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Thomas Carr Howe Community High School - Hilltopper Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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JW X 1 -fx ,Eff "x 15' ifbp xg Raw SXSW, 66 53 WW E X, E Sw if Efzmff fffmy Q0 oygggjygf ! W fig gf EXJRSW ,I x in ' 1 MMM f 00145 fo Me fum Ze In mx" mu, llxyihx .jkgi nil? VV V, I 9-gvq J-.. ',,.f:Y:-'.t' ,Q ' 1 v' ', .' ' - . , b . ,, . No, Hu' .1-x,v'jY'z,-f' Y . , .4 , Q nf' x ' L' N' .Iv ,K .x .",' 'f . - o. ' 5 XY 4 1 w' if' 3,425 A 1? ASAE!!! 11: KT: my :'P"SZb1 25 ky, 8' ' "Qu 'I I A iw 'Z . s,,p v gf. c , . , -, a . ,,..f Q K 1 Vx, , 1 b' 'J J, gf, Us ' 4 Q7 "' 1 1. ra ,V-.J . -' I- its ,. - ' ' t "' if ' ' 'fJ: . 43,4 xi. .Q ' ,ACS X' Y' ' .: . 13"-11"4 ' v s Q," , 'e .,,k Sfffl' Q. ' 1 it X ,V r' , 'if L V V? , mn V1 5 , ,N A 1, 2 BQ' ,Wh tx , ,A ,A .My 5,.,M.ry,, 'I H45 n 1 I N 0, 1 m,iE2B3F'W, HJ WSI' WFS KF' fa,l'IYQPJewW lazejaazed az' vw-we .QAQJ HE HILLTOPPER of 1944 tells of the progress of Howe students 1n preparmg for the world of tomorrow Courses, mcludmg those gwmg vocat1onal tralnmg, are pursued 1n a beautlful hugh school THGMAS CARR HOWE HIGH SCHOOL Abou'-Jack Fellren- baeh studies the mechanics of an air- plane in 3C1'0l1al1t1CS. page fb ree HYSICAL fitness, vocational skills, and plain old "book learning" are in- cluded in the Howe curriculum. Donald Mannan gives a report to his classmates in Latin American his- tory. In this class, Howeites get a bet- ter understanding of our neighbors to the south. H over F equals sine A. Melvin Ket- telhut and Anne Pope discuss a trig- onometry problem. Tarzan has nothing on them! Eu- gene Poole, Jerry Heater, and Conrad Romeril zip up those ropes in no time flat Qalmostj. Mary' Bardwell, Charlene Allen, and Donna Passen model useful ornaments in clay. NaCl and H2504 are familiar terms to chemists Richard Newcomer and Louise Scherer. '44 vqffzfojajaet page ew dfuagea of imjao-?z'anc'e Cirrlr-Robert Justus works at his drawing board. EW this year are the classes in airplane drafting, pre-induction training, and filing. War work, both military and civilian, has great need for airplane draftsmen. In pre- induction training senior boys learn the fundamental laws of physics, thus prepar- ing themselves for future military service. Allow-jzliiics Barnes, Howard Rigbf--Roberta Soncrant, Elaine Caldwell, and Jack Huston ex- Mears, and Ruth Ann Robison periment with electrical apparn- demonstrate their Filing ability. tus. page six' The world citizenship unit in the English VI course aims to develop an understanding and appreciation of the nations: their needs, contributions, and responsibilities toward successful world citizenship. Opposite page-Donna Flowers, Max Fullen, Violet Matthews, and Eugene O'Hern listen to Kent Crawford give a world citizenship report. P' .. Alix swf' X, J. N X N32 wk -, , N -x ,L X 'F J ww. 'V V- Y ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.AM.,. Y' Arif' 1 im- - E :,':-7wf:fw 1- fx, . ,. . ww' fgfwfzxiesfgi "' 4 .,.wys3H?'f7" ' ' iii ' Tw , 5"5':ffif 4 S:z15"5J3if A ' - A fl ww ffyy ky, .. ,, . , A W Ma,,.,.-Q...- X Mu-+n, I ....,,,.....r...--,.- page wznwz jptfenz' on Zevieuf A and Pa Jones, who are familiarly known as Oscar Mutz and Hazel Shirley, starred in the "All-American Jonesesf' an operetta produced by the music department last fall . . . Doctors Don Rasico, Dick Newcomer, Lewis Brewer, and Albert Arnholter treat Pa Jones roughly while giving him his physical examination for the army . . . Billie Krammes, who played the part of Mrs. Hunter in the Footlight Revelers' play, "Letters to Lucernefj seems to be amused at the antics of the doctors .... The WACS and WAVES Visited the "All-American Jonesesv as a dance team. Left to right are: Patty Sloo, Louise Miller, Josephine Justice, Marjorie Garrett, and Billie Ettinger .... Rehearsing for "Letters to Lucerne" are Marion Mutz, Howard Caldwell, and Mary Jane Hill. page eigbl fd in EC'ZLL.Vl.ZLL.Z5 AST spring Mary Frances Patterson and Don Auble received the Good Citizenship award which is presented annually to the outstanding junior boy and girl by American Legion Post 38 . . . A candidate for ofhce in the State of Howe receives a great ova- tion from delegates to the Nationalist convention preceding the mock election last fall . . . All registered voters cast a secret ballot for state officers on a voting machine .... Football was officially dedicated at Howe on September 25, after a parade along Wash- ington Street. It marked another Howe Hirst." . . . John Elliott, Nationalist, talks to his political opponent, Bob Bowles, Federalist, whom he defeated in the race for Governor of the State of Howe. page nin ll ll cggitedz' of aff ffc-wet! N AIL TO THE QUEEN OF THE TVIOLETSU greets joan Eschmeyer as she ascends Violet Hill to meet the Philosopher of the Tower. The Violet Queen, Spirit of Youthful Achievement, comes with her court to the Howe campus each spring to see and hear of the many accom- plishments which Howeites have attained during the preceding year. The Queen's attendants are pictured on the opposite page. Photograph by Jim Bayly tllI0lA"X inlet ueen eourt: Lucille Brock- ing Rutli Ann Robison, I. e Gossmm I ' X anArendonlt, Top rigl1f- ' '- Sweet it-nrt ant court: Patricia Sullivan, Marjorie Garrett, Mary Lois Stitt, Carol Simmons, Virginia Reese. Rigbf iwzirr'--Football Queen and court: Gloria Backer, .Ioan Fsclinieyer, Anne Pops, Bette Myers, .ind Marilyn I..iPorte. Righ!vGolden Girl and Brown Boy: Mari- lyn Baker and Melvin Kettelliut. , Anne Pope, and her court were guests of honor at the football dedication program last fall .... Marjorie Garrett was elected Hi-Y Sweetheart to reign at the Heart Hop in February. . . Golden Girl Marilyn Baker, and Brown Boy Melvin Kettelhut were pre- sented at the Brown and Gold Dance which the HILLTOPPFR sponsored. UL -fQc'z'L'1fL'zfz'e5 LUBS and activities are fun and through them students acquire pleas- antly the lessons which will make them better citizens in the World of Tomorrow. In the picture at the right are Gene Smith and Jane Mes- sing portraying the friendship which binds North A m e r i c a to South America. page fo11riL'z'f1 LATIN CLUB Top row-Patty Cloud, Giovonna Ball, Roy Horton Ir., Patty Lelfler, Betty Ann Sly, Dick Cotton, Donita Stobaugh, Bill Insley. .SUFIIIIII mic'-Olive Gar Carol Gambill, Barbara rett, Dolores Smith, Sharkey, Fredonna Shultz, Beverly jean Brown, Carol Prit- chett, Alice jenn Surface. lfirll' row-Mary Jane Gard, Mary Virginia Rider, Helen Hodges, Barbara Ingersoll, Virginia Skelton, Maellen Wriglit, ,lane XVillis, Barbara McMath. Sia1m'ir1g--Rutli Ann Thomas, scriptorg ,Iosephine Justice, consul. LATIN CLUB Tofr mic'-Fay Ann Merritt, Barbara Tieen. ,lim Denny, lilliott Jose, Bill Eikcnbary, Hugh Hudson, Tom Lofton, Jean Nuding. S4'r'omf row-Loranetta Brinker, Sara Pal- mer. Virginia Lou Phillips, ,Iosepliine Barv FCII. lfiril razn'-,Iounn Mikels, Corinne Kelley, Alan Gise, Douglas Gill, Ifloy Stevens, Gerry Broshears. Sfurnliug-Rosemary Buenting, consul, Ruth Guthrie, scripto olheers. SPANISH CLUB Tojv row-Ruby King, Nolting, Dorothy Press r, second semester Anita Owen, ,Ioan ler, Marilyn Baker, Bob Sehwier, Helen Thompson, Frances Tnlkington, Doris Figel nn Dean. Siwofm' row-Virginia Cnssady, vice-president, Ann Bayne, ,lean Link, lfirxi Vow-Marjorie An Lancaster, joy I-Iaine, Angela McCarthy. Sftl711li7IKQ1GCI1C Smith, Meyer, secretary. , Bill Meyer, Dona Riches, Jeannette Betty Diener, ,Io- Rose Minarel. n Vehling, Virginia Josephine Bailey, presidentg Suzanne l if 720144 awaited fo Homin! N celebrating the ancient festival of Saturn, the Saturnalia, members of the Latin Club really uwent Romanf, Draped in im- provised togas, these students enjoyed a three-course meal com- posed of Roman food. Acting as Romans, however, is not a once- a-year occasion, for at every meeting students representing Roman officials preside. A consul acts as president while the secretary is known as a scriptor. An annual event which is eagerly awaited by all Latin students is the contest sponsored by the Latin Club. Miss Thelma Cooley and Miss Narcie Pollitt are sponsors. A255 ima - - own exico way HE Spanish Club celebrates Christmas by observing in modified form the old Mexican customs of posada and pinata. The Span- iards, carrying little Hgurines of the characters in the Christmas story, sang and knocked at many doors. When finally they were welcomed into a home, the joyous celebration began. A child was given a stick with which he tried to break the earthenware jar or pinata, filled with favors and sweets. When he succeeded, treats were scattered to the guests. Through studying these rites, and through singing Spanish songs, playing Spanish games, and see- ing Spanish movies, the members become acquainted with the customs and habits of Spanish-speaking people. Miss Mary Eliza- beth Thumma is sponsor. Below Irfl-Jeannette Cassady, Gene Smith, Suzanne Meyer ind Spanish-speaking countries on a world globe. Below rigbl-Rosemary Buenting, Hugh Hudson, Dick Cotton, and Lois Ann Brenn prepare a sacrifice to mythical Roman gods. I Q . ,T page fiffrcu Ujvjwr left-Juanita Henry checks out a book to her co-worker, Jose- Lolwr lvff-Jack Shannon, Lewis Brewer, and Jack McCormick make phine Barrett. ping pong paddles as a project of the Junior Red Cross. Upper rigbl, xlamfirlg-Juanita Henry, vice-president, Jean Minney. Lower right, slumfiug-Lucille Broeking, Lewis Brewer, Loranetta Sezllfcl-Carolyn Ely, Mary Ellen james, Eugenia Schoen, treasurer, Brinker, Jack Shannon, president, Peggy Percival, Carolyn Sullivan, Patricia Cummings, Josephine Barrett, secretaryg Rosemary Buenting, Carolyn Gorman, treasurerg Jack McCormick, vice-president. president. Scafmf-Joann Bade, secretary. A an WL.ZLA fZcfz'c+n HAT does the library offer the teen-age girl?" was the question under discussion at a recent Library Club meeting. Many magazines, it was found, have sections of special interest to teen-agers on such prob- lems as clothes, make-up, and dating. In addition, the Library Club de- votes much time to book reviews. Mrs. Betty Baker is sponsor. - om' at victory UNIOR Red Cross activities for this year are directed toward helping our soldiers. Members have made one hundred pairs of bedroom slip- pers, twenty warm bedjackets for men, one hundred utility bags, and three afghans. Boys spend much time in making ping pong paddles for servicemen. Miss Helen Allen is sponsor. y page xi.x!z'r11 U 17 pm' U In Iwi' Bailey, Lower Sl'lI1l!'Lll I. U IL 'er Svwtll. Zftfazh join? up. T that signal, members of the Footlight Revelers' Club are ready to face the footlights. These aspiring young actresses and actors did a superb job in their latest production, "Letters to Lucernef' For this, the big project of the season, two complete casts were chosen, one for the matinee and one for the evening performance. Both groups are listed below: Mrs. Hunter. . . Erna Schmidt , , . i Olga Kirinski Felice Renair. . . . Sally Jackson . . Bingo Hill . , Marion Curwood ,, Hans Schmidt ..,.. Gretchen Linder , . Margarethe ..,. Gustave , . Kappler , . Francois . . .,Billie Krammes . , . .Joan Bruckman, Marion Mutz LaVonne Mannfeld, Mary Jane Hill . , . ,Joanne Woods, Jane Messing Alice Harrison, Barbara Montgomery Josephine Bailey, Josephine Justice . Hazel Shirley, Dorothy Smith Oscar Mutz, Howard Caldwell . . . . , .Jean Minney, Jane Hodges Gossom ,Joe Foerderer, Richard Newcomer ,...,...........Gordon Thomas , . .Wfilliam Insley Ivfl-l,aVonne Mannfeld, Oscar Mutz, treasurer: Joan Bruckman, Billie Krammcs. rigbl-Richard Newcomer, Jane Gossom, Jean Minney, Joanne NX'oods, XVilliam lnsley, Josephine Hazel Shirley, secretary, Alice Harrison, Gordon Thomas. Iffl, Sftlflllfllgiwlllidlli lnsley, Billie Krammes, Joann Mikels, Jane Gossom. -Joe Focrderer. Vigbf, .ilumfiug-Barbara Montgomery, Mary Jane Hill, Marion Mutz, vice-president, Dorothy Jane Hodges. Sinful'-Jai1e Messing, Howard Caldwell, presidcnrg Josephine Justice. page sv A 'wzlccn faffznf aff .gtvicemen . . . EWS of Howe activities is carried to the boys in service through the efforts of the Hi-Y Club members who mail HOWE TOWERS to service- men. An