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1 1 L£ o ? - juuQJLs C rt jO ,£ D . ?35 i mj 6 i THE REFLECTOR 1964 H. vi The Reflector Staff Co-Editor — Carol Mathews Co-Editor — Bonnie Tunstall Business Manager — Steve Yates Advertising Manager — Warren Chaikley Circulation Manager — Joe Power Published by the Senior Class of Thomas Dale High School Chester, Virginia h u T? i [y r r ' dj C 1 ' r J % „ ur a „ j J A y nun p ! 1 JSff muni pi III! DECADES OF PROGRESS ... in Classes 15 Activities 75 Sports 103 Advertising . .119 2 Preface .a ' I hrough the years our school has grown both in number of pupils and in size. There have been many changes in the curriculum to meet the needs of the students. This is the meaning of progress. Our progress began in 1906 when Chester High School was first established. By state appointment it soon became Chester Agricul- tural High School of the Third Congressional District. I he first building of the present school was completed in January of 1911. Agriculture was dropped from the curriculum in 1928. The Home Economics cottage that was used until 1949 is reputed to he one of the first built for public schools in Virginia. Fifty -seven years have brought many changes in education and Thomas Dale High School. The advancement and change are symbolized by the triskelion, the symbol of progress. With the new building, Thomas Dale will be able to grow even more. I he faded maroon and grey reveal our memories of the past and should stimulate greater achievement in future Decades of Progress. AS THE SCHOOL YEAR 4 PROGRESSES ■ ' sp ' P WE PREPARE OURSELVES |i gjj iViililj llwli ! 1st FOR THE FUTURE. W e Dedicate The sundial represents the passing of time, time that is far too quickly forgotten and soon becomes onl ‘ " the past. " The growth of knowledge and wisdom in each student is measured 1 the past, and it is from that past that we gain experience, guidance and enrichment. With realization of its influences on our future progress, we, the Senior Class of Thomas Dale, dedicate the 1964 Reflector to the past. 8 MR. FRED D. THOMPSON Superintendent of Schools MR. W. W. GORDON Assistant Superintendent (Left to right): Miss Elizabeth Webb, Latin: Mrs. Joyce Soto, Spanish: Mr. Ralph Percival. Rand; Mr. Howard Blackmon. French. Sitting (left to right): Mrs. Dorothy Beck. English 8 and 11; Mrs. Jane Saylor, English 8 and 9; Miss Bernice Heretick, English 8 and 9, Speech; Mrs. Illona Salmon, English 10; Mrs. Ann Grimes, English 11: Mrs. Jacqueline Thomason, English 9; Mrs. Phyllis Miles, English 9: Mrs. Maude Cook, English 8, Remedial Reading; Mrs. Phyllis Levy, English 11. Standing: Mr. John Rothert, English 10; Mrs. Julia Harwell, English 12: Mr. Tom Davies, English 8; Mrs. Myra Crump, English 12, Counselor. HUH tjfft pB| ■H ;» ■M «« ti 1 L Sitting ( left to right): Mrs. Emily Llewellyn, Math 8: Mrs. Sallie Inge, Plane Geometry; Mrs. Sue Sloan, Algebra 1 and II; Mrs. Doris Young, Algebra I and II; Miss Lesbia Brown, Math 9: Mrs. Virginia Harrison, Math 8, Algebra I, Plane Geometry. Standing: Mr. Omar Tipton, Math 8 and 9; Mr. Walter Young, Trigonometry, Advance Math; Mr. Bob Stacy, Matli 12, General Business; Mr. William Morton. Math 8, Algebra I. f V yA Sitting (left to right): Mrs. Ann Tyler. Secretarial Practice, General Business, Personal Typing; Mrs. Edith Gay, Bookkeeping, Stenography II, Typing II; Mrs. Wenonah Mayo, Typing I. Stenog- raphy I. Standing: Mr. James Williams, Driver Education: Mr. Roy Tucker. Industrial Arts: Mr. Landon Perdue, Drawing. Sitting OnSt to right): Miss Julia Elledge, Science 8; Mrs. Ann Westbrook. Biology; Mrs. Julia Thomas. Science 9: Miss Dorothy Spencer, Biology, Counselor; Mrs. Christina Ramsey, Chemistry; Mrs. Jean Sadler, Physics, Advance Science. Standing: Mr. Joe Yonce, Science 9; Mr. David Berlin, Math 8. Science 8; Mr. Joe Dockery, Science 8; Mr. Howard Porter, Physical Education. Biology. Row 1 doit to right): Mrs. Josephine Gates, Home Economics; Mrs. Sarah Mick, Physical Education 10; Mr. Robert Oden- welder, Physical Education 8. Row 2: Miss Judith Traynham. Home Economics; Mrs. Shirley Karpus, Physical Education 8 and 9; Mr. Edward Karpus, Physical Education 10, 11 and 12. Row 3: Mrs. Millicent Lawson, Physical Education 8; Mr. Jack Westfall. BUivsical Education 9 and 10. Sitting (left to right): Mrs. Rita Britt. Social Studies 8; Mrs. Jeanne Beckman, World History; Mrs. Ruth Wildes, U. S. and Va. History: .Miss Carol Phillips, U. S. and Va. History; Miss Joyce Rogers, Geography; Mrs. Ella Grant, Civics, Social Studies 8: Miss Ellen Conyers, Government. Standing: Mr. John Anthony, Government; Miss Rose Newell. Social Studies 8: Miss Margy Robertson, World History, Geography. SECRETARIES: Mrs. Man Eyler; Mrs. Marian Reichert. mi fmm 1 f tu 1 Senior Officers The Senior Class could not have functioned without the leadership provided by our class officers: Ronnie Lohr, President; Rob Steele, Vice- President; Judy Lundie, Secre- tary; Lynn Dee Armstrong, Treasurer. Their diligence is shown in the achievements of the Class of 1964. this year our sponsors gave us the guidance and direction that the class needed. We are grateful to Mrs. Reames and Mrs. Crump for their help. i : . ■ fly A t i ) • yTO’ n V y Jb PlU ' f ’ CHERYL LYNN ANDREWS PATRICIA ANN ADAMS ROSE MARIE ALLEY Daniel Life Club 3; Library F.H.A. 4, 5. Club 3; Color Guard 4, 5; Chorus 5; Dramatics Club 3. Class of 1964 DONNA JEAN ANDREWS Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3; Red Cross Representative 2; Soft- ball 3, 4, 5; Varsity Club 5; S.C.A. 5 (Co-Chairman of Va- riety Show and Miss Thomas Dale Contest; District Con- vention Delegate; Homecom- ing Committee). JUDITH LINDA ANDREWS F.H.A. 5. ROBERT MONROE ANTHONY SUSAN MARIE ARCHER QUILL Representative 2; F.H.A. 5; Chorus 5. LYNN DEE ARMSTRONG Adloyho Club 1, 2. 3, 4, 5 (President 2, Shield 4); Cur- tis Campaign Representative 1; S.C.A. 2; J.V. Basketball 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5 (Secre- tary 4); Dramatics Club 3, 4, 5; Latin Club 3; Junior QUILL Staff 4; Varsity Cheer- leader 4, 5 (Co-Head 5); Prom Decorations Committee 4; Class Treasurer 5; QUILL Staff 5 (Circulation .Man- ager); French Club 5; Key Club Sweetheart 5. 17 NANCY CAROL ATKINSON Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: F.H.A. 3, 4, 5 I Secretary 5, Historian 4, Homemaker of Tomorrow Award 5); Christ- mas Pageant 5. CAROL PIERCE BAILEY DAVID EDWARD BAILEY (Other School) Baseball 1 2, 3. ROBERT WILLIAM BAILIE ( Other School I Newspaper Staff 1, 2, 3; J.Y. Football 1, 2; Music Appreciation Club 1, 2, 3; Science Club 2, 3; Chess Club 2, 3; Radio Club 3; Assistant Football Game Announcer 3; (T.D.H.S. ) KNIGHTS’ REVIEW 5; Chess Club 4. Class BEST DRESSED Bambi Lynn and Chuck Salmon SHARON ANNE BAIRD MILTON CARL BARFIELD Red Cross Representative 1, 2, 4; Adloyho Club 2, 4; Dra- matics Club 3, 4, 5; French Club 3, 4, 5; Color Guard 3, 4, 5; QUILL Representa- tive 4, Staff 5; Prom Decora- tion Committee 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5. DELORES ANN BARTLETT BARBARA ALLEN BEANE Adloyho Cliil) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Shield 4); Library Club 1; Latin Club 2: Dramatics Club 3, 4, 5 ( Secretary-Treasurer 5); Tri-HiY 4, 5; French Club 4, 5; Prom Invitation Committee 4; Assistant Man- ager of Girls ' Basketball Team 4. Of 1964 BRENDA GAY BECK Jr. Red Cross 1, 2; Ad- loyho Club 1, 2; F.H.A. 5; Dramatics Club 5. FREDERICK JOHN BECK, III Band 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 (Mon- ogram 2, 3, 4, 5; Ser- geant 2; Captain 3; Drum Major 4, 5). PATRICIA ANNE BELLAH (Other School) Latin Club 2; Science Club 2; Glee Club 2; CI.D.H.S.) Latin Club 3, 4; Curtis Campaign Manager 4, 5; Red Cross Representative 5. KENNETH RA ' t BERGER MARGARET SUE BERSIK Adloyho Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Li- brary Club 5: Dramatics Club 5. BARBARA ANN BEST Adloyho Club 1. 2, 3; Ma- jorette 2, 3, 4, 5 ( Head Ma- jorette 5); Red Cross Repre- sentative 3: QUILL Represen- tative 3, 5; Tri-Hi- Y 3, 4, 5; Prom Decorations Commit- tee 4. 19 DONALD RUSSELL BEVERLY (Other School) J.V. Football 2; Varsity Baseball 2, 3; (T.D.H.S.) Senior Class Christmas Pageant. ' V SUSAN PATRICIA BEVILLE Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Shield 4); S.C.A. Repre- sentative I, 2, 3, 5 ( Reporter 5 ) ; Red Cross Representative 1, 2, 4, 5 ( Publicity Chair- man 5); J.V. Cheerleader 2, 3 I Head 3); Latin Club 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Varsity Cheerleader 4, 5; French Club 4, 5; Junior Class Secretary; Prom Entertainment Commit- tee 4; Dramatics Club 5. LAUREL DUARETTE BLAHA Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3; Li- brary Club 2, 5; Red Cross Representative 2; Safety Pa- trol 2; Dramatics Club 5. JANICE RUTH BODENHAMER Red Cross Representative 1. Class THOMAS LEE BOTTOMS CAROL ANN BOWLES Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, ( Shield 4) ; Latin Club 2, 3; Curtis Representa- tive 2, 4; Class Secretary 2; Color Guard 2, 3, 4 (Sergeant 3); Class Pres- ident 3; French Club 4. 5; Dramatics Club 5; Class Historian 4; Prom Invitations Committee 4. HENRY PAUL BROUGHTON Adloyho Club 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 (Vice President 3); J.V. Foot- ball 2, 3; J.V. Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3, 4, 5; ( Co-Captain 5 ) ; Key Club 4. 5 President 5); Hi-Y 4, 5; Prom Decorations Committee 4. JO ANNE BROWN Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Dramatics Club 3; F.H.A. 4, 5; Office Worker 5. Of 1964 WITTIEST Martha Geary and Bob Westbrook CHERIE JANE BURGESS Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5 ( Historian 4) ; QUILL Representative 4; KNIGHTS’ REVIEW 5. JEAN ELIZABETH CARDEN JUDY ANN CARTER (Other School) Dramatics Cluh 1, 2, 3 (Secretary 2); F.B.L.A. 3; (T.D.H.S.) Guid- ance Counselor Assistant 4, 5. CAROLE LYNN CASSELL Tri-Hi-Y 3: Chorus 3. 4. 21 fir DIANE MARIE CASSETY Curtis Campaign Representa- tive 1; Library Club 1; Cho- rus 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4; F.H.A. 4, 5; Christmas Pag- eant 5; Red Cross Represen- tative 1. BENJAMIN DAVID GATHERS J.V. Football 1, 2; J.V. Bas- ketball 1, 2; J.V. Baseball I; J.V. Baseball 1; Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 4, 5 ( Monogram 3. 4, 5); Key Club 4, 5; Junior QUILL Staff 4; QUILL Staff 5; Varsity Track 4, 5; Varsity Club 4, 5 (Vice-President 5). WARREN COLE CHALKLEY French Club 3, 4, 5 (Vice- President 5); French National Honor Society 4, 5; Key Club 4, 5; Varsity Club 4, 5; Track 4, 5 (Monogram 4, 5); Hi-Y 5; REFLECTOR 5 (Ad- vertising Manager). JOHN ALEXANDER CLANTON Track 4; French Club 4, 5. MOST INTELLECTUAL Elaine Plaisance and Ned Hopkins Class LINDA LEE CLARKE Red Cross Representative 1 ; Pep Club 3; Dramatics Club 3, 4, 5; Curtis Campaign Rep- resentative 4; Color Guard 5; Chorus 5; QUILL Represen- tative 2, 5. ANNETTE LOUISE CLINE (Other School) Junior Miss Club 2. I RETTA JEAN COLEMAN Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Shield 4; Chorus 1; KNIGHTS ' REVIEW 4 (Typ- ist i ; Guidance Counselor As- sistant 4; REFLECTOR 5 i Head Typist I ; Quill Scroll 5 (Secretary-Treasurer). WILLIAM HALE COLMER (Other School) Math Club 1, 2, 3; Art Club 1; Camera Club 2; Color Club 3: Rifle Club 4; earhook Photogra- pher; Photographer for school paper. Of 1964 HARMON REEVES CONN ROBERT DUDLEY CONWAY Red Cross Representa- tive 1; Track 2; J.V. Football 3; S.C.A. 5. SHERIAN SUE COOPER Daniel Life Club 3, 4 (Treas- urer 4); Chorus 4, 5; French Club 3, 4. CARTER HOPKINS COWAN AMELIA ANNE CREAS4 Adloyho Club 1; S.C.A. F.H.A. 2. 3, 5. SANDRA RAE CRITCHER 23 PHYLLIS ELDER CROOK F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Chorus 5. DAWN SANDRA CROWDER Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Curtis Campaign Representa- tive 2, 3; Red Cross Represen- tative 3; French Club 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5; Dramatics Club 5. JANE ELLEN DOTSON I Other School ) Red Cross Representative 1; Latin Club 1; S.C.A. 1; ( T.D.H.S. ) Chorus 4, 5 (Librarian 5); Red Cross Representative 4; Curtis Campaign Represen- tative 4. SANDRA KAY DUDLEY ( Other School ) Cheerleader 1 ; F.H.A. 3; Pep Club 3, 4. OLIVIA CAROL DUNAWAY I Other School ) Home- room Secretary 1 ; (T.D.H.S.) Library Club 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Guidance Counselor As- sistant 4; QUILL Rep- resentative 5. TEX RILEY DUNBAR J.V. Football 2; Track 3, 4, 5. Class REBECCA ANN THOMAS ANTHONY DUNDALOW DUNNAVANT Curtis Campaign Representa- tive 1, 2, 4; Red Cross Rep- resentative 1, 5; QUILL Rep- resentative 2, 5; Dramatics Club 3, 4, 5; Chorus 4, 5; Pep Club 3, 4; F.H.A. 4, 5: S.C.A. 1. BEST ALL AROUND Melody Holder and Mike Matheny STEVEN DWIGHT EIB (Other School) Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; (T.D.H.S.) S.C.A. 5. CAROLYN SUE ELLIOTT S.C.A. 2. EDWARD BRYAN FAGGART J.V. Football 2, 3; Track 2, 3, 4, 5; S.C.A. 5. JOSEPH VERN FAIRCHILDS, JR. Curtis Campaign Represen- tative 3, 5; Prom Decorations Committee; Varsity Basket- ball 4, 5 (Monogram 5); Lli- Y 5; Adloyho Club 1, 2. 