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 - Class of 1943

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O-F125 6707! ff x If H X... ,,,,,,,.....m.-n---"' -f-nm.--.-.-.-..... ...-. S EWG! sf U -...SSW .1 ."N"'-...L ,,..1. , A , ' 3, -, x I 1 ---f-rravfrfifff 1' ' QT- ' "':':"31"1'.Lf'-M""" l i 1- " . . bn L' . " .. ,., ,..-' ,..'0'.f CQ, ,A-ij. :- --'-'- ---,,v,,.v-fi'M,i'Til,,,,..f-ix. . A' ,fvww4j1::2:f7ggM3H1Ewiii ' ,V.--4ww1H2Em?m vi-A':,::":l'f".,,-,,,1 .,..- hpxqr it . ul , vs.. Q ...H-w i ,..,.,,,.., Y . www' NrWMHf'f ' ut ' e "pL' 'ef "3 -f- . 4 ,. tv e 5. U . , , , , ' ,- 'V .T ff-' 'ljlhyaafi D j gh, A, -.Q lv '!:- ''l' An 'Tim . iifgg QHBW' ""'M" 'Jm'14ffl -y Dill "QV, ' 1' " E I, Irv, -' 5 . ,gf ii V V - "i .'-'- "ir V-as 1 " ,,",' .A 4' ' , -f"':1W'1' -' ...A if 3 f' ' in ' lil ..,'f'fJ' -N " il , fi, 2 le 1 -' 41 ........ ff- e . ef?-2 1' 5 ' f- .t Q '11 3, ,- vw.. - , Lf-. I rfl- . ,Q f .L in fi i- -1 . A .,- H , .Hit if: 9:,.t.qv4- r.....s- if r-lv-tray'-3 1 ,. -.r'f,g,-:mf , af... ,-7 M'-lA!I..-1 X rrzwvvvvl H- wg" '43 yet, 'K -3 A, ahwirdwx ' ai 4' 'KL A, .lui f . UA 'i E-Sl r 1, 'ji-ilwv, , K :.4ih,f:Mi' ..i-nik", ui- ' , , N . ' 4-sw-15 A -'QQ ,rs-. ' - , 1, V5.1 " .,.1s-ti.. .:.-- ,i 3.f2J"' lu hirmn, .,.. k3'gQ.?v,3,i14i li wk-1.3 ww , ' ff' if '- "N 'li' if-EirrfallS'M1'3'iff5El31f?. ' -:""M":"'f T2TLLQ,.,l2 -i5i'?'W A A ,. A - ...May -rse1M.,i--:w.rwfwi1'uir 'w',r- fn '- Jw -. s.,,222af.,wfsJit . -yr.. .mm .- 'vA- '- - A -Q-ff '3-' i if 43- 1shwiiiit"Qtg'.-V"nz-1:.'ei' 'i 'f,QgfS:u:Ligs,. - "Writ 'VF'f,'i'1:'.E5.53Z1E'2f'i"-Mm-W--5-A-.',.lf,-11vWi""J5 ' 1Cr' W .. . f::- r"'ifi" ,TT'2'Tf-i'Ef?T'ff'1Gf'2?7f'T???'?"i"'f "" W""':" N- -. mb? gllmzx efllflaier Come, comrads dear, and join us, We'll raise a mighty cheer For the good old Alma Mater, To all of us so dear, For there is not one among us, But loves her with his might. And always does his bravest For the Blue and Orange bright. Dear beloved Alma Mater, We honor thy fair name, And as athletes, and as students, We'll earn you praise and fame. On the foot-ball field or diamond, For thee shall praise resoundg In the classic's hall of learning Shall be owned thy fair renown All too fast the time draws nearer-0 School days behind we'll leave: Then for thee clear Alma Mater ln the after years we'll grieve, Always as a gentle mother, Our hearts to thee are true, As you teach us loyal friendship To the Orange and the Blue, Page 2 FIFTH -o:.DrTsoN CL-ASS of IS43 THOMAS AHEQDISON 4-HG-H SCHOOL fav To Mu. 4luaua Pu!! Sinai, our adviser and friend, to whom in large rneusure we owe the many good times as well as the achievements of our Four years in high school, we of the staff, in behalf of the Clue of l9h3, dedicate this "Edisonien' . Page 4 FIRST ROW: Geraldine M. Jacob Welch, James Lamb Eric Erickson, Dr. John ABSENT when Picture was Lamb, James Teacher's Committee Elkin, Manuel Hower, Raymond Mowchan, Metro Welch, Jacob Building Committee Erickson, Eric Elkin, Manuel Hower, Raymond Schiefen, Theodore Finance Committee Kimball, Howard Erickson, Eric Kadlec, Henry Mowchan, Metro X'g,.-M tl ' .au Lyon, Theodore Schiefen, Raymond J. Hower, President. SECOND ROW: Howard H. Kimball, W. Sahlstrom, Henry J. Kadlec, Metro Mowchan. taken: Manuel H. Elkin. BOARD OF EDUCATION President Textbook Committee Chairman Welch, Jacob Kadlec, Henry Schiefen, Theodore Chairman Kimball, Howard Sahlstrom,Dr.John W Chairman Lyon, Geraldine M. Welch, Esther W. Page 6 Chairman Purchasing Agent Superintendent Secretary to Board School Secretary 5- ' W3-"E2?M.U.v.,. '-1..,, ,M-'-ff .- , . fait! V., '13 If . V3i?l?:12S"'w 41' ,-qi 'wi j'EfLi115' .- . J, .- . . - ',. . A ,ft -,Q ,.15,-iypgnzg J Q... -- "fgfi':S1-8535235 -fi-zsffif ' -?-525,254 -ft: ' a' I ' "Em .-mv: 1 '-if-We "1'zQf?v-:ufg4.'i'cf?f:f ,Q 5 :. Q ., :Ku :vp K .Ay I--Y! 4Ei?t1,l,:1. - . 'Jlfs A . tl: w. Q11-1, -Y.:--.f ' ff' "Y-H.. 1,22 'fig-'fif ' ' .. .X :Sm i'rw4' A-gl :Yi 'f l iflkfil 253251 -if A ' W1r:: f L - '.'1qiEA'q9W,jp.,-1 -5'-.g,3.f' - ,gf w,gT3i" X 'Q 110 ,,.g'Ak 'if-"-.-fr '- J :N ' Taxa A -f 'ad' 1-My .y..,,,, ,V ,Risk .inf ,, 3, ,FF if 1, Y . QE .. Q. .r:,,i, ' ' V he ,fa-Q,-.ifeliffs-1,L+1 'i tppzfzfw. H wil: Af .lv1QQ, ':?5'fT'1'.1?Q' -Sfifiigfl 'W' N?Ff4?i"' ' 93-gF!f5,"E" . V, ,LY . Xiii w , -5132 : A: r 1- y ku-.grf,455s:zw 5 Pg ff. .,,.ll,',-. 336: wwiv? N . 1 ,wi ,wi YN' Rx"f,J ., , U7 .-,ig Commercial Mathematics Science Eleanor Chambers, B. S. Ruth Fancher, B.A. Marjorie Smith Fritsch, B.S Business Department Mathematics Science Teacher Elmira College Elmira College Elmira College Vernon Dreer, B.A. L. Victor Sick, B.S. Science Commercial Subiects Syracuse University Hartwick College 3 S . - Social Studies Languages Vs.. Library Florinne Pratt Stuart, A.B. Caroline Overton, A.B. Dorothy Ferris Codet, M.A. Language Department Social Studies English, Social Studies Middlebury College Syracuse University Cornell University Elizabeth,Riley, B.S. Louise A. Sheeder, B.A. Anna Mae Helton, B.A. Librarian English Department English Department Elmira College Randolph Macon Berea College Women's College Page 8 Industrial Arts Physical Education Kenneth Phillips, B.S. Selma B. Howard, B.F.A. John Albert Northrup, B.S Industrial Arts Art Teacher Physical Education Buffalo State Syracuse St. Lawrence Teacher's College University University 'Ellen H. Phillips, B.S. Margaret Henze, B.S. Home Economics Physical Education Buffalo State Skidmore College Teacher's College El Administration Music Mrs. Edna Van Orman. R.N. Geraldine M. Lyon Ralph Sutherland, B.S. School Nurse Elmira Business Director of Music St. Joseph's Hospital Institute Ithaca College Secretary to Board Esther W. Welch Carol L. Kendall, M.A. T.A.E. High School Dean of Students School Secretary Syracuse University Page 9 YEAREOOK EDITORS 5hATED left to right: Josephine Jurusik, Frank Pesesky, Charles Easter hronv, Miss Chambers, Vera Mangus, Robert Prokopec. STANDING lefi to right: Virginia Shafer, Hugh Albee, Edward Mullin Mary Emelski, Eugene Martin, Margaret Norwood, Jack Satterlee, Doris McCullough. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Charles Easterbrook ASSISTANT EDITOR Robert Prokopec SENIORS Josephine Jurusik TYPING Mary Emelski PHOTOGRAPHS Jack Satterlee CLASSES Margaret Norwood CLUBS Virginia Shafer ADVERTISING Hugh Albee BOARD OF EDUCATION Vera Mangus SPORTS Eugene Martin ART Edward Mullin BUSINESS MANAGER Doris McCullough FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Eleanor Chambers The Edisonian Staff wishes to take the opportunity to thank the students a the members of the faculty for their kind assistance in the publication of t yearbook. Page 10 YEARBOOK STAFF FIRST ROW left to right: Ruth Brown, Elsie Stumpff, Charles L'Amoreaux, Betty Hutchings, Edward Griemsmann, Margaret Neal, Joseph Palmieri, Helen Petelchuck SECOND ROW left to right: Catherine MacBlane, Kathleen Ewsuk, Helen Obuhanich, Norma Smith, Crystal Hurd, Helen Erickson, Irene Mowchan, Beulah Wheeler, Mari Swartout, Helen Bolak. THIRD ROW left to right: Betty Bensley, John Waytina, Richard Sheldon, James Fudge, Steve Mysnick, Sam Popovich, Mary Tarby, Anna Bennett. STAFF OF YEARBOOK Seniors Mary Tarby Art Sam Popovich Richard Sheldon John Waytina Frank Pesesky Betty Bensley Kathleen Ewsuk Helen Obuhanych Charles L'Amoreaux Evelyn Soper , Photography Helen Erickson Sports Sam Popovich Advertising Helen Bolak Club Marian Swartout James Fudge Robert Jones Juniors Margaret Neal Beulah Wheeler Joseph Palmieri Elsie Stumpff Raymond Vosburgh Frank Platko Typists Secretarial Practice Theodore Polley Page 1 1 Class 3. In Memoriam . We, the class of 1943, still deeply feel the loss of our former classmate, Helen Burroughs, whose part- icipation in scholastic and extra-curricular activi- ties served as an inspiration to fellow students, and whose cheerful willingness to help, endeared her to all. Page 12 -1 K X Wx J -1- "N, i ig September 1942 - January 1943 Bennett, Anna Brown, Ruth Easterbrook, Charles Emelski, Mary Erickson, Helen Fecich. Julia Hryskanich, Anne Hutcheson, Edwin 5' Tarby, Mary Jurusik, Josephine L'Amoreaux, Charles MacB1ane, Catherine Popovich, Sam Prokopec, Robert Shafer, Virginia Shaw, Barbara Jean Smith, Norma HQNQR RQLL N f f Qt ff g X fp g Charles Easterbrook Treasurer Josephine Jurusik Vice President Frank Pesesky Anne Hryskanich Secretary President Eugene Martin Robert Prokopec Council Member Council Member EXEEIJTIVE IIIIILJNEII. Page 15 HUGH'ALBEE HStewH A lad with looks and talent indeed May Hugh now and forever succeed. ' Hobby--Making records Fav. Subject--Languages 'r Plans after graduation--Rochester University CNAVY V-13 Boy's State Representative-3 Class President-1 Executive Council-2 Junior 0peretta,Leading role Yearbook Staff-4 Junior Rotarian-3 ANNA BENNETT A Hwesieu Happy, cheerful, quiet, and shy-- Get to know her and--My-oh-My! Hobby--Scrapbooks Fav. Subject--English YLE Plans after graduation--Undecided jf Library Council-3,4 Yearbook Staff Student Director, Senior Play Junior Operetta-3 BETTY JUNE BENSLEY uBenseH Extra goodness, extra strength, All she needs now is extra length. Hobby-Sports and Painting Fav. Subj.-Mech. Drawing Plans after graduation--Secure a position Senior Play Production-4 Yearbook Staff-4 Athletic Council--1 Commercial C1Ub-2,3,4 Girls' SQOFIS-1,3,3,4 HELEN BOLAK "Bollie" Y Here's a girl who's calm and sweet She will never admit defeat. Hobby--Studying Riveting Fav. Subj.