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.1 1 ,-- fx! . I ,MM f x,,,.,- 4 ' - R 08040 4' f 1242, Qg, 14 624,20-44, , ' J ,Mabry Ifovfzfmofg, Qfmfuorff f' I 1 .V ' 5270-fo. Cf 07, ftfufzaw f'0'5QGfo-we-- QW iZLZf MW' CJ f 17 fgcodygb ffiwwlwi 'gy ' V hav,-QQHV A, . """'6'G5"5' in .MM Q X , , ', .-.Q H., u xii IW: .024 s-,Fw ii ii' .xg af 5' rf a 4 ' 5 ,Z L E C5 gk . , 5 'Elf A sr, 3-T ., P in NM HA m,K .. I . .. ' wi? A Q, 1. - wg, V sh A MTW 5? , '-'-Fi!-A wwf. . ..l5:,,i grimy? 5 4 .X xi .M 5 r . ,, V. fx , af.. . , 4- -W, 1' A - - My f. 5. . -Fl , ,. U ' wg, - M 'E X235 V5 A61 A x Q! ' 'f . L K-5 ,2514 . X :fi hffriw iz i ' W X 1: . I , V-li' jvnzagifggfigi 3 Q ., Q-QQ' gi " P X x- - . QM ' X :ff ,fish 599 45 if - 1,2 1 'Z' 1, nj' . " Q . ' 5 , Eel W5 7 f : 1 w'-P'4'- id E r W in jghwwndjwjbjw GSiJ WWW ,Wim wwwm dM? 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Era ' A-253.1-g'Q..i..ew My-Z . .vii ,255 ':!aT.vNga"g. N . 'ge aw. .4 ' I' ' ' 1 9 ' 8 . ' Q . 4' , xii? ff '- ' -'Q f f- .azw .I in 'K' ".' 'h f' 'Vit f 1 -"0'M-'- -'. ' L 1 hifi.. .0 , , .A A 'V-.3 . -x"L3.,,A1 We Know the Birthdate Of Our Body. Yet We Can Never Know The Moment of Birth Of Our Character. JiU 1 if? ,Y X It Has 0 Date 'V ,, Mgt xzCL X? 3 fi! 5 , 1 . 5- L ' E 1 J t 1 3 2 t 1 ,, 5 I 1 A 9 fa E511 ffl ,Q if 1,1 x X r ef, 1 1 f , 4 ,sm 'ff Q ff I m"'3?wi7f gfwkgf? AA ,LT M, "5 Q f - mi I f'fffXAO ,QUQLUQ XTQ 'bww MAJ M Primm X ,AIQQLQZQ aww? W -wg! A MK Cwx www ELM W, 5 Mr fm 'fi if x .Al The Birth Of Our Character Has Many Beginnings And ls Without End In The Days And Years Of Our Life. E . WW, Www V r JY BW W W JW WM ffffffw wb Y f Q - , .V 'f' x V We Wh KH W4 ' A m 5 w vf ,M- 4 w ,V AQQ A 'xx 4, f H ,,,,, is ,X ., sf: . . ' '-Jw wif . xi 'J . . .W F ' YT . 5,4 'lf--M, ' Qi :Hag v me X QQ 5, aa F 'lil gg : -1 L ...ha- M 4 Always, We Find Ourselves Before Another Beginning. 1 9 A wr 1 is i ff! 4 anvil "' . .- A IWW ,I ' 'h .al f- v.1-- Y ffm, ' 4 5- V 53 - 1 , , ' I V .: ' '14 'fi ,Gil f 'N 1 Nw, , A J EM 'nw 4. , WM X M ' 1123 X MAJ-mf 'Sw 65 gf ., - f 1' V Chfkfff- L-. '1 1 .f-ge .. V f :aw ,ZETH .4 n ' 'X . Q Q 5 , Wk. A- . . NJ - g ,, x V Y. 4 5. - Q. N x A .N if' , a mm ff 8 U Ut , .Mg kg H . H-sm V ii 'Vi xx Q' Q'-xg K ,,,:j, 1 wfJ1W":52ff1g,, f f X 4 .M ,Mui-79. - , , 1 . 'QQ 1 X -mv 5 . QA- Swv.,- SQ W-K . Wm! 'Q M 'f 22,4 1. Lynn g 3'1- ,, -, A And Most of All Uur Values Will B Determined By the Directior In Whi h We "'4'ff'ifii TiE- 'ff . ..,, H5 N1,Q5gmMuW,,,m,,Www-3,,,,W,,Wm1-A f M33 -1-.M .W ,,., W-,,,, N Tix t h 0 OS e A " -- ,. ,1 A , ,, nz, , , Y Y +1--N "f1,,5,1,.m :-g'f'EEQ?4f"- A. le ' ' Elsa-. , 6? ' " N'-'ffiili xg W' ,, - ,,L,,E1 f--ef-ff'-'S2?ifAl f ' . 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A' 1 Uurselves 2 H K W 5 x Q 8 1 L L In What We Do, We Find The Continuing Birth Of Our Character 3 a aa e Mwlgwwwwwww 14 iw ' ' A UWA. 'E 15 A 5 Conziemif Academics ...... Student Life ..... Bicentennial .... People Index . Closing... . 18 . 50 161 178 275 293 M . - W-my -an 0 Q ,. SVI fi? -L q L 3? fwiwem 1-Tmyeigf en - E f ' , .g 'Y 'Q .. 5 Y 1 ' '-Q 'gs N .EJ FH! LaRue Belcher Principal '76 Www' LaRue Belcher is a great principal. Faculty and students are very happy to have her here! She's doing an excellent job , and everyone is coming together! Thank you, LaRue Belcher! CHer symbol is pink and all correspondence from her office appears on pink paper-so does her yearbook page lj Administrators e Erhridgc principal of Pupil Services dore l. Calloway Principal of Adm. Services Donald Moser Vice principal of Instructional Services Garland Osborne Boys' Advisor J? is ' Aa xg gsbait Don Day Boys' Advisor . ,,.. :rom 3. - fl-zs.s2,1d Q-www -wmmk 22 wo Catherine Gator Girls' Advisor hqf Fannie Harris Girls' Advisor Mallis Kiryluk Counseling Tierney ?"""i Z' ,X ffm if-9' n Miller John Keables 0' 5' f n X Jean Fischer-11's amazing how much good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit. Merle Dorsett Paul Helander Sir- 4? ., Z3 itiiiinrif-5C Walter O' Brien Gerald Stone Not Pictured, George Cutting Counseling Chairman and Evaluator Marian Pennington- ' 'Dif- ferent strokes for differen folks. " Our EfflclentSpec1al:sts Shirley Yetter ary Fitcher Gault I The Main office is a busy place! I Louise Moomaw Christine Bush ysyslyli M A I W 1 . - . 111292-fig , , W, , , DOH GQIIGISOH Carol Carpenter 'WW John DuVa1 fir tr 59'-W , , ...Af Axel... , rm ,mr lx 4 r gf f ' V F Berry Johnson Ann Perrin June Maffeo ,-:FQ sw.. ,- yn Fumi Arai Shirley Wheatley 26 Wtlham Meyers Nature has glven to man one tongue , but two ears, that we may hear from others twice as much as we speak. Cheryl Betz fln'gliShj jr-we Orvetta Clinesmith Jeanette Tawn Carole Speyer Delores Knight EE WWE f JE . ,'Q - fr , ' ....w. ' W t E s Harold Mason-Shut up, alarm clock! It's Saturday. 28 Noraine Barnes-The strength of a chain is no greater than its weakest link. Harry Schanker-Where there is no vision, the people perish. 1 Isenberg Si Mary Kamp n gm Douglas Fine, 'Beals having a job!' -E RS 7 amos 5 Zgmuacu a mm Nancy Gan Virginia Kasdorf 59051 Studies George Villano-Live every day of your life as if you expected to live forever. Dick Ramsey-I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter. Carole Cameron Q' I Not Pictured-Carrie Williams 'WV CD mx' sn-zmrzs tx:-Ansxon Of RUSS IN UJROPI George Diedrich 30 E Steven Stretz-He who flies the highest, sees the far Lhest! lifford Rock f 3 iQ 5, 'S Donald Lawless-Even kings wear underthings. Gordon Learned Elizabeth Williams 'fri rgM,"'iy, ' . IQ' iii 6 M" lg-,118 1 44" 4 Q 4 Dan Burmeister William Freerksen Smith l I ' fuss, Helen Garrett-Conforming to societal demands cannot possibly make you unter vi' 0 Ailes-History is philosophy teaching by examples. lose your uniqueness, for you are somehow unlike any person who has lived is living or ever will live. ,-qgvfmiw Ken Justice- A gift of love is an intan- gible thing. I hold it out to you on the palm of my hand. .tt.X"fvw.fl,, Wfwiklf, , V V-Nfw2 s Q 2 'km 12 W r-any V, Albert Rich ,Q,,-'7."'..""'--t qua? ,ai m . ,, W f Kermit Waln if . jx -, Q ,. , X , 54:1 X -, ,lf 1 Richard Inglis-You are children of the universe, no less than the trees and the starsg you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should . Therefore be at peace with God . Leah Hyman ard Price Robert Dutton William Kingsley 4-gd Eldon Gilmore Grace Mayfield oihemclt cs Epstein Les Krob +4 Ni ,IQ L ip, J' fx Charles Zimmerman M..-1 M, . ,f rs Robert Shannon- Chance favors the prepared mind. LOl1iS Westman John McLaughlin S I 7 l Kenneth Hughes Charles Greenwood - is E 3 I e Robert Randall John Nicholson Burbank I H COHOI11 CS Mary Gathers Rosetta New X , ,.-1, H-7.1. usmess Carl Goodwi 1'1 Theola Jennings 5 Mary Willacy Lucek Wayne Gnadt S yn Bowlds Foveu rt L ES s, '9 'CCM5 fr if ' Georgia Becker Bryce Jackson-We are not victims of our circum- stances, we are the creators of our circumstances. F Elizabeth Schneider-A1 que rnadruga, Dios le ayuda . CGod helps an early riser.J is 1 f -'--X 1 It Jane Wetmore-Lab Assist tristina Johnson-Que tu ohra sea como el pan se amasa, que calienta la mesa if perfuma a a . Herman Motz-Caritate benevolentiaque sublata omnis est, vita sublata jucunditas. .e Pierson . ,,.,W ,...a-"IU Laura Grove Lab Assist . Pat Johnson YM . . b Richard Golder i Cynthia Sapp irley Brown Andrew Geiss ik Horsey Hill Gerald Smith 4 S Af Henrietta Gruenler - Yi! -1-1 Herman Casagranda X f" , V i of Y 4 W.. ESF William Jozwick John McGregor ic if Jack Ehekircher gf vQ,,f 'I In 1. Ehdustfia James Watson, Pay your money , you suckers! 'Hwang- nq- ny mt Arthur Lort Sidney Schomay Carl Goodwrn Ronald Huff Biegel :M ' Y Q : '10 wafaqewff-:I f--- x K x E 1 Geo rge Cutting D HI I., Iva- S WE' Q., Yi ..,,.N Charles Peitsmeyer Ronald Goodman I V J w og In f 'Wi-5 i 'r 4 llciri v1'I'ie1,3 QV' .ff I There'sea reason to life! - We can lift ourselves out of ignorance , we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill . We can be free! ' A -Robert Bach HOMECUMING '75 U 43. Ai . Q I x gt if f' y , i ff 1 V V E? NP: A 'fnowgs' i f - -fi' 'iff y 'ri fri' AH ' ' A ,115 rl L ,sf ' ag, A gl 3. a JR 1' F4 ' C n ! 1 fi an 2 Si M 9 5 L 2 fy 4 f r - I ' i 4 . o Q' , -CPT 1 ie 2 HP? I A , fi' I ? 'cw X ...s.,4.A...-...,.4 - f . y z 1 I ' . - 4 vo Q ,if Nw-1 L2 53 if ,f 2 3 I , Q af 0 5,6645 HOMECOMING QUEEN 54 Desiree Tucker 5 S 5 Darlene Nix OUR FAIR PRINCESSES Cindy Smith .i f ' I 1 HER MAJESWS ATTENDANTS ' ' LesIieBowlds Peggy Brown Kim Hayek KING ERCN5 lohn Mijer "Lo ve-Eros- makes his home in men's hearts. His greatest glory is that he Cannot do wrong, nor allow ity Force never comes near him." Brad Figel Ron Nordlander Cameron Williams All men serve him of their own free will, and he whom love touches, does not walk in darkness. Pla to Stem Hunter Mark Forbes Q ffl X g i Roger Williams lefferson Ball 1 1 PRESIDENT George Canjar FIRST LAD Y Katie Bauer loe Crawford Debbie Freis RUYAL ATTENDANTS Keith Brown Melanie Barsotti Glenn Cooper Leslie Schiffer Matt Brickell Heidi Hummel .f 5 I Q E :Jil S ', 0 , . M if A' Sf' Aw gpgw 55 e Hfggjglx Zig gy vop a me MQ? pgwfwff X PM ,W fggigjggmyggl fb 05521 iw? QL MS If l, ., ,gf , x - x . mg ' -'K ,gr . , X, N X ' . , The Sophomore team ttfseems tofbe one of the most ,shccexful and talented fteams Thomas' Jefferson had this year . N, Coach Ashford feels this is dueito the fact that the kteaixji works well together . He, feels also that much of this is because every indi- vidual ontributes to the team e fort and this seems to be proven by their out- standing record of 10 wins out of 12 games. Q M tna . v , .W Sophomore Basketball ..,...--we 1-w-un.. What's up, Doc? lt. 64 Top row: CL-RJ Coach Ashford, Mark Lee, David Pleasant, Barry Sublett, David Black, Vincent Wiggins Fred Carter, Dwayne Fusilier, Tom Letts, Marvin McLaughlin. Front row CL-RJ Mark Spicer, Robert Wood, Sammie McC1endon, Tom Dowd, Reggie Sigarst, Russell Fo Leonard Harrison, David Dinsmore, Norman Crews. 1 Girls Tenni a-4.4. ' t i X XX only Counts in Horse shoes and Grenades. 1 1 AQ , . . n - 4 ft as , g'?'g5,f?L,:ygQ,,,, q , as , 4,,,' v - -M ...Q V f .f I W , ,VVV ,,. . -f N' '-ff 'fa , ag' . ' ' QQ. , , , 4.4.9, - ' . K , x 1, K vi' it-. 1, ' ii ' ,,"' ff. , f 'V-iii! 533' lp Row Cl to rj: Dave Petterson CAsst. Coachj , Kim Foster, Cindy Levin, Cindy Sigman, Shirley Nkomo, . Newby CCoachJ, Leanna Nelson, Jill Dinner, Barb Gemmill, Kris Gregory, Patty Moore, Sue Majerus. Qtom Row: Cheryl Akin, Lisa Luebke, Ann Tobin, Debbie Fries, Aileen Rifkin, Debby Schaefer, Paula nk, Patti Myer, Sarah Johnson, Hilary Milne. Us , ,. The Girls' Tennis Team this year, undoub- tedly, will prove to be one of high regard and exceptional quality. General opinion has it that this team will be one of the best girls' ten- nis teams TJ has pro- duced so far and every- one is very excited about it. Some of the outstand- ing players on the team were Cindy Sigman. Cindy Levin, Diane Hallman. We congratulate the team for showing beauti- ful form and sportsman- ship. 65 Swimming. . .and Swimmers take your mark, get set . . . Catch that great diving form! . . .Diving Brad Figel comes up for a breath . il' ef , , Scott Smith displays his "cannon ball" form. -R: Coach Geraghty, Scott Hugdahl, Randy Roorda, Larry Silver, Craig Curtis, James Taylor, Greg DeGala, Kevin Kurz, Jgsy, Brad Figel fCaptainb, Coach Smith, David Chandler, Doug Smith, Susan Witkin CSec. J. e L-R: Mark O'Day, Scott Miller, Drew Oliphant, Steve Zelinger, Jay Littman, Lenord Gunther, Jay Fraser, Richard Rishel, .shop . nn L-R: Gary Lister, Jeff Keefe, Jeff Smith, Terry Dugan, Martin Shore, Robbie Robinson, Kendall Smith, Jody Hidahl, Scott '1own: Steve Johnson, Paul Derryberry, Jay Burwell. 67 Varsity Basketball i ,. sfmakms . Back Row CL to RJ: Brandon Barnholr, Leston Reeves, Rory Marks, Nathan Rolens, Barry Hendler, Greg Kapp Jim Davis, Walt Bastron, Otis Jackson, Kim Knight. Kneeling: CL to RJ: Coach Hughes, Mike Newland CMgr.J, Coach Osborne. f ..,g ""' gQf:::eSzg3Ef, .zwiw 4 E :..-- Thomas lefferson Baseball VARSITY SQUAD Top Row Cl-rj: Coach Hiram Haines, David Black, Mark O'Day, Greg Fast, Kurt Dalchau, John Aspinwall, :kScott Gregory, Robert Hall, Mr. Robert Biegel, Coach Andy Geiss. Center Row Cl-rj: Randy Lana , Bill Beck, Dan Lively, Doug Leyden, Mike Dore, Mike Newland, Marshal Smith. Bottom Row: Jeff Hazelhurst, Greg Fengler, Tom Goddard , Gary Romero, Chris Harbison, Elliot Farber, George Betz, Kevin Kurz. I ,HW F JUNIOR-VARSITY SQUAD Top Row Cl-rj: Deve Neyens, Carter Betz, Scott Jolly, Arnold Jackson, George Perkins, Kirk Dalchau, Andre Spencer, Fred Carter, Coach Stretz. Center Row: Dave Staff, Eric Rubanowitz, Rick Beckwith, Steve Zell, Dave Simmons, Scott Jones, Mark Maly, Perry Leyden Bottom Row: Tom Dowd, Robert Wood , Ron Westerberg, John Oliphant, Greg Johnson, Mark Spicer, Jim Hazelhurst. i T. I. Wrestlin Coach Goodwin: Superb coaching techni enabled him to send two wrestlers to Stat this year. n 1 S - 1 T T I ll 1 l From Row L-R: Ed Tagliaferri, Dave Dworkin, Jim Hazelhurst, Kevin Beasley, Gary Romero, Ron Frasco, Harold Velasquez, Jim Moller. Second Row: Richard Kennedy, Todd McKernan, Terry Walker, Jim Blakey, Martin Gaeth, Jeff Hazelhurst, Matt Brickell, Tom Young, Bill Faver. Third Row: Coach Carl Goodwin, Steve Larson, Greg Elmer, Eric Spomer, Gary Reiff , Steve Hostetler, Jeff Smith, Tom Goddard, Dan Maez, Johnnie Stephen, Richard Beckwith, Joe Crawford, Scott Weiner. Back Row: Jeff Hecht, Robert Von Spiegel, Michael Hartzog, Richard Thomas, Tony Lopez, Casey Hildeb- rand , Edward Simmons, Bill Giesler, David Torpey. Not Shown: Coach John Miles. Another fine TJ team this year was Wrestling Team. T. had some good talen and this, combined with the fine coachi of Coach Goodwin, produced a wrestlin team of high standa and great competiti prowess. The entire school and all the team sup porters are eagerly awaiting this team's next season as it is l expected that they will be as good or e better than this yea Spring Track ---'Q . , ,a N pw Q ' lux- ,,'+nmsCLv1',g.2 J 2 ww , . 'V ' y -rr' it gf..j"f'Q, 54. A G , .A ff . ' ., --L ' . V 4 ' ' ' ,1 Q W---w ' .V+ , ,f'. - , up , W - 1-1'-wi. ima, '11, V ." fWf" Jw- c,- 'li f' f.' -'Fi -'f'f'?i 3 'Q ' ' in-.' ' f- 5.m'Yz'l"' 1., g, , WN 1' J M if .U Top Row Cl-rl: G. Learned CHead Coachj, H. Motz CAsst. Coachj, Carl Jackson, Mike Rausch, Ken Hall, Kim Knight, Harold Montgomery, Keith Nesby, Cam Williams, Carlton Hockaday, John Williams, Walt Bastron, Tim Paich, John Haining, Gene Kuark, Ken Abosch, B. Page CAsst. Coachj. Middle Row: Paul Magee, Don Payton, Larry Hall, Larry Holmes, Richie Russell, Wayne Riedlinger, Kevin Anderson, Dave Frain, Perry Markley, Al Rowlett, Perry Goldenberg, Derek Williams. Bottom Row: Tony Douglas, Derick Dotson, Steve Lane, Steve Gray, Richie Shelton, Earl Harrell, Tony Lindsay, Kenny Lehrer, Philip Reynold, Jom Trautman, Ed Tagliaferri, Allen Jenkins. Missing: Gary Dan- iels, Richard Loftis, Donnie McDaniels. 74 . W , I fa Q. f 'I--.J In spring sports this year one outstanding team was the men's tra team. They competed well in every event, i which they participate and proved tough oppo tion for all their oppos teams. Another factor that to their great advantag was the fine coaching Mr. Learned and Dr. Motz, who proved an inspiration for the tea The team also beautifi from the participation such athletes as Mike Rausch, Walt Bastron, Carlton Hockaday and Ken Lehrer. Dr. Motz was named 1976-77 he football coach the latt part of February. Girls Track y gr V 1 - Ly 'Q ,,,,,.,,,, V. V K4 weaniw. Qi " '1 W Ula I I M wwf x 1 M 7' ln S " .,., 'mi ""' - -J a at '- pw V -UM ,piriii gif, X y vw., , L, , ,rs - - A - ,. ow fl-rj: Mrs. Johnson CHead Coachj , Kathy MacLaughlin, Desiree Thomas, Diana Perkins, Saki Davis tiny, Melody Morgan, Dee Luckett, Sandra Vaden, Jean Brown, Cynthia Johnson, Ms. Brown fAssist. J. e Row: Camellia Lewis fManagerJ, Angela Jones, Vikki Lindsay, Jackie Sowell, Patricia Taylor, Che- wles, Cheryl Pegues, Iris Peters, Regina Tolbert, Cathy Rubald, Sheila Norman, Diana Norman CMan- Row: Sue Abosh, Kymbal Anderson, Sandi Johnson, Wendy Cozens, Starla Caldwell, Lori Wolf, Ava am, Mavis Cave, Carlen Funk, Daphne Patton. il. A team that is really going places is the T .J . Girls' Track team. They showed a lot of promise and talent in the many events in which they competed . The coach of the team this year, Pat Johnson, feels that this team works with great comradeship and spirit and this was reflected in their competition this year. Some of the outstand- ing members of the team this year were Iris Peters in relays and the 220: Melody Morgan in the high-jump and relaysg and Jean Brown in the mile. 0 0' , . Z f J i ENIOR PR M QUEEN Kathy Scholz ,M ,,. --L-V?+LXG7'f 5 4121. .- vfu1a?1.2,g53z1,, , M, V., , 9542613 . , 'A F' ' dun ' 1 v Vickie Powell PRINCESS Ann Rudolph PRINCESS Doris Toombs Linda Williams Carol Nevens A TTENDANTS 1776 CAST OF CHARACTERS MEMBERS OF THE CONTINENTAL CONGRESS John Adams--Jerry Fishman, TJJ' Benjamin Franklin--Keith Jones, ALJ' Thomas Jefferson- -Tim Roessler , AL John Dickenson--Barry Burkhart, AL Edward Rutledge--Ted Webster, AL Caesar Rodney--Kent Spangler, TJ George Read--John Fischbach, AL Richard Henry Lee--Tom Peterson, TJ Col. Thomas McKean--Carl Goodin, TJ Stephen Hopkins--John Bisceglia, AL John Hancock--Dave McDonald, AL Charles Thompson--Gordon Davis, TJ James Wilson--Dave Dworkin, TJ Lyman Hall--Steve Anger, TJ Rev. Witherspoon--Chris May, AL Roger Sherman--Paul Sutfin, TJ Lewis Morris--Ron Nordlander, TJ Robert Livingston--Reg Devers, TJ Josiah Bartlett--Vic Scott, TJ Joseph Hewes--John Oettli, TJ Samuel Chase--Richard Irving, AL Andrew McNair--Dan Hugo, TJ A Courier--David Kottra, AL Leather Apron I Painter--Ron Williamson, AL Abigail Adams--Lisa Garrett, TJ Barb Beaver, AL Martha J efferson--Susan Bell, AL Marjie Fahlberg, TJ 'TJ -Thomas Jefferson, AL-Abraham Lincoln Senior Class Play Elijah Quimby - - - Mrs . Quimby ---- Seven Keys to Baldpate Cast William Hallowell Magee --- John Bland ------ Mary Norton ------------ Mrs . Rhodes ---- Peters ---------- Myra Thornhill - - - Lou Max ------- I im Cargan ------ Thomas Hayden ---- liggs Kennedy --- Police Man -------- Owner of Baldpate Director -------- Assistant Director Technical Director ----- --------Dan Hugo - - - -Anne Van Pelt - - - - -Mike Laufer - - - - -Lars Wahlberg Karen McCaskell -------Mary Haley - - - - - Kim Kaminski - - - -Donna Schneider --- -- -Scott Carrico -------Kim Kracke - - - -Linda Williams -- -- -Don Heider - - - -Ron Nordlander - -- ---Don Seigel - - - - Kent Spangler -- ---Reg Devers --- - -Paul Sutfin - - - - Harry Schanker Doreen Hallmark - - - - - -Erin Casey U - L ff" 'Av i Sig ,....,.- 1 The Cast The Molly Tobln Kate Haggerty Prince Dellong les Collins understudy Londa Weese Countess Ethanotous Celeste Shamus Tobin Carl Goodin Entzminger Michael Tobin Jerry Fishman Count Ferantl Vic Scott Aloysius Tobin Kevin Anderson The Grand Duches Patrick Tobin Tom Peterson Marie Nicholaiovna Ann Evans Father Flynn David Petterson Duchess of Bllxlillgame Marjle Fahlbetg Charlie Reggie Devers Duke of Gurlingame John Oettli Burl Davg Kremel-5 The Baron of Auld Dave Petterson Brawling Miners Keith Webb, Tom Malcolm Broderick Reggie Devers Powell Mrs. wadlington Doreen Hallmark Christmas Morgan Kent Spangler Mr. wadlington Tom Peterson Johnny "Leadville" Brown Stein Professor Gardella Dan Hugo Hunter Young waiter Kevin Anderson Mrs. McGlone Camille Paulson Maitre D' Mark Forbes Monsignor Ryan Rob Golfein Maid Anne leffs Roberts Gordon Davis Mother Teresa Fox Germaine Kathy Mcl-lugh Wounded Sailor Kevin Anderson Princess DeLong Sarah McGee Male Passenger Dave Kremers Beautiful People of Denver Barb Dworkin Jerry Fishman, Kim Foster, Teresa Fox, Cyndy Fullington, Lisa Garret, Kevin O Anderson, Doreen Hallmark, Janet Hayes, John Oettli, Tom Peterson, David U n S ' n a e Petterson, Devon Pollard, Tris Schwartz, Londa Weese Leadville Ladies Margaret Brady Marcie Camron, Karen Duran, Nan Northup, Jenny Shaddock, Debbie Spears Belly Up Dancers Kevin Anderson M O" Reggie Devers, Ann Evans, Rob Goldfein, Diane Phillips, Retha Sidberry, Keith Webb Monte Carlo Dancers Reggie Devers Jerry Fishman, Lisa Garrett, Nancy Goebel, Rob Goldfein, Ann Jeffs, Vicki Pow- B ell, Sheryl Ranson, Vic Scott, Keith Webb ro Construction Crew: David Gray, chairman Properties. Karen Duran, chairman Publicity: Lisa Schwartz, chairman Feb Make-up: Ann Rudolph, chairman ' 9 5 1 W-P ww-6'9' 5 M cGregor's Beggars Les Collins Reg Devers Barb Dworkin Jerry Fishman Lora Forseth Teresa Fox Cindy Fullington Rob Golfein Carl Goodin Kate Haggerty Stein Hunter Betsy Mitchell 84 John Oettli Camille Paulson Tom Peterson Deyona Pollard Patty Richards Ann Rudolph Tris Schwartz Debbie Spears Paul Sutfin Keith Webb Jean Brown Sponsor: Mr. Mac ' eggin' to Be ea rd ,E 'J ls- qr f Y 12 'Ex- 3 YS XX 5, fi 5 , , f A 1 -, ., i -5 .65 A V YEARBOOK STAFF wi .f 1 , i, L .. 6 1, fff, '45, X v 7 ijgjigg . Lai J 3 ,4 - 14 - ' . 6 " f-. V . , 'Wy 5' Xu SL. X4 ' If? ff ' XX , K za: w ' p X -:iw "" ' ,, WH X X A k f f W x w Q R? R X 3' " 'El BTA 1- A 'K 'ny gif' ajx if ,f 1 X 4 ' "' f' Xa' ' ,4 Y K 3 ' T N 1 4... ,X 5, rf ,Av , 1-.X :QQ ,, 'l Q nj ' ' A b W R ,,:E !'f ! aw -' A?" --.. Q, 1 w-ri 1 X MYW A THERFIES . . . those women in blue, who fight for the cause of goodness, honesty and service to mankind , and who will never admit what the "A" really stands for. W' 7 -' Officers:CL to RD Leslie Bowlds, Erin Thacker, Ann Tobin, Debbie Fries, Heidi Hummel, Cindy Young, Ann Rudolph, Desiree Tucker. Atherfies sponsor is Miss Gater. :sidentg Cam Williams, Treasurerg Kevin Kurz, Secretary. -- KEY CLUB Fifty years ago, the first Key Club grew out of the idea that it is better for man to care for oth- ers than to care only for himself. Now, some fifty years and 3,600 clubs later, the T.J. Key Club has carried on this spirit of caring. This year, under the direction of Mr. Gerald Stone and Mr. Donald Lawless, T .I . 