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11"-V5 ', m :- E51 114'-' 1 Jlf Vixen- f I 5115" .'5',1. WH? fa., :H 'i H L rv? rj.v,.v ' wif , :JW ,dw ,z rsiaik f5,'rf'!f I ' . H' QESQ .vs- 1,,4, 1,'.','Q'f"J '15"r?' .mf-fly! " .'l . '. 'WU :,,-T'K'.j 'QWF 'NI 454l'?N? 1J,.' 1" 'r:14l1.,l gyyj Emi ibm .' l A,-iq g. sv 213233 r,.'v'V . . mul JL!" " 4, V1- .1" 4143. bw - . .VW v e IX? eg 4 F31 VII. GQQ vnu ,fi- I. X I lu I J I F' r l 3 l 2 . VU NIH, FW J H 3 1 5 A li fi U I 5 F: 11 H f 1 ! K I i l w I P 1 X 4 I 1 1 Ll B Bl E F610.RLE:Til4Twi-iz? -.-v-mr--.-..,,- , , . ..-.,,.......,.,..,. , . , 1 L, . M WL , K ...J-Q.: Q,.,,:.-, Q ' V ., , ' - -.,,NNg.x--:.Egil vw' I E - A ,M 'F ' me -' f- .J "f."4i.f ? - V . , ,M I ' xf' -, ,F Qf' , 'V ' ,ffl L ' . I , my . 'L ' " . - 1 ,WH -4 " 1 '- ,., 1, W , ' ', e,'f,'? ' ' H'-' f3,4AL,f - -Q 1- 5. ...Q ,, : , , -ykZ:'Q'Z--f ' -, V , aw, ' uf , . . u '-A -4 -:A , , , . . , ,, .I , . 954' Yi i Q' A-1121"-f "Q , 4 ,. QQ Jegw ,1'..u" " 'f1,? Ji3,4 -1,,,x5, ., ,-, M M, . f A ' '--f' ., ' :X ,S . - 4 ' ' .'K,,af-- . 6' , f. 1 , f L V f., ff.. , U V ,A '.lr"g4'- K.: r an f .rf ' ' V- ' - , gr - ,-.., 1 -, .1 ,-, V , ,V V , ' - 3' Ziff! X 2-. , . wr , ' , ., : QQ Q--7 'eaH?'fQ,fas' fr-LQ -1' -5-.f,Q"f2l"' W I n QQ Q V 555,"'f"7"'f'iTfQfif?'-if'JV' V Af ' , LJ" .A Wx V ' . ' M " ' " . I f xg t t ,jay-if i53iQ:f.1:si"5g4s'-2 ' ., 'K ,-...iw 5 H . t uf ,'1f5:-12 V ,, fy " A ., : , : ,t j fp' Ex 5' 11-, " Lg? , ft 51- ' L-"Q,-f, 222. ,V ' - ., vi' -b 4 , -N cf, V , . r , Vhrw, 5- f 5. -Q Af- H V ,g:,...-an N A, WHeg41, ,, ,,gig,,W N ,m,.,,. , Q ,gr-:VT-31 1 V ,I V .. .,,,nM,Q-.. ,.,-54 ,Q V f J, A , L. 1 1 '- ,V L, , --1,-J1,.,w'g-, V- ', ' fvvf Z- -'.,-,.M.vM , 1 K "' 1 , i,,V,-It y !J,,,,1, -V is , V6 A ...,. b, ' ' -' X 1,2515 9 " ' , Q 1 . mi- ,f-m.w- gf ,IZ ..t,.,.., . . A :iq E ? W 3 "i 1 1 ,v A! ' ? N 40 X , : - 1' , " . ar- " 491-r" Y X 1 . r' 4' . .I'1P'f: ' 'y,xSJ"i,'7' .r ,Q " ,' ' ,Ad X 3 1' ' V 74? 'nr f - Yvf, J , A 4 A Tj V. , 2' . I., AA" V V. - '.'i?igbd N, -'ff-"E-f A A, "-,',,? ef 0 Q. 4,555.13 ' f. , ' 5515 . 1 'ravi ' , S f 4 '-Hf:f,A , 113' ' V, 1 , , 1, , , H , uf - ' ' ', ' 'V 'f". 'F' f 3 4 ,L , 5, " v ip Q ' 9'7" Qi, , , .imp , 3 22,4 ff? r 13 , -in W - , A A, 4 ,L ,ff M' .QP ' ' X . ,uflix ,1 Q Q 54 4 af ' , ' sf H ' M J 1--V 0 if , J . 6 1 Qiicleffl W400, J! L ' X I A- if A 39105 AB JQWW AWA AMW! Jnfwflb WW A NE fzgfwnoziy QWQ4 Qfff M0L jAAvp V .fffv 4535523 W 0 W ljg, fw Q0'g3fbXf: my lggzlw NYJ DKDQQYNPU Hp LL Q jfqjc X 140 OW 4 do X4 lwwwigqii? fiieicvif 'V 27 W , . , P ww ff lf Gffwgfqw Q O Q0 Wig? if Vfik vwwlv if W Ooagggi Q, 0 626' .Agxkw A170915 005. ,fin bfi, QQ? Una ,Q 0 P W1 we 5194. YQ Q UWW4' WW PF 911 F322- Q917 M LLP 'A W VWJQI' yy 222 up K yy 60,9 .986 x Q 'iv 2 Q, QL? Oo 5' X65 Xfy fc, as Ei ig? 652 88,41 -4 gs, ifffff fb QQ' Of' W be oy is QJQSNMQ woo J 23? 64? ffl V7 55' . 5'Ti530's0,7A N 5' Q 1 Xfjsw S5 'O v ii 2 .tug 'T-ai? 5 . RJ QLOA 9,4 Gif! 4:9 I be O9 OCS QL' Nl ,.,, , 1 B ' ' ""-11,-11, wr- ' The Aristocrat 1962 vol. 2 Published by the Student Body of Thomas jefferson jr.-Sr. High School, Denver, Colorado, Under the Direction of: MR. HAROLD C. MASON, Sponsor DAVID W. KAPLAN, Editor DAVID STARK, Head Photographer MARGARET TELLER, Asst. Editor CRESS BERNARD, Business Manager ,, ,. . , ,. , A ,,V, - V 31 , 'iff ' ' A 'ff X A", , -' ' A Q A ' ' ' x-'ifif ' If' A if A i A , W'..' , . K . v . ' vi" 4,,' 4 ' , A V 1, LLLVV S W ,ij VVL,hV . 5 V 7 V X Dj dj: 4 xi Q e : ,qqq 90? VJ gl A M ,x W , , W0 Mfr 6 aff' QV ,f 0,9 A ,f aff., fp 4 JF GJPIJJQ J VA ,OV 7506 'Q' 5 OW: fa ,, A W fi W AW Table of Contents Ac demics ..........................A... f ..........,............., 14 l ' ct1viti 30 "f- T -..-- q .---.--A-'4-.---- Q- I 60 7, 'AMW -----------.---,--.- ---,--- - S3 Ffdyiegfjnyfygrade 5,7 .................. .............. . 144 9110 W A Q Hilylffhwf 4, , . ... .4.15s i X W M W39 0 QP M mx df. fm? shmeg ,,d ,f4q, , 172h km Q6 5' ................. 1381- I 208 NW flSQ 224 '+ -Y g Hall f F 240 D1recto y 232 .VS siii Ski' gg . , ,1 U' X in E X V-X 1,1 X C ff. L, wlif, U S Q Xb ii: 1-Xtw .Uv XXV EL 3:75. . N 'NJ CN ik 1Q f U W 0 , , H 1- 1 , , Ml. 1 1 , TQ v W ,V V. I 1 U - 1 1 M , I ,I ,:, X1 N Q . i N, , , x U , if 1 gf 11 11 f , w 1 J rw J ff ' - Cru A 1 1 LV' ' 1 :,' ALM L Lf 5 K W Q 1 ,A1 A 15 v1 A 1 I 4 Ni, ' N n 4 , 8 1 if, ' 1 X J 1 ' 1 N 1 L' 1 nf - w :fl E 1 f my ,A ' 1, 1 , 1, ,fr 1111 JV I 5 V1 ,Q fgfxj ' if A N 1 ,X 3, 1 f' fx ,! 1' A 1 J 1 z y , 1 ' 1 1 'W 1 U 1 1 1 ' x 1 I. JK -f K .4 11. fi? ft! JM g,,...4w-- , -it-.vnu .v.......-my .f-.a-aah M an Activities Cale September 13 . . . First October 11 October 15 . . . October 21 . October 25 . October 31 . November 5 . . November 6 . . . November 9 . . November 17 . . . Drama of the jefferson journal Fashion Show it 1. W J :Y xi ii 4' 'gfifivwfs ya' fQQwiMypwew , M5E5?g fel' - 55531 i, "3-Wu -if 11.15 E 5 5 52 .'R3f2?'1' Q gfflmgg f A 1-1:1 Mfr f X, . so 4 we 1 if-5 1 V, A ibm if Q ,rg L if fh, 51 L "rf Z. M fe eva A 21, A W1 S... w ood :X .Q ' f. 'W,...,. . -I 2 , mf ,, ,M if f +4- Q ,. QeQQg.mk5 ,f! Essay "1-V 'Q wsu, 1 , A x Q Vky, L, 3 Combined Photo Efforts by JIM PIERCE DAVID STARK FRANK XVELKER 53' - f 1 ' ,fr 'il ., .0-. 1 ,, 1 S Xxx . iw. 1 ' v .Aw -,7l.XL... Q, - A 'im -.qw I , faq, .-. ,J - "-Q-.. ww. - -Zh 'm 'X . . t l A k 'L.'1.'lQ.. 1 1 V L. 1 I V . ' "N . 4 , ' If If 'f Ai 1 Q . 1 I ,ul j,- V vi , f Q M1 lr .1- x, . llfx A4 ' ' " ' , ' .'-1 'x Us '. , I ' -1 l ,. : V' ,, ' 1, . ,-3 , r. QL '. - 'Ji ,. g- ,- .1 W ""' J, 'JA-Rfk, , fwpk- fig-sa ,gf ,I vi-,,42,u.'lmf9igaLagr+'if'3V',fr! 5 F fa ...H , W If ,, X V Q91 153 , , ,l ,Exif 5 :fi ', 13.53, , , ru' Q' K' 1' '7 .sf-.F Y' 7 1 ' V 1 ' ' 1 f - rf' WP' " ' ' 1 .43 . ' . .- . ' Y 'fl f , ff -132'-igssxsgvfgi w Q-X - ' , ." v QW su V' ' ' ' 'avr kd' X' H 'K 534 X. f ' -- A . . .llir 4. A' ' ' u . .,-4 x -. f Q, 5. , X X h - . - - .- . " ' . 1 I .rt ,Kiwis .. - 4-5 ' ' .I , , - , X .U , , f 'XM 'K an. , -A ' ' 5 "Cf Q' ff , .., I K -V, ,N -fa-. hh H x, TQ . xg. - ,gg , G.. - , W ' 'su ' 'Q-f 'fi' A ,K - ' J.. ' ' - '13 ..: - ,, Lvisg' K K . ," , 1-Q P Aff. Q' " 3-va Q. si 'FK 1, v 5. 3, A ' . 1 1' s N Y The Purple gleaming hills West The towering minds of g The soaring steel and bri industry The space-searching eyes and sky The dynamic education o Y ' V x xx- it ix L ' l. , , l fp ix' f ,,', PM :lam .. ' . , + ff 'Li-Z-gfj" 1-33-V' Lil AL l 1 il V95 lf T 3539 -. 4 I ' fy mf, 12531 , l V Y Y i lx xlflv ij' TNA - if' , 1 1 yi ig rf -i', f 1 5 lVl?53'f"f: T NW wifi ' ' 'ggi lil 1 If ' 1 i4'i'Xiii'il" ' if -PI K A L 1 r T' ilf ' I b Q. fix W I 1 'yr , , T T r 1 cf - X, 1 if JJ I 1 , T yy , N x ,if fl AQ, ' y YM i 1 eg e ' X ll I fra: UQ ix, l g L 1 HM' e - - f e 1 i L Y f X 2 Alf X A 'f' ' ' W xxex X ix VU: F 30535 H V , K ' l U 2 V l l I sv X E 4 .A . I I ' . . l l l . TAI S of earth f youth In Appreciation A mountain in a sea of growing hills . . A strong humanitarian, early lost . . . A listening, helping man. A friend of truth . . A problem solving guardian of youth . . . A stronghold of a rightful, guiding will . . . A building force for growing hopeful minds . . . A democratic leader of our ways . . . The founder of our Spartan heritage . . . -S F ff" Q X Q lx L w Fw mf is II . . . the friend to the entire school the administrator MBs To the disciplinurian . . . the man and gentleman who, in gn- his short time as principal of Thomas 3,4 jefferson, has made us a school of which he and we can truly be proud. . . the advisor "Ui . . . the ardent supporter of Thomas jeffer- son's athletic program . . . As much a part of our football team as its quarterbacks and this is James T. Reiva. St. EAITEMIES The height of peaks surrounding . . the climb both started and done . . a straight and lonely pine before the mountain's grandeur . . . MILTON C. REBELL, P1'if1rijml WILLIABI R. SCHUMACHER, Arrirfmzl Pfirzfipal fi, - ' B.A.,Uif. fD f S1211 'iflil-r 121322122 C0II1Pet6I1t AdII11I11SU'Ht0I'S M.A,,U:1ii1.imfDiil1iii Lead Thomas Jefferson's Progress February 26 marked the beginning of the leadership of Mr. Milton C. Rebell, former North High School principal, who assumed the responsibilities of Mr. james T. Reiva who retired on April 1 because of illness. Prior to Mr. Rebell's appointment, Mr. Schumacher served asf acting principal, fulfilling this challenging appointment well. Mr. Rebell was welcomed with a dress-up day and a faculty tea. ELIZABETH B. STANCLIFF, Dem! MAURINE S, VUINKLER, C?q1'djl1Jl0i' BA.. Hardin-Simmons Univ,g M.A., Columbia Univ. B.A., Northwestern Un1v.g M.A. Lniv. of Denver Doherty, Ruth M. Secretary Yetter, Shirley J. Trearurer Hardwick, Phyllis Clerk Johnson, Elizabeth J. Clerk Gibbons, Donna K. Attendance Office Marumoto, Pat Y, Clerk McComas, Betty Par!-Time Clerk Moomaw, Louise Part-Time Clerk Musick, Isabel Clerk Pollard, Evelyn Senior Clerk Office Staff Coordinates the Activities of the School The Administrations staff keeps the school running smoothly and efficiently by maintaining records of attendance, finance, and other important information. Their assistance to teachers and students is invaluable throughout the year. I-IORTON. BARBARA I.. A.B., Idaho State Col- leg 3 Senior Class Spon- C' SOI' BECK, BYBEE, CHARLES MARGARET S. B-A-, WCSICYGH Univ-i S.B,, Univ. of Denver M.A., Univ. of Den- verg Ski Club Sponsorg Photography Teacher DIETER, FRITTS, CHANTREY LAURA V. BS., Abilene Christian B,A.. Creighton Univ.: M,A.. Creighton Univ. JUSTICE, KENNETH B.S.B.A., Ifniv. of Denverg MSA., Univ. of Denverg M.A., Univ. of Denver1M.Ed,. Univ. of Denverg Speech and Drama Collegeg BLA., Univ. of Denverg Department Chairman CUTTING, GEORGE A. B.A., Univ. of Den- verg M.A.g Ski Club Sponsorg Driver Edu- cation FROST, RICHARD N. B.S., Univ. of Illinoisg MA., Univ. of Den- verg junior Class Spon- sor KASDORF, VIRGINIA M. Sponsor of N.F.L.g B.A., Univ. of Colo. MASON, HAROLD B.A., Oklahoma State Univ., M.Ed., Phillips Univ.g Sponsor of Aris- tocrat Sr. Hi h Bowl MYERS, XVILLIAM G. A.B., Univ. of Denver, M.A., Univ. of Denverg TAB Club Sponsor y S ' ing Club, TAB Clubg Chm.,PublicationsSpon- sors, Denver Pub- lic Schools, Quill 8: Scroll Sponsor POLIERANZ, ROSE RIDGWAY, DON SAVITE, HARRIET BS., Univ, of Denver: BJ., Univ. of Denverg B.A., Univ. ofVDenver M.A., Univ. of Denverg A-B-, Univ. of WaSh- T. J. Rep. to DAEC burn Composition and Literature Are Emphasized in the English Department Because learning to speak and write good English is so important, the excellence of the English Department is of great value to the students. Subjects range from literature to grammar with classes of all abilities, and for those wishing to pursue special- ized fields. SPEYER, CAROLE B.A., Univ. of Colo- rado BURRY, FLORENCE B.A., MacAlester Col- lege, M.S., Univ. of Southern California, Li- brarian STANBROUGH, JANE BS., Oklahoma Baptist Univ.g M,A., Univ. of Kansas Cityg journal Sponsorg Quill 8: Scroll Sponsorg Foolscap Fill- ers Sponsor FLELHNG, INIARGARET P. B.A., Univ. of Colo- rado, MA., Univ. of Denverg Librarian l I 9 VETESK, CONSTANCE B.A., Univ. of Colo- radog B.E., Univ. of Coloraclog Policies Com- mitteeg Spanish .ist .,, I Foreign Language Broadens Students' Outlook Communication has always been one of the world's foremost problems. The Foreign Language Department of Thomas jefferson offers students the opportunity to learn the languages and customs of other nations. Courses are offered in Latin, French, Spanish, German, and Russian. The Departments effectiveness was increased this year with the addition of Language Labs to aid in pronunciation and speaking. BEAGHLER, JANE A.A., Stephens Collegeg B.A., Univ. of Den- verg M.A., Mexico City Collegeg Spanish PERALTA, ALEX C. B.S., New Mexico Western Collegeg M.A., Univ. of New Mexicog Spanish VINYARD, DORIS BA., Univ, of Colo- raclog Eighth Grade Class Sponsorg Spanish, French, German CHOURY, ELMER B.A., Univ. of Denver A.M., Univ. of Denver Language Lab. Super: intendentg Spanish PIERSON, EDGAR E B.A., Univ. of Denver MA., Univ. of Denver Department Chairman French y n 1 DANIELS, JEAN BA., Michigan State Univ.g M.A., Univ. of Michigang Latin and Russian. iX'c.'f'L VJ' v f . M VW' SCRASE, AUBREY G. B,A,, Londong Diploma in Theology, Londong Latin at rrra Xe ANDERSON CLEMENSEN, EK, GEORGE JOSEPH N CHRIS E. ' A.B., Colo. State Col- BA Univ of Den BS. in Education, legeg M.A., Univ. of ver M A Univ f N S.T.C., Abefdeeflx Stockholm, Stockholm, Denver S . DHICOYHS A-M-, Swedeng Sec. of Soc. St. Univ. Of' SO- Dakota? Departmentg Credit If High Bowling Cl'-lb Union Bldg. Rep.g Sponsor Chairman of Policy Committeeg Employees' Counc. Rep. Soclal Studies Increases Understanding Social Studies enables the student to gain a better understanding of the development of civilization from the beginning to the present time. A broader knowledge of human behavior is at- tained through studies of Sociology and Psychology. Thomas Jefferson was the recipient of the 1962 Freedoms Foundation Principal School Award. The Amiomzl, The foumal and all departments, led by the Social Studies Department, made the entry. ARTHUR LORT B,A., Colo. State College Con military leavej GARRETT, HELEN M. B.S.B.A,, Univ. of Den- verg M.B,A., Univ. of Denverg I.R,C. Sponsorg Department Chairmang Policies Committeeg K- 12 Curriculum Commit- teeg Social Studies Cur- riculum Committeeg V.P., Colo. Council for Social Studies HART, RANDAL C. M.A., Colo. State Col- legeg B.A., Iowa State Teachers' Collegeg Young Republicans Club Sponsor LEARNED, GORDON W. B.A., Univ. of Colo.g M.A., Univ. of Colo. HUNTER, C. RUSSON B.S., B. Y. U., Provo, Utahg M.A., Univ. of Denver HAYS, LOREN B.A., Univ. of Den- verg M.A., Univ. of Denver LEWIS, NOLAN B.A., Univ. of Denverg M.A., Univ. of Denver O'BRIEN, WALTER M.A., Univ. of Denverg Jr. Red Cross Sponsor PIKE, EARL C. A.B., Colo. State Col- legeg M.A., Univ. of Denver VILLANO, GEORGE R. B.A., Univ. of Denverg M.A., Univ. of Denver GLEASON, W. PRESTON B.A,, Friends Univ. M.A., Univ, of Denver? D.Ed,, Univ. of Den- verg Hi-Y and F.T.A. Sponsor 1? GUNKLE, MARJORIE BS., Colo. State Univ. M.A., Univ. of Denver 7th Grade Class Spon sor BEAL. BARRY B. CARL DOUGLAS ELLISON, ESTHER HUGHES. KENNETH JOHNSON, GILBERT MURPHY, B,A., Univ. of Denverg B.S., N.XV.M,S.C., BS., Northwestern B,A., Nebraska State B,MAE., Univ, of Den- LYNNE M. Department Chairman: Marysville, Missouri State College Teachers Collegeg M.E,, verg M.A., Univ. of B.S., Kansas State Col- Math Club Sponsor Lincoln, Nebraska Denver lege of Pittsburgh ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES A. A.B., Colorado State Collegeg M.A.. Univ. of Wlyoming PERALTA, ALEX C. B.S., New Mexico Western Collegeg M.A., Univ. of New Mexico QUIGGLE, FERN A.B., Colo. State Col- lege RIDGXVAY, JERINE B.A., Univ. of Denver, Univ. of Colo. SHANNON, ROBERT T. B.S., Univ. of Denver SPATI-I, JEAN M. B.S., Central Missouri State College THEIMER, WILLIAM C. B.A., Univ. of Colo.g M.A., Univ. of Denver Univ, of Colo., Univ of Denver A Variety of Courses Is Offered by the Math Department The Mathematics Department provides courses at all levels of ability from basic math to college level. It gives every student an opportunity to progress at his own speed and to establish a basic reasoning back- ground. DUTTON, ROBERT GILMORE, ELDON L. HELANDER, B.A., Univ. of Denverg A.B.. Colo. St. Collegeg PAUL R. M.A,, Univ. of Denver M.A., Univ. of Denver B.S.. Vifhenton College, Xlifheaton. Ill.g BLA., Univ. of Denverg Pre- Med Club Sponsor Through Science Students Explore the World Around Them Due to the increased demand for those trained in scientific and technological fields, the importance of the Science department has been greatly increased. The members of the Science faculty are meeting this challenge by providing a varied and extensive background in physical and biological fields. l HOLMES, FRED E. HORN. JERRY G. HYMAN, LEAH R. BS., Morehouse Col- B.S. in Natural Science, B.A,., Hunter College, lege, Atlanta, Georgiag Okla. St. Univ. New York City M.A., Univ. of Denver KEABLES. JOHN M. B.A., Univ, of Colo.g M.A,, Univ. of Denver IVIAYEIELD. GRACE B. AB.. Asbury Collegeg M.A., Univ. of Ken- tucky ILGAUDAS, LUCILLE B.S., Colo. St. Collegeg M.A., in Guidance and Counseling. Univ. of Denver RICH, ALBERT R. A.B., Colo. St. Collegeg MA., Colo. State Col- legeg Dept. Chairman XVALN, KERBIIT B.S. and MS., Univ. of Colo, ZINKE, CLIFFORD C. AB., Westmar College, LeMars, Iovvag MA., Univ. of Denverg M.S., Okla. State Univ, Jr. High Student Council Sponsor COHEN, EVELYN A.B., Washington Univ.g MSW., George Waren Brown School of Social Workg Social Worker Counseling Department Guides Students Because the Problems faced by the students are individual and varied, the Counseling De- partment gives assistance in all school related and personal matters. The Department is responsible for the ad- ministering of tests and counseling materials necessary in determining aptitudes for voca- tional and college choices. 24 WURTZ, GENE B.A., Univ. of Denverg MA., Univ. of Denver: Boys' Advisorg Football Coach DORSET, H. MERLE B.S., Univ. of Okla- homag B.D., Chicago Theological Seminaryg Educational Career Counselor: S tu d e nt Council Sponsor COUWLIER, RUTH L. Nurseg R.N., Henry Ford Hospitalg Health Degree, Wayne Univ.g Co-Sponsor of Pre-Med Club RONDINELLI, CARL B.S.B.A., Univ. of Den- verg M.A., Univ. of Denve-rg College Coun- selorg Educational Career Counselor HELANDER, PAUL R. BS., Wheaton Collegeg M.A., Univ, of Den- verg Pre-Med Club Sponsor MOSER, DONALD B.A., Univ, of Denverg M.A., Univ, of Denverg Key Club Sponsorg De- partment Chairmang Evaluation Chairman HART, RANDAL C. MA., Colo. State Col- legeg B.A., Iowa State Teachers' C o 1 l e g e Y.R.C. Sponsor Business Education Provides Practical Training for Future Vocations Business Education offers a variety of courses which are indispensable for the student who does not plan to attend college. The department pro- vides the opportunity to become proficient at such skills as typing and shorthand, courses that prove useful in high school and future years. DUCKWORTH, HOOTS, JONES, MARY DELILA VIRGINIA F- B.S., Texas Christian B.S., Northwestern Mis- B.A., Univ. of Denver Univ.: Tri,Hi,Y Club souri State College Sponsor MMDONNELL, J. E. B.E., Univ. of Denverg M.A., Univ. of Denverg Department Chairman PROTEXTOR, ROSE M. B.A., Nebraska State Teachers' C 0 l l e g eg Girls' Advisor 2 R- ' 9 wtf' pm' ', wif ..,' , x W e tut A - ,Q .- Q' V if rg V my V , 2 ' P stfs ppt, 5 Q, TZ . tl Q r 'RY- A we " 4... -A ' ' DeMOTT. G. A. BS., Emporia State Univ. GIFFORD, HOXVARD XXI. A.B., Colo. State Col- legeg School Bridget GOODXVIN, CARI. S. B,A.. Colo. State Col- lege SORENSEN. DONALD A. BS.. Iowa State Uniixg MS.. Colo. State L'niv.g Ski Club Sponsor: De- partment Chairman I KING. VIRGINIA S. LAMBDIN. RUTH NEW, ROSETTA H. BS., Colo, State Univ.: B.S.. Okla. State Univ.: BS.. Miami Univ., O 9th Grade Class Spon- Department Chairman ford. Ohio sor Preparing Girls for Homemaking ls the Goal of the Home Economics Department Such useful skills as sewing, cooking and family living are taught in the Home Economics classes. Classes give practical experience through actual participation in homemaking activities. Many Skills Are Developed in Industrial Arts Talent and creativity are developed in the Industrial Arts classes. Boys learn wood, metal craft, plastics, leather craft, mechanical draw- ing and other related skills. Through working with these materials. they gain both experience and knowledge. WRIGHT. R. H. B.S.. Okla. State Univ.g lNI.E,. Colo, State Univ ' Sponsor. ICC -1 ASHTON, BOB B. A.B.. Peru State Teachers College. Peru, Nebraska ELAND, GENE D. Music B., Univ. of Colog Music M.. L'niv. of Colog Diplomat Sponsor: Concert Or- chestrag Concert Bandg Intermediate Band BYBEE. CHARLES VU. Music B.. Univ. of Rochester. Eastman School of Music: Department Chair- IIIZIR Music Department Stimulates Talentg Provides a Background for Many Activities A variety of courses is offered by the Music Department through which vocal and instrumental talents are developed. Courses are offered in music appreciation and theory as well as in vocal and instrumental music. Programs are presented by the Music Department throughout the year for the enjoyment of the school and the community. Art Department Develops Creativity and Ability of Students Through the assistance of the Art instructors, students are able to find better means of expression in creative and imaginative forms. Interest and desire to create are all that is necessary to enroll in art classes. JOZWICK, VUILLIAM B.A., Univ. of Denverg M.A., Univ. of Denverg Department Chairmang Co-Sponsor of Senior Class SNYDER, SUSAN B.F.A., Univ. of Colo. CASAGRANDA, HERMAN B.A. and M.A. WOODHURST, WILLIAM BA., Univ. of Denverg M.A., Univ. of Denver AYMER, LOUISE AB., Colo. State College I-IAMILL. DORSEY H. A.B,, College of Wlilliam 84 Maryg Sophomore Class Sponsorg Modern Dance Club Spon- sorg Synchronized Swim Club Sponsor JARRETT. WYRICK, WINIFRED K. IVIARY I.. A.B.. Colo. State B.A.. Univ. of Den- Collegeg Depart- verg MS., Univ, of ment Chairmeng Colo.g Pep Club Graduation Chair- man Sponsor Healthful Development of the Students Is the Purpose of Physical Education Boyrp Promoting competitive sports and a sense of responsibility while stressing good physical condition is the purpose of boys' physical edu- cation. In doing so, a variety of courses are offered. NDCC fNational Defense Cadet Corpsj may be taken in the place of physical education. Girls: Combining fun with sound principles of sportsmanship and good health is the goal of the girls' physical education department. In- struction in swimming is given at all levels from the beginner to the advanced swimmer. DAY. DONALD E. B.A., Univ. of Den- ver: MA.. Univ. of Denverg "D" Club Sponsor SMITH, FRANCIS G. B.A., Univ. of Den- verg Gymnastics Coachg Swimming Coach SANTI, GASTON BA.. Grinnell Col- legeg MA., Colo. State Collegeg Bas- ketball Couchg Soph- more Football Coachg Asst. Varsity Track Coach WILLETT. MYRON A.B., Colo. State Collegeg M.A., Colo. State Collegeg Varsity Baseballg Junior Baskctballg Sophomore Foot- ballg Department Chairman Kitchen Staff Prepares Meal 1923 Hungry Students The Kitchen Staff prepares daily meals for the enjoyment of both the students and the teachers. Mrs. Rickell, the director, is in charge of the planning and preparation of meals. Building Is Maintained by Custodians The Custodial Staff is responsible for the care and maintenance of our building, Under the able direction of Mr. Calloway, the plant en- gineer, Thomas jefferson will remain beautiful for many years to come. s for 29 E M , 'W' UI The snow-topped gleam . . . an icing, urging, pulling, drawing for the climb ahead the frosting of the mountains l 3 I f Q,-. y-Jef gfrasf mms Wrzsfocrczf J1962 cSezz1of L Ei fm 3233 15? ww. c 1 Woarzizy jwenfzes Zance yfeme The Roaring Twefzfier lived again on May 29. The scene was the TJ. Lounge and the atmos- phere brought to mind thoughts of flappers and twenty-three skidoo! Pat Thrash was crowned Miss Aristocrat proving that the seniors once again purchased the greatest number of annuals in propor- tion to enrollment. Guillemette de Pury, junior, and Janice Benson, sophomore, were the Aristocracy. The 1962 Aristocrat was a success and everyone enjoyed dancing and autographing until 11:00 that night. Music was by the Mile-Hi Five. Aristocrat Princesses 1"-n..f .5- T A . A COLOR DAY HONORS BASED ON CLASS PARTICIPATION AND SPIRIT Annual color day ceremonies observed in Denver public high schools combine class participation and spirit to bring to the front contributions of each class to its home school. Color Day May 11 found the morning involved in the traditional observance of crowning Color Day Queen. In the afternoon the senior high stu- dents met at the All-City Stadium to root for jeff- erson track athletes. The evening was climaxed -by dancing at the annual Color Day ball. Color Da ueens Color Day Princesses Color Day Princesses i 1. 