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Wmmm SKKi :£ : aeF I ' 1973 TALON Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Thomas A. Edison High School Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax County, Virginia Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven Volume Eleven % FACULTY Ten CLASSES STUDENT LIFE Thirty-four One hundred ten 2 ORGANIZATIONS One hundred twenty-eight SPORTS One hundred seventy-two s ADS Two hundred thirty-six 3 “Good morning, it’s Monday, September the fourth.” Bells ring. Lockers slam. An other year. 180 days, six peri¬ ods a day. What is 1972-1973? Led Zeppe¬ lin, Chicago, Carly Simon, Don McClean, Deliverance, Caberet, Fiddler on the Roof, jeans, flannel shirts, long hair, cuffed baggy pants, wide ties, bow ties, the shag, the natu¬ ral look, conformity, the individual, mom, apple pie, homework, and America. Every¬ one did their thing on the weekends of the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer of ’72-’73. 6 5?S fl 2i != I ' z Nfc I, fc •• Hf Tc V S % Uti r a • 9 Emory Chesley ADMINISTRATION A new principal ... an old school . . . new ideas . . . some step up to the admin¬ istrative staff, others are “old timers.’’ Conflicts between the students and the administration revolve around estab¬ lished rules and the changing trend on school grounds. However, their main pur¬ pose is to attain a better education for the students. Meetings . . . memorandas . . . never enough time to finish a day’s work . . . keeping the halls clear and the kids in class . . . THE EDISON WAY. Hank Hambrecht 12 A Jerry Neufang Bob Carson Maurice Altom Robert Kennedy Monroe Parker Pullin, Emily Hales, Carole Donaldson, Norma Lucas, Louise Barnes, Dorothy Tangley, Norma Gessert, Roberta Harrison, June Young, Alice SECRETARIES Usually thought of as behind the scenes people, secretaries are very much on the scene at Edison. Writing and signing passes, typing, computing miles of student lists and cards and pouring over the finance records, prove that these ladies are invaluable tools of the administration, who keep the school functioning. 14 Carlton, Lucille Kritzar, John itSS Schnell, Evelyn Brown, William Castagne, Selma Sanders, Lilly Friend, Joan Everitt, Hazel Mathey, Josephine School Services are an important part of Edison. The library staff tries to help stu¬ dents find necessary information. The school nurse does a healthy business, but one word of advice, don’t get sick during school hours. The clinic is only allowed to despense band-aids, or a rest on a hard bed. The janitorial staff is perhaps the least applauded task force in the school. The planetarium is a great place to visit. A job which few people would volunteer for, yet many have complaints about is the cafeteria staff. Let’s face it, cafeteria food will never equal mom’s or McDonalds but, it’s nice to sit and eat your good-ole bag lunch in a clean atmosphere. SCHOOL SERVICES 15 Cerelli, Christine Chernenko, Walt Gianakaris, George Wright, Mildred Owens, Gail Henderson, Don Yeatts, Ryland GUIDANCE The guidance department encourages stu¬ dents to take relevant courses in pursuit of their future interests. From the student point of view, the guidance counselors try to en¬ roll them in courses which they feel they do not need. . . you are college bound, aren’t you?” PSAT’S, SAT’S, and ACT’S are an¬ other service provided, and guaranteed to give every student Excedrin headache num¬ ber 923, after he had blackened in all the little blocks. Not all guidance offic es are credited with aiding the student with any¬ thing beyond their education, however, for many students, they offer helpful counsel¬ ing service for personal problems or needs. Wagner, Martha Wisniewski, Ronald Tabor, Betty Christopher, Lois FINE ARTS Trying to instill culture into Edi¬ son isn’t easy—but it can be done. A lot of hard work, worry and tal¬ ent go into the Drama and the Jazz and Symphonic band perfor¬ mances. Photography and quality art work are displayed by the Art Department. Losing one’s music, chipping away too much of a sculpture, hitting a flat note or having someone walk in on you while exposing a picture in the darkroom, are just a few of the problems that one has to put up with in pursuing one’s talent. ENGLISH Thematic English is now an in¬ stitution at Edison. Each nine weeks students make three selec¬ tions in order of their preference from the choice sheets. While most of the student body favors the thematic units, all agree they can prove expensive. Especially when you loose your Cliff’s Notes the day before the test. “Remember, you only get out as much as you put in . . .” Occa¬ sionally, students run into teach¬ ers who like to lecture, but the trend now is, motivating the pupil to answer the questions he asks. According to the student, teach¬ ers don’t really have anything to do when employing this method. True? Not True! Long hours are spent in planning these thematic units, as well as preparing tests. Although it takes the student one period to finish a test, it takes the teacher days to grade them. As any English teacher will tell you, reading the same question 150 times is not the most exciting life. Kulesher, Susan Turner, Evelyn Welshans, Charles Reeder, Roger Boronow, Charlotte Royall, Rachel Parker, Joyce Hall, Russell Safrit, Marilyn Rossenwasser, Sylvia 19 Kill, Janet Bercik, Lilane Hodson, James Sarsfield, Brian Corbin, Betty Lucy, Pat Rogers, Michelle Hinton, Glen Sanchez-Masi, Linda ' lb m flM ; vendred? I LANGUAGES An increasing amount of attention is being given to the language depart¬ ment because languages are encour¬ aged in college studies. Also, be¬ cause more and more young people are traveling abroad in their leisure time. The A-L-M program is the ba¬ sic format used in teaching, with emphasis plyced on speaking, gram¬ mar and native customs. Pauli, Alise Sneed, Gladys Fary, Diane Morton, Blaine Harris, Robert Hensley, Carl Hurst, Cheryl Paszak, Robert Neville, Allan Skinner, Sharon PHYS ED The thematic bug has spread to the P.E. department. Guys and girls in gym classes? Why not? Not only does it add more variety to classes, but it gives students a better chance to select a sport that they are interested in. Be¬ sides major sports, weight-training, archery, volleyball, and use of the trampoline are included in the curriculum. P.E. teachers spend a good deal of time, effort and nerves instilling sound, sportsmanlike qualities into minds and hopefully shaping winning teams. Clark, Willis Tourtelotte, Marilyn Kelley, Jack Taylor, John Olson, Eric Richardson, Joyce SOCIAL STUDIES During one’s four years at Edison, a great deal of emphasis is placed on History. Freshmen and Sophomores are grouped in a World History and Geography program. After a trial run last year, thematic units were established for Juniors and Seniors, consisting of political, social and economic history and U. S. govern¬ ment. In most classes, no matter what the concept, Current Events are stressed. Students learn to beg, borrow or steal a newspaper to pass the course. Less use of text books and more use of up-to-date paperback books, movies and filmstrips are incorpo¬ rated in class time. Many teachers form class discussion groups, in¬ stead of having the student work on an individual basis. If this satisfies the teacher as far as results are con¬ cerned, it also makes the students happy because they have time to catch up on the latest gossip and make plans for the weekend. 22 Campbell, Robert Almedia, Evelyn Wild, James Hinkle, Sarah Temple, David Atkinson, Jacquelin MATHEMATICS Education is not just as simple as readin’, writin’, and ’rithmetic anymore. The Math Department is a good example of that. Basic math courses are Algebra and Ge¬ ometry, but some prefer General Math to fulfill their graduation re¬ quirements. Other venturous souls continue into the higher math courses of Trigonometry and Functions. As with other sub¬ jects, there are rules to be learned and followed, except of course, in special cases. Therefore, much of a math teacher’s time is spent at the board, going over frequent homework assignments. A few teachers choose to use the con¬ tract system—letting the pupil work at his own speed. Math stu¬ dents can easily be spotted by slide rules or tattered graph paper protruding from their books. 24 Ezell, Susan Ross, John Redderson, Gail Litvinas, Josephine Seemuller, Don McClurg, Marjorie 25 SCIENCE Ever whiff a strange smell or hear a small explosion? Well if it’s not the cafeteria, it could be from the Science wing. The courses offered by the Science department are all lab oriented and consist of Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The Science Department does it’s bit for population control by disecting unlucky frogs and a monkey. The upper level courses offer something a bit more complicated. Blevins, Charles Adams, Coy Williams, George Hitchcock, Joan mm mm »v y» I BUSINESS This is no longer a field just for girls who plan to become office workers, though steno blocks prepare students for jobs very much in demand. Typing, Short¬ hand, Business Law, Book and Record Keeping and Economics are designed for any student, because business is a major part of today’s society. Common prob¬ lems of these courses include loosing your typing eraser or running out of ink during dictation. ; V.- iJ§ii§ A ' iffrk Mm i Norton, Margaret Jaymes, Marie Loudin, Charles Greene, Doug Gascoigne, Ruth Marion, Carl Verville, Rachel Adams, Helen 27 28 Workman, Glen Shottz, Joseph Balac, Joseph Moores, Elizabeth Lineberry, Dorothea Sommers, Houston Sayer, Ethel Lambert, Norman Powell, Jay Baush, Richard McCurdy, Robert VOCATIONAL For students and teachers who have not yet ventured into this wing, it’s quite a worthwhile trip. Especially if you would like a new hair style, or have your car’s transmission fixed. Big job op¬ portunities are available in the vocational field, with good sala¬ ries and opportunities for ad¬ vancement. Data Processing, Fashion Merchandising, Cos- motology, Bricklaying, Auto Re¬ pair, and Regrigeration draw not only Edison students, but stu¬ dents from area schools to make this one of Edison’s largest departments. Hughes, Charles Woodward, William Beals, Josephine deMalleville, Micheal INDUSTRIAL ARTS Courses available in the Industrial Arts department are: Mechanical Drawing, Creative Crafts and Gen¬ eral Shop. These courses are offered to students who wish to further de¬ velop their talents. Blight, Kathryn Sanders, Doris Scesney, Nancy HOME ECONOMICS Every girl, whether she plans on catching a husband or being an old maid, should learn how to sew, cook, manage a budget, child care, etc. Guys, whether or not they plan to stay a bachelor for one week or 80 years after graduation, should know how to cook and sew on buttons. Here’s where the Home Ec teachers take ac¬ tion, instructing students in fields they will use not only now, but later in life. 30 CUSTODIAL STAFF: Row One: Mrs. Richmond, Mr. Cole, Mrs. Espana; Row Two: Mr. Fowler, Mr. Philip, Mr. Wise. BUS DRIVERS: Row One: C. Boyer, M. Nelson, B. Bunch, L. Devine; Row Two: L. McBroom, N. Plaugher, B. Rice, S. Hardy, M. Simms, C. Stone, M. Johnson, B. Pierce. CAFETERIA STAFF: Row One: H. Scott, M. Smith, P. Simms, B. Ludwick, H. Schneider, E. Hagedorn; Row Two: H. Everitt, Z. Collins, M. Baker, H. Wise, M. Owens, H. Moore, M. Crabtree, G. Barbour, B. Dell, P. Thomas. FACULTY DIRECTORY Information found in the directory after the name is as follows: the staff position or courses taught; the clubs sponsored; the sports coached; the number of years the faculty member has been at Edison. Adams, Helen: Stenography 2, Clerk Typing, VOT; Tri- Hi-Y; l. Adams, Coy: Department Chairman; Biology; 9. Almedia, Evelyn: General Math 2, Algebra 2; 1. Altom, Maurice: Principal, Adult Education; 7. Atkinson, Jacquelin: Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Part 2; 3. Baker, Peggy: General Math 2,3, Geometry; 1. Barnes, Dorothy: Secretary; 6. Baush, Richard: Department Chairman; T. V. Service, Auto Mechanics; 10. Beals, Josephine: Cosmetology 1,2; VICA; 6. Bercik, Liliane: French 1,2,5; 1. Blevins, Charles: Contract Algebra, Earth Science, Phys¬ ics; 7. Blight, Kathryn: Department Chairman; Home Economics 1,3,4, Stitch and Knit, Senior Homemaking, Advanced Dressmaking: 6. Boronow, Charlotte: English 9-10, 11-12; 9. Campbell, Robert: General Math 2, Algebra 1 Part 2, Al¬ gebra 1; Varsity Wrestling, Frosh Football; Grapplettes; 3. Carson, Robert: Athletic Director, Director of Student Ac¬ tivities; 10. Castagna, Selma: Reading; 1. Chesley, Emory; Principal; 1. Chernenko, Walter: Guidance Counselor, 9-10; 5. Christopher, Lois: Drama, English 9-10: One Act Plays, Curious Savage, Barefoot in the Park; 2. Cirelli, Christine: Guidance; 9. Clark, Willis: World Studies; Current; 11. Clevenger, Virginia: English 9-10; Mediserve; 9. Cofer, Elizabeth: Chemistry; 8. Cook, John: World Studies; Cross Country, Indoor-Out¬ door Track; 5. Corbin, Betty: French 1,2,5; 7. Cwalina, Ray: Basic Guitar, Music Theory, Concert Band, Marching Band, Symphonic Band; 2. DeMalleville, Michael: Auto Mechanics; 8. Donaldson, Norma: Secretary; 6. Dopp, Kay: English 9-10, 11-12; Drill Team, Sophomore Class; 8. g Etka, Dale: Department Chairman; US-VA History; Junior Class; 6. Everitt. Hazel: Cafeteria Manager; 7. Ezell, Susan: Department Chairman; Math 1, Coordina¬ tion, PPSW; 4. Fary, Diane: Department Chairman; Phys Ed 10; Mono¬ gram Club, Varsity Field Hockey; 11. Friend, Joan: Nurse; 3. Galderisi, Frank: Electronics; Building Trades, Creative Crafts, General Shop; 1. Gascoigne, Ruth: Typing 1, Personal Typing; Keyettes; 2. George, Elsie: US-VA Government; 1. Gessert, Roberta: ADP Secretary; 10. Gibson, James: Earth Science; 1. Gillis, Arthur: Geometry, Consumer Math; 9. Greene, Doug: