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.1 xx 7 N L -fY.'IQ'..'l A 2 ki ' -" f' , W JJ r I by I' V .,'.!'.- -1 Ah -fNmf:"W'l ll ll-I.. LL-!!.4.1 .- ,f 6, L45 Y 'Jf - .WF X5 ll X' L-I :MW 1. .f f "w'.- 0 1. ik'--:D ,lf 0 ILA: pun-un kt Q 1 gays- A + Afswo-flfz' ' ' a I I . I A V b - E y-1 1 PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1935 THE HILL SCHGOL POTTSTOWN PA Eehinatiun WiTh graTiTude Tor his Triendly counsel and personal inTeresT in us, wiTh respecT Tor his qualiTies as man and Teacher, and wiTh admiraTion Tor him who repre- senTs someThinq oT an ideal, we, The Class oT NineTeen ThirTy- Tive, dedicaTe This record oT our school liTe To HOWARD SMITI-I Gibe ial Euarh Ct1'EdfIOTS'f11'Cl1fCf HERBERT Q. MCVITTX' ALIfRliD C. ULMER. JR. Businexx Manager W11.1..lAM Cocl-1 RAN Adve1'tixing Manager RIJIYERT GLAIENZER Circulation Manager ART!-IUR RAND Photographic Editor JOHN H. PACE. JR. Art Editor Couas PHINIZY Axxistant Business Mzmag IOHN W. ROBERTS Assncialc Editors RICHARD HALE ROBERT R. HOLT .IOHN S1-1ALLnNnnRc:nR Assistant Editcwfiwl-Chief DAVID G. YUENGLING 67' HOWARD SMITH K fx Qiampus Brains Page Six 1-in-q l FM, I I . I II ,I I I I I Qi f ,VA 'III I U I ff- sj I g.',r-'I I EZ I I XIII I :II I I I 'LII I -1 ' "yy ,if ,V III- I III I5 W I IJQQI 5 IP HI d',,II . FH I If I 1 I I , .11 I F1 I' zlwfy fix 1 I I Q I I I rg, iii, -jf,-1 L A IMI - -. ,. , L H Y , 'N , V. F., 5 A ,,,, ,, 1'- 1: gm F?j g ,I HI I I LII: 'Iam If II IITTZI II IU gi 'EJ II iftiil' 'QI HYIP IEIAII I I QI? Ii IJ 1 III I 'Ib I 'z-zu In-1ifI I? I II mi' a .K I I- I IIIQI fI III, IIQKII IQIII I PI Wi: IIIITII IJIIPI Im! Igilrl I II: 'l':"I , XJ I! II. I II I' I I II ZLLII EU Page Eight 1 in -X L-,-Xa 1 --w Y -- x :V , -R . u ...rv 5 K ' ,' Kp ' ' v .- '. yy '1. 'Q . ,. Wag? ,sk ,AX 9 'A Ns Dx? gg S '72-I fx Lv-f ' " 'Si Q 4:5 ,Si-'x'JL5"- K Qfitwv ng Q TQ fw1'f"' QQMT' . Ui- 'q35:4:1-'J x w f I , y QV, 74 H ti .K , iii J Page Nine Page Ten Page Eleven Page Twelve J: , A I X., VY. 11 HX fxx' .Jx S Page 'fhwteen L n w 4 n ' 4 Page Fourteen uaaqjyg 93125 I . il Q m Q .,g.., Exif iw milf . wa I, 5 ,L Elf.. .T wry Hiilll 'I 1 jj 1 'E Vex Ki T .5 'ik "1 1. 4 iii? V F V L Fi l i,.Q I N ,. .- .xr .ff F,-fc, ,'-., f- , -Y - ,Trl-if gg f ' :r.1-i.'f'i- ei, ' if '-g?,i.5,:' I .. 1, L V4 .V , ,,-V .V , AM..u. 5 L W.. 1. 5" 'f 1-,vi ,H Y.-. ,H . Ha, H .vi vi- iff t , fL,,A,..xv.l .. --2 . . ., ., 4-,..-,-.l.-,-PgV'4J,--- LL.. 3 f-.f,,, ,. if L- V any Q L1 4 , 1 '1 :1?,,, :g - +4p ..3,g ,gviii . . .. X.. .75 ,pm -hw: fa' ,-fu! -7-7.1 - Q + X H W ' 4 mfg-'-x-....' " Q mn '-f' .X , , .,.,A . XX, Y, w E 1 4 I l I n i I 3 1 44. L H V, K Elf M , if I . n-,avr PY:-' 5 Q! ,L ,gr-r J L.. l: 'L xx. wk I .1 ,. fa -- Usxb-PV-:.H1 TF" . 'L 1wu,,....7-A -16142-f-3-f'::'f:, m GN 1" 1-.1 .J A. .rs .4 -',1'f 1--1 .. uf ' l -f fifff?-w.HfiX,m C1sg fi'ii' f1fi'iflSf.4:1fii J 'J 1 -Q 'W 9 . . ' h ,-,A K ,. -44-, '1,,: .Ziff , .. L .- ,- . I i ,,7,I . L I 1' 4 ',. .1 'If 4E",6" ' ff -, 1 R - ' M i ----4-2. A.: - 1 A .. ,. , , . . 1 g. , -, 4-rr' Page Sixteen M , NI J Qi I -! E w 1 1 M 1 Q rf, 17, ,WAV Page Seventeen ' 1 1 1 1 ! Q W 93115 v.221z1Hgg yJLc..,,,, +I' Page Nineteen lu w r 1. -A A-.. 1-QL il . i.L-. E Page Twenty ,Y Q WA' ' . -ku, . W W. 1 ,br-V- - W x -,Q V , WW W- WW A1 W 6 W ,WW W W W W. W W WW W W W. ,W WW ' 'W. r ' W . W W We: H W ' W If W W W W WH, WWW W W WNW W Wi' W 1 'W WW Page Twcntyfone 5 QM ,J-s U3 'Aida Page Twemyft wo sixty' dv 3 . Qui lv: ,v Page Tnuemyfthrce Page 'I'wenty'fou'r 4 - fMWWM .,f". J' . 5. YW 1' f ,V If Az fzw:f:.C,,. .,4i 5:34, 3 x mlgg . ww ,115 11 K-I W S' ' My 1 if ,S I - ax 1 ' lux" , qi ' I- hun.. K 5 Y N 1 fs-'sreefvf 1 rr 1,1 1 - .-- : , . . ' 4, x w i- s,:,g,F.fg+z wihdwgvimmk S 'SMWQgs k -1. 4.':-- X ,wswwwxw rraa I 3f'rE1mww , K, ft., pfgvfbg. ? -,i: 4 'Q I H, mul X Siu x I' Ewii 5222 1 ,S x , A ms-, nl If - --sf: f -. - -:f"'4i5 :--- - greg- ' , Y 4 il'-157 ' Xigxig .fj-me gfixfg-Y- ,753 gfsiig-f QQ? W ' ei -..- T f f jf- Eiltvi- 3 ' f- A1"3'-Lgjs 'F Jfanultp Headmaster JAMES I. WENDELL, MA, Senior Master A1.1fRnu G. RULFIQ, LI'r'r.D, Dean Assistant to the Headmaster A. Pnmcra SAUNDERS, A.B. HERBERT B. FINNEGAN, A.B. Registrar Treasurer WILLIAM H, BELL, C.P.A. J.-ssl-lan jfxcou STA:-IL, A.B. Pag gs ww' w. ,, u Q. ,r e Twentyffvc Page Twentyfsix JAMES 1. WENDELL, M.A. WESLEYAN. '13 Delta Tau Delta Fraternity: Mt. Her' mon School, 19093 taught English at The Hill, September, 1913-October, 1917g As- sistant to the Headmaster. October. 1917- April, 19?.1g Treasurer of The Hill School, April, 19213 Dean of Administration, 19253 Coached Hockey and Swimming, 1914: Assistant Track Coach. 19143 Secre' taryfTreasurer of The Hill School A. A., 1915g Faculty Manager of Athletic Sched' ules, 1923: Member of the Efficiency Com' mittee: Executive Committee: Scholarships Committee: Headmaster of The Hill, 1928. ALFRED G. ROLFE, M.A.. LITT.D. AMHERST, '82 Prepared at Chauncy Hall School, Bus' ton: Amherst College, D. K. E. and Phi Beta Kappag taught at Black Hall School. Cushing Academy, Williston Seminary and Graylock Instituteg came to The Hill in 18903 member of the ExtrafCurriculum Committeeg instructor in Greek and His- tory. MICHAEL F. SWEENEY Dr. Sargcnfs and the Chuutuuquzl Schools of Physical Training: came to The Hill in 1896: Directur of Physical Train' ing: Executive Committee: Discipline Com- mittee: Scholarships Committee: Executive Committee nf Athletic Association, LUTHER W. TURNER HARvAun. '96 Came to The Hill in 1902. In charge of hnhbics. Page TW571tj"SCU67l ' iw, ll , 3 7' X1-. 7 v', f ' ' Ii j '.' v , 4 '- neil l .., ll i l 'i ll l I r l . .rl , 4: 5' : G .su-, , , i Y ll T ,, 1 it i li 1 X K , GEORGE W. HITNER, A.B. ' YALE, '02 "IVV, Prepared at The Hill, Class of 1898g Pk?-f Cum Laude Society at The Hillg Phi Beta '53 Kappa at Yaleg returned to The Hill in ii January, 1903: Member of Executive Com' 'ff mittee, Curriculum Committee, Health 'W Committee, and Scholarships Committccg 1, i Instructor in Mathematics. l i 1 .. l li l'i,ifz Wlgd llulv' 0-5127 li ylli: ,wi I , il. ll lla,- V 231 i W "AVI FREDERICK FRASER, A.B. 'll HARVARD, '06 Phi Beta Kappag Coach of Golf Teamg Member of Executive Committeeg came ' to The Hill in 1906g Head of Mathematics Department: Treasurer of the Wolfeboro Camp, C.E.E.B.g Reader in Mathematics since 19155 Examiner in Mathematics for , C.E.E.B. since 1929. ffl' 5 , lll L 'L 7 ,, ,, fi ,:tL,' Lt 1 . 'ff I -. .l , , , Page 'f'wemy'eigl1t G EORGE DOUGLAS ROBINS M.A.. LLB. W1asLEx'AN. '98 New You LAW SCHOOL. '04 Alpha Delta Phi: American Historical Association: taught at Riverview Academy, 189949043 came to The Hill in 1904: Head of the History Departmentg Meriilnci' of the Executive, Discipline. Scholarships. and Health Departments: Director of Wolfelvc1r'v,s Camp: Dean. 19Z1f1934. FRANCIS L. LAVERTU. A.B. Bowoom Comeau, '99 Trinity Hall. Waslwirmgtciii. Pa., 1899f 1900: Betts Academy, Stamford, Conn. 4 1 1906 Head of De artrnent of Mind' 114 of 1 p ern Foreign Languages at The Hill: C.E EB. Reader in French. 1915: and Assist ant Chief Reader in French B. Cp. 3 and Cp. -I. 1926: Delta Upsilon Fraternity. 1 li - i bf 'A - A3L:i,if'Efif.i34'f3f -1 1 rr- '-'ltefia -ii 'kf' -' fe -'Q'- Page Tnuentyfwriue l 1 Page Thirty HOWARD SMITH, A.M. DICKINSON, '94 Sigma Alpha Epsilong Phi Beta Kappag taught at Mercersburg Academy, 1S95f 1901: at Lawrenceville, 1901f1906: at Mcrccrshurg, 190649073 came to The Hill in 19071 Member of the Ellicicncy Cum- mittee: Instructor in Mathematics. CHRIS F. KOGEL YALE, 'O5' Head Coach, Yale University Gymnastic Team, 1901f1903: came to The Hill in 1903 as Boxing, Wrestling, and Fencing Master and Assistant to Mr. Sweeney: Coach of Basketball, Baseball, and Gym Teams: Head Coach, Princeton University Gymnastic, Basketball, and W1'CStll11g Teams, l90s'1907Z Coach of Freshman Baseball Teams, 1906-1907: returned to The Hill in 1907 as Gymnasium Director. ISAAC THOMAS. M.A. THE HILL, '05 PRINCETON, '09 Phi Beta Kappa: came to The Hill in l9lOq Member of Curriculum Committee: Editor of The Hill School Bulleting Sec' rctnry of the Cum Laude Societyg In' struetor in German and Latin: Secretary of the Alumni Association: Head of the Latin Department: Member of the Cottage Club of Princeton. HENRY J. COLBATH. A.B. Bowoom COLLEGE Delta Kappa Epsilon: Chairman of Ex' tr:vCurrieulum Committee: Track Coach: came to The Hill in 19103 Head of Sci' ence Department: Meinber of American Chemical Society: Member of Curriculum Committee. Page 'fliirtyfonc .SW ,nm ,. . lk, yu. I is if, ALICE W. EMERSON, B.A. WELLESLEY Prepared at Methuen. Mass.. High School: Wellesley Shakespeare Soeietyg taught in Methuen. Mass., High Schoolg Gilbert School, Winsted. Conn.: came to The Hill in l9I2g Librarian at The Hill. R I fry t F il: . 31 ll Ai fill :FXR l Llfi 11 Wil ,or -I iw I ,. 4 - E ii li A 'I 1.1 Mil CHARLES L, SWIFT. MA. 'jj gl! I DICKINSON, '04 ll' ill. ' YALE ' Phi Delta Theta: Book and Bond: Re- f" W ...I porter and Editorial Writer' for the Balti- X I more Herald and News, 190449071 Staff -. of New 'York Sunday Tribune, 190Sf19l2g K Magazine Contributor: Master of English I' " and Dean at Conway Hall, l909fl9l2g l Y Special work in English at Yale, 1912f I 19133 Foreign Press: came to The Hill l914g Adviser of T1-IE DIAL: Assistant Editor, The Hill School Bulletin. Member ,Q J l of Curriculum, ExtrafCurrieulum. Exeeu- 'A-N' tive Committee: Head of English Depart- Q15 I V ment. ,E I I I W N l NI I I H' 2, ' T "wif 'D' 'M I - -----M I - r' 1 Q':,sf,Z5I:.f-J! - ""71x 1 1, v- 4 I . ...,.,- .M l W , . V... U: ,, i , E- , Y , nii 4 YY A Page Tliirtyftwo WALTER D. STAFFORD Studied in New York City. 18914896: studied in Europe. 1897f1906g pupil of juan Buitrago. New York: of Julius Winckler, Vienna: of Cesar Thomson, Brussels: of Otilcar Sevcik, Prague: came to The Hill in 19155 Teacher of Violin, Piano. :md Theory. CHARLES A. HARTER. B.S., M.Po. FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL, 'li Came to The Hill in 1918 as Instructor in Physics and Chemistryg Extra'Currieuf lum Committee: Religious Committee: Adviser to the Radio Cluh. Photographic Cluh, Outing Club. Page Thirtyfthrcz Page Thirtyffour PAUL ADRIAN SCHARFF, M.A. PRINCETON, '85 Princeton, 188548863 St. John's School, Manlius, N. Y., 18874888g Portland Latin School, Portland, Maine, 1888f1889g St. Paul's School, Garden City, N. Y., 1889f 1893: Adelphi Academy, Philadelphia, Pa., 189348965 Cheltenham Academy, Ogontz. Pa., 189648985 Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 1898f1899g Columbia Institute, New York City, 1899f 1907: Berkeley School, New York City, 190749165 Berkeleyflrving School, New York City, 1916'1918g came to The Hill 19185 Tutor in the Latin Department. HERBERT B. FINNEGAN, A.B. WESLEYAN, '18 Came to The'Hill, 1919, Member of The French Department, Assistant to the Headmaster. HAROLD G. CONLEY, PH.B. UNIVERSITY or CHICAGO. '14 Sigma Chi Fraternityg Wzishington Square Players' School of The Theatre. New York: Instructor. Englishg Producer of the Sixth Form Show: Dramatic Club Coach: came to The Hill. 1919. JASPER JACOB STAHL, A.B. Bownom, '09 Zeta Psi and Phi Beta Kappag prepared at Lincoln Academyg at the University of Munich and Gottingen, 1909-105 Univerf sity of Berlin, l91Of11g Harvard. 1915'f16g American Philologieal Association: Amer' iean Society for Advancement of Scan' dinavian Learning: taught at Reed College, 1911-17: came to The Hill in l919g Reg' istrar: Personnel Director. s gf-V: v ---V -iz. '- L. - -'T' i Page Thirty-five Page Tlzifrtyfsix STANLEY AYRAULT WARD, Pn.B. BROWN, '17 Psi Upsilong Rogers High School, New' ort, R. I.g came to The Hill in 1919g ifth Form Adviserg Physical Department: Football Coach. 1931-1934g Assistant Coach of Football and Trackg Faculty Man' ager of Athletics. P F OSCAR IMER COLLEGE CLASSIQUE, '94 Master of French at the University of Beirut, 'Oi fSyriaJg Master of French at The Hill, '08-'19g Instructor in French and French Literature at Vassar College, '19f'30g returned to The Hill in 1930 as a member of the French Department. 1 i i if! ..i, i 5 i i ii ' l r Qld f. , M r , ll-V35 LEONARD A. RICE lfrlfjf TUFTS, '18 Came to The Hill in 19201 Instructor in Englishg Advisor to The Newsg Member of V44 ' ExtrafCui'riculum Committeeg Faculty Dra' " 'I l matic Coach: Member of the Forum Com' 5 tryin mittee: Advisor to E. D. Debating ,, .,,' l Camp. 'l fig, l Fi Ti Wifi fi l?f.fJ,3i Qljl 'l Ll QI i.ef.f.'l Wi -'il li 1, :lr L-Tl 'liigliiiil ,Ulil I' ICIL :X lil .. if WILLIAM H, BELL .fd MARYLAND, '21 Special Course at Johns Hopkins and the ,LA University of Marylandg Business Manager iii A and Instructor, McDonogh School, McDonf ff?-ff ugh. Md.. 1915f1920g Superintendent. 'flu Edgecliff Cri pled Children's School, En' "--if glewood Cliflg. N. l92O'192lQ came to ,'-if, The Hill in l921g Business Agent: Busif hill! ness Mzmriger. 1922: Treasurer, 1928. l Qi-1 ,. if 1 ll 4 nfl- l Page Tlzirty-seven Page 'Thirtyfeight GEORGE ALEXANDER DAWSON, A.B. CORNELL UNIVERSITY, '09 Taught at Culver Military Academy, Gilman Country School, Stuyvesant School. Milton Academy: came to The Hill in 192lg Instructor in Latin. GEORGE E. DENMAN, B.A. WILLIAMS, '98 Gargoyle Societyg Postfgraduate Work at Columbia: taught and coached at River' view Military Academy: Central University of Kentuckyg Athletic Coach, Michigan Agricultural College: coached and taught, Centenary Col. Instituteg Mackenzie Schoolg Williston Academy: came to The Hill in 1923: Assistant Coach of Football and Baseball: Basketball Coachg Instructor in Latin. DR. SAMUEL T. NICHOLSON, ja. Univ. of N. C. fA,B.. 19061: Johns Hopkins Medical Sch. 191015 Mem. A. M. A.: American Clinical E? Climntological Assn., Fellow of the Ameri' can College of Physicians: N. Y. State Med. Soc.: Pa. State Med. Soc.: Delta Kappa Epsilon. Resident Physician. Telfair Hosp.. Savannah. Ga.: Assoc. in Path., W'ashington Univ. Hosp., St. Louis, Mo., Supt.. Baltimore, Md.. City Infectious Diseases Hospg Dir. Metabolic Clinic. Clifton Springs, N. Y.. Clinic: Served as lst Lt.. M. C., U. S. A., during WoI'ld War, Associate Instructor in Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania: Med, Dir., Clinical and Preventive Med.. The Hill School. PAUL G. CHANCELLOR. M.A. UNIVERSITY or PENNSYLVANIA, '24 Phi Beta Kappag prepared at Northeast High School, Philadelphia: Master at Wil- liam Penn Charter School. Philadelphia. 19241251 came to The Hill, 1925: Instrucf tor in Latin till 1929: Instructor in Eng' lish. f f -- imc.-- , Page Th.i1'ty-niwle .x, 1 V 1 ' 1 Fil no '41 Q Mi' 195 ' xiii! L' J 255,11 BE? L' Q , xi 1 ,ful "3 ly 1-.,,. .-1 I' 'A f' fl I r 1 sm l Page F any HOWARD V. EVANS, B.S. PENN STATE Pennsylvania State Normal School, West Chester, and Pennsylvania State College, graduate work at the University of Penn' sylvnmag came to The Hill in 1925 as 21 member of Physical Departmentg trans- ferred to the Science Department in 1930. Sixth Form Adviser. ERNEST H. SANDS Came to The Hill in February, 1913, as Clerk in the Office of the Dean and Regis' trar: Appointed Recorder on Faculty in February, 1922: Member Senior Faculty, September. 1926. ROBERT N. HILKERT PH.B., YALE M.A., COLUMBIA Master in Biology and Cheinistryg Assof ciate in Personnel Departmentg Chairman of the Forum: Faculty Adviser to the Science Forum: Member of Independent Schools Advisory Committee of the Edu' cational Records Bureau: Meinber of the Committee on Review of the Secondary Education Board. ALEXANDER PEIRCE SAUNDERS, A.B. DAVIDSON, '18 Kappa Sigma. Omicron Delta Kappa. Taught at the Tome School. 1919-26: Director of Athletics: Head Housemaster: Head of the History Department. Came to The Hill September, 19261 Instructor in l'listm'y: Dean. .,, -'-- -M .73-1 " f' ' 35' .V ..- 411.17 F, gt- Y' .,,- -,A- - - - -5- H . .X-, -, e, I i J X .. i , i Qi l ', i :ix -i Hill Q-. 3 lite 'HJ lr! 2-1 3- . .W li i. ig' ii ii my l if uri l .J ljgl ,, .Nik .fi .111 ian: fi .t it i l Page Fortyfonci Z i ,X Page Fortyftwn RADCLIFFE W. BRISTOL, B.S. WESLEYAN, '24 Delta Tau Delta: Pi Delta Epsilong taught at Montclair Academy, Massee School, and Middleton High Schoolg came to The Hill in 1927 as a member of thc Mathematics Dcpartmentg Gun Club Cozichg Fourth Form Aclviscr. GEORGE A. C, SHRIGLEY. B.A. ST. STEPHENS COLLEGE Came to The Hill in 1927 as zz member of the English Dcpartmentg Adviser to the Record. ROBERT COWPERTHWAITE, A.B., Ed.M. UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, '23 HARVARD, '28 Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Mu Epsilon: taught :It Friends' Select School. Philadelphia. 192349281 came to The Hill in 1928g Soccer Coach: Instructor in Latin, A. MERRILL ALLYN, A.B. XVESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY, '25 Alpha Delta Pliig Staunton Iviilitary Acaidcniy, 1921: Ivicmbcr of the Staff ol' Tainihlyn U Brown of New York City. 1925-1929: Came to The Hill in 1919 as the Resident Executive ScI:I'ctaI'y of the Alumni Association. ,Ni ,IW Il if. ,II .II- II 4, . I l f ,'lI . II A. 'P 'ffl' gf l N al." 5 mill l l, W? l ll Ira' N I I . I ll' 'N .itil l f . IM, III A V.. I I , . r P .. , . I g- W gg 4 t It Page Forty-tliree Page FOTfy'fOUT FRANK C. BUTCHER, MUs.B. DURI'IAM UNIVERSITY. ENGLAND, '09 Fellow of the Royal College of Organists fLondOnj, '04 Churister. Canterbury Cathedral, Eng' land. 1890-l898g Assistant Organist, Can' tcrbury Cathedral, 1898-f1903g Organist and Music Director, St. COlumba's Col' lege. Rathfarnham. Ireland, 1903: Assof ciate of thc Royal College Of Music. 1904: Liccntiate of the Royal Academy of Mu- sic, 1906: Organist and Music Director, Hoosac School, Hoosick. N. Y., 190Sf 19161 Organist and Choirmaster. St. Ste' phcn's Church. Pittsfield, Mass.. 1916' 1928: came to The Hill. September, 1929g Head Of the Music Department. WALTER HOWARD LEMLEY. B.A. Sr. STEPHEN'S COLLEGE, '30 COLUMBIA GRADUATE SCHOOL Phi Beta Kappag Kappa Gamma Chi: came to The Hill in 1930: Instructor of English and Public Speal-:ingg Adviser to the Pipe Club: Adviser to Wranglers: Ad- viser to the Dialg Coach of Baseball: Sixth Form Adviser. JOHN GRAY KENDALL, A.B. THE HILL, '26 BAYLOR UNIVERSITY, '31 Sigma Alpha Epsilon: came to The Hill in 1931 as a member of the English De' parrment. ' PAUL WESCOTT State Normal School. lvlilwaukee, '22g Art Institute of Chicago and University of Chicago, '27-'Z6: Pennsylvania Acad' emy of Fine Arts. Philadelphia, '28-'3lg Cresson Traveling Scholarship Award, '30g Instructor in Pennsylvania Academy Sum' mer School. '29: came to The Hill in 1931: Art Department. Page Forty-Jiv I . T: Wil Il I' 1. lr ii I I ,- if 5 ,ki .kj .M.E. fl' :iii ,J 1755 F'-if ij I li-f wil A ,W ,fi l Mil ffl ,ici l I -'31 517' -1, 5 .. N Ii lj' li I ,,. i"l,4i1 llllq llii I Sli .1 y ,pil I I J me I I ' Hp ,ful .vh IJ? wig 74 I it I I I' I il 1 1,1 ll ll il 'I l-.LII , ,, k MILES S. MALONE, B.S., A.M. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, '27 PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, '30 Sigma Nu, Princeton University Post' graduate, '2'7f'3Og Assistant in History, '?.'7"28, '3O"31g Southern Research Fel' low in Princeton, came to The Hill in 1931 as a member of the History Depart- ment. RALPH C. JOHNSON, M.E. STEVENS INSTITUTE or TECHNOLOGY, '16 Chi Phi, Saranac Lake High School, 1925"1931g came to The Hill in 1931 as a member of the Matheinatics Department, in charge of Machine Shop in Hobby Building. -- V-1,:..:.z: , --. ,V ii, , f,, -K, ,Ly A",-Ms' Page Foftyfsix -In :E E S 1 1 .1,. '7 4 i , ,YW aff. . w, - .K Y?-,Lf T' i ' L ll Lf li 2 -2-if A -44 LQ , . ,- fr , ,L if , A . nw-'r..?...1, H , - - ' i. u 1 nys Dre? 9' R? Y i fat 2 vi -KT-' -k iii v A fiPiA ia, LfV'Y '7' 1 l 1 I P lf l 1 11 1 L, HAROLD 1. Russo 1 B.A., YALE UNIvERs1'rY. '24 9.115 1 ii '1-if M.A., YALE UNIVERSITY, '32 Nlwlgp' UNIVERSITY or DIJON xl ily 'I"' Received High Oration at Yale. 19231 ply, 1141-ffef 24g Instructor in French at the Choate affix, T51 School, 1924f25g Yale University Graduate ' if 'i - School, 1925-265 appointed Larned Fellow I J , at same University, 1926f27g Instructor in 1,-li' ,iii 1 French at the Taft School, january, 19271 ' PQ! "qi,-1 31g studied at University of Dijon. summer Q' :ff Lil: of 1928: came to The Hill, September, J 'N 1931. llmlf 1 1 W r i ii 1 , 1 4 l . f l'-.-all ll -A M1 X X 1.42. l 11 gif- Wir 1 fl is i as ii 1134 lin r 'Fil ll N' l 1 S! li if i ' i 1 1951 i I l"l'l lj nl 6, i grill i l l H1 JOHN SHELDON COLLIER : i BROWN, '29 it Syl Prepared at Moses Brown School, Provif 1, I 3 ,, HL, dence, R. I.g Zeta Psi Fraternityg Phi Beta ' jill Kappag Memher 1928 Olympic Teamurep' ' ' resented United States at International 1 ,infill Track and Field Meet in 19303 taught at Ili' ljfli Robert College, Constantinople, Turkey, li ' lj'-,1 1929-19304 came to The Hill in 1932 as 1 li Instructor in Science, Advisor to the lf Ll lip. Y. M. C. A., Assistant Coach of Track. l ' ,muy " 'i v Q' ll i 1 i 1 ' l ix 5 ' l if 1 l 1 l V 1 1 1 M ,. H- , , ,Y . ,Y . . . . Y gi...