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Qjntwdwdnq D " SHERLOCK the GREAT " SHERLOCK SLEUl C=3 CZD HS FOR SOLUTION Famous Detective Searches for School ' s Secret of Success Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 5, 1945 (HPA) Sherlock the Great, world renowned detective, arrived today in this city to investigate the success of Thomas Ciirr Kowe High School, the city ' s ncv est high school. As a background for Mr. Sherlock ' s studies, members of the HILLTOPPER staff gave him a short resume of the school ' s growth from 16 teachers, 38 courses, and 450 pupils to 68 teachers, 184 courses, and 1400 students. This inventory of achievements in- cluded the basketball sectional cham- pionship in 1944; track sectional cham- pionships in 1941, 1942, and 1945; Ail- American ratings on 1942 and 1943 HILLTOPPERS; and admission of the school into the North Central Associa- tion in 1942. Students in the Art Depart- ment have won numerous awards in poster contests and in the Scholastic contests. High lighting the school year are such annual events as the fall and spring night dances, the Birthday Pag- eant in May, the Footlight Revelers ' play, the senior play and activities, the Music Festival, the Hi-Y Sweetheart Dance, the appearance of the Indianapolis Sym- phony Orchestra at assembly, and the semi-annual Pleasant Run Revue and operetta. At a press conference this afternoon Mr. Sherlock stated that his search for the four clues that make up any school ' s success would take a year, and the solu- tion to the " Mystery of the Four Clues " would be published in the dUUioppiOc CQnQ % CIiulTLo.! y OW did Sherlock begin his in- Jm vestigations? Going through the main doors, he made his way through the pushing mob of boys and girls toward the office. Here he met the administrative staff of Howe High School, Mrs. Joan Thompson, Miss Vir- ginia Childers, Mrs. Ruth Reed, Mr. Thomas Stirling, and Mr. Clarence Clay- ton. Principal Charles M. Sharp held the visitors ' book as Sherlock signed his famous name. Afterwards when Mr. Sherlock examined the office for pos- sible clues, he saw the portrait of Thomas Carr How e and learned that Dr. Howe had once been president of Butler University. Satisfied that the office with- held no more clues, Sherlock without a minute to spare (like every student) dashed off to class to cram his brain with knowledge and in between classes heard the latest gossip about the big events and the B. M. O. C. ' s. She lock: mtq s the building- , a3 M H t H w Hkk Mmmg BSj I H SCHOOL LIFE ShsUilocL SoWtsdkiiA. Out It didn ' t take a magnifying glass for Sherlock to detect the big events around Howe ... all he had to do was follow the crowds. (Above Left) After the final curtain of " A Waltz Dream, " operetta presented by the Music Department, Sherlock per- sonally met the ballet dancers, Mary Alice Kirkham, Mary Ann Elliott, Patty Leffler, Shirley Diehl, Elizabeth Schmidt, and Patty Sloo. (Above Middle) Sherlock discovered that the Democrats and Re- publicans don ' t have a thing on Howe when it comes to politics. The Feder- alist convention was a huge success under the leadership of Davy Holtzclaw. (Above Right) A new but very busy Activities Board was in session when Sherlock dropped into Mrs. Mildred Loew ' s office. Joe Foerderer, president, was explaining some new business to other council members, Eloy Stevens, thiL (Biq vanJtA. . . . John Bruckman, Jack Alexander, Estel Barry, Janet Lewis, Hugh Moreillon, and Bob O ' Neel. (Lower Left) Sherlock en- joyed Carl Spiess ' piccolo solo along with the other singers of the operetta, Joe Eads, Fran McAree, Doug Gill, Suzi Foster, Pat Kennedy, and Joe Foerderer. (Lower Middle) On the night of October 12, Sherlock joined a huddle of other Howeites, Barbara Baldwin, Jim Hill, Janis Heithecker, Karl Stoneking, Doug Gill, Suzi Foster, and Christina Gainey enjoying that " pause that refreshes, " at the Brown and Gold Dance. (Lower Right) While listening to the Junior Town Meeting on the radio one Satur- day night, Sherlock heard Joan Mein- inger, Peggy Millen, Jane Messing, and Fran McAree discuss the question " Is Indianapolis A Progressive City? " Frank Edwards of WIBC was moderator for the program. ClntL QnJjikvhiVA, After attending all the big events at Howe, Sherlock met all the B. M. O. C. ' s and B. W. O. C. ' s around Howe ' s halls. (Above Left) First, Sherlock met Patty Sloo, Violet Queen, and her attendants, Janis Heithecker, Lois Ann Brenn, Mary Jane Hill, and LaVonne Mannfeld, who reigned at the annual May Pageant. (Above Middle) Brown Boy and Golden Girl candidates, Joan Crawford, Mary Lester, Jewel Dorsey, Lois Ann Brenn (elected), George Spradling, Bill Lock- lear, Ronnie Roach, and Tom Woerner (elected), met Mr. Sherlock at the fall dance. (Above Right) Mary Jordan (cen- ter), Hi-Y sweetheart, and the other candidates, Joan Dufour, Peggy Millen, Elizabeth Schmidt, and Patty Sloo, posed for Sherlock so he could give his vote of approval to the Hi-Y guys ' choices. aiLJth£,£.7rL.0.C- (Below Extreme Left) " As pretty as Rowers! " exclaimed Sherlock when he met those gals who danced to welcome the Violet Queen. (Below Left) He had to look way, way up when Sherlock met Tom Woerner, philosopher, who repre- sented the Spirit of the Tower. (Below Middle) Jean Gordon and Dave Schorn- stein, winners of The American Legion Good Citizenship Awards, explained to Sherlock that the awards are given to outstanding juniors on the basis of scholarship, service, and loyalty. (Below Right) For the first Indianapolis Invita- tional Relays held last spring. Jewel Dorsey reigned as Howe ' s track queen. (Below Extreme Right) Sherlock stood by as Ronnie Roach, Nationalist, who was elected Governor of Howe, was con- gratulated by Rolland " Dude " King, Federalist candidate. . diiL QnvQAiiqabUL. lOhaL At this time Sherlock jumped from politics to polygons, and with books under his arm he began to investigate the classes to uncover any of the clues concerning the most important part of our life at Howe— " book learning. " Mr. Sherlock wasn ' t partial to the fair sex, but his first stop was at Room 34 where Howe ' s sweet maidens were busy de- signing and making clothing. After learning all about patterns and stitches and the value of textiles, Sher- lock made his way upstairs to the chem- istry lab to find experiments and studies about the various elements taking place. After the students in first year chemistry learned the properties of elements and compounds, they made tests to deter- mine unknown substances. The wooden thing with the white chalk in the above picture baffled Sher- lock, but Beverly Dickerson explained to him that it was a skirt marker. Super- vised by Miss Lois Coy, Rosemary Buenting marked the hem for Elouise Aichele ' s skirt. Miss Coy told Sherlock that besides clothing, home making and social practice were also offered in con- nection with the Home Economics De- partment. Mr. Floyd Jefferies explained to Sher- lock that Joan Meininger and Alan Gise, Chemistry I students, were starting an experiment to determine the composi- tion of water. In Chemistry III, offered for the first time last fall, the students dealt with qualitative analysis and each pupil undertook a separate project in some field of advanced chemistry. oaiu Ok. ivL ( laUu (RjoDmA. " But chemistry is only one-third of the Science Department, " pointed out Mrs. Bette Davis, biology teacher, so Sher- lock made his way to the two biology rooms. Browsing around among the flora and fauna, Mr. Sherlock found students identifying insect collections, making plant identifications, studying heredity by crossing fruit flies, and cul- tivating plants which had been grown from seed. Even Sherlock was baffled when he stepped into the gym and saw that little piece of apparatus with all the dials. The boys, in between testing and adjusting, explained to Sherlock that it was a pub- lic address system, given to Howe many years ago by the Men ' s 400 Club, fath- ers ' organization. The boys were putting it in order for use in an assembly pro- gram. Being a " green thumb " himself, Sher- lock joined Judith Barnes, Mrs. Davis, Charles Jones, and Mrs. Barbara Charles in the greenhouse. Those plants, when they had reached the necessary size, were given to students to transplant into gardens. Sherlock also joined a field trip which the students took in connec- tion with their insect collections last fall. While James Sommerville worked with the dials, Mr. Richard Hammond, Dick Bakemeier, and Cyrus McNutt ex- plained to Sherlock the mysteries of the P. A. system. Mr. Hammond, physics teacher, told Sherlock that some knowl- edge of radio and an interest in the sub- ject encouraged these boys to help with the public address system. Repair and maintenance work was also done by these boys. T loidA dlowoik. Itoutd. (Above) From the gym Mr. Sherlock went to Room 220 where Mr. Seward Craig, head of the English Department, was talking with the teachers in his de- partment. By listening closely to roll call, Sherlock found out the " pupils " for this session were (left to right) Mrs. Betty Baker, Miss Hildegarde Kuhar, Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs, Miss Alice Hankins, Mr. Darrell Gooch, Mrs. Mary Ann Elliott, Miss Ellen O ' Drain, Miss Elizabeth Smith, Miss Marthana McWhir, Miss Marjorie Schoch, and Mrs. Margarete Butz. Mr. Craig told Sherlock that be- sides regular English courses, Howe also offers journalism, speech, and dramatics. (Lower Left) " A bookworm ' s paradise, " stated Sherlock as he stepped into Howe ' s fully equipped library. Janet Lewis and Mrs. Margarete Butz showed Mr. Sherlock some of the newest addi- tions to the collection, and Joy Wilson and Miss Marjorie Schoch explained to him the uses of the card catalog where the 4,000 books were listed. (Lower Right) Sherlo ck, (being slightly baffled) decided he might need a new job when his investigations were over, so he promptly talked with Mrs. Mar- garet Rogofsky, Mr. Wade Fuller, and Mrs. Mildred Loew, Howe ' s employ- ment advisors. (j fAking JiuuJwtA. . . . (Upper Left) " If you need your ankle taped, your temperature taken, or if it ' s iust a good old cough drop you need, see Miss Celia Smith, the school nurse " is the Howe golden rule. Journeying to Room 121, Sherlock found Miss Smith and two home nursing students, Betty Dallas (left) and Barbara Ingersoll in- specting a complete model collection of equipment for a sickroom. (Upper Right) Sherlock found out that the girls who take foods not only learn how to cook, but how to set and to serve the table. He watched while Mary Bragg (left) and Sue Sweeney served lunch to Mrs. Ruth Shepard, Miss Helen Allen, Suzanne Shortridge, and Judy Miller. (Below) Even though Sherlock has traveled extensively and is a well-edu cated man, he learned a great deal from the guiding lights in the Social Studies Department. By creeping in on another teachers ' meeting, he was able to meet (left to right) Mr. Lewis Gilfoy, head of the department, Mr. Wade Fuller, Mr. Russell Curtis, Miss Dorotha Kirk, Mr. Hartwell Kayler, Mrs. Mary Diaz, and Mrs. Hattie Winslow. After the meeting Mr. Gilfoy told Sherlock about the many courses offered at Howe in his depart- ment. These include social studies, world history, U. S. history, American government, sociology, Latin-American history, and psychology. Clnj£ SjuLhviUjA.Wj)dsuw 1 (Above) Sherlock wasn ' t quite sure of the product of 3 times 2; so Miss Anna Sufer showed him how to find the answer on the slide rule. Paul Powell and LaVonne Mannfeld took advantage of the lesson, while Miss Mary McCord watched. Miss Suter explained to Sher- lock that the students in trigonometry used the slide rule a great deal. (Below) While Sherlock looked over the many machines in the metal shop room, Mr. Dennis Wright, teacher, ex- plained that tool making was the main project done by most of the boys en- rolled in metal shop. Here Mr. Wright inspects the work done by Gene Lawr- ence and Jack LeMasters. (Above) But before we can have ad- vanced math, we must have a bit of the fundamentals such as algebra and plane geometry. Bill Schmadeke, sophomore, was copying an angle as Sherlock came into the room. Afterwards he met three of Howe ' s math teachers, Mr. Wilbur Chambers, Mrs. Lucy Henry, and Mrs. Rose Scoles. (Below) Nearly all the office forms, dance tickets, play programs, and some of the publicity pamphlets used around school are printed by the boys enrolled in printing classes. Mr. E. A. Patterson, printing teacher, explained to Sherlock and to Frank Knox, Elmer Summit, and Clifford Melvin how the printing press is operated. J adtimj TyidJwddu (Above) Thirty-three typewriters and thirty-three busy typists greeted Sher- lock when he stepped into Room 223. Here he found Mr. Sherman Pittenger and Mr. M. D. Williams helping Peggy Millen with the ditto machine. Besides typing instruction, shorthand, business law, office practice, junior business, bookkeeping, filing, and commercial geography are also offered in this de- partment. (Below) Sherlock joined Mr. Wathen Leaser in supervising John Carter, May- nard King, and Carol Pritchett who were each doing part of the blueprinting pro- cess. Mr. Leas er told Sherlock that mechanical, architectural, aircraft, and machine drawing are all offered to Howe students. (Above) Miss Hildegarde Kuhar, Miss Narcie Pollitt, Miss Thelma Cooley, and Miss Mary Elizabeth Thumma, foreign language teachers, tried to encourage Sherlock to take either Latin or Spanish or to attend the French Club during his stay at Howe. Unfortunately, however, he was too busy tracing clues to start translating. (Below) When Sherlock walked into the art room Joann Bade was explaining the use of the air brush to LaVina Boor- am, under the supervision of art teach- ers. Miss Janet Keller and Mrs. Loreen DeWaard. Commercial art, fashions, jewelry, leather craft, and arts and crafts are taught in addition to Art I-VIll. CLusL7b,2 STUDENT [30Dy aN SHERLOCK went! After investi- gating all the classrooms and big events, Sherlock started on his interviews with all the students at Howe. Our Senior Class officers gave Sherlock the low-down on all the Janes and Joes on this campus. But first Sherlock had to take a peek in the mirror that Carl Edwards, class president, was holding to see what Ruby King, vice-president, had found so interesting. Elizabeth Schmidt, secretary, informed Mr. Sher- lock that he would have to investigate the senior play, " Best Foot Forward, " and Bob O ' Neel, treasurer, explained about the various senior committees and their work. Sherlock learned that the senior year is the best with plenty of work and play, so no senior is a dull boy. And, of course, he discovered the underclassmen are on the go every minute of the time. Sherlock ' s hand was in a sling by the time he had shaken hands with all the students. w ' 4a.€ HI ' " STUDENT BODY SENIORS CARL EDWARDS— Senior Class Pres. 4; Basket- ball 1-4; Brown Boy Cand. 3; Track 1; Golf 2-4; Hi-Y Club 3, 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; Constitu- tion Com. 4; Mock Election, Sec. of State 4; Gym Asst. 1, 2. RUBY KING— Senior Class Vice Pres. 4; HOV E TOWER Asso. Ed. 4; Gym Asst. 4; G.A.A. 4; Commencement Com. 4; News Bureau, Indian- apolis Star 4; Ho-Se-Gi V. Pres. 4; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3; Spanish Club 2, 4. ROBERT O ' NEEL— Senior Class Treasurer 4 HILLTOPPER Cartoonist 3, 4, Make-up Ed. 4 Constitution Com. 4; Basketball 3, 4; Track 1-4 Football 2; Lettermen ' s Club Sec.-Treas. 3, 4 Activities Board 4. ELIZABETH SCHMIDT— Senior Class Secretary 4; Gym Asst. 2-4; Hi-Y Sweetheart Cand. 4; Cheer-leader 3, 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Gale Joy 4; G.A.A. 1-4; Vihota Club 3; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3; Music Festival 2; May Pageant 1-4; Operetta 4; Activities Board 4. DONALD ADAMS— Cross-Country 1-3; Track 1-3; Hi-Y Club 2-4; Mock Election, Nationalist State Chm. 4; Band 1-3. ELOUISE AICHELE— Latin Club 2; G.A.A. 1; Music Festival 3; Operetta 4; Glee Club 2; Choir 3,4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Usher 4; Home Ec. Club 1. MARY AKERS — Clinic Asst. 4; Music Festival 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2. CHARLENE ALLEN— Ho-Se-Gi 4; Science Club 4; Math Club 3; Lost and Found Asst. 3; Junior Historical Club 4. W. CHARLENE ALLEN— Golden Girl Cand. 3; Vihota Club 3; HOWE TOWER 3; Spring Party Com. 4; Homeroom Mgr. 2. RUBY ALLSOPP— Music Festival 1 , 2; Home Ec. Club 1; G.A.A. 1, 2; Lunch Pass Asst. 3; Home- room Mgr. 2. KEITH ANDERSON— Tech H. S., Indianapolis, Ind. 1-3; " Best Foot Forward, " Usher 4. lOANN BADE— Clinic Asst. 4; Spanish Club V. Pres. 4; HOWE TOVITER 3, 4; Scholastic Art Award 3; Homeroom Bus. Agent 2; Library Asst. 2; Art Asst. 2; May Pageant 1; Cub Club 1; Homeroom Sec. I. JOSEPHINE BAILEY— Spanish Club V. Pres, 2; Math Club 2; Cub Club 2; Footlight Revelers 2-4; " Letters to Lucerne, " Bingo 2; Vihota Club 3; HOWE TOWER 3, Ed. Page 2, 4; Senior Play Com. 4; Music Festival 1-4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Pianist 2-4. ROBERT BAKEMEIER— Science Club I, 2; Foot- ball Student Mgr. 2-4; Football I; HOWE TOWER Photographer 2-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; House Management Com. 4; Audio-Visual Club 1 , 2. BARBARA BALDWIN — Commencement Com. 4; Hi-Y Sweetheart 3; Track Queen Cand. 3; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; HOWE TOWER Feature Writer 3; HILLTOPPER Club Ed. 4; Music Festival 1; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Cub Club 2. CLARA BARD — Vihota Club 3; Homeroom Asst. 1; Music Festival 2, 3. JOSEPHINE BARRETT— HOWE TOWER 3, Bus. Mgr. 4; Sub-Treas. 