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ii e- . ' . " c. iJ? - ' " T 1969 HILLTOPPER Thomas Carr Howe High School Indianapolis, Indiana Volume 28 If The Tower MM Iff Ml Ml lilHi 111 lii Ij Could Talk About Howe If the Tower could talk it would explain that in 1937 a new school was erected in Irvington, a short distance from the former Butler University campus. In honor of a previous president of the University, the building was named Thomas Carr Howe High School. When school opened in Septem- ber of 1938, Mr. Charles M. Sharp, the first principal, greeted 450 stu- dents and 16 teachers. When school opened in September of 1968, Mr. Thomas S. Stirling, who became principal in 1959, welcomed 2367 students and 126 teachers. Tower Observes Changes During School ' s History First year home economics students measure hems for their first school project. Physical education classes take advantage of the nice weather for outside activity. Looking inside to the classrooms of Howe, the Tower could speak of the many changes that have taken place in different departments of the school. Until 1940, the Foreign Language Department was part of the English Department. When Howe opened, the library contained only one book, Webster ' s Dictionary; the English Department offered three courses; and the Science Department in- cluded only biology and general science. Nearly thirteen thousand books are now housed in the library; many advanced courses are offered. Junior Mike Carter observes the artistic tech- nique of Mr. William Cunningham. mmiMmtiMmm ,M-Mi Mr. Thomas Stirling and Linda Johnson ex- hibit his paintings to the hunnanities class. Vice-principal Mr. Charles Ruschhaupt assists )oe Snodgrass and Dick Wood in the presenta- tion of a P. A. announcement. Students publicize activities during the homeroom period. Cadets and their dates enjoy a few minutes of quiet conversation at the Military Ball. Adult chaperone serves refreshments to junior boys and their dates at the Junior Prom. Junior Betty Rennard smiles happily after being crowned Football Homecoming Queen. Activities Keep Hornets At School After Classes As the faithful guardian of Howe, the Tower has watched over all its activities and functions since it came into being. If it could talk of student activities, perhaps the first thing it would explain is why its clock never keeps good time. It might also tell of one of the many senior messages that have been hung from its height. The Tower might recall the nu- merous dances and homecomings it has viewed from its strategic position above Howe. Whether a student be involved in decorating the goal posts for a football game, or serving punch at a school dance, one can be sure that the Tower is aware of all Howe " happenings. " Never does it cease its watchfulness. Private Dave Hankins serves punch to a fellow R.O.T.C. cadet at their Ball. Varsity and reserve cheerleaders decorate the goal post for a football game. Mrs. Patricia Alexander, yearbook sponsor, greets Howeites at the " Brown and Gold. " 7 Year-Round Athletics Encourage School Spirit Athletics have kept the Tower on its toes from the very beginning. Cross-country, basketball and track began in the 1939-40 seasons; foot- ball in 1943; baseball in 1948; golf in 1941; tennis in 1955; and wres- tling in 1957. While the G.A.A. has participated in Play Days for many years, the Girls Gymnastic Team formed last year, was the first organized com- petitive girls ' team. Boys and girls have brought honor to themselves and to Howe in both inter-school competition and intra- mural contests. Tim Smith practices to perfect a serve. Gymnastic team members Syndie Cherry, MariKn Duhamell, and karia Pannell practice the free exercise maneuvers that they perform v ith piano accompaniment. Capacity crowds fill the Hornet stadium to witness the football team in action. Clubs Prove Vital Asset To Classroom Learning Revelers member Norman McClain portrays Benedick in the play " Get Thee a Wife. " Cadet Captains Patti Dulin and Thomas Holman inspect Phillip Hill and Delbert Taylor prior to classroom review. Many service, interest, and hon- orary organizations have operated under the scrutiny and care of Howe ' s Tower. Numerous students participated in service projects this year. The Lettermen ' s Club took tickets at basketball games; the Student Council sponsored several after- game sock and shoe hops; and members of NHS spent many hours tutoring classmates. Other students strived to be eligible for membership in honorary organizations, includi ng Thespians, French and Spanish Honor So- cieties and Quill and Scroll. Several interest groups con- cerned with subjects ranging from homemaking to outer space were also active at Howe this year. Drum Major Gary Hill leads the band in parades and half-time shows. 10 Wfc: qTifsifeis; »ii- ife- wit.-- R.O.T.C. honor guard line up for inspection by Major Marks, U.S. 5th Army. Hornet Honess Captain and Squad Leaders are Veronika Hanneman, Paula Barnes. Julia Alexander, and Carolyn Ta lor. Underclassmen Fill Years With Fun, Concentration Freshman Dan Groene assists classmate Kathleen Hart with her book selection. Enthusiastic Howeites cheer as the footbal team scores a touchdown. Thousands of underclassmen have passed beneath Howe ' s Tower. For most their four years of study have passed very quickly. Frightened freshmen have even- tually found their way through the maze of halls and classrooms. Soph- omores have gradually acquired confidence as well as class rings. Juniors seem intent only on be- coming seniors. As the Tower has welcomed new- comers in the past, so will it con- tinue in the future. Sophomore English students listen attentive- ly as their teacher lectures. Junior Karen Oberlies enjoys the peaceful surroundings of the Hornet campus. During the homeroom period each morning, announcements are given over the P. A. After freshman homeroom business is attended to by Mr. John Ervin and Mrs. Sharon Kocpper, students use extra time to improve their grades or just to relax. 13 Senior Kathy Patrick admires an emblem on Larry Miller ' s letter sweater. Karen Petri and Don Britton, seniors, enjoy a brief conversation between classes. Soon-to-be-graduated seniors listen attentively to the philosophy of a fellow classmate as she delivers one of four traditional student addresses given at commencement. 14 Commencement Lingers In Minds Of Graduates In 1941 the Tower witnessed the graduation of the first senior class of Thomas Carr Howe High School. Since that time the Tower has ob- served many senior activities, in- cluding bicycle rides to school, the exclusive use of the Tower steps during senior week, and the annual senior play. Twenty-seven senior classes have participated in Vespers Services and have been graduated on Violet Hill. Blue, gold, and du- bonnet were the class colors se- lected in 1941. Five senior classes have chosen the colors of brown, gold, and light blue. Navy blue, light blue, and olive were picked as the class colors of 1969. Seniors bid the Tower adieu as they pass through its doors fol- lowing graduation ceremonies. Some never return again. Mr. Tom Totten super ises as senior G3r Throckmorton models the traditional mor- tarboard with the assistance ot classmates Charles Pettee and Kath Washburn. Gothic Tower Oversees Much Needed Additions One of the gymnasium entrances reveals the Gothic style used by Howe ' s designers. Part of the original Howe build- ing, the Tower has since witnessed the construction of five school additions. In 1940 the gym and locker rooms were added, a cafeteria was cre- ated in what is presently Room 17, and the first bookstore was opened in the current Senior Office. Con- struction of the R.O.T.C. rooms and the present bookstore was completed in 1955. In 1963 the cafeteria wing was built. It included a much needed auditorium, eight science labs, the science lecture room, and today ' s cafeteria. A long-awaited football stadium was added to Howe in 1965. Com- pleted this year, it contains class- rooms, locker rooms, rest-rooms and refreshment stand. A side-walk connecting the front walk and the parking lot was poured last spring. In the future the Tower will see play areas finished and possibly a new gym built. Today ' s building is only similar to the archi- tect ' s original design for Howe. Howe seems small and barren before the addition of the stadium and auditorium. The smoke- stack joins the Tower in its lonely vigil on a wintry day. M ' MteJr fferfe J ij«S,.,« 1 ,,vTO_«i «M i!i!iiiiBSSLmsiBa : when the stadium was added Howeites thought that construction was complete. This year ' s freshman class nearly doubled the senior roster. So, outgrown shops, physical education facilities, and library space wil soon force another addition. Nancy Bruner, senior, aids the To sers in- spection of the new front vsalk. After 25 years of witnessing all assembly programs, dramatic productions, and dances in the gym, Howe students now enjoy an auditorium seating 1500. 17 „« If The Tower Could Talk About Organizations . Organizations have changed as students ' interests have varied through the years. The Spanish Honor Society came into being last spring. In past years the Commer- cial Forum was replaced by the Fu- ture Business Leaders of America and the Girl Reserves, Girl Scouts, and Campfire Girls gave way to the Tri-Hi-Y group. Two parent groups, the P.T.A. and Men ' s 400 Club, are included in Hornet organizations. While interest is the only require- ment for most clubs, some have competitive try-outs, others have rigid initiation requirements. Hornet Honeys, ' Hill ' s ' Band Entertain BAND: first Row— Gary Hill. Second Row — Ron Spice, Jim Aldrich, Tom Boyd, Rick Dawson, Robert Lynch, Steve Lawrence, Karen Lawson, Marcia Stroud, Pam McKim, Ed Wahl. Third Row— Doug Shockley, Dick Balsbaugh, Harold Potter, Jerry Stockdale, Dan O ' Brien, Ron Heustis, Connie Canada, Annette Tepner, Bill Sturm, Becky Sigmond. fourth Row— Mark Ryan, Mark Hidinger, Carolyn Martin, Glen Jones, Rita Robbins, Dick Shadiow, Carol Trinkle, Bruce Stroud, Patti Dulin, Karen Petri. Fifth Row— Dan Pot- ter, Melanie Wells, Lucky Carmean, David Clark, Roger Tepner, Vicky Nicholson, Barry Ford, Bob Gott, Judy Ripeth, Darrell Arthur. Sixth Row— Phil Jern, Dave Utigard, Beth Walters, Stephanie Liddle, Doug Meyer, Dwight Meyer, Marjorie Coffin, Debbie Jones, Dave Sherron, Denise Hayes. Seventh Row — Armin Tepner, Martha Struck, Patti Nicholaus, Donna Statzell, B. J. Spice, Steve Caluza, Suzanne Pinkman, Perry Bourne, Linda Pickens, Chris Stalas. Eighth Row — Greg Alexander, Gary Walters, David Wolfe, Bruce Dobson, Philip Coffin, Jim Alender, Lisa Moore, Jane Stevenson, Janet Hyfield, Steve Messer. Not Pictured — John Ford, Pam Goidsberry. In a salute to Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass, the Marching Band and Hornet Honeys form a " flea " to the tune of " Spanish Flea. " 20 Howeites, Guests At All Home Games Providing the spirit at football games, the enthusiasm at pep ses- sions, and the dignified atmosphere at Federal inspection were only three of the many obligations of the Howe Band. Directed by Mr. Louis McEnderfer and Drum Major Gary Hill, the musicians added much to the activities. The Girls ' Drill Team marching under their new name, the " Hornet Honeys, " executed lively routines at various Howe extra-curricular events this year. They were re- named by freshman Philip Sherrill in a school-wide contest. Mrs. Ruth Mercer again spon- sored the girls ' organization with the aid of Veronika Hannemann, team captain. For the first time this year the Band and Honeys performed in- tricate maneuvers together. Such features as a sombrero, a Spanish flea, and a Tijuana taxi that belched exhaust challenged the groups and delighted the crowd. Mrs. Ruth Mercer and Mr. Louis McEnderfer discuss a detailed routine that the Hornet Honeys and the Band will perform. HORNET HONEYS: Front Row— Kathy Pat- rick, Debbie Derrington, Terri Jump, Sandy Hunt. Second Row — Becky Clingerman, Beverly Walker, Nancy Smith, Cheryl Walker. Third Row — Carol Higginbotham, Kathy Kir- lin, Carolyn Taylor, Paula Barnes, Veronika Hannemann, Julia Alexander, Sandy Dobbs, Mary Lau. Fourth Row — Terri Cross, Margaret Neal, Chris Worrell, Bonnie Botts, Donna Tou- mey, Pam Saba, Marcia West, Margaret Mar- tin, Martha Graves. Fifth Row — Kathv Pedrev, Alex Stalas, Mrs. Ruth Mercer, Debbie Breedlove, Sally Jensen. Sixth Row — Denise Page, Syndie Cherry, Laura Pence, Mary Jensen. Members of the Howe Band watch the action on the football field and cheer the Hornets to victory between numbers. 21 Sixty-Four Talented Musicians Form Juniors Roxanne Roberts, Annabelle Pollock and Concertmistress Kathy Garrett, members of the first violin section, pay close attention to Mr. Handley ' s directions. This year, for the first time, Howe ' s Orchestra wore formal uniforms during all of its appear- ances. Black full length skirts and white blouses for the girls and dark suits for the boys were chosen last spring by a committee of Orchestra members and Mr. William Handley, conductor. Beginning with the Senior Play in November, when Senior members of the Orchestra traditionally con- duct, the Orchestra played for many school and extra-curricular events during the year. The annual musical production. Senior Vesper Services and a Spring Concert for the Band and the Orchestra were some of the events participated in at Howe. A tour of near-by elementary schools and a Pops Concert on the Eastgate Mall were also included on the schedule for this busy group. ORCHESTRA: Front Row— Kathy Garrett, David Hagy, Beth Coughlin, Barb Hahn, Carol Higgini)otham, Carol Gardner, Sandy Garrett, David Thomas. Second Row — Ana- belle Pollock, Cynthia Larson, Jon Bernard, Don Shockney, Judy Gott, Roger Bailey, Pam McLeod, Jane Zander, Diane Carey, Dave Hartley, Kim Hughes. Third Row — Roxanne Roberts, Richard Brown, Vicki McArthur, Norma Smutz, Janet Dixon, Andrea Lamb, Chris Stalas, Pam McKim, Rita Robbins, Linda Pickens, Stephanie Liddle, Joyce Boyd, Carol 22 An Outstanding Orchestra Concentrating on their parts, members of the cello section contribute their important bass notes to the total sound of Howe ' s Orchestra. Mr. William Handley, director of the Or- chestra, emphasizes a change in tempo for the first violins. Mount, Melanie Hack, Roger McNeill. Fourth Row — Janice DeCoito, Steve Zylstra, Susan Higginbotham, Linda Showalter, Elizabeth Richardson, Jeff Flowers, Melanie Wells, Beth Walters, Carolyn Martin, Harold Potter, Don O ' Brien, Rick Dawson, Dan Potter, Mark Ryan, Ron Spice, Ed Wahl, Lisa Wood. Fifth Row — Donna Statzell, Lucky Carmean, Mr. William Handley, director, Harold Simmons, Mary Jenkins. Not Pictured — Jerry Stockdale, Ralph Wilson, Connie Canada, Bill Rutan. CHOIR: Front Row— Roxane Long, Marilyn Hurt, Marilyn Duhamell, Martha Graves, Mary Lau, Terri Cross, Carolyn Taylor, Alex Stalas, Sherri Thomas, Denise Page. Second Row — Chris Worrell, Margaret Neal, Julia Alexan- der, Kathy Van Buskirk, Cindy Larson, Diana Dininger, Joyce Cox, Lana McCarty, Kathy Henry. Third Row— Terri Poynter, Diane Kingery, Marcia Reasoner, Bethel Reed, Pam Saba, Linda Chapman, Diane Shockley, Mary Griffo, Rhonda Cazula, Paula Barnes. Fourth Row— Becky Morris, Mary Ring, Sally Rich- ardson, Karia Panneil, Ronnie Hannemann, Kathi Hancock, Brenda Cook, Bethany Ber- ger. Laurel Pope. Fifth Row — Steve Calla, Rex Thomas, Harold Potter, Bill Totten, Dennis McPherson, Gary Scott, Tom Boyd, Ron Spice, Jim Crews, Ken Evens, Steve Morgan, Bill Striby. Sixth Row — Steve Zylstra, Danny Alexander, Mark Watkins, Lenny Thornburg, Rob Albright, Kurt Loy, Tom Milburn, Dave Thomas, Rick Garsnett, Tom Walker, Seventh Row — Tom Evans, Dick Wood, Ralph Merkle, Wayne Evans, Jim DeMaster, Steve Apple- gate, Richard Price, David Hurt, Dave Edens, Steve Duhamell, Owen Ratcliff. Eighth Row- Pat Dugan, Danny Steen, Doug Dye, Dan Vermillion, Jim Adams, Gary Conway, Lenny Farmer, Dan Hartley, Tom Hamill, Jerry Anderson. Not Pictured — Terry Rowlett. MADRIGALS: Front Row— Martha Graves, Denise Page, Margaret Neal, Alex Stalas, Mary Lau. Secor7d Row — Terri Cross, KarIa Panneil, Sally Richardson, Nancy Smith, Kathi Hancock, Chris Worrell. Third Row — Ron Spice, Mark Watkins, Roger McNeill, David Hagy. Fourth Row — Harold Potter, Tom Milburn, Jerry Anderson, Dan Ve rmillion, Jerry Stockdale, Richard Brown. 24 Talented Groups Enliven Activities Howe ' s Choir, Madrigals, Girls ' Octet, and Boys ' Octet made up the major portion of the Music Depart- ment. As a group, the choir ex- hibited its skills on radio, in school, and on the downtown Circle during Christmas under the direction of Mr. Frank Watkins. Mr. Bob Bram- blett led the Madrigals, an elite group of twenty-one. Both Girls ' and Boys ' Octets gave live perform- ances for various organizations. Mr. Watkins and new teacher, Mr. Tom Lewis, conducted these groups. Mrs. Janet McNeill accompanied the groups and assisted all the di- rectors. Heading the list of activities were the musical and the Music Festival in the spring. OCTETS, Front Row — Alex Stalas, Demise Page, Sherry Thomas, Marcia Reasoner, Syndie Cherry, Karia Pannell, Bethany Ber- ger. Second Row — Ron Spice, Mark Watkins, Harold Potter, Dan Alexander, Chris Stone- braker, Dan Hartley, Doug Dye, Gary Conway. At Piano — Joyce Cox, Tom Evans, accompa- nists for the groups. Going over selections for their groups, Mr. Robert Bramblett and Mr. Thomas Lewis de- vote much time to Hornet vocalists. Dedicated to the study of music, Mr. Frank Watkins, Music Department head, directs a church choir in addition to his school duties. A friend to all, students and adults alike, he is affectionate- ly known as " Pop. " 25 Concert Club Girls Gain As director of the girls ' chorus classes, Mr. Robert Bramblett works to prepare the novice groups for advanced music. Fifty-eight girls made up this year ' s Concert Club. Most of the girls were picked from the girl ' s chorus classes. Being a member of Howe ' s choir is the ultimate goal of most Hornet vocalists. A wide variety of music was sung including Negro spirituals and modern-day pop music. Hard work was put into the improvement of their numbers. They met with their director, Mr. Frank Watkins, every day to reach the peak of perfec- tion. After this goal was achieved, the group performed here at Howe and at other places in the com- munity. They participated in the PRV and the Music Festival as school functions. At activities out- side of school they sang at neigh- boring churches and song festivals throughout Indianapolis. Claudette Greene timidly sings a solo in chorus class. She has eager hopes of be- coming a member of next year ' s Choralaires. Marcia Thomas displays her musical abilities by presenting a solo to her fellow students as Mrs. Janet McNeill accompanies. 26 Musical Knowledge, Prepare For Choir CONCERT CLUB: front Row— Sue Evans, Sharon Brinson, Diana Harlan, Laina Chap- man, Anita Brydon, Carol Christ, Barbara Bowen, Michelle Dobbs, Susie Perkins, Betty Rennard, Janet Dunn, Christine Dwire, Peggy White. Second Row — Sydney Rogers, Patty Fuehrer, Cathy Pedrey, Louise Whitehurst, Becky McClary, Theresa Scott, Paula Launer, Judy Hollenbaugh, Patricia Evans, Diana Maudlin, Peggy Becklehimer, Deborah Archer. Third Row — Linda Richardson, Ruth Ann Grever, Kathy Orr, Landa Alexander, Su- san Aldrich, Charlene Bass, Karen Grace, Margaret Martin, Kathy Hanes, Anita Powers, Sally Frick, Nancy DeFur, Cher l Walker. Fourth Row — Carol Black, Debbie Cassidy, Concetta Raimondi, Syndie Cherry, Lynn Boyd, Deborah Wynn, Kathryn Frisbie, Helen Hudson, Paula Dickenson, Susan Cox, Chris- tine Danforth, Christine Struck, Vicki Nichol- son, Susie Nichols. One of the primary performances of the Concert Club is to sing at Vespers during the week of commencement activities. 27 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Lita Blair, Mari- lyn Duhamell, Lee Ann Denham, Linda John- son, Karia Pannell, and Mary Ring. Together, these girls worked to improve good sports- manship and school spirit amongst Howeites attending all athletic events. Cheerleaders Help Spark Enthusiasm Visitors to athletic contests are greeted by Hornet Mascot Sherri Thomas. Cheerleaders salute the colors as they are presented during pre-game ceremonies. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS; front Row— Sue Evans, Susie Perkins, and Bobbie Bergdoll. Back Row — Betty Rennard, Patty Marendt, and Debbie Maudlin. Lee Denham ' s contagious enthusiasm helps boost Hornet spirit. Throughout Each Athletic Season Vivacious, athletic and spirited are just a few of the many words which can be used to describe this year ' s cheerleading squads. Last summer, seven of the varsity cheerleaders brought honor to Howe from Valparaiso ' s Cheer- leading Camp. Mary Ring, Marilyn Duhamell, Karia Pannell and Lee Denham won four first place rib- bons and one second place in their division. Three reserves, Betty Rennard, Debbie Maudlin and Susie Perkins also won four firsts and one second plus the spirit stick. This year ' s freshman squad dis- played their talents at varsity games as well as at their own. All squads combine their talents in directing the Booster Club, or- ganizing pep sessions and making spirit signs and tags. Defensive lineman Chuck Welcher crashes through the colorful " spirit sign ' . FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: front Rou — Pat Dentler, ickie Romeros, Shawn Whit- ridge. SacA, Row — Carol .Mount, Sherri Heft- ier and Vera Wall lead the largest class e er to a successful athletic season. During spring vacation Debbie Blackmon, Karen Boekankamp, Mrs. Patricia Alexander, Marcia Reasoner and Karla Kraeszig visited the American Yearbook Company in Hannibal, Mo. Hilltopper Each spring tryouts for the year- book staff are held. Applicants must draw up two spreads and write the copy and captions needed for the pages. The new staff ' s first assign- ment is to organize the Turnabout Twirl. Last summer Karla Kraeszig, edi- tor-in-chief, and Janet ' Cowgill at- tended a two-week workshop at Ball State University. Plans for this book were begun during a visit to the American Yearbook Company last spring. This year ' s " Brown and Gold " dance, sponsored by the staff, played host to 550 students and had a " Roaring Twenties " theme. Members of the yearbook staff happily take time from their hectic schedule to greet their friends with smiles and shouts as they pass to their fourth hour assignments. " Hideaway " hostesses Debbie Blackmon, Donna Reifeis and Karen Boekankamp tempt guests with giant dice and play money. Editors Margaret Pash and Karla Kraeszig discuss a few of the many problems that arise when working long hours to meet a fast-approaching deadline. 30 Staff Works Hard To Meet Deadlines V •; HILLTOPPER STAFF: ie f— Karia Kraeszig, Debbie Blackmon, Marcia Reasoner, Carol Higginbotham, Janet Cowgill, Jana Pritz, Patti Dulin, Susie Ohmit, Kathy Ohmit, Laura Reasoner, Dan McNew. Right — Margaret Pash, Dana Smith, Karen Boekan- kamp, Sharon Bnnson, Donna Reiteis, Terri Poynter, Chris Brandt, Laurel Pope, SalK Jensen, Jane Stephenson and Da e Baugh. One of the most miportant jobs on the ear- book staff is that of the photographer. Ste e Smith captures the professionals as the take underclassmen pictures on the stage. Paper Reports School Life Page Two Editor Jerry Stockdale checks an assignment sheet while Sally Richardson, News Bureau chief, types her story. TOWER STAFF: Front Row— Robert Fawver, Phil Coffin, Jerry Stockdale, Ram McKim, Dick Wood, Juana Quinones, Kathy Wash- burn, Kathy Denny, Roberta Skeiton, Sally The Howe Jovjer, Hornet news- paper published since 1939, was so named because the publication office was originally located in the Tower itself. As in the past this year ' s paper has reported current activities, pre- sented some editorial comments and added a bit of humor to the scholastic atmosphere. The 1967-68 editions received the National Scholastic Press As- sociation ' s First Class rating and an " A " rating from the National News- paper Service. Phyllis Hawkins, senior, was named editor. She was ably assisted by Pam McKim, managing editor, and Roberta Skeiton, Jerry Stock- dale, Mary Jane Freeland and Phil Coffin, page editors. Sally Richard- son was news bureau chief. (OVEMBEH 1968 1969 JANUARY 196 9 ' " " i G9 I ' Jr.JO .V» ' J ' ' • ' .» ' Phyllis Hawkins, Tower editor-in-chief, reviews coming activities for future publications while Pam McKim, managing editor, marks important dates on the calendar. Richardson, Denise Hayes. Back Row — Bar- bara Hahn, Liliana Quinones, Kathy Phelps, Ramona Murphy, Elaine Kretheotis, Rebecca Allseitz, Martha Struck, Mike Becher, Stephanie Liddle, Marjorie Coffin, Kathy Kalias, Gary Shirley, Nancy Bruner, Brenda Cook, Nellie Allseitz, John Easterdav, Char- lene Bass. Not pictured — Mary Freeland. QUILL AND SCROLL: Front Row— Barbara Dirks, Karia Kraeszig, Marcia Reasoner, Kathy Washburn, and Patti Dulin. Second Row — Karen Boekankamp, Margaret Pash, Carolyn Martin, Teresa Poynter, Kathi Han- cock and Brenda Cook. Not pictured — Pam McKim, Karen Oberlies and Juana Quinones. Literary Organizations Require Ingenuity Pen Points, Howe ' s literary maga- zine, was a result of the combined efforts of students and first year sponsor, Mrs. Patricia Alexander. This bi-annual booklet contained prose, poetry, and essays submit- ted by talented English pupils. Each May at the annual Publica- tions Banquet, the honorary chap- ter of Quill and Scroll initiates members. Upperclass editors of the newspaper, yearbook and lit- erary magazine are eligible for membership in the club. PEN POINTS: front Row— Laurel Pope, Victoria Keetay, Elaine Kretheotis, Karen Oberlies, Carol Higginbotham and Bonnie Elaine Kretheotis, advertising manager, and Kathy Washburn, senior contributor to Pen Points, post reminders to purchase the literary magazine. Botts. Second Row— Kathv Garrett, Tom Hamill, Randv Mosher, V a ne E ans, Beth Berger, Barbara Hahn and Patti Dulin. 33 Council Plays Main Role In School During a special assembly President Tim Boosinger installs members of the Council. Karia Panneli, Tim Boosinger and Gary Throckmorton leave for the convention. Planning dances, contests and other school projects were the main objectives of this year ' s Stu- dent Council. During ' the spring semester each homeroom elected its representa- tive and from these members the cabinet was chosen. At the first all-school assembly in the fall Mr. Thomas Stirling, princi- pal, installed Tim Boosinger, presi- dent. Tim then led the Council in its pledge of office. Two new activities were sched- uled by the Council this year. They sponsored the first " shoe-hop " after a football game and planned a party for the teachers during the semester break. STUDENT COUNCIL: Front Row— Brad Romeril, Dave Knoy, Ken Evans, Paula Barnes, Cathy G ' Sell, Linda Jo Ott, Becky Sehr, Nancy Keppler, Marsha Knight, Martha Graves, Suzanne Pinkman. Second Row — Randy Morgan, Joe Easterday, Dennis West, Bert Perez, Sue Evens, Cetta Raimondi, Steve Reilly, KarIa Pannell, Cheryl Mee, Barbara Bone, Josie Raimondi, John Easter- day, Kent Scott. Third Row— Larry Ott, John Rader, Lenny Thornburg, Tom DeLay, Ron Orr, joe Snodgrass, Mary Jane Freeland, Michael Beecher, Steve Burton, Linda Christenberry, Meredith Craig, Dru Baker, Sharon McDaniel, and Ralph Rameriz. Back Row — Steve Johns, Ralph Merkle, Jerry Bertram, Jim Moore, Denny Haygood, Craig Reinhardt, Gary Throckmorton, Jim Byrne, Tim Boosinger, Tom Marendt, John Harkness, Bill Dixon, Dick Wood and Pam Evans. Members of the Queen ' s Committee, Suzanne Pinkman, Marsha Knight, Josie Raimondi and Mary Jane Freeland, place homecoming nomination ballots in home- room envelopes. Howeites team com not elected as members of the Quiz Team by sponsor Mr. Ron Finkbiner offer the petition during practice sessions prior to all matches. Quiz Team sponsor Mr. Ron Finkbiner works with the team to reach perfeaion. Hornet Quiz Team ' Socks It To ' Em ' f Following weeks of strenuous tryouts, first year coach Mr. Ron Finkbiner, selected six of the top competitors for this year ' s Quiz Team, Tom Amos, captain, FHai Gustin, Dick Wood, Phil Coffin and alternates John Easterday and Jerry Stockdale. Switching from the " Exercise In Knowledge " program to " High School Bowl " aired on WFBM, the team was able to chalk up victory after victory against rivals, Pike, Shortridge, and Southport. The three consecutive wins which were dependent upon quick recall of facts, retired the team as cham- pions. A special match between North Central ' s four, the first retired champions of the vear, and the Hornet quartet resulted in another Howe victorv, 315 to 125. Quiz Team waits for television technicians to adjust camoras. