Thomas Jefferson High School - Aristocrat Yearbook (Denver, CO)

 - Class of 1969

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Thomas Jefferson High School - Aristocrat Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 264 of the 1969 volume:

f Q I 1 1 Y 4 I 1 i i 1 I a 1 1 Y RISTOCRA 7 .kkv V , V. VVVVy,Vz,V,Xf.wfE1V? MV-:?we3.:,7f5g1l3w.:vT-,-Jaxx.V515 V..V.,3VE., ,V V .VMu..g,.,V.. ., . V,, VW . F . V ,F ,, VV, . .VAVV VV,VVVf V VV VVVVVV V - - 'g i g .iw -1- 'ff-ab' ,M a '1 v, Vaf. Q", I' 5'-vw' ' 1 1. ' fri.. V -V . V . 1 -we N- ,V + - 31.2, . '-Vx me i 3. -. ' -' ' J -im' - .-1, -. "',.4 ."??'?k-ff"1.--Pf-.'3?f'W":lV-.?'fag ' . 1' ' inf - .wa ffff '.R"':.'?,'ffl!,'-. 3-1'lfp3,! ".-'li' 91 I' I' - fuk? '-' . ' . :- .. fi" '-l . " ' W. 2--5 "Yi, 1"5."?.3E.': . 5" '46Z1iY.. s D- Y.: . 1- gf -'P K - '-ik 6w,1 if.. .. ' . 3wg1!w!aiq3?,,w.-.,, 'H -- .:.. H.. avg.. '.. . 1. M19 55 ,.a dx.. ' - f '- QSM ' . ' W' ' -- iii .1 -Qi 1 " Q 3' .3 .ff 2f""'?-'.1-. 'S '. ' 'Y- . A. 'W - 1 ' - , rff.-?4'i9f a 21.'y+sgfg,.f -. 'fm UQ gn f ' H ' ' ' '- ' 4' ' 1 Hint: .v-Y .L-, s.'P4'lEfi'b'5..E?fi9?1?f'!fff'T"i,'.if?"'f2-915'5' -5 gV3gq3g,ff---..ef:..,2 fi 35 Vg 2, . . 'iQ-fig,-Z.-13-,32?iy2EsQ.'fU -,- " 'f" 2' vflif fiii? 2f""3 " '- x k J' 2 1 S .W -Nt...-f-P. 11- N..-A - , -AF . 'W' '25 5--gpxfwi-, '- gf ' " mv-'E pg. An, 1,111,355 ..., .33 ., ,cv A-1,5-V V,1gVV. 11221-S .-.ff A15-...rf-3: he -gfff,,.---.g+-!.-V.y.- .V 'H PQ 95' 'E QQ Y . ,. V ..- 1 1' f .giV 'qgsls'-f"'3jV-Vg gg.,-.1 ' .r 1 P: -J. If -1 'if yy: 92-:3fi,.s'5 -ii 1. .. "lg-.Lx .-3.9 ' v ,I-Q-, . H uf. -' ".-' '1 '..".-M ..-cg-f.3g!,,..V . Qi, .. --if-fx... Y X' ft 1 nl 'S' uw ,',-, ,VJ Qffxkm- QMQM 1-'gf' ,, , .. 41, Y v v- A V :V ia .VVV ...,VV.l -,VV,V:VAV. Vuziliiy, kkv-. my, VV-,il .. Y. ,Q 4' V V QBVMMV'-,,3f: , -f?ff1V'vf1 .155 .FH - af, .1-. ,- .f.,'--,Vi -VJ,-V: Vg . s.-.Z 4 - - 215- f ".-L-.T-.'f'1'f.'-:,f'XV... , -' s f-f-.2 ..'?ff'+f- f' " L.. f-E.-:.r -... ...Q '. V ' 4 3- .YJ QW 3, ,gi-'Ym Vffw, .g,Vp.-if-v' cj Q1-A -V - ' -1 -. ,,, . .. . .-. - - ".nf1'5?3.,--. x- ,-'-...' .f 'M Ay- . . V., .. ' V.-. ,.-1..e1'.. :ij-Q -VM, E:.'.VV5fius-1.QX."'- " :W ' ' - "' 2 -. "i':- US- ,L'- 4 'V -V.. 5,3-"f,.y5,'f ' . -f"'-6-'5,.-'fp 3.-.V-V5 .- K UT- ' ' . " "" Vi. . ,- 1 ' L : '.Qi'g.-. ff- c--Q , .- VV V 1--'gzV:g3g'..,:-Vgs :Vvf . t 1"Q5'g..'? ,sg .Z-4 ' ' ' T.. af, .12-25'-X" - T' ,QV ..:,.- .1 - R-M .2-.3 V.,- .Z .5-3...-QV .-QV:3wnV..g - ij ? -E:V' 1:32-V ,VV-5, ,g a-5 ,- V. V , V V- V ' A Q ' 1 ' ,K ,aww 4 ,. . V fl, Myii ""f"'7VfV A '.3f-- i,"L' L 1,7 , II!-""' 'TJ ' - 'K .f'-g.'- I-P. :vi-, :icf'.'r:'f-i-1.'.'-S"-'nr--".-x1. -.1 - " .ii .9-52.-. . X 4 ---.M -:'- --V . . f..-, ., . ,, .,.,v A .M-Q A.. v -1 ,-.- . ""' Lt? 5' L Y ' ' - -iifgffifif' '. ' 3i Vg VJ .V f-E .:. A' 4. - ..,., 44 ,4- -110-4, "2-.x3q '- ' ' Fx' f'-- ""f7 ' , Y V .', -' ,"-' - 'ws-f" t, 5135 M .wa . 9 .,j'g'.VV " .V,.:..-F-57 'ig .. ,, . 4.1 1 ggi. V f??'.X , V - 1' 1' "f': 5. v, Vw , -. 2 'S' gitlhii? My . - Q- sv ' ' vw- ' ' - . .--f ' ' --.W ..-.".i"" 1 -"2 5 . ,-we 2-5. xv .. .. -.nw . af -g.- : .. v - . .H " w -- ,, -..Qg. 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' -1 'L fl ' " 1? ., -.."11' 9- " . ..- KK ' 1 'L 'R' ' 4 , W 'H ' ' ' ' n f "fin we- " -4 -' ' -' fz."s -. Av " . ' - : . 1 - - . -- - . . - . '- : , ..'."..,J A W??s.Lf'--'-2"'," ff-'ff..L"'ffi 'K' "V 't- . 'p,V V 1359,-,, Q-'EgJ:.V' E 4-'gg-Vj,. A- QQ. 4 -.VV . V VV xg: ' ---T' ' ' - V 1- V -1 ',-V.:-V V--V - V . ' ,-7' 4 - n f, .am .V ,, .55 riiwrwbk- xvfxiigiiw-.i'.::2if..fgi...,..: Q 'le'fiziEf.':.Q5. ..e.1 .-'Si 1-P'ff? w'--Q A.--'5-"' 35 r. '?+.."i- -'vm L-am ' E 551 .-gfriiil i f r 5' -'..'Vf .. - ' f' fgg af s.-.. ' :5gqy4i.ggZ:V:f:,1ag E159 N"5c-1.. R Ph F hTFEf. 3' 49. i3'721'Z1.s!5f iU:'E5!:v5l.'-fi-'!.- A 'i 1969 at TJ-- A Time to Seek Understanding w 1 1 33, A W fQ.,Q J , ft ' WW 'ill W 1. , me ww F- has 'gl I ,gg 5 ' Ig 3, 121 if V 52 ' wfli 1zie m gs1 ' QM -ge "f2. 1 .1 fs . F ifa! wg iz bww 333353 aff , ,. l il wfwmemwxwwsaf x elif 55 5351 ' 35933151 - ' NSY J 5 Viv I :Ll fi4'iK ?M.EW1 2 3 if ig! g " ' - f ax? 5 'Fi gis A wks- 2 sw P124 jr ig: if U Y 251+ im if 325, 5? ' :Eze 3 591.15 My 65. 1,',l 5 yN 5 3 . 'Ll 1,1 W H- gg Q 1 x i 'V :iz E, .v , z 7131? "2 GQ! 151, 1.4 IM 'iii' szfsw in qs! papa. ::1 fm 3 SES wif A . 1 55 5 2 5 ai imww. H 5. 1 , Q wi. isiiiiw' 1 if Jw A Ein ' If 'Q 31 if 259- Q ' E5"-121f:e1s3:m53g:Q,:'2fl1? SEQW-fww-fwmgz? . .5295 2- .-ww: .- ggi 2':,.,f, 5 1 wx. :af 2 3 2553 L x -'S ge , ,s ,V-..?3:3gr.4 gag, ,H N 3:EfZii:5RiE5s? A Qi, i " 2:55, 1 " Z! M. M .L E521 Wig Wi 3' I" V, fm- ,Qu 'j GA? w ri '-Jgvgvi: ' f -91.1 ' 555 5' . , gf Q., ,: :X::f4,.-13, 7 Fmeygwcrfgqvgi , . ,.,.f'. - f " fe' 1 5 ' wmMv4:1f!if A -. -A,:,r:.,w :-::f'Q:M-faigv 1 - "grW.'ffi WJ 2225535 , QA 3 1 , 'fiwv W, , Egawzzwf E-'ff 1 7 i ,ggA,., . f ,. Z - 1541: 33:3 M, f 1. 1 -X291 ff :R ff 1 it-'wa www 2152333555 b '- if . MA. '1i::.:'.2f v Ewa. If , ' fwmg gy , V. awypy ,A NWN? V emi A . 'P 'fsisigim 'h ,- 5: '. 1 ::r'w:w'-ze. A. 1 ,Qtgfaafg 5y3qV:,.4f-A ' Q, 5 ': A Y mf. H, u ' wa ,c Sfgeww . . m W, M . Sum, ,I ipiwfif + lv Twig, , , 'azz ,lik 3 fm .Iii 'Sas' SXM'5If1ef5'fF H 98 x s' 1 :A ls 1 . I -1-'ax .f , M 4 2, Z' . ! 15111 A Time to Discover Beauty As our understanding increases, so does our apprecia- tion for the beauty around us. And nowhere is beauty more manifest than in the streams, and in the mountains from which they descend, in the small flowers and grass. And the cast of sun and shadow upon them that we might view them in different lights and know that in each light and shadow there is the large thing, the small thing, but above all, the beautiful thing. Not ours, not of us, but for us, unfolding one thing upon another into the infinite distance, teaching us how far it is that we must go and how long a time we must take to know ourselves alone, and how much of that knowing is dependent upon our pursuit and attainment of the understanding of each unique loveliness. K lf'- Uh I 4 e Sf 'ii W Ei. . A l 5 an YS "Every cubic inch of 77 J Space is a miracle. Walt Whitman , Xu .". '4-vu I wfak. an A -, , 'Q --5 4.1 L 'Q " .445 ,. . . 'rr' ,av K X., .Y - ,Sw-' ,'3+2s,ff'.. '-' : .1 ...M N u v'ff'V A 4 qi' SA f ' '- 1 f"u-- -. VBA 4' .. f 1 N. . .r..,H,,-s f , - 'ESQ X '40 . . A Time to Find Where the Action Is "It is well with me only when I have a chisel in my hcmdf' Michelangelo A student in class, thinking and planning, a football player in a game, running and hitting, a speech competi- tor at a meet, talking and listening, a pre-med club mem- ber in lab, discovering and observing, an artist at work, creating and building, a couple at a dance, moving and mingling. This is action. It is the beautiful movement, the vast excitement of learning and searching for that which lies ahead and that which is now. Only through action can time flee and only through action can it be stopped. It is the symbol of the eternal motion of life which builds the younger generation and guides its members to a pursuit of a newer world. Action is events, thoughts, changes, creations, be- ginnings, endings, in-betweens, exhilarations, emotions, movements, expressions, and aspirations. Action is the past, present, and future. Action is life itself A Time to Pursue Knowledge and Wisdom Life is a prism of reflecting wonders. The range of these wonders is infinite. Wonder can be the discovery of another world under a microscope, or it can be the inspiration of an act of determination-a flower blossom- ing against seemingly impossible obstacles. But what- ever wonder may be, it invariably serves as a catalyst for the accumulation of wisdom. But where is wisdom to be found? Wisdom is possibly man's greatest treasure for no material price can buy any. It is impossible to think that it can be obtained solely in the conhnes of a classroom, although the knowledge obtained there helps signifigantly. Wisdom is found only when we formulate a practical solution to our most basic questions. In this pursuit, man seeks answers to basic concepts-Cod, truth, creation, reality. Many men never answer these questionsg others simply ignore them. The few that do successfully answer these questions are said to be wise. Where is wisdom to be found?-In the realm of the mind, for wisdom is an entirely personal concept. A Time to Mold Friendships Realizing that a self-centered, completely introverted existence is one of loneliness, we reach out to other people in pursuit of meaningful friendships. By first recognizing that our school and our world is a mass of lonely individuals searching for friendship, we can break down the Walls around ourselves and build bridges to others. We build bridges Whenever we are most interested in other people and then We transform that interest into concern and activity for the others in our environment. Within Tj many opportunities to bridge the gap be- tween loneliness and friendship are afforded. Numerous and diverse clubs and activities provide a chance for all to participate and thereby broaden acquaintances. Sports and inter-school competition supply additional outlets for us to increase the range of our friendships. Discover- ing those things that make other students and faculty members unique is the greatest opportunity a school offers us to form valuable relationships. Friendship is sharing thoughts, desires, and expecta- tions. Friendship is love. Friendship is sacrifice. Friend- ship is all things to all people. ,.4 .QM "People afre lonely because they Quild walls instead of lorzdges. Joseph Fort Newton ff? 2 Y "It is not too late to seek a newer worlclf' Alfred, Lord Tennyson W- ' ""i'h'W v. --- ,. ',,,1f9cFJ1Ci3 ., , , - . , .4, . -'--'-4-'www-xaz' -.. 1, -3.3, , -gi g5,L.-,. .,x1,,,,.f..V.. fre-..f,. .-w ,A ' 'X " '10,-." ' -L J-,I ' ' . Q . ,:'. 7 ,Q I " fx , .., +I. ggpnu, . - f -x fzrvr, .inn-rw-'I 'f' U 1 'N 5, Q S vs '4 48 ja .71 ' x 4 ,J 4 N . W z A ll N JH fl ex :Qi ix S! E LE ,4 E fi E S 'G 3 51 . , -QDMQA-Wyman-,iw-:mM.Qww,.1-M.-wmwm.bM.K.-M,..-,md.Q..,f..,,-F...-G.,.x,- ,,,..,Q.,. , .. W., ,, ,..,.,w .. A . :Q S' ' .X-arm ' 'La . . 9 s 1- t Q? 5 X we 5 'ifW1'H'S'af',u'E : . In his second year of tenure, Superintendent Robert Cilberts proposed school integration plan. Superintendent Gilberts School Board Members Dr. john Amesse A. Edgar Benton William G. Berge Stephen Knight, Ir. Mrs. Rachel Noel Mrs. Allegra Saunders Iames D. Voorhees, Ir. fx Favoring concept of neighborhood schools, William G. Berge opposed Noel Resolution. 1 lu ,,, , Mrs. Rachel Noel, School board member, aroused much controversy for her integration proposal. Denveris School Board faced one of itis most crucial issues this year. Operating under a new Superintendent, Dr. Robert S. Gilberts, members worked to achieve a solution to the question of total school integration, pro- posed by Board member Rachel Noel. The Noel Reso- lution triggered tremendous community reaction. It called for a plan for total integration of the Denver schools. The question of inter-school busing inevitably became a con- troversy which challenged the abiilty of the board mem- bers to remain obective in dealing with various opinions. Dr. Gilberts originated a comprehensive plan for a model school complex integrating students for cultural exchanges in certain centralized areas. Members of the community were invited to air their grievances at the 'iidea centersi' newly innovated in all areas. A record budget of S93 million was approved by the School Board for the 1968-1969 fiscal year. Throughout the year, the School Board continued to form new policies and regulate Denver's educational system. The seven members gained both experience and the respect of Denver citizens for their unbiased treat- ment of demanding issues. chool Board Debate Inter-School Integration D P Denver students voice their disapproval of racially unbalanced school systems. if on Buses arriving at Hamilton drive undemeath the library which is supported by pillars. The UCWIY-bllilf .iuniof high features modem Hamilton's custodians find, to their dismal Home EC kitchens Such as the One Pictured. that even new equipment often doesn t wor I8 New Junior High Alleviates Split Sessions was uickly constructed to handle 0? students from other schools. Sliding walls such as this one allow students in class to view programs in the auditorium. Split sessions were abandoned at Tj in January when approximately 2,000 seventh and eighth graders enrolled in the newly constructed Iesse Hamilton Junior High School. Many former Tj students were bussed, along with students from Smiley Junior High, to the new school located at 8600 E. Dartmouth Ave. Most of Tj's junior high teaching staff was also transferred to Hamilton. The extensively-equipped school featured a carpeted library, modem home economics facilities, movable di- viding walls, and two main gymnasiums. Seventh and eighth graders soon adjusted to their new and private environment, while TI became Denver's first four year high school. 19 Any establishment functions more constructively with- in a framework of miles. The Administration illustrated this concept in dealing with the student body. Despite the added unrest caused by split session, school inte- gration issues, and increasing student discontent, Princi- pal Charles Mackey was able to keep school activities running with maximum smoothness. He was aided by Mr. Gene Wurtz, Assistant Principal, and Miss Lorene Eth- eridge, Dean of Girls. Students were given an active voice in their affairs and many compromises were made. This made possible the formation of a Student Union in the lunchroom, and also led to the revision ofthe Dress Code. Administrators made considerable progress in better- ing their relationship with the student body, and earned new respect from the school. Principal Charles Mackey establishes a raport with the student body and inspires confidence and respect. n n n n Coordinating fashion trends and administrative pol A d m I n n E h I h e icies Miss Etheridge provides student guidelines vrk rg? , 'ii :MR X Q Rmb . - -W m, :xg K X 2 f 5 252 if- .W Q fin M The greenhouse is a iood hunting ground for a variety of Ia oratory specimens. Scientists Examine Environment 22 ' Mrs. Hyman examines a Hower which she may use for one of her many botany discussions. Not uncommon in TI chemistry labs, Janet Wilson and Colleen Anderson blow another experiment. arol VickRoy displays her enthusiasm as Mr. utton acquaints her with some lab specimens. With the aid of extensive equipment and supplies, the Science Department offered a wide curriculum of courses. This enabled science students to study in specific fields. Zoology, botany and other lab sciences were offered as well as a college credit program in biology and chemistry. These courses familiarized students with lab- oratory equipment and procedures. Students also bene- fited from TI's greenhouse which made plant and soil specimens readily available. Some students entered projects in the annual DPS Science Fair. Field trips to areas such as the Denver Botanical Gardens provided another opportunity for students to relate their scientific knowledge to their own existence. Serving as chairman, Mr. Kenneth Nelson helped co-ordinate the activities of this diversified department. Bill Howland and Jeannie Lines discover new aspects of the animal world in zoology lab. Typing with speed and accuracy can try the patience of a Business Education Student. Mathematicians Modernize ln an effort to familiarize students with practical busi- ness and math skills, the Math and Business Education Departments offered varied courses. The Business Edu- cation program included typing, stenography and note- hand. In connection with this program, students parti- cipated in TIPS Distributive Education Club, from which they gained an understanding of the free enterprise system. DECA members also represented TI at the annual convention, where they competed in various busi- ness categories. Another related course, Industrial Coop- erative Education, helped students prepare for future careers by placing them in related jobs around the Denver area. Mr. Wayne Gnadt served as chairman of the department. The math program was distinguished by its newly- installed computer system. The first of its kind in the Denver Public Schools, it gave math students a chance to apply their regular math courses to a contemporary field. Mr. Leslie Krob, as chairman, coordinated the department and illustrated to math students the appli- cation of math to modern living. TJ's computer system offers students an interesting and challenging experience. 24 DECA members gain valuable experience in the Mr. Redic explains the basics of an algebra business world and the free enterprise system. problem to his somewhat befuddled stu ents. To math students, the solution of homework requires varying degrees of concentration. 25 Language And History TI' language and history departments offered students a variety of courses and activities providing students with the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into their own and foreign cultures. The English department, headed by Harold Mason, included drama and speech classes which enabled stud- ents to improve their expression of emotions and ideas. Journalism and creative writing, Advanced Placement English, and a Shakespeare class were also offered to students in addition to the regular English courses. Varied foreign languages were mastered and French, Spanish, and German clubs were formed. Activities such as plays, slides of Europe and dinners with foreign menus broadened student interest in international cus- toms. The German department, headed by Mr. Bryce Jackson, participated in a summer student tour of Eu- rope. The language department increased the ability of students to communicate with their fellow men, both here and abroad. The History department offered courses in Social Problems as well as a wide variety of social studies classes. Chaired by Mr. Andrew Geiss, this department helped students visualize the importance of communi- cation and its effect on history. Students in Social Prob- lems classes benefited from practical discussion on their everyday interests and problems. A great aid in learning dialogues, TIS lan- guage lab is equippe with atest evices. Mr Pierson relies on an alppropriate method for maintaining order in is French classes. Jepartments Facilitate Com Students consider manff topics such as dating and marriage in Socia Problems discussions. ITIUIIICZTIOIIS Sophomore Jeff Robinson illustrates the composure one acquires in Speech class. E X 3 27 Originality and talent are developed by many participants in the TI art program. Using various materials, TI art students express creativity through sculpturing 28 Students Discover Cultural, Artistic Dimensions Band students have opportunities to perform together as well as studying individually. Stressing the importance of developing talent as well as knowledge, the Fine Arts Department involved many students. They were given an opportunity to expand their interests by dabbling in various artistic fields. The Music Department, under the chairmanship of Mr. john MacGregor, trained several orchestras, bands, and choirs. Concert Orchestra and Band accompanied school shows, jazz Band provided contemporary concerts, and the Football Band added zest to rallies and games. The various choirs entertained both school and com- munity. A select group of singers, MacGregor's Beggars, under the direction of Mr. MacGregor, gained singing experience in the Denver area. The Modern Dance Department encouraged expres- sion through movement. A recital was presented in the Spring under the direction of Miss Dorsey Hill. The Art Department, directed by Mr. William Iozwick, provided an Art Service through which clubs and activ- ities requested publicity posters. With their extensive supplies and equipment, Tj's artists were able to try sculpturing, molding, and fashion drawing in addition to drawing and painting. , 29 Believing that the development of the body is as important as the development of the mind, the Physical Education Department sought to promote fitness through a well-rounded program. This included swimming, gym- nastics, track and field sports, modern dance, and indoor sports. Under the chairmanship of Miss Catherine Cater and Mr. Richard Colder, the physical education teachers illustrated the fundamentals of good physical condition. The industrial arts and home economics departments offered valuable knowledge and helped students ac- quire skills applicable to everyday life. Chairing these departments were Mr. Carl Goodwin and Mrs. Ruth Lambdin. The industrial arts program included classes in wood, crafts, metal, and mechanical drawing. Girls in home economics pursued special Helds such as foods, child care, clothing, and family living. These elective courses gave students a chance to further their own specific talents and diversify their academic program. Electives Encouragl The TJ Physical Education Department varies Senior Doug Marsalis makes good use of the ' its curricu um with boys swimming classes. extensive industrial arts equipment at Tj. f l 30 1 n d ll a I I Iunior Margy Crane demonstrates to her class- - mates her abilities on gymnastic equipment. Discussing new recipes, Barb Baker and Vicki The clothing classes offer an opportunity Mason experiment with homemaking techniques. for girls to increase their own wardrobes. 31 Career counseling by Merle Dorsett aids stu- dents in determining vocational preferences. w 4 Advisers Rendem Aiding students with future plans is the most important job of Mr. Paul Helander. Working at a feverish pace, Mrs. Ruth Couwlier, 'i't'M'm"'r's TJ's nurse, maintains a healthy student body. r 4, -eil' L' ' ,fw-s., ,yi- 32 2 . , 1 af iowa Wil am: 'Nunn' Custodial Staff Inspires Prid After a hard day of school repairs, a TJ custodian Concerned for the student welfare, Tjis takes a much-deserved coffee break in his office. staff maintains consistent order and cle Satisfying the enormous student appetites requires the preparation of varied dishes by the busy staff. 34 In addition to the teaching staff, Thomas jefferson's faculty included a branch of Special Services. These people proved to be an important bridge between stu- dents and teachers. Mr. Paul Helander and Mr. Merle Dorsett provided an informative college counseling service which incorpo- rated college representatives and personal advice to aid many of Tfs students in making their plans. Mrs. Shirley Yetter and Mrs. Ruth Lowe managed the finances of student activities and clubs. Mr. Ken justice served as financial adviser to the Aristocrat and also as Boys, Ad- viser. Miss jean Fischer, as assistant Dean of Girls, worked with the Dress Code and as a counselor. The Health Office was operated by Mrs. Ruth Couwlier, the school nurse. Mr. Don Bower co-ordinated varied stu- dent activities into the Leisure Time Program, designed to occupy the void of time left by split sessions. Demonstrating an interest in students, the individuals of the Special Services staff involved themselves in every aspect of school life. pecial Services Accounting for Tj's monetary matters, Mrs. Yetter and Mrs. Lowe have a tremendous job. Advising students, Miss jean Fischer and Mr Ken justice find cooperative efforts helpful Familiarity with the workings of the building as well as determination produces efficiency. School An important quality of pride, characterized by TI's custodial staff, was impressed upon the student body this year. The staff maintained cleanliness in and around the school as well as serving the various systems and machines used by students and teachers. The custodians supervised the placement of Homecom- ing hall decorations, and were recmited for service be- fore and after most of the dances. The lunchroom staff prepared daily meals for hungry students and maintained a clean atmosphere in the lunch- room. Throughout the year, they worked to provide Tj with pleasant and functioning surroundings. ,.,, , Featured in the Veterans, Day assembly, Mr. John MacGregor sings "Ballad for Americans." Aldinger, James Mathematics Anderson, Jean Mathematics Anderson, Robert English Arai, F umi Clerk, Evaluator 4 Ballard, DOH ii it 'lrlll leaf English eee1,,, ,L ,,, wi f ff Barnes, Norraine ll kg -l:,- 'ill '- English v ee ,mir if Q f -Q" er, i Becker, Georgia Belgrade, Sandra Betz, Cheryl Foreign English English Language Bly, Richard Bottinelli, Billings, Karen Science Charles Science Brenning, Carrie Science Bremer, Adrienne Home Burmeister, Science Economics Daniel Social Sciences Q , F ' l - ' 'xt l iz ' . 575 , ,. A Q 1 ,fm "lil ' 5 5 2 5 iff. 'L ili ' i ' fli f-21. ay Increase Gallegos, Claude Garrett, Helen Art Garrison, Paulette English Gault, Olive Secretary Social Sciences Gater, Catherine Physical Education Geilfuss, Mary Foreign Language ':?.':"f.S3'Ll. :"': H 5 '7'1."' I r"7f5?3?2,5ZM52Milf. 5523 , -7122 ' . : .. . . if W Butcher, Marion Art Casagranda, Herman Art Clemenson, Chris Social Sciences Coleman, Barbra Physical Ed. Compton, Iacqueleen Clerk, Office Cutting, George Special Services Dawson, Florice English Day, Donald Physical Ed. Detweiler, Russell Mathematics Doll, Bert Mathematics Dorsett, Merle Career Counselor Dutton, Robert Science Eggleston, William Business Education Epstein, Paul Mathematics Everett, Dorothy Teacher Aide Fischer, Jean Counselor Freerksen, William Social Sciences Fulton, Sandra Mathematics 37 Escaping from their rigorous schedules, teachers enjoy a few brief moments in the faculty lounge. TJ Faculty and Administration Represent 25,64 Geiss, Andrew Gifford, Howard Gilmore, Eldon Gnadt, Wayne Golder, Richard Goldsmith, Doris Goodwin, Carl Social Sciences Industrial Arts Science Business Physical Ed. English Indust. Arts Graham, William GI'6'6r1WO0d, Gruenler, Education Gutshall, M. 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'vw 7 55 f7,,fffpfi'1a2f3 .xlxvf M I .A ff 'Vw-.vw +4g,Q:2w.-agfxw. favs -1. -inf.m.S':gm,f,if-,ff wr iqim V Qs- K W 5, .Q ,,, W. ,, f W' m ww r y . 'a f -, w M .Q is , Sh. . .. h. . nm K .h A, 1 , , U .M Bw ,A.. ,... , ,... .. . .,.. Q., f ... H. z., 1. --,,-W. .. M T23 '- W 1. W. 4 --'W V,'fW,gM-gg. ,q QQ .,,. sf an 3 wa, Q ug ' K MM ,- I 1 1 at hw! Homecoming Princess Leann Maul is escorted U ' by Terry Pulver through the crowd of onlookers. p Warmly-attired seniors rest after creating their winning homecoming hall decorations. -...LW --.m...1.,,,,N.wym-ma Q 8l'mB3t8S Tl at l'l0mBCOI'IIll1 Imaginatively decorated by seniors, this entry in car decorating features Miss Paula Bluebaugh. Spirit characterized Tfs annual Homecoming Week held from October 7 to October 11. The spirit was evi- denced by the student and faculty participation in hall and car decorating, the Song Festival, and the Home- coming rally. The vveekis activities were culminated by "Aurora Borealis," the eighth annual Homecoming dance sponsored, on October 11, 1968, by the Pep Club under the direction of Mrs. Cheryl Betz. The Thomas jefferson Spartans defeated the North High Vikings 51-0 in a memorable game which included a halftime demonstra- tion by the Pep Club under the direction of Patsy Mulhem and the Football Band under the direction of Mr. Aldo Lallo. "Aurora Borealisi' was one of Tfs most successful dances, climaxed by the crowning of Sue Sayles, Home- coming Queen, and the presentation of the Spirit Stick to the Senior Class for the most outstanding contribution in the Homecoming class competition. Leann Maul and Paula Bluebaugh, Homecoming Princesses, and the music of the Crystal Palace Guard completed the setting for an exciting conclusion to the 1968 Homecoming Week at Thomas jefferson. g At Tfs Homecoming dance, Jim Ruppel and Bob Klein watch coronation proceedings. 47 We Dream of Things That Can Be--Election '68 , ,, We,ll remember these nam s' Ni - "So whats new for "72? asks Carol Doll as , 6 ' X her candidate fails to obtain the nomination. On' Wallace' Humphrey, Mccarthy' 48 Durin the election week, many local citizens helper? operate the polls in the halls of TI. TI students were actively interested in the presidential election of 1968. Students showed their support and spirit by covering their lockers and bumpers with stickers, by wearing campaign buttons, and by decorating the halls with signs and posters. History classes held heated arguments on the different candidates and their platforms. Guest speakers representing the Democratic and Repub- lican parties debated the various issues and answered questions directed by the students. After the assembly, a mock election was held. The Republican ticket with Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew was victorious. Political conventions, campaigns, and elections left us with tragedy, violence, victory, and defeat, and always the challenge of seeking a better America. I z Wx 4 fy. mb xx 6 x pta? X V v 1 8 X 'uf x 4 ' f s We v 1 A "- " , 'X' , ,fi , gy, 3 nb , l Qe: K.ik f'?'m A, 1 1 Y a 1 ,. Q .ff W V62 f 1 1' QA J' -' ,Q -1. .ls I 7 3 4 .nm me I , f 9 f 7, A , -5 45, 3, ,p Y, 4- ,K -fr ,Y M Y s 1 , P 515 Q, W A X t r 'A ' v f 1 0 ' ' Y 1 1 1 f he befuddled Edith fAdele Lennigl, is stared at the Bradamans CAdrea East and Paul Walthersl. enior Class Conjures Up "BIithe Spirit" for Play Antique chairs and shining armor made up the setting for this yearis Senior Class play, "Blithe Spiritf, The Noel Coward comedy was presented before a "standing room onlyv crowd for both performances at the Thomas Jeffer- son Auditorium on November 22 and 23. The play high- lights the problems confronting Charles Condomine, played by Tom F lohr, when he discovers that he has acquired, quite accidentally, two beautiful wives-one very alive wife, Ruth, played by Vicki Mason, and one not so alive wife, Elvira, portrayed by Marti Wilson. Elvira was conjured up in a seance conducted by Ma- dame Arcati, played by Randi Lutz, a somewhat mad medium. Adele Lennig, Andrea East, and Paul Walthers completed the castis line-up. A slam-bang finish was the logical climax to an already hilarious performance. Flanked by his two wives Charles fTom F lohrl becomes quite spirited "Up, up, and away" with the mad medium Mad ter successful seance, Madame Arcati fRandi Lutzl ame AFCHU, metiCUl0US1Y P1aY9d by Rafmette Lutz ts wind of ghosts Vicki Mason and Marti Wilson. Fads Characterize s Y 1 A t Q Uniqueness of 1969 All tied up in neck scarves, T1 students could be seen wearing them everywhere and anywhere. Wallposters, some psychedelic and some emotional scenes, give students a sense of the modern times. 52 Simon and Garfunkle are two singers heard on the stereo when quiet, mood music is desired. Big watches with leather bands symbolize a new type of Jewlery wom by many TJ students. Living with the pressing problems of an adult world, today's youth have found the need for a means of express- ing themselves and their ideas. The need for individual- ism combined with that of conformity have fused to- gether to form an essential and apparent phase of the younger set. Students at Tj, like youth all over the world, have fulfilled this vital need for a sense of belonging through the fleeting and exciting world of fads. Neck scarves, big wrist watches, leather bands, monster shoes, and cowboy boots were some of the new types of wearing apparel which appeared in the Tj halls throughout the school year. Fads found their way into the students lives in ways other than clothing. Wallposters, Snoopy-dolls, paper flowers, and Volkswagons could be seen in school, at home, and in the parking lot. Through their actions and ideas of entertainment, TI students professed their relation to the youth movement. Whether listening to Cream albums, rocking out to the pulsating beat of a psychedelic band, or running in the park at midnight, Tj students made their own fads, unique in their indi- vidualism and unified in their conformity to the rebelling world of the young. 53 Council Builds Excitement Within Student Body Getting good bands for dances, such as the Bitter Sweet, is one of Council's duties. Facing the difliculties of changing from a six-year school to a four-year school at the start of the second semester, this year's Student Council instigated many new and different projects in order to unite the student body. Among these were the United Fund drive, Christ- mas decoration competition, Homecoming festivities, canned food drive, election week, leadership Conference, Goodwill drive, snow sculpture, and Hnally Color Day, with its exciting activities and the culminating dance. Enthusiastic and united within themselves, the Council members spread their ideas and goals throughout the school, gaining varied support of the students. 54 .fs X a Santa Claus, Mr. Len, dgets taped up for tht second hour Christmas ecoration competition li iii 3 i i it E 5? i 5 E Juniors Sally Schell and Jim Warren add the last finishing touches to Homecoming hall decorations 3 i im Ruppel, one of Tj's own "soul brothers", leads the student body in a "rock-out" cheer. Rally skits presented to the student bod by spirited Spartans highlighted 1968-9 rallies.- Pep Rallies Promote Spirit and Support Screaming Pep Club girls, serious talks by dedicated coaches, hilarious skits with boy cheerleaders, jiving foot- ball music, and exciting yell competition characterized the pep rallies at Tj this year. Planned by the pep club, cheerleaders, and Pom-pon Girls, rallies brought exhila- rating spirit to all TJ athletic events. The Homecoming rally, with class competition in yelling and singing and the spirit stick as the coveted final award, was the high- light of the year. Providing a chance for enthusiastic Spartans to display their team support, skits were given by various club members and groups of interested stu- dents. Balloons and suckers which were sold at the rallies helped to promote rally excitement. A welcome relief from the routine of daily classes, pep rallies this year were lively, spirited, and the best ever at TI. Senior girls demonstrate a typical rally skit with their original P-L-A-Y-T-E-X formation. , A samevrsiu m r,,.,, he-ima i .:r rm ea- 4 Sometimes unusually beautiful sunrise scenes are seen as students go to 7:00 AM classes Snow, blustry winds, stalled cars, icy roads, beautiful 4, Mgr snow-tipped trees and houses, barren, yet snow-covered iiilzn 'l:', mountains-all these symbolize winter to a Denverite. An exciting and beautiful time of year, a Denver winter W fl' W e holds within its grasp the long months from November I-TW" to April. It provides entertainment, beauty and a re- ,Lx freshing change of pace for area inhabitants, including 1 students at TJ. Students find their relaxation and emo- ' be tional release from the long winter grind in exciting ln n r snowy pastimes, such as skiing, sledding, skating, snow- ball fighting, running in cold parks, and week-ending in isolated, snowy cabins. The season brings with it the new busy and fun-filled intermission where studies are for- is gotten for a glorious two weeks and only enjoyment pre- ,A vails. Beautiful in its grayness, the snowy season of winter lends a special glow of natural splendor which highlights the year and produces an exuberant season. 