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Min- erva 4; Office Helper 3; Majorette 1, 2; Latin Club I, 2; French Club 3; Vihota Club 3; Library Club 1, Sec. 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Music Festival 1, 3; Pleasant Run Revue 1; Gym Asst. 4. WANDA BEATTY— Bloomingdale H. S., Bloom- ingdale. Ind. 1; Tech H. S., Indianapolis, Ind. 2; Junior Red Cross 3, 4. HELEN BEIDELMAN— Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Music Festival 1-4. OF 1946 BETTY BELLFRY— May Festival 1, 2; Home Ec. Club 2; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4. VERNA BIRCK— Latin Club 3; Girl Reserves 3, 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4. HELEN BOESCHEN— Music Festival 2; Office Helper 2, 3; Junior Red Cross 1-4; May Festival 2. JOAN BOWSHER— Music Festival 2; Junior Red Cross 1-4; Attendance Checker 1; Library Club 1; Home Ec. Club 1; Nutrition Award 3. MARY BRAGG — Anderson H. S., Anderson, Ind., 1; Junior Red Cross 2-4. ROBERT BREIDENBACH LOIS ANN BRENN— Cub Club 1; G.A.A. 1-2, Awards 1-2; Latin Club 1; Vihota Club Pres. 3; Violet Queen Cand. 3; May Pageant 2; HOWE TOWER Exchange Ed. 3, Tick Tocks 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Student Council 3; Golden Girl 4; Activities Board 4; Winter Wonderland 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Senior Winter Party Com. 4; Mock Election, Recorder 4. LEWIS BREWER— Choir 1-4; Band 1-3; Vocal Ensemble 1-3; Music Festival 1-4. LORANETTA BRINKER— Junior Red Cross 2, 3 Latin Club 1-2; Music Festival 3, 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4 Vihota Club 3; Clinic Asst. 4; Victory Corp 2, 3 Homeroom Sec. 1. BETTY BROOKBANK— Band 1, 2; May Pageant 1; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Cub Club 2; Junior Red Cross 1, 2. BARBARA BROWN— Shortridge H. S., Indian- apolis, Ind. 1, 2; Vihota Club 3; Senior Winter Party Com. 4; Mock Election, Judge 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Office Helper 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4. WILLIAM BROWN— Science Club 2, 3; Math Club 3; Music Club 3; Victory Corp 2, 3; Music Festival 1, 2. TOM BROWNING— Victory Corp 1. KENNETH BUCKHORN— Choir 2, 4; Victory Corp 2, 3; Operetta 2, 4; Music Festival 1-3; Gym Asst. 4. ROSEMARY BUENTING— Latin Club 1, 2, Con- sul 2; Library Club 1, 2, Pres. 2; Office Helper 2; Majorette 1-3; Pleasant Run Revue I, 3; Baton Club 1; HOWE TOWER 3, 4, Feature Writer 3; News Bureau, Indianapolis Herald 4; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Senior Spring Party Com. 4. MARJORIE BUNNELL— Music Festival 1, 2; Senior Play Com. 4; Vihota Club 3; Cub Club 1; Victory Corp 1; Red Cross Com. 1. JUNE BURGESS— Colors Com. 4; Music Festival 1, 2; Pleasant Run Revue 3; G.A.A. Sec.-Treas. 3; Vihota Club 3; May Pageant 2; Library Asst. 3. RICHARD BURKDALL— Time Current Event Con- test Winner 3; " Best Foot Forward, " Usher 4; Mock Election Official 4. dUsumsmbsOc whurL wsl wsajl J ' MAhmsut. . . . a fSA. aqo . BETTY BURKEY— Tech H. S., Indianapolis, Ind. 1, 2; Spanish Asst. 3; Vihola Club 3; Music Fes- lival, Usher 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4. WILLIAM BURNS— Tech. H. S., Indianapolis, Ind. 1-3. FRANK CARDIS— Homeroom Bus. Aqenl 1. RONALD CARR — Cross Country Color Guard 2; Band 1, 2. Football 3; NORBERT CARTEAUX— Senior Play Com. 4; HOWE TOWER 3, 4; Band 1-3; Operetta 2; Pleas- ant Run Revue 2; Glee Club 1; Mock Election, Slate Rep. 4. MELBA CASS—Footlight Revelers I. CHARLES CHAMBERS— Football 3, 4; Music Festival 2-4; Band 2-4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Orchestra 4; May Pageant 1. LIONEL CHANDLER— Cross Country I; Golf 1-4; Football 2, 3; Hi-Y Club 3; May Pageant 1. FRANCES CHILCOTE— Band 1-3; Music Festival 2; May Festival 1, 2; Spanish Club 2; Art Scholar- ship 4. NARI CHIRP AS— Cub Club 1, 2; Horizon Club 1; Vihota Club 3; G.A.A. 1, 4; Av ards 1-4; May Festival 1, 3; Spring Party Com. 4. MAE ELLEN CHURCH— Choir 2; Girls ' Octet 2-4; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Operetta 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Office Helper 3, 4; May Festival 2, 3; Music Festival 2, 3; " Best Foot For- ward, " Usher 4. PATRICIA CLOUD— Ho-Se-Gi 4; May Festival I, 2; Cub Club 1; Junior Red Cross Pres. 3; Clinic Asst. 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2; Vihota Club 3. DON COFFEY— Football 2-4; Track 3; Basket- ball Mgr. 1-4; Choir 1, 2; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; Hi-Y Club 3, 4; Winter Party Com. 4; Audio- Visual Club 3, 4. JAMES COLEMAN— Golf 2-4; Band 4; Com- mencement Com. 4. POLLY COOK— Victory Corp I, 2; Office Helper 4; May Festival 2; Spanish Clinic 2. DOROTHY COWELL— G.A.A. Awards 13, V. Pres. 4; Junior Red Cross 3; Sub-Treas. 4; Senior Play Ticket Sal« 4. NORMA COX— Victory Corp I; May Festival 2; Clinic Asst. 4; Library Asst. 2, 3. SHIRLEY COX— " Best Foot Forward, " Prompter 4; May Festival 2; Victory Corp I, 2. ivi L PATRICIA CREWS— Cub Club 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Office Helper 2; May Festival 1; Spanish Clinic 2; Gym Office Asst. 3; Clinic Asst. 4. ROBERT CRIST— May Pageant 1. DOROTHY CUPPS— Ho-Se-Gi Pres. 4; Vespers Com. Chm. 4; Activities Council 4; Vlhota Club 3; Music Festival 3, 4; Operetta 4; Audio-Visual 3, 4. WILLIAM CUPPY— Track 1, 3; Hi-Y Club 4; Senior Spring Party Com. 4. BARBARA DAHL— May Pageant 1; Vihota Club 3; Science Club 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4. BARBARA DAUGHERTY— Drum Majorette I; Music Festival, Usher 3; Pleasant Run Revue 1; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Vihota Club 3. BEVERLY DAVIS— Memorial H. S., Orlando, Fla., 1; Winter Park H. S., Winter Park, Fla., 2; Vihota Club 3; Pleasant Run Revue, Usher 3; HOWE TOWER, Reporter 3, 4; Office Helper 3; Ho-Se- Gi 4. LOISLEE DAVIS— Beech Grove H. S., Beech Grove, Ind., 1-3; Ho-Se-Gi 4. CORRINE DENARI— Band 1; Library Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4. SHIRLEY DENNER— Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Nutrition Award 2; May Pageant 1. DAVE DeWITTE— Cross Country 3, 4; Track 1-4; Senior Spring Party Com. 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4. BEVERLY DICKERSON— Ho-Se-Gi 4; Vihota Club 3; Vespers Com. 4; Latin Club 1; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Operetta 2. SHIRLEY DIEHL— Cub Club 2; Gym Asst. 1-4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Vihota Club 3; Hi-Y Sweetheart Cand. 3; HOWE TOWER, Feature Writer 3, 4; May Pageant 1-4; Homeroom Bus. Agent 3; Homeroom Sec. I; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3; Class Day Com. 4; G.A.A. 1-4, Awards 1-4; Operetta 4; Horizon Club Sec. 2, V. Pres. 3. FRED DIETZ— Senior Spring Party Com. 4; Bas- ketball 1, 3; Track 1, 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Letter- men ' s Club 3, 4; Treas. 3; Gym Asst. 4; Letter- men ' s Club Dance 4. HELEN DIXON— Cheerleader 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3; Operetta 4; Music Festival 2; Broad Ripple H. S., Indianapolis, Ind., 1. JEWEL DORSEY— Music Festival 1; Senior Spring Party Com. 4; Golden Girl Cand. 4; Of- fice Helper 3, 4; HOWE TOWER 3; Relay Queen 3. ELIZABETH DOWNEY— Ho Se Gf 4. JOAN DUFOUR— Hi-Y Sweetheart Cand. 4; Senior Spring Party Com. 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Vihota Club 3; May Pageant 1, 2; Homeroom Sec. 2; Spanish Club. SARIANN DULIN— Music Festival 2-4; May Pageant 1; Operetta 4; Vihota Club 3; Orches- tra 2-4. FRANCES DUSTIN— St. John ' s Academy, Indian- apolis, Ind. 1. JOSEPH EADS— Homeroom Agent 3; Choir 2-4; Band 2-4; Music Festival 1-4; Operetta 2, 4, King Maximillian 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Boys ' Octet 4; En- semble 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Old Grad 4; Track 1; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3. IDA ANN ECKSTEIN— Latin Club 1, 2; Home Ec. Club 1, 2; G.A.A. ], 2; Choir 2, 4; Science Club 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Music Festival 2; Operetta 4. PAUL EDER — Movie Operator 1, 2; Homeroom Agent 2; Lab. Asst. 4; Defense Com. 3, 4. LUCILLE EDWARDS— Music Festival 2; Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2. ROBERT EDWARDS — May Pageant 2; Intramural Track Meet 2. PAUL EICHER— Football 2-4; Basketball 1, 2; Lettermen ' s Club, Pres. 4; Senior Winter Party Com., Chm. 4; Music Festival 2; HOWE TOWER 4; Winter Wonderland Dance Com., Chm. 4; Track 3; Hi-Y Club 3, 4, Sec. 4. WILLIAM EIKENBARY— Band 2-4; Latin Club 1, 2; Intramural Track Meet 2; Pleasant Run Revue 3. BETTY LOU EISENHUT— Class Day Com. 4; G. A.A. 2, 3; HOWE TOWER 3, 4, Ed. Page 3, 4; Cub Club 2; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Victory Corp 1 . MARY ANN ELLIOTT— Latin Club 1, 2, Scriplor 2; Vihota Club 3; Cub Club 1; Ho-Se-Gi 4; HILL- TOPPER Make-up Ed. 3, 4; G.A.A. 1-4, Av ards 1-3; G.A.A. -Lettermen ' s Dance Com. 3, 4; Gym Asst. 3, 4; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3; Operetta 2, 4; Spring Party Com. 4; May Pageant 1, 3; American Legion Poppy Poster Av ard 3. MARGARET ELLIS— Ho-Se-Gi 4; Band 4. SIDNEY ELLIS— Music Festival 1-4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Orchestra 1-4. JAMES ENOCHS— Student Council 1. PATRICIA ETHERIDGE— Drum Majorette 1-4; Office Helper 1, 3, 4; May Pageant 2; Music Festival 1, 2. BONNE FAGALA— G.A.A. Science Club 2. CLARA PATH- St. Agnes Academy, Indian- apolis, Ind., 1; HOWE TOWER 3; Cub Club 2; Music Club 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Music Festival 2-4. GLORIA FEEZLE — Shortridge H. S., Indianapolis, Ind. 1; Cub Club 2; Vihota Club 3; Girl Reserves 4; HoSe-Gi 4. CL " ?(dwsl JiA L ' . . . JlfUL piooAanL (Rutl (fhwiuL . . . ROSEMARY FIGG— Junior Red Cross 1, 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4. JOSEPH FOERDERER— Senior Play Com. 4; HILLTOPPER Bus. Mgr. 3, 4; Mock Election, Lieut. Gov. 4; Activities Board, Pres. 4; Footlight Revel- ers 2, 4, Pres. 2; Music Festival 2, 3; " Letters to Lucerne, " Gustav 3; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Operetta 4; Boys ' Octet 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Consti- tution Com. 4. ROBERT FONTAINE— Golf 4. ELLEN FORD— Latin Club 1, 2; G.A.A. 1-4; Ho-Se-Gi 4,- Cheerleader 4; Girl Reserve 3, 4; Homeroom Sec. 1. THOMAS FOSNIGHT— Football 2. ROBERT FOWLER— Greenfield H. S., Green- field, Ind., 1. JENNIE LOU FOX— Homeroom Bus. Agent 2, 3; HOWE TOWER 3, 4; Spring Party Com. 4; At- tendance Checker 3; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Pleasant Run Revue, Usher 3; History Club 3; Music Festival, Usher 3; May Pageant 2. RAMONA FROSCH— G.A.A. 1, 2; HOWE TOWER 3; Office Helper 3; Spring Party Com. 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Junior Red Cross 1-4; May Pageant 1, 2. MARY JANE CARD- Latin Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 4; HOWE TOWER 3, 4, Copy Ed. 4; News Bureau, Indianapolis Times 4; Winter Party Com. 4; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; " Best Foot For- ward, " Usher 4; Attendance Checker 4; Historical Club 4. HELEN GARRETT— Music Festival 2; Glee Club 1, 2. OLIVE GARRETT— Latin Club 2, 3; Library Asst. 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Orchestra 2, 3; Music Fes- tival 2. GARY GEORGE— Band 1-4; Music Festival 2; Sub-Treas. 4. LEONA GERALD — May Pageant 1, 2; Junior Red Cross 1-4. NORMA GIBSON— Spring Party Com. 4 Spanish Club 1-4; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4 Cub Club 1; History Club 3; Music Festival 1, 2 May Pageant 2; Homeroom Bus. Agent 1; Junior Red Cross 1-4; Victory Corp 1. DONALD GOODWIN— Basketball 1, 3, 4; Foot- ball 3; Track 1-4; Spring Party Com. 4; Science Club 3; Gym Asst. 2-3; Lettermen ' s Club 4. VIRGINIA GOOTEE— Girls ' Glee Club 3, 4; Music Festival 1. JEAN GORDON— American Legion Good Citi- zenship Award 3; Commence ment Com. 4; Home- room Bus. Agent 1, 2; HOWE TOWER 3; HILL- TOPPER Activities Ed. 4; Choir 2-4; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Latin Club 2; French Club 2; Cub Club 1; Latin Contest 1st Place 1, 2nd Place 2; Musical Festival 1-4. ROBERT GRAEBER (BoAladbalL atuL J iaxJc . . . Hul diilaJtiDJULbu Ssudwnahu . . . JkiL isMiA. whsiTL wsL IoaL I l JtJyL inoL qamsL . . KATHERINE GRAVES— Girl Reserves 4; Science Club 2; Latin Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 3, 4; Vihota Club 3; French Club 3; Homeroom Rep. 2. JEANNE HACKETT— Library Asst. 2; Winter Party Com. 4; Vihola Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Music Festival 1; May Pageant 2; Junior Red Cross 1-4; Activities Council 4; Glee Club 1. JOANNE HACKETT— Winter Party Com. 4; Vi- hota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Junior Red Cross 1-4; Music Festival 1; May Pageant 2; Glee Club 1. ROSALYNN HAINE— May Pageant 1; Spanish Club 1, 2; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Clinic Asst. 4. PHYLLIS HALLETT— Senior Play Properties Com. 4; Latin Club 2; Home Ec. Club 2; Music Festival 1; Clinic Asst. 4; Vihota Club 3; Latin Contest 1st Place 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4. LAURA HAMMOND— Matamoras H. S., New Matamoras, Ohio, 1-3; Footlight Revelers 4; Ho- Se-Gi 4. LYLE HANNA— Track 1; Intramural Track Meet 1-3. VELMA HANSELMAN— Jewelry Sec. 3, 4; G.A.A. 3; Vihola Club 3; May Pageant 1. VIRGINIA HARKINS— May Pageant 1, 3; G.A.A. 1; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Defense Council 1; Cub Club 1; Junior Red Cross 2. -G.A.A. DELORES HARPER- Ho-Se-Gi 4. May Pageant JOAN HARRISON— G.A.A. 1-4; Award 1; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Operetta 3; May Pageant 1-3; Cheerleader 4. THOMAS HAYS— Defense Com. 1; Victory Corp. 1; Intramural Track Team 1-3; May Pageant 1. JEROME HEATER— Band 1-4; Orchestra 2, 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Greenie 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Music Festival 1-4; May Pageant 1-4. DELORES HEATH— Cheerleader 3, 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Band 1; Homeroom Agent 2; May Pageant 1,3. JANIS HEITHECKER— Winter Party Com. 4; Violet Oueen Cand. 3; G.A.A. 1-3; HOWE TOWER 3,4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; May Festival 1-3; Junior Red Cross 2; Cub Club 1, 2; Defense Com. 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Vihota Club 3. VERA HERSHBERGER— Vespers Com. 4; Cheer leader 3, 4; Gym Asst. 4; G.A.A. Sec.-Treas. 3, 4; Pageant 1-3; G.A.A.-Lettermen ' s Dance Com. 4; Operetta 2, MARTHA HESS— Office Helper 4; Horizon Club 3, 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Vihota Club 3; Music Festival 2; Pleasant Run Revue 3. DONNA HILL — Brownstown H. S., Brownstown, Ind. 1-3; Girls Reserves 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4. Jhnn. WJL wsUUL S phomoMidu and. SsjdtmnaL QhampA. . . . R. JAMES HILL— Vespers Com. 4; Track 1-4; Football 3, 4; Lettermen ' s Club 2-4; Band 1; Mock Election, Attorney Gen. 4. MARY JANE HILL— Senior Play Com. 4; Foot- light Revelers 1-3; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Violet Queen Cand. 3; " Letters to Lucerne, " Olqa 2; Choir 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Operetta 4; Cub Club 2; House Management Com., Senior Play 4; Mock Election, Supreme Court Judge 4. CAROL HISE — Lakewood H. S., Lakewood, Ohio, 1-3. LEROY HOFMANN— Football 2-4; Band 1-4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; HOWE TOWER 3; Music Festival 2-4; May Festival 1-4; Pleasant Run Revue 3. SHIRLEY HOHN— G.A.A. 2; May Pageant 1-3; Vihota Club 3; Pleasant Run Revue, Usher 3. DAVID HOLTSCLAW— H o u s e Management Com., Senior Play 4; Cross Country 4; Mock Election, Federalist State Chm. 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Intramural Track Meet 2, 3; Track 4; Victory Corp. I, 2. LEON HORTON— Track 1; " Best Foot Forward, " Chester Billings 4; Intramural Track Meet 3; Bi- ology Asst. 2; Gym Asst. 4; Sub-Treas. 4. . JANE HOUCK— Latin Club I; Music Festival 1; Cub Club 2; May Pageant I, 2; Pleasant Run Revue 1; Latin Asst. 1; Victory Corp 1, 2; French Club 3; Art Award 3. DOLORES HUBBARD— Ho-Se-Gi 4; Music Fes- tival 1, 2; May Pageant 1, 2. FINLEY ISLER— Basketball 1; Intramural Track Meet 2-4; Gym Asst. 3; May Pageant 1; Victory Corp 1, 2. JOYCE JACOB— G.A.A. I; Latin Club 2; Band 1-4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Science Club, Sec. 4; May Pageant 2-4; Music Festival 2-4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Senior Play Properties Com. 4. JAMES JACOBS— Football 2-4; Track 1, 3; Music Festival 1-4; Band 1-4; Spring Party Com. 4; Hi-Y Club 3, 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; May Festival 1-4; Victory Corp 1, 2. MARY ELLEN JAMES— Music Festival 1-3; Winter Party Com. 4; Home Ec. Club 1-4; Library Club 1-4; Science Club 1-4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Music Festival 1-3. JOHN JEFFRIES— Band 1. CAROLYN JOHNSON— Winter Party Com. 4; Latin Club 1, 2; HOWE TOWER 3, 4; Homeroom Asst. 2, 3; French Club 2; Cub Club 1. MARJORIE JOHNSON— Junior Red Cross 1. MARJORIE LOIS JOHNSON— G.A.A. 1-4, Pres. 4; Band 1-3; HOWE TOWER 3, 4; Winter Won- derland Dance Chm. 4; G.A.A. 2-4; Awards 1-3; Music Festival 1-3; May Pageant 1-3; Homeroom Asst. 1-3; Vihota Club 3. ROBERT JOHNSTON— Radio Club 1, 3. CHARLES JONES— Winter Party Com. 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Dulrh 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Band 1; Cross Country 1,4; Tiack 4; Coll ' A. DARLO lUDD— G.A.A., 14 Awuids 14; Sub- Treas. 