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THE UIAL 1945 THE H IIAE PUBLHHUHJBY THE EEA55 UE 1945 :L 'K A '- gym 6 nam , 2: A 7 f W " f+t A N 5 A " ,v "J A iii A f - THE HHJJSEHUUL PUTTSTUWN ' PENNSYLVANIA UEDIEATIUN For his high ideals of sportsmanship, for his tireless guidance in the Fields of learning and athletics, and because of the admiration we have for him as a master and a friend, we, the Class of 1946, respect- fully dedicate this record of our lives at The Hill to MR. RUBERT S. COWPERTHWAITE 1 Foreword WE, the Class of '46, are the first class in five years to be graduated from The Hill into a peaceful World, a World free from the horrors of War. Before us lie the many problems of making a better world and securing an international peace that will give security and permanency to a troubled World. Also before us lies the hope of a new and more prosperous world, and it is the sincere hope of the editors that in these future years The Dial may bring back some of the faces and many of the memories of our days spent at The Hill. If these memories recall the friends and pleasant days of our years at The Hill, then we have succeeded in our highest aim and sincerest purpose. w-.xx..... wx. ogy mm rf may ,Q.m,.:,,z' fawza, rf',4,,,fAg,a7..,,izm.rf.,pi 9,,,.,.,aj.,2y.,c jfmmdazrgiafjaaz yin wwasm da. '1?LXrlYx CAMPUS ww QM 55 I2 J W Mimi i L91 Q fu' , 1 V A . H M sul- Q A 3' V5 N i . -M - N "Q.2,.:y i it 'W f ' 35-V LW, , f .3 k ' , ,Q :jj gf-N Q Y- ,ga we S -' M K' -W we. gf,,:. . M. ,A , H ,Q ,Q K, - , L? .. .. , ,- .M , 4 fs' " ' Ti V- -' , Q5 ' ,nf f "' Q, - fqefw it 7. wi an 1 5 K H x 'N ' f Q ' f 4 ' Q A - Q , ' - - sf JA A 4' 555, Q.. sh ' 1 ' 'T' Q ' ,r J n g V. y fn., 1 , ' , I ' -, , . ' I 1. ' K gf,Q"'Kf-mf "' QW g.n.i:' A vp' 1 ! W aff 'Mm - w.-Qffwfg - 4 , 1 ,L ' . .M 0 uv, W t A Y X'f'mQTWk59,. ' ,f xl r. . . Q EM' ! 'Ai' 'ff jx? 1, ' 1,4 Q Ewfb 3931, 3. 5 f- VM'-2 .' ' A ' gk was ' , , - . fx 4- , . ,, - , a, A -.Na ,, f 1. 5 f pg:-':-:,. ,-,, 42 4, W ' x "if V Z.,vff', -4- 15 w. ' 8 .Q . . . - x' -A , - m 11 .- ,' J!" ' .J 5.39 V-,,..g.,f . ,fbf .'- , Jg fi X I ' .85 :Q . o V. X Q A . gif! f v-xv . Q -,, ,S Y Mfr Tub. fb A K Q? A X, JB ' Aw - 1 '24, , -1. A ' K uf? N7 . , S. -. . . ,ww ' X ,. 0 Q 3-4 ij , 2' ' -X : Q, . K. V f 6, pf, ,- E Q Q WWE J My K J' -'f'v,gq,,,.,w,... , A ,, ' 1 N, ,,, M... LW . x Hfumgm' -H mv.. ' - . X A., ,W N A ..-,, ,X , X1 . k ,, M .. W. Nw we Mi, "' ' W md, M-WSH' - E, . uv .V w www . K V , ,.fp-fy' aff 5755? ' J Q ff' fi rn ' " 5 , 0 1 'A , Q ' fs uf, ,.w "A-'af 3 i E 5 2 5 3 , 1 Z s E 4,,,g...w,, s A, 3 hw a' Wen-M' xx 2 if wx , ,,3fwe..,,w-mMmnwwW-- W 'ffm-wwwmgw fm-M, H--, y,mu.wmr',,,, Q-mug-:L f, awww: , ,: , vm., y-- rf. yin -ximw My ' . .wmgwm 7 ' H ww ' V, , n' WJ, -.H e 'av' ,lr as Q v may, , f 7. N, 55 6, ,L ax f F" is A ,Q . W , ,Q we A-'Neff ff 'fi QM 991,095 -f .5 ww Nfl, Y . A 5 ' , fn' " . S b F ,gm 3. X W' , X, 4 A A,- xv'-2. V, 1 'CML fx? ,wax NIM' .Q , 1 cr. Q avi' 1. 1 .1 , ww K 13, , K QU 2 1 kv 3 I s I 5 I s E i K Aim WWA im FAIIULTY I Q 6hf4:,f5,, W 4 ?5'? g,f S Q Y iff? Zig Mm HAIL AND FAREWELL TO TI-IE CLASS OF 1946 Greetings and good wishes extended year after year to graduat- ing classes tend to fall into a stilted pattern. In this brief statement to the members of the Class of 1946, I should like to offer a few suggestions with respect to your college courses which may be of lasting value in the years that lie ahead. As you choose your courses in college, Whether they be in the field of the classics, science, or engineering, you should recognize the value and importance of including a liberal sprinkling of cul- tural courses in those fields of study that interest you. Believe me, in later years, in whatever profession you elect to follow for your lifeis Work, they will make real contributions in your clearer think- ing and your better understanding of human relationships. Most of the great men in engineering, art, business, law and medicine have broad cultural backgrounds gained through a liberal education in fields of study in college which were not closely related to their professions. I have Watched with keen interest and appreciation the development of many Hill boys in professional life who have appreciated the value of a liberal education. They have gone far. The Social Sciences and the Humanities were never so important to human understanding as they are at this time, especially with those peoples in distant lands who have been brought much nearer to our native land through speed of travel and the War. I believe that if you will preserve a balance between the mate- rialistic and the cultural in your development in your college courses and later on in your vocational endeavors, you will do much to lay an enduring foundation for a happy and useful life. Good luck to you in the years that lie ahead! IAMES I. WENDELL IAMES 1. WENDELL, MA., LL.D HEAD MASTER OF THE HILL THE DIAL 1946 CHRISTOPHER F . KOGEL YALE Head of Physical Departmentj Director of Gyrnnasimnj Instructor of Boxing and Wrestling. Came to The Hill 1903 HENRY I. COLBATH, A.B BOWDOIN, ,IO Senior Mastery Head of Science Departmentj Head Coach of Traclqj Adviser to Science Club. Came to The Hill IQIO ISAAC THOMAS, A.B., M.A., QBK PRINCETON, 709 Senior Mastery Head of Latin Departmentj Instructor of Gerrnanj Secretary of The Hill School Alumni Association. Caine to The Hill 1910 24 THE DIAL 1946 ERNEST H. SANDS Senior M asterj Assistant Registrarj Member of Curriculum Committee. Came to The Hill 1913 K CHARLES A. HARTER, B.S., M.PD. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL, '15 Instructor of Seiencesj Adviser to Outing Cluby Adviser to Radio Club. Came to The Hill 1918 HERBERT B. FINNEGAN, AB. WESLEYAN, '18 MIDDLEBURY GRADUATE SCHOOL, '38, ,39, '40 Head of Modern Language Departmentj Assistant to the Head Master. Came to The Hill 1918 25 THE DIAL 1946 HAROLD G. CONLEY, PH.B. Instructor of Englishj Director of Dramatic Clubj Director of Sixth Form Show. Came to The Hill 1919 26 IASPER I. STAHL, B.A., QBK BOWDOIN, ,OQQ UNIVERSITY OF IXIUNICH AND BERLIN, ,IIQ HARVARD, ,16 Registrar, Chairman of Curriculum Committeej Instructor of Modern Languages. Came to The Hill 1919 CHICAGO, ,I4 LEONARD A. RICE, A.B., M.A. TUFTS, '18 MIDDLEBURY, ,39 Head of English Departmentj Adviser to The News 3 Adviser to Sixth Form Speaking Club. Came to The Hill 1920 WILLIAM H. BELL LIARYLAND, ,2I Treasurer of The Hill. Came to The Hill 1921 CORNELL, '09 I nstractor of Latin SAMUEL T. NICHOLSON, IR., M.A., M.D. NORTH CAROLINA, ,o6 IOHNS HOPKINS, ,IO Medical Director of Clinical and Preventizfe Medicine. Came to The Hill 1923 THE DIAL 1946 GEORGE A. DAWSON, A.B. Editor of The Bulletin. Came to The Hill 1921 27 THE DIAL 1946 PAUL G. CHANCELLOR, B.A., M.A., KIJBK PENNSYLVANIA, ,24 Director of Library: Instructor of Englishj Adviser to English Clubj Adviser to Boolg Shop. Came to The Hill 1925 HOWARD V. EVANS, B.S. PENN sTA1E, '30 PENNSYLVANIA GRADUATE SCHOOL, '32 and '33 Instructor of Scienceg Head of Pine House. Came to The Hill 1925 A. PIERCE SAUNDERS, B.A. DAVIDSON, '18 Dean. Caine to The Hill 1926 28 THE DIAL 1946 RADCLIFFE W. BRISTOL, B.S. WESLEYAN, ,24 Superintendent of Buildings ana' Grounzlsj Head of the Worlq Program. Came to The Hill 1927 ROBERT S. COWPERTHWAITE, A.B., ED.M., A QJBK PENNSYLVANIA, '23 HARVARD, '28 Instructor of Mathematiesg Varsity Soeeer Coachj H eaa' of Hillrise. Came to The Hill 1928 WALTER H. LEMLEY, A.B., CDBK sT. STEPHEN,S, '30 COLUMBIA GRADUATE scHoo1. Sixth Form Adzfiserg Instructor of Englishg Director of Athletiesj Varsity Baseball C oaeh ,' Adviser to The Dialg Adviser to the Pipe Cluh. Came to The Hill 1930 29 THE DIAL 1946 RALPH C. IOHNSON, M Head of Mathematics Depart Director of Personnel Stadyj Chairman of Forum. Came to The Hill 1931 IOHN G. KENDALL, A.B. EAYLOR UNIVERSITY, ,3I Assistant Deanj Instructor of Englishj Varfity Golf Coach. Came to The Hill 1931 I PAUL WESCOTT ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PENNSYLVANIA ACADEMY OF F Head of Art Department. Came to The Hill 1934 30 .E. STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, ,16 PENNSYLVANIA STATE COLLEGE GRADUATE scHooL ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL ment,' INE ARTS Director of Hobby Baildingj WILBUR C. RILEY FORT HAYS KANSAS STATE COLLEGE, ,25 Director of Athleticsg Varsity Football Coach. Came to The Hill 1935 YALE, ,35 ARTHUR F. IACKSON, A.B., M.A. YALE, ,34 MIDDLEBURY GRADUATE scHooL, '40 Assistant Traclq Coach,' Instructor of English. Came to The Hill 1936 THE DIAL 1946 RUSSELL B. WIGHT, M.A. H eaa' of History Departmentj Fourth Form Ailzfiserj Varsity Wrestling Coach,' Instructor of Public Sprcalging. Came to The Hill 1935 31 THE DIAL 1946 ROBERT H. MORGAN, A.B., M.A., QDBK HAVERFORD, ,32 HARVARD, ,33 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN GRADUATE SCHOOL Fifth Form Aduiserj Assistant Baseball Coachg Instructor of Englishg Assistant Soccer Coach. Came to The Hill 1936 FLETCHER H. SILLICK, B.A., A.M., QDBK WILLIAMS, ,27 PRINCETON, '30 Instructor of Mathematics. Came to The Hill 1936 GEORGE C. WHITELEY, IR., B.S. DALHOUSIE, '30 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, '35 Instructor of Sciencesp Far Fields Soccer Coachg Adviser to Light and Lens Club: Adviser to Yacht Club. Came to The Hill 1936 32 THE DFAL 1946 CHARLES E. STOW, A.B., B.S. in L.S. FURMAN, '36 COLUMBIA, ,37 Librarian. Came to The Hill 1937 IAMES V. MOFFATT, B.A., B.S. in L.S. sT. FRANCIS, '38 COLUMBIA, ,4O Assistant Librarian. Came to The Hill 1940 IOI-IN S. HOFFECKER, IR., LL.B. UNIVERSITY or RICHMOND, '27 CUMBERLAND, '32 HARVARD, '42 Instructor of Historyj Adviser to Came to The Hill 1942 33 THE DIAL 1946 GASTON-ROBERT IOUSSCN, M.A., A.B. I nstruetor 34 LEROY A. HOWLAND, IR., B.A., M.A WESLEYAN UN1VERs1TY, ,31 HARVARD, '34 UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Instructor of Modern Lan guagesj Assistant Adviser to Fifth Formj Far Fields Football Coaehj I.V. Tennis Coach. Came to The Hill I942 SORBONNE, '31 PENNSYLVANIA, ,33 VVESTERN RESERVE ,4O of Modern Languagesj Far Fields Coach,' Head of Gate House. Came to The Hill 1942 FRFNK B. BENDER, A.B. PRINCETON, '40 Varsity Tennis Coaehj I nstruetor of History and Seienee Assistant Fifth Form Adviser. Came to The Hill 1943 THE DIAL 1946 WILLIAM F. DAVIS, 13.5. PRINCETON, '12 SORBONNE NEWV YORK UNIVERSITY Instructor of M atheinaticsj Far Fields Coach. Came to The Hill 1943 KENNETH V. IACKMAN, B.S. MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, '38 HARVARD GRADUATE SOHOOL, '42 Instructor of Sciencesg Assistant Wrestling Coach ,' Aa'viser to Aviation Cluhj lunior Varsity Soccer Coach. Came to The Hill 1943 COY S. HARTMAN, A.B., M.A. LAFAYETTE COLLEGE, '23 COLUMBIA, '31 AMERICAN ACADEBIY IN ROME, '32 AINIERICAN scHOOL OF CLASSICAL STUDIES AT ATHENS, '36, 38 Instructor of Latinj Assistant Fifth Form Adviser. Came to The I-Ii!! 1943 '35 THE DIAL 1946 WILLIAM W. PATTERSON, A.B. UNIVERSITY OIF MAINE, '24 COLUMBIA, '31 Instructor of Englishj Assistant Sixth Form Aa'uiser,' Adviser to Gun Club. Came to The Hill 1943 HAROLD C. STEARNS, B.A YALE, '15 DUBLIN UNIVERSITY Instructor of Englishj Heaa' of Founders House. Came to The Hill I943 DAVID R. TELFORD, AB. HOWARD COLLEGE, '39 Varsity Football Coachj Varsity Basketball Coach. Came to The Hill 1943 36 A THE DIAL 1946 LLOYD C. YOUNG, B.S. COLUMBIA, '27 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, '43 Supervisor of Machine Shopj Instructor of Mechanical Drawing. Came to The I-Iill 1943 ROBERT H. DEMAREE, B.A., M.A. DE PAUW, '25 COLUMBIA, '29 Instructor of Spanish. Came to The Hill 1944 TORSTEN I. MILLER, BA., ED.M. UPSALA, '29 TEMPLE, '40 Instructor of Mathernaticsj Far Fields Coach. Came to The Hill 1944 37 THE DIAL 1946 SAMUEL B. SCHAADT, B.S., M.A. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, ,34 Instructor of Sciencesj Assistant Football Coach. Came to The Hill 1944 38 KARL M. PALMER RUTGERS, ,37 Instructor of Mechanical Drawingj Instructor of Wooa' Working. Came to The Hill 1944 MUHLENBERG, '26 BUCKNELL Head of Cottagej PHILIP I. SCHULTZ, IR., A.B., M.A., QBK STANFORD, '38, ,3Q Instructor of Modern Languages. Came to The Hill 1944 THE DIAL 1946 IOHN M. SHIELDS, A.B. AMHERST, '36 VERMONT, '41 Instructor of H istoryj Assistant Football Coach. Came to The Hill 1944 GUSTAVE W. WEBER, AB., B.D., S.T.M., TH.D. WAGNER COLLEGE, '28 y MT. AIRY SEMINARY, '31, '33 PENNSYLVANIA, '37 Instructor of Religiong Adviser to Y.M.C.A. Came to The Hill 1944 HENRY R. CASSELBERRY, B.S., ED.M. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY, '36, '38 co1.UMB1A UNIVERSITY CHRISTIANSEN CHORAL scHooL WEs'rM1NsTER cHo1R scHooL Head of Music Departmentj Instructor of Historyj Organistj Choir Directory Glee Club Director. Came to The Hill 1945 4 A 39 THE DIAL 1946 DONALD H. CROSS, A.B. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE, ,22 Instructor of Mathematics. Came to The Hill 1945 WENDELL O. HARDING, A.B., ED.M DARTMOUTH, '36 UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT, '42 Instructor of History, Far Field: Coach. Came to The Hill 1945 RALPH R. RICHARD, B.S., M.S. WEST CHESTER TEACHERS coLLEcE, '32 PENNSYLVANIA, '39 Instructor of Mathematics, Far Fields Coach. Came to The Hill I945 40 DAVID S. THOMPSON, A.B. PRINCETON, '39 Instructor of En giislz ,' Instructor of Latin. Came to The Hill 1946 THE DIAL 1946 41 SIXTH FORM A dh CMM ,. LU LN FW lv 'Q Sixth form History IN order to understand the class of '46, we must go back into the past when the first members of our class saw the sun rise on Pottstown. This was in the year 1942 when two future mainstays of the soccer team, Ierry Hender- son and "Tenny?' Austin, along with "Til" Hendrick and "Lucky Pierre," dominated Hillside. The following year saw the arrival of many prominent members of our form. "Big lack" Wideman, future football and basketball star, and Clem Speiden, of track fame, harassed the first floor of the Cottage, while "Mac" Crawford, who was already showing on the Far Fields the ability that was to make him a two letterman in football, Bob Entenman, Bernie Dempsey, Iohn Munford, with his Southern drawl and unequaled wardrobe, Pete Merrifield, and that reknowtned photographer Ray Wright survived the in- famous second floor. Bill Apgar, destined to become President of the Sixth Form, "Ted" Lichtenfels, '46 baseball manager, and "Human Bomb" Mike Carter were held down under the iron rule of "Yogi" Stow. In the Mid- dle School, Lou Barding, Al Barth, Chairman of the Press Club Tom Iacob, and the Hobby-House prod- igies Miller and Mylecraine ran wild. Our Fourth Form year saw the Iunior Pipe Club in action and in- numerable water fights on F our East. Several new boys supplied the form with outstanding ability in many fields. Harris Gates, future soccer captain and Sixth Form secretary, managed to finish the year with his roommate, "Shorty" Ferenbach, who was to earn the captaincy of "Russell's Tusslersf, Our popular vice-president, "Rish', Randall, and Al Decker and lack Lethbridge of Pipe Club fame made their debut. Dick Lesko, who MR. WAI-TER H- LEMI-EY, Affffifff 44 THE DIAL 1946 was soon to give evidence of the tal- ent which was to make him promi- nent in the field of publications, and the violin wonder Roy Welch ap- peared on the campus. lt was this year that also saw the antics of Doug Delanoy and Bob Carroll, Editor-in- chief of the Dial and Chairman of the N cuff respectively, along with Fritz Beegle, Bernie Chisholm, and Wilson Kipp on 2 West. Also joining our increasing throng this year were g'Long Iohnv Schelpert, who survived many broken fingers to become Var- sity Soccer goalie, Vic Tuthill, Michi- gan's claim to fame, '4Lover,' Hin- ton, and that jack-of-all-trades "Ape,' Purcell who hibernated in the tower with "Hot-lips" Wintz, king of swing. Scholastically, Bob Cowperthwaite once again led the form, followed by Ierry Iohnson, "Mac" Crawford, and Doug Delanoyg while in athletics the form displayed promise with Harris Gates and Ierry Henderson on the Varsity Soccer squad and Al Barth and big Vic Tuthill on the football team. In the Winter Term, lack Wideman upheld the form's honor on the I.V. basketball team. The Spring Term found "Tenny" Austin, Bob Whitaker, and Ierry Iohnson aspiring members of the championship I.V. baseball team, while Bill Apgar gained the first of his three track letters and Carl Propes excelled as a high jumper. Leaving behind our radios and the sag- ging floors of the Middle School, and innocent of what was to face us during the coming years we went our ways, some to the rigors of Wolfeboro and others to the playlands of the world. Returning to the ivy-clad walls of the Upper School, the form mourned the loss of some of its members but looked forward to the many new faces which crowded the campus. Among these were the inhabitants of the famous four boy suite of Main, Bill Killinger, famed son of famed father, who quickly earned his reputation as an athlete, Iohn "Oley" Hannah, boogie-Woogie expert g Art Troastg and, lest we forget, "Daisey,', who was destined to be- come captain of both the Varsity Eleven and the dining room. On the same 45 WILLIAM APGAR, President THE DIAL 1946 hall were: that Southern gentleman, Bruce Draper, who was to earn hon- ors for himself scholastically, Bob Baird, that towering giant "Legs" Beattie, and Charles Atlas's rival, "Muscles" Stibolt, who also showed strength in other fields by achieving "Cum Laudef' Michigan's contribu- tion to the '46 gridders on Main ap- peared in the form of "Doc" Culver, hard-hitting blocking back, while "Dolf,' Goldsmith and "By,' Delavan established a formidable arsenal on the same hall. Other outstanding newcomers to our form were "Iohnny" Spivak, who was quickly to display the talents which were to earn him the title of c'Most Versatile" in his Sixth Form Year, and "Smiley" Iim Wallace, who along with "Eager" Ed Gouinlock managed to publish a few issues of the News the following year. Future football lettermen Iack Purnell and Bill Killian, and Ted Weed of the Kaul Field weeds, stumbled onto the athletic Helds to boost The I-Iill's scoring threats. The form was honored with those two great wits, Iudge White and "I-Iollyv Gimble, and lesser light Freeble. In the Hats "Pop" Simmons narrowly escaped death from water bombs, records, and burning airplanes. Yes, "Ober" was kept busy that year along with his questionably efficient committee composed of those mainstays, Tom Iacob, Dick Purcell, Ted Lichtenfels, "Lefty" Lethbridge, Risher Randall, and Harris Gates. Heelers for the Dial and other organizations were per- sistently dragged from the closets and from beneath the beds by upperformers in order to make them contribute their share. As the Winter Term rolled around with its usual dearth of ice on the Dell, the first snowfall occasioned an outcropping of interform rivalry in the lusty Dell Field snow battle. Outnumbered, the class of l46 managed to leave the field, honor still high and feet flying. Mr. Bristol's squads of boys credited with misdemeanors managed to keep the paths cleared. Life in the flats was far from quiet after lights, as 'gMac," glock," and "Shorty" kept a supply 46 RISHER RANDALL, Vice-President THE DIAL 1946 of snow in their room and prevented anyone on the quad side of the build- ing from so much as approaching their window. Kipp provided fireworks free-of-charge for the members of the flats with a nightly barrage of railroad flares, while the accompanying noise was provided by a new-type bomb, under experimentation by the "Human Bomb" himself. However, amongst all this eternal confusion and uproar, some of the boys evaded the Dean's Office and left for spring vacation, followed the next day by the joyous major- ity of the form. The opening of the Spring Term was momentous as "Ober', was forced to leave his work of correcting college board exams to return to these halls of learning to quell the incipient riots among his charges. After lights the crowd on 3 U.S. gathered to listen to "Boogie's" rado, while the quiet night air was split by the shrieking wail of a 2 U.S. air raid siren. The form, envying the privileges of the seniors, tried to disrupt the games of stick ball as swift-footed Kirk Steen snatched the ball and outdistanced all his pursuers in a merry chase around the quad, much to the vociferous enjoy- ment of his classmates. Then, after several sessons of all-night cramming, the form managed to survive the Hnal exams and joyously left The Hill for the summer vacation, thinking only of the privileges and responsibilities which would be theirs in the coming year. A week before the return of the stu- dent body, those members of the class of '46 who were to comprise The Hil1's football and soccer teams strag- gled back to school to begin their Hnal year of drudgery in Pottstown. "Two Lines," leared "Dirty Daveug "Dig the toe down and under, boys," com- manded c'Coppy,'g and the slaughter began. After the stiffness had worn off and one could once again recog- nize those around him, the Reception Committee, in all its diplomatic glory, arrived to welcome the new- comers to The Hill. Several days later the rest of the school stumbled in, HARRIS GA-rEs,Sewemry primed for seven months at hard RICHARD PURCEI-L, Tffvlwfvf 47 THE DIAL 1946 labor. Calling a form meeting, "Da Lemw informed his naive flock of the duties and responsibilities of their greatest year at The Hill, and he smil- ingly informed us that we were his thirteenth Sixth Form! Reorganizing the 'Pontoon Raidersf' "Cos" led his legions to victory after victory on Waltls nights off, culminating in the "Battle of the Bannisterf, when the screams of luckless Sixth Formers, plunging to almost certain doom, were heard throughout the flats. Retribution followed swiftly, if not surely, in the form of demerits handed out liberally by the committee, and cries of "Powerdrunk" rang out. Finally the Fall Term Dance arrived to break up the monotony of school life, and due to the efforts of certain lads, potential stags were supplied with "beauteous" dates. The Winter and Spring Terms passed quickly, many memorable incidents making them unforgettable terms, not the least of these being the Spring Term Dance and "college boardsf, Although new fields were opening for us, there were few who left The Hill after graduation without some regrets and many fond memories of their life in the Sixth Form. THE FIVE YEAR CLUB 48 THE DIAL 1946 Bllfk TOMJZ JOHNSON, AUSTIN, VVIDIZMAN, CRAXVFORD, PRIBIROSE. Sfflffdi GATES, RANDALL, APGAR, PURCEIL Sixth Form Committee WILLIALI M. APGAR ...... RISHER RANDALL .,..... HARRIS R. GATES ,...... RICHARD C. PURCELL ,..,.. IOHN W. WIDEMAN .,...... MALCOLM D. CRAWFORD .,...... FRANK PRIMROSE, IH .........,.. . JOHN A. AUSTIN, IR. ..... . IEREMY E. IOHNSON IULIAN K. MORRISON, IR. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ISI Committeeman ..,...2Dd Comrnitteeman 3rd Committeeman 4th Comrnitteernan Committeemen-at-large THE DIAL 1946 WILLIAM M. APGAR IIBMZJU IIAPJJ Front Royal, Virginia On their own many acconzplixlmzentx mod- est men are dumli.-COLMAN IQ42-43. Far Fields Footballg Form I-Iockeyg I.V. Trackg Art Club. 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Form Hockeyg Varsity Trackg Art Club. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Committeeg Winter Trackg Q.E.D., Presidentg Championship Track Team. 1945-46. President of Schoolg President of Y.M.C.A.g Managing Editor, THE DIALQ Tribune Representativeg Sixth Form Speaking Clubg English Clubg Far Fields Footballg War Bond Com- mitteeg Captain, Varsity Trackg Pipe Clubg Sixth Form Showg Dance Com- mitteeg A.A. Committee. PRINCETON 50 SAHIP O. AKOSMAN ffsielll lfSip,I! If-DOC!! Istanbul, Turkey An affable ana' courteous gentleman.- SHAKESPEARE 1944-45. Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Accelerated Programg Pipe Clubg Art Club. PRINCETON Q F. WARD ASQUITH "Squith," "F. Ward" Willow Grove, Pennsylvania The .filence that is in the :larry sky.- WORDSWORTH 1943-44. Far Fields Tennisg Press Club. 1944-45. Far Fields Tennisg Press Clubg Iunior Board, The Newsg Dramatic Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Senior Board, The Newsg Secretary, Press 'Clubg Dramatic Clubg Sixth Form Show. PENNSYLVANIA SIXTH FURM THOMAS H. ATKINSON, IR. lIT0m,!I ffZ0n6,Jl 1lB00gi6,Jl ffsimpll Philadelphia, Pennsylvania One of those happy fouls.-sHELLEY 1942-43. Form Volleyball. 1943-44. Form Volleyball. 1944-45. Manager, Far Fields Footballg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Manager, Varsity Trackg Pipe Club. HARVARD 5 I THE DIAL 1946 IOHN A. AUSTIN, JR. lIT6nny!J Memphis, Tennessee Never lake your eyes of Tennessee.- JACKSON 1941-42. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Form Baseballg Aviation Club. 1942-43. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Championship Form Baseball Teamg Form Vice-Pres.g Aviation Club. 1943-44. Far Fields, Foothallg I.V. Bas- kethallg I.V. Baseballg Pipe Club. 1944-45. Varsity Soceerg Winter Base- ballg Varsity Baseballg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Accelerated Programg Pipe Clubg Varsity Soccerg Sixth Form Showg Sixth Form Committee. VANDERBILT 52 CARL S. ATWATER ffC.S.,!l NCLZVZU Thornburg, Pennsylvania How much elder art thou than thy looks. '-SHAKESPEARE 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Vol- leyballg Wranglersg Press Clubg I.V. Tennis. 1945-46. Senior Board, Press Clubg Pipe Clubg Sixth Form Showg Form Vol- leyballg Tennis Squad. CARNEGIE ROBERT B. BAIRD !fB0bU Montclair, New Iersey A nice unparticular man.-HARDY 1944-45. Far Fields Tennisg Far Fields Baseballg Gun Clubg Press Club. ' 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Aviation Clubg Press Clubg The Newsg Pipe Clubg Far Fields Baseball. PRINCETON SIXTH FURM' LEWIS D. BARDING IILKWIJ East Moline, Illinois I can be pzfxhed just so f!ll'.TWILSON 1942-43. Yacht Clubg Far Fields Golfg Form Basketball. 1943-44. Far Fields Golfg Winter Trackg Yacht Clubg Aviation Club. 1944-45. Winter Trackg Yacht Clubg Varsity Track Squad. 