56 Winter Wonders Blow in Strong Chnstmas has always been the most festlve exclted tlme of year for all TI students Between snow storms and school work most students enjoy their favorite winter sport '.:,.- .-15: yyyys - A 5:55:5- 91 ff .v Z1 ff X ' ei , Alan Greenberg concentrates on perfecting the In an effort to strenthen their speaking techni- ques, orators utilize new video-tape equipment. Through hard work, perseverance, and dedication the Tj speech squad once again exhibited exceptional qual- ity. Orators specializing in debate, oral interpretation, and extemporaneous speaking earned many laurels. At the Regis College Meet, Bill Carlson and jeff Divine placed second in the debate competition. TI also fared Well at the NFL Congress with Steve Markham rated outstanding speaker. Representing the squad at the Sha- froth Contest were Caroline Kremers and Alan Green- berg, who honored the school by bringing home the coveted traveling trophy. In addition, the novice de- baters were quite successful. Coached and encouraged by Miss Virginia Kasdorf, the squad merited much ad- miration. Z .7 2 1 and W-4 , excellence which won him the Shafroth contest. Speakers Capture Coveted Shafroth Trophy CALENDAR Novice Debate Workshop Aurora Hinkley Oct. 2 Intermediate Mullen Oct. I0 Novice Debate Cheyenne Mtn. Oct. 19 NFL Congress Longmont Oct. 26 Novice-Intermediate Cherry Creek-Mullen Nov. 9 Practice Debate Thomas Iefferson Nov. 16 Invitational Littleton Nov. 23 D.P.S. Invitational Lincoln High Dec. 6-7 Invitational Lakewood-Wheatridge Dec. 14 Invitational Regis College Ian. 4 Shafroth Extemp. Contest North High Ian. 10 Invitational Aurora Hinkely Ian. 18 Mullen Tournament Mullen Ian. 24-25 Debate Tournament Northglenn Ian. 31-Feb. I D.P.S. Invitational West High Feb. 1 State Qualifying Alameda Feb. 7-8 State Speech Festival University of Colo. Feb. 28-M811 1 D.P.S. Debate Toumament East High Mar. 22 State Tournament Littleton Mar. 28-29 Practice NFL Congress Arapahoe ADF- 12 NFL District Finals , Greeley ADT- 25-26 NFL Final Congress Denver May 3 As fellow competitive speakers listen, Caroline ,. l Q S Kremers practices for the upcoming Shafroth Meet. . , l l 2 ,,.,..-- Hearts Melt at "Snow Joh" Twenty-seven world famous bands were packed into nine-hundred feet of magnetic tape. f -1 d th h wh ' aim figlilspffiieii anfiouieollmisii efliiigif Greg Brawner and Janis Brown rock out to the exciting music as Barbara Bullock looks on. January twenty-third was the date for this year's an- nual Snow Carnival whing-ding. The dance offered, for the first time, surrealistic music from twenty-seven of the biggest name bands in the world. The dance, entitled "Snowjob',, was held in the Thomas Jefferson gym from eight until eleven p.m. "Snowjob', was originally devised as a dance at which the awardto the winning class snow sculpture would be presented. There being no snow, however, the dance turned out to be an exciting social event which broke up the monotony of the dreary winter months. The dance also offered, for the first time, the op- portunity for Thomas Iefferson students to attend a dance with a strobe light show. 59 MRM-,tn s W'-V, 'Mx KN .. X R .ar-'0"""""-'Wu W Hmm"i"""+w..L "Do I have any requests?" asksdjeff half of ' the hysterical team of Lyman an Lindeman. Varied Assemblie Philosolpher Don Peterson philosophizes on phi osophies of Philistine philosophers. l Police experts on narcotics ,use present a grim picture of the addicts existence. 60 I. 1spire and Entertain TJ students enjoyed a kaleidoscope of assemblies this year, covering many aspects of student life and interests. The first assembly presented the idea of a Student Union in the lunchroom, the purpose to be to improve school citizenship. This was followed by an election assembly with speakers voicing their varied viewpoints on the national election. There were assemblies dedicated to several holidays-Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The annual Aristocrat assembly added a humorous note to the day and started the yearbook sales with high spirits and enthusiasm. Other assemblies included one on the hazards of drug use, and two presenting the Honor Society and the Lettermen. In Spring, one assembly was devoted to the initiation of oiiicers for the following year. Most of the assemblies were organized by the stu- dents with faculty supervision and reflected many hours of thought and effort. TI students fervently viewed all of the various programs presented to them this year. "I had a joke, but it was censored." says Kathy Wyble at the Aristocrat Assembly. Dick Bayer and Mike Lauterbach stumped the drug expert with pertinent questions. Skiing any of the tremendous slopes in Colo- rado is such an unexplainably grand feeling! Gaining spiritual guidance from church on week- W e e k y S E n d I ends helps keep t e student going all week long. After five long hard days of school, the student sud- denly awakens on Saturday morning to find he has two great big days all to himself The most common pastime was to roll over and go back to sleep. However, there were so many exciting activities taking place everybody was usually whisped out of bed and whirled into a hectic world of fun. Those who were avid sports fans found themselves rising at five in the morning for a good day on the ski slopes, or cheering at a nine o'clock football game. Others prefered the quiet solitude of a park where they could recuperate from the Week, While many found they really didnit have any choice but to spend their Saturdays in isolation at the library preparing for the coming week. N0 matter what happened during the day, everybody looked forward to going out on the town Saturday night to celebrate. What a great way to end the week and get ready for a new one. Cat-napping can be one of the most popular and gratifying ways to spend spare wee end hours. Ulf to his ears in homework, we find the typi- ca Thomas Jefferson scholar in the library. Exciting and entertaining diversions are of- fered by downtown Denver on weekend nights eekend Daze 63 Kathi Butz as Annie Oakley and Brian Berge as Fran Butler show their forty-five caliber differences. ce Mansfield, Tom Flohr, and Ron Colson elated over the shooting match and Annie. Paul Walthers as Sitting Bull and Tom Flohr as Charlie Davenport support Anne Berardini as Dolly. This year's All School Show, "Annie Get Your Gunn, proved to be a high caliber of entertainment for those Who attended the show. The exciting musical comedy played for a memorable three-night engagement begin- ning March 20, in the Tj auditorium. The leading roles were played by Kathy Butz as Annie, Paul Walthers as Sitting Bull, Tom Flohr as Charlie Davenport, Anne Berardini as Dolly, and Brian Berge as Frank Butler. De- spite the absence of professional costumes, the cast mem- bers created an outstanding Wardrobe by making and buying their own costumes. "Annie Get You Gun," was an exciting production and will not soon be forgotten by those who had the chance to Witness the performance. 65 Time of the Season... ..,.--0'-""""' Love was the mood of the hour as happy coup- les dance through the "Time of the Seasonsf, ...For Loving Mes.. Yearbook Sponsor Herold "Beri" Mason takes time out from mad dancing and autographing. Again this year, through the efforts of an illustrious yearbook staff, the Aristocrat dance proved to be the most startlingly unique dance of the year. The gym was divided into four sections. Each section represented one of the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. With the beat of the band, the students could boogaloo through the seasons. The dance was held on May 27, from eight until eleven. The 1969 Aristocrats were distributed, making the "Time of the Seasonv the most exciting of the year-A time for signing and for loving. The excitement of the Aristocrat Dance is characterized by the shuffeling of feet. 66 Drama Club Presents a Theatrical Experience Questions and doubts arise as Tom Flohr speaks to Adele Lennig, in this scene from "Antigone". With subtle contempt, Tom Flohr discusses jus- tice and its implications with Adele Lennig. For the first time in the history of Tj theatre, the drama department put on a series of truely different plays. The four plays were "Antigone,' by Anouilh, which dealt with the question of whether justice belongs to God or men. Tom Flohr, Adele Lenning, and Heather Stevens headed the cast in the performance. "Objective Case' was the second play of the evening. Randy Martines, Anne Berardini, and Kathy Butz portrayed a group of people and their problems in communication. "Sandbox" and "Mr. Flannery's Ocean" were the last two plays of the night. Their subject was modern-day's idea of death and old people, and the value of sacrifice in one's rela- tions with others. The festival proved to be a unique theatrical experience., Under the unbearable torment of age, Steve Markham lashes back at the younger people. l 67 ROYALTY Sw 5 :5:2f:.g2z,,fs,-wx -. 3 , , . .gi - M Q asf kia-is K .fain i 1 Q. . . if . gg k .. S , ,fivg K Q - f ,S P+ K Q as - Q S. .7 X." .E K A i WE W S' Y 5 0 Q - ' K W r 'I' 5 sk 3' - P fQ 2, 'Q as V., vf Q ' :Sf , ey ,, "" ,Q .H JW Leann Maul-Homecoming Princess "Aurora Borealis" Lights Up llueens The pulsating rhythm of the Crystal Palace Guard filled the gym with sounds that captured the dizzy excite- ment of Homecoming week, on Saturday, October 11. The intense class spirit was culminated when the winners of the various competitions were announced-Seniors victorious over all. "Aurora Borealis", the Homecoming dance, gave TI students a chance to rock out and really enjoy themselves. The highpoint of the evening came when john Steams crowned a radiant Sue Sayles as the queen. Paula Bluebaugh and Leann Maul proved to be the perfect princesses completing the Homecoming royalty. A kaleidescope of color and the fervor of excitement were reflected in the revolving ball suspended from the ceiling. The outstanding blue and white decorations lended to the magic of the evening, a magic truly cap- tured in "Aurora Borealisv. Paula Bluebaugh, Homecoming Princess 69 john Warner King Eros CRV ., 1 H,-.44 A621-f':j,l nf!245"M' Vmfm 1,44- Ww V 1- -zwvfyfifwksfzxigiw, - 5 :X we fy ,J 'fI'!g.1 -Q ,, .Tr 'fx 'E' A-Qwffix -.awxf F , gg M Qgfm q"V534l.,-w W" fy f,x1,.g,g,,z4vsipgw'F ' M A V x ,.-, x. 4. R f 2,3 A, 341: 4- WZ" hg,,q H , M, Le'n-:L an :Q W, W' vi" , 1 1 ,J-g.,f.,1 Love A'lIt3CkS Peter VanLunsen, Prince ars only turn around dance presented on February in the T gym. Rocking out to The Society the od of the evening was full of heart and soul. King ros, john Wamer, presided over the dance festivities, :led by his court-Glen Laird, Scott, and Peter VanLunsen. The boys, babes, and band made the dance Cl-'IH Laird, Prince an unqualified success for all. Love! This was the atmosphere of Eros Arrow, the h u I u Cl n ,YS 9 71 Conservative Spartans Liberally Celebrate at lefferson Ball Blooming cherry trees, a life-like model of placid Mon- ticello, and crystal chandeliers set the mood for the third annual birthday tribute to Thomas jefferson on April 12th. Amid the splender and gala of the evening, semi- formally dressed Spartans "grooved,' on the rock of "Love Special Deliveryv from 9-12. Climaxing the inaugural ball, the Jefferson Iournal's annual apology for past issues, was the crowning of Bob Inman and Anne Berardini as the President and First Lady. Max.Williams and Barbie Kortz, and Dave jones and janet Fraser were honored as royal attendants. Politically speaking, this yeafs Ieiferson Brawl was a liberal blast for even the most conservative party-goers. By the evenings end, all were starry-eyed and light- headed with visions of life 200 years ago. Bob Inman and Anne Berardini President and First Lady 72 Bob Inman and Anne Berardini, Pres. and First Lady, preside over their royal presidential court. arbie Kortz and Max Williams, Royal Attendants Thomas Jefferson our third President, was the inspiration fzor great Spartan spirit. Placidly situated among the Ieiferson Ball was the realistic model of Iefferson's Monticello. Cathy Lines Senior Prom Queen Brinton, Senior Prom Princess Carol McClanahan, Senior Prom Princess April Came... Memories Reign Six years of growing up together and being a unit made the Senior Prom, "April, Come It Willy, a very special evening. The Viva Brass provided the music dur- ing the night dedicated to Seniors who were all together at a dance for perhaps the last time as a class on April 19 from nine to twelve. The room at the Cosmopolitan Hotel was filled with color and elegance which added to the excitement. Memories of the past good times, yet grow- ing anticipation for the future gave the group a mixture of emotions that made the night an unforgettable ending to a very good year. 75 Heather Stevens Color Day Queen The end of the year, high spirits, and summer in sight made the Color Day dance, Lonesome Cities, one of the year's best. Held in the Tj gym on May 16th, the Living Ends played for the happy crowd. The peak of the eve- ning came when Heather Stevens was crowned queen. She was surrounded by a dazzling array of girls com- posed of princesses, duchesses, and countesses. The swinging Tj set had a befitting close to a great year. 76 Brothers, Jamie Patterson, Vicki Mason, Sally Mason, and Diane McMullen Love Is in Lonesome Cities Princesses Chris Behrent, Jean- nie Lines and Linda Jewell Countesses Marti Bums, Pam Malm, Ian Wanner, Debbie Guenther, Karen Harvey, and Pam Addington 77 -:-K n . I a,2,g:,: - 'wfiy 4 5" " :ws-"4 fi A "-if ' -' "1 - - 'fwryf-'1f:'LV'2f:-'xV: - '. .V -Wi' 2 YP-z-315215 S554-'fzwm-.-5 .VV f " fit-43-Vfiff. fi?-4 3, 5:::E1j-'fix ' ec, '2e'i?r4s?" ' 'gf"'5f!Sa 4e.f?V -1V- -f--f -- V . V .wiv ' usfigg? .. "7--VW' 'A' Q N :Eff fog ' ,, .,,,y,, ..1.,. . .. 1 Wagfzfg, 4 1 ze: :F ,V .4556 4: , ws' '55-,. 1. rx' '5f,'1 ., "f3V5'k?l-' - f-gafffgf " iff, 53 . , 3335 xiii 'T' 1' .l-Vx - P-1:14 -vt- X V 25Vi-fix:-flf ' "KV -.J -2:3 , - e -as -'A sc, gg- Q .fx XF 1 .' ff'- . -3- vs '- : ,gf-is! 5 ' .-ya f. V -.. , - --,. fyiigxx-s.V V - L: . 9' - f x I fix? : 'r' ,- 11 1 V. 1, 'sh if -Vp'-., 3,17 If 9: 1' 535 54' xx-xi! 'xx x. Q' - xx V 'xg 1 x K , xv 4. .V ,x 'kai ' x X N 2 'kdfrflriffviffff " " 'E ' cliff-" ,. . V . hs...-I., -SL -.V . -Q i-az:f,V:5n:fzz55fW .Li"4" ' f, ' -fix-N ' if ,'f3f1"3f"i-531 .1-ffZ5??ffZ'up,-A N "'?"- M , 5 . , . :5g5QL,,.gM,p3::1'V '-2:3-14 - V -.-1. x I ,- 3.15: qi e. AS 'V - 'fiwraff 23 ,ff XV R N fx- - V . 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If! wr ' jk - . ,M gf.-',-.inf -fa- .fe . -:,:1.f:?:.,ff1- 4 -52 1' , ., sw- ' " 4' --'21 .721 ' " 'N N- 't "f V-Um' MF' -uf". f. ::-T'-2'-':-"'lf42'. SV- wi- - 5 :V . -1' J. -.'-. 27. ,, -. - ,, , x .AV - .gig a:3g9i,..,.f-.ff -I--Vw, gasggzgggy ztfigriz 3L1gj.Qa1EL:5'gpC22fSLE:m?f'L'fAg21K:-fagffigigiwgx-153111113XMFL" f- VJ- ,' 1 "v .' A. .. sh.--I .pg - g ,.- - zf- .gl-3. ,AV-.:'-:-. --" - ' . A ffm' 'ei'f:v.32:' 1.1 ' 1:.av.,Vfi+- " " 4. 4 gp .M-dpn ..,s-:L -V .,.f,r,pw,, - - .- 4 ,V h Varsity Football Team, front row, fl. to r.D: B. Wintergreen, Manager, S. Hammond, K. Ward, H. jewel, F. Snead, G. Loman, N. Andreas, S. Stookesberry, R. Peterson, K. Klein, D. Grannell. Second row: M. Arnold, Manager, B. Keeler, Man- ager, R. Spurlin, B. Boardman, I. Wilbur, I. DeLap , G. Mattson, B. Cox, T. Pulver, G. Meyer, B. Miller, R. Blacke, C. Erb, B. Konopka. Third row: Coach I. Redic, S. Reichert, C. Behrent, C. Beely, D. Jones, D. Rudolph, D. Gallegos, S. jack- son, B. Lanier, R. Stracy, K. Brawner, N. Davis. Fourth row: Coach K. Hughes, D. Entsminger, E. Larson, R. Maul, P. Van Lunsen, M. Guthrie, C. Hannon, T. Barnhart, M. Williams, M. Dumm, B. Klein, D. Perry, I. Steams, Coach D. Day. Spartans Take Command Quarterback Iohn Stearns drives for first down yardage against two grappling Kennedy tacklers. F avored Thomas Iefferson Spartans successfully opened the defense of their Denver Prep League Football Championship by defeating the Kennedy Commanders 27-13. Although the Spartans took an early lead on a 18 yard touchdown pass from John Stearns to Max Wil- liams, they found themselves tied at halftime 7-7. In the second half, the Spartans came to life with Stearns scoring the two go-ahead touchdowns. Terry Pulver's 24-yard touchdown pass to Kelly Bass ended the scoring for the Spartans. Haliback Max Williams finds the going rough as he picks up extra yards for the Spartans. 80 Terry Pulver barely gets a pass off as defender moves in for the tackle. s 1 I John Stearns takes the ball from center, Dave jones, as Manual's line sets up for an attack. TI's second league victory didr1't come easily as they defeated an improved Thunderbolt team by a score of 21-0. The Spartans scored all of their touchdowns in the first half on a 4-yard run by Max Williams and on two long gainers, a 55-yard run by john Steams and a 63-yard pass from Stearns to Stan jackson. The game was quite a battle as both teams had the same number of first downs, but the Spartan defense always came through in the clutch situations. FOOTBALL STANDINGS Won Lost Tied 7 1 0 EFF ERSON incoln 6 1 1 Washington 6 2 0 South 4 3 1 Kennedy 4 3 1 Manual 3 4 1 East 2 6 0 North 1 7 0 West 1 7 0 Washington Springs Surprise on Spartans The Spartans' hopes of winning their second consecu- tive Denver Prep League Football Championship were greatly dimmed by a stunning loss to the George Wash- ington Patriots. The fired-up Patriots scored early in the first quarter to defeat the Spartans 7-0. The Spartans greatest scoring threat was abruptly ended as the half- time gun went off leaving the Spartans on the Washing- ton's 10 yard-line. The game was hard-fought all the way and as the final gun went off it left the powerful Spartan team in a silent state of shock and disbelief Kennedy defenders look on with astonishment as Max Williams reaches to haul in the bomb. 1 Rebels Lose Out to the Mighty Spartans A low spirited Spartan team got back on the winning track with an impressive 20-0 victory over South. john Stearns, moving from quarterback, scored all ofthe Spar- tans' points as the rugged Spartan defense held the Rebels scoreless. The Win was a big one for the mighty Spartans and gave hopes for a march to League championships. I . in - whiff. Quarterback Brent Lanier gives South layer the stiff arm as he rounds the end for a ljong gain. r A Washington Patriot's nish is stopped by a crushing b ock from fullback Steve Reichert. 82 ell! sgsiffig, 'SJ' 6 r s 4 it te ei H r 1 ' ' R 4 'SWR lg . t 1' ,ggba .Q Iunior Bill Cox shows how rough it can be up- front, especially for those who go helmetless. , V "W w'vv'vn'-W' r,W"Qf2 M-l-W-l'..l i l f of i ini 1 i eee. . V 'r 3515 .f af ,Elf 'S S-L, . Cifzfkft-RN'--.' S 'ffe4?1:igaYVg,1 ' ' ' in W il ' N "fi.Ci V e ne" S ' 'i ' l igliiir O Effj'ifEQ'i ' N ' E48 i?,sNeZt"iitr me " ms b .Muff :sf 3 X- it "AX 5 , ,, his W ,ll .Srl t , f d : . i xmgtiyw rl .A sl X , L Q fi Q. 152 lififw T! ig .le Trim ftsmxa, 9' f ,At Qi" 3.,,q,fg,e We ,. 1 .J ,WQ Q , j ' . t - s . ,H,,7,gfqM4:3.k:W5,,,., Vg M we K' ' """" . ' Senior Stan Jackson sprints through an enormous opening in the line for another Spartan score. There was much cause for celebration during this year's homecoming game as the TI Spartans bombed the North Vikings 51-0. The high spirited Spartans erupted for 28 points in the first quarter and then sailed on to an easy victory as many players got in on the scoring column, including some substitutes. Iohn Stearns scored 21 points in leading the Iefferson Spartans to a 35-0 victory over the East Angeles. The Spartans scored 20 points in the first quarter to put the game out of reach for the Angels as the powerful Spartan defense held East scoreless. The game set the Spartans up for a possible second straight Denver Prep League Football Championship. lu Tl Soars Past Angels um,.wA,r M. The powerful offensive line of the Spartans fires out to make easy going for the backs. Football isn't all fame and lory especially for Doug Suhm who sustainemf an elbow injury. Spartans Outlast the West Cowboys A fighting band of West Cowboys made the Thomas jefferson Spartans sweat for their fifth league victory. TI was tied 6-6 going into the fourth quarter. However, Tj came to life with only 7 minutes left in the game, as previously injured Max Williams scored on a 34-yard romp around the left end. Brent Lanier with a one-yard scoring burst put the game out of reach for the Cowboys as the final score was 20-6. 83 Lancers Derailed J Spartans Win City The Thomas jefferson Spartans won their second straight Denver Prep League Football Championship by defeating the favored and undefeated Lincoln Lancers 28-20. The title was Tfs third in four years. The Spartans were led by the powerful running of half-back john Steams who scored 22 points making his season total 108 points-a new prep league scoring record. There was never a dull moment as the fans were off their seats during the whole contest. The Spartans closed their league encounters with the finest game of the season. The powerful running of halfback John Steams proves to be too muc for the Lincoln Lancers. The Spartans do a lot of blocking to clear out a hole for the speedy running of Max Williams. Tl Gridders Take Second in State For the second year in a row, the Spartans fought their way into the State Playoffs. However, this time is was a different story, in that the Spartans dismissed a jinx, as they squeaked by a favored Trinidad team 7-6. The Spartans then went on to wallop the Wideiield Gladiators 41-0 to set the stage for the final game. The Thomas Jefferson Spartans found themselves matched up with a highly-touted Lakewood High before 15,000 fans at Bears' Stadium. From the beginning it was a poor after- noon for the Spartans as they fumbled the first time they had the ball setting up Lakewood's first score. TI came back fighting but suddenly found itself falling farther and farther behind. Even though the final score was 56-20, the Spartans never gave up. As they walked off the field, they felt dissatisfied, but justifiably proud of the year's accomplishments. Halfback Terry Pulver takes off down the field as a Lakewood defender flounders in his dust. 85 IV STANDINGS W L T Washington 8-0-0 EF F E SON 5-1-2 anual 4-3-1 Kennedy 3-4-1 Lincoln 3-4-1 South 2-3-3 East 3-5-0 West 2-5-1 North 0-7-1 Fred Snead makes a short gain, as he gets into action during the T.J.-Kennedy game. lV's Capture Second junior ace receiver, Dave Grannell heads for the sidelines in an attempt to catch the ball. 86 The junior varsity, coached by Mr. Ken Hughes and Mr. Iames Redic, rolled to second place in the city this year. Led by Eric Larson, Fred Snead, Kent Brawner, Dave Grannell, and Cliff Erb, the Spartans rallied for a 5-1-2 record in league play. With a balanced attack, the IV,s looked to another varsity championship. Breaking through the Bolt line, junior Charlie Beery sees daylight during a fourteen yard gain. L ,-.. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM, First row: fl-rl: T. Marshall, R. Blair, K. Bass, B. McRae, M. Gerber, P. Rouse, J. Anderson B. Mai, I. Suss, W. Johnson. Second row: B. Ball, M. Hoig, L. Hallam, C. Keefover, W. Kortz, S. West, R. Brenning, S. Clark, R. Sher- bac , Peterson, BU. Brmton, G. Booton, R. Steams. T ird row: Coach D. Colder, T. jones, C. Zohn, K. Tipps, K. Valis, B. Ford, T. Brezezicki, E. Moms, R. Nlelsen, D. Klenzendorf, D. Kinsey, R. Reeves. I. Bouton, I. Watson, S. Hill, P. Subulia, Coach A. Geiss. Sophs Trample All Rivals Led by a tough line, a speedy backiield, and the coach- t i c ing staff of Andy Geiss and Dick Golder, the sophomore team wrapped up the city title. The key to success this year had to be attributed to such determined players as Rick CShivahj Stearns, Ron Brenning, Kevin Valis, Mike fHandsj Gerber, and Chuck Keefover. In finishing the season 10-0-0, the Sophomores indicated speed, depth, and a strong future for the Spartan varsity gridders. SOPH STANDINGS W L T EF F ERSON 8-0-0 incoln 7-1-0 West 5-2-1 East 5-2-1 Manual 3-5-0 Kennedy 3-5-0 Washington 2-6-0 South 1-7-0 The defense led by Pete QAnimaD Sibilia and Ngrth 1-7-0 Mike fHandsJ Gerber, rush the Manual kicker. 87 Q 4- fr ,A , H 1 First row, tl. to r.J: D. Vidal, B. Koelbel, T. Martinez. Second row: K. Atherton, M. Dixon, K Miller N Levin B. Berge, C. Krob, B. Berge. Third row: C. Grant, I. Randolph, D. Hutchinson, M. Towne Coach J Miles Tennis Team Nets Highest Finish Ever Placing second in the city, fourth in state, and also second in the city tournament Tfs tennis team matched last year's third place standings. Mr. john Miles, after a year's sabbatical leave returned to his coaching position. juniors Buz Koelbel and Iim Randolph finished second and fourth respectively in the state singles events, while Neil Levin and Ken Miller placed second in their doubles event. With consistent victories by Mark Towne, Came- ron Grant, and Brian Berge, the tennis team again proved itself a threat. This team should be excellent next year. TENNIS STANDINGS Won Lost East 48 0 EF F ERSON 41 7 ennedy 32 16 North 28 20 South 23 25 Washington 18 30 West 14 32 Lincoln 1 1 37 Manual 1 47 88 Sis Fife, Netting high scores in the city meet, Mark Towne proved to be a mainstay of the team. Swinging successfully through the year, Senior Rob Bultaup placed third in the' city averages. Taking an undisputed city title, the golf team was the finest in the schools history. Only losing eleven matches out of sixty-four Coach Leonard Kocinski's liksters fared well in the state competition in the spring. The team was led by Rob Bultaup with an average of 74 placing him third in the city's list of top ten. Randy Condit placed sixth in the league with an average of 78 while Chuck Milne was tenth with a 79 average. With juniors jeff Ingalls, Bill Weimar, and Ioe Torpey are prospects for future success. GOLF STANDINGS Won Lost EFF ERSON 53 1 1 ennedy 45 19 Washington 44 20 South 38 26 West 36 28 ' Lincoln 30 34 East 24 40 North 18 46 Golfers Shoot Above Expected Par Fzrst row Cl to r.J: Coach L. Kocinski, J. Torpey, B. Weimar, T. Dumler, R. Bultaup. Sec- ond row R Condit, B. Houlette, R. Stanley, S. Barlow, C. Milne, M. Gaines, I. Ingalls. Cross Country team, fl. to r.l Front row: Keith Olsen, Jim Schaffer, Bruce Leamed, Doug O'Dell, John Schleiker, Ed Decker. Second row: Roy Halladay, Dana Fox, Rick Wallace, Mike Goldfein, Wayne Hel- ander, Paul Schleiker, Dwight Lada, Greg Brawner, Bob Hayes, Brad Inman, Stew Miller, Joe Jones. Harriers Run to Top Placement Scoring well in both city and state meets, the twenty- one athletes on this yearis cross country team were the best group of runners TJ has had in its nine-year history. Led by returning letterman, Doug O'Dell, the squad won a comfortable second place succumbing only to Lincoln in the DPS Invitational meet. In the city meet O,Dell brought home the individual title and broke the city record with a time of 10:05.3. In the city meet Coach Gordon Learnedis harriers finished third overall. O,Dell finished third in the state with his best time of the season and led the team to an eighth place fiflish- CROSS COUNTRY STANDINGS Points Lincoln 36 South 49 EF F ERSON 51 ashington 55 Kennedy 71 East 88 North 99 Manual 112 West 136 90 Sprinting in first place is Doug O'Dell, closely pur- sued by teammate John Schlieker in a DPS meet Mr. Ceiss and Mr. Colder concentrate on a Play durmg the Sophs' successful season. Coaches Mold Tl Teams The key to success of all Tj sports has to be the coaches behind the teams. Even with the best personnel, a team has to be put together, or mdlded, by one man. Don Day, Ken Hughes, james Redic, Andy Ceiss, Dick Colder, john Miles, Gordon Learned, Leonard Kocinski, jerry Smith, Carl Goodwin, and Gaston Santi, each helped put their teams high in city and state competition. With the time and effort of these dedicated men, TI has become the number one school in the state in athletics. Conferring with Hank Jewell, Coach Day outlines strategy on the way to another title. 91 Unpredictable Spartans Tie for Fourth in City The Thomas Iefferson hoopsters, after winning two of their six pre-season encounters, found themselves play- ing a highly rated West team for the league opener. Al- though the Spartans had several returning lettermen from last year's varsity squad, the Cowboys proved to be over- powering as they defeated the Spartans, 71-49. However, the Spartans bounced back into a two game winning streak by defeating favored Kennedy, 67-54 and then whalloping the North Vikings, 87-54. The streak . 7 . . was ended when the Manual Thunderbolts squeaked by TI, 69-64. The Manual game seemed to be a let down for the Spartans as they lost their next two games to East and South by the scores of 79-67 and 69-67, respectively. Senior Bruce Learned stretches high to win the tip-off as waiting team-mates ready themselves. 2 I ry.t-a 7 Varsity Basketball Team, front row, I l. to r.I: J. Scott, T. Nagel, J. Steams, K. Bass, B. Lanier, D. Henniger, Manager. Sec- ond row: Coach G. Santi, S. jackson, B. Leamed, B. Klein, B. Konopka, I. Rupple, M. Roth, R. Condit, Coach K. Hughes. 92 ding at the free throw line, Iohn Steams ps in another big score for the Spartans. Stunned North players stare with amazement as guard Kelly Bass one hands it into the basket. Kelly Bass drives in for the big lay-up as an East player makes a futal attempt to b ock 1t. Spartans Lose Out in Tournament Play As the regular season was coming to an end, the TI Spartans came back to life as they downed favored Lin- coln, 68-62. Then came the highlight of the season as the inconsistent Spartans upset the Washington Patriots, 80- 66, with Tj showing much improvement over their previ- ous game. The Spartan's hopes were flying high as the Denver Prep Basketball Tournament came around. These hopes were soon ruined however, as the victorious South team ended the Spartan's season, 72-58. Bruno Konopka arches a shot high over a South player as Bob Klein moves in for the rebound. Two South players stog dead in their tracks as Senior Marty Roth res in the Jump shot. 94 It's a sure bet that the Spartans will et this rebound as three TI players surround tie ball. STANDINGS Won Manual 8 West 6 East 6 EF F ERSON 4 ashington 4 Kennedy 4 South 3 Lincoln 1 North 0 Lost 0 2 2 4 4 4 5 7 8 ,,.,,.w 4-in w affix Q -fa,-5255353 -'JH "0-Q. i n 7 mi Y' + -,QQ ,., w:':1.:'.aQ .- Q, ,,,:,5, , ,. u me , u mg -- ' V Q Page A Ny 4WMgQm,W Q . ,W E, , iv QQ, -Q JVM: ,mmf i ,,, Q we Q QQ gf 1? WL 7? F Q Q M QA Br N B Q W i H D2 FY Q. Y? 3 xi Q , ,ax R , Q f J ,Q Q' x W 5 Q - YSL. " A 4? is Q . 3, N 4 Q1 .Q R Q ' Q Q if Q' . . 5 Q N .sf Mx 5 . Rf As M' L 'Weww News ,WM .vfgvp wzfggfffw' Q2 . 5 Q- ' v'Q'f1W fwfwmwwvm-n'M2 f- e Q i Q.. Q , QQ,Q-, ia 5 vw' afrfmwazlff if f 2 MM.. N.,Q Z Q -Y QW is NQ if 3 Q R Dribhling l.V.'s Bounce to Third The Junior Varsity under the direction of Ken Hughes, finished with a 5-3 record in league play this year. With the leadership of Bob Crow, Norm Davis, Russ Stracy, and Bruno Konopka, the team had a finish of third place. Showing great potential TI can be assured of a fine var- sity team next year. j.V. STANDINGS Won Lost Washington 8 0 Manual 6 2 IEFFERSON 5 3 South 5 3 East 4 4 North 2 6 West 2 6 l Lincoln 2 6 Kennedy 2 6 Rising to the occasion, Soph Rick Steams pumps in two more points as Kip "BIG E" Bass watches on. Sophomore Basketball Team, fl.-rj front row: K. Western, C. Counter, R. Brenning, P. Rouse, K. Bass, S. Cavnar, D. Kinsey, R. Stearns. Second row: B. Gardner, P. Schlieker, T. Brzezicki, B. Konopka, B. Ball, J. Brenecker, L. Hallam, I. Stewert, Coach A. Geiss. 96 I junior Varsity Basketball Team fl.-rj front row: N. Davis, D. Engles, M.dIohnson, G. Meyers, B. Welmer. Second row: Coach K. Hughes, I. Ingalls, B. Crow, R. Wray, I. An rews, R. Stracy, C. Erb. Driving hard, Bob Crow hits the hoop for two as Bruno Konopka and Mike Johnson watch on. Soph Hoopers Shoot to Second Led by a swift offense and a strong defense, this year's Sophomore basketball team rolled up a record of 14-2 in league play. Their only losses were to Lincoln in an upset and to Manual 80-79 in a double overtime. Much of the success this year has to be attributed to such determined players as Kip "BIG Ev Bass, Rick Stearns, Ron Bren- ning, Bill Gardner, and the coaching of Mr. Andy Geiss. With such great potential, Tj can look ahead to some fine Iunior Varsity and Varsity teams. SOPH STANDINGS Won Lost Manual 15 1 IEF F ERSON 14 2 Washington 10 6 Lincoln 10 6 South 8 8 East 8 8 West 4 12 North 2 14 Kennedy 1 15 97 103-pound city champion Bob Whitaeker goes for a pin in the semi-final rounds in city. 4TH 2 N15 2 City champion Dave Entsminger receives his! award after winning the heavyweight bracket. 