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x , 1, bil, 4 Y glue mor an ower i948 MR LINDSAY M FLETCHER We the Class of 1948 ln apprecuatnon for the many and memorable deeds dedicate thus elghth edntuon of the Morgan Tower to you Mr Lundsay M Fletcher our perfect fruend and guide Words cannot express all of the work and fine thmgs that you have done for us m these two years that you have been with us here In our school Not only have you had our Interest at heart but also you have set an excellent example for us to follow ln our future careers Thus ns only a small token of our appreclatnon nn comparlson to your undylng frnendshlp and your ever lasting generosity 2 :is DEDICATION nab MR NORMAN L DREW IN APPRECIATION As a class we also owe many thanks to a man who has not only been classed as our favorlte teacher but also has been a wlllmg worker In our varlous under taknngs Our success In those functxons has largely been because of hls Interest un the students and hrs unfanlnng hard work In everythlng that they have done Hns hard work and Interest In the Jumor Prom helped make the dance a great success both finan cually and socially Again this year he helped promote the Cotnllnon and made It one of the most engoyable events of the entire year Now as we leave to go on to future llfe we want hum to know how grateful we are to hum and how much we appreclate all he has done for us durmg our years wxth htm at Morgan 3 Y rl v I A . - f fl?-Li, , . .1 A.,.rw , 1 AFM: I - T 0 W E R S T A Editor-JEANNE LINDNER FF Business Manager - RAYMOND BARTNETT CIRCULATION ADVERTISING Patricia Wagner, Chairman Barbara Swain, Chairman James Rintoul Nancy Chalker Aline Palm Rhea Albraccio Julia Jones Irene Becker Richard Anderson Frank Williams Hamlin Bell Edward Dibble Lillian Steinbach Stannard Norton Elizabeth Neuwirth Agnes Wagner Amelia Stannard PHOTOGRAPHY ART Carol Smith, Chairman Susan Dibble, James Martin James Martin William Trnik Hamlin Bell Elinor Nutt 4 LITERARY Helen Tukeva, Chairman Charlotte Donahue Thomas Wall Betsy Burnham Terry Morehouse Lois Evarts Florence Timmermann Raymond Bartnett Jeanne Lindner Barbara Lynch Chairman 3 1-1+ I , . Left to Right-First Row: Lillian Steinbach, Patricia Wagner, Anges Wagner, Sis Stannard, Ruth Pugh, Florence Timmerman, Carol Smith. Second Row: Lois Evarts, Rhea Albraccio, Hamlin Bell, Frank Williams, James Martin, Helen Tukeva, Barbara Lynch, Susan Dibble, Third Row: Jeanne Lindner, Aline Palm, Barbara Swain, Nancy Chalker, Betsy Burnham, Elinor Nutt, Betty Neuwirth. Fourth Row: Charlotte Donahue, Frank Brailing, Lincoln Dem- ing, William Trnik, Edward Dibble, Thomas Wall, James Rintoul, Julia Jones. Fifth Row: Stannard Norton, Ray Bartnett, Richard Anderson, Roger Hanlon. Last Row: Mr. Duguid. THE SENIOR CLASS The Senior Class started the year with a new faculty member as their advisor, Mr. John Duguid. With the Tower and annual Christmas Cotillion, the Seniors have been kept occupied. Although unfamiliar with the curriculum, Mr. Duguid has been eager to help whenever the class needed support. 5 of' F. 'cgi C- ,tl v L'- QAQ' V ? -Q' lx we SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Hamlin Bell, Treasurer, Helen Tukeva, Secretary, James Martin, Vice-President, Frank Williams, President. 6 RAYMOND DARDS BARTNETT Men of few words are the best men RH EA ELAlNE ALBRACC IO Ilughll "Friendship is the bond of reason." Born Clrnton Connectrcut November B 1930 Actrvrtres Choral Club 1 Sceneshrfters 2 3 4 Hr Y 1 lf you put rn a call to Saybrook and a cheery operator answers wrth number please you can bet that rt rs our frrend Rhea Our Commercral coed can always be tound typrng up the absence lrsts or addrng up a long strrng of figures Rhea plans to follow the commercral field and wrth all her experrence durrng her years at Morgan she cannot help but be a success However rt must be understood that Rhea should not be consrdered a book worm for her male admrrers are numerous Her experrence rn typrng was put to good use by the Yearbook Stall and she helped us make those deadlrnes RICHARD LEONARD ANDERSON Goose Shorty Men have humor when they know rt not Born Hartford Connectrcut August 7 1929 Actrvrtres Forestry Club 2 Tall red headed good natured Rrchard lrke "Lrttle John rn Robrn Hood has a nrckname that rs the opposrte of hrs appearance He lrkes females rn general and a convertrble coupe School and homework are the marn thorn rn hrs srde and are about the only thrngs rn thrs world he finds to grouch about Goose rs lookrng forward to ownrng a convertrble of hrs own lre rs wrld about rurcy steaks and huntrng dogs Rrchard s future rs a lrttle uncertarn now but wrth hrs parse and hrs qurck mrnd he wrll be a success rn any field that he chooses Dards Born Mount Vernon New York October 23 1928 Actrvrtres Football 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 CManagerl 4 Baseball 2 Track 3 Busrness Manager of Tower 4 Aathletrc Assocratron 3 4 Sceneshrfters 1 Camera Club 2 3 4 Ray has been one of the strong srlent men at Morgan durrng hrs four years here Hrs quretness rs not due so much to an unwrllrngness to work as rt rs to hrs rnterest rn the more practrcal srde of lrfe We dont mean that Ray or Dards as he rs called by hrs close frrends rs afrard to express hrs oprnron to the contrary lust grve hrm a chance and he ll tell you lust what s gorng on rn the world Ray has had an actrve rnterest rn sports and thrs year was the Manager of our Basketball Team On the whole we thrnk he s qurte a guy He s headed for a college career but rsnt sure of the college Here s the very best to you rn the days to come Ray' IRENE CATHERINE BECKER Becky To laugh rl for an rnstant only Born Valley Stream Long Island November B 1930 Actrvrtres Softball 1 lf you see a flash of color gorng through the halls of Morgan rt wrll be lrene wrth her strawberry blond harr lrene rs one of the quretest members of the class but rs one who lrstens and learns She shows Hne school sprrrt even though she rnhabrts the back terrrtory of Westbrook and does not have much of a chance to partrcrpate rn school actrvrtres She has been an earnest frrend to each and everyone of us and we certarnly welcomed her as a classmate Irene rs a whrz rn Commercral sublects especrally shorthand We re sure that rn the future she wrll make a grand secretary HAMLIN ARNOLD BELL uHamu LIte presents Its sunny sIde to me Born New York New York May 'l'l T930 ACTIVITIES Class Treasurerl 4 HIY'l 2 3 4 Basketball l Whenever there s a bIg rumpus down In the basement or some caIn YOISIHQ over In the Shop Class Ham wlthout a doubt IS the mIddle of the storm Ham has been one of our best class wuts and has always brlghtened a dull moment Ham seems to lIke money because he has been Class Treasurer twlce and lIkewIse HI Y Treasurer HIS latest fad IS hIs Interest In the stock auto racmg Ham organIzed the soap box derby the races on Carter HIll ThIs was certamly a very successful undertakIng for there was always a large turnout wIth plenty of thnll packed races Someday we hope Ham wIll wIn the lndIanapolIs Memorlal Day Race OLIVER DAVIS BRAINARD 0llIe Character IIYES In a mon Born Durham ConnectIcut November 8 1930 ACTIVITIES Forestry Club 2 Basketball 'l Sceneshlfters l HI Y 3 OllIe has been one of the quleter members of the class but has proven hIs CblllfIeS In Interest In school As one of the members of the Forestry Club he dId hIs share In PYGSEYVIHQ the natIon s natural resources He has shown Interest In farmlng and navIgatIon and maybe someday wIll be a great sea captoln or another Luther Burbank In whatever field you choose Ollle we hope that you wIll be more than successful 11. Qi HAROLD FRANK BREILING FrankIe Born Brooklyn New York August 9 1930 ActIvItIes Footballl 2 Frank although he has been rather on the qUleT sIde has proved to all hIs frIends that school can be a lot of fun Always ready wIth that wInnIng smIle and a cheery word to all he comes In contact wIth Frank has won many frlends durIng hIs years at Morgan Frank wants to make hIs hobby stock auto raclng hIs lIfe s work and we wlsh hIm success In thls venture BETSY ANN BURNHAM Bets" The one who I8 fond ol books ls usually one of lofty thoughts and elevated OPINIONS Born MIddletown Connectucut June 14 1930 ACYIVITICS HIY 2 3 Representatlve Youth Government 3 SceneshItters l 2 3 Choral Club 1 2 4 Junlor Prom COMMITTEE 3 Art Club 4 Tower Art and LIterory 4 Amerlcon leglon OratorIcal Contest 4 Shore LIne Forum 1 2 3 4 Prlle RhetorIcals l 2 3 Betsy IS one of the more studnous members of our class She IS an actIve member of SceneshIfters but In the fields ot actIng and productlon Forum and Choral Club are her other maIn CCYIVITIQS She excels ID publIc speakmg and has recelved many rewards for thIs Cblllly We hope you wIll succeed IN your chosen field Betsy 11 - - - 11 5 1 1 2 1 1 - 1 1 1 I - , . . ,, . . . ,, . , . , . , - . . . ,, ,, . . . . 1 - , . . , . ll ' ll 11 - - 11 : 1 1 I 2 2 1 - - . . . . . . , - 1 1 - 1 '- f 11 - ll Il ' Il 1 To endeavor IS to succeed. ' A . : I 1 41 - : , . , , , L' 's 11 11 - 1 ' ' II 2 1 1 1 - 1 1 : 1 1 : 1 1 1 I : . . . : 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 - ' I , . Q NANCY ADELAIDE CHALKER Nan Let tomorrow talxe core of tomorrow Born Hartford Connecticut January 16 1930 ACTIVITIGS lBradenton Jumor Hugh1HMorgan 2 3 41 Softballl 2 3 4 Hockey 2 3 Basketball 1 3 4 Student Councll 4 KSecretary and Treasurer! 