Business Economics, Business Law, Record Keeping, Introductory Business; J.V. Baseball, Varsity Football Coach; 7. Hall, Russell: English 9-10, Grammar Composition; 10. Hales, Carole: Secretary; 1. Hambrecht, Henry: Assistant Principal; 3. Harris, Robert: Phys Ed 11,12; Varsity Basketball; 1. Harrison, June: Finance Secretary; 5. Hensley, Carl: Phys Ed 11,12; Varsity Basketball Coach; 11 . Hill, Gordon: US-VA History, J.V. Basketball; 1. ; Hinkle, Sarah: Department Chairman; Functions, Geome¬ try, Analytic Geometry, Math Team; 8. Hinton, Glen: Department Chairman; Spanish 1,3; 10. Hitchcock, Joan: Biology; Cheerleaders; 1. Hodson, James: French 2,3,4; Senior Class; 5. Hughes, Charles: Welding 2,3; Auto Mechanics; 4. Hurst, Cheryl: Phys Ed 9; Gymnastics, Varsity Field Hockey, J.V. Softball; 2. James, Marie: Clerk Typing, Shorthand; 4. Kelley, James: World Studies; Freshman Class; 1. Ken- j nedy, Robert: Assistant Principal; 1. Kill, Janet: Spanish 2,3,4; Senior Class, Spanish Honor So¬ ciety; 6. Kim, Margaret: Strings; 1. Kritzar, John: Planetarium Instructor; 6. Kulesher, Susan: English 9-10; Creative Writing; Erudite; 8 . Lambert, Norman: Air Conditioning, Building Trades; 3. Lawler, Clarence: US-VA Government; 11. Lineberry, Dorothea: Cosmetology; 1. Lisi, Dale: Biology; 11. Litvinas, Josephine: Algebra 2, Geometry, Math Club, Math Honor Society; 7. Loudin, Charles: Business Data Processing, Algebra 1, 9. Lucy, Patricia: Spanish 1; 2. Lucas, Louise: Secretary; 6. Marion, Carl: Typing 1; Golf; 4. Matney, Josephine: Visiting Teacher; 11. Maxwell, Berenice: Department Chairman; English 11-12, 9 . McClurg, Marjorie: Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Calculus, Analytic; Majorettes; 6. McCurdy, Robert: Machine Shop, Auto Mechanics; Soph¬ omore Class; 1. McElroy, Robert; Creative Crafts, General Shop; 1. Mika, Walter: US-VA History; SGA; 9. Moores, Elizabeth: D.E. 1, Fashion Merchandise; 7. Morton, Blaine: Phys Ed 9, Varsity Club, Varsity Football Coach; 4. Neville, Allen: Phys Ed 9,10; Varsity Football Coach; 1. Norton, Margaret: Steno 1, Bookkeeping, Typing 1; 6. Neufang, Gerald: Assistant Principal; 8. O’Conner, Margaret: English 12, World Geography, US- VA History; 4. Olson, Eric: US-VA History; Sociology, Psychology; Ski Club, Swimming; 2. Parker, Joyce: English 9-10; Freshman Class; 1. Paszak, Robert: Phys Ed 10, Varsity Football Coach; 2. Pauli, Alise; German 1,2,3,4; German Club; 11. Powell, Jay; Auto Body, Auto Mechanics; 4. Pullin, Emily: Secretary; 11. Radley, Roby: Earth Science; Ecology Club; 1. Redderson, Gail: Algebra 1, Junior Class; 4. Reeder, Roger: English 11-12; National Forensic League, Debate Team; 7. Richardson, Joyce: English, Lab Science, US-VA History, 1 . Rogers, Michell: French 2,3,4; 1. Rosenwasser, Sylvia: English 11-12; 10. Ross, John: Algebra 1, Geometry; 9. Royall, Rachel: English 9-10; 9. Safrit, Marilyn: English 9-10, 11-12; FT A; 9. Sanchez, Linda: Spanish 2,5; 6. Sanders, Doris: Home Ec 2; Bachelorhood, Child Devel¬ opment; 2. Sanders, Lily: Library Assistant; 2. Sarsfield, Brian: English 9-10, Latin 1,2,3; Talon; 8. Sayer, Ethel: Cosmetology 2,3; 6. Scesney, Nancy: Home Economics 1, Food Service; 3. Seemuller, Donald: Math 2,3; Indoor-Outdoor Track, Freshman Football; 4. Skinner, Sharon: Phys Ed 9,10,11,12: Girls Basketball Coach, Softball; 2. Sneed, Gladys: Phys Ed 9,10; Girls Tennis; 9. Summers, Houston: Brick Laying, Building Trades; 5. Sutton, Charles: Earth Science, Chemistry; 11. Tabor, Betty: Girls Choir, Symphonic Choir; 1. Tangley, Norma: Secretary; 3. Taylor, John: US-VA History, Russian History; 4. Temple, David: US-VA Government; English; 1. Tourtellotte, Marilyn: World Studies; 2. Turner, Evelyn: English 11-12; 10. Vaughn, Mary: English 9-10, 11-12; 1. Verville, Rachel: Department Chairman; Stenography 1; 3. Wagner, Martha: Art 1; Art Guild; 2. Welshans, Charles: English 9-10; 5. Wild, James: Algebra 1,2, Trigonometry; Varsity Football Coach; 2. Williams, George: Earth Science, Science 9, Ecology Club; 4. Wisniewski, Ronald: Art 1,2,3,4; Film Making; Erudite; 9. Wright, Mildred: Guidance 11-12; 8. Woodward, William: Maintenance and Repair, Building Trades; 1. Workman, Glenn: Industrial Cooperative Training; 3. Yeatts, Ryland: Guidance; National Honor Society; 8. Young, Alice: Secretary; 1. UNDERCLASSMEN Officers: P. Gould, V. Pres., D. Vereen, Pres., B. Holup, Sec., S. Maffeo, Treas. 36 Representatives: Row One: D. George, C. Preddy, S. Trump, C. Gastrel; Row Two: J. White, J. Markland, S. Hall FRESHMEN A whole new breed of people invaded the school in September—Freshmen. Fast to catch on to the ways of their peers, everyone won¬ dered if they’d ever make it through this year and the next... and the next. But you did and the time goes faster each year. Soon it will be 1976-something to celebrate! Freshmen activi¬ ties included a third place Flomecoming Float, an Ice Skating party, participation in the March of Dimes Walk-a-thon, and a dance in January. 37 Beck, Mark Best, Cynthia Brackens, Mike Bullok, Curtis 38 Becker, Edward Best, Terry Bradbury, Bruce Bunch, Kathy Becker, James Bethard, Desiree Braden, Bruce Burns, Donald Beddard, Darlene Blailock, Bob Brand, Deborah Burton, Cynthia Abeny, Mary Lou Andrilenas, Calvin Ayres, Betty Baranowoki, Terry Bell, Eldridge Blanche, Carole Bray, Stephen Calanche, Jan Adams, James Asbell, Dana Baird, Christal Barker, Buford Bell, Pam Boulwaird, Cathy Brennan, John Campbell, Jeffery Allen, Cathy Asente, Michael Ballard, Goldie Baylis, John Burg, Debra Bowers, Cynthia Briggs, Steven Campbell, Tammy Anderson, Joan Ash, Sharlene Ballard, Robin Beach, Anthony Berry, Kevin Boyd, Tim Broding, Elizabeth Cantrell, Gary Andrews, James Asher, Daniel Baranowske, Alice Beck, Asa Berry, Martin Boyd, Titus Brown, Donald Caporaletti, Jason Christopher Chauncey, Alan Janice Comber, Jof Collins, Debra Cottrill, Cornell, Cathy Theresa Chase, Andrea Collier, Lewis Cornell, Beverly Charlton, Dana Cole, Linda Corbin, Jacquelin Currie, Robert Deely, Joan Donald, Allen Drifmeyer, Barrett Charles, Sharon Cole, Jean Coppedge, George Cresent, Debbie Dean, Jenifer Dodson, Judy Drewry, Ray Carson, Bob Chadek, Mary Cleveland, Sheila Cope, Gail Creamer, Holly Davis, Jo Ann Dodd, Daniel Dreist, Robin Carpenter, Kerry Case, Michael Cleary, Jean Conner, Douglas Crabtree, Paul Darr, Ricky Dixon, Nancy Dove, Patricia Carmody, Marilyn Carter, Claud Clark, Keith Compton, Michael Cox, James Custis, Jennifer Dent, Thomas Donnelley, David Carlson, Randall Carson, Rodney Ciccotelli, Kathy Compton, Chris Coupe, Georgania Curri, William Degeus, Dennis Donnan, Michael Fedorko, Daniel Fowler, Nancy Gastrell, Charlotte Gerhan, Daniel Grady, Maureen Festa, Anthony Fricke, Alvin Gaskins, Robert Gernon, Patricia Gramn, Darling 40 Fischer, Susan Fuller, Dennis Gay, Christopher Gibson, Mark Grayson, Milton Fitts, Athena Fulp, Keith Gay, Daniel Gill, Phyliss Griffin, William Due, Diane Duvall, Mike Emma, Anne Flannagan, Gary Furgerson, Diana Gay, Harrison Gunzalez, Ricardo Gryder, Vicki Duff, Cherry Edwards, Todd Eniss, Gilbert Flynn, Vickie Gardner, Andrew Gayle, Edwin Goodhart, Donna Gustafson, James Dugan, John Elliot, James Etter, Teresa Foalden, Jerry Gardner, Patrick Genshur, Edward Gore, Deborah Hadeed, Michael Dunn, Bernard Ellis, Darlene Facchina, Ronald Fort, Catherine Garrett, Harold George, Denise Gorham, Kathy Hakenson, Charles Dunn, Michael Embrey, William Feagley, William Fowler, Markita Gary, Cheryl George, Gene Gould, Pam Hall, Bryan Hall, Suzane Harbor, Frank Hope, James Huddle, Cheryl Henson, Becky Huthmacher, Susan Jennings, Gary Karas, Celinda Hall, Tim Harrison, Betsy Horn, Jeanne Hughes, Elizabeth Herfurth, Cindy Ibrahim, Jo Anne Jester, Velma Kassing, Byron Hall, William Hoien, Mike Hoskins, Ralph Harte, Belinda Herndon, Robert Iten, Constance Jewell, Theodore Keaton, William Haller, David Holup, Barbara Hosse, Charles Hanver, William Hillier, Michael Ivy, Mark Johnson, Eugene Keilwert, Sharon Hamilton, Richard Hooper, Lori Hoyt, Melody Hendrick, Louis Hittle, Bill Jameson, Sharon Johnson, James Kidd, Kevin Hixon, Clyde Jarrell, Carolyn Johnson, Robin Kimes, Barbara Hoffman, Celia Jeffries, James Jones, Jeffery Kincheloe, Kathy Hummer, Nancy Jeffries, Stephen Kampe, Mark King, Robert Hutchison, Laura Jennerweim, Carolyn Kannofsky, John Kitts, Steven 41 Leavitt, Carol Levine, Cindy Malcolm, Thomas Matney, Keith McGinty, William Lacy, Russell Lewis, Paul Malmquist, Mark Maupin, Perry McGoye, Mary Laidlaw, Kim Lewis, Stuart Mancuso, Greg Mazzello, Gretchen McGuin, Vicky Lamb, Clay Ludwick, John Mandley, Theodore McBee, Tammy McKay, Virginia Lanier, Terry Linville, Donald Mann, Cindy McCleary, Debra McLain, Debra Kleindl, John Lawrence, Paul Logan, Carlton Marino, David McCarthy, Susan Meadows, Plaudy Milam, Rodney Miller, Karl Klutz, Paul Lebe, Judy Lucas, Michele Markland, Jan McCarthy, Denise Medford, Jeffrey Miles, Donald Miller, Michael Kriegel, Karl Lennon, Jayne Madden, Cynthia Mason, James McFadden, Roy Meeds, Karen Miller, Alice Miller, Pam Kusaka, Michael Lester, John Maffeo, Susan Mathews, Arthur McGhee, Jo Ann Meredith, Janice Miller, Bryan Million, Randolph Mills, Robert Mockler, Elizabeth Moore, Robert Mullins, Pamela O’Conner, Gregory Pearson, Richard Phillips, Leslie Quick, Susan Mitchell, Peggy Molina, Edward Morris, Steven Murack, Brian Orange, Ellen Peck, Kimberly Phillips, Raymond Quinn, Katheleen Minner, Nelson Moon, Jerry Morrison, Kimberely Naill, Patricia Overturf, Thomas Penn, John Pinckard, William Quinn, Timothy Nalls, Lori Palmateer, Belinda Penn, Judith Podgorski, Mark Radun, Liz Neal, Robin Nelson, Joyce Pattan, Polly Petterson, Perkins, Paula Janis Preble, Terry Perry, Raettig, Steve Deborah Preddy, Cynthia Ratcliff, Debbie Nichols, Rebecca Patterson, Mark Petitt, Terry Price, Gladys Ratcliff, James Noblet, Jeffrey Payne, Linda Phalen, Regina Pullen, Bonnie Ratcliff, Jon O’Brien, Kelly Paylor, Michele Phillips, Donald Purcell, Robin Renshaw, Nancy 43 Rehberg, Robbie Sammons, Michael Scott, Yvette Simpson, Phillip Solomson, Julie Ricker, Mark Rutherford, Debbie Schwartz, Harris Shumate, Sheila Snell, Ronald Riddle, Dean Salziger, Donna Scott, George Sibley, Michael Snow, Wesley Riviere, Richard Sanders, Teri Scott, James Sills, Barton Soffos, Katherine Robinson, Teresa Sansaver, Michael Seibert, Louise Skillman, Valerie Somers, Dianne Spiece, George Stanley, Sobra Reese, Reesor, Janet Elizabeth Rose, Rufus Rogers, Teresa Schaefer- Sarvella, meyer, William Martin Sewelle, Shamburg, Lynne Michael Sloan, Teresa Smith, Soots, Teri Jennifer Stackpoole, Spadin, Gary Deborah Stallard, Stansel, Randall Pamela Staples, Alvia Reynolds, Jay Ross, Annamaria Schram, Brendon Shepred, Wayne Smith, Robert Spagnoletti, Robert Stanfield, Curtis Steel, Donald Rice, Vincent Rossman, Rodger Schwartz, Albert Shifflet, Donald Smith, Susan Sparrow, Jacqueline Stanford, Lynn Stephens, Linda Stevens, Willie Tanner, Joann Trigger, Ronald Viar, Olie Warden, Kathy Whittington, Ray Williamson, Robert Young, Allen Stocks, Roderick Taylor, Betty Truitt, Ricky Weaver, Gary Wardman, Diane Whittaker, Thomas Wilson, Paul Young, Robin Strawn, Robert Taylor, Joyce Trump, Susan Wade, Timothy Warren, Jennifer Wickline, Anita Wong, Patricia Yun, Kyong Sutherland, Charles Terry, Bonnie Twigg, John Walker, Michael Warrick, Cindy Wiest, Ricky Wood, Karen Zink, Susan Taft, Kathleen Thacker, Sherry Tychsen, Barbara Walker, Pam Watkins, Kerby Williams, Richard Yoritomo, Glenn Thompson, Jeffery Valliere, Mark Walsh, Christopher Weber, Eric Thorpe, Katherine Van Note, Eric Walsh, John Wells, Martin Thorpe, Kenneth Vaughn, Martin Walters, Sandra White, Andrea Trice, Thomas Vereen, Don Ward, Craig White, John Officers: Judy Pearce, Pres.; Roger Lee, V. Pres.; Judy Genzler, Sec.; Teri Browning, Treas. 