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45m ri C a D 8' do Mlownv ls. , 4? J ORE ,f""4'- -nnn NX , Y,,,-' X W, I okosukua, Mg . Lfjjlll P N 0 cmmx A 5,m.,'Zg,f J? A Z ,X QQ fd P XX Q55 Hong Kong yg' F9RMOSpix,f ,R J xv 0 O ' f xx. , 'lk' im Qilgkgic Boui 'oi-'P" f Om P Q35 PHILIPPINES 0 N Us 0 U f""'x ff' Z I A .env JJ y , C MDP, 'rv MW 'uadv ' m HQUVW X bn X ,.,.. .. m J- U is vouuawv Hinos UML 'wx N IJOCIJDH lJ'D9du nlnlouoH GTR 1 5 S 2 'W W S b'7S,I NAA ,f 3 Obagq uvg JI, qouag Buoq ER. VUIUHWV HLUON E O Q5 C FOREWORD This book Tells, in words cmd picTures, The sTory of Three hundred men and Their ship during The l95-4 cruise of The CHANDLER To WesTern Pacific waTers. We have Tried To depicT The many kinds of men and iobs iT Took To make The ship funcTion on such a Tour. BUT iT is noT abouT work alone ThaT we Tell, for no cruise would be compleTe wiThouT some menTion of The hours of play and acTiviTy which consumed our liberTy Time. During This Tour, The ship Took parT in numerous exercises and evenTs, sTeamed for Thousands of miles, and visiTed such well known porTs as Honolulu, Sasebo, Manila, Yokosuka, and Hong Kong. These are The Things we have Tried To record in This sTory of our i954 cruise. We hope you enjoy The book, and ThaT iT brings back some memories which would escape wiThouT a reminder. ..- 'I -- aw 1 SQ. TLMO Q1 ffm?-f X T. The History of the U. S. S. THEODORE E. CHANDLER 7 651' The U. S. S. THEODORE E. CHANDLER has spent nearly half of its brief history in Far Eastern waters, including operations in the Korean theater for nearly one third of its time in active service. The ship is named in honor of Rear Admiral Theodore Edson Chandler, USN. Born in 1894 and commissioned from the Naval Academy in June of 1915, he rose to the rank of Rear Admiral during World War Il. Admiral Chandler was killed in action on 7 January 1945 on board his fiagship. the U.S.S. LOUISVILLE, in Lingayen Gulf,l Philippine Islands. A long-hull 2250 ton destroyer, the CHANDLER was placed in commission in the United States Navy at the Federal Shipbuilding and Drydocking Company, Kearny, New Jersey, on 22 March 1946. The ship's maiden voyage took her through the Panama Canal to ioin Destroyer Squadron Seventeen in San Diego. This designa- tion has since been changed to Eleven. The ship now operates as a part of Destroyer Division 111 along with the USS WILTSIE IDD 716l, USS HAMNER lDD 718I, and the USS CHEVALIER lDDR 805I. Prior to the outbreak of the Korean War, the CHANDLER made two tours on "China Station" about which a book of that name was written by a CHANDLER officer. Upon the invasion of South Korea, the CHANDLER, as part of Des Div 111, was ordered to Korean waters. On this, her first Korean tour, the CHANDLER at one time spent 66 straight days at sea and on another occasion expended her entire load of ammunition in two days in stopping the attack of a North Korean division on the Pusan perimeter. The ship's second tour lasted nine months and was distinguished by a furious battle with shore batteries in the harbor of Chongiin, after the enemy had opened fire on the USS ENDICOTT iDMS 35I. With the aid of spotting aircraft, the CHANDLER was credited with destroying six enemy batteries of 105 mm guns. The CHANDLER's third Korean tour began on 2 January 1953. Following the usual rotation from fast carrier Task Force 77 to Formosa Patrol to shore bombardment with Task Force 95, the ship earned high praise for its operations by destroying an enemy train 21' Igorea and attaining membership in the exclusive "Trainbuster's u .' This, the first F , tilitles, took the ship from San Diego on 12 March 1954 to Pearl ar Eastern cruise since the end of Korean hos Harbor' -lUP.C1f1, The Philippines and various other areas in the Western Pacific. During this cruise, the CHANDLER operated with numerous task groups in training exercises and patrol duties, con- cludlnglhe 19Ur by returning to San Diego on 12 September 1954. QQE -2 I I I I I I ln ll- WI TI OJ 7 I'I'I DJ UI Fl" CD '1 D 0 7 E. U3 Sm 5 U1 . -I2 I Y I 5' ? 