98 At the whistle Dave Perry seems to gain ac vantage over his opponent at the city mee for the start Dave Jones thinks out Wrestling team, front row fl. to rj--C. Messinger, B. McCray, A. Wademan, D. Bittle, B. Inman, V. Shubin, K. Rudolph, S. Kirk, I. Kunse-second row-T. jones, D. Hart, S. West, B. Gillman, I. Mc- Cartle, P. Gillespie, N. Andreas, B. Koelbel, D. Tumer, K. Carter, B. McGlestin, M. Gerber-third row-G. Loman, L. Krieger, J. Saunders, T. Ericson, M. Larson, M. Bogus, C. Keifover, B. May, B. Bullock, D. Hutchinson Cmgrj, fourth row-Coach Goodwin, R. Shore, D. Perry, D. jones, D. Entsminger, B. Mansfield, T. Campe, G. Mosher, B. Cox, K. Ward, D. Grinnell, Coach Leamed. WRESTLING STANDINGS Lincanlln Nor 6 2 t B t F h Kenned 6 2 0 EF F E SON 5 3 anual 4 4 South 3 5 West 2 6 This year's wrestling team was the finest team pro East 2 6 duced in nine years. The domination of Seniors on the Washington 0 8 team was a contributing factor. For the first time in the schoolis history there were two city champions. junior Bob Whltaeker in the 103 pounds and Senior Dave Entsminger in the heavyweight bracket. They were the only wrestlers to go to the state meet from Coach Carl Goodwins team Others who helped the Spartans were Seniors Dave ones Dave Perry, and jack Saunders, Juniors Buz Koelbel Parmer Gillespie and Bill Cox and Sophomore Van Shubm who moves during the district qualifying. should do Very Well next Season. W.. L... Wrestler Improve 8 0 Swimming team, front row fl. to r.J-K. O'Brien, P. Anderson, J. Graunke, M. Emst, M. Collins, W. Rosencranz, R. Crabb, I. Dedumb, B Vierheller-second row-J. Delapp, B. Tumer, W. Headstrom, B. Vierheller, W. Kortz, R. Nielson, T. O'Brien, W. Iohnson-third row-Coach Smith, R. Spurlin fcapt.J, G. Brawner, T. Dougherty, B. McCahey, N. Kittrell, M. Gaines, J. Lyman, C. Wolff B. Wedum, D. Fox, M. Eaglen All-State swimmer Chuck Wolff' pre ares to start his specialty-the 100 yd. Backstroke. 'I00 With fourteen swimmers competing in the state meet, Coach Ierry Smithis and Captain Rich Spurlins' swim team made their strongest second-place finish in the city behind Washington. Many Seniors helped bring the team to this finish. Chuck Wolff finished high in the state in the 200 yd. In- dividual Medley and 100 yd. Backstroke breaking the school record in both. Greg Brawner swam the 200 yd. Freestyle and won some very decisive races. All-Ameri- can diver Brian McClaren proved himself an excellent diver in the state. Rich Spurlin, who led the team through the year, broke the record in the 100 yd. Breastroke. With strong junior and Sophomore support in Terry O'Brien and jim Delapp as well as Jeff Craunke this team should place high in the city and state again next year. Washin ton EF F E SON ennedy Lincoln East South North Manual West Swimming toward a new record, Captain Rich Spur- lin looks for the finish in his Breaststroke race. SWIMMING STANDINGS Won Lost 8 0 7 1 6 2 5 3 4 4 3 5 2 6 l 7 0 8 '69 Swimmers Have a "Tiger in Their Tank" Ready for the start of a race Greg Brawner and Dedicated swimmers, jeff Lyman and Bill Wedum Tom Dougherty think about what they are to do. show some chivalry in the sport of swimming. 101 ,gf Increasing his batting average, Senior Max Taking a hefty swing, slugger Ron Hicks per- Williams slams one to the fence against GW. fects his batting form at a spring practice S It N ' U h ldS pa a n p 0 Getting a base hit, top Spartan hurler, Hank Legacy of Tl Victory Jewell prepares to leg it out to first base. After a second-place finish in the city last season, Coach Ken Hughes' baseballers looked forward to an equally successful season. Most of 1968's lettermen re- turned and were led by senior john "Ace" Stearns. Ron Hicks, Max Williams, and pitcher Hank Jewell led the Sluggers into contention for the city championship. 102 A Q 1 A - Varsity Baseball Team, Front row, l. to r.: Manager I. Anderson, B. Turner, I. Wilbur, F. Snead, I. Higgins, S. Miller Man- ager S. Miller. Second row: Coach Jimmy Redic, B. Bullock, H. Jewell, G. Meyer, K. Ward, W. Murray, D. Turner, P Gillespie. Third row: I. Stearns, D. Engels, C. Beery, D. Grannell, B. Konopka, R. Stearns, B. Lanier, Coach Kenny Hughes Preparing to take the field, catcher john :'Ace" Stearns straps up between innings against West. Unleashing a powerful fast-ball, hurler Hank Jewell chalks up another strike-out with CW. iamondmen Go Batty , . VAV. A iffy if X jig-Q ,. af we tt. -sis 12, ag xv .1191 ffrf 'tw rwfw-,i ' V ff 'W-f'2'?"i'Lf' if -ff' - ' ', .1 , f i u iff, , - A it-,kg ,j X' Y- ' it " ' "X Quickly scooping up the ball for a fast throw to second base is third baseman Rick Stearns. mx -..., . UQVJR, .1 ,X ,ef-.W sw' f News Y F? Wei- M A A. N -Q ,M -- f5i"' ' we to ., , . A -' Q -As 4 t ' fb -W., - t if , MW, . .3 . M Q . he 1 , " f ki, , 'H .. ,W ' . . .. 1 , . . was K .hm Taking ai tremendous cut, Rick "Ace', Stearns swings for the far-away center field fence. 104 Sophomore Baseball Team, front row, 1. to r.: D. Llewellyn, B. McRae, K. Bass, P. Rouse, R. Brenning, K. Douglas, B May S Cavnar M. Wildenstein. Second row: Coach Marsh, M. Hogg, S. West, B. Ford, L. Hallam, B. Konopka, D. Aber, T. Bl'Z6Z1Ckl B Brmton Soph Sluggers Slug It Out This year's Sophomore baseball team showed great promise. With excellent pitching strength and fine offen- sive power, the teams looked forward to an outstanding finish in city standings. Led by Bob May, Kip Bass, Ron Brenning, and the coaching of Mr. Marsh, the Spartans were assured of holding up the legacy of fine Sophomore baseball teams. Sophomore team member Bob May warms up his fast ball before the big Washington game. Varsity Track Team, front row, l. to r.: M. Collins, P. Staley, M. Goldfein, T. Entzminger, G. Smith, B. Hayes, C. Brawner, B. Ball, M. Walsh, B. Whitaker. Second row: N. Beno, R. Monirain, J. Shafer, M. Quinn, D. Nielsen, I. Lively, N. Davis, I. Hull, K. O,Brien, T. Anderson, L. Laursen, R. Peterson. Third row: Coac Learned, J. Schlieker, G. Andrews, C. Zohn, B. Leamed, G. Bouton, D. Klenzen- dorf, R. Wallace, E. Earle, R. Reeves, E. Donner, B. Currier, S. Zomo, D. O'Dell, E. Decker, Coach Santi. Fourth row: A. Zohn, K. Olsen, D. Bunch, I. Bernecker, N. Biar, R. Holladay, K. Brawner, C. Erb, I. Bauman, P. Schlieker, W. Helander. Tracksters Trump on Opponents '53, 11 A z Junior Tom Entzminger flys over the hurdle with the greatest of ease and with a confident smile. 106 With many returning lettermen plus an overwhelming number of new starters, this yearis track team finished very high in the standings. The team had great depth in all events which helped to bolster them over their op- ponents. Coach Learned felt that the team was one of the most well rounded teams in the state. -f.-3 1 l I' , am. Outstanding high jumper Norm Biar shows his excellent form while warning up for a meet. Varsity Gymnastics Team, Front row, l. to r.: M. Bogus, D. Biddle, S. Cutting, B. Mugleston, G. Lamont. Second row: R. Sherback, B. LaMarr, K. Wild, B. Miller, C. Beringer, R. Crabb. Third row: C. Collins, D. Pearson, G. Catseos, I. Saunders, T. Campe, I. Anderson, Coach jerry Smith. Tumblers Tumble High and Low This year's gymnastic team faired Well in the city, showing excellent form in all events. Although the team was hampered by a lack of depth, they made up for it in poise and agility. The team, coached by Ierry Smith, proved to be an outstanding representative of TI. Senior gymnast Kevin Rentals does his thing on the long horse and he does it one-handed. Senior Tom Campe gives a look of determina tion as he executes a difficult trick on the rings orking on the parallel bars takes muscle and llent but jack Saunders has plenty of both. Seniors Kathy Luhe and Robyn Johnston epitomize the cordial sentiment among Tj's female athletes. Girls' Sports Program Meets City Competitors Promoting an interest in girls' athletic ability, Tfs girls' sports program included gymnastics, track, golf, and swimming teams. Team members competed with other area teams and gained a new appreciation of team en- deavors. Sponsored by teachers Miss Catherine Cater, Miss jean Lambert, and Mrs. Winifred Jarrett, the sports pro- gram gained added support in its second year. Partici- pants developed their own abilities while utilizing the oppo1'tunity for exercise and recreation. Taking honors in city and area meets, the girls' sports program showed potential for increased activity next year. 108 ' www, A? 7-if la ff WM f, ,' ,. ,, gi M ., f ' V , :IE if A 7 7, 9 "'kgf f.. ,S . , ,, W,k,,., A 2 I 1' .l Y' Vying for a football victory, the Tj Cheer- leaders demonstrate their favorite sign. "Say It Loud - l'm Tl Proud" - The Cheerleader r Karen Harvey Sue Sayles 'I 'IO il f ,W hele Bograd Cathy Lines, Head Cheerleader Sandy Riddell Cheering, thinking, laughing, and crying, together as a squad and apart as individuals, this yearis cheerleaders led the school in cheers and spirit activities with dedica- tion and enthusiasm. The group of four juniors and two seniors flew to Southern Methodist University for the National Cheerleaderis Clinic to learn new cheers, pom- pon routines and crowd techniques. By participating wholeheartedly in all events and performing their cheers with enthusiasm, the squad won the Spirit Stick, the highest award given at the Clinic. Upon retuming to Denver, the girls devoted themselves to practicing their newly gained skills and instilling within the student body the inner spirit they displayed. 'Ill Debbie Guenther, Head Pom-pon girl Tl's Soul Spirits Randi Lutz Promote Pep 112 Diane McMullen Eight pom-pon girls bound together by the tie of in- stilling school spirit danced their way through the year. A flash of gold and a dash of brown added sparkle to the rallies and games. Smiles, sometimes mingled with tears, exemplified their constant involvement in TI. With mounting excitement and anticipation, the girls practiced daily this summer, With the culminating ac- tivity of a state-wide pom-pon clinic at Kennedy High School. Summer faded into fall as a whirl of activities began an exhilirating and rewarding year as Thomas Ieffersonls pom-pon girls. Kathy Wyble Margy Kleiger Carre Lindeman Margo Mueller Paula Bluebaugh if V' 1 5 J S ,, 0 .,, , 4,-A ,.,,, . - Y .,Ai,g.,- ,. ... ....-.,V....,.,gc ,,,, MH- 0 ' 1. 1.13 'f .jg - :TE livghgkgs :-3f.,,'gr :ag . ,. ' 1 :yi 3,3 . -. 1 - -5 Xviivi. fy? ,L ' .Q--tx' f EP- yg ,Wk 4 f, .1 'Kiel Q -izftz' 5' ' 'af I' nas? -'fi'-.5025 1 " , ' Y.: Nia 1 ,. fx 4' 1 ' FA "fig 'JSI-5"',i' 1 'af' 2i.":If.1:,H,5 Q' f xg -- C-.3 ,fz ,- H W -.qi J' 4, 1 ' I ,. fo- + A v . . 'ff ff' , Y 7 J: pw ' ft- I " ' -L'-.'?-'f' 1 .472- ., , , "- ff-f 1. 271' fa A fp a 'f ' 7 I 131 .f, Q-. fij lm,-I f- 3 ' 1511 iz "f 'Ms ' ,L ' lvgi ,.-9..':.u.. ww' ff 'fi,f,1q?'Z1"-.. ,,. df : .5 -.,1f,- ,ww , u . V1 3 tg . 'html' . .4 , 5 , ..-1' , zu, V ,W " , 'V' . . '75 .1-1 , . ., Y. " ' jo, 1 'v 1 1r:'?ij,':' A ' F x - 'V , g.. - , J ,gg l. , 5 ' hl .'ll?,g:5f.'Q N.. ...V AE?77f'. 1' 'V .1f'iU,. J" - -'Z-. 5.145 - J' 'H "' I," -1 R' H.. if "H nz. i .6s.,,n.v.. .gf .. -0 .,,,f.w x - -f A y ' ' 'Nw' n-u'c,- -' ef 4 K w-fy, lvrg - V 7 53.3.45-.3 A rf W agfrt. ,.. F .wil .5 L- x ' , Q 4f1vI,"'3 ivy 'E . ju.. , -' '..w.v 5.-f,-Q ,, ' - - -" Q." -4 'P-4 - L was ' 'I .-5, . .1 ue, 3 QJZQ' wit. Q -nf. np. t ' ' I .:.- - ' 'u ' A., asfizefw if ' qi' gww'- ' "fy 2 'QF'-" Q1W43g1:1:f2'- , 4, ' 's ' .- A f ,,,.tH4?3QgqS+' T ,JW is ' ' '15 'Q' 5- Z1 rf g-LM YQ- gg., v., .Q . z- N. 3-'-,1f.1!7-v 1 K.-'0 ' K 'V 'sg Q glfwgsgfq, 3 'I ,S-, . ' - f S.: W Q: - f :wwf A. -ref, --Q - ' . k'Kf1fW3?5ESawiM 4 W' 'fx Q, S ,, , MT ' . "' Ly 93g'c3Y2r:e" - -' - mt' -' .. 9- . -' 4.-"A is Tv-J?3:1,.l, ' f' ,ix " ' -P HP A "R" 4' 'A' if 4. wx, 1 "2" 33, ff'15ef??r'9'f ' - '. - ' 5. Q - K.-ffflf .1-. 's fit ' J' " 4. , 1' V '3'fw"fZi' ' A' ' Hn X' 1 :3,4E:f:'F XNw " - Q' .. " Q - - Ng-:airs 'f-:,. -- . .Wm M' GH '-x . Q N ,. f 'V' N697 is . , .W -' "" s- ' vm. '. - ' 'sv-, U ' if' 's' .. W -szfsgr w J . ' ' 1: ' -, ,, 1- Q. M ' M .. AA , . " ., ,,, 1?--4 4 A I' . S.. Q V M w. :W Q., If-F ,. 1, Q- T Q.. ., 3351 . W lx' w N W g Egg, . ,K W . . . 5 .,' V-J -A' I A ,,, 3 ' wi 3 1 4 " 1, ' . 'QW-"j ,, wwf", X: Xe' P' 5 B F , -, M - , 'mf' .- 4 , . .. 4. we . ,Wynn v ' . n ' , x-km . V V . ,pain 5 .M-gpm Wm Wmkg. 1 W ,. I , ' Ev.:-, '-6.2 f H' 'fr - 'Vw .F , jfL,.. A. if . ' mjie, ,,,,. ov . , ,. ,, fs.. N , . ,, "S'94f'3' 1 " . . " ' .,,, ' V' . fp . 4 r , J' Mg W. . ,""n-...M eff K ,. -.,.,,., N, N wwf' I . W 'N ' ,iw g yQ,,v""'f"' ' e' M e Wifi 137519 . 'f74'X'm, 'M'm., v"""w. --M., 'Mu' I 'Af'f'A'a f . -J N "fx"v3'fiY ,Jw , I L, K 1 Wmhw ,, . A 7 ,wa iw : wwfkkrgwf iwwwy, Q, . wg, WW'-V 1 'A -Gif' fg 'W ,ww 'Q ' " . "' V 'W -- Lfafwvf Wm'-A ,W J WK M I il If A . Tmjdvwji 'N www? , iii fi wvvw 5 f . 5 , rf -f f K I Q ef" ' 'fm e M w""Hw" K KWWL, X ,wg 'WMM , "Wise:-'f"' QJWEQQW - -.:,,. 'V ",: V A Tr ee mime e ' W' e 'Flin fe MW . , " ag.. ff, e ', mf K WY' nf. A Mggw w- -Q New M A A My Q - I , M " V W M A , , we N ,wtwmuj x mit zm3,4:gf,,!L,, in Wi 5 K . xl Q' WGQQ Ffa., , . Ax 4 f A. M 79' 4 4 A Wg grgxz M ..,. MW - -5, 'W LK K 'Y FK '4-Tiv V5 VLA :Y Heather Stevens Head Gnrl Roger Maul ' Head Boy Aww? It is a rare person that can actively participate in almost every activity-Pep Club, Concert Choir, Iournal, AP classes-and still evoke admiration and praise for a job well done. It is a rare person that can maintain a cheerful countenence when things donit go well-"The Student Council is your responsibility, what are you going to do about itis problems? It is a rare person that can do all the work, and still acknowledge the participa- tion of others-Heather Stevens was this person. She served as Iunior High Secretary, Sophomore Vice-Presi- dent, and junior Representative, before her election as Head Girl. "Dateless Wondern was an important member of the Journal staff, and a valuable participant in other activities. Sensitive, humorous, adamant, and quiet- these qualities coupled with the instinctive knowledge of choosing the right one at the right time, rendered Heather able to meet the dilemmas and joys of the year. Understanding, Reason Patience, Judgment Qualities of a Leader Being elected as a leader was not an area unknown to Roger Maul. He served as Ninth Grade Class President and Sophomore Representative before taking on the office of Senior High Head Boy. Not limited to only Stu- dent Council, he was a member of MacCregor,s Beggers, All-City Concert Choir, and played Varsity football and baseball. He was an active participant in Drama Club, Key Club, and D Club. Roger tried in the best possible way to instill in others his enthusiasm, which at many times during the year was difficult to achieve. Facing turmoil within the Student Council and an unprecedented amount of criticism from the student body, Roger was confronted with a challenge from which many others would have turned away. H7 Due to new innovations this year, there was a change in Student Council structure. Its traditions, ideas, purposes, and even foundation were questioned and attacked. Prob- lems that had long existed were finally recognized and brought into the open. Although people still asked "Is Stu- dent Council necessary and effective?", the majority an- swered yes and the government by the students proceeded from there. It instigated new activities such as the New- comer's Potluck Dinner, which provided the opportunity for new acquaintances and took a needed step forward toward achieving school unity. It broke old traditions by abolishing Color Day competition in hopes of giving new life to student activities and of sparking the interest of anon class workersv. It talked about, and tried to resolve its problems and the schoolis problems by planning an all-school seminar. The Student Council, on the surface, this year was the same as in the past, it sponsored the Color Day Dance, and guided the United Way Drive, the Canned Food Drive, and the Citizenship Assembly. But, unlike the past councils, the Council of 1969 realized its problems and tried to rec- tify them. Though not always successful, it was well worth remembrance for its creation of "new leaders". 4 Representatives Link All-School Activities with Student Body After being given a second chance to inform and en- courage students, the Representative Assembly has en- deavored to fulfill the goals upon which it was estab- lished. Delegates from each second hour class provided the necessary communication between students and the Assembly. Rep Assembly placed in each class "gripe boxes" where complaints about school life could be reg- istered. Representatives also participated in a seminar of TI students that discussed school problems and pre- sented resolutions to the administration. Understanding by communication was Representative Assembly's main goal, and with each ensueing year, it came even closer to accomplishing this aim. Via the link between Rep Assembly and the student body, each sec- ond hour class gave a Thanksgiving basket to the poor. . I ?" . 'it 1335 Qi. Representative Assembly officers are: Cl. to r.J Karen Wilhelm, Sec., Debbie Bemstein, Pres., and Nancy Busch, V. Pres. 120 -f l Explaining the lack of communication in TJ ' f ,, if Vicki Mason sparks the interest of everyone Unpacking toys for the Santa Claus Shop are Aggravation comes easily to Roberta Moreland Pete Crowley and Carol Neville, IRC members. as she participates in annual Christmas drive. Red Cross officers are: Cl. to r.l Teri Campbell, Pres.g Terry Green, Pgm. Chrm., Barb Akridge, Sec.g Michele Bograd, Treas. Not pictured is Chuck Burdick, V. Pres. Red Cross' Sharing Brings Friendship Candy canes, pickles, new and broken toys-what do these things have in common? They were all part of this yearis Senior High Bed Cross. Members of this worthwhile club sold the candy and pickles to help the Santa Claus Shop, and then armed with toys, aided in distributing them to Denver's needy. Other activities for the year included a Hall-o-Ween party for orphans, monthly visits to a nursing home or Fitzsimmons Hos- pital, and friendship kits sent to soldiers in Vietnam. Their annual dance, Ero,s Arrow, was again a success-a picture of loverliness-owing to effective planning and hard Work by the members of Red Cross. 121 Preparing for their marching demonstration, Spartan Spirits whisper "left, right, leftn, Spartan Spirits Psyche Teams to Championships Displaying overwhelming enthusiasm and true loyalty, the Spartan Spirits not only cheered during all athletic events, but vigorously supported various other activities held throughout the year. The first of these was their half-time demonstration at the Homecoming game. Other activities included the Pep Club Faculty Tea and the Mother-Daughter Fashion Show. With encouragement from "Coach" Betz, the Pep Club psyched out the team as well as the TI students. Friday was the climax of the week, with hall booster signs and pep rallies. Typifying their name, the Spartan Spirits instilled enthusiasm in the spectators as well as the athletic participants, and renewed the spirit of all Spartans. 122 Pep Club Officers are: Cl. to r.D Beth Rider, Rec. Sec., Patsy Mulhern, Drill Cap., Barbie Kortz, Pres., Lynne Koelbel, V. Pres., Mary Brookover, Treas., and lan Wanner, Corr. Sec. Carrying the Jefferson banner, Pep Club mem- bers begin the annual half-time demonstration. Chanting "We're No. I," Pep Clubbers dis- Clapping hands, screaming shouts, and confetti play overwhelming spirit for the Tj team. typify the Pep Club's reaction to TJ touchdowns Atherfie officers are: fl. to r.J Nancy Parma, Sec., Kath Luhe, Pres., Diane I n McMullen, V. Pres., Lise Brinton, Fash. Board Rep., and Joan Ficklin, Treas. G C An integral part of the school, Atherfies-the girls in blue and white could be seen assisting every day in school oflices. The club was composed entirely of senior girls who maintained a 3.0 grade point average and had a good citizenship record. They ushered at various TI functions, decorated bulletin boards in every room at Christmas, and helped put together the Tj Tempo maga- zine. Their service projects throughout the year proved them to be capable of almost any task, and one always knew that Atherfies could be depended upon. 'I24 Working in the IBM office, Nancy Busch sorts the annual six weeks report cards. of Amici Sorores write to remind them- upcoming activities. d Tl Functions Ushering for the Junior High Back-to-School Night was only one of the activities of the Amici Sorores, a sewice club for ninth grade girls, patterned after Ather- fies. The ambitious group also planned the Thanksgiving assembly, and guided lost parents through the halls on Counselor Night. They were enthusiastic and spirited cheerleaders for the Kimn DI-Faculty basketball game and ushered for the Jr. High All School Show. Amici Sorores was a recognizable group, both for its light blue vests and skirts seen every Friday, and the services per- formed as leaders ofthe junior High. Amici Sorores officers are: Cl. to r.D Ellen Dumm, V. Pres.g Nancee Enewold, Pres.g Martha Markham, Treas. and Kate Rider, Sec. Tri-Hi-Yers Play Santa to Orphans Holding out their hands to underprivileged children, Tri-Hi-Y helped a few of Denver's unfortunates learn the happiness of being alive. The club, associated with the YMCA, took the children on various excursions, and gave them a Christmas party. Besides this activity, the girls planned Co-to-Church Sundays, which included a trip to the Air Force Academy. With the help ofthe Hi-Y, members planned the Thanksgiving Assembly, and generously contributed toys to the Santa Claus Shop. At the end of the year, interested members attended the Youth In Government program, helping themselves and the community by becoming better citizens. Tri-Hi-Y members sought to understand Christian beliefs, and as the year ended they could say that their goal was met. Taking an orphan by the hand, janet Fraser leads "Droopy,' towards tricks and treats. 1 l . Tri-Hi-Y officers are: fl. to rj Qbackl Patty Becker, Rec. Sec., Patty Riley, Pres.g Helen Tyner, Chap., Leann Maul, Corr. Sec., ffrontl Kathy Luhe, Sgt-at-Arms, Janet Fraser, Fash. Bd. Rep. and Comm. Chrm.g Barb Wasson, V. Pres. l26 With mixed expressions, Hi-Y officers react to a suggestion of a hayride with Tri-Hi-Y Hi-Y officers are: fl. to r.l Eric Koelling, Pres.g Dexter Payne, V. Pres., and Doug Manley, Sgt-at-Arms. Not shown are Mark Towne, Treas.g Dan Ely, Sec.g and Cameron Grant, Chap. Hi-Y Goes Sky High in Many Service Projects Uniting with the Tri-Hi-Y in several club activities, Hi-Y helped to extend, establish, and maintain high standards of Christian character throughout the com- munity. Hi-Y with its counterpart, Tri-Hi-Y, began its year by planning Co-to-Church Sundays. The clubs com- bined their creative abilities and presented the Thanks- giving Assembly. And as Christmas drew near, the club Was busy sponsoring the Santa Claus Shop, and distribut- ing food baskets to needy families. The Spring did not bring a lull in Hi-Y's activities. The club enthusiastically participated in the Youth and Government Program, thus bringing a successful end to its year. .fill ,s Relaxing for a moment from hectic Hi-Y meet- ings is Mr. Anderson, Hi-Y's beloved sponsor. 'I27 Key Club officers are: fl. to r.J Buzz Koelbel, Treas.g Peter Van Lunsen, Sgt- at-Armsg Hank Jewell, Pres.g Jim Scott, Sec.g and Tom Barnhart, V. Pres. Keyed-Up Clubbers Help Needy Enthusiastic senior high boys dressed in bronze V- neck sweaters, not only aided in school functions but also community functions. The members were involved in every aspect of school life and lived up to the national motto, "Understanding Through Involvementf, The Kiwanis-sponsored chapter sold book covers, collected for the United Fund Drive, ushered at Back to School night, and planned the Easter Assembly. With the assist- ance of their sponsor, Mr. McLaughlin, Key Club mem- bers distributed baskets to the needy and gave a picnic for area orphans. Through their invaluable service to school and community, the Key Club members achieved for themselves a high position of respect. 128 Disbelief is displayed by Key Club members when they learn of jewell's plan of action. inging the boys and girls together are Lt. lonels Ed Lewandowski and Lou Hays. 0TCer Achieve ategy is the inzilportant part of cadet 'ning as pointe out by Steve Schott. Members of the Color Guard are: fl. to nl Paul Sylvester, Steve Schott, Kevin Mathias, Mark Wagner, and Lon Robinson. Becoming the leaders of tomorrow, the members of the Reserve Officer Training Corps learned such things as marksmanship, Hrst aid, and war strategy, in prepa- ration for the future. Activities in the four year course included interschool drill and rifle competition, and marching in the Veteran's and Memorial Day parades. Boys in ROTC presented the colors at games and as- semblies and ushered at school plays. Active in city and state contests, cadets became more responsible citizens, and were an integral part of school life. 129 1 5 A via 25 Ha W ,V Members of Boy's Rifle Team are: il. to r.J Ed Lewan- Members of Company B are: K. Mathias, Commander, W dowski, Mark Canjar, Rick Stevenson, and Wally Allen. Allen, Platoon Leader, G. McGuire, Platoon Sgt., L. Robinson First Sgt., B. Fink, S. Emerick, D. Ellis, L. Hise, C. Smiley, W. Shrum, F. Walter, T. Wade, S. Mitchell, and G. Fisher. N N Once-a-Week Warrior s Members of Company A are: M. Canjar, Commander, R. Stevenson, Platoon Leader, R. Beaver, Platoon Sgt., I. Disney, First Sgt., G. Warden, M. Rupert, R. Hill, P. Nabors, R. H man, P. Syl- vester, L. Kier, S. Cutting, R. Linscott, D. Gallegos, R. Summers, C. Valance, and, J. Vergatos. 130 of Honorary Cadets are fl to rl Sherrye Stone Mary Lamb1 Carla Pearson, Laurie McGee, Connie Lou Hays Clalre Mason Betsy Pennington Cody Seller Martha Lamb1 Susie Oberg, and Jeannie Lines. Honorary Cadets--the girls side of the ROTC-proved themselves to be an important part of the military de- partment at Tj. Their list of duties included such things as: acting as hostesses for military teas and luncheons, competing in city and state drill contests, assisting Colo- nel Mincer and Sergeant Nation, and marching in the Memorial Day parade. Five of the Honorary Cadets also participated in the Cirl's Rifle Team. Interviewed by senior cadets, prospective sophomore candidates were selected on the basis of teacher recommendations, grade average, poise, and citizenship records. Representing TJ to the rest of the city and state, the Honorary Cadets were an attractive and efficient group that can not be overlooked when totaling the assets of the school. 131 National Honor Society officers are: Cl. to r.J Giving adViCe and 0Pini0US is Part Of H SP011- Bill Wedum, Pres.g Jeanette Colburn, Treas.g S0f,S job, as illustrated by MY- Paul Helafldef Nancy Busch, Sec.g and Randy Condit, V. Pres. Interest in the election of Honor Society officers keeps all eyes toward the front. 132 for uiet study and thought can be found that are filled with noisy confusion. aking at the Honor Society initiation assembly, Mr. Royal, a native-born Englishman, stresses a point. Recognition Achieved Through Scholarships The Christmas Alumni Tea was the Hrst activity for the 1969 National Honor Society members as they greeted TJ grads of yesteryear with punch and cookies. Selection into the organization was determined by teacher approval, a good citizenship record, as well as a minimum 3.5 grade average. With Mr. Helander as their sponsor and friend, there was no task this club couldn't accom- plish. They collected Dollars for Scholars and extra money from other service projects went toward a book scholarship for a Tj student. Taking time from their schoolwork, NHS members put it to good use by parti- cipating and helping their school. 133 Multi-colored scarves, orange T-shirts and old pins complete the well-dressed FAC club memier. FAC Is Fun and Chaos New this year to the club roster was the Faculty Ad- visor's Club, exclusively for senior boys. Members of the group could be spotted easily in Friday afternoon crowds by their bright orange T-shirts with blue peace symbols. The boys helped put on the Drug Assembly and assisted during United Way Week by carrying back trays in the lunchroom for a small amount of money. Other activities, too numerous to mention, helped make FAC the club it was. Certainly the faculty wants to thank the organiza- tion created especially for them for its immeasurable help-a 3.2 gun salute to FAC! 134 Angels of the sky with peaceful intentions are Pres. Larry Krieger and V. Pres. Clendon Laird. Flappingl their wings and ready for the take- off are t e "birds" of the FAC organization. I Freshman Boy's Service Club officers are: fl. to r.J John Bramley, Chap.g Mark Butler, Pres.g jim Small, Sec.g Craig Weber, V. Pres.g and Bruce Hendrickson, Treas. Frosh Boys Accomplish Many Service Projects piness and delight are expressed on the faces embers in the Tj Freshman Boy's Service Club. They were the men behind the scenes at Tj dances and programs as they sold refreshments and worked on the Ir. High All-School Show. With service to the school as their byword, the Freshman Boyls Service Club accom- plished many useful projects throughout Thomas jeffer- son. This selected group of ninth grade boys was seen every Friday in royal blue blazers. With Mr. Smith as it's sponsor, the Freshman Boy's Service Club was an active and respected organization on the club roster.. 135 Packing up after a day on the slopes Ski Club With Gvefgfeefls flanking the White expanse members prepare for the ride homeward of powder, Rick Redecker shows his a ility Wet and Wild Weekend Sleepy awakenings by a rude and insistent alarm, the cold clean air mingled with the exhaust from buses, the smell of warm oranges, the happy fatigue that comes from skiing-all are part of the TI skiier's weekend. The Ski Club provided transportation for Saturday schussers to such places as Breckenridge, Winter Park, Loveland, Steamboat Springs, and A-Basin. Lessons were offered for snow bunnies, while more advance skiiers partici- pated on the racing team, which practiced every Sunday. A weekend at Aspen, and a fantastic trip to Switzerland completed the itinerary of the largest and most popular club at Thomas jefferson. Sk g' l hop, ki ,anda' mp for tlielllj gkinCl,ulg Presidenli, Clark Cliandall. ,gf 1 Make a Skiier's Dream ki Club sponsors are: fl. to r.J Mr. Colder Mr. Sorenson, r. Epstein, Mr. Dutton, Mr. Bottenelli, anti Mr. Westman. Q -' A ,A . . ifhfffvff W f?,?sf1i?55?M1QTx22 2g,gyU112?3Wi'w w .. . A I f Getting to the to of Chianti Ridge is half the fun in the higrfm world of Spartan skiing. f I -ha: .,f-n-u,':'c.w s ., , .,Zi. 1 ,W my Ready to jump out the window is Editor Bonnie Timmons, distressed by Journal staff members. 138 Preiparinp to brave the frontiers of the student bo y, sa esmen take a last minute scan of issue. "Paper Trains th This yearis journal staff, sponsored by Miss Marietta Kamp, put forth the necessary effort needed to publish a fine newspaper. With their motto as a guide, "Paper trains the students to soak up the news," staff members reported accurate and concise information, giving cover- age to all happenings and events throughout the year. Along with the bi-monthly publications, they issued several special editions, including Drugs and the presi- dential election. Under the leadership of their Editor, Bonnie Timmons, the journal planned several activities, such as the reinstalled assembly and the popular Jeffer- son Ball. The Jefferson Journal proved to be an influen- tial force in bridging the communication gap between i Denver area students. The journal showed it's effec- tiveness by being named a Medalist Winner by Columbia Scholastic Press Association. To start their rigorous early moming sessions every Journal member knows the value of coffee 'dents to Soak Up the News" Making all sorts of "IoumaIistic" faces, are the members of TJ's renowned newspaper staff Writer Create Unique Movies and Magazines Lights, camera, action-these were passwords for the students in Creative Writing. Adding a new dimension to their imaginations, they filmed everything from melo- dramas to a collage of the city, and participated in a lit- erary film festival. Under the editorship of' Lee and Dede Settles, the students developed the traditional creative writing magazine in the spring of the year. They collected plays, short stories, sketches, illustrations, and poetry submitted by talented senior high students. Sponsor, "Berf', Mason contributed the additional know how toward the compilation of' a successful and imagina- tive reflection of' TI students. c :seam ef F W Showing the first place certificate she won in the Ability Counts Contest is Judy Hoody. Creative Writing sponsor, Mr. Harold Mason, With a quick flick of the wrist, Steve Hammond displays the "Berfistic" smile of approval. shows Bob Nevans the basic parts of the camera. 'I40 ,,,, ,,,,L.,,,,.,,. rv-, -- ...- --... ...---.-,.. hen Man to Man Shall Be a Friend and Brother Relations Club oiiicers are: fl. to r.J sponsorg Lynn Whiteman, Pgm. Settles, Treas.g Bill Howland, Pres., Sec., and Linda Bond, V. Pres. If the World is shrinking as many people surmise, it seems reasonable that America should know something about its "new" neighbors. The International Relations Club at TI realized that the oceans are no longer barriers, and learned as much as possible about the customs, the people, and the ideas of foreign countries. Knowledge was acquired through speakers from different lands and student exchanges. This organization participated in In- ternational Day at the Colorado School of Mines, Where it won a trophy for its coverage of Russia. Members also planned, with the help of sponsor Mr. O'Brien, argu- ments for debates against DU groups. IRC-an important club in an era when knowledge of foreign countries is useful and essential. 141 ,Po Spanish Club officers are: fl. to r.J Cliff Erb, Pres.g Carolyn Dunbar, Sec., Sue Sayles, V. Pres.g and Tom Cameron Treas. Interest in America's neighbors to the south was evi- denced by the amount of participation in TJ's Spanish Club. Members listened to speakers and viewed films in hopes of a better and clearer understanding ofthe Spanish people. But the educational part of the meetings also gave way to entertainment and friendship. The organi- zation sponsored two Spanish-style dinners, a picnic in the Spring, and an Easter pinata party. Members prac- ticed speaking their "second" language and learned to express themselves in preparation for the day when they would cross the border into Mexico, or perhaps travel to Europe and sunny Spain. 142 Xigf-:vs Tinsel provides the Christmas atmoiphere, as sponsor, Mr. Lopez gazes at club estivities. 1 Spain and Franq With water pitcher and soft drinks at hand, Spanish Club members await their hot dinner. A get-acquainted dinner in the true French tradition provided the spark for French Club activities that con- tinued through the school year. Memberis homes pro- vided American meeting places for French subjects. WVith the help of sponsors, Mr. Pierson and Mrs. Moore, the club explored French cuisine and customs, and saw films and plays in an effort to improve "Francais, voca- bularies and cultural backgrounds. A Twelfth Night Party was also planned, on january 10, which imitated the age old customs of the French during Epiphany. This club provided a painless and interesting Way of learning about a foreign country that is so very different but strikingly similar to our own land. 143 Measuringlthe man for the job, Patty Dresler of TARS, isnt sure Nixon really is the one. TAR oHicers are: fl. to LD Patty Dresler, Sec., Barb Smith, Treas.g Sue Catseos, Sgt.