4 Atheletlc Assocuatlon 3 4 Sceneshnfters 2 Chorus 1 Cotulleon 4 If you hear a chuckle dunng class you ll know at s Nancy She has the most lovlal personalnty in the class and her policy has been generosity and wlllmgness to help when duty calls Nancy ts a sportswoman and rates horseback ndung as tops especlally wnth Jasper nearby and horse shows to see although basketball softball and hockey follow closely She IS a part ot an enthusuastuc auduence at all games If her mmd ss made up she ns not very easnly persuaded to change It And too If she IS glven a task you can lnvarlably depend on her to do lt Nancy IS always at ease and her company IS engoyed by all who are with her llNCOlN DEMING Mumbles Late IS what you make rt Born Tarpnn Springs Flonda February 12 1929 Whooshl What was that? Why that was lmcoln maknng tor Mr Dugulds half hall closed door lust two steps behind the last bell' These dally sprmts may not make a marathon runner of llnc but we re sure that thas year hns first last and only at Morgan has had some ettect on hum We hope It s good Lmcoln or by hns own choosmg Mumbles came to us from way out West In San Francisco and he brought a goodly share of western culture with htm lncludlng his accrued knowledge of the fairer sex And speaking of which lincoln has done qulte a but of prospecting but he hasn t staked hus clalm as yet Maybe by the time you read thus who knows? ? 7 SUSAN HART DIBBLE ue Suzie-q Her bnght smile haunts us strll Born New london Connecticut June 26 1931 Actlvltles Basketballl 2 3 4 Softballl 2 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Fleld Hockeyl 2 3 4 HuY1 2 3 KSecretaryl 4 Sceneshnftersl 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 Ivy Leovesl 2 Class News 3 4 Alumnl News Choral Clubl 2 3 4 Tower Art lChalrmanJ 4 Sewing Club lSecretaryl 1 Forum Club 2 3 4 Jumor Prom 3 Sensor Cotllhon 4 Art Club 4 Prize Rhetoncals 1 2 3 4 If you hear someone come out wuth o giggle un the mnddle of class you can be sure that nt as our peppy luttle Sue Although she IS among the smaller members of the class she has enough pep and vltalnty to lill the enture classroom Her magnetic charm has won her many friends durlng her four years at Morgan among them many males Her desure IS to take up nursing when she graduates and wlth the pleosmg qualutues that she posesses we all know that she wnll make a good and competant nurse EDWARD CLAYTON DIBBLE Ned n A tavonte wth those who know tum Born Westbrook Connectucut November 11 1930 Actlvltles Soccer 1 Football 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 lManagerJ 3 4 Track 3 4 Athletnc Assocuatlon 2 3 4 Athletic Councll 3 4 lPresndent7 4 Student Councul Nnce Presndentl 3 HnY3 4 Camera Club 3 4 Ned I3 one of our most versatile boys and a recuplent of many athletuc awards Always ready with o laugh he keeps classes for from dull He has quute a way with the falrer sex although he may appear shy and Innocent We are sure that he wlll succeed in his chosen career CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH DONAHUE Charl Charmmg lrttle chatterbox Born Long Island New York Jung I4 1930 ACTIVITIES Ivy Leavesl 2 3 4 ChoroIClub1 2 3 Art Club4 Sceneshlftersl 2 3 4 HlYI 2 Prize Rhetorlcals 2 3 Junlor Prom 3 Senior Cotllllon 4 Charlotte has always been a very busy lady Her Interest nn llterature and muslc her active partlclpatlan In dramatlcs and those mevltable heavy dates have left few free mmutes nn the day s tame Despite thus however she has always found time to help In class prolects and diffuse some of the humor and pleasantness that has made her one of the popular personalltles In the class Dramatlcs has been the mam Interest of her hugh school career and someday perhaps her name wull Hash In neon from the marquee of a great Broadway Theatre We wlsh her luck un her ambition and promise that we wall be an attentlve audience In her opening night perform ance whenever that may be LOIS ESTELLE EVARTS ' Doo Doo Where there s a will there s a way Born Saybrook Connectlcut November I5 I929 Actlvltles Choral Clubl Sceneshlftersl 2 3 4 Hockey 3 lvy Leavesl 2 3 4 HlY 2 3 Junlor Prom 3 Morgan Tower 4 Christmas Cotllllon 4 Pnze Rhetorical 3 Sewing Club 2 Lois or Doo Doo as she IS known to all her classmates IS our peppy student whose ever ready smlle has won her many frlends Her pleasing personality has made her an asset to the class Always ready with a wlllmg hand an Sceneshnfters or on a school dance commuttee Lots worked unfallangly to make those functions a success Her plans for the future are uncertain but her pleasing manner will carry her far an any work she may choose 99 ball Tlcket Collector 4 ambltuon to become a secretary ll ll 11 1 - 11 . , I 5 1 1 1 I 1 1 F i 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 I i - ' l I - 1 - 1 , . 1 11 ll I ' I ll , . : , , . . . . . - 1 1 1 1 I F 1 1 1 I ' 1 F I I f I . "R ' fffff 11 li 1 : , 13.2 1 4 I 'f I 1 . ' ' ' 1 - 11 11 LN, 2 V fri. ' V , ' ll I' ll I . .ig ,, , : I 1 5 1 1 1 I 1 , . , . 1 . , . . . . 1 1 ROGER WILLIAM HANLON Everyone loves a lover of sports Born Brooklyn New York December 22 I928 Actlvntles Hn Y Athletlc Council 4 Basketball 3 4 Baseball Rogers Interests cover many fields among them women and Basketball Hls helght and agnllty make hum a natural for the court sport and many tnmes the Morgan cause has been saved by a tlmely set shot from hrs coveted rlght forward shot As for hrs effect upon the faurer sex Roger with hrs wlnnlng smlle and wnlesome ways wlth Les Femmes leaves a trall of broken hearts wherever he goes Wlth all these pleasant features of character we are sure that he will succeed socially and materially along any road he may wlsh to travel In the future JULIA ISABEL JONES Ju le Jonesy The days thot make us happy make us wise Born Hartford Connectlcut November I7 I930 Actnvltles Choral Club I 2 3 Softball 3 Sceneshlfter I Athletvc Association 4 HlY I Basket Julue a vuvaclous Commercial student has the bug ambltlon of findlng a typewnter that spells correctly and we wlsh her luck Julla ns one of our petlte and gay members When she gets a case of hystena watch out' She enloys partles all sports and dlsllkes homework Another pastime of Julla s IS eatmg especlally grlnders potato chlps and chocolate mllk As a member of the Secretaraal Proctnce Class she has been seen many tlmes usung the Mlmeograph Machme an order to get those Ivy Leaves out on time Someday ln the future she hopes to reallze her JEANNE HARRISON LINDNER n Jeannle lt s a friendly heart thot has plenty of fnends Born Hartford Connecticut October 9 T930 Actwltles Class Treasurer 3 Fleld Hockeyl 2 3 4 Softball I 2 3 4 Glrls Basketball fManagerD 3 fC0-Chdlfmdhl Sophomore Dance 2 Junlor Prom Committee 3 Sceneshlfters I 2 3 CTreasurerJ 2 CPresldentD 3 Athletic Councll fTreasurerJ 4 Student Councll 2 Athletlc Assoclatlon 2 3 4 EDITOR IN-CHIEF of Tower 4 Cotllluon 4 Art Club 4 HI Y 2 3 lMonagerJ Magazme Campaign 4 Room Captam 2 3 Prlze Rhetorlcals 'I Hnstory has proved that there IS no such thmg as an mdnspenslble man but we have here ot Morgan on lndlspensuble woman In the person of Jeanne lmdner Jeanne has been the mainstay behlnd half of our school GCTIVITIES and ln her capacltues as Editor of the Morgan Tower and President of Sceneshlfters she has proved herself a tireless organizer and an unyleldmg perfectionist She ns well known and well llked throughout the school and as you can sum up has been on enthuslostlc attendant of the school s soclal actlvltles Here then we pay tribute to a gurl who has been a faithful dependable member of the Sensor Class Take a Bow Jeannel BARBARA LESLIE LYNCH Bobble Sweetness of disposition charms the soul Born East Orange New Jersey June 5 1930 Actlvltles CWestl'leld Hugh Westfield New Jersey 'I 2 31 fMorgon 41 Glee Club I 3 French Club 3 latln Club 2 3 .Iumor Prom 2 3 Mask and Mlme 3 Student Councll 2 Sceneshlfters 4 HI Y 4 Here IS a new member of our class who lourneyed from New Jersey to become settled ln Morgan Hugh for her Senior Year She has gamed a strong foothold In the actlvltles of the school and also among the students Her Interests are dnstnbuted among the vanous fields of llterature languages and a little muslc on the slde JAMES LOUIS MARTIN lm Jlmmle Jumor He leaves behmd countless friends Born New Haven Connectlcut June 30 l930 Actuvltues Bosketballl 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 Baseballl 3 4 Trockl 2 3 4 Class President 2 Vlce President 4 Athletic Councnl Wlce Presldentj 4 Student Council 4 Sophomore Dance CChanrman1 2 Camera Club 4 It seems that Jlm has been one of the potentlal leaders of the class and has been a contmuous squad member of every sport Wlth hns helght and ablllty to make baskets he s proven himself to be o valuable Varslty man He has been a regular partlclpont of the Athletic Councol as Vlce President and also holdung the ofhce of Vlce President of the Semor Class The Athletic Council and Student Council seemed to boom wuth prolects this year with the help of Jlms useful suggestions Jlm s vocation tends to lean towards the Physical Education Department and wlth all hls experience he s destined to come out with top honors TERRY BRIAN MOREHOUSE WIIIIQ I For the more a man knows the more worthy he IS Born Brooklyn New York September 3 1930 ACTIVITIES Ivy Leaves CBusnness Managerj 4 Cotllllon KChalrmanJ 4 Shoreline Forus 3 4 Sceneshltters 3 4 Orchestra 4 Boys State 3 Hn Y 4 The class mathamatlcal wlzard and Elnstem as Terry He can always be found flgurlng out some compllcated math or sclence problem However hls Interest In these two subgects has not conflicted wuth extra currucula actlvltles The school will remember hls oblllty on the stage In V As In Vuctory and Lodles In Retlrement and In other plays Wllllngness to help In many school actlvntles has made hum a helpful student of our class Hls magnetic charm lwhsch has won hum so many admlrers among them the faurer sexl will help hlm go far In whatever field of future study he may endeavor to undertake ELIZABETH ANN NEUWIRTH 1lB.nyu "With magic of motion