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Front Row— Juana Quinones, Kathleen Ohmit, Marilyn Hurt, Rita Robbins, Karia Kraeszig, Phyllis Hawkins, Julia Alexander, Aneena Salter. Second Row — Rick Hanley, Hal Gustin, Gene Coyle, Ron Spice, Alex Stalas, Cynthia Larson, Pam Saba, Sandy Dobbs, Randy Morgan, Ann Cobb, Marcia Reasoner, Diane Kingery. Third Row — Wayne Evans, Jerry Stockdale, Jerry Bertram, Nancy Bruner, Marcia Stroud, Kim Hughes, Douglas Meyer, Margaret Pash, Carolyn Martin, Veronika Hannemann, Marcia West, Connie Johnson, Linda Pickens, Marian Clark. Fourth Row— David Thomas, Greg Graham, Ed Warriner, Tom Hamill, Tom Amos, Mary Jane Freeland, Perry Bourne, Charles Harsin, Kathi Hancock, Harold Pot- ter, Pam McKim, Debbie West, Brenda Cook, Sandy McCord. Tap Day, Initiation Begin NHS Activities Carl Lagenaur congratulates Pam McKim as he presents the NHS arm band to her. Newly initiated upperclassmen proudly bear the responsibility of an NHS member. Senior Jerry Stockdale was elected president of the National Honor Society this year. His cabinet included Nancy Bruner, vice- president, and KarIa Kraeszig, secretary. This organization recog- nizes the academic students of Howe. To become a member of NHS, one must be in the upper ten per cent of his junior class and the upper fifteen per cent of his senior class. He must also maintain a six point grade average. In the spring of each year, new members are added to NHS. Initiates are judged on the qualities which are the ideals of the society: character, leadership, scholarship, and service. During the week fol- lowing Tap Day, the future mem- bers wore the familiar arm bands which signified that they were soon to be accepted into the honorary organization. Members gave of their services by tutoring under- classmen. It is the goal of most Howeites to become a member of NHS. Spanish Students Join National Society Superior students enrolled in advanced Spanish last spring or- ganized the Howe chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society. It is the only such chapter func- tioning in an Indianapolis public high school. Phyllis Hawkins, senior, was elected president last fall and with the assistance of Miss Mary Thum- ma, department head, officiated at the monthly meetings. Named for the Spanish educator, Domingo Sarmiento Sautina, the club chose red and gold for its colors. This year the group visited a Spanish church. Language students enrolled in their fifth semester of Spanish study at Howe are eligible for mem- bership. On Tap Day those eligible observed a club meeting and formal initiation followed. HB I M P i S fl l Br m k ' 0i k ' iiS 1 1 jt. a K id ■ .i L m m Debbie West signs the roster of charter members of the newly founded chapter. Mr. Riquelme, Miss Sheridan, and Miss Thumma proudly display the new charter which made Howe a chapter of the SHS. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY: front Row— Karia Kraeszig, Terri Cross, Mary Lau, Kath- leen Ohmit, Rita Robbins. Second Row — Aneena Salter, Sharon Brinson, Phyllis Hawkins, Margaret Neal, Kathy Washburn, Brenda Cook, Dana Smith. Third Row — Ramona Murphy, Carolyn Martin, Marv ' Jane Freeland, Dave Hashman, John Grissom, Margaret Pash, Debbie West, John Easter- day. Not Pictured — Marian Clark. 37 Jerry Stockdale, Pam McKim, and Harold Potter leaf through a French magazine. FHS: Front Row — Barbara Bowen, Denlse Page, Carol Higginbotham. Second Row — Carol Gardner, Kathy Garrett, Laura Rea- soner, Denise Hayes. Third Row— Cindy Larson, Marcia Reasoner, Marcia Stroud, Kathi Hancock, Kathy Frisbie. Fourth Row- Jam Amos, Nancy Bruner, Jerry Stockdale, Pam McKim, Harold Potter, Donna Raasch. French Majors Master Language Study To acknowledge the French stu- dents who have mastered their language, the French Nati onal Honor Society accepts pupils com- pleting five semesters of the lan- guage at FHowe while maintaining a six-point grade average. Formal initiation ceremonies were held in the spring for those meeting the qualifications. During the bi-weekly meetings, films of France were viewed and topics of international interest were dis- cussed. When the year ' s program was planned, a trip to an exquisite French restaurant headed the agenda. Other added attractions included observing French movies and foreign stage plays. Miss Martha Ferguson reviews a French lesson with Norman McClain after class. Students Learn To Speak With Ease Talented speakers from the speech and debate teams made up the National Forensic League. An honorary organization sponsored by Mr. Steven Briggs, it accepted only those who had accummu- lated twenty-five honor points which were acquired in competi- tion with other high schools. Speech meets held each week included presentations of poetry reading, dramatic, humorous, and oratorical interpretations, radio announcing, and extemporaneous speaking. Like the speech team, the debate team took part in sev- eral meets and considered the question, " Resolved: that the U.S. should establish compulsory ser- vice for all citizens. " NFL: Front Row — Barbara Bowen, Laurel Pope, Margaret Martin, Kathy Garrett, Jean Eckert. Second Row — Margaret Pash, Kathi Hancock, Brenda Cook, Paula Dickenson, Sandy Garrett, Chris Worrell. Third Row — Tom Amos, Dick Wood, Norman McClain, Ed Warriner, Tom Dodd, Tom Hamill, John Easterday, Ken Bruce. 39 Brenda Cook cross-examines a Ben Davis student in an effort to win her debate. Defending her side of the debate, Monica Geelhoed speaks for the affirmative. DEBATE: Front Rov — Ken Bruce, Brenda Cook, John Easteda . Second Row — Tom Dod d, Ed Warriner, Tom Amos. Business Managers Promote Ticket Sales BUSINESS MANAGERS: Front Row- Barbara Bowen, Rex Barrett, Laura Reasoner. Second Row — Margaret Neal, Barbara Madinger, Bethel Reed. Third Row — Sally Robinson, Annabelle Pollock, Kathy Phelps, Ann Cobb. Back Row— Sandy Dobbs, Dick Wood, Nancy Bruner and Norman McClain. All devote extra time to Howe activities. Junior Laura Reasoner begins a tallie of the number of tickets sold at a performance before attempting to balance the books for Mr. Stahly. Business managers, directed by Mr. David Stahly, science teach- er, were one of the most active groups ir volved in extra-curricular activities. They could be seen sell- ing tickets in a small booth at the entrance to the stadium or at the front door of the gym during home games. They also provided the ushers and ticket-takers for plays, musical performances and pro- grams throughout the year. Besides the outside look, there was quite a bit of inside work to be done. Managers spent long hours after school keeping records of the attendance at each program for tax purposes and balancing the school ' s books. Mr. David Stahly, director of the business managers, closes the safe after a successful Hornet production. 40 ATOM DUST EDITORS: luana Quinones, Sharon Brinson, Marcia Stroud, Carolyn Martin, ]ody Becklehimer. They work to- gether to put out the monthly newspaper. Brent Kern and Marcia Stroud, seniors, count the bacterial growth on an agar plate. Club Members Prepare Papers, Projects Representatives from each sci- ence class were appointed at the beginning of the year to report class activities to Atom Dust ed- itors. The monthl y publication was written, mimeographed and distributed by this branch of the Science Club. Both groups are under the direction of Miss Jerry Motley, biology teacher. Members were also asked to choose special projects which would be entered in both state and local competition. Seniors Marcia Stroud and Brent Kern were invited to present scien- tific research papers at the Indiana Junior Academy at Ball State Uni- versity. Each received outstanding awards in microbiology. Susan Berger holds a chick she has ob- served from its embrv onic stage of grow th. ATOM DUST-SCIENCE CLUB: front Row— Kathv Meals, Jod Becklehimer, Sue Pink- man, Dan Maners. Second Row — Sharon Brinson, Juana Quinones, Dana Smith. Maria Far na, Elaine Kretheotis, Pamela Launer, Dana Watson. Third Row — Ste e Peters, Nancv Smith. Rebecca .McWilliams. icki Leininger. Jud Zander. Da id Hall. Carols n Martin, Marcia Stroud. Bacik Row — Melods Bradles Helen Hudson. Jerrv Stockdale, Ste e Zslstra Perr Cann, Mark Weber, Roger Bailes and Robert Rob- bins. FOOTLIGHT REVELERS: front Row- Penny McCreary, Dawn Burtnett, Barbara Bowen, Diana Dininger, Alex Stalas, Marcia Reasoner, Laura Reasoner, Linda Smith, Mary Lau. Second Row — Helen Hudson, Paula Enson, Donna Snodgrass, Charlene Bass, Mark Watkins, Ken Truex, Margaret Neal, Kathy Garrett, Sandy Garrett, Anne Jacobi. Third Row — William Holman, Diane Kingery, Tom Amos, Ed Warriner, Perry Gann, Tom Hamill, Norman McClain, Roger Bailey, Ron Spice, Janice DeCoito, Chris Worrell. Dramatists Demonstrate Theatrical Talent Learning the basic fundamentals of the stage, the Footlight Revelers worked to improve their dramatic skills. Throughout the year, several one-act plays were produced to give each member an opportunity to display his talents. Other jobs of the Revelers included working on stage crew, make-up crew, and helping direct the plays. When a Reveler had 100 hours of stage ex- perience, he was eligible to be- come a member of the National Thespian Troupe. Participants in this honorary organization had the opportunity to attend conventions held during the year. Both the Footlight Revelers and the National Thespian Troupe were sponsored by Mrs. Hariette Baker who also directed the productions presented for the public. THESPIANS: front Row— Laura Reasoner, Penny McCreary, Mary Lau, Barbara Bowen, Alex Stalas. Second Row — William Holman, Tom Hamill, Charlene Bass, Diane Dininger, Margaret Neal, Marcia Reasoner. Third Row— Margaret Pash, Diane Kingery, Ed Warriner, Tom Amos, Norman McClain, Mark Watkins. Norman McClain pleads with Alex Stalas in the Reveler-Thespians ' s production, " Get Thee a Wife, " as Tom Hamill, Mark Watkins, and Mary Lau await her decision. STAGE CREW: Tom Amos, Ed Warriner, Tom Holman, Ed Wahl, Diana Dininger, Roger Paulson, Dennis McPherson, Randy Mosher, Gary Rash. Not Pictured: Steve Jeff Braun and other crew members keep busy building sets for school plays. Crew ' s Essential To Stage Productions Students dedicated to the pro- duction of plays and musicals made up the Stage Crew. Helping back stage included many duties: putting make-up on cast members, arrang- ing costumes, controlling the sound and lighting, and building sets and backdrops. Any person interested in the procedure of putting on a show was eligible tor this club. Mr. Bruce Beck directed all the stage work, much of which was done on Saturday afternoons. Put- ting on a good production was the desire of every crev member. Without the efforts of this group, it would be impossible to have had the plays that Howe enjo ed. Sophomore Ron Meadows and freshman Roger Paulson assemble a Christmas tree to give the stage an atmosphere appropriate for the holiday season. 43 Tri-Hi-Y, Hi-Y Clubs Send Miss Mary McLane, Tri-Hi-Y sponsor, ex- plains the club ' s goals to Mr. William Par- rel!. HI-Y: front Row — John Easterday, Ralph Ramirez, John Koss, Second Row — Greg Graham, John Harkness, Terry Bartley, John Coleman, Don Koss, Randy Burchett. Third Row — Bart Combs, Pat Dugan, Larry Black, Ed Warriner, Sam Nikou, Wayne Evans, Mike Kinney. TRI-HI-Y: front Row— Vicki Heitzman, Jerri Moody, Marilyn Duhammel, Nikki Powell, Sharon Pierce, Joan Cross. Second Row — Martha Graves, Lee Ann Denham, Becky Faith, Debbie Maudlin, Betty Ren- nard, Barbara Bowen. Third Row — Louise Whitehurst, Jo ' Ellen Legg, Denise Page, Sherry Thomas, Judy Hollenbaugh, Chris Worrell. Tourth Row — Jana Throckmorton, Mary Kiemeyer, Terri Jump, Sandra Hunt, Debbie Freeman, Patricia Self. Fifth Row — Kathleen Ohmit, Carol Higginbotham, Kathy Phelps, Carolyn Eshelman, Barbara Bone, Cynthia Larson. Sixth Row — Bethel Reed, Marcia Reasoner, Pam Legg, Sandra Dobbs, Marcia West, Phyllis Bhend. Seventh Row — Margaret Neal, Cindy Marendt, Cathy Pedry, Shelly Csiky, Roxanne Roberts. Eighth Row — Susan Ohmit, Terri Kertes, Ruth Greever, Diana Maudlin, Stephanie Liddle, Elaine Kretheotis, Phyllis Hawkins. Ninth Row — Janet Hyfield, Carol Gardner, Katrina Hughes, Donna Harris, Debbie Archer, Susan Aldrich, Karen Petri. Tenth Row — Pam Evans, Diane Crenshaw, Sally Frick, Patti Dulin, Nellie Allseitz, Roberta Skelton, Janice DeCoito. Eleventh Row — Margaret Martin, Helen Hudson, Donna Reifeis, Pam McKim, Landa Alexander, Margaret Pash, Laura Reasoner. Twelfth Row — Brenda Cook, Linda Christenberry, Nancy Bruner, Meredith Craig, Terri Poyn- ter, Jana Pritz, Debbie Cassidy, Nancy DeFur. Representatives To Model U.N. Four of the sixteen Hi-Y members participating in this year ' s Model U.N. are John Easterday, (Madagascar), Ralph Ramierz (Singapore), Bill Totten and John Harkness (Australia). Sponsored by the YMCA, the Model U.N. familiarized the partici- pants with the functions of the original U.N. Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y clubs throughout Marion County and Kokomo were eligible to send delegates to this convention held for three days in April in the Indiana State House. Each Country in the original U. . was represented by a chairnnan and a delegate in the Model U.N. who, after doing thorough research on their specific country, dressed as natives of that nation. Bills were submitted by the delegates; a Sec- retary-General was elected. After attending the sessions of the Model U.N., students had a greater understanding of the value of parliamentary procedure and the basic structure of the U.N. itself. Tri-Hi-Y sponsors Miss Mar McLane and Mrs. Beverl EIrod and Hi- sponsor Mr. Robert Hessong aid members in club activ- ities. Tri-Hi-Y members Nellie Ailseitz, Chris Worrell, Meredith Craig, Pam Legg, Tcrri Jump, Louise Whitehurst and Barbara Bowen are representing the respective countries, Romania, Botswana, Mauritius and Bulgaria, at the annual session of the Model United Nations. 45 l Two Clubs Appeal To Mathematicians SUBSET CLUB: front Row— Elizabeth Rich- ardson, Suzette Boulais, Rebecca Caldwell, Becky Ellis. Second Row — Jim Cobb, David Hagy, Thomas Strickland, Mark Reasoner. Third Row — Mark Benson, Robert Cline, Charles Hartle, Phil Elden, Ron Heustes. For freshmen who were taking algebra and who were interested in learning more about mathe- matics, the Subset Club taught skills that were not explained in the regular class. Visited by several speakers explaining new math techniques, the club also learned to manipulate the slide rule. Social- ly concerned too, the group en- joyed a Christmas party. Inspiring the math students to add more math to their schedule, Mrs. Mary Smuck sponsored the club. One of the few clubs to meet every week, the Chess Club, di- rected by Mr. Jack Weaver, gave members a chance to improve their skill at the ancient game. After competing in intra- and inter- school competitions, the players looked forward to participating in the State Chess Tourney. ' £S! m- Hal Gustin ponders both sides of the board as he maneuvers the chessmen. CHESS CLUB: front Row— Beverly Gross, Diana Harlan, Lissa Perdue, Melody Bradley, Terry Stump, Sheila Richey, Judy Rippeth. Second Row— Jerry Stockdale, Hal Gustin, Jeff Flowers, Barry Ford, Tom Hamill, Phillip Elder, Kim Zylstra. Third Row— Mr. Jack Weaver, Tom Amos, Roger Bailey, Robert Ratliff, Bill Eubanks, Charles Hartle, Mark Gibson, Donald Sulgrove, Steve Zylstra. 46 AUDIO VISUAL CLUB: Front Row— Jeff Paulson, Charles Hughes, Bob Fredrick, John Grissom, Robert Fawver, Jim Murphy. One of their jobs is maintaining films. Jeff Paulson prepares films to be relurned to the audio-visual center. Mechanically- Minded Mind Machines Students found that there were varied ways to assist teachers. Via the Audio-Visual Club, members gave one period a day to deliver films and projectors to classrooms. Being in the club meant learning, through Mr. Richard Hammond, the mechanics of projectors and making minor repairs when needed. Members operated the P. A. equipment while the home- room announcements were made and during assemblies and other extra-curricular activities. Howe has recently started a new club for those interested in the space program. Here, the Astro- Rocket Club gave members a chance to learn about the solar system and the mechanics of space vehicles in modern times. ASTRO-ROCKET CLLB: front Rovv— John Coleman, Steve Peters, Charles Hughes. .Second Row — Terrv Bartley, Harr Brocen, Rands Lee. Boh Arnold. 47 Mrs. Lavern Coffin explains the operations of the OAV classes to the club. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: Front Row — Kathy Frisbie, Katrina Hughes, Janet Hyfield, Carol Gardner. Back Row — Liliana Quinones, Landa Alexander, Ann Lowe. FTA Studies Techniques Of Teaching Attaining knowledge about the teaching profession was the goal of the Future Teachers of America. Guided by Miss Patricia Fitzpatrick, English teacher, the club conducted meetings every two weeks. During these meetings demands of the profession and how to meet them were discussed. Elementary teachers from nearby grade schools also told of their experiences. Junior president Katrina Hughes presided for the second consecutive year. Valuable information was re- ceived from the different colleges and universities around the coun- try. This enabled members to ex- amine courses that the institutions offered in the field of teacher training education. Secretary Mary Ann Stewart talks over the minutes of the last FTA meeting with spon- sor Miss Patricia Fitzpatrick. FBLA Capitalizes On Business ' Interests FBLA: front Row — Becky McKay, Susan Smith. Second Row — Patti Dulin, Sharon Brinson, Anita Powers. Third Row — Joyce Boyd, Kathy Mealey, Lynn Boyd. Students interested in the field of business found that Future Business Leaders of America was the organization to which they should belong. Directed this year by Mrs. Sharon Koepper, first year business teacher, mennbers strived to understand the problems in- volved in the business world. FBLA members attended state and national conferences and con- ventions with other chapters in this area. At these gatherings mem- bers met with experienced busi- nessmen who gave them the facts about being a part of this society. Officers this year were Susan Smith, president, Patti Dulin, vice- president and Lynn Boyd, secretary. A speaker from Allison ' s Data Processing Department attracted many visitors to one meeting. Since typing is basic to the business world, students enrolled in class, .ind especialK members of FBLA, practice before and after school to Improve their skill. Senior Kathy Mealey delivers the notice of an FBLA meeting to the office so that it can be placed in the weekly bulletin. 49 Teachers Receive Needed Aid From Helpers STUDENT LIBRARIANS: Front Row— Linda Steffen, Cindy Crews, Cindy Rider, Clarissa Smith, Nancy Si aggs, Suzanne Pinkman, Bill Carson, Donna Peak, Debbie Bartholo- mew, Marilyn McArtor, Ron Donley, Teresa Williamson, Debbie Stuck. Second Row — Mary Shockley, Sharon Brown, Wanda Magness, Nancy Carter, Alice Scott, Sue Slayton, Mary Hardman, Ruth Jones, Pam Rutter, Cathy Bradburn, Sue Harris, Kath- leen Ohmit, Dawn Burtnett, Becky Yocum, Sue Pence. Third Row — Sheila Smalling, Melanie Wells, Kathy Cramer, Patty Plow- man, Ann McClure, Patti Berger, Peggy Williams, Linda Morton, Pamela Launer, Janet Hutton, Kathy DeBoo, Kathy McGuire, Paula Branaman, Gail Greer, Charmi Synder. Fourth Row — Melody Bradley, Janice Wall, Becky Shannon, Cindy Gray, Judy Shem- well, Helen O ' Neal, Joyce Lesnet, Gary Joines, Carol McClure, Virginia Moore, Marsha Benson, Patty McMillan, Vicki Griffin, John Baker, Elaine Davis, and Cynthia McCormick. Several students devoted one period a day to work as office messengers. While working in the pupil personnel office, they de- livered notes to students and teachers, guided new pupils and visitors around the building, typed and ran off general school notices, sorted mail and helped with the absence lists. Receiving aid from the helpers were the deans, de- partment heads, school nurse and the bookstore manager. A new materials center was be- gun to expand library facilities. It included a Xerox machine, record players and tape recorders. Both girls and boys interested in library experience helped in the school library under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy Smith. They re- paired books, replaced them in the stacks and traced lost volumes, in addition to preparing weekly displays in the showcase opposite the library. OFFICE MESSENGERS: Front Row— Phyllis Haymaker, Pam Harrell, Linda Mabry, Karen Zilson, Mary Sullivan, Debbie White, Yu- vonne LeQuire, Roseanna Burtnett, Susan Smith, Debbie McKay, Debbie Smith, Joan Cross, Kathy Jeffers, Louise Goens, Bonnie Grimes, Jody Becklehimer, Lita Blair. Sec- ond Row — Linda Richardson, Gesine Preuss, Kathy Henry, Linda Oberting, Diana Harlan, Carol Eshelman, Debbie Freeman, Peggy Becklehimer, Debbi Archer, Donna Harris, Cindy Larson, Debbie Doane, Connie Canada, Pat Evans, Lana McCarty, Terry Ver- hines, Mary Berger, Becky Faith, Wanda Magness, Kathie Scanlon, Karia Kraeszig. Third Row — Donna Tourney, Kay Adwell, Pat Holland, Terry Sadowicz, Pat Beem, Penny Scott, Jamie Steele, Judy Speer, Kathy Hanes, Kathy Frisbie, Ruth Grever, Ramona Murphy, Cindy Gray, Mary Griffo, Ruth Duncan, Maria Faryna, Nesa Harold, Carol Gardner, Eilene Layman, Kathy Stapp, Myra Stanley. Fourth Row — Frances Smith, Carol Lingenfelter, Sue Cox, Judy Mansfield, Clara Walkup, Elissa Lackey, Kathy Patrick, Shelly Csiky, Jane Van Horn, Becky Morris, Tammy Rhodes, Marsha Feldhake, Helen O ' Neal, Karen Petri, Melanie Hack, Diana McLeish, Zoe Seel, Beth Berger, Landa Alexander, Judy Shemwell, Roxanne Hicks, Judy Horn. HISTORY CLUB: Front Row— Dawn Moxey, Tom Strickland, Sharon Belcher. Second Row — Elizabeth Richardson, Diana Harlan, Sandy Henderson, Rebecca Caldwell, Margie Thompson. Third Row— Beverly Cross, Stephanie Miller, Carolyn Martin, Zoe Ellen Seel, Debbie Wynn. Members in this club learn details of past events. President of the History Club, CaroKn Martin, shows new sponsor, Mr. Arnold Nelson, where Howe is located. Students Acquire Greater Understanding LATIN CLUB: Front Row— David Edwards, Marianne Taflinger, Reginald Manning, Debbie Kerr, Elaine Covert. Second Row — Debbie Doane, John Easterday, Linda Herron, Laurel Pope, Brenda Calvert, Carol Reed, Connie Bruce. Third Row — Marsha Miller, Sandra Anderson, Laura Reasoner, Vnn Cobb, Steve Morgan, John Douling, Bob Muse. Fourth Row — Charles Meadows, Anne Jacobi, Tom Terry, Elizabeth Mass, Mike Sanders, Marsha Feldhake, Dave Hauser, Dick Wood, Brian Houppert. Following Roman customs, the Latin Club members dressed as Roman serfs for a slave sale in the fall. As the Christmas season approached, Latin carols were sung and the Roman Saturnalia was celebrated. Honor was gi en to Cupid on Valentines Da , and the birth of Rome was commemorated in the spring. Officers pledged to promote the Roman culture. Because history is the stud of past and present events, the His- tory Club contemplated geneolog , the stud of famiK origins, and current e ents. As its main project, a surve of the lr ington area was made which enabled the members to become a part of the Junior Historical Societv. Clubs Increase Hornets ' Medical Knowledge MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB: Front Row— Kathy Mealey, Anita Brydon, Kathleen Ohmit, Pam Wahl, Carolene Bass, Chris Dwire. Second Row— Jill Kladden, Stacy Swift, Sandra McCord, Stephanie Miller, Dena Brown, Lynn Boyd, Dorothea Bernard, Deborah Blackmon. Nine volunteer alternates from the Student Council this year re- organized the Red Cross Club. Under the direction of Mrs. Mildred Loew, the group collected contributions from Howeites dur- ing homeroom periods. Outside of school they distributed posters for the Tuberculosis Association to local business establishments. At the beginning of the semester Kathy McClure was elected to the city council to keep the group in- formed of special projects. Touring hospitals, practicing first aid procedures and hearing lectures on medical professions were only a few activities of the Medical Careers Club. Mrs. Mar- garet Whaley, club sponsor and school nurse, aided students in discovering the field of medicine. Secretary Kathy Mealey goes over the min- utes of a previous meeting with Lynn Boyd. RED CROSS CLUB: Left to Right— Theresa Miles, Sally Jensen, Mike Becher, Mike Bair, Carol McClure, Brenda Cook, Bruce Miller, Michelle Dobbs, Judy Eggers. 52 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB: Front Row- Becky McKay, Ellen Lamb. Second Row — Jeanette Morgan, Nikki Powell, Robin Endsley, Susan Smith. Third Row — Mary Stewart, Brenda Duncan, Penny Scott, Debbie McKay. Fourth Row — Anita Powers, Nesa Harold, Pat McFearin, Anne Wrancher, Karen Phelps. Girls Prepare For Future Homemaking Karen Phelps, Brenda Duncan, Mary Stewart, and Anne Wrancher receive assistance from club sponsor, Miss Marlyn Naylor, as they knit on various projects. New teacher, Miss Marlyn Nav- lor, sponsored this year ' s Home Economics Club and, with the help of officers, Karen Phelps, Beck McKay, Carol Black, and Penny Scott, planned the club ' s calendar. Social events included a welcome party, a Christmas part , and a fashion show. On the educational side, speakers came to talk on areas of beauty, fashion, and food. As this year ' s theme was " Do It Yourself " , the girls learned to construct projects and perform services throughout the school without the help of others. To the members, being in the Home Ec Club meant learning to manage a household and enjo it. auUMfwCoMlniciten De elopinij a household skill, senior )ean- ette Morgan tries her hand at the iron. Men ' s 400 Club, PTA Back School Active P.T.A. members pr epare " Know Howe " , their quarterly publication, for mailing. Parents depend upon the publication for information about school functions. Principal Mr. Thomas Stirling and president Mrs. J. Mason Garrett confer about agenda. Members of the Parent-Teacher Association spent the year working for the betterment of Howe. Di- rected by. President Mrs. J. Mason Garrett, the PTA, along with the 400 Club, manned the concession stand during the football season, as well as planned the annual Fish Fry, enjoyed their Bridgeorama, and hosted the spring card party. Operating through the theme, " The Now Generation, " PTA mem- bers held four general meetings during the year. In addition spe- cial parent education programs were held four mornings during the year. These coffee hour socials served two purposes: F4owe mothers became better acquainted; current educational happenings were discussed. Hf V Selling memberships is the main job of Mrs. Albert Stroud and Mrs. Paul Carmean. 54 Activities, Encourage Spirit Selling cokes to the crowd during halftime was the job of Mr. John Baker. An active organization for fa- thers of Howe students and teach- ers was the Men ' s 400 Club. Seen from one end of the school to the other, the Hornet patrons took tickets, sold license plates, pens, and membership cards and helped in the refreshment stand. These men endeavored to support the general welfare of the student body by providing equipment not main- tained by the School Board. Members of the 400 Club also formed committees to better the organization. Officers for this year were Mr. Conrad Romeril, presi- dent; Mr. George Moore, secre- tary; Mr. E. C. Summitt, Jr., treas- urer; Mr. Horace Pettee, advisor; and Mr. Charles Ruschhaupt. ■ Mr. Arthur Bertram sells a hot dog to a Hornet fan during a home basketball game. Mr. Horace Pettee manages the concession stand during a home basketball game. Men ' s 400 Club President Conrad Romeril and Mr. Ed Pearson sers e thirst Hornets. 55 » H O 8 N I T 5 ' •■v. ' " ' metimMKiux ma. If The Tower Could Talk About Academics . Although no new classes were scheduled this year, students gained experience by taking the advice of competent teachers and by utilizing special equipment. Each department held monthly meetings to discuss current prob- lems. Advanced classes further developed the knowledge ob- tained from required courses. While countless students at- tended summer school or universi- ty institutes, teachers participated in workshops to gain new ideas and to learn new teaching meth- ods. The Tower saw both pupils and faculty benefit from these. 57 Mr. Thomas Stirling Principal Mr. Frank Tout Mr. Charles Ruschhaupt Vice-Principal Vice-Principal Mr. Robert Carnal Dean of Boys Mrs. Mildred Loew Dean of Girls Administrators Direct School ' s Activities Dean of Boys, Mr. Robert Carnal, questions his secretary, Mrs. Virginia Hall, about the day ' s attendance record and his scheduled appointments. Handling discipline as well as problems ranging from the request for new drill team uniforms to the complications of building changes, the administration provided stu- dents with valuable assistance. Mr. Ray Riley, previously affiliated with the Science Department, advanced to the position of assistant to Mr. Robert Carnal, Dean of Boys. Mrs. Mildred Loew completed her twentieth year as Dean of Girls. Mr. Thomas Stirling, principal, was assisted by Vice-Principals Mr. Frank Tout, who handled pro- grams, and Mr. Charles Rusch- haupt, who dealt with finance. 58 During NHS tap day ceremonies. Principal Thomas Stirling congratulates new mem- bers. New Counselors Assist Howeites Counseling students concerned with program changes, Howe ' s Guidance Department helped pupils make academic decisions which will influence their succeed- ing years of higher education. Several changes were made con- cerning the composition of the department. Mr. Thomas Totten replaced Mr. William Murray as Director of Guidance. Mrs. Patricia Alexander, who formerly taught biology, was an active counselor as well as Director of Publications. Mr. Robert Hessong, who was new at Howe this year, served as sopho- more advisor. Cooperating with Mr. Rex An- derson, freshman coun selor. Miss Maryon Welch aided junior high students in planning their first schedule prior to eighth-grade graduation. Mr. John Trinkle acted as junior counselor. Mr. Thomas Totten Director of Guidance Mr. Ray Riley Assistant Dean Mr. Rex Anderson Freshman Counselor Mr. Robert Hessong Mr. John Trinkle Sophomore Counselor Junior Counselor Miss Maryon Welch Mrs. Patricia Alexander Junior High Counselor Counselor Mr. Robert Hessong and sophomore Jim Cowherd discuss program changes. Mrs. Patricia Me ander explains rules of etiquette to her orientation class. English Department Continues Program Miss Ellen O ' Drain Mrs. Hariette Baker Miss Paula Barbour Mr. Bruce Beck Mr. Richard Beck Miss Sandra Brady Mrs. Elinor Bretzlaff Mr. Steven Briggs Mrs. Ilene Cannon Mrs. LaVerne Coffin Mrs. Margaret Crawford Mr. Dale Dinkins Mr. )ohn Ervin Miss Patricia Fitzpatrick Miss Rhoda Kittelsen Mr. Wayne Mellott Mrs. Helen Meranda Mrs. Ruth Mercer Miss Martha Mitchell Mrs. Shirley Neal Freshman Patty Dawson chooses a book to discuss in her Oral-Aural-Visual class. 