1945-46. Varsity Track Squadg Yacht Club. ILLINOIS 53 THE DIAL 1946 ALBERT BARTH KIA!!! Hewlett, New York Oh, it is excellent lo have a great strength. -SHAKESPEARE 1942-43. Far Fields Footballg Varsity Wrestling Teamg Aviation Clubg Yacht Clubg Form Baseball. 1943-44. Varsity Footballg Varsity Wrestlingg Aviation Clubg Yacht Clubg I.V. Track. 1944-45. Varsity Footballg Yacht Clubg Aviation Clubg Winter Trackg Var- sity Track. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Yacht Clubg Aviation Clubg Winter Trackg Var- sity Track. DARTMOUTH 54 ROBERT R. BARKER IfB0b,-U flR6d'5J! Narberth, Pennsylvania Thoroughly rooted, and of womfrom' height.-SPENSER 1945-46. Varsity Football Squadg Sixth Form Showg Pipe Clubg Form Bas- ketballg Bandg Camera Club. UNDECIDED GROVERT L. BASSETT "Grove" Orisfield, Maryland There? method in his madne:s.-sI-IAKE- SPEARE 1945-46. Glee Clubg Choirg Aviation ' Clubg Far Fields Tennis. UNDECIDED SIXTH FURM IOHN A. BEATTIE, IR. "Big lohnf' "Shorty," "Stretch" Little Falls, New Iersey Taste your legs, sir, then put them in motion.-SHAKESPEARE 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Basket- ball Squadg Championship Form Baseball Team. 1945-46. Varsity Football Squadg Thanksgiving Day Sports Commit- teeg Form Basketballg A.A. Movie Clubg Form Baseballg Pipe Club. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA 55 THE DIAL 1946 DAVID B. B. BUCHANAN, IR. lfBuck'll Saint Clair, Pennsylvania A .fzill small wife of calm.-wH1TT1ER 1945-46. Far Fields Football. U.s. NAVY 56 FREDERICK N. BEEGLE, II ffFritZ,!! 4'lB66g!I Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania A light heart lives long.-ANON 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Yacht Clubg Aviation Clubg I.V. Tennisg Gun Club. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Yacht Clubg Aviation Clubg Q.E.D.g Form Volleyballg I.V. Track. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Pipe Clubg Cheer Leaderg Aviation Club, Presi- dentg Form Volleyball. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA X ROBERT W. CARROLL, III ffB0bU Staten Island, New York Then hail to press, chosen guardian of freedom.-GREELEY 1943-44. Far Fields Tennis, Form Vol- leyball. 1944-45. I.V. Soccer, Tennis, Iunior Board, The News. 1945-46. Pipe Club, Chairman, The News. WILLIAMS SIXTH FURM I. MICHAEL CARTER 1lMiklcJ! Bronxville, New York He hath a spirit superior to every weapon. -ovm 1942-43. Far Fields Football, Far Fields Baseball, Form Volleyball, Aviation Club. 1943-44. Far Fields Football, Far Fields Baseball, Aviation Club. 1944-45. Far Fields Football, News Board, Q.E.D., Yacht Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Football, DIAL Board, Business Manager, The News, Pipe Club, Times Representative, Sixth Form Show, Cheer Leader, Form Volleyball. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA 57 THE DIAL 1946 ANDREW I. COLBORN, IR. fflackilfl lfI4ndy7! Fairmont, West Virginia A noisy man is always in the right.- COWPER IQ43-44. Far Fields Footballg Golf. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Wres- tling Squadg Pipe Clubg Golf. 1945-46. Wrestling Squadg Golfg Pipe Club. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY 58 OLIVER B. CHISOLM, IR. "Chiz," "O.B.," "Checks" Scarsdale, New York I have foughl a good fight.--NEW TESTA MENT 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Aviation Clubg Boxing. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Boxingg Far Fields Tennisg Aviation Clubg Pipe Clubg Yacht Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Boxingg Far Fields Tennisg Aviation Clubg Pipe Clubg Yacht Club. WILLIAMS ROBERT s. COWPERTHWAITE, JR. rrB0b,v rrcoppyxx Pottstown, Pennsylvania The honor: of genius are eternaI.-PRo- PERTIUS 1941-42. Head of Formg Far Fields Soccerg Form Basketball. 1942-43. Head of Formg Far Fields Soccerg Form Basketball. 1943-44. Head of Formg I.V. Soccerg Form Basketballg Form Baseballg Aviation Club. 1945-46. Head of Formg Varsity Soccer Squadg Form Basketballg Form Base- ballg Sec., Aviation Clubg Wranglersg Cum Laude Society. 1945-46. Varsity Soccerg Vice-Pres., Avi- ation Clubg Form Basketballg Form Baseballg THE DIAL Board. U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY ' SIXTH FURM MALCOLM D. CRAWFORD "Mac" F Montclair, New Iersey He was six-foot a' man, A-1, clear grit, and human naturi-LOWELL 1942-43. Far Fields Footballg Form Hockeyg Form Baseball. 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Base- ballg Form 'Committeeg Yacht Clubg Outing Club. 1944-45. Varsity Footballg Fifth Form Committeeg Varsity Baseball Squadg Pipe Club Committee. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Sixth Form Committeeg Y.M.C.A. Committeeg Varsity Baseballg Pipe Clubg Sixth Form Shovvg Blazer Committee. PRINCETON 59 THE DIAL 1946 RAYMOND E. CULVER IIDOCUU flRayJl Stockbridge, Michigan A just man and one tenariom of his pur- pose.-ANON 1944-45. Pipe Clubg Varsity Football Thanksgivin Da Committeeg I.Vi .3 Y Basketballg I.V. Baseball. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Varsity Bas- ketballg Varsity Baseballg Pipe Club UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 60 NELSON A. CROSS "Nels," Nfuniof' Dexter, Maine Let my words be few.-BIBLE 1945-46. Fall Trackg Form Basketball Far Fields Tennis. MARITIME SERVICE ARTHUR L. DANN IIAHIII ffDdnU Great Neck, New York Content with the present, wlzate'er it may b6.'BERANGER 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Choirg Aviation Clubg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg 'Choirg Aviation Clubg Golfg Pipe Club. CORNELL SIXTH FURM ALLISON L. DECKER lfAZ,!J IIDEC-kt!!! f4'BudU Spokane, Washington He sits high in all lhe people? hearts.- ANON 1943-44. Far Fields Golfg Form Basket- ballg Form Baseball. 1944-45. Form Basketballg Pipe Club Committe-eg Championship Varsity Golf Team. 1945-46. Form Basketballg Varsity Golfg Pipe Club, President. UNIVERSITY or WAsH1NGToN 61 THE DIAL 1946 BYRON H. DELAVAN !fByIU ffB.H.!! Skaneateles, New York Did nothing in particular, and did it very well.-GILBERT 1944-45. Far Fields Tennisg Gun Clubg Rifle Team. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Gun Club. CORNELL 62 DOUGLAS DELANOY, JR. rrD0ug,u rrsaltyv Plainfield, New Iersey Men, like bullets, go farthest when they are smoolheft.-RICHTER 1943-44. Fall Trackg I.V. Tennis. 1944-45. LV. Soccerg Form Basketballg I.V. Tennisg Aviation Clubg Wrang- lersg Winner, Inter-Camp Debating Cupg Winner, Colgate Medalg Cum Laude. 1945-46. Varsity Tennisg I.V. Soccerg Editor-in-Chief, THE DIALQ Pipe Clubg Sixth Form Speaking Clubg English Clubg Sixth Form Showg Spring Dance Committee. PRINCETON BERNARD S. DEMPSEY 4'4'Rcd,,'! Illackljll llBgrnie!! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Anything for zz quiet lifE.-DONNE 1942-43. Far Fields Golf. 1943-44. Press Clubg Fall Golfg Form Volleyballg Spring Tennis. 1944-45. Far Fields Tennisg Iunior Soc- cerg Press Clubg Form Volleyball. 1945-46. Press Clubg Pipe Clubg Form Volleyballg I.V. Soccerg Sixth Form Showg Far Fields Tennis. . PRINCETON SIXTH FIPRM ROBERT C. DERBY f4'Dayb,L' ffD67-b!!! ffDa Bird!! Syracuse, New York Nothing endure: but personal qualities.- WHITMAN 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Boxingg Form Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg F orm Bas- ketballg Boxingg Form Baseballg Pipe Clubg Chess Club. PRINCETON 63 THE DIAL 1946 GILBERT N. DRAKE If Gil!! Newtonville, Massachusetts Seldom he smiles.-ANON I943-44. Ir. Trackg Far Fields Golfg Winter Track. 1944-45. Varsity Track Squadg Press Clubg Yacht Club. 1945-46. Varsity Track. AMHERST BURTON L. DOGGETT IR "Dumbo," "Neat Buddze Charlotte, North Carolma From the runny south he came ANON 1945-46. Far Fall Track. Fields Golf Pipe Club U.S. NAVY 64 4 BRUCE DRAPER f!DrapeJl! lfDrup6I! Oakland, Florida , A gentleman and a rclzolar.-BURNS 1944-45. Far Fields Golfg Cum Laudeg Chess Club. 1945-46. Varsity Golf, Mgr.g Q.E.D.3 President, Chess Clubg Far Fields Golfg Sixth Form Showg Pipe Clubg English Club. YALE SIXTH FURM EDWIN F. EARLY flBuzz,Il fa'-Ed!!! IfH'O.Il Manhasset, New York A vast, substantial smile.-ANON 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Press Clubg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Press Clubg Pipe Clubg Sixth Form Showg Wrestling Squad. YALE 65 THE' DIAL 1946 ROBERT I. ENTENMAN ffB0b,ll lfEntl!! IIDOVCII Crestwood, New York That load become: light which ir cheer- fully worn.-ovln 1942-43. Form Basketballg Bandg Far Fields Golfg Dance Orchestrag Forrn Hockey. 1943-44. Form Basketballg Far Fields Golfg Form Committeeg Form Hockey. 1944-45. Form Basketballg Wranglersg Winner, Colgate Cupg Iunior Board, Neufsg Form Committeeg I.V. Ten- ms. I945-46. Chairman, Speaking Clubg English Clubg Editor, Press Clubg Mgr., Varsity Footballg Varsity Track Squadg Sports Ed., Newsg Fall Term Dance Committeeg Pipe Club. CORNELL 66 WILLARD G. ELDRED "Bill" Clementon, New Iersey In thy face I see the map of honor, truth, and loyalty.-SHAKESPEARE 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Basketballg Pipe Clubg I.V. Track. 1945-46. Accelerated Program. CORNELL RICHARD S. FERENBACH "S h ortyf' "Mighty3nousc" Kingston, Pennsylvania A merry hear! mulqezh zz cheerful counts nance.-ANoN 1943-44. Varsity Wrestling Squadg Far Fields Footballg Yacht Clubg Form Baseball. 1944-45. Far Fields Football g Forrn Ath- letie Comrnitteeg Yacht Clubg Var- sity Wrestling Teamg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Pipe Clubg News Boardg A.A. 'Cornmitteeg Cap- tain, Varsity Wrestlingg Sixth Form Show. PRINCETON SIXTH FURM STUART E. FIRTH lfstull Orange, New Iersey For thy sake, lohocco, I would do any- thing hut die.-ANON IQ43-44. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Pipe Clubg Far Fields Ten- nis. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Pipe Clubg Far Fields Golf. 1945-46. Varsity Soccerg Pipe Clubg Forrn Squashg Far Fields Golf. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA 67 THE DIAL 1946 IERRY D. FREEBLE "Freak," "Moe," "Gerry" Leetsdale, Pennsylvania Then he will talk. Good God, how he will talk.-ANoN I944-45. I.V. Soccerg Yacht Clubg Form Basketballg Form Baseball. 1945-46. I.V. Soccerg Yacht Clubg Form Basketballg Form Baseballg Cheer Leaderg Sixth Form Shovvg Pipe Club. - WASHINGTON AND IEFFERSON 68 ROSSER B. FLEMING IIROSN West Reading, Pennsylvania A tender heart, az will inflexible.-LONG FELLOW 1945-46. Far Fields Golfg Pipe Club Rifle Club. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA BREO FREEMAN, II h'Brc!! Pasadena, California A kind heart if zz fountain of goodnexs. -ANON 1943-44. Yacht Club Committeeman, Far Fields Tennis. 1944-45. Vice-Commodore, Yacht Club. 1945-46. Commodore, Yacht Club, Head Cheer Leader. U.S. NAVY SIXTH FURM LESLIE E. FREEMAN, IR. ffLeI,lI ffjeyryll Short Hills, New Iersey Good manners and lqnowledge maketh 11 man.-BRADsHAW 1944-45. Far Fields Football, I. V. Track, Wranglers. 1945-46. Far Fields Football, Sixth Form Show, Far Fields Golf, Sixth Form Speaking Club, English Club, Chairman, Ring Committee, Yacht Club, Pipe Club, News Board. PRINCETON 69 THE DIAL 1946 ARTHUR F. FULMER, IR. IIAVIII Memphis, Tennessee A faulllcss body and a blameless mind. -HOMER 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Wres- tling Squadg Far Fields Tennis. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Wrestling Squadg Golfg Co-Chairman, Thanks- giving Day Sportsg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Varsity Wrestlingg Far Fields Tennisg Pipe Club Cornmitteeg Fall Dance Com- mitteeg Spring Dance Committeeg Sixth Form Show. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA 70 BRUCE FRIEDMAN "Bruce" Buffalo, New York 1 My mind fo me tl kingdom if.-ANON 1945-46. Press Clubg Wranglers. HARVARD' NORBERT S. GARBISCH, IR. "Norb," "C o uni," "Garby" Butler, Pennsylvania Why should the devil have all the good limtf?-HILL 1942-43. Far Fields Golf, Aviation Club, Gun Club. 1943-44. Golf Squad, Aviation Club, Press Club, Gun Club. 1944-45. Championship Golf Team, Press Club, Aviation Club, Q.E.D. 1945-46. Varsity Golf, Press Club, Gun Club, Pipe Club. PRINCETON SIXTH FURM HARRIS R. GATES "Harris" Princeton, New Iersey The force of his own merit makes his way.-SHAKESPEARE 1943-44. President, Fourth Form, All Form Baseball Team, Varsity Soccer Squad. 1944-45. President, Fifth Form, Fall Term Dance Committee, Q.E.D., Pipe Club, Varsity Baseball Squad. 1945-46. Pipe Club, Captain, Varsity Soccer, Secretary, Sixth Form, Sixth Form Speaking Club, Vice-President, Y.M.C.A., Varsity Baseball Squad, President, A.A. Committee. UNDECIDED 71 THE DIAL 1946 1 I w DOLF L. GOLDSMITH "Schmidt," "Goldy" New York, New York Hunger is sharper than the swo1'd.-B1aAU- MONT 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Rifle Teamg Gun Clubg Iunior Track. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Gun Clubg Rifle Team. 72 CORNELL IOHN E. GIMBEL "Holly," "johnny" Scarsdale, New York Happy am I,' from care I am free! Why aren't they all contented like me?-ANON 1944-45. Iunior Varsity Soccerg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Choirg Glee Clubg Sixth Form Showg Press Clubg News Boardg Pipe Club. CORNELL EDWARD V. GoU1NLocK, JR. HEJIH Ed!! Warsaw, New York They're only truly grcul who are lruly good.-CHAPMAN 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Iunior Board, Newsg Wranglersg Varsity Track Team. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Man. Ed., Newsg Cum Luudeg Sixth Form Speaking Clubg English Clubg Sixth Form Showg Varsity Track. WILLIAMS SIXTH FURM CHARLES A. GOWEN IIOKCQHVIII HAZ!! Ossining, New York l prefer silent prudence' lo loqzzzzciom' fol- ly.-c1c12Ro 1944-45. Aviation Clubg Press Club Form Basketball. 1945-46. Aviation Clubg Press Club Glee Clubg Choirg Sixth Form Show Pipe Club. YALE 73 THE DIAL 1946 IOHN c. HANNAH Ifolielil IlRcdIJ! rrchadxx New Canaan, Connecticut If music be the food of love, play on.- SHAKESPEARE 1944-45. Winter Trackg I.V. Track. 1945-46. I.V. Soccerg Pipe Clubg Sixth Form Show. 74 YALE WILLIAM B. GUNTHER "john," "Goat," "Mad Maestro" Haddonfield, New Iersey A dry jest, sir, I have them at my finger lips.-sl-IAKESPEARE 1942-43. Far Fields Tennis. I943-44. Far Fields Tennisg Iunior Track. 1944-45. Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Chess Club. PRINCETON IAMES W. HANWAY fflimyll fflimmieil Pelham Manor, New York Gaining wisdom in each studious year.- BYRON 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Sixth Form Showg Cheer Leader. YALE SIXTH FDRM DANIEL O. HASTINGS, III IIDWJII IIDQHIZU Wilmington, Delaware A good heart if better than all the head: in the W0Fld.1ANON I943-44. Far Fields Soccerg Aviation Clubg Iunior Track. 1944-45. Championship Track Teamg I.V. Soccerg Winter Trackg Aviation Club. 1945-46. Varsity Trackg Winter Trackg I.V. Soccer. CORNELL 75 THE DIAL 1946 ERIC F. HECKETT IlHeC-El Valencia, Pennsylvania To plow and fow, and reap and mow, and be a farmerh' boy.-ANON 1945-46. Form Basketballg Varsity Soc- CCF. PRINCETON 76 CARL M. HAZEN, IR. lfHerk',l! IIDOCIJ Titusville, Pennsylvania Haw very great the very :mall are.- THACKERAY 1944-45. Form Basketballg Pipe Club Form Baseballg Far Fields Football 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Pipe Club Form Baseball. U.S. ARMY GERALD vAN S. HENDERSON lflerryil Rosemont, Pennsylvania A man polished lo the 7ldfl.'HORACE 1941-42. Far Fields Soccerg Camera 'Clubg Form Hockeyg Far Fields Golf. 1942-43. President of Formg Camera Clubg Outing Clubg Form Hockeyg Far Fields Golf. 1943-44. I.V. Soccerg Pipe Clubg Form Hockeyg Far Fields Golf. 1944-45. Varsity Soccerg Pipe Clubg Form Hockeyg Far Fields Golf. 1945-46. Varsity Soccerg Pipe Clubg Sixth Form Shovvg Form Hockeyg Far Fields Golf. PRINCETON SIXTH FDRM TILMAN HENDRICK, III NTiZl! Washington, D.C. You come loo lute, yet you 607716.-SCHIL DER 1941-42. Form Baseballg Art Clubg Far Fields Tennisg Aviation Club. 1942-43. Form Baseballg Art Clubg Far Fields Tennisg Aviation Club. 1943-44. I.V. Soccerg I.V. Tennisg Art Clubg Choirg Aviation Clubg Glee Club. 1944-45. Varsity Soccerg I.V. Tennisg Art Clubg Glee Clubg Choirg Avia- tion Clubg Book Shopg Q.E.D. 1945-46. Varsity Soceerg Sixth Form Showg Five Year Clubg Art Clubg Pipe Clubg Book Shop Managerg Choirg Glee Club. HARVARD 77 THE DIAL 1946 IOHN W. HINTON fIl'a6k',!! IfSaZCh,!! fllohnnyii Montclair, New Iersey I have been so great a lover.-BROOKE I943-44. I.V. Soccer, Yacht Club, Far Fields Baseball, Wrestling Squad. 1944-45. Dramatic Club, Sec.-Treas., Yacht Club, Varsity Soccer, Wres- tling Squad, Far Fields Tennis, Pipe Club, Q.E.D., Winner, Colgate Cup in Debate. 1945-46. President, Dramatic Club, Vice-Comm., Yacht Club, Sixth Form Speaking Club, Varsity Soccer, Pipe Club, Advertising Manager, News, DIAL Board, Mgr., Wrestling Squad, English Club, Far Fields Tennis, Sixth Form Show. YALE 78 MICHAEL HILLEGASS "The Gremlin," "Gr6my Hillyf' ffMik'cU Red Hill, Pennsylvania In Tnfllfufflfff C0nffnt.1SHAKESPEARE 1943-44. I.V. Soccer, Aviation Club, I.V. Track. 1944-45. Far Fields Football, I.V. Track. 1945-46. I.V. Track, Gym Leader. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL BEN M. HOGAN, IR. "Arkansas," "Hermit" Little Rock, Arkansas Little, but to purpose.-BYRON 1945-46. Far Fields Football. UNDECIDED SIXTH FURM DAVID A. HORNING IIDHUCIU f1Hap,lI ffH0rn,!! IIFZHSIIII Lancaster, Pennsylvania He is full of valor as of lqz'ndner:,' princely in b0lh.LSHAKESPEARE I943-44. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Form Baseball. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Pipe Clubg Championship Varsity Track Teamg Winter Traekg The News. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Varsity Trackg Sixth Form Show Commit- teeg The Newsg Pipe Club. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 79 THE DIAL 1946 ROBERT G. IACKSON flB0b,Jl lflacksonil Glenshaw, Pennsylvania Zealom, yet modest: innoeenz, yet free.- BEATTIE 1943-44. Form Basketballg Form Base- ball. 1944-45. Pipe Club Committeemang Form Basketballg Form Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Golfg Wrestling Squadg Pipe Club. 80 UNDECIDED WILLIAM G. IRONS "Willie," "Bill" Bronxville, New York A fair exterior is a xilent ieeommenda tion.-ANoN 1943-44. Varsity Trackg Winter Track Form Basketball. 1944-45. Form Basketball. 1945-46. Varsity Soccer Squad Varsity Track. PRINCETON THOMAS A. IACOB fflak-elf! lfT0mU Glendale, Ohio There is no more perfect endowment in man than politiml Uiffud.-PLUTARCH 1942-43. Ir. Trackg Form Baseballg Avi- ation Clubg Yacht Club. 1943-44. I.V. Soccerg Aviation Clubg Form Baseballg Form Presidentg Winter Baseballg Press Club. 1944-45. I.V. Soccerg Ir. Trackg Form Presidentg Press -Clubg News Business Boardg Pipe Club. 1945-46. I.V. Soccerg Chairman, Fall Term Danceg Pipe Clubg News Busi- ness Board. WILLIAMS SIXTH FURM 5 IEREMY E. IOHNSON lflerryll Pottstown, Pennsylvania He profil: mort who serves best.-SHELDON 1942-43. Far Fields Footballg Form Baseballg Aviation Club. 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Winter Baseballg Aviation Clubg Press Clubg I.V. Baseball. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Winter Baseballg I.V. Baseballg Ir. Board of The Neuxsg Fall Term Dance Com- mitteemang Wranglers. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Awardg THE DIALQ The Neufsg Sixth Form Showg Sixth Form Committeeg Varsity Basketball Mgr.g English Clubg Varsity Baseball. CORNELL 81 THE DIAL 1946 WILLIAM I. KILLIAN "Bill," "Big Bill," "Wild Bill" Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Thy m0a'e:ly's a candle lo thy merit.- ANON 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Winter Trackg l.V. Track. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Winter Trackg Track Squad. CORNELL 82 WILLIAM V. IOY "Willy," "Arlqansizx," "Basil" Centralia, Illinois He doth, indeed, :how some spark: that are like wit.-SHAKESPEARE 1944-45. Far Fields Soeeerg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Far Fields Soccerg Far Fields Tennis. CORNELL WILLIAM G. KILLINGER, IR. a'fBiZZ,U fIKillyJJ West Chester, Pennsylvania All hi: successors gone before him have done't.-SHAKESPEARE 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Varsity Basketballg Varsity Baseball. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Varsity Base- ballg Captain of Varsity Basketballg A.A. Committee. UNDECIDED SIXTH FURM WILSON KIPP rr 11,11 rrKipp6r:: Leetsdale, Pennsylvania Indizfiduulity if everywhere to be guarded and honored as the root of all good.- RICHTER 1943-44. I.V, Soccerg Form Basketballg I.V. Tennisg Gun Clubg Pipe Club. 1944-45. Varsity Soccer Squadg Form Basketballg I.V. Tennisg Pipe Clubg Gun Club. 1945-46. Varsity Tennis Squadg Squashg Pipe Club. YALE 83 THE DIAL 1946 ROBERT W. LAIRD 11305111 Iflerryil Adams, New York A quiet man but deep wiihin.-ANQN 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Form Baseballg Pipe Clubg Aviation Clubg Yacht Cluhg Sixth Form Show. CORNELL 84 BROOKS V. S. KLOSTERMYER "Kim," "Kl0sty," "B.Kl0.r" Warsaw, New York He may be :low but he is preciom sure. -ANON 1944-45. Far Fields Tennisg Rifle Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Chess Clubg RiHe Clubg Bandg Orchestra. HAMILTON RICHARD G. LESKO ffDiCk-,JI lfLuck,yl! Baldwin Manor, Pennsylvania A man diligent in business.-OLD TESTA- MENT 1943-44. I.V. Tennisg Form Basketballg Press Club. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg I.V. Tennisg Press Clubg Pipe Clubg Wranglersg Thanksgiving Day Committee. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Varsity Tennis Mgr.g Vice- Chairman, Press Clubg Business Manager, The Dialg Pipe Clubg Sixth Form Showg Dramatic Club. MARINES SIXTH FGRM IOHN D. LETHBRIDGE lilac-kill llldeflyll Montclair, New Iersey Knowledge delightful and wil good-nw tured.-ADD1soN 1943-44. Far Fields Soccerg I.V. Basket- ballg Form Baseball. 1944-45. Q.E.D.g Form Committeeg I.V. Basketballg Far Fields Golfg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Dance Committeeg Varsity Basketballg Varsity Tennisg Secre- tary-Treasurer, Pipe 'Clubg Speaking Club. DARTNIOUTH 85 THE DIAL 1946 IOHN H. LOCHRIDGF. ff-Loch!!! ffL0Cky!! Chicago, Illinois 'Tis no time to talk.-SHAKESPEARE 1944-45. Far Fields Soccer, Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Far Fields Soccerg Far Fields Tennis, Pipe Club, Choir, Glee Club, Sixth Form Show. YALE 86 THEODORE H. LICHTENFELS lfLiCh,!! HTedU Orange, New Iersey Many men have been capable of doing a wise thing, more a cunning thing, but few a generous thing.-POPE 1942-43. Far Fields Tennisg Form Hockeyg Form Baseball, Yacht Club. 1943-44. Far Fields Football, Form Hockey, Form Treasurerg Iunior Board, News, Yacht Club. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Hockey, Form Treasurerg News Boardg Yacht Club, Wranglers. 1945-46. Far Fields Golf, News Board, Circulation Mgr.g Form Basketballg Yacht Club, Sixth Form Showg Y.M.C.A. Committee, Treas.g Mgr., Varsity Baseball, DIAL Board. WILLIAMS THOMAS M. LOWRIE rrT0 mf: ' Titusville, Pennsylvania Hi: body a chest of ZOOIJ.-'EIXIERSON 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Varsity Bas- kerball. PRINCETON SIXTH FURM IOSEPH N. LUTZ, IR. "loc," "Bird," "Loom" Wyoming, Ohio Thou art long and Junk.-COLERIDGE 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Bas- ketball g Pipe Club. P 1945-46. Varsity Basketballg Pipe Club. WILLIAMS 37 THE DIAL 1946 PIERRE MALI "Pete," "Lucky," "Prince" New York, New York I am not in the role of common men- SHAKESPEARE 1941-42. Far Fields Tennis. 1942-43. Far Fields Soecerg Form Base- ball. 1943-44. I.V. Soccerg Form Baseballg Form Basketball. 1944-45. I.V, Soecerg I.V. Track. 1945-46. Varsity Soccerg I.V. Track. 88 YALE WALKER MCKINNEY "Mae," "Muskegon" Muskegon, Michigan Here if a dear and a lrue industrious friend.-sHAKEsPEARE 1943-44. Far Fields Tennisg Thanks- giving Day Sports Committee. 1944-45. Far Fields Tennisg Pipe Clubg Trackg Wranglersg News, Iunior Board. 1945-46. Varsity Trackg Sixth Form Show Committeeg Pipe Clubg Ass. Ed., Neufsg Cross Country Track. UNDECIDED IAMES R. MAXWELL, III Kilim!!! 1lMax!J Burnharn, Pennsylvania The hand zhaz intellect can achieve.- MICHELANGELO I945-46. Choir, Presidentg Aviation Club Committeeg Bandg Orchestra. M.I.T. SIXTH FURM HARRY MEIXELL, JR. lfMikl6!! Chevy Chase, Maryland TlZf7'8,f honerty, manhood, and fellowship in thee.-ANON 1944-45. Winter Tra-ckg Varsity Traekg Choir. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Winter Traekg Varsity Track. YALE 89 THE DIAL 1946 CHARLES D. MILLER "Chick," "ChicIglet" Upper Montclair, New Iersey Nothing wax ever achieved without enthu- siaxm.-EMERSON IQ42-43. I.V. Trackg Art Club. 1943-44. Fall Trackg Far Fields Golf. 1944-45. Far Fields Soccerg Q.E.D.g I.V. Trackg Art Club. 1945-46. Gym Leader. WILLIAMS 90 PETER S. MERRIFIELD "Russian," "PceWce," "Pierre" Maplewood, New Iersey Rough-hewn but of solid stag.-ANON 1942-43. Far Fields Golfg Form Base- ballg Form Hockey. 1943-44. I.V. Soccerg Form Baseballg Form Hockey. 1944-45. I.V. Soccerg Dramatic Clubg Yacht Clubg Form Baseball. IQAS-46. I.V. Soccerg Form Baseballg Gym Leaderg Sixth Form Show' Purser, Yacht Club. UNDECIDED Form Hockeyg Victory Loan Com- mitteeg Sec.-Treas., Dramatic Clubg 7 IULIAN K. MORRISON, IR. lflocktlll ffjuliell Rome, Georgia Oh, I am :tabbed with laughter.-ANON 1942-43. Form Baseballg Far Fields Footballg Aviation Club. 1943-44. Form Baseballg Far Fields Footballg Aviation Club. 1944-45. Form Baseballg Far Fields Footballg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Sixth Form Committeeg Var- sity Footballg Sixth Form Shovvg Pipe Club Committeeg Form Athletic Committee. A UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA SIXTH FDRM IOHN D. MUNFORD "Colonel," "Rebel," "I0hn" Richmond, Virginia The class of fashion and the mold of form. -SHAKESPEARE 1942-43. Fall Tennisg Form Baseballg Aviation Club. 1943-44. I.V. Baseballg Winter Base- ballg Aviation Clubg Pipe Club. 1944-45. Pipe Club. 1945-46. Sixth Form Showg Secretary- Treasurer, Pipe 'Club Committeeg Varsity Baseball Squadg Winter Base- ball. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA QI THE DIAL 1946 HENRY T. NICHOLAS, JR. lfNiCk-Il Quantico, Virginia Tonight let us eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we dit.