-at-Arms, Leslie Orbloom, Pres.g and Dave Wright, V. Pres. Qnot picturedj 144 Smiling thoughtfully, Mrs. Morrell, sponsor of the TARS, ponders a question posed by Io n Henderson. Supporting the 1968 Presidential campaigns were the Teenage Republicans of Tj. October was the busiest month of the year for the TARS, who attended Nixon rallies and collected money for the GOP party. They eagerly anticipated the inauguration of President Richard M. Nixon and filled their time by endorsing Republican candidates, listening to speakers, and staging field trips and potluck suppers. The TARS played an active part in community politics and with their profound interest in American government, they renewed spirit among the older generation. Political Organizations Ralli uring Election Campaign This year was a particularly thrilling one for the polit- ically-minded students at TI. Most Students were in- volved in the 1968 elections to some extent, but the more active Spartans, such as those in Young Dems, took ad- vantage of' the situation and made it an enjoyable and educational experience. Young Dems canvassed Tj neighborhoods in an effort to gain favor for the candi- dates they supported. F avoring the proposed amendment for lowering the voting age to eighteen, members did their best to sway community and school opinions. Through involvement and discussions with incumbent politicians, the members of Young Dems increased their knowledge of government and acquired a flair for politics. Supporting Humphrey was the Young Dems main goal, but his fate was not to capture a win. Young Dems officers are: tl. to rj Bill Cunningham, V. Pres., Laura Vierhel- ler, Sec.-Treas.g Ken Wilson, Pres., Paul Walthers, Sgt-at-Arms and Chris Sinopoli, Parlimentarian Knot picturedl. 145 if 23 as 2 is With the NFL emblem as a background, Alan Greenberg poses with the Sha roth trophy. 1 Persuasion Underlies the Character of NFL Selling the traditional yellow carnations on Color Day, the National Forensics League was undoubtedly an in- tegral part of school activities. The club stressed the de- velopment of leadership qualities, as well as competitive spirit. Members of NFL dealt with all aspects of the speech world-debate, oratory, and public speaking. The Winning of the coveted Shafroth trophy by Alan Green- berg was a high point in the speech season. Guided by Miss Virginia Kasdorf, the club experienced a successful and educational year. 146 J gas S? if 13 2 Q H 5 Z 3 5 5 5 S 2 P 5 r 5 2 Complete with dramatic gestures, NFL members Barb Kortz and Ann Richmond rehearse Christmas speeches. sing for a moment, Miss Fischer, FTA spon- explains the activities for the new year. Act as Tutors officers are: fl. to rj Karen Ellison, Treas.g Ieannete Colburn, Corr. Sec.g Sue Pres.g Janet McGraw, Hist.g Patty Kasiska, V. Pres.g and Patsy Mulhern, Rec. Sec. Qlowing candles lighted the wa toward ini- tiation ceremonies for the members of FTA. "To explore the opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher, and to foster the development of student leadership"-this was the pur- pose for the Iames T. Reiva Future Teachers of America Club. The members tutored students, assisted teachers, and provided scholarships for deserving students by sell- ing candy. Their interest in the organization was main- tained throughout the year by the planning of diversified and educational meetings. Speakers and films informed them of various methods of teaching the blind and deaf and the physically handicapped. Perhaps one of the most meaningiiil clubs at TI, FTA provided an enjoyable way of leaming outside the classroom. 147 Members of FTA Looking intently through the window, Pre-Med "They let everyone go but me", comments N Club members watch physical therapy sessions. Mr. "Len" Kocinski, Pre4Med Club Sponsor. W Pre-Med Club Operates Aptly The many advancements of the scientific world of medicine captured the interest of Pre-Med Club. The Club members furthered their medical knowledge through speakers and field trips. Guest surgeons, heart specialists, and psychiatrists relayed to the club the most up-to-date methods and techniques of their fields. Child- renis Hospital, the CU Medical Center, and the Bonfils Blood Bank provided glimpses of modem facilities of the present and experimental facilities of the future. All these activities, coupled with All-City Pre-Med meetings, were beneficial in the planning of member's careers in the area of medicine. 148 ui Pre-Med Club Officers fl. to r.l Renee Shraiberg, Treas.g Debbie Boyd, Pres.g Nick Beno, V. Pres.g and Lynn O'Shaugnessy, Sec. Knot picturedl. "Red Baron" Mayfield helpfully stands by members of the Aeronautics Club on a recent outing to Clinton Avaitlon. Officers are: Russ Barrows, Pres.g Bob Hayes, V. Pres., Lana Mitchell, Sec., and Bob Hill, Treas. Aeronautics Club Flies High on Many Trips the cockpit controls, club member Barrows begins to start plane engine. Playing an important part in the training of future pilots in aviation techniques, the Aeronautics Club under the guidance of its sponsor, Mrs. Grace Mayfield, took educational field trips and tours to NORAD, Arapahoe Flight School, and United Flight School. Their learning was also incorporated in the classroom, where they met a period each day. Their primary goal this year was the purchase of a used cockpit. This cockpit served as a simu- lator experience for students interested in pursuing a career in aeronautics. One of Tfs more recently estab- lished clubs, its membership enlarges with each year, perhaps because of the increased emphasis being place on air travel and the exploration of space. I49 Traveling through the air with the greatest of ease is Karate President, Don Peterson. Ex ertly demonstrating Hai-Karate yell 4869, Bog Bixler demolishes a solid block of brick. 150 i Sticks, Bricks, Stone: Don 'tBreak Their Bone Simulated street fights, the breaking of bricks boards with heads and hands, and of course choppi punching, kicking, and flipping, were all part o weekly Tj Karate Club meeting. Members represent Thomas jefferson in the Rocky Mountain Se-Il T: kwon-Do Karate Association Inc. During hour-long me ings, members went through a series of isometric a warmup exercises, and practiced self-defense pro dures. Guided by sponsor, Mr. Bower, the club cq- peted in the Rocky Mountain Regional Karate Cha pionships and the Southwestern Tournament. The Cl held sparring practices with other Denver-area clul With the motto, "We are the best in the art of self- fensen, members of Se-Il Taekwon-Do brought the ri and skilled sport of Korean Karate to students ofTI. alist, Patty Ponikiski, and DECA judge, Mr. Bob McNiesh ct to district awards. DECA officers areg Cl. to r.J Paul Reginelli, V. Pres.g Joanne Guiry, Pres., Nancy Ericson, Treas.g Jack Saunders, Publ. Dir.g and Susan Poindexter, Sec ECA Distrihutes Education for Future Success king forward to dinner are DECA members, ompanied by principal, Mr. C. 1. Mackey. Money for DECA members to attend final competition at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs was earned this year by selling ski posters and Valograms. Students in Distributive Education classes were automatically a part of this unique club, which combined business and selling fundamentals with club functions. DECA mem- bers studied selling methods, advertising, display of mer- chandise, and public relations, and then put their class instruction into practice as they Worked in various stores throughout the community. The Distributive Education Club prepared its members for their roles in the business world, and gave them confidence to face the future. 151 Brought together by their love of drama and their desire to work and accomplish, TJ's Thespians formed the core of the schoolis Drama Program. A national and honorary organization, membership was gained byearn- ing ten points-acting in plays, serving as a chairman of a committee, or being a member of stage crew were a few ways of attaining points. The club had three formal initiations of new members during the school year, and were sponsors of a Play Festival at the end of January. They attended the State Convention where they pre- sented the Stateis Hrst formal initiation ceremony. Their interest in' drama was culminated when they staged jean Anoui1h's dramatic interpretation of Antigone. Antigone rehearsals are viewed with looks of amusement, concentration, and disgust. l Drama Club Explorq Thespian officers are: tl. to r.J Adele Lennig, Pres.g Mark Combs, V. Pres.g Judy Rifkin, Sec.g and Kevin McDermott, Treas. 152 Ready to fight are Randy Martines and Kevin McDermott in a recent So'loquian rehearsal. ragic and Comic Worlds loquian officers are: fl. to r.J Salgy Mason, Sgt.-at-Arms, Kathy Robb, Publ. Chrm.g Tom Flohr, Ianice Polivnick, V. Pres.g an Carre Lin eman, Treas. Not pictured is Kathy Dennison, Sec. Qualifications for a So'loquian Drama Club mem- ber must necessarily include energy, a desire to work, and more than a passing interest in dramatics. This year's club planned many activities, and more importantly, it accomplished them. The year began with initiation ceremonies for new members and ended with their suc- cessful production of The Wizard of Oz. Other activities included makeup, costume, and lighting demonstrations by various members of the club, a reunion of all past and present Soiloquians, and a hay rack ride. While learning everything they could about the theater, all members shared a close friendship that did not end even at the close of the school year. 153 Expressing their beliefs through music, mem- bers strum guitars at a recent folk meeting. Folk SongCluhMembers Stage Various Sing-Ins New songs and diiferent ways of playing old ones, pro- vided an ever-changing format for Folk Song Club meet- ings. Member's knowledge in folk music was increased and enriched at bi-monthly gatherings. Besides sing- alongs and guitar workshops, the organization sponsored a picnic and hay-rack ride for all Denver area folk en- thusiasts, and took part in the All-City Folk Song Festi- val. With sponsor, Miss Taton, the singers planned and participated in the Folk Song-Faculty baseball game, and sang at nearby nursing homes. Interest in folk music was sparked by this club, as they sang, strummed, listened, and learned. 154 Folk Song Club oflicers are: Cl. to r.l Dexter Payne T ,- P ' C V. P ess Miss Taton S on , ameron, r , , P ' sdlriallob lllglthaup, Pres.g and Kathy Burghardf, S00 ns from "Thoroughly Mo- , members entertain the PTA. MacGregor's Beggars Sing for Their Supper Wanted: A group of singers, eight girls and eight boys with exceptionally fine voices, vivacious personalities, bright smiles, and a love of music. Rehearsals will be three times a week and the group will appear at various community functions. The group will perform selections from recent musicals-brief dance routines, and solos may be inserted for variety-talent not timidity must be a part of a member's character. If you feel you could meet these conditions please see Mr. MacGregor. QNote: These conditions were fulfilled by sixteen Tj students and the 1968-69 Macflregoris Beggars materializedj around the piano the members sing their favorite songs. 155 Members of the TJ Fashion Board pose in styles from a nearby University Hills store, The Stage. Board Monopolizes Game of Fashion and Style Fashion Board's main accomplishment this year was the revision of the school dress code. It presented the dois and don'ts of the dress code in a fashion show for all senior high girls. Besides the fashion show, members created posters which provided the guidelines for ap- propriate apparel at all school dances. Girls who served on department store fashion boards were a part of the TI Fashion Board, as well as representatives from each senior high girls' club. Fashion Board served as a liason between the administration and the girls of the school, and was a useful link in communication. 156 Chairmen of the TI Fashion Board, Marti Bums and Leann Maul model the new spring look of 1969. time out from coordinating Tj clubs members of the Vice-President's Council. Mr. Justice, sponsor of Vice- s Council directs the Drug Assembly. Council Sparks Club Activities To unify all the clubs at TJ so that most of the regula- tions were the same Was the purpose of Vice-Presidents Council. As the name of the club implies, the organiza- tion Was composed of all the Vice-Presidents from each school club. The Council was also in charge of getting new students interested and involved in school functions. At meetings led by Mr. Justice, members discussed any problems that a club might have, and planned the annual Club Assembly. A necessary organization, Vice-Presi- dent,s Council established rapport between various clubs and bettered communication within the school. 'I57 Members of Stage Band are: Agee, B., Beno, N., Cory, C., Horner, D., Houtchens, B., Hutchinson, D., Inman, B., Kamlet, L., Leoni, I., , I-YOHS, C-, M211'Shall, T., Mongrain, R., Parsons, B., Payne, D., Petterson, B., Rogers, M., Turner, B., Turner, D., Vagts, D., and Webb, J. N The Always a welcome addition to any assembly, the Tj Show Band performed fast-paced jazz and contemporary music with professional ease and grace. Selected by audi- tion for the Concert Band, their natural talents were developed in early morning practices led by Mr. Aldo Lallo. They received a more individual instruction than larger groups, and difficult numbers were no obstacle for the Show Band. These talented musicians proved to be an asset to the music program at TI. Banding together to rouse school spirit, the Concert Band, in new uniforms this year, played at football games and rallies. The Band made up an integral part of the instrumental assemblies, presenting both classical and popular music to Tjtstudents. Exchange concerts, the Winter and Spring assemblies, and graduation exercises made every-day practice an essential routine. The Con- cert Band, conducted by Mr. Aldo Lallo, learned to play and appreciate every kind of musical score. 158 Band That Plays Togethe Tooting their horns, Band members Dexter Payne and Kev McDermot blow their minds. officers are: Cl. to r.J Dexter Payne, Pres., Bob Inman, Deb- SeclTreas., Duane Hutchinson, and Lynn Fishman, V. Pres. ys Together .K nger, F., Douglass, R., Downam, K., F lshman, L., Friedman, A., Goddard, R., Graunke, J., Hadad, M., H1ldI6tl:l, R., Homer D., Inman, B., Kamlet, L., Keeler, B., Krieger, D., Lamer, I., Lowler, S., Lenicheck, D., Loman, C., Loman, R., McDermott Marshall, T., Mongrain R., Noe, I., Parsons, W., Payne, D., Peck, S., Peterson, R., Rimmel, C., Rogers, M., Schmid, J. C., Seiler, C., Shedd, S., Shoemaker, J., Spurlin, R., Spurlock, K., Thrasher, K., Vagts, D., Webb, I., Wolfson, B 159 of Soncert Band are: Agee, B., Barrows, R., Bauman, I., Beno, N., Bernstein, D., Bemstein, I., Boyd, D., Combs, M. Copland, S , Di 3 . ' 7 --- , 1 Achieving a dynamic and rich tonal quality was an important goal of the Concert Orchestra. Members learned to interpret selections and express themselves through the music they performed. Under the able di- rection of Mr. Lallo, the group spent many class periods and extra hours practicing for upcoming concerts. The Concert Orchestra participated in exchange concerts with other Denver area high schools, and was an import- ant part of the Winter and Spring instrumental concerts. Comparing his elephantitis-stricken violin to Barb Akridge's "normal" one is Bill Petterson. Orchestra and Choir Make Members of Concert Orchestra are: Abramson, K., Agee, B., Akridge, B., Barrows, R., Bauman, I., Berstein, D., Bernstein, J., Breh- men, L., Carpenter, M., Christensen, P., Combs, M., Cory, C., Fishman, L., Friedman, A., Gottenberg, S., Grant, C., Graunke, I., Gunther, J., Horner, D., Howk, R., Inman, B., Isberg, C., Johnson, P., Kremers, C.,'Lenicheck, D., Leone, J., Lines, C., Lucore, A., Mc- Dermott, K., Morgan, B., Newman, L., Noe, I., Page, C., Patton, T., Pa ne, D., Peay, C., Petterson, B., Roeschlaub, N., Rosenkranz, W., Sayre, E., Schwengels, I., Seiler, C., Shoemaker, I., Stout, C., Wainwright, C., Walker, A., Wasson, B., Watson, S., Winn, J., Wolfson, B. 'I60 of Concert Choir are: Abramson, K., Addington, P., Anderson, D., Aspinwall, T. Baldon, G., Barnum, M., Berardini, A., Berge, B., Blackwood, I., Bluebaugh, P., Boggis, C., Bradbury, S., Briber, G., Brown, T., Busch, N., Butz, K., Campe, I., Clark, B., Colson, R., Crow, R., Cumberland, S., Cunningham, B., Day, I., Dennison, K., Dodd, I., Durkop, I., Entsminger, D., Ericson, N., Fish, B., Fitz- French, R., Frisk, M., Frisk, P., Cage, C., Green, T., Gregg, E., Griffith, K., Gunstream, B., Hays, L., Iensen, S., Iochens, P., Iohnston, S., Karavities, M., Lennig, A., Lindeman, C., Lyman, B., McFatter, G., McGuire, G., Malcolm, R., Mans- R., Martines, R., Martinez, T., Mason, S., Mathias, K., Maul, L., Maul, R., Miller, K., Milne, M., Miriello, B., Newman, L., Parma, N., Pearson, D., Perkins, H., Petterson, B., Porter, P., Powell, C., Riley, P., Saunders, F., Shirk, S., Sholund, N., Shraiberg, R., I., Smith, D., Stevens, H., Tayon, M., Thomas, T., Tipton, L., Vafiades, I., Veith, C., Vierheller, B., Walthers, P., Wenger, P., Kasrska, P. I1C8I'lIBCl Eff0I'lI . Y M- Concert Choir officers are: Cl. to r.I Pam Addington, Treas.g Mr. MacGregor, leader, Leann Maul, V. Pres., David Entsminger, Pres., and Lynne Tipton, Sec. One of the most popular music groups at TI was the Concert Choir. It never failed to delight the audience, whether performing religious chorales, Handel's Messiah, traditional folk songs, or themes from Broadway musi- cals. Auditioned by Mr. MacGregor in the spring, mem- bers achieved a prominent position among Denveris top vocal groups. Besides performing in the seasonal vocal concerts, they added a dramatic touch to many TI assem- blies, and Christmas would not be complete without their harmonious caroling through the halls. Their love of music, coupled with their talent expressed through songs, made them a quality group. 161 Members of Girls' Ensemble are: Afman, D., Alberg, B., Albi, L., Allen, C., Aubuchon, M., Ball, M., Bauer, N., BennettibL., Bjella, D. Blakely, C., Brewer, L., Butler, W., Cartwright, C., Chandler, S., Ciuii, D., Colbert, K., Colbem, C., Colenbrander, M. Da y, L., Decker P. Desselle, D., Donnelly, M., Dresler, P., Dunbar, P., D'Urso, K., East, A., Ellison, K., Epstein, S., Faust, D., Frislt P., Genovese, L. Glantz, C., Goldstein, D., Grace, A., Greene, L., Grelk, K., Groves, T., Guenther, I., Haines, C., Henkell, K., Hentschel, I., Herron, L. Hise, L., Hoailund, S., Hofrneister, M., Hurley, M., Jackson, K., Jacobs, P., jetfs, D., Jenkins, M., Johnson, L., Johnston, R., Kal, R., Kenna K., Kirkpatric , D., Kirkpatrick, R. LaBate, L., Lambi, M., Lambi, M., Latcham, I., Legg, M., Lutz, I., McClanahan, C., McColm, L. 9 McElvin, T., McConagle, P., McNeill, P., McPherson, N., Mackey, I., Mauck, K., Miller, B., Miller, I., Moser, G., Mountain, B., Nar- racci, S., Nikkel, S., Obum, N., Paladino, R., Pate, N., Payne, S., Pique, M., Ponikiski, P., Powers, S., Ramey, D., Ribbin , L., Rob- erts, L., Robinson, N., Rodman, J., Rollins, L., Roth T., Rushton, M., Sams, B., Saunders, M., Scheeler, M., Scheidt, S., Schreiner, L. Seerie, G., Shoemaker, I., Smalley, N., Smith, K., Smith, V., Stephens, S., Stephans, S., Struthers, J., Susuras, K., Tyler, I., Thur- man, C., Tripp, L., Valis, M., Vaughan, S., Warren, M., Warwick, B., Werschky, S., Whitaker, N., White, T., Whitfiel , P.,Wilde, P. Vocal Groups Harmoni I I Any senior high girl who enjoyed singing was elgible to join this year's Girls, Ensemble. This group composed of more than one hundred girls, performed in the annual Fall, Winter, and Spring concerts at Tj, with added per- formances during the Christmas season at nursing homes and shopping centers. Members, directed by Mr. Mc- Gregor, presented an interesting and varied program, which included religious and traditional songs, as well as hits from Broadway musicals, past and present. Girls' Ensemble was a fun class and provided for many the in- spiration to go even further in their musical studies. 1 Studying the music for an upcoming concert, is Ninth Grade Chorus member Lori Franzman. 162 x Q 1 2 x Vocal music captured the interest of over eighty fresh- man who were a part of this year's Ninth Grade Chorus. Under the leadership of Mr. McGregor, the young sing- ers were groomed for future roles in Concert Choir. The ninth graders gained poise and learned that the world of music involved much more than just singing. They per- formed at the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas con- certs, and in vocal assemblies for both students and families. Each enjoyable performance added a bit more depth and intensity to their musical backgrounds. makes perfect as members of the Girls' soon realize in their moming session. Make Good Time Music Members of the Ninth Grade Chorus are: Afrnan, B., Aglar, D., Alexander, L., Anderson, R., Bauman, B., Baumigartner, I., Beyers, W., Bills, E., Bischofberger, I., Bither, S., Bowman, I., Brandon, L., Brooks, T., Brown, E., Brown, L., Cam e, M., Cani , B., Capp, D., Camey, D., Carter, K., Chapman, D., Chose, M., Coleman, D., Crawford, K., Cumberland, L., Davidson, B., Divison, T., Dougherty, R., Dumm., A., Duxbury, R., Elrod, L., Enewold, N., Farber, L., Farquhar, L., Fief, S., Franzman, L., Freed, I., Galli, P., Garvey, A., Gates, N., Goodpaster, S., Greene, S., Haines, D., Hargrove, L., Hill, L., Holstein B., Hunter, H., johnson, J., Lackner, N., Larson, L., Lattner, T., Law, L., Laurence, C., Lawrencf C., Lehman, B., Lehor, D., Lewis, L., Lidman, S., Lucuq, R., McCarty, Y., McColm, D., Mickelson, N., Mitchell T., Molyneus, M., Moore, L., O'Shaughnessey, K., Painter, L.,-Panella, G., Patterson, E., Pearson, D., Petry, B., Piper, K., Pollard, L., Powell, I., Pritzel, P., Quaidy, L., Rainey, R., Rhodes, M., Richardson, G., Rider, K., Roberts, D., Rogers, C., Ro ers, K., Rouse, ill., Sams, L., Sander, E., Sanders, I., Saunders, M., Saunders, S., Settle, V., Severinson, J., Shaddock, L., Sheeran, M., Sliovlin, C., Smit , R., Spalding, A., Stanley, C., Strauch, V., Trubey, T., Tunson, L., Tunson, B., Vaughn, M., VanBenschoten, D., Walker, M., Walker, O., Wanner, G., Warth, K., Wash, L., Way, T., Wenstrom, M., West, W., Wham, I., Wilkin, L., Williams, A., Williams, M., Wilson, D., Winslow, D., Wolf, W., Wright, P., York, J. 163 U Ju- 3 " W "-.-S155-,.-. . 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' 1. ff The class of '72 generated a unique kind of enthusiasm which gave them the power to make this year successful. Their conscientious leadership and vivacious enthusiasm sparked the entire junior high with the spirit of friendly rivalry, as it placed them first in the United Fund Drive. "Love Is Bluev, the class of '72,s first Freshman party, foreshadowed a year abounding in social activities. Taking a look into the future, the Christmas party gave the ninth graders a chance to prepare for high school life, while the Valentine,s party, as the last Iunior High gathering, gave them a chance to look nostalgically into the past. Frosh joined hands with the senior high in the second semester when Hamilton junior High opened. As the year ended and the Freshmen attended their first night function, the Aristocrat Dance, the class anticipated with excitement the title of "sophomore", and the added at- tractions it would bestow. Freshmen officers, Mame Butts and Harvey Bograd, feed their class with fresh ideas. Ooh, Um Gawag Freshman girls prepare for futures as home- makers by sharpening their skills at sewing. rking intently on one of their man ro'ects Y P J , truth grade boys perfect the art of carpentry. f Freshmen Got the Power rr-w,.r.W,,mm Kun-M., ' r fi me ' Atal. Kevin Shanahan concentrates on increasing his speedg useful when typing future term papers. M 167 is lien "N 1 JZ? 4 t use agile? 2 i X gfieiifsfif I 'l' flint ,-1,-eg. - 5 A .. vs 5 ' U f Z PE 5 f 5 2 ., 3 V s! fe1sf3eegewisf?' wiffmzseigesffzw '91f5?lssS?fQfiliiiwxfiw' f.Ei.sg1s9i1-we-'.-ff - fww is -2'.szr1ss'.i,,-:SK www hw is .5 3 za, ,L gg5e5sg?z33gei1X1-r- ,, s1.t:-:wean "-"Ei mf, was w ww -s, , Ss, - S ,K P .Tig 3 1 1- ., "' fa ggjiagpgesg " is . if we V ,.w.i5.f 131'-T i ' sfewsf g,3gi2fm-W, .. pm gwgil' L,-wwe-.ii iiasfgsgrgsfziz My ee, 5 . Q as tg , it LV,, W - i S, . K ,,.,mnw. W J' ' I ' -051 122532 11m,s1..,g1-f . 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V ja Z M 3 352113 M5 . mia -lf iifazsf nf Barb Afman Lawrence Alexander L nette Alexander Charlie Allen Peter Allis Dan Allsup Cindy Anderson Glenn Anderson Martha Argust Mark Ariki Don Autre Sharon Bahlrych John Baird jane Banks Martha Bann Wayne Bames Carol Bartlett Bette Bauman Jessie Baumgartner Linda Bayer Dave Beck Terry Beck Bob Beery Carl Behrent Philip Bellinger Gail Benson Robert Berg Vicky Berg 5, ,-553 J gi ' Virgiisg f l ng, x,Sfgf,afi:s 5 xl gl? is , l we E . 4' 'jeg 25 ML x 2 1 s Na. , K E fr' W ll "WSW W' L ' Wliiwasfzzi' A U wig- : -325 'Jf'.'1Si:fiE?'JV7" ,,,,L,,,f,f iw E vi fwilfffgef eiyig 1-W U Wi gggx MA! ls N QQ t .4 if L iw 3 ess s- sl F Mfii ' xi' Rim? ii ,.,., ,. . 2,255 , .ze H 2 fi FT s li fm K ii at A x1ffkw:ff,.,t, V rlizislgagy , , S , fl a Y' K " 7 2 5 Freshmen Mix Studies Wendy Beifers Margo Bir enmeie Deb ie Birks jim Bischofberger Marty Bischoff Pat Blackhall Doug Bloomquist Anne Blomberg Pam Boe 1' with Pleasure .W fvgwira- K em at v V, ,az A . as -a rays?-nggiw r A , f -may 1 if 5 .wk ,, J , ,X E ff f kenaf: -. ft - f w',.m,f::: may 4-,f rv . gfgiffw-fr, 'ma ,ix 'ns gwfgglgifz PHOTO s s f , "J W' .M a . 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M s - A B , NE? , xsyy,syys s lssy X A g R fl-s Hwww, X 2 gi Z "You see, it's like thisg you can study and do your homework or you can forget it and Hunk." Margie Campe David Chapman john Collins Jim Cozette Marne Butts Cathy Chandler Ian Cole Connie Cozens ,aw swf? 05.575 fi s a 'L Q its-ff, ' , img, ,, 1 .E wfgc, -, 'E'E,Fzl5m ' k fggzffi 2-tw if ' -H :Q '- - .f:i.!,Vetig YW x xxx X lx ggggy fi M M ' l l , E fi tw ig 1 H 2 35 311191 . V . ,,z r. ,rx 4? S W EF ' .. E fiigiliiiiii l e B -- zgligzigaisgw 13335, ,XM f . ,W Q? . I 'W gs X V If X . If i g " 'll H -My-ffswi 5-ffm ffzkefnff Q 7 ,lg 'Ink Qian 23 -915 -aw fx- 35- y mi 2 if 4 nfxzwivff, ' Jimi, , -2 ' E R555 ' sa :iv E W, . B M , X J ir ix K X -1 .4 sa S, iw, , ' " " ..- '::-:. 1-' E2Q3if1:gQligg' jj if 7 rl f, - PG -?T?i?5S?5?f ,V ,L 1 .f ,-r. e,..e,.A..s,. ,ffm gig . - z . . Q ..,.. was .Qi Mg ,X ,,,aa,,.., S, Q, wsu W U, 545545 MTX' is qi yr ' 1.- S? 169 '24 Janet Craig d C Ran y roop 5 Laurie Shcumbefland 1. aton ' 3 'Q -L. it , il in ,, WEN I 4 L Cummings 'F . 0 Beth Davidson Bob DeGraw ., ,.,, ,-" Q sg , I a1i.z F F Amis Tom Dickson Cheryl Dillinge Sandi Dimmiclf Bob Ditolla Beverly Doll Cary Dorn Robin Dougherty Clay Douglas Carolyn Dresle Gary Drifiith Ellen Dumm Sara Dunaway Freshmen Eagerly loinl Geoff D,Urs0 Robin Duxbury I l i Melinda Linda Earle Keith Dyson Nancy Dyson Earhart Nancee Phil Eatherton Jeannie Ellison l Laura Elrod Enewold Susan Epperson Cindy Essiii Scott Evans Lynn Farquhar Jill F icklin Floyd Fin ay Ra Finnell Annette Flores Bo Flory Dvon Fletcher Eric Foerster Laurie Mike Flynn Gail A1111 Franzmann joan Fraser Frederic ' q f ,1.' is 5 AQ- it L f' K 'Gig ,1 1 ,f x g is X 1 B1 Z vi X 4 ' 4 im, LE Ms bf" , Y as L B,i:Q?ei.wir iiigm TK ww im ia, gLKiBwH,m,,rs ie mggmq vi 3 is wa ,Milli L fswnf if ' F ,X ey, vm -. i N git, dna S X 3 ' P Size S ag' H i 2 Q ii ieeweii 1 fm ig 1 f ws ,S Ewa we' fm ix iw Q i , ifiwmgi , an Wi S fi! if M y f A wif A K. we ww -1 H We 1 ,Mg if ' 1. I ll D 2? ls ff-E 5 0, 'l i is guru 4 10 i, it 1 Q is re n ' J' " F 5 ff I 170 1 ggi: 5 : Eff if is 1: - si 'tsgsaiszmi-Engl Most students run out of a school, but these students seem to be doing just the opposite. Juhe Freed Rick F reehling Dou Freese Casey Funk Phylis Galli Andrea Garvey Ross Gaunt Vicki Gelster Milt Cianulls Anita Gill if, ,a, 1 zfeiwagiazshxxxrl ' 'L ass " S.."'S::::-: '. M W., ,q,s.a,a,.w sera - ---sf -- f1.s.:sz Q ,gseggwei - , mesa we P' 1 .zrfe2,ax,1f,f ef. fm . if 5 U' ,:2m,1asl 9. .jf.-if ' J 1 1 , . f s W i . f-.- mr.. . SH-5:r w11,,. . . - - 4 W gggzkfsr. , , 3143153 illiiifff Y M fi iw vi z P 'zxiwilsx wi Ev, ' K a 5? .M A mx gi m.1,..iv wig-is ,Egg is mga xi ,X X Ng, S K S 5 ,, EEE si rs W K Um! HE an 3 'gy 555' 1 i 'swf ff 'sf an -gmffifgisgizgdaigf 1 rss ,f as was 92 A ,W M 'rr-31.55 " ::-'ii:.'iilw ffiwgaaaas ggggggg 5 . :fm ' :: f. ' in 'efz:wsi5faf i l .5 ZVF ' . ,, " , Q Q, , ' "f f 33555 ' K K , g , ,.,.t.N if xi ' . 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X Hi' K a li Sat a . -..-- 4 g ,,,,r A 325 iff' . ab. i eg 5,59 X fps-fitf Wifwif ' I i in '57, M Ki 5g,?,,,,..,i.,,,,z af,i+,1f,,:,M X , X 2 ,wa Q, , , Q gl as W I? 1 A , r.,, X, . ,X Y 'Y' wi xiii N -ag F li-1 2 SSE M I 'X .--mga. . -5 .sa ,: W? f -H aisfiifiiif 52 . we ,il QV 1 1 s W Kgxij ' f sqni, i f I f David Talley Scott Tilsley Bruce Vaughn Tana Wedum Jeannie Wham Mark Whelan Janet Whetstone Carolle Whitaker Anne Williams Dan Winkel Tonie Witherspoon Wendy Wolf Norman Worshan Pat Wright Mindy Wymore Randy Yeates jim York Rodney Zell jon Z'umwinkel Sophomores added the fourth level of education and achievement to their tower, built on a foundation of anticipation, cooperation, and knowledge. This year's addition was sturdy and impressive, having a significant influence on the other classes of the school. The Sopho- mores, led by hard-working and well-qualified officers, four spirited Sophomore cheerleaders, and guided by Mr. Stone, worked together for unity as one architect. Their goals were to unify and organize the class and its spirits. The combined efforts of the officers and the students made activities like the Good Will Drive, canned food drive, snow sculpture, and the Sophomore Orientation Dance highlights of the year and succeeded in reaching these desired goals. Scoring a close second in the hall decoration along with the song fest, the Sophomores placed well in Homecoming competition. The Sophomores acted with anticipation to all the more advanced and interesting classes available to them, such as chemistry, driver training, and geometry. Not only did they meet these challenges scholastically, but the Sophomore football team completed the season with a perfect record for victory. In working toward the dom- ing of their tower of achievement, the Class of ,71 car- ried out many unusual and successful activities. 178 While making history at TJ, the Soph class offi- cers worked diligently without any bones about it As newcomers to senior high, the Sophs groove in the atmosphere at their Orientation Dance. Sophs Make New Addition to Tower of TJ Achievement their varied talents in and out ofthe Leading their class to the top, So h officers Cl. to r.J, Dale Thomp- Soph girl displays music ability. son, Rep., Jim Bixler, Rep.g Angie Shepard, Sec.g jerry Bemstein, Pres.g Larry Bograd, Rep., Jenni Wiederspan, Rep.g and Wendy Wing, V. Pres., proved worthy in all branches of student govemment. Sophomore Cheerleaders, Cl. to r.J Margaret Warren, Nancy Leisenrin? Celeste Col- burn, and Wendy Smith demonstrate the pep they displayed throug out the year. 179 Aber, Dan Albi, Louanne Albright, jan Alcorn, joe Allen, Cindy Allis, Nancy Anderson, jim Anderson, John Arnold, Kathy Asmus, Becky Aue, Marcia Ball, Bill Battle, Karen Bauglgrlnan, Beaver, Roc Beery, Lindee Bennett, Lauri Befge, Brad De ie Anderson, Debbie Bandsma, Peggy Bernstein, Jerry Class of '71 Off to a Great Start Boardman, Blakely, Cindy Ramona, Patty Bittle, Dave Bixler, Jim Bradley, Blakey Brenneman, Boggess, Mike Bograd, Larry uf ll at QQ Bouton, Jeff Bozeman, Nell Deborah Brehmer, Linda Richard Brewer, Diane Brewer, Kathy , 1' ' Ei n -- A '1- 1 sf a ' 9, A if W ef 3, I ggu-4.2. """ Brinton, Bill Broadhurst, Ann Brothers, Iudi Brown, Darrell Brown, Gloria Brzezicki, Tom Bunt, Susan Burkey, Susan Burns, Monica Calvert, Linda Cassidy, Ellen Cavnar, Steve Chandler, Susan Childress, Nancy Clark, Brad Coffee, Debbie Sophomore cheerleaders horse around at City Park before state final football play-offs. Colburn, Colenbrander, Colbert, Martha Celeste Marty Collins, Floyd Collins, Mark Condit, Nancy Harvey, Karen Scout, Scottie Scout, Susie 181 45,1 x .. 7,52 -Z .Ms 1' , w Q , 3 as 5 .arf 1 211 3 i E A H H1 a M 4 'f ' . .,.. I t,ffaN12aaas:gwa ., ,... ,1Wf""W ' A f- - .asm - 4: r- -. . -. - ,,.k ww. -: L.: : " K w?'3ias,eS ze .- fi ww,-.iw L , f, ,.,: .,-f1,,,,g,., ,u f . ' ,, .m,gg54,:f2'1W:r : 'H Q Hn 55 x i Q. Aj, I yea' 2 51? mga, ga ,, 3 , Q ggi it , in ,rt Q fl- ,, . We F Q .--.. 5 Q . , ' . ,M , Q E g 5 J Z ik Y ff v i -- N K ,Q ,:::.vw5f,:2l1:.zIt. at ,, . ..b ., " .. I 5 f jt::EE'F 121, ' , F," n ,f -Q A , X , 55 .M 5 . r , M, tw K M K gf , , 3 2 r Jw wg ,EBM 2235.5 em, 182 'ti Yi C , ww it ,ff-'wa t, ,- . A gk ,.,, IX, , ':m.r..' M , . Zi?1ae1ai,?,7 - 1, 1 Conger, Anne Cookson, jan Cottrell Ken 9? s , .WW , " A' I S if gf, ami. if , Q 9-W 1' , C ff Courtney, Sandy Crabb, Ro er Cross, Car Crowley, Peter Cutting, Spencer D Arcey, Jon Davidson, Debbie EWU Agilfii W ' fav " 1 5-arm 1,-5,3 , LM , 45, al' 5 , , 'S ' f -Q WW fx 15,y,w ,t' wil l Zff E 5 is Dorsett, Carol Earnhardt, Sharon Ernst, Mike Dinner, Mike Dodd, Betsy Donnelly, Judy Dresler, Tom Duggan, Duggan, Diana Egholm Jeri Debbie Entzminger, Elzi, Kathy Annette Sophs Make Adjustment K I Davis, Jane Day, Cari Day, Suzanne Decker, Peggy DeSciose, Joe Dickerson, Linda Farber, Lola Ferris, Rand Fink, Bruce Fitzhugh, Ed ng? i . . , K fn ei- ! MLM ef , QW? 9 KQV asf: ' H 5 K2 5 Ay' Q ., zen' if fx Q Q W -f s em--nf A A V -,,:,.ve-fM5fea??f5fsz'Mzriwt r , A,L,,..,.,M .,,,, Q 1,x, r ,, - -f ,Q , s A ,l l , 575 6 ? Fox, Wayne F raker, Kent Frank, jackie F razin, Debby Friedman, jill Fuller, Larry o Senior High Life Gerber, Mike Gottenborg, Sara Goddard, Kendra Graham, Susan an 'XZ gr , f ,I , , -"V , , 2 ,. , flng r r. ,S K e're i 5,5 K Graunke, jeff Cray, Dale Green, Kathy Groves, Jane Guertner, Mike Gunnerson, Iim Hadad, Debbie Hartnell, Lorraine Hatch, Ginger ginzi'-53?gi?1 K .f ig Hayward, Gary 435 Henderson, Steve x , M V 8,4 , ,,-, ,, - ,F Henkell, Karen ' just married? No, this car helped the Sophs achieve second place in Homecoming competion. ?5f'f9fnfSHff595?iAiif-'?W.i5'537'k5 .sz , ,fp-,.is3'Hm5g,iK 'ami' Hildrith, Steve Hill, Bob Hill, Judi Hill, Mark Hill, Steve Hockom, Jenny Hogg, Mark Horner, Jan 5525? ilglifliiwfiki ff5535Q'?Z'f'x?fj5K ff5igis'1gQ9i?22sf7g.43 . ,,lill',ZwL.f f--ii . 