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Theodore Roosevelt High School - Saga Yearbook (Bronx, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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fx, IJUDE l94l A A THEODORE ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL SOO EAST FORDHAN ROAD WW ROGERS PRINCIPAL NEW YORK CITY '59 4' - LLIAM W. ROGERS ' Principe RICHARD SCHEIB Z ,,'!.. aw ALICE RICHARDS HERMAN LUTZ ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF X ITII Q TVR,I I I IA if , TO ANNA C KELLY AND AGNES C TULLOCH WHO HAVE FOR MANY YEARS AS SENIOR GRADE ADVISORS PATIENTLY AND GRACIOUSLY GUIDED THE SENIORS WE THE CLASS OF JUNE 4I DEDICATE THIS BOOK IN MEMORIAM MARIE A HUFELAND TEACHER COUNSELLOR FRIEND Theodore Roosevelf Hugh School wnll long remember Marne A Hufeland She had so fanlhfully performed all 'rhe duhes assigned Io her she had been so deeply un'reres+ed nn fhe welfare of her pupuls and of Ihe school an general she had so long been a leader of exfra curracular achvlhes she had been so nnspurmg an example of sI'eadfasI'ness loyalfy Ihorough ness perseverance honesfy and underslandmg fhaf her personalufy ns sure fo have leff a permanenf lmpressuon upon fhe hearfs and mnnds of her pupils and colleagues . W l O . . 1 , Q . . 4 I I . . . 4 . I.. . n I I n on I I - - . I I I I - . . . . g M 0 R N I N H was evening- ga G There was buf one solifary flicker, one spark of life in all my being- And slowly fhis foo was being +aken from wifhin my grasp. Life, and all fha? was so dear Io me was frickling +hrough my fingers. I+ was a queer sensafion, and +he quiel' and serenify of if made if seem Beaufiful and resfful fo fhe soul. Then, in my feeble ramblings, I saw fhe world pause, and all life pause. The slowing of fhe pulse was only a resf, a 'remporary halt And 'rhen Ihrough Ihe dim, deeply misled haze, I heard fhe rain. Heaven was crying. Slowly, my grasp iighfened, and greedily I fasfened my fingers upon +ha+ one solifary spark. Wi+h renewed s'rreng+h I rekindled fhal flame unfil if shone wi+h fhe brilliance of a Greek Fire I had foughf, I had won- This was no fime 'ro change my dwelling place- Morning had come, fhe sform had passed, All life had reawakened. Sylvia Wilshin wxis .f--A-Walls-r s c H o L C YS BAC UP Theodore RoosevelT Hugh School wull be losung uusT anoTher sTudenT buT I wull be leavung one oT The uolluesT Tour years anyone could ever have durung a whale oT a luTeTume The Teachers ThoughT we were sTupud lads pushung our way down The sTaurs and Tlyung Through The halls We lulced The pushung and husTlung uT almosT made us Teel ThaT we were on FuTTh Avenue or perhaps un a rush hour un a subway sTaTuon On specual days lulce The opereTTa days we had To become sardunes To geT pasT The door unTo The spacuous auduToruum BuT uT was greaT Tun I sTull remember The musucal assem blues and rallues whuch were so delughTTul All oT us shouTed and TorgoT ThaT we were un school The husTle and busTle un The caTeTerua wull never be TorgoTTen The mullc boTTles sl1aTung oTT The Tray and crashung The gurl suTTung on The floor because cu Tunny boy ThoughT uT was poluTe To pull The chaur Trom under her wull lm sure also never be TorgoTTen Senuor Year' Oh ThaT wonderTul Thrullung and happy senuor year The world was ours when we walked unTo The eughTh Term Though many o sacrufuce had To be made FursT came The collecTuon oT enuor dues l had To guve up buyung ThaT beauTuTul dress un The wundow because senuor dues had To be paud lT Toolc a long Tume To parT wuTh The money as uT There were gum aT The end of The coun Then of course senuor pucTures Tuon To Talce senuor pucTures All The Trouble un The Balluans dudnT worry us one TenTh as much as how our haur would loolu Tor The pucTures Then To choose whuch one To puT un The Senuor Saga and whuch To puT on The puano and oT course The relaTuves Red l.eTTer Day' The bousTerous gloruous day oT senuors How we used To envy The eughTh Termers Now we were The haughTy eughTh Termers Splashes oT red meT everyone s eye The boys wore bold red sTrupes down Theur Trousers and gurls were gay wuTh darung red bows un Theur haur STudenTs runnung pell mell Through The halls aslc Theur Truends To sugn Theur haTs Those pancake haTs were crowns To us ThaT day Funally The beauTuTul program whuch was guven un our honor and The dance Tollowung uT ThaT day wull never Tade Trom our memory and lasT of all greaT days commencemenT wuTh hurry and excuTemenT loyTul yeT sa l N D A l L O O K K O N The day had come, aTTer Three and a halT lohg years oT greaT anTicipal fu. - ' - - Qgtf' T k '..'f'-.-' .I . 1 . s' ' WK nxt. I M gi A5 fl! IW' DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU ARE GRADUATING I-low many oI you Ihmk IhaI you are graduaIrng7 Why I remember way back when Bea Warn John Garheld and oIher Iamous Roose veIInans IhoughI so' All oI Ihem were members oI Ihe same KubrIzers Club II"aI enIerIams you They wenI Io Ihe same dances Ihe various parIues Ihe losmg aIhIeIuc games and Ihe exceIIenI clubs IhaI you aI Iended Johnny Q RooseveII wasn I only a consIanI source oI enloymenI Io Ihose greaI sIalwarIs buI he us sInIl gonng as sIrong now In hrs e deavors Io promoIe Irne spIrrI and Irnendshap as he drd Ihem Why should Ihus mIeresI you7 The IacI of Ihe maIIer ns IhaI Johnny O Roose veII us sIuII here Johnny us sInII debahng wheIher we shall go Io war or noI or wheIher we are Iollov mg Ihe rIghI polucres boIh aI home and abroad He will dlscuss Ihe food nn Iunchrooms Ihe correcIness aI an swers or Ihe advrsabnInIy of playmg poker around Ihe block' AIIhough I know you have meI Johnny In Ihe pasI are you sIlII won derung :I he as ever gomg Io graduaIe7 I can I Iell you Ior Ihe sample reason IhaI I won I be here The Ieachers wnll sIIlI be Ieachung Ihe Servrce Ards wall sInII be servsng Ihe speakers wrll sInII be speaknng buI I won I be here Have you a vnvud lmaglnaIson7 LeI s see :I you have RughI now as I wruIe Ihese brueI words look around you and especnally nnIo your broken mnrror WhaI do you see7 No I m noI Iemporarsly ouI of order Try II and see Take a good look aI yourself In Ihe mlrror and Iry Io deny IhaI RooseveII hasnI IeII a mark on you You re a liar' Try agann and admrI IhaI Ihe Keanes and SaxIons EIlnIIes and Kronushes Greenbergers and MoIIs haven I leII someIhmg wrIh you Whale you are sInIl Ihmknng oI Ihe IasI paragraph I urge you noI Io IorgeI Ihe InIIle caI un Ihe basemenI' Is Ihe CaIeIerxa BoIIle Throwers Assocuahon a Ihmg oI Ihe pasI7 Are Ihe ghosIs and wnIches of Ihe Garrnck Club or Ihe wrong box scores oI Ihe Square Deal Io be Iorever IorgoIIen7 Well don I because Ihey won I IorgeI you And whsle you re Iookmg aI Ihe mnrror and Ihmknng abouI Ihe Inme you pulled IhaI yoke on your pol or rusked one on your Ieacher Iry Io Imd IhaI InIIle spoI of gray maIIer IhaI Ihe Buology DepI sand was an Ihe back oI your head Don I you Ihmk I m rnghI now when I say IhaI Johnny Q RooseveII rsnI really graduaIang7 George Heinz Fruedherm m,ri! ff! ln Q Zfg 0 0 qs R WW lm? I N s.S:.Q-- 3 ,f, Wd I ' I . . .' . O A, ' . ' . I Aqx . . . . . ' . o . I - . , . J ' . e . I I n ' .