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z-7 f 'E 4: fits E .4 r. if A f , XA Lg .Ma ' QQ, 'Y 'fm 4 M' A , ,V X :it ,,k. 3 M 2:2 JFK, Q? S '3' if 'IQ ..-f T, fig YQ. -eff -- - S , S' 4 6' Si 'AK . Q Q , ,. .1. A 'ye K9 59, sg' WMM, , 21' :':k,1, WW' Mmfnw, 46 rig XM, 39' i. v .W-.,,. wg-- - .... . z,:, , L , W' gm: 2 MQJN 1 .A 55WQ:Q5f,.fE1f"" , 1-.EQWQ5 1 .3 A S V m- yr. x Q .- 4. HMP' ,-:Dt 5 -. ff , -e Y ' x ., ,W ix N as a,.,,,ww' 'Wm Lx .. '14 -, mm mit ik M fy P' 'SA 'Q N Zi ., .,.. X 'is' A A751 5 ,F45FZ?-'SF' A V. v w, - :si 4535867 521, X, ' , K A 1 'km 1.,.0' 'JM' ' S' 7' 1 ,, , A 2 ,W-. .- 2 V A ' TV::V...'-nf t"f 'Ls I' . ,, . , m . .. 1. - - .- w kc .:f-1-'SV ,., ' "Qs my r ff- V -" -Y, . AL H, ,., . pig- , -- '. ' ,Z -43 ,- I 3 ' V L., . V,-..,,, A -,V uV,1.g,',- 1V -. , ' ' J..-.Drills 1 ff 153. . I TJ. ,,.,Q:.w in ' XY f gk j., ' mm V.: " Aw..-. '- 31: - .X 1 We. -1. Q- - ,Vw eu, -Qw.f5.V:-W .gf F. U . fs ' 'r -1 A--1,-1tE:s:'KV':'V'f XJ- x:f,V vc- V .V 'Ff- -9 s f, "'?.,,Ur ' 'J-ra 'B .I wig. , ,ix ' L., ,V 'X-K . . , , .A:,., . J . . 'f'.-- -. V Q pfw- , ,t . ,YV .Vg .V ,A ,, .,, . Y ', 1 . e . ' ,' V f' . 1' ,' ,f .1 V 5 - V. R,.-,- v 5 X ' xv V ,-'Q ,A 2. . Vu' ff., -, :,V':fx ., . ,. 1. -:-'za " -. 1 .. 'J ., N, , ,qv , 4 'S 'La x ' 1 .. Be V J v w THE U LSL PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS 0171947 u A lynx A , 1 .Q I ,. ,vQ.A-wg.:-2. 'z , 4 LQ gm-,sw , - , X--A.v , ,... ,,., N Q , A ., THE HILL SEHUUL PUTTSTUWN - PENNSYLVANIA UEUIEATIUN For his patient help, for his sincere friendship, and for those personal attributes which inspire our trust, our respect, and our appreciation, we, the Class of 147, dedicate this, our Dial, to MR. WILLIAM W. PATTERSON 0 xlf f 5 .. ,.,,, ,. - ", - .-': 1::2::.:- ,la-fizrgf -A V, Y - gr- Q jgx-,-. .V Q55 31, - - .wr '- ,A - '-2 ,ufw K Thu," 0... W V,-a'gfi -lx ,- S - x ,M :R ggi-:FiL:'1--:i1',::" .. . - 3, . ,.. Y - - ..,:.. . .-..: 1..A,:.-,.x ,,g,':f't"----V " - w.:f'ffeb.cewis-4131 Foreword IT is indeed our hope that The 1947 Dial may in future years revive for each and every member of our graduating class a part of that intangible spirit which plays such an integral and significant role in the school life at The Hill. If The Dial can amply serve as a resume of our lives at The Hill, to recall fond memories, former companions and experi- ences, and those incentives which urged us towards self-better- ment, then we, the Editors, truly feel that we have accom- plished our purpose. Wm d gk J- ffwwfa' MQWMMWL CEM! WWWW f A Qflhkiya Books, papers, elasses, rules are far behind . And far is work and fitful master's whim,' But turn again: so may you often find- Though sweet oblivion cloud the interim, And darkly now the alynes and vectors swim, And Euclid long has turnea' to pleasant haze, Ana' many memories are growing dim- So may you, turning baek with moistenea' gaze, Recall again good fellowship and happy days. AMPUS fsvx PQN Jr' KE f1f""5-1:-.N .lf .'.,QF F' +A i . M35 sfymgylw f , k ' :- A 'L of ,.5,ga.iQt 'I' A ,. w, H. N , NNW. A I 'J NV :T N X .X 1.-,ZA 1 ffgiv- .lim Ifyfxxfxs-QA 35-.,r,...' fbsli,-1. tw 'fx Qf' um,-xQg5Q95,3Jg73w,j 1, ' .-,' s ' ' 6i"Lr ' , f 'T ff V831 vwlicg-ans?" Vita' G ,,Q,h:P Nix .9 vw M xr Q vas W' Vffyv ' W' ,JC Qt QW C X? ul f- , M n wmfg X W sf , Jx1',J,Q - , - ,X V Q ,N V . -X.: qf0lJ1',1l,alN'y,, v- ,a,-CJXYMX ! Q H: xusilx r XANXQGIQ wif M W www--'A w- N ?' 'y' I A-gjN'Q" U ' ' -11 fy ' Ml - I , V A , , 1 fe w y 112' 1535111015-E f ,S f ., - , 'R - - if ' ?' 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'fz 'V F 5"w5-af Wi 55: QA i 5' .i ifl 2 - gil? , f 1,55 X 3. W ""- ii! V-A my YL, tm -r S f WN N .3 Q K.. 's Q 5 51,1 1 x .. X f' ,,-wid' K v y W. 1, Q52 ' ' sd 'Aix' ' .I X W O Q gr Wk if r in . 4 -'A f mf fn, ima' -ns-'Y' k -.pri fx . as as 'gif 7'5- 'w?f5gm.Q I ' 435 49 Y a" x 4 X I 'U 'gf Ji' f Q. 4, S' - vu , F' . 5 2"'x .av 5' 'X ."a M 'L Sw Q7 ' Q , 335 aa Na Q' Ar xi'- N -MX figs .,, , M, :sw 5 ,712 use :nw pmgnm 3 , , 5 - x A E bilflhilgl vf.1xcwW 1 ' V . nf? . vu 'I 2, 'Q' VF 0 5 f . it lf v 1 Q ,X . uf hy Q p , Q . , -5 - 5 1 mam, s, k . W F 1. ,v,. .IJ ' , f, , fm O 1 V mf. X K 1 lp A 3 'v' S v , A an fs, If vu "L 'J an J , L7 ff' YL . nk. ',3.A r ' gy.. 1 Q. 7. . 1? A A af""g1- ' P R 'A , M. N3 ff? 4-,. :.4,.!i.-. .f M3 J I .Af - I r -J ,L - Q If v ... 4 fl, . . 5 " s k B. Q . , f 3. V 1 sf '. at Vfykk H., , 1-je ' fffxyi 'Q if. .,.' 33 , ?'w'QEEQ, K! ' . , my 'm.K hsyiflai " 93589, 254-.333-.,' fx X :U . X., . s v af' 9- ,5 .5 w Or ,L wwf hx W- 4 k9fS?f3'.f fs i! .. rf wg ,QV , ,r l QW 'ff ' wn4: "5 1273-Ti :- 'F 1- 1 . ,N L, 5 Aw .gf R Q K I' X' rt' 1. Q vfivi K 'C WH? if 5 1 , 531. XS A 3 4 W Q. , s Yu Q Rf, 2 .ig 2,1 X, 7 1-5 Q gi 2:1221 if 1? R Q. 1 1. 7 Q up . 4 8 5 I I r 44 2 X 1 x I at gi: W s P, ri 5 U, Z 3, fe .,Jf., fii.Y Q .ull -'IQ ,x .H . 'ab v .gn ,L 5 . .5-'X 3,3 Mai-651, N- .Ai 14,951 , TQVWQ 1- 5 mx , F .. fm, fi, '4 Y .hxxlgi thu JL 3 , x x N' ,iv-' 'Q A L' W5 4- ., ,ink . .Ni My M , If - N -. g pw ' Q , V-1' ' A x.,T " z., f V f M- 1+ ' . A X WW :S ,, 2 ' x 8 -A ws M-ww-19's 1:55-mv' a.f.l,,,,,,,f. ff K A 1 vm-1 W f,. , VJ. QW Anvil,-v .,, 5' M'-S .,,f K 5 WL f ,fx F . , -Q Q , ,. Xa 3 V'-9. , t V .Li , ' 32-1 , , 71. . ' A5- " A , X ,.8' .mr 5 f "N an Q . Q! 7 L 0 - 6, V .. K . 1 54,54 ,' 1 ? . f . ff' N ,Ay haw ,A af- ,f C U 5 0 Q, e ' 0 r .-'ww-M-wmkbsmmmmww 1 N ,----- 9 ' ' .31 ' Y '- ' ' we as 'J q i -...jf A 'Q , .M. . 1 , P" , " 'QQ - 2, - ' ' fs fi Q W -Q f -v - R Q ' U' f ex "Eyfw :N IAN , - , A ,Q if s sf ww' M - , H eww. - A Y . if J -2 2 its -- i . :DQ W wx , 'hx - gg by x, t ' ' Q-'. .K x ,N . x ,.Qig?z'?t . w uw A AQM. Sham A M4 1 Aa . 'sq 4 4 ,':f4.'.' Z, 5 ' ll t ,lf Q .'p:,: -f if '- gp W sn-,-5, ' , . wr, ' 'Y r r , Lu." ilk- 4 fx.. Ur, .M - 'A W .Ayn M 'M .,-,A :W-vw :px 1 Ju-at :Q-+I A-ix' - H .A- ' 2?-. ,J , :af-H Q" ' - , . X w s. X . 1' ?f?5'Ef .,-A.. fn - Km . 8 'I' FH -,........+.m,-M ff W - M -www.,-mm, A .y X- QQ XXL 1..,.,i NNW keg ff- , N,-ex 9 iii? ' :,Q'z 4. N f X .ER-I,-S, .. X ,Q 1 i- ' M Y, N . .Tv g , A Q 4- , - -Q K w w -Q wawiau- ., K 4svl..k Q-J ,, . ' LL , ,, 4.- ,- - X Q . -f fs , Afwgk wssiw i ,i3.iYg.i.x,11 Pe- ' , .ff-Sigh.. . X S 5 2 e K' I . - gif 1 , .Q P .- A I wx iw '13, Jfsf 4 , 'I A . x is 1.4 . M yr , 5 Lg ,',ki"T. ' 9 , , .. M- i' 'Z .M "' Qgjfgfaf I X H13 Y'-X , ww 1, . u9.,,,L , U f - l.i,,.A ,W . NLT, Mx. A .WT it Q3 , ' s ' x 4 .J ., -As.. 'li . 1 V 4. . XMLK, .Egg ,. AW. '25 If ,MJ l 15?fr V ,xrfxf ' 'f N-"':'2'11g W? ' 1'fj5'5TmL,s1- Tir 7 ,LLL 'Y VW? N.. +- , Q if.,,,L5 I ITU - -lws. A A gs b- . 1.-'fgx w 1' ' ,J N f ' WMA -W . IMT: f. J' Vi" kv 'V LQ VI, ' ' -like 1? w I PV? 1' Xizkvx Kn'5W?i.1 lf 'is I f f , -rj. 1 V yy? jp. . ,S .'. r A - L4 ,QM- .. x sf 1 s.9??ih"3 VIEWS IZKREK E' Lap' 6 if .M A, I L x 1 ..L,. ' x gy X ,v L hi! f"A ' -N These are the men who walked upon the earth When Zeus was young, and Phoebus broke his teams, Who watched when wit and reason had their birth, And drank when wisdom bubbled in the streams. These are the men who brightened by their gleams Our darkness, who with never wavering cheer Gave us demerits, failures, tests, and themes- Of whom we take a tearful parting here: We're gone for good, and they'll be back again next year. FACULTY 'f X. , X 5 ,bg IIN 4? r I HAIL AND FAREWELL TO THE CLASS OF 1947 The Head Master takes this opportunity to express to the mem- bers of the Sixth Form his appreciation of their loyal and coop- erative support during the present school year. It always appears in order, for the Head Master to offer some advice to the outgoing members of the class as they take up their residence in college. I can only repeat what I have said so many times in the past, and it still holds good, that no civilian member of the freshman class in any college can afford to coast along during the important First few months of the term. The competi- tion oHered by the "G.If' members of the colleges today admits of no letdown in eifort on the part of civilian members. Keep your effort on a high plane! Both Mrs. Wendell and I shall follow with the keenest interest your work after you leave The Hill. With you go our best wishes. Whenever the going is hard and the call to come back to The Hill is strong, you will always be more than welcome. IAMES I. WENDELL IAMES I. WENDELL, M.A., LL.D HEAD MASTER OF THE HILL THE DIAL 1947 HENRY I. COLBATH, A.B. BOWDOIN, ,IO Senior Master,' Head of Science Department: Head Coach of Traclgj Secretary of Cum Laude Society. Came to The Hill 1910 ISAAC THOMAS, A.B., M.A., CDBK PRINCETON, ,O9 Senior Masterg Instructor of Germanj Head of Latin Departmentj Member of the English Cluhj President of The Hill School Chapter of Cum Laude. Came to The Hill 1910 ERNEST H. SANDS Senior Master,' Assistant Registrarj Member of Curriculum Committee. Came to The Hill 1913 V L 26 Secretary of The Hill School Alumni Assoeiationj THE DIAL 1947 CHARLES A. HARTER, B.S., M.P1n. INIILLERSVILLE STATE TEACHERS FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL, ,IS Instructor in Physics and Sciencej Adviser to Radio Clubj Adviser to Outing Club. Came to The Hill 1918 HERBERT B. FINNEGAN, A.B. WESLEYAN, '18 BIIDDLEBURY GRADUATE SCHOOL, ,38, ,39, '40 Head of Modern Language Departrnentg Assistant to the Heacl Master. Came to The Hill IQI8 IASPER J. STAHL, BA., fI1BK BOWDOIN, ,OQQ UNIVERSITY OF INIUNICH, ,IO UNIVERSITY OF BERLIN, ,115 HARVARD, '16 Registrarj Chairman of Curriculum Committeej Instructor in Modern Languages. Came to The Hill 1919 27 THE DIAL 1947 HAROLD G. CONLEY, PH.B. clllcfxuo, T14 Director of Dramolic Clzzhj Director of Sixth Form Showp Instructor of Englisli. Came to The Hill IQIQ STANLEY A. WARD, PILB. BRQWN, ,I7 Director of Athleticx. Come to The Hill IQIQ LEONARD A. RICE, AB., M.A. TUFTS, '18 MIDDLEBURY, ,SQ Head of English Departmenlj Adviser to Sixth Form Spealqing Club Adviser to The News. Came to The Hill 1920 28 WILLIAM H. BELL INIARYLAND, ,2I Treasurer of The Hill. Came to The Hill 1921 CORNELL, ,O9 Instructor of Latin. SAMUEL T. NICI-IOLSON, IR., M.A., M.D. NORTH CAROLINA, '06 JOHNS HOPKINS, ,IO Medical Director of Clinical and Preventive Medicine. Came to The Hill 1923 THE DIAL 1947 GEORGE A. DAWSON, A.B. Came to The Hill 1921 29 THE DIAL 1947 PAUL G. CHANCELLOR, B.A., M.A., QTEK P1aNNsYLvAN1A, ,24 Director of Lihraryj Director of H zirnanities Program ,' Instructor of Englishj Aflzfiser to English Cluhj Adviser to Book Shop. Came to The Hill I925 HOWARD V. EVANS, 15.8. PENN STATE, '30 PENNSYLVANIA GRADUATE sc11ooL, '52 AND '53 Instructor of Scicnccj Head of Pine House. Came to The Hill 1925 A. PIERCE SAUNDERS, HA. DAVIDSON, '18 Dean. Came to The Hill 1926 30 THE DIAL 1947 RADCLIFF W. BRISTOL, B.S. WESLEYAN, 724 Superintendent of Buildings and Groundsj Director of Work Program. Came to The Hill 1927 ROBERT S. COWPERTHWAITE, A.B., En.M., QTEK PENNSYLVANIA, '23 HARVARD, '28 Instructor of Mathematicsg Varsity Soccer Coach ,' Head of Hillrise. Came to The Hill 1923 1 EL WALTER H. LEMLEY, A.B., QBK sr. STEPHEN,S, '30 COLUMBIA GRADUATE SCHOOL Sixth Form Adaiserj Instructor of Englishj Varsity Baseball Coachg Adviser to The Dial, Adviser to Pipe Club. Came to The Hill 1930 31 THE DIAL 1947 RALPH C. IOHNSON, M.E. STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, '16 PENNSYLVANIA STATE GRADUATE SCHOOL Head of Mathematic: Departmentj Director of Personnel Studyj Moderator, The Hill School Forum. Came to The Hill I93I JOHN G. KENDALL, AB. BAYLOR UNIVERSITY, I3 I Asfistant Dean: Alumni Directory Varfity Golf Coach. Came to The Hill I9-2,1 PAUL WESCOTT ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PENNSYLVANIA ACADEAIY OF FINE ARTS Director of Hobby Bail1!ing,' Head of Art Departmentf Art Adviser to The Record. Came to The Hill IQ-24 32 GRADUATE SCHOOL, ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY FREDERICK A. WALSH, A.B., M.A. YALE, ,27 COLUMBIA, ,39 Sponsor of Studyj Remedial Reading. In absentia ,4I-,46 Came to The Hill 1935 RUSSELL B. WIGHT, A.B. YALE, 735 HARVARD GRADUATE SCHOOL Acting Head of History Departrnentg Instructor of Public Spealqingg Fourth Form Aduiserj Varsity Wrestling Coach. Carne to The Hill 1935 THE DIAL 1947 WILBUR C. RILEY, B.S., En. FORT HAYS KANSAS STATE coLLEcE, '25 Heaa' of Physical Education Departinentg Varsity Football Coach. Caine to The Hill 1935 33 THE DIAL 1947 ARTHUR F. IACKSON, A.B., M.A. YALE, ,34 IXIIDDLEBURY GRADUATE SCHOOL, X40 Fifth Form Aclviserj Instructor of English ,' Assistant Football Coach ,' Assistant Traclg Coach. Came to The Hill 1936 ROBERT H. MORGAN, B.A., M.A., CIYBK IIAVERFORD COLLEGE, lgz IIARVARD UNIVERSITY, '55 UNIVERSITY OF IXIICHIGAN GRADUATE scIIooL Instructor of Englishj Assistant Soccer Coach, Assistant Baseball Coachj Heaa' of Founders House. Came to The Hill 1936 FLETCHER H. SILLICK, BA., A.M., KIYBK WILLIAMS, ,27 PRINCETON, '30 Instructor of Mathematics. Came to The Hill 1936 34 THE DIAL 1947 GEORGE C. WHITELEY, IR., B.S. DALHOUSIE, '30 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, ,35 Instructor of Sciencesj Far Fields Soccer Coachj Adviser to Yacht Clab,' Adviser to Camera Club. Came to The Hill 1936 CHARLES E. STOW, A.B., B.S. in L.S. FURMAN UNIVERSITY, '36 COLUMBIA, '37 Librarian. Came to The Hill 1937 IAMES V. MOFFATT, B.A., B.S. in L.S. sT. FRANCIS, '38 COLUIMBIA, '40 Assistant Librarian: Adviser to Press Clubj Alumni Secretary. Came to The Hill I940 35 THE DIAL 1947 GASTON-ROBERT IOUSSON, M.A., A.B. Instructor 36 JOHN S. HOFFECKER, IR., LL.B UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, ,27 CUMBERLAND, ,32 HARVARD, ,42 Instructor of Historyp Adviser to Came to The Hill 1942 soRBoNNE, '31 PENNSYLVANIA, ,33 WESTERN RESERVE, ,4O of Modern Languagesj Far Fields Coachj l.V. Tennis Coachj Heaa' of Gate House. Came to The Hill IQ42 FRANK B. BENDER, A.B. PRINCETON, ,4O Instructor of History ana' Sciencej Varsity Tennis Coach. Came to The Hill IQ43 THE DIAL 1947 WILLIAM E. DAVIS, Iss. PRINCETON, ,I2 SORBONNE NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Instructor of Mathematics. Came to The Hill 1943 KENNETH V. IACKMAN, B.S., A.B. IXIIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, '58 IIARVARD GRADUATE SCHOOL, ,42 Instructor of Scicncesj Assistant Wrestling Coachj liznior Varsity Soccer Coach ,' Adviser to Radio Club. Came to The Hill 1943 COY S. HARTMAN, A.B., MA. LAFAYETTE COLLEGE, '25 COLUMBIA, L31 AIXIERICAN ACADEIXIY IN ROME, '52 XMERICAN SCIIOOL OF CLASSICAL STUDIES AT ATHENS, 36, '38 Instructor of Latin ,' Far Fields Coach. Came to The Hill 1943 37 THE DIAL 1947 WILLIAM W. PATTERSON, A.B. UNIVERSITY OF INIAINE, '24 COLUINIBIA, '31 Instructor of English ,' Assistant Sixth Form Azluiserj Azlzfiscr to Gun Club: Aa'uiscr to The Record. Came to The Hill 1943 IIQWAIID CIILLEGE, '39 Iunior Varsity Football Coach Varsity Baslqethall Coach ,' AIlUl'5Ef to AA. Movie Club. Came to The Hill IQ43 LLOYD C. YOUNG, B.S. COLULIBIA, '27 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, '45 Supervisor of Machine Shopj Instructor of Mechanical Drawing. Came to The Hill 1945 38 DAVID R. TELFORD, A.I3. THE DIAL 1947 ROBERT H. DEMAREE, B.A., M.A. DE PAUW, ,25 COLUIXIBIA, y29 I nstruetor of Spanish. Came to The Hill 1944 KARL M. PALMER IIUTGERS, ,37 Instructor of Mechanical Drawingj Instructor of Woodworlging. Came to The Hill 1944 SAMUEL B. SCI-IAADT, BS., M.A. INIUHLENBERG, '26 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, '34 BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY Instructor of Scieneesj Head of Cottagej Iunior Varsity Football Coachj Third Form Adviserj Assistant Basketball Coach: Adviser to Horsemanship Club. Came to The Hill 1944 39 THE DIAL 1947 GUSTAVE W. WEBER, TH.D. VVAGNER COLLEGE, '28 MT. AIRY SEMINARY, '31, '33 PENNSYLVANIA, '37 Instructor of Religionj Aduifer to Y.M.C.A. Came to The Hill 1944 HENRY R. CASSELBERRY, B.S., ED.M. 1'Exx1P1,E UNIVERSITY, '56, '58 co1.UMB1A UN1v1zRs1'rY, '38 CHRISTIANSEN CHORAL scHooL VVESTMINSTER CHOIR SCHOOL Head of Music Departmentf Instructor of Hz'.vtory,' Chapel Organistj Director of Choir. Came to The Hill 1945 UNIVERSITY OF IXIAINE, ,22 Instructor of Mathematiexj Fur Field: Coach. Came to The Hill 1945 40 DONALD H. CROSS, A.B. A.B., B.D., S.T.M 3 WENDELL O. HARDING, A.B., ED.M. DARTMOUTH, '36 UNIVERSITY OF VERINIONT, ,42 Instructor of Historyj Far Fields Coach. Came to The Hill 1945 PENNSYLVANIA, ,3Q Far Fields Coach. DAVID S. THOMPSON, A.B. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, '39 INIIDDLEBURY COLLEGE Instructor of Englishj Instructor of Latin ,' Far Fields Coach, Adviser to Aviation Club. Came to The Hill 1946 THE DIAL 1947 RALPH R. RICHARD, BS., M.S. WEST CHESTER TEACHERS COLLEGE, ,32 Instructor of Mathematics, Came to The Hill 1945 .41 THE DIAL 1947 FRANCIS G. ARMSTRONG, A.B., M.A., c1wBK COLGATE UNIVERSITY, ,23 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, '28 Instructor in S panishj Instructor in German. Came to The Hill 1946 CHARLES M. DONOVAN, B.A DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, ,4O Instructor in English: Adviser to The Aviation Club. Came to The Hill 1946 HARRY E. KEOWN, B.S., R.P.T.T. SLIPPERY Rocx sTA'rE TEACHERS cotLLEcE, ,39 Physical Therapyj Remedial ana' Corrective Gymnasticsg Instructor in Physical Education. Came to The Hill 1946 42 THE DIAL 1947 PAUL A. MINAULT, L.B., A.B., A.M. SOREONNE, '27 MIAMI UNIVERSITY, '32 UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI, '33 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI GRADUATE SCHOOL, '36 Instructor of Fre'nch,' Adviser to Rifle Club. Came to The Hill 1946 WHITNEY G. SWIFT, B.S., M.A. IVIASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, '20 COLUQMBIA UNIVERSITY, '37 Instructor of Mathematicsg Far Field: Coach. Came to The Hill 1946 GEORGE H. WERRENRATH, A.B., M.A. DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, '33 MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, '35 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, '36 Inxtructor of Modern Languagefg Far Field: Coach. Came to The Hill 1946 '43 What say'st thou, fellow? That we live like kings? Like kings perhaps! A troublesome renown. Remember what a sager poet sings: "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown." And gladly, fellow, lbe it frankly said: More gladly than thou well might'st understand j, I'd "give this heavy weight from 017 my head, And this unwieldy seeptre from my hand," To trade once more thy little hat instead, And willingly, but for a day, unhand All the prerogative I wanted then To be a carefree Cottager again. 1 'W M5 'ff Q . fur. 2' C in V SIXTH FDBM KM N rf M V R x Sixth lf 017111 History :FIVE years ago last September a group of plump, bewildered new boys entered the Second Form of The Hill School. Thus the Class of 1947 was born. Proudly displaying their first long pants, Fred Whaley and Chalky Wright moved into the top floor of the Cottage 5 while future golf captain Bill Rodie, wrestler "Oop" Cone, D. Crosby Prizer, and Lou Firey of Pipe Club fame overran Hillside. Another golfer, Angelo Gallo was Pottstown's delegate to our class. In the fall of IQ43 our class found itself strengthened by the arrival of many of its now prominent members. Storming the Cottage, "Bones" Bent- ley and "Neuter" Barnet on the first floor united with Steve Wood, "Him" Bollinger, and Henry Bostder on the second floor to repel the drenching attacks of Herr Genth's third floor Reich which boasted such stalwart war- riors as Frank Allen, "Stew" Sperry, Iohn Ehrenclou, Van Halsey, Ken Lay, and Vance Haynes. With Mr. Iackman's forced departure early in the term due to illness, hostilities came into the open and the battle was on. It was in these skirmishes that Ierry Tone developed the accuracy that enabled him to win an AHA in baseball that 4 year, while golfer Bill Rodie distin- 1 guished himself as the only Third Form member of our class to earn a major H. On the Far Fields our fu- ture President received the first of the many honors he has been awarded by winning the Far Fields Award. All was well in the Cottage until the old boys of our class de- scended from 3 East to demolish the Cottage which was gallantly de- fended by Ken Lay. In the Winter Term the Cottage was bolstered by the arrival of Ioe Van Buskirk and Len Fahs who received a warm wel- come fr0m the Cottagers. 4 MR. WALTER H. LEMLEY, Adviser 46 THE DIAL 1947 Upon returning for their Fourth Form year the Class of ,47 received its new members with a dubious welcome. Cries of "new-boy! new- boy!" again rang out as the fearless new Fourth Formers tried out their loudest ties and loafers at dinner. This year saw the arrival of "Rock" Martin, destined to become football captain, the four men from Mem- phis: "Creeper" Henry and Walt Ruch who gained control of The News and The Dial respectively, cartoonist Iack Barton, and Ted Stark. "Butts" Frazier opened his bookie business on 3 West, but was l forced to close it when "Naphtha- are l lene" Ielks and Bill Sellars countered with a racing "dope sheet." The Tower Smoking Club did a rousing business and "Pipe Club" Wickwire and Vern Wise led HoFfecker's Horrible Haunts into battle against "Pruneface." Also roaming "HoHy's,' halls were "Texas Herb" Hunt, "Harry" Gray, and Bill Clinger who was soon to be known for his writing prowess. Down on 2 East, Demaree's Demons lived up to their name by staging frequent after-light water fights. The "Benn Gunn-Matt Clark combination led a strong opposition against Kuhn and Knobloch. This ceased only after Mr. Demaree became the target. Also on this hall resided Dick Hudgens who was to become High Priest of the Press Club, math genius Sam Arms, Larry Layton, and Searle Welling. Upstairs on 5 East the "big wheels" were making life miserable for "Eldy," who has since departed. The hall still bears the scars of our form on its walls. In scholarship we were ably led by Harald Furth and Bill Henry. That fall we were proud of Tim Martin, as he won the Far Fields Award while playing for the Thirds to keep it in our form. During the Winter Term Dave Michael represented our class in wrestling as he won his H. In the spring Bill Rodie won his second letter in golf while "Angie" Gallo received his first. Future baseball captain Ierry Tone and pitcher Lou Gelwicks won 47 CROSBY PERRY, President THE DIAL 1947 F major awards while future co-cap- tains Carl Fischer and Bob Brans- combe earned H's in Tennis. The year Hnally came to an end, and the majority of us regretfully left the his- toric Middle School for home, know- ing that we would never be confined within its tradition worn walls again. But our departure was taken on a note of sadness, for we fully realized that joy abounded that year. Upon our return to The Hill in our Fifth Form year, we again discov- ered a group of new boys who had forsaken the bliss of high school for the tortures of prep school. Forgie, Fox, and Knapp soon gained com- mand of the Honor Roll while "Fritz" Haneman, the pride of Atlantic City, skillfully displayed the skill in the dining room which was to earn for him a job as its captain. The Rolfe House rocked under the jokes of "Touch Football" Moore, while jeff McNally and Dave Palmer became known as track men, and Iohn Mulvihill as "the lost weekend." 'fGordo" Wagner and Iock Thornton became baseball players and Gordon Clark made a name for himself in football. In the flats the old boys, free from the bonds of the Middle School, cau- tiously tried out their newly found freedom, only to be mercilessly betrayed by the Fifth Form "Quisling" Committee. Led by President Ierry Tone, Perry, Whaley, Ehrenclou, Martin, Wood, Van Buskirk, and Stark nightly tucked their charges into bed. In spite of their oppression, the more ingen- ious members of the Form were soon to Hnd out that "coke" cartons could hold water. With Salinger, Perry, and Rodie excelling, our form proved its athletic strength by nearly beating the Sixth Form in the Thanksgiving Day Sports. The term ended on a serious note, as exams brought the day of reckoning. The Winter Term arrived with the inevitable snow and ice which again brought our rivalry with the Sixth Form to the boiling point. But the an- nual Dell Field snow battle proved indecisiveg both sides claimed victory IEROME TONE, Vice-President 48 1 THE DIAL 1947 as the Class of ,47 completely routed the Sixth Form. We were not idle in the flats on the long winter nights, either. The S. F. I. and Oop's Raiders were locked in a mortal combat which was climaxed by the detonation of two hydrogen sulHde gas bombs. This completely demoralized the top three floors, but neither side claimed the victory. Spring vacation finally arrived with some of the form leaving immediately, followed the next day by the majority who had in some way or other offended the Dean. The Spring Term brought budding trees, blooming flowers, balmy breezes, and listless boys. The only thing that stirred us into an occasional burst of energy was the sly references by our masters to the final examinations. The term was a complete success as we watched many members of our form help the baseball, track, and golf teams beat Lawrenceville and revenge the defeat suffered that year by the football and basketball teams. By means of vigorous cramming for exams, most of us passed our subjects and left for vacation, the rest headed for Wolfeboro. For the last time we ceased our summer's playing to return to The Hill, some arriving from the South, some arriving from the West, and a few coming from Wolfeboro. Varsity Football and Soccer, the Reception Com- mittee, and other enticements suc- ' ' ceeded in bringing many of our illus- trious members back before the last possible moment. Among the bewil- dered new-boys that we were blessed with, we were pleasantly surprised to find good athletes such as Pape, Holmgren, Hoover, and Warren and the scholars Garrett and Emanuel. Veterans La Branche and Bandy made reappearances while newcomer Trecker showed skill at bridge. As the grind again got under way, our attention was called to the Pipe Club institution known as "Bloody Mon- day." As soon as this ceremony was finished, Chairman Iackson turned the members over to Treasurer Hane- man and the club was promptly ren- ovated. We then settled down to our ICSEPH VAN BUSKIRK, 5-em,,m, studies with an CYC on thC future. STEVEN Woon, Treasurer 49 t THE DIAL 1947 College, weekends, holidays, and the Fall Term Dance were anticipated. "Voila" and ulieat Lawrencevillen became our bywords. As the dance week- end approached, McVey's date bureau thrived for those who dared to take a chance. The dance was a success with many fond memories lingering about the girls and Vincent Lopez's music. This event even overshadowed Ogontz. Upon our return in the Winter Term, after much persuasion by "Choo Choo," the stray pistols and Hasks were turned in for "safekeeping." We soon became wrestling conscious as our team turned back all comers in spectacular matches. Captain Perry, Dave Michael and "Oop" Cone were three of the outstanding wrestlers from our form. We also marveled at Webster on the basketball court as he displayed his fancy shots while ably supported by Captain Harter, and Fahs, Eliker, and Holmgren of our form. The hockey players got off to a slow start due to unseasonably mild weather, but their enthusiasm never faltered. The annual snow battle between the Fifth and Sixth Forms was also delayed by the lack of snow. The Winter Term was quickly followed by spring, remembered for the College Boards, and the Sixth Form Dance. The Class of I947's stay at The Hill was climaxed by our graduation as our memories of it were long to be cherished. Tmi FIVE YEAR CLUB 50 THE DIAL 1947 Huck row: PRAZIER, JACKSON, HENRY, Mc CLILLLAND, MARTIN. Scutrrl: WOOII, TONE, PERRY, VAN RUSKIRK. Sixth Form Committee CROSBY B. PERRY ..t...,t.,.... F. IEROME TONE, HI ......... IOSEPH VAN BUSKIRK 4..t... STEVEN H. WOOD t,4,..... EMII. VV. HENRY ,.,.. , BRITON MARTIN, IR. ..,.,,.,... . RALPH A. MCCLELLAND, IR. .... , ROBERT G. IACKSON ..,.......,.. RICHARD C. FRAZIER ....... President ..... Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ISICOII'1I'IliUICCI'D2lI'l 2nd Comrnittceman 3rd Committeeman 4th Committeeman Committeeman-at-Large SI THE DIAL 1947 CARL I. AUSTRIAN, IR. "Carl" New York, New York My flpprlfn' l'UH1l'A' Io me wfzifz' f'11!1'11g.f MUNTAIGNIC 1946-47. Varsity Football, I.V. Wres- tling, Varsity Track, Dramatic Club, Aviation Club, Cboristers, Glee Club. WILLIAINIS 52 FRANK A. ALLEN, III "Franlqie," "Lefty" Washington, D.C. You rome foo lure, yr! you rome.- sc1111.L1s1t 1943-44. Far Fields Football, Midget Basketball, Midget Baseball, A.A. Movie Club. 1944-45. Far Fields Football, Iunior Basketball, Iunior Baseball, A.A. Movie Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Football, Pipe Club, Far Fields Golf, A.A. Movie Club. 1946-47. Pipe Club, A.A. Movie Club, Far Fields Golf, Varsity Basketball. AINIIIERST ROBERT P. BABCOCK, JR. HB0b,l7 Hgabll Allison Park, Pennsylvania Bc- not hccdfzfl of tomorrow, but rather gaze upon today.-GIBRAN 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Tennisg Winter Baseballg Form Bas- ketball. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Far Fields Baseball. UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH SIXTH FURM RUSSELL B. BANDY Old Greenwich, Connecticut Why should thc Devil have all lhe good times? -tHILL 1942-43. Far Fields Footballg Form Hockeyg Form Baseball. 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Choirg Glee Clubg Winter Baseballg Form Baseballg Pipe Club. 1944-45. Super-Acceleration Program. 1945-46. ln absentia. 1946-47. Pipe Clubg Winter Baseballg Varsity Baseball. 53 THE DIAL 1947 IAMES H. BARTON, IR. Kilim!! Centerville, Maryland laugh and thc world laugh: with you.- WILCOX 1945-46. I.V. Soccerg Pipe Clubg Far Fields Baseball. 