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mqsh 5 MMMMMMi lis! .;.-■ TM " a jBg s 1 - 1988 HILL TOPPER Thomas Carr Howe High School 4900 Julian BpW Indianapolis, Indiana Volume 47 ' Go, Howe ' golden words During a football game you hear, at least 10 times, " Go, Hor- nets. " Every week for 50 years those two words have echoed through the halls of Howe — if not expressed for the football team then the basketball team, or another sport or organization associated with the school. " Go, Hornets " are the most golden words here. These two words add a touch of gold to the life of an athlete, an active teacher, or a student striving to make a dif- ference at Howe. Right: Generations of fans have cheered the Hornets on for 50 years. ■ J : .; ' --,- 2 Theme A Touch of Gold Theme 3 Above: Senior Charles Brown (left) is the first recipi- ent of the Steve Harton Memorial Award, to be pre- sented annually to the outstanding defensive football player. The award is presented by the Harton family in honor of the former Howe all-state football player, who passed away of cancer a year ago. Presenting the award is Steve ' s brother Bob. also a fo rmer Howe athlete. Top center: After casting his vote in the mock elec- tion, senior Brian McDonald, a member of the Feder- alist party, steps out of the booth to wait for the election results. Top. far right: Senior Wanda Washington gladly takes a break from typing to engage in a friendly conversation. flight center: Howe ' s talented concert choir waits pa- tiently before they perform under the direction of Tom Lewis at the annual Pops Concert. Far right: Team unity gave this year ' s football team a winning edge. Seniors Keith Blazek and Dax Gonza- lez celebrate the upset victory over the sixth-ranked Warren Central Warriors. 4 Theme Theme 5 mfm ' i Fifty years filled with changes Thomas Carr Howe High School opened its doors in September 1938 with 433 students and a staff of 16 teachers. The school celebrates its birthday on May 28, the day ground was broken for the new school in 1 937. The school is named for Thomas Carr Howe, a former president of Butler Uni- versity who lived on North Audubon Road. His former home is now a part of the Irvington Methodist Church. The original blueprints called the school Ir- vington High School even though the wes- tern boundary of Irvington was Emerson Avenue. Irvington had been annexed to In- dianapolis in 1 902, with the promise that a hgh school would be built to serve the com- munity. The town had had a school, but it had been destroyed by fire in the 1 890 ' s. Through the first part of the twentieth cen- tury students from the area attended Shor- tridge, Maual, or Tech. In 1930 the school board purchased the original 10.9 acre site which was known in the community as Vio- let Hill because of the many wild flowers growing between Pleasant Run and the Conrail tracks. Other areas considered for the school had been the southeast corner of Washington Street and Audubon Road and the old Butler University campus at Butler and University. Mrs. Louis Bruck, a former president of the Irvington Union of Clubs and a school board membe, was instrumental in convincing the school board to approve building the school. She was given the honor of turning the first spade of earth at the ground break- ing in May 1937. Also present were stu- Upper left: The day each Howe student works for is graduation. The tradition of graduating on the Hill has changed but the goal of gradu- ating hasn ' t. Upper right: In the beginning Howe was considerably smaller in size but not dents from schools 57, 58, 62, 78, 82, and 85— schools which would provid e Howe ' s first students. The cornerstone, Icated on the east side of the Tower en- trance, was laid in November 1937 and contains the names of the first students; an American Flag; copies of the three Indiana- polis daily newspapers, the News, the Star, and Times; a coin; and a Bible. Charles M. Sharp, the first principal, served th school from its opening until his retire- ment in 1959. He was succeeded by Thomas Stirling, who retired in 1972. Frank Tout has been principal since that time. There have been four additions to the original building. In 1940 a cafeteria- gymnasium unit was added to replace the outgrown gymnasium — now rooms 227 and 229 — and the over- crowded cafeteria — now the Distribu- tive Education area, room 127. The east classroom wing was added in 1954, and the auditorium-cafeteria wing was opened in 1 963. The stadium was completed in 1966, with class- rooms added in 1969. The newest ad- dition, finished 1975, included a new media center, a new gymnasium, new career education laboratories and new offices. Howe presently is located on a plot of ground totaling 31 .35 acres. Ex- tensive remodeling within the present building has also been completed. More than 1 7,000 students have been gradu- ated from Howe since the first gradu- ation exercises in 1941. in spirit. Right: Standing tall and proud, Howe extends its opportunities to students in athletics, mu- sic, and academics. 6 Theme Theme7 New events mark homecoming On Saturday September 26, 1987, at Kelley Stadium Howe ' s homecoming celebration was held. Many activities for this year ' s fiftieth anniversary were set for the day. First there was a soccer game at 10:00 a.m., then the annual parade at 1 :00 p.m., the football game at 3:00 p.m. and the dance in the North Gym at 7:00 p.m. While activities were beginning and ending, many groups sold items for spectators to fill excess time and raise money. Some of the groups were Media Club, Student Council, Home Economics, TisdaleTeam, Hilltoper, and others. For the first time a soccer game was played during homecoming. The team lost 4-1 to the Brebeuf Braves. Afterwards the annual homecoming parade started at Ellenberger Park and marched to Howe. The band led plaing the " Howe Loyalty " with the king and queen candidates, class floats, and other enthusiastic Howefans who drove their cars to cheer on Howe ' s homecoming. The football team also hosted Brebeuf. By half- time the Hornets were ahead 33-0. During halftime the marching band performed and princial Frank Tout and Student Council vice- president Tracy Denton crowned senior Jill Frederickson the homecoming queen with ju- nior Traci Collins first runner-up. The floats were also judged with the seniors ' float " Bomb the Braves " winning first place and the juniors ' float " T.P. (toilet paper) the Braves taking second. Another highlight during halftime was a tribute to retired athletic director Samuel T. Kelley, who was the school ' s first football coach. Howe ' s stadium is named after Mr. Kelley. Because of his work and dedication the foot- ball team felt they should honor him by giving him a special football to show their appreia- tion. Angie Moore Top: Captains Keith Blazek an Rod Marcum present a game ball to Samuel Kelley for his contributions to Howe football. Right .The junior float " T.P. the Braves " rolls down Pleas- ant Run Parkway toward Howe. K ■ ' ■■- H Homecoming Top: The football team lines up for the presentation of colors before the game against Brebeuf. Center: The senior float shows originality with itsmima- ture figures on a football field. Above: Queen Jill Frederickson (center) poses with first runner-up Traci Collins (left) and second runner-up Aman- da Slaughter (right). Far left: Sophomore Lora Smith comes ready to whip the Braves. Left: The ROTC color guard leads the parade uner the direction of Joe Whitney. Homecoming 9 Upper left: Principal Frank Tout crowns Jill Frederickson homecoming queen. Upper right: Principal Frank Tout and student council president Amy Hornback (back to camera) crown David Guthnehomecoming king as David ' s sister Jennifer watches. Above: Flag girl Carrie Huggler marches ahead of the band. Right: The cheerleader float has the slogan " Monopo- lize the Braves. " 1 Homecoming Top: Early arnvers wait for the start of the football game. Above: Freshman cheerleaders Jackie O ' Brien (back) and Tracy Tolin help lead the large crowd in cheering. Left: Golden Gal Rewa McGinnis watches to see if her help is needed on the field. Homecoming 1 1 Band adds col- or to games The performances and achieve- ments of small groups and ac- tivities such as the marching band add the touch of gold that impresses spectators with their efforts and deeds. Howe ' s marching band led by sec- ond-year drum major David Adams and band director Keith White, showed dedication, ability, and pride when they marched for football games and numerous parades. With fewer members the band proved that great things don ' t always come in big packages. Flag Bearers add color and excitement to the mu- sic of the marching band. Seniors Leandra Brattain and Lori marshall close out four years with the group. 12 Student Life Student Life 13 Students comment on classes Hilltopper staff members asked stu- dents to comment on the most inter- esting, unusual, or exciting activities and events in their classes. Selected com- ments are reprinted below: DE Related (Mrs. Bareford) The most in- teresting time is when (on Mondays) we have to tell about something that has happened on our jobs. Sometimes we get into big argu- ments about how the situation should have been handled, but sometimes we help one an- other out in solving different problems. (Diana Walters) Stage Design (Mr. Lynch) The unique way we build, paint, and destroy props and the way we get back at some of the actors and actresses. Also the trust that Mr. Lynch puts into us. (Jason Zaphiriou) Chemistry (Mrs. Keaton) One day in chemistry we were doing an experiment involving heating magnesium. First, my teacher demonstrated the different reac- tions we were to expect when two differ- ent elements were combined or if an ele- ment was burned. Well, she took a piece of magnesium and heated it. All of a sud- den a bright light was lit. It was somewhat brighter than a light bulb. I found this very interesting and exciting because the mag- nesium was just so bright. When we did our own experiment the same thing hap- pened except this time I was a little more nervous because we were doing it our- selves. Otherwise, I thought the reaction was very interesting. (Roselyn DeCastro) Algebra 3 4 (Mr. Walter) Mr. Walter played this rap tape that he had made awhile Below: A National Guard helicopter visits James Yarber ' s space science classes to demonstrate the princi- ples of flight. back in my algebra class one day when we were testing. The rap song was about learning. Everyone in the class listened to the song and enjoyed the words, " You ' ve got to learn something. " The rap song relaxes us and we feel more apt to taking the test. We all would like to listen to this song every time we take a test. It brings motivation. (Melinda Baker) Government (Mr. Finkbiner) Any govern- ment class of Mr. Finkbiner is interesting be- cause he makes learning fun. It is the first class I ' ve had where the review for the test wasn ' t an hour of staring at a piece of paper, but instead playing Jeopardy. (Russell Lawrence) Government (Mr. Spears) U. S. govern- ment when Mr. Spears tries to tell jokes. (John Edmond) Biology (Miss Ashcraft, Student Teach- er) The most exciting thing that happened this year — so far — was when I was in biology class and Miss Ashcraft, our student teacher, was teaching. We were talking about evolution and creation when all of a sudden the table exploded. It threw sparks everywhere! (Dawn Allen) Drug Ed (Mr. Arvin) The most interesting class I have is with Mr. Arvin mods 3 and 4. It ' s drug ed. Everyday I learn something new! Most of the new things I learn influence me and the things I knew are reinforced. If you have an open place for a one-semester course, I advise you to take Mr. Arvin ' s drug ed class. (Kim Walton) Math (Mr. Ireland.lreland, Ronald) Mr. Ireland (head of the math department) just can ' t seem to hold onto anything. He dropped, and then picked up a piece of paper five times. Then he laughed. (Jason Cox) Right: Bertina Howard watches as Kali Johnson enters material on the word processor. « £ 14 Academics Upper left: Jason Scott, Danny Stewart, and Jill Freder- ickson prepare for the mock elections by putting up a Nat sign at a football game. Upper right: Trisha Tohn tries to complete an assignment before class ends. Above: Sophomore Linda Hutcherson takes notes from the computer screen in English class. Left: Rochelle Lee and Nicole White converse while get- ting ready for a typing test. Academics 1 5 Top left: Junior Terry Burgett takes a nap while General Business class is in session. Above: In government class senior Jason Lisby listens tentatively while taking notes. Right: Junior Brian Bellamy sifts flour as classmates look on during second period foods class. 1 6 Academics ■■■■Mi W Vl ■; ■■. fl ! Upper left: Freshman Jason Meek types in a re- sponse. Upper right: Starr Biggs carefully measures ingredi- ents for a culinary masterpiece. Above: Freshman Michael Cunningham takes part in mediacenter orientation. Left: Accounting students prepare themselves for business careers. Academics 17 Top left: Math teacher Carolyn Freeman explains an algebra problem. Top right: Mike Corey studies a grammar concept on the computer. Above:Don Parker works on a computer in English. i 18 Acaemics Top left: Senior Brian Clark makes final revisions on Left: Mrs. JoAnna Leffler checks a library onentation- an English paper. quiz for Stephanie Bowen. Top right: Junior Amanda Franklin weighs objects Above: Junior Amber Lane works a chemistry problem. for a chemistry assignment. Academics 19 Top left: Denise Dunn works on an English vocabu- lary assignment in the computer lab. Top center: Carrie Huggler and Leslie Smith are ea- ger to learn as they listen to the teacher and take notes during Earth Science. Above: Freshmen Stacie Armstrong and Tracy Kult take notes during General Business. Right: Students in French write on the board as in- structed by the teacher. 