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. ' Q 'fw- i 1 r lllllllIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllilllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIII THE HILL SCHOOL ..11:s'-'- .TN S wfflfv 1' xgmfzig- .... ,. NW' 144 'MJ i sew' '17 -- N- 24? QXL X 'll yff x' wif TWM N IQ! nv ' P O T T S T O W N PENNSYLVANIA 'lllllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIllIIIIIIlllIIIllllIllllllIIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIHIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIII1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 1 .1 1 ..' - D nl it i I 51 1 A 3 f.1lTig'xfTjm'g5 ANI!!! ummm 'X - X - 1412 3'fe,' -5' .... , knhm.L.ll'i ,Q K Tiifilffffk 6, r"23l5"- T 'T nil" TIP' ,i7MfhP':'?iF'2':t5T1!"i": R15 hfslf- Q I 1 gif! 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', M Page .Yezvn Page Eigh! l Page Nine "ik,-Q , .- .V wwf- 'f 3, 1.. . es' : gf -- ' . :V f Q' " 1 M . , Km? 5? 0' 1 my CW 'I ff A 4 fa -wwe ,mw- 'YAMWN vw' , -K X -I -fu 1 A K 54 4 N ' v 's Wi Wk X- f 1 'Y , , ,, W e, if X . , Af' - . "'.' -l,'Ij?.,'-,fZ?gf:2.,,-" . 'v1:SM, . 31" ff 4 Q .W , x.,. , 'Q A 5 mf if 'J' Q 'Y ' 'Z K 1 9,Qrf:SS' 4 ,X Q -. .a 2 f ,I , 1 2, A, fx 'N x Z.: -A X . X K., , E ,NWN 25" VP" .Nw wvvtif' Avi' ,J W X MW ,,.,. X W 4' , ,,.,,':2 " wx . W.. M. M V 10 Pam Ten M Nw ,XI ,ff .QQTTV , 'I .,.,,. ,xv .... . iff x f w 2 , ,214 sg a ,1 e-M 1 3 3: - -1,'-. .Q . , WL' ' ' I' ,5?, fii 7 i ' i .AQA , ff,1t' g2 L. jff fg, - Q, A, A - -f' J . E , J 5 if U 4 M if ff, I Page Eleven :miami n5'zJd Page Thirteen 4 4 Page Fourteen ga, 's 6 Vg, WN fm W:.1f1:.f-.r?spfA.x5:-g,g,f,3,,,y,,,,Mu I . fx . if ' V 5 '1 a Q D ig! f X A '-:gif f M 'ffsfer Z ' . YW .fi4Y"v3iA wg 1 wg Q 'ff 4 N 1 ' N ' -if 35 'X f 4,3 V4 f v ,K 0' ,M N 55 ' 1 :Qi Y X ag rf 'R ' U of-w Qs V , ' f 55 v KU Ni V im-s. wfvf."iA i Q.,g1?f?f'f.- f - 2-. ,-perm ,Q -'4' , , 7'1f1'2--f -1,5-.. "W'M"'. -'-'-q5w- f,xL1,,- , ' 1 ' ,,.'3-a:F':'E?F' , M - vw, .:E .lrmdf-vy5fe ,, 9. k J' - 1 ' sr f. .5 -- V. ...N,f...g23Y9 MW, , . .ef ,,., , , , .. . , . . , . .,.k. 1 M, 34 . .32 ,V Vy , - , :-f,- M V .. '. X, 4 , 41.1 . A , A f 1 W ''gf-cf,-fix:-4...j.+Y?...gjygxiz,-.y,:',,, . . "' ', ,, ,I Q ., K: ,?'J.:,:,',x!p.,":21..-1-,' 3 -H :IJ ' , x N4 ,, ' "N , .. 1.212-c e,,.,--,-1-.+vfw:z1k,5'." ' is. '-4: 'V J . .. ,!..y, 4.6. .2 qll., , ,, , . ...Y M- -- , " L' " .7 -- Page F if teen LX' " iv. 5-zligg 5 2wfr:q:i'?5B:2vae021--Is-fx 1- f X L :fm--Q - fx, ,1-dw--1 .::Zff'i's,5Sf?,- fl, x..f.-Aw bb. - 4. . f ' gk, -....xr:,1Zt.:,1f,,4y,,gz- .--,f x.. .fb-2.31 ' 41s'-"fE2f:-fm.-- , f-fr--H Q' ,fixfefggyib-1f:Q.s5-W , . V ,....,4 gq"f?:r'3-'. fQ'ff12:VDi':-'432A,'7- X ' "'ffiL'v Ulf? - '1 . 3 ' 'if ' wifi Q -if 1-nfl: N - , ' .. ':V'v:'-Ha' " Q.. -N. ns. 1 . . ,Q ,vig '.'-55 'gx .T 'Lgig . , , L is Eff- f 1 Q' --iw-ww, v.wz'3r-f - - 2 - QQ-Q .' "" 2 ' 7 Q-Sei: .' f'F22".f' Egg-a. -wiKf:,??rg ' x 1'x"Q-- " '.,f-xazifefwf' 4 A. "T"'tap15 1: ,q nv , --' -f 5,5 A t - . 5x,M..4,L:. ' '. Q . , gg9?WQ9"f I, :. ., 55 Page Sixteen jk f Aj IRI I IQ' f W I The 1920 Dial Ska-ff. Editor-in-Chief IPX , I Business Manager V! . .J HENRY E. ALLEN X N I Photographic Ediior ,I X13 . C ' S RICHARD S. BERRY Art Editors I JAMES S. HATFIELD ROBERT W. LEWIS. JR. JAMES T. PIERSON Editors J. CARL DE Ls COUR, JR. PARKER LLOYD SMITH ' JOI-IN S. OSBORNE I I-I. STANLEY PASCHAL. JR. LOUIS H. TNVYEFFORT I . NJN ig IIS fffx iff R a IJ Q Hixjfj J X f' HENRY B. GUTI-IRIE, JR. JA QVSS' f , A , RL I .LLP rg . 59, U r ,' J ,. D '4TiQ.jS2J,D I 2 I A I L 0 ,fy .g4...u.--'JJJJJ Page Swenleen September October 2, October 4, October 9, October 11 October lb October 18 October 23 October 25 October 30 November ALEN DA ' J pw 5. H, T U. I E 5, 1 1. 9 'l 5 L 7 8 3 io ra U, gg it lv lk 17 1.10.1 -U4 'UB'-' U 24, Wednesday Thursday ........ Saturday. Thursday. , Saturday , Thursday ..,. , Saturday , Thursday , Saturday , Thursday 1, Saturday. . . November 6, Thursday. . . .November 8, Saturday. . November 13, Thursday. . November 14, Friday ,... November 15, Saturday. . November 21, Friday ..., November 22, Saturday. . November 26, Wednesday November 29, Saturday. . December 4, Thursday. . . December 6, Saturday. . , December 19, Friday .... Page Eighteen tm'-aevf"'mi -1.-, T 1 School opened Y. M. C. A. Elliott Speer speaker. Williamson Football Game. Vxfilliamson O, Hill 0 Y. M. C. A. Mr. E. T. Colton. Football Came: Perkiomen 7, Hill 6. Movies, Y. lvl. C. A. President Stabler leads. Football Game: Princeton Prep. O, Hill 14. Y. M. C. A. Football Game: Tome 14, Hill 0. Y. lvl. C. A. Mr. George Loving, Speaker. Laying of Cornerstone of Memorial Hall. Football Game, Lawrenceville 7, Hill 13. Tea Dance. Y. M. C. A. Mr. R. R. Gailey, Speaker. Football Game: Haverford 7, Hill 10. Address by Capt. Hall. Y. M. C. A. Schwarz, leader. Football Came: Hotchkiss 20, Hill O. . .Camera Club lvlovies. Y. M. C. A. Pete Woods, leader. Princeton Freshmen Soccer Came. Y. lvl. C. A. Major H. H. Vreeland, speaker. Mr. William M. Lewis addresses School. Y. lvl. C, A. Blair leads. . . .Musical Concert. Autumn Term ends. january 7, january 10 january 15 january 17 january 22 january 24 january 31 Wednesday , Saturday. , Thu rsda v ....... . Saturday. , Thursday ....,., . Saturday. Saturday. February 7l Saturday. February 14 February 10, Thursday. . . . . February 21, Saturday February 26 February 28, Saturday March 4. Thursday. . . March 0, S aturday. . . March 11, Thursday. . March 13, Saturday. . March 18, Thursday. . March 20, Saturday. . lvlareh 25, Thursday. . April 8, Th ursda y ..., April 10, Saturday .... April 14, Wednesday. . , Saturday . Thursday ...... April 15, Thursday. . . April 17, Saturday .... April 22, Thursday. . . April 24, Saturday ..,. April 28 Wednesday. . April 29 Thursday. . . April 30, Friday .... April 30 Friday .... May l, Saturday. . . May 5, Wednesday. . . May 61, Thursday ..... May 7, Friday ..... May 8, Saturday. . . May 12, Wednesday. . May 13, Thursday .... May 14, Friday .... May 15, Saturday .... May 17, Monday ..,.. May 19, Wednesday. . May 20, Thursday. . . . May 21, Friday ...... May 22, Saturday .... May 27, Thursday .... May 29, Saturday .... june 3, Thursday ..... june 5, Saturday ...., june 10, Thursday .,,. june 12-14, Saturday. june 17 , Thursday .... june 2lh26, Monday-Saturday. College Entrance Examinations. Beginning ol' Winter Term. lylovies. Y. Nl. C. A. Mr. Monte Smithson speaks. Lyman Howe Movies. Y. M. C. A. Dr. H. K. W. Kumm. Hampton Entertainment. lV'ovies. "The lvliraele Man." . . . . . .Movies Y M. C. A. Lead by Schwarz. Camera Club Movies. Holiday. Y. M. C. A. Rev. john Timothy Stone. Prize Speaking Contest. Y. M. C. A. Raymond B. Culver. lvlovies. Y. M. C. A. Laird Stabler. Musical Concert. Tea Dance. Y. M. C. A. john R. Mott. Movies. XVinter Term ends. Spring Vacation. Spring Term begins. Y. M. C. A. Baseball Game with Pottstown. Golf with Berkshire Country Club. Baseball Came with Villanova. Y. M. C. A.. . . Baseball game with Penn Fresh. Coll with Plymouth. Y. lvl. C. A. 1 -. 1Baseba1l game with Gilman. Golf with Merion Country Club. Track Meet with Princeton Fresh. Y. M. C. A. Baseball game with Princeton Fresh. Sixth Form Dance. lnterlorm Handicap Track Meet. C-oll with Princeton Fresh. Baseball game with Princeton Prep. Y. M. C. A. Lawrenceville Track Meet. Baseball game with Tome. Golf with Tome. Baseball game with Pottstown. Y. M. C. A. Princeton lnterscholastics at Princeton. Baseball with Lawrenceville. Golf with Lawrenceville. Golf lnterscholastics. Baseball game with Perkiomen. Y. M. C. A. Yale Interscholastics at Yale. Haverford Baseball Game. Y. M. C. A. Baseball with Hotchkiss. Y. M. C. A. Entertainment. Y. M, C. A. Commencement. Y. M. C. A. Page Nineleen 'Nur , L P' I ,P -:L ,ff iw i is , X 1:1- 5 - mmfafm..'-' M I-1 I H cad Masier DWIGHTJR, MEIGS, BA. gmc, 'on Senior Madera ALFRED G. ROLFE, MA., Lite. D. CAmherst, '82 gj GEORGE Q. SHEPPARD, MA. Qliafayctte, '83D Dean TI-IEOPHILUS R. HYDE, IVIA., Ph.B. CYale-Shefflcld, '12j Reglsirar GEORGE W. I-IITNER, AB. CYale, 'OZJ Page Tweniy DWIGHT R. MEIGS. BA. Yale, 'O7. In charge of the Boys' CIub at the Chicago Commons, 1907-1908, Studied at Merton College, Oxford University, 1908-1911, Returned to The Hill, 1911, Tennis Coach, Secretary Pottstown Ex- amllintion Boardg Head Master of The 1 . le ALFRED Cr. ROLFE, MA., Litt. D. Amherst, '82. Taught at Black Hall School, Lynn, Conn., 1882-18845 at the Cushing Acad- emy, Ashbumham, Mass., 1884-1885, at Williston Seminary, Easthampton, Mass., 1885-188bg at the Graylock In- stitute, Willimstown, Mass., 1886-lS89g Study and Travel abroad, 1889-1890, Came to The Hill, 1890, Senior Masterg English Club, Adviser of the Golf Team, Instructor in Creekg Head of the Creek Department. We J' '-'QVMI' Vi 2395: F170 fl fl ,Q ff? a2,t,afw:,,,f?L,,?5,wg4,f6l-D I 4 if i ilrgi 'I Ivcfnlx Page Twenly-Iwo GEORGE Q. SHEPPARD, AB., lVI.A. Lafayette, '83. Taught at the South jersey Institute, Bridgton, N. J., also in Easton, Pennag Came to The Hill, 18831 Senior Masterg Instructor in Mathematicsg Head of the Mathematical Department. GEORGE W. HITNER, AB. Yale, '02. Game to the Hill, 19025 Taught Germang Instructor in Mathematicsg Registrar of The Hill. Tl-IEOPHILUS R. HYDE, lVl.A., Ph.B. Yale-Shefheld, '12, Taught at The 1-lill, 1912-19143 Special Study at Yale, 1914-1916, Returned to The l-lill, 1916, Y. lvl. C. A. Adviser, Instructor in Bible l-listoryg Dean. MICHAEL F. SWEENEY. Dr. Sargents, and the Chatauqua Schools of Physical Training, Came to The l-lill in 18965 Physical Director, Coach, and Adviser in Football, Track, and Baseball, Adviser in Football and General Athletics at Yale, 1916. ' vt, w.1dLe. Z7 'T' if l4ffb5f4Z I Page Twenty-three ,QW of Pmfa Twenty-jozzr CHARLES R. WYLIE, AB., M.D. Princeton, '85, Pennsylvania Medical, '93. Engaged in the Steel Business in Western Penna., l885-l893g University of Pennsylvania, l893Nl897, M. D., Came to The l-lill, 1898, School Physician. jOl-IN D. WARNOCK, Ph.D. Yale, '93, Graduate Study at Yale in Meta' physics and Psychology, 1893-18961 Taught Creek at the Cheshire Academy, Cheshire, Conn., 1896-18995 Came to The I-lill, 18995 Master in English, and Adviser of Debating, 1900-19075 Instruc- tor in Latin, Head of the Latin De- partment. .LUTHER W, TURNER. Harvard, '96, Special, With the Fore River Engine and Ship- Building Co., 1888-18915 with George F. Blake Pump and Engine Co., 1891-1898g Vilorcester Academy, 1898-1902: Harvard Summer School, 1898-1899: Superintend- ent of Construction of Buildings for Dr. Grenfel, St. Anthony, Newfoundland: The Hill, 1902, General Charge of Con- struction of T. H. M. T. C., Capt. lN4. Hill Batalliong General Charge of Study, Head of Manual Training Department. MALLISGN RANDALL. Studied piano, organ, and counter- point, with Dr. Charles W. Pearce and Dr. Frank Muspratt, assistant organist at Westminster Abbeyg Studies with Sindram, at Hanover, Germany, and with Duval, in Paris, 1880-18835 Organist and Choir Master at Rev. Stopford Brookes Church, in London, 1884-1890, and at St. Andrews, New York, 1891- 19041 Came to The Hill, 19045 Director of the Musical Clubsg Organist and Choir Master imma, Clllwfxq Qhddll Page Timvnlyifizz fl l F. ,J Page Twenty-six GEORGE D. ROBINS, B.A., LLB. Wesleyan, 98. New York Law School, '04, LL.B.g Taught History at Riverview Academy, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1899-19045 Came to The Hill, 19043 Instructor in History, Head of History Department, Debating Adviserg Director of Wolfeboro Camp, 1911-5 Examiner and Reader in History College Board, 1917-. HOWARD BEIVIENT, IVI.A. University of Michigan, '96, ln Business, 1896-19045 Graduate Stu- dent at Leland Stanford University and at the University of California, 1904-1905, Came to The Hill, 1905, Adviser of De- bating, The News, Civic Clubg English Club, Instructor in English, Head of the English Department. FREDERICK FRASER, AB. Harvard, 'Oo Taught in the High School, West Chester, Penna., 1905-19063 Came to The Hill, 1906, Treasurer. Wolfeboro Summer Camp, 1910-l9l6g Debating Adviserg Instructor in Mathematics. FRANCES L. LAVERTU, AB. Bowdoin, '99. Special work at Yale, Harvard, I.,'Uni- versite de Grenoble, and in Madrid, Traveled on the Continent, Taught at Trinity Hall, Washington, Pa., 1899-1900, at Betts Academy, Stamford, Conn., 1900-19063 Came to The Hill, l90og Instructor in French, Head of Modern Language Department. I if ev f lim gil? E534 'V , S., '-:1 , il!" '25 if Page Twenty-seven Page Twenty-eight JOHN A. LESTER, Ph.D. Haverford, '96, Harvard, 'O0. Taught at The Hill, 1901-19023 at the William Penn Charter School, Phila- delphia, Pa., 1902-19075 Returned to The Hill, 1907g Soccer Team Coachg Debating Adviserg English Club, Dir- ector, Commencement Play, 1915 and 1916, Dramatic Club Coach, 19183 In- structor in English. ' HOWARD SMITH, A,M. Dickinson, '94. Taught at Wilmington Conference Academy, 1894-1895, At Mcrcersburg, 1895-19013 At Lawrenceville, 1901-1906, At Mercersburg, 1906-1907, Came to The Hill, 19073 Debating Adviserg In- structor in Mathematics. ' CHRIS F. KGGEI... Yale, 'O5. Gymnasium Instructor in the Y. IVI. C. A. at Philadelphia, Reading, and at Middletown, Conn.. 1894-l900g Came to The Hill, I903: In Charge of The Hill Summer Camp at Beach Haven. N j., 1903-l9llQ Gymnasium Instructor at Princeton. 