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Pif I ' i 1964 THEODORIAN Y -r?0WOl5 ji 5 jyr ' injs - J W ■ j s The 19th Edition of THE THEODORIAN Recalls For You... THE 19TH EDITION OF THE THEODORIAN THEODORE HIGH SCHOOL, THEODORE, ALABAMA Staff Editor-in-chief: Juliann Kulakowski Goyie Lovell Linda Riels Advertising Manager: Sue Harris Jackie Carpenter Sherry Burdine Bookkeeper: James Foley Rebecca Slade Jeannine Cottingham Circulation Manager: Bobby Lombard Helen Stillmon Linda Young Betty Jo Ridings [ 2 ] [ 3 ] UjecirS o [ 4 ] p reparauon 2p tli Jne Ujeari o J- reparation kav laid a foundation wlticlt openi to ui wider avenues of choice it Selectina a life A worn. [ 5 ] - . ontnd ojf [ 6 ] illontlts of itudu in manu fielai oroaaens our viiion of the world. ..ili opportuniti ana iti needs. r [7] WeeL of lA eeKi Of reiponiibilitu nave itrenatnenea our aoilitu to recoanize, oraanize ana execute taihs wnicn are needful to ourieCuei, our icnooly ana our iocietu, Une Student i ouncii Aumooiizei the manu areai of reiponiioiliti in wnicn we participate. K [ 8 ] rseJpondlmiliu [ 9 ] " .i ' lj ance eJjaui of piau itrenatlten tite mind and insure the proper baia of mind and oodu. Zror uS J- kuiicat Witness ii a neceiiit i todaui citanaina world. J ourd of J oun of excitement j-ocui attention on the well rounded iocial life of todau i uoutlt. oLoohina oacn, we rememoer tne ininina nouti tliat iparhCe. p V «3 [ 12 ] C xclti emen t [ 13 ] D ffloments of- honor came to iome of us. lAJe accepted it aratefuttu, uet hnowina tltat there were ntanu others equattu deierving. of it. IN APPRECIATION Mr. John W. Jackson has given able leadership as principal of Theodore High School for six years. He has added a number of courses to our curriculum giving us a wider choice of study. These include Latin, Spanish, French, Psychology, Mechanical Drawing, Art, Chorus, and four Advanced Math courses. Mr. Jackson initiated the re-organization of the Student Council which has become a vital force in our school. The School Store, coke machines and candy machines are among other ideas from his desk— ideas designed to benefit the student in every area possible. He has reminded us that with " privilege goes responsibility, " and we have grown in our ability to assume responsibility. Through his guidance our faculty has developed a Curriculum Improvement Program with many features to aid us in the learning process. For these and other things, the Student Body of Theodore High School expresses appreciation. DEDICATION He has been a real pal. His leadership and good example will leave an ever- lasting impression upon the minds of those who come in contact with him. His patient, understanding nature has given many of us stability in our times of difficulty. His co- operation and interest in the students have led many activities to success. In deep appreciation the Senior Class of 1964 dedicates the Nineteenth Edition of THE THEODORIAN to Dale Austin. [ 17 ] V,,i ft ' ; [ 19 ] ADMINISTRATION 4 J. W. Jackson Principal B.S., Troy State College M.S., Auburn University Katherine H. Hankins Assistant Principal B.S., Livingston State College Pearl G. Haskew Co-ordinator Theodore Curriculum Improvement Program B.S., Livingston State College [ 20 ] Jewel Douglas Secretary Tressie Broome Bookkeeper a, " X Lora Jones Registrar Alice Clark Cafeteria Manager STAFF Mary Alice Alston Secretary FACULTY Dale Austin University of North Carolina A.B., M.Ed. French, English, Health and Personal Development Mary Blarkmarr University of Alabama, A.B. Librarian Thomas Averett Spring Hill College, B.S. Social Studies Health and Personal Development Constance Bolton Livingston State College, B.S. Health and Personal Development Jo Ann Bischoff Auburn University, B.S. Science Harry Bradley FloricJa Southern College, B.A. Mathematics [ 22 ] Mary C. Brown Auburn University, B.S. Science B -. " " - K Oliver Collins Syracuse University, A.B. Social Studies John Brumfield University of Southern Mississippi, B.S. Mathematics John Coulter William Carey, B.A. Social Studies Lou Bryan University of Alabama, B.S., M.S. Science Georgia Crawley Mississippi State College for Women, B.S. Home Economics David Christensen University of Minnesota, B.S. Mechanical Drawing Samuel Davis Livingston State College, B.S. Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts [ 23 ] Curtis A. Douglas, Sr. Howard College, A.B. Physical Education Football Coach iris Gay Ethridge Howard College, B.S. Physical Education hi m ' William K. Douglas University of Alabama, B.S. Industrial Arts Alvin Gautreaux University of Southern Mississippi, M.M.E. Band Anita Edwards Auburn University, M.Ed. Mathematics Betty Griffith Asbury College, A.B. Language Richard Edwards University of Southern Mississippi, B.S. English Bookkeeping m Mft 4 Wayne Hammock Auburn University University of Alabama, B.S. Science 24 i " ■ s»» I Shelby Jean Hancock University of Southern Mississippi, B.S. Social Studies Health and Personal Development Sharon Holies University of Southern Mississippi, B.S. English - Johnnie Huffman University of Southern Mississippi, B.S. Health and Personal Development Robert Kellogg Davidson College, B.S. Mathematics Robin Kendall United States Military Academy, B.S. Mathematics William C. Kirk University of Southern Mississippi, M.Ed. Social Studies Patsy Hughes William Carey College, B.A. English Carl Knotts University of Southern Mississippi, B.S. Science 25 o Delvin Lathan Livingston State College, B.S. Social Studies Baseball Coach Joy Mackey William Carey College, B.S. Physical Education Charles Mafhison Troy State College, B.S. Social Studies William McElroy Livingston State College, B.S. Physical Education Roger McVay University of Southern Mississippi, B.S. Social Studies Psychology Robert Nicholson University of Southern Mississippi, M.S. Mathematics Basketball Coach Nell Dean Parker Mississippi College, B.S. business Rubye K. Slade Howord College, A.B. Social Studies 26 Emily R. Stephenson Troy State College, B.S. General Music Choral Director Carolyn Toomey University of Southern Mississippi, B.S. Business Yvonne Walker Spring Hill College, B.S. English George Whitt University of Alabama, A.B. Tulane University, M.S.W. Coordinator of Guidance Services Health and Personal Development Catherine Williams Delta State College, B.S. English Health and Personal Development Edna Wilson Auburn University, B.S., M.S. English Health and Personal Development J Kotherine Weaver Auburn University, M.S. Mississippi State University, M.S. English NOT PICTURED Nora Hobbie Bobbie Moskot Larry Myers William T. Smith (Second Semester) Mrs. McCollum, English Mrs. Betty Burrell, Home Economics CLERICAL ASSISTANTS Mrs. Martha Rossen, Mathematics Mrs. Dorothy Moore, Mathematics 1 gir -! ' . 1 M H % li H-_ - 1 28 Policewoman, Mrs. Johnson Plant Engineer, Bob Chason BUS DRIVERS: Mrs. Wigham, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Kinsey, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Weeks, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Ridings BW 1 . i I 29 ] SENIOR OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER TED WHITE JIM PETTY CAROLYN WILLIAMS CORKY SULLIVAN [ 30 ] Alexander Joe Benson, Alice |i:l Allen, Shirley Armstrong, Pot Bloin, Charles Bouler, Stanley Bortlett, Patricia Boutwell, Douglas Barton, Diane [ 31 Boyles, Alice Boyles, Martha Breckenridge, Danny Brown, Lovinia I Burdine, Sherry H ' I Burrage, Bill ■ Wk Busby, Houston Cope, Linda Carpenter, Jackie Carpenter, Milton Ccsselo, Patricia [ 32 ] Champion, Vivian Cockrell, Wayne Chestnut, Margie l Chew, Eileen Clark, Sidney [ 33 ] Coleman, Sue Cooper, Joyce Corbit James — f Cottingham, Jeannine Curry, Joyce Dixon, Roy Davidson, Johnny Dunn, Glenda ? ilP Davis, Robert Davis, William Deas, Richard Dyal, Vincent Eike, Mike Finch, Peggy Sue [ 34 ] Jhk tk James Foley Mike Garner Danny Giles M Tommy Gilmore T I ! Mike Givens 5 Keys play for 1963 Junior-Senior Prorr fit J A ri Greeff, Joan Hall, Mike Harris, Sue a Hawthorne, Judy y Hobson, William £. Jackson, Pat Jay, James Johnson, Charles Johnston, Aaron 4lfe King, Kathy 36 ] Knoor, Patricia Lappage, Barbara 4tW Koch, Donald Kulakowski, Juliann Layfham, Lillian Lombard, Robert Lambert, Gloria Langhom, Pauline [ 37 ] Long, Linda Long, Mike Lovell, Gayle Maxwell, Ralph McClure, Violet McCollum, Ross £ [ 38 ] n McConnell, Tommy McLaney, Johnny McLeod, Donald McQuirter, Paul Meatyard, Billie jF ' Miller, George n tM Mitchell, Phyllis Montee, Connie Montgomery, Charles Montgomery, Dorothy Mooney, Janet Moore, Bobby Morgan, Ronnie Morgan, Ronny Naylor, Paulette [ 39 ] Happy Junio 1963 Prort f. Jane Nelson Earline Perry Jim Petty 40 Plyler, Joy -, N . Poole, Mary Joe Powers, Eugene Pritcheft, Sandra Ramsey, Barbara Reynolds, Owen Ridings, Bettye Jo Riels, Lynda Ralston, Charlotte [ 41 ] Salter, Gayle Scoft, Russell n Ar. " Smith, Arthur V- Sellers, Virginia - 1 Sims, Gene Slade, Rebecca Sloan, Margie Smith, Edgar Stevens, Joe Stillman, Helen Summeriin, David [ 42 ] 1 Summerlin, Sandra Thompson, Myrtle Sullivan, Corkey Synder, Jimmy Tafe, Susie Thomas, Anthony [ 43 ] Torbert, Larry Touchstone, Danny Treherne, Kathy .r-. Tunstall, Bobby A Turner, Patricia Tyson, Kenneth Wages, Clark Westbrook, George Wheat, Mary Louise r White, Judy Walker, Joe Williams, Carolyn ••kM. Waldorf, Ruth White, Ted [ 44 ] Charlie Joe Williams Vickey Williams Ralph Wilson Carolyn Young Linda Young 1963 graduation scene will soon be repeated (or 130 seniors this year. A H 1 • 2 SL S i ' i m. k r •1 J 1 I If ' KM Wm W SENIOR DIRECTOR Y ALEXANDER, JOE: Science Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4; Teacher ' s Assistant 4. ALLEN, SHIRLEY LOUISE: Beto Club 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Cheer- leader 4; Sweetheart 2,3,4; Who ' s Who 2,3,4; Class officer 3; Homecoming court 2. ARMSTRONG, PATRICIA: Spanish Club 2; Gray Ladies 2; Future Homemakers of America 2; Future Nurses ' Club 4; Chorus 2. BARTLETT, PATRICIA; Chorus 1,4; Speech Club 2; Dramatics Club 1; Art Club 1; Junior Red Cross of Americo 1. BARTON, DIANE; Beta Club 3,4; Chorus 4; Future Nurses ' Club 4. BENSON, ALICE: Bowling Club 3; Tennis Club 4, officer 4; Pep club 1,2; Moth club 1. BLAIN, CHARLES BOULER, STANLEY. Football manager 4. BOUTWELL, DOUGLAS BOYLES, ALICE: Chorus 1; Teacher ' s Assistant 4; F.H.A. 1. BOYLES, MARTHA: Chorus 1; French Club 2; Pep Club 2; Future Homemakers of America 1, Teacher Assistant 3,4. BRECKENRIDGE, DANNY: Baseball 1; Teacher ' s assistant 2; Science Club 3. BROWN, LAVINIA: Who ' s Who 1,2,3,4; Office Assistant 4; Student Council 2,3; Spanish Club 2. BURDINE, SHERRY: French Club 2; Speech Club 2; Pep Club 1,2,3; THEODORIAN 4. BURRAGE, BILLY BUSBY, HOUSTON: Bond 1,2. CAPE, LINDA: C-Club 1; Pep Club 1; YTeens 1, officer 1; Teacher Assistant 2,4; Library Assistant 1,2,3; Intramural sports 1,3,4; Cafe- teria Assistant 2,4. CARPENTER, JACKIE: Who ' s Who 1,2,4; Beta Club 2,3,4, Officer 4; Class officer 1; Basketball 3,4; THEODORIAN 4; Homecoming Court 1,2; Teacher Assistont 3,4; " T " Club 3,4. CARPENTER, MILTON: Footboll 2,3,4; " T " Club 3,4; Who ' s Who 1,3; Baseball 1; Teacher ' s Assistant 