4; Cheerleader 4; Attendance Checker 3; Gym Asst. 4; Science Dept. Asst. 4; Vihota Club 3; May Festival 1-3. JOSEPHINE JUSTICE— Latin Club 1, Prcs. 2; Constitution Com. 4; Senior Play Com. 4; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3; Operetta 2, 4; Matilda 4; Foot- light Revelers 1-4; Cheerleader 2-4; Av ards 3, 4; HOWE TOWER 3; Vihota Club, V. Pres. 3; " Let- ters to Lucerne, " Bingo 2; D. A. R. Good Citizen- ship Av ard 4; Art Scholarship 4; " Little Women, " lo 3; " Best Foot Forward, " Blind Date 4; Home- room Asst. 2, 4; Gym Asst. 2-4; May Pageant 2-4; G.A.A. 1, " Stage Door, " Terrey 4. LEE KATZMAN— Hirsch H. S., Chicago, Illinois, 1. NORMA KEITH— Music Festival 1, 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4; May Pageant 1, 2. JOSEPH KELLY— Defense Com. 4. CHARLES KERR— Football 3, 4; Basketball Stu- dent Mgr, 3, 4; Band 2-4; Hi-Y Club 3, 4. MILDRED KERSHNER— Music Festival 1, 2; Choir 2, 3; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Girl Reserves 1. MAYNARD KING— Mock Election, Supt. of Pub- lic Schools 4; Track 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; Football 2-4, Capt. 4; Band 1, 2; Music Festival 1, 2; Intramural Track Meet 1-3; Lettermen ' s Club 4, ROLLAND KING— Track 1; Basketball 1, 3; Foot- ball Mgr. 2-4; Track Mgr. 2; Basketball Mgr. 2; Activities Com. 4; Mock Election, Nationalist Cand. for Gov. 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4. MARY ALICE KIRKH AM— Cheerleader 3, 4, Awards 3, 4; Ho-Se-Gi Treas. 4; Music Festival 1-3; Gym Asst. 1-4; Operetta 2, 4; Pleasant Run Revue 1,3; G.A.A. 1-4 Awards 1-4; May Pageant 1-4; Victory Corp 1; Vihota Club 3; Mock Elec- tion, Supreme Court Judge 4. KENNETH KLEINSCHMIDT — HOWE TOWER Sports Ed. 3, Ed.-in-Chief 4; Choir 1-4; News Bureau, Indianapolis Star 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Bud Hooper 4; Hi-Y Club 3, 4; Class Day Com. 4; May Pageant 1-4; Music Festival 1-4; Pleasant Run Revue 1; Operetta 2, 4. REX KLINE— Band 3, 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Senior Play Properties Com. 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Music Festival 3; May Pageant 3; Intramural Track Meet 3. BETTY KNARZER— Cub Club 3; May Pageant 1, 2; Victory Corp 1; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Junior Red Cross 1-4. VICTOR MARION KNIGHT St. Petersburg H. S., St. Petersburgh, Fla., 1-2; Activities Board 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Band 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Intramural Track Meet 3; " Best Foot Forward, " Jack 4; Winter Party Com. 4; May Pageant 3; Music Festival 3. PATRICIA LAMB— " Best Foot Forward, " Promp- ter 4; Latin Club 1; Victory Corp 1; May Pageant 1, 2; Music Festival 3, 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Vihota Club 3; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Orchestra 3, 4; Mock Election, State Rep, 4; Class Gift Com. 4. FRANCES LANDWEHR— Pleasant Run Revue 1; Majorette 1, 2; Scholastic Art Award 4; Junior Red Cross 1-4. GENE LAWRENCE— Radio Club I, 2. ' ' J uL CUL ' dmsiAkarL onsMAl ' . . . fiaJt dcJtk. OpsOudiioL KATHRYN LEWIS— Ho-Se-Gi 4; Majorette 1-3; Music Festival 2; Pleasant Run Revue 1; May Pageant 1-3; G.A.A. 4; Vihota Club 3. GAY LOMAX— HOWE TOWER Cubby Hole, Tick Toclcs 2, 3; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3. MARY JANE LORENT— Latin Club 1-3; Music Festival 1, 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Home Ec. Club 1-3; Vihota Club 3; Junior Red Cross 1-3; May Page- ant 1, 2. NORMA LOUIS— Science Club 1; May Pageant RAYMOND LYNCH— Audio-Visual Club 2. HARVEY McCLINTOCK— North Fulton H. S., Atlanta, Georgia, 3. BARBARA McDONALD— G.A.A. 1, 2, Awards 1-3; Gym. Asst. 4; Library Asst. 2; Winter Won- derland Dance Com. 4; Vihota Club 3; May Pag- eant 3; Sub-Treas. 4; Scrapbook Com. 4. CHARLES McGLACKEN— Football 3, 4; May Pageant 2-4; Band 1-4; Orchestra 4; Music Fes- tival 1-3; " Best Fool Forward, " Usher 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3. PEGGY McLAHLAN— May Pageant 1, 2; Library Asst. 2, 3. DAVID McMAHAN— Hi-Y Club 3; Intramural Basketball Team 4. MARCIA McMULLEN — Commencement Com. 4; HOWE TOWER 3, Copy Ed. 4; Homeroom Bus. Agent 2; Office Helper 3; Junior Red Cross 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; Girl Reserve 3; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4;, Pleasant Run Revue 1; Victory Corp 2; May Pageant 2. CYRUS McNUTT— Science Club 2; P. A. Sys- tem 4. RONALD M ALOOF— Track 1-3; Homeroom Agent 1-3; Extra Music Group 3, 4; Gym Asst. 1-3; Laboratory Asst. 2; Mock Election, Supreme Court Judge 4. LAVONNE MANNFELD— Commencement Com. 4; Violet Queen Cand., 3; " Letters to Lucerne, " Olga 2; " Little Women, " Marmee 3; HOWE TOWER Copy Reader 3, Ed. Page 1, 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Ethel 4; Vihota Club 3; Foot- light Revelers 1-4, Sec. 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; May Pageant 1-3; G.A.A. 2; Science Club 2; Cub Club 1; Homeroom Sec. 1-3; " Stage Door, " Jean 4. RICHARD MARKLE— Glee Club 4. PAULINA MASSENA— Ho-Se-Gi 4; Vihota Club 3; Audio-Visual 1; G.A.A. 1, 2; Music Festival 1, 2; Junior Red Cross 1, 2. JOAN MEININGER— Pleasant Run Revue 3; Commencement Com. 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Miss Smith 4; Latin Club 2; HILLTOPPER Home- room Ed. 3, Senior Ed. 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, Awards 1, 2; Office Helper 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Cub Club 2; Latin Clinic Coach 2; May Pageant 1, 2; Vihota Club 3. CLIFFORD MELVIN— Warren Central H. S., In- dianapolis, Ind., 1-2; Golf 3-4. JJvL dnmioL Wm fiaqsbomL. . . ihsL UiDUdL QwuitL . . . JhsL SJt odL o Owl JooJtbalL QoMsih. . . . Jwo ojfuidu FAY ANN MERRITT— Winter Parly Com. 4; Latin Club 2, 3; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; HOWE TOWER 3, 4; Office Helper 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, Award 1, 2; Scholastic Award 2, 3; Latin Clinic Coach 2. JANE MESSING— Constitution Com. 4; Class Day Com. Chm. 4; Vihota Club, Treas. 3; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3; Footlight Revelers 2-4; HOWE TOWER Cubby Hole 3; HILLTOPPER Asso. Ed. 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Helen 4; " Letters to Lucerne, " Felice 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Cub Club 2; May Pageant 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, Award 1; " Stage Door, " Bobby 4. BETTY LOU MEYER— Homeroom Sec. 3. PEGGY JEAN MILLEN— Central H. S., Evans- ville, Ind. 1-3; Class Day Com. 4; Hi-Y Sweetheart ,Cand. 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; HOWE TOWER 4; Choir 3; English Dept. Asst. 4; Mock Election, Supreme Court Judge 4; Track Queen Cand. 4. FAYE MILLER— Vihota Club 3; Audio-Visual Club 1; May Pageant I; Ho-Se-Gi 4; G.A.A. 1. PATRICIA MILLER— Cheerleaders ' Club 3; May Pageant 1; Vihota Club 3; HOWE TOWER Fea- ture Writer 3, Tick Tocks 4; Latin Club 1; Junior Red Cross 1; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Latin Clinic Coach 2; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Cub Club 1, 2; Spring Party Com. 4; G.A.A. 1. THOMAS MITCHELL— Homeroom Bus. Agent 4; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3; Music Festival 1-3; Spring Party Com. 4; Band 1-4. BETTY MOON— Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 4; G.A.A. 1, 4; Homeroom Sec. 1, 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4; May Pag- eant 2. JANE MORGAN— Pleasant Run Revue 3; Vihota Club 3; Office Helper 2; Cub Club 1; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Defense Com. 2, 3; Victory Corp 1; Scrapbook Com. 4. RONALD MORGAN— Washington H. S., Indian- apolis, Ind. 2. JOYCE MOTTERN— Latin Club 1; Clinic Asst. 3, 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Vihota Club 3; Library Asst. .2, 3; Pleasant Run Revue, Usher 3; May Pageant 1; Winter Party Com. 4. ROBERT MUMFORD— Homeroom Bus. Agent 2; May Pageant 2. PAUL MYERS— Track 2, 3; Music Festival 1, 2. CARL NIEMANN— Current Events Time Maga- zine Award 3. JOAN NOLTING— Spanish Club 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2; Science Club 4; May Pageant 2; Girl Re- serves 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4. JEAN NUDING— Music Festival 1, 2; Latin Club 2; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Spring Party Com. 4. MARY NUGENT— HOWE TOWER Feature Writer 3; Art Scholarship 4; May Pageant 1, 2. MARGARET OVERMAN— Home Ec. Club 3; G.A.A. 2. imufiA. . . . dnvihu L (fbwwL . . . S duonoL fiunmAdwlAp ANITA JANE OWEN— Spanish Club 2, Pres. 4; Horizon Club 1, 2; French Club 3; Girl Reserves 4; Mock Election, Senator 4. DONNA PASSEN— Vihota Club 3; Winter Party Com. 4; May Pageant 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4. BETTY PAYNE— G.A.A. 1-3; Audio-Visual 1; Vihota Club 3; Intramural Meet 1st Place 3; May Pageant 3; Gym Assl. 2; Pleasant Run Revue 3; State Day 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4. MARIE PEDIGO— Clerical Asst. 2; Lunch Pass Checker 3, 4; Girl Reserves 2. MARCIA PEIRCE— Cheerleader 3, 4; Science Club 3; Homeroom Asst. 1-3; Gym Asst. 4; G.A.A. 1, 2; Cub Club 1; Pleasant Run Revue 1; May Pageant 2, 3. ROBERT PERCIVAL— Music Festival 2; Science Club 3; Audio-Visual Club 3; May Pageant 2; Glee Club 2, 3; " Best Foot Forward, " Usher 4. JANE PETTINGER— Library Club 1; Cub Club • 1; Homeroom Bus. Agent 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Vihota Club 3. PAUL POWELL — Cross Country 1; Basketball 1; Track 1, 4; Homeroom Pres. 3; Winter Party Com. 4. ROBERT POWELL— Victory Corp 1; Football 1. DOROTHY PRESSLER— Spanish Club 1, 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Science Club 4; Girl Reserves 4. MARY PRIDE— Latin Club 1, 2; Vihota Club 3; Lunch Pass Checker 3, 4; Girl Reserves 1, 2; French Club 3. CAROL PRITCHETT— Latin Club 1, 2. Sec. 2; French Club 3; Homeroom Sec. 2-4; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Home Ec. Club 1; May Pageant 1; HOWE TOWER 3, Bus. Agent 4; " Best Foot For- ward, " Usher 4; HILLTOPPER Agent 4. ALFRED PURSELL— Hi-Y Club 4; Football 1; May Festival 2, 3. MARGARET RAINS— Warren Central H. S., Indianapolis, Ind. 1-3. MARJORIE RAY— HILLTOPPER Ed.-in-Chief 4; HOWE TOWER Cubby Hole Ed. 3; Cub Club 1-3; Spanish Club 1, 2, Sec. 2; Orchestra 1-4; News Bureau, Indianapolis News 4; Winter Party Com. 4; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Homeroom Bus. Agent 1, 2; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3; Music Festival 1-4; May Pageant 1; Publications Board 4. CECELIA RECK— Operetta 2; Vihota Club 3. HAROLD REED— Music Festival 3, 4; Winter Wonderland Dance Com. 4; Operetta 4; Choir 4; Glee Club 3; Intramural Track Meet 3. PAULINE RESENER— May Pageant 1, 3; Home Ec. Club, 1; Junior Red Cross 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4. lEANNINE REYNOLDS— Choir 1-3; Music Fes- tival 1-3; May Pageant 1-3; Operetta 2; Latin Club 2; G.A.A. 2; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Art Asst. 4. MARTHA REYNOLDS— May Pageant 1; Cub Club 1; Girl Reserves 2. CHARLES RICKERT— Board Ripple H. S., In- dianapolis, Ind., 1-3; Intramural Track Meet 3. RUTH RICHEY— Music Festival 1, 2; Clinic Asst. 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Library Asst. 2-4. MARY VIRGINIA RIDER— Music Festival 1, 2; Latin Club 1, 2; May Pageant ], 2; HOWE TOWER 3, Name Checker 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Homeroom Sec. 2; Office Helper 2; Science Club 2, 3; Vihota Club 3; Horizon Club 1-4, Pres. 4; Victory Corp 1; French Club 3; Latin Contest, 1st Place 1. BOBBY JEAN RINEHART— Winter Parly Com. 4; Cub Club 2; May Pageant 2, 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Operetta 4; Music Festival 2, 3; Junior Red Cross 2-4; Vihota Club 3; Spanish Club 2; G.A.A. 2-4; Victory Corp 1. EMILY RINSCH— Girl Reserves 4; Winter Party Com. 4; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Music Festival 2, 3; HOWE TOWER 3, Exchange Ed. 4; Latin Club 1; Cub Club 2; Orchestra 2-4; May Pageant 2; Operetta 4; Victory Corp 1. RONALD ROACH— Brown Boy Cand. 4; Mock Election, Gov. 4; Choir 2-4; Golf 1-4; Football 2-4; Cheerleader 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Sub-Treas. 4; Winter Party Com. 4; Operetta 4; Basketball 1; Cross-Country 1; Victory Corp 2; May Pageant 2. DAVID ROBE— May Pageant 2; Victory Corp 1. MARILYN ROEHL— Science Club 2; May Pag- eant 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Spanish Club 4; Victory Corp 1 . MARY ROGERS — May Pageant 1, 2; Vihota Club 3. GLORIA RUBUSH— Music Festival 1; May Pag- eant 1; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Horizon Club 1. YVONNE RUSSELL— Colors Com. 4; G.A.A. 1-4; Music Festival 1, 2; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Vihota Club 3; May Pageant 2, 3; G.A.A. Party Com. 3. SHIRLEY SCHOLLE— Winter Party Com. 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Vihota Club 3; Girl Reserves 1; Aero- nautics Club 2; Latin Club 2, 3; Cub Club 2; French Club 3; May Pageant 1. DAVE SCHORNSTEIN— Football 2-4, " Most Val- uable Player Av ard " 4; American Legion Good Citizenship Award 3; Track 1-4; Hi-Y Club 3, Pres. 4; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4, Sec. 3; Spring Party Com. Chm. 4; Radio Club 3; Homeroom Bus. Mgr. 3; Band 1, 2; Music Festival 1, 2; " Best Foot Forward, " Doc Reeber 4. HELEN SCHREIBER— Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Office Helper 4; Spring Party Com. 4; Aero- nautics Club 2; Junior Red Cross 2; May Pageant 1, 2; Defense Com. 1. CARL SCHULTHIES— Tech H. S., Indianapolis, Ind. 1-2; Intramural Track Meet 3; Football 4. ROBERT SCHWIER— Spanish Club 1, 2; Science Club V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3; Winter Parly Com. 4; Homeroom Bus. Mgr. 2; Laboratory Asst. 2-4. SaJudL ooj[L ' £jusl io Owl fialA iPuL ' fyS S mmA. VIRGINIA SCOTT— Winter Parly Com. 4; Vihotd Clvib 3; May Pageant 1, 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4. JOHN SHAFFER— Football 3, 4; Track 1-4; Basketball 1; Choir 2, 3; Latin Club 1; Homeroom Bus. Mgr. 1. PETE SHIELDS— Michigan City H. S., Michigan City, Ind. 1, 2; Hi-Y Club 3, 4; Golf 4; Winter Party Com. 4; Purdue Drawing Contest 3. TED SKILLMAN- Usher 4, -Golf 2-4; " Best Foot Forward, " PATRICIA SLOO— Winter Party Com. 4; Gym Assl. 1-4; Violet Queen 3; Hi-Y Sweetheart Cand. 4; HOWE TOWER 3; G.A.A. 1-3; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3; " Best Foot Forward, " Miss Delaware Water Gap 4; May Pageant I, 2; Vihoia Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Track Queen 4. DOUGLAS SMITH— Hi-Y Club 1-4; Track 1-3; Football 3; Basketball 1; Gym Assl. 3; Music Festival 2. JAMES SOMMERVILLE— Photographer 1, 3; Lab. Asst. 4; Winter Party Com. 4; Science Club, Pres. 2; P. A. System 4; Music Festival I; Boys ' Octet 4. PETER SPECHT— May Pageant 1; Corp 1. Victory DARRELL SPRINGER— Basketball 1, 3, 4; Letter- men ' s Club 3, 4, V. Pres. 4; Senior Play Com. 4; Homeroom Agent 2. VIRGINIA STAMM— Latin Club 1, 3; French Club 3; Girl Reserves 2; Music Festival 2; Choir 3; Audio- Visual 1, 4; Clinic Asst. 3. ROBERT STECKLEY— Vespers Com. 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Basketball 1; Audio-Visual 3, 4; Football Mgr. 4. RUTH STEWART— Tech. H. S., Indianapolis, Ind. 1. KARL STONEKING— Brown Boy Cand. 3; Basketball 1; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; Hi-Y Club 3, Trcas. 4; Audio-Visual 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Track 3. PATRICIA STRIEBECK- ing Team 1. -May Pageant 1; Bowl- PHYLLIS STULTZ— Tech, H. S., Indianapolis Ind. I; Music Festival 2-4; Girls ' Octet 3, 4 Pleasant Run Revue, Usher 3; Vihota Club 3 Vocal Ensemble 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Operetta 4, Cheerleader 4; Spring Party Com. 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4 Junior Red Cross 1-4. ALICE JEAN SURFACE— Cub Club 1; Latin Club 2; Vihota Club 3; Art Scholarship 4; Ho-Se-Gi Sec. 4; Colors Com. 4; Mock Election, Senator 4; Music Festival, Usher 3; Victory Corp 1, 2. SUE SWEENEY— G.A.A. 1 , 3; Music Festival 2; Pleasant Run Revue 3; May Pageant 2, 3; Horizon Club 1; Ho-Se-Gi 4. PARTICIA TALLEY— Winter Party Com. 4; House Management 4; Vihota Club 3; Horizon Club 1-3; May Pageant 1; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Scholastic Art Award 3; G.A.A. 1. Ihan. U}sL Ix)suul ihsL Jop Sui A. . . . S nuft , at ta LH QloMu O ioi idu . . . " (Ba L JooL J oMvwuL ' . . . l MpsiM ROSEMARIE TAMER— Vihota Club 3; Musi. Festival 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Cub Club 2; Lost and Found Com. 3. JUNE TECKENBROCK— Homeroom Asst. 2; May Pageant 1; G.A.A. 1, 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4. JACK THOMAS— Sharon H. S., Sharon, Pa., 1, 2; Spring Party Com. 4; Football 3, 4; Letter- men ' s Club 4; Track 3, 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Usher 4. JOAN THOMPSON— Colors Com. 4; Homeroom Bus. Mgr. 1, 2; Vihota Club 3; May Pageant 1; Library Asst. 