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EF Q ss J n 'm I S F E 5 i 5 E Pd B! I ! E F I 5 i id sf A i 7 , - . .r H . w Sr 'if U Q .1 W- fl A 'if ja 1 5 a I2 we Diff' SENIOR SAGA PUBLISHED B V T I-I E NICDRS CDF Theodore Roosevelt High School New york City JANUARY 1 9 3 6 ' -h ' v igil P 3 1 1 TO OUR PRINCIPAL, MR. ROGERS, WHOSE EFFORTS IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION HAVE SO INTI- MATELY AFFECTED OUR LIVES, AND WHOSE PATIENCE AND GUIDANCE HAVE ENDEARED HIM TO THE STUDENT BODY, THIS SAGA OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX IS AFFECTION- ATELY AND GRATEFULLY DEDICATED, WILLIAM W.ROGERS P R I N C I P A L THEODORE ROOSEVELT H I G H S C H O O L NEW Y ORK CITY I Tv? S E N I Q R PIQESIDEIXITS MESSAGE To All Seniors: The "Senior Saga" is our book, written and edited by our fellow students who have worked devotedly to make this Ianu- ary 1936 edition an outstanding one for us. The editors have selected material that will be pleasant to read and that will make our book a treasured possession, an almanac of our high school days. lt will bring back memories of the amiable four years spent in Theodore Roosevelt High School, which we may live over again as we turn its pages. During these years, we have practically lived together in a small "democracy," intent upon preparing for our future tasks. Some have struggled to go through this "democracy" and others have gone through easily, but in spite of everything we might say, we have all enjoyed it. Out of these years have grown numerous friendships, some of which, we hope, will continue through the years to come. Others will have to come to an end, but will leave with us fond lasting memories. We have benefited immeasurably through the personal contact with our teachers and advisers who have, by their patience and understanding, instilled in us the respect and admiration they so richly deserve. We shall always cherish the friendship extended to us by them at a time when we needed it, for a "Friend in need is a friend indeed." And now, at the end, who knows, there might emerge from among us a business executive, a great politician, an author or a poet? But regardless of what we may turn out to be, we have this to be thankful for, and that is our background provided by Theodore Roosevelt High School. EVELYN IANSSEN A PARTING THOUGHT When the echoes of the glamour and excitement of graduation have died away, we find ourselves at the starting point of a long journey. The lone sign on the narrow road reads "To Suc- cess," and as We look down the Winding path, we realize, not without a thrill, that this is the road we have so long sought. A single glance down a short length of the path, however, re- veals only too clearly, that it is fraught with numerous problems, with none of which we have ever before coped. The road, as we look at it, is cluttered on either side with failures who have not learned to utilize their resources to ad- as Q99 1 9 Q9 p PQH a Q A PQ 'tk ' a A9 fy ,439 iq P09 19 37 vo S Q 9 'o D Q0 'pq PQ dQQPv 9 9 po PQ Qlq DQ pq pq :Q Q pq p9 P99 9 U 0 vantage, and so have fallen by the wayside. Countless numbers have trodden this path to success before us, some of whom had little or no training. We are fortunate in being well armed with superb equipmentfknowledge, and we are, we earnestly hope, about to set out on the road and to use it wisely. With the difficult road in view, our training ready for instant use, and with the thought of other successful graduates in mind, let us set out on this journey resolved: First, that we will set up as a goal an objective worthy of our Alma Mater and of our- selves, second, that we will cease struggling only when we have attained the goal we strove to reach. TOM COUGHLAN A GLANCE TO Tl-IE FUTURE The course of our lives is about to be readjusted. Shedding the responsibilities of high school, we adopt new ones, large in comparison. During those four years of study, we possessed a feeling of security, seeing the path spread before us, knowing that it could be trod with an exertion of a certain amount of effort and perseverance. Now uncertainty visits us. Life con- tains so many paths and by-ways. Which one shall we pursue? Our high school education has helped to a certain extent to show us what course to follow. Success may come to many of us who can confront our problems unflinchingly, treating them for what they are worth. This is the time when the problems which have arisen dur- ing our past school-life will seem mere trivialities to our experi- enced state of mind. lt will seem hardly conceivable that we had attached so much importance to them. Perhaps, our acquaint- ance with these little problems will make us less vulnerable later on. When life grows more and more intricate, we may be likely to repeat that age-old expression, "l wish l had my school days back again." In fond regard, we shall endeavor to recall those days. How discomforting it would be if those memories had perished with the years, and nothing was at hand to revive theml That is the time when the "Senior Saga" will assume in- finite value. A living memorial it will be, where the faces of students, hopeful and happy, look up from the pages, and where the thoughts of seniors are recorded. lt may be of real value in helping us to regain a small part of the confidence that was typical of the high school age. CAROLINE RIEF 6 LA DEIQNI ERE CLASSE Ting-a ling-a lingl I rolled over and gradually came to the realization that today was Friday and that the final marks were to be computed that afternoon. "Well", thought I, "if I shine in my lessons today, they'll give me a good mark for the term, maybe." Five seconds later I was gulping scalding cocoa and munch- ing a roll. Ten seconds after that I climbed on a bus to dash to school to do some homework. What earthly good homework at such a time could do, I can't now possibly imagine, but, at any rate, that thought entered my head and stuck. Never before or after have I ridden on such a slow bus, but at last I reached school, raced to my locker, put my coat away, picked up a book and began to study Latin. The bell rang, interrupted my studies and brought back to my mind the fact that we would not have Latin today because of a meeting of the language teachers. With a dejected air I went to my class, took out what was supposed to be my mathematics book, and waited. "Benjamin," said Miss Deutelbaum, addressing me, "please read the first paragraph on page 287." I opened my book to page 287, glanced at the first paragraph and began, "That make the bells of Heaven to peal Round pillows frosty with the feel Of Death's cold finger tips- The laughs of the class and Miss Deutelbaums expression made me turn the book overg I saw the title, "Contemporary Poetry," Edited by Marguerite Wilkinson. "Well, Benjamin," said Miss Deutelbaum, "thank you for the rather flowery mathematics so early in the morning. Louise, will you please read the paragraph?" Needless to say, my chances of a passing mark in mathematics were wrecked by that episode. Thoughts of the next period were more cheering. Our art class was going to look at slides of Roman buildings and such, which left me in the dark anyway, so I had a little nap. My glimpses of the Coliseum, Parthenon, and the like helped my appetite and, despite the misfortunes of the day, I ate a hearty meal. With my vocal chords carefully adjusted to the intricate mechanical effects required by him who would converse freely in the French language, I swallowed hastily the last bite of a baked apple and hastened to the French class. There I was called upon to conjugate some French verbs. Perhaps the presence in the room of Mr. Flood, the teacher of that lovely language, Latin, confused me, at any rate I construed some Latin, much to the delight of the class, who thought I was 7 ii- 1 it I 1 X , ' I I if Q F - 3 VAI- making fun of the classical teacher. I was innocent of any such attempt, but as the French was lacking and the Latin was wrong, I lost caste with both departments. Forty-five minutes is not an infinite period, and at last I was in the corridor breathing freely, for only chemistry and gym re- mained. In chemistry we had been doing experimental work. I could get through that easily, and who's afraid of gym? Much to my distress, however, in chemistry, Mr. Branson, the instructor, asked us to sit up in front, and there he promptly sounded our wells of knowledge for information. "Iosephine," he inquired, "what happens when you pour hot concentrated sulphuric acid on zinc?" Iosephine knew! Not the answer to the question: no, no! She knew that she did not know and said so. Mr. Branson said something about too many "pink teas," "getting lost in the fog," etc., and passed the question on to me. I also knew that I didn't know, but I didn't say so. What I did say was: "Well, sir, you get a chemical reaction between the hydrogen of the acid and the hydrogen of the zinc, forming water and evolving carbon dioxide gas-" "Oh, you do, do you?" satirically from Mr. Branson. "'I'hat's news to me." "Yes, sir," I went on, encouraged, "the residue, zinc hydrate and hydrochloric acid, unite to form hydrogen sulphide and lead sulphate, an insoluble salt-" "What!" "An insoluble salt," I repeated, to gain time to think. "If you want to continue further you dissolve the lead sulphate in the water and add the combination of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide. The hydrogen in the hydrogen sulphide explodes-" "Explodes?" he interrupted witheringly. "That's obliging of it." "Yes, sir, explodes and scatters sulphur all over the room, while the oxygen puts out the fire-" "Oxygen! Puts out fire!" "Yes, sir, puts out the fire and the carbon forms in pink sticks along the ceiling." "Pink sticks of carbon! Great Scott! Well, Benjamin," he said, glowering at me over his glasses, "thank you for the recitation. It confirms me in the mark I have thought of giving you for the term." And that was that. "Well, anyhow," I thought, "gym is next and there I shall make a good mark." But the notice on the gymnasium door read simply: TO TI-IE SENIORS. NO GYM TODAY Mr. Dreeben "At least," thought l, "he won't have to spend the afternoon to compute my mark." BENIAMIN ZIMNEY 8 ONE LUCKY POET CLEMENT an elderly 1111111 who has Income prosperous in spite of his eccentricities CAROL an American girl, intensely practical and cannot therefore, be expected to appreciate the romance 0 her surroundings PETER a Bohemian poet, extremely idealistic and intensely romantic POVLOFF a Russian with an inzfentiot turn o mind who has been trying to invent a collapsible soapbox so as to be able to carry it with him at all times AMELIA Clement's friend PATRICK HENRY SAMUELS an .flnzcrican ex senator whose chief virtue is in his being the father o Carol Scene The play takes place in the dining room of a small castle in Bohemia. The castle stands on a hill, and is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a handsome llussar. It is evening In the dining room the darkness has been exiled to the corners by means o candlelight. As the play opens, the guests are seated at the table AMELIA Cshouting across the table to Carolj And how do you like my country, my dear? CAROL lt's very nice, but it's difficult to find chewing gum to buy. AMELIA But, my dear, you are in a castle Why anything could happen here. CAROL I don't believe in fairy tales. CLEMENT Do you believe in ghosts? POVLOFF l believe that some day the ghosts of the capital ists will- CLEMENT Cinterrupting rudelyj We have a ghost in the place here. CAROL Tell us about him. ls he handsome? CLEMENT Extremely so. He was a l-lussar a cavalry sol dier, Who loved a beautiful girl in the village below and one day the Baron from this castle saw her and immediately fell in love with her. She spurned him and told him she loved another This, of course, angered the Baron and he determined to get rid of his rival, the soldier. One day he was falsely accused of stealing and, in spite of the denials of his guilt he was convicted and hanged. And it is his ghost that Walks the castle with the noose still around his neck, looking for the Baron SAMUELS You couldn't get the people back home to believe a story like that. CIC nl ln n S I , f , L at f- EI V i POVLOFF No, they believe in the fairy tale of government by the people. SAMUELS Cangrilyj What do you mean, fairy tale? Let me tell you- CLEMENT Please, ladies and gentlemen. You have all been wondering, no doubt, why I have invited you here. Fifteen years ago each of you helped me in some way and I determined to reward you all, but I have since found that none of you de- serve to be rewarded. Nevertheless, I am going to give it to the one who is a trifle more deserving than the others, if there is such a person. You, Povloff, gave me the philosophy by which I triumphed in later life. But you acquired it from Machia- velli and, therefore, you deserve no credit for any effort on your part, Povloff. POVLOFF But without my eloquence you would not have been so readily convinced. CLEMENT Cignor-ing himj You, Samuels, sold me a piece of land at a very low price which later became the foundation of my present fortune. But you sold it to me only because you believed it to be worthless. CAROL Qsarcasticallyj Father, how cleverl CLEMENT Amelia, you showed me the joys of love, but only to serve your own selfish ends. There is the case, my would- be friends. Carol, who do you think should receive the reward? SAMUELS Now, Carrie, you know I wouldn't do such a thing. CAROL Well, Cspeaking in a very disinterested mannerj I can't say that anyone should have it. AMELIA fscreamingj The ghost, there, at the door! CLEMENT There's no one there. AMELIA Yes, yes, there was. QA crash of stage seems to confirm her words. The men rush out to make a search.j Don't let's stay here. l'm afraid.'s go out. CAs they leave, a figure cautiously creeps into the room. lt is a ghost. He is dressed in a Hussar uniform with red pants, a blue jacket, and cape. A noose is around his neck. Ile is headed for the window but is arrested by the sight of the food on the table. He seats himself in Clements chair and begins to eat. Carol, coming into the room, stops in astonishment. But for once the haunter is more startled than the hauntedj GHOST Qrecovering jirstj Go-go away. UI e 'waves his arms menacingly, forgetful of the chicken leg in his handy CAROL Are you the ghost? I've never seen one before. QShe comes farther into the 7'0UIl1t.J GHOST fretreating toward the zoindowj I Warn you. Go on your way. CHis voice is hollow and hoarse.j CAROL Have you a cold? That's what you get for running around in draughty castles. 10 GHOST Madam, I-you-really, this is not the way to treat a ghost. CAROL Now don't tell me you are really a ghost. GHOST At times I have almost been a ghost. But I am something much worse. I am a poet, a poet by choice, a ghost only from necessity. CAROL And What is a ghost-poet doing in a strange house eating someone else's dinner? But Where did you get that moth- eaten uniform? GHOST It isn't moth-eaten. CAROL Yes, it is. fShe sticks hcl' jinger in a hole in his sleevaj What sort of poetry do you write? POET fentlznsiasticallyj My poetry is full of the music of my people. In it is the odor of sun-drenched pine needles and of the mushrooms in the woods. In it is all the romance and the color and the warmth of my country. CAROL That sounds good. Does it pay? POET Not Very Well. So far I am the only person who thinks my poetry is great. But let me introduce myself. Cl I e clicks his heels and bowstj My name is Peter. Two days ago While on a Walking tour, I found this castle with a cellar door unfastened, and I climbed in, for it was a rainy night. I slept in the attic overnight and when I Woke up in the morning I found the house full of servants. Now, what could I do? How could I get out un- seen? So when I saw this uniform I remembered the ghost story and decided to get out that way. But I got lost and I blundered into the dining room. When the lady screamed I ran into the next room and knocked over a table. I intended to go out this Window, but I was hungry and then you caught me. Q The host and the other guests entenj CLEMENT I-lal so you've laid the ghost, Carol? What do you mean by this, you thief? PETER I am not a thief. I am merely a poet. CAROL Wait! This is my friend, Peter, the Poet from Prague. CLEMENT If he's your friend, then, of course, it's all right, but I still-- SAMUELS Carol, Where did you meet him? CAROL Never mind, father. CLEMENT fto Peterj Won't you join us? PETER I thank you. You are very kind. CLEMENT fspeaking softlyj Are you interested in him? CAROL Yes, I am, strangely enough. CThey seat themselves at the tablej CLEMENT I am sorry that our dinner has not progressed more smoothly but I am sure the young man is most Welcome. fHe casts a kindly glance upon Petenj Since none of you have earned the reward I spoke of, and since you, Carol, have no need of it, I propose to give it to our ghostly poet. ll UKQQSAA 0' " W v Q' A1 'if' 9 'f --Wg O! 4 Q '90 ,Me MOSS: mg r. PM I P :ri L' --2. AMELIA Iosephl How can you? CLEMENT I-Ie deserves it if only for the laugh I got, seeing you tear down the stairs as if a regiment of ghosts was after you. Besides, he has a likable face, and probably will have more use for the money than any of you would have. Therefore, Peter, I give you five thousand pounds and the deed to this castle so that you can play ghost whenever you please. PETER Five thousand poundsl CAROL Oh, Peter, you can publish your mushroom-scented poems now. POVLOFF It you gave it to me- SAMUELS You would be a capitalist and could use your oratory in after-dinner speeches. PETER Oh, Miss Carol, you have brought me this good for- tune. Will you allow me to show you my country? Will you come as my guest? CAROL You bet I will. I'll even let you quote your poetry to me. RITA HOLZ ON Tl-IE BRIDGE "Theres romance in bridges." I, too, discovered this, one foggy, inclement day in November when I viewed the waters of the Hudson from the George Washington Bridge. I was quite alone, for on such days few visitors walk over the bridge. The many automobiles whizzing by were not dis- turbing, for they moved so quickly that one was unconsciously aware of the pleasing sounds coming from precise coordination. Perhaps as they hurriedly moved along, the drivers noticed a girl leaning against the railing, staring fixedly at all the magnificence about her. The stately majesty of the mountains vied with the sublimity of this steel structure called bridge. Insurgent waters rolled and tossed beneath, and the sky above was dim and night was coming on winged feet. The distant fog horns sounded exactly as I had imagined they would. I saw tug boats, steamers, and ferries pass by. It was really dark now and lights of the bridge had long since been lit. The mountains were gray and the sky dark, the river alive with boats and sounds, and I heard noisy cars pass me by. Reality had come apace. EDNA MCCLATCI-IEY 12 qllffif 'Ft-""Lt ' 7' iw" ""' 2 7:i?!'..... .f Krxil- . 'I ,Mis 122' I VAL DISGUISES It was a little shop tucked away in a secluded section of old Prague. It was so small and weatherbeaten as to be hardly noticeable among the other small, weatherbeaten shops and houses that fromed the cobbled square. I would surely have passed it by had not the curious information on the small sign above the door attracted my attention. "I. Smetanaf' it said, "Dealer in Disguises Conceal your personality in one of my creations." I stepped up closer and attempted to peer through the window pane. All that I saw there was a wig or two, resembling nothing so much as a bird s nest I was greatly tempted to step inside and investigate this curious place of business, but at the top of the short flight of steps that led into the inner darkness of the shop, I hesitated What ex cuse could I possibly give for entering and not purchasing any thing? But extreme curiosity led me on, and I stepped into the gloomy interior. As I entered, I was assailed by a powerful cloud of tobacco smoke. While I stood there coughing, a cheery voice accosted me and a figure seemed to materialize from the shadows My eyes were becoming accustomed to the light, or rather lack of it, and as I replied to his greeting, I studied the man before me The proprietor was a man of medium height and age and of extreme thinness. His voice seemed strangely unfitted to him for it was a cheery voice of a man who might be described as "fat and jolly." I idly wondered if he had not developed this tone of voice to conceal the sadness of his face and eyes eyes that were mild and blue but despairing. His mustache looked as if it had been many a day since it had felt the touch of a ministering hand. In answer to his inquiries, I said that I was going to a mas querade ball and was in need of a costume. I-Ie laid down his pipe and fumbled in the pocket of his rusty trousers for so long a time that I half expected him to produce a costume from that region. But all he took out was a pair of spectacles and bal ancing them precariously on his nose, he favored me with a glance of mild reproof. fi.. - . 1' -fd-5-2-sw, , 1 --- A .ntl-JfL:EE:2:24:L- 4 ,- gal XS N.-, vvdefaafgfli I ijwtsgzgw -e2--1Qs::- ,,,, f- 's I 1-.rug-., - wiarstlrw yd! 3 '3--.5--1 -.' I e:-tnyg -j W:-,lvl - .t h ,-G --1. 4. Y, - ': 'Q " ..E,yv,.. E A gm! xl 'gig : 3: """mqMu H I Am f U.lQn it ,.,1u rt, I 5 mu, . :a,n'.