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library j_ 91 |k sf y. N ' V jnB rfktll dii ' l - ’ nfljjTT K W L rA ' P " .1 « f tiftows Memorial Library ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ About Our Title Page THE TITLE PAGE WAS DESIGNED BY ELZIA MOON, CLASS OF 1943. HE IS A GRADUATE OF PRATT INSTITUTE, MEMBER OF THE SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS AND THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF GRAPHIC ARTS. AT PRESENT, HE IS SENIOR PRINCIPAL ILLUSTRATOR, OFFICE OF THE MAYOR, OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATION, THE CITY OF NEW YORK. Table Of Contents YEARBOOK STAFF - -.-...3 DEDICATION - -...-.5 BRIEF HISTORY . ..-.6 ADMINISTRATION. 7 SENIORS.- - -•.-.. . 17 JUNIORS.. 26 CLASSES. 29 ORGANIZATIONS.-.- - 37 SPORTS..-.. . 45 VIA CHAMPIONSHIPS. 49 FAVORITES..-.51 ADVERTISEMENTS 63 Sponsors MRS. GLENNA McMULLEN Editor, Sharon Diggs discusses Yearbook with Associate Editors Joan Thomas and Geraldine Parrott and Sports Editor, Regina Hayes. MRS. IVEY HAWKINS 1969 Yearbook Staff 3 4 Dedication WE, THE CLASS OF 1969DEDICATETHESEAHAWKTO THE “ALUMNI.” YOUR DEDICATION TO US AND TO YOUR ALMA MATER HAS MADE A LASTING IMPRESSION UPON US. YOU HAVE NEVER FAILED TO RESPOND WHEN CALLED UPON FOR ANY CAUSE THAT WOULD CONTRIBUTE TO THOMAS HUNTER’S PROGRESS. 5 A Brief History Of Thomas Hunter The idea of a training school began to take formation under the auspices of the Reverend Flickling. After Reverend Flickling left the county, the Educational League of Mathews, Virginia, composed of parents and residents of the various communities organized to continue working for the cause. The school board and the Rosenwald Fund donated one thousand dollars toward the building of the school. The Educational League paid the balance of the money needed to build and furnish the school. Mr. G. E. T. Lane donated a small amount of money to the cause with the understanding that the school would be named Thomas Hunter. Thomas Hunter School opened in October of 1927 under the administration of Mrs. Clara Brothers. Mrs. Brothers served as principal from 1927 to 1931 and taught grades 6 and 7. Mrs. Blanche Lewis taught grades 1, 2, and 3, and Mr. Alex Lewis taught grades 4 and 5. No transportation was provided for Negro students. In 1928, Miss Addie White joined the faculty and the eighth grade was added. Although the school was limited in facilities and curriculum, many of the students went to cities to complete their high school training. Mrs. Lelia Williams of Mathews, Virginia was principal from 1931 to 1933. Under her administra¬ tion, the school song and colors were adopted. She was also responsible for initiating a county-wide May Day. Mr. J. Murray Brooks was principal from 1933 to 1961. Under his administration, Thomas Hunter underwent many changes. In 1933, the tenth grade was added. In 1934 a third high school teacher and the eleventh grade were added making Thomas Hunter a four year school. In 1938, a dwelling on the campus was renovated and vocational agriculture and home economics were housed in the structure. The Mathews County School Board assumed the total cost of transportation under the administration of Superintendent D. D. Forrest. In 1939, Thomas Hunter was accredited by the State Board of Education. Organized classes in music and a band were added in 1940-41. Another frame structure was built in 1942, housing