important social event of the Hi-Y Club is the Heart Hop, sponsored by this club, for which members choose five girls as candi- dates for "Sweetheart.', Candidates chosen were Marjorie Garrett, Vir- ginia Reese, Carol Simmons, Mary Lois Stitt, and Patricia Sullivan. Mar- jorie Garrett was elected Hi-Y Sweetheart. Each spring, as the May Pageant approaches, these boys select a Philosopher who represents the Spirit of the Tower. Throughout the year, Hi-Y boys attend local and state conferences. Mr. Virgil Heniser is sponsor. HE 415 few H fzeez' newcomer! XTENDING a welcome to girls who transfer to Howe from other schools is a new project undertaken this year by the junior girls, organization, the Vihota Club. Another way in which they carry out the purpose of this club-to perform services to the school whenever possible-is to check lunch passes during every lunch period. Each spring, this club se- lects five junior girls as candidates for Violet Queen. The girl elected by the student body reigns at the annual May Pageant. Work is combined with pleasure in selling popcorn Crationing permittingj at basketball games. Mrs. Mildred Loew is sponsor. B I w left-Don Auble and Bob Bowles check the addresses of our service men. uf rigbf-Barbara Myers and Virginia Ritzi prepare popcorn for sales at a basketball game. hz l HI-Y CLUB T011 rnlc'-Bob Bowles, Eugene Oll-lcrn, Richard Lancaster, Niaek Herron, Kent Crawford, Douglas Smith, Tom W'0cr- ner, Huward Caldwell, Charles Markle. Serum! mu'-Mr. Virgil Heniser, Ray- mond King, Bill Bowles, Russ Ilayes, Aryie Maynard, lion Mannan, Melvin Kcttclhut, Lawrence Lee. Fira! I'0Il'ilDiCk Xvilliams, Roy Horton lr., Bob W'arden, yiee-president, Don Auble, president, Roland Swingley, treasurer, James Barnes, seeretaryg Don Yvhitney, Bob Kennelly. VIHOTA CLUB Top mic-I'Iazel Shirley, Phyllis XVat- son, Betty Russell, Helen NX'hiteley, Irma Cron, Norma Cherry, Juanita Henry, lilaine Mears, liugenia Sehoen, Lois Meyer. Tbirrl run'-Frances Hargraye, Marilyn Sehmadeke, ,lean Link, Janet Stein- kainp, Rosalie Lawson. Betty Alberty. Guinevere Ham, Gloria Backer, Fimic hlcrnukian, Carolyn lileifgcn. Siwvrlrf run'-Virigiiiia Ritvi, .loannc Xvooils, Patty Lon Brown, Belaita Cor- ya, Phyllis Pettiiohn, Billie I-lttingcr. Mary Moore, Sara Palmer, Margaret Miller, Bertv Lou Rosa. Firxf Will'-jllllllf llollis, Linda Roch, Helen lielley. Janet Bear, janet Ver- egge, Barhara Myers, Carol Simmons, Barbara Sharkey, Margaret Goldsmith, Donna -lean lfmriek. VIHOTA CLUB Top ron'--Betty Insley, Billie Krammes, Margaret Rennoe. ,lo Ann Yager, Glo- ria Mctvler, ,lean Minney, Pauline XVes- scl, Carol Xvalter. Tbirn' mu'-Mawine Caldwell, Velma Morford, Constance Gandolph, Shirley Cloud, Virginia Hays, Kathryn Lewis. Mary Lou Newton, -Indy hlohnston, Virginia hlohnson. Svrolnf mu'-Betty .lanonna Snider. ilaekic Cox, Barbara Lee Kiek, Rose Lorton. Roxe Minatel, .loanne XVhitingcri Anne Clark, Norma Schmidt, Lois NIC- Gauhcy, Alice Harrison. Ifilzil rim'-Carolyn Bell, Eloise Stevens. ,leanne fieorge, Joann Mikels, hleannca Austin, Betty Lon Haynes, Mary Lou Graebcr, Barbara Williams, Mcllie Hcrshherger, Fredonna Shultl, Mavis Rinard. page IIflIL'fL'E'7Z IN THE WORLD OF SCIENCE INDIVIDUAL projects hold the spotlight in the Science Club. Tooth paste, made and actually used, was the project of one member. Another member produced a plastic from milk. These projects were performed under the direction of Mr. Paul Klinge, sponsor. ALL -AMERICAN GIRLS CARTOON scrapbooks have been made by the Girl Reserves and sent to Billings Hospital as a portion of the war service work of this important division of the Y.W.C.A. Mrs. R. G. Hesoun is sponsor. HORIZON CLUB MEMBERS Qextreme rightj CARRY out the club,s purpose, creative service, by sewing for the Needlework Guild and helping in salvage campaigns. The girls enjoy week- ends at Camp Delight. Mrs. Paul B. Clark is sponsor. DOT-DASH, DOT--DASH THOSE now-familiar sounds mean the Radio Club members are sending and re- ceiving Morse Code. With the help of Mr. Milton Gamble, sponsor, they have acquired speed and accuracy. OUT WITH THE LIGHTS ON with the show! The Audio Visual Club members operate the school's pro- jector for movies and public address sys- tem for assemblies, 400 Club and P.-T.A. meetings. Mr. Raphael Wfolfe is sponsor. HOMEMAKERS OF TOMORROW IN this first year of organization, the Home Economics Club members have made stuffed animals for children at the Day Nursery and knitted an afghan which they presented to the Junior Red Cross. Miss Lois Coy is sponsor. page twenty .gm SCIENCE CLUB Left-Theron Wright, LaVonne Mannfeld inspect the progress of plants in the green- house. Rigbl, fill! mu'-Mr. Paul Klinge, Norma Louis, Gilbert Richey, Cyrus McNutt, La- Vonne Mannfeld, Theron Wright, Mari- lyn Roehl. Fin! row-Bob Schwier, Mary Virginia Rider, Jane Hodges, Robert Percival, Joe Vail, John Danner. Noi in pivlnre-James Sommerville, presi- dent, Peggy Percival, vice-president. GIRL RESERVES Leff, sfumling-Phyllis Williams, secretary- treasurer, Mary Lou Graeber, Alice Wick- izer, president, Mary Mock, Joan Wen- rick, vice-president, Mary Lou Kelly, Shir- ley Scholle, Mary Pride. Seated-Norma Schmidt, Betty Lou Baynes, Carolyn Gorman, Laurel Hesoun. HORIZON CLUB Righf, xfumling-Margaret Jordan, Sara Palmer, Bertha Branson, Eugenia Schoen, Violette Swenson, Peggy Percival, presi- dent, Patty Talley, Donna Emrick, Judy Johnston, secretary, Anita Owen. Seafmf-Mary Virginia Rider, Barbara Dav- isson, Velma Justus, treasurer, Shirley Diehl, Anne Clark. Noi in pirlure-Margene Harlan, Barbara Jackson. RADIO CLUB Left, slmufing-Gene Lawrence, Bill Payton. Seated-Paul Myers, Jean Sheppard, Robert Riggs, Ronny Williams. Not in pirlurf- Gilbert Richey, Dave Schornstein, Gordon T h o m a s, Richard Schatz. AUDIO VISUAL CLUB Rigbf, sfamlirzg-Gene Smith, William Lawyer, Melvin Skinner, Charles Markle, Harold Umbenhower, Ted Ambuhl, Janice Bayne. Sealed-Carl Lomatch, Alice Wickizer, Mary Mock. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Lrff-Margene Harlan and Marilyn Schreiber make stuffed animals for children at the Day Nursery. Rigbl, xlumfillg-Betty Jane Bellfry, Mary Ellen James, Mary Ann Malott, Joyce Ticen, Bertha Branson, Mary Pitts, La- Verne Schlenz, Carol Bush, Donita Sto- baugh, Phyllis Hallett, Marilyn J. Schreiber. Sealed-Margaret Weiss, Jennie Lou Fox, Ida Ann Eckstein, Mary Lou Graeber, Betty Lou Baynes, Norma Schmidt, Betty Moon, Margene Harlan, Joan R. Meyer. N01 in pirlure-Louise Steffanni. page twenly-one ou'm1fZ5z'5 TOWER I Slumling-Dick Maurice, Joan Bruck- man, Gene Smith, Kent Crawford, Bob Mastcn, Jim Cook, Howard Caldwell, Karolyn Gould, Jeanne Malott, Mar- jorie Gilmore. Smfml-June Hollis, Marion Mutz, Erma Stevens, Phyllis Pettijolin, Donna Flowers, Ellen Aldag, Patty 1.ou Brown, Helen Thompson, Marjorie Garrett. TOWFR II Siumfing-Bob Wardeii, Violctte Swen- son, Mary Beth Denny, Dick Guthrie, Melvin Skinner, Joanne Wormds, Janet Vcregge, Jeanette Ballard, Virginia Ritzi, Carol Walter, Carolyn Klcifgen, Char- lene Davis, Barbara Montgomery. Seufed-Mary Lois Stitt, Anne Clark. Mary Lou Fox, Laurel Hesoun, Bette Myers, Marilyn Baker, Patty Clcnden- ing, Don Auble, Jack Huston. ERVING as the eyes and ears of the student body, the members of the HOWE TOWER staffs report school activities. The staff members are chosen from the journalism classes on the basis of merit and adaptability to staff Work. Erma Stevens and Don Auble are the editors of Staffs I and II, respectively, which alternate in putting out the bi-Weekly edition. A Christmas Press Party was held for members of the PTILLTOPPER and HOWE TOWER staffs the Week preceding Christmas vacation, and the Publications Birthday Party was held on May 20 to celebrate the found- ing of the HOWE TOWER in 1939, and the HILLTOPPER in 1941. page lwenty-two EZLLVO7 CUB CLUB Top rofuf-Norma Gibson, jane Hodges, Clara Fath, JoAnn Marquis, Nary Chir- pas, Godfrey Collins, Jim Denny, Tom Lofton. Third row-Carolyn Steffey, Bobbie Jean Rinehart, Marjorie Bunncll, Ruby King, jean Gordon, Jane Houck, Patty Lcifler, Carol Bush, Normagene Spell- man, Ruth Ann Thomas. Second row-Mary Ann Elliott, Jose- phine Barrett, Shirley Diehl, Betty Lou Blake, Barbara Baldwin, Mary Jane Hill, Jane Messing, Donna Dean, Ruth Guthrie, Barbara Ingersoll. Firxf row-Betty Lou Eisenhut, Beverly ,lane Cox, Angela McCarthy, Janis Heithecker, Margaret Weiss, Charlene Allen, Ruth Mitchell, Shirley Scholle, Joyce Ticen, Mary Ann Malott, Su- zanne Foster. NEXVS BUREAU Slamling-Bob Bowles, Melvin Skinner, Dick Guthrie, Howard Caldwell. Seafeil-Martlia Scott, Mary Frances Patterson, Erma Stevens, jean Carpen- ter, Don Auble. HE purpose of the Cub Club is to obtain items of news from the un- derclassmen for the HOWE TOWER, and to explain briefly the workings of the HOWE TOWER staffs and the HILLTOPPER staff to the English classes. The Cub Club is composed of representatives of all the English classes I-IV. Their meetings, sponsored by Miss Ruth Zitzlaff, consist of talks by the editors of the various staffs and by members of the News Bureau. The "Cubby Hole" column in the HOWE TOWER is a product of the members. Through the efforts of the nine students who comprise the News Bureau, accounts of Howe's plays, dances, athletic events, and other activities are published in the city papers. Howe,s representatives to the following papers are: The I zzdiemzpolis N ews, Dick Guthrie, The I ndirzlmpolis Times, Bob Bowles, jean Carpenter, The Indiazmpolis Sfar, Don Auble, Howard Caldwell, Mary Frances Patterson, The Il'1Jf1Igf0lZ Review, Mel- vin Skinner, Martha Scottg The Ilzrlimuzpolis Herald, Erma Stevens. page fm 1115 Ihree .f Mfffoppet Upper' Irfl, Xmfeff-Barbara Williams, Shirley Cloud, Lu- cille Broeking, Margaret Ren- noe, Virginia Reese, Martha Scott, Suzanne Fisher, Mary Frances Patterson. Slrzmfing-Carolyn Sullivan, Roland Swingley, Bob Bowles, Jack Rennoe, Bob Kennelly, Jean Carpenter. Upper rigllf-Virginia Reese, Mary Frances Patterson. Lower Iuff-Martha Scott, Lucille Broeking, Jack Ren- noe, Margaret Rennoe, Bob Bowles, Carolyn Sullivan. I.0wf'r mirlflle-Jack Fehren- bach, Bill Watson. LOIVN' riglzf-Shirley Cloud, Barbara Williains, Suzanne Fisher, ,lean Carpenter. page tzuffrzly-four ICTURES, proportion wheels, dummies, and rubber cement have been the constant companions of the HII,LTOPPER staff members. Early last spring, staff members of the HILLTOPPER were selected. Then the staff assisted at the Autograph Party, gave the HILL- TOPPER dance, and drew up a dummy. When the summer vacation was over, the work really began. The fall subscription campaign was started by Jack Rennoe, business manager, and his assistant Roland Swingley. Under the direction of Virginia Reese, editor- in-chief, and Mary Frances Patterson, associate editor, the staff gave an assembly program, the Brown and Gold Dance, and spon- sored the Brown Boy and Golden Girl contest. Margaret Rennoe, supervising the taking of homeroom pictures, began the seasonal rush of yearbook pictures. Lucille Broeking and Carolyn Sullivan were in charge of club and activities pictures. Because of a success- ful athletic season, Bob Bowles, sports editor, found the cutting of copy his biggest problem. The senior pictures, taken under Martha Scottis supervision, were ready to be mounted. The make-up edi- tors, Jean Carpenter and Suzanne Fisher, with their assistants, Bar- bara Williams and Shirley Cloud, worked diligently to meet the deadlines. Wlieii the masterpiece was finally sent to the engraver and to the printer, the whole staff began waiting eagerly for the time when the first of the 1200 copies could be presented. Miss Betty L. Williams is sponsor of Howe publications. Valuable assist- ance in copy reading has been given the staff by Miss Florence Guild and Miss Ruth Zitzlaff. li WLI4 If 055014 n His is MY COUNTRY" was one of the hit songs sung by the choir in its presentation of "The All-American Joneses," a comic operetta. Pa Jones was played by Oscar Mutzg Ma Jones, Hazel Shirley, Johnny, Ted Aicheleg Sue, Harriet Wfells, and Mrs. Brown, the neighborhood gossip, Erma Stevens. Each of the sixty-five members of the choir took part in the