-:.-,Qt E in A u.l:lll 1 fgw I-4- rg .- ll . X-Z! . M7525 " 2 Z i'i '::'ff'IIgQ' ' ' ' 5 - i-- --..:.s, ' VAL "I do not deal in costumes," he said. "I deal only in dis- guises." I was, for the moment, unable to grasp the point of differ- ence, but I asked to be shown Whatever he had. "What would you wish to be?" he inquired, wiping his spec- tacles Carefully and banishing them to his dark pocket. "I don't know. What have you to offer?" "Welll," he paused and looked around, "I can disguise you as a merchant, a doctor, a teacher, a policeman, or-an actorwor as almost anyone you wish to be," he concluded. By this time my curiosity was thoroughly aroused and I wanted a demonstration of his ability. "I think I'd like to be an actor," I said. He frowned. "That is rather difficult and I don't like to do it. Wouldn't you rather be a policeman?" But I was determined. "Well," he said reluctantly, "lf you insist." I assured him I did, and he set to work. "First, he said, "you must get into the proper mood. You should read books on the Theatre. I have some here." I-Ie pulled a few books out of a drawer. Among them I could see a biography of Sarah Bernhardt and a copy of "Nove Divadlof' "It is very important," he went on, "to believe you are an actor, to think and live as an actor. If you really want to con- vince yourself you should make the rounds of the theatrical agents each morning. You should drink beer at the Theatre Gardens and discuss with a patronizing air the performance of the star of the National Theatre and how much better you would do it if you had the part. You should stand in the rain, waiting on the bare possibility that you may be able to pur- chase a ticket in the third balcony to see him perform. Ah," he sighed and blew his nose savagely. "Is that all there is to the disguise?" I ventured to ask after he had mastered his sudden and surprising emotion. I-Ie pulled himself up. "No. After you are in the right rnood, you will go to the shop of Pau Hlovek, the tailor, and get the right clothes. All actors used to gather in his shop and gossip and-" he paused. Then in a firmer voice he concluded, "Then I guarantee that you and all the others will think that you have always been an actor." He seemed to fall into a reverie and I did not disturb him. I took this opportunity to look around. There was not much to see. A heterogeneous collection of furniture was scattered about the small room. On a rack by the window were a number of mustaches. They, in common with the whole shop, had a de- jected appearance. The place and its proprietor seemed to me to be fantastic, unworldly. I wondered what had given him the idea for the business. What could "I Smetana" have once been? Surely he had not always been hidden away in this shop. I gazed idly at a few photographs upon the wall, photo- 14 Wm tm .l A A: the ship as if it were a cork. The ocean continually washed the deck. Huge cracks appeared in the hulk. At nine the captain commanded all to the 'life-boats. The ship had to be abandoned. The sea had proved itself too power- ful an adversary. Ten found the lifeboats, perilously riding the waves. The lowering had been accomplished without much difficulty. Five of the crew were in each boat. The wireless operator had sig- nalled for help and already three steamers were rapidly approaching. At two A.M. the first steamer hove into sight. lt was a mat- ter of a few minutes before all the people were picked up. The captain sent them to the dining room in order to check the list. At the first count it was discovered that all were present or accounted for but one. A second re-check revealed that a cer- tain Iohn, last name illegible, was missing. HERMAN RosEN Y A W N I N G A yawn is something likely to occur to anybody, and like a concussion of the brain or a broken garter strap, it is usual for it to happen at the most inopportune moments. The proper control of a yawn is therefore a matter deserving some attention. In the privacy of the home, the worst hazard of yawning is the possible dislocation of the jaw, but at a social function it may prove more disastrous. Every effort, therefore, should be made to reduce the possibilities of a yawn to the minimum. If it is not more than a young and little yawn, it may sometimes be checked by the gritting of the teeth, and while holding the breath, counting slowly up to ten. If it turns out to be a big yawn, this process may prove dis- astrous. The yawn thwarted in its natural behavior will trickle out through the eyes, nose and roots of the hair and the yawner will break out into a cold perspiration which will betray him at once to every experienced eye. Maybe it is best to let the yawn take its natural course and cover it up as best may be. This may be done by placing one or more hands before the yawn as gracefully as possible. If both hands are occupied, as in dealing cards, the situation becomes more difficult. Possibly the best thing to do is to turn the yawn into a loud and hearty laugh. Amid the questioning glances that follow this hilarious out- burst, it is considered good taste to think up an adequate reason for this unexpected merriment. This may prove difficult but not quite so difficult as to explain a plain, unvarnished yawn to a suspicious group of friends or relatives. RALPH SCOPPA 1 9 STUDYING THE STUDY HALL The Fourth of Iuly comes once a year. Everyone awaits its arrival with great enthusiasm and noise-making devices. To live through one day out of three hundred and sixty-five days of nerve-shattering noise, is a blessing. To live through two hun- dred days is absolute murder. I clearly remember my first visit to Theodore Roosevelt's study hall. Being under the impression that silence is essential in study, I entered noiselessly on tip-toes. By the whispering and noises that met my ears, I judged that this place was different from what it was said to be. I was in the act of occupying a seat, when suddenly the blast of a police whistle nearly burst my eardrums. I whirled around, expecting to see an officer of the law performing his duty, but lo and behold, the sight I per- ceived was one I shall never forget. Standing in the center of the aisle, her arms waving in such a manner that would make a band leader envious, she stood tall and defiant, shouting for silence. After a few attempts, she finally succeeded, and re- turned to her chair. The performance over, I opened a book intent on studying. I had hardly begun when a wave of music filled the hall. An instructor was giving some pupils lessons on how to play the organ. No sooner had the organ lessons ended, than a few amateur actors began to rehearse a play on the stage, I carrie to the conclusion that the only person who could succeed in studying in this hall must be absolutely deaf. The actors were in quite bacchantic mood when the period ended. Before taking my departure, I questioned a student if these incidents happened daily. He replied that this was the cus- tomary routine of the study hall, and aside from police whistles, shouting, organ playing, rehearsals, and various other elements, the auditorium was considered a very appropriate place in which to spend periods for close study. IosEPHNoTo HOPE AND FAITH Hope is young, True and steady Everlasting and beautiful Constant and comforting. Wondrous and mysterious Hope and faith, Alive and fiery Viffl-165 two, Vivid and fearless. Sweet and sometimes sad Faith is soft, Proud and dear, Unchangeable and endless That stays with lass and lad. Humble and unhesitating SYLVIA MOSKGWITZ Z0 VR L- IT HAPPENED IN ENGLAND Lord Cedric Forsythe was hunting. At least, he was sup- posed to be hunting, but at that moment he was mingling his snores with the song of the birds and the rustling of the wind in the trees. lt was late afternoon, not that Lord Cedric was aware of the time, for that noble gentleman had been peace- fully wrapped in oblivion since early afternoon. He was the type of gentleman who forgot things until the last minute, and then rushed to get them done on time. He had never yet missed anything of importance to him. He slept the sleep of the inno- cent and the just, for innocent and just he was. He slowly opened his eyes and became aware of the ex- quisite beauty of the setting sun. He watched in rapture the delicate coloring of the skies as the sun bid the earth good- night until another day. When it was gone, he sighed for the lost glory of the sunset. With something akin to a groan, he sat up. With another sigh, he glanced at his watch. He sat there, petrified. His watch couldn't possibly be right. He brought it to his ear. Yes, it was right. Like a frightened rabbit, he jumped up and ran. lt was a mile from his cabin and he had only five minutes left. He prayed as he ran, "Lord, please don't-please don't let it be finished." The perspiration stood out on his brow, his breath was coming in pants, it was torture to take a breath. And still he ran. On and on, over hill and dale, through a small brook that rippled angrily as he plunged through it. Never, never had he missed this. Never, never had he been too late. Ah, his luck couldn't fail him, he'd reach that cabin in time. His head was tossed back in an effort to breathe in a few lungfuls of fresh air. His heavy shirt was soaked in perspira- tion. Only one more bend to turn and he would be home. He staggered to the cabin, and flung open the door. His dazed eyes took in his wife and brother comfortably reading, the dishes piled in the sink. He slowly sank to the floor in a dead faint. He was too late-his wife and brother had finished tea. KATHERINE KOTT I MY HEART My heart is like a flower Nestled in the grass Waiting for you to take it Any time you pass. FELICE RIEICI 21 Tl-IEODCRE A I Y-L' f '5-'1 -4 'ah f.i"..1lmQIa , ..,, gh IQOCDSEVELT LEGENDS In my last term in school, I feel that there are some things about Theodore Roosevelt that will never be forgotten. I there- fore choose to call them legends. They are:-W That being late for the first period constitutes a good excuse for spending the remainder of the day in Loew's Paradise 'k 'k Sl' That every club affair is attended by everybody except club members 'k 'A' it That if you pretend to be intelligent you might fool yourself into passing your subjects i' 'k 'k That when one sees a ticket seller, before the ticket seller sees him, the ticket seller will never see him 'k 'k 'k That the motion pictures have been making our book reports easier 'I' 'k 'k That Theodore Roosevelt is the best school in the Bronx 'k i' i' That if one enters a classroom before the late gong rings, he is a sissy 'k 'k Sl' That if you fail a subject for the first half of the term, you have to be nice to the teacher of that subject for the second half of the term 1' it 'A' That the difference between the old days and the new is that instead of getting our report cards four times a term, we now see the bad news twice a term i' 'k 'k That the students are always more intelligent than the teachers 1' i i' That you are supposed to go down an UP staircase and up a DOWN staircase i 'Ir 'k That the most interesting subjects are discussed in the halls of the school, and not in the classrooms 'k i' 'A' That a good Rooseveltian is one who is eager to go to his classes. After holding a conversation until the late gong rings, you see him dashing through the halls, pushing whatever may be in his way out of his way, in his great anxiety to get to his class before the teacher 22' 5 W .af L-9 4 I J ' 1 , I ug! is ' That a sense of humor is appreciated by the teachers CLaugh and the world laughs with you l i 'I' 'k That being unprepared is a good reason for cutting a subject i 'k 'k That if they didn't cause the students sleepless nights and grey hair before their time, the teachers are really human k 'k i' That after looking forward to the senior term all through high school, upon reaching that distinguished stage, it doesn't feel very much different than previous terms IULIA CHERTOFF EVOLUTION OF A I-HGH SCHOOL GRADUATE FRESHMAN STAGE Dresses simply-carries ten books-does homework for five hoursh-joins the Service League and Glee Club-attends all the games-considers smoking a sin-dares not speak to a boy- dances as gracefully as a baby "hippo"-takes high school very seriously SOPHOMORE STAGE Still dresses simply-carries six bookse-does homework for two hours-drops Glee Club-attends only big games-looks down upon "freshies"-never speaks to a boy unless she must- flunks a couple of subjects lUNlOR STAGE Dresses smartly-drops out of Service League-carries only books she must-does an hour's homework-begins to realize that masculine sex can be spoken to-makes a close acquaint- ance of the Dean-complains of the way the school is rung attends no games but is content with being able to speak glibly of our records-forced to drop some subjects SENIOR STAGE Dresses fastidiously-invests in cigarette holder for state occa- sions-walks to school with a boy-attends all dances-carries as many books as will fit in her escort's overcoat pocket-does all homework in official period-complains of how school is run and recalls "the good old days"-knows every athlete by sight- cuts a period or so a week-complains at the large class dues- finally with much perspiration and the aid of many others, she graduates and appears in history as the first Cin her own esti- mationb and the most important graduate of Roosevelt MINERVA FINE 23 l l 4. "can you imagine" .. artie may being calm, cool, and collected lillian n. fishman agreeing with some one alma katz being early dave Weiner not cracking a dumb joke hy rosen with a tie julius buss as the he-man ot t.r.h.s. tom Coughlan without a pencil behind his ear bella bressick as a dark latin beauty caroline rief not using "million dollar" words yetta spitzberg with a boyish bob al saul agreeing with his law teacher walter scott glover not crooning jerry de nisco without his smile mildred bloomtield doing her history rita gunther not being an exceptional student archie Campbell getting excited bobbie bonowitz without his math and spanish steve Weiss not trying to be the "big I am" eugene becker getting a 50 in history jimmy mcalarney not getting "in the hair" of his teachers evelyn janssen getting mad helen appleton without red hair and freckles milton tucker on the morro castle john enright taking the atiirmative side of a debate me writing "literature" like this IOHN MCGINLEY TI-IE LCDVE BIRDS CWith apologies to the boy and girl on Fordhaml Rain or shine, snow or hail, Throughout the term, 't will never fail. Two little lovebirds stand and coo At Webster and Fordham Avenue. Love on Fordham must be grand To stand and stand, and hold one's hand. The boys and girls in the trolley sigh When they pass the lovers by. ANTONETTE BERG CONCERNING ANSWERS The answer that's blunt Carries a sting, While a harsh reply Brings suffering. The answer that's rough Creates a wall, But silence is the cruelest Answer of all. CLAIR NATHAN 24 .mill -we FAME lt was in his First Term of High School that he made the Football Team. He was given a Place on the Varsity and more than once proved his Worth. During the Season he accumulated more Points than any other Player in the City. lt was only a Fumble in the last Quarter of the Most Important Game of the Season which lost The Game for his Team and put it out of the Running. This Record ate into his Heart and engraved Itself There. Then and there he secretly conceived and cherished Ambi- tion for a Perfect Record in Scholarship also. The Marks came easily enough, for he was a Brilliant Boy and he had the Ability to do Good Work if he tried Hard Enough. This came in his Second Year at High School. His Marks were so High that they set a Record which still stands in This School. He then turned to Other Things. The former Achievements incited him to leave an lndelible Mark on the Memory of the School. He would institute Reforms in the School and Champion the Cause of Right. He made Fiery Speeches at Assemblies and regardless of the Opposition insisted that he was Right. This he accomplished in his Third Year, for he was Brilliant and his Arguments carried Conviction. But he still was not satis- fied with his Record. There was still a Desire for More Fame. In his last year at High School he turned towards Literature. The School Paper was filled with his Stories, Poems, Iokes, Edi- torials, and News about the School in general. His Work was exceedingly good and was noted by All the Teachers. He told himself that he Would not be forgotten by the School for a Long Time and he was Well Content .... lt was Four Years later that he returned to the School. Amused by the Remembrances of Youthful Ambition, but not unwilling to taste the Ioys of Fame and Universal Respect, he went forth to seek Acclaim. No one knew him except his Teachers. "What, none?" But no, one Callow Youth professed to remember him. "Wasn't it you," he said, "who fumbled the ball in that im- portant Football Game some years ago? Yes, l remember- Something-oh, yes. lt lost the Championship for our Team!" BENIAMIN ZIMN EY L I F E D E A T H lt gives you breath and a heart lt hovers about you And plants you among your race, Tgkiflg its toll, That is Your Start Until it contacts you And leaves only a soul. Have no fear. Have no fear. MILDRED BLOOMFIELD ff.,-E -mm --.' ,,,...,. vang., L rv- V JUL M. ,, ,,,A -W - f- ex gmnacxi ,M PNC O - J. r Z , , ' "WZ ,A k 3 ., ' , , . - 4 1, ii V 83,5 M mm A .P ,if 4 A if . K - ,.'fg A .gk ' I ,ff w 'iii f ' 2 , -' v b -4 ' mr-I f. H--. EL, - ga- - ' A , 1 . Q 5, ' - Hu - h , . i,,i. V, EMM.- . .J Qi l . V , . 1 .-it hh h I - A A ., f- :-2 1 4 j . 1,14 ' " T1 , ' .f.L' V if ,f i A J" A M 3 ' It f xf- Q L fy 1 E Qin an H '. - . ' HCS' , 1 we ,-,A fa h i r 4, -iv' wi: "-"' . .. 4 ,I X -Lvl? 'i ,. iv ' A rl pk if 1 , :M mi, , , 1 I y Q J.. A . , . K K 1 .gli A 1 x . Pzrmaxnafffing y. K M 48,7 , Q, by Y f L ' Rizzo A A rt A an 3 lf' f '- fx - f 4 as V-ff 'ff H 5, ' , x m v , .,,. . ' J: -C"'ii K T 7' I . - 1 ' I E- A -'fb ' 'ww Zig ff. ' ,' g - -' "L ' J' 4 " . 1 YB , , ' . ff ' ii .H S" 'A' ,Y L' . Mg' 7 ,S 1, W ,, . , , 1 t . -1: lain! 'g w,' . "., ,I . 1' .5 li f-54' -5. M U J' if "E ff Xa fl s i ,, ' 3 ix -1 x , " a K F Q-r'6 A. L' J 5 3 N 3, ff , 3 1. 4 ' j, i R ' i f n f gt, 6. " K S L 'o fi' . A V . '1j1fQFnQv I A f -.-,. V.,........,.A....,.....,,... . ..,.,, , ,F 9 i ' 'in ' "Hina V - .VM--, .. . V, ,191 1 , ,,,q...,.,...U. E., ,n:qqvjq:,,,7N.f-wg---1iEf.,3-T.g..,, - W V ,G .T..7AjT:gf-am?-,V --U-,I-Efrtl 'tr U H ., ,,,..,,.,.- . . M . . L. W 2 .: fe , IN RETIQOSPECT Wafer Under the Bridge m- RJ rig" ' a Lower Seniors become uppish. Program Cards. Dissatisfied Seniors storm Room Knock Committee announces its policy-leniency! First Assemblyg Seniors stay awake, but take an oath never to do so again. Artistic Aristocratic Arista Assemblies-You get the most of the best for the least. English Department discusses usage of "So What" Second Assemblyg Seniors keep their oath. First Football victory. Coach practices stoicisrn. G. O. otticers speak at third assemblyg Seniors Senior Saga Staff meets, and oh! those stories Prepare! Teachers prepare report cards. Seniors Report cards received . . . Now who's smiling? Sitting dates for White's given us. Seniors visit plastic surgeons and beauty parlors. Seniors try the new fad of changing names for the Saga CMo11y-Marleneg Mary-Marieg Lilly- Lillyang Catherine-Kayg etc.l Thank "White" that's over. Drive for "Patience" begins. CLord knows we Picture proofs! Plastic surgeons visit plastic sur- Red paint disappears from Art Department. De- Red Letter Day. Teachers see Red. Red paint ap- pears at Red Letter Day Dance. Seniors in the Thanksgiving Day . . . Intermission. Senior Celebs chosen. -Cast for Barnum and Preparation for Mid-Terms . . . On to the slaugh- ter, innocent babes . . . Stormy weather on the Mid-Terms start . . . Never saw the school look S!-XGA goes to press.-A11's well that ends well. Sept. 9,19 Sept. 10 270. Sept. 14 . Sept. 23 .. Sept. 29 Oct. 1 . . . so what??? Oct. 4 Oct. 10 Oct. 20 still true to their oath. Oct. 21 about stories! Oct. 27 prepare parents. Oct. 29 .. Nov. 3 Nov. 7. Nov. 10.. Nov. 20 .. . need it.l Nov. 23 ........ . . geons for repairs. Nov. 25 .. partment sees Red. Nov. 26 Red. Nov. 28 Nov. 30 .............. . . Bailey. Dec. 2.. .... horizon. Dec. 12 .. more gloomy. Dec. l3........ .. Dec. 18 .. 28 Seniors put on company manners at the Senior Tea. Dec. I9 Dec. 20 lan. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. l936 Mid-Terms over . . . General run of talk around the school, "I KNOW I failed that test." Christmas vacation. CA new reprieve on life.J WITH PEACE ON EARTH .... Reprieved, refreshed, rested, We return to school, Seniors freeze waiting to get into the building. Iust when they're beginning to thaw out inside, it's time for them to go home. Class Day. - Pep, Vim, Vigor, and DIGNITY. Seniors trying to act unconscious of the Freshf men's envious glances, but are unsuccessful. SAGA distributed among the Seniors. General comment, "Wait till l get hold of that Knock Come mitteel Will I knock him!" Preparation for Regents. Comforting teachers, "There's really NOTHING to worry aboutl" Regents . . . "What did We ever do to deserve this?" Fate alone will telll Goodbye forever! Months of torture, Weeks of pain, Have not been suffered all in vain. When we are old and almost gone, These months and Weeks Will still live on. KATHERINE KOTT, ESTELLE KURTZ, EVELYN COLONNESE. "wil fr EXQQJ. Y AQ 0 Y 4. 