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• •JiVKivS ' ' PUT .v v SfifS r nH k iWBH Vp} - » jgjilpjja k tM - IfflBk : ' m m ijH W ,J . j jflMflk Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate, Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labour and to wait. Psalm of Life by Longfellow Talon Volume VI 1968 Thomas A. Edison High School Fairfax County, Virginia Faculty 12 Organizations 168 Seniors 116 Classes 46 2 Advertisements 27 8 School Life 254 Barbara Brant.Editor-in-chief Angie Cunningham.Managing editor Patty Phillips. Faculty Kathy Fowler.Seniors Holly Heath.Classes Becky Reddick.Organizations Marcy Pearson.Girls’ Sports John Dent .Boys’ Sports Donna Ratcliff.School Life Carol Mills.Business Manager David Bishop.Copy Anne Wiegard.Art and Layout Bob Day, John Dent, John Keating. Photographers Nancy McClelland.Publication Drive Manager Mr. Russ Hall. Advisor 3 Fifth Anniversary Is Observed Edison’s band and majorettes have shown their achievement through winning performances and trophies. 4 Craig Anson, Barbara Brant, Mrs. Cofer and Carol Givens use modern methods in chemistry to conduct an experiment. During the past five years we have grown in size and under¬ standing. All this was accomplished by the unity and spirit of the students. Everyone at Edison has done something to add to I its achievement—cheered at games, attended the plays, gone to “It s Academic”, sold magazine subscriptions, and participated |;in other school functions. Throughout these five years, Edison (experienced a growing enrollment, evident this year by the addition of eight temporary buildings. New techniques of teach¬ ing and better materials have opened the way for more advanced | learning. Achievement In Mind And Deed Through our leadership, unity, and knowledge, Edison has strived to achieve the best in the fields of academic and voca¬ tional education. In the past, we have observed new teaching methods used by different faculty members and have increased our knowledge through their use. When the time came to participate in school activities, we openly accepted the opportunity to deal with them in a re¬ sponsible and mature manner, which led the way to our achieve¬ ment in leadership. In sports, we learned how to lose and win, no matter what the circumstances were. The spirit shown at games was immeasur¬ able in comparison to other schools. It was in these areas that Edison was able to fulfill its achievement. 6 3 io,ooo Achievement through leadership—Drill Team co-captains Kathy Kincannon and Alana Carlson are rewarded for their leadership. fa J ' y S a 8,000 4,000 6,000 1,000 Achievement through unity 7 v.v • ' Z Z r ■ i. . ' ■ ' ■ ’ 1 ■ ' . " ■ ' ■ ' •■ ■ -• S , ■ ' ' ' ■ ■’•■■ ' :- , ft ■■ ' ■ V.? v x?,;-. 5-• :• ■ •;• ' .‘VS ,V ' C §r ; -r. •;-:r c ••. ? Y,;.. M " -vr ? s■ : C3v $ $$. ■U £? IKwj , 1814 - • s t j l g feHKWSSjl WP li. SM - tffijf ' Vv.. H»C f . t ,lgj mV Mgg“ " fe. w, » H.- ; -XW Throughout the years the Drill Team’s precisioned movements have succeeded in providing enjoyable entertainment during half-times. Before winning the Marshall game, Coach Rose gave the Varsity team a last minute pep talk. 8 Achievement Through Pleasure Homecoming Court 1967 consisted of: First Row: Bunny Pfeil, Shelly Weeks, Adrienne Goss, Homecoming Queen, Bonnie Nelson, Ann Smith; Second Row: Mimi Madden, Sue Messinger, Jean McDaniel, Joyce Tarlosky, Debbie Donaldson. fk . I pi ip ■?’ j p 1 ' ?i 1 1. A • 1 mV’ ! f b j ■ mm O W 1 • ' • H bf-M If ' )3 Cafe ■f V ■mk i yap ■ MU Hf -r « ' ;e Victory Chain brought luck to the Eagles in their game against Fort Hunt. Achievement Through Exertion Working for achievement, the students at Edison have proven that through exertion the school has become an essential part of their lives. The yearbook is another method by which we can look back on the years at Edison as a period of growth and achievement. 10 Achievement? Brenda Shimchock creates a masterpiece. Eagle Victory Ball 11 Faculty “The desire of knowledge like the thirst of riches increases ever with the acquisition of it.” Lawrence Sterne 12 13 Mr. John W. Alwood Principal The school year, 1967-68, was the second year Thomas A. Edison has had Mr. Alwood as Principal. He has become acquainted with the student body and the students are now accustomed to his able leadership. Mr. Alwood received his A.B. at Western Michigan University, his M.E. at the University of North Carolina, and an Advanced Graduate Study Diploma at Michigan State University. He has also attended the Univer¬ sity of Kansas. Administration Mr. Allee, Assistant Principal for Administration, is known to the student body as a symbol of authority. He specifically works closely with the students. His training includes an A.B. from Wabash College, and an M.A. at Indiana State University, and work at Purdue University and the University of Virginia. 14 Mr. Bonner Allee Assistant Principal for Administration Miss Charlotte Zeigler has been the Assistant Principal for Instruction for four years and has worked closely with the faculty and the scheduling of subjects. She received her A.B. at the College of William and Mary and her M.Ed. at the Univer¬ sity of Virginia. Formerly having taught Mathematics, Miss Firth Morris is now the Administrative Aide under Mr. Allee, working on student discipline. She received her B.S. at the University of Texas, her M.Ed. at the University of Illinois, and attended the University of Virginia, Madison College, and De Paul University. Mr. Maurice Altom, who has been the Assistant Principal for Instruction for two years, has worked closely with the faculty members. He obtained his B.S. at Southeastern State College, his M.S. at Oklahoma State University, and also attended North Texas State University and Colorado University. In training for Administrative work, Mr. Ben Kesler has served as Administrative Intern for this school year. He formerly taught Social Studies at Robert E. Lee High School and also coached football and wrestling there. Mr. Kesler received his B.A. at Fmory and Henry College and his M.Ed. at the University of Virginia. Mrs. Margaret Beddow Secretary to the Principal Mrs. Norma Donaldson Attendance Secretary 16 Lois Fine Officer Mrs. Betty Weddel Library Clerk Mrs. Roberta Gessert IBM Secretary Mrs. Celia Irvine Guidance Mrs. Louise Lucas Mr. Altom’s Secretary 17 Guidance Mr. Yeattes and Gail Taylor share a joke in the Guidance Department. Mrs. Mary Hall Miss Annella Greever Miss Millie Owen Mr. John McFeature Mr. Ryland Yeattes 18 Mrs. Virginia Bowers Nurse Miss Josephine Matney Visiting Teacher Miss Hughes pauses in front of the Biography section of the library. Personnel l m «. V -I Mrs. Bowers bandages a wound of the finger—service with a smile! Dr. Marjorie Azarowicz Reading Teacher Mrs. Lucile Carlton Librarian Miss Carolyn Hughes Ass’t. Librarian 19 Mrs. Maejean Acker Mrs. Charlotte Boronow Mrs. Virginia Cleavenger Miss Cynthia Craig Miss Kay Dopp Mr. Russell Hall Miss Judith Hudnall Mrs. Sue Kulesher English The English Department’s newest program, the Thematic Ap¬ proach to English, has combined and emphasized logical think¬ ing; centered around themes expressed in the various eras of literature and individual writers. Additional student choices sponsored by the English Department were Drama, Public Speaking, and Journalism. ‘Love is .. .’ 20 Miss Reeves tells Mark Harrison all the good points of public speaking. Miss Dorothy Landen- Mrs. Joan Looney berger Mr. Roger Reeder Mrs. Janet Mitchell Mrs. Berenice Maxwell Miss Barbara Reeves What a funny class I have! 21 Miss Rachel Royall Miss Marilyn Safrit Mrs. Carole Toone Mrs. Toone makes an emphatic point. Sure you did! Mrs. Mary Rose Miss Elizabeth Toy Boy, was that lunch good! Social Studies Hey! What ' s going on back there? This year the Social Studies Department adopted two new pro¬ grams. The first one combined Geography and World History and will last two years. The second program, known as the E. S. W., combined Sociology, Economics, Government and History. These new approaches gave the student a wider outlook on the world around him. Besides the regular courses were classes of Sociology and Economics. Mr. Willis Clark Mr. Frank Damico Mr. James Burdette Mr. Don Casto Mr. Dale Etka 23 Mrs. Radine Gray Mr. Yalta Lawler Even though he hates cats, Mr. Lawler sure smiles like one! Miss Jane Garrett Mr. George Hazel Mr. Richard Loritsch Mr. Burdette explains the articles of the Constitution. 24 Mr. Walter Mika Mr. Kenneth Plum Mr. John Rose Mr. Mika hurriedly grades a paper before the last bell. Mrs. Gladys Sneed Miss Harriet Stephenson You expect me to believe that the capital of New York is Buffalo? 25 Miss Phyllis Creek Mr. Arthur Gillis Miss Sarah Hinkle Mrs. Josephine Litvinas Mathematics By offering a variety of mathematics courses with a particular emphasis on the graded algebra and higher math programs, the Mathematics Department worked towards furthering the stu¬ dent’s ability to work with and comprehend vital mathematics. Some of the advanced courses offered were Functions-Matrix and Trigometric Functions. 26 ■I Mr. Gillis, it ' s not polite to point! Mr. Merrill Sanford Mrs. Lillian Sanger Mr. Hinton Smith Mrs. Winnie Wooley Mrs. Wooley points out her mathematical handiwork on the board. 27 “Hmm, yes, it is definitely a reaction between BaN0 3 and K CrO ” Mr. Coy Adams Mr. Charles Blevins Mrs. Christina Cirelli Mrs. Elizabeth Cofer 28 Mrs. Pauline Lewis Miss Beverley Cuthriell Mr. Monroe Parker Mr. Dale Lisi Mr. Edwin Sutton I Cleanliness is next to Godliness “Bob, did I say you could take my picture?” A new science program initiated this year for the Freshmen class consisted of four nine week sessions in which studies of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science were presented to the in¬ dustrious Freshmen. The regular science programs: Science 9, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics were continued as usual while Mr. Monroe Parker, chairman of the Science Department, over¬ saw the complete workings of the department. 29 Using the Audio-lingual Material technique, French, German, Latin, and Spanish were offered; some as high as the fifth year. Along with the separate clubs, the language classes stressed not only the language, but the customs, history, and geography of each country. Guten Tag, Luise. Wie geht ' s? Mr. Richard Bird Mrs. Betty Corbin Miss Glenda Hudgins Mrs. Ann Mulcahy Cheese! 30 31 Business Education The objectives of the Business Department were to provide for all students, regardless of their future educational aims, the op¬ tion of a well-rounded business education. The department’s typing, notehand, and general business courses were offered as a basis in the business field. Do you really expect me to believe that? Only two more seconds left. Miss Kathryn Atwood Mr. Douglas Greene Miss Peggy Hall Mrs. Marie Jaymes Mrs. Mildred Wickles Mrs. Margaret Norton Mrs. Rebecca Pigg Mrs. Alberta Stern 32 Home Economics Besides providing courses in sewing, cooking, child care, home nursing and personal grooming to girls, the Home Economics Department has also, this year, sponsored a demonstration of professional cooking by a French chef. The benefits that the stu¬ dents gained from these classes were ever-valuable for both the homemaker or professional worker. Mrs. Sanders proves dressmaking can be easy. Mr. James Gerock Miss Caroline Alsop Mrs. Kathryn Blight Mrs. Bertha Goerder Mrs. Doris Sanders Would you believe he .. .? Industrial Arts Under the direction of Mr. Michael Beto, the Industrial Arts De¬ partment, working jointly with the Vocational Department, could be considered the perfect training ground for potential electricians, auto mechanics, and draftsmen. The skills taught by this department were not only useful for the student hoping to follow a career in one of these fields, but also for the “all thumbs” handyman that hopes one day to fix a broken table leg. Miss Diane Fary Mrs. Nancy Hart Physical Education Sportsmanship ... in its highest form and fashion, has been dis¬ played in Edison’s Physical Education Department. In every sport imaginable, from football to table tennis, from basketball to wrestling, and from girls’ hockey to winter baseball, the mem¬ bers of the Physical Education Department have encouraged and led in the strive towards sportsmanship. From the baseball dia¬ mond to the wrestling mat, the football field to the basketball court, Edison’s Athletic Department has proved itself more than worthy of its student support and strength. 34 They sure have good jokes in books these days! Mr. Carl Hensley Mr. Robert Carson Mr. Gerald Neufang Mr. William Fox Mr. Tommy Perry 35 Fine Arts Mr. George Duman Mr. Doyle Catlett Within the realm of human behavior, there is a basic need for the expression of man’s emotions. This, in the form of Edison’s Fine Arts Department, was channeled into three; the Art, the Music, and the Drama departments. A variety of courses were offered to the creative and ambitious artist. Girls Chorus, Con¬ cert Choir, A Capella Choir, Music Appreciation, Reserve, Symphonic, and Marching Bands comprised the classes for striv¬ ing musicians. Four art courses, plus a senior art class were of¬ fered to the artist, while Drama Appreciation, Drama I, II, Junior Workshop, and Senior Workshop served as probing grounds for the some-day Thespian. Mr. Duman gets his chuckles for the day writing in the grade book. Mrs. Rosenwasser and Mr. Wisniewski stop to chat at the art show. Mr. Wisniewski takes a second look at someone ' s artwork. Mrs. Dorothea Monk Mr. Ronald Wisniewski 36 Mrs. Beals and Mrs. Sayer evaluate the work of James Lang. Vocational Education The core, the heart of the vocational department was the indivi¬ dual student. The goal of the department was to give training and practical experience to the students in their prospective fields; be it military service, drafting, electronics, auto me¬ chanics, a specialized college or a technical school. The Cosmetology Department was especially active in that during its second year, the department has grown both in size and popularity. “Gee, I wonder if the red wire goes with that green one?” Mr. Richard Baush Mrs. Josephine Beals Mr. Ronald Coleman Mr. Richard Dunmire 37 Mr. Baush helps a boy in the electronics lab. Mrs. Moores seems to be happy in her work, writing out tomorrow’s lesson. Mr. Charles Loudin Mrs. Elizabeth Moores Mrs. Ethel Sayer Mr. William Woodward Mr. Woodward looks on approvingly in Mechanical Drawing. I 38 Candid Camera Miss Cuthriell watches with interest at . . . What? “Get down, boys. When I said we’re getting out early, 1 didn ' t mean now.” Well, Mr. Hensley, study hall isn’t all fun and games! Didn’t I tell you, Mr. Adams? For my project I’m keeping a piranha. 39 Faculty Index MRS. MAEJEAN ACKER B.A., The American University English MR. COY ADAMS B.S., Tennessee Polytechnic Institute B.S.C.S. Biology MISS CAROLINE E. ALSOP B.S., Long wood College M.Ed., University of Maryland Home Economics F.H.A., Breakfast Club Sponsor MISS KAREN L. ARTHUR B.S., West Virginia University Typing I Personal Typing, Notehand Bank Sponsor MISS A. KATHRYN ATWOOD B.S., Madison College Shorthand I Typing I II F.B.L.A. Co-Sponsor MRS. CHARLENE AUSTIN B.S., Ed., University of Florida M.A., University of California Guidance Counselor DR. MARJORY F. AZAROWICZ B.A., University of British Columbia B.Ed., A. in Music, University of Alberta M.A. PH.D., University of Washington Reading MRS. MARGARET BARNETT B.S., University of Wisconsin M.A., Colorado College Guidance Counselor MR. RICHARD BAUSH B.S., Millersville State Teachers Vocational Electronics Head of Vocational Department MRS. JOSEPHINE T. BEALS Mason Frederic Beauty Academy Cosmetology I II MR. MICHAEL L. BETO A.B., Salem College General Shop I Freshman Class Sponsor Head, Industrial Arts Department MR. RICHARD W. BIRD B.A., American University German I II German Club Co-Sponsor MR. CHARLES L. BLEVINS A. B., Berea College Physics Mathematics Rocket Club Sponsor MRS. KATHRYN E. BLIGHT B. S., Michigan State College Hoinemaking I, III IV Senior Homemaking MRS. CHARLOTTE D. BORONOW A.B., Lake Erie College English IV Creative Writing Erudite Advisor MRS. VIRGINIA BOWERS Public Health Nurse R.N., Mountain State Mem. Hospital MR. JAMES F. BURDETTE B.S., State Teacher’s College M.S., Oklahoma University U.S. Government MRS. LUCILE B. CARLTON B.A., William Mary College M.S., Catholic University Head Librarian MR. ROBERT L. CARSON B.S., Tennessee Tech. M.S., University of Tennessee Physical Education, Director of Athletics Head of Physical Education Department MR. DON L. CASTO B.S. Ed., West Virginia State College M.A., Arizona State University E.S.W., American History Joy Boy’s Sponsor Education Fund Committee Freshman Wrestling Coach MR. DOYLE C. CATLETT B.A., Shepherd College Choral Music Music Appreciation Algebra I Ensemble Sponsor MRS. CHRISTINA A. CIRELLI B.A., Hunter College M.A., Sacramento State College E.S.C.P., Science 9 MR. WILLIS CLARK B.A., State College of Iowa World History World Geography Key Club Sponsor MRS. VIRGINIA CLEAVENGER B.S., Salem College English I, III IV, E.S.W. MR. WAYNE C. CLEMENTS B.S., M.S., S.U.C.B. General Shop I Electronics I II Radio Club Sponsor MRS. ELIZABETH S. COFER A.B., Duke University M.A.T., Converse College Chemistry Science 9 “It’s Academic” Sponsor MRS. BETTY H. CORBIN B.A., University of Missouri, Kansas City French II IV French Club Sponsor Head of Language Department MR. ADOLPHUS M. COWARD, JR. B.S., Agricultural Technical State University of North Carolina Maintenance and Repair 40 MISS CYNTHIA A. CRAIG B.A., Northwestern University M.A., Pennsylvania State University English 9 Thematic English Drill Team Sponsor MISS PHYLLIS CREEK B.S., Ball State University Consumer Math General Math I MISS BEVERLY D. CUTHRIELL B.S., Longwood College B.S.C.S. Biology Cheerleaders Sponsor Pep Club Sponsor MR. FRANK A. DAMICO A.B., Washington and Jefferson M.Ed., University of Virginia World Geography Cross Country Coach Wrestling Coach MISS KAY E. DOPP A.B., Wilson College Thematic English Cheerleaders Sponsor Pep Club Sponsor MR. GEORGE E. DUMAN, JR. B.A., Peabody Conservatory of Music Band-Concert Music Theory Marching Band Head of Music Department MR. JOHN V. DUNLAP B.F.A., Ohio University Dramatic Arts and Speech Masquers Sponsor MR. R. L. DUNMIRE B.S., State University of New York I.C.T. V.I.C.A. Sponsor MR. DALE L. ETKA B.A., Coe College M.A., Columbia University U.S. History MISS RUTH DIANE FARY B.A., University of North Carolina M.Ed., University of Virginia Physical Education First Aid Driver’s Education G.A.A. Sponsor Assistant Athletic Director MR. KENNETH P. FISHER B.S., Tennessee Wesleyan College Mechanical Drawing I Engineering Drawing Architectural Drawing Assistant J.V. Football Coach MISS JANE GARRETT B.S., Madison College Geography MR. JAMES W. GEROCK B.S., East Carolina College General Shop MR. ARTHUR W. GILLIS B.S., U.S. Naval Academy M.S., University of Pittsburgh Modern Geometry General Math Junior Class Sponsor MR. GEORGE J. GIANAKARIS B.S. M.A., University of Michigan Guidance Counselor Director of Guidance MRS. MARGARET J. GIVENS B.S., and M.S., Madison College Guidance Counselor MRS. BERT M. GOERDER B.S., Pennsylvania State University Home Economics I F.H.A. Sponsor MRS. RADINE P. GRAY B.A., M.A., West Virginia University U.S. History and Economics MR. DAVID C. GREEK B.A., University of Maryland English I MR. DOUGLAS H. GREENE B.A., Millsaps College General Business Record Keeping Freshman Basketball Coach Golf Coach 41 MISS M. ANNELLA GREEVER B.A., Lenoir Rhyne College M.Ed., College of William and Mary Guidance Counselor MRS. MARY K. HALL A. B., Lynchburg College B. S., in Retailing at R.P.I Guidance Counselor MISS PEGGY J. HALL B.S., Longwood College Typing I, Bookkeeping School Bank Sponsor Head of Business Department MR. RUSSELL G. HALL A.B., Roanoke College English III IV Talon Advisor MRS. BEE HARRIS B.A., Mississippi College Art I MRS. NANCY R. HART B.S., W. Va. Inst, of Technology Health Physical Education Driver’s Education First Aid J. V. Basketball Coach Monogram Club Sponsor Varsity Softball Coach Majorettes Sponsor COL. GEORGE HAZEL B.A., Syracuse University M.A., American University Government Tennis Coach MR. CARL W. HENSLEY B.S., Tennessee Tech. M.S., University of Tennessee Health Physical Education Varsity Club Sponsor Intramural Director Head Basketball Coach MISS SARAH HINKLE B.A., Asbury College M.A., University of South Carolina Trigonometry and Functions Geometry Junior Class and Math Sponsor MRS. LYN HOLT B.A. Ed., Western Washington State College Health Physical Education Varsity Hockey, J.V. Softball Coach MRS. ANITA K. HOUSE B.S., Kansas State Teachers’ College English III MR. THOMAS P. HOWELL Automotive Mechanics I II MISS GLENDA J. HUDGINS A.B., College of William and Mary French I II French National Honor Society Sponsor Member of Activities Committee MISS JUDITH LYNN HUDNALL B.S., West Virginia University M.A., Ohio State University English I III MISS CAROLYN F. HUGHES B.S., Longwood College Librarian MRS. MARIE A. JAYMES B.S., Boston University Shorthand II Typing II MISS JANET KILL B.S., Indiana University NDEA. Spanish Inst., Purdue University Mat. in Spanish, Indiana University Spanish I II Spanish Club Sponsor MR. BENJAMIN KNAPP C.I.D., B.F.A., R.P.I. Art I II Senior Art MRS. SUSAN L. KULESHER B.A., Amhurst College English I II MISS DOROTHY E. LANDENBERGER B.A., Mary Washington College Journalism I English I World Literature Current, Quill and Scroll Sponsor MR. VALTA C. LAWLER B.A., Jacksonville State U.S. Government MRS. PAULINE T. LEWIS B.S., Iowa State University E.S.C.P. Science 9 Astronomy Club Sponsor MR. DALE LISI B.S., University of Maryland B.S.C.S. Biology E.S.C.P. Science MRS. JO LITVINAS B.S., Eastern Kentucky University Algebra I Geometry General Math MRS. JOAN A. LOONEY B.A., Marietta College M.Ed., Rutgers University English II IV MR. R.H. LORITSCH B.S., Ohio State University M.A., The George Washington University World History Geography Head of Social Studies Department MR. CHARLES G. LOUDIN A. B., Fairmont College M.Ed., University of Virginia Data Processing MISS JOSEPHINE MATNEY B. S., Radford College M.S.S., Smith College Visiting Teacher MRS. BERENICE C. MAXWELL A.B., Marshall University M.A., Southern Methodist University English IV Head of English Department 42 MRS. MAJORIE C. McCLURG B.A., Mary Washington College M.A., The George Washington University Functions-Matrix Algebra Algebra II Sophomore Class Co-Sponsor MR. JOHN C. McFEATURE B.S., East Tennessee State University World Geography Vocational Guidance Counselor MR. WALTER MIKA B.A., B.S., Kent State University U.S. History U.S. Government SCA Sponsor MRS. JANET M. MITCHELL B.A., The George Washington University English J II Youth for Christ Sponsor MRS. D.W. MONK A.B. M.A., West Virginia University Art Publicity Arts Club Sponsor MISS MILDRED R. OWEN B.S., College of William and Mary Guidance Counselor MRS. ANDREA PANDOLFO B.S., Duke University M.A.T., University of North Carolina Algebra I, Geometry Algebra I Part I MR. MONROE PARKER B.S., Carson-Newman College M.Ed., University of Virginia Biology F.C.A. Sponsor Head of Science Department MRS. ELIZABETH F. PARLETT B.A., Madison College Thematic English MRS. ALISE PAULI A.B., Indiana University German I, II, III, IV German Club German National Honor Society Sponsor MR. TOMMY PERRY B.S. M.A., East Carolina College Health Physical Education J.V. Basketball Coach MRS. REBECCA PIGG B.S. M.S., Madison College Typing I, Personal Typing Shorthand I MR. KENNETH RAY PLUM B.A., Old Dominion College M.Ed., University of Virginia U.S. History U.S. Government MR. ROGER E. REEDER B.S. M.S., University of Illinois English II Debating Club Sponsor MISS BARBARA REEVES B.A., Madison College Thematic English Public Speaking Cheerleaders Pep Club Sponsor MR. CARL W. RING B.S., Madison College E.S.C.P. Science 9 MISS ELLEN RIPPER B.S., Madison College Health Physical Education J.V. Hockey Coach Varsity Basketball Coach MRS. ANN G. MULCAHY B.A., Emmanuel College French III V Spanish I National Honor Society Sponsor MR. GERALD J. NEUFANG B.S., M.S. Ithaca College Health Physical Education J.V. Football Coach Varsity Basketball Coach MRS. MILDRED NICKLES A.B., Milligan College M.A., in Bus. Ed., V.P.I. V.O.T. C.O.P. MRS. MARGARET NORTON B.Ed., Western Illinois University M.A., University of Illinois Accounting, Typing General Business, Bookkeeping MR. JOHN R. ROSE B.A., Emory Henry College M.Ed., University of Virginia U.S. Virginia History Head Football Coach Fellowship Christian Athletes Sponsor Winter, Spring Intramural Director MRS. MARY G. ROSE B.Ed., Wisconsin State University M.A., Marquette University English IV S.E.-V.R. U.S. History Government S.E.-V.R. MRS. SYLVIA N. ROSENWASSER A.B., Winthrop College English II Thematic F.T.A. Sponsor MR. JOHN R. ROSS, JR. B.S., U.S. Military Academy M. Ed., University of Virginia Algebra I Math II MISS RACHEL ROY ALL B.S., Longwood College English II State Creative Counting Contest MISS MARILYN SAFRIT A.B., Lenior Rhyne College English II MRS. LINDA J. SANCHEZ-MASI B.S., University of Nebraska Spanish I, III IV MRS. DORIS B. SANDERS B.S., Madison College M.S., University of Tennessee Home Economics I II Head of Home Economics Department MR. MERRILL M. SANFORD B.S., U.S. Naval Academy General Math II Algebra I Part I Algebra I Sophomore Class Sponsor MRS. LILLIAN A. SANGER B.S., Ed., Bloomsburg State M.A., Ed., American University Algebra I Algebra I Part II Member of Guidance Committee MR. BRIAN E. SARSFIELD B.A., Mount St. Mary’s College L atin I, II, III, IV Latin Club Sponsor Chess Club Sponsor MRS. ETHEL M. SAYER Cosmetology I MR. TOM SCOTT B.A., College of William Mary M.Ed., College of William Mary Physical Education, First Aid Driver Education Health Varsity Football J .V. Wrestling Coach Track Coach MR. H. I. SMITH B.S., ULSL. Naval Academy Algebra I II MRS. GLADYS A. SNEED B.S., University of North Dakota M.A., University of Minnesota U.S. History World Geography Freshman Class Sponsor MR. DON E. SPRINGER B.S., Bloomsburg State College M.A., Bowdoin College Algebra II-Trigonometry Geometry MISS HARRIET B. STEPHENSON A.B., Knox College M.S., University of Wisconsin World History U.S. Va. History Senior Class Sponsor MRS. ALBERTA E. STERN B.S., University of Nevada Economics, General Business Business Law, Record Keeping F.B.L.A. Sponsor MRS. CAROLE P. TOONE B.A., Mary Washington College English III Sociology Keyettes Sponsor MISS ELIZABETH TOY B.A., University of Oregon English II III Head of Work Study Program S.E.