3; Student Council 1; Track 4. CASSELLA, PATRICIA: Beta Club 2,3,4; Who ' s Who 2,3; Library Assistant 2,3,4. CHAMPION, VIVIAN: Future Nurses ' Club 1,4; Teacher ' s Assistant 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Drum Majorette 4; F.H.A. 2. CHESTNUT, MARGIA SUE: Pep Club 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Teacher ' s Assistont 3. CHEW, EILEEN: Pep Club 1,2; Teacher ' s Assistant 2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Bowling 2,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Intramural 2,3. CLARK, NANNETTE: F.H.A. 2,3, Officer 3; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Red Cross Representative; Who ' s Who 1,3,4; Art Club 1,4; Intramurals 1,3; Bowling Club 2,3; Chorus 1; Tennis Club 3,4; Sweetheart 4. CLARKE, SIDNEY: Art Club 1. COCKRELL, WAYNE: Football 3,4; Track 4; Baseball 1,2,3; Science Club 3; " T " Club 4. COLEMAN, SUE: Student Council 1,2,3,4, officer 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; Who ' s Who 3. COOPER, JOYCE: Beta Club 3,4; Chorus 2,4; Bowling Club 2; Pep Club 2; Dramatics Club 3. CORBITT, JAMES: Who ' s Who 2,4; Theodorian 4; Electronics Club 2; Bowling Club; Intromurol Basketball. COTTINGHAM, JEANNINE: Beta Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Student Council 1; THEODORIAN 4. CURRY, JOYCE: Beta Club 2,3,4; Treasurer of Beta Club 4; Library Assistant 4. DAVIDSON, JOHN A., JR.: Beta Club 2,3,4, Officer 4; RED WHITE 1; Science Club 1,2,3,4, Officer 2; Electronics Club 2,3, Officer 2; Teacher Assistant 2; Who ' s Who 2,3,4; Class Officer 3; Art Club 2,3; Bobcat Key 3. DAVIS, ROBERT: Teacher ' s Assistant 4; Homecoming Court 4. DAVIS, WILLIAM: Science Club 1; Base Boll 1,2; Bond 1,2,3,4. DEAS, RICHARD: Baseball 1,2,3,4; TClub 3,4; Science Club 3,4. DIXON, RAY: Teacher ' s Assistant 1,2,3,4. DYAL, VINCENT: Baseball 1,2; F.F.A. 1,2; Teacher ' s Assistant 3,4. EIKE, MICHAEL: Teacher ' s Assistant Club 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Science Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1. FINCH, PEGGY SUE: Class Officer 1; Who ' s Who 1,3,4; Sweet- heart 2; Homecoming Court 1,4, Queen 4; Beta Club 3,4; Chorus 2,3,4, Officer 2,4; Student Council 4; Teacher Assistant 4. FOLEY, JAMES: Football 1; Beta Club 2,3,4; THEODORIAN 4. GALLOWAY, RONALD: Football 2,3; Track 2,4; Red Cross Representa- tive 3; Yellow Jacket Reporter 3; Intramural Basketball 3; THEO- DORIAN 4. GARNER, MIKE: Chorus 2; Art Club 2,3,4. GILES, DANNY: Band 1,2; Teacher Assistant 3. GILMORE, TOMMY: Football 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; All-Conference Football 4; Track 1; Teacher Assistant 3,4; Who ' s Who 1,2,3. GIVENS, MIKE: Newspoper 1; Speech Club 1; Spanish Club 2; Judo Club 2; Tumbling Club 2. GREEFF, JOAN HALL, MIKE: Baseball 1,2,3,4. HARRIS, SUE: Student Council 1,2,3; Class Officer 2; Art Club 1; Who ' s Who 3; Cheerleader 4; F.H.A. 1,2; Sweetheort 2; Beta Club 2,3,4; THEODORIAN 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Tennis Club 4. HAWTHORNE, JUDY ANN: Band 1,2,3,4; Bond Council 4; F.H.A. 2,3, Officer 3. HOBSON, WILLIAM: Basketball 1,2,3,4. JAY, JAMES H.: Class Officer 2. JOHNSON, CHARLES: Beta Club 2,3,4; Student Council 1,3,4; As- sistant Teocher 3; F.F.A. 1, Officer 1; Science Club 1,3,4; Tennis Club 4. JOHNSTON, AARON: Football 1,2,3,4; Mobile County Conference 3,4; Who ' s Who 3. KING, KATHY: Beta Club 2,3,4; Who ' s Who 1,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Mascot 4; Student Council 2; Library Assistant 2; Office Assistant 3. KNORR, PATRICIA: Chorus 1,2,3,4; Science Club I; Teacher Assistant 4; F.H.A. 2; Intramurals 3,4. KOCH, DONALD A.: Spanish Club 2,3,4; Science Club 3,4; Teacher Assistant 4. KULAKOWSKI, JULIANN; THEODORIAN 4, Editor 4; Student Council 1; Science Club 3, Officer 3; F.N.A. 1,2, Officer 2; Beta Club 2,3,4; Chorus 4, Officer 4; Who ' s Who 2,3,4; BOBCAT KEY Editor 3; Pep Club I; Teacher ' s Assistant 4. LAMBERT, GLORIA: Chorus 2,4; Who ' s Who 2,4; Sweetheart 2,4. LANGHAM, PAULINE; FH.A. 1,3,4; F.N. A. 2; Library Assistant 4. LAPPAGE, BARBARA; Pep Club 1; Junior Beta Club 1; Beta Club 2,3,4, Spanish Club 2. LEYTHAM, LILLIAN LOMBARD, BOBBY; Beta Club 2,3,4; Football 4; Track 4; Student Council 1,3; Baseball 1,3; Who ' s Who 2; THEODORIAN 4. LONG, LINDA; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Intramural 3. LONG, MICHAEL; Teacher ' s Assistant 3,4; Pep Club 3; Projector Club 1; Library Assistant 1. LOVELL, GAYLE: Beta Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; Science Club 3, Officer 3; THEODORIAN 3,4; Student Council 4. MAIER, CHIP; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Track 2; Who ' s Who 2,4; " T " Club 3,4; Teachers Assistant 3. MAXWELL, RALPH; Teacher Assistant 4. McCLURE, VIOLET: Chorus 1,3,4; Pep Club 1. McCOLLUM, ROSS; Spanish Club 4, Officer 4. McCONNELL, THOMAS McLANEY, JOHNNY; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Teacher Assistant 3,4. McLEOD, WAYNE; F.F.A. 1; Baseball 2; Student Council 3; Teacher Assistant 3. McQURTER, PAUL MEATYARD, BILLIE; Cheerleader 2,3,4, Head Cheerleader 4; Class Officer 1; Office Assistant 4; intromurals 2; Student Council 1,2,3; Pep club 1,2,3,4; Who ' s Who 1,2,3,4; Miss T.H.S. 4; Sweetheart 3,4. MILLER, GEORGE; Who ' s Who 3,4; Tennis Club 3. MITCHELL , PHYLLIS: F.H.A. 1; Bowling Club 2; Student Council 3,4, Officer 4; THEODORIAN 4; Intromurals 2; Foreign Language Club 2. MONTEE, CARMEN; F.H.A. 2,3; F.T.A. 1; Chorus 1. MONTGOMERY, CHARLES: Cafeteria Assistant 4. MONTGOMERY, DOROTHY; F.H.A. 3,4; President 4; Cafeteria As- sistant 2,3,4. MOONEY, JANET: F.H.A. 1,2,3, Officer 1,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Library Assistant 1, Officer 1; Honor Society 1; Bowling Club 2; Foreign Language Club 2; Science Club 4, Officer 4; Student Council 4. MOORE, ROBERT; Who ' s Who 1,3. MORGAN, RONALD; Football 1; Bond 2,3,4; Teacher Assistant 3,4. NAYLOR, PAULETTE; Beta Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Office Assistant 4; Cafeteria Assistant 4. NELSON, ERIC: Basketball 2,3,4; THE RED AND THE WHITE 1. NELSON, JANE: Chorus 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 2; Teacher Assistant 2,4. PERRY, EARLENE: Chorus 1; Cafeteria Assistant 1,2; Pep Club 1; Library 2,3; Newspaper 4; Intromurals 4. PETTY, JIM; Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2; Baseball 2; Class Officer 4; Chorus 3,4, Officer 4; Student Council 4; Intromurals 2,4; Teacher Assistant 2,4; Who ' s Who 4. PLYLER, JOY; F.H.A. 2,3,4. POOLE, MARY JOE; F.H.A. 1,2; Science Club 3; Student Council 2,3. POWERS, EUGENE; Track 3,4; Science Club 3,4. PRITCHETT, SANDRA: Chorus 1,2,3,4; Office Assistant 4; Cafeteria Assistant 4; Pep Club 3. RALSTON, CHARLOTTE; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Majorette I; YTeens 1. RAMSEY, BARBARA: Chorus 1,2,3,4; Officer 2,3; Teacher Assistant 2,3,4; Majorette 1; YTeens 1. REYNOLDS, OWEN; Science Club 1,4. RIDINGS, BETTYE; Pep Club 1; Science Club 1,2,3, Officer 2; Debat- ing Club 2; Art Club 2; Student Council 1,2; F.H.A. 1; Class Officer 2; Foreign Languoge Club 2,3; Library Assistant 1; Intramural 2,3. RIEIS, LYNDA: Beta Club 3,4, Officer 4; Science Club 4, Officer 4; Newspaper 4; THEODORIAN 4; Who ' s Who 2; Dramatics Club 2; Pep Club 1; Student Council 1,2,3; BOBCAT KEY 3. RUSHING, DONNIE: Boseboll 1,2,3,4; Beta Club 1,2,3. SALTER, GAYLE: F.H.A. 2,3; Office Assistant 3; Who ' s Who 1. SCOTT, RUSSELL; Football 2,3; Chorus 1,2; Band 3,4; Student Council 2,3. SELLERS, VIRGINIA; Student Council 1,3; F.H.A. 1; Office Assistant 4; F.T.A. 1; BOBCAT KEY 3. SIMS, MICHAEL EUGENE; Baseball 1; Intramural 1,2,3. SLADE, REBECCA; Student Council 1,3,4; Beta Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 4, Science Club 4, Officer 4; THEODORIAN 4; Spanish Club 4; Chorus 1; F.H.A. 2,3, Officer; Bowling Club 3. SLAUGHTER, PAULA; Class officer 1; F.H.A. 1,2; Office Assistant 3; Teacher Assistant 4. SLOAN, MARGIE: G.A.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Cheerleader 3; Press Club 3; Notional Honor Society 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Who ' s Who 4; Lettermen ' s Club. SMITH, ARTHUR: Science Club 1. SMITH, EDGAR; Bond 1,2. SNYDER, JIMMY; Band 1,2. STEVENS, JOSEPH: Basketball 1,2; Football 1; Science Club 1,2; Bowling Club 3; Intramural 2,3. STILLMAN, HELEN: F.H.A. 1,2; Officer 1; Student Council 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Science Club 4; Officer 4; THEODORIAN 4; Beta Club 3,4; Teachers Assistant 3; Bowling Club 3. SULLIVAN, RONALD: Chorus 4; Who ' s Who 4; Class Officer 4. SUMERLIN, DAVID: Chorus 1,2,3; Electronics Club 2; Art Club 1. SUMMERLIN, SANDRA: F.H.A. 1,2; Office Assistant 3; Intromurals 3. TATE, ELIZABETH: Chorus 1,2,3,4; F.N. A. 1; F.H.A. 4, Officer 4; Office Assistant 4; Cafeteria Assistant 3; Intramural 4. THOMAS, TONY; Football 1,2,3,4; Who ' s Who 4; Bond 1,2; Track 2,3; Teacher Assistant 3,4; Art Club 3,4; Bowling 2. THOMPSON, MYRTLE; F.H.A. 3; Cafeteria Assistonl 3; Intramural 2,3. TORBERT, LARRY: F.T.A. 1; Football 2; Teacher Assistant 2; Science Club 3,4, Officer 4; Office Assistant 3. TOUCHSTONE, DANNIE TREHERNE, KATHY; Class Officer 1; Student Council 2,3; Chorus 1,2,3,4, Officer 1; Teacher Assistant 2; Pep Club 3,4; Intramural 3; Who ' s Who 4. TUNSTALL, ROBERT; Chorus 2, Bond 1,2; Art Club 1,2; F.F.A. 2; Intramural 3. TURNER, PATRICIA ANN: F.H.A. 2; Chorus 1,2,3; Alabama All Stole Chorus 3; Pep Club 1,2; Cafeteria Assistant 4. WAGES, CLARK: Bond 1,2,3,4. WALDORF, RUTH: Red Cross 1; Pep Club 1,2; Bowling Club 2; Library Staff 1,2. WALKER, JOE; Spanish Club 3; Baseball 1; Basketball 1; F.F.A. 1,2; Teacher Assistant 4. WESTBROOK, GEORGE; Office Assistant 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2. WHEAT, LOUISE WHITE, JUDY; Who ' s Who 2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1; Office Assistant 4. WHITE, TED; Baseball 1; Who ' s Who 3,4; Class Officer 4; Bowling Club 2; Teacher Assistant 3. WILLIAMS, CAROlYN; F.H.A. 1; Beta Club 2,3,4; Class Officer 2,4; Teacher Assistant 2; Office Assistant 3,4; Spanish Club 4. WILLIAMS, CHARLIE JOE; Art Club 1; F.F.A. 1; Basketball Manager 2,3,4; Chorus 3,4. WILLIAMS, VICKEY; Science Club 2; Art Club I, Officer 2; Intromurals 1,2,3; Who ' s Who 1,2,3,4; Sweetheart 1,3; Azalea Trail 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4, Officer 2,4; Class Officer 2; Bowling Club 2; Student Council 1,2; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,23; Teacher Assistant 4. WILSON, RALPH, JR.: F.F.A. 1,2. YOUNG, CAROLYN: Chorus 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Science Club 1; F.T.A. 1; Intromurals 1,2,3,4. YOUNG, LINDA: Beta Club 3,4; Chorus 4; F.N.A. 1; Dramatic Club 2; THEODORIAN; Honor Society 1; Office Assistont 2. JVmOR OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER CHARLIE REED JERRIE ANN DAVIDSON CINDY REINHART LINDA STRICKLAND [ 48 ] Adams, Rita Alston, Sharon Arnold, Angle Avaritt, Hoyward Avinger, Keith Ayers, Ruth Ann Bacon, Rodney Barfield, Faye Barnes, Bill Bornett, Elizabeth Bornett, Glen (not pictured) Beasley, Lynda Bell, Alvin Berry LaWonda Blizzard, Tommy Booker, Alice Boykin, Nancy Branun ' 1, Frankie Branurr 1, Gerald