1906-19081 Returned to The Hill, I9083 Head of the Physical De- partment. HENRY C. EDGAR, AB. Lafayette, '05. Head of the English and History Departments, at the Pensacola Classical School, Pensacola, Fla., 1906-1909, Came to The Hill, 19095 Adviser to the Tatlersg English Club, Instructor in English. Page Twenty-nz'n Page Thirly 'I A K . AZ f S -3' A 'sv , t is t Q 1 s . :QS ""' . l W :I " 'z 1 zz QR "1'1""' iw-9-'KA-ABQ 1 QMQQA' mwmfff. HENRY j. COLBATH, AB. Bowdoin, '10, Came ro The Hill, 1910, Tutor at the Wolfeboro Summer Camp, 1911- l916g Track Coach, Sixth Form Master, Entered the Service, August, 19185 Commissioned Znd Lieutenant Heavy Artillery, November, 19185 Returned to The Hill, january, 1919g Head of Science Deaprtment. ISAAC THOMAS, IV1.A. Princeton, 'O9. Graduate School, Princeton, 1909-19103 Traveled in Europe, 19103 Came to The Hill, 1910, Instructor at The Wolfeleoro Summer Camp, 1910-19163 Enlisted in Field Artillery, Aug. 22, l9l8g Commis- sioned lst Lieutenant in Field Artillery Reserve Corps, Dec. 4, 19183 Returned to The Hill Winter Term, 1919: Instructor in English. WILLIAM 1-1. WEISS, A. B. Yale, 'O0. Taught at Summit Hill, Pcnna.. 19011- 19023 at Ware, Mass., 1902-19071 at Mer- cersburg, 1907-1909, Accountant in Pitts- burg, 1909-19115 Taught in Pittsburg, 1911-19121 Came to The Hill, 1912: ln- structor in Mathematics. CHARLES L. SWIFT, M.A. Dickinson, '04, Yale, '12. . Began Newspaper work on the New Bedford Evening Standard, 19043 Re- porter and Editorial Writer for the Baltimore Herald and the Baltimore News, 1904-19073 Special writer for The New York Sunday Tribune, 1908- 19125 Magazine Contributorg Master of English and Dean of Conway Hall, 1909-19125 Special Work in English at Yale, 1912-19135 Foreign Pressg Came to 'the 1-Iill, 19l3g Instructor in Englishg Adviser of The Dial. , I 1 . 4JQ:f--212.149 's'f'm'.. ,1 WM ' Page Thirty-on 5 A , ,..l-:M 'V . 1 2 X ,X K. 5 83? J' W X Q- I ' A " 14 Us Q 5, gi .ihifafixb ' 'Q 4,',1"1pL - Y,W"1A2. ' , --. dawwf, Page Thirty-Iwo I JAMES 1. WENDELL, BS. XVes1eyan, 13. Came to The I-Iill, 19l3g Track and Swimming Coachg Secretary-Treasurer of the Athletic Association, Assistant to the Head Master. 1-1. I-1. FISHER, AB. University of Vermont, '11, Taught in The Black I-lall School, 1911-19123 The lvlercersburg Academy, 1912-1913, Came to The I-Iill, 1914-19153 lnstructor in English to 19173 Graduate Study at Columbia and Dartmouth summer schools, 1915, 19163 Entered R. O. T. C., 19173 First Lieutenant, Field Artillery, 1917-19183 Captain, Field Artillery, 81st Division, A. E. F., 1918- l9l9g Returned to The l-lill, 1919, ln- structor in English. WALTER D. STAFFORD. Studied piano and violin with Buit- rago, at the National Conservatory ol Music, New York City, Studied, 1897- l906, in Europeg at thc Royal Con- servatory, Vienna, with Tomson, Brus- sels, and Oskar Bachg at the National Conservatory, Prague. Bohemia with Otikar Sevcikz Head of Violin Depart- mentat Peoria Musical College, 1912- 19145 and at Arrigaga lvlusical Col- lege, San Francisco, 1914-19153 Came to The Hill, 19153 Violin Instructor. SAMUE1- PORTER, AB. University of Rochester, 'O8. Studied at the New York University Law School, 1910-19113 Taught at the Short Hills School, 1911-19143 At Law- renceville, 19l4f-1915, Came to The Hill, 1916, Instructor in English. ttxxffxbanlf Sxl gd. WV, ,-.l -Qtzffi Page Thirty-three Milf , ettgee.. Page Thirty-four CYFFORD D. COLLINS, AB., MA. Centre College, '09, Taught in the High School, Mad- isonville, Ky., 1909-19123 Instructor at Centre College, 1912-19135 Taught at the Oberreasclule, Danzig, Germany, 1913-19145 At the Louisville Boys High School, 1914-1916, Came to The Hill, 1916, Instructor in Physics. FRANK lvl. SLEEPER, BA. Amherst, 'l7. Organist at Amherst College, l914- l9l7, Harvard R. O. T. C., l9l7g Came to The I-lill, 1917: Enlisted in Signal Corps, April, 19183 Commissioned Znd Lieutenant, Signal Reserve Corps: Re- turned to The Hill, january, 1919, Piano lnstructor. ' AMBROSE FREESE, M.A. Princeton, 'O9. Taught Latin and Greek in Princeton I-ligh School, Princeton, N. J., 1909-19113 Did Graduate Study at Princeton in Latin and Psychology, 1909-19123 Trav- eled in Europe, 19123 Taught Latin and German in Friends Central School, Philadelphia, 1912-19171 at Wilmington Friends School, Latin and Greek, 19175 Came to The l-lill, 1918: Instructor in Latin. M. L. BALDWIN. Bucknell, AB., '11, A.M., 'l3. Studied in Munich, 1912: Holder of Karl Schurz Fellowship in Germanics for 1918, Columbia University. ll fi-'vi Q 5 eau .7ifLe,0,a,Q.f 1- n ,' , i 'I f J .v J rt. - -' 339: . I 1 . I, 9 -.-Q-, u1,f,,,:, Q H .9 ff' fi 1 'I 'I 4,,lff15iffi7 .1 .',,, ,. , L-I I lffff L L, 5 Page Tliirlyifi IZ. Giattmamaut Page Thirty-six CHARLES A. I-IARTER, BS., M, Pd. Franklin and Marshall, 'l5. Head of Science Dept., Duquesne High School, Duquesne, Pa., Came to The Hill, 19185 Adviser to the Gun Club and Photo Club, lnstructor ol Elementary Science and Geography. PAUL ADRIAN SCHARFP, M.A. Princeton, '85, Princeton, 1885-1886: St. johns School, Manlius, N. Y., 1887-1888, Portland Latin School, Portland. lX4e., 1888-1889: St. Pauls School, Garden City, N. Y., 1889-1893: Adelphi Academy, Phila- delphia, Pa., 1893-1896, Cheltenham lvlil. Academy, Ogontz, Pa., 1896-18983 West- ern Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 1898-18993 Columbia Institute. N. Y. C., 1899-1907: Berkeley School, N. Y. C., 1907-19163 Berkeley-Irving School, N. Y. C., 1916-19l8g Came to the l-Iill, 19183 Tutor in Latin Department. ROGER W. TATEM, AB. Randolph-Macon College, '13. Taught at Harrisburg Academy, 1914- 19165 Came to The Hill, 19173 Instructor in Mathematics. WILLIAM P. KEENAN, AB. Yale, '09, Taught at Black Hall School, 1912- 19133 Travellecl, 1913-19143 Instructor at Boys' Latin School: Came to The I-Iill, 19165 Instructor in French. -,--, ,., ,, f 3' C' ,gow 2 WWW Page Thirty-seven 51 f wire, T' . 1 -AL-Ci -Q-f - - - -.,w.,'g.4 rex 'L- QQ Page Thirly-eiglil HERBERT B. FINNEGAN. Wesleyan, '18. Came to The Hill. january, 1919, Instructor in French. FRED D. SUYDAM, BA. Amherst, 'l4. The Hill 1Q10g Advertiser with 1-1. K. 1VlcCann,8z Co., N. Y, C, 1915-19163 Enlisted, Field Artilleryg Regular Army, 1917-1918: Commissioned Second Lieu- tenant August 31, 1918, Came to The l-lill, january, 19191 Assistant in the Physical Department. HAROLD C. CONLEY, Ph.B. University of Chicago, '14, Washington Square Players School- oli The Theater, 1917g Instructor in Elkhart l-li h School, Elkhart Indiana 1915 g , V L 19163 Washington Square Players, Prov- incetown Plavers, 1917-1918: U. S. Medi- cal Corps, 1918. WILLIAM S. CUSHINC, BA. Yale, '08, Student at Merton College, Oxford University, 1908-19115 Taught at NVest- minster School, Simsbury, Conn., 1911- 19191 Came to The 1-lill, 19195 Instructor in Lating Tennis Coach. .WWZV 3. Page Thirly-nim' Page Forty Lizrloa- 1 A, HAVEN DALE, B.S. University of Pennsylvania, '16, Agricultural. Architectural work in Philadelphia, 1916-19191 Came to The Hill, 19193 lnstructor in Mathematics. HENRY B. DILLARD, JR. Trinity College, '13, Tutored in California, 1913-1914: At the Donaldson School, llchester, Md., 1915-19171 Officers Training School, Fort Myer, Va., May, 19173 Lieutenant of Engineers with 30th Division at Camp Sevier, S. C, in Belgium and France, 1917-1919, Came to The I-lill, December, '191'-D: Instructor in English. RAYMOND L. CRISMER. 13..fX. University of Vermont. 'lim Studied at Trinity College, Oxford University, 191o-1917: Taught at Mer- cersburg Academy, 1917-1918: Second Lieutenant of Infantry, 1918: Employ- ment Manager of the Y. lvl. C. A. in New York City, 1919, Came to The 1-lill, September, 1919: Instructor in Spanish. KENNETH HOWARD, AB. Princeton, 'l3. The Hill, 1909, Business, St. Paul, lvlinn. 1913-1918, Enlisted Fort Monroe. Va. june, 1918, Commissioned 2nd Lieu- tenant Heavy Artillery, Sept. 25, 1918: Commissioned lst Lieutenant Heavy Artillery Reserve Corps, December, 1918, Came to The Hill, january 1, 1919, Assistant to the Treasurer. WWJUC. :fl-fiufpf Page Forly-one null, Page Forly-Iwo RALPH RUSSELL. New England Conservatory, 'log New York City, Study, 1917, Marienfeld School, Samarcand, N. C,, 1917, 19185 A. E. F., Engineering Corps. PAUL P. SHEEKS, B.A. University of South Dakota, 'l3. Graduate of the Illinois University Summer School for Coaches, for Two Years Athletic Director at Wabash Col- legeg Came to The Hill in the Spring of 1919 as Head Coach in Football. HAROLD R. SMART, BS. Wesleyan, '15, with honors. The Foreign Dept. of the National City Bank of New York, 1915-19173 With the A. E, F.. 77th Div., Artillery. 1917-1918, Interpreter, University of Lyons, France. March-july, 1919, ln- structor in the Army Divisional School, january-February, 1919: The Hill, ln- structor in French. JOHN W. SPAETH, JR. Haverford, '17, Harvard, '18. Tutored at Winchester School, Long- port, N. J., summer of 1917g did Graduate Work in the Classics at Harvard Uni- versity, 1917-19183 at Camp Greene, N. C., in the U. S. Army, 1918-1919, Taught at Haverford School, spring of 19193 Came to The Hill in 19195 lnstructor of Latin. Page Forty-lhree 1 imfysustm. 'il Page F0rLy,four Q.L0euwL, JASPER JACOB STAHL, A.B. Bowdoin, 'O9. Assistant in German, Bowdoin College. 1908-19093 At the University of Munich and the University of Gottingen, 1909- 19101 Student, University of Berlin 1910-1911, Student, Harvard University, 1915-1916: Instructor in Modern Lan- guages. Reed College, 1911-19145 Assist- ant Professor of German, 1914-1919g Came to The Hill, 19195 lnstructor in Modern Languages. STAN1.EY,LG. XVARD, Ph.B. Brown, '17, Joined the 26th Division, '17, A. E. F., '18, Came to The 1-1i11, '19, Second Coach of Football Team, Assistant in the Physical Department. --... N., yqiga-67105 93nd HE 3920 LIM TED f - :- f--:E H - --- 1 cn .se-'ofa Yoriycfzttn canons union fgonuuoou " gl i, ' ffffff ff Wffffgfffffkfffff ii" I L ' fn "All aboard for the nineteen-twenty limited." The gorgeously outhtted express lay waiting in the siding. At its head a powerful engine steamed in preparation for the six-stop journey that lay ahead of it. Behind this was a long row of Pullmans among which was a diner and a smoker. At the very end an observation platform afforded an excellent view of thc surrounding country. This was dismal in the extreme. Bleak water towers and chimneys rose in endless succession. Dead goldfish lay on the banks of the dried-up river. li4elancholy birds squeaked in foreign languages, and threatening goats loomed on the far distant peaks. A feudal castle on one hand was a gloomy sight. Here the last of the Barons pursued his never-ending task of sorting the endless parchments. Only one beautiful building presented a startling contrast to the baneful scene. A royal palace rose in regal beauty, where sat the new-crowned King, the owner, director, and ruler of the railfoad. Hy- periorfs curls crowned his thoughtful brow, and a downy growth was beginning to envelop his upper lip. NVithin the Queen and Queen Mother lent distinction to the royal apartments and black and white canines frisked from chamber to chamber. A faithful laekey was already beginning to store neath his Ethiopian frizzle that vast amount of knowledge that was to astonish the world when he was to become Head Porter of the "Limited" All this could he seen from the platform on which stood the engineer, fireman, conductor and brakeman, respectively, Harkness, Blair, Pierson, and Cullum. The motor-cycle fiend was speaking. "Twenty minutes moreg how arc your brakes?" i'Well, you never can tell in this slush l never saw such weather." "It rains all the time," interposed the fireman. i'Who is that?" asked the conductor. "The station master," Pierson replied. "Good morning, lvfr. Rolfe." "lt isnt," he mumbled through his mustache. "Where is the diagram of the Pullmansf' "The Head Porter is bringing it. He ought to be here any minute." At that very moment a dark phantom interposed itself between the conductor and the brakeman. ln his muddy hands he held the diagrams sealed with the im- posing words "The Study." Although the charts seemed to be filled out completely, there was a great lack of passengers. The station master and the Conductor wandered through the train for a Final inspection. They first paused in a car hlled with desks, whose walls were lined with books. A thoughtful frown passed over Mr. Rolfe's face. UThere are great possibilities here," he murmured. "I wonder who will hll these desks." The Conductor acknowledged that there was small chance of his being found in the car for any length of time. The next car was more alluring. All instruments, from pianos to zoboes filled the car to capacity. "Ah, ah, there is close harmony in this car," chortled the station master. "Fright- fully close," acknowledged the conductor. , A few steps and they found themselves in a maze of trapezes, tackling dummies, and other athletic implements. Page Forty nu-ie A smell of Gsh balls coming to their nostrils, they traced it into the next car where they found a host of white-capped chefs. Already the shades of the future occupants were discernible in the car. One could dimly distinguish Pash pash and Dick Lane. Adjoining this was a smoker. Blue cubes of smoke, slowly rose from unseen pipes. 