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Theodore E Chandler (DD 717) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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, Q-V I .IMUNNWA KAOHSIUNG 2 f Qc 2 ds, GUAM Y0 O C' Y , r l 'fs 1 " HAWAII 4 .lah ,--fi' 51, 'Q L,..-u I4 3 v , 1 Y , N, 4! ,, ' X tw IA I H .ll y ff 'xx FW--- V. 1 L""LX - ' 'fall - 1 -4 ., ," nz . . ..1 A I nu v C' ff if , ,113 -ff A Q ,ff f , fm f :za 'Q' N mf . 1.5, ?'Z'Tw., . 1 -1-1 1.1:,:., .-v:z-..snn-:- USSTf V I 1 A A - 1. -11g,xfi,,,.,lLg,. DLER -qw-4-1-w,,,. E, , - .. l ' K 11,11-.2 1' '- wie ' -- ff' F'-'Tl 1 iiJ5,i?25 11Zf?'.3?fV , .. 1- ,,N MW , vvww 'M A I f-1 G -mu. 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 'i 1 5 1 1 2 1 I . 1 I? Ll I . 1 QL za: 1 rw ---:L-Q. 1 f:.5-Lew.. ,g::n1,..,.'5. .-.nrhff-Q 1 44. :A:..i.1 ,4...fQl5 iiLi1.i--..g1:.i,g.:2.e,..i-b.-xL.q..41...-iv.g :.:.a,,-:A5..,.a:1ev.1-a.m.u.s.isi- .,,,.i, Ni,,,,,..,,-,:-1.-.-,Q.-Q,4...:-..s'-1,1 ,TA QT.---S, -.. -,,.1....., - 1 11- - ., :::-1 M.,-vb M -- A 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 v L 672225198 UJCNTS 2 g 'M f 47' AM--------'-iw - V- --W vw V .--l-A-, - THE CRUISE OF THE CHANDLER 26 SEP 1000 2 OCT 0900 5 OCT 0830 PHILIPPINES 3 OCT 0745 EOR FUEL 3 OCT 1030 15 OCT 0300 15 OCT 1100 19 OCT 1200 STRAITS 20 OCT 1300 PHILIPPINES 22 OCT 0730 UNDERWAY FOR WESTPAC MOORED, PEARL HARBOR UNDERWAY FOR SUBIC BAY, MOORED MIDWAY ISLAND DEPARTED MIDWAY ISLAND MOORED GUAM FOR FUEL DEPARTED GUAM ARRIVE, SAN BERNADINO MOORED, SUBIC BAY, DE PARTED SUBIC BAY, UNDERWAY FOR SAR STATION 24 OCT 0830 TONKIN 25 OCT 0730 22 NOV 0800 ON STATION, GULF OF NAVY DAY ITURN TOD COMPLETED SAR ASSIGNMENT, UNDERWAY FOR SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES 26 NOV 0930 IN DRYDOCK, SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES FOR REPAIR TO HULL 27 NOV 1400 28 NOV 0730 THANKSGIVING DINNER DEPARTED SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES FOR HONG KONG B. C. C. 3 DEC 0700 B. C. C. 9 DEC 0800 MOORED, HONG KONG, DEPARTED HONG KONG, B. C. C. ENROUTE TO N. G. F, S. ASSIGNMENT 15 DEC 1345 ANC HORED DANANG HARBOR, COMMENCED FIRING N. G. F. S. 25 DEC 0001 31 DEC 2300 MERRY CHRISTMAS! SET THE REFUELING, REARM ING DETAILS 1 JAN ,0,0,0I0 1 JAN 0100 REARMING 7 JAN 0800 HAPPY NEW YEAR! SECURED REFUELING, COMPLETED NGFS ASSIGNMENT. UNDERWAY FOR BANKOK, THAILAND 10 JAN 0730 THAILAND 15 JAN 0800 MOORED, BANGKOK, DEPARTED BANGKOK, THAILAND FOR KAOHSIUNG, REPUBLIC OF CHINA 20 JAN 0730 MOORED, KAOHSIUNG, RE PUBLIC OF CHINA 23 JAN 0300 DE PA RTED KAOHSIUNG, RE- PUBLIC OF CHINA FOR SASEBO, JAPAN 31 JAN 0330 11 FEB 0730 JAPAN 13 FEB 0730 OPERATIONS 13 FEB 2330 MOORED, SASEBO, JAPAN DEPARTED SASEBO, COMMENCE ASW COMPLETED ASW OPERATIONS. ENROUTE TO SASEBO, JAPAN 15 FEB 0900 JAPAN 2 MAR 0730 MOORED, SASEBO, DEPARTED SASEBO, JAPAN FOR YOKOSUKA, JAPAN 6 MAR 0730 JAPAN 17 MAR 0730 MOORED, YOKOSUKA, DE PARTED YOKOSUKA, JAPAN FOR LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA 22 MAR 0800 MOORED MIDWAY ISLAND FOR FUEL 22 MAR 1345 ISLAND 25 MAR 1400 DEPARTED MIDWAY MOORED, PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII 26 MAR 0830 DEPARTED PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII 1 APR MOORED, U.S. NAVAL STATION, LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA This deployment will be remembered differently by each man on board. What impressions will we earry with us? The goodbyes . the new faces? 'wwww S at A f Q ' ,,f ,7',,WC"7""' 'fr 11 ,7 ,,M,.,,y,,.,f'..g , V wc, f f:"2Z'M:fEh-' 1 , ' '1w,np1, , ww fe v fm. . 'fm-V WW ,, , , w ,, x,'frt .,,,, .Li if 4' W' 'N it 3 I 4 ,J tf.f,,,,f:ftf W-ff'3'j7yf, W,fiQ2ff'l?,4C7JjQ'fIn " W f 5af,5z',wf.f,p,,1f:3,5 , 'S or ,' 1 A . -nf--W , ----1 ' omg... '-w-...,.kx I The moments We spent alone . . . qu . we I If if 'K.h,, Nf- we and together P f ff, The Countless moods were mirrored in the faces of our shipmates. Z X ,f x iilff, X ,c xv I ,f x QW fg Perhaps our memories will be those of exotic lands. . . or the hard Work 9 or maybe of home L.. ,- , l "4 . wt., I 1 'APL ' . 1 ! 1 1 1 Ulf 1' .ll...""'i-"" Qdwx l an ,QMJJ A mga, 001115 Fofc TODIQYS UNBEP 6055 fo THE FOEMAEA PHONE Hn!!! DLSTHNLE UNE C,6Ew, 1 1 1 5 1 1 , L 5 t 'lk 73? ' 1 ff , ' , al W., V I Q K 1255557 1 W! ll ' 10 COMMANDING GFFICER Commander Thomas L. MEEKS has skippered THEODORE E. CHANDLER since November 1968, coming to the ship from duty on the staff of the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, where he served as Curricular Officer of the Operations Analysis Program. Commander MEEKS of Louisville, Kentucky, began his naval career in June 1952 when he was commissioned as an Ensign upon his graduation from the United States Naval Academy. His first assignment after commission- ing was navy flight training at Pensacola, Florida and Corpus Christi, Texas where he earned his wings as a designated naval aviator in December 1953. Other shore duty assignments during his career have included duty under instruction at the Naval Postgraduate School where he was awarded a Master of Science Degree in Operations Re- search in 1964, and nuclear power training at Bainbridge, Maryland and West Milton, New York where he was qualified as a surface nuclear power plant operator in 1965. During his 18 years of Naval Service, Commander MEEKS has served in a variety of billets in his sea duty assignments in the following units: Utility Squadron THREE, Fighter Squadron ONE