's Key Club set out to accomplish more , and work harder than any other club in the past. This they did, with such service activities as candy sales for the Kidney Foundation, acting for the March of T Dimes Haunted Castle , a canned food drive , a party for mentally handicapped children, and later in the year sponsoring a Donkey Basketball game. This year's Key Club has set a high standard for future clubs to try and equal. y Club Officers are: Joe Crawford, Presidentflengthwisejg ft to rightb Kip Cavey, Sgt. at Armsg Matt Brickell, Vice- Thomas Jefferson's 1975-1976 Key Club, together with sponsors Gerald Stone and Donald Lawless, has set an example for future clubs. Always at Work fAnd at Playj Yvette Devers P p Club The T.J. Pep Club Executive Officer Salute. Pep Club Officers Qtop row, left to rightjz Cindy Smith, cheerleaderg Sarah Klipp, vic, presidentg Doris Toombs, presidentg Judy Olsen, historiang Celeste Entzminger, public Pep Club members: Tina Abbot Kim Allen Lisa Anger Brenda Ash Sherri Atencio Annie Aspinwall Eileen Aver Robyn Valis Glenda Barber Lorri Baur LaDonna Bell Patti Bender Cindy Bishop Kristi Boatright Karen Boston Jean Brown Michelle Bruton Cynthia Burleson Vanita Cardena Shanta Clark Cheryl Colbert Jan Corbin Candy Cusimano Lynn Davidson I Kenlynne Dodson Kelly Donahue Juanita Douglas Joan Downing Barb Dworkin Tracy Fanning Lori Feiner Lillian Fernandez Betty Flory Kim Foster Lyn Foster Leslie Fukuhara Barbara Gemmill Denise George Nina Gunning Mary Hamilton Jodi Hansen Janis Hardirnan Janet Hayes Sharon Hill Dawn Hollingsworth Ronalda Holmes Pamela Hooker Charlotte Hoover Pep Club Sponsor Miss Kiryluk. Mindy Hussey Linda Hutchinson Aida Jangeras Anne Jeffs Lori Jenkins Angela Jones Valeria Jordan Rochea Jumps Jenny Kelty Suzanne Kendall Kathy Korell Kim Kracke Faye Larry Cindy Levin Gale Link Shirley Lister Cindy Long Dec Luckett Kathy MacLaughlin Susan Majerus Tina Martin Edith McCormick Judy McDonald Kathy McNorton Lori Merriam ity chairmang Leslie Bowlds, cheerleaderg Cbottom rowj Nancy McCallin, treasurerg Pa: Miller, drill captain and southeast represent. tive: Lisa Smith, secretary. Not pictured: K: East, banquet chairmang Janet Entsminger, home economics chairmang Peggy Brown, se ior representativeg Kate Haggerty, junior re resentativeg Evelyn Nunley, sophomore repr sentativeg Laurie Mahoney, assistant drill ca taing Alyce Thomas, Park Hill representativi and Debbie Stewart, Montbello representatii Tammy Mogor Debbie Stewart Leslie Nielsen Sheila Nosman Sandi Ortiz Kathy Owens Pam Owens Cheryl Pegues Kelsey Penko Camille Pennington Kathy Plank Nancy Plunkett Dawn Poindexter Debbie Pope Cecelia Porch Sheryl Ransom Sally Reed Colleen Rice Lissa Richardson Aileen Rifkin Cindy Roberts Cheryl Rowles Paula Russell Michelle Salton Cindy Sigman Lynda Sawyer Pamela Tarrant Ian Terry Jill Thomas Katherine Todd Janet Todd Sandra Todd Tammi Trujillo Desiree Tucker Julie Vlier Lori Washington Lisa Weese Londa Weese Gwen White Julie White Sherri White Linda Williams Patrice Williams Didere Woods Kimetha Woods Andrea Wright Kayla Yakse Lissa York Andrea Ziolkowski Carla Steams Vicki Stephens I" Ski Club .fl,,,,,rt Does he I.-. really want to ski with ME?" Sponsors Mr. Dutton and Mr. Epstein. Sponsors Mr. Golder and Mr. Dutton. The Ski Club this year has approximately 313 members. Officers are: Bob Serotta , presidentg Carol Nevens, business managerg Mary Rozinski, assistant business man- agerg and Bob Galloway, treasurer. Ski trips have covered most of the major slopes in Colo- rado. "Aah, the joy of skiing! X SPARTA FUOTBALL: VAR ITYSQU D N4 ,f Q H. ,jf f W . 14 9' I ni 5 fe at ' ' f c " 5 3 fi ,. ,,i,.- 5 f f www lf ,. .a ,,, .f M ., , f. fzv V f- V M vff 1, . 1 V. H A LW W,,,. ,1.' flew, g ywmwgz ,LJ V Vt f ' M 152 sv' y - y T of 4 T it i M aft '.,-if' ' ,"', H V,.. A M 4' K 1 W K . if w W1'P'1:1Ls:.f ' ' I 41. ' Q , 9 ,. " . ' - V , A ,,, ' ' -L - A 54, ,vi-efqiwft-s591' , mfg 1,1 ' V . if V .R 6 J , V , ai 'jf' , 1V,,,i.,tr+, , A Mn, A . ,,, -. The Varsity Spartan football team this year, though they didn't have a phenomenal season, had a lot of talent to work with both in the backfield and on the line . They also had the assistance of three very fine coaches, Dick Golder, Andy Geiss and Ken Hughes. It is regrettable , however , that this was the last year of Sin nn "ddr-many, coaching for Mr . Golder as he resigned this year. He has . '9'slln.a.- fl, 1 coached at T .I . for many years and has done a tremen- g gg . s t , 31 dousiob. is s j'r -a at s'st sasssa tl- T sttls af sigargsst , .R!,,,,.W 5, ., T, xv .. ' 7' qglikeli ,Q.,,l9L 1' -- -t1,,,:...1 The double whammy. 92 iQ-if 1 f 5 law 4 g X C , Q ' -gp ., as L 'H ek , .t an M, ...I bi 8 ' Q fn' ' T ,s fs Nl 5 Q 5 . 'K ' ' kv Q, .-9 6 S ,N o sr' Hur".-?":z.g1 , 3 L, A 'xlf', Togetherness is . . . QQQQQQ aa in ,74 6 Q ow Cl-rj: Head Coach Dick Golder, Sid Tarrant, Jeff Jennings, John Aspinwall, Walt Bastron, William Hocker, William Giesler, Don- l1cDaniel, Bruce Simpson, Tony Wright, Scott Gregory, Robert Hall, Carl Jackson. Row C1-rl: Greg Ritter, Derek Williams, Tim Paich, Mike Newland, David Bootenhoff , Greg Fast, Mike Pulver, Robert Munn, Bud Lear, n Snow, Doug Smith, Coach Ken Huhes, Coach Andy Geiss. d Row Cl-ry: Jeff Hughes, Martin Gaeth, Jeff Hazelhurst, Dan Lively, Brandon Barnholt, Kim Knight, Stein Hunter, Bill Gable, Paul berry, Marcellus Bell, Terry Crawford, Casey Hildebrand, G. A. Larson, A1Row1ett, Michael Rausch, Cameron Williams. n Row fl-rj: Manager Earl Harrel, Jack Hazelhurst, Charles Jackson, Kip Cavey, Rick Beckwith, Tony Lindsay, Chris Harbison, Steve n, Bill Logan, Steve Harrison, Laurence Holmes, Richard Shelton, Don Williams. 93 SUPHOMURE FOOTBALL One team that really represented Thomas Jefferson this year was the Sophomore footb team. Though they lost a game to Kennedyl High School, they still came out on top T rsrsils f because of the fact that Kennedy forfeited u pg games, among them the game against T.J . The Sophomore Team went on to take the City Championship with the help of their t , coaches, Rex Peters and Herman Motz, wh . combined their talents and went with a tea . which performed with a high degree of spor' manship and ability. Dr. Motz was named head varsity coach 1 the 1976-77 season. sf? It's gotta be just right! Back Row Cl-rj: Coach R. Peters, Coach H. Motz, T. Dugan, J. Williams, B. Sublett, V. Petteway, D. Black, B. Burke, V. Wiggins, Haining, T. Powell, C. Hendricks, D'. Manning. Middle Row: C1-rj: J. Hazelhurst, D. Neyens, D. Dinsmore, M. Lee, M. Martinez, A. Spencer, J. Gifford, S. Munkoff, T. Payton, G Perkins, M. Crenshaw, J. Olmedo, B. Hartgraves, M. Cunningham. Front Row C1-rj: R. Russel CManagerJ, M. Hudson, R. Loftis, G. Suddath, B. Loftis, B. Bell, R. Kennedy, E. Simmons, D. Leydon, A. Brown, T. Goddard, J. Scaff, S. Lane. 94 . 5 f X x ffiqwis- -as Q :wr .w4:J6x - A 5 awk Coach Motz in action. WE . ii wg- Adgyga ,c,W,e, 1 OA,l'l ,Mr- , A ' ' 4. x if mf 1-Libgifx-'5'i7 ,:. -.MQ rw 41x 45 5 ,QIJT ' lf 1gigwffi - f ' Q 3-fs" 'ff A 4 V4 ' i 5,fXf,..5 . ,k4W,,W,, W M-.arxw Q, Said Tweedle , , ,,wk.w-- . -1 f,.. '- Q ax M- f A. Ab' Dee to Tweedle Dum ,N n. . ...Ar SOCCER Soccer players display their manners. 3. a 5 F ,v Thomas Jefferson Soccer Team this year had an excep- ii tionally successful season, winning 13 games, tying one , and losing only three. This is the best season any Soccer 5 Team from Thomas Jefferson has ever had . Much of this is due to the efforts of the team and of their coach Lou West- man. ,J This year the team took city and next year it is expected that they will win the state championship. 5 , After you! :ln 79" 'ja- Back Row fl-rj: John Mijer, Bill Tsiouvaras, Don Martinez, Larry Rose, Kelle Menogan, Mike Gertz, Mike Lundstrom, Jon Horne, Georg' Canjar, Brad Figel, Jay Freed, Randy Sellman, Matt Brickell, Kevin Kurz, Coach Lou Westman. Front Row C1-ry: Frank Kelble, Joe Crawford, Bob Serotta, Craig Katchen, Pete Koclanes, Ed Ross, Tom Young, Brant Henkel, Jim Strutli ers, Shawn Baker, John Baker. J Not Pictured-David Ash. 96 Y im., M 4 nr f 1 NIE 'ff ,, gn E. 1' !,r, 'KJ M9 fc, 1, 1 , I!! I If nl 14" an ff ' 'ff 1 if j f V, fwfr ,H r ' 1 .'f.'fwff'ff,.!1f f H full ww 4 u M-faq 5.5 3 YW mw."4 ?Xx,m 4 'txt' J 8 . 4 fx f 2 ' 5 2 I . f a' ,,, V' ' QQ ,. 1+ 1 1 Q, AI ., . , gf , 1 T ,riff 4 Meiji' A, , I I I' ,MI 5, J , E yt, ,fifi-5 A fffy,ff1'j,A', .gf1'11ifvg.:f ' D. 7,53 Ivy ,. Kg, ..fv,',,?. lf'tlZ'??....x4lC:,u. q ,ff nf Q M, ' . M ,,f'.1,:f,,f,fj:LZrf L , , ,,A, , fy . J." ff 7' '..'r'1"1','f,'XL'u'fff'ln '-,fffY','wJ' .f'., ,ff,, ,, 4.11, ,HL fqg.f,',',"., . A' 4- 4 ,Q ' f ffff-1- -,fc , , zz ff .r .ln fl I I , , YU, Ia, , ' 7 ', " fl ' V 1 flmcvw' rid' ' 1 A - " 1? 3w2 il,.?f 4: . A 4 'fm MV .V 4 .fx QV , I , f f, fy' .A V J w ' -'11 , N 5' 4-, L f 7. ' ' ig v-, J A rv rf, , .. ,,., , 1 " "Q ., , A , gg, +5-f x ., , gf Q I . Q., I Q s I .V H A: Q W vp., jr - .,, ,V ,-Q - '-' '- 1. . ng .gf Y: 43, A-vs ,ugh ,, Qi? -1 IC, Ao, , . ,.v- , 1, A-..,Q,, ,, ,ff ax is , . 1 9. a,g ' v jgqf., " Yi f. fi, TA V? V lb, - .- ff Ag. nig h-.Q -1,-f 1 .wfi ,4,:5hi:q.:f" A' Jeff, Q ' .uf ff ,- Bicentennial Club 4-44, l 'K 1 Hr' Officers for first semester are Cleft to rightjz Mindy Quinn, trea- surer: Stan Burkcamp, sales manager: Lisa Barrante, presidentg Dave Pierce, assistant sales manager: Tina Schmidt. publicity. Also, not pictured are: Theo Tsiouvaras, vice-presidentg Debbie Spears, secretaryg George Betz, photographer. Students at Thomas Jefferson, especially sen- iors, have a lot to celebrate in 1976 . For one thing, it is our country's 200th birthday-- although by summer we may have heard too much about it. It is also Colorado's Centennial, which is a little more special since not quite as many people are talking about it. It is also election year, and leapyear. Some Americans may be somewhat cynical about electing another president , but others are more inspired to examine the candidates after past events. Of course , the most important thing happening this year is the graduation of this class of seniors . Our class has an important task to carry out . First semester, Bicentennial Club activities included a visit to the stock show, and to the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Central City. Second semester the club elected new officers. They made plans to have an assembly in March, to attend the opening of the Opera House in Central City, to see the musical "Paint Your Wagon" at U.N.C. , and to attend the Holly Horse Racing at Gateway Downs Race- track in April. arg, mi if A 4 icers for second semester are: Lisa Barrame, presidentg 9 'Q 4 'fZ"fi'v H, Cf 64 rcy Tagliaffari, public relationsg Theo Tsiouvaras, e-presidentg Lori Vernon, secretaryg Greg Johnson, asurer. XLR 'K Lisa Barrante, president and Dave Orr, photographer. may We, gi X s XV ,1.e.., Margarita Favela ' Gil Mexico . im' X My 1, ' 5 FUREIGIN NguyenKhanh Lien Vietnam i a , iial 1 iiafia .Q -QL M'- 'Ki 1 J-Q4 FX C HANGE Marianne Frus Olsen Denmark -w-u-- . 4 . N. af- K Nguyen' Thai H6h'g e Vietnam V V v.. XV Mieke Lingier Belgium DRAMA PRESIDENT Doreen Hallmark VICE PRES. Debbie Shrednik SECRETARY Lisa Garrett TREASURER Londa Weese PUBLICITY Marcie Cameron HISTORIAN Kem Spangler Thespians The Drama Club at Thomas Jefferson is one of the finest High School Drama departments in the state . Every year the club, under the direction of Harry Schanker, produces won- derful presentations of entertainment. The people in the club learn about the various facets of what goes into a "Broadway Produc- tion. " This year the club will present or help to present, "Johnny Moonbeam," "The Curious Savage, " "Pale Pink Dragon," "1'7'76, " and "Molly Brown." The club will travel to Muncie, Indiana, this June for an International Thespians Convention. The club is very active, and probably one of the most fun clubs to join, especially if you like to ACT, which all of you do! Q Donna Schneider l VEEP pl Kim Kaminski 11 SECRETARY 2 4 Eileen Danahey TREASURER Ann Evans SPONSOR .4 Harry Schanker Ill 1 img . .P Q J a If 2,1 'E PRESIDENT 3 .. J? 5 Is Red Cross. . . PRESIDENT Cheryl Lee VICE PRES . Lise Shore SECRETARY Renee Aubuchon TREASURER Sara Klipp Kay Helgesen Kayla Yakse Lars Walberg Mindy Quinn Peggy Sherer Doris Toombs Linda Williams Mavis Cave Eileen Rifkin Dave Pierce Jim McGraw Nina Curtis Patty Moore EROS CHAIRMAN Lisa Phillips Brian Colburn Mark Forbes Nancy McCallin Liliian Fernandez Roxy Fie Carol Sperlak Nancy Plunkitt Patti Hori Martin Shore Heidi Schoen Ava Worshan Sue Bennett Ann Hoghoug Sinsin Levin Kay East Kim East John F. Mijer Cam Williams Roger Williams Brad Figel Stein Hunter Ron Norlander Means Love V.,,, l.R. . With all of the prob- lems facing the world , the International Rela- tions Club faces a monu- mental task. This is to bridge the ignorance gap through knowledge. The club has guest speakers, and attends seminars on foreign countries to try to accomplish its goals. Most important, how- ever, is that its forty members have much fun! dwfnn. Jonsor: Mr. O'Brien f " ' . rr : 5 155' gifs '. . 1:29 r I-1 Understanding the World 105 The Pre-Med Club officers, shown with sponsor Mrs. Leah Hyman , are: Ron Emerson, President Cbackjg Theo Tsiouvaras, Vice-Presi- dem fnot picturedbg Lisa Schmidt, Publicity qwith skeletonhz Tina Schmidt, Secretary: Janet Butts, Treasurer: Lisa Barrante, Assist- ant Publicity Cnot picturedj. PRE-MED CLU Future doctors, nurses, physical thera- pists, vets, micro-biologists, and all students interested in any field related to health should join the Pre-Med Club. The club has speakers on various sub- jects, and other activities of interest to the members. One of the most interesting things the club does is arrange one-day internships for members of the club in the field of their interests. For example, a student wishing to be a vet works with a profes- sional vet for an entire day, getting a practical idea of what the job is like. The club also visits hospitals, laborator- ies, and any other place the members desire to see. The dues are only one dol- lar, and anyone interested in some type of medical field is welcome to join. f-- -H ""'f'fE-- 7--'Em i s 'S f'9q?f 'bo 'YZ ,Af so at ,ai , 5' Q. -o lb members are: yiark Adkins .isa Barrante Marilyn Barton 'oel Berk ueslie Blue hllyson Bowen 'anet Butts Scott Caricco 'ucy Clift alena Coleman hawn Dixon udy Elverum on Emerson etty Flory ri Fuller t rtrrt,t it ,sm Steve Gruenler Laurel Hall Diane Hallman Mari Hart Kay Helgeson Candace Johnson Sharon Johnson Sarah Klipp Debbie Kraus Mike Laufer Cheryl Lee Liz Lindsay Lisa Lopez Brian Lord Michael Lundstrom Julie Mahoney Bruce Maranger Nancy May John Mijer Pam Miller Jackie Minor Patty Moore Tom Nakagawa Sharon Pepper Dawn Pandexter Sharon Polevoy Martin Shore Paula Sussman Marcie Tagliaferrr Regina Talbert Erin Thacker Theo Tsiouvaras Bonnie Wayman Susan Westcott Julie White Peggy Woodard Shiela Schlechenmeyer KHYI3 Yakse Lisa Schmidt Andrea Zialkowski Tina Schmidt Lora Forseth Donna Schneider C?1ndY Slgman Kara Scrivner 1111 Thomas Lisa Shore The Black Student Union was started two years ago by students who wanted to help the new black students adjust to T . I. This year the club is trying to foster an awareness of black culture in all students. The club has many activities during the year includ- ing Martin Luther King day cele- brations, to choirs, to dances, to just having a good time. the club wishes to make T. I . the best school in the city. Efgggrf 9 . xx-'aff 1-.....,-X ia? 0 '2 ig.. For the Betterment of T. I. . E Q5 DEUTSCHER VEREI Gunn-Pres. Taylor-V . P. -Sec. 1 empleton-Treas. Merriam-Program James-Historian e Jackson-Sponsor Adkins n Barker y Brown i Bruhn ge Canjar Director MS 2 it 578 kr , 'il Q: , as i n ' if 1 ,. E 1 I .fQ,.Z l" . 'L 1 .A if . 4 K ' jr . A 4 v . -. .,. 'irr , 5 '. X- -. V V. ' J 1 -5' Q " A 5 f sg 35-ii' ' - V f-,. -yy: ' X ,- A "YJ-M . -A K., . 1 .,.A.. L V5 ,gtqji l iz? on ' iiii ' ifikgaz LAI L, X -,ilj4v.?a Aug lk -my kk-drwdzf' ""'-' K aw., ik Wendy Cozens Tom Duane Roxanne Fie Judy Fishman David Frain Teri Gaines Bob Galloway Lisa Garrett Jane Gaunt Jesse Green Diane Hallman Karen Halva Jodi Hansen Jean Hangen Brad Hartgraves Sharon Hill Jeff Hindman Jeff Hirschfeld Liz Horak Heidi Hummel Glen Iwata Rod Kass Jenny Kelty David Leiker Mike Lingier Rob Robinson Rick Shaw Julie Thomas Beverly Thomson Diane Tune Bonnie Wayman Barb Weber Sue Witkin Janice Yates Lissa York Cindy Young French Club officers are Cleft to rightjz Cindy Young, Treasurer: Kayla Yakse, Presidentg Jill Dinner, Secretaryg Desiree Tucker, Dinner Chairman. FRENC CLU Melanie Barsotti Pam Berkamp Leslie Bowlds Peggy Brown Melanie Carlson Tami Craft Ken Deutrich Lillian Fernandez Mark Forbes Kim Foster Debbie Preis Karen Gras Mary Haley Kay Helgeson Sarah Klipp Debbie Kraus David Kremus Liz Lindsay Lisa McDowell Sarah McGee Nora McPhersor Kirk Miller Pam Miller Carol Nevens Kathy Orzolek Ed Perkins , James Robinson Lisa Schwartz Monica Sheehal Heidi Schoen Lisa Simpson Cindy Smith Paula Sussman Marcie Tagliav Becky Weidmar Leanne Willian' Ava Worsham Tracy Yakse l The Thomas Jefferson French Club , shown with sponsor Mr. Pierson, is a social club designed for those who enjoy French cultur vanish Club l The Spanish club has a large membership this year. The sponsor is Miss Christine Johnson, and the officers are: Soni Fink, presidentg Stella Hill, vice-presidentg Julie Vlier, treasurerg Eileen Rifkin, secretary. ' tg A S ' S ,U.!Z2,J,,a QMUW ,, . J ff' AA 19 1 Appointed towljwlj, A Q ,,,, 0 0 X U57 X A JC! .Eff Q Soclallze fx 1, lf W yay 1 f '7 , it 0751 Jig f J f' Uvfff bg e lj U J fin fm!!! PHS g uplyhyvfyg 5, SAS , or "Seniors Appointed to Socialize ," is a club which consists of a group of seniors who came together to do exactly what their title sug- gests--socialize. You may not have heard much about them this year, since they did remain in relative obscurity. However, these are the people who were responsible for many of the anonymous activities, such as painting the field house before the Homecoming game. Although their meetings were rarely formal, they did choose the following officers: Les Pad- zensky, president: Scott Car- rico, vice-presidentg Don Heider, treasurerg Dave Orr, secretary . 111 Hi-Y Youth in Government Hi-Y is an annual program designed to develop leadership in students who are interested in legislation and gov- ernment. The YMCA sponsors the members from each participating club in Colorado to meet once a year at the capitol. The students come together like real congressmeng they make motions, write bills, and vote on them when they are completed. If they are passed in both the House and the Sen- ate, they are sent on to the state legis- lature and the government, where the best few are selected . This year sixteen students from Thomas Jefferson went to the legisla- ture. The students were Justin Cohen, Mike Laufer, Mike Rifkin, Maureen Ryan, Glen Iwata, Jan Christensen, Leslie Schiffer, Don Siegel, Janet Butts, Tracy Crane, Anne Tobin, Carol Nevens, Lori Vernon, Theo Tsi- ouvaras, Glenn Cooper, Tammy Kaitz. Their school sponsor, Dr. New, was unable to attend. ' 1 1 Hi-Y members shown are Cleft to rightjz Lori Vernon, Theo Tsiouvaras, Tan Kaitz. Leslie Schiffer, Ann Tobin, Jan Christenson, Maureen Ryan, Tracy fkneelingj Mike Laufer, Mike Rifkin, Glenn Cooper, Don Siegel and Joel B1 1 "It's Academic 1- 1, ,V z. ' 1 f V L, "It's Academic" is a fast- f paced and competitive half- hour quiz show which can- be seen on Saturday nights at 5:30 on Channel 4. The fifty-four teams, each made up of three members and three alternates, play for individual recognition and school glory, as well as weekly prizes and grand cham- pion scholarships. Each week, three of the teams compete and are quizzed by Dr. David Bowen. T.J. competed with Lakewood and Rocky Mountain on March 6 , and the show was J on the air April 3. The winner advanced to the playoffs . Sponsors are Mr. Pierson and Dr. Motz. The Thomas Jefferson "It's Academic" team consists of Cleft to rightjz Mike Laufer falternatejg Harold Gunn Calternatejg Vanessa Chambers: Dr. Motz Csponsorls Joel Berk falternatejg Ron Emesong Justin Cohen. TJ NJ , ' W"p.,,, .gf This year the Thomas Jefferson Aeronautics club has been named. We are now called the "Barn- stormers. " We have chosen this name because we are sometimes still thought of as daredevils who fly at ground level, walk on wings, and jump from a perfectly good plane. Our name reminds us of the death-defying stunts in 192O's, and we are proud of our heritage and the expanding interest in avia- tion. Officers are Cleft to rightbz Richard Shawn, Secretary: Jim Preslar Treasurer Jeff Simpson, Presidentg Mark Shelton and Sid Tarrant, Vice-Presidents "Flying, in itself, is not inherently dangerous. But it is harsh and unforgiving to the uninformed , careless , or negligent . " Author Unknown Bowling Club I J is , 1, , 1 A 'T' 1 I I . ' gsm 1 ',s:.. Ni ,g'. as 'iii ' r ' J' XX-L A nad f ,ah .hw N, ,N , K-a J' Paul Bowling club members with sponsor, Mr. Keables, wie- fisfrt? , I . 1 ---3 - , 1- fy V f 5 xv ' - , fl! ny " ff 1- L X, '! f I 1 . 1 H1 X' , N film r ' "hm, wx fylrvgp.-skxxf X 'l we fl I fl , J 1 y f , I 'gas 'I i ff 'gif 'iff ip N 'f- x,--, . se- - f 'i"'ff 114 lm" rf 2"j0'," X I .x X f xx XXX f , X, if f l xl X M s' ll . L 'll xl M Nix lx, B X 1- Rubandwitz, Eric Adkins, Mark Lord, Brian 2- Lowe, Bill Taylor, Mike Byrne, Phil 3- Nakegawa, Tom Hugo, Dan Bolden, David 4- Davenport, Chuck Tolbert, Regina Lindsay, Vikki 5- Singer, Robin Levin, Cindy Melnick, Barbara Team Names: 1-REALBM 2-SWEET 3-CRUSADERS outside Colorado Bowling Alley 4-3 FOR THE ROAD 5-THE MIGHTY STRIKERS 6-HOT DOGS 7- THE CHOKERS 8-RUBEN'S TABKAKE DEL 9-IDIOTS 10-WIZES 6- Bretzing, Brian Ramolo, John Dumm, David 7- Spicer, Mark Traurman, James Torpey, Dave 3- Kass, Rod Nakagawa, Randy Wesrerberg, Ron 9- Maranger, Bruce Lanna, Kevin Hugo, Valerie 10- Rausch, Lynne Blue, Leslie Homer, Pam TURE USINESS ADERS MERICA i The FBLA Club , with sponsor Miss Lucek, is a group of girls from the Business and Office Education class. Most of the girls have office jobs after school. wh-uvl9w2 The Future Business Leaders of America Club is connected with the Business and Office Education class. The club will be entering various district and state contests in business and office-related H 3 fields. The club is also active-in community services such as visit- ing Denver General Hospital on Halloween, and sponsoring a Hopi Indian family. Most of its mem- bers hold a part-time job, working in insurance offices, law offices , oil companies and many other business areas . ,cers are ftop row, left to rightjz Diane Roggow, Vice-Presidentg Chris Hat- ri and Patty Barrows, Historian!Reportersg Ann Randall, Treasurerg QBottom J Kim East, Presidentg Sandy Martinez, Secretary. Business Makes The World G0 Around. F.H.A. Z K kk .X .kkl sink . F.H.A. Officers: Gwen Rissell, Ellen Garrett, Gina Dunn, Monoiette Adams, Rena Wyatt, David Bolden Donna Black Ellen Garrett Jill Crain Darrell Knight Gina Dunn Monoiette Adams Sue Feldman Rena Wyatt Lozetta Gaines Darryl Williams Daphnue Patton Burna Porter Sandra Pierre David Bolden Gwen Russell Sayonara Davis R Toni Peters Reggie Segaret FU E LaDonna Loreett Sponsor: Mrs. Burbank CRUCKERS? Sponsor: Mrs. Mary Ann Gathers Officers: President ----- Vice President Secretary ---- Treasurer ---- Members: Cheryl Anderson Susan Bails Carla Baker Renee Berkey Rod Brown Regina Collins Marlene Espinoza Kathy Poston Fiona Galbraith Lonnie Taylor Rod Green Tom Kearny Karen Kriso Darla Weston Camellia Lewis Darryl Woolfolk Vernon Lucas DIS TRIB U TI VE EDUCA TIU CL UBS OF AMERICA D.E.C.A. Officers: Darrell Galloway-President, Kelly Glasgow Vice President, Christie Sorensen-Secretary, Michael Clements Treasurer. 