Thomas Jefferson High School - Aristocrat Yearbook (Denver, CO)

 - Class of 1967

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S X 1 1 I WW IWW "' WWW IW!!! AFIW 1: . . .. D, .- VF' is J. N 54, " 1 I ng, it"P.a I i f... is 1 Jr - A E .VT W 1 " -if 1' W 434 .5 nlavaart' -S Q,- , it "" If I . 1. ,n 3 if 1 i 9 A Z' f 4 4, N 11 1 fl? P 1 6 "1 If 5 4 I WM' 1 V I rv- Q "" " Y - V4 ,,,,--A---' --' , ja... . --r1--- igkffg' . "". ... 'W I, .a.""S2jI,Q0Nfrii' ' , . - 1 - ' , rx " .g.- . 1 - 1' 'W .,-- Q., . J 0 . V mf 2 , - . - - .. , h f ' ' . 'Qipfgzfif ' ' - x A '+""':41.1:' ' : A ' 'A ' - ,x 1 .,, 5 . Q ' 5 '-5 t -5 L? - Y - . 5 ? n , ,Q I 1, , ' 0 r , F g x 1 I 'I' ' -. Q V X R ' ' V ,wma ' J z V I X . I f I .-'Wk ,, A 1 ' ' t X 'J I X - 1 J -"""--' - 2 -:ngaijh ' E41 'N -DC 4 'Q , 5 'L ff W . 1 "osA. -H' ' 4 40 . HM NX -....... nv I. Av Q iam 5-:Aria , 714 DEMOCRAT JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOGL Los ANGELES, CALIF. 1967 if , , EDITOR M P do DCRIS BROWN A ff, E, ,E ,un ADVISOR A' ui A 5. H dm " E KEN HAWKINS - New 4.433 MAL. ' - 'VIE V' 1 'AV' i f' if I' lr 5 : I 31..- -J bf Would You Believe? The doors of Jefferson challenges a new student's imagination and interest. Few are those who enter without having heard much about our school and what they have heard has usually made them eager to become a part of our adventures in learning. We are never quite the same. Our minds are developedg our friendships, enlargedg and our attitudes are matured far beyond what they were before we passed this way. ,, -r. . 6 Q-,Q ,. - if ' -' s,'m,:w 1, 1 ,.. . , A - 1 s n fn' , Z" , nv" ,af lafuffl l 6 15 ' 5? -xt. W 1 ,X ' 1 X. SJ 5 i-5 X' " . Xxg . '37,- 1 P 1- .1 :xxx I , J' 'T -.X S.. Would you 1h'1iex'c" klosr of J1'1'1l'rso11's 111111611 ary always Qagcr to Icarn 15 new facrs and try out 11uw 1n1a.L1S. X111r11r111g 1111111 .111111.1 11111' 3-611001, '1-.L x1.i1'L' 11' llxkxk x1 11EN"'11'L g11U'1""' QN '11 11 ,1 ' . ... A Li1'111 11111. 5-11111111 11111 11? UV. I i:1: 1111 110 13111 11'0111.111 111111, 2131111 1111111-1:15 11111-111.11 1211 1:1111 s1wr1s1z:.1114111:w, 11111 11.111111 xx 1,- 11v:1 1:1 wr .111 ?1111.' f-'1'11t1.., 11.1-'1-l, .11111 111111311-'rf 1 . jf, r- , G-Eg ,--F., f 1 The rheme Lhrs year. "Would you belxeve" -32 can never be porrrayed as rr has rhls past year. Whar wrrh the Joys, sorrows, frrends, i enemres, teachers and srudenrs all of whom Y . you rhmk you'd never mrss. Bur ask your- 1-35 self why, do anrmals hrbernare, do brrds 2 1-3 go sourh for rhe wxnrer. do srudenls come '- b, ack ro vrsrr Jeff wuh a rear ofhapprness shmmg from rherr eyes. Senrxmenlalrry, for a home away from home. Remem- brances of gomg ro crry, lusrng rhar brg game, attending rhe prom or sluffmg your- self ar the prcmcs, Gaze ar the foLlowrng wnrh a serlrrmenral remembenn e 'e and B l rry not ro smrle and daydream. "lz's qurre drffrculr' CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION SERVICES STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENTS ORGANIZATIONS FACULTY S.: CLASSES SPORTS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS x , . N Q X '+I-Q xx WOULD YOU BELIEVE that the next fifty years in the history of Jefferson High School can be even more significant than the first fifty 'T We have just entered the second half-century in the history of this fine school. If each member of the student body will do everything in his power to make his three years here productive and constructive, we will have every reason to have confidence in what lies ahead. Congratulations and best wishes to all members of the graduating class. We are proud of you! f L, ,fwiwfc , f, W X, VICE-PRINCIPALS Miss Lucile Vance Girl's Vice-Principal One role of Administration in a secondary school is to provide an educational environment in which each student may achieve his potential capacity. The office of the vice-principal affords an opportunity to assist teachers, students, and other staff members in the development of such an environment. Students must meet established codes of behavior and pursue their studies in an industrious manner as a part ofthis environment. The ultimate goal is to have each student attain a high level of self-discipline in the pursuit of learning. G - -tb 3.5: . K A-an--'-,...,..-4 Mr. Marvin Borden M,,,,..,.f-- 1-rw-f"""' Www., MW, ....- Y f- -' "" Boy's Vice-Principal ,, ' ..,.,-vv-1'F""""' ,,,,,-wall! Would you believe --- That the boy's Vice-Principal's office is dedicated to providing the finest Educational Environment possible. """"" Would you Believe --- That the Vice Principal is frequently assigned to give references for present and former students and that the good or poor records made in High School stay with you. 1 !"' GRADE ADVISORS A W' REGISTR R Mr. L. Rasmussen MI- D- Wilson fHead Counselorj fR9giSU'31'J Mr. W. Gray --B10 Miss C. Bustard --B10 Mr. J. Marcus --A10 Mr. J. Favatella --B11--All x ' Mrs. H. Katayama --B12 fi Mrs. c. Preston --A12 Mr. A. Glover --Group Couns. 'S js... U N' f V H k . E W .. - 9 1 if f ry , Fav, 1 X : 'k-- Ig . t N .L fu px 4 R. ' I Q ' t b -'TIES G J . . D ' The Attendance and Counselors' Office and its staff have two-fold functions: gay to provide counseling and guidance services for all students at Jefferson High School, and fbj to maintain adequate records that will be available for each student during his lifetime. The counseling and guidance services are directed toward assisting each student. 1. To advance toward knowledge and acceptance of himself -- his abilities, his needs, and his potentialities g 2. To find opportunities for developing his abilities and interests, and for meeting his needs g 3. To face and accept without defeat those realities over which he has limited, or no controlg 4. To find means of achieving a way of life which is satisfying to him as a person and which is in harmony with the ideals of the democratic society of which he is a member. At Jefferson each student meets with his grade advisor each semester to make a program for the follow- ing semester and review his educational plans. Grade advisors may not be able to confer with students as often as they, the students, would like. Students or parents are urged to make an appointment for a conference with any member of the staff whenever it seems desirable. 8 CLERICAL STAFF ., ,, Mrs. E. Livingston NFS- T- Riddle Secretarx ' ' :KH ft If Miss C. Babajko Miss Burleigh H 4 '3- b i ' . Mrs. W. Crockett 1 V 'gf 7' fl--' EEA Mrs. N. Harmon , H Afxr.-0 4 A47 1 A I I , ' ., . I M 4. Vlgx E . . 'N i Mrs. G. Hayden Mrs. M. Taylor 4"! i .-1. Mrs. E. VoLh Mrs. Winston 7' 'r 4 ' 5 ..--1 X ' F-...:: ' 9' :...."":: . ....... E M - 1' ' 71 ' wr i ' Ira.. Mrs. N. Dobbins .ind Mrs. D. Jackson I Q STUDE T STGRE Would you Believe: More than 8800. O0 a day passes through the S. S. Net Profit on candy last year was 51600. OO. The average cost of one football uniform is 380110. Mr. Beal vi r ,. u F. " ,. n U rt Pfzlif a,!"'F!gQ 1 SCHOOL SUPPLIES Stafford, Dilqule, Thomasian McGhee, Glenn Larry, Frankie Rogers, Debra Wiggins, Doretha Sims, Mr. Beal IO Ronnie Sutton Sz Mr. Beal l l 1 ll E 5 S ERVICES CAFETERJA STAFF Mrs. J. Perry, Mrs. M. Smith, Mrs. J. Smart, Mrs. G. Foster, Mrs. M. Snoddyg Mrs. G. Timmons, Mrs. H. Jackson, Mrs. A. Davis, Mrs. H. Williams, Mr. J. Evans, Mrs. A. Smith, Mrs. D. O'NealfMan- agerj Mr. M. Elzyg . -Q ?t . I l 1 . ,sl '14 .J I1-....,,,,, L LJ Mr. S. St. Cyr fSecur1ty Officerj CUSTODIAL STAFF Mr. F. Carrington, Mrs. G. Bea- trice, Mrs. E. Guidry, Mr. R. Williams, Mr. T. Keller, qSup. Custodialj Mr. R. Rainey, Mr. F. Davis, Mr. G. Sylvester, Mr. A. Love g 1 ex If Mr. J. Burnett fCarpenter5 Mr. J. Griotr Mr. R. Villanueva fGardenersj Mr. Charlie Seitx Cfoolkeeperj HEALTH Dr. Roy Kingsley fBoysj Dr. Lucille Fisk fGirlsj Mrs. Geneva Simmons qNursey Mrs. Armiejean Henderson U-lealth Coord. J C1 GFFICE Would you believe some of the stories that are writ- ten for readmittance after an "illness" ? You should hear some of them. Seriously, dental problems are probably one of the biggest problems facing the health office. Next, bandaids for blisters caused by new shoes and request of safety pins, needle and thread. E I g: a f 1 1 ,... Q? . . Q Freq? gg-fi' -5 1 Fig' -4 S .4 f , ea sg .., f 'msn X, f 4' 1 I" ik waz STUDE T COUNCIL CFALL SEMESTERD rt' Vice President -- Florence Snow Secretary -- Mary Henderson Comm. of Finance -- Veloria Calhoon B-oy's League Pres. -- Frank Jingles Gi1l's League Pres. -- Mablean Ephriam Comm. of Club Activities Ava Nelson 1. V wx Comm. of Health Sz Safety f' ' -v at Q P Barbara Stover ' -:f N W in 5 , ' , ri,,,,,55g.j ., A Isl Comm. of Athletics -- i Q " "LQ: -"' Henry Stucky wg, X , .' f ' y .J 'W Head Yell Leader -- . A Kenneth Williams l ' - 'ls' --e' 4 .