1946-47. I.V. Soccerg Far Fields Base- ballg Gym Leaderg Pipe Club. JOHNS HOPKINS 54 STEPHEN S. BARNET "Steve," "Barney" New York, New York Cassius, you have zz lean and hungry look. 1SHAKliSPliARli 1943-44. Far Fields Soccerq Far Fields Tennisg Orchestrag Dance Bandg Camera Club. 1944-45. Far Fields Soccerg Far Fields. Tennisg Camera Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Soccerg Far Fields Tennisg Camera Clubg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Tennisg Far Fields Golfg Camera Clubg Pipe Club. BROWN IOHN C. BARTON Iflack-,U lIBarl!! Memphis, Tennessee Born with thc gift of luughler and a sense Ihut the world is mud.-sA1mT1N1 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Tennisg Wranglersg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Golfg Art Editor, The Newsg Pipe Cluhg The Dial Boardg Sixth Form Showg Far Fields Golf. UNIVERSITY UF VIRGINIA SIXTH FDRM 1 A. LEWIS BENTLEY, IR. n'B6nt,U rrL0u,!l HAZ!! Perrysburg, Ohio I look to my hcef: as filfl as I could.- TERENCE 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Winter Trackg Track Squad. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Gun Cluhg Winter Trackg Track Squad. 1945-46. Tennisg Gun Cluhg Winter Trackg. Track Squad. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Gun Clubg Winter Trackg Varsity Trackg Pipe Clubg Reception Committee. YALE 55 THE DIAL 1947 HENRY M. BOSTDER ltHenril11 rrMuCn New York, New York He is .vo smooth and xleek.-ANON I943-44. Far Fields Footballg Camera Clubg Far Fields Baseballg Rifle Club. I944-45. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Baseballg Pipe Clubg Rifle Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Baseballg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Camera Clubg Pipe Clubg Avi- ation Clubg Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Baseballg Boxing. WESLEYAN 56 FRANK F. BOLLINGER IlBim,II lfB0IliU Sewickley, Pennsylvania Wit is that which has been often thought but never before was well expressed.-ANON 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Tennis. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Track. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Tennisg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Golfg Pipe Clubg Entertainment Committeeg Sixth Form Showg Reception Committee. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA ff - .Q A ROBERT F. BRANSCOMBE 1rB0b,1: nBunkey.u New Rochelle, New York I would give all my fame for a pot of ale.- SHAKESPEARE 1943-44. Far Fields Tennisg Form Bas- ketballg I.V. Terxnisg Form Hockey. 1944-45. Varsity Tennisg Form Basket- ballg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Co-Captain, Varsity Tennisg Wranglersg Pipe Club Committee. 1946-47. Varsity Tennisg Pipe Clubg Ring Committeeg Sixth Form Showg Reception Committee. , UNDECIDED l mf 1, K. SIXTH FURNI OWEN A. BROOKS N147-tl! Nutley, New Iersey He mmf 4 silent fellow.-MACKM 1946-47. Choristersg Far Fields Golf WESLEYAN THE DIAL 1947 ALBERT I. CARTER, IV "Al," "Bull," "Georgia Craefqern Alexandria, Louisiana I um zfery four! of Ihr' runipizny of lilfflillf. -IUIINSUN 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Winter Trackg Track Squadg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Varsity Footballg Winter Trackg Varsity Track. TULANE 58 PETER H. BUNCE "Pete," "Peterb0unee" Palmerton, Pennsylvania Htllil felfouf well 771C'f.+SWllf'l' 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Far Fields Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Pipe Clubg Far Fields Ten- nisg Wranglersg Colgate Cup Winner. 1946-47. Entertainment Committeeg Sixth Form Speaking Clubg Pipe Clubg Form llasketliallg Reception Committeeg Literary Board, The Dial. IRIN! ILTON MATTHEVV A. CLARK, IR. "Marr" Quakertown, Pennsylvania I like work, it farcinatcr mc: I can sz! und' Ioolq at it for hourf.-JEROME 1945-46. Far Fields Football, Iunior Track, Pipe Club, Q.E.D. 1946-47. Far Fields Football, Boxing, Track Squad, Pipe Club, Reception Committee. WESLEYAN SIXTH FURM A. GORDON CLARKE, IR. "G0rdy," 'fClarlqie" North Attleboro, Massachusetts Hi: figure ir fzufzdxonza' all girls he fan please.-LEYBOURNE 1945-46. Varsity Football, Far Fields Baseball, Form Hockey. 1946-47. Varsity Football, Pipe Club, Horsemanship Club, Winter Base- ball, Sixth Form Speaking Club. fi WILLIAMS 59 THE DIAL 1947 WILLIAM F. CLINGER "Bill," "C!ing" Warren, Pennsylvania 'flu' l4'lIl'llli.1' ll Ihf'1llrz', ffm mrlh 11 ,w'l1lg!'.- lll-.YVVUUD 1944-45. Traekg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. lunior Board, The Ncwsg Wranglersg Assistant Track Man- agerg Choristers. 1946-47. Vice-President, Choristersg Sixth Form Speaking Clubg English Clulug Manager, Varsity Trackg Make-up and Copy Editor, The Newsg Sixth Form Showg Pipe Club Committee. AINUIERST 60 THOMAS A. CLARY "Tom," "To Bo" Auburn, New York Hr had iz hun! fo l'0IIfllIl' 1115 N11 chu' 1f1I.AR IENIJON 1946-47. Pipe Clulug Gun Llub Varsity Golf. CORNELL SPENCER H. CONE "O0p," "Monster," "Spence" Bronxville, New York Oh, it is excellent to have a giant? xtrengtlz. -'SHAKESPEARE . I942-43. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Baseball. 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Golf. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Trackg Varsity Wrestling. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Varsity Wrestlingg Varsity Trackg Pipe Clubg Fifth Form Committee. 1946-47. Varsity Footballg Varsity Wrestlingg Varsity Trackg Pipe Club. YA LE SIXTH FURM MICHAEL DAVIES flMik-CII Rye, New York 1'1fc lived and loved.-COLERIDGE 1945-46. Choristersg Bandg Orchestrag I.V. Tennisg Form Basketball. 1946-47. Varsity Tennisg Form Basket- ballg Orchestrag Bandg Choristersg Pipe Clubg Senior Board, The Newxg Far Fields Tennis. BROWN 61 THE DIAL 1947 1oHN o. EHRENCLOU "mm," "off," "cm" New York, New York Ifrjoivr, U young mlm, in thy yo11rl1.- ULD 'l'l'.S'l4AfXll'V'l' 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Midget Basketballg Fur Fields Tennisg Or- chestrag Bandg Dance Band. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields B1lSCl71lllQ President, Fourth Formg Chess Clulug Bnndg Orehestrag Dance Band. 1945-46. Gym Leaderg Form Commit- teeg Chess Clulwg Orehestrug Bundg Wranglers. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Form liasketlmllg Far Fields Baseballg Y.M.C.A. Committeeg English Clubg 'Chess Cluhg Pipe Clubg Fall Term Dance Committee. 1f1z1NcEToN 62 CHARLES K. DWYER flRiCk'U Pottstown, Pennsylvania Tlzir if my own, my fliltiwc 111111 HROVNIN ING 1944-45. Far Fields Tenms 1945-46. Far Fields Tennis Far Fields Soccerg Wranglers. 1946-47. I.V. Soccerg Reeeptmon Com mittee. PEN N STATE C. ROBERT ELICKER, IR. "Bob," "Elk," "Roberto" Pottstown, Pennsylvania The .vmlle that won! come U1f.JVVEI.LS 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Form Committeeg Midget Basketballg A.A. Movie Clubg Far Fields Baseball. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Iunior Basketballg A.A. Movie Clubg Far Fields Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Captain, I.V. Basketballg AA. Movie Clubg Iunior Track. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Varsity Basketballg Track Squadg A.A. Movie Club. PRINCETON SIXTH FIPRM LOUIS EMANUEL, III "Bilbo," "The Weasel Lancaster, Pennsylvania I lzare lzarzlly z'z'rr known zz 77IlIf!Il'H1lIfILltIlI capable of 1'l'll.f0I1i7Ig.TPI.A'I'0 1946-47. Pipe Clubg Far Fields Golfg Form Hockey. PRINCETON 63 THE DIAL 1947 CONNER M. FAY "Conner" Longmeadow, Massachusetts For lhrrc is music in hir XUIII.-ANON 1945-46. Choristersg Press 'Clubg Octetg Far Fields Golfg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Choristersg Press Clubg Gym Leaderg Far Fields Golfg Far Fields Tennisg Pipe Club. YALE 64 LEONARD R. FAI-IS flldcnlf Weehawken, New Iersey A lean man bmi: all conquerorx.-ANON 1943-44. Midget Basketballg Far Fields Tennis. 1944-45. I.V. Soccerg Iutiior Basketballg Far Fields Baseballg Yacht Club. 1945-46. Varsity Soccerg Varsity Basket- ballg I.V. Tennisg Yacht Club. 1946-47. Varsity Soccerg Varsity Basket- ballg Track Squadg Yacht Club. DARTIWOUTH LEWIS M. FIREY, IR. lfllewll Washington, D.C. I too have commilied crinzes without 1111 ber.-GIBRAN I942-43. Gun Clubg Far Fields Tennisg Art Club. 1943-44. Gun Clubg Rifle Teamg Iunior Track. 1944-45. Gun Clubg Rifle Teamg Press Clubg Far Fields Football. 1945-46. Gun Clubg Rifle Teamg Press Clubg Choristersg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Iunior Soccerg Far Fields Base- ballg English Clubg The Record Boar-dg Gun Clubg Pipe Clubg Chor- isters. CORNELL SIXTH FURM CARL FISCHER lfFi5hllI lfNig!I Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The failh they have in lf'71flf!!1SHAKk spizimu 1944-45. Varsity Tennis. 1945-46. Co-captain, Varsity Tennis. 1946-47. Captain, Varsity Tennis. PENNSYLVANIA 65 THE DIAL 1947 DENTON FOX rrDcn,ll HRCJH Denver, Colorado They !'0f7I.!'lI IIN tlzry r'n11l1ljr1llou', fm! Ihry muffin? mfvy my nzfrirl.-Klviilwrz 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Ten- nisg Gun Clubg Cum Laude. 1945-46. Tennis Squad: Sixth Form Showg Dramatic Clubg Pipe Clubg Gun Club. VVILLIAINIS 66 IAMES W. FORGIE KllZ'm I! Washington, Pennsylvania Lrt him who ufoulrl' have wixzfom Jerk il. +5IBRAN 1945-46. Bandg Orchestrag Aviation Club. 1946-47. Bandg Orchestrag Aviation Clubg Dramatic Clubq Sixth Form Showg Chess Clulvg Far Fields Golf. M.l.T. RICHARD C. FRAZIER "Fm," "Fmzzle," "Butts" Shaker Heights, Ohio Fume is the thirst of youth.-BYRoN 1944-45. Press Clubg Varsity Wrestlingg Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Base- ball. 1945-46. Fifth Form Committeeg Pipe Clubg Varsity Wrestlingg I.V. Trackg Far Fields Footballg Chairman, Q.E.D. 1946-47. Sixth Form Committeeg Busi- ness Board, The Newsg The Dial Boardg Secretary, Press Clubg The Record Boardg Far Fields Golfg Var- sity Wrestlingg Track Squadg Trib- uwne Representativeg Sixth Form Show. PRINCETON SIXTH FURM HARALD P. F. FURTH "Chz'la'e," "Hal," "H.P.F." New York, New York Here is my throne: hid peasant: come how to if.-SHAKESPEARE 1943-44. Head of Forrng Iunior Soccerg Far Fields Baseball. 1944-45. Head of Formg Chess Teamg I.V. Soccerg I.V. Track. 1945-46. Cum Laudeg Chess Teamg I.V. Soecerg I.V. Track. 1946-47. I.V. Soccerg Varsity Traekg The Record Boardg The News Boardg Chess Clubg Sixth Form Showg Eng- lish Club. HARVARD 67 THE DIAL 1947 GEORGE P. GARRETT, IR. ffRed'Il KlRcb6llI Orlando, Florida lVlIt"l'!' :Ver hr me! ll xfrilngzvy tllcrr he left u fl'ff'7Ill.-I.0WliI.I. 1946-47. Varsity Footballg Winter Trackg Aviation Clubg Wranglersg Sixth Form Showg The News Boardg Sixth Form Speaking Clubg Pipe Club. 68 PRINCETON ANGELO A. GALLO, IR. HA ngnieu Pottstown, Pennsylvania I full n jig a ffgfrl spade a spade.- Miawxwniau 1942-43. Far Fields Footballg Form Basketballg Far Fields Golfg Gun Clubg Boxing. 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Midget liasketballg Far Fields Golfg Aviation Club. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Baskethallg Varsity Golfg Gun Club. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Form Basket- ballg Championship Varsity Golf. 1946-47. Varsity Golf. PENNSYLVANIA ROBERT Y. GARRETT, III lflockfl HB0bU Lancaster, Pennsylvania A merry heart maketh a cheerful counte- nance.-o1.D TESTAMENT 1945-46. I.V. Soccerg Far Fields Base- ballg Aviation Club. 1946-47. Varsity Soccerg Sixth Form Showg Pipe Clubg Far Fields Base- ballg Gym Leader. DARTMOUTH SIXTH FURM LOUIS E. GELWICKS, JR. IILOMJJI UGC!!! Flushing, New York And now the pilcher hold: the ball,- THAYER 1944-45. Winter Baseballg Varsity Base- ball. 1945-46. Far Fields Mgr.g Wranglersg Winter Baseballg Varsity Baseball. 1946-47. Varsity Soccerg Winter Base- ballg Varsity Baseball. PRINCETON 69 THE DIAL 1947 LEE GETZ "Lee," "Smiley," "Little Li ps" Scarsdale, New York I know you are laughing in your sleeve.- SHERIDAN 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Bas- ketballg Far Fields Baseballg Band' Pipe Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Far Fields Baseballg Pipe Club. 3 XALE 70 MICHAEL R. GENTH rrMike,J1 1rMigu6lr: New York, New York The old order rhangeth, yielding plans' to the 71610.-TLNNYSON 1943-44. Far Fields Soccerg Far Fields Baseballg Gun Club. 1944-45. Far Fields Golfg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Far Fields Golfg Far Fields Tennis. 1946-47. Far Fields Golfg Far Fields Tennis. UNDECIDED WALLACE M. GORDON rrTZ'ny,:f rr Wdllyzf Bay Head, New Iersey Spick mm' span new.-M1DD1,n'1'oN Yacht Clubg Far Fields Tennis. PRINCETON 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Golfg Pipe Clulmg SIXTH FURM HENRY B. GRAY, III ' rrHankU Birmingham, Alabama I with I wil.: in Je land of carton.-EMMEIT 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Basketballg I.V. Tennis. 1945-46. Varsity Tennisg Form Basket- ballg Q.E.D.g I.V, Tennis. 1946-47. Reception Committeeg Pipe Clubg Varsity Tennis. YALE 71 THE DIAL 1947 l 5 l H. LELAND GUNN ffBcn'U flldcell Little Rock, Arkansas He could whip his weight in wiIa'mts.-- FIELD 1944-45. Aviation Clubg Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Varsity Wrestlingg Far Fields Tennis. 1946-47. Far Fields Golfg Varsity Wres- tlingg Far Fields Baseballg Gun Clubg Spanish Club. PRINCETON 72 ARNOLD W. GUESS ffArny,I! ffguslf Leonia, New Iersey None but himself can be his parallel.- THEOBALD 1944-45. Gun Clubg Bandg Far Fields Footballg junior Basketballg Iunior Track. 1945-46. Gun Clubg Aviation Clubg Wranglersg Varsity Footballg l.V. Basketballg Far Fields Baseball. 1946-47. Varsity Footballg I.V. Basket- ballg Pipe Club. CORNELL ALEXANDER V. R. HALSEY "Admiral," "Sandy" Rumson, New Iersey Bid mf- IZfA't'0Ill'A'C', I will fvzfharlt thine air. -sHAKus1fLARu 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Midget Basketballg Far Fields Tennis. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Iunior Basketballg Yacht Clubg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Form Basketballg I.V. Tennisg Yacht Clubg Aviation Clubg Wranglers. 1946-47. Entertainment Committeeg Current Events Clubg Aviation Clubg English Clubg Reception Committeeg Form Basketball: Squash Teamg Tennis Squadg Sixth Form Showg Pipe Club. PRINCETON SIXTH FURM WILLIAM R. HAMILTON "Hczmic'," "The Voice" Little Falls, New York A zmt vxffrfzrliizrrc of IIHNIHIZ zo"z'r.- ARISTOPHANES 1945-46. Choristersg Track Squad. 1946-47. Choristersg Sixth Form Showg Far Fields Footballg Thanksgiving Day Sports Committeeg Aviation Cluhg Varsity Trackg Pipe Club. CORNELL 73 THE DIAL 1947 LEE HARING ffLceU New York, New York I am Sir Oracle, and when I ape my lips, le! no dog btll'lQ!TSHAKESPEARE 1944.-45. Iunior Soccerg Far Fields Ten ms. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennis, Q.E.D. Band, Orchestra. 1946-47. Far Fields Tennis, Orchestra English Club, Band. HAVERFORD 74 7 7 HOWARD F. HANEMAN n'Dad,U 1lFrizZ,U IIPOPU Brigantine, New Iersey He who has zz thoumnd friends.-EMERSON 1945-46. Varsity Track, Yacht Club, Varsity Soccer, Pipe Club. 1946-47. Varsity Soccer, Varsity Track, Dining Room Captaing Viee-Commo- dore, Yacht Club, Secretary-Treas urer, Pipe Club, Chairman, Sixth Form Speaking Clubg Reception Committeeg Sixth Form Show, Ioseph Campbell Memorial Prize. RUTGERS LUCIAN H. HARRIS, III IfLuCh,!! IIELZVSJJJ IILOMU Charlotte, North Carolina He profil' most who serve: Ivesl.-sH1e1.nox 1944-45. Iunior Soccer. 1945-46. I.V. Soecerg I.V. Wrestlingg Far Fields Golf. 1946-47. Far Fields Golfg Aviation Clubg Pipe Club. NORTH CAROLINA SIXTH FURM C. VANCE HAYNES IlC.V',l7 lfsnafufl Fort Peppernell, Ng,xdUU'f1dlancl-41-L22?2?3"' Put your trzfft in God, my lvoyx, nnzf keep your powder n'1'y!-HLACKHR I943-44. Trackg Aviation Clubg Rifle Club. 1944-45. Trackg Aviation Clubg. Rifle Club. 1945-46. Aviation Clubg Rifle Club. 1946-47. President, Aviation Clubg RiHe Clubg Track. 75 THE DIAL 1947 THEODORE A. HELLWIG, III llTcddy,!l flTedU Southport, Connecticut I know a trick worlh Iwo of thai.- snucnspnaluz 194647. I.V. Soccerg Boxingg I.V. Ten- nisg Sixth Form Showg Dramatic Clubg Sixth Form Showg President, Spanish Clubg Choristers. DARTMOUTH 76 ALLAN R. HEAVEY "Atom" Upper Darby, Pennsylvania When in doubt, win the trick.-IIOYLE 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Pipe Clubg Form Basketballg Far Fields Golfg Press Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Golfg Co-Head Cheer Leaderg Far Fields Tennisg Pipe Clubg Press Club. PENNSYLVANIA E. WILLIAM HENRY "Bill," "EmeeZ" Memphis, Tennessee Born for .meters he seemed, with grace zo win, and hmrt to l10Id.-SHAKESPEARE IQ44-4S. Far Fields Football, Iunior Basketball, I.V. Tennis. 1945-46. Pipe Club, Iunior Board, The News, Dance Committee, I.V. Bas- ketball, Varsity Tennis, Fifth Form Committee, Alumni Cup for Best General Reeordg Cum Laude. 1946-47. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Tennis, Sixth Form Committeeg Chairman, Fall and Spring Term Dance Committees, Pipe Club, Treasurer, Y.M.C.A.g Chairman, The News, Sixth Form Speaking Club. YALE SIXTH FURM DAVID L. HOLMGREN 1fH0agyll Englewood, New Iersey A merry heart zhaz laughx at caref- INI ILISIAN 1946-47. Varsity Football, Varsity Base ball, Varsity Basketball, Choristers Sixth Form Show. BROWN 77 THE DIAL 1947 l WILLIAM G. HOOVER 1rUgh,n rlshortyur nBZ'!7u Washington, D.C. People' who make no H0156 are dl1l1g!'l'01l.f -LA IfON'I'AlNli 1946-47. Varsity Footballg Wrestling Squadg Baseball Squadg Sixth Form Showg Pipe Club. YALE 78 IOHN R. HOOTON "Hoot," "I-lone," "Herb" Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I fu'liz'1'c Mcy flllkflf of mr, for Ifzey fungfzfrl 0011511nledfy.-VARQU11.-uc 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Gun -Clubg Far Fields Baseball. 1946-47. Pipe Clubg Soccer Managerg Aviation Clubg Sixth Form Showg Boxing: Far Fields Baseball. BR OVV N LEWIS L. HOY If-Louie!!! If-Leu!!! Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania Paficnce is the ber! rcmcdy for cz-'cry trouble.-P1.,xU1'Us 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Bandg Or- bhestra. 1946-47. Bandg Dance Orchestrag Far Fields Tennisg Sixth Form Show. UNDECIDED SIXTH FURM RICHARD W. HUDGENS 1lDick,!l ffHudg,I! HIV!! Chevy Chase, Maryland 171 not budge un blah.-SHAKESPEARE 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Baseballg Press Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Trackg Far Fields Baseballg Press Clubg Cur- rent Events Clubg Wranglers. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Winter Trackg Track Squadg Chairman, Press Clubg English Clubg Dramatic Clubg Sixth Form Showg Reception Committee. PRINCETON l 79 THE DIAL 1947 ROBERT G. IACKSON "Bob," "Ba-Ba" Glensliaw, Pennsylvania Tfzfrr is lurk.-'oil .ffxlllflllillg Iilqf ll .rionc wall. -Y-BI I: 1943-44. Form Basketballg Far Fields Baseball. 1944-45. Pipe Club Committeeg Far Fields Baseballg Form Basketballg Far Fields Golf. 1945-46. Varsity Wrestlingq Pipe Clubj Far Fields Baseballg Far Fields Golf. 1946-47. President, Pipe Clubg Far Fields Golfg Varsity Wrestlingg Sixth Form Committeeg Reception Com- mittee. I NDI 1 IDLD 80 W. HERBERT HUNT rrTex,JJ III-Icvrbiu r1Eg,g-bert!! Dallas, Texas Out wharf' Ihr hm1r1rl11,rp'.f 11 Iflllc xfronger. -oimvmim 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Baseballg Pipe Clubg Vice-President, Fourth Formg Form Basketball. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Winter Base- ballg Far Fields Baseballg Pipe -Club. 1946-47. Pipe Clubg Varsity Footballg Winter Baseballg Baseball Squadg Reception Committee. UNDECIDED FREEMAN N. IELKS, IR. "NapthaIene," "Freeman" I Savannah, Georgia I am from the South, Suh!--CLAGHORN 1944-45. Far Fields Tennisg Far Fields Golfg Aviation Clubg Gun Clubg Form Volleyball. 1945-46. Far Fields Golfg I.V. Trackg Wranglersg Winner, Colgate Cupg Iunior Board, The Newsg Form Vol- leyballg Current Events Club. 1946-47. Senior Board, The Newsg Sixth Form Speaking Clubg Gun Clubg I.V. Trackg English Clubg Pipe Clubg Sixth Form Showg Far Fields Golf. PRINCETON SIXTH FURM THOMAS P. IONES, II IfT0mJ! Nanticoke, Pennsylvania Hearty faith and honest cheer.-MEREDITH 1944-45. I.V. Soccerg Aviation C-lubg Iunior Basketballg Far Fields Base- ball. 1945-46. Varsity Soccerg I.V. Basketballg I.V. Trackg Aviation Club. - YALE 81 THE DIAL 1947 CARL W. KNOBLOCH, IR. "Knobs," "Knohhy" Stamford, Connecticut Honor lim in lzwzfzfi mil.-ct1,1-'v1f1 ANID 1944-45. Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Iunior Soccer, Iunior Board, The News, Far Fields Baseball. 1946-47. Business Board, The News, The Dial Board, Far Fields Golf, Sixth Form Show, Winter Track, Varsity Track, Pipe Club. Y.fi1.E 82 WILFRID MCN. KNAPP, IR. IIMHCU I Savannah, Georgia I will not give sleep io mine eye: nor :lumbar to mine t',V6lld.f.-OLD TESTAMENT 1945-46. Far Fields Tennis, Aviation Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Tennis, The Rec- ord Board. HARVARD REINHARD C. KUHN "Rein," "Rami" Chapel Hill, North Carolina Oh! Never a doubt but somewhere I shall Wdkt.-BROOKE 1944-45. Far Fields Tennisg Far Fields Footballg Press Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Form Bas- ketballg Press Clubg Camera Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Tennisg Pipe Club. PRINCETON SIXTH FURM GEORGE M. L. LABRANCHE, III "George" New York, New York Dressed in all his trim, he hath put a spirit of youth in everything.-SHAKESPEARE 1939-40. Far Fields Soccerg Far Fields Baseball. 1940-41. Far Fields Soccerg Iunior Track. 1941-42. Far Fields Soecerg Iunior Trackg Pipe Club. 1942-43. Far Fields Soceerg Iunior Traekg Pipe Club. 1943-46. In absenlia. 1946-47. Pipe Club. CORNELL 83 THE DIAL 1947 KENNETH F. LAY "Ken" N ewarlq, N cw I crsey Hr wmrx Ihr rose of yonlh upon l11'm.- s11.uu.s1-1-,Mu-, 1943-44. Far Fields Footlnullg Midget Basketlmllg Far Fields Baseball. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Iunior Basketballg Far Fields Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Form Basketbullg Varsity Baseballg Q.E.D. 1946-47. 'Current Events Clulug Varsity Baseball. COLUINIBIA 84 WALTER B. LASHAR, III "Walt," "Lash" York, Pennsylvania Gyr11n11.f!ir.f as wel! 111' nmfic' should lwgin in curly years.-111.A'1'o 1945-46. Gun Clubg Rifle Teamg Chor- isters. 1946-47. Far Fields Tennisg Pipe Clubg Choristersg Sixth Form Showg Gym Leaderg Current Events Clubg Q.E.D.g Range Officer, Gun Club. DARTINIOLTTH LAURENCE C. LAYTON nldarry U Georgetown, Delaware Why should Ziff' all Ialzom' f7l'i7-"I'l'.YYYSUN 1944-45. Far Fields Football: Form Basketballg I.V. Trackg Aviation Clubg Orchestrag Bandg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Wrestling Squadg I.V. Trackg Choristersg Pipe Club. IQ 6- . Far Fields Footballg Track 4 47 Squad: Secretary-Treasurerg Chor- istersg Pipe Clubg Ring Committeeg Sixth Form Showg Spanish Club. EBROVVN SIXTH FURM LOUIS K. LIGGETT, II "Crow," "Lou," "Lizard" Larchmon t, New York Thru hr' will tufk-good gurls! haw hz' will iclfkf-Ll-.1-1 1944-45. Far Fields Tennisg Form Vol- leyballg Far Fields Golf. 1945-46. Far Fields Golfg Form Volley- ballg Current Events Clubg Iunior Board, The Ncwxg Wranglersg Gun Clubg Press Clubg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Business Manager, The Nezvsg Press Clubg Current Events Clubg ' Dramatic Clubg Pipe Clubg Gun Clubg Gym Leaderg Far Fields Golfg Reception Committeeg Far Fields Baseball. I IkINICE'I'UN 85 THE DIAL 1947 l ALBERT F. MCGEE, IR. rrA!,l1 KIMLZCII Atlantic City, New Iersey No .wrnu-r .mid lhim fiom--so zldi' your Nltlll of ll'0l'1l1.fl-,VYIFS 1945-46. Choristersg Yacht Clubg Wran- glersg Fur Fields Footballg Wrestling Squadg Far Fields Baseball. 1946-47. Yacht Clubg Pipe Club: Chor- istersg Far Fields Footbnllg Winter Bascbullg Sixth Form Show. WESLEYAN 86 RALPH A. MCCLELLAND, IR. lrRa!ph,1J rfAlcC'11 rrMaCu Searsdale, New York .fl mlm that forrs and Iaugfzr mnxf sure do M'!'l1.--'POPE 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Hockeyg Far Fields Tennisg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Form Hockeyg Thanksgiving Day Sports Committeeg Fifth Form Committeeg l.V. Tennisg Pipe Club Committeeg Q.E.D. 1946-47. Pipe Club -Committee: Sixth Form Coininitteeg Varsity Tennis Managerg Far Fields Footballg Sixth Form Show. WILLIAMS IOHN F. MCKERNAN, IR. "Mac," "ChipmunIg" Summit, New Iersey Honey! labour lfmrx zz lowly fm'c.411A1.1 1946-47. I.V. Soccerg Pipe Clubg Press Clubg Dramatic Club. YALE SIXTH FURM PHILIP I. MCNALLY ffMaCIlY lfl,9Ck0,7! IIMOF-TOP!! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Yer nn' no, rm' nzehlze, an' mfhlw 1101.- VVESTCOTT IQ45-46. Far Fields Footballg Winter Trackg Varsity Track. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Winter Trackg Varsity Trackg Q.E.D.g Avia- tion Clubg Rille Teamg Sixth Form Show. DARTMOUTH 87 THE DIAL 1947 FRANK S. MANCHESTER flFrank,lJ llskipll North Attleboro, Massachusetts The .vlrongrxl und Ihr ficrz'r.c1 .cpiriI.- MILTON 1946-47. Far Fields Football, Wrestling Squad, Varsity Baseball. NI ASSACHUSETTS STATE DANIEL W. MCVEY KIMM-,U lfDanll Newark, Delaware Hz' if Ihr wry pintapplr of politrnfr1'.-- SHI-.RIDAN 1945-46. Pipe Club, Orchestra: I.V. Soccer, Wranglers, Winner, Colgate Cup Debate, Far Fields Tennis, Iun- ior Board, The News, Current Events Club, Form Volleyball. 1946-47. Pipe Club, Orchestra, The News, The Dial, I.V. Soccer, Far Fields Tennis, Sixth Form Show. PRINCETON BRITON MARTIN, IR. "Tim," "The Rock," "Timmer" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A popular man soon lvevometh more power- ful than power flSFlf.TBOLlN'ER 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Cupg Form Presidentg I.V. Track. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Form Com- mitteeg I.V. Trackg A.A. Movie Club. 1946-47. Varsity Trackg Captain, Var- sity Footballg Sixth Form Commit- teeg President, A.A. Committeeg Pipe Clubg Sixth Form Showg English Clubg A.A. Movie Club. UNDECIDED SIXTH FURM 7 l MARSHALL M. MEADS h'M'u?.-gh!!! IIDOCIJI flswumpil Iackson, Michigan P Pronder lhun milling in zmpuizl-for silk. -SHAKESPEARE 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Cham- pionship Track Team. 1945-46. Cross Country Teamg Aviation Clubg Choristersg Sixth Form Showg Winter Trackg Varsity Trackg Radio Clubg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Winter Trackg Varsity Trackg Choristersg Pipe Club. MICHIGAN STATE 89 THE DIAL 1947 ROBERT I. MIDDLETON flB0b,!! lfMiddyl! Camp Hill, Pennsylvania He would mic' for nothing 11111 zz supply of taothpir-ks.-11-LRROLD 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Tennis. 1946-47. Pipe Clubg Far Fields Tennisg Reception Committee. PRINCETON 90 DAVID H. MICHAEL 11MiChIu KIDHUEKJ IfMik-cl! Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania Iz must be done like lightning.--1oNsoN I943-44. Varsity Soccerg Varsity Wres tlingg Far Fields Baseball. 1944-45. Varsity Soccerg Varsity Wres- tlingg Far Fields Baseball. I94S-46. Varsity Soccerg Varsity Wres- tlingg I.V. Track. 1946-47. Varsity Soccerg Varsity Wres- tlingg Track Squadg Pipe Club. BROWN IOHN C. MOORE, IR. lfM0gi'l! IITOVJOIJJ ffdtomil Denver, Colorado I: your hunger never :atisfed and your thlrxf nffzfer t1lIE'I7ChfdiJLGIBRAN I945-46. Far Fields Footballg Pipe Clubg I.V. Track. 1946-47. Varsity Footballg Fall Term Dance Committeeg Winter Trackg Varsity Track. COLORADO SIXTH FURM IOHN C. MULVIHILL "john," "The Beard," "Mulzfz"' Denver, Colorado Why 12'on'l you .fprrzlq for yourrelf, Iohn? -LONGFELLOW I94S-46. Far Fields Footballg Rille Clubg 1.V. Golf. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Tumblingg Varsity Golfg Pipe Clubg Rifle Teamg Sixth Form Show. DARTMOUTH Q! THE DIAL 1947 l DAVID R. PALMER "Dave" Summit, New Iersey Swifl as ll fhzlrlow.-SHAKESPEARE 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Winter Trackg I.V. Trackg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Winter Trackg Varsity Trackg Pipe Club. HAMILTON 92 A. DAVID NICKOWITZ uDaZ!c,n r1NiCkn Bridgeport, Connecticut Goodwill is the mighliesl prartiful fora' in the lI71Il't'l'.ft'.-DOLE 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Bandg Orchestrag Choristersg Far Fields Golfg Boxingg Sixth Form Showg Pipe Club. UNION FREDERICK W. PAPE, JR. "Big Fred," "Profile," "Big Gaelic" Garden City, New York To be .rlrong if to be happy.-,wow 1946-47. Varsity Footballg Winter Base- ballg Varsity Baseballg Pipe Club Yacht Club. UNDECIDED SIXTH FURM FRANK W. PEIRCE nFran kv Phoenixville, Pennsylvania A penny for your tlzonglzfs.-svvll-'T 1943-44. Far Fields Tennis. I944-45. I.V. Soccerg Wrestling Squadg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. I.V. Soccerg Wrestling Squadg Far Fields Tennis. 1946-47. I.V. Soccerg Fields Tennis. LEHIGH Pipe Clubg Far 93 THE DIAL 1947 CROSBY B. PERRY "Scrubby," "Dynamo," f'Runt" Brattleboro, Vermont fl num lu-Iozfrd, tl man cleft of mr'n.- SWINBURNE 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Varsity Wrestlingg Far Fields Awardg Midget Baseball. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Varsity Wrestlingg Iunior Baseballg Form Committee. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Varsity Wres- tlingg Form Presidentg Pipe Club. 1946-47. President of Sixth Formg Var- sity Footballg Headmasteris Awardg Captain, Varsity Wrestlingg Presi- dent of Y.M.C.A.g A.A. Committeeg Spring Dance Committeeg A.A. Movie Clubg Speaking Clubg Pipe Club. WILLIAMS 94 DAVID D. PERKINS frDav6U Villanova, Pennsylvania To know ix 71 t"l'l'I',V1,lillg.-Fl ofhing 111 all to imagine is RANGE 1946-47. Far Fields Tennis Pipe Club English Club. HARVARD GEORGE PRICE, IR. ll Geo!! Tenafly, New Iersey A man he seem: of cheerful yesterday: and confident tomorrowx.-wonnswomn 1946-47. Far Fields Football, Pipe Clubg Gun Club, Winter Baseballg Varsity Baseball. CORNELL slxrn Form DOUGLAS C. PRIZER llD0ug,!l IIDICUIJ flCr05!l West Orange, New Iersey Then hail to press! Chosen guardian of freedom!-GREELEY 1942-43. Far Fields Football, Far Fields Baseball, Head of Form. 1943-44. Far Fields Football, Winter Baseball, Far Fields Baseball. 1944-45. Far Fields Football, Winter Baseball, Iunior Baseball, Choir. 1945-46. Far Fields Football, Choristers, Iunior Board, The News, Wranglers, Far Fields Baseball. 1946-47. Far Fields Football, Manager, Varsity Basketball, Far Fields Golf, Choristersg Pipe Club, Managing Editor, The News, Sixth Form Show. YALE 95 THE DIAL 1947 PIERREPONT D. ROBBINS "Pete," "Robbie," "Le Lapin" Greenwich, Connecticut The-re fx no fire without some .vmokr.