3. 4, 5 (Shield 5). 25 SUSAN CHERYL PARIS GARY DOUGLAS FENLEY Adloyho Club 1, 2; Latin Club 2, 3; J.V. Cheerleader 3; Curtis. Campaign Representa- tive 3; National Honor Soci- ety 4, 5 {Secretary 5); Red Cross Representative 4, 5; Chairman Prom Refreshments Committee 4; S.C.A. 5 (Sec- retary 5); French Club 5; Varsity Cheerleader 5; D.A.R. Award 5; Hi-Y Sweetheart 5. DAVID SIDNEY FISHER RICHARD MATTHEW S.C.A. 1. FOGG Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; S.C.A. 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 (Treas- urer 3, 5, Vice-President 4); J.V. Football 2, 3; Key Club 3, 4, 5; Track 3. Class MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Martha Geary and Mike Matheny ELLEN KATHRINE FRENCH Rand 1, 2; Adloyho Club 1, 2; Color Guard 3, 4, 5 (Head of Color Guard 5); QUILL Representative 4. DONALD RAY GARNETT J.V. Baseball 1; J.V. Football 2, 3; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, 1 5; Varsity Football 4, 5; Var- | sity Club 4, 5; Adloyho Club 1, 2; Girls’ Varsity Club j Sweetheart 5. ! [ JUDITH NUNNALLY GAULDIN Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho- rus 5. ROBERT EDWARD GARNETT. JR. J.Y. Baseball 1: Jr. Red Cross 2; S.C.A. 3; Varsity Baseball 3, 4, 5; Varsity Football 3, 4, 5; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5 (Treasurer 5 . CLAUDIA ESTELLE GARRETT Library Club L 2, 3, 4; Ad- loyho Club 1, 2. 3; Red Cross 1; Pep Club 1, 2; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, 5; F.H.A. 3, 4; QUILL Repre- sentative 3; Audio-Visual Aides 5. MARTHA LAVINDER GEARY Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; J.V. Cheerleader 2, 3; Dramatics Club 3, 4, 5; QUILL Representa- tive 3; Latin Club 3; Tri-Hi A’ 3, 4, 5 ( Presi- dent 5); Junior QUILL Staff 4; National Honor Society 4, 5; Quill and Scroll 5; QUILL 5 (Feature Editor); Prom Decorations Committee 4. Of 1964 CHERYL ANNE GILL DONALD LOUIS GIRARD S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3; Red Cross 1; Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Latin Club 3; Dramatics Club 4, 5; French Club 5; Reporter to the HOPEWELL NEWS 3. GERALD CAMERON PATRICIA ANNE GRANT GRAHAM Adloyho Club 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 (Historian 4, Shield 4); Red Cross Representative 1 ; L-atin Club 2, 3, (Treasurer 3); Dramatics Club 3, 4, 5; French Club 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5; National Honor Society 4, 5 (Treasurer 5); Quill and Scroll 5; QUILL Staff 5. 27 JUDITH DARLENE GRA Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Mono- gram 2, Notes 3, 4, 5); Ad- loyho Club 1, 2. CAROLYN LEE GRUBB Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; S.C.A. 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5; Junior QUILL Staff 4; Quill and Scroll 5; KNIGHTS’ REVIEW Staff (Typist). HENRY HOLLAND HAGUE Adloyho Club 3; Latin Club 3, 4; French Club 4. 5. BRENDA CAROL HAIRFIELD S.C.A. 2, 4 (Vice-President of Junior S.C.A. 2); Tri-Hi- Y 3, 4, 5 ; Red Cross Repre- sentative 3; Hi-Y Sweetheart 3; Homecoming Princess 4; Homecoming Queen 5; Teen Council Representative 4, 5. Class KATHERINE THOMAS HALL Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4. 5; Var- sity Club 4, 5; Softball 3, 4, 5. WAYNE SCHIMKY HARDIN WILLIAM RANDOLPH HARDMAN, JR. J.V. Football 2, 3; Track 3. 4, 5; Varsity Football 4, 5 ( Monogram 4, Bar 5 ) ; Var- sity Club 4, 5. ANNE WINSTON HARRIS Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5; Dramatics Club 3, 4, 5; French Club 3, 4; Varsity Club 4, 5; Library Club 3; S.C.A. 5; Manager of Girls’ Basketball Team 3, 4 ( Monogram 4 ) ; Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Curtis Cam- paign Representative 1, 4. DONNA EVANS HARRIS SHERRY LEE HARRISON Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Vice President 1); Jr. S.C.A. 2, (Secretary 2); J.V. Bas- ketball 2; Varsity Basketball 3; REFLECTOR ' STAFF 5 (Typist); Quill and Scroll 5. Of 1964 FRIENDLIEST Carol Mathews and Bob Westbrook BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ROSE MARIE HENSHAW WILLIAM HOWARD ROWLAND DOUGLAS HESS HAYES Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; French Club HERNDON Library Assistant 5. 3; F.H.A. 3, 4, 5 (F.H.A. Dellwood Federation 4, 5 Vice-President 4, President 5; F.H.A. Annual Convention 5). J.V. Football 2, 3. 29 SHERRY ANN HIBBARD French Club 3, 4, 5 (Secre- tary 5) ; Dramatics Club 3, 4, 5. ROBERT LEE HOLCOMB MELODY HARRIETTE HOLDER Class President 1, 2; Red Cross Representative 1, 2, 4, 5 ; Chairman of Dance Com- mittee 1, 2; Adloyho 1, 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Curtis Cam- paign Manager 3; QUILL Representative 4; Library Club 5 (President 5); F.H.A. 5; Miss Thomas Dale 5; “Young Citizens For Safe- ty” 5. LINDA CAROL HOLLAND Junior QUILL Staff 4; KNIGHTS’ REVIEW 5. Class BIGGEST FLIRTS Martha Geary and Butch Usry PETER MICHAEL HONE (Ollier School) S.C.A. Rep- resentative 1 : Red Cross Rep- resentative 1; Curtis Cam- paign Representative 1; Pep Club 1; I T.D.H.S.) J.V. Bas- ketball 2; KNIGHTS ' RE- VIEW Staff 4; French Club 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 4; Hi-Y 4, 5 ( President 5, M.G.A. 5); Prom Decoration Committee 4; Varsity Track- Team 3, 4, 5 (Monogram 5). EDWIN PATRICK HOPKINS Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Shield 4); Track 1 (Mono- gram 2, 3, 4, 5); Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, 5; Dramatics Club 3; Key Club 3, 4, 5; J.V. Football 3; Class Treas- urer 3; Class President 4; Hi-Y 4, 5; French Club 4, 5; Prom Decoration Committee 4; Boys’ State 4 (Common- wealth’s Attorney, Sports Edi- tor of Newspaper); QUILL Staff 5 (Associate Editor); Quill Scroll 5. NANC LEE HUDSON S.C.A. 1; Adloyho Clul 1, 2, 3; QUILL Repre- sentative 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Chorus 4; E.H.A. 3; Dramatics Club 3, 4; French Club 4, 5; Color Guard 4, 5. MARY JANE HORINE BILLY LEE HUDSON JACK HOLMES HUTCHINS Basketball 1, 2; Track 2; Red Cross Representa- tive 3; Dramatics Club 4; S.C.A. 5. Of 1964 MICHAEL DELANO SALLY CHRISTIAN SHARON LOUISE JANSCH PATRICIA LEE JAVINS HUTCHINSON JACKSON F.H.A. 2; Chorus 5; Letter Adloyho Club 1 , 2, 3. Adloyho Club 2, 3; Latin Club 2; French Club 4, 5; Dramatics Club 4, 5; S.C.A. 5; Red Cross 4, 5 (Vice- President 5); Manager of Girls ' Basketball Team 4. Girl in Band 1. 31 ELIZABETH GERTRUDE JOHNSON Library Club 1; Safety Pa- trol 1; Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 5; Jr. Red Cross Representative 2; QUILL Representative 3; Erencli Club 3, 5. LAURA VICTORIA JOHNSON REBECCA DALE JONES SHARON ANN LANGSTER Adloyho Club 1. SANDRA JEAN LATTA Adloyho Club 1; F.H.A. 4, 5. CATHERINE MARIE LEAHMAN (Other School) Dramat- ics Club 1 ; Chorus Glee Club 1 ; Nurses Aid Club 2; (T.D.H.S.) French Club 4, 5. Class LINDA DIANE LIGON Red Cross Representative 1 ; French Cluh 4, 5. RONALD ALLEN LOHR Adloyho Club I, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Treasurer 1); Band 1; J.V. Football 2; J.V. Basketball 2; Track 2, 3; Varsity Basket- ball 3, 4, 5 (Monogram 3, 4, 5); Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; Key Club 4, 5; S.C.A. 4 l Delegate to District Conven- tion, State Convention 4); Boys’ State 4; Prom Decora- tions Committee 4; Junior QUILL Staff 4; President of Class 5. JUDITH .MARIE LUNDIE PATRICIA ANN LUNDIE Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Chorus 4, 5. Red Cross Representative I ; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Class Secre- tary 5; Christmas Pageant 5; REFLECTOR 5 (Assist- ant Advertising Manager). Of 1964 MOST TALENTED Carol Mathews and Bob Westbrook BAMBI BRANHAM LYNN CLAUDIUS EUGENE Adloyho Club 1. 2. 3, 4, S (Shield MAILE, III 4, President 4) ; Dramatics Club 3. 4, 5; Red Cross Representative 3; QUILL Representative 3: KNIGHTS’ REVIEW 3, 4 (Typist 3, Associate Editor 4) ; Latin Club 3 (Historian) ; Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5; Teen Board Representative 3; Prom En- tertainment Committee 4; National Honor Society 4, 5; Miss Thomas Dale 4; QUILL 5 (Editor-in-Chief) ; Junior Manager of Curtis Campaign 4; French Club 5; Youth Page Editor of RICHMOND NEWS LEAD- ER 4; Quill Scroll 5 (S.LP.A. 4) . MARGORIE IRENE MANLEY JERRY DEAN MANN J.V. Basketball 1, 2; J.V. Baseball 1 ; Adloyho Club 1 ; J.V. Football 2. 3; Baseball 2, 4; Varsity Football 4, 5; Varsity Club 4, 5 (Secre- tary 5 ). 33 BRENDA ANN MARKS F.H.A. 3; Chorus 4; RE- FLECTOR 5 (Typist); Guid- ance Counselor Helper 5. DOUGLAS KENT MARTIN Adloyho Club 2, 3, 4, 5; Key Club 3, 4, 5 (Treasurer 5); Hi-Y 4, 5; From Co-Chair- man 4; Red Cross 4; QUILL 5 (Business Staff ) . EDITH ELLEN MARTIN French Club 5. MICHAEL EDWARD MATHENY Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Red Cross 1; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Treasurer 4, President 5); J.V. Baseball 2; Class Vice President 3; Kev Club 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Dra- matics Club 3, 4, 5; French Club 4, 5. Class BEST LOOKING Jane Steed and Rob Steele CAROL ANNE MATHEWS Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (His- torian 2, Secretary 3, Shield 4, Bar 5) ; J.V. Basketball 2: Latin Club 2, 3; Softball Team 3; QUILL Representative 3; Dramatics Club 3. 4, 5 (President 3) ; KNIGHTS’ REVIEW 3, 4 (Editor-in-Chief 4) ; J.V. Cheerleader 3; S.C.A. 3; Quill and Scroll 5 (S.I.P.A. 3. 4) ; French Club 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5; Hi-Y Sweetheart 4; REFLECTOR 4, 5 (Co-Editor 5, Junior Editor 4) ; Varsity Cheerleader 4, 5: Home- coming Princess 5; Miss Thomas Dale Contest (2nd Runner-up 5) ; Representative to Miller and Rhoads Teen Board 5. MATTHEW WEBSTER MAUGHAN Adloyho 1, 2, 2, 4, 5 (Shield 5); Latin Club 3; Dramatics 3, 4, 5 (President 5); QUILL 3, 4, 5 ( Photographer 4, 5, Assistant Photographer 3); Hi-Y 4, 5; Prom Committee 4; Quill Scroll 4, 5 (Presi- dent 5, S.I.P.A. 3). ELIZABETH JANE McNEER Adloylio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Shield 4, liar 5); Red Cross Representative 1, 3; Library Club 2: Curtis Representative 2, 4, 5 (Senior Manager 5); Latin Club 3 (Cor- responding Secretary) ; 5. C.A. 4; Marshal at Commencement 4 ; French Club 4, 5; Na- tional Honor Society 4, 5; Quill Scroll 5; ' RE- FLECTOR Staff 5 (Lit- erary Editor). CATHERINE GRETCHEL WOODROW WILSON McGEE McCONIGAL, JR. Adloylio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Adloylio Club 1, 2; Dramatics Dramatics Club 3; Junior Club 4. QUILL Staff 4; QUILL Staff 5 ; 1 ri-Hi-A 5. EDWARD DON McNELLEY (Other School) President of Class 1. Of 1964 PAUL FREEMAN MICOU, JR. Adloylio Club 1 ; French Club 5. RICHARD DOUGLAS MOSS Adloylio Club 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 (Shield 4); S.C.A. 1; Latin Club 3; French Club 4, 5; Red Cross Representative 5. EDITH JOYCE MOTLEY Curtis Campaign Representa- tive 1; S.C.A. 5; F.H.A. 4, 5 (Corresponding Secretary 5); Assistant to Mrs. Reanies 4. PATRICIA ANN NELSON 35 ANN TOBB NIMMO RICHARD KENNETH CONSTANCE WINGATE NOWELL O’BANNON J.V. Basketball 2; Hi-Y 4, 5 (Chaplain 5); Varsity Basket- ball 4 ( Manager 5 ). DONALD KENT O’DONAHUE S Class PATRICIA ANN OSBORNE Red Cross Representa- tive 1, 2; Curtis Cam- paign Representative 2; J.V. Cheerleader 3. DAVID LEE PALUMBO JO CAROL OWENS Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; REFLECTOR Staff 5 (Typist). VICTORIA JO PEPPER Library Club 1 ; Adloyho Club i 1, 2, 3; Red Cross Represen- tative 1, 2; Curtis Campaign Representative 1, 3; Color Guard 3, 4 (Monogram 4); Dramatics Club 3, 4, 5; French Club 3, 4, 5; Tri-Hi- Y’ 4, 5; Junior QUILL Staff 4; QUILL Representative 4; QL1ILL Staff 5 (Cartoonist); Prom Invitations Committee 4. KARI JEAN PICZAK QUILL Representative 3; Christmas Pageant 5; Prom Refreshment Committee 4; QUILL Staff 5 (Copy Edi- tor); Adloyho Cluh 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 (Shield 4, Bar 5, Vice- President 4, President 3); Curtis Campaign Representa- tive 2; S.C.A. 2; Latin Cluh 3; Dramatics Club 3; Red Cross Representative 4; Na- tional Honor Society 4, 5 (Vice-President 5); Tri-Hi-V 4, 5 (Secretary 5); Quill and Scroll 5 (S.I.P.A. 4). ELAINE CARROLL PLAISANCE Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Shield 4, Bar 5); Tri-Hi-T 3, 4, 5 (M.G.A. 4); French Cluh 3, 4; National Honor Society 4, 5; Quill and Scroll 5; Junior QUILL Staff 4; QUILL Staff 5; Red Cross Representative 5. Of 1964 MOST POPULAR Carol Mathews and Joe Power GEORGE CLIFTON POLHEMUS, III Adloyho Cluh 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Safety Patrol 2; Latin Cluh 3, 4, 5; ( President 4) : Hi-Y 5. MARGO GAY POULSTON JOSEPH QUINBY POWER Adloyho Cluh 1, 2; Red Cross Representative 1, 3; Curtis Representative 1; Curtis Campaign Manager 3: Class Vice-President 2, 3; S.C.A. 3; Baseball 1, 2; Varsity Baseball 3, 4, 5; J.V. Foot- ball 2; Varsity Football 4, 5; Basketball 3. 