and sunshine ol glance." Born: Clinton, Connecticut June 20, 1930 Activities: Ivy Leaves 1, 2, 3, 45 Choral Club 1, 21 Sceneshifters 1, 2, 3, 41 Sewing Club 3, 41 Forum 4, Play Ticket KChairmanJ lp Cotillion 41 Junior Prom 35 Hi-Y 1, 25 Play Contest lManagerJ 2. Perhaps you've been wondering who writes those clever novelty columns ln the Ivy leaves? It's none other than Betty Neuwirth. It has been largely through her efforts that our school paper has been a success, these last few years. Her good workmanship and dependability will be missed next year. Take this cleverness and resourceful capability for work, mix a teaspoonful of smiles and a large pinch of humor and you have a recipe that will tell you why Betty has been a valuable member of the Class of 1948. STANNARD HUNGERFORD NORTON e Stan Everyone that knows him knows life Born Hartford Connecticut April 6 1930 Activities Sceneshlftersl 2 3 4 Ivy Leaves 4 Radio Club 3 HAY4 Prize Rhetoncall 2 3 Stan is one who will keep you laughing from the time he puts has head in the classroom door an the morning till the time you see has coat tails flying around the corner at night He as one of our good students and also a good gum chewer His activities in Sceneshufters have continued from his Freshman year and he has proved himself an able actor Occasionally you ll see a frown on hls face as he walks down the hall but it s only because he s concentrating for some last mmute crammmg for a coming test With his pleasant smile and vast knowledge of world otfalrs he s proven himself an accomplished conversatlonallst Dee Plmmey 4 Basketball 2 3 Muslc Club 4 'X gl she chooses ELINOR WESTON NUTT Friends are all that matter Born Melrose Massachusetts March 22 1931 Activities Choral Club 1 2 3 4 Ivy Leaves 3 4 Hu Y 'I Radio Club 3 Music Club 4 Here is a gurl who frankly admits that she likes boys Always a smile and full of fun thats our Dee You can tell her by her Hylng blond hair and those sarcastic remarks that keep the class IH stitches She is one of our good natured students and her daily yoke ID the morning sets the class off to a good start She spent part of her Freshman Year in Chester but Chesters loss is our gain Elmor or Dee rates movres as her favorite pastime and abhors sly people Her bug ambltlon IS to make someone an efficient secretary and we all know she will be a success with the help of those speedy fingers on the typewriter and her attentive attitude ALINE SHEAGREN PALM I would help others out at a fellow feeling Born Saybrook Connecticut .Ianuary 6 1930 Activities Sceneshaftersl 2 3 4 HIY2 3 Choral Clubl 2 3 Softballl 2 3 4 Hockey 2 3 Alme though a rather quiet member of our class could by no means be eliminated Her will mgness to work and her fanthfulness make Alme one of the most popular girls in the class Her Interests however do not cover only one field She IS an athlete at heart and wherever there Y IS a game or produce you wall mvarnable find Alme Almes plans for the future are as yet B71 indefinite but we are sure that she will achieve a worthwhile position in whichever field llpi II II ll II ' ' ll 3 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 I F ' 1 1 1 - ,, ,, . . . . . . . . . . , , . . ., , 1 . , . . . . ll II 11 1 : I 3 1 1 1 F 1 7 - 1 1 A X . 55,51-J R .fs 1 ,, f 1- 11 - .1 11 ,. 3 1 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 I i 1 I - V 1 1 L L 1-.Si V2 , , . 'w l Q' v' ,f ' . . . . V 1 1. , W 'f . 1 , , -X 1: .xr he CAROL .IEANNETTE SMITH RUTH ELIZABETH PUGH Ruthle The world IS all before me Born New York New York May 23 1930 Actrvlties Sceneshlfters 1 2 Ivy Leaves 4 Art Club 4 Pnze Rhetoncals 1 2 Forum Club 4 Ruth started her hugh school career at Morgan then she left us for a year at Ogontz Boardmg School However her Sensor year finds her back among her pals at good old Morgan We thmk that Ruth ought to wnte a book on her expenences at boardung school It would be a best seller for sure She has plans for being a wnter and has made use of her lnterary talent this year by workmg on the Ivy Leaves Staff Fall wall find her ct college and we wash her all of the best of Luck It couldnt happen to a mcer gurl JAMES RINTOUL lm Even by small thmgs are great thmgs helped Born New Rochelle New York April ll 1928 Activities Sceneshiftersl 2 3 HIY 2 Camera Club 2 3 4 Music Club 4 Prize Rhetorlcals 1 Student Council 4 You ve all seen Jim Rlntoul swlnglng down the hall to arrlve In class a second before the bell rlngs Well this speclmen of young manhood plans to rlse high In the financial world mllllonalre Jlm s well known for hrs lone de vlvre and Ideal manners Thus tall lanky Senior has represented our class by being Prelldent of Student Councal this year Everyone who has ever attended any of Morgans basketball games has heard .lims volce fringmg from the bleachers He lusts eating and sleeping as has favorlte pastlmes and dislikes homework and competltlon He hopes to be a success In everything he does and has what It takes Smitty' Her mceness as praceless Born Guilford Connectucut August 24 1930 Actlvitles Class Secretary 2 Choral Clubl Sceneshlftersl 2 3 4 Athletlc Assoclatlon 3 4 Field Hockey 2 3 Gurls Basketball Scorer 2 3 lManagerD 4 Junior Prom 3 Senior Cotllllon 4 Tower Photography 4 Who s one of our most dependable gurls? Here the arrow points directly to Carol Although she ls rather modest she s a friend to all and always on hand when there Is unfinished work to do Her pleasant dlsposntlon contrlbutes to her achievements You can always depend on her to slgn up for the make up commlttee for a play Her talent for decorating Is revealed when she becomes Involved In decoratlon of the halls for dances and other special events Her ambition ls to enter the rneducal professlon and we know that she wlll be a reliable nurse AMELIA LOUISE STAN NARD She IS no less than what we say she as Born Maddletown Connecticut July 16 1930 Actlvltles Tower Staff 4 Ivy Leaves 2 3 4 Sewmg Club 2 4 lPresldentJ 4 Choral Club 1 2 Field Hockey 3 4 lManagerD Basketball l 3 4 Sophomore Dance lChaIrrnanj 2 Athletic Associatnon 2 3 4 Music Club 4 Sus as she is known to all her frlends IS the pnde of the Physical Education Department for she excels ln all sports She s known for the strength wlth which she wselds her hockey stuck and ln basketball she ls noted for the agnllty with whuch she dodges her opponents and races across the Boar to score the points for good Ole Morgan Sus a peppy girl Is sure to be found watchmg all of Morgan s basketball games and cheering them on to victory Her hobby IS boats all kmds of them and where ever you Gnd a boat you re lnable to find Sas Her mann dislikes are belng called Amelia by her frnends who know better getting up early and going to school Sls ambition is to become a good typlst and we re sure shell achieve her goal LILLIAN ELIZABETH STEINBACH Thy modesty s a candle to thy ment Born Middletown Connectucut June 23 1930 Actlvntles Sceneshlftersl 2 3 ChoralClubl 2 3 4 Sewlng Club4 Jumor Prom 3 Lll the one with the laughing dark eyes and sweet dlsposltlon IS kept pretty busy with her favorlte actlvntles Choral Club and Sewmg Club She has shown great Interest In musnc In the fact that she has been an actuve member of Choral Club for four years She can play a tune on the piano at request too' Travel maxed wuth :ce skatlng would make Lal very happy Her mam dlsllkes are homework and hvlng up In the stacks Lsl s current ambltlon ln lute as to learn to drnve a car! Besldes this tnvlal ambltlon she IS stnvlng to become a Hospital Receptuomst and with her cheery greeting she ll surely succeed Lll IS another admirer of the mascullne slde but as many mlght say Who usnt BARBARA BANGS SWAIN Bobble Ambition IS the growth of every cllmb Born Old Saybrook Connectncut September I6 1930 ACTIVITIOS Fneld Hockeyl 2 Basketballl 2 Softballl 2 3 4 HlYl 2 Sceneshlftersl 2 Athletic Assoclatlan 4 Morgan Tower 4 Junlor Prom 3 Barbara IS not as studlous as she mlght appear and she IS always ready to help a pal out of a spot Durang her first three years at Morgan Bobble was quite the athlete takmg part ln Field Hockey Basketball and Softball In whlch she was awarded a trophy for outstanding playing In her Junlor year Barbara IS also musically lncllned and her plano playing ablllty makes her a nlce glrl to have around Another of her talents IS parlez mg ln French which she does very well By the way Bobble dld you ever find out how to say Bndgewater m French? FLORENCE MARTHA TIMMERMAN o A lrght heart lives long Born New Jersey February 22 T930 Actlvltles lFalrlawn New Jersey 'll lMorgan 2 3 4, Rndlng Club l Basketball l Choral Club 'I 2 3 4 Junlor Prom Committee 3 lvy Leaves 2 3 4 Sceneshlfters 3 4 Senior Cotnlllon Commlttee 4 Flo ns one of our wllllng members Just ask Flo and your task is done Another of Flo s outstanding characteristics ns her abrllty to wear the latest styles rn clothes and halrdos Her gay personalnty ls both a welcome and an addltlon to our class Her responsive wllltngness wlll be a great asset ln any future achlevements WILLIAM JOHN TRNIK wlllle Always ready lor work or pleasure Born New York New York January 23 1930 Actmtles HI Y 4 Senior Cotllllon Committee 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Wlllle IS a shy lad who thanks gurls are gust gurls Wlllle one of our shy Seniors although he IS not an octave partlclpant ln sports always finds trme to be an enthuslastnc fan Has mam ambntlon IS to get out of hugh school Hidden talents are often overlooked because of a qulet exterior Many a lunch hour you can see Wlllles bug long llmousme plled hugh with fellows pull out ol Morgan s yard and zoom downtown lshort lunch periods you knowj Take em away' says Wlllue an reference to sophisticated glrls When asked