- imvwnnn 1944-45. Far Fields Baseballg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Ten- nisg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Squash Teamg Pipe Clubg Tennis Squad. YALE 96 RONALD E. RICHARDSON uR.R.,n irsfnokyir 1fAC6l: Sistersville, West Virginia Hz' tfzinlqx loo IJIHt'l1"fIll'h men urz' flun- geronx.-s11A1ciasvimiu-. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Bandg Orchestrag Form Basketballg Far Fields Baseball. 1946-47. Orehestrag Bandg Far Fields Footballg Form Basketball: Sixth Form Showg Pipe Club. VVEST VIRGINIA NATHANIEL G. ROBERTSON, III HR0b,u HB0b,l! l1NazU Waverly, Pennsylvania Hel' u gemlemnnj look at his boots.-SHAW 1945-46. Far Fields Soccerg Far Fields Tennisg Glee Clubg Choristers. 1946-47. Choristersg Far Fields Golfg Far Fields Tennis. UNDECIDED SIXTH FURM WILLIAM S. RODIE, III HBH!!! Bridgeport, Connecticut Laughter if not all a bud beginning for u friendship.-WILDE 1942-43. Far Fields Footballg Form Basketballg Far Fields Golf. 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Cham- pionship Varsity Golf Team. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Bas- ketballg Championship Varsity Golf Teamg Pipe Clubg A.A. Movie Club. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Form Basket- ballg Championship Varsity Golf Teamg Fall Term Dance Commit- teeg Pipe Club Committeeg Wran- glersg A.A. Movie Club. 1946-47. Captain, Varsity Golfg Varsity Footballg A.A. Committeeg Fall Term Dance Committeeg Pipe Club. WILLIAMS 97 THE DIAL 1947 WILLIAM I. ROOME, IR. llBilI,!l flwillyli Wolfeboro, New Hampshire Rome warn? built in a day.-c1aRvAN'rEs 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Winter Baseballg Far Fields Baseballg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Pipe Clubg Winter Baseballg Varsity Baseball. BROWN 1 98 MORGAN R. RODNEY flR0dl!! !IR0ddyU West Los Angeles, California Go West young man.-GREELIEY 1943-44. Far Fields Soccerg Wrestling Squadg Far Fields Baseball. 1944-45. Far Fields Soccerg Wrestling Squadg Far Fields Baseballg Form Committee. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Form Bas- ketballg Far Fields Baseballg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Cheer Leaderg Blazer Committeeg Gym Leaderg Sixth Form Showg Literary Board, The Dialg Pipe Clubg Far Fields Baseball. STANFORD L WALTER A. RUCH, JR. llWa!tIU l'A'WaIlyD Memphis, Tennessee I have laid aside bll.f1'716.fS and gone a-fi.vh- ing.-WALTON 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Basketballg Far Fields Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Form Basketballg I.V. Golfg Wranglers. 1946-47. Far Fields Golfg Sixth Form Speaking Clubg Squash Teamg Form Basketballg Editor-in-Chief, The Dialg Senior Board, The Newsg Light and Lens Clubg Golf Squadg Pipe Club. PRINCETON SIXTH Form N. IAMES SAGE lflirnil! rrN.I.,11 rrlimbolz Elkhart, Indiana He thought as u sage though he felt as a man.-BEATTIE 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Winter Baseballg Form Basketballg Far Fields Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Winter Baseballg Baseball Squadg Wranglers. 1946-47. Literary Board, The Dialg The Recordg Business Board, The Newsg Winter Baseballg Varsity Baseballg Pipe Club. PRINCETON 99 THE DIAL 1947 HENRY SANDERSON "Sandy," "Bug Eyes," "Beau" Bedford Village, New York The lighf ix lrrighf in My cycx.-M1Tt:111,1.1. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Winter Track. 1946-47. Far Fields Tennisg Gym Teamg Spring Track. 100 ITNDECIDED ARTHUR H. SALINGER rlBru5h,U llSkZ'p,JJ 1114,-tv Bronxville, New York How f0I'l'f'fIll ure right lU0l'd.l'.-01.17 'l'IiS'l'A- NENT 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Winter Trackg Far Fields Tennisg Camera Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Winter Trackg I.V. Traekg Dramatic Clubg Pipe Clubg Current Events Club. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Winter Trackg Varsity Trackg Sixth Form Showg Horsemanship Clubg Dramatic Clubg Aviation Clubg Bandg Q.E.D.g Pipe Clubg Spanish Club. YXLE GILBERT T. SCOTT "Scotty" Washington, D.C. .-If large 111' Ziff' 111111 flt'fl'!' 1 1111f111'11l.f CARROLL 1946-47. Pipe Club: Varsity Football: Sixth Form Show: Gym Leader. WEST POINT SIXTH FUR!!! WILLIAM C. SELLARS "Will," "Fish" Maplewood, New Iersey To 6111, 111111 In drink, 111111 10 fu' NI!'l4l'j'.fA NEVV 'I'f-.STAIXII-1N'I' 1944-45. I.V. Soccer: Yacht Club: Form Basketball: Far Fields Golf. 1945-46. l.V. Soccer: Pipe Club: Yacht Club: Far Fields Golf. 1946-47. Pipe Club: Horsemzmship Club: Yacht Club. 1:rm1.1:.1x'1'u IOI THE DIAL 1947 STUART M. SPERRY, IR. "Stu," Hlclly Bean" Bronxville, New York A progeny of I!'!II'llfl1g.-SHI-ERIDAN 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Baseball. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Chess Teamg Far Fields Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Chess Teamg The Recordg Far Fields Base- ballg Wranglers. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg The Rec- ordg English Clubg Far Fields Base- ball. PR1Ne1iToN JAMES E. STARK, JR. llTed,ll llTadeJI Memphis, Tennessee Wise lo resolve, and patfcnl Ia perform.- Pops 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Far Fields Baseballg Form Committee. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Pipe Clubg Form Basketballg Q.E.D.3 Winner of Colgate Medalg Form Committeeg Far Fields Tennis. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Entertain- ment Committeeg Pipe Clubg Manag- ing Editor, The Diulg Sixth Form Speaking Club. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA 4 I02 HARFORD K. STEEN, IR. Illug-head!!! llKZ'rk.,!l ffHerb!J Newburgh, New York Going as if he trod upon eggs.-Bufvrox 1944-45. Varsity Track, Winter Track. 1945-46. Varsity Football, Winter Track, Varsity Track. 1946-47. Secretary, A.A., A.A. Movie Club, President, Q.E.D., Winter Track, Captain, Varsity Track, Var- sity Football. DARTMOUTH SIXTH FURM IOHN E. SWETT "Eben," "Big f0hn" Medina, New York T00 busy wilh the crowded hour, lo fem zo line or die.-EMI-:ksoN 1943-44. Iunior Soccer, Far Fields Ten- nis. 1944-45. I.V. Soccer, Form Basketball, I.V. Track Squad, Choristers. 1945-46. Secretary, Q.E.D., Vice-Presi- dent, Choristers, I.V. Soccer, I.V. Track Squad, Iunior Board, The News, Pipe Club, Winner of Col- gate Cup. 1946-47. I.V. Soccer, Sixth Form Speak- ing Club, English Club, Far Fields Golf, Chairman, The Record, Busi- ness Manager, The Dial, Copy Edi- tor, The News, Pipe Club, President, Choristers. YALE 103 THE DIAL 1947 F. IEROME TONE, III llM0u5e,l7 lllerryfl Niagara Falls, New York The littlr fnolcry Ihur wife mm fmn' nitllqex ll gffdf fh0H!.-SHAKESI"hARli 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Winter Baseballg I.V. Baseballg Camera Clubg Form Committee. I944-45. Varsity Footballg Winter Base- ballg Varsity Baseballg Camera Clubg Pipe Clubg Form Committee. IQ45-46. Varsity Footballg Winter Base- ballg Varsity Baseballg Pipe Clubg Form Committee. 1946-47. Form Vice-Presidentg Y.M. C.A. Committeeg A.A. Committeeg Spring Dance Committeeg Pipe Club Committeeg Captain, Varsity Base- ballg Varsity Football. XVILLIAMS T04 IOCK THORNTON Kllockoll Dobbs F erry, New York Life if Ilie g'tlI71f.'-'ROBINSON 1945-46. Winter Baseballg Pipe Clubg Varsity Baseball. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Winter Baseballg Form Basketballg Pipe Clubg Varsity Baseball. CORNELL ROBERT I. TRECKER ffTreCkll Milwaukee, Wisconsin ,Ind tl nmn nlrzlqr-.rfl'ir1111'.f wilhonl half fry- ing.-c:11A1-MAN 1946-47. Far Fields Managerg Track Squadg Pipe Club. MARQUETTE SIXTH FORM D. CHASE TROXELL "Trax" Montclair, New Iersey An honest man, like the true religion, appeal: to the underxmnding.-Axox 1945-46. Winter Trackg I.V. Soccerg Form Basketballg Varsity Trackg Or- chestrag Iunior Board, The News. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg The News Boardg Orchestrag Bandg Dance Bandg Pipe Clubg Winter Trackg Varsity Track. YALE IOS THE DIAL 1947 l EARL G. WAGNER, IR. "Gabe-y," "Gordo" Narberth, Pennsylvania There was cafe in Crzscyk manner: uf hc .flopped into his f7ILll'l'.-'I'I'IAYliR 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Winter Baseballg Pipe Clubg Varsity Base- ball. 1946-47. Varsity Footballg Winter Base- ballg Varsity Baseballg Sixth Form Show. 106 UNDECIDED IOSEPH VAN BUSKIRK nloavu 1rDuCk,u nDcaC0nu Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Oh! he :its high in 1111 the pcoplck' hcaris. -ANON 1943-44. Midget Basketballg Far Fields Baseballg President of Form. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Bas- ketballg Iunior Baseballg Vice-Presi- dent of Formg The News. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Varsity Baseballg Pipe Clubg Fall Term Dance Committeeg President of Formg Q.E.D.g VVinter Baseball. 1946-47. Secretary, Y.M.C.A.g Secretary of Sixth Formg Varsity Baseballg Var- sity Footballg Sixth Form Speaking Clubg Spring Dance Committeeg Pipe Clubg The Recordg Winter Baseball. YALE BRUCE T. WALLACE "Bruce" Iackson Heights, New York Let the man who woo: to win Woo with an unlzuiry chin.-cARNEr'r 1943-44. Bandg Far Fields Soccerg Midg- et Baseballg Form Basketball. I944-45. Soccer Squadg Form Basket- ballg Iunior Baseball. 1945-46. Varsity Soccerg Form Basket- ballg Pipe Club. 1946-47. Captain, Varsity Soccerg Vice- President, Riding Clubg A.A. Com- mitteeg A.A. Movie Clubg Pipe Clubg Form Basketballg Manager, Varsity Golf. SYRACUSE SIXTH FORM HAROLD F. WARREN r1H0Wie'Jf rrHalrJ Merchautville, New Iersey A: happy as any in Ihe WOI'Id.-PEPYS 1946-47. Varsity Footballg Pipe Club Track Squad. UNDECIDED 107 THE DIAL 1947 sHERWooD F. WEBSTER "Webby" Rochester, New York A sudden fhought striker mc-lc! nr .u l'lll Llll l'Il'lIlilf fI'l'!'l1If.fhlifI.--FRIRR!-Z 1946-47. Varsity Footballg Varsity Bas- I0 ketballg Baseball Squadg Pipe Club. AMIIERST 8 G. WILSON WASHBURN "Will," "Willie," "Wcz5hic" Brooklyn, New York Knouffczlgc lll'l'l'l' lcurllcrl of .fz'huo.'.f. WHl'l"l'lER 1943-44. Fall Tennisg Form Basketball Winter Tennisg A.A. Movie Club Form I-Iockeyg Varsity Tennis. 1944-45. A.A. Movie Clubg Varsity Soc cerg Form Basketballg Form Hockey Winter Tennis: Varsity Tennis. 1945-46. In Absentiu. 1946-47. Pipe Clubg Varsity Tennis Winter Tennis. DARTMOUTH SEARLE K. VVELLING "Searle" Morrisville, Pennsylvania I-'irxt in the fight and every gmeefnl zleefl. i'l-'UPU 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Wrestling Squadg Far Fields Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Varsity Wrestlingg Far Fields Baseball. 1946-47. Pipe Clubg Varsity Wrestlingg Reception Committeeg Horsemnnship Club. WESLEYAN SIXTH FURM FREDERICK W. WHALEY, IR. "Ted," "Fat Fred" Buffalo, New York Nollzing greul was ever uclzieeezl' wiihonf entlzuxiizmz .-E M ERSUN I942-43. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Tennis. 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Tennis. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Wrestlingg Iunior Trackg Iunior Board, The Neufsg Form Committee. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Wrestlingg Far Fields Baseballg The News Boardg Form Committeeg Q.E.D.g Winner of 'Colgate Medal. 1946-47. Far Fields Footballg Squash Teamg Far ,Fields Tennisg English Clubg The News Board. PRINCETON IOQ THE DIAL 1947 VERNON L. WISE, JR. "Vern," "Birdie" Butler, Pa. A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a hor.fe.-srmki-1sv1aA1ua 1944-45. I.V. Soccerg Press Clubg Far Fields Baseballg Gun Clubg Form Basketball. 1945-46. Varsity Soccerg Form Basket- ballg I.V. Golfg Press Clubg Iunior Board, The News. 1946-47. Varsity Soccerg Gun Clubg Pipe Clubg Gym Leaderg Golf Squadg President, Riding Clubg Press Clubg The New: Board. PRINCETON 1 IO ROBERT D. WICKWIRE rr Wictkyll H Wire!!! r1B0bl1 Iackson, Michigan Life if moxzly froth and bulihlr.--connox IQ44-45. Far Fields Footballg Bandg Urchestra. 1945-46. Fall Trackg Bandg Orchestrag Pipe Club. 1946-47. Bandg Orchestrag Baseball Managerg Pipe Club Committeeg Sixth Form Showg Dramatic Club. MICHIGAN STATE STEVEN H. WOOD lflveck-,lf A'!W0dc,U IIWOOJ-,VU Red Bank, New Iersey He gives light as soon as he arises.- FRANKLIN 1943-44. Far Fields Football, Form Bas- ketball, Midget Baseball, Gun Club, Camera Club, Form Committee. 1944-45. Far Fields Football, Form Basketball, Iunior Baseball, Gun Club, Form Committee. 1945-46. Far Fields Football, Far Fields Baseball, Form Hockey, Form Com- mittee, Gun Club, Press Club, lun- ior Board, The News, Pipe Club. 1946-47. The News Board, Press Club, Far Fields Football, Head Cheer Leader, Form Treasurer, Far Fields Baseball, Pipe Club, President, Gun Club. PRINCETON SIXTH FURNI CLARK WRIGHT "Chullqy," "ChunlqynuZ" New York, New York I will mainmin it before zhc whole world. -Mouenxa 1942-43. Far Fields Football, Form Basketball, Far Fields Baseball. 1943-44. Far Fields Football, Winter Baseball, Midget Baseball. 1944-45. Far Fields Football, Form Basketball, Iunior Baseball. 1945-46. Pipe Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Thanksgiving Day Committee, I.V. Baseball, Form Committee. 1946-47. Far Fields Tennis, Winter Baseball, Baseball Squad, Chairman, Thanksgiving Day Sports, A.A. -Committee, Pipe Club. WILLIAMS III Bone but not forgotten Iohn D. Adams, Ir. Peter S. Ash Samuel Arms Heard K. Baumeister George B. Buchanan Iohn B. Chick, Ir. Iohn L. Dale Norman H. Danby, I Mordy B. Davidson Henry S. Davis Bayard K. Fox Lloyd W. Grover George W. Hill, Ir. Robert I. Kaiser Richard G. Kirk Theodore A. Kobre William C. Lickle I'. Frederick B. Luyties William S. Medart, Ir. Peter Mendelson Thomas C. Palmer C. Robert Parkinson Robert A. Paulson Robert G. Potter, Ir. Clifford B. Reever Iohn M. Reynolds, III Edward M. Shulman Douglas G. Sibbald Robert R. Smith W. Talbot Spaulding Iohn R. Stevens W. Tylor Stevenson Iohn T. Trainor Iacques Walton Q Deceased VVilliam A. P. Woods 112 THE DIAL 1947 !fE...3 1-5- SNR .5-5. II3 THE DIAL 1947 'Q' Rf II4 THE DIAL 1947 6 IIS THE DIAL I947 116 THE DIAL 1947 I 117 THE DIAL 1947 0 c ,, 7 M C "" Vere Falla KIONES p :1-ENT ,Q J - N N r X it I, 3, I A' f l lf, ' N' K l f v li H "1 ' ' ,K " Yu In L r v lily is 7 K 'H .' Ns, I X 541 3 a xf l i C X fzr XX! at My Q t is T it +15 A 1 f 'P g T 1, Q 1 95 , A X X" X gg f5 , 'QT-1-gif'1"4KsYil Y ,T N55 in X 5' N Z Blah . ,gf Arg? l fix ,A Z -'W y J , -. pg wh 118 DIAL ELEETIUNS Done Most for The Hill ...............,....,. For Whom The Hill Has Done the Most .,,.,.,,.....,.,.......,..,...............,......... Most Popular ......A,..,......l.............,..,..... Brainiest l,....,......,...l. Best Athlete ..,.4.........,., Most Influential .........,... Most Versatile .........,............,.. Most Likely to Succeed ......... Best Looking ....,.i.......,.,....,. Biggest Bluffer .......,... Most Unconscious ..... Best Dresser .,......,....,.., Most Gentlemanly ...o...,. Biggest Grind ............. Wirriesr .........,.i,..,.r..,.. Biggest Loafer ,.,.,.,..,..,,. First to Get Married ........, Biggest Woman Hater ..,.. Has Most Drag ,. Smoothest Line ....,,,,..r Biggest Chimney ....... Class Baby .............r. Best Build .,...,. Best Voice ,r........, Most Generous ......, Biggest Eater ......r Meekest ...,.,,............,............,.. Class Caveman i....,....,..,..........,.. Done The Hill for the Most .....r. Noisiest .......s...,...r..,.......,....,.,... Never on Time .....,, Class Gloom ........r.. Biggest Sponger .,,...... Biggest Smile ..r.s.... PUB 1947 McClelland, Whaley, Cone Wood, Perry, Martin Furth,"" Henry, Fox Cone, Webster, Michael Perry, Tone, Henry Henryf' Perry, Wood Haneman, Perry, Henry Perry, Van Buskirk, Clarke Liggett, Wright, Wood Guess, Van Buskirk, Bentley Tone, Van Buskirk, Henry Stark, McVey, Perry Knappj" Furth, Sage Getz, Bollinger, Wickwire Richardson, La Branche, Layton Manchester, Layton, Robbins Wagnerfl' Genth, Martin Tone, Liggett, Martin Tone, Layton, Webster La Branche, Iackson, Robbins Rodie, Ruch, Allen Martin, Cone, Steen Layton, Clinger, Prizer Wood, Forgie, Hunt Moore, Scott, Hoover Hoy, Knapp, McVey Conef' Hoover, Pape Haneman, Firey, Swett Whaley, Wright, Hoover Allen, Halsey, Getz Layton, Carter, Clarke Allenlt Wood, Ehrenclou, Stark 'K Landslide THE DIAL 1947 Q G A X 31' , ii , P R mf lay X A I if 5 W' ,J ,,,, , V ff R gn, If ff , s-3i"'51'!'We if 25 ' K i , iii:-"'?'Jii XV fy 'Ms ai , 5 A 1 , S, - t ,SETS " ww sr' t3:f'43l!gI V, ,. f ! ' ' ,, i-- Q.-1 -ff -a Wg ..., 1 ' 5: ' T: ' M ff f , " I, 5 ' ,Jw ': -Q! n l 6 7' 5 ' ' . 2 f X' M - ' :"?f!ff' I r f U, T21 -' A L f fa fe I W y' L f 1 X ff' "" X ,i X is sq, 1 - :. if- 7-fx 5 ' , R Q ' Y 4 f H f J - , 4 f' iz, D L X it T , Y, X 7 I 1 fu l X i f II9 You lost last year? For heauen's salqes! My friend, it's practice that it takes! lust W07'k and exercise and train and-try and try and try again. Then, fLet the Upper Form dismaylj You'1l stand prepared to talqe the day. And, if, in brazen disregard Of that, they seem to press you hard- If, out of reason, quite, and rhyme, They seem to beat you every time- Dismay not, little man, nor fear: Y0u'll talqe it in your Sixth Form year. UNDEHFUHMS y J f X I Q-rw l m I' X Nb up' ' s 4 m v Jr- Q K QA... rs 1 4- '1" if f r q gggg,f15g Wm t L Fifth Form THIS year's Fifth Form, the largest class in the history of The Hill, was capably supervised by Mr. Iackson. Thomas and Rinehart led the form scholastically, while Bading, Har- rison, Mutch, and Wallis consistently attained honor roll averages. Starring on the Dell Field for the Fifth Form were McHenry, Harter, Ackerman, O'Connell, Hoisington, and Barbour, with Thompson and Schoonmaker co-captains-elect for next year. Among th-ose who lettered in soccer was Lea Blond, who was elected next year's captain. In the Winter Term, the basket- ball team was strengthened by Thompson, Lindsay, Downing, and this year's captain, Harter, while Breed, Rumsey, Barbour, and George were on the wrestling team. Promising candidates for the baseball team were Har- ter, Saunders, Freimuth and Rosse. Working again for the track team were Bartlett, Grant, Schoonmaker, Bouton, Harrison, Thompson, O,Connell, and Pfiieger. The tennis and golf teams were strengthened by Paton, Buech- ner, Sampson, and Hendrickson, as Paton and Hendrickson each re- ceived varsity letters in tennis and golf respectively. Serving on the form committees were Paton, Melly, Bartlett, Bouton, and Henderson. This group well demonstrated its ability to govern its class during the school year. There were many Fifth Formers active in extra-curricular ac- tivities. Serving on the Iunior Board of The News were McHenry, Paton, McClay, Humes, and others, while Kiggen, Billings, Carroll and Brown were heelers for The Dial. Samuel Humes was the head of the book shop for this year. The form also had many officers and members of various clubs and organizations such as the Yacht Club, Pipe Club, Aviation Club, and Cam- era Club. The gr-oup as a whole has the as- pects of being a powerful Sixth Form. MR. ARTHUR F. JACKSON, ffdUl.5t'7' I23 ' e x 5. .U -iv l. K F- 5 A' ' . 7'.-T-ik-Q nh. , H3 ni . L: my V .h . A .-, ,':j-A . ' ,, A , K . . V' :MQ fy M: ..., -If .h.. . 55 it A mana-nnisff 1-,if 1 " - ' - , , A I v.,L..L I 7. ,. ,iw . ,V J it . t I .. x . f 1 9' ',. Z -1 I , A , F 5 1 5 r ,L ' I 'T , , , ' v yi Y I I wif e f ffm" "' 1 s 'L A W4 , , r. -. ,. .,,,. , :J " , f V If 9 A , ' , . ' 'C 71 A Fourth Form THIS year the Fourth Form, again under the able supervision of Mr. Wight, proved to be a strong and highly spirited one. Although at first the form was led mostly by the old boys, it did not take long for the new boys to join in the activities of the group. In the Fall Term elections, Ben Martin was elected President, Smith, Vice-President, and Schock, Secretary- Treasurer. The results of the VVinter Term elections placed Schock, Presi- dent, Page, Vice-President, and Pape, Secretary-Treasurer. Scholastically the form was well represented on the Honor Roll, the most consistent members of which were Leach, Baxter, Frohlich,and Bason. In the extra-curricular activities, the form proved to be avid supporters of the vari- ous school clubs and publications. The class, in the field of sports, received great recognition for their achieve- ments during the year. On the football Held, the form boasted many players on the I.V. squad, the outstanding members of which were Roe, Leon- ard, Smith, and Markle, while on the soccer field Page was one of the most valuable players. In the Winter Term, Dick Martin was a member of the Varsity Basketball Squad. On the mats, Page showed himself to be a great asset to the team, Roe, Mar- tin, and Edson held berths on the I.V. squad. In the other Winter sports, Iack Pflieger participated on the Winter Track Squad,while Bob Baxter led the Iuniors in basketball. In the Interform basketball, the form showed both skill and sportsmanship in all their games. Thus with a fine record behind them, the Fourth Form will, with- out doubt, attain great things at The I-Iill. 1 t MR. RUSSELL B. VVIGHT, ,"1dZ!f5t'l' I25 f 1? .I , n 1' 5 a I 'L .L 1 ,, , ., ,E f.v, 'is' i ,N Uma . 5, r . 'Jr 'A Q-1-ML. f bf., , tbfiii n 1 " 1. Q K, ,. 4 fxx " ' ,sig " xii? mf , I i -,M Q 5 ' . .' f- 136 as V. IAM' ,, ,, 4 .,, , L51 YH- , tw.-uouwumsff ' ' 4 . f 1 ' 1 "1 L- . ., ? if H I L f I if 1 , Second and Third Forms Hrs year one of the largest groups of Second and Third Formers in the Thistory of The Hill came to the school from many different cities and states. This group of eager, enthusiastic boys soon settled down to school life, under the able leadership of Mr. Schaadt, Head of the Cottage, and soon they began to make a name for themselves scholastically and athleti- cally as well as in their extra-curricular activities. Thorne, Lambert, and Shouvlin held the scholastic honors in the Third Form, while the Second Form was led by L. Martin and Cowperthvvaite. In the field of sports, Luckett and Hunt were on the Iunior Varsity Foot- ball Squad, and Richey and Taliaferro were on the starting team of the F ourths. Stone played on the Fifthsg while Fisher, Gruber, and Kaul sparked the Sixths. In the Winter Term, , Richey, Kiggen, and Hunt held down r positions on the Iunior Basketball Team, Talley, Fisher, Embury, and C. Walker started for the Midgets. Besides their participation in these sports, all the Second and Third Formers displayed excellent spirit r and morale and made the other forms look to their laurels. Also many of these boys were members of the var- ious clubs about the School. In View of these many promising aspects and the good spirit of the Second and Third Forms, the classes of '50 and ,SI both seem destined to be successful in the years to come. A great deal of credit for the fine lead- ership of these forms must go to Mr. SCl'lH21dI. Hear! of Cottage MR. SAIWUEL B. SCHAADT, X: ' . 127 THE DIAL I947 IMA mn: nm mx, O1-Oxxl1,1,. Llxmw. SlII'llRI4Rll, xu'rl.l-1.1.xN. Smmvf: !Xll'l.l.Y, llrvlu-usuv. luxmx. MARIH. Full Term PATUN ITENDERSON MEl.l.Y' BARTH O'CONNul.l, SHERRERD Bm ITON LINDSAY MfIc,il,Hl,I.AN 1.28 FIFTH FORM COMMITTEE , President Vice-lifesidcm Secretary-Trczlsurcr Ist Committccmzm 2nd Cummittecmzm gui Commitrccmzm 4th Committccmzm , 5th Committccmzm Committecman-:lt-large I Winter Term , MELLY . PATON BARTLET1' TRUBE BOUTON . MOSELEY MKICANN NORTON THOMPSON To those who for the past three solid Terms have attacked, have kicked, have volleyed Successful, as it were, no less At golf and soccer than at chess, At football, tennis, wrestling, track- Who swayed with zeal demoniac, Now sneaker-shod, now catcher's-masked, The baseball even as the basket, The glove, the racket, and the tee- Who, covered as the case might be With spikes, with pads, with mitts, hav With bruises even as with sod- With mud, to make a lengthy story Short, even as with glory- Be there communicated here One final, comprehensive cheer. e trod Hi' M f 1 bv' 66 nf od H H f H G ix X . Qt? ,IH N! W WWW 4 V . N Sf FOOTBALL Ackerman Holmgren McHenry Rosse, fMgr.Q Van Buskirk Clarke Hoover O'Connell Schoonmaker Wagner Cone Hunt, W. Pape, F. Steen Warren Harter Martin, Brit., Perry Thompson Webster Hoisington fCapt.j Rodie Tone SOCCER Fahs Hooton, QMgr.j Michael Wade Gelwicks Iones Page Wallace, B., CCapt.j Haneman Le Blond Rinehart Washburn Hendrickson Maurer Saunders Wise, V. BASKETBALL Downing Harter, CCapt.j Lindsay Webster Elicker, R. Henry Prizer, CMgr.j Fahs Holmgren Thompson WRESTLING Barbour Frazier lackson Page Rumsey Cone Gunn Michael Perry CCapt.j Stevenson, CMgr.j BASEBALL Freimuth Harter Tone, CCapt.j Wickwire, fMgr.j Gelwicks Saunders Van Buskirk TRACK Clinger, fMgr.l Grant Pflieger, T. Thompson Cone Meads Steen, Qflaptj TENNIS Branscombe Henry McClelland, CMgr.Q Fisher, fCapt.D Paton Washburn GOLF Gallo Hendrickson Rodie, QCapt.j Wallace, fMgr.j 133 Football CONQUESTS OF PRINCETON FROSH AND PEDDIE ARE HIGHLIGHTS OF 1947 SEASON CAPTAIN TIM MARTIN returned to Dell Field with an enthusiastic squad, which he presented to Coach Riley about a week before school began. This was the first squad which Mr. Riley has had the o-pportunity to coach since his return from the armed forces. Mr. Iackson and Mr. Ward assisted Coach Riley in shaping up a Hne football team. Captain Tim Martin led the team throughout the year and performed an excellent job holding down an end position. Along with Captain Martin at the end posts were Clarke, Van Buskirk, Buck, Moseley, and Webster. To support the backs our guards and tackles were Cone, Wagner, McHenry, Billings, Holmgren, Hoisington, Hoover, and Rumsey. Pape and Hunt, alternating at the center spot, made a fine showing throughout the season. At quarterback the team had Rodie, Harter, and Perry. The speedsters in the halfback position were Barbour, Warren, Schoonmaker, Steen, and Acker- man. Thompson, O,Connell, and Guess supplied the power in the fullback spot. In the initial contest of the season, the Hill gridmen fought a powerful Williamson Trade team to a scoreless tie. A large crowd of spectators saw a Hill touchdown nullified in a re- sultant penalty. However, brilliant defensive play by Hill, especially by Captain Martin at end, prevented Williamson also from scoring. In their second game of the new season, the Hill team met with a little tough luck, and bowed before the powerful running attack of the I.V. from West Chester State Teach- ers' College by the score of 20-o. Many spirited Hill threats to score were thwarted by the strong oppo- nents. However, a fierce goal line stand by the Hill prevented a higher score. BRITON MARTIN, Captain 135 THE DIAL 1947 The entire squad traveled to Haverford to engage in their third game of the season. Almost the entire Sixth Form, who journeyed to Haverford in chartered busses, saw the valiant Hill players defeated 20-0 by the stellar passing and receiving of a powerful Haverford eleven. A series of costly fumbles helped to spell defeat for the gallant men from the towering city. A faint ray of hope for a rally by the Hill gridmen was given the spectators when, in the third period, Schoonmaker broke through the Haverford de- fenses for a thirty yard gain. On the defensive side of the game, Pape and Wagner excelled, making many hard tackles to throw the victors off balance. In the most thrilling game seen on Dell Field in many a year, the Hill football team came from behind to defeat a heavily favored Princeton Fresh- men aggregation by a 19-13 score. Bill Rodie and Iohn Barbour featured in this upset by making ninety-one and fifty-six yard runs respectively. A series of fumbles by the Princeton men aided the Hill team in its first victory of the season. With Captain Tim Martin on the injured list, the Hill team bowed to a strong Wyoming Seminary team by a 19-I3 score. The fast and heavy Wyo- ming team came from behind in the last quarter to avenge the I5-6 defeat of the previous year. Warren and Thompson scored for The Hill. Ioe Van Bus- kirk did an excellent job in Hlling the vacancy at end which was caused by injured Captain Martin. The Hill came from behind to lead at one time during the bitterly contested game. l Once again the Hill football team took to the road and ended up in Hightstown, New jersey, where they severely drubbed the Peddie varsity before a large crowd of Peddie alumni and Hill Sixth Formers by a score of 20-7. The Hill football men fought hard and spiritedly to gain their second victory of the year in a game which was thought by many to have been the best exhibition of Hill football tactics in many years. The sparkling play of the Hill team brought many comments from the intensely interested on- lookers-both from Peddie and Hill supporters. In their last game of the season, the Hill team came out on the losing end of a 38-6 drubbing handed to them by an extremely powerful and experi- enced Lawrenceville. This was the forty-first encounter between the two great prep school rivals. The Hill touchdown was obtained on a pass from Schoonmaker to Thompson from kick formation 3 Thompson lateralled to Harter to complete the touchdown play. For many boys, this was their last football game in prep school competition.- 136 THE DIAL 1947 1946 FOOTBALL TEAM lfurlq row: vuuw, wAluu4.w, 11ux.x1cs1u-.N, x'ANm'sK1uK. crews, xutHr1Nlu', u'c:uNN11.1,, xx'.mNn-,u, -rrxr, 11, Szrorzzl rum: '1'oNr, uumxxa, 1f,x1'l-., lf.. WI-Hs'l'ru, lmlwl-,u. awww, ,xf'Kn.Iul.