46 Representatives: Row One: Peggy Landes, Mary Scaccio, Tracy Brown; Row Two: Gerry Pearce, Laurie Johnson, Peggy Pamplin, Jim Mills. SOPHOMORES Though slipping easily into the same school routine as many classes before them have done, the Class of ’75 was not to be unheard. The loudest cheers in the school won them the spirit stick three times during the year. Other class activi¬ ties: a second place Homecoming float, soc hops, and an ice skating party. Soph¬ omores—you’re halfway through! Sponsors: Mr. McCurdy, Miss Dopp. Beatty, Ronald Bowser, Linda Brown, William Cash, Bonnie Bell, Daniel Bradley, Brian Browning, Terry Cash, David Bell, David Bray, Johnice Bryant, Scot Casola, William Bell, Susan Brennan, Kathy Burress, Jimmy Causseaux, Pam 48 Abbou, Paul Anderson, James Ashooh, Peter Bakke, Peter Benton, Carey Brister, Connie Burris, Keith Chafin, Robin Adams, Michael Anderson, Roger Athey, Lee Baldwin, Susan Barry, Charles Brooks, Todd Butler, Howard Chambers, Bobby Allen, Dale Andrelenas, Gregory Atkinson, Jenna Bowserman, Deborah Binari, Steven Brown, Paula Campbell, Desiree Chandler, John Allwine, Kenneth Anson, Beth Atkinson, Jordon Bawden, Kenna Blanton, Ann Brown, Sally Caplinas, Chris Chioffi, Bob Anderson, Fred Argodale, John Baker, Sherrie Beach, Sharon Bounds, Roger Brown, Traci Carter, Glenda Christiansen, Cindy Crocker, David Davis, Lawrence Duncan, Deborah Faureau, Peter Cuddy, Dennis Davis, Bob Durdick, Stephen Feagley, Margaret Culver, Scott Detar, Dean Dwinelle, Scott Fertig, David Dains, Thomas Decales, Craig Dodson, Dixon, Renee Henry Eilbert, Eldridge, Richard Richard Fifer, Terry Rischer, Joe Clervi, Eugene Cook, Louis Dakin, Nancy Dolinger, Phyllis Emerson, Ricky Florentine, Patty Foalden, George Frazier, Pamela Colenda, Scot Cool, Tim Daniel, Howard Donald, Dennis Etter, Melvin Fleet, Jonathan Fones, Lynn Fridenstine, Mark Collier, Charles Crisp, Cecelia Darr, Donald Dreppard, Patricia Eubanks, Wayne Flannagan, Trigg Fowler, Dayna Fridley, Andy Conner, Ray Crockarell, Denise Darr, Sharon Dudka, David Facchina, Dawn Fish, Ronald Franklin, Charles Gabriel, Kathy Gaskins, Pamela Gordon, Rosalie Groundwater, Jay Harding, Daniel Gatling, Robin Gordon, Tony Guron, Patricia Hatch, Jeff Gayle, Alice Grady, Kathy Guyton, Nora Hatfield, Kim Genzler, Debbie Grady, Scott Haas, Susan Hawver, Barbara George, Duaine Grechanik, Cindy Hagler, Debbie Heath, Darvis Gillespie, Judy Greene, Doug Hain, Barbara Heinbaugh, Jeff Gaillot, Theresa Girouard, Lisa Greenia, Kathy Hall, Deborah Heishman, Dale Herbert, Charles Hickman, Gary Holland, John Galzerano, Loretta Glass, Carol Greenway, Andrew Hanson, Lynn Henson, Garry Hernandez, Belia Hickman, Mark Holleman, Bob Gardner, Eileen Goggin, Mike Gries, Michelle Hardin, Elizabeth Henson, Sharon Hewitt, Jeanine Hitaffer, Tom Hollifield, Tim Holtom, Michael Houde, Peggy Johnson, James Kennedy, James Kuehl, Susan Lank, Sherwood Leach, Jeffrey Lehr, Greg Hunter, Karen Jones, Karen Keyes, Kevin Jacobsen, Lester Kalhorn, Christopher Kidd, Karen Jilani, Nargis Kane, Valerie Kisselbach, Claudia Johnson, Ed Keating, Margaret Klutz, Carl Johson, George Keller, Edward Krause, Linda Hopping, Sue Howard, Nathan Johnson, Valaurie Kent, Richard Lamons, Lyn ette Lavalley, Bill Lebe, Brenda Leite, Gwendolyn Horak, Paul Huffman, Michael Johnston, Mark Kestner, Theresa Landes, Peggy Lawhorn, Debbie Ledford, Lisa Lerohl, Randi Houde, Alan Hughes, Michael Jones, Debbie Ketch, Valerie Lanham, Brenda Lawrence, Bradley Lee, Roger Lewis, Janice 51 Lummis, Wayne McCall, Kevin Meegan, Barbara Miller, Bill Mack, Victoria McLain, Ray Meredith, Jacki Miller, Bill Magalis, Donna McLane, Becky Messinger, Glenn Mills, Donna Major, Bena McCorkle, Marc Metzler, Debbie Mills, Jim Mallory, John McDorman, Richard Mickey, Dennis Minehart, Peter Liebman, Brian Mancuso, Glenn McGinnis, Jim Miles, Robert Mock, Karen Morgan, Brenda Murphy, Susan Nalls, Robin Lord, Thomas Markle, Cindy McGuin, Debbie Miller, Jenny Molina, Deborah Morris, David Murray, Dean Nebel, Chris Lovett, Sally Marsh, Cathy Mclntire, Jim Miller, Paul Monson, Melinda Mountcastle, Lori Myers, Audrey Needham, Chris Lugar, Steve Massey, Connie McNeil, Perry Miller, Rettie Moreland, Cynthia Mulvey, Danny Nalls, Ralph Nolan, Cheryl Oboyle, Patty Osteen, Andy Pack, Robin Paul, Andy Pearce, Gerry Phillips, Glenda Pittman, Kathryn Puckett, Nita Olsen, Susan Ostergren, Pete Palfrey, Robert Payne, Gary Pearce, Judy Phillips, Gloria Pittman, Lynya Quackenbush, Debbie Opitz, Kathy Outcault, Diane Pamplin, Peggy Payne, Janis Pearson, Willey Pierce, Nancy Pollack, Gwen Quick, Loise Orndorff, Mari Owens, Janes Patterson, Eileen Preacher, Kenneth Penn, George Pierce, Walter Posey, Bobby Quinn, Michael Pierpoint, Bruce Powell, Robin Radeline, Royce Perry, Donna Prather, Forrest Ratcliff, Mary Peter, Ramzy Pratt, Patricia Reed, Karen Peterson, Douglas Proctor, Fletcher Reedy, Arthur Peyton, Wendy Proctor, Patty Rehberg, Richard 53 Sexton, Sheilla Simms, Donna Spicer, Kim Stevens, Michael Shanahan, Ray Sinclair, Stephen Springer, John Stevens, Stacy Shazer, Scott Smallfield, Linda Stackpoole, Mike Sturgill, Karen Sheehan, Bradley Smith, Douglas Stanley, Robin Sutherland, Robin Shepard, James Smith, Scott Stanley, Wallace Swain, Mark 54 Reynolds, Kathy Rizzo, Paul Rouse, David Schoen, Ricky Shepard, Matt Smith, Sharon Stansel, Paula Taft, Susan Ricci, Andrea Robins, Barbara Sampson, Eric Scott, Gary Shumate, Maureen Smith, Randol Starkey, Sharon Thamm, Edwin Rice, Marcia Robinson, Ramona Scaccio, Mary Scott, Kathleen Sigethy, Bill Snyder, Melanie Starry, Cathy Thomas, Cheryl Riviere, Nancy Ross, Charlie Schardin, Marianne Seeburg, Rae Ann Silcox, Romona Sowers, Joseph Steadman, Cathy Thomas, Desiree Thomas, Thompson, Roxanne Thorp, Leslie Thorpe, Webster, Wells, Donna Wessinger, Whalen, Kate White, Mike Robert Trew, Thomas Sharon James Wollock, Dwain Woods, Andy Woodward, Tomaska, Tanya Turner, Ray Vannote, Karen Wardman, Karen Wayshner, John Wickline, Gertrude Woodward, Terry Tong, George Twitched, Doug Vlachos, Becky Warrick, James Weaver, Errol Williams, John Wright, Gayle Valliere, Ron Vowell, Raynette Watters, Jenny Weaver, Richard Williams, Nancy Yancey, Janice Turnage, Edwin Vandmark, Michael Walker, James Watts, George Weber, Debbie Willis, David Yehle, Larry Winsor, Donna York, Jeff Brian York, Vickie Wood, Barbara Zimmerman, George Zink, Richard Frank t Officers: Patty Haywood, Pres.; Ann Henifin, V. Pres.; Roxanne Young, Treas; Robin Austin, Sec. 56 JUNIORS . . . add more electives to their studies . . . spend Saturday mornings taking PSATS and SATS . . . order rings . . . wash cars . . . hold soc hops . . . build a Homecoming float, a win¬ ning hall, are first to hold Sp-ring Fling . . . Everything adds up to that big moment when the class of ’74 becomes SENIORS. Sponsors: Mr. Etka, missing, Mrs. Redderson. Representatives: Row one: Liz Hart, Celeste Comeau, Robin Austin, Min Jin Kim; Row two: Ann DeVries, Linda Barr, Ann Henifin, Linn Allee, Jeanne Reinke. 57 Barr, Linda Baumgartner, Abbott, Alfred Abbou, Paulette Adams, Charlotte Adkins, Fran Alle, Linn Bell, Linda Matt Anderson, Buzzy Anderson, James Anderson, Ando, Vera Appel, Rena Black, Kathi Asher, Jim Ashooh, Joe Patricia Austin, Paul Austin, Robin Baker, Melody Balch, LeVergne Asente, Kathy Bania, Janis Barnes, Pam Bawden, Ken Beeman, Mike Ballard, Neal Beeman, Shirley Belcher, Pam Blake, Tim Blanche, Ruth Beeman, Shelby Bogema, Phil Boyd, Joyce Boyle, Howard 58 Bradbury, Joan Bruffy, Mike Caroletti, Rossella Christopher, Debbie Conner, Jeff Cottrill, Tony Brehm, Mark Burdette, Cheryl Carter, Darlene Clark, Ellen Cool, Teresa Crowley, Jim Brennan, Jeanette Burke, Karen Cassedy, Don Clark, Wayne Coppedge, Steve Crupper, Jim Brown, Herbert Burnell, Patty Cassedy, Janet Cole, Steve Coppock, John Cummings, Martha Browning, Mike Burns, Peggy Catalfamo, Paul Cole, Randy Butler, George Charlton, Eric Collins, David Byrd, Tim Christiansen, Mark Commeau, Celeste Donald, Kathy Edmunds, Mark Etter, Robin Donald, Steve Ehle, Wendy Evans, Gary Cutlip, Paul Dawson, Martha Dickerson, Nancy Dorer, John Eldridge, Dennis Feagens, Elaine Daniels, David Deck, Jeanne Dietrich, Vicki Dove, Carol Eley, Sharon Fedorko, James Davenport, Alan Deely, Liz Dobson, Carol Downs, Greg Embrey, Geoff Feindt, Sue Davidson, Margie Devers, Janet Dodson, David Dudley, Pat Emma, Frank Fish, Russell Davis, Ann Devries, Barbara Dolinger, Belinda Eastman, Brenda Eppolito, Billy Fisher, Charlene 60 Fitzgerald, Dennis Fontes, Ron Gardner, Albert George, Lydia Gorham, Mike Hadlock, Joan Flatt, Tim Gabbert, Jewel Gardner, David Gibbons, William Gould, Jeff Hagedorn, Kim Florence, Aubrey Gabriel, Marianne Garner, Kim Gibson, Scott Gerchanik, Jeff Hales, Charlie Flynn, Peter Galpin, Theresa Garner, Tom Giles, Bill Greene, David Hall, Pat Goosman, Susan Greenway, John Hanchin, Judy Gorham, Jean Groundwater, John Harper, Mack Gorham, Judy Gustafson, Pat Harris, Richard 61 Henifin, Ann Hogue, Sandra Hudson, Cheryl Jackson, Mary Anne Henifin, David Holland, Cheryl Huff, Jerry Jennings, Richard Hiatt, Brenda Hooper, Catherine Hughes, Cindy Jewell, Gail Hickman, Robin Horner, Barbara Hughes, Dale Johnson, Cindy Hart, Ann Hill, Jeff Houston, Susan Hyde, Billy Johnson, John Jost, Judy Harte, Jeff Hilleary, Donna Hrolenok, Paul Ingram, Gregory Jones, Janet Justice, Bonnie Hathaway, Charlton Hodge, John Huck, Ed Ivy, Cindy Jones, Roy Kahn, Don Kavros, Mike Kelley, Marie King, Cathy Lamons, Robert Lewis, Tim Marlow, Gail Keenan, Janie Kennedy, Debie Kitts, Elaine Lawful, Fred Linne, Clifton Mason, Mary Keller, Ron Kent, Kathy Klinkert, Kathy LeBlanc, Brian Lowe, Richard Mathews, William Ketch, Tracy Kortlang, Ricky Lee, Donna Loy, Jeanne Kilby, Mark Kowalik, Marta Lee, Larry Mahoney, Brian Kim, Min Ji n Kramer, Lauri Levine, David Malcolm, Donna Kimes, Ann Lacey, Mike Lewis, Scott Malone, Debbie 63 Mathias, Pam Meads, Glenn Miller, Kathy Moreland, Carl Mawdsley, Barbara Meegan, Kathy Miller, Nancy Morgan, Debra Maynard, Gail Melanson, Peggy Mills, Debra Morgan, Gwen McDonald, Mike Middleton, Dudley Moffett, Mike Morris, Donna McGuin, Gina Milam, Mark Moon, Mike Morton, Barb Mulner, Ron Neidermeyer, Lori McKenna, Sharon Miller, Debbie Moore, Penny Mullen, Bill Nalls, Carol Nelson, Jerry McMillan, Brett Miller, Jim Moore, Robert Mullins, Carl Neely, Mark Newton, Robert Nicholas, Philip Parsons, Darleen Qualls, Daniel Riddle, Jerry Sachlis, Leslie Schulte, Steve Norton, Patty Peck, Donald Raney, Chris Roberts, Marty Sample, Karen Scott, Linda O’Conner, Alice Perkins, Scott Ratcliff, Doug Robins, Linda Savage, Chris Scott, Maureen Onorato, Gary Phillips, Carol Ray, Sandy Robinson, Bob Scaccio, Buddy Scrimshaw, Jim Otte, Becky Pierce, Lynn Redden, Steve Rose, Charlie Owen, Carol Powell, Diane .Reddick, Chris Rose, Debbie Parrett, Mike Potter, Leonard Redding, David Russell, Richard Shaffer, Peggy Shu, Garry Smith, Marshall Stanfield, James Shazer, Jeff Simpson, David Smith, Randall Stanton, James Sheehan, Dirk Sinclair, Edward Spears, Daniel Starry, Tim Sheppard, Van Smith, Carol Speraw, Jacob Steidel, Debra Stodgel, Paul Tarahto, Joseph Shifflett, David Smith, Glenda Spiece, Earl Stephenson, Jay Sweat, Debra Taylor, Mary Shippen, Howard Smith, Jeanne Stack, Bill Stevens, Kathy Talkington, Robin Teamer, Geraldine Shnayer, Karen Smith, Kerry Stallard, Garnetta Stewart, Kathy Tangley, Eileen Thomasson, Glen Thompson, Gary Truitt, Ron Vidrick, Robert Wagner, Carrie Wiggins, Suzanne Wood, Debbie Thompson, George Tyree, Brenda Violette, Tom Walker, Mark Wilkinson, Alandria Woodward, Ann Thorpe, Douglas Vann, Darhyl Wade, Mike Weaver, Chester Williams, Tom Wray, Chris Trudeau, John Via, Mike Wagenhals, Bob Weaver, Vickie Wilmeth, Art Wright, Pat Weldon, Bob Wimberly, Sharon Wroth, Mark Whalen, Mike Wood, Charlie Young, Roxanne Wiggins, Karla Wood, David Young, Wendy 67 %pr • . SENIORS Officers: Bob Connolly, Pres.; Dave Cleary, V. Pres.; Jan Smith, Sec.; Lynn Hannula, Treas.; Cindy Amos, Hist. 70 Representatives: Row One: Karen Harrison, Elana Laso, Karen Lewis; Row Two: Jo Lins, Debbie Davis, Diane Erickson. Sponsors: Miss Kill, Mrs. Cirelli, missing, Mr. Hodson. SENIORS 1973 . . . the last year to get in¬ volved or to not get involved, con¬ structing Pooh, the Homecoming hall and follies, of listening to morn¬ ing announcements, owning a park¬ ing space, “Senior Privileges”, get¬ ting out for lunch five minutes early, leaving at 2:15, the Candle Sale, re¬ taking college boards to better scores, visits to the college room, filling out college applications, being measured for caps and gowns, ordering announcements, skipping a class or a day every now and then unofficially, the official “Senior Skip Day”, parties, the Talent Show, the Prom, and —Graduation. For some it was a very long year, for others it was very short—for most, the hours in class passed slowest to¬ wards the end but Graduation flew by. None of us will forget that 1973 was our year. 71 ABBOU, BERNADETTE ALDRICH, WARREN ALIZIO, JOSEPH ANDERSON, JAMES ANDERSON, ROBERT ALBRIGHT, THOMAS ALEWINE, DEBRA ALLEN, PAMELA ANDERSON, JOHN ANDREWS, SALLY ATKESON, JAYNE ATKINSON, SANDEE ATKINSON, ROBERT 72 AUSTIN, CHRISTOPHER BAKER, KAREN BANKSTON, WELDON BARRY, JOAN BAYES, ISABELLE BEATTIE, VICTORIA BEATTY, ROBERT BECK, JOSEPH BECK, LYNNE BECKMAN, SHELIA BELL, JEANNE BENARICK, SANDRA BENAVITZ, WILLIAM BENNETT, RONALD BENTON, FORREST BEVIS, JOY BIBBLE, LOIS BLAKELY, DOROTHY BLIGHT, ALAN BOAZ, DAVID BOLLINGER, JAMES BOSCH, STEPHEN BRACKENS, CAROL BRA CKENS, DAVID BRENNAN, COLEEN BRENNER, JUDITH BROGAN, PATRICIA BROWN, MARK BROWN, SCOTT BROWN, WAYNE BURKE, IRENE BURNS, STEVE CAMPBELL, LESLIE 74 CARLSON, KEVERNE CARLSON, PHYLLIS CASOLA, STACY CAPLANIS, TRESA CASSADA, LINDA CERAMI, CYNTHIA CLEARY, DAVID CHAMBERLAIN, CATHY COHEE, ALAN CHAMBERLAIN, LORI CHILDRESS, NANCY CHUMLEY, PHILLIP COLE, HOLLY COPE, MARY CONNOLLY, ROBERT CONNER, PATRICIA 75 CORNELL, LINDA COTTRILL, PHYLLIS COWAN, JOEL CRISP, JAMES CROWDUS, TERESA CURLEY, KATHLEEN DARONE, THOMAS DARR, WILLIAM DAVIS, DEBORAH DAVIS, STEVE DAY, CHERYLE DEELY, ANN DEMETER, KATHLEEN DEVERS, PATRICIA DEWALT, ROBERT 76 DIETRICH, JAMES DIXON, BOBBIE DODD, JOSEPH DOYLE, JESSE DOWELL, GLENN DYER, JUNE EHRHART, KENNETH ELEY, CYNTHIA ELLIOTT, TONY ELLIS, WALTER ERICKSON, DIANE EVANS, MARY EVANS, SHARON FARLEY, SHERRY FARMER, DAVID FEINDT, MICHAEL FISHER, CHERIA FITTS, KATHERYN FLAHIVE, EDWARD FLATT, KEVIN FINK, DEBORAH FORGARTY, JAMES FONTES, MARK FOTAKIS, DEBRA FURNEISEN, CRAIG FUTCH, JENNY GALLIOT, ANN MARIE GALPIN, MARY GENZIER, JEFF GEORGE, DREXELL GESSERT, GAIL GILBERT, KEITH GODSEY, GAYLE GOLDSMITH, GREG GORDON, PHYLLIS GORHAM, PATRICIA GRADY, DANIEL GRAUMANN, MIKE GRIFFIN, SHARON GROFF, ROXANNE HADDOCK, DEBRA HAGA, PHYLLIS HALL, WILLIAM HAMMERSLEY, RICHARD HANCHIN, JAMES HANNULA, LYNN HARRIS, ANGELA HARRISON, KAREN HART, CYNTHIA HATCH, MARY HAUGH, DIANA HECOX, LAWRENCE HEDDINGS, MARK HENSON, CAROL HENSON, KATHRYN HITAFFER, TIMOTHY HODGES, ANN HOLLEMAN, GARY HOTTLE, MICHAEL HUFF, SHIRLEY HUNTER, BARRY HUNTINGTON, CINDY HUTCHINSON, JANIE ITEN, VICTORIA JACOBSEN, ROGER JENNINGS, CATHY JOLLEY, TERRIE JONES, PAMELA KEEVAN, DAVID KENNY VALERIE JOHSON, NANCY JONES, CHERYL JUSTICE, THOMAS KELLER, CHARLES KENT, TIMOTHY 81 KESTNER, SUSAN KING, JOSEPH LANIER, GREGORY LAWRENCE, WARREN LINK JOHN KEYSER, ROGER KITTS, RICHARD LARSEN, ELIZABETH LEFLER, JEANNIE LINS JOHANNA KING, EARL LANGFORD, RICHARD LASO, ELENA LEWIS, KAREN LYLES BARBARA LYNN, GARY LUDWICK, JAMES MCCALL, NANCY McCLAIN, MICHAEL McGUIN, GARY McGUIN, HARRY McGUIN, LAURENE McGUINN, THOMAS McKAY, WILLIAM McLANE, EVELYN MADISON, STEPHEN MEADE, EDNA MANN, KATHY MEADE, HUSEY MARKLE, LENORA MASON, RICHARD MATTHEWS, JOE MEDFORD, TRACEY MELANSON, BILL 83 MELANSON, JOHN MICKEY, BARBARA MILLER, PAMELA