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, ' ■■3 u ■ ■■ ■ ■■M ■■■ ■» " : MH nisfl ■■B B ■■■M !■■■ !»■ £4. f jj, ' V5 fS . I 111 1 1 iil I II III ill III 111 III! II 3 1833 01274 4774 nGENEALOGYBB IGENEALOG 977.202 In3tch 1968 -3F ■:. ■■■ ' Thomas Carr Howe HialSieBooi " Indianapolis, Indiana Volume 27 n % te tys Hornets Follow Ik A student enrolled in Thomas Carr Howe High School has many pathways from which to choose. Each requires con- sideration for no road is traveled success- fully without effort. While the knowledge gained from the academic path is purpose- ful, rewards from occupational training can be as meaningful. Time spent pursuing athletic recognition is of value to both participants and spectators. Activities along each pathway make it exciting and memorable. Once Howe ' s paths have been toured, graduates must consider their future itinerary. Review in the 1968 HILL- TOPPER, the pathways you traveled this year. ACADEMICS— 18 ACTIVITIES— 40 Variety Of Pathways To Reach Goals ATHLETICS— 90 k • »+ m W XV a ,f ' c (f 41 iii ' i . V. ■ si j BbSc J k £ : " ' " ' ' ■ s » . i i • hS HE f ALBUM— 126 SENIORS— 154 Students Arrive At School Each Morning From All Directions Whether a student or faculty member approaches the school from Railroad Street. Julian Avenue, or Washington Street, he experiences a feeling of ac- complishment when he views the sprawling Gothic architecture on grounds landscaped with flowering trees and shrubs. Four addi tions in Howe ' s thirty year his- tory have provided educational and ath- letic facilities for over twenty two hundred students and a staff of one hundred sixteen teachers. Students were pleased this fall to note the school ' s name being placed on theauditorium wall. ?W ?r3 ' School ' s Activities Appeal To Interests Of All Howeites While teaching is the purpose of a school ' s cur- riculum, learning is not limited to classroom situ- ations. Social graces are best learned from actual experiences. Consequently, Homecoming ceremo- nies, fashion shows, and dances give Howe students the opportunity to practice such skills. Students behind the scenes on these occasions have the additional advantage of learning to or- ganize events and to work with people. Upon the successful completion of a year ' s work students receive recognition on Honors Day and at Federal Inspection. These events reward those who excel academically and those who par- ticipate in extra-curricular activities. Other awards are presented to various organizations and indi- viduals throughout the year. Academic Pathway Challenges Students - W»i To Exert Best Efforts N O F Nc t t tt P S CI Ar ; fc ft ft As Se Kr • fe fe: Sb Te I 3 -A r fe ' ' Bi Po At " ' y Long and filled with numerous inconveniences, the aca- demic road is reluctantly trudged along by some, eagerly traveled by others. Its paths, branching out and leading in many directions, continue the process of education through the student ' s concentrated effort. Tangible proof that knowledge is being gained is the odor of the most recent chemistry experiment; the crowded li- brary during study periods; students seeking advice from counselors and administrators; and the sounds of the " Battle of Bunker Hill " coming from certain history classes. Further evidence of learning is exhibited in the successful lives Howe students enjoy following graduation, whether they continue their education, marry, or become employed. Organizations Encourage Participants M 5a upiNjftiwm Meeting in formal groups and in informal gatherings, many organizations are of serv- ice to the school. Although some are merely for the enjoyment of the participants, all encourage academic interest and participa- tion in other school events. Demonstrating the talent to be found at Howe, the Choir and Orchestra or Girls ' Drill Team and Band often unite to entertain visitors to the school. R.O.T.C. sponsers joined the boys ' Rifle Team on the firing range and nearly outshot the boys. Other acquaintances are made as stu- dents pull together to assure a Hornet vic- tory in the stadium or in the gymnasium. To Develop Individual Interests Athletes Fight Way Along Road To Victory Or Defeat Both boys and girls travel the athletic path. Some choose to participate; some to direct the spirit of the student body; some merely to watch others in action. All students approach contests with a sincere deter- mination to do their best. A victory is heralded with joy for a job well done; defeat emphasizes the need to try a little harder. Howeites participate in a well-developed intra-mural program as well as inter-school competition. Last year Miss Janice Brown organized a gymnastic team that continued to gain interest and momentum this year. Mrs. Barbara Wood, cheerleader sponser, had more ap- plications for positions than ever before. Coaches spent many hours helping individuals de- velop their potentials so that Howe teams would func- tion smoothly as units. As difficult as the athletic road is to follow, results, even in defeat, are gratifying for participants and spectators. • n Individual Pathways Each day new acquaintances are made and new friendships are formed as individual paths of students cross in classes and study halls, at athletic contests and other extra-curricular activities, and during the five minutes between classes. From the time freshmen are welcomed the first day of school until they parade through the front doors in caps and gowns, no two days are exactly alike. Each day is filled, not only with learning in the classroom, but most importantly, learning from other people, stu- dents and teachers alike. Exchanging ideas, questioning each other, observing one another ' s action — all tend to mold the person- alities of Howe students into those of wise adults. Criss-cross In A Never Ending Maze " 1- . • ■p » 6«- trjk k%- JS-;2M mJ J v W ■I P — Zj ; r - PtSa j i v - 1 S a j H Graduation Demands More Decisions A senior, reflecting on his high school ca- reer, is either proud, regretful, or indifferent. Some approach graduation with tears, oth- ers with a sigh of relief. Regardless, decisions have been made; certain paths have been followed. Now, another decision must be made. Should the future include more schooling, a job, or marriage? College applications, some mailed last fall, were tediously prepared and answers anxiously awaited. Offers of jobs were considered; marriage plans were dis- cussed. Intermingled with these decisions were all the enjoyable senior activities beginning with the election of officers and terminating with the Prom. After graduation, paths of alumni will di- verge into many areas, many never to cross again. An attempt is made by the Alumni Association to reunite classmates at Home- comings and at the annual dance in June. 4 V f ' . ' c. Class Choices School Board regulations require all public high school students to complete specific class assignments before grad- uation. However, few pupils at Howe limit their programs to fundamentals. Electives in the Music. Art, R.O.T.C, Foreign Language. Business Education, Physical Education, Indus- trial Arts, and Home Economics Departments permit Howeites to be well versed in many fields. Today ' s industries stress the need for understand- ing both science and math. English classes impress upon students the importance of precise writing, distinct enunciation, and comprehensive reading, but these inturn transfer to all other learning situations. i i t i Determined By Aptitudes And Interests Oral-Aural-Visual, New Freshman Oral-Aural-Visual, one of the innovations added to the English Department this year, used tape recorders to teach students to write better com- positions. Mr. Jack Weaver and Mrs. LaVerne Coffin were chosen to teach the freshman course. Changes were made in other English courses by Miss Ellen O ' Drain, department head. English 1 and 2 were combined into a one-year course in preparation for future combinations of upper level classes. Humanities was expanded to a two semes- ter course designed to study important periods in the development of Western Civilization. In addition to regular English classes students could elect Dramatics, Speech, Etomology, or Li- brary Practice in the department. Developmental Reading is required of each Howe student. Mr. Bruce Beck, Director of Productions, holds an English con- ference with one of his students as Mrs. Charles Poole, office assistant, checks attendance lists. Miss Paula Barbour, a new member of the English Department, explains the correct book report form to a group of students. Dramatics students Gil Hubbard and Vickie Bienz exhibit Method Acting utilizing stage scaffolding, while Charles Jones and Brucie Moore offer helpful criticisms. Class, Added To English Curriculum Mr. John Ervin nods his approval as members of his English literature class grasp the point he has been making. Informed Social Studies Students g, %l ' i Hartwell Kayler — Social Studies Department head, Phillip Brown, Audrey DeVore, Don Evans, Ron Finkbiner, Laura Gaus, Dorotha Kirk, Mary McLane, Stanley Phillips, Emma Randall, James Stainbrook, David Stewart. Each of these teachers has a Master ' s Degree. Mr. Ron Finkbiner, faculty sponser of the Nationalist Party, dis- cusses campaign strategy with one of his classes. Mr. James Stainbrook reviews a few of the world ' s problems during his International Relations class. Study The Past, Question The Future Under the guidance of department head, Mr. Hartwell Kayler, the Social Studies Department brings to life the history of mankind for all Howe students. With this knowledge Howeites are better able to evaluate current happenings. While U.S. History classes serve as a foundation for the department. Government and Economics are also required courses. Students majoring in Social Studies may elect World History, Psychology, Social Problems, Latin American Civilization or Indiana History. Before class begins Mrs. Laura Gaus. checks an extra-credit re- port for one of her World History students. Mrs. Audrey DeVore. returning to Howe this semester, goes over plans for the History Club with |unior Rita Robbins. 1 jp .■fc|fti j,- : .j. " ;i ' jIv B! M Vm t- J U (V — - Mr. Hartwell Kayler, head of the department, points out some interesting articles from the Senior Scholastic magazine to Mr. Don Evans, who returned to Howe this semester from Col- orado, and Mr. Philip Brown, as Mr. Ron Fmkbiner observes. Math Department Updates Curriculum ffk Aw l Marie Wilcox— Math Department head. Donald Kerr, Edward Kuonen. Fred Lemley, D. Robert Mitchell, Ruth Reed, Justin Rehm, Harrison Richardson, Glenn Rohde, Mary Smuck, Mrs. Wilcox, noted text- book authoress, is often invited to speak to math- ematics teachers throughout the nation. Reviewing their lesson plans for Beginning Algebra and General Math are Mrs. Ruth Reed and Mrs. Mary Smuck. SJSi; J l II l i ! — Mrs. Marie Wilcox grades papers from one of her Trigonometry classes at her desk in the Math Department office. As well as supervising the department, she also teaches advanced courses. Adds New Course Because of the expanded use of computers in the fields of science and business. Howe ' s Mathe- matics Department added its eleventh semester course. Computer Math, to the curriculum this year. According to tests given in elementary schools, freshman are placed in Basic Math. General Math, or Algebra. To satisfy academic diploma requirements students must also pass Geometry 1 and 2. Those students majoring in math then progress through Intermediate and College Algebra courses. If they double their math load one semester or at- tend summer school, qualified students enroll in Trigonometry and Calculus. Students passing Calculus with B or better earn advance college placement, according to Mrs. Marie Wilcox, head of the Mathematics Department. Mr. Fred Lemley prepares a test for several of his Pre-Algebra Math classes. Tests provide the basis for most grading. Mr. Harrison Richardson corrects Jesse Anderson on an impor- tant principle of probability in Algebra 3. Mr. Richardson also teaches classes in Geometry and Algebra 4. Howe ' s first Computer Math class observes as Mr. Glenn Rohde explains an intricate problem in program planning. William Smith— Science Department head, Patricia Alexander, Robert Edwards, Charles Gwaltney, Richard Hammond, William Lincoln, Jerry Motley, Richard Pat- terson, James Piatt, Barton Richardson, Raymond Riley, David Stahly, Kenna Jo Stone, Marcus VanHorn, James Yarber. Miss Kenna Jo Stone, physical science and biology teacher, pauses in the midst of an experiment to stress a point. Summer institutes, workshops, and seminars of- fer students and teachers the opportunity to further their knowledge in science. Mr. Charles Gwaltney, chemistry teacher, spent last summer at Indiana University on a National Sci- ence Foundation grant. Senior Carl Lagenaur and junior Hal Gustin attended summer institutes, and eight students represented Howe at the high school seminar held each Saturday morning at the Indi- ana University Medical Center. Under the direction of Mr. William Smith, basic courses in the physical and biological sciences are offered, as well as Physics, Chemistry, and Ad- vanced Biology and Chemistry. Extra Assignments A few burnt fingers are always in evidence as students in a in preparation for their first experiment requiring the apparatus, chemistry class practice glass heating and bending techniques Students also make wash bottles and jet tubes. Increase Scope Of Science Department Mr. William Smith, department head, explains a relationship of parasite and host to his biology class. ( 1 7 mm in Jayne Forgey. senior scholar, receives help with a physics problem from Mr. Richard Hammond, Howe ' s only instruc- tor who teaches the advanced course. Understanding Of People And Language Mary Thumma— Foreign Language Department head. Jeanne Brace, Vesta Cohee, Heather Hall, Raymond Hulce, Rogelio Riquelme. and Martha Sauer. These teachers help pupils to learn not only about the language, but also about the coun- try and the people. After receiving instructions in the use of the lab equipment. Denise Hayes strives to perfect her pronunciation. Mrs. Vesta Cohee, Howe ' s only Latin teacher, ponders over a question from one of her students. Miss Jeanne Brace, a newcomer this year to the language de- partment, supervises a class in the laboratory. Is Department Aim Striving for an understanding of the people of foreign lands as well as their language is the aim of the Foreign Language Department. Each year Howe students majoring in language vie for positions in the Indiana University Honors Pro- gram. Last summer Barbara Shadiow and Margaret Lake spent two months in France under the aus- pices of the program, while Robert Barnes studied in Mexico. At various meetings this year the Howeites have described their stay abroad. Offering Spanish. French, and Latin, the depart- ment also sponsers the National French Honor So- ciety and the Latin Club as extra activities. Dr. Rogelio Riquelme. a native Cuban, listens attentively as a student explains a problem she is having in Spanish. Language students spend at least one day each week in the lab listening to tapes and imitatingthe speaker. National Merit Semi-finalist Jonathan List questions Mrs. Vesta Cohee in an advanced Latin class. Lyle Nave— Industrial Arts Department head, Norman Coglan, Leslie Hash, Jack Law- son, Richard McLeish, William Walker. These instructors teach the industrial innova- tions which demand additional vocational skills. Major changes have occurred in the Industrial Arts Department to update its curriculum consid- erably. New printing equipment includes an offset printing press and varitype headliner, an IBM selec- tric type compositor, and a light table and new darkroom facilities. Utilizing this new equipment, the department printed a schedule of classes for Mr. Frank Tout, Business Association membership forms for Mr. George Jackson, and the PTA yearbooks. Woodworking, mechanical drawing, metal shop, and drafting are offered in the Industrial Arts De- partment under the direction of Mr. Lyle Nave. New Skills Taught In Industrial Arts ■■BSfiMtf K 7 ' ■ T " ▼ pi;. jyf A 8k. jsKM . A . -r-HJKm L J 1 Mr. Norman Coglan, woodshop instructor, looks on as R onnie Orr uses the horizontal saw on a length of plywood. George Kutche, junior, and Bob Bandy, senior, position copy on the vacuum feeder to be photographed for the offset press. Department Emphasizes Domestic Arts Lois Coy — Home Economics Department head, Doris Cartwrlght. Blanche Ferguson, Barbara Keis- ed student interest in this deparl necessitated the addition o( Mrs. Ferguson to the stafl this year. Swatches of colors are tested against the student ' s complexion before material is selected by the girls in Clothing 1. Although classes in foods and clothing are the primary course offerings in the Home Economics Department, other choices are available. Economical and efficient methods of operating a household are important points taught in Hous- ing and Management. A unit on interior decorating is also included in the course. Home Nursing, another elective, allows students to learn the rules of first aid, care of the bedridden, and other nursing techniques. How to plan a well-balanced meal and the im- portance of good nutrition are factors stressed in foods classes. In both basic and advanced clothing classes color coordination, materials study, pat- tern fitting, and design are taught. Girls progress from blouses to complex dressmaking. Home Economics students Alice Noxon, JoAnn Quails, and Terri Rodman practice preparing apples in different and tasty ways. Their experiments are sampled by classmates. Art Department Aids Creative Talent Howe ' s Art Department otters stimulating courses for talented students. While beginning students can enroll in Craft Arts where they work with canvas, clay, or metal, producing beautiful sculpture and jewelry, more advanced pupils can elect classes in fashion design for a knowledge of form, line, and color. Other interested students choose to take Commercial Art for a background is advertising or commercial photography. Heading the Art Department is Mr. F. M. Howard. Also teaching classes this year are Mr. William Cunningham and Mr. Charles Pirtle. F. M. Howard— Art Department head. Williarr teachers encourage creativity in their students. Charles Pirtle. These Mr. F. M. Howard, head of the Art Department, observe his ad- vanced art class as his pupils begin human anatomy drawings. Beginning art pupils put the finishing touches on water color flower designs. This is only one phase of the course. Art student Judy Farrell practices brush strokes in water color as Kathy Frisbee works on another technique. Human anatomy drawings are an important part of Advanced Art classes first semester work. Musicians Improve Skills By Practice Accompanying one of his five chorus classes is Mr. Robert Bram- blett, who also directs the Madrigals and the Boys ' Octet. Members of the Concert Choir entertain at the annual Christmas Community Sing with ' Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. " m Frank Watkins— Music Department head, Robert Bramblett, William Handley, Louis McEnderfer. These instructors build student talent both vocally nentally to form all six of Howe ' s per- forming groups. l.fc Musical ability is first exhibited in earnest when a student reaches high school age. Howe ' s Music Department encourages interested students in be- ginning chorus classes to continue in Concert Club and Choir. For those pupils going into ad- vanced music, theory and appreciation courses are recommended to aid in the understanding of music, its make-up and history. Supplementing regular music courses are six performing groups including the Band, the Orches- tra, the String Ensemble, the Boys ' Octet, the Girls ' Ensemble, and the Madrigals, which participate in city-wide programs. Wearing ensemble uniforms of the ' 40 ' s, members of the Boys ' Octet participate in a Pleasant Run Varieties dress rehearsal. This group performs in many community programs with the Girls ' Ensemble. ROTC Encourages All Military Careers SFC Bascom Perdue- Commandant. M Sgt. Harold M. Ecktman These men ofler good advice and training to all cadets. Inspecting PFC John Licking are 2nd l_t. Danny Oney, Hon. 2nd Lt. Meredith Craig, and Sgt. John Mmdach. Rifle team members Theresa McNeill. Scott Watson, and Janet Runciman utilize Howes basement firing range. With the draft facing every teenage boy, two hundred Howeites enrolled in ROTC this year im- prove their chances for Officer Training School ad- mittance. Assisting ROTC instructors in preparing boys for enlistment is Lieutenant Colonel Brad Eshelman, senior battalion commander. Promo tion rewards the student who masters basic commands and codes. Weekly inspections by the honorary ROTC sponsers test cadets ' military knowledge and evaluate their appearance. ROTC sponsers proved their ability on the firing range against other Hornets and were granted the right to compete in city matches. ROTC STAFF AND SPONSERS: FRONT ROW-Hon. 2nd Lt. Marilyn Hurt, Hon. Capt. Cynthia Kretheotis. Hon. Capt. Janet Runciman. Hon. 2nd Lt. Meredith Craig. Hon. Maj. Theresa McNeill. BACK ROW— Sgt. Maj. Scott Watson, Capt. Randy Dalton. Capt. Tom Fulford. Lt Col. Brad Eshelman, 1st Lt. Jefl Bertram, Capt. Mike Soliday, Sgt. Maj. Frank Clifton. NOT PICTURED— Hon. 2nd Lt. Patti Dulin. Officers instruct beginning cadets. Business Courses Offer The Old And New Under the direction of department head Mr. George Jackson, the Business Department strives to meet the challenges of Howe students. Whether the pupil is interested in business as a career or for merely experience, there are many interesting courses from which to choose. Typing and short- hand are recommended to all students as an aid to all high school and college work. A fairly new course at Howe is Introduction to Data Processing. This course, taught without ma- chines, emphasizes fundamentals. Advanced work may be taken at Tech High School. Specialized training that business students receive prepares them for immediate employment. Students enrolled in Machine Calculation practice to develop speed and accuracy on a variety of office equipment. Department head Mr. George Jackson, and business students Linda Coffin and Jill Kraeszig experiment with new equipment that the department received for its shorthand lab. Mr. George Jackson— Business Department head, Patricia Aman. David Baugh. Mary Callaway. George Gray, Linda Hankins, Jean Hoilman. Sherman Pit- tenger. John Skene, and Luise Smith. Mr. Jackson replaced Mr. Pittenger as head of the department this year. Mr. Pittenger had served six years as department head. ' i -m IL1 2H L;.|M p ' i 3k - --«4B HH | r ' " ., w ' " " i -A ■ I Vu Ip SmM fcl (V _ . • ' - ' -—--...._ ' S %JM Department ' s Classes Meet Needs James Stutz— Physical Education Department head, James Black, Janice Brown, Barbara Wood. Many girls are enrolled in Advanced Physical Education because it delves deeper into the many different phases of gymnastics. wm Ml t Jl H ■sMb ' l. .jy J» mi 1 ItUBI BK„ , - tSk J A varied program is offered to freshman by the Physical Education Department. Rhythmics, team and individual sports, and gymnastics are taught. Boys ' physical education classes are designed to encourage them to participate in athletics along with realizing the responsibility of team work, good health habits, and good sportsmanship. Advanced physical education classes differ from freshman classes in that they are elective, and the activities taught are more challenging. Girls elect- ing advanced physical education serve as gym assistants in the freshman classes. Modern dance is one activity carried on in the Girls ' Physical Education classes. Miss Janice Brown ' s advanced third hour demonstrates the front fall from a dance sequence. Miss June Medcalfe. an exchange teacher from England now teaching at Wood High School, discusses differences in curricu- lum with Mr. Thomas Stirling, and Mrs. Barbara Wood. Freshman Ricky Finn demonstrates before the class a straddle vault while Mr. James Black spots him. Of Physical Fitness, Driver Training Trying to get the student to assume the respon- sibility of looking after his own health is the goal for which all health teachers strive. Extra credit is given to students who obtain a physical and dental check-up, and with the permission of the parents, tuberculosis tests are given free to any student by the nurse, Mrs. Margaret Whaley. Analyzation of drivers on the road as well as self- examination of driving techniques is part of the drivers education program. Films of automobile accidents stress the importance of safe driving practices and procedures. THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM j v 1 1 a? -9 LJ - " • ' 501 j ! B w P l Mr. Robert Wion, head football mentor, points out the biceps muscle to students in the health class he also teaches. Samuel Kelley— Athletic Director. James Poalston, Margaret Whaley— School Nurse, Robert Wion. Speakers on mental health, narcotics, and first aid are available every year to talk to the students. Several films are at the disposal of the department throughout the school year. Patty Beitz. junior, checks the rear-view mirror as she prepares to leave the teachers ' parking lot. . Nurse Margaret Whaley treats a variety of student ailments. Here she checks Carole Cornelius ' throat. Students who distinguish themselves either in academics, extra- curricular activities, or school service are rewarded for their efforts in the Honors Day Ceremony held each spring with certificates presented by Principal Mr. Thomas Stirling. Honors Day Ceremony Recognizes Bringing honor to themselves and their school are several students who received various awards throughout the year. Leading the senior class aca- demically are Jayne Forgey, Margaret Lake, and Barbara Shadiow, who possess perfect four-year academic records. Based on citizenship and scholar- ship, the Altrusa Award for the outstanding junior girl was awarded to Barbara Shadiow last spring, and later Barbara was awarded the National Council of Teachers of English award. Seniors David Russell and Jayne Forgey received the American Legion awards for good citizenship, and Jayne was designated as recipient of the DAR award by fellow students and members of the faculty early in the year. Representatives chosen on the basis of school recommendation and academic record attended Hoosier Girls ' and Boys ' State, while outstanding students of foreign language studied abroad with the Indiana University Honors Program. Spending eight weeks in France were Barbara Shadiow and Margaret Lake, while Robert Barnes studied in Mexico for the summer. American Legion Good Citizenship awards were presented to Jayne Forgey and David Russell last year. Jayne also received the Daughters of the American Revolution award. Academic leaders of the Senior Class of 1968, Jayne Forgey, Barbara Shadiow, and Margaret Lake, are congratulated by Mr. Thomas Stirling, principal, for their achievements. Representing Howe at Hoosier Girls ' State last summer were seniors Nancy Hall. Nancy Poling, and Jody Plotner. Hoosier Boys ' State delegates David Russell and Guy Hawkins, seniors, spent one week at Indiana University participating in mock government activities. Distinguished Students ' Achievements IU Honors Program winners Barbara Shadiow, Robert Barnes, and Margaret Lake lived and studied abroad last summer. NCTE award winner Barbara Shadiow receives her certificate of merit from Miss Ellen O ' Drain. English Department head. Bar- bara also received the Altrusa Award. Extra- Curricular Activities Highlight School Year HILLTOPPER Staff Sponsors First And Atmosphere for this year ' s Brown and Gold was created by kegs of cider, paper pumpkins, and an authentic 1920 ' Olds. Sponsored annually by the HILLTOPPER staff, " An Old-Fashioned Autumn " was the theme of the dance held October 14, 1967, in the school cafeteria. Music was provided by the Charles Law Septet from Ball State University. High- lighting the evening was the crowning of Brown Boy and Golden Girl by Vice-Principal, Mr. Frank Tout. Greg Kamp and Mary Ann Korbly, both seniors, were chosen to reign over the season ' s first dance, a Howe tradition since 1941. Success of Howe dances is basically measured by the en- thusiasm with which decorations aretaken by couples. Dancing under a canopy of glittering leaves. Howe students glide to the music at the 1967 Brown and Gold. CANDIDATES FOR THE 1967 BROWN BOY AND GOLDEN GIRL: Marcia Reas- oner, Charles Pettee, Golden Girl Mary Ann Korbly, Brown Boy Greg Kamp, Pat Thompson, Greg Combs, Diane Shugert, Tim Parcel. Last All-School Dances Of The Year Junior Tim Parcel poses with his date Patricia King at the " Turn- About Twirl " after being chosen 1967 " Mr. Topper. " MR. TOPPER CANDIDATES FOR 1967: Dennis Foley, John Peterson, seniors; Tim Parcel, Wally Vaughn, juniors: Gary Marshall, Larry Miller, sophomores: and Rex Barrett, Jerry Ward, freshmen. Usually the best attended dance of the year, the girl-ask- boy aflair was arranged by co-chairmen Donna Stephenson and Cynthia Kretheotis. " April Showers, " theme of the 1967 " Turn-About Twirl, " did little to dampen the spirits of girls who invited their special guys to the