1950 I-IEADLINEIQS Today, Evelyn Ianssen, the first woman president of the United States, after elaborate ceremonies, officially opened the Florida Ship Canal. While on the presidential yacht, passing through the canal, the presi- dent said that a similar project in cooperation with the Mexican Gov- ernment will be started in Southern California. M YD Interviewed in his suite at the Waldorf yesterday, David Weiner, the noted inventor, deeclared that his new invention, colored television, was progressing most satisfactorily. The present flaws are technical ones, visible only to the trained eye. Mr. Weiner claims that colored television will be in common use in two years. 30 30 After a business transaction which occupied a good part of the after- noon, the Manager of The New York Giants, a professional football team, declared that Ierry De Nisco, former Capt. of a T.R.H.S. team, has just signed a long term contract with the Giants. Mr. De Nisco who, in his high school days, was twice selected as all-Scholastic, will play left guard for the Giants next season. U W For the first time in its history, The New York Times has chosen a woman as its city editor. Miss Caro- line Rief, the new editor, who re- ceived her training at Theodore Roosevelt H. S. where she was Gen- eral News Editor of The Square Deal, saw no reason for astonishment since women occupy equally import- ant places in the world of business, as men. so so Frederick Gonzales, acting as the U. S. Representative at the Allied Powers Peace Conference, told the League of Nations yesterday that America would not interfere in the Antarctic Situation. In his speech in which he declared that America would not apply sanctions, Mr. Gon- 30 .s.,s,g4-A--sl zales stressed the fact that the most important consideration of the U. S. is to keep free of foreign wars by a strict policy of "HANDS OFF." DD N It was recently learned from reli- able sources that Arty May, Sports Editor for the Daily News, will re- sign that position. Mr. May has accepted a position as Sports An- nouncer for station W. E. A. F. It was further reported that Hy Rosen, his colleague, will accompany him on these broadcasts, the first of which will be in the Army vs. Notre Dame Game. 9 if On board the Trans-Pacific ex- press, Walter Scott Clover, bound for home, declared that he had collected suitable material for a new book, which gives the vivid story of how China conquered lapan. The emi- nent author and Pulitzer prize win- ner has already completed one book this year, but it is his opinion that the forthcoming volume would be the best work. Db N The task of decorating the lobby of the new Federal Building at Wash- ington D. C., has recently been given to Muriel Daly and Val Gerolstein. These two noted artists have already drawn plans for the job and are eager to commence work. Both as Arista students attended T. R. H. S., the Bronx, where they excelled in the Art course. DD 30 Phil Lo Medico, the idol of a million female movie goers, arrived in New York last night. Mr. Lo Medico, who has recently been vacationing in London, completed a picture while there, titled "The Will of the Gods." Because of public demand, before he returns to Hollywood to star in another production, Mr. Lo Medico will make a personal appearance at the Astor. TOM COUGI-ILAN ... .Q:r.ak-..v..-r .At Graduates I 1 .-.lil , p 1 1' MV' r' MQ fpbfff' I If ff ff J ! K lf!! j I ,lf 1 , i I K JW? ,f f f , J n W VMWJJJ W, I Uffq MW fff Muff ff M QW XJ It A J 1 , 5 Q, Mff WA if M CM ' 6 , if v -gl ,Z f - wasp'-ey rw, -5 1 . " -, ' V, ' ' - " .t ', 41,3 11,5 4- M y . .Lg 2.1-yt. - 5, ,. , y.. ,. ,, 3- ,All,,'?:,H.'i,,:,.4figix,.f, 3,,y,J if-,L , Y. 1 K , , J .V .. , . . .. - , , M -313, H , V , . .,,.,-. TO GRAPHS 32 SENIOR First row, reading left to right AALDERS, ADELE Mind employed is mind enjoyed Athletic League Pin Bronze Scholarship Pin, Chevrons, Gold Tennis Pin, Swimming Emblem Swimming Pin, Arista, Life-Saving, Statesman, Tennis Clubs, Swimming Team, Nominating Committee of Statesman Club ABAIIAN, SARKIS He sleep'th so soundly that he knoweth not what happeneth Service Aide-Terms 3 ABOULAFIA, IULIA She flits about spreading sunshine Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Bank Representative, Service Aide-Terms 2 ABRAHAM, FRANCES No stir in the air, no stir in the sea, this ship is as still as she can be Leaders Emblem- Basketball Team Second row, reading left to right ABRAHAM, HILDA Sweet and charming as day is long, what a helpful obliging girl she isl Chevron, Leaders Emblem, Alternate Bank Represen tive, Bank Representative-Terms 8, Service Aide-Terms 2 ABRAMOWITZ, BLANCHE Able and willing she is bound to be a success in her chosen career Bronze Pins, First Aid Certificate, Class Secretary Terms 2- Service Aide-Terms 1 ACHENBACH, FRANCES Quiet and demure First Aid Certificate- Swim ming Club, Senior Picture Committee ACITO, ANGELINA Silence may be good, and can do little harm Tennis Club, Class Representative-Terms 2, Service Aide-Terms 2 Third row, reading left to right ACQUANITA, IOSEPHINE Sport, that wrinkled care derides, and laughter holding both his sides Chevron, Basketball Team- Service Aide-Terms 6 First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Bank Representative-Terms 1- Service Aide-Terms 1 ADLEB, EVELYN In her quiet simple way, she progresses day by day Basketball-T, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem- Basketball Cafeteria Spanish, Glee, Tennis Clubs, Class Representative-Terms 6, Business Staff "Square Deal," Service Aide-Terms Z AIELLO, DORA You will swim without cork Chevrons Leaders Emblem Basketball, Swimming Clubs, Picture, "Senior Saga" committees, Service Aide-Terms 6 ADAMEC, ESTELLE She dances like an angel ,Athletic Pin, Chevronsz SAGA 4 - if 1:5 assi' ,, . . A f' ,155-,g,,gflf'rj:.,,.., 1 ef init :fi ,dui 1 First row, reading left to right: ALBERIGO, IOHN Silence is noble Italian Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. ALBERT,' DAVID A princelier-looking man never stept-thro' prince's hall Baseball and Basketball Letters, Nominating Committee, Service Aide- Terms 2. ALFARANO, LORETTA A Modesty is a candle to her merit First Aid Certificate, Service Aide-Terms 1. ALLEVA, DOMINICK His wise full smile is sweet with mischief Literary Club, Service Aide-Terms 5. Second row, reading left to right: ALPERN, LILLIAN To others faults she's always blind and to their virtues ever kind First Aid Certificate. ALTMAN, DOROTHY Never idle a moment but thrifty and thoughtful of others Arista Pin, Bronze Scholarship Pin, Accounting, Da-at Clubs, Iewelry Committee, Service Aide-Terms 2. ALTMAN, REBECCA She is one of the very few persons who pursue science and teachers with diligence Arista Pin, Biology Certificate, Bronze Service Aide Pin, Chemistry Certificate, Chevrons, Scholarship Pin, Chem- istry, Science, Statesman Clubs, Official Class Secretary-Terms 6, Service Aide-Terms 5. ALTMAN, RUTH And Ruth enchanted smiled, and waved her golden hair Bronze Service Aide Pin, Da-at Club, School Bank Squad, Service Aide- Terms 4. Third row, reading left to right: ANDERSON, EDWIN A good sport in more ways than one. ANGER, SELMA The mildest manners and the gentlest heart Ophelou- men Club, Service Aide-Terms 8. ANOBILE, IOSEPH The gentleman is learned and a most rare speaker Italian, Law Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 2. ANTONACCI, PALMA Untwisting all the chains that tie the hidden soul of harmony Honor Certificate, Service Aide-Term l. 33 AUTOGRAPHS 54. .I x ft, 1 ey -.Q-tv--I ,-.,f 2 . , ., -..-I., w t , -v - ' ' .ps -"WH ' f -r4,4, U - 1 , W' TO SENIOR FITSI row readlng left to rlght ANTOPOL BERNARD Ohl To sleep all nlght and eat all day Poster Club Pm Poster Statesman Clubs Serv1ce Alde Terms 2 APPELL IEANNE Beauty 1S not skln deep here Chevron C1v1cs Cert1f1 cate F1rstA1d Cerhhcate Letter R for Swrmmmg Swlmmlng P1n Swlm mmg Club Semor Secretary Swrmmmg Team APPLETON HELEN A harmless tlammg meteor Chevron Leaders Em blems Dues G1IICOH1m1lIGeS Bank Representatlve Terms 3 Class Repre sentat1ve Terms 2 Member of Cast of Red Letter Day Play Square Deal Alde Terms 2 Tlcket Seller Serv1ce Alde-Terms 2 AQUINO MARIO I love my books as drtnkers love the1r wlne the more I drmk the more they seem d1v1ne Malor R 1n Football Knock and Boost Commlttee Football Team SSTVICS Alde Terms 1 Second row readmg left to rlght ARMENTO CLAIRE When duty whtspers Lo Thou must the youth rephes Ican Chevrons Leaders Emblems Newman Club ARZT MARIE Her face makes s1mpl1c1ty a grace Chevron Serv1ce Alde Terms 1 Saga Comm1ttees Glee Club Member of Casts of Ptrates of Penzance and Pmatore Serv1ce A1de Terms 2 BARTON WALTER He contlnued to exercrse cauhon for hls safety Ser v1ce Aide Terms 1 Third row readmg left to rtght BECKER EUGENE Persuas1on l1pS h1s tongue when er he talks Ma1or R Medal ln Bronx Hrgh School Chess Meet Sczence CSTIIIICGIG Small R for Soccer Chess Current Events Mathematics Soccer Statesman Tenms Clubs Semor Saga Commlttee Serv1ce Atde-Terms 5 BEINER GOLDIE Short but snappy mce ktd too glrls ltke her mlghty few Da at Club Serv1ce Axde Terms 2 BELLER TILLIE Speak upl Llttle one SeI'V1Ce Alde Terms 4 BELSKY ETHEL So sweet was ne er so fatal Bronze Serv1ce Alde Pm Chevron Leaders Emblem Opheloumen Club Serv1ce Axde-Terms 7 . I . . : O I 1 ' ' : , : ' ' - - , I . . I . . ..- I 1 1 1 ' I ' - : , ' ' : ' - , - . .. .. l I I . - I . I . . . , I . . . I , i i 2 . . - - , I . . . 2 . . ' BARRY, GEORGE He steps right onward, martial in air Picture, "Senior .. . I I .. . .. .. . . . , 1 . . I . . . . - . I I .I 1 1 y 1 , , , .. .. 1 - 1 : - . I I . . I . . I . - I . . - I . I . . . . - . . I , . . . I I : i . . Q S SAGA - '5,4h"I,vf First row, reading left to right: f BERG, ANTONETTE A form so fair, that, like the air, 'tis less of earth than heaven Newman Club, Poster Squad, Seventh Term Dance Committee, Bank Representative-Terms 4, Ticket Seller, Service Aide-Terms 6. BERGER, SYLVIA Give us your smile, but also some of your tongue Chevron, Da-at, Girls Literary, Pan American Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 6. BERGMAN, WILLIAM A quiet mind is richer than a crown Cafeteria Social, Da-at, Opheloumen, Special Affairs Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 6. BERNSTEIN, SOPHIE She spends her time in reasoning on the past, in complaining of the present, and in trembling for the future Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Basketball Team, Service Aide-Terms 2. Second row, reading left to right: BETTELS, CHARLOTTE If silence is golden, she's a gold mine Bar, Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Editor of Out of the Work Shop, Class Representative, Orchestra, Service Aide-Terms 3. BEZAK, MARY Studious of elegance and ease First Aid Certificate, Newman Club, Service Aide-Terms 1. BIENIEWICZ, PHILIP High-erected thoughts seated in the heart oi courtesy Major "R", Service Pin, Opheloumen Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. BISESI, ERNEST In silence there is many a good morsel Senior Dues, "Senior Saga" Subscription Committees, Service Aide-Terms 4. Third row, reading left to right: BITTER, SYLVIA With a dash of sweetness, if you like Suchards Ac- counting, Da-at, Law Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. BIZZOCO, FELIX He who has lived obscurely and quietly has lived well Bronze Service Pin, Chemistry Club, Service Aide-Terms 4. BLAIIAN, ELIZABETH When this angel leaves our door, T. R. will be the same no more Service Aide-Terms 2. A BLAKE, ROSALIE Here's a place where loveliness keeps house First Aid Certificate. 35 T ri-its ' 4 ' I 'y e 5,5 in 1 ,wwf- SENIOR First row, reading leit to right: BLANCARD, GEORGE I have speeded hither with the very extremest inch of possibility and still I'm late Accounting, Biology, Law Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 2. BLOCH, RUTH With secret course, which no loud storms annoy, glides the smooth current of domestic joy Chevron, Civics Certificate, First Aid Certificate, Spanish, Tennis Clubs, Senior Secretary, Service Aide-Terms 3. BLOCK, IANICE Her lovable personality, uniailing charm are two great blessings First Aid Certificate, Honorary Mention as Typist, Da-at Club, Social Committee. BLOOMFIELD, MILDRED As I seem, so I am Arista Member, Bronze Scholarship Pin, Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Spanish Certificate, Senior Nominating, "Senior Saga" Committees, "Square Deal" Staff. Second row, reading left to right: BOCCHINO, AUGUSTUS Never did any man yet repent of having spoken too little Service Aide-Terms 1. BOCKHOLD, LOUISE For she is wise, if I can judge of her, and fair she is, if that my eyes be true Bar and Bronze Pin for Athletics, Chevrons, Gold Pin for Dancing, Leaders Emblem, Silver Pin, Small "R", Dancing, Pan-American, Tennis Clubs, Celebrity Committee, Member of Cast of Spanish Fiesta, Service Aide-Terms 1. BONOWITZ, ROBERT Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow Silver Pin, Opheloumen Club, "Square Deal" Sports Staff-Terms 2, Captain of Pre- Cession-Terms 1, Lieutenant in Service League Office-Terms 2, Service Aide-Terms 7. BORDONARO, IOSEPH This is the glory of a firm and capacious mind Bronze Medal for Spanish, Honor Award, Nominating Committee, Service Aide-Terms 3. Third row, reading left to right: BOTKIN, PAULINE Not tall, not small, liked by all Da-at Club, Dancing Class. BOYD, RALPH All his faults are such that one loves him still the better for them. BOYLE, ANNA Although she's with us every day, this young lady has least to say. BRACKER, VIRGINIA I. A voice ot cheerfulness and a smile of beauty Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Senior Celebrity, Senior Dues, Senior Nomi- nating Committees, Class Representative-Terms 2. 36 ,hw ,,,. .,,.i...i. ,t:.s,,.N SAGA --riff'-:uw 'gi' A 4"I'5f,'- yr.-w...ft'w,I4i 'f r is 5 Y , 'LIZ' A 1, , ,V it ,Y . .rx-, is ,V ,,.,,.,,L,.,. Beal r., , V . . .-1 ..,,v First row, reading left to right: BRAUN, HENRIETTA I. A fine example of the modern young miss First Aid Certificate, Glee Club, Service Aide-Terms 1, BRESSICK, BELLA She reminds us of good coffee-she's always dated Arista Member. BRINBERG, LAURA Those about her shall read the perfect ways of honor Chevrons, First Aid Certificate, Arista Member, "Senior Saga" Subscription Committee, Service Aide-Terms 2. BRONSTON, ROSE G. When her feet in the dance twinkle around, her steps are of light, rarely touching the ground Athletic Pin, Basketball Chevron, Leaders Emblem, Da-at, Dancing, Dramatic Clubs, Senior Dues Committee, Special Dancing Class-Terms 2, Service Aide-Terms 1. Second row, reading left to right: BROOK, ROSE Silent and helpful, cheerful and true, she attracts so many friends, she seems like glue Leaders Emblem, Da-at Club, Class Repre- sentative-Terms 2, Service Aide-Terms 6. BROWN, ANNA Come, give us a taste of your quality First Aid Certifi- cate, Glee Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. BROWN, EDWIN His best companions, innocence and health, and his best riches, ignorance of wealth Special Affairs, Service Aide-Terms l. BUKER, ANNA A friendly, charming and prudent classmate First Aid Certificate, Service Aide-Terms 1. Third row, reading left to right: BUNIMOWITZ, ANITA Soft of voice, silent of ways First Aid Certificate, Accounting Club. BUONO, MOLLIE She would help others out of fellow-feeling First Aid Certificate, Dues Committee, Service Aide-Terms l. BURGE, FLORENCE Gentleness and cheerfulness, these come before all morality Bronze Pin, First Aid Certificate, Hi-Y Club. BURNS, CATHERINE I do my best, and let that stand, the record of my brain and hand Bronze Athletic Pin, Bronze Athletic Bar, Chevron, Silver Athletic Pin, Swimming Emblem, Swimming Team, Bank Representative- Terms 1. 37 .,. 1.-"JG" " ..Z I, 'iff ,tl -lil :."" 1, ff i at ,.. y tr .1 .. AU TCG ML..- ..g.u4...i. -mm . ..... .. .-i.:r-mfv--- --e-f-u---f-M.:-Q--1--I----W,---'-- 'J A -..u .- ..... -- V A.- - A. .MW md.- SENICDR First row, reading left to right: BURNS, MARTHA C. She has no faults, or no faults I can spy Law, Newman, Pan-American, Spanish Glee Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. BUSCHEL, FRIEDA A lovely girl with winning ways Service Aide- Terms 2. BUSS, IULIUS Stately and tall he moves in the hall, the chief of a thousand for grace Cafeteria Social, Dramatic, Glee, Law, Opheloumen Clubs, Dues Committee, Color Guard, Member of Casts of "Pinafore" and "Patience", Service Aide-Terms 8. CAFIERO, HAROLD Saxophone troubles never end Spanish Club, Bank Representative-Terms 5. Second row, reading left to right: CAMPBELL, ARCHIE Both in the field and by the nine, in every post designed to shine Baseball, Major "R", Newman Club, Knock and Boost Committee, Intramural Sports. CAMUTO, CATHERINE Her wisdom is consumed with confidence "Senior Saga" Subscription Committee, Service Aide-Terms 1. CANCRO, FLORENCE Well done is better than well said First Aid Certificate, Newman. Basketball Clubs. CAPPELLO, KATE 'Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty call, but the joint force and full result of all Service Aide-Terms 3.- Third row, reading left to right: CAPUTO, ERIDO Always helpful, always pleasant, 'tis no wonder he is liked Bronze and Silver Pins for Service, Hi-Y, Italian, Inter-Club Council, Photography Clubs, Knock and Boost, Special Affairs Committeesl Service Aide--Terms 7. ,, . CARACCIO, ANN Brown of eyes, and black of hair, here's a girlAthat's sweet and fair Chevrons, Leaders Emblem, Newman Club, Service Aide -Terms 4. Q CARDAMONE, EVA The happy blend of student and of friend English Award, Italian Certificates, Spanish Certificate, Arista. AAA4 U CARDUCK, ANN No athletic feat intimidates her All-Around Athletic Pin, Baseball Pin, Basketball Pin, Chevron, Leaders Emblem, Major"fR", Swimming Pin, Basketball, Baseball Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 2. ' 'A 38 SAGA ..4w,m.. ' rw Y" Hwy 1. t. ,W'r., 'ff First row, reading left to right: CARLOW, SYLVIA With a smile that was childlike and bland First Aid Certificate, Honor Class-Terms 4, Da-at, Accounting, Law, Basketball Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 1. CAROSI, IEWEL She looks straight at you with her large eyes of gentle reproach Ecoist, Italian, Newman Clubs, Iewelry Committee, Service Aide -Terms 1. CASSANO, ANTOINETTE Always cheerful and friendly, a clever and willing student Italian Certificate, Nominating, Picture, "Senior Saga" Subscription Committees, Class Treasurer-Terms l, Service Aide-Terms l. CASSANO, SERA Her great pleasure in life is doing what people say she cannot do Silver Pin for Athletics, Italian, Newman Clubs, Celebrities, Nominating, Picture Committees, Service Aide-Terms 2. Second row, reading left to right: CAULFIELD, AUDREY She is as good as she is fair Newman, Swim- ming Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. CERAOLO, SANTA Our future Pavlova Class Day Program, Operetta, Special Dancing Class--Terms 2, Red Letter Day Program. CHARLES, EDITH Edith is a devoted friend and a manifold linguist Math Honor Certificate, Spanish Honor Certificate, French, Mathematics, Spanish Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. CHATZINOFF, SARA A man may work from sun to sun, but a woman's word is never done Cafeteria, Da-at, Glee, Social Clubs, Member of Cast of "Pinafore", Service Aide-Terms 2. Third row, reading left to right: CHERTOFF, IULIA A bewitching smile, with a wreath of intelligence behind it Arista Pin, First Aid Certificate, Arista, Girls Literary, Inter- Club Council and Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 2. CHIANCA, MARY The sparkling starlight--that gems the skies, is not so radiant-as your dear eyes Leaders Emblem, First Aid Certificate, Eco- nomics, Italian, Newman, Swimming Clubs, Bank Representative-Terms 1, Class Representative-Terms 2, Service Aide-Terms 2. CIARDULLI, EUGENE There are three things that l have always loved and never understood: Painting, Music and Women Leaders Insignia, Boys' Hi-Y Club, Inter-Club Council, Photography Clubs, Knock and Boost Com- mittee, Bank Representative-Terms 2, Special Affairs, Service Aide-Terms 3. CINCOTTI, VICTORIA When you know you do not know, to know you do not know is knowledge Bronze Pin, Chevrons, Italian, Honor Certificates, Leaders Emblem, Silver Pin, Accounting Club, Service Aide-Terms 1. I 39 t" 7' . 'WQPVI ,Y W,'l' I -Q .: - ,- g I .'. ' . . I , ' -5-it A- 1 W 2 5 'tf ff.-12 1 t , .3 Jw. " I AUTO SENIOR First row, reading left to right: CIRILLO, ROSE Her voice is seldom heard, but when it speaks, it nourishes all senses Athletic Pin, First Aid Certificate, Service Aide-Terms I. COHAN, BEATRICE Is she not passing fair? First Aid Certificate, Swim- ming Pin. COHEN, LEO The star-gazer. COLASUONNO, STELLA Stella listens with elation when someone men- tions aviation Two Spanish Certificates, Service Aide-Terms 2. Second row, reading lett to right: COLLINS, IAMES Full vessels give the least sound Swimming Team- Terms 2. COLLINS, MARY ELLEN Sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb Swimming Medal, Newman Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. 