-W, lwssl, Ulgrj, Ififxl l'UH'Z mmm-,, 'I'llUMl'S0NI, m.xu'1'lN Ql,l1fm11'.'1J, sc:1muwx1.xx1-.u, IIOISINKDTUY. x G. , N . MR. WlLBI'Il C. RILEY, Coafh COLIN Roggpg, Mdnugez' 137 Sutter GIRARD HELD SCORELESSg FAVORED LAWRENCEVILLE ELEVEN DEFEATED THE 1946 soccer team, captained by Bruce Wallace, showed exceptional skill and determination in winning five of their nine games, three were lost and one tied. Returning early were lettermen Wallace, Michael, Wise, Washburn, and Page, A.H.A. winners Fahs, Le Blond, and lonesg and vet- erans of last year's B team, Haneman and Rinehart. These, in addition to newcomers Gelwicks and Maurer, formed the nucleus of this year's team. Coaches Cowperthwaite and Morgan soon developed Maurer and Gel- wicks into first string goalies, and they shared this position throughout the season. Page and Haneman played left and right fullbacks respectively. Iones, Rinehart, and Michael played the three halfback positions, while out- side players Wallace and Le Blond and inside players Washburn and Wise were effective in the line. Fahs was coupled with these at center forward, providing a strong front wall and keen scoring attack. Substitutes Saunders, Henderson, and VVade supplied valuable reserve strength Whenever called upon. In their first game The Hill suf- fered a hard-fought 3-o loss t-o West Chester College, an older and more experienced team. On the following Saturday, however, "C0ppy's" came back for an exceedingly close 3-2 vic- tory over Lower Merion High School on the opponents' Held. They fol- lowed up this victory by defeating Abington High School 2-I despite a slippery field. Wise and Fahs man- aged to rack up The Hill's scores in the second and third periods. For its third victory of the year, the team downed HaVC1'fOfd C0ll6gC,S I.V.'s BRUCE WALLACE, Captain T39 THE DIAL 1947 3-o. Le Blond put The Hill into the lead in the Hrst period, and Michael scored on a direct penalty kick in the third period, followed by Washburn's fourth quarter goal on a pass from Le Blond. In the hardest fight of the season The Hill men held a strong Girard Col- lege team to a o-o tie. Showing excellent defensive play, goalie Maurer and the fullbacks successfully stopped Girardls brilliant offensive play to keep the game scoreless throughout two extra periods. In the first quarter The Hill missed its chances to score and for the rest of the half held back a tough onrushing Girard offense. Again in the third quarter The Hill threatened Girard's goal, but for the rest of the half and the two five-minute overtimes they were forced to successfully hold off the aggressive Girard team. Their efforts resulted in their tying a team which had not been beaten in forty-six games. At the hands of an older Princeton frosh team The Hill was thrown for a 4-o loss. Although "Coppy's" netmen threatened Princeton's goal re- peatedly, they failed to score, and were forced again and again into defensive play. ' The next week Hill added Reading High School to its list of victims by a score of 2-1. After a scoreless first half, Michael fired a free kick into the goal to tie the Red Knights' third period score. With less than a minute to go, Le Blond booted in a pass from Pflieger for the Winning point. In their last defeat of the season, The Hill team fell before the might of a powerful and hard-fighting Peddie team. The Peddie net-men gained a two point lead in the first period and held it until Washburn scored during the third. In a last period rally The Hill failed to score, and the game ended in a 2-1 loss. Finishing off the season with an exciting victory, The Hill beat a strong Lawrenceville team favored by six points by a 2-O score. Following a few minutes of Lawrentian offensive play in the first period, The Hill took the ball into their opponents' territory and on a pass from Michael, Washburn kicked in the first goal of the game. In the second period the Blue and Gray kept the ball deep in their opponents' territory, but an unusually good de- fense kept them from scoring. The third quarter saw another score as Wal- lace booted the ball in on a pass from Fahs. Throughout the last quarter The Hill controlled the ball and the squad ended a successful season with a 2-o victory over their traditional rivals. At the end of the season Le Blond was elected captain of the 1948 varsity squad, and accompanying him as returning lettermen for that team will be Maurer, Pflieger, Hendrickson, Wade, Buechner, Rinehart, and Page. Mr. Cowperthwaite, who began the season with a very inexperienced team, soon whipped them into a dauntless and exceedingly high-spirited group. 140 THE DIAL 1947 1946 SOCCER TEAM Hilljf I'0ll'Z PAGI, l.l'l.NVlK'KS, IIXYI-,Xl.XY, NI'Xl'Rl.R, IHNIJRIKTKSUNI. xfffllllf VIIIUZ IxlNl'.HAli'l', 5.-KUNDICRS, KIlCllAll., yous, WAN., IIUUTUY Ulgfxy. l'1'r,v1 ww: 1,1-. nxnwlm, wlsn, VV.-X1.l.XlfI4 fffzlflfrlllllj, w.xslml'RN, l- M IS. MR. ROBERT CZOWPERTHWAITE, Courh IOHN I'IO0TON, Manager 141 Btaslaetball LAWRENCEVILLE DEFEATED IN CLIMAX OF HARD LUCK YEAR OMING from behind in the closing period of a thrill-packed game at CLawrenceville, the 1947 Blue and Gray quintet defeated its traditional rival, 35-32, and brought the season to a close with a record of six victories and eight defeats. Although this record was far from impressive, the season was considered a success from every other standpoint. The schedule was one of the most diflicult in recent years, and the victories over Lower Merion, Princeton Freshmen, and Lawrenceville were upsets that rate the highest of praise. When the season opened, Coach Dave Telford's prospects were bright with three returning lettermen, Thompson, Harter, and Fahs, leading a crop of athletes. Holmgren, Downing, and Webster stood out among the new- comers along with Elicker, Lindsay, and Henry from-last year's Iunior Varsity, and Frank Allen, who was fore the Christmas vacation the Ur- sinus College I.V. and Central High School of Philadelphia fell in rapid succession before the stro-ng Hill ag- gregation. The first game upon the team's return after the holidays went to Overbrook, who won twenty con- secutive games before they were de- feated cluring the winter. Then for the next five games the team had to do without the services of their Cap- tain, Dick Harter, who came down with the mumps. The initial encoun- ter without Harter came at Annap- olis where the powerful Navy RICHARD Hamm, Cupzain ' 143 idle last year because of an injury. In 5, the opening games of the season be- V THE DIAL 1947 "Plebes,' trounced the Hillmen, 57-29. Still showing the effects of Harter's absence, Coach Telford's courtmen bowed to Lawrenceville in the first meeting of these two teams last winter, 36-24. In the next game The Hill came from behind to down Girard College, 25-24, and to break out of their temporary slump. It was the Lower Merion game, however, played on the opponents' court, which really began to indi- cate the potentialities of the team. After jumping to a quick 8-0 lead, The Hill never relinquished it and won, 36-31. In the next. contest Haverford High School won a hotly contested game in overtime, 39-38, a game which easily could have gone the other way. The Hill was led in this game by their tall point-scoring specialist, Sherwood Webster, who scored twenty-six points to fall one short of the Gillison Court record set by Killinger the year before. After Hill's 50-46 loss to Peddie, Haverford Prep scored four points in the last ten seconds to steal a certain victory from The Hill five, 41-39. Un- defeated Perkiomen proved to be too strong in the next encounter and won the contest, 56-33, but the second meeting with Peddie saw fate once again with the opposition as Peddie scored a basket in the last five seconds to win a 23-21 decision. The Princeton Freshmen game was decidedly the highlight of the season. Sporting a Io-o record and New Iersey,s greatest basketball star of 1946 from Cliffside Park, the Princetonians came to The Hill to lose their first and only game in overtime, 54-51. The contest was highlighted by the brilliant play of Webster who scored twenty-eight points to break the court record. Web hit with eighty percent-of his shots and was an inspiration to his team- mates with. his outstanding spirit and ball handling. Dick Harter also ex- celled and gave evidence that he was now back to his usual style of play after his illness by scoring fourteen points. The team was prepared to carry the fight to Lawrenceville the next Sat- urday, and displaying a courageous performance of spirit and drive, they came from eight points behind at the end of the first period to win a thriller before a large dance weekend crowd at Lawrenceville, 35-32. Captain Dick Harter, even though he missed five games, was second high scorer for the team, surpassed only by Sherwood Webster who broke Kil- linger's season scoring record with his 203 points. Fahs, Thompson, Elicker, Downing, and Holmgren also excelled on the first string while they were ably backed by Allen, Henry, and Lindsay. ,. Much credit must go to the fine coaching of Mr. David Telford who over- came the early difficulties and developed the squad into a potent group. 144 THE DIAL 1947 1947 BASKETBALL TEAM link row: AI.l.l4Y, lil-Nlw, 1.lx'nsAv, 1mI,Mcslu4.N. l"l'UlIf row: 1-Aus, VVl',BS'II'R, 1lAn'1' U,'uph1f11j, '11l4mP- SON, DOWNING. A NIR. DAVID PFELFORD, COCICIZ IDQUGLAS PRIZER, Mgngggy' 145 Wrestling WRESTLING SQUAD COMPLETES UNDEFEATED SEASON THE Hill School VVrestling Team under the able tutelage of Coaches Wight and Iackman completed an undefeated season this year. Ably led by Captain Crosby Perry the team won eight dual meets and placed third in the National Prep School Tournament at Lehigh University. The popularity of wrestling at The Hill has increased steadily since the sport was first introduced in 1943. In order to accommodate the large fol- lowing' all but two of the matches this year were held in Gillison Court. The first match of the 1947 season was one of the most difficult since the team had practiced only three days. However, the grapplers were able to beat Haverford High's excellent team by a score of I7-IO. George School was the next match for the team which they won by a 30-5 margin. The match was a very exciting one with the Iackson-Lightfoot match the highlight of the day. Iackson Hnally pinned Lightfoot, who was one of George School's best I wrestlers, in the third period. The team, with a week of practice, had greatly improved as shown by the score and the Hillmen looked for- ward to the next match which was with Landsdowne High School. In the Landsdowne match Dave Michael, The Hill's 154 pounder, demonstrated his great ability by de- cisioning Hopkins, last year's District One champion at 154 pounds, by a score of 12-5. Gunn, Frazier, Page, and Barbour also flattened their op- ponents as the team won by the margin of 31-5. Without doubt the highlight of the eao th 'r fth .' , S n was VIC Ory 0 C CROSBY PERRY, Captazn ,N 147 THE DIAL 1947 Wightmen over the Yale Freshmen Team. Each bout was close and the Hillmen did not win until "Oop" Cone pinned his man in the last match. The Hnal score-Hill 14-Yale 12. In the next two matches the team accomplished the feat of shutting out their opponents. Against Haverford, who was crushed 32-O, Gunn, Frazier, Michael, and Barbour pinned. At their first away match the team shut out Peddie 39-o. ' The Wightmen next wrestled the Penn Iunior Varsity at Hill and, con- trary to the expectations of many, soundly defeated the Red and Blue by a 24-6 count. Gunn, Frazier, and Michael continued pinning their opponents. "Oop" Cone lost his only bout of the season. when "Hangman" Morgan, who had just returned from being chief mortician at Nuremberg, defeated him. The Hill wrestlers then journeyed to Lehigh University where they placed third in the twelfth annual Prep School Tournament. Michael and Barbour each won individual championships while Rumsey took second place in his division. The final match of the season was against Lawrenceville, our traditional rival, who had a strong team. However, with Michael, Barbour, Rumsey, and Cone pinning, the Blue and Gray triumphed by a score of 23-9. "Scrubby', Perry, the captain, had an undefeated season until his last match. He deserves extra credit for his fine leadership of the team through- out the championship season as well as his excellent wrestling. Leland Gunn developed into a strong and dependable leadoff man as he won five matches, four by falls. Dick Frazier, the 127 pounder, lost only one bout, which was a close one to Yale, while he won six, three by falls. Bob Iackson proved to be a reliable man while winning all but his final effort against Lawrenceville, including two pins. Although handicapped by much taller opponents, Ehret Page wrestled his men with ample skill, compiling a record of four wins, two defeats, and one tie. Dave Michael, the veteran of the squad, has had an unbeaten record this season. He also won a Prep School Championship. Dave set the pace for the team as he got five pins in eight matches. Iohn Barbour also had an un- beaten record and a Prep School championship. He won eight bouts, three by falls. Bronse Rumsey was a runner-up in the 175 pound class at Lehigh and a dangerous man all season. Three of his four victories were pins. "Oop" Cone has a record of seven wins and only one loss. However, much of the success of this year's team must certainly go to Mr. Wight for his excellent coaching, constant inspiration, and his will to win. 148 - THE' DIAL 1947 1947 WRESTLING SQUAD Bark row: BNRBUI R RL 'mn smile, xuuxmux.. Frou! row: QUNN, xfxnzlru 1muu' ffftlflfzlfllj, IACKSON, mm.. Mu. RUSSELL B. Wlczrr, Coach G. BARNES STEVENSON, Manager 149 2 Baseball HE prospects for the 1947 edition of the Hill Baseball team looked good Twith six lettermen returning. Veterans from last year's squad include Captain Ierry Tone, Ioe Van Buskirk, Art Freimuth, Dick Harter, Bill Saunders, and Lou Gelwicks. With these mainstays and new boys Barbour, Webster, Holmgren, Wilson, Manchester, Pape, and Price the squad opened spring practice with at least two candidates for every position. The battery squad, again led by veteran pitcher Lou Gelwicks, showed considerably more strength than last yearis aggregation. Wilson, Thornton, Manchester, and Rosse promised to see considerable action while Lay, Price, and Pape are in reserve. The catching department was happily augmented by Web Abbott, who is expected to become a first rate receiver. He will be backed by Herb Hunt, up from the B Far Fields, and Iim Sage. In the in- field, Barbour, Webster, and Holin- gren will fight it out for first base while Harter and Billings will strive l for the third base p-osition. Saunders is the rnost experienced shortstop, but second base is a toss-up between Ackerman, Le Blond, and Richey. The outfield has three returning let- termen, Tone, Freimuth, and Van Buskirk. Wagner and Roome afford able reserves in this department. With this abundance of players, Coach Lemley stated that this year's squad has some of the best material he has coached at The Hill and he hopes the season will be as successful as the prospects indicate. The boys returned early to get in - shape for their tough thirteen game F. Janome TONE, Captain 151 THE DIAL 1947 schedule which will include two games with our traditional rival, Law- renceville, both the Pennsylvania and Princeton Freshmen, and the Annap- olis "Plebes." Princeton, Annapolis, and Lawrenceville will be after revenge for the defeats they suffered last year and for setbacks in other sports this year. Hill will be gunning for Peddie and Reading High School, the latter having been unbeaten by Hill for many years. As a prelude to the regularly scheduled games, three warmup games were played. In the first practice game, which was with Pottstown High School, Hill pounded their pitcher for twelve hits and twelve runs while holding their opponents to two runs. The Blue and Gray's attack featured two hits apiece by both Van Buskirk and Billings, and Barbour's theft of home. Gelwicks started for Hill and was followed by Manchester, Wilson, and Thornton. The second practice game was a 2 to I loss to the Pottstown Industrial League All-Stars. The game was close all the way, with a last inning rally by Hill falling short as Elicker was caught off second base to end the game. Gelwicks, who struck out four men in two innings, Rosse, Lay, and Thorn- ton took their turn on the mound. Though Hill lost the game, Coach Lem- ley was pleased at the way the team was showing up in the early season games. In the last practice game, Hill beat Royersford High School 5 to 2 in spite of the absence of most of the Sixth Formers on the squad who were taking College Board Examinations. Rosse, the starting pitcher, was relieved by Wilson in the third inning. Barth came to Wilson's rescue and finished the game. Webster was the big gun in the attack, collecting four hits in four times at bat, including a home run and two doubles, while he scored two of the five runs himself. Episcopal Academy was the first regularly scheduled game. This contest featured a pitching duel between Lou Gelwicks and Iack Dale, a former Hill boy. Though Dale allowed thirteen hits in the nine innings he pitched, Hill was able to score only two runs, the same number that Episcopal got off Gelwicks. When, at the end of the tenth inning, it became too dark to finish the game, it was called a 2-2 tie. Going into the last half of the ninth frame, Hill, after repeatedly failing to score, finally pushed over the tying run when Bill Roome's pinch single drove Freimuth in from third base. Mr. Lemley and Mr. Morgan deserve much credit for their excellent coaching. The number of experienced players on this year's team are a trib- ute to their ability to develop young boys into skillful players in a short time. Bob Wickwire should be credited with doing a fine job in his un- heralded work as manager. a 152 THE DIAL 1947 1947 BASEBALL SQUAD Bark row: RICH!-.Y, BARBQLYR, Rossa, w1x.SuN, 'r1mkN'roN, BILLINLQS, 1io1.x1muaN. M1'11'J1e row: ACKERMAN, BIANCHI-QSTER, ABBo'1"r, wulcsmg 1ufx'1', SAUB. Swlffrlz VVAGNI-.R, SAUNDHQS, VAN BUSKIBK, 'mrvra QCnp1.J, czmwlcfxs, FREIMLITII, HAu'rr.11. MR. WA1.T13B H. LEMLEY, Conrh ROBERT D. VVIQKWIRB, Managw' 153 THE DIAL 1947 154 Track As this yearls Dial goes to press, The Hill Track Team prepare themselves for what they hope will be a very successful season. The enlarged coach- ing staff, of which Mr. Colbath is head coach, consists of Mr. NVard, men- toring the sprinters, and Mr. Iackson, coaching the various field events. Captain Kirk Steen reports that his returning lettermen, Spence Cone, Marsh Meads, Dick Thompson, and Fred Grant are in Hne shape and very eager to begin the season. These men are supported by AHA men, Bouton and Schoonmaker. A great deal of Hillls hope rests on Bill Hamilton, our rapidly improving miler. He will probably be forced to carry The Hill's colors all alone in this event, since no other miler has clocked a passable time. Bill broke five minutes at the National Preparatory High School and Preparatory School Meet held in Madison' Square Garden during the Winter Term. It is quite probable that he can shave the time down consider- ably for the ensuing meets. Mr. Ward's sprinters, led by Meads, Schoonmaker, and Palmer, should do more than break even, and Mr. Iacks-on has a good weight squad, particularly Spence Cone, who can place in all three Weight events. The broad and high jumps are amply manned by Troxell, Dixon, McNally, Grant, Richards, and Furth, While Meads and Bentley are top-flight hurdlers. Kirk Steen and Bill Bouton should take care of the 440 and 880 respectively. Dick Thompson, who was Hill's best shot-putter last year, will be counted on to score in his event, and backing him up will be Fritz Harlemarl. KIRK STEEN, Captain 1 155 THE DIAL 1947 The team started their season in the Winter Term with a loss to Peddie. In the National Meet at Madison Square Garden during the Winter Term they failed to place because of the unusually stiff competition which they had to face. Although completely outclassed in every event, The Hill men were game throughout, and fought hard. However, Marshall Meads was the only member of the team to gain a place, earning a fourth in the 60 yard high hurdles. In the 60 yard dash, the first of the running events, Meads, Palmer, and Schoonmaker all placed second in the trials of their heats, but were left behind in the semi-Hnals. The half-mile run was one of the fastest at the meet. In this event Bill Bouton was The Hill's only runner. Bouton finished sixth in a large Held, falling over the Hnish line. Also during the Winter Term, on Ianuary 24, The Hill relay team, repre- sented by Merritt Dixon, Ieff McNally, Marsh Meads, and Captain Kirk Steen, travelled to Convention Hall in Philadelphia to participate in the One Mile Prep School Relay which was one of the numerous events of the Third Annual Inquirer Track Meet. The Hill placed second in their section, not far behind a strong Peddie team, with Marsh Meads the main sparkplug along with Captain Steen. Meads, the third man to run, went from fourth to second in his three laps, establishing a position which Captain Steen was well able to hold. Hill came in fifth place in the finals. Each year during the Winter Track season, there are a series of intra- squad track meets. The squad is equally divided into two teams called the Greeks and the Trojans. Kirk Steen captained the Greeks while Marsh Meads led the Trojans. In the Hrst meet, the Greeks barely nosed out the Trojans by the very close score of 662 to 64Z. Individual stars were Schoon- maker, Steen, and "Irish" O'Connell, each of whom earned at least one first place. In the second meet, the Greeks clinched the championship of the squad when they defeated the Trojans by a 68-61 score. The school extends the best of luck to the track team in their ensuing meets which will be with Norristown High School, Princeton Freshmen, Peddie, and Lawrenceville. The team will also participate in the Penn re- lays and in a Triangular Meet with Episcopal High and Woodberry Forest School at Alexandria, Virginia. Although the team has little hopes of attaining the near perfect record of the 1945 squad, which was the National Champion, Eastern Prep School Division, they anticipate a consistent rise in their ability throughout the year. 156 HE DIAL 1947 1947 TRACK SQUAD Bllfk I'0lt'Z GARRIJIT. TRUXI-,I.l., AYIDRIAXVS, YA1iS, MXVRIQR, O'iIUYYl.l.I., IlAXlI1.'l'UNI, IIUBBILLI., III'MI'HRl.Y LYOBLOCH. 1:0Il1'Ifl l'!1!t'Z lil-QX'l'l,lY, BIL'IIi4YRY, GAIQIJIYIEIK, Yli'lIlll.AS, AlAR'l'lV, LITSK, LINIDSAY, RICHARDS GEORGE. Thffff 1'0li'I MIIZIIXl.l., IUYI-S, ll.-XIIY, XK'i'S'l', RL'MSl'Y. DIXOY, BKOXVY. HARRISON, 1'lfl.lI.GIaR,, T., IURTII. SCl'071If l'0lt'Z BiR'l'l.l-1'I"I', MK? NALLY. ijR,,XY'l', AILXIJS. S'l'l,l-'Y. KTUYI-,, 'i'IIlJ'Mlf5ON, BOUTON, IIANLMAN 'llnf l'0llfZ Pl-'Lllzlll R, I., NXARIH Y, SKIIIOONKIAKYR. RH IY, l'.Kl.XIl.ll, t'.'kli'I'l,ll, S.'U.INGI-R. HENRY CULHATH, Cocffh NVILLIAM IT. CILINGER, Manager 157 THE DIAL 1947 Hd 1947 TENNIS TEAM ck row: x1c:c:l.l-.LLAXJD Olgfj, 1m'l'uxI, rzmav, Mu. Blwlmnala QCOHCM. lliflrllr row: nr.NRY, 1sl-.Uc1nN1fR Rm'1llwc'K, BAK:-R. S!'Llll'IlZ I5RAXSCOIN1lili, wAs1usUlzN, xllsrrxnk CCupl.H. I 58 Tennis HE Hill net-men are returning this spring to face a tough schedule, al- though Coach Bender anticipates a much more successful season than that of last year. This year the strength of the team lies mostly in the return of four varsity lettermen, Captain Carl Fischer and Bob Branscombe, the co-captains of the 1946 squad, Bill Henry, and Dave Paton. A Hfth letter- man, who was a member of the undefeated teams of 1944 and 1945, is Wil- son Washburn. Completing this mighty ensemble are Henry Gray, Iim Baker, Bob Buechner, and a promising newcomer, Gil Rothrock. Gil was the runner-up last summer in the Pennsylvania Boys' Singles Tournament, and just this past spring vacation reached the semi-finals of the Swarthmore Interscholastics. Thus far Coach Bender has not announced the order in which the team will play, and it will not be an easy task with the material he has to pick from. The team is starting off with a match against Episcopal on April 19, to be followed by matches with Ped-- die and the University of Pennsyl- vania Freshmen. The next scheduled encounter will be a return engage- ment with Peddie on their courts, and our Hrst matches with Law- renceville. For the last two games The Hill will once again leave the campus, first to Lawrenceville for the Hnal of our series with them. and then to play the Princeton Frosh Team. This schedule of two college matches and Hve matches against ex- cellent prep school teams presents a formidable challenge to Benderls net- men, though we are all confident that, backing its experience with their traditional spirit, the team will CARL Fxscnnn, IR., Capzain emerge most successfully. 159 THE DIAL 1947 1947 GOLF TEAM Iiuvk row: NVAI.l.At'!' Ulgzzj, IXll'l.YIIllI,l., m:1.Aux'. smusmr, mnulsctn, MR. KIiNDAl.I. QCUKICIIJ. Front row mms: 14, uxNn1uuxsm:, nuuux f!,'upr.b, uAL1-u, IXIACIXIANUS. 160 I v Gulf ALTHOUGH The Hill Varsity Squad is facing one of the toughest schedules that they have had in many years, Coach Kendall and Assistant Coach Evans are conhdent of a highly successful season. The Hill has only three returning lettermen, namely Captain Rodie, Gallo, and Hendrickson, how- ever, MacManus, who has played on the Valley Forge Varsity for the past two years should be a very potent addition to the nucleus of the team. Back- ing up the Hrst four positions are Samps-on, Gamble, Garbisch, Clary, and Mulvihill, the five of whom will fight it out for the last positions. The season will commence this year with a match against Haverford School, to be closely followed by encounters with the U.S. Naval Academy Plebes and the Reading High School squad, all of which matches are away. The first match at home will be with the Princeton University Freshmen, after which the squad will play one more match on their own links, with the Pennsylvania Varsity Squad, before travelling again to meet Peddie. There will be two matches with y C M Lawrenceville, and they are sched- uled, per usual, with one here and one on their course. The 1947 squad's chief aim this season is to preserve the school's rec- ord of the past five years of being un- defeated in preparatory school com- petition. Although this year's team does not have the experience of some of the recent championship squads, the extremely strong first four posi- tions should play a major role in pre- serving the golf record. At the end of the term the annual Hill School thirty-six hole Cham- pionship Tournament will be held open to all entries, as is customary 1 from year to year. Captain Bill Rodie, y who has played Varsity Golf for the l past four years, should figure strongly. VVILLIAM S. Ronin, Captain 161 O THE DIAL 1947 CHEER LEADERS Y, A. IIPANI-.X, 5. VHJUIJ, NI. ROIINIX, 162 if Ni x. ml Nm THE DIAL 1947 C. PERRY, K. STEEN, BRIT. IXIARTIN, R. IIARTER, C. FISCHER, B. VVALLACE, W. RODIE, TONE. A.A. COMMITTEE Hrs year the Athletic Association was made up of Briton Martin, captain of the football team, Bruce Wallace, captain of the soccer team, Crosby Perry, captain of the wrestling team, Dick Harter, captain of the basketball team, Ierry Tone, captain of the baseball team, and Kirk Steen, captain of the track team, who represented the major sports, While Bill Rodie and Carl Fischer represented the minor sports. At the beginning of this year Martin was elected President, Tone was elected Vice-President, and Steen was elected Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Ward acted in the capacity of faculty ad- viser to the Association. The major duties of the Athletic Association Were to award letters to the members of the varsity teams and to award numerals to the Far Fields and form teams. 163 Here's tribute to a candidate For a varsity squad, a major HH." A lad but of recent a graduate - From the teams of our own Far Fieds. And here's to all the athletic teams, A jinal tribute to Iunior Sports Whose training and experience seldom seems So vital as it really is. UNIUH SPORTS W, O XMI .-rv .LM x v My , ' 7151 ' U xx 'fff xt ge ff THE DIAL 1947 ,.V 1 166 The Par fields HE far fields program is twofold in purpose. First of all, it gives the boy who is too small or inexperienced for varsity play an opportunity to enter into competition with outside teams. Secondly, it prepares boys for future varsities by teaching them the fundamentals and the sportsmanship which are essential to the game. Mr. Ward, returning after three years as a major in the Marines, supervised the twenty-five game program last fall. His personal part in helping each boy to play and enjoy the game was and is appreciated by all who played on the far fields. The Iunior Varsity was a newcomer to the far fields last fall. Created to give outstanding underformers varsity coaching and training, the I.V. went through their season with only one defeat in a five game schedule. Coaches Telford and Schaadt guided the team through its successful season, which proved to be the best record on the far fields. Opening the season with a 7-o win over Bethany, the I.V. showed immediate strength and team-work. Their only loss, how- ever, was suffered in the following game, a 19-o defeat at the hands of Reading. Bethany went down in de- feat once again by a 39-0 score, and Peddie bowed likewise t-o a 39-14 de- feat. Their Hnal game was with Law- renceville, and the I.V. again emerged victorious by the score of 25-6. In this game all four of Hill's touchdowns were scored by Hahn. As in the Peddie game, he scored the Hrst of these on the first Hill scrim- mage play. Also outstanding was Edson's line-backing and all around play, while starring in the line were Leonard and Roe, at guard and a e tackles respectively- FERC IXLLEINIAN, Award Iflfinner 167 THE DIAL 1947 IUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL W Back row: MR. SCHAADT CCouchQ, w. DOWNING, E. cI-IEsTERMAN, G. NICHOLAS, R. LUSK, IORDAN, H. GRAHAM, H. SANISON, R. Mc AIEEE, W. GEORGE, R. LINDSAY, J. BAR'l"LET'I',, R. TRIMBLE. Third row: R. CONKLINVG, w. LEONARD, R. BARTH, 1. MARRLE, sPAnoNE, ROE, B. MARTIN, LUCKETT, MAC MANUS, RYAN, MR. TBLFORD QCoachJ. Second row: R. I-IAHN, PAPE, w. PARKE, R. Mc CANN, J. SHERRERD, w. BINGI-IAM. Seated: T. RILEY, TAIT, L. HUNT, MILLER, R. SMITH, T. EDSON, PYLE, T. PFLIEGER, NORTON fMgr.j. The Thirds, heretofore the heaviest and most experienced of the far fields teams, were coached by Mr. Wight and Mr. Swift. Confronted by seven formidable teams, they ended their season with three wins and four losses. Pottstown and Wilson drew Hrst blood, each with 6-o victories over Hill. These initial defeats, however, spurred the squad on to win over Pottstown I3-0 in a return engagement. A heavier Norristown eleven scored the seven winning points over a stubborn Hill team in the next encounter. Armed with "readys,', "counters," and "sneaks," the Thirds met and defeated Read- ing 7-o, in a spur of the moment contest. An impressive 27-2 win over Shil- lington, however, was their final victory. The closing game, against Read- ing, Was the one they wanted most to win. Injuries in the early part of the game handicapped their attack considerably, and they suffered a 20-o loss. Captain Wood was outstanding in the line as were Manchester and Paton. In the backfield Palmer and Richardson starred. The Fourths, under the coaching of Messrs. Iousson and Werrenwrath, came through the season with five wins and two losses. Their two defeats 168 THE DIAL 1947 1 -na is...