operetta which was given November 4 and S. The choir sang at many assembly programs, the American Legion presentation, and commencement. The octettes have sung on the radio and at 400 Club meetings. Top ron'-Arnold Koehler, Melvin Kettelhut, Ian Lang, Don Rnsieo, Bill Magnuson, John Dietv, Theron W'right. Sixlll mit'-Lewis Brewer, Richard Newcomer, Jack Shannon, Joe liads, Jimmy Parks, Donald Stuck, Ronald Roach, Oscar Mutz, David Cull. Fifth Voir'-Pat Noffke, Ted Aichele, Gene McClarnny, Kenneth Kleinschmidt, Bill Whitkins, James Burn- side, Dix Hinton, Albert Arnholter. FOIlI'f!J raw-Marjorie Iverson, Conrad Romeril, Ruth Carrel, Charles Markels, Paul Jasper, Don Payne, Louise Scherer, lirina Stevens, Marion Mutl, Jeannine Reynolds. Thin! row-Julia Blair, Dorothy Hand, Louise Grnbhorn, Pat Jarvis, Bette Myers, Jane Gossom, Cora Mae Roche, Donita Stobaugh, Hazel Shirley. Sl't'UlIll ron'--Marilyn Watts, Lois Van Arendonk, Mary Beth Denny, Barbara Montgomery, Carolyn Kleifgen, Bernice Sweeney, Frances Hargrave, Harriet Wells, Barbara Bennett, Fiml row-Eloise Stevens, Mildred Kershner, La Donna Lehigh, Jane Hodges, Josephine Branson, Donna Jean limrick, Mnrgerette Jent, Marion Hutchison, Angelina Velich. GIRLS' oc'i'E'1"l'la-Marilyn Watts, Pat Jarvis, Frances Hargrave, Lois Van Arendonk, Iirma Stevens, Louise Scherer, Jane Gossom, Harriet Wells. Bots' OCTL'I'1'l'-AllDCfI Arnholter, Don Rasico, Ian Lang, Don Payne, Louis Brewer, Kenneth Klein- schmidt, Dick Newcomer, Ted Aichele. W page luen!J Wfudic me eu OR its selections played in the American Legion Memorial Service, the orchestra received much praise. The orchestra performed in many pro- grams including commencement, the operetta, the Christmas assembly, and the music assembly. A new string bass and a bass clarinet, which are available to both the band and the orchestra, have been acquired recently. Violins-Ellen Aldag, Jo Ann Yager, Peggy Percival, Oboe-Oscar Mutz. giilegln 15-gEiin,R:llZiar5m5I5riEilZ3,LCarolyn Campbell, Clarineis-Jerry Heater, and Billie Krammes. Viola,-Ruby Skelton- Trzlmpets-Richard Schatz, Jack Shannon. Cellar-Virginia Reese, Margaret Rennoe, Marjorie Fffflfh Hom-Donald Schaubr Robert Baker, and Garrett, Marjorie Ray, and Patty Brown. Robeff Bowsher' Double Basses--Marcia LeFeber, Betty Russell. T"0mb0Wf'-Dllvid Cull- Flule-Mary Frances Patterson Saxophone-Olive Garrett. page twenly-six Kina! in zevieuf N their snappy brown and gold uniforms, the Howe band performed for the basketball game spectators between the reserve and varsity games in the Howe gym. The band participates in a major part of school activities, last fall it led the football parade down Washington street and played at the football dedication. Howe was represented in the Navy Day Parade by the band, plus the twelve majorettes and the two drum majors in their white and gold uniforms. The band is a regular feature on many all-school assembly programs. Band 1nrmbz'rs-Don Auble, Robert Bakemeier, Ronald Barber, Lewis Brewer, William Brown, Godfrey Collins, James Cook, Charles Copeland, David Cull, Jim Denny, Joseph Eads, Ben Gill, Carolyn Ely, Don Fitzwater, Jerry Heater, Leroy Hoffman, Jim Jacobs, Patty Jarvis, John Jeffries, Jack Johns, Marjorie johnson, Barbara Kick, Billie Krammes, Louise Leonard, Mildred Marshall, Charles McGlacken, Thomas Mitchell, Oscar Mutz, Paul Myers, Alfred Reed, jack Rennoe, Richard Schatz, Donald Schaub, Dave Schornstein, jack Shannon, Ruby Skelton, jack Thompson, Stanley Walter, W'illiam Watson, Don Whitney, Thomas Woerner. page Iwenty-seven ty-eight -qQz'A feficd ,Am 2 --- PORTS play an important part in building a strong, healthy body and in developing the ability to think rapidly and quickly while in action. Today the armed forces need men with superior physical and mental traits to win the peace. Tomorrow the world will need men with these same qualities to keep the peace and to plan for the future. page flL'C71f-j'471iJlF OWE added another first to its long list -pn offer Iwi page ibn-ly T011 row-Coach Thomas Stirling, Ed Ikerd, Bill Nevill, Bob Bakemeier, Dick Baker and Athletic Director Samuel T. Kelley. Falfrlb row--Bob Kash, Jack Simmons, Don Hinkle, Roland Harriman, Jack O'Neil, Andy King, and Philip Gibbs. Tbirzf row-Walter Wilson, Ronald Roach, Lionel Chandler, Bill Linder, Bob O'Neil, Carl Lomatch, Bob Bennett, jack Schaffer, and John Elliott. Srvomf row-Tony George, Thaddius Plummer, Dave Schornstcin, Lewis Larrison, Dave Wyand, Doug Smith, Sterling Raymond, Spencer Talley, and Bob Schatz. liirsf row-Dick Maurice, Paul Jasper, Albert Arnholter, Keene Goodwin, Jim Jacobs, Bob Stan- fill, Bob Baker, and Dick Guthrie. of achievements when, on September 8, Athletic Director Samuel T. Kelley issued uniforms to approximately seventy boys who had reported for Howe's first football practice. Training began almost immediately, and the boys were put through two weeks of fundamental drilling before they were divided into four intramural squads under the direction of Mr. Wade Fuller, Mr. Fred Lemley, Mr. Wathen Leasor, and Mr. Ray Bowman. Mr. Kelley,s chief assistant was Mr. Thomas Stirling, who served as head line coach. Coach Lewis Gilfoy also assisted as did the coaches of the four intramural squads. The intramural teams immediately named themselves Leasor's Greasers, Lemleyis Rapid Calculators, Bowman's Bruisers, and Fuller's Brushmen. Intramural games were played every Tuesday and Friday. Fuller's Brush- men topped the standings at the end of intramural play with four vic- tories and no defeats. Leasor,s Greasers and Lemley's Rapid Calculators both had two victories and two defeats, while Bowman's Bruisers were without a victory in four starts. A varsity squad was then chosen from the four intramural squads and began drilling for the two scheduled games with Warren Central and the Silent Hoosiers. .5 Warren Central's aerial attack was too much for Howe's inexperienced Hornets, and they dropped their first football tilt 18-0. The Warriors were held scoreless during the first and third quarters, but they clicked for three touchdowns via the air during the second period. In the fourth, Howe staged some passes of its own, but a 35-yard run by Larrison fell two yards short of the goal. The team's second football game proved a little more successful, and they dropped the Silent Hoosiers 25-19 on a rain-soaked Held. The Silent Hoosiers opened the scoring with a 40-yard touchdown run through the mud, but Lewis Larrison, Howe's left halfback, came through with the first of his three touchdowns to even the count. Dave Wfyand, Howe fullback, made the conversion and Larrison scored again a minute later on a 35-yard run around end. Larrisonls third touchdown came on a 25-yard pass from Wyand. A 56-yard march by the Silent Hoosiers was good for a touchdown after which Tony George, Howe quarterback, ran the ball across the goal for the last score of the game. l page Ib lj CC9ACldES St ml'ir1g-Mr. Thomas Stirling, Mr. 1 eu Jef new zecozcb T was a great year for basketball at Howe and the Hornet cagers ended the season as Indianapolis Sectional Kings and unofficial City Champions. Coach Lewis Gilfoy's varsity basketball team also broke all existing rec- ords for a Howe team, setting new records in both individual and team scoring, and in games won and lost. The Hornets finished their regularly scheduled season with a record of 15 wins and 3 losses which exactly duplicated last year's performance. However, this year's varsity squad really brought home the bacon when they crashed through with 4 straight wins in the Sectionals to capture the Hrst tournament crown in the history of Howe. The varsity men also gained undisputed possession of the unofficial city basketball championship by thumping Manual 48 to 25 in their last game against a city team. This gave the team a record of 7 wins and 1 loss against city teams. Shortridge placed second in the city standings with 5 victories in 7 starts and Manual dropped to third after our triumph with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses. The team ended its record season with 19 wins in 23 starts, thus eclipsing last year's record of 18 victories in 22 starts. In compiling this fine record the netmen scored 902 points to their op- ponents, 672 which is an average margin victory of 10 points per game. This total was also a new Howe record as was the average of 39 points per game for the 23 games. John Elliott finished the regular season with a total of 166 points, and he went on to tally a record-breaking 62 points in the four games of Sec- tional play to set a new individual scoring mark of 228 points in 22 games. The previous mark was 198 set by Jack Buchanan last year in the same number of games. Long John also added 17 points to his total in the Regional game with Anderson to boost his total points to 245 for the season. Bob Banks broke the old scoring record for most points in one game when he erased the 21. point total set by Bob Houck last year. Banks swished a total of 24 markers through the net in the Greenfield game, and finished the season with a total of 153 points. Other members of the team also did a great job of scoring. Bob Cole scored 168 points during the year and Arnold Koehler and Bill Watson cracked the century mark with 117 and 116 points, respectively. then D. Lcasor, Mr. Lewis Gilfoy. SllN15 llhll L1 xi 11,15 , A N ll .Ja , VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM T017 row-Manager Bob Rochford, Max Fullen, Walter Wilson, Ed Broden, Ed Lochlear, Bob Cole, and Coach Lewis Gilfoy. First! row-Bob Banks, .lack Huston, Arnold Koehler, john Elliott, Bill Watson, and Ralph XVeber. Muay Aaafefhff 5245011 '43- '44 Howe Howe Howe Howe Howe, Howe, Howe Howe Howe Howe Howe Howe New Augusta, 26 Technical, 26 Warren Central, 27 Broad Ripple, 35 -Washington, 27 -Greenfield, 27 -Manual, 31 -Southport, 33 Decatur Central, 20 Washington, 18 Shortridge, 28 Lawrence Central, 42 Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe, ::'Howe, ii' Howe ::'Howe, Howe '1'Howe, Sectional games T Regional game Franklin Township, 23 Beech Grove, 20 Silent Hoosiers, 17 Speedway, 38 Manual, 25 Ben Davis, 26 -Manual, 28 -Crispus Attucks, 27 -Cathedral, 34 -Shortridge, 48 -Anderson, 46 page ffm fy Ihre? .Qcfionaf gamjaiond page fbi OACH Lewis Gilfoy,s varsity cagers really lived up to advance predic- tions when they captured the first Sectional crown for Howe. In downing Manual, Crispus Attucks, Cathedral, and Shortridge, the lighting Hornets scored a total of 185 points for an average of 46 points per game and lim- ited their opponents to about 34 points per game. In the Hrst game of the Sectional the varsity men swamped Manual for the third straight time of the year 42 to 28. The Hornets jumped into an early 9 to 0 lead and were never behind in the game. Arnold Koehler took high point honors in the contest with 16 points and Bob Cole totaled 10 points. Long John Elliott flashed the form which gave him high point honors for the Sectional and led the Hornets to a 45 to 27 victory over a hard-fight- ing Crispus Attucks quintet. Elliott controlled both backboards during the tilt and dropped 20 points through the draperies to take top scoring honors. Cole again played a great game and garnered a total of 14 markers. A rough playing Cathedral team gave the boys a tough battle for three quarters, but the Hornets exploded during the last quarter and went on to win 45 to 34. The Irish gained an early 5 to 0 lead and the count was knotted at 16 all at the half.The third quarter was also played on even terms and the Hornets went into the last quarter with a 29 to 26 lead. With three minutes to go, however, the team got hot and pulled away. Long John again led the scoring with 16 points and Cole took runner-up honors with 12. The team really hit its stride against Shortridge in the final game of the Sectional tournament and the Hornets beat the highly-rated Blue Devils 53 to 48. The score was tied five times during this torrid contest and the lead changed hands a total of seven times. Howe got off to an early lead and was ahead 13 to 6 at the quarter post. However, Shortridge came back strong in the second quarter and when the half-time gun sounded, Howe was