--English Y Plans after graduation--Undecided Operetta Production-3 ' Fun Frolic Production-3 Yearbook Staff-4 Page 16 RUTH BROWN HBrownieH With a friendly smile and a merry jest, She goes her way and does her best. Hobby-Reading Fav. Subject-Typewriting Plans after graduation--Eclipse Senior Play Production-4 ChOFUS-1,2,3,4 Christmas Cantata-4 Operetta Production-3 Fun Frolic Booth-3 MARY COOK uCookieH She smiles and speaks to all she knows, She certainly is popular with Grotto beaus. Hobby-Roller Skating Fav. Subject-Business Law Plans after graduation--Secure a position Senior Play Production-4 ef Commercial Club-2,3,4 Operetta P 1 Fun Frolic-3 Q Qi .an -it 5 . ,r ff ii A ' T gjigl ' I .,.s.x..fg. 5 .X , MARJORIE COWAN ncupidn Margie does not hurry-- Nor sit up late to cram, Nor have the blues, nor worry, Yet--she passes her exams! Hobby-Dancing Fav. Subject-English Plans after graduation--Join the WAAC's. Operetta Production-3 Fun Frolic Production-3 Home Economics Club-3,4 CHARLES EASTERBROOK HCharlieH A good fellow with knowledge to spare, When brains were passed out, he got more than his share. Hobby-Wood-working Fav. Subject-Mathematics Plans after graduation--Technical School Class Treasurer-4. Editor, Yearbook-4 Editor, Newspaper-2 Band-1,2,3,4 Athletic Association-2 Boys' State Representative-3 Page 17 SAIBII MARY EMELSKI HSandyH At the l.A.E. call-- She is the nBelle of the balln. Hobby-Movies Fav. Subject-Study Hall Plans after graduation--E.B.I. or Nursing Athletic Club-1,2,3 Leaders' Club-3,4 Newspaper Club-2 Yearbook Staff-4 Operetta Production-3 HELEN ERICKSON HLa Lan We need say little of one known so well, Whose qualities their own worth foretell. Hobby-Taking snapshots Fav. Subject-French Plans after graduation--WAVES Class Secretary-2 Library Council-4 Senior Play Cast-4 Home Economics Club-1,2,3.4 Yearbook Staff-4 Sports Club-1,2 xi, . 4. X Wf,, 4 7 V n . - 1 'A,LfKAQHL3zN'EwsUK Q atc an H e's Hsgi wit, U D onality LG'spare, .I more w e like he , wd,wqugdn't care. N Y' . ' bby-RS g ,,N K JJF3vL'Su 'ect-Study Hall If Plans a jer gradigtion--Un ded Sglxy' ibjf' Seni PEgy Cast-4 'xJ, fW Oper tta Cast-3 'qi Baf1d'.2,3,4 CHOFUS-1,2,3 JULIA FECICH l1Ju1ien Always peppy, always game Without her school won't be the same. HObbY'JitfefbU88inE FHV- Subject-Home Economics Plans after graduation--Eclipse Senior Play Production-4 Home Economics Club-1,2,3,4 Home Ec. Treasurer-4 Girls' Sports Club-1,2,3,4 Page 18 Giris' shop Club-4 igg JAMES FUDGE IIJ-T'll Just one more versatile man from the band, Everyone knows J. T. and thinks he's grand. Hobby-Music and Sports Fav. Subject-Int. Algebra Plans after graduation--College. Senior Play Cast-4 Yearbook Staff-4 Operetta, Cast-3 Band-1,2,3,4 A Boys' State Representative-3 EDWARD GRIEMSMANN ncreasyu Few minutes are dull when Ed's around, And monotonous moments are never found. Hobby-Flying Fav. Subject-History Plans after graduation--Air Corps Senior Play Cast-4 Class Treasurer-2 Baseball-2,3 Yearbook Staff-4 Band-3,4 Athletic Council-1,4 FAY HIGGINBOTHAM nlgiiggiell Fay has that infectious grin, That makes everybody join in. Hobby-Skating Fav. Subject-Typing Plans after graduation--Secure a position Girls' Sports Club-3,4 Senior Play Production-4 Operetta Production-3 Fun Frolic Booth-3 ANNE HRYSKANICH llspeedyll Ready to smile, slow with a pout, Anne is cheerful day in and day out. Hobby-Dancing Fav- SUbjeCI-Shorthand Plans after graduation--Business school Class Secretary-4 ChOfUS-1,2,3,Q Girls' Sports' Club-1,2,3 Senior Play Cast-4 Operetta Cast-3 Yearbook Staff-4 Page 19 CRYSTAL HURD HDynamite Our popular Crystal is in reality-- A maid possessing contagious vitality. I Hobby-Writing letters Fav. Subject-Shorthand if Plans after graduation--Undecided Operemta Production-3 Senior Play Production-4 Yearbook Staff-4 Fun Frolic-3 BETTY HUTCHINGS lIBetll Imagine this lady so flighty and gay spending her time in school all day. Hobby-Writing to a soldier Fav. Subject-Mech. Drawing Plans after graduation--That soldier knows best! Girls' Shop Club-4 Yearbook Staff-4 Senior Play Production-4 Dramatic Club-4 Ch0fUS'3,Q EDWIN HUTCHINSON IIPFOII Rather cheerful, rather short, 1' 1002 a good sport. Hobby-Pool shark Fav. Subject-Mathematics Plans after graduation--U. S. Navy Business Manager, Yearbook-4 Senior Play Production-4 Operetta Production-3 Fun Frolic Booth-3 ROBERT JONES HJonesieY Jonesie's fair, Jonesie's square, None better can be found anywhere. Hobby-Aviation Fav. Subject-History C Plans after graduation--Navy Air Corps Senior Play Production-4 Shop Club-2,3,4 Vice-President-4 Model Airplane Club-4 Operetta Production-3 Page 20 JOSEPHINE JURUSIK NJOII Pleasing in manner, full of fun, With everybody she's A-Number-1. Hobby-Reading Fav. Subject-Mathematics Plans after graduation--College or Nursing Class President-3 Vice-President-4 Library Council-2,3,4 President-4 Elmira College Key Award Popularity Queen-3 Senior Play Cast-4 Yearbook Staff-4 ANDREW KERRICK NDroxieH Varsity football, hard and rough+- Shows that nDroxieu has the stuff. Hobby-Making Models Fav. Subject-Shop Plans after graduation--Army Air Corps Football-2,3,4 Baseball-3 FRANK KRYSTOF uKriSn Loyal in commerce we well can see, Full-fledged business man is he. Hobby-Collecting sport Fav. Subject-Bookkeeping pictures Plans after graduation--U.S.Army Basketball-1,2,3,4 Baseball-1,2,3,q Senior Play Production-4 Operetta Production-3 CHARLES L'AMOREAUX ncindyn Helpful, witty, with much to say, Charlie can always save the day. Hobby-Sports Fav. Subject-Mathematics Plans after graduation--College or uUncle Samu Class President-2 Senior Play Cast-4 Yearbook Staff-4 Operetta Production-3 Page 21 Hobby-Roller Skating Fav. Subject-Typing Plans after graduation--Undecided To knock off doorknobs isn't always human, But this is a small task for HSuper-womann. Hobby-Music Fav. Subject-Rudiments of Plans after graduation--College Music 'JJ Agua ,, CATHERINE MaCBLANE uShrimpn Her catching wit and charming smnle Have won her friends for many a mile. Hobby-Skating Fav. Subject-English Plans after graduation--Undecided Commercial Club--3,4 Senior Play Production-4 Operetta Production-3 Fun Frolic Booth-3 VERA MANGUS No thought have I-but one-- And that, by gosh, is fun! Yearbook Staff-4 Cheerleader-3,4 X Pres. Cheerleading Club-4 Home Economics Club-1,2,3 . CHOTUS-1,2,3,4 S Athletic Association-2,3 ' W g FK EUGENE MARTIN llMaaChll Genie's jitter-bugging inspires us to say, We hope hep-cats are here to stay. Hobby-Research Fav. Subject-Physics Plans after graduation--Armed Forces Yearbook Sports Editor-4 Executive Council-4 Baseball Manager-2,3 Football Manager, 1,2,3,4 Senior Play Production-4 DORIS MCCULLOUGH HDO Don French Club-1 Yearbook Staff-4 ChOfUS'1,2,3,4 Senior Play Production-4 Operetta Production-3 Page zz IRENE MOWCHAN nRenyn A willing hand, a ready smile, Make Irene's friendship well worth while. Hobby-Collecting Souvenirs Fav. Subject-Shortand Plans after graduation--Be a private secretary Yearbook Staff-4 Home Economics Club-3,4 Cheerleading Club-2 Senior Play Production-4 EDWARD MULLEN NMoonH Ed plays his Nsaxu mighty sweet-- To hear him play is quite a treat. Hobby-Drawing Fav. Subject-Shop Plans after graduation--Navy or Marines Yearbook Art Editor-4 Operetta Production-3 Senior Play Production-4 , ' ' 5 fYVlA,0A ,Uli- wife-QAZWMO 1' . ,W STEVEN MYSNYK uMuzzyN Not too serious, not too gay-- But a rare good fellow, all the way. Hobby-Reading books Fav. Subject-History Plans after graduation--Armed forces. Graphic Arts Club-3,4 Football-3,4 Senior Play Production-4 'lv aw Operetta Production-3 Fun Frolic-3 MARGARET NORWOOD HPee Ween For friendship's sake-- No task is too great. Hobby-Writing and Collecting Fav. Subject-Latin poetry Plans after graduation--Nursing at St. Joseph's German Club-2 Leaders' Club-3,4 Sports Club-3,4 CHOFUS-1,2 Yearbook Staff-4 Co-Student Director, Sr. Play-4 P329 33 ., .3 U jl W HELEN OBUHANYCH HOb1e Helen always has her fun, L' But not until her work is done. Hobby-Collecting Banners Fav. Subject-Design Plans after graduation--Undecided Girls' Shop Club-4 Yearbook Staff-4 Girls' Sports Club-1,2,3 Executive Council-1 Senior Play Production-4 NICHOLAS OPPER HNicku Nice and handsome is our Nick, Nice enough for any nChickH. Hobby-Model Building Fav. Subject-Pre-Flight Plans after graduation--Army Air Corps lGlider pilotl Football-3 Pre-Flight course at Ground School FRANK PESESKY uFritzH All 'round fellow, good Pres. is he-- We all like him--Fritz Pesesky. HObby-Sports , Fav. Subject-History Plans after graduation--Army Class President-4 Football-3,4 Basketball-1,2,3,q Yearbook Staff-4 Football Manager-2 HELEN PETELCHUK llpetelll Helen is just a bundle of fun A winning smile for everyone. Hobby-Dancing Fav. Subject-Typing Plans after graduation--E. B. I. Chorus-1,2,3 Home Economics Club-1,2,3,4 Yearbook Staff-4 Senior Play Production-4 Operetta Production-3 Page 24 FRANK PLATKO IlFat ll Full of pep and fun, HBut Gee! Lessons are for you, not me.u Hobby-Staying in nights Fav. Subject-Mathematics Plans after graduation--Only Uncle Sam knows. Football-3 Asst.Mgr., Football-2 Manager, Baseball-2 Manager, Basketball-3 Commercial Law Club- Vice Pres. 2 SAM POPOVICH llpoppll Without him, sports are incomplete-- Our Sam's a fellow hard to beat. Hobby-Drawing Fav. Subject-Chemistry Plans after graduation--Aviation Cadet Basketball-1,2,3,4 ' Baseball-1,2,3,4 Yearbook Staff-4 Senior Play Production-4 Ni Athletic Association-1 Operetta Production-3 ROBERT PROKOPEC Ilprokell Calm, intelligent, quiet, neat, The kind of boy we like to meet. Hobby-Archery Fav. Subject-Trigonometry Plans after graduation--Army Air Corps Class Vice-President-2 Executive Council-3,4 Asst. Editor, Yearbook-4 Model Making Club-3 Senior Play Production-4 Newspaper Club-2 , A 5 ' x MARY REYNOLDS HBil1ieN Always happy, full of fun-- Mary's a friend to everyone. Hobby--Writing letters Fav. Subject-Chemistry Plans after graduation--College Library COUDCi1'1,2,3,4 Senior Play Production-4 Girls' Day-2 CNOFUS-1,2,3,4 Page 25 ROBERT ROLLER HRabbitH Very bashful in 1940-- Now just try and call him Shorty! Hobby-Model building Fav. Subject-Shop Plans after graduation--Armed forces Model Making Club-3 Graphic Arts Club-4 Athletic Association-2 Senior Play Production-4 JACK SATTERLEE llsatll And when a lady's in the case-- You know all other things give place. ' Hobby-Model building Fav. Subject-Mech. Drawing Plans after graduation--Air Corps .4 Q Senior Play Cast-4 4097 Y V'U"" Yearbook Staff-4 7 Band-1,2,3,u Fun Frolic-3 f eel if efcfc-c,e.,t4e. fn., PAUL SELEWACH usallyu Tall and lanky, with lots of vim, No one gets the jumpn on him. Hobby-Eclipse Girls Fav. Subject-Mathematics Plans after graduation--Army Air Corps Operetta Production-3 Fun Frolic-3 Church League Basketball-3,4 VIRGINIA SHAFER A' uGinnieu Golden curls and bright blue eyes-- When you're with Ginnie, how time flies! Hobby-Taking snapshots Fav. Subject--Mathematics Plans after graduation--Nursing Class Treasurer-3 Library Council-2,3,4 Girls' Sports Club-1,2 Senior Play Cast-4 Leaders' Club-3 Yearbook Staff-4 Page 26 Comme Frenc RICHARD SHELDON IIDiCkll BARBARA SHAW nBabsu Pretty, well-dressed, charming With a smile that's quite disarming Hobby-Records Fav. Subject Home Economics Plans after graduation--Be a telephone operator Library Council-1,2 3 4 rcial Club-3 Home Economics Club 2 h Club-1 Senior Play Production 4 All great men are dying-j I don't feel so well myself! Hobby-Girls Fav. Subject-No such thing Plans after graduation--A.W.O.L. IA wolf on the loose.l Class Vice-President-1 Executive Council-4 Yearbook Staff-4 Operetta-3 Fun Frolic Booth-3 HELEN SHERMAN W Happy-go-lucky, full,of fun Operett llshermll Pep and ability all in one Hobby-Records and Dancing Fav Subyect Typing Plans after graduation--Work in Postal Telegraph Library Council-1,2, 3 4 Home Economics Club-1 2 3 Drum Majorettes-2,3 Ch.