1 2 .5 E J. ,ii , I ,.., I , ,. CE, ,3,. 3 Q . ,N 5 .f.,fq 4,,, V ' x ' :Q.,'-i'-Kkljt ly f1xT':4Ql,7. --.s,,L,p' 22--'ft K " W" " wx' ' 1. ,, ' 1-"aww-'f'7 ' ' ,ffl ,,4',, 'mf .' ' 'K ' , '-.s 'aa ,I .-. '5 A-fu.-V 1 r- " - . '14, ue. L-I - ' f"'4 . V . ..' , f , - V f ,f 'Q a 'i"' '4 H g , f J -iw , tr". ,L I B ,gf M, S 1. M-14 .ff 'f , f Q-1 , ,, ' NW If i 'ii' .K it ,Via ,K 4- ,Q .Q Bollig mron Bunting da Carey ke Clements E Drewitt ell Galloway ly Glasgow . Heinly k Helfer rlene Marshall dy Rudolph is Sarensen ward Smith hy Walker ne Walker etta Anderson fi, f, S -L ' .-ff "' 2 a ,Tn ' p wa. ,. ffm" K 'Y Ron Brewer Pam Brown Peggy Buzzell Valerie Day Soni Fink Charles Finley Kim Flick Archie Grant Jim Gwynn Kathy Hesse Kathy Jukye Renne Julye Craig Katchen Kelley Gloria Carol Kessler Rick Knoetgen Patti Lovins lim Luck Tim McCarthy Kathy McCau1ley Valinda Meyer Valerie Niblelf D.E. C.A. is the sellingest club 5115311 Phelps around. From school supplies to Sandee Ortiz candy, D.E. C.A. gets it sold. It Wayne Rielinger prepares its 'members for the real- Carol Tunnell life problems in business. Susan Van Name Anne Van Pelt Terry Vogt Koni Io Ward Patty Wyatt Sponsor: Mr. Gerken ALL SCHOOL STUDENT Coufvc PRESIDENT Glenn Cooper ly 1, ,,f,,,, , , ,f .91-w. Vice President Secretary George Canjar Sharon Pepper POLITICAL REPRESEN TA Tl VE Mike Rifkin -f -v:gg,,w TREASURER Harold Hailey SOCIAL REPRESEN TA Tl VE Ted lames E Q 1-dv-'P' 1 xg x so s .,t, . . ' mow? - "' ST!-ery" - C0-Head .wff"" s fi Ch8EfS RAH. . . Leslie Bowlds QMS Cindy Smith The Thomas Jefferson Cheerleaders received first place in statewide competition RAH? Katie Bauer Cheerleaders Kim Hayek Cindy Young Kathy McHugh Nancy Goebel ' 7vW"Wv' x 3 Liz Rike k 5 , "nv +4e.xkf.w.,, -, -- . - ,- - - - MH 11 Life' 5 f,.',jQy-. A , . . A we 2-,M ' Q M w. X , Kimbal Anderson Allyson Bowen Pom Pons Viekie Powell Darlene Nix Barb Weber Kathy Scholz LARS WALBERG and LINDA WILLIAMS COPPER KING and QUEEN Sophomore Class Royalty Martin Shore Lisa Weese lunior Class Royalty Iohn Baker Patti Hori THE ETSET . 3 Q . Top Row Cleft to rightjz Mike Rifkin, Manager Tom Magee, John Oettli, Marc Sevier, Tom Peter- son, Brian Andreson, Tony Hogue, John Miles, Coach. Bottom Row Cleft to rightjz David Petterson, Tony Alfonzo, Jimmy Gray, Brian Colburn, Craig Averch , Larry Sigman .-4-.1-A of In Your Eye 55855, s 'U 75. Y , L V W 5 1 Q if ',,w-,,.....--15? ...ff-A --'f"""" ,ff Z! ,fff f , I , .W A.9nn':p"J r . f . , . ' ' V' " 'EWU 7' 1' " L W' ., 1 .4 - I ' E ., 5,5 m-vying-gfx 5-x5.x'wg'-vxgg1'f".v1r 'f3'+?5,'Q S ., .3 'i"?"'2 gs ,f5"',t'af "-' ::1-w "sv ' 1- w A wiv ' ' ' 1' 1 ':n-'s- ' ,, u" . we ,A ' .S . 4' A ff I iff :ski ' "' 2' f ':'fi'!".f'f'!4'iu::ifl-lf:-"Q fs ,Q -r'i:"4F t Q Q?" fi-13: T fist S :ffggi'4:9ui',J-fTfv"512-'fb3-'sknlttfiglkfxfiavgl 't"ft3v'3f": t , A A, Wm - gym I-7 ,L V5 A- t3,k.rE,1,ir, I in 3 n Wm, ,, , wif. -,V .Q fs ,fat 5, ,rig Y H, Q1 ,A x I 1. 1 QQ HQ312' :Z A K fl fix, "graft 1 'qs Ag , ,rf A , 'f . f 1 ,- 4- If Y 5' -1 x z VI - , , .. V, ' 1 .- f f f f Q f Q f 5 f' ZW 4 ' ' ' ' V. . , . X " fp vi , f u 1 at ,J ,, f L.,. f I' R X f' ..-2 Y 1 1 Guess Who Won? After the first two matches of the season, TI's tennis team finally got their playing together. Mr. John Miles was a great inspiration to the team . v GOLFERS SWING INTO ACTl0N ,... - A A. .l Top Row Cleft to rightj: Mark Beck, Larry Bisdorf, Jeff Day , Randy Lana , Tom Romolo, Matthew English, Jerry Franzman, Coach Paul Epstein Bottom Row Cleft to rihtj: Greg Mesch, David Bolden, Elliot Farber, David Simmons, Randy Africk, Bob Bush- acer. Missing from picture-Darrell Knight, Scott Bonner 7' 'wil' IT' " ii ti I 15:35, - TJ 's Golf team did outstanding job this y in every match played Larry Bisdorf led the team and city by havi the lowest average among all players. M of the success was due the coaching of Mr. P Epstein. As a team th did a tremendous job winning the District championship . L- fl 5 gk . fgkififi 1 :Yi 1.5 Q 5 N The Girl's Volleyball Team was a real surprise to Thomas Jefferson. Coach Pat Johnson was a true leader of the volleyball team and will have the best coaching abil- ity for the team for many years to come. This year's team ended with an exceptional record . The fact still remains that for their first year, it was excellent. It will be one of the greatest teams Thomas Jefferson has had in many years. g E K.. 4 'Q Top Row: MGR. Cindy Johnson, Ruth Coleman, Linda Davis, Janet Entsminger, Coach Pat Johnson, Carla Stearns Capt Var. , Lisa Phillips, Karen Gutjahr, MGR. Sheila Norman 2nd Row: Lisa Storey, Cathy Henderson, Debbie Pope, Alyse Zelinger, Mavis Cave, Lynn Dougherty Bottom Row: Connie Keesee, Carlen Funk, Sayonara fSakiD Davis, Londa Weese, Capt Jr Varsity, Karen Jepkes, Edweena Bryant SPEECHERS Nob . if, www QW'-X LU-Uni. 'te is wi' W WJWLM ri Distinction I an Christenson Justin Cohen Harold Gunn Don Heider Mike Laufer Mike Rifkin Don Siegel Larry Sigman Excellence Ken Abosch Scott Carrico Tammy Kaitz Bill Favor Roxanne Pie Ceci Miller Carol Nevens Gary Reiff Theo Tsiouvaras Steve Zelinger Honor Joel Berk Sara Johnson Bob Lackner Nancy McCa11in Tim McCarthy Maggie McC1earn Cheryl Pegues Maureen Ryan Lori Vernon Cindy Sigman Merit Sherry Atencio Larry Bahrych Lynn Davidson Cindy Haynes Janet Hayes Jeff Hirschfeld Kathy MacLaugh1in Lori Merriam Martin Shore Londa Weese Sponsor Virginia Kasdorf SOME IIVE TALKING ational o Patricia Barrows if Walt Bastron ,, ' N George Betz Leslie Bowlds J J VVVz Diane Bozeman KE Alan Bradbury y if af A M Janet Butts ""' A I Z 2 - George Canjar , M Gf M 0,1 My 6 Y Sigman Vanessa Chambers J 0'-'Aoi ' . Jan Christenson ' J U4 XD Lnebble Spears J J " A T b' Justin Cohen MM' UQM' WM UL 4-1M.,U4j'e! gagging wirilrs Brfiinbcoliburril. ,DJ-2119, A 2 f ' Janice Western Ehxraezzrsg le G1 J ' " J J J U50 Aiwa, Linda wtniams 3 f Tracy Crane ' 6 LQ' jf . 5811! M AL Q! gvitligrilslgg H11 Dinngr I 2 " Kin Abosch Kay East Brian Andresen y Bauer Kim East XMJQ, And Ron Emeson I J P B k Marjie Fahlberg 13318335 amp I.1l11a1nFFernandez Basie B 01 and Gordon Davis BOP Qauovfayl Wendy Dinner WIIIIZUEGICS er Shawn Dixon Harol unn Ann Evans Diane Hadad Bm Fave! Karen Halva . R F Kay He gesen Martin Gaeth Glenn Iwata Lisa Garrett Josie Johnson Jane Gaum 313:32 J 223521 Denise George , Karen Gras :ff Kip? John Griffith 1 e u er , Jeff Hecht Beth Lfmdsay Susan Henderson Maggie McC1earn Anne Jeffs Cynthia Miller Jackie Minor Qfrfofahrlffl Leanna Nelson wendy Kidder Carol Nevens bb L k Nancy Northru BO Y ac ner , P Paul Lucore Camille Paulson Lori Luebke Ed Perkins Torn Magee iirlogsngggard Nancy McCa1lin T' M C th Patty Richards mfg MED3J,e3i Mike Rifkin Sarah McGee Sue Rishel Kathy McHugh Silvia Roederer Jud Olsen Dan Rolfe Y , Dave Petterson Martin Sagara Heidi Schoen J Sally Reed Gary Reiff Terry Ricketts Mary Rozinski Frank Schiff Lisa Schwartz Debbie Shrednik Mike Taylor Pamela J. Thomas honda Weese Cynthia Young Steve Zelinger Andrea Ziolkowski Sponsor: Paul Helander NAnonAt X Mono: socmv Vs nf ,EW ww 'f ..!.. .. X. ,awvnixg 1,4 i l in li- ,aa-W-M W Blaine Anderson David Balden Keith Baxter Dane Blagowsky Tim Bunting Kip Cavey Gino Ciari Clay Davis Russell Deyerle Bruce Fields Mark Fields Roger Fuller Mark Gerlach David Glahn Jeff Goin Brad Golder Robert Gonzales William Gonzales Oscar Green Glen Iwata Mike Korell I 4,,,,,-. - p -M, Elizabeth Lindsay Anthony Lozano Robert Moulder James Patterson William Peters Dan Putallaz Dave Saunders Garret Shibata Ron Slaven Patrick Symalla Herbert Thomas Arthur Thompson Terence Walker Dean Wear Mark Wilkins Norrell Williams Scott Young Blake Zacharias James Vest Sponsor: Carl Goodwin 0 0 I ,. ,,ff s if Www,-i K Future Leaders We've Come a Long Way 1.x.' PROGRAM ctor - - - --------- - - -Debbie Stewart sst . Director ---- ------ L isa Bennett roducer ------- ---- K onnie Wilkerson irector of Choir --- ------- Steve Jones onductress --------- - - - Linda Williams aster of Ceremonies ----- ------ - --- ---- Don Heider Presented by Black Student Union lan. 15 45 Q - 2 ,.x, -,,.,,-l. z xi- '-r' 5 Darlene Nix. Left to right, Front row: Celeste Nichols, Eric Spomer, Nancy Dunn, Middle row: Larry Silver, Kay Houghaug, Josie Johnson, Teresa Fox, Scott Weiner. Back row: Mark Fields, Kenan Abosch, Anita Kelly, Mary Ainsworth, Dave Brenneman, Fiona Galbraith, Mrs. Mary Kamp, Sponsor. IEFFERSO fx pi-5 ' fs., ""'9. ...L . and IOURNA 1, e Q: SPEAlsYMf BX DOINK "" SPILAMXI in nom 'A' " 5-0111399 meeffw-res ff' QW , NX. Q95 1 ffl it M5 ? iv' xi" Nlatlonal Forensic League ' ' Big Talkers The N.F.L. represents an organization, club, and :lass dedicated to the idea that spoken expression s of the finest representations of the vast potential if mankind. X I mf 1 GlRLS'SWlM TEAAT11 Top Row Cl-rj: Mindy Quinn, Janet Miller, Reenie McLaren, Sue Rishel CCaptainJ, Marilyn Barton, Karen Hendrick, Becky Waidman, Jill Thomas CManagerJ. Second Row Cl-rj: Denise Wickham, Sarah Johnson, Patty Mijer, Betsie Boland, CCo-Captainj, Leslie Henkel, Diana Fordyce , Allyson Steamer, Terri Gaines, Carol Racek, Terry Ricketts, Wally Kiryluk fCoachJ. Third Row Q1-rj: Colleen Culbertson, Cindy Bishop, Mary McCaffrey, Susan Doty, Aaron Schlater, Diane Burke, Lynn Foster, Susan Witkin, Ann Evans. Fourth Row Cl-IJ: Kelly Donohue , Diane Mahoney, Denise D'Arcy, Kerry Ricketts, Karen Kline, Debbie Johnson. Not Shown-Lori Bellomy, Anne Stears, Wendy Kidder. 'Q in 'V 'Q .3 3. f,11N9"4-V' The Girls' Swim Team this year was a good o' They let the teams from around the City know v they were and proved that they could provide so- stiff competition. In their endeavors they were also helped alont by the coaching of "Wally" Kiryluk and the X Diti T efforts of the team as a whole. This enabled the to place in or in some cases win the meets in which they were participating. GIRLS' GYMNASTICS The Girls' Gymnastics Team was another one of Thomas Jef- ferson's finer athletic teams this year. They represented the school well in every meet they participated in and the lr. Var- sity won the city championship for the B division. One out- standing member of the team this year was Lori Frasco , who took second place in State com- petition. The coaches for the team this year were Shirley Brown and Cynde Sapp. w C1-rj: Lori Frasco, Janis Barnes, Brenda Ash, Sharon Pepper, Lynn Rogers, Debbie ik, Andrea Ziolkowski, Paula Russell, Elaine McGovern. 1 row Q1-rj: Coach Shirley Brown, Laurie Mahoney, Toni Hayden, Angela Hardy , Man- ynthia Haynes, Kathy Stimac, Roberta Bergen, Martha Marshall, Asst. Coach Cynde Photo: Kitty Wise, Diane Perkins, Brenda Frazzini. j 5 , .et your fingers do the walking. O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Romeo? Bottoms up! CROSS COUNTRY 'fl ' ,Y ,, Mud, ,V rg H . M -. f'k' :QL x,: h - -- jzww 1 3 K 1 . K fZl"'dgg-m- gf? "' T lrrls .9 ,, ff' '1 vis'-lv?"5'w'2-r3i?".'h ,, , Q3 A is i F ' T i K in as , T ,M 4 t , , J , A A , fs' 'N ' ' - ' ' fy wg. 144 . 'W .Xxx f " K4 d ' , Q ' ,pw , .r s a 5 , f ,- f ,, ,. , 31.4. ggi. W -, . , x .QMS 1 Q 4' A V, , 4 e " "J .D I is-f L., fly - y , ,, , ff' if "',' , I ,, Q' .. , uw, . F iiia f 'W rt Qi gf, 1322. is .T , ,K T' ,ww Nikita, ' t - f ff. ,fi Vs H Q, H ,hqyw N ,,, .Ku -9 1 .fig .L ., x W , , .-A .. Jv S .N xy 4 ,THQ B 4, .V , 'iw ,' ,V " , 0, fe .WM J , 'Alf' , , vw' x my Ev H, ' ,W T ,' ,Q Mqf xv. sw ,, w' it ,.,. M ' f '11 33' r T, T F. lil,i . T :?':W f as 'T f T, .,, ff l FW cruz, .mm ,wa - W , 'mmf 'U ., mow-A f ' T- V, A ff ,H+ a,,m,.,'a2x ,, rf .. L 4 l This year, the Cross Country Team was co-educational. The team achieved many victories f- Thomas Jefferson and much of tl credit for these victories goes to Coach Gordon Learned and his fi coaching techniques. They wer blessed this season with many fi runners, among them Kenny Le rer and Mark Forsyth who made the all city team. 9 l 1 Front Row C1-rj: Dave Frain, Kathy Gutierrez, Wendy Cozens, Mark Forsyth, Kenny Lehrer, Ellen Boyd, Kay Hoghaug . Don Clark . Back Row 41-rj: Coach Gordon Learned, Gordy Davis, Perry Goldenberg, Kenan Abosch, Mike Watts, Tom Meredith, Gene Kuark, Hal Gunn, Dean Cogswell, Jim Trautman. 142 I lunlor Varsity Basketball , Q no-e H I thought I saw a Puddy Cat! RJ Carter Betz John Griffith Darryl Smith Paul Howard Carl Jackson Coach Osborne, David Harnish, Posey Wardell Ryans Shelby Davis Richard Loftis QNot Picturedj Donnie McDaniel. A team that devel- oped rapidly and extremely well this year was the Ir. Var- sity Basketball Team. They appeared to be a team with some very fine talent and proved a match for the Varsity Team in inter-team scrimmages. This team, next year, will definitely carve a name for itself although we are sure the competition will be stiff. We will see more of them next year! 143 on r 5 1. Jaw 144 AZZ TONY ACEVEDO Tenor Saxophone JOE DARBY Drums BARRY DANIELSON Vibes GORDON DAVIS Trombone STEVE DIAMOND Electric Bass MARK FORBES Trumpet DAN HUGO Trumpet ARNOLD JACKSON Trombone CHUCK JEROME Alto Saxophone STEVE JONES Trumpet ENSEMBLE CARL KNOX Tenor Saxophone DAVID KYLE Baritone Saxophone JIM MEYERS Trombone HAROLD MONTGOMERY Trombone TOM NAKAGAWA Piano PAUL SHADA Trumpet GERRY SMITH Guitar GRACE SPENGLER Alto Saxophone ROGER WILLIAMS Drums DARRYL WOOLFOLK Drums ORCHESTRA w MARILYN BARTON SHELLEY KUTZLER LORRAINE SCOTT Violin Flute Violin VANESSA CHAMBERS DALE MATSUDA ROGER SUBLETT Cello Cello Bass SUSAN CLARK MARIA MOZIE IAN TAZELAAR Flute Violin Violin JENNIFER KELTEY SILVIA ROEDERER MR. EHEKIRCHER Violin Clarinet and ALETHA KIRK MARY RUH Violin Bass REX ip.. Anthony Acevedo Kenneth Anderson Andrew Alsdorf Pamela Bergkamp Stan Bergkamp Lori Bouman Julie Bradshaw David Brenneman D'Andre Brown Warren Brown Susan Clark Joe Darby Doug Darcey Gordon Davis Jeffrey Day Holly Dolph Mark Forbes Robert Galloway David Glahn Laurel Hall Robert Hann Deborah Hicks Laurence Holmes Dan Hugo Arnold Jackson Charles Jerome Jay Jesmer Steven Jones David Kessler Carl Knox Shelley Kutzler David Kyle ,-,ffwlflfwflf ,-tw' ,Z rlmfff' u. Hugh Lindsay Michael Leonadelli William Logan Paul Lucore Joel McSwain James Meyer Harold Montgomery Chris Morgan Laura Mosher John Oettli A Tamera Paul David Pierce Douglas Pollack Amy Revis Silvia Roederer Marlene Rose Eric Rubanowitz Marcus Sevier Paul Shada Joe Shoemaker Heide Shoen Gerald Smith Grace Spengler David Starr Anne Stears Darryl Walker Christine Ware Roger Williams Susan Witkin Gary Woods Darryl Woolfolk Cynthia Young A D 1 . Wy ,. W wvpk 1 .'Q,,, , 4 me . . ' 1 ' ' , , , J N -wg ,Q , ,,-fr., f , . . . s M 4 4-1' 'Q if I in g , .1 V fm. f My A V! as .N '72 J' , A , ,, - X' ffmrrwm we-mlmfvl f-ffff 5 MARCHING BA D 1 Colorado River Trip lune 8-14, 1975 wH"""Ns-, Hallelujah, Hollywood. Pluto welcomes T J travelers for five days of education and fun in Hollywood . Disneyland offers an education in itself to the student of film and theater arts. The trip was October 16-20 and received special permission from the Department of Alternative Education, Mr. Robert Colwell, and Principal LaRue Belcher. Filming of a Baretta sequence with Robert Blake ended up like this at Universal Studios. Yep, the pickup body is new but there's no engine. That's a fight scene in the background . The tour included Parting of the Red Sea, avalanches, collapsing bridges and behind- j 4 If the-scenes filming . if W ls , , 1 v A morning tour of Burball Studios where no picture allowed , where the grou around the Wa1ton's tabl cabin and had a chance ' Harry O in action as wel watching scoring of a fil was followed by a tour oi and a taping of "Wheel 1 fxljortune , " a game show. ,M ui ' y Universal will be remembered by many members of the group as being a part ol' an "Emergency'.' episode . t te Wax Museum were added attractions and a day was spent aboard the Queen Mary and at the beach. Frank Welker, former'Spartan, actor ts Berrytfarm and comedian on the Merv Griffin Showg and John Findlater, guest star of "Switch, " discussed career opportunities at a banquet at the he Hyatt House . Lower left is UCLA where a morning was spent at the Departments of Theater and Film Arts. A Led by Mr. Harold Mason Q1 and Mr. Douglas Fine, film p teachers, the group included: Dale Andrews, Brent Bocim, Carol Dan- ley, Debbie Ely, Ellen Garrett, Don Grant, Sheri Gregory, Laurel Hall, Karen Hendrickx, Dan Hugo, Jim Knous, Natalie Krist, Tony Leonardelli, Mieki Lingier, Mary Mar- shall, Susan Phelps, Gary Romero, Mary Ruh, Rennae Shifflett and Curt Stringer. A larger group made the same trip in the spring. Cost was 25235 a person. I irst semester Intern Sheri Greenhaw worked at Young Audiences with sponsor PQ irginia Coen . Interns of T. I. Through the DPS Executive Intern program, students take a semester's sabbatical from classroom study to spend four days a week on the job with their sponsor and one day with other interns in seminars. Students are selected on the basis of maturity, independence , openness and interest in the jobs available . Students have the opportunity to view the business world . Experience is the best teacher. semester Interns from lt. to rt.g Laurie Levin, David Moore, Paula Peri, Debbie , Tracy Crane, Karen Whitaker. sv --. X Mar .. J-A 1 ,mfg ,J A.-q..,.Q..sW-M - ,, -Y A. . , ......- , .....qs K Second semester Interns from Lt. to Rt.: Eric Newsum , Lisa Shore, Brent Coffee . Not Lorene Ethridge heads the Executive pictured Cindy Haynes. Intern program along with being Asst. 149 Principal of Pupil Services. La Crosse 19 6 .4111 This years LaCrosse Team, under coach Mark Panter and spon- sors Bill Myers and Che- ryl Betz was fantastic! The players worked extremely well together and were undefeated throughout March and April. One of the teams biggest wins was against KDCD. Hopefully, the TJ LaCrosse supporters will be strong enough to make this exciting sport an official D.P.S. sport. xx! I1 " by - ....... . W ......... rin 7 iif ntts n R 4 K bw 4 .1 .'.12w:w' QF, . . . the Fastest Sport on Feet, All School Social Representative Tom Peterson SW cond 'LL 1 I yffxx .fi CONCERT CHOIR Dale Andrews Lisa Boe Betsy Boland Margaret Brady Les Collins Kathy Culpepper Gordon Davis Reginald Devers Suzann DiTolla Karen Duran Barbara Dworkin Ann Evans Marjorie Fahlberg Jerry Fishman Lora Forseth Kimberly Foster Teresa Fox Judy Frisk Cindy Fullington Lance Garrett Jane Gaunt Andrew Gentile Robert Goldfein Carl Goodin Archie Grant Kathleen Haggerty Kim Hayek Cindy Haynes Ann Hoghaug Stein Hunter Otis Jackson Ann Jeffs Steven Jones Kim Kaminski Gregory Kapp Kim Knight Donnie McDaniel Meg McDermott Sara McGee Kathleen McHugh Scott Magoun Betsy Mitchell Melody Morgan Daron Nance John Oettle Camille Paulson Iris Peters Tom Peterson Devona Pollard Debra Pope Scott Priest Patricia Richards Ann Rudolph Kathryn Scholz Lisa Schwartz Tris Schwartz Jennifer Shaddock Martin Snow Debra Spears Paul Sutfin Keith Swope Herbert Thomas Michelle Washington Keith Webb Londa Weese Linda Williams Janice Yates Steven Zelinger y ' "'i-M .Q W If 1. is l in S J' 4 E' . , QC 3 is h , y 1 . 5 Jfgfgafa. ,gy -4 6 -g ,sf V .gifiw , P 46" , 9 a' dv gb -sQ""f1 ff gfvf' '-' b'.Q69.Ja,f,,,f'g x 7 5, an Q 'W ' 5, - I 4 Vi lf 4? X ' gi ai, , 1' Q ,A Av H, wg 4 Off? fs 6 I H Q Y' -'Q ' if ' ' , 9 v' v .X 5 if 1 3 , hx 'I 1 4 T I ga gk A A f ' ,px '57 .,qM:Q . KAW , .X ,, , . t ,A Hx, K ',,,,- ,. W ? 1 ' at 'fa P .n ll L 1 Carla Baker Rebekah Baldon Devra Birenboim Denise Blue Anne Bolt Tom Brewer Carol Browman Jean Brown Elizabeth Brzeinski Cindy Burleson Marcie Camron Donya Canfield Valerie Day Melissa Dean David Dumm David Dworkin Annette Paul Bryant Francis Marianne Fris Olsen Lisa Garrett Michelle Gill Pamela Glahn Janet Hayes Cathy Henderson Margaret Houghton Maureen Hunter Katherine McNorton ADVANCED CHOIR Barbara Melnick Cynthia Miller Bridgette Mills Kelsey Penko Thomas Powell Greg Reed Sally Reed Michelle Salton Sheila Schlichenmayer Kara Scrivner Sharon Sidney Lisa Simpson Candice Solomon Rolland Sowell Johnnie Stephen Lisa Stuart Keith Swope Pat Taylor Sandra Vaden Gwendolyn Walker Julie Walker Lori Washington - Lisa Weese Peggy Woodard Cynthia Young Alyse Zelinger Ml ED CHURUS Cheryl Anderson Robyn Bailis Carlos Bell Tina Budinich Ronda Burton Robin Carney Erin Casey Linda Cisneros Shanta Clark Jennel Clear Robbie Cox Polly Dacus Kim Dahl Nadine DeBlois Cindy Deim Anna Estrada Jeff Foster Fiona Galbraith Barbara Gemmill Paul Germany Kerry Givens Linda Goodrich Steven Grady Christy Greene Diane Hadad Charlotte Hoover Lynn Johnson Sandra A. 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M 1 x 4 ' ' . vffiiml 'xfaigs S 'ii' ' . f , 'ii U . X . ' L 1' ,v,f-'iw '- , Y. fv'f'1 v A f ' 1 .-1 Y" 1' . ix.. ' 5' 55405555 gaiggf-:'p:f-A g,x5'9Tif 6 ' Y 1-514284. c , -VSTZQ f-' fxg 'cfifkff - ' "'17'3TQMfu"7iQ' 9'-f' J- . ,V 'Y 'E-is xg- L.: ..,v- Y -Qi.. ' Y . 1 ,YgYx.,.,,Y.YY Y 1 "' - '..,.. ' 1: ,,1,..,,, 1 :. L ' ' . , N f ,,, . ' ' " ' . ' 4 L-'C - L"i..,'f:.-':- A'-"5tv' 1"-Sm 2 . -fx: ' -ff . K Q- .::s'W.g'-fi-Ig-L3-1a.A. A xIfii?2vr:L:fL:-v7'if21- P' ' Boys' GYM NAS TICS y I STH? ,...,a.., 7- Y.,., . -.-..,,.,,,, S- 1 - s , t sz. if 'R Ti lifts M M Q -lgiim N 4' 'fs V Top Row 41-rj: Andy Hahn, Tom Young, Jamie Humphrey, Ted James, George Canjar, Jeff Felker, Coach Smith. Bottom Row: Steve Hostetler, Andy Tucker, Mike Simon, Mitch Nimon. 158 The Thomas Jeffer Gymnastics team wa one with a lot of stre and talent. This yea competition they pro vided top notch oppoi tion for any team the came up against. Co Smith feels that the has a lot of talent an works together extre . well. This was a key factor in their perforn ance this year. Some the more outstanding members of the team year were Jeff Felker George Canjar, Andy Hahn, Ted James, an Andy Tucker. TEL 773 1083 Q IANKAMERICAFID MASTERCHARGE TUlE'lIP CENTER 714065419 7mneup 744. MOBILE ELECTRONIC TUNE-UP SERVICE AT YOUR RESIDENCE OR BUSINESS PRIVATE AND COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS BOX 22006 WELLSHIRE STA DENVER, CO. 80222 COLBURN ENGINEERING CONGRA TULA TES THE CLASS OF 1976 Dllll SIIIIIIIIISTIII BDIIII SEIEUIDIIS PRIIUIIIE THE IDIIREIIT - nnswens! ' X lv wg- 5 ' f 4 l I, i ' , 4 ', 1 g 'V If 6 Q limp f I? 1,5 , -:Z.QE:Tl'. -mas k 3li1"""'x hum ' - :, -1 O seleclrons ol Clrff N I d g d C ll ge Outlrne Serres plus b g waterrafs of every type wrll make your mrd rwrglrl orl bum brrghferf i uma PROFESSOR BOOKCENTER5 BUCKINGHAM SQUARE HAMPDEN 8. YOSEMITE CHERRY POINT STANDARD W? 4800 East Hampden 758-9608 - 756-8756 Denver, Colorado 80222 BURGER KING Q5 XQXMI SKI ,Yjf Fido Uutmftf xo 131554 16' ' erfr61E5LJ5,,VcEf0- ,r GIGANTIC CLEANING - LAU DRY ' i I I I 6445 E. Hampden Ave. Phone 756-0593 FOR THE FINEST IN SENIOR AND SC HOOL- PORTRAITURE Anderson Studio of Photography 2841 South Broadway Englewood, Colorado 80110 781-6041 OUTDOOR COLOR PORTRAITURE OUR "Specialty" Hours: 9130- 5:00 Tuesday - Friday I 9:30-12:00 Saturday ' EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE ' I 0. x I 5 5 Closed Mondays 1 IV' "Jio'f I, sri Teacher Sandra Van Moorlehem and nurse Cynthia Tucker are gaining experience and satisfaction as ACTION volunteers in Texas and Honduras. ACTlONneedspeoplewho knowwhatthey'redoing If you know what you're doing, put sometimes wonder where youre going, consider the ACTION alternative, Today Il,OO0 people like you are sharing their skills and finding satisfaction as Peace Corps and VISTA volunteers around the world. Living expenses, transportation and medical benefits are provided, ADINA J 1 7QW1j76 A-01,1 ,hy cf 9-GQ, ll-776, kglfkb mem, 0 Q, QPOQQQ. 