'COLONNESE, EVELYN Gentle in speech, beneficient of mind Four Chevrons, Italian Certificate, Special Dancing Class, Senior Dramatic, Swim- ming Clubs, Class Magazine, Dues, Committees, Silver Pin for Swimming, Service Aide-Terms 2, Swimming Medal, Senior Secretary. COMMERATO, ANN With gentle and quiet force, intent upon her destined course Chevron, Cafeteria Social, Newman Clubs, TRO Representative- Terms 1, Service Aide-Terms 2. Third row, reading left to right: CONROY, CHARLES One ot our all-around athletes Major "R" for Football, Swimming Team, Newman Club, Service Aide-Terms 5. CONTE, ALBERT He is not merely a chip of the old block, but the block himself Accounting, Biology, Law, Newman Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. COOKE, MABEL A good "cookie" Basketball Letter, Gold Athletic Pin, Gold Swimming Pin, Basketball, Newman, Swimming, Tennis Clubs, Knock and Boost Committee, Bank Representative, Service Aide-Terms 4. CORDARO, GELSOMINA Fly on, above the midst of sordid things, rise, like the sun with healings in your wingsl First Aid Certificate, Silver Scholarship Pin, Swimming Pin, Arista, Italian, Newman Clubs, Bank Repre- sentative, Service Aide-Terms 3. 40 SAGA 1 . - nu.. wt .e...,t., 1... . . v -Y . . , -1 t ,. , .f, H , . . . r ,I . ,. t- , ..,..,.-..,.,,. , Q. , -gt ,Wt ... .fm-4 r First row, reading left to right: CORIULO, ANNA I have no secret place wherein I stoop unseen to unkind thoughts Leaders Emblem, Italian, Newman Clubs, Service Aide -Terms 2. COUGHLAN, THOMAS The power ot thought, the magic ot the pen Bronze Service and Bronze Scholastic Pins, Latin, Newman, Statesman Clubs, Captain of Book Room, "Square Deal" Staff, "Senior Saga" Editor-in-Chief, Service Aide-Terms 5. COVELLO, ADELINE The busy lark, the messenger of the day First Ai Certificate Picture Committee Special Dancing Class Service Aide Terms l COYLE, FLORENCE I takelwhat comes of good or ill, and cling to faith and honor still Newman, Swimming Clubs. Second row, reading left to right: CREDE, ANNA M. A voice of gladness and a sweet smile, eloquence of beauty, putting it mild Arista Pin, Bronze Scholarship Pin, First Aid Certificate, Arista Society, Social Committee, Service Aide-Terms 4. CRISAFI, ANGELINE Blushing is the color of virtue Italian, Newman, Tennis Clubs, Iewelry Committee, Class Representative-Terms 1, Special Dancing Class, Service Aide-Terms 1. CROLL, SAM He has common sense in a way that's uncommon Service Aide-Terms 1. CRONIN, KEVIN A pleasing combination of work, play, seriousness and mischief Chemistry, Newman, Clubs, Knock and Boost Committee. Third row, reading lett to right: CROWLEY, DORIS A bundle of joy, and a package of sweets Newman Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. CUMBER, FLORENCE I am a great friend of public amusements, for they keep people from wrong Bronze Service Pin, Spanish Certificate, Cafeteria Social, Pan-American, Senior Girls Reserves Clubs, Knock and Boost Com- mittee, Class Representative, Class Secretary, Service Aide-Terms 5. CUNNINGHAM, BETTY A day in April never came so sweet Newman Club, Service Aide-Terms 1. CUOMO, PAT He loves the game beyond the prize Literary, Rifle Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. 41 AUTOGRAPHS .3 x-+ .- 1-mr.. A 1 e is rr ... f SENIOR First row, reading left to right: CURRIE, LUCILLE Twinkling eyes aid her friendly disposition. CURTIN, IOHN He is the fountain of honor Newman Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. CUSATI, MARGUERITE A kindly twinkle lingers in her eyes, like laughing water under cloudless skies Basketball, Glee, Spanish Clubs, Secretary of Spanish Club, "Square Deal" Office Aide, Service Aide-Terms 1. DAGATA, ELEANOR All's well that ends well Chevrons, Italian Certifi- cate, Service Aide-Terms 1. Second row, reading left to right: DAINO, FRANK A little nonsense now and then is realized by the greatest men Honor Member-Terms 2, Da-at Club, Service Aide-Terms 4. DALY, MURIEL All loved art in a simple way, with an earnest heart and a capital "A" Three Chevrons, Leaders Emblem, Art, Inter-Club Council, Newman, Poster, Poster Squad, Clubs, Art Staff, "Senior Saga" Committee, Service Aide-Terms 1. DAMA, CARMELA Petite and sweet-mostly sweet Spanish Club, Bank Representative-Terms 3, Service Aide-Terms 4. D'ANGELO, LYDIA Of them, but not among them Chevrons, Leaders Emblem, Swimming, Tennis Clubs, Class Secretary-Terms 2, Service Aide -Terms 3. Third row, reading left to right: DANOWSKY, MYRON A quiet plodder to whom success is inevitable Bronze Pin, Leaders Insignia, Spanish Certificate, Arista, Da-at, Photography Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 4. DANCN, VICTORIA Great big round eyes, lips of ruby red, we wonder what's back of that pretty head? Chevrons, Leaders Emblem, Glee, Spanish Clubs, T.R.O. Representative-Terms 5, Service Aide-Terms 8. DAVIS, BLANCHE When you see fair hair be pitiful Pan-American, Tennis, Service Aide-Terms 1. DE ANGELIS, IOSEPH He that sips often, at last drinks it up Service Aide-Terms 2. V 42 a z '- " SAGA 6 1 A, 9 My First row, reading left to right: DECAPUA, ANTOINETTE She may be quiet, she may be shy, but very little escapes her eagle eye Italian Certificate-Terms 4, Service Aide- Terms 2. DE LIBRO, ROSE Silence best speaks the mind T.R.O. Representative -Terms 2, Service Aide-Terms l. DE NISCO, IERRY Football is my game. There, there's no man I cannot tame Major "R's"-3, Newman Club, Captain of Football Team, Gold Football and Sweater, "World-Telegram" All-Scholastic Emblem for 1935-6. DEUTSCH, HELEN Eager to labor-eager to be happy First Aid Certifi- cate, Literary Club, Class Representative-Terms 3, Chorus Practice. Second row, reading left to right: DI BARI, VINCENT I never dare to Write as funny as I can Honor Certificates in Italian-2, Swimming Team, "Square Deal" Reporter, Service Aide-Terms 2. DI FEDERICO, LOUISE The mildest manners and the greatest heart Italian Certificate-2, Service Aide-Terms 4. DI GIORGIO, GRACE Silent and chaste she steals along, far from the world's gay busy throng. DI IORIO, IDA Many things difficult to comprehend seem easy to her Italian Certificates-2, Service Aide Pin, Italian Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. Third row, reading left to right: DI IORIO, MARIE A rose with all its sweetest leaves yet folded Spanish Club, Knock and Boost Committee, Leaders Emblem, Service Aide-Terms 2. DI MARTINO, MARIE A cheerful lass, a friend sincere and true Chevrons -4, Italian Certificate, Italian, Literary Clubs, Service Aide-Terms l. DI ROSSO, LOUIS Any language is plain Italian Certificates-5, Italian Club, Service Aide-Terms 4. DOHRN, WILLIAM Of science and flowers he chatters, and he's quite a judge of such matters Arista Pin and Certificate, Scholarship Pin for Science, Science Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. 4 43 of Q' 4 4- 4 , SENIOR First row, reading left to right: DONOHUE, MELVIN He knows not when to be silent who knows not when to speak Service Aide-Terms 2. DORAN, EDWARD Ay mel What perils do environ the man that meddles with cold iron Newman Club, Service Aide-Terms 1. DRAGER, MARVIN Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might Poster Club Pin, Chemistry, Poster Clubs, Poster Squad, Bank Representative. DRUCKER, SYLVIA She fights for the cause, with the "red" banner flying high First Aid Certificate, Literary, Tennis Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 4. Second row, reading left to right: DURR, WALTER What's the use-he's perfect Arista Member, Service Aide-Terms 2. EDELSTEIN, HANNAH Quietly she goes her way, doing her work day by day Anti-Litter Certificate. EDELSTEIN, IEANETTE Here's to the girl who is wisest and best, here's to the girl who with judgment is blest Da-at, Basketball, Distribution Squad Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. EISENBERG, PEARL I give thee all, I can do no more Chevrons--2, First Aid Certificate, Silver Service Pin, Accounting, Cafeteria, Da-at, Inter- Club Council Clubs, Senior Dues Committee, Class Representative-Terms 4, Bank Representative-Terms 3. Third row, reading left to right: ENGELHARDT, HELEN Her favorite month is Iune, therefore, she vies with Neptune Athletic Pin, Chevrons, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Swimming Emblem, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis Clubs, Service Aide- Terms 2. ENRIGHT, IOHN Who has heart with room for every joy Inter-Club Council, Newman, Senior Dramatic, Statesman Clubs, Class Representative -Terms 7, T.R.O. President, "Herald Tribune" Representative, Bank Repre- sentative-Terms 2. ESSRIG, HERBERT His silver snarling trumpet began to chide Arista Pin, Physiography Certificate, Arista, Pan-American Clubs, "Senior Saga" Staff, Service Aide-Terms 5. EUFEMIA, THERESA She that is ever fair, but never proud Chevron, Leaders Emblem, Red Cross Certificate, Attendance Committee, Service Aide-Terms 1. 44 ' x SACEA ' Y' In 'A ' M ' VV' rl JL 'A 'tus "f'...,' .5"l'1.'3t"' I I 'S l .. L. - 1-5- - .. l'1rst row readlng left to rlght FANNING CHRIS He prefers to be rather than seem vlrtuous Large Old Enghsh R 1934 Old Engllsh R 1933 Newman Service Alde Clubs Bank Representatlve Terms 1 Ass1stant Football Manager 1932333435 Freshmen Trainer Sw1mm1ng Team Serv1ce Arde Terms 3 FANTONI FLORA Charm IS the flower of her rmagmatlon Chevrons 2 Fxrst Ard Certlhcate Leaders Emblem Sw1mm1ng P1n Nom1nat1ng Com mlttee Speclal Danclng Class Serv1ce Alde Terms 2 FARBER BERTHA I go to the plano play an a1r and all goes rlght Da at Club Iewelry Commlttee SSTVICS A1de Terms 1 FAVALE HELEN Sweet enough to preserve Basketball Team Chevrons -3 Basketball Cafeterla SOCIGI Clubs Second row readlng left to rlght FEALEY AGATHA We hke 1h1S woman shes pretty modrsh senslble and wrtty Chevron FITSI Ald Cert1f1cate FIEGEL RUTH They say good thxngs come 1n small packages Flrst A1d Certlhcate FELDSTEIN RHEA She was the mlldest mannered g1rl FIYSI A1d Cert1f1 FENDEL ROSALIE Golden hair 11ke sunl1ght streammg Accountmg Club Serv1ce Aide Terms 1 Thlrd row readmg left to rlght FENNELL ROBERT Secret and self contamed and solltary as an oyster Block Captam Certrfxcate Boys Llterary Club Gym Leader Terms 2 SSTVICE Alde Terms 2 FERRARA TESSIE An ounce of mlrth IS worth a pound of sorrow Serv1ce Axde-Terms Z FERRARI EMMA For v1m vlgor and v1tal1ty she rs rncornparable FITSI Ald Certrhcate Leaders Emblem Itahan Newman Sw1mm1ng Clubs Serv1ce Axde-Terms 2 FESSELMEYER FREDERICK Who never found the compamon that was so compamonable as sohtude Rrfle Club Class Representatlve Terms 1 Serv1ce Aide-Terms 2 45 f X ff J WWW A U T O G R A P H S cate, P.S.A.L. Ping Basketball, Literary, Tennis Clubsp Service Aide-Terms 1. ' 1 . 1 f L' 1 f K Z If 1 ' , , I ,, . . . My lj! ' - !,'-X? .J . ' ' ' 1 Jff' . I . I . , . . I . . . ag!! I I f x ,rs ,, :,- .. ,5 ii' lf' v. t.L M L 4 f Lf' ' xiii , . 3 . 3 ,f 9353 i , S 4 , t ?,"T.' gem: -14., ,, i. T SENIOR First row, reading left to right: FETBRANDT, HOWARD Women are the silver dishes into which we put the golden apples Biology Squad, Service Aide-Terms 3. FEUERSTEIN, ANNA "Silence is golden," some people say, if this be true she'll be rich some day First Aid Certificate, Swimming Pin, Service Aide -Terms 2. FIEDERLEIN, WILLIAM All he asks is a patient ear Arista, "Senior Saga" Subscription Committee, Special Affair Squad, Service Aide-Terms 2. FIELDMAN, GLADYS She defies every obstacle in her quiet way Liter- ary Club, Cap and Gown Committees. Second row, reading left to right: FILAZZOLA, MARY Patient, loyal, and modest Chevron, Italian Certi- ficate. FINDEISEN, EDITH Harkl hear her shout the happy news, look! someone paid her senior duesl Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Science Certificate, Senior Dues, T.R.O. Representative Committees, Service Aide-Terms 3. FINE, MINERVA Whate'er she did was done with much ease Arista Certificate, Arista, Da-at, Statesman Clubs, Service Aide-Terms Z. FISHMAN, LILLIAN N. Clear of eyes, clear of mind Arista, Charter Member, First Aid Certificate, Secretary, Girls Literary, Glee, Pan-American Clubs, Club Editor, "Square Dea1", Service Aide-Terms 3, Cast ot "Patience", Ticket Seller, Arista Pin. Third row, reading left to right: FITZGERALD, GRACE I fill this cup to loveliness alone Chevron, Swimming Pin, Basketball Club. FITZSIMONS, THOMAS A person oi strength and vigor Accounting, Inter-Club Council, Law, Newman, Printing, Radio Clubs, "Senior Saga" Subscription Committee, Bank Representative-Terms 3, Service Aide- Terms 7. FLAGSBERG, SYLVIA A pretty girl is a welcome guest Chevron, Da-at, Law Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. FOLKS, BURR Who can foretell for, what high cause this darling of the gods was boml 46 V az? 1 ,ff'. iid? "' ' v -'-A-e ' - 'f -Huuininr-H f---- -- SAGA . . . . ,Vx My .A , , V , , ls. , 1-1. .- 11, riff'-fy--.-..-,..f.. 11.--wr-..,,l...-1-v,..w-'vie-.... ' -V 1. ,W , 7'-", .. -1, .,1 ,,,.1,- J, ' f w - ' , 1' ' ' -1- 'A ' KRW'-'51-fwnwf'L-E'l.g517l..'-1,-tens:-:' c'f1lf'gi"1-115-35..l"2:zv4.?gi1E'1.-"1-133' " it J l' ' 1, First row reading left to r1ght FORESTIERI MARY She cannot meet a stranger without parting with a friend Bronze Serv1ce Pin Service Aide-Terms 5. FOX ANNA Never a frown a smile all around First Aid Certificatep Da at Club Service Aide Terms 2 FOX SYLVIA Let us be silent so we may hear the Whisper of the gods Service Axde Terms 3 FRAIMAN RUTH Exceedmgly well read First Aid Certificatep Aristag Service Aide Terms 2 Second row reading left to right FRANCHI ORIENTA No good coin collector ever grew rich all at once Chevron Italian Certificate Swimmmg Pin- Cheering Squad, Dramatics, Glee Italian Literary Newman Clubs- Nominating Committee: Service Axde Terms 3 FREYEISEN HELEN Her many friends know her true worth Bar in Health Education First A1d Certificate Law Club. FRIEDMAN ARTHUR Knowing all our faults he remains a true friend Service Pm Cafeteria Da at Radio Glee Clubs- Celebrity Committee: Former Soccer Star Service Aide-Terms 7. FRIMET IRENE Dont let this charming red-head influence you Chevron, First Aid Certificate Leaders Emblem Da-at Club- Service Aide-Terms 7. Third row reading left to right FUGARIN IUNE Good nature and good sense must ever join Arista Pin, Bronze Scholarshlp Pin First Aid Certificate Swimming Ping Arista Clubg Service Aide Terms 2 FURMAN BELLA One who is Just good and honest First Aid Certificate, Swimming Pm Tennis Club Service Arde-Terms 1. GABRIEL HERBERT Cares not if others laugh but keeps on striving Printing Club Orchestra 2 Years Band 2 Years. GALIERO PALMA Your honor the Jury replied we find the defendant guilty of sweet nature H1Y Tenn1s Clubs- Senior Saga" Committeeg Service Axde Terms 1 1 - . 1 1 1 1 1 - i 1. . 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 . 11 1 1 1 . 11 . . 11 ' 1 1 AUTOGRAPHS O ' ., '. it 5 1 F -1HI ,!1f'ft ! m 'eF,'fE vi film.. Q! E '-Q il tff it .V ' ' f 'i i ' V Viv: V l fl ' L Q A' ' '- V "Wk , .. . . , .L , AUTOGRAPHS, SENIOR First row, reading left to right: GALLAGHER, MARY She was a scholar cmd a ripe and a good one Arista Pin, Bronze Scholarship Pin, Chevrons 2, First Aid Certificate, Arista Society, Statesman Club, Speech for Statesman, Gift Committee, Service Aide-Terms 3. GANZ, MIRIAM She defies every obstacle in her quiet way First Aid Certificate, Da-at, Swimming, Tennis Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. GARBER, MOLLIE A smile that gladdens and a disposition that pleases Bronze Scholarship Pin, Da-at, Law Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 4. GARDELLA, ALFRED The lad who is destined for the Yanks at "first" Two Major R's for Baseball, l Major R for Basketball, 1 Major R for Swimming, l935 Numerals for lntermurals in Swimming, Dancing Club, Service Aide -'Terms 2. Second row, reading left to right: GARFINKEL, IRVING Old soldiers never die, they fade away Cafeteria, Social, Chemistry, Rifle Clubs, Lieutenant, Captain of Service Aides, Assist- ant-Major of Cafeteria, Special Affairs, Vice-President of Cafeteria Social Club, Service Aide-Terms 8. GARGIULO, VINCENT Happy as a hero after the battle is won Italian Club, Italian 4 Years, Service Aide-Terms 2. GASPARINI, EMMA A kinder girl treads not the earth First Aid Certifi- cate, Italian Certificates-3, Service Aide-Terms 2. GASPARRINO, ALBERT A merry heart doeth good like a medicine Celebrity Nominating Committee, Knock and Boost Committee. Third row, reading left to right: GAVRICH, VIVIAN Her brain's a quiver of jests and she does dart them abroad with that sweet, loose, and judicial action Bronze Scholarship Pin, Silver Scholarship Pin, First Aid Certificate, Arista Pin, Girls Literary Club, Statesman Club, Bank Representative-3, Treasurer of Girls Literary Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. GEIER, SAUL A zealous saxophonist who charms listeners Arista, Law, Radio, Da-at Clubs, Bank Representative, T.R.O. Representative,-Service Aide-Terms 5. GELLER, REBECCA lack shall pipe, and Iill shall dance First Aid Certificate, Swimming Club, Service Aide-Terms 5. GENSHAFT, ROSE There are moments when silence prolonged and unbroken, more expressive may be than words ever spoken Chevron, Da-at, Law Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 4. 48 SAGA - "ef " ." " ,X 5-HL sf., I - ,Q . ,I - ,, , , M , , .,.v.,, my . . - 1 -M X-W,-'EJ XR? .h ,W ,.1,, . . ,. ,, n , gn viz, W JS M,- , ,L,.iM W 9 'P K lv EW , ,-a, , -.I A -,5,.qH -5 ,nf A,-y-,-V--.wa 'yy'--ff . me- " .. Flrst row readmg left to rxght GEROLSTEIN VAL In framrng an art1st art hath th1s decreed to make some good but others to exceed Block Captam Cert1f1cate Leaders Emblem Art Gu11d Edxtor Art Comm1ttee Senzor Saga Comm1ttee Bank Representative Gym Squad Leader Terms 6 Square Deal Art Staff Service Aide-Terms 4 GERSON VICTORIA Th1S g1rl so full of w1t and fun has made us laugh at many a pun Leaders Emblem Chevron Bronze and Sllver Serv1ce Plns Ftrst Atd Certlfzcate Da at Club Cheenng Squad Class Secretary Serv1ce Atde-Terms 5 GEWERTZ ROSLYN Eyes of green red of ha1r you ve yet to see a ma1den so Ialr FITSI A1d Cert1f1cate Da at Law Clubs GIGANTE ELEANOR A g1rl Wlth pep and v1vac1ty personaltty and tenacxty Itahan CGTIIIICGIS ltallan Club Second row readmg lelt to rlght GINSBERG SYLVIA Iolhness 1S her lme Sylvlas smlle IS there all the t1me Chevrons 2 Leadershlp Emblem Basketball Glee Llterary Clubs Serv1ce Alde-Terms 4 GINSBERG BERTHA Thou rt mdustrlously bent to to1l Bar Engllsh Corn mendatton First Ald Certlfrcate GINSBURG MARTIN My t1me IS money Cheer Leadlng Squad fVars1ty Service Atde-Terms 5 GLASS HARRY One or two notches short of perfectlon Serv1ce P1n Da at Club Treasurer Opheloumen Club Specral Affcurs Spec1al Serv1ce League Commrttee Txcket Squad General Othce Work Serv1ce Alde- Terms 4 Thlrd row readmg left to r1ght GLASSMAN GERTRUDE A gemal nature that makes no enemles Bronze Gym P1n F1rst Ard Cert1f1cate Sw1mm1ng P1n Glee Club Serv1ce A1de Terms 4 GLENDENNING RAYMOND Oh how he wlshed to be a graduatel GLOVER WALTER He wrltes for a certcun paper whlch as everybody knows 1S as good as servlng m a shop or scarlng off the crows Bronze Scholarshrp P1n General Scholarsh1p P1n General SCISHCS Drploma Secre tary Statesman Club Knock and Boost Commlttee Treasurer of the Arxsta Managmg Edltor of the Square Deal GOGOLAK RUDOLPH A staunch a dependable fnend Sw1mm1ng Team TO . I . . I A U I . l I I I I . I I I . I , , I T I I . . . . . I - i . 1 i . I - I - , , , . . . . . 7 - I I , . 1 ' - ' 2 ' : , , ' : I I - , . I . . - . . Memberlp Picture Committeep Bank Representativep Class Representative: I . . . : - I I I . . i . . i . : . . . , : I . . , 1 : ' ' - I I ' . , I . . . . . . I . . I . . I - z ' : ' : . . .. ,, I I ' I-3-ln-r ri I-K SENIOR 3 9' we ,V ' ,A . ,,, . .,..:t Y K. " E 4 it T O First row, reading left to right: GOLDEN, ESTHER Such life and vivacity, combined with generosity, to say she's some girl in true sagacity Ecoist, Statesman Clubs, "Senior Saga" Staff, Senior Dues, Senior Picture, Senior Cap and Gown Commit- tees, Bank Representative, Class Representative, First Aid Certificate. ' GOLDMAN, GERTRUDE Her very best lrowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are Chevron, Treasurer of Spanish Club, Glee Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. ' GOLDMAN, SELMA Poise like hers is well recommended Arista Pin, First Aid Certificate, Da-at, Literary Clubs, Bank Representative, Service Aide-Terms 2. ' GOLDSMITH, IDA Making headway as birds a-flying First Aid Certi- ficate. Second row, reading left to right: ' GONZALEZ, FRED The mind ennobles, not the blood Bronze Scholarship Pin, Spanish Certificates-5, Medal, Class Representative, Chairman of Arista, President of Statesman Club. ' GORMAN, RAY The girl with the charming smile Bronze Service Pin, Knock and Boost Committee, Gym Leader, Assistant Bank Treasurer, Service Aide-Terms 4. ' GOTTLIEB, DOROTHY Here's a girl you'd like to meet "Senior Saga" Committee, Class Secretary, Service Aide-Terms 3. ' GRAUER, CATHERINE Miss Fashion-Plate of Class 8-8 Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Tennis Club, Service Aide-Terms 1. Third row, reading left to right: ' GRECO, ELEANOR Ambition has no rest. ' GREENFIELD, DOROTHY Secret and self-contained Citizenship Certifi- cate, Scholarship Pin, Service Aide-Terms 4. ' GREENHAUSE, ADELAIDE Not much talk-a great sweet silence Span- ish Certificate, First Aid Certificate. ' GREGOIRE, ELEANOR Virtue is its own reward Honorable Mention in Biology, Service Aide Award, Dramatic, Newman Clubs, Organ Appreciation, Dues Committee, Service Aide-Terms 5. 