4; REFLECTOR Staff 5 (Circulation Man- ager); Prom Committee 4. SANDRA DALE PROFFITT S.C.A. 1. 2, 3; Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3. 37 LESTER WA ' i NE RASH Red Cross Representative 1, 2; Curtis Campaign Represen- tative 1; S.C.A. 1: J.V. Bas- ketball 1 ; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5: J.V. Football 3; Track 3, 4, 5; lli- ' l 3; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Varsity Football 3. 4. 5. GAYLORD WHITE RAY S.C.A. 3; Dramatics Club 3. 4 (President 4); Key Club 4, 5 ( Vice-President 5, Ser- geant-at-Arms 5); Ili-Y 4, 5; Chairman of Prom Band Com- mittee 4; QUILL 5 ( Business .Manager); " Young Citizen for Safety” 5. JOYCE EARL RICKMAN Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3; Safet Patrol 2, 3, 4, 5. TONI VIRGINIA RIPLEY Band 1, 2, 3; Red Cross Rep- resentative 3, 5; Curtis Cam- paign Representative 3; QUILL Representative 5; Dra- matics Club 5. Class MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Jane Steed and Bob Westbrook JEAN MAY ROBERTSON Adloyho Club 1, 2. 3, 4, 5 (Shield 4); Red Cross Repre- sentative 2; Latin Club 2 (President 2); Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. 5; Girls ' State 4; National Honor Society 4, 5; Curtis Campaign Representative 4; QUILL 5 (Managing Editor) ; Quill anil Scroll 5 (Vice- President 5, S.I.P.A. 4). ELIZABETH MAXWELL RYAN Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Treasurer 4); KNIGHTS ' REVIEW Staff 2; J.V. Bas- ketball 2, 3 (Co-captain 3); QUILL Representative 3, 4: S.C.A. 4; Dramatics Club 3. 4, 5 (Vice-President 3); French Club 4, 5; REFLEC- TOR 5 (Art Editor l . CHARLES ELLIS SALMON Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3; Curtis Campaign Representative 2, 3; QUILL Representative 3; Key Club 5; Christmas Pageant 5. Of 1964 BRENDA JEAN SHELTON Tri-HiY 3, 4, 5 (Chairman of Publicity Committee 5); French Club 4, 5. THOM VS MK II EL SCOTT Red Cross Representa- tive 1; Adloyho Club 1; J.V. Football 2, 3; Var- sity Football 4, 5; Var- sity Club 5. CHARLES STEPHEN SCHWARTZ ROBERTA NELLENE SEITZ S.C.A. 2; Adloyho Club 3, 4, 5; Tri-HiY 3, 4, 5; French Club 5. JOHN DANIEL SINK Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ( Captain 5 ) ; Dramatics Club 3, 4 (Vice- President 4); Track 4, 5; Latin Club 4: Prom Commit- tee 4; Hi-Y 5 (Historian); Golf Team 5. NANCY LAMOUR SMITH Daniel Life Club 1: F.H.A. 4, 5. SANDRA JEAN SMITH (Other School) Curtis Repre- sentative; (T.D.H.S. ) Chorus 4, 5. 39 SANDRA LEE SMITH Adloyho Club 1. 2, 3, 4, 5; Library Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Dra- matics Club 4, 5; QUILL Staff 5; Quill and Scroll 5 I Historian ). JOAN ELIZABETH SOUTHALL Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Shield 4); Library Club 1, 2; J.V. Basketball 2, 3; (Co- captain 3); Latin Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Red Cross 3, 4, 5 (Vice-President 4, President 5); National Honor Society 4, 5; French Club 4, 5; Varsity Basketball 4, 5 ( Monogram 4, Bur 5 ) ; Prom Committee 4; Varsitv Club 4, 5; KNIGHTS’ REVIEW 5 (Copy Editor); Quill and Scroll 5; Dramatics Club 5. JANE FRANKLIN STEED J.V. Cheerleader 3; Var- sity Cheerleader 4, 5 ( Co- llead 5); Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5; Homecoming Princess 5. JUNE RANDOLPH STEED Varsity Basketball 4; Homecoming Princess 5. CARL GILBERT SPIVEY ROBERT SAUNDERS STEELE French Club 4, 5 (Treasur- er 5); Dramatics Club 5; Vice-President of Class 5. NORA LEE STARKE Library Club 4, 5; Dramatics Club 4, 5. Class ROBERT WAYNE STEPHENS JUDITH ST. CLAIR STINSON PATRICIA HELEN STURDIVANT F.H.A. 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4. Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; KNIGHTS ' REVIEW 5. Of 1964 MOST IN LOVE Janet Webster and Pete Honey JANE BENNETTE STURT J.V. Basketball 3, 4; Chorus 4, 5; E.H.A. 5. WAYNE KEITH TAYLOR Adloyho Club 1; French Club 4, 5. DIANA LEE THOMAS Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; QUILL Representative 2; Li- brary Club 4, 5; Tri-Hi- 4,5. MILDRED MAURICE THOMAS Chorus 4. 41 ROBERT YOUNGER THOMPSON Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3; Prom Decorations Committee 4; REFLECTOR 5. RUTH ELLEN THYSELL Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Red Cross Representative 3; Dramatics Club 3, 4, 5; French Club 5; REFLEC- TOR 5 (Classes Editor). VIVIAN LOUIS TONEY S.C.A. 2; Red Cross Repre- sentative 2. BETTY CAROL TRAYLOR Tri-Hi-Y 4. 5; Girls ' State 4; Chorus 4: KNIGHTS’ REVIEW 5. (Typist). MOST ATHLETIC Bonnie Tunstall and Wavne Rash Class GARY CURTIS TUCK NANCY JANE TUCKER Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3. 4, 5 (Shield 5); Library Club 2, 3; French Club 3, 4; Tri- Hi-Y 4, 5; Prom Decoration Committee 4; Guidance Coun- •selor Helper 4; Junior QUILL 4; QUILL 5. I MARY JANE VEST (Other School) R e il Cross Representative 1 ; (T.D.H.S.) Red Cross Representative 5; Adloy- ho Club 4, 5; Library Club 4, 5. BONNIE LEE TUNSTALL REFLECTOR 5 (Co-Editor); Quill and Scroll 5 (S.I.P.A. 4); National Honor Society 4, 5 (President 5); Girls’ Varsity Club 4, 5; Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Shield 4, Bar 5, Treasurer 3); S.C.A. 2, 3, 4 (President of Junior 5. C.A. 2, District Convention 2); Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Library Club 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 3, 4 (Secretary 4); J.V. Basket- ball 1, 2; Varsity Basketball 3, 4, 5 ( Monogram 4, Bar 5, Co-Captain 5); Chairman of Prom Decorations Committee 4, ELIZABETH LEE WADKINS Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ( Shield 4, Bar 5 ) ; Cur- tis Campaign Representa- tive 1, 2, 5; Library Club 1 ; Color Guard 2, 3, 4, 5 ( Monogram 3, 4) ; Latin Club 2, 3 ; KNIGHTS’ REVIEW Staff 3, 5 ( Business Staff 3, Editor 5; QUILL Representative 3, 4: S.C.A. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5 ( Treasurer 4) ; Dramat- ics Club 3, 4, 5 ; Prom Co-Chairman 4; National Honor Society 4, 5; French Club 4, 5; Quill and Scroll 5 (S.I.P.A. 4). RICHARD BAXTER USRY, JR. Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ( President 1 ) ; Baseball 2, 4, 5; Varsity Club 5; Prom Decorations Committee 4. Of 1964 ROSE MARIE WALLACE Chorus 4. JANET ANN WEBSTER Adlovho Club 1. 2, 3. 4. 5 (Shield 5); REFLECTOR 5 (Senior Class Editor); Red Cross Representative 1, 2. 3, 4; S.C.A. 1, 2, 5 (District Conference 2); Curtis Cam- paign Representative 1, 2; Library Club 2; QUILL Rep- resentative 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5 (S.C.A. Representative 5, Blue Ridge Assembly 4, Chairman of Projects Committee 5); Dramatics Club 3, 4, 5: Latin Club 3; National Honor So- ciety 4, 5; Quill and Scroll 5. JOAN ANNE WEST Adloyho Club 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 (Shield 5); French Club 4. 5 (Chairman of French Week 5); Softball 4, (Monogram 4); Junior QUILL Staff 4; Varsity Club 5. ROBERT STEPHEN WESTBROOK Adloyho Club 1 : S.C.A. 2, 4. 5 (Vice-President 5); Dra- matics Club 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y 4, 5; French Club 4, 5; Prom Decorations Committee 4. DOUGLAS MAYNARD WHEELING Band 1, 2; Adloyho Club 1,2. ROBERT BURTON WHITT Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Corporal 1, Section Leader 1, 4, Assist- ant Manager 3, Manager 5). ELIZABETH ANNE WIESNER Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club 2; Red Cross Rep- resentative 2; French Club 3, 4, 5; Dramatics Club 3, 5 (Secretary 3); Library Club 3, 4; KNIGHTS’ REVIEW 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5; QUILL 5; Quill Scroll 5. BEVERLY ANNE WILKINSON Adloyho Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5 (Vice-Presi- dent 5); Red Cross Repre- sentative 3; Curtis Campaign Representative 4; Class Treas- urer 4; KNIGHTS ' REVIEW 5 I Head Typist). Class LAZIEST Brenda Hairfield and Emmett Williamson EMMETT CLYDE WILLIAMSON J.V. Football 1, 2; J.V. Base- ball 1; J.V. Basketball 2; Curtis Campaign Representa- tive 2; Red Cross Represen- tative 1; Football Varsity 3, 4, 5; Baseball Varsity 3; Varsity Club 4, 5 I Presi- dent 5). KAREN REBECCA WILMOTH Adloyho Club 1, 2; Library Club 2; Curtis Campaign Representative 2; Iri-Hi-Y | 3, 4, 5; French Club 4, 5. i BIGGEST TALKERS Babs Best and Bob Westbrook 45 Seniors Present " The 46 The Junior Class Officers (lejt to right): Donna Wehren, Secretary; Winnie Harris, Historian; Mike Maguigan, President; Susan Hillier, Treasurer; and David Hirsch, Vice-President look at their class ring which Mrs. Grimes, Sponsor, holds. Juniors Wilfred Almeida Fat Alto Brad Armstrong M icheal Arthur Bill Atkins Larry Akins Janice Baake Sandra Bailey Charlie Bartlett Louise Bates Linda Beck Rodney Bedwell Pam Bishop Trilby Bishop Carolyn Bledsoe 48 John Bodenhammer Joanna Boggs Connie Bond Diana Boyd Leonard Brooks Joann Brown Allen Brittle Chen 1 Carter Donnie Carter Peggy Castleberry Wilma Chandler Charles Clements Charles Clemons Hugh Cline Bonnie Cloud Juniors Jimmy Cole Katin Cole Audrey Comer Cheryle Comer Buddy Cook David Cowen Billy Cox Crystal Cox Douglas Cox Barbara Crow Sally Crump Faye Clumpier Betty Dabney Julie Daffron Carolyn Daugherty 49 Cliff Davenport Sharon Davis Sharon Deems Stacy Dodge Paul Doleman Rodney Dowty Jim Dunham Cindy Dunnevant Loretta Ellison Gloria Emerson Ann Evans Eugenia Evans Jot Eve John Eyler Jackie Ferrell Juniors Robert Fleming Brenda Frazier Rebecca Frith Bobby Foster Carol Fulton Damn Garner Troy Gee Jerry Gettings Eddie Gibson Mary Gibson Dick Goyne Jay Gregg Ann Gulledge Bobby Hague Dale Harris W innie Harris Wench Harvec Allen Han ille Michele Hathcock Mike Hathcock Carl Heckel Cherri Henderson John Henshaw Jerry Hess Susan Hillier David Hirsch Rose Ann Hollis Joe Hopkins Da id Howell Carroll Hudson Juniors Jim Hughes Ray Hylton Clifford Inge Ronnie Ingle Pat Ir ' CpJrc- ' ratsv James ,, - (Sheiia Jamgch Toipjitv Jenkins, „ 1 i ewis Jennings, ) V ' Diaticjones A " Jimmy Jones Terry Jones James Journigan Kathv Kain Millie Katcham ♦ K e o li III ,r li IkiMil Steve Kercel Anna Kestner Brenda Leake Lennie Leigh Bill Lord Mike Maguigan Thomas Maile Alvin Mann Lee Mann Beverly Martin Don Martin Lynn Martin Joe Mason Steve Matheny Chip Mathews Juniors Charles McDonald Pam McGuire Francis McKibbon Joey M on roe Faye Murray Peggy North Sharon Olson John Osbourne Linda Overby M axine Park David Parker Dale Patrick Claudia Pavey Susan Paxton Larry Payne 52 Phil Pennington Wayne Peppers Rober Phillips Willis Pope Wayne Powers William Raile Linda Rawlings Jerry Raynor Ray Raynor Bonnie Reed Buddy Reibsamen Nancy Riddle Loretta Rvbar David Saady Sally Savage Juniors Joe Scalone Janet Schaffer Sandra Schwartz Allen Scott Betty Scott Billy Seal Eddie Shell Sandra Shelton Ray Shepperson Kaye Shirley Ada Simpers Donald Sims Bin Sloan Ted Spach Pat Spake 53 Angela Sprouse Charles Steiner Judy Stell Barbara Stinson Rodnev Stokesbury Dica Sweet Tom Tennile Bonnie Trimmer Bobby Tucker Jerry Toney Jane Uzel Andy Van Abs Geraldine Vaughan Martha Vest Sharon Wagner Juniors Johnny Wajick Mary Ann Wargofcak Mary Warshing Donna Werhen Dickie Werner Lynda West Richard Wheelhouse Barbara Whittle David Wiley Bobbie Wildes Fred Willis Barbara Williams Milton Wilmoth Juanita Wolf Ronnie Womack Eddie orle Mike V oung S.C.A. Presents Annual Variety Show Terry Jones receives first place prize for her performance in the Variety Show. The annual SCA Variety Show was held in the town of Whipple Creek at the local saloon. The Pecos City Ramblers entertain the audience. .Melody Holder, the new Miss Thomas Dale, expresses her gratitude and that of the runners-up, Lynn Dee Armstrong, Carol Mathews, and Winnie Harris. 