-V.R. MRS. EVELYN G. TURNER B.A., Furman University M.A., The George Washington University English IV MR. CHARLES M. WELSHANS A.B., West Virginia University English I Public Speaking Drama Appreciation MR. RONALD R. WISNIEWSKI B.Ed., University of Miami E.S.W., Art II, III IV Art G i -Erudite (Co-sponsor) Head of Art Department MR. WILLIAM K. WOODWARD B.S. M.S., Oregon State College Vocational Drafting Graduation Exercises Co-Sponsor MRS. WINNIE S. WOOLEY B.S., Prairie View A. M. College M.S., Virginia State College Algebra I II Math Analysis F.N.A. Sponsor MR. RYLAND A. YEATTES B.S., University of Virginia M.Ed., University of Virginia Guidance Counselor MR. E. CHARLES SUTTON B.S. M.A. East Carolina College Chem Study 45 “If we work upon marble, it will perish; if we work upon brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds and imbue them with principles and with a just fear of God and love of their fellowmen, we engrave on these tablets something that will brighten to all eternity.” Webster 46 47 President: John Fowler Officers Treasurer: Barbara Strait 48 t ■ Class Representatives: (left to right) P. Dell, N. Reubush, R. Evans, M. Noggle, J. Northrop, D. Fiebelkorn, R. Singh. Eddy, J. Rosenwasser, P. Haas, S. Donoghue, A. Fleisher, P. Jenkins, J. Freshmen The freshmen, many of whom felt lost and bewildered when school started, established themselves as a significant strength in school life by the end of the year. The class of ’71, led by Presi¬ dent John Fowler, had bakesales, dances, and carwashes and won the Magazine Drive. Through the active spirit that they showed through the year they assured themselves of a formid¬ able position as a working organization. } f Class Sponsors: Mr. Beto and Mrs. Sneed. 49 Todd Acree Sandy Alexander Charles Allee Joann Allen Buddy Allison Joan Anders John Anders Brian Anderson Libby Anderson William Andrews Karen Angel Bill Apple Ray Armstrong Billy Arnold Denise Atkeson Bruce Aument William Austin Jeffery Babis m i i I Jf " m Jz, 1 4 . Ray Bacon James Bailey Lilly Bailey Richard Baker Mark Baldwin Deanna Ball I Dorothy Banner Bonnie Barnes Victor Barnes Cathy Barrows Leslie Basanez Mike Batten Liz Baxter Charles Beach Sandra Beach Quentin Beatty Sue Beck David Becker Terry Beeman Edna Bell Susan Bentley James Bergin Glenn Bernstein Barbara Berry 50 Linda Bevis Janet Beyer Bonnie Blailock Buddy Blake Robert Blakeley John Blush Kathy Blush John Bodkin Claudia Boles Nancy Boothe Edward Borgeson Linda Bosley Antoinette Boucher Peter Bowden Craig Bowen Susan Boyd Kathleen Boyle William Bradley Karen Brant Karen Braymer Carol Brewer Richard Bright Jimmie Brittle Brenda Brown William Brown Jeanie Bryant Valerie Bullock Buddy Bumgarner Thomas Bunch James Burk Freshman girls participate in an ancient leap year ritual. Debbie Burke William Burke Elisa Burnett Valerie Burns Carolyn Butler Donna Butler 51 Ronnie Butler Tanya Butler Richard Byrd Jo Callis Deborah Campbell Jack Campbell Kevin Caporaletti Karen Carpenter Wayne Carr David Carrico Susan Carson Michael Carter Douglas Cash Mary Catalfamo Carl Call in Warren Chapman Linda Chelton Jay Chesley Ronald Chittum Bruce Clark Joe Clark Alan Clary Sandy Clary Kitty Clem Carol Cohee Glen Cole Jerry Collegeman Rosemarie Collier Vincent Columbo Ruth Conard I 52 Donald Cooke James Copeland Mary Coppa Judy Copper Charles Corbin James Costello James Cox Joan Crabtree Terry Craig Terry Crane Pam Crawley Charles Crouch Rebecca Crowder William Culton Donna Cummings Tommy Currin Sylvia Dahlgren Gary Dahlquist Donna Daniel Debbie Darley Cathy Davidson Kim Davies Barbara Davis Donald Davis Freshmen Adjust To School Life Don Davis John Davis Rusty Davis Sue Davis Tommy Davis Carol Day Bonnie DeAngelis Orpheus Deaver Janet Deegan Terence Delaney Pam Dell Richard Delozier Chris De Meter Bill Demint George Demmons Anne Devries Diane DiBenedetto Ricky Diaz 53 Dan Dibble Donna Dillon Edward Diorio Ed Ditz Cynthia Dodson James Dodson Roger . . . over and out. Karen Dodson Patricia Donald Margaret Drake Wesley Drake Ricky Dreist Polly Drifmeyer Sheila Donoghue Debbie D’Orazio Alana Dubois Steven Duckworth Francis Dugan LuVonne Dupree M ike D’Orso Janet Dow Ruth Eckhouse Michael Eddy Allen Edge Elton Eisele Cathy Downing Carla Doyle Duane Eiskant Linda Eiskant Diane Ellis Lisa Ellis 54 Tim Ell more Kitty Emrico Mark Endicott Pat Enright Theresa Eppolito Sandy Erickson Brian Erwin Paul Eskew Guy Estes Brian Evans Clarice Evans Greg Evans Michael Evans Robin Evans Laura Fail Ronnie Faulkner Patrick Feindt Millie Fenwick Fall Brings Class Election Roberta Ferm Susan Fetterman Donna Fiebelkorn Diane Fisher Charles Gardiner Chris Gardiner June Fisher Barry Fitton Andrew Fleisher John Fleisher Charles Gastrell Philip Gessert Dennis Flynn Keith Fort John Fowler Jan Franke Bobby Ghetti William Gibson Ray Frantz Rodney Fridley Gary Gallahan Patricia Galvan Kenny Gilbert Beth Giles 55 Susan Gillikin Billy Giuffrida Linda Gorham Peg Grady Nancy Graham Joanne Gray Kerry Griffith Barbara Grimsley Patricia Haas Nancy Haber Jim Hackney Eunice Hagstrom Mary Hailey LouAnne Hamilton Pamela Hansen Donald Hakenson Jeffrey Hand Sharon Hardin Brooks Hall Lou Hansborough Anna Harmon Carl Hall Peggy Hansborough John Harney Vernon Hartless Lois Hartman David Harvey Bonnie Hawkins Claudia Heinbaugh Pam Henson Michael Hepburn Bonita Hernandez John Hewitt Ronnie Higgins Craig High Jane Hilleary Don Hodges Kenneth Hodges Valerie Hogsett Doug Hoke Carl Holland David Houde Paul Howell Annette Hoyt Jeanette Hoyt Karen Hreha Gene Johnson John Johnson Ken Johnson Paula Johnson Is it really loaded?! Terry Johnson Carroll Jones John Fowler Missy Jones Nancy Jones Leads Class PaulJuraschek Wayne Kahn Brenda Hudson Charles Hunt James Hunter Pat Hyatt Daniel Kaminsky Brian Kampschroer Darryl Ingles Ronnie Jackson Archie Jacobs Georgia Janes Lawrence Keating Michael Keener Debbie Jarrell Pam Jenkins William Jennelle Allen Johnson 57 Dana Kees Bob Kelley Jennifer Kelly Larry Kelley Dale Kelly Gary Kelly John Keltonic Carl Kersey Bobby Kidd Janis Kinzie Beverly Kirkman Barbara Koplaski Luann Kovals Lois Krapf Kathryn Kreamer Brenda Kriegel Calvin Kusaka Danny Kuykendall Place First In Magazine Drive Molly Larkin Tim Larkin Karen LaRock Susan LaRock Steve Larrick Patty Lash Roccie Lauria David Lawful Victor Lawrence John Lebiszczak Craig Lee Robert Lee Lowell Lefler Jane Lerohl Mike Lester Rebecca Levine James Lewis Robert Lewis Robert Lewis Abby Lillethun Donald Lockhart Harold Love Diana Lowry Kathy Mahloy 58 Margie Maly Jimmy Mangum Joseph Marino Michael Maron Donald Martin Donna Martin Gladys Martin Robert Martin Bonnie Mason Here come the elephants!! David Mason Debbie Mason John Mason Vicki Masten Sharon Mathews Pat Maupin Dewayne Mayle Bob Maynard Richard Mays Robert McBee Adele McBride Douglas McBroom Luke McClelland Terry McCorkle Francis McGirk Wayne McGogney Patricia McGoye Elaine McGrath Gail McHaffa Sharon McKenzie Gary McKinney Linda McMinimy David Meier Linda M ickey Bill Miller Denise Miller John Miller Cynthia Mitchell Donna Mock Sharon Moneymaker Dennis Moon Cheryl Moore Russell Morris Kathy Morrisey That ' s funny, Bucky, you don’t look that old! Gary Moses Carol Muglia David Mullen Ken Mullen Ronnie Mullins Robert Mulner Patty Murphy Sharon Murphy Scott Musick John Muterspaw Donna Myrick Linda Nader Arthur Nalls Don Nay Mike Neely Lynn Neese Bonnie Nelson Michelle Nigro James Noggle Alan North Phi! North Jennifer Northrop Bonnie Nowak Timmy O ' Brien Wallace Oliver Greg Olsen Barbara O ' Neil Della Onks Mary Orange Claire Osier Kathleen Ostergren Nathan Ouderkirk Mike Ours Faith Owens Steve Owens La Verne Painte r Richard Paton Thomas Payne Tod Pearson Elizabeth Pena John Perkins Shirley Perkins Take Gunston Football Title Judy Perry Bill Petree Steve Peyton Patricia Pfeiffer Donald Phelps Cynthia Phillips Linda Piper David Platt Cortland Pohle Ray Poorbaugh Holly Pope Carl Poppe James Poppe Bonnie Poston David Potter Kenneth Potter Cecil Powers Fred Prevenslik Gary Proctor Matthew Prohaska Margaret Pruitt Vivanne Puga Mark Pullen Deb Pullin 61 Richard Purdy James Raines Steve Rantz Linda Rao Ronnie Rao Shirley Ratcliffe Chris Reed James Reed Mark Reed Betsy Reeder Roy Reeves Neal Rehberg Deborah Relyea Donna Rembert Nancy Reubush Claudio Riba David Rice Alan Riddle Ruth Riley Allen Rizor Linda Robertson Brian Robinson Billy Rock Marty Rockwell SOULstice Is Great Success Rick Rodgers Alice Rogers Dana Rohrer Judi Rosenwasser Bill Rowe John Rowles Louise Rozier Mike Robanos Terry Rulapaugh Robin Russell Mike Salziger Mary Sanchez Donald Saul Kizzie Schleusing Gail Schmeckpeper Candace Schnabel Tommy Schulte Lois Schulte 62 Louis Schunk Barbara Schuster Diana Scott Randy Scott Roy Setliff Margaret Shaffer Cheryl Shank John Shelton Frances Sheridan Scott Shettel Robert Sias Gary Sillex Eric Silverthorn Ronnie Simms Donald Simpson Rae Ann Singh Steven Skalabrin David Sloan , Edgar Smith Holly Smith Linda Smith JoAnn Snell Kendall Snyder Enoch Spalding Patricia Speller Gary Spencer Jean Spencer Jerry Standridge Doug Stanfield David Steadman Gee, this Coke tastes funny . . . 63 Robert Steele Ricky Stockstill Dawn Stone Richard Stover David Strader Barbara Strait Marsha Strickler Nancy Tabor Bettie Talbott Craig Tasaka Julia Taylor Gary Thomas John Thomas Melissa Thomas Pam Thomas Teressa Thompson Wayne Thompson David Thorp To jump or not to jump. Neil Tillett Phillip Toven Sara Trainor Connie Tucker Bob Tuohy Michele Turner Joe Turpen Davena Tutterow Larry Uhlfelder Michael Updegraff David Usrey Therese Valliere 64 Kip Vozniak Mary Vozzola Deborah Walker Louis Wallach Joseph Walter Hugh Watts Elizabeth Webster Debbie Weeks Shelley Weeks Richard Weinhold Charlie Wells Debbie Welsh Girls Show Skill In Powderpuff Robert Wingo Michael Winter David Wolz Bruce Wood Melvin Wood Arthur Wray Diane Wheelock Linda White Pattie Whitley Rebecca Wick line Katherine Wiegard Walter Wiesman Tommy Wilke Cathy Williams Geneva Williamson Philip Willis Pete Wilmeth David Wilson Deborah Wilson Edna Wilson Debbie Wingate Roger Wrenn Duane Wright Kathy Wright Edward Yehle Dennis Zielinski Raymond Zwartjes 65 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: (top) Dave Brinckman, president; (left to right) Nan Harvey, vice-president; Patti Lenwell, treasurer; Ann Ziegler, secretary. 66 Sophomores Through the sponsorship of Mrs. McClurg and Mr. Sanford the class of ’70 more than doubled its last year’s treasury in antici¬ pation of what should be one of most memorable proms in school history. The president, Dave Brinckman, the sponsors, and other active members helped push through another success¬ ful and valuable year for one of the biggest classes ever to attend Edison. Among their many accomplishments was their Home¬ coming float which won first place in school competition. Their conduct and energy maintained the continuing Edison tradition. CLASS SPONSORS: Mr. Sanford and Mrs. McClurg i CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: First Row B. Shimchock, D. Bailey, k. Bergum, J. Tarlosky, P. Lenwell; Second Row: L. Lamb, S. Mandel, D. Mustone. Leon Abernathy Judy Adams Dot Aduddell Barbara Aldrich Pat Aleskowitz Ken Allen Terry Alley Carol Amos Linda Amsden Tommy Anderson Roxanne Ando Curt Armstrong Kathy Arnold Rose Arnold Alice Arrington Deborah Asbell Debbie Ash Sandi Avery James Back Debbie Bailey Horace Baldree Michael Banigan Michael Banks Jim Barber Harry Barnes Mike Barry Sidney Basanez Brenda Bass Susan Baylis Dennis Beard Linda Beatty Paul Beeman Diane Belt Patti Benarick Linda Bennett Karen Bergum 68 Homecoming Float Places First Charles Bernhardt Dennis Berry Patty Bevis Alan Bihh Barbara Bland Stuart Bogema Madge Bolinger Molly Bolinger Bobby Bollinger Jan Booth Brenda Bowers Judy Bowlin Bill Boyce Evie Boyd Jane Brackens Stephen Bradley Mark Bradtke Ernest Brady But 1 can’t reach the top. 69 Joe Brady Janel Brawner Micki Breuleux Chris Brewer Judie Brewer Sue Bridges Dave Brinckman Francis Broderick Dennis Brow n Darline Brown Les Brown Robert Brucker Don Brumback Deborah Bryan Garry Burns Doris Bushong John Butler Dennis Butler Dave Brinckman Leads Class Michael Caplanis Kathleen Carlstrom Sue Carney Gail Carter Mark (Catalfamo Tyler Chambers Tom Chambers Gary Chapin Jov Charles Rhea Chelton Carol Cherosky Kenny Christensen Judy Clark Sandra Clark Andrew Cleveland David Cohen Billy Collins Daniel Conrad 70 Robert Conroy Deborah Cooper Barbara Coppage Carol Corbin Brenda Cornnell Mike Cowan Greg Cox Katherine Crocker Ronnie Cronan Cathy Crotty Terry Crouse Ken Crum Darien Cupka Cheryl Curtis Barbara Cutlip Claudia Dains Steve Dameron Richard Davies I think I’ll name him Clyde. Christine Davis John Davis Sharon Davis Sue Davis Kenneth Dawson Brad Day Ivy Deane Mike Deem Peter Dehaven 71 Brian Delaney Diane Delozier Earl Devers Harold Devers Karen Devine Deborah Devor Mike Dewey Kathleen Dickerson John Dillon Anne Ditz Tommy Dodge Glen Dodson Rick Dodson Richard Domingue Karen Dotson Bill Downs Sally Drifmeyer Frank Dunnuck Sophomore coffee house. — 1 Douglas Durst Diana Duvall Chris Early Martha Edson Kathy Ehle Courtney Elder Charles Eldridge Floyd Ell more Beverly Elzey Carol Embrey Joseph Emrico Larry Emswiler 72 Beverly Ennis Tom Eppolito Charles Esping Rebecca Eubanks James Eyman Richard Fagan Vickie Farley Todd Favorite Terry Fearson Margie Feaser Larry Feaster Mike Featherstone Tim Foster Debbie Foxwell Bob Fraser Anna Freeman Linda Fridenstine Vicki Fuller Ralph Gardner Susan Gardner Lynn Gastrell Judy Gaudreault Elsie Gayle Jeff Giamario Sophomores Hold Class Card Sale Julia Felsecker Charles Fenimore Wayne Fentress Doug Ferris Charles Fisher Tommy Fleck Richard Forbes Dave Fortney Gary Foster Joan Foster 73 Debbie Giddings Stud Gilmore Tony Giuffrida Pam Gladney Robert Goerder Cathie Golden Patricia Gorham Butch Goss Alison Grahn Well you see, Sir, my paper was in my book which I lost . . . Dino Graumann Cheryl Green Richard Greene John Gribble i spy ; a a m.¥i a Jii Connie Grimm Melissa Grimsley Craig Groff Larry Gurley Mark Guthrie Lynne Haas Therese Haas Pete Haber Nancy Haberer John Hakenson Wilbur Hall Steve Haney Debbie Hansen Barbara Hardbower Gail Hardin Brenda Hardy Becky Hare William Harlow 74 Roger Harmon Sharon Harmon Susan Harr Daniel Harris Susie Harris Mark Harrison Diane Harvey Nan Harvey Larry Hawkins Wayne Hawley Kathy Haynes Charleen Heddings Richard Hedrick Karen Helmick Grace Hensley Mary Herndon Janet Hess Deborah Hibbs Cl ass Has Sadie Hawkins Dance Janet Hicks Darlene Hill Sandra Hill Debbie Hinson Delores Hoffman Michael Hogan James Holmes Harry Hopkins Elizabeth Howard Barbara Huddle David Huff Patricia Huff Deborah Hughes Robert Hunt Sherry Hunt Susie Hunt Ida Ibrahim Bob Ingle 75 Margaret Jones Marla Juraschek Stan Jones Ralph Justice Susan Kees Deborah Kelly Mike Kelly Linda Iroff Melinda Jackson Jennifer James George Janes Joyce Jeffries Debbie Jewell Mark Jewitt Dotty Johnson Joyce Johnson Marsha Johnson Kathryn Jones Linda Jones Ron Kerstetter Walker Kidd John Kinball Richard King Don Kirby Maxine Kirby Sophomore Class David Kaldenbach Linda Katzenstein Dianne Kavros Gary Katacinski Sue Kauten Dave Keefer Lives Up To Its Name 76 Marleen Komoroski Linda LaCase Lynn Lamb Cheryl Labadie Thomas Lam David Land Elizabeth Lang Linda Lawhorn Chip Leavitt Patti Lenwell Debbie Lecorchick Linda Leoras Ellen Lewis Stacy Lewis Donovan Lines Steve Link Laura Lippard Debbie Long Mike Lovern Danny Ludwig Ronald Machmer Lee Mack Watch this one, guys, a backwards hotpepper! 77 Larry Mason Billy Matheny Buddy Maxwell Timothy May Preston Mayo Chris McCaleb Bill McCall Robert McCleary Dennis Brown closes up after a long day. Shaun McClelland Terry McCrady Bill McGovern Glenda Meade Buddy Meador Mike Mellion Steven McGraw Terry McKeown Vivian McMahon Skip Messinger James Metzler Sylvester Mial David McManamy Linda McMorrow Barbara Meade June Middlecoff John Milam George Miller 78 Mike Milligan Pat Monson Robert Moon Larry Moore Linda Moore Missy Moore Jim Minor Terry Moore Billie Morgan Colin Morgan Andrew Morris Steve Morris Linda Mock Garry Mullins Denise Mulvey Beckie Murphy Steve Murray David Mustone Delores Moneymaker Frank Nagel Bob Nagle Connie Nash Jane Nay Melanie Nichols Treasury Doubled In One Year Daniel Painter Robin Nichols Wanda Nicholson Janice Noble David Noel Gary Noel Art Paper John Noggle Norma Norton Debbie Obusek Susan Olmstead Mary Orndorff 79 George Perkins Vicki Peter Laurence Parfitt Dawn Parker Leslie Parker Debbie Parsons Gary Petitt Sue Phaelen Gail Paulovich Mary Payne Patty Peace Tammy Pearson Debbie Phillips Vicki Pichurko Michael Peartree Vivian Pexiotto Karen Penick Alan Perkins Sock Hops Raise Prom Money Richard Pistone Mary Pomfret Don Post Ray Price Debra Prince Diane Pusey Dianne Quante John Quinn Sue Radcliffe Edward Raettig Althea Ramsey Dixie Ramsey Drema Ratcliffe Michael Ratcliff Miriam Ratner Susi Redfield Vickie Reeder Sandy Reid 80 Betty Renno Charles Rey Justin Reynolds Allen Rhein Susan Riccio Peggy Riddle Wilson Riley Robert Ripley Caroline Ritter Glenn Roberts Zondra Robinson Jo Ann Roland Kenneth Romero Janice Rose Frank Ross Ken Royston Carol Rush Terry Rutherford Don Sanderson Sandra Rosendale Pat Row Lynda Royston Sharon Rutherford Lloyd Sage Cecilia Sandors 81 Mary Savage Mark Schaefermeyer Pete Schroeder Tami Schwab Joleen Schweitzer Joseph Seegars Sandra Sexton Thomas Shank Kenneth Sheldon Jim Shelly Dellanne Shelton Beverly Shepherd Brenda Shimchock Marc Shiro Larry Shoemaker Pamela Shultz Sandi Siegwarth Courtney Sigel John Sills David Sisson Anne Smith Alan Silverthorn Chet Skirven Connie Smith Pat Sims Pete Smagorinsky Dee Smith 82 Morris Smith Nancy Smith Stephen Smith Vickie Smith Nancy Snell Patricia Snow Chris Snyder Bobby Spalding Vicki Spears Robert Spicer Mary Springer Rodger Staples Sophomores Included In Thematic English Diane Steinbach Richard Stewart Jewel Stroud Donna Stemple Steve Stone Sherry Student Cheryl Stephenson Sharon Stover Meg Studer Bonnie Sturgill Donald St urgill Joyce Tarlosky Marie Taylor Susan Taylor Joan Tepper 83 Deborah Tess Sandra Tharp Cindy Thiebolt Ferguson Thiebolt Danny Thomas Dusty Thomas Class Of ’70 Works For ’69 Prom Debbie Walton Edward Thomas Gene Thomas Patricia Thome Daryl Thompson David Thompson Roger Watkins Paul Thompson Emmett Tolan Christine Tollman Ronald Tornese Sue Triplett Brenda Weatherford Clyde Truitt Brenda Turner Donna Tuthill John Tuthill Herbert Tyson Lori Weaver Carlos Urrutia Sue Utley Joan Valiante Ellen Vermillion Kaye Vickers Mary Webb Linda Wade Mike Wade Linda Waggle Linda Walker Christine Wallach 84 William Webster Iva West Karen Wetzel Nancy Weeks Kathlene West Howard Wheaton Carol Wells Debbie Westgate Bill Whitaker Mike White Eddie Wilder Doug Wildman Harold Williams James Wilson Janet Wingo Delyle Wolford Mike Woolfrey Linda Woolls Stephen Wray Joe Wrenn Sharon Wright Sandi Wynn JoAnne Young Robert Young Steve Young Janeen Zechman Ann Ziegler Junior Class Officers: (top) Aline Park, treasurer; Jan Quackenbush, secretary; (bottom) David Rosenwasser, vice-president; Doug Brinck- man, president. 86 Representatives: (top, left to right): D. McArthur, J. Carter, H. Heath, D. Bateman, A. Smagorinsky, D. Rosenwasser, (bottom) A. Park, C. Loose, D. Scott, D. Dickerson. Juniors The Junior Class proved itself to be a class of leaders in all aspects of school life. It worked tirelessly on fund-raising activi¬ ties, including the Magazine Drive, in which it placed second. February brought the Sweetheart Dance which the Juniors co¬ sponsored with the Seniors. The highlight of the year, and a fitting climax, wa s the 1967-68 prom, held at the Willard Hotel. It finished off a great year with an appropriate touch of elegance. A strong competitive spirit and sincere interest in the welfare of the school contributed to make this class an admirable ex¬ ample for classes in the years to come. Sponsors: Miss Hinkle and Mr. Gillis 87 Diane Abernathy Carolyn Able Allyson Ahrens Harold Albertson Ray Albright Marian Allman Rena Amsden Girls Practice Debbie Anderson Mary Anderson Robert Ando William Andrews Chris Anuswith Dona Appel Gary Armstrong Rex Anderson Pat Anderton Now on to the bathing suit competition. 88 Margaret Arnold Ginger Athey Ralph Atkinson For Powderpuff Philip Austin Charles Back Debbie Baker Janice Baker Mary Baker George Ballard ; c " . Andrea Barnes Katy Barry Debbie Bateman Phil Beach Lois Barrett Bobbie Basham James Batten Gary Beatty George Beatty Dennis Beck Gene Beck Rose Bell Preston Bergin Benjamin Bishop John Blanton Janice Blight Rodney Blough Lindsay Bodkin Barbara Bollinger Dusty Booth Mary Bosley Don Bouchard DeEtta Bowling Juniors Await Arrival Of Rings 90 Scott Boyce Peggy Boyle Thomas Bray Connie Braymer Linda Brenner Jon Breuleux Doug Brinkman Donna Britt Charles Brown Roger Bullock Sherry Bullock Sylvia Bunch Julie Burke Jacqueline Burriss Chris Bursenos Jeanne Campbell Larry Campbell Sandy Campbell Alanna Carlson John Carlson Marie Carlson Dennis Carter Judy Carter Scott Cassada Michael Caudle 91 Heidi Chorosinski Sylvia Clark Barbara Clary Henry Clifton Tom Cloud Donna Coates Bradley Coffey Mike Coffey Charles Cole Larry Cole This is the first time I’ve had to wash a car to find the gas cap. Linda Coleman Eleanor Comeau Doug Comer Doug Compton Teresa Conard Corley Conrad 92 Bonny Coolbaugh Ingrid Copeland Eddie Cote Carol Cummings Angie Cunningham Ron Cox John Crabtree Cindi Crowley Fred Curry Patricia Dakin Mary Criss Jim Cuddy Leonard Culbertson Nanci Daniels Steven Daniels Janet Davis Lynn Davis Stephen Davis Nancy Dawson Bob Day Martha Deaton A1 Dennis Carole Denton Meg Desmond Brenda Devers 93 Barry Dibble Diane Dickerson Dianne Dillon Linda Dixon Bob Dolinger Tom Donchatz Moira Donoghue Elsie Donohue Roy Donohue Sandi D’Orazio Herbert Dove Sherry Dubois Cheryl Ellis David Ellis Ann Englehart Douglas Duchaj Virginia Eaton Linda Ennis Madonna Eppolito Carolyn Evans Sue Edward Nancy Elliott Rosolyn Evans Patricia Fagan Carroll Farmer 94 Ed Fenwick Terry Farnum Doug Feagans Jim Feagans Larry Feindt Thank you, my chauffer will be along presently. Class Of ’69 Shows Variety Of Talents Diane Fiebelkom Jack Finucan Garry Fitton Pat Fleisher Donna Fleming Bill Forehand Wayne Foster Vickie Frazier Linda French Tom Futch 95 Mary Gentry Eddie George Kenneth Gerlach Tom Giamario Norman Gibbs Ruth Gibson Laura Gill Nancy Gilliam Cecilia Giuffrida Carol Givens By day, a shoesalesman, by night a . . . Places 2nd In Magazine Drive John Gladney Alan Goldsmith Linda Goodheart Deanna Goss Rick Gould Pat Grady 96 Gordon Graham Thomas Grimsley Wayne Gryder Alice Harris Jane Harris James Guthrie Bobby Hagstrom John Hahl Sandra Harris Ed Harrison Jim Hall Pat Hamilton Suzanne Hamilton Connie Hartye Danny Harvey I |Kp| «Tv 1 ■Oft; W ? m !m . _ ' Gayle Hammersley Dale Hankins Phyllis Hardbower Georgia Hardman Suzanne Harlow Wayne Harper Janice Hatton Brenda Haynes 97 Holly Heath Chuck Heddings Gloria Henderson John Henderson Donna Hicks Cheryl Hill Douglas Hill Joy Hilleary Terry Hoffmann Vickie Hoffmann 18 Juniors Inducted Into N.H S. Bill Holland Randy Huff Erlicia Hollins Pat Hurley Jim Hopkins Jody Hutcherson Kathleen Hopping Mary Hyatt Sue Howdyshell Catherine Jenkins 98 Sue Jewell Gary Johnson Pamela Johnson Regina Johnson I now pronounce you . . . Delores Jones Marty Jones Mary Jones Sandra Jones Bruce Jordan James Jost Daniel Juraschek Eileen Kahn Robert Kaminsky Patty Katzebue John Keating 99 Robert Keet Becky Keim Larry Kersey Valerie Ketcham David King Jim Kirby Charles Knapp Charles Kneale Harold Knight Jane Kramer Lee Kumbar Ron Kusaka College Boards Fill Thoughts Steve Lamb Jimmy Lang Jane Larrick Sandra Laughon Dear Abby . . . 100 Larry Lauria Frank Lawrence Sharon Lawrence Mike Lebe Gail Lee Michael Lee Sharon Lee Steve Lefler Annetta Lester Dan Liebman Ungouwa Thomas Lightfoot Kathryn Lillethun Bobby Lockhart Anita Lohman Martha Lord Karl Loritsch Carol Loving Cynthia Luginbyhl Steve Lyons 101 Albert Lytle Rodney Madaris Marilyn Madden Donna Mahloy Donald McArthur June McBride But I think the hem should be five inches longer. Mark Major Mary Maust Charles Mantiply Carol Maxwell Catherine Mathews Cathy Maust Russell Maynard Janet Mays Dennis McCoy Sherry McCullen Juniors Host Out-Of-School Prom Donna McCullough Jean McDaniel Marlys McLean Carol McLendon Ian McPherson Arlene McFall Dennis McFeeley Donald Mears Carrie Merchant Debbie Merrill Linda Metzler Dennis Meyers Daniel Miller Steven Monson Stephen Montoney Frank Miller Miriam Miller Faye Mobbs April Moore James Moore 103 Boys Trade Places With Girls In Powderpuff Karla Moore Sue Moreman Bradley Moses Steven Nelson David Newberger Larry Moyer Richard Mulner Denise Mutscheller Mike Nigro Sharon Northrop Wayne Naill Edna Nalls Sue Napier Karin Norton Kathy Nowak David Nash Joseph Natoli Patricia Nelson Carol O’Connor Linda Olschner 104 Trevor Olson Robert Oppenheim Dennis Overby Dianne Page I know the butler did it before I even finish the book. Bobbi Painter Wayne Palfrey Aline Park Jean Parker Tim Perrell Donna Parsons Shirley Pate Steve Patterson Gregory Payne Shirley Petersen Joseph Payne William Payne George Pearson James Perkins William Peterson 105 Bob Petrie Mary Phelps Genny Phillips John Pine Glenn Plaugher Mike Poole Mildred Potter Patricia Powell Russ Pratt Lottie Pugh l. Jere Pullen Pamela Pusey Jan Quackenbush Daryl Qualls Carol Quartana Carol Quinn Steve Rakocky Paul Ralston Debbie Ratcliffe Vickie Ratcliffe Mary Rawlings John Reese James Rekas Grace Reynolds Kathryn Rizzo 106 William Roan Carter Robertson Wanda Rock Kathy Rosendale David Rosenwasser Lynn Rodgers Alan Rognlie Debbi Rohrer Carolyn Ross Darlene Rouse Juniors Anticipate Last Year Dean Scheider Steve Schneider This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy dragged all the way home. 107 Rick Schrader Kitty Schulte Lyle Schweitzer Deborah Scott Mark Schroeder Butch Schultz Debbie Scott Michael Sco tt Now this won’t hurt a bit. Carol Settle Everett Sexton Larry Shaffer 108 College Night Informs Juniors Tina Shain Terry Sheehan Patty Shelton Sue Shepard Stanley Sheridan Gary Shifflett Nancy Shurey Robert Sills Gloria Silver Barbara Simpson Terry Sinneway Anne Smagorinsky Dannie Smith Donnie Smith Dorothy Smith Linda Smith Rodney Smith Scott Smith Sherry Smith Rosemary Snapp Bobby Snelling 109 Paula Snodgrass Carol Staples Joseph Spagnoletti Ernest Staples Richard Spicer Denis Stasulis Barbara Stanley Phyllis Steele Prom Held In May Sharon Stephens Ken Strait James Stevenson Eugene Sullivan Roger Stovall Tom Sutherland Anthony Stoyko Ted Talbott Alice Taylor Robert Taylor Tricia Taylor Pat Terry Curtis Thomas 110 Elizabeth Thombs Lee Thompson Robert Thomson Mike Thornton Gudrun Tiefenthaler No, Joy, the crowd’s this way! Carol Tiemann Gail Tillery Bonnie Timbrook William Tippins Steve Toler Maria Torres Robert Toven William Towns Dorothy Travers Michael Trenery Barbara Triplett 111 Keryn Troobnick Robert Troy Carol Tyler Kay Van Horn Ray Van Horn Brenda Viar Janet Vickers-Smith Vincent Vozzola Sherri Wade Patty Wagenhals Gary Walker Never an idle moment. Kenneth Walker Janette Walsh Mary Walter Sandy Walters James Ward 112 Patti Webb Paul Weber Richard Weber Mary Weddel John Weeks Cindy Welch Lynda Welch Bill Weldon Michael Wetzel Mary Whalen Honor Guards Chosen Nellie Whitaker Rita Whitley Anne Wiegard Diann Wilkinson Mark Wilkinson Carol Williams David Williams John Williams Donald Willis Nancy Wilmeth ' .L 113 Debbie Wilson Susan Wilson Cyndy Wingate Lynda Winkler Our group had 33% fewer cavities. Nancy Wirth Gary Witsman Roy Wolf Marcia Wollock Bill Yehle ElLen Zacofsky Shirley Zanetti Sharon Wolz Cherie Wood Howard Zimmerman John Zimmerman Deborah Zweiban 114 Around School - .a 115 “In the practical as in the theoretical life, the man whose acquisitions stick is advancing, whilst his neighbors, spending most of their time in relearn¬ ing what they once knew but have forgotten, simp¬ ly hold their own,” William James SENIOR SENATE: Myers, B. Nelson, F. Lauria, K. Yancey, M. Gardner, J. Dent, J. First Row: (L-R) D. Miller, C. Hennige, L. Shockey, L. Strait, J. Sneed, Johnson, D. Weaver, P. Me Farland, H. Pearson, J. Robertson, R. C. Desmond, R. Philips, M. Pearson, C. Baldwin; Second Row: J. Schneider. Seniors CLASS SPONSOR: Miss Stephenson Striving to be “No. 1”, the Class of 1968 has met and ended with victories and defeats. To be called a member of T. A. Edison’s Senior Class has been a great privilege. We were looked up to both by underclassmen and students of other schools. Two years in a row, we cheered our basketball team all the way to State, our football and baseball teams to district titles and our wrestlers to State. We watched stars come and go. We have seen ourselves mature day by day to realize the significance of being an adult with responsibilities. Our Prom was a memorable occasion. We were the class to finish the Senior Court. On Graduation Day, our tears would forever stain the grounds of Edison. We left it for our future, b ut our hearts would be forever embedded in the long, solemn halls of Thomas A. Edison High School Left to Right: President: Kevin Kampschroer; Secretary: Linda Walker; Treasurer: Dale Hedrick; Historian: Adrienne Goss; Vice-president: Joe Cotton. 