- I X K gf III X I I IPB 1 JN I I e , 1- " y' iw X N, I ' ,W 'XMI' K . O oo s f W ,I , - gf- . we. I ,,.I-I. X f' U' - I -e y 1 , gli x xl .4 X WWN ' I, V I ' l g .. fl ,M ws. iii gig CE MY T Myshclsm-a belnef or docfrme fhaf knowledge and frufh may come of a splrifual nllummahon nof Io be explalned by fhe ordnnary processes of reason As I closed my ducfionary I was convmced fhal' I should be a mysflc There would be no fevernsh husfle of everyday Ilfe anymore now fhere would be only a deep qulef and soofhmg confenfmenl' of fhe soul When my alarm rudely awakened me fhe followmg mornmg I ecsfa- fically fhrew If on fhe floor I pacufied my brofher s mdngnahon by calmly sfafmg I am a myshc ' The pullow I prompfly received an my face only made me realize how beauhful fhe child was I dressed slowly my mmd full of 'rhoughfs of beaufy of burds and flowers Even fhe sfeady drnzzle oufsnde could nof dampen my splrufs On my way fo fhe sfreef car I resolved nof fo wasfe precious energy chewmg gum so I sfuffed 'Ihe wad Info my pockef and walked Iazuly fo fhe wanfmg car I mef fhe Icy sfare of fhe conducfor wufh an angellc smnle whnch caused ham fo muffer umnfellugnble words I relmquashed my seaf fo a sweef old lady and Ignored fhe cymcal Iaughfer of my com pamons Poor children I fhoughf no beaufy un fheur souls I sighed deeply When fhe car sfopped af school I wanfed pahenfly unful fhe Iasl' of my noisy fellow sfudenfs had pushed fhelr way off Only fhen did I descend Hlsfory English Law Economics Bards and Flowers My mind was full of happy fhoughfs When I was called upon I arose slowly and sfood qunefly a confenfed smnle on my face For fhas I receuved fwo zeros one for maffenfnon fhe ofher for nof knowing fhe days lesson Shll smullng I was ushered Info fhe Dean s office I explained my slfua hon fo fhe kmd lady who sand If would soon pass and senf me on my way I wenf fo my locker fo gef my coal' and as I was reachung for ul' I fell' a sudden umpacf of 'rhe door agamsf my arm I dropped my books and clufched my achmg arm WI+h an oafh I furned upon fhe person who had caused fhe cafasfrophe No longer were my fhoughfs of bards and flowers no longer was fhere love In my hearf for my fellow man Mys fucnsm bah' I smacked fhe crnmmal fold her whaf I fhoughl' of her grabbed my books and coal' sfuck a wad of gum In my moufh ran like mad and lusf made fhe frolley pushed fwo old men ouf of my way fo gef a seaf and was supremely happy Rnfa Levy xklf, Q I I . 0 P' QL, 'WC Lu. LLL Ll. LLL LLL. Ll.. -ui EJ AU 1 6. is Ll-5 LLL LL LLLLL LLLLL Nui! JS LLLLL LLL LLL gl. I ON THE SUBWAY Through a dark funnel under 'rhe greaf cify of New York, a subway comes rolling, roaring. Wifh ifs cargo of human life, whose very genius has creafed if, fhe iron monsfer slowly comes fo a sfop. A door slides open, and I walk in. Seeing an empfy seaf, I walk fowards if lazily and sink down. Wifh a iolf, fhe subway again rolls on ifs way. Having nofhing in par- ficular 'ro hold my inferesf, l glance abouf me. A queer assorfmenf of people greefs my eyes. A liffle girl, holding her mofher's hand, is gazing af me, open-moufhed. A fall muscular man is chewing gum energefically and is deeply absorbed in a newspaper. A middle-aged woman sifs cro- chefing. An unshaven man wifh his shirf collar open sfares deiecfedly info space. Two women are chaffing gayly. An infoxicafed loafer is amusing fhose around him which his sfrange mumblings. A miserably dressed youngsfer shuffles fhrough fhe car, inquiring, "Shine?" Where else does one see ioy and sorrow, filfh and beaufy, innocence and evil, sfrengfh and weakness, hope and despair, each wifhin inches of fhe ofher? l sfudy fhe faces abouf me. Whaf fhoughfs Fill fhe minds of fhese people? The liffle girl-her inferesf changes wifh every new sighf fhaf greefs her wandering eyes. Does she fhink l am funny-looking? ls she amused af my disheveled hair? The fall man is foo deeply engrossed in his fabloid fo nofice anyfhing else. ls he free from worry? ls his news- paper his only means of escaping fhe monofony of daily foil? The crochefing woman confenfedly minds her own business, wifh fhe ease and pafience so becoming fo her age. ls she fhinking of her family, waifing af home for her +o refurn? Then again-perhaps her life has been an unhappy one, and she is frying fo forgef her loneliness. The man wifh fhe blank sfare--he is fhe mosf fascinafing and fhe hardesf fo analyze. Has he iusf losf his iob? If can be a more serious maffer. Has he iusf learned 'rhaf his wife or child was injured, ill or even dying? The drunk keeps mumbling. Who knows whaf fragedy is covered up by fhe iumbled fhoughfs sfirring in his head? Gradually fhe wheels slow, and sfop once again. Wifh a sfarf, my imaginafive fhoughfs furn fo fhose of realify, as l gef up and leave fhe car. The subway goes rolling on, roaring fhrough 'rhe dark funnel under fhe greaf cify of New York. Jack Kufzin INQUIRING REPORTER QUESTION: Wha'r will you miss mosi when you leave Theodore Roose- vell' High School? GUS KANAKOS 8A The I0c ho+ meal and Ic mills. DANIEL POTASH 8B All my' cIassma+es. JACK SCHUFFRIN 8D . Mildred Ogush, Senior Celebrify. JOSEPH FLYNN 8I Mr. Lu+z's recepiion room and recep+ionis+. BEVERLY BURSTEIN 82 The excifemenl' in 'rhe Square Deal Office before publicafion. LARRY BECARRA 83 Playing 'loolball wifh a bunch of regular fellows for 'I'he school. ELEANORE WIENER 94 The Gang in Ihe Lunch Room. SOLOMON FELDMAN 85 . E Mr. Kronish's "sense" of humor. EVELYN KELLY 86 ' The Bedraggled way I look offer +he swimming period. RUTH ROTHSTEIN 88 Mounfain climbing from Ihe firsl' Io Ihe fourih floor. HENRY ZINC 8-I0 . . . , .. All m girlfriends. JOSEPH WAGNER 8-I2 Dancing for a Dime al fhe School dances. MILDRED OGUSH 8-I4 ., My Iwo-and-one-half minule lunch period. REBECCA KILIMNICK 8-30 Miss Baylis' La Conga Classes. ROSE TAVERNA 8-3I Mr. Newman's energefic empIoymen+ agency. Selma Fein and Fred Dowling ROOSEVELT DEFENSE BLITZKRIEG , . Sfudenis Aflaclcing Ihe Lunch Counler GESTAPO AGENT . .. M Cafeleria Service Aides FOREIGN POLICY . A S+uden+'s Brighl' Idea SUPREME COURT . . . Mr. LuI'z's Office BUCK PRIVATES . L L L .. Freshmen MINORITY G. O. Members THE "400" . . . ,. M Arisla Members CONSCRIPTION . . . Running an Errand for a Teacher BLOCKADE L ....., , . ..... . .Aides Asking for Passes DRAFT ..., ...,....,,... . L .,,.,... A ,.,... .J....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Room II3 NW- E 1 . 2' 1 i 2 X32 gl - fifa Wa Novel Currenl' Play Acfor Aclress Mohon Piclure Poel' Popular Song Comedian Radio Program Pollhclan Magazine Comic Slrip Singer Vocallsl' College Boys College Girls Colummsl Band Leader Dance Sfep . Composer Sporf OS A Handful of Sfars So You're fhe One ,, Same Old Sfory Since Time Began Beal Me Daddy . Carry on Li'r'I'le Sleepy Head Pracfice Makes Perfeci' If All Come Back +o Me Rosila I Give You My Word We Three Now ww V Gone wi+h fhe Wind Johnny Belinda Clark Gable Belle Davis The Philadelphia Slory Rudyard Kipling Frenesn Bob Hope Make Believe Ballroom Roosevell' i e Terry and fhe Parales Bea Wann Fordham Hunler Waller Wmchell Tommy Dorsey as . s B Lundy Hop s s . as Irving Berlin s s. Swimming Florence Casper Mildred Markoff HYTH The Senior Celebrifies The Boy Who Didn'+ Graduale ..sTeacher, l Forgof My Homework s The Lalin Sfudenfs s s, s, Bad Reporf Card The Sevenfh Termers Freshman on Monday Morning s The Cheering Squad Afler Handing in My Tesl' Paper .. Why Boys Dream in Class . l'II Never Cul' Again The Teacher, The Mark, and Me Fred Dowling, Renee Harris 94 New Term Begans February 3 Paclures Taken February 23 Elechons March I I Farsl Reporl' Card March IO Paclures Relurned Self Govl' Day Apral 9 Easier Vacafaon Apra I3 Red LeH'er Day Apral 25 Mad lerm Exams May I9 Baal' Rude May 26 Class Naghf June 20 Year Book June I2 Commencemeni' June 26 A L D Back fo sludy back fo work We our dulaes musl nol shark Cameras laghls and senaors make The flalferang pacfures fhal we 'rake Our Senaor Celebs we packed foday Senf by us on Ihear royal way Fars'I reporl' card Gosh oh gee When Dad sees Ihas heaven help me Haar oul of place mascara as+rew Fa're has made us mas+ers now Our feachers lo us foday musl' bow Ten days vacahon whal' a repraeve No more Ieachers fo deceave Red was flyang all around Whale Johnny s Dress Sun' couldn 'r be found Quesfaons quesfaons are all I see Why don I fhe answers come Io me7 Thas as lhe lafe lel' s be gay Saalang The Hudson on a braghl May day Congas Tangos all done ragh+ Tend Io make a gorgeous saghl The Three Walches dofh say Whal our celebs wall be some day Now +ha+ all Ihe work as done W P A here we come' Pearl Korkoraan Maldred Markoff Sol Feldman a I F ' :a S E N l 0 R C E N l l . . ! March 23 Guilly conscience.. "ls Ihal' you?" I 'a ' ' . Q.