Brister, Becky Brookins, Kenneth Brown, Danny Brown, Louis Brown, Martha Brown, Nathaniel (not pictured) Brownlee, Brenda Busby, Luwana fspfhP 4 :«F Buzbee, Joan Byrd, Sherry Cannon, Dionne Carpenter, Johnny Coles, Don ' . ' Cervolo, Virginia Christie, Virginia Clements, Billy Coker, Dwight Collins, Margie { Co!vin, ionns Cosgrove, Melvin (not pictured) Cowan, Elizobeth Cowan, Leslie Crenshaw, John Donnelly, Gory Dovis, Jerry Dovis, Judy Davis, Roger DeLong, Margaret Demetropolis, Donna Dempsey, Willi DeRosett, Gino Downey, Mike Downey, Wilda Drew, Wondo Dunning, Claude Dykes, Ronnie Easterling, Lorry Edwards. Richard Ellet, Linda Enoch, Donald Estes, Billle Jean Forrar, Vicki Farris, Carolyn Forver, Mike (not pictured) Fields, Jimmy Fisher, Emma Sue Folmor, CharioMe Foring, Gwen Frederickson, Done Freeman, Carolyn Gonos, Pot Garner, Steve Gates, Eugene Gouse, Sonny Gibson, Ann Gibson, Margie (not pictured) Gibson, Voncllle Gilmore, Lorry Godfrey, Jerry Golf, Donald Gollotte, Cecil J Hall, Howard Graves, Ray Greeff, Carol Henderson, Shirley Hanson, Sylv Harmon, Roge Hickman, Brenda Hicks, Jeff Hildebrand, Royce [ 52 ] Hodges, Wayne Holloway, Wade Houston, Becky Howard, Zora Huggins, Lorry Irving, Danette Joy, Richard Jernigan, Charles Johnston, Barbara Johnston, Russell Jones, Shelton Keller, Ira Kemp, Marie Kloeckener, Mory Lamb, Carolyn Lambert, James Leytham, Glenda Litton, Don Lockler, Alice Long, Jimmy Long, Larry Loper, Lena Lowell, Mary Ann v Lowry, Johnny Mabry, Eugene Mossey, Linda McConell, Cecelia McDonald, Cherolyn McDonold, Linda McGrew, Arthur V Morgan, Richard Mulvoney, Louis Nelson, Tommy Newman, Billy Newman, Cynthia McLean, Cathy McLeod, Shirley McQuortcr, Charles Meacham, Wayne Menasco, Johnny Montee, Curtis Montgomery, Ted {not pictured) Moody, Julia Moore, Donald Theodore students use voting procedure and voting machines in the Student Council election. Spring, 1963. O ' Dell, David (not pictured) Odom, Sharon Palmer, Sandra Porker, Joe Parker, Shoron Sandifer, Ester Schnadelboch, Linda Scott, Mark Sellers, Shirley Sharplon, Phyllis Sheffield, Ann Shepherd, Linda (not pictured) Sizemore, Linda Skinner, Robe rt Skipper, Audrey Smith, Kenneth { Somers, Cheston Stevens, Glenn Stroughn, Lynn Strickland, Linda Spragg, Steve Summerlin, Linda Tote, Clarence Taylor, Shirley Thompson, Maria Thornton, Mike Tillman, Linda Tinnea, Noble Treving, Dannelte (not pictured) Turner, Pom Wade, Karen Walker, Eddy Walker, Gloria Walker, Ronnie Warr, Leon (not pictured) Warr, Robert Walters, H. C. Weothersby, Frank Weaver, Ginnie Weaver, Ronnie Webb, Joyce Weems, Curtis West, Robert White, Jo Ann White, Larry White, Robert [ 57 ] SOPHOMORE OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER CLINTON ROSE SCOTTI WHITE OLIVIA LAMBERT MARY SUE WILLIAMSON [ 58 ] Allen, Sherrill (not pictured) Allen, Moxwell (not pictured) Anderson, Bruce Anderson, Clyde Anthony, Gail Bacon, Ester Bacon, Mary Beosley, Johnny Beclon, Rita Blonchord, Brendc Bogard, Sandra Bowen, Blanche Brannum, lorry Brooks, Mickey Brooks, James Brown, Barbara (not pictured) Brown, Blanche (not pictured) Brown, Dwight Bryant, Dennis Bryont, Doug Burdine, Gory Burdine, Linda Burell, Chuck Burroge, Vick Byrd, Billy Byrd, Janice Calloway, Yvonne Compbell, Jane Carl, Nancy Carr, Mark Cazalos, lana Cazalas, Linda Cervola, Betty Chonnis, Max Chatom, Lillian Christie, Allen Chunn, Monroe Clark, Linda Clements, Sue Cleveland, Donna Cole, Linda Cole, Raymond Cowart, Jackie Crawford, Ted Crocker, David Cunningham, Dole Day, Jackie Davis, Fred « Gautreaux, Hughe Knotts, Kellogg, McElroy Trophy winners of Faculty Bowling League Davis, Raymond Davidson, Linda Deos, Tommy Dean, Robert Diehnelt, Billy Dixon, Joyce Doan, Carolyn Dodd, Clifton Douglos, Jack Drew, Ronnie Driskell, Borboro Driskell, Ceroid Dunn, Harold Dunnovont, Colle Dunnovant, Keith Dyal, Cordia Edwards, Sarah Edwards, Wanda V Eldred, Carol ElMson, Andy Empson, Jonice Enlrecltin, William Fleming, Harold (not pictured) Fleming, James Fondren, Ralph Foster, Betty Franklin, James Gomby, Ginny Garrett, Barbar Garrett, Martha Gautney, Jane Gentry, Fred Gollotte, Eugene Goodman, Sylvi Gould, Alice Grant, Carl Graves, Billy Gr iffith Fred Gr mms Douglas Gv vathn ey, Sharo Ho OS, J ames Ho as, P atsy Haines, Johnny Holl, John Hall, Monte Hommoc, Marsha V Hansen, Karen Horn, Timothy Haskew, Doryl Hasty, Jody Houser, Corol Herring, Lynette Hill, Ardell Hobden, William Hollidoy, Jockie (not pictured) Houston, Rebecca Howell, Glenda Hugh, Clifton Humphreys, Weldon V Irving, Johnnie Isler, Alon Jockson, Debby Jackson, Teresa Jenkins, Ray Jernigon, Jom Jordan, Betty Jump, Ann Koske, Diana Kelly, Regina Kemp, James Kemp, Ronnie King, Jerrie Kirkwood, Pot Knight, Charlotte Kulokowski, Joe Lodnier, Lorry Lodnier, Teddy Lambert, Olivia Longham, John {not pictured) Leathers, Linda Lee, Ernie Leonard, Gene Leytham, Cindy Lockler, Rosie Lockler, Sandra Dreams of Graduation,.. ... a year early! Lundy, Williarr Maier, Tommy Moncil, Paul V Martin, Earnest Mossey, Beth [ 63 ] mJl Moxfield, Do Mayton, Ernest McCollum, None) McDonald, Pete McGcllagher, Foye X M i { JTUU.V Meadows, Davld_% 0- - = l ' 1 ' " r Molsbee, Richard I U . " Molsbee, Ronald i Morgan, Lamon Morse, Freda Mullin, Lona Myers, Richard Nelson, David Nelson, Don (not pictured) Newbill, Thelma O ' Bryant, Brenda Odom, Bobby O ' Rourke, Nancy Parker, Carl Patterson, Edward Patterson, J. W. Pennington, Rose H Perry, Priscillo Pettis, Don Pettis, Raymond Philley. Shirley Pierce, Mary (not pictured) Lk. Poole, Margoret Pijgh, Judy Randall, Bill Rowls, Mory Elizabeth (not pictured) Reynolds, Gloria Reynolds, Linda The end of semester neored. Mr. Knotts warn- ed his classes to polish their halos and three of ihem did. Richardson, louis Richardson, Patricia Richardson, Robert Ridings, Pat Rigney, Donald Roach, Louis Roberts, Diane Roberts, Sandra (not pictured) Robinson, Larry Rose, Clinton y Ross, Mary Rowell, Donny Salva, Robert Sanders, Mollis Sanders, Sharon Schnadelbach, James Scott, Lamar Scott, Margaret Sellers, William Sennet, Earl Shaver, Gladys Sikes, Gene Simms, Shelio Skinner, Sharon Smith, Robert I -i x;T j Smith, Charlotte Smith, Gary Smith, Jimmy Smith, Margaret Smither, Michael Spencer, DavicJ % Sprinkle, Orv Stacy, Caroly Seniors encourage good hall habits by demonstrating how NOT to behave in the halls. Stevens, Susan Stillman, Marie Ann Sullivan, Rosaloin Sweot, Richard Sydnor, Charles Tonner, Normon Thornton, Randall Tillman, Charles (not pictured) Tillman, Lorry TIndal, James Tomasich, Diane Tracey, Pat Turnlpseed, Shelia Marii Tyson, Gregg Vickery, Vick Walloce, John Waltmon, Sherry Ward, Charlotte Warr, Linda V Warren, Johnnit Watklns, James Watson, Billy Watts, Jimmy Weotherly, Stella Weaver, Morcio Weems, Phillip Whotley, Mary An Whitcomb, Brendo Whitney, Donald White, Joyce White, Scottie Whitlock, Chorles Williams, Charles Williams, Chorles Williamson, Jimmie (not pictured) Williamson, Mary Sue Willinghom, Elizabeth Wolfe, Travis Womack, Don Womock, Pat Woods, Carolyn Woods, Dorothy (not pictured) Young, Becky Zimlich, Deborah FRESHMAN OFFICERS PRESIDENT GEORGE FONTAINE VICE PRESIDENT JERRY MORGAN SECRETARY-TREASURER JANICE MacDONALD [ 68 Adams, Corol Alexander, Tony Alexonder, Mike Anderson, Brenda Anderson, Linda Andrews, Shirley Ardon, Alton (not pictured) Bailey, Judy Bartlett, Steve Boyley, Karolyn Bell, Stanley Blanchord, Pat Blow, Richord Bodin, Craig Bolton, Joan t- ' Boswell, James Brooks. Lindo Brown, Leslie Brown, Robert Butts, Richard Capps, Judy (not pictured) Caraway, Joyce Carmichael, Mike (not pictured) Curry, Dovido Choron, Judy Cirillo, Olivia Clark, Carolyn Counselmon, Jeonine Creel, Terril Dornley, Sharon Ann Davis, Brenda Davis, Wayne Davison, Carol Day, Judith Day, Lynne Dees, Elmira Dickens, Charle Dickens, Glenn 1 Dixon, Sue Dollar, Ronnie Dorton, Peggy Dowdle, Ann Downey, Guy Dubourg, Pat (not pictured) Duck, Susan (not pictured) Dyal, Greg l 1 oJft ' •! if rfJwl 1 Dykes, Donold Eldred, Michael Enoch, Robert Mr. ond Mrs. Hop Hoskew take Special Award ot Christmas Who ' s Who Dance as " Friskiest Freshman " Esfeller, Melinda Everett, Beverly Fagerstrom, Mary Foley, Charletta Foley, David Fontaine, George Foote, Jo Ann Fortner, William mot pictured) French, Nancy Fultz, Diane Gaddy, St( Gardner, Mary Alice Glover, Jacqueline Goff, Gordon Gollotte, Moxine Green, Donold Holliday, Anthony pumi HoIIowoy, Donny m Houseknecht, Chorles JS- Hudgens, Joseph » ' ' ' Hummel, Charles m Humphreys, Ginny 1 - A Humphries, Patsy Jackson, Dovid Jackson, Dodie (not pictured) Jackson, Troy Jay, Vickie Joe Coach Douglos is honored at Country Club with special plaque made by boys in the wood shop. Kim, Bobby Kirkwood, Douglas ' -™-| -fc-T Kudgens, Joseph ■ " ' . ' Kuppersmith, Ray Kuppersmith, Robert McLaughlin, Linda McLawen, Edward McLean, David McLeod, David Meatyard, Nancy Messomore, Cheryl Midkiff, Carolyn Miller, Ceclle Millwood, Gordon Mitchell, Johnny Moiren, Ricky Montgomery, Eugene Moody, Bart Moore, Linda Morgan, Bruc Morgan, Jerry Naylor, John I Nelson, Gerald Newburg, Pot Norden, Glenda Norden, Linda Northcutt, Bobby (not pictured) Owens, Eunice Perry, Roger Pester, Bobby (not pictured) Pett(s, Cecil Phillips, Robert Pierce, Wayn Porter, Greg Powe, Tim Powers, Mark Pryor, Monica Pugh, Deborah Pugh, Sandra Romsey, Lyndolph Romsey, Richard Raybon, Linda Sue Reynolds, Fred Reynolds, Gerry Rice, Jeonette Ridings, Barbara Roord, Gordon Roberts, Linda Roley, Charles (not pictured) Ross, Charlotte Rowell, Horry Rowell, Larry Salvo, Ronnie [ 75 ] : 5 : xl Scott, Phillip Sennett, Marion Shaw, David Sick, Audrey Siddon, Julius Sims, David Slater, Kalhy Smith, Eddie c=; Smith, Paul 1 Steiner, Donnie 1 , Stephens, Nancy Stokeley, Joy . Strickland, Jeanette Sumerlin, Deborah Summerlin, Barbara Swain, Lorry Sweott, Kathy Tabor, Paul Tonner, Roy Thomas, Franklyn Thompson, Judy Thompson, Poul Tillman, Albert Tillman, Gwen [ 76 ] Tillman, Hazel Tillman, Martha Tillman, Tony Tillman, Woyne Townson, Douglas Trocey, Bruce Trawich, Barbara Tyson, Terry Vickers, Gary Vickery, Patricio Waldorf, Olga Wallace, Beverly Ann Wotkins, Agatha Watkins, Hilda Weotherly, Robert Weaver, Douglas Weaver, Ray V ' Weaver, Tommy Weaver, Wallace Widder, Goyle Wilcox, Katharine Wilkins on, Bobby William s, Joel (not pictured) William s, Shirley Williorr son, Brenda Woodham, Randall Yates, Sandra Zimlich, Bernard Allen, Gene GRADE EIGHT Banks, Sheryl Barlor, Conrad Baugh, Mark Beosley, DIanna Beech, Patricia Beritiech, Margie Bice, Keith Booker, Larry Boswell, Robert Bower, Mike Boykin, Pricilla Brackett, Donnie Brewer, Janie Brister, Rosalie Brown, Mark Burell, Glenn Butler, Jenny Byrd, Marcus Carr Pat Cosh, Jean Chunn, Larue Clark, Williom Clark, William Clements, Lee Clemmons, Stanley Cochran, Beverly Cachrane, Connie Collins, Herman Coram, Linda Cross, Barbara Cuefreda, Joan Davis, Carolyn Davison, Shirley Dodd, Roy Dole Downey, Alexis Driskell, Larry Dunnom, Billy Ray Dyess, Gary Empson, James Estes, Patricio Everett, Debbie Fogerstrom, Susan Farrar, Ronnie Farris, Dionne Fondren, Shirley Freemon, James Gofney, Jim Gardner, Carol Garvin, Billy Gibson, Brendo Gilmore, Billy Givens, Terry