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 - Class of 1942

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Thomas A Edison High School - Edisonian Yearbook (Elmira Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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THE :.-gg.-' . 15315 ' I . I ': -. 942 ,. . J, . -. . I.-1 ,,,. , .... -. , Ig... I. ..:. wg'-' ...l II E' I . he r W f ' . I II, f ' 'p 6 1 . . ' 22,1 I if 4 5,4 f . .I... ,I f A , In . I-, 145.5 H1513 f, 5,6 , ' ' ax . -5:11 15 .::. 1 iw Lf f lad I ' ze any I I. ..... I I I . . . -' 2 - x . - -I-"' F 'fs' 'xiii-'f'75i31?2' 1. ' ' .- 3 I .-..- :ZI -. 'I - I n,.f-n-- .S ,Ik ws' :mx I NA -R 'B 'v .. .Af,I,:Nhm- eu , N., I -'- -fuvhn. I ...Oasis-mfg-..I -41, Q, 7 .-I-II 1 -II,....-Ln... . ,I ' .Is I ".I xg :gt-I.I ray' .Q .,.3,- ,.' s, 3 '- '- -'-- -.--. .- .: W., .iz--'1 ff xebigk X "J: -5235 . I 7 05" '.'-'ia 'I . .1 'f-.1 kr" ' fl 'T'l i f- 171, '1 '95 "ixl't'. :TH "i-jf:1"":9 va-, R ' C. q.x.1,5. IM' :1'HQ',34. 5 ' ,fc ilffa- vf .. ..', I. ' 'g -vv ::' 4. L --.3 --1' ,T-1. .l, :tx Jhlmx. 'X "f, :A Sh. I f ,. ..I.- Ig.. . 14,-,gg . ,If . ff .'f'I."-.':--1' 'fe-Q X-I ' ' 1,?1,Qlf Q1 ft ' 5'.!'f' . X "'f'1-, IJ :Ffa fj.I -.II - 5'-Zn-3' 2 .f .1' .'1f5.TEA . eh, IZ, I ' , ,,.I,.-can . -...- l IL... . I: I .5I..I.- I ' -, . 'L v:,I7.?l " nf' .5 I'.1 Jw" "u Wrfttlx, ':.11".'n-1" 15' . I 1- 1" ' .'v' -'. "1 ' 'af-L-52.-. 'Lf"5:.!-K -- 'rv' , , 51. .",' qu'-.". -4. :ff ,I . WIP GQ' ,-'-'-""3.7- ' ' 'Qui'-r.:"?..-f'-ai. ' '.- 1'.--r:.- 1' 5' 2 ' .B - f't'f..-Ta' ad '17 -174' -fr:-4. ' .iff :,-'fffi if ff :'1--:..I ' ' - 4: ,,g'.'f.' 571' .. . -.' 1- 'N 5. '. I ,ff .si -Q-,f.".1'.'fSS'w' ?w553.:ra3. . .4 - 42' ' 2f'ff'2-".f"f1w!:"' 1 ' www ' 'Y 14351411 ff,f1xfEEi'vff ' :E I. Q..-Lu .fn usp, 3 '. -g:,"f1I.P'I,. 'xlt -Iv I. .g.fbf' ff..." III 3 I. '1,f,'5- 311- .1.hQ"'Il I-Tv ' rs ' - f.-H".Z3.".'Iv'ff'. -1 ' 'I PN'-.r:'Q"' " ' -I ,h,.7f.'F,. ...Im - f, 1 W.. IH: 1.5: -5-Iv--.5 :sf-. 1 ff: 1--ww. '-fw7J-1 .1 Kiffddft- . 1. .. . I... , , . , ..'1 , -r,,r..,I,.cf1.,,,,. ' . 5. ' 12'-il -'41 .- THQ! '31-YT" '1'i'f:5.3E3"-.'ff:j'7" . ., ,.I . x ,-1 D... n . .'-.'-I ,I .LE - Va .5 lyk I .177 -S... -Y za Hgh? -,.?.I..'k.x :R .Ii .. - xx UI, I .5 I. I. ' Iseli 2 -X :Rfk ' ! ' fi if"-'I' is ' .I Q: :Gif if .' :. , H IIA J-' M. ' "'?:1',.,L.f1-,T ff'1Q , ,' . ,Q Qu " 'ct-.4--" , . f-. - - I . ,, '1 . xg 1-1 ' lv . . .-L I Ig-. If I- If, , .' V53 I.... 1 ., f ,'.12"-J. 1 --.-B -.T ' ' .1":"."-'har f: 'l'l": -' -.'- ' '- ,.if:'1' 4'n"1.5.:- I " iffy' '," .5:!"f5f "Q", 'R -1 -.' E, -I.-,-. ,. 7 1 f r,- . .- -. .,.-.Q .:.-, -.I 1,5 , . 'fa-i,zT:',2'v"I,jfZ-y'.,3-' ,4E1?,ff,'?If,: .y'fgc15?.vI?? I .x5f!f1Ejg3Sfgz,fi ff' .-jg"f,g,Ij: ,'I.,Qf .Lj..Z' f"j'-..'gf,I6.f,I1fY-IQ -QSIJI x . 'WH f ffiffh ' f 12' "" " .--v.-. mc. h .,...,,--. . was 1,'Q-,,-..f- f,.ff,-.45 . , I.:,f.-- -: ,,.-,, ,:.-. .y.,x.. f -+,3Qsz.' Qlfifiy: ' gg-f J' 33111 Ir -ff' ' '. - - ':' 1-1 '4 - -. ' ' f 'J-... "1 wwf " 4. 13' 4' "NF-L ,I-six..-'fy' 1- - ' . 'NN .F 36:5 - FP. --:.'.p13,, I' 1 - ning. 4 J --11-gg.. . 5 - .14 .xg 1 - f" 1 - - ,,"1g?"f- 4 .,a "gy " 2,1-.' ,il -. - ,fi-J..4w '.Cyf-Y-'!'?W4'-'e 1 . 45- .- - ,Q -82. -:."?-,'.'t. Z.. nw.: :QQ-.II 5,2-.xy :., .LI D 1. .alfiv-':'.7'a 'kai wawfvig- --1:-. -' I,:gz5.-7- ,Q-.-ffm-a,I '.'. s .,-T '-?:::" Y' 5522.-. jI-,fy ' - :?!'I.- ',.I"1I- I If I ,gf IEE? is .'.'-.'.,' ' 515' -. ' 5 - ' . .' .' '. -' f - -.- "' ' -' '- 1 ' '2"..' -' .UH --rf' ' , :SJ :lishiufft lv' I-E :ff :A-1, I- 2, 'Mun .I I- HI h. .3-1 ,7,. b fig' ..rII.I ul II: ,gf 1: L..-,,p I Q., .'.. I ,' -4- ' v ' ' -1 :PAH . ' " 1. H ' ,. - Q5":'Q. . - A?" - H 0 ol" 'a 2:11-'I' ' . .fa-4 in 3-v'. ' 1 1 f-1' ."1. fl 'ffl' -'I .-,:"'af.y af' 5 : ' I:' ' ' Qyaiyj' 1 v- ,I. I . , PRESENTED BY THE SEMO? CLAS' 0 'THE THQ HAS A H555 if SQ H L ELM!o'1f:i 'HESEHT3 NEW YD 7251 .3 M . OUR SCHOOL There it stands, upright and firm, A challenge to every child, A challenge to enter and graduate, To face the world unbeguiled. Here in our school, we learn about life, About people, their ideas and ways, And we build ourselves to compete with them For the rest of our livelong days. Our school's a stepping stone to success, A foundation, firm and strong, which will last forever and can't be destroyed It's been part of our mould for so long. There's a spirit within this school of ours, That's American through and through, And it makes us proud of our U. S. A. That land of the Red, White and Blue! Yes, 1t's a great place, this school of ours, Our free flag floats above lt, 'tis many a year we've labored here, But 1t's our school, and we love it. Ronald Reiss -g, XXUNITED Ill U ' H '- QF gj-nQf1!,1jy M ef! X d STAND fe ff ijzazlif V Zgill ff??b is gf Q ff, jigg ii? 'QV:g2QA'4:ig '?E? iff X , Q25 W if o f X f YN QW Xsxix y - ?iZZZ?7 ji gk X, Xgiggggjgy 'ff' Qimkk .gi Zyffgyf wtjflf N Ciijiggxx l32:ssNw flfiglg iggffl! - xsgggi KM if Eg-EW W if Wf Wt Z K1 f JJXQ X f A lgif VI -Qs TsJNsX ' tft X W ' xx v 15 N QX Ntm kvx s v f ltl f X, Yv f r f yt xl my n vr v K YE' ' ill X MH if A 3 V M 'Umlxxm dp DEDICATION TO DEMOCRACY The flag of the United States is a symbol of democracy. It is the symbolof our national unity, transcending all internal differences. It is the emblem of freedom and signifies a government of the people, by the people, for the people, protector of the weak and the strong. It r t Q an s us freedoms which so few countries are enjoying today. - We must uphold the principles that our great leaders have set before us Therefore, as students and as citizens of the United States, let us continue to preserve democracy. -3- BOARD OF EDUCATION Front Row: Jacob Welch, Manuel Elkln, Geraldine Lyon, Lester Larison, Raymond Hower, James Lamb, President. Back Row: Dr. John W. Sahlstrom, Howard Kimball, Henry Kadlec, Eric Erickson, Absent Michael M6na11Ck. Lamb, James Teacher's Committee Elkin, Manuel Larison, Lester Welch, Jacob Hower, Raymond Building Com ittee Erickson, Eric Hower, Raymond Larison, Lester Elkin, Manuel Finance Committee Kimball, Howard Kadlec, Henry Er1ckson,,Er1c Mehalick, Michael Pres ldeflt Chairman Chairman Chairman D I R E C T O R Y 1941-1942 BOARD OF EDUCATION Textbook Committee Mehalick, Michael Kadlec, Henry Welch, Jacob Kimball, Howard Sahlstrom Dr. John W. Cohen, Nathan M. D. Flood, Edna L. Jennings, Roberto Lyon, Geraldine M. Welch, Ester W. Wenck, John -4- Chairman Purchasing Agent Superintendent School Physician School Nurse Treasurer Secretary to Board School Secretary Attendance Officer X J HBRAHHM Lmco1.N DR. JOHN W. SAHLSTROM, Ph.D. Superintendent of Schools Peru State Normal, Teacher's Diploma Minnesota Un1vers1ty,B.S. Columbia University, M.A., Ph.D. RUTH FANCHER, B.A. CMathematlcsJ Elmira College Junior Class '37, '41 Senior Class 42 JOHN W. FINLAY, B.S. CHead Science Departmentb Union College, B.S. CChemlstryD Cornell University, M.A. Junior Class '34, '35, '41 EDNA FLOOD, R.N. CSchool Nurse? ' Saint Joseph Hospital Cheerleading Club 41,42 ETHEL FORD, B.S. CGlrls Physical Educationj Cortland State Normal School Sports Club '42 Leadership Club '42 FLOYD o. FREEMAN B.A. CSoc1al Studiesf Syracuse University ANNA MAE HELTON, B.A. CEngl1shD Berea College University of Rochester, B. of Music Dramatic Club '41 CAROL L. KENDALL, M.A. DGBH of Students Syracuse UH1VGTS1ty, B.S. Columbia University, M.A Library Council '30 to 38 Senior Class '34 Cheerleaders Club '39 Quiz Club '42 Junior Play '35 to '38 Senior Play '35 to '38 HELEN KLEBERT, B.S. CL1brar1anJ Elmira College Library Council '38 to 42 Junior Play '38 to '41 Senior Play '38 to '41 MARVIN MANDEL, B.S. CHead Commercial Dept.J Syracuse University Faculty Manager of Athletics '38 to '4l Senior Class '38,'4O,'4 Yearbook Advisor '38, '40 '41 '42 Athletic c5unc11 '39 to 42 Com ercial Club '36 and 37 4 New York State Business Education Contest'37 to '39 1 PAUL MILLER, B.S. Clndustrial Artsj Buffalo State Teacher's College Industrial Arts Club Graphic Arts Club VIRGINIA MONROE, B.F.A. CArtJ Syracuse University Junior Art Club , '39 to '4l Senior Art Club '39 to '41 JOHN ALBERT NORTHRUP, B.S. CHead Physical Education Departmentl Saint Lawrence University Junior Class '32, '39 Senior Class '33 '4l H. Club '31 to 'se Football '31 to '4l Basketball '3l to '36 Baseball '37 to '42 Soccer '29, '30 LOUISE A. SHEEDER, B.A. CHead English Departmentj Randolph Macon Womens College Junior Class '31, '35, '42 Senior Class '32, '33, '41 RUBY SCHULTZ, B.A. IHome Economicsj Buffalo State Teachers College Girls' Home Economics ciub '41, '42 Boys' Home Economics ciub '41, '42 VICTOR SICK, B.S. CCommercialD Hartwick College Junior Class '39 Senior Class '4O CommerciaJ.Club '4l,'42 FLORINE PRATT STUART, A.B. CLanguagesD Middlebury College French Club Sophomore Newspaper '4Oj4l Senior Class '36 Junior Class '42 CASIMERA SZUPELLO, B.A. CHistoryJ Nazareth College Pan American Club '42 RALPH SUTHERLAND, B.S. fDirector of Musicj Ithaca College Orchestra '36 to '42 Band '36 to '42 Girls' Chorus '36 to '42 Boys' Chorus '41, '42 Mixed Chorus '42 HAROLD PETER ANO, B.S. CScienceJ Junior Class '36 Basketball '36-'42 Football '36-'42 Sports Club '4l,'42 YEARBOO K STAFF Front Row: Helen Obuhanych, Mary Gobush, Alice Griemsmann, Marie Panyla, Mary Feoich, Marjorie Burdick, Helen Sharak, Lester Reimsnyder, Frank Bober, William Sabran. Back Row: Philomena Narde, Joyce Cannan, William Gardner, Joseph Flint, Robert Unrue, Marvin Mandel, Lawrence Selewach, Lee Bly Faculty Advisor Art Editors Marvin Mandel Villiam Gardner Joseph Flint Editor - Lester Reimsnyder Frank Bober George Hogan Assistant Editor - Helen Sharak Advertising Sports Editor Lawrence selewach Robert Unrue Bernice Coney Edith Butler Girl's Sports Editor Joseph Scheifen Mary Gobush ' Helen Emelski Typists Marjorie Burdick Mary Fecich 2 A fc,"-c,,.,',.,,, Dorothy Guides LQHYIBUH? Geraldine Westlake Marie Panyla Bertha Beidleman Marie Bennett 4:29 Q , Joyce Cannell 74 1 S- ' if ' slwrnyvi Philomena Narde '. v-we -I ".