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4; G.A.A. I, 2. ROBERT TODD— Colors Com. 4; Lab. Asst. 3, 4; Intramural Track Meet 3. WILLIAM TOMLINSON— Activities Board 4; Football 2; Intramural Track Meet 3. DORIS TOOLE— Cub Club 2; Operetta 2; Library Asst. 2-4. JUDITH TORRENCE— Cub Club 1; May Pageant 1, 2; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Senior Play Com. 4; Spanish Club 4. JAMES ULREY— Football 1; Glee Club 3; Home- room Bus. Agent 2. JOHN URRUTIA— May Pageant Track Meet 2, 3; Track 4, Intramural JOSEPH VAIL— Vespers Com. 4; Science Club 2, 3; May Pageant 1. ROBERT VANDIVIER— Golf 4; Intramural Track Meet 3. MARIAN VAN HOOSIER— Winter Party Com. 4; Vihota Club 3; HOWE TOWER 2-4; Music Fes- tival 2, 4; Choir 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2. MARJORIE VON WILLER— Latin Club 1; May Pageant 1; HOWE TOWER 3. MARILYN WAGNER— Latin Club 1; Clinic Asst. 3, 4; May Pageant 1. CLIFFORD WAGONER— Track 2; " Best Fool Forward, " Prof. Lloyd 4; Historical Club 4. FRANCIS WALDON— Poppy Poster Contest, 3rd Place 3; Spring Party Com. 4; Operetta 4; May Pageant 3. STANLEY WALTER— Track 1, 2; Band 1-4; Orchestra 4; Cub Club 1; " Best Foot Forward, " Satchel 4; May Pageant 2-4; Mock Election, Su- preme Court Judge 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3; Music Festival 2-4; Brass Ensemble 2-4; Operetta 4; Scrapbook Com. 4. ClfciAA (Dai . . . ommumjinuinL . . . oaL, (RsimsmbsJc 77 MARY JEAN WARRINER— Music Festival 14; May Pageant 1 , 2; English Office Asst. 4; Operetta 4; Choir 4; Colors Com. 4. JUNELLA WATERMAN— Tech. H. S., Indianap- olis, Ind. 1, 2. MARGARET WEISS— Home Ec. Club 1, 2; Cub Club 2; May Pageant 1; Homeroom Sec. and Pres. 1, 2; Vihota Club 3; G.A.A. 1, 2; Ho-Se-Gi 4. PATRICIA WELCH— Warren Central H. S., In- dianapolis, Ind. 1; G.A.A. 3; Vihota Club 3; Girl Reserves 3, 4, Sec. 4; Science Club 4; Latin Club 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4. JOAN WENRICK— Vespers Com. 4; Spanish Club 1-4; Vihota Club 3; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Music Fes- tival 1, 2, 4; Girl Reserves 1-3, Sec. 1, Pres, 2, 3; May Pageant 1, 2; Library Typist 3. HARVEY WHEELER— Manual H. S. apolis, Ind. 1, 2; Spanish Club 3. Indian- DONALD WIEGMAN— May Pageant 1; Victory Corp 1 . BARBARA WILLIAMS— Broad Ripple H. S., Indianapolis, Ind. 1. GERALDINE WILLIAMS— Girl Reserves 1; May Pageant 1. POLLY WILSON— Vihota Club 3; Science Club 2; May Pageant 1; G.A.A. 1-4. BETTY WISE— G.A.A. 1; May Pageant 1; Music Festival 1; Horizon Club 2. BARBARA WITHYCOMBE— Homeroom Sec. 4; HOWE TOWER 3, 4; Ho-Se-Gi 4; Office Helper 2; Vihota Club 3; Girl Reserves 4; Cub Club 1; Math Club 3; Attendance Checker 3. THOMAS WOERNER— Class Day Com. 4; Cross Country 1; Basketball 1-4; Pleasant Run Revue 1, 3; Lettermen ' s Club 3, 4; Hi-Y Club 2-4, V. Pres. 4; HOWE TOWER Buzzes 3; HILLTOPPER Sports Ed. 4; Music Festival 1-3; Band 1-4; May Pageant 1-3, Philosopher 3; Brown Boy 4; Track 1, 2, 4; Football 3; Cub Club 1. LEWIS WOOD— HOWE TOWER 3, 4, Buzzes 4; News Bureau, Indianapolis News 4; Colors Com. 4; " Best Foot Forward, " Hunk 4; Hi-Y Club 4; Homeroom Bus. Agent 1-3; Scholastic Art Award 2; Track 2, 4; Cancer Poster Contest 1st Award 4. MARY LOU YELTON— Music Festival 2; May Pageant 1, 2. RICHARD YOUNG— Football 4; Track 2. EMMA YOUNT— Spanish Club 1; May Pageant 1, 2. JOHN ZELLER— Track 2; Cheerleader 2-4; Home- room Bus. Agent 2, 4; Pleasant Run Revue 3 Hi-Y Club 3, 4; Lab. Asst. 2; Spanish Club 2 Music Club 4; Science Club 2-4; Cub Club 3, Gym Asst. 2; Activities Council 3; Cross Country 2; Footlight Revelers 4. . . . ShsLfdodc finhAonalhj QiisundA, There was so much senior business that Sherlock didn ' t see how it would ever be all finished by June, so the officers introduced him to the Senior Counselors and Committees. (Top Left to Right) Senior Counselors: (standing) Miss Marthana McWhir, Mr. Darrell Gooch, Mrs. Mary Diaz, Mr. Russell Curtis; (seated) Mrs. Betty Baker, Miss Betty L. Williams, Miss Anna K. Suter, Miss Ellen O ' Drain, Mrs. Ellen Jane Mead, Mr. Virgil Heniser. Spring Party: (standing) Tom Mitchell, Jewel Dorsey; (seated) Phyllis Stultz, Rosemary Buent- ing, Mary Ann Elliott. Vespers: (stand- ing) Vera Hershberger, Jim Hill, Bob Steckley, Joan Wenrick; (seated) Dorothy Cupps, Joe Vail, Beverly Dickerson. Constitution: (standing) Jane Messing, Josephine Justice; (seated) Bob O ' Neel, Carl Edwards, Joe Foerderer, Ruby King. SiinjufL QommitisiSL TyisisdinqA, . . . (Center Leit to Right) Sub-Treasurers: (standing) Barbara McDonald, Gary George, Ronnie Roach; (seated) Jose- phine Barrett, Dorothy Cowell, Darlo Judd. Class Day: (standing) Ken Klein- schmidt, Dave Schornstein, Betty Eisen- hut, Tom Woerner; (seated) Peggy Mil- len, Shirley Diehl, Jane Messing. (Bottom Left to Right) Colors: (standing) Alice Surface, Joan Thompson, Bob Todd; (seated) June Burgess, Mary Warriner, Lewis Wood, Yvonne Russell. Play: (standing) Mary Jane Hill, Jo Justice; (seated) Joe Foerderer, Norbert Carteaux. Winter Party: Carolyn Johnson, Lois Ann Brenn, Paul Etcher, Marjorie Ray, Donna Passen. Commencement: (stand- ing) Joan Meininger, Ruby King, La- Vonne Mannfeld; (seated) Jean Gordon, Marcia McMuUen. . . . ChuL QnvsibJdqaisiL, " Ssi L J ' wL I Anxious to be in on the excitement of the Senior Play, " Best Foot Forward, " Sherlock stayed baclc stage and helped out as prompter. This way he got to meet the cast first-hand. (Above Left) Jane Messing and Ken Kleinschmidt had a little spat when she found out that Ken (Bud Hooper) had brought another girl to the prom. (Above Middle) Dave Schornstein, Joe Bads, and Clifford Wagoner almost caught Chuck Jones coming in the window, a procedure which took place fairly often during the three acts. (Above Right) Elizabeth Schmidt who played the lead part, Gale Joy, made sure that Jerry Heater and Stanley Walter left by the window exit instead of the door. Sonny Knight helped with the " exit. " J ' OMvoJvdU ' pwjfL SacL SJtaqsL . . . (Below Left) Dave Schornstein as Doc Reeber ineffectively resisted Liz ' s final appeal as Leon Horton took the picture as a bit of " publicity blackmail. " Lewie Wood and Sonny Knight helped out. (Below Middle) Josephine Barrett, Chuck Jones, Ken Kleinschmidt, Jo Justice, Lewis Wood, and Jane Messing all tried to hide when someone yelled that Doc Reeber was coming, and they should have been at the dance. (Below Right) Before the dance, Sherlock acci- dently came into the " girls ' boudoir " and found Patty Sloo, Joan Meininger, Jo Barrett, LaVonne Mannfeld, Jane Mes- sing, and Jo Justice getting ready for the dance. Satisfied that the Senior Play was a huge success, Sherlock rambled on. ShsihhdL osOu " Suhin L ihsL SaunsL l . . . Sherlock had to investigate those " be- hind the scene " places to find any extra clues to solve his mystery. (Upper Left) Mrs. Aria Hunt, cafeteria supervisor, dis- cussed cashiers ' problems with Mary Virginia Rider and Maellen Wright. (Upper Right) Working on books in the library workshop Sherlock found Eliza- beth Morello, Betty Perkinson, and Ellen Ford. (Center) Sherlock ' s face got rather red when he discovered the make-up secrets of Howe ' s females. Mrs. Mary Wells, matron, watched the girls ' delic- ate (?) work. (Lower Left) When Sher- lock wanted tickets for the senior play, he journeyed down to the bookstore where Mrs. Christiana Genrich was al- ready helping a few students. (Lower Right) Robert and Richard Bakemeier prepared to take a picture for Howe publications. ' hssdA, dinwsiiu 7biw£om£ iA, . . . Helping Howe to welcome newcomers arriving for the second semester, Sher- lock met ex-servicemen who were added to our faculty. (Upper Left) Mr. Kenneth Smartz, social studies, and Mr. Francis Howard, art; (Lower Left) Mr. El- wood Yeager, English and physical education, and Mr. John Shepard, music; (Upper Right) Mr. William Smith and Mr. Merle Wimmer, biology. Other new faces were the mid-year freshmen: (Back Row) Murry Hoover, Bill Cowell, George Ferling, James Horton, Tom Car- mack, Dick Ettinger, Albert Hack. (Third Row) Beverly Crossley, Norman Fuller, Lester Cunningham, Marilyn Davis, Doris Goodwin, Charlotte Hymer. (Sec- ond Row) Paul Taylor, Bob Courtney, Richard Brady, Richard Carlren, Betty C. Grazier, Denise Crease. (Front Row) Ella Benson, Janet Shaffer, Betty Jean Groebe, Deloris Brown, Shirley Kaster, Marilyn Hunter, Dorothy June Elmore. MIDYEAR FRESHMAN MIDYEAR FRESHMAN BACK ROW — Robert Riley, Ralph Roys. Kenny Sliier, Donn Mills. Paul Williams. Claude Rine- hart, Don Williams. THIRD ROW— Arthur Robb, John Sterruzzi, Jack Wellman. Donald Velvick, Robert Hall, Max Dample. Alan Sears. Ernie Phelps. SECOND ROW— Joy Richey, Tony Thome. Jaona Watson. Chuck Settles. Carol Wiegman, Sarajane Walker, Donna Van Arendonk. FIRST ROW — Charlene Millikan, Mary Jane Taylor, Nadine Schneider, Betsy Ulrey, Betty Payton, Norma Rosa, Mildred Straub. BACK ROW— Jim Furry, David Booram, Bob Hum- mel, Bill Hardey, Ned Beeker, Harry McClintic. THIRD ROW— Keith Quillen, Christine Marquis, Jane Leckrone, Joyce Jones, David Morver. SECOND ROW— Colleen Mathes. Janet McGauhey, Barbara Daniels, Margie Ann Dravis, Charlene Kuntz, Jackie Mullin. FIRST ROW— Joan Miller, Jean Falconbury, Jane Dame, Jean Cooper, Jane Connerley, Marianne Adams, Kathryn McCortney. FRESHMAN— HOMEROOM 122 BACK ROW— Bill Childers, Hugh Babbitt, Bob Bohn, James Bego, Henry Bobbe, Jimmy Banks, Robert Bridget, James C. Bakemeier. THIRD ROW — Ronnie Burnworth, Bernard Bower, Robert Brown, Jim Baker, Jeanne Byers, Marilyn Callahan, Betsy Beard. Lois Anderson. SECOND ROW — Louise Brooks, Selma Branham, Celia Bolte, Jean Anne Broeking, Barbara Bair, Patricia Burns, Lillian Clark. FRONT ROW — Elizabeth Cristein, Jo Ann Baur, Jackie Abraham, Marilyn Bowers, Patricia Chris- tenberry, Jane Baker. NOT PICTURED— Judy Alger, Roy Allen, Eva Barr, Betty Brannen, Beverly Carter, George Cates, Richard Berry. FRESHMAN— HOMEROOM 124 A BACK ROW— Ted Coryell, Bill Clem, Richard Cooley, Don Dreike, Tom Cummings. FOURTH ROW — Bill Dame, James Conway, Har- old Crawford, Dana Crapo, Dave Cook, Richard Dunn. THIRD ROW— Don Daughtery, Phyllis Deltour, Barbara Cox, Carolyn Ealy, Barbara Davis, Mary Ellyn Dahl. SECOND ROW— Ruth Ellen Davis, Gail Crady, Norma J. Cooper, Jean Dietz, Loretta Jean Craig, Sharyn Eaglin. FRONT ROW— Vera Davis, Paula Davis, Shirley Davis, Nancy Day, Janet Close. NOT PICTURED— Joann Cooper, Barbara Coons, Paula Clem, Dorothy Cloyd, Eugene Davis. FRESHMAN— HOMEROOM 124B BACK ROW — George Franfz, Richard Elmore, Bob Fields, Sammy Ford. FOURTH ROW— James Garrison, James Graves, Fred Espie, Jack Gilmore, David Haine, Jack Ehrman. THIRD ROW — Lois Fahrenkamp, Mary Handy, Martha Gootee, Joyce Gulleson, Marilyn Eicher, Georgia Graves. SECOND ROW — Donna Garland, Barbara Hall, Marilyn Haislup, Joanne Gottberg, Christena Gainey, Ann Fennell. FRONT ROW — Mary Lou Evans, Joyce Farmer, Jeanne Gallagher, Mary Jean Eder, Beverly Hall, Patty Gregory. FRESHMAN— HOMEROOM 127A BACK ROW— William Harsin, Arthur Holman, Jim Jung, Gene Irving, Alan Holman, Howard Judah. FOURTH ROW— Richard Homey, Charles Hin- ton, Donald Hubbard, Earle Johnson, Albert Kelley. THIRD ROW— Jack Hubbard, Robert Kennedy, Joe Hurley, Dudley Hill, Catherine Karchner. SECOND ROW— Rosalind Hitzke, Lois Joslin, Eileen Harpold, Jacquelyn Hoffman, Martha Ann Johnson, Mary Jane Jones, Earlene Horton. FRONT ROW— Patricia Kerrick. Mary Jane Hicks, Delores Johnson, Jane Keith, Joan Hockersmith, Mary Jane Hills. Jh iJL cUUL ihsL SsniiftA, og. ' 7, ' fyS and, ' lf9 FRESHMAN— HOMEROOM 127B BACK ROW — Donald Layman, Donald Lynch, James H. McDowell, Jerry Logsdon, David Martin, Donald McCord, Benny Means, Carter Means. THIRD ROW — Nancy Koch, Marjorie Kingsbury, Carol Mathews, Betty Maehler, Patricia McDonald, Jennie Konold, Carol Knisley, Norma Knarzer. SECOND ROW — Barbara Logsdon, Lois Loudon, Jane Kirkhoff, Jo Ann Lindberg, Rosemary Knecht, Janet Laughner, Geraldine McGraw, Barbara May. FRONT ROW— Marjorie Matthews, Phyllis Love- lace, Judy Killion, Jane Marshall, Joanne LeVine. Cora Lane. NOT PICTURED— Mary Kersey, Robert Kline, Marlene Lawson, Jo Ann Mascari, Frances Mat- thews, James Lohrman. FRESHMAN— HOMEROOM 127C BACK ROW— Charlie Moshenrose, Robert Mor- gan, Gene Morgan, Bob Moore, Edwin Menden- hall, Joe Messing, Bob Piers. FOURTH ROW— Spencer Moss, Dean Morrow, Billy Pierpont, Roger Overstreet, Bobbie Miller, Richard Moore, Karl E. Muszar. THIRD ROW— Erma Meyer, Doris Moss, Louise Morgan, Dorothy Mullinix, Jackie Persinger, Paula Petty. SECOND ROW— Judy Pierce, Dorothy Parting- ton, Jean Parmer, Mary Lou Miller, Lucille Perkins, Barbara Jean Nash, Julia A. Moore. FRONT ROW— Martha Mitchell, Patsy Parrish, Elinor Moorman, Sherill Mitchell, Joan Meyers, Carol Newcomer. NOT PICTURED— Florise Niles. FRESHMAN— HOMEROOM 127D BACK ROW — Fred Power, Keilh Ramsden, Joe Pirtle, Warren Smith, Don Ragsdale, Clair Reuter. THIRD ROW — Joan Skinner, Rosemary Schwartz, Margaret Sherron, Betty Selzer, Phyllis Pruilt, Carolyn Probst, Martha Rogers, Barbara Pletcher. SECOND ROW — Sharon Russell, Bonnie Smith, Marcia Scovell, Lois Rader, Joan Pierson, Darlene Smitha, Wanda Smith. FRONT ROW— Carolyn Sierruzzi, Joan Russell, Betty Lou Randall, Roseann Skelton, Sharon Risley, Betty Smith. NOT PICTURED— Sally Shields. FRESHMAN— HOMEROOM 128 BACK ROW— Bill Stewart, Harry A. Ware, Jr., Ward Wallingford, Joe Wilson, Murray Raney, Tom Stanley, " Richard Wickliff, Willard Wickizer, Mike Wagoner. FOURTH ROW— Leo Terry. Robert Walker, Richard Thayer, Warren Wright, Ralph Wyand, Clarence Zike, Tom Strohl, Dick Wisehart. THIRD ROW— Scott Stockton, Jo Anne Wood, Paricia Ann Wood, Betty Tripp, Shirley Stilwell, Betty Watson, Marjorie Vaughn, Juanita Willis, Duane Wise. SECOND ROW— Betty Waldon, Vonda Springer, Beverly Toothman, Gwen Spangler, Marlene Stone, Darlene Sturgeon, Mary Torrence, Thelma Wright, Barbara Thompson. FRONT ROW— Alvira Witter, Norma Stultz, Charlotte Ann Walton, Mary Kay Ward, Nancy L. VanKeuren, Joy Starks, Georgia Wilson, Nancy- Vogel. tivinj C w fioJtJtsJLSu (x hasd. . . . SOPHOMORE— HOMEROOM 20 A BACK ROW — Don Fleetwood, Dolores June Cox. FOURTH ROW— Don Denniston, Richard Ban .- , Walter Black, Jack Alexander, Jim Crewes, Don Burkdall, Betty McFarland. THIRD ROW — Virginia Bowman, Marilyn Crans- ton, Paula Cherry, Kathryn Clendening, Barbara Austin, Virginia Ecknor. SECOND ROW — Zelma Bunch, Marilyn Ar buckle, Suzanne Auble, Lucille Willem, Jackie Allen. NOT PICTURED— Joseph Cummings, Bill Dis- more, Jerald Eden, James Finn, Richard Fitzwater, John Bayne, Beverly Bair, Beverly Burkhart, Rich- ard Aichels, Eugene Cowell. SOPHOMORE— HOMEROOM 20B BACK ROW— Fred Harbold, Jack Gale, Jim Meek, Dick Ferguson. FOURTH ROW — Jackie Freers. Elvis Fleming, Tom Johns, Doris Hess, Nancy Gossett, Mildred Lemen. THIRD ROW — Joanne Gerrard, Rosemary Jef- iries, June Haverstick, Winona Locklear, Bonnie Heiliger. SECOND ROW — Dorothy Harlan, Ruth Barr, Patty Meek, Joan Graebe, Joanne Matthews, Dorothy Locke. FRONT ROW — Marilyn Hensley, Marlene Fox, Phyllis Kirkham, Dorothy Fry, Shirley Harris. NOT PICTURED— Mary Ford, Bill Joyce, Frank Knox, Bob McDonald. lOi SOPHOMORE— HOMEROOM 24 BACK ROW— Herbert Teague, Gerald Ver- million, Charles Duane Miller, Bob Russell. FOURTH ROW— Farris Turk, Gerald Williams, Harry Stewart, Don Romans, Ted Portteus, John Passen, David Stein. THIRD ROW— Gordon Mohr, Norma Smith, De- lores Withycombe, Sally Mulbarger, Martha Tru- man, Marlene Sullivan, Jean Walker, Paul Mueller. SECOND ROW — Patti Milender, Doris Anne Phillips, Margaret Underwood, Patty Sly, Beverly Sleeth, Gwendolyn Terry, Joan Soeurt. FRONT ROW— Lavena Watson, Peggy Thomas, Martha Schumaker, Lorraine Reinhardt, loan Reynolds, Barbara Schram, ludy Stine. SOPHOMORE— HOMEROOM 27 BACK ROW — David Owen, Pat Graves, Robert Oldham, Eddie Myers, Dick Reed, Dick Pence. THIRD ROW — Virginia Meadows, Patricia Heller, Mary Powell, Ethel O ' Brien, Kathryn Porter, Don Raftery. SECOND ROW— Bob Pickel, Sally Matthews, Ruth Meehan, Patty Ping, Patty Mock, Bob Reb- holz. FRONT ROW — Katherine Nilchman, Jeanne Gottberg, Pat Sherman, Bonnie McWhirter, Jackie Mathias. NOT PICTURED— Jay Gould, Bill Gregory, Don Myers, Pauline Michael, Hubert Powell, Ray Thompson, Earnest Holmes, Jr., Rovena Rainwater, Joann Reed, Izetta Paul, June Melton, Margaret Garrison. SOPHOMORE— HOMEROOM 126 BACK ROW — Tom Cunningham, Edwin Cassady, Bill Butler, Philip Edgington, Lloyd Kent Collins, Bob Cohee, Mikel Eid, Sam Davis, Herbert Riley. FOURTH ROW— Robert DeNoon, Lester Earle, Jim Clary, Joe Harmon, Bob Caudell. THIRD ROW — Eleanor Elliott, Betty Chambers, Jane Cox, Barbara Clark, Mary Lou Champion, Darlynn DeLong, Lenore Coutz, Norma Clark. SECOND ROW — Mary Frances Allen, Pat Dyar. Carolynne Cour, Leah Churchill, Priscilla Groves, Martha Lou Cochran, Patty Campbell. FRONT ROW— Patty Church, Phyllis Campbell, Janet Eickhoif, Joyce Dehnbostel, Maxine Clouse, Norma Richards, Marilyn Dougherty. NOT PICTURED— Ted Clements, Betty Crabtree, Mable Drees. SOPHOMORE— HOMEROOM 130 BACK ROW — Jim Gallagher, Tom Endsley, Don Harrington, Bob Boardman, James Dustin, Chuck Broeking, Fred Fath, Spencer Gaarder. THIRD ROW — Paul Grissom, Ruth Ann Horton, Betty Kurz, Phyllis Masters, Joan Brickham, Jerry Burbridge, Jeanne Horton, Margie Lowdermilk. SECOND ROW— Ethyln Henderson, Syble Dav- enport, Peggy Dehn, Ruth Anne Gootee, Jean Brady, Ama Rea Murray, Gerry Bender, Margie Barnes. FRONT ROW — Patricia Landrigan, Rosemary Arnold, Marjorie Sewell, Virginia Higgs, Carole Davis, Rosemary Albers, Patricia Hart. NOT PICTURED— William Hopton, Marjorie Ault. SOPHOMORE— HOMEROOM 132 BACK ROW — Bernard Winters, Bob Young, Andy Smith, Leo Scheibelhut, Ted Worley, Jack Pieifier, Louie O ' Connell, Bob Thatcher, Tom Wilson. THIRD ROW-Kenny Young, Roy Minatel, Dolores Weber, Gloria Wood, Barbara Wandor- see, Phyllis Wallace, Bob Wood, Don Faubion. SECOND ROW — Virginia Gardner, Carol Eves, Virginia Eubank, Mildred Specht, Marianela Urrutia, Irene Taylor, Ethel Wiggins, Deloris Weathers. FRONT ROW— Delores Welty, Irma Jean Wheel- ing, Lois Ulmsr, Patty Virgin, loann Voris, Wilma Figg, Donna Long, Wilma Fredenburg, Jo Ann Webb. NOT PICTURED— Donald Weiser, Dennis Wil- son, Patricia Wickliii. SOPHOMORE— HOMEROOM 230 BACK ROW— Bill Ribble, Bob Harris, Herman Hardwick, Earl Scott, Jim Stutz, Dick Sharkey, Jack Ritchie, Houston Swenson, Bill Schmadeke. THIRD ROW— Albert Schleigh, Joseph Hansel- man, Bob Stuck, Dick Grow, Ted Guthrie, John S ' one, Harry Rider, Brandt Steele, Jim Thomas. SECOND ROW— Dorothy Sam, Phyllis Halcomb, Mary Sentman, Susanne Scheiiel, Betty Shaum, Mildred Rodgers, Marilyn Steinkuehler, Carolyn Shoemaker. FRONT ROW — Norma Rogers, Anna Eikenberry, Phyllis Harreld, Pat Rinehart, Audrey Reynolds, Kathleen Riley, Eriene Snyder, Katie Toppin. SOPHOMORE— HOMEROOM 231 BACK ROW — Robert McGinnis, Robert Lewis, Fran