20 ' Academics Top: James Yarber photographs his space science class as they observe the National Guard helicopter which visit- ed Howe at his request. Above: Keith Hobbs, Thomas Stout, Mike Corey, and Danny Patel listen as a National Guardsman explains heli- copter operation to their space science class. Left: Junior Scott Schoen and senior Amy Kincaid point out different cities on the map during German class. A cad amies 2 1 Top left: Freshman Larry Craig saws lumber in construe tion class. Above: Senior Kelli Alexiou takes notes in AP English Right: Roger Moran and Mike Gross work on art pro jects. 22 Academics Above: With Sgt. Corbin Davis looking on, ROTC cadets exaine a National Guard helicopter. Left: Sophomore Curtis Combs eyes his biology test. Academics 23 Tisdale Team The efforts of the Tisdale Team have opened the eyes of many Howe students to drug abuse. This year ' s Tisdale Team has become a part of a nation wide program to stop drug abuse in school. With the help of Pacer Way- man Tisdale, and First Lady, Nancy Reagan, the goal of preventing teen-age abuse has tak- en a giant step. One of the major events this year was the visit of First Lady Nancy Reagan. While few students were involved in the actual program, every student was affected in some way. Mrs. Reagan ' s visit to Howe was something that only comes once in your life . . . For young kids to see older students and athletes saying " No " makes it much easier for them to say " No. " — Tony Dean, Junior. We (teen) are the future and we can ' t help the future if we ' re dead because of drugs. — Crystal Campbell, Junior. Her remarks made me think about using drugs, but I will never start using drugs and I will encourage my friends that it is not good for you. — Dave Craig, Senior. I feel that if she traveled all the way here from D.C. to promote the abolition of school- age drug abuse, it must mean she (Nancy Rea- gan) really cares. — Nicole White, Junior. Actually, I didn ' t need the speech because I think drugs aren ' t necessary. I have a natural high and I don ' t want a messed up brain. — Stacy Robinson, Senior. I enjoyed her (Nancy Reagan) remarks and thought they were beneficial to everyone. — Russell Harpold, Junior. Mrs. Reagan ' s visit probably influenced the kids who don ' t use drugs not to start, but the kids who are on drugs probably didn ' t pay attention to Mrs. Reagan or the Tisdale Team. — Jennifer Fines, Junior. I suppose I expected Mrs. Reagan to be only sophisticated and aloof. I did not realize that she was a real person as well as the First Lady. — Amy Hornback, Junior. My experience of the Tisdale Team will long be with me. — Brian Clark, Senior. We put out a positive message that you do not need drugs to succeed. — Kelly Alexiou, Senior. Naturally the publicity and recognition has been a lot of fun, but the most meaningful experiences come from when we go out and talk face to face to the kids. — Jill Frederick- son, Senior. Top: Proudly accepting a " Tisdale " sweater, First Lady Nancy Reagan shows off the addition of her wardrobe. Right: Junior Alvin Holliday listens intently to Wayman Tisdale during the press conference. 24 Tisdale Team Left: Organizing the name tags for the Tisdale Team, Center Right: Seniors Brian McDonald and Kathy Miley Senior Jill Fredrickson takes a quick break before finishing. try to explain exactly what the Tisdale Team is. Top: Stressing that taking drugs doesn ' t help kids to be Bottom flight: Kim Walton, Matt Williams, Rod Marcum, successes, Jim Arvin asks for elementary students opin- Brian McDonald and Brian Clark take a break and talk ion. leisurely. Tisdale Team 25 French Club. Top Row: Brian Boyd, Louis Mozingo, Gar- net McNeeley, Steve Johnson, Evelyn Winslow, Amy Hornback. Middle Row: Aimee Partlow, Sari Rivinen, An- gie Moore, Shelly Oberholtzer, Heather Harter, Pam Schaefer, Mrs. George. Front Row: Julius Gordon, Jenny Maher, Jennifer Tolin, Wendie Storm, Denise Price. German Club. Front Row: Jennifer Fiones, Amy Kincaid, Paul Shepherd. Second Row: Louis Mozingo, Toni Mar- shall, Kristi Green, Jenni Mitchell, Mr. Stanley. Math Club. Front Row: Jill Frederickson, Evelyn Wins- low, Pamela Schaefer, Molly Mocco, Jamie Tucher. Back Row: Louis Mozingo, Steve Johnson, David Adams, Shana Golden, Carolyn Lewellen, Heather Harter, Mrs. Evelyn Keaton. 26 Clubs Future Educators in Action. Front Row: Joseph Jones, Carla Winslow, Kristin Woodard, Gale Lewis. Row Two: Leslie Smith, Rhonda Minks, Denise Slayback, Rick Neil, Mr. Richard Beck. Academic Club. Les Meyer, Grover Browning, Molly Mocco, Jamie Tucher, Mrs. Freeman. Irvington Speech Contest. Front Row: Melissa Humphries, Morlinda Nunley, Wanda Washington. Standing: Michael Wynne, Adam Marcom, Sheila Price, Tyronne Hall. Clubs 27 National Honor Society First Row: Pamela Schaefer, Jamie Tucker, Roselyn Decastro, Molly Mocco, Elena Cor- pus. Second row: Russell Harpold, Mrs. Keaton, David Adams, Jerome Davis, Anne West, Cory Johnson, Amy Hornback, Scott Schoen, Louis Mozingo, Tony Dean. Speech Team First Row: Melinda Baker and Clara Wins- low. Second Row: Eric Berg and Matt McBurnie Stage Crew First Row: Chad Burris, Jason Zaphiriou. Second Row: Jim Lynch, Angel Vie, Kim Smith, Joe Bates, Lori Smith. Third Row: David Guthirie, Guy Booher. 28 Clubs Marketing Education and DECA Row One: Julie Thompson. Row Two: Susan Seifert, Shannon Corn- stock, Renee Allen, Linda Ward. Row Three: Jayne Zor- man, Leslie Johnson, Kim Faryna, Rose Rogers, Kelly Squires, Connie Couch, Krisinee Watkins. Row Four: Dawn Wynne, Dianne Walters, Brian Fowler, Troy Hillard, Kevin McNelly, Vince Collis, Mat Burton, Laura Sweeney, Leslie Smith, Mrs. Bareford. Row Five: Curtis Powers, Leann Riddell, Robert Wilson. Office Education Association First Row: Brenda Sparks, Sonya Hix, Karla Fuller, Ann Farmer, Terri Lasley, Jenee Fisher, Shron Lott. Middle Row: Tonya Lewis, Mrs. Perry, LaTonya Maxie. Back Row: Anita Perry, Caroline Corbett, Anjanette Clement, Rhonda Meuler, Jan Thomp- son, Elizabeth Purvis, Susan Lang, Pam Prother, Michelle Weinke. Student Council First Row: Denise Slayback, Matt Sil- vers, Mat Wilson, Amy Hornback, Vickie Deal, Jennifer Fines. Middle Row: Robert Lowe, Amy Kincaid, Laura Smith, Karlisa Scott, Melinda Baker, Roselyn Decastro, Pam Schaefer, Clara Winslow. Back Row: Nick Tides, Shelly Obhaltzer, Steve Johnson, Billy Lego, Scott Schoen, Billy Johnson. Clubs 29 SCIENCE CLUB. Front row: Jason Davey. Roger Monroe, Dennis Sherfick. Second row: James Yarber, Connie Couch, Rodney Kates. - — — — DRAMA CLUB. Front row: Evelyn Winslow, Amy Horn- back, Steve Johnson, Clara Winslow. Second row: Billy Johnson, Matt Wilson, Shelley Oberholtzer, Scott Schoen. QUIZ TEAM. Front row: Dion Marshino, Steve Johnson, Molly Mocco, Matt Wilson. Second row: Brian Boyd, Louis Mozingo, Scott Schoen, Matt Silvers, Grover Browning, Errol Spears. 30 Groups CHESS CLUB. Front row: Joseph Bramblett. David VanSell. Second row: Brian Boyd, Patrick Hill, Gro- ver Browning, John Skene. COMPUTER CLUB. Front row: Krisunee Watkins, Neiko Hendricks, Grover Browning, Brian Schaefer. Second row: Jeff Pennington, Craig Stephenson, Larry Barnes, Chris McGowan, Larry Brown. MEDIA CLUB. Front row: Nicol Bradberry, Tina Hens- lee, Alex Walters, Janet Turner. Second row: Shel- ley Oberholtzer, Kim Smith, Kim Berwanger, Angie Boulware. Groups 31 Music Department ' s Hard Work Pays Big Dividends Being a member of the music department involved different things: working hard, taking criticism, planning, and having lots of fun. This year the music department accomplished all of those things. With a standing ovation at Pop ' s Concert, the Varsity Singers started off the year well. This group consisted of twenty-one of the best dancers and singers at Howe. Throughout the year, the Varsity group performed in many places showing their talents. Varsity Singers performed in nursing homes, churches, the Education Center and in the school ' s music programs. The highlight of the year for the group was receiving a first place at ISSMA State Contest. It was truly a busy year for all the music groups. Concert Choir, along with the Madrigal Singers, delighted many at Union Station at Christmas time. The Concert Choir received a first place at the ISSMA State Contest and performed for various functions while the Madrigal Singers entertained at feasts. Howe ' s Choralaires, directed by Robert Bramblett, also took part in many of the fes- tivities at Howe, including two performances at nursing homes nearby. Between the Marching Band and Pep Band there have been many performances. The Pep Band played their glorious strains for basket- ball games throughout the season. The March- ing Band performed in two parades, the Veter- ans ' Day parade and the Homecoming parade. The main event of the year for the band was travelling to St. Louis to perform at Six Flags. The band also went to the Midwestern March- ing Band Festival. " The band was satisfied with receiving a sixth place overall in the con- test. " , said senior, David Adams. " We did great considering that we only had two weeks of practice and didn ' t go to band camp. " Most of the work of the music department aims towards the annual spring musical in March. Melinda Baker Top: Lori Heizer practices her flute for an upcoming perfor- mance. Right: Tim Hayes and Eric Berg play their trumpets in Howe ' s band. 32 Music Left: Senior Tony Brown plays the tuba in the Howe Hor- net ' s band. Upper Right: Rhonda Mills and Sherie Proctor tune up for the orchestra. Bottom Right: Senior Andrea Fishburn listens for her cue to play the drums. Music 33 Top: Shocked after a fall, senior Guy Booher plays his role with much enthusiasm. Bottom: Queen Evelyn Winslow, King Jerome Davis, and Jamaine Walker talk over their problems during the winter play. Top Right: The king of the play, Joe Bramlett, plays his part by adoring only himself. Bottom Center: As a part of the play Bruce Pickens and Eugene Johnson have a sword fight. 34 Music Top Left: Jumping up enthusiastically, Guy Booher sings his song. Top Right: Students of the play sit at one of their props and discuss their problems. Above: Chad Burris sits at the table waiting for his cue to act out his part. Music 35 Howe Students Put on " Emperor ' s New Clothes " " The Emperor ' s New Clothes " was pro- duced by the Howe Music Department this past summer. The cast consisted of 2 1 students each do- ing his or her own part. Joseph Bramblett played the part of the Emperor and Carolyn Jacobs played the Empress. The dashing Prince was played by Guy Booher and the beautiful Princess was played by Kathy Miley. The evil Lord Mai was played by Alan Lough, and was always contradicted by the lovable Lord Old played by Jamaine Walker. Other parts were played by Billy Johnson (Consta- ble), Scott Schoen (Dudley), Melinda Baker (Lady Dorcas), Brian Boyd (Ranger), Melody Lacey (Becky), Rosemary Deal (Vicki), and Clara Winslow (Millie). Also, Anna Thompson was Jane, Larry Knapp as the Sentry, and Keith Trinkles as the Boy. Last, but not least, Teresa Rivers, Michelle Humphries, Eric Berg, Billy Lego, and Carolyn Lewellen, who helped carry the musical along as attendants, ser- vants, paiges, and Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court. Joseph Bramblett Bottom: Mr. Lewis sits in the auditorium and directs one of the many plays Howe has put on. Top: Larry Knapp, Alan Lough, and Eugene Johnson look at the jewels planning to get new clothes for the king, Joe Bramblett. Bottom right: The king, played by Joe Bramblett, admires his " new clothes. " 36 Summer Musical jfr «!i l .. ? 6Mk ■ IHkO 1 i i 4 ! to % ■« ' ' ' i 4 90 i y Bottom left: Clara Winslow sets Kathy Miley ' s hair during the play. Top right: Eugene Johnson and Alan Lough laugh at a secret between the two of them. Above: Guy Booher and Kathy Miley stand hand in hand saying their lines. Summer Musical 37 Top: Eric White, Chad Burris, Steven Berry, and Bruce Right, top: Guy Booher practices his part by acting as if he Pickens wait anxiously to find out who gets the big role in is in shock. the spring musical. Center: A group of students rehearse the chorus for The Bottom: One of the scenes is acted out as Guy Booher falls Pajama Game. to the floor throwing a knife. 38 Music ! r f I r ;r Top left: Monica Mertz and Mr. Lewis discuss a scene in the piay. Top right: Jerome Davis and Evelyn Winslow embrace in a kiss as one of their parts. Above: Mr. Lewis studies the script to " Pajama Game. " I i Music 39 Row One: David Adams, Marian McDowell, Tonya Brad- ford, Michelle Thomas, Stephanie Wright, Nancy Hutcher- oon, Kathy Lashley, Laura Payton. Row Two: D.J. Givin, Michael Johnson, Sylvia Watts, Yolanda Cole, Kristina Burns, Jennifer Tolin, Michelle Wilson, Elizabeth Deeter, Anita Enz, Amanda St. Lawrence, Wendy Moody. Row Three: Leandra Bratten, Lori Marshell, William Burgess, Larry Trimble, David Craig, Michael Gregory, Mike Bratcher, Michelle Heart, Theresa Furnish, Steve White, Tim Messanger, Sonia Bennett, Kim Hamilton, Paula Rog- ers, Diann Walters, Carrie Huggler. Row Four: Chris Thornton, Ryan McDonald, Doug Noel, Eric Berg, Bill Johnson, Jerome Davis, Tim Hayes, Tony Brown, Mike Billingsley, Chris Stuck, James Kidd, Scott Hogue, Brian Bergess, Adam Gregory, Mr. White (Band Director). Row Five: Damon Edmonds, Andre Donaldson, David Grider, Charles Nixon, Barry Evans, Heather Fields, Eric Alex- ander, Andrea Fishburn, Shawntez Gant, Brian Kimsley, Steve Deeter, Keith Nuckols, Scott Schoen. Concert Choir — Boys. Row One: Eric White, Steve Johnson, Jamaine Walker, Joseph Bramblett, Alan Lough, Larry Knapp, David Adams, Bruce Pickens, and Mike Smith. Row Two: Brian Boyd, Stephen Berry, Anthony Shlar, Jason Martin, Jeff Porter, Johnny Gordon, Norman Braden, Charles Skipwirth. Row Three: Eric Berg, Way- mon Miles, George Maynard, and Guy Booher. Orchestra. Row One: Melissa Rimel, Penny Brackin, Paul Pritchard, Rose Childs, Jason Cox, David Vansell, Mrs. Bartolowits. Row Two: Daymond Bolles, Rhonda Mills, Sherie Proctor, Anna Thompson, Angela Lanters, Alicia Petterson, Jacintha Malone, Danielle Vertner, Char- lotte Patterson, Lorell Patterson. f) fi$A 40 Music Choralairs. Row One: Jainean Brown, Jennifer Fines, Theresa Gray, Stacy Robinson, Rhonda Cosby. Row Two: Kim Roberts, Robynn Gatewood, Jenean Bates, Shonda Boyd, Melody Lacey. Row Three; Crystal Eldndge, Kathy Clegg, Venise Williams, Kim