-1 . f ,gf 'I 3, 13. :ff 972 O Business Manager - William Sabran f Aw, :E 7 -' 4 1 'NH ff. ' 1 - M-I ., .-. .. Features - Lee Bly ,--.'2:E1- ea ........ .... . , " ,,f vu' ff' :J BV? FE ! x f-'f'ffM- Photography - Frank Bober 'Ei-.-T'--S5 5 --' Clubs - Helen obunanycn I Q Seniors T5 'NU f"""' CAMR' ""' 1' Alice Griemsmann Richard Lyon -8- Q Left: RUTH APPLEBY VJohnnyn Home Economics 4. 4 Right: JOSEPH BEDNARCHIK "Mount Carmel" Foot ball 2,3,4g Industrial Arts Club 4 Left : I! V1 MICHEAL BEDZYK Mike Orchestra.2,5 Right: H BERTHA BEIDELMAN "Bertie Home Eco- nomics 2Q Comercial Club 4g Year Book Left: MARIE BENNETT "Babe" Home Economics 2g Comercial Clubg Year Book Right: LEE BLY "Two-ton" Football 2,3,4g Baseball 35 Junior Playg Year Book, A Debate 4 i I V, -..-' . my tvtl k,.. . ., ' wE5eb'4t si ' 3 Pemba Left: H n W .Ei E. FRANK BOBER Bobe Football 2 3 A T 43 Band 2,5,4g Year Bookg orchestra X be H 1123574 Y A'..., .. W. T. A -ow g : ' fr . . ..,.: E ., .,r,, I NORTON BRAcE !'Norty" Football 2,5,45 C ' -'f- 1 5 Debate 4 ' " ff h 1 ,. Left: Nfl ' MARY JANE BROWN "Brownie" Library lquuv qub 1 Council l,2,3,4g cborus 1,2,s,4 , o 4+ Right: ..'. MARJORIE BURDICK "Marge" Junior Play g Year Book C rllo v otll' E E? l 4 rblrs 1 Q ' . - -10- Left: HELEN EMELSKI nBeckyH Leader- ship Club 45 Sports l,2,5,4g Sports l,2,5,4g Newspaper 25 Year Book Right: MARY FECICH nsnappern Home Economics l,2,5g Athletic Club 4g Leadership Club 4g Year Book Left: LILLIAN FARNSWORTH WHamn Chorus l,2,5,45 Sports l,2,5,45 Home Economics 55 French Club 25 Junior Playg Leadership Club 45 45 Newspaper 2 Right: JOSEPH FLINT nSenatorN Art Club l,2,5g Debating Club 5g Junior Playg Orchestra 1,25 Newspaper 2g Boys Chorus 5,4Q Year Book Left: EDITHMAE BUTLER NLuck1e' French Club lg Home Economics l, Year Book Right: BERNICE CONEY WDuchessn Year Book Operetta 4 Left: JOYCE CANNAN nCannanyH Library Council l,2,5,4g Cheer Leading 2, 5,45 Home Economics l,5g Athletic Association 5 Right: MARION COWLES HMern1eu Sports l,2,5, 45 Athletic Club 2,53 Cheerleading Left: DORIS BROOKS nDotn Right: CHARLES EGAN nChuckH Junior Playg Football 5,4 -1-1- 3 Left: FRANCIS FRANLEY nFl1pn Basketball 2, 3,45 Baseball l,2,4g Football 3 Right: MARY GOBUSH HBabyn Sports l,2,3g Athle- tic Club 45 Leadership 45 Year Book Left: NJLLIAM GARDNER 'Lindyn French Club lg Boy's Home Economics Club 3' Football 2,3,4gYear Bookg Newspaper B5 Junior Playg Debate 45 Boy's Chorus 3,45 Operetta 4 Right: ALICE GRIEMSMANN French Club lg Chorus ership Club 45 Year Bookg Operetta 4 Left: DOROTHY GUIDUS 'Dotn Home Eco- nomics 3' Newspaper 25 Athletic Association 25 Sports l,2,3,4,: Year Book Right: GERALDINE JOVANELLI nGerryH Home Economics 1 Left: GRACE HALL.HGrao1e Allen' Commercial Club 3,45 Home Economics l,2,3,4g Sports l,2g Chorus l, Junior Playg Newspaper 2 Right: ARTHUR LeMUNYAN 'MunyN Interclass Basketball Left: GEORGE HOGAN uHoag1eu Year Book Right: ROBERT LINTZ uChuchn Boy's Home Economics Club 33 Football 2,35 Year Book -12- l,2,3,4g Library Council 2,3,45 Lead- Lefti ' MARIE PANYLA nMinyaH Home Eco- nomics Club 5, Year Book Right: WILLIAM SABRAN nSabe' Basketball l,2,5,4g Baseball l,2,5,4g Year Book Left: LESTER REIMSNYDER HR1mmern Junior Play, Basketball 5,45 Football 5,45 President 2, Debate Club 45 Newspaper 2, Year Book Right: JOHN SANCHISHEN nJohnnyH Baseball 5,4 Left: RICHARD LYON nDick' Boy's Home Eco- nomics Club 55 Athletic Associa- tion 55 Basketball l,2,5,4, Foot- ball 2,5,45 Baseball 2,5,4g Presi- dent Senior Class Right: PHILOMENA NARDE nPh1ln Home Economics Club l,2,5,4g Chorus l,2,5,4, Sports 1,23 Bands' Drum Marjorette 2,55 Junior Play, Year Book Left: MARGARET MAHONEY nPeggy' Year Book Right: STEVEN OBUHANYCH Boy's Home Economics Club 5, Football 2 Left: NELLIE MISNICK nJo1eu Home Economics l,43 Commercial Club 5 Right: HELEN OBUHANYCH nJ1nnyH Leadership 43 Library Council 2,5,4g Athletic Club lg Junior Play, Year Book -13- Left: JOSEPH SHIEFEN nJoeyu Year Book Right: HELEN SHARAK uSharkyn Home Economics Club 1,2535 Athletic Club l,2,3,45 International Relations Club 45 Cheer Leading 3,45 Newspaper 25 Chorus l, 2 3' Athletic Association 3' Leader- : 1 s ship Club 4 Left: LAWRENCE SELEWACH HLaur1en Junior Play5 Year Book Right: ation 2,35 Sports 2 Left: FLORA JEAN SHULL UFlippern Library Council l,2,3,45 French Club l Right: PATRICIA STAMN nPatu Chorus l,2,3, 45 Junior Play, Operetta Left: JOHN SPAIN nPr1moU Basketball 2,35 Football 2,35 Baseball 2,3 Right: ROBERT UNRUE Hsilver' Basketball Phnager 45 Junior Play5 French ,aClub 2' Boy's Home Economics Club 35 Football 45 Cheerleader 35 bate Club 45 Year Book Left: STELLA SPAIN Hstelln Sports Club 45 Basketball 15 Leaders Club 45 Commercial Club 3 Right: ANN WATERMAN Jumor Playg Comercial Club 5,4 -14- HELEN SHEETS uBlaCk1Bu Athletic ASSOCi- Left: H I! JOSEPH WEBSTER Speed Debate Club 45 Football 45 lnterclass Basketball l,2,5,4 Right: GEORGE SKILLMAN HGeoN Left: ll ll GERALDINE WESTLAKE Jerry Home Eco- nomics Club 45 Athletic Club 55 Com ercial Club 5 R1 gm: : H MARGARET PAY NE "Peggy Left: PAULINE KERRICK "Punchy" Right: HERBERT CLEMENS'RedHBasketball 45 Band l,2,3,4g Boy'S Chorus 3,45 French Club 1 -15- f A Xa if? A Q slr Q f WZfx my uh m' I 1 ,W ky, , M IXSE N M 157-OW C:lL 'WM ff -" Q QQ, I ,f 'WQNK VI i-J fD O naw? ""Q? K - N fi SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Freshman: Officers: Sponsors: President Joe Flint' Ruth Francher Vice-President Helen Obuhanych Ruth Hirsh Secretary Helen Sharak Harold Ano Treasurer Thomas Kehoe Arthur Maul At the beginning of the school year a class meeting was held at which the above officers were elected. One hundred and twenty members were in the class. At the first meeting it was decided to have a Halloween Party October 28. This party proved to be a splendid success, due to the hard work of the committee, ably aided by Miss Ruth Fancher, the class advisor. Games were enjoyed and refreshments were served. At the next meeting it was decided to have a picnic May 6. The arrangements were made later. Sophomore: Officers: Sponsors: President Lester Reimsnyder Ruth Fancher Vice-President William Gardner Anna Mae Helton Secretary Marion Cowles Treasurer Joseph Flint b The first meeting of the class was devoted to election of officers which are listed a ove. On November 21, a Thanksgiving party was held in the school gym. The gym was gaily decorated and a good time was had by all. Tea dances were held every Thursday night in the gym- During this year, the Edison Light was published under Miss Florine Pratt. Its contents were composed of editorials, fiction stories, comics, jokes, sports and class activities. The editors were William Gardner, and Lester Relmsynder. Dick Lyon was advertising manager. In April a spring picnic was held for the entire class. Games and refreshments were enjoyed. A dance was held on May 17, in the school gym. Junior: Officers: President Robert Lintz Secretary Michael Bedzyk Vice-President Marion Cowles Treasurer William Sabran At the beginning of the school year in the fall of 1941 there were sixty members in the class. The class of 1942 had a sport dance on November 2, at which Art WeXal1's orchestra played. On February 22, the Junior Jamboree was held which proved to be a great success. Music was furnished by Billy Aber and his band. On March 28, a three-act comedy nYoung Apriln was presented. This was a great success and was liked by everyone attending. The Juniors and Seniors held their annual prom on May 16, and at the close of school, a banquet was given by the Juniors for the Seniors at the Elmira Country Club on June 5. Senior: , Officers: Sponsors: President Richard Lyon Harold Ano Vice-President Lawrence Selewach Ruth Fancher Secretary Helen Obuhanych Treasurer Robert Lintz -16- In6J ,ZZ f I esznld jf I JEEP?-J 11 d syfz 5 I fvvh If A' O :aa en il A-,,5,fff' Semen is-we X cuss A ft It Btij . 517 SENIOR CLASS WILL RUTE APPLEBY wills her ability to fascinate a certain young man in history class to Crystal Hur . MYRON BECRAFT wills a special table at a certain Bar B-Q to Vera Bookmiller. MICHAEL BEDZYK Wills his good marks to Eldon Doane. BERTHA BEIDLEMAN wills that ucertain ringu to anyone It can fit, but they must take her finger with it. MARIE BENNETT will to Mary Tarby some of her oomph, what will she do with it? LEE BLY wills his ability to put on weight to Robert Roller. FRANK BOBER wills his solo part In the German Band to Jimmy Fudge. NORTON BRACE wills some of his height to a certain nDolores.H She may make use of it. MARY JANE BROWN wills her new hair styles to Ruth Brown C1t's bound to run in the fam1ly.J MARJORIE BURDICK wills her quietness to Mary Emelski. EDITH MAE BUTLER wills her seat in Room 17 to a girl who wears Hp1gta1ls.N She's just crazy a ou hem. JOYCE CANNAN wills her ability to cheer to Martha Gray. MARION COWLES wills her ability to nwoon the boys. Johnny better keep awake. CHARLES EGAN wills his ability to get along in Finley's classes to Sam Popovich. HELEN EMELSKI wills her temper to Helen Erickson. LILLIAN FARNSWORTH throws her personality to anyone who can catch It. 