- ' V ,1- xf V! n A 'Ars v '- I 1' f . .JK X . L l, ' - 'lf Y J I A , ', f ,t 1 4 X "' 1 mf -A a 9,40 Comm. of Publicity -- Novice Williams Asst. Editor -- Alicia Quarles B12 President -- Elaine James A11 President -- Charlie Rushing B11 President -- Glenda Graham A10 President -- Harold Patton C A S C ep John Grunble I v President -- 7.. Joan Kelley yi- xi 3 . l t x STUDENT COUNCIL The student council is composed of members selected by popular vote of the students. The members of the council are among the most highly qualified people in the school. Their service and scholarship records bear inspection well. The duties of this organization are to work for the betterment of student welfare and conduct, to regulate the spending of the student-body funds, and to regulate and supervise all appro priations. Each member of the council represents a certain organization that is of vital importance in carrying out the laws enacted by the council. 47 x , , , , R . R i,: ,' . ,W 7 ,f .v ia 5 X Ii President -- Fredric DuBose Vice-President -- George Stockhausen Secretary -- Gwendolyn Coulter Parliamentarian - - Mableam Ephriam Knightette President -- Alicia Quarles Represents Knight President -- Noah Shumate Commissioner of Athletics -- Sam Bunkley Head Yell King -- Kenneth Vaughn Commissioner of Club Activities Petra Parker Commissioner of Publicity -- Barbara Stover A-12 Class President -- Anthony Bryant Commissioner of Health XL Safety Represents A-11 Class -- Glenna Graham Represents C,A,S,C, - Geraldine Denman B-ll Class President -- Mattie Nichols QQ l "1 I I l 111 A r'ff?'f' ' t 4 1- t l l B l ., 7 f x A i ' I v I x 4 , if X., 'P'-lx .3-Lia gig' F . , E gi 7 3 -I WK: w 1 l F x , -1 -53? --an 'ir-. J I 1 21- . ei PZ fif- H29- N9 Q full xv? 1 11 JY r ijt?-if , 1 lt 1s Vw 9. 1 wif RNA r l EN ' RESIDEN .STOK R -6lRL'S t'?REStUE'NT - All CLASJ REPORTER B I 0 -HISTDRIH R R if . B V 'PRESIDEN1' MURUEL DELON ALUMNI SEC. QS .. PR L . AA, f . Q, 'X C4 5 Q P 6 Q rx I I ghd 7 fl' E 5,0152 flj11J flxx X ' 1, Said? 399, J 6 215 f bs? Offs A5 f' J fistrn' D 11 Q ff r TER A l - 'ill' Q Broussard, Wynella Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown Brown, Bruce, Bryant, Chester Deloris Glen Ollie Ruby Shedric D anny Carolyn Carradine, Barbara Carter, Carlotta Chisholm, Frederick Allen, Lana Aniey, Ronald Anderson, Yolanda Bean, lxlargret Benson, Kenneth Bernard, Don Black, Mildred Blanton, Reginal Britt, Tommy Brooks, Gerald Brooks, Oliver Brooks, Ronald s s A b ,. ii O e I 7 lit, mf, Clemons, Shirley Coleman, Aron Collier, Arthur Compton, Claudette Craig, Bonnie Delone, Muriel Dent, Charles Devereaux, Pamela Dixon, lxliiyson Edward, Jackie Ellison, Richard Ennis, l.aX'onne Eubanks, Jeinive Farley, Linda Ferguson, Alex Fields, Gwen Flowers, Ilent-all Floyd, Dorothy I a i i . 3 Harris, David Hart, Alice Hayes, Brenda Hayes, lirnestine Henderson, Beverly Henderson, Mary Ann Hendrix, Willie Henry, Lowell Herrera, Jose Hewett, Robert Hicks, Macomie Hill, Brenda 4 Je A wiq.??3 ie . 9 EglEkx is Q X XIX S 4 Y l X i' H' :.. ' V ig? " N - 'Aww V I Jw kia? .eg:',i . x 4 , Qliiiiiilk " ' uf-q'i: a .' - -M value' J vig? V vhqs,,U,, , ,sl . 'KE ,, L. A a . ' ., ,V L, , K. ,: V- NE 5, .rmmf-WV N E V N 1 J is I J -ai U f 1 I3 eau J Ford, JoAnn Freeman, Willard Galloway, Charles Calloway, LeRoy Gardner, Otis Gatewood, Charles Gibson, Evelyn Goens, Shirley Grandberry, Ronnie Grey, Classie Hall, Edna Ham, James Hollis, Denise Hopkins, Gerald l-lorsefield, Belinda Houchins, Auzie Hunter, Oswald Jacksen, Paulette Jackson, Priscilla Jackson, Willie James, Juanita Jamison, Edna Jingles, Frank Johnson, Elouise Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Willie Jones, Beverly Jones, Claude Jones, John Jones, Nancy Jones, Norma King, Robert King, Shelly Kelley, Joan Kinney, Pat Lamar, Alphonso Langford, Terry Lawson, Charlene Lee, Pat Lee, Roy Leeks, Freida Lejohn, Claude Lewis, Mary Ann Lyons, Pauicia Lucas, Leonard Lumpkins, Pauletta McBride, Elaine ri x g - 139 gf ,. Perry, LeRoy Phillips, Janis Porter, Janice Pruitt, Charlotte Pryor, Madie Richardson, Bernard Richardson, Thurman Rudolph, Richard Russel, Wayne Sams, Harry Sandoz, Patricia Smith, Patsy D' W McDaniel, Brenda Mikles, Robert Mitchell, Arthur Mitchell, Herman Montgomery, Sam Moore, Michael Morris, David Newman, Mable Northern, Wayne Nicolis, Earley Paige, Peggy Patterson, Diane l 9 if I X tar 'Q Q41 2 , 0 of l Wells, Douglas Weison, Thomas White, Constance Williams, Ken Williams, Novice Williams, Robert Williams, Sam Wilson, Bonnie Wilson, Glenna Wilson, Milton Winder, Eva Wong, Ianice 20 i. ,123 'm , 'X fi sam. ,i ,WF-7- ....,.. 4 Q' 1 -v., m,..::f. -aff L Smith, Robert Snow, Florence Stamps, Norma Stephenson, Carl Stevenson, Jonnie Stewart, Mart Stoker, Norma Tate, Hosea Taylor, Marva Thomas, Willie Tilford, Maureen Towns, Hoetense Trammell, Arlene Wade, Walters Walker, Gloria Walker, Marilyn Walker, Stacy Wallace, Beverly ff ,I ' A l -1 5 . 15 2- 'Q' e lf .im 1 - j E' 1 Q, -,.-sf? , "' 1 Q r ' A g , ' all Young, Delorise Young, Steven as 2 Akers, Phyllis Alexander, Joyce Allen, Richard Allen, Steven Amos, James Anderson, Darrell Avery, James Baker, Helen Ballard, William Bates, Ambronia Bunkley, Sam Burley, Barbara Burnett, Albert Burton, Charles Cahee, James Calhoun, Veloria Campbell, Ellis Canady, Samuel Carswell, Micheal Carter, Dennis Ceniceros, Irene Chandler, Carl we" s X .RV Q Beard, Ontario Beasley, Raymond Berry, Charlene Bell, Marva Benjamin, Sheryl Bernard, Renee Binns, Judy Black, Sandra Blackman, Daisy Blanche, Albert Blue, Carolyn Boone, Deborah Branch, Jessie Brooks, S,A, Brown Charles Brown, Doris Brown Deloris Brown, Ruby Buchanan, Emma Buckner, Gwen ,-1 ru- X I. -cb' GJ v: ,lf ,J fy, 4 , A -.r . ,tu ug N v 1 I .if . .v. S +I. Bill Cosby and Student Body President "Joan Kelly" w' 13.1-5. . F. -:1 'sv -E Davis, Edward Davis, Waydell Davis, Willie Dennis, Shirley De Vance, Patricia Dilquile, Stafford Du Bose, Frederic Duell, Jacqueline Dunn, Frank Dyer, Artis Dyer, Jewell Edmund, Elmer Jean Edwards, Christina Evins, Thomas Fair, Odell a V . 1 fi" 'fr E x ., H. wil? , ,a k J r Chappel, Rose Marie Christopher, Colethia Clark, James Clark, Walter Cleaver, Sharon Cleaves, Beatrice Collins, Louis Corona, Patricia Coulter, Gwendolyn Crawford, Delano Crawford, Dora Ella Curry, Dorothy -.-J" R JS 'fs 4' J' i ,-.Si v-W, .,,,, V65 Fields, Charles Foley, Charles Ford, Sharon Ford, Shinea Frilot, Andre Marie Frilot, Andrea Marie Fuller, Deidra Garnett, Charles Goodwin, Vernita Grace, Emily Gray, Bettye Gray, Clifford Gray, William Geater, Louis Gregory, Gilbert Guidry, Anthony Haley, Nellie Hall, Yolanda Ann Y. C1- 5 So N 1 i K. LAK if Hampton, Stanley Hart, Edward Harvard, Dixie D. Hatch, Evelyn Hankins, Mary Ann Hempstead, Yolanda Henderson, Clarence Henderson, Donald Hendrix, Ivra Henry, Virgil Hicks, Floyd Holmes, Stella vw war. lp! rv-is xx- 7 Ledesma, Larry Lee, Robert Leggette, JoAnn Lester, L. D. Lloyd, David Lockhart, Joyce Love, Constance Love, James Lucas, Maston Maiden, Tony Martin, Hollard Matthews, Stephanie F43 L J --, 1 .s.. 4 A Horn, Harriet Humphrey, Cozetta Humphrey, Rosetta Humphries, James Hunter, Phyllis Isaiah, Roy Jackson, Boley Jackson, Helen James, Elaine James, Lorraine Johnson, Arther Johnson, Jo Helen Johnson, Tersa Jones, Harold Jones, Jeffery Jordon, lrene Kelly, Kathryn King, Charles H-W, . I L nm A i 'w if .-MFE Norge rilif ?arPer Pate: Fam ' Pei ' kv. I 'Q TS' ' f im, ., ,, T W . ' L, , 'fa 1 P' . . .--3 ' Q-',l Moore, Joyce Moore, Pink Ezell Moore, Wyneice Morgan, Estella Morgan, Kenneth Muniz, Elizabeth Napoleon, Herbert Owens, Gladys Parish, Albert Parker, Isaiah Parker, Petra Parrish, Cynthia Perkins, Renee Petty, Lois Pierson, Anthony Pillars, Clarice Presley, Winston Pruitt, Gloria ' f' P"i'5E'. .5 79 Q-..," 55 if t ffl f N Ax um- .: 'fi ' -PX"-11" , 4 .45 " v H11 U-.1 se" X, - W' 2."1 3 McCoy, Samuel McCrosky, Joseph Mclntyre, Clifton McNear, Sharon Mike, Jacqueline Mills, Melvin Mims, Larry Montgomery, Charles Montgomery, William Moore, Corine Moore, Gray Moore, Jacqueline I v. M, l 1, ' .8 .i J. , f l uf W I ., .Q Mn f M 1 . A I '62 9,4 s... sas ir, km. -J Saunders, Antoinette Shumate, Noah Simmons, Loretta Simms, Doretha Smith, Cornelius Smith, Dwight Smith, Fred Smith, Freddie Smith, Larry Stanley, Earline Stapleton, Marvin Starling, Mary ,yy rf, v A ,-, 1 1- .PV - -, S .a-'iff f W Q, J R 1' A 5. " w s -K f 7' -A Plummer, Pauline Quarles, Alicia Reed, Arthur Reed, Carolyn Reese, Clint Reese, Gwendolyn Robertson, Peggy Robins, Valarie Robles, Victor Rodgers, Johnnie Rouse, Leo Rowe, Bertha Steele, Alice Steen, Thomas Stockhausen, George Stover, Barbara Swan, Joyce Taylor, Carol Taylor, Henry Thomas, Francia Thomas, James Thomas, Lovinia Thomas, Raymond Threadgill, Robert Thurmond, Rebecca Valley, Ruth Vance, Ervan Van Strawder, Robert Vaughn, Kenneth Walker, Johnnie Wallace, Joyce Washington, Leonard Washington, Princella Watson, Christine Webb, Cheryl Webster, Ethel ,Na-' 'B Welerford, Marvin 'wx Wilburn, Candice A , Williams Gary Q r W- :J qv- 'rg Willaims, Jesse t-X A , " . Williams, Magnolia , P' y Williams, Michael J f" A I X A I Williams, Robert Williams, Shirley Williamson, Regina Wilson, Mae Emma Wilson, Reidel Woo, Tommy 'A Woods, Cheryl - Young, Paulette v 'i The Academic Awards are given to the graduates who have shown outstanding qualities with the highest scholastic record of leadership, character, and service. Row 1 Gwendolyn Fields, Macombie Hicks, Joan Kelley, Patricia Lee, Norma Stoker, Mary Ann Henderson, Scott, Pricilla Jackson, Mildred Black, Pauletta Lumpkin, Row 2 Edna Jamison, Claudette Compton, Carole Hall, Janice Eubanks, Janice Porter, Yolanda Anderson, Row :Q Frederick Chisholm, Frank Jingles, Ken Williams, Jordan Allen, Alex Ferguson, Kenneth Benson, Robert Hewitt, Leroy Miller, Theodore Griffen. tm 'Alf , .i f, , . ,, ,-.