'il,et's stay awhile," suggested the conductor. "We must be starting," replied Mr. Rolfe. " l can see many dim visions of future occupants of this car. Thus the two returned to the observation platform. The station master shook hands with the brakeman and engineer and left the train to resume his position of general observation. l-lere we will leave him. always knowing that his watchful eye will rest upon the train, kind and ever ready to help. All resumed their positions and the great train slowly pulled out. "They're off," shouted Mr. Rolfe. "NVhat?" yelled jazz Pierson, as he swung onto the rear platform. "The 1920 Limited"-replied lvlr. Rolfe from a distance. A confused shout as the train gathered impetus indicated that something alarming was happening. A round Figure, brakeman Cullum, was seen running after the swift- moving express. The attempt was doomed to failure. The brakeman, Cullum, was left behind. "Oh, well, he'll catch on the next stop," said Pierson to Blair. Blair nodded-smiled-and then suddenly his face froze to horror. Pierson looked at him in amazement but soon discovered the seat of the trouble. A hazy Figure appeared from under a seat where it had been hiding. With a terrible shout she leaped forward, waving a jar of Harkness' eonhscated jam. "Theres Biddy Westlake with my jam," shouted l-larkness, appearing in the ear. "For tea this afternoon," she gloated. The two adjourned to the baggage car to shoot craps and found to their amazament that a game was already in progress. Two tramps whose names turned out to be Oliver Hyde and "Chet"'Saltsman, had climbed into the baggage-car and were already indulging in America s national game. n l-larkness, Blair and Pierson joined at once in the game. Their faces beamed with expectance of much shekel-Harkness, cooing lovingly to the ivory cubes had a run of luck-at an especially lucky throw. "Read 'em and weep." said Harkness. With wild cries of "Loaded dice" they piled on the offending one. Une garment after another was peeled from his laboring form until, clad in Natures garb, they bestowed him in the mail bag. Returning, they divided his clothes and his winnings, and continued the game. A few minutes before lunch. Blair remembered the occupant of the bag. They liberated him and left him to find his clothes. "l-le'll be late to lunch," they gloated and on their fingers exultingly counted- "one-two-three-fou r-fi ve. " A "At the very least," put in Pierson-"Chuck" always gives hve. Maybe some day there'll be someone who'll be more severe." "The bids are waiting", Blair said. "Shall we ask the fellows to eat with us?" Pierson nodded and Hyde and Saltsman joined them as they entered the luxuriously appointed fear. At the head of every steaming table stood a bid. Viands and liquid aplenty supplied a full meal and even the late Harkness found sufhcient to quell his sharky appetite. Thus with games in one car, books in another, and craps in another, passed the hrst lap of the long journey. The tramps in time became accustomed to the train and it seemed as though they were permanent passengers. The time was to come, however, when they were to resume their wandering life, far from the safe warm embrace of Biddy Westlake. Page fifty The train slowed down as it came to the second stop. XVho should be the hrst to appear but Cullum, the brakeman. After him streamed a motley crew, suitcases, and overshocs as prescribed by the catalogue-Eton collars and short pants betrayed their lack of kno .vlcdge of how the catalogue ought to be treated. Editors Note.-See "Punctuality in Attendance," Page 30. A swift glance at their faces as they pass will yield us glimpses into the future. The animals came two by two-"Owen" West and "Dave" White, "Ras" johnston and "johnny" Wilson, "Stinky" Markle and "Bangs" Colgate, "Tick" Ware and i'Shirt" Scherer, "Bud" Richardson and "XValker" l'VlcCune, "Secdy" jackson and "Baron" Barclay, Charlie Dery. Hutton, Ingram, Starr, et. al., passed with eager steps into the cars which were to hold the next few years of their life. Almost at once they separated to the ears where they were to spend so much of their time. lngram passed rapidly into the athletic car together with "Don" White, where they found gloves, balls and bats with which they played for hours at a time. "Dave" White went into training in the musical car-while jackson and Barclay retired to the studious apartment where they sunk their woolly he -ids in many old volumes. The others we shall see presently in their properlcars. This was due to Mr. Wendell's beautiful oratory and in less measure to his silver cups for which he had dug deep into his own "trou." Johnston, too, frequented the studious car and. indeed, they all seemed to at the beginning. During this lap the inhabitants of the car discovered a bunch of Hotchkiss tramps in the baggage ear, and after a violent fight, they forcibly kicked them out. But aside from this the lap was uneventful: the train moved smoothly on, through country slightly pleasanter than at Grst. The students studied hardg the athletes played, the musicians tried to play Thus they arrived at the third stop Here the train stopped for the brief space of four months. All passengers got off to spend the four months in refreshing themselves from the long trip. Some went to the Eastern sea-others to the northern ridges-others to Greensburg. These last being the fortunate ones-still others, however, spent some of their brief rest in the wilds of New Hampshire, i. e., Wolfeboro Camp, Wolfeboro, N. H. Here they seemed to End all the library which was in the studious car including many valuable editions of Mr. Tullius Cicero, C. Q. Sheppard, Vergil. Homer and Bement. The train was scheduled to start again early in the fall, but, owing to an outbreak of poliomyelitis the departure was delayed for nearly three weeks. When the train did start, however, it started with difficulty, owing to the big extra load which had been assumed. The conductor Pierson walked again through the car and was startled to find the number of new faces-"Lou" Bentley, "Red Devil" Bene- dict, Berry, UB. B. B.," "Pussy" Cray, "Fred" Chamberlaine, "Sam" Hatfield, 'APee- wah" Howard, "Tubbie" lsham, "Dan" Keck, "Drowsy-Dick" Lane, "Sir Galahad" Stabler, "Argy" duPont, "Duke" Lloyd-Smith, HT. B. Cuthrie, "Stuyvie" Butler, "jerry" Robbins, "Cracker" Cranston, "Della" Cour, "Dumpy" Derr, uDoctor" XVang O'Neill" Hencken, A'Cagcy" vonPlaten, "Led" Young, ulvlickieu lVlcCallum, HR. O." Keeney, "Wee-bit" Osborne, "Dumm-Hamm Paschal, "Jack" Roper, and "Doug" Boone. "My word," eackled Pierson, "what a vulgar mess!" v Scareely had they started when they began to show their preferences, "Led Young made his way at once to the "beauty" parlor which was an addition to the Diner. "Lou" Bentley was found in the athletes car. Paschal started his great com- motion in the main car. All, however, had gathered in the main car when suddenly in rushed "Dick" Lane. "l've found a new car," he said between mouthfuls of Hydrox. All rushed after him down the long line of cars to the oasis which he had discovered in the rear. Het c was a beautiful maiden, Betty the Barmaid, and two very Hebraic characters, Applegate and Reed, whose sole object during the next four years was to be the extraction of oboli from the unoffending one's pocket. Cries at once arose. "Cheese, Russiu N "Double order sliced oranges! Page Fzflv ont 'Frapp-two niggers and a snowball"' Kresge, Rosenberg, and vonPlaten 62 Co., displayed First-, second-, and third-hand clothing, respectivelv, at the aforesaid emporium-oasis-car-. This car was to hold many for most of their spare time. One incident, however, shoved this car out of place and put the whole establishment into one section of the music car called Music Room A. This incident was the outbreak of the itch among the occupants of the car. Accommodations were made with difficulty on the train, for the itching ones, and there was much joy among the bone-heads at the omission of the customary examinations. On a certain day, however, the train was amazed to hear that a war had come to the land, Little dream't they what vast and amazing results and influence this war was to have on the trains course, what lives of passengers were to be affected, what days of discouragement and excitement were to be en- countered. All this will come in due course of time as we watch the trains course, now thrilling, dangerous, and almost deadly. The commencement of this strange episode came when the train slid into the H. T. M. T. C. siding during the four months of rest before coming to the fourth tsop. This siding was indeed an unusual sight. Only six of the train's passengers made their way to the forbidding looking gate at which sat Major Sham, gravely waving the stop-signal. He was one of the most distinguished sergeants in the Swedish posse- maine and he looked the part. Here the six passengers, jackson, johnston, Deaver, Bentley, Lamoreux, and Hatfield, wondering while they picked peas what would be the end of the strange adventures on which they had embarked. The rest of the trains passengers, however, spent their leave in the usual round of pleasures. All came to the train again at the appointed time and with them came "Harry" Allen, "Marcel" Gary, i'Snake" Benton, "Mousy" Bookwalter, "Handsome" Deaver, "Gaspipe" Davis, "Bill" Rands, HF. A. O. X. Y. Z." Schwarz, "Walt" Sterrett, "Willie" -Stone, "jerry" Tone, "Bill" VanDusen, "C. j. B." Lewis, "Scud the Blood" Mekeel. There was a meeting of the whole train where White was chosen the new engineerg and soon the train was gaily decorated in maroon and gray. It became evident soon in the trains journey that there was something amiss. The stopping at the T. H. M. T. C. siding had set the great express onto the wrong track and only Major Sham could see the ending. It was long doubtful whether the sign that all wore on their forestry green meant "The Hotel Manhattan Taxicab Com- pany," or "The Hill Military Training Corps." lt was not long before it was discovered what the insignia meant. All the passengers of the car were forced by the new boss to perform most extraordinary duties, They wore strange costumw, and some had glitter- ing sabres at their sides. For three-quarters of an hour every day, they played with great guns or waved their arms harmonically under the guidance of a sleepy gentleman. Bands were formed of engineers who constructed bridges. The great sham even pro- posed to bridge the Schuylkill. Suddenly in the midst of the night, strange bells would ring, and throngs of pajama-clad passengers would rush from their berths to whatever "eggszitts" they could find. A special car was added as a shooting gallery where all of the passengers were compelled to hre with the great gun, The owner of the railroad visited the train for short times and reminded the passengers of many things. Along the end of the cold season, much swelling of the jaw-bones was observed, coming from a strange malady known as mumps, The coming of the rainy season, however, lessened the martial law under which the passengers were persecuted. Only from time to time were the obnoxious uniforms donned, and then not for long. In a train ahead there was much reveling, and rainy weather prevented the passengers from exhibiting their ignorance. The passengers were all alarmed at the strange turn which the train had taken. They had not intended an armoured journey, but a peaceful run to diplomaland. The fifth stop increased their consternation. Again during their leave of absence from ihe train, great numbers of passengers Hocked to the martial camps, some, like Deaver, not to return when the train started. Many spent to a camp not far from the railroads location-Barclay, Stone, Hencken, Keeney, Hatfield, Markle, White, Gibbs, and many others chose to prepare themselves better for the next installment of their run. The camp was admirably arranged and met with the approval of every one. Thus the Page frftv-lwo hfth lap opened with every one wondering whether the train would ever get back to its natural course. Twyeffort entered, carrying a copy of "Le Petite Parisiennef' They found the opposite to be true, for the most stringent regulations were laid upon the passengers, but not for long. A great plague struck the land and laid nearly thirty of the passengers low under its heavy hand lVlcCallum, Jackson, Osborne, Richardson, were among those who suffered and a whole season went by before the train could resume its course. Even thc newly discovered eating car had to be abandoned for a space and passengers could not visit between cars. and there was much alarm. Let us digress here and briefly go through the train before we describe the terrific hardships ofthe season which lay before them. We Hrst visit the engine, where engineer Harkness had given way first to White and then to Ingram. "jim" says that he's jusc waiting to get into the athletic car to practice. The next car in line was the baggagt ear, where a great crowd of tramps were gathered. Gibbs, Witter, Rogers, Correa and others, who were doomed to be kicked from the train. We passed Pikubia where, under the sway of Chief Kennedy. duPont, lsham, VanDusen, Sterrett, Hutton, Rob- bins, Tone, Carr, and Pierson spent hours each afternoon in the pursuit of Lady Nico- tine. The atmosphere was too stuffy for comfort and we left tapidly for Reddeathia. NVe hit this car at just the right hour, for the whole train was gathering there under the able leadership of the three 'iL's"-fLane, lsamoreux and Lewisj. The boss of the train was paying one of his periodical Visits, and was speaking from the head of a table. This arrangement was soon to be changed, and we will return soon to see a very different state of affairs. We remain here the necessary seventeen minutes, waiting for the buzzer, and then pass on the Bassackfoot. Two great goal posts had been set up at either end of the ear and the floor had been lined with whitewashi Groups of strangely clad men were scampering around. ln one group were