'Get ready, here it comes MARY FECICH wills her shorthand pad to Josephine Jurusik, to use only for shorthand. JOSEPH FLINT wills Donald some of his height. FRANCIS FRAWLEY wills his hair cut to Ted Polley. BILL GARDNER wills his dancing feet to Joe Bednarchik. MARE GQBUSH wills her ability to write poems to Margaret Norwood even though she doesn't nee . ALICE GRIEMBMANN wills her intriguing personality to Virginia Schafer. DOROTHY GUIDUS wills her ability to do shorthand to Anna Hryskanick. On the side, she can spare a few inches. CARL HMIEL wills his clever handwriting to whoever will make good use of It. GEORGE HOGAN wills his places in classes to Frank Rugur. HELEN OBUHANYCH wills her library job to Anna Bennett. , GERALDINE JOVANELLI wills one date to the first who asks her. She hopes 1t's a certain enny. ARTHUR LE MUNYAN wills his hobby to any Junior boy who wants it. ROBERT LINTZ wills his all around athletic ability to Stanley Pesesky and hopes he won't be handicapped in using it as Bob was. RICHARD LYON wills Herb Clemens his shoulders so he can stay our next year. JANE MELLOR wills her parking space at the school to Eva Mae Mathews. NELLIE MISNICK wills her ability to tell Jokes to anyone interested. PHIL NARDE wills some of her up sweeps to Frank Pesesky, but what can he do with them. STEVE OBUHANICH wills his Life Magazines to Steven Hryskanich. KATHELEEN O'CONNOR wills her locker to anyone who can keep it clean. MARIE PANYLA wills her homeroom seat to any girl interested. who wouldn't be interested! EUGENE PHILLIPS wills everything to the Junior Class except a certain HGloria.W LESTERhREIMSNYDER wills Jack Crawford his football shoes and pants, and we hope he can em. -17- SENIOR CLASS NILL WILLIAM SABRAN wills Frank Krystoff his guard spot on the basketball team. JOHN SAMCHISHEN wills his ability to tour the golf course in sub-par figures to Charles L'AmoreauX. JOE SCHIEFEN wills his passive ways to Jack Satterlee. LAURENCE SELEWACH wills Paul Selewach his ability to act along with the teachers. HELEN SHARAK doesn't will anybody anything. She keeps souvenirs. HELEN SHEETS could will her cooking ability to Kathleen Ewsuk, but she might need it some- time. FLORA JEAN SHULL wills her nHollywoodn wardrobe to Mary Cook. JOHN SPAIN wills the Mark Twain golf course furnace to Ed Hutchinson. Uncle Sam wants John. STELLA SPAIN wills her umbrella to any person who doesn't care to get Hwet.H PATRICA STAMM wills her ability to Hwrite notesn to Elsie Stumpff. BOE UNRUE wills his snake-hips and speed to Frank Pesesky, Next year's triple threat. ANN WATERMAN Wills her typing ability to Helen Bolak. JOE WEBSTER wills his spare time to Marion Swartout. GERALDINE WESTLAKE wills her cheery smiles and greetings to Margaret Mahoney, but does she need them? GEORGE SKILLMAN wills his HFleetn of cars and trucks to Steven Tarby. GRACE HALL wills her chewing gum to a junior who dislikes gum. Brace Brown Burdick Butler Cannan Cowles Flint Gardner Hall Lyon Sheets Spain Waterman "Samoa evMnunQmes" W Ns!! I legal d,'fl' SAX Z' ffxzhgivibw 4' ' A "T 7 l'- . ,Wk n5W"'E'NER5" if C2L3,ZilE3 1fe-flsffggg.,f?fl,..fiQi:iiilL support paint a weed servant gun cows steel farmer corridor King of beasts bed clothes country waterboy 41 Y - w. SENIOR SIMILARITIES Skillman Coney Applyby Be-craft Guld-us Sharak West-lake Brooks Barr Cook Fudge Hurd Roller -18- experienced worker an island would-be-fruit making honey leader shark Pacific Ocean small stream sand-bar chef candy but not seen steam .ii,.. 5 I - : E., I gl gif Z7 5 "0 ue. ARMS! I - N' ' 4 , '- .5Y""1 3- W' ig' " If NLLMQ- 'xf gggy F, wM',Q!!!!!!!4ayZgM: ,,,. A? 'WEE fi4Tw Nx6' '.qHf 14x E? 'vkQxgS?k M"H4l4-, -'-- XYTMQ 5 ff ff , Senioiilb,-.-fb, 'A' sgrcehgififvffgyr 'F me L SENIOR AMBITIONS Name Plans after Graduation Hobby Ruth Applebyy Secure a position Reading Birth Date August 10, 1923 Address Biographies Phone No. 4377 198 McCann's Blvd. Myron Becraft Join air corp Model October 5, 1925 airplane no phone Fairview Road building Michael Bedzyk Post Graduate Hunting November 16, 1925 2-6552 Route 42 Horseheads Bertha Beidleman Secretary Reading December 22, 1924 no phone 121 E. Sth Street Marie Bennett Elmira Business Institute Sports February 2, 1925 no phone 219 W. 15th Street Lee Bly Post Graduate Sports July 4, 1924 5041 285 Robinwood Avenue Frank Bober Machinist Tennis August . no phone 192 McCann's Blvd. Norton Brace Machinist Machine October 11, 1924 work 2-1388 159 W. 17th Street Mary Jane Brown Secure a position Classical January 5, 1924 music no phone 204 W. 15th Street Marjorie Burdick Secure a position Reading January 4, 1924 no phone 214 W. 17th Street ..1g.. F2VOr1te Subject English History Science Typewriting Shorthand Mathematics Printing SC1SHC9 HUG Mathematics SC1SUCG Shorthand and Typewriting SENIOR AMBITIONS Name Plans after Graduation Hobby Edith Phe Butler Secure a position Bowling Birth Date April 18, 1924 Address Phone no phone 127 W. 8th Street Joyce Cannan Elmira Business Institute Dancing March 20, 1925 no phone 216 Birchwood Avenue Marion Cowles Elmira Business Institute Taking April 8, 1924 pictures 2-6486 51 Fairview Avenue Charles Egan Join the service Aviation July 31, 1923 36F6 Horseheads,P1ne Valley, N.Y. Helen Emelski Secure a position Sports June 18, 1924 no phone 105 Grand Central Avenue Lillian Farnsworth Nurse training Dancing April 2, 1924 2-4302 216 Elmwood Avenue Mary Fecich Undecided Sports February 24, 1924 . no phone 408 E. 9th Street Joseph Flint Secure a position Drawing January 29, 1924 no phone 1305 Grand Central Avenue Francis Frawley Post Graduate Sports November 22, 1924 no phone 213 W. 13th Street William Gardner Naval air force Flying October 9, 1924 7813 250 E. 14th Street Mary Gobush Undecided Sports September 10, 1924 no phone 147 Horseheads Blvd. Alice Griemsmann College Drawing September 15, 1924 2-4889 251 Elmwood Avenue Dorothy Guldus Business School Souvenirs January 18, 1926 6085 1896 Davis Street Grace Hall Settle down on a farm Boy's kisses March 29, 1924 2-4433 2041 Lake Street Carl Hmiel Retire Sports June 20, 1923 no phone 141 Grand Central Avenue -ZO- F2lVOI'1t9 Sub GC Mathematics Commercial subjects Home Economics Shop Science French Latin Representation Phthematics Art History Geometry Mathematics Home Economi CS Shop SENIOR AMBITIONS Name Plans after Graduation Hobby George Hogan Art course Radio Birth Date November 25, 1925 Address Phone No. no phone 112 McCann's Blvd. Geraldine Jovanelli Elmira Business Institute Scrap books January 17, 1925 4610 96 College Avenue Arthur Le Munyan Undecided Astronomy March 4, 1924 9555 1700 Lake Street Robert Llntz Secure a position Sports March 19, 1924 no phone 1545 Grand Central Avenue Richard Lyon Undecided Sports October 25, 1924 5611 198 W. 16th Street Nellie Hisnick Cashier at the nCap1to1n Skipping August 15, 1925 school 5781 519 E. McCann's Blvd. Philomena Narde Eat and sleep Swimming November 9, 1924 2-7014 2058 Lake Street Steven Obuhanich Secure a position Photography February 10, 1924 no phone 211 Sheridan Avenue Helen Obuhanych College Collectlng May 25, 1925 banners 5885 156 Horseheads Blvd. Marie Panyla Elmira Business Institute Dancing November 5, 1925 8424 156 Sheridan Avenue Lester Reimsnyder Post Graduate Sports October 17, 1924 no phone 518 E. 14th Street William Sabran Secure a position Sports March 20, 1924 no phone 128 Garfield Street John Samchlshen Secure a position Sports May 8, 1924 no phone 156 McCauley Avenue Joseph Schiefer Business career Swlm ing June 15, 1924 2-6466 155 W. llth Street Lawrence Selewach College Model November 10, 1924 airplane no phone 148 McCauley Avenue building -21-- Favorite Subject Representation Bookkeeping Business subjects Shop Mathematics Home Economics Shorthand Science Algebra Shorthand Science Science History Mathematics and History History SENIOR AMBITIONS Name Plans after Graduation Hobby Helen Sharak College Sports Birth Date October 16, 1924 Address Phone No. no phone 411 E. Sth Street Helen Sheets Secure a position Riding October 15, 1922 no phone 190 McCann's Blvd. Flora Jean Shull Stewardess Music April 15, 1925 2-5244 116 Verona Street George Skillman Radio school Radio April 18, 1925 2-5169 245 Oakwood Avenue John Spain Join the army Golf January 22, 1922 no phone 176 McCauley Avenue Stella Spain Secure a position Saving April 14, 1925 post no phone 176 McCauley Avenue cards Patricia Stamm Nurse training Square September 24, 1924 dancing no phone 1625 Oakwood Avenue Robert Unrue Join the navy Reading March 21, 1924 2-4495 212 W. 15th Street Ann Waterman Elmira Business Institute Autographs January 5, 1925 2-5561 2295 Elmwood Avenue Joseph Webster Rochester Mechanics Sports January 6, 1924 2-1755 1005 E. Sth Street Geraldine Westlake Elmira Business Institute Rollerskating April 19, 1924 no phone 2245 College Avenue Bernice Coney Rochester Mechanics Literature July 19, 1924 Drama and 5680 215 W, 17th Street Music Margaret Mahoney Elmira College Antique April 4, 1922 buttons 6051 064 Scio Street Doris Brooks Secure a position Pictures September 50, 1924 no phone 209 Sheridan Avenue -23- Favorite subject Science Salesmanship History Physi cs Art Shorthand English History Shorthand shop Shorthand Mathematics Mathematics English X QW-f-'F L i YS!!! X2 1: X5 if Vg fi Us N 11? 