60 Of Composition Conferences Under the direction of Miss Ellen O ' Drain, the English Department offered students a basic knowledge which afforded them the ability to communicate. Before graduation, each pupil is required to have completed English 1-6, but he may also elect English 7-10, dramatics, etymology, library experience, journalism, or speech. One unique program initiated by the English Department is that of the composition conferences. Every student enrolled in an Eng- lish class had an individual twenty minute conference focusing on composition. Each pupil also had a cumulative folder containing examples of work accomplished in former English classes. During the composition conference, the student and his teacher discussed current performances, past records, and evident improvements. Mrs. Ethel Seitz Mrs. Marguerite Sights Mrs. Dorothy Smith Miss Shirley Smith Mr. HalTobin Miss Mary Weakley Mr. Jack V ea .er In Ralph Dicks conference. Mrs. Helen Meranda explains a grammar error. Marianne Metcalf, freshman, uses the facilities in the reading lab to expand her reading skil Developmental reading is required of all Howe students before graduation. Mr. William Smith Mrs. Kenna Behlmer t ■ Mr. Tommie Curlin Mr. Robert Edwards Mr. Charles Gwaltney Mr. Richard Hammond Howeites Represent School At Seminars During the summer, Howe ' s Science Department, headed by Mr. William Smith, was very well represented at university-spon- sored seminars throughout the states. At Indiana University, Mr. Gwaltney studied under the Na- tional Science Foundation and produced a film on the use of the burett. Mr. Edwards attended two similar institutes held at the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania and at Beaver College in New York. Five students participated in programs at Indiana University, Purdue, and the University of South Dakota. When school re-opened, a new set of microscopes was purchased for the biology classes which were mainly composed of sophomores. Freshmen elected general science, while the advanced student pro- gressed to chemistry, physics, biolo- gy 3, or chemistry 3. A field trip to Chicago by members of sci- ence classes necessitates an office confer- ence between Mr. William Smith and Mrs. Margaret Poole. A - M Mr. Richard Hughes Miss Jerry Motley Mr. Richard Patterson Mr. James Piatt Mr. David Richards Mr. David Stahly Mr. Marcus Van Horn Mr. James Yarber Junior Theresa Miles uses a slide rule to calculate a chemistry equation. During a biology class, Jim Byrne and Carol Brown examine a frog ' s external organs and test his reflexes before they undertake the major project of dissection. A biology class compares the text s descrip- tion of the cra fish with the specimen. Juniors Timothy Smith and Barbara Hannemann enjoy the microscopic study of both ili;ao and bacteria. Individual research problems face those u illing to attempt ady.mced studs 63 Mr. Hartwell Kayler Mr. Philip Brown Mrs. Beverly Eirod Mr. Don Evans Mr. William Farrel Team-Taught Class Expands Social A team-taught government class allowed students to receive a varied course of instruction and personal assistance from social studies teachers Mr. Ron Finkbiner, Mr. Don Evans, and Miss Mary McLane. Additional overhead projectors and a new series of film strips con- cerned with Communism allowed the department, headed by Mr. Hartwell Kayler, to present a more complete view of history as well as current events. Classes using these facilities included world history, U.S. history, and govern- ment. Irvstruction was also offered in areas of economics, psychology, Indiana history, and Latin American civilization. In psychology Mr. Mark Sutton explains the importance of understanding human behavior. Mr. David Stewart uses outside resources to prepare charts for use on the overhead. 64 Mr. Ron Finkbiner Miss Dortha Kirk Mr. Charles McGinley Miss Mary McLane Studies Department Offering %Jth Mr. Arnold Nelson Mr. David Stewart Mr. Mark Sutton Mr. Don Evans and his student teacher. Miss Kathy Johnson from Indiana Liniversitv, discuss the proper way to conduct class discussions and to evaluate student ' s work. 65 Mr. Errol Spears lists important points of his U.S. history lecture on the board. Mr. VN ' illiam Farrell grades an exam he has recentU °i en his L ' .S. histor classes. New Course, Preparatory Math, A % Mrs. Marie Wilcox Mr. Jerry Bye Mr. Loren Henry Mr. Donald Kerr Mr. Edward Kuonen Mr. Robert Mitchell Mr. Justin Rehm Mr. Barton Richardson Mr. Harrison Richardson Mr. Glenn Rohde Mrs. Mary Smuck Barbara Pash, sophomore, uses a protractor to complete an assignment in geometry. Mr. Edward Kuonen and Mr. Glenn Rohde compare test results achieved in their respective classes. In many cases, this comparison serves as a basis for the curved grading scale. 66 Added To Mathematics Curriculum During calculus class, Mrs. Marie Wilcox explains the method of obtaining the solution to a set of derivative equations to seniors Gil Hailey and Jerry Stockdale. During the year, the Mathematics Department prepared to initiate a new course, Preparatory Math, to be offered to 9Bs enrolled in sum- mer school. It is believed that this will benefit the freshman who is just below the algebra level, allow- ing him to gain knowledge of needed mechanics and progress to the next level in September. Re- maining freshmen comprise classes of basic and general mathematics. Mrs. Marie Wilcox, noted au- thoress of five textbooks, headed the department of ten teachers, who taught classes of geometry, ad- vanced algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Computer math and the senior math course were dropped from the curriculum. I % Ralph Brooks and Bill Smoot relate trigono- metrical figures to theorems. Mrs. Mar Snuick i raphs the root of an alge- braic equation tor Rebecca Ellis. 67 Additional Equipment, Honor Studies Students in Mr. Raymond Hulce ' s Spanish 1 class use the facilities in the foreign language lab. Tapes and records provide pupils an opportunity to improve their accent by trying to imitate the pronunciation of words spoken by a master voice. Spanish teachers Mr. Raymond Hulce and Mr. Rogelio Riquelme discuss clasa routines. Abroad Advance Language Programs Department Head Miss Mary Thumma evalu- ates some advanced Spanish papers. Additional materials for over- heads, two new teachers — Mr. Tim- otheus Carson and Miss Susan Webb — and a different series of textbooks broadened the scope of the Foreign Language Department, headed by Miss Mary Thumma. Students who elected a foreign language enrolled in Spanish, Latin or French. Those who excelled in these classes were given the oppor- tunity to study their respective lan- guages abroad through the I.U. Honors Program. Participants from FHowe included Margaret Pash and Mary Jane Freeland who studied in Mexico, Jerry Stockdale who travel- ed to France, and Anne Cobb who gained knowledge of Latin in Italy. From her position at the foreign language lab ' s consol, Miss Susan Webb can hear individual students pronunciate French dialogues and narratives. Miss Mary Thumma Mr. Timotheus Carson Mrs, Vesta Cohee Miss Martha Ferguson i t. Mr. Raymond Huk e Mr. Rogelio Riquelme Miss Susan Webb 69 i Department Manufactures Nutcrackers Mr. Lyle Nave Mr. Norman Coglan 9 |K? KS i Mt ' ♦ ' tr- A.liMii Mr. Dewain Johnson Mr. Paul Kinghorn Mr. James Kloote Mr. Jack Lawson Mr. Richard McLeish Due to overloaded classes, an additional class period that began at 7:30 a.m. was added to the In- dustrial Arts Department schedule. To meet the increased enrollment three teachers were also added to the department staff of which Mr. Lyle Nave was head. " Crack-O " , a simple type of nut- cracker, was produced in the de- partment and distributed at the Hobby and Gift Show. It was de- signed by Mr. Jack Lawson. Boys enrolled in beginning metals and woodwork classes created ob- jects which appealed to their own interests. In advanced courses, they built lamps, tables and tools. Print- ing classes supplied programs for school activities. Becky McWilliams, one of the few girls en- rolled in a drafting class, works a problem. Joe Lee, a sophomore, uses the lathe to curve and design the wood for his project in wood shop. Each student must complete a required number of projects. 70 ROTC Trains Future Officers M Sgt. H.M. Ecktman SFC Bascom Perdue This year the R.O.T.C. Department was faced with the largest enroll- ment in its classes since the course was first offered at Howe in 1955. Through extensive practice and drills, cadets and sponsors strove for perfection as they performed in the parades, meets, and drills through- out the school year. A new look was noticed in the department with the addition of new sponsor ' s uniforms and revised drill team attire. A new school shield and symbolic battle ax were designed and used in various forma- tions. Sergeant Harold Ecktman exchanged places with Sergeant Bascom Perdue and became the Battalion Commandant. William Holman was Battalion Commander. Participating in the annual Veteran ' s Day Parade, the battalion staff leads the other marching companies. HONOR R R.O.T.C. SPONSORS: front Row— Marilvn Hurt, Patti Dulin. Meredith Craig, Captains, second Rou — Terri Kertes, Dana Smith, Donna Reiteis, Second Lieuten- ants. Third Rou — Deborah Mar h, Terri Posnter. Second Lieutenants. CADET STAFF: front Row— Tom Delay, Sargeant Major; Dave FHashman, First Lieu- tenant. Second Row — Frank Clifton, Alan Cain, Captains; Larry FHanson, First Lieuten- ant. Third Row — Jeff Bertram, Gary Osborn, Captains; William Holman, Commander. Mr. lames Stutz Miss Janice Brown Mr. Tom Cousineau Mr. Samuel Kelley Miss Sue Zabst Active Students Keep Physically Fit CLEAN t!;»N CLEAN ■ 1 VISITORS • f1 ' J n Physical education classes prepare boys for participation in basketball. Freshmen girls must master basketball skills ofdribbling the ball and guarding the op- ponent. Physical education classes grew again this year with the course re- quired of all incoming freshmen. Rules and skills of team sports, volleyball, softball, and basketball, were taught to both boys and girls as were gymnastic fundamentals. Girls utilized rhythmics to improve posture, grace and dance tech- niques; boys enjoyed touch foot- ball and soccer. Individual sports, archery and golf, as well as tennis, received their share of attention in gym classes, too. When the weather permitted, classes were held out of doors. Hoping to improve his time, Jerry Pastrick, a freshman, " muscles up " the rope. Students Train For Future Driving Mrs. Margaret VVhaley, school nurse, checks student health records for accuracy. Learning the rules and regulations of mastering the automobile is only a small part of the driver education program. Also included, the actual driving experience under the super- vision of a skilled and competent instructor, played an important part in the safety of the future drivers enrolled. The presentation of films on automobile accidents and acci- dent prevention stressed upon the student the importance of driving know-how. One of the required courses at Howe, health classes provided an opportunity for students to learn about the functions of the different body parts and the symptoms, pre- vention and analyzation of diseases. A six-week study in first aid pro- vided instruction in the basic proce- dures of preliminary care to be followed in case of accidents or other emergencies. Mrs. Margaret Whaley Mr. Billy Wood Mr. James Poalston DRIVER EDUCATION _.- ! yf Susie Perkins, a junior, prepares to begin her day ' s instruction in drivers education. Students enrolled in this course must complete six hours ot actual driving in the car. Senior Bonnie Botts demonstrates proper form in hurdling theside horse. 73 Department Revives Clerical Course Mr. George Jackson Mr. David Baugh Mrs. Linda Hankins Miss Jean Hoilman Three teachers joined the Business Department staff which was headed by Mr. George Jackson. Miss Yvonne Peak changed from office work to teaching at Howe. Mrs. Sharon Koepper taught at Arlington High School before she came to Howe, and after two years of teach- ing at Bunker Hill, Indiana, Miss Kathie Ruckriegle joined the Hornet staff. Another addition to the depart- ment was the reviving of the clerical practice course. This course was offered a few years ago, but was discontinued because of lack of interest. It again offered students interested in the business world, valuable experiences in the field. Other courses offered in the depart- ment provided training in machine calculation, data processing and bookkeeping in addition to typing and shorthand. Mrs. Mary Calloway Mr. George Gray Mrs. Sharon Koepper Miss Yvonne Peak Mr. Sherman Pittenger Miss Kathie Ruckriegle Mr. John Skene Mrs. Luise Smith Business students must keep their eyes on the figures since one slight mistake could cause an incorrect calculation. The girls strive for speed and accuracy. 74 Mrs. Doris Cartwright Mrs. Blanche Ferguson Mrs. Josinah Mosiman Miss Marlyn Naylor Mrs. Vivian White Girls Prepare For Homemaking Arts Increased enrollment in home ec- onomic courses necessitated the addition of two teachers to the de- partment. Mrs. Doris Cartwright, who recently revised the textbook, The Practical Nurse and Today ' s Family, replaced Mrs. Lois Coy as department head. In clothing classes, girls advanced from making blouses to sewing coats and suits. In the spring, girls in food classes cooked lunches for the teachers after completing less difficult cooking courses. Home nursing and home management were also offered. ■..•.• V ilS Patty Plowman, Karen Quinn and Pat McFerran demonstrate three important steps icutting. basting, and sewing) in the completion of a clothing project. Kathy McGuire sifts and measures ingred- ients forthe cake she is baking. 75 J » Creative Students Develop Artistic Talent " " ' ' emm, TB P ' ' appreciation for the less in pencil, pen and ink were studied. Mr. F. M. Howard Mr. William Cunningham Mr. James Lynch Mr. Charles Pirtle Mark Mahler, a senior, laces his billfold with leather thongs in a craft arts class. Art appreciation for the less skilled as well as art techniques for the talented were stressed by Mr. F. M. Howard ' s department. Students worked with a variety of materials to create articles for gifts and for their own use in crafts classes. In advanced art students concentrated on portraits and landscapes in oils, pastels and char- coal. Abstractions and proportions in pencil, pen and ink were studied . In hopes of preparing a course of study entitled art history, Mr. F. M. Fioward experimented with this type of material in his various classes this year, he plans to use it in the future. Art students also make crowns for dance royalty and advertising posters for other departments. Nature provides a pleasant atmosphere and colorful settings for advanced art students, who create both realistic landscapes and original designs. 76 Members of the Girls ' Octet must animate their musical renditions. Mr. Frank Watkins Mr. Robert Bramblett Mr. William Handley Mr. Thomas Lewis Mr. Louis McEnderfer Hornet Musicians Move At Fast Pace Under the direction of Mr. Frank Watkins, the Music Department completed another year of varied vocal and instrumental perform- ances. Howe ' s Christmas gift to the com- munity, a musical program that in- cluded both religious songs and the antics of Santa ' s elves, w as pre- sented at an evening show and again later for the student body. Annually the Spring Music Festi- val reveals the many hours of dedi- cated practice which students sacri- fice to perfect their talents. Both vocal and instrumental festivals were held on seperate evenings to provide entertainment for those in- terested in each field of music. Choreography and acting ability, voices and instruments, were com- bined by the department to com- plete another musical show. Per- formances in the PRV, at Vespers and commencement, in addition to many outside shows kept Hornet musicians moving at a fast pace all year long. Senior Rita Robbins revises her trumpet music prior to marching at a game. Pert Office Staff Keeps Howe Going Mrs. Roberta Fallows Mrs. Virginia Hall Mrs. Dorothy Heniser Mrs. Dorothy Johnson Mrs. Evelyn Miller Mrs. Margaret Poole Mrs. Vera Schmitz Vital to any school ' s operation is a well qualified office staff. Nine women kept Howe ' s offices running smoothly. ' Mrs. Eloise Steed, registrar, enrolled new students, prepared transcripts and filed official with- drawals and transfers. It was her responsibility to record monthly attendance reports for the down- town office. Mrs. Margaret Poole became the principal ' s secretary when Mrs. Norris Heidleman retired. Her duties ncluded preparation of the weekly oulletin and distribution of the mail as well as assisting Mr. Stirling. Newcomer to the staff, Mrs. Dorothy Johnson worked in the inglish office each morning and operated the PBX board each after- noon. Other women were " Girl Friday ' s " to the administrators. All provided needed services. Mrs. Mary Schweir Mrs. Eloise Steed Transfer student Carolyn Griffin discusses her new schedule with Mrs. Eloise Steed. 78 MAINTENANCE: Front Row— Mr. John A. DuChemin, Mrs. Jean Hollenbaugh. Second Row — Mr. Bert Justice, Mr. Nicholas Petra- kis, Mr. Louis Adams, Mr. Harold Hart, Mr. Charles Robinson. Back Row — Mr. John Ford, Mr. Richard Hilton, Mr. Donald Wag- goner, Mr. Leo Pittman, Mr. Ray Fulton, Mr. William Hatcher. Maintenance worker, Mr. Edgar Turpin, works to keep cafeteria in good condition. Busy Workers Supply Student Needs CAFETERIA STAFF: Front Row— Mrs. Vonda Foley, Mrs. Florence Evans, Mrs. Norma Dunn, Mrs. Hope Henderson, Mrs. Flossie Nugent, Mrs. Henrietta Larison, Mrs. Rosie Sechrest, Mrs. Martha Dalton. Second Row — Mrs. Grace Wells, Mrs. Lucille Reifeis, Mrs. Margraret Kahl, Mrs. Hazel Holycross, Mrs. Clara Mosmeier, Mrs. Kathleen Kidwell, Mrs. Helen Obery, Mrs. Barbara Coller. Third Row — Mrs. Helen Stafford, Mrs. Doris Williams, Mrs. Maude Adams, Mrs. Gladys Hartle, Mrs. Mabel Allen, Mrs. Ester Chambless, Mrs. Anneliese Puschmann, Mrs. Mildred Lindauer, Mrs. Sophie Shone. Back Row— Mrs. Kathleen O ' Malev, Mrs. Cara Bolmer, Mrs. Joyce Bertram, Mrs. Juanita Smith, Mrs. Ruth Taylor, Mrs. Mar- guerite Fender, Mrs. Stella Minnis, Mrs. Kathleen Maudlin, Mrs. Ruth Laughlin. As a result of the increased en- rollment, an additional lunch period beginning at 10:00 a.m. was added to the schedule this year. Because the cafeteria can seat onl 500, it was mandatory that the school revert to the third period lunch utilized prior to the completion of the present facilities in 1963. To meet these needs, Mrs. Helen Obery, head of the cafeteria workers, found it necessary to em- ploy additional cooks to prepare the food, serve it and wash the dishes. In addition to these jobs, mothers of students enrolled in Howe volunteered their ser ices at the banquets. Extra maintenance men were also needed to keep up the building and its surroundings. These workers were headed b Mr. John Du- Chemin. 79 Could Talk About Activities Providing the " fun " part of school life were the many extracurricular activities Howe offered its students. They performed in the annual PRV, attended numerous school dances and acted and sang professionally in the musical production, " South Pacific. " Homecoming queens reigned over two nights of festivities this fall and great statesmanship and politi- cal know-how was displayed in this year ' s Mock Election. A proud Tower congratulated the Federalist winners upon their landslide victory. Honors Day in the spring ended an active Hornet year. Smiling Queens Reign Over Festive The 1968 Football Homecoming Queen candidates are Becky Sigmon, Penny Overstreet, Jana Pritz, Marilyn Duhamel, Jerri Moody, Betty Rennard, Pam Hilligoss and Barbara Thompson. Junior Betty Rennard was cho- sen the 1968 Football Homecom- ing Queen. She received her flowers Snd necklace from John Easterday, who represented the Student Council. Other candidates included seniors Jerri Moody and Marilyn Duhamell, junior Jana Pritz, sophomores Pam Hilligoss and Penny Overstreet and fresh- men Barbara Thompson and Becky Sigmon. Jamboree Queen, Bobbi Berg- doll, was escorted during the pre- game ceremonies of the 1968 Foot- ball Jamboree by coach, Mr. Dick McLeish. The vivacious cheerleader was elected last spring. Candidates for the 1968 Jamboree are Mary Ring, Roberta Skelton, Cheryl Mee, Sally Frick, Bobbi Bergdoll and Nancy Keppler. S ophomore Bobbi Bergdoll was elected queen. Queen Betty Rennard is crowned by Stu- dent Council Representative, John Easter- day. Underclassmen Susie Bright and Becky Kel- ley decorate a convertible for Homecoming. Homecoming Activities Dawn Moxey and Ron Pastrick, sophomores, smile as Mr. Tout adjusts their crowns. Basketball Homecoming festivites this December provided both ex- citement and suspense in the forms of a basketball game between Lawrence Central and the Hornets and the election of Denise Page as Homecoming Queen. Cupids, lacey valentines and a spirit of romance made Howe ' s first Sweetheart Ball a success. The dance was the first lower-spon- sored affair. King and Queen of the ball were chosen from couples at- tending the dance, rather than from nominated candidates. Sophomores Dawn Moxey and Ron Pastrick reigned for the evening. Denise Page receives the traditional Home- coming necklace from Tim Boosinger. Basketball Homecoming queen candidates and their escorts anxiously await the crowning of the queen during half-time festivities. Lacey valentines and soft music add to the romantic mood at the S %eetheart Ball. CarefulK baiancintj their crowns are Sweet- heart Ball candidates Beckv Clingerman. Bill Piland, Dawn Mo e , Ron Pastrick, Carol Reed, Dan Taslor Larr Schjrbrough and Mar Lau. 83 Some 225 couples enjoy themselves at the 1968 " Brown and Gold, " held in the cafeteria. The password " joe Sent Me " was necessary to gain admittance to the 1920 ' s Speak Easy. Dances Add " The Roaring Twenties " was the theme of the 1968 " Brown and Gold. " Held in the cafeteria, which was converted into a Speak Easy, the dance was well-attended by Howe students and their dates. Seniors Mike Fotiades and Jean Eckert were elected Brown Boy and Golden Girl by students who bought a 1968 HILLTOPPER. The " Brown and Gold " is sponsored annually by the yearbook staff. . Howe ' s most popular dance, the " Turn-About-Twirl, " was held April 20. The festive theme, " Carnival, " was carried out with side-show post- ers on the windows and a giant merry-go-round in the center of the cafeteria. Senior Gil Hubbard was elected Mr. Topper. The " Turn- About-Twirl " is also sponsored by the yearbook staff. Candidates for 1968 Golden Girl and Brown Boy are Marcia West, Jeannie Eckert, Diane Crenshaw, Sandra Hunt, Ron Clark, Mike Fotiades, Larry Scharbrough, and Gary Hubbard. Seniors Mike Fotiades and Jean Eckert were chosen to reign at the dance. Golden Girl Jean Eckert and Brown Boy Mike Fotiades lead the first dance after being crowned at the " Brown and Gold. " 84 sparkle To Howe ' s Social Calendar Mr. Topper, Gil Hubbard, was escorted by junior Karia Pannell. " . CANDIDATES FOR 1968 MR. TOPPER: Gil Hubbard, Craig Sanders, Harold Potter, Dennis Maxberry, Lester Hollon, Bill Storie, Paul Storm and Kerry Doughty. Senior Gil Hubbard was elected Mr. Topper by girls attending the " Turn-About-Twirl. " Carousels on the tables and Merry-Go-Round horses on the poles helped the earbook surf to carry out the theme of their spring dance, the Turn-About-Tw iri. Couples danced under a Merry-Go-Round canopy at the 1968 Turn-About-Twirl. 85 ROTC Sponsors Annual Military Ball Queen candidates and their escorts are Gary Osborn, Cindy Kretheotis, Phil Baumgardt, Janet Runciman, Joe Burchett, Meredith Craig, Brian Perdue, Patti Dulin, Jeff Bertram and Marilyn Hurt. Candidates, traditionally, are the battalion ' s sponsors. Howe ' s annual Military Ball was held March 16 in the cafeteria. ROTC cadets and sponsors were in charge of- decorations and refresh- ments for the dance. The theme, " Let Freedom Ring, " was carried out with a giant flag and bells on the walls and posts. Cadet 1st Lt. Rich- ard Hawkins was chairman of the decorations committee; senior Bat- talion Sponsor Cindy Kretheotis was elected queen of the Ball by the ca- dets. Other sponsors vying for the title were senior Janet Runciman and juniors Meredith Craig, Patti Dulin and Marilyn Hurt. Music for the dance was provided by the High- lighters, a professional band. ROTC Cadets and their dates enjoy an evening of dancing at the annual Military Ball. Cadets elect senior R.O.T.C. sponsor Cindy Kretheotis Queen of the 1968 Ball. Cindy Kretheotis and her escort Cadet 1st Lt. Gary Osborn lead the first dance. 86 Students listen to the unique sound and style exhibited by the band " Fyre. " Winter Wonderland Begins Yule Season The Winter Wonderland dance, held in the cafeteria after school on Tuesday, December 10, provided en- joyment and extra Christmas spirit to all who were present. Co-spon- sored by the Student Council and the Girls Athletic Association, it is the only afterschool dance held at Howe each year. Complete with candy canes, holiday refreshments and a Santa Claus (otherwise known as Mr. Marcus Van Horn, chemistry teacher at Howe), the dance was well-attended. A Winter Wonder- land king was chosen by those attending the dance from pre- nominated candidates. Candidates included Bob Bristow and Mike Miller, freshmen; Randy Deane and Rick Kutche, sophomores; Jeff Beeler and Dennis Walston, juniors; and jerry Bertram and Mark Watkins, seniors. Dennis was crowned king during inter- mission by Bonnie Botts, senior. A combo provided dance music. Phyllis Bhend and Lee Ann Denham dis- cover a familiar teacher in disguise. Several candidates tor Winter Wonderland king unwrap jumbo cand canes. Pleasant Run Variety Show Climaxes Ron Spice, knight of feudal times, rides a very strange horse. Becky Clingerman and Leota Tex perform an intricate tap dance routine. Presented January 8 in the Howe auditorium, the Pleasant Run Vari- ety Show exhibited musical talent, serious acting ability and humor- ous interpretations for the Irving- ton community. A surplus of acts was presented in tryouts held in preparation for the final performance. After care- ful scrutiny and final elimination, Mr. Bruce Beck, Miss Rhoda Kit- telsen. Miss Sue Zabst, and Miss Janice Brown, faculty judges, se- lected approximately fifty acts. In past years, themes for the Pleasant Run Varieties have cen- tered around Disneyland, a tour of the U.S., and Broadway. The 1968 PRV theme was " Just As We Are. " An innovation was tried at this year ' s PRV when the Mas- ter and Mistress of Ceremonies encouraged audience participation by engaging specific guests in conversation. Simple staging com- plemented the winter show. Senior Marcia Reasoner displays her vocal talent, while " Waiting At The Church. 88 Fall Semester At Howe Howe ' s cheerleaders, garbed in everything from a World War I flying ace outfit to an Annie Oakley suit, perform at the PRV. Chris Worrell and Gary Hill preside as Mistress and Master of Ceremonies. A chorus line of questionable-looking Howe students execute a li el dance to t) e delight of the PRV audience. The " bunnies " entitled their act, " Legs, Inc. " _ Junior Mary Lau, a dedicated ballet student, ' f W performs her solo dance spectacle. 89 k Musical leads, Harold Potter and Alexandra Stalas, are reunited at the play ' s end. Cast members rehearse the " Honey Bun " scene, in which the nurses present a musical produc- tion designed to raise the low morale of the enlisted men stationed on the island. ' South Pacific ' Recreates Being introduced to the carefree attitudes of the islanders, Mark Watkins learns the " Bali Ha ' i " philosophy expressed by Mary Lau and Karia Pannell in the " Happy Talk " lyrics. 