-...i.-.4- -LA--Lf'-1-W V -- A-mjrf ""' 1 l -1 lr-A-'ff' 3 6'2" 'Mfr "' - rf' , .1 till11:?iif13i3q?1.Q.efQe-2. f.'f-ifii?-1i2'f,.,J41c1Q Page Fortyfseven Page Fortyfeight ALFRED M. WILCOX. A.B., A.M. WESLEYAN, '31 BROWN. '33 Graduate Study, Brown University. l931'33g Alpha Chi Rho: came to The Hill in 1933, Modern Language Depart' ment: Member Modern Language Associa' tion of America. GUY COOLIDGE A.B., MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, '20 MA., MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, '21 Delta Upsilong Student, Ecole Francaise, Middlebury College. summers of 1919-22g Travel and Study in France, summer of 19234 Instructor in French and History, Salisbury School, Salisbury. Conn.. 1921f 22: Instructor in French, Hobart College, 19224273 Student, University of Paris, 1927'28: Head of French Department, Kentucky Wesleyan College, 19'l8'30g In' structor in French, University of Rochesf ter, 193061, Graduate Student in French and German at Middlebury College. 1931- 34: came to The Hill in 1934 as Instructor in French Department. ERDMAN HARRIS. M.A.. B.D.. T11.D. PRINCETON. '20 Hotchkiss School. Class of 1916: Phi Beta Kappag taught English at Hotchkiss. 19200.11 studied at Edinburgh and Ox- ford, 19214223 Associate Secretary. Phila' delpliia Society. Princeton University. 19220.31 Union Theological Seminary. 1923f25'g Head of Department of Phil' osophy, Religion and Ethics. American University at Cairo. Egypt. 19251281 now Associate Professor oi' Religious Education and Psychology. Union 'Theological Semi' nary: Member of the National Preparatory School Committee of the Student Y. M. C. Afs: Ethics teacher at The Hill, Sep' temher. 1934. to February. 1935. ROY ANDREWS MERWIN. Mus.D. YALE UNIVERSlT1', '23 Wliile at Yale. organized "Yale Col' legians' Orchestrag Member of the orehes' tral arrangement staff of the Victor Talk' ing Machine Co.g in Held of radio, was cor producer with Nathaniel Shilkret of Ever' Ready program and old Ivlaxwell House program: formerly Menibei' of UIIIECYINL' tional Singers" concert organization: came to The Hill in 1934 as Director of the Inf wtrumental Clubs. P -rr" ll ali. Nfl! 1 .'-Li, , i. .L , ji ,J l"tgl'i 1 3 5 ilxl- VN 1 ,156 l i K? l l Wil ll ill? i, . V "ill, l iff- ' ,L-:ij V751 N " :Q i'fj'l ,kififiil , if Vi, .. 3' if 1 , nlpli. ll "l ij: 1 I 'if ., 1 . I -1 lr lllf: rl llill' .,,. .Hi ir'x. ii "xi l , ' 15 'E , V, ugiilri' ri ei - vm, i v i l fl-fiill UW 1 Q 311515 I mf "N JL ilu i i .' - l P 1 :, l 1 Page Ffrrty-'nine l l r l Page Fifty DAVID MILNE, A.B. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, '28 Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Chig Teaching Fellow at the University of North Caro' linag taught at Southern Arizona School, 1931'34g Riding Master at Camp Caro' linag came to The Hill in 1934 as a mem' ber of the Mathematics Department, Rid' ing Master at The Hill. JOHN M. SEELEY, B.S. SPRINGFIELD COLLEGE, '34 Member of Kappa Delta Pi Honor So' cietyg National Junior Champion of Amer' ican "TuI'nerbundg" Captain of Springfield Gymnastic Team, 1934: Horizontalfbar Champion of New England A. A. U,, 1932-34g Allfaround Gym Champion of New England A. A. U.. 19345 came to The Hill in 1934 as Assistant Physical Di- rector to Mr. Kogel. l ,, , , , r . 1 el rp, l l Y L : .V-- L' 171 ' '- l l l l X' fl: , 'I r , ix 'Ml 1. to li if-fclji 1 , - if f ' 51.5 . Tlflef 'I . I rl l l it l Queeg 5.3. ,vit im xd- if-li ,UN ill we il lli , . WILLIAM H. SHALLENBERGER, A.B. THE HILL, '30 STANFORD UNWERSITY. '34 Cum Laude at The Hill: Phi Delta Thetag Member of Scabbard and Blade So' cicty: Member of Society of Automotive Engineers: Came to The Hill in 1934 as Member of the Science Department. JOSEPH A. SHIELDS, B.S. SPRiNG1:iiiLD COLLEGE, '34 Member of Kappa Delta Pi Honor So' ciety: came to The Hill in 1934 as Assist' :mt Football Coacbg Member of Physical Departmentg Assistant Baseball Coach. ,a. 3. .f QEFM... -all I-:M lx ill! , ,YW ,,,,,L Y, , . , .. .ii L - .mhv Y - Y, . J1, -V V H l if :ff K 5 - 'Q ei 2,-j.:'?I"-v-f'f-ff-lg., -I 163- 5 ni af Q 1.3-1.1.-f5f:2?'.l' 'i 'Q -' I if ni 'W .-'-1 5 ffm? l 1 i l l Q i i i . i i ,l i, L l " , il lui l lflfq ,l'Ur"l iilfil itil!! ,lfug i l -i.,.li ,:'f'i i -,f l l -,J i ll i i"- I if i il l ll l'l,l.i,l.ll lliifjiilf llls' ll lli 1 fill 'lxelil' HEL, iQ' ,a. A all n ,," I, ,g i J WS' -,-,M ll' lxlltl , u ill' il l 'N ljllyi 135411 ugl- ,lily all iillll i i Ii R, ll -N l l i il i lil? i Page Fiftyfon C 1 Aly 1 ? , l 1 3. ll F-,. 41' .J . ..I X : 1 , r H3 'Vg -L, lpgl gl A 21 Q , .Y ,MV 1 1, ,al , H ll 'L -.J J ,ix lp lx Page Fiftytwo FREDERICK ANTHONY WALSH, A.B. PHILLIPS EXETER ACADEMY, '23 YALE UNIvEP,s1TY, '27 Zeta Psi: formerly a private tutorg came to The Hill in 1935 as an assistant in the Department of Remedial Training. ' M 5.-'LQ-'ff-E"f...-:V-' Q Y f ' .X i. rv' A V A- , Ghz Snbunl XML- S www yW . C ,fx '90 I g O Q-4 E f g g I-1 'F 2-O ,JS 4 qffi' T lN05vgs 185K Fifty AW-E N-51 221159 HE Page Fifty'fo1w Kajfjrl 23 C1 '.1 ang- THE STUDENT COUNCIL 'if ' " 'T ' ff f?'f7'I:,f? Aiff f Ziff' 5fT,L:???l2?fLlEf If 1'--if ' Yi. ,..,f ',f",.2QZ1fS!T'T'1-Tgfi, '112522-' Wgiifli' '? 71"-Nh' 1 ' ' ' ' v 14,5-Li-iff ff -- - -7 A-f'7w---f--+1---N--fc -1 14.-1,1f ' 4 , 1' , :Y-1'-"ig, Page Flftyfsfx RICHARD W. SYLVESTER uanas-Mfg! 23174 SIXTH FORM COMMITTEE P A 'i "',' iw T g ' H -3, wrfmg.-xzql - -,-ff nrfvd H-Wiz -. CR: 3' N -- , - ' f' 4 .- ff- if 11:32:52 2 1-fi H, 1 , THE SIXTH FORM N, xr ,, A . A Y :H-.f -5, -- xx, X, . X P X ' 1 Mp. .W lx ,wi ,v X c 1 .., . -X ,, fn-.. -.- A 1 K. - . V .1 N 4 , y if 'iii .jg .Q ai , x:g i , Skill? , , 1 1 1 A- l f i l fi i l fy ALAN AMOS 17.3" "Ax," Sx'R.xCUs1a. N. Y. linlcrccl Fifth Fuvni Year. Varsity Football. '33, '3-li Varsity 'l'r:u:l:. '34, 'Jig English Clulv, '34, '35: Gym 'l'u:ml. '331 Y. M. C. A. I . . '-1 .L. l'NDlil'IDlil! . V i v Q A Drive Cnniniiltcc: Ilctlumy Mission, 'H x- X. . K fl , ' i,w,::f V Wir: me .M i i ,l zxi .J ll w V- if ,i .lv il, in, l 11111, l , . , .. il'-, IQ lu .NY FRANK M. ANDREWS , ullflAGL'1RIi" "BmwN" "M1c1cx"' 1 Four TIIOM As, KENT ucxcx' Entered Second Furni Year. - Airplane Clulv, '31, 2121 Radio , Flulm. '53, '3-1: Outing Club. '31, 122. - '31 '17 vii '13, '34, 'Sig Gun Club, ' K", "' i... '54, fss. gf, W I, IBARTM Om' H 'ill W x uni 1 M l"'2 l i lf . 1 . j, , i,-1, .ll ' vi. Jqi ,jan 'l pl, i 'R 1 , 1 Q K -i -i WT. I , l Wu, . P r l . , V L - K. ym- . v . 'J Page Fiffj"'ll'i1lE A .9-- - - -1 fx,-. 1, i A' , ' ,. 'i ,.,,,., ,A-,, 4 -, , .,,. l . C ll gli". -l . ' W T1 ,Q I 1 k. .V a -i. Nm l Tilllf , A X Qi li li ll li ll 1 li X klj I, ' Ml l , gig l bfi' ,bill T' 1L:'SF',All li 'Y Q. I V. fl' , M' ,l i,. 'lft l fill ik iwqvii -- ' 4 ,l' Cl'lRlS'l'OPl-HER BROOKE 'i L ARMAT l in-, ,,, 1 "Buuu1uc" "BuN1cx"' 'mil xVASIIINfl'l'UN, D. C. , i Entered Sccnnfl Form Year. gf Cunmrzi Club, '31. '52, '33g Rzulin f.., Club, '3-lg Gun Club, '33, '34g Air ' ,- plane Club, '31, '32g Junior Choir, ' ' '31g Art Club, '333 Outing Club. '52, 1. il ,352SECl'Ct1lI'j'-'l'l'CilSUTCY, Little Y QM Theatre Guild, '34g Manager, Sixth ,E mi' Form Show. 1 Il.-nwfnw l l i i i . ii fx fi-355551-- in 35 lm--l gs 'fu i 'W . lid .- -" ' I. ALLEN BARNETT "AL" UEDGAII.. SPXINGFIIQLD, 01110 Entered Third Form Year. Manager of Dance Orchestra, '35 Avt Club, '32g Sixth Form Show, '35 Pklxcwrox ,l l Page Sixty Y V ' 1 .,. , fi. .,, ' ., . ., J A ..- -f l ,. fa. ---J , l ll I . -Xu. , 'fs . . W- K 1 . ,N Y. X. ,N xx -44 mx-35 ',,-jf . IIJWIN ELMORE BEWLEY. Jn. iii "En" Four Wolwn. 'l'rax.xs lintcrcll Sixth 1"lll'Ill Yvzlr. l'xlvr-znsrri' UF Trams l . l ' K l 1 I f 1 i N li i f 1963 W l: ,. 1?-7' -5 If I . 41 i u fi li 1, i ll bl V W ll ' .1 .,!' ll Wl, ' .5 ii , 1 l abil fiiili l 'RUN iflfgii l :Nj his N . Q ll il W . fl . ,1'x'fh NLT : ACHESON G. BLEAKLEY M "ACU" Ul3LEAK', "A" fijlfivii FRANKLIN, PENNSYLVANIA X. Ti ?7wj Entered Second Form Year. N 1' Golf- Squad, '32, '33, '34, 'SS3 X' 'J if Championship Form Baseball Team, v'ffL?4 '33g Form Squash Team, '33, '34g Form Volley Ilnll, '3Sg Q. E. D. De- lvfgi'-IL hating Camp, '34-'SSQ Y. M. C. A. ii QM, I-Drive. Committee. '35g. Pipe Cluh H-9'-4i Conmuttce, 234: Reception Commit- ffllif tcc. '34g Fifth Form Cmnmitteeg Sec- ,'i,L:, 'l rotary-Treasurer of Fifth Form, Win- lil icr Termg Vice-President. Sm-inf: ,UAA ' Term: Student Council, '35g Sixth lf'f' 1-'arm Committee, 35. ,f ' I I,lNl1lZC'llDFZll l V . 21? 1 V3 A' w W .15 Q lg ,. ll W an il 1 lj :CE 1 lx ' l li i I . if 1 l V .f V. ll .F -v T ' 1' 7:5 L .. 4 ' Page Sixtyfciiic M. VAN CLEEF BOOTH "AL1x1ic" "VAN" IELMIR.-X, NEW XYORK Entered Thirrl Form Year. Art Club. '32, '33: Instrmncntnl , Club, 32, '33, '34, Symphony Or- chestra. '34, '35, Dance Orchestra. '32, '33, '34, '35Q E. D., '3-lg Drum and Bugle Corps, '34, '35, ' Glee Club, '34, C355 Choir, '34, '35: President of Dance Orchestra, '35, Sixth Form Show. Colm ELL , 1 ' I FREDERICK A. BORSOUI s'l"RlEDlllE" I1ous1-oN, TEXAS Entered Fifth Form Year. Golf Squad, '34, '35g Sixth Fm-m Showg Eutertzliunlcnt Committee, 'Rig llee Club. '35g Choir, '35g Gym .eacler, 'ESQ Y. ll. C. A. Drive Committee, '35, -Dramatic Club, '35: Reception Committee, '3-1. Y AL xc ' ' .. J ,. L - 1- ,V V A LY-. Page Sixcyftwu YU - 1 ii ,,.-l-..-X . 1. 1 .-1:?12fi1f- ' izfff-ffffr 1 . 1 , g1--mfg. -1' 'N ' ' - ' 1 2 1 1--J 'Of f " ' 1 1. 1 x 11- F4 3'-'iff-is 11731 "Zg'f"T it-11111-ff' -1.11 5T1fQ1x1 'f 1 M 1 19 1's'LT:', 1, f'11'1Z'A1- :JD 1 '1 x'.1111iX.. ,111 1 . 11 " L- -if --...AJ 1, 11 3 11 -1- 1 - .-.' - ,491-J V 1 1 1111 YQ. -.1 111 ,111 . 1 " . . 'fl-:'1'4N 11..f-.- 1 " 1 if V 1' 'f ,A -ll!" r'1'?'1 1' ,1"l..f9' ffjff ' -,X Q11 'SSEEQSEJ 1.1 ,f 159123.-1 .figdff '1ffi,.415f" ,ff I 1 . , ,"f'?'..1ir.i 'g1pQ'L:'AA"."-..i"f.ffT."-A1 11' 111711 i"""'k"' 'J' L7 "" """Q"1'I'-. 1'1" gif' ' ' 1'f' "' 3 "T-'-"i' 11"1-Lggjgjffn "" ' " ' ff' 11,11 ' 1 11 1 1 11:J 1 11 1111 11 L1.1.1A11 Q."-.Q1 1 1:1 ' 1 1 1 1 1111 f--F111 1 ' I1 1 1 11.1 ' 1 1 1 .1 5 .11 ,i,jif..1.1 1 1 '1 1 11 1 1,1111 1 1 1111 1 T1" i-'f-'111 1. 11 1 1gj111,,,-911.11,11Q11.1, " 1 1 1 11 11 1 . 1.11111 1 1 1111! 11 '1-111 '11i11 1 111 1 11 1111 , 1 , . . 1 1,1 1 1 115 .1 1111 1 1 1 S1 - ' 111 E1 11 3111 1 11 -l 1 ,M V' 1 1 1311 ,1i'511fv 11'-1' . AX11 111 1 1' -5'.1"1 11' ,I 1 1 1 I 1 ' , 1 1111 11 1 .- 1 1,41 1 11 . .1 11111 ROBERT 'Ii BROWN 11 . 111 FRANC H. BURNETT, 111. 1 r 1 1151 Rxvlcu lfoulasw, I1.x.1Noxs 1' 1Q111 HFRANKIEH "I.luRN11a" . 1.4 1 1 , Q 1 1 - 1 linlcrcfl Sixth F111-nm Yum-. 1, Q. B1s'r11L12x11aM, PENNSYLVANIA 1 "'j --- fw- ' 11 1 l,1NlVEIiSl'l'Y OF Wrscoxsm Entered Fifth Fm-mn Year. 15 1 ' ' 113 Far-Fields Football, '33, '34g Junior .1 11 1' Track Squad, '34g Gym Leader, T159 1951 ' - Glec Club, '33, '34, '35: Choir, '33, 1- 1' pl. ,,1 34, '35g Form Basclmll Team, '34, ' ' 1 'Sig Gym Team, 'JSQ Rnccplimm Com- 1 1. 1 1 1, mittee, '34, 1 1 . 11.11 '11 LEIHGII 1 11 .' 11 111111 11 1 11 1 jg! 13.1321 1 1 1'-f1"1 1 11111 1.111 1 152111 11X 1111111 1 fp. 111 Q 1 111. ,1 ,111 111 1 1 11111 11 1' 51 1 ' 11 ' I . 1 1 1 11 1 1 ' 11 11 1 -1,1113 11 xii, -f-- 'f ' 1 'H' 1 -5 11 .- Q1 1 35: - - - 1- -11 '1 1 L 5 QE, Q'j.:?f4Y ::,T -r::l1--1 Page Sixtyftlrree ARTHUR A. BU RRONVS, JR. JUAN CABRICR, jk. "ART" "TAXI" HIXRCIHEH Poxcia. I'umu'0 Rico I LAKE Fok1as'r, l1.1.1xoI5 Eutcrcnl Sixth Form Yu-zu: cam Club, '55, l Entered Tlxirml Form Year. Junior Eruglish Cluli, '32g Iuuinr I1.uu'.uzu Tennis Squad. '32, Succ:-r Suuzul, '31, '32, '33, Radio Cluli. 'LMI Q- E. D. Debating Camp, '3-lg Gun Cluli, '33. '3-lg Reception Cluumiilcu, '34, Sixth Form Sliuwg .luuinr N4-ws Huzwd, '3.l. '34, Assistant illnuzigingz Iiflitur, the I News, '34, '35g Trzlclc Mzu1:lg'4:i', '35. f il Y A L is W ll Page Sixtyfcnzr i I A .,,. .C i W l 4 I. ,hi if Nf ,xy : ' 1 1 kj, r i , W W' limp i Mi 1 9-. il " W i Wl7.lW X ,4., 1, ' -.Ml -- i 41 in W W1.f.f+W T- W lWf'f5'. ,J W , , E ,,' Wl I ' 5-A W ii ' UMW il JW-E: l!l'I7I,liY ll. f,'AXll'lllfI.l, W1, DENE BARTON CHAPMAN W gli, ' "Tunic" "Dun" "Rusty" Y 1 Auirukx, NEW YORK glffl FUK1' VVAYNE, INDIANA ' Entered Sixth Form Year. K-:W 'Y 5 Glue Club. '35, Golf Squad, '34, g W Emerg-il Second Form Year. ' Skeet Club, '35, ' , 1 Radio Club, '32. '33, '3-1: ,Tnnior I W", Tennis Squad, '32, '33, Fan'-Fiellls XVILLIAMS 3.3, Football, '3.lg Form Truck Team, '33, W-, i, VVranglcrs, '33, '34, Outing Clnlr, ,. :fm I '32, '33, '3-lg Form Volley Ball Team, . url! '34, '3S: Science Forum, '34, '35. 'j , ll Ilwmaclm-:n fr Wi i W W , , il Q Q l ' ffm fi-V' 15' W ' hi l l i V 3 ' Y Y' ' A Q W v -,Z , A-Y' I f - - , Page Sixty-fue M ful, t.,,, J -V ,rf u X ., 1-,X tx .., ,H-W - A- . e, Q 53 5 l l 1 l ll ' ii. Q fi" il :fa ' Eel 1 ill i 1 W, 1 lij If if' i -IM fill l fill ihfii' Y JW, F. A. CLOSE 'gg i itzmj rsAL11 riALExv: 'kfligi' NEW Yonxc CITY i '?' , Entered Fnurth Form Year. -. .1 Y. BI. C. A. Drive Committee, '35I ' Bethany Committee, '3S: English Club, '35, Q. E. D. Debating Camp, ' 1 '34, Dramatic Club, '34, '35, Cast, ii 343 Reception Committee, '34, Pipe Ixiq l Club Committee, 355 Fourth Form lx 1 l v 1 Indoor Baseball Team, '33. " if . iii 4' i I' v W .k 4 . 1' x 'JI 1 'V , -.,. YA L15 .. ll..- .qc-f . Page Sixnyfsix 3 - . . fs . , , 35 9 . if ,"'t-. 'i i' ff fi!" .' r' 'Q " , 1 l rm ,-,, Q. - -Q ff' .,1.,. ,M . ,. VVILLIAM S. COCHRAX, Jn. "Wim," "BILL" Housi-oN, Tnxzis Entered Fourth Form Year. Form Baseball. '33g Form Basket- ball, '33, '34, Glee Club. '34, '35, Choir, '34, '35, Dramatic Club Show, '34, President of Dramatic Club. '35, English Club, '35g Sixth Form Show: Entertainment Committee, '35, Busi- ness Manager The Dial, Soccer Squad, '33, Team, '34g Reception Committee, '33, '34: Y. M. C. A. Drive Committee, '35, Art Club, '34, '35, PRIN Cli'l'0N V .V X . ,. ., A WILEY F. CORL, Jia. X', I'icNNsv1.vANm Iintrrcul Sccuuri Form Year. Gun Club. '30, im. '32. '33, 34. '35p Choir. 'JOQ Algebra Prize. '313 Instrumental Club, '31, '32, '33, 'S-lg Syulphuny Orchvzsirn. '31, '32. '33, '34, '35: Q. E. D., '3-1: First Prizm-, Frilgzitc Cup Debate. Autumn Tcrui, '.'K3g Furui linselmll 'I'f.'TlTl1, '33, 'J-1: l"m'rn Squash Tczuu, '35: Assistant Truck ixlIlllIH.!K'I'. '34: junior Truck, 'SSQ Tm-imis Mzumpur. '35. J . . -1 X if , ,K nf? if , S ,Q in ,gf yi , ,, .. F , W ,M -.L 3 r. I. Y V i 1 .. fbi i A '.. fi, it it i W ki. , , . EDWUXRD LILLU CRATN, IR. 'rib lI0us'1'nx. 'Fmms Euler:-cl Sixth l"ui'm Yvrir. -A Pr:lxcr'rnx Y , 1 ., . ,V .iq ,, . V iv . 1 . .t N W .fi 1 ir' RR 5. i . i i Page Sfxtyfseven l l il l l l l X TIIUMAS Ni. CULBERTSON, JR. l "f'u'rlrmak'r" "Tom" KQNIUNIUIN-Y ' Cuuoxur Gxxovxa, FLoRm.x liutervrl Third Form Year. Vice-Clmziirmziu Wranglers, '33-'34, Second Prize Colgate Cup, Autumn ilclmte. '33, News Board, '33, '34, i '35, XHCEJ-Clllllflllllll, '34-'35: Secre- ' tary English Club, ,34-'55, Pipe Club 1 i'mnmitt0e. '35, Rccvption Committee, ,i '34, Y. M. C. A. Hzimllrunk Commit- lcc. '3-I: Rethziuy Committee. '34-'35, l lirivu, '35. Puxxc'r:'ruN i . l 1 . Page Sixty-eight Y CURTI SS CUM MTNGS "Cu!iT" Blnnmmw POOL, RIAINE Euterecl Second Form Year. SecretaryATre:isurer Art Club, '33 XVranglers. '33, '34, Gym 1.4-:ulcr '33, '34, '35. Pmxrmiox YINCIZNT IJ. IJERITIS, ju. VIN" "XI.xxIla" Roc'l1i-:STI-311. Nifw YORK Iilitcrn-ll Sixth Fnrm Yvnr. lfrumlvzill Sqnzul. 'J-I: lhskm-liz: ill earn. ,351 Sixih Form Slmw: H1114 matic flulx. Vx IlI'll'IIWI-IT! 1 BEN C. DEY, JR. "Hu: Blix" UFARMHRU HSMumc" Los Guns, CALIFORNXA Entered Third Fm'm Year. Fill'-1:iEl1IS Ifomlmll, '31, 'SZQ Font- Imll Squad. '33, 'S-lg Mzmaigcr. X355 l"urm Indum' linsclmll Team, '32, '33. '3-lg C-hill'l'IIliUIlSi'Iil'l Furni Hockey Teani. '34: I'1'L-siclcnt Q. E. D. Uehutc l11l'I1'lll, 1345 Secmlrl Prize, CTUIQIHS Xvinter Term Cup Debate. '3-L: Fifth Furm Committee, xVi1'IlCl' Term: Fan'- Ifields Base-lvzlll, '32, '33g junior 'l'r:xck, 'S-1: Reccpiiuu C'unn'nittr:v. 'X-I: XVinter Track Squzul. 'Sig Y. M. UA. Drive Cm1'n1iiltrc, 'Sig Sixth l"m'm Slmw. S'mNFORn Page Sixtyfnine Wil ,ll 1 ll l,1I Y.. l 1 -' '1 'Ts 7 . . 3:1 1 .J , ,1. 1 l 1 1 rf '- 1 11 1 ,, H11 1'l 11 1 , 1 ., 1 lf" 1 1 l 1 1 -1,- 1 1 1 .ZW , X 3,1 l ' R211 Y 11 1 , i W, r 1 Il i '1 l l ',xlg4.-1' 1 r 1 31 1 '1 J. ALLEN DIEFENBECK BENJAMIN P. DOUGLASS ','1 N "l,lE'I'n "BUDDY" HIQARIE BEN" I N 1 V P0'rrs'r0wx, PA. QXXK PARK. ILLINOIS Y-1 W Entered Secuucl Furm Year. "ai-X 1'5" Entered Third F01-rn Year. . Farllfields lfontbzill. '30, '31, 212: Z l Junior English Club. '333 Form In- .1 '1 Stylus Board. '32g Drzmmtic Club. 35, door Baseball, '32, '33, '34. 'SSI In- N 1 ll '33. '34, '35: Q. E. IJ. Dclmliug H strumentnl Club. '32, '33, '34, Sym- QM1 " Crump, 33334: Orgmlized Litllc phony LJl'Cl1?SfI'21: '32, '33, KH., 'SA5: Theater Guild in '33: Director, '5,l. Glee Club, '32, '33. '34, '35, Chmr. gij '34, '35, Recmml Board, '35g English '32, '33, '34, '352 Chapel O1'cllr-SUH1 f J,' 1 C111r1, iss. '32, '33, '34, '35, lf,-gg, , sL"' I'urxr'Ernx XTKLE 1 1 rl "jg 1 if , I W 1 1 bf l 1 l 1 l l 'l H -W , , WA, ,, , I 1 " - AAL- .L gm 1 11 A. V A1 V V 'fl -M. W,-.QQ , ' WEQI , 1: -q ,Mix xl . , . ,,----W ' 'ff ' ' 5 Q ' ' tl l 1' ff' 1 ff' 4 'fx ' ,ff ,gx Y Page Seventy WILIJAAI N. DRlSC'0l,l. "M1NN1la" "liners" XllNSl'1Al'0l.lS. MlNN+:s0'1'.x Entered 'l'l1irrl Form Year. lf:-I'-Fields Fuotlulll, H321 lfnotlnlll Sqnzul. '33, 'Hg Team, '343 junior Track Squrul. '3.l: Senior Track Squrul. '34, 215: NYiutur Truck, '3-4. 135: Fifth lfornl Coznnmittce. '33, '3-lp Form Iluckvy 'l'e:1n1, '34, '35, Secre- mry of Y. Xl. F. A.. '3-1335: Y. Xl. C. A. Drive f'Ll!1'll'lllltCLf, '3S3 Vinu- Presirlent Sixth Furvn Curnnlitteci l.ll2lll'YTlEll1 Sprins: Dance K'mnmittcu: Presiflent Student Council: Sixth l"nrm Athletic Fnmrnittce: Rcccntinn L'0n'n'niltcc. '3-ll Convicts' Vluli. Y .NLE f v-- - A ll I, . . ., 3 i i 371 . ,-5, Q- ' V Nl 1 ,.nj,f LJ' LJ . A111 -5' ' , X' 'i Q. w 'V in 1' 'lf' Y . ,- ffl , if , lla!-,.::,. ' rg, , W gn , , 1551177 l f 'ff-all ll i l owizx BROOKE DUBELL fi "DUnr9' . V Y PuI1..xnr1i.rlu.x, PENNSYLVANIA W Entered Fourth Form Year, Spring Term Junior Track Squad. '34g Gun Club, '32g Baud. '33, '3-l: Full Track Squad. '34g Fifth Form ll Indoor Vnllsv Hall. '35g Fllllflll Form Indoor Bziselmll. 'Sl fl PR1xu1a'roN 'Q llllf lg , ll l l l X' if -41.1 ll Page Seventyfmie ig. l i ,ll lu ill l l nf lil DANIEL L. DYER "LMxNx"' "DAN" "Dy" Sc.iusn.xL1f, NEW Ymuc liiitc-x'04l Fifth l:Hl'l1l Year, Fxn'-Fielrls lfomlmll. '33: Fall "l'x':1ck Squad. '34, '351 XYintei' Track Squad, '34, ,353 Varsity Truck Squml, '34, '35g Gun Clnlm. '34, Rifle Team, '34 Pipe Clnh, '35, Y, Rl. C. A. Drive , Cmnmittee. '35: Cheer Leaclei' '35 Advertising Mxmager. The Recm-ml, i '35: Cllzunpimlsliip lcc Huckey Team. ' '34, llIQEl'f0l'lTl Hockey Team, '34 '35, Glee Club, '34. '35:'Chapel Choir, '34, '35: Sixth Form Committee Sixth l"m'ni Show. ' "N ,,,., CHARLES EVANS. Jn. 'ICIIICKH "CHUCK" "l'AuMr:R" 'l'1'rUsvIl.Lr:, P1-:NNsi'1.v.xx1.i Entered Fifth Fm-m Year. Basketball Team, '34, '35. Captain. '35, Soccer Tc-um. 'S-lg Full Golf Team. '33g Gulf Team. '34, '351 S6Cl'Cf3l'y'-TI'CZlSlll'Cl' A. A. Executive Committee. '35, Glee Clulv, '33, Vice- President English Club. '55, .Dm- mutic Clnh. '35, Cast, '343 NVranglex's Debating Camp, 233-'34, Science Forum, '33"3-15 Reception Committee, '34, Sixth Form Show: Secretary Sixth Form Cnmmittee: Sixth Form Dance Committee, '35, President uf V. NI. C. A. Cabinet, '3Sg Blairs- 1jAR-fmjmeu town Y. M. C. A. Conference, '3-1: Y. M. C, A. llzuiclhonk Committee, '34g Chairman uf HY" Drive Cmn- mittee, '35. l.lNIVlERSITY oi' hlll'lllflAX i I e E , lc. 3 E . Page Seventyfzwo ay Ax. G EO RUE FA BER, ju. "firewalls" ,ll P0'l"I'S'I'UWN, l'r:xxsY1.v.xNI.x lintcrcrl lfourtlm Form Year. l4':u'-lfiulcls Fnmllmll. '33, '3-lg lf:-rm llnskctlmll. '33, 'Sig l'l1:m1pion llnskc-tA lnll Tram. '35-'JSC l:Ul'1'l'I Busulmll, 35, '3-l: Chan1pionsl1ip 'I'n-nm, '33, H: All-Form lflnsclmll. '33. '3-lg Xlliuh-1' linsc-lmll. 'R-lg l'ust-Season notlmll. '.l5. . . A J, .IN--, ,. ,K - .J gf X I-1 ., -N. , 1 '1 ' V . 1 ll . ll l r l I I 1 l U lvl ll-ln -L Ve l l My 1 ff lg will rp, JOHN A. FARLEY .fag I A'Nl.u"' "JACK" "Pns'rn1,xs'1'12u" l. ll . ll -' RocH15s'rxak, Nun' YORK "' lfntc-red Fourth l"m'm Year. ,lVn1'-lfiellls Fnrxtlmll. '32g fluuiur Truck. H333 Fall Trznck. '33. 'Mg ' Winter Track Squad. '34. 'Sig Spring ' . Track Squad, '34: linwlish Clulw, 'Sig If Q. E. D. ljelnzxting Fzxmp, '34g Re- -'gg cvption Cfnmniiltec. N' 'Q YALE ll. lJ ll VW' IV' I Page Seventyftlwee fjg-af, a f 1-Sgie a + af ll' 77 ' X' '. - xx .- f ' I . ,.,,. XXX 1 - y . W, A. i , W - l f i Q, , 1 .ff,l, . ,Y-Y-Y, l 1 l l . ll ,H 1 f fl! l I A 1 V1 l 'Ill il Liffls gmglgx NELSON S. FEROE ,Nffjll K'SQUIBliH ' ' 4 Porrsrowx, P1aNNsvLv.xN1,x , N .N . X Entered Second Form Year. l-'mm Baseball Team, '30, 'Mg All- 'll Fr-rm Team. '31, VVinter Baseball ff- A, .sgdf f , . - L ,- f a QW?"-'rr 5 x v , l ,J ef.--.,.. .Z - -, " 15 ,- fel ,. 1.-. ., ,LW ., rx ,. ., J, I f VF., ,xv ,VN . . - K N. A .1 -1 ,,.