-Junior-Senior Banquet Senior Play Production 4 a'3 NORMA SMITH u Sm i T- I y n oys and girls both think her swell, Brains and talent serve her well. I f'7LZ!4Z? -Singing Fav. Subject-Shorthand Plans after graduation--Undeci Operetta Cast-3 ded fy Yearbook'Staff-4 ChOfUS'1,2,3 Home Economics Club-4 Special ChOfUS-1,2,3 Page 27 She Plans after g noopieu EVELYN SOPER uMargieU Always contented and well at ease is never hard to please. Hobby-Square Dancing Fav. Subject-English raduation--Get a job Home Economics Club-1,2,3,4 Girls' Ch0fUS-1,2,3,4 Senior Play Production-4 Operetta Production-3 ELSIE STUMPFF Sh? has Ifiendshgalore, ,Personality--even more! Hobby-Reading Fav. Subject-Business Law Plans after graduation--Office work or join WAAC's Home Economics C1Ub'1,2,3 Commercial Club-3,4 Comm. Club Sec.-4, Treas.-3 Girls' Shop Club-4 Girls' Sports Club-3 Yearbook Staff-4 ng j . ,A 'x . RAYMOND T MARIAN SWARTOUT N Spud!! Here's a sweet miss, so demure-- Guaranteed, the blues to cure. Hobby-Movies Fav. Subject-Typing Plans after graduation--Go on to school Class Secretary-3 Senior Play Cast-4 Home Economics Club-3,4 ChOFHS-1,2 Yearbook Staff-4 UPPER HTUPII his head- his facee goes, he' Red hair on Freckles on Wherever he Hobby-Model Building Fav. Subject-Pre-Flight Plans after graduation--Arm Operetta Production Dramatic Club-3 Pre-flight course at Ground School Senior Play Production-4 ll hold his place. y Air Corps -3 Page 28 0 J HELEN WESTLAKW "Billie" '94 Genial in manner and ready for fun, Brimful of good cheer for everyone, Hobby-Taking snapshots Plans after graduation--Nursing Senior Play Production-4 Fun Frolic Booth-3 Girls' Sports Club-1 2 4 Girls' Shop Club-4 Athletic Association 1 RAYMOND VOSBURGH Ilvosyll I worry not, for what's the use, To worry bores one like the deuce. Hgbby-Sleeping Fav. Subject-Study Hall Plans after graduation--U. S. Army lRangersl Execntive Council-1 Football-1,3,4 Baseball-2 Fun Frolic Booth-3 Yearbook Staff-4 -57' 5 Fav- SUDJGCI-English V15 BEULAIgaWgEE,LER V WILLIAM WILSON Hwillien Dark, handsome, too good to be true, Bill, we wish we had more like you. Hobby-Women - J Plans after graduation--Army Senior Play Production-4 Operetta Production-3 Fun Frolic Booth-3 Commercial Club-3 Shorthand-4 Worrying can do no good-- I made a vow I never would. Hobby-Writing to Paul Fav. Subject-Pre-Flight Plans after graduation--Ask that certain HSomeoneH Senior Play Production-4 Home Economics Club-1,2 Girls' Sports Club-1,2,3 Leaders' Club-3 ChOTUS'1,2,3,4 Pre-Flight Course Fav Sub ect-Shorthand Page 29 THEODORE POLLEY llfredll Hurrying only tires one-- WILLIAM VETTER HBillH He speaketh not, and yet there lies, A merry twinkle in his eyes. Hobby-Research work Fav. Subject-Mathematics Plans after graduation--Air Corps Senior Play Production-4 Athletic Association-4 Operetta Production-3 Sports Club-1 So, 1et's preserve our youth. Hobby-Horseheads girl Fav. Subject-History Plans after graduation--Armed Forces French Club-1 Football-4 Fun Frolic-3 Operetta Production-3 GORDON BARR HGordieU Life is just a ugive and taken ELDON DOANE NEldieN A smile for every fellow, And two for every girl. Hobby-Women Fav. Subject-Shop Plans after graduation--Air Corps Senior Play Production-4 Fun Frolic-3 Football-3,4 So grumble not, for goodness sake. Hobby-Aircraft Fav. Subject-English Plans after graduation--Army Air Corps Junior Operetta-3 Fun Frolic-was HHerman the Horseu JOHN WAYTINA nBa1dyn Ever laughing, always joking-- Now and then the girls provoking. Hobby-feading Favorite Subject-Shop Plans after graduation--Army Operetta Production-3 Yearbook Staff-4 Fun Frolic-3 Page 30 ss if Vvinq S AYnevfCcX Fav History of the Senior Class Gee, vacation flew by fast and at last we were Freshmen! Betty Armstrong, treasurerg Eleanor Dykins, secretary, Richard Sheldon, vice-presidentg Hugh Albee, president were our officers. Imagine how great we thought we were in our participation in the Swing-Out Day Assembly--marching in with green crowns and signs. We must have been good, for we were asked to put on an assembly program for the whole high school. It was a success, too. Everyone had a grand time at our picnic at Sullivan's Monument. Whewl Sophomores already! At our first meeting, officers were chosen, Charles L'Amoreaux, presidentg Robert Prokopec, vice-presidentg Helen Erickson, secretary, Edward Griemsmann, treasurer. Our first - activity was supper and dancing in the gym. Grand time! Christmas came with a party. To make time fly faster, we had a skating party with a crowd of sixty people. Something we all look forward to - a picnic. tWe had it at Sullivan's Monument.b Remember Jack Crawford and his gang forgetting their swim suits? Juniors!! As in all of our years we chose officers: Josephine Jurusik, presidentg Stanley Pesesky, vice-president, Marion Swartout, secretary, Virginia Shafer, treasurer. We were all looking forward to the Junior-Senior Banquet. To earn money, we sold crew hats. Everyone was wearing them--especially at the games. You should have seen the crowd at our Fun Frolic.' It was fun picking out our rings, but what a long wait for them to arrive. Did you hear about our operetta, HThe Belle of Bagdadn? Time came to plan for the banquet. We had it at the Country Club. We'll leave it to you to ask any Junior or Senior what a swell night was spent. The best thing we did in all three years was to give S100 to a pilot. The Seniors gave us the annual picnic at Eldridge Park. Our senior officers were Frank Pesesky, presidentg Josephine Jurusik, vice-president, Charles Easterbrook, treasurer, Anne Hryskanich secretary. We started our Senior year being patriotic by making a success of nwarsagesn which members made and sold. Well, our pride was injured when the dance failed. In a rivalry with the Juniors we brought 115 books to their 96 for the book campaign. The whole senior class was behind the Red Cross drive. Imagine raising S100 with a quota of S15. Our future comedians, James Fudge and Edward Griemsmann with other members produced nI'll Leave it to You.H With this money we plan to have a picnic for the Juniors in return for the banquet which they are working for. Now we are looking forward to graduating from the Edison University We're planning and working for our graduation while the Juniors are planning for our annual Junior-Senior banquet. In the fourth year we look back at our own good times, hoping the new Seniors will have the scholastic success we had and the fun as well. Page 31 'Sf '7 Y IFUINIZNINCEH wo EBU ,354 SX +9 'IWW CO E-'IIN NIJ? g Cfx DP iff? :OW Z SIDOQKQ3 pffg X 70 1932 U13 Em ENT Wo orc?- 'S Z U5 2. O Q UD o 15 75 ig 1 Q 0 B gf m 4:8 U3 7m an ,Q N aakffiiy Sl wk EEXKEEQUHIUMU3 AV? 8, x.,. X9 5 QQ?- CZ syogx ,gg Q4.Q Q CALENDAR OF THE YEAR ka U SEPTEMBER: Students journey back to the old hang-out to learn more stuff---cheerleading tryouts in assembly---Football season starts off with a bang---What! Five weeks test already. Why, we just got back! OCTOBER: Report Cards: Two fif- ties do not make a hundred!--- Columbus Day---Too bad you don't have more birthdays, Christopher. ---Seniors sell magazine subscrip- tions--Rotary Halloween shindig-- free eats! NOVEMBER: Armistice Day--see you at Hornell, Mert!--Senior Play, HI'll Leave It to You.N It was swell. Congratulations!--Mr. Man- del leaves for Red Cross work. Sorry to see him go. Thanksgiving vacation--Oh h-h, my tummy! .Sv X0 ,V DECEMBER: Mr. Dreer explains val- ences to Chemistry class. Tupper thinks he gets itg 0'Herron still bewildered: restg no reaction. Merry Christmas! !P.S. two weeks vacation!--Mr. Ano leaves for Red Cross work---Mr. Miller leaves to work in Bell Aircraft--Jack Craw- ford moves to Endicott.--Dec. 31- Don't wait up Mom. I'm going to Church? V A.. .Edgy xx' J ,gk Lx JANUARY: Jan. 1-Is there any Alka- Seltzer in this house?--Blue Mon- day--School opens. Surprise--Mid years. lWhewl Report card again. This is getting to be a habit. Page 33 FEBRUARY: Ground hog frozen in-- Junior Class sponsors sensational, super-colossal indoor circus! Big success.--Library Council sponsors Victory Book Campaign--Happy birth- day, HHonest Aben! Yearbook head- aches begin--Single session during rationing week--High School students Q3 MARCH: Back to the country movement --Home Economic Club Round E Square dance. Woopsl Windy. Hold on to that hat! Wow! another Latin test ---Guess what, kids? Miss Sheeder postponed book reports that nobody did. help--fun, huh? I xtfhi ' u h A95 x-K-' ' Skull! APRIL: April 1-no school--April fool! Juniors are flashing their new class rings. Good Friday and first day of vacation.