Glasgow, Jackie (not pictured) Glisson, Larry Glover, Jerry Godfrey, Ed Godwin, Linda Gollotte, Anna Gonterman, Dicky Graham, Brenda Hammac, Jockie Hommac, Woyne Hance, Nettie Honnon, Sara Harris, Glenna I Hawkins, Patricia sF Herrin, Debbie Hillary, Brian Hodges, Nancy Holliday, Jan Houseknecht, Donna Houseknecht, Harvey Howard, Juonita Hudgens, Richard Hudson, Mark f Humphries, Kenny Hyde, Judy Jackson, Gary Johnston, Tommy k Jordan, Sarah U J Joullion, Jerry ■ Kent, Leicester i J Killingsworth, Tommy Kinnon, Fred Kirkpotrick, John Kollin, Koren An LaBit, James Lacy, Gwyn Lacy, Mary Lynn Layton, Julius Lee, Carolyn Leicester, Kent (not pictured) Litton, Lena Long, Miriam (not pictured) Loper, Jerry Lowry, James Maddux, Ken Mays, Danny Mayton, Jeonnette McConnell, Mildred Mclntyre, Wayne McLoney, Michael Rondol McLean, Ernest McMichael, Wayne Midklff, Gary Molsbee, Lynn Morris, Geraldine Moss, Bobby Moss, Talmodge Murphy, Rosemary Nelson, Wayne Odom, Lonnie Oliver, Shirley An Pace, Patricio rage, Emma Sue Parmer, Donald Paulk, Dale Philley, Brenda Phillips, Elaine Phillips, Linda fr p Pierce, Phyllil Pierce, Sue Pierce, Wilda Pinyerd, Terr Poole, Jerry Pugh, Gary Pugh, Margaret Pugh, Patricio A Quick, Barbara Raybon, Warner Rayborn, lee Robit (not pictured) Rayborn, Linda (not pictured) Rayford, Martha Renyolds, Belinda Renyolds, Stonley Richardson, Conner Roach, Martin Roberts, Jomes Savage, Ricky Schreiner, Leonol Scott, Eddie Shanks, Randy Shepherd, Patricia Simmons, Joyce Smith, Glenda Smithcrs, Kendra Spencer, Hylda Sprinkle, Jii Ste Margaret Stokley, Judy Stokes, Cornelia Stone, Bonita Summerlin, Rono Tarror, Ronnie (not pictured) Tote, Mary Ann Taylor, Lynda Terry, Doris Thomos, Becky Thornton, Doyle Tillman, David Tillman, Fred Tillman, Lee Tillman, Linda Tillman. Mike (nof pictured) Tillman, Wayne (not pictured) Tomasich, Tony Tolmin, Dionna Townson, Kathy Vanke, Phinee Vickers, Mitchell Walker, Danny Walker, Deborah Waltmon, Linda Ward, Lora Word, Robert Warr, Herman W Watson, Sherry Watters, Jomes Watts, Richard Webb, Glenda Weekley, Kathy Weller, Tommy Wheller, Bernice White, Jean White, Jerry White, Penny William, Patricio Willioms, David Williams, Jackie Willingham, Kenneth Woods, Faye Wright, Eddie Wright, Gory Wyott, Deboro Yates, Jimmy C fc p GRADE SEVEN Adams, Ray Akridge, Sharon Anderson, Christine Anderson, Garland Armstrong, Charlotte Aubrey, Daniel f Aubrey, Donald Avinger, Sherry M Baker, James Bonks, Barbara Banks, Billy Banks, Patricio ' - 1 -: 4; ' _ P Benson, Lindo Beriliech, Patricio Blanchord, Fred Bodin, Bruce Bodin, Denise .- ' l- Bowen, James IP Brozell, Ronnie Bridges, Tonya Brister, Bobby Brock, Patricia Broome, Gary Brown, Emily Brown, George Brown, Richord Brown, Karen Bryant, Michoel Bryson, Wade Buckhoults, ShcTon Cheatham, Larry Chelchowski, Shirley Chestnut, Shannon , Clark, John Clifton, Dennis Cook, Rodney Cork, Patricia Cosgrove, Suzanne Cross, Woyne Davis, Linda Day, Charles Day, Jackie Debrow, Iva Dixon, Sandra Douglas, Barbara Downey, Jerry Drlham, Wayne (Not pictured) Du Bryne, Forrest Duck, Margaret Duke, Theresa Dunnom, James Dunnam, Mena Su Dykes, Herbert Dyess, Edwin Easterling, Linda Empson, Joe Estes, Charles Fortner, Jimmy Fowler, Marilyn Fredrikson, Robert Garret, Nancy Garvin, Donald Gibson, Gloria Giles, Gary Goodwin, Eddie Gossett, Loretta Griffin, Charles Griffin, Roxonne Griffin, Vivion Grimes, Linda Hamilton, Terry j Hammoc, Bill Hammons, David Homon, David Hamon, Donold Hancock, Joe Harmon, Dione Horris, Brenda Harris, Jerry Harris, Jo Ann Harris, Joyce (Not pictured) Harrier, Charles (Not pictured) Hawthorne, Michael Hawthorne, Mitchell Heller, John (Not pictured) Herston, Victor Hill, Joyce Hill, Sylvia Hillery, Kothy Hodges, Charlene Holloway, Janice Hummel, Lynn Hyde, Timothy Jackson, Priscilla Johnston, Susan Jones, Auburn Jones, Jamie Jones, Sotnuel Jordan, Larry J; :Sv : Jordan, Ronald Joullian, Goylon Keller, John Kemp, Lorry Kemp, Roland Kent, Edward Kinsey, Sharon Kirby, Jon Kirkwood, Linda lomb, Wayne Landry, Poltilynn Longley, Charlotte Lee, Carol Leylhom, Carol Lowry, Sandra Lumpkin, Linda lundy, Charlotte Manders, Roger Matthews, Gregory McClendon, Sharon McConnell, Lorry McFerrin, Pamela B Mclntyre, Sheila m " McNeill, Kathleen 4. Meachom, Barry JL " ' ' Mims, Jane Ann Millwood, Dorothy Moiren, Jackie Moody, Maltie Morris, Wayne Moseley, Sherlynn Moseley, Wayne (Not pictured) Myers, Tamora Nelson, Darleene Newell, Donald Nichols, Williom O ' Dell, Karl ' O ' Dell, Pete ' Oliver, Debbie Ovelletle, Mickey Pace, James Simms, Undo Simpson, Robert Slode, Le Roux Smith, Cathy Smith, Ethel y Stephens, Barbara Stokeley, Kathy Sumerlin, Stanley Summerlin, Carol Summerlin, Jo Ann Summers, Danny Summers, Steve Sweclt, Tommy Thompson, Wayne Thompson, Debbie Tillman, David Tillman, Margaret Tipp, Dora Ann Trowick, Julia Trusty, Wayne Turner, Rene Vonek, Andy Vanek, Curtis Voyles, Eddie Walker, Deborah Watkins, Larry Watson, Diona Weathers, Mike Weathersby, Joe We a Well r, Jennife , Edwin Weller, Walter Weslbrook, Jan Whatley, Brend Whitcomb, Lois White, Patricia Whitlock, Ronnie Whitney, Tommy Widder, Jerry Wiggins, Mary Wilcox, Sandra Willard, Elaine Williams, Jo Ann Williams, Mike Williamson, Vickie Wilson, Wondo Younce, Kenneth Lucille McCord First Grade Dorothy Peterson First Grade Velna Bolton Second Grade Miss Nan Gray Davis dedicated thirty-five years of her best to Theodore High School, Fitting indeed was the decision to give the new Elementary School her name as a lasting memorial. Soroh Johnson Dixie Ott Mary L. Nicholson Second Grade Second Grade Third Grade Ruth Sprinkle Third Grade THE NAN GRA Y DA VIS ELEMENT AR Y SCHOOL Ina Wronko Sixth Grade Jeanne S. Merwin Fifth Grade Helen Dowdle Fifth Grade Clara Sumerlin Fourth Grade Audrey Powell V Fourth and Fifth Grades PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE GRADE SIX P 1 Anderson, Mike " J «n) Andrews, Tony , Ansley, Shirley Armstrong, Robert ► iX ' . Ashburn, Kothleen Belletty, Kenneth . f • • ' ■A Bostic, Carol E l Boswell, Johnny i 1 Boswell, Mary M- - Boyd, Richard M Brown, Caffie Mae JK i Bryont, Carolyn Cope, Peggy Clemmons, Borbor Coram, Dorlene Davis, Rubert Davison, Martha Davison, Periny Dees, Sharon Diehnelt, Gregg Driskell, Janet Durden, Linda Empson, Julio Estes, Patricia (Not pictured) Fagerstrom, Martha Frost, Gory Gouse, Robert Gibson, Bobby Glasgow, Michael Glisson, Charlotte Godwin, Alan Gollolte, Mik e (Not pictui ■ed) GrohatT 1, Dor my Guthrie , Joe Haines, Denn is Hall, M, nthew (Not pictui •ed) Hamilto n, Cir idy Hickmai n, Gregory Hollowc ■y, Mi chael Isler, Donald Johnson, Gayle Joiner, Jerry Jordan, Lorry Kloeckener, Terry Longley, Chorles Lalner, David Lundy, Dennis Manley, Sandra Matthews, Stanley McLaney, Thomas Meacham, David Messer, Joe (Not pictured) «T- ' Myer, Janice Nelson, Elaine Newell, Linda , O ' Dell, Dora . Pierce, Debra Read, Kathy Reynolds, Alma Rogers, Gene Rose, Eddie X J Smith, James 1 A Smith, Janet Smith, Lloyd w m Totum, Linda Turner, William Vickers , Steve Walker , Lewis Wollao e, Jerrell Walter s, Richard Weaver, Rebecca White, Clarence Wilcox, Glen Williams, Morgurite Woodham, Trenny Young, Phyllis GRADE FIVE Armstrong, Jomes Avinger, Carol Boggett, Dewoyne Bahlman, Patricia Boswell, Richard Beard, Debby Beech, Betty Bolton, Alton Colloway, Johnny Castleberry, Fred (not pictured) Chapmen, Donald (not pictured) Christie, Russell Clark, Frank Clemmons, Rita Cole, Ronnie Conner, Cathy Cordray, Evelyn Cromer, Rodney Davis, John Downe, Patricia (not pictured) Downey, Diane Duggan, Doreen Dunnom, Mary Ell Dunnom, Rhonda Eaton, Glenda Ecton, Sherie Edwords, Harry Empson, Johnita Farris, Becky Finch, Mike Fortner, Marilyn Fountain, Shara Fowler, Ricky Gibson, Diane Gibson, Jelone Gibson, Johnny Gordon, Fan Grohom, Kothy Harper, Billy Howthorne, Kent Horton, Edward Houston, Erwin Hyde, Joyce Johnson, Ronald Layton, Wanda Lundy, Deloris » Martin, Patricia May, Debbie McDonald, Carri McLeod, Bobby Mitchell, Nicky Nix, Michael O ' Dell, Karen ■not pictured) Page, Sherilyn Pierce, Charles Pugh, Linda Randolph, Sheila Revel, Torrey Robinson, Ted Scott, Dcvid Shanks, Foye Show, Reginald Shepard, Elizabeth Sillowoy, Joyce Simmons, Sammy Simpson, Mary Ethe Slater, James Smith, Dale Smith, Mike Smith, Paul Smith, Wayne V Sterrette, Randy Strickland, Richard Sweat, Johnnie Tinnea, Marie Wallace, James Woltmon, Juonice Waters, Johnnie Wotson, Lee Roy Watson, Wilburn Weaver, Bart Whotley, Juldy White, Sally Wilcox, Carlo Williams, Harriett Wilson, Wayne Wilson, Yvonne GRADE FOUR Adorns, Borboro Alston, Billy Anderson, Karen Andrews, Daniel Ansley, Elaine Barnes, Lorry Boxley, Deborah Blokeney, Dwighl Bolton, Solly Brozell, Donald Briant, Carl Brown, Merissa Brown, Tommy Calloway, Diane Carl, Sherry Carnley, Linda Clark, Douglas Clark, Jean Collins, William Conner, Steve Day, Lee Dickens, Thomas Duggon, Linda Dunnam, Roy Estes, Mary Diane Foster, Karen Gibson, Barbara Ann Glasgow, Janice Gontermon, Judy Gordon, Molly Goff, Bradley Grimes, Lelond Hamilton, James Harmon, Jo Ann Harris, Clyde Horton, Donna Horton, Gary Houseknecht, Rodney Houston, Wayne Howell, Michael Hyde, Marion isler, David Jenkins, Lorry Landry, Michael Lundy, Brenda Lundy, Faye May, Thomas Moffitt, Mike Moorman, Jirr Morgan, Jean Morgan, Phlll Myer, Marvin Newell, Steve Nix, Joe Nixon, Charles Odom, Wanda Ott, Joe Pierce, Lewis Pugh, Sidney Roley, Darrell Reed, David Rogers, Regina Schnodeibock, A Sellers, Mark Simmons, Linda Smith, Deborah Smith, Vincent Stevenson, Carisso Stevenson, Cherlyn Strickland, Norma Sumerlin, Daniel Sweott, Kendrick Totum, David Tuner, Faye Vonek, Poppy Walker, Sarah Welborn, Mark Weller, Ellen West, Alvertio Wilcox, Chorle! Wilkinson, Sus GRADE THREE Anderson, Mean Akridge, Jeanne Avinger, Cecile Bolton, Rusty Brilt, Harold (not pictured) Calloway, Tommy Cannon, Bill Carnley, Randy Castleberry, Ronnie Cordray, Sobrinia Cordray, Vickie Dees, Deborah DeGeer, Susan Devens, Cory (not pictured) Driskell, Ronnie Edwards, Gary Estes, Belva Estes, Mike Eubanks, Vivian Evans, Janie Farris, Joey Gibson, Beverly Gibson, Rhonda Godwin, Paul Goff, Gory Gollotte, Don (not pictured) Gulsby, Glenda Holl, Michelle Hamilton, Rachael ' Hommoc, Debroh Hammock, Blone Harris, Clifford Harris, Sue Herrington, Cheryl Hopper, Tony (not pictured) Jordan, Joel Jordon, Sheila Luker, Sandy Miller, Barry Moss, Jean Nelson, Gail Nicholson, Joe Allen O ' Bryant, Elton O ' Dell, Gordon y Pacetti, Pamela Page, Wilson Pornell, Gordon (not pictured) Pettis, Dennis Pipkins, Richard Poff, Robert (not pictured) Raley, Terry Randolph, Karen Roy, Kenneth Reed, Debra Roach, Joy Lynn Robinson, Charley (not pictured) Rogers, Dolton Rogers, Terry Showes, John Do Slater, Jamie Smith, Chad Smith, Claudia Spencer, Sandra Vanek, Smitfy Wade, Steven Wolker, Oliver Watson, Shirley Weavei •, Ernest Webb, Glenn Wilson, Howard Wilson, Peggy Woods, Tommy GRADE TWO Akers, Tony Akridge, Peggy Alexander, Patricia Anderson, Fred Andrews, Gene Armstr ong , Timo Biaken ey. Larry Bolton D udley Boyd, Mic hael Bogett Bi ly Joe (not pic tured) Briant, De nnis Britt, Tom (not pictured) Broodus, Clifford Brown, Helen