1. F n11 1 1 L 1 V CQ fn ' if W Q A1515 f -'Q 3 The Skipper - COMMANDER J. D. H. KANE, JR. Commander John D. H. Kane Jr., United States Navy, assumed command of the CHANDLER in November of 1953. He came to the CHANDLER from the staff of COMCRLJDESPAC. Commander Kane received his commission from the LJ.S. Naval Academy on 19 December 1941. After graduation, he served as gun- nery officer aboard the U. S. S. FITCH lDD 4621 and held the posi- tion of executive officer aboard the U. S. S. HARADEN lDD 5351 and the U.S.S. BADGER 1DD 6571. ln 1945 and 46, he was com- manding officer of the U.S.S. CAVALLARO lAPD1281 in Pacific waters and the following year assumed command of the ALEXANDER J. LUKE lDE 5771 in Atlantic waters. His wide background of Naval duties includes periods spent with the staff of COMSERVLANT, Naval Intelligence School, staFl COMNAFOR Germany, and the Naval. War College. Commander Kane, his wife, Sue, their daughter Suzanne, 2, and their two sons, John lll, 8, and Joel, 6, reside in Coronado, California. .Q 4 .,, OPERATIONS ENGINEERING LTJG. R. G. GUTHRIE LT. F. P. WELLS EXECUTIVE OFFICER LT. J. K. LESLIE SUPPLY GUNNERY IW LTJG. C. E. CUSON- LTJG. E. J. WILLIAMS ... 5 l C Division A DIVISION OFFICER: LTJG W. S. DAVIS JUNIOR DIVISION OFFICER: ENS R. W. KOHN j I s I-QQ I FIRST RQW, SECOND ROW. BIGELOW, L. F., SA KNAPP, D. A., QM 3 COZAD, J., QM 2 LTJG W. S. DAVIS ENS R. W. KOHN BESSETT, L. W., SN BOYD, R. J., SN THIRD ROW : HUBER, J. R., PNSN RHODES, H. E., SN HEAD, S. R., TE S SHATTUCK, O. VV., YN TOIIESON, S. E., OM 3 CHIUSANO, VV., SN DAVIS, M. IVI. SN HALL, J. R., SN BUCHANAN, H. D., TE 3 BLOLJNT, W. A., RM 3 SCHUMACHER, C. L., YNSN ABNEY, A. E., SN FORDHAM, J. F., QM 3 MANESS, E. L., SA BELDING, S. D., QMSN VVILBUR, G. L., QM 3 DUNN, R. E., RM 3 3 O Division DIVISION OFFICER: ENS E. M. Mc COOK JUNIOR DIVISION OFFICER: ENS N. Is. STEIOER FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: BRYANT, R. E., RD 3 LEONARD, R. R., RD I ENS N. B. STEIGER ENS E. M. MC COOK COYNE, J. M., RD 2 I-IOLST, O. L., RD 2 THIRD ROW : OOAD, C. K., RD 3 PI-IILLIPS, D. L., RDSN BREEDING, R. V., RD I-IUBER, R. E., ET 3 MARTWICK, W. C., 17-. YTURRI, M., RD 3 MORRISON, C. D., RD 3 CAMPBELL, K., RD 3 MILLER, L. J., SN ORIOOS, J., ET 3 BERG, I-I. C., ET 3 3 RD3 Ist Division DIVISION OFFICER: LTJG D- L- SELF SMITH JUNIOR DIVISION OFFICER: ENS M. S. A A FIRST RQVV: SECOND ROW: HOLMES, C. H., SA FIGGS, J., SN WEBRER, I. W., SA EDWARDS, I. A., SA COOK, T. M., BM 2 HAYES, C. W., SN . ENS M. S. SMITH CALDWELL, R. A., SA LTJG D. L. SELF ROLLINS, M., SN CASH, L. E., BMC SABBS, I. R., SA S JACQUET, E. A., SA PADEN, P. R., SN ROOERS, L. H., SA ROLLINS, M. H., SA CARVER, H. E., SN THIRD ROVV : MOORE, I. R., SN CALDWELL, K. E., SN BLAKELEY, R. R., SN LICKEI, I. H., SN PATTERSON, R. A., BMSN' SHAFFER, D., SA I S WILLIAMS, O. C., SN -Q 8 .,, 2nd Division DIVISION OFFICER: ENS R. R. SPENCER FIRST ROW 1 DUNLAP, D., SA MAY, P. K., SN YOUNG, W. H., BM I SECOND ROW: ENS R. R. SPENCER CASH, L. E., BMC COYLE, J. S., BM 2 SWARTZ, C. C., SA THIRD ROW : DUERST, L. W., SN DDXEY, C. F., SN FLOYD, F. M., SA LUCE, C. W., SN GARCIA, J. A., SN REED, W. T., SN SMALLWOOD, J. D., ESPER, L. S., BMSN GMSA GAVIN, H. Z., SA BOWLES, B. F., SN ELLIOTT, G. W., SA HUNTER, F. J., SN WILLIAMS, R. H., SN DROVIE, D. A., SA JONES, R. C., SA MILLER, J. H., SN COOPER, J. R., SA BACKHAUS, T. R., SA BROWNING, C, W., SA E Division LE DIVISIGN OFFICER: LTJG H. P. FONVIL