-1. :ii FAR FIELDS THIRDS Back row: BABcocK, Ross, 'rHuRNToN, uEA1"riE, G., P1.A1'1', GARDINER, HAMILTON, BENTLEY, A. L., STEF- PENS, Mc NALLY. Third row: Mn. WIGHT QCouchj, Nrcxowirz, LAYTON, HA1uusoN, PALMER, VVXDEMAN, woon fCapt.j, SAGE, Mc GEE, 1ucHARvsoN, ABBOTT, RooME. Second row: HUMPHREY, ANnREws, YVHALEY, s1'ARK, EHRENCLOU PATON BAKER, TRUBIE, BARNEY. Front row: IWULVIHILL, PRICE nosnms, HUDGFN9 CLARK, WHEELER sotrrow n1ENENs1'ocK. came at the beginning of the season from Pottstown, and Boyertown with respective scores 6-o and 25-O. Profiting by their early losses the F ourths went on to conquer Wilson 19-6 and Pottstown 26-6, an impressive reversal of their former meeting. A determined Hill eleven next met and defeated Nor- ristown 6-o in the final period of play. The 6-o victory over Reading and the 6-o conquest of Rittenhouse climaxed their seven game season. Co-captains Alleman and Breed distinguished themselves in the line and backHeld re- spectively. At the end of the season Alleman was awarded the Far Fields Trophy for his improvement, spirit, and sportsmanship. Baxter's punting was ably supported by a strong line, and on end Taliaferro excelled. ' The Fifths under Coaches Harding and Hartman dropped four and tied two in a six game season, injuries throughout the fall were largely respon- sible for their record, however. Tying 6-6 their opener with Pottstown, Hill was given a 20-o beating by Boyertown in their second game. Pottstown ascended the Hill once again, defeating the Fifths 21-I2 in a hard fought contest, and the following week, the Hill split 7-7 with Stewart. A cancel- 169 THE DIAL 1947 Q - n... mek., . FAR FIELDS FOURTHS Back row: MERTENS, CRATK, J. BURR, R. HUNTER, R. DRENV, A. BAXTER, R BIXTER, T. DRISCOLL, MR. WERRENRATH CCoarhQ. Third row: MR. IOUSSON CCoachj, 1. MAKIVER, HARPER, MUNCK, SPERRY, D. GEORGE, EREED, TALiAEERRo, ELORMAN, HEENAN, cRuNow. Second row: GUM, w. BROWN, P. CLEWIS, CRAWFORD, G. HUMES, SMITH, ORGILL, MEIFSKE, RicHEY, LIILLER. Seated: HUBBARD, BENTLEY, s. HUMES, E. LEWIS, L. WEST, BUTLER, PHELPS, FREEMAN. lation was made in their schedule, so they lost their chance for a victory over Reading. A swift Boyertown eleven captured the last game b'y a score of I3-0' as the Fifths looked forward to better luck next year. The starring players of the team were Hank Mulvihill and Van Dyke in the line, and Whiteley in the backfield. The Sixths, ably coached by Mr. Richard and Mr. Cross, were not con- sistent in victory, however, they did play well together. Out of sixgames, they won two and lost four. Pottstown bowed first to a 21-6 Sixths' victory, and then were vanquished a second time by a 35-0 score. The Sixths were downed in the remaining games by Stewart, Shillington, Haverford, and North Coventry by scores of 6-0, 26-6, 7-2, and 19-o respectively. For the Sixths, special mention is made of the fine play of Fisher, Lambert, Kaul, Storm, Leith, Schock, Gruber, and Myers. 170 HE DIAL 1947 ! " AJHSX A 'Mm R fi- FAR FIELDS FIFTHS Buflq row: T. HARRIS, GONZALES, FABLQR, s'roNE, G. vv11.Lmx1s, B. WORTH, SVVIQENFY, BONSALL, 'rr.vx.nR. Third row: IXIR. HARDING fC0lIt'h,, OSTROXV, mum, NHL, MOWRRY, MU1.vlHn.1., '1'Rr.Mfw, 1w1NxNc:, HORNE, BOSCH, NIR. HARTIXIAN fCUZIl'f1Q. Scconn' mm: rzfxluslsuu, cox, xx. Klucmrv, RU'I'TER, VVALKHR, Rnows, cs. w1l1Tn11.m'. Sealed: Hmczuxmw, ww mxuz, '11 1x1u.1.x-'R, s.xl.1NG1-.R,, PEARSON. FAR FIELDS SIXTHS Buck row: BRLCKENRIDGH, 11u'1'c111NsoN, KINARD, nnwfxnns, STORIXI, CIRIMMXYS, mu-1Rs. Third row: MR. RICHARDS CConchj, F151-IRR, 1so1.1'uN, c,RU1sr3R, scnocx, wEL.c:H, 1.AMxs:aR'1'. 1n4.N1.1NE, INIR. cuoss CCouchj. Second row: FERENBACH, I-.IXIBURY3 ULM.-xx, c,ooDw1NE, VANDIQRSLICR, D, Junwsow, 12. TA1.1.Iav, :x1c:AIfEP:. Seated: KAUL, LEITH, s'1'm'nNs, Munch, APPEI., c:17NN1Nr:HM1, x1cc:LusKm', nmuxr-.. 171 HE DIAL 1947 JUNIOR SOCCER llmk I'1Il1'I xm. XYIIl'IlI.IX 1I,'u.n!11, 51'1'1u111mx, x1r11as1-, 1a1'1-1,1x', 111'1'111f'11, 111011.-xx1, x11'l1.1x1.1. uws, N'I'I,XI ws. Il11l1l!4'1f111':511x111, 1-uw 1 11. 111xu1',xx1. 1.. '1'1v14N1-11, l5Il,I IYKISI 1.1, 1'1uw11m1111. 1-mv1'1 1x1'11w.x11'1' Al'l'I-,I., x.u1411r,11as1111u1. IQISNIII. I-wut 1-11111: 1-41w1141u1, :x1.x1a'1'1w, 1.., x11'1ci111-1,1,, Dlllllil, .-www, M, 1'u'1u14, 1a1411ww. 1 I 4 Q L 1 2: 5 Ig V A 3 Eg 1 fx I I 3 1' , .1 A BOXING CHAMPIONS ,.x,.,l 1 t H111111111, 1111-11.111m1w, ra.x14111'1"1', 1.,, NIIILIAII lllll, 111151-11. 7 I7.. THE DIAL 1947 GYM LEADERS Buffy mu' s 1111 111 1 II RUUXIX 1 xs11.i1t, 1. 11. 1+.11t'1'oN. S!'!'f'llI1l wiv: XIMI is nxnmra. Ifront row: 14. G.-XRIH '1 1 Xl 1 1 XI ix c Rot C11 Winter Term Sports NDER the direction of Mr. Riley, the Winter Term non-Varsity sports program got under way with the traditional Inter-form Basketball Tournament. Each team played approximately fourteen games i11 the round- robin schedule. All boys ineligible for Varsity teams played ball in the tour- nament on teams made up of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Formers. The players practiced or played four days out of each week, and once the season actually started, two teams faced each other 011 the playing court while the third practiced plays to be used in its ensuing contests. The end of the tournament found the Seniors in the championship berth, having lost but one game, and that game by one point, to the Fifth Form aggregation. The Sixths were ably coached by Mr. Bender. The first string consisted of Richardson, Iones, Davies, Halsey, and Getz. These were sup- 173 THE DIAL 1947 CHAMPION SIXTH FORM BASKETBALL TEAM Bdfk l'UWZ BUNCH, GALLU, W"il.I.ACF. IJVOHI TOM!! HALSI-LY, BABCOCK, GETZ, DAYIES, RICHARI ported by Gallo, Wallace, and Bunce on the alternating second string. In general, the team showed fine playing ability in executing their various plays which culminated in the championship of the tournament. Under the eliicient coaching of Mr. Richards, the Fifth Form team gained second place in the standings. The first string, which included Bingham, Ieffries, Hahn, I. Whiteley, and Platt, displayed excellent playing ability in all their games, and the final tabulation of points found Ieffries the team's high scorer for the season. The team gained one victory over their traditional rivals, the Sixth Form, preventing a shutout by the Seniors. The team's repeated victories over the Fourth Form compensated for their losses to the Sixths, and thus they gained the runner-up position on the final ladder in the tournament. The younger and less experienced Fourth Form group was forced into third place under the heavy scoring onslaughts of the Fifth and Sixth Form teams, but they fought bravely to the final Whistle. Under Mr. Hartman's skillful coaching the first string, which was made up of Baxter, Dennig, Corkran, Silver, and Pyle, exhibited a certain ability of play throughout 174 THE DIAL 1947 IUNIOR VARSITY VVRESTLING SQUAD Buck row: iilmi-,s fllgfzb, H. xiAa'r'1N, XVIII-'I4.I.l,K, cai,onoF,, Ron, :x1EI.1.x', iivsox. F1'0lIfIU!l ll Ml LXIIIILL wmnz, mu in nw ci.:-.x r., 1 i uit Mow i in the season and faced the older and more experienced Fifth and Sixth Form teams with enthusiastic determination. The Iunior Varsity Basketball team had a very successful season, having seven marks in the winnerls column and only three in the loser's. Of these, two were the Varsities of Boyertown and Shillington High Schools. Among the more prominent teams which fell before the powerful Hill I.V. were Perkiomen, Haverford, Peddie, Reading, and the traditional rival, Law- renceville. All of the contests, save the one against the powerful Haverford squad, were overwhelming victories. Coach Wendell Harding chose as his first string MacManus, Iack Elicker, Sherrerd, Guess, and Al Baxter, who also captained the Hve. Supporting these players on the second string were Ockene, Buck, Henderson, McAfee, Barth, Baker, and McCann. In the final count of points it was shown that Sherrerd was high scorer for the team. The Iuniors Basketball team, coached by Mr. Schaadt, finished the season with an admirable record of seven games won and two lost. These losses were by narrow margins to Boyertown and Rittenhouse, and the teams dis- 175 THE DIAL 1947 IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM BHC ' l'0M'I Ill LRSUN, BVCK, R. MCAIAI-.I1, BAKER, HARTII. FFOIII 1'0lUZ MAC MANUS, SHIHR lx ccuffdfilj, Nut: v, orziu-Nia. played fine spirit and ability in these games as they did throughout the en- tire season. In each contest, the first boys to appear on the court were Schock, Smith, Grunow, Markle, and G. Whiteley. These first string men were backed by L. Martin, Gonzales, Kiggen, Stone, and Rutter. G. Whiteley was high scorer for the team during their playing season. This team will furnish ex- cellent playing material for future Hill Varsity basketball teams. Mr. Dave Telfordls duties, besides Varsity basketball coach, include his mentoring the youngest of the sub-Varsity basketball teams, the Midgets. On this team Mr. Telford develops players in their early years in preparation for the Varsity. The first string of Fisher, Embury, Rothrock, Horne, and Stevens gained a season record of five wins and three losses. Other members of the squad were Gruber, Thorne, Hunt, and C. VValker. Coach Iackman's I.V. Wrestling had only one match to this date in the Winter, defeating tl1e Perkiomen Varsity by a 16-14 score. Those who wrestled were Breed, Wehe, Ben Martin, Mowery, Edson, Melly, Roe, and Wendell George. 176 THE DIAL 1947 T IUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Burk row: 111"1"1'1411, 1111x'1'111, 111-.1-QNAN, s'11w1-,, 1.. x1,x11'1'1v, 11, Klczm-xv. lfmnf mu: 1111,111f,v, mzuwuw, 51111111114 1C11pf11ir1j. 19,111-,s. czoNm1,1.l. MIDGET BASKETBALL TEAM HLICIQ I'0ll'2 COVVPl.RTHVYAII'l'.. 1ll'N'I, IH'.Nl.lNlQ, RUTHROKTK, B. TIIORNH, AVRUTIS, LAlXiBI-.R'l', VVALKER, BOL- TON, DUDGE, PR01-.SCHOI,D'I'. FVUIII l'0ll'Z IIINCIIMAN. 'I'AI.I.l-X, I-ISHLR, IRMBVRY, KESSLER. 177 'F?'??'l1?c??"5f"'P'x45fX WWW' .1 .- ,, u , "EY, ,, :Q,w,, fig.-.,,, , 5-.,.,.f.r,I,lg:,,, ,Wi - Z u 1 4 N. ,Z c w 1' X . N. ,I . . x A f 1 v I .,' T , 1-. V , Y..-.-"" .-. ,gs h , , ,P .x K ,4,x a-A T1 J ' ' ' .-1 - .. ..'.Y-li - 5 - -7.-115. 1,5 . , Y- .-.5 ,X-K ,Aawmrf ' XJLILT .h'k'AT.d DE. PUBLIEATIU S 5 EES? S is N . Y mu- 5'NEW EEE ' Q01 QQ X Q X 2? H 3 ...N.... S: Q 2 , it 'QS Q E- 1 3 i 'J -5, 2 x f E in A fl X ,ll X, 111, Y 1 rf., M, Q ,ff ff X . s. if-'c -Q .L . 4 .. sg. M ,gn , . , e V K 7 Q fa? w The Dial UNDER the able leadership of Editor Walter Ruch and Managing Editor Ted Stark, the 1947 Dial Board published the largest Dial in the schooi's history, not only presenting the usual accurate history of the class and year, but also adding many new improvements to the book. The general format and style of the book followed the traditions which have been established by previous issues. However, a greater number of pages made a more complete coverage of all the activities of the school in this issue. Several additional school views were placed in the front of the book, the Sixth Form Snapshot section was greatly enlarged, a Iunior Sports section was added 3 the cover was almost entirely altered, and many other minor changes were made. In addition to the usual cartoons which are used at the introduction of each section, individual caricatures were drawn for each club. In addition to designing the new cover, Ed Lewis added several excel- lent campus sketches which served to embellish the beginning of the book. All of these innovations to The Dial were made possible by the ex- ceptional work of Business Manager Iohn E. Swett who obtained more advertising than has ever been gath- ered before in the yearbook's history. Assisting him on the Business Board was the Advertising Manager, Rich- ard Frazier. Walter Ruch, as the Editor-in- Chief, had the diHicult task and the responsibility of organizing and su- pervising the entire publication, and together with the constant and vital aid of Ted Stark, assigned all the stor- - a ies, conceived plans for the volume's WALTER RUCH, E,1if0f-i,,-C1,i,-j 181 THE DIAL 1947 DIAL BOARD Smridingz lfliftlllk ARMs HARILJNI lxNIl7IiI.OlJll, ixiixlctia, same. Xmfnl: RUIJNIX slfu it Rucir fCbili1'nmr1j, SNVI-TT, Mc VLY innovations, and wrote the most important articles. Stark also assembled and Wrote the ,47 Dial Log. Comprising the Literary Board this year were Peter Bunce, Morgan Rod- ney, and Iames Sage. These three were called upon to assume the greater portion of writing and the burden of overseeing all literary Work, Writing all of the varsity sports' and major organizations' articles. The photographic department Was competently handled by Photographic Editor Dan McVey, and his assistant, Carl Knobloch. The snapshots in The Dial this year were mostly through the courtesy of Howard Haneman, Raoul Pietri, and Gordon Beattie. Harold Furth composed the verse which begins each section, and lack Barton supervised the art work. Several Sixth Formers who were not on the board aided greatly in Writing some of the stories which they were particularly well qualified to do. The board is especially grateful to Mr. Lemley for his assistance and advice. 182 The ews HE News this year, through the outstanding efforts of E. William Henry Chairman, D. Crosby Prizer, Managing Editor, and Iohn E. Swett and William F. Clinger, Makeup-and-Copy Editors, has taken great strides to- wards becoming one of the, if not the best, prep school papers in America. This year, as always, the News has been thorough and exact in its coverage of the campus news, in curricular, extra-curricular, and athletic activities. The News has incorporated several new features within the past year, "The Book Case," which is a weekly book review, is among these innovations, also "From This Corner," a commentary on current affairs of state and events of general importance to everyone, and a feature article each week. In addition, there has been a revival of "The Master's Voicef' Each week a different mas- ter writes an editorial on a subject he thinks pertinent and of general interest to the school as a whole. g The Business Board, headed by l Louis K. Liggett, with Richard C. Frazier as Advertising Manager, N. Iames Sage as Assistant Advertising Manager, and Carl Knobloch in the capacity of Circulation Manager, ob- tained enough advertising in addition to the subscriptions to publish a weekly edition of six pages instead of four which it has been for the past few years. Humor was provided throughout the year by the very able cartoonist, Iohn C. Barton, who has produced some outstanding cartoons in the past year, also William F. Clinger did an excellent job with his interviews of some of the personae of the school and with his feature articles. In recent E. WILLIAM HENRY, Chairman 183 3 THE DIAL 1947 NEWS BOARD Hind' mn IXXII xx 1 nuuox, uivii, 1:-.1.Ks, 'I'ROXl.l.I., kxnlsiovii. llnlrllr mn ll vnu iuxi Illllll xiii xi xxx su,i,.X'f'illr'rf:Lltzfal-'1'l,l'll1!H IHXIU XXIII i'1.lvm1t, issues, many good-natured blows have been exchanged between the News and its underform counterpart, "The lnkwellf' A very recently initiated column in the News is "Underform Notes," an article composed of happenings of in- terest to the Second and Third Forms which is Written by a Third Former. The Sports Department was ably handled by Steven H. Wood and Mike Davies, who have kept up the standards of this very popular section of the News by their excellent coverage of all sports, both varsity and intramural, in which The Hill took part. Continuing as a bright spot in the News was "The Candid Camera" in which each week the wandering eye of the camera invaded the habitation of two or three Sixth Formers and vividly described their life at The Hill since the moment of arrival. Ever popular was the "Sport,s Snapshots" section and the weekly band reviews. As a fitting close to a fine year of publication, the News put forth a final sixteen-page issue, featuring the cartoons of Iohn Barton and the photographs of Gordon Beattie. 18,4 The Record L ATE in the Winter Term of last year, a rather determined group resolved to revive the Hill Record. Mr. Wescott was the deciding factor in the re- vival, for he guided the group in its successful start. The Hill Record lay dormant since I943, when it ceased publication for an indefinite period. Iohn Swett was elected Chairman of the Record, and has guided it ably through its first stormy year. Lewis Firey, Richard Frazier, Harald Furth, Wilfrid MCN. Knapp, Stuart Sperry, and Ioseph Van Buskirk were the orig- inal Board of Editors and to their number no one was added with the excep- tion of Iames Sage. The Board of Editors received a great deal of help from Mr. Conley, Mr. Patterson, and Mr. Wescott in getting the Record started. At the start of the Fall Term, the Board of Editors asked Mr. Wendell to appoint Mr. Patterson as their adviser. Mr. Patterson has served in this capacity all year and to him much credit must be p given for his guidance. This year the Record has been printed at the Hobby House. This work was supervised by Mr. Wescott, who did all the arrangement of copy. Iohn Williams, aided by a competent staff of printers, did the actual work of printing on the Hobby House Press. The plan of the Record, set forth by Iohn Swett in the first issue, was to have two issues each term. Last Spring Term's Records consisted mostly of work by the Board of Edi- torsg this, however, has not been the case in issues of the Fall and Winter. The Board tried to maintain the pol- icy of keeping a good portion of the c, Record written by others in the Imam SWETT, Clmirmffn 185 THE DIAL 1947 l RECORD BOARD Snnzflingz si-n-mu x iw in 'KIRK, ifiuuu, 1-iiulx. Smzfnfz KNJAII mi ll IR-KIIIR school besides the B-oard. To foster the interest of Fifth Formers in the R66- ord, the Board requested the English Department to suggest boys in the Fifth Form, who were of a suitable caliber to carry on the Record. Isaac Thomas, Keith Wallis, Iames Davis, Hensel Brown, and David Paton were suggested and elected. To these Associate Editors, Bill McHenry was later added. The Record, during this past year, has embodied many types of writing. In the earlier issues there was quite a bit of poetry, but unfortunately the muse seems to have departed somewhat. David Perkins and George Price, both first year Sixth Formers, contributed very worth-while works, including two very excellent plays. Lewis Firey contributed some very good short stories. Isaac Thomas and Lee Haring wrote some rather serious essays which appeared in the earlier issues. The selection of material for each issue was done by a publi- cations committee, each committee was headed by a Board member and staffed by Associates. 186 THE DIAL l947 IX7 Actors, singers, and musicians, Men of technical proficience, Though their merit he intrinsic, Yet they dufindle into insig- Nificance compared to those, Who, though lesser musicos, Rarer tragecliennes appear, Yet can hold us twice a year U nreflectin g, irresisti n g- Ly enrapt by just existing. ENTERTAINMENT Q , K W ' QKTQA lL,v"?' K 4 T ' ff NV 1 To " Dante As THE Fall Term Dance Weekend once again rolled around, The Hill, following its old traditions, managed to displace all its personnel and complete last minute preparations while the nervous gallants awaited the faithful old 5:35 to trudge into the Pottstown station. Out of the turmoil, however, the Dance Committee, comprised of Chair- man Bill Henry, Iohn Ehrenclou, lack Moore, Bill Rodie, Dave Paton, Tom Melly, and Walter Bingham, managed to make the weekend of November the twenty-second one of the most successful ever seen on The Hill. On Friday night the boys and their guests danced to the excellent music of Vincent Lopez, and on Saturday afternoon and evening they enjoyed Iimmy Rayls band. The Pipe Club, newly adorned and resplendent for the occasion, took good care of the record number of guests. Throughout both evenings the dancers found relaxa- . tion and refreshments in the Sixth Form Living Room. On Sunday morning the girls left early, and un- derformers and upperclassmen alike agreed the weekend was a memor- able success. The Spring Term Dance, too, was a great success, thanks to the com- mittee, consisting of Chairman Bill Henry, Ierry Tone, Ioe Van Buskirk, Crosby Perry, and Steve Wood. The orchestra of Howard Lannon played for both the Friday night dance in the dining hall and the Saturday evening dance in the common room. The weekend of April the twenty- Hfth left the Sixth Form with fond T memories and grateful thanks for the l COnSidCI'atC help of MrS. WCHdCll. WILLIAM HENIQY, Chairman 191 THE DIAL H147 I Sixth Form Show HEN a hale and hearty group of Hill boys, tired from the dayls strenu- oc ous sports, entered Memorial Hall on Thanksgiving Day, they were given an hour and one half of peaceful CPD relaxation in the form of the annual Sixth Form Show. This Thespian masterpiece was presented by the graduating class of '47. All credit for direction should be given to Mr. Har- old Conley, of the Dramatic Department, who gave freely of his own spare time, as he has done for many years, for the successful presentation of the show. As the house lights dimmed, the show, entitled g'Hill Daze," began with an address to the audience by "A Familiar Voicef' This excellent imperson- ation of Dean "Ah wish to emphasahzel' Saunders was given by Bob Wick- wire, who received a resounding ovation for his efforts. Suddenly, as if they came from no- where, footsteps in a marching tempo filled the hall, as the "Blue Blade Boys" pranced down both aisles toward the stage, singing the song announcing the beginning of the main body of the show. After the "Blue Blade Boys' shufiied off to Buffalo, those two radio comedians from station S.R.A., "OlHoolihan and Stanko'wits,,' played by Al Mc- Gee and Ted Helwig, gave us some down-to-earth humor. Next on the program was a bit of melodious har- mony by the "Four Flushers," in whose ranks were Doug Prizer, Bill Hamilton, Conner Fay, and Walt Lashar. Mr. Casselberry, who, inci- dentally, supplied the musical ac- companiment for the entire show, Mit. Hifutotn G. Cowrizv, Dircclor 193 THE DIAL 1947 J Qi T Ti F V AVE Q 19 si W ' f Q Y , M i ,gf -fkiieiaaai f ? f ' . ,Nga "'EEEs iv- af Q K 'tail - X' f 7 f N3 ' I 'Qi . f f s X x , N- JY -' if as Z . A gi. X n ' 1 A - i E l ' Thx " W 7 s- Az, y wx N 0 g 450 6 ! ' 5 .1 'S 1 ff , .,'m, If .flu , , . if W' If N' 'Wk af K S Y Ag.- J V xg ,I , X gave them the pitch on the Steinway. Following this act, Bill Clinger, in his official capacity as Dr. C. C. Slinger, gave an interesting lecture on certain human beings found in strange corners of the world fnot to be construed in any way as Hill mastersj. This act was illustrated with slides on a pro- jector operated by Mr. George Whiteley. In the muscle-bound department of the school, the "Biceps Brothersf' who are Spence Cone, Bill Rodie, Scrubby Perry, Bill H-oover, and Gobey Wag- ner, fought the battle of the bulge. After much grunting and groaning, the "Biceps Brothers" left the stage and were succeeded by a return engagement of the "Four Flushers" who sang a few more songs. The scene reverted to Shakespearean days, a skit entitled "The Safe- cracker Suite" was presented by Sandy Halsey and Lee Haring. Haring col- laborated with Harald Furth in writing the skit. It was composed entirely of excerpts from Shakespearean plays. Dick Hudgens supplied the Shake- spearean background. Then the "Atlantic City Beach Guards," Larry Lay- ton, Dave Holmgren, lack Mulvihill, and Ieff McNally, sang a few popular songs. George Garrett and Freeman Ielks gave an excellent blackface show- ing of the balcony scene from "Romeo and Iulietf' With the "Boston Tea Party" the show and an extremely enjoyable eve- ning ended, and the boys left Mem Hall with lighter hearts. 194 THE DIAL 1947 HMA row. c,ARki.11. c,., oisirri, BARii.r.1T, wiczxwmn, iiunoinxs. Front row: sA1,1NoER, PATON QPrex1rfentD. Uramat UNDER the able direction of Mr. Harold Conley the Dramatic Club had a very successful year in ,47. Although the club was unable to present a production in the Fall Term, due to Mr. Conley's direction of the Sixth Form Show, over the Spring Term Dance Weekend it produced three very successful one-act plays. If Shakespeare Lived Today, the first of these, was a light comedy about William Shakespeareis application to an English Club in the twentieth century. The second and third, Never N0 Third Degree, and The Late Captain C row were also light comedy. The cast of the latter consisted of Third Formers. These one-act plays were substituted for the usual Broadway play in order to provide variety to the performance and to give more boys a chance to act. At the beginning of the year the club consisted only of President David Paton, Secretary-Treasurer Art Salinger, and Iim Oyster, lohn Bartlett, and Robert Derby. During the VVinter Term, however, George Garrett, Richard Hudgens, Freeman Ielks, Bob Wickwire, Iames Forgie, and Bruce Wallace were elected for their outstanding work in the Sixth Form Show. 195 THE DIAL 1947 l'ml1u.v: i,isiin,i. iiaoiiinii, NIIXIYS. f"l'l'lIr'h Horn: xiiz. XVIRlll'YRYl'lI. X.l.i'njif1or11'1 nov, -1-itmgili, l'liu1u: iixiciv.. riioxixs. f,'i'rJ1lnlff: li.xlu'i-,IL IJr1m1.v: ritixixw, iziciixitnsox, wiviawiiu, ffli11'll1r'f.f: lwxxiis. suns. l'fnI.fzi: xivxiv. Ross, 'I'rrmrfwr1r'x: 'sic'i4owl'i'x, XIIYIR. 'l'r.'1o1fi1"s: lYll.l.lYll, kixivxlit, ioiuyii. iixxixs. ifiiitsox Symphony Urtzhestra Hi: Hill Concert Orchestra was again directed by Mr. Hans Nix this year. The season was one of valiant efforts well rewarded, despite vacancies in the string section. Mr. Nix, the able conductor, reverted to 18th-century style and acted as concertmaster while conducting. Works of musical interest performed during the season included Strauss's "Tales from the Vienna Woods," the famous 'ghondonderry Air," and a shortened arrangement of Gershwin's 'LRhapsody in Rluef' The orchestra presented three concerts before the student body. In addi- tion, it played at the Ogontz lunior College, the Baldwin School, and the Shipley School, in the autumn, winter, and spring terms respectively. These concerts were all in conjunction with the Hill Choristers and the Marching Band. All are agreed that the season was a successful one. 196 The Choristers THE Hill School Choristers, a new organization this year, was formed by combining the Choir and the Glee Club into one unit. Its large mem- bership of forty boys and the waiting list of candidates wishing to enter is a tribute to the excellent direction of Mr. Henry B. Casselberry. He took particular care in choosing the members of the club, and he taught them excellent songs including many pieces which are popular with college glee clubs. Through his fine instruction many of the Sixth Form members hope to follow other Hill choristers into college glee clubs. Credit for their very successful year should also be given to the officers of the Choristers, who were Iohn E. Swett, President, William F. Clinger, Vice-President, and Lawrence Layton, Secretary-Treasurer. In their duties as the choir, the Choristers sang the Christmas Candlelight Service as well as the nightly Amen and the Sunday offertory. The Christmas service featured the carols "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming," '60 Bone Iesu," "O Santissimaf, "Angels, From the Realms of Glory," and "O Holy Night," a soprano solo by Lynn Mar- tin, who was the Choristers' only soloist during the year. At the Sunday offertory the choir sang such well known anthems as "Hymn of Free- dom," by Eric Thyman, '6There ls a Balm in Gilead," and "Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee," by I. S. Bach. At the beginning of the Winter Term the choir provided music for the Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge on the twenty-fourth annual Pennsylvania State Sunday. The most eagerly anticipated activ- ities of the Choristers were the nu- merous concerts given for various girls, schools in this locality. The highlight of the Fall Term was the JOHN E. SwETT,P1'e,f1'dfnp 197 THE DIAL 1947 concert given at the Ogontz Iunior College, Ienkintown, Pennsylvania. Among their selections were "Praise We Sing To Theel' by Haydn and "Cre- ation" by Richter. Lynn Martin sang '6Gesu Bambino" by Yon as a solo. The Choristers were well received by their hostesses and the dance which followed the concert was enjoyed by all. Their next concert was at the Baldwin School of Bryn Mawr on the first of March. This was followed in the Spring Term by both the Kent Place School in Summit, New Iersey, and the Shipley School at Bryn Mawr. These concerts brought to an end the popular trips to the girls' schools. Along with the recitals given away, the Choristers sang three concerts at The Hill, one in each term. The event was looked forward to by the school which thoroughly appreciated the time and effort spent by the Choristers. It is hoped by the school that the organization will be as successful in the future as it was this year. lfrlrk ruff: sl,.i'rii:, unix iilwilrlilw, IlKlI.MliI4l.X'. BARYI-.Y, 'l'lio'1"i'i1z, Rossi-, 1l.xs'i'iNr:s, wir.