- 4 L- , , . - ' - . li? . -Q 1 f 4 X - I if' J 4 4 j - .F R 1 ' s ,fr J ' K ,. ' x , A " 4 X ""f'. l Q, 'X ,- , , ' " 5+-P J fx ,IN : ' . X f X K I x . -C." - If ' ' 'und i .A 'Z' i gh N. V' Q 'I -:,. 1 ' wr. . lf, 4 2 J J J ,,- V. U Ji , cv vs 51- ' Ln , . A, I Xu- -N -' "' Y- -l 0 ..-V RSX it 9 xt XX' ffl.: ra Rr Q Fthols, Tyrone Fskridge, Graice Faulk, Dcbra Foggy, Clovia C-aither, Gwendolyn tiibbs, Joyce Gooden, Georgia trillian, Virginia A 2 TQ 0- 2 J s ff , . Y Sis. i-.. . ll X ix si A.-,J .ir l - ,ws Y. 'F . X 0 x J -lil lip. Adams, Boise Adams, Samuel Allen, Carol Amos, Ollie Archer, Alvin Arrington, Clarence Artiaga, Gilbert Austin, Oliver Baldwin, Donna Banks, Charles Bamerte, Willie Bauchan, Voddie Beasley, Betha Benton, James Benton, Sammy Berters, Jimmy Bolton, Marilyn Boston, Carol Braton, JoAnn Braxton, Curtis Brewer, Betty Brewer, llerman Brice, Linda Broadway. Jimmie Brown, Pat Brown, Priscilla Burnert, Connie Burrell, Rodney Burton, John Bulter, Danny Carr, Mary Cass, Catherine Chandler, Conderlee Chapple, Melvin Clark, Johnnie Cobb, Darlene Coleman, Lawerence Collins, Sydney Conner, Robert Conyer, Lenola Cox, Alfred Crosby, Beverly Davis. Jackie Davis, Patricia Davis, Richard Davis, Samuel Delcomber, Erine Dillard, Joyce . Y' Q, A -is Es K l iii B-12 Pres. Elaine James, Vice Pres. Sherley Benjamin, Treas. Gwendolyn Reese, Alum. Sec. Deloris Brown, Class Sec. Cyninhea Parrish, Sponsors-Mrs. Glazer 84 Mr. Christopher wr I l,N no S fx s s... N4 s.. f ANTR -:- Johnson, Micheal Johnson, Ronald Jones, Gladys Jones, Mrcheal Jordon, Marsha Kinsey, Andrew Lawson, Yvonne Lee. Brenda Lee, Evelyn Lewis, Robert Lockhart, Robert Mclwrosh, Robert MCI-itnney, Imogen Matthews, Emest Matthews, Marsha Milo, Mildred Mryake, Nancy Montes, Martha Newson, Deadtrick Olrver, Clifford Paige, Dorothy Peters, Adams Perry, Marsha Phillips, Frnious Rodick, Roberta Richard, Brenda Richardson, Harold Robertson, Barbara Robinson, Wendell Rodgers, wrlbert Rogers, Felza Rushing, Charlie K x ln.- Q- vi 'Q 31 fit s .v 1' I' . Green, Beatrice Ltreen, Teresa Green, Mable Hall, George Hamilton, Juanita Harris, Elizabeth Hart, Charles Hawkins, Octave Hempstead, Eddie Hicks, Delores Higgim, Laura Hom, Minnie Humphery, Jackie Ingram, Edward James. Brenda James, Jermaine 's 1, Q I J J K 'I 2 JF x K' -4 X z L, . W I, , Iosoph, Jerome Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Clifton Johnson, Mary , i if W 40 T ' ,fx . 4 X """ ' N X64 x A 'J' I' 'k Q 4 as ' Q A 'A' Y V J :N '-". A 4 . 1. ' P 'VXX PN v- ' 1- 5- uf , . rl . I Os . ...A ,",f C' e K x - A V' .xl h Q N ,L we X 3521. 'aa'-ii-"N N NX ,ml -- YIWYMNSMNH 1 -Q XQf " 5 as Q44 -,, J s.. ge ' 1 1. . fl i y ' T' --f I - - L , ,.. .1 if N: ,I gi 4 2.7 ' 1 X , - Q S - H ' 4 -' EQ-jg 13 gm, , l 1 J G... is-f- ' g,- is , d X .,,, -.... W H .lf-fi We ,E 'U 1 'f' ::' : Q , vii X 1' ' 'o 1. -.., . - S i . . A is , 3 ' ,, r' , fi. 'f 1' ' I -N X, , ' ' I I h . Q ' . N, .,.. , QA., .Q y 5 A 't V - x x - n ,af A . fx, ,W Q ' 5' lim Rel - -x X W 4, X -1' - -2 I 5, 'vs 4- na, I i xr x.- fe " u x- . . K E I. iz. , ww , .L 9 Russell, Donald Salone, Leon Sampson, Scdberry , Shefficd, Aaron Luamc Q Muisu Sims, Linda Smith, Fddiu Smith, Fdward Smith, mnrgia Stephens , Wayland SISPDB, HL-try Sullivan, Suddurh, Tate, Pa Fdward Ci-plum UICIB Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Flause Taylor, Paulette Thomas, Odessia Traylor, Peggy Valley, Carol Trotter, Arrhur Walker, Maurice Walker, Randy Walker, Sandra ward, Patricia Wuhingron, Linda Washington, Micheal Wason, Olivia Whitten, Don Williams, Johhny Williams, Linda Williams, Linda williams, Mary williams, Nanfy Williams, Willie Winn, Linda Wong, Maria Woods, Bcniia Vmsmn, Uurald Youell, Linda Young. Carolyn Young, Linda Young, Marie Johnson, Tsrcsa Abraham, Claudette Antwine. 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Clark, Beulah Deborah Geraldine Mary Chamber, Claudetta Chapital, Janice Charles, White Cole, Patricia Coles, Deborah Collins, Deborah Cool-t, John Cretia n, Amos Cruel, Glenda Daniels, larry Danny, Bobo Davis. Davis, Davis, Bobby Je ra ld Versey Davenport, Leighe Delaney, Stanley Desses, Eandemel Duron, Dorothy Dixon, Drake, Edward Jinlnrre Dubrey, Leonard Dudley, Laretha Duncan, Ruse Dunn, Valorie Durr, lprene Dyer, Nathaniel Dykers, Rendy Edwards, Donald Edwards, Lernar Edwards, Samnne Estts, Rachel Evans,-,lo Ann Fearington, Diane Fields, Fields, Fisher, Jackie Raymond William Flanders, Kenneth Fletch Frankl Fong, et. Lionel tn. Willie Diana Folwer, Kenneth Garnett. Sh .iron 5-1 v Ll.. 4 as i , id 1. -3. Q., .- Q- . an -.f ,r -s., n N u f-fQ ' " 4' ' TX 5 f- -1 it .LQ V ., SSID if .N, ., r X - , '. tg... . 5 N ' t xg I ,- N , ' F' - if ,. Ji, ,, ,, ,, , if 1 by 1 Q- V :- , ---Q.. A I '-,- I A 'Y- ix I A I D v in' .,,., 5-1, A H fa, H553 'N 'fin X "ov" 8 'N MV . Q N 'Q ' 4 F l. 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X l 3 X lf, Johnson, Clarence Johnson Clarise Johnson, louis Johrson, Patricia Johnson Trudy Jones, Donald Jones, Glenna Johnes, Granville Jones, Harrier! Jones, Janice Jones, Marietta Jones, Virgie Kares, James Katow, Jean Keith, Norma Kelly, Donna Kelley, Jean Kelley, John Kirk, Dolores Kilgore, Sheila Klllpatrick, Lawerence Kimble. Dorita Kimble, Roy King, Dewayne if L X x 'ii N14 .L x arvv un.. Ingram, Reginald Jackson, Cynihm Jackson, Leroy James, l.adal Jefferson, Dianna Jenkin, Floyd Jenkins, Lloyd Jennings, Linda R-v will-N ' L- ' 1:3-: ,,,,,.,, Lawrence, jesse Lawson, Gregory Lee, Presly lewis. Audrey Lewls, Starr long, Stephen Mack, Charlle Mallard, Herman Marshall, Wanda Matthews, Charles Matthews, Mlchael Mayers, Ellzabeth Mc Crosl-4. Carmen Mc Danle, Allie Miller, Bellnda Miller, Shirley Mlkle, Sherman Mitchell, Shlrley Moni.s, Henry 3' r 31' 1' T A- X ff' '. 3 t X ".. -- 'rxck ' .A 3 S Nil Montgomery, Marguerite Morris, Sarah Muldrew, Rodney Munlz, Margaret Murphy, Terry Murphy, Theresa Nelson, Earl Nicolis, Cynthia Owens, John Palmer, Lougene Parker. Iacinra Parker, Joseph Pearson, Mary Pembroke, Anne Poohan, Robert Porter. Donna Porter, Hynda Powell, Clyde Preston, RlChIlId Pugh, Delores Ramey. Yvonne Ramsey, Gwendolyn Reed , Brenda Rrchardson, johnny Rlley , Rrcha rd 'GJ ,N . x.1 - L in x, ' 1 K' ,,, x fl ' s se, L... 2 5 " uv 0... ,,. ga -' ' A 3 l RQ Q 4 Doretha Sims First Place - All city table tennis winner in the gir1's division. McDonald, Carolyn Medley. lra Medlock, Darlene Mclroy, williams .n. ,Q u..1 'lv- - Ly. 9.47 Nr l,-if q - 'N N35 .El He. I -, -, . A, X. . l ,J-f-iris. X "J X QQ ,N H I I Q r fly -3 T if fl' .P , Rc 1 , . N do f er I I 1 , 1 A ll li l l l 1, ,l l ll l l In ,l tl yr, 4. l I t I r Q i I l I ll, '1 L. I M 4 1 I 1 n C ,fl ll - i I O 9, I U-4 rd an .Sh in .. ga, ,. at 'P '- M1 5 V-, ' - Q. ', u ' - X ,.- -0 '47 sn- , X - 5 , ' - I I l , K . 1 ' L, .4 v.. R I ' K, sr A A ty Ja if v D 'Q 'Ei 1 , vu nv 40- .V g- rd 1- I 1 px Roberts. ln, Joyce Rogers, Peter Rool-ts, Wrllxarn Rose, Ima nrta lhlssell, lmlxs mill, Eugene Salter, Delores Sampson, Lee Author Scott, Glorla Shipp, Donald Shaw, Wrlmer Stmmons, Loy Ray Stmmons, Rodney Simmons, Ttmothy Sims, Edward 9'l'l1lh Sn ith, Sn ith, Smilh Smith Alfred Anne Judy Mary Richard Spencer, Linda Qpencer, Lloyd Starks, Earl Staton. Yolanda f . X Mig' W " iif.-12 -v if K. X -t Xfs. sq.. K- ew Stockhausen, Ienauus Southall, Darrel South, Tyrone Taylor, Helen Taylor, Henry Thomas, Selena Thompson, Cornelius Thompson, Starlet Tilford, John Truesdale, Cora Vann. Sharon Virgil. Eddie wade, Michael Wade, Sheila walker, Juanita -. Washrngton, Betty xv Wtlliams, Ronald Williams, Sam Willis, Alfred Woodard, Alice Woodard, Brenda Woodman, Tonoa Young, George Webster, Lawrence west, Carolyn west, JoAnn White, Gwendolyn White. Robert White, Ronald Whrtten, Debra Williams, Diana Jo ji .5 'r -u . - ,-'-.4 , w :U rw 'pn . 'sf TA'4f- ' O . , '. ',"". . 1 s'- A --4 K . , , . . , 1, ax , -' P ', ', - 4' , '-3 J' -.0. L. -- Q , . .. ' x N Z. 'N f ., - wwf'- ",., Q14 5,4 "-l' V 44. '-Q43 Zi, U . ' JN". . 5 . 4 :8vQg',g, -. 44 -. -., ' . ' , 1 " ,- .,', ., "'f,'5A' .... :nA-. ' ' 1 . Q "If -1.4, ' ..'?SQA . . ..r'-, Aix-':,.eTx : V , -w,f.,A.-..' ,L iA..4 ffl. .. HQ? "s l A - - ' ' ru.F.4A:,..- , - A172 mi' w...4f-' 1, ' K. f'Ng 'gfjlb , U sf... sg,-,-s z'w9:5, jw ., - . 