McAree, Robert Hudson. William Johnston. Walter McDaniel, Andrew King. THIRD ROW— Janet Wheeler, Marybeth Hunt, Barbara Kohlstaedt, Marilynn Johnston, Norma Mc- Master, Phyllis McKee, Mary McLaughlin, Jean Anne Knaggs. SECOND ROW — Clerinda Holmes, Roberta Johnston, Mary Jo Taylor, Alice McClelland, Patricia Krome. Hildegarde Koeppe, Patricia Judd. FRONT ROW— Mary Kate Jennings, Theresa Mc- Kinney, Beverly Sears, Marjorie LaRue, Janice Kilbourne, Patricia Lister, Frances Weaver. NOT PICTURED— JacqueUne Houska, Phyllis Leffler, Joan Leppert, Betty Lidster. SOPHOMORE— HOMEROOM 238 BACK ROW— Phil Barnhart, Edward L. Allen. John Hartman, Max Blocker, Bill Harvey, Don Armstrong, Martin Bruce, Jimmy Askren. THIRD ROW — Harvey Allen, Ocal Harshman, Don Brown. Bette Bullard, Mildred Becker, Dick Bakemeier. John Bruckman, Bob Beach. SECOND ROW — Joan Bayly, Patricia Beem, Almeda Gerringer, Diane Hays, Betty Baker, Lela Bennett, Delores Altom, Judy Burk. FRONT ROW— Patty Andrews, Ellen Barnes, Nancy Burghduif, Mary Baker, Joyce Beck, Jessie Akers, Judith Barnes, Mary Ann Brown. NOT PICTURED— Wilbur Burdsall, Jo Anne Browning. SOPHOMORE AND JUNIOR— HOMEROOM 120 BACK ROW — Jimmy Moore, James Moffitt, Jim V. Moore, Bill Romeril, Ralph Cowser. SECOND ROW — Denzil Shawver, Jack L. Cutter, Ralph Williams, John Taylor, John Danner. FRONT ROW— Carl R. Spoon, Jack Aldridge, Don Pedigo, Ronald Banks, Tom Barnes. SOPHOMORE AND JUNIOR— HOMEROOM 234 BACK ROW — Anne Schutt, Joy Wilson, Frances Steenberger, Rosemary Wilson, Helen Aldrich, Suzanne Moshenrose. THIRD ROW — Dolores Hayes, Becky Jean Stral- ton, Suzie Foster, Ruth Guthrie, Vicky Brunson, Mary Pitts, Jeanie Duncan. SECOND ROW— Barbara Jo Riegel, Joyce Well- man, Jeanne Lipp, Betty DeVere, Lucy Evans, Bertha Branson, Marguerette Duling. FRONT ROW— Mildred Bailey, Joan Ritzi, Sally Vertrees, Marie Ochs, Mona Pirtle, Doris Bittner, Patty Dietz. ShapsxL and, TybhJbucL Qnio Qiii smA. o Jomohhoiv JUNIOR— HOMEROOM 220 BACK ROW— Jack O ' Neel. Elmer Rains. Bob Daughtery, Jerry Delks, John E. Carter, Hugh Moreillon. THIRD ROW— Bob Berk, John Edwards, Jean Hickerson, Mariana Fullen, Dorothy Boheim, Bob Bartleit, Ray Dobbs. SECOND ROW — Jane Carr, Barbara Bohlinger, Nancy Ariord, Barbara Enochs, Dolores Bayne. Joan Carter, Jean NoUer. FRONT ROW— Kathryn Quinn, Evelyn Moore, Dorothy Newton, Gladys Ferguson, Carol Am- holter, Phyllis Bolds, Virginia Patrick. JUNIOR— HOMEROOM 221 BACK ROW — Allen Smith, Irving Thomas, Suz- anne Shortridge, Joyce Rose, Sarah Talley, Evelyn Velich. THIRD ROW— Ruth Smith, Betty Ann Ely. Glenna Thompson, Gloria Speer, Shirley Walker, Anne Woemer. SECOND ROW— Irma Mae Wilson, Mary Steven- son, Jean Shaffer, Joyce Weaver, Norma Taylor, Edna Thompson. FRONT ROW — Eleanor J. Garrett, Patty Sharp, Diane Caldwell, Wilma Sferruzzi, Carol Schneider, Sally Emmert. NOT PICTURED— Ronald Williams, Lon Walker. Don Sweeney, Fern Zike, Carl W. Spiess. JUNIOR— HOMEROOM 226 BACK ROW — Don Horner, Jack Lemaslers, Emmett Walls, Lloyd Lawrence, Gene McClarney, Frank Haugh. THIRD ROW — David Lawson, Janet Lewis, Elea- nor Overstreet, Mary Catherine Johnson, Margie Joslin, Virginia Kealing. SECOND ROW — Mary Alice Harper, Betty Perk- inson, Jackie L. McGannon, Ruth McDonald, Char- lotte Spencer, Judy Miller. FRONT ROW — Dora Pierson, Rosaleen McClary, Rosemary Rahn, Patty Kossatz, Mary Elizabeth Hite, Virginia Jones. NOT PICTURED— William Cosat, Billy Galbreath, Don Hyfield, Shirley Knuckles. Jan Payne. JUNIOR— HOMEROOM 28 BACK ROW — Dave Surface, Don Williams, Joe Weaver, Russell Whisman, Bob Brenton, Paul Moorman, Donald Elbert. FOURTH ROW— Rose M. Bender, Marjorie Elliott, Betty Ann Resener, Betty Torrence, Edward Wandersee, Mary Scott. THIRD ROW— Beverly Cubel, Jane Willis, Norma Ziegler, Maellen Wright, Barbara McMath. SECOND ROW— Joann Brower, Jean Ann Mc- Mahan, Anna Lee Clemans, Nat Plummer, Lois Wick, Pat Kilander. FRONT ROW — Betty Young, Corinne Kelley, Caralee Wisehart, Theresa Eder, Carolyn Steify. NOT PICTURED— Mary Buckles, Mary Lou Wetlle. ?(owsiL QonihibjudiDfL io cl £sddsuv (jJifiLdL JUNIOR— HOMEROOM 129 BACK ROW— Norbert Adrian, Glen Smith, Rus- sell Corey, Ronald Barber, Wade Myers, Donald Groene, Robert Altom. ■ FOURTH ROW— Norman Lane, L. G. Barnes, Bob Corya, Don Coval, Bill Blocker, Dick Cotton, Dick Baker. THIRD ROW — Damon Monschein, Dick Burns, Mary Anne Cull, Carol Jane Bush, Estel Barry, Robert Bego, Jim Denny, Charles Copeland. SECOND ROW — Ruth Dowden, Joanne Hunt, Patti Cummings, Barbara Dietrich, Dorothy Brown. Betty Jane Hunnicutt, Jean Blumenauer. FRONT ROW— Giovonna Ball, Gerry Broshears, Delilah Beatley, Patricia Ropp, Phyllis Bell, Betty Dallas, Barbara Bullard. NOT PICTURED —Marjorie Deputy, Richard Hise. JUNIOR— HOMEROOM 228 BACK ROW — Jack Thomas, Eloy Stevens, Rich- ard Weghorst, Bill Stroud, Jim Steckley, George Spradling, Michael Pettinger, Richard Schatz, Del- berl Power. THIRD ROW — Larry Scott, Jack Simmons, Mari- lyn Thomas, Evelyn Stine, Virginia Sapp, Dona Heitz, Donald Schaub, Elliott Jose. SECOND ROW — Betty Sly, Joyce Ticen, Nancy Riches, Joy Lou Weevie, Louise Stefianni, Bernlce Velvick, Ruthann Thomas, Betty Smith. FRONT ROW — Joanne Crawford, Imslda Stev- ens, Anna Mas Schauinger, Virginia Skelton, Dolores Smith, Betty Shinn, Janis VanTreese, Betty Ruth Robb. NOT PICTURED— Jeannie Hunt, Betty Lister, Bob Prosch. JUNIOR— HOMEROOM 232 BACK ROW — Bill Locklear, Margaret Jordan, Bill Insley, Hugh Hudson, Bill Knecht, Robert Hittle, Marvin Gressel, Shirley Streit, Roger Kennedy. THIRD ROW— Jackie Hudson, Pat Kruse, Suz- anne Johnson, Patti Marsh, Barbara Jackson, Alvera Johns, Peggy Sue Johnston, Barbara Jones, Dorothy Lewis. SECOND ROW— Wanda Marshall. Mary Ann Malott, Ethel Hooker, Patricia Hoover, Mayola Idlewine, Helen Hodges, Barbara Ingersoll, Pat Leiiler. FRONT ROW — Louise Kaufmann, Mary Jordan, Barbara Kidd, Virginia HoUingsworth, Mary Lester, Julia Lipp, Jo Ann Marquis. NOT PICTURED — Loren Stackhouse. JUNIOR- HOMEROOM 236 BACK ROW— Jack Henthorn, John Fields, George Harris, Doug Gill, Robert Erbrich, Glen Martinie, Alan Gise, Don Henkle. THIRD ROW— Dick Hargrave, John Hall, Carol Fidler, Carol Gambill, Harold Hair, George Faenzi, Glenn Mock. SECOND ROW— Margaret DeWitte, Doris Hill, Elizabeth Morello, Edna Foust, Carolyn Fisbeck, Mary Ann Gaither, Rosalind Havens, Marie Mc- Millan. FRONT ROW — Thelma Dorris. Lillian Ishii, lona Ham, Frances Garinger, Ida Ann Eckstein, Mary Birge, Mary Lou May. NOT PICTURED — Lorraine Agnew. JUNIOR— HOMEROOM 224 BACK ROW— Paul Koop, Tom Lofton, Jack Johns, Bernard Kirkham, Jack McCormick, William F. Dodds. THIRD ROW— Phyllis Bowles, Juanita Embry, Carolyn Handy, Barbara Hauser, Nancy Ingalls. SECOND ROW — Carolyn Campbell, Ramona Dongworth, Carol Engleman, Johanne Guenter, Bette Hutchinson. Lenore Elbracht. FRONT ROW— Joann Bade, LaVina Booram, Carolyn Gorman, Patti Kennedy, Phyllis Logsdon, Shirley Joslin. NOT PICTURED— Dorothy McClelland. JUNIOR— HOMEROOM 229 BACK ROW— Bill Nevill, Paul Weir, Don Fitz- water, Jim Ulrey, Bill Watkins, Johnny Zeller, Roy Virt. SECOND ROW — Dick Toothman, Elmer Summitt, Greta McNew, Julia Downey, Edna Sutherlin, John Yoder, Jack Shannon. FRONT ROW — Doris Gaines, Margaret Riley, Lucille Edwards, Betty Lou Meyer, Delores Son- crant. NOT PICTURED — Peggy Abner, Betty Moon, Patricia Marks, Richard Markle. ChjuL7lx).3 I tyWKY can this be but athletics?? (4 Dribble, dribble, swish 1-2-3 hike! Fore! a hole in one!, rah — Brown and Gold, win! All this and more greeted Sherlock as he started his in- vestigations of the sports world at T. C. H. H. S. When he attended a Howe foot- ball game, Mr. Sherlock soon learned that Howe students always enthusiastic- ally back their athletic teams. Unfor- tunately, he was sitting next to T. Woer- ner and missed getting in the picture. Football, basketball, golf, track — Sher- lock observed them all and cheered him- self hoarse. Not to be outdone, the G. A. A. gals put on an exhibition of girls ' sports for Sherlock and showed him what they have to do to earn their let- ters. (Confidentially, by the end of the season, Sherlock had almost decided to give up detecting and become an ath- lete, but a look in the mirror convinced him that he didn ' t have the build for it.) ■ 5 1 4 m l ,1 X EA il wm ' f - r- f ATHLETICS 1 J ' DDJtbalL . . . AiddcAA. Ix iTL 3 0 Wl ncDimhhA. Howe ' s newest athletic endeavor, foot- ball, started its second full season this year. The squad was a young one, lack- ing in experience, for Coach Samuel T. Kelley had but six returning lettermen around which to build his squad. Never- theless, the team turned in an impres- sive record of four wins, four defeats, and one tie against some of the county ' s best grid teams. In the second encounter of the season, after running over a ragged Pike Town- ship team in the opener, the fiornets put up a game fight only to go down in defeat to Manual ' s strong Redskins. The game told of Howe ' s inexperience, and the several to uchdown drives were nul- lified by fumbles, bad passes, and pen- alties. The gridders surprised the Red- skins with a fine aerial attack and effec- tive end runs by Joe Weaver, Jim Hill, and George Spradling. Howe went on to win its second en- counter in three starts by downing a determined Westfield squad. Then came a 54-0 rout over Ben Davis. This after- noon saw a wide open offensive display by the Hornet gridders. Featured in the free scoring tilt were touchdowns by Doug Gill and Joe Weaver, who each scored two, and the accurate place-kick- ing from the toe of Leroy Hofmann, who converted six of eight extra point at- tempts. One of the best games of the local grid season was played Friday night, October 19, at Southport ' s Roosevelt Stadium. The Hornets made their first »-•: ' ' « ' «! " 5W J- ? «. f ■ 1 ' 5. » M ACTION PICTURES (Opposite Page) Jim Hill, Howe halfback, is rounding end behind some ex- cellent interference led by George Spradling and Paul Eicher in the first quarter of the Silent Hoosiers game. (Above) Jack Johns breaks into the open in the Howe-Pike Township game. Jack Thomas is downfield for some blocking. INDIVIDUAL PICTURES (Left to right) Maynard King, Jim Jacobs, Ronnie Roach, Don Coffey, Fred Dietz, Dave Schornstein, Paul Eicher. bid to score late in the first quarter only to fumble on the Cardinals ' four-yard line. In the second quarter Southport advanced twice into Howe territory, but the Red and White was stopped by a pass interception and a stiff Hornet for- ward wall. The score at half time stood 0-0. Southport struck swiftly at the outset of the third period to score the first touchdown of the ball game. The Hor- nets lashed back with two quick tallies of their own. Jim Hill, stellar halfback, carried the ball on two successive plays, first to the Cardinal three after a sixty- three yard run, and then over on a line plunge. The try for the extra point failed. On the succeeding kick-off Maynard King recovered a Southport fumble on Howe ' s thirty and in six plays the Howeites were once more on the South- port thirty-five, and Joe Weaver then carried the ball over on an end sweep, putting the Brown and Gold ahead, 12-7. Southport recovered a fumble on the Howe four-yard line late in the fourth quarter and in two plays scored the de- ciding touchdown. The next week Howe fell to a strong Warren Central squad and then the following week fought to a 7-7 tie with Sacred Heart. Howe won from the Silent Hoosiers before losing the last game of the season to an aggregation from Broad Ripple. Hill and Weaver, the halfbacks of the Hornet squad, were the leading scorers. Hill led with a total of 37 points, fol- lowed by Weaver with 30. Leroy Hof- mann was third, as he garnered 13 points from his very accurate place- kicking after touchdowns. Maynard King was elected captain and Dave Schornstein was awarded the Most Val- uable Player Award. INDIVIDUAL PICTURES (Top, left to right) Karl Stoneking, Leroy Hoimann, lim Hill, Jack Thomas, Joe Weaver, Bill Stroud, George Spradling. (Left down) Jack O ' Neel, Jack Johns, Spencer Gaarder. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM BACK ROW— Bob Bakemeier, Jack O ' Neel, Dave Schornstein, John Yoder, Coach Samuel T. Kelley, Maynard King, Charles McGlacken, Bill Wevill. THIRD ROW — Ronnie Roach, Don Coffey, Jim Steckley, Fred Dietz, Spencer Gaarder, Jim Jacobs, Leroy Hofmann. SECOND ROW— Bill Stroud, Karl Stoneking, Tom Endsley, Charles Chambers, Doug Gill, Jack Shaffer. FRONT ROW— Charles Kerr, Jack Johns, Joe Weaver, George Spradling, Paul Eicher, Jim Hill, Jack Thomas. (JcuUkih} 3 ' OOJtbalL (fkafui Howe 26 — Pike Township Howe — Manual 15 Howe 13— Westfield 6 Howe 54 — Ben Davis Howe 12 — Southport 13 Howe — Warren Central 25 Howe 7 — Sacred Heart 7 Howe 33— Silent Hoosiers 20 Howe 7 Broad Ripple 19 disAahvoA. and, JmaL dicwsL Sood, SaaAon, After bowing in their opener, the Howe reserve squad copped three en- counters in a row, before succumbing in their final game. The Hornets were nosed out 7-6 in their seaso n opener by- Warren Central on September 28. Coach Tom Stirling ' s aggregation then hit its stride, shutting out Broad Ripple 12-0 and Manual 15-13 on successive Thurs- days. The reserve team fought its way to a well-earned 1 3-6 victory over South- port ' s Cardinals, October 18, and con- cluded its schedule on November 1 when it fell 7-6 before Washington ' s team. RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM BACK ROW— Bob Steckley, Glen Marlinie, Tom Barnes, Ted Worley, Allen Smith, Don Harrington. Billy Galbreath, Tom Wilson, Larry Scott, Bob Riggs. SECOND ROW— Jack McCormick, Chuck Bowl- ing, Ray Dobbs, Eddie Myers, Bill Locklear, Hous- ton Swenson, Bill Johnston, Dick Hargrave, Coach Thomas Stirling. FRONT ROW— Dick Bakemeier, Jim Stutz, Bill Schmadeke, Jack Henthorn, Bill Mayer, Roland Abbott, Roger Kennedy, Jay Gould, John Bruck- Howe ' s freshmen gridders, coached by Mr. Roscoe Pierson and Mr. E. Frank- lin Fisher, broke even in their six game card. The frosh thumped Warren Cen- tral in their initial pigskin battle, but went down in defeat on the short end of a 19-6 score at the hands of the Broad Ripple Rockets. The Hornets grabbed a 26-0 verdict from Manual and then dropped a contest to Southport by a similar margin. Scoring their third straight shutout, the frosh blanked War- ren Central again to the tune of 18-0 for the Howeites ' final victor of the season. Washington edged past the Hornets 1 2-7 in their grid finale. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM BACK ROW— Bob McDonald, Ralph Wyand, Farris Turk, Gene Morgan, Tom Strohl, Fred Espie, Don Denniston, David Martin, Bill Steward, Coach Franklin Fisher. SECOND ROW— George Frantz, Dick Ferguson, Howard Judah, Robert Kage, Frank Knox, Robert Bridget, Charles Miller, Richard Dunn, Dean Morrow. FIRST ROW— Coach Roscoe Pierson, Bill Joyce, Eugene Cowell, Tom Johns, Joe Wilson, Mike Wagoner, Jim Garrison, Richard Fitzwater, Richard Wickliff. BoAksdthalL . . . {oimdA. KavsL SuccQAAfiiL SsiOMyfL o 9{ooawl ?(oopIcL This year ' s edition of the Hornet Var- sity was one of the best in the school ' s brief history. Playing one of the tough- est schedules, including two tourna- ments, the Howe hardwood squad won 15 out of 20 regularly scheduled con- tests for a .750 percentage mark. In the opening game of the season, the Howeites bowed to a strong Tech squad, 31-21. The next three games v ere played without the services of Carl Edwards, senior forward, but the Hornets managed to win easily from Warren Central, Broad Ripple, and Washington before embarking on a trip to Franklin which saw them bow to the Grizzley Bears, 27-21. On December 15 the cagers ran over a county rival, Ben Davis, and before adjourning for the h olidays they bested Greenfield ' s Tig- ers, 47-27, at the Greenfield gym. Howe sponsored its second annual Holiday Four-Way Tournament, Decem- ber 31, and for the second time the Hornet hardwood squad closed out the year right by winning their own tourna- ment. Four teams competed: Howe, Franklin, Tech, and Columbus. The lat- ter two at the time were considered as among the state ' s top teams. In the afternoon games of the tourney Tech tripped a favorite Columbus outfit, 38-36, and Howe avenged an earlier de- feat at the hands of Franklin by humbl- ing them, 29-24, thus earning the right to meet Tech in the finals that night. Columbus won the consolation game and in the finale the Hornets avenged their early season defeat at the hands of Tech by beating the Greenclads, I On Opposite Page Tom Woerner, center, reaches for the ball in the opening jump between Howe and Gar- field. Coval and Springer are on the sides. Right Johnny Edwards just scored two points for Howe during the Ca- thedral game. Coval extreme right; Carl Ed- wards, center; and Springer, left. Individual Pictures (left to right) Darrell Springer, Bob O ' Neel, Don Goodwin, Tom Woerner, and Carl Edwards. All five boys are seniors. 