Smith, Christina Walker. Concert Choir — Girls. Row One: Sonja Grooms, Ni- cole Reedus, Heather Harter, Michelle Humphries, Theresa Berry, Monica Mertz, Patricia Heizer, Jill Frednckson, Kathy Miley, Debbie Friddle, Kim Lungwitz. Row Two: Sharon Paschal, Christy Wright, Amy Watt, Anna Thomp- son, Karlissa Scott, Shuron Scott, Evelyn Winslow, Regina Trent, Clara Winslow, Yolanda Harley, Bonnie Faubion. Madrigal and Varsity Singers. Row One: Amy Watt, Michelle Humphries, David Adams, Jamaine Walker, Eric Walker, Bruce Pickens, Eugene Toles. Row Two: Monica Mertz, Kathy Miley, David Grider, Evelyn, Winslow, Chad Burns, Amanda Franklin, Joseph Bramblett, Jerome Da- vis. Row Three: Guy Booher, Regina Trent, Melody La- cey, Denise Bragg, Joanna Imopola, Sharon Paschal, James Dearth, Carolyn Jacobs. Music 41 Concert Choir is getting ready to sin g at Pops Concert in November. Regina Trent, Anna Thompson, Amy Watt, Kathy Miley, and Monica Mertz concentrate on blending voices and tone quality. Senior Jerome Davis holds an applause sign to remind everyone to clap. 42 Music ft A • , flfltT « Madrigals Top Row: Chad Burris, Guy Booher, Steve Johnson, Jim- my Dreath, Jamaine Walker, Joe Bramblett, Eugene John- son Middle Row: Bob Bramblett, Heather Harter, Cathy Fos- ter, Kathy Miley, David Adams, Carolyn Jacobs, Amy Watt, Monica Mertz, Bruce Pickens, Tom Lewis Bottom Row: Shonda Boyd, Jennifer Fines, Matt McBur- nie, Sharon Pasqual, Lisa Smith, Michelle Jackson, Jenny Bramblett, David Vansell, Kristin Woodard, Rhonda Cosby Varsity Singers line up for a dress rehearsal. Senior Mike Bratcher plays his bassoon in the orchestra for " Pajama Game. " Music 43 JUNIOR RESERVE OFFICERS ' TRAINING CORPS Major Michael Flynn and Sergeant First Class Robert Malone were in charge of the Junior Reserve Officers ' Training Corp. The objectives of the JROTC program were to develop in each Cadet, leadership, citizen- ship, physical fitness, communication abilities, and knowledge of basic military skills. The Drill Team and Color Guard were active parts of the JROTC program. The Drill team precision marched and competed with other high school drill teams. The Color Guard pre- sented the colors at school games, meetings, parades, and many city functions. Some Cadets took advantage of trips and tours to military installations. A Spring Military Ball gave each cadet the opportunity to wear formal dress and enjoy the Corps socially. The leaders and JROTC staff members worked hard for this successful event. Debbie Fisher, the Batallion Commander, an outstanding student, symbolized the success of the Howe High School JROTC program. Roger Porter, as Company Commander, dis- tinguished himself and Howe JROTC. He set an excellent example for all Cadets, with his leadership, appearance and good conduct. JROTC Cadets and their leaders were proud to be a part of the Thomas Carr Howe curricu- lum for the school ' s 1987-88 golden anniver- sary. We the Cadets of 1987-88, would like to give special dedication to the memory of our deceased Color Guard and S-5 Commander, Joseph Whittney. He was well liked and highly respected for his tremendous personality and his leadership traits. We wish to offer this tribute to him, one of the finest Cadets we have ever known. Top: The Color Guards stand at attention while Jerome Davis and David Graider play the National Anthem at Homecoming. Bottom: Gail Lewis, Paul Woempner, Desert Novak, and Keith Knuckles are conversing while guarding the playing court during one of Howe ' s basketball games. Bottom Right: Gail Lewis watches the basketball game while she guards the playing court so fans won ' t enter onto the court. v " ? fc. ' : ■ piwtffr ' " 44 ROTC Top Center: Desert Novak waits before the Color Guard does its performance at the basketball game. Bottom Center: Jeff Ingal stands guarding the court during half time where the playing courts are roped off. Top Right: The Color Guard does their performance at one of Howe ' s football games. Above: JROTC members Paul Woempner and Keith Knuckles rope off the basketball court to avoid fans walk- ing on the playing court during the game. ROTC 45 Front row: Jeff Houpt, Desert Novak, Michele Long, Gale Lewis, Michael Martin, Ron Jones, and Paul Woempher Back row: Jeff Engle, Matt Wilson, Alvin Holiday, Keith Knuckles, and Berney Mattingly Sergeant Malone directs his students to march in a straight line during JROTC class. Female Drill Team: Danielle Vertner, Sherri Pierson, Deme- tria Bray, Sonya Cooper, Leslie Johnson, Larrita Porter, Urlanda Smith, Ladonna Smith, Crystal Martin, Tamica Vaden, Vera Brown 46 ROTC Back Row: Anthony Carr, James Combs, Paul Woemper, Alvin Holiday, Jeff Houpt, Keith Knuckles Second Row: Elvis Jones, Richard Acton, Michael Martin, Ron Jones, Benard Mattingly, Roger Porter Kneeling: Crystal Martin, Desert Novak, James Wright, Demetria Bray, Bobby Jean Smith, Gale Lewis, Jeff Engle Keith Knuckles and Sergeant Malone watch Paul Woempner while he ties off the playing court so the fans can walk out and not interfere with the game. The JROTC program is designed to benefit the cadet. The U.S. Army gets no direct benefit from the program since the cadet does not have to join the army or go into the Senior ROTC program. The nation does benefit from JROTC since the program is designed to make better citizens of the cadets. ROTC 47 A Fresh Start For Tower The Tower staff began the year with a fresh start, due to the addition of a new advisor, Mrs. Vicki Martich. Her presence was a cata- lyst for encouraging former Tower staffers to return. This year was an organizational one for the newspaper students. The advisor began the first meeting by holding an election of editors. Voted into office were Kevin Lackey, editor-in- chief; Rodney Kates, managing editor; Nicole Kearney, opinion editor; Amy Hornback, fea- ture editor; Matt Silvers, business manager; Jenny Wilson, typesetting manager; and Ron Woods, news editor. The staff concluded that the Tower needed to be more aware of its readership. More em- phasis was placed on the events and news of Howe High School. The goals for the staff this year were to produce more quality newspapers for the readership, with less thought to win- ning awards. During the semester change, the Tower lost three valuable staff members because of job commitments. Eric Alexander ' s position as sports editor was taken by William Roberts during the spring semester. Michelle Wilson took over Jenny Wilson ' s responsibilities as typesetting manager, and Jessica Byrd as- sumed the role of news editor from Ron Woods. The staff attended an Indiana High School Press Association day at Franklin College in October and participated in J-Day (Journalism Day) at Ball State University in April. Top Left: Tower Staff. Flow One: Nicole Kearney, Vicki Martich. Row Two: Paula Rogers, William Roberts, Mi- chelle Wilson. Row Three: Alison Brevans, Caroly Seeley, Amy Hornback, Rodney Kates. Bottom Left: Vicki Martich, first year advisor, explains to Amy Hornback, Feature Editor, how she might use this picture effectively. 48 Tower Top Center: Editor-in-chief, Kevin Lackey, stares in dis- Bottom Right: Vicki Martich looks over a layout while Lon belief at what Ron Woods is saying. Marshall explains. Bottom Center: Eric Alexander carefully types his feature Top Right: Lon Marshall looks at negatives for pictures on the computer. that will possibly be printed in the next issue of the Tower. Tower 49 Football Team Makes Impressive Showing And Other Fall Sports Show Strong Efforts The 50th anniversary of fall sports started off with a " BOOM " . Varsity football made it alt the way to the last sectional game against Lawrence Central. We were defeated by just one touchdown. The final score was 20-1 4. Boys ' tennis and girls ' swimming showed lots of effort and enthusiasm. Each team pulled together to achieve an eventful season. In girls ' golf the 1 player was Sherri Oakes who was said to be most promising. Sara Fults held 2 player and Wlarcie Cravens was 3 player. The boys ' tennis team was recruiting and rebuilding during the season. Last, but definite- ly not least, volleyball was building a strong team with Jackie Pay ton as their 1 player and Rocky Johnson as the 2 player. Overall, the Howe students should be proud of the ef- forts made by their teams compet- ing in fall sports. Right: Behind 14-1 3 with only a couple of min- utes to go against Warren Central, the Hornets wait for the snap as they drive towards their win- ning touchdown. BO Sports Sports 51 Spring Sports Flowers blooming, birds chirping, blue skies clearing, and green grass growing are a few of the wonders of spring time, along with the sounds of " Play Ball. " Besides " American ' s favorite pastime, " boys ' track, boys ' golf, girls ' track, girls ' tennis and softball fill out the spring sports schedule at Howe. Baseball had a struggling season, but the team is building toward a better season next year. Some of the outstanding players for the Hornets were Jerome Davis and Jeff Wessell. Boys ' track team had an exciting season playing many county schools. Aidis Thomas and John McCloud, two freshman runners, won the 400 meter relay in the freshman city championship, John McCloud also won in the 100m and 200m competition. Carlos McGee was a city champion in the long jump. Anthony Wise, Carl Meginity, Kowalski Martin, Rodney Burns, and Anthony Johnson are returning members of the team. Boys ' golf made a good showing this year even though their record was 6-7. The number one player was James Stipanovic, and Jeff Deetor was number two. Girls ' track kept the same outstanding 6-1 record as last year, while the runs for distance improved greatly. Tiffany Archer was the star athlete for girls ' track. Girls ' tennis was one of the better teams we had this year. They had a winning season with a record of 10-9. Sarah Foltz was our number one player, Marcie Cravens was number two, and Jill Frederickson was number three. Even though softball had a record of 3-12, the young ladies tried hard and kept good spir- its. Sherri Ochs and Rita Cruz were two of the players who contributed to the effort. As the spring season has ended, we prove to be one of the best city schools. 52 Spring Sports Top Left: Senior Justine Miller and Junior Sherri Ochs are prepared for anything their Softball opponents have to offer. Bottom Loft: Senior Jeff Wessel smashes a line drive at the Lawrence Central game. Top Center: State champion runner for two years in a row, Tiffany Archer, is interviewed for television. Middle Center: Sean Marcum gives his all in long dis- tance running for Howe. Bottom Center: Jeff Deeter carefully strokes his ten foot putt for a par. Top Right: Senior Erika Embry gets ready to smash a tennis ball during practice. Bottom Right: An unidentified Hornet dives for home to score another run for Howe. Spring Sports 53 Top left: Tiffiani Archoy finds herself in the limelight as she answers questions for Channel 4 Sports after winning the state title in the high jump. Above: Krista Foltz reaches for a low ball in practice. Right: Rita Cruz drives a ball to the outfield against Manual. 54 Sports fly ball. Above: Senior pitcher Jeff Spargur warms up before the Lawrence Central game. Left: Jill Frederlckson practices her forehand. Sports 55 Top left: Jeff Deeter lofts a drive on the fairway. home runs against Manual. Top right: MVP Brian Bellamy wins the 100 meter dash Right: Senior Sean Marcum finds his career ended by a at Park Tudor. city meet injury. Above: MVP Kelley Schweitzer hits one of her two 56 Sports Top left: Chris Anderson scores against Lawrence Cen- tral. Top right: Infielders Sherri Ochs and Justine Miller wait for action. Above: James Stipanovic putts during a match. Top left: Nick Savage holds up the ball to signal a stri- keout. Top right: Tiffiani Archey wins the regional 400 meters. Above: Sophomore Lavette Jenkins waits to hear the city meet 200 meter results. Right: Freshman Andre Miller wins a heat of the reserve 200 meters at Park Tudor with teammates Wayland Coe and Arthur Watkins behind him. 58 Sports Top left: Sophomore Nicole Tyler happily holds up a Top right: Sophomore pitcher Bev Guernsey follows first place ribbon for winning the 300-meter hurdles through after pitching a strike. at Pike. Not only was it Nicole ' s first blue ribbon but Above: Junior Shron Lott leaves her competition behind it was also her first hurdles race. in a 100-meter hurdles heat at the regional. Sports 59 Mens ' Varsity Baseball First Row: Dan Burk, Mark Wynaldo, Kevin Nilhaus, Nick Savage, Mark St. Martin, Jeff Spargur, John Long. Second Row: Trainer, Jim Keena, Darrin Litteral, Steve Peoples, Chris Anderson, Errol Spears, Head Coach, Jason Lisby, Jeff Wessel, Jeff Engle, Manager. Girls ' Tennis Team First Row: Tracey Kult, Ana Leite, Tracey Tolin, Trisha Tolin. Second Row: Erica Embry, Sarah Foltz, Marcie Cravens, Jill Frederickson. Third Row: Errol Spears (Coach), Bonnie Bullens, Rose Childs, Monica Mertz, Kathy Cobb, Amy Sommers, Angie Moore. Track First Row: Martin Sam, Coach, Shawn Finley, Gaylen Buckner, Carl McGinly, Robert Lowe, Chris Clark, Eddie Hicks, Ken Todd, Anthony Wise. Second Row: William Fox, Victor Grisby, Rodney White, Brian Bellamy, Dan Gonzales, Keith Knuckles, Rodney Burns, Anthony Scholar, and Arthur Watkins. 