50 1' A . .1 w , , . , ' - , -1 If . . .Y. ,, - . . ' , - Q1-2i""i" SAGA :MW 4 4 f -grwwgmf -nmwwln K rv ku I , First row, reading left to right: GRITZAN, ANASTASIA Mix a friendly smile, good looks and pleasing personality. This introduces Nellie without formality Newman Club, Swim- ming Club, Bank Representative, Class Secretary, T.R.O. Representative, Service Aide-Terms l. GROSSMAN, IACK The only road to the highest stations is that of law Spanish Certificate, Chemistry, Statesman Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 1. GROTTE, THERESA She sits high in all the students' hearts Swimming Club, Service Aide-Terms 4. GUNTHER, RITA I awoke one morning and found myself famous Chev- rons 5, First Aid Certificate, Newman Club, Class Representative, Class Secretary, Grade Representative, Vice-President Senior Class, Service Aide -Terms 3. Second row, reading left to right: GUSSARDO, HENRY He almost died from excessive joy Newman Club, Dues Committee, Intramural Sports, Service Aide-Terms l. GUTKIN, SOLOMON A friend in need is a friend indeed Service Aide -Terms 2. HAIDT, FAY The play of limbs succeeds the play of limbs-in the gym- nasium Bronze Scholarship Pin, First Aid Certificate, Swimming Pin, Da-at Club, Senior Secretary, Service Aide-Terms 4. HAIGHT, WALTER He gives everyone his ear, and few his voice Bronze Service Aide Pin, Biology, Photography, Radio, Law Clubs, Service Aide- Terms 4. Third row, reading left to right: HEALY, MADELINE She is like a goddess, tall and fair Chevrons, First Aid Certificate, Newman Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. HECHT, HELEN She knows the trick of singularity First Aid, Special Certificates, Glee Club. HECKEL, EMMA Athletic Pin, Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Gold Cham- pionship Swimming Medal, Gold and Silver P.S.A.L. Pins, Life Saving Emblems, Swimming Emblems, Water Aide. HEIMGARTNER, WILHELMINA Eyes where care is set to rout, lips where smiles go in and out Bronze and Silver Athletic Pins, Chevrons, Leaders Emblem, Basketball, Pan-American Swimming Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 4. 51 TOG yr. 3.5! ' . ' ., a-"4 9, ' I 5 I . 1. as 'A -I '. ' I . 4, . 45.3 f,,u,vW ,aE !-Q-a t-f fl., Q ,. ,I if 'ah 4' AUTOGRAPHS x.f, SENIOR First row, reading left to right: HEIN, CHARLOTTE But O, she dances such a wayl No sun upon an Easter day is half so fine a sight Chevrons, First Aid Certificate, Gold Athletic Pin, Leaders Emblem: Dancing Club: Bank Representative: Service Aide-Terms 3. HEINSIUS, EVELYN She was a phantom of delight, when first she gleam'd upon my sight Chevrons, First Aid Certificate, P.S.A.L. Pins, Silver Ath- letic Pin: "Senior Saga" Staff: Swimming Club: Service Aide-Terms 3. HELMS, ADELE She reads history to make history First Aid Certificate: Chemistry Club: Senior Dues Committee: Service Aide-Terms 2. HERMAN, ALICE Let thine occupations be few, if thou would'st lead a tranquil life Dissection, Genetics, Law, Literary, Photography Clubs: Pic- ture Committee: Service Aide-Terms l. Second row, reading left to right: HERMAN, IRMA L. Stop! Lookl Listenl Dynamite! First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem: Da-at, French Clubs: "Senior Saga" Committee: Da-at Club Executive Board: Da-at Club, Vice-President. HERSHKOWITZ, MARIORIE Who for such dainties would not stoop? Cafe- teria, Dramatics Clubs: Class Representative: Service Aide-Terms 3. HEYMAN, DOROTHY Oh! To dance all night and dress all dayl Basket- ball, Newman, Swimming Clubs: Service AidwTerms 4. HICKEY, THOMAS Courageous, endowed with might and excessive forti- tude Basketball fMajor "R"l, Numerals: Inter-Club Council, Newman, Student Council Clubs: Bank Representative, Nominating Committee, Vice- President of T.R.O.: Sports, Ticket Representative: Service Aide-Terms 4. Third row, reading left to right: HIGGINS, URBAN Happy am I Bronze Pin: Hi-Y, Opheloumen Clubs: Class Representative. HINEK, MARGARET She has won many friends with her sincerity Ath- letic Pins, Chevrons, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem: Basketball Club: Service Aidt?Terms 2. I HIRSCH, MIRIAM A mother's pride, a father's joy Cafeteria, Da-at, Hi-Y, Inter-Club Council, President of Hearthstone, Secretary Fireside and Pan-American Clubs: Service Aide-Term 1. HOFFMAN, BEATRICE Gentle Bea as good as gold, always does as she is told First Aid Certificate. 52 .. ,w- gg V, , 5--v ,, M. . ' 4.4,.t.t...,,,,,,,,,,Q,k-.2..'?A..!,ns.,et.,t.4f.'t,t.4Qmt,g, .. . . SAGA 4: . A AA-, -- ' .Fri - rev ' 1 ':". ,i'1,,,,.,, we ff '- -ff - z ., 4w,5 4 -V ', j .:' 'jf 1 - 4 -f , . V. W , . D -M i' .y , it 4 4, m ,, ,I-..,., , First row, reading left to right: HOLDEN, IOHN Makes poetry a mere mechanic art Opheloumen, Sci- ence Clubsg Service Aide-Terms 5. HOLMER, DOROTHY A jest loses its points when the jester laughs hersell First Aid Certificate, Glee, Newman, Pan-American Clubs, Swimming Team, Picture Committee, "Square Deal" Business Staff, Service Aide-Terms 3, HOLMER, FLORENCE Heart on her lips and soul within her eyes First Aid Certificate, Superior Athletic Pin, Swimming Prize, Basketball, Newman Clubs: Knock and Boost Committee, Athletic Leader, Swimming Team, Service Aide-Term 1. HOLZ, RITA She was a scholar and a ripe good one, exceedingly wise, fair spoken and persuading Bronze and Silver Scholarship Pins, First Aid Certificateg Arista, Secretary of Literary, Statesman Clubsg Knocks and Boosts Committee: "Senior Saga" Staff, Assistant Bank Representative. Second row, reading left to right: HORN, BERTHA A face suggesting melancholy belies a love for fun and folly Swimming Award: Da-at, Fireside Clubsg Gym Captain, Service Aide-Terms 4. HOROWITZ, EVA Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low. An excellent thing in a woman First Aid Certificate, Da-at Club. HOROWITZ, SHIRLEY In her tongue is the law of kindness Biology, Chemistry, Da-at Clubs: Bank Representativeg Service Aide-Terms 4. HUPFEH, MARGARET Couldn'st thou both bake and eat thy cake? Third row, reading left to right: I-IU'I'I', FRANK Arming myself with patience Accounting, Law Clubsg Class Representative, Service Aide--Terms 2. IANDOLI, IOHN He who knows and knows he knows is wise, follow him Certificate for Italian, Swimming Letterg Harmonica, Italian, Swim- ming Clubs, Swimming Squad, Service Aide-Terms 1. IARICCI, ITALO The man who has music in his soul will be most loved by the loveliest Arista, Music Letter, Cafeteria Social, Inter-Club, Italian Clubs: Orchestrag Service Aide--Terms 3. IORIS, F. WILLIAM A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still Interscholastic, Tournament, Numeralsg Service Aide- Terms 4. 53 AUTOGRAPHS 1 rx A 44.54. ' v ' 1. 'MV 4 . . ., . -i I n- .f,i. ' . 1 6 1- , -a it 4,3 ""- '- H, ,, a'l-Ln". -1,-,H,,- TO GRAPI-IS SENIOR fi, iff J ,,f we ' First row, reading left to right: IRACONDO, ROSE And Oh! those eyes, how they do shinel Italian Certificate, Bronze and Silver Athletic Pins, Fireside, Newman Clubs, Gym Attendance Leader, Service Aide-Terms 1. ITZKOWITZ, PEARL Her eyes begets occasion for her wit Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Glee Club, Knock and Boost Committee, Member oi Cast of "Pinalore", T.R.O. Representative, Service Aide-Terms 3. IABLANSKY, BETTY Simplicity oi character is ot no hindrance to subtlety of intellect Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Scholarship Pin, Arista, Da-at, French Clubs, Service Aide-Terms Z. IAEGER, FRANCIS Praise from a friend, or censure from a foe, are lost on hearers that your merits know. Second row, reading left to right: IANSSEN, EVELYN Her eyes are pools of blueness First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Business Stalf of "Square Deal", Term Representative, Senior Class President. IOHNSON, AELINE God sent his singers upon earth with songs of sadness and of mirth Dues, Nominating, Senior Celebrities Committees, Glee Club, Member of Cast ot "Patience" and "Pinalore", Service AidwTerms 2. IOHNSON, VIVIAN ESTHER It is pleasing to point the finger at one so famous and say, "I know herl" Cafeteria Social, Newman, Swimming Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. IOHNSON, GLADYS There is music lar sweeter than the sound oi an instrument, wherever there is harmony Glee Club, Member ot Casts of "Patience" and "Pinatore", Member of Orchestra-Term 1. Third row, reading left to right: IOHNSON, MARY The remembrance ot the good keeps us ever glad in mood Organ Appreciation Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. IONES, FLORENCE Ensouled by ancient quietness, a gentle priestess of the wise P.S.A.L. award, Girls Hi-Y, Organ Appreciation, Tennis Clubs. KAMINSKY, FRANCES On with the dancel Let joy be unconfin'd Book Award for English Reading Contest, Law Club, International Play, Service Aide-Term 1. KAMPELL, NETTIE I have heard of the lady, and good words went with her name First Aid Certificate, Service Aide-Terms 1. 54 , SAGA S ' I ' - ' ' 421. "-'H f ,V ', f 2 A. . 'v-Q, - so 2-.itf,'?t'f 1 -f . 1 , ' : IA, '1 -tw - r 1' ' . ' ' ' ' ' t. ,' 1 First row, reading left to right: KAPLAN, BLANCHE With a smile on her lips, and a tear in her eye, she bids her dear Roosevelt a fond good-bye Chevron. KAPLAN, SYLVIA It music be the food of love, play on Scholarship to Art School, "A" Bar, Art, Da-at, Inter-Club Council, Poster, Poster Squad Clubs, President of Art Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. KAPLAN, VERA She believes in honest work cmd loyal and generous friendship Bronze Athletic Pins-2, Red Cross Certificate. A KARL, FRANK Touch wood, it's sure to come good Service Aide- Terms 2. Second row, reading left to right: KASSLER, CHARLES Art is a means of revelation Accounting, Law Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 4. KATINE, FLORENCE Languor is not in your heart, weakness is not in your work, weariness not on your brow Bacteriology, Dissection, Science Clubs, Inter-Club Council Representative, Service Aide-Terms 6. KATZ, ALMA Filled with the fire ot youth Athletic Pins-2, Chevrons -4, large "T" for Basketball, Large "T" for Volleyball, Leaders Emblem, Swimming Emblem, Senior Life Saving Emblem. KATZNER, WILLIAM All men are great in their dreams Arista, Service Aide-Terms 1. Third row, reading left to right: KAUFMAN, ADELE Such a pleasing personality deserves popularity Arista Pin, Bronze and Silver Scholarship Pins, Gold Athletic Pins, Basket- ball Pin, Chevrons, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Arista, Basketball, Da-at, Literary, Statesman Clubs, "Senior Saga" Subscription Committees, Class Representative, Service Aide-Terms 3. KAUFMAN, HOWARD Quiet and a worker, modest, yet no shirker Ser- vice Aide-Terms 2. KAUFMAN, MARGARET A girl with pep and vivacity, personality and tenacity Basketball, Swimming Awards, Basketball, Newman, Swimming Clubs. KAUFMANN, CLARA Lovely to look at, delightful to know Statesman Club, Service Aide-Terms 1. - 55 TOC 1 AUTOGRAPHS fire SENIOR First row, reading left to right: KAUT, WILLIAM Sudden a thought came like a tull-blown rose, flushing his brow Bronze and Silver Service Pins, Block Captain's Certificate, Law Club, Times Representative, Lieutenant and Captain of Service Aides, Service Aide-Terms 8. KEELEY, DOROTHY Mind cannot follow it, nor words express her infinite sweetness Volley Ball Letter, Newman, Pan-American Clubs, Tennis, Service Aide-Terms 1. KEENAN, MARY Come, knit hands, and beat the ground in a light fantastic round Athletic Leaders Badge, Basketball Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. KELLER, ELAINE A pleasant smiling cheek, a speaking eye Arista Pin, Block Captain Certificate, Civics Certificate, Red Cross Certificate, Da-at Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. Second row, reading left to right: KELLNER, IOSEPI-I A pleasing combination of work, play, seriousness, and mischief Knock and Boost Committee, Service Aide-Terms 1. KEMELHAR, RUTH Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers Red Cross Certificate, Service Aide-Terms 1. KETCHUM, GEORGE Alert, well informed, a chap who is sure to reach his goal Law Club, Asst. Manager of Basketball Team in 1934-1935, Ticket Seller, Service Aide-Terms 3. KIFKOWITZ, LILLIAN You're everything you ought to be, and nothing that you oughtn't Bronze and Silver Scholarship Pins, Red Cross Certifi- cate, Spanish Certificates-4, Arista, Literary, Statesman, Girls Swimming Club, Secretary of Arista, Service Aide-Terms 3. Third row, reading left to right: KIRSHENBAUM, GERTRUDE 'Tis her good-will makes for her intelligence Bronze Pin, Bars in Health Education, Arista, Contemporary Clubs, Service AidwTerms 2. KISHINSKY, LEONA I leave some simple mark behind to keep my having lived in mind First Aid Certificate, Da-at Club, Cap and Gown Com- mittee, Honor Student-2 Years, Service Aide-Terms 2. KLIEGER, GOLDIE There is no other royal path which leads to History Service Aide-Terms 1. KLINGER, BELLA At whose sight all the students hide their dim1n1sh'd heads First Aid Certificate, Service Aide-Terms 2. 56 SAGA - ' 4 . Hi '- . -.1 .. f. - - - f- 'xi ' f-' ,:.- luv ? " If - . - " r r ":.: i'efw. ' -ff--- f , '- 1 isbn A " ' . 1 11""11t'fi 'tf ' 'K r 9'f'fp' First row, reading left to right: KNAB, DOROTHY Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth First Aid Certificate, Art Guild, Newman, Poster Clubs. KNECHT, IDA Sees alll Knows alll Tells nothing Chevrons 2, First Aid Certificate. KONRAD, MIRIAM Good order is the foundation of all good things Da-at, Hearthstone, Inter-Club Council, President of Fireside, Tennis Clubs, "Senior Saga" Subscription Committee, Service Aide-Terms l. KOTT, KATHERINE Conversation is the laboratory and workshop of this student Bronze Scholarship Pin, Chevrons and Bars in Health Education, First Aid Certificate, Student Council Pin, Arista, Senior Dramatics, Statesman Clubs, T.R.O. Representative, Secretary of T.R.O., Service Aide-Terms 3. Second row, reading left to right: KRAPT, ANITA Ambition has no restl Athletic Pins, Chevrons, Swim- ming Emblems, Swimming Medals, Basketball Team, Swimming Team, Service Aide-Terms 4. KRAMER, HILDA The best of everything she always makes Bars in Health Education 3, First Aid Certificate, Basketball, Literary, Statesman Clubs. KRAUSE, BABE'I'I'E Cheeks as iair as any rose, how we'll miss her when she goesl Da-at Club, Gymnasium Activity. KRAVITZ, ESTHER She that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper First Aid Certificate, Da-at Club, Service Aide-Terms I. Third row, reading left to right: KRUX, HAZEL The girl worthwhile-one with cx smile First Aid Certifi- cate, French, Tennis Clubs. KUMMER, IULIUS Comb down his hair, look, lookl It stands upright Service Aide Pin, 3 Terms, Squad Leader Insignia, "Senior Saga" Subscrip- tion Committee, Gym Squad Leader, Service Aide-Terms 3. KURTZ, ESTELLE Her only sin is to chatter, but with all her other qualities it doesn't matter Athletic Leader Badge 1, Chevrons 2, Basketball Letter, P.S.A.L. Pin, Dramatic Club Editorial Committee of "Senior Saga", Service Aide--Terms 2. KUSISTO, FLORENCE Speak little,' do much First Aid Certificate, Scholarship Pin. 57 AUTOGRAPHS I .f1fWJv-'3'M A xltlys '-.. 1- -',-m'1.:.d. 1,-3111, - g, I I . , ' W , my 1. , ,11w 4 1, Y W 1 , ., N . , , , - H I 1, S7 TO SENIOR FITSI row readlng left to rlght LAGANA WILLIAM Quxck to anger qulck to act full of fun and ready tact Ar1sta P1n Arista Square Deal Staff Serv1ce Axde Termsl LAPMAN BERNARD Thou art the manl Athletlc Clrcle R Commercial Law Leaders Radfo Clubs Cap and Gown Commutee SGIVICS Alde- Terms 2 LA PRESTE ANGIE May she never murmur wlthout a cause and never have cause to murmur Ftrst A1d Cert1f1cate Art Newman Clubs LASKOWITZ YETTA She keeps herself Wllhln herself Da at Club Serv1ce Alde Terms 4 Second row readmg left to rlght LAUPER ELSIE A g1rl of quxet ways who belleves that sxlence pays Chevron FIFSI Ald Cert1f1cate Leaders Emblem Accountmg Dramatlc Clubs Arxsta Member Serv1ce A1de Terms 3 LAURITO ANGIE Nothmg so much prevents ones be1ng natural as the des1re to appear so Chevron Cafeterla Soc1al Newman Clubs Busmess Staff of Square Deal Serv1ce A1de Terms 5 LAYKIND ANNA A sophxstlcated lady I know Chevron Da at Fzreszde Club Gym Leader SGTVICS Arde Terms 4 LEBEN EMMA Studxous of ease and fond of humble thmgs Bronze Swlmmmg Pm Chevron Leaders Emblem Da at Club Bank RGDTGSGHIGIIVS Class Secretary Volley Ball Team Serv1ce A1de Terms 3 Thlrd row readmg left to rlght LECKER SHIRLEY Those move eas1est who have learned to dance Arlsta Bronze Scholarshlp Pm Chevrons Fxrst A1d Certrfxcate Da at Club Serv1ce Alde Terms 2 LEI-'F LESTER An honest man close buttoned to the chln broadcloth wlthout and a warm heart w1th1n LEVCHUCK NORMA The world IS good the people are good we re all good fellows together Chevrons Leaders Awards Serv1ce Alde-Terms 2 LEVEY FRANKLYN H1s w1t 1S the salt of conversation SeI"V1Ce Aide Terms 4 58 , . . . . 1 1 1 - 1 l 1 . U 11 . . 1 1 1 1 . . . . ' , I 1 1 1 1 1 0 . 1 1 1 1 - . . . - I . I 1 , , . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 I , - . . . 1 . 1 1 , 1 1 11 11 - - I 1 I . . . . - . . 1 1 1 1 1 "" ' . . . 1 1 1 I ' I 1 1 1 -' - , . . . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 l - ' , 1 1 I . . 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 - . . 1 SAGA Fxrst row read1ng left to r1ght LEVINE PAULINE A good name ts better than great rlches Basketball Da at Clubs Bank Representatwe Serv1ce Arde Terms 2 LEVINSON ELEANOR A She s1ngs as sweetly as a n1ght1ngale FIISI Axd Certlftcate Glee Club Basketball ln Casts of Patxence and Prnatore Serv1ce Alde Terms 4 LEVINSON RUTH Those beautxful locks so aptly twrned whose every haxr a soul doth brnd Danc1ng Club Knock and Boost Commlttee Bank Representatwe Class Day Dance Operetta School Fund Dance Red Letter Performance Spec1al Danc1ng Serv1ce A1de Terms 1 LEVY BENIAMIN The more haste ever worse the speed Serv1ce Atde Terms 5 Second row readmg left to rlght LEWIS DOROTHEA Ignorance of the law xsnt her excuse Artsta Bas ketball French C1rcle Glee Club Swlmrntng Clubs Ansta Soclal Commxttee Senlor Celebrlty Nommatlng Senlor P1cture Commrttees Cast of Patzence Tlcket Representattve Serv1ce A1de Terms 1 LEWIS IULIAN The great man IS not so great as folks thmk Stlver Serv1ce P1n Da at Dramat1c Secretary ol Inter Club Councll Clubs Knock and Boost Comrnlttee Bank Representatwe Stage Hand Spectal Affalrs Squad Serv1ce Alde Terms 6 LIA OTTO Hrs soczal GCIIVIIIGS are too numerous to ment1on LIBBIN ESTHER Gxve to the world the best you can and the best w1ll come back to you Ftrst Ard Certrhcate Accountmg Artsta Ecolst States man Clubs Serv1ce Atde Terms 2 Thlrd row readlng left to nght LIBERMAN LUCILLE A l1ve Wlfe par excellence Knock and Boost Commrttee Da at Danc1ng Clubs Wmner of Typxng Contest Serv1ce Alde Terms 6 LICHTMAN HELEN FIFSI to lend a helplng hand Chevron Flrst A1d Certlhcate Da at Lxterary Clubs P1cture Commtttee Serv1ce Axde Terms 2 LINDENBAUM DORIS L Through knowledge we behold the worlds creatxon Block Captam Red Cross Cert1f1cate Glee Leaders Spcxnlsh Clubs Athletlc Leader Bank Captaln Class Representatlve Serv1ce Arde Terms 2 LINDENBERG BEATRICE Cheerful as the btrds Da at Poster Clubs Senlor Saga Art Costume Comnuttees SGTVICG A1de Terms 5 59 , . ' 1 - I I -. . , . - - - , . - n - 11 1 1 1 1 u - 11 . . I 1 . 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 i 1 . , 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I 1 . . . . . . . U . ,, 1 1 1 1 , ' . 1 1 ' 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 I 1 . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I 1. ' , . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' - 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 n . 11 - I - - 1 1 " - 'ff gd V 3 at 3 1 x V. at r w w . gif -A J5.',Q?Afdg,...5 T Iib?tF, x -I 1 , X AUTOGRAPHS SENIOR First row, reading left to right: LINEWEAVER, LORRETTA It has been said, "All good things come in small packages." LOBREGLIO, SALVATORE Hitch your wagon to a star T.R.O. Repre- sentative, Service Aide-Terms 3. LO MEDICO, PHILIP Give me a lever long enough, and a prop strong enough, I can single-handed move the world Arista, Traffic Squad, Service Aide-Terms 1. LONGO, ANNE Her athletic abilities are more than one hopes to acquire in later years Athletic Bronze Pin, Athletic Silver Pin, Chevrons, Leaders Emblem, Major R, Minor R, Large T. V. B., Two P.S.A.L. Pins, Silver Basket- ball Pin, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, Basketball Varsity Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 2. Second row, reading left to right: LORELLI, CONCETTA Speech is great, but silence is greater Italian, Newman, Tennis Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 4. LOWN, VIRGINIA Made up of wisdom and fun, medley of all that's dark and clear, of all that's foolish, all that's dear Chevrons, Leaders Emblem, Minor R, Poster Squad Pin, Red Cross Certificate, Superior Athletic Pin, Inter-Club Council, Poster Clubs, Knock and Boost Committee, Bank Repre- sentative, Class Representative, Official Class Secretary, Service Aide- Terms 3. n LUBER, ROSE A merry heart goes all the day Chevron, Da-at, Pan- American, Swimming Clubs, Basketball, Hiking, Motor-Foot Riding, Swim- ming, Service Aide-Terms 1. LUBIN, ROSE A lovely being, perfectly formed and moulded, a rose with all its sweetness yet unfolded Service Aide-Terms 2. Third row, reading left to right: LUBITZ, HANNAI-I I be the same when I'm alone, as when every deed is known Chevron, Da-at, Literary Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 2. LUCAS, IOSEPHINE She is always good and quiet, never talks or makes a riot Chevron, First Aid Certificate. LUCIA, BEATRICE Come, come, good education is a familiar creature if well used Bronze Service Pin, Three Certificates in Italian, Chevron, Leaders Emblem, Newman, Hi-Y Clubs, Service Aide--Terms 5. LUCKSON, SHIRLEY A thing of beauty is a joy forever Girls' literary, Inter-Club Council, Law Clubs, Iewelry Committee. 