAN WEINSTEIN Stenographer in WAVES. Liberty Bell Rep., Sec. to Mr. Jaffe, Swimming Club. A sweet little head- ache. But oh, so much fun! RITA WEINSTEIN C.C.N.Y.-Evening. Secretary. Sec. to Mrs. Atkins, Sec. to Mrs. Warsh, Library Service. A modest, unassuming girl, Always does the best she can. WILLIAM WEISSHAR 'AC.M.U" C.C.N.Y. C.P.A. Student Patrol, Sec. to Mr. Spund. Freckles champ of Jefferson. MARTIN WELLIN L'RED', C.C.N.Y. Chemical Engineer. Pres. of Service Council, Arista, Senior Council. Service and brains make a swell combination. MILDREIJ WICNDICROFF "lVIlTZIE" Brooklyn' College. P.T. Tc-aclier., Kagathoa, Service- Council, Program Com. She's got what it fakes, Plus a little more. SHIRLEY ZARNITSKY "COOKIE" Business School. Busi- ness Career. Sec. to Mr. Melov. Class Treas., Swimming Club. To know Shirley Zee is really a "must." BETTE ZAVODNICK Pratt Institute. Dietitian. Member of Hebrew Club. Member of Dramatic Club. Her sparkling smile, Makes you linger a while. I y , CYNTHIA ZEBERSKYXfsteflographer. Studen,tfiPatrol, De- fense C011n2gl,Bll.DHQjlHty Treas. Cialis. ' Her pleas- ing man' 'and pretty ooks are theukiffdkfou 'read in ,story books. ff - SYLYIA ZEGAR Hunteriollege. Journalist. Columnist on Liberty Bell, Service Council. She writes with zest andmirth. For hers is stuff of worth. ELEANOR ZEIFMAN "ELLY MAE" N.Y.U. Bookkeeper. Choral Training, Student Patrol. Her humor is as tall as her height. CALVIN ZELL N.Y.U. Lawyer. Samuel Liebowitz and Calvin Zell. -,,,, fy . I IRE- L it sue! .estimate secferatyw ZERMLE .T?u ix s ' -'Shufwt Patro , Sec. to Miss IN eehan. Every knock is a boost-for her. EDNA ZEMSKY i'EDDY" Columbia University. Journalist. Sec. of the Steno. and Typewriting Otlicwhliss Newman, Sec. to Miss Baum, Student Patrol. The I's have it: Industrious, Intelligent. Intellectual. SEYMOUR ZIRIN Radio School. Radio Technician. lVatch out! Youll stump the experts. INGRID ZOCH Secretary. Student Patrol. Those who say least know most. ELIZABETH ZORY Bookkeeper. Asst. in Students Sight Con- servation. She's always nice and quiet. She's not the one to start a riot. HELEN ZUCKER Business School. Secretary. Sec. to Dr. Kramer. Swimming Club. The Brooklyn Dodgers make her beam. She's got a crush on the whole team. BELLA Y.-XRENBERC "BELLE" Secretary. Sec. to Bliss Meehan. Hebrew Club. Regents Folder Corn. Shes like a sneeze-When you least expect her she's there. BLRTON YAWITZ "NL'll1lY" C.C.N.Y. Draftsman. Foot- ball. Pythagorean Society. .loined the math club to confuse the teachers. LOLIS YELLIN "LOYSII'S" LI S. Naval Academy. Officer in the Navy. He'll join the Navy to "sink" the world. BERNARD YLNI "BITTO', R.C..-X. Television Operator. Liberty Bell Reporter. Rep. on Victory Council. He's no artist. but he can draw a crowd of girls. SEYKIOLYR YLSEII C.C.N.Y. or Cooper Lnion. Electrical Engineer. Current Problems Club. C-ive him a girl's weight and height, and he'll figure out her telephone number. SAIILEL ZAHL Brooklyn College. Draftsman. A mass of protoplasm. HAROLD Z.-XKS "ZEKE" C.C.N.Y. Engineer. No data. no knock. BERNARD ZALXIAN "JUNIOR" Xavier Lniversity. Lawyer. Shop Asst. to Hr. Clements. Double dose of ethyl-no knock! BERTON ZARETSKY 'LBLDDY' Brooklyn-N.Y.L. Adver- tising Director. Chairman of the Senior Jewelry Com.. Service Council. Manager of the Football Team. Everybody's Buddy. .51 MILDRED ZUCKER "MlLLlE" Brooklyn College. Business Career. Dr. Kramer's Sec., Mrs. Nordell's Sec., Hebrew Club. She knew we'd say something about her hair. It's red. There! MORRIS ZUCKER Musical College. Symphony Orchestra. Orchestra. Band. Music soothes the savage beast. SELMA ZWEIGENBAUM Business School. Private Secre- tarv. Student Patrol. Sec. to Mrs. Atkins. A sense of humor, brains and pep, She'll win success. step by step. THEODORE BOOKEY Courage gives strength to the body. SHIRLEY COHEN C.C.N.Y. Buyer. Student Patrol, G.O. Delegate, Liberty Bell Rep. Quiet, refined and worthy of praise, Consiclerate she and modest always. NATALIE ELFENBAUM 5'NATASHA" Aircraft Worker. Inspector. Student Patrol, Sec. to Miss Flaum. Her face is fair, her clothes are neat, For loveliness she can't be beat. THELMA FRANKEL HPATTY' N.Y.U. Buyer. Five feet twog Eyes of blue. ROSALIND MEYERS Private Secretary. Sec. to Miss Nier- cnherg, Regents Com.