90 Bemoaning the loneliness of their military existence, the soldiers and sailors voice their praises of the " fair sex " in the song, " There Is Nothing Like A Dame, " while nurses Marcia Reasoner and Brenda Cook laugh at the rollicking lyrics. Mystical Islands Of World War II Once the stage crew had sur- mounted the problem of con- structing a south sea island on the Hornet stage, the progress of the Music Department ' s " South Pacific " went smoothly. This year ' s musical played to three full houses. Harold Potter had no difficulty switching from the English Prof. Henry Higgins to the French Emile de Becque; Alexandra Stalas washed her hair as efficiently as did Mary Martin. Audiences responded as ex- pected to the antics of Luther Billis and to the familiar love story of Cable and Liat, but Bloody Mary stole the show with her sentimental rendition of " Bali Ha ' i " and " Happy Talk. " K ' South Pacific ' Cast Hi Emiie de Becque Harold Potter Ensign Nellie Forbush Alexandra Stalas Lt. Joseph Cable Mark Watkins Liat Mary Lau Bloody Mary Karia Pannell Luther Billis Byron Spice Student Director Laura Reasoner Byron Spice is interrogated b Da id Thom- as, Ron Spice, and Dick Wood a Ralph Merkle seeks to contact stranded pilots. Alexandra Stalas and Harold Potter drink a toast to their first " enchanted e enin . ' 91 Mock Election Gives Students Chance NATIONALIST CANDIDATES: Tim Boo- singer, Ed Warriner, Richard Price, Greg Graham, Kim Hughes, Nancy McCormick, Mark Watkins, Marcia Stroud, Mollis Becker, Kathy Patrick, Meredith Craig, Pamela Saba, Phyllis Bhend, Bonnie Botts. At the Mock Election held on Tuesday, November 12, Howeites elected Federalist Pat Dugan Gov- ernor of the State of Howe. Tim Boosinger was candidate for Gov- ernor from the Nationalist party. Students enrolled in either U.S. History, Government, or Econom- ics classes are eligible to partici- pate in the Mock Election, either as a candidate or as a voter. Par- ticipating students are assigned to the Federalist or Nationalist parties by their individual teach- ers. Mr. Don Evans and Miss Mary McLane served as Federalist party sponsors. Mr. Ron Finkbiner and Mr. Errol Spears aided the Nation- alists party this year. FEDERALIST CANDIDATES: Charles Schar- brough, John Harkness, Pat Dugan, Jerry Stockdale, Wayne Evans, Bill Smith, Carol McClure, Mike Dobrota, Nancy Bruner, Randy Morgan, Kathi Hancock, Marcia Reasoner, Sandy Dobbs, Marilyn Duhamell, Becky Faith, Nancy Keppler, Jerri Moody. Happy smiles of victory are reflected in these candidates ' faces. Bedlam breaks out at the Nationalist Con- vention as a spokesman takes the floor. For Political Experience Victorious smiles are shown on the faces of the primary Federalist candidates as they preside over their party ' s convention held in the Howe auditorium. Dave Martin serves as kevnote speaker at the Federalist partv convention. Philip Coffin and Marcia Stroud campaign to recruit votes for the Nationalist partv at the state convention held in Room 69 prior to the balloting. 93 Proud Seniors Remember Hard Road Academic achievement, stressed by both students and faculty, has been recognized in many ways throughout the year. This fall a new method of deter- mining Honor Roll standing was initiated in all city high schools. A 6.0 grade average, rather than 30 honor points, was the b asis for Honor Roll status. Honor societies in specific areas of learning as well as the inclusive NHS continued to increase in size and number. They not only honored " the cream of the crop, " but en- couraged ' student initiative and interest. On Honors Day selected seniors and underclassmen were presented awards for citizenship and out- standing accomplishments in many fields. Departments also recognized those completing majors with high grade averages. Senior Pamela McKim accepts the DAR Good Citizen Award from Mrs. Max Barney. Gregory Graham, Patrick Dugan and John Ford, seniors, profitably spent one week of their sum- mer vacation at Hoosier Boys ' State on the Indiana University campus. Seniors Marcia Reasoner and Julia Alexander represented Howe at Girls ' State. To Great Achievements Margaret Pash and Pamela McKim, academic leaders of the Class of ' 69, wonder if the condition of the campus will improve in time for Commencement. I ,V (.RKIX Elizabeth Cobb happily recalls her trip to Italy with the I.U. Honors Program. Tom Amos and -Mevandra Stjlas are proud American Les ion uards sinners. Jerry Stockdale, Phyllis Hawkins and Hal Gustin, National Merit Finalists, discuss some of the difficult questions remembered from the three-hour exam. 95 Could Talk About Athletics A skilled coaching staff, superior team members, spirited cheer- leaders and loyal fans all participated in Howe ' s successful sports season this year. An integral part of any high school, athletics played a major role in the life of many students. Boys ran cross country, competed in track meets, played basketball, football and baseball, and took part in tennis and golf matches under the Tower ' s faithful watch. Displaying all-around good sportsmanship, Howe athletes and fans distinguished themselves in another year of athletic activity. Award Winners Form Lettermen ' s Club Under the sponsorship of athletic director, Mr. Samuel Kelley, the Lettermen ' s Club functioned as both an honor and a service orgar ' - zation. To be eligible for membership in the club, boys must earn a varsity letter in one sport. Members donate their help as ticket takers, floor sweepers, program distributors, sideline officials, and guides for guests at ail athletic events. Jerry Bertram, president, was aided by other officers Brad Rome- rill, Charles Pettee, Mollis Becker and Paul Shelton. An Athletic Council composed of lettermen and coaches meet at the end of each season to determine who will win awards. Junior Tom Marendt accepts his letter sweater from Mr. Charles Ruschhaupt, vice- principal. Varsity football players humbly receive their awards at the Fall Sports Banquet. LETTERMEN: First Row— Jeff Bertram, Gary Shirley, Robert Dych, Charles Pettee, Paul Shelton, Mollis Becker, Steve Layman. Sec- ond Row — Abe Cardwell, Gary Throck- morton, Mike Fotiades, Bruce Dobson, Pat Dugan, Steve Chadwick, Dave Martin, Ralph Dick. Third Row — Larry Scharbrough, Charles Welcher, Greg Meade, Charles Scharbrough, Bill Dixon, Bruce Bottom, William Combs. Fourth Row — Donald Jones, Bert Perez, Richard Price, Bruce Finke, Gary Marshall, William Smith, Steven Reilly, Rex Barrett. Fifth Row — Michael Wieneke, Lenny Thornburg, John Easterday, Dennis Findlay, Dennis Walston, Larry Miller. Sixth Row — Michael Wray, Steven Johns, Mark Miller, Gary Hubbard, Donald Britton, Willie Perry, David Smith. 98 Gary Hill, senior drum major, takes his turn at the Pep Band ' s helm. Highlighting the intermissions at all home basketball games is the music from the Hornet Pep Band. The group, often joined by returning alums, accompanies the Drill Team and Yell Leaders. Swingin ' Musicians Form Pep Band Three seniors, Gary Hill, Harold Potter and Ron Spice, took turns directing the Pep Band this vear. When they weren ' t wielding the baton, they were playing their re- spective instruments. " Hang on Sloopy " and Tijuana Brass mimicry were popular w ith the Band. However, they were heard more often rendering " Rufus Ras- tus " and " Blues for Louie " from a " Story of Jazz " collection. The group not onl performed solo, but accompanied the Hornet Honeys during their routines and added zest to specific veils. Jerr Stockdale and Glen Jones alternated at the drums. Harold Potte r, Bruce Stroud and Dasid Sherron comprise part of the u ood s inds. 99 Front Row — C. Mount, D. Jump, ]. Dunn, V. Pomeroy, S. Showalter, Y. LeQuire, B. Bryant, C. Crews. Second Row — C. Marendt, B. Rennard, T. Miles, S. Thomas, S. Evans, M. Calvert, L. Denham, J. Reinkin, V. Wall, P. Dentler. Third Row—E. Kretheotis, P. Launer, J. McNew, P. Perryman, C. Bruce, B. Horner, T. Dixon, D. LaRue, J. Keers, Y. Mansfield, B. Hunter, D. Branstetter. Fourth Row — V. Griffin, D. Statzell, M. Downey, D. Hartle, J. Hyfield, L. Johnson, M. Metcalf, C. Worrell, C. Cain, N. Collins, Syndie Cherry, P. Marendt, D. Baker, R. Jones. Girls Interested In Gym A one-man gym team. Gene Coyle repre- sents Howe at many state-wide meets. Practicing an uneven bars routine, Evans is spotted by Miss Janice Brown. Sue GAA: Front Row— J. Medlin, L. Smith, D. Brinson, D. Gillespie, S. Jones, K. Gustin, ]. Bailey. Second Row — J. Jackson, S. Walker, B. Botts, M. Duhamell, B. Bergdoll, D. Maudlin, M. Dobbs, C. Koehring, A. Mc- Clure. Third Row — J. Jones, S. Lawrence, M. Shockley, B. Reintjes, S. Whitridge, D. Kelly, S. Gilbert, L. Lauck, C. Johnson, F. VanMaaren, J. Maudlin, Fourth Row — L. Moore, M. Ring, K. Pannell, K. Patrick, L. Lee, S. Bright, C. Williams, S. Csiky, D. Cal- vert, P. McLead, P. Bhend, D. Derrington, K. Lyons. Junior Mary Ring ' s poise proves that prac- tice is valuable to balance beam feats. Join GAA, Advance To Gymnastic Team GIRLS GYMNASTIC TEAM: Janet Dunn, Betty Rennard, Marilyn Duhamell, Debbie Maudlin, Sue Evans, Bonnie Botts, Sherry Thomas, Patty Fuehrer, Phyllis Bhend, Syndic Cherry, Patty Marendt, Karia Pannell, Marv Ring and their sponsor, Miss Janice Brown. This year ' s team record was a winning one, although competition was stiff. Athletically minded girls dis- covered a variety of outlets tor their skills. Those wishing to improve their physical being or merely to enjoy the companionship of others in competitive games met with the Girl ' s Athletic Association each Wednesday afternoon. Miss Sue Zabst sponsored the group. Girls gymnastics flourished this year after a minimum of meets last winter. Mary Ring, sophomore in last year ' s competition, took second place in advanced floor exercises during the state meets. Miss Janice Brown, g mnastic team sponsor, organized the sec- ond girls ' inter-school team this year. " A " and " B " olle ball teams played a six game schedule. 101 Underclassmen Gridders Give Valuable LyLJ VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: front Row- Lenny Thornburg, Steven Reilly, Mark Stephens, Donald Britton, Charles Schar- brough, Charles Welcher, Donald Jones, Arthur Bertram. Second Row — Steven Chadwick, Ronald Spice, William Lawrence, Gregory Meade, William Bertram, Michael 1 - Wieneke, Bruce Finke. Third Row — Den- nis Fiaygood, Gary Throckmorton, Steven Burton, Michael Fotiades, Robert Dych, Larry Scharbrough, Richard Kutche, Bruce Dobson. Fourth Row — Michael Priest, William Perry, Thomas Marendt, Kevin Farrell, Richard Price, Martin Lee, William : : Smith. Fifth Row — Larry Miller, Robert Lowe, Gregory Combs, Dennis Walston, Tim- othy Boosinger, Patrick Dugan, William Storie. Sixth Row — Mr. Thomas Cousineau, Assistant Football Coach, Mr. Richard McLeish, Varsity Football Coach for the Hornets. VARSITY FOOTBALL 1968 Opponent Howe Tech 7 13 Attucks 33 Manual 40 Wood 12 35 Bfoad Ripple 13 7 Arlington 12 Northwest 7 Warren Central 13 14 Washington 20 6 Marshall 27 Key players and varsity coach Richard McLeish talk over plays during a time-out. 102 Assistance To Varsity Football Squad Two new coaches and a group of determined Hornets combined their efforts to produce a winning varsity football season. Mr. Dick McLeish left his posi- tion as assistant coach to replace Mr. Bob Wion as head mentor. Mr. Tom Cousineau, former Northwest teacher and Indianapolis Capital ' s player, became his aide. Statistics prove the team ' s ability. The offense covered 2155 yards on the ground and compiled 125 first downs; Tom Marendt and Don Britton averaged 6.8 yards per carry. Marendt also led the defense with 90 tackles and four intercep- tions. Larry Miller had 59 tackles; Willie Perry had three interceptions. Don Jones kicked 14 extra points, two of them providing the winning margin over Warren Central. Husky blockers serve as a brick wall to give quarterback Richard Kutche time to successiulK execute a toss-out against Manual. Senior Don Britton picks the ball from the air as he runs for the extra yardage. 103 Junior Larry Scharbrough, second string quarterback, attempts an aerial pass in hope of gaining valuable yardage against the Washington Continentals. A senior next year, he will offer strong competition to Tom Marendt for the position. Ex-City Team Holds On To Hornet |H P i k : l l i simi HbI • M " JS I " W „» ' H Bf L v " ' " ww 0 P ™ i l f " ■j HHpiJ HH I I -— L .. ' ' B Coach Dick McLeish emphatically points out a game error to Charles Schar- brough. Mike Wieneke, No. 71, steps wide to evade Dennis Walston, No. 82, and his Washington Con- tinental blocker. The Hornets failed in their attempt to stop the west-siders. 104 Enthusiastic but sidelined Hornets scream encouragement to their teammates. Sting For New Varsity Coach Quarterback Tom Marendt and end Larry Miller were named by sports writers to the All-City squad. They attended Mayor Richard Lugar ' s luncheon along with other athletes so honored. At the Fall Sports Banquet Mr. Conrad Romeril, Men ' s 400 Club president, presented Marendt with the Most Valuable Player trophy; he and Willie Perry were named honor- ary co-captains by the team. Jerry Bertram received the Best Mental Attitude Award from Mr. Samuel Kelley, president of the Irvington Kiwanis. Coach Tom Cousineau and senior Mike Fot- iades discuss a third-quarter pla . Tom Marondt escapes one li t;ton tackier: Stfve ReilK rushes to block another. iv amf Stewart ' s JV ' s File Impressive Record Coach David Stewart proclaimed his junior varsity team " one of the finest he has ever coached. " The squad lost only one game; mid-vi ' ay through the season Broad Ripple slipped by the JV Hornets, 19—13. Defense keyed the impressive 7 — 1 — 2 record. Captain Rick Wren led the defensive unit that allovi ed only the Rockets to score more than one touchdown against the reserves. Tom Summit, Craig Reed, Randy Deane, Joe Eaton and Larry Whit- more scored most of the JV ' s tallies. Dave Utigard, Bill Deeter and John Lyons led the defense. Averaging only one TD at the be- ginning of the season, the team closed the season with an average of four six-pointers per game. RESERVE FOOTBALL 1968 Opponent Howe Tech ■ 6 6 Attucks Manual 20 Broad Ripple 19 13 Arlington 7 13 Northwest 6 27 Warren Central 7 28 Washington 7 21 Marshall 6 27 Reserve Coach David Stewart forgets his manners and points sophomore Richard Wren toward the field. M ■ itr ' ' ' ' { |r " K n n WB RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM: Front Row— Joe Eaton, Larry Whitmore, Gary Harlow, Thomas Summit, Darel Dieringer, Gary Hub- bard, Jeff Beeler, Hugh Cornn. Second Row — Thomas Terry, Steven Walton, David Pi- land, John Lyons, James Combs, William Beck, Barry Green, Joseph Snodgrass. Third Row — Jeff Veteto, Michael Throckmorton, Steven Messer, Gary Conway, James Byrne, Ralph Merkle, David Utigard, Christopher Henshaw. Fourth Row — Steven Reed, Charles Pollard, James Adams, Craig Reed, Darrell Arthur, Paul Short, Wendall Short, Steven Knoy. Fifth Row — Mr. David Stewart, Re- serve Coach, Steve Applegate, Richard Wren, Craig Reinhardt, Randy Deane, Randy Lee, Student Manager. ' v S, I With the tackier efficiently blocked, a JV pass receiver confidently awaits the ball. 106 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM: Front Row — Michael Miller, Allen Dean, Stephen Mc- Clure, Doug Short, Harold Baxter, Donald Hyfield, |ohn Boosinger, Scott Smith, Dan- iel Groene, David Weatherford. Second Row — Ronald Cearlde, Gregory Nesbit, Danny Brown, Richard Fonseca, Todd Taylor, David Nice, Robert Freeman, Bruce Mathias, John Chapman, Daniel West. Third Row — Mark Niedenthal, Manager, Gregory Goodwin, Russell Hollenbaugh, Rick Longerich, Den- nis Brown, James Priest, Bob Maffett, Dan- iel Napier, Robert Anderson, Kevin Mc- Leish, Steven Crooke, Kevin Brown. Fourth Row — Mr. Harrison Richardson, Mr. James Lynch, coaches. Bad Luck Plagues Freshman Team Freshmen athletes learned to play football from Mr. Jim Lynch and Mr. Harrison Richardson when they came to school in the fall. Although the 6 — 4 record was disappointing, much blame could be placed on several of the most promising young gridders who failed to make their grades. Harold Baxter was the leading scorer; Dan Brown and Kevin Cul- ley vied for the team ' s quarterback honors. " Our strongest point was our backfield, " explained Coach Lynch. " FROSH FOOTBALL 1968 Opponent Howe Tech 7 Attucks 7 13 Manual 20 12 Broad Ripple 12 Arlington 26 7 Northwest 14 6 Woodview 20 21 Washington 25 13 I Marshall 28 B ii i;A: ?-:t ' . ' . ' ' . ' ? fy IIHiillii H Coach James Lynch yells encouragement to the freshman players. 107 Ke in Brown esades hi-, tackier for an end around " tiain. VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY 1968 Opponent Howe Speedway 19 40 Northwest 17 45 Warren Central 23 33 Washington 22 34 Muncie Burris 29 26 Attucks 37 20 Lawrence Central 53 66 Tech 19 66 Ben Davis 61 63 North Central 15 63 CROSS COUNTRY TEAMS: front Row- Paul Shelton, Mollis Becker, Peter Van- Maaren, Charles Pettee, varsity. Second Row— Coach Billy Wood, Gregory Alex- ander, David Zimmerman, Dennis Bruce, reserves. Two C C Teams Suffer Similar Fate RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY 1968 Opponent Howe Speedway 23 32 Northwest 21 38 Warren 20 38 Washington 17 44 Muncie Burris 30 27 Crispus Attucks 40 40 Lawrence Central Tech 23 16 63 Varsity and reserve cross country runners enjoyed a mild season as far as the weather was concerned but failed to provide new coach, Mr. Billy Wood, with even a mild record. Freshman Peter VanMaaren took over where his brother, Henry, left off when graduation halted his running career. The underclassman placed well in front of his elders in most of the long-distance runs. Experience and maturity should provide the Hornets with an im- proved ' 70 record. Even though the start of a cross-country meet is alw ays crowded only one of the many conten- ders will be the winner of this grueling event. Finishing a race first requires senior Steve Layman ' s utmost effort. 108 Freshman Runners Finish Season Even FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY: Tom Gott, Dan Delay, Jeff Dunaway, Mike Skaggs, Mark Ryan, Randy Burchett, Coach Dick Patter- son, Richard Shadiow, Bruce Herron. I With the assistance of Coach Dick Patterson, the freshman cross coun- try team ended their 1968 season with four wins, one of which came from a forfeit, and four losses. In addition to the eight dual meets, the freshmen competed in invita- tionals at Howe, Northwest, and Shortridge, and also ran in the City Meet. Each year an award is given to the freshman cross country team member who runs the one-and-a- half mile course in 8:30 or less time. This year ' s recipients were Randy Burchett and Steve Richter. Frosh Cross-Country 1968 Opponent Howe Speedway Forfeit Wood 25 37 Washington 28 17 Eastwood 19 40 Woodview 39 19 Creston 35 23 Decatur Central 21 25 Manual 25 38 Home cross-country meets begin near School 82 and continue through nearbv Christian Park for a distance of two difficult miles. 109 Tearful Sectional Loss Ends Varsity ' s Only the ball is missing in the action be- tween the Hornets and Lawrence Bears. Precariously placed in air, senior Larry Miller shoots around a Franklin player. Sophomore Craig Reinhardt looks evenly matched against his Southport foe as both go up for the tip with a hand on the ball. Other players maneuver for position. 110 Uphill Season Struggle With 18 seconds left in the game, the score was 70—70, and the Hornets had the ball out of bounds underneath their own basket. Howe lost possession of the ball with three seconds to go and Shortridge scored the winning basket to win the final Sectional game. Reaching the finals by defeating the Deaf School and Northwest, the Hornets truly played their best game of the season against the seventh rated Blue Devils. Craig Reinhardt tallied 17 points in the game; he and Gary Throckmorton were named to All-Tourney Teams by city newspapers. During the semester break, the Hornets lost their first game of the City Tourney to Cathedral, 98 — 75. Coach Jim Stutz ' s tenth year of coaching the Hornet varsity saw one " first " established — Tech ' s Titans finally played on the Hornet floor. VARSITY BASKETBALL 1969 Oppoi Tent Howe Marshall 83 70 Arlington 39 61 Greencastle 57 17 Franklin 73 62 Beech Grove 63 69 Lawrence 41 66 Broad Ripple 57 46 Shelbyville 11 59 Franklin Central 54 72 Southport 74 63 Tech 60 75 Scecina 69 80 Northwest 60 64 Wood 50 74 Washington 97 41 Manual 55 57 Warren Central 80 54 University 48 71 Awed Manual players stand-by as three year veteran Gary Throckmorton shoots. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: Coach Jim Stutz, Ronald Clark, Rex Barrett, William Smith, Gary Marshall, David Smith, Thomas Marendt, Gary Throckmorton, Bruce Dob- son, Larrs Miller, Craig Reinhardt. Scott Pollom. Not pictured — Ton Ragonesi. Hanging in mid-air, Bruce Dobson lays the ball up with little opposition. Ill JV ' s Win City, Stun County Champs RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM: Front Row— Mike Becher, Thomas Summit, Timothy Smith, Thomas Boyd, Leonard Thornburg, Mark Miller, William Perry, Richard Kutche. Second Row — James Byrne, Horst Holstein, Dennis Walston, Tracy Ellis, David Rogers, Elbert Cardwell, Monte Gardner, William Fleener, Barry Green, Mr. David Stewart. As always, November heralded the beginning of Hoosier hysteria. In the spotlight for nearly four months, basketbaH brought happiness, ex- citement and a few tears to Howeites this year. JV games proved to be as emotional as the varsity, even though sparse crowds were present at the start of the 6:30 p.m. en- counters. Coached by Mr. Dave Stewart, me junior varsity completed a 17 — 4 season. They captured the City Crown by defeating Shortridge, Broad Ripple, Washington and Crispus Attucks. The JV ' s also bested the Marion County reserve cham- pion, Warren Central, on the Warriors ' court. High scorers and top defenders included Tracy Ellis, Dennis Walston, Bill Fleener, Horst Holstein and Mark Miller. RESERVE BASKETBALL 1969 Opponent Howe Marshall 35 38 Arlington 43 51 Greencastle 39 46 Franklin 53 41 Beech Grove 47 53 Lawrence Central 50 65 Broad Ripple 50 62 Shelbyville 36 47 Franklin Central 36 61 Southport 47 46 Tech 70 50 Scecina 32 57 Northwest 64 66 Wood 35 48 Washington 49 47 Manual 48 54 Warren Central 49 52 University 26 48 Sophomores Dave Rogers and Tracy Ellis stand prepared to assist Horst Holstein. Junior Horst Holstein seems confident of sophomore Tracy Ellis ' shooting ability. 112 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL 1969 Opponent Flowe Wood 25 33 Creston 55 41 Woodview 38 32 Marshall 37 56 Scecina 35 51 Chatard 39 41 Crispus Attucks 52 37 Shortridge 40 49 Northwest 42 43 Cathedral 52 21 Washington 50 42 Broad Ripple 40 47 Tech 62 48 Manual 42 41 Franklin Central 45 37 Arlington 41 53 Surrounded by the entire Shortridge team, freshman Danny Brown ignores his teammates ' plea for the ball and attempts a shot in the City Tourney. MitchelFs Squad Posts Even Season Even, at the end of the regular season, the freshman basketball team defeated Shortridge, 58 — 41, before losing to Arlington, 42 — 33, in the City Tourney. With revenge in mind, Mr. Bob Mitchell ' s squad bested the Golden Knights, in the final game of the season. Outstanding scorer, Dan Brown, tossed in 182 points for a 10.1 aver- age. Kevin Culley, Bryan Berger, Louis Saba, Bob Maffett and Jim DeFur exhibited fine play during the season. " A fine group to work with, " said Mr. Mitchell. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL: front Row— Jerry Blanton, Russ Hollenbaugh, Jim Green, Louis Saba, Steve Crooke, Lonny Ashlev, Dan De- Lay, Mark Ryan. Second Row — Coach Bob Mitchell, Ron Hofmann, Bob Maffett, Bryan Freshman Jim DeFur has no opposition as he scores an easy two-pointer. 113 Berger, David Bishop, Dann Napier. Dann Broun, joe Heidelman, Jim DeFur. Greg Nesbit, Mike Miller, Da id Hanes, ke in Culle , Mark Niedenthal. VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM: front Row- Bruce Miller, John Easterday, Jim Mount, Mark Watkins, Brad Romeril, Greg Burton, Mike Crowe. Back Row — Glen Pierson, Mol- lis Becher, Jeff Beeler, Henry Wren, Mark Stephens, Jerry Bertram, Tim Boosinger. Decisions, Pins Plague Grapplers VARSITY WRESTLING 1969 Opponent Howe North Central 43 3 Cathedral 38 8 Chatard 40 6 Broad Ripple 25 21 Northwest 27 23 Manual 28 16 Washington 35 5 Shortridge 21 17 Tech 32 16 Wood 11 31 Arlington 41 3 Lawrence 16 30 Senior Tim Boosinger obeys the crowds crys of " Pin " against his Manual opponent. Winning only over Lawrence Cen- tral and Wood, the varsity matmen struggled in vain against ten other regularly scheduled opponents. Mr. Tom Cousineau was named head wrestling coach when school opened in the fall. One bright spot at the season ' s end was Larry Bur- ger ' s second place finish in the Re- gionals. Other medal winners in the Sectionals held at Lawrence in- cluded Mark Stephens (165 lbs.), and Jerry Bertram (175 lbs.), seconds; and Tim Boosinger, heavyweight, fourth. In addition to Jerry and Tim, con- sistent winners for the team during the season were John Easterday (133 lbs.) and Greg Burton (103 lbs.). John and Jerry finished fourth in the City Tourney. Reserves, Frosh Endure Building Year RESERVE WRESTLING: front Row— Michael Simmons, Gary Harlow, Steven Gala, Richard Erhgott, Edward Miller. Back Row — Steven Burton, Steven Gray, Ronald Orr, Joseph Quinn, Kevin Houppert, Hugh Cornn. Not pictured — Coach Mr. Mark Sutton. Under the supervision of Mr. Mark Sutton, reserve wrestlers struggled to salvage a losing season. Individuals managed to score high in the City Tourney. Steve Cala and Steve Burton took seconds; Bruce Miller, Jim Mount and Hugh Cornn earned fourths. A robust frosh team, also directed by Mr. Sutton, lost every match during the season, but finished fourth in the City meet. Ron Bennett acquired a first in the heavyweight division; second places were gained by Steve Owens and Duane Smoot; third place was won by Ron Gerald. RESERVE WRESTING 1969 Opponent Howe North Central 53 Cathedral 40 10 Chatard 42 8 Broad Ripple 32 28 Northwest 40 20 Manual 26 25 Washington 38 14 Shortridge 39 15 Tech 34 23 Wood 18 43 Arlington 47 5 Lawrence Central 33 33 FRESHMAN WRESTLING: front Row— Bob Prather, Gary Walters, Duane Smoot, Philip Horner, Steve Owens. Back Row — Richard Shadiow, Richard Simmons, Rick Longreich, Ron Bennett, John Boosinger, Ron Gerald. Not pictured — Coach Mr. Mark Sutton. FRESHMAN WRESTLING 1969 Opponent Howe Wood n 23 Woodview 40 15 Marshall 41 13 Broad Ripple 38 25 Cathedral 31 16 Shortridge 28 28 Northwest 41 11 Freshman Ron Gearlde endeaxoni. to pin his Broad Ripple competitor. 115 Coach Walker ' s Final Year Produces %m t - VARSITY TRACK TEAM: Front Row— Steve Chadwick, Lou Wolff, Steve Davis, Bruce Dobson, Jeff Martin, Mike Priest, Jeff Ber- tram, Charles Scharbrough, Charles Pettee, Jerry Bertram. Second Row — Al Koehring, Gordon Goodwin, Greg Kennelly, Gary Hub- bard, Gary Throckmorton, Dennis Findlay, Charles Welcher, Bill Taflinger. Third Row — Jeffrey Beeier, Mr. Richard McLeish, Assist- ant Coach, Mr. William Walker, Head Coach, Steve Henderson and Ralph Dick, Student Managers. 1 fc -4? Alan Koering prepares himself both physically and mentally before executing the important run preceeding his pole vault attempt. In the Attucks meet Bruce Dobson is al alone at the mile-run finish. 116 One Pole Vault, Two Relay Records A grimace and straining muscles demonstrate Greg Kennelly ' s determination to increase his jump as onlooi ers wait to measure his trial. Before Coach Bill Walker derided to leave Howe to become coach at Ft. Wayne ' s South Side High School his varsity track team set three new school records. Bill Tafflinger, Jeff Martin, Steve Davis and Gary Throckmorton set a 1:33.6 880 relay record, as Mike Priest, Charles Pettee, Jerry Bertram and Charles Scharbrough ran the mile relay in 3:27.8. City Champ Alan Koehring soared 12 ' 7 " for the pole vault mark. Snow limited the field to 55 teams at the Howe hosted Hoosier Relays in which Jim Aldrich, Steve Chad- wick, Bruce Dobson and Dennis Findley placed fourth in the two- mile relay finals. Howeites finished eighth in the 14 team City Meet. VARSITY TRACK 1968 Opponent H owe Bloomington 80 29 Lawrence Central 58 60 Broad Ripple 32 86 Manual 49 69 Marshall 21 % Attucks 77 40 Ben Davis 62 40 Southport 46 Washington Columbus 59 52 37 Franklin 64 53 Arlington 31 Senior Steve Davis demonstrates the winning high jump form executed by Dick Fosbur in the 1958 Olympic Games held in Mexico City. 117 Roster Changes Vary Reserve Scores Under the direction of Coach Bill Walker and Assistant Coach Dick McLeish, _the junior varsity team make-up varied from meet to meet vi ith the addition of ever improving members from the freshman team and promotion of reserves to the varsity squad. Winning only half of their dual meets and placing second and third in their t ' iagular meets gave the JV ' s a goal for next year. RESERVE TRACK 1968 Opponent Howe Lawrence Central 45 70 Determination to win a long distance event is evident in the faces of ail competitors even though Coach Bill Walker ' s attention is distracted. Broad Ripple Manual Attucks Ben Davis Southport Washington Columbus 33 70 I 591 2 581 2 I 65 65 1 32 1 82 3 « 461 2 56 451 2 RESERVE TEAM: Front Row— Paul Shelton, Hashman, Bill Dixon. Second Row— Steve Ward, Larry Whitmore. Third Row— Coaches Marty Lee, Gene Coyle, Mollis Becker, Dave Layman, Tim Boosinger, Tom Fritsch, Joe Dick McCleish and Bill Walker, Jeff Beeler. 118 FRESHMAN TRACK: front Row— Lenny Thornburg, Steve Reed, John Rader, Tracy Ellis, Dennis West, Bob Pyland, Peter Van Maaren, Bernie Fendiey, Randy Deane. Sec- ond Row— Byron Gott, Dave Utigard, Mike Becher, Kevin Houppert, Greg Alexander, John Lyons, Tom Boyd, Jack Bell, Dave Zimmerman. Third Row — Dan Poynter, Jerry Smith, Joe Easterday, Roger Brock, Rick Balsbaugh, Jim Byrne, Jim Holmes, Tom Summit. Fourth Row — Dennis Haygood, Gary Conway, Coach Bob Mitchell, Craig Reinhardt, Darel Dieringer, Barry Green. The large frosh class provided ample material for a good team. Talented Freshmen Set Six Records This year ' s freshman trackmen set six new records. Lenny Thorn- burg led the way earning two of the six, one in shotput with a heave of 36 ' , the other in the 440 with a time of :57.4. Joe Easterday set a new low hurdle record of :23.2. John Rader ran the 220 in 23.0; the 880 relay team ' s best time was 1:42.0. A pole vault record of 9 ' 6 " was earned by Mike Throckmorton. These gifted frosh won all four of their meets and finally tied for fifth place in the 17 team City Meet. A place on the varsity squad is sure to be available for those who con- tinue to compete. John Rader and Gary Throckmorton prove practice sessions can be strenuous. Joe Easterday exhibits excellent form as he flies over the first of the high hurdles in a record breakint; race. 119 VARSITY BASEBALL 1968 Opponent Howe Marshall 3 2 Scecina 2 4 Lawrence 8 7 Carmel 4 3 Tech 4 9 Attacks 10 Southport 1 6 Broad Ripple 7 4 Arlington 1 3 Warren 5 4 Northwest 2 4 Chatard 8 3 Ben Davis 3 Cathedral 4 3 North Central 5 1 Kennedy 1 6 Manual 1 Varsity Coach Jim Poalston plops to the ground to get a worms eye-view of senior Thomas Merriman ' s successful slide into third base. 10 — 10 Varsity Baseball Season Ends RESERVE BASEBALL 1968 Opponent Howe Marshall 3 Scecina 1 8 Lawrence Central 1 5 Tech 2 6 Attacks 1 Soathport 3 4 Broad Ripple 2 7 Arlington 3 Warren Central 4 5 Marshall 2 4 Northwest 1 10 Chatard 2 10 Ben Davis 4 5 Cathedral 4 North Central 8 5 Foot raised, muscles tight, reserve player Dennis Bruce, junior, awaits the pitchers next delivery on the Ellenberger Park diamond. 