MESSINGER, STEVEN MILLER, JOSEPH MILLIGAN, WENDY MOCK, JOHN MOFFETT, JAMES MOLINA, CHRISTINE MOORE, PETER MOORE, SANDRA MORELAND, PATTI MORRIS, GAIL MORRIS, KAREN MORRIS, SHARON MORRISON, LORANNE NALLS, MARY NELSON, EVERETT NICHOLS, PHIL NORTON, ROBIN OLSEN, PATRICIA O’BRIEN, DIANA O’CONNOR, CYNTHIA OSTERGREN, DIANE ORANGE, JAMES OURS, CAROL OWEN, JOSEPH OWENS, RALPH PADGETT, GARY PATTERSON, EDWIN PAYNE, DONALD PEARCE, IRA PENNINGTON. KURT PERKINS, GERRIE PETER, JOHN PHILLIPS, BRENDA 85 RAMPILLA, SHARI RAPP, ROBIN RATCLIFF, CATHY PIERCE, DANIEL POLEN, WILLIAM PROCTOR, CAROLYN PUGLIESE, LOUIS RAY, LINDA PINE, CHARLENE POPPE, DONNA PRY, WENDY QUINN, ROBERT REDDEN, ROBERT REDFIELD, KIM REEDY, GARY REESE, BARBARA RENNERT, CHRIS RICHARDSON, ALAN RICHARDSON, DAVID RIZOR, GEORGINE RIZZO, DAVID ROBERTS, BONNIE RODIER, RICK ROBERTS, KIM ROGERS, KEVIN ROSS, JANET ROSS, JOHN ROVITTI, SUSAN RULAPAUGH, KATHY SALZIGER, KURT SAMPLE, ROBERT SANDERS, KARLA SCHARDIN, PATRICK SCOTT, BOBBIE SELF, DAVID SHAFFER, JOHN SHAMBURG, BONNIE SHEPARD, MARK SHORT, TERRY SIMMS, BRENDA SKIRVEN, WALTER SMITH, GARY 88 SMITH, JANICE SMITH, KATHRYN SNYDER, DARYL SOVONOCK, WADE SPICER, TONYA SPROUSE, STUART STALLINGS, TERESA STANFIELD, BRENDA STANFIELD, VICKI STANSEL, ANGIE STAPLES, GLENDA STEADMAN, JAMES STEVENS, KAREN STONE, RICHARD SUTTON, MARY SWEAT, MICHAEL TASAKA, LORI THOMAS, DELLA THOME, ELAINE TINDELL, RONNIE TRICE, PATRICK TRIGGER, ALLEN TRUITT, ROBERT WAGENHALS, EDMUND WATTERS, LAURIE VAN NOTE, MICHELLE WALKER, DONALD WEBSTER, EDWARD VIA, ROBERT WALLACE, DOROTHY WELCH, JOSEPH WEST, GEORGETTA WESTGATE, RICKY WHEELOCK, DONNA WHITE, ROBERT WHITSTONE, ANN MARIE WICKERT, CAROL WILMOTH, TERRY WISE, RONALD WISE, SUSAN WOOD, ASHLEY WYNN, DEBRA YOUMANS, DEBRA YOUNG, TATE YOUNT, MICHAEL ZINK, ELLEN SENIOR SUPERLATIVES: Class Clowns, Joel Cowan, Della Thomas; Most Talented-Music, Donna Wheelock; Most Individual Dave Cleary, Kat Rulapaugh; Most Talented-Music, Greg Lanier; Most Intellectual, Alan Richardson, Sue Kestner; Most Respected Sue Kestner Bob Anderson; Most Likely To Succeed, Bob Anderson, Jo Lins; Best-All-Around, Bob Connolly, Kathy Mann; Cutest Couple Gail Morris and Mark Brown. K ’ Most Athletic, Diane Ostergren, Dave Campbell; Most School Spirited, Denise Dawson, Eddie Wagenhals; Most Flirtatious, Eddie Wagen- hals, Kim Redfield, missing; Friendliest, Mike Miller, missing, Elana Laso; Most Talented-Drama, Greg Goldsmith, Tresa Caplanis; Most Bashful, Marti Fenimore, Tim Kent; Best Looking, Cheria Fisher, Richard Langford; Best Dressed, Cheria Fisher, Larrv Hecox - Missing Laziest, Lori Watters, John Mock. " ’ 92 Boys’ and Girls’ State: Row One: Diane Erickson, Debbie Davis, Denise Dawson, Kim Redfield; Row Two: Ira Pearce, Rob Rapp, Gail Gessert, Bob Connolly. Optimist Award: Gail Gessert and Chris Austin. ir |V| n 9 ■■nl I PimMMKt | 1 -Amid I 11 Ti 1 pu | I Wx ! K 4gs 1 I rrotwwf] ' siiji wt rl IK liF Ac, SENIOR HONORS 93 rex . 7W7 Government Seminar: Rob Rapp, Jo Lins, Ed Patterson, Ira Pearce, Alan Trigger. Student Award Winner, Debbie Davis. Presidential Classroom Attendant, Kathv Mann. If r, ml TOP TEN Left: No. 1—Gail Gessert, No. 2—Ann Hodges, No. 5- Diane Erickson; Top: No. 1—Sue Kestner; Bottom: No 4—Mary Galpin. Above: No. 8—Tom Lewis; Below: No. 9—Lori Tasaka; Right: No. 6—Gary Padgett, No. 6—Kathy Mann, No. 10—Jo¬ hanna Lins. yoiR own FUlIRE WC CCtiK ' j rA ' HMM. (m a.« -■ om, 6 1006 or asms • ott de eesin v£Xii«ne ' .RC eDocac«on : HKO V ' Cc ArarC • rdiHon aJUUCWiC c ociOft «nc r ch OciK-n Sy 4 racC«u. m. av: Itocwf-v • ? .ncnid jk Efeu c cfxciic ocxn C - 4A r PROM NIGHT ’73 “Sunrise, Sunset” . . . Actually, this night was just beginning with the sun’s setting. Hours of preparation go into one big night in which couples “paint the town.” Some went in groups, others preferred to be alone and share the excitement of the night. The fine restaurants of Virginia and D. C. were popu¬ larized. Some even pulled up at the Crystal City Marriott in chauffeur driven limousines. Girls appeared with beautiful gowns and shining hair. Guys rocked out in rented tuxes and platform shoes. Florists had a booming business in corsages and buttonaires. Couples dances and chatted away the gala evening in a crowded room . . . the queen was announced . . . the band played on as the night slipped into morning. At one o’clock it was officially over but many went out for breakfast, caught forty winks of sleep, watched the sun rise, and headed toward the beach, or to work. Is i Jm, I ' " k Wwj. Ksk - 1 JnH PROM COURT: Elana Laso, Colleen Brennan, Kathy Mann; Below: Denise Dawson, Sue Tabor, Cheria Fisher. A radiant Jan Smith becomes the ' 73 Prom Queen. The newly crowned queen and her escort share their dance. 97 r ' 1 ' M BACCALAUREATE “Be here at 7:00 p.m., Don’t leave your house at five minutes ’til . . . Boys wear dark shoes, dark pants, ties, light shirts. Girls wear white dresses and white shoes—please don’t wear clogs.” First time to wear caps and gowns ... a fast Processional. Then came the Invocation, given by Sue Kestner, who spoke of peace and happiness. Chris Austin gave a new twist to the Welcoming Speech rephrasing the old line, “don’t look up a dead horse’s tail.” The Inspirational message was delivered by Reverend Father Paschal Balkan, OSCO, the Associate Pastor of St. Lawrence’s Church. He was most candid in his beliefs and very frank in giving advice to the class. “Experience is the best teacher ... if you don’t remember any¬ thing else I say, remember these words from the Bible, “ ... in the evening of your life you will be judged on how you loved.” This was followed by the singing of “The Lord’s Prayer” by Mr. Parker. Caro¬ line Hatch took the text of the Benediction from Proverbs 30 which explains that man should not be stupid but learn from “the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a serpent on a rock, the way of a ship on the high seas, and the way of a man with a maiden.” The class formed the Recessional and Seniors were heard the whole week preceeding Graduation humming Pomp and Circumstance. 100 CONVOCATION Be here at 8:30 a.m. . . . Remember there’s a beat to the music . . . don’t come down the aisles like you’re on your way to a fire ...” Computer cards are given out for the last time, " Don ' t lose your card-if you do, don’t forget your number. Everyone is welcomed, the Pledge of Allegiance is said, the National Anthem is sung, the announcement of scholarships is made by Mr. Gianakaris and the Choir sings Both Sides Now and God Bless the Child. The presentation of awards goes as follows-Departmental Awards: Art to Cindy Amos, Band to 1 Chumley, Choral to Gail Gessert, Business Education to Georgine Rizor, Debate to Kathy Asente, Drama to Greg Goldsmith, English to Cindy Amos! Home Economics to Sandy Benarick, Language-French to Diane Erickson! Latin to David Warner, Spanish to Gary Padgett, Math to Robert Sample, Phys Ed to Diane Ostergren and Mike Peter, Science to John Anderson, Social Stud¬ ies to Kathy Mann, Industrial Arts to Bob Redden, Vocational Education to Karl McGuinn; Jean Allred Award: Mrs. McClurg; Thomas A. Edison Awards: Attendance, Steve Burns, Steve Messinger, Diane Ostergren, Dave Warner; W. T. Robinson Scholarship to Kurt Pennington: Faculty Award to Gail Gessert; School Award to Debbie Davis. After the presentation, Seniors marched onto the field to practice Graduation. Reminders to pay any debts or be in danger of receiving a blank diploma are made and the Final Countdown begins. Bob Redden and Greg Goldsmith accepting awards. Bottom: the solemn Seniors. 101 GRADUATION ’73 Finally it came, along with grandparents, aunts, first and fifth cousins, the do’s and don’ts, the announcements that many sent out at the last minute, tears, kisses and more kisses (for good luck, of course). “Be here at 7:00, start early, you know there’s always a traffic jam . . . Take pic¬ tures before you leave home—after gradu¬ ation you will march directly back into school to turn in your caps and gowns.” Bob Connolly spoke his last words as class president, gifts were presented to Mrs. Cirelli, Miss Kill, Mrs. McClurg, a round of applause for Mr. Parker, a class reunion in five years —mark your calendars. Each graduate prayed that he wouldn’t trip in front of the stadium full of people. Four years ended with a short walk across the platform. A mob scene erupted in back of the school as everyone hunted family and friends. This resulted in a horrible traffic jam with all in a rush, but most of all, the Seniors impatient to get out. After the formal ceremonies were over, the festivities began! For many, this would be the last chance to see each other. The graduates came home exhausted, eyes closed to the world, but never to for¬ get GRADUATION ’73. UK ■ , - -fUfc ' - K ■ ■ x i It 1 I Top: The honor guard falls into step. Middle: Seniors with only a few more yards to go as they march into the stadium. Below: Faculty members, Mr. Gianakaris and Mr. Morton are solemn as they lead the graduates onto the field. 103 Top: Amidst the stacks of diplomas, Dave Cleary gives the Welcome. Middle left: The moment arrives for Nancy Felix. Middle right: Sherry Farley looks on nervously, as her diploma was misplaced. Right: Pam Allen begins her walk across the platform. 104 Above: The guys relax as they bide their time. Middle: Graduation . . . happy . . .tense . . . ??? Bottom: A sea of caps and gowns files out. $ % ■ 105 SENIOR BRAGS This space is for each Senior to record the activities or events during the past four years which he has participated in and are important to him. Write them now so that in years to come they’ll still be memorable. Bernadette S. Abbou Thomas S. Albright Warren E. Aldrich Debra L. Alewine Carl }. Alizio, Jr. Pamela E. Allen Cynthia M. Amos fames T. Anderson John V. Anderson Robert B. Anderson Robert M. Anderson Sally G. Andrews Thomas Andrews Walter H. Appel James G. Argodale. Jr. Cheryl L. Ash Jayne L. Atkeson Robert B. Atkinson Sandee M. Atkinson Christopher J. Austin Karen A. Baker Weldon S. Bankston, III Debra L. H. Barrett Venitta L. H. Barrett Emma I. Bayes Alton B. Beach Victoria K. Beattie Robert D. Beatty Joseph E. Beck Lynne Beck Shelia K. Beckman . Carol J. Bell Sandra L. Benarick William C. Benavitz . Ronald E. Bennett Ramon F. Benton Forrest W. Benton Joy D. Bevis Lois J, Bibble Dorothy J. Blakeley Alan C. Blight David R. Boaz James E. Bollinger Stephen A. Bosch Carol N. Brackens David L. Brackens Colleen A. Brennan Judith A. Brenner Patricia A. Brogan Cecilia S. Bros Mark E. Brown Scott W. Brown Wayne L. Brown Lawrence A. Burdette Irene R. Burke Steven R. Burns John S. Cameron David C. Campbell Leslie D. Campbell Tresa A. Caplanis Keverne M. Carlson Mary G. Casola Linda J. Cassada Cathy Chamberlain Lori Chamberlain Nancy F. Childress William L. Chinn Phillip E. Chumley Clayton M. Clark David F. Cleary Alan R. Cohee Holly L. Cole Robert M. Connolly Patricia L. Connor Mary A. Cope Linda L. Cornell Phyllis A. Cottrill Joel A. Cowan James A. Crisp Teresa L. Crowdus Kathleen M. Curley ' : Thomas G. Darone , ‘ William A. Darr h Deborah A. Davis ; ; ; Lauren S. Davis, Jr. - ■Denise A. Dawson Cheryle L. Day . Ann M. Deely Kathleen A. Demeter Harvey B. Devers Patricia M. Devers ’73 G Robert L. Dewalt James L. Dietrich Bobbie C. Dixon Glenn M. Dowell Jesse M. Doyle June A. Dyer Kenneth C. Ehrhart Cynthia H. Eley Tony L. Elliott Walter A. Ellis Diane S. Erickson Mary S. Evans Sherry K. Farley David W. Farmer Michael H. Feindt Nancy A. Felix Martha E. Fenimore Deborah A. Fink Cheria D. Fisher Kathryn A. Fitts Edward O. Flahive Kevin M. Flatt James P. Fogarty Mark S. Fontes Deborah A. Fotakis Deborah L. Foxwell Craig S. Furneisen Jenny E. Futch Ann M. Gailliot Mary A. Galpin Karen M. Garland Jeffrey D. Genzler Drexell A. George, Jr. Gail N. Gessert Keith W. Gilbert Arthur S. Giles Gayle A. Godsey Gregory B. Goldsmith Phyllis Jo Gordon Patricia D. Gorham Richard H. Gorham Daniel J. Grady Gary E. Granski Michael A. Graumann John F. Grether Sharon L. Griffin Roxanne A. Groff Phyllis A. Haga William M. Hall Richard S. Hammersley James B. Hanchin Lynn T. Hannula Angela M. Harris Karen L. Harrison Cynthia J. Hart Mary C. Hatch Diana Haugh Lawrence E. Hecox Mark S. Heddings Carol J. Henson Kathryn L. Henson Timothy C. Hitaffer Ann T. Hodges Gary B. Holleman Linda L. Hooper Michael L. Hottle Shirley J. Huff Charles F. Hunter Janie M. Hutchinson Victoria L. Iten Roger L. Jacobsen Cathy L. Jennings Randolph H. Jewell Anthony Johnson Nancy L. Johnson Terrie A. Jolley Cheryl E. Jones Pamela J. Jones Deborah D. Junkins Thomas H. Justice, III David P. Keevan Charles R. Keller, III Valerie D. Kenney Timothey E. Kent Susan E. Kestner Roger D. Keyser Earl L. King Joseph E. King Richard A. Kitts Gladys M. Kreamer Richard A. Langford Gregory A. Lanier Elizabeth A. Larsen Maria E. Laso Warren M. Lawrence Jeannie E. Lefler Karen E. Lewis Thomas D. Lewis John R. Link Johanna M. Lins Scott L. Logan James F. Ludwick Barbara C. Lyles Gary J. Lynn Stephen A. Madison Kathy E. Mann John E. Margosian Lenora A. Markle Richard T. Mason Walter J. Mathews Michael P. McClain Gary A. McGuin Harry K. McGuin Laurene A. McGuin William H. McKay Evelyn E. McLane Larry E. Mean Tracey J. Medford John P. Melanson William F. Melanson Steven N. Messinger Barbara J. Mickey Gregory E. Miller Joseph M. Miller Pamela J. Miller John T. Mock James F. Moffett Christine H. Molina Peter R. Moore Sandra E. Moore Patti A. Moreland Karen L. Morris Sharon A. Morris Stephanie G. Morris Lorraine C. Morrison Patricia J. Mullins Carol D. Nalls Mary E. Nalls William S. Nalls, Jr. Everett C. Nelson Philip D. Nichols Robin E. Norton Diana J. O’Brian Cynthia O’Connor Patricia L. Olsen James I. Orange, Jr. Diane M. Ostergren Carol A. Ours Joseph E. Owen Ralph C. Owens Gary