-,,., if-,,... Swsfvxxrfuu THE SEASONS OF HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN Dresses sumply has enrolled for an academuc course louns Ihe Ser vuce League and Glee Club does four hours of homework carrues a dozen books us sure she wull be fulure leader of 'Ihe Arusfa refuses fo falk fo any boys lakes hugh school very seruously SOPHOMORE S+uII dresses sumply has changed her course Io commercual drops Glee Club does Iwo hours of homework-carrues sux books learns fhe lafesf dance s'I'eps becomes very brazen and wears make up cu+s fwuce a week goes Io all Ihe school dances and games wull falk fo boys uf Ihey speak Io her furs+ flunks Iwo subuecls looks down on freshmen JUNIOR Dresses smarfly drops Servuce League does one hour of homework carrues a nofebook and Iwo Iexlbooks only goes +o 'Ihe bug games and boalrude comes 'Io school uf her favorufe band usn I un Iown us unvuled fo vusul fhe dean regularly and no'r for 'lea eufher funds Ihal' fhe boys arenl so bad 'ro Ialk fo and becomes very fruendly wufh Ihe boy who su+s behund her un Eco adopfs a fascunahng reluguon whuch changes accordung Io Ihe holudays feels very smarf uf she manages Io pass wufh 65 SENIOR Dresses fashduously does her homework un lhe olzfucual peruod carrues lusf as many books as wull ful un her boyfruend s pockel never knows whaf acfuvuhes are goung on un school complauns +ha+ fhe senuor dues are loo hugh slrenuously oblecfs fo fhe draff uf she doesn I' manage +o memoruze Hamlel she cufs all her classes calches up on her sleep un her husfory class by 'Ihus fume she us a permanenl fuxfure un +he dean s office us umpressed by Ihe law of Dumunushung Refurns and hopes Io undersfand ui' some day manages fo squeeze fhrough graduafuon P S Enrolls un nughl school sunce she can 'I' undersfand why she dudn I gel enough educahon Paulune A Pungello kv fy I . - l.7- K .. ll.. -T tm . . 'T . .I- .J . MO The moving picfure or if one s educafnon has exfended fo fhe firsf year of college fhe cinema is a wondrous fhmg. In fhe days of nfs infancy when we enfered fhe moving picfure palace nfs incredible novelfy received our undivided affenfion Now when we enfer our neighborhood fheafer we expecf more fhan gusf fhe movmg pncfure- silverware bingo screeno furkey drawings and amafeur mghfs. More fimes fhan nof fafe ushers me fo a vacanf seaf which is in fhe exacf cenfer of a fully occupied row Affer having forced my way 'ro fhe seaf and having sfepped upon a few empfy shoes in fhe process I finally fall exhausfed, info fhe seaf. Immedlafely a genfleman sends a poinfed elbow info my rubs Surprised I raise myself and wnfh a muffled grumble he removes a crushed haf from under me Nof daring 'ro raise his wrafh once more I sfruggle violenfly fo remove my coaf whsle In a siffing posnfion a feaf worfhy of fhe besf conforfiomsf Finally I seffle back and prepare fo enloy fhe film Buf fhe screen is nowhere in slghfl Soon all is clear why fhe screen is hidden from me The porfly woman seafed durecfly before me probably hasn f heard fhaf fhe World s Fair has long since ended She wears upon her haf cu mima fure perhaps nof so mmiafure replica of fhe Trylon and Perisphere I chance a polife fap upon her shoulder and ask her fo please remove her haf Wufhouf a momenf s hesifafuon she hurls back a defianf No' Now fhaf I cannof see fhe screen I soon become aware of a sweef Iaffle child behind me who has come armed wifh an mexhausfuble supply of peanufs He sounds like a living adverfisemenf of fhose crispy crunchy corn flakes Buf even fhaf sound as drowned ouf by fhe sfen forious breafhmg of fhe genfleman on my Ieff If breafhing and snoring are synonymous fhen he is breafhmg I sfand all fhis for perhaps fwo forfurous hours and fhen feeling fhaf sanufy is af sfake I rise fo leave buf find myself affached fo fhe seaf by a powerful wad of chewing gum Wlfh vicious animafion I fear myself from 'rhe seaf and rush wifh ufmosf speed from fhus never fo be revusifed mad house IRVING VOGEL j XXX l li I always have fo rush from Ihe house In order 'Io cafch Ihe mormng bus The cause of my early mormng museries IS Ihal' every mormng I musl' suffer 'Ihe un'IoId agonIes of making my own bed whlch leaves me only a few momenfs 'Io gulp my breakfasl' and dash off wII'h a mou+h full of food Yes+erday wl-IIIe on my way fo school I Ihoughf of a gadgef which would remedy my problem savmg me much hme and more Irouble This gadgef would be complefely concealed a+ The sides and In fhe back of Ihe bed AI' Ihe mere Iouch of a hidden buH'on Ihe blankefs would be held suspended IH 'rhe air whIIe a whisk broom would sweep from 'Ihe bed l'he crumbs of my prevuous evening snack Then a round me+aI bar would run back and forfh over fhe bed smoofhmg ouf In order Ihe boffom sheef Ihe 'rop sheer 'Ihe bIanke+s Two wooden hands would lhen reach up from 'the SIdeS of l'he bed pound 'rhe pillows a few l'Imes and pul' Ihem IH l'heIr proper POSIIIOFI They would Ihen draw fhe bedspread over Ihe bed and dIsappear unhl I0 P M when lhey would once again come forI'h peel off The bedspread and I'urn down +he covers for fhe nighl Thai nIgh+ I wenf Io sleep wI'rh fhe plans of 'lhns Ingemous devIce coursing Ihrough my brain I had a dream whnch changed my enhre vIewpoIn'r on +he maH'er I+ was abouf 9'50 P. M , and I was lying in bed, wifh my shoes off, reading Suddenly, 'the blankefs were ripped from under me and a whisk broom began Io brush my 'lace Then, an iron bar came roIIIng up and down Ihe bed fIa'Hening me info Ihe maH'ress. The climax came when The Iwo wooden hands reached up from +he sides of Ihe bed, hil' me in fhe head Ihree fimes, and 'I'hen yanked me by my ears fo fhe head of fhe bed. AI fhis poinf I awoke, sayung fo myself, "Aw, I won"I have anyfhing fo do in fhe morning anyway." MARVIN MARCUS 1 f - - 'I'o141'Q'1'L'I'?.-' X rf, I I o,',','. o x s , Q I Q, . , I I. A . ' 5 H' I ' ' g S , . I I ' ' ' I I o ' - I . . - I . I I I I I I 4 I I . . , . . . . . ' I . . . . I . . . . . I I I I ' . . I . . . . . I ' ' . . I - -I . I I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I wrjr I um mm SQ I 1 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We fhe graduahng class of 'Ihe long awan+ed June I94I m an effori' +o prove +o Ihe faculiy of our Alma Ma+er our deep appreclahon nos habenfes menres sanas m corpornbus sams we sludned Lahn some of us even passed Iakung fuffeen mmufes off our lunch period and belng legally compeI'en+ we also sfudsed Law do devuse and bequeafh fo Ihe followmg MR ROGERS Beloved Prmcnpal who always says Yes 'ro Ihe feachers a mechamcal devnce whuch wall enable hum Io say No MRS RICHARDS Dean of Gurls a deluxe slahon wagon wu+h all Ihe new Improved gadge+s +o druve +o her farm MR LUTZ Dean of Boys Fafher Flanagan s slogan There are no really bad boys here MR SCHEIB Admmns+rahve Assusfanr golden push bu'Hons whnch aura mahcally lock and unlock all doors an 'rhe bulldmg MISS TULLOCH and MISS KELLY Sensor grade advnsers S'I'uden'I's who wull decade on wha'I Iype of lewelry fhey wanf pron'I'o ms'read of chang mg fheur mmds a+ fhe begmmng and end of each pernod MISS GROVE for keepung our records so splendudly an aufomahc fnlung machme Amerucan Busuness Machme Company S250 We can gel' I+ for you wholesale MR SCHULMAN a con+rac+ Io assnsi' Cecul B Demulle un +he colossal produchon of Red LeHer Day plays MR HELLERBACH I00f subscruphons 'ro fhe Sensor Saga MRS NEWHALL a specual elevaror Io make Iughrer her burden of carrymg books I ly I I u ' I 1 I I : I. y I ,' I I 1 I . , , : , -f I I ' f 2 V X . , : 7. '. g.,x Y Jaya? ' H :H - 7131--' '---1-. . : f'fIia'ffTs+4 I ' -- ' 'Lew'-'J'-I. f, - -fs 7'-'rf--?.?.' '.f:1f? I jileijig? -ljzf . . . . . . 