3:2 if X ""'!:':wr-- 4 gm my I 'QW Q, hx 724, 'fi' -51' 4 in 5 I E 5 S i Page 24 Left to Right: Hugh Albee Gordon Barr Anna Bennett Betty June Bensley Helen Bolak Ruth Brown Helen Burroughs Mary Cook M rjorie Cowan Jack Crawford Eldon Doane Irene Mowchan Charles Easterbrook Mary Emelski Helen Erickson Kathleen Ewsuk Beulah Wheeler Edward Griemsmann Donald Flint James Fudge Steve Hryskanich Crystal Hurd Edwin Hutcheson Edward Mulliens Betty Hutchings Robert Hutcheson Josephine Jurusik Frank Krystof Charles L'Amoreaux Mary Lashiew JUNIOR CLASS ACTIVITIES Page 25 Left to Right Catherine Macslane Doris McCullough Virginia Mallette Margaret Norwood Helen Obuhanich Frank Pesesky Norma Smith Stanley Pesesky Pauline Ayers Sam Popovfch Robert Prokopec E.M. Mathews Birdie Blakey Martha Butray Mary Reynolds Robert Roller Frank Rugur Jack Satterlee Jean Rundle Augusta Kerbein Paul Selewach Virginia Shafer Ann Hryskanich Helen Sherman Evelyn Soper Betty Armstrong Elsie Stumpff Marian Swartout Helen Tarby Raymond Tupper Officers: President. . . . . .Josephine Jurusik Vice-President . . .Stanley Pesesky Secretary .... . . .Marion Swartout Treasurer. . . . .Virginia Shafer Florine Stuart Sponsors: . . Louise Sheeder Ralph Sutherland Activities: The Junior Class returned to school on September 2, with the task of raising money for Junior-Senior Banquet ahead of them. This annual affair at the Elmira Country Club will take quite a bit of money, therefore the Juniors set about to increase finances immediately. Sel- ling candy in the school halls was their first plan for raising money. This was done with much success. Cute little blue and orange Hbeaniesn were sold in the fall, by the Juniors to wear at the athletic contests of the school. This is one example of the Juniors outstanding school spirit. Under fine supervision, and cooperation among the Juniors a nFun Frolicn was enjoyed Dy the students of the school on February l4th. The main event at this frolic was the election of a king and queen of hearts. Refreshments were enjoyed and money was also earned in various booths. The Juniors will soon add an Operetta to their numerous activities which is to be put on in the auditorium under the capable direction of Mr. Ralph Sutherland. If the Junior-Senior Banquet follows the example of other Junior undertakings, it will be a decided success and a fitting climax to a happy school year. -25- 1 O gi! .L- A X .Q?r'f'DJmAKy """lf U1 Q 'Qvf"g X X S 1' ofzpifkl X vw f - if Q13-T, xx S fair X Q Nw, X , Nm f1 w., , Kqf5 W -2 ymxw ff ,A ','?Q33T:f,f' CX f U I1 y L xidf, I L A K X f,:..1a5 M m,jAlI!ll'1fJ1lfl,m, - 595 X 9 H If wx X CFP' Q 5 7 ! f X s 4 'ft' 'R 1 'I .5 1 nj, xx " fi, , - if-T' I X H-'N f 'V I A Q ' 'L s - , - ij 1 "3 jfvfl X fm! f '1Ils,J'f':3" ft' . ' A 1- ' ' 'f Nr H:-if N? f Qjbffiic 316 fQ',3i"1f Ui . - S. NX I 0 X ' VV ' V' gy' F ' xrfgh N 1 ' :Emil ' Y 'frffgjfj ' Qfiw'1'7W ,f f - f ' A if S 3, nb mm' L 17 n 4 fc11z:ioyg efae1 .zf ' ' T ' ' is-'u'u, '1 .111 -'ox ' ' f 'C 4' - X Y If 'AOg,No,,g x1Jn5.X f ':- - 14, -v.m,"pas'zqw 0 -f XX f " wmxgg ll L 4 2' ' W " ' 7 , V x X M ,W xx N if ff f f .Mx .. fm ff f f 1:59 ,F ff 3 n r 0 7 SOPHOMORE ACTIVITIES nGee it seems good not to be Freshman anymoren said the Sophomores upon return- ing to school in the fall. They really felt that they had grown up during summer and they had. On December 17, under the chairmanship of Imogene Burke they' proved they could con duct a social function as well as anyone else. They entertained themselves at a Christmas Party in the school. At this party besides fine food the Sophomores enjoyed singing, dancing, and games in the gymnasium. The Sophomores are looking forward to a class picnic in June. This will be their way of saying nAd1osn, to their classmates until their Junior year. Officers: President Chester Lintz Vice-President Eugene Jurusik Secretary Anna Lou Davis Treasurer Imogene Bourke Sponsors: Virginia Monroe John Finlay Ralph Sutherland .2g- SOPHOMORE CLASS GIRLS lst. 2nd, 3rd. BOYS lst. 2nd. 3rd. row Joyce Semplar, Vivian Durfey, Vera Bills, Geniveve Keenan, Marcia Tong, Miss Monroe, Martha Tong, Mary Schiefen, Virginia Sydney, Doris Phillips, Anna Riopko, Yvoynne Havens, Helene Chadwick. row Dorothy Atkinson, Fay Higginbotham, Sara Weeks, Doris Roberts, Ethel Crain, Marion Wilkinson, Lois Becraft, Imogene Burke, Ermenia Palmeri, Margaret Neal, Frances Bergren, Dorothy Dannely. row Ann Kroczynski, Rosemary Frawley, Jean Rudd, Shirley Green, Mary Marks, Shirley Osborne, Geraldine Van Kirk, Hilda Selewach, Ethel Coats, Martha Gray, Anna Lou Davis. row Carl Raniewicz, Joseph Palmeri, Harry Marsh, Robert Deery, Peter Theopheles, George Mysnyk, George Morich, Gabriel Ewsuk, William Carmody, Marvin Sheldon, August Seely, Riehard Sheldon. row Vincent O'Herron, William Shaw, Robert Belknap, William Mehalick, Charles Reddon, Chester Lintz, Louis Atkinson, Frank Crane, Kenneth Erickson, Ralph Reynolds, Leonard Bednarohick, Eugene Jurusyk. row Phillip Obuhanych, Raymond Vosburg, Ldlliam Feshoh, Edward Griemsmann, Theron Fink, Frank Robbins, Delbert Evans, Frank Watkins, David Whitehouse, Walter Matejcek, Raymond Oldroyd. -29- Sat. Tues. Wed. Mon. Tues. Thur. Fri. Mon. Tues. Wed. MDM. Thur. Fri. Mon. Fri. Mon. Wed. Fri. Tues. Fri. Fri. Sat. Mon. Tues Fri. Fri. Thur Fri. Mon. Thur Fri. Fri. Sat. Thur Fri. Sat. Tues Thur. Fri. Non. Mon. Dec. Dec. DEC. DSC. Dec. Dec. D609 Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. JHH. Jan. JHH. JHHL Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. NET. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. NSY Nay Nay June June June June June June June SCHOOL CALENDAR The Athletic Council gave the football . ,,X team a very nice banquet at the Oakwood Church. Corning Northside vs. Elmira Hgts. ...f- Score: Hgts 27 Corning 22. W , An assembly program was given consist- '-jj - ing of movies about charm and personality. 'aff' T n ,,, Heights Cagers vs. Montour Score: Hgts. ? ' ,-f"' Sl Montour l4. " The Elks annual football banquet held 5 for Elmira Heights Elmira and Horse- f U heads, . . g ,M J, COMMANDER The Elmira Halghta Rotary held a banquet M l- 1 'iN - for tha football squad at st. Johrvs 1- .KN CHIEF Church. f ' A or gg ' A semi-formal dance was held with the orchestra of Art Caporal playing. It was bttfui' the Senior Christmas Dance. The G1rl's Sport Club held a Christmas Party at 3:20 ln the school. An assembly program was put on by the mixed chorous under the leacership of Mr. Sutherland. The first day of Christmas Holiday. School reopened at 8:45 A.M. A Ghost Basketball game was held ln the gym. The game was played in total darkness withthelwcessary objects covered with luminous paper. Heights played Owego at Owego. Score: Hgts. 24 Owego 44. Russell Hoogerhyde talked and demonstrated his ability as an archer in an exciting assembly program. , Heights played Horseheads in the traditional game. Score: Hgts. 24 Horseheads 9. Heights played Corning Northside High and came through with a victory. Score: Hgts. 38 Corning 23. We were the audience of an assembly program concerning democracy. Heights played Watkins on their court. Score: Hgts. 42 Watkins ll. Heights played Corning Free Academy at Corning and were beaten. Score: Hgts. 22 Watkins 42. Heights played Montour on the Cook Assembly Polo Grounds Score: Hgts. 44 Montour 23. Heights played Owego on our own court. It was a tough battle but we won. Score: Hgts. 36 Owego 26. A Fun Frollc was sponsored by the Junior Class in the gym. It was a decided success. We celebrated wash1ngton's Birthday by taking a day off. Sally and her Montana Plainsmen staged an auditorium. End of 5th marking period, 5 weeks closer to Horseheads court. Junior Class Play was given ln the auditorium. End of 6th marking period. Spring Vacation begins Ylpeel School reopens. School assembly service program. The speaker: Lane K. Newberry. The Evening of Music under the direction of Mr. Ralph Sutherland. The Grade School Operetta was held in the auditorium. The annual Junior-Senior Banquet was given by the Juniors and enjoyed by the Seniors. A School Assembly Service L. Jackson. The Seniors were honored by an assembly program. The Freshmen and Sophomores held a picnic on this date. Senior Class Day. Local exams. CBetter start Cramln'j. The Annual Junior-Senior Picnic. Regents week begins oh! oh! Your honorable seniors will all graduate. lwe hopelh Sthool Gut-crater ' amateur hour in the June Basketball game on the Program was given. The speaker: Burton -30- , , ,QM A y y w x XM N 1 W Q Qi X N I -, fy if Q . V, ' I Wm QNXYXHX X I f X'-X X X X I, . ' M K V XQW X 'X .- ' 'L 'X fy, f lx M 1 Q f X W ' X X X M AQ XX X , I X R A W f ' , 1 f ' X ff , , gf' Q - '-:gi X FRESHMAN CLASS GIRLS lst row: Helen Tarby, Catherine Matkosky, Gloria Shea, Marion Krause, Emile Guile, Beatrice Roe, Pauline Petticrew, Betty Roe, Nancy Bell, Mataxea Theopeles, Keith Keenan, Dorothy Gregory, Erma Porter. 2nd row: Esther Hess, Velma Roberts Dorothy Cross, Margaret McBlane, Irene Coakley, Sylvia Butts, Betty Durham, Lois Burgett, Martha Copeland, Gertrude Beecraft, Gloria Ewsuk, Marcella Preston, Mary Morich, Florence Stansfield. 5rd row: Frances Kroczynski, Helen Rldosh, Elizabeth Oprisko Beverly Birkholtz, Lois Ann Ordway, Theresa Kroczynski, Marion Thurston, Margaret Kaul, Dorothy Hardy, Doris Elmquis Mary Lou Lintz, Dorothy Miller, Mary Jane Fell. 4th row: Ann McClenehan, Doris Smith, Lillian Osborne, Betty Jane Graves, Blanche Rohr, Katherine Rudicell, Barbara Kehoe, Gladys Snell, Marie Higgenbothan, Harriet Evans, Violet Hmiel, Patricia Fell. OFFICERS OF CLASS FI'SSl'11T13.T1 Off 1CGI'S! President. . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . Sponsorers: V1Ct0T L. Sick, M15 . . .Helen Tarby . . .Donald Cowles . . .Beatrice Roe . .Clinton Janes S Helton, Miss Schultz. -32- t BOYS lst 2nd 5rd 4th FRESHMAN CLASS row: Clinton Janes, Paul Stamn, Richard Harris, Neal Kehoe, Harold Burroughs, Kenneth Cline, Alfred Kerbein, George Weakland, Jack Smith, Thomas Senkiw, Carl Yohn, Jack Erickson, Dlck Hackett, Dick Knox, Donn Cowles, Allan Durham, Paul Fromer. row: John Mitchell, Joe Frlsk, Leonard Barr, Thomas Wilson, Jack Edger, William Crans, L. Victor Sick, Robert Reynolds, Mike Hryskanich, George Mlsnick, Robert Gunshaw, Steve Platko, Thomas Shull, Rustling Hunter. row: William Waytina, Thomas Wysowski, Steven Samchishen, Robert Shaffer, John McBride Paul Davis, Lauren Livermore, Robert Larrison, Robert Tressler, Louis Mitchell, Frank Crain, Frederick Meyers, William Burdick, Zane Palmer. row: William Kehoe, Leland Curtiss, Raymond Holechuk, Nelson Mull, Donald Kaiser, Steven Robyck, Paul Panyla, Frederick McCullough, John Wakefield, Byron Check, John Gorman. w',7 yi The Freshman each year are given the chance NEW to accustom themselves to High School by the ,Q limitation of their social activities. However, , QCRWT the Freshman did enjoy a Christmas party which was a great success. we hope their following activities are as much a success. -33- QW JUNIOR HIGH lst 2nd 5rd 4th 5th KNITTING CLUB row: Denise Cottrell Miss Curran, Genoa Cook, Alvonia Cook, Barbara Roody, Annabelle Andrews, Ellen Sherman. row: Lorraine Dunn, Marcella Dahlstrom. row: Norma Bardwell, Mary Virginia Murphy, Betty Reynolds, Lois Personius. Charlotte Banks, Florence Sopp, Marie Coakley. Betty Lyons, row: row: Dorothy Sopp, Margaret Hoagland. Sponsor Miss Curran lst 2nd 5rd tw AIRPLANE CLUB row: Alexander Reynolds, Richard Stuart, David Searfoss, Joe Becraft, Robert Aber, Harold Obuhanych, George Southard, Frank Obuhanych, Joe Matkosky, Richard Lorenzini, Carlton Eddy, Harry Harchesin, Robert Rugar. row: Floyd Palmer, Clarence Maustellar, Dennis Panyla, Franklin Brown, Harry McCann, John Angrove, Austin Palmer, Bud Cross, James Latshaw, Samuel Bailey. row: Dougall Espey, William Matkosky, halter Kowalczyk, Richard Evans, Jay Stanbro, Robert Mix. 4th row: Clair Pickering, Mr. Harry Hatten, Lawrence Heller, James Owen, Richard Perry. Sponsor ...... Mr. Hatten Secretary ..... President. . . .Austin Palmer Treasurer. . . Richard Lorenzim -56- DRAMATIC CLUB A Dramatic Club. . . . .sponsor Miss Fabian Secretary. . . . .Elsie Bell President ....... Howard Kimball Treasurer ..... Delores Hower This club has written and put on plays for their own group. It has given pantomines, prepared and given speeches,and read dialect poetry. Theyhad a Christmas partyaizwhichthey'exchanged gifts. Members: Betty Chapman Joyce Ranck Margaret Murray Andrew Kozemko Beverly Campbell Dorothy MacDonald Miss Fabian Richard Marks Elsie Bell John Rybak James Norwood John Atkinson Dolores Hower Durward Brigham Howard Kimball . SUB DEB CLUB Seated: Irene Hayduk, Vera Kashuba, Gladys Elford, Irene Bazamick, Pres. Betty Trew Garey, Margaret Brown, Wanda Hamilton, Dolores Gustin, Wlnifred Gorman, Jean Bartlett, Miriam Espey, Mary Low Norwood, Spirawk, Burdick, Standing: Helen Kehoe, Donnamae Burguess, Edith Le Munyan, Dona Ackerman, Sue Ann Erawley, Phyllis Sophie Hlywa, Tekla Mysnyck, Shirley Smith, Mary Lou Brewer, Ethel Mae Rohr, Arlene Eva Dannelley, Mildred Bastilla, Alta Harrower, Norma Turner, Barbara Wilkins. Betty Conkl1n,Marjor1e,Lena Mary Genovese,Giorlma Palm1erl,Frances Loop,Marlan Lynch, Lorraine Erickson, Theresa Kole, June Southard, June Frawley, Annabel Krystof, Corrine Sanders, Eleanor Schrader, Sponsor, Corrine O'Herron, Eileen Crowley. Officers: President. .... . .Irene Bazarnick Secretary. . . .Betty Trew Garey Vice-President . . . .Eileen Crowley Treasurer. . . .Vera Kashuba -57- FIRST AID CLUB Seated: Richard Sekella, Thelma Bjorck, Robert Ingersoll Standing: Phyllis L1ttle,Kate Mlsnick, Robert Murray, Robert Laird Charles Mettler, Bob FmDonnell, Eleanor Simbaliski, Doris Blakey, Alyene Kehoe, Margaret Wilson. OFFICERS: President. . . .Joe Ann Williams Secretary. . . .Robert Ingersol Treasurer ..... Alyene Kehoe SPONSOR - Miss Edna Flood This club had a Christmas Party at which the students exchanged gifts. Chocolate milk, cookies and candy were served. GIRL'S SPORTS CLUB lst row: Roseanna Miller, Theodora Atkinson, Arlene Monroe, Marilyn Mault. 2nd row: Jean Starkweather, Jean Baines, Joyce Clark, Jean Bastllla, Aletha Burd1ck,Irene Cowulich. 3rd row: Dorothy Brown, Evelyn Petelchuk, Lenora Pickering, Phyllis Stansfield, Lorraine Nichols, Winifred Little, Muriel Hollenbeck, Anna Loop Sophie Fecich. 4th row: Mary Jividen, Mary Makarowski, Virginla Strong, Rachel Sheets, Elsie Scrivens, Anna Tote, Mildred Fedchock, Theresa MacBlane, Dorothy Wechtaluk. 5th row: Thelma Cowan, Jean Bates, Virginia Hurd, Bonnie Beverly. Sponsored by Miss Obuhanych - President - Jean Starkweather 322225321 - gigimgagiaggski Vice-President - Virginia Hurd SOCCGT, basketball and baSGball games are the highlights of th1S Club. At ChTlStm3S time, U16 g1I'lS drew HHITIGS 3115 GXCl'18.I'1QQGCl DTGSGHUS. -38- NEWSPAPER CLUB Seated: Left to right: Eva Telencio, Josephine Urchak, Connie Selewach, Bob Nay, Earl beed, Lois Robbine, Joan Alcock. Standing: Left to right: Jack Bednarchik, Cary Bannister, Harold Smith, Bob Doane, Bob Wicks, Ronnie Ashcraft, Mr. Shaw, Dick Besley, Dick Van Kirk, Dick Veakland, Edwin Bednarchik, Royal Morse, Merton Pierce. Sponsor: Mr. Shaw Vice President: Connie Selewach President: Robert May Secretary-Treasurer: Carl weed This club writes the material for and publishes a newspaper which includes the important events of the Junior High School. They had a contest in the newspaper in which contestants made a list of words from the slogan, HBuy Defense Stamps.u They use the money collected by the selling of these papers to pay for paper and equipment used. They are now planning to have a skating party. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Seated: Charles Woodruff, Jack Coakley, Robert Appleby, Gerald Scanlon, Paul Starkweather. Standing: Harold Burdick, Donald Erickson, Edward Coolbaugh, James Theopheles, Thomas Hmiel, Mr. Terry, Gordon Smith, Richard Root, James Fuller, Frank Patelunas, Charles Wilson, JamesCrowley Sponsor: Mr. Terry Vice-President: Paul Starkweather President: Gerald Scanlon Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Appleby Constructing pinhole cameras, taking flash bulb pictures, studying the parts of the camera and taking pictures are the activities of this club. By these means, the younger generation will know better how to use and keep a camera in good shape. -39- BOYS HOME ECONOMIC CLUB Front: Metro Movich and Miss Schultz. Alfred Riker,Donald Karhan, Nelson Mull, Jack Mitchell, Robert Larison Richard McCann, Joseph Verbanic, Jack Erickson, Em ett Westfall, Ronald Davis, Charles Kline, Robert Kubinski, Keith Isaacs, Ronald Welch, Michael Opper, Claude Akins. giggfgsggidgng f . I :gSig?dIE2igi Secretary Q Treasurer ..... Dick McCann This Club has learned to sew and have studied first aid. At present they are learning to cook. They are learning to cook foods of all types for practical use. SEVENTH GRADE Seated lst. row left to right Harry Harozyshen, Richard Hackett, Paul Hryskanich, Ducewood Brigham, James Crowley, Alexander Reynolds, Frank Senkiw, Richard Sekella, Frank Obuhanych, Harold Obuhanich, Robert Rugar, David Searfoss, Franklin Brown, James Fuller, Paul Starkweather, Robert Murray, Charles Wilson. 2nd row Richard Perry, Carlton Eddy, Warren Gross, Earl Andrews, Richard Evans, John Angrove Clair Pickering, Edward Coolbaugh, Robert Mix, Richard Evans, Edward Butray, Joseph Matkosky, Milford Moore, Donald Forsyth, John Rybak, Dennis Panyla, William Matkosky, Edward Belknap. 5rd row Marjorie Ameigh, Marie Goakley, Mariel Hollenbeck, Denise Cottrell, Virginia Hurd, Winifred Little, Delores Hower, Mary Lou Brewer, Betty Anne Conklin, Aletha Burdick, Sue Ann Brewer, Betty Sherman, Anna Belle Andrews, Shirley Smith, Dorothy Sopp, Florence Sopp, Margaret Wilson, Margaret Hoagland, Irene Cowulich, Girolama Palmieri, Dorothy MacDonald, Tekla Mysnyk, Dick Sheldon. 4th row Lyle Adams, Dougal Espey, Ethel Mae Rohr, Arlene Monroe, Sophia Hlywa, Howard Kimball, James Latshaw, Dana Ackerman, Elsie Bell, Anna Loop, Marian Espey, Alvonia Cook, Robert Aber, Joseph Becraft, Leonard Fudge, Robert Burroughs, George Southard, Harold Burdick, Merton Pierce, Frank Patelumas, Robert Laird, Richard Root, Glenn Anderson, Louis Seelev, Charles Woodruff. Sth row Lois Personius,Margaret Muray,Correne Sanders, Anna Mae Vetter,Bonnie Beverly,James Norwood,Barny Conklin,Eva Telencio,Norma Turner,Barbara Wilkins,Jean Bostilla,Robert McDonell,Harry McCann,Gharles Mettler, Earl Weed,J ck Coakley,Richard Lorenzine,Joyce Ranck,Barbara Roody,Norma Millen Roseana Miller,Theresa MacBlane,Jeanne Bates,Elizabeth Reynolds,Jean Bartlett,Une Southard,Mary Virginia Murphy,Walter Kowalczyk, Lawrence Weller -40- EIGHTH GRADE Row l: James Owen, William Morris, Junior Popovich, Joseph Verbanich, Richard Weakland, Richard Besley, Richard Marks, Samuel Bailey, Michael Aper, Ronald Davis, Ronald Ashcraft, Donald Erickson, Keith Isaacs, Robert Kublnski, Jack Bednarchlk, James Theopheles, MGtrO Morich, Ronald Welch. Row 2: Floyd Palmer, Carl Westbrook, Harold Smith, Richard Vankirk, Richard McCann, Robert May Andrew Kozemko, Edward Bednarchick, Alfred Ricker, Harry Scrivin, Guy Ricker, Clarence Musteller, Robert Appleby, Thomas Hmiel, Carey Banlster, Bob Doane, Richard Stewart, Norma Bardwell. Row 5: Mary Jividen, Lenora Hall, Lena Mary Genevees, Rachel Sheets, Anna Tote, Betty Chapman, handa Hamilton, Betty Lyons, Edith LeMnnyan, Dorothy Brown, Eleanor Simbaliskl, Mildred Fetchock, Marilin Mault, Lois Anderson, Arline Burdick, Betty Garey, Evelyn Petelchuk, Lenora Pickering, Alta Harrower, Katy Mysnlck, Gladys Elford, Loraine Erickson. Row 4: Jean Starkweather, Lorraine Dunn, Marcella Dalhstrom, Margaret Brown, Joyce Clark, Theodora Atkinson, Dorothy Wechtaluck, Vera Kasuba, Dona Mae Burgess, Elsie Scriven, Alene Kehoe, Wlnifred Gorman, Delores Gustin, Doris Blakey, Thelma Bjorck, Irene Bezarnick, Threasa Kae, Thelma Cowan, Virginia Strong, Phyllis Stansfield, Constance Selewach, Josephine Urchack, Phyllis Spirawk, Irene Hayduk,Helen Kehoe, Mary Lou Norwood, Eva Dannelly, Mildred Bastilla, Lois Robb1ns,Frances Loop, Marion Lynch, Charlotte Banks. Row 5: June Frawley, Annabel Krystoff, Eileen Crowley, Sophie Fecich, Coreen O'Herron, Bob Wicks, Jerry Scanlin Emmet Westfall, Bob Ingersoll, Charles Cline, Don Green, Austin Palmer, Bill Check, Royal Morse, Jay Stambro, Thedous Polluck, Don Karhan, Gordon Smith, Claude Akins, John Atkinson, Joan Alcock, Jean Baines, Mary Makeroski, Beverly Campbell, Lorraine Nichols. P 2? FAST 2 SRX Q .El llfklllll ff Y ,-1 ill f-Q .