HILLTOPPER-spon- sered dance. Glistening raindrops accented by color-splashed umbrellas created an enhancing atmosphere of springtime for those attending. Couples danced during the evening to the rhythm of music provided by the " Jesters. " Adding to the entertainment was the presentation of the crown to " Mr. Topper of 1967, " junior Tim Parcel. Tim was one of the eight candidates nominated by students in home rooms prior to the dance. Girls and their escorts enjoyed an evening of dancing in an atmosphere of spnngtimeand " April Showers. " Three Queens Brighten Fall And Winter For the first time this year, there were four sections of the Indianapolis City Football Jamboree. Howe, one of the official sights, was host to Scecina, Shortridge and Tech. Queen Martha Graves, sophomore, and escort Jerry Ward are driven around the stadium after half time ceremonies at home- coming, held October 6, 1967. Junior Karla Pannell, introduced by Mr. Robert Wion during pre-game ceremonies, reigned as Howe ' s Football Jamboree queen. Candidates in- cluded: Suzan Bair and Cindy Stouffer, seniors; Carol Williams, junior; and sophomores Debbie Maudlin and Susie Perkins. Crowned by Mr. James Stutz, Alumni Association representative, during half-time ceremonies, soph- omore Martha Graves reigned over Football Home- coming festivities, while Sandra Mosley, senior, was elected Basketball Homecoming queen later in the year. Both were presented necklaces. CANDIDATES FOR FOOTBALL HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ESCORTS: Jill Jackson, and Joe Eaton, Martha Graves and Jerry Ward, Nancy McCormick and Dennis Jackson, Joyce Poole and Greg Kamp, Barbara Cunningham and Craig Sanders, Kathy Kinney and Preston Carter, Kathy Fergueson and David Lepper, Donna Reifis and Ronald Orr. Patty Marendt and Tom Summit. Mr. James Stutz, vice-president of the Howe Alumni Association, represented president Mr. David Stewart during the ceremonies and had the honor of crowning the queen. Sophomore Martha Graves received the customary flowers and necklace at the Howe-Northwest game, after anxiously awaiting the re- sults of the vote of the members of the student body. Ceremonies Junior Karla Pannell was Jamboree Queen and represented Howe at the city-wide event along with fifteen other queens. Student Council Representative Alan Rosenberger places the traditional Queen ' s necklace on Sandra Mosley at the close of the Basketball Homecoming crowning ceremonies. CANDIDATES FOR THE 1967 BASKET- BALL HOMECOMING QUEEN: Kathy Shaw. Judy Mansfield. Nancy Mabee. Sandy Mosley, Michele Mosley. Con- cetta Raimondi, Jill Jackson, and Janet Dunn. T M i-JB s Hi : j:i L.9h HH Students attending the Winter Wonderland spent an afternoon Breedlove and Dave Gregory taught one group of dancers a new dancing to the sounds of the " Siberian Sandmen. " Seniors Laura dance entitled " The Continental. " Santa Visits Annual Winter Wonderland Santa Claus ' appearance is traditionally a sign of Christmas. Another sign of Christmas to a Howe student is the publicity for the annual Winter Won- derland dance. Held on December 12, after school in the cafeteria, the Winter Wonderland was one of the first dances on the Howe social calendar. Co-chair- men Carole Cornelius and Bonnie Dentler made plans for music to be furnished by the " Siberian Sandmen. " and Mark Miller was crowned King at intermission. Sponsered by the Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation and the Student Council, the dance was again well attended. Bonnie Dentler, co-chairman of t he annual Winter Wonderland dance, congratulates sophomore Mark Miller on winning the crown and title " King of the Winter Wonderland. " Opposite Dances Brighten Social Year This year a new and different dance was added to the Howe social calendar. Held in the cafeteria, " Sounds of ' 68 " was the informal dance sponsered by the Student Council on February 16, 1968. " The Eyes of Glory " 1967 Military Ball, was held on March 18. Executive officer Cadet Captain Paul Beaver was in charge of plans for the ball. Decora- tions included a large stuffed tissue paper flag hung from the ceiling with smaller flags on the tables. ROTC cadets, their dates, and guests danced to the music of " The Jesters. " Bert Perez, general chairman of the Student Council spon- serea " Sounds of ' 68 " dance, checks on some details of pub- licity for the new activity. Lee Ann Denham and Nancy Keppler, members of the chaperon committee, call to verify their arrangements. W Mr • Hk 1 1 Il ' l-Fliljli t ' ; ' - jK ' A M ma m m " f . - «- h i L IT " " " ▼■ n H 1 1 1967 MILITARY BALL QUEEN CANDIDATES: Queen Dana Runciman, Janet Runciman, Theresa McNeill, Cynthia Kretheotis, and Sherry Eggers. Principal Mr. Thomas Stirling crowns the queen at the annual spring event. Winners of 1967 Mock Elections are (FRONT ROW) Alvin Rohrer, Alvin Jenkins, Noel Beweley, Carl Lagenaur. (SECOND ROW) Kathy Scott, Mary Graves, Craig Sanders, Bonnie Dentler, Federalist Sponser Miss Mary McLane, Dave Gregory, Mary Ann Kor- bly, Connie Padden, Carole Cornelius, Mike Spaulding. This marks the first recent victory for the " Feds. " Posters, Parties, And Politics Precede Winners of 1967 Mock Elections are (FRONT ROW) Alvin Rohrer, Alvin Jenkins. Noel Beweley, Carl Lagenaur, (SECOND ROW) Kathy Nationalist Sponser Mr. Ron Finkbiner and Federalist Sponser Miss Mary McLane pose with nominees for governorship " Nat " Tim Parcel and " Fed " Noel Beweley. Each year Howe students enrolled in Social Studies courses participate enthusiastically in the Mock Election. Promotion of interest in and knowl- edge of governmental function is the goal hoped to be achieved. Two parties, Nationalist and Federalist, begin study of the precinct structure and in about four weeks reach the state level. State convention time is one of the highlights of the election. Delegates to separate conventions make final nominations. Competition runs high as party spirit and animated voting capture the mood of true elections. This year ' s election was a victory for the Federal- ists who captured all but three state offices. Feder- alist Noel Bewley won the race for governor, by only a slight margin over opponent Tim Parcel to lead his party to its first victory in four years. The Final Vote mm FEDERALIST!! Carl Lagenaur. Federalist State Chairman, presided over the nominations that resulted in victory in state elections. Nationalist delegates enioyed an especially lively convention Party spirit rose during competitive bids for nominations. Although candidates for state offices received more publicity, those running for county offices worked with equal enthusiasm School Improvement: Main Purpose 9KT H E. j (HHM h R I r - " 31 iiiihh t BH B ■ mI UK - 1 1 ■ ill U ib 3 1 Flff ' fl fli t Ik « ' ■ If ■ Wm ■P ) fl B Q ; J| If 1 I A 1 II STUDENT COUNCIL: FRONT ROW— Michelle Dobbs, Jean Eckert, Sue Evans, Lee Anne Denham, Sally Robinson, Joyce King, Nancy Keppler, Marsha Knight, Theresa Miles. SECOND ROW— Sally Frick, Carole Cornelius, Alexandra Stalas, Angela Hoeping, Paula Barnes, Steve Johns, Bruce Miller, Richard Cooper, Karen Ackerman, Anne Warner, Sandra Evens, Karen Oberlies. THIRD ROW— John Easterday. Bert Perez, Gordon Goodwin, Nancy Bruner, Debra West, Richard Wood, Alan Rosenberger, Philip Coffin, Mary Jane Freeland, Theresa McNeill, Patricia Marendt, Concetta Raimondi, Charles Pettee. FOURTH ROW— Daniel Hartley, Gerald Bertram, Noel Bewley, Greg Combs, Duke Hale, Oarryl Brown, James Robinson, Gary Hill, Paula Baker, Greg Kamp, Richard Schwier, Joseph Snodgrass, Larry Scharbrough, Timothy Parcel. Mrs. Mildred Loew, Dean of Girls, and Vice-Principal Mr. Charles Ruschhaupt sponser the elected group which sponsers numerous activities throughout the year. President Gordon Goodwin calls the Student Council members to order during one of the bi-weekly meetings held in room 69. Performing one of the several duties of the Student Council Steve McQueen and Jeff Martin add touches to a dance poster. Of Student Council Throughout the year the Student Council attempts to promote school spirit and improve school conditions. Council duties include sponsering a talent show, sockhops, and the Junior Prom. Aided by co-sponsers Mr. Charles Ruschhaupt, vice-principal, and Mrs. Mildred Loew, Dean of Girls, the council instituted another winter dance in Howe ' s social calendar. Senior Gordon Goodwin was chosen president of the Council last spring. Officers elected were Noel Bewley, vice-president; Carole Cornelius, secretary; and Greg Kamp, treasurer. During the summer Gordon attended a National Student Council con- vention in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Bedlam breaks out in the gym as students illustrate new dances at a Student Council sponsered-sockhop. Student Council co-sponser Mrs. Mildred Loew offers sugges- tions for a future agenda to City Representatives Sue Evans. Angela Hoeping, Concetta Raimondi. and Sandy Evens. STUDENT COUNCIL CABINET: FRONT ROW- Greg Kamp, Nancy Keppler. Carole Cornelius, Noel Bewley, Gordon Goodwin. SECOND ROW —John Easterday, Concetta Raimondi. Angela Hoeping, Sandra Evens, Bert Perez, Alan Rosen- berger. ' 68 HILLTOPPER Staff Adds Color HILLTOPPER STAFF: FRONT ROW— Laurel Pope, Kathy Washburn. Terri Jump, Jane Lau, Diana Sachs, Carol Higgenbotham, Karla Kraeszig, Cindy Kretheotis, Donna Ste- phenson. SECOND ROW— Betsy Allender, Marcia Reasoner, Karen Showalter. Karen Boekankamp, Donna Bone, Jody Plotner, Andi Korbly. Parti Dulin. THIRD ROW— John DeBoo, Steve Smith, Kathi Hancock, Laura Reasoner, Margaret Pash, Janice DeCoito, Terry Poytner, Karen Oberlies. FOURTH ROW— Dan HcNew. David Hashman. David Baugh, Larry Hanlon, Michael Dawson, David Russell, Bob Fredrick, Mrs. Patricia Alexander was the new sponser of the staff this year. She replaced former sponser Mr. Donald Austin. Business Managers Jane Lau and Larry Hanlon count the money received from the sale of underclassmen pictures. Displaying a flare of old-fashioned gaiety these HILLTOPPER members celebrate at the Brown and Gold. More Pages To Improve Yearbook Members of the 1968 HILLTOPPER staff were se- lected last spring on the quality of their tryout. Undertaking their first task, the staff began work on the annually sponsered Turn-About Twirl. During the summer, editors Donna Stephenson and Cindy Kretheotis with Betsy Allender attended Michigan State ' s yearbook workshop. At meetings held there the girls learned new journalism techniques and studied publishing ideas. When school opened in the fall staff members began making plans for the Brown and Gold. Pro- duction of the ' 68 yearbook then began in earnest. To meet deadlines the staff sometimes worked on weekends writing copy and designing pages. Spon- ser Mrs. Patricia Alexander aided them. Editors Mickey Dawson, Karen Oberlies, and finish typing their copy to meet the next deadline. At Chicago ' s NSPA convention editorial consultant Mr. William Wright confers with Donna Stephenson and Cindy Kretheotis. While Terry Poytner. faculty editor, types in the background, Index Editor John DeBoo verifys the spelling of an unusual name. John prepares and proofs all index copy. Bi-weekly TOWER Publicizes All TOWER STAFF: FIRST ROW— Marilyn Hurt, Juana Quinones, Sandy Evens, Vicki Lamb, Kathy Johnson, Mary Lau, Kathleen Denny, Debbie Kirk, Carl Lagenaur, and Paula Scanland. SECOND ROW— Kathleen Ohmit, Denise Hayes, Barb Dirks, Phyllis Hawkins, Nancy Hall, Pam Saba, Karen Lawson, Cheryl Wieneke, Janet Wolfe, and Terri Cross. THIRD ROW— Barbara Shadiow, Becky Cary, Linda Riley, Margaret Lake, Marty Lewis, Lynda Askins, Brenda Cook, Carolyn Martin, Pam McKim, Sally Lake, and Kathy Scott. FOURTH ROW— Roberta Skelton, Mary Jane Freeland, Dick Wood, Claire Arbogast, Bob Barnes, Phil Coffin, Pam Moore, Gary Shirley, Jerry Stockdale, Susan Berger, Dane Meyer, and Fred Haver. TOWER writer Gary Shirley listens intently to Sports Editor Bob Barnes ' opinion about a point in his column. Editorial writer Kathy Johnson, checks her assignments on the bulletin board in the Publications Office. Hornet Happenings Tension in the TOWER office mounts to a peak as the bi-weekly deadline draws near. Page editors rush to finish layouts, chiefs-of-staff check assign- ments, and reporters scurry down halls to get last minute interviews. An extra-curricular activity, pub- lication ' s work requires much after-school time from all staff members. Tryouts for the staff are held early each spring, but competitors are held in suspense until staff assignments are announced at the Publications Banquet in May. Staff membership requires at least a C academic average. Editor-in-chief Carl Lagenaur and Managing Edi- tor Paula Scanland attended the NSPA convention in Chicago at Thanksgiving. m m ' Jm ll News Bureau members Karen Perryman, Kathy Scott, and Pam Bedwell check copy to be sent to Indianapolis city publications. Proof reading copy, galley and page proofs is the job of Copy Editor Pam McKim, a junior TOWER staff member. Editor-in-chief Carl Lagenaur and Managing Editor Paula Scan- land are caught in thought as they confer on a story error in meetingan up-comingdeadline. Students ' Literary I nterests Vary Reorganized after several years, the Cub Club selected members on the basis of their interest in publications ' work. Under the direction of sponser Mrs. Patricia Alexander novice writers learn how news writing differs from prose, to conduct inter- views, to organize information, and to present factual material accurately. Material selected from cumulative English folders of students is assembled by the editors of PEN POINTS, Howe ' s bi-annual literary magazine. Consisting of poetry, essays, dialogues, and short stories, the publication was produced on the print shop ' s new offset equipment this year. Senior Charles Jones did the art work. v-x- Novice writers, who meet every two weeks in Howe ' s Cub Club, practice counting headlines from a type chart. Associate Editor Laurel Pope and Editor Claire Arbogast search through student files looking for material for the next edition of PENPOINTS, Hornet literary magazine. CUB CLUB: FRONT ROW— Barbara Hahn. Christy DeArmond. Karen Lawson. Nellie Allseitz. Becki Ver- million. SECOND ROW-Kathy Frisbie, Charlene Bass, Margaret Martin, John Easterday, Elaine Kretheotis. Kathy Garrett. Cub Club is an organization for new writers. QUILL AND SCROLL: FRONT ROW— Jane Lau, Sandy Evens, Kathy Scott. Cindy Kretheotis, Janet Wolfe. SECOND ROW— Jody Plotner, Donna Stephen- son. Paula Scanland. Pam Moore, Mary Ann Korbly. THIRD ROW— David Russell. Michael Dawson, Claire Arbo- gast, Carl Lagenaur, Robert Barnes. Journalists Eligible For Honorary News Bureau members are responsible for keep- ing the community informed of all activities of students and faculty. Since public relations depend upon this type of communication, the staff has an important place in school life. A junior or senior in the upper third of his class who has served in a supervisory capacity for one year on any Hornet publication is eligible for mem- bership in Quill and Scroll, an international honor- ary for high school journalists. Prospective mem- bers must be recommended by the Director of Pub- lications and accepted unanimously by current members. Formal initiation is held in conjunc- tion with the annual Publications Banquet. President Paula Scanland discusses plans for the annual Publi- cations Banquet with Quill and Scroll officers Donna Stephenson. Kathy Scott, and Sandra Evens. NEWS BUREAU: FRONT ROW-Becky Cary. Karen Perryman. ON THE STAIRS— Kathy Scott, Pam Bedwell, Barbara Shadiow. Karen Bedwell. Linda Askins. Sally Lake. Stafl members prepare articles each week. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: FRONT ROW— Mary Graves, Carole Cornelius, Vicki Lamb, Mary Davis, Jayne Forgey. SECOND ROW— Pam Fuehrer, Janet Wolfe, Barbara Shadiow, Barbara Bodem, Fred Haver, Karen Williams, Janet Runciman. THIRD ROW— Bob Barnes, Karen Gold, Debby Stafford, Paula Scanland, Sandy Evens, Karen Sho- walter, Nancy Hall, Becky Cary, Brad Eshelman, Carl Lagenaur. FOURTH ROW— Donna Stephenson, Terri McNeill, Karen Perryman, Gordon Goodwin, Guy Hawkins, Tom Merriman, Jonathan List, Pam Moore, Margaret Lake, Melinda Miller. All seniors initiated into the National Honor Society must rank in the upper fifteen per cent of their class, juniors in the upper ten percent. Proud Students Don NHS Arm Bands Qualifying for membership in Howe ' s chapter of the National Honor Society is the worthy goal at- tained by students ranking in the upper ten per cent of the junior class and the upper fifteen per cent of the senior class each year. Eligibility de- mands a six point grade average. Students whose ideals coincide with those of the society — scholarship, leadership, citizenship and service — become initiates during Tap Day ceremonies in April. Entitled to wear NHS arm bands durin g the following week, the students are then formally inducted. Members in NHS volunteer their study hall pe- riods to tutor any student wishing help in any. academic subject. Melinda Miller, an NHS math tutor, explains a puzzling problem to freshman Charles Jackman in the foyer lobby. Meeting to discuss NHS business are club sponser Mr. Robert Carnal, president Brad Eshelman, vice-president Carl Lagenaur. and secretary-treasurer Becky Cary. FHS Creates Foreign Language Interest FHS President Nancy Hall and club sponser Mrs. Martha Sauer discuss an article to be used at the next meeting. Margaret Lake, IU Honors Program participant, shows FHS mem- ber Marcia Reasoner where she stayed in France. Initiation into the French Honor Society, Howe ' s honorary organization for outstanding French stu- dents, takes place in the spring of each year. To acquire eligibility, new members must be enrolled in an advanced French course and maintain a six point grade average. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month or whenever special activities are planned. Only French is spoken during the meetings. FHS ' s activities include attending French plays, movies, and visiting French restaurants. Presiding over the meetings this year were Presi- dent Nancy Hall, Vice-president Margaret Lake, and Secretary-treasurer Mary Graves. FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY: FRONT ROW-Juana Quinones. Mary Graves, Denise Hayes, Kathy Garrett. Donna Stephenson, Barbara Shadiow. SECOND ROW— Marcia Stroud. Sally Lake. Alex Stalas, Marcia Reasoner. Donna Raasch. Laurel Pope. Becky Gary. Kathy ck. THIRD ROW— Joe Ward, Hal Gustin, Nancy Hall. Harold Potter, Jay Reeve, Pam I, Nancy Bruner, Margaret Lake, Carol Gardner. Talented Speakers Work For Points NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE: FRONT ROW-Barbara Bowen, Laurel Pope, Jean Eckert, Sue Marsh, Becky Cary. SECOND ROW— Betsy Allender, Kathi Hancock, Thomas Harlow, William Herdrich, Brucie Moore, Christopher Dippel. THIRD ROW— Claire Arbogast, Marguerite Lash, Thomas Amos, George Lewis, Richard Wood, Vicki Bienz, Mar- garet Pash. Members of this organization participate in both speech and debate meets. To survive cross examination a debater must know his material throughly. Bill Herdrich tests Brucie Moore on the topic con- cerning regulations to control criminal investigation. DEBATE TEAM: FRONT ROW— Richard Wood, Brucie Moore. Marguerite Lash. Thomas Harlow. SECOND ROW— Thomas Amos. William Herdrich, George Lewis. This year ' s team was outstanding and led the county during most of the debate season. Top debaters Tom Amos and Tom Hamill, returning next year as seniors, indicate a bright future for the team. In 1964 the speech and debate teams of Howe were granted a charter in the National Forensic League, a national high school speech and debate honorary. Twenty-five honor points are required for membership and the first degree of excellence in the organization. Higher degrees are secured by accumulation of points and ranked on the scale designated by the national NFL offices. Both teams are coached by Mr. Steven Briggs and other mem- bers of the English department. Highlight of the speech and debate season comes when the teams participate in Sectional. Regional and State Speech Tourneys each spring. Quick Recall One Requirement Of Team This year ' s Quiz Team members ' quick recall and general overall knowledge made up for their lack of experience. Upholding the tradition of the 1967 City Championship Hornet Quiz Team was one of their main goals. A senior, Carl Lagenaur, two juniors, Tom Amos and Hal Gustin, and a sopho- more, Dick Wood, composed the regular team while Jerry Stockdale, junior, and Phil Coffin, sophomore, were the alternates. Mr. Ron Finkbiner coached the team and was assisted by Mr. Philip Brown. They held try-outs early in the first semester to narrow the field down to the final six. Sixteen public and parochial high school teams competed in the an- nually televised program sponsered by WLW-I. Quiz Team members are selected on the basis of their knowledge in special areas. Sponser Mr. Ron Finkbiner chose Carl Lagenaur for his outstanding abilities in math and science. This was the scene almost any night after school as the Quiz Team practiced a variety of questions to prepare for matches. QUIZ TEAM: Carl Lagenaur, Mr Ron Fink- biner. sponser. Jerry Stockdale. Richard Wood, Philip Coffin, Thomas Amos. Not pictured is regular team member Hal Gustin. With a few props and a basic knowledge of dialogue, Diana Maudlin and Terri Poynter rehearse a scene for a Revelers play. THESPIANS: FRONT ROW— Mary Lau, Laurel Pope, Lucetta Boyd, Donna Stephenson, Barb Bowen. SECOND ROW— Tom Hamill, Larry Hanson, Margaret Pash, Kathi Hancock, Norman McClain, Timm Scott. THIRD ROW— Duke Hale, Marguerite Lash, Vicke Bienz, Diane Kingery, George Lewis, Ed Warriner, Chris Dippel. Prospective Thespians ac- cumulate points through stage production. Stage Talents Are Working daily through the school week and often on Saturdays, the Stage Crew is a vital facet in stage production. Duties include building sets, organizing costumes and props, and applying make- up, as well as caring for lighting and sound equipment. Director of Productions Mr. Bruce Beck organizes all stage work. Any student interested in dramatics is welcome to join Footlight Revelers. Four one-act plays are given during the year by the group, sponsered by Mrs. Hariette Baker. After earning ten points for contributing 100 stage hours, Revelers are eligible for membership in Thespians, national honorary. STAGE CREW: FRONT ROW— Marguerite Lash. Judy Hollenbaugh, Diane Kingery. Karen Phelps. Diana Dmmger. Tom Holman. SECOND ROW-Carl Lagenaur, Mark Smith, Mike List. Dennis McPherson. Dave Hall, Tom Amos. THIRD ROW— Steven Neal, Ed Warriner, Jon Smith, Randy Mosher, Ken Smalley. Jonathan List, Dane Meyer, Ed Wall. Stage crew works to produce eflects in Howe performances. Combined For Quality Performances I ' ll!! II Jill Jit i Ml b ui v y ' 1 KaHE ' - — B _1. v-;_ During a Saturday work session, Mr. Bruce Beck and senior Jeff Lake work on scenery for the class play. Mrs. Hanette Baker, senior home room teacher and Revelers- Thespians sponser, talks with Lucetta Boyd. FOOTLIGHT REVELERS: FRONT R0W- Penny McCreary, Frances VanMaaren, Judy Hollenbaugh, Mary Lau. Barb Bowen, Diana Dininger, Juana Quinones, Paula Dickenson. SECOND ROW-Lester Hollon. Laura Pence. Laurel Pope, Helen Hudson, Karen Phelps. Phyllis Lee, Janice DeCoito, Charlene Bass. Chris Dippel. THIRD ROW— Larry Hanson. Margaret Martin. Carol Maxfield, Nellie Allseitz. Margaret Pash. Donna Stephenson, Kathi Hancock. Timm Scott. Norman Mc- Clain, Mike Allee. FOURTH ROW-Harry Winkler. Tom Hamill. Diane Kingery, Mar- guerite Lash, Betsy Allender. Vicki Bienz. Lucetta Boyd. George Lewis. Duke Hale. Ed Warhner. Footlight Revelers annually pre- sent four one-act plays. ' Happiness Is ' An Entertaining Evening Pillow case and baggy blue jean clad " Hokey Pokey " creatures Belts fastened tightly around knees prevented co-ordinated were one of the highlights of the 1967 Pleasant Run Varieties. movements but added humor to the girls ' gyrations. Byron Spice told about life in " Alice in Hippieland " while Laurel Pope and Pam Evans " protested " for " Flower Power. " Spent At Papa Joe ' s This year, the madrigals, who customarily sing eighteenth cen- tury music, sang an arrangement of " Bouree for Bach. " Karen Gold and Bonnie Dentler, sensational tap dance team, whirl through a jazz routine at the PRV. Backstage at the PRV. Miss Rhoda Kittelsen. stage crew super- visor, and Valeri Shawver add touches to performers ' make-up. " Happiness Is . . . " was the theme of the first act of the 1967 Pleasant Run Varieties. Spotlights were focused upon individual performers and their varied talents. Members of the audience showed enthusiasm for the several group acts, including the " Hokey Pokey " creatures, the hillbilly per- formance of " When It ' s Toothpickin ' Time In False Teeth Valley " , the Sadie Hawkins-inspired " Jubilation T. Cornpone " , and the " Peanuts " gang. Act Two centered around Papa Joe ' s, a gathering place for teens of many eras. Entertainment began on a modern beat with music of a combo. As the show continued, the audience was taken back through the decades via song and dance to the 1920 ' s. An all-cast finale concluded the perform- ance with the song " Down at Papa Joe ' s " . With the polish that many months of practice assures, the cast of " My Fair Lady " gave three per- formances before appreciative audiences the last week of March. A light-hearted musical adapted from George Bernard Shaw ' s " Pygmalion, " the story concerns the transformation of a ragged cock- ney flower girl into a proper lady. Although the story and lilting tunes are familiar to most everyone, the lovely voice and merry antics of senior Jayne Forgey as Eliza increased the enjoy- ment of the production for Howe theatergoers. Harold Potter, junior, effectively portrayed the acid Professor Henry Higgins who had to make good his boast that he could pass Eliza off as a Princess at the annual Embassy Ball. Mr. William Cunningham, Mrs. Sandra Atkins, Mrs. Barbara Wood, Mr. William Handley, Mr. Lyle Nave, Mrs. Janet McNeill, Mr. Bob Bramblett, and Mr. Dave Stahly, faculty members, worked closely with Mr. Bruce Beck, Miss Rhoda Kittelsen, and Mr. Frank Watkins who were in charge of the annual musical. English Flower Girl Eliza Doohttle, a cockney flower peddler, changed from a grimey street urchin to a very proper young lady through the efforts of Professor Henry Higgins. a noted phoneticist, and his mother Mrs. Higgins. Freddy Eynsford-Hill fell in love with Eliza after she became a lady. Eliza once considered leaving Higgins to marry Freddy. Eliza ' s " too perfect " English caused phoneticist Zoltan Karpathy to question her authenticity at the Embassy Ball. Henry Higgins. his mother Mrs. Higgins, and Colonel Pickering pay close atten- tion to see if their deception has been detected. Transformed To Polished " Fair Lady CAST OF CHARACTERS Eliza Doolittle Jayne Forgey Henry Higgins Harold Potter Alfred P. Doolittle Gilbert Hubbard Colonel Pickering Tom Hamill Mrs. Higgins Betsy Allender Freddy Eynsford-Hill Mark Watkins Mrs. Pearce Marcia Reasoner Mrs. Eynsford-Hill Sandra Evens Mrs. Hopkins Alexandra Stalas Zoltan Karpathy Harry Winkler Harry Gordon Goodwin Jamie Norman McClain Jayne Forgey ' s excellent portrayal of Eliza Doolittle and Harold Potter ' s accurate interpretation of Henry Higgins reflected many hours of rehearsals. These members of the wind section serve double duty by playin g in both the orchestra and the band. Attempting to keep Howe representation in the All-City Orches- tra tops, members of the string section practice diligently. Orchestra Assumes A talented conductor and fifty-six musicians compose the orchestra. Lending their support to the vocal section of the music department, the group often accompanies the Choir. Long hours of practice during and after school enables the orchestra to give well-received perform- ances for the senior play, Vespers, a Pops Concert at Eastgate, and their own spring concert. En- deavoring to promote interest in instrumental mu- sic, they also play for nearby grade schools. ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW— Jay Reeve, Margaret Lake, Jan DeCoito, Sally Jensen, Carol Higginbotham. Carol Gardner, Kim Hughes, Dave Thomas. SECOND ROW— Kathy Gar- rett, Cindy Larson, Barb Hahn, Beth Coughlen, Jane Zander, Jayne Wilkinson, Jo Legg, Sandy Garrett. THIRD ROW— Annabelle Pollock, Pat Hess, Martha Shanklin. Karen Byrne, Johan Bernard, Judy Got!, Jane Lau, Sally Lake, Dave Liddle. Mick Dawson, Stephanie Liddle, Diane Cary, Melanie Hack, Dave Hartley. FOURTH ROW— Steve Zyl- Numerous Roles Throughout The Year Crowded into the pit. members of the string section spend many tiring hours in practice for a program. stra. Vicki Lamb. Sarah Gummerson, Roxanne Roberts. Mary Dillon. Barb Bayne. Ge- sine Preuss, Monica Geelhoed. Terri McNeill. Becky Venne. Beth Walters, Melanie Wells. Carolyn Martin. Harold Potter. Rita Robbins, Rick Dawson. Dave Russell. Ron Spice, Joe Brown, Darrel Arthur, Mary Graves. FIFTH ROW— Barb Shadiow. Donna Statzell. Jerry Stockdale. Mr. Handley, Mary Jenkins, Becky Cary. Av ' i BAND: FRONT ROW— Becky Venne, Theresa McNeill, Anne Warner, Gary Hill, Rebecca McWilliams, Judy Rippeth, Janet Hyfield, Ann Shepherd, Denise Hayes, Sheryl Whit- ridge, Pamela McKim, Jane Lau, Nancy Hall, Sally Lake. SECOND ROW— Connie Cana- da, Linda Pickens, Deborah Kirk, Karen Lawson, Diana Sachs, Patti Dulin, Monica Geel- hoed, Mike Kinney, Larry Hanlon, William Herdrich, Richard Hawkins, Donna Craven, Patricia Nickolaus, Beth Walters, Melanie Wells, Carolyn Martin, Harold Potter, Martha Struck, David Utigard, Richard Balsbaugh, Mark Hidinger, Fred Imhausen, Stephanie Liddle, Michael Dawson, Carl Lagenaur, David Liddle. THIRD ROW— Marcia Stroud, John Ford, Deborah Jones, Thomas Harlow, Perry Bourne, Annette Tepner, Howe Band Members March in Cadence Even before school began in the fall members of the band were rehearsing both music and marching routines in preparation for their year ' s perform- ances. Under the direction of Mr. Louis McEnderfer, the band entertained at the Football Jamboree, all home game half-time ceremonies, and marched in the Veteran ' s Day Parade. In addition to participating in Band Recognition Day on the Circle for the past eleven years, the Hornets have received national awards from the Music Study Club and from the American Legion. Mr. McEnderfer was ably assisted this year by seniors Michael Dawson, drum major, and David Liddle, student director, who also directed the Pep Band. In the spring stirring band music lent a patriotic mood to Federal Inspection, a feeling of excitement to the " 500 " Parade and to the race itself, and a nostalgic air to commencement. A final concert, the Instrumental Music Festival, gave the band the opportunity to display its versatility. Senior Dave Liddle, student director, checks a notation on the score with Mr. Louis McEnderfer, band director. Jacqueline Keagy, Jane Stephenson, Ronald Spice, Joe Brown, Greg Alexander, James Aldrich, Dwight Meyer, Steven Caluza, Janet Neumeister, Robert Lynch, James Alender, Keith Wells. Roger Tepner, Philip Coffin. Steven Lawrence, Bruce Dobson, David Clark, Byron Spice, Douglas Meyer, Rita Robbins, Richard Dawson. Donald O ' Brien. David Russell. FOURTH ROW-Donna Statzell. Edward Wall, Darrell Arthur, Paul Thomas. Glenn Jones. Jerry Stockdale. James Powell, David Wolfe. Thomas Boyd. Black and gold uniforms worn with white spats made the Hornet band a colorful addition to a variety of activities. And Perform In Community Concerts Seventh period band practice requires concentration and much work as each member attempts to improve his contribution. Spirit at basketball games is boosted by Howe ' s lively Pep Band. Under the direction of David Liddle, the group also accompanies the Girls ' Drill Team during the half-time show. Top Hornet Vocalists Sing For Howe CHOIR: FRONT ROW— Marcia Reasoner, Lana McCarty, Mary Graves, Kathy Gray, Sandy Evens, Cynthia Larson, Kathy VanBuskirk, Denise Canada, Carolyn Taylor, Valeri Shaw- vet. Vicki Harrell, Jayne Forgey, Paula Carmean, Donnita King, Karen Showalter, Car- olyn Stevenson. Joyce Poole. Ruth Ann Overstreet, Diane Shockley. SECOND ROW— Nikki Curtis, Kathi Hancock, Nancy Prange, Brenda Price, Brenda Cook, Sheryl Joslin, Jacque Calvin. Linda Riley, Lynda Chapman. Alex Stalas, Mary Griflo, Sally Arthur, Diana Shugert, Jody Plotner, Donna Stephenson, Betsy Allender, Karla Pannell, Diane Kingery. THIRD ROW— Marguerite Lash, Chris Worrell, Cindy Rieman, Gil Hubbard, Terry Whalin, Fred Haver, Ron Spice, Dan Alexander, Dennis McPherson, Terry Row- lett, Steve Cala, Glenn Driver, Mark Watkins, Gordon Goodwin, Dick Wood, Harry Winkler. Karen Williams, Veronika Hannemann, Terri Poynter. FOURTH ROW— Gary Conway, Duke Hale, Wayne Evans, Doug Dye, Jim Demaster, Nathan Babb, Ralph Mac- key, David Thomas, Harold Potter, Tom Milburn, Steve Duhamell, Norman McClain, Owen Ratliff, George Lewis, Greg Kamp, Tom Hamill, Dan Hartley, Pat Dugan, Dan Steen, Steve Davis. Choir added to the festivity by caroling in the halls during the last hour of the day prior to Christmas vacation. " Rudolf, the Red-Nosed Reindeer " with Norman McClain as Rudolf and Gary Conway as Santa was a Christmas program favorite. And For The Surrounding Community Members of Howe ' s largest vocal group, the Con- cert Choir, are selected from the Boys ' and Girls ' Choruses and Choralaires. Under the direction of Mr. Frank Watkins, department head, the Choir re- hearses daily during the first period. Performances are given at school functions during the year, and choir members form a nucleus around which a musical production is perfected each spring. Both boys and girls whose voices blend har- moniously are selected from the Choir to form in- dividual ensembles. On occasion the groups give performances together; more often, however, each Ensemble entertains individually. Directors are Mr. Watkins and Mr. Bob Bramblett. In long skirts, the Girls ' Ensemble sang recall another era during the annual PRV. ' Red. Red Robin " to GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE: Janice Brown. Karla Pannell. Nancy Prange, Betsy Allender. Cindy Rieman. Marcia Reasoner, Denise Page. Alexandra Stalas. Not pictured are Donnita King and Bethany Berger. BOYS ' OCTET: FRONT ROW— Mark Watkins, Ron Spice. SECOND ROW —Gil Hubbard, Gordon Goodwin, Fred Haver. THIRD ROW— Harold Potter. Dan Hartley, Wayne Evans, Doug Dye. Boys ' octet performs in school and community programs. CONCERT CLUB: Jan Brown. FRONT ROW— Diana Dininger, Roxanna Long, Barb Bow- en, Laina Chapman, Susan Smith, Marty Graves, Jan Dunn, Gay Weaver, Betty Rennard, Susie Perkins, Carla DeHaven, Marilyn Hurt, Jane Lau. SECOND ROW— Kathy Johnson, Denise Page, Sherry Thomas, Sharon Brinson, Debby Freeman, Cathy Pedrey, Marilyn Duhamell, Pat Evans, Pat Fuehrer, Julia Alexander, Kathy Henry, Peggy Becklehimer, Diana Maudlin. THIRD ROW— Kathy Frishie, Lynn Boyd, Rhonda Cazula, Chris Dan- forth. Laurel Pope, Pam Saba, Karen Bedwell, Pam Bedwell, Debby Tharp, Bethel Reed, Kay Unsworth, Nancy DeFur, Paula Barnes, Laura Reasoner. FOURTH ROW— Carol Black, Mary Ring, Sally Richardson, Kathy Hanes, Jane Farmer, Linda Richardson, Barb Glenn, Leslye Owen, Joan Cooper, Bethany Berger, Karen Freeman, Machalle Shipp, Syndie Cherry, Bonnie Dentler, Janet Maupin. Groups Perform A Variety Of Music Annually the Concert Club and the Madrigals pro- vide Howe and the community with a lively variety of music. In 1951 the Concert Club was organized by Mr. Frank Watkins. Since that time this all-girl group has performed at various churches, the All- City Festivals, and the Spring Vocal Festival. Mr. Robert Bramblett conducts the Madrigals and chooses the members by audition only. Early risers, Madrigals members practice before school each morning. They entertain annually at the PRV and other school functions. This was Mr. Bramblett ' s fourth year to sponser the group. MADRIGALS: FRONT ROW— Janice Brown, Denise Page, Sally Arthur, Karla Panned, Sally Richardson, Kathi Hancock, Chris Wor- rell, Deborah Freeman, Alexandra Stalas. SECOND ROW— Mark Watkins, David Thom- as, Thomas Mitburn, Roger McNeill, Jerry Stockdale, Gordon Goodwin, Richard Brown, Richard Dawson. Pupils Assist In Office And Library STUDENT LIBRARIANS: FRONT ROW— Kathy Scanlon, Charmi Snyder, Vlcki Graves, Sandy Payne, Ava Hobbs, Brenda Humphrey, Beth Hartle. Judy Eggers, Terri Harper. Becky Hilgadiak, Wanda Magness. SECOND ROW— Kathy Strouse, Melody Bradley, Peggy Williams. Annabelle Pollock, Janice Wall. Nancy Butter, Becky Lucio. Cindy Coch- ran, Karen Duke. Katrina Hughes, Linda Welling THIRD ROW— Michelle Glufl. Janice Decoito, Brenda Price, Rita Moon, Judy Shemwell, Barbara Hilyard, Meredith Craig, Sandy Stuck. Kathy Kirlin, Sheila Gwin, Teila West, Linda Christenberry, Bonnie Bar- field. Sherry Edwards. OFFICE MESSENGERS: FRONT ROW— Kathy VanBuskirk. Mary Griflo. Donnita King, Martha Fougerousse, Kathy Washburn, Connie Canada, Sue Thresing. Paula Hancock, Karol McNay. Vicki Harrell, Jill Kraeszig, Susan Smith. Nancy Keppler, Lita Blair. Jerri Moody. SECOND ROW— Lana McCarty, Sharon Brinson, Cindy Marendt, Shari Downey, Vicky Clark, Beth Bonn, Cindy Gray. Shirley Smith, Barbara Cunningham, Sandn Cord, Vickie Fulford, Pamela Harsin, Christine DeArmond, Pamela Priest, Ann Rie wer, Linda Oberting, Marilyn Hurt. Carolyn Taylor. THIRD ROW— Debbie Vincent. Linda Priest, Brucie Moore, Janet Runciman, Linda Sterrett, Shirley Colvin, Jo Allgood, Ramona Murphy, Marcia Lee, Nina Butcher, Martha Lewis, Mona Gentry, Sharon Hors- ley, Jane Wilkinson, Brenda Borders, Dana Smith, Elaine Davis, Kathleen Ferguson. FOURTH ROW— Connie Padden, Diane Shugert, Nelda Robbins. Karen Perryman, Nancy Mabee, Pamela Moore, Jeanie Adams, Melinda Miller, Claire Arbogast, Debbie West, Mary Heimsath, Karen Williams, Linda Kellams, Karen Petri, Karla Pannell, Brenda Price, Clara Walkup, Debby Stafford, Cathy Privett. Checking daily attendance are the primary duties of office mes- sengers, Martha Lewis, and Mary Heimsath. Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Encourage Citizenship TRI-HI-Y: FRONT ROW— Jean Eckert, Anne Warner, Janet Stewart, Kathleen Ohmit, Diana Sachs, Louise Goens, Julia Alexander, Becky Faith, Judy Eggers, Becky Venne, Christine Dwire. Janice Brown, Mary Graves. SECOND ROW— Miss Mary McLane, spon- ser, Jayne Forgey, Marilyn Duhamell, Glenda Webber, Judy Mansfield, Sandy Dobbs, Marcia West, Phyllis Bhend, Marcia Reasoner, Barbara Bodem, Sandra Evens, Janet Wolfe, Sally Arthur, Barbara Shadiow, Becky Cary. THIRD ROW— Margaret Pash. Ver- onika Hannemann, Diane Cary, Josie Raimondi, Michelle Ford. Claire Arbogast, Te- resa McNeill, Meredith Craig, Angela Hoeping, Marian Clark, Kathy Scott, Betsy Allen- der. FOURTH ROW— Donna Stephenson, Marcia Stroud, Mona Gentry, Karen Lawson, Pam Saba, Kay Adwell, Aneena Salter, Cynthia Larson, Pam Legg, Mary Jane Freeland, Sally Richardson, Nancy Bruner. FIFTH ROW— Carol McClure, Paula Scanland. Pam Yager, Christine Worrell. Debbie Vincent, Pam McKim, Nancy Prange, Nancy Hall, Kathi Hancock, Barbara Yount, Kathy Patrick, Pam Moore, Margaret Lake. Hi-Y officers ' plan for upcoming meetings and special programs. This club is affiliated with the national YMCA movement. Tri-Hi-Y officers Mary Graves, historian, and Becky Cary, presi- dent, listen attentively to a guest speaker. Good Fellowship Hi-Y and Tn-Hi-Y are both part of the National YMCA movement. Hi-Y, sponsered by Mr. Thomas Totten. is open to all Howe boys. Included in the club ' s activities are a combined meeting and swim- ming party at the YMCA, guest speakers, and the election of members of the club to attend the Model United Nations. Miss Mary McLane is the sponser of Tn-Hi-Y. a club for junior and senior girls. Activ- ities this year included guest speakers, such as Mrs. Vesta Cohee, who showed her filmstrips of England, and a representative of the John Robert Powers Finishing School, who spoke to the girls about a career in modeling. Tri-Hi-Y meets twice a month. I I Each Christmas an Indiana Girls ' School representative speaks to Tri-Hi-Y members about the need for gifts at the school. Hi-Y members and sponser discuss projects for needy countries and plans for the upcoming Model United Nations. HI-Y: FRONT ROW-Dennis McPher- sen, Larry Hanson. John Easterday, Frank St. John. SECOND ROW-James McGauhey. Mike Allee. Gilbert Hub- bard. John Koss. THIRD ROW— Lester Hollon, Charles Landon, Pat Dugan, Ed Warriner. Phil Baumgardt. Model UN Teaches World Government Tri-Hi-Y President Becky Cary and Hi-Y Chaplain Pat Dugan dis- cuss his candidacy for Secretary-General of the Model UN. TRI-HI-Y AND HI-Y OFFICERS: FRONT ROW— Becky Cary, Phillip Baumgardt. SECOND ROW— Betsy Allender. Jayne Forgey, Karen Showalter, Mary Graves. THIRD ROW— Gil- bert Hubbard, Edward Warriner, John Easterday. This year members of the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y partic- ipated in the eighteenth annual meeting of the Model United Nations held in the State House April 24-28. Sponsered by the YMCA, the Model UN oper- ates similarly to the United Nations with countries making proposals which are voted upon by the General Assembly. Schools from all over the state and clubs of local YMCA ' s took part in the program. Students from Howe represented the countries of Luxemburg, the Philippines, Somalia, France, Kuwait, Madagascar, Yemen, Tanzania, and Indonesia. Election of officers was held at an earlier meeting in February. MODEL U.N.: FIRST ROW— Pamela Legg, Karen Showalter, Marcia Reasoner, Kathi Han- cock, Mary Graves, Judy Mansfield. SECOND ROW— John Easterday, Nancy Bruner. Becky Cary, Nancy Hall, Donna Stephenson, Margaret Pash, Sally Richardson. THIRD ROW— Edward Warriner, Michael Kinney, Michael Dobrota, John Harkness, Larry Black, Patrick Dugan. Delegates met at the State House for meetings that began April 24. Frosh Girls Get Acquainted In Selofra Through SErvice, LOyalty, and FRiendship, Selo- fra aims to help freshman girls get acquainted with Howe and to make new friends. Programs include panel discussions, parties, and guest speakers who give advice on studying and adjusting to school. Mrs. Barbara Keiser, sponser, helps the officers plan their bi-weekly meetings. Members this year elected Paula Launer, president, Bonnie Derrington, vice-president, Sherry Grove, secretary, and Deb- bie Jackson, treasurer, to direct activities. Officers of Selofra are Bonnie Derrington, Paula Launer, Sherry Grove, sponser Mrs. Barbara Keiser. and Debbie Jackson. SS»t r -A New members of Selofra make a continuous chain of friendship as part of their initiation ceremony. - - -Mm SELOFRA: FRONT ROW— Sheila Nicholson, Rhonda Withem, Judy Ploughe. Darylin Mittendorf, Susie Hatfield, Rhonda Elmore. Bonnie Derington. Pamela Thompson. Don- na Danforth, Charmayne Gillespie, Cynthia Rider. SECOND ROW— Lylene Kirkwood, Michelle Wilson, Paula Launer, Jackie Dych, Bobbi Repphan, Sally Robinson, Barbara Madinger, Ann McClure, Barbara Hannemann, Janice High. Linda Steffen, Judy Rein- ken, Becky Windsor, Lilians Quinones. THIRD ROW-Leslie Leamon, Louise Farmer. Barbara Hahn, Janice Wall, Mama Thomas. Chris Eden. Debbie Brown. Patty Snider. Janice Mcintosh, Cindy Troha, Sherry Grove, Patty Plowman, Janet Hotton, Sandy Henderson. FOURTH ROW— Janice Laughlin. Marlene Eaton. Nancy Smith, Kandace Smith, Lisa Wood, Kathy Orr, Carol Henderson, Janis Maudlin, Debbie Hartle, Kathy Ragland, Alice Noxon. Amy Hodge, Debra Jackson, Brenda Foy, Patti Foley, Betty Lan- man, Beverly Condra. Clubs Help Students Establish BUSINESS MANAGERS: FRONT ROW— Barbara Bowcn, Sandy Dobbs, Bethel Reed, Kathy Scott, Barbara Bayne. SECOND ROW— Annabelle Polock, Laura Reasoner, Denise Day, Margaret Neal, Kathy Phelps. THIRD ROW— Steve Duhamell, Dick Wood, Tim Boosinger, Nancy Bruner. Activities of the Future Business Leaders of America provide an opportunity for students to prepare more fully for business occupations. Members of FBLA attend state and national con- ventions and conferences with other chapters in this area. The club, sponsered by Mrs. Linda Han- kins, also encourages improvement in scholarship and school loyalty. Future Teachers of America helps students gain a knowledge of the teaching profession. This organi- zation also gives members helpful information about colleges and universities that are known for their teacher-training programs. Business Managers, directed by Mr. David Stahly, are a group of students who volunteer extra-curricular time to sell tickets at all school functions. They donate their time and often miss performances in order to serve the public. Miss Patricia Fitzpatrick, sponser of Future Teachers of America, and Katrina Hughes make plans for the next meeting. Occupational Goals For The Future V Senior Kathy Scott, student business manager, happily sells Alan Gambill a basketball season ticket. Bethel Reed and Tim Boosinger, student business managers, discuss ticket sales for a home game with Mr. David Stahly. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA: FRONT ROW— Ramona Murphy, Cheryl Coller. Kathy Bell, Janet Stewart, Patti Dulin. Sharon Brinson. SECOND ROW— Gail Greer, Lynn Boyd, William Dixon. Joyce Boyd. Judy Oxborn. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: FRONT ROW— William Sturn, Vicky Nicholson, Carol Gardner, Katrina Hughes, Liliana Quinones, Jean Buckels. SECOND ROW— Meredith Craig. Jane Wilkinson, Michelle Glull, Patty Coltey. Carol McClure. Kathy Frisbie, Chris Eden. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB: FRONT ROW— Becky McKay, Beth Coughlen, Margaret Lafley, Debbie Smith, Anna Rhudy, Virginia Pryor, Toni Harrigan, Paula Sommers, Marilyn McArtor. SECOND ROW— Diana Dininger, Becky Boucher, Beverly Graves, Leota Tex, Alma Cade, Rita Morris, Debi Jackson, Sandra Hampton, Debbie Sherrill, Joyce Hutchinson, Debbie McKay. THIRD ROW— Linda Smith, Cindy Williams, Karen Phelps, Brenda Duncan, Christine Strick, Carol Robards, Penny Scott, Charmain Stafford, Donna Struck, Marlene Eaton, Marie Smith, Ann Bromstrup. In her twenty- third consecutive year as sponser, department head Miss Lois Coy helps interested girls develop homemaking skills outside of the classroom and assist other organiza- tions with various service projects. Red Cross, Home Ec, Medical Careers MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB: FRONT ROW— Beth Walters, Chris Dwire, Vicki Lamb, Terri Kertes, Kathy Johnson. SECOND ROW— Margaret Ladd, Kathy Mealeay, Patty Evans, Marjorie Ladd, Alicia Adwell. THIRD ROW— Terri McNeill, Marty Lewis, Donna Struck, Christine Struck. This new club explores careers in many fields of medicine. Supervising the production of Christmas stockings for the Red Cross are Diane Dininger and Becki Vermillion, presidents of Home Economics and Red Cross Clubs, respectively. RED CROSS: FRONT ROW— Becki Vermillion. Vickl Vermillion. Judy Fritsch. ON THE STAIRS— Michelle Dose. Brenda Humphrey. Jill Kraeszig. Karla Kraeszig. Robin Kraes- zig. The sponser is Mrs. Marguerite Sights. Senior Kathy Johnson and Mrs. Margaret Whaley select a poster to advertise the next meeting of the Medical Careers Club. T Clubs Help Others As They Learn Students can help people all over the world by contributing to the high school Red Cross. Members of the Red Cross Club, sponsered by Mrs. Mar- guerite Sights, pack overseas chests, fill party boxes, and make Christmas stockings. Mrs. Margaret Whaley sponsers the Medical Careers Club, which is of interest to students planning a career in medicine. Guest speakers from the different professions, tours of hospital facili- ties, and discussions of various careers are in- cluded in the club ' s programs. Members of the Home Economics Club, spon- sered by Miss Lois Coy, often assist the Red Cross Club in its projects. In addition the girls study flower arranging and present fashion shows using club members as models. James McGauhery, Lester Hollon. and Dennis McPherson volunteered their services for a Red Cross Club proiect. CHESS CLUB: FRONT ROW— James Burton, Billy Striby, Melody Bradley, Dennis White, Becky McWilliams, Mitchel l Riggs, Jerry Stockdale, Gary Shirley, Stephen Shawver. SECOND ROW— Randy Lee, David Pence, Donald Sulgrove, Joseph Thompson, Roger Bailey, Hal Gustin, Rose Amolsch, Stephen Zylstra, Steve Lawrence, Barry Ford. THIRD ROW— Kurt Loy, David Baugh, Ed Wall, Jon List, Tom Amos, Jay Reeve, Jeff Kugle, Ed Warriner, Dale Mathias, Mr. Jack Weaver, sponser. History, Latin, And Chess Clubs Interest Weekend excursions to historical sights in the state, trips to local landmarks, and tours of his- torical homes and buildings increase the knowl- edge and interest of students who are members of the History Club. Mrs. Audrey DeVore is sponser of the organization. Beginning with the " sale " of freshman slaves, the Latin Club strives to make the daily happen- ings in Roman times an integral part of the lan- guage study. Mrs. Vesta Cohee, sponser, encour- ages all Latin students to join the club. Chess Club members work to better their game. They meet each Tuesday with Mr. Jack Weaver, spon- ser, to learn newly published rules, to practice maneuvers, and to compete against other players in inter-school and intra-school matches. LATIN CLUB: FRONT ROW— Paula Carmean, Deborah Blackmon, Peggy Becklehimer, Loretta Blackwell. Marcia Matheis. Bob Muse, Neil Pinney. SECOND ROW— Steve Smith. Stephen Shauver. Elizabeth Cobb, Melanie Ford, Debbie Joane, Elaine Covert, Judy Zander. Steve Morgan. Kathy Beyer. THIRD ROW— Carol Lingenfelter, Donna Reifeis, Barbara Bone, Brian Houppert, Laura Reasoner. Linda Riley, Charles Meadows, David Hall, James Burton, Debbie Vincent, Milan Phillabaum. FOURTH ROW— Jonathan List, Marsha Feldhake, Dave Hauser. Michael List, Richard Huddleston, Mike Sanders, Mark Weber. Chuck Landon, Barry Bruner, Anne Jacobi, Jim Thorpe. Members of this club are also members of the Junior Classical League, an organization that sponsers chap- ters for interested Latin students. - I , ' 1 Members of the Latin Club. Loretta Blackwell, Steve Morgan, and Brian Houppert, enact a mock trial during a club meeting. Many Students Sponser of the History Club. Mrs. Audrey DeVore. discusses plans for the next meeting with president Carolyn Martin. Sponser of the Chess Club. Mr. Jack Weaver, poses Tom Amos. Jeff Kugle. and Hal Gustin. HISTORY CLUB: FRONT ROW— David Hillenberg, Bill Rutan, Eric Sciefer. Sherry Grove, Anita Brydon, Patty Evans, Louise Farmer. SECOND ROW— Sally Robinson, Janice High, Bobbi Repphan. Sandy Henderson. David Clark, Dawn Moxey, Kathleen Denny. THIRD ROW— Carolyn Martin, Marcia Lee, Kathy Orr, Carol Henderson. Mary Abbott. Monte Gardner. Debbie Wynn, Phyllis Hawkins. FOURTH ROW— John Rader. Zoe Seel. Richard Brown. Bob Arnold. Brent Klein, James McGauhey. Mike Allee, Lester Hollon. Astro-Rocket Club officers for 1967-68 are Jim Murphy, Bill Striby, Mr. James Yarber. Steve Peters, and Bob Arnold. Clubs Attract Math Membership in the Sunset Club is limited to be- ginning Algebra students. Mrs. Mary Smuck, the sponser, hopes to promote a greater interest in mathematics. Topics not frequently touched upon in class are used for discussion at the meetings. Keeping Howeites informed on some of the latest happenings in science are reporters of the paper, Atom Dust. For those interested in space and the solar system, the Astro-Rocket Club offers many opportunities for study. Members of the Audio-Visual Club are among Howe ' s hardest working students. Maintaining a film schedule, showing films, and making equip- ment repairs are amongtheir duties. AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB: FRONT ROW— David Hall, Tom Stevens, Mike Fuller, James Burton, Barbara Glenn. SECOND ROW— Robert Fawver, Jefl Paulson, Joe Gibson, Ralph Hampton, John Grissom. Sponsored by Mr. Richard Hammond, the club maintains all audio-visual equipment and helps operate public address systems. ASTRO-ROCKET CLUB: FRONT ROW— Bill Striby, Steve Peters, Jim Murphy. SECOND ROW— Harry Winkler, Danny Clark, Bob Arnold, Tom Clark. THIRD ROW— Charles Terrill, Randy Lee, Charles Landon, Brent Klein, James Burton. Sponsered by Mr. James Yarber, this new club studies astronomy and experiments in the science of rocketry. SUBSET CLUB: FRONT ROW— Marcia Mathies. Bill Rutan. Liliana Quinones. Anita Brydan, Barbara Van Hooser. SECOND ROW— Jim Murphy, David Hagy, Dave Clark, Rebecca McWilliams, Louise Farmer, Sherry Walker, Marcia Thomas. THIRD ROW— Brent Klein, Nancy Smith, Bill Totten, Scott Reed, Donald Sulgrove, Richard Brown, Charles Terrill, Phil Scott. Mrs. Mary Smuck sponsers the club, which meets on Mondays. And Science Students, Projectionists Working after sch ool. Tim Smith and Michelle Gluff check audio-visual equipment for the Science Fair Seminar. Experimenting with a scientific project for the Atom Dust news- paper. Jody Plotner works with the science paper sponser. Miss Jerry Motley. Jody has been on the staff for three years. ATOM DUST: FRONT ROW— Sharon Brinson, David Hagy. Juana Quinones. Cheryl Coller, Mike Fuller, Josie Rai- mondi. Debbie Smith. SECOND ROW— Dana Smith. Lew Storm. Patti Dulin. Sandy Bechold, Kathy Frisbie, James Burton, Marcia Reasoner. Tom Stevens. Donna Craven. THIRD ROW— Herbert Smith, Carolyn Martin, Roger Bailey, Paula Baker, Robert Hope, Concetta Raimondi, Charlene Bass, Richard Breedlove, Jody Plotner, Lorraine Kunkler. Active Clubs Give Opportunity GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION: FRONT ROW— Theresa Miles, Lee Anne Denham, Marilyn Duhamell, Lita Blair, Jeanie Eckert, Debbie Maudlin, Miki Dobbs, Betty Rennard, Susie Perkins, Bonnie Derington, Marsha Calvert, Becky Boucher, Pamela Launer. SECOND ROW— Carol Trinkle, Nancy Freeh, Cindy Marendt, Phyllis Bhend, Sherry Thomas, Sandy Hunt, Jana Throckmorton, Terri Jump, Bonnie Botts, Debby Calvert, Donna Danforth, Elaine Covert, Nancy Poling. THIRD ROW— Louise Goens, Vickie Guyne, Frances Van Maaren, Pam Fuehrer, Barbara Bodem, Janis Maudlin, Charlotte Esteb, Elaine Kretheotis, Julie McNew, Rhonda Elmore, Aneena Salter, Janet Dunn, Sue Evans. FOURTH ROW— Denise Page, Janet Hyfield, Donna Statzell, Karen Gold, Syndie Cherry, Mary Ring, Nikki Curtis, Bonnie Dentler, Barbara Hoyt, Nancy McCormick, Nancy Bruner, Barb Corell. Linda Johnson, Kathy Patrick, Debbie Hartle, Kathy Ragland. Girls interested in competing in various athletic events may participate in the Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation. Highlighting the year are a volleyball tourney, track and gym meets, and instruction in gymnastic skills and events. Members of the Girls ' Drill Team entertain at all home games during the year, and often perform with the band in city-wide parades. Sponser Mrs. Ruth Mercer and captain Barbara Bodem chose the team members in try-outs last spring. Representing Howe in gymnastic meets is the new Girls ' Gym Team. Sponsered by Miss Janice Brown, this group gave demonstrations of their ability be- fore the inter-school competition began. GYM TEAM: FRONT ROW— Jackie Pattern. Susie Perkins, Louise Goens, Betty Rennard, Janet Dunn. Marilyn Duhammel. SECOND ROW— Barbara Guhl. Myra Johnson, Sue Cherry, Sue Culley, Nancy Poling, Linda Johnson, Barbara Bodem. THIRD ROW— Sherry Thomas, Mary Ring, Becky Cary, Nancy Bruner, Pam Fuehrer, Karen Gold, Syndie Cherry, Bonnie Dentler. To Exhibit Abilities, Grace, And Skills GIRLS DRILL TEAM: FRONT ROW— Debby Derington. Denise Page, Bonnie Bott. Donna Tourney, Barbara Bayne, Sandy Dobbs, Pam Saba, Carol Higgln- botham, Nancy Poling, Becky Faith. Julia Alexander, Nancy French, Vickie Lamb, Debbie Maudlin, Carolyn Tay- lor, Cathy Kirlin, Sandy Hunt, Terri Jump, Martha Graves, Paula Barnes. Veronika Hannemann. SECOND ROW— Nancy McCormick, Kathy Hanes, Sally Jensen, Billie Garrison, Judy Mansfield, Marcia West, Becky Clinger- man. Barbara Cored, Barbara Shadiow, Holly Moore, Jody Plotner, Donna Bone, Barbara Bodem, Pam Fuehrer, Paula Scanland, Dottie Chambless, Sheryl Joslin, Laura Breedlove. Syndie Cherry, Meredith Craig, Pam Yager, Christine Worrell, Margaret Martin, Jeanie Adams, Barbara Hoyt. Girls ' Drill Team squad leaders are (FRONT ROW) Barbara Bodem. Paula Scanland, Debbie Derington, Veronika Hannemann, and (SECOND ROW) Pam Fuehrer. Holly Moore, Jody Plotner, and Donna Bone. Girls " Drill Team members perform during a basketball half- time show with a routine to " Ma me. " Athletic Teams A stadium filled with cold, cheering fans, the excitement of an over-time basketball game, cross- country runners practicing on damp mornings and on crisp afternoons, a hard-fighting city-champion foot- ball team — all served to promote pride in an athletic program that again enjoyed a successful year. Continuing a Howe tradi- tion of athletic excellence in these endeavors as well as in track, golf, wrestling, and ten- nis, athletics prove to be not only the victories and defeats of a season, but the combined efforts of determined athletes, skilled coaches, sup- porting fans, able cheerleaders, and good facilities. Continue Howe Tradition Of Victories Howe ' s City Champion Football Team de- serves the appreciation shown by its fans and cheerleaders during a Homecoming victory over Northwest. Spirited Prize-Winning Cheerleaders FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: Patty Marendt, Debbie Breedlove, Diane Watson, Verna Wall, Jeannette Gerzon, Bobbie Bergdoll. These cheerleade rs were chosen at try-outs held early in the school year. Varsity cheerleaders brave the cold and rain to spark school spirit with their enthusiastic cheers and yells. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Carole Cornelius Dentler, Lee Ann Denham, Marilyn Duhamell the Twenty-first Annual Cheerleader ' s Confer Linda Johnson. Karen Gold, Proudly displayed is the trophy i nee held at Indiana University in the varsity squad placed first in their divisk for their efforts at a Vincennes University other cheerleaders from around the state. i of the girls also w camp where they i i recognition mpeted with Encourage Many Hornet Victories A noted asset to any athletic event is Howe ' s cheerleaders. Their enthusiasm helps to promote school spirit and team support with much work done behind the scenes. Three groups of cheerleaders back the teams. All games and other sports functions are attended by the varsity squad with the reserve and freshman cheerleaders in attendance at all home football games. In addition, the reserve squad must also attend the county basketball games. Mrs. Barbara Wood, sponser, works with the cheer- leaders not only in preparation for games, but also for participation in competition. Sophomore Sherry Thomas was chosen Hornet mascot for the 1967-68 athletic season in tryouts held in the fall. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: FRONT ROW-Betty Rennard. Susie Perkir SECOND ROW— Karla Pannell, Lita Blair. Mary Ring. Lettermen Serve School While Reserve cheerleaders concentrate their efforts on members of the Booster Club who sit in the center of the cheerblock at basket- ball games. In addition to assisting varsity yell leaders at foot- ball games the girls attend all reserve contests. Football Letterman Bill Slater performs the duty of keeping the fans off the floor by holding the ropes at basketball games. Booster Club Assists Cheerleaders Members of all athletic teams who win varsity letters are eligible for membership in the Lettermen ' s Club. A service organization, the Club co-sponsers the Winter Wonderland Dance. Members also direct traffic and take tickets at games. Assisting the cheerleaders in promoting school spirit is the Booster Club. Sponsered by Mrs. Bar- bara Wood and Mrs. Patricia Aman, the club meets each week to learn new cheers and to practice with the cheerleaders for the coming game. Steve Henderson, letterman, presents Concetta Raimlndl a basket- ball program as she enters the gym. Assisting at a home game Is senior Dennis Belter who punches a season ticket at the door for Nancy Smith. LETTERMEN: FRONT ROW— Jell Bertram, Don Branham, Noel Bew- ley, Bill Slater, Brad Eshelman, Jerry Bertram, Al Rohrer, Gary Robling, Alan Koehring. SECOND ROW— Guy Hawkins, Charles Pet- tee, Don Jones, Steve Henderson. Charles Scharbrough. Charles Welcher, Greg Combs, Bryan Spear. THIRD ROW— Louis Wolrl. Craig Pedrey, Dennis Belter, Greg Meade, Mike Spaulding. Bill Piland. Steve Deane, Doug Maudlin. FOURTH ROW— Humberto Perez. Don Brit- ton, Jack Lichtenberg, Mike Fotiades. Tim Parcel. Tim Boosinger, Steve Reilly. Mark Stevens. FIFTH ROW— Dave Russell, Gary Marshall. Jim King, Gary Throckmorton, Mike Priest. Dennis Findlay. Ralph Dick. SIXTH ROW— Jim Cunningham, William Perry. Mike Wray, Larry Miller, Tom Marendt. City Champs! Coach Wion, Team Earn Senior football team members Noel Bewely and Jim King admire the City Champs trophy as Athletic Director Sam Kelly looks on. For the first time in Howe ' s history the Hornets were City Champs in football. In the race for the championship the team enjoyed a 7—1 edge over city opponents. Even though Shortridge compiled an 8 — 1 record, coaches voted Howe the top position. Key game in deciding the championship was the 14 — 7 Hornet victory over defending State Champ Washington. Top awards at the Fall Sports Banquet went to Noel Bewley, Best Mental Attitude; Jim King, Most Valuable Player; and Bill Slater, Coaches Award-Most Improved Player. Varsity team members elected Jerry Bertram and Tom Marendt, co-captains. VARSITY FOOTBALL 1967 Howe Opponent 6 Tech 7 28 Bloomington University 20 Manual 13 51 Noblesville 12 38 Broad Ripple 12 28 Arlington 27 Northwest 19 Warren Central 12 14 Washington 7 55 Marshall 6 ' mm Two days of rain left the playing field in poor shape for the im- portant game against Washington. The Hornets won 14 — 7. Lineman Bill Slater explodes through a Hornet " spirit sign " designed to fire up the team for the game. Title With Impressive 9 — 1 Season Record VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW— Mark Stephens, Charles Scharbrough, Larry Miller, Steve Davis. Bill Slater, Tom Marendt. Noel Bewley, Mike Fotiades, Don Britton, Steve Deane. Bert Perez. Jim King, Don Branham. SECOND ROW— Gary Throckmorton, Willie Perry, Mike Spaulding, Bill Piland, Greg Meade, Doug Maudlin, Bryan Spear, Greg Combs, Leon Anderson, Dennis Cunningham. Jack Lichtenberg, Jerry Bertram, Tim Boosinger. THIRD ROW— Coach Robert Wion, Mike Wray, Steve Chadwick, Bob Dych, Marty Lee, Chuck Welcher, Alvin Rohrer, Bruce Dobson, Jeff Bertram, Don Jones, Bill Dixon, Dave Russell. FOURTH ROW— Coach Richard McLeish, Mike Priest, Jim Cherry, Bruce Finke. Steve Burton, Greg Graham, Pat Dugan, Larry Scharbrough, Bill Braun, Richard Price, Dennis Walston, Ron Spice. FIFTH ROW— Coach David Stewart, Ralph Dick, Greg Martin, Trainer Dale Dinkens, Bob Coleman, Steve Shauver, Larry Hanlon. Mr. Wion is assisted by capable coaches Mr. Dick McLeish and Mr. Dave Stewart. Quarterback Don Branham sets the team and calls the signals in this action from the Northwest game— the Hornets won 27—0. Trainer Dale Dinkens wrapped Bill Slater ' s knee and repaired other minor injuries sustained by the athletic teams. Gridders Boast Highly Potent Offense A powerful team and successful football season made the gridiron sport king at Howe for the first time this year. Much credit goes to Coach Bob " Smokey " Wion for bringing a new football spirit to the school; his two year 16 — 4 record proves his coaching ability. Coach Wion ' s success is measured not only in the outstanding records his teams earn, but also in the determined attitude his teams inher- ently acquire through their constant association with him duringthe football season. Running back Don Britton prepares to straight-arm a Bloom ington University player as he cuts around left end. Don Branham, perhaps the best back-up quarterback in the city, passes on the run in action during the Northwest game. Northwest ' s Pioneers effectively gang tackle Don Britton as Hor- net end Jim King (40) arrives too late to help. Often during the course of the season a game is decided by only one point. The extra-point kicker is, therefore, an important mem- ber of the team. Don Britton boots one towards the goal posts in an attempt to score a PAT against Scecina. Tight Defense One Of The Best In City While compiling the best season record in many years and winning the coveted City Championship, Hornet gridders piled up a total of 286 points against their opponents ' 69 markers. Most colleges would enjoy having the resulting 21.7 average vic- tory margin. Outstanding football players from city high schools are named to honorary All-City teams by local sports writers. This year Howe was proud to have senior Jim King named to the honorary squad. Nominated on the basis of his city record of 14 touchdown passes caught during the season, Jim was also valuable to the Hornet team as a blocker and a tight end. Senior Doug Maudlin and junior Jerry Bertram received honorable mention. Two previous All-City players fro m Howe, Willie Lenzy and Frank Crossland, played in the Shrine All-Star game last summer at Victory Field. Both boys were a credit to Howe, to their coaches Mr. Bob Wion and Mr. Dick McLeish, and to the game. Jim King scrambles to recover a fumble by University. Jim. a senior, was elected an All-City end by the Star-News. RESERVE FOOTBALL: FRONT ROW- Steve Knoy, Steve Chadwick, Craig Reed, Ric Wren, Bob Dych, Jim Cherry, Tim Scott. Tom Sarfaty. SECOND ROW — Kurt Shrum. Bill Dixon, Marty Lee, Jesse Anderson, Larry Scharbrough, Bill Brown, Dennis Walston, Henry Wren. THIRD ROW— Larry Black, Mark Williamson, Pat Dugan, Bruce Finke, Richard Price, Joe Snodgrass, Jim Adams. FOURTH ROW— John Ford. Bill Lawrence, Steve Burton, Ralph Merkle, John Harkness, Tony Rago- nese, Homero Gonzalez, Mark Miko- lon, Chris Pence. FIFTH ROW— Wen- dall Short, Greg Graham, Dave David- son, John Baker, George Cooper, Don Wiley, Ed Miller, Larry Whitmore. SIXTH ROW— Mr. David Stewart. Training For Varsity Teams Complete RESERVE FOOTBALL 1967 Howe Opponent 31 Tech Chatard 6 13 Manual 6 39 Wood 6 32 Arlington 32 14 Broad Ripple 13 13 Warren Central 7 47 Northwest 13 7 Washington 20 28 Marshall 13 Mr. Dave Stewart, a former Howe grid star, coached the reserve football team to their best record in many years. Because the team roster fluctuates with the varsity during the season, a junior varsity team that ends the season with a win- ning record is an exceptional team. Quarterback Larry Scharbrough tossed ten touchdown passes for the JV ' s. Bob Dych, Marty Lee, Steve Chadwick, Pat Dugan, Bill Dixon, Greg Graham and Dennis Wal- ston also drew the praise of Coach Stewart. Monday afternoons are reserved for JV and freshman gridiron clashes. Alternating home and away games, the team ' s opponents are the same teams scheduled for the varsity the next Friday. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL 1967 Howe Opponent 19 Tech 13 13 Chatard 6 13 Manual 18 27 Wood 13 12 ■ Arlington 18 9 Broad Ripple 25 27 Warren Central 7 19 Northwest 23 27 Washington 7 20 Marshall 13 Outstanding Year For most of the boys on the freshman football team, the experience they receive is their first in organized football. Doing a fine job of adjusting to high school, the frosh finished with a winning sea- son—something rare in freshman play. Coach Ray Riley completed his first year as frosh coach with a 6 — 4 record. Leading scorer for the team was Tom Summit, half-back, with 51 points. He was fol- lowed by Dennis Haygood and Lenny Thornburg with 39 and 35 points, respectively. Quarterback Bryan Spear discusses strategy with Coach Wion at the sidelines. Bryan completed 71 ot 94 passes this year. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: FRONT ROW- Jefl Gray. Charlie Pollard, Tom Sum- mit, Ralph Kubiak, Bob Muse, Mike Simmons, Marlin Bottom. Sieve Apple- gate, Mike Thompson. SECOND ROW— Tom Myers, Lenny Thornburg, Mike Becher, Steve Walton, Dave Piland, Tom Boyd. Barry Baker, Darel Dierin- ger, Randy Deane, Bill Deeter. THIRD ROW— Ralph Piercy, Steve Reed. Scott Reed, Richard Kutche. Mike Wieneke, Gary VanHorn. FOURTH ROW— Gary Conway. Dennis Haygood. Barry Green, Jell Veteto, Phil Scott, Joe Eat- on, Craig Reinhardt, David Rogers, Jim Combs. FIFTH ROW— Kerry Dough- ty, Gary Harlow. Hughie Cornn, Roger Adams. Mike Neal. Jerry Smith. David Utigard, Tom Terry. Ernie Harsin. SIXTH ROW— Mr. Harrison Richardson. Mr. Ray Riley. Third Year For CC Team In Regionals With only two returning lettermen, the varsity cross country team had an exceptional year. By virtue of their third place finish in the Sectionals, the harriers advanced to the regional meet for the third straight year. Charles Melling and Gary Robling were ranked one and two, respectively, and finished the year in these positions. Freshman Peter Van- Marren was moved up to the varsity squad and ran well duringtheyear. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY 1967 Opponent Speedway Northwest Warren Washington Attucks Howe 49 Howe 49 Howe 34 27 24 32 19 Tech 29 North Central Noblesville 20 Howe Invitational Trinity Invitational City Tournament Sectional Tournament Regional Tournament 19 21 31 31 23 40 Lawrence 66 Ben Davis 68 Muncie Burris 56 Placed 3rd of 14 teams Placed 7th of 28 teams Placed 5th Placed 3rd of 20 teams Placed 8th of 12 teams Straining every muscle, Ray Bowman award winner Charles Mell- ing crosses the finish line to win the meet. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY: FRONT ROW— Dennis Belter, Charles Melling, Gary Robling. Louis Wohl. SECOND ROW— Charles Pettee, Dennis Findlay, Jim Aldnch. Ray Williams. THIRD ROW— Student Manager Steve Hen- derson, Peter Van Maaren, Paul Shel- ton. and Coach William Walker. RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY: FRONT ROW-Paul Shclton. Bob Melling, Hoi- lis Becker. Tim Smith. SECOND ROW —Charles Pettee. James Aldrich, Tom Frltch, Sieve Layman. THIRD ROW— Mr. William Walker. Reserve Harriers Place Second In City Mr. William Walker, varsity and junior varsity coach, continued to get results from his forceful training program for Hornet runners. Chuck Pettee, the reserve City Champion, and Jim Aldrich, who placed fourth, led the team to the runners-up spot in the City meet. Running the same day as the varsity, the JV ' s compiled a fine season record while the varsity beat 66 teams and lost to 27. Fourteen of the varsity ' s defeats came at the hands of teams who finished 1 — 2 — 3 in neigh- boring Kentucky and in Indiana. RESERVE CROSS COUNTRY 1967 Howe Opponent 30 Speedway 29 25 Northwest 30 25 Warren 30 29 Washington 26 21 Northwest 35 Tech 23 Howe 41 Lawrence 72 North Central 19 Howe 46 Ben Davis 77 Howe 28 Nc blesville 52 M uncie Burris 67 City Tournament Placed 2nd Several of the Varsity Cross Country meets were held at Howe during the half-time of night football games. Northwest ran the Hornet harriers during our Homecoming half-time and lost. Runners Receive Valuable Training FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY: FRONT ROW— Jim Sanders. Dave Zimmerman, Dennis West, Bernie Findley. SECOND ROW— Coach Richard Patterson, Craig Shaker, Greg Alexander, Don Wilder- dick. Cross country team Captain Gary Robling sprints toward the fin- ish line of the Howe Invitational. The Hornets placed third out of fourteen teams in the meet. FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY 1967 Howe Opponent 34 Speedway 17 36 Wood 19 30 Washington 25 39 Eastwood 19 30 Ben Davis 25 35 Creston 15 11 (Forfeit) Arlington 49 Woodview 34 Belzer 34 91 Beech Grove 44 Wood 46 Creston 49 City Tournament Placed 8th Although the freshman harriers practiced dili- gently, their season record proved disappointing. Coach Richard Patterson worked hard with the boys at a time when they were adjusting to a new and different life — high school. Freshman Peter Van- Maaren, who was placed on the varsity squad early in the season because of his exceptional long dis- tance running ability, proved to be a drastic loss to the freshman thinly-clads. Losing many meets by only a few points, VanMaaren undoubtedly would have made a difference in many scores. Senior Jim King (22), leading scorer for the varsity team, stops on the proverbial dime while Steve Davis moves up to offer help. Although the season record fails to indicate an exceptionally strong basketball team, Howe has every reason to be proud of its team. And the use of the term " team " is not used without justification — the Hornet roundballers came back many times during the year to fight on even after many Howe supporters became resigned to defeat. Quite a num- ber of the regular season games were lost by only a few points and only after a struggle; one game in particular would have been a tie game requiring an overtime but for the questionable call of an offi- cial. In summary, the 1967-1968 season may be described as a season of determination and fight which fell short of the mark in the won-lost column. Stutzmen Fight Through Tough Season Coach Jim Stutz emotes confidence to his players while he gives them instructions on how to combat the other team. Frequently during the course of the game Coach Stutz is forced to call a time-out. during which the team refreshes themselves. Record Belies True Driving past a player from Warren Central, Jim King lays the basketball up for an easy two points. Howe lost 52 — 58. Gary Throckmorton (left) and Mike Johnson helped to stabilize the Hornet scoring attack; they also contributed to the " team effort with many valuable rebounds and assists. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW- Gary Marshall, Craig Sanders, Gary Throckmor- ton. Tom Marendt, Jim King, Ron Clark. SEC- OND ROW— Mike Johnson, Dennis Tackett, Larry Miller, John Mazenis, Jim Robinson, Steve Davis, Coach Mr. James Stutz. Mettle Of Varsity Basketball Team Mike Johnson, senior forward, was named to the All-Sectional team for his eighteen point perform- ance in the Lawrence Central game in the Coli- seum Sectional. Also a leading rebounder, Mike helped establish the board strength of the team. Another senior, Jim King, led the team in scoring and assists — 14.7 points per game and 72 assists. Juniors Gary Marshall and Gary Throckmorton led the team in free throw percentage and re- bounds, respectively. In addition, Throckmorton was the second leading scorer for the Hornets. As a team, the boys averaged .400 from the field, an d .633 from the charity stripe. Although their opponent ' s point average per game was 64.7, the Hornet cagers averaged 62.0 — a difference of 2.7 points per game, which proves the Hornets were not the team their 6 — 15 record indicates. Mr. Jim St utz completed his eighth year as coach. VARSITY BASKETBALL 1968 Howe Opponent 65 Washington 77 53 Arlington 59 78 Bloomington University 32 57 Franklin 71 61 Marshall 65 56 Lawrence Central 68 82 Broad Ripple 53 54 Shelbyville 75 61 Franklin Central 72 56 Southport 66 41 Tech 71 58 Richmond 76 68 Scecina 65 59 Tech 61 58 Northwest 63 83 Beech Grove 61 68 Scecina 72 73 Manual 64 52 Warren Central 58 66 Greencastle 61 54 Lawrence Central City Tournament " Sectional Tournament 62 Jim Robinson (shooting), and Larry Miller were valuable subs in the center spot, giving added strength on the boards. Gary Throckmorton catches an elbow as he fights for a rebound; Steve Davis. Jim King, and Mike Johnson stand ready to help. JV ' s Show Determination In Losing RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW— Bill Fleener. Bill Storie. Gary Hubbard. Tim Smith, Willie Perry, Rex Barrett, Bill Smith, Mark Miller, Jim Zander. LAST ROW— Mike Mitchell, Mike Adams, Dennis Walston, Scott Pollom. Bruce Dobson, Horst Holstein, Dave Smith, Mike Wray, Chris Pence, Coach Mr. David Stewart. In his first season of coaching Junior Varsity basketball, Coach Stewart was disappointed ir the season ' s outcome. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 1968 Howe Opponent 31 Washington . 43 52 Arlington 48 56 Bloomington University 39 55 Franklin 41 57 Marshall 47 44 Lawrence 46 46 Broad Ripple 31 42 Shelbyville 50 37 Franklin Central 45 55 Southport 60 45 Tech 53 35 Richmond 73 49 Chatard 37 52 Scecina 44 46 Tech 63 44 Northwest 54 70 Beech Grove 60 48 Scecina 52 45 Manual 52 42 Warren Central 56 45 Greencastle City Tournament 58 Mr. Dave Stewart, first year junior varsity coach, gives his tear criticisms of weaknesses he has detected from the bench. Season; Freshmen Are Impressive FRESHMAN BASKETBALL 1968 Howe Opponent 39 Wood 35 48 Woodview 28 45 Creston 49 40 Marshall 22 42 Belzer 55 58 Scecina 46 47 Chatard 33 31 Attucks 26 39 Shortridge 30 41 Northwest 40 56 Chatard 42 40 Scecina 33 38 Tech 51 64 Cathedral 53 36 Washington 39 39 Broad Ripple 21 44 Perry Central 52 41 Tech 42 40 Manual 30 40 Franklin Central 29 57 Arlington 49 City Tournament Craig Reinhardt, Tom Summit, and Larry Ott, members of the frosh basketball squad, were instrumental in its success. Mr. Dave Stewart became the Junior Varsity coach this year replacing Mr. Roger Schroder, who moved to the new Marshall High School. By the same token, several of the outstanding basketball players of previous Howe teams have been re- placed by their brothers — Dale Barrett by Rex, Dave Miller by Mark, and Gene Holstein by Horst. A brother combination of Bill and Tim Smith, sons of Science Department head Mr. William Smith, also made the team. Bruce Dobson, Dave Smith, and Mike Wray were other outstanding members of the team. Mr. William Walker was the official score- keeper for the teams, and Mr. Justin Rehm was the official statistician; both were invaluable to the teams. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW— Paul Beem, Tom Boyd. Monte Gardner, Roger Adams, Gary Conway, Dennis Haygood. Richard Kutche, Randy Deane, Larry Ott, Danny Richardson. SECOND ROW— Mike Beek- er, Tom Summit, Tracy Ellis, Dave Rogers. Craig Reinhardt, Jim Byrne, Bob Harton, Barry Green, Lenny Thornburg, Richard Bennett. THIRD ROW— Bill Striby. Coach Mr. Robert Mitchell, Ernie Arson. Frosh Cagers Savor Winning Season Craig Reinhardt. Jim Byrne, Lennie Thornburg — these are names which immediately come to mind when one thinks of future basketball teams at Howe. Along with the rest of the Hornet freshmen and the new coach, Mr. Robert Mitchell, these boys compiled a season record which is comparable to any in the city. Moving to the semi-final of the City Tournament, the frosh were making a strong showing before bowing to the eventual City Champs from arch-rival Tech High School. Bruce Dobson battles for a rebound with a player from Bloom- ington University while Mike Wray reaches over to lend a hand. New coach Mr. Robert Mitchell hands out assignments to his freshman roundballers, who finished the season 15—6. With the ball hanging on the rim. the Hornet reserves prepare to " crash " the boards and grab the rebound if the ball fails to drop. fitaftoJB VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM: FRONT ROW— Dale Bewley, Brad Romeril. Keith Bradley. Bob Gibson. SECOND ROW-Mark Watkins. John Easterday. Larry Burger. Sherman Anderson, Coach Mr. James Black. THIRD ROW- Coach Mr. Robert Wion. Mark Stephens. Jerry Bertram. Bruce Finke. Mike Spaulding. Grapplers Excel; Bradley City Champ mi VARSITY WRESTLING 1968 Howe Opponent 15 Cathedral 36 12 Chatard 32 35 Manual 12 22 Broad Ripple 24 13 NorthWest 31 40 Blind School 6 14 Washington 28 24 Tech 21 7 North Central 43 37 Wood 11 16 Arlington 27 32 Lawrence Central 18 Keith Bradley, City Champ in the 127 pound weight class, applies leverage to his opponent in an effort to pin him. Varsity Coach Mr. James Black ended his first year at Howe with somewhat of a disappointing re- cord. Several individual standouts brightened the picture, however, and from that standpoint, the year was termed a success. Senior Keith Bradley wrestled undefeated for the regular season, en- countering his first defeat in the Sectionals where he lost in the final round of the 127 pound weight class. Keith was City Champ. Larry Burger finished third, and Mark Stephens finished fourth in their weight classes in the Sectionals. Matmen Grapple For Successful Season As in track and cross country freshmen and junior varsity wrestlers often combine forces to create an underclassmen team. They wrestle simultaneously with the varsity, each team using separate mats. Coach Mr. Robert Wion ' s first year as JV mentor ended just under the fifty per cent mark in the won- lost column. Another procedure, peculiar to wrestling, is the challenge system. Any member of the JV squad may challenge a varsity wrestler in his weight class who loses a scheduled match. If the JV wrestler de- feats the varsity man, he replaces him for the next match. This keeps both teams in top form. Senior heavyweight Mike Spaulding struggles with an opponent from Tech in an attempt to score a takedown. Hornet grapplers defeated Tech 24 — 21 in a dual meet in the Howe gym. RESERVE WRESTLING 1968 Howe Opponent 23 Cathedral 29 29 Chartard 19 18 Manual 34 38 Broad Ripple 18 13 North West 37 13 Washington 34 33 Tech 25 13 North Central 41 45 Wood 10 7 Arlington 42 46 Lawrence Central 10 £ £ P RESERVE AND FRESHMAN WRESTLING TEAMS: FRONT ROW— Mike Simmons, Kevin Houppert, Terry Roth, Matt Ha- gans, John Shurts. SECOND ROW— Mike Wieneke, Jack Fogleman, Bruce Miller, Dave Presti, John Koss, Chuck Harsin. THIRD ROW— Coach Mr. Robert Wion, Hollis Becker, Steve Burton, Mike Throckmorton, Hugh Cornn, Tim Boos- inger, Coach Mr. James Black. Under The Direction Of New Coach Varsity grappler Larry Burger makes use of his opponent ' s awk- ward position to accumulate riding time points. Bruce Finke ' s opponent gains a point on an escape during a match on the Hornet floor. A " luscious legs " contest sparked attend- ance at the Howe-Tech clash. Coach Walker ' s Second Howe Team VARSITY TRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW— Trainer Mr. Dale Din- kens, student manager Steve Henderson, Barry Shaw, Kurt Wells, Jon Paschal, Jim Cunningham. Larry Morlock, Don Brown. Coach William Walker. Coach Richard McLeish. SEC- OND ROW— Richard Hawkins. Al Koering, Brian Spear, Jed Martin, Gary Brownlee, Chuck Melling, Gary Robling, Steve Davis, Larry Pritchard. THIRD ROW— Dennis Findlay, Jerry Bertram, Steve Chadwick. Gary Throckmorton, Jeff Bertram, Bill Taffinger, Charles Pettee, Charles Scharbrough, Chuck Welcher. Coach William Walker ' s varsity track team had an outstanding season despite many freak injuries which sidelined key players. Paul Morrison was in- jured in the first meet, developed blood poisoning later in the season; yet, he still set a school record of 9:44.5 in the two mile run, and qualified for the State Tournament. Hurdler Larry Pritchard lost six weeks of training because of injuries, but established a school record of 14.8 seconds in the high hurdles. He also qualified for the State Tournament in the high and low hurdles. The thinly-clads opened their season by hosting the Hoosier Relays at I.U. VARSITY TRACK 1967 Howe Opponent 31 Bloomington 79 53 Lawrence Central 65 68 Broad Ripple 50 43 Attucks 75 53 Manual 65 39 Ben Davis 42 1 2 Southport 66 1 3 25 1 3 Col jmbus 29 2 3 Washingto n 93 47 1 2 Franklin 43 Arlington 57 1 2 City Meet Howe 8th of 14 teams Sectional Meet Howe 4th of 28 teams Regional Meet Howe 7th of 22 teams Don Brown, Larry Pritchard. Jerry Bertram and Barry Shaw were a winning mile relay team combination for Coach Walker. Bruce Dobson, Hollis Becker, and Gary Brownlee relax while they await the presentation of ribbons after a winning meet. Enjoys Another Successful Season Precious seconds may be gained at the start of a race by using the the runner must know how to use his arms effectively in order to correct form. The starting blocks must be placed )ust right, and gain momentum. Larry Pritchard has near-perfect form Senior Myra Johnson. Hoosier Relays Queen, admires one of the trophies she presented during the day of competition. An annual event, the Relays is the nation ' s largest indoor meet. Straining for every last ounce of thrust. Alan Koehring pushes up and over the cross bar. He was the team ' s primary vaulter. Larry Pritchard, who qualified for the state in high and low hur dies, strains over a hurdle while practicing his form. Freshman Dave Martin practices his high jump form during the pre-season workouts held in the gymnasium. Frosh, JV Track RESERVE TRACK 1967 Howe Opponent 37 1 2 Ben Davis 37 Southport 62 1 2 73 1 2 Columbus 30 Washington 43 1 2 80 Franklin 43 Arlington 23 45 Broad Ripple 56 63 Attucks 53 42 Manual 66 RESERVE TRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW— Coach William Walker, Gary Throck- morton, Rodger Graham, Gordon Goodwin, Dennis Belter, Gary Smith, Coach Richard McLeish. SECOND ROW— Greg Graham, Tim Bossinger, Frank Striby, Steve Chadwick, Richard Price, Ron Spice, Hollis Becker, Den- nis Findley. THIRD ROW— Jeff Beeler, Brian Spear. Paul Shelton, Bill Taflm ger, Jim Aldrich, Chuck Scharbrough, Chuck Welcher. Teams Complete Successful Season ts I - FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW Coach Richard Patterson, John Horner. Mark Clark. Joe Snodgrass, Ray Williams. Craig Reed. Gary Hub- bard. Tim Smith, Dave Hashman, Mike Ray, Coach Harrison Richardson. SECOND ROW-Terry Rowlett. John Easterday, Steve Cala, Dennis Findlay, Dennis Chapman, Rick Hanson. Ray Leech. Jim Daugherty, Tom Marendt. THIRD ROW— Dave Martin. Danny Steen. Martin Lee, Mike Mitchell, Lar- ry Scharbrough. Dan Taylor, Bruce Dobson, Willie Perry, Mark Miller. FRESHMAN TRACK 1967 Howe Opponent 46 Lawrence Central 72 85 Perry Central 85 92 Arlington 26 83 Attucks 35 75 1 2 Manual 42 1 2 62 Cathedral 47 42 Tech 76 Howe placed 3rd in the City Junior varsity track, under the direction of Coaches Mr. William Walker and Mr. Richard Mc- Leish, ran simultaneously with the varsity track team. Since the junior varsity team ' s roster fluctu- ated constantly with the varsity team roster, a stable team with a stable record was, and is, an impossi - bility. Freshman track, under Coaches Richard Pat- terson and Harrison Richardson, operated under the same handicaps; outstanding members of the frosh team were sent to the varsity. With fourteen events and twenty-eight boys com- peting per team, the track teams provide competi- tion for many boys who would otherwise have been excluded from athletics — therein lies the worth of junior varsity and freshman track. Long distance runs, such as the two mile run, are the specialty of Paul Morrison. Paul holds the school record in this event. Jeff Sirmin turns to check on the ball before rounding third base for the long sprint towards home plate. IHSAA Adds Baseball Tourney VARSITY BASEBALL 1967 Howe Opponent 3 Scecina 2 Franklin Central 2 Cathedral 2 Greenfield 1 3 Brebuf 5 6 Carmel 1 6 Tech 10 2 Lawrence 1 5 Attucks 5 2 Southport 1 3 Braod Ripple 2 6 Chartrand 2 1 Warren Central 2 4 Northwest 2 3 Chatard 4 3 Ben Davis Arlington 1 Zionsville 2 2 North Central 6 4 Shortridge 12 Wood 1 6 Kennedy Manual VARSITY BASEBALL TOURNAMENTS Howe Opponent 7 Northwest 2 2 Manual 3 3 Scecina 1 5 Beech Grove 3 3 Warren Central Howe Invitational Sectional Tournament 6 Underclassmen Greg Combs was an all-round utility man for Coach Schroder. Starting catcher for the squad, he directed the team in the field and collected his share of base hits. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW-Coach Roger Schroder. Mike Hennessy, Gene Holstein, Joe Hall, Randy Reinhardt. Jell Sirmin. Ed Keppler. and Student Manager Larry Hanlon. BACK ROW— Tom Haggerty. Jim King. Greg Combs. Don Branham, Dave Short, Ray Hollenbaugh, Gary Marshall. Student Manager Terry Morgan. Not pictured— Mike Johnson. Phil Mroz. Mr. Roger Schroder completed his third year as varsity coach Hornets Runners-Up In Sectional Even though the umpire ' s decision is always final. Coach Schroder sometimes disagrees with him. Spring, 1967, was the date of the first annual I.H.S.A.A. State Baseball Tournament. Although considered to be one of the top contenders for the crown, the Hornets were eliminated in the final game of Sectional play by a determined Warren Cen- tral varsity nine in extra innings. Varsity coach Mr. Roger Schroder finished his third year at the helm with an excellent 42—24—1 record. He became head basketball coach at the new Marshall High School at the end of the year. Team captain Ray Hollenbaugh was voted Most Valuable Player by his teammates, while Joe Hall and Don Branham earned the Most Improved Player and Best Mental Attitude Awards, respectively. RESERVE BASEBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW— Mike Gibson, Jack Dunn, Phil Baumgardt, Don Britton, Ron Clarke. SECOND ROW— Bill Dixon, Tom Merri- man, Alvin Rohrer, Gary Shirley, Joe Ward. THIRD ROW— Coach James Poal- ston, Mike Fotiades, Dave Smith, Steve Deane, Darrell Wright. Freshmen, Reserve Baseball Teams ■Jik . HJ ,-5«-% . • » ' Coach Mr. James Poalston ' s junior varsity base- ball team won the City Championship on the basis of their season record for the second straight year. Although there is no tournament to determine a city champion, the Hornet ' s record of 11 — 3 topped all rivals and qualified the team for the hon- or. Mike Johnson and Don Britton were the star pit- chers for the year. Catcher Mike Fotiades, Al Rohrer, Tom Merriman, and Greg Kamp were valu- able to the team at the plate, as they drove in most of the team ' s eighty runs during the year. Ray Hollenbough moves into first base and prepares to go on to second as the defending first baseman looks for the ball. RESERVE BASEBALL 1967 Howe Opponent 4 Scecina 3 12 Franklin Central 8 Tech 4 7 Lawrence 9 Southport 1 3 Broad Ripple 6 Warren Central 5 9 Northwest 7 Chatard 6 2 Arlington 2 Cathedral 3 7 Wood 5 Ben Davis 4 8 Manual 1 City Champion FRESHMAN BASEBALL 1967 Howe Opponent 9 Eastwood 6 19 Eastwood 3 15 Arlington 2 13 Northwest 4 4 Arlington 3 1 Creston 3 5 Cathedral 4 5 Perry Central 8 5 Chatard 4 Manual 2 7 Manual City Champions 4 Earn City Titles Freshman baseball took the spotlight this spring as they rolled to a season record of 8 — 3 and the honorary city championship. Under the direction of Mr. Richard Patterson, the frosh team, which also ran the freshman track meets, laid a good founda- tion for future spring sports at Howe. Losing their three games by only seven runs, the frosh showed an excellence in athletics which will definitely be cultivated in future years in the Hor- net drive forthe State Championship. Catcher Mjke Hennessy watches as a Brebeuf batter lines the ball towards right field where the defense shifts to meet it. FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW— Coach Richard Patterson, Brad Romeril. John Gillespie, Mike Allee, Gary Ellis, Steve Christenberry, Mike Crowe. SECOND ROW— Mark Smith. Ray Leech, Steve Duhamell. Billy Flee- ner. Bill Smoot, Mike Carter, Mark Mil- ler. THIRD ROW— Larry Scharbrough, Dan McNew. Mike Adams. Horst Ho stein, Gary Evans, Mike Mitchell, Henry Wren, Mike Wray. Fall Tourney Highlights Tennis Season VARSITY TENNIS 1967 Howe Oppone int 1 Broad Ripple 6 1 Scecina 6 5 Cathedral 2 4 Wood 3 7 Washington 2 Tech 5 6 Northwest 1 1 Ben Davis 6 3 Arlington 4 5 Crispus Attucks 2 7 Chatard 4 Warren Central 3 4 Kennedy 3 3 Shortridge 4 2 Manual 5 Placed 2nd in Sectional Tourney VARSITY TENNIS TEAM: FRONT ROW-Craig Pedrey, Davis Thomas. SECOND ROW- Andy Hart, Doug Mosiman. David Cardwell, Jim Harrison. David Cardwell was rankei number one on the squad for the season. First year varsity coach Mr. Ray Riley piloted the Hornet tennis team to an 8 — 7 season record and second place in one of the Sectionals of the first I.H.S.A.A. state tournament. Paul Thomas, a fresh- man playing high school tennis for the first time during the tournament, reached the final Sectional round. David Thomas, Bill Smith, and Rex Barrett participated in singles competition. Loss of seniors Jim Harrison, Andy Hart, Doug Mosiman, and David Cardwell will challenge next year ' s squad. RESERVE TENNIS TEAM: Mark Smoot, Gil Hubbard, Rex Barrett, Randy VARSITY GOLF TEAM: FRONT ROW-Bob Jacobi. Mike Brown. Brad Eshelman, Bill Kirby, Greg Martin. SECOND ROW-Tom Stetlen, Bill Slater. Bill Haugh, Joe Brown. Bruce Bottom. Coach James Stutz. Hornet Linksmen Continue To Excel Howe ' s golf team, continuing the school ' s tra- dition of athletic excellence, placed third in the City Tournament, second in Sectional matches, and eighth in Regional competition. Elected Cap- tain Bill Kirby and Most Valuable Player Bob Jacobi were instrumental in the Hornet victories as the team finished the regular season with nine wins, three losses, and one tie. Coach James Stutz must rebuild next year ' s squad when Bill Kirby. Bob Jacobi. and Mike Brown graduate. Brad Eshelman should be his nucleus. VARSITY GOLF 1967 Howe Opponent 12 Wood 3 9 Broad Ripple 3 4 1 2 Northwest 7 1 2 4 Scecina 8 8 Cathedral 4 12 Washington 11 1 2 Tech 1 2 6 Arlington 6 12 Attucks 3 1 2 Chatard 8 1 2 12 Kennedy 12 Manual 10 Shortridge 2 City Tourna ment 3rd Sectiona Tournamnet 2nd Regional To jrnamnet 8th While putting takes much concentration, a golfer must master the stroke to lower his score. Greg Martin, |umor team member, strives for perfection on the green. Needless to say, varsity athletics are not for everyone. Reserve and freshman sports also leave many boys without the facilities and the organiza- tion they need for a well-rounded athletic program. Intra-murals, therefore, fill the gap for those who lack the skill or the size for the school ' s athletic teams. Basketball is the major intra-mural sport, although bowling, wrestling and cross country have been added in recent years. One innovation has been added to the intra-mural basketball program. Members of the freshman-sophomore league picked names for their teams from the new American Bas- ketball Association, while juniors and seniors chose names from the National Basketball Association. Mr. Don Evans is faculty sponser of the intra-mural program, with assistance from Mr. Barton Richard- son. Mr. Richard Patterson sponsers the new bowl- ing league which bowls at nearby Play Bowl. Basketball is the major intra-mural sport. Dave Sweeney drives around Carter Babb during a junior-senior game. Intramurals Complete Athletic Program It seemed an eternity before the ball made up its mind to fall through the hoop in this intra-mural action. Mike Bair and Bryan Spear seem awed by the grace exhibited by Don Britton. Greg Combs and Charles Pettee. Student Managers Assist The Athletes Preparing equipment, running errands, offering helpful advice and lending moral support are the major jobs of student athletic managers, the un- sung heroes behind every successful athletic team. Keeping and recording statistics from each game is another job filled by managers. Supervising the managers, Mr. Dale Dinkens takes charge of minor injuries received during the season and also is in charge of the preparation and the repair of the equipment used. 1 In addition to their regular duties, student managers assist the officials at wrestling meets by keeping time and score. Mr. Dale Dinkens demonstrates the correct procedures of pack- ing equipment to Ken Evans, Ch ris Pence and Randy Lamb. ATHLETIC MANAGERS: FRONT ROW-Steve Henderson, Matt Hagans, Ernie Harsin. SECOND ROW— Stephen Shawver, David Pence. Bob Coleman, Ralph Dick. THIRD ROW— Tom Myers. Chris Pence. Larry Han- Ion, Greg Martin. Scott Watson. Underclassmen Create References, History, Memories Howeites Benefit Thomas Stirling— Principal, Charles Ruschhaupt— Vice-principal, Frank Tout— Vice-principal, Mildred Loew— Dean of Girls, Robert Carnal— Dean of Boys, William Murray— Director of Guidance and Senior Counselor, Maryon Welch— Eighth Grade Counselor, Rex Anderson— Junior Counselor. John Trinkle— Sophomore Counselor, and Thomas Totten — Fresh- man Counselor. tA Miss Maryon Welch, junior high school counselor, leaves the building periodically to visit nearby grade schools. P nltlfft s m Efe i HA ' mirri During a PTA Tea Mr. Frank Tout, vice-principal, chats with math and science teacher Mr. Barton Richardson. Mr. Charles Ruschhaupt, vice-principal, places an order for additional supplies from the school office. From Efforts Of Administrators Howe ' s administrators are most important to the student body. Mr. Frank Tout, vice-principal, is available tor individual counseling and heads teacher-pupil personnel relations. In charge of building and grounds. Mr. Charles Ruschhaupt, another vice-principal, also serves as the school ' s bursar and keeps its books in order. Deans Mrs. Mildred Loew and Mr. Robert Carnal handle discipline problems and attendance rou- tines. Mrs. Loew also directs all extra-curricular non-athletic activities. Behind the scenes Principal Mr. Thomas Stirling guides all aspects of the school. His leadership has strengthened the school ' s motto, " Howe Done Is Well Done. " Mr. Thomas Stirling, principal, listens attentively as Mrs. Mary Smuck, math teacher, explains a problem to him. Mrs. Barbara Wood and Mrs. Ruth Reed, guidance counselors, go over changes that must be made in semester programs. Mr. David Baugh, Director of Night School, and Mrs. Alberta Fol- lis. check over night school enrollment for this year. Competent Working Staffs Keep School Many students do not realize the work done by the cafeteria staff. While daily preparing the lunches for over 2300 students and teachers, they make their own cakes, pies, and soups. Most of the women who work in the cafeteria are mothers of former or present Howe students. In addition to keeping the school clean, the jani- tors also care for the surrounding grounds, direct traffic at school functions, and serve as night watchmen. A completely refurbished building re- sulted from the efforts of plasterers and painters during the second semester. A new member of the office staff. Mrs. Virginia Hall checks daily attendance. She also serves as Mr. Carnal ' s secretary. Cafeteria workers, Mrs. Mildred Lindnauer and Mrs. Martha Da ton, keep busy filling paper cups with pickles. As head custodian. Mr. John DuChemin is in charge of all of the people who keep the buildingclean. Running Smoothly Office personnel serve as able assistants to ad- ministrators, relieving them of most clerical duties. In addition to secretarial responsibilities, the ladies also help counselors to organize program schedul- ing and to keep permanent records up to date. Prospective employers and colleges often require their help in getting information about graduates. Phone calls from parents occupy the morning hours of the attendance clerks; absenteeism and cuts are checked later in the day. School law re- quires attendance records be accurately kept. Checking the present enrollment list in the Pupil Personnel Office is one of the many jobs of Mrs. Eloise Steed. Mrs. Norns Heidelman keeps busy at the switchboard while Mrs. Evelyn Miller, a new office staff member, checks appointments. 1 I iLJn Alberta Follis— Evening School. Virginia Hall— Attendance Clerk. Morris Heidelman— Secretary, Dorothy Henieser— Pupil Personnel Office. Carol Mandel— P.B.X Operator, Janet McNeill— Music Department Assistant. Evelyn Miller— Secretary. Margaret Poole — O.A.V. Assistant. Vera Schmitz— Book Store Manager, Mary Schwier— Guidance Office. Eloise Steed— Registrar. 400 Club Gives Time To Better School Members of the 400 Club line up before a football game to re- ceive their assignments from President Mr. Horace Pettee. From ticket taking to working the basketball concession stand, 400 Club members work for the betterment of Howe. Fund raising projects such as selling Howe license plates, pens, and membership cards provide money for cheerleaders ' coats as well as new athletic equipment. Organizing their endeavors, the 400 Club is di- vided into five committees, all guided by the officers. Mr. Horace Pettee, president; Mr. Conrad Romeril, vice-president; Mr. George Moore, secretary; Mr. Ed Pearson, treasurer; Mr. Michael Dugan, adviser; and Mr. Charles Ruschhaupt, faculty representative, were elected in the spring and installed at the first meeting of the year. Mr. Ed Pearson takes a ticket from a Howe patron at a football game while Mr. Michael Dugan offers her a program. In between customers 400 Club members Mr. Ed Pearson and Mr. Elmer Summit, Jr. watch the action on the gym floor. PTA president Mrs. J. F. Kepp- ler and 1st vice-president Mrs. Joseph Lake serve at th e annual Christmas faculty tea. PTA Encourages Improvements At Howe Howe ' s PTA is a hard working organization mind- ful of the school ' s needs. This year the Parent- Teacher Association is headed by Mrs. J. F. Keppler, president, Mrs. Joseph Lake, first vice-president. Mrs. Ralph McClure, second vice-president, Mrs. George Moore, corresponding secretary, Mrs. Ed- gar Pearson, recording secretary, and Mrs. William Dixon, treasurer, all elected last spring. Parent Education meetings are held four morn- ings during the year. General meetings followed the theme. " Howe ' s Traffic Pattern " this year. Money earned from the football concession stand enabled the association to purchase new leotards and warm- up jackets for the gymnastics team. At the faculty tea Mrs. Laverne Coffin listens to Mrs. Thomas Stirling discuss her up-coming trip to the Rose Bowl. Mr. Charles Ruschhaupt. Mrs. Hanette Baker, and Mr. Frank Wat- kins relax and socialize after school in the library. Consisting of several underclassmen, the band assists the cheer- leaders at home football games by helping to promote spirit among fans. During half-time the band performs routines orig- inated by band conductor, Mr. Louis McEnderfer. Frosh Adjust To Activities At Howe Participating ,n a popular sport, members of this fifth-hour phys- ical education class perfecttheir basketball skills. Orientation, a one-semester course required for graduation, helps freshmen plan their programs and adjust to the many extra-cur- ricular activities at Howe. An easily recognizable group in any school is its freshman class. Wandering around the halls trying to find the right classrooms, freshies dodge the upperclassmen who are trying just as hard to con- fuse them. New clubs and academic opportunities await the eager newcomers who are sure to find something of interest. Forgotten locker combina- tions and dropped lunch trays are the bane of a freshman ' s existence, but these soon cease to be a threat for the newcomers. 1 Newest Class Adopts Howe Traditions Brenda Abney, Roger Adams. Gregory Al- exander. Ida Allen. James Allen. Virginia Andrews. Steve Applegate, Mary Armstrong. Robert Arnold, Larry Aubrey. Joy Babb, Kathy Back. Carol Bailey. Dona- van Bailey, Barry Baker, Dru Baker, Debbie Ballard. Gary Barger. Louise Barr, Ricky Barry. Debra Bartholomew, Gary Barton. Rachel Bass. James Beaty. Mike Becher, Paul Beem, Jack Bell, Kathy Bell, Dennis Bel ler, Richard Bennett. Bobbi Bergdoll. Patti Berger, Benjamin Best, James Billerman. John Bishop. David Blackburn, Loretta Blackwell, Rhonda Blair. Tina Blines. Cheryl Boekan- Gerald Boekankamp. Donna Bogie. Martin Bottom. Pam Bowen, Darlene Bowman, Connie Boyce, Thomas Boyd, Thomas M. Boyd, Debra Booker, Debra Brammann. Charles Brandt, Debbie Breedlove, Kathy Brinkmann, Roger Brock, Debra Brown, Dena Brown, Harry Brown, Richard Brown, Betty Bryan. Anita Brydon. Cindy Burgess. Linda Burgess, Danny Burke, Deborah Butler, Jim Byrne, Roberta Caddell, Christine Cain, Marsha Calvert, Harold Carr, Karen Carr. Nancy Carter, Susan Charlock, David Clark, Dennis Clark, Thomas Clark, Sheila Clay, Susan Coe, Penny Cochran, Mike Cohee, Bernard Coleman. Cheryl Coller, Norris Collier, Susan Col- lins, Randall Collins, James Combs, Bev- erly Condra, Gary Conway, John Cordell, Lewis Corey, Paul Corley. Roger Cornelius, Hughie Cornn, Wanda Cotner, Elaine Covert, James Cowherd, Kathy Cramer, Donna Cranen. Vicki Cren- shaw. James Crews, Terry Criss. Frank Crass, Gary Crowe, Lavonda Cullison. Darlene Dalton, Donna Dan forth. Linda Daniel, Patricia Danner, Cher Davis, Ramona Davis, David Dean. Kenneth Dean, Joan DeBoo, Rebecca Derre, William Deeter, Bonnie Derington. Bob Derain, Paula Dicki nson, Gary Dixon, Terry Doan, DaleDobbs. Freshmen Develop School Spirit And Kandi Doll, Michelle Dose, Kerry Doughty, Michael Duncan, James Durham, Jackie Dych, Dan East, Joe Easterday, Bonnie Eaton, Joe Eaton. Marlene Eaton, Christine Eden, David Edwards, Richard Egan, Joanne Eha, Donna Elfers, Robert Elliott, Tracy Ellis, Eliza- beth Elsey, Steve Ehrgott. Jim Ervin, Charlotte Esteb, Randy Evans, Kenneth Evans, Michael Falk, Louise Far- mer. Bernie Fendley, Rick Finn, Wanda Flora, Terry Flynn. Patti Foley, Maria Fonseca, Chris Forrost, John Foster, Brenda Fox, Teri Fox, Kyle France, Perry Frey, Larry Gambill, Monte Gardner. Sandy Garrett, Patti Gause, Jeanette Ger- zon, Charmayne Gillespie, Susan Godby, Pam Goldsberry, Isabel Gonzolez, Joseph Gootee, Byron Gott, Karen Grace. Larry Grandison, Jeff Gray, Berry Green, Claudette Greene, Diann Grim, Beverly Gross, Sherry Grove, Cathy G ' Sell, David Hagy, Bobb i Hall. sS- Danny Hammer, Sandra Hampton, Debby Handlon, Barbara Hanneman, John Hardy, Paggy Hardy, Diana Harlan, Gary Harlow, Jim Harold, Steve Harrington. Ernie Harsin, Debbie Hartle, David Hartley, Bob Harton, Susie Hatfield, Brad Haugh, Pam Hawkins, Pete Hayes, Denny Haygood, Carol Henderson. Roxanne Hicks, Mark Hidinger, Janice High, Michael Hill, Philip Hill, David Hillenburg, Pamela Hilligoss, Amelia Hodge, James Holmes, Kevin Honaker. Katherine Hopkins, Kevin Houppert, Alinda Houston, Richard Huddleston, Kenneth Humphrey, Joyce Hutchinson, Jerry Hutto, Janet Hutton, Sherry Inman, Ivan Irons. Debbie Jackson, Jill Jackson, Anne Jacobi, Mary Jensen, Ann Jeffries, Steve Jewell, Donna Johnson, Leslie Johnson, JoAnn Jones, Ron Joseph. Victoria Keetay, Steve Kelshaw, Daniel Kerkhoff, Karl Kerkhofl, Tom Kerr, Michael Kinney, Richard Kingsbury, Lylene Kirk- wood, Brent Klein, Debbie Knoop. Pride From Their First Day As Howeites Oavid Knoy. Bob Koschka, Pete Kostarides, Robin Kraeszig. Ralph Kubiak, Richard Kutche, Margaret Ladd, Marjorie Ladd, Whitney Lake. Andrea Lamb. Kenneth Lane, Jimmy Lane, Beth Lankford. Betty Lanman, Garry Larison. Janice Laugh- lin, Pam Launer, Paula Launer, Leslie Lea- mon, Jeff Lee. Joe Lee, Phyllis Lee, Lois Lelninger, Joyce Lesnet, Janice Likens, Guenter Linde, Susan Lobdell, Danny Long, John Loomis, Donna Lott. Mike Louden. Kurt Loy, Larry Loy, Debbie Lucas, Nancy Ludwick, Rocinda Luke, Robert Lynch. John Lyons. Barbara Madinger, Mary Handrail. Dan Maners. Patty Marendt. Janice Martin. Marcia Matheis. Steven Mathis. Jams Maud- lin, Carol Maxfield. Larry May. Elizabeth McClure, Kathy McCotter. Beverlee McCoy. Wilma McCullah. Joe McCulley, Kevin McGovern. Janice Mcin- tosh, Teresa McLaughlin, Angela McLeod, Patricia McMillan. Roger McNeill, Julie McNew. i i k 14 fill 3 IE Tim McPherson, Pamela McPherson. Ted McQuade. Linda McQueen. Rebecca Mc- Williams, Ronald Meadows, Cheryl Mee. Dwight Meyer, Eric Miller. Loudene Miller. Sharon Miller. Dennis Mm ton. JoAnne Mitchell, Darylln Mittendorf, Bill Monroe. Jell Moore, Janet Morand, Jackie Morgan, Steve Morgan, Beth Morris. Debbie Morrow, George Morris, Michelle Mosley. Waiting for classmates participating in the annual GAA volleyball tournament, these freshmen watch the competition. Studying And Participating In School KTM Qi m J!|l - ' ft A-. yL . Doreen Mowrey, Linda Mowrey, Dawn Moxey, Mary Munden, James Murphy, Jodi Murphy, Mike Neal, Steven Neal, Dana Neely, Ella Jack Nelson, Roger Nelson, Janet Neu- meister. Sheila Nicholson, Vickie Nichol- son, Vicky Sue Nicholson, Bill Nickens, Jack Nickleson, Patricia Nickolaus, Edward Noel. Keith Noland, Alice Noxon, Charletta OHar- ra, Marcia Olivier, Parti O ' Neal, Debra Oney, Suzanne Ohmit, Kathy Orr, Penny Over- street, James Owensby. Eddy Ozborn, Liliana Quinones, James Pea- cock, Judy Ploughe, Laura Pence, Lissa Perdue, Linda Perdue, Barbara Pash, Donald Pastrick, Grant Parker. Michael Pattison, Steve Peters, John Petty, Ralph Piercy, Linda Piers, Michael Pierson, David Piland, Suzanne Pinkman, Neil Pin- ney, Patty Plowman. Harry Poling, Charlie Pollard, Anita Powers, Daniel Poynter, Sherrie Price, Cornelia Preuss, Diarje Prieshofl, Virginia Pryor, Pat Purcell, Robert Pyland. Kathy Ragland, Robert Rainbolt, Terry Reash, Steve Reed, William Reed, Craig Reinhardt, Judy Reinken, Roberta Repphan, Dennis Reynolds, Anna Rhudy. Dan Richardson, Cynthia Rider, Angela Riggs, Martin Riley, Myron Riley, Judith Rippeth, Michael Roark, Carol Robards, Patty Robards, Kim Robertson. Eric Robinson, Beth Robling, Donald Rogers, David Rogers, Mark Rogers, John Rosebrock, Terry Roth, Carla Royster, Mark Rush, Mark Russell. Bill Rutan, Pamela Rutter, Theresa Sadowicz, Chris Salter, Eric Shiefer, Mike Schlenz, Steve Schmidlin, Beverly Schroer- ing, Becky Scott, Gary Scott. Jack Scott, Janice Scott, Phil Scott, Theresa Scott, Gaylene Seeman, Rebecca Sehr, Nicholas Sgro. Gary Shake, Craig Shaker, Tom Shanklin. Deborah Shim II. Donald Shockney, Paul Short, Rebecca Shrine, David Shook, Dennis Shrum, Mike Simmons, Linda Simpson, Anita Skees, Sheila Smalling. Projects Keep Most Freshmen Busy Deborah Smith, Gerald Smith. Gerald Mm IZ3 Smith. Ida Smith. Janet Smith. Kandy B J wt Smith, Mark Smith. Nancy Smith. Violet Wi.J v Smith, Patty Snider. i 1.1 Paula Sommers, Terry Sorrell. Mike ftS i P% Spears. Teresa Spears. Mary Spegal. 11 I " Herbert Sprankle. Michael Sprinkle, Rita 4z HJ Squires. Frank Stafford. Patsy Stancombe. ▼ m I f.i; »is.?jf!f Kathy Stapp, Linda Steflen, Gregg Strinke, Susan StephanoH, Jane Stephenson. Mark Stiles. Cynthia Strahle. Kenneth Stanley. Marie Stickle. Lewis Storm. Paul Storm. Billy Striby. Tom Striby, Kathy Struck. Kristi Stuart. Deborah Stuck. Donald Sulgrove. Mary Ellen Sullivan. Larry Swan. Bobby Taylor. Delbert Taylor. Annette Tepner. Charles Terrill, Tommy Terry. James Tharp. Marcia Thomas. Paul Thomas, Mike Thompson, Pamela Thompson, Richard Thompson. Leonard Thornburg, Dan Throckmorton, Michael Throckmorton. Ralph Timm. Talta Toms. Bill Totten. Cynthia Troha. Charles Thompson. Martha Trueblood. Jim Turner. Roger Umbarger. David Utigard. Kathy Vale. Barbara VanHooser, Gary VanHorn. Peter VanMaaren. Leaha Verhines. Jefl Veteto. Ricky Wagoner. Cheryl Walker. Thomas Walker. Rex Walkup. Keith Walls, Gary Walters. Steve Walton. Steve Warfield. Debbie Warner. Diana Watson. Dennis Weaver, Randy Webb. David Weintraut, Dennis West, Nathan West, Jack Wheatley. Dennis White. Gregory White. Peggy White, Mary Whited, Steve Whitlock, John Whobrey. Don Wildrick. Bob Wilkerson. Mark Willey. Arlene Williams. Teresa Williamson. Ralph Wilson. Margaret Wilson. Michelle Wilson. Philip Wilson. Becky Windsor. Rhonda Withem. Michael Wix. Paul Woer- ner. David Wolfe. Lisa Wood. Dennis Wootan. Debbie Worley. Anne Wranther. Steve Wright. Debbie Wynn. Janice Wynn, Rickey Wysong. Ronnie Yager, Rebecca Yocum. Judy Zander, John Zeilinga, Kathleen Zelenak, Gary Zilson. Dan Zim- David Zimmerman mm§mz :lk 5 £ Y U Sophomores Penny Scott and Margaret Martin stop in the lan- guage lab for a brief social encounter before school begins. Practicing to increase their speed and efficiency are typing stu- dents Janet Murphy and Cindy Chambers. Sophs Demonstrate Leadership Ability Underclassmen Greg Mansfield and Pamela Saba enjoy a few minutes of conversation before the 8:10 a.m. warning bell. Enjoying some spare time backstage are stage crew members Karen Phelps, Jeannie Day, and Miss Rhoda Kittelsen. Sophomores do not spend their entire year col- lecting insects and leaves. They also enjoy the many activities open to them that were not avail- able during their freshman year. Vivacious sopho- mores were chosen Football Homecoming Queen and Hornet mascot, while other sophomores were chosen for the Quiz Team and the Drill Team. Many are also active in literary organizations, and tal- ented students participate in music groups. Soph- omores also competed in athletics and were out- standing on both varsity and reserve squads. Sophs Wish For Upperclassman Status Jim Adams. Rob Albright. Susan Aldrich, Landa Alexander. Mike Allee, Duane Allen. Nellie Allseitz. Rex Anderson. Debbie Archer, Steve Armour. Gary Armstrong, Darrell Arthur, Sammie Back, Charles Bagby. Roger Bailey. Frank Baker, Linda Baker. Paula Baker. Shirley Baker, Doug Balfour. Richard Balsbaugh. Janice Bandy, Patti Bandy, Toni Barnes, John Barnett, Rex Barrett. Daniel Barton. Charlene Bass, David Baugh, Bonnie Bayne. Sandra Bechold, William Beck. Pamela Beckham, Peggy Becklehimer, Jeff Beeler, Patricia Beem, Bethany Berger, Johan Ber- nard. Dale Bewley, Kathryn Beyer. Carol Black. Deborah Blackmon. Roger Blake. Steve Boger. Barbara Bone. Curt Boram, Kenneth Borneman. Becky Bou- cher. Barbara Bowen. Joyce Bowman. Tom Boyd, Mary Bradley, Debbie Brake, Teresa Brammann. Steve Bratton, Richard Breedlove, Helen Bretzlaff, Kenneth Bhtt, Ralph Brooks. Carol Brown. Darryl Brown, Terry Brown, Marsha Brown- ing, Ken Bruce. Barry Brunei-. Roseanna Burtnett, Steve Burton, Alma Cade. Steve Cala. Pat Callaway. Danny Campbell, Elbert Cardwell, Lynne Carr, Bill Carson, Mike Carter. Debbie Cassidy. Rhonda Cazula. Darryl Chadwick, Carolyn Chancellor, Dennis Chapman. Laina Chapman, Shirley Cherry, Syndie Cherry, Carol Christ, Steve Christenberry, Alice Clark, Dan Clark, Marcus Clark, Marsha Clark, Bill Clemens. Nancy Cline. William Cline, Becky Cling- erman, Vickie Cobb, Cindy Cochran, Karen Cody, Phil Coffin, William Coflman, Betty Cole, Elizabeth Cole. Linda Collier. Barton Combs, Ralph Coonce, George Cooper, Phyllis Cornelius, Danny Cornette, Jay Cotterman, Ronald Couch, Beth Coughlen, Janet Cowgill. Joyce Cox, Susan Cox. Patty Craft. Don Crecelius. Diane Crenshaw. Terri Cross, Michael Crowe, Gary Dalton. Christine Danforth, John Danner. MVW SMW£T 1» W1J ZZ£ ££ Popular Sophomores Are Chosen King ' IMS ! 