'l . lim 410+ if MW Mai at qwlm' J 'M GFHU 56' OL CQ-I bn'-F I MGH ,O2 GQlQfbl"c5+e?by fumggciw 4564,-fo? . 9 K0 Q R ' n U.-Hoqs. 1+ ERE LOUOMSQQ GLW' Rf-Qvepmor-Q, W rowx 'Fame 'FEFKU-vcl h L ' . A - if iii I :gg ' gym mewm Qdammly . - .,:f1'f,f1 or f X fy? X I f 'f'f"7"f.r" -A . .f .. P ull 1., 1 'f Y' Wg . . - V 1' fi TJ C- . 5,41 an I- f' X f 1:3 gp , 5 , ,N "gh -N -:f.,5' 1 ,ff .pf f ,aifggi f ,X W ' IWW", Elly i'fWg,n?9!ff, Klftf' l , , av l , .yn x, ,K 1- f- A E my f, 4 fi? .Q w- - l ' SNR saw ,f E asf.--if A. if gf l-1,,f"r,a5g,j4 .122 ,ggi 4. 1:5 iam' ,.. if it Xi: A ff -, ',a-3f1t.ff-.- ff' 1 ' 15, 'x A -,gg A fi g.Z'f25' 1 1.13 -Eli? C' f fif .11 X, M1 x , V sf, ' 1 4v'V!f' Jigga X . +A : fi! not i ri 5 ,,L, PLYMOUTH Rock X N ' we A-fa Qjk A - 1'v1f ff 'fl' f" . -1- 1 QGLUTI ON Q50 65 3 Sl' S2 '25 its A V76-1916 I-Me, an individual, a committee of one. PLEDGE-Dedicate all of my worldy goods to give without self -pity. ALLEGIANCE-My love and my devotion. TO THE FLAG-Our standard, O glory, a symbol of freedom. Whereever she waves, there's respect. Because your loyalty has given her dignity that shouts freedom is everybody's job. UNITED-That means that we have all come together. STATES- Individual communities that have united into 50 great states. Fifty individual communities with pride and dignity and purpose. All divided with imaginary boundaries, yet united to a common purpose, and that's love for country. AND TO THE REPUBLIC-Republic , a state in which solvent power is invested in representative chosen by the people to govern. And government is the people-and it's from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people . FOR WHICH IT STANDS ONE NATION UNDER GCD-Meaning so blessed by God. INDIVISIBLE-Incapable of being divided. WITH LIBERTY-Which is freedom. The right of power to live one's own life without threats, fear, or some sort of retaliation. AND JUSTICE-The principle or qualities of dealing fairly with others. FOR ALL-Which means it's as much your countryas it is mine. -As reviewed by Red Skelton, 1969 162 J X -ff . ,X0l l... 5 FEMA Hill! 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Iv if 5, Gt ZW f , xxx cfm xv ""x..,. 1 A' w is 2 Q -Wg F 4 3 3 , f mmf. fl y Y ' we-1 ' .F Jiif' ,L ' .2 Jfiffm'I-"1iMI'7f? Wm ' mg - A 5 ' f f - "L V21 ' X . ,,,,. I , , ML, W, ,1 FE Y wmv gm. W3 4 A I if . A ' . w 8 2' 'L XQQH V? V 1 ' m rlfggw gifs' ' , Q zfiey -,vf -87 3 if fx.: ' " ,X Q MQ, Class of 19 6 Officers Drawn by the river we watch as it flows Wanting to taste of the wisdom it holds Knowing that somewhere our fortunes will find CBut fortunes are something we hold in our mindsj AMBROSIA "Make Us All Aware" Melanie Barsotti s,,s 6 , ? -.. R 15-5. Linda Williams -MM. ,Ar W Brad Figel Don Heider ISENIOR CLASS OFFICERS esident-Mel Barsotti ice-Pres. -Linda Williams Treasurer-Brad Figel IRepresentatives- Don Heider - Tony Lopez Carol Nevens Left to right: Melanie Barsotti, Linda Williams, Carol Nevens, Don Helder Brad Figel , Tony Lopez Tony Lopez zr. . Carol Nevens 5 an X 51 f WL Q Kr 7 51 f, A ,M . 2X'fY3i' pf' W fi 'r',.Mgi Q, 'N ,FWUW ,f -1 BARNHOLT , BRANDON Time may seem slow, but take each moment as it comes, and make that slow time a good time. BARLOW, CAROL BARRANTE, LISA My dreams contain all my hopes, I will continue to dream for without my dreams there is nothing. BARROWS, PATTY You are a child of the universe , no less than the trees and the starsg you have a right to be here . There- fore, keep at peace with your soul. BARSOTTI, MELANIE "But all is changed with time , the future none can see. The road you leave behind , ahead lies mys- tery . " BARTON , MARILYN Learning to love each other is the most difficult of all our tasks and our ulti- mate goal. BARTRAM, DEANA I shall pass through this world but once. If there be any thing I can do , let me do it now: for I shall not pass this way again. BASTRON, WALTER "How lucky we are to have known those who say- ing goodbye to is so damn awful." BAUER, KATIE In the life of a young woman the most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friendship . BECK. BILL BELL. MARCELLUS BELL, RHODA My time is running out. Why can't I be free? When will my children be free? Born a slave , born to die. l87 BROWN, SNOOPY The more I look at man- kind, the more I like dogs! BENNER, PATTY BERGEN, ROBERTA BERGKAMP, STAN BERKEY , RENE BERMAN, DEBBIE Though we travel the world over to find the beau- tiful, we must carry it with us or we will find it not. BETZ , GEORGE Out of the darkness, Out of a road of darkness Lit only by the moon on the edge of the mountains. BINGAMON , LISA We arrive on this earth alone: We depart aloneg This time called life was- meant to share . BLACK, DONNA BLAGOWSKY, DANE BOCIM , BRENT Movies, my goal, and I'll make it. BOLT ,' JIM Things do not change, we change. 188 K'-ft'-4? BOOTENHOFF, DAVE BOWLDS, LESLIE The fellow who worries about what people think of him wouldn't worry so much if he only knew how seldom they do. BROADWAY, WEATHERLY Green apples never did grow on pink trees, did they? BOYLE, MINDY Ode to the sunset, Hope for another day, Believe in yourself, For there's no better way. BRADBURY , ALAN BRADSHAW , BONNIE East pep club: white - jacketsg Dance club. The only thing I like about TJ . is dance . BRANDT, CALVIN BRICKELL, MATT BROWMAN. CAROLE BROWN , ANDREA BROWN, T. BLANE BROWN , KEITH There are two things to aim at in lifeg first, to get what you wantg and , after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second . 189 BROWN , PEGGY Keep your head together and smile, for there are brighter days ahead . BROWN , PAM BROWN , ROD BROWN , ROSALIN BRY , KIM BRYANT, JIM 190 BULLARD, ABBE There's treasure children always seek to find , And just like. us You must have had a Once Upon a Time. BURGIN , RAY ,ff BUTTS , JANET Emi W.,, BUZZELL, PEGGY CAMPBELL, CHERYL I am real, and I can't say who I am. Ask me if I know, I'l1 say yes. I might say no. Still, ask. CAMPBELL, DOUG And wouldn't it be fine following your heart knowin' from the start it's up to you l CAMRON , MARCIE Don't walk in front of me I may not follow. Don't walk behind me I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend. CANJAR, GEORGE Socrates: To be is to do. Plato: To do is to be. Sina- tra: Do be do be do CAREY , LINDA CASEY. ERIN CAVE, MAVIS CHANDLER. DAVID 191 CHANDLER, LAURA CHAPPELL, DALE CHRISTIANSON, IAN All you've got to do is today. CLARK , DON CLARK, SHANTA CLARK , SUSAN Concert Band 10 , 11- Football band 10, 11, 12- Concert Orchestra 12-Hon- orary Cadets, 11, 12,-Rifle team-Arherfies 12. CLIFT , LUCY COFFEY , BRENT COLBURN, BRIAN One has to want life before he can share it. One has to share life before he can know love. One has to know love to live. COLLIER, BETH COLLINS, LES COLLINS, SHANNON 192 ff Lil-ki I y COOPER, GLENN Be real, be yourself. Remember there's no other person in this world exactly like you. You are unique. Live with love! CORLEY , I ILL "Reach for the Heaven, and hope for the future-and all that we can be and not what we are . . COVINGTON, IOAN CRAFT , TAMI The most certain sign of being born with great qual- ities is to be born without envy . CRAIN , JILL CRANE, TRACY "But it's no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then. " CRAWFORD, JOE "Out in the city running free, days pass as seconds turn the key . The strength of the moment lies with you . ' ' DANAHEY , EILEEN It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom D'ARCEY . DOUG DAVIDSON, ELLEN DAVIS, CLAY DAVIS , SAKI The swift years slip and slide adown the steepg The slow years passg neither will come again. 193 DINNER, IILL DITOLLA, SUZIE Sometimes you dream , sometimes it seems there's nothing at all . . . You just seem older than YCSICI- e day, and you're waiting for tomorrow to come . DOTY, DWIGHT DOUGHERTY , LYNN The sunsplit windblown journey home was rougher than the seas . I know that next time I return home is where I'11 be! DREWITT , KIM Black student Union 10 . "But we've only just begun. " DUANE, TOM Look toward the future while studying the past, to correct your mistakes so they won't last. 194 DEVERS , REGINALD Perform to the utmost of your ability, using that with which you were naturally endowed. DEW, HAZEL V. Pres. BSU 11, 12-JADE Free at last thank God Almighty. The '76 class is free at last. ywws.. A., Nt l DURAN , KAREN With all it's shame drudgery and broken dreams, it's still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy- DURLIN , RITA I-1 5 Eff- Sify? K 1: 'gin 'gi' 'nes' Q'-M vu. 1- Egg 9x ix, at ' T fx, . 5:5 is. 1 'W xiii I 1 mai. ! 'i x Q62 5... .,- -,. ssl: ,. K . 4 . .fi Q E. 4 'RW .au ix xbmt . . M- Qi I if 4 ,K A x 5f:,'f V ws' ' 'fi' i A S . Q , .K 5.1 3 LX- aa, an M 'Z 5.1, "ig FAHLBERG, MARIIE FAIRLY , KATHY FAVELA, MARGARITA Caminante son tus heul- las el Camino y nada masg caminante, no hay Camino se hace Camino al andar. FEDER, SUSAN Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love , and to be loved is the greatest happiness of exist- ence. FELECOS, TIM FELDMAN , SUE FELKER, JEFF FENGLER, GREGG "Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. " FERNANDEZ , LILLIAN I am not afraid of tomor- row. For I have seen yester day and I love today. FIELDS , MARK FIESLER, KATHY FIGEL, BRAD We must use time as a tool, not as a couch. 196 FISHMAN, MIKE FLESI-IMAN , JANELLE When God closes a door, he always opens a window. FONG, ROBERT FORBES , MARK May you live fully all the days of your life . FORD , KATHY Memories hold close to us all that means most to us. FORSETI-I , LORA FORSYTH, MARK I am what I am because I know myself. I can't let myself be what you want. Someone tell them , I'm human too. FOSTER, SHARON FOX, TERESA FRAIN , DAVID Trivial things make life: But life is no trivial thing. FRANKLIN, ANDREA FRAZIER, ELAINE Live as though you'll live forever and learn as much as there is to offer. See as much of the world cuz you'll never see all of it. 197 X v ig if . x ',k 42-lxqfps X Y' L . , . if! . .. Q QR ff Q93 . Af' XS fi Y. A 'I if i lx . . ffl Q2 ,Y .-Q ..- GERTZ, MIKE GIBSON, LORENA GARCIA, CARMEN O Pallad! Kay Saklap mo! Sa lahat ng pagbabag- sakan, dito pa ako napala- glag. Kung sino mang makabasa nito . . . S. O. S. ! GEISLER, BILL GLADSTONE, ALAN Some people see things that exist and ask, "Why" I dream of things that never were and ask, "Why not". GLASER, ROBERTA I have to say my friends, this road goes a long way, and if we're going to find the end we're gonna need a helping hand. GLASGOW, KELLY It's up to me to choose my roads in life, rocky may well be the ones I'11 take. GOEBEL, NANCY Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you. GORDON, JEFF GRAY, DAVID GREENHAW, CHER1 GARCIA, MANUEL "Mabuhay Ang K.K.K. C.S.A.. DASMA, Quad, Makati. At ang M.C.C. 199 GREGORY , SCOTT GRUENLER, STEVE Though ambition may be a fault in itself, it is often the mother of virtues. GUNN , HAROLD You can have no greater sign of a confirmed pride than when you think you are humble enough. HADAD, DIANE HAILEY, HAROLD Don't stop at edges, look around the corner. HALEY , MARY If we learn to give our- selves, to forgive others, and live with thanksgiving, we need not seek happiness -it will seek us. HALL, JUDE Life is a better roadmap for trucking down the years than Rand McNally could ever make . HALLMARK, DOREEN There is one barrier in man's life and that barrier is 'himself' . HALLMAN, DIANE I've never met a man I didn't like . HALVA , KAREN Peace, Like birth, does not just happen. People in love make it. HAMLYN, SUSAN HAND , CINDY Be happy and have a peaceful life . 200 HANN. ROBERT HARLAND. WILLIAM HARRIS , MARY HART, MARY I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand , as in what direction we are moving. HATFIELD, CHRIS Something of ourselves remains wherever we have been. HAWKINS, STEVE Ten silver saxes a bass with a bow, the drummer relaxes and waits between shows. HAYEK. KIM HAZELHURST, JEFF HEIDER. DON Imagination is more important than knowledge . HEINLEY , ANN HELFER, RICK Money is honey I said to sonny and a rich man's joke is always funny . HELGESEN , KAY Happiness sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open. 201 HENDLER, BARRY HENDRICKS, CINDY There are two things to aim at in lifeg first, to get what you wantg and after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of men achieve the second. HESSE, KATHY Friendship needs no sym- bol, or vow to make it whole: for what it does is sacred, and is done in friendship's name . HILL, MIKE HILLMAN, CHERYL LYNN The only limit to our realization of tomorrow, will be our doubts of today. HOCKADAY , CARLTON HOGEWEIDE, LAURENE HOGHAUG, ANN Forget your mistakes , but remember what they taught you. HOGHAUG , KAY When you win, it's because you're brilliant, when you lose, it's because the judge is an imbecile . HOGUE, TONY HOUSE , PATRICIA Learn like you will live forever. Live like you would die tomorrow. HUGO , DAN Be your own person. 202 1... ,.-as ix .ef si . ' f 468A ,W ,.,,a 'q Q.. , i p. ,su J' Q? ll 'QKIIIIII " Yxilllll if ':A'j'Ullll 13 wmtluu 'Allll -hd-and .I Al 'a 1 IONES, STEVEN JORDAN, VALERIE Let no man presume to give advice to others that has not first given good counsel to himself. IUNGLAS, VINCENT KAITZ , TAMMY I took an egg Cwhich a chicken rnadej from a car- ton Cwhich a tree madej and cracked it into a pan Cwhich the earth madeb and swished it with a hope Cwhich I madej. KAMINSKI, KIM Love not what thou art, but only what thou may become- KAPP, GREG KATCHEN, CRAIG KATCHEN, TRACY KELLEY, GLORIA KESSLER, CAROL KESTNER, IUDI If you see someone with- out a smile , give him one of yours. KING, DAVID 204 .X Y. so F ul ,e""" r hx . 4' I s. KLIPP, SARAH If I could give you just one gift to last your life- time through, It would be remembered hours when you could be just you. KNIGHT , DARRELL, JUNIOR KNIGHT, KIM KNOTGEN, RICK To say, "What she doesn't know won't hurt her", is not true because it will-in the end. KNOX , SCOTT KRACKE, KIM It takes both the sunshine and the storm to make a rainbow . KRUASE, DEBBIE Of all the pain, the greatest pain, It is to love, but to love in vain. KREFT, KRIS KRISO , KAREN Life is an island in an ocean of loneliness. An island whose rocks are hopes whose trees are dreams whose flowers, soli- tude. KUNSE , TOM There is no such thing as gravity, it's just that the whole world sucks. KUEHN , BRENDA I am at the age now where my voice is changing from no to yes. KUTZLER, SHELLEY I've been smiling lately thinking about the world as one and I believe it could be someday it's going to come . 205 0 5' I I p , . ,k.V, egg Z5 I LEAR, CHARLES LEE, CHERYL LEVIN, LAURIE LEWIN, ELIZABETH Happiness is where we find it. LINDSAY, ELIZABETH As you dream, so shall you Rarely where we seek it. Peace is happiness digesting become . LEYDEN , DOUG LIVINGSTON , VICKI LIPPS, DEBBIE A real friend is someone who Happiness is not something you walks in when the rest of the get, but something you do. world walks out. LIVELY . DANNY If W LOGSDON JAMES LOPEZ , TONY LORD , BRAIN LORENZ DAVID A man's life is what his He who drinks the nectar of MARLER FRANK thoughts make of it. knowledge shall know the secrets . s.,, h KX ' I I A LUNDSTROM , MIKE of the universe MARSHALL, MARTHA MAGOUN, SCOTT MARTZ , GAIL If there is an answer maybe love can end the madness maybe not, but we can only try MCALLEN, MCCREADY, IAMES MCCAULEY, KATHY MCCLEARN, MARGARET You give but little when you give of your posses- sions: It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. MCCLAREN, MAUREEN MCDERMOTT, MEG "The only way to have a friend is to be one." MCKIZZIE, DERRICK MCPHERSON, LOREN MCSWAIN, CHRIS 208 -vs, hal ig S wi. MEISTER, PATTY People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. MERCED, VICTORIA MITCHELL, BETSY Cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind, and fills it with a steady and per- petual serenity. Joseph Addi- SOI1. MONGRAIN, ROBERT MEREDITI-I, THOMAS MIJER, JOHN MILLER, KIRK "La philosophic triomphe aisement des maux a venir, mais les rnaux presents triomphent d'el1e." La Rochefoucauld MILLER, JANET Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead , where there is no path and leave a trail. MILLER, CECI I don't need a reason to be happy-I am alive and that is reason enough. MILLER, LESLIE I cannot say what I will be, I can only live what I am today . MILLER, PAM Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. MILLER, RUSS Never kick a man when he is down-he may get up! MINOR, JACKIE Skiing . . . flashing and streaking with impossible skill and spirit, beautifully lost in a different world. 209 I MONTANO, TERESITA MONTGOMERY, HAROLD Concert band, Stage band , Basketball, Track , BSU, BSU Choir. MOORE, JAMES MURRAY, BRIAN MYERS , THOMAS NAKAGAMA , TOM NESBY, KEITH NELSON, LEANNA "Voici mon secret. I1 est tres simple: on ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essen- tial est invisible pour les yeus. " Le Petit Prince NELSON, KATHLEEN 210 ,,Us..r MOORE, PATRICIA MORGAN, CHRIS 2 is Do You Know Where You're Going To? Thomos Jefferson High School SX Xi? X X lf"'f'-E' gf FQ ? M Film ur- J C , 1,11 HFTER nu eil? THE se YEHR5 .. , VJ N 0 g l W 0 J Q, l l f f l . L R l l r 9 Z XX e 3 f, ,X A l if Jefferson Journol J f I I, Senior Edition J fl J Volume l5, Number 6 gp Uglllllllllllllw Moy 25, 1976 Y Este V- 'uif -Ai res-el www R- 'lb 'ee-f - Ai v m , -runes PAGE 2 ASMUS, JULIE: WILL: Mr. Myers: a good bottle of Scotch, another paper done the night before, and an extra hand for pac- ing. The science department: 12 dozen student-proof test tubes Mrs. Hyman: my dead pig. ' INTENTIONS: Plan to go work in September, interested in den- tistry, and specialized or elemen- tary education. ATKINS, MARK: WILL: Denise: all the HONK HONKS you can handle. Jay: a new orchestra. Marsha: a year's supply of M8:M's and an official game rule book: also, an unlimited pass to Southmoor park after 12. Laura M.: a new personality. Ms. Spyer: the role of. Cleopatra in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. ' ' ATKINSON, PATRICIA: WILL: To Lilliansarahkayla, a six pack, a blue balloon, and a banana: L.F. at hot dog 1FrankieJ - SK-JM and many more. K.Y. a new battery! Pam: wedding bells M.M. lots of rays. Ann: Debbie. Debbie: Ann. L.W. 8: B.A. Thanks! Cindy Des: Breakfast at 3:30 a.m. and thanks for a great senior year! INTENTIONS: UNC, and go into nursing. Enjoy life! AUBUCHON, RENEE: WILL: Mr. Epstein and Mr. Tierney: youthfulness, a favorite teacher award, and "good times": Rita: a job, a true friendship whatever might happen to us, and much success: Becky and Sherri: happy memories to last forever: Sharon: Arby's slicer: Kris: his old tem- porary license: Herfna: a T.A. or something better. INTENTIONS: I intend to do something with my life and do what I enjoy most. BARLOW, CAROL: WILL: To Valerie Jorden I leave my brains: to Vickie Stephens I leave my long blue dress: to Mavis Care I leave my black ninety-eight Cdrive Carefullyllg to Tricia House I leave my accounting books: to Lin- da Williams my friendship, forever: to the whole senior class I leave my love and Friendship always. P.S. Good luck in the years ahead. INTENTIONS: I intend to go to college and major in business ac- counting. JEFFERSON JOURNAL BARNES, JANIS: WILL: G.A. me and all my love forever. Janice: "a burglar in the night,' Winchell's. Jody: Our good times, bike ride. Kip: a trainer. Weevie: ooooops, a new bumper. Friend: a new friend. Dana: all the nyoms. Sue: a smile, gymnastics. Skeelios: Cashew factory, Red Rocks. Mrs. L: love, Thank You! BARRANTE, LISA: Jackie: Chateau Pyranees, well made shoes, Jan: Handsome stranger with a cap: Lori: My den whenever needed, friendship forever, late night adventures: Bill: President of CBC club and her ability to get loot. , INTENTIONS: CSU - DUM. 7 ll I' MAY 25, 1976 BARROWS, PATTY: WILL: .To Karen J. - Ralph and a fuzzy cow: to Ann Randall - a lifetime supply of Winchell's doughnuts: to Mr. Golder - a hot fudge Nutty Nutty and the book, "50 Ways to Improve Your Practical Jokes." INTENTIONS: Will attend University of Denver - majoring in accounting. BARSOTFI, MELANIE: WILL: Mickey - full management of Ir- mas, all those nasties. Frugal - special friendship, Mr. Spock, and Italian student union. Doug and Reenie - my continuing love and friendship. T.P. a mellow hnu without extra pencils Salt 'n' Pepper - Cheley and the presiden- Class Worker George Ganjar: 'Melanie Barsotti Glen Cooper linda ' r Harold Gunn Don H eicler like Lau er Williams Carol N evens Leslie Bowlds Cynthia . y Miller MAY 25, 1976 JEFFERSON JOURNAL What your job competition tomorrow. . will be wearing this year re Consider this - employers know how valuable Air Force training is. The finest schools teach top-pay skills like iet engine mechanic, electronic data processing, avionics, accountant """ and hundreds of other technical and administrative specialties. Are fs you willing to let the other guy have all this - plus good pay, paid vacation, the very best of medical care and travel and excitement, I sw 0 too. Get the jump on your competition- A... :.:., ,55.gf1. ,llyly Z.,-5 ..:5g5,.g,55.555 N See your Air Force Recruiter for the full story. Air Force - UA Great Way Of life" TSgt Austin lillibridge ' V L I assa L l l 0 l303l 761-1506 Vi University Hills Florist 2700 S. COLO. BLVD. 758-0812 Corsages ii Flowers for all occasions Complete assortment of green plants l l i l l i l Terrarlums 0 illiilllili ili lllii gp! mfnfvoli nlufonliuflufvnlhbllhfiofoofigfhoyvnfufuofuufhullofolfihfitf' Lg :xl 'Q...2"i!xk??x1 f.. 'L t' m 5'- Arrhrr Svtuhin PAGE 31 YOUNG, CINDY: WILL: Desiree T - Jeff Wagner, friendship forever. Stan B V- crazy socks. Lori B - hang in there! All my teachers - thanks! Mr. E. - a special thanks! Jeff D - a stutter. Lillian, Kayla, Sara - lots of good times. Mark F - magic. Gerry F - California sunshine. Silvia R. - see ya at Carnegie Hall! INTENTIONS: Pomona, CSU. YOUNG, TOM: WILL: Matt, the rush on Sat. morning. Joe, state lacrosse and Karen, a good friendship forever. Jill, all my love forever. Mr. Gilmore, Matt Brickell, Brad, a pair of clean pan- ts. Kim, a boyfriend and a 6 pack. Mr. Miles, Mr. Goodwin, a state champ next year. To Pete, a woman. INTENTIONS: ,CU or CSM. ZELLER, MARK: WILL: To Mr. Fine - my track 2 razor. To Mr. Lort - all my old pencils and best wishes. To Mr. Kingsley - my Kodak pocket instamatic. To mash - a lot of nothing. To Boogie - freestyle lessons, and a '65 mustang fastback. Scott Sherrick - Minolta enlarger, and a million dollars to buy the rest of the stuff he wants. oiasisigfgoftfgeaigsnlipfuegnlvofsaf l i Let us help you 3 'express yourself in your school portrait Schedule your summer appointments for environmental or studio settings i Telephone 756-2611 2700 south Colorado Blvd. 