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- V Bow '54 t4 I 7 R' 7 Z filwfn If X cf M WWW? ffwwililf Mis225ffJ51ffff Q k aff ' 2 im U 5? QW A W 4 QQ 1 W U3 M ,A fif ' 1 3. 2:-62:11 WWA pafruxclo. BOP? Clmne, eonnucles clear, ancl join XX1-'ll raise a IIllQl1l'V cheer For the good old Alma Nlater, 'I o all ol us so dt-ar, lfor there is not one among ux lint loves her with his nnfglxt, Anfl alwavs zloes his hravest lan' the Blue anal Orange hrig ht LM TER Dear Beloved Alma Nlater We honor thy fair name, Anal as athletes and as students We'll earn you praise anal fame. On the football Held or diamond For thee shall praise resonntlz ln the classics hall of learning Shall he ownecl thy fair renown. All too fast the time tlrawx nearer School clays hehincl we'll leave: Then for thee clear Alma Nlntcr ln the after years we'll grieve! Always as a gentle mother, Our hearts to thee are true, As you teach us loyal frlenclslnp To the Orange ancl the Blue. Z px MW L . 04 THE gf AJ T W' M H av W 'A PROODLV DDESENTED ' BV mf. EDISONIAN .STAFF AND THE simmons OF ' WWWZ77 THONAS A. EDISON ELIVIIQA HEIGHTS NEW VOF-'liz WWWXYW .rf 3 3 BWQ x54 FOREWORD THIS is THE YEARBOOK of the Class of 1954. In the book we have tried to portray the happenings of our school this year through words and pictures. Since we live in a location whose winters are characterized by lack Frost portraits on the windowsg pudgy snowmen in the yardsg zestful toboggan and ski runs on nearby hills, and colorful parkas and boots dashing through the feathery snowsg we felt it would be most appropriate to choose the Far North as our theme. Now that our four years have ended at T. A. E. we must board our dog-sleds and with a crack of the whip, "lVlushl" as we charge on to new goals ahead. 4 g X . V x l- UF Nc V Q J 1 j ' V fx X f 1 if ,ff Lf, X Z' V x -m ix. gliunl vufllu' lg WS. X' 'S r .X A 3.1 55 'Q AND Jvmihell 'nl TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION . . 7 SENIORS . . 19 JUNIORS . . . 42 SOPHOMORES . . 47 FRESHMEN . . 51 JUNIOR HIGH . . 55 ACTIVITIES . . 69 MUSIC . . S1 SPORTS . . 89 6 4' BGARD GF EDUCATION lrfm' um'-Mrs, Yirgiuia l-ynoug'h. Mr. Harold 'l'uxx'11seml. Mr. Earl Riuchold. Mr. XYarrc11 Izlclrctt, Hr. Frank Cicci, lum' lim--f-Mx'. XX:1rrcn Slmll, Mr. Harry Hattcn, Mr. XY3l'1'0ll Klcflue. Mr. ,lx-ssc 'ltUHlL'l'l. Mr. I'mIL'y Stem-lc, Mr. Donald Gray. 8 DEDIC TIO To MR. CHARLES EASTERBROOK, who, as our constant guide and advisor, has made our four years here both happy and profitable. His patience and limitless efforts have enabled us to complete these high school years successfully. I am sure char when we look back on our high school years, he will play as big a part in our memories as he has in our high school career. SUPERINTENDENT MR. HARRY H. I-IATTEN To OUR FORWARD-LOOKING SUPERINTENDENT and friend, who has always had our interests at heart, we wish to express our appreciation. He has always been willing to give us helpful advice throughout our high school careers. THE PRINCIP L im ll? .lfxlilx If hm IXLXVAYS XVILLING TO GIVE a helping hand to someone in need is T. A. Efs ever faithful principal, Mr. lack R. Terry. Nfany hours of his busy days are devoted to students needing a word of encouragement, a reprimand for mis- cellaneous misdoings, or just a friendly chat. Most familiar to all students is his friendly and cheerful voice resounding over the loud speaker system each day. Maiiy times during the year, he transports students to college campuses for visitation trips. Also, he has made the arrangements for many bus trips to athletic events. Mr. Terry has been a friend to everyonerin the class of 1954 and certainly has not received the proper recognition for all his work. Thank you, Nlr. Terry. ll DEAN OF TUDENTS Miss CAROL L. KENDALL THE CLASS OF 1954 wishes to extend to Miss Kendall our sincere gratitude for her unending endeavors to see eacll one of us on our way to ll successful career. Q fy Wi!! FACULTY W lihfzv one--Mr. XYesley -lohnson, Mr. VI. .Xlbert Northrop, Mr. Thomas Guidus. Miss june Terry, Mr. 'l'hom:is Liheplick, Mr. Harold llnmhleton, Mr. Samuel Hiondolillo, Mr. Daniel Coletta. ICH-ze 1'zi'o-Mr. eharles lfasterbrook, Mr. Donald Backus, Mrs. Hetty -lones, Mr. David Cheplick, Mr. .loseph Sweeda. Mr. XYilliani Ilougherty. li'o:e llzrm'-Mrs. .Xlice Ciarbay, Mrs. Dorothy Pearson, Mr. 'I'homas Romano, Mrs. Rowena lfink. Mr. M'illiana Dwyer, Miss Selma Howard, Mr. Miendell Cleveland. lffm' fom'4Mrs. lilizabeth Riley. Mrs. lilorrine Stuart, Miss Lucille .'Xnderson, Mrs. listella Yohn, Mrs. lidna lilnngle, Mrs. lidna Yan Ornian. Miss Carol Kendall. ICH-ze ji-rt'-Mrs. Yirginia Lynough. Mrs. Esther Mielch, Mrs. Maxine Terry. Mr. ,lack R. Terry, Mr. Harry llatten. Mrs. H, Elizabeth Cross. WE'LL NEVER FORGET . . . Miss .-Xnderson . . . bringing tears to our eyes with her reading of The Ballad of the Harp-M1-aver. Mr. llackus . . . putting up with his eager?? little experimenters. Mr. Hiondolillo . . . with his boyish lpana grin. Mr. David Cheplick . . . for his dreamy collection of ties. Mr. Thomas Cheplick . . . for his unforgetable debut on TY. Mr. Cleveland . . . dashing madly, but going nowhere with his sheath of papers. Mr. Coletta . . . for being such a fresh air bend. Mr. Corwin . . . the fact that he is already married. Darn! Mrs. Cross . . , for those crazy noon-hour sessions in writing this book. Mr. Dougherty . . . always looking as though he had just stepped out of a band-bos.. Mr. Dumbleton . . . trying to put light in the Dark .-Xgss. Mr. Dwyer . . . for his mad dashes to XYest l'oint every weekend. Mr. liasterbrook . . . for that cute little tan smock he wears. Mrs. Fink . . . leading the "little sheep" to and from junior High every day. Mrs. Garbay . . . tooting around in her little tan wagon. Mr. Guidus . . . and his droll wit. Mr. Hatten . . . for his manly prowess as pitcher on the faculty softball team. Miss Howard . . . inincf ing along with her clickety-elackety shoes. Mr. Johnson . . . trying to balance the camp stamp fund. Mrs. .lones . . . saying, "Now girls, that simply does not match." Miss Kendall . . . with her Eureka Ambulance service for the weak. the wane, and the wild. Mrs. lilungle . . . losing the script for the Yearbook .iXssembly. Mr. Northrop . . . and his reducing exercises for that super '53 football team. Mrs. Pearson . . . stepping through the ceiling of School l. Mrs. Riley . . . dangling the dust cloth in our dreary little talkative faces at 3:30. Mr. Romano . . . as the permanent tenant in Hamburger Heaven. Mrs. Stuart . . . always talking some fumiy language and no one understanding her. Mr. Svveeda . . . and his moon-struck look every Friday at 3 230. Mr. Terry . . . consuming his gallons and gallons of milk. Miss Terry . . . as chairman of the date bureau for the Starlit Hall. Mrs, Yan Ornian . . . passing out pink pills for pale people. Nfrs. Yohn . . . saying, "Now girls, breathe from your fliapln'agm." 13 porxcpug Sol!! TAB all Jrhas cmd heaven, I 'Y-oo. be-dreeoo lm real Q eor-9 e l Domlez' VOU5 'CTOYDQQIS .. Hue ipggjnqk JALevw+ fjpe Wm ' M O IN APPRECIATION To Mrs. H. Elizabeth Cross . . . The Class of 1954 would like to say thanks for all the time and effort that she has put forth in our behalf. We truly appreciate all the little extra things that she has contributed to make our yearbook outstanding. To Mr. Joseph Sweeda . . . We wish to express our gratitude for the work and time which he has given to help make the Edisonian a financial success. To Miss Selma Howard . . . We wish to express our appreciation for her help and guidance that is so essential in making our yearbook outstanding artistically. To Mr. Jack R. Terry . . . We wish to express our appreciation for his work behind the scenes which has helped to make the 1954 Edisonian possible. In 15 EDITCRI L STAFF K l1'.1:1' uni'---XlartI1a ,'Xtki11so11,joyce Elllllllfk, Shirley Snyder, llryllis Kennon, Ida Mae Hottman, l':YL'lj'll XYoodard I-,mzv lzma-Rolaiiml l'q1Il'SlllCI', .Ioyce l'1l'l'ClJUl'll. -lanet Fl'ClltllX'l'fl, l'atrit'ia Hurt, Donald johnson. l'1'11:1' llzrm'-V-lJ:111iel Green, Nliss Selina Hoxvarcl, Mr. ,lost-pli Sweeda, Xlrs. H. lflizaheth Cross, Carl l'hillips. THE 1954 EDISONIAN STAFF lidilnr-ir:-t'l1i1'f . . janet l:I'0llill1Cl'1I , lfdilnr . . . .,.,, . . Ida Mae Hoffman lill.YllIl'.Y.f .lIul111g11'1' ..,........... . . . Daniel Green .Ytiijf .... Ricl1a1'd .'XllllX'l'2. -loan Heater, Marion l.ois Heath. Peter lXlCG11i1'k l.ilur11r'1' lfflilozzv ............, Iovce l':lllllllCli, Shirley Snyder .N'l11jl'?,le1'1'y lillllllldll. Robert Grange1', .loan SIIIUUQICII, Anne Haich, Henry Hughes., Shirley livans, ,lu ghllll toules, l'l'1illt'lS lhtllflllli. .ifmrlx lfflilur . . ..........1,... Donald ,lohnson Sfizjl'--lh-xto1'rl lngeriek, Rudy Novak, l"1'a11eis XYoidzik. l'il'ZillClS Phielix, Louis Brink, lit-r11ard Riel1a1'dso11, josepli lirovetcz, ,lark Keenan. l'I1olo51ruN1y litllftlllf ..,........ Carl l'hillips, Roland l:Ul'SUlL'l' Stull'-.lz111ire Hotchkiss, Margaret lit-Golyer, Duane 'llllUlll1i5, Hou'a1'd Stedge, john Sehiefen, Ronald Hawley, ,lack Heater. fil7't'llllIflHll lfdifnr' ............... Martha Atkinson .S'IunH'-Vicki llaldwin. ,loan Heater, Sandra Vl'eider, Rowena lidger, Betty Anderson, Margaret lleliolyer, .l2lllil't' Hotchkiss, Marlene Guthrie, Carol Hahle. Patricia Madden, Duane 'lillllIll2iS, Charles 111111-11, Gary VYI1iting, Ronald Kingsley. Floyd Seeley. Carolyn Haight. .lfl':'1'rli.ving1 ,llclzlflgfrr ............... Joyce Freeborn .Yifijf-Patricia Madden, Marilyn Nt'XK'!llH!l. lllarlene Guthrie, Carol Hahle, Betty .'xllKlQl'SUll. L':1rolyn Haight. Sandra XYeider, Vicki Baldwin, Rhoda Buchanan, joan Heater. .Irt lfdilor ......... l .... ..... l 'atricia Burt Smjf-,loa11 Smoogen, Donna Hower, joy M1tchell. Judy XVeigle, Salvin Strods, joyee Ryan, citllllllt' Moore, Fred XYHFITII, Nancy Budd. Barbara Fronko. Roxanna Schwab. 'I'-1'f1i11y .lli1nug11'r.v ........ . . . Evelyn Vlfoodard, Phyllis Kennon .S'tuf?'-Rlioda H11ehanan, Darla Siglin, Jean lionkol, Eleanor M:-1eBla11e. Ronald VYood. 16 EDISGNIAN STAFF li'ofze om'-Jo.-Xnne Cowles, Eleanor MaeBlane, Marion Lee, Martha Atkinson, Joyce lininiick, Shirley Snyder Nlarilyn Newman, Patricia Madden, Phyllis Kennon, Ida Mae Hoffman, Evelyn VVoodard, Sandra XYeider Joy Mitchell. lfufv ffm-l'atrieia Hurt, Rhoda Buchanan, Yicki Baldwin, Janice Hotchkiss. Carol Hable, Marlene Guthrie Ann Haich, Anna Rothehild. Judy Wleigle, Salvins Strods, Ronald Hawley. lion' tlmw'-Gal'y' XYhiting, Roxanne Schwab, Darla Siglin, ,-Xrlene Stanslield, Joan Srnoogen, Constance Kloorm Donna Hower, Margaret Defiolycr. Betty Anderson, Rexford lngeriek. lfozv Jour-Charles Minch, Francis Phielix, Rowena lidger, Barbara Terwilliger, Nancy llndd, liarbara lfronko Lois Reach, Bernard Richardson, Robert Nickerson. lx'o-rv fin'--,losepli lirovetcz, Joyce Freeborn, Joan Heater. Barbara VYeigle, Jean Konkol, Joyee Ryan, Janet lfrendherg, Shirley Evans, Jack Keenan, limi' .vi.r-l'lenry Hughes, Jerry Ranfield. Fred XYarren, Richard ,-Xniberg, Kenneth Mecnni. Floyd Seeley. li'n':i' .vrfwl-Howarcl Stedge. Robert Granger, Donald Johnson, Rudolph Novak, Ronald Kingsley, Louis Brink l.onis Calderelli, Roland Forstner, Mahlon Middangh, Duane Thomas. lroizi' z'f4tlfIf-i:l'3.llClS XVoidzik, Peter Melinirk, Jack Heater, Daniel Green, Carl Phillips. l Gojrew Jrogl Number pul-leese mg Qoga scoop Uewe mmll news' b Q, 'HWS t Some. SENIURS ff' ,A ,Duong 476 we H 54 1 8 A , . , 1, ,X ix? 4 1 if . HQ' , im ll 'ef k ai Qggf sf-'N IKW' , -ux,,g,,x Ex xx K ,f . ,. ,,,. , aw xwfk-4 45,-gliisiw A aff: lzi 'Q Esigiii sssfifgi fm: mgqisiiwcigigi fgfigu fmzmzzzasgfg- X mg? +ffwGf?f52f+" A 2 3':s.114+ff ..:sx..W .5 f rig iz lffiilf f 'lf iifffiff MYEZSE? 2335341 X M if s 'T' A sg 'F v no 2 H R Law 2 M s, .9 . , E, 4 A 3 X Qv-V L A.. gm wx MH xxx ig 'N ll!-ixm' Huailris "llu11k" ll'i.w und' willy . . . rz'r1'ym1u lmx 41 zvlnrlr uf fl lima fulzru l1'l'H1jv'.v urnmzd . . . ,lli.1'rd Cilmfr :mm . . ."1'N'y ymud, rmjv 1nmu'."' Sain-ty flllllllxil 13 Yuutb Cuuuty 4: NL-xvspapm' Club 41 liclisuuiau Stall 43 Starlit Hall Cununittcc l. 3, 43 .luuiur-Scuiur l'rnm Cmnuiittuc 33 VN'imIuw Painting .23 Spring Concert Cmuuiittcc l. 2, 3, 43 Candy Sales 3, SENIOR l'llx' Kkxxnx "Phil" Um' nf .llr.v. lx'ilv,x".f truimwf xml.: . . . n.w.v lzrr lulmzfx with Imnlcx up ul flu' llriyfhts ljlvrury Inu . . . usmzlly semi will: ldu .lluv . . . u Iyfvixl for flu' m'fv,vf'uln'1' . . . dinzfflvx . . . ulzvuyx .imili11g1. flu-crlcacliiig Club l, 21 llramatir Club 33 G. A. .'X, Z3 Library Counvil l, Z, 3, 4: Starlit Ball Q4UIllIllitfl'C l. 2, 3: Typing Managcr l':CliS1llliIill 4: Yuutb Cmuity 3: Newspaper Staff: Ycarbuuk .'XSSCllllJij'. S1 fl li'u.1'iv" .vnj?l'r.f .rfumfw uf flu' C'mn'h'.v 'Ix'lH'kllljl -m1Ir'11.vr.v in ffmllmll and fwmvllzlzgl . . . .wuz 'ZVIHI John Iwmtlwall 2, 3, 43 XX rustling l. Z. 3, 43 Track 3: Captain 43 Cliairmau Rc- frcslimcuts Varsity Club Dante 3, 4: RONALD lKiINliFl.l-IY ".S'fml:1:1l" furlc 'x r ful . . . julmxv .... v lnrjllin' .vadd.r .vlmrx . . . Wu! rruzy .vlxirtx . . . dri7'v.v Basketball Manager 13 Basketball ,l. Y. 2. 33 Yarsity Basketball 43 lluuble Male Quart tic lg Iimlisuuian Stall 4. ,JW ,llifxx liux K111. ".l1'11111'1'-l?1'll" 1,111.1 nj ,lllll ..., 1111115 . . . C. A. fl. 1'111l111s111.vl . . . lfa.rlsi11'1' 11111111 . . . 1f1z'1'1'.v11111".v 11111 . . . "H111'1' you l11'ar1i llllllllf lllj' 11f11'1'11fi1111? . . . Hails f7'l7I!l fllftlll. lfuuny Hunk l'1lUllIlL'C Conuuittee 23 lirlismiiaii Stat? 4: Newspaper Stan' 43 C.. .-X. .X. 2, 3, 4. RI.1x1z111x l.1i1: "'l'illi1"' 'l7zv1rl.v AI 1'l'1ISj' -z1'l111l1' l111111' . . . Iilljl- Ii.1'f1 'Zx',IlS .... v l1111'ti1' . . . L'lYX-X' fn k1111'zc' . . . 111'11f dr1'.v.v1'1' .... 1 1111111111 s1'11l . . . 11'111'k.v l1111'1i 111 .llf11'1't'.r. G. .-X. .-X. l, 2. S, 43 'l'n'irler 4: guagc Club 2. 3: U5llCl'S Club 43 Dra- matic Club: ,lunimir-Seniur Prom Com- nlittcc Cliairman 33 Starlit Ball Cum- mittcc 1, 2, 3, 43 H1nncr11mn Yitc l'rcsiclcut l, 2, jusl-11111 KRm'111'1'z "!n1"' .S'p111'fs , . . 1'y1'l11'11t1'5 . . . Tall, durlc and l1111'l11'l11r . . . P11111 H1111 .wal , . . .vlzyfff . . . fri1'1111'ly .... v fwvd d1'1111111? . . . "l.11fi11 111-z'1'1'."' . . . C'l111r11s girl l1'51.r. Baseball Z, 3, 43 Varsity Football 3, 4: Yarsity Club 3, 43 Language Club 2, 31 Edisonian Staff 43 Senior League Basketball Z, 3, 4, 1954 li1.1:.xN11R MM' BLANK "El" C'11d1'll111' 111111 1111111 . . . G1'11tt11 girl , . . 1111i1't?.' . . . l1l11sl11'x . . . 1111111 t1'1111!111's . . . s1'1'11 with J111111'f' . . . fr11'11dly . . . l.L'lltI.!' 14111. 11111111 . . .ll1'. C'l1"z'1'l1111d's liftlv l11'lf1'r. Starlit Ball Cunnnittcc l. 2, 31 Spring Cuncert Cunnnittee 33 Senior Play Cast: Newspaper Stall 41 lfclismiiaii Stal? 4. Ronrinr' "l.11l1l1y" Il'il1f Lllllllllll tr11i111'r . . . C111' Illllftfj' . . . "Fir-11" 1111111 . . . 7U1A1l1'11g1 11111111 . . . ".S'i11" . . . I1'11.r1' . . . Illll' nf !11l111- .v1111'J fr111'111'd s1'11l.v. Senior Play Orgaiiizatimi. PA1'1z11'1,x Muimix "1'111" l.1111ds nf fun . . . 11i1'1' lfl'1'S.Y1'l' . . . 1115511 . . . lIl'Zd'tIj'.V l11f1' . . . l1r11'111l1'.1 'Zi'If11 fl11' 11111111 l1l1'1' 11 l'I'1IUl1'tf .v1'111 . . . Izkus 11111s11' . . . l1l1'11.v111g1 p1'r.1111111l11y. Csliers Club 3. 41 Drainatn' Club 35 'l'u'irlii1g 43 Newspaper Club 43 Star- lit Hall C111111nittec 3. lll-L'I'liR Nl1'1i1'11c14 "l'1'l1"' lirzxxrrru N11-i1'1'x1 "lx'1'11" lXl,Xlll.llN Nllllll.Xl'1ill ".ll1'l" 1'1'1'11' 1'111 . . . .N'1111L'1'.vf11'111'1' . . . ':1'111111'11 l1111.v111'.v . . . 1-17111111 11-1115 . . . 1'111' 111111- ll'111'kx 111 1l11' f1'111f .v1111111 . . . 1111161 . . . l111f1f1y .v111il1' . , . 11111111' f1'11'1111.v 113' . . . lf1111111 .S'1111l1' . . , 11i1'1' 11111141111 . . . l111.v11111l x1111l1' . , . 11111-1'1111 . . . . . . "'l'111111 'l'11111" . . . 1'1l1' l1111111y . . . . . . 111y.v11'1'y 1111111 , . . 11111111 .v111111'111 11111'111'l111' . . . 1111'r1".v 1111.v1'1111'f 111 111'111 1l11' "l.i11111'l l1'111'1'-1-111111'1' 11.1 T. .l. lf." . . . f11'11j1'1'l11111 1111111 .... 1 1'1'11 111111111 dm, FW., H", ',' " ,-1 ff '. , Y, V Q . . . .811 lx11111111l11' . 111111 111111 111111. 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A4 ' " Q "H" ' ' ' "W H ""'H'm ' 1' Malurcttc 4: Ncwspapcr Llulm 4: lrl- Ll1cu1'ln-211111151 Llulw I, Z. 33 LI1uc1'l1'aclcr Varsity llumkcllmll 1,133 f, Y. l"1111t- plc 'l'ri11 -43 G. A. A. lg l':KllS11lllZill 23 IJ1'a111z1tir Club l, Z3 L,vSllL'l'S Club lmllg Yzuwity lf1111lh11ll 2, 3, 43 Iiuw- .Nrt Stall 43 Starlit Hall L'111u111i1tL'c 33 Starlii llall L-lllllllllllki' l. lg lfmli- Irall 2,1-lg l':1ptai11 l"1111tl1:1ll 'llL'2lIIl 43 l, 2, 3, -11 llall11wc'c11 l':1i11ti11g l, Z, 5111112111 Stall -11 -l1111i111'-SL-11i11r llftllll Varsity lllulm, 3, -1. L'11111111ittcc. 9".'f,G.5? Ill H...'