-ANON 1943-44. Form Basketballg Far Fields Footballg Form Baseball. 1944-45. Form Basketballg Far Fields Footballg I.V. Track. 1945-46. Varsity Basketballg Track Squad. 92 WILLIAMS PHILIP MYLECRAINE llphillil HRM!! Bala, Pennsylvania Truth is it: own witness.-PRov12RBs I942-43. Form Baseballg Far Fields Soccer. 1943-44. Far Fields Golfg Far Fields Soccer. 1944-45. Varsity Soccer Mgr.g Varsity Wrestling Mgr. 1945-46. Varsity Soccer Mgr.g Acceler- ated Programg Pipe Club. PENNSYLVANIA ALFRED NICHOLSON, IR. flNick',II HAZ!! Moorestown, New Iersey The mirror of all courtesy.-ANON 1944-45. Varsity Soccer Squad. 1945-46. Varsity Soccer Squadg Sixth Form Showg Yacht Clubg Winter Track. PRINCETON SIXTH FURM FERGUS B. POPE "Ferg," 'fGizm0". Morristown, New Iersey Olz, how I haze to gel up zn the morning -BERLIN 1943-44. I.V. Soccerg Form Baseball Gun Club. 1944-45. I.V. Soccerg Far Fields Golf Yacht Clubg Gun Club 1945-46. Form Basketball Far Flelds Golfg Yacht Clubg Gun Club Plpe Club. WILLIAMS THE DIAL 1946 i i ,,. l CARL A. PROPES ffC'P.,lJ lfchipil Pottstown, Pennsylvania judge sz man not from his town.-ANON 1942-43. Far Fields Tennisg Iunior Track. 1943-44. Fall Trackg I.V. Basketballg Varsity Track Team. 1944-45. Fall Trackg Winter Trackg Varsity Track Team. 1945-46. Fall Trackg Winter Trackg Varsity Track Team. LAFAYETTE 94 FRANK PRIMROSE, III 1rPep,u 1rDai5yJ1 Pikesville, Maryland Success to the strongest, who are always at last, the wisest and best.-EMERSON 1944-45. Varsity Footballg I.V. Trackg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Captain, Varsity Footballg Sixth Form Committeeg Athletic As- sociation Committeeg Pipe Club Com- mittee. CORNELL RICHARD C. PURCELL "The Body," "Ape," "Traveler," rrpopfx Riverdale, New York He from whose lips divine persuasion flows.-HOMER 1943-44. Wrestling Squadg Far Fields Footballg I.V. Trackg Form Basket- ball. 1944-45. Vice-President, Fifth Formg Varsity Footballg Winter Trackg Form I-Iockeyg I.V. Trackg President, Q.E.D.g 'Colgate Cup Winnerg A.A. Movie Club. 1945-46. Sixth Form Treasurerg Track Squadg Far Fields Footballg Sixth Form Showg Victory Loan Commit- teeg Speaking Clubg English Clubg Spring Dance Committee. YALE SIXTH FURM JOHN s. PURNELL, JR. rrfacklxr rriohnnyff rrlyackn Mid-linburg, Pennsylvania Oh, why should life all labor 55?-ANON 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Q.E.D.g Form Basketballg Form Hockeyg I.V. Track. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Winter Track. BUCKNELL 95 THE DIAL 1946 ROBERT B. REID KIBOH! Greenwich, Connecticut Brezfity is the foul of Milli."-SHELDON 1944-45. Far Fields Tennis, Rifle Club, Far Fields Golf. UNIVERSITF DE LAUSANNE 96 RISHER RANDALL llT6x,!! fIRZ'5h!I! ffRan!J Galveston, Texas Where e'er he met a stranger, there he left u friend.-LOWELL 1943-44. Form Committee, Varsity Golf, Fall Golf. 1944-45. Form Committee, Q.E.D., President, Far Fields Football, Wres- tling Squad, Championship Varsity Golf. 1945-46. Vice-President of Sixth Form, Varsity Footballg Gun Club, Varsity Wrestling Squad, Captain of Varsity Golf, Sixth Form Speaking Club, Y.M.C.A.g A.A. Committee, Secre- taryg Pipe Club, Spring Dance Com- mittee. TEXAS UNIVERSITY GORDON E. REYNOLDS "Cymn0," "Gordo" Redmont, California TllEFE,5 a good time coming, boys! A good time coming.-MACKAY 1945-46. Pipe Clubg Form Basketballg Skeet Club. CALIFORNIA AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE . , SIXTH FURM CHAS. I. RICHARDSON, IR. "ScdriclQ," "Blond Boy" Sistersville, West Virginia He who wishes to do mischief if never without a reason.-sYRUs 1945-46. Football Squaclg Banclg Orches- trag Pipe Club. DARTMOUTH 97 THE DIAL 1946 EDWARD M. RODGERS "Buck," "Buclqo," "Uncle Ed" Mount Vernon, New York Hearty failh and honest fheer.-MEREDITH 1945-46. Varsity Tennis Squadg Pipe Clubg Sixth Form Shovvg Fall Track. WILLIAMS 98 RUDGLF M. RIEFSTAHL "Rudy," "Suche" Brooklyn, New York The world is but u chefsboard.-HUXLEY 1944-45. I.V. Soccerg Form Basketballg Form Baseballg Choirg Glee Club. 1945-46. I. V. Soccerg English Clubg Choirg Glee Clubg Chess Club. PRINCETON LANE ROGERS "Rag," "H .N .," f'Rczsaele," "Greek" Surnneytown, Pennsylvania I-Ie that gon' zz-horrowirzg, goes a-:orr0w- ing.-ANUN 1941-42. Far Fields Footballg Form Vol- leyballg Far Fields Tennisg Art Club. 1942-43. Far Fields Footballg Form Vol- leyballg Far Fields Tennis. 1943-44. The Newsg Aviation Clubg Form Volleyballg Far Fields Football. 1944-45. The Nezusg President of the Aviation Clubg Far Fields Footballg I.V. Track. 1945-46. Head Cheer Leaderg Winter Trackg Far Fields Footballg THE DIALQ The Newsg Aviation Clubg Art Clubg Dramatic Clubg Sixth Form Showg Pipe Club. PENN STATE SIXTH FURM GEORGE R. ROHRER, II "Wally," "Buzz" Lancaster, Pennsylvania Courage COIZZIIIEIT all 1'hi77g'5.TOVID 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Gun Clubg Far Fields Tennis. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Gun Clubg Track Squad. ARMY 99 THE DIAL 1946 . IOHN W. SCHELPERT, III "Long john," "Sclzelp," "Bz'gI0h1z" Tuckahoe, New York So much the restless eagerness fo shine, and love of singularity prevail.-DAN'1'1e 1943-44. Far Fields Soccerg Form Base- ball. 1944-45. Soccer Squadg Choirg Q.E.D.g Form Basketballg Iunior Trackg Avi- ation Club. 1945-46. Varsity Soccerg DIAL Boardg Sixth Form Shovvg Choirg Varsity Track Squadg I-Ierczld-Trzlbune Rep.g Dramatic Club. YALE IOO HENRY A. ROHRER, IR. fIHank,l! ffR0a7..U Lancaster, Pennsylvania This is the thing lhut I was born Io do. -DANIEL 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Wres- tling Squadg I.V. Tennisg Orchestrag Chess Club. 1945-46. FarFields Footballg SixthForm Showg Varsity Wrestling Squadg Far Fields Baseballg Cheer Leaderg Or- chestrag Chess Clubg Gun Clubg Rifle Team. UNDECIDED MAURICIO SEGOVIA "Mancha," "Senior" Barranquilla, Colombia Tobaeeo is a diriy weed: I like it.-HEM- MINGER 1943-44. Far Fields Tennis. 1944-45. Super-Accelerated Prograrng Far Fields Footballg Pipe Club g Form Baseball. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA SIXTH FURM RICHARD L. SHANLEY ffRiCk-,II ffloell Roslyn, New York The principal business of life is to enjoy il.-BUTLER I 1944-45. Winter Baseballg Far Fields Baseball. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Pipe Clubg 'Chess Clubg Gun Clubg Winter Base- ballg Baseball Squadg Sixth Form Show. PRINCETON IOI THE DIAL 1946 C. LAURENCE SHERMAN If-Lczyryll Harrisburg, Pennsylvania And certainly, he was cz good fellow.- CHAUCER 1944-45. Far Fields Football, Form Baseball, Associate Editor, News. 1945-46. Far Fields Golf, Pipe Club, Associate Editor, The News, Sixth Form Show Committee, Chess Club, Baseball Squad. 102 PRINCETON IAMES D. SHEPPARD lfshepll Laurens, South Carolina Men of few words are the best men:- SHAKESPEARE 1943-44. Far Fields Tennis, Band, Or- chestra. 1944-45. Far Fields Tennis, Band, Or- chestra, Q.E.D. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennis, News Board, SiXth Form Show, Band, President, Orchestra, Choir. PRINCETON MARTIN SHULMAN "Marty," "Ca.vImh" Paterson, New Iersey I'lI not budge an inch.-DUDLEY I944-45. Gun Club, Camera Club, Pipe Club, Iuuior Soccer. 1945-46. Gun Club, Vice-President, Camera Club, Pipe Club, Dramatic Club, Far Fields Golf, Assistant Pho- tographer, THE DIAL. HARVARD SIXTH FURM l l THOMAS C. SMITH, JR. lIT0m,!I IIT. Ci!!! lfsmiztyll Westfield, New Iersey All men esteem a real fl"l.67ld.1ANON I944-45. Far Fields Football, Far Fields Baseball, Pipe Club, Aviation Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Football, Form Bas- ketball, Sixth Form Show, Pipe Club Committee, Aviation Club. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH oARoLINA 103 THE DIAL 1946 CLEMENT L. SPEIDEN ffCIem,!I ffspeedll Somerset, Virginia To love the game beyond the prize.- NEWBOLT 1942-43. Far Fields Tennisg Aviation Club. I942-44. I.V. Trackg Aviation Clubg Form Basketballg Far Fields Tennis. 1944-45. Varsity Track Squadg Fall Trackg Winter Trackg Aviation Club. 1945-46. Varsity Track Squadg Fall Trackg Winter Trackg Aviation Clubg Book Shop Assistantg Sixth Form Show. CORNELL IONATHAN M. SPIVAK nspivyavu lfspivll Searsdale, New York A strong body make: zz strong 1nind.- IEFFERSON 1944-45. Varsity Soeeerg Form Basket- ballg Winter Trackg Varsity Traekg Cum Laude. 1945-46. English Clubg Varsity Soccerg Winter Trackg Varsity Trackg Sixth Form Show. HARVARD 104 H. KIRK STEEN, JR. ffKirkA!J Newburgh, New York A tower of strength, zz man of iron and endurance.-ANON 1944-45. Winter Trackg Varsity Track. 1945-46. Varsity Football 5 Varsity Trackg Winter Track. DARTMOUTH SIXTH Fonzu WILLIAM T. STEVENSON, IR. "Steve" Owensboro, Kentucky There is a time of speaking and zz lime of being Iflil.-CAXTON 1945-46. Rifle Team. PRINCETON 105 THE DIAL 1946 RICHARD A. STIBOLT I4'DiCk'!! Washington, D.C. A: upright as the cedar.-sHAx1asP1zARE 1944-45. Cum Laudeg Varsity Soccer Squad. 1945-46. English Clubg Gym Leaderg Varsity Soccer Squadg Sixth Form Show. 106 CORNELL BLAIR STEWART "Sleepy," "Stew" Atlantic City, New Iersey Wil and wisdom are born with a man ZSHELDON 1944-45. Far Fields F ootballg I.V. Track Orchestrag Aviation Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Aviation Clubg Pipe Clubg Orchestrag Sixth Form Show. DARTMOUTH SIXTH FDRM ARTHUR L. TROAST lIArz,IJ HRCJII Passaic, New Iersey A good reputation is more valuable than money.-ANON 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Bas- ketballg I.V. Baseball. 1945-46. Varsity Football Teamg Pipe -Clubg Winter Baseballg Form Basket- ball Teamg Varsity Baseball. CORNELL VICTOR P. TUTHILL If Vic!!! IfTutJll ffDick-ll Grand Rapids, Michigan Though he was rough, he was kindly.- LONGFELLOW 1943-44. Varsity Football Teamg Winter Track Tearng Varsity Track Squad. 1944-45. Pipe Club Committeeg Winter .Track Teamg Varsity Track Squadg A.A. Movie Club. 1945-46. Varsity Football Tearng Pipe Club Committeeg Winter Track Teamg A.A. xM0vie Clubg Varsity Track Squad. MICHIGAN - 107 THE DIAL 1946 IAMES WALLACE, JR. zflimlxx rrsmilcyrx Toledo, Ohio Honor lies in honest toil.-CLEVELAND 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Far Fields Tennisg Form Volleyballg Press Clubg Iunior N ews Boardg Camera Clubg Chess Clubg Pipe Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Sports Ed., Press Clubg Make-up and Copy Edi- tor of the Newsg Pipe Clubg Q.E.D.g Sixth Form Showg Chess Club. U.S. MILITARY ACADEMY 108 CARLTON B. WADE "Peter Lowe" Rochester, New York What sweet delights a quiet life affords. --ANQN 1945-46. I.V. Soccerg Radio Clubg Chess Clubg Pipe Club. BOWDOIN THEODORE L. WEED, IR. lfHairy,!l IIT!!! A'lWeedl! Bronxville, New York Idleness if the root of all miSChiEf.-ANON 1944-45. Varsity Soccer Squadg Cham- pionship Form Volleyball Team. 1945-46. Varsity Soccer Teamg Form Volleyball Teamg Pipe Club. ARMY AIR CORPS SIXTH FURM ROY D. WELCH, IR. "Uncle Roy" Princeton, New Iersey Gentle to others, to himself .vezferc.-Rooeks 1943-44. Varsity Wrestling Squadg Or- chestrag Far Fields Tennis. 1944-45. I.V. Soccerg Varsity Wrestling Squadg Choirg Fifth Form Commit- teeg Orchestrag Far Fields Tennisg Aviation Clubg President of Wrang- lers. 1945-46. English Clubg Sixth Form Showg Choirg Orchestra. PRINCETON 109 THE DIAL 1946 ROBERT C. WHITAKER If Whit!!! fl-Bob!! Portsmouth, Ohio An ounce of wit is worth a pound of :or- F0W.1BAXTER 1941-42. Far Fields Football 3 Form Bas- ketballg Form Baseball. 1942-43. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg Form Baseball. 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg I.V. Bas- ketballg Fo-rm Baseballg Iunior News Boardg Pipe Club. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Winter Baseballg I.V. Baseballg News Boardg Form Committeeg Pipe Club. I945-46. Super-Acceleration Program. ARMY I IO HENRY I. WHELEN illaimflll llT6x,l! fllimmiell El Paso, Texas My heart lies in Texas, down by the Rio Grande.-DEsP1Ez 1944-45. Far Fields Tennisg Boxing- Gun Club. 1945-46. Far Fields Tennisg Boxingg Pipe Clubg President of Gun Club. 7 UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY IUDGE H. WHITE "The fudge," "I-Iabriel Gender" New York, New York The monuments of wit rurzfive the mon- ument: of POWEF.-BACON 1944'45- Pawn nis. 1945-46- Club 3 Chess N ewsg Far Fields Footballg Rook and Chess Clubg Far Fields Ten- Far Fields Tennisg Dramatic Press Clubg Rook and Pawn Clubg Feature Editor of The Gun Clubg Sixth Form Show. PRINCETON SIXTH FDRM IOHN W. WIDEMAN "Uncle lack," "Tiny," "Smilz'n' lack!! Haverford, Pennsylvania A 'big man carrie: a big hfdff.-ANONR 1942-43. Far Fields Footballg Form Bas- ketballg I.V. Tennis. 1943-44. Far Fields Footballg Varsity Basketballg Varsity Track Squad. 1944-45. Varsity Footballg Varsity Bas- ketballg Varsity Track Squadg Fifth Form Committee. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Varsity Bas- ketballg Sixth Form Committeeg Eng- lish Clubg Sixth Form Speaking Clubg Y.M.C.A. Committeeg Sixth Form Show. PRINCETON I I I THE DIAL 1946 DAVID R. WILLIAMS "Dane," "Will," "Uncle Will" Wilmington, Ohio The exsenee of work if concentrated energy. '1BAGEHAT 1943-44. Form Basketballg Form Base ball. 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Form Vol- leyballg Form Baseball. 1945-46. Varsity Footballg Varsity Wres- tling Squad. WILMINGTON COLLEGE II2 FRANK E. WILHOIT, IR. "Fran li" ' Gadsden, Alabama Silence never betrays you.-o'RE1L1.Y 1945-46. Gym Classg Far Fields Golf WILLIAM MCL. WILSON "Mac," "Will," "lugl1ead," "Neal Buddy" Tenafly, New Iersey Would there were more like him.-ANON 1944-45. Far Fields Footballg Pipe Clubg Far Fields Golf. 1945-46. Aviation Club Committeeg Pipe Club. UNDECIDED SIXTH FDRM DONALD R. WINTZ "Printz," "Chimney" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A cigarelte if lhe perfect lype of iz perfect 17I6d.ftII'6'.LWILDE 1943-44. Pipe Clubg Far Fields Golfg Bandg Dance Band. 1944-45. Pipe Clubg Dramatic Clubg Varsity Golfg Bandg Orchestrag Choirg Glee Clubg Dance Band. 1945-46. Pipe Club Cornmitteeg Man- ager of Dramatic Clubg Varsity Golfg Manager of Bandg Orchestrag Sixth Form Show. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA II3 THE DIAL 1946 II RAYMOND L. W. WRIGHT llTh6 Owl!!! s'fRayl! New York, New York The king of artist: would be the plzolog- mpher.-wr-r1s'r1.E11 1942-43. Gun Club, I.V. Track. 1943-44. Gun Clubg Iunior Soccer, Win- ter Track, I.V. Track. 1944-45. I.V. Soccer, Winter Track, Golf, Camera Club, Glee Club, Iun- ior News Board. 1945-46. Golf, Photographic Editor of The News, Photographer for THE DIALQ President of the Camera Club, Choir and Glee Club, Pipe Club, Sixth Form Show. STANFORD Bone but not forgotten Edward I. Allen, III F. Foster Brown Thomas C. Christ, Ir. Delmer S. Fahrney, II William T. Fripp, II Frederick H. Goodwin Tobey Hansen Iames R. Ingham, Ir. Daniel I. Kindel, III William L. Middleton William S. Millener, IV Edward E. Paramore, III Burns Patterson William T. Rassieur, Ir. Henry N. Rowley, Ir. D. Austin Ryer, Ir. Robert A. Smirnow Donald Spadone Culver O. Spencer, Ir. Louis K. Warden A. Wilson Washburn A. Edward Wright, Ir. THE DIAL 1946 IIS J THE DIAL 1946 .V 7f"U 45153, We f QQ X6 T' 9-Qsyf W It yt fi gefml lk vig r ZQW L,Ll II6 QQ- zj ral Q ir, DIAL ELEETIUN5 Done Most for The Hill A................... For Whom The Hill Has Done the Most ...l.............l.,4...,.,,.,....,................. Most Popular ..44.. Brainiest ....,l.,...... Best Athlete ...l.4,e,l, Most Influential ...,.i....,., Most Versatile ........,,.,..,........ Most Likely to Succeed ..,.... Best Looking V,.,.i.e.e...,....... Biggest Bluffer ,,..,., .... Most Unconscious Best Dresser ...i.....,..... Most Gentlemanly ......... Biggest Grind .,4..,.....,. Witriest ii.....,.,...,......... ,,... Biggest Loafer ..........i...i..,,.. First to Get Married ,.....,.. Biggest Woman Hater ..... Has Most Drag ,..i....... Smoothest Line ,,s,... Class Politician ,.i,.,. Biggest Chimney ....ii. Class Baby ,s....,....... Best Build .,........i. Most Generous Biggest Eater ...... Meekest ......,..........i..,,......,.....,... .. Class Caveman ............i............,,...,. Done The Hill for the Most .,...,.. Noisiest .,.,,.,...4s,.......,....,.......,.,.,,... Never on Time ,,i..., ., ., Class Gloom s.,,,...,.r Biggest Sponger ..... Biggest Smile ......,,. Class Wolf ,......... PUR 1945 ,.,,..,....,Apgarf'F Iohnson, Primrose Williams, Morrison, Chisholm Randall, Apgar, Wideman Spivakfxg Draper, Cowperthwaite .....,..KillingerfF Lovvrie, Primrose Apgar, Iacob, Purcell Spivakfk Wideman, Crawford Apgar, Delanoy, Welch Fulmer, Irons, Purcell Purcell, Lethbridge, Gimbel Klostermyer, Lutz, Asquith Henderson, Munford, Fulmer Welch, Wideman, Delanoy Welchff Gouinlock, Hanway Gimbel, White, Lethbridge Gimbel, Nicholas, Costello Purcell, Primrose, Fulmer Killinger, Miller, Ioy Iacob, Iohnson, Gates Purcell, Freeble, Munford A. Iacobfg Lichtenfels, Entenman ., ...........,,......, Hazen, Wintz, Firth Gunther, Ferenbach, Hillegass Stibolt, Steen, Purcell Welch, Merrifield, Lichtenfels ,, Speidenf Williams, Goldsmith .,Klostermyer, Asquith, Dempsey ....,.Primrose, Rohrer, G., Tuthill Wright? Freeble, Kipp Morrison, Colborn, Kipp Shanley, Garbisch, Nicholas Gunther, Firth, Drake Rogers, Freeble, Lethbridge Wideman, Ferenbach, Atkinson Pedro? at Landslide THE DIAL 1946 V9-5 N, !...0f1 -74,,, I? Q, a ,..., ,, .DX i W5 e 6 N W S1 155 II UNUEHFUHMS wg, E .Ku .S fn? Q29 .iefkw Q! 5 P' ,Java is Fifth Form His year's Fifth Form, again under the competent direction of Mr. Mor- gan, distinguished itself both athletically and scholastically. Knapp, Forgie, and Furth vied for the scholastic lead of the form, fol- lowed closely by Henry, Medart, and Hudgens. A Leading the class in football were lettermen Cone, Dale, and Martin, next year's captain. Those who lettered in soccer were Michael, Wise, and Wal- lace, Who was also elected next yearis captain. Fahs, Schoonmaker, and Grover strengthened the basketball team, While Michael and Cone were mainstays of the wrestling squad. Branscombe and Fischer were members of the tennis team, while a number of members of the form showed promise as possible candidates for the baseball team, among these Gelwicks, Dale, Thornton, Sage, Wagner, and Tone. Representing the form on the track squad were Bartlett, McHenry, McNally, Troxell, Bentley, and Hane- man. Playing again on the golf team record, the form came within one point of tying the Sixth Form in the Thanksgiving Day Sports. Preparing to take their places in student government next year were the members of the Fifth Form Committee, the leaders of which were Tone, Martin, Wood, VanBus- kirk, and Perry. This group Well demonstrated their ability to govern their class during the year. Many members of the form were active in extracurricular activities, such as the various school clubs and the News and the Dial. Branscombe and McClellan were elected to the Pipe Club Committee, Stevenson to the Yacht Club Committee, and Fifth Formers held positions in other such organizations. were Rodie and Gallo. To add to this MR. ROBERT H. MORGAN, Adviser I2I ' QQ. fi , vm, Q,-. L S , ' E .13 ,wi ,.LY,. A-V 5 X U in Wish H 75l':i3P ' f FNZJ' . v T V G . , x ,. k ily-j,?-1' -.X-5, -.5-.3 Fourth Form HE Fourth Form, under the capable supervision of its adviser, Mr. Wight, Twas one of the largest and best Fourth Forms of recent years. Making a good -start early in the fall term, the class exhibited excellent spirit and made a name for itself in both scholastic and extracurricular activities and prepared itself well for the responsibilities of later years at The Hill. Soon after the start of the Fall Term, elections for the form's officers were held, and Paton was voted President, Barth, Vice-President, and Bartlett, Secretary-Treasurer. In the Winter Term two new boys took office as Bouton was elected Presi- dent, LeBlond, Vice-President, and Lindsay, Secretary-Treasurer. Thomas headed the form scholastically, closely followed by Rinehart and Mutch, while the form was well represented in many extracurricular activi- ties, including the various school clubs and publications. The class was well represented in various Varsity and interform sports. Rumsey and Thompson were mem-- bers of the Varsity Football squad T and Rinehart and LeBlond of the Soccer squad. Harter, O,Connell, and Billings distinguished them- selves on the Far Fields Thirds. In the Winter Term Harter and Thompson strengthened the Basket- ball team, and Rumsey was a start- ing member of the Wrestling team. Pfleiger participated in Varsity Track and Hendrickson played on the Golf team. The form did well in the Thanksgiving Sports and later gave the Fifth and Sixth Forms stiff com- petition in interform basketball and baseball. As a whole, the form seemed destined to be successful in years to Come' MR. RUSSELL B. WIGHT, Adviser I23 E E E 5 3 3 5 5 3 5 3 3 3 5 i i Q 4 e i E 1 f 2 A 5 1 2 a S 3 Q , f E 2 2 s 5 if K E s Z i 5 3 Q , W Y Q L 1 is Q 2 3 51 3 5 J 2 Second and Third Forms THIS year the Second and Third Forms did not show any particularly outstanding ability in any form of school life, but they did show great promise of becoming excellent classes in their later years at The Hill by entering wholeheartedly in many activities in the school. Scholastically the forms were headed by the high averages of Third Formers Leach, Frohlich, Markle, Phelps and Hetrich, and Second Formers Richey and Morris. In the field of athletics the forms were headed by Ehret Page, who as a Third Former earned a major letter for his excellent performances as first- string fullback on the Varsity Soccer Team. Page also became a member of the wrestling team and competed constantly in the varsity meets. In basket- ball Second and Third Formers were prominent on the Iunior and Midget squads both of which had excellent records due to the exceptional mettle displayed by these underformers. The outstanding performances of Schock, Markle, and Baxter in Far Fields Football in the fall and in general Second and Third Form athletic cir- cles merit recognition. The overall spirit and determina- tion of these two forms was the most notable characteristic that was shown by all Second and Third Formers. This determination exemplifies ex- cellent school spirit, and it is obvious that the classes of ,4Q and ,5o will be outstanding forms in their later years at The Hill. A great deal of credit for the Fine leadership of these forms must go to Mr. Schaadt, Head of the Cottage. MR. SAIXIULL B. SCHAADT, Head of Collage I25 THE DIAL 1946 Bdfk TOWZ STARK, VAN BUSKIRK, DALE, VUI-IALEY. SL'!IlC'dZ AIARTIN, VVOOD, TONE, PERRY, EHRENCLOU. Fall Term TONE ..,...,. PERRY ......,. WHALEY .....,A. FIFTH FORM COMMITTEE President Vice-President Secretary EHRENCLOU .....,. ......,..... T 1'C3.Sl.1I'C1' . ,.,....... MARTIN ...4... WOOD ,....... .. ISK Committecman 2nd Committeernan .A.,. DALE .......A...4.... 4.... 3 rd Committceman ,...... VAN BUSKIRK STARK ...,...,...... A,A. 126 ,. 4th Committeeman ..4,... . Committeeman-at-large . ,. Winter Term VAN BUSKIRK WOOD PERRY FRAZIER TONE MCCLELLAND CONE MARTIN HENRY THE DIAL 1946 127 ATHLETIES 33:23, 'f'?fA , W M5231 H -Q-il QEH99 Primrose Purnell Randall Steen Austin Henderson G Mylecraine, fMgr.j Cowperthwaite Hinton Nicholson Gates H CCapt Mlchael Sehelpert Culver Harter Lethbridge Fahs ohnson Mgr Lowrie Grover Killinger QCapt Nicholas, H. Austin Gelvvicks Killinger Apgar CCapt D Horning Pflieger, T. Gouinlock Meads Speiden Cone Frazier Hinton Mgr Page Ferenbach CCapt Fulmer Michael Perry Branscombe Fischer Decker Gallo Carbisch N Randall, QCapt.j Troast Tuthni, v. Wideman, Williams Spivak Stibolt Wallace, B Weed Wise, V. Thompson Wideman, Tone Spivak Steen Rohrer, H. Rumsey Rodie 2f'6m4L THE DIAL 1946 I32 lftmtball THE football season was started enthusiastically this fall as the squad reported back to school a week and a half early. The team was looked to this year with high expectations. This year also brought a rearrangement of the coaching staff placing Mr. Telford as head of the group and Messrs. Shields and Schaadt as his assistants. The squad was headed by Captain Primrose who did ta superb job as a captain and as a center. The ends wer: played by Wideman, Randall, Pur- nell, Troast, and Martin, while at tackles were Killian, Tuthill, Crawford, and Cone. The guards were Morrison, Meixell, Costello, and Barth, Horning relieving Primrose at center at intervals. The light but fast backheld starred Culver at quarterback, Killinger and Akerman at left halfback, Lowrie at right halfback, and Dale at fullback. These men constituted a team which exhibited a fighting spirit as few teams do and have been greatly ad- mired for it. The squad began their seven game schedule on the twenty-ninth of Sep- tember with a triumphant victory over Wyoming Seminary 15-6. The game was highlighted by Culver's sensational interception of a tWyom- ing pass and galloping 60 yards for a touchdown. ln the second game, The Hill swamped Germantown Academy, 26-o. The scoring was begun by Wil- liams who intercepted a German- town pass less than a minute after the kickoff, running 40 yards for a touchdown, and was followed by three more touchdowns during the course of the game. The Blue and Grey then lost their first game to a superior Haverford team, 7-19. The contestants seemed to as be evenly matched with the spirit FRANK PRIMROSE, Captain 133 s.. THE DIAL 1946 running high. Haverford's scoring in the hrst period was followed by a determined Hill drive back to the opponents' three-yard line, where the attack was repulsed. Haverford scored again in the third period, but this time The Hill retaliated to score and make the extra point. The opponents again drove down on the Blue and Grey, scoring for the last time. In the following game The Hill bowed to Valley Forge in defeat of 7-44. The Valley Forge game featured hard vicious blocking and high tackling which The Hill could not combat. The Hill was constantly on the defensive against the powerful Valley Forge eleven and only once was able to score when Killinger passed to Wideman who drove through the opponents' secondaries. c The fifth game of the season, which was with Williamson Trade School, brought a grand Hill victory of 34-6. The first half ended 6-o for The Hill after Akerman made an end sweep for 35 yards and a touchdown. In the second half the score was made by a pass from Dale to Lowrie followed by Ackerman again. Then Williamson made their only score on a startling run of 45 yards through the entire Hill team. Then Hill retaliated by scoring twice more with Purnell on a double reverse and Rodie on an end run. The outstanding game of the season was The Hill-Peddie game played on Dell Field. Peddie was definitely the favored team, but was destined to suffer defeat. The first half was uneventful and ended scoreless. Early in the fourth quarter The Hill made a superb goal-line stand and cracked the visitors, offensive. The Hill then broke loose and began its long march for the opponents' goal. From his own 40, Killinger dodged his way to the Peddie 40. From there Dale completed a long pass 'to Lowrie who wormed his way to the 9-yard line. Then the Dale-Lowrie duet again cooperated to make the only touchdown of the game. The attempt for the extra point was successful, ending the game with a score of 7-o. The final game of the year was played at Lawrenceville and ended in a defeat for The Hill, 0-20. The Black and Red were extremely powerful and fast on their ground plays. The first score was made a few minutes after the opening kickoff, when Harper of Lawrenceville, who seemed to be trapped on a run on The Hill 35-yard line, reversed his field and scored. The game seemed then fairly evenly fought, with neither team threatening to score, until the third quarter when Lawrenceville scored again after a succession of drives. The opponents scored for the last time in the final period as their half-back broke through for 26 yards and a touchdown. The extra point was scored as The Hill lost to its traditional rival. 