TWENTY- FOUR, Fleet All-Weather Training Unit Pacific, USS ROCHESTER CCA-l24j, and in the destroyers BRINKLEY BASS CDD-8875, TRATHEN CDD-5301 and WALDRON CDD-6995. He is married to the former Jacqueline MAR- SHALL of Tylerton, Maryland, and they have three sons. EXECUTIVE GFFICER Lieutenant Commander G. P. ASTORINO, THEODORE E. CHANDLER's Executive Officer, arrived on board in August of 1969 after completing a tour of duty under instruction at the Naval Post- graduate School, Monterey, California. Lieutenant Commander ASTORINO, of New York, New York, began his naval career in July of 1958 with his graduation from the Maine Maritime Academy where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree. At that time he received a direct appointment from the Merchant Marine as an Ensign in the Naval Reserve. He then augmented into the regular Navy in 1960. Shore duty assignments during Lieutenant Commander ASTORINO's twelve years of naval service have in- cluded the staff of Commander, Anti-Submarine Warfare Force, Pacific and the U. S. Naval Post- graduate School, Monterey, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Inter- national Relations. Since his commissioning, Lieutenant Commander ASTORINO has served in a number of sea duty billets and assignments including: Operations Officer, USS SAFEGUARD CARS-25j, Weapons Officer, USS ARNOLD J. ISBELL CDD-8695 and Commanding Officer, USS KALMIA CATA-1843. C 'E L A mfg L, ' t , .1 Qcwci Qrffffbx 'Vx 2 5 .i', ii f i of C Q X . , , , '--M ao he Q if cz 51 Mm A ff fix.. T Q . 9' A "W -, 3-.TQQYYIQQX A bfi?-zi,iJ V it X' M t..,.,,,,.....,, I A Q M ' a ' , ,, i , Xi!! M" Z bf' Q f f ,,,,..m.57i,,,u.,,,.N ..,., 1, ,, ff- 'p efjggi , U QLD Abbott, William R. Alferman, David H. Allen, Gerald A. Allen, John Allert, Bruce C. Angelly, Hugh J. Antinori, Williams J. Armstrong, Clarence Jr Ateca, Daniel M. Atkinson, Thomas W. III Atwood, Elbert J. Bailey, John A. Baker, John A. III Balliro, Joseph M. Barclay, Stephen R. Barnes, Terry L. Baron, Theodore J. Bartels, Steven K, Bayly, James Beauregard, John M. Bechtold, Marvin L. Beggs, Rodney W. Bell, James G. Bernard, Michael E. Bersabal, Jacob P. Blanton, Edward G. Bloom, Willie R. Braga, Andrew H. Briscoe, Theodore F, Burney, John M. Burton, Johnny M. Calvert, Cecil W. Calvillo, Raul A. Campbell, Douglas E. Cannon, Allen L. Carmel, Paul A. Carter, Samuel H. Chambers, William R. III Champion, Michael L. Cheney, Larry P, Chord, Raymond J. Clark, George E. Clarke, Harley S. Cluff, Fred J. Coleman, Donald G, Coquillette, James R. Cortez, Ruben A. Cripps, John I, Crisostomo, Ernesto E. Cruz, Agustinito F, Crytzer, Francis J, Cusatis, Peter N. Danforth, Laurence F, Jr. Davillier, Elmo Jr. Davis, Charles W. II Defibaugh, Thomas R. Deskins, Bill J. Dibble, George Jr. Dietrick, Robert E. Diwa, Horacio R. Donaldson, Daniel T, Dowd, Donald W. Draper, Phillip S. Duke, Jerry W. Edwards, Michael S, Edwards, William D, Epps, Melvin Ezell, Franklin W, Farr, Michael A, Fehd, Danny L. Fenner, Thomas M, Fjellman, John Earl Foley, James L, Fortenberry, Andrew O. Fortino, Patrick F. Fowler, Howard Jr. Franco, Thomas J. Franz, Karl O. Gamboa, Onofre O. Gibson, Grover D, Glass, Michael K, Glenn, James D. Gonsalves, Gerald C, Gorrissen, Willy J. Gosewisch, William J, Graham, David L. Grandy, David L, Greene, Richard J. Greenshields, William H, Griffin, Earl lvl, Jr. Guerrero, Gabriel B. Guzman, Robert J. Hall, Hubert E. CRE RO TE MM2 SN FA MM3 SA MM2 EM3 RMI MMC SFM3 RDI BT2 SN MM3 SN FTG2 IC3 MMFN SN BT3 RD3 SN SN GMG3 TN SA SN BT3 SKI SN QMSA BMC MM3 FN BTC RD3 FTGC CS3 FA EM2 SMI QMC TM3 FA MM2 YNSN SN RMSN DK3 TN MM3 EMFN RMI MMCS STG3 HMC BT3 FTG2 EM3 PNI FN SA EN3 SN FN SA SHSN FTGI FA RD2 SN QMSN BT3 SN ETN2 MM3 SA FA EMI SKI FN SA MMI RD2 FTG3 SA FN SN TM3 SN FA GMG2 YN2 Hansen, Norman A. Harkey, James R. Harris, Frank F. Jr. Harrison, Larry A. Hatcher, Dale L. Hayden, Thomas M. Hayes, Mark B. Hendricks, Roy L. Henry, Daniel R. Herman, Charles V. Herr, Charles F. Jr. Herrin, James W. Hiltgen, Robert L. Hixon, Thomas S. Hopkins, Donald P. Hough, George B, Jr. Howell, John E. Jr. Hudgins, James K. Huff, Barry W. Hufstedler, Stanley P. Hugo, Sefronio S. Hulebak, Charles M. Jackson, Carl G. Jameson, John T. Jensen, Merril W. Jester, David M. Johnson, Arthur R. Johnson, John A. Jones, Wayne A. Jordan, Kenneth L. Jordan, Paul J. Keppers, John P. Keller, Leslie PI Keller, Robert V. Kelley, David G.- Kenyon, Guy E. Kidd, Ryan B. King, Ramon L. Kolacki, Jerome A. Krigbaum, George T. Kulmer, Garmon D. Jr. Kysar, Warner S. Lacy, James L, Laigaie, John III Laing-Malcolmson, Wm. H. Lake, Gary V. Lamear,.Douglas M, Lampl, Dale A, LaRosa, Robert A. League, Thomas Lee, Barry H. Leen, John G. Jr. Leland, Steven C. Loffland, John D. Long, Michael J. Lorenzo, Vicente G. Lowry, James S. Madsen, Gary MacGregor, Bruce W. Magnetta, Louis J. Martin, Clarence R, Martin, Robert F, Jr. Martinez, George J. Matthews, William J. Maus, Michael E, Maxwell, Alan D. McCaddon, Guyle E, McCarthy, Michael J. McCormick, Russell E. McGee, Thomas D. McGrath, John T. McLerrnon, Boyd E, McMann, Benny L. Meenachan, John J, Merritt, "J", "H", Meunier, Andrew R, Misenheimer, James M. Mitchell, Albert Mitchell, Kent J. Moore, Carrol A, Moore, Charles C, Morrison, Woodrow J. Morrow, Randy G. Murray, Edward A, Nebel, Kenneth W, Ompoc, Danilo C. Orr, Jack L, Orr, Victor H, Owren, Wayne M, Paluda, Charles G. Jr. Parks, Walter E, Jr. Patrick, Bobbie J. Pearson, William