HRSTHROVVT: I ' SECOND ROW: AHRENS, R. L., FA SOUSA, S. E., FN BENCOMO, O., BT 3 RODRIGUEZ, E., MM 3 GRIGGS, G. D., FN SULLINS, K. H., MM 2 RAYBREN, B. R., MM'2 MANLEY, G. R., FN VELASCO, E., MM 2 STEINBRINK, R. A., BT 3 OSBAKER, L. R., MM I ELDREDGE, C. H., FA THIRD ROW J LEWIS, F. L., MM 3 VAUGHAN, J. E., FA RJEVES, B. A., FA BOUTWELL, D. R., FA HKES, M., BT 3 RUTISHAUSER, W. J., FN LQCKEY, C. B., BT 2 CRESON, H. J., FN BROWN, C. G., BT 2 CERATO, J. A., MM 3 BAKU, R. G., FA AKINS, J. s., FN NOAH, G. vv., FA GANNON, G. D., FN HALES, C. C., FA FEKKE, P., BTC HAYDEN, J. W., BTC LTJG H. P. FONVILLE FICKET, A. L., MMC GAGLIANO, A. J., MMC FOURTH ROW : JONES, VV. R., FN MATNEY, J. L., FA VAUGHN, H. R., FN POMPEY, W. A., MM 3 CURBOW, H. C., MM 3 TOTTY, E. E., MM 2 LAMKIN, K. D., BT 2 BURGER, R. L., MMFN SPURCK, R. M., MM 3 R Division DIVISION OFFICER: LTJG E. M. GIBBON JUNIOR DIVISION OFFICER: ENS T. K. SAWYER F RST ROW 1 BROWN, G. H., FN MORIAN, D. C., FP 2 Gnu, J. H., EN 1 LTJG E. M. GIBBON ENS T. K. SAWYER MANKIN, R. N., IC 1 STEWART, T. H., EM 3 ALMON, J. V., EM 2 THIRD ROW : KING, D. N., MR 3 GOODRICI-I, D. J. ME 3 NEISWENDER, H. Q., M DEBARRE, E. A., MM 3 FORBIS, P. E., FP 2 I-IARMON, J. W., FP 2 STARMACK, R. F., EM 2 MIERZEJEWSKI, R., EM 2 M SECOND ROW 1 CRISP, V. W., ENFN CARR, W. S., EN 3 MATTHEWS, J. L., FA CLEMENTS, P. R., EN 3 LOSA, A., FN CROUCH, J. E., EN 2 FULTON, T. C., MM 2 BEARD, R. M., DC 2 SLEDGE, B. C., ME 3 GREENE, S. S., EM S HADDEN, D., EM 3 PIERCE, E. W., ICFN S Division DIVISION OFFICER: LTJG C. F. CUSON FIRST ROW 1 LE BOEUF, E. J., SN PIRISKY, J. M., HMC DICKINSON, R. L., CSC LTJG C. E. CUSON WILLIAMS, J. W., SDC LANE, W. H., SH 2 MACAYAN, F. F., TN THIRD ROW : CIOWFRS, J. J., SD 2 FIELDS, J. FI., SHSN BLACK, R. v., HM 3 MOORE, J., TA BURR, J. J., SFI S STIJII, J. R., SK 2 SERNA, F. G., SN J SECOND ROW J HIGGINBOTHAM, J., SN ROACH, J. M., SHSN TICHENER, H. E., TN MARTIN, J. R., SK 2 BEASLEY, J. N., SN ACORD, B. J., DK 3 HORTON, C. W., SA ' COOMER, R. V., CS I BLAS, G. C., SD I THOMAS, F., TN CRABTREE, J. W., SA ROBERTSON, E. J., SKSN I: Division DIVISION OFFICERQ ENS E. F. MURPHY FIRST ROW : FRANKLIN, D. B., TMSN MC MAHAN, C. E., GM 3 DAVIDSON, J. D., TMSN LINTNER, G. T., GM 3 SCHULTZ, M. E., GM 3 LEIST, E. C., TMSN CRANDALL, H. L., SO 3 THALER, J. R., SOSN EIGENHUIS, D., FT 3 BENNETT, L. E., FTSN THIRD ROW: WILLIAMS, S. L., SO 3 HART, D. R., FT 3 BLAKELY, D. H., GM 3 STRANDELL, R. L., GMSN HALL, W., GMSN MUSSELMAN, F. E., SN PANKRATZ, J. A., GM 3 LYON, W. G., SN HEWITT, H. F., FTSN MORRIS, J. D., SA COOK, R. J., SOSN STYLIANO, G. J., SN MYATT, G. W., SN SECOND ROW . SIMMONS, K. S., GM 2 MADDOX, J. L., FC I CHRISTLE, J. L., GM 3 BLAIR, K. W., GMC ENS E. F. MURPHY GAYLOR, L. E., TMC KRAUS, R. W., TM 2 HATCHER, R., GM I SPEARS, J. K., SN WOOD, W. E., SN FOURTH ROW r WHARTON, W. T., GM 2 BUCHANAN, H. W., GMSN SMITH, B. W., GM 3 HARMAN, D. B., SO 3 HOLLINGSWORTH, R. E., FT' CARTER, W. A., SN FORDHAM, R. L., TM 3 MIDDLETON, J. R., SN DUDLEY, J. G., FT 2 3 9338883 ' 5 Join the NavYf and ' ' ' :: 5 s s S 9 x. . K Q CAsT OFF ALL LINES4-DUKE GMSN FOLLOW THE LEADER-The WILTSIE bczcks MOORE SN, AND WILLIAMS SN pull in cswoy from the nest os Des Div LH sets number one cus the ship leaves the side on out for its long iourney to Pearl Harbor. the USS PIEDLVLONT. +14- I9ff for Westpac 000 I L1 .-,. 3 SOME TAKE IT WITH A SMILE-PIRISKY I-IMC prepares o moment of doubtful pled- sure for BLAKELY SN while the crew Iines up for their first set of inoculcitions, Y-fi--I BETTER TO GIVE TI-IAN TO RECEIVE-It looks os though BESSETT OMSN ond ACORD DK 3 ore getting o Iciugh out of the pre- dicoment of BLOUNT RM 3, but their time will come. I-Iere its BLACK I-IM 3 who does the deed. ,li . 