W. Padgett Edwin D. Patterson Donald R. Payne Ira H. Pearce, Jr. Kurt D. Pennington Geraldine L. Perkins John L. Peter Michael P. Peter Pamela J. Phalen Brenda L. Phillips Ralph A. Phillips, III Daniel C. Pierce Charlene E. Pine William W. Polen, Jr. Donna L. Pope Carolyn B. Proctor Wendy L. Pry Louis B. Pugliese Pamela E. Quander Robert P. Quinn Ralph N. Rapp Cathy L. Ratcliff Linda K. Ray Robert E. Redden Kim H. Redfield Donna L. Reed Kevin D. Reed Gary W. Reedy Barbara L. Reese Marie C. Rennert Alan D. Richardson David B. Richardson Georgine A. Rizor David S. Rizzo Kim L. Roberts Richter J. Rodier Michael K. Rogers Sharon L. Rogers Thomas M. Rohall Shari A. Rompilla Terry C. Rose Janet R. Ross John R. Ross, III Susan C. Rovitti Kathy D. Rulapaugh Kurt L. Salziger Robert L. Sample Karla G. Sanders Patrick Schardin Bobbie A. Scott David A. Self John H. Seymour John A. Shaffer, Jr. Bonnie J. Shamburg Mark C. Shepard Terry W. shortt Brenda M. Simms Walter C. Skirven Gary J. Smith Janice C. Smith Kathryn L. Smith Daryl L. Snyder Wade J. Sovonick Lillian R. Spears Phyllis I. Spence Tonya S. Spicer Stuart J. Sprouse Vikki L. Stallard Teresa A. Stallings Brenda Stanfield Vicki E. Stanfield Douglas E. Stanley Frances A. Stansel Glenda J. Staples James A. Steadman Karen E. Stevens Richard W. Stone Mary C. Sutton Michael R. Sweat Malia S. Tabor Lori E. Tasaka Janet M. Tetterton Della G. Thomas Elaine L. Thome Runyon W. Tindell Patrick L. Trice, Jr. Allen G. Trigger Ronald G. Troy Robert E. Truitt Roy D. Turner Michelle T. Van Note Robert D. Via Edmund L. Wagenhals David A. Walker Donald E. Walker Dorothy R. Wallace Donald J. Walthal David R, Warner Laurie A. Watters Edward N. Webster Joseph F. Welch Georgetta A. West Ricky L. Westgate Donna M. Wheelock Robert M. White, Jr. Anne Whitestone Carol Y. Wickert Terry E. Wilmoth Ronald D. Wise Susan G. Wise Ashley L. Wood, Jr. Debra S. Wynn Debra L. Youmans Roy T. Young Michael A. Yount Ellen M. Zink 109 “Pooh on you, Annandale Atoms!” The number one skit performed by the Keyettes. Juniors win top honors for their hall, “Ali Eagle and the 40 Atoms . 112 •■». 1 HOMECOMING . . . Homecoming ’72 . . . MAGIC KINGDOM . . . hours spent in deco¬ rating the halls . . . new stars took over the stage in Wednesday Night Follies . . . tough competition . . . Friday afternoon pep rally proved the Sophomores had the most spirit . . . Friday night halftime . . . Kathy announced as queen . . . Annandale 28— Edison 8 . . . score soon forgot¬ ten at the dance Saturday night . . . queen crowned at 10:00 . . . Magic Kingdom ends at 11:30 . . . 1972 Homecoming Queen, Kathy Mann. SENIOR COURT: Row one: Gail Gessert, Kim Redfield; Row two: Diane Erickson, Elana Laso. UNDERCLASS COURT: Freshmen: Barbara Holup, Maureen Grady: Sophomores: Katheleen Scott, Kathy Marsh; Juniors: Alice O’Conner, Maureen Scott. 113 PRODUCTION STAFF STUDENT DIRECTOR.Angie Harris SET DIRECTOR.Alan Richardson LIGHTING DIRECTOR.Louis Pugliese SOUND DIRECTOR.Tom Justice PROPERTIES.Eileen Tangley DIRECTORS.Kathy Miller COSTUME DIRECTORS Rosella Caroletti .Patty Proctor MAKE-UP DIRECTORS.Sandee Atkinson .Chris Caplanis BOX-OFFICE DIRECTORS Kathy Henson .Pete Ashooh HOUSE DIRECTORS.Sue Kuehl .Martha Dawson PUBLICITY DIRECTORS.Jan Smith .Rob Rapp PROGRAM DIRECTOR.Cindy Amos The patients are preoccupied with a game of cards. Titus tries to influence Mrs. Savage. r • ■’! 1 ; H 1 4 I CURIOUS SAVAGE THE GUESTS FLORENCE. .Linda Ray HANNIBAL. FAIRY MAY. JEFFREY. MRS. PADDY. THE FAMILY TITUS. SAMUEL. LILY BELLE. MRS. SAVAGE. THE STAFF MISS WILHELMINA.... DR. EMMET. Hannibal Dr. Emmet 115 MA Louis Pugliese, Karen Lewis, and Drex George on their way to victory! Jenny Futch believes in Pedal Power. Jan Smith agrees that pushing pencils doesn’t pay. Ed Johnson eats his way to the finish. Pete Ashooh—in trouble! UGLY MAN COURT: King, Mike Miller; Seniors: Dickie Mason, David Campbell, Bob Connolly, Richard Langford; Frosh: Ray Drewry, Ricky Truitt; Sophomores: Tim Cool, Scott Smith; Junior: Ron Truitt. Ugly Mike Miller escorted by a very pretty Karen Wardman. UGLY MAN DANCE WINTER WEEK . . . mid-term tensions soon forgot¬ ten on CLASS NIGHT . . . represen¬ tatives from classes racing up and down the gym . . . hopes of winning top honors for their class . . Soph¬ omores victorious . . . Tables turned as ladies invite guys to this dance . . . maybe reason for such a large turnout at LIBERATION ’73 . . . the week before students pitch pennies, nickels, dimes to favorite Ugly Man . . Saturday night . . . crown bestowed upon Ugly, Ugly, Mike Miller! AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE “Bonjour . . . My name is Chris Rennert and I come from Dijon, France.” That’s how one of Chris’ many speeches might begin. During her one year visit she lives with the Hodges fam¬ ily who worked hard along with the Edison AFS Chapter to make her stay possible. A little known fact is that Chris receives no credit for her stud¬ ies here, yet while she is learn¬ ing about our system we are learning more about France in this cultural exchange. Bonne Chance, Chris! The girls make quick friends before going onto the courts. Dave Cleary! Gail Gessert makes two points. DONKEY BASKETBALL Hit and run on a donkey isn t easy . , . especially when you’re hitting for a basketball backboard and traveling on four hoofs. The Keyettes and Key Club played their annual Donkey B-ball game before a crowd of fans. At the end of the fourth quarter, the score was all tied up 6-6. Thus ended a very differ¬ ent night in the Edison Gymnasium. A large crowd showed up for the big game. SWEETHEART DANCE . . . Senior class welcomes you to Sweetheart ’73 . . . couples dance the night away to sounds of TRIAD . . . height of the night . . . Cupid’s appearance . . . Debbie and Ray- Cutest of the Cuties . . . the fra¬ grance of roses becomes a happy memory after 11:30 . . . Alice O’Conner and Dickie Mason. Cutest Couple, Debbie Ratcliff and Ray Drewry. 120 Diane Erickson and Gary Reedy. Kathy Mann and Ira Pearce. Katheleen Scott and Jack Dugan. 121 The cast of Lily Daw and the Three Ladies is caught backstage before curtain time. ONE ACT PLAYS This Property is Condemned—Student Director, Diana Haugh; Cast: Terry Purcell, Tim Flatt. Presented at the One Act Play Festival on May 16 at Robinson High School, this play received the highest rating attainable and Terry Purcell was honored as Best Actress of the morning’s performances. The Proposal—Student Director, Jan Smith; Cast: Pat Dudley, Mike Gorham, Kevin Rogers. Lily Daw and the Three Ladies—Student Director, Liz Larsen; Cast: Cheryl Day, Liz Hart, Tresa Caplanis, Cindy Amos, Cindy Hughes, Patty Proctor, Walt Skirven. The Case of the Crushed Petunias—Student Director, Chris Rennert; Cast: Susie Kuehl, Rossella Caroletti, Charles Hales. I’m Herbert— Student Director, Gail Gessert; Cast: Linda Ray, Joe Welch. Backstage Crew: Angie Harris, Sandee Atkinson, Chris Caplanis, Greg Goldsmith, Alan Richardson, Ed Patter¬ son, Louis Pugliese. 122 EAGLEMANIA ’73 A new idea struck the Music Dept, and they went all out to present a show-y, piethrow¬ ing, foot-tapping performance. Out came the German Band, the Jazz Band, and pieces of the Marching Band. On came Drill Team members, Majorettes, the Symphonic Choir, the Girls’ Ensemble, and others, who pa¬ raded down aisles and onto the stage to make this a musical extravaganza never be¬ fore witnessed at Edison. This could be the start of something big. Top, Middle: Popular tunes, sung by the Symphonic Choir, fill the auditorium. Bottom, left: The Jazz Band do their number. Bottom, right: Swinging notes come from these merry musicians. 123 TALENT SHOW Hit the lights . . . start the show! Sponsored by the Senior Class, the finest of Edison’s many talented persons swept the stage. A variety of acts kept the show on the road and ex¬ posed some unknown talent. Top: The emcees, Buzzy McClain and Bob Connolly. Middle: Star baton- twirler, Belinda Dolinger. The dueling banjo players. Left: }oel Cowan freaks out in his imitation number. Bottom: An outstanding band, Bob Dewalt, Keith Gilbert, Richard Stone, and Jeff Genzler, plays its last performance as a group. 124 mm FLING SP-RING The first of its kind at Edison—a dance to celebrate the long awaited arrival of Junior Class rings. The entire school was invited and for those who at¬ tended an enjoyable evening was spent. Below: Everyone enjoys a slow dance. Bottom: Couples gather round the punch bowl when the action on the dance floor gets hot. 125 PRODUCTION STAFF LIGHTING DIRECTOR.Ed Patterson SOUND DIRECTOR.Tom Justice SET DIRECTOR.Alan Richardson PROP DIRECTORS.Eileen Tangley .Angie Harris COSTUME DIRECTOR.Cindy Hughes MAKE-UP DIRECTORS.Tresa Caplanis .Sandee Atkinson BOX OFFICE DIRECTORS.Susan Bell .Lorraine Morrison HOUSE DIRECTOR.Susie Kuehl PUBLICITY DIRECTOR.Cindy Amos PROGRAM DIRECTORS.Jeanne Smith Kim Morrison CAST OF CHARACTERS CORIE BRATTER.Diana Haugh TELEPHONE REPAIR MAN.Mike Gorham DELIVERY MAN.Pete Ashooh PAUL BRATTER.Greg Goldsmith CORIE’S MOTHER, MRS. BANKS.Jan Smith VICTOR VELASCO.Louie Pugliese Paul and Corie Bratter enjoy a few moments alone together. BAREFOOT IN THE PARK The stage turns into the top floor apartment of a N.Y. brownstone. 126 Above: Victor Velasco times his gourmet dish. Middle, left: Corie’s mother comments on the bedroom. Middle: Paul exclaims, “I have a case in court tomorrow morning!” Middle, right: The weird neighbor, Mr. Velasco. Bottom: Corie warms up the newly installed telephone. I ' LL, t STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Rob Rapp, Pres., David Gardner, V. Pres., Denise Dawson, Sec., Chris Reddick, Treas. “A time of problems, accomplishments, criticism and innovation” ... 18 year old voter registration, file reorganization, Smoking Lounges, a suc¬ cess?, Snack Bar—freezer, Cafeteria . . . food?, Awards Banquet, Picnic— Wally’s birthday party, Bike Rack, Tennis Backboard, AFS Day, Edison Banner, Football Kickoff—August 14th . . . “The Edison Way”, Freshmen Orientation, Eagle Handbooks, Newsletter, Social Mixer, Magazine Drive—Magazine Man . . . “The Great Race”, Homecoming . . “Magic Kingdom,” Halls, Follies—P. N. Guin, Court, Floats, Dance, Leadership Conference, License Plates, Teacher Evaluation???, Ugly Man Dance . . “Liberation,” Class Night, Court, Dance, Revised Extra Curricular Aca¬ demic Award Point System, Radio Edison, Movie Night, Awards Ban¬ quet, Edison Day . . . SGA ONLY AS ACTIVE AS STUDENTS IT REPRESENTS 130 B. Devries, Act. Sec., Haywood—M. Miller, Caf. Plan., R. Austin, Comm., J. Lins—L. Hannula, Awards, D. Davis—K. Mann, Frosh Orient., K. Harrison, Mag. Dir., G. Goldsmith—T. Justice, Music, J. Pearce, Publ., D. Erickson—K. Redfield, Sch. Spir., R. Young—F. Fowler, Sch. St., K. Roberts—S. Rovitti, Social. Advisor, Mr. Walter Mika Row One: G. Goldsmith, I. Pearce, Row Two: T. Caplanis. 131 DECA Row One: S. Keene, D. Carter, M. Grauman, S. Benarick, Row Two: Mr. Moores, Spon., G. Bouchard, R. Mulner, R. Vallere, G. Wright, C. Furneisen, P. Carlson, D. Qualls, J. Doyle, L. Pierce, E. Bolinger, M. Mason, R. Wise. The Distributive Educa¬ tion Club of America is the largest civic and so¬ cial organization in the school. They promote the Distributive Education program and help raise funds for it. The club has also taken part in the State and District Lead¬ ership Conferences. 132 VICA Vocational Indus¬ trial Clubs of Amer¬ ica is a club orga¬ nized to prepare students to find jobs and help prepare their future after graduation. They’ve sponsored a car rally, candy sales, and paper drives. Row One: J. Payne, H. Cash, K. Mock, J. Booth, M. Kelley: Row Two: C. Rosenbomb, K. Hale, J. Dehart, D. Brackens, V. Burris, R. Lopez; Row Three: C. Glass, C. Crisp, L. Yum, R. Stanley, S. Thorp, C. Noblan, D. Lawhorn, Mrs. Beals, Spons; Row Four: C. Johnson, A. Spears, S. Oxendite, W. Clongier, J. Yancy, G. Leite, C. Brister, R. Nalls, S. Starkey, D. Winsor, S. Burnly. Row One: P. Dove, D. Christopher, P. Fisher, K. Ward, Y. Ashford, S. Cook, R. Norton, D. Junkins, J. Rexin; Row Two: D. Wood, W. Jones, D. Vincelli, M. Baker, J. Jost, S. Ray, C. Holland, M. Taylor, L. McGuin, Mrs. Beals, Spon.; Row Three: P. Gillard, C. Dove, S. Morrison, D. Smith, B. Scott, C. Henson, C. Judy, B. Brown, S. Barden, P. Devers, V. Kolos. 133 NHS Corcoran Art Gal¬ lery-March 6th, “When are we going to have a meeting, Vicky?” “Are you in NHS? I didn’t know you were smart!” “Hey Vicky! When are we going to have another meeting?” Two dollars dues!?? Row One: J. Reinke, T. Medford, K. Mann, R. Sec., K. Lewis, Treas., A. Hodges, Hist., L. Allee, M. Galpin, J. Bell, K. Demeter, A. Henifin, S. Eley, L. Barr, T. Stallings; Row Two: C. Austin, G. Gessert, G. Rizor, F. Adkins, J. Lins, S. Ket- ner, D. Snyder, F. Fowler, D. Henifin, J. Bevis, T. Galpin, K. Carlson, D. Davis, V. Pres., E. Tangley; Row Three: L. Hannula, J. McLendon, C. Henson, J. Smith, A Galliot, L. Tasaka, M. Kim, G. Padgett, B. DeVries, R. Sample, P. Austin, T. Young, T. Kent. Row One: R. Sample, D. Facchina, C. Fisher; Row Two: M. Wroth, Mrs. Litvinas, Spon., L. Barr, D. Cash, G. Yoritomo. MATH CLUB The Math Club, un¬ der the supervision of Mrs. Litvinis, is a group of students ea¬ ger to learn the science of mathematics. 134 MHS Row One: D. Davis, G. Gessert, C. Fisher, L. Morrison, P. Belcher, L. Allee, K. Demeter, B. DeVries; Row Two: J. Gre- chanick, D. Henifin, V. Pres., G. Padgett, G. Rizor, A. Henifin, J. Reinke, C. Hughes, E. Tangley; Row Three: T. Starry, R. Sample, G. Thompson, C. Reddick, J. Lins, J. McLendon, L. Tasaka, Sec., A. Hodges, S. Eley, K. Carlson; Row Four: K. Mann, M. Kim, L. Barr, P. Austin, M. Galpin, J. Bell, T. Galpin, F. Adkins. This organization, the Math Honor So¬ ciety, is for students who achieve supe¬ rior grades through their Junior and Se¬ nior years. These students use their talents in tutoring slower students. MATH TEAM The Math Team is composed of stu¬ dents sincerely in¬ terested in math¬ ematics. They compete against other area teams. Row One: T. Medford, L. Barr; Row Two: Miss Hinkle, Spon., D. Simpson, J. Ross, R. Sample, D. Levine. 