120 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: Front Row- Gregory Combs, Ronald Clark, Donald Britton, Gary Marshall, James King, Mark Miller. Second Row — Timothy Parcel, )ack Dunn, Steven Deane, Michael Fotiades, Alvin Rohrer, Gregory Kamp, James Merri- man. Third Row — Coach James Poalston, Mike Johnson, Donald Branham, Michael Wray,Gary Shirley, David Smith. With Third Game Loss In Sectionals Individual potential failed to give the varsity baseball team the inn- petus it needed for a winning sea- son. Named Most Valuable Player, junior Ron Clark pitched in 16 of 20 games, striking out 88 opposing batters. He and Don Britton ac- counted for eight of the team ' s ten wins. A loss to Marshall in the third game of the Sectionals gave the Hornets an even 10 win — 10 loss record. Britton missed the tourna- ment because of illness. Prospects for the ' 69 season lie with returning pitchers Clark, and Britton; Mike Fotiades, Greg Combs, Gary Marshall, Dave Smith and Dave Miller are experienced in the field and at bat. Coach Jim Poalston " hoids-up " Ron Clark after his three-bagger. A strong bench is a vital part of ans sports event. Fidget Hornet plaxers await their time at bjt as junior Ken Flynn begins his v arm up. 121 JV Boasts 1 1 — 3 Record; Junior Ron Clark delivers the pitch that struck out many capable opponents. Mr. Dick Patterson, science teacher and former frosh baseball coach, took over the reigns of the reserve squad in the spring of ' 68. Mr. Patterson, himself, once played for the Howe nine. Outstanding pitcher, Mike Wray, won seven of nine games he pitched. Larry Scharbrough had a 2 — record; Mark Miller went 1 — 0; and Dave Smith finished 2 — 1. Ken Flynn and Dan McNew topped the batting column. The squad lost to an Arlington nine, but two losses late in the season to Cathedral and to North Central squelched all hopes of winning the coveted City title. These games were Wray ' s only losses. As the Hornets committed five errors, the Panthers scored five unearned runs. A rainy spring cancelled games and made rescheduling difficult. RESERVE BASEBALL 1968 Opponent H owe Ben Davis 4 5 Chatard 2 10 Northwest 1 10 Warren Central 4 5 Marshall 2 4 Arlington 3 North Central 8 5 Cathedral 4 Marshall 1 Scecina 1 8 Lawrence Central 1 5 Tech 2 6 Southport 3 4 Broad Ripple 2 7 u RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM: First Row— Dennis Bruce, William Fleener, Gary Ellis, William Perry, Dennis Walston, Bradford Romerii, Raymond Leach. Second Row — Gary Evans, Dennis Chapman, Larry Schar- brough, Kenneth Flynn, Michael Wray, Dan- iel McNew. Third Row — Richard Patterson, reserve roach, Steven Christenberry, William Smoot, Steven McCormick. 122 Frosh Win Two In Abbreviated Season FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM: front Row- Randy Evans, Barry Green, Bob Pyland, Gerald Smith, Tracy Ellis, Dennis West. Sec- ond Row — Byron Gott, Ralph Piercy, Lenny Thornburg, John Lyons, Terry Fiynn, Greg Alexander. Third Row — Richard Balsbaugh, Tom Boyd, Jim Byrne, David Rogers, Jim Holmes, Mike Becher. Fourth Row — Mr. James Black, coach, Gary Conway, Hugh Cornn, Marlin Bottom, Dan Poynter. Freshmen athletes in the spring divided their schedule of practices and participation, running track during the early spring and play- ing ball during warmer weather. Wrestling mentor, Mr. Jim Black, coached both squads during his first year at Howe. He cited Lenny Thornburg, Mike Becher, Craig Reinhardt, and Tom Boyd for their outstanding individual ball han- dling abilities. Particularly disappointing was the garTie with Cathedral. Ahead 2 — as the ninth began, the Hornets let the Irish tie and go on to win. FRESHMAN BASEBALL 1968 Opponent Howe Creston 7 1 Arlington 6 9 Manual 3 Cathedral 5 3 Arlington 6 7 Northwest 6 5 Quick thinking and fast action set the pace for third baseman Dan Po nter ' s tagout ol an opposing Arlington runner. VARSITY GOLF 1968 Opponem t Howe Wood 12 Scecina 9 3 Cathedral 21 2 91 2 Washington 12 Tech 3 9 Arlington 41 2 71 2 Crispus Attacks 12 Chatard 5 7 Kennedy 2 10 Broad Ripple 5 7 Manual 1 2 111 2 Shortridge 12 Northwest 81 2 31 2 ' 4dimMsutt:tijf. % d mA:: ' M GOLF TEAM: Gary Barnard, Greg Graham, Tom Steffen, Dave Martin, Bruce Bottom , c a i;ii iS£ ii.£;Ii ' »l;a.: Not pictured — D. Richardson, R. Personett, B. Slater, B. Eshelman, G. Martin, B. Miller. Individual Records Contribute To Wins Under the direction of Coach Don Evans, social studies instructor, a team record of 11 wins and two losses were earned by 1968 golfers. Senior Brad Eshelman, the key figure this season, averaged 38.5 points per nine holes and 231 2 match points. He was named hon- orary captain and most valuable player. In the City Tournament the team placed fifth; Sectional play Sophomore Dave Martin demonstrates the precaution needed on the green. found Howe eleventh of 21 teams. Seniors dominate play this year; therefore, next year ' s squad will be lacking four of it ' s best. Upcoming sophomore lettermen Dave Martin and Bruce Bottom have proven, however, that age is of little im- portance with their 43.3 and 44.75 point average per nine holes, res- pectively. Home contests were played at Pleasant Run. .w " - " Noel Bewley, senior, offers moral and phy- sical support as caddy for classmate. Brad Eshelman. The sand wedge escapes the eye as Greg Graham swings through on the ball. 124 Frosh Sparks Tennis Team ' s Career TENNIS TEAM: Front Row— Paul Thomas, Timothy Scott, Barry Bruner, Timothy Smith. Second Row — William Smith, David Thomas, Rex Barrett, Coach Raymond Riley. Settlinj for a balanced season of seven wins and six losses, Mr. Ray Riley directed the tennis team for the second consecutive year. Number one man, freshman Paul Thomas, utilized his skill to take fourth in the City, become runner- up in the Southport Sectional, and win the Howe Invitational. Junior Bill Smith also won his invitational and placed third in the City com- petition. David Thomas, junior, was seeded second on the squad. Without a doubt Hornet tennis teams will be dependent on Paul Thomas to spark their future efforts. However, the entire team with the exception of graduating Craig Ped- rey, will return next year. TENNIS TEAM 1968 ■V Opponent Howe Scecina 6 1 Northwest 2 5 Washington 7 Cathedral 4 3 Tech 5 2 Ben Davis 4 3 Manual 5 2 Kennedy 7 Warren 3 4 Shortridge 1 6 Arlington 6 1 1 Crispus Attacks 1 6 Marshall 2 5 Winning determination is shown on the face of sophomore Ro B.irrett. His po sertul forehand swing won him the fourth-man position on the team. Sectional Champ Paul Thomas dispLn form he uses as No. 1 player on the team. 125 tht Team Effort Vital To Intramurals Varsity athletics cannot accom- modate all students interested in team competition. Intramural bowl- ing and basketball help bridge this gap for some. Junior Rick Hanson captured most of the single honors in the Monday afternoon bowling league at Play Bowl. Mr. Dick Patterson, sponsor, presented the team trophy to Rick, Dan Pearson, Rob Fawver and Gary Shirley. Marsha and Debbie Calvert, Carolyn Martin and Beth Bonn won the girls ' team trophy; Mary Ring, junior, had the highest aver- age. Mr. Errol Spears and Mr. David Richards sponsored the two basket- ball divisions. Ric Bennett ' s Pacers won the freshman-sophomore league; Pat Dugan captained the winning senior team. Concentration and determination symbolize the form of junior bowler Janet Dunn. Mr. Patterson, science teacher, attempts a lay-up although surrounded by seniors. In intramural competition players ' outfits are always varied and colorful. Teams are identified as " shirts " and " skins " instead of by numbers. ATHLETIC MANAGERS: First Row— Ronald Ratliff, Stephen Shawver, Mark Niedenthal, Lemuel Calvert, Ralph Dick. Second Row — David Pence, Michael Mitchell, Randall Lee, Christopher Pence, Steven Johns. Student Managers assist all coaches. I i M ' - " c ' " 0 , A flapping towel marks the hurried de- parture of Chris Pence from the floor. Dinkens Directs Student Managers Directed by Mr. Dale Dinkens, English teacher, the student man- agers served as one of Howe ' s im- portant teams. Cleaning used equip- ment, keeping scores and doing the troublesome jobs no one else had time for were activities performed well by this squad. Managers ' work began before school opened; it will end only after school is over. A team is only as strong as its weakest player, but coaches can create a winning team. Assigned to new coaching duties in the spring of 1969 were Mr. Dick Patterson, Mr. Jim Lynch and Mr. Richard Hughes, baseball; Mr. R on Fink- biner, tennis; and Mr. Billy Wood and Mr. Bill Farrell, track. COACHING STAFF: Mr. Samuel Kelly, Athletic Director, and Messrs. Richard Patterson, Dale Dinkens, Ron Finkbiner, James Lynch, Dave Stewart, Harrison Richard- son, Don Evans, Robert Mitchell. Tom Cousineau, Billy Wood, V illiam Farrell. Richard McLeish, James Stutz, Mark Sutton. Not pictured — Richard Hughes. 127 Could Talk About Underclassmen Beneath the Tower countless underclassmen have bled, sweat, toiled, and cried, hoping but not entirely believing that someday they would graduate. Frustrations were many for freshmen, who had to cope with tricky lockers and long homeroom periods. Sophomores acquired an amazing degree of self-confidence, having learned their way around the school. With the advent of college admissions tests and job applica- tions, self-consciousness returned to juniors. However, perseverence was rewarded with graduation for most Howeites. v y Frosh Plan Classes, Learn To Study In order to help freshmen become accustomed to high school life, stu- dents were enrolled in orientation, a course designed specifically for ninth graders. The second-semester program, entitled Vocational Infor- mation, helped to acquaint pupils with professional and occupational statistics important to their future careers. Freshmen became familiar with required and elective courses in order to assist them in the planning of their programs, an experience un- like anything else they had ever en- countered. This year ' s freshman class was the largest ever to enroll at Howe. The total of 725 students consists of 370 girls and 355 boys. Thirty-four new teachers joined the faculty. Awaiting the completion of Room 269 , pupNs study in the third floor auditorium lobby. Rooms 268 and 269 were opened to meet the demands of an increased enrollment. Orientation classes serve as study halls when students do not need counselling. Lisa Abel, Rana Acton, Ricky Adams, Denise Adkins, Lucinda Alexander, Cindy Ailee, Marsha Allgood, Rebecca Allseitz, Patti Amos, Robert Anderson Cynthia Archer, Rowena Archibald, Christo- pher Arvin, Lonny Ashley, Brenda Aus- brooks, Linda Ausbrooks, Susan Axsom, Joyce Bacon, Judith Bailey, Patricia Bailey Debbie Bair, Debbie Bakemeier, Anita Barrow, Terry Bartley, Carolene Bass, Jan Bassett, Bruce Bauer, Harold Baxter, Gary Bayne, Jim Beauchamp Nancy Bedwell, Jerry Beechler, Ronald Beineke, Ronald Bennett, Mark Benson, Marsha Benson, Bryan Berger, Tim Bewley, Patricia Biddle, Frances Billerman John Bingham, Jane Bippus, David Bishop, Jerry Blanton, Sherri Blizzard, Cheri Borne- man, Sue Boulais, Pam Bowen, Emory Bowers, Karen Brackin 130 While Adjusting To High School Life David Bradburn, Debbie Branstetter, Rita Bratcher, Susie Bright, Robert Bristow, Donna Brinson, Bruce Bromstrup, Jon Bronstrup, Danny Brown, Dennis Brown. Kevin Brown, Rita Browning, Becky Bryan, Clifton Bryan, Mike Bryan, Jack Bryant, Billie Faye Bucy, Jeff Buergelin, Randy Burchett, Deborah Burgert. Diana Burgess, Sandra Burke, Brenda Burgess, Melodi Burtnett, Gregory Burton, Sharon Butler, Sherrie Cagle, Rebecca Caldwell, Robin Caluza, Brenda Calvert. Harold Calvert, Lemuel Calvert, James Campbell, Lucky Carmean, Kathy Carpenter, Kevin Carr, Brenda Carrier, Debbie Carroll, Deena Carroll, Leonard Carson. Joe Carter, Larry Cary, Ray Chandler, Gloria Chapman, John Chapman, Dan Chappelow, Janie Cherry, Andrea Clark, Terry Clark, Tim Clark. Robert Cline, Robert Cline, Jim Cobb, Rod- ney Cobb, Kitty Cochran, Marjorie Coffin, Barry Cole, Bonnie Coleman, John Cole- man, Cathy Collett. Vivian Collins, Nancy Coljins, Al Comstock, Lawrence Conway, Frank Coonfield, Bev- erly Cornette, Janith Corwin, Gail Cotter- man, Phyllis Coughlen, Becky Cowden. Donna Cox, Lettie Craft, Jim Craigmiles, Cynthia Crews, Patricia Crites, Steve Crooke, Teresa Crouch, Kevin Culley, Janet Dammeyer, Philip Danforth. Colan Daniels, Jo Daugherty, Becky Davis, Jeanell Davis, Mardina Davis, Rosie Davis, Patti Dawson, Sheila Day, Al Dean, William Dean. Mark Decker, Teresa Dedrick, Dennis DeFur, Dan DeLay, Steve DeLury, Patricia Dentler, Susan DePew, Jana DeWitt, Brenda Dillard, David Dillard. Curt Dippel, Janet Dixon, Teresa Dixon, Becky Doane, Jon Dougleaf, Bonnie Dove, John Dowling, Nancy Dowling, Edgar Downey, James Downey. . . II " " FiS www III -,A - ' w m If e WWf H nJLn ! ii l .aj Lti •j-- 131 Proud Freshmen Look -( tt fW ra Mm Marsha Downey, Mary Doyle, Dianne Droeger, Lorrain Droke, Carolyn Duhamell, Charles Duke, Judy Duke, Pam Duke, Jef- frey Dunaway, Christopher Duncil Nancy Dunkin, Dennis Dunn, Phillip Dur- ham, Cynthia Eakins, Jackie Early, Robert Eckert, Charles Eddleman, Don Edens, Yvonne Edwards, Phillip Elder Maria Elias, Jennie Elliott, Rebecca Ellis, Charles England, Gilbert Ernst, Jacquelyn Fall, Mitchell Ferguson, Kevin Fisher, Deb- orah Flick, Doris Flora Jeff Flowers, Rick Fonseca, Michael Fox, Susan Fox, Helen Freeland, Robert Freeman, Mammie French, Jack Garard, Diana Gard- ner, Suzanne Garsnett Jere Gaskins, Ron Gearlde, Gloria Gentry, James Gibson, Mark Gibson, Rick Gibson, Stella Gilbert, Denyce Gillespie, Norma Gillespie, Janice Glover Lisa Godby, Greg Goodwin, James Gore, Karen Gorham, Charles Gott, Ellen Graham, Teresa Graves, Phillip Gray, James Green, Pam Green Freshmen Martha F4awkins and Paul Thomas rehearse for a one-act play. Freshmen cheerleaders exhibit cheers and add spirit to Frosh basketball games. Forward To Future Years At Howe Sue Green, Brian Griffin, Vicki Griffin, Dennis Grisley, Dan Groene, Sherry Groven- berry, David Hanes, Garry Handlon, Kathy Hansbrough, Mark Harold Joseph Hardin, Esther Hardman, Teresa Harlan, Richard Harper, Sue Harris, Patty Harrison, Terri Harson, Kathy Hart, Sue Hart, Tom Hartman Gilbert Harsin, Charles Hartle, Linda Hartnett, Robert Harton, Susan Hasseld, Martie Hawkins, Cheryl Hayse, Teresa Hed- rick. Sherry Hefler, Joseph Heidelman Linda Herron, Robert Herron, David Heshel- man, Ron Heustis, Debra Hibbard, Debra Hicks, Sheila Hicks, Thomas Hicks, Susan Hig- ginbotham, Linda Hild Diana Hill, Herschel! Hill, Demaris Hilligoss, Charles Hinkle, Phillip Hinton, David Hodge, Ronald Hofmann, Clarence Hogue, Rick Holdaway, Russ Hollenbaugh Ronald Hollon, Sherri Holly, David Hon, Allen Hood, Becky Horner, Philip Horner, Gale How ell, Adam Hudelson, Pam Huff- man, Maureen Hull WMH fS O ' R ! . I S Hb H ' ; ' ' " ? ' PlB : ] ( AS „V ilkkii d | r Karen Humphrey, Susan Hunt, Betty Hunter, Jim Hunter, Steve Hutcherson, Steve Hutch- inson, Don Hyfield, Lois Hylton, Donald Jackman, LaDonna Jackson Richard Jackson, Ruth Janes, Janet Jackson, George Jeffries, Carol Johnson, Cindy John- son, Karen Johnson, Michael Johnson, Warren Johnson, Mark Johnston Gary Joines, Dick Jones, Jana Jones, Julia Jones, Laura Jones, Ronnie Jones, Sandra Jones, Sandy Jones, Thomas Jones, Virginia Jones Debra Jump, Valarie Jung, Peggy Kaufman, Terri Kavanaugh, Jill Keers, Becky Kelley, Linda Kelley, Debbie Kelly, Alan Kemp, Deborah Kerr Mildred Kilburn, George King, Mary King, Paula King, Donna Kinnaman, Margaret Kinney, Debbie Kinsey, Robert Kirlin, Jill Kladden, Jerry Knowles - . TT , ip 7 v % s f " - F r i 133 Freshmen boys perfect their volley- ball (modern dance) skills during gym. Largest Freshman Class ' II Cheryl Koehring, Benny Kunkler, Rebecca Ladd, Carolyn Lain, James Lakin Mike Lakin, Dawn LaRue, Lisa Lauck, David Law, Sherri Lawrence Gay Lawson, Guy Lawson, Catherine Layman, Michael Layton, Laurie Leamon Linda Lee, Randy Lepper, Jerfold Leslie, Debra Levi, Mark Levi Charyce Lewis, Judy Lightfoot, Joanne Lob- dell, Elise Long, Rick Longerich, Donnita Louden, Helen Louell, Ann Lowe, Steve Lowe, Gary Lucas James Luedeman, Rebecca Luke, Karen Lyons, Kathy Lyons, Steven Lyons, Joseph Mabee, Gregory Maddox, Robert Maffett, Judy Ma- hurin, Sara Maki - Dala Mandabach, Reginald Manning, Yvonne Mansfield, Kenny Manson, Larry Markle, Barbara Marqua, Paula Martin, Larry Massey, Bruce Mathias, Steve Matthews Debbie Maudlin, Elizabeth Mays, Linda Ma- zur, Vicki McArthur, Stephen McClure, Craig McCullough, Jan McDaniel, Karen McDougal, David McGauhey, Henry McGill Mark McKim, Raymond McKim, Kevin Mc- Leish, Pamela McLeod, Jane Meade, Terri Medlin, Danny Meador, Marianne Metcalf, Kathy Meyers, Pamela Millay Marsha Miller, Mike Miller, Phillip Miller, Stephanie Miller, Tammy Minton, Tami Mitchell, Thea Mittendorf, Gary Morgan, Carol Montani, Anna Moore Gerald Moore, Lisa Moore, Michael Moore, Barbara Morgan, Wanda Morgan, Daniel Morris, Julie Morris, Carol Mount; Randy Mullins, Sherry Munday 134 Stampedes Into The Halls Of Howe Juanita Murphy, Teresa Naier, Danny Napier, Judy Nash, Glenova Neal, Shirley Neely, Vikki Nelson, Greg Nesbit, Brent Newkirk, David Nic e Jerry Nichols, Susie Nichols, Barbara Nickle- son, Mark Niedenthal, Russell Noel, Harley Nolan, Robin Norftill, Grant O ' Connell, Bob Oliver, Mollie O ' Neal Jeff Orme, Jenny Orme, Steven Ott, Deborah Overby, William Owens, Bill Pack, Beverly Paddock, Deborah Parker, Ralph Parker, Tim Parker Jerry Pastrick, William Patterson, Rober Paul- son, Robert Perez, Patricia Perryman, Victoria Petty, Gail Piers, Alice Piper, Ron Plowman, John Plummer Sharon Pollard, Vicki Pomeroy, Jerry Pomey, Daniel Potter, Debbie Poynter, Marilyn Poyn- ter, Terry Price, James Priest, Marcia Priest, Donna Pritchard Sharon Pruitt, Leonard Pruther, Dorie Queen, Victoria Quinn, Susie Raley, Robert Ramey, Gary Ransdell, Pam Rasor, Robert Ratliff, Michael Ray .M. . _ HBHMW PIS H H ■■mhhj h - ? Mark Reasoner, James Rector, Carol Reed, Doris Reed, Cindy Reese, Charles Reifeis, Ei- leen Reilly, Elaine Reiily, Beth Reintjes, Cyn- thia Renfro Alan Reynolds, Ann Reynolds, Robin Reynolds, Darryl Rhodes, Margaret Richard- Son, William Richardson, Sheila Richey, Steve Richter, Terry Rickard, Gail Rigsby Bonita Roark, Michael Robbins, Sherry Rob- bins, Carole Roberts, Cheryl Robertson, Marsha Rodman, Carolyn Rogers, Linda Rogers, Rick Rogers, Nancy Rood Cynthia Ross, Darrell Rowlett, Mark Ryan, Louie Saba, Toni Salter, Penny Sanders, Rus- sell Sarfaty, Gary Sayer, Kevin Scheib, Fred Schilling Kenny Schnell, Adeena Scott, Alice Scott, Charles Scott, Jetta Sears, Mary Sears, Carl Sechrest, Sherry Self, Richard Shadiow, Deb- bie Shake 135 Experience Best Teacher For Frosh -■ « " Becky Shannon, Priscilla Sharp, Eric Shawver, Dennis Shepherd, Phillip Sherrill, David Sher- ron, Greg Shideler, Douglas Shockley, Mary- anne Shockley, Becky Short Mark Shrum, William Short, Sandy Showal- ter, Linda Showalter, Mark Sievers, Becky Signnond, Richard Simmons, Michael Skaggs, Rhonda Skirvin, Donna Slinker Joanne Smartz, James Smith, Lona Smith, Robert Smith, Scott Smith, Duane Smoot, Tereasa Snider, Donna Snodgrass, David Snyder, Shawna Snyder Caria Soden, Jacquelyn Southern, Barbara Spain, Teresa Spangler, Debbie Spelich, Jerry Spiegel, Joyce Sprinkle, Christine Stales, Fred Stanford, Clenanna Starling Steven Steele, Charlotte Steenbergen, Bren- da Stephens, MaryAnn Stewart, Robert Stewart, Richard Stonebraker, Liann Storm, Thomas Strickland, Bruce Stroud, Terry Strouse Terry Stump, Stephanie Sutherland, Stacy Swift, Norman Syfert, Marianne Taflinger, Roger Taylor, Todd Taylor, Armin Tepner, Barbara Thompson, Cathy Thompson Freshmen John Boosinger and Sue Boulais have a discussion about the day ' s activities on the front stairs. 136 Who Must Adjust To Howe Activities A variety of thoughts pass through the minds of freshman basketball team mem- bers. Howe won the first game of the City Tourney against Shortridge, but the team later lost to Arlington, which was unde- feated previous to the tournament. Connie Thompson, Ralph Thompson, Jeff Titus, Patti Toms, Barbara Trinkle, Steve Trout, Kenneth Truex, Theresa Tucher, Bil- lie Tucker, Cynthia Tuttle. Kathy Tweedy, Caria Tyler, Barbara Ul- rich. Randy Vance, Julie VanCieave, David Vawter, Gerald Venne, Clara Viney, Sandra Wade, Pamela Wahl. Patricia Wahl, Vera Wall, Jack Wallace, Gary Walters, Gary Ward, Suzanne Ware, Mickie Waterman, Sidney Watts, David Weatherford, Steven Weida. Clifford Weir, Marilyn Welch, Cecilia West, Debbie West, Cathy Whitfield, Gerald Whit- ham, Shawn Whitridge, Randy Whitaker, Doug Willard, Eugene Williams. Janice Williams, Kathy Williams, Larry Wil- liams, Ariel Wilson, Stephanie Wilson, Terry Winebarger, William Withem, CarIa Wood, Terry Woodbury, Mike Wootan. Carol Yager, Peggy Yarbery, Gail Yates, Richard Young, Tom Young, Penny Zander, Joe Zucco, Paula Zukowski, Kim Zylstra. V Afllkii .r. T il 137 Sophs Complete Required Jo Ann Jones displays her handiwork, which is not only beautiful but also useful. For the first time this year, soph- omores purchased class rings in- stead of having to wait until their junior year. The class of 71 was exempt this year from the usual insect collec- tion. Instead, they contributed to a class collection. Sophomores did hand in the customary vocational themes in English 3 and leaf collec- tions in biology. Members of the sophomore class participated on a City Cham- pion basketball team. The boys showed great potential and are expected to be important members of next year ' s reserve and varsity squads. Being completely oriented, the sophomores proved to be useful guides for the freshmen. Leafing through programs, Mr. Robert Hes- song discusses changes with a counselee. Bennie Abbott, Brenda Abney, Roger Adams, Gregory Alexander, Ida Allen, Jim Allen, Virginia Andrews, Steven Applegate, Kathy Armstrong, Robert Arnold. Brenda Asher, Carol Bailey, Donavon Bailey, Dru Baker, Debbie Ballard, Dave Barber, Gary Barger, Rita Barger, Ricky Barry, Deb- bie Bartholomew. Rachel Bass, James Beaty, Michael Becher, Sharon Belcher, Jack Bell, Kathleen Bell, Richard Bennett, Bobbi Bergdoll, Patti Berg- er, James Billermar. John Bishop, David Blackburn, Teena Blines, Cheryl Biythe, Cheryl Boekankamp, Gerald Boekankamp, Donna Bogie, Debra Booker, Marlin Bottom, Pamela Bowen. Connie Boyce, Thomas Boyd, Thomas Boyd, Charles Brandt, Debbie Breedlove, Roger Brock, Beth Brown, Carol Brown, Debra Brown, Dena Brown. Harry Brown, Richard Brown, Betty Bryan, Anita Brydon, Linda Burgess, Deborah Butler, Rose Byrd, Jim Byrne, Roberta Caddell, Chris Cain. Steven Caluza, Marsha Calvert, Karen Carp, Nancy Carter, Terry Cartwright, John Carver, Susan Charlock, Louie Chaney, Ronald Church, David Clark. 138 Vocational Themes; Buy Class Rings Marilyn Clark, Tom Clark, Sheila Clay, Mike Cohee, Cheryl Coller, Randall Collins, Susan Collins, Barton Combs, Beverly Con- dra, Bill Cook. John Cordell, Lewis Corey, Roger Cornelius, Hughie Cornn, Wanda Cotner, Elaine Covert, James Cowherd, Janet Cowgill, Kathy Cramer, Donna Craven. Vickie Crenshaw, James Crews, Terry Criss, Frank Cross, Robert Dailey, Darlene Dalton, Patty Danner, David Dean, Joan DeBoo, William Deeter. Bonnie Derington, Bob Derwin, Paula Dick- enson, Darel Dieringer, Patrick Dillon, Terry Doan, Dale Dobbs, Kandi Doll, Ronald Don- ley, Michelle Dose. Kerry Doughty, Homer Downie, Mickey Dun- can, James Durham, Jackie Dych, Joe Easter- day, Joseph Eaton, Marlene Eaton, Chris Eden, David Edwards. Herb Egan, Richard Egan, Steve Ehrgott, Tracy Ellis, Rhonda Elmore, Jeanne Elsey, Phil England, James Ervin, Charlotte Esteb, Randall Evans. f -xA ' ' , W ' w i Of kik Kenneth Evens, Louise Farmer, Bernie Fend- ley. Rick Finn, Terry Flynn, Patti Foley, John Foster, Teri Fox, Darryl Fulton, Larry Gambill. Monte Gardner, Bridget Garland, Sandy Garrett, Patti Gause, Steve Geralds, Deborah Gibson, Charmayne Gillespie, Susie Godby, Pamela Goldsberry, Elizabeth Gonzalez. Bob Gott, Karen Grace, Larry Grandison, Jeff Gray, Barry Green, Claudette Green, Beverly Gross, Sherry Grove, Cathy G ' Sell, Dave Gunning. David Hagy, Barbara Hahn, John Hahn, Robert Hallett, Danny Hammer, Sandra Hampton, Barbara Hannemann, Diana Har- lan, Gary Harlow, Jim Harold. Judy Harrison, Ernie Harsin, Debbie Hartle, David Hartley, Susie Hatfield, Bradley Haugh, Pam Hawkins, Denny Haygood, Carol Henderson. ,ki 139 Sophomores Look Forward To Junior Roxanne Hicks, Janice High, David Hillen- burg, Pamala Hilligoss, Tom Hines, Amy Hodge, Jim Holmes, Kathy Hopkins, Kevin Houpert, Richard Huddleston. Charles Hughes, Joyce Hutchinson, Janet Hutton, Daniel Inman, Debi Jackson, Jill Jackson, Anne Jacobi, Ann Jeffries, Mary Jenson, Steve Jewell. Leslie Johnson, Teresa Johnson, Jo Ann Jones, Victoria Keetay, Steven Kelshaw, Daniel Kerkhoff, Karl Kerkhoff, Thomas Kerr, Richard Kingsbury, Michael Kinney. Lyiene Kirkwood, Eugene Klein, Debbie Knoop, David Knoy, Robert Koschka, Peter Kostarides, Robin Kraeszig, Ralph Kubiak, Richard Kutche, Margaret Ladd. Marjorie Ladd, Whitney Lake, Andrea Lamb, Kenneth Lane, Betty Lanman, Garry Larison, Janice Laughlin, Pamela Launer, Paula Launer, Leslie Leamon. Joseph Lee, Phyllis Lee, Joyce Lesnet, Janice Likens, Guenter Linde, John Loomis, Donna Lott, Michael Louden, Kurt Loy, Randall Luke. Rocinda Luke, David Lutz, Daniel Lyons, John Lyons, Kenneth Maddox, Barbara Mad- inger, Sharon Malberg, Mary Mandrell, Daniel Maners, Janice Martin. Marcia Mathies, Steven Mathis, Edward Mat- thews, Janis Maudlin, Carol Maxfield, Larry May, Ann McClure, Katherine McCotter, Beverlee McCoy, Wilma McCullah. Kevin McGovern, Janice Mcintosh, Teresa McLaughlin, Angela McLeod, Daniel Mc- Mahon, Roger McNeill, Julie McNew, Timothy McPherson, Theodore McQuade, Linda McQueen. Rebecca McWilliams, Ronald Meadows, Pa- tricia Medcalfe, Cheryl Mee, Dwight Meyer, Loudene Miller, Sharon Miller, Robert Min- dach, JoAnne Mitchell, Darylin Mitten- dorf. William Monroe, Daniel Monschein, Jeffrey Moore, Janet Morand, Jacqueline Morgan, Steven Morgan, Elizabeth Morris, Michele Mosley, Doreen Mowrey, Linda Mowrey. 140 Year As Upperclassmen Dawn Moxey, James Murphy, Jodi Murphy, Robert Muse, Michael Neal. Steven Neal, Roger Nelson, Jack Nickelson, Patty Nickolaus, Sheila Nicholson. Vicky Nicholson, Vickie Lynn Nicholson, Paul Niemann, Edward Noel, Keith Noland. Alice Noxon, Gary O ' Connell, Marcia Oliver, Debbie Oney, Kathy Orr. Penny Overstreet, James Owensby, Barbara Pash, Ronald Pastrick, Randy Patee, Michael Pattison, James Peacock, Jacque Peavler, Laura Pence, Lissa Perdue. Steve Peters, Ralph Piercy, Linda Piers, Michael Pierson, David Piland, Suzanne Pink- man, Neil Pinney, Patricia Plowman, David Poling, Charles Pollard. Anita Powers, Daniel Poynter, Cornelia Preuss, Sherrie Price, Diane Prieshoff, Vir- ginia Pryor, Robert Pyland, Liliana Quinones, Joseph Quinn, John Rader. Katherine Ragland, Robert Rainbolt, Steve Reed, William Reed, Gary Reever, Craig Reinhardt, Judy Reinken, Bobbie Repphan, Daniel Richardson, Cynthia Rider. Angela Riggs, Marie Riley, Juditth Rippeth, Michael Roark, Carol Robards, Kim Robert- son, Eric Robinson, Beth Robling, Donald Rogers, Lyndon Rogers. John Rosebrock, Terry Roth, Terry Rowlett, Martin Rupe, Carletta Rush, Mark Russell, William Rutan, Pamela Rutter, Theresa Sadowicz, Chris Salter. James Sanders, Pamela Sanders, Stephen Scanlon, Michael Schlenz, Steve Schmidlin, Beverly Schroering, Gary Scott, Jack Scott, Janice Scott, Theresa Scott. 11 I Volleyball unexpectedly proves to be a strenuous sport for p.e. underclassmen. m » ijf W .at ' ' 4ikti AHl ,3l r--?.J 141 Oriented Sophs Provide Useful Tips I All . , BH H ,1 1 HHRHH x ,j m Xx -- m. --j - ' ' i n y .