the vocational agriculture shop, two classrooms and an office. A cannery was built on the campus in 1945 and was later converted to a cafeteria, even before it was used as a cannery. In 1947, the agriculture building was expanded to house the agriculture department, the library, the prin¬ cipal’s off ice and two additional classrooms. While the temporary building expansion was taking place, the other elementary schools in the county were all being consolidated at Thomas Hunter and the faculty enlarged. In 1953, the school moved into a new building. The new structure housed all of the aca¬ demic classrooms except the cafeteria and one classroom. During this time, a physical education in¬ structor, a commercial instructor and a music instructor were added to the faculty. Plans were formu¬ lated for membership into the National Honor Society. By 1961, Thomas Hunter had a faculty of nine¬ teen members and a pupil enrollment of 392. From 1961 to 1963, Mr. Theodore Mabry was principal. Under his administration, three new school buses were added to the over-crowded condition. Plans were developed for the addition to Thomas Hunt¬ er including the new Vo-Ag. shop. From 1963 to 1966, Mr. Joseph Byrd was principal. The addition to the school was completed, a driver’s education class was added, and controlled study periods were provided. Elementary French, a semi-departmentalized elementary grades, and a course in geography were added. Mr. Byrd drew up the plans and wrote up the project for the county’s ESEA Program and set up the general program at Thomas Hunter. Mrs. Lois Diggs became principal in 1966. Her accomplishments are still in progress. ADMINISTRATION Congratulations Seniors DENNIS D. FORREST DIVISION SUPERINTENDENT Life, according to an Arabic proverb, is composed of two parts: that which is past ... a dream; and that which is to come ... a wish. I trust that your years at Thomas Hunter have been no idle dream, but a solemn reality - a period of acquiring knowledge which when used wisely will assure you of a future beyond your wildest dreams. You are about to embark upon this second phase of life and may fine it easy to “drift with the tide,” doing what is expected of you and nothing more, feeling satisfied with yourself. Instead, continue improving yourself with additional study and work. If we do not better our civilization, our way of life, and our democracy, there is no use trying to “save " them by fighting; they will crumble away under the very feet of our enemies. You may ask, “How can a working man find time for self improvement?” The answer is simple ... an earnest purpose finds time, or MAKES it. Seize each spare moment, follow your calling with industry and spirit and use your earnings economically. It is astonishing how fruitful of improvement a short season becomes, when eagerly seized and faithfully used. Faith is necessary - faith in yourself and faith in God. All the strength and force of man comes from his faith in things unseen. He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions. Present Administration relaxing CROWNING MISS ALUMNI CONSOLING 9 Mrs. Clara Brothers Term of Office 1927-1931 Mrs. Lelia Williams Term of Office 1931-1933 Mr. John M. Brooks Term-of Office 1933-1961 Mr. Theodore Mabry Term of Office 1961-1963 Mr. Joseph Byrd Term of Office 1963-1966 " Memory if the treasury and guardian of all things. " - CICERO 10 FACULTY MRS. BERNICE HENDERSON