'jx Q X fifi Q32 'S Q , -Q .53 t .-Q.. 1.3 . ' -2: Qrwrgwg- 41 V ix -YB, . .xg- 'Xvalu'-' xr I X o I' 5 -JG if Vi V 1 ,JF mms X '75 Mxg w. ,. , ' "ai: .q..., was ,A Michael Parker on high bar X., ---11s-' Timur!-5 "" - Rx YGUTH SERVICES EDUCATION VIA RECREATION , I V 2 --is .' :K ,'L' uk F 7133 A I' xl! .,,. F IM. YJ Q, 'V 5 . A SCI-IOLARQUIZ TEAM Top: Cornelius Smith? Michael Freeman Bottom: Joe Lawson, Mark Terry STUDENT COUNCIL visits Canoga Park -1,f ,. Exif, -4 a. 'WN-. 'll' . , yur- -.-N- -1 X., -at-,Q-. ..,f-A ' -fr-.. un- V I , r-412914. ik' . - X x ' i X -.' x 2. f -,. -Q ,. 1 , , . . fs, -- '- .. Mrs. H. Bogan Librarian LIBRARY Would you believe that the library circulated 10, OOO books last year? 12, OOO? Well, actually the figure exceeded 15, OOO. Would you believe that the figure was 725? How many books does the Jefferson library contain? Would you believe 5, OOO? '7,500? The answer is well over 10, OOO. What hours of the day is the library open for service? Actually, it is open from 7 a. m. to 5:15 p. m. every day. The library budget for the past year was over 37, OOO. O0 fparr of which provided by federal fundsj. Business is booming! ,P- 7 W-15 SPECIAL EDUCATIG Mr. Clarence Norris Chairman FA Mr. Murray Pitt 'Ui " 'F' " U' w YI Mr. Van Christopher fBl2 Co-Spon. 'Tsai' v se 3 'Q' ' 7 . :wif -A 4 V by l - I . 4' A-1 Vg rr? -V wi.. , ' . S 1, . V ' . 5 x X I is 'x ' . S '-- 1' v -Q H' 'fl - A -as A ay. ' . x J, Ein-.Ltxx-, 1, nf,- A ,Tl ---. Q' . him J X ,,1,, '1--'IJIIA Doris Brown Qliditor I.n Chiefj Carrie Anderson DEMGCRAT fC1ubs and Organizationp Anita Baucharn QC1ass Editory Sheldorn Brown Gwendolyn Buckner fBus. Managerj James Cahee Evelyn Gibson fSenior Editorj Cliford Gray qActivitiesj Oliver Harden QPhotographerj Arthur Johnson fC1asses and Organizationj Abbert Parrish qSeniorsj Edward Sullivan fSports Editory 1 . ll if, Doris Brown and Raymond Thomas. Linda Turner QBus. Managerj Michael Wade Ghotographerj Al I , p-1 ts ,iw . JEFFERSONIA STAFF J "k,,,.4-gg Mrs. S. Hunt Uoumalismj 'sa I L+, 68 1 PARE T-TEACHERS ASSO. E an ff .-if " x k -,.. 55 Q , .5 "iw -1 " " 'S fe for I-ov' Rev. Hudson, Mr. Snyder, Miss Vance, Mrs. Alcom, Mr. Samuel Williams Miss Vance, Mr. Taylor, Rev. Hudson, Mr. Snyder, Mrs. Pearson, unknown, Mrs. Morgan I 4 at I , , C. Parrish, M. Ephriam, B. Stover, G. Gaither, J. Holland, R. Humphrey, Mlordan, G. Reese, C. Edwards Swan, A. Quarrels, C. Love, F. Snow, M. Taylor, B. Cleaves, I. Moore, N. Stoker, P. Lee, Sponsor-Mrs. Vance KNIGHTS T'he objective of the knights is to promote the highest ideas, maintain the highest standards, and develop the best type of school spirit possible in Jefferson High School. This is accomplished through service for the school. 7-' wiv" P. Jackson, J. Davis, J. Bratton, L. Stinson, C. Parrish, P. Lumpkin, K. William, M. Black Sponsor-Mrs. Donally 9 , KNIGHTETTES The Knightette Organization is the highest service organ- ization that any girl at Jefferson can become a member. One Knightette is chosen to represent approximately every forty girls. - The Knightettes work in correlation with their sponsor, Miss Vance, Girl's Vice Principal and every girl in the student body. Their main objective is to strengthen the unity and character of the girls in the school. This ' objective is carried out through service rendered to the school in various ways. Some of the functions that the Knightettes perform are: lj Ushers in assemblies and games, 21 A student type school rules enforcement organization, Q31 Strong supporters of the 'Dress Code', Q41 Assistants to teachers and administrators in every possible way. .J- L. Washington, C. Smith, C. King, W. Gray, J. Cahee, A. Bryant, R. Grandberry, R. People, C. Rushing, F. Chisholm, R. Fergerson, A. Pierson, F. DuBose, H. Stukey, M. Freeman, C. Burton, S. Bunkley, H. Taylor N. Shumate, A. Parrish, L. White, J. Love, Sponsor- M.r. Borden CHEERLEADERS That the cheerleaders of Jeff have a big responsibility as well as a big job? Just to give you an idea of what the cheerleaders do, here are some of the major duties they have: l. Extend a welcome on behalf of the entire student body to the opposing school. 2. Lead students, at the proper time, in cheers to help boost the team's moral. 3. Try to keep cheering section together to prevent their getting out of hand. 4. Sacrifice their desire to please you the student body in order to abide by the school and league rules. So, if you have thought being a yell leader is an easy job, maybe this hm convinced you that it is not. If not, join the cheering squad .ind see for yourself. BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB Would you believe, the Business Education Club purpose is to improve interest in business knowledge and skills. For activities, the Business Club visits such places of interest as Prudential Life Insurance Company, California Gas Company, and International Business Machines. Participating members are 30. C. Compton, M. Henderson, M. Tilford, O. Beard, L. Humphries, S. King, J. Burr, T. Humphries, B. Henderson, D. Boone, E. Muniz, F. Leeks, E. Johnson, L. Sims, C. Humphrey, R. Thompson, W. Broussard, A. Compton, P. Smith, M. Dennis, G. Reese, C. Edwards, C. Webb, E. Hall, G. Coulter, G. Brovm, R. Rodick, S. Johnson, P. Anderson, R. Perkins, Sponsor-Mrs. Cueva FUTURE TEACHERS Encouraging high school students to be interested in education as a career is the goal of the Future Teachers of America. Members are given the opportunity to actively participate in some phase of a teacher's work. Some of the outstanding programs this year was the Can Dance. Speakers were Mrs. Crockett-spoke on her hobbies, Mr. Harper spoke on his trip to Europe, Mr. Craft spoke on behalf of the Vice Principal's office. Mr. Favatella-Importance of education Mr. Kleinmuntz Bill of Rights. O. Beard, J. Smith, F. Leeks, E. Muniz, L. Humphries, S. King, I. Burr, E. Hall, A. Compton, C. Compton, D. Brown, T. Humphries, A. Muniz, C. Bryant, S. Bell, G. Brown, M. Tilford, A. Ferguson, Sponsor-Mr. Glover 70 'F 4 SCIENCE CLUB The science club objectives are to serve the school perfect skills and to increase knowledge of science. Future activities of the Science Club are as followed: Campus Ecological Survey, Tours for Classes and P, T,A. , Revamp School Collections, Prepare Hall Displays, Grow radioactive mutatent plants, Science Tutoring and many other activities are in focus. L. Woods, J. Thomas, G. Johnson, M. King, C. Golden Sponsor-Mrs. Walters, Mr. DuVal, C. Dennis, G. Stockhausen, J. Briggs, J. Lawson, T. Steen, L. New- man, J. Davis, E. Hight fl A ,ls y . I MONTECELLANS The Monticellans are a service organization. Its members are dedicated to serving their school in many ways. Would you believe they enjoy making sure that the cafeteria is kept clean. On graduation day they serve at the luncheon for the graduates. They often take over the posts of the Knightettes, whenever they are needed elsewhere. J JEFFERSON BAR ASSOCIATION D. Thomas J. Dyer, I. Waston, I. Winn, E. Grace, I. Marshell, H. Baker, G. Denman, C. Saunders, A. Martain, M. Beam, C. Byrant, B. Wallance, J. West, K. Benson, C. Fields, J. Lewis, O. Malone, R. Vald- ibia, R. Robinson, C. Campos, Sponsor-Mr. Johnson 4. 1 'B' -tl, in l 4 I 1 L. Hudson, B. Hall, M. Hawthorne, D. Cobb, M. Petty, M. Montogomery, F. Brooks, P. Whitfield, N. Miyake, L. Simms, S. Catouse, P. Hubbard, G. Mackey, M. Allen, A. Whitfield, P. Morris, J. Hamilton, B. Reyond, B. Haper, V. Calhour, K. Crymes, A. Bryant, R. Hammond, M. Heard, C. Brown, M. Dennis, S. Johnson, S. King, N. Williams, L. Humphries, , Sponsor-Mrs. Eason. 1 WORLD FRIENDSHIP The World Friendship Club attempts to make a contribution to i world peace and understanding. We then expand our concern to l people of other nations and hope to make our small contribution. Activities include: Two assemblies each year, pen-pal letters to students in other countries, lectures by guest speakers who have I traveled in foreign countries, panels and debates, and special fund raising activities when the need rises. D. Boone, L. Humphries, C. Compton, D. Cobb, F. Du Bose, N. Miyake, S. Cattouse, B. Burr, O. Beard, S. King, C. Webb, E. Hatch, A. Compton, T. Humphries, C. Fields, J. Burr, D. Brown, L. Sims, F. Lecks, J..Favatae1la, J. Dyer, C. McGee, R. Hammond, R. Rodeck, G. Brown, J. Dilland, D. Page, P. Brown, R. Crapt, E. Grau, K. Rerkins, M. Allen, G. Fnlter, J. Hamilton, B. Reynolds, D. Brown, H. Baken, Sponsor- Mr. Craft C I GIRL'S LEAGUE The purpose of this organization is to promote such activities at Jefferson as will give every girl the freest opportunity to contribute as well as to receive from Jefferson the highest and the best. The Pledge of the Girls' League is: We, the Girls' League of Jefferson High School, consecrate ourselves to friendliness, service, and loyalty to our Alma Mater. We pledge friendliness that reaches out its warmth to all, service that is joyous and unselfish, and loyalty which expresses itself