134 THE DIAL 1946 1945 FOOTBALL TEAM Buck row: IQILLIAN, c:ImxvI1oIID, 'I'U'I'HII.I., D. F., WIDEMAN, CONE, IIANDAIVI., TIIoAs'I'. Second row: INIARTXN, DALE, I-IIJIININQ, IvII3IxIiI.I,, MORRISON, STEEN, WILLIAMS, ACKERMAN. First row: CULVER, PURNELL, BARTH, PIIImIwsIe fCnptzI1'11Q, I:os'rI5I.I.o, I.owRIE, KILLINGER. MR. DAVID R. TIzI.FoRD, Coach RIIBERT I. ENTENNIAN, Manager 135 if THE DIAL 1946 1 136 Sutter BEGINNING the season with Captain Gates, Henderson, Austin, and Sher- rerd the only returning lettermen and Wallace and Hinton the only AHA Winners from last year, The Hill soccer team, aided by pre-season practice and the fine spirit of the entire squad, Went through a hard schedule with seven shutouts, of which six were victories and one a tie, and one defeat. Added to this nucleus were goalie Iohn Schelpert and linemen Weed, Spivak, and Michael, all up from last yearls HB" and "C" teams, Page, from the Iunior squad, and Firth, a newcomer to the game. Coached by Mr. Cowperthwaite with the assistance of Mr. Morgan, the team Worked diligently to develop in time to face a diflicult season, in which they shut out seven opponents, of vvhom only the Laurentians managed even to tie the powerful Hill aggregation. The Hill suffered its only defeat at the hands of a hard-hitting Girard College team. Schelpert, not really tested in many games, handled the ball capably vvhen necessary. Gates' experience as a fullback was apparent from his outstanding playing, and Page and Firth alternated at the other fullback position. Austin and Sherrerd played strong games at left and center half respectively, while Firth and Hinton alternated at right half. On the line Weed and Wallace played spectacularly at the outside positions, with Mali replacing Wal- lace when a leg injury forced him to retire from the team. On the inside Henderson and Spivak starred, While Michael played dependably at inside left. Additional substitutes who per- formed ably when called upon were HARRIS GATES, C,,pm,',, 137 THE DIAL 1946 Wise, Cowperthwaite, Fahs, and LeBlond on the line and Nicholson at half- back. In the opening game The Hill ran up a 3-o victory over Pennington with the "B" team playing a noticeable part of the game. The second game was played with Ursinus College and was a I-o victory for The Hill. The only score came in the second period, when Sherrerd sank a terrific kick from midfield. The third game, with Lower Merion, was hard-fought to the end. The Hill finally scored in the fourth quarter, as Spivak sank a hard shot. In the game with Abington High School, Wallace scored first from left wing in the first quarter. In the third quarter Wallace tallied for a second time. Later he scored again on a pass from Weed. In an exciting fourth quarter with only minutes to go, Spivak sank The Hill's fourth goal. The Hill gave Girard College a bitter fight in their only loss of the season, being forced to yield a goal on a direct free kick, two on corner kicks, and one on scrimmage. Girard's unorthodox four-man halfback line prevented The Hill line from making much progress, and the only score came when Weed converted a penalty kick, as The Hill suffered its only defeat of the season, 4-1. Three days later the team defeated Reading High School 1-o. The goal was scored in the third quarter by Henderson on a pass from Austin. The out- standing defensive playing of Hinton and the other halfbacks prevented serious scoring threats by Reading. Next the team conquered Peddie 4-o. After a slow and scoreless first half, Henderson scored on a pass from Wal- lace and Weed booted in the second goal. ln the last quarter Weed sank another converging from right wing and later Fahs scored on a pass from LeBlond, to end the game 4-o. In the Lawrenceville game The Hill outplayed their traditional rivals in the whole game, but seemed to lack the added punch in the goal area neces- sary to score. Early in the first quarter Mali missed the goal in an attempt to head the ball in, and toward the end of the quarter Weed missed an almost sure shot as he slipped in front of the goal. In the third quarter two more chances were missed when Weed's pass caught Mali off stride and later when Michael headed Cowperthwaite's corner kick just wide of the bar. The only serious threat by Lawrenceville came when the right halfback lifted a long free kick which the inside and outside left almost headed into the goal. Throughout the game The Hill controlled the ball well, and Austin, Sherrerd, and Firth were outstanding in intercepting Lawrenceville's passes and feeding the forward line. But because of a pre-arranged decision not to play overtime the game ended a 0-0 deadlock. 138 THE DIAL 1946 1945 SOCCER TEAM Buck row: HINTON, c:owPmu'11wA1T+:, SCHELPERT, s'1'x1-sour, N101-1o1.soN. Second row: Wu:-LD, FIRTH, SHER- luilm, AUSTIN, MALI. Ifirxf row: SPIVAK, HENDERSON, GATES CCupfa1'nj, lX'fIlTHAI'iI., VVALLACH. MR. ROBERT COWPERTHWAITE, Coach PHILIP MYLECRAINE, Manager 139 THE DIAL 1946 140 Basketball UNDER the coaching of Mr. David R. Telford for its third successive year, the 1946 basketball team had one of the most successful seasons in the history of the school. With eleven games won out of sixteen, the greatest number of scheduled games in the school's history, the team set a fine record, one of the best since 1941. Of thirteen games played on the Gillison Court, the team won ten, and out of three away games was victorious in one. Start- ing with only two returning lettermen, Coach Telford made the team up of Captain Bill Killinger and Tom Lowrie, forwards, Iack Wideman, center 5 and Dick Harter and lack Lethbridge, guards. These players were well sup- ported by Len Fahs, "Schoony" Schoonmaker, Tom Nicholas, Lloyd Grover, Ray Culver, and Dick Thompson, all of whom added greatly to the team's strength and were partly responsible for many of its victories. The team played two games be- fore Christmas, a new practice at The Hill. The first was played against Central High School from Philadelphia and was won by The Hill, 44-38. This victory was a signif- 1 icant one because of the strength of Central High, which won the city playoffs. This game was followed by a defeat at the hands of Overbrook, who, led by Feldshar, an all-city guard who spearheaded Overbrook's attack with fourteen points, won 45- 26. A poor shooting percentage, only about eight shots being made out of forty, helped account for The Hillis defeat. The team began the Winter Term 1 by defeating Girard College 54-41 and Bryn Athyn Academy 53-30. WILLIAM C. KILLINGER, Captain I4I THE DIAL 1946 At Annapolis the Navy Plebes handed the team a 47-42 defeat, despite the valiant efforts of Killinger and Harter, who scored twenty-one and thirteen points respectively. Behind by ten points at halftime, The Hill staged a rally in the last half but was unable to catch up to the powerful Plebes. Traveling to New Iersey the team lost to Lawrenceville in the first of a two-game series by a score of 40-24. Lawrencevillels tight man-to-man defense accounted partly for the defeat. Having a record of three wins and three losses, after- wards The Hill dropped only two games out of the next ten. After this The Hill took over Germantown Academy 48-18. Next came a 45-21 defeat of West Chester State Teachers' College, as Captain Killinger scored high with seventeen points and Harter starred with thirteen. Instead of the postponed Peddie game the team played Lehigh to a 41-36 victory. Perkiomen School was downed by The Hill 40-29, as Lethbridge led the scor- ing with ten points. The team downed Haverford School 39-30, Harter netting thirteen points to lead the scoring g and the whole team, led by Lowrie and Culver, broke up most of Haverford's desperate attempts to score. The Hillmen went down, 39-32, to an aggressive Lower Merion team. Numerous set shots by Wetherald and Davis were chiefly responsible for the defeat, despite Bill Killingerls brilliant score of twenty-three points. The team made a comeback, however, to defeat Peddie on their own court for the Hrst time by a score of 45-42. Killinger's high score of fourteen points and the excellent playing of substitutes Nicholas and Thompson were mainly responsible for the victory. Next the team vanquished the Valley Forge Cadets 42-28. The Hill took the lead in the first quarter and the Cadets, try as they might, were never able to overcome it. Next the team took on Lawrenceville for the second time, and despite the valiant efforts of every player, especially Captain Bill Killinger who twice snatched the ball from the hands of the Lawrenceville players and scored, went down fighting in a 23-28 defeat. The team fought bitterly throughout the game, but, under great nervous strain, was not quite able to overcome Lawrenceville's lead. The last game of the season, the postponed Peddie match, was a brilliant 64-45 victory for The Hill. In the second quarter The Hill offensive began to roll, as the team pulled away in a lead that Peddie could obviously not overcome, as The Hill exhibited good passing and defense throughout the game. And as Bill Killinger sank the last shot, his twenty- seventh point, he set an all-time scoring record of 201 points in 16 games and ended a fine season for a team that deserved every victory it won and made no alibis for its few close losses. I42 THE DIAL 1946 1946 BASKETBALL TEAM Back row: cU1.vr:1z, FAI-IS, NICHOLAS, caovux, 'rHoMPsoN. lfronl row: VVIDEBIAN, LIETHBRIDGE, KlLLlNGlzR fCaptuznj, LOWRIE, HARTER. MR. DAvm R. TELFORD, Coach IEREMY E. IOHNSON, Manager 143 THE DIAL 1946 144 Track WITH a large number of returning lettermen and the capable supervision of an enlarged coaching staff, this year's track team has, as the Dial goes to press, prospects of a very good season. From last year's squad are returned lettermen Captain Bill Apgar, Clem Speiden, Iohn Spivak, Ed Gouinlock, Dan Hastings, Dave Horning, Marsh Meads, Tom PHieger, and Kirk Steen, and AHA men Gil Drake and Harry Meixell. Mr. Colbath was head coach for his thirty-first straight year, assisted by Mr. Riley, vvho supervised the broad jumping and Iunior Track, and Mr. Iackson, coaching the Held events. Getting into condition early in the Winter Term, the team held its first meet with Peddie, defeating them 62-20. Marsh Meads, Iohn Spivak, and Bill Apgar placed in that order in the 60-yard dash. Iohn Schelpert took first place and Marsh Meads second in the 60-yard high hurdles, and Marsh Meads, Iohn Spivak, and Dave Horn- ing won the 80-yard low hurdles, placing in that order. Kirk Steen and Ed Gouinlock took first and second respectively in the quarter mile, While Harry Meixell and Bill Bouton tied for lirst in the 880. Clem Speiden took first and Iim Maxwell third in the mile, and later The Hill won the four-lap relay. Captain Apgar placed First in the high jump, with Dave Horning taking third. In the shot put Vic Tuthill took a second place. ln Madison Square Garden the team placed sixth, aided by the out- standing vvork of Captain Apgar, Who high-jumped 6 feet, I inch to set a new school record. The team pro- W1LL1AM APGAR, C,,P,,,,',, 145 THE DIAL 1946 ceeded to Win third in the relay, run by Iack Purnell, Steen, Spivak, and Meads. Meads also took a fifth place in the 60-yard dash, as did Apgar in the broad jump. In the first meet of the Spring Term, displaying exceptionally fast times at so early a stage in the season, The Hill swamped a Norristown aggrega- tion by a score of 702-462. First and second in the 120-yard high hurdles were taken by Meads and Schelpert. Next Meads took first place in the 100- yard dash. The mile was an easy victory for Iim Maxwell, Walker McKin- ney, and Clem Speiden, who took all three places. Steen to-ok a second in the 440-yard run, and Horning won the 220-yard low hurdles. Meads took first place in the 220-yard dash, followed by Speiden's victory on the 880- yard race. Gouinlock cleared IO feet, 6 inches to win the pole vault, fol- lowed by Pflieger, who tied a Norristown man for second place. The high jump honors were taken by Captain Apgar, with 5 feet, IIVZ inches, fol- lowed by Grant's second and Horning,s tie for third place. Spivak jumped 21 feet, 4 inches to take the broad jump, followed by Apgar and Horning. ln the field events, a third in the javelin was taken by Iack Wideman. Also Tom Nicholas took first in the discus with his 107-foot, 8-inch throw, while Dick Thompson placed third in the shot put. In this Hrst victory of the Spring Term, the team showed very good pos- sibilities. Present among the more experienced veterans of past teams are many promising newcomers, and under the competent coaching of Mr. Col- bath, Mr. Riley, and Mr. jackson the team should do very well in meets to come. There are fewer sprinters and relay men than might be desired, and consequently the team may 'be at a disadvantage in the Penn Relays, but it is quite likely that the fine spirit of the entire team and the steady develop- ment made by the members of the entire squad may soon offset this shortage. Remaining on the schedule are the meet with Admiral Farragut Acad- emy, the Penn Relays, the Peddie meet, the Tri-Angular meet, in which Episcopal High School, Wooclberry Forest School, and The Hill School will participate, and finally the Lawrenceville meet. The school has every reason to expect that the team will do well by itself in its remaining meets and wishes it the best of luck in all these future contests. 146 HE DIAL 1946 1946 TRACK SQUAD Front row: THOMPSON, BARTLETT, DRAKE, MEIXELL, Mc HENRY, CARTER, A., BARTH, A. Serena' row: SCHOONIKIAKER, HASTINGS, SPEIDEN, GOUINLOCK, HORNING, APCAR QCfzpt.j, MEADS, SPIVAK, STI-ZEN, PFLIEGER, T. Third row: SALINGER, HANEIHAN, NICHOLSOX, moxs, NICHOLAS, T., WIDEAIAN, I., Mc KINNEY, PURCELL, KOBRE, BOUTON. Back row: BENTLEY, NIAXWELL, 0'CONNELL, CONE, SCHELPERT, BARDING, TROXELI., PURNELL, RILEY. MR. HENRY I. COLBATH, Coach THOMAS ATKINSON, Manager 147 THE DIAL 1946 148 Baseball THE Varsity Baseball season opened this year with the presence of three returning lettermen, Bill Killinger, Lou Gelwicks, and Ierry Tone, form- ing the nucleus of the squad. Actual practice began at the beginning of the Winter Term when it became apparent that the batteries would be the weakest factor of the team since Lou Gelwicks would be the only pitcher back from last yearls squad. It was also evident that the Varsity this year would be one of the youngest in the history of the school. As the season approached its opening, the team lined itself up with Ierry Iohnson playing hrst base, Bill Saunders at second, Bill Killinger at short stop, and Art Troast at third, while Art Freimuth, Gordon Wagner, or Ioe VanBuskirk, and Ierry Tone were playing left, center, and right fields, respec- tively. A large battery squad consist- at ing almost entirely of underformers consisted of Lou Gelwicks, Dave Wil- liarns, Iock Thornton, Colin Rosse, Bob Lay, and Dick Kirk, and sup- porting them behind the plate was Dick Harter supplemented by Mac Crawford. However, after the first two scheduled games, a major change took place in which Killinger was called on to join the pitching staff but shifted to first base when not hurling. This move placed Bill Saun- ders at short stop and Lowrie at sec- ond. The Varsity Baseball Squad en- tered this year into one of its fullest schedules in recent years. It was scheduled to play fifteen oilicial games and three practice. The first game with the Pottstown Athletic Rm,,,,6,g L,,.,,e,m,,,, WILLIAM KILLINGER, 149 THE DIAL 1946 Club was not a complete game, but the score at the end of the fifth inning was in favor of The Hill, 3-1. The second game was with Spicers Manu- facturing Team in which Rosse pitched and Harter caught. The Hill scored their first run in the first inning when Tone squeezed home on a ground ball by Freimuth. In the second Spicers tallied with two runs 3 however, The Hill returned in the third with Ackerman scoring when the short stop fumbled the ball and Killinger scoring by a walk. In the fifth inning two more runs were scored by both teams making the score 5-4 for The Hill. In its third game, in which the team made a rather poor showing, The Hill faced Pottstown High School. During this game all The Hill's pitchers were tried to no avail as the score at the end of the seventh inning was 7-4 in Pottstown's favor. The Hrst oflicial game of the season was played with Ursinus on Wednes- day, April tenth. Gelwicks started on the mound but was relieved by Wil- liams in the fifth inning. Ursinus scored a run in the first inning on a passed ball, but The Hill retaliated when Wagner scored on Killinger's single. The match continued to be close until the last inning when Freimuth scored the winning run on a ball missed by the catcher, making the score 5-4 for The Hill. The following Saturday the Blue and Gray faced Williamson School whom they defeated 6-1. The Gelwicks-Williams combination managed to keep their hitting to only one run in the first inning. In the next six innings The Hill scored five runs to be climaxed 'by Art Troast,s home run hit over the center fielderls head. The third ollicial game with Central High School ended in a 1-o defeat of The Hill. The game was a pitchers' 'battle between Gelwicks and Hess. The game ended with nine strike-outs in seven innings for Gelwicks who permitted only three hits, while the opposing pitcher permitted only one. The last game so far played this season was with Perkiomen. Killinger took the mound for the first time to be a winning pitcher. The second in- ning produced a first run by Iohnson on an overthrow at first. The game re- mained close throughout, and the opponents threatened at many times to take the game. The exciting game was climaxed by Troast in his winning run made possible by a power drive to right center Held by Iohnson. The team still has eleven games left to play on its schedule, among which are The Hill's traditional rivals Peddie and Lawrenceville. It is expected that the team will keep up to the standard which it has thus far set and to complete a very successful season. 150 THE DIAL 1946 1946 BASEBALL SQUAD Front row: PRUMUTH, IOHNSON, J., TONE, KILLINOER CCapt.D, GLLWICKS, TROAST, SAUNDERS. Serond row: HARTER, SHERIWAN, THORNTON, CRAWFORD, M., VAN BUSKIRK, MORRISON. Buck row: WILLIAMS, D., WAGNER, GATES, H., Lownus. MR. WALTER H. LEIWLEY, Coach THEODORE LICHTENFELS, Manager ISI THE DIAL 1946 1946 TENNIS SQUAD Back row: AIR. BENDER QCoachj, BUECHNER, KIPP, DELANOY, PATON, 1.135140 CMgr.D. Front row: IILXRX BRANSCOIWBE QCQ-Czzpzainj, FISHER CCG-Capminj, LETHB1uDu1z. 152 Tennis Hrs spring the Hill School tennis team returns to the courts with the services of only two returning lettermen. The team is green and in- experienced, and at the beginning of the season the schedule appears to be a tough one for the team to meet. However, each member of the team is dis- playing determination to win and exhibiting sportsmanship that has been characteristic of previous Hill tennis teams. The squad, coached by Mr. Frank Bender, is composed of lettermen Fischer and Branscombe and newcomers Lethbridge, Henry, Paton, Buech- ner, Kipp, and Delanoy. At the beginning of the season, only Fischer and Branscombe have secured definite positions on the six-man team while the other members of the squad are jockeying for the remaining varsity posi- tions. Only the tw-o top men have had any previous varsity experience, but what the other members of the team lack in experience they are making up for with practice and determination. On April 13th the first six mem- bers of the squad journeyed to the U.S. Naval Academy to meet the Navy Plebes. Although outclassed and outplayed by the opponents, the Hill team fought hard throughout the afternoon, and on several occa- sions matches were lost by very small margins. The Hnal score totaled 8 to 1 in favor of the Navy. The sole Hill victory was gained by Lethbridge and Henry playing in the doubles competition. Other matches of the season are scheduled with a powerful Episcopal team as well as with teams from Ped- die, Valley Forge, Princeton, and Lawrenceville, and it is hoped that the determination of the Hill boys , . ROBERT BRANSCOMBE and Wlll prevail. CARL FISCHER, Co-Captain: 153 THE DIAL 1946 1946 WRESTLING TEAM Back row: NIILIIIAEL I-ULINIER, CONE, RUMSEY. Front row: PAGE, PERRY, FERhNBAcH QCaptai1zj, FRAIILR ROHRER, H. 154 Wrestling THIS has been the most successful season since wrestling was introduced at The Hill in 1943. The team has not been plagued by the mumps, as it was a year ago 3 the injuries have been few and minor 5 and the score card shows six victories against one defeat. The undefeated Valley Forge defeated our team 'by a score of I4 to 11. Our victories have been: George School I5 to I4 5 Lansdowne High School I4 to I2, Haverford School 36 to og Peddie 26 to 6 5 and Penn Charter 2I to 12. The last match of the year was with the traditional rival Lawrenceville. This year the victory was overwhelming, with a score of 23 to 3. Rumsey pinned his man, but the rest of the score was won on counts, with only one loss. The outcome of the match had been unpredictable, since Lawrenceville had nearly an equal record with The Hill. This year the squad has consisted of 35 boys. A surprisingly few are Sixth Formers, and there are many Second, Third, and Fourth Formers, a very healthy sign for next year. Three of our wrestlers are undefeated to date: Perry at 133 pounds, Michael at 138 pounds, and Cone at Heavy- weight. All are lettermen from last year, and all are Fifth Formers. Cap- tain Ferenbach has won five of his six matches, losing only to Captain Engle of the Lansdowne team, the district champion of the Philadelphia area. Underformers who have been particularly outstanding on the Var- sity Squad are ,Rumsey from the Fourth Form and Page representing the Third Form. Fulmer and Frazier also added much strength to the group. While not on the first team, Rohrer and Iackson both contributed 1 fine wrestling in support of The Hill. RICHARD FERENBACH, C,,p,,,,',, ' 155 THE DIAL 1946 1946 GOLF TEAM MR. KENDALL CC0lIL'hD, 111-Nnlucxsrw, RUDIIL, DECKER, RANDALL CCfzpt.j, GARISISCII N CKLLO DRAPPR CMM-7 156 Ulf p,,?