D, FN BTI SA BT3 SK2 FN-f. DK2 MR3 BT3 BT2 RM2 IC3 MM2 MMI FN RD3 SA BT3 SN FA CSI BM3 RM3 SN MM2 ETR2 SA FN SN ETN3 MMC CS2 FN SA ETC FA SM3 GMGI SN GMG2 FN BTC GMGSN GMGSN BT3 SA SA ETR3 SA FA BT2 CS3 IC3 SN ETR2 SDI RM3 FA SN SN BMC DC3 SN SN RM2 STG3 RDC FN EM3 SA BT2 STG3 FA SN SH2 GMGI FN SN RD3 RD3 RMSN CSI RD3 FN STGSN TN BT3 STG3 RD2 RD3 SA SHI FTG3 R Peet, James L. Pellissier, Frank Jr. Pergande, Kieth J. Perry, John G. Piper, James L: Pollock, William T. Powell, Kenneth R. Prairie, Steven F. Proctor, Larry E. Quick, Dilworth C. Jr. Radke, David A. Reckstine, Jack E. Reel, William A. Reese, Gregory Reid, Samuel L. Reyes, Raphael O. Rice, Dennis A. Roberts, William G. Jr. Roe, Ronald C. Rogers, Larry F. Rogers, Marion B. Roth, Charles B. Jr. Roy, Lawrence D. Jr. Runyon, Michael J. Salgado, Antonia G. Sanchez, Joseph R. Santercier, Marvin D. Satlow, Gregory L. Schell, James W. Schmidt, Richard A. Shaner, Frank P. Sharp, Harold J. Sherman, Larry C. Sibul, Ellsworth R, Silcox, Charles H. Jr. Simmons, Milton J. Jr. Sismaet, Efren C, Sloan, Dickie D. Sly, Randolph W. Smith, Andrew Smith, Larry L. Smith, Larry S, Sparkes, Richard C. Spencer, George C. Stack, John III Staker, Lamont E. Sterner, Robert J. Stevens, David R. Stewart, David R. Stewart, Robert E. Stone, Donald D. Stuckey, James E, Sullivan, Dudley L. Sullivan, Archie R. Sweeney, Michael L. Taylor, Felix Thomas, Arthur M. Jr. Thomas, Gary M, Timmons, John E. Tolbert, Earl J. Jr. Toma, Gary M, Toms, Leigh F. Towner, James P. Troccoli, Frank C. Trudell, Kenneth E, Turner, Jeffery L, Twardesky, Paul L. Veranga, Virgillio Voellinger, Gary K, Waggoner, Michael E. Wagner, George K, Wallace, Edward E. Jr. Walsh, Patrick J, Warner, James R, Warren, Edward C, Washington, Alonzo Watkins, Roger T, Watson, Donald D. Werner, Uwe U. Westfall, Larry L. Wickliffe, James E, Wilcox, Darrol E. Jr. Willard, Paul W. Williams, Edwin R. III Willis, Kenneth L. Wiseman, Steven R. Wittman, Vernon F. Wolcott, Richard C. Woods, Eldon L. Wright, James A, Zinno, Stephen C. IC2 CS3 FA STG3 ETN2 SN MMI EM3 SN SN RDSN EMCS QM3 FN' SKC TN RMSN SN SA MM3 ENC FN MMI PC3 FN STG3 SMSN QM3 SN BT3 SN FTG3 MM2 SN STG2 FN TN GMG3 RM3 YN3 SN BM2 ETR2 MMI RMSN BT2 MM3 EMI FN GMG3 STI SN SN SN RD3 MMC FN GMG3 SMSN ETSN SN YNI DC2 SA GMGC MM3 SN SD3 RD3 FA BTI SM3 MM3 BM3 SM3 GMG3 STI DCC PN3 ETN2 RDSN FTG2 SN SN FTG3 BT3 DKSN SK3 SFP3 SN YN3 LT Robert M. Goldfried Weapons Officer E PO DEP RT E X x X 1 X 1- V 'x 5 ' , XX 902405 Cqm. 'X Edges' "fl ew, -X qC,yggT1-3 T-'Amman Q- 'ml 5,5 A . 5: M ,"s.,,,, .- . 'I L A ',, U ' , I W A 0' tv : N .1 , M1 x5gY'5'5'..?..-"' , ,, X NY-fi ,- 55? 'fn ...Q MW If X M Xi sq' 6 W N7 f W gk Q Z W QQ C M f K X Z xx W R W ff! irxxlf 4 x f QXW 5 Q1 i , ,,,, 24 ENS Robert K Hawkins ,,,,..-'- ST1 R. T, Watkins WA Division is CHANDLER's ASW Division and is comprised of Sonar Technicians, Torpedomen, and ASROC Gunner's Mates. It is the Sonarmen who find the submarine maintain contact, and direct the attack on the enemy. The Gunner's Mates and Torpedomen then take over and "1ower the boom" on the elusive quarry. Despite runfmors of a ten- section watch bill, WA Division does work and her coordinated teamwork has played a large part in CHANDLER's ASW success. cf GMG1 R. L. King Q M, :fx 1,7 X ' YZ 0 01-:Q . its ff:--is 5,1 65152 in 25? 5 gf5tfN'?33Z91liff . NX 4 ' I i 2 ft xy I A323496 T W Xs-N,,t..t...N,.- ' ,,,,,, , 4 :if STG2 Harry Silcox STG3 Boyd McLernon GMG3 Mike Bernarcl i Clearwater, Florida Salisbury, Maryland New Orleans, I-'oulslana N f 1 1 e 1 1 1 I! ST sacramento, California Therefare, New Jersey 5 G3 Joe Sanchez GMGSN John Laigaie K: ,W , ,yn HW, Y fe. Af! X, 'nf ,pf ' . 1 16 , n SN Wayne Jones STG3 Herbie Orr , . GMGSN Dave Alferman Seufhbere, Massachusetts Phoenixville, Pennsylvania Washington, Missouri 1 2 -2 v-Au -isa'-wg 5 :- A 5 , ,W Www .. TM3 W. H. Greenshields Browning, Montana ,W-M""' 2 f'f' A nQil'nQ ' S n SN Paul Twardesky Uniontown, Pennsylvania TM3 Steve Clarke Sacramento, California STG3 C. W. Davis College Station, Alaska STG3 Greg Perry STG3 A. D. Maxwell St. Albans, Vermont Spartanburg, S. C, f f,X 1 Vx-2. Q QQ? X :W if Q ttte S GMG3 Gary Thomas S'l'GSN Ken blebel Atalissa, Iowa Kirkwood, Missouri X ' 1 I 1 I I r E I 5 S x E 2 H ? D x , Tx f , ,052 .. ,"'f""Zi Q , X It's all mine". ,X Si ,, gwif fix 'WX 71 . 5 if ffm if l , 3 1 K H 9' ii, f 4, f A friendly X A. redistribution - i of wealth I i R . f . A:Wf:,,. J ? i. 1 if 2 S Z! S if V y. ,, 5, wx F E Q 5 fi , 5 Z 3 1 WG DI I IO LTCjgD Glen Eckley GMGC K Gunnery Officer enneth E. Trudell 1 ,f,Y,'jQ,,k,tjg , .Y.. 41-:r::,,,4,.1, "-, , 1,441 ,, 'gf-1-A----M - FTGC Samuel H, Carter Gunner's Mates and Fire Control Technicians make up the hard working division that produced CHANDLER's outstanding gunline record. During naval gunfire support operations, these men were responsible for expending over 5,900 rounds with pinpoint accuracy. In addition to this, they also found time to keep their maze of equip- ment, from Plot's computer to 5"f38 gun mounts, "on the line" and operating. It was a difficult and sometimes sleepless task but WG, with a lot of talent, effort, and coffee "got the job done". fl, f- ,591 Ui ant? 5 J -1 K 5 X x T41 u AV PWM 4 . N .X ' fr .i V is-5' f u I I ,J L! ' N f v Q I fx W 1-it X ' Tw-, .J Ji? 5 ' ' EY- ' x.. :' . w-,ng If ,V 1 .li .. .., . ,fc ,Ll "lit" .rxjkj Asi f- wtftta?xf.t: .. -- if-,Igor , 'Q X ,, pl, J -ace, , .05 L V , t w' N "L71 i3fe5ttv ,V -'-4 'WL-ve-sox . vs- .