-M---- a fa, 7 a f 4- ,- HUGH H. FOSS "Hunnius" Nrzw Yomc Cxrv Entered Second Form Year. Junior Emzlisll Club, '33, Inniox Choir, '30, Choir, '33, Q. E. D. De- Squaml, '32, '33, '34, '353 Baseball hating Camp. '34, Glee Club, '35g 'QQ' Squad, '32. '33, Varsity, '34, '35, .Dramatic Club Show, '34-'35g Dra- fcfl 1 Cn-Vaptain Baseball Team, ,353 Far- matic Club. 235: Soccer Squad, 134. .1 giellli lf9cltbaQ: '29, 30, bil, 332, Team, '35: Record Board, '35. l'5?,'1 CTl1:ll11pioll1l,Sll!5 llflnljlisg, XZXLE Klee Club, '32. '33, Manager. '3-1. 'H l HKS: Executive Board, Athletic Assu- , 'Q cialirn. '24-"S, N It xl J V J ' DICKINSON ,W ly ra,-:ll fl' l Y :ll l l ill VIL Q lg Ll W .VT l gl. l ll , l l l l i W l l l l vl 'fgl'lA:f,i Q' iffy" ' 12 li ' by lm". ll rf' f Q .1 YES.--V ' -a -an l ln f .l . -. ,., , H .4 ,j U W vs.-f" Q H -'AL 1. "f ' 1 wif Page Seventyffour . N X .xx X, .fn 1 l . i . ' w ' KH ,-.1 ' .L A . ' l . , . - , H ., VM llll ll Nll XlCl'1..XMlill ln 4 ni" l N l urn: 1.12 Yczir. . DANIEL S. GILLMOR N4 l i'BL.Xl'li DAN,, V W.is1i1xm'0x, U. C. E linterecl 'lfliinl Form Year. Managing Editor, The News. '34- '35' Editm'-iii-Clxief. Thu Record. '33: H Sngcer M:u1m:er. '34g Y. M. C. A. Drive Comn1itter:. '355 Y. M. C. A. Hancllmok C'nn1n1ittEe. '34: Buck l-lill V N. Falls "Y" Cnnference, 'Sig Q. E. IJ. i - Debating Crump, '33-'34g Gym Leanler. 2 '35g Form Bnselmll. '34g Dance Or- if l clwstra, '32. '.l3. 'S-1: Rcceminu Gun- 11 mittee, '34: Clee Club. 212. '33. '3-I. R 'Sig Clmir, '32, '.i3. '34, H.xRv.uum i i l i 1 . F ..... -V we- - i w Page Scventyfjiue l 1 i ll R. A. c:1.A1axz15R l "limi" "l3ovn:m" , M NEW Yom: Crrv lfnlcrerl Thirrl l"m'n1 Year. lfnr-Fielrls Fouilmll, '31g Full Truck Sqniul. '33, '34, Bznskctlmll Squzul- '-i3. '3.i. '34, '35: Assistant Truck llminger, 'SM Gln-c Clnlv. '32, 'SSI lhnsim-ss Mzumgzer The Record. '35g Advertising Rlmiziger Thu liizilq Y. XI. f'. A. Betlmny C'mnmittce, 'SSC Y. ll. C. A. Drive Cnnnnittce. 'SSI Reception Cunnnittcc. '34, Entertain- ment Committee, 'SSI Cheer Lenrler. '35, Hemi Cheer Lexuler. '35: Full Term llnnce Committee: Spring Dance f'IlTllIl1ltlE'CQ Pipe Clnlz Cmn- mittee, ,353 Sixth l"01'n1 Show. X'ALE gf. - Page Seventyfsix Y .,X,. I JOHN NV. GOOD "joIlNxx"' "Cummins" Mouxia, ILLINOIS Entered Third Form Year. Fm'-Fielcls Football, '31, '32. '33, I Squad, '34, Form Basketball. '32, '33: Basketball Squad, '34, '55g Far- Fielcls Baseball. '32, '33, HH, '35, f'l'l2lTl'IPiU!lSl1il'l Team, 33 3 All-Form 'lfcam,, 1345 Vice-President Outing C lub, Ja. YALE lost-Season Football. '33: Soccer ROIHCRT W. GRANGE, lll "Bon" Sllumms, I'1aNxsx'1.vAN1.x linlcrerl lfiftlx Form Year. Varsity Football Squad, '33, '34 Tczun. '34: Post-Season Football. '33 xx'l1'ltC1' Football. '3-lg VViuter Busc- lmll Squzul. '.l4. '35: lrnrm llnsebzlll 'SM Reception Comnnittee, 234. I'xmc1a'rox .,, ll , . . ,. N. -I V- w l V ., ll' VVILLTAM K. HAILEY 'f "BILL" l'f'j I.ooxou'r xl0UNTAIN, TEN massmz linturerl Second Form Year. Instrumental Club, '31, '.'lZg Outing l'lub,, '30, '31, '34g Gun Club, 'SOC Camera Cluh. '30, '31g Far'Fields Football, '30, 'Sly Far-Fields Base- hall. 130, '31g Form Volleyball Team, E' ,X '34, '35g Art Club. '33, '34, , l ll,lNIVlERSI'I'Y OF '1'1aNNEssm: lm l ', l l l Page Scvcntyfscvcn 1-J lllle up 1 ,N w 'l x lx .5 QLTIN 9 .s rg M N . Lil M QM N ,Ml W H19 1 .div 'RM lb .x 41' 9 M5 . MFJQ y Hg kffij W im i,w,F w VIN M Mm . . Wi X1 'ii ww H pg + M xi 1 Page Seventy-eight , R. -4 ,xx .R .XA , ff,--XX? . . X. 1- QQ.. f-.1 'l f-, 1v'f"f 3 ,fJ., KV , 1, . - f . 7 .1 ,,. .,.,i.., 4, 4 ,.71 , Y. - 1 I 1 f , ,M lT i'g'f "iii lfgilif 22, LJ l l I Y fin 5 In W Ml HfgfY,'Y vi Wi JOHN DORRANCE HALL "JouNNv" Housrow, TEXAS ,- Entered Sixth Form Year. Q. E. D. Debating Camp, '35 GEGRGETOXVN 1' f vi" N , JZ, r ',, . 13,74 Wt. J 'If I i. :.j1,jfg, ' T 1L Y .- J.- L g 4 . '---3 L, , - AJ --,f h h h MARK FRIEDER HILL EIJXVARD NV. IIOBLER "Sv.uuw" "IEnm1a" BRUNXVII.l.1E, N1-:w Yum: BuoNxv11,1.1a, NIEXV Yom: Eutcrccl Sixth Form Ycnr. Entered Sixth Form Year. Basketball Tcnln, 'SSQ Yviutcr linscl Fuuthzxll, '34g Basketball Tcnm hull, '35, '35g Sixth 1701111 Show. I'luxcla'r0x 1'RINcli'l'0N Page Eighty T5 C: V' 93 w W 1 STUART HAMILL ww 1 JOHN KNIGHT HANRAHAN "STU" lb, Y "IIANNY" "BRONX INDIANU O.u:I.,xxn, RLNRYLAND 3 ELIZABETIX, NEW JERSEY Dance Orchestrzl. '334'34g Tnstrw Entered Sixth Form Year. mental Club. '33-'3-45 Clmir, '34-'35g Winter Baseball, '35. Gym Len: lcv, '35. Urvnncmzin YALE Page S61J6'l1fly'7lf1lC 1 iq. ,-. .... 1 J. N: 'f-3 , -.1 , ..- . .- , V Y ' 1 . J , l ' if 1' A if . ,fy -,V Y W . 7, , ,,,,,-:. .flf ROBERT R. IIOLT "lion" Iixcxsoxviliic. .l:l.ORIlJ.X lfnterefl Sixth Form Ycnr. tiles Cluhg Choir: Art Fluh: Sixth OYITI Showg llizll llnnrrl. '55, Pm N ci-rrox ,,,,, -R .. ff, 1A 1 1 - 1 1, ,cf 4-X . 1 . Y, 1 ,L,. T 1 i 1 l: 1 .l V-1 V11 ill? ,MI iiff' 1 if 111 1 will iw N111 li 1 nlw 11 I 551 1 Inxiziw 12. Hovmv, JR. ,. 'T "H'riv" "Sx1m1cr:', Gicxicm, Niaw Your: -Sfm- Eutered Second Furwn Year. il Furm Bznschzxll Team, '32, ,335 V A K NVinter Baseball Sqnml. '32, '33, '34. -4-"1 'Sig Bnselmll Sqnzul. '34, '35g Post- 'aj ' SL-zison Football, 243. '34: Winter lf?- l"11utlJall. '33-'34: Footlmll Team, '34g 1,111 Pipe Club C0mn1itt1:v:: Y. M. C. A. Q, Drive, '353 Rccegxtif-11 l'n:11n1ittee. '343 1,111 Sixth Form Slmw Treusurerg Vlfrnng- " gzf lei' Dchute f':m11'1. '34, 1 I, Cm.n.x1'r2 , i iffiri 131-11 111, ' U11 . '.,, 1 511, '11 1 H Y I 1l 1:1 ' fx -. 1 1 1 1 F 3 -i T: L5-Q ff' Y 1 Page Eightyfone IJFNCAN M. lIL'NSlil2RGliR "lh7Ni:" "lli'Ns' NORRISTUNVN, l'l:x NSYINAN TA Entered Third Form Year. l"m'm Baseball 'I'c:im. '32, '33, '34, Vllzimnpiuiisllip Bzxsclmll 'l'CZlIl1, '33 l":u'-lfielils F'notlmll. '3l. '32, 'Si Form Indoor Bnselmll Tarun. '32. ' '34, 'JSQ Drum :mal lluglc Corps. ' l 'Nfl Sixth Form Slmw, '34g li JS, J J 1 lm' Club. '32, 235. '3-1. X155 Choir, '54, 135: Assistant Bnsr-lmll Mzumger. '34, lull Nlmi ei 'RR Page Eiglr ty-two u Has:-: . 1 :g ', ALE OSCAR A. IMFR "Osman" "OSH" ' Dunn win 1,0T'l'STOVl'N, PEN Nm I x avu Fm'-Fields Football. '30 1 11 Fmlcle r Hziselmll, '31, '32, '33, '34 c,l1Ell111HOll I ship Teani, '33, Form Basketball T7 5 - '33, Snccer Squarl. '31 37 Soccei Team, '33, '34, junior Pine Speak ing, '32g Junior English Club '33, NVx-anglers, '33-'34 Bookshop Manager, '34, '3S: Sixth Imm Shui Y. R14 C. A. Buck Hill 1 ills on ference, '35. PRINCETON , In M 4 , 1 Y 'fl I , ll, I , VA' 7 Y 77 M64 JAMES lf. JOHNSON. HI NVOODRUFF B. JOHNSON ",llMxu"' "jim" "Fnkm"' "XVo0nx"' X- RUMSUN. Nlaw jmcuslax' XVAs1i1NG'rr1N, P1cxxsx'1,vANu Enix-red Sm-vuml Fm'm Your. Entered Third Form Year. junim' English flnlu. '31, 32: l":u'-Fields Football. '3l. '32, 'Rig Juniur Clmir, '30, 'Sig Sc-nim' Choir. l'ust-Season Frmtlmll, '32g Form 34, X153 Glu- Fluh, '34, '35g News linse-hall, '33, 'Mg F4-rm Champizm- llnnrml. '33, '3-13 Sm-crctnry of News, sIvip'l'rs:m1, X333 Form Iklslcctllixll, '33 'J-1. ,353 F:u'-Fix-lals Frmilmll, '30, 134. 4 '31, '32, 'mg 'I-H..--I-'il-lfls Ixnsemll. 5, '3I: l'w0l'l1'l Volfuy Ilnll. '33, '341 Furnn 1HuN431g'1'ux fx floor Bnsclmll, 235: F:xllCo1f Squzul. '- ? 'X-4: Gun Vinh, 'J-I: Junior T1-:mis Squad. '33g lh-cvlwtimm flunvnmittec. IH. X Ax.:-t Page Eighcyfthrec W .W Cm f r W , w . -Y 2 . W v-- lu w X mi 1 w, 1 2 i I X ' 1 w r A 1 f , f 1 N K, 'fx - .,, , :Q 'J X, ,N 1 ., ' 1 W , y " Y f N f W , 'Q' 's '4 WW. jj xi .. , ll f , r ' 11 ,M M, r M rl "HU 'Q ILL W L',1 JOHN muy. JONES r r r fi ,N Rf "JON:-:sx"' HI. P." K A I CIIESTNU1' HILL, l'1cNNsx'I.v,xNm 5' 4 Entered Sixth Form Year. rig 'J-.J ' Varsity Tfontlmll Squad, 'S-4g Var- YL .,x. x...' Q, i CHARLES KELLEY "Tonka" POTTSTOXYN, 1'laxNsx'Lv,xN1.x Entered Second Form Year. Football Squad, '33,'3-Lg VViutcr , Q sity Bnsketbn1lSqu:ul, '55, Baseball. '33, 'S-lg Squad Baseball, ' '33, '3-1. , Pnl N'c1c'rnN w ' UN1vlznsI1'x' OF P15NNsv1.v.xNI.x Ni ' .TH if I W r r 1 , W N N LQ M N V 1 N Page Eighty-four 7 'l 49 X . V . ' l 545. . L N.1l 1.-I ' 'fi 4' i V " j' w If J, gg' ' f.. , V , . , 5, ig W T , ,i W i , W , V . I Y Q i i il i - Y ii I l 31 i , i , 'r 1 ' iwli 4 r V il v ig, JOHN KING ROLFE KINGSLEY, JR, "JonNNx"' "KING" "Roi.1.m" "Kona" ig, l Sourn Illinllxrox, IlI.mssAcixUsiar'i's New Yoiuc Crrv Enteruil Sixth lform Year. . Entcrul Fourth Form Year. in Full Term Dance Committee: Soccer Team, '32, '33, '3-43 Gln-e l Spring '1'C'l'UlD1lllCC Committeeg En- Club, '34, 'Sig Chapel Choir. '35g terlninnient Committee, '35g VVinle1' Reception Committee, '34: Tennis iQ llaselmll. '35: Fnnilmll Team, '34: Team, '33. '34, '35g School Champion- l- Co-Cnptziin. llnsclmll Tezmi, '35. ship in Tennis. '33, '34g Eastern ll Q Intersclmlastic Tennis Douliles, 2333 N I'NDliCllH'1I1 Sc'cret:n'y Press Clnli, 'SSQ Sports Editor The News. 235: Head of Form, li 'sag Basketball sqlmfi, '35, '34, '355 iw' Sixth Form Show. ,nu SVALH li l' l 4, il' fli iii 1 if f ' if ei l Ii li T k ee e y ee me cycle, wil 7 -- --5 .,-.fu 7 -5 4-A. -,-:X 1 A x gi 4gill!':f K- . 4 . 1 ,fl ' ,. A li gv : x X, 5 , L ..-. gi., l Q e '4g,, Q L' "6 :J If 1412, V' ,, ,,,,:1ff2QfQlTp44,. -V Page Eightyfflve gil 1'1. if i i l .l If :S f ,n ll If li .11 l ill f- lips ' .ffgi li "ff lg, lil , Llflli wlflii' ljrfx xv: ltfql " N4 V 'twig' l :lilly 1 l X ,R il Pag x ,X ,, f . ,x - - mmf, ,S m, X 4 TLV- -Wrw, il? l g -.JSJ ' 'lvl ,TN , ., ly! ,- .wql , ':, W 1 1. mx 1fR15n1s1uCrc mvcocli if I Klzxxx-:'1fr1 1.1211 "l..xx'n1fN" "Klaxxx"' XVILKIQS-lfhnku, P1eNxsvl.v.xxI.x -ff PU'I"I'STOXYN. I'1axNsx'1.v.xN Entergcl I"oln'tll Fornl YS-nr. fl ff Emc,.E,1 gwuml Ir,-Wm year. clillltlllll lfunrtli Furin Nulley llull . Golf Sqnzul, '31, '32, Team, 'Sly Spring junmr Trzlvzk, IU: ' ' l":nll Truck, ,351 XYintcr Track. '5-ll C'1mxxgLL Spring Tennis Sqnnrl, 'S-lg Sixth Form Indoor Baseball, '35: Fall Ten- nis Squad, 'J-lg llrlnn :incl Bugle Corps, '33, 'S-1: Gym Lender. '35. n 1 1:1 N um-UN i I I l e Eighty-six 541 Al N I U XN 1111111 11xxs11v1x1 1 11 11111 11 NQ11111 11111111111 1 1 '11 XILQI 1 X X1 17 BILL 111k1111111111 P1'1.xs1111xr1 1 11tue11 Second F01111 X Q 11 lL 1 011 'I ll IL 4 s meh 11 1 s 111111 1sc111 C1111 111111 1 111 11 11 1 1011 1 11 11 1 111111111 u 11 11 11 11111 1lltL1 11 c 11111 111L11'l1. 11 121111111111 111111111 EL 1111 X 111 P11111 E1g11ty :even i' 1 . 1' W ' I I X 1 , l ' Av 1 ' .V - 1 . A 5 ' f ', A"f,', 'X A ' ' M A 1 11 ,IOIIU HENRY 1.11N1iX1A11l. 111. 11'l1.1,I,1M J. A -' A 'RE l'11' "l.1x1: -I IIN" "l11aN'1'111s" 1, "D ." " " I 1111 . . ' . ' . .1 f S " . 2, aff: ', 1 ' V E111 -1'1-11 '1'11i1'11 1"u1'111 Yl'!lI'. ' 2 -' Q ' ' 'Aa '. 1"E11"1""1l1S F 1.11. '.1l: -' 1 ' Fill'-1:4 -1 ls F 111111, '29. '30, '31. " : . '31, '33, 'I'-:111 , 34: 1-'. '- 213: F: '-F5115 Ba. u , '.1O. '51, '32g - 1714-111: 11:11-111111, '31, '32, '33, '34, HIS: 1" ' H: :11 T 1 , '31, '323 F2111 XX" - ' 11:51:11 S111 1, '32, H131 Q, X 'I' ': ' Sl 11 . '32, '33, '. 4: , ' ' ' H. IJ.. '3-1: Y1111 111111 "':1111, '3S: 'I' 'J C ' "'il . '3-53 11" " "Tl 14 j 1"1r1'111 l1:1s1'11:11l '1'1':1n1, '31, Sq : . '.H. 'ESQ Varsity "1" '-:11 . I ' 214, '35: - -1 ' 1" '11 1, 115: 'g 1 Y.11.1-: 1111 ' g 1'11111, '33, : "1 1 1 li. H ERBERT O. MCVITTY HBIACV, HH, QJ, Gaiuncu CITY, LONG Ismxn Enlereil Fourth Form Year. News Board, '34, '35, Business Manager, '35, Cn-Editor-in-Chief of Dial, '35, Presirlent English Club, '35, President Athletic Association, '35, Treasurer of Y. M. C. A., Truck Team. '33, '34, '35, Truck Fzlptnixi, '35, Sixth Form Committee. L'NlPliCIDED Page Eightyfeiglit N.-ef VAN 5. MERLE-SMITH, JR. '-PM-H Orsrizn BJXY, Lorca ISLAND Entered Second Form Year. Far-Fields Football, '30, '31, '32, '33, Fur-Fields Baseball, '31, '32, '33, Junior Track Squad, '34, '35, Football Squad, '34, School Wrest- ling Champion, '34, Volley Ball Team. '34, Form Hockey Team, '34, '35, Gym Leader, '35, Junior Eng- lish Club. '31. '32, Science Forum. '33, '34, Gun Club, '33, '34, Q. E. D. Debating: Club, '33, '34, Second Prize Colgate Cup, '34, Dramatic Club, '34, '35, Sixth Form Show, '35, Outing Club, '32, '33, '34, '3S. I m A 1 u 7, Q , .t .,, I GRANT U. MESSINGER "Curr" "G. H." "Mass" hlI1.WAUKEli, Wisconsin Entered Fifth Form Year. Fall Tennis Squad, '33, Form Basketball Team, '34, '35, Form Hockey Team. '34, '35, Form Squash Team, '34, '35, Golf Squad, '34, '35, Reception Committee. '34, Fall Track Squad, '34, Outing Club, '34, '35. x'ALE r in-1 in W , 1 7, ,',,X,y , ,, , in 1 'rm xJ-.J nfl 1 JOHN E. MEYER "JACK" UJASONH Blnmiucmtm, ALAUAMA Entered Second Form Year. Junior Choir, '30, '31, Far-Fields Football. '30, '31, '32, Baseball Team, '30, '31, '32, '33, Championship Form Baseball Team, '33, VVinter Baseball Squad, '33, '34, Varsity Squad, '34, Sixth Form Show, Wranglers Debating Camp, '33, Form ' 1 T .J Inydlxi' S1 I it H 'l Ii I li ll if li it nwjl ' iff ,Q ,fm M113 iliji' mln I UQ! 'l',ii7'mi www' '. x i M 1 4,1 i"X-fl' , -,. V E EW ,s ,. VE 1,1 Iliidfilg WL!!! 1? ji yizlfii 'QU ,, il' Basketball, '33, Reception Committee, Hltlug .34. Hrlglyl Piuxcmon I ,yi yr! ', V! m M 1 ,VJ If tiff. 1 , ' N' i 1 . i iw ,HQ 4 I 'Vt' 1 I i 2 i w- l W 'F I i v --f-W -, ,Q li, + 1 "-Tjfi ?2f,iV ,TV -, .fe . " ' N 1 L ii Q- Q.:-L 4 it 'i 'T"','T, ' ,' Z A Wh' Page Eightyfnine A lm ml ly' -I ,Hi 'fr .31 .f , i i 2 .ISU x' 'l ll 'l i,f i is , HENRY G. IXIOLINA. IR. ll .I lliilll ll ill i ii fi, ' Muzz SAN JUAN, Pumvru Rico Entered Second Form Year. Football Squzul, '34, '35: Basket- 1 ball Squad, '34, '35g Track Squad. i '34, '35: Form Clmmpiunsllip Basket' 1 i f' " 1, R , ,. nn .K K 5 1 Rv x , l ix -Tb ,X , A -.Xl w V -, - 5L.,Y,,. Y RTCHARD H. RIORGAN HCOLONELH lXlCl1lRlS'l'OWN. PENNsx'r.vANm Track Team, '34, '35g Footlmll Team, '.?4g XYinter Track, '34, '35: 'fliuixksgiviiig ,Day Sports Committee, hall Team, '33: Form Clminpimzsliip CURNELL x llockey Tc-zun, 'fl-lg Sixth Form Com- mittee, '35g Sixth Form Show. i :Tip XvALIi ,Mi V :ll i 1 rl l ' gg, i I H if Q J i i 5 i 1 Q, ill' i f' Page Ninety A Y - 1 A ' .JN l A l :',' .rs"' l r -'Al 4-.,a,. K 7 ' , - 1 f Ef il ,J 1 I XY.ll.l,lAM N. KYBRIEN "XY1l.i.m" "Hr,,xi'K" NASllVILl.E, '1'iaNN1assm: Hula-rcrl Fifth Form Y:-ar. I-'nrvlfielfls Fooibzill, '33g Gulf Squnrl, '342 Pipe Club Cuininiltec. '34-'35: Cn'Pi'c-simleiit of Pipe Cluln.. 'ESQ Gulf Teuin, '35g Vliiuter Buse- hzill Sqiuul, '35: xx'l'ClHHlCi'S. '3Sg Glcv: l'lul1. '34-'JSC Choir, '3S3 Forni Unsc- liall. '342 Sixth I"m'm Sliow. l' x in-zvinizn ,N l ef 1 X i Af. i . lf . 1 I . i C: .X .J 1 . l Mwfi. l Y 'il N mx W! JOHN ii. PACE, Ju. li','lif1' "juiixNx"' "I'IL:NRv" ll ,lAfll5UXYII.Lli, FLORIDA Entered Fuurtli Form Year. 1 Feature Editor The News, '35: , Pil0t0gl'ZlDl'liC Editor The Dial, 35: M l- Business Mnimgex' the Press Clulm, .lil 'Sig English Cluli, '35g Junior Eng- .lfll lish Club. nm: Q. D. Debatiuu 54 li ffzxnmp, '34: Little Theater Guild, '34g ii' I Sixth 1'lClI'Il1 Sllmv, '3-1: Gym Team. 'J 1' '34, '35: Y. M, C. A. Drive Commit- N Til tee, '35g Gym Lezirler, '34. '35: 'll,l NVrestlini: '1'uurn:mient, '3-43 Full il Trzick, '32. . Piuxcxamx l I l ei 'i i i l Page Ninety-one ,l I .VU Nl, Jn I Il' I' I . I ,I -v ,, I ,I ,I , I l Ugg H! ,IL ff , ,. 4. , X.:-.ixx A 1 9 S . , .MI I , JAMES L. PARDEE 'lhllhlll "jIIIIMx"' I'IAZLE'l'ON, PEN NSYLVAN IA 'I' I V. I 175, Q ., I ,li lI'li" If II I I Entered Second Fnrm Year. v 1 Form Basketball, '30, '31, '32, M '34, Championship Form Basketball, '29 '30 '32' Far-Fields Football, . '31,' '33, Golf Squad, '32, Cham: pinn 125 lb. XVI'cstliIIg, '31: Fall '14 Track, .345 Junior Track, '33, . XVinter Traclc, '35, Brink Shop, '33- '34, '34-'JSQ Outing Club, '34, '35: Y. NI. C. A. Buck Hill Falls Crm- fcrence, '35. PRINCETON l ,H , Y Page Ninetyftwo , 1 Gif: , 15.1 Sv! , V . I .iI',' - ' 'H in -. 3, ng- . V "1 1' I. I f.- - I I " 1: K, ., xl V. ' i QM 5' ' ff. I I I ' ll .' ww J. ' N il fill l PIYIILII- C. PIVITERSOX ' "1'IIIL" I 7. kr A , GI.X'NlilJD. PIiNNsvLvANI.x ' p I . EIItered Fifth Form Year. " Fall Tennis Squad, '32, '3-15 Sec i und Team. '33: Fall Track Squad fl '32: Glee Club, '32, '34g Form Basket li lI:Ill, '35. if Pmxcmom I I X -S - V 5' w i 2 I W 'ini ,K X :iff M X Qliw I'Lf , E.,-AMN .3Q:f', Xl ,-ff i ipvlflii' iff? fi i I .- 'Q . L, . MU, W. Wiqf g JA ix - - X ,v-is ,f-,ax - fx " J 1 '- . 1' V. X ,L X -, ,,. if ,I . AQ',j,f X X -'LK - 4 - 1. . W J xg. v,,, g:-.,,, , ,,4 4-H, --il-,-X Vs:-,Uni 111-N rl I J if i , , 5. , , li i Q 1 .WE .N ,N Ny 'ljjii Hifi! .i, f'I,Ig HHH H n, V ipi if Wi i fl'-Qiiir E' i RAl.I'II IC. l'lCNIJERliAS'l'. Ju. W W ARTIILTR pglqgmggg jf: , .. J i A i fl. "hx-:xii W V' "Fuzz" "Swine" "Snow-1" mini Tl'lu1N'1'vN, NEW JHRSI-iv Elm-refl Third Fm-m Year. ii . , , , iflli'-l"iCll1S lfmuthzlll. '313 Forni ' 3' lyllifwfl,5fCU"l',jg"1g'1L xf'2"" , U:LscIr:1ll Team, 'Sli Fofutlmll Squad, 'F Socvrr F-451112112 iz.. 4.3. 3411 i'0l'l11 '.l2g Bnskcrthall Squzul. '32: All-Form .f -1' Biisclfifu- ,3-- fd- l"'1'm 5'lUf'fih- Unsuhrxll Tczun. X121 Foullmzxll Team, Hf' U' -V-' 3-if 34. UTP- '53-'3-45 Blwebzxll Squzul, '3-43 XVin- ., U V lcv Buschull Squad. '34-'Sig Posh H'7,'g If MW" "HK" Season Foutlnnll. '32-'33g Sixth Form ""i" Fnmmitteeg Y. H. C. A. Drive Com- mittee, 'Sig Reception Cnmriiiktec. '3-4. i 'Q' w 'MQ S'r,xxFoxw l ,W ii I fl. i Ugg! ',iiix1i x.'s'U1 , ml W ' ll V 'A i .ii g , lm i 1' 4' QI! Ir N' ...ff if 115 gi ' 14 .: M i V V , 1 i i r 1 i i if Lf, - ,A - 1 i ,Qi f M fi L -i . f -, , , 5' Page Nf71Cty'fi1TEC . fm -"Q 'Q' ' , ,N , -72 M., , y - V kr. Mx 4 i w. fix . r jj-Z, 1 HICORKIIE THOMPSON PEXV HENRY DAX PIPER J' UL:E0Rl?Il-1" I "IJ.XNNY', AKDMORH, PENNSYLVANIA SXVAR'I'l'lMORIi. 1'ENNsx'Lv.xNr,x Entered Fourth Form Year. Entered Sixth l',Ul'l11 Year. Gun Club. '33, '34, '35: Rifle Team, '35, '34, '35, Vice-President Gun PRINCETON Club, '35, Track, '33g Vkfinter Track , Squad. '34, '35: VN'rzmglers Debut- L , i ing Cfimp, '341 Reception lfununittec, : jg I '34, Gym Team, '35. .N I I Q-'N AIASSACIIUSETTS INS'l'lTI'TIi or X ff 35 TECHNOLOGY , , W Pgzgc N'1!L'l"j'f. 1:1 'WW' Y -Y - i -. Y ... ,.l.N.x f - 5 X. WIILIAKI ll. l'UlU5 ARTIIYR HENRY RAND, ju. ' lllll "Wll.l.1la" "Amie" mnsslcx. l'1cx Nsvl.r.xN1A AllNNl'ZAl'0I..IS. AlINNESOTA Inlueml l'10lll'll'l F1-rm Year. Entered Second Form Year. lfar-Fielrls Football, '30. '31, '52, 1 llM'FKI-'UND H39 Form Volley Ball, '35g Sixth I"0rn1 Show, Reception Cunnniltee. '3-15 Treasurer of Ontinsx Club, '33- '34, President, '34-'35g Y. M. C. A. ljrive, '35g junior Track. 232, '33, I l 34. l LTNIDEFIIHED ' ll Page Ninetyfjive l I ' I ' I JOHN XV. ROBERTS I l RICHARD R. ROBINSON "RouI:I"' "NIIcIIax" "B.IIuu"' I "Al "DICK" PIQINCESS ANNE, AIARYLAND " -" XYIIIcIzI.lNG. XVEST XXIRGINIA lintcrctl FuIII'tlI Form Yunr. lfnlcrcnl Sixth l?lJl'l11 Year. Al ll'l0l'l1l Imlcxor lizxscflmll Temn, '33, rl-1'IlCl'i Team, '552 Form Tnzloor Q '54, 'SSQ Music Clulv, '33, 2145 Little llnsclulll, '35? Fnflll Bnskffllflll. '35- :llllC'IltClf Guild, 'fl-43 News Board, '34- , , -35g lixchnngc Ellirm-, '35g Dial 1'R1Nv14'wN 1 lln:II'1l. '35Q C'lmiI'III:In Press Club, l 1 ' 'Sig RI-ccplion Committee. T145 Soc- 'W vcr Squad, '3-1: Q. E. ll. llc-lmtillg I fzuup, 'Jig Sixth Form Show. LEIIIGII Page Ninctyfsix l l . l I W . . ,nw .,,,..,., ,, 4i + ..i,,.Y....-3 ' .3 -. ' ' . 55-me 'Rh'-'J'--" H ' SNS- "" -i l l I N - , fn, if -X K.. an-,A -BQXX,-,f ,- , . L-.'1::gf fe. N i C4 'wwf 'Rst ' 5 621' lF7f- ,li 2 33 we-huge, he ,,x,.T.,,....r-E .F tx, N 1,7 V: , ,JT pu jgtfyl 1352 gk. ,N - . ' -' r A 'ZH I ', ,!,' I '-Q -X' , T S-.ll 'iitjge hx xx:-Ill, jj ,9iiL.,', iff, lil, 'T ' 5' 'gi ,311 1,4 SK, jzfi jp LT? "M" ,414-'Y'-3,-'TT 4.-- 1 - 'eff - - -- -- ----1 Xxx .-.,ll,zr li ----'-- '- -W - 3 l g fl lltpi !, l 35 Neill I. ll 'H X i,I 5, A l 1 l I Wy Q64 " xl l' l , ,-.Fill ,I ,tall , ,jyly 'lkl 2 l 1 'wt , l 'F' lli'f l ' l X'-" 1 A ,K A l , 4 l ' ll M-rf' 13' Y mln xl 3,35 li 'thug W L l Wi 'I Milf I Ll' , i'W'5'l l 'lu' I l IV LF l , li Ll. I 'VM ll ., ll , l . ill? ll '. ' ' l JOHN D. ROHRBACH .5 WW PHILIP L. ROSS, JR. l ,lr l 1 'Q' "Rmuu"' "PHIL" "Doc" Suxuunv, Piaxxsr1.v.xx1.x Scimsmnxz, New Yokx llzgswf' Entered Second Form Year. QS' 'iii 2? llgnteilerl Second Form Year. ' l' ,J ll Student Council. '30: Fifth Form lv I-rn'-Plelcls lwmollmll. '31, Junior uf Conunittce, '33, '3-4: Dance Orchcs- ,, Track, '31, '32g Full Track Squad. xt-':ge'l lm, '34g Fai'-Ficlcls Footliull, '29, '30, '32, '33, '34, '35: hvlllfffl' Track, '33. Y -2' 'Sli Varsity Fontlmll, '33, '3-4: XViu- fl '34, '35g Co-Captain Greeks, '35g 'l ter Track, '32, '33, '34, '35: Varsity Track Sqnzui, '33. '34, '3S3 Sixth I Q Truck Squad, '33, Team. '34, '35. 'Form Slww, '-55: Fourth Form Atlr . letic Cumnuttec, '33, Y. M. C, A. , l Uxniaciluan I-lanclhcok Committee. '34, '35g Y. ,a Rl. C. A. Drive Committee, '3Sg llf' Q4 Buck Hill Falls Y. M. C. A. Con- l ference, '35: Reception Committee, r fp l, '35g Fifth Form Athletic Committee, ff ll '34g Student Council, '33, '34, '35g 1' Xl Fourth Form Committee, '33g Treus- lm x urcr Fourth .F0l'lTI, Spring Term, '33, lf fllx Fifth Form Committee. 