60 . . I SAGA - ' , 'glffn 3 ,. - 1 ' .. ' A-',gl.l',z4. 1 'Z ,b First row reading left to right LUTNER ANNA She came she saw she kept it to herself Chevron, Da at Pan American Clubs Service Aide Terms 2 MADIGAN RUTH The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid First Aid Certificate Spanish Club Service Aide Terms l MADONIA CONCETTA Silence answers much First Aid Certificate. MAGARIELLO ANTHONY One science only will one genius tit, so vast IS art so narrow human wit Certxhcate 1n Chemistry Chemistry, Literary Clubs Second row reading left to r1ght MAHONEY ANN Shes the girl who put the pep in pepper Chevronp Law Swimming Clubs Class Secretary Service Aide Terms 2. MAIOR BETTY Capable amiable true rel1able likable, too Leaders Emblem Dancing Service Aide-Terms 1 MAKI IRMA A merry heart IS as good as a tonic Athletic Leader, PSAL Pm Tennis Club Class Representative Terms 1 MAKI LEA Here is a place where loveliness keeps house Athletic Pin, Chevron Swimming Emblem Swimming Medal Swimming Clubp Ticket Seller Service Aide Terms 3 Third row reading left to right MAKOWSKI MITCHEL Such a carriage such ease and such gracel Bronze Service Pin Spanish Cert1f1cate Accounting Clubg Knock and Boost Nominating Committees Servlce Aide Terms 4 MALENSKY ROSE But poplar trees are laughing trees, wherever they may grow Hearthstone Club MALISZEWSKI IOSEPH Guess h1S humor a1nt refined quite enough to suit my mind MALKIN RUTH I To be or not to be an actor or a dancer First Aid Certificate Leaders Emblem Da at Pan American Clubs Picture Commit- tee Bank Representative Service Aide Terms 5 , . 1 1 1 - I - I 1 l 1 1 1 " - 1 1 1 1 , . 1 . 11 11. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 .. 1. , , 1 1 1 . . . . . 1 1 1 , 1 . , . 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 - -1 11 . 1 . . , . 1 , . - 1 1 ' 1 ' I 1 1 1 - ',,,,,. .. .. l,.,,,,. w, -- . p . V I ,Q 4 J 1 .4 . ,A Q 1, 1 .. y - I Y , ,lg 5, Ff if-w,g.f.w, es t , 4-ti' ' A ff I x .Ls .- 1- I -, - -w 4 J ' I elm" "' T ' V - Il- I -5" , i, Y' A W + ' - i wx TOG SENIOR Flrst row read1ng left to r1gl'1t MALTZAN ALMA A glrl wlth such a qulet way shes seldom heard the hvelong day MANBER YETTA And when she spoke all eyes were raxsed to her Fxrst Axd Certlflcate Da at Club Attendance Comm1ttee SGTVICS A1de Terms 2 MANFREDI RAY Good at a hght but better at play Godllke 1n g1vmg but the dev1l to pay Mayor Letter m Football Servxce A1de-Terms 5 MANFREDONIA ANNETTE All HISIOTY 15 ancient to her Celebrxty Com m1ttee SSTVICS A1de Terms 3 Second row readmg left to rlght MANGANIELLO ALFRED He 15 not merely a chlp off the Old Block but the Old Block 1tself Swlmmlng Club T1Ck9f Representahve Football SSFVICE A1de Terms 2 MANNINO IDA S1lent was the temperate cur and ever calm Organ Appreclatlon Club Servxce A1de Terms 2 MARCIANI FRANK A qulet lad smcere 1n work and play Bank Repre Terms 1 MARCUS ROSE Should rzghtfully be called Queen of the Day Arista Member Servxce A1dwTerms 4 Thlrd row readmg left to rlght MARKOWITZ FAY When she passed 1t seemed hke the ceasmg of EXQUISIIS muslc Spanxsh Club Knock and Boost Committee Bank Repre sentatlve TRO Representat1ve Serv1ce A1de Terms 2 MARKOWITZ GERTRUDE Her heart IS always domg lovely thmgs Da at Glee Clubs MARTERADONNA SILVIO Confused as 1n a dream Bronze Servlce A1de Pm Itallan Club Serv1ce A1de Terms 4 MARTIN MARION The good dle young thls does not apply to you Chevron Flrst Amd Certlflcate Tumor L1fe Savmg P1n Swlmmmg Club . I . . I , . . . - , I I , . . , , . .. 7 - 1 . I . . - . , . . . . . , . . . . - i . . - I I , . . I , . . , , 1 ' ' : : , . . ' I , . . . - , , sentative, Class Representative, T.R.O. Representative: Service Aide- . . Q ll ll , I . . - . I . . z , . . . , , . . . . I . I - , . . . - , . . . . , . . i . Z . . - I . . - . , . I P - SAGA First row, reading left to right: MASTER, DOROTHY Blue eyes and blond of hair, another maiden passing fair Latin Medal, Pan-American Club, Bank Representative, 'I'.R.O. Repre sentative, Service Aide-Terms 2. MASTRANGELO, THERESA Sweet, Charming and Neat Honor Stenography, Newman, Pan-American Clubs, Senior, Dues, Red Cross Committees, Bank Representative, Service Aide-Terms 4. MASTROGIOVANNI, SALVATORE Not by years, but by disposition is wisdom acquired. ' MATLIN, HILDA As iron sharpeneth the iron, so one sharpeneth the coun- tenance oi one's friends First Aid Certificate, Iunior Life Saving Pin, Special Honor Student, Accounting, Da-at, Glee, Law, Pan-American Clubs, Attendance Committee, Bank Treasurer. Second row, reading left to riaht: MAY, ARTHUR Four hostile newspapers are worse than a thousand bayonets American Institute Award, Bronze Service Pin, Major "R" in Iournalisrn, Student Council, Cheering Squad, Inter-Club Council, Photog- raphy Club, Nominating, Red Cross Committees, Assistant Manager of Baseball Team, Bank, Class, Grade Representative, Inter-Club Play, Man- aging Editor of "Square Deal", Sports Editor ot "Square Deal", Editor-in- Chiet of "Square Deal", Ticket Seller, Statf Photographer, Service Aide- Terms 3. MCALARNEY, IAMES A quiet fellow with a quiet way Swimming Team, Service Aide--Terms 3. McCLATCHEY, EDNA A reader in mind, but a charmer at heart Law, Literary Clubs, Attendance Committee, Service Aide-Terms 2. MCCREA, MARY She is herself of best things the collection Arista Pin, Scholarship Pin, Chevrons 2, First Aid Certificate, Arista, Basketball, New- man, Statesman Clubs, Speech Committee, Service Aide-Terms 3. Third row, reading left to right: McGILL, FLORENCE She loves to wonder and that is the seed of science Newman Club, Swimming, Service Aide-Terms 2. MCGINLEY, IOHN His success will never be questioned "Square Deal" Staff, Service Aide-Terms 2. MCGRANE, IAMES The chase I follow far, 'tis mimicry of noble war Bronze Pin, Spanish Certificate, Service Aide-Terms 2. McKENNA, MURTHA A wee bit coy, a wee bit shy, but when you know her, my oh myl Red Cross Certificate. 63 M " ' i'7jf.":-"'Tfw,'fe3 '1""""""!"'1' in SENIOR A ,.. ,, H . ,- 1, , , -- - . ,-,,, -1 fy., A . . .J , ,, - " . ' .,",,' W' K ' " .,..x , , ,-, I F ,L k Z, , . " -iz.: , 1- 1 - pf v. t. t . - ,,- .1 1m if . ., : , Nw-' Q 1!w++'Q." -- . V, ff :-U--. .f "Y: 1 ,, ,. . , ,f . 4 I TO First row, reading left to right: MCKNIGHT, MARGUERITE May you live all the days of your lifel New- man Club, Bank Representative. MCMANUS, ELIZABETH Personality is to her what perfume is to a flower Service Aide-Terms 2. MCMANUS, GRACE But oh, she dances such a wayl No sun upon an Easter Day is half so fine a sight Dramatic, Newman Clubs, Nominating Committee, Service Aide-Terms 2. MCVEIGH, KENNETH I love the sea, she is my fellow creature Rifle Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. Second row, reading left to right: MEISNER, DALIS She is a talker and needs no questioning before she speaks Arista, First Aid Certificate, Literary, Swimming Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. MELIGENI, EVE The mind, relaxing into needful sport, should turn to writers of an abler sort Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Service Aide- Terms 2. MENCHER, SYLVIA Her soul to knowledge, steals the key of heaven Red Cross Certificate, Current Problems Club, Assistant Class Representative, Class Secretary, Service Aide-Terms 1. MENNILLO, IULIA One day to be a beautiful, and brainy "barristress" Italian Certificate, Pan-American Club, Service Aide-Terms 4. Third row, reading left to right: MENOWITZ, ANNE Unaccustomed as she is to public speaking, she does well in private Arista Pin, Scholarship Pin, Red Cross Certificate, Account- ing, Arista, Da-at, Literary Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. MESSINA, CHARLES He is a scholar, and a ripe and good one "Senior Saga" Subscription Committee, Ticket Seller, Service Aide-Terms 2. MEYER, EVELYN She is quiet and thoughtful with her friends ' Basketball Award, Chevron, Leaders Emblem, Volley Ball Award, Basketball, Newman Clubs, Bank Representative, Service Aide-Terms 2. MIGDAL, EVA Quiet and charming, a happy combination Anti-Litter Certificate, First Aid Certificate, Celebrity, Nominating, Senior Secretary Committees, Service Aide-Terms 2. 64 .. A SAGA I --A ...,' .- 1 J .I ,, H 7 . .4 . .. , , ,, ,1 1 V -, I .4,. my .f I rg, . 1 ,V , ,Way r,..,, J . , R' ,,--v ,. t- v ' . ' ' ...,, 1 . y' First row, reading lett to right: MILAWSKA, MARY Be silent and safe-silence never betrays you Swim- ming Pin, Service Aide-Terms 2. MILEK, LUDWIG Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius 3 Major R Letters, 1936 Numerals, 50 Yard Swim Record, Swimming Team, Captain, Red Cross Honor Student. MILLER, IULIUS Hopes to be a writer, by qualities a tighter-toward SUCCESS Accounting, Da-at, Law, Pan-American Clubs. MILONE, GILBERT Anything for a quiet life Bronze Service Aide Pin, Chemistry, Opheloumen Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 6. Second row, reading left to right: MILUZZO, SEBASTIAN The flower of the senior class, Sebastian Major "R" in Football, Swimming Team, Ticket Seller, Service Aide-Terms 3. MINNUCCI, RALPH A man's character is recalled by his speech Service Aide-Terms 2. MONACO, VICTORIA Believes "That silence is golden", especially in the History Room Chevron. MONCHER, DORIS Her modest looks the cottage might adorn, sweet as a primrose peeps beneath the thorn Girls Literary, Glee, Inter-Club Council, Latin, Statesman, Tennis Clubs, Cast of "Patience", Reporter on "Square Deal", Service Aide-Terms 1. Third row, reading left to right: MONTALTO, HELEN She smiles, and all the other graces, follow in their proper places Biology, English Awards, Italian, Life Saving, Red Cross Certificates, Mathematics, Swimming Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 2. MOORE, BEATRICE Prosperity to the man that ventures most to please her First Aid Certificate, Service Aide-Terms 4. MORDETZKY, FLORENCE Many excellent cooks are spoiled by learning, but not she Arista, Scholarship Pins, Red Cross, Science Certificates, Arista, Ecoist Clubs, Service Aide--Terms 2. MORIARTY, RICHARD An honest boy, close-buttoned to the chin, broad- cloth without, and a warm heart within Statesman Club. 65 AUT OORAPI-IS W, 5 41- 3" ..Ll.t,w if " ' L m f.-. s AUTOGRAPHS A" 'thin' Y' 4 SENIOR First row, reading left to right: MORRETTA, PHILIP Shall I like a hermit dwell on a rock or in a cell? Service Aide-Terms 3. MORRISSEY, MARY Aegis fortissima virtus Newman Club, Service Aide -Terms 2. MORTON, AGATHA The rival to DaVinci's name Athletic Pin, Biology Certificate, Bronze Pin, German Club, Leader of Arista, Service Aide- Terms 7. MOSKOWITZ, SYLVIA Be acquainted with this maid, she comes to do you good First Aid Certificate, Da-at Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. Second row, reading left to right: MOSKOWITZ, SYLVIA Diligence is the mother of good fortune Athletic Bars 3, Bronze Scholarship Pin, Da-at, Statesman, Contemporary Clubs, Class Representative, Class Treasurer, Service Aide-Terms 2. MOTTA, RITA Her eyes are homes of silent prayer. MUELLER, ROSE She seems so quiet, but- Hi-Y Girls Club, Service Aide-Terms l. MULHOLLAND, EDITH She is mild, she is meek P.S.A.L. Awards- Terms 2, Special Dancing Class, Service Aide-Terms 2. Third row, reading left to right: NATHAN, CLAIRE Perseverance is more prevailing than violence, many things which cannot be overcome when they are together, yield when taken little by little Chevron, Swimming Emblem, Glee Club, Member of Casts of "Pinafore" and "Patience," Swimming Team, Class Representative, Bank Representative, Service Aide-Terms 6. NETT, IOSEPH No human being, however great, was ever so difficult to catch as a fish Newman Club. NEUMANN, WALTER He is devoted to contemplation Service Aide- Terrns 4. NITKIN, FRED If I have done the public any service, it is due to thought Silver Service Pin, Cafeteria Social, Opheloumen, Photography, Special Affairs, Boys Hi-Y Clubs, Captain of Cafeteria, Welfare Committee, Editor- in-Chief Opheloumen "Sentinel", Major of Service League, Inter-Club Council, Service Aide-Terms 6. 66 S!-XGA ..., .A . ,,K, ,.,1, 4 I I 5: :.: ' - gg : A- -' , ..41 . y " . "1 "-l'1,,11s., yr -.Q A ,x5,m'- 'Q , Q, H V ,K H, 5,1 Q 'I , s . W x. , , 4, . ,, 1, . ,, 1 , .I .,.,.. .1 1 ,. b , :- . ,. ,.. , , 1 11,, , . AA 5- .vv.AJ,,'.v1- - ,, . 7. -1 ,1 , - ' ,gs A .',"'.t lt 1 ""' , . 1 , 1 FIYST row readmg left to rtght NOCERA IOSEPH Dont strr gentlemen tts but an athlete whose enemtes shall l1ck the dust P T Squad Leader Servlce Alde Terms 2 NOONAN EDWARD For htm wrthout danger the game grows cold Major R Football H1 Y Latm Newman Clubs Servtce Alde Terms 2 NOTO IOSEPH On hls modest and unembarrassed brow nature has Wfltten gentleman thou art NOVARSKY DOROTHY Regular steady slncere Chevrons Z Ath1et1c Pm Leaders Emblem Danclng Club SSFVICS Atde Terms 2 Second row readlng left to rtght NUSSDORF ESTELLE But to see her was to love her love but her and love forever Red Cross Cert1f1cate Da at Club Nomlnatmg Commtttee Specral Danclng Class Class Representat1ve Terms 6 OHARE ELIZABETH She dances ltke a sunbeam Newman Club Class Representatlve Class Secretary Servtce Alde Terms 2 OMARA MARY I always was a lover of soft wmged thlngs Brrd Chemlstry Newman Sclence Clubs Servlce Alde Terms 2 OSMAN HENRIETTA A gxrl held dear zn the hearts of all her frlends Ansta Pm Block Captaln Cert1f1cate Chevrons 2 Leaders Emblem Red Cross Certlflcate Dancmg Class Class Representattve Terms 5 Servlce Alde Terms 2 Thlrd row reading left to rlght OSSIAS SYLVIA A cheerful countenance brlngs forth a cheerful mlnd Da at Caletena Soctal Inter Club Counc1l Clubs Semor Secretary Cap and Gown Comm1ttee Servrce A1de Terms 5 OTOOLE RICHARD A leader among scholars Arlsta Pm Knock and Boost Nommatmg Spec1al Atfarrs Commxttees Servlce Alde Terms 1 OTTAVIANO FRANCES A good name keeps 1ts lustre ln the dark Ftrst Ald Certlhcate Caleterla Italtan Soclal Clubs Bank Representatlve Class Representatlve Captam m Cafeter1a Servlce Alde Terms 5 PALESE IOI-IN Machmery IS the sub consclous mlnd of the world Serv 1ce Alde Terms 1 67 , . , . , . . 1 1 1 . . , L . , 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 - u 11 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , 1 . ' ' . . 1 1 '- 1 1 1 - , . . . 1 1 1 1 1 "' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 , 1 . 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i - 1 ' " rt ' 7'W'?E'.?'? t 1 A ' A, ga.. . iw if? E f , 'pgs was-rgtn , 'E' , V ,Q 1 ,- M . , AUTOGRAPHS 754' SENIOR lf: , Al, ,, , 1 v ' ff f,-pf 71. IA-fl-M pl 1- I1f.'!L? If 'x First row, reading left to right: ' PALLEY, FLORENCE The sweetest noise on earth, a woman's tongue First Aid Certificate: Chevron: Da-at Club: Captain of P. T. Squad: Service Aide-Terms 1. PALO, MILDRED As sweet as the first flower of spring Life Saving, Swimming Clubs. ' PALOMBO, ESTHER Remember-Silence is the genius of tools and one of the virtues of the wise Athletic Pin, Chevrons: French Medal: Scholar- ship Pin: Dancing, Dramatic, Tennis Clubs: Arista Member: Special Dancing Class: Service Aide-Terms 2, ' PARISI, MARY Goodness is the only investment that never fails New- man Club: Service Aide-Terms 1. Second row, reading lett to right: ' PARLAPIANO, CLARA Heaven's thunders melt in music Two Italian Certificates: Italian Club: Iewelry Committee: Service Aide-Terms 2. ' PAYES, FLORENCE Her personality is both sparkling and sincere Pan- American Club. ' PERCOCO, THOMAS I begin shrewdly to suspect-the young man of a terrible taint-Sports Service Aide-Terms 2. ' BERLIN, IEWEL My song shall be witty, but it shan't be longl First Aid Certificate: Chevron: Glee, Cafeteria Clubs: Dues, "Senior Saga" Subscription Committees: Cast of "Patience": Service Aide-Terms 3. Third row, reading left to right: 5 ' PERLMAN, YETTA Come and trip it as ye go, on the light fantastic toe Da-at Club: Service Aide-Terms 2. NA, GENA Good things come in small packages Athletic Pin: ' talian Certificate. ' PERRICONE, FRANK I have a reasonably good ear for music. Let us strike up the band "R" for band service: Poster Club: Member of Orches- tra: Service Aide-Terms 3. ' PERROTA, ROSE At last a rose with few thorns First Aid Certificate: Service Aide-Terms 1. 68 ,N ,at .V-11-tw. yrs - it ,f 2' , SAGA AUTCGRAPI-IS First row, reading left to right: ' PERSON, LORRAINE Music is well said to be the speech of angels. ' PETERSON, EDMUND A bright student, a lover ot sports, and a true gentleman Special Affairs Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. ' PETRELLI, MARIE All lovely things are necessary Chevron, Leaders Emblem, First Aid Certificate, Service Aide-Terms 2. ' PETRONE, IOSEPHINE Beware oi her dark hair, for she excels all Women in the magic of her locks. Q Second row, reading left to right, ' PINTO, LYDIA Prominent in school activities Newman Club, Class fi, ffkfab resentative, Service Aide-Terms 4. I ' PLATT, ROSALIND She dances like an angel, whose art is grace and! A beauty Chevrons 3, Leaders Emblems 2, Swimming Pin, First Aid Cer- tiiicate, Class Representative-Terms 6. PLOTKIN, SYLVIA She is as large as lite and twice as natural. ' PLUTA, IOE Talk to him of Iacob's "Ladder," and he will ask the number of steps Major "R"-3, Football, Service Aide-Terms 2. Third row, reading leit to right: ' POLLAN, MIRIAM True wit is nature to advantage dress'd, what oft was thought, but ne'er so well express'd Bank Representative, Class Rep- resentative, Service Aide-Terms 1. ' POLLINGER, FANNIE Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all Chevron. ' PONTEROTTO, ITALO He sets the cause above renown, he loves the game above the prize Bronze Italian Medals 2, Italian Certificate, Span- ish Certificate, Arista, Italian, Statesman Clubs. ' POPKIN, LILLIAN A promising student-always promising to do better First Aid Certificate, Science Certificate, Da-at Club, Chorus Practice, Serv- ice Aide-Terms 1. 69 r Hr, 1 -qw r, .X Hrs' ,-, .-, . ., , H ,.'- -1- gift-'A' . ,,.',": l' r , . " " ' ' T' Q' T , 'f"" " " ff" -' , , . ' 5,1 -Y fda 161151 , f' . , i :. .. , w , ., .f,, ,g,AF5 "'-' H f A .I V J - .'. 1' r f -- U 1 V A '.' . ff' .v 'fe egg' 5 ff Af K Z-, f,M7!"""'U SENIOR F1rst row readmg left to rlght PORTER ANN Never absent never late always a glrl that keeps a date F1rst A1d Cert1f1cate Da at DTQIIIGTIC Clubs Knock and Boost Commtttee Class Representatlve Serv1ce A1de Terms 4 PRESSER MURIEL MIX a pleasmg smlle good looks and personallty thxs 1ntroduces Mel wxthout formahty Chevron Flrst A1d Ceruhcate Leaders Emblem Bank Collector Class Representatlve TRO Represen we SSTVICS Alde Terms 1 REZIOSO MADELINE Never sad never blue we w1sh some more were just l1ke you Fxrst Aid Certlflcate Accountmg H1 Y Glrls Newman Clubs Servlce Atde Terms 1 PRIOR MARY The llttle sweet doth klll much bltterness Newman Pan Amerrcan Clubs Bank Representatlve Sen1or Class Secretary Servlce A1de Terms 4 Second row readmg left to rlght PROTO GENEVIEVE Sxlence IS the perfect herald of Joy Italran Cer t1f1cate Itahan Club PUCCI ROCCO He was ever good at sudden commendatlon Bronze Servxce Pm Mathematlcs Club Servlce Alde Terms 3 RABINOWITZ SOPHIE For never anythmg can be amzss when slmple ness and duty tender lt Servrce A1de Terms 1 RAGOT VIOLETTE A taste for books 1S st1ll the pleasure and glory of Alde Terms 1 Thlrd row readmg left to rxght RANIERI MAGDALENE Wlth a smlle on her hps and a song ID her heart F1rst Atd Certthcate Scholarshlp Pm Cafeterxa Squad Servrce Azde Terms 1 RAPPAPORT GERTRUDE She would draw blood from a stone for charxty Servxce Alde Terms 3 RASKIN PEARL But Ol She dances such a way no sun up on an Easter Day IS half so fme a slght G1rl Reserves Dues Comrmttee Servlce Arde Terms 7 RAUBITSCHEK IRVING He to be a respectable professor of dlsmal hls tory Arzsto: Pm Bronze P1n for Scholarshlp Leaders Emblem Stlver Serv 1ce P1n Spamsh Certlflcate Pan Amer1can and Statesman Clubs Sen1or Saga Staff Spec1al Affalrs Squad SSTVICG Axde Terms 7 A U T O G R A P H S ' f ' ' I , . , , , 1 - , ' : ' : . I . . - I , . . . . - l I .. .. . . I . , . . I - 1 1 ' , . . . - P . . . . - , . I I I ' J . . . . .. I . I .- , I I A X ' g - - - - , , . I . I . I . . , ' ' I , . . . . - , .. I . . , . I . . I . 2 . . - . , . . . - , . . . , , my life Red Cross Certificateg Literary, and Newman Clubsg Service . I . . I . . . . . , , . . .. I . . I . i . . - 0 . , O I ' I it , : 1 ' 0 I , ' ' - . . I . . I I . Y - , - . . . . - I ll V v 1 I - I I n - - , ' ' l 5 , - . . 70 SAGA . V1 ,et-r-4 .wt -f-.,,'a.-'-tvmt.,-..1.. -- L , . - . V f ' '- ' ...I f- w-A , ,IA ,-1 -lust., ,. gh, . M. 1-1 . , , .,fr,,w. ,.