'cfs GQ NICHOLS, CELESTE Am I united with my friend in heart, What mat- ters if our place be wide apart? NIES. RICHARD NEVENS , CAROL "Nothing is Impossible" NEWSUM, ERIC NEWTON, MARY It takes the whole of life to learn how to live. NIX , DARLENE NORDLANDER, RON Why be cold and so alone won't you roll away the stone Sunshine and tender flowers melted the young man's heart. NORMAN, DIANE NORTI-IUP, NANCY "The world and I have seen each other and we are in love . ' ' NUNLEE, EVELYN The ignorant despises what is precious only because they cannot under- stand . ORMSBY, PATTY 211 ORZOLEK, CATHERINE OSTROM, DAVID PADZENSKY, LESLIE People have been teach- ing rhetoric for thousands of years. But does anybody understand how to put it all together? PAICH, TIM 1, an Life is like a beaver col- ony, one dam thing after another. PATTERSON , JAMES PATTON, DAPHNE 212 ORR, DAVID Follow the crowd and be of high rate . Follow the crowd, but don't be late. Follow the crowd and die on an Interstate. ORR, WILLIAM I'ff PAULSON, CAMILLE PAWLOSKI, LARRY 1 kr! X as S E lf.-f! T' PEAY, STEPHEN Tomorrow is my yester- day, of which I cannot understand. For today cre- ates an illusion that governs tomorrow on foreverness. PFANNENNSTIEL, BARB ft I 3 POLLARD , DEVONA Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer. POPE, DEBRA A smile must never be kept, it must always be given. PERI , PAULA PERKINS, EDWARD PETERS, IRIS What you are is God's gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God. PHILLIPS, LISA To dream is not to sleep, but to draw a blueprint for some better piece of work. Plan well, build strong, and be happy! PIERCE, LORRAINE Take me into your world , alone I cannot go, for I've been here so long you're leaving me behind . . . PITZER, LINDA l'm just illusions and you're reality. If you come back, I may be into reality and you the illusion, and we'11 miss each. 213 POWELL, VICKIE Sophomore Rep. , Pep Club 1,2,3. , BSU 1,2,3. , Pom-pom 3, Ski Club 3, Bi-centennial 3, Red Cross 3, Jade 3. PRUITT, RICKY PULVER, MICHAEL QUINN , MINDY RANDALL, ANN Every human being is intended to have a charac- ter of his owng to be what no other is, and to do what no other can do. RAUSCH, MICHAEL REED, CAROL "It doesn't matter who you love or how you love, but that you love . Rod McKuen. REED, MIKE When it is my time to die, I will die, but now I live, so let me Live! RICE, SHERYL RICHARDS, PATTY A bird does not sing because he has an answer, he sings because he has a song. Keep singing and smiling! RIEDLINGER, WAYNE 214 X 'if "-...!' ef y . is at ,I f RIFKIN , MIKE "I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth. RILEY, MICHAEL RISHEL, SUSAN RITTER, GREG ROBBINS, LINDA ROBINSON. DEBBIE ROBINSON , WILLIAM ROEDERER, SILVIA A day without music is a mistake . ROGERS , LYNN Let me today do some- thing that will take a little sadness from this world . RUDOLPH, RANDY ROGGOW, DIANE ROLFE, DANIEL My best ideas always come a little too late. 215 ROMBERGER, IEANNIE ROMOLO, TOM ROORDA , RANDY What you are is God's gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God. ROSE, MARIA ROTT , DEBORAH Discovery consists in see- ing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought. RUBALD, PATTY "Never fear your life must come to an end , rather that it has had no meaning . ' ' RUSSELL, TONIE W In all that you do in life, just try to do your best. It will always be good enough for me. RYAN , MAUREEN I would not exchange the laughter of my heart for the fortunes of the multitude. Kahil Gibran. SAGARA, MARTIN You often judge yourself by what you think you can do, while others judge you by what you've already done . 216 SALTON, MICHELLE SAPP, TANYA SARENSEN, CHRISTIE Iam what I am, and I have the need to be . SAUNDERS, DAVID SAWYER, TERI "I am going back to the ones that I know with whom I can be what I want to be. Dan Anderson SCHIFFER, LESLIE "Let's not talk of love or change, things we can't untie. Your eyes fill with sorrow, Hey that's no way to say good-bye . " SCHOEN, HEIDI Our care should not be so much to live long, as to live well. SCHOLZ, KATHY "In everything you do PHI God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success. " Proverbs 3:6 SCHWARTZ , TRIS To look up and not down, to look out not in. 217 SCOTT, VICTOR The best and most beau- tiful things in the world can not be seen nor touched, but are felt in the heart. SCRIVNER, KARA SEBREE , LYNN Hope for the best, get ready for the worst , and then take what God chooses to send . SEGURA , CARMEN SEYMOUR, WINFRED SHELDON, SUSAN Everyone needs help to make it through school. I had mine. I hope you have yours. SHELTON, MARK SHEEHAN, MONICA SHERER, MATT "There is a future for everyone. So take advan- tage of it and make the most of your life not the least . ' ' SHIBATA , GARRETT I SHOOK, ANITA 218 'S 'WPP6 SHORE, LISA If a man doesn't keep pace with his companions perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. SIEGEL, DONALD SILVER, LARRY SIGMAN , LARRY If you can think and not make thoughts your aim , If you can meet triumph with disaster, And treat those two imposters just the same . SIMON, CHERE SIMON, ANNE SLAVEN , RON SMITH , CINDY Bear all things believe all things hope all things, endure all things. I Corint- hians 13:7 SMITH , ROGER SOLOMON, CANDICE SPANGLER, KENT Have a good today, have a better tomorrow. Watch out for Smokey the Bear. 219 SPEARS, DEBRA SPECHT, MARGARET SPECTOR, SHELLI When love is great There is no need for words, For even in silence love is heard. ' KF' STATES, DEBBIE STEPHEN, VICKI I To thine own self be it 11116 . Shakespeare STEWART, DEBBIE STOFFEL, TERRY People hand in hand Have I lived to see the milk and honey land? Where hate's a dream and love forever stands or is this a vision in my mind? TAGLIAFERRI, MARCIE Remember the future and hope there was a past. CL . M . J TARRANT, SIDNEY The necesity for maturity of young adults is now great. So elevate your mind and act accordingly. 220 TAYLOR, MIKE 31" 48 Zvi iivt y ,HA .. -.. TODD , SANDRA I ,2"'s TAYLOR, PATRICIA A great genius is a person who can do the average thing when everyone else is going crazy . THACKER, ERIN Peace is such a precious jewel that I would give anything for it but truth. THAYER, DUANE What man leams not, through indignation he sub- stitutes stupidly most bril- liantly to fill the space. THOMPSON. ARTHUR THOMPSON, DEBRA THURSTIN. JAMES TIFFAN , TODD The surest way to corrupt youth is to teach them to hold in higher esteem those that think alike rather than those who think differently . TIOTUICO. JOEL Take time to think things over. It will help you a lot. TOBIN. ANN What is sought for can be caught. THOMPSON , CHRIS 221 TOOMBS, DORIS TRUJILLO, SUSAN If one's words are not better than silence , then perhaps one should remain silent. TSIOUVARAS, THEO If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. TUCKER, DESIREE I looked for my soul but I could not see. I looked for my God but my God eluded me. I looked for a friend and then I found all three . TUNNEL, CAROL VANN , GWEN The end is now the beginning. VANNAME, SUSAN VAN PELT, ANNE Men, one never knows where to find them . . . they have no roots and that makes their life difficult. VERNON , LORI He called himself a man, A man I could not see. He called myself a child, A Child I would not be. VILLALOVOS, WARREN 222 fr VOGT , THERESA WAIDMANN, BECKY Take care to wonder at the world through which you wander. Never hurry by an open door, for you live in this universe full of mir- acles galore . WAINWRIGHT, ERIC WALBERG, LARS Man always kills the thing he loves, and so we pioneers have killed our wilderness. Aldo Leopold WALKER, KATHY WALKER. LYNNE WALL, FRANK WALTERS. WAYNE WARD , TERRI WASHINGTON , LORI 223 WELLS , DAVE WENNER, MIRIAM We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best that we find in our travels is an honest friend . WESTCOTT, SUSAN What sunshine is to flow- ers, smiles are to human- ity . They are but trifles to be sure, But scattered along lifes pathway, the good they do is conceivable. WESTERN, JANICE WHEELER, DARRELL WHITAKER, KAREN I wish everyone love, faith, hope, and happiness for the future . WHITE, SHERRI Live while you live, the epicure would say, And seize the pleasures of the present day. WICKHAM, DOUG WILKERSON , KONNIE 224 WILKINS, MARK WILLIAMS, CAMERON WILLIAMS, DEREK WILLIAMS, DONALD WILLIAMS, LINDA SUE Faith never fails: it is a miracle worker. It looks beyond all boundaries, transcends all limitations , penetrates all obstacles and sees the goal. WILLIAMS , ROGER To gain profit we must be employed. To gain employment we must search, what must we do to gain identity? WILSON, PATSY WINKEL, MARY WINSLOW, MICHAEL WOLF, LORI WOOD , SANDRA 225 WOODARD, PEGGY I am the Alpha and the Omega , the first and the last, the beginning and the end. Come, Lord Jesus! WORSHAM, AVA Moi Aussi je regardetai les eact'toiles . YAKSE, KAYLA Love while you've got love to give, Live while you've got time to live. YATES, THERESA YOUNG, CYNTHIA That which is essential is invisible to the eye . YOUNG, TOM He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose . ZELLER, MARK ROWLES, RODERICH In Memoriam Dec. 2, 1957- Nov. 30, 1975 THOMAS, JULIE DEAN, MELISSA HILDEBRAND , CASEY JAMES , MELINDA 226 ,M jg ', . ,'.' 1 .zxvz ,-'- :', ' ,:,. ,,h-'. 'L' '.'h ,..Yh -'." .',- ., ' -..4?4y Q ,jE,' f. s ,LL-Jigs, . .si , 'iii' ' - .- VL' A .-' 'Jw . ,-, ,3 vu 'ws , -. ' : .ga 1 - 1 .- ' ' F' A "f" . Q ' f aim JM- 15" :mf - . .-. -f. , , I ff 'ig-'ff-'2"" "Q f-19 YE' aw' , wr -.ruff , hp wg ' J" U 5 'Qu' ' .,.,c T' 3 ' Y Q, 1 V, 1 N .di " 4 A .,'v,-.. 1 - iv ng:-a?'1".Q'f:M'fre,Q..!-Vg .nj '4.'- ' I f' xv. - halls- . - ' ' 'Fi' .131-v, n-"" '. - .Q ., nv, . .. -. . , .f.Y,.. iw ,fury 4, ff., , -:L , sf2f?, 4 5 t .-5. tm- tl., .m an V. , .A ,A C., , U 1 Y 1 -' , I 'V '. 'Ji' U 'IA b I "qi?'g'.:i"N5'r4,F-Qjgir - m 5. - 1 KX 5 1.1 ":5.i,."'f' :W r-f-,,-y'?'-,,..f ..f:.--.--29 fi-:f'ff - - - ' . ' .p :fm ' . 1 :ff , L gk '- ' A ' Q U. , -A ,v - L' b Q V yu. . - A 1-:E ex M VL. . K4 Y It t . sgi '1'.' . .V . lx.. an 7 I s A ."- " " ' A ea- , K, , A T' -.S . '- , .,",f. - ' A. 355-4 , .. .521-1' ' ' , ! ' -If ' ' , Q . ' ' I- 'Z . 125: 1 A - L' I , t . if .r- J ' I ' 3' m ,IA . , ' . A ' 'V 3 Q . ' ,UQT bf A . F47 1 v I . "if-.e',"'? Z. .4 x 'l ' . .55 1 F . ., 1 .A "Q RE., "' . . 'Zu I 'J' I fl V T . 4 fl 'f wg!-Af J! A 1 L ,. . . ' . 14' fi ' . '- ' ' ,-'X f ' - . K 'Q A -X .,.ii,'A g,7,i"'d? ' """ ' I 3 3 4 ' 2 A ' J V ' K M r 1 X 7 ., 4 4 ., . 3 ' I, "ff" bl , I L J 'X i T0 dress our 10'fE in said For S9011 Qur gyok11h is ggneg, , 1 For sqon we must gI?0VI,Q1d, ,. -Iacques Bre1 i L . 1.,,,,E,m., , -I by dx 7 E im gi . EL 5 .hs .J 4.,'.,. 5 v - fy 1 H, an ' YM . X x ,fa 4 5 fi N, 1 ,ff gg 4 af . Q ' W 4' 'vw ' 3 1-2 fe A I 5 'ff if r x , .. .Q,1W, ,M ,4,,-, , ,',, f .Mx t..,4 x s "f, Qi Q ist, .',-Q, 2 X' s r wee 'gf 1, K f ...ef I y. 95 'M f CA Q Q, ' 1. OI O SP' - .g A 4:3 R A i I .. F wp, - if QQ- 'K 3 'fsvfxvw'-1 VN? W .ati iQ'4n. 5, My fig U, NM if 1 be my K-31,15 2 A JL fx! LL SILI the Ygui - - - . fy, S p- ' ., . if MW CW Qf2 Q LL, Alsdorf, Andy Alston, Kevin Anderson, Kymbal Andresen, Brian Abosch , Ken Adams , Monoiette Adolphson , David Akridge , Larry 'T Bauer , Andy 4' IP "Q Austin, Bob Baerresen, Carol Banks, Patty Bell Ladonna Kg .wh 1 ,,, l Andrews, Dale Anger, Lisa Armitage, Amy Arslanian, Brian Ash, Brenda Aspinwall, John Axelson , Laurie Baker , John Barker , Karen Bellomy , Lorie Bennett , Kim Berk . Joel Betz , Carter Bills . Cynthia Bishop , Bud Boe , Lisa 'A' K Brown Brown Brown Brown Brenneman , David Brooks . Boland, Betsy Bolden, David Bonner, Scott Boswell, Tom Bowen, Allyson Brady, Margaret Sandra Cheryl Dean Harold Jimmy A., f-5' ., .L Ill 'film .f jul!!! Il ,Q f fm V W wo: rw :xx W Qfiiis as Arg:-W ,, , ., X I xx..-:ggi Jeff" nv, V . , rs. ml' f ff t L Carney, Robin Clark, Deborah Clawson. Cherie Bushacher, Bob Byrn, Phillip Caldwell, Starla Cannon. Jerry Cline . Julie Coe . Nancy Brunnett, Susan Bryant, Edweena Burkey, Judy Burleson, Cynthia Burwell, Jay Coleman . Gerald Coleman , Salena Collins , Regina Colbert , Cheryl 5 3 +3 x Connor , Cox , Orville Karen Cook . Candace Cox , Cathy 231 Cox, Robbie Crawford, Terry Crenshaw, Byron Culbertson, Colleen Culbertson, Mark Currier, Karen Curtis, Craig Dacus, Peggy Danielson, Barry Danko, David Davis, Donita Davis, Gordon Davis, Linda Davis, Roxanne Davison, Theresa Day. Jeff Derryberry, Paul f f 9? F E, r',1 givin 1 ff? .' 1 4 7' .X zz, L1fe's T00 Short ot to Be Appreciated Q. 4 . W i - azaama ,,.. . . ' Dixon, Shawn Dolph, Holly Dore, Mike Dorr, Joann Downing. Joan Duane, Emily Dunn, Gina Dunn, Nancy Dworkin, David Dyer, Cindy Elmer, Greg Elverum, Judy .. :fi . . Devers, Carole Dillon, Robert Dinner, Wendy 1 r 2. w .YQ ,Q Life is but an Endless Series of Experiments We May Change With the Seasons but the Seasons Will Not Change Fraser , I ay Freison , Freed , I ay Friess , Freeman , the Gaines, Teri Garrett, Ellen Garrett, Lisa Gatseos, Beth Gaunt, Jane George, Denise Gillespie, Mary Goldblatt, Sheri Goldfein, Rob Goodman, Mark Goodrich, Linda Grady, Steven Gras, Karen Gray, Jim Greene, Patty Greenhaw, Linda Gregory, Sherri Griffith, John Groom, Jeff Guyton, Gloria Haggerty, Kate Halbert, Ricky Hall, Debbie Haas, Darla Hall, Laurel Hallett, Steven Halva, Diane Hansen, Jodi Hansgen, Jean Hanson, Susan i Live Life a Little Bit at a Time Harland , Jackie Harnish , David Harnish . Jay Harrison . Angela Harrison , Kim Hayek , Jeff Hazelhurst , Jack Heimbrock , Kurt Henderson , Susie Henkel , Leslie Hill . Sharon Hill, Stella We Are All Like a ligsa W Puzzle, Each Unique, but Fitting Together to Complete a Picture X'x0.51.4,5 Hill, Thomas Hitchcock, Susan Hocker, William Holmes, Valencia Hook, Ellen Hoover, Charlotte Hori, Patti Houston, Arlene Hunter, Sherie Hyde, Karlan Irving, Willis Ivan, Kathy Jackson, Arnold Jacobs, Pam Jeffs, Anne Jenkins, Lori Jennings, Jeffrey , Chuck Johnson, Candace Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Patrice Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Sara JCIOIIIC Johnson, Steven Jones, Alan Jones, Cecila Jones, Sheila Julye, Kathy Kates, Simona Kavan, Kelly Kelble, Frank Keller, Joaquin Kendall, Suzanne Kenna, Michael Koshio, Keith "-fm. ,M X 2 ki fhk 3 if Wx Kurz , Kevin Luckner , Robert Lana , Randy Larson , Steve Latcham , Chetter Lehrer , Kenneth each Gut for the Good Times and Never Let Them Go. Leiker , Gregory Levin , Donna Levine , Rinah Levine , Robin Lewis , Camellia Lindsay , Victoria 1 l A Person Mlseducated ls a Person Lost Martinez, Donald Marshall, Charlene Mathias, Scott Matsuda, Dale McCallin, Nancy McCamant, Kathryn McDonald, Ruby McDowell, Lisa McGee, Sarah McHugh, Kathy McLaughlin, Roxan Merriam, Lori Meyer, Valinda Mijer, Patricia Miller, Mark Mills, Deborah Loeffler , Michael Logan, Bill Longbella, Teri Lopez, Lisa Lowe, William Luckett, Dee Lucore, Paul Luebke, Lori Maez, Daniel Mahoney, Laura Marler, Ray Marlin, R. Mitchelle, Carolyn Mogor. Tammy Moller, James Montano, Margaret Moore, Melody Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, Melody Moser, Anne Mosher, Laura M ld S ' ou er, onja Muehlhausen, Kath Murphy. Jo Nance, Daron Nelson, Paula Niblett, Valerie Nielsen, Ginger Nimmons, Dana O'Dell, Celia Oetthi, John Olsen , Judith Ortega , Cleo Y Ortiz , Sandee Owens , Kathy Patrick , Steven Pearson , Portia 238 I A ,- Peques , Cheryl Pepper , Sharon Perkins , Cerretta Perkins , Gay 1 , " ' K rf" 1 Q M E 4 ff Q 1 . 1 ri? 3 .1 U .' 'Y :ff an 1. :gf l RMK ,.. v"J:."i tyt. ,, kg I lf, If you smile at me, I will understand, because that IS something everybody everywhere does in the same language. Perry, Linna Petterson, David Peterson, Thomas Phillips, Diane Plank, Kathleen Plunkitt, Nancy Poindexter, Dawn Pollack, Douglas Sometimes I wish I was a Child againp skinned knees are easier to fix than broken dreams 16' W 1 J .1 Schiff , Frank Schlichenmay Sheil Roggow, Ross, Douglas Rue, Mary Mary Roumree , Rumsey , Romero, Ga Charles Pam TY Rose , Roybal , Scaff . na L Templeton , Robert Terry , Janiece Teter , Susie Thalley, Bruce Thomas, Jackie Thomas, Jill Thomas , Richard Thomson , Beverly Thurstin , Carol Instruction Ends in the Schoolroom But Education Ends Only With Vlier , Julie Vonderheid , Stephen Von Spiegel Robert Weber, Barbara Weese, Londa Westover, Joann Age and Youth Look Upon Life From the Opposite End of the Telescope, to the One It I5 Exceedingly Long, to the Other Whitaker, Cindy whine, Julie Wickham, Denise Wilkinson, Joan It ls Exceedingly Short. Warren, Susan Washington, Michelle Washington, Paul Wayman, Bonnie Webb, Keith Williams , Arletha Wiscott , Andrea Witkin, Susan Wulfekuhler, Michael Wyatt, Doug Yates, Janice Yetter, Janice York, Melissa Young, Cynthia Young, Cynthia Zelinger, Steven Ziegler, Amy Ziolowski, Andrea ir"L ii . Woods, Gary Woods, Kimetha Wright , Anthony 241 Sherer Peggy 3 Shredni Debo Sidney Kare Sidney Sharc Tom0rr0w's Gonna Be Another Day Sigman , Cynthia Sigman , Dana Simon , Michael Sivey , Ronnie Smit, Carol Smith, Lisa Smith, Rickey Smith, Robert Then WW 304 ' v gavage , " 5 E And Sf ' f 5 H- IQ 2399 Wim. ...T .1 7 534, """""""""""""""" 9 w - "A, z AV.. ' , ,z 'f A 'ff w. Q 6 :J ff Af otlf ! W Q, . H I ff. 103 4 W 1 'v H- - za. 22 Lmfdf Mia' 1 '.-,,. .'., .. ,. .- Z . la., , ' . A "-L'.'. .. . . R:- Q ,. Q gg. ..,.,,. .. my f wlmg. .. UN f - ..,. .ui gk, . . . , . ', A ,,, .+:,,, , H ,Lg .1-fy "fag-.. gf .frflgn ' 'Ju' . 3?-:Q . N... .. 4 . ' . N N Mg b V 9, N Q Lf , fi ".. . , Jil ', ,' , r - ' 3, N N A 'gb , X 1 f f Ln A ul ,,,. ., U A . , ',',". 'Z-J. '. ' - ,-f.Q'.5g'fL W .1 ... A 4.1, 4-' 4 ',.f'Vw. Ling. I J, , 1 vs- ,M gf fn af I . .M wg, ., . 1. , if .vu ,gf nf .1 45 'E My , 4 I T I Q I 4 ' 1 Q ,, , I , ,,'- , , ' ' W V- ,f,f4,,4,fraf-W' . .,. .,.M N..-.-.-V. -a M3,,,4 ,M I A 4' Hu- -. 1 1 F, ' fu- . -..f,.-"1-asf:-'Lim1'f1Q:-'.n4..- w w . me QQ:-I cafl-'fx x.-.'5i:J5:-:zz 1.:4fgaf:j :fgfg-rf-:v:,g1'+:'.,::fy.3,.,. 5' W9 ii, - 4421 Sym' 'pg lg'3'f'jf.,'1Q?'?',i 55235.-.?:i:Qi:5J:27igf5f31Zf,uzfzxbzfvzftxtfffr1,134-131153V Q ,a . fn ,MW - .7 , ' ff' - - , ' ...jk-'.'...,7 ' 7. :Layla ".r:.'.' 1 .'.',:.,:.'.':. 4..'.'.'. .. 4. -., .:.2j,.'J, 15+ - 621 ,vs-afz'-.'.'.j.v5..,-Q14.g,:.1v:.g,f.,4'-5.71.33,gn',-,-f,xg.,jj,I w ' , 'A mm, ' W ' W., .,,,.5,.3,,, x,:zf,,15,5,3f. , . . K - i?f:5zAzg::f'.,g,,., fx 1 5 ,mn L, gh' WW mf K, ,,, h"'3gii ,mum Each Unlimited 5v fv-f f jz 1 get Are An Idea Freedom X... ,. Ai :,1- wr N K R 'CL .. If K 4' , . .ff ,Q ef If nf I. .MN ,tv fgr 1 J X , defy N' V " t .W if d 1 K FMF :Xxxf X- 'WJ' E r N All I Want ls For You To Accept Me As I Am 4 f iz Q . 4 it 1 4557 1 "fc " thx, K' ,. V A ksnh W 2 wig: wil? Ti: 1: 5 . . ' mf L ,"'fff"J 1-212 4 ' -.z - - ss gg. N ! x 5 . Q if f S, O I , Est? OPBOYU OFQS L an 'E In the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams it is still a beautiful - world. ' Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. Do Not Follow Where the Path May Lead. Go, Instead, Where There is No Path and Leave a Trail. ' fi' -Q Sophomore Class Officers . ,f "-6. JANIS I-IARDIMAN, REPRESENTATIVE: BLAIR MACNEILL, REPRESENTATIVE: LYNN FOSTER, TREASURER: LORI FEINER, REPRESENTATIVE A iig-he ,f Iii Ns N5 'K K -, ,, yas, -...,."' - ,, ,.. ' f Wag. I ,., .W ' N -'W .f 'WA I N, 1. 