1 P5. : f " r T • ■ JHfc. T 7 111 smz rum, a.. 4k v , h. ■MI H f- - ' HB B ■H ■HBMHH mmhohh nMnm MH I Jim Dawson. Larry Dawson, Rick Dawson, Denise Day, Stan Day, Randy Deane, Kathy DeBoo, Nancy DeFur, Tom DeLay, James Demaster. Susan Denny, Ralph Dick. Kathleen DMIard, Leea DMIard, Mary Dillon, Miki Dobbs, Bruce Dobson, Tim Dowling, John Downey, James Downing. Rosalyn Droke, Steve Duhamell, Brenda Duncan, Edgar Duncan, David Dunn, Janet Dunn, Denise Durham, Ray Dustin, John Easley, John Easterday. Donald Eastridge, Joyce Edwards, Rick Ehrgott, Gary Ellis, Robin Endsley, Jauna Ervin, Carolyn Eshelman, Gary Evans, Karen Evans, Pamela Evans. Tom Evans, Debbie Fangmeier, Michael Farmer, Robert Farmer, Walter Farmer, Judy Farrell, Maria Faryna, Robert Fawver, Marsha Feldhake, Joyce Flechsig. Bill Fleener, Katherine Flodder, Don Foster, Phil Freeh, Robert Fredrick, Debbie Freeman, Frank French, Sally Frick, Kathy Frisbie, Judy Fritsch. Thomas Fritsch, Patty Fuehrer, Michael Fuller, Perry Gann, Carol Gardner. Kathy Garrett, Rick Garsnett, Daniel Gearin, Denise Gearns, Douglas Gofl. John Golden, Homero Gonzalez, Doug Graham, Martha Graves, Vickie Graves, Thomas Gray, Laura Green, Patty Green, Chris Greer, John Greese. Ruth Grever, Bonnita Grimes, John Grissom, LaVonne Guess, Mary Gustin, Vicki Guyne, Sheila Gwin, Matt Hagan, Bob Hagy, Barbara Hahn. Dave Hall, Robert Hallett, Judy Hammer, Ralph Hampton, Patty Hancock, Kathy Hanes, Kimberli Han kins. Rick Hanson, Mary Hardman, Nesa Harold. Terri Harper, Patty Hanrahan, Pam Harrell, Toni Harrigan, Donna Harris, Peggy Harris, Roxanne Harris, Margaret Harrison, Vickie Hatfield, Danny Hartill. Richard Hartlage, David Hashman, Phyll Haymaker, Dave Hauser, Denise Hayes, James Hayes, Wilma Hedge, Becky Hedrick, Steve Heflernan, Vicki Heitzman. And Queen By Selective Student Body Sandy Henderson, Kathy Henry. Chris Henshaw, Brenda Herron. Carol Higginbot- ham, Gail Hllyard, Garry Hodge. Janet Hirt, Brian Hoke. Patricia Holland. Judy Hollenbaugh. Lester Hollon. Horst Holstein. Steve Hoover. Judy Horn. John Horner, Joanne Hoskins. Brian Houppert, Barbara Hoyt, Gary Hubbard. Helen Hudson, Katrina Hughes, Patrick Hull, Steve Hull, Brenda Humphrey. Sandy Hunt, Randy Hutchinson, Janet Hyfield, Charles Jackman, Robey James. Kathy Jeflers, Vernon Jeffries. Fred Jenkins. Bob Jennings. Sandra Jent. Steve Johns. Bonnie Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Rick Johnson, Oebby Jones. Donna Jones. Dottie Jones. Terri Jump. Simone Kadel. William Kahl, Kathy Kalias. Jacqueline Keagy, Beverly Keil. Terri Kertes. Randall Kidd. Mary Kiemeyer. Bob King, Brenda King, Eileen King, Pam Kladden. Marsha Knight. Don Koss, Angelo Kostarides, Hans Krae- mer, Robert Kramer. f ik MM ®£ ± I E£ Elaine Kretheotis, Lorraine Kunkler. Mar- garet Lafley, Daniel LaFollette. Susan LaFollette. Sally Lake. Ellen Lamb. Ruth Lamberg. Charles Landon. Robert Lanman. Don Laswell. Mary Lau, Mike Lawrence, Steve Lawrence. Eilene Layman. Jon Ledgerwood, Bonnie Lee, Marcia Lee, Martin Lee, Randy Lee. Jo Ellen Legg, Charlene Lemons. Tim Lepper, Yvonne Lequire, Everett Lewis. John Licking. Stephanie Liddle. John Lick- ing. Parol Lingenfelter, Patty Liscomb. Squad leaders originate choreography for Girls ' Drill Team routines. Formaldehyde Fumes £gep t$ p) £ sat 1 d rr Michael List, Ralph Litz, Nicholas Long. Roxanna Long, Jerry Lovelady, Bob Lowe. Dave Loyd, Becky Lucid, Dave Lutz. Brenda Lynette, Judy Lytle, Bob MaBerry. Jeannie Maddrill, Wanda Magness, Mark Sharon Malberg, Gayle Maloney, Donna Manley, John Mansfield, Tom Marendt, Debbie Marsh, Daniel Marshall, Bob Mar- tin, Dave Martin, Margaret Martin. Jack Manning, Ken Massey, Debbie Maudlin, Diana Maudlin, Norman McClain, Becky McClary, Steve McCormick, Penny Mc Creary, Sharon McDaniel, James McGauhey. Judson McGrody, Greg McGuffey, Debbie McKay, Duane McLerrand, Dan McNew, Mark McQueen, Charles Meadows, Ralph Merkle, Steve Messer, Tom Milburn. Theresa Miles, Danny Milhon, Bruce Mil- ler, Roger Miller, Robert Mindach, Mike Mitchell, Steve Money, Deborah Montani, Larry Moody, Owen Moody. Michael Moore, Nathan Moore, Virginia Moore, John Moran, Melanie Morgan, Rich- ard Morris, Rita Morris, Ed Morrow, Linda Morton, Randall Mosher, Terry Murphy. Robert Myers, Tom Myers, Margaret Neal, Randy Nesbit, Mary Neumeister, Gorman New, Susan Nichols, Paul Niemann, Kevin Noland, Patrick O ' Harra. Charles Osborn, Linda Overstreet, Ron Orr, Denise Page, Carla Palmer, John Parker, Jeff Paulson, Cinda Payne, Linda Payne, Sandy Payne. Keep Sophomores ' Eyes, Noses Burning Donna Peak, Mark Peek, David Pence. Susan Perkins, William Perry. Randy Per- sonett. Mary Peterson, Susan Petzl, Kathy Phelps. Milan Phillabaum. Sharon Pierce. Robert Pollard, Annabelle Pollock, Thomas Pollom. Thomas Polston, Laurel Pope, Jim Powel, Jana Prttz, Karen Quinn. Donna Raasch. Deborah Radford, Tony Ragonesi, Concetta Raimondi. Gary Rash, Laura Reasoner, Craig Reed, Donna Reiteis, Susan Reilly. Betty Rennard, Tammra Rhodes. Riggs. David Riddle, Mike Rider. Mary Ring. Roxanne Roberts. Sally Robinson. Terri Rodman. Judy Rogers. Brad Romeril, Michael Ross, Terry Rowlett. Paul Rugenstein. James Sanders, Mike Sanders, Kathleen Scanlon, Larry Schar- brough. Rita Schilling. Penny Scott. Tim Scott. Leonard Seeman, Drewel Selig. Linda Shafer. Stephen Shawve Judy Shemwell. John Shurts. Harold Sir mons. Nancy Skaggs, Nina Smilko. £ EgE SFft Dana Smith. Debbie Smith, Frances Smith. Gerald Smith. Herbert Smith. Joanne Smith. Linda Smith. Marsha Smith. Steven Smith. Timothy Smith- Timothy Smith, Raymond Smith. William Smoot, David Snell. Donna Snider. John Snider. Patty Snider. Joseph Snodgrass. Charmi Snyder, Lucindy Snyder. Rick Snyder. Byron Spice. William StaHord. Rose Stanbrough. Lois Stanley. Patty Statzell, Bob Steele. Kevin Steele, Daniel Steen, Michael Steenbergen. Carolyn Stevens, Tom Stevens. Leclarice Stinson, Gladys Stitt. John Stonebraker. William Storie. Kenneth Stroud, Christine Struck. Martha Struck. Cynthia Stuckey William Sturm. Tom Summit. Carolyn Taylor. Dan Taylor, Larry Taylor. Roger Tepner, Deborah Tharp. Rex Thomas, Sherry Thomas. Lon Thompson. Marjorie Thomspon, Michael Thompson. Jana Throckmorton. Paul Toms. Beverly Trinkle. Lucinda Turtle. Kay Unsworth. Janice Vawter. Becki Vermillion, Vicki Vermillion. Vocational Themes Perplex Sophs MLZ , Dissecting a worm is something every sophomore must endure. Helen Hudson and Craig Reed gingerly handle their specimen. Beverly Walker. Janice Wall, Verna Wall. Dennis Walston, Beth Walters, Jennifer Ward, Jerry Ward, Larry Warner, Cela War- ren, Roger Warthen. Arleen Weaver, Rodney Weintraut, Pat Welch, Melanin Wells, Debbie White, Walter White. Louise Whitehurst. Larry Whitmore, Mike Wieneke. Don Wiley. Sue Wilkerson. Diane Williams. Mary Wil Ray Williams, Mary Wilson, Randy Wilson. Gary Winko, Bruce Wishart, Lotus Wish- Rita Witt, Dale Wolven, Becky Wood. Dick Wood, Deanne Woodson, Mike Wray. Henry Wren. Darlene Yager, Pam Yount. Jane Zander, Karen Zilson, Steve Zylstra. Members of Mr. Sam Kelley ' s physical education class enjoy build- ing pyramids during one activity unit. Juniors Look Ahead To Senior Year Having finally experienced the feeling of being upperclassmen, this year ' s junior class was one of the busiest and biggest ever. Numbering 558, the juniors found time for participating in the PRV, planning a memory-filled prom, and studying hard. Two typical junior courses which required extra study were Chemistry and U.S. History. Being sports minded, the class of ' 69 showed much athletic promise. Many junior boys were out- standing players on the varsity, as well as reserve football and basketball teams. Howe looks forward to seeing them in action again next year. These juniors seem enraptured with a history lecture concerning Civil War issues. Sophomores Betty Rennard and Joe Snodgrass enjoy the first social event of the season, the annual Brown and Gold. Student directors of the senior play, Junior Kathi Hancock and sophomore Laura Reasoner. observe and prompt cast members. New Upperclassmen Exhibit Interest Karen Abbott, Mary Abbott, Jeanie Adams, Mike Adams. Kay Adwell, James Aldrich, Danny Alexander, James Alender, Julie Alexander, Randy Allen. Joella Allgood. David Amburn, Tom Amos, Jerry Anderson, Jesse Anderson, Paul Archer, Paul Askins, Terry Atherton, Mary Bailey. Mike Bair. Cheryl Baker, John Baker, Gary Barnard, Paula Barnes, Phil Baumgardt, Barbara Bayne, Hollis Becker, Jody Becklehimer, Sally Beechler, Patty Beitz. Jim Bennett, Mary Ann Berger, Susan Berger, Dorothea Bernard, Jeff Bertram, Jerald Bertram, Phyllis Bhend, Larry Black, Judy Blackford, Lita Blair. Linda Bockweg, Karen Boekankamp, Alberta Boillat, Maribeth Bonn, Dave Booher, Tim Boosinger, Gary Boring, Bruce Bottom, Bonnie Botts, Perry Bourne. David Boyd, Joyce Boyd, Lynn Boyd, Beverly Bradburn, Cathleen Bradburn, Paula Branaman, Robert Breidenbach, Sharon Brinson, Don Britton, Sherry Brock. M Pr..., @[M ] Ann Bromstrup, Keith Brooks, Sharon Brown, Joe Brown, William Brown, Nancy Bruner, David Brydon, Joe Burchett, Larry Burger, Sandra Burgess. Jane Bushong, Nina Butcher, Janice But- rum, Stephen Button, Alan Cain, Debby Calvert, Connie Canada, Brenda Cantrell, Kevin Carter, Preston Carter. Diane Cary, Steve Chadwick, Cynthia Cham- bers, Paul Chancellor, Lynda Chapman, Linda Christenberry, Katherine Clark, Marian Clark, Linda Clay, Mark Clemens. Frank Clifton, Ann Cline, Elizabeth Cobb, Pamela Cobb, Patricia Coffey, Mark Cole, Bob Coleman, Dan Collins, William Combs. Michael Con Carol Constant, Brenda Cook, John Cox, Gene Coyle, Meredith Craig, Debra Craney, Mike Criss, Joan Cross, Robin Cross, Shelly Csiky. Brenda Cunningham, Ronald Dalfon, Carolyn Daniel, Jim Daughterly, David Davidson, Elaine Davis, Susan Davis, Paula Dawson, Jeanine Day, Wanda Day. Abilities And Enjoy Responsibilities Christy DeArmond, Janice DeCoito. Linde Deene, Darrell DeLury, Lee Anne Denham. Kathleen Denny. Debby Derington, Ron Die- ter. Diana Dininger. Barbara Dirks. William Dixon, Deborah Doane. Sandy Dobbs. Michael Dobrota, Thomas Dodd, Byron Dougherty. Glenn Driver, Patrick Dugan. Marilyn Duhamell. Patti Dulin. David Duncan. Ruth Duncan. Chris Dwire. Bob Dych. Doug Dye. Steve Dyer, Larry Early, Michael Eaton. Jeanie Eckert, Dave Edens. Judy Eggers. Sam Ellis. Gary Elsey. Glenda Esteb, Harold Evans, Patricia Evans, Thomas Evans. Wayne Evans, Becky Faith. Jane Farmer. Pamela Feerer, Kathie Ferguson. Susan Fernandes. Dennis Findlay, Fred Field, Bruce Finke. Marsha Fitzpatrick, Kenny Flynn, Jack Fogleman, Barry Ford. John Ford, Melanie Ford, Mike Fotiades, Jessica Fougerousse, Nancy Freeh, Mary Jane Freeland, Mona French, Vicki Frey. Diane Gambill, Dale Garlinghouse. ivTtSJ u3£fr£ Billie Garrison, Monica Geelhoed. Mona Gentry, Joe Gibson, Patsy Glover. Michelle GluB, Louise Goens, Beverly Gofl. Judith Gort, Cynthia Gray. Assistant drum major, junior. Gary Hill, helps conduct the Howe High School band at one of the many football half-time shows this fall. Gary also rep- resen ts his home room in the Student Council. Important To Juniors Are PSAT ' - " %.; lk w Uliirkkk. Greg Graham, Chester Grandison, Ken Grant, Beverly Graves, Duane Gray, Jennie Gray, Gail Greer, Michael Gregory, Bob Griffin, Mary Griffo. Harry Gustin, Melanie Hack, Paul Hacker, Gil Hailey, Teresa Hall, Thomas Hamill, Kathi Hancock, David Hankins, Richard Hanley, Veronika Hannemann. Larry Hanson, Charlotte Hardin, John Hark- ness, John Harris, Charles Harsin, Pam Har- sin, Daniel Hartley, Beth Hartl, Phyllis Hawkins, Steven Heady. Douglas Hege, Terry Henson, Emily Herms- dorfer. Michael Hilbert, Gary Hill, Ava Hobbs, John Hogue, William Holman, Cheryl Holsomback, Robert Hope. Sharon Horn, Sharon Horsley, Peggy Houc- hins, Pallas Houser, Malcolm Howell, Kim Hughes, Mike H ull, Robert Humphrey, William Hunter, Marilyn Hurt. Bill Irons, Kathy Jackson, Mary Jenkins, Sally Jensen, Connie Johnson, Linda Johnson, Pat Johnson, Bobbie Jones, Deborah Jones, Donald Jones. Glenn Jones, Patric : a Jones, Raymond Jones, Ruth Jones, Roland Justice, Charles Kahl, Marsha Keagy, Linda Kellams, Patrick Kelley, Dennis Kent. Nancy Keppler, Brent Kern, Kent Kem, John King, Richard King, Diane Kingery, John Kinley, Corky Kinney, Michael Kinney, Debra Kirk. Cathy Kirlin, Steve Knoy, John Koss, Karia Kraeszig, George Kutche, Gus Kutche, Elissa Lackey, James Lacy, Claire Lair, Terry Lakin. Gerald Lamb, Randy Lamb, Ron Lamb, Cynthia Larson, Gregory Law, Bill Lawrence, Karen Lawson, Steve Layman, Raymond Leach, Pam Legg. Becky Lepper, Steve Liscomb, William Long, Rick Loy, Jerry Lucas, Karen Lucas, Linda Mabry, Ralph Mackey, Mark Mahler, Gregory Mansfield. Judy Mansfield, Cindy Marendt, Gary Mar- shall, Carolyn Martin, Dave Martin, Dale Mathias, Dennis Maxberry, Marilyn Mc- Artor, Robert McArtor, Carol McClure. Scores And Tap Day As College Nears Oarlene McCture. Lavina McClure, Sandra McCord, Cynthia McCormick, Nancy Mc- Cormick, Susan McCormick, Beverly Mc- Daniel, Linda McDougal. Laymon Mc- Gauhey, Brian McGovern. Kathy McGuire, Nancy McGuire, John Mc- intosh, Becky McKay, Becky McKim, Pam McKim, Diana McLeish. Dennis McPhersen, Greg Meade, Steve Meadows. Kathy Mealey, Bob Medearis, Richard Meek, Bob Melling, James Merryman, Dane Meyer, Douglas Meyer, Mark Mikolon, Edwin Miller, Larry Miller. Mark Miller, John Mindach, Janet Monroe, Jerri Moody. Rita Moon. Cathy Moore, Gary Moore, Jim Moore, Bette Morgan, Jeanette Morgan. Randy Morgan, Rebecca Morris. Jim Mount. Janet Murphy, Ramona Murphy, Lillian Napier, Robert Neal, Jerry Nelson. Bruce Newton, Michael Nickolaus. Sam Nikou, Kenneth Noe. Karen Oberlres. Linda Oberting. Don O ' Brien, Ka thleen Ohmit. Carilyn Oliver, Helen O ' Neal. Gary Osborn, Lesley Ott. z WM Throughout each school day the bookstore is open for students to Vera Schmitz. bookstore manager, assists these underclassmen as purchase everything from Geometry books to pencil erasers. Mrs. they wait patiently to buy needed supplies. Involved Juniors Remain Busy Linda Ott, Ruth Ann Overstreet, Leslye Owen, James Owens, Sonyia Paddock, Karla Pannell, James Parker, Margaret Pash, Kathy Patrick. Danny Pearson. Jim Pearson, Janice Peasley, Theresa Peau, Cathy Pedrey, Christopher Pence, Regenia Pence, Bert Perez, Julia Perry, Joe Peterson, Karen Petri. Larry Petro, Charles Pettee, Karen Phelps, Shirley Phillips, Kenneth Pickard, Linda Pickens, Judy Poling, Richard Pomeroy, Harold Potter, Nikki Powell. Teresa Poynter, David Presti, Gesine Preuss, Richard Price, Pam Priest, Cathy Privett, Rose Prosser, Juana Quinones, Sharon Radford, Josie Raimondi. Mike Rains, Ralph Ramirez, Barbara Ras- coe, David Ratekin, Owen Ratliff, Ronnie Ratlifl, Marcia Reasoner. Bethel Reed, Jay Reeve, Steve Reilly. Sally Richardson, Mike Riedl, Ann Riewer, Andrew Riggs, Anthony Rinier, Mack Rob- bins, Rita Robbins, Jeanette Roberts, Karen Romeril, Carole Ross. Lance Roth, Charles Rowell, Nancy Rutter, Pam Saba, Diana Sachs, Aneena Salter, Kerry Sanford, Tom Sarfaty, Chuck Schar- brough, Diane Schaub. Adding spirit to home basket- ball and football games are members of the Booster Club. They meet bi-weekly in room 69 with the varsity and re- serve cheerleaders and pep band to learn the new yells. With Extra-curricular Activities Lynne Schiefer. Bob Schlenz. Greg Schmidt, Clara Schultheis, Kent Scott, Zoe Seel, Patricia Self. Charlene Sgro, Martha Shank- lin, Kathy Shaw. Howard Sheets, Linda Sheetz. Paul Shelton, Ann Shepherd, Gary Shirley, Diane Shockley. Wendall Short, Roberta Skelton. Kurt Shrum, Rhinda Skirvin, Sue Slayton. Douglas Slus ling. Bill Smith, Carl Smith. Dave Smith, Dav Smith. Linda Smith. Shirley Smith, Susan Smith. Norma Smutz. Robert Snider, Michael Spalding, Bryan Spear. Judy Speer, Deborah Speziale, Ronald Spice. Linda Spicer. Charmaine Stafford, Alexandra Stalas. Myr.i Stanley, Johnny Stapp. Donna Stat Mil, Jami Steele. Randy Steenbergen, Mark Stephens. Randy Stine. Jerry Stock- dale. Susan Strahle, Frank Striby. Marcia Stroud Bill Taflinger, Michael Tarver. Leota Tex Sue Thiesing, David Thomas. Gary Thomas Valerie Thomas. Vlfir Joseph Thompson. Patty Thompson. Gary Throckmorton. Juna Tolliver, Donna Tourney, Carol Trinkle. David Tritch, Danny Umbarger. Kathryn Vanbuskirk. Jane Van Horn. Frances Van Maaren. Darfene Vanus. Sharon Vaughn. Theresa Verhines, Patti Walker. Steve Walker. William Walker. Clara Walkup. Cheryl Wallace. Edward Wall. Melinda Ward, Patrick Ward. Robert Ward, William Ward. Cynthia Ware, Robert War- ner, Brenda Warren, Ed Warriner. Kathy Washburn. Mark Watkins. Dennis Wayman. Gay Weaver, Charles Welcher. Bob Westbrook. Debra West, Marcia West, Teila West. Anna Wheatley. Greg Whitaker. Donna White. Elaine White. Jim White. Sheryl Whitridge. Cheryl Wieneke. Carol Williams. Devera Williams. Peggy Williams. Mark Williamson. Dave Wilson. Lonnie Woodrum. Deanne Woodson. Chris Worrell. Darrell Wright, Andy Wysong, Pam Yager. Larry Tarnell, James Young, Barbara Yount. iL p VL k ,kf£ii£l %top£bcldk£ik4m Long-Awaited Commencement Opens Paths To Future Well Aware Of Their Obligations Varied activities, as well as scholastic achieve- ment, are the important factors of the senior year. Traditional projects which include the Winter Par- ty, the Senior Play, and other Senior Week activities in the spring constitute a calendar of events that begin with the Junior Prom and end with the long- awaited Senior Prom held at the Indiana Roof. Students who receive honors and awards bring recognition to themselves as well as to the class as a whole. Winners of the National Merit Scholar- ship Program, the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, the National Honor Society Scholarship Program, the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomor- row program, and the Kiwanis honor major awards set high academic standards. Appointments to military academies, and scholarship grants to col- leges and universities also reward seniors for aca- demic achievements. Donna Streeval and Paula Hancock string long chains of pop- corn as decorations for the senior Christmas tree. Preparation for commencement begins for senior Danny Cala as he is measured for his cap and gown. Jonathan List, 1968 National Merit Semifinalist, is awarded his certificate by Mr. Frank Tout, vice-principal. Seniors Energetically Seek Best Year 1967 JUNIOR PROM CANDIDATES: Queen Betty Anderson, escort Steve White. Bonnie Dentler. Greg Kamp, Karen Gold, King Steve Deane, Janet Runciman. Rick Schwier. Not pictured is Craig Sanders. Senior home room P.A. system proved to be an effective way to publicize the annual Senior Winter Party. Gary Brownlee and Sandra Evens, co-chairmen, urge all seniors to attend. SENIOR PLAY CAST MEMBERS: FRONT ROW- Marguerite Lash, Becky Cary, Paula Carmean, James Thorpe. SECOND ROW— Brad Eshelman, Barbara Shadiow. Vicki Bienz. Alvin Jenkins. David Liddle. Kent Smalley. Chosen and pres- ented by the Senior Class of 1968, " The Cu- rious Savage " was organized by faculty director Miss Rhoda Kittelsen and student production staffs. Proceeds from the play presented Jan- uary 27, 1968, were used to finance the Senior Prom. Senior Committees And Officers Mary Graves collects class dues from senior Mike Gibson so he may participate in the various senior activities. As seniors basked in the glory of being " the high- est class, " they had the important task before them of electing the members of the Senior Colors and Constitution Committees. Meeting during home room, the Colors Committee considered several combinations before selecting navy blue, light blue, and white to symbolize mem- ories, high ideals, and purity, respectively. Revising the Senior Class Constitution was the primary objective of the Constitution Committee. They met the first week of school, before the eight o ' clock bell rang, to alter the senior document to the needs of their class. Several vital changes were made by the ' 68 Committee, including a change in the class dues paid by each senior. Officers were later elected according to the provisions of the new Senior Constitution. SENIOR COLORS COMMITTEE: CLOCKWISE- Joyce King, Bonnie Dentler, Rick Schwier Steve McQueen, Noel Bewley, Donna Stephen son, Mary Graves. SENIOR CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE: FRONT ROW— Tim Parcel, Bonnie Dentler, Rick Schwier. SECOND ROW— Kathy Gray, Don Branham, Mary Ann Korbly. Not pictured is Tom Tedrowe. Renew Traditions And Perfect Ideals Among the many privileges granted to seniors is the right to elect class officers who preside over the year ' s activities. Through a series of eliminations, six students are elected to positions of leadership. Chosen to head the Class of ' 68 was President Greg Kamp. Mary Ann Korbly and Richard Schwier were elected to the offices of first and second vice- president, respectively. Seniors selected Jayne For- gey as secretary, and Gary Brownlee as treasurer. Bonnie Dentler served in the position of alumni secretary. Each officer spent at least one period daily in the senior office under the supervision of Counselor Mr. William Murray. Working with Senior Office secre- tary, Mrs. Mary Schwier, the officers planned the various senior activities and assisted in organizing alumni lists from previous years. GregG.Kamp Mary Ann Korbly Richard A. Schwier Jayne A. Forgey Gary S. Brownlee Bonnie L. Dentler Senior Snooper chairmen, Steve Henderson and Danny Cala, review wills and prophecies written by the senior class. Senior Janet Wolfe, assisted by officers Greg Kamp and Gary Brownlee. decides upon her name cards for announcements. Anticipation Of College And Careers Karen L. Ackerman Alicia G. Adwell Betsy H. Allender E. Rose Amolsch Betty F. Anderson Sherman L. Anderson Claire S. Arbogast Sally A. Arthur Linda K. Askins Jeffrey W. Ayers C. Nathan Babb Bonnie Barfield Randall J. Barnes Robert D. Barnes Karen L. Bedwell Pamela K. Bedwell Dennis W. Belter Noel T. Bewley Vicki L. Bienz Linda K. Bishop Robert L. Blackburn Alberta J. Blackwell Janet L. Blake Dennis E. Blankenship Creates Restless, But Hopeful Class Barbara J . Bodem Donna M. Bone Brenda L. Borders Duane L. Bottom Lavonne 1 3owling Lucetta A .Boyd Michael J . Boyd Danny L. Brackin Keith M. Bradley H. Donald Branham Laura L. Breedlove Joyce M. Brinson Allen S. Brown Janice M. Brown Jean Ann Buckels Marilyn Burger Rhonda Burley Karen S. Byrne Kenneth J. Cain Danny R. Cala Jacque S. Calvin Denise A. Canada Paula S. Carmean Rebecca L. Cary Senior Class Proudly Boasts Of Fifty Darrell R.Catron Dorothy L. Chambless Sherran S. Chamness Nancy C.Clark Vicky L.Clark Donald R.Clay Linda C. Coffin Shirley J. Colvin Cheri L. Conaughton Odettia N.Conrad Sharon L. Cook Joan Cooper R. Richard Cooper Barbara J. Corell Carole A. Cornelius Clifford R.Courtney Pamela J. Cowden R. Daniel Cowherd Steven M. Crane Mark A. Creighton Barbara A. Cunningham James D. Cunningham Nikki D.Curtis William R. Dalton Capable Hoosier Scholar Semifinalists Donna M. Davis Mary K. Davis Steven E. Davis Michael W. Dawson Betty L. Day Steve R. Deane John C. DeBoo Julia A. Deere Carla J. DeHaven Michael T. Dillion Christopher I. Dippel John W. Dobrota Shari L. Downey Karen L. Duke John R. Dunn Charles A. Dych Forrest K. Edens Bradford D. Eshelman Gerald D. Evans Sandra C. Evens James D. Farmer Cathy D. Fogleman John A. Ford Judy L. Ford Class Of ' 68 Wins Football City Michelle Ford Randall L. Ford Marta L. Forrest Martha Fougerousse Charlotte Franklin Connie M. French Sally L. Fry Pamela S. Fuehrer Thomas Fulford Victoria L. Fulford Alan L. Gambil Susie J. Garland Michael L. Garvey Michael W. Gibson Robert D. Gibson Carol A. Gilmour Susan Gividen Barbara A. Glenn Roger E. Glover Laura L. God by Diana F. Goddard Karen A. Gold Gordon J. Goodwin Roger A. Graham Title As Freshmen And Seniors Mary E. Graves Kathleen A. Gray Dave L. Gregory Dennis D. Grisham Sarah B. Gumerson DukeT. Hale Nancy A. Hall Paula K. Hancock Larry D. Hanlon Constance S. Harbison Thomas W. Harlow Vickie L. Harrell Daniel S. Harris Karen S. Hashman Fred R. Haver R. Guy Hawkins Patricia S. Heck Mary L. Heimsath Steven L. Henderson William F. Herdrich Patricia D. Hess Vicky E. Hicks Becky L. Hilgadiack Charlotte E. Hill " The Curious Savage, " Profitable Angela C. Hoeping Shelba J. Holland Jean A. Holmes William A. Hopkins Martha J. Horton Gilbert H. Hubbard John R. Hubbard Joseph Huerkamp Eva E. Husk Kenneth M. Hutchinson Frederick J. Imhausen Dennis M. Jackson Phyllis J. Jackson Richard L.Jacobs Marsha Jeffries Alvin Jenkins David W. Johnson Kathy S.Johnson Michael L. Johnson Charles W. Jones Jerry R. Jones Sheryl C. Joslin Margaret E. Keene Michael E. Kelley Senior Play, Is Enjoyed By Audience Kevin P. Kennedy Greg D. Kennelly Donnita K. King James G. King Joyce D. King Sandra L. Kinnee Susan L. Kinnee CarlaK. Klink Alan L. Koehring Edward W. Koschka Jill M. Kraeszig James B. Kramer Cynthia B. Kretheotis Jeffrey B. Kugle Carl F. Lagenaur Jeffrey M. Lake Margaret J. Lake Gerald F. Lamb Victoria J. Lamb Deborah J. Lane Marguerite S. Lash JaneC. Lau Deborah L. Launer Brenda M. Leach Senior Go-Getters Dance Continental, Frank D. Lemons David D. Lepper Martha L. Lewis John D. Lichtenberg David E. Liddle Jonathan E. List Byron R. Lowry Lawrence L. Lyon Nancy E. Mabee Dennis L. Marco Sue D. Marsh Gregory J. Martin J.Jeffrey Martin Gary S. Matthews Douglas R. Maudlin Janet S. Maupin John J. Mazenis Gregory D. McCallister Terry D. McCormick Dave L. McCullough Doris L. McCullough Theresa L. McNeill Raymond G. McQueen Steven A. McQueen Teabox, Bugaloo And Mean Shingaling Charles R. Mellmg Linda L. Melling Thomas R. Merriman Patrick W. Method Jacqueline Milburn Melmda S. Miller Sharon L. Miller Robert C. Monroe Brenda K. Moore Brucie J. Moore Holly A. Moore D amela A. Moore Beverly S. Morris Brenda K. Morris Sandra A. Mosley Karen A. Mowrey Daniel E. Murphy Sharyn A. Murphy Paul V. Myers Brenda J. Neikirk Pamela J. Nickens Carl J. Nielsen Pamela D. Norris Daniel Oney Ingenious And Inventive Are Costumes Judy L. Ozborn Connie L. Padden Timothy C. Parcel Steven J. Parsley David M. Paschal Craig D. Pedrey Linda M. Pence Karen S. Perryman Mike D. Phillabaum Richard H. Pigman William R. Piland Jody K. Plotner Nancy S. Poling Donna J. Poole Joyce L. Poole Charles E. Poos Mary A. Pope Nancy L. Prange Brenda C. Price Richard E. Price Linda J. Priest Jo Ann Quails April Rader Karen J. Rambaud For The Wild ' 68 Senior-Faculty Game William Reed Randy R. Riggs Linda L. Riley Deborah A. Rinehart Nelda L. Robbins James L. Robinson Gary Robling Alvin G. Rohrer Dorothy L. Rollins Karen L. Romanovich Alan D. Rosenberger Betty L. Roy Jack L. Royer Janet L. Runciman David K. Russell Jack K. Sander Craig E. Sanders Claralee D. Sauer Paula J. Scanland Cindy Schiefer Kathy A. Scott Barbara J. Shadiow Valeri L. Shawver Debbie L. Sherron Graduation Tassels, Lasting Memories Machalle J. Shipp Joseph S. Shockney Karen A. Showalter Anna M. Shrum Diana L. Shugert Michael L. Sims William J. Slater Kent R. Smalley Jon C.Smith Mark W.Smith Shirley A. Smith Mark R. Smoot Paul S. Snell Michael C. Soliday Michael K. Spaulding Shelia D. Spawn Linda K. Sprankle Paul B. Spurlock Karla R. Squires Deborah Stafford Catherine L. Stanford Gregory Steele Thomas W. Steffen Donna l. Stephenson Of Commencement For Every Senior dTitk iW Carolyn J. Stevenson Janet L. Stewart Frank L. St. John Mary L. Straith Miller Donna J. Streeval Kathleen L. Strouse Donna Struck Sandra E. Stuck MikeW. Swartz David L. Sweeney Dennis R. Tackett Thomas R. Tedrowe M. Kirk Teegarden Sharon G. Terry Llynn A. Tharpe Patricia L. Thayer John W. Thomas James H. Thorpe Charles N. Trotter David E. Tuttle Wallace R. Vaughn Rebecca J. Venne Cheryl D. Vickers Deborah L. Vincent Seniority Soars On ' Their " Last Day Bonnie M. Walkup Belinda L. Ware Anne L. Warner Scott A. Watson Glenda F.Weber Deborah Wells Phyllis E. West Terry K. Whalin Stephan E.White John S. Whited Ronald P. Whitehurst Michael L. Widner Jane E. Wilkinson Carl D.Williams Cynthia D.Williams Karen D. Williams Lynn T. Williamson Harry E. Winkler Janet L.Wolfe Louis A. Wolff Garry B.Wratten Kathleen S. Young Rebecca Youngling FIRST EVENING SCHOOL GRADUATES: FRONT ROW— Dana Johnson. Charlene Frazelle. Karen Batchellor, Karla Hutchison, Linda Johnson. BACK ROW— Peggy Hall, James Johnson, Gary Tharp. Francis DeHerdt, Jessica Holmes. Not pictured are Donald Ent, Willard Lawrence, James Lowe, Jeanne Roberts, Nan Walters, Paul Wllllan ginia Stewart. Mr. David Baugh is Director of the Evening School Division. Evening Division: Another Pathway Now in its second year, the Howe Evening School provides working adults the opportunity to com- plete high school graduation requirements. From an enrollment of two hundred students, the Even- ing Division recognized seventeen graduates on May 25, 1967. Enrollment increased to over three hundred this year. In addition to academics, classes for elementary school completion and community interest courses, such as oil painting, are offered. All seniors participate in Vesper services on Sunday prior to commencement. Traditionally fathers of graduates who are in the ministry take an active part in the ceremonies. Seniors don their caps and gowns for the first time to attend Vespers on the Sunday afternoon before graduation. Senior Index KAREN ACKERMAN—Cheerblock 1-3; Drill Team 1; Future Teachers of America 4; PRV 1; Student Council 4; Cheerleader 1,-3; Gym Assistant 3. ALICIA ADWELL— Medical Careers Club 2, 4; GAA 1; Red Cross Club 2; Latin Club 3-4. BETSY ALLENDER— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; HILLTOPPER 4; Girls ' Octet 4; PRV 4; Quill and Scroll 4; National Forensic League 2-4; Sub-Set Club 1; Thespians 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Selofra 1; Office Messenger 4; MSU Communication Arts Institute 3; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady. " EVA AMOLSCH— Chess Club 3; Office Messenger 3. BETTY ANDERSON— Drill Team 1; Office Mes- senger 3-4; PRV 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Football Jamboree Queen Candidate 2; Junior Prom Queen 3. SHERMAN ANDERSON— Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Track 1; Intramurals 1-4. CLAIRE ARBOGAST— Cheerblock 1; GAA 1; Office Messenger 1, 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; National Forensic League 2-4; Stage Crew 3; TOWER 3-4; Pen Points 3-4; Debate 2-3; Selofra 1; Make-up Crew 3-4; BSU Journalism Institute 3. SALLY ARTHUR— Cheerblock 1-2; Choir 3-4 Choralaires 2; Madrigals 3-4; PRV 3-4; Science Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Selofra 1; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady. " LINDA ASKINS— Choralaires 4; News Bureau Student Council 1; TOWER 3-4; Atom Dust re- porter 2. president 3; Orchestra 1; Stage Crew 1-4; Thes- pians 4; TOWER 2-3; Pen Points 2-3; Selofra 1; " 500 " Festival Art Award 3; Atom Dust 2-3. KEITH BRADLEY— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Football 1-2; Wrestling 1-4, Most Valuable 4; City Cham- pion 4; Best Record 4. DON BRANHAM— Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Football 1-2, 4; Basketball 2; Baseball 1-4; Best Mental Attitude Award 3. LAURA BREEDLOVE— Cheerblock 1-2, President 2; Drill Team 1-4; Footlight Revelers Club 1; GAA 1-2; Office Messenger 3; PRV 4; Student Council 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Cheerleader 1; " The Music Man; " Student Council Talent Assembly 4. JOYCE BRINSON— Cheerblock 1-2; GAA 1-2; Stu- dent Council 3; Selofra 1. GARY BROWNLEE— Office Messenger 4; PRV 4; Basketball; Cross Country 1; Track 1-4; Intra- mural Basketball 2-4; Intra-mural Cross Country 2-3; Intramural Bowling 4; Senior Winter Party Chairman 4; Senior Class Treasurer 4. JANICE BROWN— Choralaires Pianist 3-4; Madri- gals 2-4; Girls ' Octet Accompanist 4; Orchestra 2- 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. JEAN BUCKLES— Cheerblock 3; Future Teachers of America 1, 4; GAA 1; Office Messenger 3; Stu- dent Council 3-4; Selofra 1. MARILYN BURGER— National Honor Society 3-4; Office Messenger 3; Science Club 2; National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4. KAREN BYRNE— Cheerblock 1; Orchestra 1-4; Secretary; TOWER 1; Selofra 1. CHERYL CONAUGHTON— Clinic Assistant 4; GAA 1; Selofra 1. ODETTIA CONRAD— Cheerblock 2; Clinic Assis- tant 2-4; Medical Careers Club 2-3. JOAN COOPER— Choralaires 3-4. RICHARD COOPER— Student Council 3-4; Wrest- ling 1-3; Track 1. CAROLE CORNELIUS— Business Manager 3; Cheerblock 1-4; Clinic Assistant 2-4; Medical Careers Club 1-4, President 3; GAA 1; National Honor Society 3-4; PRV 2-4; Student Council 4, Secretary 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1; Cheerleader 3-4; " King and I; " " Music