-■ . if ' W . _, i-: ' . ' :, Members of the reserve basketball team are pe nsive as the City Tourney begins Little knowing that they would win the first game against Shortridge, they went on to win the Gaylene Seeman, Becky Sehr, Nicholas Sgro, Felicia Sharp, Deborah Sherrill, Don Shockney, Paul Short, Rebecca Shriner, Den- nis Shrum, Mike Simmons. Linda Simpson, Anita Skees, Gerald Smith, Janet Smith, Kandy Smith, Marsha Smith, Nancy Smith, Patty Snider, Paula Sommers, Michael Spears. Teresa Spears, Mary Spegal, Herbert Spran- kle, Michael Sprinkle, Kenneth Stanley, Kathy Stapp, Linda Steffen, Gary Steinbuch, Jane Stephenson, Connie Stevens. Marie Stickle, Mark Stiles, Lewis Storm, Paul Storm, Cynthia Strahle, Bill Striby, Tom Striby, Debbie Stuck, Kathryn Struck, Donald Sulgrove. Larry Swan, Kathy Sylvia, Delbert Taylor, Annette Tepner, Chuck Terrill, Tommy Terry, Jim Thomas, Marcia Thomas, Paul Thomas, Charles Thompson. Margie Thompson, Mike Thompson, Pamela Thompson, Richard Thompson, Dan Throck- morton, Mike Throckmorton, Talta Toms, Dale Toon, Bill Totten, Roger Umbarger. David Utigard, Barbara VanHooser, Peter VanMaaren, Mary Ventura, Leah Verhines, Rick Vernon, Vikki Vest, Jeff Veteto, Cheryl Walker, Mary Wade. Tom Walker, Rex Walkup, Steve Warfield, Debbie Warner, Diana Watson, Dennis Weaver, Randy Webb, David Weintraut, Dennis West, Jack Wheatley. tournament, in which 16 schools competed for the city title. For Bewildered Freshmen Learning the fundamentals of cooking is an interesting project for Anita Skees. wl fe m L _iL C fc . • ' SFj ,-■ m Sdt WHtttt i BMk £ tM P K i Taking a break from classroom stucJies, enthusiastic students relax at the first shoe hop, which was held in the cafeteria after the Howe-Northwe st football game. Cindy Burgess labels parts of a cravtish in biology, a required science course. Dennis White, Gregory White, Mary Whited, Steve Whitlock, Donald Wildrick, Gary Wiley, Robert Wilkerson, Mark Willey, Arlene Williams, Pamela Williams. Teressa Williamson, Daniel Wilmore, Mar- garet Wilson, Michelle Wilson, Becky Windsor, Rhonda Withem, Paul Woerner, David Wolfe, Steven Wolton, Lisa Wood. Jerry Woodlee, Dennis Wootan, Debbie Worley, Anne Wrancher, Steven Wright, Debbie Wynn, Janice Wynne, Richard Wy- song, Ronald Yager, Rebecca Yocum. Judy Zander, Kathy Zelenak, Daniel Zim- mermann, David Zimmerman. t3 ' ' 11 " ri " j: f . T f ' f ■ -i m ' 143 Rick Rogers, a mecKanical drawing student, utilizes geometric constructions. " A horse of a different color " is field by Ron Buckler, Helen Hudson, Joyce Cox, and Ron Spice at the 1968 " Turnabout Twirl. " The theme of the dance was " Carnival. " Juniors Face Chemistry, College Boards Being an upperclassman for the first time is a wonderful thing, as all juniors know. Wearing a class ring, taking College Boards, plan- ning a unique Prom, these are all part of a junior ' s year. Although the class of 1970 was one of the biggest and busiest ever, juniors still found time to play on varsity teams, participate in PRV and take the ail-important SAT test. During the year, they were Junior Penny McCreary demonstrates the effect of TV commercials in her PRV act. initiated into various honor socie- ties; 3 representatives from the class were elected Football and Basketball Homecoming Queens and Winter Wonderland King. Many were active in school organi- zations; talented students partici- pated in musical and dramatic productions. Being active did not keep the juniors from studying hard. In spite of chemistry many earned honor roll status. Sergeant-major Robert Fawver receives the " Knockout Drill " medal from Sergeant Bascom Perdue and Dr. Harry Nagle. 144 Juniors Look Forward To Senior Status Jim Adams, Mike Adams, Robert Albright, Susan Aldrich, Landa Alexander, Judy Al- ford, Mike Allee, Nellie Allseitz, Debbie Archer, Darrell Arthur. Pamela Ausbrooks, Joy Babb, Sam Back, Mary Bailey, Roger Bailey, Barry Baker, Richard Balsbaugh, Gary Barnard, Toni Barnes, Richard Burnett. Louise Barr, Rex Barrett, Gary Barton, Pam Baskerville, Charlene Bass, David Baugh, Bonnie Bayne, Robert Beasley, William Beck, Peggy Becklehimer. Pam Beckham, Patricia Beem, Bethany Berger, Johan Bernard, Jeff Beeler, Dale Bewley, Kathy Beyer, Carol Black, Debbie Blackmon, Roger Blake. Barbara Bone, Curt Boram, Bruce Bottom, Rebecca Boucher, Barbara Bowen, Dave Boyd, Tom Boyd, Mary Bradley, Teresa Brammann, Robert Breidenbach. af£P?l2?5ft Scenes around the Howe campus provide subjects tor Marsha Feldhakes sketch. In a demonstration speech in English class, juniors Joe Snodgrass, Bill Storie, Larry Schar- brough, and Craig Reed illustrate the strategy of a " T " formation. 145 Junior Athletes Aid Winning Season; llkUM Sharon Brinson, Kenneth Britt, Ralph Brooks, Bill Brown, Darryl Brown, Terry L. Brown, Dennis Bruce, Ken Bruce, Rose Bruce, Barry Bruner. Roseanna Burtnett, James Burton, Steve Burton, Nina Butcher, Alma Cade, Steve Cala, Brenda Cantrell, Elbert Cardwell, Wil- liam Carson, Mike Carter. Debbie Cassidy, Rhonda Cazula, Darryl Chadwick, Dennis Chapman, Laina Chap- man, Shirley Cherry, Syndie Cherry, Carol Christ, Steve Christenberry, Dan Clark. Marcus Clark, Marsha Clark, Bill Clemens, Nancy Cline, William Cline, Rebecca Cling- erman, Vicki Cobb, Karen Cody, Phil Coffin, William Coffman. Betty Cole, James Combs, Gary Conway, George Cooper, Phyllis Cornelius, Danny Cornette, Jay Cotterman, Beth Coughlen, Joyce Cox, Susan Cox. Patty Craft, Diane Crinshaw, Candyce Crock- ett, Robin Cross, Terri Cross, Mike Crowe, Ronald Dalton, Christine Danforth, Linda Daniel, Jim Dawson. Larry Dawson, Richard Dawson, Denise Day, Randy Deane, Kathleen DeBoo, Lynda De- Groot, Thomas DeLay, Nancy DeFur, Ralph Dick, Miki Dobbs. Junior girls took full advantage of the bell- bottomed trousers that came back into style this winter and utilized mops and buckets for props in their interpretation of " Honey Bun. " A similar act appeared later in " South Pacific. " Help Earn JV City Basketball Title Manager David Pence and Bill Dixon seem enthralled by the action on the field. Visitors at the Speak Easy, the members of the 1969 HILLTOPPER staff, dance the Charleston to the tune of " Thoroughly Modern Millie " at the " Brown and Gold. " Bruce Dobson, Stephen Doehlman, Tim Dowling, John Downey, Jim Downing, Rosa- lyn Droke, Stephen Duhamell, Patti Dulin, Brenda Duncan, David Dunn. Janet Dunn, John Easley, John Easterday, Joyce Edwards, Rick Ehrgott, Gary Ellis, Terrie Ellis, Gary Elsey, Robin Endsley, Jua- neeta Ervin. Carolyn Eshelman, William Ehbanks, Gary Evans, Pamela Evans, Sue Evans, Tom Evans, Deborah Fangmeier, Walter Farmer, Kevin Farrell, Maria Faryna. Robert Fawver, Marsha Feldhake, Kathleen Fiesel, Dennis Findlay, Bill Fleener, Liz Flod- der, Wayne Flora, Kenny Flynn, Terry Fos- night, Kyle France. Bob Fredrick, Debbie Freeman, Frank French, Sally Frick, Kathryn Frisbie, Patty Fuehrer, Mike Fuller, Perry Cann, Carol Gardner, Kathy Garrett. Rick Garsnett, Denise Gearns, Harold Giesek- ing, Doug Goff, Mike Golden, Homero Gonzalez, Martha Graves, Vickie Graves, Jennie Gray, Ruth Grever. K ' -- III ' 147 Carefully pinning selvages together, junior Ruth Lamberg will next place the pattern. John Grissom, Kitty Gustin, Sheila Gwin, Vickie Guyne, Matt Hagans, Bobby Hall, Dave Hall, Judy Hammer, Ralph Hampton, Kathy Hanes. Kimberii Hankins, Patty Hanrahan, Rick Han- son, Mary Hardman, Nesa Harold, Pam Har- rell, Toni Harrigan, Donna Harris, Peggy Harris, Roxanne Harris. David Harter, Dan Hartill, Terry Hartnett, David Hashman, Dave Hauser, Denise Hayes, James Hayes, Phyllis Haymaker, Wiima Hedge, Becky Hedrick. Steve Heffernan, Vicki Heitzman, Sandy Henderson, Kathy Henry, Chris Henshaw, Brenda Herron, Mark Hidinger, Carol Higgin- botham, Mike Hilbert, Michael Hill. Garry Hodge, John Hogue, Brian Hoke, Patty Holland, Judy Hollenbaugh, Lester Hollon, Horst Holstein, Steve Hoover, Judy Horn, John Horner. Brian Houppert, Barbara Hoyt, Gary Hub- bard, Helen Hudson, Katrina Hughes, Patrick Hull, Sandra Hunt, Randel Hutchinson, Janet Hyfield, Chuck Jackman. Kathy Jeffers, Vernon Jeffries, Bob Jennings, Sally Jenson, Sandra Jent, Steve Johns, Bonnie Johnson, Debby Jones, Deborah Jones, Donna Jones. Kenneth Jones, Ruth Jones, Teresa Jump, Simone Kadel, William Kahl, Kathy Kalias, Jacqueline Keagy, Larry Keene, Rebecca Kelley, Terri Kertes. Mary Kiemeyer, Bob King, Dick King, Eileen King, Kevin Kinnee, Pam Kladden, Marsha Knight, Steve Knoy. 148 Class Of ' 70 Captures Many Titles Angelo Kostarides, Robert Kramer, Hans Kraemer, Elaine Kretheotis, Lorraine Kunk- ler, Elissa Lackey, Margaret Laffey, Susan La- follette, Ruth Lamberg, Don Laswell. Mary Lau, James Lauman, Gregory Law, Mike Lawrence, Steve Lawrence, Eilene Layman, Raymond Leach, Bonnie Lee, Marcia Lee, Randy Lee. Jo Legg, Vicki Leininger, Charlene Lemons, Yuvonne Lequire, Charles Lewis, Everett Lewis, John Licking, Stephanie Liddle, Carol Lingenfelter, Patricia Liscomb. Ralph Litz, Susan Lobdell, Nicholas Long, Roxanne Long, Jerry Lovelady, David Loyd, Becky Lucid, Nancy Ludwick, Joyce Luede- man, Robert Lynch. Brenda Lynette, Judy Lytle, Jean Maddrill, Wanda Magness, Mark Mahan, Gayle Ma- loney, Cindy Marendt, Patty Marendt, Tom Marendt, Dan Marshall. Dave Martin, Dave Martin, Margaret Martin, Debbie Maudlin, Diana Maudlin, Thomas Mazur, Norman McClain, Becky McClary, Steve McCormick, Terry McCoy. Penny McCreary, Sharon McDaniel, Pat McFearin, James McGauhey, Greg Mc- Guffey, John Mcintosh, Debbie McKay, Dan- ny McNew, Dennis McPherson, Charles Meadows. Bob Melling, Ralph Merkle, Steve Messer, Tom Milburn, Danny Milhon, Bruce Miller, Eric Miller, Mark Miller, Roger Miller, Den- nis Minton. Mike Mitchell, Kent Mocas, Steve Money, Debbie Montani, Pamela Monroe, Owen Moody, Cathy Moore, John Moore, Virginia Moore, Mary Moorehead. m " Animals " from the Bo s ' Ensemble rehearse their arrangement of " De nlmJl -Nre Comin ' " for PRV. Initiations Into Honor Societies m John Moran, Melanie Morgan, Linda Mor- ton, Rita Morris, Edward Morrow, Jim Mount, Ramona Murphy, Terry Murphy, Tom Myers, Margaret Neal. Diana Neely, Randy Nesbit, George Nie- mann, Kevin Nolan, Karen Oberlies, John O ' Conner, Bonnie Ogden, Suzanne Ohmit, Carilyn Oliver, Ron Orr. Don Osborn, Linda Overstreet, Jim Owens, Sonjia Paddock, Denise Page, Caria Palmer, Grant Parker, John Parker, Jeff Paulson, Cinda Payne. Linda Payne, Donna Peak, Cathy Pedrey, Mark Peek, David Pence, Lynda Perdue, Susan Perkins, Julie Perry, Willie Perry, Randy Personett. John Petty, Susan Petzl, Mary Peterson, Kathy Phelps, Milan Phillabaum, Sharon Pierce, Glen Piersen, Annabelle Pollock, Thomas Poliom, Thomas Polston. Laurel Pope, Jim Powell, Terri Poynter, David Presti, Jana Pritz, Karen Quinn, Donna Raasch, Debbie Radford, Tony Ragonesi, Concetta Raimondi. Gary Rash, Terry Rash, Ronnie Ratliff, Laura Reasoner, Donna Reifeis, Craig Reed, Susan Reilly, Betty Rennard, Tammy Rhodes, Linda Richardson. Stan Richter, Mike Rider, David Riddle, Mitchell Riggs, Mary Ring, Patricia Robards, Robert Robbins, Roxanne Roberts, Sally Robinson. Terri Rodman, David Rogers, Judy Rogers, Mark Rogers, Brad Romeril, Michael Ross, David Ruddick, Paul Rugenstein, Mike Sanders. Crew members Charlene Bass and Paula Dickensen make up two dancers for PRV. Practice sessions are required for the crew. Form Important Part Of Third Year Kathleen Scanlon, Larry Scharbrough, Rita Schilling, Kent Scott, Penny Scott, Leonard Seeman, Linda Shafer, Gary Shake, Craig Shaker, Stephen Shawver. Richard Shelley, Judy Shemwell, Wendall Short, John Shurts, Harold Simmons, Nanci Skaggs, Sheila Smalling, Jackie Smalling, Nina Smiiko, Dana Smith. Debra Smith, Frances Smith, Herbert Smith, Linda Smith, Ray Smith, Steven Smith, Tim Smith, Timothy Smith, William Smoot, Dana Snider. John Snider, Robert Snider, Joe Snodgrass, Charmi Snyder, Cindy Snyder, William Staf- ford, Rose Stanbrough, Rosemary Snyder, Byron Spice, Lois Stanley. Patty Statzell, Kevin Steele, Daniel Steen, Mike Steenbergen, Tom Stevens, Randy Stine, Leclarice Stinson, Gladys Stitt, Bill Storie, Christine Struck. Martha Struck, Cynthia Stuckey, William Sturm, MaryEllen Sullivan, Tom Summit, Dan Taylor, Roger Tepner, Rex Thomas, Sherry Thomas, Lon Thompson. Jana Throckmorton, Paul Toms, Martha True- blood, Margie Turner, Lucinda Tuttle, Kay Unsworth, Janice Vawter, Becki Vermillion, Dan Vermillion, Vicki Vermillion. Lynda Vest, Beverly Walker, Janice Wall, Verna Wall, Dennis Walston, Beth Walters, Jenifer Ward, Jerry Ward, Larry Warner, Charles Watkins. Rodney Weintraut, Melanie Wells, Bob Westbrook, Debbie White, Peggy White, Walter White, Louise Whitehurst, Larry Whitmore, Mike Wieneke, Donald Wiley. Robert Willard, Diane Williams, Mary Wil- liams, Ray Williams, Gerald Wilson, Gary Winko, Lotus Wishmeyer, Rita Witt, Darrell Wolven, Becky Wood. Richard Wood, Lonnie Woodrum, Henry Wren, Richard Wren, Darlene Yager, Pam Yount, Jane Zander, Gary Zilson, Karen Zil- son, Stephen Zylstra. AilUi ' ' 4rw Mil lift 4,i ikiiiiil Ul 4tk ' ' ill W ' warn jp g " jji |Pl f {--% | ,WP iip f W P H filk 4ife i 151 If The Tower Could Talk About Seniors As the Tower gazed down on graduation ceremonies this year, it witnessed the climax of high school careers and the beginning of the " future " for new alums. Seniors will recall that in their last year astronauts circled the moon, hearts were transplanted, the Pueblo ' Crew was returned, and young men continued to serve their country in Vietnam. Through all crises and triumphs, the Tower serenely guarded its seniors. Many grads will now pursue col- lege careers; others will marry, and still others will begin working and " living in the world. " w n Seniors Elect Committees; Add Two Officers To Serve J.. K -j a i JiL Jerry Bertram President Nancy Keppler First Vice-President Charles Pettee Second Vice-President By the time a student reaches senior status, time passes too quickly. September brought the election of officers and committees. " Outward Bound " , the 1969 Senior Play, broke sales records with its performance in November. Any senior who had paid his class dues attended the Senior Winter Party in early December. Prior to the change of semester in January, the class was measured for caps and gowns. March saw the seniors unite against the faculty and underclassmen at the yearly Senior- Faculty basketball game. Plans for the second annual senior week in May were climaxed with the Spring Party on the senior ' s last full day of school. Long awaited Vespers and Commencement brought the sen- ior ' s high school career to an end. Sandra Dobbs Secretary Mark Watkins Treasurer Jerry Stockdale Assistant Treasurer Karia Pannell Alumni Secretary Pamela McKim Assistant Alumni Secretary COLORS COMMITTEE: f rst Row— Cynthia Gray, Kathy Shaw, Cheryl Wieneke. Second Row — Karen Lawson, Mike Bair, Meredith Craig, Charles Pettee, Roberta Skelton. CONSTITUTION: Charles Scharbrough, Linda Christenberry, Carol Williams, Paula Barnes, Donna Tourney, Marilyn Duhamell, KarIa Kraeszig, Louise Goens, Jerri Moody. 154 Karen Abbott Mary Abbott Jeanie Adams Kav Adwell James -Mdrich James Alender Danny Alexander Julia Alexander Randv Allen Joella Alltjood David Amburn Thomas Amos Jerry Anderson Jessie Anderson Michael Archer Gary Armstrong Paul Askins Terrill Atherton Michael Bair Frank Baker John Baker Douglas Balfour Paula Barnes Barbara Ba ne Sandra Bechold 155 Mollis Becker Mary Berger Lauren Black Alberta Boillat Perry Bourne Jo Becklehimer Susan Berger Judy Blackford Maribeth Bonn Janice Boyd Sally Beechler Dorothea Bernard Lita Blair David Booher Joyce Boyd Patricia Beitz Jeffrey Bertram Linda Bockweg Timothy Boosinger Cathleen Bradburn Jimmie Bennett Phyllis Bhend Karen Boekankamp Bonnie Botts Paula Branaman 156 Seniors Crown Faculty Royalty King Mr. Patterson admires his medal as Cordon Goodwin crowns Mrs. Kaiser Faculty Queen. i . iMt drAA VI ' Joe Burchett Larry Burger Donald Britton Sherrv Brock Ann Bromstrup Deborah Calvert Connie Canada Keith Brooks Joseph Brown Sharon Brou n William Brown Nancy Bruner David Br don Janice Butrum Stephen Button Alan Cain Kevin Carter Diane Car Rhonda Cazula 157 Subdued Lights, Music Enhance May Formal Candidates for the 1969 Junior Prom included Queen Sally Jensen, Jerry Bert- ram, Kathleen Kinney, Mark Watkins, Barbara Bayne, Bert Perez, Jane Van Horn, and King Andy Wysong. The theme was " Love Is Blue " . Mark Clemens Marsha Collins Frank Clifton Gregory Combs Elizabeth Cobb Brenda Cook Steven Chadwick Lynda Chapman Marian Clark Robert Coleman John Cox Carolyn Chancellor Linda Christenberry Ronald Clark Daniel Collins Gene Coyle 158 Meredith Craig John Danner Jeanine Day James Demaster Diana Dininger Debra Craney James Daugherty Christy DeArmond Lee Denham Barbara Dirks Joan Cross David Davidson Janice DeCoito Kathleen Denny William Dixon Rochelle Csik Elaine Da is Linda Deere Debra Derington Deborah Doane Ronald Dalton Paula Dawson Darrell DeLur Ronald Dieter Michael Dobrota 159 Vespers, held on Sunday afternoon preceding Commencement, adds inspiration to the Hornet ' s traditional graduation ceremonies. Patrick Dugan Robert Dych Michael Eaton Jean Eckert Steve Edy Marilyn Duhamell Douglas Dye Edith Eccleston David Edens Judy Eggers 160 Senior Week Ends It All! Glenda Esteb Harold Evans Patricia Evans Jerry Farmer Pamela Feerer Thomas Evans Wayne Evans Rebecca Faith Marsha Fitzpatrick Jack Fogleman Kathleen Ferguson Fred Field Bruce Finke Jessica Fougerousse Mar Freeland Barry Ford John Ford Michael Fotiades Monica Geelhoed Mona Gentr Vicki Frey Diane Gambill Billie Garrison 161 Joseph Gibson Gregory Graham Michael Gregory Paul Hacker Kathi Hancock Patsy Glover Kenneth Grant Robert Griffin Robert Hagy David Hankins Michelle Gluff Beverly Graves Mary Griffo Guilford Hailey Richard Hanley Louise Goens Cynthia Gray Harry Gustin Teresa Hall Veronika Hannemann Judith Gott Patricia Greer Melanie Hack Thomas Hamill Larry Hanson 162 In the 1969 Senior Play, Mrs. Midget (Marcia Reasoner) asks Mrs. Cliveden-Banks and Tom Prior (Monica Geelhoed and David Thomas) the way to her cabin. Their ship was enroute from earth to the hereafter. ' Outward Bound ' Tops November charlotte Hardin John Harkness Charles Harsin Pamela Harsin Elizabeth HartI Daniel Hartley Phyllis Hawkins Douglas Hege Terry Henson Emil Hermsdorter Gary Hill Thomas Holman Cheryl Holsomback Sharon Horsle Malcolm Howell 163 Kimberly Hughes Connie Johnson Glenn Jones Marsha Keagy Brent Kern Michael Hull Linda Johnson Patricia Jones Linda Kellams Kent Kern Marilyn Hurt Patricia Johnson Raymond Jones Patrick Kelley John King Jacqueline Jacob Bobbie Jones Samuel Jones Gerald Kelly Diane Kingery Mary Jenkins Donald Jones Charles Kahl Dennis Kent John Kinley ]64 March Brings Fatman Defeat Kathleen Kinney Michael Kinney Cathy Kirlin Pamela Legg Beck Lepper John Koss Karia Kraeszig Georg e Kutche Gregory Mansfield Judith Mansfield James Lacy Clara Lair Cynthia Larson William Lawrence Karen Lawson Steven Layman Richard Loy Linda Mabry Mark Mahler 165 Ron Lends Variety, ' Spice ' To Orchestra Ron Spice directs the orchestra in a medley from " Came- lot " to be played before the Senior Play. I H 4 mH Gary Marshall Robert McArtor Sandra McCord Carolyn Martin Lana McCarty Cindy McCormick Dale Mathias Carol McClure Nancy McCormick Dennis Maxberry Marilyn McArtor Darlene McClure Lavina McClure Susan McCormick Larry McMullough 166 Beverly McDaniel Linda McDougal Brian McGovern Kathleen McGuire Rebecca McKa Patricia McMillan Gregory Meade Steven Meadows Kathrine Mealv Richard Meek Robert Melling James Merryman Dane Meyer Douglas Mever Mark Mikolon Edwin Miller Larry Miller Janet Monroe Jerri Moodv Rita Moon James Moore Bette Morgan Jeanette Morgan Randall Morgan Rebecca Morris 167 Class Of ' 69 Originates Float Representatives of the Senior Class designed Howe ' s first Homecoming float. Theresa Mroz Janet Murphy Michael Nickolaus Linda Oberting Helen O ' Neal Patricia Mulrey Lillian Napier Sotirios Nikou Donald O ' Brien Gary Osborn James Murphy Robert Neal Kenneth Noe Kathleen Ohmit Lesley Ott 168 Ruth Overstreet Lesyle Owen James Owens James Parker Margaret Fash Kathleen Patrick Danny Pearson James Pearson Janice Peaslev Christopher Pence Sue Pence Humberto Perez Joseph Peterson Karen Petri Thersa Ptau Karen Phelps Shirley Phillips Kenneth Pickard Linda Pickens Judith Poling Harold Potter Nikki Powell Gesine Prauss Richard Price Pamela Priest 169 Cathy Privett Barbara Rascoe Sally Richardson Harold Rogers Charles Rowell Juana Quinones David Ratekin Anna Riewer Sydney Rogers Pamela Saba Josephine Raimondi Marcia Reasoner Anthony Rinier Karen Romeril Aneena Salter Michael Rains Bethel Reed Mack Robbins Darcy Rood Thomas Sarfaty Ralph Ramirez Steven Reilly Rita Robbins Lance Roth Charles Scharbrough 170 Sectionals ' In ' For February Lynne Schiefer Zoe Seel Patricia Self Susan Sla ton Douglas Sluss Charlene Sgro Martha Shanklin Kathy Shaw David Smith Gar Smith Linda Sheetz Paul Sheiton Ann Shepherd Gary Shirley Diane Shockley Roberta Skelton Dennis Smalling Carl Smith Clarissa Smith 171 June Includes Sad Farewells . ■•E f William Smith Charmaine Stafford Commencement ' s slow processional gives seniors time to recall the recent past. Norma Smutz Alexandra Stalas Linda Smith Judith Speer Myra Stanley Carolyn Stephens Marcia Stroud 172 Shirley Smith Beverly Spencer Donna Statzeil Mark Stephens Carolyn Taylor Susan Smith Ronald Spice Jamie Steele Francis Striby David Thomas Valerie Thomas Donna Tourney Kathryn VanBuskirk Theresa Verhines Steven Walters Joseph Thompson Robert Treanor Jane Van Horn Patti Walker Melinda Ward Patricia Thompson Carol Trinkle Franciska Van Maaren Steven Walker Joseph Ward Gary Throckmorton David Tritch Darlene Vanus Clara VValkup Cynthia Ware luna Tolli er Dann L m barge r Sharon aughn Edward Wall Edward V arriner 173 National Merit Finalists Bring Honor To School Mark Weber Gregory Whitaker Peggy Williams Andrew Wysong Charles Welcher Sheryl Whitridge Mark Williamson Pamela Yager Debra West Cheryl Wieneke David Wilson Lawrence Yarnell Marcia West Carol Williams Christine Worrel Barbara Yount Katherine Washburn Anna Wheatley Devera Williams Darrell Wright David Ziison 174 Senior Index KAREN ABBOTT— Cheerb lock 1-2; Atom Dust 2 Selofra 1. MARY ABBOTT— Cheerblock 1-2; History Club 3; Sub-set Club-President 1; Selofra 1. JEANIE ADAMS— Cheerblock 1; Drill Team 3; Office Messenger 3; Jamboree Queen Candidate 1. KAY ADWELL— Cheerblock 1-2; Office Messenger 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Intramural Bowling 3-4. JAMES ALDRICH— Astro-Rocket Club 2; Band 1-4; Stage Crew 1-2; Sub-set Club 1; Pep Band 2-3; Cross Country 3; Track 2-3; Intra- mural Basketball 3-4. JAMES ALENDER— Band 1-4; Office Messenger 4; PRV 4; Atom Dust 3; Intramural Basket- ball 3-4. DANNY ALEXANDER— Choir 2-4; Boys ' Octet 3-4; PRV 4; ' My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific; " In- tramural Bowling 3-4; Intramural Basketball. JULIA ALEXANDER— Cheerblock 1-2; Choir 4; Choralaires 2-3; Drill Team 2-4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Office Messenger 3; PRV 2,; Sub-set Club 1; Girls ' Gym Meet; " South Pacific; " Girls ' State; Drill Team Institute; Intramural Bowling. RANDALL ALLEN— Chess Club 2; Intramural Basketball 4. JOELLA ALLGOOD— Office Messenger 3-4. DAVID AMBURN— Football 2; Intramural Basket- ball. THOMAS AMOS— Astro-Rocket Club 2; Chess Club 1-3, President 4; Footlight Revelers Club 3-4; French National Honor Society 3-4; History Club 3; Hi-Y 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Na- tional Forensic League 1-3, President 4; Stage Crew 1-4; Sub-set Club 1; Thespians 3-4; Debate Team 3-4; National Merit Letter of Commenda- tion; American Legion Good Citizen Award; Quiz Team 2-4; Senior Play. JERRY ANDERSON— Choir 4; Hi-Y 1; Madrigals 3-4; PRV 4; Wrestling 2; ' My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific. " JESSE ANDERSON— Football 1-3; Wrestling 2; Intramural Basketball 2-4. MICHAEL ARCHER— Intramural Basketball. GARY ARMSTRONG— Orchestra 2. TERRILL ATHERTON— Student Council 1. B MICHAEL BAIR— Intramural Basketball 1-4. FRANK BAKER JOHN BAKER DOUGLAS BALFOUR— PRV 4. MICHAEL BANE— Chaffey High School, Ontario, California 1-3. PAULA BARNES— Cheerblock 1; Choir 4; Chora- laires 2-3; Drill Team 2-4; Girls ' Athletic As- sociation 1-2; Office Messenger 4; PRV 1-2-4; Atom Dust 2; Student Council 2-4; Selofra 1. BARBARA BAYNE— Cheerblock 1-3; Drill Team 2-4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; Office Mes- senger 3-4; Orchestra 1-3; Atom Dust 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Selofra 1; Junior Prom Candidate. SANDRA BECHOLD HOLLIS BECKER— Lettermen ' s Club 4; Baseball 1; Football 1; Wrestling 1-4; Track 1-4; Cross Country 2-4. JO BECKLEHIMER— Clinic Assistant 2-3; Latin Club 1; Orchestra 3; Atom Dust 2-4; Stage Crew 4; Make-up Crew 3-4. SALLY BEECHER— Office Messenger 2. PATRICIA BEITZ— Girls ' Track Team; Football Homecoming Queen Candidate 1. JIMMIE BENNETT— Junior Red Cross Club 2. MARY BERGER— Office Messenger 3-4; Girls ' Track Team. SUSAN BERGER— PRV 4; TOWER 1-2. DOROTHEA BERNARD— Medical Careers Club 4. JEFFREY BERTRAM— Lettermen ' s Club 3, Chap- lain 4; Basketball 1; Wrestling 2; Track 1-4; Football 1-4; Superior Junior ROTC Cadet 3. JERRY BERTRAM— Lettermen ' s Club 3, Presi- dent 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 2-4; Football 1-4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Junior Prom Candidate; Winter Wonderland Candidate 3-4; Senior Class President. PHYLLIS BHEND— Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-4; PRV 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Girls ' Gym Team 3-4. LAUREN BLACK— Hi-Y 3, President 4; Sub-set Club-President 1; Football 3; Cross Country 1; Intramural Basketball 1-4; Model U.N. 3-4. JUDY BLACKFORD— Home Economics Club 3. LITA BLAIR— Cheerblock 1-4; Clinic Assistant 2-4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-4; PRV 1-4; Student Council 1-4; Yell Leader 1-4; Girls ' Gym Team 3-4; Basketball Homecoming Queen Can- didate 2. LINDA BOCKWEG KAREN BOEKANKAMP— Cheerblock 1-2; HILL- TOPPER 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4. ALBERTA BOILLAT— Cheerblock 4. MARIBETH BONN— Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; Office Messenger 2; Intramural Bowling. DAVID BOOHER TIMOTHY BOOSINGER— Business Manager 3; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Student Council-President 4; Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-3-4; Track 2-3; Student Council Workshop 3; Intramural Basket- ball 1-3; Chrysler Youth Award 4. BONNIE BOTTS— Cheerblock 1; Drill Team 2-4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-3, President 4; Of- fice Messenger 3; PRV 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; PENPOINTS 4; Intramural Bowling 4; Girls ' Gym Team 4; Smith-Walbridge Drill Team Summer Camp. PERRY BOURNE— Band 1-4; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Sub-set Club-Vice-President 1; Pep Band 2-3; Intramural Bowling 3-4; Intramural Basketball 1-2. JANICE BOYD— Cheerblock 1; Choralaires 2-4; Clinic Assistant 4; Future Business Leaders- Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Girls ' Athletic As- sociation 1; Medical Careers Club-Secretary 4; PRV 4. JOYCE BOYD CATHLEEN BRADBURN PAULA BRANAMAN DONALD BRITTON— Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Foot- ball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-2; Track 1; Brown Boy Candidate 2. SHERRY BROCK— Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic Asociation 1. KEITH BROOKS SHARON BROWN— Cheerblock 1; Clinic Assist- ant 1; Home Economics Club 2. WILLIAM BROWN— Football 1-3; Intramural Basketball 1-4. JOSEPH BROWN— Band 1-3; Orchestra 2-3; PRV 1; Student Council 2; Wrestling 1-2, Football 1; Golf 1-3; Intramural Basketball 1-4; Intramural Bowling 3. NANCY BRUNER— Business Manager 2-4; Cheer- block 1-2; Footlight Revelers 1; French National Honor Society 3-4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-3; National Honor Society 3, Vice-President 4; PRV 2; Atom Dust 2; Student Council 2-4; TOWER 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Girls ' Gym Team 2; " Music Man; " Model U.N. 3; Kiwanis Club Student Council Award 3. DAVID BRYDON JOE BURCHETT— Latin Club 1-2; Student Coun- cil 2. LARRY BURGER— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Student Council 2; Wrestling 1-4; Intramural Basketball 1-2; Intramural Cross Country 1. JANICE BUTRUM— Girls ' Athletic Association 1; Office Messenger 4; PRV 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4. STEPHEN BUTTON— Wrestling 1-2. ALAN CAIN— ROTC American Legion Gold Medal. DEBORAH CALVERT— Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Ath- letic Association 1-4; Office Messenger 3; Intra- mural Bowling; Girls ' Gym Team 3-4. CONNIE CANADA— Band 1-4; Office Messenger 3-4. KEVIN CARTER DIANE GARY— Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic As- sociation 1; Orchestra 1-4; Student Council 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4. RHONDA GAZULA- Choir 4; Choralaires 2-3; " South Pacific. " STEVEN CHADWICK— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Football 1-4; Track 1-3; Baseball 1; Basketball 1. CAROLYN CHANCELLOR LYNDA CHAPMAN— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; " My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific. " LINDA CHRISTENBERRY— Future Teachers of America 1-2; Student Council 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. MARIAN CLARK— Cheerblock 2-3; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; National Honor Society 3-4; Science Team 2; Spanish Honor Society 3-4; Sub-set Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Science Seminar 2-4; Betty Crocker Future Home Maker 4. RONALD CLARK— Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4. MARK CLEMENS— Scecina 1-2. FRANK CLIFTON— Chess Club 1; Track 1: Base- ball 1; Superior Junior ROTC Cadet; Intra- mural Bowling 3; Intramural Basketball 1-3. ELIZABETH COBB— Business Manager 3-4; Latin Club 2-4, Consul 4; National Honor Society 3-4; I.U. Honors Program 3; Bedford High School 1. ROBERT COLEMAN— Lettermen ' s Club 3: Stu- dent Athletic Manager 1-3; Intramural Basket- ball 3. DANIEL COLLINS— Hi-Y 4; Football 2-4; Intra- mural Basketball 4; Model U.N. 4. MARSHA COLLINS GREGORY COMBS— Lettermen ' s Club 2-4: Stu- dent Council 3-4; Track 1-2: Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-2; Football 1-4; Intramural Basket- ball 3-4; Brown Boy Candidate 3. BRENDA COOK— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; PRV 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; National Forensic League 4; Spanish Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 1: TOWER 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Speech, Debate Team 4; " My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific. " PATRICIA COONCE JOHN COX— Intramural Basketball 1-4. GENE COYLE— Lettermen ' s Club 4; National Honor Society 3-4: Sub-set Club 1: Cross Country 1; Basketball 1; Track 3-4: Gymnastics Team 4: Intramural Basketball 4. MEREDITH CRAIG— Cheerblock 1-2-4; Drill Team 3; Future Teachers of America 3; Girls ' Ath- letic Association 1-2; Junior Red Cross Club 1; Office Messenger 2: PRV 4: Student Council 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: ROTC Sponsor 3-4; Girls ' Track 1-2: Military Ball Queen 4: Intramural Bowling 3-4; Model U.N. 4. DEBRA CRANEY— Future Teachers of America 4. JOHN CROSS— Girls ' Athletic Association 1: Office Messenger 3-4; Student Council 3: Tri- Hi-Y 4. ROCHELLE CSIKY— Girls ' Athletic Association 4: Office Messenger 4: Orchestra 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Basketball Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Model U.N. 4. RONALD DALTON JOHN DANNER— Latin Club 2. JAMES DAUGHERTY— Track 1; Intramural Bas- ketball 1-3. DAVID DAVIDSON— Chess Club 1; Sub-set Club 1; Football 1-3: Wrestling 1. ELAINE DAVIS— Office Messenger 1-2. PAULA DAWSON JEANINE DAY— Stage Crew 3. WANDA DAY CHRISTY DEARMOND— Cheerblock 1: Office Messenger 3-4. JANICE DECOITO — Cheerblock 1: Footlight Rev- elers Club 3-4: HILLTOPPER 3: Orchestra 1-4; Sub-set Club 1: Tri-Hi-Y 4. LINDA DEERE — Orchestra 3. 