-wiv, ni-'i'sil4.u lll"l'Zl.l ic. lfiuxl-ia, iiomnisow. Xn'omll'r11lf: xixurix, i:4m'vi,l:'llm xiii IXII inux in in lox, LXMH-R, our:-iz, iuuvms, ji-,I-iluYs, 1., vw IIYKIZ, 'rAxl.olt. Third fflll' iiioxiisox IHIIXXIC Al'-IRIKN, xl-xciI.AY, swi,'1"i', l'l.l'YliIxR, Km Ill i ix x num sn- xiii-.i. la lI.fxM11.'1'oN. 198 THE DIAL 1947 Trumpflxz KEMPNER, WELLINLQ, iloxoiiz, imvims, Puausox. Tufm: s'i'i1x'r1Ns. TI'0N?l7Of1f'5Z MINHR, NlLIKO-- WITL. DI'llHI.f2 TRLQMAN, Ricimknsov, wiczxwmu, sArlxm.u, 1-'RUHI.Ii'H. Fvnzluzlrz imkviaiz. Suxophorzerz HOY, TROXELL. Clur1'11rI.r: DANII-S smrns. lflnrc: Ross The Band HE Hill Band had a busy and successful year as it played at many of the important athletic contests and joined the Symphony Orchestra and the Choristers at the various concerts given both at The Hill and away. Under the able direction of Mr. Hans Nix, the enthusiastic group became quite profi- cient in its repertoire of marches which included such numbers as the "Notre Dame Victory Marchn by Shea and the "Activity March" by Bennet. The band gave six recitals during the year which included the eagerly an- ticipated trips to Ogontz Iuni-or College, the Baldwin School, and the Shipley School in the Autumn, Winter, and Spring Terms respectively. Besides the trips mentioned, the band performed three times before the student body, once in each term. Their success was appreciated by the students and en- joyed by all of the members. 199 Since man C his views be variou An animal gregarious, 'Tis scarce to my surprise to see The clubs in popularity. Nor greatly to my ufonderment to Observe the interest to center N ot in the arts of peroration, In English, chess, or aviation, In rifles or daguerreotypes, But fundamentally in pipes. sj, UHUANIZATIUNS x f 2x A rf?"- .x-,L f. , K, 1,,. ' 'Un' :J .Rf- f, . 155:34-if zwg,-5-gsfgwf A: in Ji-:AX wa 1: I . , N ,-.Q ' RX' V xx - wf.. ,L l X . 'f , ,:" I-., , 'Y' f ,.g,. fl ig, - ' I Q , Ay 315 h 4 W. . , A 'ui V 1-L . . 3 1 ., x f 61 V " V N 4 ,Q , Q 'r X1 , X , K, - '- .Cl .,...jf' 1S..?7ff5- fr" ' " 'ff -...wxiri'.L1f"f5?' 1 ' Q J 'ir 1 3'w.'1y, Qfii 'gl ' r".1 "+:H5f.f7"1 fi Q 1. ' -' "XJ uf, bf f.'Tf'?Pl"' V2 ' -If . .1 f.W:'?'1f1 52-Eff. 'ffigfzmt 'Qf.Qsi1,"7,,,f1: V ' L i - fa'-fi., 4. N . :J-Vf21,n.i ,M , u..w , ' 'z-,.'. . 11' .J 9- .S L',,., Pipe ljluli . THE old traveller shuffles down the road at the rear of the X CQ Upper School. He is bent into the fierce wind which lashes 3' 0 around the corners of the various rear buildings of The X Hill School. His eyes fall upon an insignificant building northwest of the Upper School-the Pipe Club. He sur- mises that it has been standing for many years. Its outside has withstood the elements, and the wind-battered, rain- streaked shingles show the effects of a mean Pottstown gale. The little weather vane is bent and useless now, but it remains a symbol of happy school days gone by. Suddenly, with cries of "first, second, third, and first flinch," the old man sees a crowd of boys led by President Bob Iackson and Secretary-Treasurer "Fritz,' Haneman descend upon some hapless Hill boy to initiate him into the club. The stillness of the air is broken by the crackling swish of a broom as it describes its parabola in the di-E rection of the prospective member's derriere. This ceremony is repeated until he, who has assumed the angle, has felt the stinging impact of the broom thrice over. Whereupon the new member is offered a cigarette, but, surprisingly enough, he prefers to stand rather than sit while enjoy- ing his hard-earned privilege. By this time, the traveller's curi- osity has been aroused, so he goes inside the building. There he sees a happy group of Hill boys at their leisure. He is very much surprised by the condition of the club, and upon inquiring, he learns that it is kept clean through the efforts of the four committeemen, Wickwire, McClel- land, CllHgCf, and Tone. ROBERT IACKSON, President 203 THE DIAL 1947 Aside from the atmospliere of the club, the old man notices the manner in which the club is furnishedg since he wishes to know all the facts sur- rounding the club house, he inquires about its decoration. A few members tell him that some weeks before the Fall Term Dance, the Pipe Club Com- mittee, together with Mr. and Mrs. Lemley, decided upon an interesting idea for the clubls interior. It is the custom of the committee to decorate the club for the dance weekend to please the boys' guests, who frequent the club house during the weekend. The decorative scheme was this: the several couches and easy chairs were covered with red slip covers to contrast with the blue with which the walls were painted. Print curtains in brown and yellow were ordered, and between the windows, Currier and Ives engraved etchings were hung. Articles such as swords, spurs, etc. were displayed. With these last remarks, the old gentleman slips unnoticed out the door and proceeds on his way, thinking of the enjoyable hour he had just spent at the Hill School Pipe Club under the regime of the Class of I47. PIPE CLUB COMMITTEE uiikuiiu iisox ixrixcaiit, xit:vi.ii.i,.wo, iiwixux, rxrxsow IIN-fmllfifj, 204 Press Club M THE Press Club once more rounded out a successful year in its l two-fold purpose of acting as The Hill's publicity department -i and contact with the national newspapers, in addition to provid- ing journalistic experience for its correspondents. In the Spring Term of 1946, this year's officers assumed their duties. Dick Hudgens was elected Chairman, Dick Frazier Secretary-Treasurer, while Vernon Wise held down the Sports Editorship, and Bruce Henderson took over as Literary Editor. The club, composed of about twenty members, settled down to the business of releases on all Varsity and underform sports events to Philadelphia, New York, and Pottstown papers. The Literary Department dispatched stories to boys' hometown papers upon their graduation or reception of an athletic award. In the fall The Press Club was strengthened by the return of its ad- visor, Mr. I. V. Moffatt. The club then underwent a reorganization based upon the experiences of its ad- visor, and, once many of the rough spots were smoothed out, settled to one of its most productive two-term periods of publication in many years. In the autumn personal releases were sent on Iunior Prize Day Exercises, form elections, and Major "H" awards. The fall noted a tremendous increase in sports publicity, and on the day of the traditional Lawrence- ville game, the Philadelphia Inquirer established a direct wire service from Dell Field to their offices. Feature stories on a new or returned faculty member were also sent to Philadel- phia. RICHARD W. HUDGENS, President 205 THE DIAL 1947 In the winter the "Time" Magazine Current Affairs Contest was ably conducted by Louis Liggett and corrected with extraordinary speed by the club, with each boy's score placed in his mailbox within twenty-four hours. Also, in addition to the Major HHN stories, the work of W. Hensel Brown on the archwav bulletin board and Paul Gimbel in his typing and rearrange- ment of the file deserve mention. Perhaps the greatest manifest success of the entire winter in the Sports Department was the profusion of photo- graphs in the Pottstown "Mercury" and the increased lineage in the Phila- delphia newspapers. , Of valuable assistance to the officers was the junior board, consisting of Louis Liggett, Conner Fay, Steve Wood, Iohn McKernan, and Al Heavey. On the whole, there was an increase in personal releases and a boom in the sports output, for which articles the Press Club receives its income. PRESS CLUB Ifronf: YVISI-., rrvmsr-.Ns ccfltllifflltlflb, l-'llAZll',R. Burk mir: um n inc I ll in 206 THE DIAL 1947 HENRY, mmENc1.ou, ww Busxmxc, wH.A.1.iaY, 1'oNE, PERRY CPrcxidNzIj. Y. - E. I 9 CW IDURING the past year the Y.M.C.A. Committee, led by Presi- 7 y ffgi dent Crosby Perry and Vice-president Ierry Tone, has been i vi successful in its activities. The remainder of the committee ,X was composed of Secretary Ioe Van Buskirk, Treasurer ft Williarii Henry, and Committeemen Iohn Ehrenclou and 3525955 Fred Whaley. H The Y.M.C.A. Handbook was revived this year by the committee and distributed to all New Boys before the opening of the Fall Term. The book contained much helpful information explaining the cus- toms and traditions of The Hill as well as the duties and privileges of a New Boy. This booklet did much to help the individual acclimate himself to his new school life. The annual "Y Drive" was held at the end of the Winter Term and turned out to be most successful. The money received from the contributions was donated to many such organizations as the Red Cross, the Community Chest, and Bethany Chapel. 207 THE DIAL I947 l'IUlIlI kxwi-. it ivrn, link: inxiw. lov itiimii. Cum Laude L- Fora the past several years The Hill School has heen a nieniher 3 of the National Cum Lautle Society. In the fall of IQ4ll1,glS usual, If . I Mr. Thomas presentecl a nuniher of Seniors who hatl heen ,'e."f' , A ,.- S r particularly outstancling scholastieally tlnring their lnnior year .5 L ff with niemhership in the Hill Chapter of the Society. Wilfritl McN. Knapp, Ir., Denton Cl. Fox, Ianies W. Forgie, li. William Henry, anal Haraltl P. F. Furth receivetl their Cum Lautle keys on Iunior Prize Day last. Several other nienihers will he electecl hy the Society's executive committee from the graduating class of IQ47. Their certificates of meritorious achievement will he awartletl to theni at the gratlu- ation ceremonies of that year. Membership in the Cum Lautle Society is heltl to he the highest scholastic recognition conlerrahle in preparatory school. It is an honor esteenietl equiva- lent to election to the Phi Beta Kappa Society in college. zoti English lfluli Eg AT THE first meeting of the English Club during the Fall N A ' Term Mr. Paul G. Chancellor spoke on the literary accom- xxg V- plishments of Sir Walter Raleigh. The first member to speak, Harald Furth, discussed the Eighteenth Century AU"'0'b German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, illustrating his talk with many original English translations. The year,s third speaker, Stuart M. Sperry, Ir., supplemented an excellent talk on Charles Dickens with a long selection from the Pic1qaficlqPaper:. Lee Hating read extensively from the writings of T. S. Eliot, the contemporary American poet, such selections as Ash VVc'r!1zc'sday and the sermon from Murder in the Cathedral. Richard Hudgens devoted the last evening of the term to a critical analysis of the southern poet, Sidney Lanier, exemplified by The Marches of Glynn and other readings. The Winter Term opened with a discussion by Iohn Swett of the Ara- bian mystic poet, Kahil Gibran. Swett gave a description of the man's life, paintings, and writings, as he quoted liberally from The Prophet, Icsus, S011 of Man, and his other bet- ter known books. Freeman N. Ielks presented the first humorous talk of the year when he discussed Ameri- can wit at the next meeting, he read from many authors such selections as The Adalleratiorz of King David, from Bradford's OZ' Man Adam and His Chillanf Lewis M. Firey, Ir. gave the most unique and the Hnest eve- ning's entertainment of the year when he sang, with guitar accom- paniment, a representative group of American folk music which ranged Mn. Prim. G. Cmwciztum, ,idzfifer 209 THE DIAL 1947 from Barbara Allen to Union Burying Ground. Firey supplemented the music with a commentary on his selections. The last regular meeting of the term was devoted to a talk by Iohn Ehrenclou on the Writings of the English novelist, dramatist, and mathematician, Iohn Galsvvorthyg he quoted a group of short stories from Caravan to accompany his talk. Toward the end of the year Mr. Thomas gave an after-dinner speech on the Writings of The Hill's Alfred G. Rolfe at an English Club Dinner held at the Brookside Country Club. During the Spring Term the remaining members of the organization, David Perkins, Alexander Halsey, William Clinger, Wilfrid MCN. Knapp, Briton Martin, and Frederick VVhaley, gave talks on various literary men at the regular Thursday evening meetings. Halsey gave an interesting talk on Conrad, Perkins discussed A. E. Hous- mang and Clinger considered the work and life of VVashington Irving. The year proved to be most interesting and enjoyable for all the members of the club, and they greatly appreciated the interest of both Mr. Thomas and Mr. Chancellor. Front: ci.lNm4.R, jIul.KS, wmu.r.Y, swmrr. Back: FIZRTH. imawrz, I.HRlfYl'I.Ul', iivnmws, smiuw. 210 S CQ THE DIAL 1947 Fronlz SWETT, woon, HANEINIAN, PERRY, CLINGER. Back: BUNCH, HENRY, RUCH, STARK, IELKS. Sixth Form Speaking Eluh AT THE Hrst meeting of the Sixth Form Speaking Club held 5 during the Fall Term the members who joined last year, AE' f William Henry, Walter Ruch, Crosby Perry, Freeman Ielks, ,S Howard Haneman, William Clinger, and Iohn Swett elected Haneman as the organization's chairman. At a later meeting , 697 several new members were added to bring the total member- ship up to twelve. The club met every Sunday evening after chapel, and Mr. Rice again served very capably in the position of Faculty Advisor. l Mr. Whiteley, Mr. Hollecker, and several other members of the faculty talked to the club on various subjects which interested them. However, the program usually consisted of a discussion among the members themselves of some topic which interested the entire group. Perhaps the highlight of the year came when Rabbi Schorsch of Pottstown attended one of the regu- lar meetings and discussed the Iewish religion. 2II TH E DIAL 1947 LIGGETT, HALSIZY, SALINGFR, HIIMES. IAY. Current Events Club Q r A coMPARA'rrv13LY new organization, the Current Events Club, X? finished its second year after a very successful season. The only officer, Secretary Louis K. Liggett, together with lock Thorn- A 55' X ton and Alexander Halsey, were the club's chief members. Messrs. Bender and Harding, who aided in founding the organization, again served as advisors. Although the member- ship dropped somewhat, interest ran much higher during the second year, and the meetings were conducted under a more informal system. Many different current subjects were discussed this year at the bi-weekly . ggi am Wednesday evening meetings. The usual plan was to decide on the subject to be considered two weeks in advance, then several members of the club volunteered to introduce the outstanding facts concerning the topic to the rest of the club prior to a general discussion. Mr. Thomas, as well as other faculty members were often invited to attend meetings. 212 THE DIAL 1947 Burk row: s. HUNIIES, czvvv, BIYGIIAM, 1,As1mn, Pingrvs, cinmasrma. vimiu, mm. v.x1'Ti-.mow f1ll.i'H'Ilt'f0I'D. .llidrilr row' Rusr, uoxkrlxcz, Bl'Y'I'IIY RICIN:'kI.I.Y, lIOI.DSIxilIll Il mio iovsum. Burrow row: KflII.YllIll.I IIRIX VVOOD, PLQKKNI WVAl.l,JXCli. Sl'LIIf'1fflYll1I2 IJLORNIXX llille Club M jo THE Hill Rifle Club, under the able guidance of Mr. Patterson and Mr. Minault, enjoyed a very successful year. Although ammunition was extremely hard to obtain throughout the past season, the club was able to contest in four National Rifle Asso- If 1 ciation matches, the Randolph Hearst Trophy match, and a gg fr' match with the Upper Darby Senior High School team, which was lost by a ten point margin. Besides these matches, the members of the club were able to shoot for National Rifle Association rat- ings such as pro-marksman, marksman, etc. The expert riHemen of the club are Firey, Lashar, Melly, Bentley, and Bo-nsall, and these five formed the backbone of a match team of ten mem- bers. The other standbys of the team were Woocl, McNally, I. Bingham, I. Mulvihill, and Proescholdt. The officers of the club were President Steve Wood, Vice President Tom Melly, Secretary-Treasurer Lou Firey, and Range Officer Walt Lashar. ., 213 THE DIAL 1947 HARRISON, IIANIITXIAY, Ml1RR!FlFI.D, STF,Yl'NSUY, Yacht Club THE sailing enthusiasts of The Hill banded themselves f 3, together again this year into the Yacht Club. Under the able leadership of Commodore Barney Stevenson, Vice Commodore Fritz Haneman, Purser Eric Merrifield, and First and Second Committeemen Varick Harrison and 'Wg William Maclay respectively, the club had an active cur- X riculum of Sunday night meetings in their own club room. 'I The members enjoyed many movies and their adviser, Mr. Whiteley, gave them several lectures about his experiences. High spots of the year were the talks of Commander B. B. Harrison, Ir., who spoke to the club on anti-submarine warfare, and Charles Cathis and his Wife, who recounted their experiences in the Lightning Nationals. The club has regained its former popularity through the efforts of the Committee to have a more active curriculum of events, speakers, and entertainment, and the membership this year was considerably augmented. 214 i THE DIAL 1947 Annorr, HAYNES, ARMS. Aviation Club DURING the past seven years, the Aviation Club has become 455137 one of the most popular organizations at The Hill. This QA' year's club had a membership of over fifty boys. The t 2 committee of President C. Vance Haynes, Vice-President g William Moseley, Secretary Webster Abbott, Assistant Sec- ' 'A 7 retary Phil Norton, Treasurer Sam Arms, and Manager of the Link Room Pelham McClellan, did much to make this past year a great success. During 1947 the club heard many lectures at its Sunday night meetings from its advisors, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Donovan, who spoke about their Hying experiences. Both technical Hlms and war combat films added to the club's curriculum, and President Haynes gave several demonstrations on jet and rocket principles and on the Liquid Fuel Rocket which he is de- veloping for the club. High spots of the year were the Naval Aviation Show in Reading and the Model Contest, together with the continual use of the club's Link Trainer. 215 THE DIAL 1947 i l lHii'YI'I'Il'., H.'klKYl'.T, PlI'.'liRl. Light and Lens lflub X16 'THE Light and Lens Club, under the supervision of Mr. Whiteley, started the year off under normal peacetime cons- ditions due to the more available photographic supplies than were to be had during the war. The club elected Gordon Beattie as President Raoul Pietri as Vice-President R Q 'WAN J Oy! ix L. ' K5 ' , V '-K, A and Danny Bristol as Secretary, and under the leadership of these officers had an active and highly successful year. With the aid of a new enlarger and printer which were received after a long wait in the Fall and Winter Terms respectively, the club held two contests this year, posting the best pictures from each at the end of the com- mon room. There were classes held for elementary enlarging, printing, and developing, and at various intervals color slides and moving pictures were shown to the club. The best pictures of the club were contributed to The News and The Dial, and through the year many good pictures Were do- nated. 216 THE DIAL 1947 SALINGER, PAGE, YVALLACE, wisn. Hiding Club THE Hill School Riding Club, new to the School in the Fall erm has experienced a very successful year under the capable 0 T ' i . . . . . Nl 51 4' leadership of President Vernon Wise, Vice-President Bruce ' Wallace, Secretary Art Salinger, and Treasurer Ehret Page. The club has gone riding twice a Week, on Sundays and Wednesdays at the Hillcrest Riding School in Boyertown. In addition to the regular rides the club also saw movies nearly every Sunday evening in the Little Theatre. At the Hillcrest Stables there is a fairly large selection of fine horses on which one may receive instruction in any phase of riding. The paths over which the boys may ride are scenic as well as adaptable to all skills of the student rider. A great debt of gratitude is due to Mr. Schaadt who is the faculty advisor to the club, and who was indispensable to its formation. 2T7 Ye, who in ages past have writ Of feats of strength, of flares of wit- Of dread calamities have told, In all the lqnightly days of old, In all the worlds of yesterday, When saw you ever such array Of sparks and eavaliersj and when, So scholarly a race of men? DIAL-LUG X E Gs x 7X V -O 'fb wg, AJ 4' , ' f f THE DIAL 1947 23 THE DIAL 1947 Wfmboro On Iune 28th The Wolfeboro Camp opens wide its doors and rolls out tht- welcome mat lor over loo members ol' the 'ipackw . . . Classes begin and for sev- eral days devilish minds are occupied by learning . . . The Dean becomes worried as laundry does not appear for three weeks, and a certain athletic director lays in a store of bleaching powder QCaOCl:J . . . Blue and Gray rivalries begin . . . Tuthill, Miller, Noland, and Bouton re- ceive ride back from town-from Mr. Iackman-after lights . . . Haynes craves some dry prunes and sets the pace for milers, Sillick and Swift, as result . . . Eight-Thirty Club founded with Mr. Min- ault as head . . . Iackson's technique is cramped by local Yokelette . . . Cheers go up for Mr. Colbath and the cooks as camp gets crack at lobster . . . "lmba" receives annual locking out . . . Mitchell and g'Rodger the Lodgeru tussle . . . Mike Annan receives haircut, compliments of the Sixth Form . . . Barnet, Bentley, and Haynes are 'cdehousedii as Richardson and VVood take up lumbering . . . Camp sut- fers while several pseudo-veterinarians operate on Iim Chase's pet skunkg Wade dismissed from Study Hall as result , . . Moseley and McNally solo as camp makes hurried search for air raid shelters . . . Mr. Iackson inaugurates muscle building class . . . Camp wrings itself out after each new shower as tents develop acute case of mil- dew . . . Bell clapper mysteriously disap- pears . . . The Blues, captained by Iackson and Richardson, defeat Gray opponents . . . Graduation ceremonies lend sober touch to summer's fun . . . Engraver in- sists that Wolfeboro offers snow and radia- tors. 221 THE DIAL 1947 September-October September Ioth welcomes back to The Hill the Class of '47 and part of the Class of '46 . . . New boys swap halos for hats as they get bitter taste of tradition . . . Be- tween Dell Field and "Bloody Monday," "Oop" accounts for his share of casualties . . . Income tax authorities are quick to note that Wall Street has nothing on Haneman St Co .... The football team finds the shortest route to the "TU forma- tion is not via the crumpct bowl . . . Saun- ders astounds classmates by almost cap- turing "Head of Schooln award . . . Ad- visees take Flat by storm and 'KMouse" discovers two gallons of ice cream is too much to keep for a rainy day . . . Hill gridmen, sparked by Rodie and Barbour, gain first win of season over strong "lun- gle-Townw Freshmen . . . Not to be out- done, the Kaul Field eleven breaks 14-year scoring streak of Girard College with a scoreless tie . . . liranscombe also breaks 2-year record by paying respects to S.R.B.g the crowds yorc . . . "Mandrake,' Woocl's through the window act is a shattering success . . . Stahl entertains expectant col- legians with visions of Podunk U .... How Michael and his mattress got into the elevator is a question only a few soccer players can answer . . . Laver's four- wheeled-menace runs afoul of a not too hard cider jug . . . Appetites decrease as Green's prices increase . . . Clinger sus- pends Barton from P.C. for committing arson in an ash-trayg Robbins and Layton also give up the weed . . . Undernourished Hudgens, the famous patriot, profounds, "Give me hall feeds or give me death". . . Scruhby gets hitg "Thais all coach, its nothingf, 222 THE DIAL 1947 Nwember This' month gets off to a bad start as Captain Tim is benched for injuries . . . After Five tries Wood succeeds in getting a date for the dance . . . "The Lem" marches Allen back to the books at the point of confiscated firearm . . . Vincent Lopez plays a preview at Sunnybrook . . . After patronizing the Grill and Pipe Club, Richardson arrives on Far Fields to score a winning touchdown . . . Steen takes interest in coin game-in church , . . Hoover and Webster make bid for P.C. membership during conditional to avoid wrath of "Oop" and "Gordo". . . Halsey finds that toasting marshmallows in the gutters is frowned upon at The Hill . . . The Hill loses game, but not goal posts to Black and Red . . . Victorious Soccer Team saves day with close Win of 2 to I over same . . . Fox screams once too often, and "Fra" gives him his summons . . . Things go a little "batty" in chapel as Rev. Iohn Hoffecker almost gets hit . . . The Choristers show promise in first contact work of season in the submission of Ogontz . . . Two unconceivable events take place-Haneman loses at monopoly and Robbins prices a two-toned coat . . . "Be kind to 'Oopi weekv gets its origin in "Lem's" study . . . The chairmanship of the Floor Committee switches quickly from Clinger to Bandy to Carter as in- vasion endangers campus . . . Ruch and Henry promise a treat as Connie and Ruthie leave Memphis . . . With dance nearly over the School unites in prayer for a rail strike . . . The Sixth Form takes the honors in "Thanksgiving Day Sports" and i in dramatic bombshell, "Hill Daze". . . i "Duck" acquires notorious nickname. 225 THE DIAL 1947 December Masters warn of swift approach of the 'RBlue Death" 1c'xum1'1zit1's for peasantsj- Layton only sighs . . . In anticipation of holidays Bollinger gets a haircut-it won't he long now . . . "Garrett's Cold Kitn Company cashes in on some of its adver- tising as mercury plunges in Pottstown and vicinity . . . Steen Finally perfects coin game . . . 'KUgh" Hoover has appendix lifted after lifting one too many weights in Sixth Form Show , . . Kilroy contrib- utes a choice remark, "I was herew. . . Lay insists his bow tie is not welded on, but we have our doubts . . . Arms forfeits chances for 'AGone But Not Forgotten" fame by remembering to return from es- capade into the beyond . . . The coal strik- ers place school into a mood of despond- ency as prospect of Xmas in Pottstown presents itself . . . Wootl skates on thin ice with moist results . . . Class rings arrive- few, if any to ever return after vacation . . . Paper fight on 3US incurs more paper work in the Deanis ofhce . . . Ehrenclou, Henry, and Ielks learn Hne arts of the game of bridge in Registrafs Penthouse . . . The Blue and Gray down Central High, 36-39 in Hrst basketball tussle of season . . . Cries of 'LLast math class!" ring through the flats as pencils and wits get Enal sharpening of term . . . The plague gains foothold in school as English examinees reveal inability to read the King's English . . . Wagner passes, never- theless, much to Mr. Conley,s amazement . . . Van Buskirk seeks exploits in Hthe windy city" while 'KScrubby" anticipates life "On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City" . . . 12:52 here we come! Goodbye Potts- town-hello Santa Claus. 226 THE DIAL 1947 227 THE DIAL 1947 228 THE DIAL 1947 mezmwy The "brains', follow fast on the trail of the K'brawns" as mass migration to Potts- town commences . . . McClelland and 'LDadl' operate a sack agency for those late in returning or those losing their way in the Hats . . . As a whole Call except Carter, that isj the student body boasts a 'Kwrecklessh three weeks of it . . . Extra day Hends 'lBolli" and 'lRobhy" make chapel on a mad dash, clothed only in overcoats and "Sam you made the 's". . . Hill matmen wring a I7-I2 conquest out of Haverford in opener . . . Afterwards "Oopl' purchases and consumes an eleven- pound Hall feed fVVe knowg we weighed himj . . . From the folds of his immacu- late sheets "Guinea'l extricates a mouse of a somewhat crushed and deceased nature . . . The "pref is caught strolling dazed across the quad with an unidentified pho- tograph under his coat-a 5 x 7 dream fthat's the picture of coursej . . . The form votes unanimously to hold a faculty party as Hrst list period nears its end . . . Epp and the masters down the varsity 37-35 despite Prizer's score keeping . . . Herr Genth and cogs Gunn and Haynes of the radical movement in school are re- lieved of a few lethal devices and other hardware, as Perry's cohorts of conserva- tism strive to quell nocturnal skirmishes . . . After a thoroughly caloried meal, Hudge moves directly to Reading for re- moval of his appendix . . . N.R.O.T.C. examinees return, stimulated by their ex- perience . . . Hill hoopmen lose to the Red and Black 24-36 in spite of Webhy's accurate push shot . . . Henry misses the honor roll hy 11 whole point . . . Note win- ter term dance propagamla. 229 THE DIAL 1947 February A visiting member of last year's class questions the effectiveness of ,47 water fight tactics-in the resulting duel, "Chalk' and "Whale" give g'Rish', a splash of data with convincing effects . . . The nimble "PerrymenU down the "His" 14-12 in fourth win of season . . . Many and sundry Sixth Formers who cursed when the swinging doors hit them in the face, thank their lucky stars when the uspeakeasy No. 5," floor five, expose hits the presses, many others didn't. The re- sults of same are not here recorded . . . Physics's pupil Roome discovers the prac- tical way that a glass is not designed for filling through the bottom, particularly so when already full . . . I.W.T.E. fl wish to emphasizej Saunders emphasizes his gratitude for the return of his car and remaining half tank of gas QWho put the steal on my automobile?j . . . Still puffing from first encounter, the faculty drops return joust 3I-35, to Varsity courtmen . . . The 2 U.S. IO combo, minus costumes, reenacts UBlueblade,' scene in shower with audience of one, Choo Choo . . . 'Aski- man" Clarke gets picture in "Mercury" as Pottstown Chamber of Commerce surveys golf course for resort possibilities . . . The returns of Vocational Interest Tests reveal amazing percentage of realestate broker material, Babbitt's influence, no doubt . . . Standing room only as Stark and Bollinger entertain into wee hours of night . . . "Nomad, Arms leaves for parts unknown . . . Head of organic chemistry at Prince- ton, "The Man Who Came to Dinner," contracts organic distresses, and stays a week . . . "Alumnusv Bundy wants to play basketball, Alumni wins anyway. 