5: F g 1 5 ,, ! l i 1 1 3 Q1 Q On the evening of December 9, 1961, the junior class of Thomas jefferson transformed its favorite noon-gathering place into a "Bewitched" ballroom. Ropes of crimson roses, a frosty, red punchbowl, and scarlet streamers were the decorations for the dance. The suspense was relieved at last when Dave Buchanan, president of the junior class, crowned Bar- bara Crabb queen of the junior Prom. Her attendants were Donna Milan and Wendy Milner. Between numbers played by Ron Gist and his band, the group enjoyed refreshments and talked in the lounge area. Junior Prom Royalty I! I 'if P 2 5 5 5 5 I 13 H I!! The theme "Golden Nocturne" was carried out beautifully in the decorations and setting of the 1962 Senior Prom. The gym was transformed through the lighting effects and the atmosphere was as regal as anyone could have wished it to he. In a lovely ceremony Cress Bernard, senior class president, crowned Pat Ryall Senior Prom Queen while her glamorous attendants Margo Ruid and Linda Shaw looked on. Enchanted couples danced from 9:00 to 12:00 that evening of April 14th, and took home wonderful memories of the night. Senior Prom R0 alty my Q W i Homecoming Royalt A new tradition was begun October 21, 1961, when the Spartan Spirits presented "Touchdown Tan- gle," Thomas jefferson's first homecoming dance. The football team selected Sally Stubbs as the Home- coming Queen and Linda Bryant and Marilyn Shroyer as her attendants, Rex Peters, captain of the team, presided at the Coronation. Couples danced to the music of Ron Gist's band from nine to twelve that evening. Dances WX, The beginning of an event- ful night-the telephone call -the dress-the hair-the shower-and finally the chime at the door echoing a smiling face. The arrival-the first, friendly faces, checking coats-silent hands buying drinks-the blurred figures of elated, thoughtful students, enjoying the fea- ture of the night. i 1 MW ' iuiuliioiwxveug The low-burning lights highlight an entire eve- ning of dancing. The lights of the slowly dancing Couples-the triumphant Coronation-the Piano's script-the departing words-the lights of memories fading indelibly into the background of the mind. Photo Essay by David S Assemblies provide a break in monotony of ordinary school days. This year's program of assemblies was varied and interesting. Some were funny, some were educational, and some were moving and inspira- tional. The students learned from many informed speakers, laughed at the wild antics of the yearbook staff, enjoyed the selections of the musical groups, and experienced genuine emotions as the student council presented Mr. Schumacher with a token of the school's appre- ciation. The audience and the par- ticipants contributed to make as- semblies something everyone could look forward to. Assemblies Rallies P 1 50 A Nothing makes school spirit higher than a winning team, and nothing makes our teams want to win more than a lively rally, where the Thomas jefferson Spartans put everything into their loyal cheers. When we let the teams know that we are behind them, win or lose, they will do their best. Rallies boost the spirits of the audience too, in fact, everyone leaves with an elated feeling! The cheerleaders, the Pom Pom girls, the Pep Club, and you support Tjfs teams at the Rallies. An original plot by Mr. Ken justice, interwoven with imaginative talent acts representing all six classes, made an entertaining All School Show for the students, their Parents, and their friends. Under the direction of Mr. Alan Baker, who was the assistant choreographer for We.s'f Side Story, the amateur dance numbers had a professional ap- pearance and impressed the audiences with their polish. This year two performances were held on March eighth, and tenth. fnuwui' r ll School Show Music and dancing were the highlights of "Dockside Dilemma." Several dance lines performed and Thomas jefferson's orchestra and show band provided lively background music and solo numbers. The chorus sang and there were small groups of singers along with soloists. The speech activities at Thomas jefferson resulted in building one of the most successful groups at the school. Each of the speakers at- tempted to perfect his own delivery and content in order to contribute to the total effort of the team. l 1 l Speech Q5 QZIQQH dll is gp A X Z The "socia1s" of years past leave their mark on the junior high dances of today. The afternoons of the dances will long be remembered as an op-V portunity for learning the graces of dancing and conversation. Junior High Dances Junior High Talent Unique in a six year school is the opportunity for the junior levels of talent to develop on a senior high level. The sounds of chang- ing voices and limber feet struck the school as a fore- shadowing of future mel- low, trained showmanship. w N N 1 I l . R, . K X. . U , ,W ,- , K, I, .K Q ' , hx X X I 4 X1 . X K, xx 1, 1 VQK U A-1 , , I uk x if . mx X J N I 4 X , el' If :fx X' ikvl F' . I 4 ' K W " sri' -, ' ' , 5: in X , W f- j fm k , , qrx X , lu-'OW J 3 , N 59 M29 A K, l'.:r A3 ga Y, ' 'I -f 1 T, . -K 4 , ,. if f Aga. 41-i'lw11Q,,v V ,f 9' ff ff' 3 "' 1 151: mfszflf ? ' f A bare rock face . . . a soaring cliff of strength a challenge for teams of climbers . . . JIM WELKER All-City, All-Meim, Second All-Stale Guard M051 Valuable Linemalz All Amerimn Nominee REX PETERS All-Chg Fullback M011 Valuable Player Calblain Gridders Take Third Rated a darkhorse in pre-season polls, Thomas Jefferson's footballers more than lived up to expectation under the able leadership of coaches Gene Wurtz, Ken Hughes and Don Day. The Spartans had a fine season, finishing with seven wins, two losses and one tie. Five wins and two losses in Denver Prep League play brought a third place finish after mid-season injuries caused two later league losses. Five Spar- tans were picked as All-City players for either offense or de- fense or both. In non-conference play, the Spartans were undefeated, ty- ing one game. In the seasonls opener, a balanced Spartan attack produced a 25-6 win over Alemeda's Pirates. Rex Peters scored twice and Jim Shikles and Tim Whalen each scored once. Against Cherry Creek, in perhaps the finest game of the season, the Spartans ran up a 25-0 halftime score to coast to a 31-6 victory. Jack Frost, Jim Shikles, Dick Sullivan, and Rex Peters all scored for the Spartans. JIM SHIKLES SCORES All-Cily Hnlflmrf TIINI WHALEN All-Clly Quarterback JEFFERSON 25 Alemeda , , 6 JEFFERSON 31 Cherry Creek , , , 6 JEFFERSON , . 20 North , U 0 JEFFERSON 32 Lincoln . 6 JEFFERSON ,. . H 39 South , H12 JEFFERSON 14 Aurora , ., 14 JEFFERSON .. , . 25 West . , , 14 JEFFERSON , 2 East ,, 14 JEFFERSON ,,,,..... . , 13 Manual . . , ,12 JEFFERSON, .. ,. . 20 Washington ,, ,25 The success of the team is shown in Rex Peters and Jim Welker. Spartans Stomp North, Lincoln In their league debut, the Spartans overpowered North's Vikings by a 20-0 score. Rex Peters and jim Shikles scored in the second half to lift the Spartans from a 0-0 halftime deadlock after both teams had missed first- half scoring chances. jefferson's gridders continued their winning ways with a 52-6 victory over Abraham Lincoln. Quarterback Tim Whalen looked sharp as he passed for four touchdowns and scored once himself in a three-period scoring barrage. STANDINGS Won Loft Pat. East ., .. ,,,,, .. . 7 0 1.000 Washington . .... 6 1 .857 JEFFERSON ,. . .5 2 .714 Lincoln ,..... ...... 4 3 .571 South ...... ........ 3 4 .429 North . .... ....,,... 2 5 .286 West ........ ......... 1 6 .143 Manual ..... ......-.. 0 7 .000 JACK FROST DAVE CRIST BILL COFFEE All-City End Serond All-Cizy Center Semnd All-Cizy Tackle ,gf JOHN SHIKLES BOB JKSTICE DICK WALKER Hrzlfbpzrk GMI,-,Z Tm-kje Spartans Clobber South, 39-12 Jefferson's next outing was against South on October seventh. The Spartans scored quickly and often as they built up a 59-0 lead before South scored twice on jefferson reserves to make the final score 39-12. Rex Peters and jim Shikles scored twice, while john Shikles and Bob Drange scored one touchdown apiece. Jefferson took a break from the league schedule the following week to play Aurora. The Spartans remained undefeated, but saw their winning streak halted at five games as the two teams battled to a 14-14 deadlock. Prior to this game, the Spartans had been rated fifth in the state. Pursued by South players, john Shikles sweeps around right end. DAN EVANS C euler DAVE DRAHN All-Cily LARRY ANDERSON End A pass to jim Shikles is good for Il first down against Washington. Jefferson Wins Homecoming Returning once again to league play, the Spartans delighted a Homecoming crowd by crunching the West Cowboys 25-14. jefferson had to come from behind to erase an early 7-6 West lead. Tackle Bill Coffee had the unusual pleasure of scoring a touchdown by recovering a West fumble in the end zone. Jack Frost displays the ability which earned him All-City Defensive End honors. ' sn BOB DRANGE Fzzllbrruk RICH GRUNBERG BILL LEISK Halflmrk Tackle n-PY" DICK SULLIVAN I'lnlfbark East Edges Jefferson On the following Saturday, jefferson's Spartans faced the East Angels in a game that carried the probable league championship and a berth in the state playoffs. Playing without the full-time services of fullback Rex Peters, the Spartans came out on the short end of a 14-2 score. jefferson's only score came in the third quarter when Rich Grunberg tackled an East player in the end zone for a safety. Dave Buchanan kicks an extra point against Vffashington. Spartans Edge Manual Their spirit down after the previous week's defeat at the hands of East, the Spartans met the Thunderbolts of Manual, and barely escaped with a 15-12 victory. Jim Shikles and Rich Grunberg each scored one touchdown, but Dave Buchanan's point after touchdown proved to be the difference. In the final game of the season, Thomas Jeffersonls Spartans met George Washington's Patriots in a game that was to decide second and third places in the Denver league. Spartan fans were delighted as jefferson roared back from a 19-0 deficit to take a 20-19 lead with less than five minutes left in the game. All delight turned to dismay, when, with less than a minute remaining, Wash- ington scored again to win the game 25-20. Coaches Gene XX'urtz and Don Day fl w . f 2 '- . r ii -'ijil K! J 1 A fo K yi ff UU KX I ffl L 1, iff dll! Il V . f I, 11 X 44' ' I li ' I U2 C7 H 'lf H X," L ffbv V" if, nf L "IJ 14' A L 4 ,' , L' Af .ii f 1 A 1 57" I K .K if 1 ,I J l I Lf, , J I fy "' V! ff - ' VL, . Y I , f... 4 0 yi D X LJ I if 6 X L . V , ., , ,, 4 yr Gif 44 ' Ir' ui, Og X vL AV " V. ' 2, 611 ,4 J Lp W JL! L' ,-il: Ai! 4. , LJ L 1, 1, g df Ll 'r lf iff fbi, yi' M LV fb V, I 1 ' if u V 4 l I 'ul J! Alf, 14 ' John Shikles out-maneuvers a defender in the waning minutes of the Washington game. fl, , v , I W 7. , f Aff V!! Lf L fb if J V 'U In YJ! ll . ,i 'A Ziyi! l N af g 0 I 'fix lid, N A gy! 425 Junlors Ald Varslty In junior Varsity games this year, the Spartans played very well in winning four of five games. Two scheduled games were not played because of poor weather, The members of the junior squad will form the nucieus of a fine Varsity team next year. Ron Alliger Larry Andersen Ron Anderson Rick Beal Cress Bernard 1961 VARSITY ROSTER Dick Fellows jack Frost Rich Grunberg Ron Hartness Don Howard Tom Brockman Tom Hyland Dave Buchanan Laffy Jenni Dave Crist Bob Justice Eric Coble jim Samson Bill Coffey Don Lang Steve Crocker Bill Leisk Rusty Damrell Stewart Lynch John Dodd Jeff Mahan Bob Drange Jim Marshall Dave Drahn G31-y Moore Rick DHHI1 Dick Naylor Dan Evans Scott Nellis , fa if yf j1JNIQ'l4 !VARSITY sTAlQ1D11slGsy ' Aff! I Won fort Pct. ,Ein 5 0 1.000 'JEFFERSON 4 1 .soo South 4 1 .800 Washington 3 2 .600 Manual 2 4 .333 Lincoln 1 4 .200 West 1 4 .200 North 1 5 .167 Walt Olsen Steve Peonio Rex Peters Glenn Rasor John Rice Steve Severinsen jim Shikles john Shikles Derek Shubin Rick Spangler Dick Sullivan Dick Walker jim Welker Tim Whalen Mike White Jay Wilimek Denny Wilmore Steve Ashton Gary Hebenstreitff' Gary Scrivner . My J fmt W 1 K 5 ,.., ,Q .rff CI-IAS. ANDRESEN BOB HIESTER GARY HEBENSTREIT Sophomores Show Promise SOPHOMORE STANDINGS East Washington JEFFERSON Lincoln West Manual North South Wm Loft Pri. 1.000 .857 .571 .571 .571 .286 .145 .000 CCl1aQgs,Andresen,, Gary Baker John Beard Paul Bernard Carl Bjork jay Browne Tom Chambers John Crowther Frank Evans Bruce Flater Dick Frantz Doug Freeman Tom Fry Tom Goff Under the guidance of coaches Wil- lett and Santi, the Sophomore football team enjoyed mixed success, winning four games and losing three. The forty- five members should be a valuable asset to next year's junior Varsity and Varsity teams. F- ,ab X. 3' 1. .. ,1- X 1961 soPHoMoRE RosTER ,X 1 Lax Ron Grant Marc Rice Steve Herbeck f Bob Hiester jim Justice Greg Lowe Norm Lyles Larry Maib Chris Mathews Dave McDowell jeff Miller jon Morrison Brad Pelsue Mike Perkins Steve Powers Glen Steinhauer Bob Steinke Don Stookey Jim Sullivan Paul Thebus Ron Vivian jim Wagle Dan Warner Frank Welker Bob Whitehill Gale Wilhelms en ir lv Steve Miller JIM WAGLE BOB RANDOLPH STEVE REEVES JERRY FRANKLIN Captain Runners Set School Records Despite a much finer overall team, Jefferson's cross country men could do no better than a seventh place finish in the city meet. The school record was broken by three runners, jerry Franklin, Steve Reeves, and Bob Randolph. Randolph had the best time, 8205.4 for the mile-and-a-half course. All but one of the top five runners will return next year. MARTIN MANSFIELD TED MITCHELL L. to R., Firrl raw: Chuck Ralston, jerry Franklin, john Pitkin, Ted Mitchell. MR. GORDON LEARNED Serand wuz' Bob Randolph, Martin Mansfield, Steve Reeves, John Harris, C1051 Counfry, Golf, Coach Learned. and Temzir Coach TOM BRUSKOTTER Cnplairl L. lo R.: Chris Pearson, Tom Bruskotter. Tim Wfarde, Chris Grant, Dave Palmer, Bruce Roof, Larry McBride, Mike Haggerty, Ed Bliss, Coach Learned, john Northwood, Bob Swanson, Dan Smith. Golfers Are Runners-U jefferson's golfers had a very successful season, finishing second in city com- petition and third in state! The Spartans also won the pre-season stroke play tOur- nament against the other seven Denver schools. Next year's chances for a city championship are very good with six lettermen returning, three out of the top four. MIKE HAGGERTY STANDINGS H7011 Loft Washington , 25 5 JEFFERSON 22 6 SOLltl'l , H , 19 9 East 18 10 Lincoln 13 15 North 10 18 West , ,,,,, 5 25 Manual , 2 26 JOHN NORTHWOOD CHRIS GRANT ED BLISS DAVE PALMER DAN SMITH LARRY MCBRIDE BOB LARSON CORKY HAWK C aptaizl JIM WILMORE BILL REEVES JIM SAUNDERS Netters Place Fifth Thomas Jefferson's tennis team, with only three seniors returning, tiecl Lincoln for fifth place in city competition. A real feat was accomplished when Jeffersons tennis team held South-eventual state champion-to a 3-3 tie. JIM KELLEY TERRY HAWK BILL NASI L, lo R., Firrz row: jim Saunders, Bill Reeves, Corky Hawk, Tom Fowler, Bill Newcogner. Second row: Terry Hawk, Bill Nasi, jim Kelley, jim Wilmore, Coach Learne . Cagers Cop Fifth The Spartan cagers, led by Coach Gaston Santi, finished the season with a 6-8 won-lost record. jeff- erson had an excellent first round, winning five out of seven, but they couldn't put together four good quarters in any one game in the second round after their win over North. The Spartans showed that they had the ability to be a title contender as they split with every team in the league except the first place East Angels. The team was led by the superb shooting of senior Don Tilsley who also led the leagues scorers with a record high of 266 points. Co-Captains of the team were Don Tilsley and Rex Peters. jefferson can hope for an even better team next year with five juniors and one sophomore who played on the varsity team. STANDINGS Won Lori Pri. , E t as 11 3 '786 The leagues leading scorer, Don Tilsley, scores two Manual 10 4 714 against South. West 10 4 714 North 7 7 500 Washington 7 7 500 JEFFERSON 6 8 429 South 4 10 286 Lincoln 1 13 071 REX PETERS BILL NASI Ca-Cufltfzin JIM SHIKLES X 4 gf- 2 'vi' I M V gym ' , , . wp -4 r A South player reaches in vain to stop Bill Nasi's shot DON TILSLEY All City, C0-Capmifz Spartans Split With North, South Thomas jefferson's first league outing was against North at the North gym. A brilliant fourth quarter rally fell just short as the Spartans lost the game, 64-61. Don Tilsley scored twenty-seven points to start the season as the league's leading scorer. Against North in a second round game, jefferson held the lead throughout, until they fell five points behind near the end. However, deadly free throw shooting in the final minute of play won the game for jefferson, 62-61. Don Tilsley, jim Shikles, and Tim Whalen all scored in double figures, while Bill Nasi contributed nine points and numerous rebounds. jefferson employed an all-court press to gain a 35-29 half time lead in the first game with South. A vigorous South rally in the waning minutes could not overcome jefferson's lead as the Spartans won, 64- 57. South's big scorer, joe Wheeler, was held to three points by the Spartan defense. Rex Peters and Don Tilsley scored 19 and 18 points respectively to pace the Spartan offense. At the Auditorium Arena in the second round game, South led all the way to defeat the Spartans, 54-47. Don and Rex again led the jefferson scorers with 12 points each. BOB JUSTICE TIM WHALEN Don Tilsley positions himself for a possible rebound of Bob justice drives for a layup against North. Rex Peters' jump shot. Spartans, Lancers Trade Wins Having won their first league game against South, jefferson then traveled to Lincoln. Behind at the end of the first quarter, the Spartans gained a one point half time lead 26-25, and went on to win 51-45. High point man for the game was jim Shikles with 20 points. The second game was a different story, as the Lancers won their first league contest by a score of 65-59. The determined Lancers gained an early lead which the Spartans were never able to overcome. Don Tilsley led all scorers with 23 points. BILL COFFEY LARRY MCBRIDE if up, W f,, in f , ' ., it ,gf I 99 ,. A , L ...,, - g,,,,k,, , if L if f s F ' :af t . f Wg ,-Rf ' 5 -ff,":F"5 iv! fir. K I - , 3251333-?,?fjf, ' L ' . W it it f .Q alawfgagfszr..fffiifaf, - 1 '+f'f1 - Tgiafsfm , L 5 af ' ' V-1 f',t,f,,,sw.. ' -- - -r - -- ' ' N 3.5.1 ,fs-15:35.vugwg-r,f..j'Qg - ' ,iff 'L f . -if 'svwaaff' . L , ' -if-mil'-1 . . filf l ' . .gm-, FT?"-'4" Egsfgs-,L . fx? A 'Z' Q.. iv Q 116.4 .fv?5M, 'Ml-.vt - S' ' " - -- V JIM WILMORE DAVE BUCHANAN GARY AMBUEHL TERRY HAWK Jefferson Lengthens Win Streak Jefferson pulled a big upset with a 62-61 overtime defeat of the Manual Thunder- bolts. Manual rallied in the fourth quarter to tie the score at the end of regulation time, but jefferson kept its poise during the three minute extra period. Don Tilsley, jim Shikles, and Rex Peters accounted for fifty-two of the Spartans' points. Hot shooting in the second game gave Manual a decisive victory over Jefferson, 73- 48, as the Thunderbolts won their seventh game in a row. Don Tilsley scored fifteen and Tim Whalen scored thirteen for the Spartans. A fine team effort produced a 57-56 come-back win over Washington. Tim Whalen drilled two clutch free throws in the final minute to preserve the victory for Jefferson. Don Tilsley scored eighteen points for the Spartans. Six weeks later, Washington handed jefferson its fourth straight second round de- feat, 75-56. The Spartans were behind eleven points at the half and then narrowed the gap to six points at the end of the third quarter. jim Shikles scored fourteen, and Larry McBride scored thirteen. Bill Coffey adds to a narrow Jefferson lead over Wash- Tim Whalen drihhles across the mid-court line in a game with North. Tilsley Sets Record With the first round victory over Washington behind them, the Spartans returned to their home court to play the league-leading West f Cowboys. jefferson won the game, 65-61, to tie for first with the pre- I L viously undefeated Cowboys. jim Shikles led all scorers with twenty-four 7. points while Don Tilsley contributed seventeen. In the closing minutes of the game, however, jim Shikles broke his wrist as he collided with a West player, an injury which was to slow the Spartans' attack in later games. Meeting West at the auditorium arena in the second round of play, the Spartans played ball control throughout the first quarter. Despite this unusual manner of play West gained an early lead which they maintained for the rest of the game. Although the Cowboys won the game, 52-45, Don Tilsley was the game's high scorer with twenty-five points In the final game of the first rou-nd, the Spartans, riding on a five game winning streak, played East at the auditorium. jefferson never found Speed gives Jim Shiklesan easy basket. the range, and were routed by the Angels, 70-37. The time for the second game with East found the East Angels tied for the league lead with a 10-3 won-lost record and the Spartans tied for third with a 6-7 record. In the individual scoring race, Don Tilsley was two points behind the two leaders. The Spartans stayed close in the first half, due greatly to the hot shooting of Tilsley who collected twenty-one first half points. A third quarter splurge by East put them in front to stay, but Tilsley kept his good eye for the basket. The game ended, 82-71, in favor of East, but the Spartans gained a moral victory with the record setting forty-one point Tilsley performance. Don seta season scoring record of two hundred rixty-six points as he won the league scoring championship with an average of nineteen points per game. VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD L. io R., Fir!! raw: Don Conner, Mgr., Rex Peters, jim Shikles, Tim Whalen, Jim Wilmore, Bob justice. Second row: Gary Ambuehl, Don Trlsley, Bill Coffey, Larry McBride, Bill Nasi, Dave Buchanan, Terry Hawk, Coach Santi. In hopes of deflecting a pass, Larry McBride closely covers his man. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Juniors Show Hustle Coach Mike Wi1lett's Junior Varsity team had a winning season finishing 8-6 in league competition. The team, composed of eight juniors and one sophomore, played its best games against East and Washington at their home court in the second round. L. 10 R., Firrl rozin' Bob Swanson, jim Leatherman, jack Frost, Gary Moore. Second row: Dave Palmer, Chris Pearson, Steve Reeves, Tom Hyland, Tom Brockmun. Coach Wfillett. Q DAVE McDOWELL BOB LARSON KEN WIRTZ JIM SULLIVAN STEVE ASHTON Sophomores Place in Cage Tourney The Sophomore basketball team experienced little success in league play this year, winning only three of fourteen games, one of which was a good team effort in a victory over West. The team showed its true potential at the Adams City Sophomore Basketball Tournament where it finished second, losing to Lincoln in the finals. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL SQUAD L, to R., Fir!! raw: Al Roth, Steve Ashton, jim justice, Chas Andresen, Bob Hiester, Chuck Ralston, Ken Wirtz, Coach Hughes. Serond row: Bill Newcomer, Glen McCoy, Bob Larson, Dave McDowell, jim Nasi, Dick Whetstone, jim Sullivan, Gary Shahan. Le DAVE DRAHN All-City BRAD LUNDBERG .-ff' L, za R., Fifi! row: Bob Westby, Steve Z", pf BILL LEISK MIKE SCROCZYNSKI Wrestlers Greatly Improve 7 if Spartan wrestlers, exp tly coawd by r. Carl Goodwin and Mr. Gene Wtlrtz, sent three mera ,the sigieigmepif Dave Drahn placed first in the city ,sl ' l ,- 1 meet at 'in' ln was l nl ' ,ali e Twin Llis first match in state. Bill Leisk and Mike c rf nski' OY,lflC2tm4?i1 c ngfiiifjcity to qualify for state, but both lost their. st ma hes5flt'he,rey,BotKrK ott N-ellis and john Dodd finished third in X6 jeffdisgnfwreftleri ,fbrff et?c37iii fine season. J 1 f I' lvnxifv-,llfv ffldfkylx, 4, . . 1' 'f I: 5 lf 3jtRsI WRESTLING SQUAD Walker, Gary Anderson, Mike Haggerty, Mike Scroczynski, John Dodd, Dave Overlin, Scott Nellis, Semnd row. Ron Grant, Gary Habenstreit, Dave Drahn, Bill Leisk, Brad Lundberg, Gale Xvilhelms, john Cameron, Jay Wilimek. Third row: Coach Goodwin, Dave Halbert, Mgr., Stew Lynch, Pete Manthei, jack Hyland, Carl Bjork, Ron Anderson, Coach Wurtz. Swimmers Take Fourth in Cityg Fifth in State Coach Jerry Smith led his TJ. swimmers to fifth place in the state meet this year, after the Spartans had won fourth in city. John McCarthy placed second in city in the 100-yard free style, and Dave Delapp, swimming in the 100-yard breast stroke, took third in state. The 200-yard free style relay team, com- posed of Steve Sheridan, john McCarthy, Ron Proven, and Terry Danko, set a city record of 1:49.2 in the city meet, and con- tinued onto take first in state. Diver Dan Eva performed dive. ns shows form and grace in executing a well VARSITY SXVIMING SQUAD L. lo R., Ffrrl -row: Frank Evans, Greg Beard, Toni Warde, Tom Fellows, Thurston Bybee, jim Shubin, Earl Reginelli. S6l'0f1d row: Dick Fellows, Dave Delapp, Vern Byhee, Walt Olsen, Larry Jenni, Mick Marshall, Rick Spangler, Steve Sheridan. Tbzrd row: John Lloyd, Tim Warde, Terry Danko, john McCarthy, Dick Evans, Ron Proven, Derek Shubin, Dan Evans, Coach Smith, Cheryl Houlette, secretary. john Caskey works on the rings. Spring Sports In the Denver Public Schools, spring sports include gymnastics, baseball, and track. Practice in these sports began March 1, and success looks very possible judging from pre-season results. Gymnastics Under the supervision of coach Jerry Smith, the Spartan gymnasts show much promise. An individual sport such as gymnastics requires a great deal of practice and discipline. Sophomore john Fisher demon- strated a high degree of potential by placing in five of seven events which he entered in the first meet. Chuck Baughman shows his ability on the parallel bars. Baseball The baseball team is aided this year by many returning lettermen, including All-City men Rex Peters and Dick Sul- livan. Coaches Mike Willett and Gene Wurtz have reason to believe that the Spartans' third place finish of last year could be greatly improved. A city cham- pionship is in sight. L ed their teams. Coaches Willett . . . ' Track The track team, on the other hand, is very much plagued by inexperience. Only returning lettermen are Chip Dor- man in the hurdles, Jim Welker in the pole vault, and Dave Buchanan in the 440 yard dash. Future varsity players, Sophomore baseball team members warm up before practice. Calisthenics: essential for limbering up. Winter shows its presence in early track workouts 43 ,a Q QQ Q jack Baldwin, Ann Miller, Bonnie Hagan, Penny Coffman, Linda Shaw, Linda Bryant, and Art Wagner Adding spirit and zest to all Spartan athletic contests, Jefferson Cheerleaders and Pom Pom girls led the throng of hearty supporters. At pep rallies and games these gay person- alities sparked the enthusiasm that made school spirit. Their happy smiles and dancing feet are as much a part of athletics as the team itself! Sherry O'Conner, Joan Hindes, Gerri Norris, Marsha Woller, Anne Lilly, and Sue Walsh. SHERRY O'CONNER MARSHA WOLLER SUE WALSH 5, o- GERRI NORRIS JOAN I-IINDES -- - M ANNE LILLY rg: gi '.'l'A ' L. 5.1 -ww' Cheerleaders, Pom Pom Girls 'N-qv 5' ig, Boost Spirit ART XY AGNER y 1 ,I "W-M . ,,g.f' 1 A., ef 'vi f fl--in. na . Ni, 7 ' La ,Q ,fat -Mr' ,ff , A , s s A 43 ..,,A V BONNTIE HAGAN ANN MILLER srr s sr,,,s i'ii ' LINIDA BRYANT ACK BALDWIN LINDA SHAW J PENIXY COFFMAN WMM 'hx fini 4 lu- ww NN ff NfgkT'v, -gjum NN MQM "'-3. N is f- KH-."" 'V 1 A X N Q -H 0 i R xx Ha .WM W "' A Q1 fi 'H ' ' A ' wx A W A , , , A , ' 'Q ea jfxxh ' ' A m hx . .L 4 wha 1 is in ,N -. 1 , 4, -A., , , is gain gg 'qt , um.-W A WM, M V it "5'eK, 3 1 V -uma-A 4 ' E Q X ,Z L f mg, n-, Qi, .IN Q M H V I at .Q 1-wi S , ? xiii l , y, . F 1- 4 fag , WM f "' W ww H Q i -ff, 3 L, x xv -.. gif'-gi W ,,., N -4 HW .MR 4 an M fb' V Q' I 'W 5 . 5 W MA '0- 'wm 'AW ' ,N rw M W ' w Y Y X x"'wm,, V , W. x , MM WX ,W A' WWW - w in , 'V . QP' -cfm" V Q- ,Q 'K YM x Kafka Q Mk. .. ' , ,, Y , 4 , A , if fe, W , 3, , ' Qi f, - fl """MMZi k 'X 2-M W- , g3gQkQ,w Lvh Q3 if rf., My-yy .M A V., Q 1 A 1 , .4 qi 1 f""' -f mei .W 'MW Qui - iwwh A 1 ' if 2, W'hWWwfww X - 1 . W A -A ga ,Kiera - W M, H 11 fy ' ,J " 9, 9 ' N A L , W' K, 'Mig SEQ f . .42 in vg, , v NAM ,, mm , -J w M U? , , H5 W 'M fig M, 1. . 4 wwxvbvxw an H' A' M, N LPN V ' 41 I UU ,f w 'M QP- 'YJ 'qv m at .: x 3 ' 'bf' P L01 3129 1 "Qc 10 f W QJU' fyvbv N Soft earth to fill the chasms of learning . . . knowledge braced in nature . . the cracking, gnawing pressure of the mountain turned warm FIU 5 PAM OVIATT. All-School Head Girl DAVE CRIST. All-School Head Boy Student Council Develops Citizenship Student Council is the medium used to en- courage and provide an opportunity for stu- dents and faculty to participate in school ac- tivities and government. Under the leadership of Mr. Merle Dorsett, sponsor, Dave Crist, all-school head boy, and Pam Oviatt, all-school head girl, a closer cooperation has developed among the Faculty, students, and community of Thomas Jefferson Jr.-Sr. High School. This year's Student Council activities in- cluded Color Day, Charity Drives, and the Citizenship Day assembly. It also sponsored the school elections held in March. w 4 'B v W S., ' ff f W- W q ,,L, . I , 1 V ' 1 17: -'A, ' -, ' My . .Q . t. ' , .muw Q.,'L A- ,L..g .- . ' 5 - -. e ga: f 'wfif 'A n gzzlrgfw f, f.1,fm'l if ' Vi - f Qsrsf.: ww-BIA: G--, pqswff-wc, 5191- -z -, n f 'fl--2 M ' ' "'k , 2ffwffi,::.ffd.f-f L f IW Qu - ff , 5 W"- -:f 1 , H xii' f- f H-133:1,,f:i1f1g1:g1-,EZ-5?Q we .fi I A, 5 nm: - 93 X . s JR. HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Mr. Clifford Zinke Spozzror Bob Kramer Head Boy Sandy Shapiro Hem! Girl Janet Smith Serrerfzry Ted Gill Nilzlh Grfzffe Boy Prerident Sue Stark Nizzlh Grade Girl Prerirferzf Fred Lindquist Eighth Grade Boy Prerizlem' Kippy Crocker Eighth Grade Girl President Roy Wilson Seventh Grade Boy Prefidefzf Devvy Altman Sererzih Grade Girl Preriziem' jeff Agers Kathy Ashton Eric Balzer Terry Beal Kathleen Billings Joyce Binney Pat Bruce Marcia Bushacher Robert Chandler Alan Christian Melba Collins Tom Crist Becky Frank Gay Gallemore "' xl! Pat Guilfoyle Stephen Hammill Connie Heyden Pam Hiddleston Lawrence Hockstad Russ Klein Phillip Lutz Gary Mammel Mary Maxwell Ann Merett ff' Vi Roberta Reiff A David Saine Linda Shilvak Don Shubin Barbara Taylor Elizabeth Thornley janet Vancil Bob Venuti Dave Wfall Dave XVatson Linda Wesin Gregfyfilinuek A 5 jr. High Student Council begins Teacher Appreciation Day with apples, flowers and pep cards. Assuming the position of president, Steve Froling and other members of I. C. C. begin their Work at the first Club meeting. Inter-Club Council Deals With Student Problems A new and important club has been organized at Thomas jeffersong it is the Inter-Club Coun- cil. Inter-Club Council is the medium by which the representatives of the clubs can come to- gether. They discuss the problems of their many organizations and try to find solutions. .Under the leadership of Steve Froling, pres- ident, and jim Shikles, vice-president, the rep- resentatives of the various clubs meet when meetings are necessary. They are working to- ward the co-ordination of club activities. I. C. C. Mr. Robert Wright Spafzror Steve Froling P1'e.fidef1l jim Shikles Vice-Prefidefzt Bonnie Hagan Secretary Dick Sullivan Treafurer Marian Pierce Slzzdeazt Camzril Reperefztafive Dick Bemis Arlene Brey Marilyn Brill Matt Call Dee Davila Bill Dodd John Dodd Cheryl Dunlap Dave Gibbons Chase Mason Don Peckman Susan Plummer Jodie Rouse Ken Schmalbeck Norton Schump Margaret Teller Bob Therrell Sue Thrasher Tom Weinberger Colleen Zumbrun D SCI-IOLASTIC HONOR Mr. Carl Rondinelli Spouwr Rick Scrivner Prefidefzf Tish Mead Vice-Pre.riffer2t Dave McDowell Secretary and Treuyurer Kay Arndt Janis Beebe Judy Berens Ed Bliss Linda Bowersox jane Braly Arlene Brey Karel Brinsa jay Browne Sheila Brownyard Linda Bryant Marilyn Caldwell Pat Carlton Sherry Fisher SOCIETY David Gibbons Steve Goldman Corky Hawk Ronald Higgins David Kaplan Larry McBride Martin Mansfield Chase Mason Cheryl Montgomery jerry Mosbarger Richard Naylor Bill Patterson jerry Pettit Carol Reese Linda Robinson Bud Sandburg Ann Schwengels Kurt Steele Sue Thrasher Gail von Bergen Trudy Walljasper Mari Ward Susan Wfhite Sandy Woolum Coleen Zumbrunn Honor Society Tradition Establishe Mr. Carl Rondinelli organized the Thomas jefferson Scholastic Honor Society for pupils in grades 10 through 12 who had a 3.5 grade average. This organization promotes interest for the levels of higher education. A student is familiarized with the scholarships that are avail- able. Discussions are given on college entrance requirements. A tradition was established in Scholastic Honor Society, by giving a tea for the Thomas jefferson alumni. d Preparing for the alumni tea are members of Scholastic Honor Society. 95 Taking care of the switchboard keeps the members of Atherfies busy. ATHERFIES Miss Mary Jane Beaghler Spomor Ann Schwengels Prefidelzl Arlene Brey Vice-Praridefzt I. C, C. Reprerefzmtizfe Trudy Walljasper R6l'07'lffllg Secretary Linda Bryant C 0l'l'6.f p and in g Serretfzry Marilyn Caldwell Trearurer Joan Crowther H irloriafz Cheryl Dunlap Cfmplnizz Judy Berens Marilyn Brill Ginny Grant Chase Mason Pam Oviatt Judy Peck Kay Price Marilyn Shroyer Sally Stubbs Sue Thrasher Dorothy Van Lunsen Sue Wilcox Sandy Woolum Charity Theme of Atherfies Atherfies is the Greek word for "sisters" This organization is made up of outstanding senior girls who have a 3.2 or above grade average. These girls promote good will and service among the students and the faculty through their time, effort and initiative. Each girl assists one hour a day. They ushered at "Our Town" and at the Science Fair held at D. U. Old Folks Homes were presented Christmas trees. The Atherfies published a book on the traditions, customs, and policies at T. J. and a tea was held in the spring for new members. Typing, checking schedules, and running errands are a few of the tasks clone by the Atherfies when they assist at T. J. T 7 Y' T wg ., , war.. I V, .L Proudly accepting the Parents Magazine Youth Group Achievement Award are the officers of Thomas Jefferson's Key club. Key Club Wins Awards Parents Magazines youth group achievement award and the outstanding Key club award for the Rocky Mountain District were presented to the Thomas jefferson Key club for its out- standing services to the school and community during the past year. In order to be eligible for membership in Key Club, a boy must show outstanding qualities of leadership in school and community activities. This year's activities have included the sale of book covers, fruit cakes, and a Christmas basket was given to a needy family in the com- munity. KEY CLUB Dave Crist Prefidelzl Dick Sullivan Vice-Premlent I. C . C. Reprerezztntive Corky Hawk Serreffzry Dave Buchanan Trenfzzrer Bill Coffey Sergeant at Armr Cress Bernard Ed Bliss Tom Brockman Eric Coble Steve Crocker john Dodd Tom Fellows lack Frost Ron Hartness Terry Hawk Bob Hiester jim Lamson Bob Larson Chase Mason Scott Nellis Jerry Noonan john Peden Chuck Ralston Rafael Schutz Jim Shikles John Shikles jim Sullivan Art Wagner Tim Whalen Wilmore Glen Wirtz K, International Relations Conference Held South America was the subject of the Inter- national Relations conference at Denver Uni- versity. For two days members of I. R. C. par- ticipated in the conference activities. They learned of the problems and advances of South American countries. Talks from foreign exchange students and movies were a part of the year's activities. They helped the members in their attempt to under- stand the customs, religions, and people of the countries of the world. I. R. C. Cheryl Montgomery Preridefzl Sue Thrasher Vice-Prerident Linda Robinson Sew'etm'y Pam Fee Trearurez' Steve F roling Parlimnefzlmian Tom Weinberger I. C. C. Reprerenlalive Marilyn Brill Patty Castles Carol Coleman Sue Curtis Judy McShane Tish Mead jim Pierce Rafael Schutz Rick Scrivner Georgia Smith Marilyn Werner Patty Wright Ilglembers of I. R. C. listen attentively as Ernesto cle Arenaza, exchange student from Argentina, speaks on the problems of South merica. GREAT DECISIONS Arlene Brey Sr. High Co-Ordimztor Bill Cavanaugh jr, High Co-Ordinator Miss Helen Garrett Spomor jim Hartman Attendalzre C0-Ordinalof jeff Agers Kay Arndt jerry Arp Jack Baldwin John Bennett Dan Bernstein Paula Bernstein Nancy Binkin Kathy Birch Keith Blanton Carol Bozeman Sharon Brennan Mary Burrus Bob Busch Bonnie Butcher Barbara Clark Richard Cohen Sue Combs Birmie Craig Larry Dansdill Tom d'Avila Linda Dickson Mary Dunham Wayne Elgsten jim Eller Les Eller Robert Ellis Burris Frisbey john Gersten Linda Gelster Clive Grant jean Graunke Jim Graunke Susan Halter Carol Hardwick Linda Holmes Linda Hughes Irene Jens Larry Jordon Kathy Krusnik Karen Kuemmerlin Linda Lightburn Pat Lilly Steve Lloyd Mark Marshall Chase Mason Chris Matthews Sally McCammon David Mesch Wendy Milner Dianne Mulhausen Beck Novak Martha Oburn Mike Owen Ann Patton Pam Pearce Barbi Peonio Wally Peterson jeff Pitchford Barbie Polivnick Carol Pollard Linda Pollard Ron Reardon Carol Reese Judy Reese Margie Reynolds Jo Ann Riecke Ken Schmalbeck Rich Schmalbeck joel Schmidt jan Seeley Greg Sharits Patricia Shehan Marilyn Shroyer Tom Singer Laurel Stevens Sally Stubbs Karen Thompson Karin Thurmone Bruce Turner Mary Lou Wallace David Watson Surveying a map of southeast Asia are members of Great Decisions. Vietnam was the first subject area studied. The map shows the political divisions of the Asian countries. Chris Harris Howard Hazel Marty Hazel Chris Hendrickson Richard Henry Bill Hill jim Werschky Linda Sue Williams Diane Wilson joseph Wissman Coleen Zumbrunn Great Decisions Attracts Keen Interest Important issues are facing Americans every day. We must learn to be alert to the problems of the world. A nationwide program is under way to help us gain much-needed knowledge. This program is called Great De- cisions. Vietnam, Red China, Brazil, Nigeria, Iran, Berlin, the United Nations, and the United States Foreign Policy were the subjects covered in this year's program. ' Members of speech classes and the Future Teachers of America Club volunteered their f time and talents to help enlighten the mem- bers. The students at Thomas Jefferson took a keen interest in studying how to cope with these serious problems. Foolscap Fillers Publishes "Catharsis" Foolscap Fillers has been organized for those interested in writing. It is a means by which a per- son may improve his writing skill through practice and the analysis of great works of literature. The creative talents of the members were dis- played in the main hall. These presentations in- cluded poems with illustrations by the art classes. In keeping with their activities, "Catharsis," Fools- cap Fillers' annual magazine, was published. It consisted of the various literary works by the members. Derek Shubin gives an illustration of the requirements for good composition. Members of Foolscap Fillers discuss the qualities of good literature. FOOLSCAP FILLERS Miss Jane Stanbrough Spmzror Derek Shubin Pretidefzt Billi Hopkins Vice-President Sandy Woolum Secretary and Treafzzre Coleen Zumbrunn I. C. C. Reprerefztative Marilyn Brill Sue Curtis Karen DeWitt Cheryl Dunlap Donna Kemp Chase Mason 1' Journalism Society Organized at TJ. Quill and Scroll is the national honor society for high school journalists. Composed of outstand- ing members of the newspaper and yearbook staffs, the james T. Reiva chapter of Quill and Scroll has just been organized at Thomas jefferson. One of its aims has been the establishment of a scholar- ship to be awarded to an outstanding Denver high school journalist. Throughout the year these jour- nalists work together in an effort to improve their publications. QUILL AND SCROLL Miss 'lane Sranbrough Spofzfor Mr. Harold Mason Sfmlzmr Bonnie Butcher Carol Coleman David Kaplan Susan Keppler Chase Mason Judy Peck Susie Powell Margaret Teller Trudy Xlffalljasper Shirley Wfilson Sandy Wfoolum T lournahsts are seen at the cluh initiation held at South High School, They are taking the Quill and Scroll pledge to uphold the standards 'md obligq tions of the society. Journalists Strive to Improve Newspaper The school newspaper, the jeffefzron jozzrfml, has a dual purpose. It brings the current and future news to every student at Thomas Jeffer- son, and it gives those students interested in journalism an opportunity to learn the tech- niques essential to the publication of a news- paper. The staff is composed of a select group of students. They must be superior in English, have a desire to work on the paper, and they must have taken at least one semester of jour- nalism. An edition is published every two weeks. Members of the staff strive to cover all activ- ities equally and thoroughly. The staff worked hard, but it still had time for a breakfast at Uncle johns, an assembly, and a tug of war with the Aristocrat staff. The enthusiastic journalists always have a new sales campaign. They are shown above blowing balloons for their main hall sales desk. JEFFERSON JOURNAL Miss Jane Stanbrough Spomor Sandy Woolum Editor Sally Mclntyre Production Editor Lincoln Warren Newr Editor Judy Peck Editorial Editor Sue Keppler Feature Editor Steve Crocker Sporty Editor Barbara Aughenbaugh Bev Davis Richard DeLoach Karen Evans Mark Feldman Diana Gautier Vicki Hart Paul Hueseman Judy MacLean Chase Mason Rick Nachman Mi ' Steve Pearsclllif' ,,,,- Susie Powell Jim Shikles Trudy Walljasper ROTO is the new monthly addition to the Journal. Appear ing in it is interesting journal istic news from all over the United States. Much activity takes place as a deadline approaches, Copy and pictures are completed at the last minute. fl wi lv Simplicity of scenery has put Thorton Wilder's "Our Town" in a class by itself. Emily Webb chill Wfardj and George Gibbs QB-ob Fletcherj from their imaginary bedrooms discuss their al cbra problems and the moon. SOCK AND BUSKIN Mrs. A. Pishney Spourar Cheryl Dunlap Prerifiefzt Billie Hopkins Vice-Prefidefzi Georgia Smith Secrelnry Jodi Van Gelder Tr'efz.r1z1'er Marilyn Brill Sergefmzf at Armf I. C. C. Rell7rere12!fzti1'e Kay Arndt Dick Bemis Connie Benson Karel Brinsa Matthew Call Patricia Castles Donna Darnell Meriam Davis Wayne Doud John Dunham Bob Fletcher Mary Fuchs Paulette Garrison Patty Hafenbrack John Harris Judy McShane Chase Mason Paula Nelson Diane Novosad Jacque Panian Brad Pelsue Pam Pettee Galeen Qiunlan Don Robidoux Christy Sanger Joel Schmidt James Scrivner Pat Shehan Judi Strauss Ginny Taylor John Taylor Mari Ward Wilder's "Our Town" Proves Success 'iOur Town" by Thorton Wilder was this year's drama club play. Under the guidance of Mrs. A. Pishney, it was a great success. Interest in the theatre arts was built at T. J. by this outstanding performance. At regular meetings small productions were Performed by a member for the club. Plays given by other high schools, D. U. and Bon- fils were viewed with interest by Sock and Buskin members. Great speakers in the field of drama, also, added to the enjoyment and ability ofthe members. Speakers Have Successful Year A The National Forensic League is the honorary so- ciety for outstanding speakers. In order to qualify for membership in this organization, a student must have earned a minimum of 25 points in speech competition. Thomas Jefferson's chapter of N. F. L. has been especially successful, and was the 1960-61 champion of the Colorado-Wyoming district. This year it has won many sweepstakes awards and qualified more speakers for the state tournament than any other Colorado high school. Sue Thrasher delivers one of the speeches which brought her and her debate partner first place at the Cheyenne, Wlyorning, meet. a.ft4v'sf'lr f-fA- . -- ri-, V - . wi -ff. ,w , -, em. -Q Much work, research, and practice is needed to make a good speech. Members of N.F.L. are shown working at these different phases. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Miss Virginia Kasdorf Spomor Bud Sandberg Preyidefzt Steve Froling Vive-Plwidefzf I . C. C, Reprerefztathze Cheryl Montgomery Rerordifzg Secrelary Tish Mead NFL Serrelary jim Pierce Treafuref' john Arthur Pam Berg Marilyn Brill Matthew Call Pat Castles Steve Clarke Eric Coble Carol Coleman Shiela Curtis Bill Danks Cheryl Dunlap Pam Fee Steve Goldman Dave Kaplan Kathy Krusnik Rich Larm Judy Lindley Dave,McDowell Chase Mason Donna Milan John Pitkin Rick Scrivner Tom Singer Kurt Steele Bob Swanson Sue Thrasher Ndli0?ZdI'QHdIffiE1I james Robert Pierce, senior Richard Wayne Scrivner, senior David McDowell, sophomore Mark Twain's life was in retrospect as TAB members presented a Tbir Ir Your Life assembly to kick off the TAB club. The scene above is Twain's school days in Missouri. TAB Q 5 Mr. Harold Mason SPOHJHI' Naliozml TAB Adviror Karleen Ray President jane Stubbs Vice-Preridefzzf C lmrler Memberr Bruce Berg David Bruner John Coleman Bill Collins Diana Darley Bob DeLange Betty Faust jim Graunke Bob Hall Christine Harris Marsha Harrington Stuart Hoover Susan Isberg IO6 Pat jarrell John Kauffman Glenn Krum joan Latcham Karen Lyons Sally McCammon Marcia McShane Chase Mason Sara Payton Betsy Petterson Lynne Schellhase joseph Schmid Robert Stimson Robert Therrell Susan Turner Reinout Vanwest Don Vaughan Slzzdemf Ser1'efm'ieJ.' Barbara Peonio Judy Reese Kippy Crocker Sandy Guiry TAB Creates Interest Through Books Teen-age Book club is sponsored by Scho- lastic Magazines. Any seventh, eighth, or ninth grader may belong. Through the guid- ance of this program, the teen-agers learn to select and read books of keen interest as well as culture and refinement. A panel of some of the nation's leading educators read and evaluate many books and recommend those which would develop and challenge the minds of today's youth. The club meets once monthly after school. Lewis B. Patten, author of Purmil and 39 other novels, was one of the speakers at TAB club meetings. Other speakers included Lenora Mat- tingly Weber and Mary Chase. fi 'mm-.Y ,.,.... A K ,ai vvtbw-44.65014-w A , zr.L wil? .wwf Mr, Lyle Lindesmith, Executive Director for the State Republican Party, was the guest speaker at the February 23, YRC meeting. Young Republicans Study Politics YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB Joel Schmidt Barbara Marr Mr. Randall Hart Sjmzzmr Progrmzl Chnirnlfilz Mark Marshall Chase Mason Bonnie Butcher David Gibbons , , Preridezil I .C .C . R6'f7l'C1.l'6lIft1fil'6' llhijlggigiqigd Ken Aylsvvorth jack Baldwin Roger Moms Vice-Prarifiefzl Dave Chambers Delmuf Smdbuffl . . Barbara Crabb AUUC Shafer Marilyn Morris Jodi Vancgelder Sandy Stubbs 5f'f"f"H"9' Lfbbie oousehaik Mike Welch Karel Brinsa Ron Higgins UMC Xvellfr Tfgdmm, Susan Kgpplgf Dianne XYIIISOH Nadine Lindquist Shelby Wforley To bring young people into partisan politics and to provide an opportunity for them to find political expression and recognition is the pur- pose of YRC. Thomas jeffersonis Young Republicans Club has had a very informative and active year. Among some of their many projects was an excursion to the State Capitol Building on Feb- ruary 2. They were invited to attend both the Senate session and the House session of Legis- lature of the State of Colorado. In all there were eighty teenagers at this statewide meet from six counties, The T. Young Republican Club has had many prominent Republicans come to their meetings to discuss politics and government. A few of these speakers have been Mr. Lyle Lindesmith. Mr. Wfilliam Griffith, and Mr. Gene Toole, Republican State Chairman of Colorado. I07 Players silently concentrate on chessmen. CHESS CLUB Mr. Wfilliam Myers 5p011,r0r Matthew Call Precrirlwzf Dick Bemis David Chambers Robb Cobb Steve Crocker Tom Doyle Tom Fowler Burris Frisbey Steve Horniak Jan Janitschke Chase Mason Thomas Nevin John Northwood Delmer Sanburg John Taylor Daniel Wisdom President Matt Call advises players strategy. aw . SV r Chess Players Victorious Chess provides a cultural balance between athletics and academics. Members of the Chess Club become acquainted with and enjoy the art of chess by competing against each other and other schools. Students in the ninth to twelfth grades are eligible for membership in the club, In the tournaments which were held this year, j'efferson's chess players were victorious many times. W0 Members examine newly exchanged coins and stumps. Collectors Discover and Exchange Information Providing a place where students interested in rare and valuable coins and stamps can ex- change finds and information, the Coin and Stamp Club holds meetings every Tuesday at 5:30 in room 232. Under the sponsorship and advice of Mr. Ek, coins and stamps are bought, sold, and traded among club members. COIN AND STAMP CLUB Mr. Ek Spozzmr Dick Bemis Pl'L1.l'jlll6lIf. I. C. C. Repr'e.re1zIfzfi1'e Chuck Berry Vice-Prefidezzl Dave Henninger Serrefrzry Bob Bean' Trefzrfner David Bean Clayton Beadle John Beckwith Loren Blaney Danny Brock Greg Burdick Mike Carey Chuck Crowley Mike Hagan Dick Monteque FTA members prepare to lead the Great Decisions groups, FTA Members Gain FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Dr. XV. Preston Gleason Spamor Trudy XXl.1lljasper P1'cf,i'fzfe1il Jill Moreland Vfc'L'-Preifffelll Mary McElhiney SC'6'I'91'!Il'J' John Taylor Trea.i711'er Kenneth Schrnallbeck I. C. C, R9lUl'6I?IIfdfiLf6 Arlene Brey Karel Brinsa Patricia Castles Bill Cavanaugh Linda Cunningham Karen Evans Linda Harrison Marty Hazel Roseanne johnson Sue Keppler Sandra Lawrence Chase Mason Carol Reese Janet Schumacher Carol Pollard Chris Sanger Arm Schwengels Dianne Wilson Kathy Ziegler Teaching Experience Members of the Future Teachers of America Club were discussion leaders in the Great Decisions program, By leading these groups, they received actual experience in the field of teaching. Movies gave the members opportu- nities to learn about the Various phases of ele- mentary education. A highlight of the year was when the Fu- ture Teachers of America Club was given the opportunity to observe at Slavens Elementary School. Pre-Med Members Broaden Understanding The medical field is endless in its scope. Through the Pre-Med Club students are given glimpses of the different branches of this field. Instructions by doctors, nurses, and tech- nicians contributed to broadening the under- standing of the Pre-Med student. Trips to the Air Force Hospital, the research laboratory at National Jewish Hospital and to Ridge Home gave the student an insight into applied medical science. Pre-Med presents the medical profes- sion in all its phases, from its opportunities to the qualifications necessary for success. Future members of the medical profession sit engrossed in the words of a speaker. President Tom Wfeinberger leads discussion of future activities PRE-MED Mr. Paul Helander Spolzmr Tom Weinberger Prefidezzf Dee Jones Vine-Prerident Louise Malkewicz Secretary Pam Oviatt Treafurer Don Pechman I . C. C . Reprerentatwe Janis Beebe Pam Berg Jay Browne Thurston Bybee Cheryl Dunlap Margie Erbaugh john Harris Pat Henkell Winnie Hooper Dave Kaplan Dana Lauridson Sherry Leach Linda Ligget Nadine Lindquist Parn Lutz Paul Lonnquist Chase Mason Carol Mattern Virginia Nelson Diane Novosad Judy Peck Sylvia Reuter Bill Stack Linda Strauss jim Tarr Leslie Watson Ellie Weller Susan White Patty Wilson Members raise questions and present ideas for new projects. SR. HIGH RED CROSS Mr. George Villano Spomor Ron Hartness President Kay Price Vire-Prefidenl Pat Ryall Serremry Barbara Thorpe Trefzfmer Gerrie Hummel I. C. C. Reprerezztalive Ginny Anderson Larry Bell Linda Bryant Twila Coe Sonnie Fairley Wendy Hummel Kathy Krusnick Gina Liggett Chase Mason Dave Miller jill Moreland Pam Oviatt Jacque Panian john Peden Sharon Rudolph Linda Shaw john Shikles Rafael Shultz Sally Stubbs Dick Wzllker Sr Hi h J.R.C. Carries President Ron Hartness and Sponsor Mr George Villano discuss plans for . g Standing for universal care and concern, the American Fla s mbolizes the goals of the H g Y junior Red Cross. Out Many Activities Cupid's Beau, the annual valentine dance, was the combined project of the Thomas Jefferson and South High Chapters of the junior Red Cross. The proceeds of this activity were used to further the club's many projects. Among these have been parties given for old folks homes, sponsoring the Volunteen program, and the collection of toys for the Santa Claus Shop. Jr. High J.R.C. Serves Others The jr. High Chapter of the jr. Red Cross is a service organization. Sponsored by Mr. Walter O'Brien, the club carried out its purpose in all its activities. Ash trays were made by the boys and taken to Veterans Hospital. Members enter- tained at the Eastern Star Home for the Aged. They cooperated with the Sr. High jr. Red Cross and Student Council in work- ing at the Santa Claus shop during Christ- mas time and took an active part in the Banquet that was held for all Jr. Red Cross clubs. An interested student learns the objectives of the Red Cross. .4l ,NM ...w 'W- ax . M I an 4,4 ,alms Q L-ur a- .A--Aa-we M I Whirlwinds of activity are characteristic of Junior Red Cross meetings. JR. HIGH RED cRoss Mr. Walter O'Brien Spanmr Susan Plummer Prericlelzi Miriam Davis Vire-Pmridefzt Sally Plummer Scc'1'eMr'y Val Lockwood T7'C'lI.l'llJ'UI' Barbara Bell Janice Binney Barbara Clark Rick Erwin Rosemary Gersten Carol Goldman Lynn Goltry Kay Harper Mary Haskins Jim Heggie Cathy Henneman Joyce Hidahl Vicki Johnson Linda McCoy Chase Mason Norma Moreland Linda Pollard Patty Scherrer Dave Strauss Tim Woods Spartan Spirits yell for a touchdown at the Jefferson vs. South game. Spartan Spirits Honor Armistice Day This year the Spartan Spirits honored Armis- tice Day in their traditional demonstration at a football game. The formations consisted of the United States flag and the letters "T, J." and UG. W.," signifying Thomas Jefferson High School and the opposing school team, George Wfashington. In the fall the Spartan Spirits entertained Thomas Jefferson's first Homecoming dance for the alumni. Besides attending all athletic events, the Spar- tan Spirits sold shakers, had a Sophomore Tea, and a Fashion Show during an active school year. The Spartan Spirits are seen giving their drill performance at the jefferson vs. Washing- Spartan S Mrs. Mary Wyrick Sponror Nancy White Preriderzt Cheryl Dunlap Vice-Prerident ICC Reprererztatiue Adele Meyer Recording Secretary Barbara Thorpe C offer p ozzdin g Secretary Cheryl Houlette Trearzzrer Gayle Anderson Diane Baker Kathryn Bradley Linda Bryant Pat Carlton Norma Catlett Colleen Clifford Penny Coffman Linda Cunningham Kay Doty Marilyn Drumeller Cathy Erard Margie Erbaugh Cheryl Gallatin Sharon Granzow Bonnie Hagan Joan Hindes Winnie Hooper Judy Kolb Kathy Kramer Linda Liggett Anne Lilly Mary McElhiney Margaret McFarlan Marilyn McGee Louise Malkewicz Pat Maloney Chase Mason Carol Mattern Ann Miller Wendy Milner jill Moreland Marilyn Morris Gerrie Norris C Sherry O'Connor Mary Oliver Cheryl Orrell Pam Oviatt Judy Peck Pam Pettee Mickey Powers Kay Price Marjorie Reynolds Marilyn Rossi Sylvia Rueter Christina Sanger Ann Schwengels Susan Seal Ann Shafer Linda Shaw Marilyn Shroyer Sally Stubbs Margaret Teller Dorthy Van Lunsen Sue Walsh Sue Wilcox Anne Wilson Shirley Wilson Marsha Woller Pat Wright Lettermen pause during half-time rush. Lettermen Have Active Year "D" Club is composed of lettermen from all sports. It brings them together as a service group for the school. "D" Club also raises money for the athletic fund. The activities for Lettermen's Club this year were many and varied. It sold Spartan flags, helped with the lunchroom supervision, sold Cokes at Basketball games held at TJ. and helped with the Red Alert supervision. LETTERMEN'S CLUB Mr. Donald Day Sporzror Mr. Gene Wurtz 5'p01z.ro1' Dick Sullivan P1'erifz'efzt jim Shikles Vice-Preriffefzt I.C.C, Reprerenlalive Corky Hawk Secretary Bill Coffey Sergemztvat-Ar'mf Kent Aitken Ron Alliger Ernie Anderson Larry Anderson Ed Bliss Tom Brockman Dave Buchanan Vern Bybee Eric Coble Dave Crist Rusty Damrell Terry Danko Dave DeLapp Chip Dorman , Dave Draihn Dick Fellows Jerry Franklin Rich Grunberg john Harris Terry Hawk Don Howard Tom Hyland Larry Jenni Phil Klaus Don Lang Bob Larson Bill Leisk john Lloyd Larry McBride john McCarthy Jeff Mahan Martin Mansfield Pete Manthei Mick Marshall Chase Mason Ted Mitchell Gary Moore Bill Nasi Scott Nellis Jerry Noonan Bob Drange Dave Palmer Bob Randolph Steve Reeves jim Saunders Steve Sheridan john Shikles Derek Shubin Rick Spangler Mike Sroczynski Don Tilsley Dick Walker Tim Whalen Denny Wilmore jim Wilmore Rick Workman HI-Y Dr. W. Preston Gleason Spofzror' Jack Baldwin President Derek Shubin Vice-Prerident A rt Wagner Serremry Mick Marshall Treafmez' John Dodd I. C. C. Reprerezzialive Chip Dorman Sergefzfzt-af-A rm! Ron Hartness S6I'g6dIZl-dl-Afmrf Jerry Franklin Clarzplnifz Kent Aitken Doug Andrews Larry Bell Ed Bliss Dave Buchanan Pat Butler Lynn Campen John Caskey Eric Coble Steve Crocker Terry Danko XX Dave Delapp Dave Drahn Rick Dunn Dick Evans Dan Evans Dick Fellows Rich Grunberg Bill Howell Phil Klaus Bob Larson Bill Leisk John Lloyd Larry McBride John McCarthy Mark McGhey jeff Mahan Chase Mason Rick Nachman Scott Nellis Harry Norris Walt Olsen Dave Palmer Steve Peonio Bill Reeves Steve Severinsen Steve Sheridan Rick Spangler John Taylor Dick Walker Jay Wilimek Denny Wilmore jim Wilmore Rick Workman Hi-Y members enjoy jack FuIler's talk on high school social clubs. Neely lzfifi 'Q Wa. gr i fs? Candidate for Governor, Derek Shubin, leads the discussions at the Youth and Government program. Kayak Champion Speaks to Hi-Y Such interesting speakers as kyak champions and representatives from Alcoholics Anony- mous have highlighted the Hi-Y program. In addition to its regular programs, Hi-Y annually participates in the Youth and Government program, which gives youth a knowledge and understanding of our government. Hi-Y is primarily a service club, perform- ing many useful services for the community. l Tri-Hi-Y Adopts Boy One of Jefferson's largest and most active and government program and the making clubs is the Tri-Hi-Y. As is the Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y of food for Christmas and Thanksgiving bas- is affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. kets. This year the club adopted a little boy Among its activities have been the youth through the Christian Children's Fund. Tri-Hi-Y President Marian Pierce calls for il vote as the group decides on its next project. Gayle Anderson Joyce Andrews Diane Baker Kathy Bradley Bonnie Butcher Pat Carlton Norma Catlett Kathy Cavendar Colleen Clifford Twila Coe Carol Condit Barbara Crabb Linda Cunningham Charlotte Draper Marilyn Drumeller Debbie Drummond Sandy English Kim Evelyn Paulette Garrison Diane Grazier Linda Harrison Roseanne johnson Sue Keppler Barbara Krebs Dana Lauridsen Jeanne Lipscomb joan Malcolm Carol Mattern Adele Meyer Margaret McFarlane Dotty McKenna Chase Mason Margaret Nelson Marilyn Nelson Sherry O'Connor Mary Kay Oliver Cheryl Orrell Pam Pettee Sue Prather Marjorie Reynolds jane Rosenheim Chris Sanger Sue Scott Susan Seal Bonnie Shore Diane Storhaug Judi Strauss Ginny Taylor jonnie Thompson Dorothy Van Lunsen Sandi Villeneuve Nancy White Shirley Wilson Pat Wright ffffiijil r if - 'via ..1-mg. K ' ""'i'10tww4 V -4 A: V ' r s -V 'iz'3?i4pt,, X - TRI-HI-Y Miss Mary jones Spamm- Marian Pierce President Cheryl Houlette Vice-President Sally Mclntyre S 6t'7'f?f!l1'j' Sherrie Patterson Secretary Marilyn Caldwell Trearurer Dee d'Avila I. C. C. Reprerefzlatwe Ginny Grant Sergeafzl-at-Armf Karen Dewit Chaplain Officers conduct Tri-Hi-Y meetings in a parliamentary fashion. Patterns made in the Water are a part of the beauty of synchronized swimming. T. J. TUNAS Mrs. Dorsey Hamill Spouror' Marjorie Reynolds PI'6.l'flf0lIf Thurston Bybee Vice-Przzriffezzl , Guillemette de Puryx Secretary Penny Coffman TI'Ed.fllI'67' Bonnie Hagan I. C. C. Rej11'ere12fatiz'e Arlene Brey Martha Brey Janet Brothers Pat Bruce L. D. Bybee Vern Bybee Twila Coe Pam Curtis Sandy Dougherty Barbara Gunnerson Judy Gunnerson Holly Holinstrom Dana Lauridsen john McCarthy Chase Mason Anne Moorehead Lois Schierbroclc Ioan Crowther Susan Turner Mary Lou Wallace l20 TJ. Tunas Swim With Poise and Grace The TJ. Tunas are an advanced group of swimmers. They specialize in synchronized group swimming. Under the leadership of Mrs. Dorsey Hamill, the members learn the tech- niques for ballet legs, dolphins, marlins, oysters, and other stunts. This year's annual Water Show was pre- sented in May. The theme of the show was set in Hawaii. Colorful costumes and lighting were emphasized as the members presented their program. T, 1. Tunas are seen practicing their ballet legs. It is one of the basic forms of synchronized swimming e3l' pole members are seen participating in their swim and stay fit program. Tadpoles Swim and Stay Fit To promote interest in water activities, to improve swimming ability, to promote sports- manship and to promote recreational days with other Denver schools is the purpose of Tadpoles. This swim club for girls is very popular. It has a membership of 40 and a waiting list. These girls participated in the swim and stay fit program, swimming a quarter of a mile each time they were in the pool. The Tadpoles also took an active part in the Water Show held in May. TADPOLES Mrs. Winifred Jarrett Sponsor Joan Crowther Prexidefzl Joan Malcolm Vice-P1'eJidef1t Margaret Nelson Secretary and Treaxurer Jodie Rouse ynn Bahrych ancy Beirich , ' fm-Ben-N4 Libb' fah Bowler Martha Brey Janet Brothers Marianne Brothers Pat Bruce Barbara Clemensen Kathy Conti Pam Curtis Janet Dodd I. C. C. Repre5 ve . I5sli,efDfou hert Sandy D0Ha5Cffy' Rosemary Fersten Pat Guiltoyle Pam Gumz Elaine Haswell Holly Holmstrom Gail Kearns Lisa King Dana Lauriclsen Sharon Lawler Chris Luhe Carol McDonald Margaret Marshall Chase Mason Ann Moorhead Pam Oviatt Susie Powell Ann Roebuck Patty Rouse Lois Schierbrock Barbara Spurlin Johnnie Thompson Becky Whalen Candy Wild Donna Wolff Showing her excellent form, Janis Beebe demonstrates how she attained her 259 record score. I22 Senior High Bowling Club Mr. Harold Mason Spomoz' Jim Deininger 'Preiidenl Ken Aylsworth Vice-Prexidefzt Barbara Aughenbaugh Secretary jim Hartman Treaiurer Margaret Teller I .C .C . Repreientatirfe Janis Beebe jill Beebe Rocky Brew Marilyn Caldwell Norma Catlett Dave Chambers Rob Cobb Cheryl Gallatin john Gersten jan Gilkison Steve Haines Mike Hawkinson Pat Henkell Sue Hickman Jim Higby Ann Higgins Rick Kahm Bill Kress Sally McIntyre .Iucly McKay Chase Mason Bill Patterson Don Peckman Allen Reeves Larry Roubidoux Carol Shepherd Stan Smith Sharon Solomon Karen Thompson Mike Welch Marilyn 'West John Yackey A senior high bowler is shown keeping score for his team. Members of the club watch a contemporary bowl. Senior High Bowlers Increase Their Skill The members of the Senior High Bowling Club, through weekly matches, have improved their skill and profi- ciency. They actively Participate in inter- school and invitational meets. Several members participated in the Christmas Tournament. Janis Beebe and Mike Hawkinson won the mixed dou- blesg Higby, senior boys' singlesg Dave Chambers and jim Higby, boys' doubles. Bowling Promotes Recreation for Junior High Keglers Members of the junior High Bowling club look forward to their weekly recreation. They are taking an early interest in bowling. The skill and experience gained will be of great help to them in later years. All members of the bowling club have an opportunity to better their bowling techniques and make new acquaintances. Practicing delivery, Bob Venuti improves his bowling skill. A release from tension and a chance to relax are offered through the bowling clubs. Junior High Bowling Club Mr. Clemensen Spomor Dennis Graham Preriden! Martha Wiemann Secretary Bob Therrill I.C.C. Reprerentutive Karen Artman Mike Balzano Bernadine Baumann Kathy Begley Barbara Benson Bruce Berg Karl Blomberg Nancy Brumer Pat Burke Betsy Carrol Steve Carter Dan Christopherson Richard Cole Diana Cottrell Frank Cramer Bari Darr Frank Dehn Donna Fahy Neil Fischer Barbara Francis Bill Grant Fred Grant Ronald Graves Doug Grazier Paul Gregg jerry Gunstream Kathie Haines Steve Hammill Marsha Harrington Pam Hicldleston Judy jackson Gary jenkins Linda Lightburn Fred Lindquist Don Livingston Dough McAnally Bob McCune Chase Mason Chrys Mathias Dave Miller Roger Myers Paula Nelson Larry Orblom Lewis Patten Richard Perlman Carl Preyer Rod Primack Ron Reardon Barbara Richardson Dave Rittenhouse Brad Rudolph Jim Schwanke Joyce Settle Steve Shellenberger Mike Smith john Stark Bruce Steinke Jim Stewart Ricky Strass jon Sundell Bill Thompson Ward Thompson Barbara Trobaugh Ben Trujillo Don Vaughan Bob Venuti Mike Ward Keith Whipple Tony Wilfley Terry Wing SR. HIGH SKI CLUB Mr. Beck Spamm- Mr. Cutting Spofzmv' Mr. Dutton Spomor Mr. Sorensen Spozzror Paula Sheridan Preridezzt Sandi Coffman Secretary Carol McDonald Treafurer Bill Dodd I. C. C. Reprerentative Steve Heimbach Dick Naylor Rare Chairmen Cindy Akin Claudia Allcutt Ken Alysworth Gary Anderson ,Chas Andresenrf Y Doug Andrews Joyce Andrews John Arthur Steve Ashton Keith Bachman Lynn Bahrych Gary Baker Christy Balzer Charles Baughman Kit Beach Janis Benson Pam Berg Paul Bernard Sue Brown John Cameron Tom Chambers Jean Chance Rob Cobb Twila Coe Don Conner Donna Curtis Bill Danks Bev Davis Pat d'Avlia Bill Decker Marnie Deline Guillemette DePu Karen DeWit l Bill Dieter Marilyn Druemiller Nancy Estlow Susie Estlow Kim Evelyn ill' fl Jerry Franklin Tom Fry Paulette Garrison Travis Garvin Jan Gebow Jan Gilkison Pete Goldstein Julie Gottschalk Ron Grant Linda Harrison Karen Hiddleston Jim Higby Gerrie Hummel Bruce Huseman Irene Jens Dick Johnson Roseanne Johnson Gale Kearns Barbara Krebs Kathy Krusnik John Kunst Bob Larson Rich Larson Bob Liesk Gina Ligget Terry Lockwood Susie Loss Greg Lowe Virginia Lowe John McCarthy Roxie Guertnerwqdrlf Skiers are being towed up the slope by the T-Bar at Winter Park. George McGeary Marilyn McGee Judy McLean Larry Maib Joan Malcolm Virginia Mallow Dave Marcus Barbara Marr Margaret Marshall Bill Martin Carol Mattern Tish Mead Ann Miller Dave Miller Jeff Miller Steve Miller Rick Nachman Marilyn Nelson Bill Newcomer Linda Olsen Mildred Olson Walt Olsen Patty Owens Dave Palmer Janet Patron Cindy Patton Steve Pearson Sherri Patterson Mike Perkins Jerry Petitt John Pitkin Louise Preyer Cindy Prussing Chuck Ralston Jackie Rask Suzie Razatos Linda Robinson Bruce Roof Jane Rosenheim Jodie Rouse Delmer Sanberg Susie Schafroth Linda Scherienberg Janet Schumacher Sue Scott Carol Selsor Rich Seth Jim Silkensen Michel Sroczynski Jim Sroczynski Ginny Taylor Jan Therrell Cliff Thompson Johnnie Thompson Holly Tyner Christy Wadlington Jim Wagle Tony Warde Ellie Weller Sue Wilcox Anne Wilson Diane Wilson Ken Wirtz Charlene Wolfe Nancy Yeager Sue Zaffore Sr. High Tyrolifch Jum Senior High Tyrolifch jumpers have had a superior ski season. The abundance of sn w on all the slopes allowed the skiers to go many different areas. Pikes Peak, Indianhead, Winter Park, Loveland, Breckenridge, and Arapahoe Basin were enjoyed by Tyrolifch jumpers. In the Spring, the racing team participated in the Mile High and Dartmouth Cup ski shown in the form of this skier. rs Enjoy Sup .rior Season events. Nan Maresh, won the girls' down hill race at Winter Park. She was picked to represent the Southern Rocky Mountain S ' Association at the National junior Al i Ski Championships at Kalispell, Mo a. Every week, if os ' , e ski bus was wait- ing t take the Tj enthusiasts up to the slopes. On th slopes they enjoyed the fun and chal- lenge f the sport of skiing. LM 'Ja 'Q J,-70 .,', or Dip V WX-ill wlfbb, tl ple lf Mwjpf V I i v' 'vb I L My lee 'if Q14 lla of CD' ' X BJ W Xf l . Q1 f DW 'Z AM L ill WM, Vlllftlb fwwl In V 'X , lj E N l ,N ,,U,v3 10' 5 I 4 - tfl y . XZ, X 'viii-XP ,PUD 061 lj! c jwcf 9 flw TYR LIFCH IUMPERS XF VCA p!Q3Mr, arles Beck LDV - I power C Mr. George Cutting - UN Spofzroz' Ui Mr. Robert Dutton ' W Spwzfor l Mr. Donald Sorensen Spozzrw' - Sue Kile Prefizlefzl Kathy Ol-:erstrom Sec'1'efary Janice Gvirtz Trefulzrer Pam Allcutt Susie Aspinwall Eric Balsen Cynthia Baughman Bett Iljaurrlanx . qnXBecwarD N H 'aa-Bffgif Stewgfiemell Paul Bolles 1 1 r Jeff Booten Tim Bourne y 0 Filia ramley Dan Brock Dan Brumbaugh Butch Brumer GTFIC arr - IQ Ro m an ler Carol Clark Frank Clark Robbie Coe l28 ! au a iiarvey Invigorating and joyous is the skiers day in this Wfinter Wonderland Kippy 1 Tom d'Avila Dave Darnell janet Dodd Ann Davis Ralph Dobson Q 'Sandy Douglmrty Merrie Dunhan Mary Eckles Stuart Emery Jeanne Fuller Ga l tin GAY Ted Gill Ron Gilligan Libby Gottschalk Paul Gregg Pat Guilfoyle Sandy Guiry Steve Hammill Phil Hanson Sarah Harper Kay Harper Elaine Haswell Richard Hays Vicki Hays Evie Heimbach Dave Herbst Randy Hicks Holly Holmstrom Bob Holyfield Steve Hummell Susan Isberg Mimi Kile Russ Klein Jerry Krebs Joan Latcham inda Li iane ont K john Lowe Charles Lowrie Brian Lutz Lois MacLean Carol Maher Gary Mammel Chuck Marsalis Chase Mason ,df jlwtl WWW Mike McDonald Peggy McEwen Pat Milbourn Ricky Milbourn Susan Musick Steve Naylor Diane Novosad Becky Owens Marty Owens Pat Parkhill Lewis Patton Susie Patton jay Peters Steve Perry Graig Phillips Ken Portz Nancy Reed Debbie Sanders Lois Schierbrock David Selsor Steve Shraiberg Sue Stark jordan Stevens Laurel Stevens jr. High skiers prepare for a run down the aff all if W David Stookesbury Louise Suhm Penny Thebus jack Tieman Bob Therrell Linda Thyfault Robert Tipton Gregg Treverton Linda Yance Debbie Valis janet Vancil Dave Wall Mike Ward Bonnie Westby Jeanie Wheeler Candy Wild alter ' regg Williams Rich Williams Merrill Wilson Pam Yeager john Zaffore ,wifi fffili slope. Jr. High Tyrolifch Jumpers Learn Skills junior High Tyrolifch jumpers par- ticipated with great enthusiasm in this year's ski season. Skiing alongside the senior high Tyrolifch jumpers, the junior high is developing some fine new skiers. Each individual member is helped to obtain the greatest possible enjoyment of the sport. They are taught to co- operate with the Southern Rocky Moun- tain Ski Association, and other official clubs in the conduct of competitive events between clubs. Arapahoe Ski Basin favored the Tyrolifch jumpers in March with a weiner roast and a fun race. Skiing is a sport the American people enjoy very much. Our jr. High'Tyrolifch jumpers are no exception. . -1, , "-Ts. 2: it 5 .. .. W : - -we .Aa ,, , f -f: . . A skier has found great pleasure in breaking a fresh trail in the new powder snow. I29 mi tml 3--1 L. 10 R., Firrl mw: Kathy Kramer, Sherry Leech, Peggy Edwards, Diane Storhaug, Mari Ward, Sylvia Reuter, Barbara Krebs, Donna Kemp, Lynn Cassin, Terry Dawkins, jane Rosenheim, Linda Cunningham, Roxie Guertner, Margaret Mclfarlane. Second row: Sue Seal, Mickey Powers, Sherry O'Conner, janet Schumacher, Barbara Crabb, Pat d'Avila, Ann Schwengels, Charlotte Draper, Jeanne Lipscomb, Pat Thrash, Judy Gunnerson, Tish Mead, Carol Coleman, Margie Erbaugh, Carol Selsor, Judi Strauss, Carol Mattern. Diane Novasad. Third row: George jones, Ron Perkins, Vic Coulter, Bill Patterson, Mick Marshall, jack Baldwin, Travis Garvin, Dick Frantz, Art XWagner, Dave Miller, Stanley King. Fozzrlh raw: Larry Lesser, jim Justice, jim Hidahl, Larry Ashcraft, Wayne Doud, Dick Naylor, jim Deininger, Glenn Roberts, Don Conner, Rick Kahm. Concert Choir Sings a Varied Program Qualified students in Thomas jeffersons Concert Choir strive for perfection of musician- ship and depth of appreciation through the preparation of a wide variety of vocal music. This performance group has presented many concerts throughout the year. Among these have been the Christmas as- sembly ancl concert, the Winter Concert and commencement exercises. Besides its school programs, the choir has presented concerts for the PTA, service clubs, and churches throughout the community. QI, Y I g i X515 Q' . 