175 DARRELL DELURY— Chess Club 2; Bookstore Assistant 2. JAMES DEMASTER— Choir 2-4. LEE DENHAM— Arlington 1; Cheerblock 2-4; Girls ' Athletic Association 3-4; PRV 3-4; Stu- dent Council 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Cheerleader 3-4; Girls ' Track Meet 3; Girls ' Gym Meet 3; Cheer- leading Camp 3; English Department Assistant 3; Physical Education Assistant 4. KATHLEEN DENNY— History Club 1-3; TOWER 3-4. DEBRA DERINGTON— Cheerblock 1-2; Girls ' Drill Team 2-4; Future Teachers of America 2; Girls ' Athletic Association 2-4; Student Council 1; Girls ' Track Meet 2-3; Girls ' Gym Meet 4; Selofra 1. RONALD DIETER— Intramural Basketball 1-4. DIANA DININGER— Cheerblock 1; Choir 4; Choralaires 2-3; Footlight Revelers Club 1-4; Home Economics Club 1-4, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4; Stage Crew 2-4; Thespians 4; " South Pacific " 4. BARBARA DIRKS— Choralaires 2; Office Mes- senger 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; TOWER 3. WILLIAM DIXON— Audio-Visual Club 2; Future Business Leaders 3, President 3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Student Council 4; Football 3-4; Base- ball 2; Track 3-4; Intramural Basketball 2-4. DEBORAH DOANE— Latin Club 1-4; Office Mes- senger 4; Stage Crew 4. SANDRA DOBBS— Business Manager 2-4; Girls ' Drill Team 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Office Messenger 2; Student Council 1; Tri- Hi-Y 3-4; Football Homecoming Queen Can- didate 2; Senior Class Secretary 4; Mock Election 4; Selofra 1; Chrysler Youth Award 4. MICHAEL DOBROTA— Wrestling 1; Mock Elec- tion 4; Intramural Basketball 1; Model UN 3. THOMAS DODD— Speech, Debate Team 4. BYRON DOUGHERTY— Language Lab Assistant 2-3. GLENN DRIVER— Choir 3; PRV 2-3. PATRICK DUGAN— Choir 2-4; Hi-Y 1-4; Letter- men ' s Club 4; Football 2-4; Basketball 1; Intramural Basketball 1-4; " Music Man " 2; " My Fair Lady " 3; " South Pacific " 4; Hoosier Boys ' State 3; Mock Election 4; Model UN 3-4. MARILYN DUHAMELL— Choir 4; Choralaires 2-3; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-4; PRV 3-4; Trl- Hi-Y 3-4; Cheerleader 1-4; Girls ' Gymnastic Team 3-4; Football Homecoming Queen Can- didate 4; " King and I " 1; " Music Man " 2; " South Pacific " 4; Cheerleading Camp 2-4; Mock Election 4; Constitution Committee 4. DAVE DUNCAN— Hi-Y 1; Sub-set Club 1; Intra- mural Basketball 1-2. RUTH DUNCAN— Office Messenger 4. CHRISTINE DWIRE— Choralaires 4; Medical Careers Club 3-4; Office Messenger 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. ROBERT DYCH— Lettermen ' s Club 4; Football 3-4; Track 4; Wrestling 1; Intramural Basketball 1-4. DOUGLAS DYE— Choir 2-4; Hi-Y 4; Boys ' Octet 2-4; PRV 2-4; Football 1-4; Wrestling 2; " Music Man " 2; " My Fair Lady " 3; " South Pacific " 4; Model UN 4. LARRY EARLY MICHAEL EATON— Scecrna 1-2. EDITH ECCLESTON— Ben Davis 1-3. JEAN ECKERT— " Golden Girl " 4; NFL 3-4; Selofra 1. DAVID EDENS— Choir 4; Student Council 2-3; Basketball 1; Intramural Basketball 2; Winter Wonderland King Candidate 2; " South Pacific " 4. STEVEN EDY JUDY EGGERS— Cheerblock 1-2-4; Future Teachers of America 3; Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion 1; Junior Red Cross Club 1; PRV 4; Student Council 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Intramural Bowling 3-4. LARRY ENGLAND— Scecina 1-3. GLENDA ESTEB HAROLD EVANS— Washington 1-3. PATRICIA EVANS— Cheerblock 1-2; Choralaires 2-4; History Club 3; Medical Careers Club 1-4; Office Messenger 3-4; Sub-set Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Selofra 1. WAYNE EVANS— Choir 2-4; Hi-Y 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Boys ' Octet 2-3; PRV 1-4; PENPOINTS 4; " Music Man " 2; " My Fair Lady " 3; " South Pacific " 4; Intramural Basketball 1-4. REBECCA FAITH— Cheerblock 1-2; Girls ' Drill Team 2-3; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; Latin Club 2; Office Messenger 3-4; Student Council 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Cheerleader 1; Girls ' Track Meet 2-3; Girls ' Gym Meet 1; " Music Man " 2; Selofra 1; Mock Election 4. JERRY FARMER PAMELA FEERER— Home Economics Club 2-3; Selofra 1. KATHLEEN FERGUSON FRED FIELD— Atom Dust 2; Intramural Basket- ball 3. BRUCE FINKE— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Football 1-4; Wrestling 3; Intramural Basketball 1-4. MARSHA FITZPATRICK JACK FOGLEMAN— Rifle Team 4; Footlight Rev- elers Club 4; Wrestling 1-3; Football 1-2; Intra- mural Basketball. BARRY FORD— Band 1-4; Chess Club-Vice-Presi- dent 4; Speech Team 1. JOHN FORD— Band 1-4; Orchestra 4; Student Council 1, 4; Pep Band 1-2; Football 2-3; Boys ' State 3; Intramural Basketball 1-4. MICHAEL FOTIADES— Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4; " Brown Boy " 4. JESS ICA FOUGEROUSSE— Junior Red Cross Club 2. MARY FREELAND— National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 4; Spanish Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 3-4; TOWER 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; I.U. Honors Program. VICKI FREY— Office Messenger 4. DIANE GAMBILL BILLIE GARRISON— Cheerblock 1; Drill Team 2-3; Latin Club 2; Selofra 1. MONICA GEELHOED— " Outward Bound " 4; Speech Team. MONA GENTRY— Cheerblock 1; Office Messen- ger 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1. JOSEPH GIBSON PATSY GLOVER— Gregg Typing Award. MICHELLE GLUFF— Cheerblock 1-3; Future Teachers of America-Vice-President 3-4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; Medical Careers Club 1; Sub-set Club 1; Girls ' Track 1; Selofra 1. LOUISE GOENS— Cheerblock 1-3; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-3; Office Messenger 1-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Girls ' Track 2; Girls ' Gym Team 2; Selofra 1; Intramural Bowling. JUDITH GOTT— Cheerblock 1-2; History Club 1; Orchestra 1-4; TOWER 2. PATRICIA GREER— Cheerblock 1; Future Busi- ness Leaders 2-3; Future Teachers of America 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2. GREGORY GRAHAM— National Honor Society 3-4; Football 2-3; Basketball 1; Track 2; Golf 3-4; Hoosier Boys ' State 4; Williamsburg Stu- dent Burgess Secretary 4. KENNETH GRANT BEVERLY GRAVES CYNTHIA GRAY— Cheerblock 1-2; Future Teachers of America 1-2; Girls ' Athletic As- sociation 1-2; Office Messenger 2-4; Intramural Bowling 3. PATRICIA GREER MICHAEL GREGORY ROBERT GRIFFIN MARY GRIFFO— Cheerblock 1; Choir 3-4; Chora- laires 2; Home Economics Club 2-3; Office Messenger 3-4; " My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific. " HARRY GUSTIN— Chess Club-Secretary 3-4; French National Honor Society 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Sub-set Club 1; Quiz Team 2-4; Rensselaer Math and Science Award 3; National Merit Finalist 4; Indiana Junior Scien- tist Finalist 4; National Science Foundation Chemistry lnstiti(te 3-4. H MELANIE HACK PAUL HACKER— Stage Crew 3-4, Intramural Bowling 3-4. ROBERT HAGY— Footlight Revelers 1-4. GUILFORD HAILEY— Sub-set Club 1; Latin Club 2; Student Council 2. TERESA HALL THOMAS HAM ILL— Astro-Rocket Club 3; Band 2; Chess Club 1-4; Choir 2-4; Footlight Revelers Club 1-4; History Club 1-2; Hi-Y 4; National Honor Society 3-4; PRV 3; Atom Dust 2-3; Na- tional Forensic League 2-4; Thespians 2-4; PENPOINTS 4; Speech, Debate Team 2-4; " My Fair Lady; " " Music Man; " " South Pacific; " " Prize Christmas; " " Christmas Spirit. " KATHI HANCOCK— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Footlight Revelers Club 1-3; French National Honor Society 3-4; HILLTOPPER 3; Madgrigals 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; PRV 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; National Forensic League 2-3; Thespians 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Speech, Debate Team 2-3; " My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific. " DAVID HANKINS— Rifle Team 2-3; Wrestling 2. RICHARD HANLEY— National Honor Society 3-4. VERONIKA HANNEMANN— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Drill Team 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Selofra 1. LARRY HANSON— Chess Club 2; Footlight Rev- elers Club 1; History Club 2; Hi-Y 2-4; PRV 2; National Forensic League 4; Stage Crew 2-3; Student Council 1; Thespians 2-4; TOWER 2; Speech, Debate Team 4; " Off a Pewter Platter; " " The Ugly Duckling; " " A Prize Christmas; " " Outward Bound. " CHARLOTTE HARDIN FLOYD HARDY JOHN HARKNESS— Hi-Y 2-4; Student Council 3-4; Sub-set Club 1; Football 1-3. CHARLES HARSIN— National Honor Society 3-4; Wrestling 2-3. PAMELA HARSIN ELIZABETH HARTL— Scecina 1; Student Librar- ian 2-3. DANIEL HARTLEY— Choir 2-4; Boys ' Octet 2-4; PRV 2-4; Student Council 2-3; Sub-set Club 1; " Music Man " 2; " My Fair Lady " 3; " South Pacific " 4. PHYLLIS HAWKINS— Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; History Club 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Atom Dust 3; Spanish Honor Society 3, President 4; TOWER 3, Editor 4; Tri-Hi-Y, Chap- lain 4; National Merit Finalist 4, Ball State Journalism Workshop 3; Altrusa Award 3. DOUGLAS HEGE TERRY HENSON— Boys ' Drill Team 1; Science Team-. ' Vtom Dust 2; Intramural Track 1. EMILY HERMSDORFER— Orchestra 1; Student Librarian 2-3. GARY HILL— Band 1-4; Drum Major 4; PRV 3-4; Master of Ceremonies 3-4; Student Council 1-3; Pep Band 1-4; Speech, Debate Team 4; Foot- ball 1-2; Basketball 1; Intramural Basketball 2, 4. THOMAS HOLMAN— Boys ' Drill Team 3; Rifle Team 1; National Forensic League 2; Stage Crew 3; Sub-set Club 1; Thespians 2. CHERYL HOLSOMBACK— Cheerblock 1. SHARON HORSLEY— Office Messenger 3. MALCOLM HOWELL— PRV 4. KIMBERLY HUGHES— Cheerblock 1; National Honor Society 3-4; Orchestra 1-4. MICHAEL HULL BILL HUNTER MARILYN HURT— Cheerblock 2; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Clinic Assistant 3; Girls ' Ath- 176 letic Association 1; National Honor Society 3-4; Girls ' Rifle Team 4; Sub-set Club 1; Tri- Hi-Y 3; ROTC Sponsor 3-4; Military Ball Queen Candidate 3-4; " IVly Fair Lady " 3; " South Pacific " 4. JACQUELINE JACOB— Plainfield, Indiana 1; Broad Ripple 2-3. MARY JENKINS CONNIE JOHNSON— Future Teachers of Amer- ica 1; National Honor Society 3-4. LINDA JOHNSON— Cheerblock 1-4; Girls ' Ath- letic Association 1-4; Cheerleader 1-4; Jamboree Queen 1; PRV 3-4; Physical Education Assistant 4. PATRICIA JOHNSON BOBBIE JONES— Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 1. DONALD JONES— Football 2-4; Baseball 3-4; Basketball 1; Track 1; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4. GLENN JONES— Band 1-4; Pep Band 4. PATRICIA JONES— Girls ' Athletic Association 1; Selofra 1. RAYMOND JONES SAMUEL JONES K CHARLES KAHL MARSHA KEAGY— Orchestra 1; Sub-set Club 1; Virginia Moore Craft Art Award 3; John Herron Art Scholarship 4. LINDA KELLAMS PATRICK KELLEY GERALD KELLY— Scecina 1-3. DENNIS KENT NANCY KEPPLER— Latin Club 1-2; Office Mes- senger 3-4; PRV 3; Student Council 3-4; Football Jamboree Queen Candidate 4; Mock Election 4; Senior Class Vice-President 4; Selofra 1. BRENT KERN— Band 2; Student Council 1-2; Basketball 1-2; Football 1-2; " Mr. Clean " Can- didate 2; Winter Wonderland King Candidate 1; " Mr. Topper " Candidate 1; I.U. Summer In- stitute of Science 3; D. J. Angus Award 3; Dole ' s Research Foundation Award 3; Constitu- tion Committee 4; Intramur-al Basketball 3-4. KENT KERN JOHN KING DIANE KINGERY— Cheerblock 1; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Footlight Revelers Club 1-4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; National Honor Society 3-4; PRV 2-3; Stage Crew 1-3; Sub-set Club 1; Thespians 2-4; Selofra 1; " King and I " 1; " Music Man " 2; " My Fair Lady " 3; " South Pacific " 4; " Video Christmas " 3; " Prize Christ- mas " 2. JOHN KINLEY— Intramural Basketball 2. KATHLEEN KINNEY— Footba 1 1 Homecoming Candidate 3; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3. MICHAEL KINNEY— Band 1-3; Hi-Y 1-4; Football 1; Intramural Basketball 1-3; " Music Man; " Model U.N. 3-4. CATHY KIRLIN— Drill Team 2-4; Selofra 1. JOHN KOSS— Hi-Y-Chaplain 4; Cross Country 1; Wrestling 3. KARLA KRAESZIG— HILLTOPPER 3-4; Junior Red Cross Club 3; National Honor Society 3-Secre- tary 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Spanish Honor Society 3-Vice-President 4; Sub-set Club 1; TOWER 2; National Merit Letter of Commenda- tion; Ball State Journalism Workshop; Intra- mural Quiz Team; Office Messenger 4. JAMES LACY CYNTHIA LARSON— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; French National Honor Society 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Office Messenger 3-4; Or- chestra 1-4; Sub-set Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. WILLIAM LAWRENCE— Football 1-3-4. KAREN LAWSON— Band 1-4; Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; PRV 4; TOWER 3; Tri- Hi-Y 3; Girls ' Track Team 1; Colors Committee 4. STEVE LAYMAN PAMELA LEGG— Band 1-2; Cheerblock 1; PRV 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-President 4; Selofra-Treasurer 1. BECKY LEPPER— Girls ' Athletic Association 1. RICHARD LOY M LINDA MABRY— Home Economics Club 1-4; Office Messenger 3-4. MARK MAHLER GREGORY MANSFIELD— Hi-Y 1; Latin Club 2, JUDITH MANSFIELD— Drill Team 3; Office Mes- senger 3; Student Council 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Basketball Homecoming Queen Candidate 3. GARY MARSHALL— Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Bas- ketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Track 1; " Mr. Topper " Candidate 2. CAROLYN MARTIN— Band 1-4; Cheerblock 1-2; History Club 3-President 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Orchestra 1-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Atom Dust 2-4; Spanish Honor Society 3-4; TOWER 2-3; Intramural Bowling 4; Intramural Quiz Team. DALE MATHIAS— Chess Club 3. DENNIS MAXBERRY— Cross Country 1-2; Track 1; Intramural Basketball 1-3; " Mr. Topper " Candidate 3. MARILYN McARTOR— Home Economics Club 2-3. LANA McCARTY— Business Manager 1; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Office Messenger 3-4; " My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific. " CAROL McCLURE— Cheerblock 1-2; Future Teachers of America-Secretary 3; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; Office Messenger 1-4; Tri- Hi-Y 3. LAVINA McCLURE— Home Economics Club 2. SANDRA McCORD— Medical Careers Club 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Office Messenger 1-4. CYNTHIA Mccormick— Cheerblock 4; Home Economics Club 2-3. NANCY Mccormick— Cheerblock 1-2; Drill Team 2-3; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; Student Council 4; Football Homecoming Queen Can- didate 3. SUSAN MCCORMICK LARRY McCULLOUGH BEVERLY McDANIEL LINDA McDOUGAL— Cheerblock 1. LAYMON McGAUHEY BRIAN McGOVERN— Scecina Memorial High School 1; Intramural Basketball 2-3. KATHLEEN McGUlRE REBECCA McKAY — Future Business Leaders 4; Home Economics Club 1-3, Vice-President 4. PAMELA McKIM— Valedictorian; Band 1-4; Cheerblock 1-2; French National Honor Society 3-Vice-President 4; Future Teachers of America 1-2; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; National Honor Society 3-4; Orchestra 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; TOWER 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-Secretary 4; Selofra 1; Ball State Journalism Workshop; DAR Award. DIANA McLElSH GREGORY MEADE— Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-2; Intramural Basketball 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4. STEVEN MEADOWS— Foot ba 1 I 1; Intramural Bowling 3-4. KATHRYN MEALEY— Clinic Assistant 4; Future Business Leaders 3-4; Home Economics Club 4: Medical Careers Club 3, President 4: Office Messenger 3-4; Atom Dust 4. RICHARD MEEK— Intramural Basketball 1-4. ROBERT MELLING— Cross Country 1-3; Track 2. JAMES MERRYMAN DANE MEYER— History Club 1; Rifle Team 4; Atom Dust 1; Stage Crew 3; Thespians 3-4; TOWER 2. DOUGLAS MEYER— Band 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Sub-set Club 1, President 1: Pep Band 2-4. MARK MIKOLON— Football 1-2; Intramural Bas- ketball 1-3. EDWIN MILLER— Football 1-3; Wrestling 4. LARRY MILLER— Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Track 1-4; Baseball 1-3-4; " r r. Topper " Can- didate 3. JANET MONROE JERRI MOODY— Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; Office Messenger 3; Student Council 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Cheerleader 1; Selofra 1, Secretary 1; Football Homecoming Queen Candidate 4. RITA MOON— Home Economics Club 1-2. JAMES MOORE— Student Council 1-3-4; Basket- ball 1; Football 1; Intramural Basketball 2-4. BETTE MORGAN— Cheerblock 1-2. JEANETTE MORGAN— Warren Central 1-3; Chora- laires 4; Home Economics Club 4. RANDELL MORGAN— National Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 3-4; Wrestling 2; Intramural Basketball 2; Student Leadership Institute 3. REBECCA MORRIS— Choir 4; Choralaires 2-3; Office Messenger 4; " South Pacific. " THERESA MROZ PATRICIA MULREY JAMES MURPHY JANET MURPHY N LILLIAN NAPIER— Choralaires 4; PRV 4. ROBERT NEAL— Student Council 2; Intramural Basketball 1-4. MICHAEL NICKOLAUS— Tech 1-3. SOTIRIOS NIKOU— Hi-Y 4; Rifle Team 2: Atom Dust 2; Intramural Bowling 3; Intramural Bas- ketball 1-4; Model UN 4. KENNETH NOE— Band 1; Intramural Bowling 4. LINDA OBERTING— Cheerblock 1-2; Girls ' Ath- letic Association 1; Office Messenger 2-4. DON O ' BRIEN— Band 1-4; Latin Club 1; Or- chestra 1-2; Student Council 1; Pep Band 1-2. KATHLEEN OHMIT— C heerblock 1-2; HILLTOP- PER 4; Medical Careers Club 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Spanish Honor Society 3-4: TOWER 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. HELEN O ' NEAL— Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; Office Messenger 3-4: Girls ' Track Meet 1. GARY OSBORN— Boys ' Drill Team 4: Third-City Knockout Drill 3. LESLEY OTT— Manual 1-2. RUTH OVERSTREET— Choralaires 2; Choir 3: " My Fair Lady " 3. LESLYE OWEN— Choralaires 2; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2. JAMES OWENS— Cathedral 1-2. KARLA PANNELL— Cheerblock 1-4; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2: Girls ' Athletic Association 1-4; Vice-President 4; Madrigals 1-4: Girls ' Octet 3-4: Office Messenger 1-3: PRV 1-4: Student Council- Secretary 4: Cheerleader 3-4: Girls ' Gym Team 3-4; Football Jamboree Queen 3: " King and I " 1: " Music Man " 2; " My Fair Lady " 3; " South Pacific " 4: Cheerleading Camp 3: PTA Asvard 1: Senior Class Alumni Secretary 4; Selofra 1. JAMES PARKER— History Club 2: Atom Dust 1; Football 1: Wrestling 1-2. MARGARET PASH— Salutatorian: Footlight Rev- elers Club 2-3: HILLTOPPER 3-4: National Honor Society 3-4; News Bureau 2: PRV 3: Quill and Scroll 3-4: National Forensic League 2-4; Spanish Honor Society 3-Secretary 4: Thespians 3-4: TOWER 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3-4: " The Tie That Binds " 2; I.U. Honors Program 3: Selofra 1: Model UN 3. KATHLEEN PATRICK— Cheerb loc k 1-3: Girls ' Drill Team 4: Girls ' Athletic Association 1-4; Office Messenger 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Cheerleader 2-3: Girls ' Gym Meet 1-3: Girls ' Track Meet 3. DANNY PEARSON— Intramural Bowling 3-4: Highest Average Award. JAMES PEARSON 177 JANICE PEASLEY CHRISTOPHER PENCE— Lettermen ' s Club 4; Atom Dust 2; Stage Crew 1; Student Athletic Manager 3-4. REGENIA PENCE— Student Librarian 1-4. HUMBERTO PEREZ— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Stu- dent Council 3-4; Football 3; Junior Prom King Candidate 3; Student Council Workshop 3. JOSEPH PETERSON KAREN PETRI— Band 1-4; Cheerblock 1; Office Messenger 3-4; Student Council 1; Sub-set Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4. CHARLES PETTEE— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Stu- dent Council 1-3; Cabinet Representative 2; Cross Country 1-4; Track 1-4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1; " Brown Boy " Candidate 3. THERESA PFAU KAREN PHELPS— Cheerblock 1; Footlight Rev- elers Club 1; Home Economics Club 1-4; Office Messenger 3; Stage Crew 2-3; Selofra 1. SHIRLEY PHILLIPS— Girls ' Athletic Association 2; Office Messenger 4. KEN PICKARD LINDA PICKENS— Band 1-4; Future Teachers of America 1; History Club 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Office Messenger 3; Orchestra 4; Atom Dust 2. JUDITH POLING— Gym Meet 3; Track Meet 1-3; Foreign Language Laboratory Assistant 3. HAROLD POTTER— Band 1-4; Choir 3-4; French National Honor Society 2-3, President 4; Madri- gals 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Boys ' Octet 3-4; Orchestra 2-4; PRV 3-4; Student Council 1; Sub-set Club 1; Pep Band 1-4; Mr. Topper Candidate 3; " My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific. " NIKKI POWELL— Home Economics Club 4; Tri- Hi-Y 4; Foreign Language Laboratory Assist- ant 1. GESINE PREUSS RICHARD PRICE— Choir 4; Letterman ' s Club 4; Track 1-3-4; Football 2-4; " South Pacific. " PAMELA PRtEST— Office Messenger 1-3. CATHY PRIVETT— Office Messenger 3. Q JUANA QUINONES— Footlight Revelers Club 3; French National Honor Society 2-4; National Honor Society 3-4; News Bureau 2; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Atom Dust 1-4; Editor 2-4; Sub-set Secretary 1; TOWER 2-4; Make-up crew 3-4. JOSEPHINE RAIMONDI— Cheerblock 1; Student Council 1, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3. MICHAEL RAINS RALPH RAMIREZ— Hi-Y 4; Student Council 4; Track 3; Intramurals. BARBARA RASCOE DAVID RATEKIN— Rifle Team 2; ROTC Knock- out Drill Award 2. MARCIA REASONER — Business Manager 2; Cheerblock 1; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Foot- light Revelers Club 4; French National Honor Society 3-4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; HILL- TOPPER 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Girls ' Octet 3-4; PRV 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Atom Dust 3; Thespians 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Historian 4; Selfra President 1; Golden Girl Candidate 3; " Outward Bound; " " My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific; " Girls ' State; Model U.N. 3; Mock Election 4. BETHEL REED— Business Manager 2-4; Choir 4; Choralaires 2-3; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; Latin Club 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Selofra 1; " South Pacific. " STEVEN REILLY— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Student Council 4; Football 1-4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1. SALLY RICHARDSON— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Madrigals 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; News Bureau 4; PRV 3-4; Spanish Honor So- ciety 3-4; TOWER 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Treasurer 4; " My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific; " Ball State Journalism Institute. ANNA RIEWER— Office Messenger 3; Selofra 1. ANTHONY RINIER— Logansport High School 1; Intramurals 2. MACK ROBBINS RITA ROBBINS— Band 1-4; Future Teachers of America 2-3; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; History Club 1-2, President 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Orchestra 3-4; PRV 3; Atom Dust 1-2; Spanish Honor Society 3-4; Pep Band 2; PTA Award 1. HAROLD ROGERS SYDNEY ROGERS— Colegio Nacional General Jose Maria Paz, Argentina 1-3; " Outward Bound; " Choralaires 4. KAREN ROMERIL— Cheerblock 1-2; Future Teachers of America 1; Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion 1; Junior Red Cross Club 1-2; Office Mes- senger 4; Atom Dust 1-2. DARCY ROOD — Sparta Senior School, Wisconsin 1-3. LANCE ROTH RONALD ROUSE— Intramural Bowling. CHARLES ROWELL— Wrestling 1. PAMELA SABA— Cheerblock 1; Choir 4; Chora- laires 2-3; Drill Team 3-4; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; TOWER 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1; Basketball Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; " South Pacific; " Smith-Walbridge Drill Team Camp. ANEENA SALTER— Cheerblock 1-2; Choralaires 2; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Spanish Honor Society 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1. THOMAS SARFATY— Football 1-3; Intramural Basketball 1-4. CHARLES SCHARBROUGH— Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Football 1-4; Track 1-4; Wrestling 1-2; Baseball 1; Intramural Basketball 1-4, Intra- mural Wrestling 3. LYNN SCHIEFER— Cheerblock 1-2; Footlight Rev- elers Club 1-2; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; Office Messenger 4; Sub-set Club 1. ZOE SEEL PATRICIA SELF— Cheerblock 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4. CHARLENE SGRO MARTHA SHANKLIN— Office Messenger 4; Or- chestra 1-3. KATHY SHAW— Cheerblock 1; Home Economics Club 1-2; PRV 1; Sub-set Club 1; Basketball Homecoming Queen Candidate 3. LINDA SHEETZ— Cheerblock 1-2; Home Eco- nomics Club 1-2; Medical Careers Club 1. PAUL SHELTON— Lettermen ' s Club 4; Cross Country 2-4; Track 2-4. ANN SHEPHERD— Band 1-3; Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; Stage Crew 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1. GARY SHIRLEY— Chess Club 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Student Council 2; TOWER 2-4; Baseball 1-4; Track 1; Intramural Basketball 1-2-4; In- tramural Bowling 3-4; Intramural Ping Pong 2. DIANE SHOCKLEY— Cheerblock 1; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; Office Messenger 4; Selofra 1, Secretary 1; " My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific. " ROBERTA SKELTON— Future Teachers of Amer- ica 1; Student Council 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; TOWER 3-4; Selofra 1, Vice-President 1; Jamboree Queen Candidate 3; Ball State Journalism In- stitute 3; Intramural Bowling 4. SUSAN SLAYTON— Future Teachers of America 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; Student Coun- cil 1-3; Football Homecoming Queen Candidate 2; Selofra 1; Student Librarian 4. DOUGLAS SLUSS DENNIS SMALLING— Intramural Bowling 4. CARL SMITH— Latin Club 1-2; Intramural Bas- ketball 3. CLARISSA SMITH— Future Teachers of America 1-2; Home Economics Club 1-2. DAVID SMITH— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Basket- ball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Cross Country 1-2; Track 1. DAVID SMITH— Intramural Basketball 2-3. GARY SMITH— Track 3; Intramural Bowling 3-4. LINDA SMITH — History Club; Home Economics Club 3-4. SHIRLEY SMITH— Cheerblock 1; Future Teachers of America 1-2; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; National Honor Society 3-4; Office Messenger 2-3; Atom Dust ; Spanish Honor Society 3; Student Council 1-2; Intramural Bowling 3-4. SUSAN SMITH— Choralaires 3-4; Future Busi- ness Leaders 4, President 4; Home Economics Club 4; Office Messenger 3-4; Selofra 1. WILLIAM SMITH— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Foot- ball 1; Basketball 1-4; Tennis 2-3; Track 4. NORMA SMUTZ— Home Economics Club 1; Medical Careers Club 2; Orchestra 4. DANNY SPEARS JUDITH SPEER— Office Messenger 4; Student Council 3. BEVERLY SPENCER RONALD SPICE— Band 1-4; Choir 3-4; Footlight Revelers Club 3; Madrigals 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Boys ' Octet 3-4; Orchestra 2-4; PRV 2-4; Spanish Honor Society 4; Student Council 1; Pep Band 1-4; Football 1-4; Wrestling 1; Track 2; " Get Thee a Wife " 3; " South Pacific; " State Vocal Contest-First 3; All-City Orchestra 4. CHARMAINE STAFFORD— H istory Club 2-3; Home Economics Club 3; Office Messenger 3-4. ALEXANDRA STALAS— Choir 1-4; Girls ' Drill Team 2, 4; Footlight Revelers Club 1-4; French National Honor Society 2-3; Madrigals 3-4; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; Girls ' Octet 1-4; Orchestra 2, 4; PRV 1-4; Student Council 2-3; Thespians 3-4; TOWER 1; Girls ' Track Meet 2; " My Fair Lady " 3; " South Pacific " 4; " Get Thee a Wife " 3-4; " Outward Bound " 4; American Le- gion Good Citizen Award 3; Optimist Club Good Citizen Award 3. MYRA STANLEY— Office Messenger 4. DONNA STATZELL— Band 1-4; Cheerblock 1-3; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-4; Orchestra 1-4; PRV 2-4; Second Place-State Instrumental Con- test 3; Second Place-District Instrumental Con- test 4; All-City Orchestra 2-3; All-State Orchestra 3-4; Physical Education Assistant 2-4. JAMIE STEELE CAROLYN STEPHENS MARK STEPHENS— Latin Club 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Atom Dust 2; Football 2-4; Wrestling 1-4; Baseball 1; Track 1. JERRY STOCKDALE— Band 1-4; Chess Club 1-4; French National Honor Society 3-4; Secretary- Treasurer 4; History Club 1; Madrigals 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4, President 4; Or- chestra 1-4; PRV 3-4; Sub-set Club 1; TOWER 3-4; Pep Band 3-4; " Outward Bound " 4; Na- tional Merit Finalist 4; I.U. Honors Program 3; First-State Ensemble Contest 4; All-City Or- chestra 3; All-State Orchestra 3; Quiz Team Alternate 2-4; Senior Class Assistant Treasurer 4. FRANCIS STR I BY— Student Council 3; Cross Country 1-2; Track 2. MARCIA STROUD— Band 1-4; Chess Club 1; French National Honor Society 2-4; Girls ' Ath- letic Association 1-2; National Honor Society 4; Office Messenger 3; Orchestra 4; Science Team 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; State Winner, Indiana Academy of Science 4; Two Firsts, One Honorable Men- tion, Indiana Academy of Science. CAROLYN TAYLOR— Cheerblock 2-4; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Drill Team 3-4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; Office Messenger 3; PRV 2-4; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific; " Smith Walbridge Drill Team Camp. DAVID THOMAS— Choir 3-4; Madrigals 3; Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; Orchestra 1-4; PRV 3-4; TOWER 2; Tennis 2-4; " My Fair Lady; " " South Pacific; " " Outward Bound. " VALERIE THOMAS JOSEPH THOMPSON— Astro-Rocket Club 2; Chess Club 1-2. 