1 9 I I 4 I k,,, , ' A I' ff I' I bov, 1 , ff .K ,. ,, f , Q tisi , I I1 ' g g 5 WW , U 2 , sf Q if DOWN BELOW-BOUTVVELL FA puts in o clecin burner. As for the supervisors, I theyre sTElNBRiNK BT 3, AKINS FN, ond I BENCoMo BT 3. STEER COLUMN ASTERN-EIGENI-IUIS FT3 wheels her oround os the Sdn Diego horbor fades ostern. MYATT SN stonds by to reIoy orders to the engine room. All in a Day's Work . . . WHY DO THEY SEND SUCH LONG ONES BY LIGHT-Flashing Iight is one means.IDY which ships in COYVPOUY IOII4 Ove' III? S'IU' ation. It takes a good bit of training to become proficient in this system. Here TOLLESON OM 2 receives a message from the HAIVINER. HE'S NOT LISTENING TO DUKE ELLINGTON -RHODES RMSN copies one of the many messages which Come to the ship in the radio room. This is the first step of many in handling important information received at sea. SIGNAL IN THE AIR-The quartermasters participate in a ftaghoist driII, one of many to come during the crossing. BESSETT OMSN, WILBUR OM 3, and CHIUSANO SN SIVUQQI9 I0 keep The mdny fIags and Iines in proper order. ON TARGET+IvIT 33 gets a workout with STRANDELL GIVISN in control. FRANKLIN TMSN stands by to Ioad the aII-important proiectile. -16- Birthplace of 'che I-Iula, Hawaii . . . ff ,M NI f III' X M IW If' , I Iii 'ff ' 1 TI'IEY'LL NEVER REPLACE TI-IE I-IULA GIRLS -Leis of varied flowers so abundant in Hawaii adorn The necks of CASI-I BMC and DICKINSON CSC who seem To find The quarierdeck a pleasant spot with The added feature. -I7 1 f 1 ' Q MOST FAMOUS LANDMARK-Diamondhead is points oui To The sea To bring an abrupi end to famous Waikiki beach. On the Beach at Vllaikiki , . . THIS IS THE LIFE-Waikiki beach stretchs out toward the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Too much of this sun can make living rather unpleasant for a tew days-as a few of us disf-avered the hard way. fL ,...? , .... --1-:-1111113331211-1-2'.AXX 2 Nor HARD TO TAKEQLEVVIS FP2 and BLACK HM3 strike a pose before taking a dip in the Waters of the blue Pacific, JUST LIKE THE TRAVEL FOLDERS-A bit at relaxation after a iourney on the sea is lust what the doctor ordered. Included in this group of sun worshipers are WILLIAMS SO 3, CERATO MM3, STYLIANO SN, BORK SH3, and THALER SOSN. -ig., 7 ZZ W I ik . . Ls L. X ' - :?pifYsf3f-- I A sassy sf Sas? XSNQX .ws QX Lzskbgiyx . Ns MAYBE HELL STRIKE OIL-PHILLIPS RDSN in- Veshgales The OISDIIW ot the sand while soaking Up some of the late afternoon Sun, Fire Mission . . . VVHERE'S THE COTTON 3-The ship noses into the harbor at Kahoolawe Island in preparation for a fire mission to be conducted in coniunc- tion with a spotters party composed ot Marines and air control spotters from the carrier PHILIPPINE SEA. 3 M ff 1 ' 2 Ctffff- Tse 3-6' fr, me I ' I 4 T 4' Q It A f MARK THE TARGET-It takes teamwork to carry on an efficient mission, and from the looks ot the situation LTJO. GUTHRIE, ENS. MC COOK, and MORRISON RD3 have things well under control in CIC. PLOT SET-All the necessary information fsrgood tiring must be sent down to plot. MADDOX FC I receives target course and speed from combat via the sound powered phones while I-IOLLINOSVVORTI-I FT 3 cranks the findings into the gear. Target A Destroyed . PICK HER UP EASY-The shore fire control porty returns in the gig ofter o hot offer- noon on the islond. CLEAN HER UP-MT 33 cools down while A The Qlmnefs QGT her reody for onother doy. -205 MARINES ARE HUMAN TOO-A few minutes of Shut-eye is the order ofthe doy for o few of the shore spotters. n g 4,4 , , X 4 4 r r AFTER THE BALL IS ovER-STYLIANO SN, MYATT SN, MuSSElMAN SN, ond MC MAHAN GMS form o port of the line needed to Stow the powder C0595 for future use. Just Before Sailing I t 1 l Q PORTSIDE TO-The ship gets o good berth it mfg- Ci-HEFS PIPE HIM OVER-DAMON MMC in Peorl Horbor to Corry on oil the trons- Ieoyes the Ship cffer 26 years with the octions necessory before continuing the Reef' The followed G Cefemonbf On the voyoge. tontoil ottended by oll honds. t i '1 'i A TRIBUTE-AND A REMINDER-Memoriol JO in honor ot Americons ot Howoii who ind helped to defend the couse of freedom rht reminds the visitor ot times thot were not S05 so pleosont for this islond. YJ r' I ,R n X: , ' READY FOR SEA-GOODRICH ME 3 checks the lines to insure the ovoilobility ot supplies in cose of rough weother. Farewell 'co Pearl . . . 