33-31. It was a hard-fought contest with the lead changing hands many times in the last quarter of the game, but the final gun found the Howeites still ahead by the slim margin of two points. On January 12, the Hornets copped the Shortridge Invitational Tourney, and added another trophy to their season ' s accomplishments. Broad Ripple beat Shortridge, the host team, in the first afternoon game, while the Brown and Gold had to nose out a determined Lawrence Central squad. In the finals Howe beat Broad Ripple for the second time that season to the tune of 37-26. The Howe cagers went on to win from Lawrence Central and Shortridge be- fore having a ten game winning streak broken by an aggressive Bloomington quintet. Howe lost to Cathedral and Garfield of Terre Haute before winning the last two games of the season from Manual and a strong Shelbyville five. In the local sectional tourney Howe for the first time in the last few years drew the tough upper bracket. In their ■first sectional appearance the Hornets met Warren Central ' s Warriors and after leading all the way came close to losing the game as Warren put on a game rally. The Brown and Gold came through 32-30. Their next opponet was Tech, and here the Howe squad bowed out of the tourney. Left — The two trophies Howe won during the 1945-1946 sea- son: on the left, Howe Holiday Tournament trophy (Howe, Tech, Colum- bus, and Frank- lin), and on the right, Short- ridge Invita- tional Tourna- ment trophy (Howe, Short- ridge, Broad Ripple, and Lawrence Central.) Individual Pic- tures (left to right) Don Coval, junior; George Sprad- ling, junior; Johnny Edwards, sopho- more; Hugh Moreillon, junior; and Paul Weir, junior. OaMihf SsioAofL (RjiofhtL Howe 21— Tech 31 Howe 28-Broad Ripple 25 Howe 25 — Washington 23 Howe 36— Warren Central 28 Howe 21— Franklin 27 Howe 41 — Ben Davis 31 Howe 47 — Greenfield 27 Howe 34— Southport 23 Howe 34— Decatur Central 24 Howe 36 — Lawrence Central 20 Howe 32- -Shortridge 20 Howe 26 — Bloomington 35 Howe 27— Cathedral 29 Howe 34— Garfield (Terre Haute) 47 Howe 33— Manual 29 Howe 33— Shelbyville 31 HOWE HOLIDAY TOURNEY Tech 38, Columbus 36. Howe 29, Franklin 24. Columbus 33, Franklin 25 (consola- tion). Howe 33, Tech 31 (championship). SHORTRIDGE INVITATIONAL TOURNEY Broad Ripple 27, Shortridge 24. Howe 21, Lawrence Central 17. Lawrence Central 43, Shortridge 27 (consolation). Howe 37, Broad Ripple 26 (champion- ship). INDIANAPOLIS SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Howe 32, Warren Central 30. Howe 27, Tech 42. dhi £ wsL omL J waPl S cibJOfL flsiafidA. RESERVE Howe 12— Tech 25 Howe 22— Broad Ripple 14 Howe 19 — Washington 21 Howe 25— Warren Central 12 Howe 10— Franklin 12 Howe 26 — Ben Davis 18 Howe 23 — Greenfield 18 Howe 25 — Southport 26 Howe 29— Decatur Central 11 Howe 12 — Shortridge 18 Howe 30 — Lawrence Central 29 Howe 25 — Bloomington 24 Howe 28— Cathedral 22 Howe 24— Garfield (Terre Haute) 15 Howe 19— Manual 21 Howe 30— Shelbyville 27 FRESHMEN Howe 7 — Tabernacle 9 Howe 26— Warren Central 25 Howe 20— Manual 19 Howe 29— Sacred Heart 4 Howe 7 — Cathedral 15 Howe 13 — Shortridge 6 Howe 20— Washington 23 Howe 14— Broad Ripple 29 Howe 40— Manual 27 Howe 24— Tech 15 Howe 27— Southport 28 Howe 17 — Cathedral 15 Howe 22— Shortridge 27 Howe 24 — Washington 9 Howe 18— Broad Ripple 37 Howe 16 — Tech 9 Individual Pictures (left to right) Arlen Risley, sopho- more; Jim Stutz, sophomore; and student manag- ers, Charles Kerr, senior; Dick Weghorst, junior; and Don Coffey, senior. Right — Howe ' s coaches in the Athletic Depart- ment (seated, left to right) Mr. Samuel Kelley, Mr. Roscoe Pierson, Mr. Fred Lem- ley; (standing, left to right) Mr. Thomas Stirling, Mr. Lewis Gilfoy, Mr. E. Franklin Fisher, and Mr. Ray Bowman. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM BACK ROW— Wilbur Burdsall, Dick Baker, Bill Locklear, Jim Stutz, Arlen Risley, John Bruckman. Irving Thomas, Coach Ray W. Bowman. FRONT ROW— Roger Kennedy. Jay Gould, Bill Schmadeke, Phil Barnhart, Spencer Gaarder, Bill Terrell, Elmer Summitt. iRiUkSUwiibu ThoL So J ' jcVl iBdtimL Howe ' s reserve squad ended the sea- son close on the heels of the varsity team, winning 11 out of 16 contests. The reserve cagers lost their opening en- counter to Tech by the score of 25-12, and then romped over Broad Ripple 22-14. Coach Ray Bowman ' s charges bowed to Washington next in a close contest 20-19. On December 8 they beat the Warren Central Warriors 25-12, but lost the following Friday night to a strong, unbeaten Franklin quintet. On Decem- ber 15, they romped over Ben Davis 26-18 and continued their winning way by beating Greenfield 23-18. Southport out-pointed them on January 4 in an- other close one which ended 26-25. Then the reserves started a six-game winning streak in which they topped Decatur Central, Shortridge, Lawrence Central, Bloomington, Cathedral, Gar- field of Terre Haute, before bowing to Manual 21-19. In the last game of the season the reserve cagers defeated Shelbyville 30-27. Arlen Risley topped the point-getters with 108 points followed closely by Jim Stutz, 85; Irving Thomas, 47; and Bill Terrell, 39. Risley, Stutz, and Thomas, all sophomores from last year ' s city championship freshmen squad, will be around next year to help our Hornet varsity. 3 ' hDApL (jJivL TlhuL amsidu Howe ' s frosh ended this last season with a won and lost record of 9 and 7. At the beginning the team was very in- experienced, but when the curtain came down at the season ' s end, they were found to be a vastly improved squad. Some proof of this can be seen in the comparison of some of the team ' s vic- tories over teams which had previously defeated them. Howe ' s first encounter with Manual ended in a 20-17 defeat. The second time the Hornets came out on top, 40-27. Cathedral topped our frosh 15-7 but later Howe avenged this with a 17-15 defeat. In the first attempt with Washington, the team conquered the Continentals 24-9. They defeated Tech in both their games with the Greenclads. Of the 84 boys out for freshman basketball at the beginning of the sea- son only 15 survived. These were: Harry Stewart, Eugene Cowell, Don Denniston, Art Holman, Frank Knox, Robert Brown, Jack Alexander, James Baker, Robert Bohn, Dave Cook, Don Daugherty, Dick Ferguson, Alan Hol- man, and Joe Pirtle. The frosh closed the season second to Broad Ripple in city series competi- tion. The leading scorers were Don Den- niston, 86; Harry Stewart, 79; Frank Knox, 58; and Eugene Cowell, 38. The defensive play of Robert Brown was very outstanding. Joe Pirtle, who was injured in football, joined the squad late in the season. Coach Fisher ' s yearlings had a very good season and many frosh are ready to move up to next year ' s reserve squad. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM BACK ROW— Coach E. Franklin Fisher, Bob Lester, Dave Cook, lohn Passen, Bill Dismore, Jim Baker, Don Daugherty. SECOND ROW— Gerald Williams, Robert Bohn. Bill Joyce, Robert Kage, Jack Alexander, Don Fleetwood, Dick Ferguson, Warren Smith. FRONT ROW— Joe Wilson, Art Holman, Harry Stewart, Frank Knox, Don Denniston, Joe Hanley, Eugene Cowrell. J hade . . . KifmsdA. U}irL 1%5 SsudionoL QhDwrL Howe ' s thinlies finished the 1945 track season in fine style by copping the sectional track meet at the Wash- ington oval and qualified seven indi- viduals and a half-mile relay team for the state meet. In addition they won four of eight regularly scheduled dual meets, placed fourth in the city track meet, and secured a fifth in the Indianapolis Relays. This edition of Howe track teams was a particularly well-balanced one, being exceptionally strong in the field events and the middle distance races. Leading the team in points was Bud Reed, who garnered the big total of 67 ' 4 points. Other leading point-getters were Ro- land Sw ingley, Dave DeWitte, and Carl Lomatch, stellar dashman, who left school early in the season to enroll at Purdue. His shoes were ably filled by Don Hyfield, frosh dashman, who was outstanding in varsity competition. The afternoon of the sectional saw three Howe records fall by the wayside. Dave DeWitte broke the mile standard with a 4:44.5 performance. Roland Swingley upped the broad jump mark with a leap of 20 ' 6V4 " . The climax of the afternoon came when the half-mile relay team composed of Dick Toothman, Charles Irwin, Don Hyfield, and Jack Nugent raced the distance in 1:37.2 to clinch the sectional crown. Besides the above named, Norman Dixon, Bob O ' Neel, Bud Reed, and Harry Branson went to the state meet carrying Howe ' s Brown and Gold. Branson and Reed were the only Hornets to garner points in the state meet with each of them col- lecting 1 5 of a point in the high jump. J hade S JCi ofL fisafuL Howe 60 Ben Davis 49 Howe 74 Crispus Attucks 44 Howe 57 V2 Broad Ripple 59 V2 Howe 551 2 Manual 6 2 Howe 35 Shortridge 84 Howe 81 V2 Lawrence Central 35V2 Howe 67 2 3 Washington 50 1 3 Howe 40 2 3 Warren Central 76 1 3 Howe was fifth to Shortridge in the Indianapolis Relays with 25 ' 74 points. Howe placed fourth to Shortridge in the city meet with 23 11 14 points. Howe was first in the sectional meet with 45V 2 points. ON OPPOSITE PAGE— Sectional Championship Half-mile Relay Team — Jack Nugent, Don Hyfield, Charles Irwin, Richard Toothman. RIGHT— Dave DeWitfe, Howe ' s stellar miler. TRACK TEAM BACK ROW — Coach Ray Bowman, Bob Bake- meier. Bill Nevill, Mike Pettinger, Coach Samuel Kelley. FOURTH ROW— Bob Gambill, George Sprad- Ung, Harry Branson, Tony George, Melvin Skinner. THIRD ROW— Roger Kennedy- Dick Cotton, Alan Gise, Doug Gill, Dick Hargrave, Bob Corya, Glen Martinie, Paul Eicher, Jim Cook. SECOND ROW— Bill Locklear, Don Goodwin, Dean Phillips, Bob Howard, Don Hyfield, Dave Schornstein, Ronald Maloff, Dick Toothman, Thad- dius Plummer. FRONT ROW— Roland Swingley, Howard Dietz. Dave DeWitte, John Yoder, Bob O ' Neel, Charles Irwin, Bud Reed, Norman Dixon, Jack Nugent, Tack Shaffer, George Harris. S . A A. W W CROSS COUNTRY TEAM BACK ROW — Coach Ray W. Bowman, Don Fleetwood. Jack Alexander, Norman Dixon, Charles Jones, Russell Corey, Carl Spiess. Bill Ribble. FRONT ROW — Michael Pettinger, Paul Powell, Dave DeWitle, Don Raflery, David Holtsclaw, John Yoder, George Harris, Bob Harris, Harry Rider. diouodsuiA. JinLbiL iRsiqudaJc $siaAmL lAjnxbi Q.aiQ.cL Met with the challenge of a last year ' s undefeated cross country team, Coach Ray Bowman ' s Hornet harriers ably overcame the challenge and added a few new records to the Athletic Depart- ment ' s books. Blessed with the return of two major letter winners, Dave De- Witte and George Harris, and a veteran squad, the spikesters completed an un- defeated regularly scheduled season, and placed second in the City Invita- tional Meet in grand style. The Hornet ' s only defeat came in a triangular meet with Anderson and Warren Central. The Anderson Indians turned in a low score of 17 to win top honors; Howe quali- fied for second berth with 44 points, and Warren Central trailed the pack with 57. Howe played host for the City Invita- tional Meet held November 13. Dave DeWitte, Howe ' s stellar track and cross country star, carried off top honors in the meet by besting his nearest rival, Bill Benz of Tech, by approximately 150 yards. This record-breaking runner knocked down Howe ' s previous course record of 9:56, set by Bill Benz of Tech in the Tech-Howe meet this fall, to the low time of 9:49.6, chopping 6.4 seconds off the previous time. Not satisfied with one new record up his sleeve, DeWitte also paced a new city meet record to topple the previous city meet record of 10:12.6 set by Paul Stayonovich of Man- ual in 1943. However, the Tech squad was too strong for the Howe aggrega- tion and Tech retained the city crown with 28 points as Howe settled for run- ner-up with 60 points. The other scoring was as follows: Manual, 63; Broad Ripple, 73; Washington, 134; Shortridge, 140; and Crispus Attucks, 195. The season opened with the Hornet ' s easy victory of 15 to 50 over Lawrence Central. Manual fell next to the tune of 23 to 32 and Beech Grove, Broad Ripple, Shortridge, Washington, and Warren Central came next on the list of the conquered. The Howe team closed the regular season with a 23-32 victory over Tech. GOLF TEAM BACK ROW— Pete Shields, Arlen Risley. Charles Copeland, Jerry Delks, Larry Scott, Clifford Melvin, Martin Bruce, lack Pfeiffer. Bill Butler, Dean Morrow. FRONT ROW— Coach Fred C. Lemley, Charles Jones, Jim Coleman, Bob Erbrich, Ronnie Roach, Paul Weir, Ted Skillman, Bob Beach, Dick Hume, Gerald Williams, Harry Ware. (DivoL CDiqqsUibL. QompUdsL SbdtpL SsiaADfL Coach Fred Lemley ' s linksmen com- pleted a successful regulary scheduled season and placed third in the annual fall City-County Invitational Meet held on the Indian Lake course, September 17. In closing the 1945 season the swingsters failed to maintain the coveted title they had copped for three succes- sive years as Tech moved easily into first place with a very low score of 312. Lawrence Central placed second with 349, Howe came close with 353, Short- ridge did well with 378, and Broad Ripple tailed behind with 387. Ted Skillman led the Hornet pack with a card of 84, Paul Wier marked up 86, Gerald Williams placed third with 91, and Bob Erbrich scored 92. Howe played host for the Spring Invi- tational Tourney held on May 21 on the Pleasant Run course. Again bested by a strong Tech team with a score of 319, Howe captured second honors with 340 points. Third place was filled by Law- rence with 356 points, and Shortridge with 363, Broad Ripple with 366, and Cathedral with 399 followed. Ed Borden scored low on the Howe quartet with an 83. Bob Rochford marked up an 87 and Ronnie Roach and Lionel Chandler tied for third place with 89 strokes. A triangular meet on April 20 with Howe, Lawrence, and Shortridge play- ing opened the 1945 season. Howe was edged out of first place by Lawrence but managed to triumph over Shortridge to place second. The next scene of action took place on April 23 on the South Grove course in which Howe matched strokes with Tech, Shortridge, and Cathedral. Never able to edge past, Tech in the entire year, Howe again qualified for second honors. The scoring was as follows: Tech, 317; Howe, 350; Shortridge 357; and Cathedral, 373. In the last scene of action on the Sarah Shank course. May 21, Howe was by- passed by both Tech and Shortridge with scores of 310, 344, and 348 respec- tively. ' (RjojumL thsL I suVl (jJiBl QnihamahoL Spt i Under the able direction of Mr. Samuel T. Kelley and Mr. Ray W. Bow- man, intramural sports have grown greatly during the past few years at Howe. The biggest intramural event of each year is the spring track meet. Held on June 5 last year, any boy was eli- gible who had not participated in any freshman or varsity track meets in the year. Each physical education period could enter two boys in each of the thirteen events, and any boy could par- ticipate in three events. Qualification tests were held previous to the meet, and ribbons were presented to each winner placing in the first three places. The following boys came out on top in the track events: Joe Weaver, Marion Knight, Gene McClarney, Jack ' Alex- ander, John Passen, Finley Isler, Don Raftery, Horald Reed, and Rex Cline. Physical fitness was stressed in all boys ' gym classes. A rigid program in- cluding conditioning exercises, rope climbing, and chinning on the bar was given to each boy. Basketball or football rounded out each gym period. Much enthusiasm was created between squads in the gym classes. Two squads were far superior, both in the freshman and upper classes in both basketball and football. They were as follows: Upper classmen — Ken- neth Kleinschmidt, David Lawson, James Lohman, Fran McAree, David McMahan, and Charles Miller. Freshmen — Duane Wise, David Stein, Harry Stewart, Scott Stockton, Herbert Teague, Leo Terry, Farris Turk, Harry Ware, Richard Wise- hart, and Warren Wright. JhMSL QhiiULbu f(fL tidisiJimimiu aruL QhssUikadsihAl Hey! Calm down, girls! Control your- selves! It ' s only the Lettermen ' s Club. Only! These fellows maintain Howe ' s record of tip-top perfection in athletics from fall to spring. Each year the main activity of the club is to sponsor a Christmast dance called " Winter Won- derland " with the cooperation of the G.A.A. Membership is limited to boys who have earned eight-inch letters in any sport. LETTERMEN ' S CLUB BACK ROW — Joe Weaver, Spencer Gaarder, George Spradling, Carl Edwards, Tom Woerner, Roland King, Jack O ' Neel, Bob Bakemeier, John Yoder, Bob O ' Neel, Karl Stoneking. SECOND ROW— Bill Nevill, Hugh Morellion, Darrell Springer, Jim Hill, Jack Johns, Dick Tooth- man, Norman Dixon, Russell Corey, Don Raiiery, George Harris. FRONT ROW — Jack Thomas, Maynard King, Paul Eicher, Dave Schornstein, Fred Dietz, Leroy Hofmann, Don Coffey, Ronnie Roach, Dave De- Witte, Jim Jacobs. Yea, Howe High! See that score! Yea, Howe High! We want more Yes, it ' s none other than the Cheerleaders ' Club. Every Friday morn, bright and early, these guys and gals meet faithfully on the east side under the sponsorship of Miss Marjorie White to practice your favorite yells, which spur Howe ' s teams on to final victory. CHEERLEADERS ' CLUB BACK ROW — Mary Torrence, Lavena Watson, Joan Hockersmith, Phyllis Deltour, Marilyn Haislup, Phyllis Halcomb, Martha Lou Cochran, Marilyn Dougherty, Carol Schneider, Marianela Urrutia, Shirley Harris, Joanne Gothberg, Virginia Ecknor, Mary Ellyn Dahl, Eriene Snyder, Audrey Reynolds. Betty Ann Ely. SECOND ROW— Martha Mitchell, Sally Mul- barger, Patty Virgin, Virginia Eubank, Marjorie La Rue, Janet Eickhoff, Pat Kilander, Patricia Leffler, Joanne Crawford. Bette Hutchinson, Carol Engleman, Johanne Guenter, Beverly Ann Cubel, Doris Gaines, Mary Ann Gaither. FRONT ROW — Vera Davis, Darlo Judd, Carolyn Gorman, Ellen Joan Ford, Vera Hershberger, Helen Dixon, Johnny Zeller, Alan Gise, Loren Stackhouse, Josephine Justice, Elizabeth Schmidt, Pat Miller, Marcia Pierce, Joan Hanison, Dolores Heath. Phyllis Stultz. If ♦ G.A.A. BACK ROW— Phyllis Harreld, Janie Cox, Diane Hays, Carolyn Ealy, Vonda Springer, Charlotte Walton, Jo Ann Perkinson, Pat Wood, Norma Cooper, Jo Ann Wood, Theresa McKinney, Roberta Johnston, Barbara Thompson, Vera Davis, Mary Jane Jones, Joan Skinner, Judy Peirce, Mildred Specht, Joan Marlow. THIRD ROW — Barbara Clark, Virginia Gardner, Phyllis McKee, Audrey Reynolds, Betty Ann Ely, Evelyn Velich, Janis Van Treese, Mary Ann Gaither, Doris Gaines, Patsy Parrish, Carol New- comer, Joanne Goltberg, Shirley Harris, Shirley Richardson, Wanda Joan Smith, Joan Harrison, Ruby King, Lavena Watson, Phyllis Halcomb, Carole Davis, Janet Eickhofi. SECOND ROW— Virginia Higgs, Mary Jo Taylor, Sally Vertrees, Suzanne Auble, Virginia Meadows, Patty Virgin, Virginia Eubank, Marjorie La Rue. Jean Shaffer, Carol Schneider, Mariana Fullen, Gladys Ferguson, Carol Arnholter, Pat Leffler, Darlo Judd, Nari Chirpas, Barbara McDonald, Ama Rea Murray, Mildred Rodgers, Winona Locklear. FRONT ROW — Joan Ritzi, Marilyn Dougherty, Ellen Barnes, Mary Ann Elliott, Patty Sharp, Bar- bara Enochs, Patti Marsh, Katie Isler, Shirley Diehl, Vera Hershberger, Dorothy Cowell, Marjorie John- son, June Burgess, Katie Lewis, Bobbie Jean Rinehart, Beverly Ann Cubel, Carolyn Gorman, Anne Woerner, Johanne Guenter, Carol Engleman, Joan Nolting. BELOW LEFT— Mrs. Frances Swengel and Miss Marjorie White, physical education teachers. BELOW RIGHT— G.A.A. officers: Marjorie John- son, Dorothy Cowell, Vera Hershberger, JjtVi arUu CL 3Ldl J ummiL? " Our G.A.A. at Howe is hard to beat, In all our games we never show de- feat. " Ambling through the boys ' gym recently Sherlock heard the new G.A.A. song. Deducing that it was Tuesday night and time for the gals on the east side to gather round for girls sports he decided to investigate. He found that the spotlight in one corner rested on the parallel bars and side horse where some of the fairer sex accomplished unbe- lievable loop-the-loops while in another corner he found those who felt less active but skillful, playing ping-pong. Quickly drawing his conclusions the master detective decided girls ' sports were really on the beam at Howe and left with us some advice for the male population of Howe. We quote, " Watch out, guys, you may be dating a ' lady Atlas ' . " Is a word to the wise sufficient? l A HM mm a 4| CIuulTU). f veryone joins a club or two, " someone informed Sherlock. So, because he ' s a systematic, conscientious man, Sherlock tried them all, one by one. He was even a member of the choir (pictured on the opposite page) for a few weeks. Mr. Sherlock " habla esponol " ed with the Spaniards in the Spanish Club and went to trial with the Latins. He spent hours in the science labs investigating all those un- knowns and persuaded someone to teach him about the movie projector. He helped write the constitution of the new Junior Historical Club and tried out for a part in " Stage Door, " Footlight Revel- ers ' spring production. At the end of his investigations of the organizations, he traveled those curving stairs to the top of the Tower and dis- cussed the mystery with the members of the publications staffs. 