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Kelly, Jeannie Klenzendort, David Kremers, Nancy ttract Sophomores Krieger, David Larson, Cind Laursen, Lynn Lawler, Sheilla McKee, Barbara McLeod, Debbie McPherson, Nancy Mackey, jenny Mann, Lisa Mansfield, Bruce Marshall, Jill, Marshall, Rita Marshall, Tom Marten, Barbara Martin, Ioan Marvin, john Lederman, Rick Leisenring, Nancy Lennig, Doug Leo, Debbie Lesuer, Lisa Levine, Tammy Luetzen, Gloria McElvain, Teresa 1 i3k?2WWVfliafssifiiiifiarwii af?lSiifi - EM M' - H V, - fifr l - 'V wig: 'if aiilff li . 5 :fl V v .. -- - Y f' V V .. z . ,, . - A S wif ., .VV EK V 3 K 15 'Q ru- lv . ga , fs 8 Q Rl la f I Q , fs .. ,V :www-fx Vir-Sl,-sw ., . m afia , ' -. . 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' z 'r,- qv? iff, , Miller, Miller, Jill Charlotte Mugleston, Miller, Stu Morris, Eric Brad Mulhern, Peggy Nielson, Roger Northup, Judy Nowick Pam it , ,Z 'A JW 5 We I ' ' i.. ge t . ,V . rr LF" , ff - 1,-",: A V1 tins, ..,-i.-25 gg ::.,::,,,,- Aww ., i in .. ,V the Driver's Seat N i 1 Oberg, Terri Olsen, Ted Pagliasotti, Parker, Gail Janice Patton, Tom Patterson, Jamie Payne, Sue Peay, Chris Peterson, Dick Phelps, Doug Pi ue, Mary Poclivnick, Mary Twwfrfi ' tswtf g - 'rim glffy '7s1vi?2if" 5- w er W fr ' 52. 3:69 We K X -.f 2 . Lwgmai . . v,i- rm, ,.,: ,-MQW r 'gfissfifvpfi.ftf,f.-tiijgigzsf ' , 'fwzwwsizsnfwse'X-,.f,,,1.s af. fl ,V .,,,,.,NW,,,i,x ,,W,g,,,, . f'aih:ar9:v,f:f2m5ifs fr 12:5 ' A '- ' r ,555 A :Fa-.:,. Z. . ' . Putallaz, Sherry 212:52 ,fvz 'iff g .z,-'i'i ' Randle, Kathy Redecker, Chr Reeves, Roger Richardson, A Riepe, Randy Robbins, Jane Roeschlaub, Roeschlaub, Rothstein, Robinson, eff Betsy Nancy Alana Rouse, Phi lip Ryer, Alexana Sala, Linda +23 "f'. " fn ,,, ,,.w,,, , ,W , W , , , , 1 1 . g 5 54 5 u f 1 yiyqw , ,, , M f 'N as f P , ,,, S . 1- -. 4 Cr :I J 'J 5 , P Sh, , elif P Q " P ' .- filliffiifx . .- i,i. W - Illta ' Aj ml-'5"'2ifff3 'Z NM Mr I I 7 Rosenkrans, Rondinelli, Wa ne Steve Schlielier, Paul Sander, Becky .af Roth, Beth Schmid, Jim ,xr ,QE lr S .6 X X N . 'xiii x llh .e , gi 1 v-Ai 3 5' 5 'ef 5 i -We af 1, gggm, . , - ai Y ,so z M5 3 i by r "' .sl A 2 'X il' Y? lr ir was P i2'i4fi.fiE,Si riffs , 5 1 1 , N155 -L . -e fi gp' . '1 ' '91-1 532:-?Tfsz,f' is r ' in .- " - Qi,,,N1-gig rgggam N gnu, 7 z I X if ' 4 gr in "- 3, wf f1,' R , I .. V '. :, 'fg-255515 rgii lfgfw 1 ew 'if .. - 7 gLvig'l ,' " 2235- , 1 if , if, V ' ' i: -rlsifl 'K ' ' V awp?-151 ,, .I 'wwf , k , , , ,irjizgsaw mi 2 ifmsl ,-3 -, , 4 f.1:,- f" - - -.ffir W zisifigigii K 1-1- . ' Q H-6.5215 wffsfg l 2 zwefew . vfr- , .' 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A M. .. -f'f2iafzsg55f Veatch, Mona Veith, Cary Vergatos, Jerry Wainwright, Walsh, Mike Warren, Margie Wasserman, Carol Donna Watson, john ophs Accomplish A Wing, Wendy Wolfson, Bob Woods, Shari Yates, Steve York, Martha Zorno, Robin Watson, Tracy Weber, Lynn Weyand, Jim Wiederspan, Jenni Webb, Nancy Wedum, john Wickman, Gretchen Wilson, janet i'You would not believe the one that got lwl He was this big!,' replies Soph Vlckle Smit jr. Class Officers from l. to r. are: Sherrye Stone, Rep., Debby Callaghan, Rep., Bob Whitaker, Rep., Parmer Gillespie, Rep., Sandy Martin, Sec., Jeannie Lines, V. Pres., Scott Kirk, Pres. Enthusiastic Officers Round-Out Junior Class With five years down and one to go, it seemed that the class of ,70's enthusiasm increased through the years. Their spirited participation in the Homecoming activities, Goodwill, Canned Food, and United Way drives dis- played their class unity to the rest of the school. Under the capable leadership of their officers, the juniors were a strong competition for the Seniors and Sophomores in the Color Day activities. Recognizing their responsibilities in leading TI as Seniors next year, the Iuniors strived to improve them- selves both socially and academically. 190 Ready with advice is Miss Catherine Gator, a vital part of the spirit of '7O. With a helping hand, the Junior offi- cers try to elevate the class spirit, Running off numerous ballots for the junior class are Scott Kirk and Jean Lines. f. -Q. p2,,,...y:2f,f'I' as--Q., 21,5 9, ,gm , A ax 521, 3 3, i af f,SWi,igr,? ag L i W ,ii it W my www rg as W an i if W Q 1 -ww, ff M L ',fE,, usd, I, , ,, . El A A, we J, ul' Q S rea ,Y l i B se '2 6554 ' 4? K K M N I .Q 1' nga. gs-3 -,,- ,,.,.:..a.x,-.. 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A , M A ff , 5:3 3 ax 1 wus, 3 F 55: 5 K gf Brian Berge Mike Blank Debbie Bird Pat Botkin Michele Bograd Sharon Barb Bowman Bradbury Kent Brawner v i BWV 'SWF '55r3 Q fAT5W?'3?4i15f'l lp All ??5f???l3QfiM -- W iairsffiii 92 Donni Bjella john Booren Andy Boxer Steve Bretthauer E343 at Www' 2 1 ..:-:. . -- ..,,. , . ' if: A A ggfgvffl, , A s,,LL, A ?!,Qsm,1 f,-e.. i,-cw M fimgzgiekri r, gi:-gf 25524311 fam new pagan," M, off, -www A . an gasgfgtrs gp: . xi, imma -5,1 ,- vig: ,gg V J i , 1 f ' 22.12. v i gf 'x,!4xg, V Vfffiix A ,trims Sl, Nz "iz v i i ,C , Q4 4 X , K Paige Cameron Janis Carda Bill Carlson Chris Carpenter Kirby Carter Gretchen Christiansen Aprille Clemenson Kate Collison Ron E. Colson Connie Colvin Mark Combs Tom Cook Carole Corbin Susan Copland Doug Coulter Lynn Cox Mark Courtney Margy Crain V 5?-?Zfi?i?7?11?iL:?i2512E3 7 : '- me ii wil. N155 Qffliz ' - fPVm'3ls:" iii' V .5 'E 3' a EL ,izr . ' 1 K s I ll C ,gn psig? Jw' AK K QQ fi i ,mar 3 , 6. . M af Q A . KAY -f Q if L mg W . : A , 1 . A -,ass ., . . Q sim . ,jr g r K H 1 it f 1 rs., lx 53? sf i Iuniors Anticipate Senior Authority i NW? ,iff A i,, , V . It - 'V , fist ' 22 . 1" 1 l 7 .iw 'W A 7 1 L ,xiii if 4 'ni 'H A A T?-QWAP Pandi Crawford Bob Crow Bill Culpepper Mark Davis Norn Davis Kerry DeHart Sheldon Delsack Dawn Dickson Iim Dickson Fa' fer Wrimrwgrfe -3 r n as or s ,Q C S I gQ2.a..lQf K ffgwm -1. A 4 , J, fi, H -' l 55,19 iff. gg f-,wa Q ' -1 lx IU gffshzxf -J?:f'zi9i3i,' . . . - 1 Mifgll 4- - . ., . ,,.f,,-if , 1..zgs,Q92m, 1 Q ,L.AL,ls,1ff , ,-A-. wi 5, 'f f RMI?-Ill w-afanw '- :,, , ??saf25wll:..,l, 1, -I V., 1- frsisffgvrxg, -M, ggs1i3,sgl.4: .1 , M. l--31,2 Qw,Qw.3 .fy us . X.. ll K , ' if CF. ix is 4,. ,J , Ml? f Q . as J? K, Z, . A I f vga ,l rl ll Ss N lmrsaslilfffsfwfswfswzaifswrnswfww X Z55525323lfii???fi???i?l5?5El gem ,f 'iiflsfeiirfnii-,lm -. ,ssrfgf Wifi: :-I refz5s:,g?xlxg.fsz3 ls,,,. W flsfwfii ,sw uri lg-flsliafli -11524: ,l w if 11 fle:fs?fQ'fw,mi,i" Un? 521.4 rw ima , img-f. 91 3 f' its fail?-A ' 4 as We ls, rfgfzlwvzsszf A X 2 f Q fir 5 ,- .Qin - SSM, W . ,l:l E.. . ,X FM J if N. + rsligvxf PRE 1 gs J his-isfl ,,,1- 1 ,:.,, Q ,,.,, , ,... , .zzz , -, - l earl . .- Jw - , ,. 5.5, , Sir Il' 'fn . ::,gwl A 2222" .wif ' .""Eii 1 :5 'igfvfsjkgs -22.12 'X 'N ,H . , f. ,Q ll ' ' ' lv I ll gs, -.sf lil 194 Woody Dillinger jim Disney Kelly Downum Tom Dumler Carolyn Dunbar Brodie Farchuhar Jim Fi as Lynn Fishman Ray F ondacaro Linda Frederic Sandy F reehling Debbie Frisk Dana Fuller Joyce Galloway Pam Gardner Connie Gelster om gf sg A - e u. I 1 r kiwi ? I l K X w. 7 de? 'H ' f. fa., , Trisha Dunbar Ginger Cemmill Linda Gilbert Julie Duncan Pagans ie Cindy Dunham Bob Godydard Donna Goldstein . Bill Goodm "' e" ' al .len Durlfop Neil Guard A Kathy D UTSO Bill Gunstream K Mike Guthrie I Sue Dyson Jackie Edwards HK , ,..a,,xE,:iLg- K CV: ,ivy -K 2, -5, Par Haley Dave Engels Jenni Hall a s Entzmmger Karen Harvey E T jr i .g , f 1if7:'f 2 l.',, Bob Hayes i " Maureen Hayes if if ,,,,, Cliff Erb Marlene x - Y ' H Doyle Fahy Heinriay ' L, , Wayne Helander " Are Refreshed witl i 5 if Q E 1 tr ss '91 3 if as QS ,UQ I ifgsqi: r s K ef' iff? 1 e. t : J 1 ...,,- X wa-- aaewm . a. ..-.asm .. -may a .. . it . , . ., , . Arla. sicsfilfe 1 fe W - -. :taxis " - we '- ":',. Sf ' 1' ,, -1, gfgyyr '- "" iffifll 1 ,. . " J E-513, 1 5 . ,L .-if -liggfijrigffjj -, - 1- 'MQW H vf""'l 5 ' 1 "1 JL3 'K f ': . 'mg 7 ' Y ,- . V - P QW? at ,, .,,,,,,l Z W. , ., ,. .JF mqgiig in .wr .- izg11g,:m, ff ' ff : ,Fl -Us ' m . i s , , gee , s 8 'F gusll- x 5 -w K W feng 5 Q 'Siem X sei? a N WM , wiv .wi : is S as 5 l"iimW4 F Tom Henderson Doug A Henninger Linda Herren Tom Hiester Ian Higgins Pat Hix Sally Hoagland ' John Horn Judy Hoody farm ffegg, lin Na, N Doug Horner Kristie Hylton Ieff Ingalls ' -:.' 71 , t .t - lig .ii,,iKfiiQ Z G ,:,,E:,.,:, ,,,. .... I fl -as .A '-" 1 L fs fe . 1' ' X Q' W Q 1 -, Barbarajames ., ...,... Donna Jeffs L,Ai ,i.,,,oW,g,y , ..:. ww w llli i A I . I In nita Jensen Not finding "Little Arrowsl' listed, Sue Nar- racci and Suzy Fullerton are very disappointed. n New Variety of Classes .. .,:i,.E ..:: . , , - .. -. 'ea.r::.,2a:,...,1-.: : ' Jim 55' was res, 'L sf,nSgwfs,2 ' S w i fes 3951 if, -f'.'2.d' we was wg, . f - w,sfe,,Sgw,.s2aw iq , f.r.::f,vff ax . 1 A z - ff: 7sgeZsige,2frfiSgf,s MIS i wf'ywA5'r wmq av fe :es:za"-as ksr,h::fTsfe,LvrEe:i Q 5 ess:- 'kfff X565 f Ann Jochens Linda Johnson Valerie Jones Jon Jorgenson Lee Kamlet, Mark Kamlet Amy Kasahare Dave Kast Brent Keeler Debbie Kern Larry Kier Kathy King sn, ...,, fm ,.fL,, ,J . My Scott Kirk Steve Klaus L S ' - - , gif: s Kelly Klein A '25 gf Buz Koelbel V, . ,J 1 I 1:93:53 Q rr.- ' V. as I? X , s ri? r Bruno Konopka A - V L W M mx Eg Mary Lou Koswan YH in A V' : . 1 Kwa i. iff rsfgiffiggg Q , 4, rfriasqgj ,L ' lK?r" " L Eff '- l Q "I didn't know thatll' exclaims Charlie Beery '. ' to one of Ken Ward's more precarious queries. AV glgflgifflillslr 'if f f r Carol Krantz X Greg Kr0P - 4 A L A , il Twenty-five Per Cent of Junior Girls Serv jim Kunse Linda LaBate Bob LaMarr Lindy Lamont Brent Lanier Marly Lansing Peter Lansing Steve Larson Sue Leas Shane Lederman Steve Lee Debbie Lenicheck Aileen Leonard I one Letts Neal Levin Sunny Levine Jeannie Lines Renee Link eu, :1:.s:g1wffezgfs,: ., . 5 iii, A , 351335257 i iggg, ,A ?i,,fg5g.g .. gijisfii . i fir in Mm t -:' Q Kuff Junior Escorts Sylvia Linscott Kathy Linstedt Cheryle Lively Cary Loman Penni Lovely Ann Lucore Julie Lutz Brad Lyman Dennis McCaulley Linda McColm Laurie McGee Shelaugh McLaggan Nancy McKinley Peggy McNeill Kathy Madigan Pam Malm Doug Manley Keith Maranger G n Marshall Leslie Marshall Sandy Martin Randal Martines Mike Marvin Jim Mason Sally Mason john Matchael Chris Maxwell Jo Ellen May Robin Meister Stephanie Mergler Greg Meyer Karen Milano Bruce Miller Diane Miller Lisa Miller Shannon Minter jan Moline Rick Mongrain Roberta Moreland Cindi Mortimer Geri Mosier Mike Mosier Jeff MOUHtjOf' Margo Muel er Wayne Murray aa.. ii .i-M., L gg? K, Y , mmf -W Lf ac? .,gi , :,. 25535 4: -J. .J "" I ,,i 1 f 197 Sue Narracci Carole Neville Linda Newman Debbie Nielson Sandy Norden David Nordness jean Norris Laurie Nowell Susie Oberg Keith Olson Susan Olvey Bill Parsons Nancy Pate Susan Peck Roger Peterson Anne Perret Rusty Phillips Robert Picht Janis Polivnick Wendy Plumb Patty Poindexter Pats Porter Sandy Portz Sid Posstma Connie Powell Janet Powers Sue Powers jean Pringle Pam Rabe Dana Radetski mwmwwse W , ., H uw i, ww. . .fa ,H W . i,.. sfs?ge s?g.'l f wx: 1 ie K 95345 mi mx 'ms' it Arg z gm f were zwffes Z yiww 2 . Q : ' , V 'f 'i iigilr F , , il Z 5 s' l I mf M u 'M' 3 3, W Vw' in will U., it ,WZ qi' ,1 J as :ak R liii imfif, Juniors Are Rascals During Songfest P N -w ,Wwwae H' 1 , A I ITN fs MQ? 4' 'Q-' Sue Rahowi Diane Ramey Stan Reed Laura Ribbing Ann Richmond Sandy Riddell Robert Riebe Darcy Ritz Kathy Robb Beth Roberts Lynn Roberts Lon Robinson Dennis Scherrer Karyl Schneider Steve Schott Les Schriener Becky Schroeder Karen Schwemmer Kathie Schwemmer Gail Seerie Cody Seiler Conny Seiler Dede Settles Mark Shanklin Sallie Sheridan Tim Shinn Nancy Sholund Chris Sinopoli Carolyn Skaer Jennie Skeeters Sue Rodger Steve Roffe Laura Rollins Becky Roorda Terri Roth Ruth Ann Rowley Kurt Rudolph Mike Rupert Roxanne Russell Diana Sadin Beverly Sams Sally Schell Fencing out many starving students, the boys canned food bin served a more useful purpose. f Yuzfflsf-QQ -,wggq h 5,3 - 433' .wygn igfz1323'f2ytw-.frh??Z'if..f Cp ig:-w.n',L4, M. 'uw' 5' :VZ w ,,1u...t,......-.M ...M L yt- i if - Jil 1 -,4.'MJ- JJ' ,M wwe .L "Peacelj' cry a savage groufm of juniors to their competitors during the hal decorating contest. Bets Smith Debhie Smith Sue Smith Tammy Sorenson Lisa Spangrud Peter Spitz Chere Stevenson Rick Stevenson Steve Stookesber Sherrye Stone Brent Storey Russ Stracy 200 TY Juniors Rally Early fl Cindy Strauss Randy Stubbs Kent Stuck Dick Summers Pam Sutfin Nan Taylor Shelly Tayon Karen Thiebaut Tim Thomas we . - mama, ussresfssllsz i ltsfisalimz :rx fmfafwwli-f me al fe- , f , -V Ag23gM?afl is New f lsssfgllgswsln ' Q,-in , 1 th, 35 I. flsszfwid ' tszfgm, rv : , ,fm:n,11f , Y ,msgs- z ella! Y 3' if 3 - , ,Q i Eh 0. r,, r1,g2fz la- in fr-vm, zu-lx, 'mf it Y- !!'f 3 V' lf'5" r1:.m.r1- fzmw ' 'wvmfffimsf f 1-5 m an we aa. 5 ,W awk? gf 1-'15 2,552 zigiraw - ffS,lgi.:?sfa az '72 , , 7 2,5 -21,-,of-ff, V. ,,5,,,5 kr, I-1 'wg , ,, ,,. A ,N , f 5 , 11. sg? ' 4503: - '--- . ,N ,' ,, . vw in r . fir 11 ,, .. W , A A L ' r if . at X at 2 Tom Thompson Cathy Thurrnon Joe Torpey Linda Tourney Bruce Turner Donn Turner Kris Tweeter Mindy Valis Ted Vaughn omecoming Activities FIS. Q 'Wf5's5ai23ff'fEf,f'2fx3'z.'f5i5:r'Fi5fi7'5ffn9'1if'sifiitilffgslki 12 ::i.SwsaQ5gz',,'wt 'Li1fi'w1ra19gg,Q. fiwsr'?kzmzgf ' -Umsgifaa ' I . 1, sq, ., Fe' .f - f.-fr: T, 4, , Vi . flag Carol VickRoy Terrance Wade Dave Wadlington Laura Walberg Fred Walter Ken Ward Dave Warner Iim Warren Bonnie Warwick Dianna Watson Ken Way John Webb John Weber Wendy Weinberger Debbie Weiner Jenny Whalen Bob Whitaker Teresa White Lynne Wightman John Wilber Karen Wilhelm Paula Williams Mary Wilson Worry Wart jim Winn Diane Wold joy Wolfson Rich Wray David Wright Ima Wreck Kathy Wyble Marc Zaler Julie Fox Dominating Seniors Scale Ropes to Victory Notorious for capturing all victories in class competi- tion, the Seniors once again reigned supreme in academic as well as extracuricular prowess. The scholarly mainstays of the Senior Class placed ten semi-finalists and finalists in the National Merit competition. Seniors composed the majority of the National Honor Society making it the largest membership in Iefferson's history. Many in the class of '69 studied in advanced placement courses which broadened their intellects from the college point of view. Aside from their dilligent work in the classroom, the groovers of ,69 hauled Goodwill through the nippy autumn air, and collected canned foods with a "can don attitude. Proving themselves "number one" through voter registra- tion and class dues collection, the elder Spartans, con- tinued their superiority when they packed snow and ice in the snow sculpture competition. Through five chilly nights members of this dedicated class painted, sawed, and hammered their way to victory in all four Homecom- ing events. june 4 was graduation, and with it came the termina- tion of a six year experience, but the beginning of a new life for the '69er's. Capable Senior officers sgrinlgl to the top of 1 the Thomas Ieiferson lea ers ip totem pole. During the half-time of the Powder Puff foot- ball game, Seniors have a friendly love-in. 202 Learning the ropes of student govemment, the Senior class ofiicers: fl. to r.J Bonnie Timmons, Rep., Ron Hicks, Rep., Ian Wanner, V-Pres., Bob Inman, Pres., Helen Tyner, Sec., Glen Laird, Rep., and Janet Fraser, Rep., demonstrate their ability of leading the Senior class to the top. While decorating for Homecoming competi- tion, Daff Defi augh shows her creation. Demonstrating Senior determination, Dave Perry stretches for an aggressing West High player. Aber, Densel Bridge 1,25 Hon. Cadet 2,35 Honor Soc. 2,35 Ski 35 Pep 2,3 Aderman, Juli Ski 1,2,3 Anderson, Lauri Arek, Ellen Baker, Barb Pep 2,35 Student Council 1,25 Color Day Queen 15 IRC 1,2,35 Rep. Assem- bly3 Abramson, Karen Honor Soc.5 City Choir and Orch.5 State Orch. Albright, Karen Ski 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Dance 15 Rep. Assembly3 Anderson, Laurie Drama 1,25 Pep 2,35 Escort5 TARS 15 Ensemble 1. As inwall, Cathy Follksong 1,25 FTA 2,35 Pep 2,35 Bowl- ing 2. Baker, Sally Rep. Assembly 15 Escorts5 Gymnastics 2,35 Pre-Med 2,3, Atheriies 3. .ff --, v Addington, Pam Lit. Mag. Anderson, Dee Ensembleg Folk- song5 Choir. Archuleta, Mark Atherton, Ken Barlow, Steve Hon. Society 3 TARS 15 Golf 2,3. 204 Barnhart, Tom Football 1,2,35 Bas- ketball 1,25 Baseball 15 Track 2,35 Key 1, 2,35 Rep. Assembly 2. Barrows, Russ Bass, Kelly Letterrnans 2,35 FAC 35 Football 2, 35 Basketball 2,3 Bauman, Ion Track 1,2,35 Band 1, 2,35 Ski 1,2,35 Pre- Med 35 Karate 3. Bayer, Dick Ir. Pres.5 FAC5 Track 2,35 Key 2,34 TARS 1,2,3 Bean, lim Bridge 15 French 1. Becker, Patty Ski 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Dance 1. Behrenti Craig Footbal 1,2,35 Swim. 25 Ski 1,2,35 FAC 3. Berardini, Anne Student Council 1, 25 School Sec.5 Drama 1,2,35 Thes- pians 1,2,35 Escort Beringer, Cheri Lit. Mag. 3. Bemstein, Debbie Bixler, Bob ICC 15 German 15 Karate 1,2,35 Honor Soc. 2,35 V-Pres. Council Blackwood, Ioan i Choir 2,35 FTA 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Ski 1,2. Bleskan, John Paula Cristi 39 Ski 3. Jane Escortg Ski 1,2, Boggis, Carol Boyd, Debbie 2,8, Pri!! Folk Song 2,3g FTA Ch011' 3g Pep 2,3g Pre Med 2,3g Atherfies 35 jr. Achiev. 1,3. Brandt, Linda Drama 1,25 Ski 1,2. Bond, John Boyd, Kathy Brawner, Greg Swim. 1,2,3g Cross- Country l,2,3g Key Track 3, Honor Soc. 35 Yearbook 1,2,3, 3 Bullock, Bob Yearbook 1,2,3. Burdick, Chuck JRC 1,2,3g Ski 1,2,3 Hi-Y 2,3g V-Pres Council Burroughs, Karen Pep 2,33 Atherfies 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Ski 1,21 35 Escort. 7 i ' Q Bulthaup, Robert Folksong l,2,3g Ski l,2g Golf 1,2,3g Let- termans 1,2,3. Burns, Marti Pep 2,39 Arist. Prin. 2g Ski 2,35 French, F.B. 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3. Busch, Nancy F.B. 3, R.A. 1,2,3g IRC 1,2,3, Chr., Pep 2,3g Ather. 3, Hon. Soc. 2,3. 573 Seniors Graduate on lune Fourth Brewer, Linda Brinton, Lise Pep 2,35 Atherfies 3, Aristocrat Queen 2, Prom Prin., Ski 1,2, Rep. Assembly 3. Brookover, Mary Pep 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2 3g Ski 1,2,3g Rep Assembly 3. Brooks, Linda Brown, Tami Escorts, Honor Soc. 3 3, Ensemble choir 3, Ski 2. Brzeinski, Iudy Ski 1,2,3g Pe? 2,3 Escorts, Ather ies 3. x 1 Yearbook photographers display Holiday "Eeace' decorations on the door of their own dar room 205 Senior Boys Wary of Draft as World Tensions Mount... QW i 2 fi -'il-bi' f,i'BiU sw ish? , flu., , 'Q Vs 206 Bush, Scott Calilisch, Steven Baseball 15 Swim. 2. Callas, Elaine Spanish 1,2,3g Tri- Hi-Y 2,35 Honor Soc. 35 Pep 2,35 Atherfies 3. Cameron, Colin Cameron, Tom Campbell, Teri IRC 1,2, Pres. 35 Ski 1,2,35 Journal 1,2,35 Pep 2,35 V. Pres. Council 2. Cargill, Kerrie FTA 1,2,3g Ski 3. Cartwright, Cheryl Sganish 1,25 Play 15 S i 1,35 Pep 3. Cavnar, Gayle Christensen, Paul Yearbook 1,2, Head Photog. 35 Ski 1,2,35 Orchestra 1,3. Collins, Vicki Spanish 1,2,3g Pep 35 Honor Soc. 3. Combs, Nancy Pep 2,35 Atherfies 35 Choir 2,35 Honor Soc. 3. Condit, Randy Coyle, Colleen Pep 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, fig Orch. 1,2,35 IRC Ciufi, Debbie Coggins, Cindy Colburn, Jeanette Clark, Chris Colbert, Kathrin Ensemble 35 S i 3. Collins, Penny FTA 2,3. X e 2 l E vs s- E Swv' 'Urn-:nv Russ Cumberland, Sue 35 Ski 1,2,35 FTA 2,35 Honor Soc. 35 Escorts 25 Sa,-ah Folksong 2,35 Choir 1'2'3' ij an P ans i , atty Joyce Tri-Hi-Y 3, Ski 1. Day, Ian Choir 35 FTA 1,2, 35 Folksong 35 Pep 2,35 Ensem le l,2. Cunningham, Bill Davis, Jerry Decker, Ed Cross-Country 1,2,35 Track 1,2,3. our leaders of tomorrow, are forever of an unreachable goal called peace. Defibaugh, Debbie Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Pep 2, 35 TARS 2,3. A Delano, Mark Ski 1,2,35 Aero. 2,3. ' Denhalter, Kip Art Club 1. Dennison, Kathy Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Drama 1,2,35 Choir 35 Hon. Cadet 2,35 Thes- pians 2,35 Pep 2,3. Desmond, Nancy Ski 1,2,35 French 2, 35 Honor Soc. 35 Atherfies 3. Dixon, Mike Tennis 35 Hi-Y 3. Doll, Carol Yearbook 2,35 Honor Soc. 35 AFS finalist 35 Pep 2,3. Dolsby, Linda Donnelly, Mary Lou Ensemble 3. Donner, Edward Senior Girls Wary of Draft as Chances Slim Qbbb 2 K Q5 K 1 .sELgVi.-I . fi Qi f 3 ,V ,,- ,L ' ' asf-1' 'Wx - 1 .., 21, is - 'a2,F5f5:1ff,,. 1 'Uv .. L. -we gf Hipaa M. ijgisirr ,wax US s A 2253 Q I 1 .1 5 f ww? in file i:.n3f:5?gf"An f .gm , xg, .isa ' Dorn, Jim Drumm, Mike Aero. 2. Eaglen, Jerry Tennis 2,35 Football 1, Swim. 1,2,3, Ka- rate 2,35 Ski 3. Dougherty, Tom Yearbook Ed 1,2,35 Swim. l,2,35 Honor Soc. 35 Lit. Mag. 2, 3, Bus. Mgr. Dumm, Mark East, Andrea Sr. Play 35 Thes- pians 35 Folksong 35 Drama 35 Honor Soc. 3. Dresler, Patty Journal Pg. Ed. 35 Honor Soc. 35 Span- ish Sec. 35 Ensem- ble 35 TAR 3. Dundon, Mike Aero. Eggleston, Denny Senior Janet Fraser demonstrates school spirit as she "licks Lincoln" at a school pep rally. We're Senior Ely, Daniel Bowling 15 Hi-Y 2, Sec. 35 Spanish 25 Entsminger, David Football 1,2,3 Wrestling 1 ,2,3 choir 1,2,35 FAC af Fink, Gail Ensemble 25 Folk song 25 Ski 2,3. J Epstein, Shen'y Ensemble 2,3. Fisher, Gary Ski 3. , Ficklin Ioan Ellis, Dave , Fashion Board 35 Ericson, Nancy , Elvervm, Rlck Atherfies 3, Pelp 2,35 Choir 35 Ski 1,25 EUISUH, Karen Faust, Dee Rep. Assemb y 1, DECA 35 Club 2,3. Estep, Don Ensemble5 Lit. Mag. 25 Yearbook 3. ag 1 A . fiat K l ' ' ee 5 208 5 Fisher, Rick Fordyce, David Gymnastics 1,3. Fraker, Bill Flohr, Tom Solloquians, Pres. 35 Thes. Soc.g Iourg Ski 35 Hon. Soc.g Bridge. Fox, Dana Cross Country 2,35 Swim. 2,3. Fraser, janet Stu. Coun. 3g Hon. SOC. 3g Yrbk. 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3g Ather- fies 35 Ski 1,2,3. Gaines, Mike Garrecht, Linda Gatseos, George Ski 1,2,3g Gymnas- tics 1,2,3g Hi-Y 35 TAR's 3. Gatseos, Suzanne Escort 2g Atherfies 3g TAR'Sg Pep 2,39 Spanish 2. Gaunt, Steve Gordon, Dan ROTC 1,2,3g Ir. Achiev. Graham, Debby Peg 2,3g Ski 1,2,3g At erfies 35 IRC 1,2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2. Grant, Cameron Tennis 1,2,3g Hi-Y 2,35 City, State Orch. 1,2,3. Graves, Connie at LaS1Z! Frisk, Pam ' Green Terry ggfenggfksdng Green, Bob ?ki 1,2f35 Hg 12234 French 1,2,3g Track Greenberg, Sally ouma 9 OH 5 Alan 2,3. FTA 1,2,3g Tri-Hi-Y Pep 213- , G'ee"bEf, Alan Orch. Gage, C ndee 35 Spanish 2,33 F0110 Greene, I-'mda bl greggh I gin 1 2 3 German 1- Ensembleg Choirg S0118 23 H0Il0l' S0- Pep 2,35 Ensem e ams 1 Bob Rep. Assembly. ciety 3. 2,3, Cgroirg Ensemble Fashion Board co-presidents, Marti Bums and Leann Maul, pose after the Gregory, Bert Ski, TARS, Ir. Achiev. Guenther, Debbie JRC 1,25 Rep. As- sembly 2, Pompon 2, Head 3, Ski 1,2, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. fall fashion show. Grelk, Kris Ensemble 1,2,3 Newcomers' 2, Folk son 1,2g Rep. As- semily 1. Guiry, JoAnn Dems 1, DECA, Pres. 3g TARS 3 gri-Hi-Y 35 Ski 1,2 y 1 Griffith, Karen City Choir 3, Choir 2,35 Rep. Assembly Gunther, Iudy Pep 2,3g Atherfies 3, Escort, Orch. 1,2,3g School Show 1,3. 210 Hadad, Mike Band 2,35 City Band 2,3g Bridge 2, Honor Soc. 3. Haines, Cathy Ensemble 3. Haines, Cindy Escort, FTA 35 Lit. Mag. 3. Hallady, Roy Hammond, Steve Football 1,2,3g Ski 2, Honor Soc. 3, D- Club 3. Hardy, Ralph 5-Ionor Soc. 3, FAC Hays, Dixie Pep 2,35 FTA 35 Ski 1,2,3g Swim 3. Hays, Lou Hon. Cadet 2,39 Girls' State 3, Honor Soc. 2,33 Pep 2,3, City Choir 3. Henderson, Iohn Honor Soc. 2,35 TARS 3, Drama 35 Bridge 1,2,3. Hendrickson, Sarah IRC 1, Escort. Hentschel, Janet Ski 35 Newcomers' 3, Ensemble 1,2,3. Hicks, Ron Football 1,25 Base- ball 2,3g Key 1,2,3g Ski 1,2,3g Student Council 1,3. H' T d Fdgtblaill if Baseball 1. , Hildreth, Paul Band 3, Dems 3. Melissa Hmkle Jerry H1nkle,Iune Mag 2 Wrestling 2,35 Houlette Bill Tom mama 34 Ski 12,31 Golf 2,32 Hi-Y 2,35 oc L 3' Bowling 2,3. Homer, Scott TARS 35 IRC 35 Ski 1,2,35 Bowling 2,3. Hmman, Steve Lit. Mag. 3, Wres- tling. Howland, Bill IRC 2, Pres. 35 Honor Soc. 2,35 Ski 1,25 Spanish 25 Bridge 2. Hoffman, Mike FTA 25 Aero. 2. Hughes, Shannon Hofmeister, Mary Ensemble 2,35 So- dality 1,2,35 C.C.D. teacher. Hull, John Band 15 FTA 25 Ski 35 NFL 3. "Hey You Seniors, You Look So Good to "' X semble 3. Hurley, Darlene German 15 Ski 1,2,3g Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 En- Hutchinson, Duane Hylland, Gayle Inman, Bob Sr. Pres.5 Gymnas- tics 1,2,35 City, State Bands 2,35 City, State Orch. 35 Key 2,3. Irwin, Laura Isaacson, Ioan Isberg, Cheri Honor Soc. 35 Atherfies 35 Pep 2,35 IRC 1, Sec. 2,35 Orch. 1,2,3. Jackson, Stan Football 1,2,35 Key 1,2,35 Basketball 1, 2,35 Lettermans 2,35 FAC 3. janicek, Carl Folksong 35 Hi-Y 3. Jensen, JoAnn Jensen, Susie Jewell, Hank Football 1,2,35 Base- ball 1,2,35 Basket- ball 1,25 Key 1,2, Pres. 35 Student Council 25 FAC 3. Johnson, Bev Ensemble 1, Choir 2,3g Rep. Assembly 25 City Choir 3. Johnston, Sara Tri Hi Y 2,3, Rep. Assembly 2,3g Pep 2, 39 Ensemble 2,3, Ski 1,2. Karavites, Mary Anthi Choir Keenan, Pat Newcomer's 2,35 Pep 2,35 FTA 3, French 2, Ski 1,2,3. Kirkpatrick, Rick 'S Johnson, Polly Jones, David Football 1,2,3g Wrestling 1,2,3g "D" Club 2,35 ski 1,2. Karlin, Bob Lit. Mag. 2, Aero. 25 Ski 3. Kelly, Andrea Ensemble 1,2. Kittrell, Norman Swim 35 Honor Soc. Kleiger, Margy Johnston, Robyn N ' . Pom Pong JRC 1,2 3, ewcomers 23 Rep. Assembly, Skig Gymnastics Team. Klundt, David Koebel Lynn Pep 2,3 V Pres. 33 Ski 1,2,3g Drama 1, 2,2Tri Hi Y 3, JRC 1, . Pep 2,3, Swim SECT 35 Ski 2,3. Kaferly, Chris Kasahara, Paul Klein, Bob Football 1,2,3g Ba ketball 1,2,3g Hon Soc. 2,3, Key 1,2, FAC 3. Knight, Diana Koelling, Eric We've Reached Our Goal Y TJ's own MacGregor's Beggars preform a variety musical for a south Denver woman s organization. 212 g3?,,+QZ,. . ,L . A sq swf, 17. iff, . , . Q. 1. 1. 1-e x-..,..-f l ,.,..h, , V ,ln Vk . it V, ,twtiixl '.-- .QQ Barbie Debby Pres. 3, 3g Tri Hi Y l,2,39 Es Carolyn 3g NFL 1.2.34 Sue Koshio, Geraldine Krieger, Larry Latcham, Ian Ski 1,29 Pep 2,39 Swim. Team 39 FTA 3g TARS 3. Lennig, Adele Krantz, Lilli Laird, Glen Council 1,39 Wres- tling 3g Track l,2,39 FAC 39 Ski l,2,39 Yearbook 1,2,3. Lee, James Hi-Y 2,39 Baseball 29 Honor Soc. 2,39 Karate 2,3. Thespians 1,2,3 Pres. Lepp, Gail 1,29 50 l0QUiaHS 1, Lewandowski, Ed 2,39 Choir 3, Honor ROTC 1,23 Cmdr. S00-2.3 3, Rifle Team 1,2,3 Levitt, Terri Capt. 2g Drill Team Ensemble 2,35 Rep.1,2,3 Cmdr. 29 Assembly 1. Track 2,3. Lindeman, Carre Pom-Pon Girl9 Year- book 2,39 Choir 3g Honor Soc. 39 Thes- pians 3. Lines, Cathy Cheerleader 2, Head 39 Student Council 3g Yearbook l,2,39 Honor Soc. 3g Orch. l,2,39 D.A.R. Award 3. Loman, Richard Lont, Dennis Ski 1,2,3. Loopo, King Lowery, Iudy Luhe, Kathy Gymnastics 2,39 Pep 2,39 Tri Hi Y 2,39 Atherfies Pres. 39 Ski 1,2,3. Lutz., Randi Pom-Pon, Yearbook l,2,39 Atherfies 39 Drama l,2,39 Thes- pians 3. Lyman, Jeff Swim. l,2,39 Gym- nastics 1 29 F.A.C. 3g Ioumal Photo. 2, 3. McArdle, Jackie Atheriies 3. McClanahan, Carol IRC 1,29 Drama 1,29 Ski 1,29 Sr. Prom Prin. McCue, Kathy FTA 1,29 Folksong 1,29 Pep 3. McEwen, Pat McGahe Bob Y, Swim. 1,2,3. McGonagle, Pamm McGraw, Ianet Pep 3, FTA 2, DE CA 35 Tri Hi Y 2. McGuire, Glen ROTC 1,24 New- comers lg Choir 3. McInt re, Gary Wrestling lg Foot- ball 1, TARS 2,3g Ski 2, Hi Y 2,3. McKee, Ann Tri-Hi-Y, Ski. McLaggan, june McLaren, Brian Swim. 1,2,3, All- Americang Gymnas- tics 1,2,3, Ski lg FAC. McLaughlin, Nancy FTA 2,35 Pep 2,3g Atherfies 35 Ski 3, Honor Soc. 3. McMullen, Diane Pom-Pong Atherlies 3, Gymnastics 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 IRC 2, 3. Macy, Ray Hi-Y, Dems, Ski. Majerus Paul Pre-Med 2,35 JRC 1,2,3g ski 1,2,3g Art Guild 1 Lit. Mag. Malcolm, Bob Football 125 Base- ball 1, sid 1,2,3g Choir 1,2,3. Mangum, Dave Football 1, Track 1, 3, Ski 1,3. Marsalis, Doug Seniors Anne Berardini, Dick Mulhem and Roger ' Maul paint a homecoming poster for decoration. Marshall, Colleen Ski 1,35 Dems. 1. Martin, Jgyge Marshall, S118 Track Team 2- Ski Martinez Ton 13,35 RGD- AQSCII1- Tennis 2235 Clioir 1, bly 3- 2,3g Hi-Y 3, Ski 3. Marshall, Yvonne Ski 1,25 TARS 1,2 IRC 1. Mason, Claire Hon. Cadet 2,35 Pe 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Re Assembly 1, Ski 1, Mason, Vicki Rea Assembly 3, Fo song 3. Masters, Karen IRC, Pei, Tri-Hi-Y5 TARSQ S i. Matchael, Beth Pep 3. Mathias, Kevin ROTC 1,2,3g Cym- nastics, State Choir, Karate, Track. Matthews, Steve Tennis 1,2,3g Wres- tling 1,25 Letter- man's 1,2g Pre-Med 2,3. Maul, Leann Tri-Hi-Y, Atherfies 3g Pe 2,35 Fashion Board? Choir. Maul, Roger Head Boy, Football 1,2,3g Baseball 1,2,3g Key 1,2,3g Choir. Megill, Bill Meserschmidt, Sue Ski lg Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 IRC 2. Metros, Teri Folksong 1,25 New- comers 2, Pep 1,2,3. Miller, Barb Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Ski 1, 2,35 Pep 2,3g En- semble 2,3g TABS 3. Miller, Bob Rep. Assembl 3, Gennan 13 Goliy 1. "We're Gonna Wash This School Right Out of Our Hair!" Miller, Sharon Mills, Linda Swim 13 Escort, Ski Ski 1,2,3g IRC 1,2g 2,3g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3g Honor Soc. 39 Pep Pep 2,3. 2,39 Yearbook 2, Milne, Marla BUS' Mgr- 3' Choir 1,2,3g Escort, Minnis, Paul Ski L2- Mitchell, Roger Mitchell, Lana Honor Soc.g Band. Milne, Chuck Miriello, Barb Ateherfiesg Pep 2,3g Choir 2,35 H.L.N. Soc., 3, FTA. Mitchell, Yama Miller Lana Miller, Mike 215 6 Montgomery, Dave Morrison, Dianne Morse, Carolyn Mouer Tim Mundt, Mike Nagel, Tom Ensemble lg NFL 1, Basketball 1,2. ROTC 1,2,35 Honor Key 1,2,3g Honor 235 Escorts Trl-Hb Norlin, Deb Soc. Soc. 35 Hj-Y 3. Y3sH0110rS0c-3- Pep 25 Ensemble 1, FAC 35 Basketbali Nelson, Todd 2g Choir 3g Ather- 1,2,3. Football 2g Baseball Hes 3. 2,3g Ski 1,2. Senior Terri Green drives the SENIOR entry in the 1969 homecoming car decoration competition. ,gnbf Mulhem, Dick Mulhem, Patsy Football 1,23 Track Honor Soc. 35 Pep! 1,2,3g Hi-Y 35 Rep, 3g Atherfies 35 FT Assembly 1,2g FAC 2,34 Ski 1,2,3. 3- Norris, Julie Norlin, Pam Pep 25 Ensemble 1, gg Choir 35 Atheiies S 1 Northup, I ackie Novak, Patty Escorts, Pep 2,35 French 1,25 Bridge 1,2,3. Novosad, Steve Band 1,2. Oberle, Mark Football l,2. O'Dell,Doug Orblom, Leslie TARS 1,2, Pres. 35 Escort5 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Atheriies 3, Pep ,3. O'Sl1aughnessy, Lynn Drama 15 Ski 1,25 Pre-Med 2, Sec. 3. Ostrom, Barb Atherfies 3, Pep 2,35 Ski 1,2,35 Yearbook 3, JRC 1,2,3. Page, Gay Orch. 1,2,35 Year- book 1,2,35 Pep 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Escort. Panella, Pat Iglewcomers' 25 Pep Pappas, Pam IRC 15 IRC 1,2,3g Ski 1, Pep 1,2,3. Panna, Nancy Escortg Choir 35 Atherlies 35 Ensem- ble 1,25 Ski 1. Patton, Mike NFL 1,2, Pres. 35 Ski 1,2,35 Cemran 15 Aero. 2,3. Payne, Dexter Band 1,2,35 Orch. 1, 2,35 Stage Band 1,2, 3, Hi-Y 2, V. Pres. 35 N.F.L. 15 Folk- song 2, Treas. 3. Pearson, Carla TARS 1,2,35 Pep 2, 3, Escort, Ski 1,2,35 Hon. Cadet 2,3. Pennington, Betsy Hon. Cadet P S eP3 Ensemble, TARS5 Escort. Perry-Smith, Roger Lit. Mag. 3. Pearson, Dennis Gymnastics 1,2,3 Karate 2,35 choir 12 2,3. Perkins, Pete Choir 35 Aero. 2,3. 1969-- Pedersen, Kathy Escort5 Tri-Hi-Y Perry, Dave Peterson, Don Honor Soc. 35 Year book 35 Hi-Y 2,3 Karate 1,2,3g Gym nastics 2,3. A Vintage Year for Senior Scholars 217 Owens, Dave Petterson, Bill Swim. 13 IRC 2,3g Folksong 1,25 Ski 1, 25 Orch. 1,2. Pheatt, Chuck Cemlan 15 Dems 2, Ski 2,3 Piper, Lawrie Poindexter, Susan Porter, Debbie QPrevious School, Soph. Pres.g Year- bookg KTD Rep. As- sembly 3. Powers, Mike 1 Senior girls leam that football isn't all fun and games uring the annual "powder puff' game. Pulver, Terry Football 12,35 Bas- ketball 2g FAC 35 Lettermans 2,3. Randoli, Steve Randle, Dean Randolph, Robert Randant, Ken Honor Soc. 35 Ski 3. Newcomers' Ra bum, Lisa Haydon, Carol Dems 3s IRC 2.3. Folk Songs IRC- Pep 2g Ski 1,2,3. Rea, David Reed, Carol Reimann, Mike Hi-Y 2,3. Richey, Debbie Riley, Pattie Tri-Hi-Y 2, Pres. 33 Atheriies 3, Pep 2,39 Choir 35 Ski 1,2,3. Rohr, Iohn Reginelli, Paul Reynolds, Kevin Rider, Beizh Pep 2,39 Atherfies 3 IRC 3, Honor Socl 3, ski 1,2,3. Roberts, John Roth, Marty Rudolph, Dick Football 1 2 3 Bas Rudolph, Ioan , , 3 - Rep. Assembly 15 ketball 1,2g Baseball Ski l,2,3gJRC 3. 1,33 Key, FAC. Ryan, Mike Folksong 3. Saunders, I ack Robinson, Debbie Pep 23g Ensemble 2,3g sid 35 Honor Drama '15 Orch. 1, Sanders, Terri Ski lg Tri-Hi-Y 3. Sayles, Sue HC Queeng Span- ishg JRC 1,2,3g journal 2, ski 1,2,3. Ruppel lim Football lg Basket- ball 1,2,3g Track lg FAC 3. Sanwick, Claire Sayre, Ethel Orch. 1,2,3. Anxious Seniors Search for Distant Horizons 219 Schafer, jim Schierenberg, Gary Cross COUHIYYS Schwabauer, Craig Track5 Wrestl1ng5 Sel Chuck Lettermens. W' Schreiner, David Scott, jimmy Basketball 1,2,35 Key 1,2,35 Joumal 1,2,3, FAC 3, Let- termans 3. Shafer, Mark Shirk, Sue FTA 1,25 Choir 2,35 Atherfies 35 Pep 2,35 Thespians 3. Shedd, Sara Escortg Atherfies 35 Bridge 1,2,35 Band 1,2,35 French 1. Shraiberg, Renee Pep 2,35 Atheriies 35 Pre-Med 2,35 Escort 25 Choir 2,3. Schlieker, john Football 15 Aero. 2 Track 2,35 Cross: Country 3. Schwengels, Julie Honor Soc. 3 Atheriies 35 Pep 1,23 35 State Orch. 1,3 Orch. 1,2,3. Settle, Merilee Shellman, Phaedra Sloan, Sue 220 Smith, Barb Smith, Iudy Ski 1,2. Smith, Peggy Ski 1,2,35 Swim 1. Smith, Steve Snapp, Bob Snow, jim Sobol, Becky Band 1,2. Song, Sing Sooby, Carol Ski 15 Pre Med 25 JRC 2,35 Pep 35 En- semble 1. Speckman, Bill Honor Soc. 35 Cer- man 15 Football 1. Spencer, Richard Aero. Spurlin Rich Football 1,2,35 Swim 1,2, Capt. 35 Key 1, 2,35 Yearbook 2,35 Honor Soc. 3. St C'ndy Skaic,1z25lFrench 1,2, 35 Pep 2,3. Stanley, Rupert Ski 1,2,35 Golf 3. gr. ki. tubbs, Fell ohn Stephens, Sue 1,2,3s Base- Stout, Cindy 1.2.34 Basket- PTE 2,33 FTA 2,35 1,233 Leftef' A eriies 3, Honor 1,2,3- Soc. 35 City, State Eric Orch. 1,2,-3. Suss, Laura Stevens, Heather Head Girl, Student Council 1,2,Jouma1 3, Drama an Thes- pians 1,2,3g Choir 2,3. Stryker, Sue Thomas, janet Senior Are the Best Trump, Brad Ski 1,2,3g Hi-Y 2 JRC 1,2,3. Tunison, David Orch., City Orch. Tyner, Helen Student Council 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3g Escort? ski 1,2,3g Pep 2,3. Tryon, Ian Ski 3. Tweed, Leslie Folksong 15 Ski 2,3 Escort, Atherfies 32 Honor Soc. 3. Underwood, Dave Lit. Mag. 3. 