!!'PlliHl 15' ws N ev Aff -L 'X S6716 assi M. Q 4 wi fi 33 l,lAl'Sllll' l'l.m'n Sli!-Il.liY "ll'm'm" lfirl 1mlwr.'.' . . , mr' lwulfly . . . mxy lu girl llllllljl will: . . . lfuxr . . . lukvx fun' nf flu' lrlrfk ll vf'1'1'4l llflllllll I 'um llu.vkiv.v . . ill 11 lylu":vr1lvr. l1I'2li'li Kl2lll2ljlk'I'Q Spving l4llllCk'I'l l NllK'l'. 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NQ'XK'S1JH1lL'f Staff 43 G. .-X. .-X. l, 2, 3. 4: 5l2iI'lll liall Lmnnllttcc l, 2: ladl- wnizm Stat? 4. SENIOR SlIlRI.liY Sxvnrik ",N'l11'rl" l'urliux will: llzv jllllljl . . . f'n'm'1n'1".f lllllllll1f1'l' . . . "lint I did ll flux way" . . . Hlllllllll' . . . lu-:nv IIIIIXII . . . mu' umzzljv Illllllllflfl' . . . fuwwmllilvx' flux . . . l'lHIlllX.Yt'lll' uf jim' a'm1nu'liml.v, LvSllL'l'S Clulw 3, 43 Class 'l'rcasurL'1' 4: l'klism1iz111 Cu-l.itc1'al'y lfflitur. l,llNAl.ll SMITH lfiyllllvall l'llI'll4'I' u.S'tll'lll f'Ul'lx't'f . . . fzmlllull nm' of lln' lm-vs .... v ings lik: fmlur Ivmr . l'l' uldv Sarffr . ymlvlvy . . . lllsrx lu ml . . . lazy. .lunior Varsity lfuntlmall Z: Yarsxx lfuutlmall 3, 43 llaskctluall 33 Traclx 4 Xiu.:-:Nui S'r,xNs1f1r31,1w "Ru Yum: Tvilh llurlu , . . Him' rm lylvx likr mmf . . . quivl al liz Cf I I I1 ffm llr S'll'llllS.Y'.Y lrrzirwcl Cl 'X 'X I 7 3- .. 'myh xml. 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Class Baskctball, Yollcyball, Baseball 1, Z3 F111-eig11 C11r1'usp11111lc11ts Club: S11pl111111111'c Dance CUlllIl1lttL'CI Dra- matics Club: lfsbcrs Club: Nuxvspzl- por Club: l':Cl1SO1llZi11 Staff. 41.1111 XX'111'1'1x1z uf-tlI'll.YI7u S,xx111a.x XY11c111:1c ".S'11111l-v" l-'11.1x1'1s XY11111z114 ' ?ig1l"1'11 " llm1I1'.1 f1'1'1'1111'ly . . . 1'1'11l 11ll1l1'f1' . . . 12111111 111111511 5111110 ill 11111111 f111'k11g11'.1 'lull . . , 11ln'11,1'.v 1'17:'111 111' 1'111' . . !11'111' llml lmj' .Ylllljl . . . likm' 11 1'1'1'l111'11 . . . NIXVX' I11 .1111 111111151 'zvilfz . . . lifv nf l11':'1'.v 111' .1 . . 111 'lk'0l'A'1'l . . , lllllllllll' . . . l.1'll1'1' Ill l.111'1'lI11 . . . N10 11f'f1'1' lmllx . . . likuf 311111111 .vl1'1111'-1' bulk . D' 1 1' 1' 'pta l,1'111l' 111 ff. II'. lf. C, . . . 111,17 uf 1111l1.' . . . d1'7'il1'.vl1, , , 5. Af '1 1-11 , , ffm Ill '4I'gHl, I, Y. l'l4111ll11lll. x'2il'Nllj' l'14lUlll2lll 2, 3, SllNlL'Ill Cs111111'il lg H. gX. .X. l, 2. S, gl iskctlwall 'arsity l:14UtllHll -15 bl. Y, llnskn-tl1:1ll, X':11xi1y llzukvt- 4: Starlit l3z1ll L1Ul1lIlllttk'i' l. Z. 3. -1: -, " .'tli1' -1' Yzirs' y Clulw l1:1ll 3, 4: Illlilfli 3, 43 X':11'sity Q-lllli 'l'11'i1'li11g' 3, 4: Cslwrs Cl11l1: Xcws- ' , 1 1111' ,ff 1.11. 5, , Ci - l'lk'Nl!li'lll 3. -1. lIlllCl' Clulmg lirlis1111iz111 Stall: lJ1'z1- z- , 1' C1 cc: You C1111 3 111:11i1' Clul1 lg l.2lll2ll2lflL' Lllllll Z. " , ! t' iss 'irc 'csicln 33 S 'I' I -1 l cws- . 1 1' ' 1l1 4: frliss111i:111 Stall: Ora- uric Cuutcs g SL'lllUl' Play 'z1st. IORS l """4 1954 lfx'1-i1.Yx XY111111.x1a11 "1f7"' .N'1'1'1'1'l111'y .S'11f11'1'1111' . . . gfmxv .fI1'1111ly . , . 11111 .v1111'l1' . . . g11'1'1'11 uyvx . . . . ., . .. f'1'111'111'.v lllllf 1'1'1'11111 1'11111f1l1'.1'11111 . . . ' ' l . - v WX'l"" llmm H 'mlm l'1'1'k-1' l'1'111111111 lvnfx II11' f11'f1 111 1.6115 ll'111'L'.v 111 l1'11.1".1 . . . 1'11.v,1' 111 kmm' . . . flux. l.'11x1' . .l, 1'i1111A1'.vll1,11' . . . 1111.1 :pf 11111 XCwSImm.l. gmt? 4: 'I-yljing Mmmgm. , I ',""?,,,"',il ff" ,i','I'l"'f'mfff" ' ' ' 111 l'.1l1s11111:111 43 l.1l11':11'y L0l'lIlL'll 2, 3, CH"-l 'H H 'll' I' H 'Nm' ' -1: Stnrlit Ball Cu111111ittcc 1,23 Xvlllltll Xl1lll2llll'l' I"1111tl1z1ll: llzualwtlmll 33 lil- Cuuuty R1-111'csc11t:1tiv0 .lg S1111111' lllay 1-111111111 Stull' 43 Nvx1's11:11:c1' Stuff 4. l11l1ll1llltL'L'. CAMERA SHY Lxxx L 1 x1x11x1zs lJ1',xx14: lIl'1111 lJ11x.x1.11 -l1111xsux LAST WILL A D TESTAME T RICHARD AMBERG-My choir robe CNo. 65 to anyone who can fill it. BETTY Lou ANDERSON-T0 Donna Stephens my ambition and ability to get to school on time. MARTHA ATKINSON-My 15 study halls a week to any unambitious underclassman. V ICKI BALDWIN-To George Townsend, my ability to talk in library without getting caught CI wouldn't wish dusty brains on anyonej . LOIS ANN BEACH-TO Larry Coon, one day of my life each year, at which time I will wash his car. CHARLES BEEMER-My ability to make out with girls from other schools like E. F. A. and H. H. S. LOUIS BRINK--The ability to stay alive to anyone out for football, and all the kids to Pat Burt. RHoDA BUCHANAN-To Jerry Smith the ability Mary Lou W. and I have of getting along with his brother and Ronnie West. PATRICIA BURT-T0 "Bucky" my share of "the little ones" in the coal yard and to any deserving underclassman my stool in Webb's between Gussie and Smoogen, providing they leave under ownupower. LoL'Is CALDARELLI-My moustache to Mr. Sweeda. SYLVIA CILENSEK-My athletic ability to Nancy Brewer. Jo .ANN COWLES--To Ann and Rochelle my ability to keep quiet in Library. QAIARGARET DEGOLYER-To Arnie Northrup a package of gum for everyday next year, because I wOn't be around to supply him. ELDON DEPL'E-My ability to wrestle and be a good sport to any Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior who needs it. ROWENA EDGER--T0 Jerry Bannister 1 night's sleep and l bottle of Serutan tfor that tired, worn-out feeling.J JOYCE EMRIICK-To Nancy Thayer the key to the piano in Choir. SHIRLEY EVANS-To Agatha Johnson two years supply of typing paper. ROBERT FINCH--To Mr. Easterbrook a couple of extra free periods to give the fellows in next year's shop classes a break. ROLAND FOERSTNER-My long locks to T. A. E. and go back to Germany with a "brush-cut." JOYCE FREEBORN-My saxophone to anyone who can pro- duce the squeaks and wrong notes it is used to. JANET FRENDBERG-To the school, one cleaned out locker. Never thought I'd make it did you Mert? ROBERT GRANGER-My second year of Physics to anyone who wants it, or needs it. DANIEL GREEN-My slightly wilted flowers, 1 octopus, and a plaque, containing a wise old saying, from my locker to Nancy Thayer. DANA GRIFFIN-TO Jerry Bannister my locker by the stairs. God help him. LIARLENE GUTHRIE--TO Suzie Zepp my ability to stay on the right side of the Gym teacher in her Senior year-Hmmm. ANN HAICH-My job taking care of choir robes to anyone in choir who wants it. CAROLYN HAIGHT-My Driver-training book to Carol Hable. RONALD HAWLEY-My wrestling tights to Floyd Stumpff. JACK HEATER-To Floyd Stumpff my elevation. JOAN HEATER-My selling ability to the Junior Class. IDA MAE HOFFBIAN-TO my sister, Bertie, my ability to stay out of trouble in study hall. Get a pass! JANICE HOTCIZIKISS-TO anyone who has courage to face everyone In the morning, taking the attendance slips around. DONNA HowER-To Dianne my ability to get to school on time. HENRY HUGHES-To Robert Kohan a long, long cigarette holder, so he can stay away from cigarettes. REXFORD INGERICK-T0 "Dumbo" Wheet a dummy to walk to school with. JACK KEENAN-To "Skinner" O'Herron, my ability to get hurt in every sport. PHYLLIS KENNON-My rockin' chair off the front porch to anyone who can beat me to it. RONALD KINGSLEY-My shoeshine kit in the locker room to Tom Stelmar to make money to buy his own cigarettes. JEAN KONKOL-To anyone who needs it the ability to get up late but get to school on time. JOSEPH KROVETCZ-T0 Dick Kendall my seat on the school bus that I could never get. LIARION LEE-To Mr. Biondolillo a clothes pin to be put to use by the future Science classes to counteract the mild aroma of his delightful rats. ELEANOR MACBLANE-To Janice Hotchkiss my ability to get ready for school in the morning. PATRICIA MADDEN-My twirling uniform to Judy Heuser. PETER MCGUIRK--To the custodian staff a large box con- taining editions of Silas Marner to use when starting fires on cold days. NIAHLON MIDDAUCH-To Don Smith a pack of gum. CHARLES MINCH-My health book to Jolmny Murphy, if he wants it. JOY MITCHRI.L-TO Nancy Budd my whistle and "Old Glory." ROBERT NICKERSON-My ability to speak Italian to Luigi. RUDOLPH NOVAK-TO Richard Vollgraf my place at Lefty's and a can of shoe polish. FRANCIS PHIELIX-TO Duck Kline my "gunning" position. CARL PHILLIPS-My track shoes to anyone who wants them. JOHN SCHIEFEN-My curly hair to "Stosh" Kohan. FLOYD SEELEY-TO John Wilson my dust cloth in Library. DONALD SMITH-My fifth year of high school to Tony Della Sala. JOAN SMOOGEN-TO Bob Gustin the first stool on the right in Bert Webb's. SHIRLEY SNYDER-My bottle of H20 to Joan Lepkowski. ARLENE STANSFIELD-T0 Janet my typing eraser. HOWARD STEDGE-TO anybody with a strong lip and large diaphragm my baritone. SALVIN STRODs-My Physics book to Manny Schreiber for his use in next year's class. BARBARA TERWILLIGER-My chauffeur "Uncle Joe" to the first request. ' DUANE THOMAS-My nickname to Duane Mills. PATRICIA WEAVER-My lack of ability to anyone as dumb as me. MARLENE WHITE-My solos in choir to Joan Lepkowski. GARY WHITING-My football nickname, the "Horse" to Leo Parcheski-our future fullback. SANDRA WIEDER-To Sonny Elias some liniment for a stiff neck caused when stretching it too much to read my notes in Study Hall. FRANCIS WOIDZIK-T0 Mrs. Riley-my overdue books. EVELYN WOODARD-To any future Secretarial Practice student the permanent record cards in the main ofhce. PROPHECY' HERE WE ARE IN THE YEAR 1964, and soon we will be to our destination, Lost Hope. This little village is where the Class of 1954 at T. A. E. now resides. You see, uranium was found nearby, so they all rushed up here to get their share of the wealth. As we enter the General Store, or The Trading Post, as it is better known, we see Danny Green, the home-spun philosopher talking to Peggy DeGolyer, who is sitting on the pickle barrel munching merrily away on the wares, and Arlene Stans- field who is sampling the latest shipment of crackers. Well, who is that going by on the town snowplow? Why, it is none other than Duane Hurd. He pushes snow from one side of the street to the other. Next we see a sign saying Whitee's Beautee Shoppee, where we find Marlene White check- ing the appointments for Robert Nickerson, a manicuristg Dana Griffin, the eyelash curlerg and Evelyn Woodward, the pedicurist. For relaxation, we will drop in the local dance hall, and there to greet us is the melodious voice of Cary Whiting-now the champion mush-caller of Lost Hope. The afternoon show is about to start. What a line of can-can girls! We easily recog- nize Carolyn Haight, Patricia Madden, Donna Hower, Martha Atkinson, Marilyn Newman, and Sandra Weider. Standing in the corner, eyeing ulivey-loc" Krovetcz, the local "light-on-da-tootsiesn, is Betty Lou Anderson, better known as "Dangerous Lou." Ierking the sodas behind the bar is Cussie and his side-kick, "Loonie-Louie" Calderelli. Beating out the ulceberg Blues" on the piano is Floyd Seeley paying no heed to the sign above him which reads, "Don't shoot the pianist-he's doing his best." We leave the dance hall and stroll down Beemer Road named in memory of Chuck Beemer who was fatally wounded while attempting to rob the collection plate at the town church where lack Keenan preaches. On our left we see De-bugging Bucky's Exterminating Agency. However, we will not be able to stop and greet Bucky and his co-worker, Rhoda Buchanan, as they are on the job at Marion Lee's Billiard Palace. Hating to miss seeing them, though, we hail one of Ioyce Emmickis "taxis" and travel to the Palace. As we enter we see many of our old associates, among them, Fran Phielix, Kenneth Mecum, Robert Finch, Rudy Novak, Don Iohnson, Rowena Edger, Pat Weaver and Eleanor MacBlane desperately trying to get out from behind the eight ball. Ioyce Freeborn is the one that sets up the balls. Sounds like fun! Under the tables we see Bucky and Rhoda scooping up the bugs. After saying "Hi" to Marion and all we leave and cross the street to the Ballet School. Here we see Don Smith, Fran Woidzik, and Chuck Minch patiently in- structing Ianet Prendberg's fifteen kids in the fine points of ballet. Now we shall take a trip through the residential section. On the right, we see the beautiful igloo of Carol Dieterle, the local morgue keeper. Next door we see Rex Ingerick trying to sell to the lady of the house, doilies, hand-crocheted by our 34 PROPHECY own Eldon DePue. Across the street we see Ianice Hotchkiss peddling her papers as she always did every morning at T.A.E. Further down we see LaVerne Brown and Phyllis Kennon repairing dog-sleds in their home workshop. "Watch outln, you nearly stepped into one of Patty Burt's man-traps. She's got them set all over Lost Hope. On the edge of town Henry Hughes has his kennels where he attempts to raise husky dogs. It's time to eat so back to the main drag we go. We hear lean Konkol has a snack bar in her cigar store. Maybe we can find some more about our classmates there. Did you say Lois Beach is out of town-the captain of a fishing fleet owned by Gene Kohan? Imagine thatl Whols that sitting in the booth there? Oh, yes, Ronald Wood, the sheriff and across from him is Shirley Evans, the deputy. They are trying to keep law and order in Lost Hope. Sitting in the corner booth are Marlene Guthrie and Carol Hable. We hear they're in business together. Carol runs a dress shop, and Marlene has charge of a has bar. Look, there's Pete McGuirk in the back room. What's he doing? Why, he's washing dishes, of all things! Carl Phillips is sitting in a booth with his usual deck of cards. We wonder whom he is trying to lure into a game this time. We then leave the cigar store and are on our way to the local factory which manufactures "who knows wharf, We see the blubber shop. On che window are painted the names Robert Granger and Mahlon Middaugh, who are the chief butchers. Here we are at the factory. We see Robert Latshaw in one of the most expensive sleds in Lost Hope. He's the president, you know. Chauffeuring him is his private secretary, Ida Mae Hoffman. On our way back toward the wrestling arena, we pass the school where Ann Haich teaches, the bank where Duane Thomas is president, and Barbara Terwilliger is teller, the blacksmith's shop, which is run by Darla Siglin, assisted by Ioy Mitchell on the bellows. Also we see Bernie Richardson's newspaper and a mission- ary society run by Iohn Schiefen, Roland Forstner, and Howard Stedge. Arriving at the arena, we see on the showcard the names of Bones Banheld and Slippery Sylvia Cilensek, the feature for tonight. D In that red, white and blue igloo next door, Dick Amberg is feverishly sorting mail for the Lost Hope Branch of Shears and Sawbuck-run by Ioanie Smoogen and Shirley Snyder, where you can get anything from lingerie to lawnmowers. Why are all the ladies rushing into that store across the street? Now we can see. Heater 56 Heater Inc. are having their annual clearance of refrigerators-the one necessity for every iglool ' Here comes Lynn Cummings, the official iceberg watcher tearing madly down the street, warning us that a big ubergl' is approaching. Hearing this news, we hop on our dog-sled and start for civilization again. , . 