- K' XX X J 2 J? frmcsflf N A aj xv x MQ ft' A Ac-L " I - CMA I- -r...-u:-1-ja' , ffflf- g 5rng?lKHBS -41- 17 X p? s 57? .41 f 7 4s5 iiZWQ ffiil NEW plffx SHOP From left to right: Frank Pesesky, NT. Paul W. Miller Allan Bjork , Myron BGCI"8.ft . ,QF www! f t fa " I I Ll OWN" X " - if ' jj, '14 QQX A KM ' filly fi? Q? gf - -,w!Qi: 1 if T ' N N' 1-'fxjuif Y? ,fflfffxa i:2i" Goff' si E 2 1 Q, fy ff gy -42- 1 P, .L"' X 2 4 ,Ve Q OUIZ CLUB Seated: Fred Myers, Bland Roody, Kenneth Cline, Florence Stansfield and Marion Bastille. Standing: Doris Roberts, Miss Carol Kendall, Erma Porter, Arteline Snell, Thomas Senkiw, Robert Tressler, Doris Smith. HQuest1ons and Answersn An organization formed this year, which is new and different but active, is the Quiz Club. This club, under the careful guidance of Miss Kendall, meets every week. The members of this club are taught the use of the card catalogue and study life in the community. On the night was a quiz. Each points received a THB OfflC6TS of Nov. 28 a party was held in the gymnasium. One game which was enjoyed by all question was given a value of so many points. The person receiving the most prize. The affair was a success. ETSI President .......... Kenneth Cline Vice-President .... . .Bland Roody Secretary-Treasurer ..... Florence Stansfleld PAN-AMERICAN CLUB Standing: Chester Hendr1cKs,Zane Palmer,Theron F1nk,Doris Phill1ps,Dorls Roberts, Doris Smith. Seated: Velma Roberts, Rusllng Hunter, Miss Szupello, Joseph Frisk. nFellowsh1pn One of the many new clubs organized this year is the Pan-American Club. This club was orgmuzed to encourage an interest in the Pan-American countries. Central America and South America are the countries which are discussed at the weekly meetings. The members study the climate, products, and government of each country. Miss Szupello supervised this organization. The Off1CSTS HTSZ President. . . . . . . . . .John McBride Vice-President . .... . .Joseph Frisk Secretary Q Treasurer. . . .Margaret McBlane -44- INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Front row: Zane Palmer, Frank Platko, Clayton German, Ralph Reynolds, George Morich, Walter Matjeyck, Carl Yohn, Lewis Schllck, Bland Roody. Second row: Charles Easterbrook, Frank Watkins, Allan Bjorick, Edward Mullins, Robert Jones, Myron Check, Mr. Miller, Paul Pahyla, William Kehoe. nCarpentersN Sponsor. ........ Mr. Miller Vice President. . .... Charles Easterbrook President. ....... Zane Palmer Every Friday we see the Industrial Arts Club in motion. The boys are instructed by Mr. Miller on the making of valuable articles. Projects are constructed in the field of wood- working and steel-working. Throughout the year various projects are made by the students. ATHLETIC CLUB Seated: Frederick Myers, Bland Roody, Robert Belknap, Peter Theopheles, Mr. Marvin Mandel. Standing: Frank Platko, David Whitehouse, William Gustin. nBus1ness Managersu Sponsor. . . . . . . . .Mr. Marvin Mandel Vice President. ..... Peter Theopheles President. . ...... Edward Griemsmann Secretary M Treasurer . .Robert Belknap This club has done many things for the various teams in our school. For instance the club has held dances and sold pins to raise money for the teams. They have made schedules for the games and have held pep rallies. F Every year this club, directed by Mr. Mandel gives a banquet for the football players. At this time each player is presented a small gold football. -45- CHEER LEADER'S CLUB F'I'O1'1t I'OW Kneeling! Delores Besley, Phftha GI'ay, Joyce CBYIHEIH, Vera BOOKIIl11lSI'. Stalfldillgf Rose PBTY FI'S.W18y, Marion Cowles, VSTB. MHHEILIS, HG1GI1 Shafak. "T--E--A--M" For many years it has been a custom to have a few girls lead cheers at basketball, football, and baseball games. Today we have many girls in this club. Their attractive costumes and grace- ful motions have added zest to the games. Many new yells have been created. Much credit is given to the director Miss Flood, who is seen every Thursday Practicing with the group on the athletic field. ART.CLUB Seated: Leland Curtis, George Mysnick, Steve Robyck, Donald Flint, John Hayduk, Raymond Holchuk, Mike Hryskanich, William Kehoe. Back Row: Steve Platko, William Waytina, Steve samchishen, Thomas Wysowski. nThe Famous Drawingn The Art Club was formed to encourage an interest in designs drawings and paintings. The meetings are held every Tuesday at which time instructions are given on art. The Officers are: President . ..... . .Steven Robyck Vice-President ..... . .Myron Check Secretary Q Treasurer . . .Steve Platko -45- GlRL'S SPORT CLUB Seated: Frances Krocynski, Marion Krause, Gloria Shea, Dolores Besley, Helen Sheets, Keith Keenan, Elsie Stumpff, Betty Durham, Mary Morich, Catherine McBlane, Marcella Preston, Velma Roberts, Lois Burgett, Mary Gobush,Mary Fecich,Helen Sharak,Theresa Krocynsk1,Esther Hess. Standing: Miss Ford, Lillian Farnsworth, Marion Cowles, Martha Grey, Stella Spain, Dorothy Guidus Mary Lashiew, Helen Obuhanych, Pauline Hlywa, Katherine Matosky, Margaret Kaul, Julia Fecich, Nellie Misnick, Helen Emelski, Ann Krocynski, Geraldine VanK1rk, Imogene Burke, Virginia Sidney, Martha Copeland, Marjorie Loop, Hazel Wilson, Doris Elmquist Rose Mary Frawley. Rear: Beulah Wheeler, Betty Nichols, Sarah Hillman, Hilda Selewach, Katherine Rudisill, Blanche Rohr, Dorothy Hardy, Helen Burroughs, Violet Hmiel, Florence Obuhanych, Marcia Tong, Elizabeth Oprlsko, Martha Tong, Anna Riopko, Mataxea Theopheles, Helen Fesetch, Helen Ridosh, Mary Emelski Anna Hryskanich, Gladys Snell, Barbara Kehoe, Dorothy Miller, Sylvia Butts, Dorothy Cross, Vera Bookmiller, Lyvonne Havens. The object of the G1rl's Sports Club is to enable many girls to enter in an activity program fortheir health and enjoyment. The program includes team sports, playdays, invitation games and social events. Our first team sports were hockey and soccer. Next we played volley ball and basketball. We ended our season with softball. Sponsor. . . ....... Miss Ford Vice-President ....... Marion Cowles President. ........ Helen Sharak Secretary Q Treasurer . . .Mary Fecich I J HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First Row: Martha Copland, Francis Kroczynski, Shirley Osborne Lillian Osborne, Doris Smith, Martha Butrey, Margaret Josh, Philomena Narde, Miss Ruby Schultz, Helen Senkiew, Helen larby, Helen Korolinchak, Jean Rudd, Delores Smith, Shirley Greene. Second Row: Anna Lou Davis, Florence Stansfleld, Esther Hess, Theresa Kroczynski, Vera Mangus Mary Colson, Margaret Kaul, Geraldine VanK1rk, Virginia Sydney, Pauline Petticrew, Nadine Gaylor, Nellie Misnick, Sylvia Wilson, Velma Roberts. Third Row: Dorothy Hardy, Marie Bennett, Erma Porter, Betty Roe, Ethel Crain, Beatrice Roe, Helene Chadwick, Sara Weeks, Doris Roberts, Sara Hillman, Hilda Selewach, Sylvia Butts, Gladys Snell, Mataxia Theopoles, Marion Swartout, Florence Obuhanych, Mary Tarby, Paris Panyla, Geraldine Jovenelli, Grace Hall, Augusta Kerbein. Something new and different is being done in the club this year. Each member is making a garment for the British War Relief. In the early fall the club sponsored a skating party which was enjoyed by all. Candy sales have been held in school to raise money for the club. The members are carefully guided by Miss Schultz every Thursday. The officers are as follows: President ........ Phil Narde Secretary 5 Treasurer. . .Helen Tarby Vice-President . . . .Helen Sinkiew -47- LEADER'S CLUB Seated: Mary Fecich, Helen Obuhanych, Mary Gobush, Helen Sharak, Nellie Misnick, Miss Ford, Virginia Shafer, Lyvonne Havens, Rose Mary Frawley, Marlon Cowles. Standing: Helen Emelski, Josephine Juruslk, Helen Erickson, Helen Burroughs, Margaret Norwood, Stella Spain, Martha Grey, Buelah Wheeler, Alice Griemmsman, Lillian Farnsworth. The Leader's Club was organized for all girls interested in learning the principles in physi- cal education. The purpose of this club is to develop the right kind of leadership as well as fellowship. The leaders of this club assist the physical education teacher with her classes and in Sport's Club. Hiking, bowling, swimming, a basketball game against the Elmira College girls were among the social activities of the year. LIBRARY COUNCIL Seated! Virginia Shafer, Josephine Jurusik, Miss Helen Klebert, Helen Obuhanych, Betty Armstrong, Mary Marks, Gloria May. Standing: Mary Elizabeth Reynolds, Alice Grlemnsman, Mary Jane Brown, Margaret Neal, Flora Jean Shull, Vivian Durphy Elizabeth Oprisko Helen Sherman, Joyce Cannan, Delores Besley, Blanche Rohr, Martha Tong, Marcia Tong, Rosemary Frawley. HThe Autograph Houndsn This year the Library Council Members are collecting autographs of famous actors, authors, and people. The Twenty members assist the librarian in the proper administration of the library. The duties include: shelving, charging, and discharging of books and general routine duties. In early gall the Council had a weiner roast at Sull1van's Monument and officers were elected. They are as o lows: President ....... . .Helen Obuhanych Hostesses. . . .Gloria May, Mary Marks Vice President ........ Josephine Jurusik Advisor. . . . .Miss Helen J. Klebert Secretary and Treasurer .... Betty Armstrong In October the Council enjoyed a trip to see Elmira College Library. -48 .. DRAMATIC CLUB Patrica Fell, Mary Jane Fell, Hugh Albee, Birdie Blakey, Raymond Tupper, Betty Hutchins, Peter Theopheles, Crystal Hurd, Marvin Sheldon, Doris Roberts, Morton Loop, Doris Smith, Ann MbC1enahan, Miss Anna Mae Helton. . Actors and Actressesu. The Dramatic Club is organized for the purpose of giving active participation in analysis and presentation of scenes, skits, and short one-act plays. There will be an opportunity to learn cer- tain skills in voice production, mechanics of physical and mental control in play production will be emphasized. As occasion arises there will be instruction in the techniques of makeup and lighting. Sponsor. ....... Miss Anna Mae Helton Vice-President. ..... Marvin Sheldon President ....... Hugh Albee Secretary ........ Betty Hutchins Il GIRLS CHORUS Row l: Kathleen Ewsuk Mary Lou Lintz, Jean Rundall, Marjorie Loop, Armenia Palmeri, Vivian Durphy, Vera Bills, Lois Burdett, Irene Coakley, Pauline Pettecrew, Pauline Ayers, Virginia Sydney, Gloria Ewsuk, Gertrude Becraft, Emily Gulle, Lillian Osborne, Mary Jane Brown, Ruth Brown, Betty Armstrong. Row 2: Helen Tarby, Phllomena Narde, Margaret Neal, Alice Griesmann Nellie Misnick, Mary Elizabeth Reynolds, Ralph Sutherland, Anna Hryskanich, Patricia Stamm Beulah Wheeler Dorothy Dannle Ethel Coats, Marian Bast1lla,Norma Smith. Row 3: Dorothy Ann Gregory, Helen Sherman, Dorothy Atkinson, Betty Morseman, Stella Spain, Mary Tarby, Margaret Josh, Mary Schiefan, Margaret Kaul, Matexea Theopheles, Lois Becraft, Marion Wilkinson Blanche Bohr, Shirley Osborne, Doris McCullough, M rtha Tong, Marcia Tong. Row 4: Lillian Farnsworth, Vera Bookmiller, Edith Mae Butler, Helen Burroughs, Hilda Selewach, Helen Fesetch, Shirley Green, Betty Groves Harriet Evans, Hazel Wilson, Barbara Kehoe, Sara Hillman, Keith Keeman, Nadine Gaylor, Ann Lou Davis. nTreesn The Girls Chorus has been very much in demand to furnish entertainment in our school assem- blies. The chorus has also sung between acts in the Junior and Senior Plays. This Club meets every week under the direction of Mr. Sutherland, at which times instructions are given in music. , 1 y! -49- BOY'S CHORUS Seated: Kenneth Erickson, Eugene Martin, Peter Theopheles, George Norich, Richard Sheldon, Mr. Ralph Sutherland, instructor of music, Hugh Albee, Morton Loop, Jack Crawford, William Feshoh. Standing: Alan Bjorck, Charles Easterbrook, Marvin Sheldon, Joseph Flint, Charles Reddon, James Fudge, Mike Hryskanich, Vincent O'Herron, Herbert Clemens, Delbert Evans, Stanley Pesesky. nDark Eyesn This is the second year that we have had an organized Boy's Chorus. The Chorus has increased in membership. They have sung ln assemblies and furnished entertain- ment between acts in our school play. Much credit is given to Mr. Sutherland, the director, who meets twice a week with this club. BOY'S SPORTS CLUB Front Row: Thomas Shull, Paul Stamm, Laurence Livermore, George weakland, Thomas Sinkew, William Wayt1na,Robert Shafer, Richard Knox, Donald Hackett, Alfred Kerbein, Gabriel Ewsuk, Steven Platko. Second Row: Steve Samchishen, Robert Gunshaw, Robert Deery, Fay Crane, Rustling Hunter, Jack Smith Neal Kehoe, Frederick Myers, Harold Burroughs,Kenneth Erickson, John Hayduk, Chester Hendricks, John Wakefield, Harry Marsh. Third Row: John Feclch, Louis Atkinson, Thomas Wysowski, Steven Robyck, John Gorman, Fred McCullough, George Mysnlck, Raymond Holchuck, Mike Hryskanich, Jack Edger, Mr. Harold Ano. nSub-Football Squadn A This club is composed of Freshmen and Sophomore boys. Every Friday this club practices foot- ball on the athletic field. Instructions in football are given by Mr. Harold Ano. -5O- MIXED CHORUS Row l: Vivian Durfey, Helen Burroughs, Pauline Ayers, Sarah Hillman, Helen Sharak, Philomena Narde Anna Lou Davis. Row 2: Charles Easterbrook, James Fudge, Norma Smith, Betty Jane Graves, Alice Griemsman, Allan Bjorck, William Feshoh. I Row 3: Stanley Pesesky John Crawford, Hugh Albee, Director, Ralph P. Sutherland, Joseph Flint, Herbert Clemens. COMMERCIAL CLUB Standing! Mr. Sick, Jack Mitchell, Thomas Shull, Helen Bolak, Marlon Thurston, Florence Stansfield, Betty Roe, Erma Porter, Beatrice Roe, Ethel Crain, Bertha Beidleman, Ann Waterman, Mary Cook, Betty Bensley. Seated in rear: Elsie Stumpff, Mary Marks, Grace Hall, Frank Platko, Catherine NcBlane, Robert Burnham, William Wilson, Frederick Myers, Kenneth Cline, Paul Stamm, Augusta Kerbein. Seated at table: Birdie Blakey, Gladys Snell, Louis Schlick, Alfred Kerbeln, Kenneth Erickson, Robert Deery, Don Hackett, Gloria May, Marie Bennett, Robert Hutchinson, Leonard Barr. "Secretaries " The Commercial Club was organized to foster interest in business affairs. The weekly meet- ings are devoted to the discussion of topics on commercial subjects and speakers from nearby offices. The Club has enjoyed several field trips. They have explored the Aviation Ground school, the Fawn Beverage Plant, and the Thatcher Manufacturing Company. Mr. Sick sponsors the club with the aid of: President ....... . .Grace Hall Vice-President ..... . .Steve Platko Secretary Q Treasurer. . . .Elsie Stumpff -5l- ! DEBATE CLUB Front row: Raymond Tupper, Marvin Sheldon, William Gardner, Miss Szupello, Norton Brace, Stanley Pesesky, Louis Mitchell. Back row: Robert Unrue, Michael Hryskanich, Joseph Webster, Myron Becraft, John MacBr1de. nofficersn ' y President. . . . . . .Lester Reimsnyder Vice-President .... Norton Brace Secretary G Treasurer.W1ll1am Gardener This club studies foreign relations, debates and studies parliamentary procedure. The members E also study how to speak. They have planned debates with outside schools and are now planning a dinner-dance party. BAND Row l: Leland Curtis, Fay Crain, Frank Robb1ns,Donald Flint, Jack Smith, Helen Sherman, Paul Davis, Lenord Fudge, George Weakland, Carlton Eddy, Morton Loop, Allen Durham. Row 2: Harriet Evans, Robert Peake, Betty June Bensley, Norma Bardwell, Gerald Griswold, Clark Keenan, Gloria Ewsuk, Gertrude Becraft, Sue Ann Frawley, Margaret Brown, Earl Andrews, Clinton James, Ronald Welch, Paul Fromer. f Row 3: Dorothy Ann Gregory, Kathleen Ewsuk,Genev1eveKeenan,Anna Mae Vetter, Betty Graves, Gerald Scanlon, Herbert Clemens, Edward Griemsmann, Jack Satterlee,James Fudge, Delbert Evans, Walter Mowehan, Lois Ordway. Row 4: Mary Lou Lintz, Jack Crawford, Helen Erickson Donald Graves, Carl Yohn, Fred McCullough, Mr. Sutherland, director, Allen Bjorck, Thomas Shull, Frank Bober, Joseph Flint, Charles Easterbrook, Beverly Blrkholtz. nThe Grand narenn A school without a band is like a winter without snow. We are thankful to Mr. Sutherland for the splendid work he has done for the band. There has been an addition of members to the band this year. They entertain us at assem- blies and during our school plays. tMuch pep has been added to our football and basketball games by the band playing between quar ers. By working hard each member has earned his uniform. The uniforms consist of a cape and cap of the school colors. -52- T 'ILETI I KA' ' W '-ffvwi' 5.1 -. KN-.Q-,1.-..-. , . ,,., l l 1 .v- Izf 1. .:'r.JA- . -f.: '?'f":"'f"! Z.:'?'l17-" ' ' 1 1 lt y '.fi"'3hg.1 - g,1 I ..' - V' ' 412- "'1 .' .,.'-.. 'fikfn P-YH? .:1's"2'J .1-5' '.--,'gZ, ' , ' ,548 ., t- ,Q A 9-fx - M V -"wr '!k:i',,a5E19i53f' fs'-113--r ,,s,,. .. A -. ,' . 'lsr' " x, v-39. -v,-,hi-gf-.-.,.J....ah1f, yi. , ,QA3 Q I in , -vi, .44 8,-A-girgzztywwl - .W47 , 2 ,Mig it Q., .nii.:.v A'1Qf-eel-'M-.1- f" . dfffxdaffw- .,y',.-V1 i1,1lq!'ZnPIi"1vl ',n,fn'1:q:! y ww. xy-111, 0 1-.f 3, '.l" 'ia' Li? '.'f:5-Iwftzlgsi' ""'-2:5545 " Front row: Eldon Doane, Vincent 0'Herron, Steven Hryskanlch, Lester Relmsnyder, Harry Hoyt, Dick Lyon CCapt.J, Paul Platko, Leslie Frost, Bill Feshoh, Ed Butler, Stanley Pesesky, Andy Kerrick, Eugene Martin CMg.J. Back row: Harold Ano, CAss1stant Coachl, Bob Unrue, Bill Gardner, Lee Bly, Jack Crawford, Charles Reddon, Raymond Vosburg, Frank Rugar, Bob Miller, Frank Pesesky, Bill Shaw, Donald Cowles, Nick Opper, Coach Al Northrup. The T.A.E. Football Team opened the 1941 season with a 22-6 victory over the Bath High School It was a thrilling game from start to finish with the Heights eleven leading all the way. The thrill of the gamewhenShannon, speedy end for the Bath team, took the opening kickoff of the second half and ran 85 yards for a touchdown. This did not discourage the Heights and they came back to win. The second game of the season was played against Watkins Glen which the Heights won 32-6. I this game the Heights eleven showed they had great power by using throughout thewholegame straight power plays. The Watkins eleven who were pass-happy, threw away good scoring chances by using aerial tactics. This first game victory in league competition made Heights a challenger for the Counties' crown. The next contest for the Heights was the Horseheads game,wh1ch as you all know is always packed with thrills and spills. Again for the tenth straight year Heights beat the Horseheads eleven but not without a few scares. This year Horseheads