hls dtsllkes he answers senously school Long drawn out radlo commercuals are one thmg that really annoy hlm Has quletness and mannerly ways will wln hum much success tn this great wade world of ours ll'Il Lll H t -H I , I 2 ,,: ,,,: 7 . , , . - .. ' .. . ,,. ,,., .. . , . ' f - 1, -In , . ll 'Il ,, .. . . ,, : I I 5 rf ri 1117 ' ri fl I I - f - , , , , , .. I - , , IIFIII 1, - - H I I 1 , ,,: , 1 .,,: 7 ,,i ,i . .. . , . ll"ll 1, H Z , I :-5 5 . - . , , . . I , I - - U I , . ,, .. . .. . . .. - u 11 ' ' ' - 1 - 1 ' - vinyl 1 4 HELEN ELIZABETH TUKEVA Elizabeth True to her work her word her friends Born New York New York June 'l9 1930 Actnvltues Class Secretary l 3 4 Athletlc Councll lSecretaryJ 4 Hn Y lSecretaryJ 3 Hn Y 1 2 3 4 Choral Clubl 2 3 Fleld Hockey 2 3 4 Baslmetballl 3 4 Softbolll 2 3 4 Literary Chairman Tower Chrlstmas Cotllllon Commuttee 4 DA R Award 4 Art Club 4 Magazlne Campalgn lCloss Captounj Helen our all round grrl from Westbrook has been o molar figure durmg her four years at Morgan Her ever ready smlle and sparkle have won her countless friends and her wlllmgness to work for school actnvutles has made her one of the class most valuable students Her lust of school actlvltles IS almost endless but that IS Helen for you always ready with a helpung hand In almost every school actnvlty Helen has won the respect of all her classmates whether It IS a part In o Sceneshlfter Productnon or on a committee for a school dance Whatever field Helen follows ln later llfe her pleasmg personality and wllllngness to work wlll make her on asset In any Held of work she chooses AGNES ANNA WAGNER 5k'PPY lt IS safer to keep salent than speech Born Westbrook Connectlcut January I3 1930 Actlvntles Sceneshlftersl Choral Clubl 2 4 Sewlng Club 4 Softballl 2 3 4 HIY 2 3 4 Jumor Prom 3 Quiet and dependable thats Agnes She takes any task and does lt to her best which has made her a valuable member of our class It seems to us that she and Susan are always planning somethmg Agnes I5 really a lot of fun to have around and we really don t know anyone she dlsllkes Wlth her qunet perserverance and dependablllty Agnes I5 bound to get to the top In her chosen professlon PATRICIA MARY WAGNER a Patty Nothmg s so hard but search wall find rt out Born Clinton Connecticut June 28 T930 Actavltles Sceneshlftersl 2 3 4 Choral Club 2 4 Art Club 4 Junior Prom 3 Christmas COlIlllOh 4 Morgan Tower 4 Muslc Club lTreasurerl 4 Hear that giggle and you ll know that Potty IS somewhere ln the vlcmlty brlghtenlng the day wrth her ready smlle When school opened m September Pat was nowhere In sught and we thought that she was attending school un Arkansas lmagme our pleasant surprise when she decided to reloln our class here at Morgan Pat ns one of the frnendlnest gurls In the class Incllned to be on the quiet slde Patty has her own partlcular type of radnence which she IS wlllmg to share with everyone lt IS thus quality which will assure her of future success Good Luc at THOMAS FRANCIS WALL T Francns Tammy Tom Success depends an effort Born Bridgeport Connectlcut December T8 1930 ACTIVIYIQS Class President l Class Vlce President 3 4 Sceneshlfters T 2 Thesplan 'I HIY l 2 3 4 CPresldent 3 4 Mlnstrel lManogerJ l 4 Senlor Youth Government 2 3 .lunlor Prom Committee 3 Shoreline Forum 3 4 Pnze Rhetorlcals 3 Basketball Tlmer 4 Editor Leaves 4 Amerlcan Legion Oratorlcol Contest 4 T Francls as he as known to has many friends and classmates IS the class polltlclan If there IS a crowd In the hall dlscussmg current problems you can be sure that Tom has something to do wuth nt Tom partnclpated In most of the school s actlvltles Hls knowledge of world affairs makes hum an outstanding member of the Forum Club Tom s plans for the future seem to be centered around college and we are all assured of hrs success FRANK BROOKS WILLIAMS "Doc" "Tweek" "His only fault is that he has no fault." Born: Hartford, Connecticut November 24, 1930 ACTIVITIQS Class Presldent 3 4 Class Treasurer 2 Student Council 'l Camera Club 2 3 4 Hu Y 3 4 Junior Prom 3 Doc our Class President and all round good sport will be remembered for hns willingness to work for the class club and school on general Always handy with has truck or car when some- thlng had to be transported Doc served the class unfallmgly Hls pleasmg personality and his ablluty to make friends have made hum an invaluable member of the class He plans to enter Engineering School and whsle we wlsh hlm success we know he will attaln lt Hls wllllngness to work and his splendid character will carry hum through all hardships and obstacles he may meet lh later hte Ne Wnllne Roger Helen Barbara S Betsy Charlotte Barbara L Rut lrene Alene Dee o s ons Betty IN SONGS YOU REMIND US Y ur Feet's Too Big for the B d In My Merry Oldsmobile "I've Got Rhythm lm Makmg Believe School Days Li le Lady Make Believe Give My Regards to Broadway Amt Misbehavi g Three Little Fish Old MacDonald Had a Farm Dream Give Me Love For Love Ask Anyone Who Knows Cow Cow Boogie I Cover the Water Front' Bell Bottom Trousers Feudln A Fussin and A Flghtm' Jlm M Rhea Jeanne Doc Frank Tommy Stan Terry Olnver Patty Ham Nancy .lu IG Jim R a ue Carol Goose Pass That Peace Pipe lUghI How Soon lThat Year Book materlall Bongo Bongo Bongo A Fellow Needs A G I I Amt Got Nobody Who s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Take a Number from One to Ten Row Row Row Your Boat" Rumors Are Flying Serenade of The Bells lget att I Can t Ge Ott My Horse Give Me Five Minutes More Makmg Whoopee D n Want to Set the World On Fire lm A Big Girl Now Swingin On A Star Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning Personal: y ' ' ' : ' , 7 1 ' : , , : '- , : ' - d Il 0 ' e ll Il ' II ' ' ll ' ll II Il ' ll ll Il ......... . .............................. ..... ..... ......... .............. . ..... . , , Ill ' ' ll ll ll ll Il Il ' I ll II 'ff ' II ll I ' ' II Il ' ll II ll . ................... . .............. " ' ' ' 'n " ' ................ . ........ " , , h ........ .............. . ............ . " ' ' es" .............................. .......... . . " ' " Agnes .... ................... ........... .... . . ' 'Sophisticated Lady" Lincoln ..... ....................... . "California Here I Come" ll Il ll ll ' II ll II I ' ll Il ' Il I' ll ' ' ' II Fl ll ll ' . Il ' II Lil ..... ..... ........ .. ..... ......... " R y .............. "I Q 'I ' ff ' II I III ' ' II Sl . ...... ........................... S ................................. L ' ll II Il ' ' I II Il ' I ' I ' ' ll II ' ' Il ' II 'f ll I6 ASS The autumn of I944 was a perlod of momentous happenings The world was afire with the greatest war In her history Allied forces were streaming across France In the vlctarlous campaign that was to bring Nazi Germany to her knees Imperial Japan was expending herself In an unsuccessful attempt to ward off impending defeat and the Class of 48 made a tlmld slightly hesitant entrance lnto Morgan School The months passed in quick succession In the early part of our Freshman year, and we soon lost the customary humbleness of Freshmen This was as It should be, for we were accomplishing things Fresh men names were appearing on the Honor Roll and the Freshman class walked away with top honors at the 1944 class play contest When the Freshmen placed two men on the basketball first string we became quite cocky and the murmers of protest could be heard among the ranks of the upperclassmen Nothing could repress our splrlt of exuberance however, and our self confidence has carried through to the present day Our first attempt at a socnal affair came In the middle of our Sophomore year, in the form of a record dance It was a mild social success and the total profit amounted to the amazing sum of S13 00 There was a rumor In curculatuon that our profit was reduced due to the accidental breakage of several records This rumor IS at present unsubstanclated so we will let It fall back into the family closet of the class of 48 wlthout further remark Our Junior Prom, a year later was The Affair f our Hugh School career Under the lnsplrlng guidance of our resourceful class advisor Mr Drew we instituted our famous lor should I say mfamousj date bureau Apparently everybody wanted to pass history for the Prom turnout was a record shattering success but, fan tastlc as It may seem, we even made money An unfortunate mcldent occured ln our Junlor Year when due to the lnopportune nllness of our English teacher, Miss Spicer we were cruelly deprived of the pleasure of taking our final English exams Being a dauntless class however, we dld not let this dlsappoln H ISTO ment crush our ardor instead we returned next semes ter mounted the regal throne of Seniority and became as brilliant a graduating class as ever graced a com mencement platform lit says herei The Senior Year Book was of course the bug prolect of our final year, and everybody pitched In , under the leadership of our Editor an Chief Jeanne Lmdner to make this protect a success As Seniors we partook In the usual number of actnvltles undertaken by a Sensor class and as we look back over the year we find that we have turned In a performance If not outstanding at least better than average In our various fields of endeavor The passing of the Class 48 IS a blow which wall stagger Morgan to its very foundations No longer will a crowd packed hall reverberate with the tones of our Thesplan Terry Morehouse and the Barrymore like qualities of Charlotte s actmg will be lost to future Sceneshufter audiences With the graduation of Martin, Hanlon and Dlbble a gaping hole will appear Ih next year s basketball Ime up, and a new cheerleader must be found to take Sue Dnbbles place The school activities must now organize without the invaluable assistance of Jeanne Lmdner and Ivy Leaves will be forced to go to press minus the feature wrntnngs of Betty Neuwlrth The corridors at Morgan will seem hollow without our llfe glvmg presence The Honor Roll lust IS no longer expected to contain so many names, and the detention rooms will mnss the faithful attendance of the class of 48 Whatever our destmy may be nn years to come, we will forever look back on and remember with happl ness our years at Morgan The learning and guidance we have accumulated during the past four years have increased our knowledge ten fold We are at the point where we have attained through our own efforts the requirements necessary to secure our diplomas Our diplomas have been secur d our graduation date set and we must now like the Immortal Whlffen fl: , poo s pass and be forgotten with the rest THOMAS WALL I - - I II ' ' II . . ll H I . . . . . . . I , - . . . , . - u II - - - 1 . I I ' - . . . , . . . . . , . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . , . . H ,I . . . . . . . . ll ll ' II ' II ' , 0 I - 1 ' . 1 , . . . - , . . H . . . . 1 1 ' I 1 . 'OWNI0-UIACJNI-I STATIST Most Llkely to Succeed Pessrmrst Best Dressed Woman Hater Man Hater Clock Watchers Done Most for Class Bluffer Nicest Smrle Chatterboxes Best Looking Actress Actor Smgers Sophisticated Most Intelligent Best Figure Cutest Best Physique Best Athletes Class Clown Best Dancers Neatest Quiet Members ICS Frank Wullnams Jeanne Lmdner Wllllam Trmk Charlotte Donahue James Martm Florence Tummerman Rnchard Anderson Irene Becker Hamlm Bell Nancy Chalker Frank Wnlllams Jeanne Lmdner Edward Dnbble Nancy Chalker James Martln Helen Tukeva Stannard Norton Charlotte Donahue James Martm Helen Tukeva Charlotte Donahue Terry Morehouse Lincoln Demmmg Barbara Lynch Terry Morehouse Agnes Wagner Frank Wnlllams Jeanne Lmdner Helen Tukeva Susan Dnbble Hamlm Bell Frank Brenllng Amelia Stannard James Martnn Nancy Chalker James Rlntoul Roger Hanlon Loss Evarts Agnes Wagner James Martun Raymond Bartnett Barbara Swann 10. .......,.............................................. , 11. ' ...................................................................... ' , 12. ......................................................................................,.... . 13. ................................................,........................,........................ . 14. ' ......................................4......................,.......... ' ' , 15. ' ' ........................................................... . , 16. ' ...................................,,....................... ' ' , ' 17. ' ................................................................................................ 18. .........................,.......................................................... ' , ' 19. ' ........................,..................................................,.............. ' ' 20. .............,.................................................. ' , ' 21. ...............................,.............,...................... , ' 22. ...............,.................,........................................ , ' 23. ........................................,................................. , ' 24. ' ................,..................................... , ' 25. Pals ....................,. Frank Williams and Edward Dibble, Helen Tukeva and Aline Palm 26. Nicest Eyes ........................................................................ Hamlin Bell, Rhea Albraccio 27. .................................................................. ' ' , 28. ' ' .......................................................,.............,.......... ' , ' 29. ' ....................................,................................... , 30. ' ' ' .......................................,.............,................... . . 31. ..............................................................,.....,................. ' 32. ' ..........................................,........................................ . ' 33. ........................,................................................................ . 34. ................................,.........................,..................... ' ' 35. ' ........................................................,... ' . 36. ' .....................................,.......................................... , ' 37. ..................................................................., , ' 38. ........................................................ ' ' , ' 39. ...........................................,.....,............ , 40. ' ' ...................................................,...... , ' 41. .........................,...........,.......................... , ' ' 42. ' ...................................................................... ' , ' 43. ' ..............,............................................................... ' , 44. ............................................................ ' , 45. ' .............................................................................. ' , ' 46. ' ' ' ..................................................................... . ' , 47. .................................................................... , ' 48. ...........,.................................................. , 49. ' .............................. ' , ' ' ' , ' ' 50. ' ........................,............................................. , ' Most Popular Frlendlrest Class Artists Polltlcran All Around Boy All Around Girl Class Wolf Class Wolfess Most Studlous Class Wit Bashful Members Most Dependable Class Bookworm Class Musicians Best Natured Best Personality Gtgglers Exagerators Pepprest Best Dlsposrtron Class Baby Tempers Night Owls Most Sarcastlc 18 Frank Wnlluams Helen Tukeva Carol Smith Hamlm Bell Terry Morehouse Ruth Pugh Thomas Wall Betsy Burnham Edward Dlbble Jeanne Lmdner Stannard Norton Florence Tammerman Barbara Swann Raymon Bartnett Thomas Wall Elmor Nutt Irene Becker Hamlm Bell Frank Wulluams Jeanne Lmdner Thomas Wall Betsy Burnham Terry Morehouse Barbara Swann Nancy Chalker Frank Wllllams James Marten Elinor Nutt Hamlm Bell Patty Wagner Edward Dlbble Charlotte Donahue Julla Jones Edward Dlbble Elmor Nutt Roger Hanlon Terry Morehouse Susan Dsbble Stannard Norton Charlotte Donahue Florence Tummerman Wnlluam Trmk Luncoln Demmmg Tom Wall Betty Neuwurth ww QC. .1 V fx. 11735 CS'-5' rffo 5 'flu LQQK MQ mx www ' WLM KW IQJSECL W06dAr QA2?f M yvx M e Jw IE' ty' IW7 S 533 qu- X ?Pf3yxg ,,w M 4? I Ziff JN Ax Wm 7 H .., C523 7 "?L- ,,,..2 1121.5 Q ' S' ev ff ,y,,...,L6 QM fl It obA,,p,aa.,jL..... n 'F' wvgu- .3 'rf-9E"'3 'in W ' ,- "' . OX. panty is Us ' f ' in gamut W V' T ,, hfpx-lf.TN ' If X -v -x I Q , ink imma: J NW lx 'f NN A f Q ' vs f 6 Q W - Q L0 AS w , ' I N-I NAI ,Lrg x 9 W2 f.-:S 7 a K SL K C' Rmfl- A QQ Q ' k ' M J A ' S e 'vgx xx I U I t l-"" 'V 'Y , 'E-. . ' 2 ' Ll . Y 1. fig by G. J I Q W . 0' J E915 ' . X --'T xx . J Nwim ff' 2. . A 5 l l X1 XA ' ,x ' Xgfigr- " :Le-A N-as as u Q 0 i N C Q ,W J: 1, 2,7 O' ,- S A 1 Q 1 52. xi: 'Z f Q 5 Zum I' I U Q , , . 4 QA' E 5 ' 2 Rf A A X ' C6 ' 1 'f-w 'V - Maw- A 1 ci- 2'-, .uu- mff WW ' at ll: ' N J h A f 6 -+ .J.:.:1:' V L 1 f ' x N' 'ogg . if 7, 5 -f ' f' WX W x .up S , , E? 9.0" 'a ' MIP I 5 if avhlf , I sl 0: .k-he , X' an' r f U f 'Q L 'X -' -4' f'N ,. A We the Class of 1948 of the Morgan School Clinton Connecticut being of sound mind and memory Ithought by some to be a debatable pointl do ordaln establish and publish this to be our last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills or statements made by us at any previous time I Dee Nutt leave to you John Spinning my humor Although it may be dull all you need is a responsive class and you re all set I Florence Timmermann leave to you Evelyn Norton my short skirts I have found out smce I bought them that the style is elecen inches from the floor not the waist I Irene Becker leave to you Jane Butler my sylish haircombs My motto is a style a day cuts down on your pay I Stan Norton leave to you Bud Vece my messy locker Watch out for that bum arm Bud' There s no telling what will roll out once the door is opened I Charlotte Donahue leave to you Joan Holbrook my titleas God s Gift Of Gab I thmg that I have held it lust about long enough I Richard Anderson leave to you any one in the Junior class that is capable of this task my pride and loy the little red ptney bus There is one thing to rember and that is that I have already tried water diluted gas and found that it is no good I Patty Wagner leave to you Martin Heidtman my womanly strength Only Atlas could top our strength I Jimmy Martin leave to you Willie Fanzo my height and ability to play basket ball I also entrust the care of Joan to you This 'ob takes a great deal of responsibility and I wouldn t give the 'ob to everyone I Agnes Wagner leave to you Dolly Gesick my quiet laugh and cool temper Do with it as you may But we like it we never make a mistake about who s coming I Lincoln Deming leave to you Richard Orslna my annoymg habit of being lust me in the English Four class For further information see Miss Spicer I Barbara Swain leave to you Peggy Hoadley my love of sports Don t forget keep that pitching arm up to par I Tom Wall leave to you Ed Johns my athletic ability. I do a mean dog paddle in the bath tub. I Betsy Burnham leave to you Nancy Herrmann my love for books. My but Joe Palooka and Dick Tracy make interesting reading. I Jim Rintoul leave to you Art Scheld my art of making the English IV class. I bet you never thought that a smart young lad could confuse fancy and fiancee. I Ned Dibble leave to you Irv Siewert my old chewed up cigars. They still have that mild mellow flavor though. We Rhea Albraccio and Sis Stannard leave to you Betty Crocker our admiration for the underclassmen. Remember Betty keep up our high traditions. I Sue Dibble leave to you William Leckey the small corner of the Lab. which I havent in my three years of shall we say research work there blown to bits. I Doc Williams leave to you Don Scott my charming ways with the women. I have seen during the year that you have been improving and that now you are a member of the organization which also has the fairer sex The Hi-Y. I Jeanne Lindner leave to you Jane York my ability of getting into scrapes and also the difficulties with Mr. OToole. I hope you will be able to think of answers for all the questions. . 