3 Thornley, Bob Tiddens, Kathy Timmons, Bonnie journal 1,2, Ed. 35 Student Council 3, Rep. Assembly 25 Honor Soc., Escort. Tipton, Lynne Choir 2,3, Folksong 1,2,3g Ski 1,2,3g Drama 1, Rep. As- sembly 1,3. Towne, Mark Hi-Y 2,35 Journal 1,2, Bus. Mgr. 3, Tennis 1,2,3g Honor Soc. 3. Travis, Michelle Pam Addington, SENIOR, casts a magic spell on a fellow actor during the drama play festival 221 Vagts, Denny Van Boardman, Blake Van Lunsen, Pete Van Portiliet, Mike Ski 3, Dems 3. Venuti, Patsy Yearbook 1,2,3, Honor Soc. 2,3, Ir. Prin., Pep 2,3, Atherlies 3. Vierheller, Laura Ski 1,2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Dems Sec.-Treas. 3. Villalouos, Sandy Walker, Wendy Wallace, Rick Track 1,2,3, Cross Country 2,3, Basket- ball 2, D Club 1,2,3. Walter, Gary Walthers, Paul Track 2,3, Football 2, Class Play 3, Dems 2,3. Wanner,Ian Class V.-Pres. 2,35 Pep 2, Sec. 3, Honor Soc. 3, Atherfies 3, Color Day Prin. 2. Wardin, Kathie Honor Soc. 3, Ski 1,2,3, FTA 1. Wamer, John School Treas., Foot- ball 1,23 Key 2,3, FAC 3, Ski 1,2,3. I 1 s E S Wasson, Barb Weber, Marty Watson, Bill Gymnastics 1 ,2,3, Drama 1,2,3, Thes- Ski L25 F40 3' pians 2,35 IRC 2, V. Wedum, Bill Pres. 2. SWIH1- 1,2,3s Honor Soc. 2, Pres. 3, FAC 353D Club l,2,3, Ski Wertz, Paul German 1, Ski 3, Hi-Y 3. Watson, Steve Bridge 1,2,3s NFL 2,3g Karate l,2,3, Orch. 1,2,3. Wenger, Pat PGP 2,35 Escort, Choir 3. l Werschky, Sue Folksong 2, French 2, Pre-Med 2. Wheeler, Debbie Whitaker, Norma journal 3, Pep 2,33 Drama 1,2,3, En- semble 1,2,3, Tri- Hi-Y 2. Weyland, Janet F ol song 2. Wilson, Carole Your Senior Year-- First, an Eternity, Then, a Moment, Now, a Memory. June 4th -- This ls the End Senior Mike Ryan plays the guitar at a rac- tice session for the Folksong Club at scllool. Wolff, Chuck Swim, 1,2,39 Key 1, Woods, Nelson Wilson, Marti 2,33 D Club 1,2,3g Football 1, Wres Ken Class Play 3, Pep 3, Yearbgok 3, tling 1, Ski 2. Pres. 3. Thespians 3, Drama Zohn Art Zu5pann,Ann Mark 35 Ski 3- Wilson, Minerva Wolf, Becky Footgall mgr, 2,35 Ski 1,2,3g TARS 1 1,39 Folksong 3. Wynne, 101111 Yates, Diane Yeager, Scott Track 2,35 Ski 3. C0lf 3- Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, if re f-iii w . genera 1 - I 5 AE Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel, X 4 i Like a snowball down a mountain, or a carnival balloon, Like a carousel that's turning running rings around the moon. r a.iss f a,a el 226 And the world is like an apple whirling silently in space, Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind. r rzrsrmns rfk, 5.35. - x-sw, lil: A ..',.f 1 li if 'H , l. ,,s . .Z l A ,M l M ,, jg W t, Q 5 gf' f A" I 3 e , 'AV K VV ,W 5 L1 l Keys that jingle in your pocket, words that jangle in your head, Why did summer go so quickly? Was it something that you said? A I Lovers walk along a shore and leave their footprints in the sand. Is the sound of distant drumming just the fingers of your hand? 229 2 F L' all X f 1 : .7:'ll'ffiR'2,,'-'milf'Q' 21'-y-fki Half remembered names and faces hut to whom do they belong? Pictures hanging in a hallway and the fragment of a song. , Y uwlggg mt?fgi3slM'i'l?'L'leZa:g e 9 '?igrQSN'5Zl,ggg'? E l -Wemaifigg When you knew that it was over you were that the autumn leaves were turning to the color of her hair. suddenly aware J Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel. Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel, As the images unwind, Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind! Tom F lohr Transferring from Connecticut in the middle of his junior year, Tom Flohr readily established himself at Tj. As valedictorian, Tom maintained a 4.67 grade point average and took four Advanced Placement courses fchemistry, calculus, English, American historyj. Quite often playing the dramatic role, Tom would floor his classmates with portrayals of Paris C"The First Mrs. Parisj, the Ragpicker C"The Madwoman of Chaillotvl, Mr. Condemine C6Blithe Spiritvl, Creon C"Antigone,'j, and Charlie Davenport Q"Annie Get Your Gunnj. Very ap- propriately, Tom was elected president of Drama Club. As author of the jefferson journal column, "Cut-Upsv, Tom's witty logic, biting sarcasm, the infamous puns, or sincere approval were the sources of humor to some, con- sternation to others. Yet the achievements of Tom F lohr were the envy of all. 234 Anne Berardini Grinning from tear to tear, Anne Berardinfs instant display of emotions labeled her a sensitive member of the senior class. Dedicated to involvement, Anne was a valued participant in Concert Choir, Drama Club, and Student Council. From the ridiculous to the sublime, Anne's portrayals in productions as varied as the "Music Mann and "Objective Casei' earned her membership in National Thespian Society. Elected for three consecutive years by her classmates, Anne served valuably as Sopho- more Class Representative, Iunior Class Secretary, and All School Treasurer. Performing all duties with abound- ing enthusiasm, many sought the originality and fresh- ness of Anne Berardini. Patty Dresler Politics, religion and the editorial page the Ioumal provided at least three topics of conversation for Patty Dresler. Shouting "Nixon's the One", Patty was nominal head of Republican campaign strategy at TI. Often at the wrong end of Irish Catholic jokes in room 226, she ably maintained her position and usually had the last laugh. As editorial page editor of the controversial Jefferson joumal, Patty continually found herself harassing, attack- ing, or acquiescing to administration policies. She re- ceived the Betty Crocker award in February, was a Na- tional Merit Finalist, and was a member of National Honor Society. Intelligence, barbed comments, and the will to back her opinions always made Patty a wel- member in any class or group discussions. Randy Condit Responding in a personal matter to common issues and objectively solving them was just one of Randy Condit's attributes. Eternally gathering class spirit and unselfishly donating his enthusiasm, Randy single handedly fur- nished Senior Hall and actively participated in Key Club. "Randit the Banditi' or "Gentleman jim", as he was more aptly called by his female admirers, was a high scorer on the offensive team and a strong rebounder on the de- fensive boards for the Spartan cagers. In the Fall and Spring of his sophomore, junior, and senior years, Randy shot to high standings in the State Golf Tourney. Aside from his extra curricular activities, Randyis scholarly en- deavors proved fruitful as he was elected to National Honor Society in his senior year. Later he was also elected as vice-president of the Society. Randy Condit- spirited, athletic, scholarly-an outstanding member of the 1969 Hall of Fame. Cameron Grant Excelling in both the study of piano and violin, Came- ron Grant truly distinguished himself. A student of Den- veris Dr. Antonia Brico for eleven years, Cameron was a member of the Brico Symphony Orchestra. He was the featured pianist in several Brico performances and also played with the Denver Symphony Orchestra. His skill on the violin earned him the position of Concert Master in two Denver All-City Orchestras. Talent and versatility proved great assets as he was awarded a scholarship to the summer music camp at Interlochen, Michigan. Tak- ing Advanced Placement American History, where he was most noted for his imitation of the famed bull alli- gator, Cameron also kept a 3.9 grade point average. Yet for all of these, Cameron was an outstanding tennis player in addition. He qualified and placed in two con- secutive state tournaments. 235 Carre Lindeman Laughing out was not the characteristic of Carre Lindeman during the Arist0crat's Laugh In. Grimly de- termined to make the assembly a success, Carre badg- ered, yelled and raged at the "Aristocrais,' who knew less about stage rights and lefts than journalism. Yet the assembly was a success-the success of Carre Lindeman. Devoting many hours to the practice of Pom-pon rou- tines, Carreis spirit was always evident. For two years she was 'ITS representative to the Denver Fashion Board, in which her active participation and talent made her the winner of the Bobbie Brooks Seventeen Contest and con- tender for national recognition. As a behind the scenes worker, Carre was active in Drama Club as treasurer. Also a member of Representative Assembly and National Honor Society, Carre Lindeman typified involvement. Debbie Guenther Under a flurry of swirling brown and gold pompoms, could be found Debbie Guenther. As head pompom girl, Debbie never tired of cheering Spartan athletes on to victory. Her bubbling school spirit was also manifested in her other school activities. Debbie was an active mem- ber of Tri-Hi-Y, Ski Club and the Red Cross. Debbie was an individual truly concerned about promoting Spar- tan spirit throughout the school and the city of Denver. 236 Kathy Luhe Aware of people, eager to establish maningful relation- ships, alive-Kathy Luhe shared her exuberance with all. Pep Clubbers never missed the, "Come on you guys, Yelll" An accomplished gymnist and swimmer, she ap- preciated the work that goes with victory. As president of Atherfies, Kathy displayed that quality of dedication which is necessary to lead a service club. Winning sec- ond place in the state-wide Hire the Handicapped essay contest, Kathy proved that in all her endeavors, imagina- tion, skill, and ability to communicate pay off Pasty Mulhern Using the commanding whistle of Pep Club Drill Cap- tain, Patsy Mulhern embedded into the non-military minds of two hundred and fifty girls all the intracacies of left and right. By the end of a practice session, Patsy usually found herself and her marchers also embedded in mud. A member of Atherfies, National Honor Society, and secretary of FTA, she was active in Tj academic and social life. Such participation was highlighted when, fighting for the girls in the Canned Food drive, Patsy collected forty cans in one day. Patsy Mulhern,s unique spirit made her an integral part of Tj. Patsy Venuti Fashion Board, Pep Club, Atherfies, and Aristocrat- each a valued service club and each counted on Patsy Venuti. Sincerely and energetically active in the pro- grams of all four, Patsy contributed responsibly and cheerfully. One of ten juniors elected to the National Honor Society, Patsy's high 3.7 grade point average demonstrated academic excellence. Creative and indus- trious, she spent many hours in the world of fashion-as model, critic, seamtress, and designer. As junior Class Princess, Patsy received due recognition for her beauty, popularity and outgoing eifervescence. Bob Klein Combining qualities of scholarly attitudes, athletic determination, and witty subtlely, Bob Klein was a con- tributing member of the senior class. Elected to National Honor Society when only a junior, he kept his 3.8 grade point average through the senior year. Accomplished in football and basketball, he participated in the Tj athletic program for three years, earning several letters, thereby qualifying for membership in D-Club. Many classes and social events were made livelier with the penetrating witticisms and generally pleasing amiability of the Class of 1969's Bob Klein. Barbie Kortz Pleading with plainclothes clubbers to wear their uni- forms and asking the girls to keep their seats during half- time and yell, was Barbie Kortz, president of Pep Club. Controlling or congratulating the largest club in the school, Barbie was also responsible for squeaking bal- loons and the infamous surprise breakfast. Yet Barbie had the spirit, good humor, and courage to face all. An appreciation for and genuine interest in classmates was returned as she was elected sophomore Aristocrat prin- cess and jefferson Ball candidate as a senior. Atherfies also enjoyed the active interest of "Kortzief' 237 jimmy Scott Smart cracks and witty jokes were synonymous with the name jimmy Scott. A dry sense of humor always ac- companied with a wry smile made him the well known class "cut-upf, Yet behind the laughing exterior was a sincere worker. Author of the infamous "Sweat Sockf, Jimmy kept readers chuckling or smilingly wondering at semi-private jokes. As secretary of Key Club and a valua- ble member of three TJ basketball teams, Jim was both the mild-mannered and hard-driving supporter of the Class of 1969 and Thomas Iefferson. 238 Hank Iewell Bell-bottom pants and a striped turtle neck symbolized athlete and leader Hank Iewell. An avid Sportsman, Hank played football and baseball for three years. ln his senior year, he led the Spartan nine to many hard-earned victories with fine pitching and hitting. Complementing his athletic talents, Hank was also a well-liked and re- spected leader as Iunior Class Representative and Key Club President. D-Club and FAC were other areas in which Hank displayed the honesty and sincerity of the popular senior known to many. David Entsminger Entsminger one ofthe few true Spartans. Playing both offensive and defensive tackle for t best TI football team to date, David Entsminger play the kind of hard and spirited game that put him and teammates on top. Countless hours of grueling practi paid off with a city championship, second place in st play-offs, and the awards of All-City, All-Metro, and A State Tackle. Dedication to athletics continued into wr tling season in which he earned two letters and a c championship title as a senior. Yet David also manifest the gentler side of the athlete as a member of Conc Choir. With a bass above comparison, he was elect president of the Choir. Other activities included me bership in D-Club and FAC. His willingness to wo and to work hard in any endeavor, made senior Da jan Wanner Performing all the duties, both enjoyable and not so enjoyable, of a student, was jan Wanner. A member of Atherlies and secretary of Pep Club, jan served her class well. Active in student politics, she was vice-presi- dent as a junior and senior. In this capacity jan knew the frustration of dealing with apathetic students and a de- manding administration. But jan was more than her ac- tivities could name. jan was brimming-brimming with enthusiasm for friends, strangers, events, brimming with a humor that would erupt at the slightest opening, brim- ming vsdth awareness, curiosity. jan Wanner knew the word of Tj-is people, its places, its success. Bob Inman As president of Class of 1969, Bob Inman symbolized the new enthusiasm generated by his classmates every- where. Seldom is there a stable individual who can ab- sorb the laughter, tears, and success of a class as Bob did. Feeling the beat of the "now generationf, Bob was active in all its phases. Playing the drums in Stage and Concert band, he earned a position in the All-State Orchestra. Collecting for the United Way or the Santa Claus Shop, Bob demonstrated the qualities of a leader as well as a compassionate individual. His talent was once more evidenced in the sports Held, where he devoted many hours to the discipline of a gymnist. Dependable, fun- loving, witty-Bob Inman represented the youth of today and the Class of ,69-sensitive and alive. Carol McClanahan Acclaimed the second most beautiful teenager in the nation, Thomas jeffersonis Carol McClanahan repre- sented Denver in the Miss Teenage America Beauty Pageant. Her sparkling smile, vivacious personality, and graceful poise earned her the title of Miss Ingenue in her junior year. Carol pursued her ambition of becoming a professional model by working for john Robert Powers Modeling Agency. Carolis beauty and talent were rec- ognized by the Class of '69 as they elected her a candi- date for Senior Prom queen. Carol McClanahan,s na- tional recognition merit her position in Hall of Fame. 239 Bill Wedum Resident cynic of the senior class, Bill Wedum's sar- donic comments on issues from Andrew Jackson to the finer points of southern comfort, resulted in inspiration, admiration, and perhaps irritation from his peers. Bill,s witty intelligence and ability to grasp the keen points of discussion were evidenced by his 4.0+ grade point aver- age and his participation in two Advanced Placement programs. Recognized as the true student, he was elected as president of Tfs chapter of the National Honor Society. Easily spotted in the symbolic orange T-shirt, Bill was admired for his prowess as an FAC'er any day of the week. Bill Wedum was also one of Thomas Ieffersonis tankers, participating in swimming for three years, qualifying for state each season. Doing everything and nothing with a smile, Glen Laird proved that all good humor men aren't bad. Glen participated in virtually every school or class activity. As Sophomore Class President and Senior Representa- tive, he contributed to the affairs of student government. Glen played football as a sophomore and junior, lettered in track, and as senior received another letter as a wres- tler. His athletic talents were put to the test when he par- ticipated in the Outward Bound program the summer of 1968. Key Club, FAC, TARS, French Club, and the Aris- tocrat were always enamored by their most bubbly mem- ber. Yet with all of these, Glen always managed to retain his 3.2 standing. Undeniably, Glen Laird never took the easy feast?l way out of involvement. Glen Laird-ya know what I mean-kinda. Dick Bayer For six years Tj students witnessed a rarity-W.C. Fields hiding in Dick Bayer clothing. Comic par excel- lence, Dick would readily unleash his wit on the unsus- pecting, doing anything from monkeys to Wm. F. Buck- ley. Yet all the humor was complemented by intelligence and enthusiasm for the class. Dick was active in student govemment as a member of Representative Assembly, junior Class President, and senior delegate to the Den- ver Mayor's Youth Council. Working energetically in all phases of school life, Dick Bayer was and ardent sup- porter ofthe Class of 1969 and Thomas Jefferson. Glen Laird Barb Baker A vivacious spark in the success of the Class of 1969, Barb Baker worked tirelessly in all activities. As a sopho- more she served as class secretary and was our starry- eyed representative in the Color Day royalty. When elected junior Representative, Barb demonstrated spirit that was needed in collecting dues, cans, clothes, or toys. An active participant in Pep Club, "Bakes" was the re- sponsible co-ordinator of Homecoming 1968. Brewing up innovative ideas for school unification through spirit and concentrated participation, Barb,s many contributions were invaluable. Without a doubt the finest athlete at TI, john Stearns provided most of the incentive for Spartan teams as well as Spartan supporters to win, and win big. A valuable member of three varsity teams during three years, john won three letters in football, basketball, and two in base- ball. As a junior he was All-City and All-Metro in foot- ball, adding an All-State title as a senior. Recognized by his teammates, he was voted most valuable player of the football team of 1968. Basketball season also provided a proving ground for Iohn. As co-captain of the team, he completed his senior season with two All-City titles. With an additional two letters and a city batting crown in baseball, john finished his high school athletic career with unprecedented accomplishments. Spartan fans knew him intimately when crying for victory. Teammates ad- mired the phenominal ability and the genuine athletic spirit of john Stearns. john Warner Representing 'Tj at every "inn', activity, john Warner was responsible for introducing a sobering influence on the Class of ,69. After a short but stormy career in ath- letics, john turned his talents to the school political arena as junior Class Representative and as a senior, All- School Treasurer. Ridding student economics of graft and corruption, john focused his attention on the mod, mod world of dating. This aspect of his high school ac- tivities was culminated when he carried off the coveted King Eros crown. From the meter maids of Phoenix to the broken walls of the Frisco Frat, john Warner will be remembered as an intrinsic part ofthe 1969 seniors. E E 4 Nancy Busch Quiet efficiency was Nancy Busch's hallmark. An inte lectual asset to the class, Nancy had a final grade poir average 4.2 after taking both Advanced Placement Eng lish and Biology. Nancy was also one of Tj's seven Ni tional Merit Finalists. Acknowledging her academ: excellence and qualities of citizenship, she was chosen 3 National Honor Society Secretary, outstanding junic girl, and was elected as secretary of Representative A. sembly in her junior year. Concert Choir, Red' Cros Atherfies, Pep Club, and Fashion Board-a long list of at complishments, carried out with modest calm and eff cient charm-Nancy Busch. Cathy Lines Her favorite expression was a wide-eyed, "Whatg,' hu favorite flavor, chocolate, her favorite interest, peopl Optimistic, energetic, naive, and always smiling, Cath Lines packed more activities and projects into her yea at Tj than many will in their lifetimes. She was a me ber of Atherfies, Red Cross, Honor Society, Ski Clu junior Escorts, Aristocrat, and Advanced Placeme English. Cathyis theme was spirit and spirit is what s projected as cheerleader during her junior and seni years. Cathy was alway found talking to someone, m often saying, 'KI donlt get it, you guysf, Outstandi citizenship earned her the DAR award of 1969. Una mously elected to the Hall of Fame, Cathy Lines will the one person remembered by the entire class. Tom Dougherty Faced with staff members who could rarely co-ordi- nate pictures and copy into a decent layout, who laughed off deadlines or were continually in a state of panic, photographers who knew they were the best in the world, and even those who had never heard of kazubies, Tom Dougherty, editor of the yearbook, rose manfully to the occassion. Issuing a few well-timed and well-put, "Shut ups, I have never in my life seen anyone so stupidsf, or, '1VVho do they think they aresf, he was able to conduct the staff with unprecidented efficiency. Gathering new concepts in journalism at summer work shops at Southern Illinois University and Brigham Young University, Tom incorporated them into this yearbook bringing it closer to an All-American rating, than ever before. Taking two advanced placements courses fEng- lish and American Historyl and maintaining a 3.99 grade average, Tom was a lively participant in all classes, us- ually taking the opposing view towards any issue. A member of the swimming team for three years, he qual- ified for state each season. But contrary to popular belief, all work and no play did not make Tom a dull boy. The height of wry wit, Tom's imitation of the psuedo-snob resulted in a hilarity which caused some to wonder, "Is he or isnlt he'?,, He wasnlt. Tom Dougherty-Editor-iw Chief of the 1969 Aristocrat. Bonnie Timmons Cool, quiet competency typified Bonnie Timmons. As editor of the Jefferson Ioumal, Bonnie's penetrating leadership capabilities were shown. Bonnie served her school well by representing Tj in the Denver Mayors Youth Council and by serving as vice-president of Repre- sentative Assembly, as a junior Escort, and as Senior Representative. A gifted student, Bonnie was awarded membership in the National Honor Society and was also the recipient of numerous awards for artistic ability. Bonnie will probably be best remembered by those who knew her well however, as the wierd, witty, strawberry blond, who terrorized Southeast Denver with her mani- acal driving. A strange combination of distorted carica- tures, unbreakable eggs, and inventive grandfather, and messages from the spirit world-Bonnie Timmons. 243 LUBS RUS ER AERONAUTICS CLUB Russ Barrows-President Bob Hayes-Vice-President Lana Mitchell-Secretary Bob Hill-Treasurer Members Dave Anderson Mark Archuleta Bill Banks Bob Barrows Roc Beaver Mike Boggess Mark Delano Tom Dresler Steve Foster Chris Kaferly Jim Knoe Terry Moen Dave Nordness Rochelle Paradis Gary Smiley Rich Spencer Robert Riebe Robert Zishka AMICAE SORORES Nancee Enewold-President Ellen Dumm-Vice President Kate Rider-Secretary Martha Markhem-Treasurer Members Stacie Arck Saharon Bahrych Linda Bayer Joan Brennan Cathy Chandler Connie Cozens Janet Craig Sharon Cummings Beth Davidson Beverly Doll Linda Earle Jeannie Ellison Cindy Essig Lisa Farber Annette Flores Joan Fraser Andrea Garvey Ann Gordon Susan Gray Marcee Greinetz Debby Howard Kathy Kittrell Marcie Lande Jeannine Lanier Linda Law Nancy Lawrence Beverly Lehman Diane McCurdy Sharon McHugh Cheryl Masters Diane Mitchell Mary Moser Charlene Nelson Debbie Nelson Billie Paxson Debbie Peterson Karen Piper Pam Pritzel Debbi Raiter Barbara Ralston Margo Rechnitz Randy Beuben Susan Saunders Ginny Settle Joy Severinsen Ilciynne Sqhaddock argie Sterling Ellen Tellis Linda Thurmon Terry Trubey Milta Vaughn Gail Wanner Jeannie Wham Carol Whitaker Anne Williams Wendy Wolf ARISTOCRAT STAFF Greg Brawner-Senior Editor Janis Brown-Sophomore Edi- tor Barbara Bullock-Secretary Bob Bullock-Photographer Paul Christensen-Head Pho- tographer Mike Dinner-Sports Carol Doll-Faculty and Hall- of-Fame Tom Dougherty-Editor-im Chief Joan Ficklin-Index Editor Janet Fraser-Clubs Editor Linda Frederic-Student Life Assistant Ginger Gemmill-Junior Ecli- tor Carre Lindeman-Publicity Cathy Lines-Student Life Editor Cheryle Lively-Clubs Editor Julie Lutz-Academics Editor Randi Lutz-Royalty Editor I-eff Lyman-Photographer inda Mills-Business Man- ager Barbara Ostrom-Album As- sistant Gay Page-Senior Mems and Theme Coordinator Don Peterson-Public Rela- tions Mary Polivnick-Artist Don Shapiro-Photogra her Rich Spurlin-Sports Edjitor Randy Thall-Photographer Cathy Thurmon-Freshman Editor Patsy Venuti-Album Editor Hines Warren-Photographer iana YVatson-Faculty and Hall-of-Fame Chuck WVolff o s -Sp rt Kathy Wyble-Assistant Busi- ness Managerg Activities ATH E RF I E S Kathy Luhe-President Diane McMullen-Vice- President Nancy Parma-Secretary Joan Ficklin-Treasurer Lise Brinton-Fashion Board Members Lauri Anderson Sally Baker Anne Berardini Debbie Bemstein Paula Bluebaugh Carol Boggis Debbie Boyd Judy Brzeinski Karen Burroughs Nancy Busch Elaine Callas Janette Colbum Nancy Combs Nancy Desmond Janet Fraser Suzanne Gatseos Debby Graham Judy Gunther Cherilynn Isberg Polly Johnson Barbie Kortz Cathy Lines Ranette Lutz Jackie McArdle Nancy McLaughlin Leann Maul Barbara Miriello Patsy Mulhem Deb Norlin Pam N orlin Leslie Orblom Barbara Ostrom Beth Rider Pattie Riley girlie Schwengels errilee Settle Sara Shedd Susan Shirk Renee Shraiberg Cindy Stout Leslie Tweed Marsha Van Camp Patsy Venuti Lan Wanner arbara Wasson CONCERT BAND Bob Agree Russ Barrows Jon Bauman ick Beno Debbie Bernstein Debbie Boyd Aprille Clemensen Sue Copland Charles Cory Russ Croop Jon Darcey Terry Daugherty Forest Dillinger Robbie Douglass Kelly Downum Tom Dresler Tom Entzminger Lynn Fishman Alan Friedman Bob Goddard Jeff Grojnke Michael Hadad Pari Hildreth Steve Hildreth Douglas Horner Robert Houtchens Duane Hutchinson Bob Inman Shawn Johnston Lee Kamlet David Krieger Jeff Lamer Shelia Lawler Debbie Lenicheck Gary Loman Richard Loman Gary Lyons Chris Maxwell Bill McCleom Kevin McDermott Gary McIntyre Tom Marshall Roger Mitchell Rick Mongrain Wayne Murray James Noe Rick Novosad Steve Novosad Will Parsons Robert Payne Susan Payne Roger Peterson Greg Rimmel Mark Rogers David Sc rader Cody Seiler Connie Seiler James Schmid Sara Shedd Jian Shoemaker risti Smith Frances S urlin Rick Spurlin Kay Slglurlock Kim rasher ohn Uagts ohn We b ob Wolfson CONCERT CHOIR Karen Abramson Pam Addington Dee Anderson Tom Aspinwall Gregg Baldon Brian Berge Diane Bjork Joan Blackwood Paula Bluebaugh Carol Boggis Sharon Bradbury Gary Briber Nancy Busch Kathy Butz Em Campe on Colson Nancy Combs Bob Crow Bill Cunningham Janice Day Kathy Dennison Janet Dodd .leri Durkop Dave Entsminger Nancy Ericson Bruce Fish Ed Fitzhugh Steve Foster Mary D. Frisk Pam Frisk Cynthia Gage Terry Green Karen Griffith Bill Gunstream Lou Hays Suzanne Jensen Ann Jochens Beverly Johnson Polly Johnson Mary Ann Karavites Patty Kasiska Cindy Larson Adele Lennig Carrie Lindeman Brad Lyman Gary McFatter Glen McGuire Bob Malcolm Bruce Mansfield Danny Martin Randy Martines Tony Martinez Sally Mason Kevin Mathass Leann Maul Kenneth Miller Marla Milne Barbara Miziello Linda Newman Debbie N orlin Pam Norlin Nancy Parma Dennis Pearson Hugh Pete Perkins Bill Petterdeon Patricia Porter Connie Powell Patty Riley Francine Saunders Sue Shirk Nancy Sholund Renee Shraiberg Debbie Smith Michelle Tayon Lynne Tipton Cary Veith Brad Vierhellcr Paul Walther Martin Weber Patricia WVenger CONCERT ORCHESTRA Karen Abramson Bob Agee Barbara Akridge Ellen Arck Russ Barrows John Baughman Debbie Bernstein Linda Bremmer Mike Carpenter Paul Christensen Mark Combs Charles Cory Colleen Coyle Suzanne Day Robbie Douglass Lynn Fishman Alan Friedman Sara Gottenborg Cameron Grant Jeff Graunke Judith Gunther Nancy Hockstad Helen Hon Douglas Homer Robbie Howk Bob Inman Cheri Isberg Pauline Johnson Carolyn Kremers Debbie Lenicheck Jeff Leone im Lightbum Cathy Lines Gary Loman Ann Lucore Gary Lyons Kevin McDem1ott Bob Morgan Linda Newman Jim Noe Steve Novosad Gay Page Robert Payne Chris Pery Bill Petterson Nancy Roeschlaub Wayne Rosenkronz Robin Rouse Ethel Sayre Julie Schwengels Cody Seiler David Sherman Jean Shoemaker Cindy Stout Louis Tanns Carol Wainwright Ann Walker Barbara Wasson Steve Watson John Webb Jamie Winn Bob Walfson CREATIVE ART Pam Addington Tom Aspinwall Anne Berardini Barb Bowman Judlv Brzeinski Vic i Collins Russ Croop Dee Faust Michelle Flowers Monica Foss Dan Gallegos Linda Gilbert Cameron Grant Cindy Haines Steve Hammond Doug Henninger Steve Hinmon Nancy Hockstad Judy Hoody Paul Kasahara Suzanne Kiraly Mary Koswan Jan Latcham Susan Leas Jim Lee Judy Lowery Kathy Luhe Paul Majerus Sue Meserschmidt Margo Mueller Bob Nevans Patsy Panella Roger Perry Smith Bonnie Ray Pam Riepe Joan Rudolph Terri Sanders Francine Saunders Leslie Schriener DeDe Settles Sara Shedd Susan Stephens Doug Suhm Bonnie Timmons Marcee Tolper David Underwood Jan Wanner Bonnie Warwick Scott NVilliams Marc Zaler l 'Y DI S TRI B UTI VE EDUCATION CLUB President JoAnn Guiry Vice President Paul Reginelli Secretary Susan Poindexter Treasurer ,Tack Saunders Publicity Nancy Ericson Members Irv Andrews Mike Baker DebbieBlacke Cindy Coggins Carole Corbin Mark Hannon Henrylrlartman Karen Henry Lan Ingelder arry err Kathy Kenna Mary Koswan Peter Lansing Glenda Lelforge Aileen Leonard Gail Lepp Carre Lindeman Lanet McGraw eggy McNeill Lana Miller Diane Morrison Geri Mosher Barbara Mosher Rochelle Paradis Wendy Plumb Lanis Polivnick attie Ponikiski Teri Roth Rick Sabel Debi Samfason Chuck Se vy Chris Sinoploli Betsy Smit Suzie Stryker Doug Suhm Dick Summers Tom Thompson Mindy Valis Terry Wade Pat Walker Teresa White Peggy Wilde Scott Wilson ianne Wold Becky Wolf .A.C. resident arry Krieger ice President len Laird ecretary ick Bayer reasurer b Inman ergeants-at-arms ave Entzminger teve Hinman ave SI ones ohn teams embers ellu Bass railg Behrent ar Dumm 'ck Fisher tan jackson ank fewell ob K ein eff Lyman rian McCleam ' k M lh IC U C111 om Nagel ave Perry erry Pulver arty Roth ick Rudolph 'm Ruppel ck Saunders mmy Slcott enn agts hn PVamer ill Watson ill Wedum ASHION BOARD o-Chainnen arti Bums earm Maul embers arb Baker 'se Brinton anice Brown ancy Busch awn Dickson an Ficklin net Fraser inda Frederic indy Lamont arre Lindeman - ni Lovely aren Masters m Riepe tsy Venuti FOLK SONG CLUB President Rob Bulthaup Vice President Paige Cameron Secretary Kathy Burghardt Treasurer Dexter Payne Members Thom Aspinwall Mary Bal Diane Brewer Linda Brewer Martha Colbert Carolyn Cory Sue Cumberland Lynn Davis Julie Duncan Andrea East Kendra Goddard Lori Greenfield Carl Janicek Ann Jochens Amy Kasahara Lynn Laursen Vicki Mason Dexter Payne Kevin Reynolds Laura Rhyne Mike Ryan Lynne Tipton Lynn Tucker Sue Werschky Mark Wwnore Marsha ymore FRENCH CLUB President Sally Maso Vioe President Dede Settles Secretary Trish Dunbar Treasurer I ac Reiner Members Cindy Allen Sheri Anderson Karen Battle Gloria Brown Monisa Bums Ron Colson Carolyn Cory Nancy Desmond Carol Dorsett Pam Frisk Connie Gelster Linda Gilbert Linda Harris Dave Hendrickson Judy Hood Jann Krapfy Carre Lindeman Cheryl Lively Ann Lucore Steve Markham Kuth Marranger Kevin McDemrott Margo Mueller Anne Moore Eleanor Niedo Jackie Northup Nancy Pate Sue Rodger Alexander Ryer Lisa Spangrud Fran Spur in Cindy Stacy Pam Sutfin Cathy Thurmon Kathy Tiddens Susan Werschky Nancy West FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA President Sue Shirk Vice President Patty Kasiska Recording Secretary Patsy Mu hem Corresponding Secretary Jeanette Colbum Treasurer Karen Ellison Historian Janet McGraw Members Sandra Ariki Cathy Asfxinwall Mary Bal Ioan Blackwood Cristi Bowlds Debbie Boyd Kerrie Cargill Penny Collins Carol Corbin 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Iackson Patty Jacobs Donna Ieffs Margaret Ienkins Linda ohnson Robyn ohnston Sara Io ston Robin Kal Kathleen Kenna Sh K d aron enne y Deborah Kirkpatrick Rebekah Kirkpatrick Linda LaBate Martha Lambi Mary Lambi Margaret Legg Terri Levitt iulie Lutz inda McC0lm Kathy McCue Teresa McElvain Pam McGonagle Margaret McNeill Nancy McPherson ggnnifer Mackey athy Mauck Barbara Miller Iill Miller Geri Moser Betty Mountain Susan Narraci Rosemary Paladino Nancy Pate Terri Payne Mary Pirlue Pat Poni iski Suzanne Powers Diane Ramey Bonnie Ray Laura Ribbing Chris Rice Linda Roberts Nelda Robertson Laura Rollins Ruth Rowley Marissa Rushton Beverly Sams Claire Sanwick Margaret Saunders Sharon Scheidt Gail Seerie Eunice Skeeters ay Smith Xgckie Sgrnitglr erry ep ens Heather Stevens Ian Struthers Cathy Thurmon L T ' frm' elen Tyner Mindy alis Nancy Webb Nancy West Norma Whitaker geresavvffhite eg r e Anger Wymore HI-Y President Cody Seiler Sharon Stone Eric Koelling INTERNATIONAL Vice P 'd t Demfligygg 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Pagliasotti anis Polivnick ob Randolph Lisa Raybum Gail Seerie Marie Thiede JOURNAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Timmons News Page Dana Ra etsky Editorial Page Editor Patty Dresler Feature Page Editor Indy Hoody s rt P Edit cifiwi riiiie 0' Members Michele Bograd Teri Campbell Sally Coker Ten'y Green Tom Flohr Michelle Flowers Linda Harris ieiannie Lines ark Lusky Ietf Lyman Sandy Martin Powell Mitchem Dana Mitchell Laurie Nowell 245 Keith Olsen Anne Perret ieanie Pringle rm Scott Clubs Roster Paul Staley Heather Stevens Mark Towne Brian Waidmenn J-dohn Weber ynn Weber Norma Whitaker KARATE CLUB President Don Peterson Vice