---Back to school. Ho, hum, vacation hangover--even the teachers are yawning. Nuwlhuuq Um WWP0' W NH-3 MAY: Did I say spring was here?--- Last five-weeks test of the year ! ! Long week-end--Memorial Day--Seniors strut. HSign my year book?H Oh my gosh! Ink on my new white dress. 5.7 0 JUNE: Junior-Senior Banquet-We didnvt have to bring our own rolls after all, Seniors!---Class day--Class picnics. Last chance to skip, - Seniors! Good Bye dear Alma Mater lSnitt, sniffl. B If 76C Sa'-4 'Ph EV gf and ef he, s UA PM X X ,VCU W3 uf! d I9 in ' 'I 0 .X I1 lb7" Q X1 .f- ., , V15 OUR 485 The EQ ,N -fox if: m 4.1 ,cu A Q 77 B Fd I ,F Chg 5 v-d hp """fwof P SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the class of 1943,0f Thomas A. Edison High School, publish this, our last will and testament, revealing all our wishes to those we leave behind on our departure from our Alma Mater. We bequeath the following: Charles Easterbrook wills his ability to study to Charles Reddon. Frank Pesesky wills his draft card to Chet Lintz. Dick Sheldon wills his visits to the main office to George Morich. Helen Bolak wills her quietness to Rosemary Frawley. ' Betty Bensley wills her strength to Vivian Durfey. Eugene Martin wills his ability to dance to Eugene Jurusik. Steve Mysnyk wills his seat in the front row to Joe Palmieri. Vera Mangus wills her ability to get an Army boy friend to Martha Gray, Hugh Albee tmaybe she doesn't need it.D wills his ability to go steady to Peter Theopheles. James Fudge wills his singing ability to George Misnik. Paul Selewach wills a certain ability to Gabriel Ewsuk, lmaybe Gabriel might grow without it.l Crystal Hurd wills her attraction for the opposite sex to Bill Shaw. Frank Krystof wills his beautiful hair to Walt Matejcek. Betty Hutchings wills her penmanship to Martha Gray, lBetty writes lots of letters.i Ruth Brown wills her thoughts to Jean Rudd. Robert Prokopec wills his quiet brilliancy to Vincent O'Herron. Eldon Doane wills his shyness 1?i to Donald Flint. Anne Hryskanich wills everything but a certain boy in Oklahoma to Anny Kroczynski. Kathleen Ewsuk wills her squeeze box to Mary Schiefen. William Wilson wills his walk to Philip Obuhanych. Helen Petelchuk wills her boy friends to Martha Tong. Helen Erickson wills her foreman's job at Bee A Dick's to Imogene Bourke Robert Roller wills nothing but wants Billy Carmody's height. Charles L'Amoreaux wills his manly physique to Carl Raniewicz. Mary Reynolds wills her ability to play the piano to Anna Lou Davis. lAnna has been doing a good job.l Helen Obuhanych wills her ability to make friends with her cheerful smile to Hilda Selewach. Anna Bennett wills her seat on the Library Council to Marcia Tong. Edward Mullen wills everything to the Junior Class boys but Anna Lou. Margaret Norwood wills everything to a pretty little girl, named Lois Becraft. Mary Emelski wills her best year in high school to Vera Bills. Edward Greimsmann wills all he ever owned to Grace Gilmore. Virginia Shafer wills everything but a certain man named Jack Satterlee to the Junior girls. Elsie Stumpff wills everything in general to Ermenia Palmieri. Raymond Tupper wills his high I.Q. test to Robert Deery. Helen Sherman wills her Hoomphu to Sara Weeks. Jack Satterlee wills his drums to Robert Belknap but not a certain senior girl. Mary Cook wills her roller skates to Doris Phillips. Gordon Bar wills his single session to any Junior who desires it. We doubt if any Junior would want the afternoon off. Mary Tarby wills her winning personality and everlasting smile to Mary Marks who may not need it. Catherine MacBlane wills everything to the Junior Class but her pal Doris McCullough. Irene Mowchan wills her certain ways about the school to Doris Roberts. Raymond Vosburgh wills his ability on the football team to Kenneth Erickson. Doris McCullough wills the senior homeroom doorknob to the Junior Class. Andrew Kerrick wills his outstanding football career to Bill Shaw. IWe think he can fill it.l Nicholas Opper wills his handsome physique to Ralph Reynolds. Marion Swartout wills her acting career to Jean Keenan. Beulah Wheeler wills her talent as a lawyer to Virginia Sidney. Sam Popovich wills his athletic ability to Bill Mehalick. Edwin Hutcheson wills his mathematic ability to Raymond Oldroyd. Evelyn Soper wills her gracefulness to Ethel Crain. Fay Higginbotham wills her History C ability to Margaret Neal. Page 35 Julia Fecich wills her jitterbugging to Marjorie Loop. Robert Jones wills his hammer, which he has been using in the school shop for the last few years, to Robert Chapman. Frank Platko wills his actions in the senior homeroom to Harry Hoyt. Theodore Polley wills his tardy excuses to Robert Belknap. tHe might need some new ones.l Norma Smith wills her charming soprano voice to the future Senior Class. John Waytina wills his friendly ability to tell jokes to John Cowulich. Barbara Shaw wills her winning personality to the Juniors that might need it. Josephine Jurusik wills her bright pair of red socks to Bob Jacobs to wear in the Ziegfield follies. William Vetter wills his sleeping pills and politeness to Leslie Frost. Helen Westlake wills her expert dancing feet to the Junior Class. lShe sure can move around.l We, the Seniors of 1943, will our shoes without a ration card to the Juniors. We hope you can fill them. Mrs. Stuart wills to Miss Sheeder as nice a Senior Class as that of 1943 7'ouR5 Fvtv Page 36 ff ig' 7' th ,,, ,Q f GYUBS1 who' s who 1 0 ,f I p 'G .4 QL p 11 WW ,V rv xxx Most Most Most Most Most Most Popular Boy Popular Girl Talkative Boy Talkative Girl Modest Girl Modest Boy Best Dressed Girl Best Dressed Boy Best Dancer, Girl Best Dancer, Boy Class Vamp Quietest Girl Quietest Boy Audacious Abbreviated Best Natured Girl Best Natured Boy Most Dainty Ideal Couple Best Athlete Champion Eater Broke Elevated Colossal Brilliant Coquettish Most Humorous Penny Talented Best Looking Boy Best Looking Girl Woman Hater Quick-tempered Playboy Lazy Dictionary Most Likely to Succeed -2 2? 2 2 Page 37 Eugene Martin Josephine Jurusik Frank Platko Margaret Norwood Ruth Brown Andrew Kerrick Vera Mangus Paul Selewach Helen Sherman Eugene Martin Mary Reynolds Evelyn Soper Robert Jones John Waytina Elsie Stumpff Kathleen Ewsuk Frank Pesesky Catherine MacBlane Jack Satterlee Virginia Shafer Andrew Kerrick Frank Krystof Senior Class Sam Popovich Gordon Barr Robert Prokopec Mary Emelski Ed Griemsmann Anne Hryskanich Hugh Albee Dick Sheldon Josephine Jurusik William Vetter Charles L'Amoreaux Nick Opper Frank Platko Raymond Tupper Charles Easterbroo k Gr-adc-.YT ilfffir' Uccpmw up - jome. IB15h. CIooKlC. ws, Q GOIZQTQ The Revue.. Cjllfflaf, We Jaflcy X 1.1 Jie :mP9Hf u J ovwa sway ac 11255 giaaaw-Sa Q! 0 C , T bb A ,ff J, 54,',,,, my 15 a - t LA, foo, were. you nd? once. - Grecian Frank Pesesky Crystal Hurd Barbara Shaw Julie Fecich Charles L'Amoreaux Edward Mullen Evelyn Soper Robert Roller Helen Bolak Vera Mangus Ted Polley Andy Kerrick Helen Erickson Fay Higginbotham Margaret Norwood Richard Sheldon Steven Mysnyk Eugene Martin Catherine MacBlane Robert Jones Mary Reynolds Jack Satterlee Sam Popovich Nicholas Opper Gordon Barr Bill Vetter Virginia Shafer Helen Westlake Betty Bensley Mary Cook Irene Mowchan Josephine Jurusik Frank Krystof Edwing Hutchinson Paul Selewach Anna Bennett Frank Platko Anna Hryskanich William Wilson Marjorie Cowan Doris McCullough Helen Sherman Raymond Tupper Marian Swartout James Fudge Edward Griemsmann Charles Easterbrook Hugh Albee Mary Emelski John Waytina Beulah Wheeler Helen Petelchuk Betty Hutchings Ruth Brown PET PEEVES Special Delivery Mail. Boys who phone and don't give their right names. Unreliable fellows. Distance from Elmira Heights to Georgia. Miss Fancher's SHORT math. assignments. Girls that always crack their gum. Advice from big brothers. Young brothers and sisters. Homework. Wolves tOh, Yeah?b Teachers. Lipstick. Being called a Hhash slingern. Oral reports. Height. Single session, bookkeeping 1, and Girls. Going to school. NOISE. An L.C.Smith that doesn't type. Axis powers and draft dodgers. Translating French. Being called HBabyn by Helen Erickson. Long fingernails. Blondes To be awakened at night by wolves howling at the corner of 17th and Robinwood. Holidays and summer vacation. Being called HSweetie Facen. Lectures. Tall people. Having to get up early. People snapping gum. People putting mice in Pepsi Cola bottles. Being called U --.- H while playing Basketball. Our dear English class. Physics Class History tests. Uncooperative Distance from School. Alarm clocks. Plane Geometry. People who Udon't known. Silly girls. Snapping gum. Julius Caesar. Gremlins. Being bothered when I'm busy. Unnecessary annoyances in classes. Unreasonable people. Going to school. Terrible mail service between U.S.A. and North Africa. Talking. Anything pertaining to school with work involved Too much homework. I girls. here to Oklahoma. , Page 39 0 1 'x . l .- ' .4 , ,. "R," . W., .K-' ml" ' f V' t"- .X is . ljt, - . aff' V 1.1 , ww : few.. tw-1'-74 T- fm., V.-fav ? Q q l : M .,.. A' ' -f?,,,,,., -zf W , ...f Axu- Q f - J V " -N . " .. "c"l- -1. Q' T. W 1. -fix' 'f '.?:'f5'2f 'N .fr .. " ffl " . Cgxfhjfnxxhglmi 'V' U,f fi'YI w'W 53431 M'k f5'?: W W! iii? iiggjfyixxhw F 'sl Q' H 5 .. . . LJ. 1 -.5472.251'Fifi-viifbi-fi55?'5.?,5257i75.Ei3QfEf 'fi l3':iigiL3i, lf333'-52'Qffi5:5flffTffE'T'ff A"Y ff'355'?fE5'f.E'73fZEfEff.fx3 3.1'V,'5' 51 TY l fi 14' l f J L A 5' w DONATION unnn mm Laws or Tl'l1c215:'?:g1Ll?Iga.gOlK ceurnml coun-n M""b""'iP ' A X- , H ,ww Ql0Q,00 Al A Non-norlr Mlnlnenlr CORPORATION No.-mgzzfi K3 ' ,fi ,fm 'QSM 714' e e e e mis." , Vs ' X, ' , ' 4, ff-Q gg, Amencan Flying Services F oundation, Inc. g 3 X' Y 'lx "To further the interests of the American Flying SCTVIICS and the welfare of Flyers." V' ii' ' 'P' -:Hi , ' xg NA ii '3?lf,'f.q . w c u - f if if is N s to lR msiiufu M GEACHIHIIZB it "1 N1 vii!! S QD . ' Q Y ff...f.s . gig!! - x w Q 4 '- . . ' 'fffl Issued 'Ib can - -,f'Z.,,.,..Mf 5-if-uf-J'-74740 .3 ' . Q H q J .,:,p,,'. "'-' e----- ---- .