holding a slim 23 to 22 lead. In the third quarter Shortridge took over the lead with two quick baskets but great ball-hawking by Bill Watson of Howe helped put the team back in front. Wfatson stole the ball and passed to Cole for 2 points and then scored on two quick buckets himself after again stealing the ball. The fourth quarter began with Howe leading 40 to 35. Elliott who had been playing a great game through the whole con- test dropped in three pivots and a tip-in to boost the Hornet's lead to 48 to 37. Shortridge staged a game rush to overtake the leaders but the margin was too great. John Elliott and Bill Kegley, rival centers, tied for individ- ual scoring honors with 21 points apiece. For the fourth straight time Cole finished second best with 13 markers. Cheerleaders Louise Miller, Joan Bruckman, and Beverly Hull helped inspire the Hornets to victory in the Sectional Tourney. Because of space limitations we were unable to include their picture. Pliotogrziph Jiiflizilizipulis Timm-S Lffl--Arnold Koehler completes a pivot shot against Manual while John Elliott Qllj gets set for the rebound. Riglal-Center Mike Nahamias of Manual Qllj takes a rebound from Koehler 1129. Bob Cole U05 comes in for a follow-up on the shot. ameri fc-Je fo- 'QQHDZQZZJOH ISPLAYING the championship form which had earned for them the rating as the number one team in the state, the Anderson Indians blasted the hopes of Howe backers when they rolled over the Hornet netmen 46 tO 33. The game was a close battle for three quarters, although Howe was be- hind during most of the contest. The Hornets led 8 to 7 at the end of the first quarter but Anderson came back in the second stanza to go ahead 11 to 8. Howe then put on a spurt of its own and went into the lead 13 to 11 but the Indians came right back with three straight buckets to as- sume command at the half, 17 to 13. During the third quarter the Hor- nets managed to hold their own and the fourth quarter started with Anderson still leading by 4 points, 26 to 22. However, the greater experience of the Indians began to tell and they gradually increased their lead during this last stanza to put the game on ice. John Elliott was high point man for the Hornets with 17 points but J. Anderson of the Indians led in total points with 20 markers. page lblrly-five page fbirfy-six RESERVE TEAM Coach Watlieii D. Leasor, Dick Miller, Albert Arnholter, Bill Souders, Carl Edwards, Bob Bennett, Bob Baker, Harry Branson, Bob Gambill, Don Payne, Mack Herron, and Tom Woerner. Managers-Rolland King and Don Coffey. FRESHMAN TEAM Tofu row-Coach Ray W. Bowman, Paul Donham, Norman Dixon, Don Coval, Eloy Stevens, Tom Barnes and Manager Denzil Shawver. Srromf mir-Paul W'eir, Gene McClarney, Russell Corey, Jack O'Neel, Bill Linder, Jack Simmons, Dick Toothman, and Dick Baker. Firsl Vow-Roger Kennedy, Don Hinkle, Bill Locklear, George Spradling, Raymond Evans, Roland Harri- man, Elmer Summitt, Hugh Moreillon, and Bill Terrell. RESERVE SEASON SUMMARY Howe Howe Howe, Howe, Howe Howe Howe, Howe, Howe, 14- -Broacl Ripple, 13 -Washington, 28 -Greenfield, 18 -Manual, 19 -Southport, 12 -Decatur Central, New Augusta, 1 Tech, 15 WQIYYCH Central, 2 2 Howe Howe Howe, Howe Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe Wasliington, 21 -Shortridge, 23 -Lawrence Central, 11 -Franklin Township, 12 -Beech Grove, 17 -Silent Hoosiers, 12 -Speedway, 19 -Manual, 18 -Ben Davis, 11 0 4,0 'QC ' df-'flips oz' 50 at AZALVQJZ Completing their schedule with seven consecutive triumphs was the fea- ture of a winning season by the Howe Reserve Basketball Team. Wfhen the final gun had marked the close of hostilities, next year's varsity cagers' had racked up a fine record of 13 wins and 5 losses. The reserves were a bit slow in getting started, winning six and losing five, before hitting their stride. As the season progressed and the boys continually improved, as shown by their record, Howe was promised fine varsity material for next season. Coach Wathen Leasor's reserve netters were led by high scoring Carl Edwards and Harry Branson with 106 and 99 points, respectively, and the aggressive Bob Bennett, who garnered 78 points. Coach Ray Bowman's freshman team came through with a fine season, winning 12 games while losing only four. The Hornets tied for the Fresh- man City Championship with Cathedral, whom they defeated twice dur- ing their campaign. The yearlings were led by Hugh Moreillon who swished the nets for 121 points to come close to a new Howe record. Finishing right behind Hugh were Ray Evans with 74 points, and George Spradling with 38. page fhiriy 1 7ZZrzQ-cfacg pfice Jecon in dz? meez' VARSITY TRACK TEAM Top row-Paul Webb, Paul Jasper, Joe Wyancl, Bob Bowsher, Alfred Reed, G 0 r d o n Thomas, Russell Hayes, Bob Schatz, Bob Sutton, and Keene Goodwin. Second row-Dick Maurice, Ralph Toney, Bob Stitt, Perry Roelll, John Elliott, Dick Whallon, Howard Caldwell, Stanley Moreillon, and James Purvis. First row-Coach Samuel T. Kelley, Jim Gallagher, Harold Dietz, Ro- land Swingley, Bill Watson, Don Mannan, Max Fullen, Bob Warden, Carl Lomatch, and Coach Ray Bow- man. Managers-Spencer Talley and Dick Lancaster. page thirty -eight HE Hornet thinly-clads finished their 1943 season with a rec- ord of seven victories in eight starts in dual and triangular meets and they also captured runner-up honors in the City Meet, the Southport Relays, and the Sectionals. Howe failed to hold her city title which she won the year before and also failed to repeat her domination in the Sectionals. However, the team was some- what weakened by the loss of Walter Gilchrist in the high jump and high hurdles and the loss of Bob Houck in the quarter mile and relays. Both boys, who were consistent scorers in their events, left just before the City Meet. Houck entered Purdue and Gil- christ joined the Navy. Tech finished far ahead of the field in the City Meet with 61M points to Howeis second place total of 41. However, Howe took more first places than any other school, scoring victories in four events. Ralph Toney won both the 100- and 220-yard dashes, Bob Banks took the half mile, and Paul Webb outjumped the rest of the field in the broad jump. - In the Sectionals, Howe again finished second, scoring 381f3 points to Washington's 39 1!3. However, Howe qualified more men for the State Meet than any other school entered. Toney again took first in the 100 and 220, setting a new record in the former with the time of :10.1. The old mark was :10.3 set in 1940 by William Howard of Washington. Others who qualified for the State were Bob Stitt in the 220, Bob Banks and Max Fullen in the half mile, Bill Watson in the low hurdles, and Paul Webb in the broad jump. Bob Banks accounted for Howe's only point in the State Meet by taking fifth in the half mile. Ralph Toney, a favorite in the sprints, pulled a muscle in the Sectionals and failed to compete. 1251.9 imc! 5214014 X943 Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe, Howe, Ben Davis, 44 M-Broad Ripple, 13 M, o North Side of Fort Wayne in Southport Relays, 33 63 16-Southport, 45 W 70 -Lawrence Central, 39 775,f,... 2nd t 70fQ-Manual, 38M 65 LQ-Shortridge, 69 M 2nd to Technical in City Meet, 41 SSVQ-Washington, 53 M 60 -Warren Central, 57 Zncl to Xvashington in Sectionals, 38V3 Upper Iefl-Ralph Toney of Howe captures First in the 100 yard dash in the City Meet. Upper right-Half-miler Bob Banks, Miler Bob Warden, and Quarter- milcr Howard Caldwell captured many of Howe's points during the 1943 track season. Lower left-Ralph Toney takes the baton from Bob Stitti in the half mile relay. Lowrr right-Bill Wat- son rests after topping the 200 yard low hur- dlcs. page thirty-nine 1 x X N i X owe knifjmen ufzafefexfeof FTER copping four straight dual meets, the Hornet Golf Team car- ried away top honors in the Howe Invitational Tourney at the Pleasant Run course to finish the season undefeated. The Brown and Gold Linksmen started their winning ways by thump- ing Cathedral 11-1, following up with a sizzling 10-8 victory over Tech and then once more besting Cathedral 20-4. Next the Blue Devils of Shortridge came out to see what they could do about stopping Coach Fred Lemleyis golfers, only to lose 18M-S M. In the Howe Invitational, the team continued to show its superiority by trouncing their three rivals again. Howe's foursome took 315 strokes followed by Tech with 339. Arnold Koehler was high in points during the season, and also was med- alist with a brilliant 71, page forty Crrzxx Cflllflfl'-3' Tram- Bob Banks, Melvin Ket- tclhut, Harry Branson, Howard Caldwell, Rus- sell Hayes, Bob Wfarden, and Coach Ray Bowman. Golf fPt17Il - R o n a l d Roach, Gordon Thomas, Bob Smith, Bob Roch- ford, Arnold Koehler, Bill Hanafee, Joe XVilson, Bob Stanfill, and Coach Fred C. Lemley. omefd tunnet LETTERMEN T011 row -D i c k Maurice, Coach Samuel T. Kelley, and John Elliott. Sermzzf row-Russell Hayes, Spencer Talley, Melvin Ket- telhut, Bill Watsoii, and Howard Caldwell. Firxf row-B ob XVarden, Harry Branson, Max Fullen, Bob Banks, Bob Cole, and Don Auble. CHEERLEADERS Lzjfl In rigbf-Kenneth Mas- sey, Dean Phillips, Jack Nel- son, and Bill Miller. up in city in vZz'az'Zon.4 Howe's cross country team wound up one of its most suc- cessful seasons by taking second place in the City Invita- tional Cross Country Meet held on the Howe course. Top honors in the meet went to Manual, with 40:5 points. Howe was 4 points off the pace with a team total of 44, and Tech, last year's winner, finished third with SS. Shortridge trailed the pack with 71. Paul Stoyonovich of Manual copped individual honors in the meet when he crossed the tape in the automatic record time of 1O:12.S for the new two mile course. Following Stoyonovich to the finish line was Bob Banks of Howe, the pre-meet favorite by virtue of his season record and a pre- vious win over Stoyonovich. Banks had taken five first place ribbons in season meets, while losing only to County Cham- pion Bill Powers of Ben Davis. Russell Hayes finished third for Howe, and Howard Caldwell placed seventh to complete our scoring in the meet. In regularly scheduled meets, the Hornet Harriers won from Washington, Warren Central, Ben Davis, and Short- ridge and lost to Tech and Manual. Much of the credit for this fine season goes to our new coach, Mr. Ray Bowman. The season record: Howe 15-Wasliington, 40 Howe 34-Warren Central, 37-Anderson, 49 Howe, 22-Ben Davis, 33 Howe 33-Technical, 22 Howe, 33-Manual, 22 Howe Howe, il Low 26-Shortridge, 29 2nd to Manual in City lnvitational meet, 44 score wins in cross country page farly-one Qtfd I l.l4ZLfEl44LlZi! JIQOZZLJ G. A. A. Top row-Normagene Spellman, Jeanne Lipp, Delores Soncrant, Jer- ry Harves, Maellen Wriglit, Mary Pitts, Mary Nollott, Jean Blume- nauer, Bertha Branson, Patty Leif- ler, Carol Engleman, Betty Moon, and Elouise Aichele. Seromf row-Nary Chirpas, Joan Harrison, Betty Baynes, Mary Kirk- ham, Mavis Rinard, Norma Schmidt, Betty Lou Eisenhut, Mary Ann Elli- ott, Janis Heithecker, Phyllis Bowles, Marilyn Baker, Marjorie Lois John- son, and Dorothy Cowell. Firxf row-Margaret Goldsmith, Carolyn Gorman, Ida Eckstein, Nancy Riches, Violet Matthews, sec retaryg Kathryn Lewis, treasurer, Angelina Velich, president, Pauline Wessel, vice-president, Betty Huch- inson, Carolyn Johnson and Gerry Broshears. IRLS in G. A. A. are active throughout the year in a varied program. The members are given awards on a point basis for sport activities in which they participate during class and outside of school. A first year award is given to the girls who have earned 150 points, a second year award to those who acquire 250 points, and the highest, the third year medal, to those who earn 350 points. The Winter Wfonderland Dance at Christmastime was a gay time for everyone. The G. A. A. sponsored the afternoon's entertain- ment of a stage show and choruses, followed by dancing. With the new semester came tourneys. Volleyball and ping pong were scheduled as usual. Last season,s intramural volleyball win- ner was a fourth hour class composed of Betty Alberty, Janice Bayne, Patty Holtsclaw, Roselyn Bittner, Clara Virt, Georgianna Brammer, Violette Swenson, Gloria Backer, and Marilyn Baker, captain. Ping-pong champ was Angelina Velich who bested Anna Wessel in the final game. This year a basketball tourney for up- perclass girls was added. Class teams were organized and the win- ners played to pick the class champs. Then they battled the gym assistants for the school title. In April, sixty girls gave a demonstration for the State Physical Education Meeting to display the program of physical condition- ing in high schools. Other G. A. A. features in the spring were archery, commando trainings, baseball games, track, and rhyth- mic drills for the May Festival. .