President Bob Bixler Secretary Treasurer Jim Lee Sergeant-of-Arms Jerry Eaglen Members John Bauman im Bixler Cindy Dunham Andrea East Dave Ellis Nancy Erickson Kent Fraker Jerry Hahn Christy Hughes Dennis Pearson Greg Smith Steve Watson KEY CLUB President Hank Jewell Vice President Tom Bamhart Secretary Jim Scott Treasurer Buzz Koelbel Sergeant-at-arms Pete Van Lnnsen Members Dick Bayer Charlie Beery Greg Brawner Kent Brawner Randa' Condit Bob row Tom Hiester Ron Hicks Bob Inman Brad Inman Stan Jackson Joe Jones Scott Kirk Bob Klein Glen Laird Brent Lanier Tom Marshall gogerMMaul reg eyer Bruce Miller Mike Miller Stuart Miller Tom Nagel Marty Roth Dick Rudolph Kurt Rudolph Randy Riepe Rich Spurlin John Steams Russ Stracy Kevin Valis Dave Wadlington John Wamer Bob Whitaker Chuck Wolff NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE President Mike Patton Vice President Carolyn Kremers Recording Secretary William Carlson Corresponding Secretary Paulette Bowling Treasurer Jeffery Davine Member Brian Berge Susan Cumberland Lcinathan Duxbury ike Emst Bob Froling Alan Greenberg Ward Headstrom Mark Kamlet Em Kenna oug Manley Steve Markham Terry McCue Sid Postma Ann Richmond EE Robinson avid Sherman Steve Watson K r ilh lm a en W e David Wright NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President William Wedum Vice President Randy Condit Secretary Nancy Busch Treasurer Jeannette Colbum Members Densel Aber Karen Abramson Steven Barlow Robert Bixler John Bleskan Carol Boggis Kathy Boyd Tamra Brown Elaine Callas Vicki Collins Nancy Combs Susan Cumberland Lanice Day ancy Desmond Carol Doll Tom Dougherty Patricia Dresler Andrea East Richard Fisher Thomas Flohr Lanet Fraser obert Froling Cameron Grant Sally Greenberg Mike Hadad Steve Hammond Ralph Hardy Lou Hays John Henderson oni Holsclaw William Howland Cherilynn Isberg Craig Janitschke Norman Kittrell Eric Koelling Carolyn Kremers Robert Klein James Lee Adele Lennig Carre Lindeman Cathy Lines Randi Lutz Nancy McLaughlin Linda Mills Barbara Miriello Roger Mithell Craolyn Morse Patsly Mulhem Mio ael Mundt Tom Nagel Patricia Novak Leslie Orblom Dexter Payne Don Peterson William Randle Bonnie Ray Beth Rider Deborah Robinson Luhe Schwengels illiam Speckman Rich Spurlin Heather Stevens Cynthia Stout Bonnie Timmons Mark Towne Leslie Tweed Mark Van Camp Marsha Van Camp Patsy Venuti Jan Wanner Kathy Wardin Barbara Wasson NATIONAL THESPIANS President Adele Lennig Vice President Mark Combs Secretary Kevin McDermott Treasurer Judy Rifkin Members Claudia Barlow Anne Berardini Kathy Butz Ron Colson Kathy Dennison Cindy Dunham Andrea East T om Flohr Anne Jockens Marly Lansing Carre Lindeman Randi Lutz Randy Martines Linda McColm Sally Mason Janis Polivnick Steve Schott Sue Shirk Heather Stevens Paul Walthers Marty Weber Marty Wilson 9TH GRADE BOWLING CLUB Secretary Albin Haglund Members Dave Andrews Loan Brennan ob Brown Mick Ciari Jeannie Ellison Scott Evans Gail Frederic Casey Fmmk Dave Gregarek Tom Hart Te Hess J-or-flitzhnson in a Law Bob Mclngre Charlene elson Tracy Nies Trent Nies Cindy Ozman Cory Skutt Jim Small ark Taylor Jim Therrell Wendy Wolf Curtis Wolfe 9TH GRADE CHORUS Barbara Afman Doris fMickeyJ Aglar Lynette Alexander Betty Bauman Jessie Baumgartner Wendy Beylers Sandra Bit er J. C. Bowman Lorena Brandon Laurie Brown Margaret Campe Denise Capp Denise Camey Deborah Camey Kathleen Carter David Chapman Larry Cox Laurie Cumberland Beth Davidson Robin Dougherty Alicia E. Dumm Robin Duxbury Nancy Elrod Nancee Enewold Lisa Farber Lynn F alguhar Susan Fi Laurie Franzmann Jaulie Freed U hyllis Gallr Andrea Garvey Nancy Gates Sally Goodpaster Sandra Greene Doug Haines Laurie Hargrove Lloyd Hill Brenda Holstein Heidi Hunter Bryan Jones Nancy Lackner Louise Larson Terri Lattner Linda Law Catherine Lawrence Cynthia Lawrence Beverly Lehman Debra Lehor Linda Lewis Yvonne McCarty Donna McColm Noelene Mickelson Tammy Mitchell Kay Molyneux Kathleen O'Shaughnessy Lisa Painter Elaine Patterson Darrell J. Pearson Karen S. Piper Linda Pollard Jean Powell Pam Pritzell Lisa Quaidy Margaret Rhodes Gail Richardson Kate Rider Diane Roberts Linda Sams girlie Sanders ary Saunders Susan Saunders Virginia Settle Joy Severinson Lynne Shaddock Cynthia Shovlin Renee Smith Andrea Spalding Carrie Stanley Terry Trubey Milta Vaughn Gail Wanner Kathleen Warth Terese Way Jeanne Wham aura Wilkin Anne Williams Diana Wilson David Winslow Wendy Wolf Pat Wright James York PEP CLUB President Barb Kortz Vice President Lynn Koelbel Recording Secretary Jan Wanner Corresponding Secretary Beth Rider Treasurer Mary Brookover Sergeant-at-arms Lynn Fisherman Drill Captain Patsy Mulhem Junior Representative Connie Seiler Senior Representative Gayle Cavnar Seniors Densel Abar Lauri A. Anderson Laurie E. Anderson Cathy Agminwall Barbara aker Anne Berardini Paula Bluebaugh Debbie Boyd Kathy Boyd gina Bozeman ary Brookover liiidy Brzeinski arti Bums Karen Burroughs Nancy Busch Elaine Callas Teri Campbell Cheryl Cartwright Gayle Cavnar Nancy Combs Jeanette Colbum Vicki Collins Colleen Coyle Sarah Danielson Em Day ebbie Defibaugh Kathy Dennison Patty Dresler Nancy Ericson Joan Ficklin anet Fraser Linda Garrecht Sue Gatseos Debbie Gilberts Debby Graham Terri Green Linda Greene Debbie Guenther Bidy Guenther ixie Hays Lou Hays Toni Holsclaw Cheri Isberg Polly JJ ohnson Sara ohnston Robyn Johnston Christine Kaferly Sandra Karst Pat Kennan Margy Kleiger Lynn Koelbel Barb Kortz Jan Latcham Adele Lennig Carre Lindeman Cathy Lines Kathy Luhe Randy Lutz Claire Mason Karen Masters Beth Matchael Leann Maul Kathy McCue Janet McGraw ancy McLaughlin Diane McMullen Teri Metros Barbara Miller Sharon Miller Linda Mills Barb Miriello Lana Mitchell Patsy Mulhem Patty Novak Leslie Orblom Barb Ostrom Gay Page Pat Panella Carla Pearson Betsy Pennington Elizabeth Ri er Pattie Riley Debbie Robinson Sue Sagfles Cathi cheeler l gulie Schwengels ue Shirk Renee Shraiberg Babbara Smith Carol Sooby Crndg Stacy Sue tephens Heather Stevens Cindy Stout Helen Tyner Pats6VVenuti Lan anner arb Wasson Pat Wenger Marti Wilson Nonna Whitaker Juniors Barbara Akridge Holly Alcom Colleen Anderson Jean Barber Claudia Barlow Christine Behrent Michele Bograd Pat Botkin Barb Bowman Sharon Bradbury Sandy Brown Barbara Bullock Peggy Butler Wendy Butler Kathleen Butz Janis Carda Gretchen Christensen Aprille Clemensen Sally Coker Lynn Cox Mary Darley Carolyn Dunbar Patricia Dunbar Jeri Durkop ackie Edwards Michelle Flowers Eat Flgwgrs ynn rs man Linda Frederic Sandy Freehling Debbie Frisk Julie Fox Suzy Fullerton Pam Gardner Connie Gelster Joyce Galloway Ginger Gemmill Lin a Gilbert Maureen Guthrie Linda Harris Karen Harvey Maureen Hayes Linda Herren Patty Hix Sally Hoagland Judy Ho y ynn Hummel Donna Jeifs Anita Jensen Ann Jochens Patti Kasiska Tris Kelso Carolyn Krantz Debbie Kern Lindy Lamont Debbie Lenrcheck .Lone Letts unny Levine Jeannie Lines Cheryle Lively Katlryi-'Linste t Ann ucore lulie Luiz pa"'le1i'5?iY eg c er Katt? Madigan Pam Malm Sandy Martin Sally Mason Stephanie Mergler Diane Miller Shannon Minter Debby Mitchell Roberta Moreland Margo Mueller Carole Neville Sandy Norden Laurie Nowell Sue Naracci Susie Oberg Mary 0'Fa lon Sue Olvey Nancy Pate Sue Peck Naomi Pollack Pats! Porter San y Portz Brnet Chris Powers ana Radetsky Sue Rahawi Jacgueline Reiner Laura Ribbing Sandy Riddell Brdy Rillcin arcy Ritz Kathy Robb Beth Roberts Sue Rodger Becky Roorda Teri Roth Patty SchaE Satllly Schell G ' Seerie Dede Settles Cody Seiler Conny Seiler Jean Shoemaker Chris Sinopoli Carolyn Skaer B-:nnie Skeeters ebra Smith Sue Smith Chere Stephenson Sherrye Stone Pam Stuiin Cathy Thurmon Linda Toumey Laura Walberg Diana Watson Debbie Weiner Jennifer Whalen eresa White Karen Wilhelm Paula Williams Joy Wolfson Cathy Wyble Marcia Wymore Sophomore Cheerleaders: Head Cheerleader Nancy Leisenring Celeste Colbum VVendy Smith Margaret Warren PRE-MED CLUB President Debbie Boyd Vice-President Nick Beno Secretary Lynn Shaughnessy Prougram Chairman Pa Maierus Members Sally Baker Lon Bauman evin Birks Kate Collison Carrie Day Sue Dyson Lynn Fishman Pam Frisk Pat Haley Eindal-'Henen ary yons Greg Maser Steve Mathews gackie Northup oug O'Dell Susan Peck Sid Post-ma me Robbins ky Roorda Cody Sieler REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY President Debbie Berstein Vice President Nancy Busch Secretary Karen Wilhelm Irv Andrews Kelly Bass Debbie Bird Greg Brawner Kent Brawner Darrell Brown kaanette Colbum on Colson Pete Crowley Hgny Davis om Entzminger Suzy Fullerton Cyndie Gage Debbie Gilberts Laurie Greenfield Karen Harvey Jerry Hinkle iuldy Hoody 'nda Jewell Robyn Lolhnston Sara Iso ston Buz oelbel Eva Kotz Le argaret gg Tim Lightbum Peni Lovely Teresa MacElvain Steve Markam Joyce Martin Sandy Martin bm Mason icki Mason Dave Montogomery Mike Paspes Debbie orter Randy Riepe Wayne Rosenkrans Teni R th o Sue Shirk Pete Sibilia Vicki Smith Cindy Stacy lEebbieT'l'hompson ynne 1 on John Wilggr R.O.T.C. COLOR GUARD Commander Mark Wagner Wally Allen Kevin Mathias Lon Robinson Steven Schott R.O.T.C. DRILL TEAM Commander Glenn Andrews Roo Beaver Spencer Cutting Dan Gordon Robert Hill Lawson Hise Robert Hyman Ed Lewandowski Steven Markham Kevin Mathias Paul Nabors Lon Robinson Mike Rupert Steven Sdiott Gary Smiley Rick Stevenson Terry Wade R.O.T.CC RIFLE TEAM Commander Wally Allen Mark Canjar Ed Lewandowski Rick Stevenson Steven Markham SENIOR HIGH RED CROS President Teri Campbell Vice President Chuck Burdick S etary Bglibara Akridge Treasurer Michele Bograd Dance Chainnan Terry Green EVCYY. Thomas Jefferson stu- dent rs considered a member of the Red Cross. SKI CLUB OFFICERS President Clark Crandall Vice President Rick Redecker Secretary Terry Green Treasurer Brad Berge Business Manager Terri Campbell Members Lan Aber ensel Aber Dana Aderman Bull Aderman LonnaAAfman Ynn gee Barb Akridge I-cghn Albi uAnne Albi Holly Alcom Cin y Allen Nancy Allis Peter Allis Sharon Allsup Cheri Anderson Cindy Anderson Debbie Anderson ack Anderson ohn Anderson aurie Anderson Pete Anderson Norm Andreas Kathi Arnold Elm sgnwall thy tlass Peter Bacheller Caren Bailis John Baird Debby Baker Eddie Ball Mary Ball Steve Ball Tyler Band Jean Barber Claudia Barlow Julie Barlow Sandi Bames Bob arrows Russ Barrows Enet Battockio oug Bauer Nancy Bauer Bette Bauman on Bauman essie Baumgartner 'nda Bayer Betsy Beaird Ran ee Beaver Roc Beaver Ten'y Beck Jane Becwar Carl Behrent Cris Behrent Craig Behrent B'll B tt l CDDB Lauri Bennett Porter Bennett Nick Beno David Benson Gail Benson Brian Berge Steve Berge Vicky Bergh David Beringer Liz Bills Margo Birkenmeier Marty Bischoli Sandy Bither Beal? Bixler Jim ixler Connie Bjella Donna Biella Regge B acke Pat lackhall Cindy Blakley Karen Blashock Anne Blomberg Doug Bloomquist Cathy Blum Blake Boardman Patty Boardman Steve Boardman Mike Boggess Peggy Boggess Carol Boggis Randy Boggis Harvey Bograd Larry Bograd Liglda Bond ki Booren ary Bosma Tom Bosma Kathg' Botkin Jedi outon Cristi Bowlds Barb Bowman Bill Bowman re i5Ea?0'B"833 Mark Bozeman Sharon Bradbury Steve Braun Greg Brawner Kent Brawner Loan Brennan athy Brewer Shirk? Brewer Pete rewster Charlene Briber Gary Briber Bill Brinton Mary Brookover Judy Brothers Darrell Brown Fabia Brown Gloria Brovum Leslie Brown Marsha Bruce David Bryan Ludy Brzeinski ecca Bullard Barb Bullock Richard Bulthaup Dan Bunch David Bunn Becky Burbank Brian Burch Ellen Burch Cherie Burchett Chuck Burdick gayson Burkey usan Burkey Karen Burroughs Peggy Butler Mame Butts Kevin Caldwell Charles Calhoun Dan Calhoun Leif Calhoun aige Cameron Stuart Cameron Toni Cameron Craig Campbell Dot Jo Campbell Kurt Campbell Mark Campbell Teri Pat Campbell T om Campbe 1 games Campe argge Campe Bill ampen Clyde Canino Laois Carda ill Carlson Bob Carlson Debbie Camey Chris Carpenter Scott Carpenter Kathy Carter Kirby Carter Cheryl Cartwright Ellen Cassidai Susan Chan er Gretchen Christensen Paul Christensen Chris Clark A rillo Clemensen Chds Clemensen Theresa Clements Howard Coe Denise Cogswell Murra Cohen Sall Coker Katlhti Colbert Ma a Colbert Marty Colenbrander Harlan Collins Meg Collins Kate Collison Ron Colson Mark Combs Nancy Combs Anne Conger Lisa Conger Rae Cook obert Cook Robert Cook Vicki Cook Sue Copland Carole orbin Charles Colrly Ken Cottre Sandy Courtney iames gox arry ox Linn Cox C uck Coyle Connie Cozens Roger Crabb Diane Craft Kelie Crane Randy Croop Russ Croop Carl Cross Pete Crowley Bill Cunningham Andrea Damels Sarah Danielson ody Danielson ei? Davine erry Davis ent Davis Mary Davis Can Day guzannlg Dlay e ec er BoBgDeGraw Gay Deitrich Kathy Dennison N ancyblgesmond Mike Witt Linda Dickerson Dawn Dickson Mike DiGrappa Tom DiGra pa Woody rnger CBBIY Dillinger Dary Dillow Sandi Dilnmick Lance Dimmitt Mike Dinner Greg Dinner Eames Disney y Dodd krdy Donnelly obin Dougherty Lori Douglass Laurie Drummond Greg Drost Tom Dumler Ellen Dumm Carolyn Dunbar Trish Dunbar Julie Duncan Geoff D'Urso gerry Ezglen haron amhardt Phil Eatherton Casey Edgar Joyce Einarsen eanie Ellison Dan Ely Peter Elzi Nancy Enewold Mary Ann Engels Anette Entzminger Tom Entzminger Sue EEpperson Tom rickson Ann Emest Mike Emst Steve Eversole Vicki Fagan Lola Far er Brodie Farquhar Lynn Farquhar erry Faust Jeanne Feliss Randy Ferris Jill Ficklin Gail Fink Luann Fink Lynn Fishman Neil Fishman Theresa Flansburg Stephanie Fletcher Tom Flohr Annette Flores Scott Flores Bob Flolry Debbie lynn Eric Foerrester Buck Ford En Forseth arsha Forsyth Mike Forsyth Igckquline Fox ent Fraker ackie Frank udy Frank anet Fraser oan Fraser ebbie Frazin Mike Frazin Gail Frederic Sandy Freeling Doui'Freese Ro riedman Bob Froling Dana Fuller Suz Fullerton Paula Fullerton Dennis Gaier Donna Galli Phyllis Galli Andrea Garvey Georg? Gatseos Judy elt Ginger Gemmill Mike Geoffroy Robert Geoffrey Curt Gerber Mike Gerber Bill Gianulis Milt Gianulis Linda Gilbert Nancy Gilbert Debbie Gilberts E21 Gilberts n Glasgow Robert Glaspey Bob Goddard Julie Goldberg Bradley Golder Gregory Golder Marianne Goldfain Mark Goldfain Margaret Goldhammer Mike Goodin Alana Grace Roger Grace De bie Graham Paul Gras Greg Graves G Green K:-gy Green Sandy Greene David Cregarek Eileen Gregg Em Griffith an Grummert Left' Guard eil Guard Micky Guenther Tom Guertner Mike Guthrie Mike Guzofsky Karen Hagel Lisa Hage Doug Haines Lean Haley at Haley Tom Hammond Eric Hansen Sally Hansen Kevin Harden Sue Harding Tim Hardy Dan Harrington Linda Harris Barbara Harvey Karen Harvey Scott Harvey Ginger Hatch Rama Hatch Bob ayes Marianne Hayes Maureen Hayes Dixie Hays - Gail Headstrom Carey Heglin Judy Henderson Steve Henderson Tom Henderson Janet Hentschel WendtvIHerhahn Mark erner Becky Herr Linda Herren Holly Hibbs Gary Hibdon Steve Hicks Steve Hill Virginia Hill Robert Hinkle Patty Hix Mark Hogg ilfegi lil-Iolsra aw u y oo y Eahn Hom ou Homer Jan Homer Nancy Horner Scott Homer Lori Horwitz Mike Horwitz Craig Housen Robbie Howk Ann Howland John Hull gnhn Huppert arlene Hurley Jan Inhelder Kathy Jackson Pat Janicek Debbie Jekel Jim Jennison Lin aJewell Ann fochens Bob ochens Rick Johnson Woody Johnson Jean Johnston Robyn Johnston Shawnljohnston Angie oines Bryan Jones Jerry Jones oe ones Tom Jones Crai Jorgenson Jon Jgoigenson Chris aferly Dan Kal Marilyn Kal Robin Kal Sherri Kal Steve Kal Mark Kamlet Bob Karlin Sandra Karst Carol Kast David Kast Mike Keables Brent Keeler Scott Keeler Pat Keenan Jeannie Kelly Kathleen Kennec Kim Kennec Holly Kier Susan Kingsley Judy Kirchner Scott Kirk Kathy Kittrell Steve Klaus Kelly Klein Bob Koelbel Buz Koelbel Lynn Koelbel Barbie Kortz Eric Kortz Warren Kortz Dennis Kos Shannon Kramer Carol Krantz Carolyn Kremers Nanciliremers Greg ob Scot Krob Eames Kunse ight Lada Glenn Laird Mike LaMa.rr Mark Lana Marcie Lande Debby Lane Marly Lansing IS.teve L-,arson aw Liarlda Law Jshn Lawrence ancy! Lawrence Rick edennan Sidnee Lederrnan Debby Lehor Nancy Leisenringt Debbie Lenichec Doug Lennig Deb ie Leo Leif Leone isa Lesuer Dan Levin Neal Levin Sunny Levine Tammy Levine Linda Lewis Mary Lexier Jeanie Lines Kathy Lines Rick List Cheryle Lively Kevin Lively Mike Lockard Gary Loman Steve Lorenz Peni Lovely lzohn Lowen at Lowman Rick Lowman Kathy Luhe Mark Lusky Julie Lutz Brooke Lyman Brian McCallin Dennis McCaulley Barb McCleam Bill McCleam Denise McDermott Kathleen McDowell Steve McEwan Laurie McGee Mike McGee Pat McGhee Collette McGonagle Pam Mcl-Iulgh Sharon Mo ugh Nancy McIntosh Barbara McKee Mariiiierite McKee Sue cKee Marilyn McKinle1y Nancy McLaugh in Nancy McPherson kcques Machol ay Macy Veronica Maestas Dan Magoun Dave Magoun pm Mahoney aul Mmm Tom M 's David Maletic Becky Malm Dave Mangum Keith Marangler Colleen Mars all gl Marshall argaret Marshall Joan Martin oyce Martin Tony Martinez Mike Marvin Sally Mason Sally Masten Cheryl Masters Karen Masters J-ohn Matchael inda Matchael Kevin Mathews Chris Maxwell Robert Maxwell Scott Maycock Judy Meister Robin Meister Mark Melnick Gary Mesch ohn Mesch enifer Messina ebra Milano Karen Milano Barb Miller Bruce Miller Charlotte Miller David Miller ill Miller im Miller ohn Miller isa Miller Sharon Miller Stu Miller Linda Mills Ron Miriello Tammly Mitchell Lowel Mitchem Gary Moen Bob Moller Mike Montgomerg Roberta Morelan Mike Mosier Don Mueller Mar o Mueller Debgie Muenchrath Gre Mugele Mai Mugleston Brad Mug eston Patsy M hem Peg y Mulhem Made Nagel Sue Narracci Phillip Neilsen Doug Neilson Deb ie Nelson Eleanor Niedo Patty Nielson Richard Nielson Sandy Norden Dave Nordness Scott Nordness Richard Novosad Frank Nowell Laurie Nowell Pam Nowick Chrisi Oberg Kevin O'Brien Moira O'Brien Terr6O'Brien Jim bstfeld athy Ogren David O iver Debbie Oliver Keith Olsen Clyde Olson Marilyn Olson Susan Olvey Mike Orlm Mike Orr Barb Ostrom Janice Pagliasotti Gail Parker Jamie Patterson ike Patton Tom Patton Debbi' Pavelka Davi Payne Dexter Payne Susan Payne Carla Pearson Chris Peay Doug Peay Jim exiy Chuck erron ' Randy Perry-Smith Debbie Petersen Leslie Anne Peterson Richard Peterson Brenda Petry Paula Phillips Rusty Phillips Scott Pickre Karen Piper Laurie Piper Doug Pirc Mari Polivnick Patsy Porter Sandi Portz Jean owell Chris Powers Mike Powers Debbie Pracko Pam Rabe Pat Rahawi Debbie Raiter Dean Randle Bm Randolph enise Reardon Margo Rechnitz Chris Redecker Debbie Reed Mitch Reed Stan Reed Roger Reeves John Regan Robert Reibe Chuck Reuben Randy Reuben Robin Rice Bruce Richards Anita Richardson Beth Rider Kate Rider Randy Riepe Nancy Ritchie Cindy Ritter Darcy Ritz Mike Robbins Diane Roberts Rick Robertson Vicki Robertson Lane Robbins ecky Robinson Debbie Robinson Jeff Robinson Gail Rodger Paul Roe uck Betsy Roeschlaub Nancy Roeschlaub Kath Rogers Randy Rogers Leslie Roper Wayne Rosenkrans Ten Roth Alana Rothstein Joan Rudolph Alexana Ryer Diane Sadin Steve Saine Diane St. John Jim Sanwick Sue Sagles ames a e im Schagr im Schaii' atty Schaft' Cathi Scheeler Sally Schell Jay Schissler Eric Schmid Chuck Schmidt E11 Schmidt ancy Schmidt Beclg' Schroeder Sue chroer Sue Schultz Tom Schultz Julie Schwengels Cody Seiler Conny Seiler Steve Sessions Ginny Settle Dede Settles Tim Shanahan Pauline Shatz Angie Shepard B0 Shilvock Chris Shinn Debbie Shinn Tim Shinn Susan Shirk Jean Shoemaker Gail Shore Camille Short Jeff Short Laura Sibilia Laurie Siekmeier Luanne Simmons Steve Skaer Brenda Skoglund Micki Skoglund Em Small evin Small Bobbie Smart Clayton Smith Greg Smith Karen Smith T. C. Smith Vicki Smith 1Mark Sgnithh eggy mr Wendy Smith Lance Spangler Lisa Spangrud Bob Sgecht Grelgl secht Ca y peed Fran Spurlin Rich Spurlin Kay Sgurlock Steve tacy Paul Staley Rupert Stanley glance Sgeen e e t ens Mull sriiing Chere Stephenson Hawl? Stevens Mark tevenson Eddie Stewart David Stidger Bill Stockton Vanessa Stockton She e Stone FellnSytubbs Randg Stubbs Kent tuck Dick Summers Cathy Summers Laura Suss Mark Suiiin Pam Sutiin John Taylor Nelson Tennyson Randy, Thall Nancy Tharp Roger Tharp Jim Therrel Tom Thomasson Dagle Thompson De bie Thompson Otto Thompson gill Thginbugg eg om urg Kimgghrasher Kathy Tiddens Bonnie Timmons Lynne Tipton Brad Trump ian Tryon ynn Tucker Bruce Tumer Donn Tumer Leslie Tweed Kris Tweeten Tom Tweeten Helen Tyner Dave Van Benschoten Wendy Van Name Mike an Portiliet Tim Van Portiliet Bruce Vaughn Charla Vaughn Milta Vaughn Lori Veatc Mona Veatch Carol VickRoy Sandy VickRoy Brad Vierheller Bruce Vierheller gli Vittum arb Vobedia Chuck Von Gonten Laura Walberg Kurt Walburg Scott Walker Mike Walsh Gail Wanner Jan Wanner Courtnvely Ward Dave amer John Warner ulie Wamer Gayle Warren iiim Warren argie Warren Bonnie Warwick Donna Wosserman Diana Watson Jlohn Watson racy Watson gmhn Webb ancy Webb Craig Weber John Weber ' ynn Weber John Wedum ana Wedum Bill Wedum Enny Weiderspan ebbie Weiner Ludie Weiss ob Wennegren Paul Wertz enny Whalen eannie Wham ob Whitaker Carclle Whitaker Theresa White Chris Whitley Gretchen Wickman Gail Wides Lynn Wightrnan Gail Wilhelm Karen Wilhelm Laura Wilkin Cathy Wilson yienisevzlyflson arty i son Mike Wilson Pat Winger Terri Wolf Bob Wolfson gay Wolfson ave Woodman Bae Woods ave Wright Pat Wright Kathy yble Mark Wvvmore Mindy' ymore .Brad Eager enn oung Art Zohn Carl Zohn Scott Zomo Ann Zuspan STAGE BAND Bob zzlgee Russ arrows Charles Cory Bob Hautchens Doug Homer Bob nman Lee Kamlet Eff Lione ary ons Tom Myarshall Rich Mongrain Bob Parson Dexter Payne Bill Petterson Mark Rogers Bruce Tumer Don Tumer Don Vagts John Webb SO'LOQUlANS President-Tom Flohr Vice President--Janis' Polivnick Secretary-Kathy Denniso Treasurer-Carre Lindem Publicity Chainnan-Kathy Robb Kathy Artus Claudia Barlow Anne Berardini Mike Blank Barb Bowman Kathy Brewer Kathy Butz Mark Campbell Ron Colson Connie Colvin Mark Combs Lynn Davis Peggy Decker Janet Dodd Trish Dunbar Cindy Dunham J er-3? Durkhop An ea East Jill Friedman Laurie Greenfield Karen Henkell Jerry Hinkle Jennie Hockum Ann Jochens Marly Lansing Margy Legg Ade e Lennig Doug Lennig Lenny Mackey ruce Mansfield Steve Markham Randy Martinez Sally Mason Linda McColm Kevin McDermott Teresa McElvain Charlotte Miller Jill Miller Dave Nordness Pam Norwick iiisangeck ary 1 ue Wendy Plumb Pats orter Sandys Portz Ann ichmond Robert Riebe Judy Rilkin Darcy Ritz Steve Roffe Alex Ryer Ethel Sayre Steve Sc ott Dave Schrader Sue Shirk Jean Shoemaker Sue Smith Karen Swanson Shellie Tayen Tom Tayon Peggy Thomberg John Vafiades Charla Vaugh Sand Villa ovas CarolyWainwright Laurie Walberg Ann Walker Paul Walthers Michelle Way Wendy Weinburger Debbie Weiner Jenny Whalen Teresa White Norma Whitaker Marti Wilson Martha York STUDENT COUNCIL Head Boy-Roger Maul Head Girl-Heather Stevens All-School Secretary-Anne B erardini All-School Treasuer-John Wamer Debbie Bernstein Jerry Bemstein im Bixler Larry Bograd Debbie Callaghan Janet Fraser Pa.rmer Gillespie Ron Hicks Bob Inman Scott Kirk Glen Laird Cathy Lines Jeannie Lines Sant? Martin Jim cott Angie Shepherd Sherrye Stone Dayle Thompson Bonnie Timmons Helen Tyner Jan Wanner Bob Whitaker Jennie Wiederspan Wendy Wing TEEN -AGE REP UBLI CAN S President-Leslie Orblom Vice-President-David Wright Secretary-Patty Dresler Treasurer-Barb Smith Sergeant-at-arms-Suzanne atseos Kathy Amold Claudia Barlow Dick Bayer Greg Brawner Kent Brawner Russ Croop Jerry Davis Debbi Deftibaugh Edward Donner Jill Friedman Suzy Fullerton George Gatseos Ginger Gemmill Allen Greenberg Bert Gregory John Henderson Scott Homer Ron Koelling Doug Manley Sue Narracci garla EGBISOH ets ennin on Sanclly Portz gt Sid Postma Linda Ringel Darcy Ritz Terri Sanders Patty Schaft Sue Shirk gan Shoemaker ayle Thompson John Warner Anita Zwem TRI-HI-Y President-P attie Riley Vice President-B arbara Wasson S ecretary-Leann M aul Recording S ecretary-P atty Becker Chaplain-Helen Tyner Sergeant-at-Arms-Kathy Luhe Activities Chairrnan-J anet Fraser Karen Albright Cheryl Anderson Lauri Anderson Barb Baker Jean Baker Sandy Barnes Donna Bjilla Loan Blackwood aula Bluebaugh Carol Boggis Mary Brookover Marti Bums Karen Burroughs Elaine Callas Janis Carda Gayle Cavnar Patty Dansdill Debbie Defibaugh Suzy Fullerton Linda Garret Ginger Gemmill Sally Greenburg JoAnne Guiry Linda Harris Darlene Hurley Pat Hix Lynn Hummel Aganis Inhelder ara Johnston Margy Kleiger Lynn Koelbel Barbara Kortz Carol Krantz Lilly Krantz Deborah Lane Carre Lindeman Jeannie Lines Cheryle Lively Julie Lutz Claire Mason Sue Meserschmidt Diane Miller Barbara Miller Sharon Miller Shannon Minter Diane McMullen Carolyn Morse Sue N arracci Debbie Nielson Susie Oberg Susan Olvey Leslie Orblom Gay Paige Nancy Pate Kathy Peterson Sant? Portz Sue ahawi Darce Ritz Beth Rbberts Terri Sanders Sue Sayles Coddie Seiler Connie Seiler Sue Sloan Becky Roorda Leslie Schriener Cindi Stacy Cheri Stevenson Pam Suttin Laura Vierheller Karen Wilhelm VICE PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL President-Chuck Burdick Vice President-Sue Sayles Secretary-Barbara Wasson Tom Barnhart Nick Beno Linda Bond Paige Cameron Randy Condit Bob Hill Patty Kasiska Lynn Koelbel Diane McMullen Dexter Payne Janice Polivnick Rick Redecker Paul Reginelli Dede Settles Steve Watson Bob Wilson David Wright YOUNG DEMOCRATS President-Ken Wilson Vice President-Bill Cunningham Secretary-Treasurer-Laura Vierheller Parliamentarian-Chris Sinapoli Seiigleant-ab arms-P aul ' E althers Terry Daugherty Dave Henrichs Jenny Hockom Donnageffs Linda aBate Tim McClaughry Lisa Miller Carole Neville Jac Reiner Karyl Schneider Susan Smith Mike Van Porttliet Brad Vierheller Bruce Vierheller Linda Waln Robert Willson Marcia Wymore SPANISH CLUB President-Cliff Erb lst Vice President-Sue Sayles 2nd Vice President-Diana Watson Secretary-Caroline Dunbar Treasurer-Tom Cameron Rick Altman Jim Andrews Sandy Ariki Kathy Artus Peggy Bandsma Brian Bergte Cindy Bla ely Tom Bosma Barb Bowman Linda Brehmer Elaine Callas Stan Callas Teri Camlpbell A rille C emensen lvairray Cohen Floid Collins Vic iCollins Jon D'Arcy Jane Davis Jim Defibaugh Annette Entzminger Scott Evans Brodie Farquhar Randy Ferris Jill Friedman Bonnie Gilbert Kendra Bill Goodro Sally Greenberg Eileen Gregg Gary Griffith Tom Hiester Susan Hori Ann Howland Donnzkj effs Mark amlet Debbie Kem Scott Kirk Carol Krantz John Lampe Tammy Levine Jeannie Lines acques Machol Bruce Mansfield Sally Masten Barbara Mathews Jill Miller ' Gregg Moser Terri Oberg Kathy Ran le Laura Rhine Anita Ric ardson Phillip Rouse Dave Schrader Ilyse Steinberk James Thompson Nan Taylor Mark Van Camp Brad Vierheller Martin Weber John Wilber Anne Williams Carson Wood Clubs Roster Facuhy Aldinger, James 36 Anderson, Jean 36 Anderson, Robert 36,127 Arai, F umi 36 Ballard, Don 36 Barnes, Norraine 36 Becker, Georgia 36 Billings, Karen 36 Bremer, Adrienne 36 Belgrade, Sandra 36 Bly, Richard 36 Brenning, Carrie 36 Betz, Cheryl 36,47,122 Bottinelli, Charles 36,137 Bower, Don 33,149 Burmeister, Daniel 36 Butcher, Marion 37 Casagranda, Hennan 37 Clemenson Chris 37 Coleman, Barbra 37 Compton, J acmlixueleen 37 Couwlier, Rut 32,33 Cutting, George 37 Dawson, Florice 37 Day, Donald 37,80,91 Detweiler, Russell 37 Doll, Bert 37 Dorsett, Merle 32,33,37 Dutton, Robert 37,157 Eggleston, William 37 Epstein, Paul 37,157 Ethridge, Lorraine 20,21 Everett, Dorothg' 37 Fischer, Jean 3 ,-37,147 Freerksen, William 37 Fulton, Sandra 37 Gallegos, Claude 37 Garrison, Paulette 37 Gault, Olive 37 Garrett, Helen 37 Gater, Catherine 37,108,190 Geilfuss, Mary 37 Gregg, Andrew 26,38,87,91, Gifford, Howard 38 Gilmore, Eldon 38 Gnadt, Wayne 38 Golgef, Richard 30,38,87,91, Goldsmith, Doris 38 Goodwin, Carl 30,38,91,99 Graham, William 38 Greenwood, Charles 38 Gruenler, Henrietta 38 Gunter, Gretchen 38 Gutshall, M. L nne 38 Hager, Gary 38' Hannon, Sharon 38 Hanska, Peglgy 38 Hart, Randa 38 Hawkins, Eugene 38 Haffs, Loren 8 He ander, Paul 32,33,38,132 Hess, Janet 38 Hill, Dorsey 29,38 Homstad, Lucy 39 Hoots, Virginia 39 Hugghes, Kenneth 39,80,86, 1,92,96 Hurley, Philip 39 Hyman, Leah 22,39 Illgaudas Lucille 39 ackson, Bruce 26 arrett, Winifred 39,108 ohnson, Betty 39 ohnson, Frank 39 ones, Margaret 39 ozwick, illiam 29,39 ustice, Kenneth 39,157,253 Kamdp, Mary 138 Kas orf, Virginia 39,58,146 Keables, John 39 Kelley, Richard 39,119 Keme , Sue 39 Keul, Paul 39 King, Virginia 39 Koganski, Leonard 39,54,89, Krob, Leslie 24,39 Lallo, Aldo 39,47,158,160 Lambdin, Ruth 30,39 Lambert, Carole 39 Learned, Gordon 39,90,91,99 Lewis, Nolan 39 Lisatz, Judy 39 Litheredge, Mary 39 Londene, James 39 Lopata, Barbara 39 Lopez, Charles 39,143 Lort, Arthur 39 Lowe, Ruth 33,39 Loyacono Maureen 39 Mackey, Charles 20,21,151 Maffeo, June 40 Maley, John 40 Mansfield, Martin 40 Martin, Evetta 40 Mason, Harold 26,40,140, 252,253 Mayfield, Grace 40,149 MacGregor, John 29,40,161, 162,163 McLaughlin, John 40,128 McLeran, Jane 40 McRae, Anna 40 Miles, John 40,88,91 250 Mincer, Col. 131 Moomaw, Louise 40 Moore, Susan 40 Morrell, Oneita 40,144 Moser, Donald 40 Motz, Herman 40 Myers, William 40 Natgi, Joseph, Sgt. 40 Nielson, Keifieth 23,40 New, Rosetta 40 Nicholsoravjohn 40 O'Brien, alter 40,141 Olson, Karen 40 Panek, Susanne 40 Pech, Marion 40 Pennington, Marion 40 Peters, ex 40 Peterson, Karen 40 Pierson, Eugene 26,40,143 Pike, Earlburt 40 Pippins, Sue 40 Pollard, Evelyn 40 Pomeranz, Rose 40 Protextor, Rose 40 Quirico, Alice 40 Ramsg-ff, Richard 40 Rand l, Robert 40 Randolph, Janet 40 Regic, James 25,40,80,86, Reidy, Janet 41 Rich, Albert 41 Rock, Clifford 4 1 Santi, Gaston 41,91,92 Schanker, Harg' 41 Schlup, Donal 41 Schnieder, Elizabeth 41 Semin, Roger 41 Shannon, Robert 41,186 Shearer, Dennis 41 Smith, Gerald 41,135 Smith, Jerry 4 1,91,100 Smith, Ma lyn 41 Sorensen, Dyonald 41,157 Speyler, Carole 41 Stat opolous, Maria 41 St. John, Charlene 41 Stone, Gerald 41 Stuebgen, Margaret 41 Sunshine, Blanche 41 Swancara, Frank 41 Taton, Jeanette 4 1, 154 Vetesk, Constance 41 Villano, George 41 Waln, Kermit 41 Wietzel, Kathryn 41 Westman, Louis 41,157 Willet, Myron 41 Williams, Kathryn 41 Wisdom, Paul 41 Woodhurst, William 41 Wurtz, Gene 20,21 Yetter, Shirley 33,41 Yost, Joyce 4 1 Zimmerman, Charles 41 Students Aber, Dan 180 Aber, Densel 204 Abramson, Karen 160,16l, 204 Addington, Pamela 77,161, 204,221 Aderman, Dana 192 Afman, Barbara 163,168 Afrfigg, Donna Marie 163, Agee, William 158,159,160 Alglar, Doris 163 A ridge, Barbara 160,192 Alberg, Barbara 162 Albi, ouanne 162,180 Albright, Janice 180 Albright, Karen 204 Alcom, Hollf' 111,192,193 Alcom, Joe 80 Aldrich, Barbara 121 Alexander, Lawrence 163,168 Alexander, Lynette 168 Allen, Charles 168 Allen, C nthia 162,180 Allen, Thomas Allen, Wallace 130,192 Allis, Nancy 180 Allis, Peter 168 Allsup, Daniel 168 Altman, Rick 192 Anderson, Colleen 22,192 Anderson, Che l 192 Anderson, Cyniliia 168 Anderson, David Anderson, Debra 180 Anderson, Dee 161,204 Anderson, Glenn 168 Anderson Jiack 87,192 Anderson, ames 180 Anderson, John 180 Anderson, Laura 204 Anderson, Lauri 204 Anderson, Peter 100 Anderson, Terry 192 Andreas, Norman 80,99,192 Andrews, David Andrews, James 96,192 Archuleta, Mark L. 204 Arck, Ellen 204 Argcust, Martha 168 An i, Mark 168 Amold, Katherine 180 Amold, Mike 80 Asmus, Rebecca 180 Aspinwall, Cathy 204 Asginwall, Thomas 161 At erton, Kenneth 88,204 Aubuchon, Michelle 162 Aue, Marsha 180 Autrey, Donald 168 Bah ch, Sharon 168 Bairld, John 168 Baker, Barbara 31,204,241 Baker, Sara 204 Baldon, Gregg 161 Ball, Mar? 162 192 Ball, Wil iam 87,97,180 Bamona, Blake 180 Bandsma, Pegfggf 180 Banks, Laine 1 Banks, illiam 192 Bann, Marta 168 Barber, Jean 192 Barlow, Claudia 192 Barlow, Steve 89,204 Bames, Wayne 168 Bamhart, Thomas 80 128,204 Barnum, Mark 161,192 Barrows, Robert 160,192 Barrows, Russell 149,159,204 Bartlett, Brian 192 Bartlett, Carol 168 Bass, Kelly 92,93,204 Bass, 87,97,105 Battle, aren 180 Bauer, Nancy 162 Baughman, Deborah 180 Bauman, Betty 163 168 Bauman, Jon c. 159,160,204 Baumgartner, Jessie 163,168 Bayer, Linda 168 Bayer, Richard 161,204,240 Bean, James 204 Beaver Roc 130,180 Beck, David 168 Beck, Terry 168 Becker, Patricia 126,204 Beery, Bob 168 Beery, Charlie 80,86,192,196 Beery, Lindee 180 Behrent, Carl 168 Behrent, Christine 77,192 Behrent, Craig 80,204 Bellinger, Phi ip 168 Bennett, Laura 162,180 Bennett, Porter 192 Beno, Nick 158,159,192 Benson, Gail 168 Berardini, Anne 72, 1 18, 1 19, 161,204,214,234 Berg, Robert 168 Berge, Brian 88,192 Berge, Brad 65,161,180 Bergh, Vicky 168 ' Beringer, Cherri 204 Bemstein, Debra 120,159, 160,204,243 Bemstein, Jeremy 119,159, 160,179,180 Beyers, Wendi 163,168 B11 s, Elizabet 163 Binkin, Buzz Bird, Debbie 192 Birkenmeier, Margo 168 Birks, Debra 168 Bischotbeligger, Jim 163,168 Bischoff artin 168 Bither, Sandra 163 Bittle, David 99,180 Bixler, James 119,179,180 Bixler, Robert 149,204 Bjella, Donna 162,192 Biork, Diane 161 B acke, Reginald 80 Blackhall, atricia 168 Blackwood, Joan 161,204 Blair, Rick 87 Blakely, Cynthia 162,180 Blank, Michael 192 Bleskan, John 204 Blomberg, Anne 168 Bloomquist, Douglas 168 Bluebaugh, Paula 47,68,69, A 1 13,16 1,205 Boardman, Blake 80 Boardman, Patricia 180 Boe, Pamela 168 Boggess, Mike 99,180 Boggis, Carol 161,205 Bograd, Harvey 119,166,169 Bograd, Larriv 119,179,180 Bograd Mic ele 111,121,192 anna, John 205 Bond, Linda 141 Booren, John 192 Booton, Greg 87 Botkin, Patricia 192 Bouton, Jeff 87,180 Bowker, Jeffrey 169 Bowlds, Christianna 205 Bowman, Barbara 192 Bowman, James 163,169 Boyd, Deborah 159,205 Boyd, Katherine 205 Bozeman, Jane 205 Bozeman, ell 180 Bradbury Sharon 161,192 Bradley, Deborah 180 Bramley, John 169,135 Brandon, Lorena 163,169 Brandt, Linda 205 Braun, Ste hen 169 Brawner, Gjreg 59,100,101, 225,253 Brawner, Kent 80,86,192 Brehmer, Linda 180 Brenecker, B. 97 Brennan, Joan 169 Brenneman, Richard 180 Brenning, Ronnie 87,97,105 Bretthauer, Steven 192 Brewer, Diane 180 Brewer, Kathleen 180 Brewer, Linda 162,205 Briber, Charlene 169 Briber, Gary 161 Brinton, Lise 75,124,205 Brinton, William 87,181 Briola, Debora 169 Broadhurst, Ann 181 Brookover, Mary 122,205 Brooks, Linda 205 Brooks, Thomas 163 Brothers, Judith 77,181 Brouillette, Gerald 169 Brown, Darrell 181 Brown, Edmond 163,169 Brown, Gloria 181 Brown, J-,anis 59,192,253 Brown, aurie 163 Brown, Robert 169 Brown, Sandra 192 Brown, Tamra 161,205 Bruce, Marcia 169 Brzeinski, Judith 205 Brzezicki, Thomas 97,181 Bullock, Barbara 59,192,253 Bullock, Robert 99,205,253 Bullock, Rodney 169 Bulthaup, Robert 88,89,154, 205 Bunt, Susan 181 Burch, Ellen 169 Burdick, Charles 121,205 Burghardt, Kathleen 154 Bur ey, Susan 181 Bug? Martha 77,205,2l0, Bums, Monica 181 Burroughs, Karen 205 Busch, Nancy 120,124,132, 161,205,242 Busch, Tom 169 Bush, Scott 206 Butler, Mark 169,135 Butler, Peggy 192 B tl W d 162 192 u er, en