'Hg Trens- lla, y urer Fourth Fnrmq Fifth Form Com- ,ff , mittee, '34: Treasurer Sixth Form :lf 'I Cnnunittee. '35: Entertainment Com- mittee, '35, Dance Committee, '35. sir B XVALE 4 'ku 1 Flu, , llm' 'j itll' ,l .- ll l lu ll ll yi ll , u V, 3 l 1 , -f f f . f - ---.X ,Jil , , ' vf KGB F fi, .AEN 1 A , ,iiqjlf "Ti,::-A-LQWT. -W '-mu l lmif 95, N I l fx I I if Q c,.....-MSN 2 Y --af l L"1"'I, LL.. Q f' ii 4: 7,42 Page Ninetyfseuen L" 1 N x . .. -. Y. Y -A f.-A xt. ,vw X 'X 1' . - , 1 1 . Q l -1 'r'1 35 1 . ' LL g . ,,..' ,. , ' ,, -.G-.221 .. ,, f 1 - 1 1 1-f '1' -1 1 1 1 . 'lf-34 V .SNL :Y 1- I Vi-A Qt -Aff J ,,,i,1.1'.i1Ti'3i'j'Y,.? E 'g- JAT A 15.5 ,- .X ,lx ff ,' Y W W i , -T i 11' , 1-. : 'F ,fn Y 1 1 , . '- figf 1.11-.Q ... , A l 1 1.17 iq' 1 1 1 ll 155 1 ' I 1 ww l 351' U.: 9 X -1 1 .3 x 1 R 1 .,. V , 3 . 1.1 .f1l,.fL'?" - " '1 191' 1 rf' l Ill i1 ll 1 JOSEPH C. SAMPSELL X , ",lo1:" A'Bmuvr" "FRANNr1c" 1111 Cillmno. Ii.1.1xu1s Q-I-Hg, '5 if -K Entered Third Form Year. E- 'I' Fill'-Fl1:lllS Football. '32. ,531 Far- i Fields Baseball. '32. 13: Squad, X345 ' Form Basketball. T431 XYinter Base- ,l ,I hall. '32. '33, '3-1. '35: President J r Fourth Form, XVinlcr Term, '33g Y ll Vice-President, Snring Term. '35g ' Prcsiclent Fifth Form, Fall Terrn. H333 Vice-Presiwlent. XVinler Term, 1345 Fall Term Dance Cm11n1ittee. THOMAS Xl. SAYVYER JR "Tum" "HucxL1s1u-:Riu"' IIILLSDALE. Micnmfxx Entered Fifth Furm Year. Far-Fields Football. '33. 124: Glce Club. 'sag Little Theater. '335 junior Track. '3-1: Sixth Frlrm Slloxrg Form Bnskellmall. '35, Kicxrnx COLLEGE ll '33, H343 C7!IN'lCfS. Club: Y. M. C. 1, A. Drive Committee. '33, '3-15 Stu- rlcnt Council. '.'43. 'S-15 Secretary, Fall. '33g Reception Conmiittee. 124: Fall Tennis Squad. '34: Fnrni Hockey. 1 T551 Pipe Flulm Cumniittee, '34. lfNDEl'IIJlilJ 'K . , f... G ..,,f 1 i f 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 .fm 1 1 Page Ninecyfeiglzt W 'Cx I Q. ,.. fr if X - fi! Pla F, I F R NURNIAX KK Sf'lIl'l.'l'Z ,IUIIN B. SI'IAT.I.IiNBERliER 9 Noun" "Srnl.l'rz" "SlrA1.L" U Tvrsux. Anxznxfx T.A'rRo1ui. I'raNxsx'Lv.xxLx ' l':l'l1l?I'l'll Fuurlh lfurm Year. E11ll'I'l3fl Sixth .FUYITI Year. Hzuul. YU: xY!'1l1lgllSl'S. '3-1: junim' film' fluh. '34-'S53 -Assistant Sec- , rl'ZlCk Squml. 'S-1: Soccer Squzul. ""UU'?' NUQVS- .343-353 SCi'3UCl' l"U"lm"v " 35: H1-:ul uf lfnrm. First' Scnwstcr, '34-'3S: Sixth Fo1'n1 Show. 'SSC Dial, K U: XYi1mcr. ifnlganlc Pup fm' HF- ,-35' Issuing. XYin1vr 'IR-rm.. '34, N V W, 5'l'ANl-'ORD on HAL1: X l'1uNcl-:'rnN I N N W M Y Page Ninetyf'ni11e E 'SSN K ' 1 K x 1 ,, .ji eg ....1 , N - 1 io f' 1 1 - ug. .11 .. - 11. "1" ' .- . " ' " ' ,L 17' i"A'ff QQ, f'1f',iiL1,1iT,. TN' ',ije'1g .. ' ' 1 " ' T W., Ml 1 1 - 1.-11 1 I 1 - ' , 11 11 11 , 1 'b ' .1 11 .l 1 1 '-31" ' l, 11 , 1 , P ., ,.. -,VI 11 1- 1 11-. 11,- ll 11' 1 il 1, , , , 1 -'U I 11 .1 . If 1 J I , 1 , 11 if 1 11 wi ' I 1'-1 1 1. 1. i 1 1 1 1 1 :ffm i , 1 L ' . 1 1 1 f , f ' ' '1 ,',111 , I ' I j ' 11 1 lu 11 RICHARD iii. SIBBALU Qilgng 5 'ML "Dick" "ENcu.1s1rM.xN" "Suzi" Q' "E" ' ll BUENOS AIRES. txRGlCN'l'IXA il,-777 X' Euterecl Second Form Year. ill li' ei' lfm'-Fields Football. 'SL '32, Ten- lu 11 uis, '31. '32, Gulf Squad, '33, Art rl xii Club, '32, '33, President. '34, '35, fi ' Radio Club, '33C Outing Club, '34, lj l '35, ffuuiox' Choir, '32, Glue Club, ,J " '33, Soccer Team. '34, Sixth Form 1 l Show, Form Volley Ball, '34, '35, 1 af Gun Club. '33, '34, '35, Cast of l Il llrzunzxtic Club Production, '35. 1l I'Rixc1a'rox 11 l H i l 1 1l P1 ' FFL-4fH 515' f-1-Y q 7'-, 1 f """'S pp- ya- -y ROBERT B. SILLIECK MSU? MMOG., HBOB., Sc.xnso,xLrz. NEW YORK Entered 'Fifth Form Year. Far-Fields Football, '33, Form Squash Team. '33-'34, Spring Golf Squad, '54, Manager, '35, Fall Gulf Squad, '34, Cheer Leader, '35, Gun Club, '34, Glee Club, '34, Choir, '34, Dance Orcliestra, '34, Symplwuy Or- chestra, '34-'35, Reception Commit- tee, '34, Sixth Form Show, News Board, '34-'35, Advertisinft Mzumgcr, '35, Form Volley Ball, '35. Y .u.n lx , ., . e.,.+..,, .. fs l 1 Page One Hundred 1 f V gig-QFIX.. 4:54 1 ' X xp. ,MDN V . I 1 Q. 1 N 4-3, -'QM' ,. h ,pw f,'i5,." 'vida 6... 1 Y 15153 rxf. lf 5:01 ,, n.fs,r,-1-V ,. , . -V - MJ- vw X1 '11 A r 1 f Q 15 " J' 1- ' rzl-"TV" '- pi N, Y ,gj:.5'4,,i, 1' ,L '- , ,1-, Q4 W, gp-'f , 'Ylg, Y ,Y 11, , Y l 'fri iw'-Y 1 1' 35- ,f K A wif , ,fiv ir A .3 X. ,fi 1 17 1 K1 11 , 1C 1 gf 12 '1 11 W 1 1 11 1 ,1 11 I ' 1 F471 1 . 1 1 ' ' ,1 i1 15 1 W 11 111, 1 1 M1 1 111 1 'W Gm, SCOTI1' wmmxsx, JR. gqf 1 JAMES In WENDELLI JR. "Sco'r'rv" .QTIMH Gxuxn IIAVLQN. -h1lC!HG.XN , Y 7,1 P0,l..l.S.1.0wN. -PENNSYLVANIA K Qlintcrccl Third Form Year. Entered Second Form year' 1 11mim'i'huir, '3l: l"m'-Ficlsls Foot- ' " F,nAVFieldg Fomhnn ,540 -31 ,33 hall. '31, '3.2. 'HZ junior Tennis ff -gg.. hmimf Track Squad' 132' 133' Squad. 'SSQ l'A0l'1'l1 Yullcylmll Tczum. 11 -QQ: irqll Track Squad 254. yfrimmi '33, '3-1: Secretary of XVr:uxglcrs Uv- 'i',.-fck t Wg- Gm, Club H32 533 '34 li hatinil Cllllllhi. '3.V.f-ji: XYfuner ful- E -352 limgfi-emu! 133' 1:-54 2545. funimf 12115-'gf vi" H'11'1l01' !0l'lU: H-F45 Rifle Cl1Ill'I1Di0HSl1iD, '323 'l'rnp.Tcm11, 1 X Ifal Tnf ' flfful' 'H' 1111111 Bdhkd' 1 '33. H353 President Gun Cluh. '3-V355 1: "I mm' M' ' Junior English Club. '32-213: Science , 1, Y Fnrum, '34-35: Hcml uf Fifth Fnrm, RIfsi,I'.lflN 134' ,W PRINCI4I'l'0N ' ' Q 1 I 1 1 1 1 Q 1 f 1 I I .Y - .T L Nz- vga, H ? xji-Q1 ', .i3'1' E x , , ,4- 7 ' I E E - A 7, ,, 15:4 1:',:i Page One Hundred and Three 11' 1 .ff 1-"2-f-'-f' f"ff5:?5Q 'G'-ifiq-. ,fm i 'yy ff:-2111, A9"'Nl -A, f ii liar? X ii wi. fi?-PQ' i Qsw i f f L1-fri +Qw1fif.f" NH' g""7!4if?' f',7N'4vnff i -- 1-fy .. AX, ,X -N ff him, 'f - 4 ii in ,f ..: i -- ifffill--fh H TQ 1:1 Fl 35 5 U, U 5 ,L .Q .131-milf.. .51 3, ,.,,....c, In f,,:.Ay:5x,M 15-,r - iff:-lk .V .391 l ii'-fi.f'f if N. 'ji i 'Tl if-W 1"-'iff' ' ff A ii ' via 'ff--'lf VW" -,1 l lf' "":' "TI," ,K ,' U 1. X .1 """""-'A-' A'-4A'Ai"'rTL,,,, A ef-i i ---- i -- qi -M -i -Wy, si-ll ill K ill gat, if K1 '4 i :st l 'l WF f., , l ll li i " iliiiz si w L il 1 li 1 1' Hfrqgx ,, A lx ' in :T ' Tl il "T ll l,Q-,Y U .f"'x,L' , TQ f ,f i l 1 4 li 'l l i i' ii XJ. il i L :li fix' V- 11521: All 4 1 1 ll f gif ia, jjfj: X If W,'vQl'J , 1 lily X! ig .Ap if aj. if U X l Vi U, ,Ii W ,Q 'W wlsjq i, 'Elf W ,l 12,1 U1 il, 'W ' iikg , , il i f. 1 - :lf-fill 4 ii Ui li uf- . is l 'Q . Z2 li ll i ' ff Aj- l i V 2 i 1. iw +1 lim I LN, l If " llf ,A l 5 5' i' Mil i . ' l ' 1 , l L i ' ' HJ ii ill' wi i-I 4, . . pie, E PAUL ROBERTS VVENTXVURTH , Ml i MILTON XVILSON, JR. gill, ,mg mf. 3-H 1, .. F, ,., l if 1 i. , ,, MA, Mi Pi.ri-. U N BIILT ll -. ROCHESTER, Nmv Yomc iii Entered Sixth Form Year. lfgiyiii Football Squad, '34g XVinter Track 1'5" ' 4 i Entercrl Sixth Form Year. CE, Squad, '35. ,V-. Sixth Form Showg Glce Club, '34, ll ,W F 5:-:fi '35g Choir, '34, '35g Bzmfl, '34, '35, 'UNDECIDED 'ki- ,l 'fill HARVARD ii , hifi, is l l in I 51 i it K . ,gg li ll l il,- f V f l, J i If ffl i 4, E ' ' i l 'al v.. 0 1 i fl'- i ,VR ii ,,. ,arf-:Ti WF' i mg .gi N flll, if . ,i mn, ,W lfl, X ILL X 2 :lg , i I ll i 5 6 i l . Q li ii "?T1::,. "'3ff wi faq... -N Q -in-m -A-,md ghwxi-TNglgMg1,4 Li ' 'frm' +..., . i K 1 FN i A, XX. .. W., emi 'i Twlii YY" iQ:7glLv V i ' 1' 1.-,if!i""' 'TT'L, ,i.'i'Li.i Page One Hundred and Four X , ,- , ,W ,,,.,,,Y., , -am , .,,g, ---hH.L.a f - 11:1 f - ' .f-11- - 'ff' Fava' ,--1? ' 'ff 'Maw 'zfzix'-X f"-af Y ,f - XX Lili, Qiifg-Q.-x-j!,'2Q,Xl.x,milADQURXfp3,Ej!jY:j1fv,EV 1 if 1111215 f' -l 'lf X l, , Ja.- "'f'MNN"0l-E--22311 "W ' N 1 YQ-.. lj, 'K 1' ' ' A :,Q'2,i" A -fx C7 .D V A X- AAL,-f ' f N .js 1:-V 'J ll l 9 . if jgjff' 3 J 5 , " '-'T ,6 l f ,. L ' xiffsiigx 1 .1 .fl l7'dTjff,7' ifyfflv 571, a ,s1l,,.c'-"' . XRS Nl... , f -,E QW X.-.X 55? .xt Ky I., Z my-,,f',5f-, ,, jf, -,fl wif I ' .N K FLQQKQ , , , ,,Ef.iQ-- ,, Yi? wx., Aff. A! ,,,,,x2f4,-..TQ312ga,-,,,-.4::Lj:w-'AJ' :ll,iQ4i'1'1:11Z,, 5 "iQgiffgQ1iIi',fQi gxkigim ...i...........l..1-.-h--..i?-..-.-L. , 1 .E W lx n I V ik ll-alll ,IM L l .Hal --- ' 'N 1 ' .Wiz life l ll l ll 5 Q, l l weqj-fl f,i,ly' - ll M l lf l ll All l ll li 'gql fl l ul.- ,--- P ,l -1-. ll l ll f-zz ll 1 ll V' l'5Qll ' lg 'df 'T -nf K' , W. . U ll 1 17,11 lg M llg,3 ,l ag?" I : ll H Il .Y 1 l fl, E! I Ir!!! +1 ' Q jf lllf .lg llll. gli l lf iff I jillql ml. l l all N l lllfgl .lla l l aw TFA l' l . H221 : llfl .gl l,.0f'l5Ijl 4.1, ., ,4 l -Q-X , N, ,H w ll QL all 'll . ll ,V ,Y hgh , W l lx L 269, 11' A Ill l ll fig! EIHYARIJ U. WURTH, JR. ll Qty THURSTON WRIGHT, JR. s 1 .vw - , , "Eu" HEUUUf" l "THRUs" la Jil lvklfal' Cl.Av1ucm'r. Dlanlxwann Pl'l"1'SBURGIl, PENNsvLvANIA ' '52 1'f'i5T': 'l ' J' Y Entered Fmzrth Form Year. 'Hi' if Entered Second Form Year l 4.1 , .,' l":n'-Fields Baseball, '33-234: All- 21 Fa,-.Fields Foudmll, '30, '31, '32, l,,m,, -'Jul' lfurm Bnselmll Team. '34: Illllififl' '33, '343 Far-Fields Baseball, '31, -f"""y fl Form liaselmll Tarun. "-34: winter '32, l33, '34, '35: Clmampionshiv ,IT-..Ll lg, ' Bnsclmll Squzul. '3S. lfi Team, '33: All-Form Team, '34g Fifth 'l1"'S.U'l M 'll ' Form Cm11n1itteeman, Fall Term. '33. I .nlffgll ' 1 Swmrrumokl-: .fm l lg? l VVILLIAMS , , .ll ll l l . l l ljl l l. l I 'll .M M gl Q 1: l fr ll jyigkll 'fill liz l lim: . X 1 'l 'X www fluxll fr. 1 lm, 1 fill , l l .', 'll I ' ffxll arf 1 ll 'I l , 1 A l l l' ry l ' l I 1 V, , ,g,,,, K,-, H, ,-,,,-..-,d,,i.-,B-,, ll l I , -N lk Am.. 1 - --:gli Z f -,4li- , nan L . jxiigil-Y T ,if-L i LT' V' , D t. K ' X Vlvl -1?Q m v.- E E : B-A 31' my a I L.. U.. l':,,:.'-'Yi W ' X H lgff-f Hi- +A A- A-1 L--lx rm--if W mt -VM' Y A nd' ---cv-Y --I Yi.,-lpdge 0116 HU11dTCC1 Gnd Fii-75 1 1 - i , . '4 V 1 v K W , . x X... A-. ...ii xf -.J J 41 fig... . -J 4 I 1 if K W. f f ,. M , . l 1' ,Thi , W i A ' i l 'i' ' . - N ll, N Pii Yi ' J , WJ ni l ps 1 -A., Iv .4 l -.I . 4-5-an L1 . 'gi' 'M i. . .gf i i l ij, if" ,bi X lifn Jil' i rlxil in 'DAVID G. YUENGLING ,N Mfg . RICHARD I.. YUENGLING . l , 'Q M' UDAVEU UD. G." fill ' HDICKH wr. mfr 'L Po'r'rsvlLI.E, P1iNNsYLv.xX1.x i. . 4, P0'F1SN'ILLE. P1zNNsvI.vANIA I Entered Second Form Year. if-P' Entergcl Second Form Year. Tliird Prize, Junior Prize Speak- " in " S l"uii+l'FlclsI1TFntb3ll, 33. '35, 3323 'Elin ing Contest, 'Mg First Prize, '32g "v Squat! ootm . '.3. '- 3 Ylifellf j Jnninr English Club, '32-'33: Little liflllllcll- '32s IUSt,l'lU"lCUff1l Chill, 332, lil Theater Guild, '3-l: Second Prize. bl 'SSQ' 135 lil- BONNIE! Clmmpmn- ,333 ui 3 Senior Prize Speaking, '33g First .TUIUUY T1'21Ck. '31, 'fill Senior Track, ir . : Prize. '343 Y. M. C. A. Drive Com- '33- '35 E55 Xylilfeg Trilalllf- '33, . , 'fr , 'sig A:.':t. r EH -Cl' f 'Sis 'v- anfam 0 mir-ns. '34 le fr limi, 1.255 fi3gEi11I1.i'.i.8il'gil. Sixth Form Athletic Committee. .V ' f ' . '3'. '34, ,fig S'.'t F ' N1 Y J' W lx I mm I.,xF.n'E'r'r12 CoLLl':G1z l N if i Gx2nuG1a'run'N .fit f ' lil 1 , Il. lil. l Sal . F ll i il , l l 3-Q .- .-.. rr- rf '--f- r A-. . - zz u if ii LH 1 H il E3 H :Ark if iq Mfg. L' Q- sggsn- ,, Jlli4'1ri?,1pT "'.., I u li . l A5945 L., Z, ig: '1T+ P age One Hundred and Six m iv'-K5 iii? if figififvif ?fi5afif2if'f31':31'eifni i X , ' X fps- "' 'Qe -x:'.XA,a 4 14, ,t V 'Tw 2 ff, .' Q'--.. ' x 'ff 1 X -.N -. i, f 5 'g'2"g,'!iTi'fffAfWQ':''Zu' V ,i if GJ? fr ' " lg--P Z in I 1' L :SZ-Efgrw 1 ' A Eli ri, ' ,Qi , X -- WA, ji Wiivixi HRH .. Q- -. ir, N ju, Q kk .3 Jyzi., 552. Eff, , e R:'i5fj'2" if M-----A-Je--ff1--'---- V--A we ,fff in ,f , -f, N 111 Ziff' A " ' iW""'i"" ,X fm! 'pf' "gi fm" 1-I ig ' - f - 'W ,. . 5, , W ' W , t4V- ii .5L,.1Q. " 1 Q. I ff,---T j i e Q i ' i sl W Z, .fini ,V xi W 1 jx , , ., Annu M W IH! 2 li i f " N i Xu wx II: W5 V Il!!! i I ig 'N -ARE' ' uh n i Q5 j iilif 'N U hifi IH: ii , JG' 1 1 'UV ' v bg , '-1 3 ' W 92 1 X lifh. 'ztif' 1 ' "' ' W 1 , Tir' ij 1- , - 1 'ip 4 ,, I-V , ii we if farm Y' ,i 1 X i 1 I ' 1 I as X Y ' i 'i"5'qii Vigil' il i f 1 is jf '.-14,5 Gliomziz in YULIQ il Maw li XYILLTAM H. YULE, JR. f X V iv , X yr-T1 K'SH0R'fY" "I'iaxm"' liiiii "BILL" "Hmm" WEE' CARNNTERI.-x, C.u.n-'ouwm I-gli CAM-ixrlamgx, CALIFORNIA Egg wb Entered Thirfl T',Ul'l'l'l Year. iiyzfli-fp Entered Fourth Form Year. 1 Y V VVinter Baseball Squad. 232. '33. ' N Pipe Club Committee, Fall Term, -i, , 'LLL-'f '34: Fin'-Fields Baseball. '3.Zg Clunn- in '33g President of Pipe Club, Fall -hifi' fav pionship Tcxun, '333 Baia-lrzlll Squad. 1' Term, '34. 1' .11,-2? '34, '35. 15. 24 wif' CURNIZLL AGk1rUx.TvRxc wifi pri i Cmmxlcm, I 'HH Q! W ji lu whim ily M , i :li 1. TV w ii I " i, I W W . fif i i Wa, :X jill, yy M L an Jil 4.5 F j WJ fy N " I .1 Wi V If i E ,,-IA f- - A - -f 1- f------f f -- , 44.1 1, if f f e eff ff-3' W' A fp '.-,: zz '1- LE" ' H if?" 1 Q H F- fx: Y sf! I fix, q, , ,ff ifw 'J 143 . E: iii VJ, 4-,'ffT'Tit11'::'::-J iii: Page One Hundred and Seven --A Guns, Eur 5But forgotten QBne:QIZime members uf the Glass uf 1935 CAROL XV. ALTON, JR. ROBERT W. BEOI-ITOL SIAIULL BONSALL PxOBIiRT F. CARR, JR. CHARLES G. CHICRERING W. L. SHERMAN CRICHFIELD BASIL D'EMO W. JAMES DUNN GEORGE R. HAINES JOHN D. HALLMAN CHARLES G. HAMAKER T, LYMAN HAMMOND ROGER E. HILKERT DOLYGLAS JOHNSON f- '..V1g JR Page One Hundred and Eight FLOYD B. KESER. JR. WILLIAM C. KIESEL ROBERT J. LEONARD FRANCIS B. MANIERRE CARL G. PARR NOliMAN A. PERRY, JR. SAMUEL F. -PREST FREDERICK J. SEYMOUR J. HOW'ARD SI-IEELE, SRD HENRY' G. SIMS CARL ULTES, JR. WALTER MCC. WALES ROBERT M. WARNE C. ELLIOT WHEELER bixtb XVlw lzas done most fm' 'flie Hill. . For Ivlmm The Hill li as done most. . Most popular .................. Brainiest ...,.. Biggest mzisauce . . Best athlete . . . l'la'ndsomest .... Biggest spongew' .. Most energetic ... . Most alasemfmiudecl . . . . . . Most liappyfgofluelgy Best dresser ....... . . . Most gewitlemanly . , . . . . Biggest grind . . . . Most optimistic .. Most pessimistic .. Wittiest ...... Noisiest .... . . Biggest loafev . ...... . . . First to get marriecl. . . . . . Greatest uIo111a11fl1ate7' . . . . . Biggest blujler .. Mast original . . . Most musical ....... . . . Has biggest drag ........ . . . Most successful in college. . . . . . Must successful in business. . . . . . Most generous , . Nerviest ..... Most clieerful . . Best dancer , . ..... ... Wrwtst 'YO1lgl'l'llOU.S8T . . . . . . Most tactful . . . Biggest clzimney . . Class baby ......... , . . Biggest Htltinlgs lIe is' a I Jfutm j EvANs I ULNIER 5 GILLMOR l SYLvI5sTI5R SAR-IPSIELL GRAIN MOLINA HOBLliR KING HALE ULRIIER CLOSE WILSON GLIEANZER SYLVESTER SGIIULTZ Dux' CLIMMINGS Ross HOVEY WILSON Hov1zY SCHULTZ HALI2 ULNIER BOOTH BORSODI EVANS 1 DEY Y MGVITTY 1 EVANS I PEW MOLINA SAMPSELL QLEANZER l LONGA-IAID I SIJALDING DRISCOLL RAND MliYIiR GLLANZER I ... ,..,,,,.if Imztiuns SYLVLSTER YUENGLING DRISCOLL S HOLT l ULMER CUMMINGS MORGAN DIIRITIS Foss if MCVITTY 1 BURNETT YLIHNGLING MORGAN DERITIS DRISCOLL CRAIN MORGAN GILl.MOR 5 O'BRIEN l PERIELESS MORGAN O'BRIEN BLEAKLEY YUENGLING HOVEY MOLINA SILLECK KINGSLEY ULNIER ULMER S PORE I DEY BROWN DRISCOLL Foss MORGAN DERITIS CLOSE l YLIENGLING l LONGMAIIJ MOLINA I -2- A. I I , ,gif 1...- MCVITTY SAMPSELL I SYLVESTER WARREN , 1 LONGMAID , S MOLINA I MCVITTY FARLEY I MOLINA " .-R HOVEY I 3 l l WRIGHT Iwi I V C SAWYER I l, I WRIG1-IT I , .I FARLEY I ' CULBERTSON ' PIPER BROWN MCVITTY DYER EVANS if BLEAKLEY A DERITIS lWRIGHT I 4 D0UGLAss , ' LWORTH 'W II' MOLINA I Ross 5-QV I' D0uGLAss K j-1' 3 GLEANzER - I DRISCOLL EVANS lCOCHRAN 4 GRAIN l RAND HOVEY S WRIGHT l SAXVYER Hovxav MOLINA I S PACE ,-5 'R Y SAMPSELL I BLEAKLEY ' Poms KINGSLEY Page One Hundred and Niue , . If I ' V, X A N F A V I Y R 1 .1 , .-.i.., lx Y 4 1k,.",., LQ 1,15 J. ll 210 fl M1 F:Q:,a W 4 Avi ,.,, W!! WW wif H 391 W li an I1 : Nr 'QMRI1 V 1 M : . , 5 in-1 V,12.'2 gif 3 9 X y QE? F : v I U F7 . 1 I .Hi ! ,ff A ,Ll 1, ii 5 MMU l Q1 F J? H ? gp THE FIFTH FORM 1. H It 1-1 - fl' Y Y ' 'f:',i,:,, f f g Y W A Q W Q 'T 'JL-.iii f" dffi, .V, T777 77-"F W f.?1. 1 1 I 'u:f'I'ff . 5... -fu .' . I ll' L A It .- J ,I A vw' f . R .4 fra Q1 . . FIFTH FORM OFFICERS XVICK, R.. Wlcx. C.. BAKER be lass ui 1936 ROBERTSON F. ALFORD ROY ANAISLIE EARL V. ARAISTRONIS. JR. J. STEWART BAKER. JR. ALBERT K. BARAGXVANATH JOHN E. BARBEY, JR. DCPNALD BARRETT JOHN A. BELL. III ROXVLAND S. B1zvANs GEORGE P. BISSELL. JR. DAVID H. BLAIR. JR. JOHN A. BLEARLEY CARLTON W. BRISTOL, JR ALBERT BROWN JEAN E. BLTHLER GERARD L. BUI-IRMAN, JR STANLEY W. BURKE. JR. JOHN L. BUTLER. JR. AGUSTIN CABRER J. WALKER CAIN. JR. STEWART W. CAMPBELL JOHN C. CHAFEE. JR. JOHN COLEMAN, III EDXVIN G. H. COLLIEN ROBERT D. DALZELLL, JR. XVALTER H. DAUI3, JR. HUGH P. DAvlsON RAYMOND M. DEAN ' ' -'1 ' If r A frlff-?:'5'. .. HH 2 f--- I Page One Hund-fed and Elem cn DANIEL D. DICREY HENRY R. EAGLE DUDLEY EVANS ROYAL A. FERRIS, III JOHN F. FISK. IV CHARLES W. FLYNN. III PETER D. FORSCH MYLES D. Fox WILLIAM L. GLATFIILTER, 2 STUART F. HALIILL, JR. ALFRED HARTL1iY HARRY H. HARVERSTICK4 EDMUND F. HIGGINS ARTHUR C. HILM1iIl, JR. FRANK HISGOCR JOHN H. I-IODGE, JR. ALLAN C. HOUSE. JR. JOHN M. HOWARD PALMER HUIAIH ES, JR. CHARLES W. IRELAND PETER D. JOERS WI-IEDON JOHNSON DAVID M. JOHNSTONE BROOKS M. JONES CARL F. W. KAELBER, JR. RICHARD H. KOCH, III ALFRED L. LANE FRED M. LEGE, III HERMAN W. LESLIE FRANK B. MGBURNEY ' A. MILLER MCDOUCALL, JR. HOWARD C. MACMILLAN. JR MARK W. MACLAY, JR. LAWRENCE M. MEAD, JR. JUDSON MEAD ND Page One Hundred and Twelve ,LSL . . A '- KEITH MERRILL, JR. JOHN MOFFAT I DOUGLAS MACM. MOODY E. TOWNSEND MOORE KIRK MOORE MALCOLM MURPHY GORDON S. MUSTIN THEODORE W. NEUMANN, JR EDWARDS C. O'BOYLE FRANCIS F. PARRY JOHN C. PATTERSON ALEXANDER P. PAYSON KIMBALL PENNY GEORGE P. PILLING, 4TH WILLIAM MCL. POMEROY, JR. ROBERT M. SCHUMO HAROLD S. SCHUTT, JR. CHARLES H. SHANER. JR. CHARLES D. SMITH, II G. STEVENSON SMITH WILLIAM P. SOCRMAN CHARLES F. SIPALDING, ZND STUART A. SPAULDING JOHN W. STORB, JR. THOMAS P. ULMER W. MARTIN VOGEL, JR. GEORGE S. WATSON DAVID A. WELLS JOHN P. WENDELL WILLIAM W. WHITELOCK J. HOWARD WHITTEMORE G. CHANDLER WICK RICHARD K. WICK G. FRIED WILSON. JR. W 1 THE FOURTH FORM 1 1 'N w ' ' kk- I i' 5 ,L .W Ya., L 7 - ,,., Ll. -.- -- - --N g . ' 77 . liz? "'.ff ' - N1.:g::- '. z 1 1 Y if -T--T' Ti, we--p-I II Ie- ' I. In I-I EMD JI I FOURTH FORM OFFICERS Standing: ROBERTSON, Dow Sitting: ACHESON, WILSON, H. 013132 Ililass uf 1937 FREDERIC ACI-IBL1s CORNELL W. ACHESON WILLIAM N. BANNARD, ZIRD NORMAN M. BARBER PIERRE G. BARBEY SEYMOUR N. BARR WILLIAM L. BARR FREDERICK G. BILLS DANIIEL B. BOYER, JR. LAWRENCE D. BRAGG, IR. JOHN V. BRETT C. ALLYN BROWN, JR. ROBERT T. BRYANS ROY R. BUMSTED, JR. FRANCIS B. CHALIFOUX KEMP C. CHRISTIAN, JR. FREDERICK W. CLARKE, III GUILFORD G. H. CONGDON ,Y , . xg .Q . I, 4i.v- N., I' -I ,,,.,4A,-,, W , A 1,-, J A, r I . I --U . I , I , ,I .., JB - . .,- I . - i--I-,-I---.f'IAr-- - -9 Vx. - I, ,., ,..' I K- I f.-1.IL-Q32-gugyqi' 1 k' .. if 4' 'QI x..g",Tg,,k .f '-,L -., I TLSN 1 Y- Page One Hundred and Fourteen Tj. V I up IIIIII I-IJI' IMI' XFTTQII III I, I I .-I ' I I I II I II W I I Ig.. II,Q ii JI I o IJI I IFLLIJI .e. I fx I I 'I I I I ' I IIIJI ISI? II I I I iii, II W., IJ, I .IWL I I . I I 1,1 WILLIAM O. CORRIN ALI.:kN J. Clk.-KNIi. IR. EDXVARD R. DANA RUIJNIZY D. DAY. JR. MILTON S. DILLON, JR. CI-IARLI-.s M. DOW JAMES F. ELxINs JAMES F. IIAILEY jOIfIN B. FRANCIS .Ililfl:liRY W. GRAIIAM JAMES R. GRANDIN WILLIAM G. GRANNIS WILLIAM K. GRESII, III j. JARDIEN GUENTI-IER, JR. CIfIARLEs L. HOEEMAN RIOIIARD HOEEMAN EDWIN S. HOOKER. JR. KIINNETII HC.JXVARl'J, JR. LAEAYETTE M. HUIII-IES. JR. j. STERLINI: HLITCI-IESON RICIIARD B. IRWIN HIENIXX' P. ISHAM. JR. XVILLIANI T. KETOIIAM, JR. WILLIAM j. KINII ARTI-IUR M. KLEIN W. JARLD KNAW. JR. EDITAR H, KOIIAR DAXIID D. LONOMAID CYRUS E. MANIERRE, JR. ALVAN MARIQLE. III HU IIERT O. MERRYWEATI-I ER JOI-IN MIEELIN F. SIIILIIY MOORE J. KNOX H. MOORE 1. BARROW MOOTER WILLIAM M. MUssER, IR. EDVJARDS F. C. NIC1-IOLSON HLTMI'I'IREY F. NOYIIS -IAMES O, PERRINE, IR. JAMES B. PI-IILLII1s JOSEPII MCK. POTTS, ZND SAMUEL W. PRAY DONALD ROBERTSON HUGH V. Ross DYXVID MCM. RUTTER EDWARD L. RYERSON, III HAROLIJ M. SCOTT, IR. JOHN V. SCOTT, JR. DAVID SHISRBON DAVID N. SMITH ROBERT B. SNOWDEN CURTIS M. SVJIFT J. READ TAYLOR JOI-IN H. TI-IACHER LAURENCE G. TIOHE, IR. CHARLES VV. TINIJLH, JR. WILLIAM L, VAUGI'IAN LEW WALLACE. III DOLIQILAS WARNER JOSEPH W. WI-IITARER, JR. HEIQISERT L. WIL.LETT, III EUGENE B. VJILLIAMS, JR. HENRY I. B. VJILSON HAROLD H. WINGERD RICHARD WRIGHT Page One Hxmdaed and FI uen THE SECOND AND THIRD FORMS f .CI ,f Af. 'HL i FI- !, Y wwf" N ., QQ W -e'5q"q' X .Lf S 5 x Xdfev Wfitb 0 ' IQ' f 105 Ill If ' M 'iiv Ks 0 x' Y 5 tk, I 5 Ll Cu-.PL ll Jlfff I 4 .Q X I TRKRN: A . ir my- ' Q a',.,1 A , M, A 1. ,.-314 ' "-EW , - WEP: RQ f QSM ' X L, . V ,T.'zV:EL, I, rv, , . .A- .fr. f - ' ' ' '- 'fa-ai 1 fl I ' . '-IJ-4'--J , J ix Mfii'- " Jia 1 vY1,.:!fL" XV , W " .mf-"' ' f 1. , q ,- X f 4 . Y ' , J , .fa:,.. f ff Q1 '. gi 4 l .