911 Bl ' Slid W ' HK - t Ba b HH E SBksifll wmt iB-f r " f . J ■III H i ■«■■ UIaK K ORGANIZATIONS ShsUihidL JjuAnA, WjuLbdad, . . . In answer to Sherlock ' s inquiries as to where the music was coming from, he was taken to the music room, half- hidden behind the boy ' s gym. Here he found the Choir under the direction of Mr. Frank S. Watkins, vocal instructor, rehearsing for " A Waltz Dream, " this year ' s three act operetta. When rehear- sals were over, Mr. Watkins told Sher- lock that these 65 selected boys and girls were carrying out traditions set by seven previous choirs by presenting operettas, annual Music Festivals and Christmas assemblies. During the eighth period, masters of the strings tromped into the practice ' room to rehearse their part in the annual American Legion Memorial Service. Soon the room was filled with the noise of tuning violins, cellos and bases. The Orchestra director, Mr. John W. Shep- ard, who took over the leadership from Mr. Robert H. Burford in January, invited Sherlock to witness this rehearsal. Later Sherlock found that Mr. Shepard di- rected the Orchestra in successful per- formances at Commencement, Vespers, and the annual Music Festival. CHOIR — (On previous page) Eloise Aichele, Richard Aichele. Don Arm- strong, Josephine Bailey, Giovanna Ball, Joan Bayly, Marilyn Broderick, Mary Ann Brown, Ken- neth Buckhorn. Mae Ellen Church, Richard Cotton, Mary Ann Cull, Patricia Cummings, Dorothy Cupps, Helen Dixon, Joe Eads, Ida Ann Eckstein, Philip Edgington, Carol Eves, Joe Foerderer, Juanita Embry, Suzanne Foster, Alan Gise. Jean Gordon, Carolyn Gorman, Ruth Guthrie, George Harris, Mary Jane Hill, Helen Hodges, Barbara Ingersoll. Mary Catherine Johnxon, Marilynn Johnston, Shirley Joslin, Josephine Justice. Pat Kennedy, Barbara Kidd, Andy King, Kenneth Kleinschmidt, Betty Kurz, Norman Lane, Julia Ann Lipp, Fran McAree, Gene McClarney, Walter Mc- Daniel, William Mitchell. Glenn Mock, Marie Ellen Ochs, Louis O ' Connell, Robert Oldham, Eleanor Overstreel. Delbert Power, Harold Reed, Bobby Jean Rinehart, Ronald Roach, Don Romans, Mary Sentman, Betty Shaum, Carl Spiess, William Stroud, Phyllis Stultz, Marian VanHoosier, Lon Walker, Mary Warriner, Ronald Williams. BAND Jack Aldridge, lames Askren, Dick Bakemeier, Bob Bakemeier, Ronald Barber, Walter Black, David Blair, Thomas Cannon, Charles Chambers, Lloyd Collins, Don Coval, Dave Cook, Dana Crapo, Julia Downey, Richard Dunn, William Eikenbary, Margaret Ellis, Don Fitzwater, Wilma Fredenburg, Spencer Gaarder, Wilbur Galbreath, Gary George, Pat Graves, Fred Harbold. Herman Hardwick, John Harvey, Jerry Heater, Joyce Jacob, Jack Johns, Lois Joslin, Charles Kerr, Marion Knight, Rex Kline, Robert Lewis, Alice McClelland. Jack Mc- Cormick, Walter McDaniel, Charles McGlacken, Tom Mitchell, Damon Monschein, Don Myers, Keith Ramsden, Robert Rebholz, Dick Schatz, Donald Schaub, Jack Shannon, Dave Surface, Hous- ton Swenson, John Taylor, Leo Terry, Jack Thomas, Lon Walker, Stanley Walter, Harry Ware, Tom Woerner, Warren Wright. ORCHESTRA Ellen Barnes, Ruth Barr, Carolyn Campbell, Lloyd Collins, Sariann Dulin, Sidney Ellis, Richard Elmore, Joyce Gulleson, Harold Hair, Fred Har- bold, James Hargrave, John Harvey, Jerry Heater, Mary Elizabeth Hite, Ruth Ann Horton, Lois Joslin, Patty Lamb, Marjorie LaRue, Ruth Lemley, Phyllis Masters, Alice McClelland, Robert McGinnis, Kathryn Porter, Marjorie Ray, Robert Rebholz, Emily Rinsch, Jack Shannon, Lon Walker, Stanley Walter, Richard Wiseheart. Sherlock donned one of the smart brown and gold uniforms that he found hanging in the locker room in order to spy upon the band. When he hit an incorrect note, Mr. Robert H. Burford, band director, discovered his presence. Upon finding that Sherlock was there to gather news on the band ' s success, Mr. Burford told him of the organization ' s outstanding performances at assemblies, the annual Music Festival, and the Navy Day parade. The maestro then intro- duced him to the major, Dick Sharkey, and the majoriettes, Pat Etheridge, Martha Mitchell, Nancy Arford, Barbara May, and Joan Perkinson, who led the band in its marching formations. Mr. Burford went on to explain to Sherlock that when a vacancy occurred, band members were chosen from the B band because they measured up to the standards of the Music Department. These include superior music ability, a personality to match that of the group, and willingness to promote the good name of the organization. GIRLS ' OCTET SEATED — losephine Bailey, pianist; Mae Ellen Church, Barbara Kidd, Ruth Guthrie, Suzanne Foster, Juanita Embry. STANDING— Phyllis Stulz, Mary Anne Cull, Mary Catherine lohnson. CRESCENDO CLUB BACK ROW— Mr. Frank S. Watkins, Richard Banks, William Dodds, Dick Schatz, Robert Mc- Ginnis, lohnny Zeller, Dick Cotton, Alan Gise, Joe Eads, Ralph Cowser, Bernard Bower, Robert Old- ham, Mr. R. H. Burford. FOURTH ROW— AHce McClelland, Phyllis Mas- ters, Joyce Gulleson, Ruth Ann Horton, Marjorie LaRue, Mildred Bailey, Barbara Pletcher, Judy Killion, Janet Laughner, Joy Starks, Irma Jean Wheeling, Juanita Embry, Barbara Logsdon. THIRD ROW— Lois Joslin, Phyllis Halcomb, Marilyn Daugherty, Carol Bush, Lucille Perkins, Patricia Kerrick, Ramona Dongworth, Patti Cum- BOYS ' OCTET LEFT TO RIGHT— Mr. Frank S. Watkins, Gene McClarney, Joe Eads, Dick Cotton, Fran McAree, Doug Gill, Joe Foerderer, Don Romans, Louis O ' Connell. mings, Barbara Kidd, Bobby Rinehart, Joan Skinner, Judy Pierce, Jean Walker, Nancy VanKeenen. SECOND ROW— JoAnn Lindberg, Ann Fennell, Mary Lou Champion, Barbara Clark, Mary Sent- man, Phyllis Wallace, Barbara Wandersee, Joan Bayly, Betty Crabtree, Ruth Ann Gootee, Martha Gootee, Mary Kay Ward, Marilyn Cranston, Jean Brady, Jackie Mathias. FRONT ROW — Clara Fath, Joann Brower, Rosie Bender, Barbara Hall, Carolyn Sferruzzi, Sharon Risley, Ruth Guthrie, Mary Anne Cull, Suzanne Foster, Leah Churchill, Dora Pierson, Darlynn Delong, Ruth Smith, Joyce Weaver, Anne Woer- ner, Phyllis, Kirkham. At the end of the day, in the music room, Sherlock met the eight boys and girls who made up the Octets, and their accompanist, Joan Bayly. They sang their favorite songs, " In My Solitude " and " Ole Man River, " for him. Mr. Wat- kins, their director, told Sherlock that these groups, chosen from the Choir, often combined to compose the en- semble when performing for churches, Parent-Teacher and lodge meetings, and other outside organizations. • Sherlock, now quite familiar with the location of the Music Department, wan- dered back one Monday to see the Crescendo Club in action. He found many students discussing Gershwin and the recording of his " Rhapsody in Blue. " Mr. Burford and Mr. Watkins, co-spon- sors, told Sherlock that this group had programs similar to this during the year on Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky. Other club meetings consisted of recital- type programs in which club members played instruments or sang selections. . . . ' SfosiSu Qlubbinq . , . $iop, look. anjcL M i uv PCojvjiIl i i ioMismcsL While sleuthing around, Sherlock dis- covered many strange noises coming from Room 20. Upon further investiga- tion, he found out that this is where many students nearly every day stop by, look at an educational film, and listen to some words of wisdom. After the film which Sherlock saw was over, he talked to the boys who stayed be- hind and found out that members of the Audio-Visual Club, under the guidance of Mr. Merle Wimmer, were responsible for operating the projection equipment and keeping it in running order. Sherlock the Great almost turned in his magnifying glass for a portable mic- roscope after he saw all that the Science Club members observed through high powered lenses. Mr. William Smith and Mrs. Bette Davis supervised the club ' s projects, some of which were: growing, plants without soil, studying the chemi- cal behavior of compounds, and grow- ing bacteria. The most important re- search was done by crossing fruit flies to study heredity traits. If any Howeite wishes to grow flies, Sherlock definitely recommends the Science Club for them. VISUAL EDUCATION CLUB BACK ROW— L. G. Barnes, Don Williams. Karl Stoneking, Don Horner. SECOND ROW— Don Myers, Eloy Stevens, Dorothy Cupps, Hubert Powell, Mr. Merle Wimmer, Bob Steckley, Robert Oldham. FRONT ROW— Ocal Harsh- man, Billy Pierpont, Harry Rider. SCIENCE CLUB BACK ROW— Clarence Zike, Alice McClelland, Rovena Rainwater, Joyce lacob (vice- president), Patricia Welch, Albert Schleigh, Lester Earle, Ted Coryell, Charlene L. Allen. FRONT ROW— Joan Ritzi, Ellen Barnes, Mrs. Bette Davis, Gladys Ferguson, Mary Ellen James. Ida Ann Eckstein. Dorothy Pressler, Gloria Speer, Barbara Dahl, Joan Nolting. Dora Pierson. SEATED— Mary Catherine Johnson, Shirley Walker, Bar- bara Enochs. Maellen Wright (president), Patty Sharp, Joan Carter. FOOTLIGHT REVELERS ' CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT— Maellen Wright (vice-president), LaVonne Mannield, Joe Foerderer (president), Mildred Bailey, Mary Elizabeth Hlte, Norma Ziegbr, Dick Sharkey (secretary), Mr. Darrell Gooch, Anne Schutt, losephine Justice. Mary Jane Hill, Jim Denny, Giovonna Ball, Alan Gise, Elliott Jose. Josephine Bailey, Ruth Ann Thomas, Bill Insley (treasurer), Laura Hammond. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB BACK ROW— Martha Gootee. Julia Moore. Beverly Toothman, Sally Shields, Patricia Kerrick. Norma Knarzer. Delores Withycombe, Martha Truman. Mary Ellen James. THIRD ROW — Peggy Thomas. Norma Ziegler. Jane Marshall. Martha Schu- maker. Judy Alger. Barbara Raise. Joan Reynolds. Shirley Cox. SECOND ROW— Maellen Wright, Jo- Ann Baur. Joy Starks. Delores Smith. Earlene Horton. Catherine Karchner. Pat Krome. FRONT ROW— Edna Foust. Mary Pitts (vice-president). Mary Ann Malott (presi- dent). Jo Ann Marquis. Louise Kauimann, Barbara Jones. Miss Lois Coy. STANDING — Joanne Crawford. iBsihinjd ihsL oiliqhidu iOt t, l io i tZL ' Sherlock dropped in on one of the Footlight Revelers ' meetings and picked up a few helpful hints on make-up and dramatics. He watched these future Barrymores and Bernhardts (let them dream) working under the supervision of Mr. Darrell Gooch. All this weekly preparation blossomed forth in their spring production, " Stage Door. " The cast was headed by Jo Justice as Terry, and Jim Denny who played Keith. With the able support of a good cast and the direction of Cecil B. DeGooch, promi- nent Howe director, the play was a huge success. Our great detective stumbled while trying his hand at balancing books, so he decided it was best to leave this to the Home Economics Club. The girls re- ceived some fine tips from Miss Lois Coy for the all-school posture contest which they sponsored. They kept busy by helping the Junior Red Cross Club with special Red Cross work and hos- pital projects. Two special parties rounded out the activities of the club for the past year. Members of the Home Economics Club also helped sell con- cessions at the basketball games and football games during the past year. HI-Y CLUB BACK ROW— Dave McMahon, Elliott Jose. Jim Denny, Don Henkle. Kenneth Kleinschmidt, Lewis Wood, Karl Stone- king (treasurer), Tom Woerner (vice- president), Dave Schornstein (president), Don Col ' fey, Carl Edvirards, Norman Dixon, Charles Jones, Will Cuppy, Mr. Virgil Heniser. FOURTH ROW— Alan Gise, Dick Cot- Ion, Richard Schatz, Michael Pettinger, Dave Holtsclaw, Alfred Pursell, Bob Schwier, John Zeller, Don Williams, Ronnie Roach, Pete Shields. THIRD ROW— Eloy Stevens, Bob Steckley, Paul Eicher (secretary), Charles Kerr, Jim Jacobs, Bill Insley, Joe Eads. SECOND ROW— Dick Baker, Estel Barry. FRONT ROW— Don Adams. BETA HI-Y CLUB BACK ROW — Tom Cummings, Walter Black, David Owen, Spencer Gaarder. Phil Barnhart, Tom Cunningham, Bob Lewis, James Askren, Jan Payne, Robert Walker, Mr. Paul Klinge. FOURTH ROW— Ed Cassady (treas- urer). Bob DeNoon, Tom Johns, Jim Thomas (president), Brandt Steel (vice- president), Leo Scheibelhut, Bill Butler (chaplain), Fran McAree. THIRD ROW — Dick Bakemeier (sec- retary), James Conway, Bob Fields, Jim Baker, Dave Cook, Don McCord. SECOND ROW— Sammy Ford, Roger Overstreet, FRONT ROW— Richard Moore. Cbi iWS bi a Wjoddimiu (ihm IjJo kinx iksdh. was upt Our hero, Sherlock, who seemed to manage to turn up everywhere, had a bit of trouble keeping up with the busy Hi-Y boys. Doc and his boys attended many of the state and local Hi-Y con- ventions held during the year. On Val- entine ' s Day they sponsored their 4th annual Hi-Y Sweetheart Dance where Mary Jordan, junior, reigned as Sweet- heart. Other candidates were: Peggy Millen, Patty Sloo, Joan Dufour, and Elizabeth Schmidt. The club also elected from their midst the philosopher who represented the Spirit of the Tower at the annual Birthday Pagaent held in May. According to the Hi-Y fellows, the Beta Hi-Y boys are just " working their way up. " Sherlock found however, without a too thorough investigation, that these underclassmen kept just as busy as their older brothers. Being very sports-minded, they went in for basket- ball, hockey, and swimming in a big way during the past year. The members also attended state Hi-Y conventions with their club sponsor, " McGonical, " alias Mr. Paul Klinge. These boys had money-making projects galore last year some of which were: checking at dances and taking care of concessions at foot- ball and basketball games. 