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 3: - ?! 1. 1 1 1 i E F E ' ' GMG1 Andrew Meunier FTG1 Franklin W. Ezell GMG2 Robert J. Guzman Fairfield, Conn. Boynton, Okla. Sylman, Calif. FTG3 George Dibble Rancine, Wiss. GMG3 Alonzo Washington Denver, Colo. 1 4? GMG2 George T. Krigbaum Omaha, Neb. SA William T. Pollock SN Skip Mag-netta Gflfflfh, Ind- Jamestown, Ohio J P""'L my FTG3 William Gosewisch Bell Plain, Minn. FTG3 Kenneth Willis Independence, Mo. 'X ff . FTG3 Harold J. Sharp Salt Lake City, Utah SN James Bell Blytheville, Ark. ilsbpygggeaggt We , S qupvfv-v'r""' fw FTG3 Terry L, Barnes Pittsburgh, Penn. fs- 4 5 , X .NY-. SN Ruben Cortez Manteca, Calif. . ,,, FTG3 William D, Pearson Amarillo, Texas GMG3 Dickie D, Sloan Riverton, Wyo. w , fe 5 E F fi 1. if S. 5. 1 I , K Eh , 1 X GMGSN James Lacy FTG2 Darrol E. Wilcox Jr. Sheboygan, Wis. Clear, Alaska W Z? 4 ii .ri Ei GMG3 Robert Stewart Porterville, Calif. .1 7 aes ai X A FAMILY REUNION: GMG2 Guzman and sister. 'Q-'ati X In S WMM Wm N Y. -359' fa Wf QNX fy N , 'ji' .M ,, , Mm 75,1 ? W WJ I . X Q K 61225 V ff DD1110 6 W 1' 1 1 I 1 T1 i G fl 1 1 it 2: Z fa 2 s 1 1 1 41 -1 1 i i r i R I V 1 1 1 , F 5 1 i 4 1: ,. 1 1 1 ! 1 i 1 'I N 1 J 1 ,I 1' l 3 I 5 fi 5 gl -J 5 I 1 Z J I 2 1 I I 1 LTCjgD Michael D. McCance ENS Richard M. Detwiler 1 First Lieutenant First Lieutenant i April 1969 - February 1970 February 1970 - , I A 26 ' i,5,.v.1qf-ff +P wwf- -ff-A' f' i BMC C. R. Martin Nearly every shipboard evolution from anchoring to painting the fantail comes under the versatile hands of the Bos'n Mates. The "deck apes" are truly the unsung heroes of any deployment, standing the bridge watches, manning the guns, and keeping the main deck "squared away". When the going got rough, the deck force could always be counted on to pitch in with that extra effort. A group short on liberty but long on pride and desire, that's WD. X WI, 3 ., v 'N , y f 14' .. -if - L 5515 X G- -T' I 'N 'LN 'Mg 1 Qu r .,.., Nl' ' l 6 ,Wy ,141 Carr' K f J fm ,V :M -37. 992 Q' QD 1701 J , rw ' 6, "" 1 Q P' If V, . ' nc""m::x-:I I 4 A 'A' ' . 'nl ' yi- .. JA?-,, Q ' M ELI M .NA M '2-NLLZIX, ' I qy LL U 1 BMC C W Calvert 27 I Z SI I g, I 1 S ,iv EI K 2, i 5 4. SI I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I II 'I II 'I Ii I3 II ,I II 'I I II ' I QI EI II I ? f I H E I I 3 I I I I I I f BM3 Ricky Warner I BM2 Laffy Smith San Pedro, Calif. Texas BM3 Mark Hulebak SN Jim Wright Albuquerque, N. M. Tucson, Ariz. I ,.., WW c I IWW, M , , ,an ' ik v ' f 'LL W, , ,, , SN Andrew Fortenberry SN Benny McGregor Gunner's Falls, Alabama New York, N, Y, A Z.,:,,?v4...,.,.wf-. -... - S.--.-.W--V Y -. ., W W . SA Joe Johnson Remsen, N. Y. SA Dave Glenn Duncan, S, C, I I -Q , , Am A SN TOIII Fennel' SN John Jameson SN Johnny Loffland Blanchester, Ohio Grand Prairie, Texas FT. Worth, Texas X. om SA Edward Blanton SA Jerry Duke SA Charlie Tinney Lyons, Ind. Nashville, Tenn. Safford, Ariz. M Y" 1 --..n,.hh SN Mike Burney SA Dave Graham SN Larry S. Smith Charleston, S. C. Philadelphia, Pa. Dallas, Texas i 5 i 1 P A 9 1 r i I P 1 1 l i i 1 1 F I xx i i V i E , I I af' 'X t V , . ,ff fi! 'ffw-fn gf 'if A3 . , if ' S i nnnn M 2. QW Wfiff ' " ' 5'if ' ,T S , Y I ff ' V f ki ' 'ff I Qi ,K ,,, . ,S 1 all SN Bob Keller SN Earl H. Griffin Jr. Akron, Ohio Hackensack, N. J. SN William Edwards Philadelphia, Pa. ? 4 SN "Robby" Roberts SN A1 Mitcheu Westchester, Calif. Phoenix, Ariz. SN Don Hudson Tulsa, Okla. SN James E. Stuckey SN Richard J, Greene Houston, Tex- Mayfield Hts, ohio SN Barry Huff Livermore Falls, Md. SN Jerry Kolacki Buffalo, N. Y, ..,! SN W. R. Bloom Indianapolis, Ind. SA Edwin R. Williams III Springfield, Ore. SN Robert Bayly Whittier, Calif. SA Gary Lake Tucson, Ariz. .M-.ea-1 .!... 2, 5, Z ,-A xl 3 5 .' J ', Q N W2 QNX M ' .A Qs ' ,L fx Q iwi , x 7 3 f I X B .W yswy SE X e M f X Xp, Cf: ' . i W' ' 'X ff W Wifi f x N f jf4W Af w- X- X X ' V ff Z 45 ff , ,ff .f X V ff XT f , W QW: 'W xv. SX X ' 2' x M2 f ef Q, f..'yy,f XX ' ff FLM Z A xx A 4 ff ,, viw X Sax , XXX wx jf 'WKJ N7 f Wm ff-QM, ' V 5:01 Wg ' Yi' 1 4 H W6 X au X .--X ff .' KZ? lain , f ' f f X Y ff 1 . ' EFS X X fm X' f f x 2 X' 0 'W X ,TZ X '---gg ' 'T ' fs 'w ' Xigxigx Q., - x , X TN ' XXX . iw 5 5 , - -wc" X ' 'Q f, ,Y Jn' f ,mfr s sf", X ,. f 'ffl 'VT ' X Y,,..f+-fx XX ff 'I ' 3 ' ' Q R., W A , ' f .1, V ,Lf " X. f xx Q' f X ' '4 X XX ' wr I ' N cc. wwf' w rv tw . ' "" .LF f if . A 'T""? - in W5 ' X',f.ff' f E w WQQ '- n-vs, xx ii xvkyrm . ..-7 O ff Y . ,..,gfa'gjW " gzzggj ,rg Mk, , ' X V ---- 1x ,:Xzif,,, X . x 1. 4 X ww-' , .: , ' ,5 Q, . , .- - W -, '--1 f X X A Nw, f ' f " ' f , HEX ,gg ,l ik , X . . . ., ' X " .XW2.f-ggi 'X ' ' ' j X xiii!" Xx ' qv 3 ,, ff x i xa, Q A A 4 xg v -if , Q Mg., X X - , X , xg-1-,f Y Q25 ,N ff :X W Q . Ngxijm . 11' QQW , .XXXX x WS: 1 A ?x C-H " x I gsm, z Nw' NMXXXNX. -fx X 'Ni ,L ,.,..Q 5 X Exyax 'RXQX XQIQS - aw wx gs, f- NW W NA55, N .N .. A msn my 0PER,TTO DEP RT gave 4, I CW 'WND qyptvgux . may O f-A 5 Q J A LT. William T. Mayfield 1 Operations Officer -87- f XX , A V f x ff V ff 1 ,A 2 , 33.14 ,."",?f X 4 I f x' " . 