1-1111.51.11 ' ' ' ' ' gif,-., . . v , 5 .,.,-ff . 'gr-., ' . 19.j.2f.,g..,':-4. --,ry I "fb-'E-'-gs.a5.1:'e '.fgI:f:r 1 ?. 1:5 Q " 1- .,"X',-fi , -' 1,44 . . .,,q I -NIH g - -:?.Q,2p - Q .'r- 'ma ' I I - II I ' '-me - . . . . c A4 ' - , ,ly . . . . . . I I gras, , ' , -",.-lvl r 1 "ff-'if' . . . ' 2 - I tw, L . . . I . . . y . . '. 1 . - . ' I 'fy13.'3iif ' -' '.'7l'K 111 ' Efrnx ' L .4.,':..:., 3, . . . . . ' . , ..,, . . . ' "-F ' c . 'IE 'Q-'i ff I . I A 5. gg I : I - -fem I . I r : -- - 0 ' ' ' , I , Jr, N . . O . All TL-5TDfl7El7T MRS GREENBERGER fhe leadmg role al' fhe Mercury Theafer +o acf an all 1'he Modermzed Shakespearuan Plays MISS REINKE a bug gong 'ro replace 'rhe anaemnc luH'le one she keeps on her desk MRS SCHNEIDER an enlarged plclure of 'rhe graduahng class MISS McLAUGHLlN Abou Ben Aclhems Book of Gold un whuch fo wrrle 'the Arlsfa members names MR MOTT an approprlahon for a Two hundred fully fnousancl dollar laborafory MRS WARNER an offlclal class fhal' wall sul qunefly and llsfen fo The nohces MR ELLIFFE we fake fhe word defeal ouf of fhe dachonary May has feam never realize 'rhe 'lrue meamng of +he word MR CASEY fhe ends of our penclls worn down by foo 'Frequenf quizzes MISS BRONSTON fhe ashes of all our swung records MISS SAXTON a large Morocco sulfcase nn whnch fo carry 'lhe cnlahon cards Inscribed In gold Law of Harmonlous Consumphon passed by Congress7 MR KRONISH An accounl' af Bergdorf Goodman fo gel' fhe mlssus fhe long awaafed mmk coal MRS GILDENBERG a sensor hal' manufacfurer who wall break all records and delaver 'lhe ha+s on 'hme We hereby nommafe and appounf 'rhe nexf group of Sensors fo be execufors of fhas wall and hereby revoke any and all former walls made by us ln feshmony whereof we have hereunfo sef our hands fhus sux'I'h monfh of fhe year mneleen hundred and for'ry one Signed publushed and declared by 'the graduafes for our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Selma Fern Evelyn Kelly Renee Harrus U: ro' nfxi'9y ' 5 as is 1 Sea, 10593519 144030 I ani' . . 2 . ll . . . . I . : - - - I . : ' ' . ' we . . . . Yi ' . ' -.'o ,- . , . u ' ' ilffifiil ' 1.1. : 1 ' . n . . hw Ali... 1 . . . N - ,Q . S37 -7: I' ' df -:eggf MRS. ROSTKER: s'I'uden+s who will noi always be asking, "When was 'lhe -51535 ' ' " Visgz' ' I' -: 442 nV.x :v4x3 :ii D ' 'v 1 - , . : - ' " Q 'Q 'Q' - ' ' -'il iI':f'i.l.i.f I 44 Q O 4 ' if ' 9 fs . . r fr. '..' -1 "f 6 8 . 1 . wg" ra ' ' . P 0 ' ffw 90" we 'C ' ' ' P -.Q " .6 ' ' ' 5 'W . - . - l . . y rsz wwf . . I I 0 - WIT Wilner ' c1.Ass Heinz I, H 1 Q 5 Howard Q rl, -, Xiy , if, QL' ig? 2- fi E4 ,2 zz frfff, 5' J fff, 1,51 I 'lf 6 fy? if X. f L! .4 ol X I' 0" 'O C O O Z' POPULAR Kcbclucn g,f .ff mem MOST POPULAR BOY Fred Dowling XX X xxx if ix' B, I I ff ELEBRITIES X ff X f , O o f 1 X f HIGH Evelyn Kelly f f fg BEST DANCER, GIRL 1' .Er if Dino Fins X ., Q Alma Mosger 2 63 BEST ATHLETE, GIRL Harrie? Shapiro '-'N-s-and Niai, I'l M A C Wi+h Apologies +o Wm Shakespeare Time Gradualion Day June I94I Scene. A rug s+ore on Fordham Road Proprre+ors Three Wifches 1'hey always falk in unison . Enfer Befh Mac a RooseveI+ Senior BETH I m BeI'h Mac. I d like 'ro buy Ihe Magic Carpe? 'rhaf will 1'ake me m'I'o l95I so 'rhal' I may see whal will become of our celebrlfies. In m G O Book your ad reads Carpels of all kinds 20 duscounl' Magic Carpefs Deluxe Models Specials WITCHES Hmmm Berh we have a magic carpef bul' we musi ac company you on your 'Irip mI'o 1'he fufure All rngh+7 BETH Yes' You re really nice and I fhoughi' wnfches cruel WITCHES Don 1' ludge us by appearances We began fo look I'hss wa when we were Fearure Edu+ors of our yearbook The Senior S'I'agger Bu? enough dnlly dallymg Bring our Ihe carpef marked Cnward and Upward Climb on Be1'h Upward and Onward Carpe? Whom would you like fo see Firsi' Be+h7 BETH Firsl I d like 'ro see Pauline Pungello mosi' Helpful WITCHES To Pauline Pungello below us is Roosevell High where Pauline is fhe leading advocare of 'rhe Red Cross As Ieacher she dashes our red crosses Ieff and rughi' BETH And whaf will become of Louis Moglia Class Ac1'or7 WITCHES To Louis Mo Ina we re fl ing over I'he Efro Oldwm Ayer were cul' off by a near slghfed barber Moglia plays Frei' Buffer posife Thvrley Semple in Away wnfh Ihe Breezes And 1'here on e nexf lol' are Dina Fins and Danny Abromowifz fhe famous dancing Ieam giving fhear version of a pH'erbug I94I model BETH Whai' abouf Doro+hy Doynow Mos? Likely 'ro Succeed7 WITCHES To Dorofhy Doynow below us Belh is Washmgfon D C There is fhe While House where Dororhy lives 'rhe UmI'ed Sfales firsf woman presudenf She was elecI'ed on I'he Child Sufferless Tlckel She promised 'Ihe children TWO vacahons a year SIX MONTHS EACH And while we re in Washmglon IeI's vislf 'the Mellon Arl' Gallery f B E T ' ' . I : I I I I . . u 0 . . .Y . . B I ' I T : I . - . ll - . X z . 9 . - . Y. . I Sfudiog and, fhere is Moglia, 'Ihe mosl popular acfor since Gable s ears - ' . ' op- . . . ll ' .ll ' ,L f Q. W L ppl Tx we WENYN which is celebrahng nfs Tenfh Anniversary by feafurmg Howard Bas+erl s beauhful paunhngs BETH laffer visuhng fhe gallery Now lei s see Fred Dowling WITCHES To Fred Dowling we are over fhe Paris Exposihon There is fhe Dowl aquade fhe popular specfacular wa+er show which Fred pro duced and direc+ed BETH And 'l'here s a sign which reads See Julian Rosenfhal and Evelyn Kelly Umversal Typical Parenfs 2 sous Rosenrhal who was voied Class Bachelor in 4I Look' Rufh Sand fhe official phoiographer of fhe Exposuhon faking shors af clay pigeons Buf now I wanf fo see Eleanor Wafson Besf Groomed WITCHES To Eleanor Wafson we are flying over Bali Beach There is Miss Wafson wearing her spun glass sarong which afiracfs many admirers And fhere go Lloyd Anderson fhe Olympic Swnmmer and Felix Russo of lhe muscular physique Bali s Life Guards following Alma lMuss America Mosser of fhe be u h 'ful figure BETH Wha+ abouf Marianne Aparo Class Smger7 WITCHES To Marianne Aparo well we re back in New York over fhe Roosevelf Opera House which 'rhe T R O buuli' one +erm when if had a I00f membership Marianne has fhe leadmg role an fhe Lor raune Forma June Wilner musical comedy Roosevelf Rhyfhm BETH There goes Hemze Frledheum Edufor of fhe Raw Deal fo review fhe show l guess Bur gee my lunch period is almosf up and l havenf seen all +he celebs Won 1' l see l'hem7 WITCHES We guess nof bu+ well 'fell you all abou+ fhe celebs we couldn 1' gef fo see Vincenf Carmcu Handsomesf Boy has a con+rac+ wn+h a movmg pncfure company He delivers pncfures Mildred Ogush fhe Prefhesf Girl is working for John Powers as a model Danny Fried man, fhe Besi' Groomed Boy, has become Mahafma Ghandi's closes? compe+ifor. Dan, now wears only fhe very lafesf sfyles in bed sheeis Rose Kabakian, fhe Mosf Popular Girl, has increased her popularify fremendously by perfechng casfor oil fhaf fasfes like cherry soda. Harrief Shapiro, Class Afhlefe, is now halfway across fhe Arlanfic, af+er swimming only iwo weeks. She expecfs fo cross if in less +han four. Esfher Halfon, Class Coqueffe, is on her way fo Yuma wiih Edward As'I'orbil'I' fhe 3rd, fha? is, 3rd husband she has wed Bur, we're back al' Roosevelf High, June '4l Good by, Beihl And, don'+ forge? us if you need rugs. Mildred Markoff, Florence Casper, Eugene Friedman me '- , + W 5 '. 