Burt, Jimmie Corl, Rhonda Clark, Janet Clark, Michael Clemmons, Mildred Collins, Jimmy Collins, Timmy Davidson, Paul Dickens, Carol Duggan, Tommy Edwards, Lewann Finch, Cynthia Fleming, Jerry Fletcher, Nancy Foster, Mark Fountain, Karen Frisby, Lucille Frost, Sheila I 1 LJ: Gibson, Alvin Glisson, Melonie Godwin, Potti Gordon, David Gregory, Anita Gulsby, Clara Hewes, David Hickman.Terry Hollowoy, Barbori Houston, Winston Howell, Kathy Hyde, Thomas Johnson, Mourcs Johnston, Angela Langley, Debbie Lathan, Jerry long, Susan Luker, Jimmy May, Elizabeth McCombs, Tomirry McRoy, David Miller, Ronald Montee, Sidney Morgan, Mark Morgon, Wade Myei Dena Kay Nels. on , Deborah Newell , David New mc .n, John Nixc • n. Ricky [ 102 ] O ' Bryant, Tommy O ' Dell, Delores Olson, Roland Porlow, Scott Perry, Sterling Pierce, Billy Ray, Patricia Reed, Dolores Schnadelback, Jacki, Scott, Darrell Shanks, Charles Shepherd, John Shepherd, Thomas Siilowoy, John Smith, Glynda Smith, Terrilynn Sprinkle, Mervin Strickland, Tina Sumerlin, Diane Sumerlin, Donna Turberville, Linda Turner, Bobby Turner, Sherry Vick, Delane Wtilloce, Betty Lue Wallace, Dorothy Je Waltman, Richard Wilson, Carl Wilson, Ralph Wright, Nancy 103 ] GRADE ONE Adams, Linda Fay Akridge, Michael Ansley, Dennis Armstrong, David (not pictured) Ashborn, Adron Barnes, Cynthia Barnes, Terry Baxile, Bruce Euge (not pictured) Beoch, Terry Beavers, Robert Beech, David Blakely, Mikel Bosorge, Jimmy Brown, Donald Brown, Leroy (not pictured) Butler, Judy Cornley, Brenda Kay ( Costleborry, Gail Coebock, Rickey Cromer, Ronnie Dickens, Judy Eaton, Glen Edwan d, Bruce Eslus, Sharon Farris, Tommy Fletche ' r, Karen Gibson , Diane Gonter man, Shirley Hamilton, Donald (not pictured) Hompti on, Don (not pictured) Howthc irne, Jennifer Herring |ton, Peggy Hewes, Pam Horton, Harold Norton, Kothy House, Cindy Jo Lomberl •, Linda Gail Landry, Leigh Ann Lundy, Annette Mohan, Bobby Gail McKee, David Moorman, Merry Sue Myer, Linda Napier, Terry Lynn Newell, Jerry Nicholson, Warren Pacetti, Sheryl Pellerin, Beth Phillips, Tellos (not pictured) Pierce, Maury Pugh, Rosemary Ramey, Jo Ricky, Don (not pictured) Roberts, Elizabeth Rushing, Claudine Ryan, Kothy Savage, Barry Sellers, Sandra Shaver, Rebecca Silloway, Rosemary Sillowoy, Gaylord Simpson, Kenny Smith, Paul Steiner, Chandra Sweat, Deborah Thompson, David Thompson, Victor Twillcy, Rickey Wollace, Alfred Wallis, Elvin Waltmon, Charles Watson, Rickey Welborn, Kathy West, Janice (not pictured) White, Bobby Wilcox, Nancy Williams, Janet Williamson, Darle Wilson, Myrtice [ 107 ] Offi cers President— Sue Coleman Vice President— Joe Kulakowski Secretary— Phyllis Mitchell Treosurer— Sarah Wilson Chaplain— Jim Petty STUDENT Junior and Senior Representatives FIRST ROW: Cindy Reinhort, Lee Brownlee, Mory Lowell, Janet Mooney, Gayle Lovell, Rebecca Slade, Sharon Odom. SECOND ROW: Robert White, Ira Adams, Glenn Bornett, Charlotte Folmor, Ginny Weaver, Barbara Horn, Lynn Straughn, Corky Sullivon, Joe Alexander, Charles Johnson. rri I Freshmen and Sophomore Representatives FIRST ROW: Monica Pryor, Ginny Humphreys, Ann Dowdle, Deborah Pugh, Beth Massey, Scotti White, Pat Ridings, Sue Clements. SECOND ROW: Jerri Hill, Leslie Brown, Carolyn Doan, Diane Roberts, Sherrill Allen, Mary Sue Williamson, Ann Stillman, Linda Burdine, Joan Bolton, Beltye McGrew. COUNCIL Club Representatives FIRST ROW: Nancy Stevens, Nancy Meatyord, Nancy Carl, Beth Massey. SECOND ROW: Rebecca Slode, Janet Mooney, Ray Jenkins, Beverly Ever- ette. N ' ' Ji j- a member of the Beta Club and as a citizen of my community, state, and nation I believe in and shall strive to promote the principles of: )lN •i:::i1i iiOneSty: knowing that honesty is necessary to the formation of good character, and that the principles of honesty dictate that I not only refrain from acts of dishonesty, but that I perform my duties fully and take advantage of the opportunities afforded me by my circumstances; justice: believing that it is only right and proper that I should be just and fair in my dealings with my fellowman; that I should condemn no one without giving him a chance to defend himself; and that I should consider all factors before forming an opinion of another ' s motives, or before passing judgment upon his actions; oefVlCC: being convinced that the rendering of helpful service to my fellowman is a duty and privilege conferred upon me by my forbears and by my environment, and that I can attain lasting satisfaction only by rendering such service to the best of my ability; eTdtlOn: knowing that I must work closely and in a friendly man- ner with others in this day of highly organized social and economic endeavor; and that I must respect authority and strive at all times to be dependable — if I am to be of greatest helpfulness to society; KeSpOnstutllty: believing that full happiness is possible only through full acceptance of responsibility for my actions and for preserving and passing my rich inheritance on to coming generations; IndustriOUSnesS: g j g aware of the fact that— if I am to be a factor for progress in my community and a real help to my associates — my mind must be alert to understand and my hands ready to perform promptly and fully the tasks that come my way; nutnillty: being convinced that humbleness of spirit is the only proper attitude for me to maintain in my relations with my associates, and that such spirit and attitude will make for my own peace of mind and for the well-being of those with whom I come in contact; Coop Charity, knowing that if I am — tolerant in my appraisal of the ideas of others; generous in the use of my worldly assets; consxderate of the rights of others; courteous in my actions toward all alike; gentle in my efforts to correct errors in others; kind in the exercise of my duties — I shall then be better able to contribute to the happiness of myself and others. j -? ' r ikiV . fi ' r ' - ' Senior Betas SEATED; Jackie Carpenter, VICE PRESIDENT; Joyce Curry TREASURER, Linda Riels, SECRETARY; Johnny Davidson, PRESIDENT. SECOND ROW: Julionn Kulakowski, Rebecca Slade, Linda Young, Sue Harris, Jeannine Coftlngham, Shirley Allen, Paulette Naylor, Carolyn Williams, Gayle Lovell, Helen Slillman. THIRD ROW: Barbara Lappage, Peggy Sue Finch, Kathy King, Charles Johnson, Bobby Lombard, James Foley, Joyce Cooper, Patricio Cassello, Diane Barton. BETA CLUB Junior Betas FIRST ROW: Jerri Ann Davidson, Ginny Weover, Donna Demetropolis, Jean Philley. SECOND ROW: Martha Garner, Bonnie Hughes, Carolyn Freeman. Brown, Corol Greeff, Steve Vivian Champion Drum Major THEODORE HIGH SCHOOL BAND FIRST ROW: Carolyn Freeman. Cindy Reinharl, Bonnie Hewes, Cindy Newman, Hugh Clifton, Linda Cole, Douglas Grimes, Frances Dovis, Linda Anderson, Thelmo Newbill, Corol Perry, Lomarr Scott, Lorry Kendrick, Ronnie Dollar, Mark Carr. SECOND ROW: Vivian Champion, Judy Hawthorne, Carol Hauser, Linda Phillips, Jerrie Hill, Donna Demetropolis, Wayne Hammac, Carolyn Stocey, Noble Tinner, Donald Parmer, Ronnie Morgan, John Armstrong, Ardell Hill, Rickey Savage, Mike Thornton, A. A. Goutreaux. THIRD ROW: Terry Givens, Robert Word, Billy Diehnelt, Tommy Maier, Richard Ramsey, Phyllis Sharpton, Dwight Brown, Richard Myers, Joe Parker, Earl Sennett, Sonny Gouse, Gene Leonard, Don Howell, Doyle Thornton, Weldon Humphreys, Joel Williams. FOURTH ROW: Joe Hudgens, Louis Brown, Gene Johnston, Roger Newman, Louis Roach, John McGallogher, William Davis, Mickey Brooks, Geno DeRosett, Russell Scott, Martin Roach, Fred Dovis, Julius Layton. Not shown: Guy Downey. Nr. .. jiBlfc ' ' . ' J ' ■ i Band Council SEATED: Bonnie Hewes Carolyn Freeman, Cindy Reinhart, Vivian Champ ion, Judy Howthorne Donna Demetropoli Carolyn Stacey. STAND ING: Wayne Hami Sonny Cause, Joel Wil liams. FIRST FILE: Freeman, Cole, F. Davis, Stacey, Phillips, Sennetl A. Hill, Leonard, Foley, M. Rood Davis. FIFTH FILE: Corr, Dollar, G Tinneo, D. Thornton, Diehnelt, L. ropol Hawthorne, Cause, Sharpton, M. Thornton, How Maier, Savage, Givens, Hudgens, Brooks. THIRD FILE: H FOURTH FILE: C. Newman, Kend imes, Morgan, D. Brown, Myers, W irown, R. Newman, L. Roach, W. I McCalloghe s, Anderson, Clifton, Hauser, Armstrong, Parke R. Scott. SECOND FILE: Reinhart, Hammoc, J. Hill, Parmer, Williams, Humphreys, Ramsey, Wage Layton, Johnston, DeRosett. SIXTH FILE: Perry, Newbill, L. Scott, • FRONT ROW. Miss Stephenson, Pom Turner, Una Loper, LoWan Young, Pot Gonos, Gloria Walk Ginny Weover, Linda Long, Jul bach. Buddy Gront, Corky Solli ' irk Scott, Byrd, Sandra Palmer, Dannette o Berry, Sandra Pritchett, Sue Coleman, Judy White r Mary Pate, Barbara Ramsey, Violet McClure, Pot Knor ,nn Kulokowski, Shirley Allen, Eiliene Chew. THIRD ROW: jn, Jody Hasty, Iron Slaughter, Clifton Dodd, Robert Whit ird Joy. FOURTH ROW: Dove Gor Crenshaw, Charles Sydnor, David Crocker, Jim Petty, Clarence Tot Rose, Alan Isler, Sheiton Jones, Ronnie Kemp, Donald Enoc. Charlie Reed, Lo Lambert, Barboro Horn, Morvino Tanner, _ms. SECOND ROW: Jane Nelson, Corolyn Joyce Cooper, Kathy Treherne, Peggy Finch, Charles Burell, Jack Douglos, James Schnodle- , Lorry Long, Alan Christie, Norman Pennington, ly Newman, Don Nelson, Roy Jenkins, Johnny lerlina. Lorry Booker, Charlie Williams, Clinton u. C " -c-xr-j -yr-jr-j •f ' =- i z GIRLS CHORUS FRONT ROW: Miss Stephenson, Shirley Henderson, Cordi Dyoi, Linda Strickland. Sylvia Hansen, Mary Rowls, Dorothy Woods, Ann Gibson, Carolyn Farris. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Willingham, Janice Byrd, Margaret Scott, Shirley Sellers, Cherolyn McDonald, Debbie Zimlich, Sharon Skinner, Sue Clements, Judy Pugh, Lona Mullins, Stella Wheathley, Julionn Kulakowski, Janie Gautney. THIRD ROW: Betty Cervolo, Shirley Allen, Carolyn Young, Virginia Christie, Zenora Richardson, Lillian Chattam, Dianna Cannon, Mary Bacon, Cindy Leytham, Foye McGallagher, Karen Phillips, Ginny Weaver, Dianna Kaske, Margaret Smith. FOURTH ROW: Jerri King, Donna Clevelond, Sylvia Blokney, Diane Barton, Freda Morris, Gail Anthony, Carolyn Doon, Lynette Herring, Nancy Carl, Edith Robbins, Wilda Downey, Linda Elliot, Karen Wade, Joyce Cooper, Audrey Skipper, Ann Sheffield, Linda Norcutt. FRESHMAN CHORUS FRONT ROW: Miss Stephenson, Chorlene Mason, Martha Tillman, Jeannette Strickland, Nancy French, Joan Bolton, Diana Grimes, Barbara Ridings, Carol Lambert, Jo Ann Rice, Audrey Sick, Diana Wilcox, Sharon Dornley, Chorletta Foley, Debbie Sumerlin, Linda Nordon. SECOND ROW: Sandra Pugh. Judy Day. Carol Davison, Jo Ann Foote, Billy Mclnnis, George Fountain, Alton Ardan, Charles Di ckens, Paul Smith, Wayne Tillman, Sonny Kirkwood, Gordon Roark, Brenda Porrish, Joyce Caraway, Shirley Andrews, Peggy Dorton, Agatha Wa " tK?rrT tlRD ROW: Monica Pryor, Janice McDonald, Barbara Trawick, Linda Miller, Kathy Sweott, Judy Thompson, Judy Corum, Roy Weaver, Gary Vickers, Phillip Scott, Pat Deboug, Eddie McLaurin, Jerry Morgan, Ben Hatfield, David McLean, Elmira Dees, Goyle Whidder, Sue Dixon. g ■Ft. MALE CHORUS FRONT ROW: Alton Arden, Ray Weover, Steve Garner, Normon Tanner, Eddie McLourln, Shelton Jones, Kenneth Brookins, David Crocker, Ronnie Kemp, Donald Enoch, Richard Jay. SECOND ROW: Charles Burrell, Jomes