119 Arlo E. Abbot, Jr. Sherlene S. Acklin Jane R. Allen Joe Allen, Jr. Carl Anderson Jerry L. Angel Craig W. Anson William H. Archie Edward H. Athey, Jr. Mary J. Austin Carolyn L. Bacon Caryn J. Baker Charlene G. Baldwin A. Dale Ball 120 Mary A. Bangley R. Hope Banton Thomas A. Barber Brenda C. Barnes Gladys B. Bartley Nancy Barnes Kampschroer Leads Senior Class Sarah E. Bayne 121 m? 1 | ■ SENIOR CLASS SCA REPRESENTATIVES: First Row: (L-R) M. Gill, R. Doyle; Second Row: D. Miller, C. Baldwin; Third Row: L. Walker, D. Hedrick, G. Wrobleski. John T. Beatty David A. Belcher Barbara A. Benyo Melanie L. Bernst Fred W. Bibb, Jr. Kevin P. Bise David M. Bishop 1 22 Susan L. Bizzell Sara L. Blake Brenda J. Blansett John H. Bloyer Nancy W. Bogema Lawson B. Booth Kent M. Brady Barbara A. Brant Patrick Brant Senior Girls Win Powderpnff Paul M. Bray Jean E. Brearey Katherine H. Breuleux Karen S. Bridgland 123 Wayne A. Brim Diane L. Briscoe Thomas A, Brooks Brenda N. Brown Colleen I. Brown David E. Brown Two Seniors Are Named National Merit Semi-Finalists Douglas E. Brown Warren D. Brown James H. Brownfield Linda S. Bruce Steven R. Buckner Joseph L. Burk 124 Jo Anne O. Burke Lois A. Burrows Rita H. Bushong Charles T. Campbell What a question! Thomas G. Carlson 125 ■1 Douglas K. Carrico Diane L. Carter Darrel, will it really fit? Seniors Represent Edison At Forensic Meet Wanda M. Cave Gary A. Chapman James C. Chappelle Gary W. Chesley Dwight Childress Michael E. Childs mmmm 126 Clystie Clausen Charlotte S. Coffman Richard M. Cio Kemper G. Collins Dona T. Connolly Mary Ann Clark Janet F. Conrad Glen R. Cooke Joseph O. Cotton Patty G. Craig Wayne E. Creel Paul L. Courtney 127 Michael A. Criniti Jo Ann Crockett Cheryle D. Cuddy Hugh D. Cundiff Gary W. Damrow Carol A. Davenport Rosonna L. Davis Susan C. Davis Barbara M. Deavers M. Dale Decker Deborah De Haven Kathy W. Dennis Sara D. Dennis John F. Dent, III 128 Colleen E. Desmond Gerald R. Devers Seniors Elect Senators Who are you waiting for. Bishop? E. Christine DeVries Bill DiBenedetto Brenda L. Dodson Deborah D. Donaldson 129 Patricia J. Donnelly Patricia A. Douglas I dare you to pass! Robbin J. Doyle Laurence D. Drake Kenneth R. Drifmeyer Tamara G. Dunnett Judith L. Economides Sharon L. Edelen 130 Drusilla Ellmore Demeretta D. Erwin Mark E. Favorite Michael J. Erwin Karen K. Evans Rebecca A. Feagans Robert F. Evans Nancy C. Farmer Alan W. Featherstone Class Of ’68 Finishes Court Harry S. Ferguson, Jr. Scott E. Ferguson Larry G. Fitton Deborah M. Fleming 131 mmm Kathleen A. Fogarty Kathryn L. Fowler Susan M. Freeman Marvin K. Frye Dara L. Funk Ronald E. Funk Seniors Plan For College Edward M. Gardner Marion J. Garrison Lynn C. Gessert Mae W. Gill Gary R. Glossop James H. Goins, Jr. 132 Adrienne W. Goss Monica A. Grant James E. Green I’ll do anything.” Michalle L. Greimann Harvie L. Gribble 133 Virginia D. Griffith Vickie L. Grimm Richard W. Groleau Virginia R. Grove John R. Groves Jana L. Guard Melodie B. Guthrie Paul M. Haberer Raymond L. Hager Jeannie M. Hakenson John D. Hall Carol K. Halnon Gladys I. Hansborough Bruce Hansbrough 134 Michael V. Harmon Betty L. Harrell Karin R. Harding Donna A. Harmon James M. Harris Donald F. Harrison Donald I. Harrison Clayton D. Hedrick Brave Seniors Face TB Shots Karen A. Heine Lonnie R. Hendrick Carol V. Hennige Linda S. Henson 135 Richard H. Hilleary, Jr. Richard A. Hilton Richard W. Hoffler Saundra L. Holloway Michael R. Henson Susan Hernandez You know where you can go! Cynthia J. Hicks Elizabeth M. Hildreth Jeter B. Holloway Susan P. Holt " It ' s Academic” Takes First Place Michael J. Horwath Judith L. Houston David A. Howell John A. Howell Philip M. Hubbard Glenn L. Huffman Hope L. Huntington Nadine J. Iroff Lucille E. Jacobsen Johnny L. James David L. Jamieson Michael L. Jeffries 137 Janet A. Jenkins Linda Jennings Gary D. Jewett Thomas Jewett Seniors Anticipate Graduation Catherine V. Johnson Donald P. Johnson James A. Johnson Thomas A. Johnson Donald L. Jones James A. Jones Mark S. Jones Mary J. Jones 138 The many faces of Mr. Mika. Mary M. Justice Pamela J. Kachur Kenneth H. Kaldenbach Michael E. Keck Kevin Kampschroer Stephen H. Kent Janice L. Keller Sherry L. Kerstetter 139 Katherine Kincannon Diane P. King Jacqueline Kirby Stephen K. Kreigh Seniors Elect Superlatives K. Douglas Kuhn David Kumbar Faye E. Lam Nancy A. Lam Daniel P. Largess Linda C. LaRock Francis M. Lauria Eula G. Lawhorne 140 Candace J. Lawrence Michael D. Leavitt Elizabeth A. Lee Joanne M. Lenwell Karen D. Lerohl Linda F. Lester Clifton W. Lewis David W. Lippard Johnnie M. Lewis Rebecca A. Livengood 141 Webster F. Lodge, Jr. Mary E. Lopresti Larry L. Loveall Sharon L. Lowery Margaret A. Lutz Joyce A. Mack Class Of ’68 Orders Caps And Gowns In February Adelheid A. Maier 142 Susan E. Mallory Donald K. Martin Geraldine M. Martin Stephan G. Mangum Ella J. Mason Rose A. Massey Sammy L. McEwen Linda C. McFarland Paul W. McFarland Linda Margosian Kathleen J. Masterson Nancy S. McClelland Patricia J. McCoy Maureen E. McDonald 143 Sheila A. McGoye Michael A. McGrail Robby S. McLearen How about that! 144 Madelynn S. Messinger Barry W. Messmer Chuck W. Miller Daphne F. Miller Anita P. Millians Carol A. Mills Senior Class Co-sponsors Sweetheart Dance Margaret A. Minor Janice Mitchel Leonard S. Mitchel Mary E. Monts Richard R. Moon Joanne G. Moore 145 Cheryl S. Moorhead William L. Montgomery Craig A. Morgan Guy D. Morgan Douglas M. Mrstik Karen E. Muglia Kathleen L. Murphy Reginald D. Murphy Margaret A. Murray 146 Sandra E. Murray Susan E. Murray Charles A. Myers John E. Myers Marilyn G. Myers Barbara L. Nathan William D. Neidermeyer Michael L. Nelson William W. Nelson William Nelson Lewis B. North Helen L. Norton Seniors Participate In New Thematic English Program Deborah B. Nuckols Michael O’Connor, 11 Mary M. O’Neal 147 Mary J. O’Neil John W. Orange Sandra J. Ouderkirk Robert B. Pace Sharon L. Paper Gregory Pavlick Frances M. Payne Ronald L. Payne Herbert K. Pearson Rick J. Pelasara Deidre L. Pentecost Rosemarie I. Philips Marcia A. Pearson Susan E. Penn Maxine K. Pfeil Bian J. Phillips 148 Patricia A. Phillips Stephen R. Potter John D. Powell Kenneth V. Powell Virginia M. Powell Edward A. Pravlick Robert T. Prevenslik Paul L. Prewitt Linda L. Pulley Barefoot Dance Held In Conrt Michael Puryear John M. Quante Susan M. Raetigg Ronald Ragsdale 149 Deborah A. Randall La Donna G. Ratcliff Rebecca A. Reddick Anne B. Reeder Keith H. Randall Carol A. Rebholtz Christopher D. Reed William A. Reese Is it possible that Joe Cotton is quiet? Wayne A. Reid Thomas W. Rice Lynne I. Reubush Charles J. Richardson 150 Martha D. Risdon Betty L. Roan Denise M. Robanos John K. Roberts Jesse L. Robertson, Jr. Patricia M. Robinson Roland E. Rodgers Richard Rogers Seniors Set Up " Mock Congr Gabor J. Rozsa Richard L. Runaldue Alison E. Rush Glenn H. Russell Cheryl Rutherford Steven Salter 99 151 Jerrold B. Sandors Ronald L. Schneider Bruce E. Schulte Derrill W. Scott Betty Seegars Dennis L. Semones Joan L. Setliff Charlotte Shaffier Clare E. Shelby Patricia A. Shelly Linda Shelton Herbert Shepherd Lane H. Sheppard James H. Shields Les E. Shockey Linda A. Shockey 152 David M. Shook Edward M. Shumate Seniors Take Part In County Student Government Day Christine Sims Howard A. Sinclair Larry G. Smith Glen A. Sims, Jr. Harold Smith Linda D. Smith Mark S. Smith Rebecca L. Smith Stephen D. Smith William R. Smith Who are these cheerleaders kidding? Sandra K. Stephens David M. Strickler Linda S. Strait Nancy L. Summerlin Joan A. Sneed Mary E. Snow Patricia A. Spalding Patricia L. Spicer Judith L. Stapf Ronald E. Stemple Robert W. Surface Larry Swanner 154 Gerald W. Taylor Sherry G. Taylor Harold R. Thomas Marsden I. Thomas Norman B. Taylor Diane M. Terry John W. Thomas Wade H. Thomas Pamela K. Tiano Judith E. Tingley George M. Tomlinson Sharon E. Towns Jacklyn M. Trenary Martha E. Tucker Sharon L. Tyson Charles L. Vest 155 Carol E. Viar Shirley A. Walls James S. Wangness Cynthia M. Wells Thomas G. Waldron Marguerite L. Walsh David L. Weaver Michael E. Wheeler Linda S. Walker Linda D. Walthall Elaine F. Weaver Eugene L. White William B. Whittington Warren E. Wickline, Jr. Charles G. Wigner Alvin Williams 156 Kristin S. Williams Virginia A. Wilson Darrel L. Windom Brenda F. Wood Sharon D. Wood Henry Wright Lori Wright Patricia A. Wright Alma Mater Is Chosen Wayne Wright Gayle I. Wrobleski Kenneth W. Yancey Darlene L. Yoder Donald L. Yoder Christine E. Young 157 ■HI 158 WILLIAM SMITH KATHRYN FOWLER I DAPHNE MILLER h 159 Upper Left: BARBARA BRANT Upper Right: GABE ROZSA 160 OPTIMIST CLUB—Students of the Year: Kevin Roberts and Lynn Gessert Honored Seniors National Merit Finalists: Keven Kampschroer and John Howell. Girl’s and Boy’s State: Daphne Miller, Gabe Rozsa, Anne Reeder, Kevin Kampschroer, Cathy Johnson, Barry Messmer. 161 ABBOTT, ARLO E., JR., “Skip " ; FTA treas 9, 12; Band 10-12; Marching Band 10-12; Intra¬ murals 9. ACKL1N, SHERLENE S.. “Sherlene”; Trans Pineville, Louisiana, 11. ALLEN, JANE R„ “Janie”; Art Guild 11. ALLEN, JOE, JR., “Joe”; V1CA 12. ANSON. CRAIG W., “Craig”; Football 9; " Bells”; French Club 10; Joy Boys 10, sec. 11, 12; “Romeo and Juliet”; Dance Club pres 11; Key Club 11, 12; Concert Choir II; “King and I”; Masquers 11, 12; “Teahouse”; “West Side Story”. AUSTIN, MARY J., “Mary”; Pep Club 10; YFC 11; Chorale 11, 12; Sr Senate: SCA rep 12. BACON, CAROLYN L„ “Carol”; Basketball JV 9, mgr 10, V 11, 12; Softball JV 9, 10, V 11; Gymnastics 9-11; Band sec 9; Hockey JV 10, V 11, 12; PP Football 11; Guidance 11, 12; Sr Senate. BAKER, CARYN J., “Caryn”; German Club 9-11. sec 12; Ldrship Training Conf 9; La Fete 9-11; “Harvey”; FHA 10, sec 11; GAA treas 10, pres 11; “Bells”; Current 11, Typing Ed 12; “Romeo and Juliet”; NHS 11, 12; GHS 11, 12; AFS 11; Prom Comm 11; “King and 1”; Masquers 12; Keyettes 12; SCA 10, 11; “Teahouse”; Talon 12. BALDWIN, CHARLENE G., “Charlene”; SCA rep 9-12; Soc Comm 9, 11; Ways and Means Comm 10; SHS 10, vp 11, 12; Keyettes 11, treas 12; Current Exchange Ed 11, Busi¬ ness Mgr 12; NHS 11, vp 12; PP Football mgr 11, 12; Carnival Comm 12; Spanish Club 11, pres 12; Sr Senate. BANTON, HOPE R., “Hope”; Hockev JV 10; Class rep 11; PP Football 11; VOT 12. BARBER, THOMAS A„ “Tom”; French Club 9; sec 10; Science Club 11; “Romeo and Juliet”; “US”; Latin Club 12; “King and 1”; Talon 12; “Teahouse”; Band 11; SCA rep 11. BARNES, BRENDA, “Brenda”; FHA 10: GAA 10; “Glass Menagerie”. BARTLEY, GLADYS B., “Gladys”; FHA 10, pari 11; GAA 10, 11; Girls Track mgr 10; Home Ec Asst 12; Guidance 12. BAYLISS, BURT, “Burt”; Football 9; Track 9. BAYNE, SARAH E., “Sarah”; GAA sec 10, 11; Pep Club 10; PP Football 11, 12; Softball JV 11; Prom Comm 11; Library 11. BEATTY, JOHN T., “John”; Astronomy Club 9,10; Float 12. BENYO, BARBARA A., “Barb”; Trans St Mary’s Academy, 11; SCA rep 11, Soc Comm 12; Current 11, Copy and Rewrite Ed 12; Dance Club 11; Prom Comm 11; SHS 11, vp 12; Drill Team 12. BERNST, MELANIE L., “Mel”; Spanish Club 10, sec II, 12; FHA 10, 12; GAA vp 10, sec 11, pt recorder 12; Track 10; Dance Club 11; Rifle Club 11; Prom Comm 11; NHS 11, 12; Forensic Club 11, 12; Chorale 11, 12; Ensemble 11, 12; Talon 12; PP Football 11; Keyettes 12. BIBB, FRED W., “Fred”; Symphonic Band 12; Marching Band 10-12. BISE, KEVIN P„ “Kevin”; PP Football Cheer¬ leader 10; Football JV 11; “King and I”. BISHOP, DAVID M„ “David”; MOST INDI¬ VIDUAL; “Oklahoma”; “Odds and Ends”; Masquers 9-12; Chorale 10, 11; Ensemble 11; German Club 10—12; “Bells”; Talon 10, 11, Copy Ed 12; Erudite Asst Ed 11, Ed-in-Chief 11, 12; Symphonic Band Student Dir 11, 12; “King and I”; NHS 12; “Teahouse”; “West Side Story”; Alma Mater Comm 12; Quill and Scroll 11, 12. BIZZELL, SUSAN L„ “Sue”; “Oklahoma”; SCA rep 9, 11. BLAKE, SARA L., “Sara”; Pep Club 9; GAA 10; “Oklahoma”; “Harvey”; PP Football 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; Cafeteria Comm 11; Intra¬ murals 9; Biology Asst 11, 12. BLOYER, JOHN H., “John”; Baseball JV 9, 10, V 11; Football V 12. BOGEMA, NANCY W., “Nancy”; Latin Club 10-12; PP Football 11. BOOTH, LAWSON B., III. “Mike”; FTA 9, 10, vp 11. BRADY, KENT M., “Kent”; Basketball 9; Football JV 10, V 11; Track 10, 11. BRANT, BARBARA A., “Barbar a”; FTA 9-10; Spanish Club 9, sec 10, vp 11; SCA Soc Comm 9; “Odds and Ends”; ‘You Can’t Take It With You”; “Oklahoma”; Masquers 9-12; Ger¬ man Club 10, sec 11, 12; Talon 10, Faculty Ed 11, Ed-in-Chief 12; “Harvey”; “Incident”; “Bells”; NHS 11, 12; SHS sec 10, 11, pres 12; Quill and Scroll 11, 12; Grad Honor Guard 11; DC Girl’s State 11; Alma Mater Comm 12; “King and 1”; GHS 12; Keyettes 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; La Fete 9-11; Class rep 10; Extra-Curricular Award 10, 11. BRANT, PATRICK, “Pat”; Chess Club 9; V Track 10-12; JV Football 11; Intramurals 10; V Cross Country 12, Most Improved Runner 12; Varsity Club 12; Math Club 12. BRAY, PAUL M„ “Mike”; Spanish Club 9; Radio Club 9, 10, sec 11, vp 12; Intramurals 10. BREAREY, JEAN E., “Jeanie”; Trans Staf¬ ford H.S. 11; Softball V 11; FHA 11; Pep Club 11, 12; PP Football 12; Office 12. BREULEUX, KATHERINE H„ “Kathy”; Trans Wilmington, Ohio, 11; Prom Comm 11, Keyettes 12; NHS 12; Float 12. BRIDGLAND, KAREN S„ “Karen”; Trans Dublin, Ga.; Art Guild 11, 12. BRIM, WAYNE A., “Wayne”; Football 9, V 11, 12; Basketball 9. BRISCOE, DIANE L., “Diane”; PP Basketball 10; Tri-Hi-Y 11; PP Football 11; Chorus 11. BROOKS, THOMAS A., “Tom”; “Oklahoma”; PP Basketball 9; U Pic Comm 9; SCA rep 9; AFS 10; Art Guild 10, treas 11, 12; 1st Place—Optimist Oratorical Contest 10; “Bells”; “Romeo and Juliet”; Masquers 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; Key Club 11, 12; “King and I”; “Teahouse”; “West Side Story”. BROWN, DAVID E., “David”; Radio Club 9, 10 . BROWN, DOUGLAS E., “Doug”; Concert Band 9, 10; Marching Band 9, 10; SCA rep 11; Float 10; Prom Comm 11; Intramurals 12; Chem Asst 12; Sr Senate; Dance Club 11. BROWN, WARREN D., “Danny”; concert Band 10, 11, Student Dir 12; Symphonic Band 9-12, treas 12; Marching Band 9-12, sec 12; All Amer HS Marching Band 12; “Oklahoma”; “Bells”; “King and I”; German Club 10-12; Wrestling 9, 10, co-capt 11, 12; Key Club 12. BROWNFIELD, JAMES H., “Jim”; Chess Club 9; La Fete 11; Prom Comm 11. BRUCE, LINDA S., “Linda”; FHA 9, 10; FBLA 12. BUCKNER, STEVEN K„ “Bucky”; JV Foot¬ ball 10; Float 10; Basketball 10. BURK, JOSEPH L„ “Joe; JV Football 10; V Football Mgr 11; V Tennis 10, 11. BURKE, JO ANNE 0., “Jody”; Trans H.J. Memorial H.S. 10; “Glass Menagerie”; PP Football 11; Prom Comm 11; Class rep 11; Masquers 12; “King and I”; “Teahouse”; “West Side Story”. BURROWS, LOIS A., “Lois”; Pep Club 9; Float 10; Pub Arts Club 11. BUSHONG, RITA ft., “Rita”; Pep Club 9; Prom Comm 11; Drill Team 10; Cheerleader JV 10, 11, V 12; Cheerleading Club 11; Guidance 12; PE Basketball 10. CAMPBELL, CHARLES T., “Shay”; Football 9, JV 10, 11, V 12; Wrestling JV 9, 10, V 11, 12; JV Baseball Mgr 9; Key Club 11, 12; Varsity Club 12; FCA 12. CAMPBELL, VERNON A., “Vernon”; In¬ tramurals 10; Current 10, 11, Ed-in-Chief 12 . CARLSON, BRENDA C., “Carole”; Pep Club 9; Intramurals 9; Float 9-12; French Club 9-12; Current 10; SCA rep 10; Pub Comm 12; “Bells”; “Incident”; Erudite 11; Prom Comm 11; Drill Team 11; Masquers 11, 12; “Romeo and Juliet”; “Glass Menagerie”; AFS 11; “Us”; “King and I”; “Teahouse”; PP Football 11, co-capt 12; FTA 12; “Little Mary Sunshine”; “West Side Story”; Talon 12. 162 CARLSON, THOMAS G„ “Jerry”; PP Cheer¬ leader 12; “King and I”; “Teahouse " ; " West Side Story " ; Masquers 12. CARRICO, DOUGLAS K., “Doug”; SCA rep 9; Baseball 9, 10; Football 9, 10. CAVE, WANDA M., “Wanda”; Pep Club 10; VOT 12. CHAPMAN, GARY A„ “Gary”; Radio Club 9, 10. CHAPPELLE, JAMES C., “Jim”; Football 9, JV 10, V 11, 12; Basketball 9, JV 10, V 11; Track 11; Varsity Club 11, 12. CHESLEY, GARY W., “Gary”; Football 9. JV capt 10, V 11, 12; Baseball JV 9, V 10-12; Outstanding Football Player Award 12. CHILDS, MICHAEL E., “Mike”; BEST ALL AROUND; Symphonic Band 9; Marching Band 9; Basketball 9, JV 10, V 11; Baseball JV 9, 10, V 11, 12; Football JV 10, V 11, 12; Key Club 10-12; Varsity Club 11, vp lz; NHS 11, 12; Most Valuable Football Player Award 11; “It’s Academic” 12; NMSQT Letter of Commendation 12; GHS 12; Math Club 12. CIO, RICHARD M., “Richard”; DECA 12. COLLINS, KEMPER G., “Kemper”; Wrestling JV 10; PP Cheerleader 11. 12. CONNOLLY, DONA T., “Dona”; Latin Club 10, pres 11; AFS 10; German Club 11; Class rep 11; SCA rep 11; Grad Usher 11; Quill and Scroll 11, 12; NHS 11, hist 12; Current 10, Mng Ed 11, 12; Keyettes 12. CONRAD, JANET F., “Janet”; Trans Wood- son 10; VICA 12; Pep Club 9. COOKE, GLENN R., “Glen”; Wrestling Mgr 9, 10; DECA 12. COSTELLO, NORMAN A., “Tony”; VICA 12. COTTON, JOSEPH O., “Joe”; MOST TAL¬ ENTED; Basketball JV 10; “Bells”; Tennis V 11; “Romeo and Juliet”; “King and I”; Key Club 11, 12; Masquers 12; Most Improved Tennis Award; “West Side Story”; SCA rep 9, 11 . CRAIG, PATRICIA G., “Patty”; SCA rep 9; La Fete 10, 11; “Bells”; Current 11, 12; AFS 11; Homecoming 11; PP Football 11; Stud Adv Comm 11; Tri-Hi-Y sec 11; Prom Comm 11; Dance Club 11; Class rep 11. CUDDY, CHERYLE D., “Cherry”; Pep Club 9, 10; FTA 9-12; Latin Club 10-12; SCA rep 10; La Fete 11; Drill Team 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; Float 12; “King and I”; “Teahouse”; PP Football 12; Current 12. CUNDIFF, H. DAVID, “David”; Wrestling 9, 10; School Store 11. DAMROW, GARY W., “Gary”; Basketball 9, JV 10; Intramurals 10, 11; Tennis V 11; Key Club 11, 12. DAVENPORT, CAROL A., “Carol " ; PP Foot¬ ball 12; “King and I " . DAVIS. SUSAN C„ " Sue " ; SCA rep 9; Float 9; Prom Comm 11. DE HAVEN, DEBORAH A., " Debby " ; Trans Grand Canyon, Arizona 11; Symphonic Band 11, 12; FTA 1 1, pres 12; SCA rep I 1; Chorale 11; Prom Comm 11; Keyettes 12; NHS 12. DENNIS, KATHY W„ " Kathy”; Chorus 11; FBLA 12; PP Football 12. DENNIS, SARA D„ “Sara”; PP Football 11, 1 2; Chorus 1 1. DENT, JOHN F„ 111, “John”; Basketball 9, JV 10, V 11; Football 9, JV 10, V 11. 12; Baseball JV 9, V 10-12; Key Club 10-12; Varsity Club 11, 12; FCA vp 11, 12; Spanish Club 11; Prom Comm 11; La Fete 11; Extra- Curricular Award 11; Most Outstanding Foot¬ ball Player Award 12; Talon Boys’ Sports Ed, Sports Photo 12; Alma Mater Comm 12; Float 12; Grad Honor Guard 11; Sr Senate. DESMOND, COLLEEN E.. “Colleen " ; Trans Mt Clemens, Michigan II; German Club II. vp 12; Talon 12; Sr Senate; " King and 1 " ; " Tea¬ house”. DE VRIES, ELLA C ' „ “Chris”; FTA 10; Class rep 1 1; “King and I”; NMSQT Letter of Com¬ mendation 12. DI BENEDETTO, WILLIAM R., “Bill " ; Latin Club 9, 11. 12; Chess Club 12. DODSON, BRENDA L„ “Brenda”; VOT 12. DONALDSON, DEBORAH D„ “Deb”; Cheer¬ leader co-capt 9; Majorette 10; Homecoming 10, Ct 12; Prom Comm 11; PP Football 11; SCA Soc Comm 12; Sweetheart Ct 12. DONNELLY, PATRICIA J„ “Pat”; Trans Hammond HS 12; VOT 12; FBLA 12. DOUGLAS, PATRICIA A., “Paddy”; Pep Club 9; SCA rep 10, 12; Stu Adv sec 10; “Incident”; “Bells”; “Romeo and Juliet”; Mas¬ quers 11, sec 12; Make-up asst 11, Dir 12; Jr Class sec; Dance Club 11; Sr Senate 12; Keyettes 12; “King and 1”; “Teahouse”; Sweet¬ heart Ct 12; “West Side Story”; PP Football 12 . DOYLE, ROBBIN J., “Robby”; Pep Club 9; SCA rep 12; Homecoming 9; Drill Team 11. 12; Prom Comm 11; La Fete 11; Elec Comm 12; NHS 12; Current 12; “Teahouse”; FTA 12 . DRAKE, LAURENCE D., “Larry”; Trans Florida 10; Wrestling JV 11, V 12; Latin Club II; Float 12. DRIFMEYER, KENNETH R., “Ken”; March¬ ing Band 9; Latin Club 11; Prom Comm 11. DUNNETT, TAMARA G., “Tammy”; PP Football 11,12; PP Basketball 10; Float 9-12. ECONOMIDES, JUDITH L., “Judy”; Intra¬ murals 9; DECA 11; Library 11. EDELEN, SHARON L„ “Sam”; DECA pres 12; Sr Senate; " King and 1 " . ERWIN, DF.MERETTA D„ " Dee " ; DECA II. ERWIN, MICHAEL J„ “Mike " ; Radio Club 9-11; Football 9, JV 10, 11; “Romeo and Juliet”; “Glass Menagerie " ; Masquers 11. 12. EVANS, ROBERT F„ " Bob”; Trans Radford HS, Texas 11; Art Guild 11. 12; Prom Comm II. FARMER, NANCY C., “Cathy”; Trans Ke- coughton H.S. 12; DECA 12. FAVORITE, MARK E., " Mark”; PP Cheer¬ leader 10; JV Wrestling 11. V 12; Track, 12; Cross Country JV 12. FEAGANS, REBECCA A., “Becky”; FTA 10, 11; GAA sec 10. FEATHERSTONE, ALAN. “Alan " ; Football 9, JV 10; Forensic Club 11; Prom Comm 11; Key Club 12; “King and I " ; “Teahouse " ; " West Side Story”. FERGUSON, HARRY S., JR., “Hank " ; Track 9-12; Football JV 10. FERGUSON. SCOTT E., “Scott”; Basketball JV 10; Intramural Track 10; V Track 11. 12 . FLEMING, DEBORAH M„ “Debbie”; FNA 9; Spanish Club 10, 11; " King and I”; Forensic Club 12. FOGARTY, KATHLEEN A.. “Kathy”; PP Basketball 10; PP Football 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; Float 10, 11; Guidance 11. FOWLER, KATHRYN L., “Kathy”; Pep Club 9; Spanish Club 9-11; AFS 9, 10; “Oklahoma”; German Club 10, hist 11, 12; SHS 10-12;. Class rep 10; “Harvey”; “Incident”; “Bells”; Masquers 10-12, Properties Dir 11, 12; Key¬ ettes 11, 12; Talon 10, Classes Ed 11, Sr. Class Ed 12; Erudite 11, Typing Ed 12; Quill and Scroll 11, 12; “Romeo and Juliet”; Extra-Cur¬ ricular Award 11; GHS 12; NMSQT Letter of Commendation 12; “Us”; Betty Crocker Award 12; “King and I”; “Teahouse”; “West Side Story”. FREEMAN, SUSAN M„ “Sue”; Pep Club 10; Class rep 11; Guidance 11, 12. FRYE, MARVIN K„ “Marvin " ; Wrestling JV 9, 10; SCA rep 9-11; Art Guild pres 11. vp 12; Intramurals 11; “Romeo and Juliet”; German Club 11, 12. FUNK, DARA L„ “Dara”; MOST ATH¬ LETIC; Hockey JV 9, 10, V 11, 12; Basket¬ ball JV 9, 10, V 11, 12; Softball JV 9, 10; Monogram Club 11, pres 12. GARDNER, EDWARD M„ “Morgan”; Pep Club 9; German Club 10-12; “Harvey”; “Bells”; Forensic Club pres 12; Erudite 11, 12; Sr Senate. 163 GESSERT, LYNN C., “Lynn”; Cheerleader 9; JV 10, 11, V 12; Ways Means Comm 9; “You Can’t Take It With You”; “Oklahoma”; Softball 9; La Fete 9; Keyettes 10-12; Home¬ coming 11, 12; Class pres 10; Ldrship Train¬ ing Conf 10; Grad Honor Guard 11; Prom Comm 11; Optimist Club-Student of the Year 12 . GILL, MAE W., “Mae”; Spanish Club 9; PP Football co-mgr 12; FTA 12; SCA rep 11, 12; SCA Affairs Comm 12; Concert Choir 12. GLOSSOP, GARY R., “Gary”; Astronomy Club 9-12; Joy Boys 10, 11; Baseball V Mgr 11; Chorale 11, 12; Ensemble 11, 12; Varsity Club 12. GOINS, JAMES H. JR., “Jim”; Baseball 9, 10, V 11, 12; Donkey Basketball 11; 2nd place Driving Rodeo. GOSS, ADRIENNE N., “Dee”; “Oklahoma”; Gymnastics 9; Masquers 10-12, soc chman 12, Box office asst 10, 11, Dir 12; “Incident”; “Romeo and Juliet”; “Wait For Morning, Child”; “Glass Menagerie”; PP Football 11; Prom Comm 11; Student Adv Chman 11; Key¬ ettes 11, 12; “King and 1”; Sr Class Historian; Erudite 12; SCA rep 10. GRANT, MONICA A„ “Monica”; SCA rep 9, 10; PP Basketball 9; Prom Comm 11; Dance Club 11; Chorale 11, 12; Concert Choir 9, 10; PP Football 11, 12. GREEN, JAMES E., “Jimmy”; Intramurals 10 . GREIMANN, MICHALLE L., “‘Shell”; Cur¬ rent 10, 11; Drill Team 11, 12; Talon 11; Dance Club 11; PP Football 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; NHS 11, 12. GROLEAU, RICHARD W., “Rich”; Trans Highland Park H.S.; Football V 11; FCA 11, 12; Wrestling JV 11, V 12; Intramurals 11, 12 . GROVE, VIRGINIA R., “Virginia”; FNA 12. GROVES, JOHN R., II, “John”; VICA 12. GUARD, JANA L., “Jana”; “You Can’t Take It With You”; “Oklahoma”; “Harvey”; “Incident”; Forensics 11, vp 12; Masquers 11, 12, Box Office asst dir 12; Prom Comm 11; Spanish Club 11, 12; Art Guild 12; Pub Arts Club 12; Current 12; “Little Mary Sunshine”; “Teahouse”; SCA 12; PP Football 12. GUTHRIE, MELODY B„ “Melody”; Cheer¬ leader 9; PP Football 11; SCA rep 11. HALL, JOHN D., “John”; Wrestling 9; In¬ tramurals 10-12. HALNON, CAROL K„ “Katie”; Chorus 9, 10; SCA rep 9-11. HANSBROUGH, BRUCE M„ " Bruce”; Intra¬ murals 10. HARDING, KARIN R., “Karin”; Trans Woodbridge, Va.; Bank 12; “King and I”; “West Side Story”. HARMON, MICHAEL V., “Mike”; Wrestling 9, 10; Baseball 9, 10; Basketball 10. HARRIS, JAMES M., “Mike”; Basketball 9, 10; Baseball JV 9, 10; Golf. HARRISON, DONALD F., JR., “Don”; Football 9. JV 10, V 11; Wrestling 9-11; FTA 11; FCA 11; NMSQT Letter of Com¬ mendation 12; Key Club 12; NHS 12. HARRISON, DONALD I., “Donnie”; VICA 12 . HEDRICK, C. DALE, JR., “Dale”; Forensic Club 11, 12; Latin Club 11; Prom Comm 11; “Romeo and Juliet”; “Glass Menagerie”; Joy Boys 11, sec 12; “King and I”; Masquers 12; Sr. Class Treasurer; “Teahouse”; “West Side Story”. HEINE, KAREN A., “Karen”; Trans Wel¬ lington N. Zealand, 11. HENDRICK, LONNIE R., “Lonnie”; Trans Groveton H. S. 11. HENNIGE, CAROL V., “Carol”; Trans Bal¬ lon H. S„ Wash. D. C., 12. HENSON, MICHAEL R„ “Mike”; CUTEST COUPLE; “King and 1”; “Teahouse”; PP Cheerleader 12; “West Side Story”. HERNANDEZ, SUSAN, “Susan”; GAA 10; Softball Mgr, 10; Prom Co-chairman 11; Hockey Mgr V 11; Monogram Club 12; Gym¬ nastic Club 12; Forensic Club 12. HICKS, CYNTHIA J„ “Cindy”; VICA, ICT 12. HILDRETH, ELIZABETH M., “Beth”; Trans London, England 12. HILLEARY, RICHARD H., JR., “Richard”; MOST ATHLETIC; Football 9, JV 10, V 11, co-capt 12; Wrestling JV 9, V 10-12; Base¬ ball JV 9; Varsity Club 11, 12; Most Im¬ proved Wrestler 11. HOFFLER, RICHARD W., “Richard”; Trans from Cradock H. S. 10; Wrestling JV 11, 12; Concert Band 11; Marching Band 11; Current Sports Ed Photo 12. HOLLA WAY, SAUNDRA L., “Sandy”; Gym¬ nastics 9-11; Library 11; Chorus 11. HOLT, SUSAN, “Sue”; Trans Mt. Vernon 12; “King and I”; “Little Mary Sunshine”; “Tea¬ house”. HORWATH, MICHAEL J., “Mike”; ICT; VICA 12. HOUSTON, JUDITH, “Judi”; Pep Club 9; “Romeo and Juliet”; PP Football 11, 12. HOWELL, DAVID A., “David”; Symphonic Band 10, 11; Marching Band 10, 11; Chorale 11, 12; Ensemble 11, 12; Key Club 12; NMSQT Letter of Commendation 12; NHS 12 . HOWELL, JOHN A., “John”; Key Club 10, sec 11, pres 12; Symphonic Band 9-12, vp 12; Marching Band 9-12; Debate Club 9; Chess Club 9; “Odds and Ends”; All-State Band 9, 10; 1st place Optimist Oratorical Contest 9; Ger¬ man Club 10-12; “Bells”; Basketball JV 10, V 11, 12; PP Basketball coach 10, 11; Biology Club sec 10; National Merit Finalist 12; NHS 11, treas 12; Intramurals 10, 11; “It’s Academic” 12; GHS 12; Alma Mater Comm 12; Extra¬ curricular Award 11. HUBBARD, PHILIP M., “Phil”; Football 9, JV 10, V 11, 12; Baseball V 11, 12; Basket¬ ball 9; Sportsmanship Award; Varsity Club 11, sec 12; Key Club 12; FCA 11, treas 12; SCA Carnival Comm 12. HUNTINGTON, HOPE L„ “Hope”; GAA 10; Rifle Club 10. JACOBSEN, LUCILLE E., “Lucille”; PP Basketball 9, 10; Art Guild 10; “You Can’t Take It With You”; “Oklahoma”; Float 10, 11; PP Football 11, 12; Current 10, 11; Major¬ ettes 12. JAMES, JOHNNY L„ “John”; Band 10, 11; Rocket Club 11. JAMIESON, DAVID L., “Larry”; Intra¬ murals 10, 12; Football 9; Track V 11; Float 10 . JEFFRIES, MICHAEL L„ “Mike”; Intra¬ murals. JENKINS, JANET A., “Janet”; Trans Granby 10; Dance Club 11; Prom Comm 11; “King and I”, Majorettes 12; Track Team 10; Chorus 10. JEWETT, GARY D„ “Gary”; “Odds and Ends”; “Oklahoma”; Symphonic Band 9-12; Marching Band 10-12; “Bells”; German Club 10-12; Rocket Club 11; Masquers 12. JEWETT, THOMAS T., “Tom”; Trans Clark AFB Rep of Philippines 12. JOHNSON, CATHERINE V., “Cathy”; MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED; Cheerleader 9, V 10-12; Pep Club 9-12; Float 10; PP Basket¬ ball 9, 10; PP Football 11; “Bells”; Cheerlead¬ ing Club 11; Class rep 10, 11; Softball V 11; Monogram Club 12; Dance Club 11; “Tea¬ house”; Grad Honor Guard 11; Safety Comm Chman 12; Girls State 11; Election Comm Chman 12; La Fete 10. JOHNSON, DONALD P., “Pat”; WITTI¬ EST; Intramurals 11; Marching Band 9. JONES, DONALD L., “Don”; Marching Band 9-12; Concert Band 11; Float 10, 11; Spanish Club 10. KAMPSCHROER, KEVIN, “Kevin”; MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED; SCA rep 9-11; Ger¬ man Club 9, hist 10, 11, 12; AFS 9-11; GHS 11, 12; Erudite 11; SCA Const Comm 11; “It’s Academic” 11, 12; Boys State 11; National Merit Finalist 12; Sr Class pres; NHS 12. KECK, MICHAEL E., “Mike”; Intramurals 10-12; Football 9; Latin Club 10-12; Class rep 10; Pub Art Club 12. KELLER, JANICE L., “Janice”; Pep Club 9; Spanish Club 9; Float 9; PP Football 11; Math Club 9; “King and 1”; Stud Ad Comm 10; Erudite 11. 