5' Q5 1 j fs y Q X Y' 0 +5 A I Q fwfr' M El If 0 3 I I! T 5 u L. 10 R., Fin! faux' Diane Richards, Karen Stiles, Anne Morehead, Judy Byers, Kathi Dorey, Susi Bennett, Jan MacMillan, Vicki Kuhlman, Janet Egholm, Mr. Bob Ashton. Semrzd row: Joan Dorey, Pam Lutz, Connie Miller, judy Megill, Alice Najera, Linda Brenning, Adele Meyer, Becky Crowe Barbara Cain, Louise Malkewicz. Third row: Mary Tatum, Kathy Pettee, Vicki Hart, Arlene Storhaug, Pat Hafenbrack, Lynne Whittenburg, Barbara Wilson, Bonnie Cowell, Judy McKay, Mary McGarr. Girl's Ensemble Performs at TJ. Under the direction of Mr. Bob Ashton, the newly organized Girl's Ensemble has taken part in many concerts this year. Besides singing in the school concerts and the all-school show, the Ensemble has performed for various civic and social groups. As a major project this year, the girls sold candy to earn money in order to buy their new matching gold dresses. gajf L. I0 R., Firrt rout' Pam Carmichael, Charlene Clemmer. jennifer Reeves, Melha Collins, Kathy Bond, Teresa Bake atlivvBoweu,fSue Stark. Susie Willson. Marcia Bushacker. ,lilflff Siflglw, Linda Pollard, Lynne AFLLJW, Paula McElhiney. Pam Bodney. Second rozzz' arol Bomash, Sue Bixler. Bari Darr. Linda Neidiger, Judy McGraw. Linda Vance. Louise Suhm. Linda Birreil, janet Neilson. Paula Nelson. Sharon Thompson, Kathy Bonham, Bonnie Schellhase, Laurie Anderson. Margaret Sutton. Third 1' L5'DU Bahrych. Jeannie Wfilliamson. Karen Artman, Elizabeth Dees. Sally Plummer. Pat Shehan, Meredith Scott, Barbara Trohauih, Donna Bossier, Leslie Moore, Susan Patton. Becky XX'halen. Diane Tilsley. Julie Trujillo. Fourth rozzif joan Norburg. Pat XVallace. janet Kennedy. Scott Swaggart. Bruce Drost. Dennis Alien. Richard Peterson, Gary Randant, Larry Blair. Roger Swanson, Mike Saul, Pat Murphey. jay Reeder. Musical Background Built Through Ninth Grade Chorus Under the direction of Mr. Robert Ashton, In addition to gaining knowledge of music approximately 150 students receive valuable fundamentals, these students provide entertain- musical 'training and instruction in Ninth Grade ment for parents and fellow students at various Chorus. activities throughout the year. L. 10 R., Firrt rout' Diane Kramer, Susan Earhart. Nancy Shedd, Sandra Lawrence, Lynda Caten. Nancy Hall. Sue Kile, Sharon Brennan, Carol Hardwick, janet Rice. Secmzd four Linda Ford, Carol Dorman, Patty Blessing. Pat Guilfoyle, janet Dodd, Kim Groves, Pam Gumz, Sue Plummer. Martha Brey. Paula Garvey, Pam Alcutt. Sally Vinson. Chris Luhe, Elaine Haswell, Annette Carter. Michele Graves. Third muh' Vicki Goltry, Margaret Kelley. Carol Maher. Candy XX'ild, Vicki Anderson. Pat Harrison. Mary lngenthron, Sarah Harper. Barbara Gunnerson, Mary Fuchs, jerry Jacobs. Gay Gallemore, jerry Morgan, joan Hudiburgh. Mary Mathews. Fonrflv mrzx' Roger Morris, Tom Watson. Don Goodwin, Bruce Sparks. Lewis Patten. Brian Lutz, Randy Fox. Bob Edwards. john Entsininger. Russ Klein. Rick XY'iIson. Roger Stansbury, Steve Gillette, john Speckman. Bob XY'ilson. Pete XY'ickman. Ralph Dobson, Stuart Emery. L. zo R.. Firyz wuz' Richard Kroc, Robert Dorsett, jim Link, jim Bonham, Larry Hockstad, Linda Ela cl, Julie Brinton. Serond row: Holly Holmstrom, Bob Sees. Dave Mesch, Roger Isberg, Randy Milne, Pam Graves, Gail Price, Nick Greear, Mike Mea x, jim Graunke, Bob Stimson, Ann Roebuck, Barbara Clemensen, julie Tipton, Karen Hill. Third faux' Don O'Dell, George Peterson, john Robert Stella Williams, Michele Wagenhals, john Beckwith, john Low, Bill Hill, Eric Blazer, Ellen Sobol, Dan Bernstein, Reinout VanWest, Art Hiest r, Bill Bettine, jerry Patterson, Linda Holmes, Paul Gregg, Gail Pelsue. Fourlb raw: james Orlin, Bill Decliert, Paul Ruid, Bruce Trustman, Mike Balz no, David Rittenhouse, Neil Fischer, Richard l-lentzell, john Cramer, Fred Lindquist, Ginny Spurlin, David Bruner, Mike Smith, Kenneth Carlson. Q Y 5 xx Intermediate Band Proves Good Launching Pad for Beginning Musicians L. I0 R., Fin! row: Sandy Shapiro, Bob Larson, Dave Eland, Pat Morgan, Bill Patterson, joan Norburg, Larry jotdan.Semr1drow: jim Tarr, Brad Pelsue, Bob Miller, Sue Hawkinson, Dick Montgomery, Jerri Tone, joe Dunn, Frank Clark, Burris Frisby, Don Robidoux, Denise Atkinson, jane Braly. Third row: Dave Brown, Ron Cowen, jerry Noonan, jim Schwanke, Larry Maib, john Harris, Nobby Geshell, Don Newhouser, Russell Erb, john Rice, Dan Marcus, jim Silkensen, Paul Ethington, john Coleman, Mike Mclilvain, Bob Tipton. Fourlb row: Frank Cramer, Gary Pinkston, jon Sundell, Clifford Isberg, Steve Voorhess, Lewis Logan, Steve Wagenhals, jim Lamson, Bill Newcomer, john Pratt, Mark Benson, Mike Hawkinson, Larry Idol, Brian Miller, Dick Wl1etstone, Steve Ashton. Concert Band rouses The rousing music of the Concert Band stim- ulated and brought school spirit to new heights as it was played at rallies and football games. A special project of the band was recording a special tape which was sent to Mr. Reiva. Spartan's Enthusiasm Thomas jefferson's Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Gene Elancl, has presented an outstanding program of music this year. It has played for many of this year's assemblies and took a part in the Winter and Spring Concerts. C - K in ' ni pg l.. in R., Ifirrf 1'f1zi'.' ,lan janitschke, Karen Spenslcy, Sully Hiiywiiul, Martha Hazel. Judy Peck, Saskia Paap, David Stout. John Dunham. Semnd mu" M .A U. N .V ,, V, A - . lilic Hopkins, lim I-Icidon. Suzanne XX asson. Malinila Diocnlwuig. Put Morgan, joan Norburg. Larry Jordon, Dave Elancl, Wfencly Decker, Carol Mr'Don1ilcl, Roberta Scott. Paula Bernstein, Cindy Anderson, Tliird mug' Cliirk Blzickwoocl, Bruce Miller. jucly Jackson. Suzanne James, Sancli Shapiro, lioh Larson, Bratl Pelsue. Annette Rouse, -lohri Pinkstnn, Stew Novak, Paul Bernard, Al Roth, Foznfb rouz' Sandra'Do1ig'liert,yf Lulu Gemmilkfgathy Porrei'bSniimli':i Gigliotti. Dick Bemis, john Rice. Dan Mnrrus. jim Silkcnsen. Paul Etliington, joe Dunn, Frank Clark. Fiflb raw: Frank Cramer. .tuc Ashton. jon Sunrlcll. 'lohn Pratt. Bill Ncwcoiner, jim Lamson. john Harris. Nohhy Geshell. Larry Iclol. Concert Orchestra Plays Contemporary and Classical Music Inspiring its audiences with stirring music, In the Fall Concert and others of the year, the Concert Orchestra has been an important the orchestra presented brilliant programs of part of Thomas Jeffersons musical program. music of allkincis. 5 ,, is i 5 . I I R.. Firrf mu-'.' ,lan Janitsrhlce, Ken Wirtz, Bob Larson, Dave Eland. jerry Noonan, Larry Maih, Brad Pelsue. SEIOIIIZ 7'UZl'.' Steve Ashton 0 qllflflell, J0hfl Hflffls- RUSS Efb, D00 NCWh0U5Cl', DHD Marcus. jim Silkensen. Tlvird faux' Paul Bernard, Al Roth, john Pratt. Bill Newcomer jm Lamson. Richard Cole. Diplomats Create ood Music Creating a musical atmosphere for many of this year's long-to-be-remembered moments, Thomas Jefferson? dance band, The Dip- lomats, played for several of T. jfs socials and dances. Recently the Diplomats received new gold and brown sport coats which were paid for by a dance held in the gym during this year, and attended by not only students but parents also. Wfith the help of Mr. Gene Eland, the boys in the band put in many long hours of hard work and practice in order to perfect their performance in the all school show. COLONEL DICK FELLOWS LT. COLONEL DELMAR SANBURG LT. COLONEL DAVE CHAMBERS MAJOR DEREK SHUBIN N.D.C.C. Builds Men Dedicated to the mental and physical devel- opment of young men, the National Defense Cadet Corps gives instruction in military leader- ship, map reading, the handling of weapons, marksmanship, first aid, physical fitness, and drill. Prestige has been gained not only through the outstanding boy's rifle team, but also the newly organized girl's team which has been very successful in city-wide competition. Through N.D.C.C., boys gain a sense of courtesy and responsibility which benefits them during their years at Jefferson and prepares them for future careers. LT. COLONEL KENNETH SCHMALBECK MAJOR DARREL CORNELL MAJOR MARK MCGAHEY LT. COLONEL RAMSEY MAJOR JOHN MAHAN I7I.ff1'llff0f Irzrlrnrfor L , - 9 Rn Xu wg X A Compan CAPTAIN DON MURPHY A Conzjmzzy C OIIZIIIIIIIKJE7' Color Guard Raising the flag every morning and lowering it every night is the duty of the N.D.C.C. Color Guard. It also does much to increase respect for the flag by presenting the colors at assemblies and athletic games. Drill Team Presenting impressive performances of precision drill- ing, into which have gone hours of practice, the Drill Team is an important part of Thomas jefferson's N.D.C.C. program. The team gives demonstrations at as- semblies and in parades, and does a great deal in creating public interest in the military department. L. lo R4 joan Malcolm, Cheryl Dunlap, Sally Stubbs, Sue Curtis, Barbara Crabb, Jeanie Lipscomb, Pam Oviatt, Kay Price Honorary Cadets Besides assisting in the routine paper work of the military department, the Honorary Cadets act as hostesses at many of the N.D.C.C. social activities. Say that calmly, Lt. Col. Glenn. Y0u're refbwe? N in EVXENTH mm A brush-grown footland . . . a lake to focus future challenges the view of mountain peaks ahead . . . Seventh Grade Presidents and Sponsors lf MRS, MARJORIE MR. ROBERT GUNKLE SHANNON Seventh grade sponsors and officers help the class adjust to a new school. DEVVY ROY ALTMAN WILSON I46 Agers, Akin, jeff Greg 53 Arbuckle, Ashmun, Clif Connie Bayer, Bean, Jeff jon Bell, Bennett, Kristin john Z r Bestle, Biggs, Douglas Vicki ' ?H5gi,,j"' ,W ' Q i -3455 K, sky ' l Q -' 1 I Allen, Barbie iz Altman, Devvy . .-.K .N , V .J K, QQ7'!Q ii XI - 'Q ' , -.rt N Y i .,i i i ff-fri-6 Ashton, Baird, Kathy Randy Beckwith, Bebell, Cheryl Barbara Bennett, Benson, Lin Jim 5, f ,Y -iisvf Binkin, Nancy ,V 1 Binney. Joyce .M Anderson, Kathi Q' 1 'M vm -" ,, 5 5 'sk ' Q Km 1 I Andrews, Bonnie 'ff 'S . S vm, fr- A , f ,,., ilu. f ,v-'wil -you , , 5.6. , I Y Baker, Cindy Bebe-ll, janet Bernard, Bruce K ,V jigg, A, Blacke. Terry Banks, Barbara Bell, Barbara Bernstein, Dan Blanton. Keith I47 Seventh Grade SF fur?-41 Q 'wif 0 WJ 4 , ,GF .Y X B B B rf My YW A A .f V , r e e if y , r i Q fx 2 if LV rv y eee aaa als 'M ,-,I 5 1 J H emi ly 3.4 I I ,jf V ,W V' F ' . kk , .1 LJ R , V Em, +1--. Qee B M W,'b K , L il X if ,fe V , ,,,?r,1, I48 K ,af 5 ki V Vl kL Blomberg, Karl Bohanna, Ann Marie Bowler, Sarah Bretthauser J Ury Bruhin, Dorindn Brumbaugh, Carolyn Bru mer, Nancy Bruton, Patty Bryclen, jim Brzernski, john Burchett, Lois Burrus, lvlary Busch, Bob Bush, Jeanette Bush, La Donne Bybee, Lauddale Cameron, K-lynn Carlson, Ken .Y i Carpen, Karlana nys. R I 1 B v-gm L . ,J ,gr ,, . -a-, Mr A ag. . n wi Q g . 6 w 5 'G 35, W 1 1 if K w ,35 ' 1 Y . r ,A - .125 Carroll, Betsy Danielson, Kristine X Clark, Scott Dansdill, Larry Colvin, Cynthia d'Avila, Tom iifu Tir an X fl" 4+ as ww wk, ,rf , , ""ff?' r -P - 1 l' - , ,i Lf,-gffq 'Y V ,,w:.f 9 gf L 5 H ,- 5 . Mfifdlf f ,l: Dorsett, Bob El ler, Les Frank, Becky Gersten, Rosemary la v--sa Combs, Sue Davis, Bob l - sssx rw , A., , , f l 3? 'gl 'ISS' F .Hz if-1-1 f.: V2 ' X A 1 1 'if 5' s"1'x' ,. I . ' 4 a 15 Qs-b ' - 1 'GMA ,f r a w, " rg: M . r ., ,,,-f,4f5af- 1' l 1 f C4 Cgllingr Corbin, Cowen, Craig, Vicki Rick Bob Bernard Davis, Davis, Dawkins, Deuth, Dave Hale Kent janet A J 929' rang :li E -- . 6? ,rl ,.,.. w.- x. 'Q I Dunler, Bob Elrod, Richard Frank, Jeanie Gillette, Jay 1 it sm -v ' f A M ,Eff , f i. ' YR 5 ' , f Y Q I 4, K l Durham, Donna Engstrom. Julie French, Chris Gilman, Sandy vi Crist, Tommy Donaldson Sharon 'Q ITT? . : , as Q, -in 4 ' ',', 3 I' , f I '1 f -:fs 'Q' S it l G ,su we if ltr' 'sr . . me yn Eggleston, Tom Estlow, Sally Fuller, Jeanne Goddard. Diane Y' Elgsten, Wayne F ahy, Donna Ful ler, Penny Goldstein, Cindy K , fi' Eller, Jim Fox, jackie Gebow, Bill Goodin, Phil I49 Seventh Grade Herron, Haydon, Hiddleston. Hise, Phil Connie Pam Lindsley johnson justice, Kumlet, Keene, Vicki Nancy Barbara Teri Holmes, Linda Kennedy, Linda Howard, Hubbert K i tty Mike Kerr, Kile, Peggy Mimi r"lu 'Tb Hyman. Myra Knowlton. Mike L Grant, Clive Guiry, Sandy Haskins, Mary Isberg, Roger C. Kolp, Roberta Grant, jim Gunstream, Jerry 'i5'l ,df ,H- A Q., l Q3 Heggie. jim jackson, Dianna Krantz, Stan . If Granzow, Graunke, Judy jean Gunther, Harper, Paul Douglas Kay Graves, Pam Hartman, Nancy Hendrickson. Christine Jarratt. Kyle Ladd, jamie Henkell. Beverly Jensen. Dave Laird, Stephanie , Dx . X, t H ffl ' ,. X ' x "Wig H Grazier, Doug Hasenyager, Ann Henneman, Herbold, Cathy Debra jesmer, Jelek, john Gary Lairsmith, Lang, Dave Pat 23 ' f rw .. . ' gig!-1. , I, , E fi , D951 af.. J- Jimi' wh x 5 ag 3. - zzgaffff l5l Seventh Grade Af. .1 . 2 McLeod, Shelley McQuiston, Bruce McSl1ane Bruce Meaux, Mike Megill, Marylea Menard, 'Tan Mesch, Dave Miller, Linda Miller, Steve Miller, Susan Milne, Karen Mitchell, Diana Lansing, Ron Marcus, Bob 21 Lf ll l 5 Q V i f , Z if' 1 Larm, Laurerbach Marcia Marian Marr, Marshall, Rhonda Bruce ..' 'N rr- iiif Ki ja, M I if Learned, Diane Martin, Linelle Mitchell, Mary Moore, Carol Morrison, Mike Mountjoy, Steve Musick, Susan Mussett, Kenneth Naeve, Cheryl Nagel, Nancy Newman, Karen Nichols, Paulette Norlin, Kirk Novak, Becky O'Connell, Terry Olmsted, Bob Olsen, Linda Owens, Bill - W ' , 4 , ir, ' I Lewis, Linstedt, Renee Christine Martin, Masten, Ron Bob lr fafgsrf ,- xi 4' ' ' , 5 , ii M' . i Y ENN H t Q f ,gs ii, I" l Lloyd, john McAnally. Doug HQ' Lesuer, Lucinda McGraw, Dianna Y if ew' Lutz, Mehlig, Janet Leslie McGrew, Mclntyre Dan Shari Mueller. Bruce -atm ' it "" Naylor, Bob tw, - I ,e Q .ar - t Owlin vu , F3 Palmer T Y' , V Susan W, lf ar 1 Seventh Grade 'A r 'i" Qi Aw-5,71 f' bm. QE, a"i:,f a , Z X 1 Saunders, Lynda Jean Sobol, Ellen Schmidt, john Sooby, Karen Rovinson, Adell Saine, David Sandburg, Marcia Sanders, Debbie Saul, Judy Saunders, Linda Sch rawger, Linda Sparks, Gary f - :fi ,fm i 1 , Perry, Louis Rodman, Kathy 3. iiffk. 5 f' an il i- ,cl l i' 1' 1, M .5 '79 ' .,- 62 2 Schreemer, Steve Spinney, Lynn iittt gi ' -' lx 1 e ' 4.-' 'f ' nhf S 'gif . 'if' f 1 , t ' i i , ,, Patterson, JUYY Patton, Ann Pearson, David Perkin, Linda 5 '55 ily 1 N A 't 3 fi . . :rf 3 S L X I Pfohl, Pratt, Preston, Carolyn Abie Charlotte Roecker, Roper, Rooney, Margaret Earl Cathy ig e.. V ll , - U, gp I I, A 5: I I 'ii 'f K4 "-, ,ff V V Sfmt. ' . S , ,' ge yyay, A . A at erel ' y , ,a - A, . , 4QpI'ff,sfff r' Q 1 I af ,,ght, ,51 . . -. -as Selsor, Settle, Shahan, David Joyce Dick Spurland, Sroezynski, Staley, Barbara jim Gretchen Prussing. Rich Roorcla, Tom Shafer, Harry Stearns, Bill ti Reardon Ron Rose, Beverly ,,, E191 9 ,- Shubin, Don Sterling, Pat I ff" 5, 'V ,. 'JS es? l'l ...,f Y ' .'cfg,,.:pg, Rennecker. Susan Rouse, Pat K, rilr Q ,A , , iii A Reynolds. Cynthia Rouse, Patty vuvzm A ' , , lf' Q, f N5 Shukdberg. Mike Stevens. Laurel Sloan, Janis Stiles, Melanie ,. ,Q w-'A ' -6' my, Reynolds. Rhodig. Robb, Diane Kathy Nancy Rudolph, Rudolph, Ruid. Brad Doug Paul Smoclc, Smith, Kathy John Stone, Strauss, Jeremy Dave Smith, Mike Strauss. Rick l55 fx 'V n Seventh Grade Van Weldon, Karen Warden, Cheryl if e lf f' 4.-, fr , , .uv nu 3 Y if 5'-JI ff... J? ' 1 ele' li Q 1 Terpstra, Thornley, Thorpe Dennis Bill Forest Vernon Rodney NX' a FICO, Kathie , Vestal, Vivian, Janelle Wfasson. Suzanne Wagner, Elizabeth Watson, james David 4?597.f73f - 9' ."?-'ff iff ' .. :4'mJ.L 1:5 Tilly, jim Watson. Norman Webster, Bill Weil, Linda Weimar, Jan Weiss, Mikki Wenger, Diane Wesin, Cathy Wesin, Linda West, johnny Wilfley, Vicki Tilsley, Treidel, Steven Georgette kwa? :ri 1 S? A-U, w, 'N Vvw 1 4' iw 4- 98 , 1 i iw W, Sm' X 3 Ili fix ' K is Wa 51: Q .J zt , af 'W ff, Trujillo, Bennie Williams, Alice Williams, Lynn Williams, Sandy Willson. john Wilson, Kemper Wilson, Merrill Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Peggy Wilson, Roy Woods, Tim Workman. Ron Wy'more, Marilee Yates, Marilyn Yeager, Pam Yoelin, Katie 'Qi 'sr 4 , Unfug, Van Lunsen, Witson Kathy Mineke Larry i--r -me ni, 5 gi g im, 3?5s,Q3S?5 Qfiiwwfiv ff Eb Q9-QNX Ed L1 ,P SP3 NSSWAQDSQJQU L 3 1 W fi? Sww ,fy 5 vw mia Q35 D5 T7 .1 v7 Y A 'rf W .-QR RL. f XJ ' J ,X Q J V C J . X: 'Y N M - V L ij 'A EM X I Q J Huy? 93 xv .43 SJN I'1O O' W V x X 5. fi J ,X Xl L l k , 1 N - V -1 Y. -24' Q X u, 1, N 'fx X, ' MTG Quai' wnpk 5 To O rgal C love, M X U 4 F l 22 footT1i11s rise . . . NM b C374 rus IS pme art s ruce t if h - - d . . ii 1' b h f td ' MWWM X Wywf 555 MW 1 WW JOWMMW ,Q '1 A , , - w.,,,- . ,W U01 M ' QW rfv ' LA ip x 4 'YP Mfyfgwiiigf L 0 f E1 hth Grade Presidents and Sponsors 4 GW I ,qi MR. CHARLES MISS DORIS BECK VINYARD 'ff-nc? ' E V. E W pf' .M ,ggmfs '-fpsw' :0 qv' Q ejxhw -MAMJ 115' QL ro 550 f ,O O E E M Q R f-E ,Q .Q 'hgh We , ff gif 7 Ra ,E A .1 LW lp ' V., V' .EYQ gragihpreslden 5, QQBQSJ rs plan futuren gpg-iesif' ,Lx JAM Lqq Ge .q I T, -jf. L it 0 AC Cf QE my K, 050 ffm, ,Q A WE, A mf JM 7 IWW, ,fwb ULF QI' ,cf QL UI ,ri 4 KA V C10 ,ffb ' sf? ,Db Y f JJ pf N LTU ,lf .-16' L.: V e 'AW' ui" I V? A f' CTL' pk ,VLJP A ' F 61' E 'ak 'L ' I t W -+L , fit, H! 7' bit 'J' KJ JO E Rf E ,E R 4 fm fe Rf EO R 0 '57 I ww fic 64, K pl X 59' 1' 0 wb' z,fl',,pWnb fp X 1 X A' WV JL at We Q gi KU 0 C l Pb UM M, 1' Q ,fu ,Vw A mf ,Q MEC EP Er 4 0' Q x ff qfv OL LJ w je R, , R , L . W fu Hy ,J C ,lv Vlapzff TOXUX xfcol JL' h JUVCT the J . , Y L cf uk, 4' Y C 1 ' -1 1 E ,M Q -R U Af all fd If ' x, 0 K CL OW fm W 1,11 H L, . f, , JA, he aww' 011 ,Uv bf 17 of J 661 L. ,hw ,f X, 'N JV' algo ,L of JMR c' exgicxd '35 K, V V W0 l 1w 7 1 L4 f I -fl ,-5, 1 Lv I9 , 74, cgi? 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A9 fsf ' is Arendt, Balzano, K lzer, B0h1mf1l1, Tammy Michael r j Loren Gerta P' Baughman, Beadle, a ' Beagley, Booren, Bowen, Bernadine y'ton ,M Kathy Libbie Ricky Berg, nstein, A B f Binney,1 Bowles, Bradley, Bruce Paula Janice Debbie ,J Dianne fx Y , D " ijiflzrul tc-1-f Q11 X Q fm. - I 64,41 liz, CTW' dv L X I My f -44QC?a1-4,,,.27J RQ ,halve JDM 7 3 f K 4 if 'K , , J , ! 14'V J :FF ll Q r 4 f , t "' A 'fm ,A,!,n Bird, Bjork, Blackwood, Bramley, Brinsa, Karen Linnea Clark julie jim Ibl E1 hth Grade x C, 40 I, Q-if PL, 'Jail 7 VL L x,fCJ1 A w G Q L 0 4 N4 .B QQ, fb V" 0 L J Nt' i C 2 , ' ff :JOHN JD LCV V 5 X I' in I W fr uw lffrgk, lm L ,JC X CMC jiQfgfmZA4f 0 , - A """ SESEEWV JLZBKUZ7' s i 1 Q I X M' Crocker, Kivpy Curtis, Nancy Curtis, Pam Curtis, Patty Burdick, Greg Clark, Barbara B Uicw pg - Brirzton, YNOQQ X mg , 5 gg ? Z , julie L60 Lg- Lim 3 r ,r 3zfWfiC1Q- gwifw gs V 'Wxougvx Q35 ULQXRVXQQ q Z Uff?g5 QNOSS, . , QW A Q gig? Sue XX Q BO! ' gf- xBrRers mmm? Ck P- . A Mariann, iq? 'f-DLQ , O x Diaz? gg r QR f 1 as C3 Ag" ,OBS is C wo cs B Cs T . ki It Q KCSLL C rrr'rr B' 5 i - , B , 'J sg 4 in N 'J ' if ,I g a -A f- W, X S . if 3 , ppl. i '- , f Cadwallade, Charlotte Sara he-xyl Clemensen, Coe, Cohen, Barbara R Warren Fw ,L . , WW . V S g muff- V. K I, A Q AM X Davis, KIXVNXX Davis, - ,L V 'O Day, L ,N is D k y D L , ,Ann Kxirjxlirancie Alan Vining? Bib ange Q! England, flfsflfgl 7' U59 Efwin, Faust, Francis, Dafleneg Q3 , LAY , Q R1 ,Q Betty Barbara f 32? W6:,Jifa,.Q , B x ' 5 NQ ,O x B f N Y xy l62 Q x Nffixj y 'X' 4 asks' ' Xbgv XX, X QRQPQX xxxfwg .biiffxwwiw 'xi S9 M35 'U 7'-- 1 C n Campbell, Carpen, Carey, Chandler, Brian Thad Pete Jim Coker, Coleman, Collier, Collins, Vicki john Marc Bill De Shon, Vickie Gallatin, Gayle Chandler, Pam Colvin, Cassandra EFS A ,gl ww, 1 V' Drummond, Susan Gaustter, Terri Christian, Christopherson Condit, Conti, David Kathy Eckels, Mary Gauther Kim Ei hth Grade fi.,- Q, 1 K sms! 'Y.""' 1. I f .- ,YN L'- 7 . if ' V7 Gauthier, - Connie Gemffiiii, Marylu, 'Gilbert, ,Beth f Glover, A Tom Goldman, Carol' f Goldstein, l , Nancy Goltiy! i Lynn Graham, Dennisf ,J ,, Qfaunlgej , imma VL X f- - I L ?G1lavQsjd , - Rohzilkd E,fxx CV iv Ts 1 ,fy lf.,-'ffaf 4111. - ,r-Pl-f - Gray, ' Allan Gfiffimf . i Susie - k.l ,Wil W ' 1.4.9, .-,fl-7 3 Q me .,, K k , ' ' zl' K ,V 3. XJ mills ' 'wifi A, Gnesef - Ray Haiysg K Loren I U are 'A ink, ,, X s.f JS Q f'-in Ezra? , ll fs: 'I , J fn. f' fo? Guwfsky, Bonnie Heggie, X Tom ,Z .W LV a ff' Hacker. Steve Heller, Bev I Q n , YQ I LWA if ill' 91 ' f J , V rf Hiigirlies, by I' il- f Hallli lvicafhy All 1, by SBLOI: i -ilenshayxlff if 'Hentzell, P l if li y . -ima f ' ,Li ,L TV yu, nf lg' U1 Y yi. fyl. A K Z' ' U ,ANU ,, fb My A' X In ,YV f 'Ny CU fx ,lr X yy wiv X ' K' 2 xl" l 1 pil ' ' 1 ' v MMM X ,1 1 -if , L J fi rf fi , , L. f f If i , f Y yn' Ll, V1 'V' L L f,,l i 4 .- . 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Cl -'V J V of Vx x X .,'u-up Steve Mammel, Gary Lockwood, Valerie Mansfield, Mary jean s w Loss, John Marshall, Cully ' i X J' M, M1 "vii Ou 4. iv' Y as ll N v S lf 16' ns ii A, 1 W, ,f 1 .9 HH 1 2 is as W, av , 'E ,j. rf as Yfwilf tri 'gk l . :il ff a My A 0 I Lowe, Lowe, john John Marshall, Marshall, Kathy Mary Sue -f!"'g11 ' K y FWLV Q A 1 N 75 55'- 4,,. 5 V -1 'Q ' 1 Phi QZJJL 1 V 1 , Mathias, Ch rys 93 . lv " 501' nag MU all f ff M W 4 Mp, Lyn UafyEg1h,,q,vF aren ' en X -'I fr -' I M Y , M nh sf J AL f 1 Tl is cgxig S, ' Suzgan ew K, Zullijklsfd airixkil 0 Q XJ Ed to D1 Iwulll-Q kffxxo U fl' X v'l',,, 1 K X lf f a I -XL 'f 1' " V V 'fa' 'f,v I Jf.f FP yn- , . I gli' Quffl,lfflf,7N',,QJfQQ,1 I , QW S. 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'B . 55' 7 "' "tt 1, ',,' V '- r "" "- y 1.-..."v r ,, . .f,.S .rre Y wtf lte . .-. Q A V A ' I' ie , s 4 kr g if R' ' ff -Q time f f"fT QQf?. - Q rzwliw A Ligzai-:Z Z gif . wg 1 4. ,.eef e r 1 liztg:-Q - 3,4 Q X. . 