135 GERMAN CLUB Remember the din¬ ner of wienerschnit- zel red cabbage, and dumplings, “Lorlei” in the follies, Joey King a mermaid? . . ., the German films, guest speak¬ ers, the Advent Ca¬ lendar sales, the Christmas Party, the Fasching Party, the Local German Club Festival, trip to Pa. Dutch in Lancaster, Pa., the end of the year picnic, and the National Conven¬ tion. Row One: C. Nebel, L. Galzeraho, S. Fisher, R. Young; Row Two: L. Lamons, J. Lins, Pres., P. Gernon, P. Belcher, C. Fisher, G. Jewel; Row Three: M. Asente, M. Shepard, Sec., B. Lemmons, T. Lewis, C. Kisselbach, V. Pres., J. Jewel, E. Thamm, Mrs. Pauli, Spon. EQUESTRIAN CLUB The Equestrian Club was formed in 1969 for Edison students who wish to become better riders and es¬ tablish finer horse¬ manship. The club participates in many activities such as riding lessons and horseshows for the more advanced riders. 136 FRENCH CLUB | j ft A Christmas Party— December 19th, Ice Skating at the Marriott—January 6th, Snack Bar, “Snickerdoodles, macaroons, bal¬ lons, musical desks . . .? Mardi Gras!!!,” Bike Hike—Picnic. Row One: T. Sander, M. Mitchell, B. Tychsen, K. Morrison, L. Morrison, W. Young; Row Two: R. Due, P. Casseaux, S. Eley, V. Pres., }. Bradbury, Sec., F. Adkins, Pres., C. Hughes, Treas., M. Carmody; Row Three: D. Malcolm, P. Houde, D. Kennedy, D. Due, Pari., C. Dobson, S. McKenna, L. Deely; Row Four: P. Honde, J. Hewitt, S. Kuehl, E. Tangley, G. Padgett, D. Salziger. ■ ‘ 4 V.O- - •!• ' ' ' -«S N. - — r ...» ' Mrs. Cirelli, Spon., N. Jilani, P. Gustafson, D. Genzler, P. Wright, I. Bayes, K. Hagedorn, S. Andrews, Pres., J. Jones, B. Meegan, L. Sewell, L. Cassada, Sec., J. Davis, J. Atkinson. 137 RACE RELATIONS The Race Relations Club, was organized very infor¬ mally. During December, the club was entertained with a Thanksgiving din¬ ner. The club held a Christmas party which in¬ cluded an exchange of gifts characteristic of eth¬ nic backrounds, deco¬ rated the Christmas Race Tree and held a bake sale. The club also held a Val¬ entine Party. Members of the club participated in games and panel dis¬ cussions pertaining to hu¬ man relations. Our com¬ mon goal is to understand other people, so that we can learn to work, play and live together in this troubled world. Mr. Williams, Spon., A. Trigger, J. Smith, Treas., C. Hatch, K. Rulapaugh, Pres., A. Hodges, V. Pres., D. Dawson, Sec., J. Reinke. ECOLOGY CLUB Remember the Fairfax County Humane Society? The paper and can recy¬ cling collection center in the Student Lounge? The cigarette-tootsie roll pop exchange? The cigarette poll? The Water Pollution Assembly in December? The Ecology Club bulle¬ tin board? The Earth Week Contest?? Our thanks to Kat. What would we have done without her? Mrs. Kulesher, Miss Richardson, K. Pittman, Mrs. Rosenwasser, J. Boyd, Treas., Miss L. Sanders, Mr. Clark, K. Reynolds, L. Pittman, L. Tasake, Mrs. George, J. Bell, Sec., D. Vereen, M. Galpin, Chair., A. Trigger, Y. Scott, Mr. Temple. 138 ±wwm m usamm BWM1 1 Y . J Cl, " ’ll li 1 h M l . J FHA Remember . . . the ice cream social, the officer elections, in¬ stallment-candle lighting ceremony, meeting Thursdays, adoption of a day care center, the snack bar, the mar¬ riage counselor, the pajama party, Woodlawn Planta¬ tion, handicraft ses¬ sion, National FHA Program of work, The cookout with the Northern Vir¬ ginia chapters, the FHA dinner, speeches from an in¬ terior decorator and a model. Row One: M. Chadek, D. Asbell, M. Feagley, C. Baird, D. Due, J. Nelson, C. Moreland, B. Terry; Row Two: T. Campbell, J. Solomonson, S. Trump, L. Mountcastle, Mrs. Scesney, Spon., C. Gramm, B. Taylor, P. Naill, A. Baronoski, P. Patton. TRI HI Y What can you do in a club with only five members? And three of them are officers, of course. But why? The only accom¬ plishment this year was selling carna¬ tions on Valentine’s Day. Row One: P. Dudley, Pres., B. Tyree, Treas., A. Davis, Sec.; Row Two: B. Otte, L. Neidermeyer. 139 SKI CLUB Row One: A Blanton, N. Pierce, K. Wardman, D. Crockarell, G. Rizor, Sec., C. Hatch, Pres., E. Laso, V. Pres., C. Proctor, P. Dudley; Row Two: J. Asher, J. Mallory, Treas., G. Lehr, M. Yount, Trip Coord, D. Haugh, M. Shepard, B. Redden, J. Hatch, K. Ehrhart, D. Kahn, Mr. Olson, Spon. Do you remember , . . the wino bus driver, orange lipstick and mascara, Kentucky fried chicken, “When are we going to have a meeting, chess games, cold hands, cold feet, cold BODIES, the illegal Franconia Ski Club permission slips not holding school responsible, broken legs? 140 SHS The Spanish Honor So¬ ciety was organized to promote interest in Hispanic culture and the Spanish language. Members are chosen from third, fourth, and fifth year students maintaining a 3.5 aver¬ age in Spanish. This year’s highlights were the induction ceremo¬ nies and dining in a Mexican restaurant. Hablan espanol, K. Milly Jorge? Row One: J. Dyer, B. Quinn, L. Allee, Pres.; Row Two: M. Kin, L. Barr, Sec.-Treas., }. Hadlock, L. Cassada, A. Hen- ifin, D. Davis, R. Dixon, J. Reinke; Row Three: J. Bell, E. Bell, K. Scott, R. Lerohl, T. Guron, D. Fachina, D. Thomas, J. Jones, C. Reddick: Row Four: B. Otte, G. Padgett, R. Eilbert, D. Allen, D. Genzler, K. Miller, G. Thompson. Row One: M. Ratcliff, Sec., J. Custis, Co-Capt„ L. Robins, Capt., E. Patterson, Co-Capt., L. Pittman, Treas.; Row Two: B. Morgan, G. Phillips, B. Lebe, R. Dreist, B. Terry, K. Soffos, G. Phillips, D. Jones: Row Three: K. Fort, M. Carmody, A. Baranowski. PEP CLUB Pep Club is a spirit club within the school. This year they were recognized by their white hats and red streamers. They attended football and basketball games and pep rallies. Dur¬ ing the year they worked at the snack bar and at Christ¬ mas they had a party to pro¬ mote club spirit. 141 CURRENT Row One: J. Smith, S. Brown, M. McClain, K. Lewis, P. Moreland; Row Two: D. George, L. Allee, B. LaValley, B. Horner, L. Tasaka, A. Davenport, K. Starrey, N. Puckett, G. Thompson; Row Three: D. Henifin, T. Justice. Do you remember . . . Climbing through the window, singing in the rain, football games, deadlines 2-3 weeks late, strange substitutes, one radio station, our layout parties . . . , smoke-filled, disorganized rooms, typewriters that don’t work, the roof, ripple madness, D. Hen., T.J., B. La., C. Hatch, G.T., K . Mill., Big Arg., K. Lou., B. Horn., C. Star., Michael Mil., Grafilti, films (backwards), broken-glasses, cows, turkeys, pigs, eyes, surfing, the strange man with glasses and a New York Bronx ac¬ cent walking away with leftovers, (“What’s current?”), “We could win!”, “Jerry??? I’m pregnant!”, “How’s your article?”, the 4-H Club, horn houses, reject honor society, Joey? IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DONE RIGHT, YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF, BUT THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH TIME TO DO EV¬ ERYTHING YOURSELF, SO NOTHING GETS DONE RIGHT. 142 Caroline Hatch, Editor-In-Chief. Advisor, Mr. Bill Clark. 143 TALON Row One: V. Stanfield, Girls’ Sports; L. Hannula, Organizations: S. Rovitti, Seniors: D. Dawson, Student Life; S. Brown; Row Two: B. McKay, Typing; E. Feagans, Faculty; J. Gorham, Underclassmen; M. Jackson, Underclassmen; B. Mickey, Typing; J. Welch, Business Manager. Do you remember . . . “Come up to yearbook today!”, “When are you going to start on your section?”, “Don’t bleed into the margins!!”, “Don’t trap the white space!”, “How many let¬ ters per pica?”, “What’s a pica??”, “We need candids!!”, “Take it again?”, body copy-ick., late night lay-outs, toy cookies, NIBBIT, late afternoons, caps, heads, body paragraphs, deadlines, “Are they going to be ready?”, “You know you only have about a week more!!”, proofing, blurbs, “Why me?!, “You’d have to change every single page number!”, “But, Cindy, I worked all weekend on those . . “Denise, you blew it!”, “Forget the prelimi¬ naries, Scott, just do finals.” ads, patrons, sub¬ scriptions. HELP!!! No make-ups!, Conformity, “How many lay-outs DO you have done?” all that typing, poor Pam, Barb, and Bill . . . Advisor, Mr. Brian Sarsfield. B. Otte, S. Casola, P. Mathias, Typing; M. Shepard, D. Davis, S. Gibson, M. Fenimore. Cindy Amos, Editor-In-Chief. Walt Skirven, Ad Campaigner. pr Erudite Staff: H. Shippin, D. Allen, M. Kim, D. Facchina, J. Davis. Missing: Editor-in-Chief, Louis Pugliese. ERUDITE The Erudite is a publication by and for students which seeks to promote creativity in various literary genres and the graphic arts through bi-annual publications. A collection of literature and a poster were distributed at mid-year and in the spring. Sponsors: Mr. Wisniewski, Mrs. Kulesher. 146 E. Huck, A. Richardson, J. Ross. The It’s Academic team meets once a week to practice for an¬ nual chances at the TV show. Three people are selected from about fifteen that come regu¬ larly. Practice runs from March thru September with the TV show in the fall. Mrs. George is the new sponsor this spring taking over for Mr. Johnson. Row One: B. Hawver, B. DeVries, T. To- maska, C. Baird, C. Hoffman; Row Two: Mrs. George, sponsor, R. Rossman, S. Colenda, S. Binari, D. Cash, M. Wroth, A. Trigger; Row Three: D. Vereen. 147 wm DEBATE TEAM Row One: J. Lewis, E. Patterson, C. Hoffman, T. Tomasko, E. Becker; Row Two: Mr. Reeder, Spon., J. Smith, B. Tychsen, K. Fort, R. Driest, W. Young, Sec., K. Asente, Pres., B. Hauver, G. Lehr, D. Henifin, V. Pres., P. Minehart. Though people think debators are studious, hardworking and serious, we have done such unusual things as putting forks under doors, midnight strolls in our snuggies, losing our suitcases on the highway and in hotel rooms, annoying parking lot attendents, and being dis¬ covered in the wrong restroom, but overall, crushing the weak was the high point of our careers. 148 FORENSICS TEAM Row One: N. Puckett, P. Haywood, L. Ray; Row Two: Mr. Welshans, Spon., A. Ricci, J. Smith, L. Larsen, P. Ashooh, P. O Boyle. District winners: Jan Smith—Girl’s Poetry Peter Ashooh—Boy’s Prose Liz Hart—Girl’s Prose Patti Haywood—Spelling Patty O’Boyle—Girl’s Oratory Regional winner: Jan Smith—Girl’s Poetry. 149 ART GUILD Row One: N. Renshaw, J. Custis, G. Carter; Row Two: J. Kaumofsky, L. Lewis, J. Hewitt, Treas., P. Causseaux, A. Deely, R. Caroletti, D. Steidel, Mrs. Wagner, Spon.; Row Three: K. Wood, Sec., P. Favreau, V. Pres., D. Cash, S. Andrews, Pres., D. Allen, P. Brown, K. Sample. The Art Guild is an organiza¬ tion to further one’s interest in art. The Club has done many projects, such as the murals in the front lobby, around the showcase. 150 THESPIANS Row One: C. Caplanis, S. Sexton, A. Richardson, P. Bogema, C. Ours; Row Two: Mrs. Christopher, Spon., K. Miller, P. Dudley, G. Gold¬ smith, L. Larsen, T. Caplanis, Pres., L. Ray, Sec., J. Smith, V. Pres., J. Welch, Hist., D. Haugh, Clerk, P. Ashooh: Row Three: R. Caroletti, S. Kuehl, T. Justice, R. Rapp, M. Kim, M. Gorham, T. Purcell, T. Flatt. The Edison Thespian Troupe did little this year, if anything. “The Curious Savage”, “Bare¬ foot in the Park”, and One Act plays were the basis for this year’s drama. Thespians is an honor society for those who ac¬ cumulate ten or more points by participating in Edison’s drama productions. 151 GERMAN BAND Left to right: D. Kahn, W. Appel, J. Alizio, J. Asher, R. White. See Joey Alizio play. See Joey Alizio. See Mr. Parker. 152 See Mr. Parker. See Joey Alizio. 153 SYMPHONIC CHOIR Mrs. Tabor, Director, Row One: D. Christopher, D. Wheelock, P. Miller, K. Black, C. Needham, J. Cowan, W. Clark, T. Gordon, D. Sweat, P. Belcher, C. Rompilla, Row Two: P. Burnell, T. Stalling, A. Anderson, G. Gessert, W. Skirven, M. Barry, D. Morris, S. Kestner, L. Robins, C. Hatch, Row Three: P. Hall, T. Clem, L. Ray, T. Cool, B. Redden, D. George, R. Keller, D. Snyder, K. Rulapaugh, C. O’Connor, T. Hall. 154 TRI M Fall Inductions, Fall Recital, Spring Reci¬ tal, Elections. There are no club jokes or memories, nor are there any places we went to, because we did not do anything all year long. Best of luck to whoever is left after this year. Keep up the Tri-M tradition in this school. DO NOTHING! Row One: W. Appel, C. Raney, G. Lanier, Row Two: J. Alizio, L. Casada, J. Chandler, Row Three: D. Kahn, L. Ledford, P. Chumley. GIRLS’ ENSEMBLE Row One: D. Shink, L. Girourd, R. See- burg, C. Warrick, C. Beddard, D. Bed- dard; Row Two: V. Dietrick, C. Hanks, A. Gayle, D. McFuin, G. West, C. Hud¬ son, J. Gorham, B. Bielam, D. McClory, C. Duff, P. Dolinger. 155 MARCHING BAND 1973 MARCHING BAND: Row One: G. Coppedge, M. Wroth, D. Bell, M. Haddeed, M. Hoien, L. Yehle, D. Sheehan, J. Elliot; Row Two: B. Lyles, J. Hadlock, B. Henson, M. Paylor, P. Barnes, P. Moreland, T. Kent, J. Patterson, R. Schoen, J. Cleary, P. Chumley, G. Lanier, Drum Major; Row Three: L. Hooper, C. Hoffman, P. Lawrence, M. Lucas, J. Loy, L. Wilkinson, J. Alizio, A. White, A. Ross, M. Fontes, D. Kahn, J. Chandler; Row Four: L. Brooding, L. Ledford, B. Robins, C. Hooper, D. George, M. McBoye, M. Hoyt, C. Iten, F. Lawful, J. Watters, T. Browning, T. Lanier; Row Five: B. Wagenhals, W. Lawrence, R. Lowe, W. Appel, J. Ashooh, G. Henson, B. Liebman, T. Edwards, S. Perkins, S. Dwinelle; Row Six: S. McCarthy, J. White, B. Hawver, S. Coppedge, S. Binari, S. Lewis, A. Christopher, G. Hickman, J. Matthews, S. Raettig, J. Baylis, M. Milam; Row Seven: C. Herbert, M. Patterson, C. Hales, W. Lummus, T. Lewis, J. Asher, B. Vidrick, M. Gibson, T. Trice, P. Trice; Row Eight: R. White, R. Fontes, D. Brown, C. Raney. 