4 W, A- Q4 W. ,, , - -V ' W I f ' , ,, f A N -f . , ff f .1 . of' 3 A PAULA RUSSELL, PRESIDENT we need to feel more to understand others. we need to love more to be loved back we need to cry more to cleanse ourselves. we need to see more other than our own little fantasies. we need to hear more and listen to the needs of others. we need to give more and take less. we need to share more and own less. we need to look more and realize that we are not so different from one another. we need to create a world where everyone can peacefully live the life they choose. -susan polis schutz Part of the Plan I have these moments All steady and strong I'm feeling so holy and humble The next thing I know I'm all worried and weak And I feel myself Starting to crumble . The meanings get lost And the teachings get tossed And you don't know what you going to do next. You wait for the sun But it never quite comes Some kind of message comes Through to you Some kind of message comes through And it says to you . . . Love when you can . . I had a woman Who gave me her soul But I wasn't ready to Take it. Her heart was so fragile And heavy to hold And I was afraid I might Break it. Your conscience awakes And you see your mistakes And you wish someone Would buy your confessions. The days miss their mark And the night gets so dark And some kind of message Comes through to you Some kind of message Shoots through- And it says to you . . Love when you can . . There is no Eden or Heavenly gates That you're gonna make it to One day But all of the answers you seek Can be found In the dreams that you dream On the way. -Dan Fogelberg Allen , Debbie Allen, Kim Allen , Virginia Altberger, Stacy Anderberg, Lori Anderson, Cindy Andrews, Jim Apple, Jeff Ash, David Aspinwall , Ann Auer, Eileen Bahrych, Larry Bailis, Robyn Baker, Shaun Barber, Yolanda Barron, Patrice Baur, Lorrie Baxter, Steve Beasley, Kevin Behnfeldt, Bruce Berndt , Dale Bess , Patty Birenboim, Devra Blair, Angie Blakey, James Blevins, Tom Boatright, Kristi Bohanna, Fred Boling, Raymond Bolt, Anne Bootenhoff, Denis Bouma, Lori Boyd, Ellen Bradshaw, Julie Braswell, Henrietta Brewer, Tom Abosch, Sue Adkins, Steve Akin, Cheryl Akridge, Alan Briola Brooks , Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Steve Angela Anthony Eddie Jean Keri Micheal Pam ,ai 'X Brown Brown Brown Bruton , Roshawn Tammi Warren Michelle Buford, Karen Bunting, Dave Burchett, Rod Burke, Brad Burke, Diane Burleson, Jeannie Burnett, Kathleen Burns, David Buzzell, Lee Campbell, Stephen Cardenas, Vanita Carey, Nancy Carlson, Melanie Carter, Frederick Carter, George Carter, Jackie Charleston, Yvonne Chase, Joe Christensen, Bev Cisneros, Linda Clark , Lori Clark, Sandy Clayburn, Brian Clear, Iennel Cline, Tony Coggs , Maiko Cohen, Liz Colbruno , Michael Cook, Betsy Copeland, Debra Corbin, Janet Crenshaw, Mark Crews, Norman Crunkleton, Leah Cryer, Leah Culbertson, Dave Curtis, Nina Dacus, Polly Dahl, Steve Daniels, Gary Danko Doug D'Arcy , Denise Davenport , Charles Davis , Mark DeBlois , Dina Dehne, Mo Deiley, Jerlyn Demoney, Jenny Denz, Sue Deviney, Robin Dinsmore David Dodson Kenlynne Donahue, Kelly Dore , Kathleen Doty, Susan Dougherty, Kelly Dowd, Tom Dreher , Sheri Dung , Pham Eberharter , Janice Eisenstat , Gary Engelbrecht , Mark English Matt Estes, Cheryl Fanning, Tracy Faul, Annette Feiner, Lori Fink, Lori Fisher, Richard Fishman, Judith Fort, Christina Foster, Angie Foster, Lynn Francis, Cynthia Frasco, Lori Frazier, Robert Frazin, Andrea Frisk, Mogie Fukuhara, Leslie Fusilier, Dwayne Gannaway , Charles Gemmill , Barbara George, Ken Germany . Cynthia Gifford , Jeff Glasgow . Karin 3 Hartgraves , Brad Harvey, Mark Hayden, Toni Hayes, Janet Hazelhurst , I im Hempstead , Rita Hardiman, Janis Hardiman, Linda Hardy, Angela Harness, Laura Harris , Andre Harrison , Lenard Goddard Torn Goldenberg E11S6 Goldstone Melanie Good Lrnda Grace Rhonda Henderson , Cathy Henkel, Brant Hidahl , Jody Higgins , Mary Hill, Artie Hill. Lisa Ann Hinkley , Ernie Hirschfeld , Jeff Hogan, Deborah Hollingshead, Cristy Homer, Pam Horne. Jon Hostetler, Steve Houghton, Peggy Johnson , Johnson , Johnson , Johnson , Deb Greg Paula Terri Jones, Scott Jordan, Jeanette Jumper, Rochea Kam, Kathy Kass, Rod Keefe, Jeff Keesee, Connie Kelley, Lorena Kelty , Jenny Kemp , Camille Kennedy , Richard Kessler, David Lajoie, Lori Lee, Mark Lehrer, Laurie Leonardelli, Mike Letts, Thomas Levin, Cindy Leyden , Perry Link , Gale Lipps, Delilah Lister, Gary Lister, Shirley Long . Cynthia Lorenz , Dale Lovett , LaDonna Marcove, Debbie Marshall, Brett Martin, Tina Martinez , Michael Martinez, Ronald Martz, Russ Matthews, Chris Matthias, Debbie McCaffrey , Mary McCamant, Kris McClain, Paula McDonald, Judy McGovern ,Elaine McGuire, Thomas McKernan, Todd McLaughlin, Jim McLaughlin, Tebbie McNorton , Katherine McPherson , Lisa Mahoney, Mary Majerus, Sue Makris, Jim Maly, Mark Mankoff , Scott Melnick , Barbara Menogan , Kelley Merrell, Kelley Mesch, Greg Meyer, Kemper Lucas, Kirk Luebke, Lisa MacLaughlin, Kathy MacNei1, Pamela MacNeill, Blair Mahoney, Diane Mahoney, Donna We-7 Miller, Larry Miller, Leslie Mills, Scott Mittler, Edie Moline, Kerry Monroe, Jeff Moore, Sandra Murphy, Michelle Nakagawa, Randy Newton , Jenny Nicholas, Marcie Nielsen, Leslie Nimon, Mitch Nitz, Pam Reed, John Reeves, Brian Rice, Robin Preslar, Jim Puckett, Brian Nitz, Peggy Nix, Leontine Nkomo, Shirley Norling, Cindy Norman, Sheila Pleasant, David Polevoy, Sharon Pollini, Tina Poynter, Donald Prentice, Grace Ramsdale , Cindy Rausch , Lynne Norris, Kathy Oliphant, John Olsen, Lawrence O' Shaughnessy , Wendy Owens , Pam Padilla , Amado Peloquin . Ann Penko , Kelsey Paige, Donna Parker, Tom Patterson. Jim Paul, Bridgette Paul, Tammy Paulson, Jan Payton, Don Pennington , Camille Perkins, Diana Pfau, Tony Plank. Paula Scaff , John Schaefer , Debbie Schlater , Erin Schlichenmayers , Shelly Schmidt , Karen Schuh , Linda Rubanowitz, Eric Rubenstein, Reid Russell, Howard Russell, Paula Saltzman, Jeff Samuel, Evelyn Richardson, Elizabeth Ricketts, Kerry Ricklin, Audrey Rifkin, Aileen Rise, Mark Roberts, Cynthia Robinson, Darwin Robinson, James Robinson, Patty Rodgers, Brad Rogers, Ann Rolens, Natalie Rose, Eileen Rose, Marlene Rowland, Jerome Rowles, Cheryl Rozinski, Joan Rubald , Cathy L Sandoval, Ted Sannicolas , Joe Sevier, Marc Shaw, Rick Shibata, Brad Shoemaker, Jay L ,M-95' , - . rf... is A L v Shook, Connie Shoppell , lane Shore, Martin Simmons , Edward Simmons , Trina Simpson , Lisa Simpson , Valerie g. Sorenson, Cheyenne Sowell, Jackie Spengler, Grace Sperlak, Carol Spicer, Mark Spomer, Eric Starr, David Stearns, Carla Stebbins, Kris Stephens, Ken Stevenson, Dianne Stewart, David Sublett, Roger Sveska, Susan Swanson, Janet Stillman, Scott Stimac, Kathy Stoddard, Bruce Stone, Matt Storey, Lisa Strang, Ken Streeter, Billy Strong, Brad Stuart, Lisa Sublett, Barry Swedberg , Susan ims , Myron Skolnick, Jeff Small Robert Smith, Jeff I. Smith Jeff T. Smith, Kendall Smith Scott Taylor, Masharon Taylor, Patricia Thiel, Corey Thomson, Larry Trujillo, Rose Trujillo, Teresa Tsiouvaras, Bill Upthegrove, Keith VanSchaack, Henry Vaughns, Anner Walker, Andrew Walker, Gwen Walker, Julie Walsh, Kim Ware, Christine Watson, Cynthia Watts, Kevin Way, Laurie Weaver, Bonnie Webb, Kelli Weese, Lisa Wehrler, Rick Weiner, Scott Wenner, Linda Westerberg, Ron Wiggins, Vince Willert, Tim Williams, Cheryl Thornton, Eric Tidwell, Britty Todd, Janet Tollefson, Brenda Torpey, David Trautman, Jim Trujillo, Dorothy Trujillo, Glen U f -, 'Q Williams , Lemuel Wilson, John Woods, Didere Wright, Andrea Wright, Rick Yakse, Tracy Yanguas, Aida Young, Luanne Zellinger Alyse Zeppelin, Jodi Williams, Darryl Williams, James Williams, Jerry Williams, John X ' FN.. Qt f f HM!!- ff 9+ W5 N ww! 395 .--mm ww qi?-gav ,..+...p-Q B sv. NK ,W b .gf-.i'k'x -sw Q, W-F, M, .ik S4 M , , . Wgvljw 4 - .f -V .K k ,vm . K M . Z Y Qu 0 K KL Q QP? O0 W0 XO C X 4 we! Of? Jeb 0 , D OQ, N X X905 'SN 6051 Q! X! kkwxx J fx UQ, YJ 09 NJ- gg VN U 'ONZXGJOVX Q N Q9 wx YN XO fl X oz, N . O CU Lp Q0 O' X29 O O XG' lg Q -XXL A6 OSC N0 GN Lux Ox Q4 XO O fo f wk 0 O Nc 340 A D 0 SX OCP ob ,XBO E NJ' ' X qfx Og 54 ,X wa - ?jNs ,603 fx X WWABQ NNE! QX OJ CQ ,fr X X5 bp Q f JN OJ U ao X O kbp G5 ,NON 'Sf .5 .X Qx 0 03 6 V9 Q O' X225 ,P-zx x X ef ON , OJ NX CI' W Xp L C, N 0 2- O3,X U X SX X LX M 9 U A - L OSL Fx X NO od' A J' JU G A Q, OVJ ox? GJ 7 O Q X! QQ O5 fa, PM X cy Q9 955 xf A 6 xy Q 266 Oo Oo QQ XX X! O xv N fo 1 Op Q7 UA OJ sf 5 A A CH XOOXQJ P KG! 4, ' XG XB OJ' bi Oo The Circle Game Yesterday a child came out to wonder, Caught a dragon-fly inside a jar, Fearful when the sky was full of thunder, And tearful at the falling of a star. And the seasons, they go round and round And the painted ponies go up and down. We're captive on the carrousel of time. We can't return, we can only look behind From where we came, and go Round and round in the circle game. Then the child moved ten times round the seasons , Skated over ten clear frozen streams. Words like, when you're older, must appease him, And promises of someday make his dreams. And the seasons, they go round and round And the painted ponies go up and down. We're captive on the carrousel of time. We can't return , we can only look behind From where we came, and go Round and round in the circle game. Sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone now, Cartwheels turn to car wheels thru the town. And they tell him, take your time, It won't be long now, till you Drag your feet to slow the circles down. And the seasons, they go round and round And the painted ponies go up and down. We're captive on the carrousel of time. We can't return, we can only look behind From where we came, and go Round and round in the circle game. So the years spin by and now the boy is twenty, Though his dreams have lost some grandeur, coming 11116 There'll be new dreams, maybe better dreams, And plenty before the last revolving year is through. And the seasons, they go round and round And the painted ponies go up and down. We're captive on the carrousel of time. We can't return, we can only look behind From where we came, and go Round and round in the circle game. And go round and round and round in the circle game. Thomas lefferson' C'5 Set Infinite Goals P ififi' .H if X w 4 ryqx L The Thomas Jefferson Honorary Cadets succeeded well under the leadership of two commanders. First semester the Honorary Cadet Commander was Doreen Hallmark, followed by Debbie Pope. The leadership command in the top picture is: from l. to r. Susan Clark, Rifle team commanderg Debbie Pope , Honorary Cadet Commander and Drill Team Commanderg Sandy Wood third in command and Battalion S-1 . In the bottom picture: from l. to r. lst row Joan Holper, and Roberta Pogue . 2nd row: Jill Ellington, Melinda Cobb, Jenny Johnson, Leslie Blue, Lynn Rausch. Not Pictured are Paula Sussman, Doreen Hallmark, Rose Trujillo, Cynthia Haynes, Dana Nimmons, and Joanna Dorr. wi SS -Q. 1 C0mpany's Move With Times Q", .. .,a.'j' ' , V., .- W 4-- ,, wg is ' A 0 Q ,V , h,.V QU of From 1. to r. Ackeridge, Dorr, Vest, Stinett, Grant, Hocker, Blue, Lazono, Lambert, Rausch, Cobb, Luck. x 'wr-Q,,, 1 'Z From 1. to r. Pistole, Szeluga, Devers, Baker, Dotson, Pierce, Hill, Andrews, Horn Sykes, Mills, Seto. That wasn't even funny! orking ogether 'o Form Ireat eader- hip 'raits ,,4. we Q vit", 'infkf ,xg ' we sp". "if,1'Y"",'lNj:f:f1f "o,'tj' 'Ii . ,ff-,ff ai 11 , rails? Q ' W' KQAIQ7 if E23 C' AQ ,, A t :iffy "ff" -C' '45, 59'-Aif",is --Lv. 91 ,Q "W ,t 'Q'-fe, y at eff' '- 1 1 fQ:q'f' as t wil ff t 'K 5355235125 1, islt - - Q l " ii' to W at R 1 'lv ,f ..j 1 mtg-fig, 5,0 -,N-i,',.5!'fgaw '.f'Nf..g-V Jff,3,g,,?,.f Maria S "Q" 'C 5 FS 'flllil if Jgiffih ifr.'w'3q3Vf3?"5Vwwf31F'LQf'grfw- f Q H rf :533 X, ' 'L'L , is ' 1,33 l A " fi i V ,L" I- ,wit . EI 3 3 'Sy'- J From r. g Wood, Milli Kennedy, Tarrant, Pistole, Williams, Pope, Simpson, Campbell, Stevenson, Miller, gan, Clarke, Devenau, Miller, Grady. The More You Look, The Better We Look! om 1. to r. Lopez, Akridge, Willert, Vest, Covington, Estes, Hill, Davis, Stinett, Simpson, White, hnson, Grant, Burleson, Brown, Akridge, Hockensmith, Werbert, Kelly, Henry, Laufer, McNaughn, arrison, Sims, Campbell, Theil, Thornton, Lyle. 271 Thomas lefferson S Chain of Command Top row l to r. Major Rex Dawson SAI, CfLTC Frain Brg. XO, c!LTC Pistole BN CO, C!Maj. Devers Bn XO, HC!Maj. Sandy Wood, S-1, C!Capt, Gal- loway S-2, C!Maj. Miller S-3, C!Capr. Perkins S-4, HCXLTC Hallmark HC Commander lst semester, CC!Sgtmaj Hooker, Cov- ington up fzlg . ss ' - --Qi , I V1 fir 1 view as ,TS-nn Bill Ml!!! 2 X, Q, all" g ,,.4. ff Thomas Jefferson's com- pany commanders this year were: CFrorn 1. to r.DJ. Luck, R. Miller, T. Sze- luga, S. Tarrant, and not pictured, A. Dorr. The Thomas Jefferson High School ROTC took on a new vary Color Guard was an active unit of ROTC. They per . They adopted its very own Calvary Color Guard. The ormed throughout the state doing show for schools , luncheons, tings, and parades. When performing, they posted colors nd also included their very own Flag Show . The audiences of ll the shows were very complimentary. The Commander of this it was Tony Szeluga. Members of this unit were Cfrom l. to J: Kelly, Szeluga, Menogan and Theil. This special unit helped ROTC commemorate the Centennial year along with the est of Colorado . l The New Custer Look Through Competition, T. l.'s ROTC Excelled r' .L o,,: ., A Thomas leffer5on's Men and Women's Rifle Team The Thomas Jefferson Men and Women's Rifle teams were highly competitive throughout the year. Members from 1. to r. are: lst row, G. Akridge, S. Caree, T. Szeluga, D. Pope, A. Dorr, L. Rausch. 2nd row: 1. to r. , L. Blue, M. Laufer, I. Johnson, E. Perkins, I. Hol- per, S. Clark, S. Simmons, L. Stinnett, M. Cobb. The Men'S Drill Team not THOMAS IEFFERSON'S MILITARY 9 pictured, did a fine job of com- peting. Sidney Tarrant was commander. Returning Seniors were, Art Door, Ian Seto, and Leo Stinnett. BALL QUEEN CANDIDATE, Debra Pope R -J i fs Arai, Fumi 26 Ashford, Elwyn 49,64 Barnes, Noraine 28 Becker, Georgia 42 Becker, LaRue 20 Betz, Cheryl 27 Beigel, Robert 49 Bowlds, Marilyn 41 Brown, Shirley 45,141 Burbank, Frances 39,116 Burmeister, Dan 35 Bush, Christine 25 Calloway, Theodore 21 Cameron, Carole 30 Carpenter, Carol 26 Casagranda, Herman 46 Clinesmith, Orvetta 27 Cohen, Evelyn 49 Couwlier, Ruth 26 Cutting, George Dawson, Rex 272 Day, Donald 22 Diedrich, George 30 Dorsett, Merle 24 Dutton, Robert 35,91 Duval, John 26 Ehekircher, Jack 47,145 Epstein, Paul 37 Ethridge, Loreen 21,149 Fichter, Rosemary 25 Fine, Douglas 29 Fischer, Jean 23 Freerkson, William 35 Garretson, Donald 26 Garrett, Helen 33 Gart, Nancy 29 Gathers, Mary 39 , 117 Gater, Catherine 22,88 Gault, Olive 25 Geiss, Andrew 45,93 Gerken, Michael 26,118 Gilmore, Eldon 36 Gnadt, Wayne 41 Golder, Richard 44,91,93 Goodman, Ronald 49 Goodwin, Carl 40,48 Greenwood, Charles 38 Gruenler, Henrietta 46 Harris, Fannie 22,23 ,W fTF 'ui fffftr 1 I i task' 0- 'K wk 5 ,Q Tx! 1 xA'5'4lfi' -lnff f' Maffeo June 26 Mason Harold 28 87 Mayfield Grace 36 McGregor John 47 McLaughlin John 38 Miles John 33 130 Miller William 23 Moomaw Louise 25 Moser Donald 21 Motz Herman 94 Myers William 27 Nelson Kenneth New Rosetta 39 Nicholson John 38 O'Brien X alter 24 Osborne Garland 21,23,68 Peitsmeyer Charles 49 Pennington Marion 24 Pierson Eugene Pomeranz Rose 27 o o o Faculty and Administration f,hf'S1. ' -, VH McNamera,,Barbara S, ff" ' Q8 wat' ,1 '. Ml lr ' ' :J Helander, Paul 24 Hill, Dorsey 45 Huff, Ronald 48 Hughes, Kenneth 38,61-3,93 Hunter, Russon 33 Hyman, Leah 35 , 106 Inglis, Richard 34 lsenberg, Martha 29 Jackson, Bryce 42, 109 Jennings, Theola 20 Johnson, Betty 21 Johnson, Chris 111 Johnson, Patricia 44 , 133 Jozwick, William 46 Justice, Kenneth 33,87 Kamp, Mary 29,138 Kasdorf, Virginia 29 Keables. John 23 Kingsley, William 36 Kiryluk, Wallis Mae 23,140 Knight, Delores 28 Krob, Leslie 37 Lawless, Donald 31,89 Learned, Gordon 31,142 Lort, Arthur 48 Lucek, Loretta 41 Price, Leonard 35 Ramsey, Richard 30 Randall, Robert 38 Rich, Albert 34 Rock, Albert 34 Sapp, Cynthia 35,114,141 Schanker, Harry 28 , 80 , 103 Schneider, Elizabeth 42 Schomay, Sidney 48 Shannon, Robert 37 Smith, Gerald 45,67 Smith, Mark 31 Speyer, Carole 28 Stone, Gerald 24,89 Stretz, Steven 31 Taton, Jeanette 27 Tierney. James 23 Villano, George 30,104 Waln, Kermit 34 Watson, James 48 Westman, Lou 37,38, 140 Wetmore, Jane 25,42 Wheatley, Shirley 26 Willacy, Mary J. 40 Williams, Carrie Williams, Elizabeth 30 Yetter, Shirley 25 Zimmerman, Charles 37 Abosch, Kenan S. 89,116,135,138,142,230 Abosch, Susanne R. 254 Acevedo, Anthony M. 144, 146 Adams. John M. 186 Adams, Monoiette R. 116,230 Adelstein, Deborah K. 186 Adkins, Mark J. 107,109,114,186 Adkins, Steven K. 254 Adolphson, David W. 230 Africk, Jeffrey S. Africk, Randy S. 132 Ainsworth, Mary G. 138,186 Akin, Cheryl L. 254 Akridge, Alan W. 254,271 Akridge, Gary D. 186,271,274 Akridge, Larry D. 230,270 Alexander, Harrell Jr. Alfonzo, Anthony J. 130 Alkayali, Abdol S. Allen, Deborah L. 254 Allen, Joe P. Allen. Kimberly 254 Allen, Virginia A. 254 Alsdorf, Andrew E. 145,230 Alston, Kevin M. 230 Altberger, Stacy Y. 254 Anchrum, Robert Jr. Axelson, Laurie J. 230 Axelson, Steven W. 186 Baerreson. Carol S. 230 Bahrych, Lawrence F. 89,254 Bailis, Robyn S. 155,254 Bails, Susan P. 117 Baker, Carla J. 117 , 154 , 186 Baker, John W. 129 , 140 .230 , 67 , 150 Baker. Joseph A. 270 Baldon, David B. Baldon, Rebekah L. 154 Banks, Patricia A. 230 Barb, Deborah L. Barber, Glenda B. Barber, Yolanda G. 254 Barker, Karen A. 109,230 Barlow, Carol 187 Barnes, Janis M. 88,141 Barnholt, Brandon K. 93. 187,68 Barrante, Lisa 106,107,187,98,99 Barron, Patrice L. 254 Barrows, Patricia A. riUl5ZDcSi9f Anderberg. Lori J. 254 Anderberg. Robert M. 115,135,187 Barsotti, Melanie A. 87,88,110,184,185,187, 61 Bartram, Deanna R. 187 Bastron, Walter C. 93,135,187,68 Bauer, Andrew T. 135,230 Bauer, Kathryn L. 88,125,187,60 Baur, Lorrie K. 254 Baxter, Constance E. Baxter, Keith Bell, Brett C. 94 Brooks . Bindel. Nancy A. Anderson, Blaine E. Anderson. Bruce E. Anderson. Carol Anderson, Cheryl J. 117, 155 Anderson, Cynthia L. 254 Anderson, Darryl, L. Anderson, David E. Anderson. Kenneth P. 146,82 Anderson, Kymbal D. 126,230 Anderson, Lee E. Anderson, Loretta 118,186 Anderson, Mark W. Andrade, Mathew G. Andreson, Brian D. 130,138,228,230 Andrews, Barbara Andrews, Dale R. 152,230,270 Andrews, James A. 254 Anger, Lisa M. 230 Anger, Steven J. 186 Antone, David K. Antone, James K. Appelbaum, Alan Apple, Jeffrey A. 254 Armer, Denise L. Armitage, Amy J. 230 Armstrong, Taralyn Arslanian, Brian K. 230 Ash, Brenda K. 230 Ash, David C. 254 Ashley, Edward T. Asmus. Julie G. 186 Aspinwall, John L. 93,230 Aspinwall, Margaret A. 254 Atencio, Sherry A. 89 Atkinson, Patricia L. 186 Aubuchon, Renee A. 88,186 , 104 Aue, Kevin E. Auer, Eileen S. 254 Austin, Robert L. 230 Averch, Craig H. 130 Baxter Steven P. 254 Baxter, Kenneth D. m Beaco . James D. Beasley. Kevin L. 254 Beck, Beck. Beck. Beck. Beck, Cheryl A. Mark A . 132 Rhonda C. Ronald D. William D. 187,70 Beckwith. Richard W. 93 Behnfeldt, Bruce H. 254 Bell. Carlos R. 155 Bisdorf, Catherine M. -I - 1 Bisdorf, Larry J. Bishop, Cynthia 140 Bishop. Harold F. 230 Black, David C. 64,94 Black, Donna R. 116,188 Blackburn, James R. Blagowsky, Dane A. 188 Blair, Angela J. 254 pl Blakey, James R. 254 112'-'Wi 90,212 Blevins, Thomas F. 254 QQ Blue, Denise D. 154 ' 'Zi ,Q 0 Blue. Leslie J. A A 107,114,270,274,269 ' . Boatright, Kristi L. 254 7 ' s Bocim, Brent E. 188 ffffl .fi 'IQMQQ' U .,j,1:'.:., Boe, Lisa L. 152,230 1g.'hl,' 3-lj, .,--fg1:,': - . Bogdos, Andrea S. ff" - . ',, " .. "mtg '-4 1 Bohanna, Frederick J. 254 ls, ,.2f,Ei'f7il1be. 'X - .Q .4 ' J Bohannon, Arthur Bokamper, Diane C. flffg, Y' 'Q X I Boland, Elizabeth , 'ffl , ' 7, 1' ' ' l l35,140,152,231 f ' - -' ' Bolderl, David A. 114,116, 132,231 ' 0 5:3gging.C1'1g54 Brown, Rosalind R. 190 Caine- Dennis M- Boh, Anne E. 154254 Brown, Roshawn 254 Caldwell, Starla R. 231 Bch, James M' 188 B1-own, Royal Campbell, Cheryl M. 191 Bonner, william S. 231 Brown, Snoopie S. 87,188 C3mPbC11f D3V1d M- 291 Boownhoff, David J- Brown, Stgven R, Campbell, Douglas A. 191 92 189 Brown, Tammj 3, 255 Campbell, Stephen G. 255 Beerenneff, Denis J. 254 Bmw' Warm G' 146-255 gampen' ,iffy C' Boownl Gary E- Bruce, HollyJ. C3mP05' Iv? Y. D Betsy, Tracy E. Bruhn, Sheri A. 109 am1'on,1 irggie . Boston, Karen M' Brunnett, Susan W. 231 154.19 v Boswell, Thomas D- 231 Bruton, Michelle Y. 254 Canfield- D0nYa L- Boume, Len B. 146,254 BW' Kimball' J' 190 Camar' George F' Bowen, AHYSOHAI Bryant, Alanj. g.g9.12O,121,135,140,191 107497-231 Brqggtkgweena A' cannon ienyt 87 231 Bowlds' Leshe A' Bryant, James L. 190 Camleyr Clyde C- 56,88,110,124,135,189 Boyd, Ellen L. 142,254 Boyle, Marilyn D. 189 Bozeman, Diana T. 135 Bradbury, AlanJ. 135,189 Bradshaw, Bonnie L. 189 Bradshaw, Julie S. 146,254 Brady, Margaret A. 152,231 Brandt, Calvin K. 189 Braswell, Henrietta R. 254 Brenneman, David W. 138,146,231 Bretzing, Brian S. 114 Brewer, Ron 118 Brewer, Tommy D. 154,254 Brickell, Mathew J. 89,140,189,62,150 Briola, Steven M. 254 Bell, Ladonna F. 230 Bell, Marcellus D. 93,187 Bell Rhoda L. 187 Bellomy, Lorie K. 230 Bender, Patrice B. 188 Bennett, Elisa D. 137 Bennett, Kim T. 230 Bentley, Timothy P. Bergen, Carol A. Bergen, Roberta J. 146,188 Bergkamp, Pamela S. 110,135,146 Bergkamp, Stan E. 146,188 Berk, Joel D. 89,107,135,146 Berkey, Penny R. 117,188 Berman, Deborah R. 188 Berndt, Dale A. 254 Berube. Lenore D. Bess, Patricia S. 254 Betz, Carter J. 230 Betz, George 135,188 Bills, Cynthia A. 230 Bingaman, Gregory S. Bingaman, Lisa A. 188 Broadway, Weatherly 89 . 189 Broce , Brooks , Brooks , Brooks , I..ori S. Angela F. 254 Gerald E. Lawrence K. Sandra R. 231 Browman, Carol 154,189 Brown , Andrea 87 , 146 , 189 Brzeinski, Elizabeth A. 154 Bucher, Barbara A. Budinic Buford , h. Tina L. 155 Karen R. 155 Bugdanowitz, Linda S. Bullard. Abbie G. 190 Bunting, David S. 255 Bunting, Lamon 118 Bunting, Timothy Burchet Burgin , Burke , Burke . t, Rodney W. 255 Raymond E. 190 Bradley B. 44,255 Diane T. 140,255 Burkey, James G. Burkey, Judith L. 231 Burleson, Cynthia D. 154,231 Burleson, Jacquelin E. Burleson, Jeannie L. 255,271 Bumett, Kathleen D. 255 Burns, David C. 255 Burns, John R. Burroughs, Sally A. Burtness, Cynthia C. Burton, Lorna Burton, Ronda 155 Burwell, Jay C. 231,67 Buchacher, Robert W. Cantley, lack G. Cardenas, Vanita C. 255 Cardona, Jamie Carey, Linda L. 118,191 Carey, Nancy A. 255 Carlson, Melanie A. 110,255 Carney, Robin E. 155.231 Carolina, Tamer M. Carpenter, Greg G. Carree, David 274 Carrico, John S. 80 , 89, 107 , 111 Carter, Frederick M. 64.255 Carter, George L. 255 Carter, Jacquelin 255 Carter, William S. Cary, Michael J. Casey, Erin E. 80,155,191 Casey, Ronald E. Cassidy , Patrick J. Castenada, Ivan L. Cavazos, Hilario L. Cave, Mavis E. 133 , 191 , 104 Cavender, Michael R. Cavey, Kip A. 89,93 Celler, Leslie M. Chacon, Steve A. Chambers, Vanessa 135, 145 Chandler Carolyn D. Chandler David W. 191 , 67 Chandler Laura L. 192 Chapman, Patrick B. Chappell Dale R. Chappell, Verdale Charleston, Yvonne M. 255 Chase, Joseph S. Chavez. Charmaine D. Christensen, Beverly G. 255 Christenson, Janice L. 89 , 135 , 192 Christianson, Nancy A. Brown, Anthony 94,254 Brown, Cheryl R. 231 Bu1i2'?a3n1el A Brown, Dandre D. ' ' Brown, Eddie C. 254 B 88'i?6iJ107g1i?ig19O Brown, Erben D. 231 Buzzeu' NTC ' H Brown, Harold L. 231 uffg 1231 argaret ' Brown, Jean S. 154,254 ' Brown, Jimmy C. 231 Bynum' Randa1A' Brewn, Keith C. 87,198.61 Byrne' lame? G' Brown Keri K. 254 172 Byrne' Ph1111P S' ' ' 114 135 231 Brown, Margaret H. ' ' 56, 89 , 109 , 110 , 190 Brown, Michael A. 254 Brown, Otto B. f Brown, Pamela D. 118,190,254 Caddell, Richard L. BTOWYL R0dC1'iCk T- Caine, Cassandra L. 117,190 Ciari, Gino S. Cioffoletti, Martin P. isneros, Linda S. 153,255 itarella, Mary B. lark, Deborah A. 231 lark, Donald L. 142,192 lark, Keith L. lark, Lori L. 255 lark, Sandy A. 255 lark, lark, Shanta R. 155,192 Susan L. 88,145,192,269 lark, Swan 271,274 lawson, Cherie C. 231 laybum, Brian K. 255 lear, Jennel 155,255 lemento, Michael W, 118 lifford, Gary F. lift, Lucy H. 87,88, 107, 192 line, Anthony D. 255 line, Julie A. 231 obb, Mary M. 270,274,269 ocas, Peter E. oe. Nancy L. 231 offey, Brent A. 192,149 oggs, Maiko R. 255 ogswell . Dean W. 142 ohen, Elizabeth S. 256 ohen, Justin D. 89.135 olbert, Cheryl M. 231 5. Dacus, Peggy J. 155,232 Dacus, Polly M. 256 Dahl, Kimberly E. 155 Dahl, Steve T. 256 Danahey, Eileen F. 193,103 Danahey, Lynn A. Daniels, Gary W. 256 Danielsen, Barry N. 144,232 Danko, David A. 232 Danko, Douglas A. 256 Danley, Carol J. Danley, Judy M. Darby, Cynthia K. Darby, Joe 144,146 Darcey, Denise L. 140,256 Darcey, Douglas B. 146,193 Darnell, Nancy J. Davenport, Charles L. 114,256 Davidson, Ellen A. 88,193 Davidson, Lynn S. 89 Colbruno, Michael J. 255 Colburn, Brian L. 87 , 130,135,192 , 104 Eoleman, Gerald D. 231 oleman, Ruth A. 133 Coleman, Salena E. 107,231 Collier, Elizabeth A. 135,192 Collins, Les L. 152,192.82 Collins, Regina L. 117,231 Collins. Shannon M. 192 Collins, Walter R. Connor, Karen L. 231 Cook, Candace P. 231 Cook, Elizabeth S. 256 tCook. Robert W. Cooper, Glenn R. 120,193.62 Copeland, Debra D. 256 Copeland, Dareen F. Copeland, Ernest Copeland, Gavin E. Corbin, Janet 256 Corley, Jill E. 88,193 Cosgrove , Richard J. Costello, Rebecca S. Covington, Joan M. 193 , 271 ,272 Cowans, Daniel M. Cowans, Gary J. Cox, Catherine G. 231 Cox, Deborah A. Cox, Orville B. 231 Cox, Robbie L. 155,232 Cozens, Wendy M. 109,142 Craft, Tamra A. 88,110 , 193,135 Crain , Jill A . 