35 Hall of Fame Amfmf 1.fA,f-fy iff .Slrt'H'1'zf . . .Wuxi f.iUl1I'lt'0I1.Y 190m Jfrlxl fm' Cjillix' . ,U r1,r I I7rf1r'1lrl'nf1ff ,limi V f'1A, v .mh- ,U f1,v I.S'11f7l1l.Yli1'1IIf lfzlgtgrxl 12-zlf f'r' .v . .Hoyt .Alllwfvlir .11 f1.v 1 Sym! ffff my Hwy! xfa fury -11 Iuyru lillllllifk l7.mivl CSITCII Ijillflklil Burr Rulallul IIOUSIIICI' IJIICI l:l'L'lllHK'I'g lJ.lIlll'l Cmml Iuycc lillllllifk IL'l'l'y Bnnfiulcl juan Snmogcn Clnrx' XVl1iting Nl.1l'tl1n Ixlliilhllll lack Kk'k'llllll Vicki Pmlclwixm Wvillvlll' Hi7Q'kt'l11H!'tlllgl1I Sylvia C .IIL'llM'l-i Cil1ill'll'S IXIinrlm Ann Hun-11 Iolm Sk'l1iL'l,t'Il Innrt l:l'L'IllHTL'l'f,: Pctcr lx ICG1lil'k Hall of Fame lint DLI7lCC'15 Hc'.VIlNY1I!I1I'l'll . .llfur 1l'll'L'zI!f'll 11011 f1l11n'mm1tf'1l Qzrirtzzvi .lfrul Timirf . .Yiz'4'.vtSn'1ifc' . Dimpfw . lVizm-xr , . SOI1g1ll'2'l1l.Y . Ioan SIIIOOQCII Rolucrt Nlclqursoll Sylvia Cilcnsck Louis Brink Iran Kunkel lil'LlllL'lS Vlflcnlclzik Ivy lX'liLclu'll Cflmrlcs Bvrlllcl' lmln Nlnc l-lollxunu Riclmnlxl AllllDClAg Carol Dicrcrlc Dunne Tlmoums Klnrimm Lcc Chuck lX'li11cl1 lllwllis K1-nnon Dunn Grillln lX'I1ll'lL'llL' Guthrie Boll Gustin Peggy D4-Qolycr Cmrv xxfrlllflllv . U SE IOR CLASS HI TURY As oliii IUAIAINIM. school days draw to a close and the Class of '54 is faced with the problem of "what now?", we can look back with pride and satisfaction on four wonderful and profitable years in T. A. fi. Wlit'ii we were Freshmen our class was organized under the capable sponsorship of Nfr. Charles Easter- brook and with the following class officers: President, Daniel Green: Vice-President, Nfargaret Decolyerg Sec- retary, l.ois Beach: and Treasurer. Sylvia Cilensek. To introduce ourselves to T.A. an assembly was held featuring the l7reshmen and their talents. Our first nioney-making venture was selling subscriptions to the Heights Review. This year was a good start toward our goal--to become a part of the Orange and Blue. By the time we were Sophomores we had gained our foothold in T. A. ff. We began the year with a successful Halloween party, where once more our class talent was witnessed and enjoyed by all. Also about that time we presented a Thanksgiving program. The theme was "Comparing the Pilgrims of Yesterday to People of Today." One of our larger projects was the "Funnybook l5lounce." This "twirp" dance was co-sponsored by the l5reslamen-Sophomore classes and based on comic book characters. Then in Iune, our aniuial class picnic was held at Enfield Glen. Our very able class officers Qpres- ident, Peter lWcGuirkg Vice-President, Charles Niinch, Secretary, Carolyn Haight, and Treasurer, Dana Grifhnj helped us conclude another successful year. XVe had then conquered another step toward our eventual goal. Our Innior year was full of money-making projects. VVe had a very successful niagazine subscription cam- paign and also sold refreshments at football and basket- ball games and at wrestling matches. All our hard work was rewarded when we held the Iunior-Senior Prom and Banquet. The theme was "Holland" and our Pres- ident, Daniel Green, was master of ceremonies. The other officers for the year were: Vice-President, Francis Wcniclzikq Secretary, Shirley Evans, and Treasurer, Carolyn Haight. Wlieii our eagerly awaited class rings arrived in bday we felt like full-fledged "Edisonites." The Seniors were our hosts at the anruial Iunior-Senior picnic at Enfield Glen. Between our junior and Senior years we began to realize that pretty soon we would have to leave the familiar halls of our Alma Nlater. We began to make plans for our future and started to work a little harder than ever before. This year, as Seniors, we elected the following class ofhcersz President, Iohn Schiefeng Vice-President, Ioyce Emmickg Secretary, Patricia Burtg and Treasurer, Shirley Snyder. Once again money-making projects were neces- sary. We sold candy at Christmas. and presented in April the stirring drama "Death Takes a Holiday." VVe found ourselves busy selecting announcements and ordering our caps and gowns. Now we know we have reached our goal--we have become a P1111 of Edison. However, we couldn't have done all this without the guidance and understanding of our verv able sponsor, Mr. Charles E. Easterbrook. Looking back, the Class of '54 knows that these have been four vears well spent and ones to be remembered. SICN ION fl..-XSS Olfl"lL'liRS l'ri'.i'i1ii'iil . . john Seliiefen l'iii'-l'l'i'A'fll'i'lIl . ,lnyce lfnunick .S'i'rrrlury . . . Patricia Hurt 'l'i'i'ti.riu'er . . Shirley Snyder WHAT I'LL MISS MOST RICHIARK QMBERG-Everything in and about dear old BETTY LOU ANDERSON--Being a go-between to Dorothy Urkewich and Doug Wise. MARTHA ATKINSON-Howard Stedge bringing me some- thing to eat 4th period when I'm so hungry. VICKI BALDWIN-Gym class with Sylvia and the trampo- line and Chemistry lab with Mert and those crazy experiments. JERRY BANFIELD-All the happy little people in room 23 4th period who listen to my jokes. I.oIs BEACH-My four wonderful years at T. A. E., plus the faculty, the gang, mixed choir, and the games. CHARLES BEELIER-All the teachers and kids at T. A. E. and Ronnie Kingsley. Louis BRINK-J3Ck'S Billiard Academy at noon hours. RHODA BUCHANAN-Public speaking, Lois, and all the kids and Mrs. Cross in Secretarial Practice Class. PATRICIA BURT-All the fun, the classes, the tests, Art and Secretarial Practice, the games, and all the gang, but mostly the security that comes with High School and Joyce Freeborn's scissors. Lows CALDARELLI-Playing La Mor a fa more cultured wop game using the five digits of one handj between periods with "Nick," SYLVIA CILENsEK-Gym class, Mr. Guidus's study hall all the games, all the kids. JO ANN CowLEs-Exciting football and basketball games. MARGARET DE GOLYER-Cheerleading, and our wonderful football and basketball games. T. A. E. and Faculty? eh . ELDON DEPUE-Wrestling meets and practice with Mr. Cheplick, track practice with Mr. Guidus, also Coach shouting at me to "get up and hit him again" in foot- ball. RowENA EDCER-Trying to blow up the lab Wednesday nights after school. JOYCE EMMICK-The music department, our wonderful faculty, and all the old gang. SHIRLEY EN'.ANS-MTS. Riley and all the girls in Library Council, and all the fun in Chemistry lab. ROLAND FOERSTNER-The girls from Homeroom l9. ROBERT FINCH-The friendly atmosphere around T. A. E. JOYCE FREEBORN-MTS. Stuart making Latin alive fafter all vou know Latin is a dead languagej JANET FRENDBERG-Pajama parties with the gang-Sylvia, Pat, Mert, Joyce, and Joan. ROBERT GRANGER-NOON hour table tennis with Mr. Guidus. DANIEL GREEN-MF. Backus sneaking by me and a certain somebody first thing every morning and afternoon and telling us that the warning bell has rung. DANA GRIFFIN-The boys at Erwaysg the girls at Rays. IMARLENE GUTHRIE-Trying to beat the tardy bell to class. CAROL HABLE-Singing and shouting on the bus going to the games. ANN HAICH-The zany kids in the Latin III class and the parties we have every Once in a while. CAROLINE HAIGHT-Driver Training. RONALD HAWLEY-Miss Howard's Mech. I Class. JACK HEATER-Mr. Sweeda yelling to me about my twin sister. JOAN HEATER-Gym class and exciting basketball games and Mr. Dwyer's Social Studies Class. IDA MAE HOFFMAN-Mrs. Cross, the kids in Secretarial Practice class and going to the games with Phil. JANICE HOTCHKISS-EICHHOT MacBlane waking me up at 8:00 every morning to get me ready for school. DONNA HOWER-Skipping classes and then not having anything to do the rest of the period. HENRY HUGHES-Miss Howard's serious "Mechanical Drawing classes." OIC 39 REXFORD INCERICK-Sports, and all my friends and teachers. JACK KEENAN-Choir and all the kids and the fun we had. PHYLLIS KENNON-MTS. Cross and the kids in Secretar- ial Practice class, also Ida Mae. RONALD K1NosLEY-Sports, music, and all the teachers, kids, and sleeping in 4th period study hall. JEAN KONKOL-Gym class and the jokes Marlene and Sylvia told. JOSEPH KROVETCZ-Taking my time getting dressed for practice and hearing coach in the locker room telling the boys to hurry up. MARION LEE1MT. Biondolillo and our many talks. Choir and accompanying the Girls Chorus and Marilyn Newman. ELEANOR MACBLANE-Mrs. CrOss's Secretarial Practice class, Shorthand II class, and Transcription class. PETER MCGUIRK-I'll miss Ace Parker calling Fran Woidzik big Fwan. PATRICIA MADDEN-All the laughs, arguments and fun that goes with school. KENNETH MECLTLI-D0lHg nothing in Room 21. MAHLON MIDDAUCH-Five extra minutes of sleep. CHARLES MINCH-SDOTIS and study halls. JOY MITCIIELL-PUSSY footin' around the hall, and our wonderful coach who we can always turn to with our minor problems. MARILYN NEWMAN-Butterfiies before Algebra, Mr. Guidus, "Oh, that pudding l" My friends and just everything. ROBERT NICKERSON-The privilege of getting the girls mad at me. RUBY. NOVAK-SPOYIS, choir, and a certain Sophomore girl. FRANCIS PHIELIX-Sandra's jokes, the ones she wouldn't tell me. CARL PHILLIPS-Football practice after school and shop class. JOHN SCHIEFEN-Playing Ping Pong with Dumbo Sth periods. FLOYD SEELEY-Mr. Guidus trying to catch me going to my locker. DARLA SIGLIN-Secretarial Practice class, Mrs. Cross and going to the games with the girls. DONELD SMITH-3 230 Friday afternoons, sports, and "The oys.', JOAN SMOOGEN-Cheerleading, football games. basketball in G. A. A., the kids, p.j. parties and Bob Gustin's jokes. CVVhat a clever dog.J SHIRLEY SNYDER-Hank's jokes in Physics class. ARLENE STANSFIELD-Those announcements over the P. A. System that comes booming in when you least expect them. HOWARD STEDGE-MT. Terry greeting us on the P. A. System every morning. BARBARA TERWILLICER--My buddies: Coach and Joe. DUANE TITOINIAS-MT. Guidus in Study Hall. PATRICIA VVEAVER-Having to bring tardy slips every day. MARLENE WHITE-Monday mornings, the long home- room period, Mrs. Yohn having me sight read most of the time. GARY XVHITING-Playing sports with the gang and singing. SANDRA WIEDER-Running through the halls and getting 'a new hair style from inexperienced hairdressers. FRANCIS WOIDZIK-ThOSC crazy new football uniforms. EVELYN WOODARD-MIS. Cross and her talks about "Art", the kids in Secretarial Practice class, and all the good times. PET RICIIARD AMEERG-Getting up and coming to school. MARTHA ATKINSON-Sharing a locker with that "neat" Janet F rendberg for two years. I VICKI BALDWIN-R0l3Hd "Snappy" Foerstner-he's al- ways snapping his fingers at me and telling me to "Shut up!" JERRY BANI-'IELD-Fatty Patty's ability to put her foot in her mouth. LOIS A. BEACII-NOK being able to come out on top in a "discussion" with Mr. Dwyer when I disagree with his philosophies on life. CHARLES BEENIER-People who don't introduce me to pretty girls in the lower classes. LOUIS DE ALTON BRINK-PCODIC asking me if De Alton is part of my real name. RIIODA BUCHANAN-Nosey people who persistenly stand in front of my locker by Room Zl. Not mentioning any names, of course. PATRICIA BLIRT-People who insist I'm getting fat- honestly, what's S00 lbs. more or less, mostly more. Louis CALDARELLI--Heights girls. SYLVIA CILENsI-:K-People who don't get dressed for gym class. Jo ANN COwLEs-Watching Jan eat spaghetti and getting laryngitis before a choir performance. MARGARET DE GOLYER-PCOPlC that think they know everything, and everyone else's business, too. ELDON DEPUE-Martha Atkinson pulling the shade down in study hall when Bucky and I are enjoying Qsleep- ing inl the sunlight. ROWENA EDGER-People fSandra Weiderb turning on the gas jets in in peaCe.D JOYCE EMMICK-That abominable gum cracking habit that makes the background music in study hall. SIIIRLEY EvANs-People who have a high opinion of themselves. ROBERT FINCII-Sitting in Study Hall watching the beautiful days for hunting go by. ROLAND FOI-:RsTNER-Girls that are always teasing me. CBut I love itlJ JOYCE FREEBORN-PCODlC who seem to delight in making bicycle blockades across the street. JANET FRENDBERG-PCODIC who complain about T.A. E. I'd like to see a better school! Also, people who are so dag-nabbed right! ROBERT GRA NOER-The crooked politicians at the drinking fountain. Girls!! DANIEL GREEN-Somebody scufiing up the toes on a pair of shoes five minutes after coming into school after spending half an hour shining them. LIARLENE Gl'TIiRIE-TC3Cl1EfS yelling at you for a simple thing like talking. ANN HAICH-Ronnie Kingsley always waving to me when I'm at the piano in choir. CAROLYN HAIGIIT-Mr. Guidus' whistle. CAROL HAELE-The new hair fads with golden streaks. RONALD HAWLEY-LeVerne Brown and Oscar Hunt throwing papers at each other in second period study hall. JACK HEATER-My sister ruining my life for me. JOAN HEATER--The High School ohice calling up every morning and afternoon to see why I'm absent. the lab when I'm around. CMay I rest PEEVES ole 40 IDA MAE HCJFFMAN-BOOk reports and Mr. Guidus' cur- rent events. JANICE HOTCHKISS-Boys who bleach their hair, how about lt Gussie and Dana? Also, Monday momings. DONNA HOWER-MY. Terry following me around from room to room. HENRY Hocus-Kids that are too good to laugh at, my corny jokes. REXFORD INGERICK-Jancie always teasing me. JACK KEENAN-GiflS reaching all the way up to muss up my hair. PHYLLIS KENNON-PCOPIC who wrestle in the hall. RONALD KINGSLEY-PCOplC who walk on the shine on my shoes. JEAN KONKOL-Dana Griffin and being called "Kinkle". JOSEPH KRovETCz-The trackmen who use up all the warm water in the showers. IWARION LEE-People who aren't satisfied with knowing and taking care of their own affairs. Also, not being able to go to my locker after 3rd period. ELEANOR MACBLANE-Book reports-people who use you for their own benefit. PATRICIA MADDEN-Running to school every morning, yet failing to arrive on time. ' PETER MCQUIRK-Henry Hughes' corny jokes. MAIILON MIDDAUGH-Girls who talk in study hall. CHARLES MINCH-TOUY always crying in the locker room. JOY MITCHELL-TWiflCfS not being recognized in school affairs. MARILYN NEWMAN-Boys putting my sneakers down the H20 drains. RUDOLPH NOVAK-Not having enough test tubes in Lab. FRANCIS PIIIELIX-iiWOmCU????? l l" CARL PII1LI.IPs-Last football game with Waverly and not being able to get books between periods. BERNARD RICHARDSON-Gail DeGolyer. JOHN SCHIEI-'EN-Fran Woidzik calling me "Little John". FLOYD SI-:ELEY-People who think they are better than Others Monday mornings. DARI.A SIGLIN-MY. Romano's devilish grin when he is thinking about a surprise! ll test. DONALD SMITH-Monday mornings. JOAN SMOOGEN-Trying to find a place to cheer at away games. SHIRLEY SNYDER-Gum snappers in study hall 2nd period. ARLENE STANSEIELD-Gum crackers. SALVIN STRODS-Macbeth. BARBARA TERWILLIOER-Bob Nickerson. DUANE THOMAS-People with an "I am right and the world is wrong" attitude. PATRICIA WEAVER-Ronnie Kingsley pounding me up about a dozen times a day. MARLENE WHITE-Monday mornings, the long homeroom period, and Mrs. Yohn having me sight read most of the time. GARY WHITING-Girls who.are always asking me for gum, with me never havmg any. SANDRA WIEDER-"Red" tuming off the gas jets when I'm trying to gas her. FRANCIS WOIDZIK-Fire drills without any fires. EVELYN WOODARD-People who stand in the middle of the hall and won't move one way or the other. if MS ky it " fl 1 XJ" K f 'X ,- . V 1, fx , . In 'Q f A pfv 3' f Fw ' W Wi., X, V. .lv ' Y I,,,,:f,H . ' ,g 1352512 4 - Q ' X 1 , - ' ..ff' --pgcfsw' I, 2 , , , K - I . 1 'I . 4 , 4 f 'J-r.- ..,, 9 Qgizi J Y A w" I b A-'I I I M .-EMG g -A 1 1 ,., , ,,-s x'.- gill 1 Y V 5 ' 7 A ' F if .gl if, kfg , ' m --'-'o ,, 3 ' kb-H1 if 7 "' . 9- CYC 0 flv 3 , Q, ' I 1 X 'Q R -1 ,ay funsfe, b dba ? Marr .,,', 1,4 '. EA i 1 . -. W F H 2' , 'H ,1 n I lr + was mm I-mg have xklh fhe wed dance?" ljuiretcla, Buy: '54, hlhew--W--W! Lune. forms 0+ Hne leff IVOIP3 lSY1'+ COYYNY73 up in dead +59 world 4 UNIOR CLASS l'n Inn' mir: run' um'-'fl4:zlx'ix1 llurris. XYillizm1 l'if'l11rr fwfr: fum' um'fL-utllvrilu' klnwlllicll, Slmrnnl llrzult, Iiwgvr Young, fill'llIl Srllh-rl1t. Ilmlglacrty. Mary Ilch-11 XYIIQ-zmnl. lwzvlzm -luzm NlvN:un:u':n. K lurk ll:u'1'1f.XUr1n:m 'WH I-Wfl-"IN NTNTI1- l'1'lUHl IXUUINIU- Hill!!! lfrivkwn, I.:u'ry llnnm, Ruin-1'l Yun Hurmlfnm, 5W35l"' 'Vim' 5W'-"VNU -XHWTWTU' 5l'U'5UNk lhnlznhl Yun fl2l1lNIlk't'k. Mm'-""'1' :X"W'k- lx'fm' llirrr-l.zu'1'y Stull, lizxvid Huwlzxmlcxt l 14 Inn' l'lll'x'4',' run' nm' Sums A-pp, llfvmtlly Num- . - ' ' , . . V - - v . . N15-."' NH" lN'1'llNlU'.I"-U1 l""W'- l'u'l111'u ,lmn'.' mm' ffliu--Iuyu' I.:ul11xx', Ihum A I- I- ' NIH-X lull XX-miml Kidrml Ruhr llzalwv. film-in SIZIIIIUH. Nlziriem I'l1illi1vf. Sullv ...f .w . 1 ' . z N. . . ' - . ' . l'- -r, 11. -lwlm f,lll'I'l'1lH, liuln-rt lxulkulku. Rtlllllhl Mr- LU W Xlilln-11, .lzum-N 'I'1mwlxm'l'. Aluyrc Ryzm. lx'fm' l'zw!Hu'cl'Iy Ilnvix. Niillfj' 'l'lmycr. llium .-Xnlcw. -luyru Novak. .Nun Rutlwllihl, Klzxrtllzl Yzxln-gn. -I-1 In UNIOR CLASS I iffllll' HlI1'.' :wiv mn'-.'Xl1tl1u11y Della Sala, .Xrxlulcl Nurtln'up, licorgu lXlCG1':4i11, john Murplly. val' lzwi,lcr1'y Bzulnistcr, Huwarcl Page, Tlumlaf Stclnmr. Rulmcrt Spiraxvk, Rohcrt Dwyer. I 1'rIurl' flzrvv: ffm' nm'-Hal'1'ict rl-l'llIlllllC, Tllclma Smith, .Xlclcan Curtiss. lwzv fm'-Gcurgc 'l11lXYllSL'Illl. limmanucl Sclmrivhcr, Riclmzml licmlall, Rifharcl Yollgraf, liclwarcl L.2lIlllllJL'll, l?I'Cll Baker, lfclwarcl Hall. l'iff11rv lim: nm' nm'-julnl XYilsnn, Runzllrl Clar- pcntcr, XN'illiz1m Ncuhcr. lffrzu f'Ix'0?Cl1l'tlS Cllamburs, Ruhcrt Marsh Yuustuu Sekclla. Oscar lluut. lluuzllrl NYz1tsm1. Tlmxllzls Nyhcck, Ilonalcl Hctrick, LlllZll'lC5 XYcir, l'irI1m' four: mn' mzv-Gclnlcl Smith, l.2lx'0I'llt' Hl'UVk'll, Douglas XYisc. Run' lim-Davicl BFOXYII, Davirl Gilhcrt, Xylllllllll XYise, Ralph XVarcl. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY As IOLLY IUNIORS, our class had a prosperous and happy year. To begin with, we raised enough money during our Sophomore year to purchase a popcorn machine and a hot-dog machine. This added equipment helped us to raise more money for our Iunior-Senior Banquet. Besides selling candy, popcorn, and pop at football and basketball games, we co-sponsored a Fashion Show and had an enjoyable class party. -During the year we purchased class rings, which will remind us of our good old T. A. E. in the years to come. Naturally the highlight of the year will be the Iunior-Senior Banquet at the Nlark Twain Hotel May 29. As our yearbook goes to press, we are debating whether or not to have a uname band." No matter what type of band we have, we know that our Prom will go down in the annals of history as one of the best. JUNIOR CL.