Bentley, Boone, Tone, NVhite, and McCal- lum. ln another were Schwarz, Paschal, lsham, and Barclay. These two teams made ready to eject any outside tramps that might appear. "Pussy" Gray, future manager of the car, was staggering under the weight of oatmeal water. A few men. as Butler and Davis, were swinging clubs in a retired corner while Howard, Lane, and Harkness wielded rackets in another. "Bud" Richardson was seen starting on one of his celebrated distance runs. Johnston was hurdling, The next car was Orgleemando. This was divided into three sections, some said the band made a fourth, but the general opinion was against it. In the first section were Hatfield, Pierson, and jackson. Hat- field fiddled, Pierson tooted and jackson sawed. The next division was the Glee. "Dick" Berry, "Doug" Boone, Benton, "Ham" Paschal, Lloyd-Smith, and Starr made fearful discords as of rusty gates. The last division was the mandolin club. jackson was prominent. as were White, Harkness, Gary, and many others. As we passed through the car, we heard the Dramatic Club rehearsing "The Admirable Crichton" on the roof. Schwarz was heard crying-"When I was a King in Babylon, and you were a Christian Slave." The last car but one was Dianewcord. This car likewise had three parts. Guthrie, Osborne, de la Cour, Allen, and others were in the Dial section. jackson, Lloyd-Smith, Hutton and Hencken were in the Record division. The'News was nlled by Schwarz, Berry, Guthrie, Butler, Allen, Dery, and many more. Cheese frappia brought up the rear with brave "Baron" Barclay very much in evidence. We have now completed the digression. lt was the beginning of the Fifth lap, and new bosses came rapidly to view. il. R. Cornelius of'H. R. lVI.'s Canadian Horses, C. E. F. by force, took command of the train. He instituted startling changes. The passengers made their own berths, the cars were daily inspected: certain hours of the day were given up to humoring the Captain who would ery- "Not a move, sir!" "On parade-on parade!" "Doity bootsf' "You, there in the front rank, sir"' A visit to the diner showed amazing changes. The passengers stood at attention at their chairs, while a strange visiting O. D. made announcements, During all this time of military regime, the Richardson-XVare Barber Shop was in full sway. ln the Page f L lv lfl summer season, the passengers had general roughhouses with much blank powder. Ingram, Tone. and lsham were publicly crowned. Thus passed the fifth lap and all awaited breathlessly the last lap. Would the train ever regain her course? I The answer to that was found at the beginning of the Sixth and last lap. No Captain Cornelius appeared on the scene. No bed-making, no inspection. Even the bids disappeared, making the last lap perfect. Every so often the passengers gathered to choose engineers, conductors, etc. At the Hrst gathering Robbins of Greensburg was elected engineer to pilot them through the coming trip. One McCallum of much silk hosiery was Conductor, and "Tub" Isham was keeper of the trains shekels. Not many moons had passed when the whole train gathered on the roof for affording amuse- ment to the trains in the rear. There had been much feasting on that day, and many a stomach growled contentedly with the weight of cake, fruit, candy, turkey, etc. A searchlight played constantly upon the actors. lsham and Johnston, Kennedy and Rands were the star performers. Sinuously, with Oriental grace, they displayed the curves of their limbs in the soft lights. lsham, Barclay and Richardson tumbled from ear to car, while "lVlickie" lVlcCallum spun his Hawaiian rope. There was music also, and a song by thevtrain musician, "Bob" Lewis, completed the performance. The Autumn season drew to a close with no other incident save the leaving of Mickie McCallum, who had departed for the land of the l-loola-l-loola. The train was very sorry to have him go and wished that he might return. The winter season set in with much cold weather. The roofs were flooded and skating was enjoyed by all, Hutton shone in this sport. Soon the snow fell, and the skiiers, under the able leader- ship of Captain Richardson, provided much amusement in the diner by the changed appearance of their faces. Now, however, another plague, in fact three of them, swept the train. The passengers were confined to their cars. only meeting in the diner, where the boss, who had been kept on the train by the plague, announced each day- "l am glad to say that there is nothing new to report. Vife are holding our own. Everything is going well." A few passengers, however, left the train temporarily. Derr, Osborne, Tone. l-latheld, "Hal" duPont. all left to avoid contagion. Two were stricken, one on the train and one off-but the strict rules made contagion unlikely. The passengers spent all their time on the roof and on the back platform, clad in leathers and sheepskins. Three members of the train were kept constantly busy keeping the record of the journey. Thus another season passed. The final third of the last lap found the passengers blue as they saw the terminal ahead of them. A great festivity enlightened the closing days. The occupants of the athletic car were kept busy fighting wandering tramps. The Spring ended. All were summoned to "Dianewcord" to take final examinations. The owner said affectionate farewells, The station master was at the terminal with a friendly hand. The passengers left to tread their separate ways. ln the distance the song was heard- "l've been working on the railroad All the lib'long day- l've been working on the railroad just to pass the time away . Page fifty-four Henry E. Allen. lf he has any faults lie leaves as in doubt. At least in three years we can'tfind them out." "Harry" "H, E." Roland Park. Md Entered Fourth Form Year. DIAL BOARD, '18. '19, '20, Business lxdanager, 'ZOQ Executive Committee ol the League, '19, '202 News Board. '18, '19, '2O. Assignment Editor. 'ZUQ Snooze Board. '19, Business Scavenger: Glee Club, '19, '2Og Chapel Choir. 'l9. '20g Orchestra. 'l9. '20g Winner Cen- eral Information Test, Fall Term. '19g Y. M. C. A., Bethany Committee. '19 'ZOQ English Club. 'l9. '203 Ciceronians ll. '17, 'l8g Wranglers l, '19, '20, Sec- retary Fall Term. 'l9g lntercamp De- bate, Winter Term. '20g Co. A, '18g Honor Cadet, '18g Medical Corps, '18g Ordnance Department, '19. YA LE. John Barclay, jr. "Small Latin and less Creek." "jack" "Baron" Greensburg. Pa. Entered Second Form Year. Form Baseball Team, '16, 'l7g Form Basketball Team 'l71 Baseball Squad. '18, '19g Second Team, '18, 'l9j Foot- ball Squad, '18, '19, Second Team, '18, Team. 'I9g Gym Team, 'ZOQ Re- ception Committee, 'l8: Titsxvorth Memorial Committee. 'l8g Arden Eddy Memorial Committee. '17g Sixth Form Sell-Government Committee, Sixth Form Athletic Committeeg Vice- President of Form. Fall Term. 'l7g Secretary and Treasurer of Form. Winter Term, 'l8: Winter Track Squad, 'ZOQ Tatlers 11. Vice-President, '17g Wranglers. Il. '18, '19, Treasurer, '19 PRINCETON. Page Ftflv fm Samuel Benedict. I "Red Devil" "Sain" A'Ben" 'An honest manls word is as good as ' his bond." Sewanee. Tennessee. ' Entered Third Form Year. Gun Club. 'l8: Football Squad. AIS. 'l9g Football Numerals. 'l8. Second Team, 'l9g Winter Track Squad. '10, '20g Track Squad. 'l9g Y. M. C. A. Membership Committee. 'ZOQ Wrang- lers I. 'l9. 'ZOQ Company C.. 'l8. '19, age PRINCETON. A. Lewis Bentley. t H1311-YH -.BGHl" nfx. L.' "He will pick a quarrel for a slraw. and -light il out lo the las! extremity." Toledo. Ohio. Entered Third Form Year. Football Squad. 'I7. '18. xl9. Teamf 'l7. 'l8. 'l9. Captain. '193 Winter Track Squad. '18. 'l9g Track Squad. 'I93 President Athletic Association. 'ZOQ Sixth Form Athletic Committeeg Com- pany B. '18, 'l9g Reception Com- mittee. '19, 'ZOQ Tatlers, 'I8: Wranglers, Il. 'l0. 'Z0. YALE-SHEFFIELD, Josiah Holt Benton. aloe.. "Wfilh maidx his softer than the clouds in May." Belmont, Mass. Entered Fourth Form Year. Form Hockey Team, '18, '19, '20, Championship Team, '19, Form Base- ball '1eam. '18, '19, 'ZUg Winter Base- loall Squad. '18, '19: The Glee Club, 19. 203 Chapel Choir, '18, '19, '20g Y. lvl. C. A. Bible Study Committee, 19gTat1ers11,'18pQ.E.D. 11, '19,'2Og Company D, '13, Sergeantg Company B, 19. ' IW, 1. T - Richard Sears Berry "Dick" "All 'll'1-YCIUIYI'-9 armory iliu :min cnulil wield." Englewood. N.,1. Entered Third Form Year News Board. '18, '19, '20, SecreLary, '20, DIAL BOARD, '19, '20, Photo- graphic Editor, '20, Record Board, '19, '20, Exchange Editor. '19, Cir- culation Manager, '20, Snooze Boardg League ol' Publications Boardg English Club, '19, 'ZOB Chapel Choir. '18, '19. '20, Glee Club, '19, '20g lvlandolin Club, '19, '20g Orchestra. 'Z0: Bethany Committee, '19, '20, Chairman, '2Og XVintcr Track Squad, '19, '20g Signal Corps, Co. D, '18: Band, '19, Corporal, Tarlers, '17, Q. E. D. 11, '18, '19, '20. PR 1 NCETON. Page Fijly an en William D. Blair. "Bill." Hffiey are only truly great who are truly good." Silver Spring. Md. Entered First Form Year. Form Baselzfall Team. '15, '16, 'ISL Baseball Squad. 'l8. '20g Second Team. 'I9g Football Numerals. 'l8g Football Squad, '19, Second Team. 'l95 President Junior Mission Band, 'l7g Y. M. C. A. Executive Committee. '2Og Treasurer. 'ZOQ Treasurer Bethany Committee. '20g Sixth Form Self-Government Committee. Reception Committee. 'ZOQ Company A. 'l8j Best Drilled Com- pany, 'l8g Company D. 'l9g Q. E. D. I. 'ZUQ Treasurer Fall Term. '19, PRINCETON. Page Fifly-eight John Bookwalter. "Buch" A'Bookiz:" "Mouse" "A true friend is forever a friend." Springfield. Ohio. Entered Fourth Form Year. Form Baseball Team. 'l8g All-Form Baseball Team, 'ISL Football Numer- als. 'l83 Winter Track Squad, 'l9g Track Squad. 'l93 The Reception Committee. '203 Football Squad. 'l9g Football Team. 'l9g Winter Baseball Squad. '20j Q. E. D. II, 'l9. '20. Vice- President. Fall Term. 'l9g Inter-Camp Debate. 'l91 Corporal. Company E. '18, Company D. 'lqg Y, M. C. A. Membership Committee. '19. YALE-Sl-IEFFIELD. A Stuyvesant Butler. "Sluyz-e" "Anlimony" "Szuyrie" "Wfl1oimixed reason with pleasure and wisdom with mirth." Winnetka. Ill. Entered Third Form Year. GolfSquad, '17, '18g GolfTeam, '19, '20, Captain, '20, Form Baseball Team. 'l7g Form Hockey Team. '20g News Board. 'l8. '19, '20, Managing Editor. '20g Snooze 'Board, '20, Editor-iw Chielg The League of Publications, Circulation Manager. '203 Y. M. C. A. Handbook Committee, '19. '20, Chair- man, '20g Y. M. C. A. Bethany Com- mittee, '19, 'ZOQ Reception Committee, '20, Mandolin Club, 'lS. '19. '20g Military Band, 'l9g Company B, Cor- poral, '18g English Club, '19, '20g Secretary-Treasurer, '20g Dramatic Club, '19, '20, Cast, '19g Ciceronians 1, '18, Seeretaryg Q. E. D. 1. '19, 'Z0g Vice-President. Winter Term, '20g Inter-Camp Debate, Fall Term. 'l9g Winter Term, '20. YALE-SHEFF IELD . Richard C. Carr. "Dick," "His onlyjaull is that he has none." Toledo, Ohio. Entered Fourth Form Year. The Winter Track Squad. '19g Football Numerals, 'l8g The Football Squad. '19, The Second Team. '19, Company B, 'l8g Company D. '19g Ciceronians II, '18g E. D. Il, '19, '20, YALE-SHEFFIELD. ' Page Fifly nine C. Frederick Chamberlaine. "Frmd" 'Bill me discourse-I will encliunl thins car." Englewood. N. -l . Entered Third Form Year. The Form Baseball Team. '18, '19 The Extemporaneous Speaking Con- LOSE '191 Military Instructor '19g Corporal Company B 'l8g Corporal Company D '19, Tatlers '17 '18g NVranglers l. '19 'ZUQ Vice-President' Winter Term, '20. YALE-SHEFFIELD. Page Sixly Graham Cranston. "Gnu" "Cram1y" "Hu wounds no lvreaxl with jeer andjesl, Yu! bears no lwncyed langue." San Rafael. Calif. Entered Third Form Year. The Football Squad, '19g The Second Team. '19, Numerals. 'l8g The Winter Track Squad, '20g The Form Baseball Team. 'lf-JL The Man- dolin Club. '19. 'ZOL Sergeant, Com- pany D, 'l8g Sergeant. Company A 'l9g Q. E. D. ll. '18. 'l9. '20 HARVARD Allan M. Cullum. "AZ" "Clem" "A man of mark," Sewiclcley, Penna. Entered First Form Year. The Form Baseball Team, 'l83 The All-Form Team, '183 The Winter Baseball Squad, '19, 'ZOL The Baseball Squad. '19, Team, '19g The Football Squad, 'l8p The Soccer Team, 'l93 The November Dance Committee, '19, The Chapel Choir, 'ZOQ The Second Tennis Squad. Fall Term, '19: Supply Sergeant. Company A. '18: Lance Corporal, Company A, '19, Tatlers l. '18g Wranglers. l, '19, '2l'1g Vice- Presiclent, Fall Term, 'l9: lntcr-Camp Debate. Fall Term. '18. YALE-S1-1EF1f1El.D. Henry G. Davis, 3rd, "Hank" "Gus.sairay" "Drive" "Of good nalurul parts cmd cz lilvural education, Washington. D. C. Entered Fourth Form Year. Coll' Squad, 'l7, 'l8. '10, '20, Coll' Team. '17, '18, 'lf-7. 'ZUQ Winner Coll Club Championship, Sprin Term. 'l9g Fall Term. '19, Winner school Coll Championship, Fall Term. '10g Low lvledalist, Eastern interscholastic Coll' Championship. 'l9g Gun Club, '19, '20, Secretary-Treasurer, '10, . Gun Team, '19, 'ZOQ Fall Tennis Squad, '18: Form Baseball Team, 'lflz All-Form Baseball Team. '19: Form Basketball Team. 'ZOQ Championship Team. '20g All-Form Team, 'ZOL Sixth Form Entertainment Committee, 'ZOQ Company B. Corporal, '18, Sergeant. 'l9gCiceronians ll, 'l8' Q. E. D. l. '19, '20, Treasurer, Winter Term 'ZUQ lntercamp Debate. Vvfinter Term, '2Og First Colgate Cup. PR 1 NCETON. I8, 'ZU' Page Sixly ont J. Montgomery Deaver. "josh" "Manly" "Gummv" "This was the nobles! of llwm all." Philadelphia. Penna. Entered Fourth Form Year. Football Squad. '17, 'l9. Team. '192 Form Baseball Team. '18, 'l9. Captain. '19g Form Hockey Team. 'Z0g Sixth Form Athletic Committeeg Sixth Form Dance Committee: Reception Com- mittee. 