-Mr. Shepherd, Sec. to Miss Natelson. Horn to serve us and serve well. SHIRLEY MILLER Sec. to Mrs. Warsh, Sec. to Mrs. Musicus. She's a Miss of the modern day, Sympathetic, sweet, and gay. JACK MOOCIINICK C.C.N.Y. Accountant. Student Patrol. lfigurc Inc this and how much? EDWARD SCIIOLMAN "EDDlE,' ll. S. Army Air Corps. Mecliunic. Ile hnally got something out of school4himself. Rl'l'A SllAl.l.l'iR Pratt Institute. Designer. Service Council, Kugathos, Cont-ral Oilice, Sec. to Miss Nierenberg. All rolled up into ont- B4-truly, brains, and lots of fun. ERMA TABB C.C.N.Y. Court Stcnographer. Program Com., Student Victory Council, Service Council. Erma has that charming way, Always cheerful, pleasant and gay. uetivities gg. 0. co uncml 4. Slillfilll' C0lIll Cil Group photos by Bernard Sunshine ,K 05. knocks 8 boosts budget .i art sq effersonian liberty bel mul I aristu presidents council business 9 Ifmgatho football W' SUCCQI' defense eeuneil swing band hostess elub HE service l30llIlI3lfl ...l orchestr-, 7' senior Boys ,lack San Fillipo Harold Katz Charles Pullizi Charles Pullizi Seymour Ellenherg Archie Pearlman Malcolm Wolfe Gerald Munehik Eddie Albert Howard Sher Bernard Sunshine lVla1'tin Wlellin ..-xl. eelebrities Most Athletic Best Scholar Most Popular Class Politician Class Wit Class Pest Best Looking Best Dressed Best Actor Most Musically Inclinefl Most Versatile Girls Sophie Peitler Rasha Charnex Beverly Serkin E Muriel Rothhart ,lean Weinstein Frances Bei-latt Mildred Kreminitzer Muriel Kabinofl Edna Kowiteh Eleanor Nudleman Jean Weinstein Faculty Autographs 1' 6 f L1 L , gf fs-CL.4Z1-,,w!,.-f' ' A alfa- ffiwgm' ff' ' 4 ffm Qfwyfgf Ty 5914521 f " ,X A.. fwjtygg g 1 if f f Q J, K wi , N S4 fi If Jr. Q. J! I J! fl KMGJP if ' Q AQ? Hiliwfi 'Q QNQ ILM., lute aiu V y... ., , :. Q 'L i C 5 v Q I J S -feb -. ,f 'H' 2. 1 H . f' WLT? . .-ig: x F! ,, . Zig: r, l ' :if ' 0 L ',4,' ' , - - - 4 -s LS, -- if iw, 'ig' , zfgf. A '. . "lg,-' ", 5:1 ll I Zvi i' MQ- 5? 4 5 .- .v' f f 'gf-:gg EJ- , A' Vx ' C A yr.: ,,,.7,' L 32-A., , "als Wfw i, W l X , "-7 1-LF ' ,- . 1:-1 - v ' ff -1' fiiiaian fl - Q-'gil .17 f :fr si' A q- A775 , QQ l, I fp E131 I 'riff 4 .fi Qc : . JA:-, - '. , .. , . S- 'g141'. , , ff ff Hug, T- L"- kplzg., ... .3-:JSE if Q, Qi., rbi.-5 .'- An' 4 an '-' fffa-35.1 1. af., . 'l:1'l'3-'- 'dxf ' ' 'fx Z?-:-r"'.4s X '. F' A 9 ,- rig 5X 211' ur' - f - ' xx A 3:,'g'4jg 1- iff-Qf -11.3 ' 5- 4' f--'ff -I-Z H - Q9 ,fr :jk 'nt rg I 4' '1., ofhf ,- ,. - . 4 27 'G 5? gr? ,Q - ,. ww ,Q A S'-f " "JI ,A ...x ' '- 1-"nf grin. v. Ag! - I5 'ax ff, -, 'Ffff-l .K . , - 5-1: N f 1 -1 :fs 4,1 1' 'v , .x ' Y' , I I . ffafvvflff the spirit of jefferson high-forever in our hearts You rememherl Sure you do! It wasn't so long ago that we graduated from Jefferson. As you turn the pages of this hook, try to recall the Jef- ferson we knew and loved. Remember the beginning of each term? The program committee used to mess up our schedules. Oh, were we annoyed! But that was Jefferson, and how we loved it! Did we have it in for the freshiesl How many elevator passes did you trade? liemeniher how the SP. used to have it in for us? We didn't like the last two hours of homework each dayg hut We were so much the heller for it. There were a lot of things we didnit like. We hated the gylll-l0-PllySlt'S rush. That fellow never flirl let us out early enough! WH' hated to stand on the lunch room lineg hut stand we did, even for twenty minutes at a stretch! Il' we got tired of school. there wore always Vlfednesday with its short schedule and Friday with its promised vacation. Ever go to a Jeff-Boys, or Jeff-Tilden game? You'll never forget those tilts. will you? Everyone would freeze to his seat with excitement when the hall was near our goal, and yell himself hoarse when it was near theirs. Ah! Those were the days-gone, but never forgotten! Those were the little things, trivial and isolated as they Were, that went to make the Spirit of Jefferson High alive in our hearts forever. May the future carry out the Spirit