Schnodebock, Buddy Grant, Dole Cunningham, Ronald Sullivon, Iron Slaughter, Clifton Dodd, Robert White, Lorry Long, Alan Christie, Norman Pennington, Ronnie Weaver. THIRD ROW: Miss Stephenson, Jock Douglas, Billy Newman, Don Nelson, Roy Jenkins, Jody Hasty, Jim Petty, Charlie Reed, Charles Williams, Clinton Rose, Alan Isler, Mark Scott. THEODORIAN STAFF STANDING: Phyllis Mitchell, James Corbitt, Bobby Lombard, Jackie Carpenter, James Foley, Lynda Riels, Helen Stillman. SEATED: Linda Young, Betlye Ridings, Gayle Lovell, Juliann Kulokowski, Sue Harris, Sherry Burdine, Rebecca Slode, Jeannine Cottingham. g Lwt M L fWi: SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW: Chorles Johnson, Helen Stillman, Bettye Ridings, Lynda Riels, Janet Mooney, Nancy Boykin, Patsy Ridings, Rebecca Slode, Charlotte Folmar, Nancy McCollum, Lynda Beasley, Virginia Sellers, Jerri Davidson. SECOND ROW; Richard Deas, Mike Eike, Jim Corbitt, Bobby Lombard, Arlon Koch, Eugene Powers, Wayne Cockrell, Owen Reynolds, Joe Alexander, James Tindol, Lorry Torbert. NURSES CLUB FIRST ROW: Betty McGrew, Charlene Moson, Joyce Corrowoy, Monica Pryor, Linda Anderson, Jerri Hill, Sheila Sims, Thelma Newbill, Linda Beasley, Carolyn Midkiff, Vivian Champion, Carol Dawson, Jean Sikes, Sandra Lockler, Judi Miller, Mrs. Bischoff. SECOND ROW: Sharon Odom, Nancy Stevens, Mary Whotley, Linda Schnodleback, James Byrd, Carol Eldredge, Linda Miller, Sharon Darnley, Mary Williams, Charlotte Word, Pat Armstrong, Gloria Reynolds, Diane Barton. f ' tir ' ■« " • wvjr , I ,«,,. o TENNIS CLUB FIRST ROW; Leslie Brown, Willis Dempsey, Ted While, Jackie Carpenter, Charles Johnson, Chip Maier, Mr. Austii Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Lavinia Brown, Bettye Ridings, Noncy Boykin, Kathy King, Sue Harris, Alice Bensen. FIRST ROW: Ronnie Dollar, Eddie McLourin, Bary Vickers. SECOND ROW: Jean Kemp, Lynn Day, Lindo Ande Brenda Whitcomb, Marsha Hammoc, Nancy Meotyord, Ann Dowdle. BOWLING CLUB SPANISH CLUB SEATED: Miss Griffith— Sponsor. STANDING: Brenda Whitcomb, Rebecca Slode, Gayle lovell, Diane Tomasich, Ros: McCollum, Beth Massey, Sharon Gwothney, Pot Tracey, Carolyn Williams, Sue Coleman, Marsha Hammoc. FIRST ROW: Wallis Weaver, Julius Siddon, Mary Fagerstrom, Beverly Everett, Becky Houston. SECOND ROW: Marsha Weaver, Linda Curtis, Cindy Newman, Linda Burdine, Leslie Brown, Doug Weaver, Kenneth Brookins, Jeff Hicks, Billy Byrd, Nancy Boykin, John Rogers, Linda Schnadlebock, Miss Griffith, Mary Kloeckener, Diane Hicks. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE fn IM 1 1 FIRST ROW: Alice Boyles, Cynthia Hobson, Virginia Christie, Joe Walker, Martha Boyles. SECOND ROW: James Jernigan, Jimmy Long, Eugene Mabry, Willie Dempsey, Clifton Dodd. THIRD ROW: Ernest Mayton, Robert White, Mike Eike, Vincent Dyal, William Hobson, Joe Alexander, Billy Watson, Don Pettis, Arlon Koch, Ceroid Brannum, Jeff Hicks. COMMERCIAL AND SHOP FIRST ROW: Joy Plyler, Judy Hawthorne, Ruth Waldorf, Jane Nelson. SECOND ROW: Jim Petty, Roy Jenkins, Dannette Irving, Alice Booker, Marvina Tanner. THIRD ROW: Wayne Hodges, Caboose Holl, Johnny McLoney, Bibble Johnson. T E A C H E R A S S I s T A N T S ENGLISH AND HISTORY FIRST ROW: Vivian Champion, Carolyn Lamb, Betty Cervola, Linda Warr, Bobby Northcutt, Donald Johnson. SEC- OND ROW: Jenny Gomby, Alice Gould, Yvonne Callav»ay, Margie Sloan, Nancy Carl. THIRD ROW: Gloria Lambert, Linda Long, Peggy Finch, Pomelo Slaughter, Johnny McLoney. FOURTH ROW: Pat Knorr, Owen Reynolds, Max Chinnis, Billy Graves, Hayword Avaritt. PHYSICAL EDUCATION FIRST ROW: Cecilia McConnell, Vicki Willie Linda Cope, Susan Duck, Lynda Beosly, Rodgers, Wanda Drew, Shoron Skinner, C Montgomery, Cloude Dunning, Lorry Gilm Tommy Gilmore, Pete McDonald, Monte H llene Chew, Sandra Lockar, Eriene Perry, Catherine McLeon. SECOND ROW: Brownlee, Sharon Odom, Barbara Johnson. THIRD ROW: Tommy Ramsey, Jessie le Dunovon, Frances Davis, Ann Phillips. FOURTH ROW: Chorles Witlock, Ted Litton, Tony Thomas. FIFTH ROW: Byron Pryor, Glen Bornett, Kenneth Smith, Long. ■ - m k, OFFICE ASSISTANTS FIRST ROW: Lavinia Brown, Billre Meatyard, Virginia Sellers, Phyllis Mitchell, Sue Coleman, Carolyn Williams, Pat Kirkwood, Sandra Pritchett, Linda Sizemore, Gwen Poring, Angle Arnold, Paulette Noylor. SECOND ROW: Norman Pennington, Donald Golf, Charles Sydnor, H. C. Waters, George Westbrook, Gloria Walker, Sandra Summerlin, Linda Summerlin, Linda Clark. CAFETERIA ASSISTANTS FIRST ROW: Julia Moody, Judy Hyde, Margaret Stephenson Armstrong, Faye McGollagher. SECOND ROW: Diane Conno Davis, Gwen Faring, Wilda Downey. Diane Ferris, James Glenn, Mitchel Vickers, John Linda Pugh, Lonnie Northcutt, Larry Muggins, William LIBRARIANS Mary L. Blackmarr, Librarian; Mrs. Myree Morgan, clerical assistant LIBRARY AND PROJECTOR ASSISTANTS FIRST ROW: Wayne Jordan, Ernest Martin, Terry Tyson, Anthony Holliday, Bruce Anderson. SECOND ROW: Calvin Griffin, Royce Hildebrand, Terry Hall, William Williamson, Butch Ramsay, Gregg Tyson, Donald Watts. THIRD ROW: Joyce Curry, Judy Davis, Becky Houston, Esther Sandifer, Pot Karr, Carolyn Midkif, Jo Ann White. FOURTH ROW: Edward McQuirter, Jimmy Fields, Johnny Lowery, Dwight Coker, Ted Crawford, James Kemp. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Eileen Chew, Vickie, Williams, Shirley Philley, Sharon Sanders, Kathy Slater, Nancy McCollin, Blanche Bowen, Angle Arnold, Judy Capps, Dorothy Montgomery. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Burell, Joy Plyler, Virginia Piggot, Sherry Woltmon, Patricia Richardson, Pat Ridings, Linda Cole, linda Clark, Rosey Sullivan, Gladys Shafer, Emma Sue Fisher, Claudette Pettis, Mrs. Crawley. [ 124 ] BOBCAT PEP CLUB FIRST ROW: Leytham, Die Pam McFerrii Ann Dowdle, Becky Slade, Hammac, Jirr Everett, Susa son, Betty C Barbara Sum Ann Davidson, Kathy King, Billie Meatyard, Judy jh. Sue Harris, Shirley Allen. SECOND ROW: Gail Anthony, Cindy ne Tomosich, Regina Kelly, Nancy Carl. THIRD ROW: Sherill Allen, Linda Worr, Sue Clements, Beth Massey, Susan Cosgrovc, I, Debby Thompson, Tamea Maiers, Wilda Dov ney. FOURTH ROW; Sharon Sanders, Virginia Pigot, Diane Fultz, Ginny Humphries, Nancy Meatyard, Barbara Johnston, Edith Robbins. FIFTH ROW: Ann Stillmon, Janice McDonald, Carol Lambert, Linda Young, Janet Mooney, Nonnette Clark, Helen Stillmon. SIXTH ROW: Lois Whitcomb, Linda Sue Lumpkin, Brenda Whitcomb, Marsha my Pierce, Sue Coleman, Diane Kaske, Linda Reynolds, Judi Miller. SEVENTH ROW: Carolyn Bayley, Sharon Darnley, Beverly 1 Stevens, Rita Becton, Nancy McCollum, Pot Ridings, Melindo Esfeller, Diane Hicks, Diane Grimes. EIGHTH ROW: Vicky William- jrvolo, Barbara Douglas, Louise Schnodleback, Jean Kemp, Agatha Watkins, Sheryl Messomore, Shirley Andrews, Glenda Nordan, nerlin, Joan Bolton, Lynn Day. [ 125 ] Coach Douglas Coach Nicholson THEODORE FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Ellison, Street, Petty, Cockwell, Carpenter, Lombard, Gilmore, Johnston, Downey, Thomas, Graham, Cosgrove. SECOND ROW: Bouler, Hoines, Rose, Meadows, Dodd, Isler, Weems, Moier, Pryor, Ramsey, Gilmore, Pugh, Anderson, Morgan. THIRD ROW: Whitlock, Williams, Christie, Bornette, Graves, Cowan, Bell, Hoskew, Bryant, Smith, Pettis, Zimlich. FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Long, Esfeller, Womack, Penyard, Tillman, McQuarter, Weatherley, Lee, Keorley, Hobden, Crenshaw, Ladnier, Deos. OFFENSE STANDING: Bobby Lombard, Tommy Ramsey, Clifton Dodd, Milton Carpenter. FIRST ROW: Doug Bryant, Aaron Johnston, David Meadows, Chip Maier, Johnny Haines, John Pugh, Tony Thomas, Tommy Gilmore. DEFENSE SECOND ROW: Milton Carpenter, Lorry Gilmore, Chip Moier, Tommy Gilmore, Clifton Dodd. FIRST ROW: Mike Downey, Ken Smith, David Meadows, Curtis Weems, Tony Thomas, Kenny Graham, Aaron Johnston, Doug Bryant. .•T iv v " TV- Watch that Bobcat stancJI Bobcats in Acll( End Charles Reed FOOTBALL BANQUET 1963 SENIOR LETTERMEN FIRST ROW: Aaron Johnston, Bobby Lombard, Chip Maier, SECOND ROW: Jim Petty, Tony Thomas, Wayne Cockrell, Tommy Gilmore. mM-m PH W B PHj Wli H I V ' ' 1 Ki k . K ' . B LETTERMEN FIRST ROW: Clifton Dodd, Doug Bryant, Tommy Ramsey, Mike Downey, Larry Gilmore, John Pugh, Charlie Reed. SECOND ROW: Chuck Williams, Ken Smith , Clyde Anderson, Allen Isler, Clinton Rose, Claude Dunning, Johnny Haines, Melvin Cosgrove, Daryl Haskew, David Meadows. Cooch McElroy, Coach Douglas, Mr. Jackson, Coach Nicholson, Mr. latho HEAD TABLE AT FOOTBALL BANQUET Cheerleaders: Jerri Davidson, Shirley Allen, Judy Pugh, Sarah Wilson, Pat Womack, Kothy King. Sponsor— Miss Hancock, Billie Meatyord, Linda Strickland. l faPP TOP; Judy Pugh. SECOND ROW: Sarah Wilson, Shirl ey Allen. FIRST ROW: Billie Meatyard, Sue Harris, Linda Strickland, Pal Womack, Je Davidson. BOBCAT CHEERLEADERS Judy Pugh Shirley Allen Lindo Strickland Jerri Davidson ' Mealyard VARSITY BASKETBALL 1963-1964 Coach Nicholson Coach McElroy [ 140 ] V Mi} y w Eric Nelson, Forward Will Hobson, Center Jock Carpenter, Forward-Guard ' ' " " " TM John Carpenter, Guord— Forward Mike Forver, Forward Ken Smith, Forward Summerlin, Smith, Weaver, Tenner, Morgan, Nelson, Smithers, Cosgrove, Nelson, McLeod, Nelson, Ho Williams— Manager. Fontaine, Douglas, Kendrick, i n. 9 c- 33 35 21 33 51 55 Id " M i A m ii: Doug Bryant, Guard H. C. Walters, Guard Daryl Haskew, Guard-Forward Claude Dunning, Forward FIRST ROW: Joy, Dodd, Holl, Jenkins, Lombard, Weaver, Po Ramsey, Long, Coach McElroy, Thomas, Johnston, Isler, Rose. Cockrell. SECOND ROW: Hoskew, Montgomery, T R A C K T E A M Field Events Clinton Rose Field Russell Johnston RELAY TEAM: Lombard, Cockrell, Ra Dodd. VARSITY BASEBALL 1 .:; Coach C. A. Douglas FIRST ROW: Dale Vaughn, Lorry Steiner, Jimmy Dornley, Doug Bryant, Bobby Lombard, Mike Downey, Donnie Rushing, Richard Decs, Mile Hall. SECOND ROW: Johnny Turner, Butch Cox, Kenneth Smith, Gary Tanner, Lorry Bolton, Sonny Werneth, Wayne Cockrell. Johnny Turne Pitcher Dale Vaughn Pitcher Larry Bolton Third Base Donnie Rushing Out Field Bobby Lombard Out Field Wayne Cockr. Second Base [ 147 ] Mike Downey Second Base Doug Bryan Out Field Richard Deas Out Field [ 148 ] SENIORS 1963 FIRST ROW; Johnny Turner, Butch Cox, Gory Tanner, Lorry Bolton. SECOND ROW: Dole Vaughn Larry Steiner, Jimmy Dornley, Sonny Werneth. TOP: Butch Cox, OutfielcJ. BOTTOM: Kenneth Smith, Pitcher i t Mike Hall Out Field Gary Tann First Bo FRIENDSHIP DANCE FASHION SHOW (Theodore ' s answer to the House of Dior) Masters- of -Ceremony Mory Ann Lowell, Emcee Jerri Davidson, Emcee Mike Downey " ShocJes of Print " Cindy Leytham " The Box Suit " Karen Phillips " Balloon Dress " III ■ 1 Joe Kulakowski " The New Fall Shades " I V V ;t H M ' ' ' i H ■ Becky Houston " Can-Can Dress " [ 153 ] Sharon Parker " Plunging Neckline " ,v rzatea ZJrait i HI aid " Vickl vU Miami SENIORS ENTERTAIN PARENTS AT CHRISTMAS TEA [ 155 ] I x . .JJS. " lyard W. . ' J .S. Jackie Carpen, r L oocl i ulzendhip Arwards Ted White Billie Meatyard These two seniors are symbolic of qualities of Good Citizenship found not only in Theodore Seniors but in all Theodore students. JUNIOR AMERICAN CITIZENS CREED I believe that through the coming years our United States of America