- 'B 13 ge fort y-four oufeifed VER 1300 teachers and pupils of Howe work together in preparing for the future. Carol Simmons, jun- ior, Donna Dean, freshman, jack Rennoe, senior, and Tom Woerner, sophomore, are shown on the oppo- site page discussing student prob- lems with Mr. Charles M. Sharp, principal. Q, 1 f sf? wif if .yi me Ns M .Iv Q , wg' W Q R X w A Q 1 5' fs fi F QE! S . h .Q s 9 3 f . M1 page f0V'fj-ffl 1' ,mage Miss Virginia Childers and Mrs. Ruth Reed are secretary and clerk, respectively. lllr. Frank S. Xvatkins and fslr. Bela don C. Leonard Qchairmanj are music instructors. Miss Ruth Ziiflaff, Mrs. Dorothy Smiley Qlihrarianj, Miss Celia A. Smith Qnursel. Miss Alice C. Hank- ins, and Mr. Clarence R. Clayton Qvicc - principalj a r e discussing teacher schedules. Sfllllllillg-'NTII Darrell ll. Gooch. Miss Marjorie Schoch, Miss Mary S. McBride, Miss Betty I.. XY'illiguns, Mr. Seward S. Craig, and Miss Flor- ence Guild Clfnglish Department hcadj are planning vocational es- says. Swim! - Xiiss Marthana NlcXY'hir, Mrs. Betty R. Baker, and Miss Ellen A. O,Drain. Miss Janet Keller fchairmanj and Mrs. Lorcen DeXVaard, art teachers, examine a pupilis painting. CUlllllIK'l'I'iKlI fi'rItibL'I'5 .viilllifirlg LIl'r'-- Mr. M. D. Nvilliams, Miss Ellen ll. Lalfollette, and Mr. Sherman il. Pittenger. Sfafmf Y Mrs. Margaret Rognfsky Qchairmanj . Mr. lfred C. Leniley, Mrs. Mildred D. Loew Cdean nf girlsj, Miss Betty Pi. Ilall, Miss Anna K. Suter, Miss Mary C. Mcflord, and Miss Lucy Jane lladley are mathematics teach- ers. pagr furly-six ,,-, dcufzy . . . Slunding-Mr. Samuel T. Kelley fhcadj and Mr. Ray Bowman, are members of the Physical Education Department. Scafcrl-Miss Thelma Martin and Miss Marjorie White are teachers of girls' physical education. Members of lbr Foreign Language Dvpurtmvrzt arc, Slarzding - Miss Hazel Wurster. Seated-Miss Narcie Pollitt Qchair- manj, Miss Mary E. Thumma, and Miss Thelma L. Cooley, Mr. Thomas Stirling, Mr. Paul Klinge, Mr. Virgil Heniser, Mr. Raphael W. Wolfe Cheadj, Mr. Donald G. Emery, and Mr. Milton E. Gamhle are science instructors. Standing-Miss Lois Coy. Scaled-Miss Helen Allen and Miss Marthellen Ratcliif fchairmanj are home economic teachers. Mr. E. A. Patterson Cchairmany, Mr. Dennis Wright, and Mr. W. D. Leasor are industrial arts in- structors. Mr, Wade Fuller, Mr. Hartwell Kaylcr, Mr. Kenneth M. Smartz, Mrs. Hattie L, Winslow, Miss Doro- tha E. Kirk, and Mr. Lewis W. Gilfoy fheadj discuss projects for the Social Studies Department. page forty-sewn 2141.025 ON RASICO was elected president of the 1944 Senior Class. The other senior ofhcers are Joan Bruckman, vice-president, Mar- jorie Garrett, secretary, Lewis Larrison, treasurer, and Anne Pope and john Elliott, victory council representatives. Miss Florence Guild, senior sponsor, helped the officers to appoint committees to plan the class activities. A committee of six sen- iors was elected to revise the class constitution. Gold, light blue, and brown Were chosen as the class colors. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Upper' Irfl-John Elliott, joan Bruckman, Don Rasico, Marjorie Garrett, and Anne Pope. SENIOR CONSTITUTION Upper riglvf-Howard Caldwell, Don Rasico, Joan Bruckman, Miss Guild, Jean Carpenter, Don Auble, and Virginia Reese. SENIOR WINTER PARTY COMMITTEE Lower iff!-Virginia Reese, Bob Warden, Bob Cole, Carolyn Sullivan, and Mary Lois Stitt. SENIOR COLOR COMMITTEE jim Gallagher, june Gossom, Lucille Broeking, Jack Fehrcnbach, and Marilyn Baker. .Quit page foriy-rigbl M --ELSE, S E N I O R S DON RASICO-Senior President, 4, Constitution Com- mittee, 4, Football, 4, Choir, 3, 4, Boys' Octet, 3, 4, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Operetta, Bone Specialist, 4, Music Festival, 3, "Ever Since Eve," Spud, 4. JOAN BRUCKMAN-Senior Vice-President, 4, Cheer- leader, 4, Golden Girl Candidate, 3, Victory Council, 3, Legion Award, 3, Howu TOWliR staff, 2-4, "Letters to Lucerne," Erna, 4, Vihota Club, 3, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Journalism Dance, Chairman, 3, Senior Play Com- mittee, 4. LEWIS LARRISON-Senior Treasurer, 4: Home Room Business Manager, I-3, Basketball, 1-4, Football, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4. MARJORIE GARRETT-Senior Secretary, 4, Golden Girl Candidate. 4, Howie Towrn staff, 3, 4, Orchestra, 2-4, Vihota Club, 3, Music Festival, 3, Hi-Y Sweetheart, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4. JOHN ELLIOTT-Senior Victory Council Representa- tive, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, Football, 4, Let- terman,s Club, 4. ANNE POPE-Senior Victory Council Representative, 4, Football Queen, 4, Golden Girl Candidate, 3, Howli Towik staff, Tick Tocks, Editor Page II, 3, 4, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Spanish Club, 2, 3, Victory Corps, 3, Vihota Club, 3. ANN ABBITT-Hershey High School, Pennsylvania. FREDERICK AICHELE, Band, 3, 4, Music Festival, 3, 4, Latin Club, l, May Pageant, 3. ELLEN ALDAG-Howii Towiak staff, Cub Editor, Vic- tory Editor, 3, 4, News Correspondent to The Irzinglofz Rrriew, 3, Cub Club, l-3, Orchestra, l-4, Concert Mis- tress, 4, Music Festival, l, 2, 4, Latin Club, 1, 2, Senior Play Committee, 4. CLARENCE ANDERSON-Sliortridge High School, "Ever Since Eve," John, 4. RICHARD ARTER-Central High School, South Bend. DONAVON AUBLE-American Legion Award, 3, Har- vard Club Award, 3, Band, I-4, Howe Towiin staff, Sports Editor, 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief, Staff II, 4, May Pageant, Philosopher, 3, Hi-Y Club, Secretary, 2, 3, President, 4, News Correspondent to The IIlt1'it111t1l70IiS Stur, 4, Basketball, Manager, 2, 3, Latin Club Contest, First Prize, 3, Letterman's Club, 4, Track, 1-4, Senior Constitution Committee, 4. MARILYN BAKER-Golden Girl, 4, Howie Towisk staff, Girls' Sports, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4, G. A. A., 4, May Festival, 3, 4, Senior Color Committee, 4, Vihota Club, 3, Gym Assistant, 4, Omce Messenger, 3, 4, "Ever Since Eve," Betsy, 4. DON BALDWIN-Band, l-3, Concert Master, 3, Audio- Visual Club, l, 2, Music Festival, 1-3, May Festival, 1-3, Operetta, 2, "Ever Since Evef' 4. JEANNETTE BALLARD-Howie Towlik staff, Featur Writer, 2-4, Cub Club, 2, Latin Club, 1, 2, Vihoa Club, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. ROBERT BANKS-Basketball, 2-4, Track, 2-4, Cross Country, 2-4, Music Festival, 3, May Pageant, 3, Letter- man's Club, 3, 4. DORIS VAN BARNES-Music Festival, 2, 3, May Pageant, 1, 2, Office Helper, 4, G. A. A., 2, Vihota Club, 3, Junior Red Cross, 1, 2, Senior Play Committee, 4. JAMES BARNES-Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, Football, 4, Senior Announcement Committee, 4. S E N I O R S ROBERT BARNES-Football, 45 Basketball, 1. MILDRED BASS-Music Festival, 1-4, Operetta, 2, 3. MARGARET BAYLESS-Music Festival, 2, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. MILDRED BAYLESS-Music Festival, 1-4, Operetta, 2, Senior Play Committee, 4. JAMES BAYLY-Football, 4, HOWE TOWER staff, Pho- tographer, 2, 3, HILLTOPPER, Photographer, 2, 3, Home Room Business Agent, 2-4. BETTY BEATTY PATRICIA E. BETTCHER--Vihota Club, President, 3, Girl Reserves, President, 2, Victory Council, 3, Home Room President, 2. ROSELYN BITTNER-Junior Red Cross, 1-4. JEAN BORING-G. A. A., 1-3, Junior Red Cross, 1, 2, Gym Assistant, 2. ROBERT BOWLES-Hi-Y Club, 4, HILLTOPPER, Sports Editor, 3, 4, HOWE TOW'ER staff, Sports Writer, 2, News Correspondent to The Indianapolis Times, 3, 4, Victory Council, 3, Basketball, 1. GEORGEANNA BRAMMER-Music Festival, 1-3, Or- chestra, 1-4, Vihota Club, 3. LUCILLE BROEKING-HOWE TOWER staff, Copy Edi- tor, 3, HILLTOPPER, Club Editor, 4, Violet Queen Can- didate, 3, Senior Color Committee, 4, Latin Club, 2, Junior Red Cross, 4, Music Festival, 2, 3, Vihota Club, 3, Band, 2, 3. ROBERT BROGAN. WILLIAM BROWER-Football, 4. EDWARD BROWN-Brown Boy Candidate, 3, Foot- ball, 4, Senior Winter Party, 4. PATRICIA BROWN-G. A. A., 1-3, Orchestra, 1-4, Vihota Club, 33 Victory Corps, 3, May Pageant, 3, Music Festival, 1-4. MARJORIE BUCHANAN-Vihota Club, 3, Art Club, 1, 2, Victory Corps, 3, May Pageant, 1. PHYLLIS JEAN BUCHER-Wauwatosa High School, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Page iffy , WML O F 1 9 4 4 ELIZABETH BUCKINGHAM-Orchestra, 2, 3, Iifiusic Festival, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, Vihota Club, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. HOWARD CALDWELL-Basketball, 1, Cross Country, 2-4, Track, 2, 3, HoWE TOWER staff, Editor Page IV, 4, Band, I-3, President, 3, Hi-Y Club, 4, Footlight Revelcrs, 3, 4, President, 4, Brown Boy Candidate, 4, Letterman's Club, 4, Senior Constitution Committee, 4, Victory Corps, 3, "Night of January 16tli," Wliitield, 3, "Letters to Luccrnef, Hans, 4. KEITH CARMACK--Wabasli, Indiana, 1-3, Football, 4, Track, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4. GILBERT CARNAHAN-Basketball, 2, Football, 4, Student Manager, 1. JEAN CARPENTER-HOWE TOWER staif, Make-up Editor, 3, Hi1.1.'roPPuR, Make-up Editor, 4, News Cor- respondent to Thr' Irringlon Review, 3, Tbc Indianap- olis Times, 4, Vihota Club, 3, Band, 1-3, Senior Consti- tution Committee, 4, Music Festival, 2, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. RUTH CARREL-Music Festival, 1-4, Choir, 1-4. BETTY CHILDERS-Vil-iota Club, 3. MARGARET CLARK-Vihota Club, 3. ROBERT COLE--Basketball, 2-4, Track, 4, Football, 4, Letterman's Club, 4. MARTHA L. COREY-Vibota Club, 3, Corfu: Lnlinun, Staff, 2, Latin Club, l, 2, Library Club, 2, Cub Club, 2 JACQUELINE COX-Villota Club, 3, Cub Club, 1, Knitting Club, 2, May Pageant, 3. SHELBY COX. KENT CRAWFORD-Basketball, l-3, Hi-Y Club, 2-4, HOWE TOWER staff, Buzzes, 3, 4, Track, 4, "Ever Since Eve," Henry, 4. ROY L. CUNNINGHAM. BETTY CUPPY-Senior Jewelry Committee, Chair- man, 4. CHARLENE DAVIS-HOWE TOWER staff, Make-up Editor, 3, 4, Vihota Club, 3, Horizon Club, 3, Legion Poster Contest, First Prize, 3, Band, 2, 3, Music Festival, 2, May Pageant, 2, Art Assistant, 4, Senior Play Coni- mittce, 4 . LESLIE DEANE-Basketball, 1, Home Room Assistant, 1. MARY BETH DENNY-Howe TKDWER staff, 2, 3, 4, Editor Page II, 4, Operetta, 2, 4, Choir, 1-4, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Music Festival, 1-3, Viliota Club, 3, Latin Club, 1, 2, G. A. A., l, Senior Play Committee. 