'f z," ' I QQ. ,. , .X 4 .A WVAI f Q ' 2- A 5 A 1 K m : 5 . X ,gi ...Zim , 4 f ,-Q14 Q' .:,,,.,1Q -MW - . i , 'f 'lllfiiv 'Ali 'SA 5'-, J., E S 2 3 5 i 1 f E k 5 i OI DI I IO LTCjgD L. J. Mathers CIC Officer EMO LTCjgj R M. Scott fix 42? M 1 W, ,f ,M f,Uf ,y ff WM' ff fi f .ff ,VV , , "f ZWMW X 30 X X ETC David Kelley OI Division, which consists of Radarmen and Electronic Technicians, is truly the "eyes" and "ears" of CHANDLER. The Radarmen set up shop in the Combat Information Center and, with noses to their scopes, make accurate and rapid recommendations to the Officer of the Deck on the bridge. Behind the scenes, the Electronic Technicians are constantly working to insure that all of CHANDLER's radars and other electronics gear are operating at peak efficiency. A division with the ability and spirit to attack any problem, from an ASW search to a broken radar, that's OI. l i ff Q frm, QU' X in ' fmdificfi ,, ..,-x qkguz NX Xgxk H ,,,,, XXX i Q N C on X 'C T2 Y., -- .,,..,...,1,,f,af. - p .A ,A , xc, A Q N3 314' , iff s 7 C - ' ,W V ,N 1 2 'f f' K ttf ff X nl? f K if-an Wbv ya: X A A 'IV f RDC G. E. McCaddon I I ii 4 T ,w 3 W 1 V E I 1 ,L Q -, 4. i 5 E, it . El :I at gs l V 4, I 1 I. 1 1 I la i i I i KX RD1 E. J , Atwood RD3 Garry Voellinger ETN2 Larry Westfall Maude, Texas Rochester, N, Y, Pomona, Calif. ETN3 Kenneth Jordan Luzern, Iowa ETN2 Richard Sparkes Dickinson, Texas N ,f ETN2 Pat Fortino Spring Lake, Mich. RD3 Charles Paluda ETN2 Jim Pi Plam View, Texas Upland Califper i R 3 , , , E ' e " z: K 7 if , ' 'A' 4 ffl x V 'iz' ' . ',' , A , ,ff 1. ' X ee ,gf rxxx X 6? ,, , , I e ff H , , o ZZ ww 1 if I 'NJ y 0 F A xfwf ' 1 C ' I ,J ,W RD3 Marvin Bechtold ETR3 Dale Lampl ETR2 David Jester y 4 f ,, ,, , 301 V5 I ' 1 7 Gi f a t ji, W , 4. ,jf la Z H 'S' My is X 'X 4 W W E1 PQSO, Texas Hamilton, ohio Long Beach, Calif. I! Q RDSN George Hough RD2 Danny Fehd RDSN Carrol Moore Fairmont, West Va. Long Beach, Calif. Lookout Mountain, Ga. F P I A :M ZXNM any , X ,nr, 5 R133 Randy Mgrrgw RD3 Paul Carlmel Greenwood, Ind. Hayward, Callf- New ' 5-1. "Mm-L ' I A ,-,.:.f,:i ,a h 1 1 1 W I I 2 3 4 Q 5 E 1 E E . 1 5 .Q T I i ' r I . 4 s t 111 ,, RDSN David Radke Lompoc, Calif. RDSN James Wickliffe RD3 Mike Sweeney Hutchison, Kan. Utica, N. Y. E RD2 Willy J. Gorrissen RD3 Kent J . Mitchell Irington N. Y. Elmira N Y 2 , . . Z2 ' A Aa. M SN Earl Tolbert Denver, Colo. .554 ETR2 Michael Long Eureka, Calif. Captain's Mast Wick's Mast wx-mxwwwmwwxmx -.sawn-.sw-. OC DI 110 if f wa ww .k Jfhi 1 ' , x 'W " J,7,m4f.,m , .WJ 2 Q LTCjgJ Pete Weston Communications Officer 43 S Nx it . we I Ei X '. Y le i LTCjgD J. L. Hornback Ship's Secretary XQXQQ . f if X 'nf W , sauna HMC T. R. DEFIBAUGH OC Division, in addition to its versatility, is one of the most vital group of individuals on board. The Quarter- masters tell us where we are and which way to gog the radiomen and signalmen keep us in constant touch with the fleetg the yeomen and personnelmen insure that CHANDLER's paperwork system functions properlyg the corpsmen keep us going with shots and malaria tablets and finally the Postal Clerks brmg us that all important mail from the outside world f W WW fW Z E16 2 QBQQAH Elin? 'sl W f' Vasa 1969 g QMC G. E. CLARK I JUST 56610 EX CoHffJfwcfTeD W A X nf , F M oa P 'el' W XXHSQJN- J-.urv'4"' ! . xf, 7 fl! l . Du H o D 0 I N ,I .I fu t N - IJ I I 1 o X! 1 S ' , L ' J I -, f , , f f XM, x,,4,,W,,,, , - , ff. Q' V V fa ' JI V V ' XX K , Q j 0 Q2ifz,gjf2fa f ' ' 4 ' 1 XX XX ,f f 1 G . V 1 ' f 31 f V gaarf 1 - - ygfgfyq, I I g f - 5 X X M 4 Q ,f X X x 1 , Q., , 'L 4 - ,' f' 1, f l ef M f A X fl X .. X ,,,,, . ,,,,, ,.,, . I I vi X A ,,,,a N I A , fa , A 4 - I 2 . ,,,, , J , A ,ff , . X ' p J 0 ' ffm , -- -s 'J' ' - X g E' I "v " '- ,231 2 'Q v ff Q xx f Z f . , , ,.--. V' ' i VM, 1 is ... . N 3 'W O f u X 0 AM,Xff"2 RMSN John Stack YNSN Andrew Smith RM2 Charles Herr Somerville, N. J. New Orleans, La. Mill Hall, Pa. f W f ffff fi W 2131 Raymond Chord RM2 Michael Mouse umwaf Iowa Long Beach, Calif. , ,,,--... QM3 William A. Reel RM3 R V st. Louis, Mo. ' W- Sly TN R h 1 0 R Marshall, Mmm. Bataaip 1291 ' eyes , . . X r N ,J"N-xx'-...wht YN1 Leigh Toms Charlottesville, Va. PN1 Horacio Diwa Cavite, P, I, YN2 Hubert Hall South Pittsburg, Tenn. sw 63? ,Q-uf S gg, jf New ,Ml -QNQX ,X i ,f tttttttttt W - X gg W' t J -N I N Nw :wwf N Qi is X t :ki X SEQ 62 Q NN Q -' jj Q x ECMA L" ws. X is Q amos-.WMM , A A is , X A, ,Qafx tt N N fa- Nf X! , 11 , get 'QV X J 0 .j:,iE.,qL5 WL:S X N i 1 X xt l 5 Q ,,,, fi A ,C N ff Q. , . J Q ,, 7 'w x X RMSN John Cripps QMSN John E. Fjellman YNSN Jim Coquillette Baltimore, Ohio Seabeck, Wash- Portland, Ore. ""- ,Nw if .ow QM3 Gregory Q, Satlow SM3 Edward C. Warren RM1 C. Armstrong . Ft O 1 f d G Long Beach, Calif. Hoquiam, Wash. g e or , a I r x mf RM3 J. S. Lowry PC3 Michael Runyon Nashville, Tenn' New Canaan, COIIII. 1 4 r QMSN Dilworth C. Quick Jr. RMSA D. A, Rice PN3 Uwe Werner Tallahassee, Fla. Si1VeI'tOn, Ore, Spanaway, Wash. X RMSA Raymond W. Smith SN R t US Y Baker S h T' ng Bl.lff2.1O, N. Y. Columbia, S. C MSN JO n Immo Gary , Ind I y 4 4 x I Ar gd SN E, Robert Sibul Jacksonville, Fla. uw' cl' RM3 Carl Jackson whens QMSA Johnny M. Burton RMSN Charles Moore Long Beach, Calif. Punta Gorda, Fla. W X W i NW SMSN Marvin D. Santercier Creede, Colo. Chicago, U1- X RM1 Lawrence F Danforth Long Beach, Calif N Sf.. A 1 P 3 2 5 A L lk 1 S . E 3 3 N V i 3 V 1 5 I . I r , I 1 K p 1 E I , Z ' i -- --4 S , i ' N , -ul- , 3 'E A M 1 W M 4 , E 1 I 5 i I 3 . 