55 The Sophomore Class Officers (left tu right): Linda Ramsey, Secretary; Sandra Tucker, President: Phillips, Sponsor, help the Treasurer, Cheroyl Meyers, go over the budget for the year. Sophomores Faye Hylton, Vice-President; and Miss i Cheryl Albin Milton Allmond Candy Altice Don Altice Neal Ambrose i Barbara Anderson David Anderson Ricky Andrews Brenda Asbury Janies Atkinson Dennis Ayers Richard Bailey Patricia Bartle Kenny Bates Virginia Beaumont Arthur Beasley Garland Beazley Pam Beckner Danny Bixler Alice Beetham 56 Donna Bern Rodney Bishop Patricia Blake Ray Blaylock Lain Boder Peggy Bowles Carl Bowling Marsha Britt Lawrence Broekwell Larry Brown Johnny Bucka Hayes Bush Hugh Campbell Linda Campbell John Carnes Joe Carroll Linda Cauthorne Janet Charles Jeff Chase Stuart Clanton Sophomores Donna Clements David Clemons Susan Clemons Theodora Cogbill Merle Conn Dora Germany Randy Cousins Barbara Cranor Phyllis Cumbea Billy Davenport Beverly Davis Ann Dean Carl Dean Pat Dean Donna Deems Claude Dickens John Dollmeyer Bud Dowden Judy Dowty Eddie Dunnigan Steve Ellis Billy Evans Linda Eversole Carol Ewing Charles Fairchilds Jeff Fetta Lori Filak Ercel Fisher Sandy Fitchett Nancy Flippin Ralph Floyd David Foldesi Doris Ford Richard Fulgham Lynn Fuller Dicky Garrett Donnie Graves Shirley Griffin Jane Golley David Harris Sophomores I 58 ‘ v Beverly Harrison Janice Hawthorne Barbara Hayes Mary Hazelton Roberta Heiser Mary Ann Hester Graham Hi ll Linda Holt Gene Hubbard Faye Hylton Jackie Irwin Mary Ann James Donald Jenkins John Jennings Phyllis Johnston V Jv vV .Emily Jones Gail Lee Judy Jones Chip Karpus Dickie Kidd V I J j | i I Judy Kidd Dickie King Joan King Sandra Koogler Leslie Leach v dtk x ' Richard Ledford Leonard Libscomb Tom Lincoln r r ei Vivian Liptrap Carol Lord Ralph Lovern David MaGee Jennie Maile r r r r Jimmy Maitland i David Marshall Jane Martin Charlotte McCoy £ O f) 9 Ronnie McCreary Joanna McFadden , dm v Sophomores %s John McNeely Dean McNelley Donald Miller Gilbert Milton Jay Montegut Tam Moody Barbara Moore Billy Moore James Morgan Ruth Morgan Lunette Morton Betty Musselwhite Cheroyl Myers Gayle Nowell Billy Nunn Carl Nunnally Bobby Owen Tom Owen Mary Otey Jim Parkinson 59 Susan Peden Caryl Pelikan Tony Pepper vonne Phillingane Chris Piezak Ronald Polhenius Billy Poole Charles Poole Diane Pride Glenn Pugh Brenda Rakes Linda Ramsey Linda Rankin Karl Riddle Bill Romaine Nancy Ross L. A. Ruffin Frances Samuels Ronald Saylor Linda Scruggs Soph omores George Seyi Carla Sheperd Barbara Simmon Janet Slaughter Charles Sli°h Mike Smelly David Smith Mike Smith David Spain Sue Gail Spiers Larry Stansbury Lawrence Starke Bill Steiner Barbara Stinson Roberta Sturdivant Darius Lantz Ronald Tatro Judy Taylor June Taylor Melora Taylor 60 Herbert Teaehev Marcia t ench Bill Tennille Sterling Throckmorton Corky 1 hysell Cindy Tolly Sandra Tucker Tommy Wadkins Carolyn Weaver Barbara Westbrook Gregory White Ronald Whorley Bill Williams Sammy Williams Franklin Willis Tommy B. Williams Linda Wilmoth Dean Winston Carol Wood Virginia E. Wood Sophomores Virginia R. Wood Delores Woolridge Cynth ia Wright Linda Yeatts The Embers entertain at the Key Club Christ- mas Dunce. 61 ' he Freshmen Sponsors Miss Robertson and Mrs. Beckman supervise the Freshmen officers (left to right): Sybil Cooper, Treasurer: Steve Vomack, President; Susan Roop, Secretary ' and John Brubaker, Vice-President, in their effort- to keep the school grounds clean. Judy Adams Harper Alexander Pat Alford William Lee Allen Robert Alley Cheryl Altice Douglas Anderson Linda Anderson Roxanne Andrews Jerry Ashury George Bailey Wade Bailey Danny Baird Diana Balance Stanley Barnett Duncan Beasley Diane Belcher John Bersik Mary Anne Bidgood James Bishop Lynda Bixler Barbara Black Chick Blackwell Vicki Blair Johnnie Breeden John Brooks Brenda Brown John Brubaker Joseph Boggs Joe Booth Janice Bough Brenda Bowen Mable Bowen Suzanne Bowen Billv Bui-set Freshmei 62 Rita Bullard Sandra Butler Larry Burke Dixie Burrell Ruddy Burton Ronnie Bash Billy Carpenter Lois Carpenter Catherine Carter Mike Carter Wanda Custlelo w Ellen ( lathers . Annette Cagle - Kath Chadwick anette Clanton Sara Click Gustos Cline Ted ' Cline Rp Coffey Tommy Coghill ,1 w anda Cook " Sybil Cooper Vickie Cooper Phillip Council Scott Cox Linda Crocker Linda Crook Larry Crosslind David Cunningham Philip Cunningham Bruce Dance Sarah Deem Thomas Dinuhila Bonnie Dobbins Susan Doherty .Mary Dolan Donnie Dunnevant Milton Eaton Joel Edward Steve Edmiston Marvin Elam Freshmen Jimmy Elder Patsy Elder Gilbert Elliott Madeline Ellison Henrv Emerson Lois Elsaesor Beckv Ehlv Oc eania Forsythe PEugene Foster Sue Kain Diana Kaiser L nn Karpus Sylvia Kercel Lee Ketchum Linda Kierson Eddie Knight Mike Garmell Laetitia Geary Charles Gee Frances Ann Gettings Billy Gibson Robert Graham Debbie Green Ned Gregory John Gregory Ronnie Gregory Ronnie Griffin Susan Grubbs I ' r j J 63 V 1 l Sharon Goyne • Carol Haga Steve Hairfield Bruce Hale Mary Jane Hatton Linda Hamilin Brenda Hamlet Barbara Dale Harper Barbara Jean Harper Donna Harvey Valerie Hayes Florence Heckel Richard Hendricks 1 Jack Herdon Ernest Hollis Shirlev Holmes M. T. Holt James Hopkins Jim Horine William Howlett Beverly Hubble Charles Hudlef Roger Jeffers Steve Jenkins Rita Jennings James Jennings Alike Jernigan Ronnie Johnson Charlotte Johnson George Jones Patsy Jones Louise Jones Ray Jones Pat Joyce Alfred Joyner Gordon Inge Kenny Ivey Beverly Kain Nancy Kestner Beth Kidd Donald Kierson Jeannett Kirby Freshmen ' 64 Steve Lolir Margaret Long Ricky Madteon Tim M Marv A Eu BetrrMath Jamie Mau_ Brenda Snead Carolvn Maxwell Allan ' Mays Sharon Mener Margie McCall Nelson McCauley Randy McDaniel William McGonigal Richard McGough Valai McGough Robie McGruder Bert McNeer A Dwight Miller Phyllis Miller Blaine Moore x Virginia Moorman S?. Pat Muthig Leslie Nelson John North Belinda Nolte John Orven Johnny Orven Peggy Owen Gerold Pace Karen Painter Henry Paris -Mercedes Parne Patrick 1 omim Opha P Linda 1 Lero I c-i. . -? irn liku " 4 • £-Cc7 V- - Sonny Grace 1 Larry 1 epper ' illow ' JS- -ool 7 riimn As ' Dennis Pritchard Denny Pritchard Brenda Prude Carol Puckett Winona Pugh Jy-. CP FauTRamsey J Jerry Redford t J D ' [ Bruce Reed ry ( Crutiss Rice Billy RickmanV Stuart Ridout lr CS Beverly Riggin Mae Rollins Su sail Roop Marsha Rothenherger Carter Ruffin Lenie Rush John Sawyer Greg Saylor Nancy Saylor Boh Schrum Andy Scott Faye Scott Theresa Sharpe Carol Shelton Fran Simpers John Sloan Judy Sloan Sandy Sledge Donna Smith Jerry ' Smith Marshall Smith .(Us - K w Col xs . w v. .. t |k ' - Steve Smith Tommy Smith Shirley Spain Barbara Spake Randv Spencer Ann Sprouse Jerry Spurlock Donna Stamatas Linda Stanley Peggy Stansberry Betty Starke Adnrea Stewart Elizabeth Stewart Anita Stillman James Strang Doug Strawther Judy Teachy Ann Tennille Mike Terpack Larry Terrell Billy Thompson Wavne Throckmorton Nancy Thysell Sina Fay Todd John Torrence Shirley Torrence Steve Turley Joan Tucker Faye Turner Jim Wade i arris Walker Mary Wallace Kitty Wargofcak Mike Wargofcak John Watson iou 01 -; Linda Weir Jimmy Wells Raymond Wells Becky Werner , _ Birdie Williams ' fyCo Carolyn Williams V irginia Williams Jo Ann Wilkins T y r Ai J ,-s s£, Kendall Wilmoth Mckele Wise Peggy Witnzer ' . . Bruce Whiting Steve Womack Bonnie Worrell Richard Wooland Steve Worley Betty Wray John Wray Bobby Vaughan Bucky Vaughan Dana Vincent V r Marvin Yarbrough Eighth Grade Mrs. Saylor and Mrs. Durham, Eighth grade Sponsors, show the Eighth grade officers, Tommy Murphey, President; Diane Gettings, Secretary; Sandy Berryman, Vice-President; and A. J. Sligh, Treasurer, around Thomas Dale. Row 1 (lejt to right): Mrs. Saylor, George Starke, Dennis Sollars, John Slaughter, Allan Riggan, Della Sloan. Row 2: Cindy Sink, Richard Roth, Joyce Squires, Jimmy Rush, Guy Talley. Roiv 3: Douglas Tatro, Linda Smith, David Schwartz, Linda Snellings, Carleton Rowsey. Row 4: Donald Richards, Murray Robinson, Ralph Sisco, Michael Sewell, Judy South, A. J. Sligh. ' 67 Row 1 (left to right): Mrs. Beck, Sheryl Edwards, Frank Davidson, Mike Dean, Mike Ehly, Marc Garmel, Tommy Fitzgerald. Row 2: Cornelius Fens, Paulette Eve, Linda Dunnevant, Sandra Eastwood, Larry Davis. Rote 3: Bobby Floyd, Kenny Gemundt, Crystal Evans, Ken Davis, Stephen Dudley, Charlene Elliott. Row 4: Jesse Garman, Warren Jessup, John Fens, Ken Hudson, Mike Davenport, Terry Sue Dunnigan. Eighth Grade Row 1 (left to right): Mrs. Durham, Jack Wilton, Joe Jessee, Bland Hammersley, Richard Hayes, Mary Hines, Sandra Haga, Julie Harris. Row 2: Eugene Herndon, Tommy Hayes, Kaylene Hilliard, Howard Tadlock, Brenda Gunter, Olen Jones, Wan(Ja Hill. Row 3: Janice Hawk, Brenda Holland, Ellis Painter, Brenda Hague, Eddy Hendricks, Bonnie Hill, Karen Gulledge. Row 4: Harry Jines, William Hayes, William Howell, Hunter Hepburn, Harry Howell, John Hesse, Louis Hawkins. mv flu Row I (left to right): Mrs. Grant, Tommy Jude, Claire Hylton, Nancy Ingle, Margaret Jouget, Nancy Jones, Matt Lincoln, Carl Lip- trap. Row 2: Robert Leeson, Donna Isaac, Brenda Howell, Anne Jenkins, Linda Jeffers, Richard Lanzarone, Elaine Jones. Roiv 3: Mike Liscomb, Les Keenan, Robert King, Cordan Koebl, Steve Jones, Brenda Jones. Row 4: Janies Kinton, Sonny Jones, Ken Kneher, Karen Jernigan. Fete Kelby. David Lentz, Freddie King. Eighth Grade Row I ( left to right): Mrs. Thomas, Barbara Castelow, Gary Burke, Fred Bowen, Dorothy Patterson. Row 2: Aletha Butler, Bobby Bray, Debbie Campbell, Mary Blanton, Tommy Bratton. Frank Carlon. Row 3: Sally Burch, Cathy Bock, Jimmy Brooks, Sara Burgess, Mary Lynn Bondurant, Doyolette Burrell. Roiv 4: Mark Boyd, Tommy Carter, Michael Burrell. A. B. Carter. Ronnie Brown, Danny Booten. Row 1 (lejt to right): Mr. Tipton, Barbara Van Abs, Ann Wallace, Leland Turner. Basil Vian, Craig Tucker, Gary Wells. Row 2: Steve Tuck, David Turner, Wayne Washington, Suzanne Vick, Peggy Waldron, Ruth Vaughan. Row 3: Linda Tingen, Walter Walker, Leona Vincent, Martha Tennant, Shirley Texter, Joel Ray Tachey. Row 4: Marsha Wadkins, Judy Updike, Raymond Taylor, Reginald Watkins, Joseph Uzel. David Trawick, Bruce Taylor. Eighth Grade Row 1 (left to right): Mrs. Llewellyn, Dawn Kennedy, Jimmy Miller. Nancy Kain, Donald McCabe, Billy Martin, Marilyn Martin. Row 2: Louis McCrone, Michele McGough, Tommy Mitchell, Steven Moore, Martha Knight, Jimmy Mitchell, Kenneth Martin. Rote 3: Theresa Mason, Sharon Lewis, Phil Mooreland, Linda Little, Charles Morgan, Joe Mooreland, Mary Kelly, Dale Lewis. Row 4: Brenda Sisco, Bobby McCabe, Ronnie Mongold, George Moore, Kenneth Mueller, Randy Meadows, John Mason. Jpf V ; Row 1 (left to right): Mrs. Britt. Ricky Wisner, Diane- Wray, Narda Wilson, Mary Ellen Weinstock, Sheila Wilmoth, Stephen Wray, Jerry Willis. Row 2: Sheila Wright, Pat Workman, Regina Webb, Carolyn White, Bobby Williams, Eddie Wise, Laurence White. Row 3: Robert Laughter, Guy Anthony, Elizabeth Fowler, Franklin Williams, Joe Womack, Linda Womack, Lynn Wood. Row 4: Melvin Wilson, Allen Williams, Gerald Willis, Mickey Willis, Danny Martin, John Wooland, Billy White. Eighth Grade O Row 1 (left to right): Mr. Berlin, Diane Palumbo, Frank Nicklis, June Carrol Sadler, Carol Parker, Johnny Nuckols, Wayne Owen. Row 2: Sheila Murray, Trudy Pastorfield, Judy Newcome, Mary Musselwhite, Danny Oden, Tommy Murphey, Gregory Pedersen. Row 3: Mary Anne Mugler, Carolyn Muthig, Wayne Muma, Jimmy Neuhert, Joseph Woodfin, Johnny Parnell, Danny Norwood, Linda Patten. Row 4: James Osborne, Connie Nicholson, Clarence Nester, Dennis Bradley, Nelson Muma, Lee NeSmith, Claudia Merkel, Kenneth Wheeling. Row 1 (lejt to right): Miss Newell, Teresa Peppers, Sandra Puryear, Betty Kankin, Debbie Poetter, Danny Ramsey, Sonny Radcliffe. Row 2: Frances Paulett, Ralph Pollard, Gordon Presley, Carolyn Pool, Mary ' Jane Sage, Roberta Young, David Pickens. Row 3: Mac Phillips, Susan Sage, Morgan Quigley, Barbara Riemer, Butch Ramsey, J. C. Petree, Marianne Roman. Roiv 4: Mike Rankin, Lee Phil- lingane. Paula Peden, Gwen Rose, Paul Rhoten, Jr.. Doug Rice. 1 IX i Eighth Grade Row 1 (hit to right): Mr. Davies, Tommy Hamilton, Susan Fuller, Peggy West, Delbert Hall, Steve Halverson. Row 2: Andy George, Brenda Gibbs. Lee Goodwin, Cheryl Ferrell, Judy Gettings. Donnie Guza. Row 3: Frankie Gray, Dickie Gunn, Diane Griffin, Diane Gettings, Carol Flabertv. Tom Govne. Row 4: Judy Anne Goad. Carey Guyton, Richard Goldman, Ronnie Graham. Linda Foster. Mike Goyne. I Row I ( left to right): Mr. Dockery, Susan Tadlock, George Cleek, Gloria Coleman, Sharon Bucka, Cabell Clements, ' Pat Cathers. Row 2: Patricia Crump, Jean Coley, Larry Crow, Linda Corbin, Catby Chase, Phyllis Cunningham, William Comer. Row 3: Esther Chap- pell, Marshall Crow, Irving Welchons, Brenda Cox, Linwood Bradley, Gary Hall, Kay Cook. Rotv 4: Tommy Crowder, Susan Creasy, Carol Cook, Donna Clark, Coy Cooper, Ronald Cliborne, Richard Dallmeyer. Eighth Grade Row 1 (lejt to right): Mr. Morton, Judy Adams, William Barrow, Vicki Ashworth, David Atkinson, Carol Anderson. Row 2: Beverly Anthony, Cecil Arnett, Lana Altice, Sandy Berryman. La Verne Bennett, Dan Bell. Row 3: Linda Anderson, Jack Beaumont, Ann Aider- man, Les Blair, Larry G. Allen, Sue Aherron. Row 4: Susan Billings, Ray Bass, Ken Armistead, Randy Bass, Jim Atkins, Jerry Armen- trout, Carol Barrett. L The REFLECTOR Captures Thi The entire REFLECTOR Staff assembles for an informal meeting. Retta Jean Coleman, Head Typist, instructs other typists, Brenda Marks, Donna Harris, and Jo Carol Owens, on typing copy sheets. Janet Webster, S enior Editor, shows Ruth Thysell, Associative Class Editor, Betsy Ryan, Art Editor, Miss Webb, Proofreader, Stacy Dodge, Assistant Class Editor, and Beth McNeer, Literary Editor, an important layout. Memories 01 The School Year As you turn through the pages of this book, you will see the job of the REFLECTOR staff. Not only has this staff fulfilled its responsibili- ties by portraying in pictures a school year that is drawing to a close, but they have also participated in many other activities. The staff sponsored a contestant in the Miss Thomas Dale Contest. Many of the staff who became members of the Quill and Scroll helped to make their annual dance a success. This has been a busy year for the REFLECTOR staff and they hope that you approve of their efforts and will cherish these memories of this year at Thomas Dale High School. BONNIE TUNSTALL Co-Editors CAROL MATHEWS Standing: Joe Power, Circulation Manager; Steve Yates, Business Manager; Warren Chalkley, Adver- tising Manager. Sitting: Bobby Thompson, Photogra- pher; and Judy Lundie, Assistant Advertising Man- ager are responsible for the business and advertising, for the REFLECTOR. 