5 ' -121--H I : . F I I , ' E 0 1 . 0 . I l I 0 , . -I - 0- . u . I JJ If AP' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS STATESMAN CLUB V'-1 ,....., FW W 5? 'WGA X. J W ORCHESTRA GLEE CLUB AND BAND SENIOR ARISTA RED LETTER DAY CAST AND RED LETTER DAY COMMITTEE Z an fb I-...Q af' ECO CLUB ,Q-' -P H AT G0 lANl11EE SENIO AGA EDU Ol XA f --AE-4 fi! A QOJIQOI 0 Acco0u1m6 901 n cum S YILC T4 ILE TE SENIOR NNIS C S4 G4 MNIVTEE LUB 1,30 'vm bl X CL4 SS NITE CO C31 MMITTEE SQUARE DEAL STAFF FPECIAL AFFAIRS CLUB DA AT CLUB gl' is SENIOR SAGA ART COMMITTEE PRESS CLUB PHOTOGRAPHERS CLUB vin 9.1 'db -au-an-nu.. I Nr g EN? -N15 5 aff 9.2 GIRLS BASKETBALL LIFE SAVING SWIMMING TEAMS ,K A .. 4 - iii A S I Xl! I -BS, . Y gg, I 1 ' Y, U Y- 0 R UV I. E '- """ "-Q A JV ' A s I ' ff k 4 A 4 1 ,xl v ' ' W L , n 4- . SL ' W SS I ,, - . XS A E3 6-3 ' ,E Q ' ..... 1 - L 2 , if , ' K 5 ' f -f Q 5 is ff - 5 1 'EEE " ' A f , I 5 I A 1 , r, T ' A "4 x "-, ag .I 3 'Q ., Q . I ..ETI 1' . I r L , , K ll.: - , n x ' 1 I l S ' . . A V l'l ' Q X ' ' . 14 - . PAN AMERKCAN CLUB C AREERS CLUB NEWMAN CLUB HI 'I CLUB Bb-CTERXOLOGY IT ALKAN CHEPMSTRY CLUBS Rf ,I U 5 , fa CHEERING SQUAD. CHESS, HADMINTON, GIRLS' HANDBALL CLUBS WAYS AND MEANS COMMITT Ong? LITER4RY CLUB GARRICX CLUE Qc k 10 an X'-. x A 1 MQ 2 E -,-. F219 -. x LW Lf, 'K X i Q .L Q AD' I 5 fi v E0 lf 5. fi : Q. ' ! -2.-1. -,E E fi - :I -d - i ,.l'X. ,f X WJ Q' 5 1 1 1 T , ii 4 V ! Q 5 mx ly X N p ABELOVE MYRNA F ABROMOWITZ DANIEL ADELSTEIN ARLINE C9 ALBERT JOHN ALESSANDRO VINCENT ALLIS VIVIAN ALPERT NORMAN o ge ALTMAN RUTH ALTSHULER FLORENCE ALWIEL STANLEY ANASTASIO, Tessle wsfOZ ,er who ,lm srE in ANDERSON, LLOYD WS vw : ,rms wg ANDREWS, FLORENCE ANGIOLA, LUCY TTCXTGW Ce"I5'cofe ANTONELLI, BEATRICE APARO, MARIANNA R GV' LC by I'1M:" CL L3 S L' fJgfyf,Af1 ARCURI, JOSEPH . V f1...,. !'Ju1'A uv' ig f" ARMELLINO, GILDA AHSYG: B'of'ze Service Pin 'Hfiofe ASKINASI, MARION Bomn R ASSAEL, SOLOMON ASSARIAN, BARKEF AUTERI, FILIPPA Bwrre SQ Ace Fw: Bffmz Phi Hghgw Chby Vowflri Terms AUERBACH, NORMA AVERY, CAROLYN Newman C ,bq Sw" Hg' BALTUCH, IRENE A' :":' S .e' Sa-'fffe Fh- 2 f 7, 3"C'1ZL LJ, Cz" BARBARA, MARGARET H f f L, Pegd-V'-'Q Fen L V, H ,v '..U,4 BARCIA, BEATRICE CC '-V11 Pwr Lv BARON, LAURA A' fu Sxfe' Sew ze Pyng B S P pin BASH HELEN W d P BASILE JOSEPH BASSI ARMOND BASTERL HOWARD BATES JUDSON E BECERRA LARRY BECK BETTY U, cos or' oesmon Ord 'mum 'n BEIN MURIEL BELL GLORIA . BELL MARTIN OOF! BELMONT, RUTH Bronze Service Pin BENEDETTO, MARGARET J BENSON, JOEL BERD, SARAH BERGER EVELYN R BERGER RUTH BERKOWITZ GERTRUDE I 3 1 Q W M BERKOWITZ SIDNEY BERMAN ESTHER BERNSTEIN PHILIP BIRMAN HELEN BIRNBAUM SYLVIA BLANCATO RENA V BLATT VIOLET FOFIZC CIVICG VII ef' mirfee BLITZ, ROSALINE H. rIs'oj vomze ervi cfs? .ini ,oss QC. f,"'II 'S . BLOCK, RUTH BLONDMAN, JACK BLUCHER, BERNARD Brcmf: Sm-f,Iu'sPIp PM Cvb 'Q BLUSTEIN, .BEVERLY D:-Q' Eccw and Lvefury' Cbbs BOBER, JOANNA J. BOHRER, LORRAINE SI .-fr Sgkcfc :Vo PIP? pew-Awvefcgf d Sf3'Qs"3" C bi Sow" Sage Cvwv BOLVES, MILDRED Bfgrze Sdwcjuvship PIU: GHS SMOH R VCO Word Pvrom Pin BONHAM, CAROLYN E. Svmior Saga SGW BOSCO, EVELYN BOYARSKY, JOSEPH Sufesmon C b: Senior Sago S05 BRAU N, ROSE BRAZAZA, RAY Giwvlgk 5 BREITMAN, GLORIA B!"'T'LQ Seefftc pm: IOC Wfrd Plfm PM BREITMAN, MIRIAM Effie Sewlie Pint Semin Vice-Pregid Ezilsf CHE: T'eos.7 Rec Lette' D y Wap owd Means Ccrrm, BRONSTEIN, MINNIE A S B f ,S S ,JL Pr: EQ gf CN,DfB1'D,1k1,Cr-'YN:,.1'Q BROOKS, BERNARD BROWN, CATHERINE Sevior Sago Staff BROWN DAVID BROWN LLOYD BROWN MICHAEL BROWN ROBERT BROWNER MILTON BUCHMAN SAUL BULKIN LYDIA in: O r ' Io Pi BURSTEIN BEVERLY :ve ommg O Word I. BUTRICK JAMES BUTTEL JOSEPHINE CACCAVALE YO LAN DA "f"ZC QV! C62 Inf VCDZ5 Af- 'nys Dey Ccmm. CAFARCHIO MARY CAHILL, MARGARET Q1 NWN- 2 cAMAsso, ANTONIO I wnw, . . nr--,. . LL CIO' FS I ID, QI, ave 2 Term ol 1 1 J ' f 65-K l 'F CAMERON, ROSE Bronze Service Ping Bafon R CARACCIO, FRANCES T. Bronze Service Ping Clqss Rep., 2 Terrns: Newman Club CARBONE, MARGARET Bronze Service Pin: Senior Sago Com' Vni'lee CARECCIA, JOHN A. CARINCI, LYDIA Hy-Y Club, Trees. CARINCI, VINCENT CARNEY, JOSEPH J. CARPENTIERI, FRED CARUSO, FILOMENA A. Bronze Scholarship Rim lOO Ward Pile rnan Pin CASEY, ROSEMARY Arisiag Bronze Service Pin: Bronze Scholarship Ping Chernisfry ond Slales- rnan Club CASPER, FLORENCE Arislag Gold Service Ping Bronze Schol- arship Ping Slaresman Club: Spanish Cerfilicclei Senior Saga Sfail CELANTANO, ANTOINETTE Bronze Service Ping Newman Club CERONE, MARY T. Bronze Service Ping Hy-Y Club CHINKES, SAMUEL Red Leffer Dov Comrnilleeq Senior Sago Slail' CHRISTIANO, ANN Nflwrvgm C l lv CHUZAS, REGINA J. Brrwrlf' Sfirvrrrj PIVWQ B"2"ZG Plrj Somor Sago Co""f. CHYKA, JEANETTE L. CICCONE, CHARLES Boys Circle R3 Boys Minor R CICHANOWITZ, WALTER Bronze Service Pm: Boys ClrcIe CINCOTTI, MARIAN Iiolion Cerfificofe CIRULNICK, RALPH Bronze Scholarship Pin COHEN, ANNETTE D. Bronze Service Fin COHEN, HERMAN J. COHEN, LEONARD col-um, MATILDA Ecougr Cl.Jb COHEN, MILDRED Bronze Servnce Pm' Do-of C b I I Club Council Rep.. COHEN, MORRIS Bronze Sqrjl3r5IrIp Pin COHEN, ROSILAND Gold Service Pin 'i if 19 COHEN, TH ELMA Y. Picfure Committee CONLON, JOSEPH Bronze Service Pin CONLON, NORA Bronze Service Pin: Bronze Sciiol FD Pin: Senior Secreiory CONNOLLY, PATRICK COOPER, KATHLEEN A. COOPERMAN, NORMAN CORBUSIER, JAMES Bronze Service Pin CORE, LINA Bronze Service Pin' IOO Word P1 P i rw COTTINGHAM, EDWARD M COWDRICK, CHARLES Bronze Service Pin COZIER, ALLAN CRUM, EUGENE Effie Serviic PirwqCi1efvwig'fyC1 CUSATI, ANTONETTE D'AGOSTINO, ROSE Ari-,mp Brrwruze Service Ping Itciiicl C iiiifoie 4 Torres D'ALESSANDRO, DELFRIDA Iff1Iron CervnI,coIe D'ALESSIO, BIANCA D'ANTONO, THERESA IIcIIcn Cerfificofe DARTELLO, MARIAN Brcnze Servige Pin: Senior Secfefory Newman Club DAVIS, ELLSWORTH Arisfcp Bronze Service Pin: TIIICQIQ DeCU FFA, STELLA A. DEGEL, DAVID DEINSTEIN, PEARL Picfure Comn'riITee DEITCH, NORMAN Clogs Rep. 2 Te-rmgg Grade Aicomfing and Low Club DELLAERA, ALFRED Ar? Cornrnlrme DeLUCA, DOROTHY Newman CI .b Del VALLE, NICHOLAS crrship PIn:SpOnisI'1 MedoIg Bronze Schol Science Cer Rep. I Term Arhfnf Bronze Sewlce P'-rg SIIver Schol- 'wsnic pint Src'ee"2n Cub: Spanish Ce"f "rife: East:-I Cine? Meinl DEMARE. MARY Erinzff Sewrie Pin' C'ee"ng Rf Se- 'lcr Sago 9:57 EO Wcrc Fvffaw Pm DeMARIA, ERNEST 69" 4-fy DETLEFS, KATHERINE Newman Cmb DeRISI, ALFRED Bran R DESISTO, PHYLLIS Cass Rec. 2 Tefms DEUTCH, BERNARD DINEEN, JOHN DEPAOLA, RITA Ifalwan CI.,bg IIaInan CQMIIILCJIQ 5 Ta DiRAMIO, JOSEPHINE DiRENZO, EDNA Newman Clabp SpeciaI Agairgg Spe I Affairs R: Class Day Commiifee DIXON, IDELLE Class Rep. 2 Terms DODD, THOMAS DOGRAMAJIAN, VICTORIA DOWLING, FREDERICK R. CIGQS Rep, 2 Terms, Newman CIUIJ nior Saga SIOIZI DOYNOW. DOROTHY I FIS Of IVEV' EFVICE IYTI IVGV C A+ SI S P SI Sh! Iv' P"I.'f CIb'B'I Cai? 5 up m, lerary U , IOOQY cafe: SchooI Play DRILLINGS. SAMUEL DRUCKER JOYCE DUNLOP MURIEL S go SY DU SOIR MARION M sfo c I o e M CefS o DVOSKIN MILDRED O W d P EBERHART THOMAS A EDWARDS VIRGINIA M OG ERLICH ROSELYN ENGEL HELEN ENTEL OSCAR J. ESSENFELD PEARL FACCIOLA, RALPH A. Boys M3'ag-eric' FARINA, LORRAINE C. Sher Sewuig Pm: Bcfgf R FARRELL, JAMES F. FAST, EDITH Ansvo: GoId Sewice Ping SiIver Scholar- ship Ping Srcfesmcm Club: Sponish Meds? Spanish Cewfcofe FELD, DOROTHY Lfferory CLLD' Rep. IPVQ C C L FELDHEIM, MARCIA FELDMAN, EDNA FELDMAN, LILLIAN FELDMAN, SOLOMON FELDSCHNEIDER, FLORENCE FEIN, SELMA 4 Bronze Servrce Pm: Sen S g C mifhesei Semis' Sega Sfo FEINGOLD, JACOB L Gold Sc-rvlcc Pin FELLER, SARAH FERNEZ, LOUISE Imlram Cmbg 1foMon Cer FERRI, CATHERINE FIELDMAIN, VERA Career Club FILIPPONE, TULLIO FILLER, CORINNE B. Silver Service Pin FINE, NORA Bronze Service Ping concfnlcs FINS, DINA FLEISCH, HYMAN Bronze Service Pin FLEISCHMAN, MARY E. Bronze Sjholorslmp Pm: Snlver Serv Pin . . . FLYNN, JOSEPH FLYNN, MARY CIOSS Rep, 2 Terms FOGELFINGER, CLAIRE FORNATALE, SALVATO FORTMULLER, JOHN G Boas Mio' R3 Bo'm R FOX, BENJAMIN FOX, JOSEPH A. FOX, SHIRLEY Bronze ScI1oI:JrsI'rip Pin FRANGOS, PAUL W. FREY, LOUIS RE 1 'J -1 V61 I Q A sf E.