-1. . , Fxrst row readmg left to rrght RAUTH CLARA Inf1n1te rlches 1n a l1ttle room Flrst Ald Certlfxcate Traffxc A1de SGYVICE A1de Terms 3 RECHTMAN MARTIN You are the hare of whom the proverb goes whose valor h1ts dead ltons on the nose Statesman Club Bank Representatlve Terms 3 Servlce Arde Terms 2 REICER ETTY Your charmmg sm1le makes l1fe worth wh1le Chevron Flrst Aid C9I't1f1CCIle Da at French Clubs Bank Representatlve Terms 1 Program Comm1ttee Servlce A1de Terms I RENDELSTEIN ESTELLE A frrend whose qual1t1es of mmd comblne those graces whlch enchantment lend the power to thmk to wlsh to act 1n f1ne 1n her all generous vrrtues blend Chevron Red Cross Certlflcate Red Cross Swrmmers Pm Da at Club Knock and Boost Commlttee Class Treasurer Terms 2 Senior Secretary Second row readmg left to rlght RICCI FELICE Swxft as a shadow short as any dream Newman Club Service A1de-Terms 2 RICCIO AMEDEO How be 1t wlth you? Its muslc Wllh Amedeo Servlce A1de Terms 3 RIEF CAROLINE She holds her thoughts rn slght she IS so crrcumspect and rlght Chevron FITST Ald Certlftcate Spanlsh Cert1f1cate Arrsta Club Knock and Boost Senior Saga Commlttees General News Ed1tor of Square Deal Edltor ln Chlef Semor Saga SSIVICS A1de Terms l RISO FLORENCE Theres a woman l1ke a dewdrop shes purer than the purest Cafeterta Socral and Newman Clubs Busmess Staff of Square Deal Serv1ce A1de Terms 4 Thlrd row readmg left to rxght ROBERTSON CHARLES Our hlgh respect for a Well read man IS pralse enough Baseball Team Newman and Llterary Clubs Trcket Seller SSIVICS A1de Terms 3 REGALIN ELAINE How green you are and freshl Da at Club Servrce A1de Terms 3 ROITBURD NATHAN To the strong mrnd nothmg 1S lmposslble Servxce A1de Terms 3 ROMANO AMIL Thls artlst m1X6S blood wlth hls colors Art Scholarsh1p Terms 4 Bronze P1n General Scholarshrp Ital1an Certrhcate Ital1an Club Senxor Dues Comnntee Serv1ce A1de Terms 3 . AI -Q T513 B , 1 A U I O G R A P I-I S , , I .. I I I . I - . I - I I , , I - I I I I .. I , I I I ' , , . . 'I - I . I - I I - 1 . -.4 , . I. , I I , , . A , , , , 1 , I , , , HI . . . .. . ,. . . . I - - I - I , . , P , , , , .. . . , - . I - I , , I I , - - 5 I . , - , , 5 5 I - I ' .,-.Jia r ' , . ifgifjsffff- I ' .11 ' C'-31:1-.tu 5 - - sf.-7 A. Q.. - . ' . - " wi' e r ,gym !,f-wf!L""""""' fif-,.tffyf,iWo,Q f .fr ,- ffwff-4 SENIOR FITSL row readlng left to rxght ROMANO ANTHONY Tony 1S a baseball man cmd to bat that ball he surely can Mayor Letters 3 All Scholast1c Short Stop Intramural Numerals for School Football Champs 1935 Nom1nat1ng Commtttee TRO Represen tatlve Terms l Baseball Captaln Serv1ce A1de Terms 1 ROMANO IOSEPH My l1ttle dog a heartbeat at my feet Swtmmmg Club Color Guard Serv1ce A1de Terms l ROMANOW PEARL Her charmlng d1spos1t1on and loyalty make her com pan1onsh1p most desrrable Btology Certrhcate Chevron Red Cross Cert1f1 cate Squad Capta1n Serv1ce A1de Terms 1 ROSEN HERMAN The Ink of the scholar IS more sacred than the blood of the martyr Major R Iournallsm Award Bronze SSTVICS Pm Student Councll TRO Inslgnla TRO Offlcers TRO Store A1de Treasurer of TRO Asslstant Treasurer of TRO Spanlsh Opheloumen Clubs Edttor of Spamsh Club Paper Ass1stant Manager of Golf Team Leaders Emblem Leaders Corps L1eutenant SGTVICG League Grade Representatmve Terms 3 New York Tunes Representatlve Sports Staff Square Deal Knock and Boost Commlttee Semor Saga Staff Servxce A1de Terms 5 Second row readtng left to r1ght ROSENBERG HELEN All the worlds a stage Serv1ce Pm Dramattc A1de Terms 5 ROSENBLOOM ANN If glggles were rated she d get 100 per cent Chorus Practlce FIFSL A1d Certlflcate Glrls Ltterary Pan Amerlcan Clubs Cheer Leader Bank Representatlve ROSENFELD SELMA A g1rl whose smile rams 1nfluence Frrst A1d Cer t1f1cate Serv1ce A1de Terms 1 ROSENTHAL BLANCHE All IS not gold that outward shmeth brxght Ftrst A1d Cert1l1cate Chorus Practlce Gtrls Lrterary Pan Amerlcan Clubs Cheer Leader Bank Representatlve Thlrd row readlng left to r1ght ROSENZWEIG GUSSIE There IS tn the smallest thlng a message tor us could we but read t Athletlc Bar F1rst Amd Certtflcate Da at Club Serv1ce A1de Terms 8 ROTELLA VIOLET M Flgure of truth of faxth of loyalty Ftrst A1d Cer t1f1cate Itahan Certlflcate Newman Club Class Representattve Red Cross Representatwe Serv1ce Atde--Terms 2 ROTH ESTELLE Present but not consptcuous Da at Club Bank Repre sentatlve Serv1ce A1de Terms 2 ROTH TILLIE Her socxety IS a comfort Da at Tourtst Clubs Serv1ce A1de-Terms 4 A U T O G R A P I-I S ' I ' ' I , . . I . I - I 5 . . . I l . r - . - I . I . . - l , . E . . , : 2 ' ' - . , . . . . - . I . I . . - I , . . , , , ' , . . . ' ' , . . . ' 7 . . . ' , . . ., ' . . .5 ' , 5 ' ' 1 ' 1 , : ' ' : ' - 1 . U . H I . . I , 2 - - , ' ' 1 , , . . I . Glee, Reserves, Opheloumen, Science Clubsg T.R,O. Aide-Terms 45 Service O ' ' , . . I . . . . i . . I - . I 1 ' - , . . . . . . - , . . I . . - . . . . . . , ' ' ' , 1 , - ' : 7 ' . . I . . : . . . . , , Q h ' i . I . . . . I h I f ' T . . . . , , ' " , I ' , - , , - . . I . . . I I . I O I I ' f f , , - I - 5 - . , ! , ,C -f , . . - I . ' . , I , . J ,V ,,, . ' A af SAGA W 4 . r 942' S ' w,5r5'Q M W7 'iw F J! y!VL94f6A"""' CII' First row, reading left to right: SARFATTY, IOSEPH The noise of many waters. SAUL, ALEX All mankind loves a lover Major and Minor R's, President of Law Club, Representative of Inter-Club Council, Bank Representative, Captain of Basketball Team, T.R.O. Representative, Service Aide-Terms 2. SAUTER, ETHEL Not so industrious, just naturally smart Chevron, Lead- ers Emblem, Bank Representative, Service Aide-Terms 3. SBROCCO, FILOMENA Under all speech that is good for anything, there lies a silence that is better. Second row, reading left to right: SCALENGHE, MALVINA And her voice was like the voice of the stars when they sang together Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Girls Literary, Newman Clubs, Picture Committee, Service Aide-Terms 1. SCHATTEN, ESTHER She thinks all she speaks but speaks not all she thinks First Aid Certificate, Da-at, Pan-American Clubs, Class Representa- tive, Swimming, Service Aide-Terms 5. SCHERWENIK, GRACE By a tranquil mind, I mean a mind well ordered Chevrons, Chevron First Aid Certificate, Swimming Emblem, 2 Swim- ming Medals, Arista, Girls Reserve, Swimming Clubs, Swimming Team. SCHIFF, MAX His speech is with grace, seasoned with salt Service Aide -Terms 3. Third row, reading left to right: SCHILD, CLARA Gentle oi speech, beneficent of mind Arista, Contem- porary, Statesman Clubs. SCHINDLER, BERTHA A disposition that knows no depression Service Aide-Terms 2. SCHINDLER, GERTRUDE She who sows well, reaps well Chevron, Schol- arship Pin, Da-at, Eco Clubs. SCHIPP, ANNE As merry as the day is long First Aid Certificate, Swim- ming Pin, Service Aide--Terms 1. 73 B-mini" ' 1 AUTOGRAPHS Exe 4,2 -.E , Wifi'--1-mx it , rw, .Ur 1-an lm' IJE MJA 'iz I .lf-lg,!5f5'fx :5. fi' M ggi! ,,'- T. V- r 6 7 'A -' ' .','?"' A ,- , I3-f?1,, 'll , , .inf , SENIOR First row, reading left to right: ROTHBARD, IRENE Her hair should be justly called her "crowning glory Da-at, Dramatic Clubs- Service Aide-Terms 6. RUBIN, GEORGE Hast thou attempted greatness? Then go on, back turn ing slackens resolution Red Letter Day Play, Service Aide-Terms 3 RUBIN, SYLVIA In virtue nothing earthly can surpass her Arista So ciety, Italian Club, Ticket Seller- Cast of "Patience"- Service Aide-Terms l RUBINSTEIN, I-IANNAH Silence is golden, but to Hannah it is unknown Spanish Certificate, Pan-American Club, Service Aide-Terms 2 Second row, reading left to right: RUOCCO, IOSEPH The tree is known by its fruit Newman, Pan-Ameri can Clubs- Service Aide-Terms 4. RUSSO, VICTORIA You don't have to walk a mile she satisfies Chev rons, Leaders Emblem, Basketball, Fireside. Italian Clubs, Senior Secretary RYAN, RUSSELL True friends are always scarce Newman Club, Swim ming Team, Service Aide-Terms 2, SABATO, PALMA Music, the universal language ot mankind, she under Certificate- Glee Italian Clubs- Social Committee Third row, reading left to right: SACHS, IEANETTE Golden hair like sunlight streaming in the marble of her shoulder First Aid Certificate- Service Aide-Terms 2 SACHER, ETHEL Music exalts each joy, allays each grief Chevron, First Aid Certificate, Scholarship Pin, Da-at Club, Service Aide-Terms 2 SALMON. EUGENE The best salmon is Red Salmon Biology Certificate Science Senior Dramatic Clubs- Service Aide-Terms l SANGIORGIO, IOSEPHINE She has in her that happy blend, those two beings: student and friend Basketball, Swimming Clubs, Service Aide- Terms 1. stands and knows it well First Aid Certificate, History Award, Italian 74 i SAGA 'Y V I , ,I 4,12 Nz ' L v fwm - ,. . . ,QV I - X K ,Ir ,, 1 1 Q ,' V1 A Y K, V . I. h. , ,, . LJ t Vw 'Min M WA! 5: 67 , r .- I ,,,.l.4 .pr , ' ' l ff,-ri' . . Y -, K Tk if",','1' .' .I 'A-'.fl+vf9"-'ff.1' ' I, First row, reading left to right: SCHLEIN, RUTH L. A charming smile as you can see and topping all-A Great Personality Chevrons, Leaders Emblems, Scholarship Pin, Cafeteria, Literary, Swimming Clubs, Attendance Committee, Senior Social Committee, Business Staff of "Square Deal", Service Aide-Terms 4. SCHLESINGER, RUTH The only thing certain about legislation is its un- certainty Law, Literary Clubs, Attendance Committee, Service Aide- Terms 2. SCHUMAN, MORRIS Here is a man. Before him we'll be silent Biology Club, Bank Representative, Class Representative, Rifle Team, Service Aide- Terms 2. SCHUSTER, ROSE Our athletic star ot the future Chevrons, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblems, Basketball Letter, Major and Minor "R", Ath- letic and Superior Athletic Pins, Volley Ball Large T, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Inter-Club Council Clubs, Varsity Basketball Team, Service Aide- Terms 5. Second row, reading left to right: SCHWABIK, HELEN A Winsome friend and a capable student Chevrons, Gold Pin in Athletics, Leaders Emblem, Basketball Club, Service Aide- Terms 2. SCHWARCZ, LILLIAN A rare person is one who professes a fondness for writing letters English Certificate, Cap and Gowns Committee. SCOPPA, RALPH He capers, he dances, his eyes portray youth Major "R," Baseball, Major "R," Football, Minor R.S.T., Swimming, Dramatic Club, Knock and Boost, Athletic, Ticket Seller, Service Aide-Terms 5. SEAMAR, IOHN A typical business man Football "R", Service Aide- Terms 3. Third row, reading left to right: SEERY, FRANCIS Here's to the chap who can smile, when everything goes dead wrong Service Aide-Terms 1. SENIOR, IAMES Learning makes a man fit company for himself Ac- counting Club, Spanish Club, Locker-room Monitor. SI-IAFER, DORIS Poets are all who love, who feel great truths and tell them Statesman Club. SI-IAPIRO, FREIDA Like the sun, her eyes shine on all alike Law, Pan- American Clubs, Picture Committee, Third Term Representative, Bank Rep- resentative-Terms 1. D 75 AUTOGRAPHS Maj'-A w NPL U' ',"2I ' ' ." f , , A .r, .,, Y 4- -iw.. .Q '-f:,,.'f'.1p:,c y'- 13... 'S 1 It 1' 1 1 3 l AUTOGRAPHS J-Jziuili,-f-ff? ,jff ' . SENIOR if-fff 4 First row, reading left to right: SHAPIRO, NORA Here's a heart for any fatel Cafeteria Social, Da-at, Pan-American, Swimming Clubs, Service Aide-Terms l. SHEINIS, MIRIAM We prize books, and they prize them most who are themselves wise Accounting Club, Service Aide-Terms 4. SHENKMAN, IACOB He who tries shall never be denied Accounting, Law, Spanish Clubs, Bank Representative, Class Representative, Service Aide-Terms 3. SHERMAN, DOROTHY Oh! it to dance all night and dress all day charm'd the smallpox or chcrs'd old age awayl Chevron, Volley Ball Emblem, Da-at Club, Special Dancing Class, Service Aide-Terms 4. Second row, reading left to right: SHERMAN, IDA Knowledge in youth is wisdom in age Bronze Scholar- ship Pin, Arista, Da-at Clubs. SIEGEL, MIRIAM When the countenance is so lair, she needs no coloring Chevron, Leaders Emblem, Da-at Club, Member of the Cast of "Patience", Senior Social Committee, Bank Representative-Terms 3, Special Dancing Class-Terms 2, Service Aide-Terms 2. SIEGEL, PEARL She thinks most good and speaks least ill ot her neigh- .bors First Aid Certificate, Da-at, Law, Pan-American Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. SIEGEL, REBIE Integrity, honesty and personality rolled into one First Aid Certificate, Cafeteria Social, Da-at, Inter-Club Council, Pan-American Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 2. Third row, reading left to right: SIEGEL, SYLVIA Sylvia excels each mortal thing, upon the dull earth's dwelling First Aid Certificate, Swimming Pin, Organ Appreciation, Serv- ice Aide-Terms 2. SILVA, ANNA A merry heart and true Service Aide-Terms 1. SIMOES, ELVIRA Trusty, dusky, vivid, true, with eyes of gold and bramble-dew Arista Pin and Certificate, Chevron, Leaders Emblem, Mem- ber of Inter-Club Council, President of Pan-American, President of Spanish Club. SIMON, ROSE Ever seeking higher knowledge, ever finding friends First Aid Certificate, Cafeteria Social Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. 76 f -.V --1 -u ur ' -' -' SAGA '4 , qu'-,,,i75",', . 1 -l if . , , ,Y . ,ft ' -'. 'r,v- ,, 1 J L' "JL'41fI'5f"'l" ii f!4."f'rf,21PE3-'f'f?f WV' its First row, reading left to right: SINGER, HILDA Her charm lies in her continuous good nature Chevron, SINGER, SIDNEY One tenth of a ton of grand tellow. Iewelry Committee, Service Aide-Terms 1. SKOCZ, IOHN Go where glory waits thee, but while fame elates thee, Ol Still remember me Spanish Certificate, Service Aide-Terms l. SMEDMAN, IENNIE Always quiet, never wild, how can we knock a girl so mild? First Aid Certificate, Service Aide-Terms 1. Second row, reading left to right: SMILOWITZ, SYLVIA Music revives recollection Chevron, Class Repre- sentative-Terms 5, Service Aide-Terms 2. SODA, CARMELO Secret, and self-contained and solitary as an oyster Biology and Newman Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 5. SOFER, LOUIS Artistically inclined, he will follow the call of his talent Poster Club-Terms 6, Knock and Boost Committee, Service Aide-Terms 2. SOKOL, FRANCES Did you do your history? Da-at Club, T.R.O. Rep- resentative, Service Aide-Terms l. Third row, reading left to right: ' SOTIRIO, ESTELLE A fair exterior is a silent recommendation Bronze Pin, Chevron, Literary, Newman, Science Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 3. SPARACO, AMY The joy ot youth and health her eyes display, and ease of heart her looks convey Basketball Letter, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Gold Pin, Hi-Y, Newman, Social Service Cafeteria Clubs, Knock and Boost Committee, Member of Cast of "The Londonderry Air", Service Aide-Terms 6. SPEISS, PHYLLIS She needs no eulogy: she speaks for herself Current Problems Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. SPIEGEL, SHIRLEY Her every tone is music's own Contemporary, Roosevelt Reserves, Science Clubs, Service Aide--Terms 2. 77 A .U 1 vc TO -1 '4-'f - GRAPI-IS , 3 1 . , sv 'L . I . . , y 1- 71 TO SENIOR FITSI row readmg left to rxght SPITZBERG YETTA Her ways are ways of pleasantness Arrsta Pm Scholarshlp Pm Chevron FITSI A1d Cerhhcate Spantsh Certlflcate Arlsta SOCIETY Da at Llterary Clubs Square Deal Staff Servlce A1de Terms 2 SPOLANSKY BEATRICE Remember thls that very l1ttle IS needed to make a happy llfe Flrst A1d Certxflcate Da at Club Frreslde Club Servlce A1de-Terms 1 SPORTY ESTHER In frrendshlp she was early taught to bel1eve and well she has learned 1lS meamng FITSI A1d Certlhcate Sw1mm1ng PINS Servlce A1de Terms 3 STAPHOLZ DORIS She grggles and laughs as rt hte were a song Pan Amerlcan Club Class Representatwe Terms 4 Servrce Aide Terms 7 Second row readmg left to r1ght STEIN FLORENCE A glrl hght hearted and content I wander through the world Chevron FITSI Ald Certlflcate Leaders Emblem Basketball Club Da at Club STEIN GUSSIE Llke the calm after the storm STEPANSKY IEANNETTE Be good sweet maid and let who w1ll be clever Certlhcate Bar 1n PT Plrst Atd Certlflcate Glrls Llterary Club Chorus Practlce Terms 1 Serv1ce A1de-Terms 1 STEPKIN SOPI-IIE O she w1ll s1ng the scrvagery out of the bear Leaders Emblem Sw1mm1ng Pm Glee Club TRO Representatlve Patlence Serv 1ce A1de Terms 4 Thlrd row readmg left to r1ght STERN SOPHIE The d1mple that her chln contams has beauty 1n 1ts round STERNBERG ILONA A lot of energy ln thls llttle glrl Ar1sta Bronze Scholarshlp Pms Chevron FITSI Ald Cert1f1cate Secretary of Accountmg Club Leaders Emblem Cafetena Soclal Da at Inter Club Councxl Pres Accountlng Club Nomlnatmg Commlttee Bank Class Representatlve Serv xce A1de Terms 3 STERNBERG RALPH We do not know beneath what sky nor on what seas shall be your fate Servlce A1de Terms 1 STOLL CHARLES Agreeable and full of fun well hked by everyone Baseball Soccer Track Teams Servlce A1de Terms 5 , . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 11 11 - - 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 . . . . 1 i 1 ' 1 1 . . . . 1 1 1 1 . . . . - 1 1 ' 1 - , , . . . F 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - . . , . . . . 1 1 1 1 - -1 1 1 T , . . 1 . . 1 . . . . tu . 11 1 1 1 - - - 1 1 " , . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 " 1 - I 1 1 1 ' C 1 1 . . , 1 1 1 1 ' ., -.r lr ',. Y 'E X . i t SAGA l""""' . - J ..- i .f 4 -s 'H ., ...L . uefffsfwasr A WM-ff' Q P W First row, reading left to right: STRAUSS, ELEANOR She is the flower of courtesy Service Aide- Terms 1. STROMQUIST, WILFRED A clean-cut chap whose confidence and coop- eration are inspiring Bronze Pin, Service Aide+Terms 4. SVETS, HELENE Is she passing fair? Service Aide-Terms 3. TADDEO, UMBERTO Music sweeps by them as a messenger only meant for me Italian Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. Second row, reading left to right: TADDONIO, ORLANDO He proved the best man on the field Two Major R's for Football, F.R.T. for Football, Boys Hi-Y Club, Class Representative, Ticket Representative, Service Aide-Terms l. TAFURI, WALTER Like a reading machine, always wound up and going, he mastered whatever was not worth knowing Service Aide-Terms 3. TAGGART, FRANCES With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come "T" for Volley Ball, Basketball Club, Business Staff of "Square Deal", Serv- ice Aide-Terms 1. TANGREDI, MARGARET A girl of wit accompanied by good sense. Third row, reading left to right: ' TANNENBAUM, CLAIRE Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear Ath- letic PinfBasketball Emblem, Chevron, Two Leaders Emblems, Da-at Club, Special Dancing Class, Banking Representative, Service Aide-Terms 4. TARTAGLIA, IDA Of a good beginning cometh a good end "T" for Basketball, Leaders Emblems, Art Guild, Inter-Club Council, Newman, Poster Clubs, Celebrity, Nominating Committee, Service Aide-Terms 1. TATARSKY, BERNARD He is like a kerosene lamp, often smokes and goes out at night A Service Aide Pin, Economic, Law, Science Clubs, Bas- ketball, Swimming, Service Aide-Terms 6. TEICHBERG, EDITH Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others Silver Service Pin, Service Aide-Terms 6. 79 gnu virgin 4 L if . , - r , I' . tb- .... . ,.4.,,. .L .-A ., 4 I ,' , 'Q . ., 1. nt- ' ' 7 , " ' , , ' V . rf - ' '-if 'Ti' ?'i- I' 'if' 1- - - ' .- L I Z' ' .r V. . I ' .Y - 'f V - , r ' I z ' .. 5 . ' ' i r 1 -.- ,I '-'yum II I 3 , I . I - . . , I W, - ., T SENIOR First row, reading left to right: TENDLER, ROSE Her hair makes a golden glory ,in the air First Aid Certificate, Honor Student. TOFF, DOROTHY Or light or dark, or short or tall, she sets a spring to snare them all First Aid Certificate, Da-at Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. TORTORELLI, MARIE Truth hath a quiet breast Scholarship Pin, Italian Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. TRAYNOR, MARIE Pretty to walk with, pretty to talk with, and pleas- ant to think on, too Cheer Leader, Dramatic, Newman, Tennis Clubs, Basketball Team, Class Representative, Service Aide-Terms 6. Second row, reading left to right: TRENT, GERTRUDE Virtue is like a rich stone, best plain set Athletic Pin, Basketball Team, Swimming Team, Service Aide-Terms 3. TRUMAN, CELIA Content to know and to be unknown, whole in herself Bronze Service Pin, First Aid Certificate, Da-at, Dramatic, Cafeteria Social, Ecoist, Glee Club, Literary, Science Clubs, Chorus Practice, Service Aide -Terms 7. TUCKER, MILTON Ambition has no rest Bronze Scholarship, Gold Serv- ice Pins, Arista, Inter-Club Council, Representative to interscholastic Serv- ice League, Track Team, Motion Picture Squad, Ticket Seller, Major Service Commission, Service Aide-Terms 7. UNKER, EDGAR There's none of our employments with fishing can com- pare Bird, Da-at, Pan-American Clubs, "Saga" Subscription Committee, Service Aide-Terms 2. Third row, reading left to right: URGO, SYLVIA Sylvia is an outdoor lass, she'd rather stay out than come to class Chevron, Newman, Swimming Clubs, Class Representative, Serv- ice Aide-Terms 2. VAN THUNEN, EVELYN No legacy is as rich as honesty Chevron, Spe- cial Dancing. VARANELLI, MARY P. With the air of a Queen she struts about, but Queens are "crowned" she'11 soon find out First Aid Certificate, Newman, Pan-American Clubs, Senior Dues Committee, Business Staff of "The Square Deal", Service Aide-Terms 2. VERLANGIERI, BASIL A youth whom we'd like for a friend Silver Service Pin, Opheloumen Club, Special Affairs Squad, Service Aide-Terms 6. 80 SAG!