230 THE DIAL 1947 THE DIAL 1947 Zllmfcb Nlatinen, Michael and liarbour, 155 and 165, crowned national prep champs at Lehigh Scholastic Match . . . Hill court- men edge out Lawrenceville 34-31 in closing game of seaso11 . . . Quick change artists NVebster and Hoover encounter Simmons on three successive Hoors as lat- ter grows proportionately distressed . . . HScrub" has unexpected caller in fleeting hours of last holiday . . . Faculty party is deemed a success by o11e and allg frozweuu lI7l'0fl'5XL'I4l'.f get glorified eyeful of Sixth Form Hat . . . g U.S. takes on appearance of race track as midget autos reach for linoleum in speed bouts . . . Tone and Van Buskirlc fnlhtclci' for shorty emerge victorious in bridge tourney according to Mr. i'Hoyliei'. . . liventual result of twelve carton raid on Getfs boudoir is that Mr. Evans and Haneman have two more mouths to feed for one extra day and per- secuted Getz sleeps on Persian rug . . . "Scrub" scores again as fan mail arrives from Peddie pen pal . . . Haneman turns from ultra-violet to infra-red when dining room chair game catches him off base . . . "Dial" heelers are spaied the fate of being sold into slavery as Swett collects last of "Booster" money . . . 'Nith arrival of warm weather Form expects Richard to open the door after Winter's hibernation . . . Sillick proves he still wears the moccasins in his class as he refuses Halseyls suggesf tion for a voluntary, open book quiz . . . The last issue ol The News hits the mail- boxes with all sixteen pages, while Iohn The Bear walks away with election sec- tion . . . Exhausted board goes into well- earned, retirement . . , Sixth Form packs toothbrush and draft card as term ends. 33 3 TH E DIAL 1947 April Southerners wonder where tanned, healthy looking Northerners spent their vacations-under sun lamps? . . . "Mam- zelle" Wood's date agency moves swiftly into operation as the deadline closes in on stags . . . Form privileges are briefed, with a net result of-go to workg go directly to workg do not pass--and you'll be sorry . . . "Rabbit" bluntly refuses to play Easter bunny for the form . . . Innocent in, surance salesman is mistaken for Hill stu- dent on 2 U.S. and receives the bayonet treatmentg clients "Scrub" and "Monk" extend deepest apologies . . . "Nig" tries to elude News photographer whom he be- lieves is a Dial! bill collector . . . llife at The Hill "ain't" normalj . . . Baseball nine splits opener 2-2 with Episcopal and Hnesses evening soup course all in same day, and, all in MT" shirts . . . Wickwire isnit far off the beam when he visits Pip: Club to price a little bull for his stockyard . . . Sugar reports begin to swamp 'KDuck" who finds two out of three dates accept dance invitations . . . Meads, of cinder fame, explains that dark glasses keep him from getting dizzy at high rates of speed . . . The Dearfs dry humor ends series of Swing Eight Concerts . . . "Hudge" gets close shave and hair-cut . . . Fay makes bid for faculty position with advanced course in weight lifting . . . Bostder returns after extended vacation and naturally after C.E.E.B.'s . . . So hail to press! Enough has been said, and we need some rest. 234 THE DIAL 1947 235 Junior Prize Day Cum Laude Society Wilfrid McNaught Knapp, Ir. Emil William Henry Harald Paul Friedrich Furth Denton Gilbert Fox Iames William Forgie For Scholarship, Industry, and Department Fifth Form ,,..,,..........,,.r..,..,....,..............,..,..,...., ....... W ilfrid McN. Knapp, Ir. Fourth Form .,...... .............r,. I ames R. Rinehart Third Form .......... .,....,.,....... R obert E. Leach Second Form ....ri...... ....,.....r.,..,..... ..,..,...... I a mes R. Morris Head of School ........ ......ri....i.,.......,.,.... ....,., , , Isaac Thomas, Ir. BOOKS Fifth Form ..,.. Honorable For Excellence in English Mention ,.,,.,... Fourth Form .,..,....,,.......,.,.... Honorable Third Form Honorable Second Form , Honorable Fifth Form ,..,. Fourth Form , Mention .....,... Mention ,. ,....... , Harald P. F. Furth Stuart M. Sperry, Ir. Richard Hudgens William C. Saunders Keith W. Wallis George F. Bason, Ir. Emil L. Frohlich , Iohn F. Wilson, Ir. W. Iohn Welch Mention ..............,,.,......., ....,.....,.,..., ..... For Excellence in Latin Lee Haring . William R. Maclay Honorable Mention ......... ..... R obert R. Worth Third Form ..,..,..,..,.,,...,...,... ,....... B arton Treman Second Form ,..,.......,..,....,..,. ., Caleb F. Gates, III Honorable Mention .,,......,......,....,.....,..,..,.............,.,,. Charles B. Phelps, III For Excellence in French Fifth Form .........,..,.,...,.......,...,.......,....,......,., ...............,.,...., H arald P. F. Furth Honorable Mention ......... .,.,..,.. R ichard Hudgens 236 THE DIAL 1947 Fourth Form .........4.....,...... ,.......... R obert I. Middleton Honorable Mention ..A,.. ,..4......4 , ,, E. William Henry Third Form .....,.........i,.,....,.... ......,..,....,.,..i..... F. mil L. Frohlich Honorable Mention .......,.,.......,.... ......,.,.,..,...r W ilfrid McN. Knapp, Ir. Fifth Form Honorable Mention Fourth Form Honorable Mention Third Form .,r.,............... Honorable Mention Fifth Form .t..,r................ Third Form Honorable Mention For Excellence in German I. Denson Adams, Ir. Iames R. Rinehart D. Chase Troxell Iames W. Forgie Freeman N. Ielks, Ir. Frederick F. Schock, 3rd For Excellence in Mathematics Fifth Form Geometry .. Honorable Mention Fourth Form Algebra Honorable Mention Third Form Algebra .,..,..,..,. Honorable Mention Second Form Algebra .,......... Honorable Mention Advanced Chemistry Honorable Mention Sixth Form Chemistry .,.....,.. Honorable Mention Fourth Form Biology Honorable Mention Fourth Form Physical Geography ...,..... ....,... Honorable Mention Samuel Arms Harald P. F. Furth Thomas A. Mutch Iames W. Forgie Armin S. Roe Iohn F. Trotter Thomas W. Heenan George R. Hetrich, Ir. Alberto Chamorro A. Lewis Bentley, Ir. Iames W. Forgie William R. Maclay . Iames K. Goodwine, Ir. .. Merritt W. Dixon, III 237 THE DIAL 1947 Third Form General Science ...,...,. .....,... A lbert I. Impink, Ir. Honorable Mention ..,A.,..,.,.. .,.,..,.... C harles G. Phelps, III Second Form General Science ..,.. .,.,.,,....,.. E mil L. Frohlich Honorable Mention ,............i....A.,r...A.,....r..,.....,,..,....,. Earle W. Bolton, III For Excellence in History Ancient History Honorable Mention ......... ...,......, L ewis M. Firey, Ir. European History .,..,.......,... .,..,.. F reeman N. Ielks, Ir. Honorable Mention ......, ........, R ichard Hudgens World History ........,.,.......,..,.. .. ,....,.......... Keith W. Wallis Honorable Mention ,.....,.......... .............., S amuel Hurnes, IV Elementary American History ...,.,,... ...r..., T homas W. Richey, Ir. Honorable Mention ............,.....,.....,..........,.............,......,..,.. W. Iohn Welch For Excellence in Mechanical Drawing Fifth Form .....,..,..,.,..,..,....,............,........................,.,............,.. Harald P. F. Furth Honorable Mention ........,...,......,.............,.....,.,..,,,..,......,,,....... Samuel Arms For Projects of Outstanding Merit in VV ood Working Bruce H. Mowery and Thomas A. Mutch Honorable Mention ..,.,..........,,,,.....,..........,.,.,....,.............,... I. Dalziel Sprunt, Ir. For Excellence in the Field of Art Drawing ,...,.., .,....,.....,.....................,.....,..,.............,.......,........ I Edward D. Lewis For Excellence in Manual Training Robert F. Vanderslice Honorable Mention ........................,............,.,........,........,.,,.,... F. Grice Whiteley For Excellence in Third Form Mechanic: Ehret B. Page, Ir. Honorable Mention .......,...........,.,.,..........,,..................., Gordon S. Cushman, Ir. For Excellence in Advanced Mechanics David B. Hastings Honorable Mention ...............,.....,,.,....,......,............ . .......... G. Barnes Stevenson 238 THE DIAL 1947 For Excellence in Music Piano fExcellencej .........,.....,..,A....,..,,................A.,...........,...,,.,. Iohn C. Mulvihill Honorable Mention .,..... .. .. .. .. W. Iohn Welch Albert McGee, Ir Piano CProgressJ ........,....... ....l..,. I ohn O. Ehrenclou Honorable Mention ,...,..,t....l.......4.t......,,,,....i.,... ....,.,. S . Ely Goldsmith The Colgate Medals For the Winning Team in the Two Intra-Camp Debates The Fall Term of 1945 Q.E.D. .,.... .................,.........,..,,.....,.........,..... H arald P. F . Furth Iohn E. Swett Wranglers .t..,., .....A..t...,t.,...t..,.4,.....,....t........,.......T D aniel Walter McVey The Winter Term of 1946 Q.E.D. ...,.. ....t.,.............,,,....,........,......,,....,.........,.. I . Edward Stark Frederick W. Whaley, Ir Wranglers . ...... ....,..........,..,.... P eter H. Bunce Freeman N. Ielks, Ir SPECIAL PRIZES The lohn Kieran C up for the Greatest Improvement in Inter-Form Baseball in 1946 A. Vail Proescholdt, Ir. The H. S. Schutt Prize for Excellence in Chemistry A. Lewis Bentley, Ir. The George C. Brooke Memorial Prize for Excellence in Biology Iames R. Rinehart The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award A. Lewis Bentley, Ir. The Frank Woodworth Pine Memorial Prize for Excellence in Underform English Prose Composition Presented in Memory of Dr. Howard Bement Isaac Thomas, Ir. 239 THE DIAL 1947 Prize for School Championship in Tennis Carl Fischer, Ir. The Ioseph Campbell, Ir. Memorial Prize for Outstanding Achievement and Leadership in the Self Help and Work Program Howard F. Haneman The Cups Presented by the Alumni for the Best General Record in the Fifth and Fourth Forms Fifth Form 4........,.........,A....,.,......,,,....4....,,...........,.,.........,..,..... E. William Henry Fourth Form ...4..., ...,......, D avid Paton 240 DVEHTISI 'Ex fe N coco A .Ls 1 Hsu ' o KYQUR sau naw X NE D , uni T :LL X X VBKBJ N THE HILL NEEDS Youn JACK! QQ Q vi SPRING TERM SPUHTS 1945 Bareball Hill vii. Williamson School 6 I Central High School o I Perkiomen School 4 3 U.S. Naval Acad. "Plebes" I2 7 West Chester I.V. 4 7 Girard College 7 I Valley Forge M.A. 8 4 Peddie School I 2 Reading High School 2 7 Lawrenceville 4 2 Abington High School o 8 Lawrenceville Crainj Princeton Univ. I.V. 6 5 Haverford School I 3 Track Hill Vu. Norristown High School 702 462 Admiral Farragut Acad. Q5 75 Penn Relays last Peddie School 71 46 Triangular Meet second Lawrenceville 61 52 6 55 IX6 This page made porriblc through the generous 242 GOV Hill Vis. U.S. Naval Acad. "Plebes" 32 52 Reading High School 8 1 Valley Forge M.A. 9 0 Peddie School 7 o Princeton Univ. I.V. 4 5 Lawrenceville 9 0 Lawrenceville 62 22 Peddie School 7 2 Tenllzf Hill Vis. U.S. Naval Acad. "Plebes" 1 8 Episcopal High School 1 8 Peddie School frainj Valley Forge M.A. 8 I Peddie School Crain, Princeton Univ. I.V. o 9 Lawrenceville 2 7 Lawrenceville Crain, ronlrilmlions of the Sixth Form. DUAL TRACE MEET 1945 THE HILL VERSUS LAWRENCEVILLE Ioo YD. DASH I. Spivak 2. Perry QLD 3. Simmons QLD Time: 10.7 seconds 220 YD. DASH I. Spivak QHD 2. Meads QHD 3. Perry QLD Time: 24.2 seconds 440 YD. RUN 1. Swope QLD 2. Steen QHD 3. Vaughn QLD Time: 53.2 seconds 880 YD. RUN 1. Meixell QHD 2. Speiden QHD 3. Steen Time: 2:Io.1 seconds MILE RUN I. Speiden QHD 2. Keck QLD 3. Piper QLD Time: 4:53.2 seconds 120 YD. HIGH HURDLES I. Morris QLD 2. Schelpert 3. Poo-r QLD Time: 17.7 seconlds 220 YD. HURDLES I. Horning QHD 2. Easton QLD 3. Purnell QHD Time: 26.6 seconds SHOT PUT 1. Ogden QLD 2. Thompson QHD 3. Cone QHD Distance: 41' 6" DISCUS I. Nicholas QHD 2. Gaines QLD 3. Brown QLD Distance: 110' 9" IAVELIN 1. Iacob QLD 2. Dahlgren QLD 3. Wideman Distance: I4Q' 2" BROAD JUMP ' I. Horning 2. Easton QLD 3. Spivak QHD Distance: 20' 7" HIGH JUMP 1. Dean QLD 2. Apgar QHD 3. Grant QHD-Fisher QLD-Barker QLD Height: 5' 8" Pouz VAULT 1. Iacob QLD 2. Gouinlock QHD 3. Pflieger QHD-Emerson QLD Height: II THE HILL 61 5f'6 LAWRENCEVILLE 55 If 6 This page made possible through zhe generous conlributiom of the Fifth Form. 243 SPRING TERM SPUHTS 1947 Basebafl Gof Hill Vis. , H11 V 5 Episcopal Academy Perkiomen School U.S. Naval Academy "Plebes" Germantown Academy Princeton Freshmen Girard College Peddie School Malvern Preparatory School Lawrenceville U. of P. Freshmen Lawrenceville Reading High School Haverford School Track Hill Norristown High School Penn Relays Princeton Freshmen Peddie School Triangular Meet At Alexandria, Va. Episcopal High School Woodberry Forest School The Hill School Lawrenceville 244 Vis. Haverford School U.S. Naval Academy "Plebes" Reading High School Princeton Freshmen U. of P. Varsity Peddie School Lawrenceville Lawrenceville Tennis Episcopal High School Peddie School U. of P. Freshmen Peddie School Lawrenceville Lawrenceville Princeton Freshmen what I W schools and colleges in the East prove how long. . . and pho- Picture aher picture in old yearbooks at the best known tographs in today's undergraduate and alumni publica- tions prove how comixtently.. .Brooks Brothers have been a familiar and favored part of the traditional scene. ESTABLISHED :sis f33L f iffy 'Ex , 46 NEWBURY STREET, BosToN 16, MASS. Cbaaeiaaaastig 32115 Eixrnishings,Ea1s 8,-Sh oss OFFICERS' UNIFORMS, FURNISHINGS AND ACCESSORIES 346 MADISON AVENUE, con. 44TH sT., NEW YORK 17, N. Y. 714 SOUTH HILL ST., LOS ANGELES 14, CALIF. I 1 I SUTTER STREET, SAN FRANCISCO 4, CALIF Compliments of STONE'S Jewelry Store PHILADELPHIA DAIRY W t h . . . a C es PRODUCTS Co., INC. Jewelry . . Diamonds Sf? Si? Optical Department , , Manufacturers of ARISTOCRAT ICE CREAM and DOLLY MADISON HIGH STREET vmrrsroww, PA. DA E l i 2 45 Compliments Of the JAMES E. STARK Co. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE In Gratitude for Your Loyalty 7726 Qrzff extends to you Best Wishes for the Future Best wishes to Class of '47 P0'1"1'S'1'0XW'N F U1cNITU1ua FAc'rom -1-33 HIGPI STREET POTTSTOWVN, PA. 246 THIS ESTABLISHMENT HAS HAD THE HONOR DRUG STORE OF SUPPLYING THE HILL SCHOOL 7 B I N D E R S IIIEMORIAL TABLETS Dexigns .submitted upon request 807 High Street B Next to Strand Theatre Established 1332 1218 C 1 . STREET CQ I P P . I AFFILIATED FUND AMERICAN BUSINESS SHARES UNION TRUSTEED FUNDS Prospectus on request LORD, ABBETT 65' CO INCDRPU RATED 63 Wall Street New York 2 C0m10lz'mem'5 of HENRY PAPE, Inc 1 MAHONY-TROAST CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 657 MAIN AVENUE PASSAIC, NJ. ENGINEERS-BUILDERS MILLY'S BARBER SHOP 844 HIGH STREET OPPOSITE HILL SCHOOL Buckwalfer 8m Shaw's ICSSO SICRVICENTER IAIIGH .Q ,ADAMS STS. PHONE 1263 THFODORI' NIFYFR FST 1 ' ' A ' ' " ELECTRIC CO. P HST CONTROL SERVICE 240-42 N' ION' S"'R"Z":T IJIl1I.ADI4ZI.l'IlIA 7, PA. I,IIILAI!l'II,l'llIA Ig'Hf,LESA,1LE A""""'IC CH"' Hmm' H' I6I,Ef'TlZIf'fIL SL'PPLII'IS XVASIIINGTOX I w.xLNl"1' 2-2400 2 49 Best fwishes to the Class of 1947 from THE PIPE CLUB I COMPLIMENTS OF I OZUKKS' I GUNN DISTRIBUTING - AND COMPANY, INC. I ' G' I WVHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS - Z is I Electrical Appliances - AT Radios-Home Furnishings , I CHRISTMAN'S I LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS HIGH AT WARREN I . I ouvzan LEWIS CHRISTMAN Ii -. . - . - I I I , LA BRANCHE S1 CO. I I MEMBERS OF THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE I I I G. M. L. IIABRANCHE, JR. HILL '18 I ARNOLD WOOD, J R. HILL '17 L-----...-.-. .J 251 l I Q Evans, Conga-ar Company INSURANCE COUNSELORS 12 N. HANOVER STREET POTTSTOWN, PA. TELEPHONE 5 3 - i ' ' I I Bart Widow . Compliments of from . H. S. FRAZIER Norman B' Sage 252 At the crossroads of the world s smartest shopping and entertainment center + Best Luck to fha Sixth Form FROM THE CLASS OF 1950 2 L. "DOC'1Y', . .. I . - . A FRIEND - Best Wishes "fthe I ' A FRIEND CLASS OF 1947 - 2 COM PLI ll! EN TS OF A LBER "'lI"' "" "Heel for the T F. MCCJEE Hill Press Club-Now Complzknelztf 0 f ATHLETIC SUPPLY STORE 255 ln 1 Dominion Minerals, - IJIDELITY IIIUTUAL LIEE INSURANCE COMPANY Inc. G. FRASER WEBSTER I General Agent I I PINEY RIVER ' NELSON COUNTY - 303-30-14 CUTLER BITILDING VIRGINIA EAST AVPINUE RQUHFSTER -L, N.Y. L. ... - - . - - .Q I F WAGNER BROTHERS COMPANY Steamship Supplies 328 IJELANVARE AVE., 1,HILADELPHIA, PA. Established 1877 Lombard 3962 256 for Over a Century jewelers and Stationers ...TO MANY OF THE LEADING COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS IN THE EAST Class rings, pins and emblems, prizes and trophies for scholastic awards and for athletic competitions. Quality and Service al Reasonable Prices l. E. CALDWELL 62 CU. CHESTNUT AND jl1NIPER STREETS 0 PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNSYLVANIA COFFEE since 1854 THE SECURITY p 7 TRUST COMPANY C. Ix. REID 85 CO., INC. I ST41-1657-1658 VAN BUSKIRK 8: BRO. ' H I I EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE 218 High St. , POTTSTOWN, PA. I l - .V Y-V Y ,Y Y Y 2 - - Compliments 0 f BERNARD DAVIES l I VICTOR V. CLAD CO. Food S erziice Equipment Kitchen Utensils, China, Glass and Silverware For Schools-Colleges-Institutions Hotels-Restaurants 117-119-121 SoI"ru 11'I'lI STm:1-:T PHILADELPHIA Distributors CORNING "D0I'1xLr: TOUGH" TL'1NIBLLRS PEm1ypkr 5-9396 VENTURI, Inc. Fresh Fruit Sz Vegetables PHILADELPHIA, PA. JOIN THE AVIATION CLUB NOVV 13011, Movuis AND LECTURES C ODI PLI III E NTA R I 7,-Q Best VVishes to the HILL . . from F. VV. IVHALEY, JR. 2 59 After you have graduated and the ties which bind pull stronger, remember that a glass of GREAT OAK SPRING WATER will await you at the Pipe Club upon your return to the Hill X Cfm7Jliments of .ff Teer, Wickwire 84 Company jackson, Michigan This ix the winning advertisement in Rogers Peet'.r Advertising Contest conducted at The Hill School. Submitted by BARTON TREMAN Quality woolens and tailoring . . . up-to- I the-minute style . . . perfect Ht . . . lasting . I wearing pleasure . . . these are the qualifica- ' - tions to look for in clothes. You will find them all in Rogers Peet uni- , versity-styled clothes for the Younger Man. RIG-HT5 RIGHTCQ I I ff' SISHHJWQW! Ku" XE. . o If , rf ' 11331: f XX ,f 1 I f I N, ii, C. M In New York: And in Boston: Fiffh Avenue 13th Street Warren Street Tremont St. at 41st Su-get at Broadway at Broadway at Bromfneld St. - H Q - 1 - 1 I 1 LAIRIT, BISSELI. 84: MEEDS Members of NEW Yom: STOCK EXCHANGE NEW Yonx CURE EXCHANGE 120 BROADWAY NEW YORK 5, N.Y. BARCLAY 7-3500 DUPOXT BUILDING XVILMINGTON, DEL. LINCOLN-LIBERTY BUILDING PHILADELPHIA, PA. WINTER SPRING-AIR PRESS Sold By J. L. LUCAS Sz SON, INC. Bridgeport 5, Conn. 261 CONTRIBUTE To The A111e1'ic:i11 Red Cross Best of Luck to the Senior Class from the A Friend Hill Dial Board of The Dial CENTRAL OF GEORGIA RAILWAY COMPANY M. P. CALLAWAY, Trustcc Savannah, Georgia Best wishes to The Class of 1947 Join, the HILL SCHOOL DRAMATIC CLUB 262 1' ll .4 MEDIUM AND LOYV DUTY DREDGE PUMPS RIA XIJII 'JI RES ULTS For all types of service such as: Production of Commercial Sand and Gravel, River and Harbor Dredging, Low Land Fills, Road Building, Coal Dredging, Oyster Dredging, Gold Dredging and Dam Construction. ERIE PUMP 8t ENGINE WORKS DIEIJINA, lXY.Y. isi KBI isuro is Q IXCORI ORXTFD l9l 2 PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS PRINCETON ' NEW JERSEY MI" 'f I ' -,-11: if.. 1-2: fwQ,:?ai . I "I 'Ta 5 ,mil P22 Efiniery fo the Diaz! Olheial Engravers to the 1947 Dial The Basil L. Smith System 1016 Cherry Street Philadelphia, Pa. 'COW Picture I 5 Pfhrtlz A 7-,h0ll5d7Z!f Worff5,, Especially when that picture is made by 'CameraMasterS., The experience of Two Generations of Photographers wcnt into making most of the photographs in this book. . . . Photographs to tell an everlasting story. Yes, Two Generations of Photographers offer a special service to Editor and Class Advisor, a service which in- cludes not only making Portraits, Groups and Candid Photographs, but also suggesting ideas for adding interest to the Yearbook. The small Yearbook and large can be made just as in- teresting, by making every photograph count. We will gladly show you how. HOLLANDER 61 FELDMAN 'CameraMasterS' 1705 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. aoosrfns 4f1Z9fvQ.w ,Mau llrmffq -ITV' Ffrnrn BIRD? jlami mf! in W award! ,13aug,s ,.., ZQMMWEM QQ? A ifzf Qi 44 M407 dz ,-9:-z 054- I - Arknanp- QYA - - .. fomlfl ipqlbhff-0lS0h x yum 7V1-4-I ' - - I UI 43' 41 'EEE' .m9'u.,JWfZz"' C.c:. me "L-ZMEEL' :1....4fm Dwag.. gms-E..,.:vs...Q2l, Mm 3111-if Q-V......f.'.".5. , "53,wc' 'Mu 'M-149. Rmbbif' Talk- cy ng, c.,., -Q, ,G-,7 ffl! AS ii:-9 7' + kung ,fe V- N ' PM -- ft mfunvmijtszjiuhyrajcrzuw Q 2521 WWA +Zf54il'9 :7,f,4,,!1,i,1,',ej C- -'-,, 1 " ' Va. on ini., is Af m IK " emi Ill!! BOOSTERS AQZUWJQDWLPW 3 US. Imam Haw, in 3 Ll. Boozers D D, 6, Mg! I Bim-was CHAPTER Z X ,f.,,M,,,,L 08 4l7-. - I-A! W-W 4- C44-IN he loaf' Waksal: Loma tiling cfdx-4'-4 C7492 Y Vfilfd 3 u:-H u Co+9F Siu?-I'f'Wl -5PQi'i?.Q-A Bafgwm Lizard Hiyjaih JNL, + BLM QW 71' QW' N Z . A Z pam Spggiy x..MbfP.... .Q,m..,.' mmm PW? ZZZ2gnLl '71 1: 1, Z. E u ay! wx l 2 ll n ll N PAM-me - nb' Ll ILS, Nyggfe ' CAMO. SLXXM-s ' Skxdiy 550 fyfj-gBefHe' mb M : Qy ' ll 0--wiC.S5o-Ib-2-. fl'Ll-S'G5!fQ Hilnilifin Wine Homsy ffe'-!VfAf 3 a 5. 619' - Z5-1Rst"7qnaE "til-P' 2 BOOSTERS yd.. a. n....zz,zc' 0.0Q..,,0cEw My flux? G-Q ?:.L9E.1..m H ms. m'.w,..,,' i. . -we M ww 'ff M Adu' 'Bm "-rl... aah." Gov-num "QV Q154.vmn9f.T......:-41' X4 522 451Z!cP-:uauaac 57 WJ 143-MAJ i4?4, 75? Q ,Q 6fvhQ,a.'B.q:,'ll.nnxu"tt' 1.7,-dakarv-Jfinnnzzfr If ,- Pu". Qwavlifwvfffff 3'-L 3- Q'-Qi: 1f.,..44.,.w.M.x,.. Haw-447-df"-'Pf'Z""?3' 2.4,-1 fl- 'Mgr-H" glib!! Amwfxdmvm igsg a Eh. JM Bok XLJQI-'i'vx Pg QAL... Karin- asa. raven, Q43 WM E- lfowg 'IDU nw., WWQULZMM, lh QWQTWXNI Q....'L+s"' Yiwu +,f?f..LL.., Januar- I-. BOOSTERS .The Rookie," I Q9 .vmmww Cwwf I-A fm. ,ww azfawe I Dum? g1, fm W My-J-4? ' wwf 0 MMM? in 2 Tudgigb, say? W?ui Mudd Cl 7n..,1wp-H . Jmyfwf A wif Wafkam RMJQB' 6.1.4- jfwg - .srezo Boyefgqg ' if-L - ' Al . XQWM M13- 72-'Z' ' U WLM M 'Aw-M f ffwd ,ffm Mllffh-AL fv . 1 1 270 BOOSTERS 1. wt! Ln a,Al.'1L,,.ma2wQ AIR'-17114--v.wJakh,uw.! d2u,Qv4JJf4lu4d3f5f74.1T'1-' 7.144 no kilom- j 9, L x. em.. CUM? A9-Q.-4,,,'?'af'.WuJ' -Lwbdkq f-114 Mm- a,mri,,,,1,ef,4,.f,1z...g, Lj14wB'7,,,,'Z,,-fc, J7,'Q.w-11' W .Eku, RJQKLB-claohk -uO+g,Ln'N0 Jn 439, Amy jpfwm ST o..f,...y,, USU? QM "1Aff.au1"'a+.v..1...n.: wer. v J7. L JL.. nm Bill o,-gf... Qi,',Qw-QMW,-ikfp UM C1-'Nl "D-'-'9' lqerdm flfdvddya wi' fad - .fd-a6:E?7fCf 0' .,plLJe!?4.ffzvf v4rhf .fa ang,, 5vmZJ-.Z-fnulf, se' 5-'l'u'l'z A TZDEW'-26145 awww U 7"'J"'f4 mc - 1 W mn MW Qfiiimi W' M227 mf Qggdyfffffa- L! 7 vb SC l. l" FR PING, 8 fy lu OO I 4- 1: , wVnw17,ff.,-3 f k S, . 2, ' fs - 0 It be V 1' x l85X Buster nf the School C. Webster Abbott, '48 ........,......,... F. Eugene Ackerman, '48, Ferg M. Alleman, Ir., '48, C. Robert Allen, III, '49 ...,......, Frank A. Allen, III, '47 ,.... Iames W. Andrews, '48 .,., Iohn W. Annan, '49 .,......... Michael S. Annan, ,4Q .,..,.. .641 W. University Pkwy., Baltimore, Md. E. Vine St., Stowe, Pa. P.O. Box 791, Orlando, Fla. .........,453o Tuldston Rd., New York City Calif. St., Washington, D.C. ,...,.......605 Mt. Airy Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 1035 N. Sheridan Rd., Lake Forest, N.Y. .,.,.....1o35 N. Sheridan Rd., Lake Forest, N.Y. Charles R. Appel, Ir., '51 ........, .,.,.....,... 9 25 Grandview Blvd., Lancaster, Pa. Ronald B. Appel, Ir., '51 .....,,............. 48 Allendale Rd., Staten Island 5, N.Y. Samuel Arms, '47 .....,........ Carl I. Austrian, Ir., ,47 .... Geoffrey D. Austrian, '49, Iames B. Avrutis, '50 ..,.,...., Charles Bading, '48 ,........... Iohn V. Bailey, '49 ....,..,.... Iames A. Baker, III, '48,., Russell B. Bandy, '47 ......,.. Warren R. Barbor, '49 ....,.. Iohn Barbour, '48 .........,...., .........,..,........,..Stratford Rd., Harrison, N.Y. Fifth Ave., New York City E. 93rd St., New York City ........,I6O Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. Robert P. Babcock, Ir., ,47 ....,,,,.... ' 42, Allison Park, Pa. ..,.....,.....41o Buttonwood St., Mt. Holly, N.I. Sherman Rd., Battle Creek, Mich. ....,..,..,..1216 Bissonnet Ave., Houston, Tex. 60 Patomic Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn. ,.....,.... 222 Hamilton St., Bound Brook, N.I. .......,...1429 Browning Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Stephen S. Barnet, '49 .........,. .....,.....,... 7 8 Neptune Ave., Woodmere, N.Y. William A. Barney, '48 .,.., Richard Barth, '48.. ..,...... ., Iohn A. Bartlett, '48 ....,...... Iames H. Barton, Ir., ,47,. Iohn C. Barton, ,47 ........,....... George F. Bason, Ir., ,4Q... Allan G. Baxter, '48 .......,.....,. Robert M. Baxter, '49 ..,..,.. I. Gordon Beattie, ,49 ........ Andrew E. Beer, '50 ,...,..,.., Lawrence C. Bentley, '50 A. Lewis Bentley, Ir., '47i Thomas N. Bentley, '50 ...,. Barton I. Bienenstock, '48, ..,........ 261 N. Broad St., Philadelphia 7, Pa. ..,.....,,Cedar Ave., Hewlett Bay Park, L.I. .,.........,.......Fourth St., Lewiston, N.Y. ,,.....,,..,............,..............,..Centreville, Md. .......,..535 S. McLean St., Memphis, Tenn. ...........3o7 Franklin St., Chapel Hill, N.C. ...,.....,.503 W. 345th St., Wilmington, Del. ..,.......503 W. 345th St., Wilmington, Del. Main St., Little Falls, N.I. ...,.........Richardson Ave., Sea Cliff, N.I. .......,Dixie Highway, Perrysburg, Ohio ,......,Dixie Highway, Perrysburg, Ohio ..........,,.Dixie Highway, Perrysburg, Ohio Mulberry Rd., New Rochelle, N.Y. 273 THE DIAL 1947 Richard N. Billings, '48 ...,...i...,..... Lewis M. Billingslea, Ir., '51 ...,....i Iohn A. Bingham, IV, '49 .i.,4......... Walter A. Bingham, Ir., '48 ....4.... Robert H. Bird, '51 ..i.,4........,...... Frank F. Bollinger, '47 .........,. Earle W. Bolton, III, '50 ....,.. Iohn H. Bonitz, Ir., '49 .,...........,... Edward H. Bonsall, III, '49 Lafayette Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. . 21 Bolton Gardens, Bronxville, N.Y. 1 Orchard Meadow Rd., E. Williston, N.Y. ..,..............Llewellyn Park, W. Orange, N.I. .,.................Centerville, Del. ...........30I Frederick Ave., Sewickley, Pa. ....,..,...University Club, Philadelphia, Pa. ....,25o5 W. Market, Greensboro, N.C. 8106 Seminole Ave., Chesn. Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. Ralph V. Bosch, Ir., '50 ......,.,.,. Henry M. Bostder, '47 ..........., William Bouton, '48 ..,,.,...,...... Robert F. Branscombe, '47 ..........,.. Leland D. Breckenridge, '5o.. Richard Breed, Ir., '47 ...,......,..,.., Montgomery Bretherton, '49.. Daniel R. Bristol, '48 .,,.,..,.,.....,... Owen A. Brooks, '47 ...,.....,..... W. Hensel Brown, Ir., '48 ..,.,. William T. Brown, Ir., '48 ,..... Robert B. Browne, '51 ..........., Russell B. Buck, Ir., '48 ..,. ..... Robert Buechner, Ir. .,.,,.,..,. Peter H. Bunce, '47 ........,. Iohn S. Burr, '48 ......,.,..... Iames I. Butler, '50 .......,.....,,,., Donald A. Carroll, '47 ,....,..... Albert I. Carter, IV, '47 ...,....... ...,.,.....,.1361 Madison Ave., New York City E. 73rd St., New York City Eastway, Bronxville, N.Y. .....42 Woodlawn Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. .....,....,..1538 Mt. Eagle Pl., Alexandria, Va. .,...,...IO5 S. Cambridge Ave., Ventnor, N.I. ..,.,,.......Spring Mill Rd., Villanova, Pa. Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. ..........426 Prospect St., Nutley, N.I. .Glen Moore Circle, R.D. 3, Lancaster, Pa. Cherry Lane, Rumson, N.I. .........,.......,..Commerce St., Centerville, Md. 4.858 Floral Drive, Grand Rapids, Mich. .....13 Park Ave. Terrace, Bronxville, N.Y. .,..,..,......Residence Pk., Palmerton, Pa. Hillside Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. N. Derby Ave., Kenton City, N.I. ....,....176 Arnold St., Staten Island, N.Y. ......25o6 Iackson Ave., Alexandria, La. Iames D. Chace, '50 ......,....,..........,.. ......... I 422 Clover Rd., Rochester, N.Y. Frank E. Chesterman, III, '48 ..,..., David B. Chidester, '49 ,..,...... Matthew A. Clark, '47 .,,.,,..,..., A. Gordon Clarke, '47 ...,..,...., Thomas A. Clary, '47 ...........,...,.. A. C. Peter Clewis, III, '48 ....,..,. William F. Clinger, '47 ........,. Spencer H. Cone, '47 .............,. Robert H. Conkling, '48 ......... 274 Harte Rd., Ienkintown, Pa. Easterly Ave., Auburn, N.Y. R.D. 3, Quakertown, Pa. High St., N. Attleboro, Mass. Grover St., Auburn, N.Y. E. 43rd St., New York City .....,....316 Connewango Ave., Warren, Pa. Rittenhouse Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. York St., Olean, N.Y. THE DIAL 1947 Harry W. Conarro, Ir., '49 .........4.,...... ..,...., 3 IO W. 5th Ave., Warren, Pa. Woodward W. Corkran, Ir., '49 .,...,.....,........,...4.. Hifield House, Villanova, Pa. William I. Cowperthwaite, '51 .r..r..... ...4...4..,, T he Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. William D. Cox, Ir., '49 .....A.,..AA...,.,.,............,.,,.. ...,.. 1 539 Astor St., Chicago, Ill. Iohn Cra1k,.'49 ..,,.......,...........,.................,..,..,.......... Bingham Ave., Rumson, N.I. Harden L. Crawford, Ir., '50 .....,,.,. Allbreeze, Black Rock, Bridgeport, Conn. Ronald B. Crawford, '49 ...,.....,. Holmes A. Crimmins, Ir., '50 Grover St., Auburn, N.Y. Conn. C. Ieremy Crouch, '48 ..,........................, 215 Sandringham Rd., Rochester, N.Y. Briggs S. Cunningham, III, ,4Q .....,.....,... 306 Pendelton La., Palm Beach, Fla. Gordon S. Cushman, Ir., '49 .....,.... Elliot W. Dann, '49 .....,.....,..,...., Alexander H. Dannon, Ir., '48 ................IO4O Park Ave., New York City ..,.....IQ Clover Drive, Great Neck, L.I. P.O. Box 7373, Mexico, D.F. Michael Davies, '47 ....,,.....,..,........... ,........,...,.,., G reenhaven, Rye, N.Y. Clyde Davis, III, '51.: ...,..,..,........,.... ........... ,.... 6 4 6 Ford Ave., Kingston, Pa. Iames C. Davis, '48 .,..,...,...,......,...........,...,....,..... The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. Edward P. H. Dear, '50 ...,..,... Beekman Tower, 3 Maichel Pl., New York City Peter D. Dennig, '49 .,.,......,..............,.,.........,......... 20 Brentmoor, Clayton, 5, Mo. Robert C. Derby, '47 ......,..... Iames M. Detmer, '48 ........ . Merritt Dixon, III, '48 .......,. 610 Iames St., Syracuse, N.Y. Prospect Ave., Tarrytown, N.Y. ...324 E. 46th St., Savannah, Ga. Robert L. Dodge, '50 .............,.. .,..,......... 1 QQ Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, Ill. William T. Downing, '49 .......,.....,..,..,..,..,......,..,., 243 N. Water St., Decatur, Ill. Robert D. Drew, '48 .........., . ....,.....,. 