will be a great oncJ happy nation it the boys ond girls become active citizens. I ' ll strive to make my body strong and well, and keep it free from accidents. I ' ll learn to read and write and speak so well that I may understand the thoughts of other people and give to them my own. I ' ll seek the life work best for me ond learn to do it honestly and well. I ' ll find joy in wholesome recreation when my tasks are done. A family needs love and understanding; I ' ll do my part in such a home. When I am faced with right and wrong, I ' ll try to moke right choices and strengthen my own character. My country needs good citizens. When my time comes, I ' ll study carefully her problems. I ' ll do my share in choosing leaders wisely. Upon her citizens our America depends. Today and every day I ' ll strive to be a good Junior American Citizen. [ 159 ] ,- us CHARLES M. SCHULZ Kovem ' osr 25, 196 ' : 1964 Eeautiei S elect ed L Juliarm i ulakowski -iditor, 1964 Iheodorlan Tiieodore High School Theodore, Aiabana Dear Juliaim, Xhanl: you for asking me, Lucy, Charlie 3rovm and Snoopy to select the beauties Ox the 1964 Theadorlan . We vrould be very honored to do so, and i-rill airait the ar- rival of the portraits from T-rhich t-jo of each class ■■.. ' 111 be selected. Kindest regards. Never before have Theodore Beauties been de- termined by such a well-known panel. Our sincere appreciation to Charles M. Schuiz for permitting the characters of his creation to give us a helping hand. Perhaps Mr. Schuiz will forgive our Senior Artist, Tony Thomas, for copying his drawings for the above pictures. L J nternationailu amoui f- anei CkarL W. ScUL y realor of J- eanuli SENIOR BEAUTY Itlrleu . llCi ! ' i SENIOR BEAUTY fflaraie Oto JUNIOR BEAUTY cJLunn trauahn JUNIOR BEAUTY J aren lA a de SOPHO ORE BEAUTY riancu Cari SOPHOMORE BEAUTY Wlaru Sue l UUCiamion ■■s% - 4 ' " B . r FRESHMAN BEAUTY a n ice irlc oOo natd FRESHMAN BEAUTY If Ion tea ru « srauorit ed Ljioria r-J.aniherl ■ eaau J!! ue Jjrincn errie . nn rJjavidion USarbara ohnitc 170 ] aljeboie imlich _JtQ at ha Wa thin J Ij ren da Wh itc om b oLinaa f orda [ 171 ] Senior i lotabteA Jim Corbit Nannette Clark Johnny Davidson Vickey Williams Jim Petty Peggy Sue Finch Tony Thomas Juliann Kulakowski Alton Maier Kathy Treherne Se enior Wko WL [ ' 73 ] Billie Meatyard Jackie Carpenter Ted White Shirley Allen If lost oLoual LJnea dorian 5 [ 174 ] I no it J4appu Ljninteiiectuat. PP George Miller Lavina Brown irloit ZJaiented Tony Thomas Nannefte Clark If lost Cjentlentant Wo. a arm in a Margie Sloan ffloit L onqeniai Ted White Vicl y Williams [ 176 ] rrloit cJLlkeiu to be Mlined Kathy King Tony Thomas A 11 t ifloit intellectual Juliann Kulakowski Jackie Carpenter f 1 1 1 oil Zrun fo he _ round Woil _AHraclU Sharon Alston Claude Dunning Aunlor Wast JllUelU Phyllis Sharpton Tommy Ramsey Linda Strickland Charles Reed Eeil fj a tare J Karen Phillips Johnny Carpenter [ 178 Cindy Reinhart Steve Garner f- ride of the AuniorA Charlie Reed Linda Strickland Wko Wko I ill oil Jriq in a i Elmo Ziebach Lynn Straughn ff oit C nerqetlc Mary Sue Williamson Dale Cunningham onnomore if toil ( ourleoui Joe Kulakowski Sandy Bogard vJeit chool Spirit Olivia Lambert Daryl Haskew oLazieit Susan Stevens Don Womack If foil aiJependablt Dwight Brown Marsha Weaver Scotii White iL fl L-uteil Betty Cervola Daryl Haskew Ann Stillman Joe Kulakowski Nancy Meatyard Bobby Mclnnis Credit man (.jreenesl rresht Bernard Zimlich Linda Anderson K V 1 Hn ► - , 1 J B ( ampus ( ulit apical eenac ' W Lynne Day Ronnie Dollar Shirley Andrews Pete McDonald 182 ] WL ; WL ff ojf tKeitf to become a J enic Beverly Everett Marion Sennett Janice McDonald Jerry Morgan Sesf J cliool Support lleateit Ginny Humphries Douglas Kirkwood Pt- ' J)f WitUeil George Fontaine Molinda Esfeller [ 183 ] f V ,« i Gloria Lambert s w 184 f-4 Karen Olivia Wade e e i k e Lambert Nancy Barbara Carl a r I s Summerlin Linda Sharon Norden Alston 1 y © A :1 Rita Adams i I Shirley Allen Agatha Watkins Glenda Nordan ■ . Nannette Clark 6 Deborah Zimlich Scotti White Billie Meatyard Cindy Reinhart JvJi -A k i A ¥ ' M ' S %--, [ 185 ] . nliii J- eaaie «_ «« 2 in)ck f -J o mecontina Q ueen VC Mi reinnian fr aia frfonica rui Aunior ll aid USarbara Aolinstc Senior ifjaid Uicheu l ' l ' ' illiat Sophomore If laid f anctf (Sari Senior Maid, Vicky Williams Escort, Ted White Junior Maid, Barbara Johnston Escort, Johnn Carpenter Excitement Grows at Homecoming Bonfire Sophomore Maid: Nancy Carl Escort; Ray Jenkins Freshman Moid: Monica Pryor Escort: Gary Viclters Student Council President, Sue Coleman; Vice President, Jc Kulakowski carry roses to be presented to the Queen. Escort, Robert Davis presents the Queen with American Beauty Advertisements Top Ad Sellers FIRST ROW: Julionn Kulakowski, Rebecca Slade, Kathy King, Bettye Jo Ridings, Sue Harris, Virginia Sellers. SECOND ROW: James Foley, Bobby Lombard, Jackie Carpenter, Mike Eike, Chip Maier. ADVERTISERS Sincere appreciation to our Continuous Advertisers 19 Years Bobcat Restaurant Grant ' s Cafe 10 to 15 Years Bidgood Stationery Co. Brannon Sporting Goods Coca-Cola Bottling Co., inc. Constantine ' s Fern Dell Dairy, Inc. Scott Luttrell Truck and Tractor Company Smith ' s Bakery Theodore Lumber and Supply Wanda ' s Beauty Shop— Lilwan ' s Beauty Shop Weatherby Furniture Co. Willard ' s Store 5 to 10 Years Alexander Hardware Company Anders Book Store Azalea Queen Bayley ' s Cedar Point Road Pharmacy Coleman ' s Grocery and Market First National Bank Kirk ' s Gulf Station Mobile County Commission Parker Sea Food Phillips Furniture Co. Ro-Mac Shoes For Children Red Ball Truck Stop Thompson Motor Company Fred Zundel Jewelers PHOTO CREDITS Senior Who ' s Who pictures were taken at Oakleigh Antebellum Home, Mobile. Senior, Faculty, Who ' s Who, Homecoming and many special pictures were made by McEachern Studio, Mobile. Freshman Who ' s Who pictures were made at the home of Nannette Clark. Junior Who ' s Who pictures were made at the home of Becky Houston. THE BOBCAT RESTAURANT DRIVE IN For Take-Out Orders Call 66-1-3590 Sci t Oi i k lor a wonderlul luture! ...IT ' S YOURS V iTH OoutAerft zBell e itd t tKy OF MOBILE ■=lSf fcJ»lcl;« PORTRAITS 816 AZALEA ROAD FRAMES TEL. 477-2279 WEDDINGS ALBUMS MOBILE COUNTY COMMISSION Mobile County Offers Profit end Prosperity to the Home Seeker No other section in the United States offers the homeseeker surer returns for his money than Mobile County, Alabama, We have more than five hundred miles of paved County roads and more being constructed making every section of the county easily accessible on paved roads. Fruits of every variety, Farming, Cattle Raising, Bee Culture, Turkey Raising, Wool, Truck Growing, in fact, everything is offered to the industries m Mo- bile, one of the seven most progressive cities in the United States, Thousands of acres of virgin soil are available at prices far below their intrinsic value. Climate and water ore equal to the best in the United States, A visit to Dauphin Island will convince you it is the Sportsman ' s para- dise — salt water fishing the year ' round. Investigation and correspondence ore solicited. For further informo- iton about this v onderful section. Communicate with the Mobile County Commission. LEROY STEVENS, President HUGH FORT WILL D. HAAS . - THE NATIONAL BETA CLUB PRESIDENT: Johnny Davidson VICE PRESIDENT: Jackie Carpenter SECRETARY: Linda Rials TREASURER: Joyce Curry 1964 MEMBERSHIP LIST Shirley Allen 64 Jackie Carpenter 64 Jeannine Cottingham 64 Joyce Curry 64 Johnny Davidson 64 James Foley 64 Sue Harris 64 Charles Johnson 64 Kathy King 64 Juliann Kulakowski 64 Barbara Lappoge 64 Bobby Lombard 64 Gayle Lovell 64 Donnie Rushing 64 Rebecca Slade 64 Diane Barton 64 Patricia Cassella 64 Joyce Cooper 64 Peggy Sue Finch 64 Lynda Riels 64 Helen Stillman 64 Linda Young 64 Martha Brown 65 Jerri Ann Davidson 65 Donna Demotropolis 65 Carolyn Freeman 65 Steve Garner 65 Carol Greeff 65 Bonnie Hewes 65 Jean Philley 65 Ginnie Weaver 65 Carolyn Williams 64 Paulette Naylor 64 [ 196 ] STUDENT COUNCIL 1963-64 PRESIDENT: Sue Coleman VICE PRESIDENT: Joe Kulakov SECRETARY: Phyllis Mitchell TREASURER: Sarah Wilson CHAPLAIN: Jim Petty REPRESENTATIVES Joe Alexander Sherrill Allen Glenn Bornett Joan Bolton Linda Burdine Sue Clements Ann Dowdle Leslie Brown Jerrie Hill Ginny Humphreys Goyle Lovell Mary Lowell Deborah Pugh Cindy Reinhart Diane Roberts Lynn Stroughn Corky Sullivan Ginnie Weaver Scottie White Mary Williamson Charlotte Folmar Ira Adams Nancy Carl Beth Massey Rebecca Slade Ray Jenkins Nancy Stevens Lee Brownlee Beverly Everett ALTERNATES Nannette Clark Carolyn Doan Linda Strickland Monica Pryor Regino Kelly Ann Stillman Bettye McGrew Pat Blanchard Frederick Reynolds Randall Woodham Charles Johnson Pam Turner Charlene Mason Sharon Parker Cindy Leytham Barbara Horn Peggy Sue Finch Jimmy Long Barbara Garette Pat Ridings Oliver Hall Sue Harris Nancy Meatyard Carol Greeff Janet Mooney Sharon Odom Robert White John Rodgers [ 197 ] Enjoy Finest Foods at CONSTANTINES Mobile ' s Finest Restaurant " Famous for Fine Foods the World Over " Paying for college is a lot eosier with a low-cost, insured education loan from the Merchants Notional Bonk. Bayou la Batre Office Located on Coden Road m Bayou la Batre Save for college NOW — at the convenient FIRST NATIONAL Bayou la Batre office! First NmoNM Bank Ho..ii jimMA: fflbnau o{ GWrnSiMct IS6S Member F D I C. DOWNTOWN — BROAD STREET — TOULMINVILLE — BROOKLET FIELD - BAYOU LA BATRE — SPRINODAIE PLAZA Aw, Come on Rabbit, Smilel CEDAR POINT ROAD PHARMACY 3315 Cedar Point Road Mobile - 479-9546 - Alabama FREE DELIVERY THOMPSON MOTOR COMPANY PARTS • NbW and USED TIRES • NEW and USED D. O. Thompson, Prop. Theodore, Alabama RAMSEYS AMOCO SERVICE CENTER Highway 90 at Higgins Rood Rood Service - Mechanic on duty 473-8934 THEODORE LUMBER SUPPLY P O Box 136 QUALITY LUMBER-BUILDING SUPPLIES PLYWOOD-TOOLS-READY-MIX CONCRETE BLOCKS-PIPES-PLUMBING Compliments of THEODORE AMBULANCE SERVICE RED BALL TRUCK STOP Theodore, Ala. Phone: 661-9907 KIRK ' S GULF STATION DEPENDABLE GULF PRODUCTS U S- 90 West Theodore, Alabama DALE KIRK, Dealer Compliments of CAMELLIA SKYLAND and OAK LANES " Bowling is Fun " P. O. Box 6157 Mobile, Alabama White ' s IMPORTS 165 South Broad Street MOBILE, ALABAMA 438-9788 ti%.- Bayleys ' ' ■ ' ' .■ ' . RfSTAUHANT BAYLEYS Steaks--Chicken--Seafood Cedar Point Road Telephone: TU 3-4262 Compliments of ANDERS BOOK STORE School Books - Supplies 406 Government Street Phone 438-5658 CLAUDE M.PETTIS GARAGE OLD HWY. 90 NEAR HIGGINS ROAD Rt. 4, Box 361 Mobile, Ala, Phone 471-9454 Automotive Truck Repairs — Wheel Balancing — Wrecker Service — Front End Alignment rlucu Ci w Zyw M Otr !