60 Spring Sports Girls ' Softball Team First Row: Kelly Schwietzer, Jus- tine Miller, Jamie Tucher, Cindy Freed. Second Row: Nick Thompson (Assistant Coach), Jenny Tolin, Elena Corpus, D.J. Givan, Rita Cruz, Kim Berwanger, Rhonda Bowman, Bev Guernsey, Sherri Ochs. Mens ' Golf Ryan Folton, Anthony Dean, Jeff Deeter, Coach Smith, James Stipanovich, Jeff Stone and Jeff Sherfick. Girls ' Track First Row: James Whisler, head coach, Melissa Kates, Robynn Gatewood, Tiffany Archer, Carmen Davenport, Shron Lott, Dawn Thompson, Jennifer Biller, Lavette Jenkins, Chelsea Hudson, Ms. Perus. Second Row: Shannon Harvey, Darvinia Lewis, Lori Smith, Chris Hayden, Deborah Capshaw, Lecia Keaton. Spring Sports 61 Fall Sports: Two Views from a Personal Perspective Win or Lose? This season, the tennis team was fortunate enough to get to go on a trip to Lafayette for an invitational game. The familiar saying, " Get- ting there is half the fun, " can be applied to this hour-and-a-half excursion. I have no idea what was on the minds of my fellow team members when we arrived, but I was reminded of more of a college-type atmosphere rather than high school when I observed all of the football players, other tennis players and girls. At this point we all got into separate vans and departed for our different destinations. I was having such a good time on this trip that the impending match did not worry me at all. I played my number three singles match to the very best of my ability and was not in the least bit disappointed when I lost the match; I was enjoying myself too much. I think that if I learned anything from this experience, it was that the object of a sport is to play the best you can and to just have fun. David Johnson Top Left: Senior, Steve Ward rushes to receive the ball. To me, volleyball means a lot of hard work, constant challenges, and fun. As I have played through the years, I ' ve noticed my growing spirit for Howe High School. One of the most important things I learned while playing volley- ball was the meaning of teamwork. No one person can do everything; the team is what matters. If everyone does not do his share, the team will lose. It could be just due to one person not fulfilling his obligation to the team. Volleyball, or any sport for that matter, gives a person the challenge to do his best so that the school is represented well. I feel that if you have pride in yourself and your school, anything can be accomplish ed. My JV coach. Miss Pervis, may have been hard on our team, but she helped us realize our mistakes and showed us how to improve our game. Joanne, the varsity coach, worked with all of us equally as a team, regardless of our position on either the JV or varsity team. This helped us all learn how to work together and be a unit playing for the glory that we could bring to Howe. The two teams always sup- ported each other. I can remember how the varsity team would cheer us on to victory dur- ing our JV games. Their support helped boost our morale and made us play better because we gained more confidence in our ability. Hav- ing the varsity team at the games made it much easier to play at an unknown school where most of the spectators would be cheer- ing for the opposing team. Don ' t get me wrong — volleyball is not all glory and good times. It is a lot of hard work and discipline, but the fun that I experienced while on the team made up to every bit of energy I expended on the game. What you put into the sport is what you get out of it. Susie Tides Bottom Left: Freshman swimmer, Michelle Farmers swims as fast as possible to get the first place. Top Right: Tom Deeter runs to get to the ball before his opponent. Bottom Right: Junior. Racquel Johnson serves the ball during a game, concentrating on the ball. Fall Sports 63 •P ' " m :rh %;y;.. - m ---s wm m — ■ " 7 " op Left: Tennis Player, Mike Corey, practices at Ellen- burger Park to get himself ready for games ahead. Bottom Left: Sarah Foltz watches attentively as her golf coach, Terell Mahler, shows her how to put. Bottom Center: Soccer player. Matt Mandel, goes to get the ball to move it down the field. Bottom Center: Senior, Josh Lane, runs to catch up with his opponent who trips over the ball. 64 Fall Sports Middle Center: Cheering on another player, the swim team watches with high hopes. Top Center: Howe players Cary Johnson, Keith Bruce, and Nick Tides attempt to score against Rushville. Top Right: Mike Corey quenches his thirst during a tennis match. Bottom Right: Howe freshman, David Gut, uses his head and his body to control the ball and his Rushville opponent in the first half action during the soccer sectional game. Fall Sports 65 Top: Varsity player Melissa Kates throws the ball up to serve it over to the other team. Bottom Left: Junior Stephanie Moore swims the butterfly during a race at Tech. Top Center: Kevin McNeely practices hard for meets ahead. 66 Fall Sports Right: Tennis player, Donald Salyers, gets himself in posi- Top Flight: Junior Michelle Humprys takes a plunge for tion to hit the ball back to his opponent. the ball in order to save it. Center: Cross country runner Scott Wright paces himself Bottom Right: Amy Keifner swims quickly to get first during his meet. place. Bottom Center: Soccer player Ron Jones takes on an- other player for the ball. Fall Sports 67 Top Le ft: Senior Charles Brown is making a tackle during a Bottom Left: Howe ' s Varsity team tackles an Arlington game against Warren. team member in a game at Arlington. Top Center: Quarterback Keith Blazek throws the ball to another player to get the down. 68 Fall Sports 1 • • « ... - Al , . . . Bottom Center: Kicker Russell Harpold kicks the ball to get Bottom Right: Bruce Sherels pulls on the opponents shirt the extra point. to tackle him to the ground. Top Right: Enthusiastic Hornets celebrate after winning against Warren. Fall Sports 69 Bottom Left: Carl McGinty goes to kick the ball down the field. Top Left: Brian McDonald and others warm-up before a game. Top Center: The Hornets defensive players get ready to stop the ball. 70 Fall Sports • » F ' prtl H " : r - X JP r • ■? ♦ m rS £ swto mj%P vJtd 19 I w 1 1 1 i 1 v . Bottom Center: The Hornets push their way through to Top Right: Before the game the Howe football players get an extra yard or two. cheer themselves on for another win. Top Center: Howe fullback Jeff Marble breaks loose for a Bottom Right: The offensive players squat down to start long gain against Northwest. the play and get the yards they need for the down. Fall Sports 71 Boys ' Tennis David Johnson, Don Slayers, Brian Fowler, Mike Corey, Steve Ward, Kevin Moneely, Coach Errol Spears. Girls ' Swim Team. Front Row: Lori Marshall, Stephanie Moore, Justine Miller, Jill Fredrickson, Michelle Farmer, Regina Trent. Second Row: Amy Cook, Angie Moore, Amanda Slaughter, Amy Keifner, Joanne Impola. Cross Country Scott Wright, Mr. Martin Sam, Anthony Scholar. 72 Fall Sports Charles Brown shows pride as he jumps in victory for T.C. Howe. Girls ' volleyball team shouts after a successful spike. Justine Miller starts the butterfly stroke in the medley relay at Tech. Fall Sports 73 Varsity and Reserve Football. First Row: Ed Scott, Keith Blazek, Rodney Marcum, Ken Smith. Second Row: James Winters, Rodney Burns, Scott Hogue, Charlie Brown, Bruce Sherrills, Tony Gorman, Mario Scott, Dax Gonzalez, James Porter, Tony Dean. Third Row: Jeff Wessel, Art Watkins, Bryan Clark, Brian McDonald, Roy Sublett, Alonzo Johnson, Tim Smith, Chris Clark, Galen Buckner, Mike Bell, Mike Brown. Fourth Row: Jeff Gavin, Jeff Deeter, Russ Harpold, Steve Peoples, Victor Grigsby, Carl McGinty, Jeff Marble, Don Parker, Matt Britt, Jim Zollner. Fifth Row: Mike Lewis, Jason Lisby, Mark Wyn- alda, Alvin Holliday, Doug Clark, Tim Williamson, Mike Sinnott, Cliff Davidson, James Miller, David Craig. Sixth Row: Jeff Sherfick, Jeff Engle, Dennis Sherfick, Coach Joe Smith, Coach Bill Smith, Coach Ron Finkbiner, Trainer Jim Keenan, Coach Jim Arvin, Head Coach Dick Harpold. Freshman Team. First Row: Coach Bruce Shadiow, Ter- rance Hyggins, Jason Clay, Rick Jones, Mike Flowers, Kevin Spargur, Carlow McGee, Bryan Watts, Anthony Johnson, Coach Mark Piercy. Second Row: Erin Reel, James Balos, Brad Hunter, Mike Brathin, Mark Atckley, Tony Johnson, Jason Cox, David Wilson, Eric Gregory. Third Row: Keith Hobbs, Aidis Thomas, Willy Smith, Mark Ray, Daron Myers, Camarron Navara, John McCloud, Adam Gregory. ? ! w KWwmWiwKK Soccer. First Row: Manager Greg Howe, Rodney Kates, Jason Bundy, Allen Worth, Billy Jenson, Andy Lane, Paul Pritchard, David Guthrie, Tom Deeter, Jason Martin. Sec- ond Row: Assistant Coach Ralph Johnson, Keith Bruce, Matt Wilson, David Gut, Danny Stewart, Nick Tides, Chris Irvin, Matt Mandel, Scott Worth, Tim Holmes, Cary John- son, Pepe Gil, Ramon Carrera, Mark Bornes, Coach Dave Stewart. 74 Fall Sports Varsity Volleyball Joannie English, Rochelle Saunders, Tina Edwards, Michelle Humphries, Recquel Johnson, Jackie Peyton, Rona Henderson, Melissa Kates, Pamela Parks, Jeanean Brown. Jr. Varsity Volleyball Alice Purvis, Kali Johnson, Gale Lewis, Anne West, Crystal Cowell, Susie Tides, Stacy Faryna, Kendra Scott, Lora Smith, Jennifer Tolm, Jeanean Brown. Girls ' Golf Marci Cravens, Amy Hornback, Carolyn Ja- cobs, Sherri Ochs, Sara Foltz, Melinda Baker, Mr. T. Mah- ler. Fall Sports 75 Winter Sports What is so exciting about cold winter days? Winter Sports! Basketball and wrestling put a spark into the winter season. The girls ' varsity basketball team attracted plenty of attention when they proved they can still win in the Hornet style with new coach, Mr. Charles Page. Mr. Page worked on the teaching techniques of playing on both de- fense and offense. Veteran varsity player, D.J. Given said, " I thought we adapted really well to Mr. Page. We had our ups and downs, but we played as a team. " Coach Page said that he expected to have a very good team with a very good record. With pride and a smile, Coach Page said he got what he expected. Returning letter-women, Tasha Price, D.J. Given and Kim Cross helped the Lady Hornets basketball team finish the sea- son with a record of 15 wins and 6 losses. Mr. Page ' s goals for next season are to go as far as they can in the city, beat Franklin Central in the sectional, and to win the section- al. The boys ' varsity basketball team finished the season with a record of 6 wins and 13 losses. Coach James Thompson stated that he ex- pected the team to be competitive, to show improvement as the season progressed, and for them to be a 70% free throw shooting team. He had also anticipated for returning lettermen Kenny Smith, John Edmonds, and Fred McGee to be strong this season because all three had significant roles last season. Like any other team, this basketball team had its strength. Mr. Thompson said that their strength was their youth because he felt that Top left: Doug Clark uses his forceful ability to pin down his opponent. they were going to get better. Coach Thompson, full of pride, stated that one of the highlights of the season was defeat- ing Terre Haute North which was ranked third in the state. Another was the cancellation of a game because the nine year old leaky roof in the North gym turned the court into a swim- ming pool. Mr. Thompson ' s intentions for next season are to get back in the upper echelon of Marion County basketball and to see Fred McGee, Rodney White, Robert Mann, Thomas Allen, and Andre Smith contribute more to the team since they have gained experience this season. Freshman basketball coach, Martin Sam said that he expected improvement in basic skills, good character, winning attitude from the classroom to the gym floor from his fresh- men team as they finished the season with a record of 6 wins and 1 1 losses. Mr. Sam quickly added that they had a winning record as men on the court. Mr. Sam also stated he would not change a thing about his team with the exception of the record. Coach Sam is looking forward to a winning season next year. The wrestling team for the 1987-88 school year had an exceptional season. The team worked hard and had good senior leadership qualities. The team placed third in city and second in sectional. Alvin Holliday and Matt Williams made it as far as semi-state. Alvin and Matt are the ones to watch for next sea- son, according to Mr. Arvin. The team had a great season due to a good team and lots of interested people. Hopefully, next year will be even better. Bottom left: Kenneth Smith show his leaping skills to make a basket against Pike. 76 Winter Sports ifS v T H ' HH jt i L 3 fc l3 JHlMHi W F. m m B T iSfl H Bottom center: Varsity player, Jackie Peyton penetrates r °P ' ' ' 9 ' it.- Sophomore. Robert Mann, indicates that he is through two Tech players for her basket. read V t0 take on the offense. Bottom right: Shauntez Gant overpowers his opponent to get another victory for Howe. Winter Sports 77 Bottom Left: Coach Jim Arvin views a wrestling match in the Sectional. Top Left: Shelia Perry dares her Roncalli opponent to break the defense in the City Reserve Championship. 78 Winter Sports Bottom Center: Shawn Huckleby struggles to free him- Top Right: Ron Johnson maneuvers to the basket in order self from his opponent. to score. Top Center: Sophomore Kim Cross goes for 2 points Bottom Right: Freshman Michelle Moore is driving a lay- against the Tech Titans. up in the JV City Tournament game. Top Center Right: D.J. Given looks for the open pass for the lady Hornets to score against their opponents. Winter Sports 79 Top Left: Veteran Varsity Player, D.J. Given, manages to pass the ball despite the box defense. Above: Senior, Cindy Freed, goes for the lay-up against an onlooking Manual player. Bottom Right: Senior, Brian McDonald, puts the move on his struggling opponent. 80 Winter Sports Top Center: Matt Williams pins an Avon opponent as the referee counts down. Bottom Left: Matt Britt begins to forcefully pin down his competition. Top Right: Varsity Player. John Edmonds, prepares to opt for two points at the Southport sectional. Above: Kenny Smith defies the Terre Haute defense as he goes for the basket. Winter Sports 81 Bottom Left: Alvin Holliday watches the action, before his wrestling match. Top Left: Demetrius McGee goes over his opponent to pass the ball to another Howe player. 82 Winter Sports Bottom Center: Rod Marcum gets in the starting position Top Right: Varsity Heavyweight wrestler Alvin Holliday before attempting to pin his opponent. puts pressure on his opponent. Top Center: Freshmen players put a net up before the Bottom Right: Shawn Huckelby awaits his turn to wrestle start of their game. during one of the Howe Hornets wrestling matches. Top Center Right: Shelia Turner looks at the referee for the call during a game against Roncalli. Winter Sports 83 Top left: Matt Williams looks for instructions for the next Top Center: Wrestlers, Mat Maids, and local fans gather wrestling move. for a season finale. Bottom left: Freshman, Rona Henderson, gets the ball up Bottom left center: Senior Charles Brown, goes for ev- despite her opponent. erything to make a front lay-up. Bottom right center: Wrestlers relax and smile before their matches. 