'ZOZ Y, M. C. A. Memlaership Committee: Secretary of Form, '20: Sixth Form Self-Government Com- mittee: Member of "C. C."3 Corporal. Company C. '18g Sergeant, Company A, '1'9: Honor Cadet. '18: Ciceronians I. 'I8g Wranglers 11, '20. PENN. Page Sixty-Iwo joseph Carl De La Cour, Jr. "Della" "Deley" "WTI is afcuther in hi.: cup." Riverton, N. J. Entered Third Form Year. The Form Baseball Team. '19p The Winter Baseball Squad, '20, The Soccer Squad. 'IQQ The News Board, '18, '19, 'ZOg THE DIAL BOARD. Al9, '203 Company D. '18, 'IQQ Cicer- onians 1, '18, gWranglers l. '19, '20, PRINCETON. Thompson Derr. "Bricky" "7-om,by" "He never funked. he never lied. I reckon he never lcnoufd how, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Entered Third Form Year. The Dramatic Club Cast, 'l9j Musical Composer of The Sixth Form ShowgCiceronians II, 'l8g Wrang- Ersl 'l9p 'ZOQ Corporal of Company ' WILLIAMS. Charles F. Dery. "Charlie" "Su wise. so young. they say, do never live long." Catasauqua. Pa. Entered Second Form' Year. The News Board. '19, '20: Y. M. C. A. Bethany Committee. 'Z01 Manager of the Form Baseball Team,2O' Company E, 'l8. 'l9g Tatzlers Il 'IS' Secretary, Winter Term, 'I8' Wranglers I, 'l9. 'Z0. PRINCETON. Page Sixly-lhree Samuel Hallock du Pont Kellogg Gary. " Hal" "Kell" "For thy sake. lobucrc. I 1rould ilu amy! 'llbil is thc true k"ight'.s lluzslimrr. lhmg lvul die." Wilmington. Del. Entered Third Form Year. Gym Leader. '18: Gun Team. 'IK '19, '20, Captain. 'ZOQ Winter Track Squad. '19. '20, Track Squad. '19, 'ZUZ Form Hockey Team. 'ZOQ New York Dance Committee. '203 Y. lvl. C. A. Waste Commirnce, 'l8. 'l9: Sixth Form Sell'-Government. Committee, Winner Term: C., 'ZUQQ' Band. 'l8. 19:Q.l1.D. ii. io. Page Sixly-four M, I T 20, Chicagw. lll. Entered Fourth Form Year. Dramatic Club, '18, '19. 'ZOQ Cast. '18, '1911vIando1in Club. '18. '19, 'Z0: English Club. '10, 'ZUQ Commencement Play, '1Rg Spring Golf Squad. 'ISC Company D, '18, Honor Cadet. '183 Military Band, 'l9g Corporal. '19g Tatlers ll, '18g Wranglers, I, '19, '20. PRINCETON. Henry B. Guthrie, Jr. "Outh" 'Evfry mc1'L is the san of his own worlc.i." New York City. Entered Third Form Year. Head of Form, Winter Term, '19, Fall Term. '19g Tennis Squad, '19, 'ZOQ Second Team. '19p Form Basketball Team. '19..'20g Cvym Leader, '20g DIAL BOARD, '18, '19, '20g Editor- in-Chiel, '2Og News Board, '18, '19. '2Og Bulletin Editor, '201 Record Board. '20, League of Publications Executive Committee, 'ZOQ Dramatic Club, '18, '19, '20g Mandolin Club. '18, '19, '20g Camera Club, '18, '19, '20, President. '20g English Club, '19, '20g Vice-President, '20g Reception Committee, '20g Y. M. C. A. Handbook Committee, 'l93 Y. M. C. A. Bible Study Committee, '20g Prize Speaking Contest, '18. '19g Alternate, , '18, First Prize, '19g lntercamp Debate, Fall Term, 'ZOQ Supply Sergeant. Co C, '18g Co. D. '19g Tatlers 11, '18g Wranglers Il, '19, '20. PRINCETON. William Harvest Harkness, Jr. "Hurley" "Who ran to help me when lfz'll." Brooklyn, N. Y. Entered First Form Year. Gym Leader. '17, 'l8. '19, '20 Form Baseball Team, '16, '17. '18 Captain. '183 Form Basketball Team '20g Championship Team, '20g All- Form Team, 'ZOQ Tennis Squad. '19 '201 Gym Team, 'ZOQ Mandolin Club '17, '18, '19, '2Og1-lead of Form, '15 Snooze Board, '20: En lish Club, '19 'ZOQ President. 'ZOQ Ciceronians ll '18g President Winter Term, '18 Wranglers 11, '19, ,201 lntercamp De- bate, Winter Term. '20g Company D 'l8g Band, '19. PRINCETON. Page Sixty jivc james S. Hatfield. im" "Sum' " Hzfx u brave man. but l1c'.s very careful." Chestnut Hill, Pa. Entered Third Form Year. Swimming Squad. '16, '17, Form Swimming Team, 'l6. '17, Treasurer ,Junior lvlission Band, 'lbg Winter Track Squad, '19, '20, Track Team, '19, Football Squad, '19, Second Team. 'IQg Orchestra, '17, '18, '19, 'ZOI Treasurer. 'Z03 Reception Committee. 'ZOL Sixth Form Athletic Committee: Company A, '18, Company D, 'l9g Best Drilled Company. '18: DIAL BOARD. '20g Art. Editor, Snooze Board, Art Editorg Q. E. D. ll, '19, '20, Treasurer, '20. . PR INCETON . Page Sixty-six Hugh O'Nei11 Henchen. "Hugh" "Henck" The Dr." "A good book is the hes! offriendsf' Greenwich. Conn. Entered Third Form Year. The News Board, '19. '20, The Record Board. '19, '20g The Dramatic Club, 'l0. '205 The English Club, '19, '20g The Military Band. '192 Taller? ll. 'l8L Q. E. D. Il, 'l9. '20. PRI NCETON . John E. Howard. 'Jolmn-y" "Pima" "Wfl1o.w little lvody lodged a mighty mind." Baltimore. Md. Entered Thirgl Form Year.. Tennis Squad. '18, '19, '20, Second Team, '18, First Team. '19, '2Og Form Squash Team, '17, '18, '19, Champion- ship Team. 'l7. '18, '19, Form Baseball Team, 'l8: Form Basketball Team, '20, Gym Leader. '19, '201 Mandolin Club. '17, 'I8. '19. '20, Y. M. C. A. Handbook Committee, '20, Tatlers 1. '18, Sec- retary, Fall Term, '183 Q. E. D. '19, '20g Secretary Winter Term, '20j Military.Band. '19, '20. PRINCETON Halcourt H. Hutton. "Hal" "jerry" "Hull: "Framed lo make woman false." New York City. Entered Second Form Year. Form Hockey Team. '17, '18, 'l9. '20, Championship Team. '19, Captain. '20g Form Basketball Team, '19, '20Z Cym Leader, '18, '19: Gym Team. 'l9. '20, Manager, '203 Manager ol' Golf Team, '20, Orchestra. '19g Chapel Choir, 'l9g Record Board, 'l8. '19, '20. Circulation Manager, '19, '201 Y. M.- C. A. Waste Committee, '19, '20, Sixth Form Entertainment Committee, '203 Chairman New York Dance Com- mittee, '2U1 Chairman. Mid-Winter Dance Committee, '20, Sixth Form Dance Committeeg Ciceronians 1. 'l8g Wranglers 11. 'l9. '20, Corporal, Company D, '19, '20. YALE. Page Sixly-.swan H Ralph N. Isham. "Tubb "lame" "Virtue is like-ia rich stone-best plain sal. Chicago, Ill. Entered Third Form Year. r Football Squad, '17, '18, 'l9. Second l'eam, 'l7. 'l8. Team, 'l9ZGo1fSquad. '17, '18. '19. Team, '19g Winter Track Squad, '18. '19. '20: Form Hockey Team '17, '18, '19. 'Z0g Championship Team. '19g Assistant Baseball Manager. '18, '19, Manager, '20g Y. M. C. A. Relief Committee. 'ZOL Titsworth Memorial Committee, '191 Civic Club. 'l9. 'Z0g President. '20, Secretary-Treasurer Form. Spring Term, '19g Treasurer. 'ZOQ Reception Committee. '20: Sixth Form Self-Government Committee, Member of "C. C." '20, Under- graduate Military Committee, '19g Company D. '18g Company E, '19, Sergeant. '18, Second-Lieutenant, 'l9g Ciceronians ll, '18. President. '18, Q. E. D.. '19, '20g Secretary Fall Term, '20, President Winter Term, '20' YALE. Page Sixty-eighl C. Douglas Jackson. "C. D." "Blast with that charm, ll-ie certainly to fJlea,re." New York City. Entered Second Form Year. Head of Form. '16, Winter Term. 'l73 Golf Squad, '18, 'l9g Form Basketball Team, '19, 'ZOQ Captain. 'ZOQ Form Hockey Team, 'ZOQ Form Baseball Team, 'l7g Soccer Squad. '18, 195 Record Board. '19, 'ZOQ Editor-in- Chief. '205 League of Publications Executive Committee. '20g Dramatic Club, '18, '19, '2O.Cast, '18: Treasurer, 'Z0g Commencement Play. '18p Man- dolin Club. '17, '18, '19, 'ZOQ President. 'ZOQ Orchestra. '18. 'l9. '20, Reception Committee, '20g Sixth Form Self- Governmerit Committee: New York Dance Committee: Sixth Form Dance Committee: Chairman Sixth Form Entertainment Committee, 'ZOZ Y. M. C. A. Membership Committee, '19, '20g Prize Speaking Contest, '1S. Second Prize, '18g Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, '19g lnter-Camp Debate, Fall Term, '20g English Club. 'l9. '20g Treasurer Civic Club. 'ZOQ Head Cheer Leader. '20: Gym Leader. '20, Corporal Company A. '18, '19g Class Historian, 'Z0p Ciceronians ll, 'l8g Q. E. D. Il, '19, '20, Secretary. '20, PRINCETON. William MCE. Johnston, jr. "Ras" "Ra.sLus" "Bill" "Hell prattle shrewdly with such witty jolly as almost beliefs reason." Macon. Georgia. Entered Second Form Year. The Form Baseball Team. 'l8g The Gun Club. 'l8g The Winter Track Squad, 'l3. 'l9. '20g The Second Team. 'l9g CO. B. 'l7. Instructor. 'l8p Corporal Company C. '19g The Chapel Choir. 'l8. 'l9g Cheer Leader., 'ZOQ The All-round Championship. Fall Track -Meet. 'l9g Class Historian. 'ZOQ Cgerogians II. '18g Wranglers ll, 'i . 'Z . UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA Daniel Harold Keck. ..Dan.. "Honor lies in honest toil." Poncsrown. Pa. Entered Fourth Form Year. The Winter Track Squad. '18g The Track Squad. '19, 'ZO1 The Mandolin Club. '20: The Band. '19, 'Z0: Company A, A195 Ciceronians ll. 'l8g Q. E. D. l. 'l9. 7.0. lvl. l. T. Page Sixly nine Roger B. Keeney. " Rogan " Keen-eye" "The noble Lord is the Rupert of debalef Crand Rapids. Mich. Entered Third Form Year. Cym Leader. 'l9. '2O: Form Basket- ball Team. 'l9, '2O. Championship Team. 'Z03 Form Baseball Team, 'l9g English Club. '19, '201 Record Board. 'l9. '203 News Board. '19, '20g Snooze Board, 'ZOQ Ciceronians l. 'l8g Wrang- lers ll. 'l9. 'ZUQ Inter-club Debate. 'l9. '20, lntercamp Debate. Fall Term. 'ZOQ Second Colgate Cup, 'ZOQ Prize Speaking Contest Alternate 'l9, '20g Extemporaneous Speaking Contest. 'l9g Dramatic Club Casr.'l9Z Dramaric Club, Company D.'l8g Company li Sergeant, 'l9. PRINCETON. Page Seventy George C. Kennedy. "Chip" "A fellow of infnile jest-of mos! excel len! fancy." Pittsburgh. Pa. Entered Fourth Form Year. The Second Tennis Squad. 'l9g Civic Club. Secretary. 'ZOQ Fall Term. November lst Dance Committeei Company D. 'l8g Company B. 192 Corporal: Convicts Club. '20g Wrang- lers l, 'l9,'20g Secretary. Winter Term. '20 ' YALE-SHEFFIELD. Richard H, Lane, jr. "Dick" "My appelile comes to me while ealingf Norristown. Pa. Entered Third Form Year. The Tennis Squad. '18, '19. 'ZUQ The Second Tennis Team. '18g The Tennis Team. '19, 'ZOQ Gym Leader '19, 'ZUQ The Mandolin Clulo, '19, 'Z0g The Form Squash Team. 'l7. '18. '105 Captain, '18, 'l9g The Championship Squash Team, '17, '18, '19g Company D, '18g Company D, 'I9g Ciceronians. '18g Wranglers 1. '19. '20, PRINCETON . Frederick S. Lamoreux ' ' Push" "A Christian i.rll1el1igl1eslslyle of num." lvlonnreal, Canada. Entered Third Form Year. The Football Squad. 'IBQ The Second Team, 'ISL Ciceronians 1. 'IS' Q. E, D. 1. '19 'ZO' Corpora!. Co. B '19 M. '. T. Page Sevenly-one Robert W. Lewis, jr. "Bob" 'ILUIIITQ' "The passionule love of right." Portland. Ore. Entered Fourth Form Year. DIAL BOARD. '20, Art Editor' The Chapel Choir, '19. 'ZOL The Glee Club, '19, '20, The English Club, '19, IZUI The Y. M. C. A. Bethany Committee. '20, Secretary ol' the Senior Mission Band. '20g Author Class Song: Tatlers 1. 'l8: Q. E. D. ll,'19, '20, Signal Corps, 'l8: Company A. 19. PRINCETON Pa IL S'ez'enly-Iwo Parker Lloyd-Smith. "Lloyd" "Park" "In the full tide of successful experi- ment." New York City. Entered Third Form Year. Head of Form. '17, '18, '192 Coll' Squad. Spring Term. '18, '19. First Squad, 'ZOQ Dramatic Club. '17, '18, '19, 'Z01 President. '20, Cast, '17, '18. '20g Commencement Play. 'l8g DIAL BOARD, '19, 'ZOQ Record Board, '19, 'ZUQ Managing Editor, '19, '203 League ol Publications. Executive Committee. '20, Mandolin Club. '193 Band. 'l9g Chapel Choir, '18. '19. '20, Glee Club, '18, '19, '20, President, 'ZOQ Commissary Sergeant, '18g Reception Committee, '20, Sixth Form Enter- tainment Committee. 'ZOQ Class His- torian. '20, Y. M. C. A. Handbook Committee, '2Og Prize Speaking Con- test, '18, '19, Exremporaneous Speaking Contest, '20, First Prize, '19g Inter, camp Debate, Fall Term. '20, First Colgate Cup, English Club. '19, '20, Tatlers II, '19, Wranglers, 1. '19, '2O. PRINCETON. Revell McCallum. "Mac" "Mickie" "Shall I, wasting in despair, Die because a woman is fair?" Northampton. Mass. Entered Third Form Year. Football Squad. '18, '19, 'ZO' Second Team, '18, '19, Team, 20: Soccer Team. '18. '19. Captain, '19' Form Hockey Team. '17, '18. 'l9. Cap- tain. '19g Championship Team, '19g Cym Team, '19g Winter Track Squad, '19g Secretary-Treasurer of Form. Fall Term, '18g Vice-President of Form, First Half Sixth Form Yearg Sixth Form Self-Government Committeeg Mandolin Club. '18, '19g Y. IVI. C. A. Relief Committee, '19, 'ZOQ Ciceronians 'l8p Presidentg Wrang1ers,11 '19, '20, Vice-President, 'ZOQ Reception Com- mittee. '19, '20, Company A, '181 Band. '19, YALE. John Markle II. 'llolxnnyn "lVIinky" " You act upon the prudent plan." Say little and hear all you can." Hazleton, Pa. Entered Second Form Year. Ciccronians 11. '183 Secretary the Winter Term, '18g Wranglers 1, '191 '20g Company A, '18, The Engineer Corps. '18g The Batallion Sergeant- Ivlajor, '19. YALE-SHEFFIELD. Page Seventy Ihr t Haviland Scudder Mekeel, .l01'1l'l S- Osborne "Stud" 'yyjm-' "Wfcc Bi!" "-folmnia Niall "A gggd helm is belle, ll-,un all ,iw "Hel: true to God. wliols lruel man brains in the world." Stockbridge. M355 Montclair. N. J. Entered Fourth Form Year. The -Mandolin Club, '19, 'ZOQ Man- ager ol the I-orm Baseball Team, 'l8: The Y. M. C. A. Bible Study Com mittee, 'ZOL Ciceronians 11, '183 Q E. D. 11. 'l9. A20LCfin"lDar1y C, '13. '19. PRINCETON. Page Seventy-four Entered Third Form Year Golf Squad, Fall Term 18 10 Form Baseball Team 10 DIAL BOARD. '19, -202 League of Publica tions. Circulation Committee Z0 Y, M. C. A. Handbook Committee '20g':Tat1ers 1. '18: Q. E D 1 10 Company B, 'l8: Corporal Company D. '19, WILLIAMS I H. Stanley Paschal. "Pu.rlcie" "Stan" "The Hum', "W'hal l've earned with llie sweat Qf my brow." New York City. Entered Third Form Year. Football Squad, '17, '18, '19, Second Team, '18g Team, '19g Winter Track Squad, '18g Track Squad, '19, '20g Soccer Squad. '17, '18. '19, Team, '18 '19: Acting 'Track Manager, '19g Track Manager, '20g Mandolin Club, '18, '19, '20, Secretary-Treasurer, '20g Dramatic Club, '19, '20, Cast, '19, Chapel Choir, '18, '19, '20g Clee Club. '19, '20g Secretary-Treasurer, '19, '20g DIAI- BOARD, '20g Record Board. '19, '20g Snooze Board, '19, Y. M. C. A. Bible Study Committee, '19g Chairman Y. M. C. A. Membership Committee, '20, Mission Band Presi- dent, '20g Inter-camp Debate, NVinter Term. '19, Second Colgate Cupg Autumn Term, '20g Inter-Club Debate, '191 Tatlers 1, '18, Vice-President. 