1 WWW' I ' r 1 i i 5, H7 r 8 LT Ira Price Chief Engineer July 68 - Feb. '70 GI EERI DEPART fi 'N 1 f ff em 6 2? Q..M 47 if , 4 ff . f. 65 . , , ,ff-dxf "" A"N . ,fziwsfaf n .X .5 ' 27 iff! Q .X it 27f.f""ZLL'5Qfifs, , fi? ,ff Q in - i ,,,,, fy in S if X 5 W M? ,ei, .n Lf 1 I 3 , LM ee"' in 0 '1 . f ' 0 45 C., 2 I W H . News X., ' H V " LTCjgD C. F. Keil Chief Engineer B DI 110 ENS Paul Witherow BTC W. S. Kysar MPA - BTC ALLEN L. CANNON Deep within the bowels of the ship live the Boilermen, one of the branches of the "snipe" family. From their domain in the firerooms, the BT's generate the original source of power for the ship, steam. Thus it is up to them to keep the "load on". Maintaining and steaming their boilers is not their only job, they are reponsible for the transfer, Chopefully to the right placeb testing, and inventory of the fuel oil. Little liberty and lots of hot work for the "steamingest Snipes, inport or out" that's B Division. ,W I Q W MQ we 1 I 1 ,A y ' V xZ X ff if -f X MW! X W M 1 A , fu? -K4 4f ,J J' X egj sf, G 7 fy f W N ?' 3 z , E r K , E wg? I ay N 5 f X l if Y pf J I H f - , V ,A 1 133- ,Aw 5 A 9 f V 1 V . if . E I V A3 Q fl M 9 M , I! , I , i,,. I2 . ,X V a f, ' 2 . , ' ta g ..,,, NW 'J ,fi W 1, ' Z i su I 2 f, 4 X94 9 7 ffm, f ,Q , V A WET' 2 ' N is gf L ' ' , , f X X f Z gf f X Q- , 4 f 7 L if if f , Q fi QQ X f Q! , Q, f f ,AJXQQ 2 ' V Nh Q fx 2 X f , , f X 4 , ,f , , q,if:iQ5 f f 6 "mm, I ,X ji dx j, , ,V 'J A WP' 2 Z ef X X Q X X , i f 1 Q ff 'wg f f 7 ""' , t ff! , . W' , ' f st f ,A fl? N Q52 ge 'In by! xl Y' 1 we W ll iff f f 575 Q2 V y L ,J V ' C925 6 ' up , , , 1 'X J sv- 0 J Q w N XA' I vii.-I--,: '71, :JN .I 'I HIV .ls 0 ' ...,. nv . l 1 ,gfp 1 ffm- . f 1- 'nf-,, x. I NQA 6 1 if-w ..,, 1"'Y' M' Zi D 1095? ,gn PE A BT2 Lamont E, Staker Palmer, Alaska 1' P. K ller Jack ,1iEnI5if,?iWich,e Oakdale, canf f BT2 B. H. Lee Esterville, Iowa BT3 Richard Schmidt BT2 John T. McGrath Carlton, Minn. Greenleaf, Kan. 1? BT1 G. K. Wagner B Hoddon Heights N, J. T2 Chuck Herman f Santa Barbara, Calif. is it: 1 BT1 James Harkey North Carolina BT2 Chester L. Johnston Riverside, Calif. 'UN aff' "'-s. aww? 'WX 'W ls ,f ixx. X , ff NAL ' Rv , x BT3 B. J. Deskins BT3 Dan Henry BT3 Andrew Braga Shiloh, Ohio Newark, Ohio Honolulu, Hawaii fn ,,, ,lla W M 1 ,, 23 H' 1 1 son BT3 Jim Hudgins FA Donald P, Hopkins BTFN Bill Laing-M2 C0 m Bivalve, Md. Bellevue, Wash. Brooklyn, N. Y. I s M. .X,X XYZ IN. ,I W if X S FA Art Perry Lakeview, Mich. BT3 Larry G. Harrison White House, Tenn. BT3 Steven Wiseman BT3 John Beaureguard Plymouth, Ind. Oakforest, I11. FA Gary Guerrero BT3 Jim Foley Bo. Buenlag Binmaley Oradell N J Pang, P, I, ' ' ' ' ?R 125 FN John Johnson Jamestown, N. Y, Q . . x v ,A f N 1 w ' 1" xi 7, M ' ' ! . se. ,y iv! K f l ,MIM " ' f QM-ff' 53 DIIIO MMCS Elmo Davillier MMC Daniel Ateca MMC FGIIX Taylor Another branch of the sn1pe fam1ly IS the Mach1n1st Mates who make up M D1v1s1on They ma1nta1n the mam engmes, turb1nes reductlon gears evaporators Cto 1nsure we have enough water for the1r coffeej, and the other allXl112.I'y machmery that gets us where we re gomg and back Tearmg up the1r fresh a1r ch1ts and takmg off the1r dark glasses they man the1r holes and stand by to answer all bells Q 1 ,K rx MMC Paul Jordan I I I I- ' I I . ' In lv 4,1 M 59 9 , 'T - 4' I ' H- I G i , lg fr' 9 w , 1 M f in Q A- 1,5 g ' tntnno a ' '- A s I A I fx 9, xx , ,lly M , t , 4 w osfgwf, s s---, az: of .n:,. s 1 or as new-Al'-'Hf ---'--r K E li A MMI Gerald C. Gonsalves MM2 Don Coleman MM2 Hugh Angelly Garden Grove, Calif. Marlin, Tex. Long Beach, Calif. 1 ,, FN David L, Grandy Jr. MM3 Merrill W. Jensen FN David Stewart San Jose, Calif. Dallas, Tex. Weaverville, N, C. MM3 John Auen FN N n . , l , orm Hansen Cincinnati, Ohlo Tucson Ariz , . I t D ..,..., ,.,.. N 1 FN Michael K. Glass Baltimore, Md. ff MM1 Lawrence Roy Ten Sleep, Wyo. -ff , f ,Q . 4, J' Z I4 'Clk' FA Neal Mathews III Compton, Calif. SN Steve Barclay Portage, Michigan MMI George Spencer MM2 Larry C, Sherman Long Beach, Calif. Santa Monica, Calif. FN Arthur M. Thomas Jr. MM3 Jeff Turner San Antonio, Tex. SOITIGFS, Iowa 5 MM3 Larry Rogers MMI Thomas S. Hixon MM2 Robert L. Hiltgen Cedar Falls, Iowa Rutledge, Tenn- Greenleaf' Ken' V e ' V FN A. G. saigado FN Raul A. Calvillo Calexioo, Calif. Los Angeles, Calif. r FA Mike Champion FN Howard Fowler MM3 Pat Walsh I Amarillo, Tex. Salem, Ohio ' Seattle, Wash, L C, l l X 7057 I +:.w:'s-uf Irv: f 'ff Xl FN Dan Donaldson MM3 J. M. Balliro MM3 Robert J. Sterner Panama, Canal Zone La Puente, Calif. Hartford, S. D. fl X ,.,.r we ' FA Fred Cluff Florence, Ariz. 41:11. 1 X 1 1 1 11 1. 111 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' , 1 1 : 1 1 1 j 1 1 1 1 1 A1 11 11 11 ' 1 1 1 1 11 1 11' 4 1 I . 11 1 1! 1 11,71 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 121 1 11 . 11 11 . 11 1 1j1 k 1 1 I 11 1 1. 21 I 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 11' 11 1 11 11 11 E 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 - 1 1 2 1 1 ' 1 ' W 2 4 f 1 1,1 . 11 eo 1 f mv' RDIIIO ,MW K.. LTCjgJ John Henning EMC J, E. Reckstine Damage Control Assistant N 1 Q. ,- ui, 'QT Iii! 11 -.I 1-I IJ' 15 I 1 I:1 I III I11 I III I EI II Is Ia ,I' III 1 1 ,xx 'I I I I I 1 I 3 I I I I ,QI I V1 I I I ' I ' I I I I 34' !1 I I II 'I I I1 I I Ir III fI NIII 1, I 11 I 'I I I11I1 I .1 I I I ,, In I 11f I I I I I ! I I I 1 I I I I I 1 I :- I I I I I 1 I: LI 1: ,1 1 I I I I I 7 fi ll' 1. 