164 KENT, STEPHEN H., “Steve”; Key Club 11, 12; Basketball 9, JV 10, V 11, 12; Intra¬ murals 10. KERSTETTER. SHERRY, " Sherry”; Cheer¬ leader JV 10, co-capt 11, V co-capt 12; PP Basketball 10; Keyettes 11, cor sec 12; Current 10, 11, News Ed 12; Grad Usher 11. KINCANNON, KATHERINE, “Kathy”; Spanish Club 10-12, Treas 11; SHS 10, 11: Class rep 10; Current 11, Asst News Ed 12: Drill Team 11, Co-capt 12; NHS 11, cor sec 12; Grad Usher 11; Keyettes 12. KING, DIANE P„ “Dinky”; Chorus 9; Con¬ cert Choir 10, 11; Chorale 12; PP Football 11. KIRBY, JACQUELINE, “Jackie”; VICA pari 11 . KRE1GH, STEVE K„ “Steve”; Basketball JV 10, V 11, co-capt 12; Varsity Club 11. 12. KUHN, DOUGLAS K., “Doug”; Intramurals 9, 10; DECA 12. LAM, FAYE E., “Faye”; Prom Comm 11, Spanish Club 10; Pep Club 10. LAM, NANCY A., “Nancy”; Spanish Club 9; FT A 10; Class rep 11; SCA rep 12; NMSQT Letter of Commendation 12. LARGESS, DANIEL P„ “Dan”; Trans De La Salle Academy RI 12. LAROCK, LINDA, “Linda”; Spanish Club 9. LAURIA, FRANCIS M., “Frannie”; Football V Mgr 11; Basketball V Mgr 11; Asst Athletic Dir 11, 12. LAWHORNE, EULA G., “Eula”; FBLA pres 12; Guidance 12. LAWRENCE, CANDACE J., “Candy”; GAA 10, 11; PP Basketball 10; PP Football II; Prom Comm 11. LEAVITT, MICHAEL D., “Mike”; Joy Boys 11; Basketball 9; Latin Club 11; Sr Senate; Library 12. LEE, ELIZABETH A., “Beth”; SHS 10-12; Softball JV 9, 10, V 11, 12; Hockey JV 10, V 11, co-capt 12; NHS 11, 12; Basketball JV 11, V co-capt 12; Monogram Club pres 12. LENWELL, JOANNE M., “Joanne”; Pep Club 9; SCA rep 9, 11; Class sec 9 ,10; Float 9-11; “Harvey”; “Bells”; Masquers 10-12; FTA 10, treas 11; La Fete 10, 11; Stud Adv Comm 11; Prom Comm 11; PP Football 11; AFS 11; Current 11; Talon 11; PP Basketball 9. LEROHL, KAREN, “Karen”; “Oklahoma”; Intramurals 9; French Club II; Homecoming 11; Art Guild 11; Prom 11; SCA Pub Comm 11; PP Football 12; Caf Comm 12; “King and I”. LEWIS, JOHNNIE M., “Johnnie”; FTA 9- 11; Dance Club 11. L1PPARD, DAVID. " David”; Trans Groveton 11: Football V II, 12; Wrestling V 12. LODGE, WEBSTER E„ JR., “Web " ; Trans Huntsville H.S. 11; German Club 12; Forensic Club 12; “Teahouse”. LOPRESTI, BETSY E„ “Betsy”; " Bells”; " King and I " ; Art Guild 11, treas 12; Erudite 12 . LOWERY, SHARON L.; Pep Club 9; " Bells " ; Class rep 10, 11; Masquers 10-12; Prom Comm 1 1. MACK, JOYCE A., “Jann " ; FNA 9, pari 10, sec 11, pres 12; Intramurals 9; “Oklahoma”; “Bells”; PP Basketball 10; SCA rep 10, II; " Romeo and Juliet”; PP Football II, 12; Prom Comm 11; School Store 12; Jr-Ed Coed Magazine 12; " King and I”; “Teahouse " . MAIER. ADELHEID A., “Heidi”; German Club 9-1 1. MALLORY, SUSAN E„ “Sue”; Pep Club 9: Chorus 10; Dance Club 11; PP Football il. 12; Prom Comm 11; FNA 12; " King and 1”. MARGOSIAN, LINDA, " Addie”; MOST IN¬ DIVIDUAL; Erudite 11, 12; Masquers 12, Costume Dir 12; “Us”; " King and 1”; “Little Mary Sunshine”; “Teahouse”; “West Side Story. " MARTIN, DONALD K., " Donald”; DECA 12 . MARTIN, GERALDINE, " Gerry”; German Club 9, 10, sec 1 1, hist 12; FT A 9, 10, sec 11; AFS 9; Dance Club 11; Masquers 11, vp-treas 12; Current 11; Prom Comm 1 I; " King and 1”; “Teahouse”; “Romeo and Juliet " ; GHS 11. 12; NHS 12; Keyettes 12; “West Side Story " . MASON, ELLA J„ “Janie”; FBLA hist 12; Office 1 1. MASSEY, ROSE A., “Rose”; Basketball JV 9, 10; Softball JV 9, capt 10, V 11; FHA 9; Hockey JV capt 10, V c apt 11, 12; Mono¬ gram Club 11, vp 12; Hockey Sportsmanship Award. MASTERSON, KATHLEEN J., “Kathy”; MOST TALENTED; Pep Club 9; Latin Club 9; La Fete 9; “Oklahoma”; Masquers 9-12, Pub asst 10, dir 12, pres 12; " Harvey”; Home¬ coming 10; “Romeo and Juliet”; PP Football 11; “Glass Menagerie”; “Us”; “King and 1”; “Teahouse”; Ensemble 12; Erudite 12; " West Side Story”; " Little Mary Sunshine”; “Bells”; “Incident”. McClelland, NANCY S„ " Nancy " ; Trans W. H. Burgess H.S. 10; Publication Drive Manager Talon 12. McCOY, PATRICIA J., “Pat”; PP Football 12 . MCDONALD, MAUREEN, E„ “Maureen”; Softball 9; PP Football 11, 12. McFARLAND, LINDA C., “Linda”; Class rep 9-12; SCA rep 12. McFARLAND, PAUL W„ “Paul”; VICA 12. McGOYE, SHEILA, “Sheila”; Latin Club 10- 12; Talon 11; Chorale 12; All-County Chorus 12; “King and 1”. McKAY, MARSHA E., “Marsha”; French Club 9; Girls Chorus 10; Chorale 11. 12; Soft- ball V 11; PP Football 11, 12; Basketball V 12. McLENDON, NANCY L„ “Nancy”; Trans Camp Lejeune, N.C., 12: NHS 12; FTA 12. MENNICKE, VICTORIA M.. “Vicky”; Cur¬ rent 12. MESS1NGER, MADELYNN S„ “Sue”; FRIENDLIEST; CUTEST COUPLE; Home¬ coming Ct 10-12: Prom Comm 11: Sweetheart Queen 12. MESSMER, BARRY W., " Barry”; Football PP Coach 11, 12; Wrestling V 9-12; Bookstore 10, 11; Building and Grounds Comm 10; Prom co-chairman 11; Class Rep 11; Boy’s State 11; Varsity Club 10-12; Va Wrestling Champ. MILLER, CHARLES W., “Chuck”; Football 9, 11; Wrestling 10. MILLER, DAPHNE F„ “Daphne”; MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED; FTA 9. sec 10; SCA rep 9-12; ICC 9, rec sec 10, 11, ex sec 12; “Odds and Ends”; AFS 9; French Club 9. 10; Ways Means Comm 10; Latin Club 10; Jr. Class vp; Keyettes 10-12, Jr Rep 11, Sr rep 12; PP Football 11; NHS 11, pres 12; Girls State 11; “US”; Grad Honor Guard II; Extra- Curricular Award 10, 11; “King and I " ; NMSQT Letter of Commendation 12; Class rep 10. MILLS, CAROL A., “Carol”; Pep Club 9; German Club 10-12; Talon I 1, Business Msjr 12 . MINOR, MARGARET A., " Mollie”; Trans Paris American HS 11; Drill Team 12; " King and I”; “Teahouse”; PP Football 12. MITCHEL, LEONARD S„ " Hobbie " ; Basket¬ ball JV 10; V Track 10; German Club 11. MONTS, MARY E., “Mary”; Art Guild 9-12. MOORE, JOANNE G„ “Jo”; Trans Chicapee, Mass.; German Club 10, 11, treas 12; GAA 11; Current 11, 12; Folksinging Club 11; Prom Comm 11; PP Football 11: NHS 12; GHS 11, pres 12; Talon 12; “Romeo and Juliet”; “King and 1 " ; YFC 10, vp 11; La Fete 11; “Teahouse”; IBM 12. MOORHEAD, CHERYL S„ “Cheryl”; GAA 10 . MORGAN, CRAIG A., “Craig”; Intramurals 9; Joy Boys 10; PP Cheerleader 10; “King and I”; “Teahouse”. MORGAN, GUY D„ “Guy”; Football 9, JV 10, V 11, 12; Wrestling JV 9, 10, V 11. 12; JV Baseball 9, 10; Joy Boys 12; Varsity Club 11, 12; 2nd Va Wrestling champ. MRSTIK, DOUGLAS M., “Doug”; Football 9; Basketball 9; Baseball 9; Spanish Club 11; Intramurals 11. MUGLIA, KAREN E„ “Karen”; GAA 10, 11. 165 MURPHY, KATHLEEN L„ “Kathy”; Prom Comm 11; Current 11. MURPHY, REGINALD D„ “Reggie”; Class Rep 10; Chorus 9; DECA 12. MURRAY, SANDRA E., “Sandie”; Pep Club 9; Mixed 10; Chorale 11, 12; SCA rep 11; Student Ad Comm 11; Soc Comm 11; Prom Comm 11; PP Basketball 9; Library 11; Chorus 9. MURRAY, SUSAN E„ “Susie”; Pep Club 9; Chorus 9; Mixed 10; Chorale 11, 12; SCA Student Adv Comm 11; Social Comm 11; Prom Comm 11; PP Basketball 9; Library 11; Office 11, 12. MYERS, JOEIN E., " John”; Intramurals 9; Band 9-11; Marching Band 10, 11; German Club 10; V Tennis 10-12; Float 10, 11; Sr. Senate. MYERS, MARILYN G., “Marilyn " ; FHA 10, 11, pres 12; GAA 10; FBLA 11. N EIDER MEYER, WILLIAM D., " Bill”; Marching Band 9, 10; Symphonic Band 10, 11; " Bells”; Sr Senate; SCA rep 11. NORTH, LEWIS B„ “L.B.”; Football 9; Intra¬ murals 9; JV Wrestling 10. NORTON, HELEN L„ “Helen”; PP Football 12; FBLA pres 12. O ' CONNOR, MICHAEL II, “Mike”; Football 9, JV 10, V 11, 12; JV Wrestling 9, 10; Hi-Y Club sec 10; SCA rep 9; Baseball JV 9; Track V 11. O ' NEAL, MARY M., “Peggy”; Pep Club 9- 11; FT A 10, 11; Tri-Hi-Y 10, pres 11. O ' NEIL, MARY J., “Mary”; Pep Club 9; SCA rep 10, 11; Prom Comm 11; Current 11; PP Football 12. OUDERKIRK, SANDRA J„ " Shay”; “Okla¬ homa”; SCA rep 10, 11; “Harvey”; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; SHS 10-12, sec 12; GAA 10; Drill Team 11, 12; “King and I”; Cheerleader 9; “West Side”; “Bells”; Masquers 12. PACE, ROBERT B., “Bob”; Trans Maryland 12; VICA 12. PAPER, SHARON L., “Sherry”; Trans Upper Hayford HS, England 12. PAVLICK, GREGORY, “Greg”; Football 9, JV 10, V 11, Co-capt 12; Baseball JV 9, V 10-12, Varsity Club 11, 12; Most Improved Baseball Player 11; FCA 12. PAYNE, FRANCES M., “Franny”; Pep Club 9-11; SCA rep 9, 10; Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10; Tri-Hi-Y 11. PAYNE, RONALD L., “Ronnie”; DECA 12. PEARSON, MARCIA A ., “Marcy”; Trans Coronado, Cal, 10; AFS 11; Talon 11; Girls’ Sports Ed 12; Prom Comm 11; “King and I”; “Teahouse”; Sr Senate. PENN, SUSAN E., “Susan”; Pep Club 9; Cur¬ rent 11, 12; “Teahouse”; Chorus 10-12. PENTECOST, DEIDRE L., “Deidre”; “King and 1”; “Teahouse”; “Little Mary Sunshine”. PFEIL, MAXINE K., “Bunny”; WITTIEST; Cheerleader 9, JV 10; Homecoming Ct 9-12; SCA rep 9, 10. PHILIPS, ROSEMARIE L, “Rosemarie”; Ger¬ man Club 9, hist 10, vp 11, pres 12; Current 10, 11, Asst Mng Ed 12; French Club 11; NHS 11, 12; Quill and Scroll 11, 12; AFS 11; Optimist Club-Student of the Year 11; DC Girl’s State 11; SCA rep 11; Cul Affairs Comm Chmn 12; Alma Mater Comm 12; GHS hist 12; NMSQT Letter of Commendation 12; Sr Senate; Keyettes 12; Extra-curricular Award 11 . PHILLIPS, JUNE, “June”; GAA 10; FHA 10; FBLA sec 12. PHILLIPS, PATRICIA A., “Patty”; FT A 10; Talon 11, Faculty Ed 12; Current 11; NHS 11, 12; SCA Cafeteria Comm 11; Chorale 11, 12. POTTER, STEPHEN R., “Steve”; Marching Band 9-12; Symphonic Band 9-12; Current 10- 12; Erudite 11-12. POWELL, JOHN D., “Jack”; Football JV 10, V 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; Spanish Club 11; Track Team 11, 12; Varsity Club 11, 12; Most Improved Football Player 12. POWELL, KENNETH V., “Vic”; Football 9, JV 10, V 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; Intra¬ murals 9-11; Track Team 12; SCA Treasurer 12; “West Side Story”. POWELL, VIRGINIA M., “Virginia”; Current 11; PP Football 11, Capt 12; Girls Chorus 10. PRAVLICK, EDWARD A., “Ed”; VICA 12; Intramurals 9. PREVENSLIK, ROBERT T., “Bob”; Trans Bishop Ireton; French Club 12; Talon 12; “King and I”; “Teahouse”. PREWITT, PAUL L., “Paul”, Football 9; Marching Band 9; Intramurals 10; Tennis Team. PURYEAR, MICHAEL, “Mike”; V Basketball 10 - 12 . QUANTE, JOHN M., “John”; Astronomy Club 9, 10; Biology Club vp 10; Varsity Club; Joy Boys 11; V Football Mgr; Latin Club vp 11, pres 12; NHS 12. RAETTIG, SUSAN M„ “Sue”; Erudite 11, 12; PP Football 11. RANDALL, DEBORAH A., “Deb”; Trans Luther Jackson HS 9; Basketball JV 10, V 11; V Cheerleader 12. RATCLIFF, LA DONNA G., “Donna”; Pep Club 9; Homecoming 9, 10; Class vp 9; GAA pres 10; AFS 10; “Harvey”; “Bells”; Talon Business Mgr 11; School Life Ed 12; La Fete 10; Current Copy and Rewrite Ed 11; Quill and Scroll 11, 12; Erudite 12; NMSQT Letter of Commendation 12. REDDICK, REBECCA A., “Becky”; FT A 9; Spanish Club 9; SCA rep 9-11; Basketball JV 9, 10, V 11; Keyettes 10, vp 11, rec sec 12; “Bells”; SHS 10, 11, treas 12; Class Rep 10; NHS 11, rec sec 12; “Romeo and Juliet”; SCA Assembly Chmn 11; Grad Usher 11; Extracurricular Award 11; Talon 11, Organi¬ zation Ed 12; “King and 1”; “Teahouse”; La Fete 9; PP Basketball 10. REED, CHRISTOPHER D., “Chris”; MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED; Football 9; V Golf 9- 11; V Debate team 10, pres 11, 12; Joy Boys vp 11, pres 12; SCA rep 11, SCA Reporter 12; ICC Chairman 12; Grad Honor Guard 11; Key Club sgt-at-arms 12; “King and 1”; “Tea¬ house”; “West Side Story”. REEDER, ANNE B., “Anne”; MOST INTEL¬ LECTUAL; Pep Club 9; SCA rep 9, 10; Erudite 10; Keyettes 10, 11, pres 12; SCA Elections Comm 11; Const Revision Comm 11; NHS 11, 12; Class pres 11; Girl’s State 11; SCA sec 12. REESE, WILLIAM A., “Bill”; Gymnastics 9; Baseball 9; Wrestling V 11; V Baseball 11; V Tennis 11; Latin Club 11, pres 12; Rifle Club 11; Varsity Club 11, 12. REID, WAYNE A., “Wayne”; JV Baseball 9, 10, V Baseball 11, 12. REUBUSH, LYNNE I., “Lynne”; “You Can’t Take It With You”; “Oklahoma”; “Harvey”; Masquers 10-12; Keyettes 11, 12; French Club 10, 11; SCA rep 11; Art Guild 10, sec 11, pres 12; “Romeo and Juliet”; NHS 12; “King and I”; “Teahouse”; Extracurricular Award 11; “Bells”. RICE, THOMAS W., “Tom”; V Track 9, 11, 12; Cross Country 10; V Football 12. RISDON, MARTHA D., “Martha”; Pep Club 9; GAA 10; Tri-Hi-Y 11; PP Football 11; French Club 12. ROBANOS, DENISE M., “Dee”; GAA 10, 11; Intramurals 9; Homecoming 10; Dance Club 11 . ROBERTS, JOHN K., “Kevin”; Marching Band 9-11; Symphonic Band 9—12; Wrestling JV 9, V 10, 11, co-capt 12; Intramurals 10; Key Club 11, 12; Varsity Club 11, 12; NHS 11, 12; Cross Country 11, 12; Tennis Team 11, 12; Extra-curricular Award 11; FCA 12; Op¬ timist Club—Student of the Year 12. ROBERTSON, JESSE L., JR., “Butch”; DECA 11. ROZSA, GABOR, “Gabe”; SCA rep 9; SCA Treasurer 10, 11; SCA President 12; German Club 9, vp 10, 11, 12; Debate Team 9-11; Debate Club 9-11; Chess Club 9; AFS 9; Key Club 10-12; SCA Ways Means Comm 10, 11; “Romeo and Juliet”; NHS 11, 12; GHS 11, vp 12; Joy Boys 10. RUSH, ALISON E., “Alison”; Latin Club 9, 10, treas 11; FNA 9, hist 10; GAA 9; PP Football 11; Stud Adv Comm 11. 166 RUSSELL, GLENN H., “Glenn”; Football V Mgr 9, JV 10, V 11, 12; Wrestling JV 10, V 11, 12; Track 11; Varsity Club 12; YFC 9; Intramurals 10, 11; Key Club 11, 12; FCA 12; SCA Reporter 12; NMSQT Letter of Com¬ mendation 12; U Pic 9; NHS 12. SALTER, STEVEN R., “Steve”; Marching Band 9-11; Concert Band 9, 10; Symphonic Band 11, 12; Wrestling JV 10, 11; “Bells”; “King and I”; “Teahouse”; Masquers 12. SANDORS, JERROLD B., “Jerry”; German Club 10-12; Radio Club 9-11; Math Club 11, 12; AFS 11; Cultural Affairs Comm 12; SCA rep 12; Alma Mater 12. SCHNEIDER, RONALD L, “Ron”; Marching Band 9-12; Concert Band 9, 10; Band Festival 10; Latin Club 11; Symphonic Band 11; pres 12; Intramurals 9, 10. SCHULTE, BRUCE E., “Bruce”; Wrestling JV 10, 11; Latin Club 10-12; Joy Boys 10; Baseball 10. SCOTT, DERRILL W„ “Bill”; Baseball JV 10, V 11; Football JV 10. SETL1FF, JOAN L., “Joanie”; Pep Club 10; Concert Choir 11, 12; Girl’s Chorus 10; Football 11, 12; Clinic 12. SHAFFIER, CHARLOTTE M., “Charlotte”; Trans Ft. Hunt 10; DECA 12. SHELBY, CLARE E„ “Clare”; FHA 10; Erudite 11; Art Guild 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; Current 12; “King and I”; “Teahouse”. SHELLY, PATRICIA A., “Pat”; SCA rep 9; “You Can’t Take It With You”; FHA 10, 11; Pep Club 10; Masquers 10-12; Publicity Asst 11, Dir 12; Student Adv Comm 11; Current 12 . SHELTON, LINDA L., “Linda”; Pep Club 9; Drill Team 12; Class rep 11; ‘Current 12. SHIELDS, JAMES H., “Jim”; Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10-12; Marching Band 9-12; German Club 11; SCA rep 11; Current 11; NHS 12. SHOCKEY, LINDA A., “Lynn”; Sr Senate. SHUMATE, EDWARD M., Ill, “Mike”; Trans Titusville H. S., Florida 12. SINCLAIR, HOWARD A., " Howdy”; Foot¬ ball 9; SCA rep 10; Track 10; “Romeo and Juliet”. SMITH, LARRY G., “Larry”; Radio Club 9- 11; “Romeo and Juliet”; “Glass Menagerie”. SMITH, LINDA D., “Linda”; Pep Club 9; Softball 9; GAA 10; Chorale 11; Ensemble 11; Latin Club 11. SMITH, REBECCA L., “Becky”; Debate team 11 . SMITH, WILLIAM R., “Bill”; MOST INTEL¬ LECTUAL; Track 9-12; NHS 11, 12; GHS 12 . SNEED, JOAN A., “Joan”; Basketball JV 9, 11, V 12; Intramurals 9; GAA 10; Art Guild 10, 11; Spanish Club 10; Sr Senate. SNOW, MARY E., “Mary”; Pep Club 9. SPICER, PATRICIA L., “Pat”; SCA rep 9; Class rep 9; NHS 11, 12. STAPF, JUDITH L., “Judy”; Spanish Club 9, 10; FTA 9; SHS 10, 11; SCA rep 10; Art Guild 11, 12; Class rep 11; NHS 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; Keyettes 12. STEMPLE, RONALD E., “Ronnie”; Football 9. JV 10, V 11, 12; Intramurals 10; Track 11; Varsity Club 11, 12. STEPHENS, SANDRA K., “Sandy”; Span Club 11. STRAIT, LINDA S., “Linda”; Tri-Hi-Y hist 11. STRICKLER, DAVID M„ “Strick”; Chorale, Ensemble 11, 12; All-County Chorus 11, 12. SUMMERLIN, NANCY L„ “Nancy”; Pep Club 9; PP Basketball 9; Book Store 10, 11; Hockey JV 10, V 11, 12; Latin Club 10; Class rep 10; Basketball V 11, 12; PP Football 11; Monogram Club 11, 12; “King and I " ; SHS 12; “Teahouse”; AFS 11. SURFACE, ROBERT W., " Bob”; DECA 11, 12; Dance Club 11; Latin Club 11, 12. TAYLOR, GERALD, “Gerry”; DECA 12. TAYLOR, NORMAN B., “Norm”; Trans Clearfield HS 12. TAYLOR, GERALD, “Gerry”; DECA 12. TAYLOR, SHERRY G., “Gail”; Pep Club 9; Art Guild 10; Float 10-12; Drill Team 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; “Teahouse”; “King and I”; PP Football 11, 12. TERRY, DIANE M„ “Dee Dee”; Pep Club 9, hist 10, pres 11; Softball Mgr 9; GAA 10; SCA rep 10; PP Football 11, 12; Office 11, 12; Library 9, 10. THOMAS, HAROLD R., “Harold”; Tennis 9- 12; Chess Club 12. TIANO, PAMELA K., “Pam”; FHA 10, sec 11; Sr Senate. TINGLEY, JUDITH E., “Judi”; Marching Band 9; Symphonic Band 10; SCA rep 11; Basketball JV 9, 10; PP Basketball 9; Class rep 10; Soph Class Treas; Prom Comm 11; NHS 12; Float 11; PP Football 11, 12; La Fete 10. TOWNS, SHARON E., “Sharon”; German Club 10, 11; Rifle Club sec 11; Pub Arts Club 12; “Teahouse”; Art Guild 12. TRENARY, JACKLYN M., “Jackie”; Trans G.W. HS 11; PP Football 11, 12. TYSON, SHARON L„ “Sharon”; Pep Club 9, 10; Class rep 11; Spanish Club 11. VIAR, CAROL E.. “Carol”; VOT 12. WALDRON, THOMAS C., “Tom”; Trans Mt. Vernon HS 12. WALKER, LINDA S., “Linda”; Pep C lub 9; PP Basketball 9, 10; Class rep 10, 11; PP Football 11, 12; Prom Comm 11; Drill Team 12; Keyette sgt-at-arms 12; Sweetheart Ct 11; Sr Class sec; SCA Soc Comm 12; SCA rep 11 , 12 . WEAVER, ELAINE F., “Elaine”; Pep Club 9; FBLA 11, 12; FHA 11, 12; Class rep 11; Prom Comm 11; La Fete 11; “King and I”; “Teahouse”. WELLS, CYNTHIA M., “Cindy”; PP Basket¬ ball 9, 10; Drill Team 11, 12; PP Football 11. 12; Talon 12; Current 11. WHITE, BERNARD E., “Eugene”; Football 9, JV 10; DECA pari 12. WHITTINGTON, BRANDON W., “Bran”; Band 9-11. WICKLINE, WARREN E„ JR., “Tink”; Wrestling 9; Math Club 11; Joy Boys 11. WIGNER, CHARLES G., “Skip”; Trans Law- ton HS 11; “King and I”; “West Side Story”; “Teahouse”; Masquers 12; Set and Stage Dir 12. WILLIAMS, KRISTIN S„ “Kristie”; Trans Widefield HS, Colo rado 11; Dance Club 11; German Club 11; “King and I”; “Teahouse”; “Little Mary Sushine”; “West Side Story”. WILBUR, NANCY J„ “Nance”; Pep Club 9-11; Chorus 9; Mixed Chorus 10; VOT 12. WILSON, VIRGINIA A., “Ginny”; FHA 9, 10; Intramurals 9, 10; Softball Mgr 10; Prom Comm 11; SCA rep 11; PP Basketball 10; PP Football 12; Talon 12. WINDOM, DARREL, “Darrel”; Football 9, JV 10, V 11, 12; Track V 11; Basketball 9; Prom Comm 11; Varsity Club 11, pres 12; FCA pres 12. WOOD, BRENDA F., “Brenda”; Pep Club 9; Gymnastics 9; GAA 10; Softball JV 10; Class rep 10; Prom Comm 11. WRIGHT, PATRICIA A., “Pat”; SHS 10; SCA Ways Means Comm 10; Cheerleader JV 11, V 12; Cheerleading Club 11; Spanish Club 11; Office 12. WROBLESKI, GAYLE I., “Gayle”; JV Soft- ball 9; Class pres 9; Pep Club 9; Current 9; SCA rep 9-11; Keyettes 10, 11, hist 12; PP Basketball 9, 10; Class rep 10; Prom Comm 11; PP Football II, 12; “King and I”; Grad Usher 11; Float 12. YANCEY, KENNETH W„ " Kenny”; FRIENDLIEST; JV Football 10; Prom Comm 11; Cafeteria Comm 11; PP Basketball 9; Intramurals 11; Sr Senate; SCA Buildings and Grounds 12; SCA rep 9; Current 11, 12; PP Cheerleader 9; Grad Usher 11; School Store 12; Float 12; SCA Music Comm 12; PP Foot¬ ball coach 11, 12. YOUNG, CHRISTINE E„ “Chris " ; Mixed Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10, 11. 167 Organizations Organizations are objects of tremendous value, if not for the achievement bestowed on their members, then for the simple reason that they teach a person that much enjoyment can be obtained from a little work and a lot of cooperation. 168 169 SCA To the casual observer, it might have been an overgrown closet of a spare room. A few students may have noticed the sign “Big Brother (SCA) is watching over you” at the beginning of the year, but thought it was only another poster. But to the leaders of our school, this was “the hole in the wall,” their haven with twenty people and ten desks. This room and its inhabitants produced a successful magazine drive, Homecoming Week, the first D.T.A.M.H.W.M.T.S.B.C. O.D.P., a psychedelic mixer, a Christmas tree sale, a spring dance, and surprise study-hall parties—all parts of a successful and achievement-filled year. The “hallowed” door of the “hole in the wall.” 170 SCA Cabinet: A. Reeder, Sec.; W. Palfrey, V. Pres.; D. Miller, ICC; G. Rozsa, Pres.; L. Walker, Social; B. Day, Orientation; V. Powell, Treas.; D. Rosenwasser, Communications; K. Yancey, Bldg, and Grounds, C. Reed, Reporter; R. Philips, Cultural Affairs; R. Wolf, Parliamentarian; K. Lerohl, Publicity. SCA Officers: Gabe Rozsa, President, Wayne Palfrey, V.P.; Anne Reeder, Secretary; Vic Powell, Treasurer. SCA President: Gabe Rozsa 171 ICC Chairman and Secretary: Chris Reed and Daphne Miller. Orientation, Communications, Publicity Committee Members: B. Day, D. Fleming, D. Bateman, P. Lenwell, J. Northrop, L. Reubush, A. Smag- orinsky, C. Carlson, H. Heath, J. Carter, P Haas, K. Lerohl, D. Fiebel- korn, S. Donoghue, D. Rosenwasser. SCA Reporters: Chris Reed and Glenn Russell. SCA Committees The goal of the SCA during the past year was to help the student in any way possible. The various committees started aiding the students as soon as they entered Edison in September, by pro¬ viding student handbooks, selling school supplies, holding elec¬ tions, presenting morning announcements, sponsoring dances, and organizing the school’s clubs. The committees and their work made up the core of the SCA. 172 Cultural Affairs, Building and Grounds, Ways and Means, Social Committee Members, Seated: R. Philips, Chair¬ man-Cult. Affairs, K. Yancey, Chairman-Bldg, and Grounds, V. Powell, Chairman-Ways and Means, L. Walker, Chairman-Social. Standing: S. Mandel, B. Taylor, K. Bergum, B. Shimchock, M. Gill, D. Dickerson, J. Mack, G. Embrey, P. Jenkins, D. McArthur, S. Messinger, P. Hurley, G. Wrobleski, B. Benyo, D. Scott, M. Eddy. Bookstore Workers: K. Yancey, D. Terry, P. Wagen- hals, M. Gill, J. Mack, V. Powell. Elections, Constitution, Student Advisory, Ex¬ tra-Curricular Awards Committee Members: C. Baldwin, D. Miller, G. Rozsa, D. Fleming, A. Wiegard, W. Palfrey, A. Reeder, C. Denton, N. Lam, H. Heath, R. Doyle, D. DeHaven. 173 rm First Row: M. Webb, L. Bevis, S. Erickson, P. Jenkins, C. Shank, J. Rosenwasser, B. Murphy, L. Fail, E. Wilson, Mrs. Corbin. Second Row: C. Jenkins, D. Zweiban, D. Hartye, D. Johnson, E. Thombs, D. Dicker- son, D. Appel, K. Nowak, C. Wallach, R. Evans. Third Row: C. Lyman, M. Risdon, P. Juraschek, P. Haas, L. Bodkin, R. Whitely, D. Asbill, V. Spears, M. Juraschek. Fourth Row: S. Haney, G. Katacinski, B. Preven- slik, P. Fleisher, K. Heine, J. Roland, P. Sudil, J. Vicker-Smith, D. Willis, D. Pullin, K. Wiegard. French Club Holds Cafes, Trips Parlez-vous francais? Maybe not, but it helped if you were a member of the hyper-active French Club during the past year. Napoleon’s Restaurant was the scene of a fun-filled dinner party early in November; the Christmas season was highlighted by a festive French caroling party. Members also visited the French Embassy in Washington to learn a little more about their adopted language and country. The year ended with the annual French-Latin Club banquet—a perfect end to a busy year. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS: P. Fleisher, V. P.; A. Carlson, Secre¬ tary; D. Dickerson, Historian; L. Bodkin, President; D. Willis, Treas¬ urer. 174 Pinata Party Adds to Christmas The Spanish Club proved to be one of the more fun loving and light organizations of this year. Combining fun and relaxation in learning more of the Spanish speaking peoples and their cus¬ toms, the club made trips to a restaurant, and the Spanish em¬ bassy, and practiced up on their piflata whacking skills behind closed doors. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS: M. Bernst, Secretary; S. Lee, Treasurer; C. Baldwin, President; D. Scott, V.P. First Row: S. Lee, M. Bernst, Miss Kill, C. Baldwin, D. Scott. Second Row: D. Di Benedetto, G. Beatty, L. Gill, A. Moore, K. Crocker, R. Ando, R. Russell. Third Row: R. Mulner, L. Moore, M. Turner, D. Kelly, C. Dains, D. Fisher. Fourth Row: M. Peck, B. Reeder, G. Reynolds, M. Larkin, C. Smith, B. Simpson, D. Abernathy. Fifth Row: P. Pfeiffer, K. Kincannon, K. Dotson, D. Page, J. Sneed. Sixth Row: G. McHoffa, C. Heinbaugh. N. Graham, M. Walter, B. Weatherford. " IT •••••••• 3 German Club Has A Festive Year The German Club began its year with the traditional Oktober- fest, featuring the German Club Band. This was followed by a hike to Great Falls, another annual activity. A Christmas party, again featuring the German Club Band, and German carols pro¬ vided entertainment for the members during the holidays. In February, Fasching, one of the highlights of the year, was cele¬ brated by a party to which members came in costumes. Spring activities included dinner at the Bavarian Restaurant and a pic¬ nic at Prince William Forest Park. Throughout the year, Ger¬ man Club attempted to provide activities that were both fun and contributed to an understanding of the language and culture of the German people. GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS: C. Baker, Secretary; C. Martin, Historian; G. Tiefenthaler, V. P.; R. Philips, President; J. Moore, Treasurer. Sealed, Left to Right: S. Baylis, S. Dahlgren. J. Blight, D. Hill. C. De- Meter, R. Conrad, H. Smith, L. Keating, G. Lappin, J. Reed, B. Brant, ( Baker, M. Desmond, R. Philips, G. Tiefenthaler, C. Quinn, J. Moore, G. Martin; Standing, Left to Right: L. French, C. Boles, M. Deaton, D. Stasulis, L. Amsden, P. Shaffer, C. Cummings, L. Hartman, 1. Copeland, K. Fowler, H. Chorosinski, J. Keating, D. Ellis, C. Desmond, M. Smith, D. Juraschek, J. Sandors, R. Wolf, W. Lodge, B. Kampschroer, D. Whee- lock, V. Burns. 