4. j , , ' 1 , , . I . V aff' C. f ' A . - page fiffy-one -ui page Jiffy-two w' -' S E N I O R S l JUDITH LYNN DEPUTY-May Pageant, 3, Vihota Club, 3. DONALD DIXON-Music Festival, 2, Operetta, 2. CHARLES DORSEY-Track, 1, Football, 4, Student Council Representative, 1, Music Festival, 2, Senior Play Committee, 4. EILEEN DOWNEY-May Pageant, 3, Vihota Club, 3. BETTY DUNCAN-Vihota Club, 3, May Pageant, 3. WILLIAM ELDER-Basketball, 1, Radio Play, 4. BETTY JEAN ELKINS. MARY ANN ELLER-Vihota Club, 3. JOANNE ESCHMEYER-Violet Queen, 3, Vihota Club, President, 3, Football Queen Candidate, 4: Pleasant Run Revue, 3. JACK FEHRENBACH-HILLTOPPER, Photographer, 4, Howe Towns staff, Photographer, 3, 4, Laboratory As- sistant, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, Home Room Business Man- ager, 4, "Ever Since Evcf' 4. RICHARD FERGUSON-Football, 4. DORIS FIGEL-Vihota Club, 3, Spanish Club, 3, 4, May Pageant, 3, Archery Club, 1. JOYCE FISHER. SUZANNE FISHER-Howe TOWER staff, Make-up Ed- itor, 3, HILLTOPPER, Make-up Editor, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Vihota Club, 3, La Ertrcllila, Make-up Editor, 4, Ofhce Helper, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. PATRICIA FOSTER-Vihota Club, 3. JAMES GALLAGHER-Track, 3, Science Club, 3, Sen- ior Color Committee, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4. MARJORIE L. GASKILL-Library Club, 2, Latin Club, 2, 3, Junior Red Cross, 3, Knitting Club, 2, Library As- sistant, 2, G. A. A., 2, Vihota Club, 3, Ofiice Messenger, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. KEENE GOODWIN-Basketball, 1, Track, 1, 2, Foot- ball, 4, "Ever Since Eve," Preston, 4. O F 1 9 4 4 A JO ANNA GORDON-Music Festival, lg Clinic Assist- ant, 43 Home Room Assistant, 3. JANE GOSSOM-Senior Color Committee, 43 Violet Queen Candidate, 3, Vihota Club, 3g Choir, I-45 Clinic Assistant, 4, Office Helper, 2, 45 Footlight Revelers, 43 Girls' Octet, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4. KAROLYN GOULD-Latin Club, 1-3, Vihota Club, 3, Archery Club, lg Science Club, 2, HOWE TOWER staff, Copy Editor, 3, 4, Latin Plays, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. MARGARET GRAEBER-G.A.A., 1, Girl Reserves, 2, Vihota Club, 3, Library Club, 1. WILLIAM GRIST-Track, 1. RICHARD GUTHRIE-Band, 1-3, Cub Club, lg HOWE Towlia staff, Editor Page IV, 3-4, News Correspondent to The Indianapolis News, 45 Football, 45 Music Festi- val, 2, 3, Footlight Revelers, 3, 4, "Night of January 16th", Elmer, 39 Senior Play Committee, 4. WINIFRED HAM-Latin Club, 1, 2, Spanish Club, 33 Vihota Club, 35 Music Festival, 1. ROBERT E. HANNA-Brown Boy Candidate, 33 Bas- ketball, lg Track, lg Football, 4. SHIRLEY ANNE HARKINS-HOWE TOWER staff, EX- change Editor, 2, 3, 4g Office Helper, 4, Vihota Club, 33 Music Festival, l. MARGENE HARLAN-Home Room Business Manager, 1, 2, Horizon Club, 1-45 Home Economic Club, Presi- dent, 4g May Pageant, 1, 23 Senior Play Committee, 4. JANE I-IARMS-Music Festival, lg Operetta, 2, Girl Reserves, lg Senior Play Committee, 4. DANIEL HARRISON-Operetta, 2, Choir, 1, 2, Band 25 Music Festival, 2. v SHIRLEY JANE HAUGH-Office Helper, 2-4, Library Assistant, 2: Pleasant Run Revue, 3. RUSSELL HAYES-Track, 1-4, Cross Country, 1-45 Letterman's Club, 3, 4, Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, Basketball, Statistics, 3, 4, Lt. Governor of State of Howe, 4. JAMES HENDERSON-Band, 1-3, Track, 3, 4, Music Festival, 2, 3. JO ANN HITE-Latin Club, 1, 2, Music Festival, 2, 35 Orchestra, 1-45 Cornu Laiinum staff, 33 Senior Play Committee, 4. ELMA HOCK BERNICE HOLTMAN-Vihota Club, 3, Latin Club, 1. page jifly-three S E N I O R S SUSANNE HOWE-Viliota Club, 3, Office Messenger, 2, 4, Library Assistant, 3, Junior Red Cross, 3, Home Room Business Manager, 4. BEVERLY HULL-Gym Assistant, 1-4, G.A.A., 1-4, Music Festival, I-3, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Cheer- leader, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3. ROBERT HUNT-Track, 1, 2, Football, 3, Music Festival, 2. WALTER HUNT ROBERT HUNTER. JACK HUSTON-Basketball, 1-4, HOWE TOWER staff, Editor Page IV, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, Senior Sub-treasurer, 4. MARION HUTCHISON-eMusic Festival, 1-4, Choir, 3, 4, Victory Corps, 3, Operetta, 2, 4, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. MARVEL IKERD-Music Festival, l, Victory Corps, 3, Spanish Club, 2, May Pageant, 2, Senior Play Com- mittee, 4. MARJORIE IVERSON-Music Festival, 1-4, Victory Corps, 3, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Operetta, 2, 4. JUNE JACKSON-Vihota Club, 3, Spanish Club, 1: Pleasant Run Revue, 3. NORMA 'JEAN JACKSON-llflusic Festival, 1, 2, 4, Library Club, 2, May Pageant, 2, Vihota Club, 3, Clinic Assistant, 4. BETTY JACOBS BARBARA JENKINS-Oflice Helper, 3, 4, Latin Club, 3, Vihota Club, 3, Music Festival, 3, May Pageant, 3. MARGERETTE JENT-Vihota Club, 3, Music Festival, 2, 3, Choir, 4, May Pageant, 3. LUCY JESSIE-Music Festival, 1, 2, Library Club, 1, 2, junior Red Cross, 2, May Pageant, 3. THOMAS JETT-Latin Club, 1, Spanish Club, 2, 3, Basketball, 1. HARRIET R. JOHNSON-Spanish Club, 3, Oflice Helper, 3, Vihota Club, 3, Home Room Business Man- ager, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4. ROBERT JONES Page Jiffy-fvuf .44-.L IOFI94 KENNETH JORDAN--Music Festival, 33 Band, 1-33 Senior Announcement Committee, 45 May Pageant, 35 "Ever Since Eve," 4. EDWIN JUETT-May Pageant, 3. ROBERT JUSTUS-Band, 1-35 Music Festival, 2, 35 May Pageant, 2, 3g Pleasant Run Revue, 33 Orchestra, 2. VELMA JUSTUS-Horizon Club, Treasurer, 1-4, Oper- etta, 25 Music Festival, 3, May Pageant, 1-3. CHARLES KELLEY-Basketball, lg Football, 43 Senior Party Committee, 4. JOAN KENNELLY-Vihota Club, 3g Spanish Club, 2, 33 May Pageant, 39 Victory Corps, 3, Senior Winter Party Committee, 35 Style Show, 1. MELVIN KETTLEHUT-Brown Boy, 45 Track, 1-45 Cross Country, 1-45 Hi-Y Club, 3, 45 Choir, 1-4, Band, I-4. MARCIE KILLION--HOWE Towns staff, Reporter, 3, Senior Winter Party, 4. DOROTHY JEAN KING-HOWE TOWER staff, Busi- ness Manager, 3, 43 Student Council Representative, 2g Choir, 2, 35 Music Festival, 2, 3, Vihota Club, 3, Oper- etta, 2. JEAN KING THOMAS KLINGER-Music Festival, 1-45 Band, 2, 3, Pleasant Run Revue, 3. MARY ANN KYLE-Oilice Helper, 1-45 Vihota Club, 35 Senior Play Committee, 4. MARIE LABONTE JEAN LAND-Vihota Club, 3g G.A.A., 1-4. LEROY TED LANGDON-Camera Club, 1-3, Casting Club, 39 Senior jewelry Committee, 4. JOSEPHINE LAYTON-Vilma Club, 3, G.A.A., 1-4. LAWRENCE LEE-Hi-Y Club, 4. LADONNA LEAHIGH-Vibota Club, 35 G.A.A., 1-43 Choir, Music Festival, 1-4, Gym Assistant, 3. Page fiffy-Jive Page fiffy-fix E-, .J .. S E N I O R S MARJORIE LEWELLEN ANNIE LEWIS-Clinic Assistant, 3, Music Festival, 1, 2, Spanish Club, 2. MARILYN LIVINGSTON-Clinic Assistant, 4, Vihota Club, 3, G.A.A., 1. HAROLD LOCKLEAR ROBERT LUMLEY ROBERT LYNCH DORIS MACFARLAND--Music Festival, 1, English Assistant, 3. WILLIAM B. MAGNUSON-Music Festival, 1-4, Boys' Octet, 1-3, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Band, 1, 2, Choir, President, 3. JEANNE MALOTT-Music Festival, 1, Latin Club, 1-3, Latin Plays, 1, 3, Senior jewelry Committee, 4, Howe TOWER staff, Copy Editor, 2-4, Library Club, 2, 3, Archery Club, 1, Footlight Revelers, 1, Vihota Club, 3, Library Assistant, 1-3, Senior Play Committee, 4. DONALD W. MANNAN-Track, I-4, Cross Country, 2-4, Hi-Y Club, 4, Basketball, 1. MILDRED MARSHALL-Band, 1-4, I'IOWE TOWER staff, Feature Writer, 3, Editor Page III, 4, Library Club, 1, 2, G.A.A., 1, 2, Footlight Revelers, 1, Debate Club, 2, junior Red Cross, 3, Vihota Club, 3, Music Festival, 2, 4, Library Assistant, 1, 2. MARGARET MARTIN-Library Club, 1, Victory Corps, 3, Library Assistant, 3, 4, May Pageant, 3. ROBERT MASTEN-Howl: TOWER staff, Sports Writer, 3, 4, Music Festival, 2, 3, May Pageant, 2, 3, Band, 2, 3, Victory Corps, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. DORIS MAYER-HOWE TOWER staff, Reporter, 3, Spanish Club, 1, Knitting Club, 2, May Pageant, 1. ARVIE MAYNARD-Hi-Y Club, 4, Football, 4, Vic- tory Corps, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. ALICE ANN MCCLELLAND-Arsenal Technical High School, Indianapolis, Indiana. VIRGINIA MCKINNEY-Music Festival, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4. JOAN R. MEYER-Home Economics Club, 4, Victory Corps, 3, Vihota Club, 3, Ofhce Helper, 3. O F 1 9 4 4 , LOUISE MILLER--G.A.A., 1-45 Gym Assistant, 2-4: Cheerleader, 4g Operetta, 45 Pleasant Run Revue, 32 Music Festival, 35 May Pageant, 3, Latin Club, 2, Vic- tory Corps, 3: Home Room Business Manager, 4. BETTY MOFFITT-Oflice Assistant, 2, 3g Junior Red Cross, 2, 3, Victory Corps, 3, Latin Club, 2, May Pageant, 25 Vihota Club, 3g Senior Play Committee, 4. BARBARA MONTGOMERY-Choir, 2-45 Senior An- nouncement Committee, 4, Music Festival, l-4, Ofhce Helper, 2, 5, Footlight Revclers, 3, 45 Howie Towifn staff, Exchange Editor, 3, Assignment Editor, 4, Pleas- ant Run Review, 3, "Letters to Lucerne," Sally Jack- son, 4. ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY-Music Festival, 25 Of- fice Helper, 2. PEGGY MOONEY-Latin Club, 2, 3, Corn!! Lulinum staff. 3: Viliota Club, 3: Home Economics Club. 4: Oflice Assistant, 3, 4, Student Council Representative, 2, 3, Junior Red Cross, 3, Music Festival, 33 Library Club, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4. EDNVIN MOORE STANLEY MOREILLON-Track, 1, 3, 45 Football, 4g Senior W'inter Party Committee, 4g Senior Play Com- mittee, 4. NORMA JEAN MORRIS-Victory Corps, 3. MILDRED MOSIMAN--Latin Club, 1-3, Cornu Lali- num staff, 3, Vihota Club, 3, Junior Red Cross, 3, Vic- tory Corps, 3, Music Festival, 3, Library Club, 4. JEAN MUMFORD-Viliota Club, 35 May Festival, 3, Victory Corps, 3, Volley Ball Team, 1. JOAN MURPHY-Music Festival, 1, 2, Operetta, 2g Clinic Assistant, 45 Vihota Club, 3, Student Council Representative, 2. MARION MUTZ-Operetta, 2, 4, Choir, I-4: Howli TOWER staff, Exchange Editor, 3, Assignment Editor, 4, Tick Tocks, 4, Footlight Revelers, President, 4, "Our Town," Emily Webb, 2, "Night of January l6th," Mrs. Falker, 35 "Letters to Lucerne," Erna, 45 "Ever Since Eve," Martha, 4, Girls' Octet, 4. BETTE MYERS-Howl: Town! staff, Copy Reader, 3, 4, Music Festival, 3. 4, Football Queen Candidate, 4: Spanish Club, 2, 3, Science Club, 2, 1.41 Eslrelliiu, Malte- up Editor, 4. MARCELLA NEAL-Music Festival, 45 Choir, 4. PAUL NEIMAN-Druni lvlajor, l-4. JOAN NEVVBY-Music Festival, lg Howlz Towmi staFr', Feature Writei', 2-4, Spanish Club, President, 33 Science Club, 2, German Club, lg La Exfrellila, Report- er, 4g Oiiice Helper, 25 "Ever Since Eve," Lucybelle, 4. FRANK NICHOLS-Home Room Business Manager, 1. ROSEMARY O'CONNOR-Music Festival, 2, 3, Home Room Business Manager, 2. page fifly-selfeu S E N I O R S EUGENE O'HERN-Basketball, 1: HOWE TOWER staff, 2, Music Festival, 2, Operetta, 2, "Ever Since Eve." Cappy, 4. DARLENE OWENS-Music Festival, I, 2, Victory Corps, 3, Junior Red Cross, 4. MARY FRANCES PATTERSON - Orchestra, I-4, Latin Club, 1-3, American Legion Award, 3, Howl? TOWER staff, Cub Editor, 3, HILLTOPPER, Associate Edi- tor, 3-4, Vihota Club, 3, Band, 1, 2, News Correspond- ent to The Irvinglon Review, 3, The I11tIill1'I!lp0liX Sfar, 4, G.A.A., 1, Senior Play Committee, 4. MARGARET PERCIVAL-Orchestra, 4, Operctta, 4, Horizon Club, I-4, Science Club, 2, 4, Latin Club, 2, 3, Junior Red Cross, 4, Vihota Club, 3, Victory Corps, 3. GEORGE PETERS-Arsenal Technical High School. Indianapolis, Indiana. WALTER PERKINS ALICE PETTINGER IRENE PIERSON WINIOGENE PORTTEUS-Wasliington High School Indianapolis, Indiana, Senior Play Committee, 4. 1 CATHERINE POWER-G.A.A., I-3, Pleasant Run Re- vue, 3, Junior Red Cross, I, 2, Gym Assistant, 3. DOROTHY PUCKETT-Music Festival, 2, 3, Or- chestra, 2-4, Office Helper, 4, Home Room President, 3, Student Council Representative, 2, Vihota Club, 3. NORMA QUINN JACQUELINE REBHOLZ-Vihota Club, 3, Victory Corps, 3. ADA REDMAN-Vihota Club, 3, Library Assistant, 2, 3, Pleasant Run Revue, 3. VIRGINIA REESE--HILLTOPPER, Editor-in-chief, 4, Assistant Make-up Editor, 3, String Ensemble, 2, 3, Music Festival, 1-3, Senior Constitution Committee, 4, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Senior Winter Party Chairman, 4, Hi-Y Sweetheart Candidate, 4, Latin Club, 1, 2, Vihota Club, 3, May Pageant, 1, 2, "Ever Since Eve," Susan, 4. JACK RENNOE - Comm Latimzfu staff, 3, Howe TOWER staff, Sports Reporter, 3, HILLTOPPER, Business Manager, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Football, 4, Music Festi- val, I-3, Band, I, 2, 4, Cross Country, 3. VIRGINIA RICHES-Horizon Club, 3, Spanish Club, 4, Junior Red Cross, 2, Clinic Assistant, 4, Victory Corps, 3. LOIS IRENE RIDGE-Carlisle High School. RUTH ANN ROBISON-Violet Queen Candidate, 3, Office Helper, 2, 3, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Music Festival, 2, 3, Vihota Club, 3, Victory Corps, 3. page fifty-eight M 7 Z' O F 1 9 4 4 CORA MAE ROCHE-Music Festival, 2, 35 Clioir, 45 Operetta, 45 Vilaota Club, 35 Victory Corps, 2. PHYLLIS ROHYANS ELLINE RUSTON-Viliota Club, 35 Library Assistant, I, 2. MARJORIE RUSSELL-Music Festival, 4. JAMES SARBINOFF-Music Festival, 35 Basketball, 15 Operetta, 2. LOUISE SCHERER-Music Festival, 3, 45 Girls' Octet, 3, 45 Operetta, 2, 45 Office Helper, 35 Clinic Helper, 3, 45 May Pageant, 2, 3, 45 Drum Majorette, 3, 4. FLSIE SCHERMERHORN MARILYN ll. SCHREIBER-Home Economics Club, 45 junior Red Cross, 35 Viliota Club, 35 Library Assistant, 3. LOIS SCHULZ VIRGINIA SCHVVARZ-Choir, 1-45 Music Festival, 1-45 Senior Announcement Committee, 45 Operetta, 2, 45 Footliglit Revelers, 1, 25 May Pageant, 1-35 Vihota Club, 35 Home Room Assistant, 1-35 Victory Corps, 3. MARTHA ANN SCOTT-H1I1.ToPPEit, Senior Editor, 45 HOWE TOWER staff, Exchange Editor, 35 Choir, 1-45 News Correspondent to The IVVIIIKIOII Rr'1'ie'1Lf, 45 The Indiumzpolis Herald, 35 Operetta, 2, 45 Latin Club, 1, 25 Pleasant Run Revue, 35 Girls' Octet, 45 Music Festi- val, 1-45 May Pageant, 1-45 Vilaota Club, 3. GLORIA SEITER-May Pageant, 1, 35 Viliota Club, 35 junior Red Cross, 35 Senior Jewelry Committee, 45 Of- fice Helper, 3. PAUL SHERRON-Football, 4. DONALDEEN SHUEL - Knitting Club, 35 Vihota Club, 35 Junior Red Cross, 3. JACK F. SIDES-Choir, 1-45 Football, 45 Operetta, 2, 45 Home Room Business Manager, 1. RHODA SIMMONS - Howl! TOWER staff, Feature Writer, 2-45 La Exirfllila, 45 Student Council Repre- sentative, 35 Oiiice Helper, 45 Vilaota Club, 35 Footligl1t Revelers, l-3. DOROTHY SMITH-Howl: TOWER staff, Make-up Edi- tor, 3, Editor Page I, 45 Music Festival, 1, 25 Sportsman Club, Secretary, 25 Villota Club, 35 La Eslrvllifa, 45 Footlight Revelers, 3, 45 "Letters to Lucernef' 45 "Ever Since Eve," Mrs. Clover, 4. FRED SMITH GLORIA SMITH-Vilaota Club, 35 Pleasant Run Revue, 35 Music Festival, 2, 3. page fifiy-nine' page sixty EN1.oRs ROBERTA SONCRANT-Vihota Club, 3, May Pag- eant, 3. ERMA STEVENS-HOWE TOWER staff, Editor-in-chief. 