Man; " Cheerleading Camp 3; Virginia Moore Craft Art Award 3; Talent Assembly 2. BARBARA CORRELL— Cheerblock 1; Drill Team 3-4; GAA 1-4; Orchestra 1; PRV 3; Selofra 1; Drill Team Camp 3; Physical Education Assistant 3-4. CLIFF COURTNEY— Connersville High School 1-2. PAMELA COWDEN— Cheerblock 1-2; GAA 1; Home Economics Club 2; PRV 3-4; Selofra 1; Basketball Homecoming Queen Candidate 2. STEVEN CRANE— Athletic Manager 1-2; Football 1. MARK CREIGHTON— Chess Club 1; National Honor Society 3-4; Sub-set Club 1. BARBARA CUNNINGHAM— Cheerblock 1; Office Messenger 4; Student Council 1; Selofra 1; Foot- ball Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Atom Dust reporter 4. JAMES CUNNINGHAM— Band 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Football 1-4; Intramural Basketball 3. NATHAN BABB— Choir 2-4; Track 1; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady. " ROBERT BARNES— National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; TOWER 3-4; IU Honors Pro- gram in Foreign Language 3. KAREN BEDWELL— Choralaires 4; News Bureau 4; TOWER 3. PAMELA BEDWELL— Choralaires 4; News Bureau 4; Office Messenger 3; TOWER 3. DENNIS BELTER— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Cross Country 2-4; Track 1-3; Baseball 1-2. NOEL BEWLEY— Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, President 4; PRV 4; Student Council 3-4, Vice-president 4; Basketball 1-2; Football 1-4, Co-captain 4, Best Mental Attitude Award 4; Baseball 1-2; Winter Wonderland King Candidate 2; " Music Man " ; I.U. Student Leadership Workshop; Mock Election Governor of Howe 4; Gym assistant 2-3. VICKI B I ENZ— Footlight Revelers Club 2-4; Stage Crew 2, 4; Thespians 2-4; " The Ugly Duckling, " " Video Christmas, " " The Curious Savage, " " My Fair Lady " Assistant Student Director. LINDA BISHOP— Student Council 1-2; Selofra 1. JANET BLAKE— Office Messenger 3; Orchestra 1-2. BARBARA BODEM— Cheerblock 1-2; Drill Team 2-4, Captain 4; GAA 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4; PRV 2-4; Sub-Set Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Selofra 1; Girls ' Gymnastic Team 3-4; " King and I, " " Music Man, " Student Council Talent Assembly 2-3; Smith Walbridge Drill Team Camp 3. LINDA BOLTON— GAA 1-2. DONNA BONE— Cheerblock 1-2; Drill Team 2-4; Selofra 1; Football Homecoming Queen Candi- date 3; Smith-Walbridge Drill Team Camp 3; Ma- rion County Secretarial Award. BRENDA BORDERS— Office Messenger 4. DUANE BOTTOM— Baseball 1; Track 1. LAVONNE BOWLING— Home room assistant 1-3. MICHAEL BOYD— Arlington High School 1-3. LUCETTA BOYD— Cheerblock 2; Footlight Revel- ers Club 3-4; Future Teachers of America 1; Junior Red Cross Club 1-3, Secretary 2, Vice- KENNETH CAIN— PRV 4; ROTC 1. DAN CALA — Stage Crew 2; Intra-mural Basketball 3; Track 1; Chairman Senior Party Committee 4. JACQUE CALVIN— Cheerblock 1; Choir 4; Chor- alaires 3; GAA 1; Pen Points 1; Selofra 1; " My Fair Lady; " Second Place Trophy-Science Fair 3; Regional Science Fair — Honorable Mention. DENISE CANADA— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Fu- ture Teachers of America 1; GAA 1; PRV 3; Stu- dent Council 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady, " Junior Prom Committee. PAULA CARMEAN— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Fu- ture Teachers of America 2; Latin Club 1-4; Sec- retary 3, President 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Selofra 1; " Music Man; " " The Curious Sav- age; " Latin Honors Program-Alternate 3. BECKY CARY— Cheerblock 1-2; French National Honor Society 2-4; GAA 1-2; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Secretary 4; News Bureau 3-4; Orches- tra 1-4; National Forensic League 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; President 4; Selofra 1; Girls ' Gymnastics Team 3; " The Curious Savage; " National Merit Letter of Commendation; Physical Education As- sistant 3-4; PRV 4; Talent Assembly 4. DARRELL CATRON— Spring Party Senior Commit- tee 4. DOROTHY CHAMBLESS— Cheerblock 1; Choral- aires 2; Drill Team 3-4; Future Nurses Club 1; Office Messenger 4; Senior Spring Party Commit- tee. SHERRAN CHAM NESS— Future Nurses Club 4; Future Teachers of America 1. NANCY CLARK— Future Nurses Club 2; GAA 1-2. VICKY CLARK— Cheerblock 1-2; Future Business Leaders of America 3, Recorder 3; Medical Ca- reers Club 3; Home Economics Club 1-2; Office Messenger 1; Selofra 1. DON CLAY— ROTC 2-4. LINDA COFFIN— Cheerblock 1-2; Current Events Club 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1. SHIRLEY COLVIN— GAA 1; Office Messenger 4; PRV 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1. RANDY DALTON— ROTC 1-4; Rifle Team 2-4. DONNA DAVIS— Office Messenger 3. MARY DAVIS— National Honor Society 3-4; Sci- ence Fair Judge 4; Office Messenger 4. STEVE DAVIS— Choir 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Madrigals 2-3; PRV 3-4; Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Track 1-4; " My Fair Lady; " Honorable men- tion All-City Football 4. MICHAEL DAWSON— Band 1-4; HILLTOPPER 3-4; Orchestra 1-4; PRV 1-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Pep Band 1-4; Drum Major 3-4; All-City Orchestra 1-4; All-City Band 1. STEVE DEANE— Lettermen ' s Club 4; Football 1-4; Intramural Basketball 1-4; Baseball 3-4; Brown Boy Candidate 3; Junior Prom King 3; Mr. Top- per Candidate 2; Mr. Clean Candidate 1. JOHN DEBOO— HILLTOPPER 3-4; Sub-set Club 1; Intramural Basketball 3-4; Science Fair, Third Place 2. CARLA DE HAVEN— Choralaires 3-4. BONNIE DENTLER— Cheerblock 1-4; Choralaires 3-4; Footlight Revelers 3; GAA 1-4, President 4; PRV 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Cheerleader 1-4; Selofra 1; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3; " King and I; " " My Fair Lady; " Senior Alumni Secretary 4; Mock Election 4, Student Council 1-4. CHRIS DIPPEL— Business Manager 1; Future Business Leaders of America 1-2; National For- ensic League 4; Thespians 1-4; Debate Team 1; " The Tie That Blinds; " " The Ugly Duckling; " Senior Play Understudy 4; National Forensic League Award 4. JOHN DOBROTA— ROTC 1-2; Pen Points 1; Wres- tling 2; Football. SHARI DOWNEY— Cheerblock 1-2; Future Teach- ers of America 1; Office Messenger 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Selofra 1. KAREN DUKE— Library Assistant. JACK DUNN— Baseball 3-4; Basketball 2; Intra- mural Bowling 4. GILBERT DURHAM— Wrestling 1; Intramurals 4. CHARLES DYCH— Future Business Leaders of America 1; ROTC 1; Intramurals 4. FORREST EDENS— Football 1. BRADFORD ESHELMAN— Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Secretary-Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 3- 4, President 4; ROTC 1-4; Battalion Commander i: Golf 1-4; Intramural Basketball 1-4; Senior Play 4; Legion of Valor Bronze Cross 4; Mock Election 4. JERRY EVANS— Wrestling 2-3; Intramurals 4. SANDRA EVENS— Cheerblock 1; Choir 3-4; Chor- alaires 2; National Honor Society 3-4; PRV 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Secretary 4; Student Council 2-4, City Council Representative 4; TOWER 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Selofra 1; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady " . JAMES FARMER— ROTC 1-4; Drill Team 2-4. CATHY FOGLEMAN— Cheerblock 1; GAA 1-2; Office Messenger 4; Selofra 1. JOHN FORD— Current Events Club 1-2; History Club 1-2; Science Club 1-2; Sub-set Club 1; Cross Country 1-2; Track 1-2; Intramural Basketball 1-4. MICHELLE FORD— Choralaires 3; Office Messen- ger 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3. JAYNE FORGEY— Valedictorian; Senior Class Sec- retary 4; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; GAA 2-3; Latin Club 1-2; National Honor Society 3-4; PRV 3-4; Student Council 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, Vice-president 4; Sub-set Club 1; Girls ' Gymnastic Team 4; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady; " Rensselaer Math and Science Award 3: American " Legion Good Citizen Award 3; DAR Award 4; Junior Heart Board 4. MARTA FORREST— PRV 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3. MARTHA FOUGEROUSSE— Home Economics 3; Junior Red Cross Club 3; Office Messenger 4. CHARLOTTE FRANKLIN— Office Messenger 3-4. KAREN FREEMAN— Choralaires 4. CONNIE FRENCH— Office Messenger 3. PAMELA FUEHRER— Cheerblock 1. Vice-Presi- dent 2; Drill Team 3. Squad Leader 4; GAA 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4; PRV 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1; Gymnastic Team; " Music Man; " " King and I; " Drill Team Camp 3; Senior Play Commit- tee. THOMAS FULFORO— Boys ' Drill Team 1; ROTC 1-3; Executive Officer 4. VICKI FULFORD— Office Messenger 3-4; Girls ' Track Meet 1. SUSIE GARLAND— Cheerblock 1. MIKE GIBSON— Wrestling 1; Baseball 2-3; Foot- ball 3. ROBERT GIBSON— Wrestling 1-3. CAROL GILMOUR— French National Honor So- ciety 4. BARBARA GLENN— Audio-Visual Club 1-2; Choir 4; Choralaires 2-3; Future Business Leaders 1; National Honor Society 3-4; Office Messenger 1; " My Fair Lady. " LAURA GODBY— Scecina Memorial High School 1-2; PRV 4. DIANA GODDARD— Girls ' Gym Meet 1. KAREN GOLD— Cheerblock 1-4; Drill Team 1; GAA 1-3, Vice President 4; National Honor Society 3- 4; PRV 3-4; Science Club 2-3; Cheerleader 1-4; Student Council Talent Assembly 4; Cheerlead- ing Camp 3; " King and I; " Football Queen Candi- date 3; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3; Gym- nastic Team 3-4. GORDON GOODWIN— Choir 2-4; Latin Club 2-3; Madrigals 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Boys ' Octet 2-4; PRV 2-4; Student Council 1, President 4; Track 1-4; Football 1; Intramurals 1-4; " Wake Up and Love; " " The Music Man; " " My Fair Lady; " National Student Council Convention 3. ROGER GRAHAM— ROTC 4; Football 1-2; Track 1- 3; Baseball 1. MARY GRAVES— Business Manager 4; Cheer- block 1; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; French Na- tional Honor Society 3-4; GAA 1; Madrigals 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Orchestra 2-4; PRV 4; Sub-set Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Pen Points 2; Selofra 1: " The Music Man; " " My Fair Lady; " Model UN 3-4; Mock Election 4. KATHLEEN GRAY— Cheerblock 1; Choir 3-4; Chor- alaires 2; GAA 1-2; PRV 2-3; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady. " SARAH GUMERSON— Home Economics Club 1-2; President 3, 4; Orchestra 1-4; Stage Crew 4. DUKE HALE— Choir 2-4; Footlight Revelers Club 1-3; Madrigals 3; Student Council 1, 4; Thespians 2-3; Wrestling 1; Cross Country 1; " King and I; " " Off a Pewter Platter; " " Music Man; " " A Prize Christmas; " " The Mouse that Roared. " NANCY HALL— Band 1-4; French Honor Society 2- 3, President 4; GAA 1; National Honor Society 3-4; News Bureau 3; Quill and Scroll 4; Sub-set Club 1. President 1; TOWER 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Pen Points 1-2; Selofra 1; Science Seminar 2; Girls ' State 3; Make-up crew 4; Science Fair Judge 4; Senior Play Understudy 4. PAULA HANCOCK— Office Messenger 4; Sub-set Club 1; Selofra 1. LARRY HANLON— Band 1-4; HILLTOPPER 4; Let- termen ' s Club 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Sub-set Club 1; Pep Band 1-2; Baseball Manager 3-4; Football Manager 4; Basketball Manager 4. THOMAS HARLOW-— Band 1-4; National Forensic League 2-3, Vice President 4; Pep Band 4; Debate 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; Spring Party Committee. VICKI HARRELL— Choir 4; Choralaires 3; Office Messenger 4; Golden Girl Candidate 3. KAREN HASHMAN— Cheerblock 1-2; GAA 1; Se- lofra 1; Student Council Talent Assembly 3; Sen- ior Play Committee 4. FRED HAVER— Choir 2-4; Current Events Club 1; National Honor Society 3-4; Boys ' Octet 2-4; PRV 2-4; Sub-set Club 1; TOWER 4; Intramurals; " King and I; " " Music Man; " " Video Christmas; " " My Fair Lady; " Student Council Talent Assem- bly 2-4; State Music Contest 4. GUY HAWKINS— Band 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; ROTC 2-4; Student Council 3; Track 3-4; Intramurals 3-4; Boys ' State 3. PATRICIA HECK— Clinic Assistant 1; GAA 1-2. MARY HEIMSATH— Office Messenger 4. STEVEN HENDERSON— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Stage Crew 1; Current Events Club 1; Athletic Manager 3, Trainer 4; Intramurals 1-4; Spring Party Committee 4. WILLIAM HERDRICH— Band 1-4; History Club 1-3; PRV 2; National Forensic League 1-4; President 4; Pep Band 2-3; Debate 1-4. PAT HESS— Cheerblock 1; Orchestra 1-4. VICKY HICKS— Business Manager 2-3; Cheer- block 1; Clinic Assistant 3; Medical Careers Club 1; National Honor Society 3-4; Selofra 1; Football Jamboree Queen Candidate 2. BECKY HILGADIACK— GAA 1. CHARLOTTE HILL— Office Messenger 3. ANGELA HOEPING— Cheerblock 2; GAA 2-3; Home Economics Club 2; Red Cross Club 2-3; PRV 4; Student Council 3-4; Tri-H i-Y 3-4; City Student Council 4. SHELBA HOLLAND— Clinic Assistant 4; PRV 4; Student Council 3; Pen Points 3; Atom Dust Re- porter 2. JEAN HOLMES— Cheerblock 1; Choralaires 3-4; Office Messenger 2-3. WILLIAM HOPKINS— Intramurals 1-4; Winter Wonderland King Candidate 4. MARTHA HORTON— Home Economics Club 1-2; Librarian Assistant 4. GILBERT HUBBARD — Choir 3-4; Hi-Y 4; Boys ' Oc- tet 3-4; PRV 2-4; Sub-set Club 1; Tennis 2-3; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady; " Intramurals 2-4; Senior Play Committee 4. JOHN HUBBARD— Intramurals 1-4. JOE HUERKAMP— ROTC 1. EVA HUSK— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Madrigals 1; PRV 1; " King and I; " " Music Man. " KENNETH HUTCHINSON— Basketball 2; Football 1-2; Baseball 2; Intramurals 2-4. FREDRICK IMHAUSEN— Band 1-4; PRV 1, 4; Pep Band 1-4. PHYLLIS JACKSON— Cheerblock 1; Future Busi- ness Leaders of America 2; PRV 2; Student Coun- cil Talent Assembly 1. ALVIN JENKINS— Latin Club 3; Senior Play 4; VFW Speech Contest Award; Mock Election 4; Student Council 3-4; Senior Winter Party Com- mittee 4. DAVID JOHNSON— Football 1-2; Wrestling 1-4. KATHY JOHNSON— Medical Careers Club 1-4, President 4; Choralaires 2-4; TOWER 4; Columbia Press Award — Honorable Mention 4. MICHAEL JOHNSON— Football 1-2; Basketball 1- 4; Baseball 1-4; Track 1. CHARLES JONES— Pen Points 4. JERRY JONES— ROTC 4. SHERYL JOSLIN— Cheerblock 1; Choir 4; Chor- alaires 2-3; Drill Team 3-4; Home Economics Club 2; PRV 4; Student Council 1; Selofra 1; " My Fair Lady " 4. GREGORY KAMP— Senior Class President 4; Choir 2-4; PRV 4; Student Council 3, Treasurer 4; Baseball 1-4; Cross Country 1; Intramurals 1- 4; Bowling 4; Junior Prom King Candidate 3; Brown Boy 4; " King and I; " " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady; " Christmas Tree Committee Chairman. MARGARET KEENE— Home Economics Club 1. GREGORY KENNELLY— Track 1, 4; Intramurals 3- 4. DONNITA KING— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Girls ' Octet 3-4; Office Messenger 2-4; PRV 3-4; " The Music Man. " JAMES KING— Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; PRV 4; Stu- dent Council 1-2; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Track 1; Football 1-4; Winter Wonderland King Candidate 1. JOYCE KING— Choralaires 3; Drill Team 2-3; Stu- dent Council 4; Senior Colors Committee 4. SANDRA KINNEE— Bangor High School, Bangor, Michigan 1-3. SUSAN KINNEE— Bangor High School, Bangor, Michigan 1-3. CARLA KLINK— Cheerblock 1-2; GAA 1-2; PRV 4; Student Council 3-4; Selofra 1: Basketball Home- coming Queen Candidate 3. ALAN KOEHRING— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Track 1-4; Baseball 1; Intramurals 2-3. MARY ANN KORBLY— Senior Class First Vice President 4; Cheerblock 1; GAA 1; HILLTOPPER 3-4; Office Messenger 2; PRV 1, 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Student Council 1-2; Golden Girl 4; Student C ouncil Talent Assembly 3-4; Senior Constitution Committee 4; Mock Election 4; Sen- ior Spring Party Co-chairman 4; PTA Style Show 4. EDWARD KOSCHKA— Orchestra 1-2; Cross Coun- try 2; Intramurals 3-4. JILL KRAESZIG— Red Cross Club 4; Office Mes- JAMES KRAMER— Cathedral High School 1-2; Winter Wonderland King Candidate 4. CYNTHIA KRETHEOTIS— Cheerblock 2; Choral- aires 2-3; GAA 1-3; HILLTOPPER 2-4, Co-Editor 4; PRV 2-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; ROTC Sponser 3-4; Girls ' Rifle Team 3-4; Student Council 2-3; Selofra 1, Treasurer; Military Ball Queen Candi- date 3-4; " King and I; " MSU Communications Arts Institute 3; High Qualifier on Rifle Team 4; Student Council Talent Assembly 2, 4; Girls ' Gym Meet 1-4; Gym Assistant 4. JEFFREY KUGLE— Astro-Rocket Club 3-4; Chess Club 2-3, President 4; History Club 3; Stage Crew 3-4; Football 2. CARL LAGENAUR— Band 1-4; National Honor So- ciety 3, Vice President 4; Orchestra 1; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Stage Crew 2-4; TOWER 2-4, Editor 4; Pep Band 2; Quiz Team 4, Captain 4; NSF High School Institute 3; Mock Election 4; Bausch and Lomb Award 4; Senior Winter Party Committee. JEFFREY LAKE— HILLTOPPER 3; Stage Crew 4; Football 1; Intramural Bowling 4. MARGARET LAKE— Valedictorian 4; Drill Team 2-3; French National Honor Society 3, Vice-Pres- ident 4; National Honor Society 3-4; News Bu- reau 3; Orchestra 1-4; TOWER 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; IU Honors Program, France 3; Rensselaer Institute of Math and Science Award 3; Senior Class Play Committee 4, VICKI LAMB— Drill Team 2-4; Medical Careers Club 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Orchestra 1- 4; TOWER 3-4. MARGUERITE LASH— Choir 4; Choralaires 3; Clinic Assistant 3; Footlight Revelers 1-4; Presi- dent 4; Office Messenger 4; PRV 4; National Forensic League 3, Secretary 4; Stage Crew 4; Thespians 3-4; President 4; Debate Team 3-4; " Wake Up and Love; " " Ugly Duckling; " Video Christmas; " " The Curious Savage " — Senior Play; Speech Team 2-3; Senior Class Play Committee 4; Junior Heart Board 1-4. JANE LAU — Choralaires 4; Future Teachers of America 1; HILLTOPPER 3-4; History Club 1; Orchestra 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Pep Band 1; All-City Symphony 2; All City Band 1; Band 1-4. DEBORAH LAUNER— University High School, Bloomington, Indiana 1-2; Cheerblock 3-4. FRANK LEMONS— Track 1. MARTHA LEWIS— Clinic Assistant 4; Medical Ca- reers Club 2-4; Office Messenger 1, 4; TOWER 4. JOHN LICHTENBERG— Lettermen ' s Club 4; Foot- ball 2-4; Intramurals 4. DAVID LIDDLE— Band 1-4; Orchestra 1-4; PRV 2-4; Pep Band 1-4; Senior Play 4; Student Director of Pep Band 4. JONATHAN LIST— Chess Club 3-4; Latin Club 1-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Stage Crew 2-3; Stage Manager 4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4. LAWRENCE LYON— ROTC 4; Science Club 1; In- tramurals 3. JANET MAUPIN— Cheerblock 1-2; Choralaires 2- 4; GAA 1-2; PRV 4; Student Council 1-2; Selofra 1; Football Jamboree Queen Candidate 2. JOHN MAZEN IS— Basketball 1-4; Cross Country 2; Track 1. DAVID Mc CULLOUGH— Basketball 1; Intramur- al Basketball 2; Intramural Bowling 4. DORIS Mc CULLOUGH— Clinic Assistant 4; Medi- cal Careers Club 2-4. THERESA Mc NEILL— Band 1-4; Medical Careers Club 4; Madrigals 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Orchestra 4; Rifle Team 3-4; Student Council 4; Sub-set Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4; ROTC Sponser 3-4, Battalion Sponser 4; Selofra 1, President 1; Mili- tary Ball Queen Candidate 3. STEVEN Mc QUEEN— Student Council 1-2; Foot- ball 2; Tennis 1-2, 4; Intramural Bowling 4; Sen- ior Class Colors Committee 4. CHARLES MELLING— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Cross Country 1-4; Track 1-3; Baseball 1; Intramural Basketball 3-4. LINDA MELLING— Cheerblock 2; Library Assis- tant 4. TOM MERRIMAN— National Honor Society 3-4; Baseball 1-3; Basketball 1-2; Track 1; Football 1; Intramurals 3-4. PATRICK METHOD— Intramurals 3-4. JACQUELINE MILBURN— Future Business Lead- ers of America 2; Student Council 3. MELINDA MILLER— Cheerblock 2; National Hon- or Society 3-4; Office Messenger 3-4; Orchestra 1; PRV 4; Sub-set Club 1; Selofra 1; Student Coun- cil Talent Assembly 4. SHARON MILLER— Cheerblock 2; PRV 4. ROBERT MONROE— ROTC 1-3; Intramural Bowl- ing 4; Intramural Basketball 2. BRENDA MOORE— Atom Dust Reporter 2. BRUCIE MOORE— Junior Red Cross Club 1; Of- fice Messenger 2-4; National Forensic League 4; Debate Team 4; Student Director 3-4; Senior Play 4. HOLLY MOORE— Cheerblock 1-2; Drill Team 3, Squad Leader 4; Office Messenger 3; PRV 4; Tri- Hi-Y 3-4; Selofra 1; Golden Girl Candidate 3; " Music Man; " Drill Team Camp 3; Student Coun- cil Talent Assembly 4. PAMELA MOORE— Cheerblock 1-2; Future Teach- ers Club 1; National Honor Society 3-4; Office Messenger 4; PRV 2-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Sub- set Club 1; TOWER 2-4; Ohio University Journal- ism Workshop 3; Student Council Talent Assem- bly 2; Christmas Tree Committee 4. BEVERLY MORRIS— PRV 1. SANDRA MOSLEY— Cheerblock 1-3; Medical Ca- reers Club 1-2; GAA 1-2; Office Messenger 3; Se- lofra 1; Basketball Homecoming Queen 4. KAREN MOWRY— Office Messenger 2-4; Selofra 1. SHARYN MURPHY— Cheerblock 2-3; GAA 2-3; Of- fice Messenger 2-4; Girls ' Gym Meet 2-3. PAUL MYERS— Football 2. TIMOTHY PARCEL— Lettermen ' s Club 2-4, Secre- tary 3; Office Messenger 4; PRV 3-4; Student Council 2-4; Football 1-3; Track 1-2; Baseball 1, 3-4; Mr. Topper 3; Brown ' Boy Candidate 4; " Mus- ic Man; " Carl Spiess Track Award 1; Intramurals 3-4. STEVEN PARSLEY— ROTC 1-4; Rifle Team 1-3; Boy ' s Drill Team 4; Rifle Master 4; Reserve Of- ficer ' s Award 3; High Scorer Rifle Team 3; S-3 Indianapolis Brigade Staff. DAVID PASCHAL— Trac k 1-3; Cross Country 1-3; Athletic Manager 1-2; Intramurals 4. CRAIG PEDREY— Lettermen ' s Club 4; Tennis 3-4; Intramurals 3; Atom Dust reporter 2. LINDA PENCE— Future Business Leaders of America 1-3, Secretary 3; Office Messenger 3; Girls ' Track Meet 1. KAREN PERRYMAN— Cheerblock 1-2; National Honor Society 3-4; News Bureau 4; Office Mes- senger 4; PRV 4; Pen Points 2; Selofra 1. MICHAEL PHILLABAUM— Astro-Rocket Club 2; Chess Club 2; Latin Club 1-2; Sub-set Club 1. RICHARD PIGMAN— Wrestling 1; Cross Country 1-2; Track 1; Basketball 2; Football 2; Intramurals 1, 3-4; Cross Country Awards. WILLIAM PILAND— Lettermen ' s Club 4; ROTC 2; Football 3; Intramurals 1-4. JODY PLOTNER— Cheerblock 1; Choir 4; Choral- aires 2-3; Drill Team 1-4, Squad Leader 3, Co- captain 4; GAA 1-2; HILLTOPPER 3-4; PRV 1, 3- 4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; Atom Dust 2-4; Student Council 1-2; Girls ' Gym Meet 1; Girls ' Track Meet 1; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady; " Girls ' State 3; Drill Team Camp 3; Student Council Talent Assembly 2, 4. NANCY POLING— Cheerblock 1; Drill Team 2-4; GAA 1-4; Sub-set Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Girls ' Gym Meet 1-3; Girls ' Track Meet 1-3; " Music Man; " Girls ' State 3; Drill Team Camp 3. DONNA POOLE— Selofra 1. JOYCE POOLE— Cheerblock 1; Choir 4; Choral- aires 2-3; GAA 1; PRV 2-4; Science Club 3; Tri-Hi- Y 3; Selofra 1. Secretary; Cheerleader 1; Football Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady; " Senior Winter Party Committee 4. NANCY PRANGB— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Drill Team 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Girls ' Octet 3-4; PRV 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady. " BRENDA PRICE— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Office Messenger 2; Atom Dust reporter 3; " Music Man. " JO ANN QUALLS— Student Council 2-3. NANCY MABEE— Cheerblock 1-2; Future Buisness Leaders of America 3; GAA 1; Office Messenger 4; PRV 4: Selofra 1; Basketball Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Student Council Talent As- sembly 4; Library Assistant 2. SUE MARSH— Chess Club 1-2; Choir 3-4; Future Teachers of America 1-2; National Forensic League 1-3; Debate Team 1-3; Choralaires 2. GREGORY MARTIN— Boys ' Cheerblock 3; Chess Club 2; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Sub-set Club 1; Track 1; Baseball 1; Basketball Manager 1-4; Football Manager 3-4; Golf 2-4; Intramural Bowl- ing 4. JEFFREY MARTIN— Business Manager 4; Boys ' Cheerblock 3; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; PRV 2-4; Student Council 3-4; Football 1-2; Basketball 1; Track 2-4; Athletic Manager 1; Winter Wonder- land King Candidate 3; " Music Man; " Talent As- sembly 2-3; Intramural Basketball 3. GARY MATTHEWS— National Forensic League 4. DOUGLAS MAUDLIN— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Foot- ball 1-4; Track 1: Wrestling 1-3; Intramurals 4. N BRENDA NEIKIRK— GAA 1; Student Council 3-4, PAMELA NICKENS— GAA 1; Selofra 1. CARL NIELSEN— Latin Club 2. PAMELA NORR IS— Cheerblock 1; Office Messen- ger 2-3. DANNY ONEY— ROTC 2-4, Staff 4; Drill Team; Football 1. JUDY OZBORN — Future Business Leaders of America 1. CONNIE PADDEN — Cheerblock 1; Drill Team 2, Alternate 4; GAA 1; Office Messenger 4; PRV 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1, Vice-President 1: Basketball Homecoming Queen Candidate 2; Talent Assem- bly 4; PTA Style Show 4. LINDA RILEY— Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Clinic Assistant 2; Medical Careers Club 1-4; Latin Club 1-4, Treasurer 3; Office Messenger 3: TOWER 3- 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1; " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady. " DEBBIE RINEHART— Cheerblock 1; Selofra 1. NELDA ROBBINS— Cheerblock 4; Medical Ca- reers Club 3; Office Messenger 4. JAMES ROBINSON— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Stu- dent Council 4; Wrestling 1-2; Track 1-2; Baseball 1: Basketball 4; Intramurals 1-3; Atom Dust 2; Athletic Manager 2-3. GARY ROBLING— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Cross Country 1-4; Track 2-4; Intramurals 2, 4. ALVIN ROHRER— Lettermen ' s Club 4; National Honor Society 3-4; PRV 4; Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Intramurals 2-4; Track 1; Football Scholastic Award; Mock Election 4; Style Show 4. KAREN ROMANOVICH— Medical Careers Club 1; Home Economics Club 2-3; PRV 4; Student Coun- cil 1; Atom Dust 2. ALAN ROSENBERGER— Student Council 3-4, Sen- ior Class Representative 4. BETTY ROY— Selofra 1. JACK ROYER— Physical Education Assistant 4; Scecina Memorial High School 1-2. JANET RUNCIMAN— Band 1-2; History Club 1; National Honor Society 3-4; Orchestra 1-2; PRV 2; Girls ' Rifle Team 3-4; Sub-set Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Pep Band 1-2; Selofra 1; ROTC Sponser 3-4; Junior Prom Queen Candidate 3; Military Ball Queen Candidate 3-4; All-City Orchestra 1-2. OAVIO RUSSELL— Audio-Visual 3; Drill Team 2; HILLTOPPER 2-4; Hi-Y 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; Orchestra 2-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4; ROTC 2-4; Rifle Team 2-3; Pep Band 1-3; Football 1; Track 1; Science Fair; First Regional Award Navy Summer Cruise 3; Superior ROTC Cadet Award 3. CRAIG SANDERS— Audio-Visual Club 4; Basket- ball 1-4; Junior Prom King Candidate 3. CLARALEE SAUER— Talent Assembly 3. PAULA SCANLAND— Cheerblock 1-2; Drill Team 2-4; Future Teachers Club 1; GAA 1-2; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3-4, President; PRV 2-4; Sub-set Club 1; TOWER 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Selofra 1; Student Council Talent Assembly 2-3. CYNTHIA SCHIEFER— Cheerblock 2; GAA 1-2; Of- fice Messenger 3; PRV 2-4; Selofra 1. RICHARD SCHWIER— Senior Class Second Vice- President 4; PRV 4; Student Council 3-4; Junior Class Representative; Intramural Cross Country 1-3; Wrestling 1-3; Track - 1; Baseball 1; Intra- mural Wrestling 4; Junior Prom King Candidate 3; " Music Man; " IU Student Leadership Insti- tute 3; Kiwanis Outstanding Student Council Member 3; Mock Election 4; PTA Style Show 4. KATHY SCOTT— Band 1-2; Business Manager 3-4; French National Honor Society 2; GAA 1; HILL- TOPPER 3; History Club 1; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; News Bureau 4; Orchestra 1-2; PRV 1-2; Quill and Scroll 3-4, Treasurer 4; Student Council 2-3; Sub-set Club 1; TOWER 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3, Secretary 4; Pen Points 1-3; " Sound of Music; " Council Talent Assembly 4; All City Band and Orchestra 1-2. BARBARA SHADIOW— Valedictorian; Cheerblock 1; Choir 2-4; Drill Team 3-4; French National Honor Societly 2-4; GAA 1; News Bureau 3-4; Orchestra 4; PRV 4; Student Council 2; TOWER 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Pen Points 1-2; " King l ; " " Music Man; " " My Fair Lady; " Senior Play; Na- tional Merit Letter of Commendation; National Council of Teachers of English Award; IU Hon- ors Program in Foreign Language 3; Altrusa Award 3. VALERIE SHAWVER— Choir 4; Choralaires 2-3; GAA 1-4; Home Economics Club 2; PRV 2-4; TOWER 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Pen Points 1-3; Girls ' Gym Meet 1-4; Make-up Crew; " King and I; " " My Fair Lady. " DEBORAH SHERRON— Cheerblock 1-3; GAA 1-4; Office Messenger 3; PRV 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1; Football Homecoming Queen Candidate 3. MACHALLE SH I PP— Cheerblock 1-2; Choralaires 3-4; Future Business Leaders of America 1; GAA 1-2; PRV 3-4; Selofra 1; Student Council Talent Assembly 4. JOSEPH SHOCKNEY— National Honor Society 3-4; TOWER 4; Science Seminar 3-4. KAREN SHOWALTER— Cheerblock 1; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; HILLTOPPER 4; National Honor Society 3-4; PRV 2-4; Sub-set Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 4; Selofra 1; Student Council Assem- bly 2, 4. ANNA SHRUM— Cheerblock 1-2; Home Econom- ics Club 1: Selofra 