4 If Peonio Barb R A R d P l Roos Kare Roth, john R A tt R d lph C thy Salmi Jim Schellh S Ly Sh Ptty Sh lb Rhd bk. Peters, , Peterson, Phelps, P 5 Ph ll P Ph ll P5 A d Betsy Brad A g., F WM ' ' vt? QV g W N WMU? W0 fgi 3355, V292 W WWW MM bf HNZKLHLCM X Schmid joseph Scott, Roberta See B b Sh fer. B k Sh p L Shllwoc Linda M52 0' Sinkov Bi tif ll M536 Mt P tw We , M wr XP ffm 9 6 v1.41 4 --L L V' L1 I v ,f .1 .Qin 4, - ., ..., r, ,YQ xxx 5 v f, I .4 gif 7 1 i ,V V' M V ' ' ' ' X i U Ei hth Grade ' , V ffk 611 .f .lx i Or HJ I 'PW -0 . f WPNJ., 7.if1Z ,mi Valis, Van West, Debbie Reinout Whitmyer, Wieman, John Martha Venuti. Voorhees, Wallace, Waln, Bob Steve Mary Steve Wilimek, Williams, Williams, XViHi3m5, Gregg Gary Gregg Kathy Ann l X X X, rf 4 i l' X l X, X 1 I 7 v ,Q M W mx fl 1 X Ward, Mike Williams, Kathy Jan ' x x X 5 C f i 98, f Q , K iw gg ' 'wa . " W ' 437 M A 4. L e . fi ASL :,.:: ..,, i i f afsss?fi"'12 -'4R'F?Wf" - I 1 'Q K' Stimson. Stout. Stryker, Stubbs, Sullivan. Taylor, Robert David John june Ann Barbara Thermun Therrell. Thomas, Thompson, Thompson. Thorne, Karin Bob Lesle Mary Bess Ward Terry I. . XA ffw XX " ,. 'fm Z lf it wr yy W Q.. t W J V ill N 'J ' xr "ff 'VN ' V r .f L W V..-T fi 815, . V 'fu ft. - l ,X x QQ Th nley. t f fault, Tilly, Tipton, Turner, Vagts, V 4. E42 U1 ' K fa? Il-lilly Julie Susan Gary Ui V xl ff . A 3 JY! g ER.. I, , Y 'fi I I Tv N W ,W ef - A ii' V Q .J ' r i 1 gm? 5? f G1 MJ ' 7ff5"ZY'Cv-Q2 ,Q V ' . ' Watson, Whalen, Wheeler, Whetstone, Wh le White, Whitehill, Craig Linda Steve Dick Keit Q Barbara Sam Williams. Wilson, Woller, Woodward, Zantell, e Zot, Linda Sue Carole John Linda Alan Tish Larry VV, x 'iff Q ff lri l i i l7l 15 if " , ,W ' , - Q 4 fw 7" W A J. - 4 W, .ww ,,,, g :Y :,,..- k . A . .1 1, vm-K 'H M, , ,.., W, an , 1,1 4 - mm .. xx , ' '10 MTW? 1 " 1 ,. IM 4.-fix ff- 1, 1 ,MMP N, -. sf M. lb. --'iw-LL., M """ ,. ,ef -fi! 1 . y X" U v 31, ' ...L 2. ' -' V mm wg. V. iq:5?'3?:fJ553Y':, , wwl:1.,:fS4- Fi ff, M .gg iw ,hir , .. mmf-fu W Y J, MW vw mp., H MM1 , My-A , M,,,yy, X N.. 51 g , 2,2 Q- moms' A fy, Abd f, ,.a-WA.,-.wWXMWmW5-A www ':"""'W'w' Em W 'W VV QA' EN ':wv4wuj'm L.. g - ,, q , L .. if MX I Q. V MM . QMQQ, KJ W , "'f,1w-.,W""w-wurg"'WW'f"'xlgklrr-UWM '.. A LPM" 'fx , ' W QM" 1-W"'4 .M ., sf? 'f ' 4 , if M E115 . 1 ...ww 1 fins " ' 1 4, , 1 'Dk , fain-W., ,xi ,N . -an ' , ' 'X -n. :.gg545,.. X, 'Q ,MF wif. Q f m'fn.....,... - as X .qw 'Qin my M1 11. vw 1. V Q, Y M 4 ? A' ff- I QQWQQ if K g ,M N, QW U 4 x x., V, I I ,. I AJ . ,.,. Af ku. xx ,J , y rl .. AC . ,Q -QL. ,M Cl. f f, LW. 1 . Q ' YZ 1 Steps aheadf the peak . . . 1 the hjils are over . . . X I The mountain speaks a call to ' climb . Ly--4' fl xx ,L fly .hx S-., Freshman Presidents and Sponsors MRS. VIRGINIA MR. JOHN KING KEABLES Without the guidance of its sponsors. the ninth grade would have been unable to accomplish many of its activities. A jf, fvfifi A ff'S14f2 AIOUV M 3 2650415 :fm Wy iff f5ZfJ6Z4ffZf 5 f 1 I Au f V , V, TED GILL SUSIE STARK ff fa ,rw was 27776 6414704 ffldf ffgifl , I ,never ,QQLQ ZQXQZFLS fjflfjlf fielflfi lg xii 'izygif 4 V lg gal K1-ii' kk l ll E of fi' A Adams, Albright, Allcutt. Allen, Cheryl Ron Pam Dennis M? A lllfiaill ,,. he .Ka 1 A 'YZ +1,,b.lf ALS, J 'I IJ -f , l ': WLM" AAQA il 1 'JW 2?ii'm 1252233 MAuiLg1He W iii W 6 Ulf lwlri QW W ll fl ff 1, W l flllf ll fl ill Jw! QI L! I K f Benson, Bianco, Biflder, Birrell, Mark jack VIUUY Linda J' , ., 1 M x., 'H'-ff' , N Allen, Jeanne , fl NN Beal, Joanne Beal, Terry Beckmann, Carl Bixler, Jim ff-' , ,Q sf lj Aug it new Q, Anderson. Lauri Beckwith, johnA BQ' AW" Benson, Barbara S. 'Ti- 'wflx -' 'K' ,I f Bixler, Sue l75 Freshmen N Q' ' GK w iff sf I ft irate , -an ,yzg,,x 4, 'Na H we vig , -'q'::v '- Xa , My M, ,F f . VH .L f' X its ,V,. , was ,i 4 Ba My, z Blessing, V Patti W ' ' w jx! ! It If B A if fl ' i Booton, i ' J ,jfs jjj 5 i IJ X 1 W N Jeff AU Jr 1-N, I V MX Bossier - JJ' B VW H i 1 J i V i V Donna' is I Y lx i wiv XU 5 7' I x 1-1 I UVM 'X 'B -i T- C' N W -M K' I y. ,W i , ,fm il fm J , 5, ' Ei V W I' , Q K. J W ,X Mk! "EBM , N N Q X 2 ' V Q ,QM V A " XJ W i at 'J Q i , i ff A MD' X351 ijf B J N V if 1 00 f. wtf Edwin iq ,X :NJ H I s HI ' JI LJ fy H fl lx Bowen -M-VJ lf I 'V 'U L if Ajjj L JI' Uv 1 Vw KJ 'N M1 X' Kathy, tgfldmlj Li ,I 'ffm Aim! yd! Q I. FV W X. 1 'i ', -'N '1 !r ' X X n " i 7 - r .fu lb V L K' i- Vw , ,XL X ' ' V4 f "' ' 57' i ' if if JV ii fi jj' . ," W - qi v ' U - J V X f' is A,f" - '31 - ' J x ly J J 1 I 2 ' Bozeman, J ip 5' ' 3 ,.1. Bryden, cami ' , 1 ww." B Judy Brennan, 1 EX Bunfh, Sharon PK W Ray it if ' LX' -V lb Brey, Burke, Martha Patti Brisnehan Bushacher, Betty Sue Marcia Brown, Q Caldwell, DW? sffavxii f Q Greg i F Bruce, 52: J Campen, Pat jane Brumbaugh, ,jig , Carmichael, Dan 4 4' ' x .X Pam Brumer, 0 K I Carr, Butch I B n f Gretchen 5 Bodney, Bodney, Bohlmann, Bomash, Pam Penny Silky CarOl 384 X4 Bond, Bonham Kathy Cathy Carter, Annette Carter, Steve Caten, Lynda Chandler, Robin Christensen, Dennis Clark, Carol Clark, Elizabeth Clark, Frank Clark, Sandy Clemmer, Charlene Freshmen I il Cole, K i -- Ric mr .A Q ,bt V , i 3 , l d -fe y F T J A . Collins. I -ann-4 " K Jeff , '-A -'Fil Collins. 'U rw 45, llflellba ' " Connelly, ska' ' 4 Bob Edwards, Q 4 Robert ff F Eland, "HY" Dave Elfert, Mike Emory, Stuart 'ps 4' w ,K Cooke, Cramer. Darnell, llgriwold' Nancy Frank Dave E - .. Crain, Dalton, Darr, Jgkiiinxigel Linda KIT Bari Lyana iw M., 1 355 Davis, Miriam Davis, Judv Erwin, Farnsworth, Ferguson. FOUL Freeman. Gallemore, Gebow, Ron Ken Bill Linda Melanie Gay TOFH Ethington, Fengler, Fischer, FOX. Fuchs, Garvey, Gemmill Joanne Daryl Neil Randy Mn rv Paula NanCy Y'-of 'Ns rum-1i.1f r"' . V ," gs ' i-,gl wi- Dees, Elizabeth De Tar, Scott Bob Derr, Tom Zi' ' tb- ' i tu Dobson. Dorman, Ralph Carol Dodd, Doyle, janet Tom ik 5-vu Durfee, Bob Draper, Deborah lie 'W il dx .v 1-u"'z 1+ I Drost, Earhart, Bruce Susan Dunham, Easton, Merrie Jake hai 'W ' I in ,fx K' 1 , T37 Gigliotti, Sandra Gill, Ted Gillette, Steve Gilligan, Ron jg Glover. Goodwin, Putty Don Goltry, Gottschalk. Vicky Libbie Graves, Michele Gregg, Paul Grogan, Guilfoyle Steve Pat GFOVSSY Gumz, Kim Pamela Freshmen -tw , X W.. ,W . 1' 113 "C, S5 31 . 5-I ' 3- Rufflilv MWF Hicks, Linda Hicks, Randy Hines, Steve Hinkhuuse, Murcia Hise, Janeen Holmes. Ray Holyfield, Bob Howerton, Jim Hubbert, Donna Hucliburgh, Joan Hughes, Linda Huston, Sally 'puny' 's,,..w-vv Gunnerson, Barbara Gvirtz, Janice 1 H229 Hafenbrach, Hanson. Gloria Ed Hall, Hanson, Nancie Phil C' Harwick. Harrison, Carol Pat Harper, Hartness, Sarah Terry Idol, Larry Ingenthron, Mary Jacobs, Jerry Jenkins, Gary Jens, Irene Jesmar, Janice Johnson, Sharon Kel ly, Margaret Kemp, Jim Kennedy, Janet Kile, Sue Kimsey, Linda Haswell, Elaine Hawkinson, Susan li, 'dl-A , I llxsf' Hayes, Hayward, Dick Sally Hays, Heimbach, Vicki Evie f V f- -s.. x g - W ... ., w JS Af s ,Rs , 1 , , , j ,,,, A-Wx "'!!:7"' x i, . . Q99 X , uuvvi-ggi.. 4 ri xy, be Q. ff GW E ,E 4 Heinig, Herbst, Suzanne Dave Hendrickson, Heydori, Susan Tim 1 'T"h-.. K. f ng mg' 9 Lisa ff M e R? Klein, Russ Kramer, Bob F91 Kramer, Diane - wx' ' -' liyifg. .1 F, :rm swf., I8I Freshmen McElvain, Mike McEwen, Peggy McGovney, Ardis McGraw, Judy Menard, Jerry Messinger, Phyllis Mi lbourn, Ricky Miller, Bob Mitchell, Roy Monneuse, Carol Montgomery, Dick Moore, Leslie Eff' xi 15,4 ,pw-N in s ,7 if 'YJ is 1 3:5 i . fx I82 , ,. ,VLH h x ,- W , Q,.f"""' 3 'E . i .xg Q . K :AQ I A .. L if I Kramer, Rich Larson, Rich Moran, Jeri Morgan, Pat ,fur Qlf Q sf-ag, L. Lawrence, Sandra Leas, Linda Leisk, Bob Livingston, Don Mason, Mathes, jeff George Moritz, Morris, Carol Wendy Morris, Murphy, Roger Pat Loney, Lynette Lont, Dianne Lowerie, Charles Luhe, Chris Mathews, Mary Kay Mussett, Kathy Naylor, Steve Maxwell, Mary Neicliger. Linda Neilson, janet Lutz, MacLean, Manthei, Brian Lois Fred Lyons, Maher, Marsalis, John ol Charles X i , , V, L in M ur 'I' x . f .,t.. - . ,g,'-1 Q . ,Ml 255,55 .. W ' kj. , f ' ' A 4 McClure, McCune, Mclilhiney Kathy Bob Paula Nelson, Novak, Ohrns, Paula, Steve Steve Norburg. O'Connell, Orblom, joan Karen Laffy HS.: Pinkston. john Pitchford. jeff '12 'li Y if t A lb 44? 'bev y if l ,f Freshmen -mn... . F Ordelhide. Orr, Connie Violet Plummer. Pollard, Sally Linda Plummer. Portz. Susan Ken .4-"'9 Powell. Tom Prechtel. Chuck T",'Nfg, if Prince, Carleton Quinlan. Galeen 1 Jcn N - 1,5 if ll' .. Q yrwi, w x ,v eff' 1 Ray, Dick Reeder. Jay m -ul .J-., IUY 'na 'M s A 1 -Si :lil 4 A ,LV i 'QW' l .iff fig: x1 tfffmjj ls , L Owens, Paa Bar a Jlkldfgfl X HJ 160, 'ynw .XLJV f Eff AAL is A Q W7 hiv M 1 fl , fvl ,MU . ' ,nfl 1142 15 IVALIJ ' l W ' L .DAP Jlfffllb N, IL JK Jfflbjfd fiat lift, ,v Patton. Susan l Reeves. Allen Reeves, jennifer Reginelli. Earl Reiff, Roberta Reynolds Bob Reynolds Dave Rice, janet Richardson. Bob Rittenhouse, David Roberts, john -R '15 1 45' -,N . rg ad, 1 fl is Pearce. Penlcy. Pam Kent Roschewski Sonya Saine. Tom Simtls. Leo Saul. Mike Schellhase. Bonnie Schierbroclc. Lois Schlcss. Barbara Schwanke. jim Schwieder. Sharon Scott. Meridi Shapiro. Sandy Shedd, Nancy Shehun. Pat Shellenberger, Steve Shepherd. Norm Perrv-Smith. Cindy Peterson Rich ,Q--Q WUI: Freshmen 'lyk H. Trump, 41? 'tg-:nv 1 .LM V I fl ffl, ,W All 'ifyfllffuai Slzrxacibgytg. Z 2, M109 Zl1ubin.0l,U .'-Z' J '11 ji m Milf VV? W ry, , V I 1 r 51,2 W X7 J yy! ' ff i Elixir- V WQfiyj.w"j s 'th ii fi ffm Jssif ,pw Q ,ff W' W W W vw - Marilyn Trobaugh. Ba rb1ra r . ff, ,, if Turtle, - A Geor e V,'V i it i - lv .l it tml, if l gf 4 if if g V,xAXLl ide! who . smith. Qjanet fo Mike Van u i Snell, Jim Dennis Vardaman, Vestal. Pam Don Vernon, Vinson, Karen Sally ff' 'F dnlaa. Wzigner, Joyce Wall. Dave -fn-uf' -f i"' .. I i 9 x,Lv.L ss' Wallace, Pat Vifarden Mike Sorensen Speckman. Stapleton, Carl John Larry Sparks. Stansbury. Stark. Bruce Roger Susie 'uhh ,IA 1 . I. Warren Ray Watson, Tom Wferner, Chris XX'esin, Vicky XWestby, Bonnie Wfhalen, Becky 41 Stewart, Jirn Stuebgen. Bill Sturgis. Steve Suhm, Louise i pill Sundell. Swanson. jon Roger Swaegart, Tieman. Scott laik '64 l ,f f i AQ Thebus, Penny Thomas. Kenny Thompson, Sharon Tilsley, Diane Treverton, Greg Truj illo, Julie 'N 41 QW 'Na- 515 , Wheeler, Wilcox, Willetts, Jeanie Walter lim WiCkm2H, Wild, Williamson, Pete Candy Jeanie x,,-,, R MQ l -, . wlsili V " 1 v Qsljggf. '1 i n i, V,-A, Q , 1' Willson, Wilson, Rick Susie Wilson, Vfisdom, Bob Mark 7, if Woods, Steve Wren, john Wright, David Ziegler, Kathy I87 .HR gif wh f le. iv if fx x Qi wh? 1 ,gf 'Q F 1, x Wx xl 3,1 F12 wx fx .N WX 'ak W, tix? xx x . The height rises into perspective . . . the nearness to the mountain forces up growing . . . the longest climb is yet ahead . . OWXK My X o k F l QU om 'e ows Nw ir. . x of L w Sophomore Council Gains Experience Mrs. Hamill Mr, Ridg Jan T wa 2l1'O C h Y o odie Rouse Suzie Razatos Gaining knowledge of lead- ership while heading the Soph- omore Class, President Tom Fellows, Vice-President Carol Selsor, and Secretary jan Therrell, have added depth and imagination to this year's Soph- omore activities. Class Rep- resentatives have played an im- portant part in planning and carrying out these projects. Sophomores Autrey, Jeanette Aylsworth, Ken Bachman, Keith Baird, Greg Baldwin, Harold Balzer, Chris Bartlett, Toni Baughman, Charles Beach, Kit Beard, john Beebe, jill Bennett, Suzi Benson, Jan Berg, Pam Akin, , Cindyl KL Alcutt, , Claudia Anderson Gary Andresen Chas Arndt, Kay Arthur, John Ashton, Steve Atkinson, Denise Bernard, Paul Berrish, Nancy Bjork, Carl Bowersox, Marion Braly, jane Braly, Janet Brenning, Linda Brew, Rocky Byers, Judy Cameron, john Carey, Mike Chambers, Tom Chance, Jean Clark, Sherry Briggs, Ron Brisnehan, john Brockrnan, Tom Brothers, Janet Brown, Lynn Brown, Sue Browne, If'-Y Bybee, Thurston r"' -nw ox Sophomores Cowen, Ron Cozad, Ray Crowe, Becky Crowther, John Curtis, Donna. Curtis, Shiela Danks, Davila, Bill Sue d'Avila., Davis, Pat Bev Yi We il x A Ju AJ M Nl i ,W All Wlll ,W X xx DIV 'xg' Clark, Coffman, Coles, Cook, C L U Terry Sandy Rodney Ken "y lijlillf Coffey, Coleman, Conner, Corbin, if ,N ' j Linda Chris Don Camille ,V X Davis, Dffheff, Decker, Dettwiler, Donaldson, Dunham, jaekie Bill Judy Margaret Bill John Day, Decker, Deline, Dieter, Dougherty, Dunn, Morris Gene Bill Marnie Bill Leslie joe Sophomores Easton, Edwards, E gholm, Elfert, Elkind, Elro d, Lou Peggy janet Donna Dave Terry Evans, Fisher, Frantz, Garvin, Frank Bob Dick Travis Evans, Fisher, Freeman, Gautier, Karen Sherry Doug Diana Fel lows, Flater, Fry, Gdovin, Tom Bruce Tom Richard f Grant, , 2 afta' Ron Guert r, Ro 'e I WWW DQ,-vp ' Eskildson, Estlow, Marilyn Nancy E E1 I 'Wg-at ' n Gunstream l UP Sharon Gust, Ken gzbo- 1 I I Haines, Gebow, Goff, Steve jan Tom , Harris, Gibbons, Goldman, John Dave Steve Gilkinson, Grant, jan Chris Harrison, Tom Hart, RN' Vicki Hawk, Terry ..,,,, Hawkinson, Mike Hazel, Marti K Hebenstreit, Eff! Gary l in ,MGM .,,,' .. P Sophomores is Jacobs, jonny johnson, Dick Kahm, Rick Kerr, Judy Kerr, Kathy Kirsch, Nancy Kosena, Kress, Judy Bill Krantz, Krusnik Gary Kathy . 'li- xx , i , , i , o x X X ' Q -' N ' X ' V X ,xi , if 3 y ,w Ny a fy . 4 3 X t' N x , X Ah rv 1 X .- ii '- . X X V N ,X . 5 , X 'xy i ' 1 N . 5 A ' 1 EX' L ii L -V fi' X iii f ,. xi I , X V K fe, ,L Henderson, Herbeck, Hiester, Hueseman Q, Lynn Steve Bob Bruce Hentzell, Hiddleston, Higgins, Hutchins, Dave Karen Gary jack C3fQfC5-Yi I4 XifVLfULO O"Yfx , 53014, SJLQJVVL QAVXKXS- C QQQMQ JQLLACQQQ ,Q,U.QfaQ,,.px9-' I x Q L , X OL QWLQQKCQQQ, L ,O , . A1 ' I Kulp, Lawler, Leisenring, Lindquist, Lockwood, Loss, Karen Sharon Judie Nadine Terry Susie LGIISOD, Leach, Liggette, Little, Lonnquist, I Lowe, Bob Sherry Gina Linda Paul Ginny W Sophomores Maguire, Kathy Maib, Larry Mallow, Virginia Mansfield, Martin Maresh, Nancy Marr, Barbara Marshall, jo Carol Marshall, Margaret McCarthy, Lowe, Greg Lowe, Virginia Lutz, Pam Lyles, Norm MacLean, Judy MacMillan, Jan Sherri McCoy, Glen McDonald Carol McDowell, David J. McGeary, George McKay, Judy McShane, Judy Mesch, Larry Moorhead, Anne Morrison, jon Mulhausen, 01550.13 Dianne Millie Nasi, Parkhill, Jim Gerald Nelson, Partin, , Dick o L Rick, G5 . K .,,A.f X A Ll Nelson, ,X fxiixl . ljPatron, ' ' ' . X' . .-rr' fo Virginia Ai V K Janet X ,L Q: VL V, ixsjv-,, . . 5 , -X VN . .Ja GV I fe D :X my F , VLU3 V- A X X wx HM vvfeg lx UN' , ,Nr . , wid Uvafwuvk 'Q Kiln.: rl vb QNX Q Li X' Newcomeri wx 511- Patton, L Bill v .fm ' CiI1ElY'i'l Novosad, Vlov wxjy-w"Q RCF-YSQLI, Diane f Q UQ X SESW' J V- ' ,wd,v,fg.-3 - XNVLN f Y , 'XL lov' Y QUNJ Miller, Brian ' Miller, Connie Miller, Dave Miller, Steve Miller, Tom Mitchell, Ted Moderhack Bob Moore, Tracy Sophomores Pederse. Pelsue, Perl-zin, Perry, Pam-ge, Phillips, Linda Brad Mike Carol Kathy Legg, 4 K di! Polivnick, Pr tt, Ralston, 9 I ,." 'l . F 'I f' -' R zatos Gidget jolin Chuck Ja, I , Lfbgl Siizie Pollard, Preyer, Rask, JZ V 'ZX ' Reese, Carol Louise Jackie ' Q A Carol Powers, Purssing, Rathbun, 7 ' - 'V i 1 ,Z Rhoclig Stephen C' d Dave f " I , i ff' gf" Penny in y W X Tl A ,jf I ff I My -V ' mf " -LT! All 1 F I f,,.f f V I final: f' fa 7247 , , iw-K M .X 1 I ,I Xl 'P ll XZ l a Pierce, Pitkin, Jack J0l'lI1 Rice, Robbins, Marc Warren Richards, Roberts, Diane Glenn Riddell, Robinson, Gail Linda Roof, Bruce Roth, Al Rouse, Jodie Rouse Karen x Rudolph, Sharon Sanburg, Erik Sanders, Daphne Sargent, Penny Schafroth, Susie Schamach, Richard Schierenberg Linda Schoenfeld, Barbara Sophomores . Smith, Pat Smith, Stanley Steiner, Alan Steinhauer, Glen Steinke, Bob Stelzer, Cathy, Stiles, Storhaug, Karen Arlene Stookey, Strauss, Don Linda Schumacher, janet Schwabauer, Diane Stubbs, Tarr, Taylor, Sandra jim Gerald Sullivan, Tatum, Thebus, jim Mary Paul S6e19Y, Seth, Shahan, Jan Richard Gary SC1S0f , Shafer, Sheridan, Carol Anton Paula Therrell, Thompson, Thompson jan Karen Roger Thompson, Thompson, Thurstin, Cliff Mary June Sophomores gf , ,J it Oi, . l Van West, Liz Ver Lee, Scott Vivan, Ron von Bergen, Gail Wadlington, Chris . Wagle, jim Ward, Bob Ward, Mari Warde, Tony Warner Dan Timper, Susan Tipton, Bob Tipton, Curt Tod d, Chuck Trout, Bob Tyner, Holly Underwood Stan Van Gelder Jodi Watson, Leslie Welch, Mike Weller, Ellie Westby, Bob Whetstone, Richard White, Susan Whitehill, Bob Whittenburg, Lynne Wiederspan, Susi Wi ghtman, Mike Wilhelms, Gale Wilson, Ann Patrice Wilson, Dianne Wirtz, Ken 1, '11-eg? Yackey, John Yeager, Nancy Younger, Gene Zaffore, Sue Zanetell, Loren Ziegler, Larry Q zoa -4 4 'N The cleft rock fore . . 1tons fall, cables pp ar the chmber rises the summ1t IS m sight . .fi J, xg ag 1 I V, -2 i'F -4,-Q. fir?- Ei 32"- -A .Ai ,V-,nv 1 .1 1 , rf I H1 n n? :EW 3-1 ' .y.'5"' '- 1 . 5 1 lf fzhdf .fa 4 r-M154 '11 ' Jil!! 4 'Q ' -:f SM P Wi is a e , 'I ',i,D h I ' 2335 Wili iff ' QQ' if V f:,1"i if' J: :sg 'gf ng 5 A iq sg 1- v . 5 1 .47 in , J., e-g 'lim-Es -Q 'Hifi tif?-3 . 5- in F-' 'eff ff' QP f- -" ' if l Y sv gi 'J 'X :eq-. Wl" :"""'!5 . ,,L,. . Preridezzt Vice-Preridefzl Dave Buchanan Marilyn Rossi Under the leadership of its officers and council, the junior Class has successfully carried out such activities as the Junior Prom and Class Picnic. Sponsors Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Frost have given willingly of their time and effort in order that these things might be accomplished. Spamor Sponsor Mr. Frost Mrs. Murphy Serrelmj' Sue Walsh Eric Coble Wendy Hummel Wendy Milner f Jim Wilmore 301 302 503 304 505 306 307 508 Donna Milan Tim Whalen Mick Marshall john Dodd Jay Wilimek Bob Swanson Dave Luclwick Larry Anderson ff cafe -U yggf 74 k Wye Lflfl. 1 X N Aly-1.1! V, b I 0 L fL,Q,.f-VA, . .3-gbhzffn 've Z- Junlor Class ounclly skaft 41, Ei' 1,71 , HJ efqj J Lfq If V QQ LEW 2,1178 Q lf W1 f Lk 'Lf . x'b1,H-'le-K L iq 7 Lx I Meetings similar to the one below took place every Tuesday morning as the junior Class Council planned tl1?c4iJ i yearly activities. L L. Q Fi ff 9 E I I ' x u- 39 2II Arnbuehl, Andersen, Anderson, Anderson, Gary Larry Gayle Ron Aughenbaugh, Baldwin, Bemis, Barbara jack Dick Baker, Beal, Benson, Barbara Rick Connie Baker, Beebe, Benson Diane Janis Roger Andrews, Anton, Joyce Mike Juniors Blaine, Bill Bliss, Ed Blomberg Allan -53" 1 Bradley, Brinsa, Kathy Karel Brownyard, Butler, Sheila Pat Buchanan, Cain, Dave Barbara Butcher, Carlton, Bonnie Pat Castles, Patty Catlett, Norma Cavenar, Kathy Coble, Eric Coe, Twila Coleman, Carol Condit, Carol Coulter, Vic Crabb, Barbara Curtis, Sue Davila, Deanne Day, Carol An Il Juniors as , 4--mr de Pury, Guillemette Dickson, Linda Dodd, Bill Dodd, John Dormelson, Carol Dorey, Joan Doty, Drange, Kay Bob Dfahfl, Draper, Dave Charlotte Foster, Frost, Margo Jack Frisby, Gallatin, Burris Cheryl Drummond, Debbie Dukes, Doug English, Sandra Erbaugh, Margie Evelyn, Kim Fairley, Sonnie Farnsworth Ken Feldman, Mark Forsythe, Richard Garrison, Paulette Gdovin, Bob 5 , R M gg, .5 , ll f If X' KA Q N A N Gersren, Glazner, John Judy Geshell, Goldstein, ' Grnnzow Nobby Pete Sharon f' ' va all if gl Herbst, Steve Hidahl, jim Higgins, Ann Higgir1S, Ronald Howard, Don Howell, Bill Hummel, Wendy Hyland, Tom Grazier, Dan Grunberg, Rich Gurley, Steve Harris, Bennett Harrison, Linda Heimbach, Steve Henkell, Pat Henninger, Dave Juniors J6ff1'iCS, Jghnggn, Terry Donaline Jenni, johnson, Laffy Sandy Leisk, Bill Leo, Jin johnson, Roseanne Jones, Dee jones, George jordan, Larry Kramer, Kathy Kramer, Laurie Kearns, Gail Keppler, Sue Lipscomb, Jeanne Lo gan, Lew King, Stanley Kolb, Judy Kuhlman, Vicky Kunst, john Lang, Don Larm, Rich Lauridsen, Dana Leatherman Jim - J Mahan, jeff Malcolm, joan Ludwick, McFadden, Maloney, Mafals, Dave Bob Pat Dari Lynch, McKenna, Manning, Mf1fSh2111 Stewart Dottie Gary M1614 McBride, McNeill, Manthei, MH1'Sh211l Larry Terry Pete Jim :xx-5' j SJ ir uf? W 5 Q ,f'.Q4J M ' 1 -X X' 5 X Q , .V ,W IJ .QXQJ 13119155 fr ,Lat . fx-5-LJ 'Q f X X Q C . X LDT Wilyq. 1 f 'A.. Ni x- x -" Xixplp' AXX uf! I K fi " 1' x -V ' Q. ' . ,QV 55,5 Y, fx "' X v- NJ - L! ., of r K O XXQIJ k .D , xy 'QQ C+ f Xxx-ix A Lf L it qv i QL, Q ff QIMLML ilw 13 ww H: VKLV A M W i V. ,, , ,, , ...' Mattern, Carol Mead, Tish Milan, Donna Miles, Nick Milner, Wendy Moore, Gary Moreland jill Morris, Diane Morris, Marilyn Mosbarger, Nellis, Nelson O Conner Olsen Overlin Jerry Scott Mafllyll Sherry Walt Dax e Nagler, Nelson, Newhouser OllY er Ostrom Owens Bob Margaret Don Mary K Nat Patty jk vi' -'wills O Petitt, Jerry Pierce, Jim Prather, Sue Powell, Susie Powers, Mickey Randolph, Bob Reeves, Bill Reeves, Steve Paden, Vickie Palmer, Dave Panian, Jacque Paterson, Bill Pearson, Chris Pechman, Don Peterson, Wally Pettee, Pam Juniors Reginelli, Richmond Pete jim Reynolds, Richmond Marjorie john 1 Rittenhouse, Bonnie jean Rollings, Dean Rosenheim, jane Rossi, Marilyn Rubin, Eileen Sanger, Christine Saunders, jim Schmidt, joel Shore, Singer, Bonnie Tom Silkensen, Sloan, Jim Roger Schwabauer Lynn Scott, Sue Seal, Sue Seick, Karen Severinsen, Steve Shafer, Anne Sharits, Greg Shepherd, Carol Smith, Georgia Sue Solomon, Sharon Sorenson, Lance Spangler, Rick Spensley, Karen Stack, Bill Steele, Kurt Suiter, Becky 222 l Wernet, Whalen, jack Tim Werschky, Wilimek, Jim Jay Taylor, Ginny Teller, Margaret Thompson Johnnie Vancil, Carol Vestal Fred Villeneuve, Sandi Walker, Steve Wallace, Mary Lou Walsh, Sue Williams, Marcella Wilmore, Denny Wilmore, Wilson, Wfighf, jim Shirley Dee Patty Wilson, Worthen, Zumbrunn Anne Larry F. Coleen QQ, P 4 SENIUH5 Underfoot the pinnacle . . . the mountain falls below . . . yet each peak in the range draws part of our group, splitting, divid ing, to higher, longer peaks . . f15c..,1'. , ibffi 3525! ' :L'i?HEQ.. 1,3 h 225 Prerirlezzf Cress Bernard Senior Class fficers This year has been a climax to the class of 1962's three years of high school. Many activities have been sponsored by the Senior class including the Senior Class Show, sock hops, the Senior Prom, Class Day activities including "The Curious Sav- age," Senior Class Play, and Commence- ment. Cress Bernard, Cathy Erard, and Anne Lilly, as officers of the Senior class, have skillfully and conscientiously led their class through a successful year. P., ,,,...1 "Liga: ., Vice-Prariffefz! 5'gf,'gM,'y Cathy Erard Anne Lilly and Sponsors Spomorr Mrs. Barbara Horton and Mr. William jozwick Senior Clary C oumi! L, to R.: Pam Oviatt, jim Shikles, Barbara Thorpe, Cathy Erard, Corky Hawk, Penny Coffman Bob Ellis, Seniorgli X X ,A - Q 'C X' S " ,ff .' A tgfffk' " W MTKELHKENTC' A Class Council 3, Team. ALLEN, JIM ,QQ ALLIGER, RCN to Mt 3 BEARD. CAROLYN Lli-Y,..