84 Winter Sports Top right: Tasha Price defies gravity to make a basket. Bottom right: Keith Davis goes to the basket with full strength against Creston. Winter Sports 85 Boys ' Varsity Basketball Team. First row: John Ed- monds, Rodney Burns and Michael Wilson. Second row: Corey Andrews, Charles Brown, Demetrius McGee, Rod- ney White, Robert Mann, Brian Bellamy, Thomas Allen, Scott Worth, Andrew Owens, Kenny Smith, and Willy Pryor. Girls ' Junior Varsity Basketball Team. First row: She- lia Perry, Tameka McCary, Michelle Moore, Angela Webb, Shelia Turner, Meachun Scott, Katrice Stansberry, Melissa Kates, and Toi Ahmad. Boys ' Freshmen Basketball. First row: Kirk Pinston, Kevin Roberto, Reggie Miller, Andrew Lane, and Devon Young. Second row: Coach Martin Sam, Ai ' dris Thomas, Andre Smith, Jeremy Burris, Andre Donaldson, Vernon Brown, Anthony Johnson, Robert Nixon. 86 Winter Sports Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team. First row: Melissa Kates, Carmaine Davenport, and D.J. Given. Second row: Cindy Freed, Kim Cross, Shelia Turner, Jackie Peyton, Racquel Johnso n, Rona Henderson, and Meachun Scott. M»» Boys ' Junior Varsity Basketball Team. First row: Da- mon Taylor, Ron Johnson, and Greg Hurt. Second row: Pete Holmes, Steve Peoples, Damn Orr, James Coomes, Andre Miller, Keith Davis, Eric Stewart, Walter Thompson, Tyrone Woods, and Ronnie Denny. Wrestling. Front row: John Moeius, Brian Hammond, Idns McGraw, Clay Thompson, Shaw Huckley, Jim Kidd, larry Tremble, Doug Coe, Chris Williams. Second row: Jason Smith, Pedro Hernandez, Matt Williams, Brian Mc- Donald, Rod Marcum, Jimmy Zollner, Eddie Hicks, Chris McGowen, lassie Price. Third row: Marcus Moore, Brad Hunter, Bobby O ' Brien, Tom Stout, Jimmy DeBruler, Fo- dale Chesier, Jason Clay, Roger Moore, Bobby Murle, Bruce Cunningham. Fourth row: Michael Billingsley, Car- los McGee, Mike Gomez, Bryon Clark, Odie Alexander, James Worth, Ernest Smith, Donald Coe, Doug Clark. Fifth row: Bobby Boekankamp, Eugene Wallace, Alvin Holliday, Shauntez Gart, Matt Britt, Donald Russie. Winter Sports 87 Softball (3 wins — ■ 12 losses) Howe Opp. Warren Central 3 16 Franklin Central 10 11 Northwest 13 14 Marshall 15 16 City Chatard 8 9 Scecina 13 21 Decatur Central 4 7 Roncalli 3 7 Ben Davis 6 10 Washington 6 9 Manual 6 3 Cathedral 5 6 Sectional Scecina 13 11 Manual 14 8 Regional Southport 2 15 Girls ' Track (6 wins — 1 loss) Howe Opp. Tech 53 54 Chatard 22 Warren Central 70 39 Marshall 88 21 Attucks 80 37 Arlington 18 Warren Central 47 45 Southport 43 Warren Central Invitational — 1st Southport Relays — 1st Pike Relays — 1st Richmond Invitationa — 2nd City Meet — 1st Sectional — 4th Regional — 2nd Boys ' Track (2 wins — - 6 losses) Howe Opp. Decatur Central 49 82 Marshall 91 30 Lawrence Central 40 81 Arlington 45 98 Scecina 45 16 Liberty Rose Invitational — 3rd East Side Invitational — 6th Southport Relays — 7th ■•■ ' ■ , i ' MM Carmel 4-Way — 4th ■ Pike Relays — 7th So ;cer w (2 wins - - 11 losses — 1 tie I Howe Opp. Avon 2 3 Baptist 2 2 Brownsburg W 1 4 Broad Ripple 3 Rushville Chatard 4 Cathedral 3 Carmel 5 Lawrence Central 3 5 Zionsville 2 4 Heritage Christian 1 Lutheran 1 Lawrence North 2 4 State Tournament Park Tudor 6 Girls Golf (2 wins — 10 losses) ■ipmf. ::j| i 111 Jill y ' f Howe Opp. Decatur Central 245 224 Pike 244 230 Park Tudor 240 202 Speedway 258 231 Cathedral 225 189 Southport 228 208 Broad Ripple 251 254 Lawrence North 226 186 Chatard 239 209 Ben Davis 232 235 Warren Central 227 208 Perry Meridian 255 218 Boys ' Golf (12 wins — - 3 losses) Howe Opp. Arlington 184 219 Scecing 189 198 Broad Ripple 180 202 Manual 182 225 Northwest 170 198 Tech 171 192 Northwest 170 199 Arlington 172 204 Dec. Cent. 206 204 Manual 185 227 Ritter 170 170 Roncalli 188 181 Tech 169 195 Bd. Ripple 165 187 Scecina 182 174 Boys ' Reserve Basketball (8 wins — 1 1 losses) Howe Opp. Gary Horace Mann 40 59 Warren Central 36 48 Arlington 49 57 Cathedral 55 30 Park Tudor 39 27 Broad Ripple 38 51 Roncalli 35 33 Southport 30 43 Tech 38 67 City Cathedral 42 50 Northwest 43 42 North Central 44 43 Washington 57 68 Paoli 45 52 Manual 40 52 Lawrence North 47 43 Chatard 40 68 Scecina 43 37 Cathedral 67 61 Varsity Football (9 wins — 2 losses) Mgp Howe Opp. Washington 13 12 Scecina 33 Chatard 13 22 Tech 40 Brebeuf 53 20 Arlington 34 6 Broad Ripple 21 14 Northwest 27 8 Sectional Tournament: Arlington 7 6 Warren Central 20 14 Lawrence Central 14 21 Girls ' Tennis ( 1 1 wins — 8 losses) Manual Cathedral Washington Scecina Roncalli Warren Central Marshall Perry Meridian Attucks Chatard Beech Grove Tech Lawrence Central Arlington City Broad Ripple Ritter Chatard Sectional Arlington Lawrence North Howe Opp 4 1 5 5 4 1 5 5 5 1 5 5 1 4 3 2 5 1 4 5 4 1 3 2 2 3 5 5 Boys ' Varsity Basketball (17 wins — 5 losses) Gary Mann (loss by forfeit) 89 86 Warren Central 66 65 Arlington 60 57 Cathedral 61 55 Park Tudor 56 52 Broad Ripple 66 69 Roncalli 79 71 Southport 73 90 Tech (2 O.T.) 77 81 City Tournament Scecina 85 57 Roncalli 69 68 Cathedral 68 62 Arlington 77 56 Northwest 77 67 North Central 64 56 Washington 71 64 Paoli 60 46 Manual 75 72 Lawrence North 69 67 Chatard 58 67 Scecina 71 60 Cathedral 67 61 Boys ' Reserve Basketball (6 wins — 10 losses) Howe Opp Gary Mann 40 59 Warren Central 36 48 Arlington 49 57 Cathedral 55 30 Park Tudor 39 27 Broad Ripple 38 51 Roncalli 35 33 Southport 30 43 Tech 38 67 City Tournament Cathedral 42 50 Northwest 43 42 North Central 44 43 Washington 57 68 Paoli 45 52 Manual 40 52 Lawrence North 47 43 Chatard Scecina Cathedral 88 Scoreboards Boys ' Freshman Basketball (9 wins — 8 losses) Howe Opp Creston 37 35 Arlington 47 52 Brebeuf 38 32 Scecina 45 34 Perry Meridian 40 37 Southport 68 37 Manual 45 1 37 Lawrence Central 33 35 Washington (forfeit) 2 Roncalli 43 41 Cathedral 31 32 Stonybrook 39 40 Broad Ripple 46 62 Chatard 41 34 Northwest 49 51 Tech 47 51 Girls ' Varsity Basketball (15 wins — 6 losses) Junior Varsity Volleyball (1 win — 13 losses) Girls ' Reserve Basketball (8 wins — 7 losses) Deaf School Varsity Southport Washington Manual North Central Lawrence Central Perry Meridian Ritter Bloomington Soi Broad Ripple Tech Arlington Northwest Warren Central Chatard Howe Opp 39 18 28 33 40 14 32 25 23 36 15 35 18 31 39 13 31 32 34 21 17 30 16 15 28 10 21 20 18 25 Freshman Football (5 wins — 3 losses) Scecina Chatard Tech Cathedral Arlington Broad Ripple Northwest Washington Howe Opp 12 29 6 20 20 12 6 29 22 32 42 20 32 Junior Varsity Football (7 wins — 2 losses) Scecina Chatard Tech (Forfeit) Cathedral Arlington Bd. Ripple Northwest Washington (Forfeit) Warren Central Howe 36 8 1 7 22 22 1 20 Opp. o 25 14 12 6 8 Arlington Manual Southport Washington Manual North Central Lawrence Central Scecina Tech Ritter Scecina Bloomington South Broad Ripple Tech Arlington Northwest Chatard Warren Central Roncalli Beech Grove Franklin Central ' Howe 55 58 68 78 46 56 61 51 51 48 51 45 65 46 49 81 63 55 45 83 47 Varsity Baseball (8 wins — 13 losses) Broad Ripple Warren Central Franklin Central Lawrence Central North Central Tech Scecina Washington Washington Ritter Ritter Arlington » City Cathedral Chatard Cathedral North Central Ben Davis Attucks Roncalli Manual Lawrence North Howe 17 2 1 5 2 8 5 6 6 7 3 4 3 1 10 11 O 1 8 Boys Tennis (5 wins — 10 losses) Ritter Washington Chatard Roncalli Northwest Manual Scecina Arlington Hamilton S.E. Cathedral Southport Tech Beech Grove Broad Ripple ctional-Scecina Howe 3 5 O 1 4 5 5 O 1 Opp. 34 35 30 31 47 53 41 30 59 61 30 50 35 45 37 41 41 56 43 40 54 Opp. 2 7 4 10 11 7 O 7 5 6 4 4 6 18 4 11 9 22 5 2 9 Opp. 2 O 5 5 4 1 5 O 5 5 5 5 4 5 Howe Opp. Howe Opp. Howe Opp. Lawrence Central 10 16 7 15 Northwest 15 4 15 7 Lutheran H.S. 15 3 13 15 13 15 Lawrence North 2 16 12 15 Ritter H.S, 7 15 15 Washington 15 14 16 Cathedral 11 15 1 15 Scecina 1 15 10 15 Greenwood 1 15 4 15 Arlington 13 15 15 9 9 15 Broad Ripple 12 15 11 15 Scecina 5 15 2 15 Tech 16 14 15 17 10 15 Junior Varsity Volleyball ..... . (1 win — 13 losses) Howe Opp. Howe Opp. Howe Opp. Lawrence Central 10 15 7 15 Northwest 15 4 15 7 Lutheran H.S. 15 3 13 15 13 15 Lawrence North 2 15 12 15 Ritter H.S. 7 15 15 Washington 15 14 16 Cathedral 11 15 1 15 Scecina 1 15 10 15 Greenwood 1 15 4 15 Arlington 13 15 15 9 9 15 Broad Ripple 12 15 11 15 Scecina 5 15 2 15 Tech 16 14 15 17 10 15 Chatard 1 15 10 15 Varsity Girls Swimming (3 wins — 9 losses) Pike Greenfield Southport Beech Grove Speedway Roncalli s Washington Lawrence North Hamilton S.E. Tech Perry Meridian Deaf School Howe Opp 22 135 31 128 39 125 31 124 81 90 75 69 73 71 46 120 61 85 76 81 71 112 84 21 Scecina Beech Grove Broad Ripple Arlington Avon Manual Bloomington N. ISB Whiteland Avon Tech Beech Grove Shenandoah Broad Ripple Arlington Avon Manual Bloomington N. Scecina Whiteland Junior Varsity Wrestling (4 wins — 6 losses) Howe Opp. 24 48 42 45 48 30 36 34 33 36 42 15 48 27 24 45 24 30 36 39 Varsity Wrestling (3 wins — 7 losses) Howe Opp. 30 42 8 53 39 36 33 42 30 34 18 49 48 17 37 23 24 48 27 42 Scoreboards 89 Howe ' s School JfT Spirit h School spirit at Howe is hard to measure. To some, such as Audra West, " There ' s slightly above average school spirit. " To others, like Angel Vie, " We ' re slowly improving. " Still others believe we have no school spirit at all. One thing is certain, there seems to be more class spirit than school spirit. " Everyone is always trying to prove that one class is better than another, " says Stephanie Moore. " We do have a little school spirit, but that depends on who ' s winning, " say Tracy Kult and Jenny Scott, " nobody wants to see a losing team. " Overall, this year ' s school spirit started off with a bang, with football season, and left with a whimper by the end of the year. Chad Burris Top Left: Howe students demonstrate school spirit dur- ing a pep session. Bottom left: Elena Corpuz and Beverly Guernsey look onto the field during a game. 90 Spirit Bottom center: Ericka Embry stands ready to do a cheer. Bottom right: The Howe crowds stand to cheer on the football team. Top right: Rewa McGinnis throws in the towel during a wrestling match. Spirit 91 Bottom Left: The basemen prepare to do the California wave in the North gym during a pep session. Top Left: A curious crowd waits to see which team wi make the 2 points. 92 Spirit Bottom Center: Four of the Howe Golden Gals and Mr. Top Right: The Howe crowd expresses their spirit by Ervln discuss errands they must run during the game. rooting for the Howe football team against Warren. Top Center Left: Jr. Varsity cheerleader, Amy Kincaid, Left Bottom: A nervous crowd sits patiently and awaits fixes her hair before she begins to cheer for Howe ' s Jr. the arrival of First Lady, Nancy Reagan. Varsity football team. Top Center Right: Boy cheerleader, Tom Stout stands cheering the Powder Puff game on. Spirit 93 Top left: Stephanie Moore, matmaid, copies the winners during a meet. Middle left: Crowd members enjoy themselves during the Howe Homecoming football game. Bottom left: Traci Collins and Hope Stroud await the results of months of practice as they begin a formation during Howe-Washington football game. Center left: Varsity cheerleaders in action during a home football game. 94 Spirit Center right: Varsity cheerleaders cheer very loudly and happily during a football game held in the Samuel T. Kelley stadium. Top Right: Sherri Ochs, junior, does a good luck cheer for the person shooting for the free throw. Bottom right: Male cheerleaders cheer as the crowd waits to see which team will win the Freshman, Junior- Sophomore, Senior Powderpuff football game. Spirit 95 1 ■ " jfc L 1 MmV M MM " mWMW mli. ■ MMht Mt mMMMMMm ffS H !L 5 Top Left: Dana Kees begins the game with a high jump. Top Center: Hope Stroud has the spirit cheering the fans on. Bottom Left: Angel Vie cheers at a home game. Bottom Center: Cheerleaders and basemen stand at at- tention for the national anthem. 96 Spirit Top Right: The fans enjoying the basketball game in the Howe gym. Bottom Right: Joanna Impola gathers her strength to cheer for the Hornets. Spirit 97 Top Left: A group of Howe students hoop and holler for the class chants at a pep session. Bottom Left: Kelli Earl participates in spirit day around Christmas. Bottom Right: Lora Smith whips up school spirit at the sophomore float during homecoming. 98 Spirit Bottom Center: Mr. Finkbiner and Mr. Spears discuss the scoring for wrestling. Top Right: Cheerleaders Dana Kees and Chris Anderson begin to form a pyramid during a cheer. Bottom Right: Rose Rogers and Cathy Goldsberry sit in the stands awaiting a basketball game. Spirit 99 Center left: Freshmen cheerleaders cheer on the Howe Hornets freshman football team. Bottom left: Dana Kees holds a ' V for victory. 100 Spirit Bottom left center: Matmaids and wrestlers roll up the Bottom Right Center: Angie Moore is ready to throw the mats after a wrestling match. towel while she watches a wrestling meet. Center: Matmaids are doing their very best at hospitality. Bottom Right: Howe ' s hornet gives a buzz across the football fields. Spirit 101 Golden Gals Front: Vickie Deal, Michelle Weinke. Mid- dle: Connie Swartsell, Stephanie Moore, Stacey Robinson, Kim Walton. Back: Rewa McGinn is, Stacey Winana, Ven- ise Williams, Amy Kiefner, Ann Hickman. Mat Maids Front: Amy Sommers, Sharon Paschal, Kim Walton, Stephanie Klutey, Michelle Farmer, Angie Moore. Middle: Vickie Deal, Sarah Foltz, Dallene Harpold, Connie Swartsell, Amanda Slaughter, Tobi Oliphant, Kelly Alex- iou, Joan Davis. Back: Kristine Fisher, Stephanie Moore, Rewa McGinnis, Stacy Winans. Michelle Weinke and Kim Walton laugh at a humorous incident that happened on the field. 