'l83 Wranglers 1. '19, '20g President, 203 Sergeant, Co. B, '19, PRINCETON. james T. Pierson. film" "jazz" "limmy" " all the chains that lie All llie hidden .soul of harmony." Glen Ridge. N, J. Entered First Form Year. Hillside Baseball Team, 'log Winter Track Squad, 'ZOQ DlAL BOARD, '201 Art Editor: Mandolin Club, '19: Fourth Form Musical Committee. '18, Chairmang Dance Orchestra, '17, '18, '19: Orchestra, '16, '17, '18, '19, Secretary-Treasurer '19, President 'ZOQ Band, '19, '20, Corporal, 'l9: Company C. '18, Corporal, Wagoner: Engineering Corps. 'l8J Ciceronians ll, '18g Q. E. D. 595223 Enlisted as Dispatch Rider, 1. BUSINESS. Page Seiienlx wc William C. Rands, jr. "Bill" "Fai" "Can we ever have too much of a good thing?" Detroit. Michigan. Entered Fourth Form Year. The Winter Track Squad. '19, '207 The Track Squad, '19. 'ZUL The Chapel Choir, '19, 'ZOQ The Clee Club, 'ZOQ Tatlers ll. '18g Wranglers ll, '19, 'ZO5 Corporal, Company A. '19' YALE-Sl-IEFFIELD. Pa 70 Swenly-six Frank E. Richardson. "Bud" "While me as one who loves his fellou fnefl. Sewickley. Pa. Enrered Second Form Year, Gym Leader, '18: Gym Team. '18 '19, '20, Captain. 'ZOZ Winter Tracie Squad, '19, '20, Track Squad, '19, '20 Titsxvorth Memorial Committee. '19 Y. lvl. C. A. Membership Committee '20g November Dance Committee Sixth Form Self-Government Comi mittee: A, A. Executive Committee Sixth Form Athletic Commitreeg Re- ception Committee, '19, Tatlers 11 '13, Vice-President. NVinter Term XVrang1ers ll. '19, 'ZOQ Company D '1Sp Company A, '19, Corporal. PRINCETON. William M. Robbins, "Bill" "Will" "They that govern the most make lhl' least noise." Greensburg. Pa, Entered Third Form Year. Swimming Squad, 'l7g All-Form Baseball Team, 'l7g Baseball Squad, '18, '19203 Team, 'l9.Z0g Food Conser- vation Committee, 'l87 Assistant Secre- tary and Treasurer of rhe A. A. Execu- tive Committeeg Y. lvl. C. A.Secretary, Spring Term. 'l'3: Y, M, C. A. Waste Committee. '20, Chairman, Reception Committee, 'ZOQ Under-Graduate Mili- tary Committee, 'l9g Alumni Cup Committee. 'ISQ lvy Oratorg League of Publications, 'Z0g Wranglers I, '19, 'ZOQ President, '2Og Ciceronians. 'lS. Presi- dent: Sergeant, D. Coq Vice-President Civics Club, 'ZUQ Sixth Form Dance Committee, Class Secretary. 'l8g Winter Termg Sixth Form Self-Govern- ment Committee: Member of "C. C."g President of Form. '20, YALE-SHEFFIELD. john L. Roper, II. flock" 'jollnu "Happy am I, from care l'm free, Wl1y aren'Lll1cy all as contented as mef Norfolk, Va. Entered Third Form Year. Tennis Manager. 'Z01 Second Tennis Team. 'l9L Tennis Squad, '19, '20g Engineer Corps, 'l8g Company A, '18, 'l9g Form Championship Squash f1!e?arjr5.U'19gTatlersl1. 'l8g Q. E. D. 1, PRINCETON. Page Seventy seven Frederick A. O. Schwarz. "Fri1z" " Wligf slioultl noi conscience have vucalion As wall tts courlx of other nc1lir7n.t' Greenwich. Conn, Entered Fourth Form Year. Football Squad. '18, 'l9: Second Team. '18, '193 Form Baseball Team. '19: Winter Baseball Squad. '19, '2U: News Board, '18, '10, '20. Editor-in- Chief, 'Z0: Executive Committee. League o1'Pulwlications, '20, Y. lvl. C. A. Executive Committee, 'ZUL Vicc-Presi- dent. '20: Dramatic Club. '19, 'ZUL Cast, '191 Prize Speaking Contest, Third Prize. 'IQQ English Club. '19, 'ZU3 Mandolin Club, 'I9: Reception Committee, '20:Tat1crs 1, '18, Q. E, D. I, '19, 'ZOQ President, Fall Term,'19g lntercamp Debate, Second Colgate Cup. '19s Corporal. Company D. '19. PRINCETON . Page Severity-eight W. Laird Stabler. "xSlLlbU" 'YJIUTCU "Bfif'k" "Princes of courtesy. merciful. laroufl and strong. Wilmington. Delaware. Entered Third Form Year. Third Form Baseball Team, '17: Baseball Squad. '18, '19. '20, Second Baseball Team, 'l8: Baseball Team, '19. 20: Y, M. C, A, Executi . e Lommictee. '20, President, 'ZOZ Vice-President Sixth Form, Second Half: Sixth Form Self-Government Committee: Wrang- lers l, '19, '20:'1atlers l. 'l8g lntercam H Debate, Fall Term. '192 Glee Club. '20, Chapel Choir. '18.'19.201 Reception Committee. 'ZOQ November Dame Committee. '19g Cheer Leader. Fall. '20, Company A. '18g Sergeant. Com- pany D. 'l9. lvl. l. T, Theodore D. Starr. "Ted" "Teddy "The first songsler of our land." Englewood, N. J. Entered Second Form Year. The Cha el Choir, '17, '18, '19, '20 The Glee 51.113, '19, 'ZOQ Company Di 'ISL Company B, '19:'1'ac1crs 11. '18 Wranglers 1.. '19, '2O. YALE. Walter Edmund Sterrett. "WfalL." "For courtesy wins woman all us well as valor may. New York City, Entered Winter Term, Fourth Form Year. Soccer Squad, '18, '19g Form Basket- Inall Team, '19, '203 News Board, '19, '20, Assistant Business Manager, '19, Circulation Manager, '20, Mandolin Club. '19, '20, T. H. M. T, C. Summer Camp. '18: Company B. 'l8g Company C. 'IQ6 Tatlers 1, 'l8g Wranglers 11. '10, '2 . PRINCETON. Page Sevenly mm William A. Stone, jr. "Bill" "Willie" "He who lialli Irulli in his hear! need never fear the than! of per.tut1.:inn in his langue." Kalamazoo. Michigan. Entered Third Form Year. Y. M. C. A. Bible Study Com- mittee. '20g English Club. 'ZOQ Inter- Camp Debate. i-all Term. 'I93 inter- Club Debate, 'IQZ House Debating Cup. Winter Term. 'l9: Ciceroninns II, 'l8g Q. E. D. I. '19, 'Z0: Honor Cadet. 'l83 Second Military Camp. 'l8g Com- pany C, 'l8: Company A. 'l9. YALE-SHEFFI ELD. Page Eighty F. Jerome Tone, jr. "ferry" "A merry hear! makclli rt cliecrful countenance." Niagara Falls. N. Y. Entered Second Form Year. Baseball Squad. 'l8.'l9.201 Team, '18 'l9.'.LO3 Winter Baseball 5quad.'l8,'l9. '201 Football Squad. '17, '18, 'i9Z Team. '18, 'i9g Soccer Team. '18, 'l93 Form Baseball Team. 'i73 Form Hockey Team. 'l7. 'lS. 'i9. 'ZOL Runner-up. Class B Tournament. 'l7g Winner General information Test, 'i7g Sec- retary Y. M. C. A. Winter Term. 'IOS Y. M. C. A. Membership Committee. 'l8: Chairman, Bible Study Committee, '202 Secretary of Form, NVinter Term. 'ICJQ Mandolin Club. '18, 'l9. 'ZOQ Reception Committee, 'l9. 'ZOQ Vice- Presiclent Mission Band. ,202 Tatiers Il. 'i83 Q. E. D. II. 'I9. '20, President. 'ZOQ Intercamp Debate. Winter Term. 'l9. Fall Term. 'ZOQ Inter-Club Debate. 'l9g First Sergeant Co. D. 'ISL Second Lieutenant Co. B. 'l9. CORNELL. Louis H. Twyeffort. "Louie" "lVla"sic'ur" "The mildcsl manners and llw gerzllcsl hearlf Paris. France. Entered Fifth Form Year. DIAL BOARD. 'ZOQ The Mandolin Club, '20, Manager of Form Baseball Team. '19, .The Golf Squad. '201 Y. M. C. A. Relief Committee. '2O: Camera Club. 'l9, '20g Company C. 'l9g Q. E. D. l. '19, '20. WILLIAMS. William H. VanDusen, "Bill" "Van' "The greater man-the greuler courIe.Sy." New York City. Entered Winter Term, Fourth Form Year. Soccer Squad. 'l9. '20, Team, '20, Form Basketball Team, 'l93 All-Form Basketball Team. 'I9g Form Baseball Team. 'l9g All-Form Baseball Team. 'l9g News Board. 'l9. '20, Assistant Business Manager 'l9. Business Man- ager '20g Mandolin Club. 'l9. '201 Y. M. C. A. Membership Committee. 'Z01 Y. M. C. A. Handbook Com- mittee, Reception Committee, '20g New York Dance Committee. '2Og Mid-Winter Dance Committee. '20, Sixth-Form Dance Committee, '20, '20, Class Marshal, '20g Cheer Leader. '2Og Company A, 'l8g Band. 'l9g Ciceronians Il, 'l8: Q. E. D.. 'l9, '201 Inter-Camp Debate. '2O. M.I.T. Page Eighty ont Karl G. vonPlaten. Edgar Thomas Ware. "Dutchie" '.DLllC,l-' "lim" UTUHIU "Ed" "Sawdusl" UTick" " Hang sorrour- Kill care." HA youll: offrolicxf' Grand Rapids, lvlicl-1, Garrison, N. Y. Entered Second Form Year. l:inLcred Third Form Year. Football Squad, 'IOQ Second Team, 'IOQ Form Basketball Team. '203 Championship Team. 'Z0g Reception Committee, 'lf-73 Ciceronians ll, 'I83 Q. E. D.. ll. 'l9. 'ZOZ Company B.'18: Company B. 'l93 Corporal, '10, Page Eighty-two YALE. Football Squad, '18, 'l9L Second Team, 'l9: Winner Track Squad, 'l9. 'ZOQ Track Squad, 'l9, 'ZOQ Y. lvl. C. A. Membership Committee, 'ZOQ Co. C. 'IS3 Co. C, 'l93 Ciceronians ll. 'l8: Secretary Fall Term. 'l8g Vice- President Winter Term, 'IOL Wranglers l. 'l9. '20. , M. I. T. Richard W. Weiser. Bud" "Dick" 'Well tuned silence hath marc eloquence than speech," Pottstown. Pa. Entered Third Form Year. Company A. '18, '19g Company B. 19gTatlers11.'1SgQ.E.,D.11.'19. '2O. UNDEC1 DED. Owen A. West. "Gus" "XVeslie" "The bellcr hart of valor lx discretion." Chicago. Illinois. Entered Second Form Year. News Board. '18, '19. 'zog Circula- tion Manager. '19, Assistant Business Manager. 'ZUQ Band. 'l9Z Winter Tennis Squad. '19g Tennis Squad. Fall. '18g Ciceronians 1. '18g Company A. '18, best drilled Company. 'l8g Wrang- lers 1. '19, '20, YALE. Page Eiglily-lhree David l'VIcKeIvey White. "Dave" "He lmeu- himself la .Sing and build llw lofly rliynicf' Marlena. Ohio. Entered Second Form Ycar. I-lcadmasrefs Prize in Poetry, 'lfli I Record Board, ,202 English Club. IZUI Manclolin Club, '17, 'l8. '19, 'ZOC Class Poet, 'ZOQ Dramatic Club Cast. '203 Band, '193 T, I-1, lvl. T. C., 'l8: Company D. 'l83 Ciceronians I1. '18 Q. 11. D., I. 'l9. '20. PRINCETON, Page Eighty-four Ledlie W. Young. "Led" "An ajfable and courteous gentleman." Scwickley. Pa. Entered Third Form Year. Form Basketball Team. 'l9g Form Baseball Team. '18, '19g Winter Baseball Squad. 'ZOQ Soccer Squad. 'I93 Ciceronians I. 'l8: Wranglers II. 'l9. 'ZOQ Company D, 'l8g Company B. '19. YALE. Gone, But Not Forgotten. ONE TIME MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1920. Richard M. Adams james L. Alexander, jr. Albert S. Bacon, jr. Mitchell C. Bartlett David j. Batcheldcr William M. Beamish Charles E. Bedford, jr. Dean Bedford Richard S. Bethell Douglas M. Boone john M. Bulkley Frederick H. Burke Robert B. Colgate Edgardo A. Correa Alvin M, Ehret, jr. NVilliam B. Emerson NVilliam NV. Essiek, jr. Allen W. Fincke William M. Fincke, jr. joseph P. Flowers Oliver W. Gibbs A. Barr Gray Nils B. HersloH, jr. Clayton A. Hinds George L. Hinds William B. Hunter Oliver E. Hyde james E. Ingram, lll. Edward M. jeffeott Ashley O. jones Richard P. Loasby XVallcer McCune Horace De XV. McDaniel Francis K, McKenna Charles D. Marshall, jr. NValter W. lvlartin joseph Cv. Mayo Theodore l. Merseles joseph D. Mitchell, jr. Wesley C. Morclc Walter Murphy, jr. Charles R. Myer, jr, F. Price Norris, jr. XValter C. Pew Donald W. Rogers james Rogers, ll. Chester S. Saltsman David Sehaff, jr. Albert C-. Scherer, jr. George C. Seholtz Albert P. Seymour William A. Smith NVorthington Smith Henry G. Snow Thomas D. Snowden Charles Stiefel, jr. Donald M. White William T. Wilder john H. NVilson. jr. William XV. Wister jeremiah D. NVitter Louis I-I. Wymond. jr l3'agc'lfi,gl1ly-five SIXTH FORM SELF-GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE Slxlli 'Form Elections. Has Done the Most for 19207 Robbins, 35, jackson, 18, Blair, l. Mast Popular? Robbins, 45, Deaver, 5, Stabler, 2. NIastL0yal? Stabler, 11, Blair, 101 Paschal, 8. Brainiest? Lloyd-Smith, 42, jackson, 6, Guthrie, 2, Carr, 2. Best Athlete? 1VIcGa11um, 25, Tone, 20, Barclay, 9. Biggest Sponger? lsham, 19,1-lutton, 16, Starr, 14, West, 2. Most Energetic? jackson, 29, Schwarz, 12, Paschal, 4. Biggest Fusser? Benton, 34, Hutton, 10, Kennedy, 5. Thinks he is? Tone, 44, Butler, 4, 1-larkness, 3. Most Happy-go-Lucky? NVare, 23, 1-lutton, 11, 1-lathelzl, 5: De La Gour, 5. Best Dresser? Von Platen, 24, l-lutton, 19, Kennedy 4. Most Gentlemanly? Robbins, lo, Blair, 11, Rands, Q: Van Dusen, bg Biggest Grind? Gary, 19,Dery 15, Guthrie, 7, Schwarz, 5. Most Conscientious Worker? Schwarz, 43, Guthrie, 4, Blair, 3, Stone, 2. Wittiest? johnston, 29, De La Gour, 8, Ware, 5, Kennedy, 5. WorstLoafer? 1-latheld, 24, Bentley, 7, Paschal, 6. First to get Married? Pierson, 50. Biggest Woman-hater? Lane, lo, Stone, 12, Blair, 6, Lamoreux, 4. Biggest Bluffer? Hutton, 24, lsham, 17, Starr. 5, Tone, 4. Most Original? johnston, 21, Lloyd-Smith, 10, Kennedy, 7. Most Versatile? jackson, 20, Berry, 7, 1-lutton, 5, McCallum, 5, Most Musical? jackson, 33, Hutton, 8, Paschal, 6, Berry. 