Primary MRS. NANCY JOHNSON Primary MRS. MAUDE BLACKEN Primary MISS MARCELLA WILLIAMS Primary MISS GLORIA MEEKINS Elementary Language MR. KENNETH MARSHALL Elementary Social Studies MR. WILLIAM POTEAT Elementary Science and Mathematics MISS GEORGIENNE LAWS Mathematics and Guidance 12 MR. ENNIS BRYANT Physical Education MR. BOBBY CROPPER Social Studies MRS. LOIS ROBINSON Librarian French MR. JOHN SANGER Science MRS. GLENN A McMULLEN Business MRS. ESTHER THURSTON Home Economics MR. JAMES EDWARDS Vocational Agriculture MRS. IVEY HAWKINS English Dramatics 13 Mrs. Evelyn Jarvis Mr. W. M. Wallace Miss Audrey Hopkins Mr. Mervin McKenney Mrs. Beatrice Bobo Mrs. Irene Jones Mr. William Cooke Miss Lydia Hunter Mr. Wilson King Mrs. Nevada Johnson Mrs. Frances Jackson Mrs. Susie Burrell Mr. Steven Lewis Mrs. Alice Mabry Mr. John Puryear Rev. Ray Frazier 14 FORMER TEACHERS CONTINUED Mrs. Sallie Foster Mr. Philip Chauncey Mrs. Dorothy Cooley Mr. Andrew Cooley Bus Drivers 1969 Cafeteria Workers 15 Seniors From 1957 To 1967 16 SENIORS 1969 LINDA LEWIS President SHARON DIGGS Vice President DEBORAH GWYNN Secretary BARBARA FOSTER Assistant Secretary TERRY HEARN Treasurer JAMES COSBY Chaplain 18 ARLENE HALL MAURICE WILLIS GERALDINE PARROTT Fashion Designer Mortician Business Administration EARL PETERSON Coach JOAN THOMAS Business Administration JAMES PETERSON Engineer PEGGY BECKETT Modeling LIONEL COOKE Musician REGINA HAYES Accountant 19 20 ! Senior Class Formal Most Talkative LINDA LEWIS - MAURICE WILLIS Best Looking JOAN THOMAS - TERRY HEARN |U1 0 •!« iiiS 21 F TTT 7 A 9 K II 14 13 16 17 Id Ml 77 7J 74 li Shortest JAMES PETERSON LINDA LEWIS . Jp a ,.., S ■ j 1 jjB 22 23 Peace Pipe Ceremony 24 JUNIORS Tommy White Theresa Cooke Gloria Thompkins Thomas Jackson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer James Foster Dollie Hudgins Curtis Jackson Clayton Smith Sandra Thomas 26 Lorraine Robinson Robert Diggs Charles Dixon Jacqueline Cosby Ann Foster Shermaine Parrott Linda Smith Helen Beckett James Mason Carolyn Smith John Hudgins CURTIS JACKSON CHARLOTTE GWYNN Most Popular THOMAS JACKSON GLORIA THOMPKINS Most Studious 27 28 CLASSES Sophomores MR. JOHN W. SANGER Freshmen MRS. LOIS H. ROBINSON 30 Grade Eight MR. BOBBY J. CROPPER Grade Seven Girls MISS GEORGIENNE B. LAWS 31 Grade Seven Boys MR. ENNIS R. BRYANT Grade Six MR. WILLIAM D. POTEAT 32 Grade Five MR. KENNETH MARSHALL Grade Four MISS GLORIA MEEKINS Grade Three MISS MARCELLA B. WILLIAMS Grade 2A MRS. MAUDES. BLACKEN Grade 2B MRS. ESTERINE COLEMAN Grade 1 MRS. NANCY B. JOHNSON MRS. BERNICE S. HENDERSON s t u d Bulletin Board Display Christmas Pageant BEST ACTRESS ' 69 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM ’68 " Moonlight and Roses " Cinderella Pageant M A c t 1 e s Winners of Dramatic Festival ' 69 " SPLINT FOR A BROKEN HEART " 36 I ORGANIZATIONS Scene from " Judgment Morning " Dramatics Club 38 Future Farmers Of America Future Homemakers Of America 39 Girls’ Athletic Association 40 Drill Team Math Science Club MR. JOHN W. SANGER Student Council 41 Varsity Cheerleaders 42 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Modern Dancers Modern Dancers 43 Choral Club 44 ATHLETICS Baseball MR. BOBBY J. CROPPER Track . . MR. ENNIS R. BRYANT Junior Varsity Varsity MR. ENNIS R. BRYANT 47 48 Via Championships COACH RAYMOND JOHNSON AND 1961 VIA CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM SHELIA THOMAS SANDRA