77 National Honor Society Row 1 (left to right): Beth McNeer, Martha Geary, Bambi Lynn, Kari Piczak, Ann Grant, Miss Hudson, Sponsor. Row 2: Bonnie Tun- stall, Joan Southall, Janet Webster, Betty Wadkins, Jean Robinson. Quill And Scroll Honors Journalists Officers (silting, left to right): Retta Jean Coleman, Secretary- Treasurer; Sandy Smith, Historian; Webster Maughan, Presi- dent; Jean Robertson, Vice-President. Sponsors (standing): Mrs. Broughton, Miss Heretick, .Mrs. Grimes. Row 1 (left to right): Elaine Plaisance, Beth McNeer, Ann Grant, Beth Weisner. Row 2: Carolyn Grubb, Retta Jean Cole- man, Martha Geary, Kari Piczak. Row 3: Sandy Smith, Bambi Lynn, Jean Robertson, Bonnie Tunstali. Row 4: Donna Har- ris, Joan Southall, Betty Wadkins. Row 5: Webster Maughan, Janet Webster, Carol Mathews, Ned Hopkins. Row 6: Spon- sors: Mrs. Realties, Mrs. Broughton, .Mrs. Grimes, Miss Webb, Miss Heretick. ( I NTERN4T 0 V )L M - rrf Students that represented Thomas Dale at S.I.P.A. were Steve Yates, Kari Pic- zak, Betty Wadkins, Bambi Lynn, Jean Robertson, Carol Mathews, and Bonnie Tun- stall. 79 Bambi Lynn, Editor-in-Chief, chooses the headlines for the Quill. Sitting (left to right): Vicki Pepper, Cartoonist; Gary Ray, Business Man- ager; and Lynn Dee Armstrong, Circulation Manager carry out their duties while Webster Maughn, Photographer, watches. i Enlarged and Improved QUILL Eight pages an issue, better developed stories, and a greater variety in features, the goals of the Quill staff, marked the Quill this year. The business staff has been very successful in selling ad space and the car- toonist has drawn many appropriate pictures. With two pages of his own. the sports editor has effectively covered the Thomas Dale’s athletic program. The greater variety and improved make-up have brought favorable comments at workshops, so the staff has found that hard work is rewarding. Sitting (left to right): Cissy Baird, Anne Grant, Belli Anne Wiesner check the copy of the forthcoming issue with Kent Martin and Sandy Smith. The Associate Editors, Jean Robertson, Martha Geary, Kari Piczak, and Ned Hopkins, take pride in a completed issue of the Quill. Sitting (left to right): Cathy McGee and Nancy Tucker review their feature assignments for the next issue with Dave Cuthers and Sylvia Worsham. 81 Your SCA Strives Senior SCA Council Row 1 (left to right): Donna Wehren, Judy Stell, Kitty Mountfort, Edith Motley, Susan Beville, Richard Fogg, Mike Matheny, Bob Westbrook, Brenda Hairfield, Sally Jackson, Jane Martin, Stacy Dodge, Jo Anne Brown. Row 2: Bill Steiner, Bill Railey, Loretta Rybar, Sally Crump, Anne Harris, Donna Andrews. Jane Uzel, Janet Webster, Kay Shirley, Sandra Tucker, Edward Faggart. Row 3: Jack Hutchins, Wilfred Almeida, Rob Steel. Raymond Blaylock. Steve Eib, Joe Hopkins. Joe Hopkins and Miss Conyers, Sponsor, discuss the sale of school supplies for the SCA. Hard work and many responsibilities characterize the S.C.A. The Senior Council sponsored the Home- coining ceremonies, the sock hop afterwards, and the Variety Show with its traditional Miss Thomas Dale Contest. This spring, to climax the campaigns for next year ' s officers, it held an election night dance, also. The Junior Council has its own duties because of the size of our school. It is responsible for putting up and taking down the flag while school is in session. The various selling projects that both councils hold provide the money for their activities. With the help of their sponsors and officers, our S.C.A. does bring about a unity of purpose between tbe students and faculty at Thomas Dale. For School Unity The officers of the Senior SCA, Susan Beville, Reporter; Richard Fogg, Treasurer; Mike Matheny, President; Bob Westbrook, Vice-President; and Susan Faris, Secretary, conduct an assembly for the student body. junior S.C.A. Works Closely With the Senior Council Junior SCA Council Row 1 deft to right): Mabel Bowen, Betty Wray, Rita Jennings, Nancy Thysell, Anne Jenkins, Suzanne Vick, Thersia Sharpe, Wanda Shell, Linda Anderson, Diane Gettings, Debbie Campbell, Betty Rankin, Brenda Sisco. Row 2: Miss Rogers. Sponsor; Jimmy Rush, Ken Davis, Clarence Nester, Kathy Chadwick, Betty Mathews, Fran Simpers, Randy McDaniel, Coy Cooper. Tommy De Nuirla, Robert Laughter, Gary Burke. pr i In i f nl mr- Tri-Hi-Y Officers (kneeling): Martha Geary, President. ( Stand- ing , left lo right): Kari Piczak, Secretary; Janet Web- ster, SCA Representative; Beverly Wilkinson, ice-Presi- dent; Mrs. Young, Sponsor; Sylvia Worsham, Chap- lain: Francis McKibbon, Treasurer; Wilma Chandler, Historian. Row 1 (left to right): Sylvia Worsham, Kari Piczak. Barbara Beane, Anne Grant, Elaine Pl aisance. Row 2: Wilma Chandler, Carolyn Grubb, Roberta Seitz, Beth Ann Wiesner, Diane Thomas, Jean Robertson. Row 3: Crystal Cox, Cherie Burgess, Brenda Shelton, Beverly Wilkinson, Bambi Lynn, Nancy Hudson. Row 4: Betty Traylor, Dale Parrick, Kaye Hall, Francis McKibbon, Ada Simpers, Vicki Pepper, Joan Southall, Rose Hen- shaw. Row I (lejt to right): Martha Geary. Row 2: Brenda Hairfieid, Cissy Baird, Lynn Dee Armstrong, Olivia Dunnaway. Row 3: Susan Faris, Judy Lundie, Susan Beville, Cheryl Gill. Row 4: Jane Steed, Anne Harris, Melody Holder, Babs Best, Karen Wilmoth, Betty Wad- kins. Row 5: Bonnie Tunstall, Cathy McGee, Janet Webster, Nancy Tucker, Carol Mathews. ■m Row 1 (left to right): Mr. Young, sponsor, Clifford Inge, Paul Broughton, Mike Matheny, Ned Hopkins. Row 2: Larry Paine, Wilfred Almedia, Kent Martin, Webster Maughn, Mike Arthur. Row 3: Bob Westbrook, Gary Ray, Kenneth Nowell, Pete Honey, Phil Pennington. 85 Daniel Life Officer- deft to right): Peggy Cas- tleberry, Vice-President; Diana Jones, President; Rose Ann Hollis, Secretary; Mrs. Thomason, Sponsor. Seated (left to right): Diana Jones, Peggy Castleberry, Gloria Emerson. Standing: Judy Fitchett, Mrs. Thomason, Sponsor; Rose Ann Hollis, Diana Bond, Wilma Chandler. F.H.A. Row 1 (left to right): Diana Jones, Diane Cassity, Edith Motley, Peggy Castleberry. Row 2: Nancy Atkins, Miss Traynham, Diana Boyd, Rose Henshaw, Mrs. Gates, Barbara Stinson, Judy Andrews, Linda Eversole. Row 3: Carol Bledsoe, June Whitaker, Barbara Crow, Sherry Deems. Becky Dunnalow, Brenda Beck, Brenda Frazier, Merle Conn, Ann Gulledge. Row 4: Donna Deems, Marie Archer, Bennette Sturt, Sandra I.atta, Virginia Ray Wood, Sandra Schwartz, Jane Uzell, Dale Jones, Nancy Riddle, Cindy Dunnavant, Nancy Smith, Rose lley. Janis Hawthorne, Cynthia Wright. Latin Club Officers are (leji to right): Miss Webb, Sponsor; Judy Dowty, Recording Secretary; Mary Ann Hester, Chaplain; Phyllis Johnston, Corresponding Secre- tary; Malora Taylor, Treasurer; Beverly Davis, His- torian; Johnny Wajick, Vice-President, and Linda Campbell, President. Row 1 (left to right): Joan King, Sandra Koogler, Emily Jones, Wilma Chandler, Judv Dowty, Marv Gibson, Linda Holt, Linda Ramsey, Miss Webb, sponsor. Row 2: M ary Ann Hester, Barbara Moore, Pat Blake, Carolyn Weaver, Beverly Davis, Susan Paxton, Martha Vest, Gale Nowell. Row 3: Linda Campbell, Mary Hazelton, Lori Filak, Frances McKibbon, Lynn Fuller, Betty Musselwhite, Malora Taylor. Row 4: Steve Kercel, Tommy Wadkins, Jerry Hopkins, Johnny Wajick, Tom Owen, Corky Thysell, George Polhemus. French Club Officers (lejt to right): Mr. Balckmon, Sponsor; Cissy Baird, Presi- dent; Sherry Hibbard, Secretary; Warren Chalkley, Vice-President; Rob Steele, Treasurer. W I " (y J ' O 7 ' Y hJLktJ- Row 1 (left to right): Anne Grant, Cissy Baird, Beth McNeer, Barbara Beane, Sherry Deams, Nancy Ross. Row 2: Beth Wiesner, Pat Bartle, Carol Bowles, Lynn Dee Armstrong, Kathy Leahman, Betsy Ryan. Row 3: Carol Mathews, Susan Faris, Betty Wadkins, Susan Beville, Roberta Seitz. Row 4: Patti Williamson, Sandra Tucker, Sherry Hihbard, Vicki Pepper, Cheryl Gill, Bambi Lynn. Row 5: Sandy Smith, Joan Southall, Sally Jackson, Nancy Hudson, Martha Geary. Row 6: Linda Ligon, Ruth Thysell, Edith Martin, Elizabeth Johnson, Beverly Martin, Karen Wilmoth, Brenda Shelton. Row 7: Webster Maughan, Holland Hague, Richard Moss, Ned Hopkins, Rob Steele, Paul Boleman, Susan Hillier. Row 8: Carroll Hudson, Jim Parkinson, Warren Chalkley, Carl Hickel, Ann Evans. Row 9: Mr. Blackman, sponsor, Jay Montegut, Chip Micou. John Clanton, Wayne Taylor, Bob W estbrook. Dramatics Club Row 1 (left to right): Miss Phillips, Sponsor; Ann Harris, Pat Bartle, Nora Starke, Margaret Bersek, Laurel Blaha, Julie Daffron, Ann Grant. Row 2: Martha Geary, Betty Wadkins, Becky Dundalow, Susan Hillier, Winnie Harris, Sally Crump, Betsy Ryan, Beth Weisner. Row 3: Sandy Lee Smith, Bambi Lynn, Sherry Deems, Mary Gihscn, Sherry Hubbard, Stacy Dodge, Barbara Beane. Roiv 4: Terry Jones, Ruth Thysell, Linda Clarke, Claudia Garrett, Janet Webster, C ' ssy Baird. Row 5: Joan King, Georgann Elily, Emily Jones, Dale Patrick, Vicky Pepper, Cheryl Gill, Susan Beville. Row 6: Judy Taylor, June Taylor, Mike Matheny, Toni Ripley, Cindy Evans, Pam McGuire, Nancy Riddle. Row 7: Carol Mathews, Sally Jackson, Carol Bowles, Bob Westbrook, Webster Maughn, Andy Van Abs. Knights Review Row 1 (left to right): Donna Berry, Linda Holland, Bev- erly Wilkinson, Wilma Chandler. Roiv 2: Carolyn Grubb, Susan Hillier, Cherrie Burgess, Bobbie Heiser. Row 3: Betty Traylor, Carl Heckel, Wilfred Almeida, Clifford Inge, Steve Matheny. Row 4: David Hirsch, Butch Sink, Bob Bailey, Rodney Dowty. Sitting (left to right): Joe Hopkins, Business Man- ager; Betty Wadkins, Editor; Dan Sink, Associate Editor, make [dans with Nancy Ross, Layout Editor; Joan Southall, Copy Editor; Mrs. Grimes, Sponsor; Dale Patrick, Literary Editor; Donna Berry, Art Editor, for the forthcoming magazine. Key Club Under the leadership of their president. Paul Broughton, the Key Club has served the community. They worked to increase our school spirit by making posters for the cheering section during the football season. An extensive clean-up campaign improved the appearance of the building, as well as the condi- tion of the front lawn and the teachers’ lounges. At Christmas the club sponsored their annual Christmas Dance and donated a basket to the county welfare. “We Build,’ ' the motto of the Key Club has been promoted this year. Officers Charlie Stiener, Secretary; Gary Ray, Vice-President; Paul Broughton, President; Kent Martin, Treasurer; Clifford Inge, Chaplain. LYNN DEE ARMSTRONG Sweetheart Row 1 (top to bottom): Kent Martin, Chris Piczak, Charles Fairchilds, Paul Doleman, Warren Chalkley, Dave Cathers, Ronnie Womack, Charles Salmon, Steve Matheny, Joe Hopkins. Row 2: Gary Ray, Bill Romaine, Richard Fogg, Brad Armstrong, Charlie Stiener, Mike Matheny, Clifford Inge, Ned Hopkins, Jim Parkinson, Paul Broughton. 