20 I us Illnll unhmeslumanl ol the Qllnss ol 1943 I Wrllre Trmk leave to you Ronme Goung my habnt of telling Jokes There s nothmg luke o good loke when a class gets dull I know I Barbara Lynch leave to you Barbara Hughes my letter wrrtlng technique My how the boys back home luke a fanthful grrl I Betty Neuwnrth leave to you Eleanor Gerl my 'ob on the refreshment committees You dont reallze the fun I have dreaming up those werrd concoctlons for punch I Helen Tukeva leave to you Bonnie Smnth the formula for my rmse Between us we should get a beautiful shade I Carol Smlth leave to you Joan Neely my knowledge of Pre Flight I leave at all to you I am satusfled to ball out I Terry Morehouse leave to you Ken Cookson my sharp socks and tres Now you will be known as shlek I Lllllan Stelnback leave to you brother George my seat nn the English class Its right next to Mlss Spicer and we want to keep that IH the family I Ray Barnett leave to you Charles Bramard my ablllty to translate Latnn I bet Caeser would be very surprssed to find out all the places he has been I Lols Evarts leave to you Dot Darnstaedt my Englrsh notes If there IS another paper drive you certamly will collect I Ruth Pugh leave to you Bud Vece my new style sklrt Who sand that you need sweat pants to warm up for a basketball game At long last I Ollle Bramard pass through these portals at dear old Morgan It was a long hard struggle but I made It You Juniors should have renewed confidence now I Ham Bell leave to you Deacon Trmk my wlse cracks They come In handy at tlmes I Frank Brerlmg leave to you Wlllue Farnzo my bicycle It rs much easier to get a bicycle out of the road than a car when you see wrld Angle Lopez breezlng through I Roger Hanlon leave to you Art Scheld my unruly bangs I never could keep them under control durmg a basketball game untrl I got wrse and got the butch I Alme Palm leave to you Donald Scott my shapely legs I Il bet they will attract qunte a but of attentnon In your basketball unrforms I Nancy Chalker leave to you Ted Hlbson my chuckle You d be surprused how It affects grumpy people I .Iulla Jones leave to you Eleanor Gerl my favorite typewrrter I hope that you wlll take as good care of It as I have WITNESSED BY SCRIBE Chalker s puddle lumper Jeanne Lmdner Mumbles WI P ligxu vlxu-xr lx Nr. I I tx IIXIIXXNI 7 ll , reyyy . I 2I mi N! CLASS PROPHECY Once upon a time there were thlrty seven classmates After they graduated they promlsed to gather nn ten years When ten years passed the Class held a Grand Reunion and this IS what was learned Ham Bell God s Gnft to Drama ls the Clnema s greatest boon When he says baby to Lauren McCall All the gurls IH the audlence swoon Frank Brelllng has achueved a posltlon Far from has dally chores He s the blggest Business Man around He owns a chaln of First Natnonal Stores Florence Tnmmerman IS a cheerleader She makes a lot of nolse She lS havung the tume of her lufe In Jersey wlth all those Prmceton boys Lois Evarts acts as Dean At Connectncut State College She keeps busy all the tlme Fullmg the gurls wuth knowledge Dee Nutt IS on the posters Every nlght she has a date She s quite the gal an her own rnght She s Mass Ruppert Beer of 58 Terry Morehouse deals In Fords He sells to the highest bud If you want a bargain for S2 98 Go see the slap happy kld Jum Rmtoul s an the Indles And quite a stlr he makes Instead of charmmg Bonnne He now IS charming snakes Susan Dnbble s an undertaker She sm great demand Her motto ns Let Dnbble Do It As she places a llly IH a rngld hand Wlllne Trnlk has taken his place Among the last of Greats For thus flne man as fanfare please Presudent of the UNITED STATES Betty Neuwnrth ns a dnetuclan Success has gone to her head Her column says Don teat Don t drunk Dont loaf ln short Drop dead Ollver Bralnard the seafanng man Has a talent he ll never regret He combs the ocean a deep sea diver so naturally he s all wet Nancy Chalker met her match At this your heart wlll stop She IS actnng as chuef sampler At the local Sweetie Shop Ruth Pugh IS a pollcewoman Lawbreakers haven t a chance They would rather have the Chavr Than Ruthie s Icy glance Jeanne Lmdner has taken to Opera She even emotes In her sleep Her musncal talents have taken a turn Now lt s Flgaro Instead of BLOOP BLEEP Lmcoln Demmg keeps you warm He fixes each stove wlth a crash He IS at lt day and night Has fraends tell hum Don t be an ash Somewhere on the Island of Bongo Bongo ln the land of laughter and songs We lost our dear Doc Wlllnams He s tymg up sarongs Tom Wall IS now an extermmator He hears the patter of tlny feet When has wade eyed brother says You mean Tommy Says No cockroaches Pete' Stan Norton made a fortune He never has to barter He s tellmg every one In sught How he perfected the Norton Garter 2 A 11 f' - 'r .ax . thtvx ll. c, si ' I - 534, 44 . -I J' ' E ,M hy. V, , 5 , . .I I 32 N 1 , . . , . . . . . . ' I Il ll II I I ' . . . , . ,, . . , , . . . I - . . . , ' ' II ' ll ' I ' II ' II . . . . . , . ' ' II ll , . . . . I I ' I 'I II ' II' II II ' ' ' ' ll I II . . , . . . . . , . . , . . , . . ' Il ' II ' ' II ' ' ' ' II II . , "' . ' II Il . .- , . . . I Q Red Anderson has the perfect 'ob We hope he never quits Monsieur and Madame never complain He s head waiter at the Ritz Pat Wagner s an ol cowhand She works on the Western Plam When steers get loose and wander oFf She drags them back again Barbara Swann whose cultured brow Was often creased from study Now soars through life a trapeze artist She found the streets too muddy Stanky passes to Robmson And Reese is right on the beam The water boy is Roger Hanlon On the Brooklyn Dodger team Jim Martm is a married man About his family he makes no bones There are sux little Jummies and four little Joans Irene Becker sells phony Cure alls She travels up and down When she has drained the folks quite dry She moves to another town Helen Tukeva travels on skis Far up in the frozen alps She collects ski trophies And ski master s scalps Amelia Stannard stall loves fish But now she doesn t sell em All she does us gaze and gaze She s keeper of an aquarium Barbara Lynch rode off on a snow white charger Behind her handsome prmce They disappeared over the horizon And haven t been heard of since Betty Burnham drives midget autos Faster cars there never were But the crowd never knows which IS on top The midget auto or her Ned Dnbble s the new Science teacher He has such a scholarly face They caught Ted stealing school supplies So Dibble took his place Lil Steinbach is south of the border Doing the Spanish twist When cabelleros bother her She gives them a punch wnth her fist Deep in a Canyon by a stream Lives a creature old and meek It s Ray Bartnett turned hermit He lost his Scientific streak Alme Palm is a lion tamer Their wild manners she must curb The 'ob of tamlng Herb Agnes Wagner is a square dance prompter She stands on a great big keg When the music rises and swells She really shakes a leg Carol Smith IS a fortune teller She knows if your luck will last But she can t tell your future If you haven t even a past Julia Jones is at the Pease House She sings all the Hotcha tunes The crowds like one of her numbers best She comes out wearing balloons Thus ends the tale of my old class Perhaps if all goes well When other years shall pass Another tale I ll tell CHARLOTTE DONAHUE I I ' I ' He has to support them as best he can But still her private life contains ll - II ' . . , ' I I I I ' , . . - . I I -' 1 23 0 0496, X Wk 402,61 0 405132 oh 431400230 24 LUJACK, LEAHY and Nom! DAME IV ncx sun 'A' 'M' ' SFMIS IK 584, 4' wee L r 0 ry 4 y 6 41 3.3, 46 970 42,4 I or ff I 'vs 'rf c :U 1 FACULTY PATRICIA STRANGE Home Economucs Gurls Coach BARBARA CONWAY Latln French 27521 LUCILLE H SPICER English JOHN H DUGUID Mathematucs Asst Coach is LEWIN G JOEL Principal ELIZABETH WRIGHT Commercnal GEORGE CARTER Shop Agrlculture NORMAN DREW 1 1' -cf Boys Coach History QUOT Mr Drew "C'mon, let's get on the ball " Miss Wright "TAKE DETENTION " Mnss Strange "Where are you supposed to be?" Mass Conway "En Francaas " Mr Wahle "Do you know all thus?" Mr Joel "l hate to say thus but" Mr Dugund "ln other words " Mass Spacer "Let's not be trlte " 'grin QW' THEODORE M WAHLE Sclence MRS ROXOR SHORT f Mr Carter "Are you men or Boobs?" Mrs Short "Art us a lealous sublect " l L 5 5 . I ., 1 A . I . f K F ,I Lo ' . f . ' A 1 ah H UIUVUEFUFIUZE Left to Right-First Row: Margaret Hoadley, Joan Holbrook, Dorothy Darnstaedt, Dolly Gesick, Gerald Vece, Jane Butler, Eleanor Gerl, Evelyn Norton. Second Row: John Trnik, Gerald Steinbach, Betty Crocker, Barbara Hughes, Joan Neely, Yvonne Smith, Nancy Hermann, Jane Yorlc, Martin Heidtman, Irving Siewert. Third Row: Kenneth Coolcson, Arthur Sche'ld, Ronald Going, Donald Scott, John Spinnig, Ed Johns, William Farizo. Fourth Row: William Leckey, Ted Hibson, Miss Wright, Lincoln Deming, Richard Orsine. .l U N I O R C L A S S Starting the year off right, the Juniors elected their class officers as follows: President ........... ....... G erald Vece Vice President ..... .... C harles Brainard Secretary ........ ......... J ane York Treasurer .............,................................................................., Joan Neely The class gave a Cinderella Boll, which may have started a tradition. In June the infamous class gave their Junior Prom, which has always been a huge success. ll? li1Y"w ,fi .,-: as 1 W1 Left to Right-Front Row: Barbara Bartnett, Agatha Rist, Barbara Schum, Martha Griswold, Jean Hoadley, Virginia Borst, Jean Jordan. Second Row: Norman Lynch, Caroline Steinson, Johanna Soderstram, Roger Griilin, Evert Hunt, Betsy Dibble, Marie Schubert, Fred Weiss. Third Row: Judy Renninger, Carole Goodue, Lydia Pardo, Naomi Griilin, Jean Seiwert, Ann Muller, Ann Holbrook, Beverly Pendelton. Fourth Row: Robert McNamara, Ronald Going, Walter Wagner, Charles Kelsey, John Wilson, William Dallas, William Wren, Pierce Hull. Fifth Row: David Ryman, Richard Hyer, John Spinning, Harry Munson, Frank Shrempp, Donald Berry, William Champion, John Riggio, Roger Evarts. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Early in September, the Sophomore Class The main obiective this year was the ordering elected their class officers: President, Everett of class rings. As loser of the magazine cam- Huntg Vice President, Roger Griffin, Secretary, paign, they were obligated to present a party Jo-Jo Soderstrom, Treasurer, Betsy Dibble. for the rest of the school to attend. mfs, g Q7 - we I' Q- i w... dawjf 'g', 4 Tate., l .. 1 ' ,g111uf.' 4211161 I3 I' is ' I -I Left to Right-Front Row: Gertrude Platts, Dorothy Peterson, Helen Rae Swain, Richard Walton, Ben Brown, Fred Thompson, Myra leo Dutrieuille, Ann Norton. Second Row: Donald Heser, Barbara Heitdman, Ruth Schumack, Caroline Dowd, Esther Wright, Gloria Pendel- ton, Joan Wall, Elaine Lindhal, Robert Woodstock. Third Row: Norman Morehouse, John Johnson, Donald Gustafson, Harold Wright, Roger Bedell. Fourth Row: Walter Wagner, Eugene Wagner, Robert Steinson, Raymond Heser, Lee Correll, William Sheffield, Edwin McKinlay, Robert McKinlay. THE FRESHMEN CLASS The Freshman Class started the year with a The class officers are: President, Richard Wal- "Get Acquainted" picnic at Hammonassett State ton, Vice President, Ben Brown, Secretary, Helen Park. Rae Swain, Treasurer, Fred Thompson. The major triumph of the year was taking first The class advisor, Mr. Norman Drew, has been place in the annual Magazine Campaign. a great friend and helper. -. -..l , gs, , I 133 ,. 99.104 'RT' K' 4 f-fl E E re K K1 N TN ' ' 'Rf' 1, if N .Y SXJJ- fxf-":"'N ,Q ' I l wt T L 1 .Q-. I if ii Left to Right-First Row: Stannard Norton, Helen Tukeva, Hamlin Bell, Eugene Wagner, Thomas Wall, Susan Dibble, Barbara Lynch, Terry Morehouse. Second Row: Edwin McKinlay, Norman Morehouse, Gertrude Platts, Ruth Schumack, Agnes Wagner, Joan Wall, John Johnson, Robert Woodstock. Third Row: Edward Dibble, Frank Williams, Lee Corell, Roger Hanlon, Raymond Bartnett, William Farizo. THE SENIOR-FRESHMEN HI-Y The club has been very active this year, with President, Hamlin Bell, Secretary, Susan Dibble, . . . Treasurer, Gene Wagner. the capable leadership of Mr. Edwin McKinlay. The Senior-Freshmen Hi-Y ioined with 'he The ofticers are: President, Thomas Wall, Vice- Junior-Sophomore Hi-Y to present a minstrel. N 'Biff' xr oo ,- ...Jae 9 I if f "T ' Left to Right-First Row: Kenneth Cookson, Miss Gasparini, Nancy Herrmann, Joan Neely, Barbara Hughes, Ronald Going, Jane York, Marie Schubert, Ann Holbrook, William Farizo, Second Row: Robert McNamara, Pierce Hull, David Ryman, Barbara Schum, Beverly Pendleton, Betsy Dibble, Lydia Pardo, Johanna Soderstrom, Naomi Griffin, Jean Siewert, Caroline Steinson, Harry Munson, George Steinbach, Fred Weisse. Third Row: Jane Butler, Dolly Gesick, Virginia Borst, Agatha Rist, Barbara Bartnett, Jean Jordan. Fourth Raw: Roger Griffin, Everett Hunt, William Dallas, Richard Hyer, Norman Lynch, Richard Orsina. Fifth Row: Irving Siewert, William Leckey, Gerald Vece, Donald Scott, Roger Evarts. THE JUNIOR-SOPHOMORE HI-Y The Junior-Sophomore Hi-Y has for its leader Mrs. S. Pardo with Joyce Gasparini as assistant. The olticers are: President, Ronald Going, Vice-President, Barbara Hughes, Secretary, Jane York, Treasurer, Joan Neely. They have been very active and have been an Ace Club each month. Their minstrel show was a big success and we are sure next year that there will be just as much enioyment. ' -G- Q 1" il F J Q L? ,,Q, lu 'H ua., Left to Right-First Row: Charlotte Donahue, Joan Wall, Ann Holbrook, Virginia Borst, Susan Dibble, Thomas Wall, Lydia Pardo, Johanna Soderstrom, Jane York. Second Row: Miss Wright, Elizabeth Neuwirth, Amelia Stannord, Marie Schubert, Ruth Schumack, Ruth Pugh, Florence Timmermann, Martin Heidtman. Third Row: Elinor Nutt, Lois Evarts, Caroline Dowd. Fourth Row: Stannard Norton, IVY LEAVES Although a comparatively small group, Ivy Their diligent work and aims in success has Leaves has proved to be one of the most active helped make Ivy Leaves a great enioyment to and hard-working groups in school. the whole school. , L' M len l r 4' ' ' .4nn,,, M 14 fl -,L A Lett to Right-First Row: Joan Wall, Dorothy Peterson, Carol Goodhue, Judy Renninger, Susan Dibble, Joan Neely, Marie Schubert, Nancy Herrmann, Myra Lee Dutrieuille. Second Row: Johanna Soderstrom, Ann Holbrook, Betsy Dibble, Caroline Steinson, Jane York, Jeaane Lindner, Beverly Pendleton, Lydia Pardo, Jane Butler, Patricia Wagner. Third Row: Walter Wagner, Fred Weisse, Miss Spicer, Aline Palm, Gertrude Platts, Jean Hoadley, Barbara Bartnett, Elizabeth Neuwirth, Virginia Borst, Agatha Rist, Elaine Lindahl, Ruth Schumack, Jean Jordan, Stan Norton, John Spinning, Ronald Going. Fourth Row: Eugene Wagner, Barbara Lynch, Helen Tukeva, Charlotte Donahue, Betsy Burnham, Jean Siewert, Ann Muller, Barbara Hughes, Naomi Griflin, Florence Timmerman, Barbara Schum, Martin Heidtman, Dorothy Darnstaedt. Fifth Row: Irving Siewert, Rhea Albraccio, Harry Munson, Dolly Gesick, Lois Evarts, Carol Smith, Caroline Dowd. Sixth Row: Ev Hunt, William Dallas. SCENESHIFTERS Again this year Sceneshifters has been one working on the annual Christmas Assembly. of the most beneficial and active groups in the Future plans include the Spring Play, which school. As the Year Book goes to the printers in previous years has proved to be one of the the group, which numbers about sixty, are schools finest activities. A if-Vx, - -9 ' .,' A' -W gsm f-'x 9"'Q5 -rl. X Q.. Left to Right First Row Johanna Soderstrom Ann Holbrook Betsy Dlbble Vlrgmla Borst Dorothy Darnstaedt Joan Holbrook Betsy Burnham Corolme Dowd Second Row Naomi Grlmn Beverly Pendelton Susan Dlbble Carol Goodhue Gertrude Platts Joan Wall Elame Lmdahl Ann Norton Barbara Hentdman Thnrd Row Carolune Stelnson Dolly Geslck Lydia Pordo Patrucaa Wagner Agnes Wagner Ruth Schumack Marne Schubert Gloria Pendelton Martha Griswold Fourth Row Joan Hoadley Lllllan Steinbach Margaret Hoadley Helen Rae Swann Barbara Swann Lost Row Elinor Nutt Florence Tlmmerman E CHORAL CL The Choral Club under the able dlrectnon of Mr Malcolm Humphrey has met regularly every Tuesday afternoon They were kept busy durmg the year an preparatlon for any commg even s 40 ,,,.fvo e PB!-'U left to Right Flrst Row Jessie Oreamuno Agatha Rust Llllnan Steinbach Second Row Joan Hoadley Martha Griswold Agnes Wagner Judy Rennnnger .loan Wall Ann Muller Marne Schubert Jean Slewert Thurd Row Margaret Hoadley Barbara Bartnett Betty Neuwurth Mass Strange Charlotte Donahue Joan Holbrook Barbara Schum Jean Jordan E SEW NG CL The Sewmg Club had a new leader thus year nn the person of Mass Strange They have had several rames and earned enough money to make a trap to New York Amelua Stannord Naomi Grlmn -il - --.. i 34 I ,,, l tif: Left to Right-First Row: Lydia Pardo, Roger Hanlon, Jeanne Lindner, Edward Dibble, Jim Martin, Helen Tukeva, Gerald Vece, Betsy Dibble. Second Row: Julia Jones, .lane York, Beverly Pendleton, Dolly Gesick, Barbara Swain, Joan Holbrook, Nancy Chalker, Allne Palm Amelia Stannard, Susan Dibble. Third Row: Roger Griffin, Ray Bartnett, and Donald Scott. ATHLETIC COUNCIL At the beginning of the term, the following officers were elected: President, Ned Dibble, Vice President, James Martin, Secretary Helen Tukevap Treasurer, Jeanne Lindner. Weekly meetings brought about suggestions to gain financial support. Among these proiects were: the coke machine, the sale of ice cream, andthe annual magazine campaign. It was from the sale of magazines that we were able to obtain the electric scoreboard and also able to purchase new uniforms for both basketball teams. To sum it all up the Athletic Council has had a very successful year. ?