-XSS OFFICERS I'rrxific11t . . . Suzanne Zepp I 'ii'v-Prv.fi1Im1t- Robert Dwyer .S'rrr'finry .... Joyce Ryan Trmzsiwvr . . jerry Coon .46 X X S X N. X QR OPHOMORE GIRL nur- -Slrarlm lima-ry, Gail L-Ullll, XYinifrcml Garmlncr, llarlcnc llulrlmarcl, ,luyfu XYuml, ,lumly XXI-iglc. Nancy lll'L'xrcr.,l1l4ly fylll'lCll, .'Xnm'ttc llilclinc, Gram' Park, Mary Smith, lfrancvs Sllllllllll, Mary Kurclyl. Patricia I'aul, Sllirlcy 'llll0I!ll7SUll. lim--llvmtaluw- Mmrrc, llianm- llmvcr. juan lfurrcst, Mary lhmaluu-, -Icnuic lJuYall, Y gollilfllll llcwitt, Nancy .Xml-s, llmma llall, Marilyn liolv. -loan l.asl1iw, liluanor Sm- l arrla, Rulwrta Stn-clgv, lfayc Sharc, lictty lilinc. l11r'l'v-.lznlricv lfm'ln-s, -lam-t l.uml. Hctty l'upc. Sharon Yautinc, Marjuric XYisc. lh-vcrly l'amplxcll, -lanivv Rcislwck. .Ngatlla julmusun, ,Ianicc llirrl. llnmua Stcplwns, .loan XYilliams. fmn'ilJm'utl1y L'l'lu-wivll, Rutll l.atsl1aw, Sonia l'latku, Daria liossack, -luycc Urn-cn, llfmna liingsln-y, Mary ,Mun Kiarhay, Karen lXloH'att, ,Iunu Crain, :Xlicc Richer. jim'-lbnmtllv Urrlwav, lin-vcrlv Hull, Geraldine liisvr, Barbara Platt. liarlmara XN'ciglc, Xlarlvm- Cilcxmvsuk, hlibilll l.cpkmx"ski. .ri.r-Gcralrlim- l'iZilVl'L', Nancy Staclmmrski. L 48 SOPHOMORE BOYS lx'n-Iv um'-joe Murphy, Robert lirmold, Thomas Meagher, Dale Pease, .Xlhert Elias, blames XYoughter, Norman Stuart. David Delornie, Kent Thomas, Glenn Knott, Boris liozielski, XYilliam Zelko. lx'rf-ri' I-tori-Cyril Meehan, james Hoobler, Richard Phillips. Bryan Bailey, Richard Shaw, Rohn-rt Gregory, Bruce liiehorn. Stuart Pease, Steven Staviski, Melvyn Siglin. lfnfv !lz1'm'iMark Bantield, l.arry Simpson, Norman Copp. Charles Rlangus, Leo Parcheski Robert Mueeigrosso, Clark Heuser, Larry Topping, Donald Belknap, Rollin Sherman. lfnfu ,fmzrh-Carl Proper, Paul Smith, Fred XYaren, james VVeiss, Garth Rumsmoke, Don Burdick. llruce Miller. Paul Y, Smith. lfmi' jim'-XYilliai11 xYlliICIIl3ll, jack Burdick, Harry Yontz, David Haskins, Delmar Price. lrnzi' .vi.r-Richard XYheet. Todd Rachel, Duane Mills. l 49 WJl'll0MORli Ul7l"lL'liRS l'w'.'.rirlm1I . Robert Xliiecigmsso I :rv-l'r'v.virii'1lf,luzul l.epkou'ski Nm'1'i'trir'y . . . 4 Llvuuie Moore OPHOMORE HI TORY Wl'l'lI ONE YEAR of experience behind us, the sophomore class under the friendly, capable guidance of Mr. Biondolillo was determined to make this year more successful than the first. During the first semester we sponsored a bake sale. weekly pizza sales, and a movie benefit, QO. Henry's Full Housej. Because the first semester was so successful, we were determined to make the second semester as profitable by selling cards. We are looking forward to sponsoring the Autograph Dance near the end of the vear and we hope it will be as successful as our other activities. rm.nm'r . . . Larry Topping 1 -X ki V RU ,jf N ,NUM , J fi Fuuyf CN In CWM AXJ ,' K J WLL Qwsluy L, 'dj Vw K if X Kffwix I ,bp hfx gf C.. XM fs ' ro 6 WU A V f AQ MU W QL Y ' R W I j fl Md Mu VV yy MTM U Wk V Q QU . Q Q h Kp WW A mv A nk U f, '.', Ld....'1- x54 jdvf .1 K ff U X f K 7 . , f if M D315 W FRE ,b .ff f ff " Q a Q fr Jr rr fi Cf f fb K f J K r f UVA A0 N JM fx mv UII1'--:XIZll'y .XIIIIC Hcvurly, .XHIIC Chasv, Glenda licisur, Sllirlcy Iiunyak, Mary blanc Morris, ,lam-I lfulcgruvc, Ilmma I'.ilIl'll, Nancy L'arpcntcr, Carol Huggy, Yirginia Yauglm. frl'L'lL'llCI1 l.iSl0ll, Susiv Upari!, Ruclwllc Mmrcry. lwzv lfwf-llclcll Mmvury, Raclmol frClll1VOSC, -luyfc llzxllrnck, Javquclyn NYarrl, Mary 'l'Ium1p- mn, IJ1-lures Iiusluski, jane Scrivcn, Gcrtruclc .-Xlcxamlcr. joanm- Vuclxusic, Lorraine Yun Rapacki, Iiarhara Hates. Phyllis Slmnnon, Judy Grctvhcll. lx fn' flmw'-liulmilv 'IQlllll'IltUll, Sandra Phillims, Roberta H4bf1.lllHIl, Vatrivia Ruckfonl, Barbara . l RUhillSUll, Katlxlccn .Xckn-rman, Sandra Miller, Rnxannc Schwab. Carlcnc l'aig'c. fx m' fnur---Shirlcy' Strung, Claudette XYcst. Uunna Shcdlock, Nanry l.alfurcc, lfstlwr Phiclix. Nancy Iludcl, -luycc Himicrlitcr, Barbara Ogerslmk, Kay lfcntmm. I rin'fi'I'1'7I:2ll'hIlI'1l lfrmmkn, ,Ivan Watson. Carol Dunbar. Nancy lilfmml. ,loan Huyt. Sally I fllllklill, Hcvurly Truxnp, Gail IDL-Gulycr, Maxine Price, .-Xnnc Ruse flnrzyfki. V - J s 1 J , i I ' , 1 ' , 3 2 5 ' 7 T5 1 ' " ' 9 I J 'f , I 1 A by va . ,-' I 1 X L 5.2 FRESHMAN BOYS lrn-rv one-.-Xrtliur McGrain, Kenneth Forsythe, Dayton Knox, William Treat, Richard Sag- inario, Rudy Parker, Larry Zumehak, Paul Mineh, Gerald Andrews, Robert NVeleh, XYillian1 Meagher. Rott' two-Gerald Stanslield, Gordon Bjorck, Roger VViek, Floyd Stumpf, Edward Rounds, Donald Blide, Edward Edger, XYilliam Stone, William VVatson, Charles Saxbury. Rwzu thrm'-Timothy Buckley, Grant Nash, Neal Mettler, jack Moody, jay Palmer, Ronald Kline, Charles Page, Ted Kozemko, Gary Pisall, Lynn Wvood. lfwzv four-Raymond Kelly, Charlie Hackett, Richard DeGolyer, Richard Crain, Samuel Bogart. Boyd Thomas, Dean Ramsey. jack Kohan, Charles Gormley. Rim' fiw-Allen Caywood, John Kelsey, Donald LaBarr, VVilliam Vosburgh, John Kohan, Rim' sir-George Knapp. Mike Kohan, Herman Hatten, Herbert Hatten, Russell Miller, 53 'xlffflll , . .liuftlull lljuffli i l.'.' 'l'n'.viili'11I . . Kay lfeutuu s. i'r.'lur-v . . t'hai'lie l lat-ken I f.u1.c1n'.v- , . Carol Huge FRESHMAN CLASS HI TORY THE l5R15sHM1iN held their first class meeting in September. At the meeting. officers were elected. Gordon Bjorek was elected presidentg Kathryn Fenton, vice-president: Charlie Hackett, secretaryg and Carol Hugg, treasurer. These officers have been working hard in order to make this year a "red-letter" year. The first activitv for the freshmen was the Christmas holly sale. The class really co- operated in making this a success. We discovered some outstanding salesmen in Barbara Yronko, Nancy LaForce, Helen Mowery, and Phvllis Shannon, April was a busy month with the annual Freshman Dance being held in the gym. Through the excellent help of some capable committees, this affair was really outstanding. As the class of YS7 closes its first year in high school, it is more determined than ever to make the next three years more outstanding than ever. l-'Rl-'4llfXl'XN kl,.-X55 Ol' l'IL lzlib 54 5 Q 'ix 'Y f dad I E. 5 EIGHTH GRADE GIRL lihm' um'-Rita Sclmlect, janice .-Xmeigli, Rosemarie Pasiecki, Sandra Sclirock, Nancy Steele Unlleen Bennett, Sandra Gilbert. Patricia Kurclyl, Linda Danks, Patricia Culcgruve .Klan Tuwnscncl, Rosemarie Rieclerer, Fay Blakey. lfnqt' Iwn-ju Ann l.urenzini, Yalerie Cnlegrnve, Barbara Vlfeigle, Carleen Hewitt, Nancy Young, Nancy Marsli, joan Yanclerpool, Nancy Tressler, Arlene Piasecki, jean lirway lfllen Malloy, Beverly Atkinson. lime llmfc-Marletta Pike, Glenna Sykes, Beverly Faivre, Sandra VVinnick, juan XVatacl1 Mary Hanger, Mary Lani Blirle. Sharon VVoudruff, Rosalie Miscnraca, Patricia Miller Margaret Pallaclino. lfmv fnurhl.eota Slirnut, Gloria Barr, janet Peterson, Ruth Georgia, Betty jean Folk Barbara lliclclle, Carol Kendall, Patricia Garbay, Prnclence Kosnialer, Betty Hill, Mm' jim'-Patricia wYllCk't. Kathleen lfspey, Marlene Gnnsliaw, lfllen Cook, Uelnres Hendrix jcnnita VVilcox, Gail Hawley. Mm' .rim-Mary jane Topping, Barbara Olney, Nancy Gartliwaite. Lois Hurd. janet Stans- tielrl, Luis Nacca. Str EIGHTH GRADE BUYS Row mic-James Coles, jack Wise, Thomas Feshoh, Oliver Kendall, john Fesetch. Lance Parker, Richard Snyder, Gordon Shafer, Vance Parker, Edward Kennon. Edgar Hutch- inson, Robert Brewer, VVilliam Schrock. Frank Hungerford. Row ffm-David Crowley, Robert Yolgraf, Robert Stanbro. Nelson Murphy, Timothy Dacey, Ronald Schleclt, VYillis Parks, Harold Ames, Harold Brink. lx'o':v llzrm'-Robert Novick. Gerald Stoll, VVayne Newman, Richard XN'ise, David Crum, Laverne Spencer, Richard Shook, Bruce Riker, Everett Bennett. Charles Hovencamp, Gary Kingsley. Rum' fum'-Thomas Burdick, Robert Butts, Vincent Kadlec, Bill Kroczynski, Arnold Pabis. XYalter Ermold, Shawn Northrop. Ronald Henry, Michael Dwyer. Ron' jim'-Jolni Lutes, Steve Snsch, Robert Rosplock, Richard Van Brunt. Fred Folks. Iron' six-Neal Mettler, Douglas Hartson, Robert Kohan, Thomas Price, Gary Doane, Dean Campbell. 57 SEVENTH GRADE GIRLS lvwzi' um'--Snfan lfoster, lflizaheth Meagher, Martha DePue, jean Haynes. Diane Gormley Virginia Yon Rayaeki. Sandra Klnfonnell, Mary Hartsoek, Donna Smith, ,lumly lilehert Sylvia Cieei, .Xnna l'lung'erforcl. lvwzi' f'Zx'1I-.'Xl'lCllL' Koehler. Carol Pease. Patricia liiehorn, Helen Saxhury, Patience Lockarml Donna finstin, Sherry Harris, Nancy Gihhs, Sue Walcott, Rosalyn Kay, Rolmerta Hollenheek lfnzv fllrm'-Harhara Orclway. Patricia Pierson, Sharon l.atshaw. Mary Honyak, Elaine Rath- hun. l'lliZHiN.'ill .-Xlpert. Susan Chase, Sylvia XYalton, Barbara NYataeli, Yiolet Madison 'loan Phillips. lfirzv fum'-Patricia NYest. Marjorie XYilson, ,lucly Sykes, Helen liossaek, Carol Rockwell Marlene Gilhert, ,loan Pine. joan Haynes, juclith Tohash, Catherine Kelsey. li'n'z.' ji-tu'-.-Xliee Caniphell. ,lohanne McClelland. ,lean Resavage, Sally lngeriek, Evelyn Frend- herg. -llllil' livans, Sylvia Brown, lfwzc .vi.r-Clara Kent, Betty Hartyell. .lean Getehell. 58 EVE TH GR DE BOYS Rum' om'-Stuart Reynolds, Dennis Grey, Gerald Comfort, William Erickson, XYade Smith, Lyle Materne. Thomas jones, Dale VVatts, David Angrove, Lyman Cokely, Theodore Herbert, Grover Goodwin, james Bright. Rim' ffm-Peter Lucarelli, Daniel Brown, Richard Ackerman, Robert Bonyak, Gail Malloy, ,lohn Simons, Alan Ramsey, Norman Geiser, Raymond johnson. james Brown, Ramon jaynes. Rim'itl1rrr-NYiktor Kozielski, john Roy, George Bennett, john Puehosic, l.awrenee XYestbrook, Gary Malloy, David johnson, Thomas Henry, Norman Snyder, George Thompson, Robert Manwaring. Iron' fU1l!"-,IHIIIQS Depew, james Towner, VVilliam Guthrie, XValter Lund, XVeldon Campbell. Richard Seeley. Ralph Robinson, Neal Palmer, Jack Burdick. Robert Parker. ICH-rv jim'-XYillis Shutt, Glenn Bly, Charles Harris, Ronald Ruckle. 59 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL To MR. WENDEL1. C1.EvEi.,xNu, the students would like to extend their sincere appreciation for his friendly, helpful guidance as a teacher. He also spends a great deal of time and effort on his duties as principal of the Iunior High School. His altruistic advice has helped many of us face more confidently the step into the beginning of our high school careers. Because of his understand- ing and patience we will never forget his efforts on our part. UNIGR HIGH GIRLS CHORU J lfnzv mu'-Sanclra Gilbert. ,loan Yanclerpuul, Lincla llanks. Carol Rnekwell, ,lanet gXmy. latty L'nlegrm'e, Patricia liurclyl. Iillen Malloy, Elaine Ratlihun, Sharon Latsliaxy. Susan Chase, Unnna fiustin, .Inan Pliillips Rusalyn Kay. .-Xlair 'I'mx'iise1icl, Rosemarie Reclerer, ,lean Haynes. Sandra Klefmiiiell. Faye Blakey, 'lllflj' lilelmert. Irv-ze I-mr-l'!arlia1'a lYeigle. Beverly Atkinson, .lucly Sykes, Helen Kussaek, Mary linnyak, -Inanne Lnrenxini, Marlene Gilbert, Rosemarie Pasielski. Sandra Sllrnek. Nancy Steele. Patricia Pierson, .-Xrlene Piasecki, Sliarnn XYllUtll'Ull, -lean lfrway, Cullnen Bennett, Mary Lou filicle. ,Imran XYataeli, ,luhanne Xleflellanrl. ,Iuan I'ine, Carol l'ease. Irv-ze llzrrc-Rutli Georgia, -leanita XYilcnx. Gail Hawley, Glenna Sykes. Valerie Culegruve, l'at Miller, Patricia liarhay. ffarul lienclall, Nancy Marsh, Klarletta Pike, .lean Resayage. Sally lngeriek, Carleen Hewitt. filnria llarr, Sandra XYinniek, Nancy Huger. l'ru4lenee Krrnialer, Betty Hill. lfnzu fum'--Nlary -lane Tuplmiiig. Barbara Olney. Luis H'n'cl. Nancy flarthwaite. Patricia lYlieet. Clara Kent, Kathleen lispey, Marlene Gunsliaw, Sylvia Rrmyli, Ellen Crunk. .Inne lfvans. lielnres Henrlrix. Nanry Marsh, I lfvelyn l5i'emllverg. lietty Hartzell, .lean Geteliell, -lanet Peterson. Gllzrs' CHoizL:s is one of the largest clubs in the Iunior High Sclmol. fvleniherslnp cunsisrs of girls wlm .ire interested in singing for enjoyment. VVe have Pnrticipntenl in the Christmas Assembly and are wrwlcixig on .1 Pl'0gl'21Il1 for the Iunior High Orientation Day Assembly. Klrs. Yolin anal Nlr. Corwin, our directors, have introclucecl us to four part harmony. and other worthwhile singing during this after-school hour club. 61 JU ICR HIGH BOYS GLEE CLUB li'o-ri' um'+Rieliarrl Snyder, Yeruou Suyrlur, liavirl .'Xngrove, Norman Geiser, john Roy, lfclwarml Kenuoll. Iron' lzuo-liverett llenuett, Gary Kingsley. XXX-lcloli Campbell, Richard Seeley. Rnhert Parker, Robert Manwariug, Daniel Brown. lion' llm'i'-joliu Lutes, Clary Doane, james 'l'ou'ut-r. David Crum, XX'alter Lund, Bruce Ryker. Till: Boys Guan CLUB consists of Ll small group of lmovs who meet evcrv Thursday afternoon. Nlrs. Yohn, our director, has taught us to worlc elfectivelv for and with others in our group. We hope through our experiences to gain a lasting enjovment of good music. We took part in the Christmas Assembly for the Iunior High, and are looking forward to our part in the Iunior High Orientation Dav Asscmblv and with working with our new director, Nlr. Corwin. 62 s- 'T UNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Iron' one-Nancy Steele, Marlene Gilbert, Mary Bonyak, Nancy Gibbs. Rott' Iwo-Patricia Miller, Margaret Palladino, Arlene Piasecki. Kofi' three-l.ois Hurd, Glenna Sykes. lfotu four-VVillis Shutt. THE MEMBERSHIP of Student Council is made up of two elected representatives from each homeroom of lunior High. lvleeting night is Thursday at 3:30. The president is Patricia Miller, and the secretary is Lois Hurd. In the first semester Max'y Bonyak was elected vice-president. Arlene Piasecki succeeded her in the second semester. Mrs. Fink acts as sponsor. The council has served in several ways: selected members for Student Patrolg had charge of sales of Red Feather Cam Stam s in unior I-Ii hg co-s onsored two uCl1I'HCu dances, brou ht before the Urou and facult , P ,P . g P , .g , rs A P Y questions from pupils about certain problems, and worked with the faculty in sponsoring a paid assembly. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT PATROL Row our-VVilliam Kroczynski, Delores Hendricks, Nancy Tressler, Gail Hawley, Edward Kennon. Rott' tim-Steven Suscli, Vincent Kadlec, Gerald Stoll, john Lutes. THE STUDENT PATROL is a service organization whose purpose is to promote hail order and safety. ln order that this may be done, eight students are chosen from the student body by the student council with approval of the club sponsor. Patrol members serve for a term of ten weeks. ln order to carry out its work of supervision the patrol members are stationed at strategic places in the corridor or on the stairs. Patrol membership is one of the highest honors that may be won in our school, for it is a position of great trust and responsibility. 63 JUNIOR HIGH SERVICE CLUB lihmi min-Marla-imc Hilbert. Sandra Gilbert. Nancy Trussler, Elaine Ratlibnn, lflizalwtll .Xlpt-rt, llianc fiormlcy, Rose llflarit' Rieclerer. li'u-iv lim'-iiail Hawley, Gloria Barr, Beverly lfaivre, Marjorie XYilson, Carline llcnitt, Nzulry Marsh. li'wz.' llirri'-Gary liiiufslcy, ,lolin l.utcs. Tin. ILTNIOR Hiczii Slnuicti. Cl lin. sponsored bv Miss Anal:-rson, clocs various jobs for thc tcnclicrs mul stuclcnts of T. A. li. lunior Higli. Soma- of tlu-sc things are clcsigning bulletin boards for bolitlnvs, and nmlcing posters for club functions. Tlit- club also alt-signs postcrs for commnnitv and scliool activities. Tlic supplv room is also ltcpt in orilcr by tlu' Clnb. For fun :incl cntcrtannmcnt, tht- club bus Parties throughout tlic year. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS 61:1 Eg LQ...-r Wm., . -- WW... f.-WN. . M,... ,.., . . -,w....T. 1533311 Yalcric Colegrovu, llarbara XXX-igle, Mary Bonyak, Marlene Gilbert. Beverly .Xtkinson, Xlarlcnc Gunsliaw. 114 JUNIOR HIGH LIBRARY COUNCIL Rott' ont'-Sue Anne Wolcott, Sandra Gilbert, Sherry Harris, Susan Chase. Catherine Kelsey. Rita Schlick, Mary Margaret Hartsock. Rott' two-Nancy Marsh, Barbara VVeigle, Valerie Colegrove, Arlene Piasecki, Colleen Bennett, joan XYatach, Helen Kossack. Rott' flzrm'-Cathleen Espey, Marlene Gunshaw. Glenna Sykes, Carlene Hewitt, Betty Hill, judith Tobash. Judy Sykes. Rott' four-HPatricia XYheat, Clara Kent, jean Savage, jean Ketchell. TI-IE LIBRARY COUNCIL is one of the most needed and worthwhile service clubs of the school. This year the Club is made up of twenty girls from the 7th and 8th grades. Due to the increasing number of books and greater circulation, our Library Council meets as two groups on two nights after school. Members of the Council perform many duties: Keep shelves in order, check circulation, mend books and magazines, arrange displays and bulletin boards, and also help select material for the picture Hle. Membership is limited to those willing to give time and take responsibility. The Council is not only a service group. Members have had parties and have sponsored a dime dance for the Iunior High School. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE CLUB Rott' ant'-Slierry Harris, Robert Bonyak, Lyle Materne, Susan Foster, Sandra McConnell, james Bright. Rott' r-:vo-David johnson, john Puchosic, Mary Bonyak. Nancy Tressler, Arlene Koehler. Rott' tlzrcv-Gordon Shafer, jo :Xnn McClellan, Stephen Susch, James Towner, Marjorie lYilson. Nancy Young. THE SCIENCE CLUB tries to acquaint its members with the wonders of science and to build up their desire to get to l-:now the world around them. This year we have studied about moths, birds, bees, butterflies, the solar system and the wonders of air and air-flight. We have experimented in the laboratory, and have heard descriptions of personal hobbies from members of the club. 65 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL NEWSPAPER CLUB lffm' vm'-l.ylu Matcrnc, A-Xllcn Ramsay, Raymond jaynes, ,lean Haynes, Virginia Von Rapacki, Mary llartsnck, Anna Hungerford, blames Bright. lx'w-rv tim--In .Xnn llhillips, Rnhcrt liunyak, Dunna Gnstin, Arlene Kon-liler, Sherry Harris, Rnszilyn Kay. lx'ff-zt' lflffm'-l'illt'l1 Malloy, Carol Rockwell, Catherine Kclsey, Susan Cliasc, Robert lXl2l.llVV2ll'lllg. lx'ff':v fuuriklary jam- Topping, ,lurly Sykes, jznnes Tuwiier, joan Haynes. lfnru jiri'-Mr. Ilonglicrty. TIM- IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Ncwspnpcr Clnh was organized this ycnr with ciglitccxi int-inhn-rs. lNl:n'v Bnnyak is Eclitor and loam Phillips is Assistant Editor. The Club publishes thc lnnior High Light which 3lPpL'Lll'S in unch edition of tht- high st-lnml Light Bulb. 66 JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Rott' mn'--Joan Phillips, Sandra Gilbert, Sherry Harris, Sue VVolcott, Rosalind Kay, Rosemarie Riederer, Susan Foster, Nancy Gibbs, jean Haynes, Virginia Von Rapacki, Sandra McConnell, Mary Hartsock, Donna Smith, Anna Hungerford, Ron' Iwo-Ellen Malloy, .Ioan VYatach, Catherine Kelsey, Joan Haynes, Joan Pine. Carol Pease, Sylvia VValton, Barbara VVatach, Susan Chase, Helen Saxbury, Patricia Eichorn, Donna Gustin, Arlene Koehler. Ron' fhrn'-Sharon Vlfoodrunf, Janice Aineigh, Sharon Latshaw, Margaret Palladino, Patricia Miller, Arlene Piasecki, Patricia Pierson, jo Ann Lorenzine, Helen Kossack, Judy Sykes. Run' four-Prudence Kosmaler, Patricia Garbay, Jean Resavage, ,Iohanne McClelland, Betty Hill, Sandra VVinnick, Mary Hoger, Nancy Marsh. Ruta' firm-Delores Hendrix, Leota Shrount, Evelyn Frendberg, Glenna Sykes, Valerie Colegrove, Carleen Hewitt, Alice Ingerick. Rim' si.r-Mary jane Topping, Barbara Olney, Lois Hurd, Kathleen Espey, Clara Kent, June Evans. THE IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Girls Athletic Association meets every Friday afternoon from 3:30 to 4215. The purpose of this organization is to develop sportsmanship and create an understanding of the various sports. Any Iunior High School girl may join G. A. A. merely by attending the meetings regularly. This organization is sponsored by Miss Iune Terry. 67 fUNIOR HIGH BOYS ATHLETIC ASSCCIATION li'o-rt' om'-lidxvarcl liennon, lfdgar Hutcheson, Robert Brewer, XYillian1 Sehoek, Frank Hungerford, David An- grove. llennis Grey. ,lohn Simons, Gail Malloy, Gerald Comfort. Norman fleiser, NYade Smith. Grover Goodwin, Thomas Herbert. ltim' Irvnvjaiiies Coles, joel NYise, Harold Brink, Richard Snyder, Vance Parker. Robert Bonyak, Robert Man- naring, Riehard .'Xekerman, Danny Brown, Peter Luearelli, Vernon Snyder, Xvillil-1111 lfriekson. Iron' lliwv-.tXr1iie Pabis, VYeldon Campbell, VValter Iam l, Ralph Robinson. David Crowley, Robert Yollraf, Richard Seeley, Ronald Sehleet, Shawn Northrop, TIIKIIIIEIS Feshoh, .lohn lfeseteh. Iron' four-Bruce Riker. XYayne Newman, David Crum, l.aYerne Spencer, XYilliam Krazinski. james Towner, XYilli:un Guthrie. Riehard Shook, Richard VYise. Iron' firm'-Yiiieeiit Kadlee, Glenn Bly, Richard Yan Brunt, Thomas Burdick, james IJePexv, Ronald Rnekle. Note .vi.r-VVilliam Bennett, Gary Doane, Robert Rohan. Nutt' .t1'7'i'lI-hir. ffolelta. Tina BOYS ATHi.E'riC CLUB has had a very successful year. VVith such a wonderful turnout, they have had successful leagues. First of the leagues to be formed was the "Touch Football League" composed of six teams. Next was the Basketball League with the same teams and captains and league standings: "Touch Football League" Basketball League Team Captain Team Captain 1. Sharks .,,..t,,......,..,,t ,,.,t V incent Kadlee 1. Sharks ...A ,,,,,. X 'incent Kadlee z. Tigers .......,..,,,................. David Crowley 2. Tigers ..,...,... ..,,, .,,, D a vid Crowley 3. Panthers, VVildcats-tied for 3rd 3. WllClCLlfS ..,,.,,,......ttt,t,,,.,,,,, David Crum A, .. .. ,,.,, ..,, R obert Kohan, David Crum 4. Pole Cats. Panthers-tied for 4th 4. Rams ..,,.,,......,.............. Thomas Burdick ,..., ....,, W ayne Newman. Robert Kohan 5. Pole Cats ,.,...,...,,.....t,. Waytie Newman 5. Rams ...,..,.........,..t.ttt,t,, Thomas Burdick With a good turn out for wrestling, the wrestling period will be lengthened to give the boys a good opportunity to learn the fundamentals and tactics of wrestling. The squad will later be divided into two teams. One team will represent Mr. Cheplick and the other hir. Coletta. Some of the promising wrestlers we have out now are: Donald Hill, lvlichael Dwyer. David Angrove, Iohn Simons, and Edward Kennon. 68 Q xx, XXX cus ER K wsu HWS XXX TX Swbnn S umm QMe.cxdm9 -gov Cx Yxoig ww Ache STUDENT COUNCIL .Yvatvff-Suzaiiiie Zepp, janet Frendberg. Francis XVoidzik. Anthony Della Sala, Barbara Fronko, M r. Dwyer. Sfrirzdiligf-Daiwa Griflin. John Sehiefen, Daniel Green, Anne Rothchild, Marion Phillips, Barbara Ogershok, Gordon Bjorck, XYilliam VVhitehead, Robert Muceigrosso. Fred Xlfarren, Dovva Hall, XYilliam Stone, President . . . Francis Woidzik Vice-President . . . . Suzanne Zepp Corresponding Secretary . . Ianet Frendberg Recording Secretary . . . . Barbara Fronko Treasurer . . . . Anthony Della Sala EARLY IN THE FALL OF 1953, the members of the Student Council began their busy year by selling football programs at the games. Monday, October 26, I953, left its mark in the heart of each Student Council member because on this day, at a special assembly program, each member was installed into the Student Council. With the new year came new plans. A skating party was sponsored by the Student Council on Monday, March 1, 1954. It was a splendid success and the proceeds were used to help provide for the future needs of the school. The 1953-54 Student Council of Thomas A. Edison High School, has worked hard and has proven its loyalty to its school. The Student Council's purpose was to make its school an even better school, and each member can freely feel that that purpose has been fully achieved. 71 frflftl , I"1f1lf-lr . . Iyllkl' l.l1Vi'lllt'7'lQ rlltfzl . . . 1511117613 Sftvlbrlllll' . . l,IAHIll'XJ uf .Yan Lum . . lilmm f.'f'.w1n'f1 . Ma SENIOR ,S'vuIrd-Rulmcl't flI'1illgCl', -loy Klitclwll. Rluulzl Hucluman, ,lzmct l'Nl'ClNllJL'l'j.f. '1 .51ftll1lI'llljl-L421l'l Vllillips, l"ran- cis Xlbiclzik llzumy lll't'l'lI, llCI'. llcxfurcl lngcricli. DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY lw ALBERTO CASELLA . Annc l-lniclx . Carl Phillips . Dania-l Cru-cn lam-r l:l'L'lllllDL'lAg lflcunox' lNlg1cBla111c Rlxmln Buclmngm . Roland l:OI'SIIlL'l' Rlwrln I:L'Ilf0H . . lfriz' FFIIYIUI - . Corrado . . . . . Grazia .... . , 7 Roland lfurstncr. latriciu Hurt, lflcaum' Maclilanc. PL-ter Mciluirk. Charles Bcunwr, .-Xunc Haicll. lflcanor Maclllallvs, Pctcr MC- Guirk, -lanct l71'e11cllw1'g, Charles liccmcr. .-Xnuc Huich, l"1t1'iL'i'1 Burt RUl'lllil lforst- f K . 1 lx'fm' nm'--I uscplm li ruvctcx, lylitflflll XX czlvcr. lmla Rlav llull'mzu1,,lorry Hzmhclcl, l.lllS llcuvll, -larynx' l:l'k'L'lNll'Il. lx'n'zv f'Zs'H--.llbllll Scllivfcn, llurlzl Siglin. .'Xrlc-no Stansficlrl, llvury l'lugl1cs, .lack l'lCIllCI'. Mzlriun Luc, Peggy llcllulyw, lx'w'zu flzrm'-l3c1'11zlx'll RiCl1u1'cl- sun. Phyllis liclnuu1. . llatriciu Burt Clmrlus BL'L'IllL'l' Rolucrt CEITIIIQCI' Ioy lX'lltcl1cll ffiy Sl'Fl'Hl' ffigbllcfxx, Ilflllfl' Si2'.l'1. of lyllzllllrl xllcwarzzlrz' . . l'ctL'1' lwlclluirk .lflnjor lVbl!I't'1II1 .... l:l'LlIlClS Vllolclzlk CHEERLE DI G CLUB lx'u-ri' UII4'---lllizlll Snioogen, Barbara Kingsley, Betty Kline, Antoinette Spirawk. Carol Hable, Margaret lleliolyer. Iron' Iwi-Roberta Steclge, Constance Moore, Sally Pet:rson, -lean Lasliiw, Roxanne Schwab, lileanor Sue Parcla. Rim' llirvi'-Rlarleiie Gunsliaw, Valerie Colegrove, Barbara Xlveigle, Marlene Gilbert, Beverly .-Xtkinson, Mary lionyak. Iron' fum'-l.incla Danks. lfllen Malloy, Rochelle Mowery, Raeliel Genovese, Carol Hugg, jutly VYeigle. -lacqueline Ward. 1x'w:i'fi:'vfGziil lbeflolyer, Barbara Olney. Barbara Ogerslioek. XYinifrecl Gardner, Sally lngeriek. Prcfsidwzt . . . Peggy DeGolyer Vice-Prcsidmit . . Connie lVIoo1'e Sl'l'fC'l'fl7'y . . . Betty Kline Trmslnez' . . Eleanor Sue Pardu CLUB started out its yearly activities by sponsoring a "Back to School" dance wliicli was very successful. We also put on pep assemblies for football and basketball games. lkiembersliip in the club is limited to thirty members per year, selected eacli spring following cheerleading tryouts. Regular meetings are scheduled for Tuesdays wlien all members must attend. One of the major tasks of our club is to pick new members and select T. A. Efs Varsity and lay Vee clieerleaclers. VVC would also like to extend our tlianks and appreciation for tlie work and cooperation that lvfiss Terry gave to all of us. --a I-J VARSITY CHEERLEADERS -lnzm Sxmmgull, Iimmnic Kingsley, Betty Klint. .'Xntuim-ttc Spirzux'k, Czmrl Ilahic, Peggy IJuGuIyc1'. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Rubcrta Stcrlgc, Cmlstallcc Mum'c, Sally Pctcrsml. ,lean I.asluiw, Ruxzmna Schwab, ICICPUIOI' Sue Parcla. 74 U HERS CLUB -..--H 4--Q-A """""""' ,...,......-...a-M-W -1-f--" .a.-.-.M-W 'ie-'Wt ,.....n--H-A-W-r"'7"'L -T A ,. ..,...,,...0...-H--My-0'--' ..t.-y-JA--Q-eM""1'-"'r M,...,,..,...W i1'1fz1'1u11'-jailice Hotchkiss, Marian Lee, Sandra VVeider, jo ixllll Cowles, joy Mitchell, Marlene XYhite, ,loan Hl'UXYlli'. Marjorie Novak. Harriet Tl'lllHlJlC. l1'.1:1' f'IA'lV-ljlilllla Hower, Rhoda BllCll21ll8ll, ixllll Haich, Dorothy Rumsey. ,lo xxllll Kingsley, Gloria Statiton, .-Xntoinette Spirawk, Patricia Madden. I1'1m' !11r1'r-Sl1irley Snyder, Patricia Burt, joan Smoogen, Martha .'Xtkinso11, Barbara Kingsley, ,lean l.asl1iw, Vicki Baldwin. lrfm' flilll'-lil!-HIC Ames. Shirley Evans, Sylvia Cilensik, Faith Sxreitzer, joan McNamara, Xlarion Phillips, Barbara Terwilliger. Ofiicers this Vear were: Presidmt . . .... Ianet Frendberg Vice-Pre.sia'ent.v . . Vicki Badwin, Shirley Snyder Secretary . . . . . . . Patricia Burt Treasurer . . Dorothy Rumsey THIS YEAR the Ushers' Cl11b has really begun to function. This club is mainly a service Ol'Q,flI1lZ1lIl0l1, but we have found a place tor loads of good times! The club'5 Hrst project was to establish an information desk in tl1e main hall. There is alwavs a Uirl there . . . , . 1 D , to help anyone who IS a stranger to T. A. E. xvltll the begintung of Night School, there was CVCII a girl at the desk in the evenings. The club has also ushered for all assemblies and many other special functions in- cluding National Education Week Programs, the Christmas program, B.P.W.'s Fashion Show and tl1e Starlit Ball Coronation. Another very successful Project was our collection of canned goods at Christmas for the 11eedv. Ioan Brown was in charge of this and about five hundred articles of food were given to tl1e Salvation Armv as a res11lt of this campaign. XVhen Mr. Sautter left our scl1ool, the Ushers Cl11b presented him with a "book of memories" and spear- headed the student f1'lOVCI'IlKfIll to present him with a gift. VVith all tl1is accomplished, the Clllb has still had time to have verv enjoyable monthly evening meetings. hlrs. Edna Bartlett, popular radio personality, and hir. Donald Palmer, from Gorton's Beautv Circle, were guests at two of our earliest meetings. The club also had a very successful party in February. The club owes all of it success to Ollf supervisor, hlrs. Florrine P. St11arr. 75 EWSPAPER CLUB lx'n':v nm'AMarjm'iL' Novak, 'lu .Xnn Cowlcs, Mary :Xnn Hcvcrly, .-Nnncttc llilmlinc, Hclcn Mowrx Xlfulrnr. VX ntm Rnlmcrta lllbllllllilll, .l2ll'llllL'lillC NY:-xrml, Mary Tlionipsnn, Gretchen l.iston, Martha Yalcgu. lfu-zv I-:un-Sznnlra XN'cirlL-r, lfHlllL'l'lllC lfcnton, Marion Phillips, Marilyn liulc, .lny Mitchell, llc x lxlnn llLd.llUl Suv l'ar1la, Iiluria Stanton. lfay Sharv, Gail Cumi. lrfmi Il1r'ri'-Nznlicy' linrlcl, lfniily 'l'h4n'tnn, ,luyrc l.ashin', Luis Beach, Donna llmrcr, XYinifrccl lnifl XL'1Kll -nlnison, llizlnc llmwr. Slizmni linwry. l lx'n-rv fnur-lJi:n1c .'XIll"S, lfaith Swcitzcr, juan hlHL'N211llll'?l, ,Ioan VYilli:uns, Marlcnc Cilcnsnlx 3 L willigcr, Nanry 'l'h:1yvr, llianc llalscy. lrfmf iw--linnnznnicl SK'lll'k'll7L'l'. llnnna liingslcy, Shirl.-y livans, ,lcan lluyt, Nancy Staclumwslxi Xmnixn Ntnait f Irv-zu .v1'.r- -Rulwrt ill'2illjIL'l'. llnnalfl Xyillillll. Curtis Cl11lIll'3L'l'S, Henry l-lnglws, .lorry lianticlcl, ,luln xtlllkl llxnnhlctf in. ICH-in .v."z'rrz-I"r:nn'is XYuirlzilx. I-lulancl lfmwtncr, Ricliarcl .Xinlu-rg. l'ctcr Mciinirk. plllll, NI1Whl'.XI'lR CINS has L'XPk'l'lL'l1CL'Cl a vcrv prospcrmis vvnr. lfuch nionti 1 ng, 17l'illlCll paper was pnhlislnxl. ln l:K'l7l'lllll'y, "Ncptnnc News" wan pnlmlislwcl to follow ti lllk'lHL' of thc Stnrlit Ball. As in thc PQISI va-urs ilu- Clnh sponsorccl alimc clnnccs nftcr liriclan' night bl lutvi guincs. Tlu-sc and othcr things have niaulu thc 14353-54 Ncvvspnpcr Clnh Ll snccuss. Onr hcst wishcs annl thanks to N111 Dnmhlctnn for his intcrc-st mul SllPCI'X1SlU11 1 lllfilllgll thc va-ar. Tlu- ulitnrinl small consisrcml of Ifrfifw' . . . ,'l.r,vi.v1m1t Ilillllflll' . 1gI1.YfIll'55 lllflmltqvr . Cirrulatiml fllzllltllfff . flIlUl'7'lf.Yillg fwmiugrr . Ifxchnngr' fzizfitor . Sl'l'fl'f1II'y . . , f1!t1'mf11r1c'1' Sf'1'r'c't11ry . flzluixvr . . . 713 . Ik'I'I'yBLll1flL'lll . ljclcr Nlcfiuirli . Roland liorstnvr . Mark Bnnliclal . Robert Granger . Iohn Schicfcn . Lois BL-aah . Nlnrion Phillips hflr. lack Dnmhlcton LIBRARY COU CIL l-iuR.'xin' CCJLINKTII, has completed another successful year of service and fun at T. A. Although the club is limited to only twenty girls, five from each class, the members are extremely active in serving the student body by charging out books, keeping the library clean and orderly, mending and caring for books and magazines, and making bulletin boards attractive. After a two-month trial period of keen competition, new IllL'I'I1l7Cl'S are chosen from the freshman class each fall to replace the senior members. During this time the candidates become familiar with the use of the library tools and their duties as assistant librarians. The winners are announced through an invitation to attend the annual Book WEEK PUNCH PARTY in November. BOOK WEEK, always the high-light of the year, keeps us on our toes advertising our books by putting up bulletin boards and hallway streamers throughout the school. The best part of the acivity-laden week, however, is the PUNCH PARTY to which we invite a speaker and another organization of our own age. This year, our honored guests were the twenty members of the Horseheads Library Council and their advisor. Shirley Evans' leadership spelled success for our BOOK WIEIEK events. Nleetings are held monthly and are always made "extra special" by delicious refreshments prepared by the members. Two girls team up for this once a year. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Ioan Smoogen, our president, the club enjoyed many more social get-togethers, such as: The Christmas Party at Ann Chase-'sz the Friendship Party at school: the Valentine Party at the home of Mi's. Riley, our club sponsor, our annual jaunt down to the hflark Twain Srnorgasbord in Nlay and last but not least, the farewell picnic for the out-going seniors. Senior members who are eligible for Gold Key Awards this year are: Ioan Smoogen, who, besides piloting the organization, did a wonderful job of reorganizing the vertical file: Evelyn VVoodard who took complete charge of the circulation records: Shirley Evans, who as secretary, kept accurate records of our activities: and Phyllis Kennon who could always be depended upon to do a neat job of typing book and catalog orders. lx'fi-ri' nlwfrleaii Forrest, .loan Hrowii, Phyllis lieunon, Bonnie Kingsley. .Xntoinette Spirawk. ,loan Suiuoeeu, Dorothy Runisey, Jacqueline Xxvilfll, Anne Chase. li'ir:i' I-zen-,leaii l.ashiw. Kathryn Fenton, Shirley lfvaiis, lfvelyn 'xYoorlai'cl. Sliaroii Yan Tine, lbizuie .Xiut-s, Sonia Vlatko, Suzanne Uparil. Kurt' H1ret'-K'zitliei'iiie Cowulicli, Cleradine l:HlVl'C. 77 LAN UAGE CLUB ,rw .fur Nlzarlvm- XX-lIifl', fiuil Munn, licu-fly Il11tT, SQIZZIIIIIU Upnril, l:2ll'l51ll'1l Ogcrwlmk. ,Xnnc LQIIIDC, Mary Xum- hzulmy, Dluyu- Kjllll, ,rv lun, Xllll lluivll, xlilfj' lJm1ul111v, llzarlvzwzn xXvk'iQl.', Nilllfj' Ul'k'XXl'l', lhlbllllik' NI1un'c, .lumly O'l!riQn, kl.-gm Implmxxxlxl, Xlznry lmu XXIIIIAIHN. uv lfzr'-n' Xlurlfm Xtkinwn, x1Jll'lk'Ilt' K-ilk'IlNik, S5lx'il film-llwik, ,lzmut I'-l'k'lllHR'I'g1. ,lemzm XIm'N:1l11:u':1, -lwyu' In-luixx, .lwzm llrwmn, Xzuwy 'I'll:1yn'I'. 