116 , 193 Crane, Tracy K. 135 , 193, 149 Crank, Johnnie S. 94,256 Dotph, Holly A. 146,232 Dominguez, Betty J. Donahue, Timothy D. Dore, Kathleen D. Dore, Mike J. 232 Dorr, Arthur A. 270,274 Dorr, Joann 232 Dotson, Derick L. 270 Doty, Dwight D. 194 Doty, Susan A. 140 Dougherty, Kelly D. Dougherty, Lynn A. 133,194 Douglas, Anthony D. Douglas, Juanita A. Dowd, Robert J. Dowd, Thomas E. 64,256 Dowdell, Gregory E. Dowden, Paul H. Downing, Joan M. 232 Draper, Christina M. Draper, Michael G. Dreher, Sherri E. 256 Dresler, Diane M. Dreitt, Kimberly M. 118,194 Drewitt, Robert E. Duane, Emily G. 232 Duane, Thomas P. 109,194 Dubois, Vanessa G. Duff, Sandra D. Dugan, Terence S. 94,67 Dumm, David J. 114,154 Dunham, Deborah K. Dunn, Gina M. 116,232 Dunn, Nancy J. 138,232 Duran, Alfred F. Duran, Karen L. 152,194 Duran, Patrick P. Duren, Mark D. Durkin, Kathleen E. Durlin, Rita M. 194 Davis Cheryl T. Davis Clay R. 193 Davis Dana S . Davis Donita Y. 232,271 Davis Gordon L. 135 , 142 , 144 , 146 , 152 , 232 82 Davis James Davis Janice M. Davis Jimmy D. 68 Davis Linda L. 133,232 Davis, Mark J. 256 Davis Paul Davis Roxanne M. 232 Davis, Sayanara N. 92 , 116 , 193 Davis , Shelby A. Crawford, Joseph W. 89,140, 193,61 , 150 Crawford, Terry D. 93,232 Crenshaw , Mark J. Crenshaw, Byron F. Crews, Joy D. Crews, Norman L. 64,256 Crunkleton, Leah M. 256 Cryor, Leah R. 256 Culbertson, Colleen A. 140 , 232 Culbertson, David P. 256 Culbertson, Mark T. 232 Culpepper , Kathryn M. 152 Cunningham, Myron A. 94 Currier, Karen L. 232 Curtis, Craig P. 232,67 Curtis, Frank J. Curtis, Nina M. 256,104 Cushinberry, Charles E. Cushinberry, Jimmy L. Cusimano, Tracy L. Davis, Stephen G. Day, Jeffrey C. 132 , 146 , 232 Day, Valerie D. 118,154 De Gala, Gregory D. 67 De Golier, Margo L. Deadwyler, Karen D. Dean, Melissa A. 154,226 Deanes, Michael Deblois, Jeffrey W. Deblois, Nadine L. 256 Dehne, Maureen L. 256 Dehne, Neil J. Deiley, Jerlyn A. 256 Deim, Cindy J. 155 Demoney, Jennifer L. 256 Denz, Leslie S. 256 Derryberry , Paul D . 93 , 230,67 Deutsch, Kenneth M. 110 Deveneau, Willard F. 271 Devers, Carole Y. 232 Devers, Reginald T. 80,82,152,194,270,272 Deviney, Robin L. 256 Dew, Hazel L. 194 Dews, David D. Deyerle, Russell A. Diamond, Steven D. 144 , 256 Dickens, Robert M. Dickinson, Ralph J. 256 Digrappa, Theresa A. Dillon, Leslee H. Dillon, Robert B. 232 Dinner, Jill 110, 135,194.65 Dinner, Wendy S. 87,135,228,232,65 Dinsmore. David M. 64,534,256 Ditolla, Suzanne M. 152,194 Dixon, Shawn S. 107 , 135,232 Dodson, Kenlynne A. 256 Dworkin, Barbara B. 152,195.82 Dworkin, David J. 154,232 Dyer, Cindy J. 232 .D J Eakins, Richard 195,150 Eakins, Susan M. Ealy, Vickie L. East, Kay 88,135,195,104 East, Kim 88,115,135,195,104 Eberharter, Janice I. 256 Eisenstat, Gary D. 256 Ekanger, Daniel R. Elbeck. John D. 195 Eldridge, Emest L. Ellington. Jill A. 82 Elliott, Tammy K. 195 Elmer, Gregory l. 232,150 Elverum, Judy A. 107,232 Emery, Tina D. Emeson, Ronald B. 106 , 107 , 135,195 Engelbrecht, Mark E. 256 Engelken, James B. 195 English. Mathew J. 132,256 Entsminger, Janet L. 133 , 195 Entzminger, Celeste A. 233 . 82 Epstein, Larry S. 228,233 Epstein. Paul R. 132 Epstein, Ronald Epinoza, Dolores E. Espinoza, Marlene C. 117 Espinoza, Penelope R. Estes, Betty C. 256 Estes, Calvin S. Estes, Cathy R. 195,271 Estrada, Ann Marie 155,233 Estrada, Douglas M. Evans, Ann A . 135 , 140 , 152,233,103 , 82 Evans, Kenneth P. 195 Fahlberg, Marjorie E. 135,152, 196,82 Fairly, Kathleen M. 196 Fancher, Erene S. 233 Fanning, Tracey L. 256 Farber, Elliott H. 87,132,233 Farley, Steve W. Fast, Gregory S. 93 Faul, Annette M. 154,256 Favela, Margarita 100,196 Faver, Richard W. 39,135 Feder, Susan L. 116,196 Feiner, Lori F. 250,256 Feldman, Susan L. 116,196 Feliss, William J. 233 Felecos, Timothy P. 196 Felker, Jeffrey A. 196 Fengler, Gregg R. 196 Fenn, Laura J. Fernandez, Lillian M. 88,110,135,196,104 Fie, Roxanne S. 87,89,109,135,233,104 Fields, Bruce E. 233 Fields, Mark S. 135,196 Fieseler, Catherine A. 196 Figel, Brad G. 140,67,184,185,196,58 104 Fillis, Carrie E. Fink, Lori L. 256 Fink, Sandra L. 118,233,111 Finley, Charles M. 118 Fisher, Richard J. 256 Fishman, Jerry E. 152,233.82 Fishman, Judith K. 109,256 Fishman, Micheal J. 197 Fishman, Naomi J. Flanery, James H. Fleshman, Janelle 197 Flick, Kimberly A. 87,118 Flora, Shawn W. Flores, Randy E. Flory, Betty C. 107,230 Flynn. James P. Folks, Diamon T. Fong, Robert G. 197 Forbes, Mark J. 110,144,146,197,59,82 104 Ford, Kathryn M. 197 Fordyce, Diana L. 140,233 Forseth, Gerry A. Forseth, Lora K. 107,152,197 Forsyth, Mark W. 142,197 Fort, Christina A. 256 Foster, Brenda L. Foster, Jeffrey A. 155,233 Foster. Kimberly A. 110,135,152,233 Foster, Lynn M. 140,250,256 Foster, Sharon L. 197 Fowler, Bill Fox, Russ 64 Rox, Teresa M. 138,152,197 Frain, David L. 109,135,142,197,272 Fraker, Kevin B. 154 Francis. Bryant L. Francis, Cynthia G. 256 Francis, Glenn M. Franklin, Andrea A. 197 Franklin, Charlene E. 233 Franklin, Darren C. Frasco, Lori K. 141,257 Frasco, Ron J. 233 Fraser, Jay P. 233,67 Frazier, Elaine l. 197 Frazier, Robert C. 257 Frazin, Andrea L. 257 Frazzini, Brenda L. Freed, Jay R. 140,233 Freeman, Patty D. 233 Freis, Deborah L. 88,110,135,198,61,65 Freison, Otis A. 233 French, Glenn Frick, David B. Frick, Kurt R. Friess. Katherine J. 233 Friis-Olsen, Marianne 100,101,154 Frisk, Judy L. 152,189 Frisk, Margaret J. 257 Frost, Kevin L. Fukuhara, Leslie D. 257 Fuller, Lori K. 87,107,198 Fuller, Roger Fullington, Cynthia B. 88,152,198 Funk , Fusulier, Dwayn Fusilier, Theresa A. 198 Q Gable. William J. 93,233 Gaeth, Martin D. 93,135 Gaines , Lazette Gaines, Teri L. 109,140,234 8 1 :lil S: 5 Ill N 5.12 J: 'fs J t ' Carlen 133,198 e E. 64,251 C. 116,198 lr, , :Z 'mol .Z fe, J"' j ,Q J' '.f 4 1 -fl f Ia yy. .. . ,lf 5.1. If 2. ,'f,4l, 'HQ' ,' '-...I l, . gsxlu ::!r,l ly IX: ' 'S'i'u,'J , , ,. ti gm ZF- gf' F: If 'I VC , K l ,J Vx' ! I ' l'l ur- 1 ' I 2 Hart, Galbraith, Fiona M. 117,138,155,198 Gallegos, Abel A. Gallegos, Anita l. Galloway, Darrell V. 118,198,272 Galloway, Robert L. 109,135.146,198,91 Gannaway, Charles E. 257 Garcia, Ma Carmen R. Garcia, Manuel V. Garrett, Ellen L. 116,234 Garrett, Lance P. 152,198 Garrett, Lisa E. 109. Gatseo Gaunt, 109. 135 , 154,234,102 s, Elizabeth A . Jane E. 135,154,234 Greenhaw, Chery B. 199,149 Greenhaw, Linda L. 234 Gregory, Kristen S. 257 Gregory, Scott K. 93,200 Gregory, Sherri D. 234 Griffith, John W. 135,234 Grimes, Marsha A. 257 Groom, Jeffrey L. 234 Grove, Troy C. Grove, Winston W. Gruenler, Steven M. 87,107,200 Gunn, Harold A. 89 , 109, 135, 142 , 200 Gunning, Nina R. 257 Gunter, Leonard G. 67 Gutierrez, Kathryn L. 142 Harris, Brenda F. Harris, Jackie G. Harris, Machelle J. Harris, Mary E. 135,201 Harrison, Angela A. 234,271 Harrison, Deborah K. Harrison, Kim L. 235 Harrison, Lenard W. 64,257 Harrison, Steven T. 93 Margaret L. Gemmill, Barbara R. 155,257 Gentile, Andrew E. 152,198 George, Denise M. 135,234 George, Kenneth E. 257 Gerlach, Mark A. Germany, Cynthia Y. 257 Germany, Paul L. 155 Gertz, Michael A. 140,199 Gibson, Loreen R. 199 Giesler, William L. 93,135,199,73 Gifford, William J. 94,257 Gill, Michelle A. 140,199 Gillespie, Henrietta Gillespie, Mary A. 234 Givens, Kerry D. 155 Gladstone, Allan T. 199 Glahn, David P. 146 Glahn, Pamela S. 154 Glaser, Roberta F. 199 Glasgow, Karin E. 257 Glasgow, Kelly A. 118,199 Goddard, Thomas E. 94.257 Goebel. Nancy E. 88, 126 , 199 Goin, Jeffrey H. Goldberg, Marcia L. Goldblatt, Sheri A. 234 Goldenberg, Elise A. 257 Goldenberg, Perry S. 142 Golder, Bradley R. Goldfein, Robert A. 152,234,811 Goldstone, Melanie A. 257 Gutjahr, Karen A. 92,257 Guyton, Gloria Y. 234 Guyton, Rory B. 257 Gwynn, Kenneth M. 118 Gwynn, William S. x,, Haas, Darla J. Haase, Patricia J. 87 Hadad, Diane M. 135,155,200 Haggerty, Kathleen A. 152,234,232 Hahn, Andrew Haight, Timothy H. Hailey, Harold H. 120,122,200 Hailey, Teresa A. 257 Haining, John B. 94,257 Halbert, Douglas B. Halbert, Ricky L. 234 Halboth, Deborah J. 257 Haley, Mary T. 80 ,88,110,200 Hall, Debra L. 234 Hall, Jude R. 200 Hall, Kenneth L. Hall, Larry Hall, Laurel D. 107 , 146,234 Hart, Mary C. 107,201 Hartgraves, Bradley E. 94,109,207 Hartzog, Thomas P. Hartzog, Michael C. Harvey, Mark E. 257 Hatfield, Christine D. 115,201 Haverly, Thomas P. Hawkins, Steven R. 201 Hayden, Antoinette 141,257 Hayek, Jeffrey A. 235 Hayek, Kim J. 56,125,152,201 Hayes, Hanet M. 89 , 154 . 257 Haynes, Cynthia M. 89,141,149 Hayward, Willie D. Hazelhurst, Jack D. 93,235 Hazelhurst, James D. 94,257 Hazelhurst, Jeffrey D. 93 , 201 , 70 Hecht, Jeffrey J. 135 Heider, Donald B. 80,87,89,184,185,201 111 Heider, James Heimbrock, Kurt R. 235 Heinley, Ann M. 118,201 Helfer, Richard J. 118,201 Helgeson, Kay C. 88, 110, 135,201, 104 Hempstead, Elizabeth M. 257 Henderson, Catherine L. 133 , 154 . 201 Henderson, Steve Henderson, Susan 135,228,235 Gonzales, Robert W. Gonzales, William A. Good , Good , Linda L.. 257 Richard J. Goodin. Carl H. 152,82 Goodman, Mark A. 234 Goodrich, Linda S. 155,234 Goodwin, Ken A. 110, Gordon, Jeff 199 Gottsegen, Teri E. Grace, Rhonda R. 257 Grady. Steven J. 155,271,234 Grady, Timothy M. Grant, Archie A. 118.152 Grant, David A. GIBIII , Donald L. Grant, Ivan Grant Lisa R. 271 Grant, Robert E. Grantham, Curtis H. Gras, Karen E. 135,234 Hillman, Cheryl A. 202 Hardiman Jesmer, Jay 146,258 Graves, Michael B. 257 Gray, Daniel L. Gray, David B. 199 Gray. James D. 130,234 Gray, Stephen D. 257 Green, Barbara L. 257 Hall, Robert E. 93 Hallett, Steven L. 234 Halliwell, James D. 257 Hallman, David S. 257 Hallman, Diane E. 87,88,107,109,200,65 Hallmark, Doreen E. 80,200,272,82 Halva, Diane K. 234 Halva, Karen M. 88, 109, 135,200, 102 Hamilton, Edward L. Hamilton, Mary E. Hamlyn, Susan M. 200 Hand. Cynthia L. 200 Hand, Deborah A. 257 Handy, Victor V. Hann. Robert N. 146,201 Hanna, Grant O. 257 Hannum, John C. 257 Hansen, Orlie R. 257 Hansen, James E. Hansen, Jodi E. 109,234 Hansgen, Jean M. 109,234 Hanson, Susan K. 234 Harbison, Christopher 93 Hend ler, Barry S. 202,68 Hendricks, Calvin E. 94 Hendricks, Karin M. 140 Hendricks, Cynthia E. 202 Henkel, Brant J. 258 Henkel, Leslie K. 140,235 Henry, Elizabeth A. Henry, Mary L. 271 Henry, William M. Hernandez, Laura V. Hess, Wayne P. Hesse, Kathy E. 118,202 Hucks, Darryl W. Hicks, Deborah C. 146 Hidahl, Jody J. 258.67 Higgins, Mary K. 258 Hildebrand, Casey D. 93,226,150 Hill, Artie C. 258 Hill, Lisa A. 258,271 Hill, Michael R. 202 Hill, Sharon L. 109,235 Hill, Stella R. 235,111 Hill, Thomas J. 235 Hilliard, Dennis E. Hardaway, Jaculk P. Hardiman, Janis L. 250,257 Hardiman, Linda A. Hardiman, Robin D. . Steven C. Green, Barry D. Green, Jesse B. 109 Green, Julie B. 257 Green, Larry J. Green, Ronald 117 Green, Oscar J. Green, Steve L. 257 Greene, Christina 155 Greene, Patricia P. 234 Harland. Jacquelyn 235 Harland, William V. 201 Harmon, Livia C. Harness, Laura L. 257 Harnish, David J. 235 Harnish, Roy J. 235 Harrell, Earl R. 93 Harrington. Jessie T. Harris, Andre D. 257 Hundman, Jeffrey L. 109 Hinkley, Ernest S. 258 Hinnen, Reed J. Hirschfeld. Jeffrey L. 89,109,258 Hitchcock, Sandra K. 235 Hix, Gregory A. Hockaday, Carlton W. 202 Hockaday, Nathan L. Hockensmith, Gary D. 271 Hocker, William A. 93,235,270,272 Hodges, Charles A. Hogan, Deborah A. 258 0 I:'h ,M733 1 ill l Av Ulf'-I K 'Q ,!o4,1 l " Filer 4 B ' . , 'IQ O rv - '.l' Q' ' ft' fv',Ei'!,u - , I 4: s,, 3- ifkaafill ' 11,5712 1,,fl' . J5???7Y if "JF"-Lip 1354, ' .D . . - Y fu.. , V 1 f 1 H Hogeweide, Laurene C. 202 Hoghaug, Ann E. 88, 152,202, 104 Hoghaug, Kay E. 138,142,202 Hogue, John A. 130,202 Hoke, David E. Hollingshead, Cristy Hollingsworth, Dawn C. Hollowell, Rodney Holmes, Laurence H. 93 Holmes, Valencia R. 235 Holper, Joan M. 274,269 Homer, Pamela D. 114,258 Hook, Ellen M. 235 Hooker, Pamela E. Hoover, Charlotte R. 155,235 Horak, Elizabeth J. 109 Hori, Patricia T. 129,235,104 Horne, Jon J. 140,258,270 Horton, Michael L. Hostetler, Steven P. 258 Houghton, Margaret E. 154,258 House, Patricia L. 202 House, Philip K. Houston, Arlene Y. 235 Howard, Paul D. Hudson, Milan D. 94 Hudson, Sid S. Hueston, Kathleen S. 258 Hufendick, Sharon M. Hug, Kristine F. Hugdahl, Scott S. 67 Hughes, Jeffrey L. 93 Hugo, Daniel V. 80,114,144,146,202,82 Hugo, Valerie D. 114,258 Hummel, Heidi J. 88,109,203,62 Hummel, Joseph E. Humphrey, Jamie F. Hunsaker, David A. Hunsaker, Dolores D. Hunter, David P. Hunter, Maurine 154 Hunter, R.S. 93,152,203,59,104,82 Hunter, Sheric A. 235 Hurst, Tracy E. 258 Hussey, Melinda A. 258 Hutchinson, Jonathon H. Hutchinson, Linda J. 258 Hutchinson, Mark L. lkegami, J.R. Irving, lsaacs, Willie M. 235 Shawn L. lvan, Kathleen J. 235 Iwata, Glenn S. 109,135,203 5 Jackson, Arnold D. 144,146,235 Jackson, Carl G. 93 Jackson, Sharles E. 93 Jackson, Charlotte C. Jackson, Gayle L. Jackson, Laurence E. Jackson, Michael A. Jackson, Morcedess J. Jackson, Sandra Y. Jackson, Willie O. 68 Jacobs, Darrell D. Jacobs, Pamela J. 235 Jacobson, Steve A. Jacques, Jerry A. Jacques, Maxine V. Jaffe, Allen P. James, James, Cynthia A. 258 Melinda J. 226 James, Theodore L. 120,122,203 James, Toni L. 109 Janezic, Carol L. Janke, Richard C. 203 Jasso, Annette K. Jay, Martin H. Jay, Ramsey E. Jay, Rickey M. Jefferson, Gloria J. Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson, Vanessa Jeffs, Anne 135,152,235,82 Jenkins, Lori R. 235 Jennings, Jeffery P. 93,236 Jensen, Scott J. 258 Jensen, Scott J. 258 Jeppes, Karen E. 87, 133,203 Jerome, Charles B. 144,146,236 Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Carol A. 258 Johnson, Candace S. 107,236 Johnson, Cynthia L. 133 Johnson, Deborah M. 140,258 Johnson, Devale Johnson, Douglas E. Lowe, mhnson, Elvin A. uhnson, Gregory W. 258,99 ihnson, Jennifer L. 236,269 rhnson, John W. 274 ihnson, Josie I. 88, 128, 135,203 xhnson, Kathleen M. 203 rhnson, Lynne N. 155 xhnson, Michael R. xhnson, Patrice M. 236 ihnson, Paula M. 258 xhnson, Sandra A. 155 xhnson, Sandra E. 155,236 Jhnson, Sara A. 89,135, 140, 236 Jhnson . Sharon K . 107,135,203 hnson, Steven A. 236,67 hnson, Terri L. 238,271 hnston, Richard R. lly, Jeffrey S. nes, Alan R. 236 nes, Andrew R. nes, Angela J. 203 nes, Cecila Y. 236 nes, Dewayne V. nes, lvan D. 203 nes, Lenzie A. nes, Milton K. nes, Olander L. nes, Randolf D. nes, Scott W. 258 nes, Shelia R. 256 nes, Stanley B. nes, Steven L. 137,144,146,152,204 Enes, Telia nes, Vernon R. ordan, Jeanette F. 258 ordan, Phillip L. ordan, Valerie T. 204 oyner, Cameron A. oyner, Peter B. Elye, Kathleen L. 118,236 lye, Zetella R. 118 hmper, Rochea D. 258 undi, Aija unglas, Vincent B. 204 Littman. Jay R. 67 iaitz, Tammy L. 88,89, 135,204 am, Kathy 258 aminski, Kimberly K. ' 80,152,204,103 Kamps, August M. Kamps, Tracy A. Kapp, Gregory 68 ass, Rodney M. 109,114,259 atchen, Craig 140,204 atchen, Leslie B. atchen, Tracey 88,118,204 atz, Simona J. 135,236 avan, Kelly A. 236 eefe, Jeffrey E. 259,67 eesee, Constance V. 133,259 elble. Frank X. 140,236 eller, Joaquin K. 236 elley, Gloria P. 118,204 elley, Lorena E. 259 Labriolla, Terri L. Kelly, Anita M. 138,155 Kelly, Stephen L. 271 Kelly, Therese B. Kelty, Jennifer A. ' 109,145,259 Wendell J. 237 Kemp, Camille S. 259 Kendall, Suzanne L. 236 Kenna, Kevin T. 114 Kenna, Michael S. 236 Kennedy, Richard K. 94,259,271 Kessler, David B. 146,259 Kessler, Carol L. 118,204 Kestner, Judi K. 204 Keys, Edward L. Keys, Thomas 1. Kidder, Wendy C. 135 King, David R. 204 King, Kimberly Kirk, Aletha K. 145,259 Kirksey, Vincent S. Klahn, Mark A. Klahn, Michael D. Klinck, lanile R. 259 Kline, Karen K. 140,259 Klipp, Sara E. 88,107,110,175,205,104 Klipping, Joan K. 259 Knight, Darrell D. 116,205 Knight, Ron K. 93,152,205,68 Knoetgen, Eric J. 118,205 Knoetgen, Joan M. 259 Knoll, William F. Knous, James R. Knox, Carl 144,146 Knox, Paul S. 205 Knutson, Steven L. 259 Koclanes, PeterJ. 140 Korell, Kathleen L. Korell, Michael Koshio, Keith K. 236 Kowalski, Ken R. Kracke, Kimberly A. 80,88.205 Kraus, Debra K . 107 , 110.205 Kraus, Teresa A. Kremers, David E. 110,259.82 Kresge, Stephen M. Kriso, Karen Y. 117,205 Krist, Natalie K. Kuark, Eugene J. 142,254 Kuehn, Brenda K. 205 Kunse, Tom B. 205 Kurz, Kevin E. 89,140,236,67 Kuskulis, Andria K. 254 Kuta, Shon M. Kutsoma, Mark I. Kutzler, Shelley D. 145,146,205 Kyle, David L. 144,146 Lane, Jeffrey H. Lane, Steven P. 94 Lane, Steven P. 94 Lange, David S. Larry, Faye N. Larson, Gustaf A. 93 Larson, Steve J. 93,236 Latcham, Chester T. 236 Laufer, Michael D. 80,89,107,135,207,274 Lear, Charles E. 93,206 Lederman, Todd lfee, Mark R. 64,94,259 Lee, Cheryl L. 107,206,104 Lehrer, Kennethl. 142,236 Longbella, Teri D. 237 Lopez, Antonio 184,185,207 Lopez, Danny F. Lopez, David R. 271 Lopez, Kenneth L. Lopez, Lisa A. 107,237 Lopez. Tom V. 155 Lord, Brianl. 107,114,207 Lorenz. Dale A. 259 Lorenz , David H. 207 Lovett, Ladonna P. 116,259 Lovins, Alan Lovins, Lori Lovins, Patricia J. 118 William B. 114,237 Martinez, Michael C. 94.260 Martinez, Pauline E. 117 Martinez . Martinez. Ronald D. 260 Sandra 115 Ifehrer Leiker Leiker , Laurie L. 259 David M. 109 Gregory A. 236 Leonardelli, Anthony P. Leonardelli, Michael J. 146,259 Lesan, Mark E. Letts, Thomas D. 64,259 Levin, Cindy K. 87,114,259,65 Levin, Donna S. 236 Levin, Laurie A. 206,149 Levine, Rinah D. 236 Levine, Robin L. 236 Lewin, Elizabeth K. 206 Lewis, Albert Lewis, Camellia R. 117,236 Lewis, Diane Lewis, Janet A. 117 Leyden, Douglas J. 206 Leyden, Perry A. 94,259 Lindsay, Elizabeth L. 107.110, 135,206 Lindsay, Hugh A. 146 Lindsay, Victoria P. 114.236 Lingier, Marie Ros S. 100.101 Lingier, Mike 109 Link, Gale D. 259 Lipps, Deborah A. 206 Lipps, Delilah J. 259 Lister, Gary A. 259,67 Lister, Shirley K. 259 ,IA CG? ' 'I V :ff gy I xv' f x C ' 1 1 , yt ,V , 3, VV 7, Az ' A ',',1.' 'W .:,,.:.,,- nr- -- tum . ' Q X tl dn. ..., '- 56 a , - . me' 71 fun t ' I .5 .H Cf Lackner, Robert S. 89 , 135 , 236 Lane, Evelyn L. Lairamore, Sharon L. Lajoie, Lori A. 259 Lambert, Michael J. 270 Lana Randall E . 132 , 236 , 70 Landrum , Danye W. Lively , Danny C. 93,206.70 Livingston, Vicki R. 206 Lobnitz, James D. Locke , Kim R. Loeffler, Michael K. 237 Loftis, Carleton, W. 94 Loftis, Richard A. 94 Logan, William M. 87 ,93,146,237 Logsdon, James R. 207 Lomax, David E. Long, Cynthia A. 259 Lozano, Anthony Lozano, Felix V. 270 Lucas, Kirk H. Lucas, Michelle J. 155 Lucas, Valerie A. Lucas, Vemon 117 Luck, James P. 118,270,273 Luckett, Djuann Luckett, Drolii 237 Lucore, Paul K. 135 , 146 , 237 Luebke, Lisa L. 260 Luebke, Lori L. 135,237 Lund, Bart A. Lundstrom, Michael A. 107 , 140,207 Lyle , Norman D. JK MacLaughlin, Kathy A. 89,260 MacNeil, Pamela R. 260 MacNeill, Blair W. 87,256,260 MacQueen, Katheryn L. Maez, Daniel P. 237 Magee, Paul J. Magee, Thomas B. 130,135 Magoun, Michael 1. Magoun, Scott F. 152,207 Mahoney, Diane M. 140,260 Mahoney, Donna M. 260 Mahoney. Julie A. 107 Mahoney, Laura M. 141 , 237 Mahoney, Mary E. 260 Majerus, Susan M. 155,260 Major, Connie 117 Makris, James E. 260 Maly, Mark A. 260 Manio, Angelita L. Mankoff, Michael S. 94,260 Mankoff, Dyron 94 Maranger, Bruce K. 107 , 114 Marcotte, Cory J. Marcove, Debbie J. 260 Marcus, George Marcus, Johnny Marklet, Perry J. 87 Marler, Frank W. 207 Marler, Raymond L. 237 Marsh, Henry L. Marshall, Brett P. 260 Marshall, Charlene R. 118,237 Marshall, Mark D. Marshall, Martha J. 141,207 Marshall, Mary K. Martz, Gail 88,207 Martz, Russell B. 260 Mash, Shari S. 88 Massie, David G. Mathews, Christopher L. 260 Mathews, Julie A. Matsuda, Dale S. 145,237 Matthews, Denise M. Matthias, Debra L. 260 Mathias, Scott A. 237 Maul, James R. Maxey, Robert K. May, Nancy M. 107 Mays, Robert W. McAleer, Edward M. McCaffrey, James P. McCaffrey, Mary E. 140.260 McCallin, Nancy J. 89 , 135 , 237 , 104 McCamant, Kathryn M. 237 McCamant, Kris A. 260 McCann, Jim K. McCarthy, Timothy P. 89,118,135 McCaskell, Karen M. 80 McCaulley, Katherine S. 118,208 McClain, Paula Y. 260 McClearn, Margaret A. 87,88,89,135,208 McClendon. Pamela Y. 117 McCready, James M. 109,208 McCullough, Tony G. McDaniel, Donnie R. 140 . 152 McDermott, Margaret A. 152 , 208 McDonald, Laura L. McDonald. Judith G. 260 McDonald, Rudy D. 117 ,237 McDowell, Lise A. 257 McGee, Sarah A. 110,135,152,237 McGovern, 141.260 Elaine M . McGraw, Jacquelin McGraw, James J. 104 McGraw, Stanley R. McGuire, Thomas M. 260 McHugh, Kathleen E. 125 , 135,152,237 ,82 McKernon, Todd L. 260 McKizzie, Derrick L. 155,208 McKizzie, Robert L. McLaren, Maureen 140,208 McLaughlin . James A. 260 McLaughlin. Marvin P. 64 McLaughlin, Roxan L. 237 McLaughlin, Tebbie M. 260 McLaughlin, Tina 155 McMil1ian, Charles J. McNally, Mari A. McNorton, Katherine S. 154,260 McPherson, Lisa E. 260 McPherson, Loren E. 208 McPherson, Nora E. 110 McQueen , Ronald K. Martin. Martin. Martin, , Tina R. 260 Martin Martin , Andre N. Kelly D. Rachel J. McSwain, Joel C. 146,208 McWee, Cary D. Medina, Valerie J. Meister, Patricia L. 208 Melnick, Barbara L. 114 , 154 . 260 Menogan, Kelle E. 140 ,260,271 Merced, Victoria L. 208 Meredith, Lea A. Martinez, Donald D. 140 , 237 Martinez, Elisa M. Meredith , Thomas K . 142,209 Merrell, Kelly R. 260 Merriam, Lori J. Mesch, William G. 132,260 Metzger, Robert L. Meyer, James K. 1 A A 1 411' V720 Meyer, Valinda L. 118,237 Michael, Hossan G. Michener, Lois A. Midgett, Timothy D. Mijer, John F. 107,140,209,67,104 Mijer, Patricia A. 140,237 Miller, Cynthia A. 87,89, 135, 154,209 Myers, Clarence L. Myers, Thomasl. 210 Nakagawa, Randall E. Nakagawa, Tom A. 107,114,1-14,210 Nance, Daron G. 152,238 Nash, Stephen W. Nave, Phillip D. Miller, Janet J. 140,209 Miller, Kirk J. 110,209,272 Miller, Lawrence A. 260,271 Miller, Leslie B. 209 Miller, Leslie L. 260 Millet, Mark 237 Miller, Pamela S. 107 ,110 , 209 Miller, Russ A. 209,271,273 Miller, Scott W. 67 Milligan, Christine M. Milligan, Cindy L. 271 Mills, Bridgett L. 154 Mills, Carolyn L. 155,237 Mills, Donald W. 270 Mills, Jody S. 88 Mills, Scott D. 260 Montano, Teresita 155 Milne, Hilary A. Minor, Jacquelin A. 107,135,209 Mitchell, Diana P. 155 Mitchell, Elizabeth C. 87 , 152,209 Mitchell, Mathew E. Mitchelle, Carolyn L. 155.237 Mitchem, Mary C. Mittler, Edithl. 260 Mow, David A. Mogor, Gerald G. Mogor, Tammy S. 237 Moline, Kerry L. 260 Moller, James E. 237 Mongrain, Robert A. 209 Monroe , Jeffrey W. 155,260 Montano. Margaret A. 237 ,210 Peters, Montgomery, Harold E. 144, 146 ,210 Montgomery, Jill P. Moore, Brett A. Moore, David L. 149 Moore, James 210 Moore, Linda M. Moore, Kelly M. Moore, Kim K. Moore, Melody A. 237 Moore. Patricia L. 107,210,104 Moore , Richard G. Moore, Rodney L. Moore, Sandra L. Moore, Sandra L. 260 Morelock, Clifford C. Morgan, Chris C. 146,210 Morgan, Curtis Morgan, Elizabedt L. 237 Morgan, Florrece Morgan, Melody M. 37 152. rv Morris, Mathew L. Nearing, Philip W. Nelson, Brian K. Nelson, Kathleen L. 210 Nelson, Leanna E. 135,210 Nelson, Paula 238 Nesby, Keith W. 155,210 Netzel, Joanne E. Nevens, Carol A. 88,89,78,110,135,184 185,211,591 Newland, Michael K. 87,93,68,70 Newsum, Eric F. 211,149 Newton, Jennifer A. 261 Newton, Mary E. 211 Newton, Vicki L. Neyens, David A. 94 Nguyen, Lien K. 100 Nguyen. Hana T. 100,101 Nibletts, Valerie D. 118,238 Nicholas, Marcie L. 261 Nichols, Celeste T. 138,211 Nichols, Penny A. Nielsen, Ginger Y. 238 Nielson, Leslie J. 261 Nies, Richard C. 211 Nimmons, Dana F. 238 Nimon, Nimon, Margo L. 155 Michael E. 261 Nitz, Pamela S. 261 Nitz. Peggy M. 261 Nix, Darlene 55.12 7.138.211 Nix, Kim L. Nix, Leontine 155,261 Nixon, Leora M. O Shaughnessy, Brian T. O Shaughnessy, Wendy M. 261 Ostrom, David W. 212 Owens, Edward L. Owens, Kathy L. 155,238 Owens, Pamela A. 155,261 K Pablo, Donna M. Pablo, Elizabeth C. Pack, Lynn A. Padilla, Amado H. 261 Padzensky. Leslie J. 212,111 Paich, Timothy J. 93,212 Paige, Donna S. 261 Palmer, Patricia L. Parker, Cynthia A. Parker, Thomas M. 261 Patrick, Steven J. 238 Patterson, James R. 261 Patterson, James W. 212 Patton, Daphne D. 116,212 Paul, Bridgette A. 261 Paul, Tamera J. 146,261 Paulson, Camille C. 88,135,152,212,82 Paulson. Janelle L. 261 Pawloski, Larry P. 212 Payne, Jesse A. Payton, David T. 94 Payton, Susan E. 117 Pearson, Cornelius Pearson, Portia M. 238 Peay, StephenJ. 