89 Advancement, Loyalty And Row Kori ( lejt iczak. to rt Bern- iht): Brenda Langford, Retla .lean Coleman, Cheryl Wadkins, Diana Thomas, Bambi Lynn, Jo Carol Owe Comer, as, Jo Ada Ann Simpers, Julie Brown, Catliv Daffron, Dawn Crowder, Cissy McGee. Anne Grant, Carolvn Baird, Grubb, oan Bell Wilma Chandler. Row Gulledge, June Uzel, Lynn Dee Armstrong, Patrick, Susan Hillier Gibson, Juanita Wolfi Burton, Susan Be i lie Johnson, Bonnie Tunstall, Cared hemus. Richard Fogg, Ronriia ' ALt Armstrong, Ronnie WomadRJ Q V - ' Donna Harris, Judy Lundie, Martha Vest, Susan Paxton, Sherri Olson, Frances McKibbon, Sandra Bailey, Anne n Southall, Janet Webster, Sylvia Worsham, Nancy Atkinson, Jean Robertson, Nancy Tucker, Peggy Castleberry, t Wiesner, Barbara Beane. Row 3: Billy Wakefield, M illiw Pope, Sheila Jansch. Cindy Evans. Stacy Dodge, Dale b i i West, Ruth Thysel McNeer. Rotv 4: McGuire, Caro’ Pat James. Kathy Kain, Cheryl Skeeter Railey, Rodney Bedwell lowles, Jim Hughes, David Hirsch w 5: Steve Kercel, Carroll Hudson. Allen Brittle, Vern [Fairchilds, Donald, Andy VanMbs. Wilfred J V V Row 1 ( lejt ro D u 6 va ittm): Tcimmy .Alar V p Caroll Hdga, Shirley Spain, Kidd, Brenda Snead, Louise Jones. Row 2: Ann Sprouse, Becky Ehly, Betty Geary, Mabel Bowen, Fran Simpers. Row 3: Annette Cagle, Carolyn Maxwe Roop, L nn Karpus, Sharon Goyne. Row 4: Steve Womack, John Sawyer, James Sara Cleek, Jamie Maughan, Harper Alexander. Row 5: Dennis Pritchard, Bert Brubaker, Tim Maguigan. Sylvia Kercel, Florence Heckel, Lynda Bixler. Carter, Crystal Cox. Sally Savage, Sandy Smith. Mary Clifford Inge, Mike Alaguigan, Joe Hopkins, Barbara Webster Alaugjp, Betsy Ryan, Beverly Afartin, Elizabeth Ned Hopkins, George Pol- Carl Heckel, Brad Barbara Harper, Beth Becky Evans, Laetitia Peggy Wintzer, Susan Randy AIcDaniels, Steve Lolir. John Hatton. ■ ‘ Jennings, Hu bpie. Long, Phylis Ferguson, Betty Mathews, Sue Kain, Nancy Saylor, Alargaret Long Bishop, AIcNeer, tsruce Whiting, John Wray, Roy Jones, James Lawrence Honor The Adloyho Chibs Carl Heckle, President, and Sponsors, Mrs. Inge, Mrs. Grant, and Mrs. Sloan, discuss future activities of the Adloyho Cluh. Row 1 (left lo right): Barbara Moore, Betty Musselwhite, Malora Taylor, Judy Taylor, Marcia Tench, Gayle Lee, Joan King, Georgann Ehly, Linda Holt, Nancy Ross, Carolyn Weaver, Pat Blake, Janet Slaughter. Row 2: Sandra Tucker, Linda Wilmoth, Beverly Davis, Phyllis Johnston, Sandy litchett, Mary Hazelton, Emily Jones, Carla Shepherd, Susan Peden, Gayle Nowell, Donna Deems, Peggy Bowles, Diane Pride. Row 3: Jane Martin, Judy Dowty, Linda Campbell, Barbara Simmons, Linda Rankin, Sandy Koogler, Linda Ramsey, Mary Ann Hester, Chris Piczak, Roberta Sturdivant, Judy Kidd. Row 4: Charles Fairchilds, Raymond Blaylock, Tom Owen, Steve Ellis, Billy Nunn. Jim Parkinson. Bill Romaine, Pat Bartle. Junior Red Cross Row 1: Mary Vest, Cheryl Carter, Bobbie Wildes, Merle Conn, Betty Scott, Julie Harris, Susan Creasy, Steve Womack, Tim Maguigan. Ron 2: Susan Faris, Susan Beville, Beverly Davis, Sylvia Kercel. Joan Southall. Becky Dundalow, Sonny Pillow, Wayne Throckmorton, John Brubaker. Row 3: Debbie Poetter, Brenda Gunter, Delbert Hall, Marc Garmel, Billy Tingen, Su an Hillier, Bev Hubble. Mary Ellen Maile. Row 4: Robert King. Buddy Reibsamen, Jim Atkins. Ronnie Cloud, Linda Campbell, Mary Gibson, Jimmy Brooks, Pat Bellah, Joe Woodfin. Row 5: Toni Ripley, Nancy Riddle. George Moore. Sally Jackson. Donna Berry. Row 6: Mrs. Soto, Miss Brown. Officers: Miss Brown, Mrs. Soto, Sponsors: Susan Beville, Reporter; Johnny Brubaker, Vice-Presi- dent; Cheryl Carter, Secretary; Sally Jackson, Vice-President; Joan Southall, I’resident; Steve Womack, President. Library Club 1 uftfW j unnr f ir i v iff- T ■ j £ 1 T 1 Row 1: Diane Palumbo, Sher- ry Deems, Mrs. Schevenz, 1 Librarian. Row 2: Dale Har- ris, Cynthia Wright, June Whitaker, Mary Blanton. Suzanne Vick, Nora Starke, Mary Vest, Laurel Blaha. Row 3: Virginia Beaumont, Billy Thompson, Judy Sloan, Wanda Cook, Diana Thomas, j Frances Samuels, Faye Mur- j ray, Martha Vest, Sue Alter- ron, Donna Deems. Row 4: l[ Peggy West, Charles Morgan, j Bill Lord, Shirley Spain, Janis Hawk, Pamela Beckner. Varsity Clubs Officers ( left to right): Bonnie Reed, Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. Mick, Sponsor; Frances McKibbon, President; Brenda Leake, Vice-President. Girls ' Row 1 (kneeling) : Joan Southall, Gail Lee, Bonnie Tunstall, Joan West, Marcia Tench. Row 2 (standing) : Donna Andrews, Bonnie Reed, Mrs. Mick, Sponsor, Frances McKibbon, Brenda Leake, Fay Hylton. Boys ' Officers (left to right): Emmett Wil- liamson, President; Coach Karpus, Sponsor; Mike Garnett, Treasurer; Dave Gathers, Vice-President. Row 1 (left to right): Emmett Williamson, Ned Hopkins, Mike Maguigan, W ' arren Chalkley, Paul Broughton, Dave Cathers, Joe Hopkins. Ron 2: Bobby Hague, David Harris, Dickie King, Bill Hardman, Tyler Scalone, Fred Wallis, Charlie Bartlett, Joe Scalone. Roiv 3: Donnie Garnett, Ronnie Lohr, Tom Tennille, Ronnie Womack, Phil Pennington, Butch Usry, Wayne Rash, Lennie Leigh. 93 The members of ihe Color Guard are Row 1 (left lo right): Betty Wudkins, Nancy Hudson, Pat Adams, Cheryl Comer, Kay French, Color Sergeant, Mabel Bower. Row 2: Cissy Baird, Gayle Nowell, Linda Clarke, Sherry Deems, Susan Hillier, Janice Baake. The majorettes are (left to right): Susan Roop, Brenda Frazier, Cindy Evans, Babs Best, Head Majorette, Crystal Cox, Valerie Hayes. Drum Major, Fred Beck. Row 1 (lejt lo right): Bruce Taylor, Ross Cofield, Robert Whitt, Laverne Bennett, Dave Rondon. Row 2: Judy Drum Major, Fred Beck, and Ralph H. Percival, Director, talk over band arrange- ments. Gray, Connie Nicholson, Sylvia Kersel, Judy Taylor, Patsy Sturdivant. Row 3: Jeff Chase, Mary Ellen Weinstock, Cindy Sink, Ann Aider- man, Betsy Long. Row 4: Karen Jernigan, Crystal Evans, Nancy Thysell, Donna Isaac, Judy Anne Goad. Row 5: George Jones, Dan Sink, , ' hael argofcak. Row 6: Jot Eve, Eddie Knight, William Ha yes, Linda Overby, Ray Cook. Row 7: nnetfe Ijjjdty, Allan Riggin. 95 Select The main purpose of the chorus is to teach basic music techniques. John Carnes, the student director, and Judy Sloan, his assistant, hold the two positions that have been added this year. An operetta and a Christmas concert are the most important extra activities. These activities, as well as the regional and state competitions, show the progress made in The Chorus Provides i I Beginning Chorus 96 For The Enjoyment Oj All Chorus Row 1 (left to right): Jane Ellen Dutson, Nancy Whiting, Pat Cathers, Bobbie Wildes, Sherian Cooper, Sandra Lee. Row 2: Linda Rawlings, Jerry Phinney, Judy Sloan, Claudia r’avey, Ercele Fisher, Sharon Jansch, Mrs. Moore, Director. Row 3: Betty Scott. Ronnie Griffin, Buddy Cook, David Smith, Larry Stansbury, John Carnes, Sharon Clarke. Girls 9 Ensemble Row 1 (lejt to right): Barbara VanAbs, Linda Clarke, Pat Lundie, Bennette Sturt, Joyce Rickman, Sandra Smith, Janice Baake, Becky Dundalow. 97 Amidst The Splendor Of Gay Paree . . . When the Junior Class transformed the gymnasium into a Paris sidewalk, the atmosphere of gaietv filled the upper- classmen and their dates with the joys of Gay Paree. A French menu, a cafe with costumed waiters, and an artist from the streets of Paris completed this beautifully decorated theme. The Class of 1964 can be proud of the wonderful evening they provided for the Junior-Senior Prom. of the Embers. PflBts Dancing bef ore the Parisian skyline are the newly crowned King and Queen of the Prom. Phyllis Garrett and David Stewart. The figure participants await the crowning of the King and Queen. 99 Homecoming Queen MISS BRENDA HAIRFIELD I ; Miss Thomas Dale MISS MELODY HOLDER 101 ■ ■ Hi SP A ✓ ., .’ ;. ' ' vS 1 V — s ' ! ■ ■ 1 H| m 1 ■ [ -jmKk ■ t ‘ ;. .: ikJ wr m f m ( k Row 1 (left to right): Dickie Garrett, David Harris, Mike Garnett, Charles Bartlett, Fred Willis, co-captain; Tyler Scalone, co-captain; Emmett Williamson, Joe Scalone, Bobby Tucker, Randy Spencer, Manager. Row 2: Joey Mason, Larry Paine, Donnie Garnett, Cliff Davenport, Wayne Rash, Hayes Bush, Wimpy Powers, Bill Redmond, Ben Sloan, Tommy Jenkins, Coach Karpus. Row 3: Joe Monroe, Dick Knights Have Since Er Central i Coach Westfall and Coach Karpus watch the boys work out during a practice session. Werner, Mike Maguigan, Bill Atkins, Bob Hague, Rodney Stotesbury, Jim Cole, John Eyler, Chip Karpus, Walter Ammonds, Coach Westfall. Row 4: Tom Tennille, Mike Scott, Hugh Cline, Jerry Mann, Bill Hardman, Ronnie Womack, Bill Yager, James Journiga n, Grayson Morgan, jerry Gettings. Best Season tering District Co-Captains, Tyler Scalone and Fred Willis, discuss plays for a forthcoming game. Full of enthusiasm and skill, the Knights charged down the football field this year. With determination instilled by our fine coaching staff, win or lose, the school and its honor became most important while they were playing. The whole school is proud of our mighty maroon and grey Knights of 1963. SCOREBOARD Sept. 13 Huguenot Sept. 20 Hopewell Sept. 27 Highland Springs Oct. 4 Prince George Oct. 11 Hermitage Oct. 18 George W the Oct. 25 Petersburg Nov. 1 Colonial Heights Nov. ) John Marshall Nov. 15 Manchester 0 T.D. 19 6 T.D. 13 0 T.D. 27 12 T.D. 29 6 T.D. 19 T.D. 13 19 T.D. 14 o T.D. 6 7 T.D. 27 0 T.D. 21 mm., Softball Managers, Palsy Jones, Frances McKibbon, and Mrytle Hague, check records with Mrs. Mick, Coach. Brenda Leake demonstrates her pitching ability. Row 1 (left to right): Sandy Cimburke, Gail Lee, Frances Sligh, Mrs. Mick, Coach, Darlene Winn. Brenda Leake, Faye Hyton. Becky Vernon. Row 2: Marcia Tench, Kaye Hall, Donna Andrews, Bonnie Reed, Phyllis Carlton, Roberta Powell, Faye Murray, Joan West. Frances Sligh and Darlene Winn, Co- Captains, discuss their next game. Baseball a Row 1 (left to right): Billy Leigh, Cliff Davenport, Mike Garnett, David Stewart, Donnie Garnett, Butch Usry, Jerry Burke, Chris Piczak. Row 2: Frank Deets, Buddy Agee, Chip Karpus, Jerry Mann, Billy Atkins, Wimpy Powers, Mark Dudley, Coach Karpus. Frank Deets tries for a ' n easy out. Jerry Burke and Donnie Garnett practice their sliding technique. David Stewart, Captain, and Coach Karpus demonstrate the proper grip on a baseball bat. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS (lejt to right): Donna Wehren, Barbara Burton, Pam McGuire, Susan Beville, Co-head cheerleaders, Lynn Dee Armstrong and Jane Steed, Carol Mathews, Winnie Harris, Susan Faris, and Brenda Hairfield. : Promote School Spirit Mrs. Crump, sponsor, and Jane Steed admire poster held by Lynn Dee Armstrong. J.V.’s (left to right): Patsy Thorp, Charlotte McCoy, Lynn Karpus, Becky Evans, Peggy Bowles, Co-head cheerleaders, Jane Martin and Faye Hylton, Linda Campbell, Tisha Geary, Cheroyl Myers, Nancy Ross, and Sybil I I I T rack Run I (le)t to right): Billy Davenport, Herbert Teachey, Bobby Tucker, Ned Hopkins, Wayne Myers, Dan Sink, Ed Faggart, Layton Johnson, Raymond Gallagher, Rodney Dowty. Row 2: Bill Steiner, Glenn Dyson, Raymond Wilson, Bobby W ' araksa, Dicky King, Joe Hopkins, Tex Dunbar, Rodney Bishop, Louis Bean, Mr. Westfall, Coach. Row 3: John Clanton, Mike O’Neill, Marc Reynolds, Pete Honey, Tommy Harris, Dave Cathers, Charles Fairchilds, David Fairhurst, Warren Chalkley, Jimmy Cook. Row 4: Richard Bass, Cliff Davenport, Billy Leigh, Bill Hardman, Ronnie Lohr, Tyler Scalone, Vern Fairchilds, Mike Maguigan, Phil Pennington, Donald O’Dono- hue. Richard Werner, Pete Stahl. Row 1 (left to right): Bobby Tucker, Warren Chalkley, Wayne Myers. Row 2: Dickie King, Mike Maguigan, Ned Hopkins. Row 3: Cliff Davenport, Joe Hopkins, Tommy Harris. During the spring of 1962. our track team had a season filled with record breaking performances. Wayne Myers, Warren Chalkley, Tommy Harris, and Mike Maguigan scored highly in the mile relay. In the 880 relay Bobby Tucker and Mike Maguigan clocked faster than ever before at Thomas Dale. Cliff Davenport excelled in the ancient sport of discus throwing; Dickie King surpassed all previous pole vault records. Ned and Joe Hopkins broke the mile and 880 speed records respectively. Be- cause of the efforts of these team members who were able to break existing Thomas Dale records, our team had a very successful season. Girls Varsity Basketball T.D. Opponent Douglas Freeman ....23 27 Huguenot ... 27 29 Midlothian ....45 26 Mancheste r ....40 20 Prince George .19 27 Douglas Freeman 16 27 Manchester ....49 12 Midlothian 34 17 Prince George ...34 22 Husruenot 22 18 Managers, Betty Mathews and Betty Wray, discuss with Mrs. Mick, Coach, the schedule for this year. Members of the varsity squad are (kneeling) : Janet Charles, Joan King, Kitty Mountfort, Bonnie Tunstall, and Bonnie Reed, Co-captains; Marcia Tench, Kathy Kain, Lynn Martin. (Standing) : Mrs. Mick, Theodore Cogbill, Frances McKibbon, Brenda Leake, Dora Carmany, Sandra Tucker, Joan Southall, Cheryl Carter. Knights score another basket. 