-...-...,....,.,,,,,,u,,A.,,-.W.,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,....- .....-- -1--1 ---- --4--------A-'-- -- 4---'--'- ' ---"- "-- - '--' "- -"--- '-"'A- --"--'-----""--- ---' - V b b, p 5 - if" ln accordance wifh 'lhe purposes of the AFSF 'lhe member lo whom this certificate has been issued has donated the I Pg - 'MH amount shown hereon, enlillinq the donor lo the privileges of the Foundation as set forth in the Articles of Incorpo- ' ' Q! - , IN" a +h B L ' '3 J' x V I F. ration an e y am. . Y, , '1 'Q' l Young Americans wanl' io fly purxuif ships or great bombers for their counfry's defense. Each day a large percent- j K l., l'f age are rejected for minor physical or educational deficiencies. Many do not have means for rehabilitafion. For j " ' D A ,l lf' ' them the AFSF functions. The holder of fhis certificate has helped make this possible. la . x.. 'rounoeo BY WORLD WAR FLYERS FOR 52 sn I , - . p , gu-,fi e rms FLYBRS or Tomy AND TOMORROW." .. 5' 'V' M41 . J '-K i AME ING VIC A ION, INC. ,Q .c.' rf :VV 'q'f . 'j X .X X fu ,1 j 1 M .. ,.,..........,..,........ ........,............,..,. ....,4. . . ..... V N.. le,. , I y casa-7.-frf.,-aa. pf 'Q 3" p r -id l,.r.. r!.eZ... p p p .,,,..l 4-- .....r...,.,,l hifi: .y kg fff' l .',', Date l Idea: York. N. Y. Treasurer. ' il if .- .lhl fi 1: ww f' Q 7 T' Q , - I.:lit?-'if-if?-I,ibjflifif-fm -ij AYAV L' l A ,j W, QD' I .fi .1 ijgfmml tn... J lg 1 ,, , 'i,m ,.,--s..- t, f Q Wg A fx. , y, f : Y X .A .. .LAWN N fr'-" ' 4,4 -gk I I frlifvlf ,l ,'j:j',fQ' ' f A -' ' D ,xi ., ,rl , ,- 'Z ' ,, 4 ' l V ,gaililp A .'., ' .lim Q77 ' ' wx- e e .cf X' . . , eccc K f 2'f..Qf15Ei:!X 13'-I 1 JW: 1 we im. if 1- 4. 'A ,t ub . 4, 1 " A 'ff , ' fi . "' ' CLASS OF 1943 fe- A ,. V N 'glial I lf! " i K i- V - " ,nni.m N . .X,o We have been holding your sponsorship check in the hope that we would have an Elmira Heights applicant whom we could assign to you as your "adopted pi1ot". However, since we do not like to hold it any longer, we are applying it to the rehabilitation of a rejected flying cadet applicant from Brooklyn, N.'Y. The Foundation is deeply grateful for your generous response to our appeal in behalf of the many hundreds of boys, who, but for such support, might have been lost to the flying forces as pilots. We can think of no finer gesture on the part of united citizens, than sponsoring these courageous young lads whose very spirit can be the means of securing American Air Victory. Most sincerely , R. Renner A Rehabilitation Division Page no SENIOR PLAY CAST SEATED left to right: Virginia Shafer, Kathleen Ewsuk, Marian Swartout Josephine Jurusik, Charles L'Amoreaux. STANDING left to right: Edward Griemsmann, Helen Erickson, James Fudge Jack Satterlee, Margaret Norwood, Anna Bennett, Ruth Brown, Helen Westlake, Charles E III Director Presente Cast of asterbrook. 'll Leave It To Youn by Noel Coward --Miss Anna Mae Helton, Instructor of d--Friday, November zo, 1942 Characters: Joyce Dermott--Anna Hryskanich Sylvia Dermott--Kathleen Ewsuk Bobbie Dermott--Edward Griemsmann Evangeline Dermott--Josephine Jurusik Mrs. Dermott--Marian Swartout Griggs--Jack Satterlee Oliver Dermott--Charles L'Amoreaux Daniel Davis--James Fudge Faith Crombie--Virginia Shafer Mrs. Crombie--Helen Erickson Assistant Directors--Margaret Norwood Anna Bennett Stage Properties--Ruth Brown Helen Westlake Stage Setting--Charles Easterbrook Page 41 English PROPHECY FOR 1953 It looks as if everyone in the Heights has turned out to see the World Premier of the picture, uConfirmed Bacheloru at Frank Krystof's new Jewel Theater, starring Jack Lee, the former Jack Satterlee. Jack first showed his talent when he appeared in the Senior Play in 1942. Why here comes aviatrix Beulah Wheeler with Edward Griemsmann the most successful farmer this side of Big Flats. There's Mary Tarby, Vera Man- gus, and Marjorie Cowan, joint owners of the world's largest Roller Rink. Beside us is author Mary Emelski who has just completed the book, nHow to Control a Temper.H Up in the front row is Gordon Barr, a great railroad engineer. The young lady to whom he is talking is a nurse, Catherine MacBlane. There's an opera star, Norma Smith, entering with her publicity manager, Samuel Popovich. Behind them is Superintendent of Elmira Heights Schools, Frank Platko, who just last year took over Dr. Sahlstrom's job. Seated behind us is Helen Erickson, owner of uBee and Dickn, a modern restaurant which will be called HPopp's Kitchenn hereafter. Walking down the aisle are Mayor Charles Easterbrook and Senator Robert Roller. They've just passed Mary Reynolds who gives lessons in Spanish dancing. With Mary is Robert Prokopec who writes the NGossip Columnu for the HHeights Gazetteu, of which Josephine Jurusik is editor. Up in the box seat are Helen Obuhanych and Betty Bensley, owners of the Elmira Heights Machine Shop. lBetty gives boxing lessons on the side.l With them, are Frank Pesesky, owner of Postal Telegraph Co. and Abraham Lincoln Tupper. Here comes Coach A. Kerrick and'Beau Brummel Sheldon. With them is Ted Polley, newly elected to the village trustees, whose first piece of work was to buy a new garbage truck for Nick Opper, who has become very successful at this job. Margaret E. Norwood, milliner, is entering with Dr. John Waytina, ggtgginarian. Here comes Helen Bolak and Anna Bennett who teach the younger generation the Conga. They are escorted by Glenn Miller Fudge and Admiral Raymond Vosburg of the U. S. Navy. Eldon Doane and Ed Hutch- inson, who have just returned from Florida where they have been training to be professional baseball players, are entering with dietician Evelyn Soper and Air Hostess Mary Cook. Over in the right section is Anna Hryskanich, a secretary, who next week is going to marry her boss. About three rows in front of us is Helen Sherman whose main interest is her sons Bill, Jr. and Tommy. The champion yodler, Albee is here with Doris McCullough, who owns her own sweet shop. Julia Fecich and Helen Petelchuk, who are in the last, are co. owners of Danceland. If you follow along that row, you will see Elsie Stumpff Dur- ham and Crystal Hurd, President of the P. T. A. Betty Hutchins, who is personnel manager at the Gorton Coy, has just come in with William Wilson, a foreman at the Eclipse. Aviator Paul Selewach has just passed with William Vetter, owner of the Mark Twain Hotel. Heavenly Days! Here's a note from Interior Decorator Marion Swart- out, announcing the arrival of Virginia Shafer, who is graduate of the Strong Memorial Nurses' School in Rochester. Here's a P. S. on the note. Geologist Eugene Martin is seriously thinking about walking up the aisle with Barbara Shaw, a ready-to-wear buyer of renown. I never expected Ruth Brown, Dean of Students at Syracuse, here, but here she comes with stratosphere explorer Edward Mullen. And with them, are Charles L'Amoreaux, income tax inspector lwith Charles' mathematics, don't wonder if your taxes are high! and movie actress, Irene Mowchan. Two minutes before the curtain! A few late comers are entering. Among them are swimming champ Helen Westlake with Steven Mysnyk who ad- vocates 'Dryn for New York State: and labor leader, Rober Jones, with journalist, Fay Higgenbotham. Curtain going up! Page 42 . 9 Ia a 6 .1 42 -l l Q., 1, vu. ,Vx W. -,f ,, ' h xii 4? " 1, gil t. 1--W . A ,, .V '-:IV Eugene Jurusik Marjorie Loop Chester Linrz 13-r Grace Gilmour William Mehalick Marcia Tong ni'-'l Frank Robbins Sarah Weeks Charles Reddon Q6 J :aa- Anna Lou Davis Robert Deery h-. I illiam Carmody Lois Becrafm 1 ,. . M 9- 1 17 1 -f Q xi.: 'Q.'Lql Geraldine VanKirk Philip Obuhanich Martha Tong ' qqvqjk J .V if iq x Q X 3' i Harry Hoyt Hilda Selewach John Cowilich .1-4. aw- game- .1 r' 'Y in 'V ez- .rfb , Ll J I gl Martha Jane Gray George Mysnyk Jean Keenan m.,, n W Y ' Ql,rQl: : A 1' ' ?s .I , "'-. ,ff Dorothy Dannelley Joseph Palmieri Doris Roberts Robert Belknap FQ ffw Nur - Nb? J . A fs," Donald Flint Gloria May Kenneth Erickson Doris Phillips Page 44 u Joyce Sempler Ann Kroczynski Peter Theopheles Mary Marks Jean Rundle Walter Matejcek Vivian Durfey Vera Bills Ethel Crain George Morich Jean Rudd Betty Morseman 'uf -' ,wr ew V-,QP-, f liggy ,I v Erminia Palmieri William Shaw Mary Schiefen Miriam Wilkinson Raymond Oldroyd Mary Hritsko 1 it aff-f in Imogene Bourke Virginia Sydney Rosemary Frawley Margaret Neal Robert Jacobs Shirley Greene '34 Robert Chapman Patricia Burley Vincent O'Herron Sara Hillman Carl Raniewicz Chester Hendrickf Page 45 JUNIOR REVIEWS As we approach the end of our Junior year we enjoy looking back over our first years in high school. Remember when as green Freshmen we embarked on the first year of our stay in T. A. E.? Chester Lintz was elected president with Charles Reddon, vice-president: Anna Lou Davis, secretary and Harry Marsh, treasurer. Our only special class activity that year was the Freshmen-Sophomore Picnic at Sul1ivan's Monument. We also participated in the all-school Class Day, present- ing imitations of Seniors. Many of our girls were in Girl's Day May 1. Time passed ------ and then we were all Sophomores. , Remember in the early fall the supper we had in the gym to renew old acquaintances? Later we reelected Chester and Anna Lou, president and secretary respectively: Eugene Jurusik, vice-president, and Imogene Bourke, treasurer. In the spring the operetta, NThe Belle of Bagdadn, was presented. The cast included Shirley Osborne who had a leading part, and Doris Roberts as chairman of the make-up committee. We completed our'year with a picnic at Brands' Park. Vacation time came and went and we began this our Junior year-- l our first year as nupper-classmenu. Martha Gray was elected presidentg William Feshoh, vice-president: Imogene Bourke, secretaryg and Frank Robbins, treasurer. Miss Louise Sheeder, Mrs. Beldon Codet and Mr. Vernon Dreer were appointed class advisers. We soon learned there was both work and play ahead of us. A Hget-acquainted againn supper was held in the gym November 5, 1942 with Vera Bills as chairman. Then to start our financial campaign to raise enough money to give the Seniors and Faculty a banquet at the end of the year, we began selling candy in the halls after school and at basketball and football games---that was when candy was still available. Next we sponsored the James M- Cole Indoor Circus, Febru- ary 5, 1943. The circus played to Hstanding roomu crowds at both afternoon and evening performances. As the yearbook goes to press a class play is in the air. In the Junior Class rolls this year we note many school celebri- ties: Jean Rudd is president of the Home Economics Club: Rosemary Frawley, vice-president of Library Councilg Martha Gray, president of Cheerleading Club: Peter Theopeles, president of the Athletic Associationg Anna Lou Davis, pianist for the chorus: and now Apprentice-Seaman William Feshoh, captain of the 1942-43 football team. This year's cheerleading squad includes five Junior girls as members. Peggy Neal and Joseph Palmieri are our two representatives to the yearbook, which, heretofore, has been a Senior publication. The year still promises some interesting experiences. We trust that they will some day prove to be pleasant memories, too.. Page 46 I w Q: ga? gg? f v , ,X in " ' Sl 3-7 -is .. ' if il 1 - - W f ' A' fl if Y .'