+ jiri, teams: G G0 THE Varsity Golf squad of 1946 is looking forward to a very successful season with the return of five lettermen from last year's teamg Captain Risher Randall, Bill Rodie, Norbert Garbisch, Angelo Gallo, and Al Decker occupying positions one to Hve respectively. The remainder of the squad is at present composed of Hendrickson, Gamble, Dogget, and Mulvihill, two of whom will occupy the last positions on the squad. This year's material is excellent, and although hampered by an unusually difficult schedule, the team is in hopes of a victorious seas-on. With the aid of Coach Kendall, who returned from the Navy this year, and last year,s coach, Mr. Evans, the squad should show marked improve- ment, as it already has. Coach Kendall is also training a Iunior Varsity squad in preparation for next year. The annual unofficial match with the U.S. Naval Academy was held C on April 13th, and the squad barely missed victory by a final score of 5M to 32, an excellent record against the powerful Navy Plebes. In this match, Rodie, Garbisch, and Gallo defeated their opponents, displaying very ef- fective and skillful golf. The sched- ule for this year consists of four away matches, Reading High School, Princeton University I.V., Lawrence- ville, and Peddieg and three matches on the Hill links with Valley Forge M. A., Peddie School, and our an- cient rival, Lawrenceville. The cham- pion golfers of the school will be de- termined at the end of the year by an annual Championship Tournament, l and the competition should be very keen this year. Rrsuuu RANDALL, Captain asv! Wwffw MAMA - - K . N- THE DIAL 1946 158 The Far Fields THE primary purpose of far fields football is to build future varsity teams and to enable those students who are too light or too inexperienced to play on the varsity team to engage in competition with outside schools. Under the direction of Mr. Lemley the four far fields teams played thirty games, and the successfulness of the season lay in the spirit and sportsmanship that was developed. The Thirds, the heaviest and most experienced of the far fields teams coached by Mr. Lernley and Mr. Miller, completed their season with a record of four victories, one loss, and two ties. A practice game with Perkiomen opened the season with a 60 victory for the Thirds. Two scoreless ties with West Pottsgrove and Haverford followed with the Thirds taking the first away trip in the history of far fields football. Shillington was easily over- powered in the next game 28-O, but Pottstown furnished more formida- ble competition when the Thirds won I3-I2. A game with Norristown followed in which the Thirds re- ceived their only defeat I3-O. The final game of the season against Reading resulted in a 13-7 victory for the Thirds. At the same time the "B" team played Pottstown and re- ceived a 6-0 setback. Throughout the season the Thirds were sparked by the outstanding backfield play of Harter, Apgar, and Richardson and by the excellent line play of Lesko and Sage. The Fourths, coached by Mr. Wight and Mr. Harding, had the most enviable far fields record. Sparked by the playing of Stewart, they finished the season undefeated, winning fOUI' games and tying tWO. JEREMY E. IOHNSON, Award Winner T59 THE DIAL 1946 FAR FIELDS THIRDS Back row: MULVII-IILL, J., KIGGEN, LEONARD, FREEMAN, L., sIIANLEY, ROE, IFULINIIZR, DRISKOLL, T., BOSTDER, STARK, Mc CLELLAND, IIARTER, ToIxIPKINs. Thin! row SINIITH, T. c., GRANT, GEORGE, w., BILLINGS, WELLS, LINDSAY, DRUCKENRIILLER, WOOD, WAGNER, Mc RALLY, BARTLETT, BABCOCK, MENDELSON. Second row: MR. LEINILI-LY Ccoachj, CLARK, M., wI-IALEY, EUCIIANAR ROGERS, INIOORE, SAGE, CARTER, RI., DRISCOLL, R., RICHARDSON, J., VAN BUSKIRK, o'coNNELL, CROUCII RIR XNIILLER Ccozzchj. First row: ABBOTT IIOGAN, JOHNSON, LESKO, IIERENRACI-I, GOUINLOCK, PARKE, CARI LR A REEvEs, BADING. Boyertown started the season and met defeat 12-6. Pottstown managed to hold the Fourths to a scoreless tie, but Reading and Haverford were easily subdued, the scores being 13-6 and I4-I3 respectively. Pottstown returned and again held the Fourths to a tie, 6-6. Boyertown concluded the season by being defeated 12-6. Throughout the season the line play of McHenry and Bingham and the backfield play of Markle and Roome were determining factors in the Fourths' undefeated record. The Fifths, under the capable tutelage of Messrs. Iousson and Howland, finished their season with the same record as the Thirds. Although con- stantly riddled by injuries and sickness throughout the season, the Fifths played well and showed their high spirits in the face of all odds. Boyertown, Pottstown, and Stewart Iunior Highs were the first to fall beneath the Fifths' power by the scores of 7-o, I3-O, and 25-o respectively. Pottstown returned to a 6-6 tie but Wilson was defeated I3-6. A strong Reading team held the Fifths to a scoreless tie and Boyertown I.V. znds handed the Fifths their 160 THE DIAL 1946 F AR FIELDS FOURTHS Back row: LUSK, NOLAND, EARLY, TRUBE, PATON, HILLEGASS, R0oME, VAN DEE, DANN, SHERRERD, J., Mc CANN, Mc HENRY, LAY, GARDINER. Second raw: PRIZER, RUCH, CHIDESTER, LAIRD, HARRISON, IVIARKLE, PELIEGER, I., Mc GEE, BINGHAM, MIDDLETON, PALMER, D., BIENENSTOCK, CHACE, PLATT. Firsf row: MR. WIGHT Qcoachj, DERBY, HAZEN, ELICKER, J., SHELDON, BoU'roN, WHITELEY, G., ROHRER, H., STEWART, ROBBINS, LAYTON, SMITH, R., ELICKER, c., cLEvv1s, MR. HARDING Ccorzchl. first defeat in three years 7-0. Rittenhouse was beaten in the last game 7-0. Although the Fifths, starting backfield could never play together 'because of injuries, Allen, Edson, and Foster sparked the team to its successful season. The Sixths, coached by Mr. Davis and Mr. Richard, completed their season with a record of four wins, two losses, and one tie. Paced by Mashbir, Shock, Gunn, Weimann and Salinger, the Sixths successfully defeated Potts- town, Stewart, and Pottstown again by scores of 26-o, 7-6, and I4-o respec- tively after being defeated in the season's First game by a strong Shillington team 27-O. Haverford tagged the Sixths with their second defeat 7-6, Ritten- house fell before the Sixths in the next contest I4-7, and the final game of the season against Chestnut Hill Academy resulted in a 7-7 deadlock. During the past few years soccer has become increasingly popular at The Hill, and this year a large group of boys took part in the far fields soccer program. With the purpose of developing future varsity teams, ten outside games were scheduled for the underform soccer teams. 161 HE DIAL 1946 FAR FIELDS FIFTHS Back row: HEAVEY, BUNCE, HERAIAN, LEVVIS, BIERTENS, CRAIK, BOLLINGER, BAXTER, R., HUXAES, s., PHELPS, POTTER, CLARK, 1. Middle row: AIR. joussow Qcoarhb, WALKER, EARTH, R., COVVGILL, SPERRY, ORGILL, ALLEN, lf., HUNTER, HUDGENS, IZDSON, 1mx'1'ER, A., MR. HOWLAND Ccaczchb. Front row: VVELLING, GEU, 1flRliY, RICHEY, SALINGER, VVIDEMAN, R., HEENAN, LIE!-LSKE, rox, BIARTIN, B., HOGUE. FAR FIELDS SIXTHS Back row: MR. DAVIS Ccouvhj, WIGTON, sToNE, DAVIDSON, HARRIS, BROWN, W. T., GROSSINIAN, REID, P., CRILI- MONS, MR. RICHARDS Qrouvhj. Middle row: PAULSEN, RIASHBIR, TREINIAN, HUTQI-11NsoN, L1ULVlHlLL, H., SCHOCK, COX, GOODWINE. FVOYIZ TOWZ LEACH, CUNNINGHANI, B., BOLTON, CUNNINGHAM, I., WEIIWANN, GUNN, PROliSCH0l.D'l', VVELCH, J., VANDLRSLICE. 162 THE DIAL 1946 IUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Top row: 1'Roxh1.1., Homms, wise, D., GIBIBLE, P., Pulncxa, sr-.1.1.ARs, 1fUuTH, RIEFSTAHL, MR. IACKMAN fcoaclzj. Second row: GARRlp'l"I', FRIEDBIAN, XVADE, LIERRIIYIIQLD, P., HANNAH, FREEB11, BARTON, 1. H., DEMPSEY, svv1e'1"1', Ifrani row: Ko+1H1.1eR, TYSON, Mc vm, u.-wow, VAN CLI-1YE, BUECHNER, HENDERSON, B., 1sR1s'ruL, DAVIS, J, IUNIOR SOCCER TOP TOM!! LOCHRIDGIQ, G,-X'I'l2S, C., AIUTCH, IONES, B., BURR, LOFQUIST, IIETRICK, KNOBLOCH, CUSHINIAN. SECOTZIZY I'0lUZ CIIAPLIN, BRli'I'HI-LRTON, TAPLOXV, BARXET, TIJTIIILL, IL, BASON, SPRINT, YOUNG, CARROLL, D. F1'071f l'0ll'Z I'IIiTRI, DODGE, BIANN7 DXVYER, RIITCHFLL, VVILSON, T., BII.I.lNGSI.FA, BECK, CR,-XYVPORD, H. 163 Winter Term Sports THE winter term sports were once again under the direction of Mr. Riley, who returned to The Hill from the Armed Forces this term. The Inter- Form Basketball League was again continued to provide an opportunity for those boys in the Sixth, Fifth, and Fourth Forms who could not play on the Varsity Basketball squads, to play. These teams played games three days a week and practiced the fourth, giving each of them a I4 game schedule for the season. ' The Sixth Form team, coached by Mr. Harding, captured first honors in the series this year by winning IO and losing 4 games. The team starred Decker and Troast as forwards, Lutz at center, and Beattie and Lesko at guard. Others who played regularly were Freeble, Cross, Barker, Stewart, Lichtenfels, Ioy, Reynolds, and Cowperthwaite. The Sixths started off the season in promising fashion by de- feating both the Fifth and Fourth Forms in the first two games, 39-27 and 31-23 respectively. In two fol- lowing games the Sixths were de- feated by 2o-21 and 27-31, but then fought on to victory in the next three contests. Two more defeats and four straight victories placed them in a one-game lead over the Fifth Form whom the Sixths had to play for the Final game of the season. If the Fifth Form won, the teams would be tied for the league championship. The game was, without a doubt, one of the most hotly contested in the series. At the end of the Hrst quarter the Sixth Form led by 11-9, and then at the half 18-1 1. In the second half the Sixth Form broke loose to win by a 164 MR. CHRISTOPHER Kooiar., Gym Director THE DIAL 1946 CHAMPION SIXTH FORM BASKETBALL TEAM Bark row: s'ruwAR'r, PREEBLE, cowPER'rHwA11'1a, IOY, SMITH QMgr.j. Franz row: LESKO, BEATT TROAST, DECKER. score of 37-22, nevertheless, the Fifths were Fighting every minute of the game and did not accept defeat until the final horn blew. The Fifth Formers, who took second place in the league, were paced by Rodie, Getz, Davies, Gallo, and Richardson, and supplemented by Halsey, Iones, Troxell, Ruch, Lay, Rodney, Wise, Gray, and Heavey. They finished the season with a record of 7 wins and 7 defeats. The team, coached by Mr. Schaadt, was well drilled and depended greatly on certain set plays for their offensive. 'Q The Fourth Form team was at the greatest disadvantage of all three because of their age and size, however, they played excellent ball. The fact that they lost IO out of I4 games did not hinder their tremendous enthusiasm to play. The team consisted of a number of boys, Brown, Grant, Bingham, Platt, Nicholas, Gamble, and Abbott, who were almost equally skilled. Others were Merrifield, Moseley, Buechner, Worth, Lusk, Goodwine, McClay, Foster, and Harrison. The Iuniors, in their second year of existence, entered into an eight game 165 THE DIAL 1946 GYM LEADERS Back row: MAL1, BEEGLE, FREIMUTH, oARB1sc1-x, N., HILLEGASS. Second row: WHELEN, MILLER, s'rxBoLT. Franz row: cmso M LESK wean c MERRIFIELD, P. schedule under the coaching of Mr. Shields for the 1946 season. The team, which consisted of Whiteley, Ackerman, Henderson, McAfee, Melly, Ockene, O'Connell, Barth, and Foster, started the season off with a defeat by the Shillington High School Iuniors, followed by a second defeat by Pottstown Iunior High School. The squad scored their first victory against Pottstown. The Iuniors split a two game series with Boyertown High School Iuniors. They were an enthusiastic group of players who fought hard to overcome the handicap of losing their first four players in the middle of the season. The Midgets, coached by Mr. Telford, succeeded again this year in finish- ing with a championship season. Much credit should be given to its players, Smith, Schock, Markle, Whiteley, Morris, Edson, Stone, Heenan, Hunter, Richey, Mashbir, and Whitcombe for their outstanding record. I 166 THE DIAL 1946 IUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM B k 'OW' MELLY NDERSON, B., SAUNDERS. Front TOWZ O'CONNELL, OCKE 'Ali WI-IITEL 116 7 lg row' IZDSON, HUNQQR, STONE, MASHBIR, HEENAN. Front row: SCHOCK, SMITH MARKLE WHITEL , RICHEY. ' Bac MIDGET BASKETBALL TEAM 167 THE DIAL 1946 CHEER LEADERS E, BET-.GLli, ROGERS, ROIIRER, H., 168 .ff f THE DIAL 1946 KILLINGER, FHRFNBACH, R., RANDALL, GATES, H., APGAR, PRIMROSE. A.A. COMMITTEE THIS year the Athletic Association was made up of Harris Gates, captain of the soccer team g Frank Primrose, captain of the football team 5 Bill Killinger, captain of the basketball team, and Bill Apgar, captain of the track team, who represented the major sports 3 While Dick Ferenbach, captain of the wrestling team, and Risher Randall, captain of the golf team, repre- sented the minor sports. At the beginning of the Fall term Harris Gates Was elected Chairman. Mr. Lemley acted in the capacity of faculty adviser until the beginning of the Winter term when he relinquished the position to Mr. Riley who had been on leave of absence in the Navy. The major duties of the Committee were to award letters to the members of the varsity teams and numerals to the Far Fields and form teams. This year the Committee introduced wrestling as a major sport at The Hill. 169 PUBLICATIONS 15- 9 1 S-9 ' 19 5' ' g A E Ju-s', X Z, ig K ! G! X X CG kd, QQ THE DIAL 1946 172 The Dial THIS year's Dial, the chronicle of the lives of the class of 1946 at The Hill, has been published this year as one of the most successful and complete yearbooks ever issued. Under the direction of this year's Editor-in- Chief, Doug Delanoy, the Dial has been improved greatly over former issues. This issue of the Dial features a new cover in addition to finer and thicker paper. Also the captions will be in a new style of print this year. The increased number of Candid Camera shots in this issue of the Dial is another outstanding improvement. The burden of the work and the success of the 1946 issue lies in the work of the Editor-in-Chief. His job was to assign the articles and other work to the members of the Board, to lay out and stylize the pattern of the yearbook, and to combine the Literary and Business Boards into a smoothly running organization. Bill Apgar, the Board,s Managing Editor, however, helped Doug greatly not only by writing numerous arti- cles but also by assuming many of the responsibilities. Besides assigning many articles, he participated in mak- ing many of the important decisions. Under Bill on the Literary Board were Ted Lichtenfels, who helped to make many of the important deci- sions and assist the Editor-in-Chief, Bob Cowperthwaite and Iohn Schel- pert, who wrote many important ar- ticles on varsity sports and helped with the Dial Log. Dick Lesko, the Business Manager, faithfully fulfilled his important job of financing the yearbook in spite of increased post-war printing costs, however, Mike Carter helped him greatly to meet the increased cost of printing by obtaining many new ad- Doucras DELANOY, JR., Edirol--in-Chief 173 THE DIAL 1946 A N hm DIAL BOARD Back row: vviucsnr, R., H151 L ' NFELS, cowr1'ER1'HwA1TE, noch ARTER. Seated: Lizsx A AR DELANOY, IOHNSON, 1. vertisements, by sponsoring the large Booster Campaign, and helping to enlarge the circulation of the 1946 Dial because of the unrestricted printing this year. Next on the Board were the Photographic Editors. They were Ierry Iohn- son who was responsible for the arrangement of the group and form pictures, and lack Hinton who held the job of distributing group pictures to the members of the school. Filling in the Dial Board were Lane Rodgers who, in the position of Art Editor, drew all of the cartoons in this issue of the yearbook, and Ray Wright Who was responsible for the candid camera photos. The 1946 Dial Board wishes to express their gratitude to Mr. Lemley, the Dial? Faculty Adviser, for his Willing guidance in making this year's Dial one of the most successful in many years. 174 The EWS UNDER the leadership of Chairman Robert Carroll and Managing Editor Edward Gouinlock, the News Board published, during the past year, a very successful paper. News, covering all school activities, major and minor, was unusually exact and of interesting portent. The editorials were length- ened, and a new bi-weekly feature was added, the Press Club survey. This survey dealt with the school opinion on topics of contemporary interest. Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the N ew: was its handling of The Hill's organizations. As almost every boy in school belongs to one club or another, this information is closely followed by the school. A new column this year, "Music News," attracted many readers. This column capably handled all the information concerning the weekly music program of the Choir and Orchestra, and in addition informed members of these organizations about rehearsals. In spite of a difficult financial sit- uation caused by an unusual lack of advertising prospects, Business Man- ager Michael Carter, Advertising Manager Iohn Hinton, and Circula- tion Manager Ted Lichtenfels suc- ceeded in securing suflicient finances to print eighteen regular issues and three alumni issues. They were able to finish the year with the usual eight page issue differing from other years in the fact that two pages were de- voted to the Sixth Form Question- naire instead of one. Humor for the News was proved by Iudge White's "Prep Schoolsl' col- umn, with jokes taken from other school papers and Lane Rogerls car- toons on life at The Hill. A new ROBERT W, CARROLL, C1mi,.m,,,, 175 THE DIAL 1946 Bllfk 1'0W1 VVRIGHT, R SHERMAN HIIVIONI, MORNING, LXCHTENFELS, SHEPPARD, ASQUITH. Sl't'071d 1'0WZ LESKO, VVHITE, JOHNSON, I-I-R1-NBACH R011-R5 NH, KIYNEY. Sfdffdl ENTENLIAN COUINLOCK, CARROLL, R., xvALLAcE, J., CARTER. column, 'gThe Roving Reporter," took the place of last year's "Campus Comment." In addition, K'Here and Therew was introduced to the school. This column devoted itself to humorous stories and anecdotes by well-known authors. Make-Up and Copy Editor Iames Wallace should be congratulated on his fine job in keeping the News free from faults. One of the new jobs which the News took on was that of publishing the Press Club Survey. This survey dealt with the problems of national and scholastic interest, such as "Who was the better president, Roosevelt or Truman Pl' As ever, the most popular division of the N ewf, Sports Editor Robert En- tenman's section contained its usual high standard of exact coverage of all sports events in which the school participated. This included inter-form as Well as Varsity sports and was heavily followed. Ever popular were the old "Bandom at Randomn and "Candid Camera" sections. The former, written by Les Freeman, contained information about popular music, the latter presented weekly The Hill lives of two Seniors. 176 1, COMMEMOR THE DIAL 1946 1396 ATING THE FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE DIAL 177 ENTERTAINMENT TF? O45 I .Lava 'W K f' 1. gift- Q5-aff-.NJ T N I 'T"".x X ,S ,, THE DIAL 1946 FALL TERM DANCE COMMITTEE Back row: HEN FULIVIER, ILNTENMAN, VAN BUSKIRK. Scared: noone, IACOB QCfn J SPRING TERM DANCE COMMITTEE Bark row: FULBIER, RANDALL. Scufrfl: DHLANOY, I'l7RCliI,I. CCXILIITIIZIIIIJ, I 180 Dante BY the middle of November even the staunchest women-haters Were in high spirits over the approaching gaieties. Books were laid aside and tuxedoes were put in first-class condition. When Friday, November 16, rolled around, everyone was prepared for the best. The success of the dance was made possible by the efforts of the Dance Committee under the guidance of Mrs. Wendell. The Chairman of the Committee was Tom Iacob with the following as committeemen: Bob Entenman, Arthur Fulmer, lack Leth- bridge, Bill Henry, Bill Rodie and Ioe Van Buskirk. Friday nightis dancing was done in the dining room to the music of Elliot Lavvrence's Orchestra. There were refreshments, and the Sixth Form living room was open for those Wishing to lounge and smoke. On Saturday night there was dancing in the Common Room. The Whole weekend was proclaimed a success by guests and students alike. Coming on the weekend of April 26th, the Spring Term Dance gave -- fair Warning to the graduating class that time at the Hill was fleeting. In that respect this dance meant more to the '46 class as a whole than any other event of the year. The proceed- ings of the dance Weekend were simi- lar to those of the Fall, the difference being in musical talent. On Friday night George Paxton's Orchestra played, and on Saturday night there was dancing to the harmony of Iim- my Ray and his Orchestra. Deep ap- preciation is extended to Mrs. Wen- dell and all the Dance Committee, Chairman Dick Purcell, Douglas Del- anoy, Arthur Fulmer, Risher Randall, and Iack Wideman. The Sixth Form is also grateful to both faculty and students for their cooperation. RICHARD PURCELL, Ch,,,',-mm, 181 THE DIAL 1946 182 Sixth Form Show THIS Thanksgiving We of The Hill Were fortunate enough to have not one but two turkeys given to us-in the dining room and in Memorial Hall. For that evening We viewed a guild of local Thespians in the Sixth Form Show directed by Mr. Harold Conley. At eight o'clock in Memorial Hall the lights dimmed, the curtain rose, and a hush came over the audience who had come to see the awaited tradi- tional Sixth Form Show. Then the Class of '46 presented 'LThe Atomic Cock- tailf' a series of vaudeville-type presentations. First on the Dramatis Personae were "Spicy,' Speiden and his symphonic aggregation who were soon displaced by the "Hill Ambassadors of Rhythmv featuring "Boogie Woogiev Hannah, "Hot Lipsl' Wintz, "Drummer Boy,' Smith and "Ape" Purcell. This jivey quartet played in night club surround- ings with "Sherm Billingsley" Gou- inlock as M.C. Smuggled in from Brazil with a cargo of nuts were the Veranda Sisters, "Carmen" Gimbel, "Porch,' Lockridge, and "Stoop" Gowan. Then Marty Shulman gave a series of impersonations of three Hill masters, "How I Love My Hot lava" Morgan, "That Reminds Me of the Time in Dublin" Stearns, and "Box the Data" Cowperthwaite. Iudge White then did an excellent imitation of '4There's Good News Tonight" Heatter. "All This and Harlem Toon was murmured in the audience as "Blot- ter" Munford and "Ink-Spot" Ful- mer gave out with the vegetable that grows "as high as an elephant's eyef, The quartet of tonsorial consul- tants, Horning, Merrifield, Enten- MR- HAROLD G- CONLEY, Di"fff01' 183 THE DIAL 1946 I CAST OF SIXTH FORM SHOW man, and Delanoy then sang a parody of "Home on the Rangel' depicting life in the flats. The "EXpulsion Duetf' Herr Four T. Five DiMerritto and Fraulein Skipp Marktimo did a routine of which the Hartmans Qof stage and screenj might be proud. "Trick Dacyf' a play in several acts, was then presented. This presentation was written, produced, and staged by Lane Rogers, he also had the starring role. Shanley, Early, Draper, and Smith acted very well in their castings as corpses. The grand finale of the show was the "Ballet Dellfieldv or "Pipe Club Opium Iagf' This ballet was performed by the very agile nymphs "Tenny,' Austin, 4'Bouncing-Balll' Carter, "Pontoon" Costello, "Mac" Crawford, "Mighty Mouse" Ferenbach, "Letters" Hinton, "lock" Morrison, "Long Iohn" Schelpert, and "Sleep" Sherrerd. "Tiny" Wideman, "prima ballerina," portrayed the nimble fawn. The evening activity was brought to a close as Breo Freeman led the school in a cheer for the Sixth Form and also a cheer for Mr. Conley without whose assistance the show would not have been a success. The show was an excellent one and an enjoyable evening was had by all. 184 THE DIAL 1946 Back row: WHITE, ASQUITH, Rooms, sHULMAN, M. Scared: INIERRIFIELD, XVINTZ, HINTON, cos'rraLLo. Uramal THIS year has been a very successful one for The Hill School Dramat Club. Under the direction of Mr. Conley, the club is resuming its prewar policy of producing Broadway plays. Though there was no production during the Fall Term due to the fact that Mr. Conley was devoting his time to the direc- tion of the Sixth Form Show, the club presented George M. Cohan's play '4The Tavernl' at the Spring Term Dance. The cast included Iudge White, Denson Adams, Martin Shulman, Iohn Schelpert, Lane Rogers, Rudolf Riefstahl, and others. The play was a melodrama which played on Broadway for several seasons. The oHicers of the Dramat Club include Iack Hinton, President, Peter Mer- rifield, Secretary-Treasurer, and Don Wintz, Stage Manager. The club con- sists of boys who have appeared in previous shows. This last fall three members were admitted to the club for their outstanding work in connection with the Sixth Form Show. -185 THE DIAL 1946 Btlfk TOWZ HASTINGS, D. B., DRUCKENMILLER, TYSON, XXII-'R'I'IiNS IXTACLAY, NIC AFEE, ROBERTSON, CLINGER, WRIGHT, R. 566071117 TOM!! DAYII-ES, BASSETT, LASHAR, lXifiGI"l-., CROUCH, CALLS, KING, ROSSIQ, PRIZER HUBBARD, HENDERSON, B., MLRRllfIl',LD E FIREY. SCLIIEIXZ IIILNDRICK, SHEPPARD, GOWIX LOL HRID'h GILIBEL, I., SVV1:TT, MR. CKSSI-IHI-RRX XIAXVKI-II., RIElfS'l'AIiI., Ml-ADS, TROTTLR, DANN OXSIIR lilee lfluh THE Glee Club was under the direction of a new master this year, Mr. Henry Castleberry, and displayed some very talented musical entertainment. ln the Winter Term the Club presented a concert, together with the Symphony Orchestra, in which they sang four selections, "Ole Man River," "Dedica- tion," "Ol My Lawd," and "To Thee Oh Hillf, The Clubas schedule is well Hlled for the remainder of the year, with another concert in the Spring Term, and two concerts at other schools, Baldwin and Kent Place. One selection which the Club has been working on is the '4Pilgrim's Songf which will probably be presented in the Spring Term Concert. The officers of the Winter Term were Iames Maxwell, President, Iohn Swett, Vice-President, and Bill Moseley, Secretary-Treasurer. The Glee Club is comprised of many underformers this year, and much talent has been dis- played by the entire organization. 186 THE DIAL 1946 Violins: STEWART, LE BLOND, WELCH, sHEPPARD. Suxophonerz ROHRER, H., HoY, TROXELL. Piano: IIAULK- NER. Drums: TREIXIAN, wlczxwmia, RICHARDSON, R. Clarinetr: sANDs, KLOSTERMYER. Flute: Mc VLY. Tuba: RICHARDSON, 1. Tromlwnrz MAXWELL. Trumpets: wmrz, KEMPNER, FORGIE. S mphtln lflrthestra THE Hill School Concert Orchestra was directed as usual this year by Mr. Hans Nix, who has played under such famous conductors as Bruno Walter and Richard Strauss. Under Mr. Nix's guidance, the Orchestra achieved a high level of musical excellence. Although handicapped by a few vacancies, the organization has played better this year, in the opinion of many, than ever before. During the season many works of high musical interest were prepared. Among these were the "Dance of the Hours" from Ponchielli's opera "La Giocondaf' Iohann Strauss's popular "Emperor Waltz,', and an arrangement of the best-known themes from Tschaikowsky's Piano Concerto in B flat minor. Roy D. Welch, concertmaster of the orchestra, and Iames T. Faulkner, holder of the D. Hendrick Ezerman Fellowship of the Philadel- phia Conservatory of Music, appeared several times as soloists with the group. The Orchestra appeared before the student body several times, and in March made a trip to the Baldwin School at Bryn Mawr, where they gave a concert with the Hill Choristers. 