2. Hansdomest? Young, 13, Deaver, 12, Robbins, 7, jackson, 6, Bentley, 4. Most Popular with Nlasters? E. 1. DuPont, 13, 1-lutton, 12, Guthrie, 5. Most successfu. in Business? Allen, 15, Guthrie, 8, Schwarz, o, 1-lutton, 5. Most Successful in College? Robbins, 25, jackson, 9, Stabler, 8. Most Generous? Lane, 27, Von Platen, 8, Dery, 5. Most Cheerful? Kennedy, 9, Ware, 8, Paschal, 6, Hutton, 5. Worst Roughhouser? Paschal, 45, Bookwalter, 4, Bentley, 3. Most Tactful? Robbins, 14, Pierson, 9, Guthrie, 7, Garr, 4. Biggest Chimney? Kennedy, 45, S. 1-1. duPont, 2. Class Baby? Dery, 31, Bentley, 11, Howard, 6, Derr, 2. Page Elltflllj'-.YUZPFH Page Eighly-eight Jlileutbere Hrenee bu llbont 3111112 IH, IHIIE. Zlfrhrnarg H, 19211. "All that life contains of torture, toil, and treason Shame, dishonour, death, to him were but a name. Here, a boy, he dwelt through all the singing season And ere the day of sorrow departed asvhe came." fxi iffy ATV? one I THE FIFTH FORM 19 Q Q n px N -x S Z 1, ag- cs 1 Class of 1921 QQQQ OFFICERS Donald M. White , . . , Pregidenf Richard Cr. lVlaCCvill . Vice-President Ralph G. Hills . . . Secretary-Treasurer 1 HISTORY OF THE CLASS QSSQAEVER since the organization of our class in 1918 under 5 President Hills, with Morck as Vice-President, and Mc- C . . D 9 Alpin as Secretary-Treasurer, we have tried to support LJ the School activities and to uphold the honored traditions of The Hill. We are confident that the performance of our Class has been atleast equal to the standard set by previous Fifth Forms. During our first year as an organized body, we played a prominent part in the activities of the School. ln Football, Hills, MacCill and White won their "A. H.A.'s," while Burger, Doyle, McClintic R., Mc- Neely and VanCleve received their numerals. Bacon, Braden, Coleman and White were awarded H's in Baseball, while Alexander won the privilege of wearing an "H" on his hat, and Ficks, Means, and Mc- Clintic R., won "A. H. A.'s." At the end of the Track season, Hills was elected Captain for 1920. jones A. O., Penney R. E., Stout and Thorne received "A. H. A.'s." . At the close of the following fall, MacCill was elected Football Captain for 1920 and Clarke, Manager. Hills won an H, and Alexander, Clarke, Thorne, and VanCleve UA. 1-1,A.'s" On the Soccer team were Bacon, Bissell, Ficks, Hopkins, McAlpin, Mack and Oliver, the Captain in place of White, who was unable to play. VanCleve,is on the Gym Team thus completing the Roster of the athletes of 1921. ln addition to this athletic record, we have done well in other School activities. Fourth Form Year, McAlpin, Murdoch, Scherer and Stokes were on The Dial, while McClintic was on The Record. Hopkins, Stokes, Lee, Hume and Warden were elected to The News Board. Sherrerd sang on The Clee Club, while Murdoch, Morck, Bacon, Pape Ninety-Iwo Coleman, Phillips, Stokes and Warden represented us on The Choir. Our musicians were Coleman, McAlpin, Murphy, Moreland, Tiedeman, ,Warden, jackson, VanCleve, Suhr and Gurney of The Band, jackson, Suhr and Gurney of The Orchestra3 and jackson, Suhr, Coleman, Morck and Penney R. K., of The Mandolin Club. Hume, Lee, Stokes and Swayze were on The Dramatic Club. This year Mack, Kinghan, Smith and VanCleve have been taken on The News Board, while Moreland has been added to the business staff of the Record and Bissell, Elliman, Hume, Robinson, Rice and Penney R. E. to The DIAL. The Glee Club has been increased by the addition of Coleman, Cowing, Hume, Hardin, T. S., Hardin B. L., Alexander, jones A. A. O., Stokes, Norris, Phillips and White, while Burger, Hall, Bissell, Long, judson, Wilson, Woods and Van Cleve are now numbered in the ranks of The Choir. To The Mandolin Club have been added Bissell, Hume, Phillips, Oliver, Spiker, McClintic, Thorne, Mack, Gurney, Clarke and johnston. Van Cleve is leader of The Band with McAlpin Secretary. This is the history of The Class of l92l after two years of organiz- ation. We feel sure that we have done our part in contributing to School activities, and we hope, with this record behind us, to acquit ourselves with credit ol the duties that lie before us as the Senior Class. .frggpiv-, -QQMHQWQ. 'iv '5' "J ll.. " ' "1 3 111:13 MIK? u Page Nmelx three FI FTH FORM OFFICERS Members of the Fifth Form Adams, David S. . Alexander, james L., jr. Atwood, I-lenry M., ll. Bacon, Albert S., jr. Bissell, Alfred E. . Blair, james C. . Burger, Clarence C., jr. Clarke, j. Russel, jr. Coleman, Townsend P. Cowing, Rufus B., Ill. Cowperthwait, Lindley M. Elliman, D. Trowbridge Penn, W. Henry, jr.. Picks, Gerald, j. . Fowler, Delos R. F. . Ninely-four South Bethlehem, Pa. . Elizabeth, N. j. New Rochelle, N. Y. Niagara Falls, N. Y. . Wilmington, Del. . . Dallas, Texas New York City . Elmira, N. Y. New York City . Clen Ridge, N. j. . Philadelphia, Pa. New York City . Wilmington, Del. . New York City Thompsonville, Conn. Gurney, Ramsdell . Hall, Arthur H., jr. . Hardin, B. Lauriston, jr. Hardin, Taylor S. . Haws, joseph S. . Hills, Ralph G. . Hogg, john C. . Hopkins, james Macl-l., jr. Hume, Theodore C. . jackson, Bradley S. . johnston, Graham W. jones, Ashley O., jr. jones, joseph M. . jones, W. Clyde, jr. judson, Oliver B. ' . Kinghan, john G. . Lee, john P. . . Long, Daniel C. . McAlpin, Townsend M. McClintic, Stewart . Macgill, Richard G. Mack, Lewis A. . May, john, jr. . Means, Archibald W. Morck, Wesley C. . Moreland, Raymond F. Muhlenberg, Charles R. Murphy, Walter, jr. Newcomb, j. Turner Norris, P. Price, jr. . Oliver, R. Grant . Penney, R. Elmo . Penney, Roswell K. . Phillips, D. Harvey Rice, john, jr. . Robinson, George M. Ruggles, john R. . Sargent, William D., jr. . Buffalo, N. Y. . McDonough, Md. . Washington, D. C. . Washington, D. C. . Pottstown, Pa. . Washington, D. C. Parkcrsburgh, W. Va. . . Chicago, lll. . Changsha, China Burlington, Vt. Pittsburgh, Pa. . Chicago, lll. . New Orleans, La. . . Chicago, lll. . Cleveland, Ohio . Indianapolis, Ind. . Germantown, Pa. . Atlantic City, N. j. New York City Pittsburgh, Pa. Baltimore, Md. . Somerville, N. j. . New Orleans, La. New York City . Oil City, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. . Reading, Pa. New York City . Orange, N. j. . Phoenixville, Pa. . Glen Ridge, N. j. New York City New York City Bradford, Pa. Easton, Pa. Detroit, Mich. New York City . Orange, N. j Page N inely-Ev Scherer, Albert Ci., jr. Shcrrerd, William D. Smith, j. l-lenry, jr. Spiker, Samuel R. . Stokes, Walter W., jr Stout, P. Sturgis . Swayze, john L., jr.. Thorne, Cveorge A., jr Tiedeman, Carsten . Tuttle, john M., jr. VanCleve, Robert S. Veeder, H. Grieg, jr. Veeder, Raymond . Warnock, Charles A. White, Donald M. . Wilson, john Hart, jr. . Woods, Charles A., jr Wright, Campbell . Pa e Ninety-six I thx UUUUUUU O . Summit, N. j. Haddonfield, N. j. Detroit, Mich. . Piqua, Ohio New York City . Ardmore, Pa. Newark, N. j. . Chicago, lll. Savannah, Ca . Chicago, lll. . Erie, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Schenectady, N. Y. Pottstown, Pa. New York City Pittsburgh, Pa. Sewickley, Pa. . Erie, Pa. O-I 0.9 THE FOURTH FORM ine -fl. eljy Nin 530 U fl. Class of 1922 QIEQQ DIIFICERS james D. Andrew, jr. . . . President Francis G. Saltf . . Vice-President Tracy L. Turner, jr., . Secretary-Treasurer HISTORY OF THE CLASS W9 AVING elected Malcolm B. Graham, President, Harry A G. Allen Vice-President, and james D. Andrew, jr., Sec- retary-Treasurer, the Class of 1922 became organized. K-'JESS the Class colors. LJCQR6 In the folloxxmg week Maroon and Black were chosen as In all school athletics the class has been well represented. Graham and Drake were awarded their "HWS for football, while Murray, Harry Allen, and Robert Stearns, jr., received their HA. H. A."'s for their good work on the football squad. Faurot, Drake, Hassinger, McHenry, MacLean, and Valentine received their Numerals for Football. In baseball. Graham was awarded his HA. H. A." In track, McHenry has won his "H," while Harry Allen and MacLean won their "A. H. A."'s On the Soccer team Gates represented the Class. In Tennis we were represented by Matthiessen and Adamson. In other school activities we are equally represented. In the literary world are S. D. Galbraith ofthe DIAL, McCune and Hoopes of the Record, and Boston, Robinson, Sterret and Talmage of the News. As for musicians, we are led by Suhr, Porter, Matthiessen, and Tietig who play both on the Drchestra and Mandolin Club. Gthers playing in the Orchestra are Gaffney, R. M. Smith, and Dotterer. In the Ivlandolin Club are Turner and j. E. Clarke. In the jazz Or- chestra we are represented by Suhr and Tietig. Such is the record of the Class of 1922 for its hrst year as an or- ganized class. With this record behind us, it seems assured that the Class of l922 will be worthy ofthe standards of The Hill. Pug On I-1 imclred FOURTH FORM OFFICERS Members of the Fourth Form Adami, Charles ul., jr. Adamson, Charles, jr Andrew, ,James D., jr. Arrison, blames M., 2nd Austin, Edward B. Benedict, Mitchell, ll. Bliss, M. Huntington Bok, Cary W . Boston, Lyon . Braman, Lawrence B. Brown. Sherman T. Bulkey, Edwin M.. jr. Burdick, Paul W. . Burger, Van Vechten Clarke, jonathan E. Bonne Terre, Mo. Cedartown, Ca. Philadelphia, Pa. Germantown, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. . Denver, Colo, . Beirut. Syria Merion Station, Pa. New York City New York City New York City New York City Bradford, Pa. New York City Omaha, Nebr. Page One l'lLm.dred-one Cochran. L. Vanuxem . Coke, Henry C., jr. . Donaldson, Charles E. . Dotterer, Paul R. , Drake, William lX4cC. . Edmunds, Paul R. Edson, john joy, lli. . Etnier, Stephen M. . Ford, F. Richards, jr. . Furst, S. Dale, jr. Gaffney, Frederick A. . Galbraith, S. Dranoel . Gardiner, George N.. jr. Gates, Caleb F., jr. . Gifford. Donald S. . Graham, Malcolm B. . Hastings, Daniel O., jr. . Heller, Edgar NV., jr. . Hoopes, Samuel P. . . Hubner, john, ll. . lnman, Hugh T. . . Kenyon, Whitman WH jr. Leith, Andrew . . McCune, Walker . Mclntosh. Donald . Marshall, Fielding L.. jr. Master, William O. . Matthiessen, Theodore DeW Merlin, Kenneth F. . MeVay, Francis . Me Vay, james . . lvlitchcll, john F. . . Morsman, Edgar IX4.. 3rd. lvlurray, William XV. . Platt, Frederick j., jr. . Plum, Matthias, jr . Porter, Henry H., lll. . Quay, Richard R.. jr. . Robinson, Richard l. . Ryan, William K. . Salt, Francis G. . Sampsell, Marshall G. . Sherman, john T. . Sterrett, Raymond A. . Suhr, Henry B. . . Taber, Philip B. . . Talmage, Archibald A., 4th Taylor, Charles lvl. . Tietig, Arnold, lll. . Tinsley, T. Garland, jr. Turner, Tracy L., jr. i Valentine. Fairlie . , Van Camp. Cortland, lll. Vinvent, Mordelo L , jr. Warden. Clarence A.. j r. Ware, Francis . Warren, john D. . . Young, Evan L. . Pagt Ont 1-limdrerl-Iwo . Chicago, lll. . Dallas, Texas Buffalo, N. Y. . Pottstown, Pa. . Chicago, lll. . Detroit, Mich. . Sewickley, Pa. Wyndham York, Pa. . New York City . Lock Haven, Pa. . Bradford, Pa. . Bay City, Mich. , New York City Constantinople, Turkey , . Newark, N. j. . Rochester, Minn. . Wilmington, Del. . Newark, N. j. Glen Falls, N. Y. . Baltimore, Md. . . Atlanta, Ga. Smithtown, Long Island, N. Y. . Madison, Wis. . Pittsburgh, Pa. . Chicago, lll. , . Chicago, lll. . Fort Wayne, lnd. . . Chicago, lll. , Brooklyn, N. Y, . Atlantic City, N. j. . Atlantic City, N. j. . Pittsburgh, Pa. Omaha, Nebr. . Scranton, Pa. Scranton, Pa. Newark, N. j, . Chicago, lll. . . Sewickley, Pa. . Wilkes-Barre, Pa. . Bryn Mawr, Pa. . Niagara Falls, N. Y. . Highland Park, lll. . New York City New York City . Oil City, Pa. Buffalo, N. Y. . Newark, N. j. . Mt. Sterling, Ky. Cincinnati, Ohio Baltimore, Md. . Chicago, lll. . New York City . Indianapolis, Ind. Tampico, Tamps, Mex. . Haverford, Pa. . Garrison, N. Y. . Buffalo, N. Y. Pottstown, Pa. 1. V 5 ..J',, FIMM -1-:.g'.i 'X KMS xl 2 Ei? 6914, Vf 5 h , , 7 I.. . ' if ' 41 'l-r:rn.,f- +. .x , . , N1 "" , ,Q fe X gui' Y- x - F1 f-Q., XL Y 5 -Q X4 v ' - - 'L ' 'X-A ' W' ,N f- Jx , --y - - - k ' fpi 'L -- I '- ol ' X --- "- fx fp ON fxg 'X 'x - fx ., W, X f'Kf -Q ' .,.f-g, - Y - ' .' ,- fc. 74? ,-5-A .ff 'ag 4:36 gl- S ruff --'t f-N fx ,... .-.... ,...,- Z.- ev-ff .fl-,.,-m 'fx ,--.-1 ,.- Z-gf-H " ' "' - Z-...-1 N li ,fn AZ-1 ,,",,. ,kai , Zvi 5 ',-, lk " "" , ,. -,.,. ,.,..- -f'L- 1 Y ,2- ,A-f , b,,,,.-- 'wad ,,,f+ 'N"'- .fm..-, ,fv Z-f rfyf- 'ti ,ya W Zh-,.,,-Q1 '-K? fvz, ,..f- S71: f 'L--N fx.,- fy... .-f--- -4 , f...- ,,.,...- -Q f-My-5 ,-s..+'-P. Page One Hundred Three aiind mof-paJp1.mH 2110 THE CHEER LEADERS f ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE THE THREE CAPTAINS I White Hills V Bentley FDU .. BALL l. E Y., - .- plllflz' Ona' H LlflLfl'L'fl-SU'I'l!I'I Review of Football Season of 1919 Q the Hill met defeat at the hands of its traditional rival, N Hotchkiss, by a score of Z0-0. ln view of the fact that no K f fy football was played here last year and therefore there was Q:-if a lack of experienced players, this ended a rather success- ful season, although we lost 3 out of the 7 games played. we defeated two of our strongest rivals, Lawrenceville and Haverford. Too much cannot be said though, of the fine fighting spirit of the team and the excellent coaching of Mr. Sheeks. N November fourteenth, nineteen hundred and nineteen, The first game of the season was played with Pottstown and resulted in a 34-O victory for the Hill. ln this game the team showed ample evidence of the ine material that was developed later. Cn Cctober Jfth, The Hill team staged a very close and well played contest with Williamson, the game ending in a O-O draw. The following Saturday, The Hill eleven played a hard fought game with Perkiomen Seminary, which the latter won 7-o. The Hill played better than it had the previous Saturday, but weakened in the last half, On October 18th, the team won a decisive victory over Princeton Preparatory School, the final score being l-L-O. Better team work and more driving ability marked this contest. The first game away from School was played with Tome at Port Deposit, on October 25th, which the latter won 14-O. Both teams played well, but Tome managed to work several successful forward passes which were responsible for the two touchdowns scored, The Hill team defeated Lawrenceville I3-7 on November lst. The Hill eleven started poorly, when Lawrenceville made a touchdown on the opening play, but, led by Captain Bentley, rallied strongly and by straight line bucking pulled through ahead to a well-earned victory. November 8th, the Hill won from Haverford lO-7 on the 1atter's grounds. A field goal by Brooks and Grahams touchdown, followed by Bentley's goal, gave The Hill team all its points in the first half. The following Friday, the Hill was outplayed and beaten by a stronger Hotchkiss team, 20-O. P t Um l'fllI1ffl'l'El'-Gfiiflil The 1919 Football Team A. Lewis Bentley . Captain A. Barr Gray . . . Manager j. Russell Clarke, jr. Assistant Manager CGACI-IES, Mr. Sheeks Mr. Sweeney Mr. Ward Mr. Collins Page Um' llllnrlred-ninc' The Team Name Position Class Weight Height College Bentley Capt. L. H. B., R. T. '20 171.5 70 Yale Barclay R. G. '20 159 70 Princeton Bookwalter Q. B. '20 137.5 68.1 Yale-Sheff Brooks R. H. B. '22 150 70.4 Undecided Clarke, G S R. H. B. '23 145.5 67 Undecided Deaver L. E. '20 154.7 71.5 U. of P. Drake C '22 189.5 68.8 Yale Graham. lvl. F. B. '22 146.5 68.1 Princeton Hills R. T. '21 198.8 74.7 Princeton lsham C. '20 142 64.9 Yale lV1cCa1lum R. E. '20 140 67.5 Yale lvlacgill R. G. '22 161.2 70.2 Yale Paschal L. T. '20 193.5 71.9 Princeton Tone L. T. '20 161 69.2 Cornell 1919 SCORES Wednesday, October 1, Hill .......... 