-WHXZ ,N ,nh ,a 5 U Q V fd ... ' I y df: U, , . if . f .,lI""' In ' 1 1' i A' LJ, xgnygg, ff' -,g:',zf,: '-ra:-g. 3 aj. J: , , 2,3 ,4j'15L,Z:115? f 2517 ,991 QQ we 'if' 11 1221-' -. W f.,,:.q r 65,4 J 4. 1 1 .1-gs: 4 ,v Wa, ' .111 '- W'-HT' E Q 'fn' -.ff '- 2:4 5539, X 1' " 6 ,Q . 'I 1 I , I I , D Qtbletics Page O11 a Hundred 4 md Scvcntcc 11 1" lx" THE FOUR MANAGERS BURROWS, A.. DEY, FORSCH, HUNSBERGER THE CHEER LEADERS DYER, HALE, GLAENZER, SILLECK - fr V -V , 'L 'fi Y- 1 A 'TZfF2Vg4:j.f, Page One HILTIIIITCCI and Eighteen fl I F ,U P. Y 'xff' ,.-', I 2 1 fs Fi? J ., Lili? 145 .jf 5 :ii A ! L I P , W 1 5 fa yy A 3 :- ,Ik mei 3 M H fi .ll I X ui-7 ,E , I ,y i I , . TH VW. 9 A ' ' ' LW' ' ' 'eg "xg u . -K' " if f'-1' j. . ww g we '-Tgiuzgfi, -Q ef,-,. 2, 2 H --fm mu-.J L.. c-55 F A 1 be J -l 1. L hr:-.. 3.2! U ,gram-L .Emu X. ..k..,, e -,-,,,-M ,,,.,.i:.,.,. ,ML-K-. , ' I. I :N .1 I g I 12:1 4 + ,wif , NU'-'1', LJ Q fm?-J!! ,'i'3Ql'Zf "lf Q Gif? W: W ,. 7 .1 :ff e New VW iff, 4 mg-is gb I wp I ,5 1 a. Mg. jfnuthall , , 'H' 1 14 N Hi" r AQ: f I I U LW V' .I 1 lm .lm fjfixj 'MV Q24 W' 'gl l . l l Page One Hundred and Nineteen THE 1934 FOOTBALL TEAM Third Row: HOBLER, E., PERELESS. MERLHSMITH, WICK, LoNcMAm. VALQHIX Second Row: BARBEY. J., COLEMAN, GRANGE, LANE. Buena. DOLLAR. Moacarx Firsc Row: Fliaora, MOLINA. MCDOUGALL. SPALDING, I.. Hovnv, KING. Drubcou. d fhnzrs jul-IN H. SPALDINIS ... ..... .... . ... PETER D. Foascn. Mn. VJARD ...... MR. SHIELDS I MR. DENMAN S" Page One Hundred and Twenty Qluatbes . . . . .Captain . . . .Md11dQCT . . . ...... Head Coach Assistant Coaches ehiztn nf the 1934 jfunthall iveasnn MACING a stiff schedule for the 1934 season, The Hill football team p barged through its encounters. leaving behind a trail of four victories. K, 4fX f one tie. and two defeats. The team necessitated considerable laundering during the season, washing the Lawrenceville shirt. and making it necesf sary for Tome to have its snow'white uniforms scoured of the mud so generously incurred in contact with the ground and the rain. Of championship calibre was this hghting Hill eleven. It had a powerful offensive and defensive and tipped the scales with the necessary tonnage. The only weakness was in aerial tactics-and the boys will learn these next year. Coached ably by Messrs. XVard. Denman and Shields, the team had all that was needed for a good year. First blood was drawn in the Williziinsoii Trade School encounter. Clicking with a laneeflike running attack led by lohnny King and Dick lvforgan, the Blue and Gray mowed its opponents. Wlieii the battle was over the score stood 2010. As the Tome eleven entered Dell Field for the second game of the season, gasps of admiration arose from the stands at their beautiful white uniforms. Great was the conjecture, however. for the gridiron was very wet. All wondered just how long the white uniforms would remain clean. At the end of the nrst quarter, during which a new star in the shape of Nelson Feroe, a substitute back weighing 132 pounds. had begun his elusive and clashing ascendancy. one couldn't tell whether the Tome players had on brown or black. At the end of the game. which the Blue and Gray proceeded to win, 1810, the held was a sea of mud. Poly Prep journeyed down to administer the first score and defeat of the season. Roth starred amidst a vicious aerial attack which The Hill, even with the sturdy play' ing of Morgan, could not cope with. losing the game, 1'if0. Permeated with determination, the entire team went out on the field for the battle with the Yale Frosh Seconds. promising a thorough victory. This day they could not be denied and they won a decisive victory, 27f6. Ed Hobler first attracted the crowd in this game. He afterward developed into a topfnotcher. Feroe starred with long runs. Cries of "Wzxsli that shirt!" were satisfied this year by the decisive score of 19-6 which the Blue and Gray inflicted on a strong Lawrenceville team. The now estab' lished triurnvirate of Lane. Morgan and Feroe outweighed the attempts of the Lawrence stars. Botthoff and Blades and led The Hill wave to victory. Punting marked the game between the Princeton Frosh and The Hill. The encounter. which ended in at tie. was marked by good defensive play. Both teams were equally matched. and the contest was chiefly a punting duel. The eleven left for Lakeville. Connecticut. for their traditional battle amid a din of heartening cheers. Possibly the nostalgia which gripped their hearts at being away from school for the first time during the season slowed them up at the first of the game. In any case the team couldn't click against a tricky Hotchkiss passing and running attack. and was defeated. 10f0. ' Altogether The Hill scored 79 points throughout the season as opposed to 37 for its opponents. The "A" team presented a line averaging 174 pounds and a baekfield which averaged 170 pounds. After cessation of all activities. Captain john Spalding turned the reins over to Captainfelect Miller McDougal. Spalding was a strong captain and an inspiring leader throughout every game. The only unfortunate aspect of the whole season was the resignation of Mr. Wai'd. who has been supplanted hy Mr. Shields. As a token of appreciation for his loyalty. Mr. W:ii'd was presented a gold watch. In accepting this he chose words which are indicative of his spirit all along. "I only wish that 1 could have given the team more." I5 Page One Hundred and ffwentv one . , ,, ,., . ,. .... ,,- . 4 -, ,H , ,Tim nga . Q GQ pi Ll fl.. ff, ry qjv -L' 1e,...+- 1 I..3i A X '?'i1,,g ' ,., x,.,VX: F M L1 i Q L.:-q ni, .1 1, '. L1-N 4 WH 2-51,7 . li-lit' ,in Qvlzgi F 7 , 't I ,A 5 i5 Q 1 W: 1 , T If l A K, .....,..,..-- --Xb , 'X 4: w I, A 1 4 W Q.: , ish 4 ' f w 12: i I ' I, gfib-i, R 4? X 4 N""" 7 i1EQG'l Y KL wr: 1 4.55 1- A 5 W F '. 1 X . 'W W W ' A .WV La! ,jp I ,FUN wx Tx 1,31 in l illrank Qi! Q v U x 9 r 'i Page One Hundred and Twentyftwo 15 H 92 ' i T I ' F 'P' F I .I in T1 Z g ' - K: L5 T A ...+gi.SCTilW -. -W.-if wiv fx- Virri - i if-5 -i fad 4 Yi!-- " I I 'T A 1 Il II H II . II IH N . I , I I I I ll! I .,xcYij" I I IIII V721 iff? ,nfl II-IIIIF, WI' TI MV I .Iii .If I I IQ. T I I J ' 1 5, . ,... ,.... - . L. I THE 1934 TRACK TEAM IIjZ.I IQ: Back Row. JOHNSON. D.. Mgr., MORGAN. SMITH. SOULE. WICK, DOLLAR, I-EJ' WYLIE, YUENGLING .III I F1-our Row: DYER. Ross. DAVIS. MCVITTY. HEllRIl:S. HARDY. ZANG, ROHRBACH, FISKE II I I QPffitBt5, 1933234 ma I WILLIARRI W. Hrixuuns . . . ,...... .Captam ,JI ff.-Q ..........Mcmage'r I DOUGLAS JOHNSON ....... Q2'Ix1lg5?1EOE5,R?I3XVS . . . . . .Assistant Ma11agers .III QLLJ1! QBffi:er5, 1934235 IIIIQ HERBERT Q. MCVITTY ..... ..................... C aptain ARTHUR A. Bmmows .. ........... Manager ,IQFQ KEITH MIERRILL ..... .. .... Assistant Manager ROBERTSON F. ALFORD .... ..... A ssismm Manage-r NI? I" MR. COLBAT1-1 ....... . . ......... Head Coach II .I II MR. SWLENRY MR. COLLIER 'I 3 MR. WARD II 1 Q YN O O O O Q OO H H M A vga-Z::Ifi.l.JL 55?4:f'5'i M3575 Page One HllHdTCd and Twenty-three ehietn uf the 1934 Trask Season HE 1934 Track Team closed its season near the end of May with a feel' D W ing of considerable satisfaction. Although the Blue and Gray trackmen were third in the Princeton Interscholastics, they accomplished the ob' Q jective of every Hill team in conquering Lawrenceville by ten hardfwon points. In its opening meet with the Temple Freshmen, The Hill was de' feated by the score of 70M to TSVQ. despite the ine showing in the hurdles. hammer. and pole vault. Soule. Vsfick, and McVitty were outstanding. The visitors excelled in the dashes and runs. The following week, however. The Hill conquered the Princeton Freshmen by twofthirds of a point. Firsts were taken by Soule. Herries, Wylie. McVitty, and Moi'- gan. Dick Smith won the high jump for The Hill, clearing the bar at '5 feet 8. By capturing third place in the javelin. Jesse Spalding snatched the meet from the hands of the Orange and Black, who had been leading, owing to their fine work in the quarter. half, and mile runs. The final score was The Hill 63M, Princeton Frosh 62M. The team's next competition was in the Lafayette Interscholastic meet. lviercers' burg's trackmen shaded the Blue and Gray considerably in the Held events. Both Davis and Ross contributed to The Hill's scoring in the track events, well supported by other members of the team. In the high jump Smith broke the meet record with a jump of 5' feet HM inches. Despite these line showings, lv1ercersburg was the victor. the score being 77M points for Mercersburg and 38M points for The Hill. The next week the Blue and Gray competed in the Princeton Interscholastics. At this meet The Hill had the most decisive defeat of their season when it slipped from their first place, won in 1933, to fourth. The team showed considerable strength in two events: the highfhurdles, in which Soule was second and Dollar was fifth: and the hammer throw. In the latter Wick gained second place and Herries third. Iv1cVitty won second place in the broad jump. Another Hill man to place was Davis, who scored a fourth in the quarter mile. As before, however, Mercersburg proved too strong an opponent and was consequently the winner with a score of 77M points. Lawrenceville followed with a score of 2322 points, and Newark placed third with 20 points. The Hill. which would have won the cup permanently if it had placed first, gained 18 points. On Tuesday, May 22, the team met Lawrenceville in the most important dual track meet of the year. Although the Red and Black had beaten The Hill in the Princeton Interscholastics, the Blue and Gray won with the score of 68 points to Lawrencevilles 58. despite a heavy thunder shower that threatened to disrupt the proceedings. The track that was rendered unusually slow by a terrihc downpour of rain made all running difficult. McVitty gave the most outstanding performance of the afternoon, taking nrsts in the discus throw. the pole vault, and the broad jump. Bob Soule also gave a fine account of himself. obtaining first place in the 120-yd. high hurdles with a time of 17.6 seconds. thus equalling the school record. Soule also placed third in the Z?.Ofyd. low hurdles. Dollar. Yuengling. Zang, Ross. and Dyer placed in track events. Two highlights of the day occurred when Fisk of The Hill was second to his teammate. Rohrbach, in the half mile run. and when Morgan nosed out Walsh of Lawrenceville to win first place in the low hurdles. The pole vault was a threefway split for first place between McVitty and Dyer of The Hill. and Newcomb of Lawrence' ville when the vaulting was stopped at 11 feet 6 inches. lviessrs. Colbath. Sweeney, Collier, and Vsfard should be commended for their work in molding the 1934 track team. Page One Hundred and Tiuenty-four D.-xx-'Is . . Diri.1...aR .. DYI-:ia ... Fixx ... Hl'.IiIllIiS . . IV1fIVIT'I'Y. Iviuiuz.-xx . Ruiiiua.-xczii SMITH. R... . Sui 1.1. . . WIHIK, R. HARDY . . . Wvuie ... Russ . Yl'iiNi:i.lNr Zixxiz . Tllibz Tlleam . . . fluurter Milt ... Hurdles .. . . .Pole Vault ...Hiiif Mile Hammer ...Dixcl 1.v, Broad Iimip, Pole Vault .. . Hurdics ....Half Mile ....High jump . . . Hurdles . . .Hammer ...Half Mile . . javclin . . . Mile ....Sprints .. . . Sprints Page Om: Hundred and '1'1.ue11ty The igilldlamrenrehille Baal Track Meet The Hill 68 Lawrenceville 58 EVENTS I2O4yd. High Hurdles lU0fyd. Dash . . . Mile Run . . . 440-yd. Dash . . . ?.Z0fyd. Low Hurdles.. ssofyd. Run . Shot Put .... Javelin .. Pole Vault . . . High jump .. Broad jump . . Discus Haunmei' Throw . . . . . SUULE QHD .. WHITE QLD DOLL.-XR QHD PAXON QLD .,...... YUENGIJNI: QHD ZANC QHD CARVER QLD .. Ross QHD MORTON QLD DAVIS QHD PAXON QLD BURKEY QLD MORGAN QHD ... WALSH QLD SOULE QHD ROIIREACII QHD FISKE QHD NUIIENT QLD TOMPSON QLD . SIIUMAN QLD IRELAND QHD ETHRIIIGE QLD . WYLI12 QHD LAWRENCE QLD MCVITTY QHD .... NEWCOMB QLD . DYER QHD ...... SMITH QHD WALSII QLD NEvIus QLD SCHMIDT QLD SOULE QHD MCVITTY QHD . .. ETIIRIDGE QLD EVANS QLD MCVITTY QHD . CARTER QLD MELLICIQ QLD WICK QHD .... STARKEY QLD HI5RRIIiS QHD Page One Huwidvecl and Tzucvltyfsix TIME, HlEIli1'IT. OR DISTANUII . . . . .1516 seconds . . .10.0 seconds . . . .4 minutes 47.7 Seconds ....lm . . . 52.0 seconds . . . . .254 seconds inutes 7.40 seconds ...46 feet 1 inch 166 feet: 6.5 inches .. .11 feet 6 inches . .11 feet 6 inches ...11 feet 6 inches . . .7 feet 7 inches . . .21 feet 6 inches 116 feet 2.7 inches . . .162 feet 1 inch if Vi, 9 V, il g Q,QQiii Z, F", If' W , I' Iris., M ,, ,A . . k ,bf ...1' A - - Y , , THE WINTER TRACK SQUAD 'Tiki-iilliesg19:52:14sfxszw:-532-25:4 7 ik E'f.-5-f---J- :?.si'.1r""':-"' L- 1 ., , -...........-.......1- . ' .. .s..-- -':f'::.1 , ' . '31-'Z' -'L'."-'1Tv.. .ff -Y' 7"7 1. ' 'Fl :r..'n'::A: - '--:A U 1 3 3 -rrn., .,,, ::" E -12211 5.11E1??21. f '2Ei:fi5Af7AT": 'iii 1-14 THE WINTER BASEBALL SQUAD Page One Hundred and 'Twentyfseven i X F" Page One Hmldred and Tlucntyfeight 1851525511 THE 1934 BASEBALL TEAM Back Row: SMALE. BAKER. SPALDING. BYERS fMgr,J, MICHELL. COLEMAN, HARVEY From Row: NUYES. GL.-KTFELTER. NALTY. FEROE. N.. FEROE, W.. KING, DURRELL. CLOSE, ALLEN Q9ffiner5, 193334 WILLIAM FERUE ................................. Captain JAMES Bums ............. ................ .... M a nager DUNCAN HL'NsnERr:En ..... .... .... . .... A s .vistam Manager 6Bffiter5, 1934235 JOHN KING .......................... .. ...... CofCapmin NIZLSON FEROE ............ . ............ . .. CofCapr.1in DUNCAN HUNSliERK,iER ............. .... M anager Qlnarijes MR. LEMLEY .. ................ ....... H eacl Coach MR. DENMAN . .. ....................... Assistant Coach The Cham DLJRRELL . . . .................... ...... C archer NALTY .... .. .............. . . FEROE. W. .. SM.-KLli .... KING ...... CLosE. D. . .. HARVEY M101-:ELL .... FEEUE. N. ... ..... Third Base . . . .Second Base . ...Short Stop . . .Left Field ... Right Field . . . . Center Field .. . . .. Pitcher . . .Firxt Base Page One Hundrecl and Twentyfnine Bztiietn uf the 1934 Jgasehall Qeasrm Z INE teamwork, superb pitching, and errorless Helding were the outstand' ing features of the partially successful 1934 baseball season at The Hill. L, YG! H X stays. and Phil Glatfelter and Bill Miclmell on the mound, the Blue and S Witli Johnny King, Captain Bill Feroe and Jimmy Smale as hitting main' Gray nine was victorious in seven of her thirteen contests. Both pitchers were equally successful in hits, defying the agefold belief that pitchers are poor batters. Allen, who also pitched, batted well. In a 6-4 victory over Williamson Trade School, The Hill team showed encouraging possibilities for the 1934 season. The game was harclffought and wellfplayed throughout. The Hill suffered its hrst defeat at the hands of Gilman. 837. The teams were evenly matched, and two extra innings were necessary to break a tie. King, who knocked a homefrun, and Close were outstanding for the Blue and Gray. Coming to the fo1'e again. The Hill clouters conquered Girard College. 11f9. in one ol' the hardestffought games of the season. Glatfelter's fine pitching throughout the encounter was remarkable. eleven Girard men being struck out. Captain Feroe also played exceptionally well. Consistent batting and effective fielding of the Princeton Freshmen brought a 6fO defeat to The Hill. In this game Michell was outstanding in the box, striking out seven men. The Hill continued her alternate victories in a game with the Ursinus Freshmen, who were defeated, 9f5'. Glatfelter. Smale and Feroe showed outstanding ability. The Hill defeated Chestnut Hill Academy, IO-O. in a onefsidecl, yet hardffought, game. Captain Feroe starred in the held. and shared batting honors with Nalty. Michell did splendid work on the mound. Lafayette Freshmen defeated the Blue and Gray clouters. 4-2. Nalty and Faroe played well inheld. however, and Durrell was notable behind the bat. The Hill won a smashing 2016 victory in its Hrst game with Lawrenceville, King, Harvey, and Nalty were outstanding for the home team. The second game with the Laurentians resulted in a 1'.Z'7 victory for the Blue and Gray, The teams being evenly matched, two extra innings had to be played. Reading High School gained an 8-1 victory over the home nine in a loosely'played, onefsided affair, The Feroe brothers and Jimmy Smale played well for The Hill. The Blue and Gray met defeat at the hands of the Pennsylvania Freshmen. who won, 412, in a tendnning game. Micliell, Smale and Feroe starred. Princeton Prep conquered The Hill nine with a score of 6-2 in a loosely'played game. Glatfelter was outstanding. In the last and hardest game of the season. The Hill won a 76 victory over the Hotchkiss aggregation at Lakeville. Johnny Coleman, playing his third game for the Blue and Gray. and Bill Micliell starred at Hrst base and in the box, respectively. Smale was injured in the third inning, and Captain Feroe. tal-:ing his place at shortstop, played capably. ln this encounter. Bill Feroe. Mort Harvev, Phil Glatfelter. Larry Durrell. Johnny Coleman, Jimmy Smale. Bill Nalty. and Bfll Michell. played their last games for The Hill. Baseball insures fur 1934 6 The Hill ................. Willizimsciii Trade . . . . 4 The Hill ................ 7 Gilman .......... . 8 The Hill . . 0 Princeton Frosh . . . 6 The Hill .. lO Chestnut Hill . . . 0 The Hill . . 20 Lawrenceville .... . 6 The Hill . . 2 Lafayette Frosh . . . 4 The Hill . . 12 Lawrenceville . . . 7 The Hill . . 1 Reading High .... . 8 The Hill . . 2 Princeton Frosh . . . 6 The Hill . . l I Girard ........ . 9 The Hill . . 9 Ursinus ...... . 5' The Hill . . 5' Hotchkiss . . . . . 3 " ,- "-ff-Uri.. ' Y ..l ,ri Q ,. .ab-t".-I. - gf- Page One Hundred and 'Tliivty .M 1:1 7,7 1 1 " -7. 1 1 z'-- 51 V Y Iv' U f' ' - - Y., , 1 "1 15-Q, -:f,...,, v I 11,-, , 1. '1:1c fx: vf 11 311.1 I 1 N N ' ,A -L HI' Pi--"F"iJ si I gfgh Lia A - 1 1'. : 1 I 1 W W W1 N N : V1 1 U 11 1 1. 1i1 N 1 W1 1- X 1, 1155 X 1 1, W' -' :F J I. 1 1 . 1 'A I -.L 5 QU' L1 Q," 11-1.1111 "f,1,W 11 ff, M11. 1311. -1 '- 1111-1 Q-, 1- 111 ' Az "-X, Eff 1 .XM 1 1 ,. ' , -11 'is-'52- :19 1 'E x , "1" X1 Y1 " 1 1, 1, 11, .1 'lg 11 11,,, -"' 5 df' X HQ' ' , I I F111 , i N X Nfl .K 1 1. 1 11111 -1 1 1 f 11 1113 1 gl' 1.55m 57,111 If 'Hi .1 I Mlj- '11 1' W 11 1 -L '1 '71 1132.11 ,511 1:1 1 f.,. 11 ,, 1' W L J L 1' 1g1fg'iL?1u 11221 A. ' L: I 191 V111 ff 1 My rf i Yr Vx 1 . 1' I 1 ii, W. gms' U! 1 F li 1 '1 I1 lil 1 Juv' Q 1 ii 1 121 '1 11 1w+1w 1111 qu' 111 1111113111 1 1. 1 ,V1 -f fg- ' A: fbi: 12-J 'U LQ. :w W "'W 111 ,111-11 If 5 UH if IW1 b 1. 5 mL 1 ,151 A Q 1,1 4'j1,I' 1 2. 1 .. 1 1, 111 - 1A,i1L1 X :gm .,1 1 U N '1 . 1 W wf' ' 1..1f1' w Hgfp 11W ' --- UUR1 1 ' 11 H1 1 Basketball 2 1? I :' 1 K- Y i N4 1 1' 'f 1' l1r,,, 121 'nfl , K f ' "i,ff-.- 1 ' X '--fH-2-S1- 1 L -1 -' - -.gif -- -. l M .11.,V, W igf 'gfw' F' fJ',1fr I-fzgvpkf-1-,-qi-Q'11' -lg,j'g2gS" 5Lg- I fi' i ,iw - A ,A f -fn , ' gash- ,z - 1 ' A :F-71. . 1' .1 ,, ' i, f .-.l, - -1 ' ' 11 1 1 f 3 11-- '1'i5Tf1-2.1 11 Qfrf-Qif--I W--W4111 Page O-ne Hundred and '1'hi1Ly-one THE 1935 CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM Standing: MOLINA, GLAENZER, DEY. fMgrJ, KINGSLEY, ROBERTSON Sitting: HILL, DERITIS. EVANS. HOBLER. BARRETT QBfflters CHARLES EVANS. JR. ................. .... C apmm BEN C. DRY. JR. ..................... .... M imager MR. GEORGE DIENMAN ................. ..... C ouch The Ulizam EVANS fCaprainJ ROBERTSON HALE HORLRR JONES GLEANZER DERITIS BARRETT GLATFIELTER HILL MOLINA KINGSLEY Ulibe 1935 Basketball Stores The Hill . . . ......,......... 27 Princeton Freshmen . . . . The Hill . . . . Z8 Haverford J. V. . . . The Hill . .. . 43 Tome ...... ... . The Hill . ,. . 65' Girard ......... . . .. The Hill . . . . 51 Princeton Prep .... . . . . The Hill . . . . 21 Pennsylvania Freshmen . . The Hill . . . . 35' Swarthmore V. . . . . . . The Hill . . . . 48 McDOnogh ..... . . . . The Hill . . . . 53 Ursinus Freshmen . The Hill . . . . 29 Lawrenceville . . . Page One Hundred and Tlzirtyftwo ehietn uf the 1935 Zgashethall Seasun Q 2335 Wage spite of the fact that only one player of last year's team. Captain S, ,' Evans. returned. Coach Denman produced a championship quintet for J 1935, discovering several excellent players in his new material. As a fi result, The Hill was victorious in every game except two played with ' college freshman teams. L4 The most outstanding player of the season was Edward Hobler, who. besides playing elhciently at center. set a new scoring record of 148 points in ten games. Captain Evans. second high scorer. led the team to victory at guard. inspiring it by his steadily brilliant play. DeRitis, Hill and Barrett played fast and accurate basketball. rounding out a championship team. ln the opening game with the Princeton Freshmen The Hill five lost 3607. show' ing that its new players had not yet become accustomed to working together. The team redeemed itself during the next game. however, defeating Haverford I. V, 28-18. Hobler and Barrett distinguished themselves by their excellent shotfsinking during this rather loosely'played game. Overwhelming Tome 4349. The Hill team showed that it was at last clicking smoothly, displaying better allfaround play. Hobler accounted for a total of 25' points to lead the day's scoring. Continuing its victorious march. the team downed Girard College 65314, coming within three points of breaking the Cillison Memorial court record. The onefsidedness of the contest kept it from being very interesting. Another team. Princeton Prep., bowed before the triumphant Hill quintet, 5140. in another unequal match. the next week. In one of the hnest games of the season, The Hill was edged out by the Pennsyl' vania Freshmen. 