178 PATRICIA THOMPSON— Cheerblock 1-2; Student Council 3; Golden Girl Candidate 3. GARY THROCKMORTON— Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; PRV 2; Student Council-Treasurer 4; Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Track 1-4; Baseball 1-2; " Music Man. " JUNA TOLLIVER DONNA TOUMEY— Cheerblock 1; Choralaires 2; Drill Team 3-4; Office Messenger 4; PRV 4; Smith Walbridge Drill Team Camp. ROBERT TREANOR— Intramural Basketball 1; Golf 4; Model U.N. 4. CAROL TRINKLE— Band 1-4; Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; PRV 3; Student Coun- cil 3-4; Girls ' Track Meet 1-2. DAVID TRITCH— Band 1-2; Hi-Y 4; Intramural Basketball 1-2. u DANNY UMBARGER— Football 1, 3. KATHYRN VANBUSKIRK JANE VANHORN— Cheerblock 1; Clinic Assistant 4; Girls ' Drill Team 2; Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion 1; Office Messenger 3; Student Council 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3. FRANCES VANMAAREN— Cheerblock 1-4; Girls- Athletic Association 1-4; Footlight Revelers Club 3; Girls ' Gym Meet 1-4; Girls ' Track Meet 1-4. DARLENE VANUS SHARON VAUGHN— Choralaires 2. THERESA VERHINES— Choralaires 2-4; Office Messenger 3-4. w PATTI WALKER— Cheerblock 1. STEVEN WALKER CLARA WALKUP— St. Mary ' s 1; Home Eco- nomics Club 2; Latin Club 2; Office Messenger 3-4. EDWARD WALL— Band 1-4; Chess Club 2; Stage Crew 3-4; Pep Band 4; Intramural Bowling 3-4. STEVEN WALTERS MELINDA WARD JOE WARD— Cheerblock 4; French National Society 3; Baseball 3; Track 3-4. CYNTHIA WARE EDWARD WARRINER— Chess Club 1-3; Footlight Revelers Club 2-4; President 4; Hi-Y 2-4, Treas- urer 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 3-4; PRV 2-4; National Forensic League 3-4; Stage Crew 1-4; Sub-set Club 1; Thespians 2-4, President 4; Speech, Debate Team 3-4; Intramural Bowling 3; National Merit Com- mendation 4; " Outward Bound " 4; Model UN 3-4. KATHERINE WASHBURN— HILLTOPPER 3; Of- fice Messenger 3; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Spanish Honor Society 3-4, Treasurer 4; TOWER 4. MARK WATKINS— Choir 2-4; Footlight Revelers Club 3-4, Vice-President 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Madrigals 1-4; Boys ' Octet 2-4; PRV 2-3; Student Council 3; Sub-set Club 1; Thespians 3-4, Vice-President 4; Wrestling 2-4; Intramural Basketball 1; Junior Prom King Candidate 3; Winter Wonderland King Candidate 3; " Get Thee a Wife " 4; " King and I " 1; " Music Man " 2; " My Fair Lady " 3; " South Pacific " 4; Senior Class Treasurer 4. MARK WEBER— Band 2. CHARLES WELCHER— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Stu- dent Council 4; Baseball 1; Track 1-4; Football 1-4; Intramural Basketball 1-4. DEBRA WEST— National Honor Society 3-4; Of- fice Messenger 3; Spanish Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 3. MARCIA WEST— Girls ' Drill Team 2-4; Girls ' Athletic Association 1; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Office Messenger 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; " Golden Girl " Candidate 4; Drill Team Camp 3; Selofra 1. ANNA WHEATLEY— Greensburg High School 1-2; Future Business Leaders 3, Treasurer 3. GREGORY WHITAKER SHERYL WHITRIDGE— Band 1-4; Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 1-2; Selofra 1. CHERYL WIENEKE— Girls ' Athletic Association 1; TOWER 3; Selofra 1; Colors Connmittee 4. CAROL WILLIAMS — Cheerblock 1; Girls ' Athletic Association 4; Home Economics Club 3; Office Messenger 2; Jamboree Queen Candidate 3; Constitution Committee 4. DEVERA WILLIAMS— Sub-set Club 1. PEGGY WILLIAMS— Home Economics Club 2. MARK WILLIAMSON— Football 1-4; Baseball 1; Track 1; Intramural Basketball 1-4. DAVID WILSON CHRISTINE WORRELL— Cheerblock 1-2; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Girls ' Drill Team 2-4; Foot- light Revelers Club 1, 4; Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion 4; Madrigals 3-4; PRV 3-4; Mistress of Ceremonies 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Vice-President 4; Speech, Debate Team 3-4; " King and I " 1: " Prize Christmas " 1; " My Fair Lady " 3; " South Pacific " 4; Drill Team Camp 2-3; Purdue Speech and Hearing Therapy Institute 3; Model UN 4. DARRELL WRIGHT— Band 1-2; Pep Band 1-2; Baseball 3; Intramural Basketball 1-4. ANDREW WYSONG— Intramural Basketball 1; Winter Wonderland King Candidate 2; " Mr. Topper " Candidate 2; Junior Prom King 3; " Music Man " 2. PAMELA YAGER LARRY YARNELL— Sub-set Club 1; Football 1-2; Wrestling 1-2. BARBARA YOUNT— Cheerblock 1-3; Office Mes- senger 2-3; Student Council 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 3. DAVID ZILSON 179 General Index Adam, Richard 126 Adams, James 24,106 Adwell, Jeaneta 50 Albright, Robert 24 Aldrich, James 20 Aldrich, Susan 27,44 Alender, James 20 Alexander, Danny 24,25 Alexander, Gregory 20,108,119,122 Alexander, Julia 11,21,24,36,94 Alexander, Landa 27,44,48,50 Alexander, Mrs. Patricia 30,59 Allseltz, Nellie 32,44 Allseitz, Rebecca 32 Amos, Thomas 36,38,39,42,43,46,95 Anderson, Jerry 24 Anderson, Mr. Rex 59 Anderson, Robert 107 Anderson, Sandra 51 Applegate, Steven 24,106 Archer, Deborah 27,44,50 Arnold, Robert 47 Arthur, Darrell 20,106 Astro-Rocket Club 47 Athletic Managers 127 Atom Dust 41 Audio Visual Club 47 B Bailey, Judith 101 Bailey, Roger 22,41,42,46 Bair, Michael 52 Baker, Dru 34,100 Baker, Mr. John 55 Baker, Mrs. Hariette 60 Baker, John 50 Balsbaugh, Richard 20,119,122 Band 20 Barbour, Miss Paula 60 Barnard, Gary 124 Barnes, Paula 11,21,24,34 Barrett, Rex 40,98,125 Bartholomew, Debra 50 Bartley, Terry 44,47 Baseball 120-123 Basketball 110-113 Bass, Carolene 42,52 Bass, Charlene 27,32,150 Baugh, David 31 Baumgardt, Philip 86 Baxter, Harold 107 Becher, Michael 32,34,52,119,123 Beck, Mr. Bruce 60 Beck, Mr. Richard 60 Beck, William 106 . Becker, Mollis 92,98,108,118 Becklehimer, Jo Ellen 41,50 Becklehimer, Peggy 27,50 Beeler, Jeffrey 106,116,118 Beem, Patricia 50 Behlmer, Mrs. Kenna 62 Belcher, Sharon 51 Bell, Jack 119 Benson, Mark 46 Benson, Marsha 50 Bergdoll, Bobbi 28,82,101 Berger, Bethany 24,25,33,50 Berger, Mary 50 Berger, Patti 50 Berger, Susan 41 Bernard, Dorothy 52 Bernard, John 22 Bertram, Gerald 34,36,86,102,116 Bertram, Jeffery 71,98,102,116 Bertram, Mr. Arthur 55 Bewley, Noel 124 Bhend, Phyllis 44,86,87,92,101 Black, Mr. James 123 Black, Carol 27 Black, Lauren 44 Blackmon, Deborah 30,31,52 Blair, Lita 28,50 Boekankamp, Karen 30,31,33 Bone, Barbara 34,44 Boosinger, John 107,136 Boosinger, Timothy 34,83,92,102,114,118 Bottom, Bruce 98,124 Bottom, Marlin 123 Botts, Bonnie 21,33,73,92,101 Boulais, Suzette 46,136 Bourne, Perry 20,36 Bowen, Barbara 27,38,39,40,41,44 Boyd, Janice 27,49,52 Boyd, Joyce 22,49 Boyd, Thomas 20,24 Boyd, Thomas 119,123 Boys ' Ensemble 25 Bradburn, Cathleen 50 Bradley, Mary 41,46,50 Brady, Miss Sandra 60 Bramblett, Mr. Robert 25 Branaman, Paula 50 Brandt, Christopher 31 Branham, Donald 121 Branstetter, Deborah 100 Braun, Jeffery 43 Breedlove, Deborah 21 Bretzlaff, Mrs. Elinor 60 Briggs, Mr. Steven 60 Brinson, Donna 101 Brinson, Sharon 27,31,37,41,48 Britton, Donald 14,98,102,103,121 Brock, Roger 119 Brooks, Ralph 67 Brovi(n, Carol 63 Brown, Daniel 107,113 Brown, Dena 52 Brown, Miss Janice 100,101 Brown, Kevin 107 Brown, Mr. Philip 64 Brown, Richard 22 Brown, Sharon 50 Bruce, Constance 51,100 Bruce, Dennis 108,119,122 Bruce, Kenneth 39 Bruner, Barry 125 Bruner, Nancy 17,32,36,38,40,44,92 Bryan, Betty 100 Brydon, Anita 52 Burchett, Joe 27,52 Burchett, Randy 44,108 Burgess, Cindy 43 Burtnett, Roseanna 42,50 Burton, Steven 34,102 Business Manager 40 Byrne, James 63,106,119,123 Cain, Alan 71 Cain, Christine 100 Cala, Steven 24 Caldwell, Rebecca 46,51 Caluza, Stephen 20 Calvert, Brenda 51 Calvert, Deborah 101 Calvert, Marsha 100 Canada, Connie 20,50 Cannon, Mrs. Ilene 60 Cardwell, Elbert 98 Carmean, Lucky 20,23 Carnal, Mr. Robert 58 Carson, William 50 Carter, Michael 4 Gary, Diane 22 Cassidy, Deborah 27,44 Cazula, Rhonda 24 Chadwick, Steven 98,102,116 Chapman, Dennis 122 Chapman, John 107 Chapman, Laina 27 Chapman, Sue 24 Cherry, Syndie 9,21,25,27,100,101 Chess Club 46 Choir 24 Christ, Carol 27 Christenberry, Linda 34,44 Christenberry, Steven 122 Clark, David 20 Clark, Marian 36 Clark, Ronald 84,120,121 Clifton, Frank 71 Cline, Robert 46 Clingerman, Rebecca 21,83,86,88 Cobb, Elizabeth 36,40,51,95 Cobb, James 46 Coffin, Marjorie 20,32 Coffin, Mrs. LaVerne 48,60 Coffin, Philip 20,32,93 Coleman, John 44,47 Collins, Nancy 100 Combs, Barton 44 Combs, James 106 Combs, Gregory 98,102,121 Concert Club 26.27 Conway, Gary 24,25,106,119,123 Cook, Brenda 24,32,33,36,37,39,52 Cook, William 44 Cornn, Hughie 106,123 Cooks 79 Coughlen, Beth 22 Cousineau, Mr. Thomas 102,105 Covert, Harriett 51 Cowgill, Janet 31 Cowherd, James 59 Cox, Joyce 24,25,144 Cox, Susan 27,50 Coyle, Gene 36,100,118 Craig, Meredith 34,44,71,86,92 Cramer, Kathleen 50 Crawford, Mrs. Margaret 60 Crenshaw, Diane 44,84 Crews, Cynthia 50,100 Crews, James 24 Cross Country 108,109 Cross, Phyllis 44,50 Cross, Terri 21,24,37 Csiky, Rochelle 44,50,101 Cunningham, Mr. William 4,76 Curlin, Mr. Tommie 62 Custodians 79 Danforth, Christine 27 Davis, Elaine 50 Davis, Steven 116,117 Dawson, Patricia 60 Dawson, Richard 20,23 Dean, Alfred 107 Deane, Randall 106,119 Deane, Steven 121 Debate Team 39 DeBoo, Kathleen 50 DeCoito, Janice 23,42,44 DeFur, James 113 DeFur, Nancy 27,44 DeLay, Daniel 108 DeLay, Thomas 34,71 Demaster, James 24 Denham, Lee Anne 28,29,44,87,100 Denney, Susan 32 Dentler, Patricia 29,100 Derington, Debra 21,101 Dick, Ralph 61,98,116 Dickenson, Paula 27,39,42,50 Dieringer, Darel 106,119 Dininger, Diana 24,42,43 Dinkens, Mr. Dale 60 Dirks, Barbara 33 Dixon, Janet 22 Dixon, Teresa 100 Dixon, William 34,98,118,147 Doane, Deborah 50,51 Dobbs, Michelle 27,52 Dobbs, Sandra 21,36,40,44,92 Dobrota, Michael 92 Dobson, Bruce 20,98,102,111,116 Dodd, Thomas 39 Donley, Ronald 50 Doughty, Kerry 85 Dowling, John 51 Downey, Marsha 100 Dugan, Patrick 24,44,92,94,98,102 Duhamell, Marilyn 9,24,28,44,82,92,101 Duhamell, Stephen 24 Dulin, Patti 10,20,31,33,44,48,71,86 Dunaway, Jeffery 108 Duncan, Brenda 53 Duncan, Ruth 50 Dunn, Janet 27,100,101 Dunn, Jack 121 Dwire, Christine 27,52 Dych, Robert 98,102 Dye, Douglas 24,25 Easterday, John 32,34,37,39,44,54,82,98 Easterday, Joseph 34,105,119 Eckert, Carolyn 39,84 Edens, David 24 Edwards, David 51 Edwards, Mr. Robert 62 Eggers, Judy 52 Elder, Phillip 46 Ellis, Gary 122,123 Ellis, Rebecca 46,67 Ellis, Tracy 112,119 EIrod, Mrs. Beverly 64 Endsley, Robin 53 Ervin, Mr. John 13,60 Eshelman, Bradley 124 Eshelman, Carolyn 44,50 Eubanks, William 46 Evans, Mr. Don 54,65 Evans, Gary 122 Evans, Pamela 34,44 Evans, Patricia 27,50 Evans, Randall 123 Evans, Sue 27,28,34,100,101 Evans, Thomas 24,25 Evans, Wayne 24,33,36,44,92 Evens, Kenneth 24,34 Farrell, Farrell, Faryna, Fawver, Faith, Mary 44,50,92 Farmer, Walter 24 Kevin 102 Mr. William 44,64,65 Maria 41,50 Robert 32,47,144 Feldhake, Marsha 50,51,145 Fendley, Bernard 119 Ferguson, Miss Martha 38 Findlay, Dennis 98,116 Finkbiner, Mr. Ronald 35,65 Finke, Bruce 98,102 Fitzpatrick, Miss Patricia 48,60 Fleener, Charles 122 Flowers, Jeffrey 23,46 Flynn, Kenneth 120,121,122 Flynn, Terry 123 Fonseca, Enrique 107 Football 102-107 Ford, Barry 20,46 Ford, John 94 Fotiades, Michael 84,98,102,105,121 Fredrick, Robert 47 Freeland, Mary 5,34,36,37 Freeman, Robert 107 French National Honor Society 36 Frick Sally 27,44,82 Frisbie, Kathryn 27,38,48,50 Frisch, Thomas 118 Fuehrer, Patricia 27,101 Future Business Leaders of America 49 Future Teachers of America 48 Gann, Perry 41,42 Gardner, Carol 22,38,44,48,50 Garrett, Kathryn 22,33,38,39,42 Garrett, Mrs. J. Mason 54 Garrett, Sandra 22,39,42 Garrison, Billie 24 Gearlde, Ronald 107,115 Gibson, Mark 46 Gilbert, Stella 101 Gillespie, Denyce 101 Girls ' Athletic Association 100 Goens, Louise 50 Golf 124 Goodwin, Gordon 116 Goodwin, Gregory 107 Goot, Robert 20,119,123 Gocrt, Charles 109 Goot, Judith 22 Grace, Karen 27 Graham, Gregory 36,44,92,124 Graves, Martha 21,24,34,44 Gray, Cynthia 50 Green, Barry 106,119,122 Green, Claudette 26 Greer, Patricia 50 Grever, Ruth 27,44,50 Griffin, Carolyn 78 Griffin, Victoria 50,100 Griffo, Mary 24,50 Grimes, Bonnita 50 Grissom, John 37,47 Groene, Daniel 12,107 Gross, Beverly 46,51 G ' Sell, Catherine 34 Gustin, Harry 36,46,95 Gustin, Mary 101 Gwaltney, Mr. Charles 62 Gymnastics Team 101 H Hack, Melanie 23,50 Hagy, David 22,46 Hahn, Barbara 22,32,33 Hailey, Thomas 67 Hall, David 41 Hall, Mrs. Virginia 58 Hamill, Thomas 24,33,36,39,42,46 Hammond, Mr. Richard 62 Hancock, Kathi 24,33,36,38,39,92 Handley, Mr. William 22 Hanes, Kathleen 27,50 Hanley, Richard 36 Hannemann, Barbara 63 Hannemann, Veronika 11,21,24,36 Hanson, Larry 71 Hardman, Mary 50 Harkness, John 34,44,92 Harlan, Diana 24,46,50,51 Harlow, Gary 108 Harold Donnessa 50,53 Harrell, Pamela 50 Harris, Donna 44,50 Harris, Suzanne 50 Harsin, Charles 36 Hart, Kathleen 12 Hartle, Charles 46 Hartle, Debra 100 Hartley, Daniel 24,25 Hartley, David 22 Hashman, David 37,71,118 Hauser, David 51 Hawkins, Martha 132 Hawkins, Phyllis 32,36,37,44,95 Hayes, Denise 20,32,38 Haygood, Dennis 34,102,119 Haymaker, Phyllis 50 Hefler, Sherry 29 Heitzman, Vicki 44 Henderson, Sandra 51 Henderson, Steve 116 Henry, Kathy 24,50 Henshaw, Christopher 106 Herron, Linda 51 Herron, Robert 108 Hessong, Mr. Robert 59,138 Heustis, Robert 20,46 Hicks, Roxanne 50 Hidinger, Mark 20 Higginbotham, Carol 21,22,31,33,38,44 Higginbotham, Susan 23 Hill, Gary 10,20,86,89,99 Hill, Philip 10 Hilligoss, Pamela 82 HILLTOPPER 30,31 Hi-Y 44 History Club 51 Holland, Patricia 50 Hollenbaugh, Judy 27,44 Hollenbaugh, Russell 107 Hollon, Lester 85 Holman, William 10,42,43,71 Holmes, James 119,123 Holstein, Horst 112 Home Economics Club S3 Horn, Judith 50 Horner, Rebecca 100 Hornet Honeys 21 Houppert, Brian 51 Houppert, Kevin 119 Howard, Mr. F. M. 76 Hubbard, Gary 84,98,106,110 Hubbard, Gilbert 85 Hudson, Helen 27,41,42,44,144 Hughes, Charles 47 Hughes, Frances 44,48 Hughes, Kimberly 22,36,92 Hughes, Mr. Richard 62 Hulse, Mr. Raymond 68 Hunt, Sandra 21,44,84 Hunter, Betty 100 Hurt, John 24 180 Hurt, Marilyn 24,36,71,86 Hutton, Janet 50 Hytield, Donald 106 Hyfield, Janet 20,44,48,100 Jackson, Jill 101 Jacobi, Anne 42,51 Jeffers, Katherlne 50 Jenkins, Mary 23 Jensen, Mary 21 Jensen, Sally 21,31,52 Jern, Philip 20 Jewell, Steven 34 Johns, Stephen 98 Johnson, Carol 101 Johnson, Connie 36 Johnson, Miss Kathy 65 Johnson, Linda 5,28,100 Johnson, Michael 121 Joines, Gary 50 Jones, Deborah 20 Jones, Donald 98,102 Jones, Glenn 20 Jones, Jo Ann 138 Jones, Julia 101 Jones, Ruth 50, 100 Jones, Sandra 101 Jump, Debra 100 Jump, Teresa 21,44 Kalias, Kathy 32 Kamp, Gregory 121 Kayler, Mr. Hartwell 64 Kerrs, Jill 100 Keetay, Victoria 33 Kelley, Rebecca 82 Kelly, Debra 101 Kennelly, Gregory 116,117 Keppler, Nancy 34,82,92 Kern, Brent 41 Kerr, Deborah 51 Kertes, Teresa 44,71 Kiemeyer, Mary 44 King, James 121 Kingery, Diane 24,36,42 Kinney. Michael 44 Kirk, Miss Dorotha 65 Kirlin, Cathy 21 Kittelsen, Miss Rhoda 60 Knight, Marsha 34 Knoy, David 34 Knoy, Steven 106 Kochring, Cheryl 101 Koehring, Alan 116 Koepper, Mrs. Sharon 13 Koss, Donald 44 Koss, John 44 Kraeszig, Karia 30,31,33,36,37,50 Kretheotis, Cindy 86 Kretheotis, Elaine 32,33,41,44,100 Kuonen, Mr. Edward 66 Kutche, George 102,103 Lackey, Elissa 50 Lamb, Andrea 22 Lamb, Ellen 53 Lamberg. Ruth 148 Larson, Cynthia 22,24,36,38,44,50 La Rue Dawn 100 Lauck, Lisa 101 Lau, Mary 21,24,37,42,83,86,89 Latin Club 51 Launer, Pamela 41,50 Launer, Paula 27,100 Lawrence, Sherri 101 Lawrence, Steven 20 Lawrence, William 102 Lawson, Karen 20 Layman, Eliene 50 Layman, Steven 98,108,118 Leach, Raymond 122 Lee, Joseph 70 Lee, Linda 101 Lee, Martin 102,118 Lee, Randall 47,106 Legg, Jo Ellen 44 Legg, Pamela 44 Leininger, Victoria 41 Leguire, Ella 50,100 Lesnet, Joyce 50 Lettermen ' s Club 98 Lewis, Mr. Thomas 25 Library Assistants 50 Liddle, Stephanie 20,22,32,44 Lingenfelter, Carol 50 Loew, Mrs. Mildred 58 Long, Elise 24 Longerich, Richard 107 Lowe, Ann 48 Lowe, Robert 102 Loy, Kurt 24 Lynch, Mr. James 76,107 Lynch, Robert 20 Lyons, John 106,119,122 Lyons, Kathy 101 M Mabry, Linda 50 Madinger, Barbara 40 Madrigals 25 Maffett, Robert 107 Magness, Wanda 50 Mahler, Mark 76 Maners, Dan 41 Manning, Reginold 51 Mansfield, Yvonne 100 Marendt, Cynthia 44,100 Marendt, Patricia 28,100,101 Marendt, Thomas 34,98,102,105 Marsh, Deborah 98 Marshall, Gary 121 Martin, Carolyn 20,23,36,37,41,51 Martin, David 93,98,124 Martin, Jeff 116 Martin, Margaret 21,27,39,44 Mathias, Bruce 107 Maudlin, Debbie 44,101 Maudlin, Deborah 28,44 Maudlin, Janis 101 Maudling, Diana 27,44 Maxberry, Dennis 85 Mays, Elizabeth 51 McArtor, Marilyn 50 McArthur, Vicki 22 McCarty, Lana 24,50 McClain, Norman 10,38,39,40,42 McClary, Becky 27 McClure, Elizabeth 40,107 McClure, Katherine 50,52,92 McClure, Stephen 107 McCord, Sandra 36,52 McCormick, Cynthia 50 McCormick, Stephen 122 McCreary, Penny 42,144 McDaniel, Sharon 34 McEnderfer, Mr. Louis 21 McFearin, Patricia 53,75 McGinley, Mr. Charles 65 McGuire, Kathleen 50,75 McKay, Deborah 50,53 McKay, Rebecca 49,53 McKim, Pamela 20,22,32,36,38,44,94,95 McLane, Miss Mary 44,65 McLeish, Diana 50 McLeish, Kevin 107 McLeish, Mr. Richard 102,104,116,118 McLeod, Pamela 22,101 McMillan, Patricia 50 McNeill, Roger 23 McNew, Danny 31,100,122 McPherson, Dennis 24,43 McWilliams, Rebecca 41,70 Meade, Gregory 98,102 Meadows, Charles 51 Meadows. Ronald 43 Mealey, Kathryn 41,49,52 Medical Careers Club 52 Medlin, Terri 101 Mee, Cheryl 34,82 Mellott, Mr. Wayne 60 Meranda. Mrs. Helen 60,61 Mercer, Mrs. Ruth 21,60 Merkle, Ralph 24,34,106 Merriman, Tom 49 Merryman, James 121 Messer, Steven 20,106 Metcalf, Marianne 61,100 Meyer, Douglas 20,36 Meyer, Dwight 20 Milburn, Thomas 24 Miles, Theresa 52,63,100 Miller, Eric 52 Miller, Larry 14,98.102,110 Miller, Mark 98, 121 Miller, Marsha 51 Miller, Michael 107 Miller, Stephanie 51,53 Minnis. Mrs. Stella 79 Mitchell, Mr. Robert 119 Mitchell, Miss Martha 60 Mock Election 92-93 Model U.N. 45 Moody, Jerri 44,82,92 Moore, James 34 Moore, Lisa 20,101 Moore, Virginia 50 Morgan, Jeanette 53 Morgan, Randell 34,36,92 Morgan, Stephen 24,51 Morris, Rebecca 24,50 Morton, Linda 50 Mosher, Randall 33,43 Motley, Miss Jerry 62 Mount, Carol 23,29,100 Moxey, Dawn 51,83 Murphy, James 47 Murphy, Ramona 32,37,50 Napier, Danny 107 National Forensic League 39 National Honor Society 36 National Thespian Society 42 Naylor, Miss Marilyn 53 Neal, Margaret 21,24,37,40,42,44 Neal, Mrs. Shirley 60 Nelson, Mr. Arnold 51,65 Nesbit, Gregory 107 Nice, David 107 Nichols, Susan 27 Nicholson, Vicki 27 Nickolaus, Patricia 20 Niedenthal, Mark 107,126 Nikou, Sotirios 44 Oberlies, Karen 13,33 Oberling, Linda 50 O ' Brien, Donald 20,23 O ' Drain, Miss Ellen 60 Office Messenger SO Office Staff 78 Ohmit, Kathleen 31,36,37,44,50,52 Ohmit, Suzanne 31,44 O ' Neal, Helen 50 Orchestra 22,23 Orr, Kathy 27 Orr, Ronald 34 Osborn, Gary 71,86 Ott, Larry 24 Ott, Linda 34 Overstreet, Penny 82 Page, Denise 21,24,25,38,44,83 Pannell, KarIa 9,24,25,28,34,85,100 Parcel, Timothy 121 Pash, Barbara 66 Pash, Margaret 5,30,31,35,36,37,39,42,95 Pastrick, Donald 44 Pastrick, Jerry 72 Pastrick, Ron 83 Pence, Chris 127 PEN POINTS 33 Piercy, Ralph 123 Pierson, Shirley 44 Piland, David 106 Pinkman, Suzanne 20,34,41,50 Pirtle, Mr. Charles 76 Piatt, Mr. James 62 Pleasant Run Varieties 88,89 Plowman, Patricia 50,75 Poalston, Mr. James 119,120,121 Pollard, Charles 106 Pollock, Annabelle 22,40 Pomeroy, Vicki 29 Poole, Mrs. Margaret 62 Pope, Laurel 24,31,33,39,51 Potter, Daniel 20,23 Potter, Harold 20,23,24,25,28,36,85,99 Powell, Nikki 44,53 Powers, Anita 27,49,53 Poynter, Daniel 119,122 Poynter, Teresa 24,31,33,44,71 Pruess, Gesine 50 Price, Richard 24,92,97,102 Priest, David 102 Priest, James 107 Priest, Mike 116 Pritz, Jana 31,44,82 Pyland, Robert 119,123 Quill and Scroll 33 Quinn, Karen 75 Quinones, Juana 32,35,41 Quinones, Lilana 32,48 Quiz Team 35 Raasch, Donna 38 Rader, John 34,119 Raimondi, Concetta 27,34 Raimondi, Josephine 34 Ramirez, Ralph 34.44 Rash, Gary 43 Ratliff, Owen 24 Ratliff, Robert 46 Reasoner, Laura 31,38,39.42.44 Reasoner, Marcia 24,25,30,33,36,38,42,44, 51,86,88,92,94 Reasoner, Mark 46 Red Cross Club 52 Reed, Bethel 24,40,44 Reed, Carol 51,83 Reed, Harry 106,145 Reed, Steven 97,106.119 Reifeis, Donna 30.31.44,71 Reilly, Steven 34,98.102,105 Reinhardt, Craig 34.106.110,119 Reinken, Judy 100 Reintjes, Beth 101 Rennard, Betty 6,27, Rhodes. Tammra 50 Richards, Mr. David 62 Richardson, Mr. Harrison 107 Richardson, Linda 27,50 Richardson. Margaret 46.51,93 Richardson, Sally 24,32 Richey, Sheila 46 Rider, Cynthia 50 Riley, Mr. Ray 59.125 Riquelme. Mr. Rogelio 68.69 Ring. Mary 24.82.101 Rippeth, Judith 20,46 Robbins, Rita 20.22.36,37,77 Robbins, Robert 41 Roberts, Roxanne 22,44 Robinson, Sally 40 Rogers, David 112,123 Rogers, Rick 144 Rogers, Sydney 27 Rohde, Mr. Glenn 66 Rohrer, Alvin 121 Romeril, Brad 34,122 Romeril, Mr. Conrad 55 ROTC 71 Runciman, Janet 86 Ruschhaupt, r lr. Charles 5,53 Putter, Pamela 50 Ryan, Mark 20,23,108 Saba, Pamela 21,24,36,92 Sadowicz, Theresa 50 Salter, Aneena 36,37 Sanders, Craig 85 Sanders, Mikel 51 Scanlon, Kathleen 50 Scharbrough, Charles 92,98,102.104.115 Scharbrough, Larry 83,84,98,102.103.122. 145 Scott, Alice 50 Scott, Gary 24 Scott, Maurice 34 Scott, Penny 50,53 Scott, Teresa 27 Scott, Timothy 125 Seel, Zoe 50 Sehr, Rebecca 34 Seitz, Mrs. Ethel 61 Self, Patricia 44 Shadiow, Richard 20.108 Shannon, Rebecca 50 Shelton, Paul 98,108.117 Shemwell, Judy 50 Sherron, David 20 Shirley, Gary 32,98.121 Shockley, Diane 24 Shockley, Dougias 20 Shockley, Mary 50.101 Shockney, Donald 22 Short, Paul 106 Short, Wendall 106 Short, William 107 Showalter, Linda 23 Showalter. Sandra 100 Sights, Mrs. Marguerite 51 Sigmond, Becky 20,82 Simmons, Harold 23 Skaggs. Michael 108 Skaggs, Nancy 50 Skelton, Roberta 32-44,82 Slayton, Susan 50 Smalling, Sheila 50 Smith, Clarissa 50 Smith, Dana 31,37.41.71 Smith, David 98,121 Smith, Debra 50 Smith, Mrs. Dorothy 62 Smith, Frances 50 Smith, Gerald 119.123 Smith. Linda 42 Smith, Lona 101 Smith. Nancy 21.41 Smith. Scott 107 Smith, Miss Shirley 51 Smith, Steven 31 Smith, Susan 49.50.53 Smith, Timothy 9.63.125 Smith, Mr. William 61 Smith, William 92.98,125 Smoot, William 67.102.122 Smuck. Mrs. Mary 67 Smutz, Norma 22 Snodgrass, Donna 42 Snodgrass. Joseph 5,34,106.144 Snyder. Charmi 50 Spears, Mr. Errol 65 Speer. Judieth 50 Spice. Byron 20 Spice. Ronald 20. 23. 24. 25. 36. 42. 86. SS. 102.144 Stage Crew 43 Stahlv. Mr. David 40.52 Stalas. Alexandra 21.24, Stalas. Christine 20,22 Stanley. Myra 50 Stapp, Kathy 50 Statzell, Donna 20.23.100 Steed. Mrs. Eloise 78 Steele, Jamie 50 Steen. Daniel 24 Steffen. Linda 50 Steffen. Thomas 124 Stephens. Mark 102 Stephenson. Jane 20.31 Stewart. Mr. Da ' id 64.106 Stewart. ' ary 4S.53 Stirline. ' r. Thomas Stockd ' ale. Jerry Stonebraker. Christian 25 Storie. Biliv S5. 102. 145 Storm. Paul S5 Stribv. William 24 Strickland. Thcmas_46.51 Stroud. N ' rs. Albert 4 Stroud. Bruce 20.?? Stroud. Marcia 20. 36. 3S. 41. 92. 93 Struck. Christine 27 Struck, Martha 20,32 181 stuck, Deborah 50 Student Council 34 Stump, Terry 46 Sturm, William 20 Sub-set Club 46 Sulgrove, Donald 46 Sullivan, Mary 50 Summit, Thomas 106,119 Sutton, Mr. Mark 64,65 Swift, Stacy 52 Taflinger, Marianne 51 Taflinger, William 116 Taylor, Carolyn 11,21,24 Taylor, Daniel 83 Taylor, Delbert 10 Taylor, Todd 107 Tennis 125 Tepner, Annette 20 Tepner, Armin 20 Tepner, Roger 20 Terry, Tommy 51,106 Tex, Leota 86,98 Thomas, David 22,24,36,125 Thomas, Marcia 26 Thomas, Paul 125,132 Thomas, Rex 24 Thomas, Sherry 24,25,28,44,100,101 Thompson, Barbara 82 Thompson, Marjorie 51 Thornburg, Leonard 24,34,98,102,119,122 Throckmorton, Gary 15,34,98,102,111, 116,119 Throckmorton, Jana 44 Throckmorton, Michael 106 Thumma, Miss Mary 37,69 Tobin, Mr. Hal 61 Totten, Mr. Thomas 15 Totten, William 24 Tout, Mr. Frank 58,59,83 Toumey, Donna 21,50 TOWER 32 Track 116-119 Tri-Hi-Y 44 Trinkle, Carol 20 Trinkle, Mr. John 59 Truex, Kenneth 42 Utigard, David 20,106,119 VanBuskirk, Kathryn 24 VanHorn, Jane 50 VanHorn, Mr. Marcus 62 VanMaaren, Frances 101 VanMaaren, Peter 108,119 Verhines, Theresa 50 Vermillion, Daniel 24 Veteto, Jeffrey 106 W Wahl, Pamela 52 Walker, Beverly 21 Walker, Cheryl 21,27,101 Walker, Thomas 24 Walker, Mr. William 116,118 Walkup, Clara 50 Wall, Edward 20,23,43 Wall, Janice 50 Wall, Vera 29,100 Wall, Verna 100 Walston, Dennis 98,102,104,122 Walters, Beth 20,23 Walters, Gary 20 Walton, Stephen 106 Ward, Patrick 118 Warriner, Edward 36,39,42,43,44,92 Washburn, Katherine 15,32,33,37 Watkins, Mr. Frank 25 Watkins, Mark 24,25,42,92 Watson, Diana 41 Weakley, Mrs. Mary 61 Weatherford, David 107 Weaver, Mr. Jack 46,61 Webb, Miss Susan 69 Weber, Mark 41 Welch, Miss Maryon 59 Welcher, Charles 29,98,102,116 Wells, Melanie 20,23,50 West, Daniel 107 West, Debra 36,37 West, Dennis 34,119,123 West, Marcia 21,36,44,84 Whaley, Mrs. Margaret 73 White, Deborah 50 White, Peggy 27 Whitehurst, Louise 27, 44 Whitmore, Laurence 105,118 Whitridge, Shawn 29,101 Wieneke, Michael 98,102,104 Wilcox, Mrs. Marie 67 Williams, Carol 101 Williams, Peggy 50 Wflliamson, Teresa 50 Wolfe, David 20 Wolfe, Louis 116 Wood, Mr. Bill 108 Wood, Lisa 23 Wood, Richard 5.24.32,34,39.40.51 Worrell, Chris 21,24,39,42,44,86,89,100 Wrancher, Anne 53 Wray, Michael 98,121,122 Wren, Richard 106 Wrestling 114-115 Wynn, Deborah 27,51 Yarber, Mr. James 62 Yocum, Rebecca 50 Zander, Jane 22 Zander, Judith 41 Zilson, Karen 50 Zimmerman, David 108,119 Zylstra, Stephen 23,24,41,46 182 Editor ' s Page With the completion of this book, the HILLTOPPER staff would like to acknowledge the invaluable assis- tance of all involved in yearbook production. Sound advice and many imagina- tive ideas were obtained from the American Yearbook Company, es- pecially from Mr. William Wright, the company ' s representative. Countless pictures would not have been seen in this book had it not been for the help of Mr. James Shields, owner of Tower Studios. Mr. Shields not only managed the underclassmen portraits but also captured many exciting moments on film, while training the photog- raphers who were members of the yearbook staff. Special thanks are due Mrs. Patricia Alexander, who throughout the year acted as sponsor, counsel- lor, taskmaster, and sympathizer. She unlocked the school door on the Saturdays when the staff worked to meet deadlines, and she wrote the last two lines of copy no one could produce. Karia Kraeszig, Editor 1969 HILLTOPPER STAFF Editor-in-Chief Karia Kraeszig Associate Editor Margaret Pash Production Manager Deborah Blackmon Business Manager Dana Smith Senior Editors Karen Boekankamp Marcia Reasoner Faculty Editors Janet Cowgill Donna Reiteis Activities Editors Carol Higginbotham Sharon Brinson Club Editors Terri Poynter Jana Pritz Sports Editors Christopher Brandt Patti Dulin Underclassmen Editors Susan Ohmit Laura Reasoner Index Editors Kathleen Ohmit jane Stephenson Copy Editor Sally lenson Photographers David Baugh Dan McNeu Steven Smith Advisor M rs. Patricia Alexander Principal Mr. Thomas Stirling 183 If The Tower Could Talk . . . For thirty years the Tower which rises above Howe High School has been witness to many things: the coming and going of students and teachers, the additions of new wings and a stadium, student activities — including classes, plays, proms, de- bates, mock elections, and traffic jams at Exit 5, and competition in many sports fields — track, football, basketball and baseball. The Tower has not only witnessed these events, but has become a part of them. Photographers have taken many interesting pictures from the Tower. Old lab equipment is stored there by the Foreign Language De- partment; its solitude attracts am- bitious pupils who find it easier to study in the Tower ' s quiet and inspiring atmosphere. Clearly visible from the National Highway, the Tower symbolizes Howe and will continue to repre- sent its diverse educational philos- ophy for all future Hornets. 7 ft ■ !( I

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