213 Pegues, Cheryl A. 89,238 Peloquin, Darla A. 261 Penko, Kelsey M. 154,261 Pennington. Camille 261 Pepper, Sharon 87,107,120,121,142,238 Peri, Paula J. 88,135,213,149 Perkins, Certetta L. 238 Perkins, Diana M. 261 Perkins, Edward A. 110,135,213,272 Perkins, Gay D. 238 Perkins, George C. 94 Perry, Linna 238 Nkomo, Ralph T. Nkomo, Shirley T. 261 Nordlander, Ron E. 80,87,211,58,104 Norling, Cindy L. 261 Norman, Diane L. 211 Norman, Sheila L. 133,261 Norris, Kathy R. 261 North, Rebecca L. Northup, Nancy J. 88,135,211 Norton, Kerry M. Nunlee, Evelyn 211 Nys, Teresa M. 0 O'Connell, Mark J. O'Day, William M. 67,70 O'Dell, Celia D. 238 Oettli, John R. 130,146,152,238,82 Oliphant, Drew 67 Peters, Peters, Peters. Iris A. 152,213 Roy 94 Toni R. 116 William D. Peterson, Alan F. Peterson, Lynn C. Peterson, Thomas A. 130, 152 ,238,82 Petterson, David C. 130,135,151,238,82 Petteway, Victor 94 Pfau, Anthony V. 261 Pham, Dung C. 256 Phelps, Susan K. 118 Phillips, Diane L 238 Phillips, Lisa A. 88,133,213, 104 Pierce, David B. 146,104,538 Pierce, John E. Pierce, Loraine G. 270,213 Pierre, Rollin D. Pierre. Sandra M. 116 Pistole, Carl D. 270,271,272 Pittman, Lenora A. Pitzer, Linda E. 155,213 Plank, Kathleen 238 Plank, Paula S. 261 Pleasant, David H. 261,64 Pleasant, Robert L. Plunkett, Nancy R. 238,104 Pogue, Roberta W. 269 Poindexter, Dawn M. 107,238 Poland, Robert B. Polevoy, Sharon G. 107 .261 Pollack, Douglas G. 146.238 Pollard, Devona L. 88, 135, 152.213 Pollini, Thomas M. Pollini, Tina M. 261 Pope, Debra 58,87,133,152,213,274- 269 Pope, Shirley A. 155,271 Porch, Cecilia A. Porch. Joanna C. 239 Porter, Buina D. 116 Posey, O'Bias L. Poston, Anna M. 239 Poston, David A. Poston, Kathy L. 117,155 Potter, Cheryl L. Powell, Larry J. Powell, Lillian V. 77,127,214 Powell, Thomas C. 94.154.82 Powell, Walter D. Powers, Patrick F. Poynter, Donald P. 261 Prentice, Grace E. 261 Preslar, James R. 115,261 Price, Frank R. Priest, Scott B. 152. Prough, Rebecca F. Pruitt, Ricky D. 214 Pruitt, Roslyn D. Puckett, Brian S. 261 Pugh. James B. Pulver, Michael F. 93,214 Putallaz, Dan A. C Quinn, Melinda 104,214,923 N Vflh, Quinn. Rebecca K. Quinn. Rebecca K. C Rabson, Ralph D. Racek, Carol A. 140,239 Ramsdale, Cindy M. 261 Randall, Ann 88,115,135,214 Ransotn, Sheryl D. Rausch, Lynne P. 114 Rausch, Michael C. 93,214 Rausch, Ralph W. ,261,270,27-1,269 Reed, Carol A. 214 Reed, Greg C. 154 Reed, John D. 261 Reed, Michael J. 214 Recd, Sally M. Reed, Tamara E. Reeves, Brian A. 261 Reeves, Leston D. 68 Regan. Robert W. Reich, Karen L. 239 Reiff, Gary M. 89,135,239 Revis, Amy B. 146 Reynolds, Philip C. Rice, Colleen D. 239 Robert W. Rice. Rice, Robin D. 261 Rice. Sheryl D. 214 Richards. Patricia M. 88,135, 152,214 Richardson, Edwin N. Richardson, Elizabeth F. 262 Richardson, Everett G. Ricketts, KerryJ. 140,262 Ricketts, Terry L. 135,140,239 Ricklin, Audrey E. 262 Riecke, Maureen R. Riedlinger, Wayne S. 118,214 Rifkin, Aileen M. 104. 111 .262 Rifkin, Michael S. 89,120 , 122, 130 , 135, 215 Rike , Mary E. 126 ,239 Riley, Michael 215 Rise, Mark D. 262 Rishel, Richard T. 67 Rishel, Susan R. 88 , 135 , 140 , 215 Rishling, Edward A. Ritter, Gregory W. 93,215 Ritter. Robert S. Rivera, Stephen A. Roark, Chad B. Robb, Barbara A . Robbins, Linda M. 215 Roberson, Hereshell F. Roberts, Cynthia D. 262 Robertson, Glenn E. Robinson, Darwin E. 155,262 Robinson, James E. 110,262 Robinson, Patricia A. 262 Robinson, Robert 67,109 Robinson, William F. 215 Rodger, Bradley L. Rodgers, Bradley A. 262 Roederer, Silvia 135, 145,146 ,215 Roelker, Gregory S. Moser, Anne L. 146,238 Mosher, Laura L. 238 Moss, Anne E. Moulder, Robert W. Moulder, Sonja L. 117,238 Mountain, Wray 155 Mozee, Maria T. 145 Muehlhausen, Kathy J. 238 Munn. Jeffrey D. Munn, Robert P. 93 Murphy, Jo. L. Murphy, Michelle D. 261 Murray, Brian F. 155,210 Oliphant, John R. 261 Olmedo, Joseph M. 94 Olsen, Judith A. 135,238 Olsen, Lawrence R. 261 Ormsby, Patricia A. 211 Orr, David C. 212,111,99 Orr, William T. 212 Ortega, Cleo C. 87,238 Ortega, Daniel T. Ortiz, Sandee G. 118,238 Orzolek, Catherine A. 88,110,212 Osborne, Manuel T. 155 ffsd. A Q 1,14 li,'4 I xl x 4 1 Rogers, Ann R. 262 Rogers, Lynn A. 88,141,215 Roggow, Diane L. 115,215 Roggow, Mary H. 239 Rolens, Natalie G. 155,262 Rolens, Nathan D. 68 Rolfe, Daniel A. 135,215 Romberger, Jeannie L. 216 l...,,.g7, - llil ,'f,".,.f 1 vu 'f 'iff-T if-Q -5 U ' 1, in X ,.f 1 Ar A gffff ,1 ' ., fgs. , 'f ,,' '. IZ fu 'L T-1 I ff: Mgr '. g-ff ,fftisstit fi Ut-tl' . ,,.' f 'n'!'4."4 15'.'--5.21" '+ ' at-.a'-52' 125:41 W , gn2,.,-. 'I' ,857 1 .- .' ziggy ,.:'u-1, 'f ':Pr':' tt ,, piafj 1 fiajxigs ! .. -I -Z 1 X 'I ly I' , 1 K J Romero, Gary A. 239 Romero, Virgilio P. Romolo. John A. 114 Romolo, Tom N. 132,216 loorda, Randolph W. 67 216 lose Eileen P. 262 lose Lawrence C. 140,239 lose Maria D. 216 lose Marlene S. 146 . 262 loss, Douglas A. 239 loss, Edmund O. 140 Roth Susan A. loth Vance W. lott, Deborah C. 149,216 lountree, Charles F. 239 lowland, Jerome E. 262 Roles, Cheryl A. 262 loles, Rod W. 226 owlett, Alfred R. 93 oybal, Leonard J. 239 yer, David T. zinski, Joan C. 262 ozinski, Mary T. 135,91 ubald, Patricia A. 216 ubanowitz, Eric S. 114 ,146 ,262 ubenstein, Reid W. 262 udolph, Ann 77,88,152,216 Rudolph, Randy S. 118 Ruehle, William E. 216 Ruh, Mary F. 145,239 Ruhe, Robert E. Rumley, John R. Rumley, Mikel. Rumsey, Pamela P. 239 Russell, Gwendolyn 116,216 Russell, Howard R. 94,262 Russell, Leslie A. Russell, Paula C. 141 ,250,262 ,yff i- f','f-'72 .' V , , . , LX . , ,ti ,yi 1 - 1 55,5 I ,W X fflfr W, huh' 1,3 'll' :H a'5 ' a Y I I' , 3:01375 .' 4, ,Hx ex 'I' -'l ,. X ll ' t" 3 '1 iii r 1 I, J, l .X I P I t , , I ,Q ' Y N , 1' 'I 1 u.,.. ' ml f Shoen, Heidi J. 88 , 104 , 110 , 135 , 152 , 217 Scholz, Kathryn M. 76.88, 127, 135, 152,217 Schoneman, Linda C. Schtul, Darin J. 242 Schuh, Linda M. 262 Schwartz, John D. Sidney, Sharon Y. 184,242 Siegfried, Akihiko Siegel. Donald A. Russell, Rhonda L. 155 Ryan, Maureen S. 88.89.216 Ryans, Wendell T. Schwartz, Lisa A. 110, 135,242 Schwartz, Therese A. 88,152,217 Scibella, Gina S. Scott, Jorraine L. 145 Scott, Linda K. 242 Scott, Rodney D. Scott, Sherry J. Scott, Victor L. 218,82 Sadler, Denise D. Sagara, Martin D. 135,216 Sailors, Vicki A. Salaz, Angela R. Salazar, Linda E. Salton, Michelle R. 154,217 Saltzman, Jeffrey H. 262 Samuel, Evelyn M. 262 Samuel, Pamela L. Sanchez, Maria E. Sandoval. Ted A. 262 Sannicolas, Joseph D. 262 Sapp, Tanya A. 217 Sarenson, Christie L. 118,217 Saunders, David L. 217 Saviers. James S. Saving, Charles E. Sawyer, Teresa L. 217 Scaff, Donna M. 239 Scaff, John 94 Schaeffer, Debra L. 262 Schiff, Frank L. 135,239 Schiffer, Leslie I. 62,825,217 Schimer, Michael J. Schlater, Erin M. 140,262 Schlichenmayer, Sheila A. 237 Schlichenmayer, Sheila R. 107 , 154 , 262 Schloemer, Kathryn K. Schmidt, Diana M. Schmidt, Judy R. Schmidt, Karen E. 262 Schmidt, Kristine M. 106,107,217,98 Schmidt, Lisa A. 106,107 Schmidt, Stephen D. Schmidt, Twyla A. 217 Schneider, Donna J. 80,107,103 Schneider, Laura A. Scrivner, Kara D. 107,218 Sebree, Lynn O. 154,218 Segura, Carmen F. 218 Sellmann, Rainer R. 140 Selub, Michael R. 242 Serotta, Robert M. 140,242.91 Seto, lan D. 270 Sevier, Marcus R. 120,146,263 Sewell, Tammera D. Seymour, Winifred W. 218 Shada, Paul M. 144,146 Shaddock, Jennifer 152,242 Shannon, Gene P. Shaw, Richard J. 109,115,263 Sheehan. Monica M. 88,110,218 Sheldon, Susan F. 218 Shelton, Mark R. 115,218 Shelton, Richard L. 93 Shenouda, Magdy W. Sherer, Matt L. 218 Sherer, Peggy J. 104,242 Sheridan, Theresa M. 242 Sherrick, Scott M. Shibata, Bradley M. 263 Shibata, Garret 218 Shields, Dwan M. 242 Shifflet, Rennae D. 242 Shoemaker, Joseph J. 146,263 Shook, Anita L. 218 Shook, Connie L. 263 Shoppell, Jane L. 263 Shore, Lisa A. 104,107,149,263 Shore, Martin H. 67,104,107 , 129,263 Short, Billie M. 242 Shrednick, Debora J. 135,141,242,102 Sidberry, Retha Sidney, Karen Y. 242 80.89.219 Sigarst, Sheila 155 Sigarts, Reggie 64,116 Sigman, Cynthia L. 89,107,242,65 Sigman, Dana T. 242 Sigman, Larry A. 87,89,130,135,219 Silver, Lawrence D. 67,138,219 Simmons, David R. 132 Simmons, Edward 263 Simmons, Sally A. 271,274 Simmons, Trina D. 155,263 Simon, Anne 219 Simon, Cheryl B. 219 Simon, Michael E. 242 Simpson, Bruce E. 93 Simpson, Jeffrey J. 115 Simpson, Lisa A. 110 , 154 , 263 Simpson, Valarie D. 263.271 Sims, Myron R. 263 Singer, Robin L. 114 Singleton, Carmen D. 155 Sisco, Juanita A. Sivey, Ronnie L. 242 Skolnick, Debbie F. Skolnick. Jeff A. 263 Slaven, Ron J. 219 Small, Robert M. 263 Smit, Carol L. 242 Smith, Alyce M. Smith, Anson M. Smith, Cindy 55,110, 124,218 Smith, Darrell L. Smith, Darryl D. Smith, Edward T. 118 Smith. Edwin T. Smith, Gerald S. 144,146 Smith. Smith, Henry W. Jeffrey J. 263 Smith, Jeffrey T. 67,263 Smith John M. Smith Julia A . Smith Katherine B. Smith Kendall M. 67,263 Smith Lisa A. 242 Smith Marshall L. Smith Ricky L. 242 Smith, Robert D. 242 Smith, Robert T. Smith, Roger 219 Smith Shawn A. Snow, Martin 93.152 Soloman, Candice M. 154,219 Sorenson, Cynthia D. 263 Sowell, Jacquelin L. 155,263 Sowell, Rolland J. 154 Spangler, Kent S. 80,219 , 102,82 Spears, Debra J. 135,152,220 Spears, Russell R. Specht, Kathryn M. Specht, Margaret A. 220 Spector, Michael J. Spector, Shelli D. 220 Spencer, Aundra 94 Spengler, Grace C. 144 , 146 , 263 Sperlak, Carol L. 104,263 Spicer, Mark S. 64,114,263 Spomer, Eric L. 138,263 Stallings, Karen L. Staneart, Suzanne Starr, David K. 146,263 States, Debra L. 220 Steamer, Allyson L. 140 Stearns, Carla J. 133,263 Stears, Anne E. 146,240 Stebbins, Kristin K. 263 Steele, Keith O. Stehle, Mary E. Steiner, Susan J. 87,243 Stephen, Johnnie O. 154 Stephen, Vickie 220 Stephens, Thaddeus K. 263 Stephenson, Darrene M. Stephenson, Mike Stevenson, Dianne C. 263,271 Stewart, David C. 263 Stewart, Deborah B. 137,220 Stillman, Scott A. 263 Stimac, Kathryn D. 141,263 Stinnett, Cecil E. Stinnett, Leonardo 270,271,274 Stinnett, Oberero Stinnett, Sevilla 155 Stoddard, Bruce W. 263 Stoffel, Terry Sunshine 87,220 Stone, Matt A. 263 Storey, Lisa L. 133,263 Stoufer, Thomas P. Strang, Kenneth L. 263 Strawn, Randall D. Strawn, Scott C. 155 Streeter, Billy F. 263 Striebibg, George S. 240 Stringer, Curtis L. Strong, Brad T. 263 Struthers, James 140,240 Stuart, Lisa R. 154,263 Sublett, Barry R. 64,94,263 Sublett, Roger A. 145,263 Sudduth, Gaudie W. 94 Suggs, Carin L. Sullivan, Carmen T. Surratt, Lonnie P. Survine, Rose R. Sussman, Paula B. 110,240 Sutfin, Paul B. 80,152 Svalberg, Cindy L. 240 Sveska, Susan R. 263 Swanson, Janet M. 263 Swedberg, Susan R. 263 Swope, Keith R. 152,154,240 I Tagliaferri, Edward Tagliaferri, Marcie F. 107,110,220,99 Talbert, Reg 107 Tarrant, Pamela Tarrant, Sideny A. 45,93,220,271,272 Tatum, Loma J. 240 Taylor, Cary R. Taylor, James L. 67 Taylor, Lonnie R. 117 Taylor, Masharon D. 263 Taylor, Michael V. 109,114,135,240 Taylor, Patricia A. 221 Taylor, Patricia A. 154,263 Tazelaar, lan M. 145,240 Teague, Randall A. Tearney, Thomas F. 117 Teigen. Keith Tellis, Allen Templeton, Robert J. 109,240 Tenenbaum, Jay M. Terry, Janiece L. 240 Tessmer, Russell L. 240 Teter, Suzie A. Tevis, Gregory E. Thacker, Erin 88,107,221 Thalley, Bruce S. 240 Thayer, Duane E. 221 Theil, Corey A. 263,271 Thomas, Alyce L. Thomas, Charles R. Thomas, Desiree P. Thomas, Herbert N. 152 Thomas, Jackie A. 109,226 Thomas, Pamela J. 107,135 , 140,240 Thomas, Richard 240 Thomason, Pamela V. Thompson, Adele K. Thompson, Arthur 155,221 Thompson, Christopher K . Thompson, Debra J. 221 Thompson, Sheryl L. 155 Thomson, Beverly L. 107,240 Thomson, Lawrence A. 263 Thornton, Eric E. 264 Thornton, Norman L. Threlkeld, Sherrill L. Thurstin, Carol A. 240 Thurstin, Cheryl A. 240 Thurstin, James W. 221 Tidwell, Britt E. 264 Tidwell, Calvin D. Tiffan, Todd M. 221 Tiotuico, Joel D. 221 Tobin, Ann M. 88, 135,221 Tobin, Michael J. Todd, Janet M. 264 Todd, Sandra D. 221 Tolbert, Regina M. 114 Toledano, Christopher J. Tollefson, Brenda L. 264 Toombs, Doris T. 78 , 88,104,222 Torpey, David J. 114,264 Townsie, Larry D. Trautman. James M. 114 , 242 , 264 Traylor, Beverly J. Traylor, Major P. Trujillo, Dorothy 264 Trujillo, Glen M. 264 .X xx f 'b FS if' fi N 'AP Z' yd WZ' fa Q xy Z l'N xi ff? X Xa, ' 9 Q 1 x ., 4 , Q- X 5 7 lx 3 i . . X532-. 1 lg ' J, . .'-8 ', . 4 f 5 Qu, 5' 'lf I ,g'., af-"' f Q21 7 LQP' 'fil ! 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Vernon, Lori L. 89,222,599 Vest, James S. 270,271 Villalovas, Warren J. 155,222 Vlier, Julie A. 111,240 Vogt, Theresa A. 118 , 155 , 223 VonSpiegel, Robert A. 240 Vonderheid, Stephen T. 240 or Wade, Frank L. Wadsworth, Deborah A.. 155 Waidmann, Mary R. 110,140,223 Waidmann, Tracy J. Wainwright. Eric W. 223 Walberg, Lars J. 80 . 104 , 128 . 135 , 223 Walker, Andrew M. 264 Walker, Darryl K. 146 Walker, Donna J. 155 Walker, Gwendolyn D. 154,264 Walker, Julie K. 154,264 Walker, Kathy L. 118,223 Walker, Lynne 118,223 Walker, Terence B. Walker, Victoria R. Wall, Frank N. 223 Walsh, Kim K. 264 Walters, Wayne D. 223 Ward, Kippie Ward, Koni-Jo 118 Ward, Terri L. 223 Ware, Christine E. 146,264 Warren, Susan K. 241 Washington, Lori 154,223 Washington, Michelle 152,241 Washington, Paul E. 241 Wares, Michael C. Watson, Carol S. Watson, Sharles L. Watson, Cynthia A. 264 Watt, Kevin C. 264 Watts, Michael J. 142,224 Way, Laurie K. 264 Wayman, Bonnie S. 109,241 Wear, Dean E. Weaver, Bonnie J. 264 Weaver, Keith A. 152,241 Webb, Kelli L. 264 Webb, Margaret A. Weber, Barbara A. 109,127 Weber, James M. Webster, Ronald P. Wedgeworth, Darlene L. Wedgeworth, Sharlene A. Wedum, Ann C. Weese, Lisa R. 129,154,264 Weese, Londa K. 89,133,135,244,102,82 Wehrle, Richard G. 264 Weiner, Scott E. 138,264 Weinstock, Sharon A. Wells, Dave A. 224 Wenner, Linda T. 264 Wenner, Miriam B. 224 Werber, Cynthia J. 271 Westcott, Gregory L. Westcott, Susan M. 107,224 Westerberg, Ronald L. 114,264 Western, Janice M. 538,135,224 Weston, Darla Y. 117 Weston, Donna R. Westover, Joann K. -41 Wetteland, Elizabeth A. Wheeler, Darreld W. 224 Whitaker, Cindy 241 Whitaker, Karen E. 149,224 White, Gwendolyn Y. 271 White. Julie B. 107,241 White, Sherri R. 88,224 Whitley, Gale L. Wickham, Denise M. 140,241 Wickham, Doug A. 224 Wiegert, Laurel A. Wiggins, Thomas D. Wiggins, Vincent M. 64,94,264 Wilbur, Glenn A. Wilkerson, Konnie K. 137,155,224 Wilkins, Mark E. 225 Wilkinson, Joan E. 241 Willert, Ken 271 ra Witkin, Susan B. 67 , 109,140, 146.241 Wolf, Loren R. 225 Wolff, Mary E. Wood, Clifford Wood, Robert G. Wood, Sandra J. 225,271,272,269 Wood, Karen E. Woodard, Michael W. Woodard, Peggy R. 88,107,l54,226 Woods, Didere M. 264 Woods, Gary A. 146,241 Woods, Kimetha L. 155 ,241 Woolfolk, Darryl H. 117 , 144 , 146 Worsham, Ava E. 88 , 104 , 110 , 135 , 226 Wright, Andrea T. 264 Wright, Anthony G. 93 Wright, Douglas C. Wright, Wayne R. 264 Wulfekuhler, Michael T. .441 Wyatt Harold E. 87 Wyatt James D. 241 Wyatt, Patrice J. 118 Wyatt, Yvette R. 116 Yakse, Kayla S. B8,104,107,110,226 Yakse, Tracy L. 110,264 Yanguas, Aida M. 264 Yara, Dominic D. Yates, Janice L. 109,152,241 Yates, Theresa D. 226 Yetter, Janice R. 241 York, Melissa M. 109,241 Young. Cynthia G. 109,125,135,241 Young, Cynthia K. 154,241 Yotmg, Cynthia Willert, Tim W. 264 tl ,..,:ff:.j :TLJ 7 ' to ! , . Q' I I 'fly . wtf, 9 '3.'.. N xii V . I 1 rv ,Aff il 9 lffyll .1g.e'.6j, .. '-','f'1'?'1-its fi '573f'17'!. 'Vu 2 'J tfaf0'll, -iff, 121. l f., 4? ' 'W P 5: 74,5 Williams, Andrew M. Williams, Arletha E. 241 Williams, Arthur M. Williams, Cameron C. 58,89,93,104,225 Williams, Cheryl G. 264 Williams, Darryl K. 88 . 110 . 135 . 146 . 226 Young, David L. Young, Kenneth F. Young, Leon D. Young, Luann J. 264 Young, Scott W. Young, Thomas L. 140 , 226 , 73 Youngblood. Steven L. 116,264 Williams, Debra D. Williams, Derek W. 93,225 Williams, Donald E. 93,225 Williams, James A. 264 Williams, James B. Williams, Jerry L. 264,271 Williams, John C. 94,264 Williams, Larry L. 155 Williams, Leann M. 110 Williams, Lemuel P. 265 Williams. Linda 78,80,B7,88,104,128,135 137 , 152 , 184 , 185 , 225 Williams, Lori K. Williams, Marilyn L. Williams , Mark E. Williams, Michael B. Williams, Norvell R. Williams, Patrice M. Williams, Roger J. 59,104 , 144 , 146,225 Williams, Vanita L. Wilson, Darlene M. Wilson, Jeffrey Wilson, John K. 264 Wilson, Lisa M. Wilson, Patsy A. 225 Winkel . Winkel, Winslow, David L. Mary L. 225 Michael L. 225 Wise. Carrie C. Wisott, Andrea B. 241 Youngren, Martha J. avi Zacharias, Blake D. Zackery, Harold Zelinger, Alyse E. 133,154,264 Zelinger, Steven L. 67,89,135 Zelkin, Scott A. Zell, Bradley S. Zeller, Mark A. 226 Zeppelin, Jodi L. 264 Ziegler, Amy L. 241 Ziolkowski, Andrea S. l07,135,141,241 Zwern, Carey D. e f My g9JWTir1. pg P g a ff We lilftijjjgifjjafl W .WUIJWWQWQWW . MH wwf? awww ip O Mbkgwwwgiwmnghisfad 3 Q a W i j eM a quarrel. Search nut a fnrgntten frienh. Qgismiss suspirinn, anh replare it faith trust. a lube letter. Share same treasure. fgiue a sntt ansfuer. Elfnrnurage gmrtly. gllltanitest gnur lngaltg in a fnnrh nr heeh. Keep a prnmise. gqinh tlge time. gffnregn a gruhge. gffnrgihe an enemg. f Qllisten. fspnlngize if gnu fnere iurnng. arg tn unherstanh. glllnut enhg. Eixamine gnur hemanhs nn ntlyers. 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'Cai-ff' G ,Q gfw a I 3 4 .......i...,.,...T.,.m,,,L 5 P 511 wft 11,2 +517 , 5 .- , F is , MMMWWQF kid A We also serve fm x l " sr?m."3 5 rp Tr L IL! Y v 'Z as -gr i-:HW -'Sb Y I-Iolubar has the finest in equipment and service for the outdoor oriented Thomas Jef- ferson Student' Visit one of our shops soon Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins- Colorado Springs F-195- nfrm T I WW n Jll H ee I'-ya, L F- A L , IN . ' ' if ff X 't t ' X 0 X 44 I4sL7"" And we serve - our customers Better and Longer Columbine National Bank 6120 East'-4am cert ve Al new awayr i 756-250' O D r S 1 a , pen I 7 30n,O'NL:,:,,, A h I Semen lui , m ,O 'Y m Member Federal Reserve System - F.D.I.C. accounts insured to 540,000 "Brother Can YOu Spare A Rib?" NOT ONL Y CAN WE SPARE-A-RIB, BUT WE'LL BARBEQUE IT TO PERFECTION! THE RIB HOUSE FEATURES DELICIOUS BARBEQUED MEA TS INCLUDING RIBS, PORK CHOPS, BEEF, AND FRESH HAM DINNERS THE MOST UNUSUAL BREAKFASF LUNCH, AND DINNER MENUS IN DENVER! SA LAD BAR, SOUP BAR, AND HOME BAKED BREADS AND 5 PI ES FRESH FRUIT DRINKS AND FL OA TS A TRUE FAMILY DINING EXPERIENCE COMPLETE CARRY-OUT MENU C3928 WW: SQGNSB3 7105 E. HAMPDEN A VE. 658 SO. HA VA NA THREE BLOCKS EAST OF THREE BLOCKS EAST OF THE VALLEY HIGHWA Y BUCKINGHAM SQUARE PHONE 757-8043 PHONE 341-6226 A "V?+"w. iwszessrf K YCU can learn to Scuba Dive and enjoy the fantastic underwater world! O C0lOrado's only complete training facilities iiii All under one roof Q Special Pool I Classroom A Clubroom Q Necessary gear supplied 0 Sauna Professional Instructors 0 NASDS Certification. lDiver's World has everything! 0 Scubapro 3 Sales-Service 0 Full line of co,-ORADQ q p pp i f ff V5 equipment sales 0 Rentals O Air 0 Local group dive trips 0 Our own Lodge in Loretto, Mexico and British Honduras 0 Family package rates. Wfrite or call for full details. 9 557 Milwaukee St., Denver, Colo. 80209 Dila O Phone 333-6303 or 333-2972 757 7444 ix- I, I I , LQ 35? ,X ,,,. ,mf -Rift' N 1 ' I ' 'Vi . 'P f-We 5, ' 7 7. ,. I A gk. . for F V 2 I '- 4.', V,,',, l I W M WW M wx -Q M Q M HANDLEBAR BICYCL DIXIE S FLOWER CART, INC. IIWIL5 SHOPS. Ltd. DIXIE PIERCE S082 E. HAMPDEN AVE. HAPPY CANYON SHOPPING CENTER Wor1d's Largest Record Store Peaches' Records Open daily 'til midnight CUSTOM DRAPERIES WALLPAPER Abbey Carpet Friday and Saturday 'til one A . M. 1235 East Evans Ave. Denver, Colorado 80210 HAPPY CANYON SHOPPING CENTER 5042 EAST HAMPDEN AVENUE TELEPHONE DENVER, COLORADO 80222 I303I 758-O191 6456 E. HAMPDEN Ave., DENVER, coLoRAoo - 757-61- COLUMBIA GITANE AZUKI A. M. FLYER ARAYA XXDEI6 Q? LII? 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YEARBOOK STAFF 1975-1976 crcr MILLER-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF HAROLD MASON-ADVISOR KENNETH JUSTICE-FINANCIAL ADVISOR BOB GAETA-GRAPHICS COUNSELOR Melanie Barsotti-Seniorsg Artist Andrea Brown-Advertising Keith Brown-Photographer Jerry Cannon-Advertising Scott Carrico-Photographer Lucy Clift-Clubs Brian Colburn-Advertising Wendy Dinner-Juniors Elliott Farber-Advertising Roxanne Fie-Photo-Coordinator Kim Flick-Advertising Lori Fuller-Business Manager Patty Haase-Social Editor Diane Hallman-Faculty Don Heider-Closing Debbie Hicks-Photographer Karen Jepkes-Sales Manager Mark Adkins -Mercury ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Abdoo Studios The American Bicentennial Adm. Anderson Studios Archer Studios Mrs. LaRue Belcher Sir Prima of Bellmire Debbie Berman Mrs. Cheryl Betz Peter and Char Bishop Matthew-Brady Studios Keith and Snoopy Brown Jim Collison Darnell Studios David, Jimmy, and Stacey The Denver Nuggets "Dona Nobis Pacim" Cindy Levin-Sophomores Bill Logan-Sportsg Artist Blair MacNeill-Sports Perry Markley-Sophomores Maggie McClearn-Secretary Betsy Mitchell-Faculty Mike Newland-Advertising Ron Nordlander-Activities Cleo Ortega-Juniors Sharon Pepper-Advertising Debra Pope-ROTC Bill Reuhle-Photographer Larry Sigman-Clubs Cindy Sorenson-Photographer Sue Steiner-Advertising Terry Stoffel-Activities Linda Williams-Seniors The Family of Man Mr. Douglas Fine Gerry Ford Mr. Bob Gaeta Jafay Studios Mr. Kenneth Justice Life Mr. Harold Mason Mr. and Mrs. Myron Miller Mr. William Myers Ohlsen Studos John Prine Switzerland The Union Prayer Book The United States Worthen Studios P ssy Qu fgiifn ii 4 1 1 'Q T Cu C S4 - k x 79 650' V of aldf' xX - H KX YO! Go .QW 9 ex Sf' Q0 ,Q ff Cf' ,gf W-45' fifoof J' ,Sb QA ef ' f 164 of' CP we UGO. Q9 OJQQJQQ. Obie of KOX o Ne xxgaeje, N07 Nz Npubvf X., wg Og-be OD' P40-NIC Gp J Q g 4250.56 F34 opdx ' 9305956 iffy, 0 SHQQJ v0uBN051fQJ'S' WJQDJ of Owpafx io ' NH NY J! ,QQNECW CNA X653 N6 Je F, if Nw maxi' 1 CQQM ' osivmxm YOQ 'SGT Xldorf Xt X f efxgqcfgjq A 'L f fswwffs QA WXQNW 'X X ,S bw-DS HMG XICBQ VJNXN be L A uDdL'm H695 be ww Wilt were XPC of ,km C JYOKSQ QC: OJVQN 5 L3 VAXSJWD' L: Bef 60-qxpif WM M QL! iw fwm WWC Mfm fm Wi -W JW M ,JM ,f, fzi ,,W1 fffw Jw ww M, sf-fr-nfl., EQ! A WM ,2,L,A'4Al'94'.x V' Sfwrodga ,Ln .FAQ K0'7h,l HM! Sd MA 'A 'wwf it ff ldv-I

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