that was nursed so generously in Jefferson High! E. S. faith Wlhat is a nation without hope and faith? lt is a ship XVallowing in the turbulent sea of disaster. Rudderless . . . helpless. Banished be the sceptic, cynic, and coward. We must believe in the ability of man To soar aloft And successfully storm the citadel of persecution. The fate ofthe world is for us to decide. Iron and blood has had its dayg It is time for the brain and heart to command: To lead us on to a world of peace: Cautiously to steal ln an unguarded moment Upon Utopia. Wle shall believe- And in the wake of belief Follow with the redemption of all mankind. Ben Lang thatfs the spirit There's a kid in Brownsville with sloppy clothes and dirty hands who goes from house to house to collect the precious metals. There's the kid next door, a neighbor of yours and mine, with straw-colored braids and rosy cheeks who asks for unneeded keys. Therels the busy housewife who de- votes a part of ber valuable hours to selling stamps and bonds. Perhaps itls your mother or mine. Then, too, there's the tired man, who with helmet and flashlight prepares to protect our homes. That's the spirit, major and minor Americans. Thatis what it takesl Spare those pennies and minutes for the general good. You wonlt miss them. Though the world crumble at your feet, you will never sink to noth- ingness with a chin upraised and a fighting spirit: a spirit to better this furious world whose flames of peace are rapidly being extinguished by a Hateful Monster. Stand up and Hght--each and every one of you with guns, with time, with money-hght with all your might! Hit the Axis hard! Thnt's tht- way, kidl You wonlt get a lolly for collecting scrapg but peace is worth a million lollies. Thatis right, lVloml The security of your family is worth at million more immaculate homes than yours. Stay there another few minutes. You can dust this afternoon. Come on, Popl I know youire tired. but your home is worth more than those minutes of sleep you lose. Keep guard! Then brave kids and Moms and Pops will make a braver world. R, C, soap operas in the life of the modern jeifersonian I. VALIANT LADY .... Female in the boys, lunchroom. 2. AGAINST THE STORM . . Senior going up a down staircase 3. GUIDING LIGHT . . . . Our grade advisers 4. LONELY WOMEN . . . At the fejjferson dances 5. RIGHT TO HAPPINESS . . Why can't we Hjitterbugn at the fejferson dances? 6. ROAD TO LIFE . . Leads to the lunch counter 7. BRIGHT HORIZONS . . After passing all your Regents 8. HELP MATE . . . . The guy who sits next to you during that history test 9. LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL . School hours-I2 to lg with an hour for lunch 10. THE GLOOM DODGER . ..., Cutters L. R. 's-V forward 'clt is for man to tame the chaosg on every side whilst he lives, to scatter the seeds of science and songf, So wrote one of Americals intellects. Ralph Waldo Emerson. How I wish our new future could be cemented about this monumental wisdom! Do you believe it too vast for the human mind to perceive a world dedicated to the fulfillment and preservation of that universal belief? Then let us analyze it and get to its core. 4'It is for man to tame the chaos ,... 7, YVhat a powerful expression! How in the world can the mind of man search out the roots of chaos and at the same time, destroy them? The solution is clear as crystal. Emerson tells us how in the very same breath, 4'On every side, whilst he lives, to scatter the seeds of science and songf' Erect more schools! Raise more laboratories! Propagate the instruments of learning to enable all to drink from the cup of knowledge. But tragically enough, increasing the means of education does not augment learning by one iota. We must forge and temper the metals of progress until we have succeeded in casting a die of the future. Let us fill this die with music and tolerance, with art and respect, with literature and un- derstanding. Don,t slide back! Progress has never been made by living in the Past. Look back and suffer the fate of Lot, look ahead and live! Martin Welliii unconquerable From the broken backs of men it rises .... From the chambers of the dead it comes .... For the conquered living it brings hope. Ifs never heralded with drums. Steady as the dripping faucet, inevitably the day advances. No fiihrer will ever stop it with evils, like guns and lances. HHeinrich Killed!" . . . Thafs its work .... '!Bomb at Munich!" . . . Again it strikes .... From the wilds of Yugoslavia to Hollandis worn-torn dykes. Unconquered Spirit lives anew, out of the murk and gloom of hate, and death and sorrow-The yoke! From tens come thousands soon! A sentry Whirls and barks a challenge. But too late! The finger points, jabs a knife between his blades, and with blood the earth anoints. It lives, it lives! . . . ,Twill never die-for Spirit lives when bodies crack .... Crack a million, tall and strong, yet a million will come back. Even now the rumblings sound, as Spirit wings its upward way, inevi- table be the goal as Nazi,s judgment day. E, S, peaee When this gigantic conflict has terminated Shall we have completed our struggle? Must we not look with telescopic vision To the future? Many are the wars that have been fought And some men say, 5'Won,,, liul not l. Admission hy the enemy Of dcllcal Does nol sulhceg For admission ls hut a hollow statement Uevoid of any feeling But halredg A device used to ohtain a truce So that the world can regain its strength To Fight once more. The intrinsic value of a war,s culmination Is the assurance of peaceg Which once attained Should he clasped to the breast And nurtured Eternally. Ben Lang story of a nation How they laughed, in '76 . . . HYankee Doodlefl they called us then. . . . But from their laughter came respect for a nation built by MEN. In 1812 we stood and fought for the freedom of God,s seas. And the world looked up, took note as TENS threw hundreds to their knees. And then again in '36 Santa Anna tried our mettle. ul-iemember the Alamo," we shouted then, as we proceeded Santa Anna to settle. Dark clouds came in '65. Rebellion reared its ugly head. uSave the lfnionf' was our cry as we struck those rebels dead. Hfiemember the Maine," they shouted once, and remember it we did. Santiago, Manila, came in turn-and checked the Spanish bid. In 1917 the whole earth shook as Germany's ill-bred blast shook us to our feet once more .... To make that one her last. "Remember Pearl Harbora' we cry today, as we put the Axis in its place .... For America, they know at last, will never lose its face. So have spirit. Cheer up. American youth. . . . We have a world to rebuild! E. S. indomitable The American spirit is unconquerable. Dashing with relentless fury like waves against barren rocks, it hastens to destroy destruction. lfnyielding to obstacles it grows more tempestuous, more fiery. The American spirit is aggressive. Slowly, it seeps its way into the heart of every man, woman and child. Surely, it grips the souls of freedom-loving men. The American spirit is a dream. Drowning in a sea of barbarism, the peoples of conquered Europe cling to the life-preserver of American spirit. The American spirit is a reality. To our valiant forces, it's a down-to- earth proposition of "liberty or deathf' of Hculture or kulturf, That the end of that spirit would lead to total annihilation of everything we hold dear to us is clear. American spirit marches on. The roaring crescendo will burst into thunder and envelop the whole world in its sweep. One day, the entire earth shall understand the significance of the glowing torch of our robed Lady guarding the harbor of New York. G. W. spirit of war Spirit of blacked-out nights and screeching sirens, Spirit of fearful hours, Your work awaits you! Before departing, shade the sheen of trenchant steel from my eyes, Spirit of doubts and hopes fpressing even onwardj, Spirit of fearful days and barbaric scenes, Tingling spirit! Witli roaring cannon and pleading cry You must invade the nation. Wliile your men, your indefatigable strength plunge into battle, And the weight of artillery bows down their backs, While burst of ammunition shakes their forms, While monstrous, artihcial birds creep slowly-slyly, away from home Moving with steady motion, Rising and falling with heavy thuds, At marching feet keep time, Spirit of peaceful hours