176 LatinClub Ends With Banquet Typical Roman drink, known to non-Latins as grape juice, food, dress, and language of these classic peoples proved to be a valu¬ able stimulus to the members of the Latin Club. Its featured speakers, along with the annual banquet held jointly with the French Club, inspired these students to probe deeply into the culture and civilization of the Ancient Romans, documenting a full year for this ever-active organization. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS: B. Huddle, Aedile, B. Reese, Consul, C. Den¬ ton, Scriba, J. Quante, Consul. FIRST ROW: M. Grimsley, L. McMorrow, V. Colombo, A. Fleisher, J. Tarlosky, C. Sigel; SECOND ROW: B. Hare, D. Abernathy, S. Rantz, D. Bushong D. Obusek, C. Skirven; THIRD ROW: T. Barber, B. Schulte, B. DiBenedetto, R. Dodson, T. Bunch, T. Schulte, J. Beyer, E. Lewis, Mr Sarsfield, T. Farnum, J. Quante, B. Huddle, B. Reese, C. Denton. 177 Left to right: P. Brown, B. Reeder, G. Silverman, K. Boyle, S. Mandel, S. Boyd, C. Cohee, P. Snow, G. Hardman; Standing: D. Flem¬ ing, S. Dahlgren, C. Zehring, Mrs. Monk. Publicity Arts The Publicity Arts Club sponsored a wide variety of activities and projects this year. Between September and June, these club members were responsible for much of the scenery and props in The King , the Christmas Ornament sale, and the constant changing of the front showcase. Art Guild All of Edison’s frustrated “artists” had a place to blow their minds, if they happened to belong to the Art Guild. These Art Guild members were the originators of the “Hairy Eagle”, the “Whats-it” sale, and the Christmas Card Sale. Their reward? Many successful projects, pride in their work, and a crazy trip to New York. Lett to right: M. Studer, M. Monts, G. Hardman, M. Frye, B. Boyce, B. Keim, T. Brooks, B. Lopresti, L. Reubush. 178 Left to right: M. Kelly, E. Lewis, A. Park, A. DeVries, C. Reed, C. Ritter, J. Blanton, A. Smagorinsky, S. Dahlgren. Forensics Club The Forensics Club, a very vocal minority of the school, strove for perfection in public speaking and oral interpretation. This year they were host to the Gunston District Forensic Competi¬ tion. They also innovated the “Read-In”, an experiment in school forensics. Debate Society This past year the Debate Club taught young people to voice their ideas and to share them with others. Much research and time went into the preparation for the debates on the subject of: “Resolved: The Federal Government Should Establish Uniform Regulations To Control Criminal Investigation.” First Row: Miss Reeves, J. Guard, B. Keim, M. Gardner, M. Bernst, S. Hernandez; Second Row: K. Hopping, W. Lodge, G. Glos- sop, D. Fleming, M. Herndon, A. Featherstone. 179 FBLA The Future Business Leaders of America, a newly-active orga¬ nization in Edison, has decidedly changed its traditional busi¬ ness-like attitude to one of helping others, while still increasing their knowledge in business education. The selling of coffee and baked goods to adult education classes, plus the doubly purpose¬ ful procedure of helping teachers, proved the dedication of these girls to the acquistion of the skills and the mechanical workings of the business world of tomorrow. Left to right: V. Wilson, K. Carlstrom, E. Newman, S. Lawrence, E. Lawhorne, K. Dennis, L. Bruce, J. Phillips, E. Weaver, G. Bartley. 180 Left to right: L. White, R. Ando, F. Ross, T. May, R. Oppenheim. R. Kusaka, R. Ando, Mr. Springer. Math Club If you passed Room 115 on any given afternoon, you probably heard intricate formulas being shouted rapidly. This was the Math Club practicing to improve skill and speed in solving math problems so that they could represent Edison in the interscholas¬ tic Gunston District competition. Left to right: D. Brown, T. Farnum, A. Englehart, C. O ' Connor, J. Hahl. A. Moore, T. Cloud. Photo Club The Photograph y Club served during the past year as a workshop for all students interested in photography. Students learned correct methods of taking pictures and developing them. 181 A -Jkfe DBCA DECA Officers: S. Edelen, President, E, Rodgers, Vice President. G. Sims, Treasurer, E. White, Parliamentarian, C. Dawson, Historian, J. Robertson, Secretary. D.E.C.A. and V.I.C.A. were two of the largest and most active clubs of the past year. Activities ranged from field trips to the National Art Gallery and F.B.I. to workshops on how to find jobs during Christmas and the summer. Both clubs succeeded in their goal of providing activities suited to the interests of the vo¬ cational and distributive education students. VICA Officers: Left to Right: C. Coffman, B. Holland, D. Beavers, T. Lightfoot, M. Moore, B. Livengood. VICA 182 GAA First Row: Miss Fary, M.Grimsley, D. Mulvey, N. Graham, D. Rohrer, R. Eckhouse, J. Anders, Second Row: C. Max¬ well, J. Sneed, L. Amsden, D. Abernathy, M. Bernst, V. Masten, B. Hare. FCA The Fellowship of Christian Athletes was joined by such not¬ ables as Bobby Mitchell, Pat Richter, and Otto Graham in an i effort to bring high school athletes together, not only in team I effort, but in spiritual acquaintanceship as well. The Edison F.C.A., part of a nationwide organization, has succeeded in spreading its brotherly unity by sponsoring a party for the kids at Junior Village. First Row: D. Windom, P. Hubbard, V. Powell, R. Hilleary, J. Dent; Second Row: J. Bloyer, J. Breauleux, T. Shank, H. Setliff, K. Gerlach, G. Russell; Third Row: B. Weldon, G. Chesley, L. Hockey sticks, basketballs, volleyballs, ice skates, and tennis rackets equipped G.A.A. members for their activity-filled after¬ noons. In addition to combining fun and fitness, the girls ap¬ peared at home football and basketball games with cokes, candy, hotdogs, and popcorn for hungry spectators. Kersey, G. Pavlick, G. Johnson; Fourth Row: R. Kerstetter, C. Leavitt, W. Brim, G. Roberts, A. Rhein; Fifth Row: J. Powell, W. Masten, C. Brown, G. Plaugher, S. Campbell, W. Gryder. 183 FT A The efforts of the Future Teachers of America on Thursday afternoons of the past year produced many a clean blackboard. Armed with buckets, sponges, and red marking pencils, club members learned what life will be when their goal of teaching has been realized. By learning the art of teaching today, they developed skills, interests, and patience that can be put to good use in the future. And as the demand for educators increases, these future teachers are preparing themselves to prepare others. Kneeling: C. Cummings, Treas., A. Ziegler, V. Pres., D. DeHaven, Pres., M. Pomfret, Sec.; Center: Mrs. Rosenwasser, Sponsor; Standing: J. Hat¬ ton. L. Krapf, D. Tess, K. Norton, K. Hreha, B. Hare, R. Doyle, S. Abbot. J. Kelly, K. Crocker, V. Peixotto. P. Bevis. While many clubs sold baked goods after school, the Future Homemakers of America was the only one to sponsor a morning bake sale, commonly referred to as the “Breakfast Club.” While this was the largest project of the year, the FHA’s activities were extremely broad. During club meetings, members witnessed numerous demonstrations and heard many lectures by guest speakers. These, and other activities gave the girls opportunities to display their talents in sewing, cooking, and other fields nec¬ essary in creating a modern and comfortable future home. f irst Row: J. Rosenwasser, D. Quante, D. Abernathy, P. Nelson, D. Duvall, S. Ewing; Second Row: C. Smith, E. Weaver, D. Dillon, K. Bray- mer, L. White, A. Ramsey, S. Murphy; Third Row: M. Myers, D. Bate¬ man, R. Amsden, B. Eubanks, B. Weatherford, Mrs. Goerder, L. Bruce. 184 FNA Jann Mack, Terry Sinneway, Melissa Grimsley, Claudia Dains and Sharon Lawrence . . . put them together and they form the officers of the Future Nurses of America. Their aim, to bring prospective nurses closer to the nursing profession. With the aid of guest speakers, this club of junior Florence Nightingales continually strived for a greater understanding and interest in the doctor’s helper. 185 Radio Club Left to Right: M. Bray, D. Kaminsky, C. O’Connor, A. Moore, J. Poppe, J. Lebiszczak, S. Schneider, R. Quallich, B. Apple. After listening to continual static all day, how could anyone want to stay after school for some more? Well, it’s easy if you’re a member of the Radio Club and the static you hear isn’t that of a teacher’s voice, but that of your own ham radio set. Rocket Club Left to Right: D. Lawful, T. Payne, J. Bodkin, R. Forbes, T. Bunch, S. Haney, A. Rognlie, B. Aument. Between lectures, demonstrations, and visits to NASA, the mem¬ bers of this ever-active junior astronaut association hope some¬ day to send up the perfect rocket , . . one with Mr. Blevins in it. 186 Astronomy Club First Row: F. Ross, K. Hopping, T. Cloud, D. Duchaj; Second Row: T. Olson, T. May, J. Hahl, F. Nagel, M. Peck. Chess Club Chess: an absorbing game for intellectuals, combines practice, common sense, a love for tough competition, and intelligence in the acquisition of this skill. As to its enjoyment, you’ll have to ask one of its fourteen members. Between trips to Goddard Space Flight Center and Burke Lake, the Astronomy Club held frequent meetings to further their perception of the astrological sciences. Meetings such as these, held only on evenings with clear skies, proved both entertaining and educational for these devoted star-watchers. First Row: G. Beatty, A. Rognlie, J. Sharma, J. Quante, D. McManamy, J. Bodkin; Second Row: J. Hand, H. Thomas, Mr. Sarsfield, B. DiBene- detto, R. Dodson, R. Spicer, T. Bunch, W. Drake, S. Haney. 187 Joy Boys Lead In School Spirit One of the most spirited groups in the school, the Joy Boys one again spread their wild enthusiasm through the crowds attendin school games. The energy of Chris Reed and his fellow office] was typical of the organization. Even though the lyrics of som of their pep songs were of dubious quality and questionab] legitimacy, they managed to make a major contribution to scho spirit in sports. JOY BOYS OFFICERS: C. Reed, Pres., D. Hedrick, Sec., C. Anson, V.F D. Rosenwasser, Treas. SEATED: D. Rosenwasser, C. Reed, D. Hedrick; Left to Right: D. Pric B. Taylor, K. Fort, D. Willis, J. Blanton, R. Gould, Mr. Casto, W. Pa frey, D. Brinkman, C. Anuswith, D. Lawful, W. Kahn, K. Gilbert. 188 Pep Club Boosts Team Support “Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar! All for Edison stand up and holler!” An extra cheerleading squad? Not really. It’s the Pep Gub, the female counterpart of the Joy Boys. Like its mas¬ culine counterpart, the Pep Club spent the past year promoting and spreading school spirit throughout the student body. FIRST ROW: K. Barry, M. Payne, L. Fridenstine; SECOND ROW: P. Hyatt, S. Matthews, C. Osier, P. Murphy; THIRD ROW: D. Welsh, H. Smith, B. Wickline, L. Mickay, T. Johnson; FOURTH ROW: T. Valliere, L. McMorrow, R. Russell, P. Donald, N. Williamson, M. Strickler; FIFTH ROW: S. McKenzie, S. Boyd, C. Cohee, M. Coppa, M. Pruitt; SIXTH ROW: D. Rembert, L. Rozier, D. Daniel, V. Masten, B. Sovonick, P. Mankin. PEP CLUB OFFICERS: D. Smith, Treas., L. Fridenstine, Sec., K. Barry, Pres., M. Payne, V.P. 189 Majorettes 1967-’68 First Row: L. Brenner, A. Smith; Second Row: M. Bolinger, M. Bolinger, N. Wilmeth, C. O’Connor; Third Row: J. Jenkins, P. Webb, L. Jacobsen, B. Nelson; Fourth Row: S. Harris, P. Lloyd. Even when the scores were totally against Edison, there was always a brightening point of the night. This, of course, was the half-time performance of the Majorettes. Could these girls have been responsible for the over-all turnout at our football and bas¬ ketball games? Maybe not, but the girls deserve as much credit as the team. It took a lot of work and instruction by the two co-captains to achieve the perfection and form these girls displayed. Although the squad sometimes wanted to rebell against the authority of both Ann and Linda, they all realized that without their two co-captains, they would never have had such perfect form; (“Patty, get your arms straight!”) or such rhythm: (“Lu¬ cille, slow down!”) or such outright obediance; (“Harris, for the tenth time, follow your baton!”) or such organization: (“Which one is Molly?”). And due to the determination of their two lead¬ ers to make Edison Majorettes the greatest, the entire squad showed the proper loyalty and respect for the two co-captains: (“Well, they make mistakes too!”) Co-Captains: Ann Smith and Linda Brenner 190 Left to right: C. O’Connor, P. Lloyd, M. Bolinger, B. Nelson, M. Bo- linger, L. Jacobsen, N. Wilmeth, A. Smith, J. Jenkins, P. Webb, S. Har¬ ris, L. Brenner. “All right, girls, hands up! This is a stick up!” w W m u ' ■ 1 WM 11 ' 11 [Hj 11 F ■” k If t MM i F I ■ 1 1 If A m 1 1 1 191 Drill Team Mascots: J. Davidson and L. Bullock. Perfection Shown By Drill Team A shrill whistle pierced the night, and immediately, the football field was filled with marching red and white uniforms. Again the whistle sounded, and the group mechanically broke into two orderly lines; Alanna Carlson leading one, and Kathy Kincan- non, the other. It was hard to recognize the girls as the same chaotic, in¬ formed group of incumbents who practiced and polished their formations during the summer. The girls, with a quality of ex¬ perience usually seen only in hard core veterans marched in the Labor Day, Rose Hill and George Washington parades. FIRST ROW: J. Davidson, K. Kincannon, G. Taylor, R. Doyle, L. Shel¬ ton, S. Ouderkirk, B. Benyo, M. Greimann, L. Walker, M. Minor, G. Wrobleski, C. Wells, L. Smith, C. Cuddy, A. Carlson, L. Bullock; SEC¬ OND ROW: J. Pullen, J. Tarlosky, S. Comeau, J. Johnson, D. Appel, E. Nalls, D. Dickerson, T. Shain, D. Fleming, M. Jones, D. Scott, D. Pusey, D. Bailey, D. Bateman, T. Haas, S. Northrop, P. Hurley, C. Wells, B. Keim, M. Allman, L. Gastrell, D. Parsons, A. Grahn, C. Tyler, S. Pate. 192 Drill Team Co-Captains: Kathy Kincannon and Alanna Carlson. 193 Lower Brass: First Row: M. Kelly, A. Lytle, R. Price, D. Thorp, A. Andrews, G. Jewett, P. DeHaven; Second Row: D. Howell, L. Hall, M. Ours, L. Ellis, E. Eisele, M. Thornton, D. Brown. Symphonic Band The Symphonic Band played through another successful year and confirmed its position as one of the top bands in Northern Virginia. The band numbered over eighty musicians, the largest group ever to represent Edison at the many contests that the musicians entered. As usual, the band exemplified the highest degree of high school musicianship and brought due crediti to its school. Clarinets: Seated: D. Zweiban; First Row: P. Boyle, S. Potter, R. Ando, C. Cole, J. Felsecker, D. Feagans, K. Carpenter, J. Wingo, J. Bergin; Second Row: L. Uhlfelder, C. Amos, C. Elder, S. Baylis, D. Harvey, L. Lefler, C. Brewer, S. Abbot, D. Strader, D. DeHaven. Woodwinds seated: J. Davis, J. Keating; Left to right standing: M. Gill, R. McBee, J. Feagans, C. Hill, J. Babis, C. Denton, W. Weisman, J. Howell, C. Sandors, M. Lord, K. Moore, F. Ross, P. Shaffer; Ladder: (L-R), J. Taylor, G. Roberts (Top), K. Nowak, J. Noggle. Trumpets and Horns: Center: K. Morrisey, B. Nelson; Clockwise; S. Salter, K. Royston, K. Roberts, A. Dennis, R. Tornese, B. Whittington, D. Brown, R. Wingo, J. Cuddy, S. Link, B. Yehle. 194 Membership: A. Andrews, R. Bacon, M. Baldwin, S. Baylis, J. Bergin, F. Bibb, P. Boyle, D. Brown, D. Brown, K. Carpenter, J. Copeland, J. Crabtree, J. Cuddy, A. Dennis, E. Eisele, C. Elder, D. Ellis, D. Feagans, J. Felsecker, T. Futch, B. Gastrell, B. Hall, A. Harris, D. Harvey, E. Hensley, C. Hill, J. Howell, D. Huff, G. Jewett, D. Jurachek, J. Keat¬ ing, G. Kelly, L. Lauria, L. Lefler, S. Link, M. Lord, A. Lytle, J. Mason, L. McClelland, S. McGraw, K. Morrisey, J. Noggle, J. Noggle, R. Op- penheim, M. Ours, S. Potter, R. Price, J. Raines, A. Rizor, G. Roberts, K. Royston, S. Salter, R. Schneider, S. Skalabrin, D. Strader, S. Stone, J. Taylor. D. Thorp, M. Thornton. R. Tornese. L. Uhlfelder, J. Wingo, D. Wright, B. Yehle. D. Zweiban. Symphonic Band Officers: J. Howell, A. Lytle, M. Lord, D. Brown, R. Schenider. 195 ENSEMBLE: FIRST ROW: D. Strickler, A. Ditz, D. Weaver; SECOND ROW: A. Lohman, D. Meyers, D. Ratcliffe; THIRD ROW: A. Rognlie, G. Glossup; FOURTH ROW: L. Dixon, L. Smith; FIFTH ROW: J. Cotton, D. Howell. Choruses Have Musical Year Doyle C. Catlett led the three choruses this year in the greater perception of the joy of music. Although they did not give a Fall concert, thereby breaking with tradition, the choruses did per¬ form in the annual Christmas and Spring concerts. The aim of the high school chorus for them was primarily the educational experience, as evidenced through frequent voice exams, which was felt to have greater long range value than the questionable practice of overperforming. 196 CHORALE: FIRST ROW: M. McKay, D. King, M. Austin, A. Lohman, D. Strickler, J. Cotton, A. Rognlie, D. Ratcliffe, T. Sinneway, V. Rat- cliffe, L. Smith; SECOND ROW: M. Grant, A. Ditz, S. Lee, L. Dixon, CONCERT CHOIR: FIRST ROW: R. Smith. C. Labadie, L. Shelton, R. Dodge, H. Sinclair, B. Toven, G. Beatty, L. Waggle, B. Hildreth, L. French: SECOND ROW: S. Penn, J. Setliff, B. Brown, P. Riddle, D. Sisson, L. Hawkins. L. Moore. D. Briscoe, J. Hutcherson, N. McClel¬ D. Meyers, L. Shaffer, G. Glossup, M. Bernst, S. Murray, S. Murray; THIRD ROW: N. Cockrell, P. Phillips, G. Phillips, C. Young, C. Bacon, D. Weaver, D. Howell, J. Lewis, K. Dennis, S. McGoye. land; THIRD ROW: S. Anderson, M. Gill, C. Giuffrida, D. Westgate, D. Lines, K. Walker, B. Goss, C. Embrey, D. Smith, M. Campbell; FOURTH ROW: M. Allman, L. Goodheart, M. Anderson, C. Maxwell, R. Bullock, R. Maynard, G. Henderson, V. Fuller, D. Devor, M. Jones. 197 MEMBERS (Sitting, L-R): D. Fleming, M. Madden, J. Foster, J. Burke, Bishop, K. Fowler, C. Baker, P. Wagenhals, G. Rozsa, B. Brant, P. C. Snyder, L. Reubush, B. Shimchock, PI. Heath, C. Carlson, J. Hatton, Shelly, B. Toven. J. Cotton, A. Cunningham. J. Guard, T. Brooks; f Standing L-R): D. Masquers Has 3 Productions The stage held a strong attraction for many students. After a successful productions of “The King and I” and “The Teahouse of the August Moon”, a record number students showed up to audition for the spring musical, “West Side Story”. Behind these productions was Masquers, the theatre honorary for excellence through its banquet and induction ceremonies. Induction of an individual was based on points earned in production; emphasis was placed equally between acting and backstage work. OFFICERS: Pres., K. Masterson, V.Pres.-Treas. G. Martin; Sec. P. Douglas. SPONSOR. Mr. Dunlap 198 HOUSE, BOX OFFICE, PUBLICITY, STAFF MEMBERS (Sitting): A. DIRECTORS: Make-up, P. Douglas; Costumes, L. Margosian; Props, K. Cunningham, M. Strickler; (Standing): J. Burke, J. Foster, P. Shelly, J. Fowler. Flatton, M. Madden. DlRECTORS: Lighting, D. Harvey; Set, S. Wigner; Music, D. Bishop. 199 OFFICERS: V. Pres., R. Massey; Sec., S. Redfield; Pres., B. Lee; Treas., N. Summerlin. Monogram Club Between selling cokes and challenging the women faculty mem¬ bers to a basketball game, the Monogram Club found time to honor true proficiency in sports. This girls letter club not only displayed skill in Physical Education, but bought equipment for the athletic department, leaving for future students proof of a successful year. First Row: B. Lee, D. Randall, S. Walters, C. Bacon; Second Row: C. Loving, D. Funk, S. Redfield, N. Summerlin, 1. West; Third Row: S. Hernandez, K. Rizzo, C. Merchant, C. Johnson. Left to Right: D. Bishop, R. Philips, D. Connolly, S. Kerstetter, B. Brant, K. Fowler, D. Ratcliff. if pi ifif ■ i i I •. ;■ ■ ;» - ' : ' ■ v - ... 200 : First Row: F. Lauria, J. Hopkins, L. Lauria, P. Brant, T. Rice, M. Childs, L. Sage, C. Anuswith; Second Row: B. Petrie, J. Dent; Third Row: H. . Ferguson, B. Reese; Fourth Row: D. Windom, J. Burk; Fifth Row: D. : Shook, W. Brim, A. Rhein, A. Goldsmith, V. Powell, C. Reed; Sixth Row: G. Pavlick, P. Hubbard; Seventh Row: W. Masten, K. Roberts; Eighth Row: S. Kreigh, J. Bloyer; Ninth Row: J. Quante, G. Glossop, K. Ger- lach, W. Gryder, G. Johnson, B. Smith, C. Brown, B. Toven. Varsity Club Spirited on by Coach “Pop” Hensley and president Darrel Windom, the Varsity Club became a vital part of Edison’s ever- active Athletic Department. A whirlpool bath, a trophy case, and championship banners in the gym were evidences of the work of these varsity lettermen. Exhibiting a strong sense of fellowship, sportsmanship, and school spirit, Coach Carson’s crew was appropriately set in the symbol of their athletic accom¬ plishments, the big “E”. OFFICERS: Treas., K. Roberts; Sec., P. Hubbard; V. Pres., M. Childs; Sgt.-at-Arms, J. Breuleux; Pres., D. Windom. iQuill And Scroll The Edison chapter of Quill and Scroll International Honorary for High School Journalists was organized in 1967 to recognize students who excelled in some phase of school publications work. Members, inducted in the spring of 1968, were students who made major contributions to the staffs of the Talon, Erudite, or Current. 201 First Row: A. Smagorinsky, M. Donoghue, L. Walker, C. Baldwin, K. Kincannon, A. Park, D. Connolly; Second Row: C. Baker,- P. Hurley, G. Wrobleski, P. Wagenhals, A. Cunningham, K. Fowler, L. Reubush,; Third Row: D, DeHaven, A. Goss, j. Stapf, K. Breuleux, G. Martin, K. Lerohl; Seated above: P. Douglas, J. Quackenbush, D. Miller; Fourth Row: R. Philips, B. Brant, M. Lord, B. Reddick, Fifth Row: Sponsor; Mrs. Toone, L. Gessert, L. Bodkin, A. Wiegard, A. Reeder. Keyettes Hold Slave Day Slave Day antics, several slumber parties, daffodil sale, a never- to-be-forgotten U.S.O. skit, and donkey basketball characterized the lighter side of this honorable fellowship. Led by Anne Reeder, the Keyettes worked with March of Dimes, Heart Association, Tuberculosis Association, and highlighted their year with a trip to the Keyette International Convention at the Shoreham Hotel and the adoption of their Vietnamese child “Dinny”. 202 OFFICERS (Top-Bottom, L-R): Pres., A. Reeder; Jr. Rep., J. Quackenbush; Sr. Rep., D. Miller; Sgt.-at-Arms, L. Walker; Chaplain, R. Philips; Hist., G. Wrobleski; V. Pres., M. Lord; Corr. Sec., S. Kerstetter; Tres., C. Baldwin; Rec. Sec., B. Reddick. OFFICERS: See; D. Compton; Sgt-at-Arms, C. Reed; Pres. J. Howell; Tres., D. Rosenwasser; V. Pres., B. Day. Sitting (L-R): M. Childs, T. Olsen, C. Reed, M. Major, G. Damrow, A. Featherstone; Standing (L-R): K. Roberts, S. Morris, B. Day, E. Raettig, T. Brooks, J. Cotton, G. Russell, P. DeHaven, W. Palfrey, J. Howell, Key Club Holds Bake Sales Although the name may imply it, the Key Club was not a direct counterpart to the Keyettes in purpose. The Key Club ap¬ proached its purpose as a service club from a more masculine point of direction. Members served in the Mother’s March of Dimes, parked cars for college night and performed many other worthwhile services for the school. Members met regularly in the evenings with Mr. Clark, sponsor, and John Howell, presi¬ dent. Students might remember the club best for its many suc¬ cessful bake sales. B. Jordan, R. Oppenheim, S. Campbell, Mr. Clark, R. Wolf; Sitting: R. Ando, D. Brinkman, V. Powell, J. Dent, C. Anson, B. Messmer, P. Hubbard, G. Rozsa, D. Brown, D. Rosenwasser. 203 German First Row: D. Juraschek, M. Childs, J. Keating, K. Kampschroer, R. Wolf, G. Rozsa; Second Row: K. Fowler, J. Moore, C. Baker, C. Cummings, G. Martin, M. Deaton, C. Quinn, B. Brant, R. Philips. Honor Society Officers: Sec-Treas., G. Tiefenthaler; Hist., R. Philips; Pres., G. Martin; V. Pres., G. Rozsa. Formed to give special recognition to those students who have shown proficiency and interest in the German language, the German Honor Soceity inducted twelve students in November. The club has spent the year visiting places of cultural interest in the D.C. area including embassies, plays, and restaurants. Spanish Honor Society With twelve new inductees in November, the Spanish Honor Society has set an ultimate goal for all Spanish students. Spon¬ sored by Mrs. Struck, the members of the elite club held a Valentine’s Day Lollipop sale. In the midst of guest speakers and keeping up the necessary 3.5 average, these bi-lingual scholars promoted studies in all phases of Spain and Spanish speaking peoples. First Row: J. Hopkins, H. Azancot, J. Gilardi, T. Cloud, B. Reddick, L. Gill, D. Scott, A. Cunningham, B. Brant, C. Baldwin, K. Fowler; Second Row: N. Summerlin, B. Weatherford, D. Kelly, R. Ando, S. Lee, S. Ouderkirk, B. Benyo, J. Tingley. 204 First Row: M. Lord, K. Breuleux, A. Reeder, J. Tingley, R. Whitley, A. Smagorinsky, D. DeHaven, C. Quinn, 1. Copeland, N. McLendon, J. Stapf, R. Philips, B. Reddick, B. Brant, Second Row: A. Carlson. C. Baldwin, D. Zweiban, K. Fowler, J. Moore, B. Lee, L. Reubush, R. Doyle, D. Miller, D. Connolly, C. Cummings, D. Dickerson, P. Philips, K. Lerohl, G. Martin,; Third Row: H. Heath, R. Ando, D. Rosenwasser, J. Keating, R. Lusaka, G. Rozsa, J. Quante, S. Potter. J. Blanton, R. Wolf, D. Willis, K. Kampschroer, M. Major. G. Russell. J. Howell, R. Oppenheim. D. Howell, D. Bishop. NHS Inducts 34 In Fall In November of the 1967-68 school year, the National Honor Society inducted thirty-four new members, adding to its mem¬ bership of Juniors and Seniors to start off its activities for the year. The Society set up its tutoring service early in January to aid the student body. Besides working as a service organization, the N.H.S. sponsored educational and recreational activities, including a trip to the British Embassy in October and an ex¬ cursion to Arena Stage in January. Officers: V. Ties., C. Baldwin; Hist., D. Connolly; Corr. Sec., K. Kin- cannon; Pres. D. Miller; Trea., J. Howell; Rec. Sec., B. Reddick. Officers: V. Pres., B. Benyo; Reporter, K. Fowler; Sponsor, Mrs. Struck; Treas., B. Reddick; Pres., B. Brant. 205 The CURRENT EDITOR-1 N-CHIEF, Vernon Campbell. C M )££; m WSOAf, i, ’■ ' . ca Hh t •- The Current served as a high school representation of the news media. Its aim was to illuminate news and personalities of the school in an unbiased manner and to work as an educational experience for all those who were involved. The sixth period study hall, characterized by friendly con¬ fusion, was the center of the staff s work and delighted neigh¬ boring classes with its daily operations. f n p Jr r t f i Ji w ) .■a " i y 1 1 |I |j|| iff i! .1 J ' ¥ jW- i T 1 „ ; Lj ft =4 a « □ Jr §| I f ; l i» f 1 01 X«J 885 p i b £ I o ■ a If Jl 3 Executive and Assistant Managers: Dona Connolly, Rosemarie Philips. 206 SPONSOR, Dorothy Landenberger. EDITORS: Circulation, S. Penn; Exchange, L. Shelton Business, C. Baldwin. REPORTERS (L-R): M. Donoghue, S. Haney, P. Lenwell, B. I Vickers-Smith, J. Walsh, D. Rohrer, S. Potter, C. Cuddy, R. Doyle EDITORS: Assistant Copy, P. Hurley; Typing, C. Baker; Copy, B. Benyo EDITORS: Assistant News, K. kincannon; Sports, R. Hoffler; Feature A. Smagorinsky; News, S. Kerstetter. Vrtttti 207 STAFF (Kneeling): P. Lenwell, M. Madden, K. (Standing): M. Deaton, C. Cummings, D. Ratcliff, S. Masterson; (Sitting): B. LoPresti, M. Gardner; Pate, M. Donoghue, A. Cunningham, M. Jones. 