113 Knights Aim High For The Kneeling (leji to right): Paul Broughton, Co-captain; Coach Davies, Dave Cathers, Co-captain. Standing: Kennie Nowell, Manager; Ronnie omack, Bud Dowden, Mike Maguigan, Ronnie Lohr, Vern hairchilds, Bobby Hague, Chip Mathews, David Hirsch, Richard Werner, Charles Steiner. W ith nowhere to go except up. according to the sports writers, our team had a successful season. The Central Dis- trict was much tougher this year; games were closer; and the scoring increased. Winning twice over Prince George and Lane early in the season, the Knights stimulated more support and greater publicity. Coach Davies and his Knights have proved that teamwork and practice bring great results. Bobby Hague gets in position for another T.D. score. Dave Cathers fakes a shot to elude an opponent. Vern Fairchilds battles Colonials for the ball. Junior Varsity Football Row l (lejt to right): Mr. Odenwelder, Coach. Bruce Whiting, Chris Piczak. Billy Davenport, Steve Womack, Joe Carroll, Boh Schrum, Jamie Maughan, Danny Baird, Johnny Bersik, Lee Phillingame. Row 2: Bill Steiner, Tommy Coghill, Da id Cunningham, Mike Davenport, Herbert Teacher, Mike Smelley, David Anderson, Randy Meadows, David Clemons. Row 3: Charlie Sligh, John Dallmeyer, Ray Blaylock, Tim Maguigan, Bill Tennille, John Gregory, Larry Boder, Jranklin Willis, Gilbert Miltar, Joe Hairfield. Golf Team (left to right): Michael Scott, Mr. Stacy, Coach, Butch Usry, Dan Sink. Bud Dowden. Jim Cole, Wayne Rash, Jim Parkinson, Jim Hughes, and M r. Young, Coach. ;Si i T ,i -1’ C — Mill V r Junior Varsity Basketball Boys Row 1 (left to right): Jerry Toney, Charlie Sligh, Dickie Garrett, Chip Karpus. Row 2: L. A. Ruffin, Troy Jones, Stuart Ridout, Richard Ledford. Row 3: Joe Boggs, Charles Fairchilds, Chris Piczak, Steve Womack. Row 4: Marvin Yarbrough, Leonard Rush, Mr Odenwelder, Coach, Custis Cline, Lahp Jolly 0 n _ to -npD j Girls’ Row 1 (left to right): Linda Anderson, Gail Lee, Cheryl Ferrell, Linda Wilmoth. Row 2: Brenda Rakes, Marsha Britt, Barbara Spake, Mary Janies. Row 3: Brenda Bowen, Fran Simpers, Becky Ehly, Barbara Westbrook. Rote 4: Bonnie Worrell, Kath- arine Carter, Mary Ann Bidgood, Ann Tennille, Man- ager. Row 5: Mrs. Lawson, Coach. 3 Mrs. Mary Eyler Mr. Omer Tipton Mr. Roy E. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Shelton Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bowles Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P. Gates Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Cormany Mr. and Mrs. Willard H. Crump Dr. and Mrs. L. G. Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McGuire Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Broughton Mr. B. F. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Lundie Mrs. Wildes Mrs. Marian E. Reichert Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Gas Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Reames Jr. Mr. Ralph Percival Mr. Tom Davies Mr. Howard Blackmon Mr. Yonce Mr. and Mrs. I. V. Lynn Miss Heretick BOOSTERS Betsy Ronnie and Jo gJ or; f I • J rv A 1 1 r j L r Ann im es r ,r A c ' u A Friend Marianne Roman Mac Phillips Miss Hudson Mr. Crump The McNeers Pat Lundie N. A. Wagner Harry H. Weinstock Jr. Bobby and Cathy Sandra Latta Wayne Taylor Butch Usry Mary Ann Hester Bob Westbrook Judith Arlene Gray Mrs. Young David Lee Palumbo Ruthie Thysell YWayne Rash A 1964 Graduate Toni Ripley Tommy and Linda Mike and Donna Warren and Beverly The Majorettes Miss Conyers Earle and Bonnie Babs and Bill Kent and Cissy Jerry Mann Phil and Judy Debb ie Poetter A Friend Brenda and Tommy 120 JONES PURE OIL STATION Prop. Ralph H. Jones 516 West Hundredth Road Phone SH 8-2268 Chester, Virginia ROSE ' S STORES, INC. Value — Variety ! 505 Hull Street Richmond, Virginia UL, « A Compliments of A. B. C. FOUNDRY CO. Hopewell Road Chester Virginia Compliments of PIONEER FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Hopewell Colonial Heights Chester 121 I Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE " Watch my nose!” f STAN ' S Featuring Ivy, Continental. Traditional, Imports Villager Exclusively 5 North Sycamore Street Petersburg, Virginia Phone RE 2-6386 Teen Age Charge Plan HOLLYWOOD JEWELERS 1433 Hull Street BE 3-9783 ' South Richmond ' s Leading Jeweler " Apply for your Own Teen Charge Card Pay $1.00 Per Week 242 E. Broadway HOPEWELL, VA. " The Family Store " “You good dog, you!” 122 I. For the Fun of It DRINK RICHMOND DAIRY MILK Compliments of OWARD JOHNSON ' S MOTOR LODGE Route 10 — Chester, Virginia Phone: 748-2237 OPERATED BY NATIONAL MOTELS, INC. A singing bartender? 123 WHJIT - V 4. buro - Compliments of WHAT-A-BURGER (It ' s a Real Meal) • 4 Pound Pure Ground Beef With Mustard, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles and Onions 35c —THREE LOCATIONS— 1516 Boulevard — Colonial Heights, Va. 909 Jefferson Davis Highway — Richmond, Va. 3312 N. Boulevard — Richmond, Va. MACK ' S ORNAMENTAL IRON CO. Rails, Columns Lawn Furniture 3233 Colonial Heights, -Virginia Phone day or night RE 3-3043 Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of A FRIEND I 124 I. BLUE TOP REST HOME Richmond and Petersburg Pike Phone 748-2423 CHESTER, VIRGINIA Experienced Supervision GEORGE AND JESSIE POLHEMUS FREE PHONE DELIVERY 748-2241 4230 West Hundred Road CHESTER SUPER MARKET Extends Its Best Wishes and Congratulations to Each Graduate Remember, America expects the best of you! 1 25 Compliments of KING ' S BAR-B-Q Nos. 1 , 2 and 3 Petersburg and Colonial Heights Conner ' s Gulf Service R P Pike RE 2-1594 Specializing in Tune- Up and Minor Repairs RANDOLPH MOTERS, INC. Hopewell, Va. GL 8-8006 GL 8-6708 Dodge Chrysler SIMCA Sales and Services W. V. ROBERTSON JR. Phone RE 2-2950 J. J. STURT ROBERTSON STURT General Contractors Masonry 804 River Road 2 1 5 Lee St. Motoaca, Virginia “Duck! Here it conies again.” Compliments of Hugh W. Powell Texaco Service Richmond, Virginia " Your Friendly G.E. Dealer " Home Equipment Company, Inc. Chester, Virginia PAXTON ' S Frigida ire Appliances 3 W. Grace Street Phone Ml 3-0121 Frigidaire Sales and Servicing Dealer ECHO INN 4642 Jefferson Davis Highway FINE FOODS Ampthill Shopping Center 126 Compliments of VIRGINIA DINER Richmond -Peters burg Pike Compliments of MARTHA KAY MOTEL Compliments of HUGH’S DRY CLEANERS Launderette Coin-Operated 908 City Point Rd. HOPEWELL, VA. COATS BARBER SHOP 6920 Hopkins Rd. Air Conditioned 9 a.m. — 7 p.m. OAKER COATS, Prop. BELLWOOD AUTO SERVICE 7524 Jefferson Davis Hgwy. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA BROAD ROCK PHARMACY J. F. HOLLENBECK 521 Belt Boulevard Phone BEImont 2-2334 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA SUNSHINE CORNER “If jou don ' t ha c time to drop in — SMILE — as you pass by!” IN DOWNTOWN HOPEWELL ACROSS FROM THE BANKS Open All Doy Wedneidoy l Thundoy til 8 30 P — Higfc Style At Low Price — SPORTSWEAR— SHOES— WORK CLOTHES CORMANY’S SPORTING CENTER 301 Randolph Road Phone GL 8-9500 HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA is one Did you hear about Mr. Anthony?’’ 127 I 1 I I l I Compliments of HOPEWELL IRON STEEL CO. (D. FRANKIE SONS) BENSLEY AUTO SERVICE 6601 Jefferson Davis Highway General Auto Repairs S H GREEN STAMPS PHONE 275-9983 HARWELL ' S HARDWARE Hardware — Paints Garden Supplies Hunting, Fishing, Dog Licenses Shells and Fishing Supplies CHESTER, VIRGINIA Phone SH 8-2388 STANDARD JAMES INC. 124 North Sycamore Street PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA KEITH-ALLEN CLOTHING CO. 265 E. Broadway HOPEWELL, VA. Clothing for Men and Boys We give S H Green Stamps NELSON ' S GROCERY General Merchandise Texaco Gas — Oil Auto Accessories Cold Drinks Phone RE 2-3099 R. F. D. 5 Woodpecker Road PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA 128 I SUTLIFF TOBACCO CO. MANUFACTURERS OF PIPE TOBACCO HOME OFFICE: SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA PLANT OFFICE: RICHMOND, VIRGINIA HOWARD JOHNSON ' S HAND PACKED AND PREPACKED ICE CREAMS AND SHERBETS TO TAKE HOME Half Gallons Quarts Pints RT. 10 CHESTER, VA. Banana Bisque Tortoni Black Raspberry Burgundy Cherry Butter Pecan Buttercrunch Caramel Fudge Cherry Vanilla Chocolate Chocolate Chip Coconut Lime 28 Flavors Coffee Frozen Pudding Ginger Lemon Stick Macaroon Maple Walnut Mint Chip Orange Pineapple SHERBET Raspberry Peach Pecan Brittle Peppermint Stick Pineapple Pistachio Strawberry Swiss Chocolate Almond Vanilla Orange Compliments of BI-RITE FOOD STORES CHESTER, VIRGINIA MORTON ' S JEWELERS Southside Plaza and Richmond Diamonds Watches Silverware Charge Accounts Watch Repairing 130 Compliments of ADAMS SUPER MARKET CIRCLE VIEW PHARMACY 424 S. I 5th Avenue Reliable Prescriptions Phone 458-8553 HOPEWELL, VA. Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH, INC. HEFFINGTON ' S Flowers of Dis+inc+ion 233 Broadway HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA GL 8-9841 ALVIN O. HEATH Custom Home Builder 104 W. Hundred Road Chester, Virginia Office Phone 748-5583 Res. Phone 275-0884 Compliments of ROBERT E. LEE RESTAURANT MOLLIE ' S BEAUTY BAR 7229 Jefferson Davis Hwy. DIAL 275-0211 for Appointment Owned and operated by MOLLIE CAMPBELL Operator — GRACE CLIBORNE FRENCH " We Curl Up and Dye for You. " KING ELECTRIC CO., INC. Dealers, Contractors Electrical Supplies and Light Fixtures 234 E. Poythress Hopewell, Virginia GL 8-3344 Don ' t take it so hard, Wayne they’ll call our names soon. " There’s one in every ' crowd ! 131 Compliments of DANNER ' S MOTEL and RESTAURANT Route I , Colonial Heights RE 3-4371 Compliments of ARMSTRONG ' S GROCERIES At Route 10, Cogbill Road Chesterfield County Compliments of FLIPPO ' S LAKE FLIPPO BODY AND FENDER REPAIRING Compliments of AMPTHILL LAUNDRY CENTER 4608 Petersburg Pike “Wait until she sees what I drew on the desk!” 1 ■ H. M. COLEMAN Compliments of Contractor SCOTT ' S STORE Expert Carpentry G. H. NICHOLSON and 6629 Hopkins Road B. A. PARTIN Richmond, Virginia Phone: 275-1665 » i 32 JOHNSON CLEANERS Clean Clothes Contribute to Health and Happiness WE PICK UP AND DELIVER Tel. 275-2837 7203 Jefferson Davis Highway Compliments of COLGIN ' S AUTO SERVICE Richmond - Hopewell Road Dancing Every Night Live Music Wed. - Fri. - Saf. Sunday Nights 8:30 - 12:00 HOWARD ' S STEAK HOUSE 4400 Petersburg Pi Ice Compliments of VIRGINIAN MOTEL 8924 Jefferson Hwy. Richmond, 34, Va. itchie (One Stop Shopping Center) Feeds and Seeds John Deere Machinery Hardware PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA “What, you here again?” VILLAGE BEAUTY SALON Open 9 to 5 Open Thursday and Fri. Evenings by Appointment PHONE SH 8-2313 Compliments of HOUSER BROS. MARKET 612 N. 6th St. Gl 8-5012 South Richmond ' s I st Flower Shop SWINEFORD FLORIST 1512 Hull Street “I know it’s too short. Please don ' t make me go home!” 133 FALLING GREEK AUTO SERVICE L i J Body and Fender Shop and Painting V mxy 24-Hr. Road and Wrecker Service t f f 5615 Petersburg Pike Phone: Day - 275-8 1 ai‘ Night - 275 583 J n PROP. TOMMY BECK ¥ X 0 1 PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT SERVICE Service Station Installations and Maintenance All Work Guaranteed Auto Lifts C. A. THOMAS 275-0613 Automatic Nozzles JOHN K. JACKSON 275-1835 5108 Cogbill Road 134 i NICOL ' S SERVICE CENTER Pure Gas and Home Supplies Located on Highway 10 4 Miles East of Chester HERETICK FEED SEED CO. Lawn and Garden Supplies Fertilizers and Potting Soils Mowers, Tillers and Chain Saws REPAIRS ON ALL ENGINES Comp liments of C B AUTO PARTS CO., INC. 4215 Petersburg Pike Richmond, Virginia 275-9234 JEAN ' S BEAUTY COTTAGE Personalized Styling and Cutting I 2 mi. off Pet ' bg Pike on Harrowgate Road Phone RE 3-1023 RUSCO WINDOW COMPANY 604 Boulevard Colonial Heights, Va. ALUMINUM AWNINGS ALUMINUM SIDING PORCH ENCLOSURES STORM DOORS and WINDOWS SNOW WHITE MOTEL Richmond, Virginia AIR CONDITIONED TELEVISION SWIMMING POOL Telephone 275-0219 Compliments of DOC ' S WHITE DERBY DINER MIGRATION OF I0N5 PRINCiaE5 INVOLVED 135 BEST ' S Grocery Gulf Service Station Fresh Meats — Vegetables Frozen Foods and Merchandise Hickory Rd. Route 5 Petersburg, Va. PHONE: RE 3-4297 Compliments of THE LITTLE CHEF DINER Compliments of the CHESTERWOOD SERVICE Cogbill and Beulah Roads GRANTHAM ' S RESTAURANT MOTEL " Serving the Best of Food for Over a Quarter of a Century " FOR RESERVATIONS CALL: 275-9914 Compliments of DEANERS TEXACO SERVICE 32nd and Hull St. BE 2-9881 275-9271 Tllillurn s 31 oris! 4634 PETERSBURG PIKE (Ampthill Shopping Center) RICHMOND, VA. E. C. Wilburn SWIFT CREEK ESSO s c Speedometers Checks and State Inspection Station 3635 Boulevard Colonial Heights, Va. RE 2-9503 DAD ' S PLACE J. W. BRENDLE R.F.D. 2, Box 665 Chester, Virginia Mile out of Hopewell on