-X S' "Am Q U31 Wi'-5 I A, WW Wfffl! "Pl" .vw - I --- First row, reading left to right: VETRANO, IOSEPH My mind let go a thousand things, like date of war and deaths of kings Service Aide-Terms 4. VIGGIANI, ALEXANDER His arguments always carry weight Italian Club, Service Aide-Terms 5. ' VIGNALI, ALICE As white as a lily glimmered she, like a ship's fair ghost upon the sea Italian Honor Certificate, Iunior Red Cross Certificate, Italian Club. VIGORITI, FRANK Radio Club, Service Aide-Terms I. Second row, reading left to right: VITO, PALMINA Those who bring sunshine into the lines of others cannot keep it from themselves Dancing Class. VOGEL, ROY Gayly this troubadour touched his guitar Da-at, Glee Clubs, "Patience", "Pinafore". WALLER, DORIS The mischievous maid has charm that is very enduring Red Cross Certificate, Special Dancing, Service Aide-Terms 4. WALDEN, FLORENCE She best can paint pictures, who feels them best Art Medal, Athletic Pin, Chevron, Art Club, Service Aide-Terms 3. Third row, reading left to right: WALSH, LUCILLE A combination hard to beat, a scholar and an athlete Large "T" Volley Ball, Silver Basketball, Small "T" Basketball, Small "T" Volley Ball, Baseball, Basketball Clubs, Senior Secretary, Service Aide- Terms 3. WARENYI, HELEN Soft is the music that would charm forever, the flower of sweetest smell is shy and lovely Glee Club, Orchestra, Service Aide- Terms 1. WARREN, GLADYS Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others Arista, Bronze Service Pins, Chevrons, Red Cross Certificate, Schol- arship Pin, Dramatic, Inter-Club Council, Pan-American Clubs, Knock and Boost, Nominating Committees, Class, Grade Representative, "Square Deal" Staff, Service Aide-Terms 5. WASSER, RUTH I live undaunted, unafraid of any step that I have made Da-at, Dramatic, Cafeteria Social, French Clubs, Social Committee, Service Aide-Terms 2. 81 .W vt-. . 4, X Q - - A " f w-5,5--rs 1, :lv Q I Fix - 1 f... ., .9 TO C SENIOR First row, reading left to right: WATSON, MARGARET The pretty dimpling of her face is brought to life by her buoyant grace Cafeteria, Economic, Girl Reserves, Law, Newman, Organ Appreciation Clubs, Nominating Committee, Usher, Vice-President of Law Club, Service Aide-Terms 6. WEIDENFELD, SYLVIA Conceit is the most incurable disease that is known to the human soul Attendance Committee, Service Aide-Terms 2. WEINER, DAVID An industrious worker, always prudent-never a shirker, a very popular student Leaders Emblem, Photography, Arista, Mathematic Clubs, "Square Deal" Photographer, Service Aide-Terms 2. WEINER, MAC An actor, applauded by all Cafeteria Social, Inter-Club Council, Captain, Lieutenant of Service Aides, Red Letter Day Play, Special Affairs Squad, Vice-President of Inter-Club Council, Service Aide-Terms 8. Second row, reading left to right: WEINER, SAM Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast Orchestra. WEINSTEIN, DORA Efficiency shines from everything she undertakes Chevrons, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Bank Treasurer, Knock and Boost Committee, Special Dancing. WEINTRAUB, TESSIE Her smile would make a camel walk a mile Chevrons 3, First Aid Certificate, Leaders Emblem, Swimming, Glee Clubs, Ticket Seller, Cast of "Pinafore". WEISBERG, BETTY A quiet tongue makes a Wise head First Aid Cer- tificate, Service Aide-Terms 2. Third row, reading left to right: WEISGLASS, ELLA In her tongue is the law of kindness Bronze Schol- arship, Swimming Pins, First Aid Certificate, Arista Club, Gift Committee, Service Aide-Terms 1. WEISS, HELEN No one can call her a poor sport Chevron, Scholarship Pin, Baseball, Basketball, French, Tennis Clubs. WEISS, NETTIE A busy club woman First Aid Certificate, P.S.A.L. Pin, Cafeteria Social, Inter-Club Council, Da-at, Poetry Clubs, Roosevelt Tour- ists, Representative for Roosevelt Tourists, Service Aide-Terms 4. WELTMAN, FLORENCE It is better to have one friend of great value than many friends who are good for nothnig Da-at Club, Service Aide- Terms 3. 82 SAGA -2----tw I 1 I 'F ' " 'V+ .. -, . ..-e-,W, ,. , H, "- - ' ' 3 1. , -if fr I - JV J ' f First row, reading left to right: WEYEL, CLAIR It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice Cafe- teria Social Club, Service Aide-Terms 6. WHITE, IOSEPHINE Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever, do noble things, not dream them, all day long Chemistry Club, Service Aide-Terms 1. WIGLER, EDNA If she has any faults, she has left us in doubt Red Cross Certificate, Arista, Literary Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 2. WILNER, SARAH A quiet lass with high ideals Class Treasurer, Serv- ice Aide-Terms 2. Second row, reading left to right: ' WITTIG, ALMA Laugh at your friends, and if they're sore, so much the better, laugh the more Chevrons, Leaders Emblem, Red Cross Certificate, Basketball, Caieterial Social, Glee, Roosevelt Reserves, Tennis Clubs, En- tertainment Committee of Roosevelt Reserves, Senior Social, Bank Repre- sentative, Service Aide--Terms 4. WOODMAN, MEYER I live as gently as I can, to be no matter where, cz man Knock and Boost Committee, Service Aide-Terms 2. WRIGHT, DOROTHY A face that draws interest Honors 3, Leaders Em- blem, Swimming Medal, Newman Club, Swimming Team, Service Aide- Terms 1. WRIGHT, EDNA Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers First Aid Cer- tificate, Stenography Pin. Third row, reading left to right: YANCHEWSKY, HELEN A mild and lovely disposition. YAPALUTER, ANNA In eternal cares we spend our years, ever agitated by new desires First Aid Certificate, Service Aide-Terms 2. YONES, HYMAN He abounds in generosity Law, Da-at, Radio Clubs, Bank Committee, T.R.O. Representative, Service Aaide-Terms l. YOUNG, LILLIAN Her heart is ever at your service Chevron, Service Aide-Terms 1. 83 Q. ,, 3 ,3g:r:,"' ' X H 4 ,:.r:, t4gqg i .1, . 5 V 1 ,, R Z.: M if fi -Ji'.,Q?ii?g-in ,L ,- v- f . f rvrw - Q AUTOGRAPHS 1 , g "Ji JJ- fy' new - fc-"SJ-' A SENIOR SAGA First row, reading left to right: YUCKNITZ, SOPHIE She is great who is what she is from nature Basket- ball "T", Chevron, Red Cross Certificate, "Senior Saga" Subscription Com- mittee, Special Dancing Class, Service Aide-Terms 3. ZAMPINO, EVA And ne'er did Grecian chisel trace-a finer form or a lovelier face Service Aide--Terms 3. ZARETSKY, BEATRICE The deep blue skies are mirrored in her laughing eyes Service Aide-Terms 5. ZAROOKIAN, ALICE The natural rival to a fish-a good swimmer Bronze Scholarship Pin, Chevrons, First Aid Certificate, Gold Athletic Pin, Leaders Emblem, Silver Swimming Medal, Swimming Team Emblem, Arista, Statesman, Maroon Swimming Team, Clubs, Service Aide-Terms 4. Second row, reading left to right: ZIMNEY, BENIAMIN A man of mark Biology Prize, Bronze and Silver Pin, Leaders Emblem, Spanish Certificate, Chemistry, Hi-Y, Opheloumen, Photography Clubs, "Senior Saga" Committee, Captain of Special Affairs, Color Guard, Gym Exhibition Team, Gym Leader, Lieutenant of Service Aidesg Service Aide-Terms 5. ZUTKOFF, ELIZABETH Thoughts work in silence-so does virtue Chev- ron, First Aid Certificateg Literary Club, Service Aide-Terms 2. ZULCH, FLORENCE' Firm, serene, sincere First Aid Certificateg Base- ball, Basketball, Tennis Clubs. 84 FAQULTY AUTQGRAPHS E 0 J ' QLQ, ,Va C? X7 ff f' f'L4f, M SENIOR CELEBS FA! RY DA CL A55 BEAUTY PRINCE OCLOCK SCHOLAR Kmwe QUEE PI OF Hgzgp-TS HEARTS BEAUTY . . . KATE CAPPELO IACK HORNER RALPH SCOPPA THE HERALD . . . ARTHUR MAY FAIRY DANCER . . SANTA CERAOLA TEN O'CLOCK SCHOLAR . VIRGINIA BRACKER KNAVE OF HEARTS . CHRIS FANNING GOLDILOCKS . . . TONI BERG PRINCE CHARMING . PHILIP LO MEDICO QUEEN OF HEARTS . RITA GUNTHER sf md M, TACK H 1' IE J A HST F' SONGBIRD I f I P A DUVIPTY I i 4 A I -xg , A ,. ,1 g I dv A ,I I , 515, Q 3. I I I Q? 25559 my ? A 'aj mf' A - . f M 5 n ' , A W , W ,,gg1. sn FAI RY f..,L c1o1:mQ'rrwfaf'f: PIED Pfpm CHAN KING OF HEARTS . . IACK THE GIANT KILLER . QUEEN OF SPORTS . BO PEEP . . THE PIED PIPER SONG BIRD . . HUMPTY DUMPTY . MOTHER GOOSE ARTIST . FAIRY GODMOTHER . MILTON TUCKER IERRY DE NISCO ROSE SCI-IUSTER SERA CASSANO . ROY VOGEL AELINE IOHNSON RALPH SCARFATTY IDA TARTAGLIA EVELYN IANSSEN LAST WILL AND TESTAMEIXIT CF THE We, the Senior Class of lanuary 1936, being sound of body, sound of mind Cin spite of all the faculty has done to make it otherwisel, do hereby draw up, make, constitute, leave, be- queath as well as donate, the following more or less useful ar- ticles to the following more or less useless beneficiaries: TO: Mr, Rogers Mr. Leder Mr. Durkin Mr. Hellerbach Mr. Trent L Miss Caro Miss Baylis , Mr. Casey Mrs. Goldstein Mr. Roseman Miss Scully Mr. Lerner Mrs. Lerner Miss Iaffe Mr. Newman Mr. Pasner... Mrs. Feldman Mr. Godnick Mrs. Newhall Mr. Sendler ...,., 88 A hearty vote of thanks from all those who think "You're the top," Eau de Toilette Eau de Nuit Eau de Cologne A cook book A mechanical robot to type his tests correctly and know when to leave out the hard questions A maxim silencer A course in memory training A box of grapenuts Marie Gamberelli and the Ballet Russe A piece of "Hamm" A promise for a Roosevelt anti- noise committee A copy of the criminal code so that he may brush up on his rules and regulations A rubber stamp which stamps ten zeros at a time A horse for S10 An orchid to you A lollypop to go with her jovial smile A dictaphone that has the letters already dictated A jokebook that hasn't been pubf lished A sweet disposition to harmonize with her major keys A good Sc cigar A stage hook to oust the students out of study hall An assistant to teach his classes history while he relaxes SENICR CLASS CF Mrs. Schneider. ,. , Mr. Bloom Miss Moran Mr. Elliffe Mr. Kuntz Dr. Wepner Miss Smith Miss Chapman Miss Hufeland Mr. Nagelberg l Mr. White , Mr. Lutz , , Mrs. Richards To All Eco Teachers To the English Department To the Senior Grade Advisers TRO. l To the Stockroom Squad To the Faculty , Nuttery Publics. JANUARY 1936 A case of bottled water from tloe Fountain of Youth to revive hcr when the Square Deal finally goes to press A thirty- six - hour day for her Statesman Club An addition to his vocabulary, the word being MISS A class that takes dictation at five hundred words a minute A silk cravat to show us how he will look when he is not wearing his usual bow-tie A five-year diary listing all his childrens doings "Thanks a Million" An appreciative audience for her superb acting A director's job in Hollywood An Artistic Aristocratic Arista Twenty true, trusty teachers who will get their book requests in on time and send them back when they say they will A megaphone to sing his choruses to the orchestra when directing A counter in the Lunchroom where they can sell all the "Apple- sauce" that's handed to them Pensions Writer's Cramp A mallet and a chisel to carve themselves a Senior Class that has some boys as officers A bank Marshalls book on "Graft" and thanks for past favors All homework exceeding twenty minutes ln the presence of no witness, on this day on which we are leaving the school, we, the Senior Class, departing hence with malice toward all and charity to none, especially the faculty, sign our seven-hundred names in invisible ink. Sworn before us on this day fanuary 3l, l936, ESTELLE KURTZ, ESTHER GOLDEN, KATHERINE KOTT. 89 SENIOR SAGA STAFF EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Thomas Coughlan Caroline Riel Eugene Becker Mildred Bloomfield Sylvia Drucker Herbert Essrig Esther Golden Emma Heckel Irma Herman Rita Holtz Estelle Kurtz Ioe Noto Irving Raubitschek Herman Rosen ART CHAIRMAN Val Gerolstein Muriel Daly Sylvia Kaplan Beatrice Lindenberg FACULTY ADVISER Sarah A. Taintor ART ADVISEH Anna F. Brohmer BUSINESS ADVISER Nathan I. Hellerbach SENIOR OFFICERS PRESIDENT Evelyn Ianssen VICE-PRESIDENT Rita Gunther TREASURER Orienta Franchi SECRETARIES Ieanne Appell Ruth Bloch Evelyn Colonnese Fay Haidt Eva Migdal Sylvia Ossias Mary Prior Estelle Rendelstein Victoria Russo Lucille Walsh SOCIAL Ianice Block Bella Bressick Martha Burns Anna Crede Ierry De Nisco Anna Fox Victoria Gerson Adele Helms Dorothy Heyman Doris Lindenbaum Florence Riso Ruth Schlein Miriam Siegal Shirley Spiegel Ruth Wasser Alma Wittig GIFT Helen Appleton Mary Bezak Kate Cappello Mary Filazzola Mary Gallagher Urban Higgins Miriam Hirsch Dorothy Holmer Blanche Kaplan Pauline Levine Beatrice Moore Mary O'Mara Gussie Rosenzweig Violet Rotella Beatrice Spolansky Ella Weisglass CAP AND GOWN Marie Di Martino Flora Fantoni Gladys Fieldman Esther Golden Catherine Grauer lack Grossman Rose Iracondo Leona Kishinsky Bernard Lapman Ruth Madigan Ray Manlredi Claire Nathan Sylvia Ossias Etty Reicer Lillian Schwarcz Sophie Stepkin 90 SENIOR IEWELRY Dorothy Altman Goldie Beiner Anna Buker Iewel Carosi Angeline Crisati Theresa Eutemia Berther Farber Tessie Ferrara Gladys lohnson Salvatore Lobreglio Shirley Luckson Clara Parlapiano Selma Rosentield Eugene Salmon Hilda Singer Orlando Taddonio PICTURE Frances Achenbach Dora Ajello George Barry Antoinette Cassano Sera Cassano Adeline Covello Martin Ginsburg Esther Golden Rita Gunther Alice Herman Dorothy Holmer Dorothea Lewis Helen Lichtman Ruth I. Malkin Malvina Scalenghe Freida Shapiro 1- - COMMITTEES DANCERS Estelle Aclamec Louise Bockhold Rose Bronston Santa Ceraolo Evelyn Colonnese Adeline Covello Charlotte Hein Ruth Levinson Betty Major Florence Mortz Agnes Nevin Dorothy Novarsky Estelle Nussdort Esther Palombo Miriam Siegal Claire Tannenbaum DUES Helen Appleton Virginia Bracker Rose Bronston Mollie Buono Iulius Buss Evelyn Colonnese Pearl Eisenberg Edith Findeisen Esther Golden Henry Gussardo Adele Helms Aeline Iohnson Theresa Mastrangelo lewel Perlin Pearl Raskin Mary Varanelli CAST OF RED LETTER DAY PLAY Helen Appleton George Rubin Amy Sparaco Mac Weiner COACH Hazel B. Chapman CELEBRITY Louise Boclchold Virginia Bracker Sara Cassano Edith Charles Betty Cunningham Arthur Friedman Albert Gasparrino Martin Ginsburg Sylvia Ginsberg Rita Gunther Aeline Iohnson Dorothea Lewis Annette Manfredonia Eva Migdal Richard O'Toole Charles Stoll Ida Tartaglia NOMINATING Mildred Bloomfield Ioseph Bordonaro Antoinette Cassano Flora Fantoni Orienta Franchi Vivian Gavrich Rita Gunther Thomas Hickey Mitchel Makowski Grace McManus Estelle Nussdort Anthony Romano Ilona Sternberg Gladys Warren Margaret Watson -mr KNOCK AND BOOST Mario Aquino Archie Campbell Erido Caputo Eugene Ciardulli Mabel Cooke Kevin Cronin Florence Cumber Marie Dilorio Walter Glover Albert Gasparrino Florence Holmer Victoria Gerson Ray Gorman Rita Holz Pearl Itzkowitz Ioseph Kellner Ruth Levinson lulian Lewis Lucille Liberman Virginia Lown Mitchel Makowski Fay Markowitz Richard O'Toole Ann Porter Estelle Rendelstein Caroline Rief Herman Rosen Ralph Scoppa Louis Soier Amy Sparaco Gladys Warren Dora Weinstein Meyer Woodman SAGA SUBSCRIPTION Dora Ajello Laura Brinberg Catherine Camuto Antoinette Cassano William Fiederlein Thomas Fitzsimons Palma Galiero Dorothy Gottlieb Adele Kaufman Miriam Konrad lulius Kummer Charles Messina lewel Perlin Edgar Unker Sophie Yucknitz Benjamin Zimney REALIZATION It was over now. The dream of four years had become a reality at last. Yet, where was the satisfaction that should have followed? She only felt weak and very empty inside. A lump rose in her throat which she could not swallow, and tears stung her eyes. The campus was deserted. It was the fifth period, she thought dully. She looked up to the first floor. Yes, there was the economics room in which she had spent so many difficult periods pouring over the Federal Reserve System. Somewhere, it seemed very far off to her, a bell rang announcing the end of the fifth period. Coming out of her revery, she started forward as if in a hurry, but remembrance overwhelmed her, and her face again assumed its listless expression. A long line of students emerged from the building. She re- mained standing in the same place. Her eyes were riveted to the spot where she had spent so many happy hours, but realization of them only overwhelmed her now. She had left the protecting arms of school to go out into a world in which one either con- quered or was conquered. She knew now, that she would readily give it all up if only she could once more be part of the life from which she was now severed. One last look, and she slowly turned and made her way across the campus, into a world of reality. RUTH SCHLESINGER GRADUATION Graduation is a joyous occasion Full of celebration and fun. For those who don the cap and gown lt is another step upwards On the stairs of life. Happy, smiling, triumphant One and all As they sit Diplomas clutched in hands Listening with ears that do not hear Looking with eyes that do not see At the exercises Dreaming of what is yet to come Happiness, Success, Triumphs, Achievements. They are not thinking Of those left behind. SYLVIA MOSKOWITZ 92 In ll i E xJ F-1 I I X .T-.... -i-i YI! -1--i--Q KJ ,.1....f.5 1' ..4-'HL' 32 an' ADS ln OFFICIAL IEWELERS TO THEODORE ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL fr I AL' Wh 4 f 9 0 9 ' 4..,,,A MWA mf-r mm DIEGES 6. CLUST 15 JOHN STREET New York Ciiy BOSTON CHICAGO NEW ORLEANS PITTSBURGH CLASS PINS cmd RINGS Frcxterniiy, Club and Society Pins of All Descriptions MEDALS-CUPS-TROPHIES-PLAQUES PRINTING ESTABLISHED 1909 WE SPECIALIZE EXCLUSIVELY IN S C H O L ASTIC PUBLICATIONS Phone SPring 7-6612 BAGNASCO PRINTING CO. 155 Woos'rEn sr. NEW YORK, N. Y. PACE INSTITUTE 225 BROADWAY NEW YORK Announcement Announcement is made of the registration by the State Education Department of the State of New York, as of the beginning of the present academic year CSeptember, 19353, of the four-year day school curriculum and the six-year evening school curriculum of the School of Accountancy Practice of Pace Institute. The registration will entitle the graduates of these courses to such experience credit as may be authorized by the regulations of the Commissioner of Education from time to time as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the C.P.A. certificate. The registration will also cover the recognition of these courses as qualifying students who complete them tand who are otherwise eligiblel for admission to the C.P.A, exami- nations subsequent to lanuary 1, 1938, as provided by Section l498a of the Education Law. The substance of the foregoing is that the accountancy courses offered by the School ot Accountancy Practice of Pace Institute in preparation tor the examination for the certificate of certified public accountant have been accredited by the State Education Department. HOMER S. PACE President Phone ACc:1demy 2-8484 DAVID GRUNI-IUT PRINTER PRINTING THAT APPEALS 150 WEST 99th STREET New York Tel. RAymond 9-8848 - FOrdham 4-8749 THOMAS KEGAN QUALITY FLOWERS BLOSSOM FLOWER SHOP. Inc. 2539 WEBSTER AVENUE N.W. Cor. Fordham Road MEMBER F. T. D.-FLOWERS DELIVERED EVERYWHERE BRONX, N. Y. A Rscsnven ovER IIJUU EMPLOYMENT CALLS g SEND FOR new COMPLETE BULLETIN FOR OUR Dnv: NIGHT? 6, QFTER Qusmess Posmous SECURED SUBWAY CONGESTION ATTEND UPTOWN DRAKE SCHOOLS S3CP,Ilg'EMfD6LDl ,nm -, v -v L A 1 856914 ' WAGNER Bunwmo aww FHLLELRTIIIJIEICTR-:NS CoucoukSeZ?hg1HIYvIuun 9-3500 LWFSWNQIQLHFIQNTSEESTBEEPQSLNWHOLAS AVE-' 7Pfw"4ELVl60?!'9RlHQZ090 fA,fe-v"f"' Trfvr '--- -.X J , 11716 Zlllifl? lf ,I sm xt, s X J ZQ- K' illsililh-gifs' i X .xxkx ., ja, 3,f5'i.X4? NEWAYOIZK A ' , My Ex i N s l X fir Q : ff in X 5 ff , I if ., 2 A ,4,,,5i.IE.gL,b f at vlgwlf,1' 1 l fi :Mj,.3fj 3' wi-'55 X 'll, .1 :. - was A SIMPLE LESSON IN ANATOMY Attaining high scholastic results, re- quires a clear head . . . Retaining a clear head requires a healthy body . . . Maintaining a healthy loody, requires essential vitamins- l - X 5LONDE5 WN' 5 N1 Bratz' ho reall -Saba' 06356 vi mi 5 19 ge we Creiess o ae, -opmesto eak Q00 A he' . vfgxsbgut axyea S 59195 gl gedheat Bidet mbei' of cafes :GWR 305' the 0 595 W 'wa i svdfloo' Q0 W W 0 5. l tbetevs :dog 9' ima i0uS SPO be V l As contained in the rich Orange ,fav io, Q Iuice used in making Nedicks Fresh Qvatt Fruit Orange Drink! ' o"""' E" N4 - - 165 C 'lt twill Sold in Roosevelt High School Cafe- Vggglfv I ty d l1Nd'k' sr . 'W eng an G e lc S Ores Produced Under the System of Laboratory Proiection OPPORTUNITIES for High School Graduates There are more opportunities for employment in the field of business today than in any other profession. Many high school principals advise students who have no definite plans to take business courses, Rhodes School offers courses leading to Secretarial, Accounting and Execuf tive positions in business. Time required depends upon course selected and previous education. High School commercial course graduates complete advanced training quickly and are entitled to employment assistance. FREE PLACEMENT BUREAU DAY AND EVENING SESSION Regents Academic Subjects for Those 1071 SIXTH AVENUE AT 41st STREET Who D9Sil'9 CI Opposite Bryant Park and New York Library High School Diploma Telephone LOngacre 5-3504 LTQTLTLT Was a Boy Eighty-two years ago STEPHENS sold good coal, gave honest weight, never dis- appointed in service. Today, as then, the same firm carries on with no change in I I policy, no let-up in meeting every exi- gency the times demand. Buy "PITTSTON" anthracite for that "Service of Satisfaction." I IIC- i. C009 IHC' Executive 0lllces: . . 220 nan laarn sm. Highest QWMY MottHlven 9-4500 'ngnuf and Products Mnnbn' ofCoal Comumfn ge, '61 ,-5 Pratcrtiw Anariation fgrr pniig 'TLTLTLTL STRATHMCDRE PRESS 45 12052 STREET PRINTERS CDF Tl-IE SENICDR S A G A E -3-EXW TP-I 1 4.0 l 9 y HHN IMI F B C S in - ll i..."""'ll".' 1 .- . l ' N ll iii I 1 ll I ul l ' 'ui INN Ill ,,, ull! K . II x E END 393 K . Wm ' f " Q . gig? ' W? Wifffzffg wa wwfffff, fffig Az. J 54, flax Wm ,JZ WEL Vfffgn Cnxbonh f'WWf2?!73g . 'AT TTL ,A4f4A- figlf M W, XLJWMDQ fu . bw M4 M7560 wfic AMWLLML yfuywjwwfvl ,f 1 .qu a , ,, , ff' . iuff 'uw . Lf: - 3'-4. 'Efi'-if '- . , :g.,f "Tf"fvS1EfE,, .fi " 3' h is-it' 92295 X,-1., X X " """' ' 'ii 3. ' ' "':7'-asv . , -. V . . , . , 1":'."..,v - f- ',,. 1 1, 1-'Hr -W-V - -14' - - ' x U' .nm S I K r 1 w 4 1 31 11 1 w f P .3 Q , 3 4 f, ii f i 'J A 5

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