1968 ERUDITE Creative writing, for the staff of the Erudite, proved to be a some respects as a regular subject in school. The Erudite, with ij complex subject. The staff studied in detail the analyzation of David Bishop as Editor-in-Chief, published two issues during ; literature, especially high school work, in order to judge material the school year, held seminars on writing and sponsored a as fairly as possible. To the surprise of everyone, working on the writing contest in the spring. Erudite turned out to be as much an educational experiance in 208 EDITORS: Ass ' t. Art, M. Studer; Art, J. Quackenbush. EDITORS: Typing, K. Fowler; Business, T. Farnum. EDITORS: Material, A. Wiegard; Managing, J. Shelly. 209 1968 TALON EDITOR-1 N-CHIEF, Barbara Brant Organized by Editor-In-Chief Barbara Brant and Faculty Ad¬ visor Mr. Russell Hall, the Talon was comprised of twelve editors and twenty staff members. Working the entire school year to produce a complete coverage of the students, activities, and memorable events of Edison’s student body, the Talon invariably found itself wading through myriads of lost layouts, decisions on copy, day-to-day enigmas on exactly which picture is best, and the subtle confusion of a sixth period study hall. ADVISOR: Russell Hall. EDITORS: Faculty, P. Phillips; Classes, H. Heath; Seniors, K. Fowler. EDITORS: Managing, A. Cunningham; Copy, D. Bishop; Layout, A. Wiegard. -•- tra i i : EDITORS: Girls Sports, M. Pearson; Boys Sports, J. Dent. STAFEfSitting in front): P. Lenwell, C. Baker, C. Carlson; (In Back): M. Herndon, D. Fleming, V. Wilson, C. Wells, C. Desmond, J. Keating. EDITORS: School Life, D. Ratcliff; Organizations, B. Reddick. Business Editor, C. Mills and Publication Drive Mgr., N. McClelland. 211 Sports Sporting is a field in which a few people may ex¬ cel, a lot of people can participate, many more people may watch with enjoyment, and everyone may benefit. It can provide man or woman a pleas¬ ing way to relax, an overwhelming sense of com¬ petition, an outlet for his frustrations, and several qualities, among them achievement and good sportsmanship. r ■■ : teH S Left to right: D. Martin, C. Downing, D. Mock, P. Dell, J. Hilleary, N. Reubush, D. Cummings, T. Butler. Future Varsity in Action Freshmen cheerleaders found that a great deal of hard work mixed with fun and excitement provided a very rewarding first year at Edison. The girls practiced many long and hard hours throughout the year. The squad, led by Jane Hilleary and Pam Dell showed great spirit in supporting the freshmen teams. The tremendous enthusiasm from the girls was illustrated at all of the freshmen games. Donna Cummings Co-captains, top to bottom: Jane Hilleary and Pam Dell. 214 Co-captains, left to right: Jean McDaniel and Doris Bushong. Give Me an " E” Keeping the morale of the Junior Varsity teams at a peak, the JV cheerleaders displayed unending enthusiasm in helping to unify underclassmen spirit. In addition to selling football pro¬ grams at home games, the girls were privileged to cheer at the Homecoming game. They faithfully attended their respective games and encouraged the teams that will soon lead the school. Sue Mandel Left to right: J. Brawner, J. Middlecoff, L. Beatty, S. Mandel, J. McDaniel, D. Bushong, S. Lewis, K. Bergum, D. Hughes, D. Kavros. 215 First Row: C. Johnson, S. Kersetter; Second Row: R. Bushong, C. Givens; Third Row: P. Wright, L. Gessert; Fourth Row: D. Obusek, D. Randall; Fifth Row: Sue Napier, J. Hilleary. Varsity Evoked Eagles’ Spirit Co-captain: Sherry Kersetter Co-captain: Cathy Johnson 216 Debbie Randall and Debbie Obusek Rita Bushong “Come on, stand up and yell!” a varsity cheerleader shouted and once again the stands vibrated with an excited roar. During the football and basketball seasons the girls led enthusiastic cheers and gave the team the kind of moral support that mat¬ tered. They displayed more energy than would have seemed possible for ten girls. In addition to leading the school at games and at pep rallies, the cheerleaders participated in other activi¬ ties, such as “It’s Academic”, as a constant reminder that they were wholeheartedly backing the students of Edison. Joy Hilleary and Carol Givens Sue Napier Pat Wright Lynn Gessert 217 First Row: Co-captains; R. Massey and B. Lee; Second Row: N. Sum- Row: C. Maxwell, S. Laughon, D. Funk, C. Bacon, P. Wagenhals, Mrs. merlin, S. Redfield, E. Boyd, D. Wilkinson, K. Rizzo, S. Walters; Third Holt, I. West. Hard Work Worth Effort Edison...... . .... .0 Fort Hunt ........... ...... .0 Edison.. . 1 West Springfield.. ...... .2 Edison...... . .... .0 Mount Vernon . ...... .0 Edison.. . .... .2 Lee ................ ....... 1 Edison. . . . . . . .... .0 Groveton ........... .......3 Edison. . .... .0 Woodson ... .......0 Edison. . . . . . ...... 1 Stuart .. . . ...... .3 Edison...... ___ 1 Annandale .......... ...... .2 Co-captains Beth Lee and Rose Massey cross hockey sticks. 218 Under pressure exerted by Lee, Susan Red field attempts to gain control of the ball. Although the Varsity Hockey team won only one game, their spirit and enthusiasm was on a high level as they played through several close games. Seven of the girls were seniors and played their last year on the team. In its one win, the team beat Lee by one point. Nancy Summerlin was voted the Most Valuable Player, Sandy Walters, Most Improved and Rose Massey re¬ ceived the Sportsmanship award. Edison ' s defense anticipates an attempted goal by Stuart. Coach Mrs. Holt discussed the game at half time with Nancy Sum merlin, Evie Boyd and Sue Redfield. 219 JV Hockey co-captains, Carol Muglia and Jane LeRohl, hold the sticks which they used so skillfully. Hard Work And Long Practices The Junior Varsity Hockey team, coached by Miss Ripper, chalked up a 1 -2-5 record. For most of the girls it was their first year of hockey. The team was characterized by a consistently high spirit and a continuous desire to win. First Row: C. Muglia, J. LeRohl; Second Row: G. Martin, T. Crouse, N. Haber, L. Rao; Third Row: C. Merchant, D. Jarrell, V. Farley, D. Hansen, S. Davis, C. McCaleb; Fourth Row: H. Pope, R. Nichols, K. Snyder. 220 First Row: L. Rao, J. Walsh, E. Boyd, S. Walters; Second Row: S. Carney, C. Grimm, D. Jarrell. H. Pope, D. Fiebelkorn, J Lerohl, R. Nichols, K. Snyder. Team Combines Its Efforts Being led, both in spirit and sportsmanship, by co-captains Evie Boyd and Linda Rao, this close-knit crew excelled in team, as well as in school spirit. Believing strongly that experience was the best teacher, this collection of hard-working athletes never ended in their season’s search for perfection of the skills in¬ volved in basketball. Diane Fiebelkorn and Connie Grimm work hard on their passing skills. Co-captains Evie Boyd and Linda Rao led the JV team. 9 First Row: K. Rizzo, S. Redfield, D. Funk, N. Summerlin, C. Bacon; Second Row: D. Bailey, J. Vickers-Smith, Miss Ripper, J. Sneed, B. Lee. Girls Show Remarkable Spirit i 222 Dara Funk moves around West Springfield to get in a good position for a shot. The Girl’s Varsity Basketball team of Edison High acted as a stronghold of team spirit and good sportsmanship. Their perfect record of losses proved to be an onward push toward their ultimate goal ... a win. These undaunted athletes continually strove for better understanding of basketball while many found themselves a more important and substantial goal; self-discipline of mind and body along with their restless love for the game. Beth Lee scores one for Edison. Janet Vickers-Smith jumps against an opponent to start a new quarter. First Row: D. Lippard, D. Mears, G. Chesley, J. Love, R. Hilleary, G. Morgan, P. Hubbard, G. Witsman, L. Culbertson, M. Coffey; Second Row: K. Brady, S. Stith, M. Childs, J. Bioyer, B. Petrie, W. Brim, T. Rice, E. Thomas, G. Plaugher, S. Campbell; Third Row: B. Peterson, K. Strait, H. Setliff, V. Powell. L. Lamb. W. Masten, J. Chapelle, C. Brown. W. Gryder, B. Weldon; Fourth Row: J. Dent, G. Russell, R. Stemple, J. Breuleux, D. MacArthur, Manager, K. Gerlach, L. Kersey, A. Rhein, Manager, G. Johnson, G. Pavlick, C. Bernhardt, Manager, D. Windom, C. Leavitt, J. Powell. es Post 6-3-1 In District Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Varsity Scoreboard 12 Woodson . 20 27 G. C. Marshall. 7 24 Hammond . 39 19 Mount Vernon. 19 33 Jefferson . 14 14 Groveton . 20 27 West Springfield . 13 26 Langley . 7 20 Fort Hunt . 12 40 Robert E. Lee. 20 224 End John Dent races past Marshall defender for six points. The big Eagles climbed to a 6-3-1 record this year. Under the direction of Coach Bob Rose, and with the assistance of coaches Parker and Scott, the team compiled the second best record in Edison’s history. Chosen to represent Edison on the various post season all-star teams were Gary Chesley, John Dent, Gary John¬ son, Greg Pavlick, and Darrel Windom. Morgan gets to quarterback too late to stop pass. Coach Scott and Coach Parker figure out who that zero is. 225 Because of the addition of new high schools into Fairfax County, the Edison Eagles started out the year in a new district. To start off the season, the Eagles traveled to Woodson. The game was exceptional with the Eagles playing spirited ball, and although the Eagles lost the game, 20-12, they proved that they were going to beat strong teams. As the year went on, the Eagles steadily improved, but in facing the revenge-minded Hammond, the Edison team lost by a score of 38-24. After losing to Hammond, the team walloped Jefferson 33-14, and then faced Mount Vernon a week later. The Eagles took on Mount Vernon and played a tremendous first half. The score at the half leaned in Edison’s favor, but the Majors came out and played some top-notch ball to tie the Eagles 19-19. After recovering from this tie, the Edison team prepared for the Homecoming game, and held high hopes of winning. Edison led throughout the first half, but the fired-up Groveton Tigers pushed on to an upset in the second half. The Homecoming defeat renewed the team’s determination to try for the Gunston District championship. Defense stops Jefferson ball carrier after short gain. Gunston District Forms Rivalry Big “E” offense lines up as Childs gets set to call signals. 226 Defensive backs Phil Hubbard and John Love get ready to tackle runner. After the Groveton loss, the team rebounded with a tremendous i victory over Langley. With spirit at its peak, the big “E” en- i countered the district leader West Springfield. Through the ! combined efforts of the coaching staff, and the overwhelming spirit generated by the student body, Edison soundly defeated the Spartans, and in doing so established an arch-rival. Gaining momentum, the big “E” beat Fort Hunt for one of the most grat¬ ifying victories of the season. In the final game of the season, 1 Edison played its long-time rival Lee. The Eagles soundly wal¬ loped the Lancers by a score of 40 to 20, to take second place in the Gunston District with a record of 6-3-1. Although the district title eluded the Eagles, the team pro¬ duced the second best season in Edison’s history. Come on Coach Rose, don ' t pose! 227 Gary Johnson bulls his way for that extra yard as guard Darrel Windom and flanker Gary Chesley look on. 228 Wayne Gryder thinks he’s superman as he flies in to make the tackle. Childs completes a pass to number forty, “the referee?” The Eagle football team finished their season this year with a record of six wins, three losses, and one tie in the new Gunston District. The team beat the local rivals Lee and Fort Hunt, but lost to Groveton in Edison’s annual Homecoming game. Co¬ captains Greg Pavlick and Darrel Windom exemplified the spirit of the team and because of their outstanding work, the team played with a true group unity. The Eagles receive a gift from Fort Hunt. 229 Edison Line Coach Fisher and Coach Neufang. Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison Edison 12 Lee. 0 6 Marshall.16 9 Jefferson.12 6 West Springfield. 6 12 Groveton .20 26 Mount Vernon.. 0 19 Langley . 6 20 Fort Hunt. 28 J. V. Compiled 4-3-1 Record First Row: M. Cowan, A. Silverthorn, D. Durst, D. Rice, B. Jordan, J. Sells, G. Embrey, J. Minor, B. Hagstrom, R. Holmes, J. Butler; Second Row: M. Milligan, J. Hauenson, K. Allen, M. Jewett, G. Petitt, D. Car¬ ter, T. Favorite, K. Romero, B. Martin, R. Kerstetter, R. Albright, R. Hedrick, L. Gurley, E. Sexton, manager, E. Silverthorn, manager; Third Row: M. Peartree, R. Anderson, R. Gardner, M. Harrison, H. Wheaton, B. Moses, P. Thompson, P. Smagorinsky, J. Davis, D. Post, D. Beard, M. Wade, T. Shank, B. Downs, J. Brady, D. Kirby, G. Chapin, R. Fagan. 230 First Row: C. Alle, G. Prohaska, J. Bailey, D. Mason, G. Miller, R. Mays, D. Flynn, A. Jacobs; Second Row: T. Wilke, B. Blake, M. Marov, G. Estes, D. Davis, M. Winter, L. Kelley; Third Row: P. Gessert, C. Beach, E. Smith, P. Howell, R. Scott, R. Byrd, R. Setliff; Fourth Row: F. Dugan, D. McBroom, N. Ouderkirk, R. Davis, B. Kelley, G. Proctor; Fifth Row: G. Olsen, J. Cox, S. Larrick, C. Kersey, J. Chesley, T. Davis, M. Updegraph, J. Thomas; Sixth Row: B. Cannon, B. Rybicki, P. Thompson, B. Ghetti, R. Armstrong, B. Baker, R. Steele, R. Delaney. Frosh Had Outstanding Season Edison. . 13 Mount Vernon. . 0 Edison. .48 Jefferson. . 0 Edison. . 13 Groveton. . 0 Edison. . 2 West Springfield. . 13 Edison. .25 Lee. . 0 Edison. . 6 Fort Hunt. . 0 Freshman Coach Fox and Line coach Coleman. 231 Cross Country Team First Row: B. Smith. B. Messmer. B. Day. J. Hopkins; Second Row’: P. J. Quinn. B. keet, M. Largess. M. . Anuswith. L. Lauria. P. Brant, Juraschek, K. Roberts. .). Fowler, Lester, L. Sage; Third Row: W. Kahn, R. Davies, G. Moses, M. smith, manager. Mellion. B. Day. B. Nagle. A. Gokl- Edison.15 Edison.31 Edison.16 Edison...24 Edison. 21 Edison.. 31 Edison.32 Lee . . . Edison.6th Groveton.58 West Springfield.24 Lee ...40 Fort Hunt.... 3 1 Mount Vernon .35 Gunston Championship. . 102 West Springfield.. .38 Regional Tournament (Low score in Cross Country wins) 232 ! Coach Damico and Bill Smith wonder where the extra 39 minutes came from. The 1967 Eagle Cross Country Team, with their performance, was a coach’s dream come true. Their climb to the Gunston District championship was a picture of dedication, perseverance, determination and just plain hard work. This was a team which started out with very little going for it in terms of assets. First, there was only one returning letterman and he had bad knees. Second, many who turned out for the team did so only as a means to get in good physical condition. However, the great desire to be champions overcame all other obstacles and when the season ended, the Eagles were the Gunston District Cross Country champions. Brings Title To Edison Left to Right: B. Day, C. Anuswith, B. Messmer, B. Smith, J. Hopkins, P. Brant, L. Lam ia. 233 hirst Row: J. Carlson. K. Roberts, B. Messmer, R. Hilleary, S. Davis; Second Row: F. Nagel, A. Rhein, G. Morgan, G. Embrey, T. Favorite, B. Day, Coach Damico; Third Row: S. Campbell, G. Russell, J. Breuleux, D. Brown, M. Favorite. Matmen Seize 5 Straight Wins 234 Barry Messmer drives into his man with a single leg tackle as two cheer¬ leaders look on in perplexion. Led by co-captains Richard Hilleary, Barry Messmer and Kevin Roberts, the wrestling team had an outstanding season. The team reeled off 5 straight victories over such powers as Fort Hunt, Groveton and Marshall. Under the strict guidance of Coach Damico, the wrestlers worked to perfection and at the same time represented Edison well throughout Northern Vir¬ ginia with their spirit, pride and determination. Guy Morgan gets set to heat Mickey Bowers in their return encounter this year. John Carlson clinches up with his man to work for a takedown. 235 Wrestlers Take Team Title Edison’s Varsity Wrestling team won the first Gunston District title. The Eagles amassed a total of 94 points to defeat arch-rivals Mt. Vernon, Ft. Hunt and Grove- ton. The 12 grapplers entered the tournament led by Hilleary, Messmer, and Roberts, and in the outset of the final contests, were led by Richard Hilleary at 138 and Barry Messmer at 127. Deadlocked with Mount Vernon, the tourney cham¬ pions were not decided until the last match. Heavyweight Big Jon Breuleux brought the first Gunston District Wres¬ tling Championship to Edison, setting an ultimate goal for all Eagle Grapplers. Co-captain Kevin Roberts seems to be in a precarious position. Edison . 33 Edison .36 Edison .40 Edison .43 Edison .27 Edison .22 Edison .18 Edison .24 Edison . 34 Edison .28 Edison ..11 O’Connell. 9 Ft. Hunt.14 Lee.10 G.W. 5 Groveton .. 16 Fairfax .22 Washington Lee. 28 Marshall. 12 West Springfield .. 8 Mt. Vernon.16 Annandale ..31 Gunston District Winners Second in Northern Virginia Regional Tournament 236 First Row : C. Ross, B. Jordan, R. Greene, G. Roberts, J. Minor, C. Kusaka; Second Row: B. Day, M. Jewitt, M. Harrison, B. Weldon, D. Lippard, F. Nagel, mgr.; Third Row: C. Leavitt, B. Peterson, E. Thomas, G. Noel, D. Noel. J.V. And Frosh Gain Experience First Row (1-r): D. Sloan, D. Sisson, W. Kahn, K. Gilbert, L. Keating, C. Allee, Coach Don Casto; Second Row: J. Fowler, R. Kerstetter, S. Aubrey, R. Baker, J. Babis, J. Fleisher; Third Row: T. Shank, G. Graham, J. Thomas, G. Petitt, M. Ours, T. Lightfoot, J. Vest. 237 Varsity Basketball Kneeling: co-captains S. Kreigh and S. Patterson; Standing : L. J. Howell, D. Compton, M. Major, G. Johnson, A. Goldsmith, Mgr. Quander, S. Kent, L. Kersey, M. Puryear, W. Masten, P. DeHaven, 238 Steve Patterson and Steve Kreigh wrestle (?) for the ball. Pistol Pete DeHaven scores another of his famous jump shots. ««trrmw » ’ « « « « " ) natm SM ls KWHS I » ? ■ ' « 239 Best Defense In League Coach Hensley, Head Coach of Varsity Basketball The Big “E” Varsity team finished another successful season under the leadership of Coach Hensley. With co-captains Steve Kreigh and Steve Patterson, the Eagles maintained fighting spirit in a tough schedule against the five opponents in the new Guns- ton District and in other non-district games. The key word this year was “Tradition,” which was reflected by victories over T.C. Williams, Woodson, and Wakefield. A tenacious Edison defense limited its opponents to an average of 49 points a game, the best in Northern Virginia. There were 5 seniors on this year’s squad—John Howell, Steve Kent, Steve Kreigh, Steve Patterson, and Mike Puryear. Leading the way, they provided the leadership needed to carry the Big “E” onto victory. As they strove for their best they set an example for all to follow. And follow they did. Posting an 11-7 record, being acclaimed as the best defensive team in Northern Virginia, and providing thrilling spectacles for Edison were all accomplishments of this year’s basketball team. Edison. .53 Marshall . ....51 Edison. .45 W. L. ....46 Edison ........ .. .45 G.W. ... . . . .... 54 Edison. .44 T.C. Williams . ....42 Edison. .37 Woodson . ....51 Edison ........ .59 West Springfield . . . ....44 Edison. .43 G.W. ....55 Edison. .56 Mount Vernon .... ....55 Edison. .62 Lee . ....51 Edison. .54 Woodson. ....53 Edison. . ..65 Wakefield. .64 Edison. .52 Fort Hunt. .55 Edison. .54 Groveton. .36 Edison. .. . 60 West Springfield . . . .36 Edison. .59 Mount Vernon ..... .42 Edison. .58 Lee . ... . .....42 Edison. .55 Fort Hunt. .56 Edison. .41 Groveton .. .48 240 During a time out, the Varsity listens to Coach Hensley. Larry Kersey makes a foul shot against Woodson. 241 Pete DeHaven looks for a way out as Mike Puryear looks on. Steve Patterson seems determined as he eyes his opponent. Larry Kersey shows perfect form on a rebound, and at the same time obliges the cameraman with a smile 243 J.V. Wins District Champion ship Led by Rick Evans, Lynn Lamb, John Love, and Steve Morris, this year’s Junior Varsity basketball team ran away with the championship. This was the first J.V. championship to be cap¬ tured by Edison. The team compiled a 15-3 record in regular season play, and achieved the tournament championship with 3 straight wins. Co-captains Jim Kirby and Steve Morris exem¬ plified the spirit shown by the team. Coach Fox, head coach for the team, molded the boys into a fighting team that just wouldn’t quit. Edison...65 Edison.56 Edison.55 Edison.62 Edison.38 Edison.62 Edison. .25 Edison.33 Edison.47 Edison. 55 Edison.48 Edison. 64 Edison.43 Edison.58 Edison...59 Edison. 57 Edison.55 Edison.35 Co-captains Steve Morris and Jim Kirby with Coach Fox 244 LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Davis, R. Simms, J. Cark, G. Olsen, G. Estes, L. Kelley, C. Beach, M. Updegraff, D. Platt; KNEELING: B. Bum- C. Kersey, T. Wilke, B. Ghetti, D. McBroom, M. Evans, N. Rehberg, gamer, mgr. Baby Eagles Post 5-5 Record; Show Promise The Freshman basketball team, under the direction of Coach Green, made a good showing this year in the new Gunston Dis¬ trict. With five wins and five losses, the Baby Eagles flapped their wings for the first time, and flew. Co-captains Guy Estes and Doug McBroom led the way as our future varsity basketball players learned about good sportsmanship. Co-captains Guy Estes and Doug McBroom with Coach Green 245 First Row : J. Hopkins, M. Largess, L. Jamieson, J. Myers, L. Gurley; Second Row. W. JJawley, R. Ander¬ son, K. Gerlach, D. Hill, L. Culbertson, J. Emrico, J. Thomas. Varsity Track Trackmen, Golfers Break Ground 246 Left to Right: M. Lovern, R. Gould, Coach Green, T. Pearson First Row. K. Roberts, G. Damrow, J. Burk, J. Cotton; Second Row. J. Myers, P. Austin, H. Thomas, Coach Hazel Tennis Team Joe Cotton looks good as he returns the ball with a forehand thrust. Joe Burk slams back a high one. 247 First Row: R. Toven, mgr., R. Moon, B. Reese, P. Hubbard, J. Goins, Second Row: W. Gryder, J. Dent, W. Reid, D. Compton, L. Kersey, G. J. Bloyer, G. Chesley, G. Glossup, Coach Neufang; Pavlick, B. Scott, H. Setliff, M. Major, F. Curry mgr., S. McGraw, mgr. 1968 Varsity Baseball March 27 Stuart Away March 29 Groveton Away April 2 West Springfield Home April 5 Mount Vernon Home April 6 Hammond Home April 9 Lee 1 Away April 10 Woodson Away April 12 Fort Hunt Away April 13 Jefferson Home April 16 Groveton Home April 19 West Springfield Away April 23 Mount Vernon Away April 25 Woodson Home April 26 Lee Home April 30 Fort Hunt Home Gary Chesley scoops up a hot grounder at second base. Shortstop John Dent gets set to make the long throw to first. After his team finished last season as the champs of the old Alexandria District, Coach Neufang was faced with the challenge of defending our title in the new Gunston District. With eight lettermen returning. Coach Neufang started the team early in a rigorous, but well rounded training period. With the eight lettermen and the new boys up from the junior varsity, the team should show strong possibilities of winning the new Gunston District Championship. Greg Pavlick lets go of one of his fast breaking curveballs. Larry Kersey shows fine form as he makes the play at first. 249 Jim Goins, Outfielder Wayne Reid, Outfielder Eight Lettermen Returning — mmmmm .. . . .. iil I ... Phil Hubbard, Second Base Bill Reese, Pitcher 250 Bill Scott, Catcher John Bloyer, Third Base Richard Moon, Second Base 251 Herb Setliff, Catcher, Outfielder Varsity Coach, Coach Neufang Even before winter’s la st blasts disappeared, Edison’s 1968 Varsity and J.V. Baseball squads took to the playing fields. The incessant drive to catch fly balls and steal bases soon became a familiar scene on the baseball diamond. With aquisition of lights for playing at night, the mighty Eagles provided some very interesting and fine baseball to the delights of the many fans. Kersey shows some heads up base running as he scores. 252 First Row : M. Cowan, J. Sells, J. Love, M. Poole, D. Carter, G. Roberts, E. Eldridge; Second Row: E. Malicki, M. Featherstone, T. Grimsley, J. Reese, R. Scott, G. Witsman, E. Wilder, M. Wilkinson; Third Row: E. Thomas, L. Lamb, P. DeHaven, R. Moon, R. Vanhorn, R. Evans, W. Masten, D. Mears, T. Hunter, Coach Perry. Junior Varsity Baseball March 29 Groveton Home April 2 West Springfield Away April 5 Mount Vernon Away April 9 Lee Home April 12 Fort Hunt Home April 16 Groveton Away April 19 West Springfield Home April 23 Mount Vernon Home April 26 Lee Away April 30 Fort Hunt Away 253 ll School Life Every student of Edison helped to create a way of life which dis¬ tinguished our school from all other high schools. Whether working on decorations for Homecoming or rooting our varsity teams on to victory, we, as students, shared anxious moments and many wor¬ ries, thrills of success and, at times, defeat. While working together we developed pride in each individual, in each class, and in our school as a whole. With each challenge that we faced, we realized new achievements. 254 255 ! i Edison Is a Way of Life 256 mmmmm m 257 258 Homecoming 1967 i Kevin Roberts chauffeurs Sophomore representatives Joyce Tarlosky and Ann Smith. 259 Edison’s annual homecoming weekend began as the Eagles played host to the Groveton Tigers. The half-time show, with performances by the band, majorettes, and drill team, was one of the class i Nelson. Sophomores Joyce Tarlosky and Ann Smith and Juniors Mimi Madden and Jean McDaniel represented their classes. The Senior Class was represented by Debbie Donaldson, Sue Mes- singer, and Bunny Pfeil. Saturday night, students of Edison and alumnae returned for the homecoming dance. To the setting “A Taste of Honey,” Adrienne Goss succeeded Sandy Parker as the 1967 Homecom¬ ing Queen. Adrienne received her crown from SCA President Gabe Rozsa. SCA President Gabe Rozsa crowns Adrienne Goss Homecoming Queen. First Row: Bunny Pfeil, Shelly Weeks, Adrienne Goss, Bonnie Nelson, Ann Smith; Second Row: Mimi Madden, Sue Messinger, Jean McDaniel, Joyce Tarlosky, Debbie Donaldson. high points of the evening. Representing the Freshman 1 the half-time festivities were Shelly Weeks and Bonnie 260 Homecoming Queen Adrienne Goss and escort Ron Skillen. Alumnae return to Edison for the homecoming dance. 261 Representing Edison were Mike Childs, Kevin Kampschroer and Roy Wolf. " It’ s Academic” Michael Childs, Kevin Kampschroer, and Roy Wolf represented Edison on the " It’s Academic” television program. With the coaching of Mrs. Elizabeth Cofer, sponsor, and the support of a pep band and the Edison students, the team won their first match over Archbishop Carroll and Gwynn Park and placed second to Fairfax in a subsequent runoff. The money awarded to the team by Giant Food Stores was presented to the Woodrow T. Robinson scholarship fund. A moment of congratulations Anna Loenowens . . . The King. The Kralohome. Lady Thiang. Tuptim. Lun Tha . Prince Chululongkorn Louis Loenowens . . . Captain Orton. The Interpreter. Phra Alack. Sir Edward Ramsay . . Masquers Presents " The King And I " . . Geraldine Martin . . . . Joseph Cotton .Craig Anson . . Linda Margosian Kathleen Masterson . . . . Dale Hedrick David Rosenwasser . David Brinckman .... Robert Toven .... Stephen Smith . Alan Featherstone .Lewis Hall 263 Anna is introduced to the Royal Princes and Princesses. 