- 5 E 'Z Pf I.. . . . fd 22. 1 5 I 1 7 1 , . Y Y P 5I FREY, SAMUEL Boron R FRIEDHEIM, HEINZ fvfsro: Svaresnnzn CIUIJ: Pen R: Senior S033 S'o5' Jc.rrroI-Afnericon Orczfory Meoc: Ed1'e'-ir-Chief Sqvare Dear FRIEDMAN, DANIEL b b Low ond Press Clubg EcIr'ror1oI SIOII, Sqirore Deolz Pen R FRIEDMAN3 ELEANOR Bronze Service Pm FRIEDMAN, EUGENE Bronze Service Pimp Bronze ScI'rnIor5Irip Ping Edimr-in-Chief, Senior Saga FRIEDMAN, HELEN Red LeIIer Day Commirfeeq Senior Saga S109 FUCHS, DIANA Bronze Service Ping Do-or Cieb, Presi- denrg Srcrresrnori CIJB EUGOWSKI, PAULINE Bronze Service Rin: Bronze SCIioIorsEip Pm FULVIO, DOMENIC Bookrcom R FUTTERMAN, BLANCHE Arisrog SiIver Service Pin: Bronze SCIWOI- Ediier-in-Chierr, Square DeoI GABEL, SHIRLEY Arigrg Sggreurvq Si.ver Service Ping Bronze Szncfofshi Ping Eccisr and Liferf Cry CI Isp IOO Wgrd Piirncr' Pin GALLAGHER, PHATRICK Bronze Servrze Ping Gcrrrclr ond IfoIiorr CI.b1 Beys Moior R3 SQFQOI Opererrcs GAMBARDELLO, ANGELINA GARBOWITZ, LEON crshrp Pm: Srofesrnon CMB: Pen R: GENSCH KATHLEEN E GERKEN JOHN F GERSHANOWITZ FLORA GIACULLI VICTORIA GIBOWICH ANNA W d ' ' GILBERTI ROSE GINIGER FLORENCE GINSBERG HELEN vfwze C-'Cf-l",YJQ Ev: Rilo COE' GIORDANO, JOSEPH . Bvwze Serwcc Pm GIUDITTA, ADA Aff Ccr'vwM'cQ GOLDBLATT, JACK Bwfxze Sewlae Pin GOLDFISHER, BARRY Bfgrze Sewfqg Pump Boys Manogervol GOLDMAN, EVA GOLDMAN, FLORENCE P. JOO Word Pifmon Pin '45 'I ix ,pg ak GOLDSTEIN HANNAH GOLDSTEIN IDA GOLOVAN MOLLIE GOODENOUGH MURIEL GORI ROBERT A f C GOSS WARREN GRECO JOSEPH GRECO LUCILLE ' S+ GREEN JACKQ A I ronze C Oors UI OO CO ?6 GREENBAUM LILLIAN GREENBERG, ADRIENNE H. Goid Service ing c oo ere GREENBERG, BLANCHE GREENBERG, GUSSIE A. Swer Service Pm: Bronze Scho Ping Picture Commitfee GREENBERC2, HARRY A. Bronze Servnce Pm' Bronze Schol hp Ping Sfofesmcn CIUB GREENBERG LEONARD GREENBERG SYLVIA GREENE KENNETH pb' ,cm GREIER ANITA GRIMALDI GAETANO J GROSSMAN LEONARD ' H C ' I GUSTAVSON GEORGE Q HABER JACOB HAKY HENRY HALFON ESTHER T' :Wy ' HARCUP, ARTHUR HARDINA, CHARLOTTE L. HARDTNG, KENNETH Grfilf C.b7 Ir'fe'ACUb Rep.: School P ly: HARRIS, RENEE C. Bronze Service Pin: Senior Sago STOP? ,Q VK 3 si! Ale HARTIGAN, BENJAMIN S. SCHOON Pwoy HAUK, IRMA Bronze Sdolorshlp Pin HECHT, ROSALIE Bronze Serdie Pin HELFMAN, JEANNE Bvonze Sewlce Pin HENDERSON, KENNETH Aris+o' Bfofle Schobrship Pin' E Cub ' HESSLER, THEODORE HIPSCHMAN, ISIDORE HOFFMAN, SHQRLEY Bmrzc Sdwolorshrv Pm HYAMS, RUTH IANFOLLA, RALPH IAN NACO, ELEANOR IANNIRUBERTO, NICHOLAS She' Sewuce Pm IANORA, ANNA lfo":- C1-ffifiqfg IARICCI, REGINA CO INGRAM, MARTHA INNERFIELD, NORMAN J. JACKIRVI, MAY JANET, MILDRED JENOKOFF, LILLIAN Arisfo: Sli-fe' Sowlce Pm: Bronze Schol- arship Pm: Pen R3 Piciure CommiHeeT 1 Edlfcrfal Sfof Squfe Deal JESZECK, CHARLES KABAKIAN, ROSE SCVTET' S Vll ""' -NCD KADEN, SELMA 'fl' 1 3' 'I 'I '35 . fi-1119 Php- Reza C' bg Woyfs ond fffnfs Ci"Mw'fco KALAIDJIAN, LORRAINE KANAKOS, GUS J. A'1z'f:' Bfzwf- Sew 5 "j Bfmze Schol :uhm P '- 5'1" pon and Sfofesmon ff or Sun' f, Cfwiff' KANAKOS, THOMAS Fin-Awe 'J' C C: S:3fFsH Cemflcof, KAPLAN, ANNETTE KAPLAN, MEYER A. 5' ,, U' fi 1 KAPLAN, RUTH She' Sew ze PM 'if 'Q' KAPLAN, SARAH KAPLOWITZ, HARRIET Gold Serylce Pin: Clogs Rep., Rep.: Gorrrclr Club: Senior Ho mirree: School Ploys KATSAROS,, GEQRGIA Bronze Servrce Prn KATZ, EDNA KATZ, HORTENSE KATZ, MURIEL Bronze Sclwolorslnrp Pin KATZ, RHODA L. KAUFMAN, HELEN KELLY, EVELYN Senlor Sogo Slolf KENDLER, ANNE f G C Arnsfo: Bronze Servrce Pun' Bronze S h I P B l gy C rf C11 2 T lm' ' ' lic e OTS Ip IV1f IOO ef 9 IOO Word Pllmon Ping IOOCXC, Reg f en Biology KENTER, MILDRED M. Sloresrnon Club: Senior Sago C mifree: Woys ond Means Commit? Senior l-lor Comrnlrree KILIMNIK, REBECCA Bronze Sclwolorship Pin: Ecolsf CI b Sreno. Cer'ril'iccfe KIMMELMAN, REGINA KING. MARY KIRKORIAN, PEARL Bronze Se:-wwe Pm' Cheermg R' S Sago Commiqfiggg Senior Sago SIICJII KISHISHIAN. CATHERINE KITCHIN, ELOISE M. KLEIN, LAWRENCE KLUGMAN, RAYMOND riso: o ervice ing o c S I UTI COIS U Q ICRC CO ef OO VOOVY1 KOENIGSBERG, JACK KOHLHOFF, ANN ronze ervice in KOHN, JULIA M. IC LHS ITITTII ee KOLOFF, JU LIUS KONTAK, WANDA iresi e u , reosur r KOPPELMAN, DORIS H. ronze ervice ing oreersffub KORNBLUH, GERTRUDE risc: iver ervice ing iver c ship m, oesmon u, :oo Spanish Cerfificofes KOWALIK, PEARL B. Class Rep. 2 Terms: Senior ogc KOZICKI, OLGA .Q 'A KRAMER, SYLVIA Careers Cbb KROHN, ELEANOR Bronze Service Pin: Grode and Sfotcsrnorw CJ bs: Pen R' iori S ff Sq D Rep.: Press Ed? OJ 'fn , . ore eu! KRUGER, DOROTHY L. Sfofesrvon Cub KUEHNLE, GEORGE I Arrsfoq Bronze Servrce Pun: Bronze Schol- arship Pin? Science Cerfificofe KUPERBLOOM, ANNE Arlstoq Bronze Service Ping Bronze SCHOJ- orsnip Ping Sierwo. Cerfificofe KUTZIN, JACK H. Adam: Svver Servrce Plng SiVver Scnofor- snrr: Prnt Sfofeurnon Chbj B3:Jcgy Cer- rrfrrqnve: Lorrn Cevri cafe LQFALCE, VIOLET LQGUARDIA, DOROTHY SOO Word Plfrnon Pin LAINO, JOSEPH Chess L b Press Ajzenr LAKRITZ, MYRA E. LALLY, JOSEPH Brfrrzrl Service Pin LCJMURAGLIA, NANCY Brfnzf- Srfwlge Pirw Newrnon Cib: CJQSS gd, Q-. mlm, LANG, ANNABELLE B. LAUFER, TESSIE Silver Service Plnq Sicfesrnon Club: Chas Dov Cornrnirfee LEFFLER, CLAIRE Brgnze Sqwnie Pm: Elms' Ci LEFKOWITZ, SADIE LEIBOWITZ, SYBELLE Brown Sewanee Pm' Bfcvze Pin J X LEIGHT, NANCY Class Rep. 2 Terms LEISGOLD, CHARLOTTE LEMKIN, EVERETT LESSEL, YVETTE ao W,-,Q PM N M LEVENTHAL, ETHEL Bvnwze Sauce Pm- Q3 3+ Q LEVEY, RITA LEVINE, ANNA 1l3VV':,G ppwj- :- LEVINE, SYLVIA H. B' ' 'I-A Sw .3 inf LEVY, BEATRICE LEVY, MURIEL Lewis, THOMAS w. F V if ,J 1-,YW nee 'Q LIBERIO, ANTHONY Brefze Servnce Pm: Bronze S Iw I hp Pin LIEBERMAN, BEATRICE M LIEBERTZ, WILLIAM J. LIKE, SEYMOUR Bobcn R LIPSHITZ BEATRICE LIPSKIN SHIRLEY LIPSMAN CLAIRE L LIPSMAN GEORGE LIPTON SYLVIA C b F W P LITTMAN ETTA LITVAK EDITH LOMASK JANET CC S J LOMAX FRANK J. LOSH, ALFRED J. LURIE, RICHARD LUSHER, JOSEPH MACHLUS, BEATRICE InYef-C' b CO,WCI'f I-OW C MACKAY, CATHERINE MADDEN, LILLIAN A Bronze Servuce Pm: Ifoluon MAHER, MARGARET MALACHOWSKY, HARRY L MALIAN, DIRAN :Iver ervve In' Cosmo or on vgf, erii inor MALLEN, LEONARD MANDELBLATT, ETH EL ronze Qwclofsi ini MANTIS, CHRISTY Bronze Service Pin MARCUS, LILLY Career C db MARCUS, MARVIN Cerfil of C.,b. Pi mon Bronze Scnolcfsnip Pint CH Ysvy d Snresmor' C ,bs MARDER, JACK M. Bronze Service Pin: Ecoisf ond Sfc Clubs: Woys and Means Cornmlvve Q1 MARINELLI ANTHONY MARINO EDITH MARKOFF MILDRED MARKS JULIETTE MAROSE CHARLOTTE J C b MARSH DOROTHY MARSIGLIANO LEONARD MASLER HENRIETTA MASTRANGELO DAHLIA MASTROGEANNES PETER MASTROS, ANTOINETTE Bronze S:Fo'3'sFio pm McALLlSTER, PETER McCAULEY, MARY McDONALD, MARY E. McHALE, JOHN