1, , g ,,, fx 7 ', 1' , rr-,Wy fuk, . Q I - Q -A f f' f fs 1 E 5 V, ,W ' , . fs, , , - , 1, ,, 5 l .4 ' ' 'W EJ I " , E M- Vu -munf 60' 'V 4 ? MW ' ws E I , inn' .J ,' , uf , fn S' , - . , swww- " V, f - , S . fl' we ' X, ,, ,. .4 1 . 7-f cffgffffv' ,, ,,. :5xeif':.29, , ' f ' 4' 1,61-'f 'Sm ' Q ' ' ff' 5 S'-' 4596 1 2 1 A- .JYYX f , 'f 1, T dw 1 K w,m,5' M W .' s -we ' e X,-7 W 4 , . V- ,ez J ,, f fr I , ' ' H sw 3 , 0, E ,sf A . ' f q W . ff 4 ', . f' V , V -Q-Ylyfmf-MW XM ,- - jfylfcf K . . . fgf, E, ff ,, X VMI K, 7 iTV,L.g'.r fp , I - X Q If U .- f ,V . f , If fm. A f. Wy - ff. ff. QW' yo' ,fy 1.-2 f f f Q, N Wy, su samwgzs-ey. wif, , . 1 f J 'Q ff ga' ' ' 44 'my h 'Q "W ' ALL AHEAD FULL-A glimpse from MT 53 shows thot no time is being vvosted in proceeding to new points of interest. 1 L l i SKUNK ABLE AT CPA-A seomon's eye is still on importont toctor in successful opero- tions. LTJG DAVIS, LTJG SELF, ond ENS KOHN don't seem very pleosed with thinQS ot the moment. ...22.... What Else Was There Q? . . . P , , fx . :T xy A - 1 JP T T fs FIELD DAY FOR CAMERAS-A tour hour stop- over at Midway provided ample opportunity to get some shots of the principal inhabitant- the GOONEY BIRD. That's the bird on the right in case you're in doubt! WATCH THE BIRDIE-Some of us spent a few hours on the beach at Midway, but for the most part we walked around watching the Gooneys lust as THALER SOSN, BRISON, cmd BRYANT RD3 are doing in the picture above. Greeting an 'fx 'T X Q 2- K l y,.mAZ.h.m.,f2fff, Q fi "iw Xl " fu 'r- .X , SNNW f 47, , WN? 2-4:13 XR 'ZR iff: 'G' X 2 ig' B' n : ' V ff Z? zz ' -1 - i ,, J .-2.5,-5:-Pi ' PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT-BELD- lNG QMSN makes an early morning Check of the flag bags as the ship meets UP with the Golden Dragon for the fifth time in its history. Another drill vvon't be long in coming. Cld Friend . . . V I 'l HE ELIES THROUGH THE All?-CHAPLAIN HERSH- BERGER takes off the fantail bound for Easter services on the ships in company. Ships of Des Div lll had iust crossed the l8Oth and its believed those aboard were the first Americans to attend Easter service since we had lust lost a complete day. ' s KEEPING A CLOSE CHECK- BRANSON EN and AHRENS EA insure an adequate wafer Supply vvill be on hand by checking the evaporators in the forward engine room. -ME Prepare to Enter Port . . . OH HAPPY DAY-The payline forms prior to entry H , ' 4 w u I i ,ff E f" ,fi into port. It was a busy day tor the supply de partment as they converted military payment cer tificates into Japanese yen. These smiling characters are ACORD DK 3, LTJG. CUSON, and MARTIN SK 2. WATCH THE EARS-HAHN CSSN takes his chances on a smooth sea as BORK SH3 wields the clippers. REQUISITION DEADLINE-Ordering supplies for a ship is no small task considering the quantities required and space limitations. ln the supply olTice LANE SH 2 and ACORD DK3 prepare the all-important paper work necessary for the operation. -25 INTO THE NEST-The ship makes her ap- proach to loin the division in a period of tender availability in Yokosuka Harbor. Yolcosulcaf San Diego of the Grient ' ANYONE l-lAVE A DICTIONARY?