264 The King and Anna learn that the British diplomat has arrived, a week in advance. " We work and work from week to week at the Royal Bankok Acad¬ emy . . 265 Gayle Wrobleski gives the team a last minute pep talk. The Senior offence led the team to a 28-0 victory. Seniors Triumph In Annual Junior-Senior Powderpuff Game The Senior cheering squad takes times out to pose for a picture. I I ' 266 Keyettes Sponsor " Slave Day 99 Anne Reeder takes a needed break. Cathy Johnson switches from cheering to serving. Is Christmas Vacation Twas the night before Christmas . . , Dennis Woolfrey and Bill Arthur in action. Remember when, Paul? Ex-Eagles Return To Challenge Coaches Familiar faces return to the bench. Teahouse Of The August Moon Sakini . Cast ........ Alan Rognlie Daughter ... Miss Riga Jiga ... . ......... Mimi Madden ....... Kathy Masterson Gregovich. . . ..Craig Anson Ancient Man. Dale Hedrick McLean . Omura . David Rosenwasser Purdy . Sumata .. ............Bob Toven Hokaida. Sumata’s father ................ ........ Chris Anuswith Seiko. Oshira ........................ .......... .Tom Brooks Fisby. Keora ... ............ Steve Salter Lotus Blossom .... Old Woman . Children: David Lawful, Gary Kelly, and Paul Jurascheck. Villagers: Jerry Carlson, AI Dennis, A1 Featherstone, Claudia Boles, Kris Williams, Deidre Pentecost, and Kathleen Hopping. 270 “We’re either going to have a brandy industry or goat meat for dinner.” “You jealous, boss?” 271 Sweetheart Dance On February 10, the cafeteria became a maze of red, white, and pink as couples danced to the music of “December’s Chil¬ dren.” The climax of the Valentine’s Day celebration was the crowning of Sue Messinger as Queen. The court was composed of Pam Dell, Freshman, Sandi Reid, Sophomore and Junior April Moore. Paddy Douglas and Debbie Donaldson were the Senior representatives. Sue Messinger—Sweetheart Queen ■ Mary paints. Activity “Yell louder!” Parade rest. Put some soul into it this time. 273 Judy in a rare moment. “I think we’re being watched.” “Reading maketh a full man.” 274 % u And Places Battle stations everyone! 275 Just For Fun “Big Brother is watching you.” Edison students conform to rigid dress codes. 276 Meditation or a peace¬ ful sit-in? Caught By The Camera 277 Advertisements To those good friends of the Talon, the business establishments advertised herein, the editors and staff extend their sincere appreciation. Without these paid advertisements, the publication of this book would not have been pos¬ sible. For the support of our many patrons, we are also most grateful. We hope the students of Edison High School will, as the need arises, bear in mind the various goods and services which are available on the pages which follow. 278 279 At the Northern Virginia Bank, one can ask about any banking service: checking and savings accounts, loans, safe deposit boxes, foreign exchange, traveler’s checks, and any financial advice. THE NORTHERN VIRGINIA BANK 6315 BackSick Road—451-4300 Mem ber of the F.D.i.C. 280 24 Hour Service 780-8200 PENN DAW CAB CO Main Office: 8214 Richmond Highway Stand 1 — 6200 Richmond Highway Trips Made To Alexandria . . . From Alexandria John O ' Neal Jr. Owner All metered Radio Dispatched Cabs Service to all Airports Rose Hill Branch Shirley Duke Branch Main Office 971-6885 354-2288 41 15 Mt. Vernon Ave. A new print is modeled by student-salesgirl, Debbie Dehaven. HAROLD R. CASSADA ALMA SHOPS Rose Hill Shopping Center Alexandria, Virginia 3116 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Virginia NATIONWIDE INSURANCE 500 N. Washington Street Alexandria 549-41 16 281 Fischer ' s BLAND HARDWARE ELECTRICAL I TOOLS • PLUMBING • PAINT • WALLPAPER and BRANDON 451-3700 SPRINGFIELD, VA. • HOUSEWARES • GIFTS • FIREPLACE SUPPLIES • GARDEN SUPPLIES • PET SUPPLIES • TOOL RENTAL GARDEN EQUIPMENT SERVICE CENTER LUMBER J 6430 Brandon Ave. Springfield, Va. Springfield Shopping Ctr. 5254 Port Royal Rd. No. Springfield, Va. Ravensworth Shopping Ctr. SoM Coppw Grcmt ft;. f jppwJ B. T. wonders “How does this knob go back on?” 282 1 — Hour Cleaners Same Day Shirt Service Fairlington Invisible Weaving Glebe Road Springfield Woodlawn Penn-Daw Draperies Rugs Slip Covers When Northern Virginia thinks Fashion . . . it Thinks . . . Alexandria 836-0900 Landmark 354-5445 Springfield 451-1950 The large selection of sport coats at “Stevens” makes it hard for Bob Prevenslik to make up his mind. OIL BURNERS RADIO DISPATCHED BUDGET SALES—SERVICE EQUIPMENT PAYMENTS AITCHESON FUEL COMPANY, INC. NATIONAL—U. S. RADIATOR HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEMS HOT WATER HEATERS AUTOMATIC GAS AND OIL Established 1882 205 So. Strand St. Phone Kl 9-2214 COAL FUEL OIL LENNOX HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEMS ROOFING SHEET METAL Office and Plant South Strand Street Between Prince and Duke Streets ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 283 I 114 (. M HI I T. NAY WAMIINC, TON. 1) C. For a quiet break the “gang” stops for a snack at Chins. Carla McCarus shows Sherry Kerstetter a very becoming print. 1 1 a.m. To 10 p.m. Mon. 5 p.m. To 10 p.m. 765-4600 765-4601 CARLA’S Jahric CHIN’S KITCHEN Native Chinese Food Carry-Out-Restaurant 61 24 Rose Hill Drive Alexandria, Virginia 971-4211 6126 North Kings Highway, Penn-Daw, Alexandria, Va. “Are you sure you want to paint your room chartreuse?” the helpful salesman asked Sue Raetting. Franconia Hardware 6124 Franconia Road, Alexandria 285 The fine gift is surveyed by Virginia Wilson. ai d-buo-esiA- 10% Discount on all student and school activities. Wishful thinking by Sandy D ' Orazio and Mike O ' Conner. Compliments of C J DELICATESSEN 5634 Telegraph Road Alexandria ERNEST S. CORSO Associate of FERRIS COMPANY INVESTMENT BANKERS MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE 1 400 Wilson Blvd. Rosslyn, Arlington, Virginia 22203 HERBY ' S FORD 524-6643 524-6644 286 1600 Duke Street Alexandria STOCKS—BONDS—MUTUAL FUNDS—UNDERWRITINGS John Dent, the future Mr. Muscles? 6611 BACKLICK RD. SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA 22150 PHONE 451-8133 LEE VOLKSWAGEN EALER LIC. 1541 " If We Please You , Tell Others. If We Don ' t, Tell Us. " " We Aim To Please. " AUTHORIZED SALES-SERVIC E-PARTS PASSENGER CARS - SPORTS CARS STATION WAGONS - TRUCKS COMPLETE SERVICE FACILITIES GOOD SELECTION OF USED VW ' S 451-2380 Va Mile From Capital Beltway Exit 4 In Springfield, Va. (Right At Shirley Hwy Franconia Rd Left On Backlick Rd One Block) 6571 BACKLICK RD. SPRINGFIELD, VA. (FAIRFAX COUNTY) CITY SPORT SHOP 1510-12 King Street Alexandria 111 1 LAKE OF THE WOODS Don’t keep it where it won’t grow. Put it in a Savings Account. VIRGINIA SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Main Office Springfield, Virginia Branch Offices Fairfax, Va. Fredericksburg, Va. 287 Summer is here. For fun and recreation join Meadowview Swim Club. 288 MEADOWVIEW SWIMMING CLUB INC. PATRONS Marvin Klavans, D.D.S. Wallace W. Eden, D.D.S. Cohen’s Quality Shop Mr. Mrs. Charles Brant The TALON Advisor, Editor, and Staff would like to ex¬ press their deep gratitude for all the time, effort, and co¬ operation shown by the faculty and student body in mak¬ ing this book possible. Special thanks to those individuals who gave of their time and talents in special areas. 289 6407 BACKLICK ROAD SPRINGFIELD, VA. f 22150 451-3021 PROFESSIONAL DUALITY GUARANTEED Steve Monson tells Joanne Lenwell the History of the bouquet. TkcMdi a. Scheduled Service . . . Group Sightseeing and Charter Service A.B. ID. Co. SERVING NORTHERN VIRGINIA SINCE 1921 290 PENN DAW MARJORIES GIFTS, INC. Your Earring Headquarters Gift - Jewelry - Cards 6420-22 Brandon Avenue HUNTINGTON AVENUE (Next to Seven-Eleven) CAPITAL BELTWAY 49S ALL WORK DONE BY STUDENTS Supervised By Qualified Instructors SO. 8-1800 Springfield, Virginia 451-4335 Mi. Vernon Beauty School 2249 HUNTINGTON AVENUE ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Compliments of THE ROSE HILL MERCHANTS Association Located in the Rose Hill Shopping Center Enjoy quality food ot moderate prices in comfortable surroundings at ... HOT SHOPPES RESTAURANTS • CAFETERIAS 291 Student Index Abbott, Skip—120, 184, 194 Abernathy. Diane—88, 175, 177, 183, 184 Abernathy, Leon—68 Able, Carolyn—88 Acklin, Sherlene—120 Acree, Todd—50 Adams, Judy—68 Aduddell, Dot—68 Ahrens, Allyson—88 Albertson, Harold—88 Albright, Ray—88, 230 Aldrich, Barbara—68 Aleskowitz, Pat—68 Alexander, Sandy—50 Allee, Charles—50, 231, 237 Allen, Jane—120 Allen, Joann—50 Allen, Joe—120 Allen, Ken—68, 230 Alley, Terry—68 Allison, Buddy—50 Allman, Marian—88, 192, 197 Amos, Carol—68, 194 Amsden, Linda—68, 176, 183 Amsden, Rena—88, 184 Anders, Joan—50, 183 Anders, John—50 Anderson, Brian—50 Anderson, Carl—120 Anderson, Debbie—88 Anderson, Libby—50 Anderson, Mary—88, 197 Anderson, Rex—88, 230, 246 Anderson, Sharon—197 Anderson, Tommy—68 Anderton, Pat—88 Ando, Robert—88, 181, 194, 203, 205 Ando, Roxanne—68, 175, 181, 204 Andrews, William—50, 194, 195 Andrews, William—88 Angel, Jerry—120 Angel, Karen—50 Anson, Craig—5, 120, 188, 203 Anuswith, Chris—88, 188, 201, 232, 233 Appel, Dona—88, 174, 192 Apple, Bill—50, 186 Archie, William—120 Armstrong, Curt—68 Armstrong, Gary—88 Armstrong, Ray—50, 231 Arnold, Billy—50 Arnold, Kathy—68 Arnold, Margaret—89 Arnold, Rose—68 Arrington, Alice—68 Asbell, Debbie—68, 174 Ash, Debbie—68 Athey, Edward—120 Athey, Ginger—89 Atkeson, Denise—50 Atkinson, Ralph—89 Aubrey, Steve—237 Aument, Bruce—50, 186 Austin, Mary—120, 197 Austin, Philip—89, 247 Austin, William—50 Avery, Sandie—68 Babis, Jeff—50, 194, 237 Back, Charles—89 Back, James—68 Bacon, Carolyn—120, 197, 200, 218, 222 Bacon, Ray—50, 195 Bailey, Debbie—67, 68, 192, 222 Bailey, James—50, 231 Bailey, Lilly—50 Baker, Caryn—120, 160, 176, 198, 202, 204, 207, 211 Baker, Debbie—89 Baker, Janice—89 Baker, Mary—89 Baker, Richard—50, 231, 237 Baldree, Horace—68 Baldwin, Charlene—118, 120, 122, 173, 175, 202,204, 205, 207 Baldwin, Mark—50, 195 Ball, Arnold—120 Ball, Deanna—50 Ballard, George—89 Bangley, Mary—121 Banigan, Michael—68 Banks, Michael—68 Banner, Dorothy—50, 185 Banton, Hope—121 Barber, Jim—68 Barber, Tom—121, 177 Barnes, Andrea—89 Barnes, Bonnie—50 Barnes, Brenda—121 Barnes, Harry—68, 244 Barnes, Nancy—121 Barnes, Victor—50 Barrett, Lois—89 Barrows, Cathy—50 Barry, Katy—89, 189 Barry, Mike—68 Bartley, Gladys—121, 180 Basanez, Leslie—50 Basanez, Sidney—68 Basham, Bobbie—89 Bass, Brenda—68 Bateman, Debbie—87, 89, 172, 184, 192 Batten, James—89 Batten, Mike—50 Baxter, Liz—50 Baylis, Susan—68, 176, 194, 195 Bayliss, Burt—121 Bayne, Sarah—121 Beach, Charles—50, 231, 245 Beach, Phil—89 Beach, Sandra—50 Beard, Dennis—68, 230 Beatty, Gary—89, 187, 197 Beatty, George—90, 175 Beatty, John—122 Beatty, Linda—68, 215 Beatty, Quentin—50 Beavers, Donald—182 Beck, Sue—50 Beck, Dennis—90 Beck, Gene—90 Becker, David—50 Beeman, Paul—68 Beeman, Terry—50 Belcher, David—122 Bell, Edna—50 Bell, Rose—90 Belt, Diane—68 Benarick, Patti—68 Bennett, Linda—68 Bentley, Susan—50 Benyo, Barbara—122, 173, 192, 204, 205, 207 Bergin, James—50, 194, 195 Bergin, Preston—90 Bergum, Karen—67, 68, 173, 215 Bernhardt, Charles—69, 224 Bernst, Melanie—122, 175, 179, 183, 197 Bernstein, Glenn—50 Berry, Barbara—-50 Berry, Dennis—69 Bevis, Linda—51, 174 Bevis, Patty—69, 184 Beyer, Janet—51, 177 Bibb, Alan—69 Bibb, Fred—122, 195 Bise, Kevin—122 Bishop, Benjamin—90 Bishop, David—122, 198, 199, 200, 205,208,210 Bizzell, Susan—123 Blailock, Bonnie—51 Blake, Buddy—51, 231 Blake, Sara—123 Blakeley, Robert—51 Bland, Barbara—69 Blansett, Brenda—123 Blanton, John—90, 179, 188, 205 Blight, Janice—90, 176 Blough, Rodney—90 Bloyer, John—123, 183, 201, 224, 248, 251 Blush, John—51 Blush, Kathy—51 Bodkin, John—51, 186, 187 Bodkin, Lindsay—90, 174, 202 Bogema, Nancy—123 Bogema, Stuart—69 Boles, Claudia—51, 176 lYl Bolinger, Madge—-69, 190, 191 Bolinger, Molly—69, 190, 191 Bollinger, Barbara—90 Bollinger, Bobby—69 Booth, Dusty—90 Booth, Jan-—69 Booth, Lawson—123 Boothe, Nancy—51 Borgeson, Edward—51 Bosley, Linda—51 Bosley, Mary-—90 Bouchard, Don—90 Boucher, Antoinette-—-51 Bowden, Peter—51 Bowen, Craig—51 Bowers, Brenda—-69 Bowlin, Judy—69 Bowling, DeEtta—90 Boyce, Bill—69, 178 Boyce, Scott-—-91 Boyd, Evie—69, 218, 219, 221 Boyd, Susan-—51, 178, 189 Boyle, Kitty—51, 178 Boyle, Peggy—91, 194, 195 Brackens, Jane—69 Bradley, Stephen—69 Bradley, William-—-51 Bradtke, Mark—69 Brady, Ernest—69 Brady, Joe-—70, 230 Brady, Kent—123, 224 Brant, Barbara-—-5, 123, 160, 176, 198,200, 202, 204, 205,210 Brant, Karen—51 Brant, Pat—123, 201, 232, 233 Brawner, Janel—70, 215 Bray, Mike—123, 186 Bray, Thomas—91 Braymer, Connie—91 Braymer, Karen—51, 184 Brearey, Jean—123 Brenner, Linda—91, 190, 191 Breuleux, Jon—91, 183, 201, 224, 234 Breuleux, Kathy—123, 202, 205 Breuleux, Micki—70 Brewer, Carol—51, 194 Brewer, Chris—70 Brewer, Judie—70 Bridges, Sue—70 Bridgland, Karen—123 Bright, Richard—51 Brim, Wayne—124, 183, 201, 224 Brinckman, Dave—66, 70 Brinckman, Doug—86, 91, 188, 203 Briscoe, Diane—124, 197 Britt, Donna—91 Brittle, Jimmy—51 Broderick, Francis—70 Brooks, Tom—124, 178, 198, 203 Brown, Brenda—51 Brown, Brenda—124, 197 Brown, Charlie—91, 183, 201, 224 Brown, Colleen—124 Brown, Danny—124, 194, 195, 203, 234 Brown, Darline—70 Brown, David—124, 181, 234 Brown, Dennis—70, 194, 195 Brown, Doug—124 Brown, Les—70 Brown, Peggy—-178 Brown, William—51 Brownfield, James—124 Brace, Linda—124, 180, 184 Brucker, Robert—70 Brumback, Don—70 Bryan, Deborah—70 Bryant, Jeannie—51 Buckner, Steve—124 Bullock, Roger—-91, 197 Bullock, Sherry—91 Bullock, Valerie—51 Bumgarner, Buddy—-51, 245 Bunch, Sylvia—91 Bunch, Thomas—51, 177, 186, 187 Burk, James—-51 Burk, Joe—124, 201,247 Burke, Debbie—51 Burke, Jo Anne—125, 198, 199 Burke, Julie-—91 Burke, William—-51 Burnett, Elisa—51 Bums, Garry—70 Burns, Valerie—51, 176 Burriss, Jacqueline—-91 Burrows, Lois—125 Bursenos, Chris—91 Bushong, Doris—70, 177, 215 Bushong, Rita—125, 216, 217 Butler, Carolyn—51 Butler, Dennis—70 Butler, Donna—51 Butler, John—70, 230 Butler, Ronnie—52 Butler, Tanya—52, 214 Byrd, Richard—52, 231 Callis, Jo—52 Campbell, Deborah—52 Campbell, Jack—52 Campbell, Jeanne—91 Campbell, Larry—91 Campbell, Merilyn—197 Campbell, Sandy—91 Campbell, Shay—125, 183, 203, 224, 234 Campbell, Vernon—125, 206 Cannon, Terry—231 Caplanis, Michael—70 Caporaletti, Kevin—52 Carlson, Alanna—7, 91, 174, 192, 193,205 Carlson, Carole—125, 172, 198, 211 Carlson, Gerald—125 Carlson, John—91, 234, 235 Carlson, Marie—91 Carlstrom, Kathleen—70, 180, 185 Carney, Sue—70, 221 Carpenter, Karen—52, 194, 195 Carr, Wayne—52 Carrico, David—52 Carrico, Doug—126 Carson, Susan—52 Carter, Dennis—91, 230, 253 Carter, Diane—126 Carter, Gail—70 Carter, Judy—87, 91, 172 Carter, Michael—52 Cash, Douglas—52 Cassada, Scott—91 Catalfamo, Mark—70 Catalfamo, Mary—52 Catlin, Carl—52 Caudle, Michael—91 Cave, Wanda—126 Chambers, Tom—-70 Chambers, Tyler—70 Chapin, Gary—70, 230 Chapman, Gary—126 Chapman, Warren—52 Chappelle, Jim—126, 224 Charles, Joy—70 Chelton, Linda—52 Chelton, Rhea—-70 Cherosky, Carol—70 Chesley, Gary—126, 183, 224, 228, 248, 249 Chesley, Jay—-52, 231 Childress, Dwight—126 Childs, Mike—126, 160, 201, 203, 204, 224, 226, 229, 262 Chittum, Ron—52 Chorosinski, Heidi—92, 176 Christensen, Kenny—70 Cio, Richard—127 Clark, Bruce—52 Clark, Joe—52, 245 Clark, Judy—70 Clark, Mary Ann—127 Clark, Sandra—70 Clark, Sylvia—92 Clary, Alan—52 Clary, Barbara—92 Clary, Sandy—52 Clausen, Clystie—127 Clem, Kitty—52 Cleveland, Andrew—70 Clifton, Henry—92 Cloud, Tom—92, 181, 187, 204 Coates, Donna—92 Cockrell, Nancy—197 Coffey, Bradley—92 Coffey, Mike—92, 224 Coffman, Charlotte—127, 182 293 Cohee, Carol—52, 178, 189 Cohen, David—70 Cole, Charles—92, 194 Cole, Glen—52 Cole, Larry—92 Coleman, Linda—92 Collegemam Jerry—52 Collier, Rosemarie—52 Collins, Billy—70 Collins, Kemper—127 Columbo, Vincent—52, 177 Comeau, Skipper—92, 192 Comer, Doug—92 Compton, Doug—92, 203, 238, Conard, Ruth—52, 176 Conard, Teresa—92 Connolly, Dona—127, 158, 200, 205, 206 Conrad, Corley—92 Conrad, Daniel—70 Conrad, Janet—127 Conroy, Robert—71 Cooke, Donald—53 Cooke, Glenn—127 Coolbaugh, Bonny—93 Cooper, Deborah—71 Copeland, Ingrid—93, 176, 205 Copeland, James—53, 195 Coppa, Mary—53, 189 Coppage, Barbara—71 Copper, Judy—53 Corbin, Carol—71 Corbin, Charles—53 Cornnell, Brenda—71 Costello, James—53 Cote, Eddie—93 Cotton, Joe—119, 127, 196, 197, 203, 247 Courtney, Paul—127 Cowan, Mike—71, 230, 253 Cox, Greg—71 Cox, James—53, 231 Cox, Ron—93 Crabtree, Joan—53 Crabtree, John—93, 195 Craig, Patty—127 Craig, Terry—53 Crane, Terry—53 Crawley, Cindi—93 Crawley, Pam—53 Creel, Wayne—127 Criniti, Michael—128 Criss, Mary—93 Crocker, Katherine—71, 175, 184 Crockett, Jo Ann—128 Cronan, Ronnie—71 Crotty, Cathy—71 Crouch, Charles—53 Crouse, Terry—71, 220 Crowder, Rebecca—53 Crum, Ken—71 Cuddy, Cheryle—128, 192, 207 Cuddy, Jim—93, 194, 195 Culbertson, Leonard—93, 224, 246 Culton, William—53 Cummings, Carol—93, 176, 184, 204, 205, 208 Cummings, Donna—53, 214 Cundiff, David—128 Cunningham, Angie—93, 198, 199, 202, 204, 208, 210 Cupka, Darien—71 Currin, Tommy—53 Curry, Fred—-93, 248 248 Curtis, Cheryl—71 Cutlip, Barbara—71 Dahlgren, S.— 53, 176, 178, 179 202, Dahlquist, Gary—53 Dains, Claudia—71, 175, 185 Dakin, Patricia—93 Dameron, Steve—71 Damrow, Gary—128, 203, 247 Daniel, Donna—53, 189 Daniels, Nanci—93 Daniels, Steven—93 Darley, Debbie—53 Davenport, Carol—128 Davidson, Cathy—53 Davies, Kim—53 Davies, Rick—71, 232 Davis, Barbara—53 Davis, Christine—71 Davis, Donald—53 Davis, Donald—53, 231 Davis, Janet—93 Davis, John—53, 194 Davis, John—71, 230 198, Davis, Lynn—93 Davis, Rosonna—128 Davis, Rusty—53, 231 Davis, Sharon—71 Davis Stephen—93, 234 Davis, Sue—53 Davis, Sue—71, 220 Davis, Susan—128 Davis, Tommy—53, 231, 245 Dawson, Constent—182 Dawson, Kenneth—71 Dawson, Nancy—93 Day, Bob—93, 171, 172, 203, 232, 233, 234 Day, Brad—71, 232, 237 Day, Carol—53 Deane, Ivy—71 Deangelis, Bonnie—53 Deaton, Martha—93, 176, 204, 208 Deaver, Orpheus—53 Deavers, Barbara—128 Decker, Dale—128 Deegan, Janet—53 Deem, Mike—71 DeHaven, Debbie—128, 173, 184, 194, 202, 205, 281 DeHaven, Pete—71, 194, 203, 238, 239, 242, 253 Delaney, Brian—72 Delaney, Terry—53, 231 Dell, Pam—49, 53, 214,272 Delozier, Diane—72 Delozier, Richard—53 Demeter, Chris—53, 176 Demint, Bill—53 Demmons, George—53 Dennis, A1—93, 194, 195 Dennis, Kathy—128, 180, 197 Dennis, Sara—128 Dent, John—118, 128, 183, 201, 203, 210, 224, 225, 228, 248, 249, 287 Denton, Carole—93, 173, 177, 194 Desmond, Colleen—118, 129, 176, 211 | Desmond, Meg—93, 176 Devers, Brenda—93 Devers, Earl—72 Devers, Gerald—129 Devers, Harold—72 Devine, Karen—72 Devor, Deborah—72, 197 DeVries, Anne—53, 179 DeVries, Christine—129 Dewey, Mike—72 Diaz, Ricky—53 Dibble, Barry—94 Dibble, Dan—54 DiBenedetto, Bill—129, 177, 187 DiBenedetto, Diane—53, 175 Dickerson, Diane—87, 94, 173, 174, 192, 205 Dickerson, Kathleen—72 Dillon, Dianne—94, 184 Dillon, Donna—54 Dillon, John—72 Diorio, Edward—54 Ditz, Ann—72, 196, 197 Ditz, Ed—54 Dixon, Linda—94, 196, 197 Dodge, Tommy—72, 197 Dodson, Brenda—129 Dodson, Cynthia—54 Dodson, Glen—72 Dodson, James—54 Dodson, Karen—54 Dodson, Rick—72, 177, 187 Dolinger, Bob—94 Domingue, Richard—72 Donald, Patricia—54, 189 Donaldson, Debbie—9, 129, 260, 272 Donchatz, Tom—94 Donnelly, Patricia—130 Donoghue, Moira—94, 202, 207, 208 Donoghue, Sheila—49, 54, 172 Donohue, Elsie—94 Donohue, Roy—94 D’Orazio, Debbie—54 D’Orazio, Sandi—94, 286 Dorso, Mike—54 Dotson, Karen—72, 175 Douglas, Paddy—130, 198, 199, 202, 272 Dove, Herbert—94 Dow, Janet—54 Downing, Cathy—54, 214 Downs, Bill—72, 230 Doyle, Carla—54 Doyle, Robbin—122, 130, 173, 184, 192,205,207 Drake, Larry—130 Drake, Margaret—54 Drake, Wesley—54, 187 Dreist, Ricky—54 Drifmeyer, Ken—130 Drifmeyer, Polly—54 Drifmeyer, Sally—72 DuBois, Alana—54 Dubois, Sherry—94 Duchaj, Doug—94, 187 Duckworth, Steven—54 Dugan, Francis—54, 231 Dunnett, Tammy—130 Dunnuck, Frank—72 Dupree, Luvonne—54 Durst, Douglas—72, 230 Duvall, Diana—72, 184 Early, Chris—72 Eaton, Virginia—94 Eckhouse, Ruth—54, 183 Economides, Judith—130 Eddy, Mike—49, 54, 173 Edelen, Sharon—130, 182 Edge, Allen—54 Edson, Martha—72 Edward, Sue—94 Ehle, Kathy—72 Eisele, Elton—54, 194, 195 Eiskant, Duane—54 Eiskant, Linda—54 Elder, Courtenay—72, 194, 195 Eldridge, Charles—72, 253 Elliott, Nancy—94 Ellis, Cheryl—94 Ellis, David—94, 176, 195 Ellis, Diane—54 Ellis, Lisa—194 Ellmore, Drusilla—131 Ellmore, Floyd—72 Ellmore, Tim—55 Elzey, Beverly—72 Embrey, Carol—72, 197 Embrey, Gary—173, 230, 234 Emrico, Joseph—72, 246 Emrico, Kitty—55 Emswiler, Larry—72 Endicott, Mark—55 Englehart, Ann—94, 181 Ennis, Beverly—73 Ennis, Linda—94 Enright, Pat—55 Eppolito, Madonna—94 Eppolito, Theresa—55 Eppolito, Tom—73 Erickson, Sandy—55, 174 Erwin, Brian—55 Erwin, Demeretta—131 Erwin, Mike —131 Eskew, Paul—55 Esping, Charles—73 Estes, Guy—55, 231, 245 Eubanks, Becky—73, 184 Evans, Brian—55 Evans, Bob—131 Evans, Carolyn—94 Evans, Clarice—55 Evans, Greg—55 Evans, Karen—131 Evans, Michael—55, 245 Evans, Ricky—244, 253 Evans, Robin—49, 55, 174 Evans, Rosolyn—94 Ewing, Suzanne—184 Eyman, James—73 Fagan, Patricia—94 Fagan, Richard—73, 230 Fail, Laura—48, 55, 174 Farley, Vickie—73, 220 Farmer, Carroll—94 Farmer, Cathy—131 Farnum, Terry—95, 177, 181, 209 Faulkner, Ronnie—55 Favorite, Mark—131,234 Favorite, Todd—73, 230, 234 Feagans, Doug—95, 194, 195 Feagans, Jim—95, 194 Feagans, Rebecca—131 Fearson, Terry—73 Feaser, Margie—73 Feaster, Larry—73 Featherstone, Alan—131, 179, 203 Featherstone, Mike—73, 253 Feindt, Larry—95 Feindt, Patrick—55 Felsecker, Julia—73, 194, 195 Fenimore, Charles—73 Fentress, Wayne—73 Fenwick, Ed—95 Fenwick, Millie—55 Ferguson, Harry—131,201 Ferguson, Scott—131 Ferm, Roberta—55 Ferris, Doug—73 Fetterman, Susan—55 Fiebelkorn, Diane—95, 22 1 Fiebelkorn, Donna—49, 55, 172 Finucan, Jack—95 Fisher, Charles—73 Fisher, Diane—55, 175 Fisher, June—55 Fitton, Barry—55 Fitton, Garry—95 Fitton, Larry—131 Fleck, Tommy—73 Fleisher, Andrew—49, 55, 177 Fleisher, John—55, 237 Fleisher, Pat—95, 174 Fleming, Debby—131, 178, 179 Fleming, Donna—95, 172, 173, 192, 198, 211 Flynn, Dennis—55, 231 Fogarty, Kathy—132 Forbes, Richard—73, 186 Forehand, Bill—95 Fort, Keith—55, 188 Fortney, Dave—73 Foster, Gary—73, 244 Foster, Joan—73, 198, 199 Foster, Tim—73 Foster, Wayne—95 Fowler, John—48, 55, 232, 237 Fowler, Kathy—132, 159, 176, 198, 199, 200, 202, 204, 205, 209, 210 Foxwell, Debbie—73 Franke, Jan—55 Frantz, Ray—55 Fraser, Bob—73 Frazier, Vickie—95 Freeman, Anna—73 Freeman, Sue—132 French, Linda—95, 176, 197 Fridenstine, Linda—73, 189 Fridley, Rodney—55 Frye, Marvin—132, 178 Fuller, Vicki—73, 197 Funk, Dara—132, 200, 218, 222 Funk, Ronald—132 Futch, Tom—95, 195 Gallahan, Gary—55 Galvan,. Patricia—55 Gardiner, Charles—55 Gardiner, Chris—55 Gardner, Morgan—118, 132, 179, 208 Gardner, Ralph—73, 230 Gardner, Susan—73 Garrison, Marion—132 Gastrell, Bucky—55, 195 Gastrell, Lynn—73, 192 Gaudreault, Judy—73 Gayle, Elsie—73 Gentry, Mary—96 George, Eddie—96 Gerlach, Kenneth—96, 183, 201, 224, 246 Gessert, Lynn—132, 161, 202, 216, 217 Gessert, Phillip—55, 231 Ghetti, Bobby—55, 231, 245 Giamario, Jeff—73 295 Giamario, Tom—96 Gibbs, Norman—96 Gibson, Ruth—96 Gibson, William—55 Giddings, Debbie—74 Gilbert, Kenny—55, 188, 237 Giles, Beth—55 Gill, Laura—96, 175, 204 Gill, Mae—122, 132, 173, 197 Gill, Michael—194 Gilliam, Nancy—96 Gillikin, Susan—56 Gilmore, Jon—74 Giuffrida, Billy—56 Giuffrida, Cecilia—96, 197 Giuffrida, Tony—74 Givens, Carol—5, 96, 216, 217 Gladney, John—96 Gladney, Pam—74 Glossop, Gary—132, 179, 196, 197, 201, 248 Goerder, Robert—74, 244 Goins, Jimmy—132, 248, 250 Golden, Cathy—74 Goldsmith, Alan—96, 201, 232, 238 Goodheart, Linda—96, 197 Gorham, Linda—-56 Gorham, Patricia—74 Goss, Adrienne—9, 119, 133, 202, 260, 261 Goss, Butch—74, 197 Goss, Deanna—96 Gould, Rick—96, 188, 246 Grady, Pat—96 Grady, Peg—56 Graham, Gordon—97, 237 Graham, Nancy—53, 175, 183 Grahn, Alison—74, 192 Grant, Monica—133, 197 Graumann, Dino—74 Gray, Joanne—56 Green, Cheryl—74 Green, James—133 Greene, Richard—74, 237 Greimann, Michalle—133, 192 Gribble, John—74 Gribble, Linwood—133 Griffith, Doris—134 Griffith, Kerry—56 Grimm, Connie—74, 221 Grimm, Vickie—134 Grimsley, Barbara—56 Grimsley, M.—74, 177, 183, 185 Grimsley, Thomas—97, 253 Groff, Craig—74 Groleau, Richard—134 Grove, Virginia—134, 185 Groves, John—134 Gryder, Wayne—97, 183, 201, 224, 229, 248 Guard, Jana—134, 179, 198 Gurley, Larry—74, 230, 246 Guthrie, James—97 Guthrie, Mark—74 Guthrie, Melody—134 Haas, Lynne—74 Haas, Patricia—49, 56, 172, 174 Haas, Therese—74, 192 Haber, Nancy—56, 220 Haber, Pete—74, 244 Haberer, Nancy—74 Haberer, Paul—134 Hackney, Jim—56 Hager, Ray—134 Hagstrom, Bobby—97, 230 Hagstrom, Eunice—56 Hahl, John—97, 181, 187 Hailey, Mary—56 Hakenson, Donald—56 Hakenson, Jeannie—134 Hakenson, John—74, 230 Hall, Ben—195 Hall, Brooks—56 Hall, Carl—56 Hall, Jim—97 Hall, John—134 Hall, Lewis—194 Hall, Wilbur—74 Halnon, Carol—134 Hamilton, Louanne—56 Hamilton, Pat—97 Hamilton, Suzanne—97 Hammersley, Gayle—97 Hand, Jeffrey—56, 187 Haney, S.—74, 174, 186, 187, 207 Hankins, Dale—97 Hansborough, Gladys—134 Hansborough, Lou—56 Hansborough, Peggy—56 Hansbrough, Bruce—134 Hansen, Debbie—74, 220 Hansen, Pamela—56 Hardbower, Barbara—74 Hardbower, Phyliss—97 Hardin, Gail—74 Hardin, Sharon—56 Harding, Karin—135 Hardman, Georgia—97, 178 Hardy, Brenda—74 Hare, B.—74, 177, 183, 184, 207 Harlow, Suzanne—97 Harlow, William—74 Harmon, Anna—56 Harmon, Donna—135 Harmon, Michael—134 Harmon, Roger—75 Harmon, Sharon—75 Harney, John—56 Harper, Wayne—97 Harr, Susan—75 Harrell, Betty—134 Harris, Alice—97, 195 Harris, Daniel—75 Harris, James—134 Harris, Jane—97 Harris, Sandra—97 Harris, Susie—75, 190, 191 Harrison, Donald—135 Harrison, Donald—134 Harrison, Ed—97 Harrison, Mark—21, 75, 230, 237 Hartless, Vernon—56 Hartman, Lois—56, 176 Hartye, Connie—97, 174 Harvey, Danny—97 Harvey, David—56, 199 Harvey, Diane—75, 194, 195 Harvey, Nan—66, 75 Hatfield, John—97 Hatton, Janice—97, 184, 198, 199 Hawkins, Bonnie—56 Hawkins, Larry—75, 197 Hawley, Wayne—75, 246 Haynes, Brenda—97 Haynes, Kathy—75 Heath, Holly—87, 98, 172, 173, 198, 205, 210 Heddings, Charleen—75 Heddings, Chuck—98 Hedrick, Dale—119, 122, 135, 188 Hedrick, Richard—75, 230 Heinbaugh, Claudia—56, 175 Heine, Karen—135, 174 Helmick, Karen—75 Henderson, Gloria—98, 197 Henderson, John—98 Hendrick, Lonny—135 Hennige, Carol—118, 135 Hensley, Grace—75, 195 Henson, Linda—135 Henson, Mike—136 Henson, Pam—56 Hepburn, Michael—56 Hernandez, Bonita—56 Hernandez, Susan—136, 179, 200 Herndon, Mary—75, 179, 211 Hess, Janet—75 Hewitt, John—56 Hibbs, Deborah—75 Hicks, Cynthia—136 Hicks, Donna—98 Hicks, Janet—75 Higgins, Ronnie—56 High, Craig—56 Hildreth, Elizabeth—136, 197 Hill, Cheryl—98, 194, 195 Hill, Darlene—75, 176 Hill, Douglas—98, 246 Hill, Sandra—75 Hilleary, Jane—56, 214 Hilleary, Joy—98, 216, 217 Hilleary, Richard—136, 183, 224, 234 Hilton, Richard—136 296 Hinson, Debbie—75 Hodges, Don—56 Hodges, Kenneth—56 Hoffler, Richard—136, 207 Hoffman, Delores—75 Hoffmann, Terry—98 Hoffmann, Vickie—98 Hogan, Michael—75 Hogsett, Valerie—56 Hoke, Doug—56 Holland, Bill—98, 182 Holland, Carl—56 Hollaway, Sandy—136 Hollins, Erlicia—98 Holloway, Jeter—136 Holmes, James—75, 230 Holt, Patricia—136 Hopkins, Harry—75 Hopkins, Jim—98, 201, 204, 232, 233, 246 Hopping, Kathleen—98, 179, 187 Horwath, Michael—137 Houde, David—56 Houston, Judy—137 Howard, Elizabeth—75 Howdyshell, Susan—98 Howell, David—137, 194, 196, 197, 205 Howell, John—137, 158, 161, 194, 195, 203, 205, 238 Howell, Paul—56, 231 Hoyt, Annette—56 Hoyt, Jeanette—56 Hreha, Karen—56, 184 Hubbard, Phil—137, 183, 201, 203, 224, 227, 228,248,250 Huddle, Barbara—75, 177 Hudson, Brenda—57 Huff, David—75, 195 Huff, Patricia—75 Huff, Randy—98 Huffman, Glenn—137 Hughes, Deborah—75, 215 Hunt, Charles—57 Hunt, Robert—75 Hunt, Sherry—75 Hunt, Susie—75 Hunter, James—57 Huntington, Hope—137 Hurley, P.