NATHAN HILDA PAYTON Typing Champions CONSTANCE BROOKS 49 (1967) TOMMY WHITE Clayton Smith (1966) National Forestry Winners NFA-FFA National Quartet Winners John Carter; M. A. McKenney Sr.; Mervin McKenney Jr.; Boyd Jackson; Sylvia Thomas; and Frank Jarvis. (1958) John Murray Brooks, Jr.; Lyman Minters; Lawson Minters; Carroll Jackson. (1965) N.F.A. D a n c e 50 1 FAVORITES National Honor Society June 15, 1961 Brenda Tonkins Cora Forrest Barbara Jones Betty Payton Shirley Peterson Cecelia Willis Faye Thompson Cecil Forrest Carmicheal Thompson Audrey Jones Mary Spriggs Emma Blacken Robert Diggs Deloris Lee Josephine Foster Camille Brooks Sandra Nathan Linda Blacken Diane Jones PRESENT MEMBERS Sharon Diggs President Advisor Linda Lewis Secretary Gloria Thompkins Reporter MRS. ROBINSON May Queen’s Court 1968 Reigning is MISS JOAN RENEE THOMAS FORMER MAY QUEENS 1935 - Edna Cooke 1936 - Elizabeth Cooke 1937 - Violette Smith (Payton) 1940 - Ophelia Gwynn 1941 - Sarah Smith (Foster) 1942 - Helen Smith 1943 _ Alice Jackson (Taylor) 1944 - Ruth White 1945 - Lucy Hearn (Davis) 1946 - Ceres Brooks (Gillis) 1947 - Sylvia White (Keene) 1948 - Elizabeth Johnson (Nicholson) 1949 - Fannie Diggs (Ware) 1950 - Elizabeth Parrott 1951 - Adele Cooke (Carter) 1952 - Helen White (Forrest) 1953 - Ann Thomas 1954 - Gertrude Cooke (Diggs) 1955 - Shirley Hearn (Spriggs) 1956 - Ellen Spriggs (White) 1957 - Clara Jones (Cooke) 1958 - Esther Johnson (White) 1959 - Sylvia Thomas 1960 - Mary Kertley 1961 - Shirley Peterson (Brown) 1962 - Gloria Cosby (Lee) 1963 - Delores Lee (Cosby) 1964 - Grace Cooke (Williams) 1965 - Shirl Thomas 1967 - Charlotte Clark 53 Little Miss Thomas Hunter SHARON THOMAS CHARLENE JACKSON SHARON DIGGS JOAN THOMAS , IRMA THOMAS 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 Miss J. T. Varsity 1966 1967 Little Miss Seahawk 1968 1969 PATRICIA SMITH 1966 DENISE FOSTER 1969 ANNETTE DIGGS PHYLLIS LEWIS Miss Junior Varsity 1967 1968 54 SYLVIA WARD 1966 ELEANOR SMITH 1967 ROBIN LEWIS 1968 HELEN SHEPPARD 1969 Miss Thomas Hunter 1942 1957 1958 1959 MRS. KATHERINE NATHAN MRS. ESTHER WHITE MRS. MARY SPENCER MISS DEBORAH DIGGS 1962 1963 MRS. JACKIE KELLY Miss Mathews ’59 MISS CYNTHIA FOSTER 1960 MISS ESSIE WILLIAMS MRS. JUNE THOMPSON 1964 MRS. BRENDA T. REED 55 Miss Homecoming 1 9 6 8 AMY WILKS RITA ANDERSON CHARLENE JACKSON REGINA HAYES King and Queen 1964 Miss Alumni MRS. WILNET WILLIS Of Cotton 1965 REGINA WHITE DOUGLAS FORREST 1968 FAYE THOMPSON TYRONE SMITH EDWARD FORREST 1967 1966 1968 DELORIS KELLY CHARLOTTE GWYNN - CHARLES TAYLOR PEGGY BECKETT - MAURICE WILLIS 56 Former Queens THHS Courts and Queens of the Past 1945 1954 1955 57 £ 58 Congratulations Thomas Hunter P.T.A p R E S E N T PRESIDENT-Mr. Clifton Johnson VICE PRESIDENT--Mrs. Ellen Smith SECRETARY-Mrs. Delia Lee ASST. SECRETARY..Mr. James Carter CHAPLAIN-Mrs. Bernice Henderson O F F I C E R S The first Thomas Hunter Parent-Teacher Association was organized on March 13, 1940. FORMER PRESIDENTS Mrs. Nicholas Smith Mrs. Bessie Morse Mr. Nicholas Smith Mrs. Emma Johnson Mr. Robert Thomas Mr. Robert Diggs Mr. John Blake VICE PRESIDENTS Mrs. Nannie Diggs Mrs. Emma JoJtnson Mrs. Sally Foster SECRETARIES Miss Marcella Williams Mrs. M. A. McKenney Mrs. Esther White Mrs. Ellen Smith Mrs. Robert Diggs TREASURERS Mrs. Bessie White Mr. A. N. Lewis Mrs. Bernice Peterson Mrs. Katherine Nathan Mrs. Mary Johnson ASST. SECRETARIES Mrs. M. A. McKenney Mrs. Lois Robinson HISTORIAN Miss Marcella Williams CHAPLAINS Mr. Ray Frazier Mr. Harvey Smith 60 ADVERTISERS ' £.