Once known to me- 1A brilliant glow and then at once a ghastly death! Touch my heart! O diabolical war, Will to me your blasphemous curses! Leave your bloody trails behind forever! Let future years sit back and see the sun: Let years give birth to everlasting peace. , R. C. music Pitter-patter beat of drops, warm crackling of a glowing tire, low murmur of buzzing voices .... cricket cbirping cheerfully .... this is music! Roaring crescendo of a modern train, waves dashing against a barren shore, tumultuous sounds of a giant plane taking oil .... this is music! The lilting quality of a Strauss waltz .... a melancbolic melody of Tschaikowsky .... Sbostakovitchls loud, irregular measures .... fiery, passionate bars of Chopin .... exotic, oriental notes of Rimsky-Korsakoff . . . . this is music! Sonorous songs by Sammy Kaye .... syncopated rbythms of Duke Ellington .... a bit number by Tommy Dorsey .... this is music? G. VV. LI TTE R ature OF HUMAN BONDAGE . . Compulsory Education Law GONE WITH THE WIND . , My Chances for Arista GREAT EXPECTATIONS . . Doing Homework Daily HARD TIMES .... . . . Cramming for Exams OUR MUTUAL FRIEND . ..... Mr. Muldorf LES MISERABLES .... Freshies Taking Orders from S.P. MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY ..... Penny Milk Strike HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY . . . And Red My Report Card 100,000,000 GUINEA PIGS . . Students, First Aiders Practice On MEIN KAMPE .... . . Thomas Jefferson Diploma THE GOOD EARTH . .... Coney Island GRAPES OF WRATH . . Contents of Lunch Room Pies OUT OF THE NIGHT . . Into A.M. Official Period TREASURE ISLAND .... . Permanent Record Cabinet THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER .... Senior and Freshie THE SEA HAWK ........ Swimming Teacher MAN HUNT .....i M r. Umans Raiding the Candy' Store THIS ABOVE ALL . . . . Getting Out in 3 and lg ,,itft Years ALICE IN WONDERLAND .... Modern Female Ieyffersonian YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU . Marks Above 6505 QTO Teachersl JOHNNY GET YOUR GUN . . Promptly After Your Diploma G. I. Vx I 14.1.-'Y-' 'Hand' ' f. -A , 4.1, '-1 ,Vg -'- in 'x ' K ,, ..,' ."4nl,', Hkmg, 1 ., ,, -M .W my if, x ',n'1x'H El W . ' .sijyn KM . V. ' x JJ-1.Y!'9,GL MVN- "ML 'fd' I n 4 ,N M- T. R A" 515 'Rv -w..-f x X x 'Q w '51 -4 13 X .4 ' r" 2.4-. ' . v 4 "'XflX1'i'-4:-I x if E254 'f . , N 'af' 1-X,'H75.,'VL U , .Vx ,N,. M K eu, 4 N. ... -"w.'w1:x-'N . '-'5'V2tiFJ2I'm, ' "fx . ini, T e Free Spirit NORMAN DAVIDSON the free spirit He caught sight of it gleaming in the sun. It went forward slowly like a huge dragon ready for the kill. But he saw it! He thought a moment and then wheeled his huge thunderbird down. Like a rocket it went hurtling down, down to death, down to victory. Colin Kelley had spirit! Pierre worked in a munitions factory. He didn't want to: he hated it: he hated them. They forced him to H11 shells with gunpowder. He had a chance to destroy his enemies, but that would mean he must destroy him- self and his friends who worked with him. Wfould it pay to take a chance? Would it pay to destroy millions of bullets and guns used to destroy his people? He looked around and saw his weary friends. Their eyes seemed to say, 4'Yes, do it." He was ready! He took a deep breath, put his hand in his pocket and removed a match. He struck it against his shoe. It glowed for a second and-Pierre too had spirit. I can go on telling stories of spirit. I can tell you of the Chinese people. the Russians, the Dutch, the Norwegians. the Danes and the people of central and southern Europe. I can tell you of the baseball player hitting a home run in the last half of the ninth inning to win the game. I can tell you about the football player who ran for a touchdown just before the game ended. They all have spirit. If we have the freedom of spirit within us we shall always be free. The free spirit cannot die! Samuel Shomer legacy As it becomes necessary for the honorable class of January 1943 to leave the Republic of Thomas Jefferson High School, we, the class members, being fully aware of the disastrous loss which befalls the school upon our depar- ture, deem it wise to