-The spelling isn't quite up to snuff, but we get the general idea lust the same. The band might be western, but vvhat's the language? U U 1 fr- SOME OO ORIENTAL-lt appears 'fhflf 'fhe ggying "When in Rome" has been taken to heart by these two foreign lookinQ chaps. Any resemblance to SCI-lEElER RM2 and COYLE BM2 is purely coinCiClGf1f0l- . ! FOR YOU, SPEClAL PRlCE+The American sailor, if not his yen, is a favorite visitor in Japan. GRAHAM SA and MANLEY FN contemplate the purchase of a souvenier. They're'probably trying to figure out how much l,8OO yen is in U. S. currency. -- Who I-Ias the Quarterdeck ? . . . xx R! ' , .Wy ' MJ? A 'T' THIS TJUST DOIXVT LOOK RIGHT TO ME-The Exec Iooks on with o criticol eye os his meol is prepored before him ot o Sukiyoki dinner ottended by the officers. THIS TAKES CCDINICENTRATION-The Cop- toin discovers thot eoting with chopsticks hos its disodvontoges. It oppeors thot LT. WELLS hos given up the fight os he looks on. THE WARDROOIVI WAS NEVER LIKE THIS hThe condid comero finds ENS. MURPHY doing o pirouette in compony with some ofthe other officers. We doubt thot it will ever reploce the toxtrotl East Meets West . . . L LET'S TRY THE FANTAIL-Cleaners map strategy for boarding. Somehow th9Y never seem to understand EnQLLSh When told they must have permission to Come aboard. ALL THE CONVENIENCES OF HOME- Tailors, shoe-repairmen, cleaners-the CHANDLER becomes a place of business for Yokosuka merchants. i But its CHEAPER sTATEsiDE-KING MR 3 hnds a shopping tour in TokYO WSL the thing for a Saturdy OTTGFDOOU- 1 MAN OVERBOARD-ENS. STEIGER crawls up the side with the Captain aiding after rescuing a merchant who didn't quite make it across the brow. BOWLES SN and BROWN BT2 lend a hand. Fair Weather Training , . . ll2 DEGREES IS WAY TOO HOT-Bull sessions on the fontoil were o common occurrence during this weather. DUERST SN, ELLIOT SA, MAY SN, LUCE SN, SWARTZ SA, ond REED SN look cis if They've had enough of this oreo. W.. ff NW A K.: 1 lei? .' 'XM wi ' F0 UNDER Tl-lE STARS-Sleeping Top- side wos The only woy To do ii vviih Temperatures sooring in the South Chino Seo. You had To reserve spoce eorly to gei ci loco- Tiofn such os STRANDELL GMSN hos in this picture. i IT SURE FEELS GOOD-FLEVVELLING SA ond DUERST SN 'roke odvontoge of o wosh- dovvn to cool olii. The innocent bysfonder is SWARTZ SA who oppeors To be reluc- Toni obour joining in. Time to Retuel .. MAN YOUR FUELING STATIONS-A' weekly occurrence during Fair Weather Training finds the ship approaching a tanker to fill up. Not only did this provide excellent training, but proves that ships can stay at sea for long periods when it is necessary. NEW MOVIES TONIGHT-Fueling olllered the possibility of exchanging movies with the tanker and standing by to heave in at the forward transfer station are ROLLlNS SN, GAVIN SA, and MANESS SA. SIDEWALK SUPERVISOR-LTJG. FONVILLE gives the once-over as the lines are secured and the pumping begins. , PERSONNEL TRANSFER-ENS. SMITH gets set for a ride across the waves by high-line, 30- Bring on the Spuds OLD FASHIONED HORSEPOWER-They're some things that can be done better by man than by machine. At the midships transfer station "O" division stands ready to heave in as the ship pulls into replenish- ment station. IS IT A GOOD ONE?-l-lands of the first division watch the expression of HAYES SN as he unloads one of the new movies. ,es A Id ,M 1 if WATCH YOUR l-lEADSqBy the hundred pounds potatoes come aboard to be stowed tor future use. MUSCLE MAN-" Light as a feather," or so it looks from the way MYATT SN is handling that box ot potatoes. Hy i I l, yi 1, l Into the Philippines A FIRST FOR THE CHANDLER-The Philip- pines were an unexpected part of The cruise This year. Here The ship Ties up in Manila Harbor, a busy place any time of The year. WHAT A RACKET-ESPER BMSN and SWARTZ SA Qel 0 Sparkling shine for a few centavos on the pier. ENOUGH FOR TODAY-BLAIR GMC heads below deck after discovering the sun ten degrees above the equator much too hot for his liking. OFF FOR LlBERTY+Being in The Philippines was a new experience for most of those aboard and all took advantage of it by 'raking in The sights. 