187 UHGANIZATIUNS THE DIAL 1946 190 Press Eluh THE Press Club this year again took its place among the major extracur- ricular activities at The Hill. Functioning without an adult advisor for the second year, it has fulfilled its duties faithfully as the publicity depart- ment of the school. The Press Club officers were elected in the Winter term of their Fifth Form year but did not assume their duties until the following term. Thomas Iacob was elected as Chairman, Dick Lesko occupied the responsible position of Vice-Chairman while Ward Asquith was chosen Secretary. Bob Enten- man, named Editor, completed the list of officers. Upon the shoulders of these boys rested the entire responsibility of the organization. To assist them, however, in supervising and carrying out the duties of the club were the Senior Board, consisting of Bob Baird, Ed Early, lim Wallace, Carl Atwater, Allan Gowen and Bernard Dempsey. The club was divided into several departments each specializing in one of the chief functions which the or- ganization undertook. The Personal Department dealt specifically with reporting achievements of the indi- vidual student to his home-town newspaper. The Sports Department handled the publicity for the Varsity athletics in the Philadelphia, New York, and Pottstown newspapers, while all social and special events were referred to the Feature Depart- ment. In the past few years the club has been making a tremendous effort to increase the publicity of The Hill School athletic meets in the New York and Philadelphia papers par- ticularly. This effort has brought most desirable results for which the club is to be heartily congratulated. C0,,,,,,,-,.mm' THoMAs IAcoB and RICHARD Lnsxo, IQI THE DIAL 1946 Added to these tasks this year has been a new enterprise, the Press Club Survey, which is a poll of the students on topics of current interests, the results of which are published in The Hi!! School News. This year the Press Club again was a great help in making the Victory Bond Drive, held in the school during the Fall Term, a momentous success. The club also did a superb job in conducting the annual Time Magazine current events test for which prizes consisting of books were awarded to the Winners in each Form. These tests were introduced to the school by the Press Club several years ago and have been conducted by this group ever since. The Board, this year, has decided to continue the policy introduced by the officers of last year to dedicate to the library at the end of each term several books on journalism. The Press Club is an organization whose Work is perhaps not very con- spicuous to the members of the school, but that continues its service to The Hill quietly and efficiently. PRESS CLUB Bllfk TOM!! BAIRD LARLY XVALLACE, I., GOXVEN, DENIPSEY, ATVVATER. Sfflffdl ASQUITH, LESKO, IACOB, ENTENMAN. IQ2 Pipe Club ow that you have paid your last visit to the dear old Pipe Club, stop and .N give it a few moments' thought. It never was much to look at, a "desta- bilizedv barn at its best. It never did receive much fame or glory around school, just an accessory. You never thought much about it back in ,46. You were just one of the many who took time out for a little relaxation there with a cigarette or a game of bridge. The mental thrill and physical agony Wore off a few days after "Bloody Mondayf and you settled back in a big easy chair and took it all for granted. You can't settle back in that same easy chair now, and you'll find it hard to take those times for granted. Remember, Al Decker was president of the old P.C., and jack Lethbridge was Secretary-Treasurer. They had a worthy bunch of Committeemen behind them too. There was Tom Smith, Arthur Fulmer, and Don Wintz for the Sixth Form and those sentimental j gentlemen of the Fifth Form, Alec McClelland and Bob Branscombe. This committee guided the club through one of its most successful terms. There were enough brooms burned on "Bloody Monday" alone to supply work job number 122 for a whole month. It is a small wonder then that the I.P.C. just dissolved- too much competition, of course. Few who suffered at the hands of g'Tenny" Austin, "Big Billi' Sherrerd, or 'KSwinging Stew" Firth will forget that sanguinary ritual. Marty com- plained of a stomach-ache for a whole week afterwards. You can . hardly forget how the cries for first, second, and third filled the clubhouse s F whenever a candidate for member- ALLISON DECKER, P,-e,,',1e,,, 193 THE DIAL 1946 ship entered the gate, and some optimistic fellow would always come out with a yell for thirteenth Hinch. Well, now that time has healed all wounds inflicted on that day, ask yourself if it wasnlt worth it. Another event you will think back on was the Fall Term Dance. The club house really took on a new look, one could scarcely recognize the interior with school blankets and banners dominating the scene. Blue match folders engraved with the club name were on hand to dazzle the eyes of the fairer sex. All -attending the dance with dates were invited to make use of the club, and at times there was standing room only inside. For members of the accelerated group that Fall Term marked the end, but the majority were on hand for the new year. The Winter Term saw a new committee take oHice. Decker retained his post, and Iohn Mumford replaced Lethbridge who was unable to continue because of basketball. New committeemen for the term were lock Morrison, Frank Primrose, and Vic Tuthill. Gobey Wagner olficiated for the Fifth Form. PIPE CLUB COMMITTEE Burk row: Mc CLELL ., BRANscoMBE. Sealed: LHHBRIDGE, w1N'r'z, SMXTH T. ' MER DE 194 THE DIAL 1946 Back row: izxrnxsmy, wwmmx. Second row: oouixcocx, nm..xxox', jonxsox, J., Averill, s'r1BoL'r. .Seuzczlz svimx, DRA1-mn, wnrcir, it., HiN'roN. English Club THE 1946 English Club commenced one of the most successful years in its thirty-one years of existence With a speech on Macaulayls Writings by Mr. Chancellor. At subsequent meetings the other talks given were "Marco Polol' by Bruce Draper, "Eugene Field" by Richard Stibolt, "Dr. Samuel Iohnsona' by Mr. Thomas, "H, L. Mencken" by Iohn Spivak, "Walt Whitman" by Edward Gouinlock, nVoltaire,' by Roy Welch, "Wilkie Collinsn by Doug Delanoy, and "Humor and Humoristsl' by Ierry Iohnson. This year's English Club was originally composed of Bill Apgar, Bruce Draper, lack Wideman, Iohn Spivak, Richard Stibolt, Roy Welch, and Doug Delanoy. Later in the year Iack Hinton, Ed Gouinlock, Ierry Iohnson, Dick Purcell, Rudolf Riefstahl, and Bob Entenman were elected. Without doubt the members of the English Club have both benehted by and enjoyed the interesting and well-planned discussions of the current year. 195 THE DIAL 1946 l l l Back row: cimwroiw, uANrmr.1.. Salted: LICHTENFIZLS, crvrias, APGAR, wiDEmAN, Y. M. E. . ACTING as the school,s representative for various charitable organizations, the Y.M.C.A. was very active during the past year 'in fulfilling its post. The Committee, consisting of President William Apgar, Vice-President Harris Gates, Secretary lack Wideman, Treasurer Ted Lichtenfels, and Committee- men Risher Randall, and Mac Crawford, did much towards the benefit of the school's welfare and relief of the needy. During the spring, the annual "Yu drive was held, proceeds of which went to the Bethany Chapel, Community Chest, and various forms of school improvement. By the latter move the Committee hopes to show the school's gratitude for the contributions. The Committee is planning to publish a booklet for the new boys of next year, explaining to them the functions and customs of The Hill and their duties and privileges as students. 196 THE DIAL 1946 Ki l l Bllfk TDM!! STIBOLT, COVVPFR'I'I'IVVAI'I'lE. SEIIIIYII DELANOY, DRAPER, SPIVAK, GOUIYLOCK. Cum Laude FoR several years The Hill School has been a member of the National Cum Laude Society, and this year as usual The Hill Chapter, under the direction of Mr. Thomas, initiated those members ofthe Senior class who distinguished themselves with exceptionally high scholastic records. Bob Cowperthwaite, Bruce Draper, Iohn Spivak, Douglas Delanoy, Ed- ward Gouinlock, and Dick Stibolt were elected to the Society in the fall of 1945 in recognition of their outstanding scholastic achievements in the Fifth Form. They were awarded their Cum Laude keys on Iunior Prize Day by Mr. Thomas. Since these boys were elected to the Society upon the completion of their Fifth Form year, another election will be held this spring, and the Societyls executive committee, including Mr. Lemley and Mr. Sillick, will elect several other members of the graduating class whose high scholastic records merit their adoption into this honorable society. 197 THE DIAL 1946 STEWART, BEEGLE, COWPERTHVVAITE. Aviation Eluh THIS year the Hill Aviation Club celebrates its sixth year as a functioning body in the school. Its fifty or more members were presented with a Link trainer in the winter term by Mr. Briggs Cunningham in order that they might experience the thrill of flying without actually leaving the ground. The Link trainer has been permanently installed in the basement of the Science Building. Ensign Kenneth V. Iackman, U.S.N., retired, the club's faculty adviser, gives each club member one "Hight,' every two weeks. He is assisted by a new member of the Hill faculty, Mr. David Thompson. Mr. Thompson was a night fighter pilot in the Pacific Theater of Operations during the war. The club's committee consists of President 4'Fritz" Beegle, Vice-President Bob Cowperthwaite, and Secretary-Treasurer Blair Stewart. 198 THE DIAL 1946 Top row: NEAL, REID, PAULSIEN, sco'rT. Third row: LIGGETT, GOLDSMITH, E., BONITZ, VVHITELEY, If., CLARK, I., CRIZXUXUNS, LEACI-I, WEHE, TREBIAN, WILLIAMS, I., STONE, DI2LAvAN, CARROLL, D. Second row: HILL, HUDGENS, SHULNIAN, M., KLOSTERMYER, LAsI-IAII, FIREY, RIEFSTAHL, WHELEN, Romusn, H., BING- HAM, J., MELLY, RUINISEY, GOLDSMITH, D. Front row: STEVENSON, W., FFRENBACH, J., TICKNER, PILTIII. BONSALL, MULvII-IILL, H., NORTON, CUSHMAN, sALINc12R. Rifle Eluh THIS year the Hill Rifle Club, under Mr. Pattersonls able guidance, enrolled more than fifty members. Riflery is fast becoming one of the most popular extra-curricular activities in the school. In their tryst behind the gymnasium, the Hill "Daniel Boones" are snapping away at their bull's eyes with devas- tating effect. Because of an acute shortage of ammunition due to severe wartime restrictions, the club's activities were somewhat curtailed, but now that those restrictions have been lifted to some extent, the club is again resuming its pre-war stride. Almost every member of the Riile Club wears at least one emblem showing that he has met the necessary requirements for one or more of the titles in the National Rifle Association, such as Pro-Marks man, Marksman, etc. The club's committee is "TeX,' Whelen as President, "Lew" Bentley as Vice-President, and Tom Melly as Secretary-Treasurer. 199 THE DIAL 1946 INIERRIFIELD, STEVFNSON, LI., HINTON, FREEIWAN, B., FRIZIEBLIC. Yacht Eluh UNDER the leadership of Commodore Breo Freeman, Vice-Commodore Barney Stevenson, Secretary-Treasurer Iohn Hinton, First Committeeman Pete Merrifield, and Club Adviser Mr. Whiteley, the Yacht Club's activities in the Winter Term were highlighted by a series of talks. Mr. Skinner, an ex-lieutenant of the Navy, spoke upon the duties of the Department of Amphibious Forces of the United States Navy. The most important enter- prise of the Winter Term was a trip to the Philadelphia Navy Yard to see a German battleship to be used in the atomic bomb experiment in the near future. The offices were slightly altered upon the graduation of Commodore Breo Freeman in December, with the advancement of Barney Stevenson to that oHice, Iohn Hinton to Vice-Commodore, and Pete Merrifield to Secre- tary-Treasurer. Newly elected were First Committeeman Ierry Freebie and Second Committeeman Eric Merrifield. 200 THE DIAL 1946 SHULIXIAN, M., BARNET, EARKER, INIIEDART. Light and Lens Eluh TH1s year the Light and Lens Club, with Mr. Whiteley as its adviser, opened in the Fall Term with the election of a committee of able and enthusiastic photographers. The Club chose Ray Wright as their President, Steve Barnet Vice-President, and Marty Shulman Secretary-Treasurer. It was then voted that a new type of committee should be elected whose duties involved keep- ing the darkroom in order at all times and being responsible for the behavior of members while in the darkroom. This group consisted of Gordon Beattie, Raoul Pietri, and Alan Taplow. For the past two years the Club has been inactive because of diiliculties in securing photographic equipment and supplies, however, this year the Club is climbing to its pre-war standards. It has cleaned and repainted its entire darkroom and has ordered a new enlarger. The Club, in addition to its other activities, contributed generously to the News. 2OI THE DIAL 1946 Back row: PREEINIAN, L., HINTON. Second row: APGAR, GATES, vuncnu., DELANOY, RANDALL. Scufnl: 1.15THB1uDGE, ENTENMAN, VVIDEBIAN, coumtoclc. Sixth Fnnn Speaking Club ONCE again under the able advisership of Mr. Rice, the Sixth Form Speak- ing Club completed a very successful year. At the first meeting of the club in the Fall Term, Bob Entenman was elected to the oflice of Chairman and held that position throughout the year. During the latter part of the Fall and Winter Terms five new members were elected into the club to bring its membership up to a maximum of twelve boys. Members of the club heard many interesting talks given by Masters among whom were Mr. Kendall, who gave a humorous discourse on his adventures during the War, and Mr. Demaree, vvho gave a detailed talk on the subject of Iazz Music. Among the topics of current interest which were discussed by the group at its weekly meetings, after Sunday supper in the Pipe Club, were Racial Problems, Labor and Management, the Draft Law, and Improve- ments at The Hill. These discussions were usually preceded by a detailed account of the subject by some member of the club. 202 THE DIAL 1946 Bflfk l'0Mf2 MI-lRRIIfIIiLD, Ii., IXIACLAY, DIKISCOLL, KING, SVVETT, CLINGI-.R, MAXXVELL, DANN, LOCHRIDGE. Tllifd VUIAJZ IILLNDERSON, B., HUBBARD, RUSSI IXIERTENS, INICAFEE, 'I'R0'I"I'l4.R, HENDRICK, GIMBEL, I., WRIGHT, R., GUVVILN, SHEPPARD. Sl'L'071If POW! Mt. GLB, HASTINGS, D. B., IJRIJCKI-lNMILLIiR, CROUCII, PRIZhR, TYSON, ROBIiK'I'SON. F7'077l IOM!! RII-QIfS'I'AI-Il., IIASSI1T'I', DAVIES, LASHAR, OYSTICR, FIREY, MR. CASSELBERRY. Choir THIS year, the Choir, under the able and vigorous leadership of Mr. Cassel- berry as director, and Iames Maxwell as President, expanded its activities considerably, and improved the quality of its singing. The good start the Choir made this year Was due to more frequent re- hearsals than in past years, and the classification of the boys, voices by tests. These voice tests also encouraged interest in the Choir and helped to swell its ranks to nearly forty members. At the end of the Fall Term the traditional Carol Service was held. The Choir sang many old Yuletide favorites, blended for variety with some more modern Works. Of the carols sung, Lo, How cz Rose E'c'r Blooming was liked best. In the Winter Term the Choir gave a concert in conjunction with the Glee Club and Orchestra, which was the peak of the School's musical pro- gram. In the program of the Choir were Ola' Man River and the familiar Dedication. 203 DIAL-LUG THE DIAL 1946 N 1 206 THE DIAL 1946 Wmfboro Accelerators arrive at camp on Iune 14th in torrents of rain, which lasted for two weeks . . . The Pontoon Raiders begin two and one-half months visit by making the Peacock Alley Beach. Iob 4 consists of pulling Saunder's car out of mud puddles . . . The first of Iuly brings "Doc" Bender staggering into camp with seventy boys at twelve P.M. Qonly eight hours latej . . . Allen A escapades merit Henderson a new nickname . . . Urgent need for the Red Room throws members of Iob ij: 4 on a digging detail. Inspired by the efforts of "Dave," the Red Room opened for busi- ness two weeks before the close of camp . . . Static rules the air, as "Peach-fuzz" Collins insists on shaving eight times a day . . . All get 'Llarge chargew as Merrifield's tent is blown into trees by storm, and Hpowerfuli' masters bow to camp team, 12-7 . . . Two members of Peacock Alley are elected to B.T.O. organization, as niece and friend arrive in camp . . . "Dave,' and "Doc" set new style in dining room by sitting down before the Dean. Our Boy Bigler brightens up breakfast by slipping twice in spilt cereal . . . Hill baseballers emerge victorious on DeWitts excuse for a diamond . . . V-I night marked by mem- bers of camp hitting the lake, clothes and all. Cigarette shortage proves critical, as weeders of Peacock Alley take up smoking Fine and Dandier . . . Cos, Doc, and Tut do good job of ripping up tent in their daily brawl. "Imba" locked out of cabin in the wee hours of the morn . . . Bats of barn disrupt classes as conscientious stu- dents dodge missiles. Breo puts a grimy end to further disturbance . . . Graduation takes place, as the fall term at Hill looms large. 207 THE DIAL 1946 Sqbtember-October Members of the Reception Committee pull in, and almost pull out when they learn they are to be confronted by 192 new- boys . . . An embarrassing moment occurs when a certain new-boy is mistaken for one of the masters . Coach Telford looks forward to a good season, as football team begins to crack under "Dave,s', exercises . . . Cheerleaders Hnally learn their cheers . . . Perkiomen and Wyoming Seminary go down to defeat before Hill gridders . . . Members of Sixth Form begin to hide in closets as Supersystem Purcell starts to col- lect dues . . . "Will I be next?', is general question as Fripp and Paramore leave on extended vacations . . . "Bloody Mondayl' at the Pipe Club causes many members of the form to regret the day they started smoking . . . Several Sixth Formers fail to catch train back from Baldwin, by mistake, boys? . . . Blind date bureaus open and begin a thriving business as fall dance approaches . . . A certain varsity football tackle signs up for musical theory lessons on the Hute . . . "For God, for Country, and for 4 U.S.,' . . . "Nic', is caught by the Hashbulb at the Palmers' and bids for negative . . . War Bond Drive opens with a bang, as Sixth Form Committee is forced to attend movies . . . Soccer team keeps on winning games, and "Long Iohn" takes a magazine to read in the goal . . . Lesko wins money no matter how the series come out . . . The Secretary of the Pipe Club fails to secure the Lem's permission for the Club's subscription to the Ladies' Home journal . . . Sixth Form Show re- hearsals begin, with Pontoon-head as lead- ing ballet dancer . . . Hinton sets a new record by receiving I5 letters in one day from the same girl. 208 THE DIAL 1946 209 THE DIAL 1946 2IO THE DIAL 1946 November Stahl leeringly tells Bird he will get him on final pro, Bird just laughs . . . After a short wait in the rain for busses, the Sixth Form descends on Lawrenceville to cheer on a fighting football eleven which bowed to Lawrenceville, 20-O . . . The soccer team is held to a scoreless game, as the Sixth Form makes plans for a quiet bus ride back to Pottstown . . . The Pontoon Raiders have a short pre-season workout, and cartons and Gimbel go Hying. Lemley preaches his Finest sermon at the Pipe Club on the New Testament, and promises a future lesson on the Old Testament . . . Certain members of 2 U.S. "volunteer" to put down the dance floor, and their offer is accepted . . . ASAI4O beautiful girls arrive for the annual Fall Term Dance, Colonel Iohn begins thinking of making his fortune tying bow ties . . . Elliot Law- rence plays "Left in the Corner," and Iackson takes him literally . . . A few blind date bureaus close down in a hurry, and several members of the form think of leaving town, but the girls leave first . . . Many Sixth Formers see the Yale-Prince- ton game, and Gates wakes up the next morning in his car somewhere in New Iersey . . . Sixth Form walks away with the honors at the Thanksgiving Day sports, as a visitor from Baldwin almost steals the show . . . Produced, staged, and laid to rest by the Class of '46, 'KThe Atomic Cocktail" is added to the list of successful Sixth Form Shows. Trick Dacey is still looking for a corpse mislaid during the intermission . . . The Zilch Boys collect on the first floor landing, and the ban- nister takes a short cut to the basement, no serious casualties result. 2II THE DIAL 1946 December After missing fifteen meals while wait- ing, Little Norb has a long talk with Da Lem about waiting possibilities . . . Even with Kipp's help, Army still does not beat Navy by more than forty points, anybody seen Kipp? . . . Stahl leers as exams draw near . . . The News squeezes out a final issue, as Carroll holds an auction to raise enough money for publication . . . The Hill chapter of the 5000-Hour Club is formed, as the hat and coat ruling goes into effect . . . The sly Sixth Form Adviser plays an effective waiting game, and everyone on 2 U.S. gets four marks for dirty room . . . Basketball really starts with a bang, as The Hill Varsity defeats Central High in its first game, 44-38 . . . Pro-football comes to The Hill, as the Ferocious Freaks of the Sixth Form crush a surprised Fifth Form team, 30-I2, in the Dell Field Banana Bowl . . . Despite the Pottstown Chamber of Commerce, snow arrives at The Hill, and the Battle of the Pipe Club results in several casualties, Lefty of the Newark A.C. threatens to close the Club perma- nently . . . Mylecraine builds a snowplow, and Laver is in Seventh Heaven plowing the quad . . . 3 U.S. is the scene of a mad slaughter, when a certain bat chases mem- bers of that floor into the broom closet until Iake saves the day . . . Class rings finally arrive fonly two weeks latej, as Mrs. Wendell pays a surprise visit on I. E. Caldwell . . . Mr. Stahl joins the Leroy Miller Breakfast Club, and a tune is played for his eleventh birthday . . . Accelerators prepare to leave Hill for college and the armed service, as the Autumn Term ends amid shouts of "Who wants to sell me a suitcase to get to New York?U 2I2 THE DIAL 1946 ZI3 THE DIAL 1946 214 THE DIAL 1946 january Form returns for the Winter Term and a rest, after vacation and the Mertens' party . . . Shanley opens up the baseball season by curving an orange through one of the 3 U.S. windows . . . HSleep,' re- turns for one more term, just to keep out of trouble . . . The Committee and Lem- ley go on a 'lDemerit Drenchf as the Dean announces an extra day for good behavior . . . Study hall looms near, as Hbogey scoresn come out . . . McKinney's chances for the future are almost ruined in a nar- row escape in the gym . . . 'Whatever it was in the food, members of the school weie kept on the run all day . . . Firth talks to Pedro in the Lemls hearing and suffers a slight case of embarrassment . . . Dial biographies reach a new high of being padded as 'lOwl,' puts down Chapel Bell Ringer for one of his activities . . . "Eager Edu makes his bid for a new track record, as he is chased by a determined dog . . . Hill suffers first loss to Navy "Plebes," 47-42 . . . Water Hows on 3 U.S. and Han- way goes to dinner with wet pants . . . Hill matmen win over George School in a I5-I4 victory . . . Alberto is convinced by the Dean that it isnit a Fifth Form privi- lege to have a mustache . . . Pipe Club resounds to loud yells as Iackson gives the "hot footu to unsuspecting bridge players . . . Varsity Squash team makes plans for outside games, much to the surprise of the A.A .... "Rand', pulls a fast one in the dining room and entertains masters by knocking over tables . . . "Don't pour Water on me, poppa, let me burnln . . . Hill wrestlers defeat Lansdowne in excit- ing match, I4-12 . . . Editor of the News amazes Form by receiving a six in Eng- lish. 215 THE DIAL 1946 February Pedro turns religious and attends Chapel regularly . . . The Committee finds that handing out penalties is not so easy, as members are forced to stand guard over victims during Saturday night movies . . . Wrestlers lose first match to Valley Forge, I4-I1 . . . New York nurses threaten to go on strike as Purcell begins to recuper- ate from appendicitis . . . Members of the Sixth Form rush to join Choir when a dance with Baldwin is announced for songsters . . . Hill varsity defeats Perkio- man in a hard-fought game, 40-29 . . . Entenman takes "late lightsv to cram for approaching Time Tests . . . "T.C.,' and the Lem nurse Nero back to health after midnight battle . . . "Colonel" Munford makes a fortune for the Pipe Club on broken ash trays . . . Hill pucksters plan for a game with Cos' Melville Marauders on the Dell Rink . . . The Blue and Gray hands Peddie a thorough defeat as four Hill teams win over the Blue and Gold . . . Wallace goes in for censoring as News Questionnaires are turned in . . . Marty forces the Sixth Form Adviser to buy his first new hat in ten years after an incident on the Quad . . . Alcove A claims distinc- tion of fathering "Blue Boyf, the only Sixth Former who can eat 25 lamb chops at one sitting . . . The S.P.C.A. awards Shanley a certificate for befriending lonely and homeless dogs . . . Hill five comes out on top of Valley Forge for another win, 42-28 . . . Sixth Form crushes Fifth Form in pitched snowball battle, as "Mac" is the only serious casualty . . . Apgar leaves in- Hrmary to win the high jump in Madison Square Garden and then returns to in- Hrmary to complete his rest. 216 THE DIAL 1946 fd 1.521 217 THE DIAL 1946 218 THE DIAL 1946 March The Committee accompanies the Choir to Baldwin "to keep order,', but finds out that the weaker sex canit be disciplined . . . Hill varsity bows to Lawrenceville five, 27-23, but the Hill wrestlers crush the Red and Black, 23-3 . . . With an en- larged outside schedule, the Chess Club amazes the school by asking for major H's . . . "Stew's" girl was pretty hard on him, but we finally made him laugh in the Pipe Club the other night . . . Randall and Crawford try a little endurance wres- tling straight on through dinner . . . "Bulb-snatchersu are caught in the act on 4 U.S .... In their last game of the season, Hill five defeats Peddie, 64-45 . . . A sudden shoe shining epidemic hits the Flats, as Lutz is seen in the hall corridor at 11:30 P.M. hard, at work . . . Members of the form are frightened away from a talk on the Atomic Bomb when it is an- nounced that demonstrations will accom- pany the lecture . . . Hill matmen come in third in interprep school tournament at Swarthmore, and Ferenbach takes a first place . . . The Sixth Form President is seen limping around the campus with a new secret weapon on his right foot . . . Shanley and Carter win the Pipe Club Bridge Tournament, but have doubts as to whether they are going to get the prize . . . "ApeU Purcell gives a stirring and lengthy speech at a meeting about the Spring Term Dance . . . Morrison shows promise in baseball practice, as two runs are held up by Iockas sitting on third base . . . The School leaves for Spring Vacation and the Biltmore, with the exception of a privileged few who consent to stay over the extra day. 219 THE DIAL 1946 April Sixth Form arrives back at school in time to face College Board Exams and after them, representatives from Slippery Rock State Teachers, College . . . Members of form are surprised to receive postcards from "Roseland Ball Roomn signed by "I-iollyn . . . Bob Iackson earns title of "Rat Killeri' after courageous exploit in the din- ing room . . . Dates in Pottstown and trips to Sunnybrook are cancelled, as the Lem tells the form what their spring privileges are . . . Draper hits the iniirmary on his re- turn to school, is there an ulterior motive? . . . 