-'fi . fC'- ' Y -s-in ,115 li ll Left to Right-First Row: Amelia Stannard, Caroline Steinson, Susan Dibble, Beverly Pendleton, Helen Tukeva, Joan Neely, and Naoml Griffin. Second Row: Alene Palm, Lydia Pardo, Ruth Schumack, Johanna Soderstrom, Betsy Dibble, Jane York, Jaan Wall, Jeanne Lindner Dolly Gesick, Barbara Lynch, Joan Holbrook, and Jane Butler. THE GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY TEAM The Girls' Field Hockey Team had a new coach this year, Miss Patricia Strange. There was a good turnout and everyone worked hard to make a good team. The team had a good season winning one game and tying two. Although the other games weren't victories for the Morgan girls, good spirit and sportsmanship were shown. The Seniors are sure to be missed next year. Left to Right-First Row: Donald Scott, Kenneth Coollson, Ray Bartnett, Jim Martin, Ed Johns, John Riggio. Second Row: William Leclzey, Ev Hunt, Richard Walton, William Shellield, Norman lynch. Third Row: Roger Grillin, Manager: Fred Thompson, Ted Hibson, Ben Brown, lee Correll, Mr. Drew. FOOTBALL The team got of? to a fairly good start this season under the eagle eye of Coach Norm Drew and Mana- ger Roger Griflin. Although the team did not capture any title such as the basketball squad did, they still deserve laurels for their work. Able playing of Jim Martin, Ray Bartnett, "Junie" Riggio, Don Scott, Ed Johns, Evie Hunt and Ken Cookson composed the mainstay ol the squad. The fellows put up a hard battle and deserve the praise of all "Morganites." GIRLS' BASKETBALL The girls really were full of pep and put up a good battle this season, just ask Mr. Fletcher, he'll tell you about every game and all about the girls that played. The first string had the experience of "Sis" Stannard, Nancy Chalker, Janie York, Lydia Pardo, "Bev" Pen- CHEERLEADE RS delton, and Betsy Dibble with the help of "Jo-Jo" Soderstrom and Joan Gladwin. Miss Strange did an excellent job as coach and Carol Smith as manager, the team showed a great improvement over last year and rate our appreciation for upholding Morgan traditions. At the start of school last autumn, the annual job of choosing a cheer- leader squad for the athletic sea- son was undertaken. As usual the job was not an easy one, but the g i r l s who succeeded certainly showed that they could fulfill all that was expected of them and much more. Again we had Sue Dibble and Jane York, representing the Senior and Junior classes, respectively. The 7 Sophomores proved they really were on the beam with Betsy Dibble, Beverly Pendleton, and Lydia Pardo as their representatives. The girls have many snappy cheers and put their hearts in their work, all in all Morgan School can be proud ofthe Cheerleaders of 1947-48. BOYS' BASKETBALL Morgan finished the most successful season in its history this year. The team went undefeated in Shore- line Competition and took it's first Shoreline Champion- ship. Winning 18'and losing 5, the team brought Morgan School an enviable record which was the pride of the student body and town. The big "4" in scoring were "Big" Jim Martin, 270 points, "Rag" Hanlon, 229 points, Ned Dibble, 174 points, and Don Scott, 170 points. Don Scott led the foul shooting with a 67.8'M: average. Our fine defen- sive work was the result of "Bud" Vece's great back- board work. The most thrilling moment of the season was "Bud" Vece long shot from half floor in an over- time period that enabled us to defeate Tourtellotte in the State Tourney. A great deal of credit for this year's fine season is given to Coach Drew. 1947-1948 SCHEDULE Morgan ........ 43 Alumni .................. 27 Morgan Pratt .... Morgan ........ 21 Ellsworth .............. 34 Morgan Moodus ....... Morgan ........ 50 Durham ................ 16 Morgan Guilford ..... Morgan ........ 46 Griswold .............. 32 Morgan O. Lyme ..... Morgan ........ 45 Adm. Billard ........ 47 Morgan O. Saybrook Morgan ........ 34 E. Haven .............. 45 Morgan Pratt ........... Morgan ........ 37 O. Lyme ................ 22 Morgan Madison ..... Morgan ,....... 75 D. River ................ .31 Morgan Adm. Billard Morgan ........ 40 O. Saybrook ........ 16 Morgan Guilford ..... Morgan ........ 45 Madison .............. 27 Morgan Griswold ..... STATE TOURNEMENT Morgan ..... ..... 5 5 Berlin ................ . ..... 45 Morgan ...., ..... 4 3 Tourtellotte ...... 40 Covertimeb Morgan ..... ..... 2 5 Ellsworth ....... 44 Left to Rnght Flrsi Row Fred Thompson Ev Hunt Ben Brown Bobby Woodsfock Second Row John Johnson Bull Leckey D Heser Ned Dlbble Don Scott Third Row Bull Shefheld Jnm Martin Norman Lynch Coach Dugucd Lee Correll BASEBALL As the book goes to press the baseball team, under the new supervnslon of Mr Dugund has been unable to prove at s worth 40 - 2 I - 1 I - I I 1 - 1 1 - 3 f 1 1 , . - 1 - 1 PATRONS and Mrs Wlllnam Lambert and Mrs G1IbertStannard John Duguld and Mrs Ernest Stannard and Mrs Walter Nelson and Mrs Albert De Mee Jousset and Mrs James Brown Mlss Pearl MacDonald Mr and Mrs Albert C Palm Mr and Mrs Walter Llndner Mr and Mrs Clmton F Wslluams Mass Eleanor Phulllps Stan Norton Mr Herbert Stebbms Mr and Mrs Raymond Norton Mlss Elizabeth Hansen Mlss Lucllle Spicer Mr and Mrs George S Hull Mr and Mrs Seward F Hull Mass Kathryn Darcy Mr Paul Lundner Wllford Beauty Shop Mr and Mrs Fred Rust Mr Robert G Klase Mlss Elizabeth Wright Mass M J Newcomb Mr and Mrs Wllllam Splcer Mrs Ruth B Chalker Mr and Mrs August Neldllnger Mr and Mrs Theodore Wahle Ted Norton Mrs Ellhu Stevens Mrs Ada C Phelps The Newman Club Mass Jeanne La Rocque Mr and Mrs Rudolph Kozlllc Mass Florence Tnmmermann and Mrs Bertram R A Smith and Mrs Walter Wagner and Mrs Olnver H Chalker and Mrs Harold Borst Wnllnam G Grmnell Mr and Mrs Theodore Neely Mr and Mrs Fred Parker Mr and Mrs StlllmanA Swan Mr and Mrs Edward Benham Mnss Catherme Rogers Mrs Estette Buell Mr Clayson Chalker Mr and Mrs ElwoodM Wllluams Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs RandallL Hoadley HaroldG Perry Llndsay Fletcher and Mrs EdwardJ Tukeva and Mrs Thomas Nenlson and Mrs Glftord P Fogg and Mrs Fred Coolcson Mlss Angela Lopez Mr and Mrs Norman Drew Mr and Mrs LewlnG Joel Jr Mr and Mrs John Wagner Sr Mr Frank Neuwurth Mr. . ' ' ' . . Mr. . ' . . ' ' ' Mr. ' . . Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . . . Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . ' . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . ' . Mr. and Mrs. Howard Evarts Mr. and Mrs. James S. Slator ' ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' . . Mr. . ' . . - ' - , - Mr. . J - I - 42 f- 3. I 5' X2 Left to Right First Row Johanna Soderstrom Lydia Pardo VlrglmaBorst Marne Schubert and Betsy Burnham. Second Row: Roger Griffin, FORUM CLUB The Forum Club IS one of the more recent to Saybrook and had a very enioyable time. additions to Morgan s lust of activities At the The interest of the club members is sure to make beginning of th year the club under the able the club a success. - THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council was started this year with the following officers: President, James Rintoul, Vice-President, Carl Wood- stock, Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Chalk- er. There were numerous proiects sched- uled for this year, the chief of which was the making of sandwiches and milk shakes during noon-time. This project was very successful and we hope later ideas will be as worthwhile. Wu., Left to Right-First Row: Gertrude Platts, '-i.,,s5 Naomi Griffin, Nancy Chalker, and John S'b"'s- Spinning. Second Row: Norman Morehouse, Jim Rintaul, Jim Martin, and William Leckey. C omplimenlf ORTYN Come to the IOR COTILL Complimemf ANTHONY C DONZELLO Complzmentr 0 CHARLES W HAAG PAINTING PAPER HANGING Telephone 2 108 Cllnton Connectxcut Compliment! CLASS OF C omplzmenn IN TON P Comphmenlf 0 B U I L D E R Aluminum Combmatzon Storm Stub and Sfreem COMBINATION STORM DOORS Venetnan Bhnds Roll Screens Telephone 345 T A 96 West Mam Street Clmton Conn Of Of , ' f I ' f of CHARLES YORK of Q Comphme 111 C O L E MA N S SERVICE STATION CLINTON CONN F pin I CLINTON LUMBER 8. MASON SUPPLY CO COAL dDo CLINTON CONN C omplzmentx TH CLINTON NURSERIES CLINTON CONN Comp! mentf 0 P 8: M GARAGE BOSTON POST ROAD Ar Be ch P rk Road C11 ton Conn Comp! nz ztf JOHNNY HESSER .Om il en ' . . 7 Of 01' I Sub an on BOSTON POST ROAD Trim - Cement - Lime f f of a a 'n , i er Of 46 and POWER C0 CUILFCRD CHESTER WATER C0 CLINTON ELECTRIC I.ICIIT Compllments of Ponds Extract + CLINTON CONNECTICUT COMPANY C omplimenls HOOD S ICE CREAM SERVED EXCLUSIVELY IN OUR CAFETERIA ARTHUR S JONES HAND and POWER MOWERS SHARPENFD and REPAIRED BRIGGS AND STRATTON MOTORS REPAIRED Ezenmgf and W66k67Zd5 Phone Saybrook 672 17 WESTBROOK CONN 49 Of o LAWN MOWER SERVICE Complim nn of CLINTON GRAIN CO WIRTHMORE FELDS LAWN SEEDS FERTILIZERS PEET Moss C omplimenn RONNA S BARBAR SHOP Mam Street Clmton Conn Comp! ment: THE VILLAGE MARKET WESTBROOK CONN C omplzmentx CENTRAL RESTAURANT COOLER KEG SYSTEM C omplzmentf 0 ROBERT BRAIN ARD T R U C K 1 N G Sand Stone Loam Gravel Fzll Phone Say 181 W7 WESTBROOK CONN Complzmentf THE SHORELINE CLINTON CONN CLINTON PHARMACY BERNARD M COOPER PIJG PRESCRIPTIONS THE REXALL STORE Comp! me if THE CLINTON GARAGE CLINTON CONN of of of . f . of ' ' ' PLUMBING CO. Q 4 1 50 Comp! m nt: 0 L E E S G R A I N Telephone Say 397 W1 WESTBROOK CONN Comp! menu NORMAN R FOERCH STILLMAN A SWAN ATLAS 50 and 100 STORES CO CLINTON CONN C omplzmentf 0 RAY S SERVICE STATION SUNOCO GAS Westbrook Conectrcur C omplzmentf o ORGAN LOFT ANTIQUES West Mann Street Clmton Conn C omplzmentx of TEXACO GAS STATION Boston Post Road Clmton Conn C omplzmenzf of EMIL S BARBER SHOP Post Ofice Square Clrnrorr Conn f ff f . 1 , CO. gf FUNERAL DIRECTOR 51 BURKE MOTORS, Inc Complzmenlx SALES FORD SERVICE CLARK S STORE Telephone Madxson 374 A WESTBROOK CONN BOSTON POST RO D EAST RIVER CONN Complzmenlx THE UNIVERSAL FOOD STORE CLINTON, CONN 52 Of "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" I Of O Complzmentf S EWA R D F H U L L C omplzmentf SYPHER HEIDTMAN PAINTING PAPER HANGING DECORATING CLINTON CONN Phone Say 416 W3 WESTBROOK CONN P E T E R S O N S Complzmentf Store and Service Station GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS Amoco Producti OPEN SLNDAYS Phone 694 BOSTON POST ROAD CLINTON CONN CAPITOL CITY LUMBER WESTBROOK CONN . of of I l I I of ' ' ' CO. 53 JOES BARBER SHOP Complmzenlf fornzerlq 111 The 1301101 Bldlg Now Located H Ac Ross THL STREET ALI FORMS OF INSURANCE MONROE BUILDING MADISON CONN Telephone Clmton 389 Cmph"W'J WILLIAMS 8. 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Suggestions in the The Morgan School - Tower Yearbook (Clinton, CT) collection:

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1948, pg 38

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