.'x-,Ql,:J:Q.Azf.f- f v44u.sL-E'.:gg-,b,2,:5., 'Q f " '-xg?-,, , ,111-.-' .'j-.- ' 1 - ' -i':,1Ee f SOPHOMORE CLASS SEATED left to right: Mr. Sick, Richard Knox, Jack Erickson, Gloria Ewsuk, Dorothy Gregory, Mary Lou Lintz, Esther Hess, Barbara Kehoe, Irene Halm, Harold Burroughs, Robert Gunshaw, Clinton Janes. SECOND ROW: Mary Fell, Patricia Fell, Theresa Galvin, Beverly Birkholtz, Margaret Kaul, Lois Burgett, Theresa Kroczynski, Emile Guile, Frances Kroczynski, Elizabeth Durham, Dorothy Cross, Nancy Bell, Gertrude Becraft. THIRD ROW: Leland Curtiss, Donald Cowles, Hilton Ingham, John Gorman, Richard Harris, Rusli Hunter, Jack Edgar, William Flint, Raymond Holchuck, Leonard Barr, Lauren Livermore, Paul Fromer. SOPHOMORE CLASS Officers: John McBride, president, Beverly Birkholz, vice-president, Margaret Kaul, secretary, Louis Mitchell, treasurer. The Sophomore Class organized with the election of officers through the homerooms early in the fall. The usual program for this class was somewhat curtailed by the extensive war activity carried on by the students. Despite this, individual members have been noticeably active in various assembly programs, athletic events, bond sales, and honor rolls. It is evident by the success of our efforts in these defense endeavors that our efforts have been well repaid. Page 48 SOPHOMORES SEATED left to right: Mary Petelchuk, Helen Ridosh, Ann McClenahan, Betty Voorhees, Elizabeth Oprisko, Florence Stansfield, Gloria Shea, Blanche Rohr, Lois Ordway. SECOND ROW: Fred Moscheck, Paul Stamn, Carl Yohn, Nelson Mull, Steven Platko, John McBride George Weakland, Robert Shafer, Michael Hryskanich. THIRD ROW: Zane Palmer, Kenneth Tarbox, Arthur Wilson, Fred McCullough, John Mitchell, Thomas Shull, Lewis Mitchell, Fred Myers. X,-,g,, ev FJ N-' FYCQJOW1 Page 49 GM JU of T N 'ORS rum 1 M Tq 1 Q J FPITICS Hep "Wm 5HoRfQ':ff6 R 0 5 Q D FLASH v3 vu... GMA Cmzf SNAPOIDIDITIEJ 2 FRESHMEN FIRSF ROW left to right: Ronald Welch, Gordon Smith, William Morse, Alfred Popovich, Alfred Riker, Richard Stuart, James Theopheles, Metro Morich, Michael Opper, Richard Pettitt, Steven Samchishen, William Waytina. SECOND ROW: Mr. Phillips, Clifford Morgan, Joseph Verbanic, Marilyn Mault, Katherine Misnick, Mary Makarowski, Phyllis Spirawk, Anna Tote, Robert May John Wakefield, Richard Weakland. THIRD ROW: Beatrice Pipe, Josephine Urchak, Mataxea Theopheles, Virginia Strong, Phyllis Stansfield, Lois Robbins, Constance Selewach, Corine 0'Herron, Rachel Sheets, Marcella Preston, Lenora Pickering, Evelyn Petelchuk, Eleanor Simbaliski, FRESHMAN CLASS uWe'll get there, someday!H OFFICERS President--Robert May Secretary--Ronald Ashcraft Vice-President--Robert Doane Treasurer--Kerry Bannister Although the Freshmen have not carried any special activities this year, they have great plans for their next three years. The Freshman Class has among its members many very talented students Lois Robbins, a member of the Class, is very talented with her singing. She sang a solo part in the Christmas Cantata given by the Music Depart- ment. There are also a number of the members in the band. The class as a whole has participated in school activities inclu- ding basketball, football, Library Council and the Athletic Association. Page 52 FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: William Crans, Kerry Bannister, Robert Doane, Jack Bednarchik, Carlton Armstrong, Donald Erickson, Richard Besley, Andrew Kozemko, Oreste Liberatore, Keith Isaacs, John Grover, Alfred Kerbein. SECOND ROW: Lena Genovese, Mrs. Phillips, Ronald Ashcraft, Norma Bardwell, Alyene Kehoe, Helen Kehoe, Mildred Fedchock, Lenora Hall, Betty Garey, Alta Harrower, Winifred Gorman, Betty Chapman, Eva Dannelley, Margaret Brown. THIRD ROW: Marion Lynch, Sophia Fecich, Frances Loop, Joan Alcock, Vera Kashuba, Charlotte Banks, Lorraine Dunn, Theresa Kole, Irene Bazarnick, Thelma Cowan, Donnamae Burguess, Dorothy Brown, Theodora Atkinson, Arlene Burdick. Lorraine Erickson, Jean Baines. FOURTH ROW: Eileen Crowley, Claude Akins, Kenneth Bump, Samuel Bailey, Carlton Eldrett, Edwin Bednarchik, Donald Green, Robert Kubinski, John Atkinson, June Frawley, Lois Anderson, Marcella Dahlstrom, Annabelle Krystof ogliil, Page S3 ZWMWYJ I I W W I ff Z ' .,.x.,,, . ,Q r " , T. I I .1-:L-., - 1 Q . -. - j 6 31, - if QQQQQ' QQ eg - Q Q, 25 ff1Q 1, r5i:5!,.Q, QQ . . ,. , MQ Q Q EQQQ . . 1 XR E 3 Q Q 7-P23 " Y 1 f m .:--2- - - ., S-. Q-4 gf.+,--. -ffm.. 1.517 ' - "Mm 1 , . V--..., A :,- 533 '-f,r-vw 1. ,-. f 26" iaiwiis , fvfarf. .,SQg.E '1i I' " -V fir" '2 4, g a. -. 1 . f A . . . - 'q vfr " '2?71'4" ' , H 1.4 A 'Hg-gf U 3 2 -9.5 A .yfffafwy . 5 7: 1-Tm' f 'I ' ' 1. 'f5ju?'i?:"2'V 5i25"'?'iai'1- y .. .. .. 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'-.. wifi? .3 f' ' - , ' " wwf i. - M ', - ' F5 'ing -'eg .uv .512 ' . . q., fLf',:nWi'-'21-4 i, 1 , . X1 . . ' 1 4'-ffwgfzwfg 'Q e. f , 1 1:11 " rf, '- 2, ,Q 1.-2':.s:,1f5 x . - - 'Xa V 1: '. . -' . ' - as 1 ' ' :L'.321" 3 4 . . .V 'rf 1 -' ff . . , .Lei " .nn f 'SM' ,J i hx .h , , 4--.L 'Z - ' .J Q- .'?':" ':-"" 'U' ."' 331' 'i ' "I'7:'9 SHT '52--1 Hrfif ' . ' . ' "' N" "4-. PHI"-7'-:'Qf"'::?-' .:' 1 , . . -Q2 . ' P' arf N-A+ iigvi., -""HQ,,Q'-g2"H"gf1,?14.'L4i5i4if"?'52Q3E2g5E2?1gf az 4 -"f -15w2gas3fffef:w.., . liwfg T- 4 Qf'9.fQ...WN . fn ag-.,.,.f.'.,'1..11f': M: -.-.--:W-rw - z',.... ' '-P--f-.rf -.ssrr -'1".-WP--1" ' -3,421-' ::-:ws . "1 626-.Qa:J,1:'Q,2iQg,QgSQ?11ggi1342:W2nig'vL1nm-'z-,--Ain mG....M'a-1 -H N' -1.1 - Um 5- ..-zu-m,.A,5Q,:g:,3152,-.:.u,Ja-5:-ajrzzauuil-' 412' -'-' -' " ' Q..:..b.f.'frn-.-+..wmfnzw.s, GIRLS' CHORUS FIRST ROW left to right: Beatrice Pipe, Francis Kroczynski, Betty Garey, Edith LeMunyan, Mildred Fedchock, Eva Dannelley, Dorothy Brown, Theodora Atkinson, Virginia Sydney, Eleanor Simbaliski. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sutherland, Mataxea Theopheles, Alta Harrower, Helen Tarby, Helen Korolinchak, Mary Lou Lintz, Mary Makarowski, Mary Schiefen, Anna Kroczynski, Beulah Wheeler, Phyllis Spirawk. THIRD ROW: Lois Burgett, Virginia Strong, Aletha Burdick, Connie Selewach, Hilda Selewach, Hazel Wilson, Dorothy Dannelley, Betty Morseman, Marjorie Loop. The Girls' Chorus is an active organization boasting of a large registration. Meetings take place twice a week under the direction of Mr. Sutherland. The club has assisted in many assembly programs. A program to be presented with the Mixed Chorus is the project for a spring concert. f MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW left to right: Evelyn Soper, Barbara Kehoe, Vivian Durfey, Vera Bills, Ruth Brown, Erminia Palmieri, Keith Keenan, Ann Hryskanich, Doris McCullough, Shirley Greene, Martha Copeland, Margaret Kaul. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Ewusk, Lois Robbins, Grace Gilmour, Dorothy Gregory, Margaret Neal, Martha Gray, Nadine Gaylor, Sara Hillman, Vera Mangus, Anna Lou Davis, Mary Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Mr. Sutherland, Hugh Albee, Richard Sheldon, James Fudge, Edward Griemsmann, Donald Green, Charles Easterbrook, Frank Robbins, Kenneth Erickson, Ronald Ashcraft, Mike Hryskanich. The Mixed Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Ralph Sutherland, meets twice a week. They have participated in many assembly programs. Last spring the members took part in putting on an operetta HThe Belle of Bagdadu which was sponsored by the Junior Class. They are now planning for a spring concert. Page 56 BAND FIRST ROW left to right: Donald Erickson, Helen Yohn, Paul Fromer, Irene Coakley, Beverly Birkholz, Dorothy Gregory, Lois Ordway, Edith Le Munyan, Gloria Ewsnk, Clinton Janes, Margaret Brown. SECOND ROW: Paul Obuhanich, Gertrude Becraft, George Weakland, Kathleen Ewsuk, Harold Smith, Carl Yohn, Jack Smith, Lauren Livermore, Sue Frawley, Gerald Griswold. THIRD ROW: Mr. Sutherland, Austin Palmer, Paul Davis, Jack Satterlee, Richard McCann, James Fudge, Donald Greene, Charles Easterbrook, Frank Robbins, Fred McCullough, Walter Mowchan, Thomas Shull, Edward Griemsmann. The band in their colorful uniforms played at all football games during the fall. They take part in many parades during the school year. At every assembly the band plays for the students to march in and out. BOYS' SHORTHAND CLASS SEATED: Robert Gunshaw, George Misnick, Leland Curtiss, George Morich, Jack Erickson. STANDING: Mr. Sick, Steven Platko, Fred Moscheck, Frank Platko, Rusling Hunter, William Wilson Under the direction of Mr. Sick a shorthand class for boys who are expecting induction into the Armed Service, was started at the beginning of the second semester. This course attracted 15 boys, who with their knowledge, will be the leading army stenographers and men of the signal corps. Page 57 DRAMATIC CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronald Welch, Betty Garey, Nancy Bell, Marilyn Mault, Mary Fell, Jack Bednarchik. Keith Isaacs, Anne McClenahan, Patricia Fell, Peter Theopheles, Doris Roberts, Marcella Dahlstrom, Mildred Fedchock, Beatrice Pipe, James Theopheles. LIBRARY COUNCIL FIRST ROW left to right: Betty True Garey, June Frawley, Martha Tong, Josephine Jurusik, Rosemary Frawley, Marcia Tong, Annabelle Krystof, Theresa Galvin. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Riley, Vivian Durfey, Barbara Shaw, Eileen Crowley, Virginia Shafer, Delores Besley, Anna Bennett. THIRD ROW: Mary Reynolds, Blanche Rohr, Margaret Neal, Helen Erickson, Helen Sherman, Elizabeth Oprisko, Gloria May. The Library Council, composed of twenty-two members, is one of the outstanding service clubs of the high school. Besides playing a vital part in helping to keep the library effi- cient and attractive, the girls have become enthusiastic in arousing interest in the Victory Book Campaign, in knitting for the Needlework Guild, and in collecting keys for the scrap drive. The social activities of the year were the annual nweiner-roastn, Christmas, Valentine, and Hallowe'en parties. The officers are: Josephine Jurusik, president: Rosemary Frawley, vice-president: Marcia Tong, secretary and treasurerg June Frawley, reporter, Mary Marks and Martha Tong, hostessesg and Mrs. Elizabeth Riley, adviser. Page 58 COMMERCIAL CLUB SEATED left to right: Jack Erickson, Jean Keenan, Catherine MacBlane, Elsie Stumpff, Doris Phillips, Leonard Barr. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sick, Dorothy Miller, Dorothy Cross, Ethel Crain, Marcella Dahlstrom, Anne Kroczynski. THIRD ROW: Robert Deery, William Crans, Robert Tressler, Harold Burroughs. HOMEMAKING CLUB SEATED left to right: Betty Chapman, Vera Koshuba, Marian Swartout, Alta Harrower, Florence Obuhanich, Helen Korolinchak, Anna Tote, Erminia Palmieri, Jean Banes, Evelyn Petelchuk, Eleanor Simbaliski, Marian Lynch, Lois Anderson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Phillips, Helene Chadwick, Helen Tarby, Mary Tarby, Mary Colson, Mary Lou Lintz, Mary Marks, Gloria May, Nadine Gaylor, Lillian Osborne, Martha Copeland, Helen Ridosh, Shirley Greene Jean Rudd, Virginia Sydney. THIRD ROW: Mary Makarowski, Anna Riopko, Doris Elmquist, Julia Fecich, Hilda Selewach, Helen Erickson, Corinne O'Herron, Betty Morseman, Marjorie Loop, Frances Loop, Dorothy Hardy, Arlene Burdick, Therese Cole. Page S9 PRINT CLUB FIRST ROW left to right: Oreste Liberatore, Emmett Westfall, Sam Popovich, Robert Shafer, Robert Roller, Miss Howard. SECOND ROW: Raymond Oldroyd, Leslie Frost, Donald Tifft, Steven Mysnyk, Charles Reddon and Dean Ladd. A newcomer in the list of our high school's clubs is the Print Club. Miss Howard has charge of the activities. The purpose of the Club's projects is the furthering of the knowl edge of printing and its practical application. Club members learn to set type, make block prints, wood blocks, etchings and lithographs. HOBBY CLUB SEATED left to right: Miss Howard, Robert Belknap, Richard Knox, Clarence Mausteller, Metro Morich, Alfred Riker. SECOND ROW: William Check, John Grover, Robert Tressler, Sam Popovich, Charles Reddon, Leslie Frost. The worthy use of leisure time is one of the aim is fostered by the work of the Hobby Club which meets Howard. The subjects vary with the tastes and talents planes, in all mediums: others make paper mache masks, painting on cloth, and make plans for bird houses. Page 60 s of secondary education. This goal weekly under the direction of Miss of the club members. Some draw air set type, do block prints, stencil GIRLS' SHOP CLASS FIRST ROW left to right: Jean Keenan, Anna Bennett, Catherine MacBlane, Betty Bensley, Elsie Stumpff, Patricia Burley, Doris Roberts. SECOND ROW: Mr. Phillips, Helen Bolak, Helen Westlake, Helene Chadwick, Helen Obnhanich, Mary Tarby, Doris McCullough, Ann Kroczynski, Helen Petelchuk THIRD ROW: Marcia Tong, Miriam Wilkinson, Hilda Selewach, Ethel Crain, Betty Hutchings, Julia Fecich, Dorothy Dannelley. CHEERLEADERS SEATED: Delores Besley, Lena Mary Genovese, June Frawley, Annabelle Krystof, Lois Robbins, Mary Lou Lintz. SECOND ROW: Miss Flood, Eileen Crowley, Virginia Strong, Winifred Gorman Helen Kehoe, Lorraine Erickson, Alyene Kehoe. THIRD ROW: Lois Becraft, Imogene Bourke, Martha Gray, Anna Lou Davis, Rosemary Frawley. Page 61 SENIOR CHEERLEADERS STANDING: Imogene Bourke, Martha Gray, Anna Lou Davis. Rosemary Frawiwy KNEELIVG1 Lois Becraft, Delores Pesiey, Mary Lou Lintz. JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Lois Robbins, Lena Mary Genovese, June Frawley, Annabelle Krystof. Page 62 GIRLS' SPORTS CLUB FIRST ROW left to right: Mary Schiefen, Joyce Sempler, Sophia Fecich, Joan Alcock, Margaret McBlane, Esther Hess, Eleanor Simbaliski, Phyllis Spirawk, June Frawley, Annabelle Krystof, Lena Mary Genovese. SECOND ROW: Miss Henze, Helen Ridosh, Josephine Urchak, Vera Kashuba, Imogene Bourke, Irene Bazarnik, Gloria Shea, Lois Becraft, Gertrude Becraft, Gloria Ewsuk. THIRD ROW: Helen Westlake, Geraldine Van Kirk, Rosemary Frawley, Rachel Sheets, Doris Elmquist, Margaret ' Norwood, Mary Tarby, Betty Oprisko, Theresa Galvin, Irene Coakley, Mary Lou Lintz. LEADERS' CLUB FIRST ROW left to right: Frances Loop, Joan Alcock, Helen Ridosh, Phyllis Spirawk, Annabelle Krystof, Eleanor Simbaliski. SECOND ROW: Miss Henze, Margaret Kaul, Vera Kashuba, Irene Margaret Norwood, Rosemary Frawley, June Frawley, Josephine The officers of this club are: President, Josephine Jurusik Bourkeg Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Lou Lintz. The members of this club act as squad leaders in the regular teacher in organizing active physical education. Page 63 Bazarnick, Urchak. Vice-president, Imogene gym classes and assist the K Janitors: William Kole, John R. Sautter iv IN APPRECIATION We wish to express our appre- ciation to the custodians of the buildings for their kindly persis- tance in removing the daily debris which we accumulatedg and to ac- knowledge that without their patient assistance our progress in education would have come to an untimely end. ,gl W 1 Dqyr Y l..l!l' I ll A 1' r-jf gg' Page 64 F "" -N , 4, f in ,il I? JQQCRR " if Q 'Xa Q Q Q J X XX 7 ffilyg COMMERCIAL'CLUB The officers are: Mary Marks, president: Bland Roody, vice-president Elsie Stumpff, secretary: Jean Keenan, treasurerg and Mr. Sick, adviser. The Commercial Club took over the defense stamp sales,-as they did last year, each member being assigned a certain homeroom from which to collect the money and distribute the stamps. Ethel Crain, assisted by Jack Erickson, was in charge of checking the money, obtaining the stamps from the bank, and putting them into the envelopes. The club sold magazines as a means of raising money. They have been responsible for the various business magazines placed in the library. One other activity, that of field trips, was somewhat curtailed this year by most of our local concerns because of the fact that they are working for defense. However, a few trips were successfully carried out such as a trip to the Pepsi-Cola Plant and a trip to the Fawn Beverage Plant. SENIOR HOME ECONOMIC'S CLUB The officers are: President--Jean Rudd Vice-president--Mary Colson Treasurer--Julia Fecich Secretary--Gloria May The sponsor of the club is Mrs. Ellen Phillips. One of the main activities was dressing dolls for the Arctic League. In the near future the club is going to undertake the project of making cookies and sending them to the boys in the service. The club has an original song. JUNIOR HOME ECONOMIC'S CLUB Due to the fact that there are so many members in the club, the members felt that they should distribute the responsibility of leadership. They had one set of officers for the first semester and another set for the second semester. The officers for the first semester were: President--Lillian Osborne Treasurer--Arlene Burdick Vice-president--Alta Harrower Secretary--Dorothy Hardy The officers for the second semester are: President--Keith Keenan Treasurer--Lois Anderson Vice-president--Pauline Petticrew Secretary--Corrine O'Herron The sponsor of the club is Mrs. Ellen Phillips. Page 65 GIRLS' SHOP COURSE For the first time, the girls of T.A.E. have been offered a shop course. Upon the completion of their high school education, they will be called to do a great production job in industry. It was felt that a course of this kind in high school would help them be more efficient workers when they took their place in industry. The content of this course includes blueprint reading, micromet- er reading, use of general measuring devices, work on the lathe, mill- ing machine and power saw. General discussion on the heat treatment of metals, foundry and the romance of our present day industries is included. CHEER LEADING CLUB The cheer leaders add inspiration and enthusiasm to every game. They are always there cheering whether it is a football or basketball game. Their sponsor is Mrs. Van Orman. They meet every Monday to practice cheers and make up new ones. They have had several parties during the year: on October 15, Imogene Bourke was chairman: for the Christmas party, Anna Lou Davis was chairman: for the Valentine party, Rosemary Frawley was the chairman. The officers of this club are: President--Martha Gray, Vice- President--Thelma Bjorckg Secretary--June Frawleyg Treasurer, Annabelle Krystof. GIRLS' SPORT CLUB President--Mary Schiefen Vice-president--Gloria Shea Secretary-Treasurer--Geraldine Van Kirk Good health is essential to the war effort. The Girls' Sport Club encourages its members to keep fit through a program of recre- ational activities. Organized teams, competitive events, playdays and social activities constituted the year's program. A roller skat- ing party and a badminton tournament were held. Miss Henze, physical education instructor, sponsors the program of the club. f Page 66 1 1 5 X ,M I - P . .mkwm 233-2 ,- l l I K .