in giving our best at all times. A. Ferguson, C. Rushing, F. Jingles, A. Terry, D. Love, A. Downs, R. Ford, A. Smith, R. Isaiah, L. Bible, Sponsor-Mr. Newton PIANO CLUB J. Stevenson, B. Green, B. Green, O. Beard, E. Jones, P. Jackson, P. Lumpkin, M. Black, A. Peevy, F. Robinson, N.'Shumate, E. Jameson, E. King, Sponsor-Mr. Herod 72 Hill, S. Lindsey, M. Davis, F. Benton, C. h hy-I M. Warner, E. Reese M Ephriam G Gaither S Cattouse Sponsor-Mrs. Jerald N Miyake J Chisholm B Reynolds P. Sandoz, G. Gomez P Deveraux M Petty J Coulter P. Young, M. Jordan A Quarles y. fuft' .5 X h l- 'I F '. ff. .. VY ' BOY'S LEAGUE Yli THESPIAN Jefferson's Thespian chapter is a member of the National Thespian Society. This organization is a nation - wide honor society dedicated to the promotion and the excellence of the theater arts. Jefferson students may become members during their second semester of their drama class. Members should have acceptable grades in citizenship and work habits. An additional membership requirement is participation in at least one school play. All of the Thespian activities are related to the theater arts. We participate in school plays, drama festivals, drama work- Q shops and in similar theater activities. Often our activities take us to other schools, universities and theaters. ' n 717 -0 1'P"ii"Yf"f'3' Q 1 ,,- 1-' IAZZ CLUB Tres Biens--Jazz Club The objective of the club is to: Allow anyone who is a student at Thomas Jefferson H, S, and interested in Jazz the opportunity to join, listen to jazz artists of today and yesterday, to learn something about them and the history of jazz. We meet once a week during the lunch hour. P. Jackson, L. Watson, G. Denman, C. Byrant, J. Smith, E. Winder, P. Page, S. Ford, M. Black, C. King, lxl. Hick A. Guidry, S. Benjamin, J. Culver, L. Miller, R. Galloway W. Gray, W. Johnson, S. Davis, A. Thomas, K. Conwright, L. Johnson, F. Dunn, J. Mclntyre, E. Sullivan, A. Dyer, R. Amey, Sponsor-Mr. Johnson ,V S, 'I 4 W. Yancy, L. Brice, D. Thomas, E. Masters, V. Lyon, J Cakee, V. McShan, B. Wilder, M. Smith, H. Hick, P. Plummer, J. Lawson, C. Faley, E. Lee, L. Higgins, J. Hamilton, W. Stephens, Sponsor-Mr. Kleinmuntz CHESS CLUB Would you believe that chess improves the mind? Most authorities will agree that it does but only in the realm of chess. Therefore, our main objective is to provide a different recreational outlet to the already splendid number we now have at Jefferson. J. Humprey, E. Davis, C. Gray, M. Hedlet, B. Patty, C. Garnet, A. Thompson, L. Newmond, W. Williams, J. Battle G. Stockhaser, M. Lett, B. Petty, Sponsor-Mr. Crust 1 KEY CLUB The Key Club is the number one club in the school, its objectives is service in any way possible. We're in charge of all athletic games. We're the most productive and busy organization in the school. Keyettes holding banner on first row from left, Linda Winn, Jewel Dyer, Nancy Miyake. Key Club members second rowg Johnny Parker, Lonnie Wood, Gerald Vinston, Joe Conner, Robert William, Lloyd Reed, James Sims, Tommie Woo, Pres. Robert Cormer, James Gilford, Joe Lawson, Edward Hight, Ex. Pres. Robert Hewitt. i T I 5 J S SPORTNIGHT COMMITTEE Youth Service Committee assist in the school program of school connected out-of-class hours recreation. This pro- gram sponsors organized, supervised recreational activities for all age levels. Youth Service extends the educational process into the recreational setting by providing in a "practice laboratory" educational experiences which fl, V- Y Vx lf' . supplement skills and knowledge learned in the classroom. Its motto is "Education Via Recreation. " Q . , Y I 1 E. Winder, c. Valesquez, c. Miles, R. Luna, B. Lee, B. 3 .4 Q Crosby, O. Beard, M. Grayson, D. Bedford, J. Swan, E. , Lawrence, J. Bradley, P. Paige, M. Hicks, M. Kindle, 3 1 J. Herrara, C. McGee, P. Parish, Sponsor-Mr. Hawkins . 5 2 s 5 . r x WHO'S WHO Who's Who is composed of Scholarly Students at Jefferson who meet state-wide qualifications as outstanding pupils. Some of the more academic members qualify for the Califomia Scholarship Federation. Our group is remarkable in that most members acquire the Status by initiative solely their own. It is of significance in that they represent the soul of the scholar latent in our Student Body. D. Bell, M. Terry, F. Dubose, N. Shumate, A. Lvidry, J. Holland, M. Taylor, C. Smith, B. Henderson, M. Ephriam, B. Stover, B. Young, B. Wilson, M. I-licks, G. Fields, P. Lee, N. Stoken, Sponsor-Mr. Knight KEY CLUB ..,1 W, ,7 . - , Y--ff, 'Q .. gg UF' Zag i Q3-1 C L U0 I 1 X 'X ACTION 3 X2 ' 1 -vb -.- K fx 5 , x ini Y 1 I ' f-r 'S 'WGULD YOU BELIEVE' WE ENJOY CROWDS I , Q ff' I 2 ART Mr. Larry Livingston Stagecraft Mrs. Sandra McLean Would you believe that we have the largest art department in the city. --The smallest department in Town? You're right! ! We are the smallest, and yes we offer a more diversified program than most large art departments. Would you believe that we have a famous print maker in our art department--that we have an outstanding sculptor? Well the sculptor is not a Michelangelo but the print maker - what lines - what texture - what beautyi She got a free trip to Rome for having the best printin the Westward Art Show. Seriously, the art department is well-rounded in all fields and can present an art major with a solid background. We're hoping soon to get another fulltime art teacher to take over the ceramics departmentg until then, we'll do little potting, but lots of painting. .315 sa., X. Mr. John Danyo Chairman .11 lewd BUSINESS E Qs X F4 l S-2 as i XY Mrs. Miles faxk QDepartment Chairmanj , , f M158 Baethke , .- my D. Matthews Miss Cueva Would you believe: that shorthand at Jefferson High School is fun. The addition of a Stenocord Listening Post makes it possible for thirty-two students to take dictations at three different speeds at the same time. The post is available during the SOC classes for students who need extra practice. that of the fifty students who qualified during the city wide L. A. Board Clerk Typist and Clerk Stenographer ISSI- ing program of last semester, five of Jefferscn's students are now employed by the Board of Education in these positions. that a new course, Sales and Merchandizing Procedures, has been added to the Business Education Curriculum. Bungalow 26 boast a new cash register, three mannequins, a showcase, register, selling, window decorating, etc. A cash register operator in a grocery store demands a good wage. that if you enroll in the Business Education Department now, you may select one of three major sequences: Shorthand or Bookkeeping, Salesmanship and Merchandizing, or General Office. I- 'ff if . ff 3 EDUCATIO P 9 ii f 2 Zig A x fr M. Vx fy 1 i F Mr. Vranjes 'WLE -:: K, , .. M S '+ W 1. , ' , , N , , 5 , i , .. .... ' v X W -t: 'J , , 4" 2. X- ry. 5' if tx f, frzf: E: 4 - l X x X 1 . , vu . fdvhig., ' 5 ,... - x.g11"" ' ' g f Miss C. Rutkowiski Mrs. Snitzer Mr. Wright F' 'I ,. V ,4-4-.-., , 3- '.,...f,1 1 p, ,A ' V ,- l.. - 1 f- ,. , V 2 A 31. .-',13"9 -,.-.-f-" K wisp., ,FI ff. .1- - n- H. 5? .1 'SF , Z" -I x-t 9. ti' i FN V-4. X I., vs Pb-Sift' W1 f, ,ax Fi' H ., "nv, , . . -im.. ' ni. ,.5-W, l fl .. .,,'f bl i -2- Y-Y. .s A ., 1 Miss Elizabeth Hays Chairman Miss Charlene Bustard Mr. Russell Fossett Mr. Norman Hass Mrs. Armiejean Henderson Health Coord. Mrs. Sue Hunt Journalism Mrs. Adeline Jaques Mr. Max Kleinmuntz Drama, Speech Mr. Richard McCammon Mrs. Ouida Mitchell nj 4 E GLISH "Would You Believe" The functions of the English Department are to serve the in- dividual needs of all students, from slow pupils to college preparatory students, so that each pupil has the opportunity to develop his potential capacity to the fullest extent and to be able to communicate adequately on whatever economic or occupational level he may attain. To read well, to write effectively and to speak standard American English are of the greatest importance. It is hoped that basic reading and writing and standard, grammatically acceptable English usage will lead to crea- tive thinking and creative writing. Today, with so many influences of all kinds about us, we must learn to know, to think and to evaluate independently allof the many areas of modem day living. Spelling, grammar, oral-expression, composition, library skills and creative thinking--these are the ingredients for the recipe of success. Mr. Philip Noto Mr. Malcolm Small Mr. Don Schulman ll -1 Q, i xl n P ,' ip ml, .xl I HOMEMAKI G Would You Believe? Would you believe that the Home Economics Department at Jefferson High School is one of the most active in senior high schools in Los Angeles? We are able to boast about our relatively large department of five teachers, offering a wide assortment of classes from Boy's Foods and Management and Boys' Tarloning to Commercial Sewing and Child Care. In Commercial Sewing and other Clothing Classes, the students learn to operate the kind of equipment that is used in the garment industry to mass produce clothes. Would you believe that five girls who grad- uated from the Commercial Sewing Class received jobs as power machine operators? Would you believe that boys are better cooks than girls? For the second time, a scholorship for advanced study in Foods has been a- warded by Trade Tech, to a recent Jefferson graduate. Would you believe a fifty-dollar place setting of sterling silver goes to the winner of the Homemaking Award, in the Spring Semester? Would you believe a beautiful cookbook is given to the student with the best grade in Home Living Classes, each semester: The girls and boys at Jefferson are indeed fortunate in having such a good opportunity to study the various phases of Home Economics, a subject so meaningful in everyone's life. You'd better believe it! . . -,,..