'rr lffur 1.1-1+1'Qv l4lXXllNl'll1l, Xrnvmlrl XHI'lI1I'1IjP. .Xlltlnrly llcllzl fillil, llzlvul Ilzlaklm, Villll X. Nlllllll, lylilllllll Xxgllvrll, fxblilltl Ninth, Ilulllllll 'It'Il'll'lx, R.mzal1l M:u'Nl1ll:111. 'ru jim' Ilfwix Iiufivlxlxi, Mark Iizmth-lvl, -lznm-s XXX-iv, Xlvrlmul KAHIIII, llumlc Nlillf, Nulu-rt Xlllccigumwm, I':1ul XX4 5IIlll 1, NHVHIIIII FIHZIVI. lhzxrlu Xlzmgu-. Ox Ixxl new 14. llj:,4, vnu wuulal lmvr louml n guy ELIYHIP ul SIIHICIIIS cnjuying ilu-mf www .lt tlu' Inwt l11k'k'IlllLf wi rln' l.41l1g11.1gv Club. Aitvl rlu' SllPPL'l', flu' tnllmvmg uH1u-rx wvln' n'lL'LIn'1l1 l'rw.mlrfrI . . Innut l'11-lulluwg t,lAl"l,i'l'JIlll'ill . . Rolmcrt NllICfigI'tlSNU Svt'l2't'f.Ii'X' . . I1lllIlI.k'lTl'UHVSlii ,l4m1mrw' . AIIIIIIIIIX' Dclln Sala l'IIIl'I'IAlllllllk'III vnu tIll'lllXl1t'Ll lux' ilu' Rm: Hn'1'ln'l't i1l'VVAlX' who 'Qllovvul Nllclcs on lm kI'lIISk' In Smith Alm'1'1c.x. Urlu-1' L'l1lUY1ll1lt' tl'.lIlll'k'N illlflllg rlw vom' vvcrc Al lllllllL'l', .1 purtv, and putting un .m .mcnmlwlv Nlnrrlm :H tn cclclumtc tlu- Iflw of 1N'I1n'ch. ln this nsscnmlnlv scum' suulcms u-mul tlwir kllUVVlk'tls-fl' lay pnrtlcipaltilxg lll flu- quiz Qlww In wlliclx they wcrc nxkul nlmut fnlunm lwnplc .xml cwrnw in Ronum Hnstory. On M411-flu zo, tlmrcc I..1lin Il stmlvnts, Ioan Lcpkuwski, Robert Nluccxgrosso, mul Iaum-s XXX-nw. hulk .1 mp to New York University to participate in tlmc Lutm Sigllf-l'L'AlLliIlLf contcvr. 78 ,elif Rot R117 Nu VISUAL AIDS THE VISUAI. AIDS CLUB is a club that has been added recently to the many extra- curricular activities at T. A. E. The group is under the supervision of Mr. Charles Easterbrook and Mr. Donald Backus. The purpose of this organization is to take care of the projectors, spotlights, and the public address system. The group works jointly with all the departments of the school. They are completely in charge of movies for assemblies and the music for dances and Parties. The club greatly appreciates the fine cooperation they receive from faculty mernhcrs in their many projects. .i...... ws,...,....-A..... ""l"' t' our-Oliver Kendall, Edgar Hutcheson, Peter Lucarelli, Gail Malloy, john Simons, VN'ade Smith, David Angrove. v frm-Ronald Ruckle, Vincent Kadlec, Vlfilliam Krotzynski, Gary Kingsley, Larry Zumchak, Robert Welch. t' flirrw'-Robert Kukulka, jack Heater, Ronald McMillan, Gerald Smith. VVilliam Erickson, 'rv four-Mr. Easterbrook, Mr. Backus. 79 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 9-Wednesday-School opens-Back to the old grind again. ro-Thursday-Only 179 days of school left before graduation. 18-Back to School Dance-C'est si bon! 26-Football game-Corning North-Beginning of the fall massacre. OCTOBER 2-Teachers Conference-Studcn ts rel u e t a n tl y sacrifice a day. 3-Football game Owego at home-score 7-6- We murdered 'eml 7-Assembly--Table Tennis stars-Boy! did Sylvia ever fox them. zz-Thank goodness, you didn't turn back Chris. 14-Yearbook picture day-Bedlam! 23-Pfllth McFarlin Assembly-Wonderful! NOVEMBER 6-Yearbook Assembly--Emmick strut and man- mad Martha highlight Tengard. 8-Pat Burt has party. 9-Atkinson rushed to hospital for appendectomy. 14-Football game-Heights retains little orange and white jug. zo-Pep Assembly "T.A. E." causes riot. 21-Football game-Didn't think we could score against you, did you Wolverines? 25-Thanksgiving assembly-Impressive. 25-School closed for Thanksgiving vacation. 30-Assembly-No Yong Park-"Do you like my funny face?" DECEMBER 7-Faculty Christmas Party-"Come on lack, let's dance!" 8-Opening basketball game-E. F. A.-We beat 'em. 9-Oratorical Contest-With 7 contestants, Frendberg places Ioth. I6--Wrestling-Southside squawshed. 16-Christmas rogram-One Little Candle Lights The Worlcli IANUARY 7-Gustin goes to Church! 12-Boys take to peroxide bottle. 19-He worth Assembly-The ride of Cleopatra and, Paul Revere. zz-Regents-Take them away, I'll talk. 29-Report cards issued-Insult added to injury. Of! 80 FEBRUARY ir-Mr. Dwyer's Dinner-A great tribute to a great man. 12-Starlit Ball-Heights gym becomes undersea kingdom. 17-Fashion Show-Husbands long for summer as fur prices are revealed. 25-Faculty Assembly--Not yet, "Wes"! 25-UShCfS Club Party-Boys bounce with Bunny Hop. MARCH 2-HC3flHg Tests-Newman has ioth retest. 2-State Scholarship Exams-They may be dumb, but they sure can eat! 21-Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the posies is? 25-Lanlguage Club Assembly-If Latin wasn't dea , it is now. APRIL 3-G. A. A. at Southside. We clobbered lem. 9-DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY. Wish we could. 14-Easter Program. As inspirational as ever. 14-School's out. Edisonites wow Broadway. 2I-22-MiHSIfClS-Dig those crazy raincoats. 29-Orientation Day-Students on display. MAY 3-Parents Night-"How are my I5 little darlings doing?" 24-Honor Day-'54 breaks all records. 29-Iunior Senior Banquet-Faculty in ballroom, students on terrace. 31-Catastrophe-Billiard Academy closed. IUNE 11-Class Day-Yearbook is out and so is Mrs. Cross. 18-26-Regents Exams-Slaughter on nth Street. 19-Iunior-Senior Picnic-Hotdogs-rain--ants- chow lines. 27-Baccalaureate Service-Temperature zro degrees. 28-Graduation Exercises--It will never be the same. 'Mba pq, 5 Svnooaeh Q54 'ry , f W fi' . lull?-1"lWsf?mfbgmiby ,, ' I,,,,Mn J, N I X IO' MIXED CHOIR ' M S ,Q lX'17Tx' nm'!Ma1'le11e NYhite, Anna Rothehild, Marion Lea Helene Segan, VVinifred Garderuer. Sharon Yantiue, Marlene fileusek. Sylvia filensek, Shirley l':V31!S,J2-ll1iCC Hotchkiss, Luis lieaeli, Sandra VYeider, Joyce liiuiuick, Virginia Yaughn, Carol Hugg. l1'urt' I'zt'n-Kla1'tl1a Yalego, lo :Kun Cmvles, ludv fyBl'lCll, Gail Coon, Shirley Snyder. -loan SI1lUUflL'll. Donna lloirer. I'e11!IY Uefiolyer, Joan Lepkowski, Nancy Thayer, lfleauor Sue l'arda, .-Nun Haieh, Patricia Madden. ,loy Nliteliell, .-Xnnette llildine. Raehel, Iliek XVllL'l't, Norman Comm, il-l10I112lS Stelmar, Ronald Kingsley, john Schiefeu, Rudy Novak, Dah l'ease, Norinaii Stuart. l1'1m' four--Henry llughes, jerry llanfield, Gary Xvllltlllg, Mark Ranfield, Youston Sekella, Donald Smith. jack lfk'k'llZlll, Ruhert Spiraxvk, ,luhu Kliirphy, Richard fxINl1Cl'g, lamuis Brink, ,lohu O'Herrou, Rohert Marsh, ,lzuues 'l'ousel111e1'. .'Xlhert lflias. Prfzvidwzt . . Gary XVhiting livfll'-1,7'l'SfI1l'lIf . . Donald Smith .S'1'f'r1'lf1ry . . Ioyce Emmick Trmsurc'r . . Peggy Defiolyer Ac.-11N 11111 oo voiclis dressed in royal blue robes--better known as the T. A. E. choir has represented us this year. Uur first project was the Christmas Program, which was put on for both the school and the public. A separate program was put on for the Rotary. During the month of February the Choir worked very hard preparing for our Ninth Annual Starlit Ball the theme being "Under the Sea." April proved a great success. Our well remembered Easter Program was presented. Then came o11r own Spring Concert which was an even better performance. ln Iune we took part in the Baccalaureate and Graduation services, adding color with our music. All in all 1953-54 has proven to be a successful year. 82 l1'1m'lllrui'-l.arry Suinehak, Gordon Bjork. Ronald Carpenter, Stuart Pease. Dean Ramsey, Larry Comm, Todd M LE GLEE CLUB To Mrs. Estella B. Yohn . . . The ftndentr of the flfmic Delmzrtment zuisfr to zfedlcatf this page for luv' nntzring efforts In their lll6'l7rI!f. OU: TXIA111 GI lili CLUB Qeenw ulvvgws to clo better at their every l,7Cl'l-UFIIILIIICC. Always. as L1 ererlit to their school, their voices lvlenrl in perfect lmrrnony. VVitlx Ll repertoire ranging from lwmns to nnwic comemliea tllex' never fail to sing with tlle polish of professionals. lx'o-:V om'-XYillialn Zelko, Charles Saxlmnry, Xyillllilll Stone, Douglas XYise, XYillian1 XYatson, Steven Staviski Neal RlL'lI2il'Kl5Ull, joseph Murphy, Nancy Thayer, Robert Gregory, liclwzn'rl Rounds, Harry Yontz, john l!og'zn't, Carl Proper, Gerald .'Xnrlren's. Robert XYel1l1. lion' I'zvo-Ruclolpll Parker, Ted liozemko, Bryan Hailey. Larry rlilllllllllg, Hrnce liichorn, .Klan Caywoorl, llllilllk T ! P Thonnas, Ralph XYarfl, Ilavicl lurown, Flnrlcly Meehan, lxonalcl Kline, jack Moody, lxollin SllL'l'lll2lll. lx'o:.' tlzlw'-Riel1u1'cl llellolyer, XYilliznn Voslmnrg, Russell Miller, Norman Erickson, Hrnee Nliler. Herxnzln llzntten Klirlmel Kolman, Herbert Hatton, Fred Baker, David Gilbert, jack Burdick, Dana lirillnl. 83 GIRLS CHORU 1121111 11111' Kl:11'11111 l.1-1', 1il1-ll1l:1 121-in-l', II1-l1'll Kl11wc1'y, R111'l11-llc Kl1111'1'1'y. Kl:11'y Smith, l,L'llll'k'S limluski, G11-111l11-ll vllulll ll1':111-1', xl2ll'j' ll1-l1-11 XXll1'zlt1111, -I1-:111 lluyt, lgC1llllCL' l-111'll1-s, Il2lI'll2ll'H lo1'11'1ll1g1-l'. -l1ly1'1- l.11sl11xx', ,llltly fll'l1'lI1'l, S:1ll1l1':1 l'hilli11x, Sllz1l'1111 ll1-wilt, Hlurizl Stillllllll, KlZll'll'lll' fi11tl11'11'. Kllllj' li11r1lyl. l'll'2lllk'lS Stzlrltull, Vlllzlll l1l'11111l, l':1l1'l1'i11 lmlllll. Xl:ll'j111'i1- Nnvzlla, .'X11ll1- L'll:1a1'. l1'11:1' lml lillllly 'l'l1111't1111, ,l11y1'1' lY11111l, lJ11ll11:1 ll:1ll. llllllll' ll11w1-l', llllftllllj' L'1'k1'1x'i1'l1, lJ111'111l1y R11l11Q1-y, Sll:11'1111 l'lllI1'l'j', Nilllfy l.zll"111'1'1-. 'l4Y1lll XX'1lli:ll1ls, Xllcki llz1l1lxx'ill,,l1l1l1- L'1'z1111. l4:1l'11l lPi1-t1'l'l1-. Nl:11'y lJ1111z1ll111'. Sllllllllll' Zl'llll, -I11 Xllll l'111'll11sl1', llctly l.llIlK', lQ:l1'll1'l flclluvcsc, .l1ly1'1' l'lzlll1'111'lQ, IK1-tty Kllllt. 1Xllt11lll1't11' S11l1'zlxx'lq. xl:11'1ll11'llll1- lY:1l'1l, lQ11ll1'l'l:l ll11fl1ll:1ll, Xl:11'y llllllillllliflll, NZiIlL'j' l51'1'1l'1'1', Sllll'lL'j' 'l'll1l11l11s111l. 1171111 l!1r1'1' l!:11'l1:11':l lQ11l111l11111, ,l:111i1'1' llilvl, .xjqillllll ,l11l1l1s1111, li11l11'1't:l Stuclgu, L4lzl1l1l1'1t1l XY1w1. Sully l'1'11-1'a111l, 1':lll1l1-1'll .XL'lil'l'lllllll, i':1l'11l lJ11lll1z1l', llz11'l1:ll'z1 flgl'l'5llHli. llllllllil liillghlvy. Ruth l.z11sll:lx1, 51111111 l'l:11k11. l711l'111l1y llffllllly, llL'YL'l'ly llllil, .xllllt l1111'xy1'lil, vllllllfl' lQi1'sl11'1'k, Kl111'j1ll'l1- XYL1-, -lk'llllj' llllxvllll, l'hyllls Sllzlllllml, .Xli1'1- lQi1'll1-l'. Nl1lXlllk' l'lAi1'1-. N:lll1'y .X1l1Qs, ,l1-:lll l.z1slli11'. .l1':111 l"111'1'1wt. -I11 .xllll lil11g5l1-y. ll111llli1' Klllgxlvy. 1':11'11l llzllllc, 1171111 rlflll' vllulll XX'z11N1111, ,Xl1I1':1ll 1411111-Q. lllll'llZll'2l l'1l'1lllli1l,'l11j'L'C lli1l1l1-1'lit1-1'. l711l'is lillvzlulg. xlZll'j' l.1111 Xlllllzlllls. l1:1l'l1:11'zl l'i:111, Sllzllwlll IJ1111gll1-111. NZIIICY St:11'l11111'al4i, t'z1tll1'l'i1l1' lA1lxx11li1'll. 1i1-1':1l1ll111- l'-lllYl'L'. ll111'llzl1':1 XY1'lgl1', l,iN1111l. l,11l'l':111l1- X':1ll lQ1111z11'lii, l7:1l'l1'll1' ll11l1ll:ll'1l, ,lx'1'l'ly 'l.l'lllIlIl, AI11y1'1- X11x':1l4. ilnil llvfllllym-1'. Sully klllllxllll, Xllllfj' Ixll111'1l, 411-l':1l1l1l111 lXl5i'l', l'.5lllk'l' lllllk'llX, lX2ll'k'll Xlullzxll, xl11:1ll Xlz11'X:1lllz1l':l. l!1'1'1-l'ly 11111l11l11'll. hlilfj' Xllll fl:1l'l1:1l. S:ll11h':1 Xl1ll1'l'. l1:1l'l1:ll':1 llzltw. lWICl Wlllxl ly 1l1ll'lllg thc lll'SI .lllll l111l1'1l1 1l1'l'1111lN. thu .l1l1ll11l1'l1l1ll lN hll1'1l 'Wllll 1ll1' 1111'l111ll1111s 111111-s ul 1ll1' 1111 gurls whu 11l11l41' 1111 tha' E-fll'lN L'lllll'llN 111 l:lll51lll l-hgh, . .. , .. '. ,. fjlll' .l1tlx'l111w lllls null' l1411'1' l11-1'1l ll1lll11'1l. XX 1' p.ll'1l1'111.l11'1l Ill 1ll1- C,l1l'1s111l.1x Ell'lI1ll'.l!ll 111llx'. lllll llllN slllglc 111'l'l1l1'11l.1ll1'1' 11'.lN 1l111' 111 lu' ll1'11111l 111. lll1' L:ll'lS 1'h111'l1s 18 1111111 111 .lllX' hlggh wllflol glfl who IN 11111-111w11'1l lll 111111111 .llltl lN XVllllllL: 111 w111'lq llAll'Ll. ll11'11ll11'1-1x nl Ill1' Iwo Lfl'1lllllS .ll'k'I l'l5lllUlJ 1 lllflllilli M1 l'r1.111le'11l ..,.. .'Xll111ll11'111' 5Pll'.lXX'li l'1'1'.v11l111! ..... l311ll1ll1' lilrlgslcx' l'11r l'1'1'.1nl1'11l . . . I1-.lll l.1lsl11w l'i11'fllf1.vi1I1'111 , . . hl.1l'x' l.1l11 XYllh.l111s h1'lI'I11ll'X' . . . . lgllllu' R1'lsll1'1'l4 .3'1'11'1'I111'y ..1., Gllll D1'GolVL'1' zlmlrmll . . l51-111' Kllllr. lC'Llll l51l1'1'1's1 1,iln'11r11111 . . cillflll H.ll1l1'. ljldllt' All1i'S llffrfilllxlllftf . , . . loycv Ryan .Alu 11rr1l11111i.vI ..... Kl11rl1111 lu' 8-1 TRIPLE TRIO Peggy DeGolyer, Shirley Snyder, Donna Hower, Sylvia Cilensik, Ann Roth- ehild, Marlene White, Lois Beach, Carol Hugg, joy Mitchell, Nancy Thayer iaeeolnpanist J. THis YEAR the Triple Trio got otf to a goocl start bv choosing as its tnenihers: First Sopranos . . Peggy DeGolyer, Donna l-lower, loan Lepltowslti Second Sopranos . . Shirley Snycler, Sylvia Cilenselt, Nlarlene Wliite Altos . . . . . Lois Bench, Ioy Mitcliell, Carol l-lugg Although the group suffered the loss of Nlrs. Yohn's direction during the second semester, Mr. Iohnson very capably lecl the girls to the finish of a successful year. Singing in assemblies, the Christmas and Easter Programs, at the banquet in honor of Mi'. Dwyer. and in the Spring Concert were some of their activities. MALE QUARTETTE Stuart Pease, Gary XYl1iting. ,lack Keenan, Dana Grilhn. THI3 ED1soNGsTERs, composed of these four talentetl young men, are always prepared to give their hest whenever they are Called upon. Their collection of songs is always at the disposal of those who clesire good music. The pricle of Ellison Higli- they expect to Perform at numerous occasions throughout the school. 85 AN li un .mr--ll:1i1:i lirillin, llurolil llennett, Xlarilyn Role, Nzmey 'llliayeiy l.eot:l Slirout, Yonston Sekella. li f . lm' frliolaert l'.rmol1l, l.ori':nne X an liapaeku, Lalvin l'l2lI'l'IS. l.:n'ry Zniileliak, l-loycl Stnniptt. X ance l':n'l4c-r, Ilonzilfl lllimle, lloxvzml Steclge, l.z1nee l':u'ker, lliane Halsey, Beverly lluff. limi Ilmu'-l.yle Nlugerne, Clark llurris, llavirl iiillmert, ,loyee Green. l':llW1ll'll Hall. llzaniel Green. ,lark llimliek, Cray Kelly, lizlyinonfl jolmson, IR-ter NleQnirk, Rayinonrl blzunes. Sally lngerielc, Hairy l'is:ill. Ronzllml Ruekle, . Kent Vlillullllls, lxielizn-rl Sliaw. tfliarlea Klznigns. Iwi fffin'-vliolxert Xlleleli. l'Iilwzn'fl liennon, Qill2ll'lL'S liectner, Riellarrl X'ollg'r:1H', fierzilcl llanlielml, Klr. -llil1l1SUll, lifiliert l.utwlmxx'. x , i - V . . LYNDI R Illlg lxcil-l 1 I Nl leaulerslnp ol lXl1'. XX eslex' R. lollnson, T. A. li. s lmncl luis com- l'lR'll'll il Illllkl SllLiCL'S9llll yk'Lll'. il-lie year lvegani witli tlie lxmcl playing for .ill tlle llome footlxlll gannes. Wlitli tlme l1l'lP lil nine gl'ilCL'lAlll twirlers :incl tlie Drum lVl:1io1'ette, Illillly interesting f0l'lllL1Il0llS liigliligliteml "li.1ll'-nine." As 11 portion of one ullklll--Illlllsl show, the lmml formeml the nilvercnlosis svnilvol. wliiell lielpecl sewe as tlie kick-oll for tlme Christmas Seal Drive. 1 l,lll'illlL'S are one item Klint never lmlr T. A. lvnnml. Tlie twirlers anal lmncl menilvers tri' rlieir ln-st to luring lionors in tlie form of trophies and uvnmls to lfclison. XYill1 new music in rlu-ir folclers, tlle lmncl perforniecl expertlx' in its fast-inoving sections ol tlle cllll'l5Illl1lS ljI'0gI'LlIll :mil Spring Concert. Also. it plnvecl lor tlie lnnnx' nsseinlmlv I-rogrnills tlirougliont tlme vein: ililirongli cooperation and Qtnmly. lfclisoifs lmncl lim lu-come n top-noteli Ul'S,fAll1lZAlIl0ll. 86 DRUM MAJORETTE lny Mitchell T W I R L E R S Ru-ze' Rui Rn? Ru .Iv v t-rm-ju .-Xnn Kingsley, Mary Thompson. Q' tlzrvc-Roberta Hoffman. four-Marian Lee. joan Brown, Sandra XYeider. 