32 -- Manila, City of Contrasts . . . ' N PHILIPPINE NAVY COIVIIVIISSIONING-A convenient vantage point was available from the tantail of the CHANDLER as the Philippine Navy, in full alress, commissioned a new ship at the adioining pier. WHERE ONCE THERE WERE RUINS- Downtovvn Manila has been almost com- pletely rebuilt since the merciless bombings during the war. -33 READY TO SEE THE CITY-HUBER PNSN prepares to do it the easy way. These old carriages oPIer a convenient method to see the sights and get a few pictures at the same time. A EAIVIILIAR SIGHT-Walls are all that remain in many sections of the city. On the Fantail . . OFF FORTTHE MONEY-LTJO. CUSON leaves The ship by heliocopTer headed Tor Sangley poinT To receive The ship's issue of MPC. CASH BMC lends a helping hand. Aovf-xNcEMENT in RATlNG+AlI S T ' hands fall in on The TanTail To hear The Cqpfgin congraTulaTe Those who made The grade, 329,000 ON ITS WAY-BUT its no good To anyone any more. Occasionally it be- comes necessary To issue a new series of MPC which leaves unaUThorized holders sTuck wiTh nothing buT paper. IT MUST BE HEARTS-MEREDITH FN fNK,'N3 FN, AHREN5 FA, and some of The E division ger Together Tor a card game 34- I - R ancl R al: Subic... 42ND AND BROADWAY, SUBIC-Subic's main. drog doesn't oFler much to see during the dey, ond not much more ot night. SWIM CALL-This group clidn't need much cooxing to toke o dip. Just what the ot- trciction ot this one spot is we don't know, but they seem to enioy it. -35 WE NEED ANOTHER FIRE!-A porty ot Mango Beech was iust the thing for those hot ofternoons. Looks like some ot them will hove to ect them row. BATTER UP!-DUNN RM3 looks like he meclns business os the boseboll teom fights it out with the rest of the division. ..s. z's: .l l Q 2 X " 'f f f A 'Q -K M M ZA.. Q lim 4120-R 3's5t33sl,,1L2x,,.W. Q Mf A A . ,. 2 I . ,, L ,X , U , K My It -I - f s - M sf Li-3 ff . X ml , , C L W . . ivy., .lf s fkmytfy A gym wS.VgJmvhf0,4fV.g.xwn 7,5 ,, , P' , .V "' s to A ft ze, X '03 0 s 1 Zu, gm., QQ' '- I - , . ff ,. t . W 4, H, .-M , , 'I A .., ' f 4? W .f ff if f Vo E 1 , A.. ici " W '-- ' " ' X f - M.s,sWM.sQ,.o,s X. Sonar Contact . . GOING IN FOR TI-IE KILL-One of The oIesTroyer's prirnory functionskonfi-submorine worfore. ENS. SPENCER requests The conn os The ship moves into posifion. TI'IALER SOSN ond WILLIAMS SO3 ossisf. CLEAR A PATH-There's ci better ploce To be than in front of the hedgehogs during on ASW oifock ond STYLIANO is empho- sizing The foci. RICHARDS RD 2, LAUBER SOI, ond I-IUEY SO3 don"r look every worried. HAUL 'ER DOWN-KNAPP OM 3 ond FORD- HAIVI OMB inform the ossisting ship of our success by fioghoisf. BT IS OUT OF TI-IE WATER-Ehecrive sonor conditions ore detected Ioy 'foking o reoding such os I-IUEY SO3 ond CRANDALL SO3 hove iusf finished doing. Shortest Visit---Atami . . . BROTHERS IN ARMS-Coming olong- side is the Conodion destroyer CRU- SADER to receive o chort of the Atomi onchoroges before entering port. PULL HER UP-The port onchor comes up from the bottom of the Sogomi Won os the ship gets underwoy from Atomi otter o visit Ot twenty minutes. COOK BM2 ond CASH BMC check the choin. AN INSECURE ANCHORAGE1And the Coptoin gives the "go-oheod" sign os the onchor cleors the welter. It's a Variecl Life I.II:E'S UNPLEASAIXIT IVIOIVIEINI-IS-lils Cl day of reckoning as They line up for CapTain's masT. No names meniionecl in This shoT. GETTING