-Lettergpafiggf Clubf Swinirhiggg ' -ig 'ff ,Q if-', lrff, Til .. Fr f H. ,. , 5,5 ,sl .J N . Y .ff -L Y , , if 'gl ,1 . F, if 2 af I T, E Q ,- 'i ' lei' . zZ f Y 'ff A , ' V U- ' ' f ' if ' if .A ,- fi I, ,- f , ff' ii,,g,f' " f, r' 'ffl ,"' ' f - 'V f ,W , ff , 7, I, ffl BELL, LARRY BERENS, JUDY BERNARD, CRESS BOYLE, DAN Class Council 3. Hi4Y, jr. Atherfies, Caballeros, Girls Aristocrat Staff, Boys' State, Red Cross. Rifle Team, Honor Society, Class Council 1, Football Var., Jr. Escort, Key Club, Sr, Class Pres., Student Council. BYBEE. VERN DOW CALDVUELL, MARILYN CALL, MATTHEXV CASE, FRANK Letterman's Club, Swim- Aristocrat Staff Sr. Ed., ming Team. Synchronized Atherfies Treas., Bowling Swim Team. Club. Honor Society, jr. Es- cort, Tri-Hi-Y Treas. CLARKE. STEVE CLIFFORD, COLLEEN COBB. ROBERT COFFEY, WILLIAM Debate Club. Golf Var., All School Show, Assist, Bowling Club, Chess Club, Baseball Var., Basketbal Honor Society, Math Club, Class Council 1, Class Shows, Concert Band, Math Club, Ski Soph., Var., Key Club, Let Pep Club, Ski Club, Tri-Hi,Y. Club. terman's Club, 228 to ANDERSON, GINNY Hi-Y. ANDERSON, VAL ANDREWS, DOUG Wrestling 1. I. BREY, ARLENE BRILL, MARILYN BRUSKOTTER, TOM BRYANT, LINDA , Atherfies, F.T.A., Honor Atherfies, Creative Writing Golf Team 2, 5. All 5Ch00l Show, Afhefflesy Society, I.C,C., Jr. Escort, Club, Drama Club, Honor So- Class Councils 1, 2, Cheer- symhfonized swim club. fiery, I.C,C., I.R.C,, N.F.L. leader, Jr- Class Rep.. Jr Escort, jr. Prom Princess, Stu- dent Council 2. Class Council 2, Concert Choir, jr, Red Cross, Tri- Assist., jr, Red Cross, Ski Club. Tri-Hi-Y. Concert Choir, Football Var, 2, Hi-Y, Ski Club, BUCHANAN, DICK Hi-Y, jr. Red Cross, Ski Club. COFFMAN, PENNY All School Show, Cheer- leader, Class Show 3, Pep Club, Swim Club Vice-Pres., Synchronized Swim Club Vice-Pres. CASKEY, KELLY CASSIN, LINDA CAVANAUGH, CHAMBERS DAVE Bowling Club. Concert Choir, Madrigal, XVILLIAM D. Bowling Club, Chess Cl'-lb, Rifle Club, skating Club, ski F.T.A,, R,o.T.C. NDC-C Brigade Adjutant, Club, Science Club, Young Rep. CORNELL, DARREL COWELL, BONNIE Bowling Club, Math Club, Girls' Enggnqble. R,O.T.C,, N.D,C.C. CRIST, DAVE Baseball Var., Basketball Var., Football Soph., Var,, Key Club Pres., Student Council 1, 2, 3, Stud. Body Pres. 229 Seniors J xr, CROCKER, STEPHEN CROWTHER, JOAN CUNNINGHAM, LINDA CURTIS, RICHARD DALTON, LEE LYNN BLAKE Assist., Atherfies, Jr. Es- B Choir, Concert Choir, Cort, Synchronized Swim Club, F.T.A,, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Tadpoles Pres. DAVILA, DAVE DAVIS, JULIE DEININGER, JIM DCLAPP7 DAVE Assist., Bowling Club, Ski Bowling Club Pres., Con- Hi.Y, Lerfefmang' Club, Club, Trl-Hi-Y. cert Choir, All City, All State, Swim Team Var, Maclrigal. DUNDON, KATHI DUNLAP, CHERYL DUNN, RICK All School Show 2, Atherfies F00Tbull Vm-,, T,-ack, Wfes. Chaplain. Drama Club Trans., fling, Pres.. Drama Club Play, Hon- orary Cadet. Pep Club Vice- Pres.. Senate Club, Southern Mascumdcrs, Young Rep. FEE, PAMELA Aristocrat Staff, Drama Club, Drama Club Play, I.R.C. Treas., Jr. Escort, N.F.L. FELLOWS, DICK Football Var., Gymnastics, Hi-Y, Lettermans' Club, N.D.C.C., Swimming. FOWLER, THOMAS Tennis. ELLIS, BOB Class Council 2, 3, Drama Club Play 3, Football, Let- termans' Club, Track, Ski Club, Wrestling. ii DAINIRELI., RUSTY DANKO, TERRY DANKS, KATHY DARNELL, DONNA DAWKINS. TERRY Hi-Y, Letfermans' Club, Class Council, jr. Red Cross, Concert Choir, Pep Club, Swim Team Var. Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Tri-I-li-Y. DCRUDDER, GARY . DeWIT, KAREN DORMAN, CHIP Lettermans' Club, Tennis A11 School Show, Afisto. Team. crat Staff Art Ed., Creative Writing Club, Tri-Hi-Y Chap- lain, Ski Club. DRUMELLER, MARILYN All School Show, Class Council, Class Show, Pep Club, Tri-I-Ii-Y. ERARD, CA'l'l-iY ESTLOW, SUSAN EVANS, DAN ' EVANS, DICK Color Day Princess, Jr. Class Show 2, jr. Red Football Var., Gymnastics Hi.Y,5wimming Var. Escort, Pep Club, Sr. Class Ci-055, Ski Club, Swim Club, Var., I-li-Y, Lettermans' Club, Vice-Pres., Student Council Swimming Var. 3. FRANCIS, MARGARET Pep Club. Assist., Girls' Ensemble, FRANKLIN, JERRY Cross Country, Football Var., Lettermans' Club, Track, Wrestling. FROLING, STEVE Aristocrat Staff, Assist., Boys' State, Class Council, Drama Club, Honor So- ciety, I.C.C. Pres., I.R.C., I.E., N.F.L. Seniors FRUMM, EDDIE JANE Bowling, Pre-Med, Ski Club. GAUTHIER, KAREN Bowling Club, Organ Guild GOTTSCHALK, JULIE All School Show, Council Capers, Drama Club, Jr. Red Cross, Ski Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Young Rep. HAFENBRACK, PATTY HAGAN, BONNIE All School Show, Assist., Cheerleader, Pep Club, Pom- Pnm Girl Pre-Med, Synchron- nized Swim Team, Tri-Hi-Y. HARTNESS, RON Class Council 1, 2, Foot- ball Soph., Var., Hi-Y Ser- geant at Arms, jr. Red Cross Pres., Key Club, Lettermans' Club. HAWK, CORKY Basketball Var., Baseball Soph., Var., Boys' State, Class Council 2, 3, Key Club Sec., Letterman's Club Sec.-Treas., Tennis Var. I-IOULETTE, CHERYL Assist., jr. Escort, Club Treas., Ski Club Swim Team Sec., Tri-Hi-Y Vice-Pres. Pep Sec., JUSTICE. BOB Baseball, Basketball, Foot- ball, Lettermans' Club. HUESEMAN, PAUL Bowling Club, journal Staff. Ski Club. KAPLAN, DAVE Aristocrat Staff Ed.-in-Chief, Great Decisions, Assist. Ed., Honor Society, jr. Rep., N.F.L., Quill and Scroll Lit- erary Society, Pre-Med, Ski Club, Student Council 2. HUMMEL, GERRIE All School Show, Class Council 1, 2, Color Day Queen 2, Ir. Red Cross, Ski Club, Tri-Hi-Y. JACOBS, SHARYN Skating Club Vice-Pres., Ski Club, Tri-Hi-Y. KASTNER, LEA s HAZEL. HOWARD Foolscap Fillers, journal Staff, Math Club, Science Club, Ski Club. KELLEY, JIM Lettermans' Club, Tennis Var. GRANT, GINNY Atherfies, Jr. Escort, Jr. Retl Cross, Synchronized Swim, Slci Club, Tri-Hi-Y Sergeant at Arms. GRAZIER, DIANNE Class Show 3, Jr. Red Cross. Tri-Hi-Y, GUNNERSON, JUDY HIGBY, JIM HINDES. JOAN HINKHOUSE. RUTH HOLDEN, SUE HOPKINS. BILLI Class Council, Jr. Class Drama Club. All School Show, Concert Yearbook Queen, Jr. Prom Princess, Pep Club, Pom-Pom Girl. Orchestra. Council Capers, Creative Wlriting Club, Drama Cluh Vice-Pres., Drama Club Play. KEMP, DONNA All School Show. Assist., Concert Choir, Creative Writing Club, Journal Staff, Pre-Med. JEPSON. CHRIS JOHNSON, ED JOHNSON. PAT JOHNSON, TERRY All School Show, Bowling Girls' Ensemble. Jr, Escort, Club, Class Show 2, Pre-Med, Mixed Chorus. Ski Club. KLAUS, PHIL KREBS, BARBARA LANGSAM, CAROLE Gymnastics Var.. Hi-Y. Let- Choir All City, All State, Class Council 1, Jr. Escort, termans' Club, Ski Club, Concert Choir, Class Show 3, Jr, Red Cross, Slci Club, Soph. Slci Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Class Vice-Pres. 233 Seniors LILLY, ANNE LINDSEY. PHYLLIS LIVRAN, JIM LLOYD, JOHN MCELHINEY, MARY Class Council 5, F.T.A., Assist., Ski Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Hi.Y, .Letfermang Club, Assist., Class Council 2, .lft Prom Queen, Pep Club, Swimming Var. F.T.A. Sec., jr. Escort, Pep Pom-Pom Girl, Red Cross, Club, Sr. Class Sec., Student Coun- cil 3, Tri-Hi-Y. MALKEWICZ, LOUISE MARR, BRUCE MASON, CHUCK Girls' Ensemble, jr. Red Ski Club, Cross, Pep Club, Pre-Med Rec. Sec., Young Rep. NACHMAN, RICK NASI, WILLIAM NAYLQR, DICK Basketball jr., Var., Let- Band, Concert Choir, Foot- fe1'mfU1S'ClUb,TCUfli5A ball Van. I-Ionor Society, Ski Club. NORRIS, HARRY Hi.Y. OVIATT, PAM Atherfies, Girls' State, Honorary Cadet Major, jr. Escort, Jr. Class Vice- Pres., jr. Red Cross, Pep Club, Pre-Med, Ski Club, Student Body Girl Pres., Student Council 2, 3, Tad- poles Pres., Tri-Hi-Y. MEGILL, JUDY V kj ' F i' l l Quit, IL LQ- i X , L 1 I lx . ,-. ,, , , -,M3.t1 F ijxauwg A 1 . . A, i rf. f' 7 i"','L1:LxM 1 I . S ki UF., . l 'J . Lf 'ru 7 'xl-,fl L i A U. x Kr' I, 221 f ,iv f if fi ga., 45, 1022.3 ffff' R X37 ' 0 rgfjwn' F 'bfi' Tl.. 1 ,, , , Hx, r. an f -1 ' x! ,f fi .. "ef ' 'yshfi l'ff'f" s 'J rev if , , rn, ,- . Mi, X li I 1 NELSON, SARA ,Assist., journal Staff, jr. I A 1 V 3, ,.'t,!, U,Escort, jr. Red Cross, Ski ' 'N I' ' ia f ' Club, Tri-Hi-Y. 1 ,fi A ,N lf'.,t,f.,e Us, Q, .J-itil gk, X, X. 1 N . fi 0 .. 1 R-1, J. QA Uk, ,Q ' f'1 V 'L'2:fi,b.k, PATYTERSON, SHERRIE Bowling Club, Ski Club, Tri-Hi-Y. , - L rflga i 'V ym,,V-,l5,.,, Rh- V. , 4, S . to lp rf' McFARLANE, McGAI-IEY, MARK MCINTYRE, SALLY McKINLAY SUE MCRAE VICKI MARGARET Hi-Y, N.D.C.C, Rifle Team. Bowling Club, journal C ass Council J E Concert Choir, Foreign Staff Business Manager, Tri cort jr Red Cross Ski Club Lang. Club, Pep Club, Tri- Hi-Y Rec, Sec. Tri H1 Y Hi-Y. MEYER, ADELE MILLER, ANN MITCHELL VICKE MONTGOMERY CHERYL Class Council 3, Foreign Cheerleader, Color Day All School Show Asslst Ioreicn Lang Club LRC Lang. Club, Girls' Ensemble, Show 2, Ice Skating Club C1355 Shoyv v Jr Red Cross jr Escort NFL Science jr. Escort, Pep Club Rec. Sec., Pep Club, Ski Club, Student Ski Club Tri I-Ii Y Seminar Ski Club Young Tri-I-Ii'Y. . Council 2. Dem NEVIN, TOM NOONAN, JERRY NORDSTROINI DALE NORRIS GERRI Chess Club, N.D.C.C., All School Show, Band Gymnastics Var Class Council 1 Concert Pfe.Med, Show Band, All City, All Choir Pep Club Pom Pom PECK, JUDY All School Show, Assist. Atherfies, Concert Orches tra, Foreign Lang. Club, journal Staff Editorial Ed. Pep Club, Pre-Med, i State, Baseball Soph., Var Gir Council Capers, Key Club, Or chestra All City, All State. PEDEN, JOHN Boys' State, Class Coun- cil 2, 3, jr. Class Pres., jr. Red Cross, Key Club, Key Club District Lieut. Gov.. Prom 2, Student Council 2. PEONIO, STEVE Football. I-Ii-Y. Seniors PERKINS, RON Concert Choir, R.O.T.C. PETERS, REX Baseball Var., All City, Basketball Var,, Football Var., All City, Wrestling Var. PIERCE, JIM Aristocrat Staff, Concert Band, I.R.C,, N.F.L. Treas. N.D.C.C. RASOR, GLENN Football Vuii, Track Var. RICE, JOHN ROBERTSOIXI, GARY ROBIDOUX, DON RUETER, SYLVIA Band All City, Football. Or- Concert Band, Drama Club, All School Show, Con Chestra All City, Track, Wfres- Drama Club Play. cert Choir, Pep Club, Pre fling. Med, SCHUMP, NORTON I.R.C., jr. Red Cross. SCHWENGELS, ANN SHAW, LINDA SCHUTZ, RAFAEL Atherfies Pres., Concert All School Show, Cheer- Exchange Student From Choir, Concert Orchestra, leader, Color Day Show 2, Uruguay, Key Club, I-R.C,, Foreign Lang. Club, F.T.A., Class Council 3, jr. Escort, T1-gqkV3f, jr. Escort, Pep Club, Swim Jr. Red Cross, Pep Club, Tri- Club. Hi-Y. SHROYER, MARILYN All School Show, Atherfies, Assist., Class Show I, Home- coming Princess, Pep Club, Ski Club, Student Body Treas. Student Council 5. y SI-IUBIN, DEREK SMITH, DAN SMITH, MIKE Boys' State, Creative Writ- Basketball Soph., Golf ing Club, Football Var., Hi-Y Var., Nvrestling jr. Vice-Pres., District Treas., Lettermans' Club. PIERCE, MARIAN Class Council 3, Class Show 3, I.C.C., Sr. Class Rep., Student Council 3, Tri-Hi-Y Pres, PRICE, KAY All School Show, Atherfies, Class Council 1, 2, jr. Escort, Jr. Red Cross Vice-Pres.. N.D.C,C. Lt. Col., Pep Club, Ta-Hi.Y. PURVIS, PHIL Gymnastics. SANBURG, DELMER Chess Team. Coin and Stamp Club, Great Decisions, Math Club Vice-Pres.. N.D.C.C. Deputy Battle Group Com- mander, Science Seminar, Ski Club Y RUID, MARGO RYALL, PAT Class Council 1, 3. Jr. Es- Class Council 1, 2, Color cort, jr. Red Cross, Sr. Class Day Princess 2, Concert Choir, Rep.. Student Council 3, Tri- jr. Class Rep., jr. Red Cross Hi-Y. Sec., Prom 2, Ski Club. Dem Yg Rep SANDBERG, BUD Boys' State, Debate Club, Honor Society, N.F.L. SCHMALBECK, KENNETH F.T.A., I.C.C., N.D.c.c., R.O.T.C. SCRIVNER. RICHARD SHERIDAN, STEVE Hi-Y. Lettermans' Club, Swimming Var. SHIKLES. JIM Class Council 2, 3, Basket- ball, Football All City. I.C.C. Vice-Pres.. Key Club, Letter- mans' Club Vice-Pres., Student Council 3, Track. SHIKLES, JOHN Basketball, Class Council 3, Football. Key Club, Letter- mans' Club. Student Council 5, Track. SROCZYNSKI, MICHAEL STORHAUG. DIANE STUBBS, SALLY - Lettermans' Club, Ski All School Show, Concert Afhfirfies, Class Council 1, Club1WfeStllng, Choir. 2. 3, Honorary Cadet, jr. Class Sec., Jr. Escort, jr. Red Cross, Pep Club, Student Body Sec. Student Council 2 SULLIVAN, DICK Baseball Soph., All City, Basketball Soph., Var., Class Council 1, Football Soph, Var., Lettermans' Club Pres. 3- ' ' ' 237 Seniors TAYLOR, JOHN TI-IORPE, BARBARA THRASH, FAT THRASHER. SUE TILSLEY, DON Assist., Caballeros. Chess Class Council 2, Jr. Red All School Show, Class Aristocrat Stuff. Atherfies. Basketball Soph., Vai Club, Drama Club, Drama Cross Trens., Pep Club Corres. Shows 1, 5, Color Day Show I.R.C. Vice-Pres.. N.F.L. Lettcrmnns' Club. Club Play, Foreign Lung. Sec.. Ski Club,Tri-Hi-Y. 2, Concert Choir Sec., Pres., Club, F.T.A. Treas.. Hi-Y, Drama Club. jr. Red Cross, R.O.T.C.. Ski Club, Spanish Tri-Hi-Y. Club, Track Var. WALLACE, CHUCK WALLJASPER, TRUDY WALN, INIIKE WARREN, LINCOLN WEATHERMAN, EDDY Assist., Atherfies Corres. journal staff Reporter, Edi- Aristocrat Staff, Foreign Sec., Foreign Lung. Club, tor. Lang. Club, F.T.A., jr Es F.T.A. Pres., Honor Society, journal Staff, jr. Escort. Cort, Tri-Hi-Y. WILCOX, SUE XVILSON. BARBARA WISDOBI, DAN Atherfies. Pep Club, Pre- Class Council 1, Ski Club, Med, Ski Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Tri-Hi-Y. WOLLER, IVIARSHA Class Show 2, Head Pom- Pom Girl, Pep Club, Ski Club, Synchronized Swim Club, Tri-Hi-Y. WOOLUM, SANDRA Foolscap Fillers Sec., journal Staff Editor in Chief jr. Escort, Student Council 5. WORKMAN, RICHARD Hi-Y, Lettermans' Club, Ski Club, Wrestling. In M6l!l07'i:17ll Mrzrrb 27, 1944 May 8, 1962 YOUNGER, BEV 1 VanLUNSEN, DOROTHY VEITH, PAULA WAGNER, ART XVALKER, DICK WALKER, SHERRY Assist., Atherfies, jr. Es- All School Show, Assist., Assigtw C1355 Cguncil 1, Class Show 3, Football Assistlykl Red Cross. cort,Pep Club. Bowling Club, Girls' En' Concert Choir, Head Cheer- Soph., Var., Hi-Y, Letter- semble. leader, Hi-Y Sec., Key Club. mans' Club. WEINBERGER. THOLIAS WERNER, MARILYN WEST, INKIARILYN WHITE, BIIKE WHITE, NANCY RAY I.R.C., Jr. Red Cross, Pep Bowling Club. Class Show 3, FOOUJHU Ir. Escort, Pep Club Pres Cross Country Var., Club. Soph., Var., Track. Tfi.Hi.Y, I.C.C., I.R.C., Pre-Med Pres., Ski Club. J 1 , RA" The finale to the many Senior activities was Commencement held on june 5, 1962, at the Denver University Arena. Cress Bernard acted as Master of Ceremonies with Cheryl Montgomery, Sue Thrasher, and Steve Frnling highlighting the program with their graduation speeches. HAH or 240 -4' ,', J "fb A ,JF ff -f 4 3 T 5.1 A, ,dv fffinf' 1 - f ,H - .1 ' ., . A J, R , , X if M' I ,IL ' , " 'x....3' 'ifff' ,f ' I X, . ,Jai ff -V , ig ff V A U' if -' cw XL? M .V '.'3"7f If . A , V 1 N L-RW A Vg, Q L- Ui fx I' QI. " A fflf, V -f 3 . , V: if N' Lf' Xlr ' VX , A' fl 'nf f ' ,,.. V. , xv S V M, W Y Nu!! I , ' -ff gf , L- nf f . I .f ""f'PW- Q: I , ,I ' , , Y -, ,W ., V b V , , , 4 w . -' S' ' Lf- - x ,' 1, f , I I C i,fA,y' ""' Q nkdi L ! ,ij f ' "ff N V .gf I ,j A , . 1 1 i 'H Lg! "La , Li. -Nk g ,f X , ' H R ""' '-.swf-" , f. , fl Y , f-1"W ,, , - ,f ni' g-. JL, ,L Zx., -jim il I, iw ,fn if ,-, 1 2 Jw 1 WALL - ,,' Nfl!!! 5 , I f . I V, 'I J, ,, y ,f I I . A LL yu, yup, L'i,-UL, L. ,fx , -' . I - 'fy lqfty hQLg11fg g5-ggfmnitfy QQTQIS shgiyjw inlm E Wd 5' NV' 1 , J 1 -' ' ' rf cf 6 wfsiglm of is-3,ks.,aheg1df.. . , I:-,V f V -ff k ,LM , I Ln, ,f , f ll N, X .gf-if - f W, J' Rf gf 4 ,vghefpgg !seer 39ggt5gQV,.fonL future if . . 'Q rf, f e . N-V-L fe- K L 4mnZ:i ,thq ,rocks ehnjdntugn sand 'before the boulderys 'f ,ff X ff, tp fi if ,,-,lxzi " , 5,6 f X D ff' , -fy-"Lf 4 ,fr -I L X il VL, , M ' E f I K J ' ahead... .K S 3 A , Lf' , ,U "' wk. .-f' 'Cf .-iff -mf, g' ' ' ff' V L V V -f - -' ,V ,. 4 fv' .. , , L, - . L Z, I g - ' M- H, 5 1 A -'Lip f J' U L " 'L' l ac! 41, L f '- vfl'3', k I, If -' v L' f'M ' rv" ' ff L Jifi-4 Ln? ,Q . if A ,F V I fl, , f - X'1 4M. ,L Q pif -pry If 1 ll L17 V K 1,7 A V N' K L ,fi P ,f'g.f'if6 L,fQ. 47 g.,,iQ ' L ff ,W I , V LJ, V. I ff 1 f I ,, f V? X-' . fy , lf ' If f ' fl ,,,, V , ' J' J. , V 'N V V f 4.5 ff' ' ,if-'diff X ,f 24: Marilyn has been very active in Tri-Hi-Y as she has served as both Treasurer and a representative to the annual Youth and Government program. She was also Treasurer of Atherfies and a member of jefferson! Scholastic Society. Marilyn's friendly personality made her an outstanding member of the Aristocrat Staff on which she was the editor of the Senior Section. 242 1962 Hall As the Vice-President and Inter-Club Council Representative of Atherfies, Arlene has done a great deal to serve the school. She is a very reliable person and can be depended on when- ever she is needed. Arlene is an excellent student, which is illustrated by her membership in the Honorary Scholastic So- crety. Graduating valedictorian of the class of 1962, Matt has main- tained a straight A average during his two years at jefferson. Because of his outstanding speaking ability, he was chosen as a junior to represent the Colorado-Wyoming district at the na- tional speech tournament at Pittsburg where he placed fourth in original oratory. Matt is also interested in drama and is the President of the Chess Club. of Fame Camouflaging his brilliance with dry, casual wit, Steve is one of Ieffersorfs best extemporaneous speakers. As President of Inter-Club Council he leads one of the school's most neces- sary organizations with the level headed leadership that sent him to Boys' State as a Junior. Steve is also a member of the Aristocrat Staff where he is a photographer and writer. if Adele is well known for her bright personality and many club activities. She was the Recording Secretary of Pep Club and a member of Tri-Hi-Y and the Foreign Language Club. She was also a member of the Senior Class Council. As editor of tl16,Af1SfOCf3t, Dave fulfills his demanding position with imagination and an easy going calmness that has gained him the respect of the entire staff as well as of the school. This leadership has also been demonstrated through his work on Student Council as a junior. Planning to become a doctor, he is a member of the Pre-Med Club, and last year he was an excellent debater in the National Forensic League. I 243 Cheryl's sparkling personality and responsible leadership have made her an outstanding figure in school activities. Extremely active in jefferson's competitive speech program, she was this year's recipient of the Governor Shaffroth Extemporaneous Speaking Award. Cheryl was a participant in the science semi- nar and a junior escort. She was President of the International Relations Club this year. Holding the rank of Captain, jim was an important officer in N.D.C.C. Also a formidable debater and a fluent extem- poraneous speaker, he has won many awards in speech com- petition. Jim is an excellent photographer on the Aristocrat Staff this year. 244 1962 Hall In The reputation of being "the most feared player in the city" has been given to Rex as one of the school's best athletes. He was co-captain of the football team on which he was fullback and was chosen for the All City and All State football teams. Rex has also excelled in basketball and baseball. During his high school career Rex has earned eight letters. 'R K of Fame Rick was a National Merit Scholarship finalist and President of the Thomas jefferson Scholastic Honor Society. Also recog- nized for his competitive speaking, Rick has won many awards and has attained the highest possible degree in the National Forensic League. As a member of the Aristocrat Staff, he was known for his ability in all areas. As Vice-President of the junior Red Cross, Kay is one of the best leaders in the Senior Class. She is also a member of the Class Council and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Honorary Cadets. To these positions Kay adds a sense of humor, imagina- tion, and reliability. 9 v A 4 B G fhv R B va .Q Q 'QIQCK SQRTVNER 4' .,, Linda has demonstrated her unusual dancing ability through her participation in such presentations as the All School and Color Day Shows. Her agility and enthusiasm have also made her a stirring cheerleader. Linda's tireless support of jeffer- sonls activities is evidenced in her membership on the Class Council. 245 Both quiet and extroverted Sue accomplishes her activities with a hard-working persistence. Her ability to put people at ease made her an excellent Vice-President of the International Relations Club and a valuable member of Atherfies. Speaking has been one of Sue's major interests, and she has been very successful in competition. 246 1962 Hall jim and john have both shown outstanding and diverse abil- ities while at Jefferson. Their superior athletic talents have led them to excel on the varsity basketball and football teams. Demonstrating leadership as well, both have been members of the Student Council, Key Club, and "D" Club. jim has also served as Vice-President of the Inter-Club Council. Marked by outstanding achievements, jim and john have used their individual skills to great advantage. As head cheerleader Art will long be remembered at Jeffer- son for his enthusiasm and spirit as he led the school in tradi- tional cheers. He has also had an active part in school govern- ment and service as a member of the Senior Class Council, Key Club, Concert Choir, and Secretary of Hi-Y. of Fame Displaying an unusual versatility, Dick was known as both athlete and artist. He was a member of both the Sophomore and Varsity football squads and the "D" Club. His artistic ability has won the acclaim of many and brought him a number of awards. Under Nancy's efficient and creative leadership, the Pep Club has accomplished many varied and worthwhile activities this year. She took on this full time job with an enthusiasm and willingness that added new spirit to the club. Nancy is also active in Tri-Hi-Y. President of the Future Teachers of America, Trudy's in- terest in education has resulted in her plans to become an ele- mentary school teacher. Her interesting and witty reporting has made her one of the journal's best staff members. Illustrat- ing this outstanding journalistic ability is her membership in Quill and Scroll. A member of the Honor Society, Trudy has maintained a high grade average, and while doing this has served the school as Secretary of Atherfies. 247 GUILLEMETTE A shy face brought France to Thomas jeff- erson, to study, to live and to exchange the good wishes of the French to America and ours in returning. Guillemette brought to us the meaning of co-operation among nations. RAFAEL The boy from Uruguay brought the product of the best in South American schooling to make use of American schooling. Rafael, a living example of Latin America, gave us a realization of the importance of our Southern neighbors. Buy-Buy, Bah Good-Bye The life and activities of Thomas. Jefferson Junior and Senior High School have special meaning to the members of the Aristocrat staff, since theirs is the responsibility for making a permanent record of each year. Much hard work went into this year's Aristocrat, but the staff members gained experience and enjoyment from their effort. An active year was culminated by the distribution of yearbooks and sponsoring of "The Roaring Twentiesu party. David Kaplan, Edilor' Margaret Teller, Auf. Editor Cress Bernard, Bflffflfff Mazinger David Stark, Plaofogmphy Editor and Co-Ofdizznfof' Harold Mason, Adoifor Stephen Froling, Edilorial Ant. james Pierce, P19010 grapber Pam Fee, Artivilier Editor Dixie Goff, Ant. Adivilier Richard Scrivner, C opy Karen DeWit, Ar! Edilor Marilyn Caldwell, Senior Clncrf Editor' Carol Coleman, Copy Eflilm' Judy McShane, Arrr. Copy Ezlilor Bonnie Butcher, Club Ezlilor Mary Lou Wallace, Ami. Club Edilor' jim Wilinore, Sporlr Efljlor Ed Bliss, Sporlr Editor CREDITS Photographers: Denver Port Lumiere Studios Archer Studios Cameras: Nikon F Leica IIIc Leica Ulf Canon P Roliflex Rolicord Petri Film: Kodak Tri X Kodak Plus X Kodak Pan X Developers: UFC: D-76 Acufine Microdol X LPD Papers: Dupont Varigam Kodak Polycontrast Kodalnromide Medalist Donna Milan, flllIi0I'C!f1J'.f Editor Ffillik WClkCf, PfJ0f0gH1Pf9U Sue Stark, Soplarmzorc and Freylammz Erlilor' TCIFY HHNUC55, Pl90f0g'f1Phf' Sandy Shapiro, Slh 111111 7fl1 Grade Edirol' Jim Werschlcy, Auf. All DMU! Bari Lyana Darr, Index Edifof' Shirley Wilsoii, Auf. Index Iiflilm' Rich Larm, Auf, Bmizzerr zllmznger Cherylann Clark, Pffbficzly mul Pzomotzozz Lesa Phillips, Aflzzlizziylmffofz 9: ix 1 V' I w1':fWf 'T 'Er' 1, .,v1 1' f ' 2 i i ? Q K Kahm, Rick 122, 130, 198 Kamlet, Barbara 150 Kaplan, Cathy .Jr.L.Q..g1LEgg... 165 Kaplan, David Uzittleffurtlel 95, 101, 105, 111, 232, 243, 51 250 Karel, Brinsa ...... .... 