—98, 173, 192, 202, 207 Hutcherson, Jody—98, 197 Hyatt, Mary—98 Hyatt, Pat—57, 189 Ibrahim, Ida—75 Ingle, Bob—75 Ingles, Darryl—57 Iroff, Linda—76 Iroff, Nadine—137 Jackson, Melinda—76 Jackson, Ronnie—57 Jacobs, Archie—57, 231 Jacobsen, Lucille—137, 190, 191 James, Jennifer—76 James, Johnny—137 Jamieson, Larry—137, 246 Janes, George—76 Janes, Georgia—57 Jarrell, Deborah—57, 220, 221 Jeffries, Joyce—76 Jeffries, Mike—137 Jenkins, Catherine—98, 174 Jenkins, Janet—138, 190, 191 Jenkins, Pam—49, 57, 173, 174 Jennelle, William—57 Jennings, Linda—138 Jewell, Debbie—76 Jewell, Sue—99 Jewett, Gary—138, 194, 195 Jewett, Mark—76, 230, 237 Jewett, Thomas—138 Johnson, Allen—57 Johnson, Cathy—138, 161, 200, 216, 267 Johnson, Dotty—76, 174 Johnson, Gary—99, 183, 201, 224, 228,238 Johnson, Gene—57 Johnson, James—118, 138 Johnson, John—57 Johnson, Joyce—76, 192 Johnson, Ken—57 Johnson, Marsha—76 Johnson, Pamela—99 Johnson, Pat—138 Johnson, Paula—57 Johnson, Regina—99 Johnson, Terry—57, 189 Johnson, Thomas—138 Jones, Carroll—57 Jones, Delores—99 Jones, Donald—138 Jones, James—138 Jones, Kathryn—76 Jones, Linda—76 Jones, Mark—138 Jones, Margaret—76 Jones, Marty—99, 192, 197, 208 Jones, Mary—99 Jones, Mary—138 Jones, Missy—57 Jones, Nancy—57 Jones, Sandra—99 Jones, Stan—76 Jordan, Bruce—99, 203, 230, 237 Jost, James—99 Juraschek, Dan—99, 176, 195, 204 Juraschek, Marla—76, 174 Juraschek, Paul—57, 174, 232 Justice, Mary—139 Justice, Ralph—76 Kachur, Pamela —139 Kahn, Eileen—99 Kahn, Wayne—24, 57, 188, 232, 237 Kaldenbach, David—76 Kaldenbach, Kenneth—139 Kaminsky, Daniel—57, 186 Kaminsky, Robert—99 Kampschroer, Brian—57, 176 Kampschroer, Kevin—119, 139, 161, 204, 205, 262 Katacinski, Gary—76, 174 Katzebue, Patty—99 Katzenstein, Linda—76 Kauten, Sue—76 Kavros, Dianne—76, 215 Keating, John—99, 176, 194, 195, 204, 205, 211 Keating, Larry—57, 176, 237 Keck, Mike—139 Keefer, Dave—76 Keener, Michael—57 Kees, Dana—58 Kees, Susan—76 Keet, Bob—100, 232 Keim, Becky—100, 178, 179, 192 Keller, Janice—139 Kelley, Bob—58, 231 Kelley, Jennifer—58, 184 Kelley, Larry—58, 231, 245 Kelly, Dale—58 Kelly, Deborah—76, 175, 204 Kelly, Gary—58, 195 Kelly, Mike—76, 179, 194 Keltonic, John—58 Kent, Steve—139, 238, 239, 242 Kersey, Carl—58, 231, 245 Kersey, Larry—100, 183, 224, 238, 241, 242, 243, 248, 249, 252 Kerstetter, Ron—76, 183, 230, 237 Kerstetter, Sherry—139, 200, 207, 216, 285 Ketcham, Valerie—100 Kidd, Bobby—5 8 Kidd, Walker—76 Kinball, John—76 Kincannon, Kathy—7, 140, 174, 192, 193,202,205, 207 King, David—100 King, Diane—140, 197 King, Richard—76 Kinzie, Janis—58 Kirby, Don—76, 230 Kirby, Jim—100, 244 Kirby, Jacqueline—140 Kirby, Maxine—76 Kirkman, Beverly—58 Knapp, Charles—100 Kneale, Charles—100 Knight, Harold—100 Komoroski, Marlene—77 Koplaski, Barbara—58 Kovals, Luann—58 297 Kramer, Jane—100 Krapf, Lois—58, 184 Kreamer, Kathryn—58 Kreigh, Steve—140, 201, 238, 239, 242 Kriegel, Brenda—58 Kuhn, Doug—140 Kumbar, David—140 Kumbar, Lee—100 Kusaka, Calvin—58, 237 Kusaka, Ron—100, 181, 205 Kuykendall, Danny—58 Labadie, Cheryl—77, 197 Lacasce, Linda—77 Lam, Faye—140 Lam, Nancy—140, 173 Lam, Thomas—77 Lamb, Lynn—67, 77, 224, 244, 253 Lamb, Steve—100 Land, David—77 Lang, Elizabeth—-77 Lang, Jimmy—36, 100 Lapin, Gary—176 Largess, Dan—140 Largess, Mark—232, 246 Larkin, Molly—-58, 175 Larkin, Tim-—58 Larock, Karen—58 Larock, Linda—140 Larock, Susan—58 Larrick, Jane—-100 Larrick, Steve—58, 231 Lash, Patty—58 Laughon, Sandra—100, 218 Lauria, Francis—118, 140, 201 Lauria, Larry—101, 195, 201, 232, 233 Lauria, Roccie-—-58 Lawful, David—58, 186, 188 Lawhorn, Linda—77 Lawhorne Eula—140, 180 Lawrence, Candy—141 Lawrence, Frank—101 Lawrence, Sharon—101, 180 Lawrence, Victor—58 Leavitt, Chip—77, 183, 224, 237 Leavitt, Mike—141 Lebe, Mike—101 Lebiszczak, John—58, 186 Lecorchick, Debbie—77 Lee, Beth—141, 200, 218, 222, 223 Lee, Craig—58 Lee, Gail—101 Lee, Michael—101 Lee, Robert—58 Lee, Sharon—101, 175, 197, 204 Lefler, Lowell—58, 194, 195 Lefler, Steve—101 Lenwell, Joanne—141, 290 Lenwell, Patty—66, 67, 77, 172, 207, 208,211 Leoras, Linda—77 Lerohl, Jane—58, 220 Lerohl, Karen—141, 158, 171, 172, 202, 205, 267 Lester, Annetta—101 Lester, Linda—141 Lester, Mike—58, 232 Levine, Rebecca—58 Lewis, Clif—141 Lewis, Ellen—77, 177, 179 Lewis, James—58 Lewis, Johnnie—-197 Lewis, Robert—-58 Lewis, Robert—58 Lewis, Stacy—77, 215 Liebman, Dan—101 Lightfoot, Thomas—-101, 182, 237 Lillethun, Abby—58 Lillethun, Kathryn—101 Lines, Donovan—77, 197 Link, Steve—77, 194, 195 Lippard, David—141, 224, 237 Lippard, Laura—77 Livengood, Brenda—182 Livengood, Rebecca—141 Lloyd, Patricia—190, 191 Lockhart, Bobby—101 Lockhart, Donald—58 Lodge, Web—142, 176, 179 Lohman, Anita—101, 196, 197 Long, Debbie—77 Loose, Claudia—-87 Lopresti, Betsy—142, 178, 208 Lord, Marty—101, 194, 195, 202, 205 Loritsch, Karl—101 Love, Harold—58 Love, John—224, 227, 244, 253 Loveall, Larry-—142 Lovern, Mike—77, 244, 246 Loving, Carol—101, 200 Lowery, Sharon—142 Lowry, Diana—58 Ludwig, Danny—77 Luginbyhl, Cynthia—101 Lutz, Peggy—142 Lyman, Carol—174 Lyons, Steve—101 Lytle, Albert—102, 194, 195 Machmer, Ronald—77 Mack, Joyce—142, 173, 185 Mack, Lee—77 Madaris, Rodney—102 Madaris, Nancy —11 Madden, Mimi—9, 102, 198, 199, 208, 260 Mahloy, Donna—102 Mahloy, Kathy—58 Maier, Heidi—142 Major, Mark—102, 203, 205, 238, 248, Malicki, Steven—77, 253 Mallory, Susan—142, 185 Maly, Margie—59 Mandel, S.—67, 77, 173, 178, 215 Mangum, James—59 Mangum, Stephan—143 Mankin, Patricia—189 Mantiply, Charles—102 Marche, Mickey—77 Margosian, Linda—143, 199 Marino, Joseph—59 Maron, Michael—59, 231 Martin, Bill—-77 Martin, Bob—59, 230 Martin, Don—-143 Martin, Donald—59 Martin, Donna—59, 214 Martin, Gerry—143, 176, 198, 202, 204, 205 Martin, Gladys—59, 220 Martinez, Judy—77 Mason, Bonnie—59 Mason, David—59, 231 Mason, Debbie—59 Mason, Ella—143 Mason, John—59, 195 Mason, Larry—78 Massey, Rose—143, 200, 218 Masten, Vicki—59, 183, 189 Masten, Warren—183, 201, 224, 238, 253 Masterson, Kathy—143, 198, 208 Matheny, Billy—78 Mathews, Catherine—102 Mathews, Sharon—59, 189 Maupin, Pat—59 Maust, Cathy—102 Maust, Mary—102 Maxwell, Buddie—78 Maxwell, Carol—102, 183, 197, 218 May, Tim—78, 181, 187 Mayle, Dewayne—59 Maynard, Bob—59 Maynard, Russell—102, 197 Mayo, Preston—78 Mays, Janet—102 Mays, Richard—59, 231 McArthur, Don—87, 102, 173, 224 McBee, Robert—59, 194 McBride, Adele—59 McBride, June—102 McBroom, Douglas—59, 231, 245 McCaleb, Chris—78, 220 McCall, Bill—78 McCleary, Robert—78 McClelland, Luke—59, 195 McClelland, Nancy—143, 197, 211 McClelland, Shaun—78 McCorkle, Terry—59 McCoy, Dennis—102 McCoy, Pat—143 McCrady, Terry—78 298 McCullen, Sherry—102 McCullough, Donna—103 McDaniel, Jean—9, 103, 215, 260 McDonald, Maureen—143 McEwen, Sammy—143 McFall, Arlene—103 McFarland, Linda—143 McFarland, Paul—118, 143 McFeeley, Dennis—103 McGirk, Francis—59 McGogney, Wayne—59 McGovern, Bill—78 McGoye, Patricia—59 McGoye, Sheila—144, 197 McGrail, Michael—144 McGrath, Elaine—59 McGraw, Steven—78, 195, 248 McHaffa, Gail—59, 175 McKay, Marsha—197 McKenzie, Sharon—59, 189 McKeown, Terry—78 McKinney, Gary—59 McLean, Marlys—103 McLearen, Robert—144 McLendon, Carol—103 McLendon, Nancy—144, 205 McMahon, Vivian—78 McManamy, David—78, 187 McMinimy, Linda—59 McMorrow, Linda—78, 177, 189 McPherson, Ian—103 Meade, Barbara—78 Meade, Glenda—78 Meador, Buddy—78 Mears, Donald—103, 224, 253 Meier, David—59 Mellion, Mike—78, 232 Melton, Bobby—144 Mennicke, Vicky—144 Merchant, Carrie—103, 200, 220 Merrill, Debbie—103 Messinger, Skip—78 Messinger, Sue—9, 145, 173, 260, 272 Messmer, Barry—145, 161, 203, 232, 233, 234, 235 Metzler, James—78 Metzler, Linda—103 Meyers, Dennis—103, 196, 197 Mial, Sylvester—78 Mickey, Linda—59, 189 Middlecoff, June—78, 215 Milam, John—78 Miller, Bill—59 Miller, Chuck—145 Miller, Daniel—103 Miller, Daphne—118, 122, 145, 159, 161, 171, 172, 173, 202, 205 Miller, Denise—59 Miller, Frank—103 Miller, George—78, 231 Miller, John—59 Miller, Miriam—103 Millians, Anita—145 Milligan, Mike—79, 230 Mills, Carol—145, 211, 281 Minor, Jim—79, 230, 237 Minor, Mollie—145, 192 Mitchel, Janice—145 Mitchel, Leonard—145 Mitchell, Cynthia—59 Mobbs, Faye—103 Mock, Donna—60, 214 Mock, Linda—79 Moneymaker, Delores—79 Moneymaker, Sharon—60 Monson, Pat—79 Monson, Steve—103, 290 Montgomery, Bill —146 Montoney, Stephen—103 Monts, Mary—145, 178 Moon, Dennis—60 Moon, Richard—145, 248, 251, 253 Moon, Robert—79 Moore, A.—103, 175, 181, 186, 272 Moore, Cheryl—60 Moore, James—103 Moore, Joanne—145, 176, 204, 205 Moore, Karla—104, 194 Moore, Larry—79, 197 Moore, Linda—79, 175 Moore, Mike—182 Moore, Missy—79 Moore, Terry—79 Moorhead, Cheryl—146 Moreman, Sue—104 Morgan, Billie—79 Morgan, Colin—79 Morgan, Craig—146 Morgan, Guy—146, 224, 225, 234, 235 Morris, Andrew—79 Morris, Russell—60 Morris, Steve—79, 203, 244 Morrisey, Kathy—60, 194, 195 Moses, Brad—104, 230 Moses, Gary—60, 232 Moyer, Larry—104 Mrstik, Doug—146 Muglia, Carol—60, 220 Muglia, Karen—146 Mullen, David—60 Mullen, Ken—60 Mullins, Garry—79 Mullins, Ronnie—60 Mulner, Richard—104 Mulner, Robert—60, 175 Mulvey, Denise—79, 183 Murphy, Becky—79, 178 Murphy, Kathy—146 Murphy, Patty—60, 189 Murphy, Reggie—146 Murphy, Sharon—60, 184 Murray, Margaret—146 Murray, Sandra—146, 197 Murray, Steve—79 Murray, Susan—146, 197 Musick, Scott—60 Mustone, David—67, 79, 244 Muterspaw, John—60 Mutscheller, Denise—104 Myers, Charles—146 Myers, John—118, 147, 246, 247 Myers, Marilyn—147, 184 Myrick, Donna—60 Nader, Linda—60 Nagel, Frank—79, 187, 234, 237 Nagle, Bob—79, 232 Naill, Wayne—104 Nalls, Arthur—60 Nalls, Edna—104, 192 Napier, Sue—104, 216, 217 Nash, Connie—79 Nash, David—104 Nathan, Barbara—147 Natoli, Joe—104 Nay, Don—60 Nay, Jane—79 Neely, Mike—60 Neese, Lynn—60 Neidermeyer, Bill—147 Nelson, Bill—118, 147, 194 Nelson, Bill—147 Nelson, Bonnie—9, 60, 190, 191, 260 Nelson, Michael—147 Nelson, Patricia—104, 184 Nelson, Steven—104 Newberger, David—104 Newman, Ellen—180 Nichols, Melanie—79 Nichols, Robin—79, 220, 221 Nicholson, Wanda—79 Nigro, Michelle—60 Nigro, Mike—104 Noble, Janice—79 Noel, David—79, 237 Noel, Gary—79, 237 Noggle, James—49, 60, 195 Noggle, John—79, 194, 195 North, Alan—60 North, L.B. —147 North, Phil—60 Northrop, Jenifer—49, 60, 172 Northrop, Sharon—104, 192 Norton, Helen—147 Norton, Karin—104, 184 Norton, Norma—79 Nowak, Bonnie—60 Nowak, Kathy—104, 174, 194 Nuckols, Debbie—147 O’Brien, Timmy—60 Obusek, Debbie—79, 177, 216, 217 O’Connor, Carol—104, 181, 186, 190, 191 O’Connor, Mike—147, 286 Oliver, Wallace—61 jl yy Olmstead, Susan—79 Olschner, Linda—104 Olsen, Greg—61, 231, 245 Olson, Trevor—105, 187, 203 O’Neal, Mary—147 O’Neil, Barbara—61 O’Neil, Mary Jane—148 Onks, Della—61 Oppenheim, Robert—105, 181, 195, 203, 205 Orange, John—148 Orange, Mary—61 Orndorff, Mary—79 Osier, Claire—61, 189 Ostergren, Kathleen—61 Ouderkirk, Nathan—61, 231 Ouderkirk, Shay—148, 192, 204 Ours, Mike—61, 194, 195, z37 Overby, Dennis—105 Owens, Faith—61 Owens, Steve—61 Pace, Robert—148 Page, Dianne—105, 175 Painter, Bobbi—105 Painter, Daniel—79 Painter, Laverne—61 Palfrey, Wayne—105, 171, 173, 188, 203 Paper, Art—79 Paper, Sharon—148 Parfitt, Laurence—80 Park, Aline—86, 87, 105, 179, 202 Parker, Dawn—80 Parker, Jean—105 Parker, Leslie—80 Parsons, Debbie—80 Parsons, Donna—105, 192 Pate, Shirley—105, 192, 208 Paton, Richard—61 Patterson, Steve—105 Patterson, Steve—238, 239, 242 Paulovich, Gail—80 Pavlick, Greg—148, 183, 201, 224, 248,249 Payne, Frances—148 Payne, Gregory—105 Payne, Joseph—105 Payne, Mary—80, 189 Payne, Ronald—148 Payne, Thomas—61, 186 Payne, William—105 Peace, Patty—80 Pearson, George—105 Pearson, Herbert—118, 148 Perason, Marcy—118, 148, 210 Pearson, Tammy—80 Pearson, Tod—61, 246 Peartree, Michael—80, 230 Peck, Michael—175, 187 Peixotto, Vivian—80, 184 Pelasara, Rick—148 Pena, Elizabeth—61 300 Penick, Karen—80 Penn, Susan—148, 197, 207 Pentecost, Deidre—148 Perkins, Alan—80 Perkins, Geroge—80 Perkins, James—105 Perkins, John—61 Perkins, Shirley—61 Perrell, Tim—105 Perry, Judy—61 Peter, Vicki—80 Petersen, Shirley—105 Peterson, Bill—105, 224, 237 Petitt, Gary—80, 230, 237 Petree, Bill—61 Petrie, Bob—106, 201, 224, 244 Peyton, Steve—61 Pfeiffer, Patty—61, 175 Pfeil, Bunny—9, 148,260 Phalen, Sue—80 Phelps, Donald—61 Phelps, Mary—106 Philips, Rosemarie—118, 148, 171, 173, 176, 200, 202, 204, 205, 206 Phillips, Cynthia—61 Phillips, Debbie—80 Phillips, Genny—106, 197 Phillips, June—148, 180 Phillips, Patty—149, 197, 205, 210 Pichurko, Vicky—80 Pine, John—106 Piper, Linda—61 Pistone, Richard—80 Platt, David—61, 245 Plaugher, Glenn—106, 183, 224 Pohle, Cortland—61 Pomfret, Mary—80, 184 Poole, Mike—106, 253 Poorbaugh, Ray—61 Pope, Holly—61, 220, 221 Poppe, Carl—61 Poppe, James—61, 186 Post, Don—80, 230 Poston, Bonnie—61 Potter, David—61 Potter, Kenneth—61 Potter, Mildred—106 Potter, Steve—149, 194, 195, 205, 207 Powell, Jack—149, 183, 224 Powell, Patricia—106 Powell, Vic—149, 171, 173, 183, 201, 203, 224 Powell, Virginia—149 Powers, Cecil—61 Pratt, Russ—106 Pravlik, Edward—149 Prevenslik, Bob—149, 174, 283 Prevenslik, Fred—61 Prewitt, Paul—149 Price, Davide—188 Price, Ray—80, 194, 195 Prince, Debra—80 Proctor, Gary—61, 231 Prohaska, Greg—61, 231 Pruitt, Margaret—61, 189 Puga, Vivanne—61 Pugh, Lottie—106 Pullen, Lottie—106 Pullen, Jere—106, 192 Pullen, Mark—61 Pulley, Linda—149 Pullin, Deb—61, 174 Purdy, Richard—62 Puryear, Mike—149, 238, 239, 242 Pusey, Pam—106 Quackenbush, Jan—86, 106, 202, 209 Quallich, Ralph—186 Qualls, Daryl—106 Quander, Larry—238 Quante, Dianne—80, 184 Quante, John—149, 177, 187, 201, 205 Quartana, Carol—106 Quinn, Carol—106, 176, 204, 205 Quinn, John—80, 232 Radcliffe, Sue—80 Raettig, Ed—80, 203, 244 Raettig, Susan—149, 285 Ragsdale, Ronald—149 Raines, James—62, 195 Rakocky, Steve—106 Ralston, Paul—106 Ramsey, Althea—80, 184 Randall, D.—150, 200, 216, 217 Ramsey, Dixie—80 Randall, Keith—150 Rantz, Steve—48, 62, 177 Rao, Linda—62, 220 Rao, Ronnie—62, 221 Ratcliff, Drema—80 Ratcliff, Donna—150, 200, 208, 211 Ratcliff, Michael—80 Ratcliffe, Debbie—106, 196, 197 Ratcliffe, Shirley—62 Ratcliffe, Vicki—106, 197 Ratner, Miriam—80 Rawlings, Mary—106 Rebholtz, Carol—150 Reddick, Becky—150, 202, 204, 205, 211 Redfield, Susi—80, 200, 218, 219, 222 223 Reed, Chris—150, 171, 172, 179, 188, 201,203 Reed, Chris—62 Reed, James—62, 176 Reed, Mark—62 Reeder, Anne—150, 161, 171, 173, 202, 204, 267 Reeder, Betsy—62, 175, 178 Reeder, Vickie—80 Reese, Bill—150, 177, 201, 248, 250 Reese, John—106, 253 Reeves, Roy—62 Rehberg, Neal—62, 245 Reid, Sandy—80, 272 Reid, Wayne—150, 248, 250 Rekas, James—106 Relyea, Deborah—62 Rembert, Donna—62, 189 Renno, Betty—81 Reubush, Lynne—150, 172, 178, 198, 202, 205 Reubush, Nancy—49, 62, 214 Rey, Charles—81 Reynolds, Grace—106, 175 Reynolds, Justin—81 Rhein, Allen—81, 183, 200, 224, 234 Riba, Claudio—62 Riccio, Susan—81 Rice, David—62, 230 Rice, Tom—150, 201, 224 Richardson, Charles—150 Riddle, Alan—62 Riddle, Peggy—81, 197 Riley, Ruth—62 Riley, Wilson—81 Ripley, Robert—81 Risdon, Martha—151, 174 Ritter, Caroline—81, 179 Rizor, Allen—62, 195 Rizzo, Kathryn—106, 200, 218, 222 Roan, Betty—151 Roan, William—107 Robanos, Denise—151 Robanos, Mike—62 Roberts, Glenn—81, 183, 194, 195, 237,253 Roberts, Kevin—151, 161, 194, 201, 203, 232, 234, 236, 247, 259 Robertson, Carter—107 Robertson, Jesse—118, 151, 182 Robertson, Linda—62 Robinson, Brian—62 Robinson, Patricia—151 Robinson, Zondra—81 Rock, Billy—62 Rock, Wanda—107 Rockwell, Marty—62 Rodgers, Lynn—107, 182 Rodgers, Rick—18, 151 Rodgers, Rick—62 Rogers, Alice—62 Rogers, Richard—151 Rognlie, Alan—107, 186, 187, 196, 197 Rohrer, Dana—62 Rohrer, Debbi—107, 183, 207 Roland, Joann—81, 174 Romero, Ken—81, 230 Roop, A1—244 Rose, Janice—81 Rosendale, Kathy—107 Rosendale, Sandra—81 Rosenwasser, David—86, 87, 107, 171, 172, 188, 203, 205 Rosenwasser, Judi—49, 62, 174, 184 Ross, Carolyn—107 Ross, Cleveland—237 Ross, Frank—81, 181, 187, 194 Rouse, Darlene—107 Row, Pat—81 Rowe, Bill—62 Rowles, John—62 Royston, Ken—81, 194, 195 Royston, Lynda—81 Rozier, Louise—62, 189 Rozsa, Gabe—151, 160, 161, 171, 173, 198,203,204, 205,260 Rulapaugh, Terry—62 Runaldue, Richard—151 Rush, Alison—151 Rush, Carol—81 Russell, Glenn—151, 172, 183, 203, 205, 224, 234 Russell, Robin—62, 175, 189 Rutherford, Cheryl—151 Rutherford, Sharon—81 Rutherford, Terry—81 Rybicki, Robert—231 Sage, Lloyd—81, 201, 232 Salter, Steve—151, 194, 195 Salziger, Mark—62 Sanchez, Mary—62 Sanderson, Don—81 Sandors, Cecilia—81, 194 Sandors, Jerry—152, 176 Saul, Donald—62 Savage, Mary—82 Schaefermeyer, Mark—82 Schleusing, Kizzie—62 Schmeckpeper, Gail—62 Schnabel, Candace—62 Schneider, Dean—107 Schneider, Ron—118, 152, 195 Schneider, Steve—107, 186 Schrader, Rick—108 Schroeder, Mark—108 Schroeder, Pete—82 Schulte, Bruce—152, 177 Schulte, Kitty—108 Schulte, Lois—62 Schulte, Tommie—65, 177 Schultz, Butch—108 Schunk, Louis—63 Schuster, Barbara—63 Schwab, Tami—82 Schweitzer, Joleen—82 Schweitzer, Lyle—108 Scott, Bill—152, 248,251 Scott, Debbie—87, 108, 173, 175, 192 204 Scott, Deborah—108 Scott, Diana—63 Scott, Michael—108 Scott, Randy—63, 231 Scott, Rocky—108, 253 Scrimshaw, Linda—108 Seegars, Betty—152 Seegars, Joseph—82 Seidel, Pat—108, 174 Sells, John—230, 253 Semones, Dennis—152 Setliff, Herb—108, 183. 224, 248, 252 Setliff, Joan—152, 197 Setliff, Roy—63, 231 Settle, Carol—108 Sewell, Wayne—244 Sexton, Everett—108, 230 Sexton, Sandra—82 Shaffer, Larry—109, 197 Shaffer, Peggy—63, 176, 194 Shaffier, Charlotte—152 Shain, Tina—109, 192 Shank, Cheryl—63, 174 Shank, Thomas—82, 183, 230, 237 Sharma, Jay—187 Sheehan, Terry—109 Shelby, Clare—152 Sheldon, Kenneth—82 Shelly, Jim—82, 195, 209 Shelly, Pat—152, 198, 199 Shelton, Dellanne—82 Shelton, John—63 Shelton, Linda—152, 192, 207 Shelton, Patty—109, 197 Shepard, Sue—109 Shepherd, Beverly—82 Shepherd, Herbert—152 Sheppard, Lane—152 Sheridan, Frances—63 Sheridan, Stanley—109 Shettel, Scott—63 Shields, Jim—152 Shifflett, Gary—109 Shimchock, Brenda—11, 67, 82, 173, 198 Shiro, Marc—82 Shockey, Leslie—152 Shockey, Linda—118, 152 Shoemaker, Larry—82 Shook, David—153, 201 Shultz, Pamela—82 Shumate, Mike—153 Shurey, Nancy—109 Sias, Robert—63 Siegwarth, Sandi—82 Sigel, Courtney—82, 177 Sillex, Gary—63 Sills, John—82 Sills, Robert—109 Silver, Gloria—109, 178 Silverthorn, Alan—82, 230 Silverthorn, Eric—63, 230 Simms, Ronnie—63, 245 Simpson, Barbara—109, 175 Simpson, Donald—63 Sims, Christine—153 Sims, Gary—182 Sims, Glen—153 301 Sims, Pat—82 Sinclair, Howard—153, 197 Singh, Rae Ann—49, 63 Sinneway, Terry—109, 185, 197 Sisson, David—82, 197, 237 Skalabrin, Steven—63, 195 Skirven, Chet—82, 177, 244 Sloan, David—63, 237 Smagorinsky, Anne—87, 109, 172, 179, 202, 205, 207 Smagorinsky, Pete—82, 230, 244 Smith, Anne—9, 82, 190, 191, 259, 260 Smith, Bill—153, 159, 201, 232, 233 Smith, Connie—82, 175, 184 Smith, Dannie—109 Smith, Dee—82, 189, 197 Smith, Donnie—109 Smith, Dorothy—109 Smith, Edgar—63, 231 Smith, Harold—153 Smith, Holly—63, 176, 189 Smith, Larry—153 Smith, Linda—63 Smith, Linda—109 Smith, Linda—153, 192, 196, 197 Smith, Mark—153 Smith, Morris—83, 176 Smith, Nancy—83 Smith, Rebecca—153, 197 Smith, Rodney—109 Smith, Scott—109 Smith, Sherry—109 Smith, Stephen—83 Smith, Stephen—153 Smith, Vicki—83 Snapp, Rosemary—109 Sneed, Joan—118, 154, 175, 183, 222 Snell, Joann—63 Snell, Nancy—83 Snelling, Bobby—109 Snodgrass, Paula—110 Snow, Mary—154 Snow, Patricia—83, 178 Snyder, Chris—83, 198 Snyder, Kendall—63, 220 221 Sovonick, Brenda—189 Spagnoletti, Joseph—110 Spalding, Bobby—83 Spalding, Enoch—63 Spalding, Patricia—154 Spears, Vicki—83, 174 Speller, Patricia—154 Spencer, Gary—63 Spencer, Jean—63 Spicer, Pat—154 Spicer, Richard—110 Spicer, Robert—83, 187 Springer, Mary—83 Standridge, Jerry—63 Stanfield, Doug—63 Stanley, Barbara—110 Stapf, Judy—154, 202, 205 Staples, Carol—110 Staples, Ernest—110 Staples, Roger—83 Starr, Janet—83 Starry, Susan—83 Stasulis, Denis—110, 176 Steadman, David—63 Steele, Phyllis—110 Steele, Robert—64, 231 Steidel, Elizabeth—83 Steinbach, Diane—83 Stemple, Donna—83 Stemple, Ronnie—154, 224 Stephens, Sandra—154 Stephens, Sharon—110 Stephenson, Cheryl—83 Stevenson, James—110 Stewart, Richard—83 Stith, Stephen—224 Stockstill, Ricky—64 Stone, Dawn—64 Stone, Steve—83, 195 Stovall, Roger—110 Stover, Richard—64 Stover, Sharon—83 Stoyko, Anthony—110 Strader, David—64, 194, 195 Strait, Barbara—48, 64 Strait, Ken—110,224 Strait, Linda—118, 154 Strickler, David—154, 196, 197 Strickler, Marsha—64, 189, 199 Stroud, Jewel—83 Student, Sherry—83 Studer, Meg—83, 178, 209 Sturgill, Bonnie—83 Sturgill, Donald—83 Sullivan, Eugene—110 Summerlin, Nancy—154, 200, 204, 218, 219, 222 Surface, Robert—154 Sutherland, Tom—110 Swanner, Larry—154 Tabor, Nancy—64 Talbott, Bettie—64 Talbott, Ted—110 Tarlosky, Joyce—9, 67, 83, 177, 192, 259, 260 " Tasaka, Craig—64 Taylor, Alice—110 Taylor, Bob—110, 173, 188 Taylor, Gail—18, 155, 192 Taylor, Gerald—155 Taylor, Julia—64, 194, 195 Taylor, Marie—83 Taylor, Norman—155 Taylor, Susan—83 Taylor, Tricia—110 Tepper, Joan—83 Terry, Diane—155, 173 Terry, Pat—110 Tess, Deborah—84, 184 Tharp, Sandra—84 Thiebolt, Cindy—84 Thiebolt, Sandy—84 Thomas, Curtis—110 Thomas, Danny—84 Thomas, Dusty—84 Thomas, Edward—84, 224, 237, 253 Thomas, Gary—64 Thomas, Gene—84 Thomas, Harold—155, 187, 247 Thomas, John—64, 231, 237, 246 Thomas, John—155 Thomas, Marsden—155 Thomas, Melissa—64 Thomas, Pam—64 Thomas, Wade—155 Thombs, Elizabeth—111, 174 Thome, Patricia—84 Thompson, Daryl—84 Thompson, David—84 Thompson, Page—231 Thompson, Paul—84, 230 Thompson, Lee—111 Thompson, Teressa—64 Thompson, Wayne—64 Thomson, Robert—111 Thornton, Mike—111, 194, 195 Thorp, David—64, 194, 195 Tiano, Pam—155 Tiefenthaler, Gudrun—111, 176, 204 Tiemann, Carol—111 Tillery, Gail—111 Tillett, Neil—64 Timbrook, Bonnie—111 Tingley, Judi—155, 204, 205 Tippins, William—111 Tolan, Emmett—84 Toler, Steve—111 Tollman, Christine—84 Tomlinson, George—155 Tornese, Ron—84, 194, 195 Torres, Maria—111 Toven, Bob—111, 197, 198, 201, 248 Toven, Phillip—64 Towns, Sharon—155 Towns, William—111 Trainor, Sara—64 Travers, Dorothy—111 Trenary, Jackie—155 Trenery, Michael—111 Triplett, Barbara—111 Triplett, Sue—84 Troobnick, Keryn—112 Troy, Robert—112 Truitt, Clyde—84 Tucker, Connie—64 Tucker, Martha—155 Tuohy, Bob—64 Turner, Brenda—84 Turner, Michele—64, 175 Turpen, Joe—64 302 Tuthill, Donna—84 Tuthill, John—84 Tutterow, Davena—64 Tyler, Carol—112, 192 Tyson, Herbert—84 Tyson, Sharon—155 Uhlfelder, Larry—64, 194, 195 Updegraff, Michael—64, 231,245 Urrutia, Carlos—84 Usrey, David—64 Utley, Sue—84 Valiante, Joan—84 Valliere, Therese—-64, 189 VanHorn, Kay—112 VanHorn, Ray—112, 253 Vermillion, Ellen—84 Vest, Charles—157 Vest, James—237 Viar, Brenda—112 Viar, Carol—156 Vickers, Kaye—84 Vickers-Smith, Janet—112, 174, 207, 222, 223 Vozniak, Kip—65 Vozzola, Mary—65 Vozzola, Vincent—112 Wade, Linda—84 Wade, Mike—84, 230 Wade, Sherri—112 Wagenhals, Patty—112, 173, 198, 202, 218 Waggle, Linda—84, 197 Waldron, Thomas—156 Walker, Deborah—65 Walker, Gary—112 Walker, Kenneth—122, 197 Walker, Linda—84 Walker, Linda—119, 122, 156, 171, 173, 192,202 Wallach, Christine—84, 174 Wallach, Louis—65 Walls, Shirley—156 Walsh, Janette—112, 207, 221 Walsh, Peggy—156 Walter, Joseph—65 Walter, Mary—112, 175 Walters, Sandy—112, 200, 218, 221 Walthall, Linda—156 Walton, Debbie—84 Wangness, James—156 Ward, James—112 Watkins, Roger—84 Watts, Hugh—65 Weatherford, B.—84, 175, 184, 204 Weaver, David—118, 156, 196, 197 Weaver, Elaine—156, 180, 184 Weaver, Lori—84 Webb, Mary—84, 174 Webb, Patti—113, 190, 191 Weber, Paul—113 Weber, Richard—113 Webster, Elizabeth—65 Webster, William—85 Weddel, Mary—113 Weeks, Debbie—65 Weeks, John—113 Weeks, Nancy—85 Weeks, Shelly—9, 65, 260 Weinhold, Richard—65 Welch, Cindy—113 Welch, Lynda—113 Weldon, Bill—113, 183, 224, 237 Wells, Carol—85, 192 Wells, Charlie—65 Wells, Cindy—156, 192, 211 Welsh, Debbie—65, 189 West, Iva—85, 200, 218 West, Kathlene—85 Westgate, Debbie—85, 197 Wetzel, Karen—85 Wetzel, Michael—113 Whalen, Marty—113, 185 Wheaton, Howard—85, 230 Wheeler, Michael—156 Wheelock, Diane—65, 176 Whitaker, Bill—85 Whitaker, Nellie—113 White, Eugene—156, 182 White, Linda—65, 181, 184 White, Mike—85 Whitley, Pattie—65 Whitley, Rita—113, 174, 205 Whittington, Brandon—156, 194 Wickline, Becky—65, 189 Wickline, Warren—156 Wiegard, Anne—113, 173, 202, 209, 210 Wiegard, Katherine—65, 174 Wiesman, Walter—65, 194 Wigner, Skip—156, 199 Wilder, Eddie—85, 253 Wildman, Doug—85 Wilke, Tommie—65, 231, 245 Wilkinson, Diann—113, 218 Wilkinson, Mark—113, 253 Williams, Alvin—156 Williams, Carol—113 Williams, Cathy—65 Williams, David—113 Williams, Harold—85 Williams, John—113 Williams, Kristin—157 Williamson, Geneva—65, 189 Willis, Don—113, 174, 188, 205 Willis, Philip—65 Wilmeth, Nancy—113, 190, 191 Wilmeth, Pete—65 Wilson, David—65 Wilson, Debbie—114 Wilson, Deborah—65, Wilson, Edna—65, 174 Wilson, James—85 Wilson, Susan—114 Wilson, Virginia—157, 180, 211, 286 Windom, Darrel—157, 183, 201, 224, 228 Wingate, Cyndy—114 Wingate, Debbie—65 Wingo, Janet—85, 194, 195 Wingo, Robert—65, 194 Winkler, Lynda—114 Winter, Michael—65, 23 1 Wirth, Nancy—114 Witsman, Gary—114, 224, 253 Wolf, Roy—114, 171, 176, 203, 204, 205, 262 Wolford, Delyle—85 Wollock, Marcia—114 Wolz, David—65 Wolz, Sharon—114 Wood, Brenda—157 Wood, Bruce—65 Wood, Cherie—114 Wood, Melvin—65 Wood, Sharron—157 Woolfrey, Mike—85 Woolls, George—114 Woods, Linda—85 Wray, Arthur—65 Wray, Stephen—85 Wrenn, Joe—85 Wrenn, Roger—65 Wright, Duane—65, 195 Wright, Henry—157 Wright, Kathy—65 Wright, Lorie—157 Wright, Pat—157, 216, 217 Wright, Sharon—85 Wright, Wayne—157 Wrobleski, Gayle—122, 157, 173, 192 202, 266 Wynn, Sandi—85 Yancey, Ken—118, 157, 171, 173 Yarborough, John—114 Yehle, Bid—114, 194, 195 Yehle, Ed—65 Yoder, Darlene—157 Yoder, Donald—157 Young, Christine—157, 197 Young, Joanne—85 Young, Robert—85 Young, Steve—85 Zacofsky, Eden—114 Zanetti, Shirley—114 Zechman, Janeen—85 Zehring, Calvin—178 Ziegler, Ann—66, 85, 184 Zielinski, Dennis—65 Zimmerman, Howard—114 Zimmerman, John—114 Zwartjes, Ray—65 Zweiban, Debbie—114, 174, 194, 195, 205 303 The epitome of achievement in our six years’ existence was the choosing of the k . . , £■1 - . - . • ' . . • . T V ' : . ...3T£yiT ' ■ ' ' I||j|r K T ' v | r 3C • . ■ S ' ; - :;e« . Wi Mm Mx v s Alma Mater ipr - y finest gifts of loyalty and honor, We take from thee as lessons for our lives. To thee we pledge our loyalty forever And admiration for the things you do. We come to thee to Seek out truth and wisdom, And in thy arms, we search to find the way. BP ■H J88MI ,Tv i) |ljjj m V I Jlwi t» §|g| gr ' ' rntMi s x v 1 i Jtmm |8 You mold our lives, the future lies before ' Our world will be a challenge to transcend. Thy Eagle sings of glories past and present. Of battles won; thy honors we defend. With heart and soul, we lift our voice to praise thee, A lamp to light our way, O Edison. warn Words by John Keating Music submitted by John Dent a ' ■ ■ ■ •• mmi 304

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