1 ' m SELOFRA CLUB BACK ROW— Barbara Hall, Beverly Burkhardt, Barbara Davis, Dolores lune Cox, loanne Gerrard, Eileen Harpold, Norma Knarzer, Paula Cherry, Celia Bolte. FOURTH ROW — Marjorie Kingsbury, Virginia Ecknor, Dorothy Fry, leanne Byers, Judy Killion, Cora Lane, Phyllis Deltour, loan Hackersmith, Marilyn Haislup, Barbara Logsdon. THIRD ROW — Marilyn Cramston, Bonnie Heili- qer, Marlene Fox, Mary Ford, Earlene Horlon, leannie Dietz, Dorothy Hadon, Nancy Gossett, Lois Handon, lane Kirkhoii. SECOND ROW — Louetta Jean Craig, Rosetta Branson, lackie Freers, lo Ann Baur, Ruth Ellen Davis, Norma J. Cooper, Jo Ann Lindberg, Ann Fennell, Marlene Lawson. FRONT ROW— Mary Lou Evans. Paula Jean Davis, Barbara Austin, Doris Hess, Shirley Harris, Carol Knisley, Lois Anderson, Joanne LeVine, Patricia Kerrick, Judy Alger. PRESIDING — Suzanne Auble (treasurer), Winona Locklear (secretary). SELOFRA CLUB BACK ROW — Paula Petty, Lois Rader, Barbara Richart, Norma Stultz, Joan Skinner, Judy Pierce, Jo Ann Mascari, Jo Anne Wood, Carolyn Sferruzzi. THIRD ROW — Betty Smith, Marcia Scovell, Betty Maehler. Patty Sly, Sherril Mitchell, Frances Mat- thews, Carol Mathews, Joanne Gottberg, Jo Ann Perkinson, Joy Starks. SECOND ROW — Bonnie Smith, Pat McDonald, Martha Mitchell, Mary Lou Miller, Barbara Pletcher, Carol Newcomer, Marlene Sullivan, Pat Wood, Erma Meyer. FRONT ROW — Betty Selzer. Gwen Spangler, Martha Schumaker, Peggy Thomas, Betty Tripp, Norma Smith, Barbara Thompson, Mary Torrence. PRESIDING — Jane Marshall (vice-president), Jackie Allen (president). ' ( pjudjb qViL jLl, UhsL cl msdodif. . . . Vi ' A k ' S ' LANINA CLUB BACK ROW — Efhlyn Henderson, Rosemary Al- bers, Barbara Kohlstaedt, Katie Jennings, Mary Frances Allen, Darlynn DeLong, Pat Heller, Jeanne Horton, Phyllis Campbell, Gladys Ferguson, Mary Lou Champion, Carol Eves. FOURTH ROW— Joyce Beck, Margie Lowder- milk, Jean Brady, Gerry Bender, Phyllis Leifler, Pat Clouse, Martha Lou Cochran, Mary Baker, Virginia Higgs, Ellen Barnes, Sally Emmert, Betty Anne Ely. THIRD ROW— Janice Kilbourne, Priscilla Groves, Joan Brickham, Nancy Burghduii, Judy Burk, Mary- beth Hunt, Betty Bullard, Pat Krome, Phyllis Har- reld, Diane Hays, Jane Cox, Barbara Clark. SECOND ROW — Miss Lois Coy, Jeanne Lipp, Lenore Coutz, Hildegarde Koeppe, Roberta John- ston, Ruth Ann Horton, Phyllis Halcomb, Patty Andrews, Janet Eickhoif, Carolee Davis, Joyce Dehnbostel, Delores Altom. FRONT ROW— Marjorie LaRue, Barbara Bohl- inger, Mary Alice Harper, Barbara Enochs, Vir- ginia Gardner (secretary), Virginia Eubank (vice- president), Helen Aldrich (president), Mary Jo Taylor (treasurer), Ruth Anne Gootee, Mary Cath- erine Johnson, Margie Joslin, Carol Amholter, Mariana FuUen. LANINA CLUB BACK ROW — Patty Ping, Norma Richards, Norma Rogers, Barbara Jo Riegel, Marianela Urrutia, Patty Sharp, Alice McClelland, Phyllis McKee, Dorothy Sam, Virginia Meadows, Ethel Wiggins. THIRD ROW— Jackie Mathias, Erlene Snyder, Katherine Nitchman, Anne Schutt, Joy Wilson, Gloria Wood, Barbara Wandersee, Suzanne Short- ridge, Ruth Meehan, Judy Miller, Ruth Smith. SECOND ROW — Mrs. Margarete Butz, Deloris Weathers, Norma Taylor, Edna Thompson, Char- lotte Spencer, Evelyn Velich, Gloria Speer, Joyce Rose, Marilyn Steinkuehler, Pauline Michael, Theresa McKinney. FRONT ROW — Joan Ritzi, Sally Verlrees, Janet Wheeler, Shirley Walker, Dora Pierson, Jo Ann Reed, Rovena Rainwater, Irma Jean Wheeling, Jean Shaffer, Carol Schneider, Beverly Sears. " JhoL hauniL. ipiu niqhL and. doij . . . n " I JJL cjDUfiL siJvaASL ihsL mmmfuf o Jwl ool . . . Sherlock, the ladies ' man, called his visits to the four girls ' clubs " just abso- lute heaven! " These freshmen and sophomore (see previous pages) and junior and senior girls ' organizations are VIHOTA CLUB BACK ROW— Mary Ann Maloft, Jo Ann Marquis, Barbara Jackson, Karyl Ikerd, Barbara Kidd, Edna Foust, Louise Kauimann, Barbara Jones, Carol Bush, Betty Huthchison, Barbara Hauser, Norma Ziegler. Marilyn Thomas, Jane Willis, Betty Rulh Robb. FRONT ROW — Joanne Hunt (treasurer), Caralee Wisehart, Giovonna Ball, Judy Crawford, Mary Buckles, Lillian Ishii, Carolyn Fisbeck, Mary Jordan, Patti Cummings (secretary), Pat Kruse, Mary Lester, Ruth Guthrie, Betty Torrence, Patty Wilson, Elizabeth Morello. VIHOTA CLUB BACK ROW— Joyce Wellman, Margaret Jordon, Suzanne Mochenrose. Marjorie Deputy, Jean Ann named respectively, Selofra, Lanina, Vihota, and Ho-Se-Gi. The Vihota Club was the first all-girl club, organized in 1939 for school service. This year the other classes, not to be outdone by the juniors, formed their own clubs. Spon- McMahan, Anna Lee Clemans, Betty Dallas, Wanda Marshall, Suzie Foster, G ' enna Thompson, Dorothy Newton, Mary Pitts, Lucy Evans, Barbara Bullard. Gerry Broshears, Marry Anne Cull, Ruth Dowden. SECOND ROW— Jackie Hudson, Mary Ann Gaither, Doris Hill, Joy Lou Weevie, Frances Gar- inger, Louise Steifanni, Betty Ann Resner, Mary Lou Wettie, Dolores Smith, lona Ham, Joyce Ticen (vice-president), Virginia Jones, Phyllis Bowles, Ruth McDonald, Jean Bluemenauer, Barbara Jean Ingersoll. FRONT ROW— Rosie Bender, Joann Bower, Vir- ginia Hollingsworth, Delilah Beatley, Shirley Joslin, Patti Kennedy, Carolyn Gorman, Maellen Wright, Ruth Ann Tomas, Patricia Lefiler, Beverly Cubel, Betty Ann Sly, Virginia Skelton, Nancy Riches, Barbara McMath. ? n m 1 1 " £i} mffmimj , niqhL ami rwofL . . . " sors for the four clubs this year were: Mrs. Betty Baker, Selofra; Miss Lois Coy and Mrs. Margarete Butz, Lanina; Mrs. Mildred D. Loew, Vihota; and Miss Alice C. Hankins and Mrs. Ellen Jane Mead, Ho-Se-Gi. The outstanding event of the year was the All-Girl Competitive Sing among the four clubs. The Lanina Club won first place with the Ho-Se-Gi gals placing second, the Vihota Club placing third, and the Selofra Club placed fourth. HOSEGI CLUB BACK ROW— Emily Rinsch, Patricia Welch, Pauline Resener, Gloria Rubush, Carol Pritchett, leannine Reynolds, Joan Wenrick, Marcia Mc- Mullen, Judy Torrence, Paulina Massena, Jean Nuding, Phyllis Stultz, Virginia Scott, Helen Schreiber, Mary Pride, Shirley Scholle, Joan Nolt- ing, Mrs. Ellen J. Mead. FRONT ROW— Alice Jean Surface (secretary), Joyce Motlern, Patty Talley, Jane Pettinger, Marilyn Roehl, Fay Ann Merrit, Betty Payne, Yvonne Rus- sel, Joan Meininger, Patty Sloo, Jane Morgan, Peggy Millen, Jane Messing, Pat Miller, Mary Virginia Rider, Faye Miller, Joan Thompson, Donna Passen, LaVonne Mannfeld, Angela McCarthy, Marjorie Ray. HOSEGI CLUB BACK ROW — Barbara Dahl, Loislee Davis, Patty Crewes, Virginia Harkins, Miss Alice Hankins, Mary Jane Gard, Elouise Aichele, Betty Lou Eisen- hut, Olive Garrett, Ellen Joan Ford, Phyllis Hallett, Dolores Hubbard, Norma Keith, Betty Knarzer, Patty Cloud, Elizabeth Downey, Ramona Frosch, Ruby King (vice-president). SECOND ROW— Clara Fath, Verna Birck, Helen Jean Beidelman, Ida Ann Eckstein, Mae Ellen Church, Betty Jean Burkey, Beverly Davis, Jose- phine Barrett, Shirley Denner, Betty Jane Bellfry, Mary Jane Hill, Dorothy Cupps (president), Joan Harrison, Katie Lewis, June Burgess, Shirley Cox, Laura Hammond, Jean Gordon. FIRST ROW— Charlene L. Allen, Mary Ellen James, Mary Ann Elliott, Janis Heithecker, Bar- bara Brown, Lois Ann Brenn, Patty Lamb, Norma Gibson, Jennie Lou Fox, Jeanne Hackett, Joanne Hackett, Barbara Baldwin, Shirley Diehl, Martha Hess, Josephine Justice, Rosemary Buenting, Bev- erly Dickerson, Mary AHce Kirkham (treasurer), Mary Jane Lorent, Joan Duiour. i i L JUNIOR RED CROSS CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT— Joyce Beck (presi dent). Gerry Bender (vice-president). Miss Helen Allen, Pauline Michasl (treasurer), Joan Reynolds, Jackie Mathias (secretary), Judy Alger, Mary Ann Brown, Beverly Sleeth. HORIZON CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT— Mary Virginia Rider, Rosemary Knecht, Dorothy Harlan, Martha Hess, Doris Hess, Shirley Diehl, Paula Petty. CI-TRI CLUB BACK ROW— Judy Pierce, Patricia Welch, Emily Rinsch, Louise Stefianni, Anita Jane Owen. Mary Pitts, Katherine Graves, Verna Birck, Ellen Ford, Donna Hill, Mrs. Ellen Jane Mead. FRONT ROW — Joan Skinner, Dona Heitz, Barbara McMath, Ruth Dowden, Carolyn Gorman, Johanne Guenter. Joan Nolting. Jackie Freers. Gloria Speer, Irma Mae Wilson. The Junior Red Cross Activities Com- mittee, sponsored by Miss Helen Allen, was busy this year filling gift boxes for European children and making tray favors for wounded veterans. " How fair indeed! " agreed Sherlock when he met the members of the Hori- zon Club, Senior Camp Fire Girls ' or- ganization. The girls spend their sum- mers at Camp Delight near Noblesville, Indiana. Mrs. Paul Clark sponsored the activities of the organization. The Ci-Tri Club, formerly called the Girl Reserves, collected clothing for people in war-torn Europe and sold Y.M.C.A. World Fellowship Stamps. Mrs. Ralph Johns and Mrs. Ellen Jane Mead sponsored the club during the year. LATIN TRAIL LEFT TO RIGHT— Bob Oldham, Bob Crist, Mildred Rodgers, Brandt Steel, Roy Minatel, Anne Schutt, Jim Baker, Tom Cunningham. Norbert Adrean, Jim Thomas, Bill Dismore, Ted Coryell. LATINS IN ACTION STANDING— N o r m a Clark, Joyce Dehnbostel, Mildred Rodgers. SEATED — Patty Andrews, Mary Ann Malott. ON FLOOR— Phyllis Masters. SPANISH LUNCHEON CLUB STANDING— Lilian Ishii. Marilyn Roehl, Barbara Dietrich, Marie McMillan, Don Romans. SEATED— Dick Sharkey, Judy Burk, Miss Mary E. Thumma. SPANISH CLUB BACK ROW— Miss Mary E. Thumma, Carolyn Shoemaker, Barbara Enochs. Norma Gibson, Mary Buckles, Lester Earle, Joanne Hunt, Caralee Wisehart, Rosemary Knecht, Donald Elbert, Harry Ware. THIRD ROW— Marie McMillan, Patty Sharp, Katherine Graves, Anita Jane Owen, Marcia McMullen, Judy Torrence, Janet Wheeler, Virginia Kealing, Betty Kurz, Joy Lou Weevle. SECOND ROW— Dick Wisehart, Wil- lard Wikhizer, Maellen Wright, Norma Ziegler, Ruthann Thomas, Patty Ping, Marcia Scovell, Joan Skinner, Charlotte Spencer, Mary Jane Gard, Joan Wen- rick. FRONT ROW— Doris Hill, Lillian Ishii, Jean Garrett, Marilyn Roehl, Anna Lee Clemans, Irma Mae Wilson, Mary Jordon, Mary Lester, Joanne Crawford, Jo Ann Bade. Sherlock had been told that Latin was a dead language, but he observed that there were many very much alive per- sons interested in it. These people were the members of the Latin Club and their sponsors, Miss Narcie Pollitt and Miss Thelma Cooley. Wrapped in their togas (sheets to you) the members held a Roman trial, Saturnalia, and election. Luncheon clubs, as well as after- school meetings, are rising in popularity among the Spanish students. Always present when there is any food around, Sherlock attended one of the luncheon meetings, and found himself completely baffled — there wasn ' t an English speak- ing person in the group. Miss Mary E. Thumma and Miss Hildegarde Kuhar sponsored the two organizations. OmL Tybuiidu Howsiiu juAmdi JtA, . Sherlock ' s bewilderment as to what went on behind the door marked " Tower " was cleared up when he tramped up the steps to be confronted with the buzz of the journalism world. As he entered this unknown, he heard cries of " Hurry up with that copy! " , " Where is Tick-Tocks? " , " What hap- pened to the head on this story? " Miss Betty L. Williams, sponsor, soothed his nerves by saying that these students were trying to meet a Wednesday night dealine for the TOWER, the bi-weekly newspaper. Sherlock found that each staff member had a regular beat which he covered on Friday and Monday. After getting the news, the reporter writes it into a story. The story was checked by editors and faculty mem- bers. On Thursday evening all copy was sent to Clarence E. Crippin and Son, Inc. for printing. Every other Friday the student body received an CUB CLUB BACK ROW — Jackie Mathias, Nancy Gossett, Marybeth Hunt, Suzanne Shorlridge, Waller Mc- Daniel, Mary Lester. FOURTH ROW— Ruth Lemley, Barbara Jo Riegel, Hildegarde Koeppe, Ruth Meehan, Barbara Austin. THIRD ROW— Marcia Schovell, Mary Baker, Pauline Michael, Pat Krome, Virginia Ecknor. SECOND ROW— Joan Ritzi, Sally Vertrees, Richard Moore, Patty Sly, Norma Slultz. FRONT ROW — Jackie Allen, Rosemary Albers, issue of the TOWER. Miss Williams stated that a semester ' s instruction in journalism, English IVJ, was required of all prospective staff members. This course included the fundamentals of newspaper production and news writ- ing. After some investigation, Sherlock found that eight students from the TOWER staff were responsible for keep- ing the community informed about the activities at Howe. These students, com- prising the News Bureau, told Sherlock that they sent news to their assigned papers at least once a week. Sherlock saw future journalists at the meetings of the Cub Club. This Club was composed of representatives from freshman and sophomore English classes. The club members, most im- portant duty was providing news for the Cubby Hole, the underclassmen ' s column in the TOWER. Mildred Bailey, Suzanne Auble, Joyce Beck, Katie Jennings. NEWS BUREAU LEFT TO RIGHT— Kenneth Kleinschmidt, Indian apolis Star Sports Reporter; Lewis Wood, Indian- apolis News Sports Reporter; Pat Lefiler. Marion County Mail; Mary Jane Gard, Indianapolis Times; Ruby King, Indianapolis Star; Rosemary Buenting, Indianapolis Herald; Shirley Diehl, Irvington Re- view; Marjorie Ray, Indianapolis News. TOWER STAFF EDITORS (Upper Left) LEFT TO RIGHT— LaVonne Mannjeld, Ruby King, losephine Bailey, Betty Lou Eisenhut, Ken- neth Kleinschmidt, Bill Nevill. REPORTERS (Lower Left) BACK STANDING— Marjorie Johnson, Marian VanHoosier, Jane Willis, Tom Lofton, Mary Ann Mallott, Ruth Ann Thomas,Eloy Stevens, Pat Cum- mings, Barbara Withycombe, Carol Pritchelt. FRONT STANDING— Jennie Lou Fox, Ruth Guthrie, Betty Young, Lou Weevie. SEATED — Janis Heithecker, Carolyn Johnson, Peggy Millen, Mike Pettinger, Norma Ziegler, Faye Ann Merritt, Mary Jordon, Beverly Davis, Giovonna Ball. REPORTERS (Upper Right) LEFT TO RIGHT— Norbert Carteaux, Bill Lock- lear, Hugh Moreillon, Marcia McMullen, Phyllis Bowles, Shirley Diehl, Mary Jane Gard, Rosemary Buenting, Emily Rinsch, Mary Virginia Rider, Josephine Barrett, George Spradling. SPONSOR (Center) Miss Betty L. Williams. COLUMNISTS (Lower Right) SEATED— Pat Leffler, Pal Miller. STANDING — Joann Bade, Lois Ann Brenn, Lewie Wood, Mary Lester, Barbara Ingersoll. ysbohbooL StaU iP li hsA, After gathering information on the TOWER staff, Sherlock wound his way up the circular steps to the now well- known top room which serves as the HILLTOPPER office. Every day since September 5, the day of his arrival, Sherlock had mounted these steps to report his findings to the staff, until now he was quite familiar with the long, strenuous climb. Before Sherlock arrived at Howe last fall, the staff began the preliminary steps to year-book production which is a year-round job. Arrangements were made with Sherlock for him to stay at Howe for a full year to study the activi- ties of the student body and faculty in order to determine the reasons for the young school ' s success. When this was settled, the staff turned its attention to the Moonlight Ball, an annual spring dance sponsored by the HILLTOPPER staff to pay for the covers made by the Kingskraft Cover Company. The make- up editors drew plans for the dummy, the book containing a rough idea of the finished yearbook. Complete plans for the fall subscription campaign were compiled by the Business Managers and Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs, former sponsor. In September, the staff came back " raring to go. " First, there was the ex- Mrs. Mary Diaz citement of meeting Sherlock, who be- came each member ' s dearest friend and consultant. He arrived precisely on time and set right to work. As a guest of the staff, he attended the annual Brown and Gold dance. Throughout the re- mainder of the year he spent at least a day in each class, attended basketball and football games, track meets, club meetings, the senior play, the operetta, and variQus other programs. Sherlock also aided Joe and Elliott in carrying out the subscription campaign, during which 1,400 HILLTOPPERS were or- dered. At this same time, Barbara, Marjorie, Janie, Betty, and Jean were busy pre- paring picture schedules. Contracts had already been made with Ramos-Porter Studios to take informals and senior portraits; Russell E. Benson to take divi- sion pages and class room scenes; and Bass Studios for Orchestra and Choir pictures and the snow scene. When the pictures were taken, the Activities, Club, and Homeroon Editors were busy typ- ing identification, figuring copy areas and proportions. After the prints came back from the photographers, Mary Ann, Bob, Bill, and Adelle were knee deep in glossies, rubber cement, and mount- ing boards. In order to meet the en- graver ' s deadlines, all staff members, including Sherlock, turned into make-up editors. Meanwhile Joanie was busy getting the senior portraits taken, keep- ing records, and checking and mounting the senior section. Then copy deadlines came along. With the aid of Sherlock ' s complete notations and his personal supervision, the copy was written and re-written, cut off, stretched out, and finally, after much laborious correcting, it was finished. At last all photos were sent to the Indianapolis Engraving Com- 19if6 UUioppnA. in. IjJhkk. . . . pany, and when the engravings were finished, they and the copy were sent to Clarence E. Crippin and Son for the printing of the book. In January Mrs. Griggs left Howe after having helped organize and sponsor four of the five previous HILLTOPPERS. Mrs. Mary Diaz then came to the staff as the new sponsor during the spring semester. Hard work on the part of these two sponsors, the brilliant Sherlock, and the fourteen staff members, made the 1946 HILLTOPPER what it is today. On June 7, Sherlock left Howe, after HILLTOPPER STAFF STANDING — Barbara Baldwin, Club Editor; Jean Gordon. Activities Editor; Betty Ann Sly, Homeroom Editor; Adelle Porter, Assistant Make- up Editor; Tom Woerner, Sports Editor. SEATED — Marjorie Ray, Editor; Mary Ann Elliott, Make-up Editor; Joe Foerderer and Elliott Jose, Business Managers; Jim Denny, Assistant Sports Editor; Mrs. Ruth Marie Griggs, Former Sponsor; Jane Messing, Associate Editor; Bob O ' Neel, Make-up Editor; Joan Meininger, Senior Editor. having spent a " successful year in a successful school. " Before leaving In- dianapolis, Sherlock disclosed his find- ings to the press. (DsJtsdwsL (Di ctoMA, (Dsu jjudtiotUu Indianapolis, Ind., June 7, 1946 (HSA). The publication of the 1946 HILLTOP- PER ends a year of work for Sherlock the Great, famed detective, who arrived in Indianapolis last fall to study the reasons behind the phenomenal growth of Thomas Carr Howe High School. Mr. Sherlock stated in a final inter- view today with members of the HILL- TOPPER staff, who have helped him with his investigations and who pub- lished his findings in their yearbook, " My job here has proven interesting and profitable as well as enjoyable. " As to the solution of the " Mystery of the Four Clues " or the secret of Howe ' s success, Mr. Sherlock stated: " Howe High School doesn ' t have a special formula for success. I found the ele- ments I expected — a pleasant student body, hard-working instructors, plenty of play mixed with the work, and a wonderful school spirit. That ' s what it takes for any high school to be success- ful ' . ' , ' Indianapolis Marion County Public Library Renew by Phone 269-5222 Renew on the Web For general Library information please call 269-1700. i- - w. k_ V cOOv A ::u 5 S . " vi f ,i ' '

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