7 Keofferam Rd., Old Greenwich, Conn. Theodore D. Driscoll, Ir., '49 ...,....,..,.............. 152 S. Avon St., St. Paul, Minn. Bruce E. Druckenmiller, '48 ....... C. Kendrick Dwyer, '47 .,..,..,,.,.. .......2O S. Main St., Phoenixville, Pa. ,......,.260 Hanover St., Pottstown, Pa. Thomas Eagle, '51 ..,..............., ...,....... S tate Rd., Phoenixville, Pa. Iohn A. Earl, '48 ...,..,..........,.... .,,.......... P .O. Box 536, Boca Raton, Fla. Thomas A. Edson, '49 .,.........,..,.. .......,.. 6 04 Maple Lane, Edgeworth, Pa. Charles S. Edwards, II, '4Q ............ .,,.,. ' 'Craigwood," Huntington, W.Va. Iohn O. Ehrenclou, '47 ..,,..........., Charles R. Elicker, III, '47 ..,....... Iohn G. E. Elicker, '48 ...,.......,, Louis Emanuel, III, '47 .....,. William S. Embury, '49 .......... William A. Faber, '49 ........,.. Leonard R. Fahs, '47 ..,...,.,.. Henry Fairley, III, '49 .,......... ..........925 Park Ave., New York City High St., Pottstown, Pa. High St., Pottstown, Pa. .,.........547 N. President Ave., Lancaster, Pa. Liberty St., Warsaw, N.Y. Fells, N.I. King Ave., Weehawken, N.I. ..,............,....Seagoville, Texas 275 THE DIAL 1947 Iames T. Faulkner, '48 ,,........ ......,..... 4 I7 W. 118th St., New York, N.Y. Conner M. Fay, '47 .,..4,..........,..,.,,.,................,r... 55 Pine Crest, Mansfield, Ohio Iohn C. Ferenbach, Ir., ,4Q ...,.....,..,....,,.,..,,......,,.,..... 58 Butler St., Kingston, Pa. Rafael Ferrer, Ir., '50 ..,..........,,. Ave. Ponce de Leon 138, Santurce, Puerto Rico Lewis M. Firey, Ir., '47 ........,..,.......,.,,... Commodore Hotel, Washington, D.C. Carl Fischer, Ir., ,47 ..,. Germantown Ave. 8: Norman Lane, Chestnut Hill, Pa. Iohn W. M. Fisher, Ir. '50 ....,.....,......... ,..,.....,, 8 I5 Harmon Ave., Dayton, Ohio Cornelius F. F lorman, '49 .........,..,..... El Rancho del Valle Verde, Tubac, Ariz. Iames W. Forgie, '47 ....,.............,.,...,......... 311 Allison Ave., Washington, D.C. A. Murray Foster, Ir., '48 ........ . .Suite 7, 8, 9 Sz I0 Masonic Bldg., Bedford, Va. Denton G. Fox, '47 ...,.........,,..,..........,..,..,........... 1333 E. 3rd Ave., Denver, Colo. Richard C. Frazier, '47 ..,.,......,.....,....,. Richard G. Freeman, '49 2679 Cranlyn Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Twin Oak Rd., Short Hills, NJ. Arthur K. Freimuth, '48 ............,..,..,........, 418 High Land Rd., Pottstown, Pa. Harald P. F. F urth, '47 ,.,........ Angelo A. Gallo, Ir., ,47 ..... Paul G. Gamble, Ir., '48 .,.. Emil L. Frohlich, '49 ...,,..,..,................,.....,.... 429 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. .5400 Fieldston Rd., Riverdale, New York, N.Y. 62 N. Hanover St., Pottstown, Pa. .......,..,..GfCCHV1llC, Miss. Edgar W. Garbisch, Ir., '50 ,.,........ Edward E. Gardiner, '48 .... George P. Garrett, Ir., '47.. Robert Y. Garrett, III, '47 ......,.. Caleb F. Gates, III, '49 .,..,..... E. 72nd St., New York, N.Y. ,,....,..435 Garden Lane, Bryn Mawr, Pa. ,......,...2IQ Philip Place, Orlando, Fla. Race Ave., Lancaster, Pa. Mercer St., Princeton, N.I. Louis E. Gelwicks, Ir., '47 ,....... .......,.,. 1 43-30 Franklin Ave., Flushing, N.Y. Michael R. Genth, '47 ...,..,..,., David E. George, ,4Q .,...,..,.. Lee Getz, '47 .,.,..,.....,....,......, Iohn E. Gimbel, '47 ,.,,........ Paul A. Gimbel, ,49 ,.,.....,., S. Ely Goldsmith, '48 .......... .............,.1125 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. Flower Ave., W. Watertown, N.Y. Wendell D. George, Ir., '48 ........,........... 217 Flower Ave., W. Watertown, N.Y. ...........,....,,Sarswold Apts., Scarsdale, N.Y. .,..,.....,.50 Vanderbilt Ave., New York, N.Y. 50 Vanderbilt Ave., New York, N.Y. Park Ave., New York, N.Y. lose E. Gonzalez, '49 .....,.,.....,.,... Cervantes Ave., No. 4, Santurce, Puerto Rico Iames K. Goodwine, Ir., '48 ..,.,...,.,.....,..................,.......................... Hoopeston, Ill. Wallace M. Gordon, '47 ...,,...,.,..,....,.............,........, P.O. Box 275, Melbourne, Fla. Harl G. Graham, '48 ......,..............,.... 722 W. Highlands Ave., Redlands, Calif. Frederic I. Grant, III, '48 ...,...... 429 N. Las Palmas Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Henry B. Gray, III, '47 ...........,.............,..,.....,. 918 Essex Rd., Birmingham, Ala. Ira D. Gruber, '51 ......,.,..,..,.....,..,.......,..........,..,.... Schuylkill Rd., Pottstown, Pa. William C. Grunow, Ir., '49..,.x ........ S. Lake Shore Drive, Lake Geneva, Wis. 276 1 Arnold W. Guess, '47 ..,...... W. Richard Gum, '49 .,4.,A...., THE DIAL 1947 Sylvan Ave., Leonia, N.I. Lexington, Pa. H. Leland Gunn, Ir., '47 ...A.4......,.....,...., I2 Longfellow Lane, Little Rock, Ark. Raymon I. Hahn, '48 .,.....,..,..,....., Apt. 5 224 Rexford Place, Watertown, N.Y. Lyndon W. Haigh, '48 ........,.....,,.,..,...,.. 110 Highland Ave., Short Hills, N.I. Iohn M. Hallstead, '48 ......,.................................,.....,...,.., Beechcroft, Dalton, Pa. Alexander Van R. Halsey, '47 ..,,..,... .....,...,125 E. 72nd St., New York, N.Y. William R. Hamilton, Ir., '47 ,....,..,. ,,..,..,.. 5 88 Garden St., Little Falls, N.Y. Howard F. Haneman, '47 ...,,.....,.. Lee Haring, ,47 ........................ Ronald F. Harper, '48 .......... Titus H. Harris, Ir., ,4Q ......,... Lucian H. Harris, III, '47 ......,.. Varick D. Harrison, '48 .......,,. Richard A. Harter, '48 .,........, David B. Hastings, '48 .....,,..,. Daniel F. Havens, '48 ........... 27th St., S. Brigantine, N.I. 62 East End Ave., New York, N.Y. Washington Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Ave. I., Galveston, Texas ...........2Q42 Andrews Lane, Charlotte, N.C. Clinton Ave., Montclair, N.I. ........,..The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. .......,..Twadell Mill Rd., Centerville, Del. .....,......IOI7 S. Webster St., Iackson, Mich. C. Vance Haynes, Ir., ,47 ....,....,. ......... Q uarters 364, Mitchel Field, L.l., N.Y. A. Iackson Hays, Ir., ,4Q ...,........ ............2749 Lombardy Pl., Memphis, Tenn. Allan R. Heavey, '47 ...,..,.....,........,.,......,..,,. 322 Copley Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. Thomas W. Heenan, '49 .....,..,.....,................... 535 S. Spring Ave., LaGrange, Ill. Theodore A. Hellwig, III, '47 .,.... County Street, Norwalk, Conn., cfo Martin Bruce F. Henderson, '48 .,...........,...........,........ 25 Euclid Ave., Maplewood, N.I. Ronald H. Henderson, ,49 ...P.O. Box 396, County Line Rd., Rosemont, Pa. Iohn G. Hendrickson, '48 7812 Conwell Rd., Laverock, Chestnut Hill, Phila., Pa. Roy B. Henline, Ir., '51 ..,.......... E. William Henry, ,47 ..,..,..,.. I. Russell Herman, Ir., '48 ......... Otto E. Hessmer, '50 ..........,....... George R. Hetrich, Ir., '50 .,...... W. Gilchrist Hill, '49 ,..........,..... ....16 Tanglewylde Ave., Bronxville, N.Y. 182 Chicasaw Pkwy. E., Memphis, Tenn. Phelps Rd., Ridgewood, N.I. Howard Park Dr., Tenafly, N.I. N. Mill St., Birdsboro, Pa. .............7o8 Market St., Wilmington, N.C. William R. Hinchman, Ir., '50 ................ 310 Glenwood Rd., Ridgewood, N.I. F. Reed Hoisington, III, '48 ............. David L. Holmgren, ,47 .....,....., Iohn R. Hooton, '47 ,.....,........, William G. Hoover, '47 ........ Ronald H. Horne, '50 ,..,,..,.... Lewis L. Hoy, ,47 ................ Highland Ave., Montclair, N.I. 256 Van Nostrand Ave., Englewood, N.I. .........1133 Dartmouth Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. M3033 "N" St., N.W., Washington, D.C. ...HIS Meritoria Dr., East Williston, N.Y. ..3oo E. Main St., Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 277 THE DIAL 1947 Philip H. Hubbard, Ir., '49 William M. Hubbell, '48 .... Richard W. Hudgens, '47 ...,,.,... ..,.. Graham Humes, '50 ,.l,....l... Samuel Humes, IV, '48 .4.,,..... Donald G. Humphrey, '49, Herbert W. Hunt, '47 .......,. Lamar Hunt, '50 .,.........,..,. Robert A. Hunter, '49 ,.,..... Bon Mar Rd., Pelham Manor, N.Y. ...I03 Rockaway Rd., Garden City, N.Y. .1414 Cummings Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. ....,515 Vallamont Dr., Williamsport, Pa. ....,515 Vallamont Dr., Williamsport, Pa. ......,.....230 W. Buffalo St., Warsaw, N.Y. Mt. Vernon, Lawther Dr., Dallas, Texas .Mt. Vernon, Lawther Dr., Dallas, Texas 2006 DeKalb St., Norristown, Pa. Richard A. Hutchinson, Ir., '48 ............,... 1137 E. Woodside, South Bend, Ind. Charles G. Hutzler, III, '48 ..,... Albert I. Impink, Ir., '49 ........,.. Robert G. Iackson, '47 .,.,.....,.. Iackson E. Ieffrey, '48 .........,. Richard R. Jeffrey, '48 .........,, Freeman N. Ielks, Ir., '47 ....,...., A. Clark Iohnson, Ir., '48 ........... .,....,...Nayl0r Lane, Pikesville 8, Md. ......,..623 Spruce St., Pottstown, Pa. ...,....I72 Shaler Dr., Glenshaw, Pa. .,.........,610 Rona St., Interlaken, NJ. .........IO0 Summit Ave., Montclair, NJ. ..,...,.....420 E. 45th St., Savannah, Ga. ,..,...........,....,,.Ridgecrest Farm, Coatesville, Pa. Dudley E. Johnson, Ir., '51 ..,..,.,....... 1 ,.,..,..,....., Pleasant Mills Rd., Elwood, NJ. Bruce C. Jones, '49 ,..,..........,...,.. 2711 Wadsworth Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Thomas P. Iones, 2nd, ,47 .,,........................,.....,......,. 165 State St., Nanticoke, Pa. Richard B. Iordan, '48 ,.......... ,.....,.. 5 02 Redlands St., Redlands, Calif. Andrew Kaul, IV, '51 ,......, .....,..,..,..,..........,..,. 1 88 Center St., St. Mary's, Pa. Paul S. Kempner, '49 ..,...,. ,.,,.,.,...,.....,... 2 7 Huntington Ave., Scarsdale, N.Y. Iohn H. Kerr, '49 .,..,.,.,,.. ....,.,.., 3 226 Morrison St., N.W., Washington, D.C. Robert I. Kerr, '48 ...,,.,.... ....,..,... 3 226 Morrison St., N.W., Washington, D.C. Baron E. Kessler, '51 ,........, ,..........,.......,.....,.....,., M aple Manor, Pottstown, Pa. Iames D. Kiggen, '50 .........,....,.....,.........,.., 8 S. Brookwood Dr., Montclair, NJ. Iohn A. Kiggen, III, '48 .,.....,.,................., 8 S. Brookwood Dr., Montclair, NJ. Iohn D. Kinard, '48 .......,...,...... 122 E. Gorgas Lane, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. Francis S. Kleckner, '49 ..,..,..........,....,...... Dorneyville, Rt. No. 1, Allentown, Pa. W. McN. Knapp, Ir., ,47 ,... Carl W. Knobloch, Ir., '47, R. Allen Koehler, '49 ,...,.......,......., E. 46th St., Savannah, Ga. .....,.,..Knobl0ch Lane, Stamford, Conn. ,.......,.158 Brixton Rd., Garden City, N.Y. Reinhard C. Kuhn, '47 ,...,...............,.....,....,.. 407 Ransom St., Chapel Hill, N.C. George M. L. LaBranche, I II, ,47 ..,................,..,. 50 Broadway, New York, N.Y. Barron P. Lambert, Ir., '50 ,.,.....,...... Walter B. Lashar, III, '47... Kenneth F. Lay, '47 ,...,.......,., Laurence C. Layton, '47 ......... 278 ..,..,........,..........,..,.,..........Ecclest0n, Md. S. Pershing Ave., York, Pa. S. 19th St., Newark, NJ. ...........302 N. Bedford St., Georgetown, Del. Robert E. Leach, '49 ...,A...4...,..,. Harold R. LeBlond, Ir., '48 .,.....,. Andrew Leith, Ir., '50 ,.....A...,A., Walter M. Leonard, Ir., '49 ,.,...,.. THE DIAL 1947 ........75 Central Park W., New York, N.Y. Ohio .,......,.Golf House Rd., Haverford, Pa. ,......,.......52O Colonial Ave., Westfield, NJ. Edward D. Lewis, '48 ......,....,. .......,.....,..,......,.....,,.,...............,...,..... W averly, Pa. Louis K. Liggett, II, '47 ...,.,.............. 219 Rockingstone Ave., Larchmont, N.Y. Iames R. Lindsay, '48 ..,.....,..,.,..................,..,...... 2000 Village Dr., Louisville, Ky. Ioseph C. Luke, Ir., '49 ,........ Robert E. Lusk, Ir., '48 .,..,.... Robert K. McAfee, '48 .........,.... Riverview Rd., Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y. William S. Luckett, '50 .,..,.....,..,... Harrison St., Hollywood, Fla. Locust Lane, Bronxville, N.Y. Box 300, Redlands, Calif. William K. McAfee, Ir., '51 ........ .......... P .O. Box 300, Redlands, Calif. Robert McCann, '48 ..,.........,.,...,........ ,.........,..,..........................,.. F ranklin, N.I. Pelham L. McClellan, Ir., '48 ......,.. ....,.... 4 o Elsmere Rd., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Ralph A. McClelland, Ir., '47 .......,....,.....,.....,... 48 Garth Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. Edward W. McCloskey, II, '50 Quartermasters' Replacement Pool, A.S.F. Air Depot, Lathrop, Calif. Francis B. McElroy, '49 The Chatham, 20th and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia 3, Pa. Albert McGee, Ir., '47 .......... Michael B. McHale, '50 ,,..., Hugh D. McKay, Ir., '48 ,.,. Iohn F. McKernan, Ir., '47, P. ICH McNally, '47 ,,............. Daniel W. McVey, ,47 ..,..,.,.. William R. Maclay, '48 ...,... Frank A. MacManus, '48 ....,....,, ....,..,..,.IIO S. Kenyon Ave., Margate City, N.I. Lexington Ave., Merchantville, N.I. W. Barnabas McHenry, '48 .....,.., . S. 17th St., Allentown, Pa. Forest Ave., Rye, N.Y. Essex Rd., Summit, NJ. ..,........44O0 Center Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. ,.....,.,228 S. College Ave., Newark, Del. .,,.....158 E. 81st St., New York, N.Y. ....,....Plymouth House, Scarsdale, N.Y. Iohn S. P. Makiver, Ir., '48 ...,..,.....,..,.....,......,.,,,.,.,,,........,.....,...... ,.,Villanova, Pa. Frank S. Manchester '47 ..,., Floyd A. Mann, '48 ....,...,..,.. Iohn Markle, Ir., '49 .....,. Benjamin Martin, '49 .,.......,, Briton Martin, Ir., '47 .......... , Lynn S. Martin, '51 .,..,.....,.,.,. ..,,. Milward W. Martin, II, '49 ....... Donn Maurer, '48 ....,.,,,.,....... Marshall M. Meads, '47 ...,.., Edward F. Medart, '49 ........... ....,....I0 Adams St., North Attleboro, Mass. .,,...,.,..,.,....Second Ave., Prestonsburg, Ky. N. 25th St., Camp Hill, Pa. ,.,.,....2II4 DeLancey St., Philadelphia, Pa. I4 DeLancey St., Philadelphia, Pa. No. 1, Box 261, Pottstown, Pa. Oakview Ave., Maplewood, N.I. ...,,..,..IOI W. 78th St., New York, N.Y. .........I7I4 Fourth St., Iackson, Mich. 33 Portland Pl., St. Louis, Mo. 279 THE DIAL 1947 Donn S. Meeske, '48 .,.,....,4.,.. R.R. L Thomas Melly Jr ' 8 . . , ., 4 ., Eric S. Merrifield, '48 .,......,, Richard R. Mertens, '49 ...,...... David H. Michael, '47 ..,r.,r.. Robert J. Middleton, '47 ..,....... David H. Miller, '48 ....,....., Edward A. Miller, '49 ..,..,...... Holt F. Miller, '48 ,.......,.,....., Cuthbert Mills, 3rd, '48 ....., Richard S. Miner, '49 ......,.,. No. I, Forest Park Rd., Muskegon, Mich. E. 72nd St., New York, N.Y. Hickory Dr., Maplewood, N.J. Campden Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. ......,....5IO Cambridge Rd., Cynwyd, Pa. N. 19th St., Camp Hill, Pa. ..,.....304 Paxtang Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. Broadway, Paterson, N.J. ,..,....,7o9 Spring St., Michigan City, Ind. ...........72O Forest Ave., Staten Island, N.Y. .....27 Taylor Rd., Short Hills, N.J. John J. Mitchell, '50 .... ......,...,.... 3 I4 S. Rockingham Ave., Los Angeles, Calif John C. Moore, '47 .............,,....,.....,.,,....,........,..... 369 Humboldt, Denver, Colo James R. Morris, '50 ...,....,..,...................,...... 125 E. Front St., Perrysburg, Ohio William L. Morse, Jr., '51 ....,..... .............,.... C onyngham Pass, Hazleton, Pa. William B. Moseley, '48 .,..,..... .,..,...., 4 25 Egandale Rd., Highland Park, Ill. Bruce H. Mowery, '49 ,.,....,..,..,..,.......,.............., Cragmere Park, Mahwah, N.J. John M. Mudge, '50 ....................,...........,....,.....,........,....,.. Bedford Village, N.Y. Henry N. Milvihill, '49 4 cfo Lt. Col. George E. Cook, FAO7461, Hq. 8th John C. Mulvihill, '47 Regt., FARTC, Ft. Sill, Okla. Thomas L. Munck, '48 ...,..,....,..,..,...................... Park Drive South, Rye, N.Y. David W. Murray, '48 ...............,..,....,,... 5 Alameda Circle, Middletown, Ohio Thomas A. Mutch, '48 ..,..........,. Edward McD. Myers, '49 William M. Neal, Jr., '49... John C. Newsome, Jr., '48 ,.,,..,.,. George Nicholas, '48 ................ . Arlen D. Nickowitz, '47... Robert B. Noland, '49 .,....... Philemon J. Norton, '48 ......,... Robert A. O'Connell, '48 .... Alan Ockene, '48 ......,............... ..... John L. Orgill, '49 ......,..,.,.... William J. Ostrow, '49 ...... 17th Ave., Paterson, N.J. James W. M. Owens, '51 .........,. James F. Oyster, '49 ...,........,.. Ehret B. Page, Jr., '49 ........,..... David R. Palmer, '47 .........,....,..., . Frederick W. Pape, Jr., '47 ....,.,..,....... 280 Miller Rd., Morristown, N.J. Maple Ave., Danville, Ky. Perry St., New York, N.Y. Oak Lane, Glen Cove, N.Y. ..........,....26o Gibbs Ave., Newport, R.I. Lake Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 3616 N. Albemarle St., Arlington, Va. High St., Pottstown, Pa. Siwanoy Blvd., Bronxville, N.Y. ...2415 Palisade Ave., Union City, N.J. .Wilson 8: Rohland Sts., Pottstown, Pa. ...H518 Bradford Pkwy., Syracuse, N.Y. ,..........,....Quaint Haven, Easton, Md'. No. 1, Glen Moore, Pa. ....,.....I0 Woodcroft Rd., Summit, N.J. ,II2 Stratford Ave., Garden City, N.Y. H William L. Pape, '49 ........A Frank H. Parke, Ir., '48 ......... D-avid Paton, '48 .................. Clarence A. Pearson, ...,..,. William LaB. Pegram, ,49 .,.,.....,. Frank W. Peirce, Ir., ,47.. David D. Perkins, '47 ....,.,.. Crosby B. Perry, '47 .......,... John E. Pflieger, '49 .,................,..... Thomas P. F. Pliieger, '48 Charles B. Phelps, 3rd, '49 Raoul Pietri, '48 ...,.....,,........ Lionel I. Pincus, '48 .,......,.... Thomas F. Pinckard, '51 .......,.. Edward C. Platt, '48 ,........,. Henry L. Platt, '48 .....,,.....,. George Price, Ir., '47 .,.........,.. THE DIAL 1947 ........II2 Stratford Ave., Garden City, N.Y ..,......4723 Cantrell Rd., Little- Rock, Ark E. 79th St.,'NeW York, N.Y Brown Ave., Scottsville, N.Y .Randolph Rd., R.D. No. 1, Freehold, NJ 155, Kimberton, Pa Mallwyd Rd., Merion, Pa ..,..........Brookside Terrace, Brattleboro, Vt Park Ave. Terrace, Bronxville, N.Y Park Ave. Terrace, Bronxville, N.Y 1034 Bishop Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich Berg St., West End, NJ ..........,77oo Chapel Rd., Elkins Park, Pa H405 Park Ave., New York, N.Y Hamilton Ave., Auburn, N.Y 2, Dalton, Pa Westervelt Ave., Tenafly, NJ Crosby D. Prizer, '47 ........,,...,.........,...,..., 8 Colony Dr. E., West Orange, NJ Vail A. Proescholdt, Ir., '50 .,......., 34-21-80th St., Jackson Heights, L.I., N.Y David A. Pyle, '49 .,,..............,..,..,..............,.........,..... Sunnyside, South Bend, Ind Gerard A. Raap, '48 .......,,..,..,..,. ...,..,,.,,..........,. 2 84 NE. 96th St., Miami, Fla Peter VanBrunt Reid, ,49 .....,.... Charles W. Rhoads, Ir., '51 ..,..., Ronald E. Richardson, ,47 ......... Thomas W. Richey, Ir., '50, Cor. Tad T. Riley, '48 .................,....... James R. Rinehart, '48 ,.....,.,.. Randolph L. Robb, '48 .......,,....,. Pierrepont D. Robbins, ,47 ...,.... Woodbridge Ave., Metuchen, NJ ......,............... 256 King St., Pottstown, Pa .61 Ellicot Ave., Batavia, N.Y Van R. Richards, Ir., ,49 ........,..,,.,.. ...,.....,.... N. Wells St., Sistersville, W.Va. Riverside Ave. 8: Club Rd., Riverside, Conn ...,,..,.......The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa Arthur St., Ridgefield Park, NJ ...,.,,.,.160 Windsor Ave., Buffalo, N.Y Stanwich Rd., Greenwich, Conn Nathaniel G. Robertson, 3rd, ,47 .....,.........,.....,.,..........,.......,...,....... Waverly, Pa. William S. Rodie, 3rd, ,47 ....,..,,.,.....,......, Brooklawn Park, Bridgeport, Conn. Morgan R. Rodney, '47, 147 Veteran Ave., Westwood, Los Angeles 24, Calif. Armin S. Roe, ,49 ......,........,.....,.....,...............,..,..,..,... Hotel Olds, Lansing, Mich. William J. Roome, 4th, '47 .......... ,..................,...,..,....,......,..,.. W olfeboro, N.H. Iohn M. Ross, '49 ....,................... ...,...............,..,..... 2 05 Kent Rd., Ardmore, Pa. Colin Rosse, '48 ....,..,.............,.......,...... 3505 Davis St., N.W., Washington, D.C. Gilmore M. Rothrock, '50 ..........,...,.....,.,.........,..,,. Cornwall, Lebanon Co., Pa. Malcolm B. Rowland, '48 ......... .............,..,,.,... 4 90 Park St., Montclair, NJ. 281 - - . . . - 0 0 . u - - . Q - . THE DIAL 1947 VValter A. Rush, Ir., '47 Bronson C. Rumsey, Ir., Iohn A. Rupley, ,'50 ........A...A..,.. Vance Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Cody, Wyo. 4th Calle Tivoli, Guatemala City, Guatemala Anthony P. Russell, '50 ,.....,.l....,l,,....,.....,.,,. 1200 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. Philip G. Rust, Ir., '50 ..,..,..,....... ,......... R .F.D. No. 1, Wilmington, Del. Marshall A. Rutter, '49 .......,. ,....,..,.. S aybrooke Park, Pottstown, Pa. Iohn P. Ryan, '49 ......,.... .. .......,..... 2735 Fifth Ave., Fort Worth, Tex. N. Iames Sage, '47 .,..........., .......,,. 2 020 E. Iackson Blvd., Elkhart, Ind. Arthur H. Salinger, '47 ....,.... Hudson G. Samson, '48... Henry Sanderson, '47 ......,.. Southeast Way, Bronxville, N.Y. .........515 Edgerton Pl., Pittsburgh. Pa. ..,..,..........,Syosset, Long Island, N.Y. Lee H. Sands, '49 .....,...............,,. ......,,......, 1 115 High St., Pottstown, Pa. William C. Saunders, '48 ,.........,..,. ...,.......,... T he Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. Frederick F. Schock, 3rd, '49 ....,..,.,,.,... 308 Brighton Ave., Spring Lake, N.I. Fred W. Schoonmaker, '47 .....,..,.....,.,...,. P.O. Box No. 26, Lander, Wyoming Iohn H. Shultz, '48 ...,..,....,,.,....,..,............. 1300 S.E. Riverside, Evansville, Ind. Gilbert T. Scott, '47 .... Quarters No. 6, Army War College, Washington, D.C. Keith A. Scripps, '51 ......,. Detroit News, 615 Lafayette Ave., Detroit, Mich. William C. Sellars, '47 ....,..,..,.............,..,..,. 54 Sagamore Rd., Maplewood, N.I. Iohn I. F. Sherrerd, '48 .,....,..,.....,........,......,,.....,..... 41 Lapsley Rd., Merion, Pa. William H. Shortt, III, '47 Beekman Tower Hotel, 49 ISt Ave., New York, N.Y. Michael P. Shouvlin, '50 ...........,........,..,...... 600 Old Gulph Rd., Narberth, Pa. Iohn A. Silver, Ir., '49 .,.....,.... ,..,.... 1 32 Wyatt Ave., Yonkers, N.Y. Iohn C. Slater, Ir., '51 ......... ....,............ 3 I2 Clay St., Sistersville, W.Va. Iulian H. Smith, '49 .......... ..,........,..... R .F.D., Atlantic Highlands, N.I. Percy R. Smith, Ir., '49 .............,..,.,..,., 405 Forest Hills Dr., Wilmington, N.C. Robert I. Smith, '4Q ............,..,.......,.....,........,...., 500 Maple Ave., Winnetka, Ill. Frank R. Snyder, '50 .... 26 Emerson Ave., Dongan Hills, Staten Island, N.Y. Paul Spadone, Ir., '49 ,,..,.. , .....,..266 Park Ave., Manhasset, N.Y. Stuart M. Sperry, Ir., '47 ..,........, .......... 8 Normandy Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. I. Dalziel Sprunt, Ir., '49 .......,.....,. .......,. 1 617 Market St., Wilmington, N.C. Edward V. R. Spurgeon, 49 .,...............Raiders Lane, Darien, Conn. Robert D. Spurgeon, '48 ......,.,..,,.. .....,..... R aiders Lane, Darien, Conn. Carey P. Stanley, Ir., '49 ..,...,.,.. . ,..... 250 Deloach St., Memphis, Tenn. I. Edward Stark, '47 .........,,.... ,,.,... 1 779 Central Ave., Memphis, Tenn. H. Kirk Steen, Ir., '47 ...,..,..... ......,......,. 3 35 Grand St., Newburgh, N.Y. C. Thomas Steffens, '48 ......... ,...,.,.... 8 I0 Madison Ave., Dunellen, N.I. David H. Stevens, '51 ....,. 282 Main St., Conneaut, Ohio THE DIAL 1947 Keith C. Stevens, Ir., '49 A....,.,.,...,.,,.....,..,,.,..,..,A. 884 Main St., Conneaut, Ohio G. Barnes Stevenson, '48 .... Mermaid La. 81 Lincoln Dr., Chestnut Hill, Pa. Donald S. Stoll, '50 ..,.............,...,,.......,......,. Blansenbaker Lane, Louisville, Ky. Edward D. Stone, Ir., '50 ......,.. .... ..,. 5 0 E. 64th St., New York, N.Y. Iohn M. Strong, '49 .,...,,....,,..... ......,.. 2 7 Barry Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. Thomas F. Storm, Ir., '49 ..,..,,..,. .......,....... 3 31 King St., Pottstown, Pa. Richard V. Sweeney, ,SI ,....,,... ,,...,.., 7 4 Mt. Vernon St., Pottstown, Pa. Iohn E. Swett, '47 .......,................. ................,....,,.. 6 IO Ann St., Medina, N.Y. Austin C. Tait, Ir., '48 ..,.....,.,,..,........,.. 104 Shoreham Dr., Rochester 10, N.Y. A. McLanahan Taliaferro, '50 ........,..,..,..,...,..,............. Owings Mills P.O., Md. Edward Talley, '51 .......,.........,.......... .,........... 8 I3 Franklin St., Columbus, Ind. Alan B. Taplow, '49 ..,............,........,,.....,,..,..,. 295 St. Iohns Pl., Brooklyn, N.Y. Iohn E. C. Taylor, '50 .... 16 Wanthorne Court, Woodsdale, Wheeling, W.Va. William W. Taylor, '49 .............,.........,................ 500 Noel Dr., Longview, Tex. Isaac Thomas, Ir., '48 ...,....,,........ ......,. T he Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. Richard K. Thompson, '48 ........,, .... 1 1 Gedney Way, Newburgh, N.Y. Bruce Thorne, Ir., '50 ............... ......,.. 6 25 Westleigh, Lake Forest, Ill. Iock Thornton, ,47 ...,...........,..,. ,.....,...,. S ussex Hall, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. David A. Tickner, '50 ...,.............. ...,....., 4 79 Baldwin Rd., Maplewood, N.I. Ralph L. Tompkins, Ir., '49 .......,....,........... 164 E. 72nd St., New York, N.Y. F. Ierome Tone, 3rd, ,47 ......,...,,. ,......... 1 67 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, N.Y. Charles McN. Towle, '50 .......,.....,......,. 3606 35th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. Robert I. Trecker, '47 ,.....,...,.,. 630 Honey Creek Pkwy., Wauwatosa 13, Wis. Barton Treman, '48 ....................,....................... I5 Denroe Court, Ithaca, N.Y. Richard W. Trimble, '48 ......,...... ......,...,.....,,.....,..........,............ W ayne, Pa. Iohn F. Trotter, '48 .......,..,..,. D. Chase Troxell, '47 ...... Vassar Pl., Scarsdale, N.Y. Llewellyn Rd., Montclair, NJ. Herbert L. Trube, Ir., '48 ......,......... Newton 8: Murray Aves., Norwalk, Conn. David L. Tuthill, '48 ...................... 35 Bradford Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. David S. Twining, '49 .... .....,.....,........,...,...,,...Quarters No. 601, Quantico, Va. David L. Tyson, '48 .......,.......,.,.............,...... 59 Rensselaer Rd., Essex Fells, N.I. Stephen Van R. S. Ulman, '49 .........,. P.O. Box No. 144, Syosset, L.I., N.Y. Karl I. Urda, '48 ..... .......,........................... C amp Meeting Rd., Sewickley, Pa. Ioseph Van Buskirk, '47 ,.....,..,. .......,. 1301 Inverness St., Pittsburgh, Pa. R. Barton VanCleve, '48 ....,.., ......... ..,.,,.......,......... 4 2 9 W. Sixth, Erie, Pa. Robert F. Vanderslice, Ir., '50 ........,.............,...,...,,,...........,.......,..., Marietta, Pa. William D. VanDyke, III, '49 7272 N. Bridge La., Fox Point, Milwaukee, Wis. Iose M. Vicente, '51 .,.... I2 Lafayette Ave., Condado, Santurce, Puerto Rico 283 THE DIAL 1947 Iohn P. Wade, '49 .........,...4......,...... Route 11, P.O. Box No. 170, Toledo 7, Ohio Earl G. Wagner, Ir., '47 .... 614 Righters Mill Rd., Penn Valley, Narberth, Pa. Hay Walker, '50 ......,,....,....,,.,...., Bruce T. Wallace, ,47 ,.,.r...... George M. Wallace, '48 ..,.......,.. ..,.I2OO Beaver Rd., Osborne, Sewickley, Pa. ...35-15 86th St., Jackson Heights, L.I., N.Y. ....,.....,317 W. Woodruff Ave., Toledo, Ohio Keith W. Wallis, '48 .,...................,.... Box No. 359, R.R. 10, Cincinnati, Ohio Harold F. Warren, Ir., '47 .......,.,..,..,.,.. 6720 Rogers Ave., Merchantville, NJ. G. Wilson Washburn, '47 ..,..,...., W. 49th St., New York 20, N.Y. Douglas Waters, '48 .,........,..,.., .........,.............,. 1 220 Maple St., Pottstown, Pa. Sherwood F. Webster, ,47 ..,.....,.....,..,..,,,. 165 Shoreham Dr., Rochester, N.Y. Homer A. Wehe, '49 ...,....,....,.... 144 S. Westmoreland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. W. Iohn Welch, '50 .,.............,..........,........,..,.., 144 E. Main St., Westfield, N.Y. Searle K. Welling, '47 ,....,........,... .....,.. 9 O4 Greenway Ave., Morrisville, Pa. Leslie T. West, Ir., '48 ,.......,.........................,..... 103 Corona Ave., Pelham, N.Y. Frederick W. Whaley, Jr., ,47 Whispering Winds Farm, N. Davis Rd., East Aurora, N.Y. Andrew C. Wheeler, '48 .........,.............. 2657 S.W. Gerald Ave., Portland, Ore. Louis B. Whitfield, '48 ...,...................,....., 24 Allendale Rd., Montgomery, Ala. F. Grice Whiteley, '49 .......... .......,3505 Camera Mills Rd., Alexandria, Va. Iohn F. Whiteley, Ir., '48 ,.......,..,.,...... 3505 Camera Mills Rd., Alexandria, Va. Robert D. Wickwire, '47 ,.... Ronald H. Wideman, '48 ...,. Calvin R. Wigton, '48 ..,..,,., David I. Wilke, ,49 ....,..,..,..,. A. Graves Williams, Ir., ,SI .,..,.. John C. Williams, '48 ....,....,. Iohn R. Williams, '49 ..,....... No. I,IHCliSOI'1, Mich. ......,...25O Sanford Ave., Palm Beach, Fla. Beaver St., Sewickley, Pa. Wilson St., Pottstown, Pa. ,........2131 Baird Ave., Portsmouth, Ohio .....,..,..Old Hollow Rd., Short Hills, NJ. .......IOOO Fairmont Ave., Fairmont, W.Va. John F. Wilson, Ir., '50 ......... ............,.....,.,..,..,,......,..,.........., L othian, Md. William H. Wilson, '48 ....... .....,...., 5 3 Templar Way, Summit, NJ. David V. Wise, '49 ..,..,..,..,... ...................,........ B elmont Rd., Butler, Pa. Vernon L. Wise, '47 .,.......... .......,......,..,.............. B elmont Rd., Butler, Pa. Steven H. Wood, ,47 .....,... .,....... R .F.D. No. 1, Box 353A, Red Bank, NJ. Robert R. Worth, '48 .........,..,...,.,... ,..............,.......,..,.....,.......,.., G reenvillc, Del. Clarke Wright, ,47 ....,....,,................,.... .......... 8 23 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. Frederick G. Yuengling, Ir., '49 .......,,.,,.,.. 14th 8: Howard Ave., Pottsville, Pa. 284 4 ,, , x la' .M ,f I. l. 5 . W. 53-'Q VV. .,' I., wg , e , . . U . ' ,.. Y- ".f,1"'N tk 15 L , W ,W 1 W4 A i up-K ' e'- P, v K HT.. Q X -' -Mfg v . ,Q ' x WP,-iff 4 v '1 A J 5 ..: -, .fig .W ,,,w . ' '.'F,,-:Nt .wk-,. , , "fr '35 I '-'ww , 1 , V. ,M .2 fl .Q f"11"2- - 4, X ' ,J ga' 1 .iv . An ,,,- I 5 X W Y fs Q i? lg 3 - lf, .1 K 1 'ai ,, W, hfaqx. I '..,,,'f! 'f. 'Y -1: 1, f., Q , 5 if 1 Au V J. 3. .ffl Autographs Autographs Autographs :5'g.,,w , , was A 1 1 1 ff ,f-'3"sLAl FINIS 'Ss Q ci? r? ijigf' Jak ,.4 T' 'gif 5 ex W Q D L A 5 T viii, . "' Q f Sf 4 M ' . M. ,, ,. W fi' Q. ."k .gf T AN If ,if ti V. V. In fy Vxhv L H . sf iw M 5 31. 12 gf, L15 4 . 4 wa A, .V VL 1133 Fw Q '50 'x W la, ik iii? f ' fini: , mf Q if CE ix .VWV Q Q S I g x- - . w

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