bequeath unto our Alma Mater lasting and impression- able gifts which will ever recall sweet memories of our worthy class. Whereas we, the class of January '43, believing ourselves to be of sound minds, etc., do hereby benevolently bequeath the following fnot because we are growing old and feel that death is near, but because we no longer have any use for the following bequestsj : Item: To those in charge of the absence excuses, we leave all the alibis originated and explained by us. Item: 'l'o the biology teachers we leave the digestive system of a bachelor- menelsium acblorioasis ta cockroachl. Item: To the mathematics teachers we leave an excellently constructed left angle whose sine equals infinity. Item: To all future classes subjected to the agony of language, we leave a translator. Item: To the Board of Regents we bequeath any day of the week but the first four and the last three in which to give us our examinations. Item: To the Student Patrol we leave a few freshmen who will obey their ruthless commands. Item : To those who eat in the lunch room we leave a jar of mustard with which to eat their pretzels. Item: To the teachers who have not in their youth obtained a thorough back- ground in mathematics we leave a list of numbers from 65 to 100 which will be posted in the library for their benefit. Item: To the teachers who fail students for not laughing at their 'cjokesw we leave a book entitled HHow to Tell Jokes Successfullyf, Item: To the French teachers we leave the pleasure of teaching ignorant freshies, sophs, and juniors lseniors canit be ignorantj the correct manner of pronouncing such a simple letter as auf, Item: To Freddie we leave a poster which he will exhibit in his elevator, warning students to have their passes ready. Item: To all the bald-headed members of our faculty we leave a steel brush and comb. Item: To the future seniors we leave the pleasure of thinking up some new tasks for freshies to perform. And lastly, to those insignificant creatures who classify themselves Seventh-Termers, we brilliant and far-seeing seniors bequeath worthwhile and precious gifts which will always be an inspiration and a guiding light to them. To the dull ones we leave our wit and intelligence, to the careless we leave our sympathyg to those who cut classes we leave our newest creation, a masterpiece, entitled uVarious Methods of Ditching Classes with Appropri- ate Alibis for Each Occasionf, To the tactless ones we leave our wisdom, and to the senseless we leave our superior mentality. All else that has not been mentioned, we, the departing seniors, take along with us into the hard and cruel World. In Witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our signatures and affixed the seal of the Notary Public, this 30th day of January, one thousand nine hundred and forty-three. WITNESSES- O. Wfatt Baloney Rose O'Day Hocknit A. Chainik and THE SENIORS OF JANUARY 1943. XXX-Notary Public G. I. Senior Autographs , , bib ., .i-bd ,, f-tix!-f' 'Q' f Ns - J K J- . , ' Uv-OW x P' ofwf v5,,0U1X Q- QNHH iw 5 . ' 3 E 7' rf: KV walfi kr.AJv.. -lfvvg' X' VWW1 "o'box" "'7"JA W -tr i -I'-Pg, , I A V W XX X X-4 . ' l'0l'ts ii: 5 ,- , .iq-iiw . M , , D -x' an - ' 5,45 - 1' ., - , -A 1. . '-' Q. 4' -i i!,, g., 3'-'N 2 Q7 fif 5,-5 -,E,i4AgfP7' ' f' X3 5 V f . .Wm L 4 f,, of . fi? 5, -5 -R, - - , :if -VJ-A U' SA- 1-N' , ' . N 'N fx I ! ' 'J ff' A -4 H X Yfgi, l " , X J ,K , L, , ,Ii .-5152, ,R yi., - 7214 ,: . fa? 11' lf' fffx"uf,m'. . l' x ,g'-X25 - .rx - . ' A f . if' ' X, E23 fx 4 ALF-xp 325' , 'jf'-' nz'-' ," '- ,QT " ' ' f . ' -A , vi !!!d- I - - f A , Y, .