102 Spirit Connie Swartsell takes a break from all the work and decides to watch the wrestlers. The cheerleaders from powder puff football pose for a picture after the game. Howe students gather together for a pep rally. Spirit 103 From the Freshman year to Senior year, ideas, people, and lives grow. Howe has 50 years of prosperity and change established. Life styles and traditions have also undergone tran- sition; however, the idea " Howe done is well done " had and always will echo through the minds of the five decades of students who have attended and graduated from Howe High School. Vickie Deal 104 Album 4 bum 705 Class of 1988 David Adams Eric Alexander Kelly Alexiou Christopher Anderson Amy Ayers Remona Banks David Bear Melissa Beasley Teresa Berry Keith Blazek Michele Blizzard Brian Boyd William Bratcher Leandra Brattain Scott Brooks Anthony Brown Grover Browning Virginia Buchanan Michael Buffington Deandra Bullock Aaron Burks Heather Byer Ramon Carrera Debbie Catt Bryan Clark 106 Seniors Going Out In Style David Adams Eric Alexander Kelly Alexiou Christopher Anderson Amy Ayers Remona Banks David Bear Melissa Beasley Teresa Berry Keith Blazek Michele Blizzard Brian Boyd William Bratcher Leandra Brattain Scott Brooks Anthony Brown Grover Browning Virginia Buchanan Michael Buffington Deandra Bullock Aaron Burks Heather Byer Ramon Carrera Debbie Catt Bryan Clark Seniors 107 William Clark Tammy Cline Joseph Collins Vince Collins Shannon Comstock Curtis Copeland Connie Couch David Craig Cassandra Crown Kristine Cunningham Damon Davis Jerome Davis Joan Davis Latonya Davis Thomas Deeter Brian Dodson Lavonzella Donigan Tammy Douglas John Edmond Sherry Edwards Erika Embry Ann Farmer Kimberly Faryna Bonnie Faublon Greg Felts Andrea Fishburn Debra Fisher Brian Fowler Jill Frederickson Cynthia Freed 108 Seniors William Clark Tammy Cline Joseph Collins Vince Collins Shannon Comstock Curtis Copeland Connie Couch David Craig Cassandra Crown Kristine Cunningham Damon Davis Jerome Davis Joan Davis Latonya Davis Thomas Deeter Brian Dodson Lavonzella Donigan Tammy Douglas John Edmond Sherry Edwards Erika Embry Ann Farmer Kimberly Faryna Bonnie Faublon Greg Felts Andrea Fishburn Debra Fisher Brian Fowler Jill Frederickson Cynthia Freed Seniors 1 09 Lisa Freemont Shana Golden Cathy Goldsberry Dax Gonzales David Grider Tammy Griffo David Guthrie Melissa Hamblen Janet Hammpmtree Yalanda Harley 1W Seniors Lisa Freemont Shana Golden Cathy Goldsberry Dax Gonzales David Grider Tammy Griffo David Guthrie Melissa Hamblen Janet Hammpmtree Yalanda Harley Middle: Joanna Impola shows the value of hard work to get through her senior year. Top: Jeffery Sherfick is studying hard for a senior exami- nation. Seniors 1 1 1 Neiko Hendricks Sonya Hix Alicia Holland Tim Holmes Shawn Hughes Don Huntsinger C. Hyde Joanna Impola William Irons Carolyn Jacobs Natish Johnson Steve Johnson David Jones Richard Judd Gene Kanouse Rodney Kates Nicole Kearney Dana Kees Amy Kincaid Dane Kramer Joshua Lane Scott Lashley Terry Lashley Russell Lawrence Michael Lewis Tonya Lewis Jason Lisby Carol Lobb Becky Long Shron Lott 1 12 Seniors Neiko Hendricks Sonya Hix Alicia Holland Tim Holmes Shawn Hughes Don Huntsinger C. Hyde Joanna Impola William Irons Carolyn Jacobs Natish Johnson Steve Johnson David Jones Richard Judd Gene Kanouse Rodney Kates Nicole Kearney Dana Kees Amy Kincaid Dane Kramer Joshua Lane Scott Lashley Terry Lashley Russell Lawrence Michael Lewis Tonya Lewis Jason Lisby Carol Lobb Becky Long Shron Lott Seniors 11 3 Top: Amy Kincaid, Erica Emry and Heather Byer are watching practice. Right: Students listen to the teacher and take notes in English class. Far Right: Dawn Wratten finds something amusing about the screen of the computer. Alan Lough Robert Lowe David Maddrill Kimberly Maher Roderick Marcum Lori Marshall Deborah Martin Josh Martin Connie McAllister Brian McDonald Raetta McGee Keli McMillin Kevin McNeely Ginger McQueen Rhonda Meullen Kathy Miley Amy Miller Justine Miller Rhonda Minks Molly Mocco 1 14 Seniors Lori Marshall Deborah Martin Josh Martin Connie McAllister Brian McDonald Raetta McGee Keli McMillin Kevin McNeely Ginger McQueen Rhonda Meullen Kathy Miley Amy Miller Justine Miller Rhonda Minks Molly Mocco Seniors 1 15 Kevin Moore Jeanetta Morris Amy Morton Sean Morton Louis Mozingo James Myers Nichols Harland Cherisse Parker Pamela Parks Jeff Parmelee Jeff Pennington Bruce Pickens Niciole Pickens Ty Pittman Curtis Powers Elizabeth Purvis Dewayne Reed Leann Riddell Sari Rivinen John Robinson Stacey Robinson Rose Rogers Jane Russell Pamela Schaefer Kelly Schweitzer Edwin Scott Susie Seifert Jerry Sherfick Anthony Sholar Matthew Silvers 116 Seniors Kevin Moore Jeanetta Morris Amy Morton Sean Morton Louis Mozingo James Myers Nichols Harland Cherisse Parker Pamela Parks Jeff Parmelee Jeff Pennington Bruce Pickens Niciole Pickens Ty Pittman Curtis Powers Elizabeth Purvis Dewayne Reed Leann Riddell Sari Rivinen John Robinson Stacey Robinson Rose Rogers Jane Russell Pamela Schaefer Kelly Schweitzer Edwin Scott Susie Seifert Jerry Sherfick Anthony Sholar Matthew Silvers Seniors 1 17 Jamie Tucher Victoria Wallace Diana Walters Steve Ward Anthony Washington 118 Seniors Far Left: David Craig lifts weights in his conditioning Top: Tonya Lewis works with the sewing machine in the class. home economics department. Center: City class officers Daniel Stewart, Heather Byrd, Kelly Schweitzer, Amy Kincaid, and Latonya Davis listen to their speaker. Keith Small Kenneth Smith Michael Smith Daniel Stewart Hope Stroud Cassandra Thomas Arthur Thompson Julie Thompson Ron Tingler Michael Tom Jamie Tucher Victoria Wallace Diana Walters Steve Ward Anthony Washington Seniors 1 19 Senior Officers: James Combs, Danny Stewart, Bruce Pickins, Latonya Davis, Amy Kincaid, Heather Byer, Kelly Schweitzer and Debra Fisher, seated. Wanda Washington Krisunee Watkins Tom Watt Michelle Weinke Jeffrey Wessell Joseph Whitney Madonna Williams Timothy Williamson David Wilson Jennifer Wilson Michelle Wilson Evelyn Winslow Sabrina Wortham Christy Wright Walter Wright Mark Wynalda Angila Wynn Jason Zaphiriou Jimmy Zollner 120 Seniors Seniors Bruce Pickins and Debra Fisher suggest ideas in the senior class officer ' s meetings. Wanda Washington Krisunee Watkins Tom Watt Michelle Weinke Jeffrey Wessell Joseph Whitney Madonna Williams Timothy Williamson David Wilson Jennifer Wilson Michelle Wilson Evelyn Winslow Sabrina Wortham Christy Wright Walter Wright Mark Wynalda Angila Wynn Jason Zaphiriou Jimmy Zollner Seniors 121 Students and Faculty Combine Talents to put on a Dickens of a Show " Bah humbug! " rang through the audito- rium in early December as the senior spon- sored play, A Christmas Carol, was presented. The famous Charles Dickens tale of Ebenezer Scrooge had a new twist as students, teachers and administrators breathed life into the char- acters. While the major roles were performed by students, some of the faculty stole scenes in their minor parts. Guy Booher led the audience through a fog- gy London as Charles Dickens, the narrator. Billy Johnson portrayed a remarkably nasty Scrooge. Scott Schoen was a sympathetic Bob Cratchit, while Emily, his sharp-tongued wife, was played by Kathy Miley. Evelyn Wins- low, Bruce Pickens, Joe Jones and Jamaine Walker played multiple parts. The ghost of Christmas past was performed by Monica Mertz. Melinda Baker played the ghost of Christmas present, and Dale Kinney was the spectre from the future. The faculty was represented in this classic tale of Christmas ghosts by Bruce Beck, John Ervin, Patricia Aman, Warren Dressier, Pat Kuhn, Mary Dewitz and Thomas Lewis. And, as Tiny Tim observed, " God bless them, every one. " Top Left: Scott Schoen helps Bruce Beck get ready for his role as the Portly Gentleman. Bottom Left: The Ghost of Christmas Past played by Moni- ca Mertz comes to Haunt Scrooge. Bottom Center: Tiny Tim ' s father (Scott Schoen) asks Scrooge (Eugene Johnson) for some money to help Tiny Tim. I I 122 Senior Play Middle Left: Clara Wlnslow as Felicity Chenable and Mi- chael Shelton as Fred Chenable visit their Uncle Scrooge. Top Right: Guy Booher plays the Narrator. Bottom Right: Joe Jones plays the Ghost of Marley. Senior Play 123 " Opportunities Never End " The O.N.E. theme is not merely a theme. It is so much more. O.N.E. of course focuses on the opportunities here at Howe, but it also is related to our Student Council and all of us as individuals. This year, I ' ve witnessed so many exciting opportunities for Howe ' s student Council. When I look back at the past nine months, I ' m overwhelmed at what we ' ve accomplished. We ' ve pulled off approximately sixty dynamic projects, many of which had never been tack- led before. On top of that, we ' ve highlighted the 50th Anniversary with special events. So many members were new this year — yet look at what we ' ve done. We can be serious at times, yet we know how to have fun, too. We ' re not just great. We ' re outstanding. We have seized so many lingering opportunities and made them into exciting successes. We ' re not just a top Howe Student Council, or even a top student council in the state of Indiana. We ' re one of the best in the United States. Student Council, however, is more than just successful projects. It ' s responding to chal- lenges, fulfilling expectations, listening to ideas. It ' s believing in others, and more impor- tantly, believing in yourself. Being yourself and being able to express your feelings is a very admirable strength. It is when we love ourselves that we realize that no goal is too high, no dream is too impossible. Life has endless opportunities just waiting to be grabbed hold of. Amy Hornback Student Council President Student Council. Above: 1st Row: Traci Collins, Vickie Deal, Matt Wilson, Tracy Denton, Matt Silvers. 2nd Rom: Jenny Fines, Denise Slayback, Amy Hornback, Karlisa Scott, Betsy Deeter. 3rd Row: Billy Lego, Roselyn De- Casto, Kristin Woodard. 4th Row: Danielle Gregory, An- gie Wills, Shelley Oberholtzer, Jennifer Moher, Debra Wi- ley, Pam Schaefer, Mike Wynne, Staci Collins, Rhonda Cosby, Michelle Armstrong, Charles Mason. 5th Row: Kim Hamilton, Anita Enz, Anna West, Jeff Engle. 6th Row: Jennifer Bridges, Angie Smith, Lora Smith, Keith Trinkle, Curtis Combs, Stephanie Moore, Clara Winslow. 7th Row: Scott Schoen, Robert Lowe, Eric Alexander, Patricia Aman, Jason Bundy. Top Left: Principal, Frank Tout and Student Council Presi- Top Center: Pat Aman, advisor and half mom to most dent. Amy Hornback, accompany each other before the council members, explain the rules and regulations for the Nancy Reagan assembly. oddessy. Bottom Center: During the Student Council insatallation Bottom Right: O.N.E. (Opportunities Never End), had a the officers and class representatives pledge their services successful impact on the people who attended the od- to Howe High School. dessy. Top Right: Roselyn DeCastro sits and waits for the games to begin! Underclass Angelia Abel 89 Anthony Abel 89 Richard Acton ' 91 Albert Adams ' 91 Angela Adams ' 90 Jason Aleksa ' 91 Jon Aleksa ' 90 James Alexander ' 91 Odie Alexander ' 89 Dawn Allen 90 Sherman Allen ' 90 Thomas Allen ' 90 Shannon Alston ' 90 Laquita Alsum ' 91 Jennifer Angela David Kevin Matthew Napoleon Randy Amonette ' 91 Anderson ' 89 Anderson ' 89 Anderson ' 91 Anderson ' 90 Anderson ' 90 Anderson ' 90 William Anderson ' 91 Corey Andrews ' 89 Lashauna Angel ' 91 Eric Arbogast ' 8 Tiffiani Archey ' 89 Connie Armour ' 91 Priscilla Armour ' 91 Michelle Armstrong ' 89 Stacie Armstrong ' 91 Susan Arnett ' 90 Keiona Arnold ' 91 Latasha Ashby ' 89 Timothy Ashby ' 89 Mark Atchley ' 91 Pamela Atchley ' 89 Robin At nip ' 91 Michael Aynes ' 91 Jeffrey Babbs 89 Joni Baker ' 89 Michelle Ball 91 Shawn Ball 89 Marquita Banks ' 91 Larry Barnes ' 89 Angie Bartlett 90 Tina Basham ' 90 Darian Batemon ' 91 Joseph Bates ' 90 Leslie Baxter 90 Mike Bell 89 Tyrone Bell 90 Brian Bellamy ' 89 Jacqueline Benner ' 91 Sonia Bennett ' 90 Mellondie Benson ' 89 Duane Bentley ' 91 1 26 Underclass Eric Berg ' 90 Stephen Berry 90 Kimberly Berwanger ' 90 Tammy Bibles ' 90 Christy Biddle ' 91 Jesse Biddle ' 89 Jennifer Bieler ' 89 Starr Biggs 91 Michael Billingsley 89 Jimmy Binkley ' 89 Stacey Bishop ' 89 Shalonda Black ' 91 Angela Blackwell 89 Payton Blackwell 90 Teresa Blazek ' 89 Betty Bloomer 91 Shonice Board ' 91 Kristina Boardman ' 90 Betsy Bohlen 91 Anthony Booker ' 91 John Boozer ' 89 Cheryl Borders ' 90 Angela Boulware ' 90 Stephanie Bowen ' 91 Rhonda Bowman ' 90 Michelle Boyd ' 91 Reuben Boyd ' 89 Schonda Boyd ' 89 Willie Boyd 90 Penny Brackin ' 91 Nicol Bradberry ' 90 Contessa Bradford ' 91 Denise Bragg ' 89 Joseph Bramblett ' 90 Matthew Branden ' 90 Above: On the incline bench, junior Chris Cl ark lifts the weight with much relief and enthusiasm. Left: Nicole White, Dawn Thompson, and Angelia Abel- check out each other ' s papers during chemistry class. Underclass 127 Darla Branham ' 89 Michael Brattain 91 Demetria Bray 90 Kurt Bredensteiner ' 89 Jennifer Bridges ' 89 James Briggs ' 89 Matthew Britt 90 Anthony Brooks ' 89 Bryan Brooks ' 89 Marty Bross ' 89 Jainean Brown ' 90 Janie Brown ' 89 Jennifer Brown ' 90 John Brown ' 89 Judy Brown ' 89 Michael Brown ' 89 Nicole Brown ' 91 Rita Brown ' 89 Tracy Brown ' 91 Vernon Brown ' 91 James Bruce ' 89 Keith Bruce ' 90 Robert Brunke 91 Allison Bruveris ' 90 Anna Bryan ' 91 Dawnella Bryant ' 90 Jerry Bryant ' 91 Timothy Bryant ' 89 Galen Buckner ' 90 Bonnie Bullens ' 90 Angela Bullock 90 Jason Bundy ' 91 Brian Burgess ' 91 William Burgess ' 91 Raymond Burke ' 91 John Burkhart 91 Cynthia Burmeister ' 89 Rodney Burns ' 90 Chad Burris ' 90 Jeremy Burris ' 91 Rachel Burris ' 91 John Burton ' 91 Christopher Butterfield ' 90 Jessica Byrd ' 90 Michelle Cade ' 91 Tameka Caldwell ' 91 Crystal Campbell 89 Martti Campbell ' 90 Christy Cantrell ' 91 Debra Capshaw ' 89 Cory Carleton ' 89 Toby Carleton 91 Elizabeth Carnes ' 91 John Carr 91 Margo Carr ' 91 Tyrone Carr ' 89 Daryl Carter ' 90 Melissa Carter ' 91 Marc Cary 89 Jeff Cash 91 Tina Caudill 91 Andrew Chambers ' 90 Kelli Chandler ' 91 128 Underclass Fadale Cheshier ' 90 Traci Childress ' 89 Rose Childs ' 91 Shelley Chilton ' 89 Christopher Clark ' 89 Shelley Clark ' 90 Donald Clay ' 91 Kathleen Clegg 90 Anjan ette Clement ' 89 Tiwanna Clemmons ' 89 Melissa Cline ' 89 Richard Cline ' 91 Henry Clouse ' 90 Jason Clouse ' 90 Chrisney Cobb ' 91 Kathy Cobb 91 Frank Cockrell ' 90 Donald Coe 89 Douglas Coe ' 91 Timothy Coe ' 90 Lawrence Coffee ' 90 Adrina Cole 89 John Cole 90 Yolonda Cole 91 Deidra Collins 91 Juanita Collins ' 91 Kimberly Collins 90 Staci Collins ' 89 Traci Collins ' 89 Kenneth Collins ' 91 Noel Collis 91 Curtis Combs ' 90 Darrick Conley ' 90 Lori Conner ' 89 Keith Conrad 91 Amy Cook 91 James Coomer ' 90 Lisa Cooper ' 89 Sonya Cooper ' 89 Michael Corey ' 89 Timothy Corey ' 89 Peter Cornette ' 89 Elena Corpuz ' 89 Carrie Cosby ' 91 Laryetta Cosby ' 91 Rhonda Cosby ' 89 Larry Cosner ' 89 Lisa Cotter man ' 91 Kevin Couch ' 91 Philip Covington ' 90 Patricia Cowin ' 90 Bradley Cox 90 Jason Cox 91 Rhonda Cox 91 Todd Cox 89 Kristi Coyle ' 91 Larry Craig ' 91 Marcie Cravens ' 90 Shem Crawley ' 89 Angela Cromer ' 90 Kimberly Cross ' 90 Roderick Crouch ' 90 Rutha Crutchfield 91 Underclass 129 Rita Cruz ' 90 Michael Cunningham ' 91 Angelia Cupp ' 89 Russell Currin ' 90 Joe Daily 89 Leah Daniels ' 90 Jason Davey ' 91 Clifton Davidson ' 90 Katina Davidson ' 91 Antonio Davis ' 90 Carin Davis ' 90 Francita Davis ' 90 James Davis ' 89 Katrina Davis ' 89 Keith Davis ' 90 Lisa Davis ' 89 Regina Davis ' 91 Steve Davis ' 89 Tonya Davis ' 90 Yvette Davis ' 89 Charles Day ' 91 Above: German students Louis Mozingo and Jennifer Fines are amused by something in a magazine instructor Dan Stanley is showing them. Upper right: Howe space science students listen atten- tively as Lt. Bryan R. Copes of. the Shelbyville National Guard detachment explains the principles of helicopter flight. 