'Wx . I -: X x gl I nw 3 ' -N ' p DCC Donald D. Watson , vs. 1 ,' I -,IV1 bl: 4 A . I -1 1. III II! I I R-Division, is the "multi-division" whose respon- I 1 sibilities range from navigational lights to the steering Q gear in after steering. R-4Division is comprised of V Electricians, Shipfitters, Interior Communications Electricians, Damage Controlmen, Enginemen, and Machinery Repairmen. They provide all the electrical 1 services and repair work to keep the ship operating I smoothly and as comfortable as possible. They are I plumbers and the popular air conditioning repairmen. . During General Quarters they help man the Repair A Parties which must keep the ship afloat should damage I occur. " I I I ' I I I I ENC M. B. Rogers ' X F in S . i ,SFM3 Thomas Atkinson DC2 James Towner Vallejo, Calif. Houston, Texas 1 ZW Zi M juiif' l EM1 David R. Stevens EM2 Onofre Gamboa Wheatland, Calif. Dagupan City, P. I. KG' mmm dmv, FN Michael J. McCarthy Long Branch, N. J. MM1 Kenneth Powell Dothan, Alabama FN Gregory Reese Cincinnati, Ohio MR2 Roy L. Hendricks Parsons, Kan. X 1 W 1 FN William Antinori EMFN Peter Cusatis IC3 .Jamee Peet , Long Beach, Calif. Philadelphia, Pa- Lod1, cauf. I 4 'sl 3. MM2 William R. Abbott SA Bob La Rosa Miami, Florida Van Nuys, Calif. ' 1 Q Q 9 gtzzrhgiegael Farr EM3 Steven F. Prairie FA Guy E. Kenyon ' T1 ge, Mass. Long Beach, Calif. Long Beach, Calif, ! ' 2 I FN Russell McCormick IC3 James W. Herrin Joplin, MOM- Midwest City, Okla. ENB Philip S. Draper Hollowood, Calif. 5 FN Douglas E. Campbell Pomona, Calif. MMFN Steven Bartels Lansing, Iowa S S FN Charles B. Roth Jr. New Brighton, Pa. FN Eldon L. Woods Independence, Kan. IC3 T. J. Baron Dudley, Mass. g ? f t 5 f FN Jimmy Misenheimer DC3 Robert Martin FN Edward A. Murray Bloomington, Ind. Cumberland, Md. Bowling Green, Miss. IC2 'Steven C. Leland - Long Beach, Calif. E 1 R Division's 1 Christmas tree I i K A 2' V :t V 4 :g g t g . La Rosa tied up in his work s i 1' 67 1 SUPPLY DEPART The supply department is responsible for making CHANDLER our floating "home" during the cruise. They feed us, wash our clothes, cut our hair, and pay us. This talented department also runs the ship's store, -keeps the Coke machine constantly CPD full and orders all of our repair parts. It may seem like a tall order but Supply always comes through and despite the "gripes" we throw in their direction, we're mighty grateful to them. And after they were awarded the Supply "E" for efficiency, we might add we're also mighty proud. T r . LTCjg'D Biu ANDREWS SK Supply Officer C Samuel L' REID SUPPLY : Vw A , Xu Q 3' 0 I-X 5 W J I , f.,A 1 3 t O 0 3 0 , 1 gf' J QI ' I-5 -nm 'Z ' 9 Q A 0 0 A . X 4 'f ,ff "-' ', Q ' H' .Amigo " nr " "' " QV , :41.Q,-1-" fm W. ,, . . My - - - uf -151-'fs 1 f Q .M rz...,.a, f-f.-'- --' ...: ,hy ' Everything from -brunch to bullets i SH2 J, H. Merritt Bedford, Wyo. 1 N CS1 Woodrow J. Morrison DK2 Mark ilayes Versailles, Ky. Millton, Mich. 4. SD1 V. G. Lorenzo SHSN Melvin Epps Cagayan, P. I. Long Beach, Calif. J J ' , No- YYS 'fli'f"f f c on d,,,, C M F111 Y 1 , , x X.i.e, 5 s M . , ,dnnn . , U X " --" if YQ3il4'X:ci1yfwf ,g. f cr X SF f TN P21Hi10 C- Ompoc M FA Michael E. Waggoner CS1 Sofronio S, Hugo Manila, P, I, ' - Escondido, Calif. , Leyte, p, 1. fy' ,fwll , X X My TN James E Slsmeat DKSN Vern W1ttman SD3 Dan N01-ms C2V1fe CIW P I San Franc1sco Cahf Cavlte C1ty, P I SN Frank Shaner CS2 John S Keepers SK2 Dale L Hatcher Mechamcsburg, Pa Woodward, Okla Grand Island, Neb SK1 Dan Glbson SA Frank Harrls Kansas Clty, M0 Ph11ade1ph1a, Pa . . ' ' ' 9 ' . . Y N ..s N . so L 2 S, X S fi . , . . l O O Q + mf xkll x ' z iv 2? ,bm 0 a X X an ' x "swf If . . ' ,, ,, ,,,, -. SN Dudley Sullivan CS3 B111 Chambers Poplarville, Miss SN Archie R. Sullivan Poplarville, Miss. f Y igfgf' -nec , 1 , W' 'Q r is . c S Q 'Q hsii 1. S Q ' sV . n :xi ,ax ws-1 ,, 1 241971, My I ,,.l,,,, S A s ' ' 1 1:-se 1 - ,Z 'fu 'A' W S ff' ,ff f 'Q ' kr 5 yf M f ' V f W X 22 ! ' Q2 9 ' its X, 7 W if 5 X f Wf a sae f , ' 'lfivi i f ,l, l ,,iQ,i,s,s,,,4S CS3 Frank Pellissier SK1 T E Briscoe Morgan City, La. Independence, Mo SK3 Richard WOLCOTT SH3 Larry C. NAUSLEY Sayre, Penn. Tacoma, Washington ' 1 gy V x 1- f ' 'Wa W , KVM Oops " WWW f W? iw W "Sorry about the starched skivvies" Brmging home the bacon. 74 ' 'WZ X.. ...J si--QI' ff r f 9 x X f F 6, S 5 'lf .lx V LYR - r , if 5 2 2 if 54 5 F I 5 i I l S J 5 w 1 1 w 1 1 l 2 fl 5 nf il' 'E 5, i H5 ,x 1 , I , ?5 M li ls li li fi I 15 12 '- 1 MN ,,,.m""' fa w w i l Qh Q F k In af , gif K 2 .W px.. is 1 , 1 The ammo is passed up ,x X Q, NX. , 4' fffx , , Z. 5' in :wwf Q, X x f S K X51 1 Q . 'Q f V , 9 ,, f , ff , Q s 2. x ff fo N2 ff M, H oy v- , ,. V , -.4 4.--f W -vmfi ff We W M Q 'K Y e Qg,v,'-,..3.f,f fkfms: we Wm, ,x,4,ym?7, 1- " X05 Ag' Q0 x ' V' ,,1:Wi-fivfs fs If , X F ' J K W Q.. 2 'Tfssif '57 f fs , 1 we ZW , .N f ' CQ 'ff WA. 2194, f if .. if 'M' N ' """ Q ifW'h fF of 'diff 'X fd X W Sf A 22 ,Q Lf-. IZ, fs- xfxf , A fy 46 g, ' ' -Q,- f ' A f,, we X ,,,, 4 , 'X W: 'V k 2' xg k 1.-gl ,fy f we ,Hs , I ' ' ' , , ff'-fffiff 'x, 5 wi, f iii? A f iii x , . 