-.. qs: .xwwkagn v 'et ' 9 , 'fm , :ff fy l.,. B4 ' 'I 7 'N L , 1 fra ,A 1 ' , il' ., ff ' Q S1 rd' ,, ,,.wA-N" uw'- Agn... L ' s Q , gbffl mx AL -ik ' 1 ?,:,t'iv ag. ikfileff' 1 1- '- 7 whft .Q 1 3 WAN f 5 5 A J ,Q . as Qi f 'Fi I s- '12 gr Cf?v:?f'!' 1 - I L' i , 4-4741 .2 1 .. if ,'v,?7"i5' 5 ' fx ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW left to right: James Theopheles, John McBride, Fred Myers, Robert Shafer, Dick Besley. SECOND ROW: Louis Mitchell, Peter Theopheles, Donald Tifft, John Cownlich, Robert Deery, Richard Pettitt. FOOTBALL FIRST ROW left to right: Metro Morich, Kenneth Erickson, Kerry Bannister, Frank Pesesky, Robert Belknap, William Gustin, Andrew Kerrick, Joseph Palmieri, Donald Cowles, Eugene Martin. SECOND ROW: Mr. Al Northrop, Frank Platko, Leonard Barr, Raymond Holchuk, Charles Reddon, Eldon Doane, George Mysnyk, John Hayduk, William Shaw. THIRD ROW: Vincent O'Herron, Phillip Obuhanich, Harry Hoyt, Steven Mysnyk, Robert Larison, Fred McCullough, Raymond Vosburgh. Page 68 BASKETBALL SEATED left to right: Frank Pesesky, Charles Reddon, Frank Krystof, Samuel Popovich, Eugene Jurusik. STANDING left to right: Mr. Northrop, George Morich, Zane Palmer, Donald Cowles, Fred Myers, John Hayduk. BASKETBALL TEAM OF 1942-1943 Sam Popovich Lester Reimsnyder Francis Frawley William Sabran Frank Krystoff Elmira Elmira Elmira Elmira Elmira Elmira Elmira Elmira Elmira Elmira Elmira Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Heights Forward Forward Center Guard Guard Manager--John Frank Pesesky Fred Myers Charles Reddon Eugene Jurusik George Morich Hayduk Game Results Corning Free Academy 27 Watkins 16 Waverly 21 Watkins 21 Horseheads 15 Sayre 39 Corning 23 Athens 21 Sayre 40 Waverly 34 Campbell 31 The 1942'43 basketball season presented difficulties because of curtailed transportation there was no league competi tion. The coaching staff was divided between Harold NBobn Ano and J. Albert Northrop. Mr. Ano coached the first half of the season until he left to do Red Cross work for the Armed Forces in December. Mr. Northrop took over and coached the team the remainder of the season. Page 69 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Officers: Peter Theopheles--President Harry Marsh--Vice-President John McBride--Secretary Robert Deery--Treasurer The Athletic Association, consisting of any person who wished to join, was organized for the purpose of assisting in the promotion of various varsity sports. Members sold tickets, put out advertising mat- ter, and ushered. One of the outstanding events sponsored by this club was the night football game. At the end of the football season, the members put on a banquet for the players. Mr. Mandel, the former sponsor, did much to make the activities of this club successful. Mr. Northrop is the present sponsor. FOOTBALL The Gridiron season of Thomas A. Edison High for 1942 was rather limited. Teams from schools larger than our own appeared on our schedule because many teams we formerly met were eliminated. Coach J. Albert Northrop trained his boys well and consequently defeated these larger schools. Assistant coaches Jack Terry and Harold nBobn Ano worked with Coach Northrop. The first week, fifty-seven boys came out but gradually they dropped out, so at the end of the season we had thirty-five boys left. The 1942 Gridiron Schedule We They Bath 32 26 Corning Northside 19 13 Horseheads 24 o Sayre 18 14 Waverly 13 o Horseheads 32 6 Hornell 6 6 Q g""" I Q9 Ss.. 4-v 'T ia -P' N JI, lggi ll EQUdlafy Page 70 JUNIOR RED CROSS On March 8, 1943 the American Red Cross War Chest Drive began in the schools of Elmira Heights and continued throughout the week, ending March 12. The quota given to us by the Red Cross of Chemung County was 5125. On Wednesday, March 10, the Junior Red Cross presented a pantomime in the high school on the founding of the Red Cross and its duties in war and peace. Also a talk was given by Robert Bush, President of the American Junior Red Cross of Chemung County. He was introduced by Charles Easterbrook who is the representative from T. A. E. to the Junior Red Cross of Chemung County. Everyone worked exceptionally hard on this drive as the results show. The Senior class alone took in 396. Together, we went over the IOP'-2405. The total amount taken in was 3300. Mr. L. D. Clute, Chairman of the Red Cross of Chemung County, accepted the money. It has gone to a very worthy cause. We hope it may do its part in bringing victory soon. Page 71 C ' QQO-GQ., MK 45 mm 5HT:EHAN,5 Where Wow Shopp G5 QM' SQTWOOT CTOHN QS Uheve qodll shop Qor QQYQQY QTQWQ S TJJEQVTTXQ Q Qper QT oi qvawqq qnd STHXE. Dependable Smme 889+ KWRUQ5 Amer- MOTORS 2559 STATE STREET Hoffmnnsrs. EL1l"IlRA,N-Y pf"n5?EX?1'2i3N SWE' 'L LARGEST TRUCK DEALER TN THE 109 WM!!! 51" CHURUI ANA T: sovmmm TIER DIBTRTBUTORS fz fbggy- Pouch W exufmos , WEST .mx F' vuchosnc R Eiga! Smear SBU, 6 CANDY 51-T A ELEIEIA, OWS I INC. ' -.31-Izzow.maESTY:STx:2u1s YOUNG WN5 ' QT TUEHR WE RDENBERG5 170 ummm sm. ww mm -T.. Uma -515. ummm wa- TTU Page 7 WWW of -WE HUWHL PRE55 Q CO. COMMERCIAL PRINTING 00 H STQTIONQYW -' GYQCTIYV1 Cql"d5 Jfq Q-gow? 160 E-FOUr7CChf71 S12 Phone 25512 fpfvfbffq 539 IEIIVIIRA I-IIQIQI-IIS Nw YURI4 'aug 'QEI7 'Morne HOME Tin Bonds H2635 K.HI'TP?q?lT71,fIN AOXFXLIIIPX Qoglffgg ::ri'2f-V5 212 mr I4'1- smear vnvsm A cms EL'HEl6HT5 NWWRK IIIIIQA HEIGHTS IIIIIIIH new www CmWTLu""""t"'H5 5IenderIzIn9 , VIGTM HRTSW- A5,'g?:f,'QMf0' if SQHQOHSI IEIHIEIEY msses PX ,X 09 AF 5 A H Q Womafim SERVICE ROCFFSTYZZK HRT "'T2'f2InIIm STATION THOVTASTREDISON 0141 2-6516 O. KBULRCTS, UWB. lx SUHOE C TIR E 5 157 Iv-runv srpffr QLJLQIITY ELTHRA Nff- FOOTLIJQOYH V' ' 'ff QORNE-IR OF T44 UWAIIVMLI5 MVELTY AND SIHIEIIIDAN DISTETQUTING 122 SMOKE EMM ' STATE ST- SHOP Nf-UYORK WHL 2'4'77-5-J NOVELTY TRTCKS NEW YORK LEATHYRGOODS I 3- Jos ephsg 155332 3 H nski C I e 4 n in. 3' ?re sszhg' Bu-dsc-:je Buy MY BOYLAS A J .Sfamfs sh utr Ve et bles F u+s F5+4F ,,.,,0LZQW-1-L ,395 Glam we vi WN 250 jf W nu. mme ar-ber Sheff W3 D!-HRV H N Lmme Fffeclen ur rm Cream. 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EZ 111121: 111161115 A x5RoTHERs NW wwoow Lummz Q Ffxpffk BUIZDUVG !'7117fA7f14Z56 f H3 in WW 000,15 V102 rgew 957m 60" 256 04541000 AVL El!! H675. I 5157 11151115 Llwem EUA5 tw? co-uraMZ4, 1-:mp 111121117 GY r 501-iw 5 222 f- ff' Wfff ,124 M51 144 Sbffff HIVWA 19fl6!!f5 NX CID NIIDL1 II N113 NTS Ol' 13XlMIE'Q'FI!C3+C.0Al?il3+C U5 AT ELMHQA HEIGHTS IVIARKSON CAREY CL T inf A VIARRSON CAREY f 9 V V N J' - ITS for MenS And Boys lo h-ing footwear For Every Member' of the amklj For The Laflies SIQQKS "" Slacl Sl-4lfS "' COUEFCLHS' Ovevahs - Blouses "' 5 Off 5ff"+5 Jackets - Hesieliy -' 0 6 S Urn.bY'eH0S I- f7l'Ld "' 'Rafh.C00L7"S ISZ Easf' ffff-sf Oh-C z'c'5-5 Next-ro The ah. Page 76 CUVWPQQNENT5 BUYWARTBO NDS pH'U4'P'5 MCEULLUUEH3 3WEUPf SHUPIDE LHKENU M 5 QQMPUMENT UVIQWNUV ALL om FUR vlcToRY mums cu EUIPBE WINE DIWEKU M W A Jn BRAD 5 LENJU WNBRICS Buy WMBQ ds Siam Bake rj I aft 14551, EL.Hem1h+S a E L, HEIGHTS . 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BUY BON D5 ' ' efsr Wish?-.5' T0 GWADUJIT 1 xg om' 5cH0wvo1ffR AIBEEE S5 - sqm: DEAL Jfwum .T 7 E wmu CRYSTALS 441 OERISQANS HAINSPRINGS 51-JO CORN A 120 f-WATER sr ummm mm 335 Fl DGYLQZW d 50h EULIEHJN STETNUHY PIANOS emma m L1 RQA- vlqwp WURYES HAmf'1oNo oRe,q1vs RAD105 ,WD w. T25 STREET PHONE 6186 VIQTROLOS gL,T-1515.55 NY tomme TE LIBRARY VTCTROLA RECORDS' ' Page 79 DUNCANS SPORT SHOP LOX Qiscoumii on 'tennis rackts -For sfudenfs 'S RES Q5 YWQB T'7WP'7 Q99 W' F2Y.RHQE1fSfIF,. ST' '17 Phone- 2.-3112, ' off' Bw- can sho? , 9 559' efgqsg QW C.-Toseph Paar-c.e, Main S'cYQ-C-'C ix Eh-nira, T1. . R . all K- 5 3"p:" 1 4 Jw? ,Y ' . ' . 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THTZJZEHI GOLD TUNE STUDTG 204- WJJATER STREET ELVNRA N-Y PHON E Pa 82- 7451 my . N: 1' f Sig .V 4- E Yi 'nr 'l ff? , , ff. Nix V! f' '12 5 1 , fx H . A."- ff El ' a Eg Rc .iv f 'nf I 1- -r',- ,111-. , 31-I H PSI G S3 -an ME Q1 I. h :I wk - -, f , if ' - ' . "Q, In ' x W " .. J ' ' -.7 , , , l!?f' , 1 . b, X . . ,,, I X I D. VJ,- ,X - . . , :-.:' f LK 1 ,' . , 'ji . . gl 1 ll- , '1 . f . 1 , ,l 1 ' ' W .01 fi My 1 . 4. r X 1 4 J--. . ,-Leif r I u - ,, A n ,l ? 1 u I A . 5 . v- vr. Fix l. ,. , , T' p li f'K f' f 1 ' ' nd.. W ' H . K , , . 5 . - .5 . , if 4, ' ! . I5 il' AQ. ,. 'E ,V N4 v ' ' I' 2 ii' - A 1, , I 1 1 , us . .s A 1,- wr ,iilr',iMn ."'...l ..... ., '. , M ,, ' Q L ographs if 1 nu J.- u -. 1 Lf-1' 3. I' . Q , ,Q " 1 X, -'of 1 L,-.Q , ,,-iff if -. , A-V, 1 ,H Y - x , , 11 4 n 1 , x 1 . -4. . I . , . v. ' .yldful v 3,152 . ' - - 5 1 I . '- lv, Q . . I " K I A 'u ' .-u " l,.. , Hs: 1 , V .-'A -' . ' x A '. I ,Hr F . .W-, nf - YH 5 ' -, rf ' . 4 .v X I I I 1 1. it 2 1 ,, J 'N , 9 1 1 ' K. A V - z Vj I ' 'H' 'VA 3 4' L , N, ' , 1 794 u . . I V 4 K .- 7 ' 'S' r V , ,, I . -A 1 P 5 1 A s ' . v. . 1 X .1 f. ,,- we .1 n -2'1" A 'S -v ml J .mf 'u-. 'lgm' . nl u ruff, IP" 4 "".m w ' '.li'T' .- mf V 'L we-,1 ul ruff' " ' ' I1 Y' Q . bij' 'I' vm r 1'. 3 , I n Ei-'YL .. 'Tv-2 f Q L-is ,V .,,,,.uu .' , 1.1.2-Nr f- -all mf-1 , . ..-my F .-B. 5, P. r.w w 'ieie-.M 1-IFN., 1. Qi.. -L 4'-' ' . I- .4 , fag-4. fir' -.J-mixmi .-?'f ' I f"'f"4-w45K'efv'm,Q:E'1',:4f , nu- -1 M? Q L.. -4 ,I-F wa- v., gznfl, Jw H 4- T 'v I ,r , .N 4 I .Au fax 2 .Aww 2 -L .1 27. W, . -'wav 1' JA.. lk ' , -1 f 3 " 'rm nj "V- 1' : I, 1' J -fu 5. 4-1 it-ISE ,. .'-'sv ' , ,.. ,A , , r . 14. . .,- 1 g -J -P' w mf, A , A nJ x-fp A V-5 1 A4 r n WT' V 1 W V -.,,:.'v J Q 1-f.Q1fff'fL.5 'V dm ,nx . L nu.: .-.' as ""l v,,, .,,,-.I-I.q.,v 1 , JL- B n . . . .ff . . ' ,. - . W., 5-.1..-J, ,W . : xm 4 i.,.,+.,.H . 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