- - - - ILT, I 1 .ff ' ' ' K 1-:',f"'6b"f'f!!. X , ,Z s the c eering squad All professional and amateur games from soccer to football differ widelyg but all are attended by one thing in common: the Cheering Squad. On a foreign field, away from the familiar stands and home ground, the team is lost in the hubbub of hostile jeers and wild gestures. Morale becomes a necessity. So the cheering squad, the little fellows and girls who get out there before their team to do their stuff before friend or foe, in rain or shine, become the unsung heroes of the game. The Jefferson Squad, under the direction of Mr. Schain, is no excep- tion. At every meet-soccer, basketball, or football-at home or on enemy fields. they have done their utmost to give our teams that last nudge to vic- tory. Those seven boys and seven girls have given from two to four hours per week of their aliter-school time for practice, and have gone to every game of the teams. An example of their hue morale is the fact that this term they travelled, at their own expense, to the While Plains field, outside New York City, just to cheer our boys on. The history of the squad, which dates hack to the first days of Jefferson, has been honorable through thc years. This term they have been newly cap- tained hy Mr. Sehain, and have certainly heen performing excellent service. football Wllere would a school he without spirit? The answer is hard to imagine, for every school has at least one team, and that team is an example of school fighting spirit. Jefferson shows that spirit in many ways, but never so well as in its football team. - This term the team has fought courageously seven contests, the hardest schedule in many years, against some of the city's best teams. This was the team that tied Boys High, and was the first team to score twice against White Plains in four years. What is even more impressive is the fact that the total score amassed by this termis squad was greater than that of any squad for the past ten years. Let's see what went to make this team. The boys worked in the field between 1:30 and 5:30 every day from the beginning of the term to the close of the season, including five hours on Sunday, and more on Saturday. They were even out there practicing on holidays, rain or shine. Coach alloc" Washington had thirty-eight men at his call and used about twenty per game. Many teams would have cracked under such strained conditions as this team underwent. But 'lDoc,, attributed much of the spirit of the team to "the most loyal cheering squad l've ever seenf, Hero of the term is ,lack San Filippo, end and halfback who worked hardest to pull the team ahead, and even insisted on playing while sus- taining a broken jaw. Yes sir, Thomas leffersonls football team this term certainly has lived up to tradition, and deserves a big handl basketball The Jefferson hoopsters really kept Jefferson a respectable and formidable contender in scholastic sporting circles. Last season Coach Sam Schoenfeld with a squad of novices landed Jefferson a runner-up berth in the divisional race. This term almost all of the old members returned, and vowed to lift the divisional crown from Eastern District who beat them in an overtime playoff for the championship by one point. As prospects brightened, our boys did not rest on their laurels. They worked out three hours a day, three days a week since October, playing their first game at the end of November. Coach Schoenfeld trained eleven regular varsity members, all fully capable of carrying the banner of Jefferson to eventual triumph through competition that is by no means soft. SOCO0I' The Jefferson soccer team worked out earlier this season to reach better shape. Although their progress has not been rapid, the boys showed excep- tional sportsmanship in all games. The situation caused by the fact that many of the upper classmen were holding jobs and taking war courses struck a harder blow upon the soccer team than upon other Jefferson squads. But the boys hit hard, and defended well. Buturla and Moskowitz were the sparkplugs of our defensive action. Bernard Sunshine managed the team and Dave Carlin captained it. Though the soccer squad has been unsung all season, they tried just as hard, and achieved as much relative success as any other team. Coach Clark had no light task on his hands when he organized and coached this team. Ask Lafayette or Cleveland! Mr. Clark observes that a great number of ,leffersonls alumni now in the armed forces have been at one time or another on the soccer team. the ranger program Perhaps you Jeffersonians wondered what it was all about. Each time you went to the gym the instructors made you jump off platforms, over horses, and over parallel bars. They made you climb ropes, lift