McPHILLIPS, CHARLES J. MEFFORD, FRANCES Cnefmsffv and S'uTes"cn CHEST Sveno Ceffiflcme MEISELMAN, ETTA MELAM ED, LILLIAN Arismg Silver Sefvlce Ping Bronze Schol orship Ping Biology ond S?emo. Cerfifi Cafe MENASSE, SYLVIA MEOLA, MATTHEW MEYEROWITZ, MURRAY Boys Moicr R MICKELSON, ROBERT L. Wovs ond Means Ccfnrwiffg-9 MILLER, HELEN Bronze Service Ping Typing Cer-Hrggfe MILLER, LOIS B",'Zf? Sf,Pf:':",' C L MILLER, RUTH MILLER, YETTA R. Ewhzff Sew U ff' Sfmuafs Q Sn' fzccf C n' R, Resefves MINCIELI, MARJORIE Bfome Service PM MOGLIA, LOUIS R. Dromofwc CIULJ, Pf9S4dCVIIf Ar? Iee' SfI'ooI Plays MORGESE. EUSTACHIO MORTENSEN, DCRIS Silver Service Pm: Infer-Cu Sfofesmcn CIub1 Ar? Commiffee MOSKOWITZ, MILDRED Comm? I b Councl Bronze Service Ping Ways ond Meo Commiffeeq IOO Word Pifmom Pin MOSSER, ALMA Closs Represenfofivei Senior Hof CO mIHee MUKASHEY, ANNETTE AUSIGZ SIIvef Service Pin: SIWer Sdn I C OVSLIID Pm: Ecowsf Cxbq S'e" COM? MURPHY, JOHN P. MURRAY, WINIFRED SIMM' SF" flu: NAHMIAS, JACK NARDONE, ANGELINA Newman Chub NASO, VINCENT NEUMETZ, ALICE Bronze: Serwce Pm NEVINS, MARY NEWMAN, MAE F. Bofon R5 School Opera-Ho C04 NICK LILLIAN NICKOLOFF LYDIA NIDETCI-'I LILLIAN NORZ BENJAMIN G NUNBERG MARTHA NUZZOLO ASSUNTA S OBERMAN HENRIETTA OGUSH MILDRED Juv f-rv rr: V1 OLANOFSKY MILTON OLIVER WILLIAM OLIVIERI, DANIEL A. ORKIN, GLORIA Effie SQwiQ PM L ,A,n,j Lwffjf P- PALMERIO, LYDIA PANZERA, JEANETTE PAOLO, MARIE A. PASIK, EDITH Red Cross Chbz IH'er'CIrb CCI PASLES, MARY Bronze Scholarship Pin: IOO W :I H I C e mor PIN Senior o c"e"rIf'e PAYSON, SHIRLEY IO0 Word Pifrrwcn Plrm PELLINO, JOSEPHINE Bronze Service PIrx PELLIS, HILDA PELTZ, GERTRUDE ArIsIog SIIver Service Plrvq Si've S I1 I orship Ping Lifercrv CIUD, Pe d I Pen R PERRONE, LOUISE Careers CIUb PETERKIN, DORIS E. PINKER, ANNE Senrcr Sago Sro": Ways ord M o s Comrrwlfree PINTO, ANTHONY J: Bronze ScIveIureIzlO PIP PIRO, JOSEPH Bronze ScIrcIorsI'Ip Um I'o'iov C I coIe 3 Terms PODOLSKY, AADELE Bronze Servrce Pm: Bcxiferrofofgv d Sioiesmon CI E5 POLCHINSKI, DOROTHY F. R Bronze Service PIr1gGIrIS Large POLCHINSKI, LOUIS Swwev Sgvvwgg Pm' Nffwfrom C I form R POLLACK, FLORENCE POLLACK, LILLIAN POLLAR, MURRAY D. Bvfrrwzc Service Pin POSTER, ROSALIND POSTIGLIONE, MARIE POTASH, DANIEL D. Bronze SQI'voIcr5I'1Ip Pin POTTER, JESSE Ar? Committee PREMINGER, HOWARD Amsfo: Bfonzc Sdvoworsmp - o American CIa,bq ICO O Reg FTIGV! PRINCE, RUTH PRIORE, THOMAS J. PRISCO, ARNOLD D. Brgnzq Service Pimp Boys C Minor R PRITCHARD, WILLIAM PUNGELLO, PAULINE A 'U"l1: SQVVIKC mf fffvh B P S S y Nuwmofw CI Ib: SQMQ' Sugo C it Woys and Means ond Senlo I-I IC WHHQQ fum 4? RAGONESE, LENA HONOR C3 ,b RAGONESE, LUCY lffxliom CNW" are RAISANEN, ALBERT RAYNER, BESSIE REEVES, LOREN B. Bronze Service Pin EHM HOWARD R . Ar? MedO5g ArfCOrr1miNCC REIFF, HELEN Ecolsi Cmb REIN, GERTRUDE A Bronze Schdorslmp Pm, Class mlffeeg Pwcmre Commlffee RESSLER, FLORENCE Piciure Commiffee RIVES, FRED Silver Service Pin! ECONO mon Chbs RIVES, VINCENT fvfgioj Silver Service Ping uv SNP PLN? Eccisf Cl b, Pres CHO? Coieferia R RIZZO, JOSEPH ROBINSON, ROBERT Boys Molor R7 Cofefer Awericon Essay Comes? ROBINSON, ROSELLA Doy C rmce ond N Sl or Schol idervrq New R1 102' W ROGEL EVA E ROMANO HELENE ROMANO LENORE C ROMANO VINCENT ROSA LEONARD ROSCHLAU VIRGINIA G 9 ROSEN ALFRED Q ROSEN MILTON rome Qmufa 1 'rwy ccoxm Eng CI b Rosgm MORRIS 'IS' T IVQF f:'v'C9 mi UCI er nj rom 2 f:'o's Ir- 5 own' ee ROSEN REBECCA "Q"ZE EVM CE ,F ROSENTHAL GEORGE ROSENTHAL HAROLD ROSENTHAL, JESSE J. She' Sewfe Pw' CJIo+edo R ROSENTHAL, JULIAN. Afisfo: Bronze Serwce Pm: Brcrze Sc orshlp Pin ROSETO FRANK ROSETSTEIN DORIS D ROTH CHARLOTTE ROTHSTEIN RUTH RUBENSTEIN FRANCES RUBENSTEIN SAM D Re RUDIN ROSALIND RUDMAN YETTA RUFFO, RITA RUSSO, FELIX L. SACCHI, GLORIA SALESE, ANTHONY Bfcvze Scholcrswp Pm SALL, BEATRICE SALUSTRO, JOHN Slwer Service Ping Grade Rep. I T Boys Major R: Piciure Com ff SAND RUTH SANDS THELMA SANFELICE, JOSEPHINE E. lfolion Cerlificole SAX, LEONARD Sclwool Opere-Ho SCARPELLI, LUCY E. Bronze Sclwolorslwlp Pin SCELLATO, FRANCES SCHAEFER, KARL SCHIERO, FRANK SCHINDLER, BLANCHE SCHINDLER, MAY Bronze Service Ping Grade IOO Word Plfmcm Pin SCHNAPPER, PEARL SCHNEIDMAN, MURIEL IOO Wirg Pllrrorw PM SCHUFFRIN, JACOB Bfyzr P SCHWARTZ, LENA S. Silver Service P50 6.1 UQ ,-.Q fi SCHWARTZ MAE H SEIDE JANET O W d SEIDMAN BETTY SELEKOF ELEANOR S sfo D Bc gy e SELNICK NETTIE oqoy 0 5 I-IIC SEMERTYAKIS GEORGE SESSA FIORENTINO C IIC SHAPIRO EDITH SHAPIRO LILLY SHARE EDWARD SHAVIL, ALICE W BEATRICE SHEIKO ITZ, Arisfoi Bronze ScHoIc:rsI'vIp Ping Ecoisf CIUIDJ 80 Word Pifmon Pin SHER, MILDRED SHIRY, MILDRED A. Senlor Sago Smffg Senior I-Io? Com- miffee SHUSTER, PAUL Silver Service Ping Bronze Scholarship Pin: Srofesmon Club: I-Ifsfory ond Science Cerfificofes SICKSER, JESSIE Boron R SIGNORILE, ANTHONY SILBER, SHIRLEY SILLEKENS, HENRY Bronze Servlce Pin SILVERBERG, ELEANOR Class Day Cornrniffee SILVERMAN, ROSE' Bronze Scholarship Pun: IO0 rnon Pin SIMKOWITZ, HELEN Bronze Scholarship Pin SIMON, RICHARD L. SIMONELLI, AGNES Bronze Cho rshi in' SIRABIAN REPEGA SKIENA MORRIS SMIROLDO JOSEPH C SMITH LEO ff o? D F T M o I Wor alien Cub: INN-- v C SOBEL SEYMOUR SODANO LUCY SOKAL RHODA SPADAFORA FRANCES SPATZ MARTHA SPECTOR MURRAY SPIEGEL LILLIAN SPIEGEL VINCENT SPIELMAN JOAN vows crvfe 'ng Wo's G wr-rv' ee SPIVACK ESTHER J. 'owe C ours 'D 'ni 'oc co ei of imcn In STACHEL, WILLIAM A Swfer Sefwce Pw: Ecomf Shiesmon Chbs STEIGER, GERTRUDE STOBBE, MERVYN STRYCHACKI, MADELINE Meo er Press Cl STURMAN, NORMA Silver Service Pin STUTMAN, BERNARD Bvorvze Sefvlce Pin SULLIVAN, DOROTHY R. SUTERA, CONCETTA L. SVERDLEN, RUTH TALLARICO, MARY O. TAVERNA, Rose nc. Sewer Sago Corwmffee TAYLOR-SHAPIRO, HARRIET Class Rep. 2 Tefms' GHS S L R Ckzwsiomship in Sw3m'Wifvg TAZARTUS, BELLA TORTORELLA, ROSE TOUKDARIAN, ZABELLE Effie SQVCVVQFQ PTH' S f- liiN.,,..5,e TRICARICO, NICHOLAS TRIPOLI, ANTHONY fefvsff Fees on C y C d Ph phy C1,bs'lfoTian Cef' 553453 IOOZ Regemg Tn Ageoro TROY, ELLIOT 'if TUCKMAN FRANCES B D A+ C b TURIELLO ANTOINETTE TYLER MARGARET C UNGURAN WILLIAM VACIRCA MARIE VANDERVEER LOIS VAUGHAN GLORIA ln VOGEL lRVlNG ronze C ocrslw' 'rv VOGELSANG, NORMA YOUZQ GFVICS IVH OSS C nior o Q ommi ees VOLPE, PAULINE WALKER, ROBERT Gold Service Pin. WARSHAWSKY, SELMA WASSERMAN, HENRIETTA R B 5 P E f Cl b GI ronze ervice Ing Coig Large R WATSON, ELEANOR Newman Club: Class Doy C He WEBSTER, JOHN H. WEINER, MELVIN WEINER, MOLLIE WEINER, PEARL WEINFELD, RAYMOND WEINREB, LOUIS Boron R WEINTRAUB, FLORENCE Bronze Service Pin WEISS, MELVIN Bronze Service Pin WEISSBERG, SARA WERCHMAN, MARTHA Bronze Service Pin WIENER, ELEANCR Bronze Service Pin' Newfnon SogcaC P ,sg SI' I , . CIJJ dev: Clweering 'Rf Senior miiree WILNER, JUNE N. Dromoric Cbbf Sched ro Ose'eIfas7 80 Word Pifrrwcn Pm WILSHIN, SYLVIA Sher Servlce Pin: Bronze P?" Serie' Saga Srog WILSON, CATHERINE SQIWI I-p WIMMER, EVELYN rome ef-Arn ?rv B S , P Se Ways ond Mears Cc 1? e 80 Word Prfmon Pm WRONSBERG, PEARL M Gold SQHJLCQ Vw" E z Pm WURF, HARRIET YOUNG, LILLIAN YOUNG, VIRGINIA Bffznze Sewfie PM ZANELLI, LOUISE Aviva: Gcfd Semfze 5Hp PW" S'G'f,-QMS! C 3 Spormb C244 ,sms ZARROW, HERMAN ZEITZ, ADA She' Service Fw: C R Do-of Chb, Treosxe Oc Sammy' HC' Ccrnfvuee ZELMANOWITZ, ROSE C R d L e D Q W 1 A USS uf! , 9 E" Y cms Means Ccfwfiffe C D FD in Typewriflmg ZERVAKOS, STRATY S P 5 O b P Q Gdd ewwce W' 'G demg Chess Chb 9 Ce Cerfificofe Bus Mir-Q R Commg CY bg awe'- ZIMBALIST, ROSALIND C ZINCK, HENRY L. WMU' G" QV- T' "' S S C 2 s Spwwd A"31':' Bn- f R ZINER, ALLEN f Bmrze SWF "WL 'N C 1 . x , 'H N ' 4. ' .bill f'-K I .llliiQg'.1t:"T!f.f"f.' im, l- - wx ni, - I us X, 1' , r N Y I s s 5 f A g I " in-u M S X ' ll I E I.. ws' av ' W iv' i 'J 'ff 'Q' , ff? K 4 H4 "v i f 9 C. 