4 U.S.'s own Lefty has a tough night of it as his bed and demerits pile up . . . Shanley closes his 'ACasino,' for repairs, promises gala reopening on Iune 9 . . . Five dollars and a bottle of peroxide make Lutz into a new man . . . Varsity nine trounces Williamson Trade School in the First game of its schedule, 6-I . . . Shouts of "your girl wears army shoes" are heard at the Pipe Club as 'KBoogieU decides to go to the dance . . . Alcove A comes dressed for dinner, and are told by the Lem that if they want to dress like waiters he can see they wait all term . . . Colborn is only Sixth Former who is glad Mrs. Wendell re- jected his slip for the dance . . . "Long Iohnw starts boasting of his romances in coming Dramat production . . . Hend- rick,s petition and the Quad are trampled on, as Sixth Form starts walking on the grass . . . Sixth Form baseball team discov- ers new pitching talent as Reynolds walks eleven straight men . . . Hill track team be- gins season defeating Norristown 702- 46Z . . . The big weekend arrives, as George Paxton, beautiful girls, and the Headmasteris garden make the dance suc- cessful. 220 THE DIAL 1946 221 .luniut Prize Da Bruce Draper, Ir. Ionathan Martin Spivak, Ir. Robert Smith Cowperthwaite, Ir. Douglas Delanoy, Ir. Edward Vernon Gouinlock, Ir. Richard Albert Stibolt For Scholarship, lndustry, and Department Fifth Form .,.,.....,...,..,.,,...,r...r.,.,..,.....,....,..,............ Robert S. Cowperthwaite, Ir. Fourth Form ........r .,...........,..,..... H arold P. F. Furth Third Form ....,.. ...,....., I ames R. Rinehart Second Form ,....,., .i..,.... R obert E. Leach Head of School ..,....ri ..r...rrr,,r...,.... ..,.,.i. I s aac Thomas, Ir. BOOKS For Excellence in English Fifth Form r.,.,..,.,..,....,.......,.........,.,.......... .,..,..........,........ D ouglas Delanoy, Ir. Honorable Mention ,.i,.,... ,........ W alker McKinney Fourth Form ,........rri....,.... .,.,.., Morgan R. Rodney Honorable Mention ...,.... ......,., C rosby B. Perry Third Form .......................,,., ...........,.....,.. D avid Paton Honorable Mention ......... ......,... T homas A. Mutch Second Form ,....,..,..........,.... ....,.,. G eorge F. Bason, Ir. Honorable Mention ,.....,.,...............,.,..........,..........,. ..,....... R obert E. Leach For Excellence in Latin Fourth Form .,,.,......,.,........,. ,............... ...............,.,..,...,........,.,,.... L e e Haring Honorable Mention .,.....,. ,,......... R ichard Hudgens Third Form ....,,..,...,............, ....... W illiarn R. Maclay Honorable Mention .,....,.. ...,.... M organ R. Rodney Second Form ,..,,,......,....,....... .,..,...... B arton Trernan Honorable Mention ,..,...,.,,...,............,. .......,..,,..e . . ....,.,,. Robert E. Leach For Excellence in French Fifth Form Honorable Mention ......,.. ....,.... R obert S. Cowperthwaite, Ir. 222 THE DIAL 1946 Fourth Form .,.......,A...,.....,.,,A ....A.. F rederick W. Whaley, Ir. Honorable Mention ...,A,A., .,...,.. D ouglas Delanoy, Ir. Third Form ....,.4...,.....,....,,.... .,.,..A.. E . William Henry Honorable Mention .......,..,..,4.,........ ..,.....,.,...... ...... I s aac Thomas, Ir. For Excellence in German Fifth Form .,....,...,.......,..,i..,....,...,.,,...........i,..,i.,.,.,.,....,., Theodore H. Lichtenfels Third Form ..,...,.....,.,r.r.........4..,.,, .,.i.... . , .,., ....i.r......,rr,.,,... B ruce Draper, Ir. 'Honorable Mention ri...,.,..................A,,.....,.,,......,.,....... Richard C. Kraffert For Excellence in Spanish Fifth Form Honorable Mention .....,.... ....,... E dward V. Gouinlock, Ir. Fourth Form Honorable Mention rr,.4,... .r.,....., M organ R. Rodney Third Form ,..........,...,............... .,...,.. R obert C. Derby Honorable Mention ,.,...,....,..,..,....,............,....,...,.....,.., .,...,,... S amuel Arms For Excellence in M cztlzematicr Sixth Form Mathematics ........,..,..,,,..........,...,..,......, Edward V. Gouinlock, Ir. Fifth Form Mathematics ......... ,.,.,,..,.......,.... Honorable Mention .... Fifth Form Geometry .....,.. Honorable Mention .... Fourth Form Mathematics Honorable Mention .,.. Fourth Form Algebra ......... Honorable Mention .... Third Form Algebra .,..,..,.. Honorable Mention ...,..,.. Second Form Algebra .....,. Honorable Mention ,... Ieremy E. Iohnson Iohn W. Wideman Richard A. Stibolt Fergus B. Pope Samuel Arms Harold P. F. Furth Bruce Draper, Ir. Ionathan M. Spivak Thomas Mutch William R. Maclay David F. Tuthill David V. Wise For Excellence in Science Sixth Form Chemistry ........,.,.,........,.,.....,...,..........,......,.....,...... Bruce Draper, Ir. Honorable Mention .....,.,. ,.,.... Sixth Form Physics Honorable Mention ........ Edward V. Gouinlock, Ir. Iames W. Hanway Richard C. Kraflert 223 THE DIAL 1946 Fourth Form Biology ,..,.....,,, .A... 4........,.. E . William Henry Honorable Mention .....,,.,.l.l......i.... ......,. F rederick W. Whaley Fourth Form Physical Geography .,.....,. ..,...... E dward M. Shulman Third Form General Science .i...........,.. .....,.. C arl W. Knobloch, Ir. Honorable Mention .....i...l. ......,.. I ohn G. E. Elicker Thomas A. Mutch Second Form General Science .....,... ........ E dward V. R. Spurgeon Honorable Mention ............,A.,.....,..,,..,...4,..,.,........,...........,.. Lionel I. Pincus For Excellence in History Ancient History Honorable Mention ..l.... .... l.,l........ .........,....,.i M o r gan R. Rodney For Excellence in Mechanical Drawing Sixth Form l........,.......l.......,...............l,.,....,........,...,...,........,...,.i,......,.. Lane Rogers Honorable Mention ..,,..,. ,.., . , .i., . ...,............. Philip Mylecraine Fifth Form .,..,...,,,..,............. ...i... T heodore L. Weed, Ir. Honorable Mention ..............,,..........,.,..,..........,...,..........,.. Robert Smirnow For Best Hobby Collection Exhibited in the Library Honorable Mention ...........,,,....,........,.......,.,...,...........,...,..,. Edward M. Shulman For Projects of Outstanding Merit in Wood Working Heard K. Baumeister Honorable Mention ............,..........,.............,.........,..,...,. O. Beirne Chisolm, Ir. For Excellence in Manual Training Thomas A. Mutch Honorable Mention ........,...,.,.,........,....,,........,....,..,......,........., Bruce H. Mowery For Excellence in the Field of Art Printing ........ .... .,..,..,.,.. ......,..,......,,.....,..........,, C h a rles D. Miller Sculpture ...,,. ...,...........,....,.....,., ...,.......,....,...,...,........ H u gh Mandelert For Excellence in Mechanics Laurence C. Layton Honorable Mention ..,.,........,.................,.,.....,..,......,......,....,.... William C. Sellars 224 THE DIAL 1946 For Excellence in Advanced Mechanics Philip Mylecraine Honorable Mention ,..,.4...A.....,..........,A..........,.A,.,,......,..,.,....,...... Breo Freeman, ll For Excellence in M asic Piano fEXcellencej i,i..,........,..,....,..,,...,,....,......,.............,.....,.. Iames T. Faulkner Piano CProgressj .,,..l.,.,.. ,,,..,.,......... L ee Haring Violin QEXcellencej l...... ......,.....,... R oy D. Welch Violin QProgressj .....l.,,.,........A.,4......,.,...,........Q..,............,..,.,.. Iames D. Sheppard For Excellence in War C oarses Elementary American History ,....,,..,..,........,,..,......,......, George F. Bason, Ir. Honorable Mention .. ...4........ .....l,..,.,.,,,. R obert E. Leach Meteorology ..,....,......,........,. ...l..l,,. Iohn D. Lethbridge Electronics Honorable Mention .....,. ,.......,.,..,...., D aniel O. Hastings, III Aeronautics, First Year .. ,.,s......,...,.,,... ..4,.,..,,.. R obert S. Cowperthwaite, Ir. Honorable Mention ............,..,,i,.......,..,..,..., Richard S. Ferenbach The Colgate Medals For the Winning Team in the Taro I ntra-C am p Debates The Fall Term of 1944 Q. E. D. ...,.....,...........s.,...................,,.........,,..........,...,....,.....,..,... Iohn W. Hinton Wranglers ,..,.... ............,.,.....,..,........,,,.,....,,..........,...,., D ouglas Delanoy, Ir. Roy D. Welch Winners of Inter-Camp Debate Wranglers ........ ....,....,.......,..,..........,,...........,..,.,............,. D ouglas Delanoy, Ir. SPECIAL PRIZES Robert I. Entenman The Iohn Kieran Cap for the Greatest Improvement in Inter-Form Baseball in 1945 Herbert L. Trube, Ir. The Ben Plummer Medal for Sterling Character and Ability as a Boxer O. Beirne Chisolm, Ir. 225 THE DIAL 1946 The H. S. Schutt Prize for Excellence in Chemistry Robert S. Covvperthwaite, Ir. The H. S. Schutt Prize for Excellence in Physics Richard C. Kraffert The Franlq Woodworth Pine Memorial Prize for Excellence in U nderform English Prose Composition Presented in Memory of Dr. Howard Bement Isaac Thomas, Ir. Honorable Mention: Iohn E. Swett The Bissell Prize for Proficiency in English Composition and Literature Honorable Mention: Iarnes D. Sheppard Medal Awarded hy National Society of Colonial Dames Isaac Thomas, Ir. The C ups Presented hy the Alumni for the Best General Record in the Fifth and Fourth Forms Frfth Form ...,.. ....,....,...........................,.......,.......,....., T heodore H. Lrchtenfels Fourth Form .,.... ..,...............,. C rosby B Perry 226 AUVEHTISIN E :Vx EL SPRING TERM SPORTS lR1lS Baseball Hill Vis. Ursinus College o I3 U.S. Naval Acad. "Plebes,' 2 8 Pennington School 2 6 Central High School 7 o Germantown Academy frainj Abington High School 8 2 Valley Forge M.A. 4 3 Peddie School 5 6 Perkiomen School I4 1 Lawrenceville 2 I Girard College 4 Lawrenceville 1 Reading High School 3 5 3 8 Haverford School 4 5 Tmck Hill Vis. Admiral Farragut Acad. 752 412 Norristown H.S. 6473 5112 3 Valley Forge M.A. 85 32 Penn Relays QISI in 440 yd. relayj Peddie School 86 31 Triangular Meet Qrst place 582 ptsj Lawrenceville 65 52 This page made possible by the generous contri 228 GOV Hill Vis. U.S. Naval Acad. "Plebes,' 2 7 Reading High School 9 0 Peddie School 6 3 Lawrenceville 72 I 2 Lawrenceville 52 32 Valley Forge M.A. 82 2 Tennis Hill Vis. U.S. Naval Acad. "Plebes', Crainj Episcopal Academy Crainj Valley Forge M.A. 5 2 Peddie School 7 I Harrisburg Academy 9 o Lawrenceville 8 I Lawrenceville Qrainj Peddie School 6 3 bution of the Sixth Form. DUAL THAEH MEET l9-45 THE HILL vERsUs LAWRENCEVILLE 120 YD. HIGH HURDLES Young 2. Poor QLD 3. Adams QLD Time: 18.4 seconds I. 100 YD. DASH Faigle 2. Vaughn QLD 3. Spivak Time: IO.6 seconds I. MILE RUN Decker 2. Post QHD 3. Prentiss QLD Time: 4:48.8 minutes I. 440 YD. RUN 1. Svvope QLD 2. Prickett 3. Allman QHD Time: 54.1 seconds 220 YD. DASH I. Faigle 2. Meads 3. Vaughn QLD Time: 23.8 seconds 880 YD. RUN 1. Speiden 2. Duys QLD 3. Hastings QHD Time: 2:09.4 minutes SHOT PUT Klopman QLD 2. Iohnson 3. Ostergaard Distance: 43' 3M,' IAVELIN Ostergaard 2. Dahlgren QLD 3. Iohnson Distance: 155' 10' DISCUS Goodkind QLD 2. Iohnson 3. Ostergaard Distance: 111' 0' BROAD IUMP A 1. Easton QLD 2. Clapper QHD 3. Apgar QHD Distance: 20' 9" HIGH IUMP Tie between Apgar and Simpson QLD 3. Propes QHD Height: 5' 6M,' P0115 VAULT 1. Iacoh QLD 2. Gouinlock 3. PHeiger Height: IO' 6" 220 YD. Low HURDLES 1. Easton QLD 2. Morris QLD 3. Brown Time: 27.8 THE HILL 78 LAWRENCEVILLE 39 This page made possible through the generous contributions of the Fifth and Fourth Forms. 229 Evans, Conger Company INSURANCE COUNSELORS 12 N. HANOVER STREET POTTSTOWN, PA. TELEPHONE 5 T E ' S Harry A. Keene l S ON Jewelry Store King and Charlotte Streets Pottstown, Pa. Watches ' ' ' Jewelry . . . Diamonds SCXZUO! Sllffffe-Y Optical Department A Speciczlqy 210 HIGH STREET POTTSTOWN, PA. 230 ESTABLISHED 1018 ,. S 1 v F ,M w0Q if A A " ,E Ai A me V ' g "W QEeEEs QA A AA Q -1 V 'Af Sides- f -f A A inns mmhrnsawdff 3fgl1Uf5 A E1 Q 3555222535-5' f '-W - ' Y ' , 5 waz"-iiff ." 345 llmnlsou AVENUE COR.FORTY-FOURTH s'r. J , Q it , ' fx! "' 5' new You 11, n.Y. 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ENGINEERS and CONTRACTORS GENERAL PURCHASING and SHIPPING AGENTS for Governments and Foreign Corporations The Company With a background of 37 years in engineering construction and development work in Latin America, offers the services of an experienced qualified staff to those Cor- porations and entrepreneurs contemplating investment of capital in foreign countries. 232 This ix the winning adfuertixemznt in Rogfrx Peet? Adfuertifing Contax! in the 1946 Hill Sfhool HDMI' '. Submitted by LANE ROGERS X A' 1 X " if W Hfv There was a young man from The Hill His knowledge of clothes was nil His coat was ragged and tattered His trousers were baggy and battered And then one day this unfortunate lad Came across a Rogers Peet ad From then on he purchased no other brands And now at the top of his class he stands The moral of this little fable Is look for the Rogers Peet label! 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B e L M 0NT-ST'AbLCS Z Wap! " 5221 W , 94. ,f f osecigimallfime Ei, ,, SMS fwf- PRINCETGN UNIVERSITY PRESS PRINCETON 0 NEW IERSEY J f 11113 fum 5 gi '23, 5-J ., J' '- Wfinfers to the Diaz! H0726 Pzbtare I5 PWNIZ A Tfraayarza' Words " Especially when that picture is made by cC'a1neraMasterS., The experience of T wo Generations of Photographers Went into making most of the photographs in this book. . . . Photographs to tell an everlasting story. Yes, Two Generations of Photographers offer a special service to Editor and Class Advisor, a service which in- cludes not only making Portraits, Groups and Candid Photographs, but also suggesting ideas for adding interest to the Yearbook. The small Yearbook and large can be made just as in- teresting, by making every photograph count. We will gladly show you how. HOLLANDER as FELDMAN ccirfierafllddffedrol, C P 1705 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. 2 48 QUALITY ENGRAVINCS ARE ESSENTIAL TO SECURE PLEASING, ACCURATE, PICTORIAL EFFECTS. XVE ARE KNOXVN FOR THE QUALITY OF OUR XVORK IN EVERY TYPE OF PHOTO- ENCRAVINC FOR ALL PURPOSES. f aaa Y D I ami Q , 3 .ll - Q A: I I N I . 'VAX 'Sh S X gt. if , xg A,W A 4 W WM . 551 A Xu 5 , PRINT LETTERPRESS - PHOTO-ENGRAVED PHILADELPHIA-WEEKS ENGRAVING COMPANY 2Q NORTH SIXTH ST. PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 2 03' Sc I 2 AWN 6V5R H Ngbv' '2' Q 6' Q, is OO o Q V W' , 0 56,30 1, 5 . u X l85X Buster nl the Stliunl C. Webster Abbott, 3rd, '48 ........,. F. Eugene Ackerman, '48... I. Denson Adams, Ir., '47 ..., . 641 W. University Pkwy., Baltimore, Md. E. Vine St., Stowe, Pa. ,.....IO22 Hampton Park Dr., St. Louis, Mo. O. Sahip Akosman, '46 .,.,..........., 172, Tesvikiye, Nisantas, Istanbul, Turkey Ferg M. Alleman Ir., '48 ....,.,,..,...,..,...,.,...,,....,....,.,, P.O. Box 791, Orlando, Fla. Frank A. Allen, Ill, '47 .,.... William M. Apgar, '46 ..,,..,.., Iohn R. Armitage, '47 ....,..,,,. Samuel Arms, '47 .........,....... F. Ward Asquith, 2nd, '46.. Thomas H. Atkinson, Ir., '46 ....,,..2231 Calif. St., Washington, D.C. 22 Massie St., Front Royal, Va. ..,...,..4IO S. Chestnut Rd., Swarthmore, Pa. ....,.,......,....,,...Stratford Rd., Harrison, N.Y. ....3o2 E. Moreland Rd., Willow Grove, Pa. Kenilworth Apt., Wissahickon Ave. 81 School Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. Carl S. Atwater, '46 .........,.,....,. 1136 Cornell Rd., Thornburg, Pittsburgh, Pa. Iohn A. Austin, Ir., '46 ,,....................,,,..,,.. 2742 Central Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Geoffrey D. Austrian, '49... Robert P. Babcock, Ir., '47.. Charles E. Bading, '48 .,......,...... Robert B. Baird, '46 ......,...... Lewis D. Barding, Ir., '46 .. Robert R. Barker, '46 ..,...,,..,. Stephen S. Barnet, '47 ,.,........ Albert H. Barth, '46 ..,....,. Richard Barth, '48 .....,....,.. Iohn A. Bartlett, '48 ..,..,....... ...,....I2 E. 93rd St., New York, N.Y. R.F.D. 4352, Allison Park, Pa. ..41o Buttonwood St., Mt. Holly, NJ. ,.....86 Prospect Ave., Montclair, NJ. East Moline, Ill. .,...7r3 Clarendon Rd., Narberth, Pa. 78 Neptune Ave., Woodmere, N.Y. Cedar Ave., Hewlett Bay Park, L.l. .,....,....Cedar Ave., Hewlett Bay Park, L.I. ....,.,.,.........,..Fourth St., Lewiston, N.Y. Iames H. Barton, Ir., '47 ,......,.. ....,.....,..........,........,....,.......,, C entreville, Md. Iohn C. Barton, '47 ....,.,.......,. .,.......,. 5 35 S. McLean St., Memphis, Tenn. George F. Bason, Ir., '49 ,........, .......,. 3 O7 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill, N.C. Govert L. Bassett, '46 ..,........ Allan G. Baxter, '48 ..,...,.... Robert M. Baxter, '49 .,....,.. I. Gordon Beattie, '49 ....,..,,.. Iohn A. Beattie, Ir., '46 ...,..... Iames O. E. Beck, HI, '5o .,......,. Frederick N. Beegle, ll, '46 ,.,....... Robert E. Belfield, '48 ......,........ ,....Main St. Extended, CrisHeld, Md. ........,..5o3 W. 34th St., Wilmington, Del. ...5o3 W. 34th St., Wilmington, Del. Main St., Little Falls, N.I. Main St., Little Falls, NJ. 1856 Autumn Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Box 591, Beaver Falls, Pa. ....,.,,445 W. 23rd St., New York, N.Y. 251 THE DIAL 1946 A. Lewis Bentley, Ir., '47 .,.......,.. ....... Richard N. Billings, '48 ..,,..A.,...l,........,...,.,.l Lewis M. Billingslea, Ir., '50 ..,..,..,....,.. Iohn A. Bingham, IV, '49 ....... Walter A. Bingham, Ir., '49 ...................... Frank F. Bollinger, '47 ....,....... Earle W. Bolton, III, '50 ..,... .Dixie Highway, Perrysburg, .717 Lafayette Ave., Buffalo, 21 Bolton Gardens, Bronxville, .1 Orchard Meadow Rd., East Williston, Ohio N.Y. N.Y. N.Y. .Llewellyn Park, West Orange, N.I. 301 Frederick Ave., Sewickley, Pa. University Club, Philadelphia, Pa. A. Iames H. Bond, '48 .............. .,.............. B ox 122, Delray Beach, Fla. Iohn H. Bonitz, Ir., '49 .........,...,..,.,.,............ 2505 W. Market, Greensboro, N.C. Edward H. Bonsall, III, '49 8106 Seminole Ave., Chestn. Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. Henry M. Bostder, '47 .........,.,..,.......,..,....,..., 215 E. 73rd St., New York, N.Y. William C. Bouton, '48 ............ .,.,.. ....,...........,,., 2 E astway, Bronxville, N.Y. Robert F. Branscombe, '47 .......,.....,. 42 Woodlawn Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. Montgomery Bretherton, '4Q ........,.............,,.,. Spring Mill Rd., Villanova, Pa. Daniel R. Bristol, '48 ..................,..,...,.........,.... The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. W. Hensel Brown, Ir., '48 ,.....,....,.... Glen Moore Circle, R.D. 3, Lancaster, Pa. William T. Brown, Ir., '48 .....,..,...................... S. Cherry Lane, Rumson, N.I. David B. B. Buchanan, Ir., '46 ..........,..,.,..,....,.. 25-27 S. Second St., St. Clair, Pa. Robert Buechner, Ir., '48 .............,..... I3 Park Ave. Terrace, Bronxville, N.Y. Peter H. Bunce, '47 ......,...,........ ...,............. R esidence Park, Palmerton, Pa. Roy Burlew, Ir., '48 .....,.,... Iohn S. Burr, '48 .................... Donald A. Carroll, '48 ....,..,.,.. Robert W. Carroll, III, '46 ..., Albert I. Carter, IV, '47 I. Michael Carter, '46 ,..,....,... Iames D. Chace, '50 .......... 1024 Griflith Ave., Owensboro, Ky. 1 Hillside Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. 176 Arnold St., Staten Island, N.Y. 176 Arnold St., Staten Island, N.Y. 2506 Iackson Ave., Alexandria, La. 48 Birchbrook Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. 1422 Clover Rd., Rochester, N.Y. Alberto Chamorro, '47 ...,....,..... .....,....,.....,.....,.,..... G ranada, Nicaragua Davis Chaplin, '49 ,,,..,.,...,......... .............,..,....,..,. C ape Cottage, Maine Frank E. Chesterman, III, '48 ..,....,.. ........ 2 5 Harte Rd., Ienkintown, Pa. David B. Chidester, '49 .....,..,,..,,....,.,................. 34 Easterly Ave., Auburn, N.Y. O. Beirne Chisolm, Ir., '46 ...... I5 Rutland Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. Iay Clark, IV, '49 .,..............,,..,.. 1661 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. Matthew A. Clark, Ir., '47 .........,.,,.,.................,.,........,,.,. A. Gordon Clarke, Ir., '47 .....,....,. Alonzo C. Clewis, III, '48 ..,.,,,.. William F. Clinger, Ir., '47 .......... ......... Andrew I. Colborn, Ir., '46 ...... 252 R.D. 3, Quakertown, Pa. ........62 High St., N. Attleboro, Mass. .........32I E. 43rd St., New York, N.Y. 316 Conewango Ave., Warren, Pa. 322 Locust Ave., Fairmont, W.Va. Spencer H. Cone, '47 ......,..,.. THE DIAL 1946 Rittenhouse Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. Robert H. Conkling, '48 ...,,e.AA.. ....................... 4 21 York St., Olean, N.Y. Paul W. Costello, '46 ......,A,..,...,......,..,.,.,,.,....,...,.4 321 E. Main St., Millville, N.I. Robert S. Cowperthwaite, Ir., '46 ....,..,..........., The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. William D. Cox, Ir., '49 ....,.,............,.............,......,.,. 1539 Astor St., Chicago, Ill. Iohn Craik, '49 ...,......,,....,.....,.............,.........,...,....... Bingham Ave., Rumson, N.I. Harden L. Crawford, Ir., '50 .......,.... Allbreeze, Black Rock, Bridgeport, Conn. Malcolm D. Crawford, '46 ..,........,..,.....,,.,............ 67 Melrose Pl., Montclair, N.I. A. Holmes Crimmins, Ir., '50.. ....,..,............,,.................... Noroton, Conn. Nelson A. Cross, '46 ..................... .,................. T he Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. C. Ieremy Crouch, '48 ......,....... 215 Sandringham Rd., Rochester, N.Y. Raymond E. Culver, '46 ...,,......,..,,.................,.......,.,................ Stockbridge, Mich. Briggs S. Cunningham, III, '49 ,.........., Gordon S. Cushman, Ir., '49 ..,.. Arthur L. Dann, '46 ..,.....,..,,...,.,. Alexander H. Danon, Ir., '48.,. Richard Davidson, '50 ..,...,......... Michael Davies, '47 ..,..,..,.. Henry S. Davis, '48 .,.......... Iames C. Davis, '48 ...,,..,..... Allison L. Decker, '46 ..,..,.,..,.,,. Douglas Delanoy, Ir., '46 ,...,...,, Byron H. Delavan, '47 ....,..... ,, .. 306 Pendleton Lane, Palm Beach, F la. ...........IO4O Park Ave., New York, N.Y. Clover Dr., Great Neck, N.Y. Box 7373, Mexico, D.F. 122 S. Delancey Pl., Atlantic City, N.I. .....Greenhaven, Rye, N.Y. .......Pine Sz Lincoln Sts., Ossining, N.Y. .,.,.....,.,..The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. IOII126tl1 Ave., Spokane, Wash. .........I4'2Q Martine Ave., Plainfield, NJ. ,.......,,...Franklin Rd., Skaneateles, N.Y. Bernard S. Dempsey, '46 ........,,,..,., 8605 Seminole Ave., Chestn. Hill, Phila., Pa. Robert C. Derby, '46 .........,...........,.,......,...,.......,,.... 610 Iames St., Syracuse, N.Y. Merritt W. Dixon, III, '48 ...,,...,...,....,.......,.......,.. 324 E. 46th St., Savannah, Ga. Robert L. Dodge, '50 ....,.,,..,..,.. B. Lee Doggett, Ir., '46 .......... Gilbert N. Drake, '46 .,...,...,. .......,199 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, Ill. .,.......,...,,..,. 1631 Locust St., Phila., Pa. Shefheld Rd., Newtonville, Mass. Bruce Draper, Ir., '46 ......,.,....... ,...,........,......,...,.....,................. O akland, Fla. Robert W. Driscoll, '49 .........,...,.. ...,....... R t. 2, Carmel Rd., Charlotte, N.C. Theodore G. Driscoll, Ir., '49 ....,.,. ...,.,..... 1 52 S. Avon St., St. Paul, Minn. Bruce E. Druckenmiller, '48 ........ ,.,,..........., 2 0 S. Main St., Phoenixville, Pa. C. Kendrick Dwyer, '47 .,......... ........ 2 60 N. Hanover St., Pottstown, Pa. Edwin F. Early, '46 .,..........,,. ....,..,. 3 4 Normandy Lane, Manhasset, N.Y. Thomas A. Edson, '49 ......... Iohn O. Ehrenclou, '47 .,.....,,.. Charles R. Elicker, '47 ,......... Iohn G. E. Elicker, '48 ..,..,.,, .,..,..,.,....604 Maple Lane, Edgeworth, Pa. .,....,,,925 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. Maplewood Dr., Pottstown, Pa. Maplewood Dr., Pottstown, Pa. 253 THE DIAL 1946 Robert J. Entenman, '46 ...,,....,. ......... 1 85 Crestwood Ave., Crestwood, N.Y. Leonard R. F ahs, '47 ............,.. James T. Faulkner, '48 ........... King Ave., Weehawken, NJ. .,.......417 W. 118th St., New York, N.Y. Conner M. Fay, '47 ,............,...... ..,,....... 5 5 Pine Crest, Mansfield, Ohio Iohn C. Ferenbach, Jr., '49 .......,... .......................,. 5 8 Butler St., Kingston, Pa. Richard S. Ferenbach, '46 ...,..... ..,,..............,......... 1 08 Butler St., Kingston, Pa. Lewis M. Firey, Ir., '47 ,......... Stuart E. Firth '46 ..........,................,........,.,,..,..... Carl Fischer, Jr., '47 Commodore Hotel, Washington, D.C. 685 Haxtun Ave., Orange, NJ. Germantown Ave. Sc Norman Lane, Chestnut Hill, Phila., Pa. Rosser B. Fleming, Ir., '46 ...,.,.....,....,,,....... 500 Sunset Rd., West Reading, Pa. James W. Forgie, '47 ......,...... William E. Foster, '48 ..,..,..,.. Denton G. Fox, '47 ..,..,...... Richard C. Frazier, ,47 ........., Jerry D. Freeble, '46 .,....... Breo Freeman, II, '46 ..,.....,..,. Leslie E. Freeman, Ir., '46 .,....... Arthur K. Freimuth, '47 ...,...... K. Bruce Friedman, '46 ..,..,.,, Emil L. Frohlich, '49 .,...........,.,..,.,. Arthur Fulmer, Ir., Harald P. F. Furth, 47 ........ 5 '46 ........,....,....... ,.,.....,311 Allison Ave., Washington, Pa. Box 369, Laramie, Wyo. E. 3rd Ave., Denver, Colo. ...2679 Cranlyn Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Hill, Leetsdale, Pa. N. Oakland Ave., Pasadena, Calif. .........,...Twin Oak Rd., Short Hills, NJ. ,,.,,..,..418 Highland Rd., Pottstown, Pa. ......,....281 Lincoln Pkwy., Buffalo, N.Y. Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. ,......,...2825 Lombardy St., Memphis, Tenn. 400 Fieldston Rd., Riverdale, New York, N.Y. Angelo A. Gallo, Ir., '47 ...,...,....,....,.....,.......,,. 62 N. Hanover St., Pottstown, Pa. Paul G. Gamble, Ir., '48 .....,,.,.. .......,......,.................. G reenville, Miss. Edgar W. Garbisch, Ir., '50 ....,..,. ,.,........ 