-1-1 . .,, A Mrs. Lynch qDept. Chairmanj Mrs. Bowser Mrs. Collins F5 'sz CFac. Sec.J ' .-4 ' W , if M rs. Katayama 11312 Grade Advisory " is I' Mrs. Simmons 'N 'S 5 ',,.4 ' xr 4 . ' ..l .PW ', 1 ,sgxrl V wi. ' an 9' A A f ' 7 I 12:45 u 49 X' A e x I Q? X ,. ,r - f . N . x 5+- . 1 ' N I .v T ' ,, , - gl , -X33 ggi. 'as -mv: 4- S2f2:.m,g1 L. ash-31 9. P 5 My ,Ng . 2 ax -b in I ' I' ' Q..-.1 i .2 E v 'gpg -,f .. .. . 25.31 .-i?':1"A ' . Me Q . Fri 3' .1 kia: "N A A 5 , A., f, M , . vu 'll 'X XX A :- .-'Www .Nah 9 " ai erik I xi Vx-rig? , V Y xi I . I 4 97' qv' P .x 1, 'W I I .ul , , D fo' rw V. Q1 -0- ll I W Q !! ll -Cl N' If -..T" Q1 M . ,..Z X - ns' vq' M ry A' Ag,zgq1,E7gi,'g,. , Im , I . ,, , A--'f 1 -sf M " f : 45.5 gil, 1 Y - fy +- A ,, 4 ,Q Q :Y - , r . A 5 A ins- 4' r .u-. .Ip ' , ' . V,-111' ' - I ..j'j, V 4,4 5, N -xr . -Q.-...,TN64 A Z ,H J O' 3.1 V I X I DUSTRIAL ARTS Would You Believe Over one-half of Jefferson's student body is enrolled in the Industrial Edu- cation Dept. That many students go directly from high school into good paying jobs as a result of training received in the in- dustrial education dept. That many industrial plants near Jef- ferson High co-operate with the in- dusnial education dept. in providing jobs for students. Students realize that they must leam before they can earn. H-" .-hs 4 "fs 5 A ,www- v-, .,,,,,.-.f----'A' 86 -L L MATHEMATICS The Mathematics Department along WITH Mathematics Departments in many other Los Angeles City secondary schools, is be- ginning a new Algebra sequence next se- mester. Beginning Algebra students will take Algebra S, followed by Algebra S1, and then Algebra S2. At the end of the Algebra S semester, the students get credit for General Math. Al- gebra credit is given for both Algebra S, and S2. ln other words the student takes three semesters of Algebra to make two. This program has many advantages, among which are: l. The S classes move at a slower pace and hence cover less work in a semester. 2. Because of the slower pace the teacher is able to go into topics in greater depth. 3. Fewer students lose 5 credits per se- mester as was true under the old pro- gram. 4. There is a strong possibility that students in this program will come out of it with a better understanding of Algebra. 5. Because more students will have a bet- ter understanding of Algebra there should be as a consequence, an increase in the number of students taking ad- vanced Math. Mr. J. Reynolds Chairman Mr. A. Barham Mrs. A. Crockett Mr. F. Darrow Mrs. T. Gonzales Mr. T. Kelley Mr. R. Newton Boy's League, AFT Mr. R. Pounds Mr. B. Snitzer Mr. Y. Oganesov EQ X 1- l:t'1't JE MUSIC . ks, 32, as .ix 5 kk 1' 2 I Q S C H OIR R. Jamison, E. Jamison, L. Watson, R. Gilbert, A. Sims, H. Miller, C. Henry, E. King, B. Davis, C. Hall, "Middle Row" Perry King, P. Parker, M. Dee Bies, R. Lee, R. Benjamin, B. Lewis, A. Alexander, E. Rogers, D. Wilson, A. Peters, "Back Row" D. Williamson, J. Callier, E. Webster, N. Shumare, H. Richardson, S. Adams, R. Walker, P. Anderson, M. Taylor, P. Hicks, Miss Aldrich J. Johnson, L. Stevenson, D. William, LE. A 'fs MIXED CHORUS Nichols, O. Sardin, K. Frazier, D. Baldwin, B. Hunt, R. Harris, J. Gilford, L. Parks, L. Hayes, S. dams, R. Richards, Y. Thomas, T. Simmons, Miss Aldrich, ll. Horn, M. Milo, D. Anderson, C. Faley, D. Young. Miss Carol Aldrich fDepr, Chairmanj Choir, Chorus G lee Club .'..-s....q.s..,.,-.,,....,,,.QN...-sQ-:mx ' rf: wsgQs,.s.Nf.-wares:-swvsr f: MADRIGA LS E. Webster, J. Callier, P. Anderson, M. Taylor, P. Hicks, R. Jamison, P. Parker, N. Shumate, R. Walker. Miss Aldrich, L. Watson, E. Jamison, A. Sims, A. Alexander, C. Hall. 1 i L4 7 1 K . L A18 A o xfx BEGINNING STRINGS LEFT C. Burton, D. Chapron, D. Henderson, C. Buckley, D. Perkins, C. Burnett, N. Stamp, S. lluckely, 1.1. Sheffeild, T Floyd. CENTER A. Pevey, P. Hicks, Mr. Hoard, B. Wade, D. Sims, P. Jackson, G. Graham, A. fiuidry, L. Liuidry. Mr. John Herod fFacu1ry Chairmanj I World of Music x ' W I N, E A ' Six Mr. Wayne Hoard Band S Orchesmta 7 ,pi - . "' x yy. - jg'-07 I 37 E yu X. STRING ENSEMBLE R. Harden, D. Johnson, L. Crueal, C. Lucas, LZ. Williams, M. Petty ADVANCED BAND , A. Nelson, T. Maiden, R. Whilock, D. Ford, C. Burton, A. Thompson, 5.1. Wclerford Li. n?r.1h.rm, ll. Harrell, A. Vvrris, . Hoard, J. Ham, D. Henderson, H. Dale, J. Ihnks, L. Anderson, S. Sneed, M. Hankens, C. Src-person, A. Plcrmscy, I. 1 Lrrk, H. Lewis, S. Bunkly, N. Dyer, H. Richardson, L.D. Lester, E. J.1mes, P. Taylor, II. Petty, P. Pullings, il. lkxrkfr WVJQJ .. ---6. L, .- ... rc..-. DANCE BAND R, Whitlock, D. Ford, M. Welerford, C. Burton, R. Threadgill, C. Garnett, R. Miles, T. Steer, M. Fanlk, J. Williams, J. Moore, L. Cruel, ll. Lewis, S. Bunkley, N. Dyer, R. Clark, A. Kinsey, E. James, W. Cunningham, J. Hall, L. Miller, G. Elder GLEE CLUB -N 7 1' C. Lawson, J. Crona, D. Sims, J. Dye, B. Steen, D. Wilson, E. Morgan, M. Parker, D. Rumph, J. Cobb, H. Daniels, K. F. Bailey, J. Davis, J. Stewart, R. Redmmd, E. Jones, A Whitfeilcl, M. Robertson, A. Sawyens, B. Green, Miss Aldrich, C. Bullock, J. Bruce, M. Douglas, R. Williamson, R. Coleman, L. Ross, S. Forney, D. Gauthier, G. Tate, L. Bosby, R. Mcliinney, S. Clark, S. Holmes, M Newman. ,I rv V X x JK .lt I7 Qi I! It ilk 5 -. - 1: QE i .S 1: few E ...MA 1, ggi. fr :IM J 1 'G Q f 'lu Nj 'A ,. 'sax' rg, - Q . ' .5 "Ur 1 .WI ., 1 1 - BRASS CHOIR II. Richardson, L.D. Lester, D. Henderson, J. Ham, H. Dale, M. Favlh, R. Miles, R. Hreadziel, T. Steen, S. Bunkly, A. Kinsey, N. Dyer, H. Lewis, R. Clark, E. Woodard, D. Allen, J. Chatman, Gary Moore, M. Lett, C. Garnet 90 A. Neal, F. Thomas, C. Smith, F. Wilkerson, x l r 5 l i 5 i 1 I 1 V 1 i D n 1 6 I v I 1 I 1 L 1 is is BOYS' PHYSICAL Allen Tuce Mr. L. Hanson Mr. K. Hopkins Mr. J. Marcus fHea1thD Mr. W. Mills Mr. C. Norris Mr. R. Pounds Mr. B. Taylor fflommunity Coord.J Mr. Franklin EDUCATIO Mr. A. Bakjian Chairman -Q if ' f 15125 9 '- 5 5 4? W L , I 1 s do SAI MP5 HX P 1 .f 1 .ii y Y' W v I .a Q5 X4 iff -r 3 " .fi " us E . , x .l,, I Fhxeg if if - 5, IJ: f L X . U X . ta I 'H , i rf' si t E.. I ' J -1 ,pq ,. R S? ,A Q ,Qs Mrs. Donally Miss M. Crutchfield Mrs. Fischer Mrs. Bunt Miss Pomish Y 'Ya ' l Q ,Q ,H , 'uf fs .t. 2 y X .,fg,- -,,..H... 1 1 'W-1 1 -lt. GIRL' PHYS. ED. Would you believe every girl enrolled in il physical education class has the opportunity to receive instruction and to participate in a varied activity program. The program meets the pupils needs and interests, not for the purpose of a skilled performanceg but develop the total fitness of each girl. ' .... 1.1:-.. -was-f . , zrbvdff' .'f'f.SgN 1. " - . gzx .- 1-s '1-Q . "M .35 5 ii, .gay - 1'f'?'4SJ-K . -V ". f-fig: -'-f':o5S,5 Mr. E. Cruz, Chairman Mr. D. DuVal fKey Clubj Mrs. E. Eason flwlonticellanl Mr. K. Hawkins fYouth Services, Yearbookj Mrs. Shirley Jerald fGirls' Leaguej Mr. R. Johnson Jr. Uazz Club, Mrs. M. Starkey Mrs, P. Walters Mrs. A. Matthews CScholarship Ch.D N Q 7 SCIENCE 5 'in The science department promotes academic and practical experiences in all fields of science. The program embraces lectures by scientists, visits laboratories of colleges, marineland, medical schools and the stimulation of members' interest in preparing exhibits for the science fair. 'i .F l y-- P STAGE CRAFT Otis Malone, Gary Williams, Johnny Parker, Milton Wilson, Stanley Hicks, Rodner Wa itlock, Delano Crawford, Mr. Larry Livingston CArt it Stage Craftj Agriculture Harvest -'SQ w ,,....f--r J ,ZQXSR Q nn .1545 17, , i " I gif "A' , N :Rfb . 54? - A , Wg 1 .-4:1-,,, .4 .- , ,,,3??.w V, Tex-,mb fin-52.1-ti2.'. .,,, ' fi-fm-T - : , 1 .-.f::. vw - 94 .