130 Underclass i H f 1 I 1 Wi 1 Yt« ■■ •■; 3 Tracy Denton ' 89 Melinda Depew ' 90 David Depp ' 90 James DeSalme ' 89 Darren Dickerson ' 91 Bryan Dismuke ' 90 Elisha Dixon ' 91 Mary Dixon ' 89 Andre Donaldson ' 91 James Donigan ' 90 Fannie Dorris ' 90 Veronica Douglas ' 91 Lashonda Downs ' 91 Danion duBoulay ' 89 Shaun Duke ' 91 Christopher Duncan ' 90 Kelli Dunkley ' 91 Delilah Dunn 89 Denise Dunn ' 90 Laura Dyer ' 89 Kelli Earl ' 91 Shell, Earl ' 91 Angela Eaton 89 Amaryllis Edmonds ' 90 Damon Edmonds ' 89 Carmen Edwards ' 91 Kris Edwards ' 90 Wendy Edy ' 89 Brian Ehlers ' 89 Darrell Elam ' 90 Crystal Eldridge ' 90 Shannon Elkins ' 90 Bonita Ellis 91 Barbara Embry ' 89 Jennifer Endsley ' 89 Jeff Engle ' 89 Anita Enz ' 91 Jeanmarie Eubanks ' 89 Barry Evans ' 89 Tracy Evans ' 91 Angie Ewell ' 90 Ed Farley ' 91 April Farmer ' 91 Michele Farmer ' 91 Stacy Faryna ' 90 Charlene Ferrell ' 89 Heath Fields ' 91 Janice Fields ' 90 Bridget Findlay ' 90 Jennifer Fines ' 89 Shannon Finley ' 89 William Finley ' 90 Anthony Fisher ' 91 Ellen Fisher 90 Kristine Fisher ' 90 Harvey Fitts 90 Shannon Fitzgerald ' 90 David Flagg 91 Shannon Flanary ' 90 Shelly Flanigan 90 Sherry Flanigan ' 90 Tryphena Fletcher ' 91 Michael Flowers ' 91 « « ■ Emery Flynn ' 89 Jennifer Flynn ' 90 Sarah Foltz ' 89 Cindy Foster ' 90 Daniel Foster ' 91 Ricky Foster ' 89 Vernessa Foster ' 90 Amanda Franklin ' 89 Kristy Freemont ' 89 Thomas Freitag ' 90 Tina French ' 90 Deborah Friddle ' 90 Cherie Frye ' 91 Ryan Fulton ' 89 Theresa Furnish ' 91 Aaron Futrell 90 Jenny Futrell ' 91 Devon Gaines ' 90 Geiovonnia Galloway ' 91 Shelley Galyan 90 Shawntez Gant 89 Shonie Gant ' 89 David Gardner ' 91 Sherlonda Garrett ' 91 Robin Gatewood ' 90 Chad Gilbert ' 91 Teresa Gilbert ' 90 Amanda Gillum ' 91 D. J. Givan ' 89 Andrew Glasoe ' 91 William Golden 89 Michael Gomez ' 89 Kellreth Goodall 90 David Goodman ' 90 Karen Goodnight ' 91 William Goodnight 91 Ranee Goodwin ' 90 Johnny Gordon ' 89 Julius Gordon ' 91 Michael Gorman ' 90 Jake Gorton ' 89 Keith Gough 90 James Graff ' 91 Jeffry Graham 90 Monica Graham ' 91 Tonda Graham ' 90 Angela Grant ' 91 Jacqueline Graves ' 90 Archie Gray ' 90 David Gray ' 89 Lisa Gray 89 Theresa Gray ' 89 Jeremy Green ' 89 Kristy Green ' 91 Adam Gregory ' 91 Danielle Gregory ' 89 Eric Gregory ' 91 Michael Gregory ' 90 Kenyada Griffin ' 91 Victor Grisby ' 90 Amy Grismore ' 91 Kelly Grismore 89 Sonya Grooms ' 89 132 Underclass Michael Gross ' 90 Beverly Guernsey ' 89 David Gut 91 James Hadley ' 89 Tina Haines ' 91 Melinda Hale 89 Chelsi Hall ' 91 Joanna Hall 89 Darlene Halliburton ' 91 Mary Hamby ' 89 Kimberly Hamilton ' 89 Brian Hammond ' 91 Christopher Hampton ' 89 Nathaniel Hampton ' 91 Deborah Hanna ' 91 Roger Harden ' 91 Wes Hardin ' 90 Gary Hardy 89 Jennifer Hardy ' 90 Cheryl Harmon 89 Dale Harper 90 Milissa Harper ' 90 Russell Harpold ' 89 Richard Harrell 91 Christa Harris " 89 Christopher Harris ' 89 Michael Harris ' 91 Tracy Harris ' 91 Gijuana Harrison ' 89 Rona Hart ' 90 Jeffrey Hartley ' 90 Laura Hartsock ' 89 Rebecca Harvey ' 91 Shannon Harvey ' 90 Katrina Hatcher 91 Foronda Hatter ' 90 Jeniky Hatton ' 91 Linda Havvard ' 89 Christina Hayden ' 90 Timothy Hayes ' 89 Lori Heizer ' 89 Shawn Helton 91 Rona Henderson ' 91 Tina Henslee ' 90 Amanda Hensley ' 91 Rosemarie Herald ' 90 April Hewlett 90 Elizabeth Hickman ' 90 Candy Hicks 90 Edward Hicks ' 90 Shane Hicks 90 Tia Hicks 91 Chris Hill 89 Jody Hill ' 91 Latasha Hill 90 Patrick Hill 90 Melissa Hillenburg ' 90 Perry Hilliard 89 Phillip Hi n ton ' 89 Joanna Hiser ' 91 Keith Hobbs 91 Shannon Hoff ' 89 Troy Hogue ' 90 Underclass 133 Kenneth Holland ' 89 ■ Alvin Holliday 89 Jermanne Holmes ' 90 Noel Holmes ' 91 Prince Holmes ' 89 Jennifer Holton ' 89 Amy Hornback ' 89 Keith Hornsby ' 90 Crystal Horswill ' 91 Jeff Houpt ' 89 Christine House ' 89 Bertina Howard ' 90 Greg Howe ' 89 Shawn Huckleby 90 Dana Huddleston ' 91 Everett Hudson ' 91 Kavin Hudson ' 91 Terrance Huggins ' 91 Carrie Huggler ' 89 Brett Hughes 90 Michael Hughes ' 90 Melisa Humphries ' 91 Michelle Humphries ' 89 Michael Hunt 89 Brad Hunter ' 91 Dawn Huntsinger ' 91 Kimberly Hums ' 91 Gregory Hurt ' 90 Linda Hutcherson ' 90 Brian Hynds ' 90 Stacey Ingels ' 89 Latonya Ingram ' 89 Terrance Ireland ' 89 Chris Irvin ' 91 Lee Ishman ' 91 Veronica Ivy ' 90 Marita Jackson ' 91 Michelle Jackson ' 90 Thomas Jackson ' 89 Troy Jackson ' 9 1 Angela Jacobs ' 89 Danny Jacobs ' 89 Tonya Jagoe ' 90 Shawna James ' 91 Chris Jarrett ' 90 Jacqueline Jefferson ' 90 Sheryle Jefferson ' 91 T onya Jefferson ' 91 Lavette Jenkins ' 89 Raynette Jenkins ' 90 Zora Jenkins ' 89 William Jenson ' 89 Lloyd Jessee ' 89 Kimberly Jewell ' 91 Daniel Johnson ' 90 Alonzo Johnson ' 89 Anthony Johnson ' 89 Cary Johnson ' 89 Charles Johnson ' 90 Chris Johnson ' 91 David Johnson ' 90 Derrick Johnson ' 91 Eugene Johnson ' 89 134 Underclass Oscar Journey ' 90 Mark Judd ' 90 Angela Judkins ' 91 Melissa Kates ' 89 Darrel Keith 90 John Keller 91 Annette Kelley ' 89 Teresa Kelley 89 Lorrie Kennedy ' 89 Peggy Ketchem ' 91 Shannon Ketchem ' 89 James Kidd 89 Angela Kid well ' 89 Amy Kiefner ' 89 Underclass 135 Simon e Kilbourn ' 89 Robin Killebrew ' 91 Josh Kimmell ' 89 Brian Kimsey ' 91 Jeremy Kincaid ' 89 Candy King ' 89 James King ' 89 Susan King ' 89 David Kingery ' 89 Dale Kinney ' 91 Warren Kinney ' 91 April Kissee ' 89 Christina Klave ' 90 Stephanie Klutey ' 90 Larry Knapp ' 90 Jason Knight ' 90 Sheryle Knight ' 90 Jerry Knowles ' 91 Stephanie Koehler ' 90 Tamatha Koehler ' 89 Tracy Kord ' 91 Tessa Kosegi ' 91 Tracy Kult ' 91 Melody Lacey ' 89 Lolena Lacy ' 91 Tanisha Lacy ' 89 Michelle Ladd 90 Julie LaFollette 90 Julie Laing ' 90 Cary Lamantia ' 91 Lemar Lampkins ' 91 Angela Landers ' 91 Amber Lane ' 89 Andrew Lane ' 91 Tammie Largent ' 90 Katherine Lashley ' 91 Melissa Lawmaster ' 89 Jeff Lawrence ' 91 Lisa Lawson ' 89 Steven Leach ' 89 Joshua Leadingham ' 90 Kenneth Leavell ' 90 Scott Ledgerwood ' 90 Shaneca Lee ' 90 William Lego ' 89 Carie LeMasters ' 89 Michell Leslie ' 90 Sandra Leslie ' 89 Roger Lesure ' 90 Const ance Lewis ' 91 Gale Lewis ' 90 Keith Lewis ' 90 Tawana Lewis ' 90 David Liford 89 Krista Liford ' 89 Gary Light 89 Brian Ligon ' 90 Hyacinth Lilly 89 Paul Lilly 90 Sonya Lindner ' 91 Kevin Lindsey ' 90 Amanda Linville ' 90 Crystal Lisenbee ' 91 136 Underclass £3 fs W Shannon Lively ' 90 Brant Logan ' 91 Johanna Loge ' 90 Evalena Loman ' 89 Kellie Long ' 89 Ronald Long ' 91 Susan Long ' 89 Paula Lovins ' 90 Glema Lowder ' 91 Robyn Lucas ' 90 Tonya Luna ' 90 Dale Lyons ' 89 Trade Maciotok ' 91 Jennifer Ma her ' 91 Denise Majors ' 90 Rodney Mallory ' 90 Jacintha Malone ' 91 Joyce Malone ' 91 Matthew Mandel ' 89 Robert Mann ' 90 Regina Maples ' 90 Jeffery Marble 89 Adam Mar com ' 90 Tracy Marcum ' 90 David Marsh ' 89 Marcie Marshall ' 90 Toni Marshall ' 91 Dion Marshino ' 89 Crystal Martin ' 90 David Martin 89 Jason Martin ' 90 Kowalski Martin ' 90 Matthew Martin ' 89 Michael Martin ' 90 Michael Martin ' 91 Michael Martin ' 9 1 Robert Martin ' 90 Tonya Martin ' 91 Charles Mason ' 91 Nicole Mason ' 91 Bernard Mattingly ' 91 David Mattingly 89 Amy Maxberry ' 89 Michelle Maxey ' 91 Christopher Maxieson ' 89 Ricky May ' 90 George Maynard ' 90 Chester McAfee ' 89 Robert McBurnie ' 91 Marlena McCants ' 91 Tamica McCary ' 91 Cheryl McClain ' 91 William McClara 90 Stacey McClary 89 Earl McCloud 90 John McCloud 9 1 Sharon McCoy ' 90 Michelle McCul lough ' 91 Howard McCurdy ' 89 Leonard McCurdy ' 90 David McDonald 91 Ryan McDonald ' 91 Shavette McDonald ' 91 Underclass 137 Marian McDowell ' 90 Gary McFarland ' 89 Carlos McGee ' 91 Fred McGee ' 89 Rewa McGinnis ' 90 Carl McGinty ' 89 Chris McGowan ' 91 Idris McGraw ' 91 Brandy McKinney ' 91 Charles McKinney ' 90 Larissa McLain ' 89 Yolanda Mcneal ' 90 Garnet McNeely ' 91 Darvina McVea ' 89 Jason Meek ' 91 John Melton ' 90 Sheridan Melton ' 91 Sharon Merriweather ' 91 Monica Mertz ' 89 Timothy Messenger ' 90 Leslie Meyer ' 89 Carla Middlebrook ' 89 Waymon Miles ' 90 Andre Miller ' 90 Anna Miller ' 90 James Miller ' 90 Reginald Miller ' 91 Kathy Mills 91 Michael Mills 90 Rebecca Mills ' 91 Charles Milner ' 91 Alan Milum 90 Jennifer Mitchell ' 91 John Moenius ' 90 Shawn Molin 89 Above: Sophomore Chris Stuck pays attention while his math teacher explains a problem on the board. Right: Kelly Grismore, Amy Grismore, and Carlotta Rus- sell diligently type to complete the five-minute writing assignments given at the beginning of class. 138 Underclass Kimberly Monfreda ' 91 Dorsey Montgomery ' 91 Rechelle Montgomery ' 90 Wendy Moody ' 91 Charles Moore ' 90 Jason Moore ' 91 Marcus Moore ' 90 Mary Moore ' 89 Mary Moore ' 91 Michelle Moore ' 91 Sidney Moore ' 91 Stephanie Moore ' 89 Trade Moore ' 90 Vincent Moore ' 89 Kim Moran ' 91 Roger Moran ' 90 Christopher Morris ' 90 Jerry Morris ' 91 Monica Morris ' 89 Rosalyn Morton ' 91 Edward Muir ' 9 1 Elisa Muir ' 89 Tamer a Murphy ' 90 Bobby Murrell 91 Demetrica Murrell ' 89 Lavonne Murrell ' 91 Danny Myers ' 90 Daron Myers ' 91 Donnie Napier ' 91 Hollie Napier 90 Sean Naue ' 91 Richard Neal 89 Douglas Newman ' 90 Matthew Niehoff ' 91 Charles Nixon ' 91 Derrick Nixon ' 89 Douglas Noel ' 91 Robert Noel 91 Robert Norris ' 91 Desert Novak ' 90 Marlinda Nunley ' 90 Stacey Nutter ' 90 Jacqueline O ' Brien ' 91 Robert O ' Brien ' 89 Aaron O ' Connor ' 89 Shelley Oberholtzer 90 Sherri Ochs ' 89 Gregory Odom ' 91 Pamela Odom ' 91 Dayna Offutt 90 Tobi Oliphant 89 Darrin Orr ' 89 Michelle Orr ' 91 Katrine Owens ' 90 Shawna Owens ' 91 Jason Padgett ' 91 Rakesha Paige ' 91 Adam Parker " 90 Dawn Parker ' 90 Donald Parker 89 Gregory Parker ' 90 Johnny Parker ' 91 Brian Partin ' 89 Underclass 139 Aimee Partlow ' 91 Amber Partlow 90 Sharon Paschal ' 89 Dharmendra Patel ' 89 Allies Patterson ' 91 Raymond Patterson ' 90 Rebecca Paul ' 90 Lisa Pavey ' 90 Dion Payne ' 90 Lanetta Payne ' 90 Laura Payton ' 91 Steven Peoples ' 89 Christina Peppers ' 91 Sheila Perry 89 Shirley Perry ' 91 Jason Pershing ' 89 Ay anna P erson ' 90 Beverly Pettigrew ' 91 Julia Pettigrew ' 89 Kelly Phillips 89 William Picot ' 90 Gary Piersall ' 91 Dustin Pierson ' 91 Sherri Pierson ' 90 Kirk Pinkston ' 91 Shawna Pinner ' 91 Judith Pittman ' 89 Mark Plunkitt ' 89 Stacy Poindexter ' 90 Christian Polston ' 90 Chantele Porter ' 90 Crystal Porter ' 91 James Porter ' 89 Jeffery Porter ' 90 Larrita Porter ' 91 Roger Porter ' 89 Stacie Porter ' 89 Donna Potts 89 Anthony Powell ' 89 Crystal Powell ' 90 Tracy Powers ' 90 Pamela Prather 89 Tammy Pratt ' 90 Ava Price ' 90 Denise Price ' 91 Jessie Price ' 89 Lisa Price ' 90 Shelia Price ' 91 Tracy Pridemore ' 91 Paul Pritchard ' 91 Sherie Proctor 91 Steven Proctor 90 Angela Prosser ' 89 Adrienne Pruett ' 90 Chriscynithi Pryor ' 90 Jeffery Pryor 89 Michael Quick 89 Cindy Quilter 91 Crystal Ratliff 91 Angela Rau ' 89 Mark Ray 91 Katina Raymer ' 91 Schlunda Reed 90 140 Underclass £ ■9 ' " ' ' ' Mw ■Rn Yolanda Reed 90 Natasha Reedus ' 91 Nicole Reedus 89 Aaron Reel ' 91 Jeffrey Reidy ' 90 Luis Relford 91 Angela Resnover ' 91 Gary Rettig ' 89 Gena Reynolds ' 91 Georgia Reynolds ' 91 Jewell Rhoades ' 9 1 Kimberly Rich 89 Latoya Richardson ' 91 Jody Richie ' 91 Antonio Richmond ' 90 Melissa Rimel 89 Teresa Rivers ' 90 Dennis Roberts ' 91 Kevin Roberts ' 91 Kimberly Roberts ' 89 Lee Roberts ' 91 Rick Roberts ' 90 William Roberts ' 89 Antonio Robertson ' 89 Gwendolyn Robertson ' 90 Tammy Robertson ' 90 Jennifer Robinson ' 89 Lester Robinson ' 90 Carl Rogers ' 9 1 Geanene Rogers ' 89 Patricia Rogers ' 91 Paula Rogers ' 89 Brian Roland ' 90 Aimee Rosales ' 89 Shawna Roth ' 90 William Rozell 90 Michael Rushton ' 89 Donald Rusie ' 90 Andrea Russell ' 90 Carlotta Russell ' 90 Herman Russell ' 91 Richard Rutledge ' 90 Toni Ryan 89 Cynthiea Saloh ' 91 Donald Salyers ' 90 Andrea Sanders ' 91 Chad Sanders ' 91 David Sanders ' 90 Mary Sanders ' 91 William Sanders ' 91 Tracy Sandlin ' 89 Jaime Savage ' 90 Edward Scales ' 91 Brian Schaefer ' 91 Jason Schlarb ' 90 Scott Schoen ' 89 Sue Schultheis 89 Alida Schumpert ' 89 Michael Schwedler ' 90 Elizabeth Scott ' 91 Jason Scott ' 89 Jennifer Scott ' 91 Kendra Scott ' 91 Underclass 141 Mario Scott ' 89 Meachun Scott ' 89 Shuron Scott ' 89 Terrell Scott 91 Paul Scruggs ' 89 Kim Seabolt ' 89 Robert Seel ' 90 Candy Seeley ' 90 Paula Sexson ' 91 Darlene Sharer ' 91 Dawn Shelly 90 Donald Shelton ' 91 Stewart Shelton " 89 Paul Shepherd 90 Dennis Sherfick 89 Derrick Sherrill ' 90 Paul Shipp 91 Tammy Shue ' 91 Duane Simmons ' 90 Dwight Simmons ' 89 John Simmons ' 91 Michael Sinnott ' 89 Sean Sinnott " 91 Jeffery Skaggs ' 91 Charles Skipwith ' 90 Amanda Slaughter ' 91 Denise Slay back ' 90 Ronnie Slay ton ' 90 Tracy Sledge 89 Tatasha Sloan ' 91 Andre Smith ' 91 Angela Smith " 89 Anthony Smith ' 89 Anthony Smith 91 Bobby Smith ' 91 Christina Smith ' 91 Christopher Smith ' 90 Dana Smith 89 Danny Smith ' 91 Ernest Smith ' 91 Harold Smith 91 Hubert Smith 90 Jerome Smith ' 90 Katherine Smith ' 91 Kimberly K. Smith 90 Kimberly M. Smith 90 Leslie Smith ' 89 Lisa Smith 89 Lisa Smith ' 91 Lor a Smith 90 Lori Smith 89 Renee Smith ' 91 Sarah Smith ' 90 Tamiko Smith ' 90 Timothy Smith 89 Troy Smith ' 90 Urlanda Smith 90 Michelle Snow " 90 Nichol Snyder 90 Christina Solly 89 Alejandro Soto ' 90 Kevin Spargur ' 91 Brenda Sparks ' 89 142 Underclass Gerald Sparks ' 91 Kathryn Spears ' 89 James Spicer ' 90 Greg Spratt 91 Brian Spurrier ' 89 DeeAnn Squires ' 90 Amanda St. Lawrence ' 89 Fonda Stagnolia ' 90 Katrice Stansberry ' 90 Scott Staten 90 Scott Steiner ' 91 Mark Stephan ' 91 Lorena Stephens ' 90 Melinda Stephens ' 91 Craig Stephenson ' 89 Aaron Stepp ' 91 Brandon Stewart ' 89 Charles Stewart ' 91 Eric Stewart ' 90 Jessica Stinson ' 90 Sharon Stinson ' 91 James Stipanovic ' 89 Virginia Stoddard ' 90 Jeffrey Stone ' 89 Richard Storm ' 89 Wendie Storm 91 Darrell Stout ' 90 Thomas Stout ' 90 Jacinda Stover ' 90 Jessica Streif 89 Gloria Strode ' 89 Angela Stubbs ' 90 Christopher Stuck ' 90 Roy Sublett " 89 Cassandra Suiter ' 89 Above: Freshman Sayla Young proofreads her paper before turning it in. Left: Shawna Roth and Jessica Stinson pay close atten- tion while trying to answer the teacher ' s questions. Underclass 1 43 Upper right: Business teacher Yvonne Perry, instructs junior Jennifer Endsley on the word processor. Lower left: Concentrating on getting her homework done, junior Debra Capshaw makes good use of class time. Lower right: Some Hornet fans find action on the field exciting while others find conversation more interesting. Leslie Sulgrove ' 90 Michael Sulzberger 91 Robert Sumpter ' 90 Stephen Sutherland ' 91 Evan Sutton ' 89 Rudonna Sutton ' 89 Connie Swartsell ' 89 Dodie Swords ' 89 Mitchell Tandy 89 Alan Taylor ' 91 Chitique Taylor ' 91 Damon Taylor ' 90 Dennis Taylor ' 89 Jeff Taylor 89 Mary Taylor ' 90 Melvin Taylor ' 89 Neikolyn Taylor ' 90 Terry Taylor ' 90 Vickie Taylor ' 90 Tammie Teague ' 91 Leonard Terry ' 90 Tamara Terry 91 Tina Tetrick ' 90 Damon Tewell ' 91 Ai ' dis Thomas ' 91 Ann Thomas ' 89 Doretta Thomas ' 89 Lajuana Thomas ' 90 144 Underclass Michelle Thomas ' 91 Scott Thomas ' 91 Anna Thompson ' 90 Brian Thompson ' 89 Dawn Thompson ' 89 Derrick Thompson ' 91 Kenneth Thompson ' 91 Stephanie Thompson ' 90 Walter Thompson ' 90 Christopher Thornton ' 90 Marcel Thruston ' 91 Nicholas Tides ' 89 Susie Tides ' 90 Kathleen Tiernan ' 90 Kenneth Todd ' 89 Eugene Toles ' 89 Jennifer Tolin ' 91 Tracy Tolin ' 91 Trisha Tolin ' 91 Michael Tom ' 90 Hegina Trent ' 89 Larry Trimble ' 91 Keith Trinkle ' 91 Michael Tucher ' 91 Jessica Turk ' 91 George Turner ' 91 Janet Turner ' 90 Sheila Turner ' 89 Ken Turpin ' 91 Anthony Tyson ' 90 Monty Uhls ' 89 Stephanie Vaal ' 89 Tameica Vaden ' 90 Ernest Valentine ' 90 David VanSell ' 91 Keith Vaughn ' 91 Danielle Vertner ' 91 Valerie Vespo ' 89 Angela Vie 90 Bennie Wagers ' 91 Gregory Walden ' 91 Charlene Walker 91 Christina Walker ' 89 Douglas Walker 91 Jamaine Walker ' 89 John Walker ' 89 Larry Walker 90 Lathee Walker 91 Marianne Walker ' 90 Donald Wallace 90 Eugene Wallace ' 91 Jimmy Wallace ' 91 Stacy Wallace ' 91 Gerald Walls ' 90 Alex Walters ' 90 Kim Walton 89 Larry Walton 91 Shawnita Walton ' 91 Patricia Wand ' 90 Karen Ward ' 89 Thomas Warren ' 90 Arthur Watkins ' 90 Sonya Watson ' 91 Underclass 145 Tameka Watson ' 89 William Watson 90 Amy Watt ' 90 Brian Watts ' 91 Sylvia Watts 90 Michelle Weaver ' 89 Angel ita Webb ' 89 Donald Webb ' 91 Jason Webster ' 89 Amy Weidner ' 91 John Weidner 90 James Weinke ' 91 Scott Weinke ' 91 James Welch 89 John Wells ' 90 Miles Wendell 91 Anna West ' 89 Christopher Whaley ' 91 Sandra Wheeler 90 Tina Whitaker ' 89 Aminata White ' 91 Eric Jeremy Michael Nicole Rodney Shawn Steven White ' 90 White ' 90 White ' 89 White 89 White 89 White 91 White ' 90 Allan Whited 90 Debra Wiley 91 Aaron Williams ' 91 Andre Williams ' 89 Christopher Williams ' 91 Gordon Williams ' 89 Harold Williams 89 Joseph Williams ' 90 Maria Williams 89 Vernise Williams ' 89 Angela Willis ' 91 Felicia Willis ' 91 Kimberly Willis ' 89 Richard Willoughby 91 David Wilson 91 Derrick Wilson ' 91 Howard Wilson ' 91 Jennifer Wilson ' 91 Juan Wilson 90 Lionell Wilson 90 Matt Wilson ' 90 Michael Wilson 91 Robyn Wilson ' 91 Shonna Wilson ' 91 Stacy Winans ' 89 Dina Winfrey 89 Cathy Winn 91 Vickie Winship ' 89 Clara Winslow ' 91 Anthony Wise ' 90 Paul Woempner ' 90 Kristin Woodard ' 91 Tony Wooden ' 91 Kathy Woods 89 Ronald Woods ' 90 146 Underclass Demetrius Woodson ' 91 Allen Worth ' 91 James Worth ' 89 Scott Worth 89 James Wright ' 91 Kevin Wright ' 89 Stephanie Wright ' 91 Dawn Wynne ' 89 Michael Wynne ' 91 Crystal Yancey ' 91 John Yanich ' 89 Tanya Yates ' 91 Dawn Yeary ' 91 Deborah York 89 Top: Anticipating the football team ' s next move. Rewa McGinnis and Adrienne Pruett await the play. Above: Rosie Deal, Clara Winslow, Tia Hicks, and Jack- ie O ' Brien show differing moods during a football game. Left: Kevin Spargur and Douglas Coe help each other on an assignment. Underclass 147 STAFF Frank Tout Bruce Beck Madora Walker Bea Adams Christina Allen Patricia Aman James Arvin Mattie Ballow Mary Bancroft Deborah Bareford Richard Beck Margaret Benson Robert Berry Ann Boyntony Robert Bramblett Louis Bray Larry Brown William Buckley Sharon Budd Deanna Byrd 148 Staff Theresa Calhan Treva Carroll Audrey Corne Burnel Coulon Top Left: Mr. Jessup and Mr. Ervin are having a delightful conversation during a basketball game. Bottom Left: Mr. Shelton points at one of his cartoon characters. Top Right: Mrs. Aman smiles at a student while explain- ing the typing assignment. Bottom Right: Mrs. Bancroft is reading a story from Adventures in Reading during English. Staff 71 49 Mary DeWitz Dale Dinkens Warren Dressier Doris Duncan Top Left: Mrs. Keaton demonstrates a chemistry equa- Top Right: Mrs. George prepares to play a French album tion on the board. for one of her French classes. Bottom Left: Mrs. Wilson grades papers during class. Bottom Right: Mrs. Duncan sits at her desk and works on one of her many Craft Design projects. 150 Staff Robert Edward Yenkatachalapa Ellur Curt Ervin John Ervin Ron Finkbiner Carolyn Freeman Rita Gaither Jody George Phillip Greenwood Irvin Haas Jr. Hall Dallene Harpold Richard Harpold Edward Hasse Shirley Hembd Robert Huggins Ronald Ireland Tim Jessup DeWam Johnson Barbara Jones Evelyn Keaton James Komann Patricia Kuhn Shirley Lee Staff 151 Jo Anna Leffler Thomas Lewis Leone Little Frank Loll James Lynch Elizabeth Marcam Vicki Martich Virginia McClellen Charles McGinley Penelope McNeish Leona McPerson William Morris Tina Nichols Judy Ooley Gary Patton Yvonne Perry Charles Pirtle Alvice Pervis Nancy Ratner Priscilla Repass Martin Sam Lola Sargent Nancy Scott Felecia Shelby 152 Staff Greg Shelton Esther Shipp Jatinder Singh John Skene Below Left: Mr. Walters glances up at the camera while grading papers. Center Left: Mr. Pirtle watches over one of his art classes. Bottom Left: Mrs. Singh explains an English assignment to student Rosie Herald. Top Right: Mrs. Kuhn, AP English teacher, relaxes at her desk while looking over the students ' papers. Bottom Right: Mr. Ervm is resting his legs by sitting on a cart. Staff 153 David Smartz Shirley Smith William Smith Errol Spears PIMIfi -t is! •! n »«c« Bottom Left: After school, Mrs. Walker stands and watches students leave the building. Top Left: Ms. Hembd relaxes during her break. Bottom Right: Mrs. Smith smiles prettily for the camera during one of her English classes. Top Right: Mr. Stanley finds one of his French students humorous. 7 54 Staff David Stahly Dan Stanley David Stewart Leigh Stokes Phyllis Thomas James Thompson Thomas Totten Frances Valentine Joe Vespo Joseph Vollmer Charles Walter Roxy Watson Bettie Webb Wayne Wellington Randy Wemple Mary Wills Sandra Williams Sandra Wiseman Betty Woods James Yarber Arretia Young Staff 155 A Tradition Continues, New Outlooks Evolve 50 years of traditions and ancestry has add- ed the spark of gold to the life of Howe High School. The 1987-88 school year ended the first half-century with enjoyable memories and great successes that will last in the memories of the students and faculty for many years to come. It also begins the next 50 years with new ideas and outlooks. This year will undoub- tably go down in history as the year with a touch of gold. Top left: Senior Eric Alexander now knows what it feels like to be the top. During the Leadership Odyssey. Center left: All of these stickers stand for the accom- plishments achieved during a football game! This year ' s football team strived to meet each goal and did the best in 20 years. Bottom left: Opportunities Never End was exactly the attitude of this year ' s staff and students as they took every chance to make the 50th year special. Top center: One of the main attractions this year was the visit of Mrs. Nancy Reagan. She spoke on how Drug Abuse is a definite problem in our high schools. unWE 156 Closing Closing 157 Top left: Marley ' s ghost, played by Joe Jones, surprises Left center: English department head John Ervin plays Scrooge, played by Billy Johnson, in the senior play. Fezziwig in the senior play. Bottom left: Howe graduate, Steve Swinford, who at- Top center: Vice-Principals Bruce Beck and Madora tends Marian College, was the Leadership Odyssey ' s Walker wait patiently with Principal Frank Tout before guest speaker this year. Nancy Reagan arrives. m mWi vs:;-y;Kiffi 158 Closing Closing 159 Top Left: Many Tisdale Team buttons sprouted on stu- dents this spring as the first lady prepared to visit Howe. Bottom Left: Before the big event Nancy Reagan talks with Jim Arvin and Wayman Tisdale about the procedures. Center: " Farewell is such sweet sorrow " could express the feeling of many of the students touched by the First Lady ' s speech. 160 Closing Closing 161 1938-1988 The half century since the opening of Howe High School has seen any number of changes. Perhaps the best way to illus- trate the changes is through popular cul- ture. Clark Gable was the heart throb of many females in 1938. Tom Cruise is the heart throb of many woman today. Kate Smith was a popular singer in 1 938, a " big " talent in every sense of the word. Slender Whitney Houston is the 1988 counterpart of Kate Smith. In 1938 teens swooned and fainted over Frank Sinatra ' s songs. Michael Jackson ' s hits keep teens rock- ing in the 1980 ' s. WHtm t). ' :, ;::-v .-; ' rt; r KVj 162 Time Capsule ®Watt Disney Company W.C. Fields had Grandma and Grandpa rolling in the aisles in 1938. The raw humor of Eddie Murphy appeals to the generation of today. The number one female box office draw in 1938 was Shirley Temple. Oscar winner Cher is a top draw at the box office in 1988. Top movie of the year in 1 938 was Walt Disney ' s " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. ' ' The number one movie in 1 988 was Dis- ney ' s " Who Framed Roger Rabbit. " Bottom Left: Hilltopper staff — Front Row — Vickie Deal, Crystal Campbell, Dawn Bryant. Second Row — Renita Moore, Angie Moore, Wanda Washington, Chad Burris, Cory Carleton. Top: — Marti Campbell. Top Left: Doing the index isn ' t always the best part of the job as Dawn Bryant finds out. 166 Hilltopper Hilltopper Cheerful, confident and lots of charisma de- scribes the staff of " 88 " . The " team " had no problem getting along with each other, nor did they have a problem knowing that they were making a book of memories for Howe stu- dents. A lot of ideas flowed through each staff member ' s brain for the 50th anniversary year- book celebration. Thus came the title, A Touch of Gold. After the other ideas were written down, the work began on the yearbook that should be the most cherished to many stu- dents and faculty members. When you look over this yearbook, remem- ber you ' re going to the school with the golden Hornet touch. Crystal Campbell The Hilltopper is in a state of transition. Although the 1988 book did not get out on time, a virtually new staff and advisor have picked up the pieces of this giant puzzle, and what you see is the result. Without dwelling on the problems of the past, the new team has met an enormous and overwhelming challenge. Great satisfaction was felt by all as page after page was complet- ed and shipped out. Everything was new and exciting for the staff as we started to learn the problems, the terminology, and the pride of piecing together a yearbook at breakneck speed. We were thrilled that almost everyone at Howe helped us when we asked them to. To the coaches, the club sponsors, the office workers, the teachers, and the students that we pestered unmercifully, we say thanks. And for any problems or errors in the book, it was probably those other guys . . . Top Center: Sophomore staff member Marti Campbell concentrates for just the right words to put in her ROTC copy. Bottom Center: A veteran staff member, Crystal Camp- bell, makes " class " balloons during the 50th homecoming festival. Left: Cheryl Harmon, one of our photographers, shows the action caught in these football pictures after they were developed. 1 989 Staff Front Row: Audra West, Denise Price, Jenni- fer Hardy, Crystal Campbell. Second Row: Chad Burris, Lisa Zoeller, David Johnson. Third Row: Kris Fisher, Dale Kinney, Nicole Bradberry. Hilltopper 167 Staff of " 88 " Staff of " 89 " Editor-in-Chief Vickie Deal Managing Editor Crystal Campbell General Staff Dawn Bryant Chad Burris Marti Campbell Cory Carelton Cheryl Harmon Angie Moore Renita Moore Wanda Washington Photographers Chad Burris Cheryl Harmon Adviser E. Dale Dinkens Editor-in- Chief Crystal Campbell General Staff Nicol Bradberry Chad Burris Kristine Fisher Jennifer Hardy David Johnson Dale Kinney June Lamitinia Denise Price Audra West Nicole White Lisa Zoeller Adviser Greg Shelton Principal Frank Tout Credits Printed by Herff Jones Yearbooks . . . Portraits by Prestige The Hilltopper staff wished to extend a special thanks to the following people who gave spe- cial help in yearbook production: Howe stu- dent Danielle Gregory for interview, Mr. Larry Glaze and Phyllis Kempf of Herff Jones Year- books, Prestige Photographers, and all others not mentioned above. To the Staff of yearbook. ' 89 " for finishing the " 88 " 168 Credits 9

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