4, Girls' Octet, 3, 4, Music Festival, I-4, Choir, 2-4, Student Council, 2, 4, Operetta, 2, "All American -loneses," Mrs. Brown, 4, News Correspondent to The Inrliamrpolis Herald, The Eastside Preis and Review, 3, 4, Latin Club, 1-3, Vihota Club, 3, Senior Commence- ment Committee, 4. MARIE STEVENS MARY STEVENSON-Music Festival, 1. MARY LOIS STITT-Howe TOWER staff, Tick Tocks, 3, 4, Athletic Assistant, 4, May Pageant, 1, Home Room Business Manager, 4, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Hi-Y Sweetheart Candidate, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4. PATRICIA STUTZ-Footlight Revelers, 3, Ofhce Mes- senger, 4, "Our Town," Mrs. Webb, 2, "Night of Janu- ary l6th," Madge Swenson, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. CAROLYN SULLIVAN-HILLTOPPER, Activities Edi- tor, 4, HOWE TOWER staff, Victory Editor, Assignment Editor, 3, Debate Club, 2, German Club, I, 2, Office Helper, 2, Vihota Club, 3, Music Festival, I, Senior Winter Party, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4. PAT SULLIVAN-Vihotn Club, 3, Latin Club, 1, Hi-Y Sweetheart candidate, 4, Spanish Club, 2. BERNICE SWEENEY-Music Festival, 3, 4, Choir, I-4: Vihota Club, 3, Pleasant Run Revue, 3. VIOLETTE SWENSON-Howe TOWER staff, Feature Writer, 3, 4, Horizon Club, 2-4, Music Festival, 1, 2. FRANCES TALKINGTON-G.A.A., I, Spanish Club, 2-4, Vihota Club, 3. GORDON THOMAS-Cross Country, 1, 4, Track, 1, 4, Footlight Revelers, 3, 4, Band, 1, 3, Library Club, 2, Code Club, 4, Golf Club, 2-4, Music Festival, 1, 4, "Ever Since Eve," Mr. Clover, 4. HELEN THOMPSON - Howe TOWER staff, Editor Page III, 3, 4, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Latin Club, 1, 2, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Vihota Club, 3, Hi-Y Sweetheart Candidate, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. LOIS THOMSON-Office Helper, 3, 4, Vihota Club, 3, May Pageant,, 2, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. MARJORIE THROM-Girl Reserves, 2, Villota Club, 3. LOTS VAN ARENDONK-Violet Queen Candidate, 32 Girls' Octet, 2, 4, Choir, 2, 4, Music Festival, 1, 4, Opcretta, 2, 4, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, Office Assistant, 3, Vihota Club, 3. ANGELINA VELICH-Music Festival, 1, 3, Choir, 4, Gym Assistant, 3, G.A.A., President, 3, 4, Vihota Club, 3. RICHARD VESTAL-Track, 1, 2, Gym Assistant, 1, May Pageant, 2, 3. GOWINAVERIA VOELKER-Drum Majorette, 3, 4, Pleasant Run Revue, 3, May Pageant, 3, Vihota Club, 3. O F 1 9 4 4 CARI. WACHTSTETTER-Basketball, 1, Football, 4, Student Council Representative, 3. BETTY JEAN WAGNER-Library Club, 2, 4, Music Festival, 1, 2, Vihota Club, 3, May Pageant, 3. VIRGINIA WALES-Vihota Club, 3, Senior Play Com- mittee, 4. JACK WALLACE-Band, 2, 3, Golf Team, 3, 4, Hi-Y Club, 4, Football, 4, Music Festival, 3, Senior Play Committee, 4. ROBERT WARDEN-Track, 1-4, Cross Country, 2, 4, Hi-Y Club, 5, 4, Lettcrman's Club, 2-4, Basketball, 1, I-IOWE TOWER staff, Sports Writer, 3, 4, Laboratory Assistant, 4, Music Festival, 3. WILLIAM WATSON-Drum Major, 1, 2, Track, 1-4, Basketball, 1-4, Lettcrman's Club, President, 2-4, Senior jewelry Committee, 4, HILLTOPPER, Photographer, 4, Band, 1-4, Orchestra, 1-4, Music Festival, 1-4. RALPH WEBER-Basketball, 1-4. ROBERT WEISER HARRIET WELLS - Music Festival, 2, 3, 4, "All American Jonesesf' Sue, 4, Girls' Octet, 3, 4, Choir, 3, 4, Knitting Club, 2, May Pageant, 2-4. MARIAN j. WHITE-Latin Club, 2, 3, Vihota Club, 3, Junior Red Cross, 3. RICHARD WHITE JAMES WHITED KATHLEEN WILHITE - Mooresville High School, Mooresville, Indiana. JAMES WILSON XVALTER WILSON-Basketball, 1-4, Track, 1, Gym Assistant, 3, 4. DAVID WYAND-Track, 1, Basketball, 3, 4, Gym Assistant, 3. CHARLOTTE YARNELL-Victory Corps, 3, Viliota Club, 3, Latin Club, 4, Clinic Assistant, 4, Gym As- sistant, 4. PHYLLIS YORK-Clinic Assistant, 4, I-IOWE TOWER staff, Feature Writer, 2, 3, May Pageant, 3. ROBERT ZIKE-Audio Visual Club, 1, 2, Latin Club, 1, Football, 4, Music Festival, 2, 3. Seniors Not Pi0turediJO1C CLARK, RICHARD DEN- SON, MARY LOU EDVVARDS, FRANK FLEENER. MARTIN LANNAN, FRANK MOORE, STERLING RAYMOND, TOM SAWYER, MARILYN KIMMICK, ABBIE JEAN MORTIMER, ROSEMARY VVILSON. -fh- page sixty-one ll ll i VZ? U4 C6 VZ w w VER SINCE EVE,,, a three act comedy, was presented as the 1944 Senior Class play. The cast was directed by Mr. Darrell Gooch, dramatics coach, with the aid of Joan Bruckman, student director. Members of the cast included Clarence Anderson, Johnny, Don Rasico, Spud, Virginia Reese, Susan, Marilyn Baker, Betsy, Joan Newby, Lucybelleg Keene Goodwin, Preston, Dorothy Smith, Mrs. Clover, Gordon Thomas, Mr. Clover, Marion Mutz, Martha, Kent Crawford, Henry, Eugene O'Hern, Ofhcer Simmons, and Kenneth Jordan, Don Baldwin, Jack Fehrenbach, foot- ball players. 'fx I .9 X page sixty-fu 0 Ujrpm' Inf!-Marilyn Baker, Virginia Reese, Eugene O,Hern, Don Rasico, and Clarence Anderson. Ulwjzcr right-Jack Fehrenbach, Don Baldwin, Kenneth Jordan, Joan Newby and Don Rasico. Lower Irff-Virginia Reese, Clarence Anderson, and joan Bruckman. C:CllfKV'kKCHf Crawford, Gordon Thomas, Marion Mutz, and Dorothy Smith. Lower riglai-Don Rasico, Clarence Anderson, Keene Goodwin, and Virginia Reese. A..--. UNDERCLASSMEN HOME ROOM 26 Tofu row--Bill Bowles, Albert Arnholter, Kenny Boles, Paul Boling, Ted Ambuhl, Clarence Anderson. Fiflb row--Edward Binai, Bill Bakemeier, Ted Aichele, Bob Bennett, Herbert Barnard, Bob Baker. Fonrlb row-Jack Brown, Thelma Adair, Janet Bear, Ima- jean Belcher. Thin! mu'--Marian Allen, Phyllis Bucher, Patsy Brogan, Joann Bernard, Julia Blair. Semliaf row-Janice Bayne, Lueille Banks, Patty Lou Brown, Carolyn Bell, Barbara Bennett, Flora Burris. Fin! row-Betty Lou Baynes, Mary Maude Ballard, Joan Brocking, Maxine Bacon, Josephine Branson, Betty Aldridge. Patty Adams. HOME ROOM 27 Tflfl mu'-lan Laing, Keith Carmaek, Tom Fosnight, Har- old Dietz, Thomas Frantz, Bill Fitzpatrick. l:UlH'fll row-Tom Capp, Max Fullen, Jim Cook, Alex Faenzi, John Dietz. Tbinl row-Bonnie Campbell, Anne Clark, Barbara Haine, Shirley Cloud, Patricia Carrithers. SHYIIIII row-Patty Clendening, June Dorsey, Joan Christy, Donna Flowers, Mary Lou Fox, Bebita Corya. Fira! mu'-Billie Ettinger, Donna Jean Emrick, Mawine Caldwell, Evelyn Figg, Anna Carter, Dora Foust. HOME ROOM 2 8 Toll row-Ben Gill, Ronald Gordon, Mack Herron, Robert Gambill, Edward Ikerd. Fnurlb row-Mary Hannah, Juanita Henry, Alice Grimes Joan Hansen, Constance Gandolph, Tony George. Tbirrl row-Mary Lou Graeber, Marjorie Lewellen, Guin- evere Ham, Virginia Hays, Louise Grabhorn, Frances Har- grave. Srfroml row-Betty Ham, Dolores Goodson, Delores Hoff, Barbara Hoover, Laurel Hesoun, Dorothy Jean Hedderieh. Firxl rou'-Frances Harreld, Betty Gumfory, June Hollis, Mcllie Hershbcrger, Jeanne George, Patty Holtselaw, Sandra Garcn. HOME ROOM 226 Top row-Carl Lomateh, Martin Lannan, Ed Locklcar, Ray- mond King, John Koons. lvlzrfb rrm'AYVVillian1 Lawyer, Arnold Koehler, Jack Jor- dan, Bob Kennelly, Richard Lancaster. Third row-Paul Jasper, Dorothy Judd, Billie Krammcs, Rosalie Lawson. Sccomf row-Betty McClelland, Jean Link, Louise Leonard, Barbara Lee Kick, Rose Lorton. Fin! row-Fimie Jernukian, Myrtle Lee, Marilyn LaPorte, Gloria Mctzler, Joan M. Jacobs, Helen Kelley. page sixty-lbree HOME ROOM 2 2 8 Top row-Jim Purvis, Richard Newcomer, Bob Milam, George Peters, Richard Parcel, Charles Miller, Alfred Reed. 110111117 ron'-Dean Phillips, Jack J. Nelson, Richard Miller, Diek Maurice, Robert Pearl, W'illiam K. Miller. Third row-Kenneth Massey, Ted Padgett, Betty Meehan, Lois Meyer, Elaine Mears, Violet Matthews. Srroml mu'-Dolores Raymond, Barbara Myers, Phyllis Mayer, Rose Minatcl, Jinetha Pfeifer, Muriel Meehan. lfirsf row-Ruby Oliver, Violet Manion, Eleanor Mueller. Nancy Maynard, Vallie Main, Linda I.. Rech, Velma Mor- ford. HOME ROOM 238 Tofu row-Harold Umbenhower, Donald Whitiiey, Donald Ward, Jack Thompson, Richard XVilliams. Tbirzl' l'0lL"'+Cl3f3 Virt, Carol Walters, Janet Veregge, Mari- lyn Watts, Helen Wliiteley, Norma Toney, SFIYIIII, row--Pauline Wessel, Patsy Wfilson, JoAnn Yager, Jane Yelton, Barbara Tieen. Fira! row-Marilyn Wfilliams, Joanne Wlwitiiiger, Shirley Thompson, Barbara W'illiams. HOME ROOM 236 Tofr r'0u,'ABob Schatz, Melvin R. Skinner, Robert Smith, Robert Roehford, Roger Shook. Iiiflb r0wAEugene Westell, Robert Stevenson, Lawrence Sehlenz, Gene Smith. Ifourlb mu'-Hazel Shirley, Gertrude Richart. Third r'0u'ABetty Russell, Virginia Scheidt, Joanne Sand- ers, Mary Lou Richardson, listel Sims. Smtourf r0u'fNorma Schmidt, Mavis Rinard, Betty Janonna Snider, Janet Steinkamp, lidna Ringer, Ruth Scott. First row-Joan Ruck, Barbara Sharkey, Fredonna Shultz, Carol Simmons, Eloise Stevens, Marie Stevens, Eugenia Sehoen. page sixiy-four' Qaeiiifu ., -if HOME ROOM 224 T011 l'UlL'1.J0llIl Danner, Phil Hancock. Fourflz row-Robert Howard, Jim Ridgeway, Medford Fer- guson, Douglas Smith, Dave Burgess. Tbirrf row-Charles Irwin, Harry Dellts, Jack Nugent, Spencer Talley, Bob Bowsher. Srvoznf row-Ronald Johnston, XValter Edwards, Bob XVest- brook, Bob Thayer, Eddie Broden. Firsf row-Fred Bixler, Gene Cradick, Donald Kline, Rich- ard Bruce, George Steffy, Dick Shaffer. HOME ROOM 234 Tofu row-Doris Kellams, -lane McAfee, Marcia LeFeber. Lois McGauhey. lfozzrfb row-'Virginia Ritzi, Alice Harrison, Kitty Lewis, Margaret Rennoe. Tbiril rou'-,lean Stratton, Beth Meyer, Margaret Goldsmith, ,loanne Wfoods, ,Ioaun Degisher. Srrrafzrl row-Doris Compton, Martha Williailis, Norma Cherry, Billie MaeDaniel. lfirxl row-Marilyn Sehmadeke, Jean Minney, Virginia John- son, Phyllis XVatson, Phyllis Pettijohn. HOME ROOM 24 Tojr row--lack Shaffer, Joe Hallinin, David 1UeWitte, Ken- neth Buckhorn, Bob Powell, Gene Lawrence. Tbiril wwe-Doris Toole, Alfred Pursell, Ruth Richey, Anita Owen, Mary Akers, Charlene L. Allen. Seroml row-Sara M. Palmer, Barbara Moore, Betty Lou Rosa, Virginia Smith, Mary Lou Newton. Firxl row-Billie Jeanne Poore, Margaret Miller, Mary Nu- gent, Marjorie Ann Vehling, NW. Charlene Allen, Pat Albin. HOME ROOM 12 6 T011 mu'-Tliaddius Plummer, Dick Anderson, Tom Brown- ing, Robert Crist, Richard Bun-kdall, Paul Carlstedt, Bill Tomlinson. Ifrmrflr row-Robert Breidenbaeh, Charles Chambers, Don- ald Adams. Lee Katlman, Marjorie Bunnell, Bill Wleaver, lionel Rea Chandler, Ronald Carr. Third mia'-Mary Mock, Tresa Saruzen, Betty Brookbank, Olive Garrett, ,Ioan Bowsher, Gertrude A. Sehieferstern, Clara Fath. Scr'o11J row-Loranetta Brinker, Helen Boefiehen, Betty Lou Blake. Barbara Baldwin, ,Iosephine Barrett, Joyce Mottern. Ifirxf ron'-Patty Cloud, june Burgess, Barbara Anderson, Rosie Buenting, Nary Chirpas, Marcia Peiree, Pat Sloo. HOME ROOM 12 8 Tofu rou'-Donald Payne, Ronald Maloof, Fred Mitchell, Robert Percival, Robert O,Neal, John Jeiiries, Oscar Mutz. Fnnrflr ron' - Robert Graeber, Lloyd OiBrien, Richard Markle, Paul Powell, Thomas Mitchell, Paul Myers, Ray- mond Lynch. Third run'-Suzanne Meyer, Faye Miller, Betty Payne, Robert Mumford. jane Morgan, Marjorie Ray, Marie Pedigo. Sammi rmi'-Ruth Mitchell, jane Pettinger, Mary Pride, Rosemary Garrison, Mae Ellen Church, Lois Ann Brenn, Firxl r'ou'4Mary Ellen Pickel, Margaret Overman, Betty Jeanne Lister, Paulina Massena, jean Nuding, Phyllis Hal- lett, Donna Passen. page sixly-fin 'L' HOME ROOM 129 Toll row-Gilbert Richey, Jack Smithers, James Sommer- ville, Karl Stoneking, Dave Sehornstein. Ifonrfb mu'-Dick Stafford, Robert Steckley, N. Straub, Bob Sehwier, Ronald Roach, Darrell Springer. Third mu,-Justine Sherron, Virginia Gootee, Pat Miller, Joan Meininger, Clara Bard, Emily Rinseh, Shirley Scholle. St'C'UII!ll row-Yvonne Russell, Elizabeth Sehmidr, Jean Park, Virginia Stamm, Helen Schreiber, Virginia Stevenson. liirxl row-Mary Virginia Rider, Martha Reynolds, Cecelia Reek, Patty Stribeek, Pauline Resener, Gloria Rubush, An- gela McCarthy. HOME ROOM 130 Toll row-Lyle Hanna, David Holtsclaw, Ryan Bond, Will Cuppy, Gary George, Thomas Hays, Carl Niemann. Fourfb rozt'-Martha Hess, Leonard Grimes, Don Goodwin. Shirley Hohn, Jim Hill, Leon Horton, Don Hardy. Tlvinl row-Janis Heitheeker, Mary Jane Hill, Virginia Harkins, Shirley Streit, Jennie Lou Fox, Ramona Froseh, Norma Jane Gibson. Seromf row-Evelyn Hinton, Verna Birek, Helen Garrett, Jeanne Hackett, Joanne Hackett, Dorothy E. Hand. Firxl r'ou.'