41 . Plot Set"! one gun two salvos. . . l T Q . . . load" i ,X LL.LL.. ,NQQR the guns K5 gf 2 4 every round fired ' must be replaced "you may fire when ready" shoot! waiting policing brass the Danang mailboat, a welcome sight. Q xv! A I 12 2 I . M M, 41 9. ,, , I 5 I V E ii WL 13 L, ' Wi REP N n i DETAIL E J 1 ME i J P .44 Huff brings in the helo X I I1 if W 141 1 1 i fi i T 5 1 fi '1 During the deployment underway replenishments were an everyday occurrance. We took on fuel, ammuni tion, supplies, spare parts, personnel and most important, mail from home. waiting for the approach , - . V, CARRIER OP AR Stand by for heavy ro11s". Headed for the roost An uninvited guest In both Search and Rescue and Carrier Operations, our purpose was to assist the attack aircraft carriers and the men who fly from their decks If a pilot had to ditch as a result of hostile fire or an accident, we were right there to fish him out of the drink. In return, they provided us with our mail, repair parts, and heavy rolls. "Launch 'em"! Y' - . ' " " , Q f ,Q 1 L, 6 A-EJ? bf 4 Z 4 , X f km, 0 s , L f 2 'Ni ' AN uf 35456 f , Ie. E? GF ' , , 9 -nai- L ,X K Q ff-, . Nr uv' HU M? :""" Ng f f 6 1 if ? f x K?,,,,..,f"' Ns... Q-0' I 1 . i H 3 ' 1 I 1 l 4 I 3 i . i y 1 w 7: if H ,I S 4 ie I I l 5 3 sg 4 Hong Kong, with its infinite sights, smells, and experiences, found a special place in everyone's heart Hong Kong was bumboats, little children, and Mary Sue's girls painting the ship. But it was also modern buildings, tailors, and fancy restaurants. If any city ever lived up to its nickname it was Hong Kong, the "Pearl of the Orient". If x.,115gg,:g .k.,,,,, I Mary Sue's girls ,uw iw Boxing: A well known sport here Pretty rough girls 3 2 1 5 2 ,,,,,,,., V 86 H. NA A land of many contrasts. Elegant temples and riverfront shanties CGMM ITY RELATIO After learning of the problems faced by the Regina Mundi School in Bangkok, CHANDLER crew- members offered to lend a hand. During our stay there, the schoo1's new classroom was creosoted, painted and fully equipped for school. With Bos'n Mates, Snipes, and Thai children working side by side, it was an experience in understanding and cooperation not easily forgotten. ,X I , ,,. I 1 fi f f Ml: H111 wxvi we, 3 ii' .. fm Jaw WH Iii gl? QE 3 E 'W n hf N5 d E h L X 5 he I Q! HQ hg I -lf! J' .s lip AI1, ui if 9 id h WW' Ill EW gl . U15 !!, 455' rqgu iw E Wuxi 'vii Vid 1 i I I,pE4 iV:,Q iw aw LQ ,U fig! im' arf? YJ? 1, all wr: .gd iiel :Ili 'film ,x 192 EX ill Q 52 31 ix' Q . 1 ig 3 4 i as if it ..,.. 2 hi i 1 ,gf i'l tfg 1. -I4 . M, .W I .,5 lk? ,,, JJ, Nprzlrm-sa-rf Mmmwwh , , WWX Jaffa z, 'V x.., , ' X gf 3 ' Z, ' ff S f ' ', 577 73 ' ,VW m 'W , 5 K ' Wi ., 'Nw' -- +A f .f ' f S-, ff, wx F21 2' X x 1 - The Kamakura Buddha h f Q H 5 , f Q . w, . Z f 23.7 1. ' 1: Mm - Ni .hxg v . .X Mg 5951 '-J 9,3153 -9 2 .,.,x, N 1' 5 AVYX' In ffm" " V --M - a f 'f '1 ' f ,f',-.qf1MK Qk3NQq't, Q V ,,-W' A i x Z " . . -' - 'K X E x I7 '1,f".,.x r 'ff E f Q aL-.x . . x ' ' X " - 5? ' hh ' if' 1 ? Ma Ng W .fl "Af-ldiffmz? -f , 'V 3'17N-Tlfflinzrw. " 'Xt f ' I f - -f ---v -Q ' -lx f ' fp, X iw Haj , 1 ' 'Agg ' 1 - . Cl f wf ' , W X f H ff 1 ,fff 2 ' h d X Q.f h h lx X ' ' if X wx ,X X I X , ' 35,125 4. fx The New Japan . and the old X 88 I N Peace monument, Nagasaki yin I fx ,l"'--- nV4W K x The famous Kamakura Shrine Main gate, Yokosuka Naval Base Yokosuka night life UBIC BAY "High and dry" 0 L Q P 0 Stocking up for the gun line Those outstanding Subic bands Waiting for liberty call w + , w 1 is. I i iogQV The butcher's shops are a little different here. UH IU TAIWAN Kaohsiung supermarket Chinese billboards 92 Ai 3, We I v i +55 Wy! qw fl im ir ,i x, my fl i u H ii W ,N in M a. 2 n ? i 4 a 5 E 1 PURT , l v if QFFICER -"'-'7wmQ xorzcz Bums or me 9 HJUE 8:VEDilEii CMQEU IN YHE STREU MUST BE CQWEUQURQPKDISQQDF LT William T. Mayfield Editor-in-Chief ENS R. K. Hawkins Jr. Managing Editor STAFF WesPac '69-'70 now draws to a close and with it, the many different experiences shared by all of us. The purpose of a cruise book is to serve as an enjoyable reminder of those experiences in years to come. It is the sin- cere wish of the staff that this purpose will be accomplished. This book, like the cruise it records, is an "all hands" effort with many individuals con- tributing their time and energy. A special note of recognition goes to STG3 .Davis and his photo staff who spent long hours in CHANDLER's photo lab fighting heavy rolls and deadlines to produce all of the pictures used in this book. Our art editor, PN3 Werner, aside from his sketches, has provided help in almost all as- pects of production from layouts to proofread- ing. Typists SN Fenner, SN Jameson, and SN Cortez all played a valuable role in the creation of the book with their speedy and accurate typ- ing. Finally, our deepest appreciation is ex- tended to the Publishers Representative, Mr. Glenn Miller, for his patience and guidance throughout the cruise. I PN3 Uwe Werner STG3 C. W. Davis Sandy l Art Staff: SN Robby" Roberts, SN R. J. Greene W 1 Q wt Photo Staff: H. S. Clarke, Jim Piper, Larry Cheney, Boyd McLernon ORIA 2 2 2 F H 5 I 96 v , .. . ., w-,2,,.,,.,,.w. ,....,,........................,...- L- , W- -Y ,L , ,-,, . - -. fe :1 A "The Lord giveth - - - the Lord taketh away." These words were brought home to all of us on CHANDLER as a tragic traffic accident claimed the life of LTCjgJ Robert Craig STEFFEN, USN, near Fruitville, Florida. Division Officer, Roommate, Friendg Bob STEFFEN was some- thing different to each of us by the strongest tie of all, that of a shipmate. We of CHANDLER will never forget Bob STEFFEN's enthusiasm and high spirits, through which he brightened each of our lives. His memory will live with all of us as an inspiration to do our best for our country and our fellow man. WALSWORTH Cruise Book Sales Offices PUBLISHING 7730-E Herschel Street COMPANY La Jolla, California 92037 Marceline, Mo., lJ.S.A. KAOHSIUNG Y UKOSUILK I , Q- . f ' a OKINAWA I' ? fn GUAM 'Y I 1 1 T 1 7 N , in '

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