■ rf ' V.wy; • ' v %i L JORDAN ' S RESTAURANT DRIVE-IN North, Virginia IF IT’S COOD FOOD YOU WANT V M. G. TRANSPORTATION CO., INC. General Hauling Dependable Trucking Gloucester, Va. 693-3275 F. A. CLEMENTS SON if) rovnu Gloucester, Va. B. T. Clements, Manager Compliments of GRAY ' S DRUG STORE (Pharmac ist) Gloucester, Va, 693-2400 MODERN ESSO SERVICENTER R. S. DIXON JR. , Manager Hudgins, Virginia 725-3328 Compliments of mm U7 qP e a foocL Adjacent to the ABC Store Gloucester, Va. 693-2343 S. G. JONES SON General Merchandise North, Virginia 725-3278 y%M? VILLIE DIXON, Proprietor (q) alyreen j l jenc - PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS TREVILIAN ' S MARKET Flowers Ark, Va. 23003 MATHEWS, VIRGINIA 23109 WATKINS FLORIST Gloucester, l y Virginia ompliments of A FRIEND ongratulations 62 Gloucester - Mathews CARTER FUNERAL KNIGHT FUNERAL SERVICE HOME Phones: 693-3636 642-2397 725-3631 Phones: 725-3631 693-3636 642-2397 MEMORIALS AND BURIAL VAULTS G. NELSON CARTER FREDERICK R t CARTER R. STANLEY KNIGHT Compliments of S. 17 .7?7oore C)ea)7er9 Ward ' s Corner Compliments of Mathews, Virginia FARY-THOMAS FORD, INC. Gloucester, Virginia rfayt ( ou, PLEASE CALL AGAIN TURLINGTON JEWELERS White Marsh Shopping Center Phone: 693-3450 e ELGIN JANNEY INSURANCE AGENCY Mutual and Stock Insurance Gloucester, Virginia Phone: 693-3502 MIKE ' S TIRE r RECAPPING SERVICE Atlantic Gasoline Delta Tires Phone: 642-2080 UNN ' S BODY SHOP loucester, Virginia 63 FARMERS BANK OF MATHEWS Mathews, Virginia 23109 Main Street Phone: 725-2111 You ' re money Ahead j Compliments of CHARLIE ' S GULF STATION C. A. Davidson, Prop. Mathews,- Va. FOSTER- FAULK NER FUNERAL HOMES INC. Mathews, Va. 23109 SUTTON KLINE Mathews, Va. Phone 725-2600 Feeds - Fertilizers - Seeds Compliments of CANNON ' S Cobbs Creek, Va. V BOWDEN ' S RADIATOR SERVICE Radiators Rodded - Cleaned - Repaired - Recored 693-3132 Ark, Virginia Compliments of AETNA CASUALTY SECURITY CO. Mathews, Virginia PORT HAYWOOD MARK. Specializing In U. S. Choice Meats Phone: 725-2944 Compliments of HORACE FORREST Proprietor Susan, Virginia THE HYM ATHMCC FLOWER SHOP BELL MOTORS, INC. BUICK Authorized Sales and Service Gloucester, Virginia Ward’s Corner Mathews, Va. Phone: 725-3020 LIPCOMB ' S EQUIPMENT Farm - Industrial - Lawn - Garden - Equipment Gloucester, Va. Phone: 3-3195 Bus. Phone: 693-3510 DIXON PHOTOGRAPHER ANTIQUE FURNITURE P. O. Box C Gloucester, Va. 23061 Elizabeth Crews Owner Phone: 693-2274 SOUTHERN STATES COOPERATIVE Gloucester, Virginia 23061 Compliments of HORN HARBOR NURSING HOME New Point, Virginia MW. AND MRS. D. OWENS (wwU ' nc. Mathews, Virginia 23109 65 FOSTER’S INC. Mathews, Virginia Better Values Latest Fashions THE ECONOMY STORE Our Best Wishes to Class ' 69 Mathews, Virginia S e C. LAMBERTH BROTHERS INC. Lumber and Building Material White Marsh, Virginia 23183 Gloucester County Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN Mathews, Virginia STORE W. Bo and R. A. Tatterson Compliments of l dOQ(l Z XUg James L. Owens: Prop. General Merchandise " Good Merchandise with a Smile " RICHARDSON’S DRUG STORE WOOD MOTOR SALES - Dodge - Hudgins, Virginia Phone: 725-2155 exoCt DRUGS HUGHES PLANING MILL Lumber Building Materials of all Kinds Phone Mathews, Va. , 725-3692 Hudgins, Virginia Compliments of