y Buns, Maafnref 119,166,169 Butz, Kat een 65,161,192 Caflisch, Steven 206 Callsghan, Debbie 119,190, Callas, Elaine 206 Callas, Stanley 192 Calvert, Linda 181 Cameron, Colin 206 Cameron, Paige 154,193 Cameron, Thomas 142,205 Campbell, Kurt 192 Campbell, Teri 121,206 Campbell, Terri 169,243 Campe, James 161 Campe, Margaret 163,169 Campe, Thomas 99 Canj ar, Mark 130 Caps, Denise 163,169 Car a, Janis 193 Cargill, Kerrie 206 Car son, William 58,193 Carney, Deborah 163,169 Carpenter, Cristine 193 Carpenter, Robert 160 Carpenter, Scott 169 Carter, Kathleen 163,169 Carter, William 99,193 Cartwright, Cheryl 162,206 Cassidy, Ellen 181 Cavnar, Gayle 206 Cavnar, Steve 97,181 Chandler, Catherine 169 Chandler, Susan 162,181 Chapman, David 163,169 Chessen, Kay 253 Childress, Nancy 181 Christensen, Gretchen 193 Christensen, Paul 160,206, 253,252 Ciari, Walter 169 Ciufi, Deborah 162,206 Clark, Billy 161,181 Clark, Christopher 87,206 Clark, Marianne 169 Clemensen, Aprille 193 Codo, Carla 169 Coffee, Deborah 181 Coffey, David 169 Coggins, Cynthia 206 Coggins, Nancy 169 Co bert, Kathryn 162,206 Colbert, Martha 181 Colbum, Celeste 179 Colbum, Jeanette 132,147, 162,206 Cole, Jan 169 Colenbrander, Martha 162 Collins, Floyd 181 Collins, John 169 Collins, Mark 181 Collins, Mary Collins, Michael 100 Collins, Penny 206 Collins, Vicki 206 Collison, Kathleen 193 Colson, Ronald 65,161,193 Colvin, Constance 193 Combs, Mark 159,160,193 Combs, Nancy 161,206 Condit, Nancy 181 Condit, Randy 89,92,95,132, 206,235 Conger, Anne 182 Cook, Robert 169 Cook, Thomas 193 Cookson, Jan 182 Cope, Elizabeth 169 Copland, Susan 159,193 Corbin, Carole 193 Corey, Elizabeth 169 Cory, Charles 158,160 Cottrell, Kenneth 182 Coulter, Doug 193 Counter, Charles 97 Courtney, Mark 193 Courtney, Sandra 182 Cox, J-ames 169 Cox, arry 119,169 Cox, Iiiynn 193 Cox, illiam 80,82,99 Coyle, Colleen 206 Cozens, Connie 169 Cozzette, James 169 Crabb, Roger 100,182 Craig, Janet 170 Crain, Mazgitt 31,193 Crandall ark 136 Crawford, Pandora 193 Croop, Randy 170 Croop, Russell 207 Cross, Carl 182 Crow, Robert 96,161,193 Crowley, Peter 121,182 Culpepper, William 193 Cumberland, Laurie 163,170 Cumberland, Susan 161,207 Cummings, Sharon 170 Cunningham, William 145, 161, 07 Cutting, Spencer 130,182 Dalby, Beverly 162 Danielson, Sarah 207 Dansdill, Patricia 207 Darcey, Jon 182 Davidson, Beth 163,170 Davidson, Debra 182 Davis, ane 182 Davis, erry 207 Davis, oyce 207 Davis, ark 193 Davis, Mark 193 Davis, Nomian 80,96,193 Day, Cari 182 Day, ,ganice 161,207 Day, uzanne 182 Decker, Edgar 207 Decker, Marlgaret 162,182 Defibaugh, ebra 207 DeGraw, Robert 170 DeHart, Kerry 193 Delano, Mark 207 DeLapE, games 80,100 Delsac , heldon 193 Denhalter, Kip 207 Dennison, Kathryn 153,161, 207 Desmond, Nancy 207 Desselle, Debra 162 Dickerson, Linda 182 Dickson, Dawn 193 Dickson, games 193 Dickson, om 170 Dillinger, Cheryl 170 Dillinger, Forest 159,194 Dimmick, Sandra 170 Dinner, Michael 182 253 Disney, James 130,194 D1Tol a, Robert 170 Divine, J eff 58 Dixon, Mike 88,207 Dodd, Janet 161 Dodd ilma 182 Doll, Beverly 170 Doll, Carol 48,207,243,253 Dolsby, Linda 162,207 Donnelly, Judy 182 Donner Edward 207 Donnelly, Mary 162,207 Dom, Gary 170 Dom, J ames 208 Dorsett, Carol 182 Dougherty, Tom 100,l01, 2 8,243,252,253 Dougherty, Robin 163,170 Douglas, ClaE170 Douglass, Ro ert 159 Downum Kelly 159,194 Dresler, Carolyn 170 Dresler, Patricia 144,162, 208,234 Dresler, Thomas 182 Drifiith, Garyl170 Drumm, Mic ael 208 Duggan, Deborah 182 Duggan, Diana 182 Dum er, Thomas 89,194 Dumm, Ellen 125,163,170 Dumm, Mark 80,208 Dunaway Sara 170 Dunbar, Carolyn 142,194 Dunbar, Patricia 143,162, 194 Duncan, Julie 194 Dunham, Cynthia 194 Durkop Jeri 161,194 Durso, Geotirey 170 Durso, Kathleen 162,194 Duxburye Robin 163,170 Dyson, eith 170 Dyson, Margie 194 Dyson, Nancy 170 Eaglen, Mart 100,208 Earhart, Melinda 170 Earle, Linda 170 Earnhardt, Sharon 182 East, Andrea 51,162,208 Eatherton, Philip 170 Edwards, Jacqueline 194 Eg leston, Dennis 208 E olm, Jeri 182 E is, David 130 Ellis, David 208 Ellison, Virginia 170 Ellison Karen 147,162,208 Elrod, Laura 163,170 Elverum, John Elverum, Richard 208 Ely, Daniel 127,208 Elzi, Kathryn 182 Emerick, Roger 130 Eniaygld, Nancee 125,163, Engels, David 96,194 Entsmin er David 80,98,99, 161,258,238 Entzminger, Annette 182 Entzrninger, Thomas 194 Epperson Susan 170 Epstein, Sherry 162,208 Erlibgliiford 80,86,96,142, Erickson, Tom 99 Ericson, Nancy 151,161,208 Emst, Michae 100,182 Essig, Cynthia 170 Estep, Donald 208 Evans, Scott 170 Fahy, Doyle 194 Farber, Lisa 163 Farber, Lola 182 Farquhar, Lynne 163,170 Farquhar, Brodie 194 Faust, Dee 162 Ferris, Randall 182 Ficklin, Jill 170 Ficklin oan 124,208,253 Fi11as,Jim 194 Findlag, Floyd 170 Fink, ruce 30,182 Fink, Gail 208 Finnell, Ray 170 Fisher, Gary 130 Fisher, Richard 209 Fishman, liynn 159,160,194 Fitzhuglk dward 161,182 Flohr omas 5l,65,67,153, 209,234 Flores, Annette 170 Flory, Robert 119,166,170 Flynn, John 170 Foerster, Eric 170 Fondacaro, Raymond 194 Ford, Buck 87 Fordyge, David 208 Fox, ana 100,183,209 F03 Julie 201 Fr er, Kent 183 Fraker, William 209 Frank, Jackie 183 Franzmann, Laurie 163,170 Frasenganet 72,73,119,126, 161, 03,208,209,243,253 Fraser, ,Ein 119 166,170 Frazin, bra 183 Frederic, Gail 170 Frederic, Linda 194,253 Freed Julie 163,171 Freehling, Roderic 171 Freehling, Sandy 194 Freeman, Allen 171 Freese, Douglas 171 Friedman, A an 159,160,209 Friedman, Jill 183 Frisk, Debbie 194 Frisk, Mary 161 Frisk, Pamela 143,16l,162, 209 Froling, Robert 209 Fuller, Dana 194 Fuller, Lawrence 183 Fullerton, Suzanne 195 Funk, Casey 171 Gaede, James Gage, Cynthia 161,209 Gaier, Dennis 171 Gaines, Michael 100,209 Galleggs, Daniel 80,130 Galli, hyllis 163 171 Galloway Joyce 194 Gardner, Pamela 194 Gardner, William 97 Garrecht, Linda 209 Garvey Andrea 163,171 Gates, Nancy 163,171 Gatseos, George 209 Gatseos, Suzanne 144,209 Gaunt, Kenneth 171 Gaunt, Steven 209 Gelster, Connie 194 Gelster, Vicki 171 Gemmill, Virginia 194,253 Genouese Lynda 162 Gerber, Michael 87,99,183 Geschwentner, Cheryl 171 Gianulis, Milton 171 Gilbert, Linda 194 Gill, Anita 171 Gillegrie Parmer 99,119, 19 ,194 Gilman, Theodore 99 Goddard, Kendra 183 Goddard, Robert 159,194 Goldberg, Julie 171 Goldfain, Marianne 171 Goldstein, Donna 162,194 Goodpaster, Sally 163,171 Goodro, Bill 194 Goodwin, Carolyn 171 Gordon, Ann 1 1 Gordon, Daniel 209 Gottenborg, Sara 160,183 Gr c Al 162 8 6, alla Graham, Debra 209 Graham, John 171 Graham Susan 183 cranneli, David so,s6,99 Grant Cameron 88,127,160, 209,235 Grant, Mike 171 Graunke, Jeffrey 100, 159,160, 183 Graves Connie 209 Gray, Dale 133 Gray, Susan 171 Green, Gag 171 Green, Ka y 183 Green, Robert 209 Grating Terry 121,l61,209, Greenberg, Alan 58,209,143 Greenberg, Salli' 209 Greene, Linda 62,209 Greene, Sandra 163,171 Gregg, Eileen 161,209 Gregory, Bert 210 Grelnetz, Marcee 171 Grelk, Kristine 162,210 Griflith, Em 171 GriBith, aren 161,210 Groves, Tamara 162,183 Guard, Jeff 171 Guard eil 194 Gosargirer, Deborah 1 12,210, Guenther, Morgan 171 Guertner, Michael 183 Guggenheim, iloanne 171 Gulry, Joann 51,210 Gunnerson, games 183 Gunstream, illy 161 194 Gunther, Judith 160,162,210 Guthrie, Michael 80,194 Hadad, Deborah 183 Hadad, Michael 159,210,243 I-1aglundcAlbin 171 Haines, atht-L210 Haines, Cyn 'a 162,210 H ' D l 163 ames, oug as Haley Patricia 194 Hall, ennifer 194 Hall, imothy 171 Halladay I-lang 87,210 Hallam, Lynn 7 Hallett, Duane 171 Hammond, Steven 80,210, 140 Hammond, Tom 171 Hannon, Curtis 80 Hansen Kathrgn 171 Hardy, Ralph 10 Hardy, Timothy 171 Hargrove, Laurie 163,171 Harris, Beth 171 Harris Linda 194 Hart, Douglas 99 Hart, Tom 171 Hartnell, Lorraine 183 Harvey, Karen 77,110,194 Hatch, Ginger 183 gatcll:inRai1dyic1177E' aw s, a Hayes, MBUFGCH 194 1-I1ayes,DRobe5t11,49,194 ays, une gays, Lguc129,11!g1i161,210 a ar , ea s m, ar 931112, 'Hebard,oPh llis 172 Seder, Bragh1Z2 eman, 1 Hsin, Gerald 117112 Heinricy, Marlene 194 gelaalder, WaK1:le2.g9J4 en er n, o Henderggn, 'Steven 183 Henderson, Thomas 195 Hendrickson, Bruce 172,135 Hendrickson, Sarah 210 Henkell, Karen 162,183 Henninger, Douglas 92,195 gentschik J ang 562,210 emer, ar Herren, Lincla 162,195 Hershberger Geneva 172 Hicks, Ronald 119 203,210 Hiester, Thomas 195 aaa 1 ln , Hifgretll, Paul 159 210 Hildrith Steve 184 Hill, Judith 184 1 , ar 11011311543 Hill, Robert 130,149,184 Hill, Stephen 87,184 Hilliard, Melissa 211 Hinkle, une 211 Hinkle, erry 21 1 Hinman, Stephen 211 Hise, Lawson 130 gise'PLgi miss a c a Hgidgland, Christina 172 I-loaglandi Sally 162,195 Hoc om, ennifer 184 Hoffman, Michael 211 o , a Hogg, Mark 871184 Ho sclaw, Teri 172 Holsclaw, Toni 21 1 Holsman, Bonnie 172 golsteinghenda 163,172 oman, Hoody Jug.iigl195,140 Hoff- 3111155 om o Horner, Douglas 158,159, n.i22'19i. 184 fn Homer, ltlancy 172 Homer, Scott 211 Horwitz, Lori 172 Horwitz, Michael 184 Houlette William 89,211 Hauser, Crai 184 H0utchens,,fruce 172 Houtchens, Robert 158,184 Howard, Debby 172 Hoagland, William 23,141, Hufendick, Mary 184 Hughes, Christy 184 Hughes, Lohn 172 Huihes, hannon 211 Hu ,John 211 Humphrey, Margaret 172 Hunter, eidi 1 3,172 Hurley, Mary 162,211 Hutchinson, Douglas 172 Hutchinson, Duane 88,99, y an ay e n iF8'153'2i1 an Hyltonljkristie 195 Hyman, Robert 130 Ingalls, gefti-ey 89 96 195 Inman, radley 99 184 Inman, Robert 72,119 158, 159,160,203,211,239 Irwin, Laura 21 1 Isaacson, Joan 211 Isberg, Cherilynn 160,21 1 Isberg, Eric 1 2 Jackson, Kathryn 162 184 acgcfon, Stanley B0,81,82,92, acobs, Patricia 162 ames Barbara 195 onieolr, Carl 21 1 anicek, Patricia 172 enkins, Margaret 162 eifs Donna 62,195 elrei, Debra 194 enni, Terence 184 ennisolk Kenneth 172 ensen, nits 195 ensen, o Ann 211 ensen, Suzanne 161,211 evgglg, Hank 80,91,128,2l1, ewell, Linda 77 ochens, Ann 161 195 ohnson, Beverly 161,212 ohnson, Charles 184 ohnson, Conwa 184 ohnson, Gary 172 ohnson, Joe 87,163,172 ohnson, Keith 172 ' ohnson, Linda 162 195 ohnson, Michael 96 ohnson, Pauline 160,161,212 ohnson, Stanley 184 ohnston, Robyn 162,212 ohnston, Sara 161,212 ohnston, Terri 172 ones, Bryan 172 . ones, David 72,73,80,81,98, 99,212 ' ones, Gerald 172 ones, gglseph 184 ones, omas 87 99,184 ones, Valerie 195 , orgenson, Craig 172 orgenson, ohn 184 oyenson, on.l95 613, Christine 212 Kal, aniel 184 Kal, Robin 162,185 Kal, Sherri 185 Kamlet, Lee 158,195 Kamlet, Mark 195 Kamlet, Ricky 159,172 Karavites, Mary 161,212 Karlin, Robert 212 Kasahara, Amy 195 Kasahar? Pau 212 Kasiska, atricia 147,161 Kast David 195 Keeizover, Charles 87,99 Keeler, Brent 80,159,195 Keenan, Patricia 212 Kelly, Andrea 212 Kelly, Cgnthia 185 Kenna, rian 172 Kenna, Jcames 185 Kenna, athleen 162 ler, , 5?m'I?arr?feb01a:i'01ia?2 195 King, Kar yn 17,2 Eng, KatherinE195 nney, Lan 17 Kinsey, avid 87,97,185 Kirchner, Mary 172 , , ,. Kirftggcott 99,119,190,191, Kiikpatrick, Richard 212 Kittrell, Katherine 172 Kittrell Norman 100,212 Klaus, Steve 196 Kleiger, Margaret 113,212 Klein, Kelly 0,196 Klein, Robert A. 46,80,92, 94,212,236 Klenzendoril David 87,185 Klipping, Sharon 172 Klundt, David 212 Klundt, Gordon 172 Knaus, Fred 185 Knight, Debra 172 Knight, Diana 212 Knogf, Jannette Koe el, Bob 172 Koelbel, Carlyn 122 212 Koelbel, Walter 88,99,128, 196 Koelling, Eric 127,212 Konkel, Kenneth 172 Konopka, Bnlno 80,92,94,96, 97,196 Kortz, Barbara 72,73,122, 213,237 Kortz, Warren 87,100 K De ' 185 os nnls Koshio, Geraldine 213 Koshio, Linda 172 Koswan, ighn 173 Koswan, ary 196 Kowalski Daniel 173 lcrarner, Carolyn 58,173,243 Krantz, Carogn 196 Krantz, Lilli 13 Kregarman, Josephine 173 Kremers, Carolyn 160,213 Kremers, Nancy 185 Emdobsieirsira egel' 9-WY r r Krob, Gregory 88,196 Kunse, James 99,196 LaBate, Linda 162,196 Lackner Nant? 163 173 Laird, Glen 1,l19,134,203, 213,240,253 Lamarr, Robert 196 Lambi, Martha 162 Lambi, Mary 131,162 Lamer, Jeff 159 L L' d 196 nt ln y Lange, Marnie 1 19,173 Lane, Deborah 213 Laila?-, Brent 80,82,83,84,92, Lansing, Marlene 196 Lansing, Peter 196 Larson, Christopher 173 Larson, Cynthia 185 Larson, Eric 80,86,99 Larson, Louise 163,173 Larson, Steven 196 Latcham, Janice 162,213 Lattner, Terri 163 173 Laursen, Lynn 185 Lauterbach, Michael 61 Law Linda 163,173 Lawler, Sheila 185 Lawrence, Catherine 163 173 Lawrence, Cynthia 163,173 Lawrence, Nancy 173 Learned, Gordon 92 Leas, Susan 196 Lederman, Richard 185 Lederman, Sydnee 196 Lee, ,games 213,140 Lee, teve 196 Legg, Marsgaret 162,213 Le man ever? 163 173 Lelror, Debra 1 3,173 Leisenring Nancy 179,185 Leman, Ed 213 Leiigzgieck, Debra l59,160, Lennig, Adele 51,67,152,161, 213,243 Lennllg, Doug 185 Leo, ebbie 85 Leonard, Aileen 196 Leone, cl eifrgyal 58, 160 Lep , Bl Lerdlm, Susan 213 Lesuer Lisa 185 Letts, Jone 196 Levin, Neal 88,196 Levine, Sonya 196 Levine, Tama 185 Levitt, Terri 213 Lewandowski, Edward 129, 130,213 Lewandowski, Gary 173 Lewis, Linda 163 Lexier, Mary 173 Lidman, Cynthia 173 Lidman, Sandra 163,173 Lightbum, Richard 173 Lindeman, Caralee 60,1 13, 153,161,213,236,258 Lines, cathy 74,111,160,213, 242,253 Lines, Janice 23,77,l 19,131, 190,191,196 Link, Renee 196 Linscott, Dawn 173 Linscott, Sylvia 197 Linscott, Russell 130 Linstedt Kathrine 197 Lively, Cheryle 197,253 Loman, Gary 80,99,l59 Loman, Richard 159 Lont, Dennis 213 Lovely, Penny 197 Lowery, .Judy 213 Lucore, nn 160,197 Luetzen, Gloria 185 Lu5i5aKathy 124,126,213, Lutz, Jiulie 162,197,253 Lutz, anette 51,112,213, 243,253 Lyman, Brad 161,197 Lynag-1, Jeffrey 60,100,101, Lyons, Gary 158 McArdle, Jac ueline 213 McCammon, ohn 173 McCartle, 9 McCa1rltf', vonne 173 McCa ley, Dennis 163,197 Mrafglsnahan, Carol 162,213, McClaughry, Terrance 173 McColm, Donna 163,173 McColm, Linda 162,197 McCrary, Timothy 173 McCread2', Kathleen 173 McCue, athleen 213 McCurdy, Diane 173 McDermott, Kevin 143,152, 159,160 McElvain, Teresa 162,185 McEwen, Patricia 213 McFatter, Gary 161 McGahe , Robert 100,213 McGee, Laurie 131,197 McGhee, Michael 173 McGonagle, Pamela 162,214 McGraw, Janet 147,214 McGuire, Glen 161,214 McHugh, Sharon 173 McIntyre, Gary 159,214 McIntyre, Robert 173 McKee, Ann 214 McKee, Barbara 185 McKinley, Nancy 197 McLaggan, June 214 McLaggan, Shelagh 197 McLain, Debarra 173 McLaren, Brian 100,214 McLaughlin, Nancy 214 McLeo , Deborah 185 Mralwililillen, Diane 1l2,124, McNeill, Margaret 162,197 McNeill, Patricia 173 McPherson, Nan 162,185 McRae Williamc8,7,99 Macy, Ra 214 Mac ey, Ilnnifer 162 185 Madigan, Kathleen 197 Maestas, Veronica 173 Magoun, Dan 173 Mainquist Kathleen 173 Mgierus, Paul 214 M colm, Robert 161,214 Malm, Pam 77,197 Mangum David 214 Man ey, Dougas 127,197 Mann, Lisa 1 5 Mansfield, Bruce 65,99,161, 185 Maranger, George 197 Markham, Ma a 125,173 Marsalis Douglas 30,214 Marshall, Ann 214 Marshall, Gwyn 197 Marshall, Les ie 197 Marshall, Mary 214 Marshall, Rita 185 Marshall, Susan 214 Mirglgall, Tom 87,158,159, Marten, Barbara 185 Martin, can 185 Martin, oyce 214 Martin, Sandra 119,190,197 Martines, Randy 152 161 197 Martinez, Toni' 88,161,214 Marvin, Jhzhn 85 Marvin, ichael 197 Mason, Llames 197 ason, ar aret M 131 214 Mason, Sallg 77,143,,153,161, 197 Mason, Vicki 31,5l,77,120, 215.243 Masten, Sally 186 Masters, Cheryl 173 Masters, Karen 215 Matchael, Elizabeth 215 Matchael, J-ohn 197 Matchael, inda 186 Mathews, Kevin 186 Mathias, Kevin 129,161,215 Matthews, Barbara 173 Matthews, Steven 215 Mattson, Gary 80 Mauck, Kathy 162 Maul, Leann 46,47,68,69, 126,161,156,210,215 Maul, Roger 80,1 16, 1 17, 1 19, 161,214,215 Maxwell, Christine 197 May, David 173 May, J-doEllen 197 May, isa 173 May, Robert 87,99,105 Megill, William 215 Meister, Robin 197 Melnick, Mark 174 Mercer, Craigh174 Mergler, Stes anie 197 Meserschmi t, Sue 215 Messinger, Craig 99 Metros, Mary 215 Meyer Gregory 80,96,197 Mickelson, Noelene 163,174 Milano, Karen 197 Millenson, Mark 174 Miller, Barbara 162,215 Miller, Bruce 80,197 Miller, Charlotte 186 Miller, David 174 Miller, Diane 197 Miller, Jill 162,186 Miller, enneth 88,161 Miller, Lana 215 Miller, Lisa 197 Miller, Michael 215 Miller, Robert 215 Miller, Sharon 215 Miller, Stewart 186 Mills, Linda 215,253 Milne, Charles 89,215 Milne, Marla 161,215 Minnis, Paul 215 Minter, Shannon 197 Miriello, Barbara 161 Miriello Ronald 186 Mitchell, Diane 174 Mitchell, Lana 149,215 Mitchell, Steven 130,186 Mitchell, Tammy 163 Mode, James 174 Moline, ganice 197 Moller, obert 174 Molyneux, Merlyn 163 174 Mongrain, Richard 158,159, 11,97 . Montgomery, David 216 Moon, Richard 174 Moore, Elizabeth 174 Moore, Irzirdia 163,174 Moore, artha 186 Moreland, Roberta 121,197 Morgan, Robert 160 Morris, Douglas 87,186 Morris, Richard 174 Morrison, Dianne 216 Morse, Carolyn 216 Mortimer, Cgnthia 197 Moser, Geri 9,162 Moser, Gregg 99 Moser, Mary 174 Mosier, Geri 197 Mosier, Michael 197 Mouer, Timothy 216 Mountain, Betty 162 Moundoy, Jeff 197 Mueller, Margo 113,197 Mugele, Gregory 174 Maaleston, rad 99,186 M em, Margaret 186 Mulhem, Patricia 47, 122, 147, 216,237 Mulhem, Richard 214,216 Mumey, Jackson 174 Mumme, Pam 174 Mundell, Elizabeth 186 Mundt, Michael 216 Murray, Wayne 197 Myer, Cynthia 174 Nabors, Paul 130 Nagel, Thomas 92,216 Narracci, Susan 162,195,198 Nearing, Michael 174 Nelson, Charlene 174 Nelson, Debbie 174 Nelson, Todd 216 Nettingham, Lan? 174 Neville, Carole 1 1,198 Newman Linda 160,161,198 Niedo, Eleanor 186 Nielson, Debra 198 Nielson, Douglas 174 Nielsen, Richard 87,100,186 Nielson, Roger 186,100 Noe, James 59,160 Norden, Sandra 198 Norden, Will 174 Nordness, David 198 Norlin, Deborah 216 Norlin, Pamela 216 Norris, aime Norris, ean 198 Norris, ulie 216 Northup, Jacqueline 217 Northup, udith 186 Notting am, Ken 174 Novak, Patricia 217 Novosad, Stephan 217 Nowell, Laurel 198 Nowick, Pamela 186 Oberg, Susan 131,198 Oberg, Terri 187 Ober e, Mark 217 O'Brien, Kevin 100 O'Brien, Terry 100 O'Dell, Doug 90,217 Oliver, Deborah 174 Olsen, Brian 198 Olsen, Ted 187 Olvey, Susan 198 Orblom, Leslie 144,217 O'Shaufhnessy, Kathleen 163, 74 O'Shaughnessy, Lynn 217 Ostrom, Barbara 217,253 Oviatt, Gary 174 Owens, David 218 Ozman, Cynthia 174 Pas? Virginia 160,161,217, 3 Pagliasotti, Janice 187 Painter, Lisa 163 Paladino, Rosemary 162 Panella, Guy 163,174 Panella, Patsy 217 Paplpas, Pamela 217 Par er, Gail 187 Parma, Nancy 124,161,217 Parrish, Rick? 174 Parsons, Wil iam 198,158, 159 Pate, Nanci 162,198 Patterson, laine 163,174 Patterson, Jamie 77,187 Patton, James 217 Patton, Thomas 160,187 Paxson, Billie 174 Payne, David 119,166 174 Payne, Robert 127,154,159, 160,217 Payne, Susan 162,187 Pearson, Carla 131,217,243 Pearson, Darrell 163,174 Pearson, Dennis 161,217 Pearson, Eric 174 Peay, Christine 160,187 Peai, Doug 174 Pec , Susan 159,198 Pedersen, Kathryn 217 Pennington, Betsy 131,217 Peri, Patti 174 Perkins, Hugh 161,217 Perret, Anne 198 Perry, David 80,98,99,203, 2 7 Perry, Smith 174 Perry, Smith Roger 217 Pesusich, Danie 217 Petersen, Deborah 175 Peterson, Donald 61,149,217, 253 Peterson, Richard 8O,87,159, 187 Peterson, Roger 80,87,198 Pehy, Brenda 163,175 Petterson, William 158,160, 161,218 Pheatt, Charles 218 Phelps, Douglas 187 Phil 1pS, Edward 198 Phillips, Paula 175 Picht, Robert 198 Piper, Karen 163 Piper, Laurie 218 Pique, Mary 162,187 Pizac Douglas 175 Plumb, Wendy 198 Poindexter, Patti 198 Poindexter, Susan 151 218 Polivnrck, hanis 153,198 Polivnick, ary 187,253 Pollard, Linda 163,175 Ponikiski, Patricia 151,162 Porter, Deborah 218 Porter, Patricia 161,198 Portz, Sandra 198 Postma, Sidney 198 Posing-rg, Constance 131,161, Powell, Jean 163,175 Powers, Llanet 198 Powers, ichael 218 Powers, Suzanne 162,198 Pracko, Debra 175 Pringle,lJean 198 Pritzel, amela 163,175 Pulver, Geary 175 Pugieg, Terry 46,80,81,85, Putallaz, Cherrie 187 , Quaid? Lisa 163 abe, amela 198 Radetsky, Dana 198 Rahawi, Patricia 175 Rahawi Susan 198 Raifsnider, Carol 175 Rainey, Roxanne 163,175 Raiter, Debra 175 Ralston, Barbara 175 Ramey, Diane 162,198 Randant, Kenneth 218 Randle, David 175 Randle, Dean 218 Randle, Kathy 187 Randolph, Steve, 218 Randolph, Jim 88 Randolph, Robert 218 gangin, Lirida575 ay um, isa 18 Raydon, Carol 218 gaydgn, Ssnzrarg 175 ea, BVI Reardon, Denise 175 Rechnitz, Margo Lynn 175 Redecker, Christine 187 gedgcleer, Rciclegick 136,219 ee , are Reed, Stanley 198 Reeves, Roger 87,187 Reginelli, Paul 151,219 Reichert, Stephen 80,82,219 geid, M?rcia1177g eigan, im Reimann, Diane 175 Reimann, Michael 219 Reiner Jacqueline 143 Renalde,lJames 175 Reuben, andy Jo 175 Reynolds, Kevin 219 Rhodes, Margaret 163 175 rubbing, Laura 162,198 Rice, C ristine 219 Richardson, Anita 187 Richardson, Gail 163,175 Richardson, Rodney 175 Richey, Debra 219 Richmond, Ann 198 Riddell, Sandy 111,198 Rider, Elizabeth 122,219 Rider, Kate 125,163 175 aisbe, Robert 187,198 Riepe, Pamela 219 Rifkin, Judith 152 Riley, Patty 126,161 219 Emmlgl, Grefggy 159 'tz, arc Rolglg, Katfly 15Ig?98 o ms, ane Roberts, lieth 198 golgerts, Dikam31g3,175 o erts, o n Roberts, Linda 162,198 gogertson,BRicll1axid7g75 o mson, ec y Robinson, Deborah 219 Robinson, J-let? 27,187 Robinson, on 129,130,198 Robinson, Sher I 175 Roddy, Rose 17y5 Rodger, Sue 198 Rodman, Judith 162 219 Roeschlaub, Betsy 187 Roeschlaub, Nancy 160,187 Roffe, Steve 198 Rogers, Carlely 163,175 Rogers, Kat een 163 175 Rogers, Mark 158,159 Roglgow, Elaine 175 Ro , John 219 Rollins, Laura 162,198 Rondinelli, Stephen 187 Roorda, Becky 198 Roper Lesley 175 Rosenlrrans, Wayne 100,I60, 187 Rosh, Diana 175 Roth, Elizabeth 187 Roth, Martin 92,94,219 Roth, Teri 162,198 Rothenberg, Lynn 175 Rothstein, Alana 187 Rouse, Loan 163 Rouse, hilip 87,97,187 Rouse, Robin 219 Rowley Ruth 198 nndoipii, Joan 219 Rudolph, Kurt 99,198 Rudolph, Richard 80,219 Ruehle, Tom 176 Ruppel, Debi 176 Ruppel, Mamas 46,55,92,219 Rupert, ichael 130,198 Rushton Marissa 162 Russell, lvlary 198 Ryan, Michael 219,223 Ryer, Alexana 187 Sadin, Diana 198 Sadin, Mariorie 176 Saine, St? en 176 Sala, Lin a 187 Sams, Beverly 162,198 Sams, Linda 163,176 Sander, Eddy 163,176 Sander, Rebecca 187 Sanders, Charles 176 Sanders, gulie 163,176 Sanders, usan 176 Sanders, Terri 219 Sanwick, Claire 219 Saunders, Francine 161 Saunders, John 99,151,219 Saunders, argaret 162 Saunders, Mary 163 Saunders, Susan 163 Sayles, Susan 47,68,69,110, 142.219 Sayre, Ethel 160 Sc afer, James 219 Scheeler, Mary 162 ScheidtSShirle 162 Schell, ally 51,198 Scherrer, Dennis 198 Schierenbergiuflary 220 Schlieker, Lo 90,220 Schlieker aul 97,187 Schmid, Eric 176 Schmid, James 159,187 Schmidt, Jill 188 Schneider, Karyl 198 Schnese, Mary 176 Schott, Steven 129,198 Schrader, David 159 Schreiner, David 220 Schriener, Leslie 162 Schroeder, Rebecca 198 Schroer, Sue 176 Schultz, Susan 188 Schumacher, Marilyn 188 Schwabauer, Craig 220 Schwengels, Julie 160,220 Schwemmer, Donald 188 Schwemmer, Karen 198 Scott, James 71,92,128,220 238 Seerie, Gail 162,198 Seidlitz, Craig 176 Seiler, Cody 131,159,160, 198 Seiler, Conny 159,198 Selvy, Charles 220 Sessions, Steven 176 Settle, Merrilee 220 Settle, Virginia 163,176 Settles, Dede 141,14-3,198, 140 Severinsen, Joy 163,176 Shaddock, Lynne 136,176 Shafer, Mark 220 Shanahan, Tim 167,176 Shanklin, Mark 198 Shapiro, Don 188,253 Shatz, Pauline 176 Shedd, Sara 159,220 Sheeran, Mary 163,176 Shepard, Angelene 119,179, 188 Sherback, Richard 87,188 Sheridan, Sara 199 Shilvock, Robert 176 Shinn, Christine 119,176 Shinn, Timothy 199 Shirk, Susan 147,161,220 Shgegaiaker, Jean 159,160, 45,199 Smith, Barbara 144,220 Smith, Debra 161.200 Smith, Elizabeth 200 Smith, Judy 220 Smith, Karen 162,188 Smith, Mark 176 Smith, Michael Smith, Peggy 220 Smith, Renee 163,176 Smith, Steven 220 Smith, Susan 200 Smith, Vickie 162,188,189 Smith, Wendy 179,188 Smitman, Jan 176 Snaps, Robert 220 Snea , Fred 80,86,193 Snow, James 220 Sobol, Rebecca 220 Sooby, Carol 220 Sorensen, Tamara 200 Spahr, Larry 188 Spalding, Andrea 163,176 Spangler, Lance 176 Spangrud, Lisa 200 Speckman, William 220 Spencer, Richard 220 Spitz, Peter 200 Spurlin, Frances 188 Spurlin, Richard 80,100,101, 220,253 Spurlock, Kay 159,188 Stac , Cynthia 221 Stanley, Carrie 163,176 Stanley, Rupert 89,221 Stearns, John 69,80,8 1,82,83, 84,92,93,241 Stearns, Rick 87,97,188 Steen, Lamar 176 Steinberg, Ilyse 188 Stephens, Nancy 176 Stephens, Sheryl 162 Stephens, Susan 162,221 Stephenson, Cheryl 200 Sterling, Marjorie 176 Stevens, Hawley 176 Stevens, Heather 77,116,117 119,161,221 Stevenson, Jfxhn 176 Stevenson, ick 130,200 Stewart, James 188 Stewart, Jesse 97 Stidger, David 176 Stiles, Eric 221 Stone, Sharon 119,131,190, 200 Stookesberry, Steve 80,200 Storey, James 200 Stout, Carol 188 Stout, C thia 160,221 Stracy, Kililssell 80,96,200 Strauch, Vicki 163,177 Strauss, Cynthia 200 Struthers, Janet 162,188 Struthers, Lynn 177 Stryker, Suzanne 221 Stubbs, Fell 221 Stubbs, Randall 200 Stuck, Kent 200 Summers, Catherine 177 Summeri Richard 130,200 Suppes, Kurt 177 Suss, James 87 Suss, Laura 221 Susuras, Karen 162 x Sutfin, Pamela 200 Swanson, David 177 Sylvester, Paul 129 Talley, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Tayon, David 177 Ann 177 Carol 177 Irene 162 Nan 200 Michelle 161,200 Tayon, Thomas 188 Tennyson, Stephanie 188 Thall, Randy 188,253 Tharp, Carol 177 Tharp, Nancy 188 Tharp, Roger 177 Therrell, James 177 Thiebaut, Karen 200 Thomas, Janet 221 Thomas, Timothy 161,200 Thiuapson, Dayle 119,179, Thompson, Debra 188 Thompson, James 177 Thompson, Thomas 201 Thornley, Robert 221 Thrasher, Kim 159 Thurmon, Catherine 162,201 253 Thurmon, Linda 177 Tiddens, Katherine 221 Tilsley, Scott 177 Timmons, Bonnie 119,138, 203,221,243 Tipps, Kenneth 87 Tipton, Lynne 161,221 Torpey, Joe 89,201 Tourney, Linda 201 Towne, Mark 88,89,127,221 Travis, Joseph 177 Travis, Michelle 221 Tripp, Linn 162 Trout, T ornas1l'Z Trubey, Terry 163,177 Trump, William 221 Tryon, Janet 221 Tucker, Lynn 188 Tulper, Lewis 177 Tunison, David 221 Turner, Bruce 100,158,201 Turner, Donn 99,158,201 Tweed, Leslie 221 Tweeten, Kristin 201 Tweeten, Thomas 177 Tyner, Helen 119,126,203, 221 Underwood, David 221 Vafiades, John 161 Vagts, John 158,159,222 Va is, Kevin 87 Valis, Mindy 162,201 Vallance, Carl 130 Van Benschoten, David 163, 177 Van Lunsen, Peter 71,80,128, 222 Van Portfliet, Michael 222 Van Porttliet, Tim 177 Vaughn, Bruce 177 Vaughn, Charla 188 Vaughn, Milta 163,177 Vaughan, Susan 162,188 Vaughan, Theodore 201 Veatch, Mona 189 Veith, Cary 161,189 Venuti, Patricia 222,236,253 Vergatos,CJerr 130,189 Vickroy, aro1,23,201 Vidal, David 88 Vierheller, Bruce 100,161 Vierheller, Brad 100 Vierheller, Laura 145,222 Villalovos, Sandra 222 Wade, Terrance 130,201 NVademan, A. 99 Wadlington, David 201 Wagner, Mark 129 Wagner, Mary 177 Wainwright, Carol 160,189 Walberg, Laura 201 Walker, Ann 160 Walker, Christopher 177 Walker, Mary 163 Walker, Wendy 222 Wallace, Richard 222 Walsh, Michael 189 Walter, Fred 130,201 Walter, Gary 222 Walthers, Paul 51,145,161, 222 Wanner, Gail 163.177 Wanner, Janice 119,122,203, 222,239 Ward, William 8O,99,163, 196,201 Warden, Gary 130 Wardin, Katherine 222 Wamer, David 201 Wamer, John 70,118,1 19, 222,242 Warren, James 54,201,253 Warren, Margaret 162,189 Warwick, Bonnie 162,201 WVasserman, Donna 189 Wasson, Barbara l26,160, na 201 253 222 Watson, Dia , Watson, John 87,189 Watson, Stephen 160,222 Watson, Tracy 189 Watson, William 222 Way, Kenneth 201 Wa , Terese 163,177 Webb, John 158,159,201 Webb, Knox 177 Webb, Nancy 189 Weber, Craig 177,135 Weber, John 201 Weber, ynn 189 Weber, Martin 222 Wedum, John 189 Wedum, Tana 177 Wedum, William 100,101, 132,222,240 Weil, Ronnie 177 Weimar, William 89,96 Weinbergr, Wendy 201 Weiner, ebra 201 Wenger, Patricia 161,222 Wenstrom, Mary 163 Werschky. Susan 162,222 Wertz, Paul 222 West, David 87 West, Robert 99 Western, Kathleen 177 Westem, Kenneth 98 Weyland, Janet 222 Weyand, James 189 Whalen, Jennifer 201 Wham, Jeanne 163,177 Wheeler, Deborah 222 Whelan, Mark 177 Whetstone, Janet 177 Whitaker, Carol 119,166,177 Whitaker, Norma 162,222 Whitaker, Robert 98,99,119, 190,201 White, Teresa 141,162,201 Whiteman, Lynn 141,201 Whitfield, Patricia 162 Wickman, Gretchen 189 Wifglsrspan, Jennie 119,179, Wilber, John 80,201 Wilde, Peggy 162 Wilhelm, Karen 120,201 Wilkin, Laura 163 Williams, Anne 163,177 Williams, Max 72,73,80,81, 83,84,85 Williams Paula 201 Wilson, Carole 222 Wilson. Janet 22,189 Wilson, Janet 22 Wilson, Kenneth 145,223 Wilson, Martha 51 Wilson, Maryann 201 Wilson, Mike 223 Wilson, Robert 223 Wing, Wendy 119,179,189 Win el, Daniel 177 Winn, James 160,201 Winslow, David 163 Wintergreen, E. 80 Witherspoon, Tonie 177 Wold, Dianne 201 Wolf, Becky 223 Wolf, Wendy 163,177 Wolff, Charles 100,223,253 Wolfson, Joy 201 Woltsoix, Robert 159,160,189 Woods, Nelson 223 Woods, Sharalyn 189 Worsham, Norman 177 Wray, Richard 96,201 Wright, David 144,201 Wright, Patricia 163,177 Wyilglg, Kathryn 61,112,201, Wymore, Mindy 177 Wymore, Mark 223 Wynne, John 223 Yates, Patricia 223 Yates, Steven 189 Yeager, Scott 223 Yeates, Randif 177 York, James 63,177 York, Martha 189 Zaler, Marc 201 Zell, Rodney 177 Zohn, Arthur 223 Zohn, Carl 87 Zomo, Robin 189 Zumwinkel, Jon 177 Zuspann, Ann 223 NNI Attempting to escape from staff members are adviser Mr. Mason and editor Tom Dougherty. Staff Revam ps '69 Book Attempting to revise the format of the Aristocrat and to raise its always fine quality, were the thirty-plus mem- bers of the staff of Tj's ninth yearbook. Change was nec- essary and change occured in virtually every aspect of the book. Enthusiasm was brimming in some staff mem- bers and their desire to work towards a goal fa satisfied student body and an All-American ratingj was appreci- ated. Many members again let others carry the load, but fortunately, some Aristocrats were willing to sacrifice their studying, sleeping, and free time so that a first-class caliber book could be produced by and for the students of TI.. It has been a year of frustration, hurt feelings, kazubies, coffee, lost grease pencils, endless piles of type and layout sheets, broken typewriters, Minnesota snow, all-night deadlines, frantic trips to the post office, and even more frantic phone calls to Alabama. But for the staff members that truly contributed, bad memories will be substituted by an intense pride in a job extremely well done-the production of the 1969 Aristocrat. 254 After winning national awards for photography Paul Christensen served as head photographer ,. fl A 552 : ,V 255: 1 "' 3 if A R as 5, M A A 'if f' 1 U . Lkv mp 'ft , . . K, sz ' "', if H ,5 .J , .fi rf 'Ss .25 w g? ' . , A .. K -, . x ' as Brawner, G. Senior Editor F icklin, I. Index Lively, C. Clubs Editor Shapiro, D. Photographer - 2 ss s wr 2 if tffifgvhlf rg, 1. X 3, 55223 its ,f .gi X 2 P xx 5 re,--5'ft"' ,aj si' Y'?J'77 ,' Brown, J. Bullock, B. Soihomores Secretary Flic , D. Fraser, . Morale Clubs ditor Booster Lutz, R- Lutz, I. Royalty Academics Thall, R- Spurlin, R, Photographer Sports Editor Aristocrat staff members stop to pose on their way to the most popular spot-the parking lot. my 52? x ,S as 3 1 ! ,, i 5igi,.wg.i93g,.st5s..,,5 , f , .. W F - ss it 1 K N 5 L MH Ways .ze ,mfr gr r K, . , . .3 . , H as 'ee Bullock, B. Photographer Frederic, L. Assist Mason, "Bed" Adviser Thurmon, C, Freshmen s:f,.-...ry ... - ., 5 S X x :- fs '-J w rt' f. 1' U' ' 7 .95 -4 .. 3: ,lf it- X755 551 Q ., if . -Av sefminw .- I we sf .D W . . I qw? .4 V .1--se. 5 2 SM ,asians . .gr ,. 5 H We JF 2 Q s Q rr. , Chessen, K. Assist Gemmill, G. Juniors Mills, L. Business Mgr. Venuti, P. Album Editor . as sw Y i552G1.:Pag12g..,,. 1 1 i 'as?2.fs:u.:.,3,., 1 :I ' .li ' "K 'QT' - - xiii K .- yi., s . FARM I i iiiifg 's ig f 21:9 .,,, yn, Q Christensen, P. Head Photog. justice, K. Financial Adviser Ostrom, B. Assist Warren, J. Photographer Q Q 'ar 3 se wvifgf' H I it 1 agar, 5 A lf , its -an 2. 5 5 Dinner, M. Sports Laird, G. Activities Page, G. Sr. Mems Watson, D. Faculty X ,, Q. . ' - t lik . . I . M . .. X5 ' ,fri ' .Q ,greg -22322. Doll, C. FacultylHal1 of Fame Lindeman, C. Publicit I Assembllg Peterson, . Public Relations Wolff, C. Sports 'E 4 R , Q ,,....,. Y N. ,fu its-5, 3 Ki? A . ..,f..5 -war-. ,giS,.g' I-at E., ,, - , ., I 5 'L--5: 5 Dougherty, T. Editor-in-Chief Lines, C. Student Life Ed. Polivnick, M. Artist Wyble, K. Assit. Bus. Mgr. 255 1 " :fs 4, 32" .gil jf . . , ,Q Sv -I 4,9 3,4 -1: 3' 3 45544 ff gf? 3 , df J' lg fl pf ' fri 1' 1 r i. S 5 f Q J ' - J-. 'fa s"",J' . hu.: ,IJJ ii," 'Ig ev. . 5, :AQ ,dev ffi 'f fif,?3f'5f:S'?- Q 'L A if"""' 'Qfhafglfi f, ta?'ln.i 1 P' w '. -7,5 P' 'B Q - 1 N Fla. 255 -:Sui ,. 'H 1, in .V -QL fl f -'il L N .. ,cy 55 as A Z 53 -' ,Q j' bg. ' .,, ' ' ghfps, an y af . , D, sei , A Q3- .f 1-f 'eb '-fx IZ' as gi.: ' . f ". f -wigvsfscv 'JOBS Z, ' S' 'Fe X 2-' .:.51'2'f ' 5-if " ff. ug nl 5 'age Ras 1 " Hai, 'W' "I: " ,.,fTzf "ig f W f??..,+w fp Q- an , gf -2.30 ' if fi?-'J' turf. ' 4412 ' it , iq ,':.- .Q-.5,g.5, 11.3. -4 - x 154 .-ga," " Q 2.-' V: ,-7 ' ,gf-ggi' iiypf 53, Q--1 1-fm 4, gswf' 1 4 -I 'Q , , :L 1 ' A ,W f ffm i I 3,4 ,,, ,iii 2513 Q . y R lj? v i Fi ink, I .Lal .5-., . vt.. fy! 44s,'5.35J i, -5' L1 i , .-.V Q.. , pi 'J .1 'f ., - gb J , . I i.: Jizgfip-.kj in uf .1:.,rfn:. Ziff? , -, 4 Y' 1 4 3--, A ..,- J . -L 31 f i 'f -r Q uf- 1 -sail. . .4 V' r . 1 "fa V',."' w . 6 - ga q.: AM 1, -,sl -1 5 ai- , , .Z H' -f di! if 3452525 wS"iL.z,s-1-fi , QT A' Pain? g ,4 1 ' . Magna- . -'G Z 413 -:,.-e -' 53"-.. 3 J' 4 -K ,.Z," ,1 1 fs: -95 jug, -.'. ...V ,,,. 1 "ff I 2 -fy ,ffw -' Q- ,. ,.f., s - .4 - K I., - .1 55"-'3?':"' VI ,gg 1- gi , -.X A , .1 , 4 . ,J x 'M..:,.' 4" 4:- 35 A iff ".' 'mf -fs.: A, 4' Lrg' I "Yi . , -H 'S' . f ,.- T? E' ' 'fe " - Y , .ti 8 4, ,3f3.,?55f f' 6 , , .. , ,, .,g . , '31, 3? A' 'igf:'5?3ff5u 4 N. , ,,, I Z . It . .1 gf? f..Fi,,1 x,,:1:'.wc51333r'-'.f A '.e.'l,' 'ig , ' ' 2 ffl: , -' 12' iff? fi .. ' ., jg ,W 1 ,, . ,,,,, , A - ff - , 7' gl 6- " " V , 5 f 1 f -M355 iff - W4 3- 4,21 z ', 5 3 :' ,-QQ. " , vi gr' ,1 aa. - 'M '4' 1 F i. J, --'w ff? f "Y f f fi Paw ffw if if ' ' S yy Y T' V41 n-?.f1'-f"- 2 5 i "wi H34 i 4 12? :A . iw1 4.:4i2f1Lg A S , -i:fffgf2?w F3 5' 75 '--,-1.43 ' Ts na -' 4:5 5- F ., 5i,?g- S. ., If-3 ' 1433? 4 H25 -fi-A , 2 4 f , .f -ff N f 1f4f'E2'5'isiiaJ- 5 1 ' ff f ?.'f2 ' i f' I. : f 4. figs" rt" - ,q?2, 1 R si ' ,. 2 I 1 I 5. Q1 I E39 ., 4' y 3 . .fezxl ?,' my. ,4

Suggestions in the Thomas Jefferson High School - Aristocrat Yearbook (Denver, CO) collection:

Thomas Jefferson High School - Aristocrat Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Aristocrat Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Aristocrat Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Aristocrat Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Aristocrat Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Aristocrat Yearbook (Denver, CO) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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