THE FlGURES-IXIElSWEN- DERMM3 aT The controls in The for- ward engine room gives a hand To CURBOW MM3 as he fills ouT one of The Torms necessary Tor TuTure reference. I PRECISION WORK-LOSA FN Turns down a valve in The machine shop. ENDLESS REPAIRS-BROWN BT2 and IVIORIAINI FP2 handle a priority weld- ing iola. -E 38' -I Scratch Another Sleeve . . LOOK HER OVER-ROACH SHSN mokes o srudy of the director To see Thor Things will be in order during The coming exercise. THIS ONES FOR TIDERIP-The CHANDLER is well known for her proficiency in sleeve firing ond procticol drills such os Those held during the cruise ore lorgely responsible. i QW l ce X TN ill nlll fj 'l 'his X3 . g l!! N-mu ,Ex:-T,,,,-s-.:s..!.-fX- MT 32 ON TARGET-BUCHANAN GMSN is pleosed oboui something. Moybe the exercise is in iis finol stage. Sunrise to Sunset . . . IT'S NOT LIKE HOME-But what is! Cooks spend a Iong day in the galley to prepare meals tor the crew. BEASLEY SN and ELEWELLING SA get ready for the noon meaI. IS THE SHIP ON EVERY MAILING LIST 3- Coming into port after a period at sea means extra hours for SHATTUCK YN 3. LOOKS LIKE PIE TODAY-CLOWERS SD2 prepares a specialty suggested by the wardroom mess caterer. PLEASE-EASY ON THE STARCH-Keeping the clothes clean proves quite a chore for SERNA SN. Q-40g Making a Big Catch . . . AWAY THE GIG-This is one torpedo that won't be lost. Recovery team boards the boat. WELL IN HAND-Smoke and dye are used to designate the location of a torpedo after a firing exercise. EASY DOES IT-"F" division takes charge as the torpedo is brought aboard. She'Il be good as new when returned to the sub. A Five Months Shadow - THEY STUCK WITH IT-A cruise to Westpoc isn't complete Without o tew beords. To get the tuII etcfect this picture should Ioe in color. They come in oII sizes, shopes, ond forms. Pictured from left to right Ibock rowI ore LEWIS MM 3, DUDLEY ET 2, GOODRICI-I ME 3, EIGENI-IUIS FT 3, ROGERS SA, CRISP ENFN, ROLLIIXIS SN, ond CARR EN 3. Kneeling ore LE Bozaut SN, VALASCO MM 2,'ond CLEMENTS EN 3. Around the Clock F'-wx ON THE JOB INSTRUCTION-OAGLIANO MMC shows HALES FA some of the finer points in the torvvorol engine room. EVALUATION EXCELLENT-Word comes to the bridge thot the ottock wos o success ond ENS. SPENCER's expression reveols the foct. 7 WHAT DID HE SAY?-GRAYBEAI. BMSN stonds by tor the word from sonor to fire the hedgehogs during hunter-killer operotions. MAIL AT LAST-HEAD TE3 is oII smiles os the long lost letters orrive vio high-Iine from the tonker. L I On Formosa Patrol CHEESE-LTJO. DAVIS must hove soid some- thing extremely funny to get ci picture like this. I POPULAR MACHINE-TOTTY MIVI2 finds sewing dungorees on eosy chore even if the spoce is limited. Formoso Potrol oFlered ci time to cotch up on work such os this. I I ,MC FRIEND OR EOE-Combot plots o contoct os the ship investigotes oll vessels in the cured. Here its ENS. IVIC COOK, RICHARDS RD 3, ond LTJG. GUTI-IRIE hord ot work. IDLE AT PRESENT-Not much use for guns on the potrol, but the're nice tohove oround when things ore other thon peocetul. A Westpac l-ligh Point---l-longl-song . . 1 Q R THIS lS HOME-Sampans serve every pur- pose in l-long Kong. lt's rumored some Chinese never touch land. WHAT USE TO BE-This picture, taken on a previous visit, shows a part of the mer- chants who sought permission to come aboard. Now you have to go ashore to do your shopping. STREET SCENE-From his look, it appears this lad is not overly impressed with the tourists. CROSSROADS OF Tl-lE ORIENT-Victoria Bay stretches out beside the city in this bird's eye view. And After Six Months . . . Q Op1H ' EEF ,. . . ,, 2 I Q. -ofwork...and...plcy Right Back Where We Started From f a ,f uf ,fm I

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