Highway 10 “ . . . What, will these hands ne’er be clean?” “Boo, I bet I scared you. Ha Ha!” 136 1 A. T. CURTIS SON, INC. Rough Timber Dressed Phone SH 8-2244 Hopewell Road CHESTER, VA. J. G. GAY Authorized Agent " Rock of Ages " and Other Type Monuments and Markers Route 3 Phone Chester, Va. 748-5727 BEAZLEY ' S FOODLAND and BEAZLEY ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Fresh Meats — Groceries — Hardware Paint — Seed — Feed - Shoes — Dry Goods Toys Phone SH 8-2171 We Deliver LUBMAN ' S ALEX- Ladies ' - Men ' s - Boys ' SUPER-MARKET Wear All-Your-Food-Needs 231-233 North Sycamore Street Open-All-Day-Sunday PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA Stop-23 Petersburg Pike 137 ETTRICK ESSO SERVICE River Road and Chesterfield Avenue Ettrick, Va. M. G. HARP RE 2-2623 Engine Tuning Mirror Repair KING ' S Hopewell ' s Leading Jewelers GL 8-3020 Compliments of DR. WILLIAM H. LEWIS Orthodontic Bldg. Petersburg, Virginia LEO MYERS INSURANCE AGENCY Life, Fire and Auto Phones: Chester 748-2248 Richmond 275-0248 TRUBY MOTOR CO. Automobile Service Official Inspection Station Chester, Va. Compliments of J. W. ENOCHS, INC. Building Materials and Paint Headquarters of Hopewell Easy does it, Pete. i 138 FRANK BECK FUEL OIL Distributor Heating Oils " Be Sure With Pure " Burner Service Phone 275-0397 Compliments CHESTERFIELD ESSO Rt. 10 at Cogbill Rd. Chesterfield County BUTTERWORTH FURNITURE CO. Hopewell Petersburg Compliments of N. B. GOODWYN SONS, INC. Lumber Building Materials CHESTERFIELD, C. H. 139 For Shoes in Hopewell GLOBE SHOE STORE 201 Main Street HARRISON TIRE SERVICE 202 Commerce Street Hopewell, Va. GL 8-2316 Compliments of HOPEWELL FEED SEED STORE I I 5 E. Poythress St. Hopewell, Va. R. S. TERRIE CO. Insurance Petersburg, Virginia 9 W. Tabb St. Telephone: RE 2-7517 JOHN H. CATS, JR. WM. W. CATS 23804 Compliments of BUILDER ' S SUPPLY CO. of HOPEWELL, INC. " Everything to Build With " Compliments of RICHMOND PLASTICS INCORPORATION Custom Molded Thermoplastics 1913 Boulevard Colonial Heights, Va. Phone: 733-9671 ALLIED AUTO PARTS, INC. Automotive Parts, Supplies and Equipment " Your N.A.P.A. Jobber is a good Man To Know " Day Phone 458-6341 Night Phone 438-5732 226 East Poythress Street Hopewell, Va. MARKS CLOTHING CO. For Men and Boys HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA 1 140 GOULD FUNERAL HOME Home of Personal Service Air Conditioned — Hammond Organ 24-Hour Ambulance Service 214 N. 6th Phone GL 8-6377 Hopewell, Va. Serving Southside Virginia Since 1932 and WELLS - GOULD FUNERAL HOME There ' s more than one way to get to heaven. 405 High Street Phone RE 2-3442 Petersburg, Virginia 141 I always was a charmer. •Just because you ' ve got a hi; tuba!” HOUSE OF FORMALS Formal Wear to Rent and Accessories 1 6 N. 8th Street RICHMOND, VIRGINIA DIAL Ml 8-0533 Between Franklin and Main Sts. Compliments of a Friend CURLES NECK DAIRY, INC. 1600 Roseneath Road ALDRIDGE CLOTHING CO. " The Store For Dad And The Lad " HOPEWELL, VA. SEARS ' SHOE STORE 213 East Broadway GL 8-2447 " Just a Good Place to Buy Your Shoes. " 142 FORD AGENCY, INC. Insurance and Real Estate I I I W. Poythress St. Hopewell, Virginia Phone GL 8-6333 " Finest Insurance and Real Estate Service Available Anywhere " v y y PA RUN OIL CO. Burner Service P.O. Box 690 Hopewell, Virginia Dial GL 8-2838 Compliments IVINGSTON PRO. $ yY ' “jj ) ' r $ errn u a Course Chester, Va. Compliments of HOWARD JOHNSON ' S MOTOR LODGE Route 10 Chester, Va. Phone: 748-2237 Operated by National Motels, Inc. 143 WHEALTON HARDWARE 106 Main Street HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA Phone GL 8-4100 SHADY-SIDE MOTEL AND RESTAURANT BERTHA EVANS — Owner and Manager BRICK COTTAGES Finest Appointments Delicious Home-Cooked Food 12 Miles South of Richmond — 8 M iles North of Petersburg On U.S. Routes I and 301 PHONE: SH 8-2316. P.O. CHESTER, VA. J. T. MORRIS SON, INC. Funeral Home: Serving Since 1 856 HAROLD ' S Wythe and Adams St. PETERSBURG, VA. RE 3-8511 W. Broadway and 9th Ave HOPEWELL, VA. GL 8-8516 Fine Ladies ' Apparel HOPEWELL, VA. GOYNE CHEVROLET, INC. Intersection of U. S. I and Hopewell Road CHESTER, VIRGINIA NORBERT ' S JEWELERS Class Mate Thomas Dale School Jewelry Ring Charms Tie Bars Pendant Charms Tie Taks Class Pins With Numeral Guard Sterling or Gold Filled PHONE BE 2-7766 1609 Hull Street Richmond, Virginia NORBERT ROMON, Proprietor 613 Osborne Road Chester, Virginia PHONE: SH 8-5186 ' Milk helps make me strong. 1 144 “Do they go to Thomas Dale too?” Compliments of STONE ' S COLONIAL FURNITURE HOUSE Phone 275-2287 Petersburg Pike 145 fl-l n ‘ TV ' 1 w u cT lA ’ CHESTER METAL WORKS, INC. 404 Lee St. Chester, Va. LENNOX Certified Dealer Heating — Air Conditioning Furnace Cleaning and Service Phone: Day 748-5345 Night 748-2146 Fabricators and Decorators, Inc. HOUSE OF DESIGN Rt. 10 and Old Hundred Road Open Monday — Friday 10 A.M. — 5 P.M. 7 P.M. — 9 P.M. Saturday 10 A.M. — 4 P.M. THOMAS WALTON Designer MRS. ANNIE HOLT and MRS. EDNA HAW Managers CHESTER GULF SERVICE Fastest Service in Town Rt. 10 and Hundred Rd. Chester, Va. 23831 Phone: 748-9489 Chester, Va. 748-5737 R. W. HAW, JR. R. M. HOLT ' 146 GERMAN SHEPHERDS From Rin Tin Tin and Roy Rogers ' Bullet PORTRAIT TOY POMERANIANS SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS (Miniature Collies) MRS. AUDREY COMER Branders Bridge Road Route I, Box 142 CHESTER, VIRGINIA VON REMOC KENNELS REgent 3-7788 A.K.C. REG. Puppies, Stud Service Dogs of Perfect Temperament Beauty and Trainability Training Director Colonial Heights Canine Obedience Club Colonial Heights TASTEE FREEZ Burgers and Shakes 19c Corner Harrowgate Road and Richmond-Petersburg Pike PREMBROKE GRANILE WORKS 506 S. Crater Road Petersburg, Virginia REgent 2-6461 GEORGE C. and SAMUEL LEYS 147 I " The Finest in Mobile Homes " DODD ' S, INC. Chester, Virginia VENETIAN BLINDS STORM WINDOWS THOMASON COMPANY Hardwares — Varieties 3337 Broad Rock Road TELEPHONE BE 2-0420 Phone 232-6232 W. G. THOMASON, JR. Proprietor L. R. BROWN CO. Furniture — Appliances 1523 — 1601 Hull Street RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Open Monday and Friday until 8:30 148 Compliments of CHESTER DRUGS, INC. accuracy - courtesy - service Complete Line of School Supplies and Decorations DIAL 748-2289 Corner Lee Ave. and Rt. 10 FREE DELIVERY 149 Compliments of CHAMBERLAINS ' Let Us Be Your Stationers " POWELL COLE STATIONERY CO., INC. RE 3-6571 I I Sycamore St. Everything for the Office Also Artist Supplies PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA E. ALVIN SMALL FUNERAL HOME, INC. 2033 Boulevard COLONIAL heights; va. Phone REgent 3-6886 24 Hour Ambulance Service E. ALVIN SMALL HERBERT S. SMALL Southside DODGE, Inc. Telephone: 232-2327 232 East Belt. Blvd. Richmond, Virginia BLUE RIBBON SUPER MARKET G. M. and J. W. KVASNICKA, prop. GARFINKLE ' S Women ' s Ready-to-Wear 718 High St. Phone: RE 2-2925 BROADWAY HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA PETERSBURG, VA. GLenview 8-9240 150 iMotoSota ' •STEREO SERVICE " TURNER RADIO and T. V. Sales and Service PHONE SH 8-5146 Old Hundred Road Chester, Virginia Compliments of RAINBOW DRIVE-IN COLONIAL HEIGHTS BOTTLED GAS CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA Your Two Rexall Stores GEORGE ' S DRUG STORES 100 Broadway and 263 Broadway HOPEWELL, VIRGINIA Compliments of VERGARA ' S ROYAL CLEANERS HOLIDAY BOWL 1907 Boulevard Colonial Heights, Virginia Student Rates I 1400 Jefferson - Davis Highway MODEL LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS THE CLOTH CORNER Sew and Save Buy Your Fabric and Notions at the Cloth Corner J. PRINCE ROBINSON REgent 2-4121 46-48 S. Union Street 707 City Point Rd. Hopewell, Va. GL 8-4183 PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA i Compliments of OPEN 10 A.M. TIL 10 P. M. 47 1 7 Jefferson Davis Highway (PETERSBURG PIKE) Compliments of CLARK PRITCHARD CLOTHIERS HOPEWELL COLONIAL HGTS. Bus. Phone GL 8-821 I Res. Phone GL 8-3955 ATKINS FURNITURE COMPANY Quality Furniture " Shop and Compare " MEL ATKINS 101 Broadway Manager HOPEWELL, VA. PARKER ' S FAMILY SHOE STORE PIKE DRY CLEANERS Hush Puppies, Spaidines Edwards Children ' s Shoes Fiancees 4804 Petersburg Pike PHONE BE 3-3168 Camera Hog! These Chester habits. comes I thought I saw a penny. 52 HOPEWELL BOWLING CENTER First in the Tri-City with Sparemalter - A Better Guide to Better Bowling I I 5 S. 15 Avenue Hopewell, Virginia GL 8-2181 BILLY GILL Used Car Cente Ettriclc, Virginia r Now what would Dick Tracy do? THE PROGRESS-INDEX Petersburg Delivered to your Door 7 Days a Week Tires - Batteries Accessories Kerosene and Fuel Oil ALLEN ' S AMERICAN SERVICE American Oil Products Minor Repairs Front End Alignment Wheel Balancing RE 2-9515 915 BLVD. Colonial Heights, Va. TED CURRY MOTORS, INC W. L. " BUCK " ROYSTER Proprietor Sales RE 2-38 II Service PLYMOUTH DODGE CHRYSLER IMPERIAL DODGE TRUCKS 19-27 North Union St. Petersburg, Va. Top Value Used Cars 153 MAC ' S BIG BURGER Stop 1 91 2 Petersburg Pike Specialize in Big Butgers Pizza Pies and Bar-B-Q Bring The Gang! QUICK SERVICE I i ROSS FORD, INC. Sales and Service CHESTER, VIRGINIA I i 154 RUSSELL and HOLMES Featuring Nationally Advertised Shoes for Entire Family Complete Line of Spaldings Where Shopping Is a Pleasure Southside Plaza Willow Lawn 233-3275 282-8636 THE VILLAGE CABINET SHOP Compliments of CYRUS (JAKE) WEAL Chester, Virginia GEORGE W. SMITH, BUILDER Rt. I , Box 43 I Chester, Virginia Builder and Developer Specializing in Custom Homes PHONE: SH 8-2543 Compliments of DR. STANLEY J. LEBOW Optometrist 235 E. Broadway HOPEWELL, VA. Compliments of NEWS STATIONERS PRINTERS 1 09 Main Street Hopewell, Va. “Look, I caught a whale!” 155 TEEN AGE CHARGE PLAN 1453 Hull St. BE 3-9783 " South Richmond ' s Leading Jeweler " Apply for your own Teen Charge Card PAY $1.00 PER WEEK May the following years be as fruitful as the DAVL HOUSE FURNITURE presiding year BOB MOORE ' S AMERICAN STATION Quality Furniture GIBSON — WESTINGHOUSE MOTOROLA 15th Ave. and City Point Rd. Hopewell, Va. 1209 Blvd. Col. Hgts., Va. RE 2-6897 INDIAN HILLS RESTAURANT QUALITY COURT MOTEL NORTH Featuring Complete Banquet Facilities For groups 10-100 Fabulous Saturday and Sunday Buffet Beautifully Furnished Rooms Giant-sized Swimming Pool Cities Service Station on premises I thought Webster was the QUILL photographer. He expects us to do that? 156 J BUCHANAN ' S JEWELERS 308 East Broadway Phone GLenview 8-3640 Hopewell, Virginia Authorized Dealer for Keepsake Diamond Rings JIMMY BUCHANAN, Watchmaker Now Mr. nthony, let me read your palm. My. w hat form ! Compliments of AL LIVINGSTON, Pro. BERMUDA GOLF COURSE Chester, Va. It— this headache and im sinuses ! 157 Stick-em up! Hey, where ' s the hand : Free Estimates SHOOSMITH BROS., INC. SHOOSMITH PAVING, INC. Route !, Chester, Va. Road Builders SEALTEST FOODS AND DAIRY PRODUCTS Petersburg, Va. RE 2=7042 158 In Memoriam To John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917-1963 159 Education is the key to all progress. I he construction of a school building illustrates (lie advancement made in educational facilities. Pictures cannot show the scholastic progress of students: for that is measured in later Years. What these pictures show is the progress of their achievements and activities. In the future your life will reflect the elements of the past that are in this annual. The REFLECTOR Staff hopes ou will enjo this REFLECTOR and will cherish it throughout your life. SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHS BY THALHEIMERS’ PHOTO-REFLEX STUDIO. 160 rS m c x j aocy " 1 ? dm - -jfi s ' ' - 1 A Ci n ' Nx AfT o ' _9 . A tfi- Sh Km li u_ j ‘$- KL -f Z Zu-cZt y? A M C jjJ. ' ii ' J AJ-t- Ua ij ™ S ■ ?? t x. « £✓ % ■ A% 2 Xdu l 04 _. xdv.a 2 ' if - --«yf. aj ytc. ; y 7 A 1 THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA 1000701175 uni s — ■p ■L- ' fli i ff jg ; ■■■ MU m I ' M ■ ' i

Suggestions in the Thomas Dale High School - Reflector Yearbook (Chester, VA) collection:

Thomas Dale High School - Reflector Yearbook (Chester, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Dale High School - Reflector Yearbook (Chester, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Dale High School - Reflector Yearbook (Chester, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Dale High School - Reflector Yearbook (Chester, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Dale High School - Reflector Yearbook (Chester, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Dale High School - Reflector Yearbook (Chester, VA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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