22fZ1. Though the home team was behind in the hrst period, it fought its way up to a tying position at the beginning of the second half. A four' point lead was gained. but victory was snatched from The Hill's grasp at the last moment by a desperate spurt on the part of the Penn yearlings. Swarthmore V. was the next team to suffer defeat at the hands of The Hill. Though the local quintet's foul shooting was poor, it won easily, displaying an effective passing attack. In its Hrst game with the McDoiiogh School. The Hill emerged an easy victor. with a score of 4848. Captain Evans and Hobler played excellent games defensively and offensively, DeRitis also showed up well. Avenging last year's defeat. The Hill live crushed Ursinus Freshmen 43f24, in a fast. rough match. The entire team displayed a hne brand of basketball. except on foul shots. which still were somewhat inaccurate. The score was fairly even during the first half. but the Blue and Gray opened up to Hnish leading by a large margin. Hill basketball fans missed the most exciting game of the season in its culminating match with Lawrenceville. played there. The team was leading easily at the end of the first half by a score of 16f9. but the Laurentians came from behind to tie the score at 2527 at the end of the fourth quarter. The three minutes overtime that followed were crowded with thrills. Both teams had won four points. when Hobler sank a foul shot during the last nine seconds of play to win the game by one point. Mark Hill led the scoring with a total of ten points: DeRitis was also notable for his coolness in foul shooting in the overtime period. Perhaps the adoption of the turtle'mascot, Mr. D., had something to do with itg at any rate the team had one of the most successful seasons in the past few years. Page One Htmdred and Thivtyftlwee Page One Hundred and 'l'hi1tyffou'r Quasar I A, . , V Iqx -. V- -I . .- THE 1934 SOCCER TEAM Standing: GILLMOR, DICIQEY, STORII. CDCHRAN, PENDERGAST, MLISTIN Sitting: SIBBALD, KINGSLIIY. SYLVESTIER, EVANS, IMER QBffi:ers RICHARD W. SYLVESTIER ..... .... ..... . . .Captain DANIEL S. GILLMOII .... .... M anage-r MR. COWPEIITIIWAITIE. . . .... Coach Ulibe Ulieam RICHARD W. SYLVHSTER JOHN W. S1-ORB, III. MALCOLM MURPHY HERBERT L. WILLET. III OSCAR A. INIBR ROLFI5 KINGSLHY, JR. CI-IARLIES T. EVANS, JR. R. EUGENE PENDERGAST, ja. DANIEL D. DICKEY WILLIAM S. Cocl-IRAN. IR. GORDON S. MUSTIN RICHARD D. SIBBALD HUGH H. Foss Page One Hundred and Thirty ehietn uf the 1934 butter Season G56-Q HE Hill soccer team had a fairly successful year. with three victories and Ib S three defeats. An aggressive, scrappy eleven was built around four Z if letterinen. The remaining positions were filled by boys with little ex' ,SUQ qwilg perience, but who were eager and quick to grasp the fundamentals of the game. Such veterans as Captain Sylvester, Kingsley, Murphy, and Imer formed the nucleus. Murphy at fullback was the backbone of the defense. Kingsley and Imer, veteran halfbacks, showed their stamina and aggressiveness with concrete results, while Captain Sylvester, on the forward line, was the most dependable kicker and scorer on the team. Among the new members of the squad, Evans, Dickey, and Storb were outstanding. Evans' playing was remarkable considering the fact that he had never played before this year. Dickey worked smoothly with the advanced line, while Storb proved himself to he a creditable goalkeeper. Sixth Formers playing their first year on the team fFoss. Sibbald, Cochran, Evans, and Pendergastj ably filled the remaining positions by virtue of the coaching of Mr. Cowperthwaite. The Hill lost its first game of the season to Friends' Select School of Philadelphia on October 6 by a 4-2 score. Friends, with a clever passing attack, led throughout the game. Rain throughout the morning caused the field to be very muddy, and handif capped the inexperienced Hill team greatly. Sylvester and Mristin scored The Hill's only points. In the next game, on October 24, The Hill team, still handicapped by inexperif ence, defeated Haverford College Thirds, 2f1. Sylvester and Dickey scored for the Blue and Gray, with Kingsley smashing each Haverford attack. The next encounter, on October 31, saw The Hill win one of the finest games evei' played on Kaul Fieldg the eleven defeated a powerful Penn Freshmen aggregation. Zfl. After Penn had scored in the first three minutes of play, The Hill proved its mettle by bracing and carrying the attack to the enemy with a determination that was noteworthy. A perfectly executed cornerkick by Dickey to Sylvester tied the score and Kingsley's accurate 3Ofyard placement kick high up in the corner of the net put The Hill in front. Evans was excellent in defensive work, while Storb was invaluable at goalie, where he continually turned back Penn's scoring threats. The Hill succumbed to a wellfdrilled Bethlehem High team, 4f0, on November 3. Beth1ehem's attack was too fast for The Hill to stop. Murphy, playing a good defensive game, prevented more scoring. The Princeton Freshmen, on November 10, defeated the Blue and Gray, 2f0. in an extremely hard-fought encounter. The Hill vainly attempted to penetrate an im' pregnable defense. Evans and Imer were outstanding in the Blue and Gray line of defense. Moorestown Friends School bowed to The Hill, 1-O, on November 17. The game was very slow and found The Hill missing many scoring chances. Captain Sylvester scored the only goal, while Kingsley played a brilliant game at center-half. It was this contest that brought the season to a close. Through graduation the soccer team will lose the majority of its members: Captain Sylvester, Kingsley, Evans, Imer, Foss, Cochran, Pendergast, and Sibbald. Murphy, Mustin, Dickey, Willet, and Captainfelect Storb are returning as the nucleus for what, it is hoped. will be a team marked by the same improvement and perseverance that belonged to the eleven of 1934. Page One Hundred and Thirtyfsix 3? 'ws "1 M. Gulf f Page One Hundred and 'Thirty THE 1934 GOLF TEAM HASSETT, IAMISON. C.. MUNGER. BORSODI. HALE, EVANS, SCHUTT, JONES. W1Lcox QBffitet5, 193364 JACR R. MUNGER ........... ............. .... C a pmin FREDERICK L. RARER ..... ..... M mmgeo- JAMES MCCONNELL .... . . . Coach MR. FRASER ....... .... A dviser QBffiners, 193465 FRED A. BORSODI ........... ............. .... C a pnain ROBERT B SILLECK .... ..... M mmger MR. FRASER ....... .... A duiser f , 'j-, 542.1 Page One Hundred and 'I'l1i1'ty'eight ehietn nt the 1934 dealt Swann I, N 1934. The Hill developed a stellar golf team that went through a at hard season undefeated. As in the year before, Jack Mtingei' made an excellent captain. playing a steady. reliable game all season. Among Z Hag, the new material were Schutt and Fred Borsodi, who did not lose a L single game during the season, Success crowned the team's Hrst efforts in its decisive defeat of Haverford junior Varsity. 9fO. Munger. carding a 36 for the first nine holes. disposed of his opponent easily. as did his partner. Ned Hassett. The low score of the day. a 35 for the first nine. was turned in by Borsodi. In spite of the wet. course, the other meinhers of the team kept up a high standard of play. ln its match with the Pennsylvania Varsity team, The Hill did nearly as well. netting a 771 victory. Mungei' and Bnrsodi again starred. hoth turning in 74's despite soggy turf and a strong wind. Continuing the victorious sweep. the team won easily from the Princeton Freshmen, 7'2. Though Hassett did not play, the best golf of the season was exhibited by the Blue and Gray. Haverford College Varsity was defeated easily. 9f3. though all scores were close. Besides the unswervingly good play of Munger and Borsodi. Wilcox and Schutt were outstanding. 'Though Lawrenceville was defeated in the next match, onflw. an upset came when Captain Munger was defeated for the first time in three years of match play. In a return match, the Laurentian linksmen did little better. losing 6-3. Though he went around the course in 70, Munger was again defeated by Konoye. who broke the course record with a 32 on the hrst nine holes. Borsodi and Schutt continued their excellent brands of golf, hut the competition was a little keener than in the previous meeting. Ending the season as triumphantly as they started it, the Blue and Gray players overwhelmed the Pennsylvania Freshmen. 9fO, to complete an undefeated season. Page One Hundred and 'fl1.ii'tyfi1ii1e Page Om: Hundred and Forty 99 I r I K 4 ,V T I Y T f 1 4 ' 1 ' 1 l I vw- -f-7 , N 5 4 1 1 - ,777 :En I' ins 9 QE? I: i . .! Q 1 N l 1 x x L x K ill.-znnis THE 1934 TENNIS TEAM Standing: WEINBERGER. B1SSELL. K1NGs1.EY. DAY E Sitting: HILMER. BLOOMFHZLD. GRAND Gfficers, 1933:34 DAVID D. BLOOMFIELD .............. E. WESTON WOOD MR. COVVPERTHNVAITE QBffi:er5, 1 93 ARTHUR C. Hmmm ....... . .,.. . . WILEY' F. Com. ....... MR. C0wP1zRTHwA1T1a 4:35 . . . . .Captain . . . .Manager . .Coach . Captain . . . .Manager . . .Coach . .L.:,-.HY.1..-,-- ------ Page One Hundred and Fortyfo-nc ehiztn uf the 1934 Ulennis Season 52 N the whole, The Hill did very well in tennis during the spring of 1934. 2 Though defeated in two of the five matches. the team was pitted against much more experienced opponents. Also two of the best players. is Hilmer and Grand. could not play in two of the tournaments. 5 Starting off the season brilliantly. the team overcame Penn Charter. 7-2. Kingsley. Captain Bloomield, and Vsfeinherger won their matches in straight sets, none of them losing more than Eve games. The closest match was he tween Grand and Sturteiant, in which the former lost after a hard battle. 7f5', 2f6. 64. ln the next engagement. with the experienced Princeton Freshmen. the first three players of The Hill team-Kingsley, Grand, and Hilmer-were absent. Consequently. in spite ol' good playing on the part of Bloomneld and Day. The Hill lost. 7f2. The encounter with Haverford proved an interesting one: The Hill won all singles and lost all doubles matches, 6'3. Though out of practice with a had arm. Rolfe Kingsley conquered Mellor, the third ranking junior player in Philadelphia, '7f5'. 'l'6. 8f6. Bloomneld and Waliie won their sets easily, but Day and Bissel had strong opponents. ln the following encounter with the seasoned Lawrenceville tennists. the team was overwhelmed, not winning a single set. Led by Frankie Parker. No. 1 junior tennis player of the United States. Lawrenceville won, 910. The team fought hard, neverthef less. and carried several sets to twelve or more games. To offset this defeat, The Hill inflicted a similar one upon Princeton Preparatory School, taking every set for a Hnal score of 9-O. Kingsley, Bloomhcld and Day starred. Page One Hundred and Forty-two The itaill Stbnul Gimp illieam Q9tficer5 JAMES I. WENDELL, ja. ..... . ....... .... .President Glioiuua Pew . .... . . . .... Vice-President W1-IEDON JOHNSON . . . ...... Secretary RADCLIFI-'li W. BRISTOL. . . . . .Faculty Advise-r 677702 HE Trap Team has continued its string of victories through the past M E- 3 season and remains undefeated for its fourth successive year. The team 'Q Q J, started the season with three mainstays of last year's squad-Wendell. - no Cano. and johnson. Donald and Frank Andrews. Wylie. Lalfoon, and lv' l C. Yule. shooting for the hrst time on the team. have kept the old memf L9 bers hustling to top their scores. A new opponent. Manlius School. was added this year to The Hill's list of Vic' tories by a score of 213467. Old rivals defeated this fall were Taft, 21O'1'55'q Kiski. 225473: and Hotchkiss. 212487. The trap team looking forward to the time when a skeet range hecomes a realitv. This is now a certainty as the necessaryi funds have been raised through the generosity ol boys and parents. The cluh is especially indebted to Mr. Pew and Mr'. Schutt for their contributions. I -..Z Q , , - 'f - 5 - fy: g 5: ,1j32f? Y ,L fl? in fjwiilli. 5 gi t .rj .. i ,,,:5,3.5,.4.sgj 1. .,...i...., . Page One Hundred and Fortyfthrce 54 Il Wa 1 .7 .ig li i i if lv lx ,,. Q3 iii. ij? l.:J ji 'EQ gill HE rifle range has been a busy place this year. The increased interest filxi D f in this sport among the younger boys has taxed the capacity of the N146 range to its limit. More than 37 boys are enrolled in the club and over 7-I gpm 100 medals have been awarded by the National Rifle Association of ill! which the club is a member. The older members of the club gained the honor of winning the f cup in the fall term bifweekly matches for the third place in Division B. That means ' an average of 488 out of a possible 500 points was maintained by the five high men in a series of 5 matches. This is the Hrst this honor has been won by The Hill rifle team. Pistol shooting has increased in favor this year. Fred Lege won the lvlarksman medal in this branch of sport. In matches with outside schools the rifle team lost to thc Kingswood School of Hartford, Conn., 484-490, and won from Waterloo High School of lowa. 488484. In a shoulder to shoulder match with the Upper Darby School. the team was defeated, 487491. The regular members of the rifle team are W. Barr. Gano. Hiscoclc. Pew, Pilling, Potts, I. Wendell and C. Yule. George Pew and Nlerritt Gano were high point scorers with averages of 93 in all matches. , ' Y V 7 1 Y. .-Tifeigii'--gf:..,,g.5.:j.- " - , l-- -N f' Page One Hundred and Forty-four T TT W T ,I . . - tt i THE GYM TEAM THE GYM LEADERS Page One Hundred and Forty-fue WINNERS OF THE 1935 BOXING TOURNAMENT WINNERS OF THE 1935 WRESTLING TOURNAMENT , . ' Y ' . A ' ' YZ- 3-T'-Fff, . Page One Hundred and Fortyfsix INTERfFORM BASKETBALL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP INDOOR BASEBALL TEAM Page One Hundred and Fortyseven CHAMPIONSHIP SQUASH TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP VOLLEY BALL TEAM Page One Hundred and Fortyeight CHAMPIONSHIP FORM HOCKEY TEAM Page One HlSLHC1TEd and Fovtyfnine .. 4',1 I ' 4 .,... 11" A -A . -'WT I 5, fb. NKrQ.7 'Tr-.. ' .. .ffr Page One Hundred and Fifty - ,.., -,,. ,4 4.. x..-Q.-fe, V Y 44:.f.,, 'ea h I, 1' . ' K I. , , .. X 77 THE NEWS S X THQ xjgcosfo N! 2 7 N, S "X fbrganigatiuns Pg 0 H 41 damiffft Ulbz 1935 sins Baath EDITORIAL STAFF ALFREID C. ULKIER, IR. .............. ............ C hairman DANIEL S. GILLMOR ....... ...Managing Edinov THOMAS M. CULBERTSON .... .... V ice-Chairman JAMES F. JOHNSON, III .... ............... S ecretary ROLFE KINGSLEY, IR. ...... ............. S pans Editor ARTIIUR A. BURROWS. JR .... . . .Assistant Managing Edicor 101-1N W. ROBERTS ....... ......... E xchange Editor JOHN H. PACE, IR. ..... ..... F eature Ediior JOHN SHALLIENBERGER . . . . . .Assistant Secrcuwy BUSINESS STAFF HERBl3RT Q. MQVITTY .................... Business Manager ROBERT B. SILLECK .... . . . Advertising Manager HAROLD S. SCHUTT . . . . . . . .Circulation Manager CHARLES DOW ...... , . .Bulletin Manager Page One Hundred and Fiflyftwo The sins HIS year The News accomplished what none of its predecessors has ID X ever achieved. It earned a first place in the contests ol' the Princetonian Tgia Newspaper Association. Furthermore. to prove that this award was no fe accident. The News maintained a consistent high standing among eastern X prep school publications throughout the entire year, Wlitit brought about such outstanding improvement? The primary reason. and perhaps the most important, was the sound financial condition by which The News was enahled to progress much further than in previous years. Witliout hav' ing to lace prohlems of a Hscal nature. the Board was able to put out "bigger and hetter" issues. "Cuts" appeared in greater abundance, and "8fpage" sheets became more numerous. However, monetary security alone could not have heen responsible for all the little changes designed to make The News a more "readable" publication. Without doubt. this ycar's paper. as compared with its forebears. showed a radical change in style. Ever seeking to produce a more interesting News. the Board strove this year to eliminate stereotyped "ancient history." and to substitute for it interesting, lively feature stories. Variety was the keynote. and variety. though perhaps not as much as desired, was the result in every issue. New departments. such as 'icampus Comment." "Dial and Disc." "The Students Voice"--all met with unprecedented success. Surely the '37 Board is deserving of praise. and especially does the ingenuity of Chairman Alfred Ulmer merit recognition. Too much credit cannot he offered Mr. Rice. Faculty Adviser to The News, whose criticism and timely advice prevented many a blunder by the "inexperienced," It is hoped that the incoming Board will continue the ine work of its predecessors and will ahsorh some ol the latter's wisdom. Page One Hundred and Fifty-tl-wee Qi The 1935 ZBiaI Zguarh HERBERT Q. MOVITTY I ALFRED C. ULLiER, jR.j """"" ' WILLIAM COCHRAN . . . ROBERT GLAENZER. . . . ARTHUR RAND ..... JOHN H. PACE, JR. ..... .... . DA-VID G. YUENGLING. . .Co-Editorsdn-Chief . . .Business Manager Advertising Manager Circulation Manager .Photographic Editor . . . . . .Assistant EditorfinfChief COLES PHINIZY .... . . . . . ..,. . .... . .... . .Art Editor JOHN W. ROBERTS .... . . . . . . .Assistant Business Manager RICHARD HALE 1 ROBERT R. HOLT f . . . . .Associate Editors JOHN SHALLENBERGERJ . -1 - , ,: A 1. ,.,T.,.'3.F A - jg-..5JL.f:4,1 , an 52 f ,, , 1, V. 4 , ,I . .ffj-,ff ' ' Page One Hundred and Fifty-four 5,' . l--gf e The tal W: D903 EVERAL changes a1'e evident in this year's Dial. A new and more W6 a i durable cover. made of fabricoid, represents the main innovation, al' lx Q? though the contents have been altered somewhat. The Board points x X with pride to an enlarged "Campus Views" department, more pictures v 9 in the "Scrapbook" and a clever "Diary." Through considerable retrenching, M1', Lemley, financial adviser, made this year's Dial possible, and the Sixth Form extends to him its sincere thanks. Mr. Thomas. too. aided the stall greatly with advice in regard to the literary contents. CofEditorsfinfChief McVitty and Ulmer, ably assisted by an enthusiastic Board and a number of Sixth Formers who worked voluntarily, have made good at the unenviable task of putting out the Dial in an incredibly short length of time. John Pace, photo' graphic editor. and Williani Cochran. business manager, have been invaluable. -. 1 Thus another Dial enters the annals of school history. perhaps not so lavish as those ol' previous years. but nevertheless a sincere attempt to record the activities of that memorable class of '35'. Page One Hundred and Fiftyfjivc Ulibe 1935 3Kzcurl1 Baath Q9ffirerS DANIEL S, GILLMOR. ....... .. .... .. T1-1oMAs M. CULBISRTSON. . .. ALFRISD C. ULMxiR. JR.. .. HUGH H. Foss ...... .. ... . ROBERT A. GLAENZER. . .. DANIIEI.. L. DYER .... . J. .ALLEN Dlrfrnwmfcx. .. Page One Hundred and Fiftyfsix . . . .Editm'fiufChief . . . .Mamxging Editor . . . ......... Secretary Assistant Editorfi-wCl1icf . . . . . .Business Tvfanager . . .Advertising Manager . . . .Circulation Md11UQ'61' illibe eturh WT HE Record this 'ear. though erlia s in man wa s no better than its 5 P P Y Y W predecessors, produced several interesting and worthfwhile innovations. Witli the intention of leasin the reader alwa is u ermost in the minds K6 P g 5 pp 4 of the Board. the 1935 Record published some stories oi which it has every right to he proud. New features, such as the nlvielting Pot." by Allred Ulmer. have furnished humor as well as diversion. while, due to new advertising contracts, the appear' ance and size ol' the magazine were altered and improved. A column patterned after the New 'Yorlqcrs "Talk of the Town." but pertaining to the school, was introduced. Stories were, on the whole. extremely wellfwritten and absorbing. Perhaps the Records principal defect was its scarcity of poetry. In comparison with previous years, this branch of literary endeavor was almost completely lacking. Wluat verse there was flowed largely from the pen of Dan Piper. The most outstanding contributors to the Record were Editoieinfcliief Gillmor, Alfred Ulmer. Richard Koch, john Patterson and john Spare. Through the diligence of the Editorfinfcliief, the interest and quality ol the stories were improved considerably. As has been previously mentioned, the chief effort of this year's Board was to put out a publication which everyone would enjoy. To this end. stories were accepted only of the type which it was thought would prove entertaining. The following might form a diary of the lirst few issues, showing the progress made: Otzroniiaq Exactly like 1934 issues. Noviamniia: Editorials dropped: Ulmer starts his column. "The Literary Melting Pot," signing it "Aleck in Booklandf' .IANU.