87 mn'-Agatha 'IUl1IlSOll, Nancy Budd, Pat Madden. , bUllldlYW9 'HWS Deep Sey.l 'QUTUPS oops NepJwne'5 'l"IY'E1d Conv? +ooT6 1635 l , Spoowxj shoetewmev drum-erxs bxscwhs- 'Tig X ' 1 ,X .R 5? f W 4 x I LVM! 4 S 3, Q x NK .1 A Sak' i ' ,sfrff .g J X' K J' .1 L I Q A y W 4 . Sf L 5? ,X Solulniq Quad, su GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATICN lx'u'h lfnit lx'n'Ii lx'u'h fx'H'h lx'1I'Ix our Nlzirion l.ct-, -lziuvt l'Il'L'll4llICl'A2. Sylvia Cilcns k, -lzuiivt' Hotrlikiss. into 'l'illI'll'l2l Xlzulili-u, lillllfk' Rcislwck, .Xgzttlm Nl llIlISU!l, Sharon lfiuury, -It-an l.:isl1iu', XYinifrcil iizwiliu-1'. , . . llonnzt llowcr, 'lu .Kun Kzoxrlus, Szuulrzi XYciilvr, july Xlfiglc, -lurly O'l,ricn, .Xiuicttc llililiuc, Yirgiuin Yuiigliu, lllcmlzi liviscr, Sliirli-y llouyalc. flll'i'i'- llizuic llowur, ,loan Sinoogcn, Connic Nloor-, QA1il'lk'llC Paigc, Patty Rockforfl. lfay lfunton. Szuulru l'liilIips, ,Ioyrc l.:isliiw. Rzwlicl liL'll1JYL'!4L', llarlcnc ll.1lJl1zu'rl, Nancy llrvxrcr. i i firur'--lfstci' l'l1iclix, llzu'luii'u Robinson, joy lliuilcr itcr, RHXZIIIIIZI Sclnralm. Nlzirion l liillips, iirctclu-ii l.isIu Yivki llzilclxrin, Nlartlui .Xtkinson. l'atrit'iz1 Hurt. ' li':'i'- -Rutli l,:1tsl1au', hlzuiirc llirrl, Rlarlcnc filunsik, llczutc .Xiucs, Gail llcliolycr. Roxrciia lfclgcr, Ilarlzi Siglin, Rolwrtzi Stcrlgc, lloiuiu llztll, Donna Kiugslcy. '.ri.r Nliss Iuni- 'l't-rrr, NQIIICY Stzu'liou'ski. .loan I,vmkou'ski, Hui'lm1'a XXX-iglc. .ltilll lslonkol, Mary l,ou llilliuins, -loyrc l"rut'l1oi'u, G. A. A. HISTORY Llwm-.ic HH, lI:.XIll:RSHlI' of Miss Iunc Terry, Girls Atlmlt-tic Association has had a busy Q-:rl successful ycnr. Tlit- oH'iCcrs tlmis ycau' Wcrc: Prcsiclcnt, Sylvia Cilvnsclsi Vicc-Pirsitlciit. Nlnrion IA-rg 'In-nsiii'cr, Innct Frt-mllwrgg and SL'Cl'L'IQIl'y, Iiuucc Hotchkiss. ln ortlrr to lu-come ii nicnilu-r you must pay twenty-fivc cunts clues at tlic lvcginning of tlit- ycnr. You must attend fifty pci' ct-nt of tht- mcctings to gct crulit. TllL'I'k' arc four qimrtcrs or sports to t-rich ycnr. Facll quarter is worth twcnty-five points. At st-vcnty-Hvc points you rcccivc at clit-vrong nt onc luuulrccl fifty points you rcccivc n numeral: at two lninilrcil twcnty- livc you rcccivc il lcttcr "HH: and at tlircc luinclrccl points you rvcuivc n lacy. Wi- wcrc gucsts at Horscliciuls for lioclccy playilay. Hoi'sul1t-ails was our guest in LI luskt-tlmll playilay. Busulmll season was also Il success. Plains nrt- lwing miulc for it picnic in tlu' spring, 90 ll, lfnfe four--Geri-xlrl Smith, john O'Herron, ,lack Keenan, Bernard Ricliawlsrmii, Ronald McMillan, llruce Mi 7 ARSITY CLUB THIS c'l,L'B is composed of onlv those bovs who have worked hard enough during the kchool vear to earn a letter in a varsitv sport. Wvith the help of our advisor, Coach Albert Northrop, we have had rho chance to enjnv our sports not onlv on the field, hut in the club room also. The chief wroiect of the club is the Annual Varsitv Club Dance, which is ra iidlx' l I , l . he-coming one of the social highlights of the vear. r c r . The following officers were elected: President, Garv Vllhitingz Vice-President. Bernard Richardson, Secretary, Francis Woiclzilc :and Treasurer, Arnold Northrop. XYhiting, lfrzineis Xllmidzik, Peter Melluirk. lhm' ffm-Aeluzirles Mineh, joseph lfrnvetcz, john Mnrpliy, Tliinlias Stelnmr. Donald blolinson, Carl Pliilips 7 Riiclulpli larker, Daniel Green, Floyd Seeley. lx'if:.' tlm'i'-l'imx'arcl Paige, Robert Spirawk, Richard XYlieet. l:l'2lllL'iS Phielix, A-Xlhert lilias, Todd Rachel. Rub Slmw, lfdward Hall. lildun Del ne. lx'1m' fi7'f-Melvin Siglin, -luhn NVilson, james Hoohler, rlillllllll-15 Meagher, George Mcfirain. 91 ii'.m' mn'-Rexfo1'd lngeriek. Robert Dwyer, Gerald Banistcr, Arnold Northrop, :Xntlmny Della Sala. fl: llu, COACH XI11. nl. .X1.111-'111' N111111111111' - fbffw 4- 2'-50C,Z4.AI,4f"' A 111.111 111111 11.15 15L'L'Il 111111 111 1111' 111.1111 X'l'Lll'S, 111111 1111 55111111 1111111'1'11 s111111- .11111 1115 111'.11'l1' 111l1'1'1'sL Ill 1'1'1'1'1'11111'. 1111s 111'1'1'1' c1'11S1'11 g11111g 111 111 .1 11-11s1' 111' Vi11llk' 111111 91111111-s11111'1s1111111s11111. Our C11.11'11 1118 11111111-111-11 11111111 IIN 111' 11111111 111111 L'X.llIll71l' 1111- 1111'.111s 11111111 11111 111111 llN 111 1111111111- s111'1'1'sx1111 111 11111' 1llllll'C 1111-. 113 VARSITY FOOTBALL lime nm'-Mr. Guidns, Bernard Richardson, Todd Rachel, Louis Brink, jnlin OiHCfI'4Jll, l'lUXK'Zll'fl Page. Francis Xlbiclzik, .-Xnthony Della Sala, Coach Nurtlirop. li'u'zv tfvu-Ronald McMillan, Bruce Miller, Rexford lngerick, .,Xrnold Nurtlirup, Charles Xlinch, Gary XYl1iting, Thomas Stelinar, Richard Shaw. Iron' tlzrur-Robert Spirawk, Peter Mciiuirk, Carl Phillips, George Mefirain, Rubert fiustin, -lnlin Murphy, ,luseph Kruvetcz, jack Keenan. SENIORS ON THE VARSITY Ihr-ze mir-Dainiy Green, Robert Gustin, Ilnnald Smith. Dunald ,Inlin- sun, ,lack Keenan, lflclun Del'ue, llernard Rieliarrlmn, lfraneiw Phielix. Run' lieu-l'eter Kleiinirk, Gary XYl1iting, lflnyrl Seeley. Rexfnrrl Inge-rick, Louis Brink, Charles Klineh. joseph Kruvetez, Frances XYuidzik, Carl Phillips. 93 VA SITY FOOTBALL AKKING l'iOUI'H.Xl.l.U took the spotlight with the opening of school on Sept. 7, The powerful line and the "l'ony Express" hackfield ot the Heights, gave Coach Al Northrop and his assistants the best record ever re- corded by a Heights eleven. Their four wins and only one loss, put them in second place in the Southern Counties League, and three more non-league victories gave them an overall record of seven and one. Corning North invaded the Heightls field for the first game and went back home on the short side of a thrilling ig to 7 defeat, as did Owego a week later 7 to 6, in two very exciting opening games. With steady practice, the Heights steamrolled in successive weekends, lopsided victories over Painted Post 32 to 6, Watkins Glen 53 to ig, a surprising 47 to 6 over Corning Free Academy and a 60 to zo rout over Bath. Riding along at a record clip, the Heights were finally stopped by a snow storm that cancelled the Waverlv game at Waverly and added another week to the seasonls schedule. Horseheads came to town on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, looking to break the Heights string of victories and rake home the "Ing", which they had lost the year before. The Heights scored two quick touch- .5 downs over Horseheads and ended up on the nice side of a thrilling I9 to 6 victory. With the Horseheads game under their belts, the players, students and faculty were looking forward to the important game with Waverly. With a lot of Heights flaus at Waverly, the Wolverines Put on a dazzling l lirstAhalf performance and stood oil: Heights second-half passing attack to win the Southern Counties Cliampionsliip 41 to .zi. lfmls . . Iohn Nlurphy and Anthony Della Sala Q 'I'ael'!c.f . . . Todd Rachel and Fran Woidzik 4? Guards . . . . Louis Brink and Howard Paige 1 Cwzlwr . . .xl l. , . ' . . Iohn 0'Herron ' Quarlcrlmcll . i ...... Charles Miiicli Hal barks . . Arnol Nort ro n a ld exford Inveri k . Iiulllzacb . .J-llfj Gary tina? CBJ 'A , I I 1 "u A , U, 5, qi Lt. UNIOR vARs1TY'll5AoJlBlALL ' tl lx'11iu'li1r11---lfloyd Sniinnll, XYilli:-un Stone. Gerald Stanslifld, Rndy Parker, Richard Saganerio, Tlioinas Kleaglier. Ronald Rline, llavid llroun. lx'ff-iv lziwv--L'llarles llaeltett, Ronald ki-5il'IDl.'lltL'l', Ray Kelly, Charles Paige, Richard Pliillips, ,lay llaliner. lloyd Tlioinas, llill Zelko, Nlr. David Cliepliek. coach. .S'lurirl'rnf-Ilerlxert llatten, Paul Sniitli, l.eo l'arcliesky,,lan1es Strawn, llonald Yan liaaslveek, Dean Ramsey, llernian llatten, Rieliard XN'lieet. xvlllllilll Yoslwurqli, Howard Crain, David Haskins. 94 ff ll r W, Q X-' 53 Xxx N 95 ,. , x ' I In is I 1. Ll 'y , 'K ff NA " 3 .f A 'N ' .4 . ,,-. Q WK f 'Q ,W f Q., , f 'E' Q , , q ,iff y K ffl. I fi U, 'Q , ,1 yr , 4 f- f . '-fi X . , ,X 4 qu, ,I K V . Y ' if f if '5 ,f ff ,,. 1 ' 1' ,,,7, A 'rtlxh W, 14 I 4 Flu-fl -COQJQ-.v I llltl l':ullN1i J' VARSITY BASKETBALL k'llJlI'fl XYIM1-1. .Xlltlunmy lh-11:4 Sillil, l'1l'1l!lL'iN Vhiclix, .Xrmmlxl Nu1'tl11'up, Iimmzllrl -luI111su11. lx XIV. Nwrtlmmp fmry XXIIIKIIIQ, IMIHIIZIS SYUIIIIZIV. fnvurgc luxvllscml. XXIHIZIIII Wim-, ll1:l1'h'a Klum l !1 ll In 5Il'x'll1IAY. JUNIGR VARSITY BASKETBALL fx ll lx u Iullx l l'u'k Ilvuwr. Iizxvul llzlsksm, Imlrl Rzwlxvl, Ilzxrulsl I'm'1'n-ft, Rwlmzml IM-f.myL-11 lx I NIV, inmlu, lluwyrlmw- Kun-nmlw. Sliillllj' Kuhan, lla-rmzm lli1Ill'll, Xliclxzlcl Iiulum, Hurry Yuulz, .M Ili' VARSITY BASKETBALL WITHOUT A MAN on the squad over six feet tall, the Heights basketball team opened their schedule of eighteen games against a very strong Elmira Free Academy five at the Heights gym. It was considered an upset, when the Height's five walked off the Hoot with a 50 to 49 victory. The Heights won their first and last games of the season, but in between could only manage seven more wins while dropping ten for an overall average of eight wins and ten losses. All the games were close, however, as only two of the ten games lost were by more than eleven points. The team lost their first two games in the Southern Counties League, but made up for it in the next one, when a Della Sala basket found its mark in the last eight seconds of the game to give the Heights a 57 to 55 victory over Horseheads. Southside provided the competition in the next game for the Heights, and though they were expected to continue on their winning ways at the Heights expense, were greatly surprised when the Heights took an early lead and went home with a 69 to 65 victory. ' Then the roof fell in as the Heights lost their next five games in a row before finally subduing Corning Free Academy 60 to 65. The final home game of the season saw a determined Horseheads team build up a first quarter lead of 23 to I4 and then struggle in with a surprising 70 to 65 victory. A visit to the Watkins Glen gym netted the Heights their third league victory in eight decisions 71 to 52. The Heights will lose the services of starters Francis Phielix, Charles Minch and Donald Iohnson while coming back for another season of basketball will be Arnold Northrop, Anthony Della Sala, and Richard Wheet. SEASON SCHEDULE Heights 50 . . . Elmira Academy . . Heights 69 . . . Southside . . 65 Heights 46 . . . Waverly ...... . . Heights 48 . . . Waverly . . . . . 7I Heights 45 . . . Painted Post . . . . . Heights 60 . . . Corning North . . . 64 Heights 51 . . . Corning Academy . . Heights 48 . . . Painted Post . . . . . . 55 Heights 56 . . . Owego ....... . . Heights 57 . . . Elmira Academy . . 65 Heights 57 . . . Southside ..... . . Heights 42 . . . Owego . . . . . . . . 60 Heights 57 . . . Horseheads ....... Heights 60 . . . Corning Academy . 56 Heights 59 . . . Corning North . . . . Heights 65 . . . Horseheads . . . . . 70 Heights 83 . . . Watkins Glen . . . . . Heights 71 . . . Watkins Glen . . 52 INDIVIDUAL SCORING FG F TP FG F P Fran Phielix ....... 88 1 II 287 Charles Minch ......... ......... 3 1 I2 74 Dick Wheet ......l .....,. 6 3 54 178 Gary Whiting ......... ..... 4 7 I5 Tony Della Sala ......... ....... 6 4 44 172 Bill Wise ..................... . 1 5 7 Arnold Northrop ....... ....... 5 9 38 156 George Townsend ....... ..... 3 o 6 Don Iohnson ......... ....... 4 4 34 122 Tom Stelmar ........... . o 1 1 IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Led by the fine shooting of Dave Haskins and Tod Rachel the Iunior Varsity rolled up an impressive I3 and 5 record. Their league record of 7 wins 1 loss earned them a tie with Waverly for the league's champion- ship. In a playoff game at the Heights gym, the Waverly five defeated Coach Thomas Guiclus' crew 67 to 45. I . , 1. ,- .ffA,f, I lljnll A WRE TLI G TE -1 ,, I!" lil fl 1 I J f 'f o .' lf'- .Y'., Y' l1'.i:1'n1l.' l'.l'21ll1'fs Xlhitlxilt. llrnce Miller. lfltluil 131-l'11e, Rexfurtl lllgL'l'lt'li, linhert Dwyer, hlztmes lltmhlcr fieralfl llIllHll5lL'l', Lllfllll xxlllhtbll, 'l'hu111:1s hlL'2igllL'l', R11tl11l11I1 l'2iI'l-iL'l', litihert NYL-hh. l1',f:1' 1:1117 Mr, llzwitl lheiiliek, Peter Xlcfiiiirk, lltlllfjll' l'rice, IJt111:1ltl l.z1 llarr, Melvyn Siglin. Chztrles 6111-111- Iey, .l:1111es XYlllIHlllK'l', fleralil Stztnsfielrl. Ruhert lftnmlml, Ricl1:11'1l XYiel1t1111'ski. XX'ill1:1111 Meagher. litlwztrtl Ilall. 'l'111 11111-s111Nc. lI',XXl 11f'lAl1u111.1s A. lftlison High Seluml l1as again this vear prt1ve1l its ahilities hv t41111p1l111g il verv gnntl recortl of seven wins to three losses in ten tlnal meets with nther schtmls in this area. blflll' first llllllfll of the season was at Horsel1ea1ls where a l1lll'l'UVV Zl tn iq etlge gave tl1e team it's first loss lint 111 .1 secoiitl C'lIL'UllIlfL'l' witl1 the same OPPUIICHI, lftlisnn came hack to reverse the score hv Hlillilllg it ZI to I7 111 favor of T. A, lf. l11 successive matches, the Ftlisun wrestlers went 1111 a VVll1lllllg streak hx' ClL'fL'1lIlIlg l,.llllH'Il Post two times, gg tt: 5 antl gtg to 2, Owego 26 to 13, Suuthsitle Zl to 17, antl XK'lLlYk'I'lV 41 to 3. 'lfhe worst loss was lIlCllI'l'l'll at the hantls of the ACilllL'lllX' hv il 28 to I3 score. lllII 111 the next 111eet the l51l1s1111 111at111e11 showetl Illl'lI' nltl zip once more ancl ktmckeel tiff Xvaverly again hy a score of 42 to 0. Ill tl1e last tlual 111eet of tl1e season tl1e wrestlers were upset hy a sharp Owe-go team antl went down to tlefeat ll to 16. l11 this 111eet, Rudy Parker at 103 ponntls, who was nntlefeatetl 1111til then. snfferetl his only lnss 111 league c11111I1et1tit111. At the entl of tl1e regular season the litlison mat sqnacl enteretl tl1e Southern CiOllllIlL'5 League I0llI'l1AlII1Cllt as tlelentling L'l1illl1l7lUl1S anal came through once more tu take tl1e II'UlJlly. Those winning first place in the tm11'11ey were Huh XVehh at 115 pnuntls. Ruth' Parker 103, Ierry Bannister 1211, antl iiiulefeatetl Fran VVoi1lzik 111 the heavyweight class. The lftlison wrestling tean1 enteretl the section 4 class A wresting to11r11a111e11t at Vestal antl placed within tl1e first five for tl1e secontl straight year. Only one wrestler from Ftlison placetl in tl1e finals. however. antl that was lieavyweight lfran NV11itll1k who entletl np in secontl place. 08 ASEB LL TE M XVITH rHi3 cioxuwo of warmer weather to the Heights, the sports activities shifted from the gym to the hast-hall field. where some 42 hovs started showing their baseball talents for the team. Vllhen the first eut was made, the team was just about teadv for their first game against Corning North. After dropping their first three games, Ray Zelko led a hitting assault against Corning Academy to give the Heights their first win of the veat IO to 6. Eran Phielix took the mound against Horseheads in the next game and hooked up with Don Vvaltrip in a mound duel, which saw Horseheads win in extra innings 4 to 3. The fielding of loe Krovetz made it much easier for Phielix to rack up his third vietorv against VVaverly 5to1. It was all Dick VVheet in the Corninv Aeatlenl ' Game as he hurled a fine four-hitter to shut them out , , cv l rn , W I r v, h 3 to 0. The Heights avenged an earlier loss to Horseheads bv scoring four big runs in the fifth to win 4 to 1. The final game of the year saw YYheet even evervthing for the Heights with a 7 to 0 win over WlLlIklllS Glen. Vllhen it was over, the team ended up with an 8 and 8 record. Arnold Northrop led the team in hitting with a .353 mark, and Fran Phielix, the workhorse of the stall, won 6 and lost 5. Heights 3 . . . Heights Il . . . Heifflits 1 . . . in Heights io . . . Heights 3 . . . Heights tj . . . Heights 5 . . . Heights 8 . . . Arnold Northrop Charles Nlineli .. Fran Pliielix .. lerry Brown . Rudy Novak ,,,... SCHEDULE Corning North . . fi Heights Painted Post . . iq Heights Elmira ACLlllL'lllX' . . Heights Corning Northi. . 7 Heights Horseheads . . . 4 Heights Vllatkins Glen . . 7 Heights XVaverlv .... 1 Heights Corning North ..... 7 BATTING AVERAGES .. .. .353 Ray Zelko .. ,,,, . . .. .177 . .306 Tony Della Sala ..i. .. .271 .. .304 Bill lanielski .,,,, .. .167 .. .197 Al Elias ...... .. .136 .185 . . Owego .... . 4 . . Painted Post .... , I . . Corning Academy . . o . . Horseheads . . 1 . . Southside . . g . . Owego . . . . I7 . . Vliatkins . . . o PITCHING VVon Lost Fran Phit-lix .... . fm q Dirk VVheet ,. 1 1 Rudv Novak ..,... .... 1 n I li'uzi'm1i'WKli'. Xortlirop, .Xntliony Della Sala, .Xruold Nortlirop, Ray Zelko. XYilliam blzuuielski, llriau llailey. i'i'u:e l:eoAl7raiik lloiiyak. flruee Kliller, .Xlbert lflias, Robert Spirawlc, Thomas Stelmar, .Xntliony Spallone, Willis lirlger. li'o-:ii tliri'i'-lJax'i1l l'iI'UXX'Il, liieliard XYheet, llouald Kline, llaviil Haskins, lloualil -loluisou, lfraueis l'l1ielix, L bstllll I'l Wt' tex. li'o-ze ,llizzr-llarolil lforrest, lieralil flrowii, Charles Miueli, TR CK ICH-it' nw- -llonzilrl Yan fiaztshcck, Ruxiorcl lngcrick, Clziyton Scnkicw, ,limits NYonghtt-r. XYilhznn Hrzmt, Rohcrt llrisco, XYilli:tm Smith. !t'n-zu I-run -llcrmwrl Ricltzmlsoli, Ilnzmc Smith, Eldon DtfI'nc, NYilliam iit'CIllCl',IJUl1gi2lS1sillgSit'j'. Hnwgtrd Paige, ticrnlrl fiilhcrt, fiztry XYhiting, Ronald hikqxiiiiiltl, Mr. Thomas finiclns. limit' llirww'--flCrlg:il' fiilllllliwii, Floyd Soc-Icy, David Nutty. l'Qtcr Mcfinirk, Dztnicl Circcii, Curl Phillips, l:l'2Il1l'iS XX'oi:lzik, llonztlrl Smith. -lznnt-s llilkt-son, .Iohn O'Ht-riwnt, L'l1:ii'h-s Kit-nnng. 'I'.A.1i. .xnmlm 'iiufii to its ititcrsclioltistic sport schcchtlc for tht- first time in iogg. About 35 hovs came ont for tht- sqnntl. Dvspitt- the ncwncss of tht- sport, soma' finc pcrfoi'iiinliCcs wort' tnrncti in. Tlit- oniv victoty ot' tht- st-aison fnlnc against Troy, Pat. hv the scorn' of 57 to 38. Losses wcrc l'lIC0llI1Il'l'L'ki in niccts with Owcgo myl to ttf :mtl gg to 421 to Ho1'scl1cnds oo to 35 and 55 to 4111 to VVnvci'h' jo to io. A Sonthcrn Cionntics Truck mcct was hcltl nt Horsshctuls on hint' 1 with Vt'nvcrh'. Horschcntis. Uwugo .mtl Huiglns, tht' pzirticilmlits. Our gl'L'L'lI team filtisltcd fourth with clcvcn points. VV.wci'lv was tht- victor toilmwti ht' Hoist-hcaltis anti Uwvgo. At tht- VVL-sta-rxi font- St-ction IV nu-ct in lihnira, our onlv scorc cnnic in thc discus throw. Haiti Vvoicizik ,wltm-tl st-rotul. Iirtin took part in the Section IV finals at Cornell Univcrsitt' and finishwd third. Utht-r nott-worthv pcrforntcrs wcrc Howard Paige, iiiidcfcaltcnl in the milc run: Charles Gvining in tht- high intnp nntl i7l'0IlCi jnmpg Rcx Ingcrick and Gary Whiting in the clzishcs, H111 GOLF TE THE GOLF TEAM under the coaching of Thomas Guidus had one of their best years in a long while. They won two matches, both from Corning Free Academy. Though they dropped matches twice to Binghamton Central, Ithaca, and Endicott, they were all well played matches. Ar the end of the vear the team went to the sectionals, which were held on the l. B. Xl. course in Binghamton. Though no one placed there, they all had a good time. Those who were on the team that had 11 two and six record were Robert Dwyer. Iames Collins, Roger Palmer, Robert Albright. George Townsend and George lVlcGr:iin. ICH-ri' uzzu-Klr. Guiclus, Robert Albright. Robert Dwyer, Roger Palmer, George Mefirziiu. 