-F' 5, F, q. Si ' 1- T u ,Q VI L is E SOCIAL STUDIES Would You Believe --------- ? Each subject in the Social Studies Department is required for Mrs. Bennett graduation by California state law. In the tenth grade, students must take World History and Geography. United States History is required in the eleventh grade. In the senior year, United States Government and Contemporary American Problems and Government are required courses. Because all Jeffersonites must participate in the Social Studies Department program, it's enrollment is one of the largest in the school -- about 1400 each semester, with a teaching staff of 12 teachers. The World Friendship Club, one of the OLDEST and most active organizations in our school is sponsored by a member of the Social Studies faculty, and it has always urged all students in Social Studies classes to join the group. The basic philosophy of this department is to give every student at Jefferson High School an education for Democratic citizenship. The words of our school oath are its constant inspiration and challenge --- To win honorably. To lose graciously. To cooperate generously. Mr. Knight - Honor Sch. C.S.F. Adv. Miss Johnson - Soc. - Coordinator Mr. Sasaki Mrs. Doty Mr. Bertone ' Mr. Cox ' ' Mr. Craft- M- Si? World Friendship Club V Sponsor "-tl Mr. Johnson Mrs. Rankins - Student Activities Chairman . - ' ' A K t 1, 3 L' I J" ' lr 0 4 g , , A M K in X O Coordinator 'Q .'Xf. 15 ,L-?f-git . Mr, Matheny Q -X iw FOREIGN LA GUAGE Mrs, V . Wa rfield Mr. F. Darrow Mr. P. Harper Mr Y xxx mx Oga nesov Would you believe that the enrollment in the language classes is up over last years. We hope to eventually organize a language club next year, to promote interest and understanding of peoples whose language we are teaching: namely French and Spanish and ofcourse Latin with the Gauls and Romans. We have tapes, posters and films at our disposal. We had a report last year that two of our levels was, indeed, the best observed city wide. 1,6 J av..-plug - DRIVER TRAINING AND EDUCATION X I 'K--,- 515, L05 AH As 1. X. Xu-elf UV W" .7 W . 1-' 'yrs - , X I -..' , , Q, Y O gf It N UTP' X must ' in '445 fd 'T VS Q kr Q f,'r KL: Mr. D. Berg Miss A. Ferguson Instr. Coord. COMMU ITY ACTIO Mrs. C. Giffen Mrs. S. Glazer QBIQ Co-Sponsory Mr. A. Glover fGroup Counselorj Mr. J. Ma ndarino fCounselorJ The ESEA Federally Funded SAC Program includes College Capable classes under Mr. Riley Johnson, Mr. George Knight, Mrs. Carolyn Giffen, Miss Iean Elliott, and Mrs. Sue Hunt. In addition, there are classes which provide intensive, diagnostic instruction, and counseling services for pupils in the eleventh grade with the objectives of reinforcing reading skills. Miss Anne Ferguson is the Instructional Coordinator who administers the program and Mr. Brice Union Taylor is the School Community Coordinator. ln addition, Mr. Malcolm Small and Mrs. Ouida Mitchell teach English classes where tape recordings help the students to improve their oral English. The ESEA classes are visited frequently by professors, teachers from other schools, and members of the community who are eager to see the outstanding collection of equipment, books, and special media which the Federal classes possess. gig A ss! 5 2i x 1 mm! .W Frank Snyder and Senator Brooke of Mass. - NN 'Y ,. . . 'N"'f3l lg ,. La Men of tomorrow visit Jeff. A . 5' 2 'Y - . 4 . -q-.?r 'x -1 - .ig - Brice U. Taylor qfjommunity Coord.J 'J I X . r PE 32 up " f 7 : Q51 OO THE PIA S IN 'THATS NO LADY' fA comedy in 3 Actsj C. Foley, V. MeShaw, P. Plumer, J. Hamilton, L. Brice, J. Lawson, L. Higgins, W. Yancy, E. Masters, H. Hicks, D. Thomas, W. Stephens, V. Lyons, B. Wilder "Cab driver"- J. Lawson X "Hester" - E. Masters r"i1"++ E f 1. -r ,.4 l -kv- .V Av Wwmvwv? ::T 4 . y f. A 1 A A i, 4 si' 1 g Qhgsggfigggggglgg E. Masters, D. Thomas, W. Yancy, L. Higgins, E. Lee, H. Hicks. IOO llll Jr L .5 1 yi X!! V7 1 I SP 'Xf1 5 Spo W-f?V ...-unify, ORTS NX X-. X MQ FOOTBALL VARSITY Q 9 355 g , , A : S J V gf -Q at AC.. . F. .A X FIRST ROW J. Cahee, R. Carr, T. Erins, H. Towns, S. Allen, G. Vinson, Co-Capt. D. Bruce, D. Davis, M. Moore, C. Lelohn, A. Houchins, Co-Capt. R. Ellison, O. Brown SECOND ROW R. Whitlock, Mgt., C. Goodwin, S. Franklin, C. Brown, G. Wallace, T. Britt, I. Hendrix, K. Conwright, R. Richard, W. Ducksworth, W. Rogers, A. Fleming, K. Jingles, J. Ham, L. Johnson, C. Jackson, Mgt. THIRD ROW R. Brooks, Head Mgt. D. Binns, K. Hooks, W. Jones, H. Martin, Z. Howard, D. Anderson, A. Alexander, A. Spears, Coach Mills, D. Bernard, W. Davis, C. Jackson, G. Brown, C. Motley, N. Bridges, K. Little, F. Clarke, G. Jones, Mr. Kelly-Head Photographer S. Southall, S. Southall FOURTH ROW C. Jones, R. Nash, A. Price, G. Robinson, C. Strong, D. Rose, A. Peters, V. Baucham, Coach Taylor, S. Brown, W. Russell, C. Brooks, T.C. Neal W. White, P. Kelley, R. Coleman, C. Taylor, D. Lloyd 7 I- - . ,, I 1 Coach Mills, and Coach Taylor '5- 1966 Varsity Football : Score Board 1 Jeff Opp. Roosevelt 6 O Canoga Park 12 7 Verdugo Hills 25 O San Pedro 33 7 League Dorsey 13 19 Fremont 33 20 Washington 18 9 Los Angeles 19 28 Manual Arts 33 21 City Playoffs Carson O 7 Would You Believe that the number one player on the Varsity Football team is Auzie Huchins. He gained 1127 yards and 13 touchdowns and 3 Conversions. Auzie broke Jefferson Individual scoring record - 111 points, 2nd Leading Scorer in the city, The lst String all City Half- back Kenneth Conwright, First string all League leftback. Danny Bruce 2nd String all league halfback. Ollie Brown 2nd string all league guard. Claude Lelohn 2nd String all league end. Honorable mention for all southern League Wayne Russell, .Voddie Baucham, Anthony Alexander, and Richard Ellison. S 'Qs iw Y X--.-P--ff--W -wi, ,mag -. V0 ,ww .'-fMww:.w',-'Y 'T Rufus Carr, fflffi, cludcs .1 host ot' Fremont Tuclclurs on his way to Z1 TD. ' - . X - X ff-9 N 'L-YS'-.Rx Fil. f "' . 'T' Ylgff ' FT" '- . 'X Sz, xi-jg, Agx 4jMYv X A 52.512 " -:w,'u----exp? 5 'www fr-L1 A , ,Ng-1-:,g!:-' ' 'Y .,g'., -w ':,, - - Nm fx 1' V X . Q' F5 ' M '-.KMZYN 4 ,. XX K NO, ,,, X Y-' :J-fi 'K , Q 1 ' ' ' Ni? n W ' ' , 'gf ':-sf.: X 13311 1' Suk- ' 3 7'l " ' " " x - , ,N 5k , gmimm 52v +,,:,. v,,, ,, - N1 1 I - ,L V Q I :Q L . Q if 45 -' , F h' Q ft, .n. 'f 1 ' 1' X' ' Q 1. 1 , WM' , " 1 in , , ' s :P .X Ae, w 3 .ng 1u.-.- x -S .. -3 ., vw - . X .- " 4 'ss 'A 'l' A 3 - . Q N B Af- . su T' ' 'H 11 f ' -.,' " gh I -5- 'S ' " 4 I. Mxwgg, Z i ., I X . I in ' . v. K .' , .-.Mx Q , . ,- 1 8 x V z Q , :Q ' . t I A X V ' "' " , ... v-9 ,MQ--w 'V --- ' ' . ., ., - ' . ' ' . " .. V -w - .JM v. I ,..- .1 A K ... '' N . ZZ. . W ,A I , ,ik ' . " - . vi - , A A , ' 1 45 , 43 .!v'XJpN"'s7' .gf ,-is-:H 0 --. f 1"q . J. I ,,,,j..,.:. .f'.':z,: "jf 1, eg vip' I - ef, . f...-.' Wvwjli? 'A Cu .Q " '19ra4-.f'.""f- . '-1' ig Q, 'u.- t . , ,I " Q , ' . -' 1 :ww Q n 2 ff . . . u.,'mffQ..+,u:gM,m- 'f g'W""', n 3 V. f . . rw , , . ' .., , u'-f w- . , -, , , - 3, . :'f!x2.L'k3f5nk'x2i'gi , " ' if I. 1'-K' . - ..a'- A. 1 ' ' . V5 Don Davis on the famed cut-back 352 Michule Moore lwuks nu , 'U' M Claude Lelohn under one of Richard E11ison's Auzie HOUCIIIIIS ou one UfhlSPLlfIL'I1CJ runs Jg.llHSI Yurliu U Hillx If? MILK BQWL WINNERS Mr. Farnham, principal of San Pedro High School, presents milk bowl trophy to X Mr. Snyder and co-Capt. Danny Bruce. Co-captain Danny Bruce I xy qgyr' . 6. f Qi' Q 'iz 6 " " FOOTBALL -1, ,, - ia Q9 ,F J, H 5. Q ., . Y ' '32, , .,- , , , -' ' .K 1 1592? W ey , , 4 " 1 -u . gee:-,sro x 1 Q ' M, Y A i .. 1,5 4 iff -Lg. x ' wx., 631 ,' - . 1 mx lst ROW QFRONTJ Marlon James, George Wilson, John Neal, Floyd Benton, Ivory Thomas, Freddy BBruce, Preston Daniels, Melvin Ratliff 2nd ROW Michael Parker-Mgr. , Clarence Price, Isaiah Parker, David Richard, Jack Davis, Erskin Carter, Gary Hamilton, Henry Wade, Ernest Burnett, Richard Ford, Dwight Jones, Arthur Muniz-Mgr. 3rd ROW Kenneth Benson-Mgr. , Daniel Taylor, Ronald Hawkins, John Alexander, Wilbert Cummings, Lee Graham, Albert Allen, Wayne LeJohn, Larry Johnson, Joseph Lawson, John Reynolds, Jessie Lewis Mgr. 4th ROW Coach Hopkins, Brook Logan, Dorsey McCowan, Harry Fletcher, Flozell Stanley, Leon Roberts, Glen Jones, Eugene Cleveland, Harold Ramsey, Coach Norris SCORE BOARD B Football Score 1966 Jefferson 0 Canoga Park 21 Jefferson 25 Verdugo Hills 25 Jefferson 26 San Pedro 12 Jefferson 14 Dorsey 27 Jefferson 13 Fremont l9 Jefferson 20 Washington 7 Jefferson 0 Los Angeles 7 'Q Jefferson 22 Manual Arts 14 In Southern league action our "B" Football team won f' , 2 and lost 3 games. The leading scorers this season XJ f I : were Ivory Thomas, Jack Davis, and Robert Bible rx-fx ' I with 5 touch downs each. The outstanding linemen X were Richard Ford, Joseph Lawson, Lee Graham, and Z," Herbert Fregia. Coach K. Hopkins Cdavlx C. Norris 105 ' -it WN Armend Luke, Albert Parish, Janice Taylor, Sandra Durr, Holcomb , Kenneth Vaugh blk. 5 .Y Shirley Golden, Joan Braden, Cynthia Parish, Mattie Nicohlis, Brenda l BASKETB LL CVARSITY Q Q 8 ' ft' ' EY' or 'bv .gfffg A 8 if XJ' X X xx V .TN .I . X' uf BACK ROW-STANDING: Aeriel-Resto fMgr.jg Jordon-Allen, Lawrence-Wrice, Bruce-Clark, Talley Tollrver Steven Young, Coach Hanson, Kenneth-Miyaka QMgr.J SECOND ROW: Arthur-Collierg Wayne-Rodgers Terry Carrodrne Conderlee-Chandler, James-Macon THIRD ROW: Winston-Presley, Groven Thompson, John Clark Cyrone Rodgers Jim - Betters Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson Season 103 74 95 85 100 89 '77 91 90 56 '76 83 112 89 Record University Jordan Palisade Roosevelt