-xRY: Ulmer gets more proline in his literary efforts, changes his column to "The Melting Pot." in order to have a wider scope for his talents: appearance oi Record more artistic: format somewhat changed: Ulmer elected Secretary. FHBRLIARY: Mticli like January issue: addition of still another column. patterned after the New 'Yorlrcfs "Talk of the Town." M.exnCH:Change in size of Record. due to new advertising contracts: appearance much improved. Financially. due largely to the titanic eilorts of Daniel Dyer. whose work in obtain' ing advertisements contributed more than any one thing to the success of the publication. the Record was sound. Page One Hundred and Fiftyfseven f' '4--'-- , 5' ffm ' f. r , ' 1 , , , . 431, V ?'l X R 'A--S-1435-a fi '. " f .' 1, 1, V ff xk- S X r N Y , w. , , ng '..'. ,:: -, , 1. w 1,-9: g,,.,f" E. P7 1, I , F , V , E, ' wx -WE W 'iff T w- nf. '1 Nu! 1 s 1 'jul V 'Q 'M l M eq? + La, T- ev TQ or! THE GLEE CLUB T 1 T yi JF 7' R T T ,ily Ne IL 'J 1 X THE DANCE ORCHESTRA ' . f: 7..,12' fn, Page One Hundred and Fiftyfeight . V THE CHOIR THE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Page One Hundred and Fzfty mm: DANCE COMMITTEE Page One Hundred and Sixty THE BAND 1 L: n V I l The nglish Qllluh , F PPRECIATION of the hner examples of their native language is :lic principal aim of the English Club at The Hill. 'Q Composed of those Sixth Formers who enjoy reading and litera' lk S ture, the Club has weekly meetings either at its room in Memorizil Hall or in the home of one of the masters. L To those who were kind enough to place their homes at the disposal of the Club, its members wish to extend their gratitude. These benefactors at various times last year were Mr. and Wendell, and Messrs. Rice, Chancellor, Thomas and Rolfe. Succeeding members are elected in the spring from the Fifth Form. and arc oflicially fcted at a banquet usually given at the Reading Country Club, Reading. Pennsylvania. The Club's library, consisting of all types of literature, is steadily increasing. This is one of the reasons why membership in the Club is appreciated. QE'ffu:ers HERBERT Q. MCVITTY .............. ...... P resident CHARLES T. EVANS, JR. ....... Vice-President THOMAS M. CULBERTSON. JR. . . ...... Secretary Members ALAN Amos j. ALLEN DIEIJENBISCK .ALEXANDER CLOSE WILLIAM COCHRAN THOMAS CULEERTSON joi-IN A. FARLEY Hllflfl Foss CHARLES T. EVANS, Jn. HERBERT MCVlT'fY JOHN PACE, JR, RICHARD SYLVESTER ALFRED ULMER --.f-:fi - Y.,, L.'L'.1 Page One Hundred and Sixty one be Ennis 5131111 HE Book Shop was 'founded to furnish the school with books other than fe N J been greatly enlarged this year, although most of the business is done by special orders. Since it is a business enterprise, every effort is made It standard textbooks. The stock of travel, fiction, drama and the like has J by the two members to supply the school with the best and most inter- esting books. This is the seventh year of operation. but never before has The Book Shop been so successful and profitable to its members. So satisfactorily we1'e its books received by the school that Mi'. Chancellor. to whom much of its success is due, hopes that in 1936 the new members will work for the addition of still more books to its stock. JAMiss Liza Paiupnii, Jn. OSCAR A. IMLR ' . -. we . .. I -'fJT.:fI.--,. ,T V .. - 7 .- ir. i-r -,-,.,w,....s Page One Hundred and Sixtyftwo illibe 391155 Qllluh VN J, OUNDING out thc Lcnth year of the oxgzmlzatxon Q cxxstcnpc thx uxbmct e 2,9 ol thc Plc A Club fox 1935 had 11 most Qugcnseful ycu' The Klub IS ,E mmpmcd ol Exe mcmbcrs who mmkc knoxxn to rln outudc wurld thc cuncnl cuntq oi The Hill In thu wwy thc ncwspwpcu of lmrfm cltxcs mc mlcxmcd nl thc rckulte of uhool 'lthlctlg umtcsts md of th. socnl uctxulxcu uf thc Qtudcnt body Wl11lL the Plces Club has mudc no out Qtmdmg ndxmmcs Ill thc pmt ycxr the g1OUP has stuvcn lol consxbtcnt xmproxcmcnt IH qll'll1tX md Llllllilllfj Wxtlm uhn Robexts '11 chfurman lt has bcndcd cvcly clfmt to 'KlXCll.lQlI1g thi u.h1cvcmcntQ ul mcmbcxs of the school mn 1 Cllglillltll mmncr Cnmpctxtmn fm posxtxona m thc club xc open to F1fth Formcrs At the cnd of the ycu hvc were clcntcd to cmy on thc orgwnlzatlon for thc followxng yclr Tl1lOllgl1Klllt thc prcwnt Boaxds tcrm M1 Allyn faculty 1dv1-:cl to thc Plcss qultc mflucntnl m mcxcmng thc Pllbllfilfy of the school JOHN W RUBLRTN Clmwmfm ROL!! Kim 9L1'Y JR Secretary ALI run C ULMLR JR Treasurer JOHN H PACE JR Busmcvs Manavcr DAVID Yu12Nf LINf Cwculamon Managm Page One Hundred and Szxty three af' V T ' ' V ' l. ' 4. ' . " 'K A ' r - N . - , . , ' X. . , K .. XG A . - , . . , . , K . 9 . . . 9 -A '- ., . '. L - - '. 'Q sb' ' 5 I ' 1 T . k L K , ' .1 ' au .5 'z. ' " ' ' ".','a :Au 'bl Q.: Q .' fl' ' . "QA ta" . ' V A :. 'z ' " 1 . ' z'. . 'V 2" ' 1 "' ' z. . s., . '. S .I S L 'A . ...S Club. oilcrcd valuublc advice in matters of journalism. Thus aided, thc club has bccn .fi ,:.1, .... .... .. ..... .. . ', ......................... l . 0' ' ,Q .... .... ' ' ' Page The Statute Jfurum HE Science Forum was founded in the spring of 1932 after the comple' tion of the new Science Building.. Its purpose was to 'bring together a -xy small group- of boys particularly interested in the various branches of science. The group meets every Sunday afternoon at its headquarters Z on the ground-floor of the Science Building where. in addition to a comfortable cluhroom, there may he found a growing, scientific library. The general run of meetings may be classed under three headings, namely: fab talks by guest speakers: fbj experiments done by members before the club: fel informal discussions on topics of current, scientinc interest taken from magazine or newspaper articles. This year, however. more emphasis has been placed on the individual contrif butions of members, rather than on the procuring of a guest speaker for every meeting. with the idea in mind of giving each fellow some practical experience in addressing a group on a subject in which he is interested. Besides these regular meetings a banquet is held at the end of the spring term. and during the year trips are made to nearby points of scientific interest such as the Franklin Institute Museum and Planetarium in Philadelphia. The Science Forum owes its success in a large degree to the adviser, Mir. Hilkert, who has given much of his time and effort in building up the organization to its present place in the life of the school. QBffiters Roasiu' B. SNOWDEN ............... ......... WHEDON JOHNSON MR. HILKERT ...... MR. COLBATH I MR. HARTER j ' . Chairm an . . . . . Secreta1y"I"reasure'r . .... Faculty Adviser ...FacultylVIe-mbers jllilzmhrrs Atroap D. CAMPBELL Juosois: Mean PITTIS BAR.-imvaxarii DEAN C, NEUMANN SHAi.LnNar1RcnR BLMR L. Huczniss Pi-imizv j,I,WxiNoELL,1R. Ona Hundred and Sixtyffom' The QButmg Iuh HE Weekfend Camp was given to the school several years ago in memory W Z :E of Gordon Clement. During these years it has offered a great amount F of pleasure to many Hill boys. At the camp. surrounded by IIIore than Q :I hunclrecl acres of wooded land. one is able to enjoy the great outdoors. Every boy in school has the opportunity to become a member of Ml this club. A small fee of 53.00 entitles each boy to spend a weelcfend that will remain long in his memory. Nights at the camp around a blazing fire are not forgotten easily. This has been a most successful year for the Outing Club. Its membership has lar surpassed that of previous years. Mr. Harter. the faculty adviser. and Arthur Rand, the president. both deserve I'llUCl1 praise lor making this season such a success. Qbfticers ARTIIIIR RANII . . . .............. .......... P resident JOHN Coon .. . .............. . . . SECTCfdTy'TTCdS1lT8T VAN S. MIERLE-SMITI-I ARTIIUR Buimows RICHARD SIBBIILU Enwiuw TATMAN Baooic ARMAT ,loI'IN GOOD JAMES joIINsoN FRANK ANDRIixvs VJILLIAM Yuui WIIILIIEN JOHNSON WILLIAM HAILl:X' Hl,lNTlfR VANSICIQLIIN jfmns Pmmraiz Giaonoia Yuma Page One Hundred and Sixtyffvc I V ,I V. .JN I 'J -4 Mi Il I 4 'I .NI W - Y. M. C. A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CHARLES T. EVANS. IR.. . RICHARD SYLVESTER .... WILLIAM DRIscoI.I. . . . HERBERT MCVITTY . .. DR. HARRIS 1 MR. COLLIER j Page One Hundred and Sixtyfsix QBtficers . . . .President VicefP1esident . . . . Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . . Advisers 1115192 liiaill School 19. 1311. . . ' "Eh -e 939 ITH an outstanding group of speakers and Dr. Erdman Harris as faculty lk ' 'K ' Q adviser. The Hill Y. M. C. A. has completed perhaps the most success' 5 5 ful year since it was founded. 'Z To Dr. Harris goes a great deal of the credit for its success, for through him such eminent men as Dean Gauss of Princeton, Mr. K ' Julian Bryan, Mr, Howard Thurman, and Dr. Fisher of Robert College in Constantinople were obtained as speakers during the year. After regular meetings boys were permitted to meet with the speaker in informal gatherings. One of the most successful functions which the "Y" attended was the Buck Hill Falls Convention. Ten boys. representing The Hill. made the trip. The conference was held to discuss ethical questions of today. It is hoped this year to continue this conference work after commencement by sending a delegation to the Blairstown Conference at Blairstown. N. The fact that the "Y" Drive exceeded its mark of S1600 by about 5500 speaks for itself. Consequently all the pledges were increased. The Bethany Mission, one of the recipients of the money has become of great interest to the entire school. Four Hill boys and several masters have taught classes there throughout the year. At present there are more than two hundred people connected with the Mission. This year informal discussions on various phases of religion have been held after Sunday morning service with the visiting minister. These meetings have been a great success. The Y. M. C. A. Board extends its thanks to Mr. Harris and Mr, Collier for making the year successful. They also wish to thank the members of the Fifth and Sixth Forms who helped in the drive. and also those who have taught Sunday School at Bethany. In the last analysis. considerable credit is due to President Charles T. Evans and his supporting officers for a splendid and successful year of "Y" activities. Q. 1311. QE. Q. Cliummittees HANDBOOK COMMITTEE BETHANY MISSION MCVITTY, Clmirman SYLVESTER, Chairman GiLLMoa. Business Manager ROHRBACH Ross GLAENZIER Urmifn Amos CULBERTSON CLOSE EVANS Cuusenrson BLAIR WATSON DICKIEY FISK DRIVE EVANS, Clmirmtm SYLVESTIER Druscou. McVirrY Boasom GLAENZER Ross Page One Hundred and Sixtyfseucvx THE PIPE CLUE COMMITTEE THE A. A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE .I . , frf ' if-Amgf ' ' ' H, , :-- 'L 'f -Tf:11f'f1": ' Y ' " ' V" 7 - ,. . ' ,,,u:'- M 1 Page One H1md1'cd and Sixtyfcight 1 I V 1 l f. ui m, - H: N N M ,, I , , 1 ' ----V w . ff . . 1I""' ', . 'Lili ,i' ,L F i'7i', W' 1 , Q be Masters lub MR Roums Presxdenc MR THOMAS Vace President MR SANDH Secvetary '1'1eam1e1 fllummnttees House Committee M1 eww HILkLRT JOHNSON WILCOX Lubrmy Committee Ml ssRs RICI bmw LI Y CHANCIILOR -ef E1'llETfl1l'I17'71C7'If C0mW1lIf6C M1 ww: SWIFT CoNLrY KLLYN Audnors Mmsm SMITH HITNYR f I Page One Hundred and Sway nmc L-F w ,,:4 VT, I V, wif W- IA' 1 'Qi ., 5 ,Y . nins.n.-n-.o-.o-nlnnunonvvo--n-nnvann 1' . , F . .... ' ,gi ' . . . 1 W ,E I ,J i..l .. ': . 4 . L Qi, 1 3' . . w 5' 1 5 V. W , , 1. L l P lm-. x f f fn Vfwfimf-'fa E217'-l,f!'ff' T W ,il-nf' Q ,JV Q-fguig,Li.j?:f1'+' w::'V51-in-Q we--3g53t1,,.xv:,-N, -4.1-'E-K:-x-15 --Q f 1 L N 4 K1u9nag pun pa,LpunH Quo 23125 2 H - -Y I' u .V t ' xg 5! U -4 . V ' .:ii'?1 -':' .W Wt '4'- fx- LII 5 S 1 lx L! .1 ,. '. 2 . A I. A fp' 1, L H. l -vig! - ff- -1' . 'AX H" ' --if. H' -ea' ' ' l . ., . ':1::1:::::5, ,H 'f3,,: g:33333:::11' ""A """"""" - A-----AA' .A . 1. I ln! 1- L ' gp CONVICTS' CLUB Bramatins Page One Hundvcd and Scvcntyfone Eiga ramatir Gllluh WILLIAM S. COCHRAN, JR. ........................ President CHARLES T. EVANS, JR. ......... ..... S ccremryf'1'reasurer VAN SANTVOORD MERLE-SMITH . . . .......... Manager ' jlillemhzrs ACHLSON G. BLIEAKLEY VAN SANTVOORD IVfERLE'SMITH, JR. HUGH H. Foss FRED M. LEGE ALEXANDIZR F. CLOSE JOHN C. PATTERSON J. ALLEN DIEFENBLCK Page One Hundred and Seventyftwo The ramatit Qllluh Z:"q"1m:7:?igNDER Mr. Conley's direction the Dramatic Club presented Clare Kumf 3 'f":'?-1 3 mer's "A Successful Calamity" on Saturday evening, April 16, 1934. saga? :ig Dealing with the futile efforts of an old man to lean on his family after L 'J' ly husiness reversals. and the frigidity with which the family received him. 215 this play depends upon a witty dialogue rather than plot for its success. This production marked a new era of theatricals at The Hill in that for the first time the casting of women instead of boys in the feminine roles was intro' duced. Miss McDonald took the part of -sMHfgll6l'lfC'q and Mrs. Rice played the role of "Emmie." Universality of excellence and thoroughness marked the individual acting in this play. It was difhcult to decide whether any one actor was hetter than the others. Perf haps this was thc major reason for its distinct success. Hugh Foss turned out his part of "Albertine." the French maid, with deftness. In line with Foss' foreign acting was the interpretation by Bill Cochran of the Latin gentleman. Equally precise was this accent, which is douhly remarkable for the neces- sity of Cochran's reversion from a soft. Southern drawl to the widely different Italian accent. XValter Wzrliie gave probably the most polished performance of the evening. His "Eddie" soon won him the applause of the audience. and his enunciation was remark' ahly clear. Comprising the "eternal triangle," Alex Close and Wayne Bleakley hotly contested for Iv1arguerite's affection. Closes part of the selffrighteous suitor soon earned him the applause which is the desire of all "heavies"-hissing. His contemptuousness provided a foil for Bleakleyk swift dialogue. Others who were notable for their performances were Chester Congdon. who played thc part of the poor old man hewildered at the total lack of support which his family gives him in t'me of need: Charles Evans. who "looked the part" to such an extent that one could almost smell the ether and bandages of a doctor: and XVallace King. who very convincingly conveyed to his audience the dfffercnces of husiness partners at home and in the office. Page One Hundred and Seuentymhree Scene from "A Successful Calamity" ' "QI bunuzssful alamitpn Henvy Wf1tO11 .... Marguerite . . . Eddie .......... George Srrutllers. . ClC1'fC'l1C6 Rivers. . . Emmie Connors, the butler .... Pietro Rafaelo .... Iolm Belden .... Dr. Bvoodie .... Albertine . . . CHESTER CONGDON . .Mxss MCDONALD . .WALTER WALNE ALEXANDER CLOSE WAYNE BLEAKLEY . . ........ Mas. Rlczz ...BUCK EWING . . .BILL COCHRAN . . .WALLACE KING ..CHARL!iS EvANs ...HHUGH Foss 1 ., ,a fx- , 1,..fQ.e3:,:11.f IL -sw..--, 1 ,X 'J Page One Hundred and Seventy-foun' 92nd LLO rw v-.1 -1. E ..- CL. Q rm D- D 3 Q- Cl: n E2 rs 3 n K? Th C cm ,V f--.Lg ,, , , ' ' :wwf .-J 4 4 f- ,. ::,,.g,- ....., V ' .1 4 Y r 1 1 w 4 5 . Nga, , 'Rif- 11. ' F.: ':,f3. "f,5. Vu wi' M 'E W ,f U M ,. W fl'-L ii :Q ,TZ 7 IV v 7 m uf g f'-. E ., I Vp pil -I fra M.. if 11 I I y N I W SIXTH FORM SHOW M' ii TA' ' if fqa , ehietn uf the Sixth jfutm bbutn W2 WYE ILL fSchoolj Billiesf' husky but graceful nymphs, feats of prestidigitation ' DB fthe hand is quicker than the eye, you knowj. a "Mills Brotherish" quartet, an operetta replete with all the trimmings-such are samples or 'png no the hilarious entertainment provided by the Class of 1935 in the animal Q Sixth Form Show. 9 Perhaps not so smooth and polished as some of its predecessors, nonetheless, the '35 production amply counteracted this defect with its boisterous and lusty sincerity. Indeed, it is probably no more than fair to say that never has there been a more genuinely entertaining and satisfying performance. The first scene of Spike's Spicy Specialties found a party of lanky mountaineers swaggering down the aisles and up onto the stage. Having satisfied themselves that they were in the right theater, these melancholic individuals fCochran, Borsodi, Booth, O'Brien, and I-Iilmerj proceeded to render a mournful ditty accompanied by guitar, hddle, and banjo. Following this, a moi'e sprightly air was offered, and this soon def generated into a typical Kentucky barnfdance, attended by the usual feetfstompings. whistling, and shouting. Doddering old "Puppy" and far from youthful "Ma" joined in with a will, and obliged with a dance which put the "youngfuns" to shame. The characterizations of Ross and Pace, who portrayed the aged couple, were particularly outstanding. "Alice in Blunderlandf' the next offering, disclosed several brawny females frisking gracefully about in rather flimsy garments to the accompaniment of "Finnegan's Ail- Irish Symphony." These pretty lassies, known to The Hill as Spalding, Hovey, Dey, Hobler, Molina, and Evans. displayed such charm and vivacity that they quite captured the hearts of their audience. The brawny maidens cavorted thus about little Alice fplayed by Porej and finally. to the great glee of everyone but the victim, pounced on the poor girl. The dancers then disentangled to disclose a limp dummy where little Alice had once been. Hovey. one of the pirouetting females, performed notably in this farce. Watcli your valuables! Here's U1 lvfur and company fRoberts. Culbertson. and Wriglitj, direct from a successful tour of the Florida swamps. So announced the prof gram as the curtain rose on the third skit of the evening. The great magician proved quite up to expectations and assisted UD by "Wliei'e's Elmer" Zilch proved one of the hits of the evening. Performing amazing feats of legerdemain. U1 Mur climaxed his performance by causing himself to be changed into an Indian reminiscent of Ghandi. Barnett, as Mr. Zilch, a country rube, provided many a laugh. The Hal I. Tosis boys fHolt, Gillmer, D'Emo, and Dyerj. rivaling those vocalists of the fair sex. the Boswell sisters. offered two lively tunes. accompanied with appro' priate pantomiming. They received great applause and were forced to encore both selections. Holt was charming as a lady of the old school. As a grand hnale to an evening of merriment, the Show was brought to a climax in "an operetta to end operettaf' or "Who Murdered the Plot?" This was a comedy staged in the mythical kingdom of Yuraslobia and dealt with the fact that kings. too, have their troubles. Rand, as the monarch, and Amos as his general. both turned in forceful portrayals. 54? '-fLf.J9l?5' Pm e One Hundred and Seventy-six Qllummemement HEAD OF SCHOOL WIl.1.I.-XXII L. Cxuzmaas, Jn. Sixth FU7'771i'lOHN J. vSflilNBliRCliR Fffzlz Fcwm,4-JAMES I. VJIINIJELL. IR. Fmwzlz Form-jul-IN P. VJENDIZLL Third FOTITIHSAMUEL W. PIIM' Second FfIT71lfCOLIi5 PIIINIZY GOLD MEDALS For Excellence in Debate W. NV. KliliN BUTCIIIIR CARL F. .lIiLLINI.lHAl?S, jx. ,IIIIIN il. NVlilNBERfZIiR Fm' Excellence in Public Speaking DAVID G. YI'IiNIzLINc: CARI. F. jIfLI.INc:I'IAIIS. IR. HUGH H. FOSS ALFORD RAYMOND MEMORIAL PRIZE VJILLIAM L. CREMERS. JR. THE ,IUNIUS BROWN TITSWORTH MEMORIAL PRIZE D.-ww P. CLoQIa COLGATE CUPS FOR DEBATING Wv'LIIIglc1.c Aulumn Term: Fifszw--Noam.-IN C. ScIIuI..'I'z Sccmmd-TIVIIIMIIS M. CIII.nIfIz'rsoN VVYIIIICI' Tcrrn: Fmt-CVY S. VJARRIEN Second-RIr:IIARIm NV. SYLvIasArIiIz E. D. Anlunmn Term: Fim-WILIQY If, CORL Second-VAN SANTVIIORD IVlIiRLl2'SMITI'I. ,I XVIIILCIA Term: First- 'ALFIuiIm C. ULMIIR. VIII. SammifBIiN,I,xxIIIN C. DIiY. IR. ALUMNI CUPS Sixth FlJ7'17I--4W. Cmmslfx WILKINSON Fifzlz Form-4RIc:HARn WY SYLvIas'rI:R Fuurzlz Fawn-4G. CIfI,xNnLIaR WICIQ THE PRINCETON CUP Lmvaumzra R. DURRELL THE YALE CUP C. WILLIS MICIV-IIaLL THE ALFRED E. BISSELL MEMORIAL PRIZE R, NELSON DRIIMMUND. JR. THE HEADMASTERS PRIZE IN POETRY XV.-XYNIE E. BI.If.aI4LEY. lk. Page One HImrlv'ed and Sevencyfseven PHILADELPHIA PHI BETA KAPPA ASSOCIATION PRIZE WILLIAM L. CREMERS, JR. CUP FOR EXTEMPORE SPEAKING CARL F. JELLINGHAUS. JR. HEADMASTERS SPECIAL PRIZE DAVID P. CLOSE GEORGE C. BROOK PRIZE FOR FRANK W. PINE MEMORIAL PRIZE EXCELLENCE IN BIOLOGY JOHN P. WENDELL DAVID H BLAIR H. S. SCHUTT PRIZE FOR H. S. SCHUTT PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN CHEMISTRY EXCELLENCE IN PHYSICS JAMES I. WENDELL, JR. WILLIAM A. HANIPTON BEN PLUMMER MEDAL FOR STERLING CHARACTER AND ABILITY AS A BOXER WAYNE E. BLEAKLEY SCHOOL TENNIS CHAMPION SCHOOL GOLF CHAMPION ROLFE KINGSLEY, JR. FREDERIC BORSOOI GUN CLUB OPEN CHAMPION VJHEDON JOHNSON Page One Hundred and Seventyfeight bump Bunk Page O toe f S , ZIIUXKS 25" Q "Q STTI x I . . l ,- tarp The jfall Germ SEPTEMBER Thursday. 