CROSS ROADS SERVICE STATION White Marsh, Virginia Dial 725-2101 Mathews, C. H. , Virginia " Its a Pleasure to Serve You! " 66 f f MATHEWS INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Box 7 Mathews, Virginia 23109 Its a Bad Policy Not to Have a Good One " Phone: 725-2113 Compliments of MATHEWS FURNITURE STORE Mathews, Virginia Phone: 725-3200 WILSON - STEWARD Gardners SHOE REPAIR Gloucester, Va. VEPCO Gloucester, Virginia Bill Hayes, Prop. Hudgins, Va. Oil - Changing Wash and Wax Tune-Ups 725-2162 Compliments of Af ESTABLISHED 1859 ) Main Street Mathews, Va. Compliments of HAYNE ' S Gloucester, Va. 693-2181 GAYLE ' S HOME FURNISHINGS Mathews, Va. Phone: 725-3770 R. E. ARMISTEAD, INC. Petroleum Products Mathews, Virginia 23109 725-2985 725-2263 Phone Office Residence 3-3370. .... .Phone . 3-3252 MORRIS SUPER SERVICE Auto Seat Covers, Boat Covers, Awnings E. C. Morris Ark, Manager Virginia BLAKE ' S ESSO General Me rchandise " Come See Me " W. L. DIGGS STORE General Me rchandise Cardinal, Va s R. E. DIGGS Paving and Surface Treating Top Soil - Fill Dirt - Sand and Gravel 725-3529 725-26362 Cardinal, Va. 725-2127 Tractor Work for the Public J. C. WORMLEY General Merchandise Cardinal, Virginia Miles, Virginia 725-2691 Phone: 725-3031 CAPS OFF to the graduating class tOTTLEO UNDE AUTHOIITY OF THE COCA-COIA COMPANY IY NORFOLK COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. PATRONS LIST Mr. Peter Allen Mr. George Keidan Mrs. Barkhedges Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Klingel Mr. F. Paul Blanock Miss Georgienne Laws Mr. E. Eugene Callis III Mr. Robert Lemmon Mrs. Lucy Custard Mrs. Shirley Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Dawes Mrs. Virginia Lilly Mr. and Mrs. Charles Deal Mr. Roger Dale Loring Mrs. Mary O . Diggs Mrs. Alvin Manuel Mr. Robert Diggs Mr. Kenneth Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Diggs Martha Ann ' s House of Flowers Mr. James Clay Edwards Mrs. Ellen Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Forrest Miss Gloria Meekins Mr. and Mrs. George W. Forrest Mr. and Mrs. Mervin McKenney Mr. and Mrs. Julius C. Forrest Mr. and Mrs. Stanley McMullen Mr. and Mrs. Horace C. Forrest Mr. and Mrs. Earl Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Foster Mr. and Mrs. Harold Robinson Mrs. Gladys Hammond Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sanger Mr. and Mrs. Walter Henderson Mr. Carroll Smith Mr. and Mrs. Carl Glickman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hawkins Mrs. Gladys Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Hodges Mr. and Mrs. John T. Thomas Mrs. Elizabeth Howard Mrs. Majorie Ann Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Rogers Hudgins Mrs. Mary O. Diggs Mrs. Mildred Hurst Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thomas Mrs. Frances T. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Russell Thomas Sr. Mrs. Virginia Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Thurston Mr. and Mrs. John E. Jarvis Mrs. Winnie M. Tonkins Mr. and Mrs. Charlie E. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Royal Washington Mr. and Mrs. Morris S. Johnson Mr. Ervin Lee Wiggins Mrs. Sarah Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Willis COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Mathews, Virginia 69 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " tt-v - '

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