Dorsey Fremont Washington Los Angeles Manual E1 Segundo Fremont Washington Los Angeles Manual JU ICR VAR ITY BASKETBALL 2 kk' L d LEFT TO RIGHT BACK ROW: Mgr. Ariel Resto, Willard Fullmang Lorenzo Mimsg Ronnie Adamsg Donald Wi11iS: Richard Schafnerg Richard Reevesg Herbert Napoleong Michael Jonesg Charles Fostenbessyg Coach Hanson SECOND ROW KNEELING: Henry Daleg Arthur Browng Duane Delcamberg Wayne Chivessg Fred Camposg Albert Sandersg Charles Oliverg Alfred Maxieg Jesse Julyg Mgr. Kenneth Miyaka: SITTING: Michael Pattong Charles Williamsg Eu gene Jacksong Pontiacg Clyde Presg Rick Bucknerg Reginald Williarnsg James Flenoidg Billy Johnson v . , 5 , x A 'X R - K BASKETBALL " " " " TOP: L. D. Lesterg Elton Boydg Robert Connerg Edward Hightp Lewis Taylorg Jerry I-looksg Coach Pondsg James Westg BOTTOM: Billy Benandg Clarence Arringtong Harold Jonesg Jerry Harrisg Clarence McGeeg Robert Nelsong Johnny Huntley I TOP: Charlie Smithg Perry Nesmithg Eugene Gaterrizg Larry Richardsong Benny McKiryg Sylvestor Sweeteng Malcolm Smith BOTTOM: James Gilfordg James Scottg Joe Buchannong Eugene Foustg Larry Stoneg Neil Holmesg Roland Hardson 6? L- 4 'P TOP ROW Coach Andy Balqran Sheldon Brown Randy Walters Wrllre Rlchardson Donald Russell Arthur Trotter Hollard Marting Srdney Morrrs Jerry Dav1s Gary Mrtchell Roy Warren Samuel Adams James Grrbgs Coach Robert Pounds MIDDLE ROW: Tony Marden Wrlbert Rogers Fred Campos Charlre Rushrng Cl1.nt Reese Larry Hardrson Orlandus Rlgsby Lors Pettyg Harold Rrchardson Arthur Sanders James Love Denny Dale BOTTOM ROW Larry Smlth Andrew Clay Marvrn Welerford George Stockhausen Wrllre Smrth Calvrn Henry R1chardPr1ce W1ll1amYancy James Montgomery Don Davrs Kenneth Vaughn S A Brooks IIO sv ' Q- 'M "B" TEAM TOP ROW: Coach Andy Bakjiang Terry Whiteg Cyrone Rogersg Malcolm Smithg Edward Jamesg Jerome Willsg Donald Loveg Roger Douglasg Coach Robert Pounds. MIDDLE ROW: Cliff Medearisg Sammie Townsendg Michael Johnsong Jack Davisg Flo- zell Stanleyg Charles Andersong Michael Doakes. BOTTOM ROW: Claude Medearisg Tony Kelleyg Al Davisg Erskin Carterg Allan Hillg Albert Downs gun'-'gm-'H Qipbfjv ',,. William Yancy, Larry Hardison--120 High Hurdles James Love Q ..i?i...., ' X ' il 1 f 'Q X "C" TEAM TOP ROW: Coach Andy Bakjiang Benny McKiryg Melvin Johnsong Barry Woodardg Clarence Hillg Robert Browng Dexter Hen- dersong Clinton Dezeurng Willie Ducksworthg Coach Robert Pounds. BOTTOM ROW: Earl Nelsong Edward Woodardg Joe Con nerg Ronald Austing Alphonso Elliott , .-it Joe Conner -- ffl lane Ronnie Gilbert -- H3 lane Earl Nelson -- 35 lane Earl Nelson - "C" shot ll2 X 3 VFP .nv-wil F 4 .0 as 5-4' Q-M fw- -. QA My -A.. Q' - - M an M-gff"" HQ" ffl' Lag" "3 3 Il ,Q -N M - -- -rw-magma'-' -'0""""NQ X "Kl5 '- .., .,X-T l B 'WLS f 5xfi - I ' I L g.Q4fY,f' ,,' va., 1.-:eg 3:3 fin' -W" ,nn z.-K .O 3 :fw'ff. --f fi. 1" J a ,, ,, rs '-'- '1 11- -,,x-',g.- fx 'N ' ff' wal' - -- ' . -4- ' . .- . 1 .1.fq . - -.- 11' ' " '- ' ' ml fx! u .' l v' 'jj ""'x','1A1 irr'..s .gyp -yr 2,1 wg oe .ng 4-bw.: ir-44: s .- ". 'N - L . 1- 1 'cz '-v-. x,- - I H3 TENNIS uh X3 Xsg :Q . ...., Welling Stephens and Condlee Chandler Nathanel Bridges is is .Y f ff ' Vous! lw j j. ,Im . J ' .wiv--. NE. r Q, N 'X I, X ' A T N --- f?Lt5'5lx'i - Y f-Q Y " x R' ' a -- ' G , X ,Q - .QQ . X xref, t ' ' , - - s . ,-X, - A R-. . -z". - - S " s I. 'Z' "" A 1 -5- W ' I?" Jeff- "" x"" 1 xf,...-is-Yxw Xe" ' 5: 'rx .I ' ffif 'u "" 4 -I 4 Q Y" i X . ,J s ...wiv X -A ,ws ,L A ,f lg ss A f 'A Y. Nw. 'NX , .,,,.. Mgr. A. Resto, W. Freeman, L. Mims, R. Adams, D. Willis, R. Schafner, R. Reenes, H. Napoleon, M. Janes, C. Fortenberry, Coach Hanson, H. Dale, A. Brown, D. Delcomber, W. Chires, F. Campos, A. Sanders, C. Oliver, A. Maxie, J. July, Mgr. K. Miyakag M. Patton, C. Williams, E. Jackson, Pontiac, C. Prio, R. Buckner, R. Williams, J. Flenaid, B. Johnson H4 I. Gam Green Mclricf Irdel L, I GYMNASTICS J. Garrett, G. Langfold, A. Tukes, A. Bryant fcapt.J, G. Carter, J. Hubbert, W. McGl1berry, G. Wilson, F. Gardner, W. Greeng Coach Hopkins, T. Armstrong, A. Owens, G. McDonald, R. Ford, R. Lockhart, M. Jordan, C. Dennis, L. Smith, T. McBride, J. Mango, C. Johnson, G. Hall, T. Bell, C. Galbert, L. Rossellg G. Jackson, E. Johnson, K. Lucas, M. Parker, J. Ledell, W. Browng H. Taylor, J. Hughes, L. Walter, E. Srnith, R. Rodgers, C. Byrd. ,bf ,ffm j 9 1' ' guns- -UF' Robert Lockhart on Parallel Bars Anthony Bryant on Long Horse . 115 ." 24 'Qi ' Vg' ' BA EBALL A M D ra: A A , A e ' I 4 1 Q . . , 'K " "-11' 1 Efrwi. 4Aq ' Q 'LQ "' s 5 YJ 'll . 'lla 1 F lull' , f s, 'iS.i.a..1l ' ' Q Y 1 ' N 1 4 I . 1 f S ' xg 1- A . Q x Q ,.f ' -- f ,ggi , ' ' O , A Ex Y 4 W , 4 s kg. , .- e , uf- ' i V ' L W w, , 4. . 0 li' A ,QB- ' I . , ' - V -'fx .Q I 1 .V .f-1337, V, Nc,,5,.2f ,X . . ,.,,,,,f.7 , ,wqff . Q " sf' 'Y '--. ,. v-1+f1,-:-w-af1- 1 ...- .. . ' A -fm1i"g.' - A, f - ' W .. 1f.,...1 1 aw.: ' ' .f . . ' 4 - A 'nf fl.: - - g7.q. .gzv--x fi rv -1 F-If 1, . 'jf 3 , I, I. . t. .af 3c1'f:,'Y ...Q yy .71 V J. QL? X . ' - .. VARSITY T. Evans, A. Pearson, E. Smith, S. Smith, T. Carodine, N. Wheeler, V. Baucham, S. Allen, D. Bell, D. Rose, W. Davis, V. Johnson, Coach Mills, G. Wallace, BOTTOM ROW C. Smith, D. Smith, R. Carr, W. Presly, l. Parker, D. Loyd. J... fifeiff K I 45 'L -r gm 1 1 -9 K' r P9 T J' f 'I I I h le" J., ti I ' u "H ' ' , . - ' , . ll. . -' ,.'v-,LA .-I ' I . .h,-- K ,Vi W: l . I '14 H14 ' W H ,1 gig- .G if 5, " ' '- REQ: 'A' "'. 'yr :K 'X 4 -' '-221'-ie -24 - Q. V K -rf 2'.-'.l.a,.,.',. :1f2.wfk..:f , 2 ' A 4'?1?.s.f KQ5. .7 -,Q vu ,Ng,,,M,,,,.K. .. ,, .- .-r, ., 1 :EW M, 5 lg- JI' lx ' , .. BY' - 9 - E R 5 ,. : f1'.'.'X' ' I, vi' R, '+wiS!l'5f.-f if ' 04 N ' ff .N ' .QR E , W. Q Hx I .W I h - A R. Lwmgkimzz. . gg, yi: . .-., hu :-a'-. - Q Q-'-A .. Q -' I WLM v. A ...Age .,.. .Nix-. -' 1. 5 ,genera . . .rv mf'- . N.: . A :QR A s Q .,..'.,4:1r-- .sf - ' V ' ' .. " ' L - I:..1. . Q x Q L .. 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Thompson 120 C. Foggy J. Benton B. Williams F. Benton NIECOMI R 'N . ,295 gggy- X mg, D. Sims, W. Johnson, E. Jameson, J. Benton, C. Foggy, L. 8 M. Grayson G. Hamilton E. Jameson W. Johnson 4.4 1. - F ,jaw 1. ', . i ':'.121 4-.M - WI TER PROM H0 ORI G PARAGONS l l 8: ELYSIANS few MYSTICAL MOMENTS Crowning King Auzie Houchins and Queen Johnnie Walker by Miss Vance and Mr. Snyder J. Allen, D. Young, F. Chisolm, J. Rogers, W. Russel, Y. Anderson, O. Houchins, J. Walker, A. Bryant, P. Lee, C. Reese, T. Langford. 122 fx kk lg, F- I-I ,-A.. . 3 6 -'bg 4 Waltz lessons aff.. 7 'Go' Go girls--Ida Hawthorne, Lauren Benard, Wanda Boglin, Gloria Scott, Debra Colbert Q '- kx.N 1" . , 4 Z lzgvq 1 - . ' - ig. Y N I 1 Congratulations to My Niece Gwendolyn Buckner 9 s 7- G - Y: X X , . ALLEN ALLEN PRINTERS 7711 South Broadway ' l Los Angeles, Calif. 9005 Clayton Allen, Sr. Phone 751-0121 rm Alb ' 8'9" S . PROFICIENT Flowers S Gifts INCQRPQRATED Member Teleflora 24 years Experience PHOTOGRAPHERS AX 5--1687 fnightj 4513 S. Central Ave. AD 5-4737 1516 E.41st Street Los Angeles 11 Los Angeles, Calif. Qooii H2-2271 CONGRATULATIONS TO 21-i Wfest Pico Boulevard Los Angeles 13, California PARAGONS 578-0146 AND ITLYSIANS HERFF JONES CO. 1:10111 lNIanufaeturing jewelers and Stationers KUNIN lfllRNITllRE COMPANY California Division -1700 South Central Avenue Los Angeles, California AD 2-61-ll RECORDS DOLPHINS OF HOLLYXVOOD 1065 lf, Vernon Ave. ADams 1-9188 8606 S, Broadway 753-2651 Los Angeles, California fnfhlyfemfk rinicifuzo sHoE STORIT -ll'h'g'11'If?'Hlk'ff VERNON STYLE SHOP UI Umcn R611 Goose for Cllildrell or en 440-1 S. C5-ntfgl Speeializinmu in Xtra Large Sizes 354.5486 l ICLWH Ii Illcs ,X AD 379' SPCL'IL1llZl11Lf in ladies dresses, lingerie, large sizes, Mtmdgcl +103 M' cfm!-ffl AVC' uniforms outsize hoses X childrens dresses. 126 Los Angeles, Calif, 90011 ' Leon H. Whslmington Ir. Member Owner S Publisher Audit Bureau of L A ' Circulation I os nge es 1 Senhnel E LARGEST NEGRO XVITITKLY IN THIS XVIIST I 1112 E, -I5 Street Ruth XVashington L05 AUHCICS 11. Calif, Business Manager 252-5261 I'IOBB'S .IOSTEN'S PRCDUCTS X SYMBOLIZE YOUR ACCOMPLISHIVIENTS Style Center for Bleu FINEST TRADITIONS - sCII00I, sPIIzIT - f:I:AnI'ATIux - AVHIIIFNIINT FINE CLASS RINGS - YEARBOOKS - DIPLOMAS 4373 gouth Cemml Ave. AWARDS - GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS I Los Angeles. Calif, 00011 1 Tel, 232-1584 III SERVING THE THIRD GENEIMTION I ' OF AAIERIC.X'S FINEST STVDENTS I Stacy Adams Shoes Knox Hats v U . Your personal representatne , I 1 7,564.75 I I Sweaters I Senior Class and Award I PERFITCTION KNITTING MILLS I 1515 So. Fedora Street I Los Angeles 6, Calif. Ralph H. Nollan Rhpuhlie 5-7-105 I I I. I 'T I I I 127 ,FJ N si... 5 I , ! If I WWW YI, 4 I nag! ,X S V :' : E WIIIW W ,. Wil 5 Q 2 f RYIK RW lr l I 4 , ' '9 1:1 I -' AQ M 'S' be W Lf Q Ao J' 1- " ,pv ,,,.n ,.+ 9 3 vs 'Q ' 2 J., L, 5 1-4 1 34 4. ww 'Ng '1 1' A I ,.,.,. ff ' N

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