20-Reception Committee arrives and finds early football men already in the rut. Friday, 'll-Two of the more youth ful masters are reported lor not wearing black caps. Old boys wonder if it's safe to walk around the campus with so many new faces. Saturday. 2'Z+Classes evaporate in hot air. whereupon the brighties participate in Junior Prize Day exercises. Sunday. 23-Our gallant adviser impresses our grave ref sponsibilities on us at a form meeting after song service. Tuesday, 25'-Summer beer-bellies disappear under benevolent guidance of Mr. W2ll'd. Wediiesday, 26-School comes to painful realization that The News has been added to tuition. Friday. 28-Admiring front row held spellbound by Yuenglingfs eloquence in plea for DIAL subscriptions: Ross blunders for McVitty. telling new boys about track: Evans holds us spellbound by mentioning the big shots he will have at "Y" meetings. Saturday, 29-Gun goes off as Feroe runs down field to bring nrst football score to 20-0 over Williainson Trade. Ben Dey plays eight minutes lor his AHA. Sunday. 30-McVitty returns amid cheers of crowd after two weeks lapse into second childhood that culminated in tonsil operation, OCTOBER Tuesday. 2-Bashful Sixth Formers admit doubtful ability when asked to participate in Sixth Form Show. NVednesday. 3--Doe gets into the spirit of the NRA. Higher wages raise hamburgers to the exorbitant price ol li shekels. Thursday. 4-Shallcnberger discovers satisfactory excuse for being seen driving his brother's car. Saturday. 6-Tome's dazzling whiteness is somewhat dimmed by Pottstowifs mud as The Hill wins. 1S'O. Sunday. 7--Callers at the Vv'endell's give birth to new school song. hionday. SfFred's flame averts campus crisis by writing. Thursday. ll-Colonel is actually caught in the flat with his hat off-walking with Mr. Lemley. Friday. llfllirst opinions formed of new masters as first list period comes to a close. Monday. l5wDiclc Yuengling translates Macbeth to a group of interested Shakespearians. Friday. 19-Chuck trounces Coppie in tennis. and Layhen takes Ike for a ride. but Erd and Herbie humiliate ,loc and Biss. Saturday. 20-New marching song-modified by Mr. Rolfe and orchestrated by Amex-ica's rising young composer fErdj-presented to student body. Page One Hundred and Eighty Sunday. 21-New hoy picnic pnftponcd for the third time. Tuesday. 23--Norm is Cernered by Miss lVIcDon:ild and is uhliged to Carry on 15 niinute er'm'ci's:itioi1. Friday. 26'sOur ranks manage to stay in step once :iroiind the field. Saturday. 27-Lawrenceville is led to sluugliter to the tune of zi sputtery drum and hugle corps, Mud does not deter The Hill eleven from administering :L l9'6 def feat. Slush plays havoc with our white punts. Ivfondziy. 29-First holiday announced. Tuesdfiy. 30--Gillmor receives an affectionate letter lrmn I the "one :ind only." hut' the sailutzition rczicls "Deau- , GCt1I'j,fC.', NOVEMBER Thursdziy. I--School intrigued hy process ol' repairing Ilngpulc. Heavy. hezivy hangs over Mr. l.einley's heard. Ssilurdziy. Sflvlr. Lcnilcy hrezithes easily. for our pole is once again zi pole. The Hill holds Princeton Frosh to zu tie - Nelson Drummond evidences liinisell' during tht li ill' x I . Sunday. 4+D:ivid Yuengling :illords the zimusenients by coming to dinner with ll cute notice pinned nn his hack. Monday. 7-Dancing lessons lor :ill who wish to dance with the l7Cillltil'Lll lzidy. Xvllilt Il shock! l Tuesday. 6-Hale airrives :it hrezikfzist on time. Saturday. 9- -Pereless :ind Milt Vxfilson QOUI' class loziierl throw ll bone to Mr. Deninzin. Hill loses to Hotchkiss. IU-U. Sunday. lil--Our gallant sojourners to Hotchkiss return. Fire escapes prove friendly things lor this group. Nlonduy. ll-Spalding :ind King Gnd zill their doors gone. Too lurid. John, try next door. Vsfedncsdny. l37lVlcVitLy vs. Evans. Topic-Vxfill Moitgziii lower himself to play basket' hull? Thursday. 14--,Rumors of the dancing class teacher cause us to he downezist. Friday. 15'--"Careful Dain" hnzilly produces an issue ol' the Record. We :ire amazed. Sunday. 18-Yzilcfprinceton lwets are paid with many ri Compromise. xVCdl1CSLl1lj'. 'll+Sc:u'lct lever in Pottstown-school quurzuitined. Sixth Foriners spend their movie afternoon :it the Pipe Club. ThLn'sd:iy, 22-Tlie dance looms iiheud with marks declining. Friday. 23-Feminine charm :ippeurs--cominents hy zill. F . 1 "H:ive you any dress collars?" 'iMxry I horrow your tux?" Sziturduy. Z4-The dzinee is zictuzilly ai success. and Ted A Black isn't so bard! Monday. 26-The Sixth Form sleeps in class. Tuesday. 27--The dance still works :is :in excuse lor un P"CPi'l'CLl Classes' Puge One Hundred and Eiglityfone Thursday. 29-Thanksgiving, with no opportunity to see Nlerle'Smith win the sack race. "Spikes Spicey Specialties" presents characters we will never forget. DECEMBER Saturday, l-Amos takes on the Navy and fares rather badly, but he still has a piece ol the goal post. Sunday, Z-Driscoll denies dropping plate in chapel. Monday. 3-The Fifth Form adopts the cat as a mascot. XVednesday, 'S--Close chooses an early hour to do a novel piece of stone work, and succeeds in wal-:ing some of the Seniors from deep slumber. Thursday. 6-Expressions of amazement, grief, joy, and complete indifference dominate the faces of those scanning the exemption list. Saturday, 8-Our intellectuals depart for their abodes. It's so silly not to remain and get your money's worth out of the School. Monday, IO-The slaughter commences! Friday, 14-Messinger departs without bothering to check out-he was afraid the fact that he had flunked an exam might cause a misunderstanding with the Regis' To Q To trar. U-L' .FQAJN Sunday, 16-Messiiiger is with us again. He enjoyed his three hours with his family somewhere in Michigan, but is angry that the School should telegraph him col' lect. Moiidziy, l'7+The select group that remains plans to order N' Christmas trees. Amos plans Christmas party. Tuesday. 18-Your correspondent departs for his seven' day leave. 1115132 winter Qlierm JANUARY Ivlonday. 7-O'Brien with those conditioned arrives for the winter sentence. Tuesday. 8-Hale and O'Brien again delve into the wonders of the South. Each yarn's better than the last! Thursday. 10'-Bob Grange again sleepwalks into Bobbie Holes apartment. Friday, 11-Our "Milt" falls asleep in library and panics all committeernen. Saturday, 12-Harry Hovey organizes his torturers in the Sixth Form living room. Splendid-hardly that! Sunday, 13-The Fifth Form uprising proves exciting-all ends well. Moiiday, 14-Longmaid engages in his sixth wrestling match. Deinerits, demerits. Tuesday. li-"Dris" receives another hirchbark envelope containing Toot's inspiration? such rugged individualism! Friday. 18-The more select members of the School leave for Buck Hill Falls. Saturday, 19-Tome takes a beating. while Hobler proves the Brunxville touch. Page One Hundred and Eiglityftwo Sunday. Zi!-We test the "sleep river" system. Father Bcll's sermon is furnished with sound eflects by a stray dog. Monday. 21-Evans and his Y. M. C. A. Drive descend upon us. Hovey and Moliiixi miracles in salesmanship, Tuesday. 22-Mr. Leinley adds another candle to his cake. Vxfednesday. '13-O'Bricn finally iinds a suitable story to amuse Vslranglers. Thursday. 24-Delinquent list for Pipe Club dues is un' Q usually large. Friday. 25-Our holiday arrives! Atch and Fuzz put on , 7 iine performance before the movie. Saturday, 26-Farley copies Anna May W'ong's Chu Chin Chow wiggle in line manner. 0 "4 l sr' f . ' Nx Sunday. 27-The Sixth Formers entertain the Faculty. U Q Fifths denounce the new system. ' I Sc -a Monday, 28-jew Street offers many bargains for Silleck and Borsodi to snatch up and sell to Hilmer. XVednesday. 30-THE DIAL. under the auspices of M1'. Lemley, plans to emerge again in spite of Gnancial difficulties. Thursday. 31-Y. M. C. A. Lycoons hold farewell dinner for our "traveling parsonf' FEBRUARY Friday, l-Our trusted Atchison catches Morgan in the flat with his hat off-that's twice for the Colonel. Saturday. 2-Burnett solicits subscribers to the Wii1dotufClosii1g Daily, of which he is to be Editorfin'Chief. Sunday. 3-Ross is still talking about Venzke's comeback. Monday. 4-Doubtful hands are shyly raised as the Sixth Formers agree to underwrite 'Ti--ua DIAL. XVednesday. 6-Track turnfout suddenly decreases as final decision is made as to who will go to Newark. Thursday. 7--Uncle john dismembers skeleton to the horror of biology classes. Saturday. 9-Shrig and other charter members of Smoothie Club blossom out with the latest in boutonnieres. Sunday. IU'-The 'Ltraveling parsonu returns to deliver today's sermon. Monday. ll-Holiday tomorrow. A collar fight that starts at the Club continues through the movie. and when the lights go on. our collars are in shreds. Tuesday. 12-Usual eating. sleeping. and bridge on holiday. XVednesday. l3+Ben Dey elaborates on his seven'manfcommittee plan. Thursday. 14--Ben Dey conveys confidence that he will pay his dues. Friday. 15-News .Questionnaire reveals startling facts and proves nothing. Saturday. 16-Smoothie Club abandons flowerfin-buttonhole formality. Monday. 18-Yuengling and Ross fear payment of debt as Trojans trounce Greeks. Tuesday. l9fHopes and fears unite as our friends and enemies east their votes in DIAL, elections. Page One Hundred and Eighty-three NVednesday, 20-Much llannehfooting to no avail as Ray Noble entertains almost entire flat during study hour. Molina contends that no Sixth Former listened in. Thursday. 21-Fireworks ily as Hale moves we hold a "vote of confidence"-Hilnicr starts the ball rolling. Friday. 22-Signs of midfterm reaction adorn our hlackboards-third list period comes to a close. Saturday, 23-Hill takes second at Ivladison Square. vMr. Colbath plays Tarzan on the train. David reveals heretofore hidden lacts ol his complete and royal life in extemporaneous speech before whole student body. Sunday. 24-We're all sleepy after last nights movie, which lasted several hours. in- cluding frequent recesses lor changing the reels. Monday. 25-Borsodi appears in one of those "cute Alpine hats." Oh, Freddie! Tuesday, 26-Evans describes wonders of Titusville. Wediiesdxiy. 27-Members of the School gasp as Mr. VVenf S-W, dell fails to announce tomorrow's rumored holiday. , I Thursday, 28-S0 ends the slowest month of the year-- QQ with a holiday coming tomorrow. , ' MARCH ' i Friday. 1-Usual time wasted as holiday hun-ies by. . Saturday. 2-Blood pours freely as first boxing matches I are run oil. Longmaid forced to discard half-smoked 1 2' "weed" as friends drag him from the Club to partieif pate in wrestling match. Holt captains the Pinafore in Glee Club concert. Sunday. 3+Sixth Formers rip buttons from their sleeves as they discover they are wearing them for "thc ghost of a dead reason." Monday, 4-Time passes more and more slowly with approaching vacation. Tuesday. 5-Walne and Spalding exchange blows and punches at the "den of Iniquityf' Clothes trees at the Club blossom out in hats. coats. and Hoveys. Wednesdziy, 6-The Dean fails to include Milt's name on Mark Time list. Perhaps he thought that would be understood. Thursday. 7-Ulmer discovers that the adviser of The News fails to send copy for the tenfpage issue to the printer, which means that the Board will not sleep a wink tonight and that the Chairman will spend tomorrow at the Fcroe Press. Friday. 8-Basketball coach reveals home lives and other hidden facts about the team at meeting for presentation of awards and letters to the basketball and track teams. News Board retires with ten'page issue revealing insidious plot of Laurcntians to kidnap Mi'. D. Saturday. 8-Normal students sense great relief as "brighties" depart for vacation- but why do most of the cominitteemen linger so long! Page One Himdrcd and Eiglity-four 'W 'RF ,,, 11 Page One Hundred and Eighty-JQUB ' Q, WWW' WWW WV WWW-WW I M WWC-'W X.. W. W W W V ,W uf, WW 'WW W. KW WJ WW' a Wj W1 : W , W WW f Q VV 4 1 in ,'1 ? ig P1 o w 1 L , A Page One Hundred and Eightyfsix Page One Hundred and Eightyfseven w I Page One Hundred and Eightyfeight Pa-ge One Hundred and Eighty-nine Page One Hundred and Ninety n Y w x Page One Hundred and Ninety-one Page One Hundred and Ninetyftwo I 1 -. ,,, . I Page One Hundred and Ninety-three Page One Hundred and Ninetyffouf Page One Hundred and Ninetyfi Page One Hundred and Ninetyfsix p I , ' 1 1 - 4 'X 14' i H l S A w Page One Hundred and Ninety-xeven Page Om: Hundred and Ninetyfeight Y A 1 X, gr? ,, ,mr YY lf f ,M Ch .t . l'l ' L P ali, .I ,. - 5 fe , Fl' 1 V , . -, n 1 w 1,j', 3 1 an 'LI l nvf Us 5 15. V5 1 -ffl .J RN N 1 1 VCE fbi, 1 , My JM 41 NJ. J i 15. X E7 gd I.: v - '-'-' A " 1 W Page One Hundred and Ninety-nine Compfzmemff of lb? CLASS OF1935 ed C0mlDfzme111T5 of lb? C LA S S O F 1 9 3 6 4 Compliments of The Athletic Supply House C074ZDfZY416l1f.f ' of Ike CLASS OF 1937 QM, siilteillfii Q2 . i, wi' Wlillii in lnlwn.. lilllllllllilll iv ll lll ir iii illl il' ml lxi il iii i il ' ,ll'il'l i illiilihlli il li iisrll in i. il ii rails . ii ll ii". illl it 'W WW: li iilllilf ill wllww 'iliilnll 1 ml all r 'W wl ilu Vi iilllqliilllliii i i ,ii Y. ,imiill 'll lil i' iiiiwilm True Qzklzwcizbn is as deep as character itseltg and as readily recognized. ln the correctness of lines and the finished workmanship of Rosenberg garments, arises the esteem they have Won wherever well-dressed men congregate. Inspired by our long asso- ciation among men Who insist upon being Well-dressed, We are proud to serve your good taste in line fabrics, distinc- tively tailored. . if 1. .,,, Q f F 6-0 5. f EJ H f , H T 4 , 1' is a f 1 M, 1 . , .':,,, .,,..iv 1 9 Q ff! ya Wi? 5 fc I fra 5 .S PM Ea X 3 y .l f 0 63' . , 1.- hi P . Iii i lg ."" 2 Ii"'I" 2112- .,-, I 'i f,f ..,g 9 liiiiwillmi THE lilrliiiilllll - CO' lllllllll il ill ' llll-Miilliii FAILORS l6 E. 52nd St., New York l0l4 Chapel St., New Haven Page Two Hundred and Three FIRE AUTOIWOBILE BURGLARY PLATE GLASS LIABILITY ACCIDENT SURETY BONDS COMIJENSATION Bernhart Insurance Agency Insurance Specialists BERNHART BUILDING POTTSTOWN PARKE,S GOLD CAMEL TEA BALLS INDIVIDUAL SERVICE "Every Cup A Treat" COFFEES - TEAS - SPICES CANNED FOODS - FLAVORING EXTRACTS L. H. PARKE COMPANY PHILADELPHIA PITTSBURGH P Two HIL1lLI7'CCI I1 cf I BRD D STREET MEN'S STORE BROAD AND CHESTNUT, PHILADELPHIA E. A.WRlGHT,J P d 'I E J LAFFERTY S y SIT C. P,WRlGHT,V P d I L S WRIGHT A I T Salesrooms, Offices and Facfory-Broad and Hun'rIngcIon Sire I 514 g7f6l9!Z'W Lg and QDVZIYQIZIYGCQ fbvf Callecgey and School! Prinfers of THE DIAL since I922 E. A. WRIGHT COMPANY PHILADELPHIA Esiabiished l872 PgTHdddF , H L ISA M -l402:4-O4 N.SECOI'QID STREET PHILADELPHIA IN 'ruT1oNs AN ELS OUR BUSINESS II S 5 I ALL ENGRA NGS IN ' " C7760 Qld " PHATA-ENARAVINA Lv. 9054512011 WuffrafaffQC79i0fa-cifjmufff 44 INL4-TL' STREET PHILADELPHIA 1, '1'HdIdS 1,,.m..4 at-,..,,,,. -i..,. nnoa nmfu-nw:-ping 'Im ' nifffu fx -.,.n.....,-.L .mf x Q s E 3 S S 525 Si -. gs xxx? E55 E SS 5 es 5 RE 5 Q iw 5 -kxemvw :E S E 5 is ss SV , Q X ,S- Q Play Safe Use Lavoris - the mouth wash and gargle that is medicinal in value as but not in taste and you will be sure of having a "socia1 breath"- C. K. REID 81 CO., INC. 215 IXIORTI-I 1lT1--I STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. fl IJi"L'i.fiUlI of CAUCHOIS COFFEE CO. NENV YORK PHILADELPHIA I'urwf'yor.v of COFFIQIQ TEA COCOLAT to Sch mmrm ls, Institutions, Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants SINCE 1 8 5 1 Cfllllf7lillll'Ilf.t' of 4 QI-Ioustou's Best Shop for Men', NORTON'S BARRINGER-NORTON Co. HOUSTON, TEXAS Page 'Two Hundred and Seven W ar.. S,.k0,.v What they mean by Cf 7, Roger Kent Style Every day, more and more men speak of "Roger Kent Style." From the choice of patterns in our woolens to the individual cut of our many models, Roger Kent clothes are styled with an eye to conserva- tive smartness. Every garment is en- dowed with the unmistakable signs of good taste! In brief, our theory of Style is based on that which it is natural for a gentleman to wear. This idea is carried out in our materials 1 fine worsteds, softly draping saxonies, English Hannels, cheviots and shet- lands. We think it's a distinct achievement to present suits, sport suits, topcoats and evening clothes of this high type at the one moderate price of S35 iLlII1'll.f, Irujrir1rl.r, CUlfUIIIIlI'J, .v1'rr'.r1u'ler1'.r, and .rjmrf lIt'1'I'.YJ'0I'lI'5 at jbroparfiollrlfrly ll1lltlI'l'IIfI' P1llI1'lbl.IZg,ITIKZIHIZ-Q, Slzeel fllefalv, .Mill Supplies, Irzdustrial Pl1ilZl.Y i I 1 tqggy V i 1 ' ' , ri - so 1 e fae iirgi 2 '-,L ' N Ala, I , lillall P ,,.,-Q" TE Sl KOHLERDIKOHLER READING FOUNDRY Sc SUPPLY Co. I IO So. Nladison St. Phone 1583 POTTSTOXVN The FER OE PRESS Rorsewr C. I-lswx, Marzagrr A printing establishment noted for the excellence of its workmanship and completely equipped for the man ufacture of magazines, books, and . booklets j11'f1'1'JQ Inquiries are xolifiterl l'01Il't"I'lIlIIg the frriuliug of .vrhool f7llb1lCflfi0II5 Slru'r'.v in Nm: York-15 East 45th Street IfIAiXNLjX7ER LAXNID SOUTH STREEHS . . . -I-O VVzzll Street . . . 321 Broadway . . . POT'1'S'fOXA7N, PA. In Nrfu: IIIIWFII-1058 Chapel Street Page Two Hundred and Eight v . C 0nlpl1mf'11l.v of H. M. DUNCAN Complimenls of PEQPLES MAR KET QUALITY Nl EATS ana' G ROCERI ES Drink GREATOAK BURDAN'S SPRING WATER for I C E A H HA LTHY BODY 1, C R E A M 1171! A CLEAR M 1R' IND P 5 T H i'cdm1d N f'Doc,s', Two POTTSTOWN GLASS CO., INC. 22 and 24 N, XN7ZlShiI'lf1t0H St PO'I"I'S'l'0WVN, PA I I 1323 , . . . fflrln' of all 1l1'.v4'rljPf1fn1 Hundred an ci Ten Cj077'lfJH77ll'Ilf.Y of "THE GRILL" LEVEN GOODS DAIRY PRODUCTS 'fBesz' by les!" inen Suits POTTSTOWN MACHINE COMPANY Automatic machines for tap ping, threading and machin ing pipe fittings and valves c:E'lll'!'Il1 fflllllfllzl' and 111m'l1i111' work PO'l"'l'STOWN, PEN NA., U,S.A Th? L!!I'7.77fIclft? Qlfflilicjlbll f ASBESTOS INSULATING CO. Main and Astor Sts. NORRISTONVN, PA. Summer i e 9 Roofmg le Sl1eeflVIelal W01'k ,Lligllfillillg Rody A11'1'-Colzdiffoizifzg C b A Vffnfflafiolz uau 3' felf HC' Izzsulalion AVC Rl'fH'l'.YI'lIl1Ifi'l'l' fj!IllIf71l.Y Julfx I Hoissllas BLDG. New York GYMNASIIIM BOILER HOUSE Page Two Hundred and Ele Green Hill f4TmS CIYY LINE. 5: LANCASTER AVE DVERBRDDK.DHILA.,Dn ACLURLDIAIE invitation is ex- tended to the students and their parents to visit Green Hill Farms. hloderate rates. Excellent table d'hote Lunch and Dinner. L. El,I.SVYOR'l'H RIETC.-XI.F ilffflnager fi'llll1fl!illH'lIf.f of Jackson Motor Co. CIIRYSLER f ,,,, 1 PLY.11ol'T1R1 SALES 1 1,,f 1 SERVICE 970 HIGH STREET HARRY A. KEENE King and Charlotte Streets POTTSTOVVN, PA. SCHOOL SUPPLIES A SPECIALTY Wilkinson - Peterson Laundry Co. Grf'z'fing.v from MAURICE MII.I.ER ljhlillldfflfillill ClL'lIll67'.8' W. H. Saylor 85 Son LIl7l1b81', Conf, Feed PURE DRUGS and PRESCRIPTIONS At BENTZ'S llomr Cooking at our Fountain SANDWICHES-TOASTED 8: PLAIN THE BEST ICE CREAM AND .Ill Kinds of Building Alafffrizll SUNDRIES Phone 299 S20 CROSS STREET S' Page Two Himdred and Twelve DRUG and PRESCRIPTION STORE 161 HIGH ST., POTTSTOVVN, PA. ESTABLISHED .BIB M- .X5 -.1 gil? A , C,QQlL1Q"1I'Ei5lLj5,3LC3Q ffl QQ: lf, ,J g . :f Mama mmI5hillQ5,H3f5 afghan , Mfg! Q" flip ll J -k f' Munson Avmuz comronrv-rounn stun Al QNX l,,','l"lf"'!5 QQXEJLJIK new vom: of .,f,3,1,lk.l L15 H 3 , -xg! -.'x.,'-fig.. "'-' I m: "-Li , . . J5if"'y' ' lil I lo bpeclal Attcntnon to Wfml' l? 'ylwimff gy V - . "Wm ff Outhttmg Boys and xl! . E' .4 Young Men I AQ, ,,, f M- -H-'MH at Private Schools "f::'s"LLT.,T4'TLl7i4-"L'f' .,,,...,,,.,...... and Colleges IIAHCHIS NEW YORK! ON! WALL 057074: IIIWB PHIL DAVIS Photographer to THE HILL HIGH STREET POTTSTOWN, PA. Page Two Hundred and cTllfTfE67l Van Buskirk SL Bro. I'llI1'l!'lE'Il7'L', Tools, Gum, zum' 44171 111 Il II iliolz James J. Fichtol 7'Ill.l01'L.Ilfj New Spring and Summer lI:1tcriaIs 3 I9 H IGH STRIf21C'I' PO'I"I'S'l'OWVN CGLEMAN 8: COMPANY, INC. "Coker" Coal 123 S. BROAD ST. PHILADELPHIA, PA. ARMY-NAVY STORE opposite Post Office POTTSTOIVN Buy at ilu' drlzzy-zvrlify Sfnrf' 111111 you buy yllllll IllC'l't'lIIl1IIliSI' nf Ilze lo'zvP.vf jJric'1's F. W. HOFITMAN 8: Co., INC. Thru' Sfrnwu' PHILADELPHIA - READING ATLANTIC CITY In 111 e S6'7"l'fCl' of CfKlIl1ll-IZ mxx' Page Tum Hundred and Fourteen Prizes and Trophies for :III athletic and scliohistic event lledzlls of gold, silver, bronze Bronze Nlemorizil '.I'z1IvIets l'IilIl'3'f 'lL'U7'kNlIllISlIif7 111 nlollffrate f11'irr1.v naxz'i1i'us slLvEnsM1'rns nnlowens PHILADELPHIA, PA. PRESS UF E, A. WRIGHT COMPANY PHILADELPHIA .5 " gf: A .. 'mi 1: 5 52 ': 5-if ..... 35.5 gi: . 5:5 bl' 55:5 rr. -s. EH 1 as gf 12-1: 'seas I- H5 515' vial E: PE! 3? ff i ff: sl E? : ,L .rg if .. 'aa 22 gm Far r 12,3 ve 'x VL Sn WW 'WJ f J fb GR THIN99 Q0 ,. " 15: , lu , ga +033 v 2 9 135K

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