weights, clo all sorts of contortions on the bars, and in general, almost break your neck. You probably remembered the tumbling best, for after you got done, the world went round and round. Now it can be told. You were being conditioned for possible military service, boys and girls. The idea was to develop you both physically and psychologically-physically, to develop endurance, and strength and agility, psychologically, to develop courage and to become familiar with the type of training encountered in service on a large scale. Now that itis over, you'll have a chance to see what it meant for you, as many ol' you don uniforms to help rid the earth of barbarism, intolerance, and injustice. Then many of you will be mighty glad you took it. E. S. and G. l. l90lllllllllllll8tfl!8 ll' yon noticed more black and blue marks on the girls than ever, and il' they sccnied to come up to classes more dishcveled, you probably blamed it on the war. During the past term .lellerson girls emerged from the ping-pong play- ing days. The HE. Department replaced the Hsofti, sports with Command- ette training which was a modihcation of the program of the Hangers. "The idea of this training," explained Miss Goldman, head ofthe Girls' HE. Department, 'awas to enable the girls to do such things as Commandos may be called upon to do, and to be able to handle their bodies in such a way that they will be able to get away with it." Confidentially, the teachers were amazed and delighted with the results. The girls showed a great deal of enthusiasm and took the bruises like little majors. Jumping from heights and going into a forward roll, vaulting over high obstacles, climbing and swinging on ropes, jumping distances, crawl- ing under low bars, and hanging in various positions were some of the feats the girls learned to master. Yes, girls have come a long way. lt wonet be long before females are on an equal footing with males not only socially and politically but athleti- cally as well. R,K, . -.5-5 9 H 1 Z' Autographs k,2 , 01' E J'-Vlvi H? r ' ' - ' E h . xi M" 'Y' . ,. L. ,SJW .15 Q, J jf . iff' , . .ff ' n A iflf ., Q I . w I '-is,!71J4s 1-41,1 2777,-QL I K,1,l.PAJ-.I vu ff' 0"-iii! X, ' -4- ,4...f,1.c,c,:,-1,-1:44--I -1-1 .. 'Lids ff ' 'fc-1' - .,C,-1'.,qf N-4ff1i.f,A,,. -Q ."" . .- 1 , -- ,,. , ,- -4 Z, ly 7 'No 5+ . ' -V ifQ,,a,1,,.f1 , UV' ' X MN- I, . ,,,:f',.ff. 5 Q4 , L if . 4 VL -'V "J yfizffff QQ, Kfeifm if ' 7 I V!! f f X, ' f ' X f y ff gg HW Wm i W fyaff-af Q 52. ,R ff ff Nw QW' gi 1 .--s-fum Autographs s l sf ,, . ii' . x . , 'Lg O"l-'kj' "'3"'i'LC'l,, . O I ' i Q - ' L A ' ' I - . l J f Q , 6 YA S 1 V21 rfb f .1 . xv I . 4 ff I ' . f film , , f ' 7 L L W, JJ , J ,,,f . ,K ' f ff, ,ff Auto raphs , , J, X f ,-, f , , x '4f" ff I 1 I L 2' K' 1 ' 1 -5 f . f y ..- SENIORS, CONGRATULATIONS! I Ialce greal pleasure in wish- ing you success in college and in Ihe business world. All of you have culliveled friendships in Thomas Jelhler- son I-Iigh School. Keep Ihese friendships alive by presenl- ing piclures Io all your close friends. GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES ik S. STEINBER6 PHOTO STUDIO OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER for ---- TI-IOMAS JEFFERSON I-IIGI-I SCI-IOOL 43I STONE AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Telephone Dlclcens 2-OO75 Examining Eyes in Easl New York 'FOR lor Qver 38 Years 5 N y ICTORY ' UNITEELQEATES BUNUS + STAMPS Easl' New York's Oldesl and lvlosf Reliable ' Phones PResidenl 3-66446645 i 642 SUTTER AVENUE l Brooklyn, New York X C A L L A S B R O S i l FLORISTS Siwrifil Allonlion Given lo Eye: X l ol5 NOSTRAND AVENUE ol Sciliool Cliildreri N l Cor. Bfffijlffl Sl. BVOOlflY l 5:1-3 L i l COMET PRESS 1 BROOKLYN 5 2 .E DVICT RY - 'i ir ik ik ix? ik S27 ir Q BUY WAR oNDs AND , 9 f XSTAMPS - Fo, o ' 2:1222 X ii ' .4 I 271 U lJ.S. VVar Bonds HHS ISSUE Ulf' THE AURORA WAS SET IN JON! BOOK WITH 'l'1l.I'I'lIl'IADS SET IN lll'Ru'k BOIJONI ITALIII. ICNCRAYINGS BY NHRCIIWRY PIIOTO PINCRAVERS. l'RIN'l'ICIJ UN WARRlCN'S fIOA'l'lCIJ l'AI'lCR HY 'l'lIlC HJMIYI' PRESS, INC., BROOKLYN, N. Y. 'NQIDJJS 3 i! 5

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