1. DIANA SHUGERT— Cheerblock 1-2; Choir 2-4; GAA 1-2; Office Messenger 1-4; PRV 2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Selofra 1; Golden Girl Candidate 4. MICHAEL SIMS— Intramural Basketball 3-4. WILLIAM SLATER— Lettermen ' s Club 3-4; Ser- geant at Arms 4; ROTC 1; Student Council 2; Football 1-4; Golf 3-4; Intramural Bowling; Intra- mural Basketball 1; Mock Election 4; PTA Style Show 4. KENT SMALLEY— Chess Club 1-3; Latin Club 2-4; Orchestra 1-3; Stage Crew 2-4; Senior Play 4; Senior Winter Party Chairman 4. BRUCE SMITH— ROTC 1-4; Football 1; Intra- murals 3. JON SMITH— Band 1-3; Chess Club 1-2; Stage Crew 2-4; Thespians 3-4. MARK SMITH— Hi-Y 2; Stage Crew 4; TOWER 3; Intramurals 2; Kent State University Journalism Institute 2. SHIRLEY SMITH— GAA 1. MARK SMOOT— PRV 3; Cross Country 2; Baseball 1; Tennis 2-3; Track 1; Intramurals 1-4; Intra- mural Bowling 4. PAUL SNELL— Basketball 1-2; Baseball 1; Track 1; Football 1-2. MICHAEL SOLIDAY— Drill Team 1-4; ROTC 1-4; Outstanding Drill Team Member Award 3. MICHAEL SPAULDING— Lettermen ' s Club 4; PRV 3-4; Football 1-4; Wrestling 1-4; Intramural 1-4; Winter Wonderland King Candidate 2; Mock Elec- tion 4; Student Council Talent Assembly 3. KARLA SQUIRES— National Honor Society 3-4. DEBORAH STAFFORD — Cheerblock 1-3; Future Teachers of America 1-2; Home Economics Club 3; Latin Club 2-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Office Messenger 4. CATHERINE STANFORD— Medical Careers Club 4. THOMAS STEFFEN— Golf 1-4; Intramurals 1-4. DONNA STEPHENSON— Cheerblock 1; Choir 3-4; Choralaires 2; Footlight Revelers Club 4; French Honor Society 3-4; HILLTOPPER 3-4, Co-Editor 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Quill and Scroll 3, Vice-President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Selofra 1; " Mu- sic Man; " Model UN 4; Senior Class Colors Com- mittee 4; Make-up Crew 3-4; MSU Communica- tions Arts Institute 3. CAROLYN STEVENSON— Business Manager 4; Cheerblock 1-3; Choir 4; Choralaires 2-3; Drill Team 2; Footlight Revelers 2; GAA 1-4; PRV 4; Student Council 1-4; Selofra 1; Football Home- coming Queen Candidate 2; " My Fair Lady. " JANET STEWART— Cheerblock 1; Future Business Leaders 4; Junior Red Cross Club 1; Tri-Hi-Y 4. FRANK ST. JOHN— Hi-Y 4; Intramurals 3. DONNA STREEVAL— Cheerblock 1-2; Selofra 1. DCNNA STRUCK— Medical Careers Club 4; Home Economics Club 4; Scecina Memorial High School 1-3. SANDY STRUCK— Cheerblock 1; Choralaires 2; Selofra 1. MICHAEL STUART— Intramurals 1-3. DAVID SWEENEY— Intramurals 3-4. THOMAS TEDROWE— PRV 2; Intramural Basket- ball 1-3; Football 1-3; Track 1-2. SHARON TERRY— Cheerblock 1; Future Business Leaders 1; GAA 1; Selofra 1. LLYNN THARPE— Library Assistant 1-4. PATRICIA THAYER— Cheerblock 1; Medical Ca- reers Club 1; GAA 1-2; Home Economics Club 1-3; Stage Crew 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. JOHN THOMAS— Intramural Basketball 1-4. CHARLES TROTTER— Scholastic Art Award 3; " 500 " Festival Art Award 3. WALLACE VAUGHN— Mr. Topper Candidate 3. REBECCA VENNE— Band 1-2; Cheerblock 1-2; Of- fice Messenger 4; Future Teachers of America 1-3; Orchestra 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Pep Band 4; Se- lofra 1; All-City Symphony 3. CHERYL VICKERS— Cheerblock 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. DEBORAH VINCENT— Latin Club 3-4; Stage Crew 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. w BELINDA WARE— Home Economics Club 1-4. ANNE WARNER— Band 1-4; GAA 1; PRV 4; Stu- dent Council 3-4; Selofra 1. SCOTT WATSON— Astro-Rocket Club 1; Cheer- block 1; French Honor Society 4; ROTC 2-4; Rifle Team 3-4; TOWER 4; Football Manager 4. GLENDA WEBER— Band 1; Business Manager 2; Future Teachers of America 1; GAA 3; Home Eco- nomics Club 1. TERRY WHALIN— Choir 3-4; ROTC 1; " King and I; " " Music Man. " STEVE WHITE— Latin Club 1-4; Football 2-4; Track 1; Intramural Basketball 2-4; Basketball 1. JOHN WHITED— PRV 2; Intramurals 2-3; English Department Assistant 2. RONALD WHITEHURST— Astro-Rocket Club 1; Sub-set Club 1; Cross Country 1; Track 2; Wres- tling 3; IPALCO Future Scientist Citation 3; Sci- ence Seminar 2-4; Howe Science Fair 4. PHYLLIS WEST— Librarian Assistant 1-4. JANE WILKINSON— Cheerblock 1; Future Teach- ears of America 1; Orchestra 4. CYNTHIA WILLIAMS— Cheerblock 1-2; Future Teachers of America 3; Home Economics Club 1-4; Junior Red Cross Club 2; Student Council Talent Assembly 3. KAREN WILLIAMS— Choir 4; National Honor So- ciety 3-4; Office Messenger 4; PRV 4; " My Fair Lady. ' " HARRY WINKLER— Astro-Rocket Club 3-4; Foot- light Revelers 4; Thespians 4; " Music Man, " " Teen Magic; " " Video Christmas; " " My Fair Lady; " Choir 3-4. JANET WOLFE— Cheerblock 1-2; Future Teachers of America 1-3; National Honor Society 3-4; Stu- dent Council 1-3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4; Pen Points 2-3; Selofra 1; TOWER 3-4. LOUIS WOLFF— Lettermen ' s Club 4; Cross Coun- try 1-4; Wrestling 1-3; Track 1-4. GARRY WRATTEN— Football 1; Basketball 1; Track 1-2. DENNIS TACKETT— Basketball 4; Intramurals 2-3. KIRK TEEGARDEN— Intramurals 1-4; Intramural Bowling 4. KATHLEEN YOUNG— GAA 1; Seni mittee 4. General Index Abbott, Mary 85 Ackerman, Karen 50 Adams, James 100 Adams, Jeanie 75,89 Adams, Michael 121 Adams, Roger 101 Adwell, Alicia 82 Adwell, Jeaneta 76 Aldrich, James 102,103,116 Alexander, Danny 72 Alexander, Gregory 104 Alexander, Julia 74,76,89 Alexander, Mrs. Patricia 26 Allee, Michael 63,77,85,121 Allender, Betsy 52,53,60,63,72,73,76 Allgood, Joella 75 Allseitz, Nellie 56,63 Aman, Mrs. Patricia 35 Amolsch, Eva 84 Amos, Thomas 60,61,62,84,85 Anderson, Betty 157 Anderson, Jesse 25,100 Anderson, Mr. Rex 128 Anderson, Sherman 97,113 Applegate, Steven 101 Arbogast, Claire 54,56,57,60,75,76 Arnold, Robert 85,86 Arthur, Darrell 69 Arthur, Sally 72,74,76 Askins, Linda 54,57 Astro-Rocket Club 86 Athletic Managers 125 Atkins, Mrs. Sandra 21 Atom Dust 86 Audio-Visual Club 87 B Babb, Nathan 72,124 Bailey, Roger 84,87 Bair, Michael 124 Baker, Barry 101 Baker, Mrs. Hariette 21,63,133 Baker, John 100 Baker, Paula 50,87 Baldwin, Mrs. Elizabeth 21 Band 70,71 Bandy, Robert 30 Barbour, Miss Paula 20,21 Barfield, Bonnie 75 Barnes, Paula 50,74,89 Barnes, Robert 39,54,57,58 Barrett, Rex 44,122 Baseball 118-121 Basketball 105-110 Bass, Charlene 63,87 Baugh, Mr. David 35,129 Baugh. David 52,84 Baumgardt, Philip 77,120 Bayne, Barbara 69,89 Beard, Mrs. Sue 21 Becher, Michael 101 Bechold, Sandra 87 Beck, Mr. Bruce 20,21,63 Becker. Hollis 103,114,116 Becklehimer, Peggy 74,84 Bedwell, Karen 57.74 Bedwell, Pamela 55,57,74 Beeler. Jeffrey 116 Beitz, Patricia 37 Bell, Kathleen 81 Belter, Dennis 95,100,116 Bergdoll, Bobbi 92 Berger, Bethany 74 Berger, Susan 54 Bernard, John 68 Bertram, Jerry 50.95,97,114 Bertram, Jeff 34,95,97,114 Bewley. Noel 48.50,51,95,97,158 Beyer, Kathryn 84 Bhend, Phyllis 76,88 Bienz, Vicki 20.60,62,63,157 Black, Carol 74 Black, Larry 100 Blackmon, Deborah 84 Blackwell, Loretta 84,85 Blair, Lita 75,88,93 Bodem. Barbara 58,76.88,89 Boekankamp, Karen 52 Bone, Barbara 84 Bone, Donna 52,89 Bonn, Maribeth 75 Boosinger. Timothy 81,95,97,116 Borders, Brenda 75 Bottom, Bruce 123 Bottom. Marlin 101 Botts. Bonnie 88,89 Boucher, Rebecca 88 Bowen. Barbara 60,62,63,74 Boyd, Lynn 74,81 Boyd, Lorna 81 Boyd, Lucetta 62,63 Boyd. Thomas 101 Boys ' Ensemble 75 Brace, Miss Jeanne 28 Bradley, Mary 75,84 Bramblett, Mr. Robert 33 Branham, Donald 95.97,98,119.158 Breedlove, Deborah 92 Breedlove, Laura 46,89 Breedlove, Richard 87 Bretzlaff, Mrs. Elinor 21 Briggs, Mr. Steven 21 Brinson, Sharon 74,75,80,81,87 Britton, Donald 95,97,98,99,120,124 Brown, Darryl 50 Brown, Debra 79 Brown, Donald 114 Brown, Miss Janice 22,23,36 Brown, Janice 73,74,76 Brown, Joseph 69,123 Brown, Michael 123 Brown, Richard 74,85,86 Brown, William 97,100 Brownlee, Gary 114,157,159 Bruner, Barry 84 Bruner, Nancy 59,76,88 Brydon, Anita 85,86 Buckles, Jean 81 Burger, Larry 113 Burton, James 84,86,87 Burton, Steven 97,100 Business Managers 80 Butcher, Nina 75 Butter, Nancy 75 Byrne, Karen 68 Cala, Danny 156,159 Cala, Steven 72,117 Callaway, Mrs. Mary 35 Calvert, Deborah 88 Calvert, Marsha 88 Calvin, Jacque 72 Canada, Connie 75 Canada, Denise 72 Cardwell, David 122 Carmean, Paula 72,84,157 Carnal, Mr. Robert 58,128 Carter, Michael 121 Carter, Preston 44 Cartwright, Mrs. Doris 31 Cary, Rebecca 54,57,58,59,60,69,76, 88,157 Cary, Diane 69,76 Cazula, Rhonda 74 Chadwick, Steven 97,100,114,116 Chambers, Cynthia 140 Chambless, Dorothy 89 Chapman, Dennis 117 Chapman, Laina 74 Chapman, Lynda 72 Cheer Block 95 Cherry, James 97,100 Cherry, Sue 88 Cherry, Syndie 74,88,89 Chess Club 84 Choir 72 Christenberry, Linda 75 Christenberry, Steven 121 Clark, Danny 86 Clark, David 85,86 Clark, Marcus 117 Clark, Marian 76 Clark, Ronald 120 Clark, Thomas 86 Clark, Vicky 75 Clifton, Fra-nk 34 Clingerman, Rebecca 89 Cobb, Elizabeth 84 Cochran, Cindy 75 Coffey, Patricia 81 Coffin, Linda 35 Coffin, Mrs. La Verne 21,133 Coffin, Philip 50,54,57 Coglan, Mr. Norman 30 Cohee, Mrs. Vesta 28,29 Coleman, Robert 97,125 Coller, Cheryl 81,87 Colvin, Shirley 75 Combs, James 101 Combs, William 42,50,95,97,118,119,124 Concert Club 74 Condra, Beverly 79 Conway, Gary 72,101 Cook, Brenda 54,72 Cooper, George 100 Cooper, Joan 74 Cooper, Raymond 50 Corell, Barbara 88,89 Cornelius, Carole 37,48,50,51,58,93 Cornn, Hughie 101 Coughlen, Beth 68 Covert, Harriett 84,88 Coy, Miss Lois 31 Craig, Meredith 34,75,76,81,89 Craven, Donna 87 Cross Country 102-104 Cross, Terri 54 Crowe, Michael 121 Cub Club 56 Cunningham, Barbara 44,75 Cunningham, James 95,97,114 Cunningham, Mr. William 32 Curtis. Nikki 72,88 Dalton, William 34 Danforth, Christine 74 Danforth, Donna 79,88 Daugherty, James 117 Davidson, David 100 Davis, Elaine 75 Davis, Mary 58 Davis, Steven 72,97,114 Dawson, Michael 52,53,57,68 Dawson, Richard 69,74 Day, Jeanine 140 Deane, Randall 101 Deane, Steve 95,97,120,157 DeArmond, Christy 56,75 Debate Team 60 DeBoo, John 52,53 DeCoito, Janice 52,63,68,75 Deeter, William 101 DeFur, Nancy 74 DeHaven, Carla 74 DeMaster, James 72 Denham, Lee Anne 47,50,88,93 Denny, Kathleen 54,85 Dentler, Bonnie 46,48,65,74,88,157,158 Derington, Bonnie 79,88 Derington, Debra 89 DeVore, Mrs. Audrey 22,23,85 Dick, Ralph 95,97 Dickenson, Paula 63 Dieringer, Darel 101 Dillon, Mary 69 Dininger, Diana 62,63,74 Dinkens, Mr. Dale 21,97,114 Dipple, Christopher 60,62,63 Dirks, Barbara 54 Dixon, William 80,81,97,100,120 Doane, Deborah 84 Dobbs, Michelle 50,88 Dobbs, Sandra 76,89 Dobson, Bruce 97,114,117 Doughty, Kerry 101 Downey, Shari 75 Driver, Glenn 72 Dugan, Patrick 72,77,97,100 Duhamell, Marilyn 74,76.88,93 Duhamell, Stephen 72,121 Duke, Karen 75 Dulin, Patti 34,52,80,81,87 Dunn, John 120 Dunn, Janet 45,74,88 Dwire, Christine 76,82 Dych, Robert 97,100 Dych. Jacqueline 79 Dye, Douglas 72,73 Easterday, John 50,51,56,72,117 Eaton, Joseph 44,101 Eaton. Marlene 79 Eckert, Carolyn 50,51,76,88 Ecktman, M Sgt. Harold 34 Eden, Christine 79,81 Edwards, Mr. Robert 26 Edwards. Sherry 75 Eggers, Judy 75,76 Ellis, Gary 121 Elmore, Rhonda 88,179 Ervin, Mr. John 21 Ervin, Michael 48 Eshelman, Bradford 34,58,95,123,157 Esteb, Charlotte 88 Evans, Mr. Don 22,23 Evans, Gary 121 Evans, Karen 50.51,88 Evans, Pamela 64 Evans, Patricia 74.82,85 Evans, Wayne 72.83 Evens, Kenneth 125 Evens, Sandra 50,51,54,57,58,72,76,157 Faith, Becky 76,89 Farmer, Jane 74 Farmer, Louise 79,85,86 Farrell, Judith 32 Fawver, Robert 86 Feldhake, Marsha 84 Ferguson, Mrs. Blanche 31 Ferguson, Kathleen 44,75 Findlay, Dennis 95.102,114,116,117 Findley, Bernie 104 Finkbiner, Mr. Ron 22,23,48,61 Finke. Bruce 97,100,113 Finn, Ricky 36 Fitzpatrick. Miss Patricia 21,80 Fleener. Bill 121 Foley, Patti 79 Football 9G-101 Ford, Barry 84 Ford, John 100 Ford, Melanie 84 Ford, Michele 76 Forgey, Jayne 27,38,58,72,76 Fotiades, Michael 95,97,120 Fougerousse, Martha 75 Fox, Brenda 79 Freeh, Nancy 88,89 Fredrick, Robert 52 Freeland, Mary Jane 50,54,76 Freeman, Deborah 74 Freeman, Karen 74 French National Honor Society 59 Frick, Sally 50 Frisbie, Kathryn 32,56,74,81,87 Fritsch, Thomas 103 Fuehrer, Pamela 58,88,89 Fuehrer, Patricia 74 Fulford, Oscar 34 Fulford, Victoria 75 Fuller, Michael 86,87 Future Business Leaders of America 80 Future Teachers of America 81 Gambill, Alan 81 Gardner, Carol 59,68,81 Gardner, Monte 85 Garrett, Mary 56,59,68 Garrett, Sandra 68 Garrison, Br I lie 89 Gaus, Mrs. Laura 22,23 Geelhoed, Monica 69 Gentry, Mona 75,76 Gerzon, Jeanette 92 Gibson, Joseph 84 Gibson, Michael 120,158 Gillespie, Charmayne 79 Gillespie, John 121 Girls ' Athletic Association 89 Girls ' Drill Team 89 Glenn, Barbara 74,86 Gluff, Michelle 75,81,87 Goens, Mabel 76,88 Gold, Karen 58,65,88,93,157 Golf 123 Gonzales, Homero 100 Goodwin, Gordon 50,51,58,72,73,74,116 Gott, Judith 68 Graham, Gregory 97,100,116 Graham, Roger 116 Graves, Martha 44,74,89 Graves, Mary 48,58,59,69,72,76,158 Graves, Vickie 75 Gray, Cynthia 75 Gray, Mr. George 35 Gray, Jeffrey 101 Gray, Kathleen 72,158 Green, Barry 101 Greer, Patricia 81 Gregory, Dave 46,48 Griffo, Mary 72,75 Grissom, John 86 Grove, Sherry 79,85 Gumerson, Sarah 69 Gustin, Harry 59,84,85 Guyne, Victoria 88 Gwaltney, Mr. Charles 26 Gwin, Sheila 75 Gym Team 89 Hagans, Matthew 125 Haggerty, Thomas 119 Hagy, David 86,87 Hahn, Barbara 56,68,79 Hale, Duke 50,62,63,72 Hall, David 62,84,86 Hall, Miss Heather 28 Hall, Joseph 119 Hall, Nancy 39,54,58,59,76 Hamill, Thomas 62,63,64,72 Hammond, Mr. Richard 26,27 Hampton, Ralph 86 Hancock, Kathi 52,59,60,62,63,72,74, 76,147 Hancock, Paula 75,156 Handley, Mr. William 33,69 Hanes, Kathleen 74,89 Hankins, Mrs. Linda 35 Hanlon, Larry 52,97,119.125 Hannemann, Barbara 79 Hannemann, Veronika 72,76,89 Hanson, Larry 62,63,77 Hanson, Richard 117 Harkness, John 100 Harlow, Gary 101 Harlow, Thomas 60 Harper, Terri 75 Harrell, Vicki 72,75 Harrison, James 122 Harsin, Ernest 101,125 Harsin. Pamela 75 Hartl. Elizabeth 75 Hartle, Debra 79,88 Hartley, Daniel 50,72,73 Hartley, David 69 Hash, Mr. Leslie 30 Hashman. David 52,117 Hatfield, Sue 79 Haugh, William 123 Hauser, David 84 Haver, Fred 54,58.72,73 Hawkins, Phyllis 54,85 Hawkins, Richard 39,58,95,114 Hayes, Denise 28,54,59 Haygood, Dennis 101 Heimsath, Mary 75 Henderson, Carol 79,85 Henderson, Sandra 79,85 Henderson, Steven 95,102,114,125,159 Hennessy, Michael 117,119 Henry, Kathy 74 Herdnch, William 60 Hess, Patricia 68 Higginbotham, Carol 52,68,89 High, Janice 79,85 Hilgadiack. Becky 75 Hill, Gary 50,149 Hillenburg, David 85 Hilltopper 52,53 Hilyard, Gail 75 Hi-Y 77 History Club 84 Hobbs, Ava 75 Hodge, Amelia 79 Hoeping, Angela 50,51,76 Hoilman, Miss Jean 35 Hollenbaugh, Judy 62,63 Hollon, Lester 63,77,83,85 Holman, Thomas 62 Holstein, Horst 121 Home Economics Club 83 Hope, Robert 87 Horner, John 117 Horsley, Sharon 75 Houppert, Brian 84,85 Howard, Mr. F. M. 32 Hoyt, Barbara 88,89 Hubbard, Gary 117 Hubbard, Gilbert 20,72,73,77,122 Huddleston, Richard 84 Hudson, Helen 63,146 Hughes, Katrina 75,80,81 Hughes, Kimberly 68 Hulce, Mr. Raymond 28 Humphrey, Brenda 75 Hunt, Sandra 88,89 Hurt, Marilyn 34,54,74,75 Hutton, Janet 79 Hyfield, Janet 88 Jackman, Charles 58 Jackson, Debra 79 Jackson, Dennis 44 Jackson, Mr. George 35 Jackson, Jill 44,45 Jacobi, Anne 84 Jenkins, Alvin 48,157 Jenkins, Mary 69 Jensen, Sally 68,89 Johns, Stephen 50 Johnson, Kathy 54,74,82,83 Johnson, Linda 88,93 Johnson, Michael 119 Jones, Charles 20 Jones, Donald 95,97 Joslin, Sheryl 72,89 Jump, Teresa 52,88,89 Kamp, Greg 42,44,51,72,157,159 Kaylor, Mr. Hartwell 22,23 Keiser Mrs. Barbara 31,79 Kellams, Linda 75 Kelley, Mr. Samuel 37,146 Keppler, Nancy 47,50,51,75 Kerr, Mr. Donald 24 Kertes, Teresa 82 King, Donnita 72,75 King, James 95,97,98,99,119 King, Joyce 50,158 King, Mary 43 Kingery, Diane 62,63,72 Kinney, Kathleen 44 Kirk, Debra 54 Kirk, Miss Dorotha 22 Kirkwood, Lylene 79 Kirlin, Cathy 75,89 Kittelsen, Miss Rhoda 21,65,140 Klein, Eugene 85,86 Knight, Marsha 50 Knoy, Steven 100 Koehring, Alan 95,114,118 Korbly, Mary Ann 42,48,52,57,158 Koss, John 77 Kraeszig, Jill 35,75 Kraeszig, Karla 52 Kretheotis, Cynthia 34.47,52,53,57 Kretheotis. Elaine 56,88 Kubiak, Ralph 101 Kugle, Jeffery 84,85 Kunkler, Lorraine 87 Kuonen, Mr. Edward 24 Kutche, George 30 Kutche, Richard 101 Ladd, Margaret 82 Ladd, Marjorie 82 Lagenaur, Carl 48,49,54,55,57,58,61,62 Lake, Jeffrey 63 Lake, Margaret 38,39.54,59,68,76 Lake, Sally 54,57,59,68 L=imb, Randal 125 Lamb, Victoria 54,58,69,82,89 Landon, Charles 77,84,86 Lanman, Betty 79 Larson, Cynthia 68,72,76 Lash, Marguerite 60,62,63,72,157 Latin Club 84 Lau, Jane 52,57,68 Lau, Mary 54,62,63 Laughlin. Janice 79 Launer, Pamela 88 Launer, Paula 79 Lawrence, Steven 84 Lawrence, William 100 Lawson, Mr. Jack 30 Lawson, Karen 54,56,76 Layman, Steven 103 Leamon, Leslie 79 Leach, Raymond 117,121 Lee, Marcia 85 Lee, Martin 75,97,100,117 Lee, Phyllis 63 Lee, Randall 84,86 Legg, Jo Ellen 68 Legg, Pamela 76 Lemley. Mr. Fred 24,25 Lepper, David 44 Lettermen ' s Club 94 Lewis, George 60,62,63,72 Lewis, Martha 54,75,82 Library Assistants 75 Lichtenberg, John 95,97 Licking, John 34 Liddle, David 68,157 Liddle, Stephanie 68 Lincoln, Mr. William 26 Lingenfelter, Carol 84 List, Jonathan 29,58,62,84,156 List. Michael 62,84 Loew, Mrs. Mildred 50,51,128 Loy, Kurt 82 Lucid, Becky 75 M Mabee, Nancy 45,75 Mackey, Ralph 72 Madinger, Barbara 79 Madrigals 74 Magness, Wanda 75 Mansfield. Gregory 140 Mansfield, Judy 45,76,89 Marendt, Cynthia 75,88 Marendt, Patricia 44,50,92 Marendt. Thomas 95,97,117 Marsh, Sue 6 0 Marshall. Gary 43,95,119 Martin, Carolyn 54,69,85,87 Martin, David 116,117 Martin, Gregory 97,123,125 Martin, Jeffrey 49,50,114 Martin, Margaret 56,63,89,140 Maudlin, Douglas 95,97 Maudlin, Janis 79,88 Maudlin, Diana 62,74 Matheis. Marcia 84,86 Mathias, Dale 84 Maupin, Janet 74 Maxfield, Carol 63 McCarty, Lana 72,75 McClain, Norman 62,63,72 McClure, Elizabeth 79 McClure, Carol 76,81 McCord, Sandra 75 McCormick. Nancy 44,88,89 McCreary, Penny 63 McEnderfer, Mr. Louis 33.134 McGauhey, James 77,83,85 Mcintosh, Janice 79 McKim, Pamela 54,55.59.76 McLane, Miss Mary 22.48,76 McLeish. Mr. Richard 30,97,114,116 McNay, Karol 75 McNeill, Roger 74 McNeill, Theresa 34.47,50,58,69,76,82 McNew, Danny 52,121 McPherson, Dennis 62,72.83 McNew, Julie 88 McQueen, Steven 50,158 Mc Williams, Rebecca 84,86 Meade, Gregory 95,97 Meadows. Charles 84 Mealey, Kathryn 82 Medical Careers Club 82 Melling, Charles 102,114 Melling, Linda 75 Melling, Robert 103 Mellott, Mr. Wayne 21 Mercer, Mrs. Ruth 21 Merkle, Ralph 100 Merriman, Thomas 58,120 Meyer, Dane 54.62 Mikolon, Mark 100 Milburn. Thomas 72,74 Miles, Theresa 50,88 Miller, Edwin 100 Miller, Bruce 50 Miner, Larry 43,95,97 Miller, Mark 46,117.121 Miller, Melinda 58,75 Mindach, John 34 Mitchell, Miss Martha 21 Mitchell, Michael 117,121 Mitchell, Mr. D. Robert 24 Mittendorf, Darilyn 79 Mock Election 48,49 Model U.N. 78 Moody, Jeri 75 Moon, Rita 75 Moore, Brucie 20,60,75 Moore, Holly 89 Moore, Pamela 54,57,58,75,76 Morelock, Larry 114 Morgan, Terry 119 Morgan, Stephen 84,85 Mosiman, Douglas 122 Mosley, Michele 45 Mosley, Sandra 45 Mosher, Randall 62 Motley, Miss Jerry 26,87 Moxey, Dawn 85 Mroz, Philip 119 Murphy, James 86 Murphy, Janet 140 Murphy, Ramona 75,81 Murray, Mr. William 128 Muse, Bobby 84,101 Myers, Thomas 101,125 N National Forensic League 60 National Honor Society 58 National Thespian Society 63 Nave, Mr. Lyle 30 Neal, Michael 101 Neal, Steven 62 News Bureau 55 Nicholson, Sheila 79 Nicholson, Vicky 81 Noxon, Alice 31,79 Oberlies, Karen 50,52,53 Oberting, Linda 75 O ' Drain, Miss Ellen 21,39 Office Messengers 75 Ohmit, Kathleen 54,76 Oney, Danny 34 Orchestra 68,69 Orr, Kathy 79,85 Orr, Ronald 30,44 Overstreet, Ruth 72 Owen, Leslye 74 Ozborn, Judy 81 Padden, Connie 48,75 Page, Denise 73,74,88,89 Pannell, Karla 45,72,73,74,75,93 Parcel, Timothy 42,43,48,50,95,158 Paschal, Joathan 114 Pash, Margaret 52,60,62,63,76 Patrick, Kathleen 6,88,93 Patterson, Mr. Richard 26,104,117,121 Patton, Jacqueline 88 Paulson, Jeffrey 86 Payne, Sandra 75 Pedrey, Cathy 74 Pedrey, Craig 95,122 Pence, Christopher 100,125 Pence, David 84,125 Pence, Laura 63 Pen Points 56 Perdue, SFC Bascom B. 34 Perez, Humberto 47,51,95,97 Perkins, Susan 74,88,93 Perry, William 95,97,117 Perryman, Karen 55,57,58,75 Personett, Randal 122 Peters, Stephen 84 Petri, Karen 75 Pettee, Charles 42,50,95,102,103,114,124 Phelps, Karen 62,63 Phelps, Kathy 140 Phillabaum, Milan 84 Phillips, Mr. Stanley 22 Piercy, Ralph 101 Piland, David 101 Piland, William 95,97 Pinney, Neil 84 Pirtle, Mr. Charles 32 Pittenger, Mr. Sherman 35 Piatt, Mr. James 26 Pleasant Run Variety Show 64,65 Plotner Jody 39,52,57,72,87,89 Ploughe, Judy 79 Plowman, Patricia 79 Poalston, Mr. James 37, 120 Poling, Nancy 39,88,89 Pollard, Charles 101 Pollock, Annabelle 68,75 Poole, Joyce 44,72 Pope, Laurel 52,56,59,60,62,63,64,74 Potter, Harold 59,69,72,73 Poynter, Teresa 52,53 62,72 Prange, Nancy 72,73,76 Preuss, Gesine 69 Price, Brenda 72,75 Price, Richard 116 Price, Richard E. 97,100 Priest, David 95,97 Priest, Linda 75 Priest, Pamela 75 Pritchard, Larry 114,116,118 Privett, Cathy 75 Quails, Jo Ann 31 Quill and Scroll 57 Quinones, Juana 54,59,63,87 Qumones, Liliana 79,81,86 Quiz Team 61 Raasch, Donna 59 Rader, John 85 Ragland, Katherine 79,88 Ragonesi, Tony 100 Raimondi, Concetta 45,50,51,87,95 Raimondi, Josephine 76,87 Randall, Mrs. Emma T. 22 Ratlin " , Owen 72 Reasoner, Laura 52,74,84,147 Reasoner, Marcia 42,52,59,72,73,76,87 Red Cross Club 82 Reed, Bethel 74,81 Reed, Craig 100,117,146 Reed, Mrs. Ruth 24,129 Reed, Steven 101 Reea " , Scott 86,101 Reeve, Jay 59,68,84 Rehm, Mr. Justin 24 Reifeis, Donna 44, 84 Reilly, Steven 95 Reinhardt, Craig 101 Reinken, Judy 79 Rennard, Betty Lou 74,88,93,147 Repphan, Roberta 79,85 Reveler-Thespians 63 Rhode, Mr. Glenn 24,25 Richardson, Mr. Barton 26,128 Richardson, Mr. Harrison 24,25,117 Richardson, Linda 74 Richardson, Sally 74,76 Rider, Cynthia 79 Rieman, Cynthia 72,73 Riewer, Anna 75 Riggs, Mitchell 84 Riley, Linda 54,72,84 Riley, Mr. Raymond 26 Ring, Mary 74,88,93 Riquelme, Mr. Rogelio 28,29 Robbins, Nelda 75 Robbins, Rita 23,69 Roberts, Roxanne 69 Robinson, James 50 Robinson, Sally 50, 79, 85 Robling, Gary 95,102,104,114 Rodman, Teresa 31 Rogers, David 101 Rohrer, Alvin 48,95,97,120 Romeril, Brad 121 Rosenberger, Alan 45,50,51 ROTC 34 Rowlett, Terry 72, 117 Runciman, Janet 34,47,58,75,157 Ruschhaupt, Mr. Charles 50,128,133 Russell, David 38,39,52,57,69,95,97 Rutan, William 85,86 Saba, Pamela 54,74,76,89,140 Sachs, Diana 52,76 Salter, Aneena 76,88 Sanders, Craig 44,48 Sanders, James 104 Sanders, Mikel 84 Sarfaty, Thomas 100 Sauer, Mrs. Martha 28,59 Scanland, Paula 54,55,57,58,76,89 Scanlon, Kathleen 75 Scharbrough, Charles 95,97,114,116 Scharbrough, Larry 50,97,100,117,121 Schiefer, Eric 85 Schwier, Richard 50,157 Scott. Kathy 48,54,55,57,76,81 Scott, Penny 140 Scott, Phillip 86,101 Scott, Timothy 62,63,100 Seel, Zoe Ellen 85 Selofra 79 Shadiow, Barbara 38,39,54,57,58,59,69, 76,89,157 Shaker. Craig 104 Shanklin, Martha 68 Shaw, Barry 114 Shaw, Kathy 45 Shawver, Steven 84,97,125 Shawver, Valeri 65,72 Shelton, Paul 102,103,116 Shemwell, Judy 75 Shipp, Machalle 74 Shirley, Gary 54, 84, 120 Shockley, Diane 72 Short, David 119 Short, Wendall 100 Showalter, Karen 52,58,72 Shrum, Kurt 100 Shugert, Diana 42,72,75 Sights, Mrs. Marguerite 21 Simmons, Michael 101 Skelton, Roberta 54 Skene, Mr. John 35 Slater, William 94,95,97,123 Smalley, Kent 62,157 Smith, Dana 75,87 Smith, David 120 Smith, Gary 116 Smith, Herbert 87 Smith, Jerry 101 Smith, Jon 62 Smith, Kandace 79 Smith, Mrs. Dorothy 21 Smith, Mrs. Luise 35 Smith, Mark S. 121 Smith, Mark W.62 Smith, ' 3ncy 79, 86, 95 Smith, Miss Shirley 21 Smith, Shirley 75 Smith, Steven 52,84 Smith, Susan 74,75 Smith, Timothy 87,103,117 Smith, Mr. William 26,27 Smoot, Mark 122 Smoot, William 121 Smuck, Mrs. Mary 24,129 Snider, Patricia 79 Snodgrass, Joseph 50,100,117,147 Snyder, Charmi 75 Soliday, Michael 34 Spaulding, Michael 48,95,97 Spear, Bryan 95,97,101,114,116,124 Spice, Byron 64 Spice, Ronald 69,72,73,97,116 Stafford, Deborah 58,75 Stage Crew E2 Stahly, Mr. David 26 Stainbrook, Mr. James 22 Stalas, Alexandra 50,59,72,73,74 Statzell, Donna 69,88 Steffen, Linda 79 Steen, Daniel 72,117 Steffen, Thomas 123 Stephens, Mark 95,97 Stephenson, Donna 52,53,57,58,59,62,63, 72,76,158 Sterrett, Linda 75 Stevens, Thomas 86,87 Stevenson, Carolyn 72 Stewart, Mr. David 22,97 Stewart, Janet 76,81 Stirling, Mr. Thomas 36,38,128,129 St. John, Frank 77 Stockdale, Jerry 54,61,69,74,84 Stone, Miss Kenna Jo 26 Storm, Lewis 87 Streeval, Donna 156 Striby, Francis 116 Striby, William 84,86 Stroud, Marcia 59,76 Strouse, Kathleen 75 Struck, Christine 82 Struck, Donna 82 Stuck, Sandra 75 Student Council 50,51 Sturm, William 81 Stutz, Mr. James 36,123 Subset Club 87 Sulgrove, Donald 84,86 Summit, Thomas 44,101 Sweeney, David 124 Taflinger, William 114,116 Taylor, Carolyn 72,75,89 Taylor, Daniel 117 Tennis 122 Terrill, Charles 86 Terry, Tommy 101 Tharp, Deborah 74 Thiesing, Susan 75 Thomas, David 68,72,74,122 Thomas, Marcia 79,86 Thomas, Sherry 74,88,93 Thompson, Joseph 84 Thompson, Michael 101 Thompson, Pamela 79 Thompson, Patricia 42 Thornburg, Leonard 101 Thorpe, James 84,157 Throckmorton, Gary 95,97,114,116 Throckmorton, Jana 88 Thumma, Miss Mary 28 Tobin, Mr. H. C. 21 Totten, Mr. H. Thomas 128 Totten, William 86 Tout, Mr. Frank 128,156 Tourney, Donna 89 Tower 54,55 Track 114-117 Tri-Hr-Y 76 Trinkle, Carol 88 Trinkle, Mr. John ] Troha, Cynthia 79 Van Buskirk, Kathryn 72, 73 Van Hoosier, Barbara 86 Van Horn, Gary 101 Van Horn, Mr. Marcus 26 Van Maaren, Frances 63,88 Van Maaren, Peter 102 Vaughn. Wallace 43 Venne, Rebecca 69,76 Vermillion, Becki 56 Veteto. Jeffrey 101 Vincent, Deborah 75,76,84 W Walker, Cheryl 86 Walker, Mr. William M. 30,102,114,116 Walkup, Clara 75 Wall, Edward 62,84 Wall, Janice 75,79 Wall, Verna 92 Walston, Dennis 97,100 Walters, Beth 69,82 Walton, Stephen 101 Ward, Jerry 43,44 Ward, Joseph 59,120 Warner, Anne 50,76 Warriner, Edward 62,63,77.84 Washburn, Katherine 52.75 Watkins, Mr. Frank 33.133 Watkins, Mark 72,73,74 Watson, Diana 92 Watson, Scott 34,125 Weakley, Mrs. Mary 21 Weaver, Mr. Jack L. 21,84,85 Weaver, Gay 74 Weber, Glenda 76 Weber, Mark 84 Welch, Miss Maryon K. 128 Welcher, Charles 95,97,114,116 Wells, Kurt 114 Wells, Melanie 69 West, Debra 75 West, Dennis 104 West, Marcia 76,89 West, Teila 75 Whaley, Mrs. Margaret 37,83 Whalin, Terry 72 Wheatley, Anna 80 White, Dennis 84 White, Stephan 157 Whitmore, Laurence 100 Wieneke, Cheryl 54 Wieneke, Michael 101 Wilcox. Mrs. Marie S. 24 Wildrick. Donald 104 Wiley, Donald 100 Wilkinson, Jane 68,75 Williams, Karen 58,72,75 Williams, Peggy 75 Williams, Raymond 102,117 Wiliamson, Mark 100 Wion, Mr. Robert 36,129 Wilson, Michelle 79 Windsor, Becky 79 Winkler, Harry 63,72,86 Withem, Rhonda 79 Wolfe, Janet 54.57,58,76,159 Wolff. Louis 95,102 Wood, Lisa 79 Wood, Richard 50,54,60,61,72 Worrell. Christine 73,74,76,89 Wray, Michael 95.97,117,121 Wren, Henry 100.121 Wren, Richard 100 Wrestling 11-113 Wright, Darrell 120 Wynn, Deborah 85 Yager, Pamela 76,89 Yarber. Mr. James O. 26,8 Yount, Barbara 76 Zander, Jane 68 Zander, Judy 84 Zimmerman, David 104 Zylstra, Stephen 69,84 Editors Page With the close of another school year comes the completion of the 1968 HILLTOPPER, and with this fulfillment comes the editors ' appreciation for the assistance and encouragement provided throughout the year by various individuals and firms. Representative of the American Yearbook Com- pany, Mr. William Wright, has served as editorial consultant and deserves our sincere gratitude for his help in the production of this publication, while Mr. Robert Blanton assisted the staff as area consultant at the plant in Hannibal, Missouri. Mr. James Shields, owner of Tower Studios, has not only been invaluable in assisting with the photog- raphy for the book, but has also supplied materi- als for the darkroom and has trained student pho- tographers. Continuing cooperation from members of the faculty, as well as encouragement from members of the administration, has also made the job of publishingthe 1968 HILLTOPPER much easier. Cynthia Kretheotis, Donna Stephenson, Co-Editors 1968 HILLTOPPER STAFF Co-Editors Cynthia Kretheotis Donna Stephenson Production Manager Jane Lau Business Manager Larry Hanlon Activities Editors Betsy Allender Karen Showalter Kathy Washburn Club Editors ' . Patti Dulm Kathi Hancock Karla Kraeszig Copy Editor Diane Sachs Faculty Editors Karen Boekankamp Teresa Poynter Marcia Reasoner Index Editors John DeBoo Janice DeCoito Laurel Pope Photographers David Baugh Dan McNew David Russell Steven Smith Senior Editors Mary Ann Korbly Jody Plotner Sports Editors Michael Dawson Karen Oberlies Underclassmen Editors Carol Higginbotham Margaret Pash Laura Reasoner Adviser Mrs. Patricia Alexander Principal Mr. Thomas Stirling 1968 Hilltopper A variety of pathways followed by Howeites this year as they completed their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior years can be reviewed in the 1968 HILLTOPPER. In an attempt to record the many talents and achievements of Howe stu- dents, an accurate reference book has been created for future years. It is intended that this book also depict the crossroads of experiences that intersect and diverge within the lives of Howe students. For happy or sad, successful or not, in- teresting or dull — these same paths will not be fol- lowed again. Another school year has ended. C s7 £ i -$ i-: m 9 IF ' ■■ML% IF ' A fe3k. ' 1 . 12m

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