107 " Kartell, Alan 171 Kastner, Lea .1 .... ... ............,,. '232 Kauffman, John 114, 166 Kearns, Gail .. .... .... 121, 217 Keene, Teri ,.,.. .. ...........,. 150 Kelley, Jim .1 ....... Q.. .,.. 72, 232 Kelly, Margaret ..,. 125, 133. 181 Eemp, Donna .,., 100, 130, 233 emp, im .........,,................, 181 Kennedy, janet 133, 181 Zjelgfgfi ..Kennedy, Linda ....,...,,........ 150 'K ' Keppler, Susan .... 101, 103, 107, 110, 119, 217 Kerr, Judy .......,...,.....,...... 198 Kerr, Kathy ..,.....,.........,.,... 198 Kerr, Peggy ....... . ...,.,....... 150 KlCf,A Lynn ,... ...............,. 1 66 Kile, Mimi ,.,.......,..... 128, 150 Kile, Susu ......,,.... 56, 133, 181 A Killian, David ...,,.,,...,........ 166 Kimsey, Jim ,.... . ..,.,,.,...... 166 Kimsey, Linda ...... ...,... 1 81 King, Donna .....,.....,,......,.... 166 '-wihg, Lisa ................ 121, 181 King, Stanely ..,, 130, 131, 217 Kirk, Nancy .....,.......,...... 166 llgirilchj Nancy .....,.............. 128 is , oe .,................1. . ....... 1 6 Klaus, Phi! ..,. 116, 117, 229 ., Klein, Russ .... 93, 125, 128, an-11.'. . 131 Enizgvlt-ona Mike .1 ......, 151 Q.-'igiy 0 , u y ............,... 15, 217 j Kolp, Roberta ...... ..........,... ,151 Kosena, Judy . .... ,W ........ 2 ....., 198 11' Koske, Liz ....,.,..........., ..... 166 Krammer, Bob .....2. ,..... 92, 95 "nf:Q.1,,rip.l Krammer, Diane . ,.,.... 133, 181 ,-,1,,,,gQ, Krammer, Kathy .... 115, 130, , 5 f 217 1 Kramer, Laurie Ann 217 Kramer, Rich .,..........,... , ..... 182 Kramer, Robert ............ 95, 181 Krantz, Gary .................... 198 Kraatz, Stan .....,. ,,..... .,....,.1. 1 5 1 Krebs, Barbara 119, 130, 233, . -1 u 1 . .1 237 'Kfebsmler f,f::....p ...... . 12s, 166 Kressg.f.1'iiliiza,.-.-.-,. 122, 198 .., ................. 134 -i ,111, Glenna. ...... .. .............. . 166 YagsnQ:Kar1py 99, 105, 112. 1,1 1 as 198 .linen .... gi, 166 wiit.-N-11:5 llllllr if Y -------- 1 . 217 "r' -.-1..... ..-.- .... 199 -----V .-----,. 2 17 sil'6wil,,,1-ivf,v- ---'--- -A---- 1 if ' ,',am1C,..... .... .. Stephanie .........., -... 151 155, Lairsrr1irh,,Dne .................. 151 L1lI1S0h,'f'J1B1l'4..: 97, 135, 133 1 - Lang, Dori ..,. 68, 116, 217 Lang, 'Pat .,..........,.,..... 151 Langsam, Caroie ...,.. ...... 2 33 Lansing,,Rora1 ....,,.......... ....... . 152 Larm, Marcia .......,..........1. 152 Larm, Rich .... 217, 105, 251 Larson, Bob .... 72, 79, 97, 116, 117, 135, 136, 137, 199 Larson, Rich ...............,.,...,.. 182 Latchan, Jean ......,..... 128, 165 Latcham, Joan ,... .... , .......,..... 1 14 Lauridsen, Dana 111, 119, 121, 217 Lauridsen, Holly ................ 120 Lauterba, Marian ............ 152 Lawler, Jim .......,,.. . 114, 166 . Lawler, Sharon ....,... 121, 207 , Lawrence, Sandra .... 101, 133. 183 . Leach, Sherry 111, 199. 130 'Learned, Diane .........1.,........ 153 . ltgas, Linda . ................. , ..... 1 83 iff' 'Leatherman, Jim ........ 78, 217 ' Leisenring, Judie . .......... ..... 199 , gr. Bill 68, 80, 116, 117, j V M 'S 217 Jill ---44------'----- ----- 217 Larry . ......... .... 1 30 If ',-, -flgsuer, Lucinda .,... ........ 1 53 ' Dick .,......,. ,........ . . 166 Renee ...,................... . 155 ' Gina .2 ......... 112, 199 BHC, Linda ........ 111, 115 " tburn, Linda .... 99, 125, , , ' , Q , f 128, 166 ' 1' Lifori,gf,Gay11-,,1ra.,:4,......2.,... 166 Lily, Anne ,g 56,f86, 91, 115, , 5' ,,.5A, pt, g, 226. 234 Lilly, Par .,...,........., ,,,,.1... 9 9 Lindley, Judy ...,.,,,,,.,.,.......... 105 Linquist, Fred .... 93, 125, 134, 160, 166 Lindquist, Nadine .... 107, 111, A 199 Lindsey, Phyllis .,............,. 234 Link, Jim ..,,,,,........... 134. 166 Linstedt, Christine ....., H.. 153 Lipscomb, Jeanie ..., 119, 123. 130, 143, 217 Little, Linda .............. . .,... 199 Livingston, Don ,....... 125, 183 Livingston, Steve ................ 166 Livran, Jim ..,.,.....,,.,.......... 234 Loyd, john .,.. 81, 117, 153. 234 Lloyd, John ....,.......,........... 116 Lloyd, Steve ..,........ .............. 9 9 Lockwood, Terry .........,...... 199 Lockwood, Valerie .... 113, 166 Logan, Lew , .....,......... 135, ,217 Loney, Lynette ..,... ........... 1 83 Lonnquist, Paul .....,,,,, 111, 199 Lont, Dianne .... .... 1 08, 183 Loss, John .... ....... 1 67 Loss, Susie .......... ......... 1 99 Lowe, Ginny ...... ..,... ......... 1 9 9 Lowe, Greg ....... ...... 6 9, 200 Lowe, John ...,., ....,,,. 1 67 Lowe, John ........ ...., 1 34, 167 Lowe, Virginia . ..,, ....,...... 2 00 Lnwrie, Charles ...,.... 128, 183 Ludwick, Dave .......,.... 211, 218 1.ul1e, Chris 121, 1.33, 183 Lundberg, Brad . ,,.,...... ......... 8 0 Lutz, Brian .... 125, 128, 133. 183 Lutz, Janet ..,.......................,. 153 Lutz, Pam ........ 111, 124, 200 Lutz, Phillip .........1...... 93, 167 Lyles, Norm ................ 69, 200 Lynch, Stewart ....... . 68, 80, 218 Lyons, Karen ..........,...,. 114, 167 Lyons, John ...... .,...... 1 83 M MacI.ean, Judy ....,....... 103, 200 MacLean, Lois ......,..... 128, 183 MacMillan, Jan .... 132, 200 Maguire, Kathy .... - ............ 200 Mahan, Jeff .... 68, 116, 117, 218 Mahan, Jeri ....,.............,..... 167 Maher, Carol .... 133. 128, 183 Maib, Larry ,,,, 69. 135, 137. 200 Malcolm, Joan 119, 121. 143, 213 Malkewiez, Louise ... 111, 115, 124, 234 Malkewicz, Stephanie ..,... .. 167 Mallow, Virginia -W ..,.,...... 200 Maloney, Pat ...., -..... 115, 218 Mammel, Gary .... 93, 125, gi 18 Mansfield, Martin ..,. 70, 12466 Mansfield, Mary Jean ........ 166 Manthei, Fred .................... 183 Manthei, Pete 1........ 80, 218 Marcus, Bob . ..,.,...... 136. 152 Marcus, Dan .... 135, 137, 218 Maresh, Nancy .,.. . ............... 200 Marr, Barbara ........., .. 107, 200 Marr, Bruce ........ .. ...,... 234 Marr, Rhonda 1 ....,..........----- - 152 Marsalis, Charles 128, 183 Marshall, Bruce ...1......., .... 1 52 Marshall, Cully ......... 1 ...... 167 Marshall, Jim ,. .............. 68, 213 Marshall, Io Carol .........1 200 Marshall, Kathy .........,...... 167 Marshall, Mark .... 81, 99, Marshall, Mary Sue ..,..... 167 Marshall, Margaret .... 121, 200 Marshall, Mick ..., 117, 130, 211, 218 Martin, Linelle .........,...,,..... 153 Martin, Ron ................,....... 155 Mason, Chase .... 95. 99. 110. 234 Mason, Jeff .,...........,.......... 133 Masten, Bob ......... ...---a- Y -- 153 Mathes, George .,................ 183 Mathews, Mary ,......, 1..---..--r- 1 25 125. 130 219 Matthews, Chris ........ 69. 107 Mathews, Mary Kay .... 125, 183 Matthews, Susan .......-..,1-,-1 167 Mathias, Chris .... 99, 125. 157 Mattern, Carol .... 111, 115, 119, Maxwell, Mary ..--...- 93, 185 Mc McAna1ly, Doug A -------.----- -- 125 MeArd1e, Claire ...2 ......--..- 167 McBribe, Larry .... 71, 75. 77. 78, 116, 117 218 McCarnmnn, Sally .... 99. lllgi McCarthy, John .... 81, 116. 117, 120 McCarthy, Sherri ..........,..,.. 2011 McCanhan, Tom ..,,. ..,,.. . 16' McClure, Kathy ....... , .,........ 183 McCoy, Glen ............ 79, 200 McCoy, Linda ..........., 113, 167 McCreary, Damon ..,......... 218 McCune, Bob .....,...... 125, 183 McDonald, Carol .... 121, 136. 250 McDonald, Mike . .,...... .,,... 1 28 McDowell, David j. 69 79. 95, los, zoo Mclilhiney, Mary .... 110, 115. 23-1 McElhiney, Paula .... 133, 183 Mclilvain, Mike ..., 135, 182 McEwen, Peggy ...,.... 128, 182 McFadden, Bob ,.,. ,.,.,, . , ,.., 218 McFarlane, Margaret 115. 119, 130, 235 McGahey, Mark ..,. 117, 138. 235 McGahcy, Mary .......... , .. 167 McGarr, Mary ....., ,, . ,. 132 McGavney, Ardis .,........ ., 182 McGeary, George ....,,.. 200 McGraw, Judy 1....... 133. 182 McGee, Marilyn .. ,....,...,. 115 McGrew, Dan .... ...,,,...,. 1 55 McGraw, Dianna .... .,.. . . 155 McIntyre, Sally .... 103. 122, 235 Mclntyre, Shari ................,... 153 McKay, Judy .... 122, 132, :ou McKenna, Dottie ........ 119, 218 McKinlay, Sue .................... 235 Mcleed, Shelley ..... . ,..... 152 McNeill, Terry ............ .... 2 18 McQuiston, Bruce ......,. ..... 1 52 McRae, Cheryl ...,................ 167 McRae, Vicki .............. .......... 2 35 McShane, Bruce ........,........,,. 152 McShane, Judy .... 98, 10-1, 200, 251 McShanc, Marcia ...,............ 167 bieacl, Tish .... 95, 98, 105, 123, 130, 219 Meaux, Mike ,..,,......, 13-1, 152 Mcgill, Marylea ................ 152 Megill, Judy ................ 124, 25-1 Mehlig, Leslie ..., . ........... 153 Menard, jan ......... ,....... 1 52 Menard, jerry .................... 182 Meredith, Susan ,, ,.,... ...... 1 67 Merett, Ann ., ...... .... 9 3, 167 Mesch, David 99. 134. 153 Mesch, Larry ................. , ,. 200 Messinger, Phyllis , ..,,...,.. 182 Meyer, Adele .... 115, 119, 132. 235, 243 Milan, Donna 39. 105. 211. 219, 251 Milbourn, Pat .... 128, 171, 167 Milbourn. Ricky .,..,........... 182 Miles, John ................. ..... 1 67 Miles, Nick .,......... . .,.......... 219 Milimek, Greg ................ 93 Miller, Ann .... 85, 87, 115, 235 Miller, Bob .... 150, 135. 182 Miller, Brian .,.....,......,. 135. 201 Miller, Bruce ......,..,..........,, 136 Miller, Connie ............ 201, 132 Miller, Dave ...,. .... 1 30, 201 Miller, Dave ....,. ........ . . 125 Miller, David ....,. ,..,,.. 1 67 Miller, jeff ........ .,........VV,YYY. 6 9 Miller, Linda ,.....,.,V..Y....... 152 1. Miller, Steve ........ 69, 152, 201 'XMiller, susan ......,.,,,........, 152 Miller, Tom ,,,, ,..,......, ,,,, 2 0 1 Milne, Karen ..v,,,.,.,......vV1. 152 Milne, Randy ......v.. ,,........ 1 34 Milner, Wlendy .... 39, 91. 99. , 115,211 219 Mitchell, Chuck ..........,1.... 167 Mitchell, Diana .,.....,,.....,. 152 Mitchell, Mary .,,,, .,,,. 1 53 Mitchell, Roy ...... 1... 1 82 Mitchell, Ted . .,.... , ..... . 70 Mitchell. Vicke ...,.... ...., 2 35 Moderhak, Bob ....., 201 Monneuse, Carol .... . 182 Montaque, Dick .,,..,.,........ 167 Montgomery, Cheryl .... 95, 98, 105, 235. 239. 234 Montgomery, Dick .... 109. 1355 18- Moore, Carol .....,..,........ ..,, . 153 Moore, Gary ........ 68, 78, 219 Moore, Leslie ,,..... ..... 1 33, 182 Moore, Tracy .,.........., ..,,.. 2 01 Moorhead, Anne 120, 121, 132 201 Moreland, ,lill . 110. 115, 123 219 Moreland, Norma .,.. 113, 167 Morgan, Bob ......,, ...,.,, ,,,, . 1 67 Morgan, Jerry .,.. 125, 133, 182 Morgan, Pat .... 155, 136. 382 Moritz, Carol ............. . .,.,..... 183 Morris, Dennis ................. 219 Morris, Marilyn .... 107, 115. 219 Morris, Roger .,.... .. 135. 183 Morris, Wendy . .......,.,....1.... 183 Morrison, jon . ............... 69, 201. Morrison, Mike .,................. 153 Mosbarger, jerry ........ 95, 219 Mountioy, Bruce ...... 167 Mountjoy, Steve ..... .,., 1 53 Muick, Susan .,..,.. ...,,. 1 53 Mueller, Bruce ........,.,,.,. 153 Mulhausen, Dianne .... 99, 201 Murphy, Don ,....... ,,.., , ,,.1 . .. 1:10 Murphy, Pat ,,,....... ,..,,,. 1 83 Musick, Susan .. 128 Mussett, Kathy ......,., 183 Mussett, Kenneth ..... ,,,. . . 153 Myers, Roger ....,.. .,.... 1 25 N Nachman, Rick .... 103, 117, 126, 234 Naeve, Cheryl ...... ......,.,. 1 55 Nagel, Nancy ....... ...... 1 55 Nagler, Bob . .,.,........,....,..... 219 Naiera, Alice ......,.,...,.......,... 132 Nasi, Bill ..., 72, 73. 74, 77. 166, 201 234 Nasi, jim , .,............... .,,.. .... 7 9 Naylor, Bob .......,.................,... 153 Naylor, Dick .... 68, 95, 123. 130,234 Naylor, Steve ....... 128, 183 Neidigcr, Linda ......,.....,... 185 Neilson, Janet . ................... 183 Ncllis, Scott .,.. 68, 80, 97, 116, 117, 219 Nelson, Dick ..........,..........,.. 201 Nelson, Margaret 119, 121, 219 Nelson, Marilyn .,...... 126, 219 Nelson, Paula. .... 104, 133, 185 Nelson, Sara ..,..................... 234 Nelson, Virginia ........ 111, 201 Nevin, Thomas ........ 108, 235 Newcomer, Bill ,.., 72, 79. 126, 135, 136, 137, zo6 Newhouser, Don .... 135, 137. 219 Newman, Diane .. ,.,......... . 167 Newman, Karen ..,.,,,,......,. 153 Nichols, Paulette , ..,,...., 3, 15 Noonan, jerry .... 97, 116, 135, 137. 235 Norburg, Joan .,.. 135, 136, 183 Nordstrom. Dale ...., . .. 235 Norlin, Kirk .,,,,,.....,...,,,. .. 153 Norris, Gerri .... 56, 86, 115, 235 Norris, Harry ............ 117, 2391 Northwood, john .,...... 71, 108 Novak, Beck ....1........... 99, 153 Novak, Steve ............ 136, 183 Novosad, Diane .... 104, 111, 128, 130 201 Nowlin, Bob .....,.................. 153 O Oburn, Martha ........ 99, O'Connel, Karen O'Connell, Terry 167 183 153 86, 219 167 183 167 119. 219 153 167 153 117, 219 167 201 183 167 13-1 119 219 219 111. 234 99 185 129 153 129 219 185 220 117, 220 O'Conner, Sherry .,.. 56, 115, 123 130 O'Dell, Don ,..,...,,... 134, Ohms, Steve .. ........., , ,... .... . . Okerstrom, Kathy .... 128, Oliver, Mary Kay .... 115, Olmsted, Bob .... , ...,.. .,,. . Olmsted, Jim .,........,., ...,,... Olsen, Linda .......... ............. Olsen, Walt 68, 81, 126, Olson, Laura .....,...........,.. Olson, Millie .... 103, 126, Orbloom, Larry ,....... 125, Orelheide, Janet ................ Orlin, james . ........,..,.......... . Orrell, Cheryl .... .,.. 1 15, Orstrom, Nat .. ...........1....... Overlin, Dave . ....,...,...... BO, Oviatt, Pam .... 90. 91, 96. 112, 115, 121, 143. 227, Owen, Mike ...............,.......... Owens, Barbara ......... ........ Owens, Becky .,..... . .. Owens, Bill ....... ........ . . Owens, Marty ...... ............... Owens, Patty ....... .. .... 126, P Paap, Saskia ............ 135, Paden, Vickie ........................ Palmer, Dave .... 78, 116, 126, Palmer, Susan .................... Panian, Jacque .... 104, 112 Parma, Ken .............. .. .... Parkhill, Gerald .............,,,.... Parkhill, Pat .... 1 ........ ...... . . Partin, Rick ........... ...... Patron, Janet Patten, Lewis .... , ""'iE3'i'ii5 1 153 220 167 201 129 201 126 133 Patterson, Bill ..,. 95, 122, 123. 130, 135, 136, 220 Patterson, jerry .,...... 134, 154 Patterson. Sherrie .... 126, 234 Patton, Ann .......,,,,.,,,, 99, 154 Patton, Cindy ............ 126, 201 Patton, Susan ..... 129, 135 Payton, Sara ..,......... 114, 168 Pearce, Pam ..............,...,. 99, 185 Pearson, Chris .... 71, 78, 220 Pearson, David ..............,..... 154 Pearson, Steve 103, 126, 201 Pechman, Don .... 11, 122, 220 Peck, Judy .... 96, 101, 103, 111,115,136, 235 Peckman, Don ...........,........ 102 Peden, John .....,.. 97, 112, 235 Pedersen, Gene ................ 168 Pedersen, Linda .....,,..,, .,.. . .. 202 Pelsue, Brad .... 6-i, 1011, 135, 136, 137, 202 Pelsue, Gail ...,..................,. 168 Penley, Kent ,... ......,,.. 185 Peonio, Barbara ...,.,. .. 99, 169 Peonio, Steve 68, 117, 235 Perkin, Linda ..............,...., 154 Perkins, Mike ........ 69, 126, 201 Perkins, Ron . ....... . ....... 130, 256 Perlman, Richard .....,.......... 125 Perry, Carol ......... ,...... . 202 Perry, Louis ......... .... 1 54 Perry, Steve ............ ..,....,. 1 29 'Perry-Smith, Cindy ............ 185 Peters, jay ................ 129, 169 Peters, Rex .... 43, 62, 63, 6-1, 66, 611, 236, 244 Peterson, Betsy ,,........ .. 114, 169 Peterson, Rich .................... 185 Peterson, Richard ,.............,. 133 Peterson, Wally .....,..,... 99, 220 Petitt, Jerry ....,.,. 95, 126, 220 Pettee, Kathy . .,..... 124, 202 Pettee, Pam ........ 115, 119, 220 Pfohl, Carolyn ....... ..... . . ...... 154 Phelps, Brad .... , .......,,...,...... 169 Phillips, Graig ............ 129, 169 Phillips, Lesa . ....... 202, 251 Phillips, Sharon . ............... 169 Phillips, Sheila ................ 169 Pierce, jack .......... .1..,..... 2 03 Pierce, Jim .... 7, 98, 105, 141, 236, 244, 250 Pierce, Jim ,.... ........,,..,,.. 220 Pierce, Marian .... 91, 102, 119, 237 Pinkston, Gary ............ 135, 168 Pinston, john ...,,........,......,... 136 Pitchford, Jeff ........,.........,...,, 99 Pitkin, John .... 70, 105, 126, 203 Plummer, Sally ........ 113, 133 Plummer, Susan .... 113, 102, 133 Polivnick, Barbara ................ 99 Polivnick, Gidget ....,........... 202 Pollard, Carol ..,. 99, 110, 202 Pollard, Linda ,... 99, 113, 133 Porter, Kathy ....,.., 136, 168 Portz, Ken .........,..,........... 129 Powell, Susie .,.. 101, 103, 121. 220 Powers, Mickey .... 115, 130, 220 Powers, Stephen ............ 69, 202 Prather, Sue ................ 119, 220 Pratt, Abie .......,...,.. ....., ..... , 1 54 Pratt, John ........ 135, 136, 157 Preston, Charlotte ...... , ......... 154 Preyer, Carl .......,.... 125, 168 Preyer, Louise ............ 202, 126 Price, Gail .... ............,....... 1 3-i Price, Kay ..., 96, 115, 1-13, 237, 243 Price, Twila .............. .,..,,. 1 65 Primack, Rod ...... ....,...... 1 25 Proven, Ron .............,...,.,,... 81 Prussing, Cindy ........ 126, 202 Prussing, Rich ...... .,......., 1 55 Purvis, Phil .. ..... .. .,... 237 Q Quinlan, Galeen ...... ....... 1 84 R Randant, Gary .................... 133 Randolph, Bob .... 70, 157, 220 Randolph, Tom ..,................. 168 Rrtsk, jackie .,..,.. ..... 1 26, 202 Rasor, Glenn .....,..., ,,... 6 8, 236 Rathbun, Dave .............,....., 202 Ray, Karlsen .,....,..... 168, 11-1 Razatos, Suzie .... 91, 126, 185, 202 Reardon, Ron ........ 99, 125, 155 Redel-ter, Darlene ..,....,.... 168 Reece, Judy ........................ 168 Reed, Nancy ............. ..... . .. 129 Reed, Steve ................,......... 168 Reese, Carol .... 95. 99. 110, 202 Reese, Judy .......................... 99 Reeves, Allen .......... 130, 191 Reeves, Bill .......... 72, 117, 220 Reeves, jennifer ., 133, 185 Reeves, Steve .... 70, 78, 157, 220 Reginelli, Earl . ..,.....,., 81, 185 Reginelli. Pete ,...,. . ....,.... 202 Reiff, Roberta ...... . ..... 93, 185 Reiner, Robert ....... ...... 168 Rennecker, Susan ......,.,...,... 155 Reuter, Sylvia .... ,. ...... 111, 150 Reynolds, Bob ......,,............ 185 Reynolds, Cynthia . ,....,........ . 155 Reynolds, Dave .......,,.........,, 155 Reynolds, Diane 1...,..,. ...,,,..1., 1 55 Reynolds, Marjorie ,1,, 99, 115, 119, 120, 220 Rhodig, Kathy ...,.....,,,..,..... 155 Rhodig, Penny ...,.,. .,,..1....... 2 O2 Rice, janet .....,..1........... 133, 185 Rice, John .... 68, 155, 136, 256 Rice, Marc ..........,.,... 69, 205 Richard, Henry .........,. ...,.,... 9 9 Richards, Diane .......... 124, 205 Richardson, Barbzra ........ 125 Richardson, Bob ,......,........ 185 Richmond, jim ,,.,...... ,..... 2 20 Richmond, john .,..............,,.. 220 Riddell, Gail .................,...... 205 Riecke, JoAnn .,.. 99. 107, 168 Rittenhouse, Bonnie jean ..,, 221 Rittenhouse, David ,... 125, 154. 185 Robb, Nancy ........,,.......,....,, 155 Robbins, Wlnrren ................... 203 Roberts, Glenn ...,..., 150, 203 Roberts, John .....,...... 134, 185 Roberts, Stephen ....,.,......... 168 Roberts, Steve .........,.....,...1 168 Robertson, Gary .......,,,........ 236 Robidoux, Don .... 104, 135. 255 Robinson, Linda .... 95, 98, 126, 203 Rodman, Kathy .,.................. 154 Roebuck, Ann 121, 134, 169 Rollings, Dean ..... ,.,.... .,.... , . 221 Rondeau, Paul .......,....,....... 169 Roof, Bruce ........ 71, 126, 203 Rooney, Cathy ..,...,.,.......,,1. 154 Roorda, Tom .....,.... , ...,........, ,155 Roschewski, Sonya ,..,....... '185 Rose, Beverly .,...,,.,........,.. 155 Rosenheim, jane .... 119, 126, 130, 221 Rossi, Marilyn .... 91, 115, 212, 221 Roth, Al 79, 156, 151, 203 Roth, john .,................,..... 169 Robidoux, Larry ..........,..... 122 Roudolph, Sharon .... 112, 205 Rouse, Annette .....,,. 156, 169 Rouse, Jodie .... 91, 102, 121, 126, 191, 203 Rouse, Karen ......,,,.....,..,., 203 Rouse, Pat ..,..,.. . .,....,.... 121, 155 Rouse, Patty .................... 155 Rovinson, Adell ...,............ 154 Rubin, Eileen .,.......,....,...., 221 Rudolph, Brad ....,....... 125, 155 Rudolph, Cathy .1...,........ 169 Rudolph, Doug ,................... 155 Rueter, Sylvia ..........., 115, 236 Ruid, Margo ........ 41, 91, 237 Ruid, Paul ..,.....,......... 134, 155 Ryall, Pat .... 40, 41, 112, 237 S Szllne, David ....... ,.,,,, 9 3, 154 Snine, Tom ,...... ,,,,...... 1 85 Salmi, Jim .,.,,....,........,.,,,. 169 Samson, Jim .......,.,...........,.. 68 Sandberg. Bud ..,. 95, 105, 237 Sanburg, Delmar .... 108, 126, 158 257 Sandburg, Erik ,,,.,. ......,.,1 2 03 Sandburg, Marcia ...........,.... 154 Sanders, Daphne .........,1,,,., 203 Sanders, Debbie .,,,1 129, 154 Sands, Leo ...............,,,,,........ 185 Sanger, Christina .,.. 104, 110, 1l5, 119, 221 Sargent. Penny ..,...... ..,.,. .,.1, 2 0 3 Saul, Judy .....1...........,.,,, ..... 1 54 Saul, Mike ,... ........,,,, 1 33, 185 Saunders, jim 72, 116, 221 Saunders, Linda .,,1.........,,, 154 Saunders, Lynda Jean .... 154 Schafroth, Susie ........,,..,... 126 Schamach, Richard ...,.,,,,,.1 203 Schellhzlse, Bonnie .... 153, 185 Schelhase, Lynne ..,, 114, 169 Scherrer, Patty ........ 113, 169 Schierbrock, Lois .... 120, 121, 129. 191 Schicrenberg, Linda. ......,,,,,. 126 Schless, Barbara ........,....... 185 Schmalbech, Kenneth .... 99. 102, 107, 110, 138 237 Schmalbeck, Richard .... 99, wg, I 9 Schmidt, john ,....... .......,,. 1 54 Schmid, Josegh .......... 169, 114 Schoenfeld, arbars. ...,..,. 203 Schrawger, Linda ..........1. 154 Schrcerner, Steve .... .....,.......... 1 54 Schumacher, Janet ..., 110, 126, 130, 205 Schump, Norton ......,. 102, 236 ,XXI VC, 'DJJ ww 187 171 171 135, 207 171 171 239 259, 247 207 207 171 207 133. 187 207 '170 207 126. 238 187 4 '-3-T 4: e 129. 187 125 157 207 170 117, 233 187 157 170 170 170 170 171 157 223 129 157 I Y 134 187 157 187 116, 225 77, 223, 251 225 238 187 171 108, 207 157 129 157 111 157 155 7.57 115. 251 187 ' 125 126, 207 238 187 99 207 201, 1 171 ' ., 115, - 23s 1871 g 1 1, ,Z 1111 U1 22'2iJsli?5Wf L 297 A ' ,fl , 137 119, 1" 1255 1- Q, T? 357 :gli ' ,e M ' .ii 150 157 207 157 157 238 207 129 207 207 187 C N x f . 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Marilyn ...... .. ,.........,, 98 Younge, Gene u H ' - """""""""""" Trujillo, julie ., ,,,, , ,,,,, 133 137 Wersclmky, Jim .... 99, 223, 251 ' 'N Y Stark, Susxe ..-. 93, 129, 133, T . 1 . 170 186 251 rump, Manlyn .. .,.,..,..,,,., 136 Wesgn, Cathy ..,......,,..---.--. 157 Stealing Pat ' ' 155 Tmstman, Bruce ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 134 Wlesm, Lmcla ..... , ,1,.,...., 93, 157 swims ' Bm """"""" """"" 1 55 Turner, Bruce ........,.,,,,,, 99 West, Johnny ,.....,f-.-----,,1r--- 157 Stack fred """""""""" "" 1 69 Turner, Susan 120, 171, 114 West. Marilyn .....,,. 150, 239 Z Steelg K,m""'N ""' gg "" Egg' 222 Turtle, George ,....,.,.,,,..,,, 135 Westby, Bob, r-,--- ----- . 80. 206 Steins, Alan"Z:----I-lwmul 204 Tyner, Holly .,,,,,,,,,,, 126, 206 Wesgby, Bonme .,.,.w'. 129, 186 Steinhauer, Glen ,,,. .... 6 9, 204 Sgesfn' sings ""' "" ' """ ' 132 Steinke Bob ................ 69 204 gsm' 'C Y- ""' ' """"" ' St . k ' B ' Werner, Chris ,.....,........,,,.. 186 ZHff0fC, John .... ....... . Stein e' CUE: 1 """""' 125' 169 Werner, Marilyn ..,........,.... 239 Z3ffOl't, Sue, ..... ....... 1 26, sf Zef- Ja dl' -----------'-,--'--- 204 U Whalen, Becky ..., 121, 135, 186 Zgntell, Loren .........,,..,..,... evans' 0' an - '-"- -- -----'------ 129 Whalen, Linda .................... 111 Zxegler, Kathy ...,....,. 110, St v L 1 Ste eng' :fum "" 99' 129' 155 Whalen, Tim .... 62, 63, 68. Zumbrunn, Colleen 95, ewan- Jim -A-----AA-4- 125- 187 Unfugl Kam ------ -------- 1 56 14, 77, 97, 116, 215. 223 loo, 102, 107, - ,...f 4 99. 225 ,H ,, E 1.255151 gf 1 1 If Q G ,,,, ' g"?f'ggf51wQge:h1gE'?f In Memoriam Mr. james T, Reiva, a veteran teacher and administrator in the Denver Public Schools for more than thirty years, died May 9, 1962, following a lengthy illness. His loss is sorely felt by scores of students who had the good fortune of being guided, taught and counseled by this mang and by his associates who profited by his knowledge and leadership. 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