101 f J ff' Fav? I A Q, 'wx- 1 pl' 6v"f4's?f2'?-31' ' V93 M' N' M :bb A 4 . ev N W W Q, Wkfvu usgn Wwmwnubwm any Q QQ? ,V QW N Jw WV Vw' A Jgff' WW 93 7 All ?3QZfy,f!!E?L ADVERTISEMENTS WZZZE , Q . , f 'y ! lf, Lf, ffbfkf 'c ,' l , ." .. 1 ' f ' ,'f ,ff E X 1- L' -VL KV! M , 1 1 W l 1 I . , V , , 4 4 PRINTERS OF YOUR YEAR BOOK omnzercia ress of Cgfmira INCORPORATED OFFERS :Ts DEPENDABLE SERVICE TO ALL wr-no DESIRE Qjriizfirzq or .giflzoqraplzinq 380 South Main Street, Elmira, New York Phone 6l88 ! IU-1 SPIRAWK'S X ELECTRIC REERIGERATORS ELECTRIC WASHERS ELECTRIC IRONS ELECTRIC 8: GAS RANGES TELEVISION X - Phone 6139 - MARKSON'S 152 E. 1-lth St. Elmira Heights MENS. XYOMENS, CHILDRENS CLOTHING 81 SHOES HRANUII or MARKSUNS 225 XV. X'VA'I'ER STREET IQLMIRA, :NEVY YORK BEST WISHES ELMIRA HEIGHTS ONVN Force's Wayside Furniture Mart Featuring a Compleie L-ine of Nationally .-ldvertised FURNITURE Tlzor, U nizwfsal, Appliances Sentinel Television .liwenile Needs, Toys Sealy and Royal .llattnxvses CUNVENII-:NT CREDIT TERMS No PARKING PROBLENI5 OPEN 'TIL 9 EVERY NIGHT Come in and Browse Arozmd lt's II Pleasure to do Your Shopping at Forces Wayside Furniture Mart 3059-61 Upper Grand Central Avenue Cabove Fourteenth Streetb - Dial 2-6004 - Compliments of TRESSLERS ,W Corner of College Avenue and Fourteenth Street THE YQUTH QE A NATION ARE THE TRUSTEES QF PQSTERITY - Disraeli - u N as E. . . IF l-t'sWStiHghOUSC Vveslinghouse- I T HOWARD J. GRISVVOLD gzorisf ff! CORSAGES ff! 105 East 14th Street Elmira Heights. New York - Dial 3-5686 - C.0Il!f71Illll'Hf.Y nf ALL POINT SERVICE STATION CORNER THCRSTON AND DAVIS STRICICTS PVC Give S c'5'H Gwen Stauzpx Paul Panyla, Prop. Ballard Funeral Home cmplffm-M ,ff x61 Oakwood Avenue Elmira Heights L. T. BALLARD l Drug Company, Inc MRS. L. T. BALLARD, Lady Amstfznt , l Fourtccutll Street ' 1 Phone 6035 - 8029 Elmira I-Ielghts, N. Y. l07 i'1u11f1lfl111'1:lx uf Elmira Knitting Mills 111111111 Ct'lllI'2ll .XYCHIIU :mtl l,l'k'SL'Utl lfl111i1'z1 llciglils, New York -H l'lmn1' 8150 7 fAHlllf7lfIIIz'Ilf.Y uf Bachrnan's Hardware .S'1r1t1'1'x.v In Ilia' C'111x.v nf 105-I HUGG Tl 14 Trailer E3 Implement Shop 111111111 CL'Illl'1ll ,XVCIILIC llo1's1-lu-:11ls, N. Y. l Tl11'1'1".1' only ONE EDISONI.-IN , . ami fl11'rt".1' UIIIEX' ONE Fricna'I-1' .Il.l'lil1'T'.S' !1"Iu1'11'rs in Elmira. IIE NV A 'I' li I 1 llll - r ii.-151' I S-M-'-'907 Q lfriclully :Xl.l'lfRT'S arc in L'111'11i11g and L'111'tla111l. too. Dilmore's Barber Shop 218 liusl l-ltli Strom-I ll1111':11'1l lJil111111'c, I'r11f'. t'1u11f1li1111'uIs uf SIGSBEES MARKET 250 lf. l"11111't1-1-11tl1 Street HAGBERG ' Starter 63 Ignition Service t21'z1111l fl'llll'1ll .Nvi-. z1t llt'llYl'I' Sl. llUI'SCl1l'ZlflS, Now York ff lllliilll' 2-P4020 ff llcnry -I. llaglwrg U11 l1'l. I4 - lflufl: Snullz of l:tIlVjll'HlIllIl.S' Doctors Supply 63 Equipment Co. l.1'a11'ing .S-llfflifdl Szfpffly Holm' in .N'orIl11'11.vlvr11 .Alu1'l1rafilc Rvgfiml 310 .'xklZlll1S Avenue SL'l'ZlIllUI1, l'c1111sylv:1r1i:1 Comlvlinwuts S Cmlzplinzmts Complinxcnts nf H nf of AMERICAN CHARLES r Abe's G HUNTING AND afage CQ. M. FISHING STORE 14th Street H Grand Central Avenue Elmira Heights Couzplim-vlzts of CSUIIIPIIIIICIIIS Cvmplinwnts Best lVi.rl1e.s' of SPJSIEUT Of FAIRVIEW CLEARY'S 51-10p BURT D Food Market AIRY 253 East 14th street E. El ' H ' l . mlm mg its Across from Pesesky Brothers The Bafll , , C1 1- L' . C0"1l'11"1-FWS ,mf Im HH Compliments CS0II1f7IIllIt'7lf5 of Of of of C . Pete White s andid BOBS Phgto Service Bafbelf' Phone 2-1200 264 East 14th Street 205 .Nth Street Elmira Heights Elmlm Heights Service Station New York New York Complim ,HU Cmnfvlimvnts Complinzvnls 0.f nf I of George RICHARD Coal 63 Supply C SCHWARTZ NICK Macgmvey JEWELER CALDERELLI I64 Grand Central Ave. OFFICE Sz SCHOOL Elmira Heights SUPPLIES New York Phone 4-9377 310 E. 14th Street 109 ,fl Conlfvlvtv .llnxival .S'vrz'ifc I-Iickey's Music Store 330 lf. Slate Str:-et ltlmca, New York 4 l'ho11c 2-1101 - Clvuzfflinrvnts of HAROLD WELLS Pitcher Fuel 5 Supply Corp. 103 li. 11th Stn-cl lilmira 111-iglits, N. Y. Y 1'11onc 2-0849 - c1UIlIf7l1lll4'llf5 vf Perfect Service Laundry C'uu1f1lirlLruf.r of Van Brunt Motors Grand Central Trailer Court Grzuul Ccutrzll Avenue lfiorsehezuls, Ni Y. Nutt and Milly Atkinson, Props. fililllflilll-1'lIf.Y nf PIERCE'S RESTAURANT c1HlIIf7HIIIl'llf.S' of R. E5 H. Distributing Co. Packers of PATTY-GAII. SXVICETS w' ' W I Universal Dry Cleaners . Ill' Gin' .gcc5'H Green Stamps lVa1'k Callvfl for and Delivered .- mai 2-1539 H l Sheridan Ave. at McCann's Blvd. l lilmira Heights, N. Y. Ill ll'nrk Erpcrlly Dune in Our Own Plant I C0n1plin1.f'r1t.r Of New Method Varnish Co. Elmira Heights, N. Y. .llaizztcnance Supply Manufacturers The Browse-Around Shop Bea and Dick Personius. Props. Your Host ,llow Is Your Cheapest More ARTHUR NAGLEE M O VIN G LONG lJIS'l'ANl'li 81 LOCAL Cm1tvut.f I nsurvd Grayvan Agency-Phone Z-5483 208 Horseheads Blvd. Iflmira Heights. N.Y. C0u1plinmzi.r i GOSPER-KELLY of 16 Ycars of Qualify Fnotfucar l Main :md Vllatcr Streets l Iilmira, New York Heights Cr1u1pliu1f'n!s I Family Shoe Store i of QL'AI.ITY FOOTWEAR l Popular Pricas for flzc Entire Family E. S. Q. ' 220 lf. Fourteenth Struct lflmirzi Heights, N. Y. E1 I 1 .ra stian Brothers Company liocl1m'slr'1', Nvw York JICSIHNIQRS X I'KCJlJL'CliRS f of -ff- C'nm1m'm'v1m'11l glIllI0lUI!'L'l1If'IIf.V Nrruzv C'ara'.v frk'Ul'jIC IJ. Killip, llisl. llyr. 'lIl.X'i'f'4' lliglz .Yvlzrml Claxx fvtuvlr'-V H'iflz Tuf' llmmrs AT Tllli l"Ul'N'l'AlN IN Tllli HOMIE Pepsi-Cola Elmira Bottling Co. Upper Lake' Road 1 ' v f Izlmlrza. N. X. Phonv 3-7106 fl-'LF 41 i' 'I Hankins Container Co. .1 lun ufarf urvr c'1llHf7Ii!IL"ll I v nf L'rJIQl4L'ii.X'I'IiI7 l'l4olmL'c'1'S MAY'S DAIRY l':ll1liI'Zl. Now York N N I Z 1 Cmnplinmlis CunlI'linwnts Complimmts C'f""fff""ff"'ff 1 of of nf nf 3 OAKWOOD 1 R M k t 1 Beauty Shop ogus at 6 Post 154 ELMIRA 1 109 Grand Central Ave. American Legion W BCl'11iCf' KYOCZYIYSM Elmira Heights Elmira Heights 5 8 1 Sophie Zombeck New York New York 1 Cmlllvlilllfmzlx Complimmfs Cvmplimmis V 0, of EMERY nf N E , FRISK SHREIBMAN RUMSEY , L N S 117 Oakwood Ave. 1 Liquor Store IEWELERS wp, of tu fzfaquqffs 1 Cookie of Drz1'Ur's Traznzng 1 Elmira. N. Y. Phones: 1 5358 - 3-5551 Cm1lfl1'n1vnt.c Con1PIime11ts Compliments Cmnplimmm of of 1 of of 1 F. M. 1 BELLES LEFTYS DAHLSTROM LINBERGER PANTRY GRILL Philip Complimmts C0111plim.ents Cmnpliuwzzts Of of uf FUNERAL HOME TOWNER BUDDIES A FRIEND 1880 Davis Street Elmira, N. Y. COMPANY RESTAURANT 3 Phone 2-2502 113 lfVitl1 Compliments of YOUR NIEIGHBORLY JIEXVELER LES ALPERT C H A R rect lilmira Heights, New York 160 12. Fourteenth St Salad or Lay Away Your Graduation Gift Canzfvliuzvnts BLODGETT BROS. of 1 TOM VALLIS KAISICR -r VYILLYS o GROCIQRIES o 1 1 1 Hm.wln..Hlg -X: Y 119 iirzmcl Central Avenue I 1'11I111I'Il Hn-ights, N. Y. 1 1 4 aaa aaa 1 aaa Mgr , WATERLOX 1 0 i 'l'R.'XNSVARliNT L ,QQ flung: Url l'rucv5snU ef X all ,Ma 1 For 1"lnm's, XVouc1wurk K lfurniturc 1 95" . lfasy In .'lffvly -- 17117111710 ,gig :.A H: lfIt't'ffiUlIlII Cmwragv I gl' 114 M fmlle. we ff 9 Emo :""Ljy1 .4 -1 N aj 'N y f KJ X. y, FOR SAFETY'S SAKE-DEMAND' li JK ':.- emi! COASTER BRAKE f' X -L foe' x ..,,. -, 3 1 TEM I tml . ,p ,,.. I 1, X V--Q, . , Q : ' f " N ei E , L ' ' .L ,ii ' ' 'ff L f ' xx- ::,-:' l g I, 5 I I STOPS QUICKER 0 PEDALS EASIER COASTS FARTHER o LASTS LONGER because it's built by the world's foremost authority on braking-the same organi- zation that makes the brakes for your car. i' Your dealer will gladly put on the brake you want-so just say "Bendix" Courier Brake." "'x:s.u.s.rn' rf: ECLIPSE MACHINE DIVISION of ELMIRA, NEW YORK Fleet Motor Lines, Inc. lflmirzi Heights, N.Y. - Phone 8215 - New York City - VVz1lker 5-4206 Niagara Falls - 7752 LC. C. Sz P. S.C. BONIJED CARRIER Elmira Building Units Cixmzu 8: CliI.OCRH'1'l-1 BUILDING BLOCKS lliurics 8: CHIMNEY UNITS 1898 Grand Central Avenue - Phone 5465 - C0llIf?lllIIf'l1f5 of I-IlLL'S BAKERY Haier tioods from Our 077011 To Your Home Daily 2002 College Avenue - Phone 3-9513 - lilinirzfs Original Wright Electric Company FOUNDED 1913 WIis'rINGHoL'5ii APPLIANCICS 2026 Lake Street lilmira, N. Y. 1 Cmnfvliuzwrts I-1az1ett's Food Market 1 1 1 N of A slilcx'-L'--SAYIQ-Li STORE 1 Erways Sweet Shop 1 H'l1vrv Qualify ls Stcfrvfrrv 127 XY. Fourteenth Street l'nmplin1uHI5 uf C""'f'H"W"f-V 1 of WHIPPLE 1 1 EASTERN METAL LUMBER COMPANY 1 r of Elmira, Inc. ,. , , Y,,, EMA or W 3 citllllflilll-1'Y1f.Y 1QIiI7R1Glf1l.'Vl'1tJN SIQRYICF 1 Uf 249 RU1l1I1XY00l1:xVt'l1l1L 5 8 1':1I111I'Zl Heights, N.Y. 1 K 1 ,,,,,,,,, , f-tllllfflilllfflfj nf Brace Tool E3 Machine Shop Stafford's Service Station 139 VV. Seventeenth Street Lake Road 1 1 1'11I111I'2l Heights N.Y. llorsclu-zuls. N.Y. 1 ' 116 C0Il1f7HIlI1'l1fS Of FAWN BEVERAGE 56 Slltflllilll Avenue at East Eleventh Street Cf7ll1f7lillIL'!IfS of Elmira Moose Lodge Cmlzlvlillzvvnfs , of l l l Bartholomew E3 Hall, Inc. l lilmira, New York A Barrett glpprowcd Roofcrs Clwzcral Electric Heating Equifvmvnt Coulplinzmzts of ELMIRA TOBACCO COMPANY, INC. , , , X K 7, ,, Co111j1Ii1m'nf,v l Cm11N1'1m'r1t.v uf vf l A FRIEND l l A FRIEND 117 JS.. N S S 'N Q 'N ' QQ f SPONSORS gg xw Artistic Card Companv C A Baniield Cover Service Baniield Jennings Corp. The Bootery Dr. Nathan Cohen R Edgcombs Furniture i ' Elmira Arms Co. i ' i Kelly Drug Co. Mallory's Sport Shop Dr. Clyde Nagle S W mi National Letter Carriers H X Pal's Sporting Goods Personius Warne S Sherwin Williams sm wg S State Restaurant H. Strauss, Inc. J. P. Sz M. Sullivan ' Werdenbergs 2 if lit ill? ill ll will 118 -V - ..., m4.,1.5A. PATRONS AND PATRONESSES A friend Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Amberg Sally Amberg NVilliam F. Amberg and Mrs. Victor A. Baldwin and Mrs. Thomas A. Banfield Edward Barton and Mrs. Peter Beach Rev. and Mrs. James O. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Bell Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Bell Mr. Samuel C. Biondolillo Paul W. Bjorck Mr. and Mrs. Clive A. Blowers Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Blowers Mrs. Vera Bouton Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs . Charles L. Bowers . Charles Bowman and Mrs. and Mrs. . David Browne Clark Bowman Pierson Brobst and Mrs. Charles Buchanan and Mrs and Mrs. . john Burdick Chester Campbell Earl Canfield and Mrs. John Carpenter and Mrs. Robert S. Chase David Michael Cheplick Thomas M. Cheplick Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Christian Dr. Ray D. Cleveland Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Clowser Mrs. Helen Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Coletta Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Cowles Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cowulich Amelia D. Cronk Mr. Mr Mr Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. . Arthur B. Cross . Peter Dangelo . Charles Dietrick Jr. Charles Dietrick Lynn Doane Mr. and Mrs Terry J. Doane . Harley Doane Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. and Mrs. William Dougherty Charles Easterbrook Edgar A. Edger Charles H. Emmick Harold Empert Ev and Johnny Mr. and Mrs. Abel Faivre Gene Faivre Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. . and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Miss Thelma Griswold Miss Marlene Gunshaw Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Al Hall Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr Rex ford Fink and Mrs. . E. D. French Harold A. Fritsch Stephan Fronko Ray Genung . Clifford Georgia LaMonte Georgia Donald E. Gray J. O. Green Claude W. Guthrie Nicholas Haich Lyle F. Harder Richard Hancock Orlo Harrington Austin Heater Carl H. Heater and Mrs. Madison Hess . and Mrs. Robert M. Hoffman Shirlee Hotchkiss Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hotchkiss Mr. and Mrs. Albert Howell Miss Lillian Hritsko Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs . Henry Hughes and Mrs. and Mrs . John Hryskanich . William Hryskanich Francis Hugg Rex ford Ingerick Leon Jaynes Scott R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kadlec Mr. and Mrs. Paul Keenan Miss Carol Kendall Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Kennon PATRONS AND PATRDNESSES Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klungle Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Knott Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kolanach Mr. and Mrs. William Kopko Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kordyl M r. and Mrs. Stanley Kozdemba Dr. and Mrs. li. P. Krzesinski Mr. and Mrs. Lester Rumsmoke Mr. and Mrs. Bernard P. Rutty Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ryder Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Saginario Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Schiefen Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Schiefen Dr. Bradford Shepson Rev. and Mrs. Leverenz Mr. and Mrs. Hector Lorenzini Mrs. Ida M. Lusk Mr. and Mrs. james MacBlane Mr. and Mrs. George Marcy Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Leon McMillen Douglas Mettler Mr. and Mrs. Egberg Mettler Miss F. Middaugh and Mother Patricia Middaugh Mr. and Mrs. John Misnick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mosher Mrs. K. Mowchan Mr. and Mrs. Metro Mowchan Mr. and Mrs. William Mowchan Mrs. Leone Mull Mr. and Mrs. Francis Murphy M rs. Rudolph Novak Mr. and Mrs. Ray Olney Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Palladino Mr. and Mrs. Peter Palmieri Mr. and Mrs. Herman Parker Miss Dorothy Parks Mrs. Dorothy Pearson A ' Pete, Jerry and Fran Mr. and Mrs. Michael Polovick The Pony Express Backfield Mr. and Mrs. Harold Proper Miss Betty Jean Querqui UI. Boyd Reed jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Riker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Riker, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. joseph F. Riley Miss Helen E. Roy Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Shutt Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Siglin, Sr. Mr and Mrs. Everett Siglin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Siglin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Finley Steele Mr. and Mrs. Welling A. Storch Welling R. Storch Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Straley Miss Loretta Straley Mr. Joseph Sweeda Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sykes Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Terry Miss june B. Terry Mr. and Mrs. Austin Thomas Mrs. Mabel Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Treat Mr. and Mrs. Leo Valego Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van Orman Mr. and Mrs. John S. Vantine Mr. and Mrs. Nile Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Leman Watson Mr. and Mrs. Weir Mr. and Mrs. jacob Welch Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wheet Mr. and Mrs. Peter White Mrs. Dillie Whiting Mr. and Mrs. Edward Whittenhall Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woidzik Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Edward VVolcott Warren Woodard Mahlon J. Woodhouse Carl Yohn Mrs. Irene Zumchak , , 4 ' .J - ' ' M W Dwwgfgy W 5 gffwfgfff W W fc , ' f J o 5 . . Q Wy A yif,fAfWgifgffffff'fi W5 M WAWW wifi ff:ia ff2i fgffw MQ? bf 1 C120-'Cf" ' f ,af A, , , ybbff ,fu fqvfi v f ff . Xf ,2,1,-4 5 1 ff-V .phfv-sua Buy-if '54 Z Z 1 Z

Suggestions in the Thomas A Edison High School - Edisonian Yearbook (Elmira Heights, NY) collection:

Thomas A Edison High School - Edisonian Yearbook (Elmira Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Thomas A Edison High School - Edisonian Yearbook (Elmira Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Thomas A Edison High School - Edisonian Yearbook (Elmira Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Thomas A Edison High School - Edisonian Yearbook (Elmira Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Thomas A Edison High School - Edisonian Yearbook (Elmira Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Thomas A Edison High School - Edisonian Yearbook (Elmira Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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