-Rosemary Anderson, Helen Dixon, Patty Ethe- ridge, Bonnie Fagala, Juanita Stutz, Ellen Joan Ford, Vera Hershbcrger. HOME ROOM 13 2 Top row-Bob Edwards, John Marquis, Gene Kareh, Jim Enoehs, lra Bartlett, Theron Wright. Faurlh row-Barbara Davisson, Shirley Denner, Virginia Collins, Betty Crose, Harold Reed. Third row-Dona Button, Phyllis McNew, Melba Jean Cass, Anna Englehardt, Mary Boles, Betty Jane Belfry. S!'l'Ul1tl' row-Jeannette Cassady, Virginia Alberty, Jo Ann Bayne, Betty Diener, Joann Mikels. Firxi row-Rosalea Martin, Dolores Heath, Carol Jean Cof- fee, Frances Chileote, Joan Harrison, Dolores Harper. page sixty-six a.. K., HOME ROOM 22 0 TKIIJ row-R. Jerry Heater, Virgil Hermsdorfer, Roy Hor- ton, Jr., Bill Fansler, Dex Hinton, Joe Kelly. Frmrfb row-John Zeller, Herbert Johns, Bob Hoyt, Gay Lomax, Pat Jarvis, Rex Kline, Tom Woerner. Third row-Ruby R. Skelton, Phyllis Wlmitacre, Katherine Graves, Virginia Henderson, Jean Anne Fleener, Ruth Hart- man. SL'l'!H1l'l row--Norma Louis, Peggy McLahlan, Carolyn Kleif- gen, Shirley Everts, Betty Rumple, Mildred Kershner. Fi:-.rl row-Virginia Scott, Jane Hodges, Velma M. Hansel- man, Judy Johnston, Virginia Lancaster, Frances Landwehr, Garnett Hansing, HOME ROOM 2 21 Top roz4'fGail Boggs, Robert Johnston, Finley Isler, John Urrutia. Ififflv rnuiCliarles M. McGlaeken, Godfrey VV. Collins, Maynard King, Jack Lowe, Rolland King, Kenneth Kleinsehniidt, Bill Meyer. Ifonrlb ron'-Mary Ellen James, Mary Lou Kelly, Katty Lewis. Deloris Matfett, Martha Chastain, Jim Jacobs. Tliiril ron-Norma Keith, Dolores Hubbard, Ruby King, Leona Gerald, laVonne Mannfeld, Marcia McMullen, Betty Knarzer. Sreomf ron'-Patty Lamb, Josephine Justice, Marjorie Lois Johnson, Patricia XY'elsh, Barbara NVithycombe, Jo Ann Jubell. Ifirxf mire-Betty Lou Meyer, Dolores Kegeris, Darlo Judd, Barbara McDonald, Jane Messing, Mary Alice Kirlthani, Mary Kreutzberger. HOME ROOM 230 T011 row-Cyrus C. McNutt, Bob Vandivier, Donald Wieg- man, Lewis Wfood, Robert Steele, Don Coffey, Paul Eieher, Ralph XVilliarns, Erank Wfaldon. Iiourfb vow-Paul Eder, Geraldine Williaiias, Betty XVise, Alice Jean Surface, Marian Van Hoosier, Mary Lou Yelton, Judy Torrence. Tlzirif row-Alice Wickizer, Mary Bragg, Dorothy Rey- nolds, Dora Moore, Louise Todd, Mona W'eiser, Evelyn Harding. Serrulcf row-Marjorie Von Willer, June Teckenbrock, Pat- ty Talley, Glenn Shepherd, Joan Thompson, Margaret Weiss. I-'irxf ron'-Marilyn W'agner, Pauline Toney, Helen Jean Beidelnaan, Bobby Jean Rinehart, Sue Ann Sweeney, Phyllis VC'illiams, Joan NVenrick. HOME ROOM 232 Top row-Robert Cobb, Joe Vail, Donald Dickerson, Don- ald Stuck. lrflllffb row-Carl Edwards, Beverly Jane Cox, David Cull, Joe Eads, Jim Coleman, Peter Specht. Tliirrl Volt'-Betty Lou Eisenhut, Fay Ann Merritt, Barbara Daugherty, Dorothy Cowell, Shirley Cox, Sl't'0IIlI row-Norma Jo Cox, Shirley Diehl, Mary Ann El- liott, Beverly Dickerson, Patricia Crewes, Polly Anne Cook. Fin! ron'-Jewel Dorsey, Eliyabeth Downey, Carolyn Ely, Phyllis Stult7, Margaret Ellis, Corrine Denari. HOME ROOM 12 0 Top ran'-Eloy Stevens, Richard Schatz. lfonrlb row-Jack Simmons, Donald Schaub, Jack E. Thomas, Richard W'eghorst, George Spradling, Raymond Evans. Third row-Robert Riggs, Elliott Jose, Marilyn Thomas, Mary McGinnis, Ruth Ann Thomas, Karl Staufenbeil. Srfurzzl row-Bob Prasch, Betty Ruth Robb, June NX'eir, Betty Ann Sly, Evelynn Stine, Barbara Todd. Ifirzil mu'-Delbert Power, Betty Shinn, Normagene Spell- man, Janis Van Treese, Dolores Smith, Louise Steffanni, Joyce Ticen. page sixly-sew I1 HOME ROOM 122 T017 mu!-Russell Whisman, Tom Barnes, Lester Kersey, Bruce Laetsch, Paul Moorman. Fiflh row-Dick W'ollenWeber, Donald Elbert, Edward Wandcrsee, James Thompson, Bill Payton, Don Williams. Fonrlh row-Joe Weaver, Maellen Wright, Janet McDaniel, Joann Brower, Rose Marie Bender, Jane Willis, Beverly Cubel. Third row-Norma Ziegler, Mary Beyl, Anna Lee Clemans, Jean Ann McMahan, Barbara MCMMI1, Betty Torrence, Do- lores Truax. Seroml row-Mary Lou Wettle, Ellen Harrison, Nathelia Plummer, Patty Kilander, Corinne Kelley, Betty Resener, Mary Scott. First row-Carolyn Wright, Theresa Eder, Betty Young, Lois Wick, Joyce Wellman, Carolyn Stefy. HOME ROOM 124 A T011 row-Norman Dixon, Bill Eikenbary, Thomas Dyer, Melvin Peacock, Bob E. Martin. Fonrfb row--Bill Dixon, Norbert A. Carteaux, Donald Houston, William F. Brown, Jack Worley. Tbivil row-Robert Ceder, Ronald Banks, Sidney Ellis, XVil- liam Dodds, Robert Bakemeier. Serruzd row-Dorothy Murphy, Barbara Dahl, Joan Nolt- ing, Elouise Aichele, Jean C. Donough, Lenore Elbracht. Firxf row-LaVina Booram, Ramona Dongworth, Josephine L. Bailey, Carolyn Campbell, Phyllis Bowles. HOME ROOM 124 B Top row-Leroy Hofmann, Don McCoun, Paul Koop, Ber- nard Kirkham, Bill Lindner, Jack Johns, Philip Gibbs. Fomffh row-Don Fitzwater, Janice Jacobs, Joyce Jacob, Juanita Embry, Jack McCormick. Third row-Barbara Hauser, Jane Houck, Jean Gordon, Betty Moon, Greta McNew, Nancy Ingalls. Second row-Joy Haine, Carolyn Johnson, Betty Hutchi- son, Mary Jane Gard, Johanne Guenter. Fira! row-Jeanne Lipp, Carolyn Gorman, Patricia Ken- nedy, Carol Engleman, Shirley Joslin, Dorothy McClelland. page sixty-eight .M V., HOME ROOM 124 C T011 row--Roy Virt, Richard Shepherd, James A. Burn- side, Paul Weir, Jack Shannon. Fonrfb row--Chester Powell, John Yoder, Bill Watkins, Bill Nevill, Jim Ulrey, Denzil Shawver. Third row-Richard Toothman, Elmer Summit, Jr., Jean- nine Reynolds, Glen Smith, Donita Stobaugh. Seroml row-Mary Webb, Dorothy Pressler, Jean Raymond, Sariann Dulin, Patricia Marks. Firxl row-Joann Bade, Ruth Stewart, Carol Pritchett, Pat Pelfrey, Margaret Riley, Delores Soncrant. HOME ROOM 127 B Top row-Willard Dunbar, John Fields, Jack 1-Ienthorn, Don Henkle. Fiflb rouf'-Carl Lucas, George Faenzi, Richard Hargrave, Bob Henthorn, Douglas Gill, john Hall. Fonrlb mu'-Bob Erbrieh, Alan Gise, Jerry Harves, Alma Fannin, George E. Harris, Roland Harriman. Third row--Rutli Guthrie, Edna L. Foust, Carol Fidler, Ruth Ann Lyon, Iris Evanoff, Carol Gambill. Svroml mu'-Ida Ann Eekstein, Margaret DeNVitt, Betty DeVere, Frances Kelly, Mary Ann Gaither. Firxl ron'-Thelma Dorris, Lucy Evans, Delores Evans, Alberta Herron, Doris Hill, Iona Ham. HOME ROOM 127 A .. Top row--,lack Butler, Robert Altom, Ronald Barber, Paul Donham, Bob Bego, Williarii Blocker, jim Denny, Ralph Cowser. Ifourlb row-Charles Copeland, Kenneth Bruce, Don Coval, Dick Baker, Bob Corya, L. G. Barnes, Dick Cotton, Bob Bradley. Tbiril ron'--Dale Davisson, Bernadine Daniels, Marjory Deputy, Mary Anne Cull, Donna Dean, Betty Dallas, Carol Bush, jean Blumenauer. Swrzrlil' ron'-Pat Cummings, Florence Cline, Phyllis joan Bell, Bar- bara Croekett, Ruth Dowden, Dorothy Brown, Delores Costelow, Beverly Brown. Firxl ron'-Margaret Clark, Delilah Beatley, Gerry Broshears, Gio- vonna Ball, Bertha Branson, Marilynn Carpenter, Rosemary Brown. HOME ROOM 127 C Top rou'-Bill Locklear, Gene E. Johnson, Hugh Hudson, Bob Hittle, Bickford Lueas. Fiflb ron'-Bill Knecht, Andy King, Margaret Jordan, Jac- queline Hudson, Roger Kennedy, Bob Kash. Fonrilo row-Regina Jackman, Alvera Johns, Karyl Ikerd, Barbara jackson, Suzanne johnson, Pat Kruse. Third rouf-Helen Hodges, Barbara Ingersoll, Patty Lef- fler, Jo Anne Houska, Barbara Lewellen, Mary Eva Lester. Srvoml mu'-Virginia Hollingsworth, Peggy Sue Johnston, Mayola Idlewine, Louise Kaufmann, Barbara Jean Kidd, Barbara Ann jones. Firxl mu'-Ollie Perkins, Judy Lipp, Patricia Ann Hoover, Mary jordan, Charlotte Lee MeAree, Mona Dolores Pirtle, lithel Hooker. HOME ROOM 127 D Top !'UlL'TGlCI'l Martinie, Jim Moore. Fiflb mic'-Jinx Mofhtt, Glenn Mock, Charles Crisup, Bill Davis, jack O,Neel, Hugh Moreillon, jack Abbott. Frmrlb mu'-Ronny Willianis, Tom Lofton, Connie Tay- 'lor, Jean Phillips, Gene McClarney, Fred Myers, Michael Pettinger. Tbirir' row-Mary Lou May, Glenna Thompson, Adelle Por- ter, Suzanne Moshenrose, Virginia Lou Phillips, Jean Nol- ler, Virginia Powell. Svvrzflif frm'-Mary Ann Malott, Ruth McDonald, Patricia A. Marsh, Virginia Patrick, jackie McGannon, Wanda Marshall. Firsl ron'-Rosaleen MeClary, Phyllis Logsdon, Betty Lou Ropp, Dorothy Newton, Anna Mae Schauinger, jo Ann Marquis, Mary Pitts. page xii fy-nine , .ann-Alle W ,YW , HOME ROOM 227 A T011 row-Mary Bourgardes, John Brinkmann, Dorothy Boheim, Anna Eikenberry, Carol Arnholtcr, Mary Cooper. Third row-Ralph Bennett, Barbara Enochs, Virginia Brun- son, Gladys Ferguson, Jo Ann Boyd, John Edwards. SL't'0IlLl' mw-Jini Bailey, Jerry Delks, Joann Christie, Nancy Arford, Jane Carr, Mariana Pullen, Betty Davis, Phyllis Bolds. Firxf mu'-Shirley Cohee, Patty Dietz, Bob Daugherty, Joan Darner, Bob Bork, Jean Duncan, Bob Bartlett. HOME ROOM 227 B T011 row-Jean Hickerson, Frank Haugh, Don Horner, Jack Lemasters, Mary Catherine Johnson. Third row-Paula Koehring, Virginia Gephart, Billy Gal- breath, Jan Payne. ' Srvonfl ron'-Lloycl Lawrence, Judy Miller, Eleanor Over- street, Janet Lewis, Jim Koontz. Firxl ron'-Mary E. Hite, Pat Kossatz, Marie Ochs, David Lawson. HOME ROOM 2 2 9 Top row-Donald Sweeney, Fern Zike, Evelyn Velich, Ruth Evelyn Smith, James Richison, Don Witter. Third row-Joyce Weaver, Wilma Sferruzzi, Anne Woerner, Suzanne Shortriclge, Jean Shaffer, Pat Sharp. SKTDHIII row--Irma Wilson, Edna Thompson, Carol Schnei- cler, Gloria Speer, Dorothy Smith. First row-Lon Walker, Norma Jean Taylor, Carl Spiess, Rosemary Rahn, Mary Stevenson, Irving Thomas. page seventy ,,..il2u... T. C. H. H. S. as seen every morning by many Howeites when they cross the "breeze-way." Photographers- Ramos-Porter Studios staff Photographers Photos pages 1, 10, 29, 38, and 72 by Jim Bayly Engravers- Indianapolis Engraving Co. Printers- Clarence E. Crippin 85 Son, Inc. l l. "Stars and Stripes Forever." Howe salutes the flag during the basket- ball game. 2. Two bits they want p.1rt-time excuses. Mrs. l.oew helps maintain an efficient school. 3. "No, we're an-lyg the eight- thirty bell just rang, Let's stay out here and hold this corner stone up for 3 Whilef, 4. W'hat happened to the nun who ducked you, Don? 5. Mary Ann Kyle who helps keep supplies available to pupils was in much demand .it sectional ticket time. 6. Peace and popcorn until the game beginsq thcn it's cheering and -more cheering, 7. Up, up, up and over with Doug Smith. He was pretty happy when he made it, too. 8. Wlio says the streets were crowded? About half of Irvington followed the band, the football team, and Howcitcs in the mid- W'ashington Street parade to Howe"s Hrst football game. Qou M facef Me fum ze cz' fy-I 7HE picture above shows Marilyn Baker and Howard Caldwell, representative members of the 1944 Senior class, wearing the coveted cap and gown which their four years of endeavor have merited. .dn-in

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