156 SYMPHONIC BAND _ i ] 1973 SYMPHONIC BAND t 157 KEY CLUB Extend Yourself Let It Slide Mr. P.N. Guin A Visit To Miss Jeannies OVERULE! OVERULE! See What I’m Gettin’ At CLUBWORK ORANGE Where’s The Scarapbook, Tom? Get Those Trash Cans! The Convention at Ocean City Dick, The V.P. How Ya Doin’ The Penguins Downfall 6- 6 We Want Eric! Browning wants a petition? First stop: Central Row One: M. Miller, M. Edmunds, Sec., J. Hatch, C. Hales, E. Patterson, L. Pugliese, D. Cleary, J. Welch, Pres., G. Goldsmith, T. Young, T. Justice, T. Kent, D. Henifin, J. Ashooh, C. Reddick, P. Ashooh, A. Trigger. KEYETTES We can’t get rid of the “bushes” around the rocks . . . What if they catch you??? West Springfield Ho! Football clean-up Saturday Where’s the turpentine!?? Is there a meeting tonight? Please donkey, get up! First place in the follies Follow the victory road Twitter and Dorothy Keyette Convention Short-sheeting Vicious maids! Row One: K. Lewis, Hosp. C. Ours, Sgt. of Arms, C. Hatch, Chap., K. Mann, Treas., J. Bevis, R. Sec., E. Thome, Hist., D. Davis, C. Sec., Row Two: T. Medford, V. Ando, Jr. Rep., Row Three: K. Henson, P. Hay¬ wood, S. Rovitti, Row Four: J. Brenner, K. Carlson, Pres., A. Hodges, J. Lins, R. Austin, R. Spears, J. Smith, V. Pres., Row Five: C. Rennert, R. Due, J. McLendon, D. Dawson, B. DeVries, K. Redfield, B. Morton, G. Gessert, C. Hughes, V. Iten, M. Fenimore, J. Reinke. i mmm ly a, pm , ■a nmmSlv ' aM „« • ' « tm. mta ... m M mAi ;«» i«i t m • »»•• |i«v i ikfaa «.aui«. m» « ini-na iwiinai ■ . l,-» |W » «Mt ■ •» WXM » m • ' U IT T if «. W. 4 ». Ml l , , . . J1— rw • -V. r- «-»«« . ». « v, WRi . . . • .•.. -•« I« ' m- ' .t, twmmirmmt w ‘ ”■ ■. • . . .x . - m ir ' f- ' - ' fWtiu- ' i! - % «•! wwBaHMi«wKwwi ' mam-. ■» ■ mom .. , ,- i« • ihj— gwnw r ' —K. —m»» to - .rs«s ; r w t ii nif nwwfctitv . » „ ! . , ... . , —m. :rrnrw w-» mmm mr-m »■ ■ t i an - « u r • urn . . ... - ■, - ■ - • ... ■ 1 :• - . ».ti •. ' ». ■ x.«t • rmm «ok« rmtm. . t •»». ' Mi32»)r . ...a. ■ -• ». 1 ,—- r in»«i i ' " i nTii i ij fc w «r uk.■ •»»« - srrrsSI W » .« • u ■ - - - i u »-.«t -. at FH s. ' .w tea : . • - a - ' ’f g jfgj i ' 1 P »«» • •.:« • - ■ bBi •»»»..■»-■ «a Bu — -. ».Ji Boiit ii aia , , i. . . f ■ . mmmm vm " •» •? » — » r«M«javatii2NKi -i i § ji 158 Left to Right: Mr. Kelley, E. Johnson, M. Browning, R. Connor, C. Decales, S. Colenda, P. Ostergren, D. Gerhan, C. Austin, F. Proctor, J. Atkinson, B. Polen, T. Young, P. Flynn, M. White, I. Pearce, B. Connolly, G. Payne, B. Moore, D. George, M. Cavros, Mr. Wild. FCA The FCA is an orga¬ nization of athlet¬ ically inclined people who are also interested in Chris¬ tianity. It promotes unity in athletics and enables people to get together with others who have the same interest and who are perhaps somewhat confused about Christianity. MEDI-SERV CLUB Remember . . . the guest speaker on army nursing, the field trip to Walter Reed Museum—Hall of Pathology, Medi¬ cal films, octupii for Children’s Hospital for Christmas, learn¬ ing medical termino¬ logy, visiting St. Elizabeth’s, their Health Career Workshop, and Sleepy Hollow Nurs¬ ing Home, the field trip to Fairfax hosp., the guest speaker on rehabilitation in nursing, more medi¬ cal films, the Alex¬ andria Open House, and the picnic. Wmmfis i W: . - ' WmmM t . V »■ ' Row One: D. Weber, D. Sheehan, L. Deely; Row Two: J. Lins, Pres., D. Stackpoole, S. Kuehl, K. Garner, L. Girouard, Sec., P. O’Boyle, Hist., Mrs. Boronow, Sponsor: Row Three: L. Tasaka, S. McKenna, G. Kissclbach, V. Pres., C. Johnson, Treas. 159 MONOGRAM CLUB Row One: C. Meegan, D. Poppe, T. Medford, P. Gustafson, V. Pres., L. Allee, G. Morris, Pres., E. Zink, Sec.; Row Two: B. Simms, G. Mar¬ low, A. Stansel, J. Cassidy, P. Norton, R. Talkington, I. Burke; Row Three: C. Dobson, C. Henson, Treas., D. Thomas, F. Adkins, D. Fetter- man, J. Lefler, G. Morgan, F. Fowler, M. Gries, D. Ostergren. PERILS of the M.C. They took away our concessions And left us in the hole, We had to come up with something To mend our broken souls. With money to buy equipment The girls could surely win, Cause we could use the extras To mend our souls again. We came up with an idea To help us out of this spot, We could sell nice sweaters And come out on the top. To our dismay, after endless begging We were turned down And every one of us frowned. But we came back with a bound With a new idea we found ... A coat check Was put on deck and approved. O Happy Day! Ten cents a coat sure isn’t much But we get to see the games And now the girls can thank us In the Monogram Coat-Check Hall of Fame. 160 VARSITY CLUB Row One: M. Harper, M. Kilby, A. Ellis, V. Pres., B. Polen, Treas., D. George, Sec., K. Salziger, Pres.; Row Two: P. Flynn, B. Harris, McClain, C. Austin, G. Holleman; Row Three: M. Browning, B. Gibbons, P. Ostergren, B. Benavitz, G. Messinger, G. Lanier; Row Four: Justice, W. Clark, J. Gould, S. Donald, I. Pearce; Row Five: G. Reedy. Selling refreshments at J.V. football games, helping to keep order at basketball games, getting in free! This is it!— Where’s the money from the Varsity club patches, huh, Polen? April 28 th. Mustang! 161 §M MAJORETTES If you ever passed by during one of their practices, you might have heard one of the following comments: “I’m sorry, Marita, I thought your leg was my baton!” or “your uniform looked good on you today, Belinda . . . too bad you weren’t supposed to wear it ’til tomorrow,” or ‘‘Desiree, why do you tie the ends of your stockings in knots?” or “I’m really glad you get dressed up for practice, June,” or (the ever popular) “Shake it, Debbie and Tricia, shake it!” Row One: D. Thomas, M. Fowler, B. Dolinger; Row Two: D. Wynn, J. Dyer, T. Brogan. Co-captains: Debbie Wynn and Tricia Brogan. i 41 , ■» s r i 5 v +53 T f i : “ j 3 i 163 DRILL TEAM Row One: C. Wickert, Hist., E. Thome, K. Carlson, L. Hannula, Row Two: M. Fenimore, Sec- Treas., S. Farley, K. Lewis; Row Three: D. Davis, Co-captain, J. Bevis, Co-captain. Do you remember . . . Have you ever seen a monster cry? Lloyd’s on the goal post! No, we’re not going to vote on shoes. What time is practice? Oh. Well, I’ll be late. Quiet, gang! Knit one, purl one. Redskin game performance? Have you ever gone fishin’ on a hot summer’s day? Our favorite summer practice? Highwater, low water . . . ‘‘Edison Is Your Kind Of Place”—Third place! The Night Before Homecoming . . . football secret pals, slave day, Fairfax County Parade, Lonely Bull, Popcorn, Bud, On¬ ward Eagles, Ride Captain Ride, No¬ body Else, Heard It Through The Grapewine, Summer of ’42, Dip, Jorge, Thumb, Snoz, Limabean, Red, Runk, Capt. Honorooroo, slumber parties: Sept. 22, Nov. 17, Feb. 16; Winchester Apple Parade, Village Inn. Spring uniforms??? Above, Row One: G. McGuin, D. Rose, K. Kidd, P. Landes, S. Kuehl, N. Pierce, S. Beach; Row Two: S. Eley, L. Bowser, R. Due, P. Hay¬ wood, M. Orndorff; Row Three: R. Austin, C. Comeau, C. Hughes, J. Bradbury; Right, Row One: N. Walker, J. McLendon, S. Shardin, B. Major, K. Wardman, J. Hewitt, K. Opitz; Row Two: J. Reinke, J. Payne, R. Dixon, P. Pratt, J. Smith; Row Three: K. Jones, A. Henifin, I. Gard¬ ner, P. Casseaux. 164 mmmm 165 166 VARSITY: P. Mathias, M. Scott, K. Mann, K. Harrison, K. Redfield, co-capt.; Gail Gessert, co-capt.; D. Erickson, K. Baker, B. Morton, M. Roberts. CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR VARSITY: K. Gabriel, J. Pearce, K. Scott, S. Baker, co-capt.; D. Powell, co-capt.; G. Pearce, R. Young. 167 168 GRAPPLETTES I Home of) the EDISON EAGLES] Front: L. Caroletti; Row One: R. Caroletti. D. Steidel, D. Hillary, V. Ando, L. Bell, M. Kim; Row Two: J. Olmstead, W. Ehle, C. Ours, J. Gorham, T. Galliot. 170 EHHHl 171 b OH f- t ' fe UPSS •V ■ ' r «R ws X » ■ . ■®Sl ' The beginning of a race . . CROSS COUNTRY District Champion, George Watts. ! • v • jwTvyVj ? 174 Greg Lanier finishes in the district championships. Charlie Rose places second in District Cross Country. . . . during the race . . . 175 Mr. Chesley congratulates the victor. D. Cassidy, G. Watts, C. Rose, D. George, B. Bradley, G. Lanier. r " 0 | l II , ft ft 1 1 P V ( . . . the end of a race? 176 VARSITY VARSITY HOCKEY: L. to R.: F. Fowler, P. Norton, J. Lefler, D. Fetterman, G. Morris, C. Smith, J. Cassidy, K. Meegan, P. Gustafson, L. Allee, C. Ours, E. Zink; Manager: B. Taylor, D. Ostergren. 177 Left: Diane Ostergren contemplates the action. Above: The alertness and drive behind the stick are impor¬ tant factors. Below: The girls get ready for another big game. 178 A nervous Edison player takes in the game. Susie Zink tries to latch onto the ball. JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY J.V. HOCKEY: Row One: K. Greenia, D. Genzler, B. Pullin, P. Stansel, P. Stansel, S. Zink, C. Miller, V. Gryder; Row Two: B. Taylor, S. Hopping, J. Miller, D. Fowler, R. Lerohl, P. Gould, L. Johnson, C. Massey. i 1 I l 1 I 179 l 1 ! t .A. Row One: K. Salziger, A. Ellis, M. McLain, B. Connolly, B. Redden, I. Pearce, D. George, S. Davis, J. Cowan, B. Atkinson: Row Two: B. Harris, S. Redden, C. Austin, T. Violet, T. Darone, S. Burns, D. Dodson, R. Truitt, B. Polen, P. Flynn; Row Three: L. Cook, B. McMillan, J. Dugan, T. Williams, B. Gibbons, J. Gould, K. Nail, M. Wade, B. Eppolito, J. Hackonson; Row Four: G. Johnson, S. Donald, T. Justice, M. Browning, M. Haroer, J. Grechanik, W. Clark, C. Mullens, S. Bruffy. Coach Morton and Ron Truitt. VARSITY FOOTBALL Edison 0 Woodson 41 Edison 0 Marshall 27 Edison 0 Williams 58 Edison 7 Fort Hunt 31 Edison 8 Mount Vernon 6 Edison 8 Annandale 28 Edison 0 Groveton 7 Edison 13 Springfield 19 Edison 14 Lee 32 Edison 3 Hayfield 18 Golly, are you the Jack Dugan? mi m Y r ' flj V v ww ' Si ! ' W Steve Bruffy eludes an Annandale defender. What’s the scoop, Ron? Junior Varsity Football: J. Argodale, J. Atkinson, J. Burress, E. Clervi, S. Colenda, R. Conner, C. DaCales, R. Davis Donald, R E , , . Florence, J. Haskins, T. Hitaffer, R. Holleman, M. Holtom, E. Johnson, K. Keyes. H. Murray D Ostergren A. Paul A Osteeiy G. Payne R - Peter, M. Quick, R. Rehberg, J. Shazer, W. Sigethy, S. Smith, E. Thamm, D. Wessinger, M. White; Head Football Coach: Bob Paszek. jv FOOTBALL Right: Edison is about to be brought down. Bwlow, left: Edison brings down the opponent. Below, right: The field is clear as the Edison pigskin carrier makes his way down the field. Freshman Football: C-Mulers: M. Asente, S. Briggs, T. Beach, M. Beck, T. Boyd, B, Bradbury, J. Brennan, D. Burns, R. Carlson, K. Clark, D. Conner, M. Donnan, R. Drewry, E. Embrey, K. Fulp, A. Gardner, J. Jeffries, M. Kampe, K. Kidd, J. Ludwick, M. Malmquist, G. Mancuso, F. Marino, R. McFadden, T. Preble, R. Riviere, B. Spagnoletti, G. Spiece, R. Truitt, E. Van Note, M. Vaughan, T. Whittaker; I-Sacks: C. Andri- lenas, T. Baranowski, G. Bibb, J. Campbell, R. Carson, B. Drifmeyer, Barrett, R. Facchina, B. Fricke, B. Gaskins, G. George, M, Grayson, J. Gustafson, L. Harbor, B. Herndon, G. Jennings, J. Jones, M. Kusaka, M. Kitts, C. Lamb, B. Linville, J. Mathews, T. Mandley, K. Matney, Ed. Molina, R. Moore, D. Phillips, M. Sommons, B. Schram, W. Sheppard, W. Stevens, M. Sibley, M. Valliere, E. Weber; Head Freshman Coach: Jack Kelley, Assistant Coaches: Don Seemuller, Robert Campbell, Rick Isaac. FROSH FOOTBALL Left: What looks like a mad scramble on the field is actually football. Below, left and right: In a whirl of action, blocking and tackling, the ball is moved around the field. JH BASKETBALL Edison 62 Woodson 61 Edison 68 Marshall 49 Edison 68 W L 66 Edison 36 Marshall 46 Edison 71 McLean 29 Edison 56 Herndon 48 Edison 63 Fort Hunt 44 Edison 59 Williams 60 Edison 50 Hayfield 46 Edison 55 Mount Vernon 50 Edison 54 Groveton 23 Edison 62 Springfield 72 Edison 55 Lee 68 Edison 59 Fort Hunt 44 Edison 68 Williams 84 Edison 47 Hayfield 42 Edison 59 Mount Vernon 39 Edison 73 Groveton 56 Edison 61 Springfield 71 Edison 61 Lee 49 Edison 39 Hayfield 62 Mike Lacey burns Lee in the final home victory. Coaches Hensley and Hill. 184 All-district performer Gary Reedy adds another point to his team-leading total. Truitt scores a three-point play against Woodson B. McMillen, D. Mason, C. Florence, S. Donald, G. Reedy, P. Schardin, R. Truitt, M. Lacey, J. Gould, S. Brown, B. Mullen, M. Kavros, L. Cook. 185 Junior Varsity Basketball: Row One: S. Lugar, D. Dudka, D. Wessinger, T. Hollifield; Row Two: J. Leech, G. Mancuso, T. Cool, J McGuiness, P. Bakke, J. Mclntire, M. Florence, R. Anderson, B. Cassola, B. Lawrence, H. Johnson JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Freshman Basketball: Row One: R. Stone, T. Dent, Bob Carson, J. Campbell, T. Trice, C. Lamb; Row Two: H. Schwartz, S. Jeffries, J. Med¬ ford, L. Prebble, S. Briggs, E. Southerland, R. Truitt, R. Hamilton, D. Steele. 186 Above, Left: The soft touch. Above, Right: Showing his “stuff”. Below: The ball is on target. 187 ■npr. r » _ yf “T y Jp: w fT isH ■■:fPrVliu. ; PmBMT Irene Burke dribbles down the court. VARSITY BASKETBALL Managers: Carol Dobson, Judy Hanchin, Betty Taylor. Coach Skinner. » J SIJ • ■« |, i iPi 1 i f , £ 188 Row One: D. Ostergren, G. Morgan, Co-captains; Row Two: M. Gries, I. Burke, F. Fowler, J. Lefler, E. Zink, P. Gould, S. Sparrow, P. Norton. Gwen Morgan scores two more points for Edison. Edison gets the ball. 189 Coach Fary. Sue Hopping shoots for two. Traci Brown aims from the foul line. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL J. Bania, B. Mockler, P. Stansel, B. Pulling; Co-captains: T. Brown, S. Hopping; D. Fetterman, J. Cassidy, A. Davis, C. Ratcliff. The winning form of a Swim Team racer. Co-captain, Billy Eppolito. SWIMMING Coach Olson. 