'Y m 1 iq -:Q 'B KD" sr ik. HOPES AND DREAMS Soaring upward ligh+ly, airily, Over darkened hills of fhe pas'r, Hoping for heighfs which our eyes sc And for a firm safe landing a+ lasf. On fhe magic carpef of fime and you They see noble deeds which could be Feeling Their fhoughfs fhe only +ru1'h Wrapped in fhelr dreams and reverie Soon may come ihe hard and ceriam bump Earih life and realafy painfully found Now fhe dreams musl' be played as 'rrump Onward upward yel' earlhward bound Margarel' Tyler A SPRING D Y Brlghl' dancing Spring morning Gayly singing fhrough +he frees A wild song a warm song A spring song Wnfh your magic breafh soflly you whisper I+ is dawn a new day a fair day A spring day Sylvia Wllshln Xxxgk, rf X K ut ssxxtlgnh N CQ .I . - Jyullluisd wgwgnvlh NUI ",lrNl::,s xc Wyhhlh' Su X X ll 1 A, 42... -. '.. A yy, .I I Q . ' .. n 4- '. lu.. . r 17' "' . 1 u J -. .4 -..'. fi' x 'f .. if ' . '- 3. . 1' I X I be ,gf 1' .L 111. 1" r V " ' 1 ll 5- xl ,'4 K -. -'M r., . 2 ' , .. I., . Ja . ff. AI' 4 'r z " r K 1 5 . -,u Q.. SENIOR SAGA ADVISERS Adviser Mary E. Andrews Arr Amalia DiDona1o Business Nalhan Hellerback SENIOR ADVISERS Anna C. Kelly Agnes C. Tulloch SENIOR OFFICERS PRESIDENT Rulh Sand VICEVPRESIDENT Miriam Breilman TREASURER Evelyn Wimmer SENIOR SAGA EDITORIAL Edilors-in-Chief Eugene Friedman Marion Du Soir Carolyn Bonham Lorraine Bohrer Joseph Boyarsky Caiherine Brown Jim Brown Florence Casper Mary De Mare Fred Dowling Muriel Dunlap Selma Fein Solomon Feldman Hein! Friedheim Helen Friedman Renee Harris Evelyn Kelly Pearl Kawalik Jock Kulzin Mildred Markofl Anne Pinker Edylhe Shapiro Mildred Shiry Zabelle Toukdarian Sylvia Wildiin a-'L' -.' I 1. . , , I , I 5 W I 1 A ' 4 r . . .1 . . . .. ' I SENIOR HAT COMMITTEE Florence Casper Mary Pasles Harrier Kaplowilz Joseph A. Greco Rulh Sverdlen Mildred Kenler Ada Zeifz Carolyn Avery Alma Masser Mildred Shiry Nellie Selnick Pauline Pungello Josephine Bulell Kenneth Carr Beniamin Narz COMMITTEES Camera Abraham Fleisler Celebrities and Cilafions Jane Allen Saxlon College Enhance Evelyn Van Duyn Color Guard William N. Howard Commencemenf Louise Baylis Anne Feder Edna P, Meany Clarabelle Barrel? Bess Simon Henry F. Salfman Edward P. McGarry Gerard McGarry Picfures Caroline D. Schneider Red Lelier Day Dance Anna C. Kelly Agnes C. Tulloch Senior Funds Samuel P. Godnick Senior Hals Emily Gildenberg Class Day Caroline D. Schneider Red Lefler Day Jacob Schulman Slage Decorations Gerlrude Pefersen SENIOR SAGA COMMITTEE Florence Casper Mildred Marlrofl Selma Fine Vialel Blaff Pearl Kirkorian Margaret Carbone Mildred Kenfer Eleanor Wiener Virginia Edwards Eleanor Krohn Regina Chuzas Pauline Pungello Rose Kobakian Eslher Halfon Rose Taverna Regina Iaricci Norma Vogelsang Felix Russo SECRETARIES OF SENIOR OFFICE Myrna Abelove Rulh Allman Nora Conlon Marian Darfella Pauline A. Pungello Making of Programs Amalia Di Donalo , ' v "' E i , ".'.. :-.. affi x 1, 1 , ., - 914. ..' ,I-mfr. rl " - . -r .."G-':ft"':'2 . - - .'..3 - ' -if 4 I 'l.',: l Ap Ja, . , , ' ...,'-'..,g-5,494 ' f' .' ' ' H . ' 'I-. '... "Y 'f':g?1Jl,1" r. ' f ' . . H .' . i .' . ,lu up . I xi K -N. ' A.: .1 ..-I.-rllwf.--0-J-If .' f . -. .'.!-fu" ...- :"'::"' w h " Y 34 ' vgfvrgi , .11-Nr f f ,K ' AX SQ, -QXQ, QSSSXX arson Tesxi G I . -'F TTEE L' COMM! NCTURE el' Florence coiip Moffi' Rosen.-,H Lauicn Leno lou . iniu Reich VILQ Solusnol Jo n ly Burdeln Ever ks Bernafd Broan Pearl Deindel Rein GUS ier Florenceczitn Thelma wi, Yhomos Le Ben Fo! julia Koh' Arfhuf Hmcup FF . ART STA SENUOR SAQA hom Edward Cofhng Robeff Gallo Lovii Meg' I Rosenfhc Geofge Ada Guiding Sam Chinkes llaefu Alfred De f Ze f K ff f ' 5 ff, ,fy f .fr V 47 L J j Q f jr CAST OF R ED LETTER DAY PLAY Kennelh Harding Harrie? Kaplowilz Dorolhy Daynow Louis Moglia Mildred WAYS AND M Marlroff EANS COMMlT7EE Gerfrude Berlzowirz Ccr l o yn Bonham Miriam B reirmon Fiore nce Casper Esrher Halfon Selma Kaden Mildred Kenrer Robert Mickelson Mildred Moxlrowilz Anne P' X fi ff inlrer Pauline Pungello Jean Spielman Pearl Weiner Evelyn Wimmer Rose Z elfnanowifz X 5 3 fi X CLASS NIGHT COM MITTEE Cerrrude Kornbluh Florence Casper Mildred Marlroff lrene Balluch Blanche Furfer l71Uf'l Eleanor W e Laufer Doris Mort EDSON Vera F' ieldn-rain H . arrie? Taylor-Shapiro Ada Zeirz Mary Demare Cerfrude Rein Yolanda Caccavale Eleanor Silverberg Nancy La Muraglia Myrna Abelovo Norma Vogelxang Edna Di Renzo Sam R ubensfein FS WI X fxf X1 X "C 7 X 1 2 il fr 'rr ,Y j P Lf J fk uwNA'1 TARR, Inc. Main Ogice 607 FIFTH AVENUE Bran hes m All Boroughs CEEICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS for The SENIOR SAGA Neoresf Branch I33 EAST FORDHAM ROAD B B DIEGES 81 CLUST J' 5 I7 JOHN STREET New Yorlr N Y CO + + 7 Class Rungs and Pans Club Emblems Malcers OI Je ery for II1e Class of I94I 'Inav 0 East 177th St at West Farms Road 0 Ch f B Dllytnn 3 7300 9 SEGFIETARIAL USTENOGRAPHY 9 SWITCHBOARD UGOMPTOMETHY 0 DICTAPHONE 9 ELLIOTT FISHER 9 ACCOUNTING Roosevell Sensors Invuled Io Vnsul' Our School Busmess and Professional Secreforuol Courses GOTTFRIED BAKINC5 CO Inc. ARIRL 60 E6lA1f 'QAP f, gow gommwv New YORK CITY BRANDER T I W 1 7644 "il SOLD IN YOUR SCHOOL SOLD IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD sn'V, ICE CKEAM ICE CREAM COMPANY 34+I1 STREET 81 QUEENS BLVD Long Island Cfy New York ST II ell 4 OO Comphmenfs of Welssglass Gold Seal Danes nc Hsghesf Oualufy Mull: and Mull Producis STANDARD RING COMPANY Jewelers Io Ihe Class of 4I I5 JOHN STREET New York Cu+y ll - L l B R E Y E R I A.B. IL- I iw -50 A S A I I . Founded I884 BRUNI Cor Fordham Road WA5Hlll6f0,V llfl6llf5 I8 ST o S Al o School MANHATTAN JAMAICA DR KE SCHOOLS and Grand Concourse FLUSHING BROOKLYNQJ Uldest und Largest SUMMER Hlgh School UPTUWN J W nq N V ! F RIGEITS vHf"'mlw "Mfr EDRLSEES ruu,55gNs mx wut HIGH SCHDUL Ryu r D QRS..-mm smnu unssss 5'ffffu,5,5 EXEELLENT REGEIITS RESULTS Pllillllllllgo IEETRUCTIUN Gnyumtballamat annum: rumnn JZ! W CORNER BRHNU CUNCUURSESZUUTH STQQ,,0FUrdham5 4444 nun num sunulun AVOID DOWNTOWN CONGESTION ATTEND DRAKE SCHOO Who o Th Ha S b I L 'for. IS' . T.NicholasAv s SIT! Sessions Begin uly 7 -1 Regisker Early for Choice Program Spgmc. - summsn - mu. ssssluug HW! . T .i i ' ' i A . . r ousonds ve Successfully Tlolnoiefed High School u iech 'BTP' IN, -r"'A f!f4 fa! Q My nun--ou run u v iirgirq A. , h- 4 iz- . .'-N ,, 'I l, '- 1-BJ'-,gl 2' :1.,. .mz-x.ff.er1ef- A ,P -- 51 fa -gi-1 .Q A . 5, -' U 'H' ETIZIEA .-, n X- , ' .' sq 'f'.f-5.-ii I V ' A .' ,. 5 1 .'5- It x.. - ' .U Q s V -' i'-'f .3 . J - ' -' F A , . . if 55:1 .. 4 , h , 1 , -.,' x : . !!i4 '43 .I ,. V U .- ff I. , 7, Ki' Q' ' A - M' " "Ein, FW' l 3,13-I ' .- L . 'JL'- . L " J- gig . -' I . -:. ' ...flu . - r V I 1:11 '. ' 73: U -Us .- - x .1 .. , ' J-': x if F ' 14 - , ,xv , , -V Q, I., 4f.- -an 1,-.,. .. v,. -m..1,:- V, N-. V' 2 .'-- 'e . , - ' ' . "" ' x " " .V - A., . 13 h 10 .' M , 1

Suggestions in the Theodore Roosevelt High School - Saga Yearbook (Bronx, NY) collection:

Theodore Roosevelt High School - Saga Yearbook (Bronx, NY) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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Theodore Roosevelt High School - Saga Yearbook (Bronx, NY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Theodore Roosevelt High School - Saga Yearbook (Bronx, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 18

1941, pg 18

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