had the highest rated team to yet play on the grid iron but they were overcome by the power and trickery of the Heights eleven who finally won by 12 O The next encounter between Heights and Waverly resulted in a l3-O victory for the T.A.E. War riors. The game was played for three quarters without either teams scoring. As the third quarter began it looked bad for the yet unbeaten Heights team, but on the first play in the third quarter they took the ball from mid-field to Waverly's three year line, and on the next play they scored a touchdown. They scored another quick touchdown and an extra point to put the game on ice. This gave the Heights team a good chance for the championship laurels. The Sayre-Heights game which was a non-league game ended in a 6-6 tie. On this day we cele- brated Northrup Day, in honor of our coach who has served us all well for 10 years on and off the playing field. Coach Northrup was presented a fishing outfit by the '41 football team and also re celved from the alumni a moving picture camera and projector. In this game Heights came from be- hind to tie the score at 6-6 and the 2 yard line. Revenge cause of the Painted Post the boys got In this game foreward wall to make openings but they did throw a few passes but mostly in preparation for the Owego game. In the last and final game of the season Heights came up with its one and only defeat of the season by the hands of ing l2-7 but touchdowns in the third and fourth quarters. Heights also scored again and the game in the last quarter was 27-19 in favor of the T formation Owego team. Although Heights did meet with one defeat and one tie ball game it was a very successful season. Also I think it could be worthy to mention that our Captain Dick Lyon, Norton Brace, Paul Platko, and Lester Reimsnyder made the All-Counties football team. This was a great honor to the fellows and to the school. game ended with Heights in possession of the ball on Sayre's was in the HGHTU of the 6-6 tie with Sayre when for their annual game. nelgnts players be- they went to play Revenge was what because they walloped Painted Post 58-O. again Heights depended mostly upon its Owego. At the half time Heights was lead- Owego came back strong to score three -54- I1 BASKETBALL lst row left to right: Champions l94l-l942, Lester Reimsnyder, Frank Krystoff, Coach Harold Ano, William Sabran, Francis Frawley. Back: Sam Popovich, Frank Platko, Mgr, Stanley Pesesky. Absent: Richard Lyon, Zane Palmer. Basketball Team of '41 and '42 Reimsnyder Forward Popovi ch Krystoff Forward Pesesky, F. - Lyons Center Feshoh CO Captains Sabran Guard Pesesky, S. Frawley Guard Palmer Manager! Frank Platko Games: Heights 26 Corning Free Academy 34 H 27 Corning Northside 22 N 51 Montour Falls l4 ' 24 Owego 44 " 27 Waverly 19 " 24 Horseheads 9 H 47 Corning Northside 36 N 42 Watkins Glen ll H 21 Corning Free Academy 43 ' 44 Montour Falls 23 " 36 Owego 26 H 36 Waverly 30 ' 40 Horseheads 29 " 32 Watkins Glen lO The l94l-42 basketball season looked pretty dark for the T.A.E. team because they lost four varsity men and had only two men coming back that had had experience before. At the first game in which this unexperienced team of T.A.E. took the floor they were beaten by Corning Free Academy 34-26, but showed that they were not the Hunderdogn that they were noted to be. This first game was non-league and the next week in another non-league game the Heights beat Corning Northside, 27-22 which showed they were ready to begin their campaign for the Championship. The first league game was played against Montour Falls, in which the Heights won, 51-14 The Montour team was very weak on both defense and offense and the Heights had it going easy all through the game. Next came the Owego-Heights game which everyone knew was the most important game of the year. Owego won, 44-24 but were greatly aided by Heights being unexperienced and having a weak defense. This victory gave Owego undisputed possession of first place until they met the Heights team in the second round. -55- BASKETBALL The defeat by Owego seemed to open the eyes of the team because the following week they beat Waverly 27-19 and showed remarkable improvement over the week before. The players seemed to become veterans overnight and ready for any team. The Horseheads-Heights game was next on the list. Here again, the Heights team was noted as the HUnderdogn. But the fast rising Heights team showed their ability on defense that allowed Horseheads Only six points in the first half, not any in the third quarter, and only three in the last quarter. The game finally ended in a 24-9 victory for the T.A.E. team. The following Thursday, the Heights played Corning Northside. The score, 47-56. The Heights' next encounter was against Watkins Glen. Heights won, 42-ll and this was the last game of the first round of the Southern Counties League. In this game the Heights played another brilliant defensivegamelnfnotallowing The Watkins team to score a field goal until the last quarter and then they only scored two. In this game the Heights proved that they have ability to score as well as defend by' scoring 42 points. The following Tuesday, the Heights' Five were beaten by' Corning Free Academy in a non-league game, 43-21. The Heights then started off the second round by beating Montour Falls, 44-23. The game was played at Montour with the Heights' Five leading all the way. The time soon came for Heights to play Owego again. Owego at this time was in first place and well on the way to another Championship. The Heights team knew that this was their last chance so they really went in to play ball. They came out with a 36-26 victory and a chance for Championship. Now that the Heights' Five have tied for first place, they have to win all their games to maintain this position. So they' went to Waverly the following week and came home with'a 36-30 victory. Then came time for the great rivals, Heights and Horseheads, to come together. Horseheads was out to knock Heights out of their first place position with Owego. In this game both teams were all out for victory and it wasn't until both teams showed everything they had that Heights came out on top, 40-29. The final game of the l94l-l942 season the Heights basketball team defeated Watkins Glen by' the score of 52-lO. The Heights five led all of the way and the Watkins team couldn't get enough power to overcome Heights who had an early lead. This victory enabled Heights to end the season in a tie for first place with Owego. Because of a state ruling the teams were unable to have a playoff. League Hating Won Lost Heights 9 l Owego 9 l Horseheads 6 4 Waverly 3 7 Watkins Glen 5 7 Montour Falls O lO -56- Left to right: Ed Griemsmann, utilityg Charles Reddon, right fieldg George Morich, utilityg Coach A1 Northrupg John Samchishen, 2nd baseg Richard Lyon, pitcherg Frank Krystoff, 3rd base, pitcher. Back Row: Zane Palmer, center fieldg Carl Hmiel, catcherg Phillip Obuhanych, utilityg Sam Popovich, shortstopg Stanley Pesesky, left fleldg William Sabran, left field. F. Frawley J. Samchishen S. Popovich F. Krystoff W. Sabran Z. Palmer C. Reddoh C. Hmiel R. Lyon Heights N ll H I! H N ll N H H Lineup for 1942 first base 2nd base shortstop 3rd base left field center field right field catcher pitcher .OOO d1dn't play Games of 1941 Left: Frank Krystoff, slugger. .333 .349 .298 .349 .301 .OOO d1dn't play .264 .300 Corning Northside 6 Corning Academy 13 Corning Northside 17 Horseheads 11 Corning Academy 13 Watkins Glen O Waverly 1 Breesport O Horseheads 17 Watkins Glen 7 Waverly 4 Breesport 2 s WT W CE KE kj JV .gag-.,3f.7li"Z ' - ' In V 'tix 0 T , -Q I? ' 1 X D I X 64 E. EE , kf 'I kg-,R J P J 3 P Co7, DIFIL 20505 '74 iDu2.lBlEwEu2m C. GEIUUME ETTER3 HARDWARE ' 15ow.1f1U ST. CONPL IMENTJ OF fLlAJ' FOOD MARKET COR. OF LVIJ7' 142' gl ELNWGOD If KJ D ,, ,S Q Y INTERLQEEIGNERS of I 8 1s4NmA1N si? DW- 25446 CQMPUMENTS OF DIAL cfs!-6182 JUSEPH F. ,mmf KRUCZYNSKI ,N 05.7 M6075 fx: F15 Hczu PRovl51o1v5 Expanr TAILOR 155111. Founrcenru sr comvumenrs OF COMPLfMEfvT5 OF . -,Bday BEEMDICH yi!J A ELIWRA HEIGHTS Hx Nc Cuuouenzr Jwssr .SV-fopns CHNDXEJ- WRITING CHRD5- f'7f96fQZ1fvE.? FOUNTHIN SERVICE -- L uvcnsofvfrrf MEXCLUSIVE Aafwcr me sooo P1-uLno..f:1.pHm ICE CREHNH COMPLIMEND' OF COMWMENTS c.H.Ac14 y WM JM BHRBER IHOP E:.MrRA H1-:1sHTs Noxlc D. ,. 654444 19 OW ff F-OOD COMPLETE MARKET H FELLOWSHIP LLMIDA Almsco L E INGERSO'-L soovrsmx-ws HeAnQuAmfa5 MMWMZ E-IF' t cf, , Pxffvayr BUIQNI-mn IEIECTPIC BlAmcHA-vu mans 5.40.3 o A e 1 moo 62. CEN- AV . Em RA NX L 8 H H A - C GVIFDLIIVIENTS OF 105 WEST CHURCH ST CGHPUHENTS of pll Wm? BINTHER8 ELVHRA NEW YORK COVIPLIMENTS BALLIXRDS FUNERAL HOME en O' J 3 F fLocef1cef1.,.. T Sf ,V E !7Z CCS our een Sf 0 I2 -S' FUQNITURE Russ 0 551-zvwce ova SPECIALTY CONTRACTORS I 3 E ' 7 240 ORSE E P5 BLVD Y 9 mann' H if-nnwer sharp ' 1 mcnmcfwm IBAZIUCULNCB 174 HORSGHGAD5 BLVD- QLNIRA HELGHT5 01114 emcapv BOWLING ALLE Y 5 ECLIPSE GHRFIGG COMPLETE GARAGE BATTERY SERVICE PL S ERAT R cl STARTER WORKS A 5-ec MATT rose Qemnzs UWUNT JZUTLKUUNI NDN PHONE 25522 CDI? ll CL GR CENT AVC CI LD. and GE O R n . 9 QQH COLLEGE Ave. xsnnsm UESLEY me canal, +L- W, CPT ICIAN EVE -EXFDMI ATIONS BY BERNHRD WATK DIHL 2-OI86 l'IALlpl?v"s SPORT SH OP FINGCRTIP COATS- RGVCRSIBLES .f17. 50 COM DLI l"lfN T5 OF q WM WQMWKWB ClOTlllN6 STUFE 172155 Jz'g71J of X7 f-A NA QCISSUS S NAPCISSUS is only one 05 3 QYOUP o ree ha-fs currervlly fcfrfured LDUHDW XVI-I I TES F Th ln QM. Jean Allen l'1a'ls qlorify your wc and mollily Your pur6e.They're slwl d by 6AC5E,'l'Uo. 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