4 E. 72nd St., New York, N.Y. Norbert S. Garbisch, Ir., '46 ..,..,... ....................... B elmont Rd., Butler, Pa. Edward E. Gardiner, '48 ....., Robert Y. Garrett, Ill, '47 ..,. Caleb F. Gates, Ill, '49 ......,... Harris R. Gates, '46 .............., Louis E. Gelwicks, Ir., '47... Michael R. Genth, '47 ........... David E. George, '49 .....,,.,... Wendell D. George, Ir., '48, Lee Getz, '47 ....,..,,..............,.,. John E. Gimbel, '46 .........,..... Paul A. Gimbel, '49 ,............. Dolf L. Goldsmith, '46 .....,.... 254 ...,..,.,435 Garden Lane, Bryn Mawr, Pa. ......,....,...6o4 Race Ave., Lancaster, Pa. ,..,..,....1640 E. 3rd Ave., Denver, Colo. II4 Mercer St., Princeton, NJ. .HHI43-30 Franklin Ave., Flushing, N.Y. .....,.......II25 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. 217 Flower Ave., W., Watertown, N.Y. N217 Flower Ave., W., Watertown, N.Y. Scarswold Apts., Scarsdale, N.Y. 50 Vanderbilt Ave., New York, N.Y. 50 Vanderbilt Ave., New York, N.Y. .......,......97o Park Ave., New York, N.Y. THE DIAL 1946 S. Ely Goldsmith, '48 ....,...,.,............,....,,.......,.. 97o Park Ave., New York, N.Y. Jose E. Gonzalez, ,4Q ............,,4..... Cervantes Ave. No. 4, Santurce, Puerto Rico James K. Goodwine, Jr., '48 ..,..,.......,..A..,..,..,........,........,..............A... Hoopeston, Ill. Wallace M. Gordon, '48 .........,.....,.,.. .......,.,., P .O. Box 275, Melbourne, Fla. Edward V. Gouinlock, Jr., '46 ....,.,,..,,..,,.,.....,,... 189 N. Main St., Warsaw, N.Y. C. Allan Gowen, '46 .,.............,........,....,...........,...,.. Overton Rd., Ossining, N.Y. Frederic J. Grant, III, '48 ,,..,....... 429 N. Las Palmas Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Henry B. Gray, III, ,47 ....,,,...........,....,....,..,.... 918 Essex Rd., Birmingham, Ala. Lloyd W. Grover, II, '48 ....,... ,,.....,,....,...,,,....... 4 oo Nassau St., Princeton, N.J. Arnold W. Guess, '47 ..........,,,...,..,....,.,...............,..... 340 Sylvan Ave., Leonia, N.J. H. Leland Gunn, Jr., ,47 ,.,,.,..,.,............. I2 Longfellow Lane, Little Rock, Ark. William B. Gunther, '46 .,......,.. 408 Queensborough Lane, Haddonfield, N.J. Lyndon W. Haigh, '47 .,,.,..,..........,..,,,.... 110 Highland Ave., Short Hills, N.J. John M. Hallstead, '48 ........,.,.,...... Alexander Van R. Halsey, '47 .,...,.,.. William R. Hamilton, Jr., ,47 .......... Howard F. Haneman, ,47 ....,. John C. Hannah, ,47 ..,............,, James W. Hanway, '46 ..,......,. Lee Haring, '47 ,.,......,........,..................,,......., Lucian H. Harris, III, '47 ........ Titus H. Harris, Jr., ,4Q .......... Varick D. Harrison, '48 .......,.., Richard A. Harter, '48 .....,......,. Daniel O. Hastings, III, '46 .......... .. David B. Hastings, '48 ........,..... C. Vance Haynes, Jr., '48 ,....,.,....,...... Carl M. Hazen, Jr., '46 ......,.,.. Allan R. Heavey, ,47 ...,..,... Eric F. Heckett, Jr., '46 ...,...,.,,.., ...... Thomas W. Heenan, '50 .......... Bruce F. Henderson, '48 ....,..,.. ....,......,,............Beechcroft, Dalton, Pa. ......125 E. 72nd St., New York, N.Y. .........,588 Garden St., Little Falls, N.Y. ...,..,.3I3-27th St., S., Brigantine, N.J. New Canaan, Conn. HI4 Oak Lane, Pelham, New York, N.Y. .62 East End Ave., New York, N.Y. 2942 St. Andrews Lane, Charlotte, N.C. Ave. J., Galveston, Texas .....54 S. Mountain Ave., Montclair, N.J. The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. ....,...Twadell Mill Rd., Centerville, Del. ....,....Twadell Mill Rd., Centerville, Del. ,Quarters 364, Mitchel Field, L.I., N.Y. E. Main St., Titusville, Pa. ,.....,,.,.322 Copley Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. ...,..Heckmeres Highlands, Valencia, Pa. 535 S. Spring Ave., LaGrange, Ill. Euclid Ave., Maplewood, N.J. B 6 C t L' Rd., Rosemont, Pa. Gerald van S. Henderson, '46... P.O. ox 39 , oun y ine Ronald H. Henderson, '49 ....,. P.O. Box 396, County Line Rd., Rosemont, Pa. Thilrnan Hendrick, III, '46 ......,,.,,...........,..... 2400-16th St., Washington, D.C. John G. Hendrickson, '48 7812 Conwell Rd., Laverock, Chestn. Hill, Phila., Pa. E. William Henry, '47 .....,.............. 182 Chickasaw Pkwy., E., Memphis, Tenn. J. Russell Herman, Jr., '48 .......,.........,...,,......... 218 Phelps Rd., Ridgewood, N.J. 255 THE DIAL 1946 George R. Hetrich, Ir., '4Q.. N. Mill St., Birdsboro, Pa. W. Gilchrist Hill, '49 ...,......,..... Michael Hillegass, '46 .....,,.., Iohn W. Hinton, '46 ............ Ben M. Hogan, Ir., '46 .....,,.. Robert M. Hogue, II, '50 .....,..., Iohn R. Hooton, '47 .,............. David A. Horning, '46 ........... ...,........708 Market St., Wilmington, N.C. Sz Main Sts., Red Hill, Pa. N. Brookwood Dr., Montclair, N.I. 5323 Edgewood Rd., Little Rock, Ark. Lightfoot Rd., Louisville, Ky. .........1133 Dartmouth Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 5, Lancaster, Pa. Lewis L. Hoy, '47 ...,...,......,............,.... 300 E. Main St., Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Philip H. Hubbard, Ir., '49 .....,... .,........ 2 Bon Mar Rd., Pelham Manor, N.Y. Richard W. Hudgens, '47 .....,..,.....,..., 414 Cummings Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. Graham Humes, '50 .,....,..,..... Samuel Humes, IV, '48 ....,.. 515 Vallamont Dr., Williamsport, Pa. ...........515'Vallamont Dr., Williamsport, Pa. W. Herbert Hunt, '47 ........,.....,.,....... Mt. Vernon, Lawther Dr., Dallas, Texas Robert A. Hunter, '49 .......,.,......,.,,......,,.,...,,,..,, 2006 DeKalb St., Norristown, Pa. Richard A. Hutchinson, Ir., ......,.... ...II37 E. Woodside, South Bend, Ind. Drew E. Imler, '48 ......,.................. ,.,..,...........,.,,.......,.....,. N orth Wales, Pa. Albert I. Impink, Ir., '49 ,.... William G. Irons, Ir., '46 ..,. Robert G. Iackson, '47 ...,..,.. Thomas A. Iacob, '46 ..,........, Freeman N. Ielks, Ir., '47 ..,...,.. A. Clark Iohnson, Ir., '48... .......,.623 Spruce St., Pottstown, Pa. Southway, Bronxville, N.Y. .,...,...172 Shaler Dr., Glenshaw, Pa. ...,...,....Forest Place, Glendale, Ohio .............42O E. 45th St., Savannah, Ga. ....,....,,Ridgecrest Farm, Coatesville, Pa. Ieremy E. Iohnson, '46 ....,.,,........,................... The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. Bruce C. Iones, '49 ,.,.,...........,,...... 2711 Wadsworth Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Thomas P. Iones, '47... .....,..,.....,.....................,.........,, 165 State St., Nanticoke, Pa. William V. Ioy, '46 .,....,......,..,..,.,..,....,..,....,..,,.......... P.O. Box 433, Centralia, Ill. Robert I. Kaiser, '47 ............ Kennett Pike Sz Westover Rd., Wilmington, Del. Paul S. Kempner, '48 ......,..,.....,.....,...,..... 27 Huntington Ave., Scarsdale, N.Y. H. Donnelly Keresey, Ir., '49 ........................ 1060 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. Iohn A. Kiggen, III, '48 ....,.....,.,,, .......,, 8 S. Brookwood Dr., Montclair, N.I. William I. Killian, '46 .....,.....,.,.....,.,...........,...... 1242 Broadway, Bethlehem, Pa. William G. Killinger, Ir., '46 ........ State Teachers College, W. Chester, Pa. Wilson Kipp, '46 .....,,..,.....,..,...........,,....,....,...,.,.....,.... "Lark Inn," Leetsdale, Pa. Richard G. Kirk, '47 .........,,..,.....,..,............................... 160 High St., Passaic, N.I. Brooks Van S. Klostermyer, '46 ......... ........,...... B ufifalo St., Warsaw. N.Y. W. McN. Knapp, Ir., '47 ........,..,...... .........,........ 1 18 E. 46th St., Savannah, Ga. Carl W. Knobloch, Ir., '47 ,.,.,..,,.., ...,.,...... K nobloch Lane, Stamford, Conn. Theodore A. Kobre, '47 ....,,....,, ,........... 3 3 S. Main St., Spring Valley, N.Y. 256 R. Allen Koehler, '48 .....,...... Reinhard C. Kuhn, '47 l.,.....,. Robert W. Laird, '46 ........,.., Walter B. Lashar, III, '47 ..4...... Kenneth F. Lay, '47 .,..,.,,...... Laurence C. Layton, '47 ...,..,..,,, THE DIAL 1946 ...,....,,158 Brixton Rd., Garden City, N.Y. ..........407 Ransom St., Chapel Hill, N.C. N.Y. 924 S. Pershing Ave., York, Pa. S. 19th St., Newark, NJ. ........302 N. Bedford St., Georgetown, Del. Robert E. Leach, '49 ,.....,....,,.......,..,...... 75 Central Park W., New York, N.Y. Harold R. LeBlond, Ir., '48 .,..,..... .,.....,....,..,..............,........,......,.,, M adeira, Ohio Walter M. Leonard, Ir., '49 ,.....,..,........... 520 Colonial Ave., Westfield, NJ. Richard G. Lesko, '46 .,......,.,......,.....,.....,. 399 Washington Ave., Kenmore, N.Y. Iohn D. Lethbridge, '46 ......,... ...,....,.... I 35 Summit Ave., Montclair, NJ. Edward D. Lewis, '48 ,........,..,..... ......,..,.......,.....,....................,....,.. W averly, Pa. Theodore H. Lichtenfels, '46 ..,..,..,.........,.,.,..... 266 Fuller Terrace, Orange, N.I. Louis K. Liggett, II, '47 ............,..,,... 219 Rockingstone Ave., Larchmont, N.Y. Iames R. Lindsay, '48 ..,,.,.,....,, Iohn H. Lochridge, '46 ..........,.. Alden A. Lofquist, Ir., '48 ..,...,.,. Hugh P. Lowenstein, '48 .......... Thomas M. Lowrie, '46 ........ Robert E. Lusk, Ir., '48 .,....... Ioseph N. Lutz, Ir., '47 ,.....,., Robert K. McAfee, '48 .....,........,.. Robert McCann, '48 .........,,,.,,..... Pelham LaR. McClellan, Ir., '48 ...... Ralph A. McClelland, Ir., ,47 ....,... Albert McGee, Ir., '47 ............,.,.., Charles W. McGinnis, Ir., '47, W. Barnabas McHenry, '48 .,....,. Hugh D. McKay, Ir., '48 ........,.,.. Walker McKinney, '46 ........ P. Ieii' McNally, '47 ..,....... Daniel W. McVey, '47 ...,...... William R. Maclay, '48 ,.........,. Pierre Mali, '46 .,...,..............,. Floyd A. Mann, '48 ........,. Iohn Markle, Ir., '49 .,,..,..., Benjamin Martin, '49 ..,........ Briton Martin, Ir., '47 ...,,.,,.,. Don S. Mashbir, '49 ,.....,.... .........,.,....2000 Village Dr., Louisville, Ky. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, Ill. ,.,.....Curren Terrace, Norristown, Pa. Butler Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. ...,.......5o7 N. Perry St., Titusville, Pa. Locust Lane, Bronxville, N.Y. 626 Glenway Ave., Wyoming, Ohio P.O. Box 750, Redlands, Calif. N.l ....,.,,..4o Elmsmere Rd., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Olmsted Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. ....IIO S. Kenyon Ave., Margate City, NJ. ........52I Glen Arden Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 45 S. 17th St., Allentown, Pa. Forest Ave., Rye, N.Y. .......,.lnterlaken, North Muskegon, Mich. ,.,..,.,..,,44oo Center Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. .,.......228 S. College Ave., Newark, Del. ....,...I58 E. 81st St., New York, N.Y. ,...,....1o E. 93rd St., New York, N.Y. ...,.....Second Ave., Prestonsburg, Ky. ...,..IO4 N. 25th St., Camp Hill, Pa. ..,...,,....21I4 DeLancey St., Phila., Pa. DeLancey St., Phila., Pa. ........,4Q34 Indian Lane, Washington, D.C. 257 THE DIAL 1946 Donn W. Maurer, '47 ..,..,..... James R. Maxwell, 3rd, '46, Marshall M. Meads, '47 ..,,.,.. William S. Medart, Ir., '47.. .IOI W. 78th St., New York, N.Y. .,..,.....Open Hearth, Burnham, Pa. Fourth St., Jackson, Mich. Portland Pl., St. Louis, Mo. Donn S. Meeske, '48 ....,..,,........... R.R. gil, Forest Park Rd., Muskegon, Mich. Harry Meixell, Ir., '46 .,.........,.....,....,. 6313 Connecticut Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. L. Thomas Melly, Ir., '48 ........... .................,.,, 5 o E. 72nd St., New York, N.Y. Peter Mendelson, '47 ,........,.... ,............ 1 23 W. 87th St., New York, N.Y. Eric S. Merriheld, '48 ,.,....,., ......,.,. 4 4 Hickory Dr., Maplewood, NJ. Peter S. Merrifield, '46 ........... ........, 4 4 Hickory Dr., Maplewood, NJ. Richard R. Mertens, '49 ......... ....., 1 3 Campden Rd., seafsdale, N.Y. David H. Michael, '47 ,...,....., ........,............ 5 IO Cambridge Rd., Cynwyd, Pa. Robert I. Middleton, '47 ......,.,.,.,.........,..,.....,.,...... 25 N. 19th St., Camp Hill, Pa. Charles D. Miller, '46 .,.....,,....,...,.. 362 Highland Ave., Upper Montclair, NJ. Edward A. Miller, '49 ..........,......,.........................,., 581 Broadway, Paterson, NJ. John I. Mitchell, Jr., '50 ........,., 314 S. Rockingham Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. John C. Moore, Jr., '47 ...,...,..,.............,.,................. 369 Humboldt, Denver, Colo. James R. Morris, '50 ...,,........,.....,..............,..... 125 E. Front St., Perrysburg, Ohio Julian K. Morrison, Ir., '46 ....,.,.,...................,..,..................,..,,........... Shannon, Ga. William B. Moseley, '48 .,...... ............ 4 25 Egandale Rd., Highland Park, Ill. Bruce H. Mowery, '49 .,,....,.,..,.....,.,..,.,................. Cragmere Park, Mahwah, NJ. Henry N. Mulvihill, '49 ...,..,......,. cfo Lt. Col. George E. Cook, FAO7461, Hq. 8th Regt., FARTC, Et. Sill, Okla. Iohn C. Mulvihill, '47 .,.,....,....... cfo Lt. Col. George E. Cook, FAO7461, Hq. 8th Regt., FARTC, Ft. Sill, Okla. John D. Munford, '46 .............,...,.........,. Thomas A. Mutch, '48 .,......... .... . Philip Mylecraine, '46 ...,,....... William M. Neal, Jr., '48 .,....... John C. Newsome, Ir., '48 ........,.... George Nicholas, '48 ..,..,.........,..,.....,, H. Thompson Nicholas, Jr., '46 Robert M. Nichols, '49 ..........,..,..,. . Alfred Nicholson, Jr., '46 .......,,. ..... Robert B. Noland, '49 ,.....,...,. ,.,...... ......,....Chatham Hills, Richmond, Va. Miller Rd., Morristown, NJ. Balwyn Pl., Bala, Pa. Perry St., New York, N.Y. .......17 Oak Lane, Glen Cove, N.Y. ..,..,....26o Gibbs Ave., Newport, R.I. ....,...26o Gibbs Ave., Newport, R.l. ..........,.273 Reynolds St., Kingston, Pa. ,,.,..,........M...........,..,....Moorestown, NJ. 3616 N. Albemarle St., Arlington, Va. I. Philemon Norton, '48 ,........ ........,......,,.......,.. 9 40 High St., Pottstown, Pa. Alan Ockene, '48 .......,..,...,..... .,,...,.... 2 415 Palisade Ave., Union City, NJ. Robert A. O'Connell, '48 .......... ...,...... 9 6 Siwanoy Blvd., Bronxville, N.Y. John L. Orgill, '49 .......,...,.., Wilson Sz Rohland Sts., Pottstown, Pa. 258 James F. Oyster, '49 .,........ Ehret B. Page, Jr., '49 ....,...., David R. Palmer, '47 ,.,,.AA.A,A. E. Devon Pardoe, '48 ,.......,..,. Frank H. Parke, Jr., '47 ...r...r. David Paton, '48 ...........,..,..,....,.. .,.,.... Clarence I. Paulsen, Jr., '49 ,,.,.,....,...., William LaB. Pegram, '49 .,,.,..,,.,..... Frank W. Peirce, Jr., '47 ,,,...,,. Crosby B. Perry, '47 .....,,......., John E. Prlieger, '49 .....,......... Thomas P. J. PHieger, '48 .,..,.,. Charles B. Phelpes, Ill, '49 ..,........ ....,.... Raoul P1etr1, '48 ,.....................,.. Lionel I. Pincus, '48 ,............. Henry L. Platt, '48 .,........., Fergus B. Pope, '46 ............... Frank Primrose, III, '46 ..,....... D. Crosby Prizer, '47 ....,..................... THE DIAL 1946 ..........Quaint Haven, Easton, Md. ir, Glen Moore, Pa. ....,.......10 Woodcroft Rd., Summit, N.J. Orchard St., Johnstown, Pa. ...M4723 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock, Ark. ..,...,..,,...17o E. 79th St., New York, N.Y. .....,......637 Shoshone Pl., Spokane, Wash. Randolph Rd., R.D. qhfr, Freehold, N.J. 155, Kimberton, Pa. ,. . . . .Brookside Terrace, Brattleboro, Vt. Park Ave. Terrace, Bronxville, N.Y. 2 Park Ave. Terrace, Bronxville, N.Y. 1034 Bishop Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Berg St., West End, N.J. ....,...,.7700 Chapel Rd., Elkins Park, Pa. 2, Dalton, Pa. 306, Morristown, NJ. ..........,Park Heights Ave., Pikesville, Md. Colony Dr. E., West Orange, NJ. A. Vail Proescholdt, Jr., '50 ......., 34-21-80th St., Jackson Heights, L.I., N.Y. Richard C. Purcell, '46 ..,,.,,..,.. John S. Purnell, Jr., '46 ............ Risher Randall, '46 .,............. Robert S. Reeves, II, '48 ,..,........ Peter Van B. Reid, '49 .,.....,.. Robert B. Reid, '46 .......,.......,..,. Gordon E. Reynolds, '47 ..........,. C. Joseph Richardson, Jr., '46 ...,..... Ronald E. Richardson, '47 ............,., Thomas W. Richey, Jr., '50 Cor. Rudolf M. Riefstahl, '46 .......... Tad T. Riley, '48 ,..,,.,,.....,........,..,.,.. James R. Rinehart, '48 ..,.,..,.,... 848 N. Franklin St., Pottstown, Pa. Carl A. Propes, '46 ...,........,..,..,...,................, ...,........39oo Greystone Ave., Riverdale, N.Y. Market St., Mihclinburg, Pa. 3502 Ave. P, Galveston, Texas Acres, Larchmont, N.Y. 31 Woodbridge Ave., Metuchen, N.J. North St., Greenwich, Conn. ..,.........140 Estates Dr., Piedmont, Calif. .333 N. Wells St., Sistersville, W.Va. ,........333 N. Wells St., Sistersville, W.Va. Riverside Ave. Sz Club Rd., Riverside, Conn. Garden Pl., Brooklyn, N.Y. .......,...,..The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. ..III Arthur St., Ridgefield Park, N.J. Pierrepont D. Robbins, '48 .,,,.....,......,..,.,,....,.... Stanwich Rd., Greenwich, Conn. Nathaniel G. Robertson, III, '47 ,........,,......,.......,..,..........,....,..........,,. Waverly, Pa. Edward M. Rodgers, '46 .......,....,,,..,.,.... 36 Pondlield Pkwy., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. William S. Rodie, Ill, '47 .....,..... ........... B rooklawn Park, Bridgeport, Conn. 259 THE DIAL 1946 Morgan R. Rodney, '47 ....,.... Armis S. Roe, '49 .A.......,..,.., Lane Rogers, '46 ...........A..A... George R. Rohrer, '47 ,........... Henry A. Rohrer, Ir., '46 ...,r...... Colin Rosse, '48 ......,..,...,,.,..,,.., .,.,.,. Walter A. Ruch, Ir., '47 .,r..,.....,. ..,. Bronson C. Rumsey, Ir., '48 Anthony P. Russell, '50 ,....,........, N. Iames Sage, '47 ...,............... Arthur H. Salinger, '47 ................... Hudson G. Samson, Ir., '48 ........., Henry Sanderson, '47 .........,........ Lee H. Sands '49 ......,........,..,.. William C. Saunders, '48 .......,....... Iohn W. Schelpert, 3rd, '46 ..,........ Frederick F. Schock, Ill, '49 ,............. Fred W. Schoonmaker, '47 ...,,.,.. Iohn H. Schultz, '48 ...,........,.. Donald P. Scott, '50 ............ William C. Sellars, '47 ,........... Richard L. Shanley, '46 ......,...... Kenneth H. Sheldon, Ir., '49 ......... Iames D. Sheppard, '46 ........,..... C. Laurence Sherman, '46 ...,...... Iohn I. F. Sherrerd, '48 .......,. Edward M. Shulman, '47 .......... Martin Shulman, '46 .....,..,..... Douglas G. Sibbald, '47 ....,..,... .... Percy R. Smith, Ir., '49 ....,...,. ,.,..,., Robert I. Smith, '49 ,..,.....,........, .... Thomas C. Smith, Ir., '46 ...,..... .... Lawrence W. Snell, Ir., '47 ........... Clement L. Speiden, Ir., '46 ,........, Stuart M. Sperry, Ir., '47 ......,..... Ionathan M. Spivak, '46 ,........ I. Dalziel Sprunt, Ir., '49 ....,... Edward V. R. Spurgeon, '49 .......,. 260 ...........Cherry Hill, Branford, Conn. ..........,Hotel Olds, Lansing, Mich. .,................................Sumneytown, Pa. ....,..I02Q Marietta Ave., Lancaster, Pa. ............I02Q Marietta Ave., Lancaster, Pa. ...........................................W0lfeboro, N.H. William I. Roome, Ir., '47 ................. ' .3505 Davis St., N.W., Washington, D.C. ...........1492 Vance Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Cody, Wyo. ........,I2OO Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. ...,....,202O E. Iackson Blvd., Elkhart, Ind. Southeast Way, Bronxville, N.Y. ..........515 Edgerton Pl., Pittsburgh, Pa. .....................,...........,Syosset,L.I.,N.Y. ........III5 High St., Pottstown, Pa. ,.,.........The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. Forbes Blvd., Tuckahoe, N.Y. ...H308 Brighton Ave., Spring Lake, N.I. 26, Lander, Wyo. .........I33I Lincoln Ave., Evansville, Ind. ....,......825 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. Sagamore Rd., Maplewood, N.I. ...........Roslyn Estates, Roslyn, L.I., N.Y. E. 7ISt St., New York, N.Y. ..,...........3o8 Farley Ave., Laurens, S.C. ..........25o3 N. Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. 41 Lapsley Rd., Merion, Pa. ...........528 E. 29th St., Paterson, N.I. ........,......,...793-I4l'.l1 Ave., Paterson, N.I. .,.......2886 Tagle, Buenos Aires, Argentina .405 Forest Hills Dr., Wilmington, N.C. ................5oo Maple Ave., Winnetka, lll. ...UM736 Crescent Pkwy., Westheld, N.I. E. 75th St., New York, N.Y. ..........I-Iampstead Farm, Somerset, Va. Normandy Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. Sage Terrace, Scarsdale, N.Y. .......,..I6I7 Market St., Wilmington, N.C. .....,.......Raiders Lane, Darien, Conn. THE DIAL 1946 Robert D. Spurgeon, '48 .4.,...... .,.,.,......... R aiders Lane, Darien, Conn. J. Edward Stark, Ir., '47 ,..,.,4.,., ,....,. 1 779 Central Ave., Memphis, Tenn. H. Kirk Steen, Jr., '47 .........,........,..,...,..,............. 335 Grand St., Newburgh, N.Y. G. Barnes Stevenson, '47 Mermaid La. 8z Lincoln Dr., Chestn. Hill, Phila., Pa. W. Taylor Stevenson, Jr., '46 ,....,,..,..,,.,,.,,.,.. 624 W. 15th St., Owensboro, Ky. Blair Stewart, '46 ,....,...............,...,,..... 8 N. Tallahassee Ave., Atlantic City, NJ. Richard A. Stibolt, '46 ..,..,..... 4921 Rockwood Pkwy., N.W., Washington, D.C. Edward D. Stone, Ir., '5o ,.... John E. Swett, '47 ........,,.,..... Alan B. Taplow, '49 ,.....,...,.., Richard K. Thompson, '48 E. 64th St., New York, N.Y. ...........,..61o Ann St., Medina, N.Y. .........295 St. Johns Pl., Brooklyn, N.Y. .,..,..The Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. Isaac Thomas, Ir., '48 ..,,.....,...,. ,......I29 Chestnut St., Watertown, N.Y. Jock Thornton, '47 ...............,..,. ..,,.,.,,,,.., S ussex Hall, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. David A. Tickner, '49 ..,....... ,.,..,,.....479 Baldwin Rd., Maplewood, NJ. Ralph L. Tompkins, Jr., '49 .......,,,,......,....,.... 164 E. 72nd St., New York, N.Y. F. Jerome Tone, 3rd, '47 ..... Barton Treman, '48 .,.,..,,.,.,... Arthur L. Troast, '46 ............ John F. Trotter, '47 .....,...,.. .......167 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, N.Y. Denroe Court, Ithaca, N.Y. ........324 Dwas Line Rd., Passaic, NJ. Vassar Pl., Scarsdale, N.Y D. Chase Troxell, '47 .,..,....................,...,......,... 46 Llewellyn Rd., Montclair, NJ. Herbert L. Trube, Jr., '48 .,........ .Newtown 8: Murray Aves., Norwalk, Conn. David F. Tuthill, '48 .....,......,.,..,...... 35 Bradford Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. Victor P. Tuthill, '46 ......,..,,....,.... 1734 Pontiac Rd., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. David S. Twining, '49 ,,....,... ......,.,,......,....,......,.,.,. Q uarters 601, Quantico, Va. David L. Tyson, '48 ......,............ .,,.,,... 5 9 Rensselaer Rd., Essex Fells, NJ. Joseph Van Buskirk, '47 .....,.... .,.,.. 1 301 Inverness St., Pittsburgh, Pa. R. Barton VanCleve, '48 .................,.,........,,,.,.,..,..........,.,. 429 W. Sixth, Erie, Pa. Robert F. Vanderslice, Ir., '50 .......................,..........,,...,..........,.,.,,.,., Marietta, Pa. Jose M. Vicente, Ir., '5o ...IZ Lafayette Ave., Condado, Santurce, Puerto Rico Fernando A. Villamil, Jr., '47 .,.,...,... 9 Carrion's Court, Santurce, Puerto Rico Carlton B. Wade, '46 ,.,........................,,........,... 6 Meadow Lane, Rochester, N.Y. Earl G. Wagner, Ir., '47 .. 614 Righters Mill Rd., Penn Valley, Narberth, Pa. Hay Walker, '50 .............,........,.,...,...... 1200 Beaver Rd., Osborne, Sewickley, Pa. Bruce T. Wallace, '47 .,,................,....,.,..... 35-15-86th St., Jackson Heights, L.l. James Wallace, Jr., '46 ..,...,.... Keith W. Wallis, '48 ,..,.,...,... Douglas G. Waters, '48 .,........... ,........317 W. Woodruff Ave., Toledo, Ohio ..........BoX 359, R.R. Io, Cincinnati, Ohio ..............I22O Maple St., Pottstown, Pa. Theodore L. Weed, Jr., '46 ..,..,... ...,....... 1 5 Bacon Court, Bronxville, N.Y. 261 THE DIAL 1946 Homer A. Wehe, '49 ..,A.,..,..A..,...., 144 S. Westmoreland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. Robert B. Weimann, '48 .................,,...,..... IO First Ave., Haddon Heights, N.I. Roy D. Welch, Ir., '46 ......... W. Iohn Welch, '50 ......... ......,187 Prospect Ave., Princeton, NJ. .....,.,..144 E. Main St., Westfield, N.Y. Searle K. Welling, '47 ,.............,.,.. ,...,.... 9 O4 Greenway Ave., Morrisville, Pa. Leslie T. West, Ir., '48 ....,...,.............................. 103 Corona Ave., Pelham, N.Y. Frederick W. Whaley, Ir., '47 Whispering Winds Farm, N. Davis Rd., East Aurora, N.Y. H. Iames Whelen, '46 .,.,..............,.,..,.,.....,.,.,.......... 1511 Elm St., El Paso, Texas Ioel I. Whitcomb, '49 ..,,...... .........,.... 1 oo W. Walnut Lane, Phila., Pa. Hollis H. White, '46 ...,........ ................ 1 25 E. 84th St., New York, N.Y. F. Grice Whiteley, '50 .............. ..,....,.. 3 505 Camera Mills Rd., Alexandria, Va. Iohn F. Whiteley, Ir., '48 ..........,.... 3505 Camera Mills Rd., Alexandria, Va. Robert D. Wickwire, '47 .............,.,.....,....,...,.,......,.......... R.R. if 1, Iackson, Mich. Iohn W. Wideman, '46 ...Huntsinger Dr., N. Rock Ridge, Greenwich, Conn. Ronald H. Wideman, '48 ,.... Calvin R. Wigton, '48 ........... Frank E. Wilhoit, Ir., '46 ...... David I. Wilke, '49 ...,,.,.....,.. David R. Williams, '46 .,...,.. Iohn R. Williams, '49 ...,..,.. Iohn F. Wilson, Ir., '50 ...,.,., W. McLennan Wilson, '46, Donald Wintz, '46 ............,.... David V. Wise, '49 ..,.,.,..,..,.. Vernon L. Wise, Ir., '47 ....,, Steven H. Wood, '47 ...,...,.... Robert R. Worth, '48 ..........., Clarke Wright, '47 ...,,...,....... Raymond L. W. Wright, '46 ...... 262 Sanford Ave., Palm Beach, Fla. Beaver St., Sewickley, Pa. ......,............Railbow Dr., Gadsden, Ala. Wilson St., Pottstown, Pa. ,..,.,.....227 E. Locust St., Wilmington, Ohio ......IOOO Fairmont Ave., Fairmont, W.Va. Md ...HHI84 Hickory Ave., Tenafly, N.I. ......., ...QI22 Frankford Ave., Phila., Pa. .......,.....,....,.....Belmont Rd., Butler, Pa. ,.,........,.......,,.,........ Belmont Rd., Butler, Pa. 1, Box 353A, Red Bank, N.I. ,...,..,...,................................. Greenville, Del. Park Ave., New York, N.Y. 27 Washington Sq., N., New York, N.Y. Autographs J0Qf5'fw'CZ651f6l.'07zzfLf,a.44wCof7PfHf'5fi4""0h ,ev-vdlwcf AWZCWZ-afbv . cJowJx. QJOJLL M9 0 'GEMM-aa , izxzffff' B QXZN 69 . wwf K. i +LwJ,,yfm,M410fLJ14fDwM 7, E an Q feb f RTM my id? QQ Autographs Alu-44, aJq,-4.141 .." , IT.-.J S - ?.-v'4?'b-"""'Z1r-Jfzi. ,1:a.,,,.4,.!.,f L2 441'-In - flu-ZS!-54, - 44N'a2:"""'A"-ru. 'M - bf-24 x744.,-r .. Wdif hwvwdwgwdha WMMWKQN xw j,,Z,e Autographs FINIS 59 r Xl lrmi-I , W WZ? of' Q QL. Kd ik,

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