(uii ' 24fi " oY VEREEN MOTORS Cloverleaf Plaza Hv y. 90 W. Telephone 661-0431 Hand Picked Premium Cars Lov Overhead Area BIDGOOD STATIONERY CO. " Everything for Your Office " BLUE PRINTS - PHOTOSTATS ENGINEERING SCHOOL SUPPLIES VereenSev 68 St. Francis Street 433-0518 Mobile, Alabama BLOSSMAN GAS, INC. 2-Way Radio Equipped Trucks for Faster Service Growing Bigger By Serving Better GR 9-5581 THEODORE UN 5-341 1 GRAND BAY GOULD ' S GARDEN CENTER HOLLINGER ' S ISLAND SERVICE STATION Cedar Point Road at Hamilton Blvd. 473-7468 Your One-Stop Center for New Chevrolets Used Cars, Ports and Authorized Service! " CALL " JOHNSON CHEVROLET INC. New Cars 501 St. Jos HE 2-4621 Used Car Dept. 300 St. Jos HE 8-4622 Used Car Dept. 711 St. Louis HE 2-4780 AIR CONDITIONED GRANT ' S CAFE HOME COOKING Intersection of U. S. 90 and Bellingrath Road Theodore, Alabama HARDY MOTOR COMPANY, INC. 803 Dauphin Street HEmlock 27521 P. O. Box 4305 Mobile, Alabama ALTON MAIER AGENCY INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE 2010 Airport Blvd. Mobile, Ala. Bus. 479-4534 Res. 478-9924 •f -Tf - ya JT 71, a You cannot gather honey by upsetting the bees. But, you can ' t be stung at this BEE ' S HIVE. Let Queen Bee design you a honey of a dress. You buy it, we ' ll make! PROFESSIONAL SEAMSTRESS Formals Fabrics Costumes Variety Tailor Notions Patterns Sportswear 973-2256 Dauphin Island Parkway at Bayley ' s Corner Authorized RCA Dealer HILL ' S RADIO-TV APPLIANCE 6305 Hy 90 Dr. Tillman ' s Corner Sales Service on all Brands Convenient Financing — Call Us Phone 471-4906 Mobile, Ala. For Theodore students and Theodore parents, we will sell our merchandise for Graduation Gifts at wholesale price. .HILLS IPER olerr ' ' ARKE COLEMAN ' S GROCERY AND MARKET GAS, OIL, AND SUPPLIES CEDAR POINT and FOWL RIVER ROAD ALEXANDER HARDWARE Highway 90 Bellingrath Road { :?c-. -f ATLANTIC MILLS DISCOUNT STORE 4130 Government Blvd. Everything For The Home and Family CENTRAL Wcdg ' t DRUGS | ' -TSEfM ' - -. " (l4l(:JULU-i.iUill CENTRAL DRUGS Walgreen Agency Hwy. 90 at Tillman ' s Corner Phone: 471-5454 D. K. RUSHING AUTO MART 2760 Government Blvd. Phone 473-3665 Mobile, Alabama BARBER SHQP ' -ft- J i.- p III Iff 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ SSNPt w 0 Km ' CITY BARBER SHOP Charles Grant Louis Kirk Theodore, Alabama Road Service TIRES, INC. Tune-up Brake Work Phone 473-9345 Dayton Tires — Gulf Tires Minor Repairs BILL ' S Recap Tires — Used Tires Front End Alignment — 90 WEST GULF SERVICE Service Center Wheel Balancing 3945 Government Blvd. Groceries Hollingers Island, Mobile, Ala. Ph 3500 D Govt. Blvd. Dne 471-2451 Mobile, Ala Phone 473-9241 Ted Dority Charlie Seitz Dealer Mechanic PARKWAY FLORIST MM MAJOR MORTGAGE OSSIE ' S 1914 Dauphin Island Pkwy. CORPORATION Senator at 473-6-291 Holcombe Avenue Mobile, Alabama Telephone 471-3353 Highway 90 West Say It With Flowers - Say It With Ours Compliments of LOOP APPLIANCE CO CLEVELAND I loriit 416 Fulton Rd. JOHNNY ' S DRIVE-IN Mobile, Alabama Phone:471-4314 1711 Stone Street Phone 471 -5456 2674 Government Blvd. Phone 471-4441 Mobile, Alabama I ( IRBY REDDITT, R.P. ) P DEWEY ' S TRAILWAY WALKER ' S GULF SERVICE SERVICE STATION STATION Open 24 Hours Highway 90 West Theodore Alabama gas, oil, ice, accessories Tillman ' s Corner Phone 661-0720 Theodore, Alabama Phone:473-9170 Prescription Center JAY ' S SHELL SERVICE Most Modern Station in Theodore Courteous Service Complete Line in Everything Theodore, Alabama PIERCE ' S GROCERY open 24 hours 7 doys a week Dauphin Island Parkway Terrell Road SMITH JEWELERS Watches, Diamonds, Charms Cloverleaf Plaza 661-1910 GANAS PLUMBING HEATING Filter King Water Conditioners Theodore, Ala. Tel. No. DOWNTOWt l • PRICHARD • SPRINGDALE Since 1913 - For Fine Luggage and Gifts GERHARDT ' S 109 Dauphin St Mobile, Alobama SENIORS: Bring your annuals to us for free gold leaf monograming as a gift from GERHARDT ' S ELECTRIC MOTOR MATERIALS, INC. 203 Virginia Street P O Box 1372 Phone HE 2-1612 MOBILE, ALABAMA lutioiij Motor Parts Supplies ROBERTSON ' S VARIETY STORE 3359 Dauphin Is. Prkwy. Phone: 479-9121 Diamonds — Watches ZUNDEL ' S JEWELERS 8 S. Concepton St. Mobile China — Silver Compliments of TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOPPING CENTER Compliments of THEODORE STANDARD OIL SERVICE STATION Phone 473-5268 SUMMERLIN JAKE ' S AUTO SERVICE Compliments of REALTY Bellingrath Highway AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SPECIALIST GENERAL AUTO REPAIR BURNING WELDING OF ALL KINDS PHONE 471 5859 BOX 252 RILEY - STUART SUPPLY CO., INC. 471-4405 WESTERN DRIVE Theodore, Alabama PHONE 471-4361 Compliments For the Best Shopping in oil Lines of GROCERIES -HARDWARE and LORD ' S TIRE SUPPLY CO., INC. COKER CHRIS-CRAFT SALES, INC. DRY GOODS Shop and Save at General Tires 5008 CEDAR POINT ROAD, MOBILE, ALABAMA WILLARD ' S STORE TWO LOCATIONS TELEPHONE: 4791439 MOBILE — PRICHARD Phone GR 7-2005 WALTER WEAVER BELLE FONTAINE REALTOR SOUTH MOBILE COUNTY HOP HASKEW GENERAL STORE REAL ESTATE Liberty National Life Ins. Co. ROUTE 3, THEODORE, ALA. Dauphin Island Parkway MOBILE OFFICE— Phone: HEmlock 2-2430 1016 ar Antwerp Building Life— Mortgage— Burial— Hospitol 477-2997 TU 3-9962 HOME OFFICE— Fowl River Road ' 2 Mile Off Cedar Point Rood Pfione; Belle Fontaine TU 3-4444 Theodore, Alabama LANGLEY LUMBER AND Compliments SUPPLY CO. CAGLE AUTO PARTS of 6321 Hwy. 90 Drive Theodore, Alabama Mobile, Alabama Phone HOME SAVINGS LOAN Melvin B. ' . ongley 479-4531 Albert Langley, Sr. Phone: 477-5719 PINE TERRACE BEAUTY SALON Louise Nicholson Owner 477-2078 N-- % h ■Q L . . 1 D . 1 ,5 -T i. i l Li JULIUS GOLDSTEIN fij? 3 S Royal St. INSURANCE: • Fire • Casualty PHIL HOLMES AGENCY 153 Tuttle Avenue Mobile, Alabama Phone 471-1444 Compliments Y-CAFE Best Food around Tillman ' s Corner SUIT-O-RAMA, INC. 3758 Gov ' t Blvd. Mobile, Alabama E. D. Ferniany, Ovi ner Compliments of a FRIEND Compliments of a FRIEND 473-8556 BERG ' S TRAILER SALES Mobile ' s Oldest Dealer 3751 Gov ' t Blvd. Roy S. Berg Mobile, Ala. CLOVERLEAF DRUG CO. Cioverleaf Plaza 471-5428 Prescription Specialist FLOWERWOOD NURSERY Cedar Point Rood 478-8201 Old Pascogoula Road 471-2987 CLAUDE L. JACKSON GROCERY MARKET WARLEY FRUIT AND PRODUCE Quality, Service, and Satisfaction P. O. Box 1129 Mobile, Alabama BEST WISHES from TH E MOBILE COUNTY GAS " JAMIE MARIE " DISTRICT " Serving Mobile County With Natural Gas " Leaves Dauphin Island Daily Theodore GR 1-4461 - Bayou la Botre TA 6-4552 Except MONDAY and TUESDAY Citronelle VO 6-7061 Leave 7:00 A.M. - Return 5:00 P.M. $6.00 per Person Weekdays B H $8.00 Saturday Sunday ICE and BAIT FREE FOOD STORE Electronic Fish Finder-Loran Call Tu 3-4237 660 Holcombe Avenue Open 24 Hours Daily Quality Merchandise 477-6656 M An Important Message for Seniors Interested in College Scholarships gv H Six seniors from the Mobile area will be awarded Bellas Hess college or university scholarships for the 1 964 school year. Km H This is part of the Bellas Hess Scholarship program, which will, this year, award 72 educational grants to students across the nation. v Il H Awards will be made on the basis of scholastic achieve- ment and financial need. Prominent area educators will compose the final award committee. Your school principal will have full details of the Bellas Hess scholarship plan. ALRIGHTI V ho stole my uniform? BELLAS HESS oUHCHuIUHC 300 Azalea Road at Airport Blvd. BRYANT Heating — Cooling Mobile Supply Co. Distributor Compliments of A FRIEND! IT ' S BETTER TO BE HASTINGS-WISE THAN OTHERWISE • NO MONEY DOWN • lO.OOO-MILE GUARANTEE • 24 MONTHS TO PAY HASTINGS ' ° ' ' ' ' - ' ' in just one day! CRUMBLEY ' S ALABAMA COAST TRUCK STOP COMPLETE 24 HOUR SERVICE FOR TRUCKS AND CARS RESTAURANT — SHOWERS — BUNKS — SCALES Highway 90 Telephone 471-1093 ' THEODORE, ALA. Name your car and thera ' t a reliable Hastings Motor with full 10,000-miU guar - antee — no money down ready to install. Hastings ' leadership in quality, per- formance and economy comes from 25 ye; r$ of specialized rebuilding ex- perience with service throughout the South — around the clock. jO j HASTINGS MOTOR RE-BUILDERS 556 Houston St. 479-6561 k ■ M Wowl What A Windl VISITORS WELCOME SOUTHLAND NURSERIES Come see the largest variety of plants in this area. Open Every Day 7 A.M. -6 P.M. 3738 New Highway 90 Visit Our Gift Shop For Gifts or Home DREAM CREAME DRIVE INN We specialize in 21 FLAVORS OF MILKSHAKES Hot, Fresh, Tasty, Do-nuts Hamburgers — Hotdogs Coll In-Carry Out Service 7 AM to 1 1 PM doily 450 Azalea Road Phones 342-8888 BRILL ' S IGA SUPER STORE Cedar Point Road at Club hlouse Rood " Best Shopping on Dauphin Island Parkway " HE 2-4827 Compliments of AZELEA ROAD CITIES SERVICE Qrants 400 Azelea Road Phone KNOWN for VALUES 342-9742 ' Charge-it ' No Money Down 30 Days or Months to Pay CLOVERLEAF Would you like to get SHOPPING CENTER acquainted with STANLEY HOSTESS PREMIUMS? WANT MORE FOR YOUR MONEY For STANLEY PRODUCTS KEEP YOUR EYE ON GRANTS or parties call EVA M. JOHNSON 661-1687 1 n V MARY ' S 9 l l Bl What did BEAUTY SALON 1 you say was in that drink? Cedar Point Road Mrs. Mary Reynolds i HIH| Owner and Operator •? " v K JH My Herd ci]® : ALABAMA ' S Barberh QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Yes, there is o difference in dairy pro- ducts and thot difference is " quality " Alobomo ' s leading dairy products are produced ond processed under the most rigid standards Your first taste tells you why Barber ' s IS Alabama ' s favorite. Barben ALABAMA ' S FINEST MILK FROM ALABAMA ' S FINEST FARMS • MILK ICE CREAM p i Weill Here goe -J l J ' i? ft ' d ' - .y ' - L JB j 1 1 l y Sp H ir iw4 r - • wkJ rm [jLfcfz p ni kmI i Hb . ' ' S B Seniors! Seniors! « - mm Everywhere!!! m m H .. Hi hhhhhI WANDA ' S BEAUTY SHOP WANDA D. MILES Owner Phone 661-2710 12 - 15 = 13 Start with 12 trees — harvest 15 — end up with 13! That ' s a miracle in anyone ' s book and yet that ' s just what the South has done in 25 years. In 1935, Southern forests contained 120 billion cubic feet of wood. Since then, 147 billion cubic feet have been harvested. But these forests still contain more than 131 billion cubic feet — nine per cent more wood now than before that mammoth harvest. 1-P is proud that its foresters played a key role in this miracle of reforestation. Now they are meeting new challenges — like managing timberland for such varied purposes as watershed protection, hunting, and public recreation — or, using forest geneticists to develop improved strains of pines — or conducting complex economic studies in order to realize the greatest financial return from each acre of timberland. This is truly modern forestry and it demands an ever-increasing number of college-trained men skilled in the latest technique of their profession. NTERNATIONAL PAPER J,J _5a V- IJ:. ySw !ii3 6 ■Qr ' fa3- fcV ' O " f m c, Ka. yf .e a .1 ve ' -z-

Suggestions in the Theodore High School - Theodorian Yearbook (Theodore, AL) collection:

Theodore High School - Theodorian Yearbook (Theodore, AL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 179

1964, pg 179

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1964, pg 176

Theodore High School - Theodorian Yearbook (Theodore, AL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 57

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Theodore High School - Theodorian Yearbook (Theodore, AL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 147

1964, pg 147

Theodore High School - Theodorian Yearbook (Theodore, AL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 209

1964, pg 209

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