191 JiJtj Row One: C. Walsh, B. Lamons, S. Reattig, M. Wroth; Row Two: P. Lewis; Co-captains: B. Eppolito, D. Dawson; Coach Olson; Row Three; A Beck, D. Peterson, B. LeBlanc, J. Watters, M. Dawson, C. Thomas, P. Gordon, C. Grechamk, S. Zink, CL Pearce Row Four. D. Mu vey, . Cheek, j. Patterson, S. Olsen, C. Leavitt, J. Pearce, V. Iten, J. Chauncey, S. Chauncey, C. Steadman, D. Powell, Row Five. G. Evans, J. Grechanik, G. Thompson, C. Gary, C. Christianson, J. Deck, J. Conner. Sandy Chauncy awaits for the signal. Jerry Pearce begins a race against the clock. Kathy Demeter’s perfect form on the uneven bars. Vicky Gryder-about to complete a nice vault. Mmmm mERGm GYMNASTICS Row One: K. Reed, B. Wood, W. Pey¬ ton, A. Chase, D. Bethard, V. Gryder, E. Scott; Row Two: K. Greenia, D. Poppe, K. Demeter, T. Medford, Coach Hurst, G. Morris, L. Phillips, R. Young, P. Bell. Donna Poppe exhibits her great skill on the balance beam. Tracy Medford concentrates on her routine. Kathy Greenia shows her strength in floor ex. District Champion, Warren Aldrich. Coach Campbell 196 WRESTLING Edison 21 Falls Church 25 Edison 23 Woodson 29 Edison 38 Marshall 20 Edison 28 Springfield 26 Edison 28 Groveton 24 Edison 17 Hayfield 25 Edison 24 Lee 36 Edison 34 Williams 16 Edison 17 Mount Vernon 30 Edison 18 W L 26 Edison 43 Fort Hunt 12 Marshall Smith warms up before a match. f % Davis, Johnson and Flatt wait their turn. Co-Captain, Kevin Flatt. Row One: K. Flatt, W. Aldrich, Co-capts.; Row Two: W. Shepherd, S. Shazer, S. David, J. Anderson, M. Smith, M. Yount; Row Three: E. Johnson, S. Redden, B. Laymans, B. Scaccio, B. Sigethy; Top: Coach Campbell; Missing: B. Connolly, B. Stack. 197 Row One: R. Jennings, A. Fridley, E. Molina, M. Lester, M. Kusaka; Row Two: G. Mancuso, K. Nail, D. Phillips, D. Gerhan, B. Davis; Row Three: D. Conner, B. Laymans, R. Eilbert, R. Eilbert, R. Harris, W. Stevens, B. Sigethy; Top: Coach Neville. TV WRESTLING J Fridley gains one point for an escape. Row One: E. Van Note, B. Hawver, B. Linvelle, E. Molina, J. Jeffries, J. White, T. Boyd; Row Two: D. Vareen, D. Burns, R. Pearson, J. Thompson, G. Mancuso, D. Conner, B. Curries; Row Three: D. Brown, R. Milam, B. Hittle, T. Beach, W. Stevens, K. Fulp, B. Schram; Top: Coach Issac. FROSH WRESTLING Marty L ester registers an upset on his way to the District Championship. Don Burns scores a takedown. [ERGLE5 Row One: J. Dugan, B. Polen, B. Bradley, T. Elliot, C. Rose, G. Watts, D. Campbell; Row Two: G. Lanier, G. Messinger, I. Pearce, M. Kilby, D. Cassidy, D. Dodson, D. George. Coach Cook. INDOOR TRACK Edison hurdlers pour it on in the stretch. State Champion in the shot put, Drexell George. The District Champion mile relay team. Kilby passes to Lanier in the mile relay. Pearce triple jumps at Cole Field House. 202 Varsity Soccer: Row One: S. Brown, S. Chauncey, }. Walters, T. Browning, J. Haskins; Row Two: E. Johnson, P. Ostergren, G. Lynn B Polen, K. Matney, J. Jeffries, S. Schwartz, Coach Wild; Row three: C. Raney, J. Atkinson, D. Detar, J. Gould, R. Drewry, J. P. Ashooh M Browning, G. Holleman; Row Four: B. Holleman, M. Wade, M. Moffet, S. Shulk, C. Mullins, E. Sotherland. VARSITY SOCCER Left: Night action on the soccer field. Below: the goalie makes every effort to stop the ball. Top, left: A rough practice session. Middle: Keith Matney clears the ball upfield. Top, right: Coach Wild administers first aid to Bill Currie. Be¬ low, left: Gary Lynn controls the ball. Below, right: A swift kick moves the ball toward the goal. i I i Junior Varsity Soccer: Row One: B. Gardner, D. Donnelly, A. Gardner, M. Haddeed, T. Baronowski; Row Two: B. Herndon, S. Kitts, S Schwartz, B. Spadin; Row Three: M. Kusaka, J. Baylis, S. Lewis, J. Penn, L. Pinkard. JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Below, left: The proper follow-through; Below, right: Edison in pursuit; Bottom, left: The precious pause!; Bottom, right ' A balanced attack!. ° The ball pops into the mitt of Dickie Mason. Pete Flynn beats out an infield hit. Above, left: Danny Grady scoops up a ground ball. Above, right: Steve Bruffy beats the throw to the bag. Middle, left: Mark Ahrens steps into the pitch. Middle, right: Bill Mullen fires the ball to second. VARSITY BASEBALL Varsity Baseball: Row One: B. Mullen, S. Bruffy, D. Mason, B. Eppolito, M. White, G. Mancuso, T. Gardner; Row Two: P. Flynn, D. Grady, B. Gibbons, C. Wood, W. Clark, M. Ahrens, S. Perkins. T.V. Baseball: Row One: Craig Decales, Lew Cook, Mike Sibley, Jeff York, Sherwood Lank, Rick Kent, Keith Clarke Mark Pierce, Bill Miller: Row Two: Mike Holtom, Jim Owens, Glen Stanley, Dwaine Wessinger, Scott Colenda, Coach Henderson, Darvis Heath; Row 1 hree: Earl Weaver, Jay Donald, Gary Hickman, Coach Greene, Mike Donnan. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL The essence of the ball game caught here: fast action catching, power behind the pitch, running, a strong batting arm. ■ tk ■ Frosh Baseball: Row One: Terry Lanieier, Tom Trice, Bobby Moore, Rick Revere, Mike Adams, Plaudy Meadows, Marty Wells; Row Two Gene George, Bruce Bradbury, Mark Valerie, Bill Hittle, Loren Carter, Bernie Dunn, Mike Hoien, Bob Spagaletti, Coach Powell. Above: The eyes follow the ball’s long journey into the glove. The coach gets into a practice. Right: “Bat¬ ter up!” Below: Edison kicks up the dirt in an all out effort to get on base. FRESHMAN BASEBALL Varsity Softball: Row One: D. Ostergren, P. Stansel, D. Simms; Row Two: M. Gries, F. Fowler, I. Burke, G. Morgan; Row Three: B. Simms, C. Henson, J. Cassidy, A. Stansel, L. McGuin, K. Meegan: Coach Skinner. Angie Stansel prepares to crack the ball. Irene Burke charges around the bases. Another team victory! 1 1 We’re No. l! VARSITY SOFTBALL Irene Burke stops this ball. 211 mm Top: The Thinker. Middle: “Hey, batter, batter, batter!! Bottom, left: All eyes are on the ball. Bottom, right: Maureen Grady is the umpire in action. Donna Fetterman on the run. Traci Brown eyes the action between home plate and the pitcher ' s mound. JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL 1973 JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL TEAM 213 Tennis Team: Junior Varsity, Row One: D. Gardner, B. Casola, S. Lugar, A. Clervi, C. Ross, R. White; Varsity, Row Two: D. Farmer, E. Flahive, T. Young, K. Keyes, T. Kent, S. Messinger. TENNIS TEAM Clervi warms up before the match. Tim Kent sets his eyes on the ball. Ed Flahive waits for the ball to come his way. Below, left: A pow¬ erful swing by Tate Young returns the ball across the net. Below, right: Tim Kent fights against a windy day. Bottom: Steve Messinger saves the ball with a nice backhand. 215 Girls’ Tennis Team: not according to rows: K. Roberts, B. Simms, C. Henson, G. Morgan, M. Jackson, F. Adkins, M. Kim, R. Talkington, G. Marlow, C. Dobson, B. Hiatt, J. Hadlock, K. Stevens, L. Smallfield; Manager: Cindy Johnson, Coach: Mrs. Sneed. TENNIS Edison begins the serve. Right: Mary Ann Jackson gives the ball a hard hit. 216 Left: Edison returns the serve. Below: A backhand play pushes the ball across the net. Bottom left: Francine Adkins-ready for action. Bottom right: Kim Roberts lands the ball into her opponent’s territory. 217 Varsity Track: Row One: C. Rose, T. Cool, I. Pearce, D. George, D. Cassidy, D. Dodson, B. Benavitz, B. Bradley: Row Two: C. Stanfield, P. Vincennes, G. Messinger, M. Kilby, J. Dugan, D. Campbell, M. Harper, G. Watts, M. Quick. OUTDOOR TRACK Junior Varsity Track: Row One: R. Truitt, R. Rehburg, K. Carpenter, S. Smith, S. Briggs, P. McNeill, G. Paine; Row Two: D. Connors, D. Davis, J. Kennedy, R. Hamilton, R. Feagley, T, Mahall, D. George, F. Proctor. 218 The excellence of the performance of the individual is relied upon to capture the STATE team championship. 220 Above: the race is over. Below: Edison clears the hurdle in a close race. Below, right: The early morning sun breaks into the picture as the race begins. Left: Edison burns around the track, in the shot and over hurdles. Below, left: Dave Campbell finishes the race that earns him an invitation to the big meet in California. 221 Bill Melanson shows the form that put him in the state Golf Tournament. GOLF Coach Marion and golfers Ken Ehrhart and John Dover. Golf Team: Row One: R. Lee, K. Ehrhart, }. Dover, }. Stanton, C. Walsh; Row Two: B. Melanson, D. Simpson, M. Finney, }. Melanson, M. Neely, M. Heddings, J. Kanowski. We follow through on the driving technique of John Melanson. 223 ' flSMaiiMMr t v The Edison students and sponsor, Mr. Taylor, before their departure to Russia during the Spring break. I This page is dedicated to all of the students who work in the ADP office, the front office, the Guidance offices, and as hall monitors. Members of the administration and staff gather for a farewell party in Mrs. Gessert’s honor. KODAK KODAK (R A revised edition of Up the Down Staircase by Peter Ashooh and Steve Sinclair. Ctapter O » ' ■ 1 Jewish " frame challenge”, Frame 3: • ' From Miss Barrett’s wastebasket " , Frame 16, ' Those who can t . ChapterTwo.Frame2. A doze m bngnsn 18: " Enrichment, etc " , Frame 8: " Dear Sir or madam”. Frame 12: " The Greek “ " dergound Chapl. Three me jjom box”, Frame 10: “Love me back!” Frame 4: “From the right-hand drawer, room , ' rea di n e life” Chapter Five: Frame Frame 19: “Pupil load " , Frame 14: “The road not taken”. Frame 20: " Communication arts , F ame 0 My read, de . Chapter Five. 6: “No one down here”. Frame 17: “Please do not erase. Frame 7: " You still teaching? . Frame 9. A for effort. 229 . raj ' v (« W What was 1972-1973? The world revolved around Edison HS. just outside of the Nation s Capital. George Allen and the Redskins took us to the Super Bowl, millions of Americans watched the Inauguration of Nixon and Agnew, the troops were withdrawn from Vietnam, P.O.W.’s were released, the draft ended, the dol¬ lar was devalued, inflation continued as did Phases three and four, planes were hijacked, three dissatisfied Indians took to the warpath at Wounded Knee, pollution, the population ex¬ plosion, and Watergate were problems left on the Earth as astronauts walked and lived on the Moon. Protest, pride, power, and even apathy were signs of the time. Another year gone by. 180 days passed. Bells ring. Lockers slam. “School’s out for summer!” HT lit IDcpm ' hncnt af ictotratunt (Lifts Jttpltmra ts atoar i trgr to UtIj j Ijas rmnpUtrft tlj? rttfmremntts fox graimatum frtmt Chimtas JV. ibisum jlfiglj j§cl|mil (6iimi at Fairfax (ttountg, ir tttia, 3luni? 15, 1973. %, . + rfpfti uprrfritfnJiriit of . rljiutl K Jlau } iLuiij Cattail t»f , cl|c»ol | 0 i 235 ' T r- mm I » J 1 1- 111 c II EL PAL AC IO Rose Hill Shopping Cent MERLE ( 703 ) 971-8282 971-3731 (2 la tcC%ca “A FACTOTUM CO.” 6102 ROSEHILL DRIVE V. P. (VINCE) COLANDREA ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 22310 HERB TYSON REALTY pntrol the len ' gJtE of your life—but you can control its iepth. You dan’t ntr bthe contour of your face—but mol it expressiba..Y6p c n’t control the weather—but nt l the atmosphere of yoir mind. Why worry about cairn control! whefi ycfLi ca keqp yourself busy con- OF ALEXANDRIA, VA OUR FACILITIES INCLUDE EXCELLENT MEETING FACILITIES- FROM 10 TO 400 PERSONS DELIGHTFUL DINING IN OUR FAMOUS BILLY BUD RESTAURANTS LUXURY ACCOMMODATIONS FOR YOUR OUT OF TOWN GUESTS DELIGHTFUL COCKTAIL LOUNGES AT BOTH LOCATIONS FREE COURTESY CARS TO AND FROM NATIONAL AIRPORT S wvs. 1 Don Wardle, Innkeeper 6100 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Va. 22303 Reservations 765-0500 Don Gates, Innkeeper Telegraph Road at 495 Alexandria, Va. 22314 Reservations 960-3400 Holiday Inn — the most accommodating people in the World! l ' » 1 jft | R ' ■ ffim :‘% ' A % % % % « « % «i % «► 1 % % n « •% «%« % % « % % « % « % % % «i » % % L % v Sfet.. HI 9L « % Tji-aBBfyT - •- ' " " • " -p w 1 4rfil ' »! « ■»» % • • • ' 4 « »» « « |, « A .PLUS RENTAL ' . CE 7043 Brookfield Plaza + 4 » 1 •• «« «•» •«• «••• 1 • % %% 1 , % % % «» »» »%» » « » « % • ♦ %%»• A. MILLION REAL ESTATE PETS se Hill Drive Bland and Streets Tands be the judge Let your 0-n P ' sJjTilfl • 9 m F i z It q j I MWL ' JIM STRETCH AND SEW BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ’73 BUSINESS PATRONS CLOTH CORNER SEWING CENTER 6810 Bland Street HIGHAM COMPANY 5513 Vine Street SPRINGFIELD OFFICE SUPPLY The purpose of a yearbook is a memory book. The success or foibles of a book will not be fully realized until five or ten years from now. Then we’ll wonder what made the ' 72- 73 school year different from all the rest—or is there a dif¬ ference in each school year? What makes the times different—the people— and each person holds a different opinion of the school. It is difficult to express with words or capture in pictures every feeling. Some will note the absence of color in this book but color is expensive and due to financial difficulties beyond our control we could not include it. We hope that black and white photographs are just as meaningful. Enjoy the 1973 Talon and Good Luck to the students, faculty, administration, and graduates. The Talon Staff The ’73 Talon Staff wishes to specially acknowledge the following people: Mr. Tom Young of Paragon Press—“Keep the faith!” f Mr. George Deal and Mr. Robert Nichols of LaMont Studios-for excellent, speedy service and cheerful help. Mrs. Susan Kulesher and Mr. Willis Clark for their aid and support in the pub¬ lications Drive. Mr. Bob Wisniewski for technical advice and use of the darkroom. Mr. Brian Sarsfield for his total dedication to The Book and the long hours of the summer of ’73. Mr. Don Seemuller for his unselfish photographic contribution to the Talon. Walt Skirven— the king of the advertising solicitors. Pam Mathias, Elaine Feagans, Barbara Mickey, and Bill McKay— for many long typesheets. Cindy— who made it possible! Photo Credits— Dave Warner, Bill Melanson, Scott Gibson, Steve Messinger, Kurt Salziger, Gary Lynn, Tom Justice, Dot Blakely, Gary Holleman, Charles Bernhardt, Ken Alwine, Mr. Seemuller. 248 paRacoN YeaRBOOKS VRARE 373.755 T 1973 V.11 Thomas A. Edison High School (Alexandria, Va.) Talon »

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