34 Pottstown High School A... . . 0 Saturday, October 4, Hill ...... . . . 0 Williamson ........ . . 0 Saturday, October 11. Hill ..... . . . 6 Perkiomen ..... . . 7 Saturday, October 18, Hill ..... ..... 1 4 Princeton Prep. . . . . . 0 Saturday, October 25, Hill ..... . . . . 0 Tome ........... . .14 Saturday November 1, Hill. . . .... 13 Lawrenceville .... .. . . 7 Saturday, November 8, Hill. . . .... 10 Haverford. . . . . . 7 Friday, November 14, Hill ..... . . . 0 Hotchkiss.. . 2 HILL-HOTCHKISS GAMES The Hill 23. ..... 1903 ..... Hotchkiss 0 No Game 1911 The 1-1111 o ...... 1904 ..... Hotchkiss 0 The Hill 43 -"'-- lm 1"'- Hotchkiss 0 Th .H'll C ..... .1913 H hk' 7 The H111 12 ...... 19115 ..... Hotchkiss o C ' ' Ofc 'SS The Hill 0 ...... 1914 Hotchkiss 27 The Hill 18 ...... 1906 ..... Hotchkiss 0 The Hill 3 ...... 1915 Hotchkiss 0 The Hill 6 ...... 1907 ..... Hotchkiss 0 The H111 16 ...... 1916 Hotchkiss 37 T '1 ...... 1 0 ..... H hl he H" 4 9 8 Om W 4 The Hill 12 ...... 1917 Hotchkiss 9 The Hill 0 ...... 1909 ..... Hotchkiss 0 NO Game. 1918 The Hill 6 ...... 1910 ..... Hotchkiss 0 The Hill 0 ...... 1919 Hotchkiss 20 Page One l'l1.1r11ilre1'l-len Coaches: lVIr. Keenan, Mr. Spaeth. Hatheld ...... Benedict . .... . . Von Platen ..... Schwa rz ...... Gade ...,... lvlurray .... Carr ,......... Morck ......... Blair, W. F. D.. Taylor ......... Bixby ......... Burger, C. C.. . . The Second Team .......LqflEncl . . . . .Lefl Tackle . . . .Left Guard Center .......Righl Guard . . . . . . .Right Tackle XVarc, E. T. ..,. .. Allen, l-I, G. .... ,. Sehm ,... . . . . Van Cleve. . Alexander. ,,... SUBSTITUTESQ Myer, Stearns, R. L., jr. The Third Team .........LeflEnd . . . . .Left 'Tackle . . . .Left Guard .......Cenler ........RightGuard Righ! Tackle Cranston ....... , . Elliott ......... . . jones, W. C .... Thorne ..,.... Means ..... ..,.... .. .,Righl End . . .Quarter Back .... .Half Back .. . HalfBack . . . ,Full Back .....Righl End . , .Quarter Back .. ...Half Back . . . . . Half Bach ......Full Back st1BsT1TuTEsS4P5QiSkfh, C. I., moan, dupom, E. i., Kmghan, Paulsen, H. C., Scout. Undersquacl Football Firsts j. jones J. D. Andrew Tupper Forker R. l. Robinson Rohrbach A. Hall Ruggles Gurney L. C. Clark R. G. Johnston Seconds R.E, Whitman RT. W. Warden RG. Markle C, Dighton L.G. j. Blair LT Warren L.E, Spiker QB. Lee H B. Edmunds H .B Tiedeman F .B. Keeney Substitutes: Hogg, Gates, Turner, Cowing. THE" FOURTI-IS" Firsts Barnett L.E. Updike L.7'. Donaldson L.G. Porter C, C. Dewey RT. Coe R.T. Cochran RE. R. Smith QB. Hayne L. HB, Coke R, HB. Kilgour EB. Seconds j. Sherman Lewis R. Wilson Leeds Wiard Leaman Hassett Benton O. Dewey T. Smith Heller Stone, F. R. Coaches: Mr. Fisher, Mr. Suydam. THE HFIFTI-IS" H THE HSIXTI-IS" Firsts Hanscll Edson, B. Hall Toms Hatfield, C. A. Penney, W. H. Richardson, j. S. RE Wright, R. G. QB. Seconds Berryman Coll ins Huston Hartshorne Pa rker Hamlin Armstrong Starr Payne Firsts Seconds Westcott L.E. Frierson Rice L.T. Gregg Sotter L.G. j. Bentley Lake ' C. Kelsey Vincent RG. Lorch Van Camp RT. Armstrong Barthell RE. Eodhsh R. Quay QB C. Wright F. Stearns L. H.B Elliott D. MacLean R, HB. Claytor -l. Newcomb FB. Buhler Coaches: Mr. Hunter, Mr. Tatem. Graham, W. S. HB. Eshleman FB. Lake, H. Z. Substilulesi Humphreys, Wallace Braman, Col- gate, Forman, Leith, Walker, Quincy, Hassler, Hartley. Coach: Mr. Grismer. Page One flunrlrcd eltztn Ji nd DUO aayaznl-p.up'unH THE 1919 FC OTBALL SQUAD 2 ?c ff 1 1 - ff, 1 f ,I fiyfff l X! X ff A ' ' 7 ' 7 ' f 5 f Y 2 f 1' ff 1 ff I ff' 7!',7ff ' fvfj :cz Gil 'Jw ,ff 'Z I gf ' f X f 1 X , Q 7 f 1,1 94 4 5 ff f f Z 0 f 1 y W 531, ,f Yi X X 3 f I ff X f In , .I ff 74 Z ff' ' A fly: fm, X' fmfc 7 -fy 1 Zyyfwf ,,,.ff::g . ' jp.. ' if li Qzs??ff , p, " '52-g lee: 7 A f fx A -ffvi -.1 . -x.-fy-'L ,, "-S.,4:'5?'. ,. , ,ni 'f 1 if 'x 4'.f,:if5-549 g fp ' f, 6 471-.gww-an-Sak? asf., J., JL. Av. file' - ,,, --,, 10 ,ag , .X-71491-but1534397-Vfffg.gg15,f1ffa'i'i1gv -il .Lyn ri :fiigga if-M iff - cf 1 X eg:-R Y--XX - ' 1 'Q ' , ' - " X -me ,a .1 AX - Q X X, ,.: :bfi A X X X .14 1--if ix XX Page Une I-lundred-Ifiirlecn Review of 1919 Baseball Season by a score of ll to l, bringing an unfortunate ending to our season. The Hill defeated Villa Nova Prep., Princeton Freshmen, and Haverford, and lost to Pottstown A. C., Gilman, Princeton Prep., Penn. Freshmen, Lawrenceville, and Hotchkiss. The first game of the season was played on Wednesday, April Qth. The Hill was defeated by Pottstown A. C. by a score of 9 to 3. The loss of this game was due to many errors and bases on balls. Coleman, Tone, and Braden, however, exhibited remarkable skill in this game. The Hill won its first game on April 12th, defeating Villa Nova by a score of7 to 3. Cullum pitched excellent ball for seven innings, allow- ing but three hits andstriking out four men. Bacon and Coleman made very brilliant plays, while the sensational Eelding was a feature. On April 19th, The Hill was defeated by Gilman. The game was close and-hard-played, and not until the tenth inning was Gilman able to gain a safe lead. Bradens playing was a feature and the most dependable, although lngram led in batting. ln a close struggle on May 2nd The Hill defeated Princeton Fresh- men by a score of 2 to l. The game was well contested and not until the last inning was The Hill sure of victory. White and lngram both starred for The Hill. Vaughans pitching was very steady, The Hill was beaten on Thursday, May 8th, by Princeton Prep., 5 to 3. The game was marked by loose playing and many errors. Beebe, however, played extremely well making a very timely two-base hit in the third inning when Robbins and Smith were on base, scoring them both. The Hill was defeated by Penn Freshmen on May 14th by a score of 15 to 0. The Hill played magnificent ball for five innings, but then went to pieces. Coleman played the best all-around ball for The Hill. His fielding was fine, and his throws were fast and sure. On May 17th, The Hill lost to Lawrenceville by the score of 4 to 2. The game was fiercely contested throughout with a score of two runs for each until the eleventh inning, when a timely single to Beebe brought in two more runs for Lawrenceville. May 24th, The Hill defeated Haverford with a score of 6 to 3. The Hill played a fine game, partly due to Coleman's errorless fielding and lngram's excellent batting. Stabler pitched extremely well for seven innings, afterwards being replaced by Vaughan. The Hotchkiss game was practically won by the score of five runs in the second inning. Cullum Stabler, and Vaughan all pitched in the game, the feature of which was lngrams terrific drive over the centerfielders head, which scored the Hill's only run. N May 31st, The Hill lost its annual game with Hotchkiss Page Ont Hundred-fourteen The 1919 Baseball Team james E. Ingram, Ill, '20 Samuel H. l-lumes, '19 . Ralph N. Isham, '20 Mr. White . . Allan M, Cullum, '20 . W. Laird Stabler, '20 . Andrew E. Vaughan, jr., '19 F. jerome Tone, jr., '20 . William R. Braden, '21 . Everett I-I, Coleman, '21 Donald M. White, '21 . james E. Ingram, III, '20 William M. Robbins, '20 , john I-l. Beebc, '19 . . Albert S. Bacon, jr., '20 . Donald M. McAlpin, '19 , OFF I CERS THE TEAM Captain . Manager Assistant Manager . Coach Pitcher . Pitcher . Pitcher . . Catcher . F i rst Base . Second Base . Third Base . Short Stop Left Field . Center Field , Right Field , Right Field Page One Hundred fifteen Vifednesday, Saturday, Saturday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Totals The Hill, 11 The Hill, 5 The Hill, 3 The Hill, 8 The Hill, 7 The Hill, 2 The Hill, 5 The Hill. 4 The Hill, 3 The Hill, 10 The Hill, 2 The Hill, 5 The Hill, 3 The Hill, 4 The Hill, 5 The Hill, 1 The Hill, 78 19 1 9 Baseball Scores April 9, The Hill 3 Pottstown A. A. . April 12, The Hill 7 Villanova Prep. April 19, The Hill 5 Gilman . . May 2, The Hill 2 Princeton Fresh . lvlay 8, The Hill 3 Princeton Prep. May 14 The Hill 0 Penn. Fresh . May 17, The Hill Z Lawrenceville lvlay 24, The Hill 6 Haverford . May 31, The Hill Hotchkiss The Hill Z9 Opponents H111-HOtChklSS Scores 1904 . 1905 . 1906 . 1907 . 1908 , 1909 . 1910 . 1911 . 1912 . 1913 . 1914 . 1915 . 1916 . 1917 . 1918 . 1919 . Total Page One Hundred-sixteen Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hotchkiss 1 1 Batting Averages of Baseball Team Ingram, S. S. Becbc, C. F. Coleman, Zb. Braden. lb. Bacon, R. F. White, 3b. . Tone, C. . Robbins, L. F, Cullum, P. lv1cAlpin, R. F. Stabler, P . Vaughan, P. Alexander, R. F. lvleans, R. F. Team Average Bacon, R. F. Alexander, R. F. Coleman, Zb. lngram, S. S. Braden, lb. White, 3b. . Beebe, C. F. Robbins, L. F. Tone, C. . Vaughan, P. Cullum, P. McAlpin . Stabler, P. . Total . Mitchell, Zb. Herman, S. S. Pond, P. . Wilson, R. F. Lincoln, L. P. Hubbard, C. F. Ewing, lb. North, 3b. . Shrady, C. . AB. H. Pct. 37 I3 351 . 37 ,245 . 35 .228 , 37 .210 . 36 .205 . 31 .193 . 30 .133 , 26 .115 . Q .Ill . 21 .095 . 10 .000 Q .000 .cn .000 . .2 .000 . 312 .147 Box Score of I-Illl-Hotchkiss Game THE HILL AB. R H PO A F, 3 0 0 0 0 1 . 1 0 0 0 . 4 2 2 0 . 4 1 3 1 . 4 Q 0 1 . 3 1 0 0 . 3 0 1 0 . 3 0 1 1 . 3 IO 0 0 . 0 1 0 0 . 1 0 4 1 . 1 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 0 . 30 Z4 ll 5 HOTCHKISS A.B. PO A E 3 0 0 0 . 4 2 0 1 . 4 1 2 0 . 5 0 0 0 . 5 3 0 0 . 3 4 0 0 . 4 4 0 0 . 4 0 0 0 . 5 I3 2 0 . 37 27 4 1 Total . Page One 1-lundred-seventeen The 1920 Winter Baseball Squad J. L. A1exander,Jr. '21 J. D. Andrews, Jr. '22 A. Bacon, '21 W. F. D. Blair. '20 J. F. Bookwalter, '20 P. Brooks, '22 D. L. Coe, '23 A. Cullum, '20 J. C. De La Cour, '20 J. J. Edson, '20 C. T.,E1lioc, '23 G. J. Picks, '21 Page One I-lundred-eighteen D. IX4. Forker, '22 M. B. Graham, '22 NV. Holabird, '22 B. S. Jackson, '21 A. XV. Means, '21 W. C. Morck, '21 R. F. Moreland, '21 T. M. 1V1cA1pin, '21 T. DeW. Matthiessen, R. Gurney, '21 H. Paulsen, '23 W. Robbins, '20 L. W. Young, '20 F. C.Sa1t, '22 XV. D. Sherrerd, '21 R. M.Smit1'1, '23 F. Schwarz, '20 L. Stabler, '20 R. Stearns, '22 C. Tiedeman, '21 A. Tietig, "22 F. J. Tone, Jr. '20 R. S. VanC1eve, '21 W. 1-1. VanDusen, '20 Don. M. White, '21 5 Tr-QACK Page One Hun Review of 1919 Track Season -If-, .95 ITH the splendid record of having won the Princeton and Middle States P: -Q ,K interscholastic Championships and of having defeated Lawrenceville, 3 3 3 it is certainly no exaggeration to say that the 1919 Track Team had f 5 a most successful season. Although the prospects at the beginning of 5 the Winter Term were far from bright, the tireless efforts of every LX f 5 member of the Squad, working together with the Coaches, resulted in 9 turning out one of the best teams that The Hill has seen in years, and which, for the first time since lf-314, was awarded the championships in both of the large interscholastic track meets. Ample recognition of the unusual ability of the 1919 Team was shown by the fact that three of its members were given places on the All-American interscholastic Track Team, namely Adams, in the Quarter-Mile, Rutan in the Discus Throw, and Hills in the Hammer Throw. ' The opening meet ofthe season was held at The Hill on April 12th with the combined teams of Penn Charter and Episcopal Academy, and resulted in a one-sided victory for the home team, which won by the large margin of 82 to 25. The Hill men were far superior to their opponents, taking at least two places in each event, and winning all three in the Shot Put and the Broad jump. The Team received its hrst defeat the following week at the hands of the Penn- sylvania Freshmen, by the close score of 56 to 50. Hills was the highest scorer of the Team in this meet, with a total of eight points. At the University of Pennsylvania Relay Carnival, which was held on Saturday, April 26th, the Hill Team was defeated by Mercersburg. The race was comparatively slow because of a biting wind. In spite of this fact, McHenry and Loasby ran rem- arkably well, as did Richardson and Scudder, the other two Hill men. One of the two great victories of the 1919 Team was won at the annual Princeton interscholastic Meet, held in the Palmer Stadium on May 10, by the scant margin of one and one-third points. The Hills final score was 26K points. The four-man team from Worcester came in second. while Ivlcrcersburg, the victor of the previous week, was forced to take third place. The Hammer Throw, in which The Hill won all eleven points, was the foundation on which the Team built its success, Captain Adams's indi- vidual vicrories in the Quarter- and the Hall'-mile events making it sure, The Hill Team repeated the same performance one week later, when, after a very close and hard-fought meet, it won the middle States Championship from Mercersburg on Franklin Field by the score of 36M points to HZ. At the start of the Shot Put, the last event, the score was a tie, The Hill and Mereersburg each having 315 points. lt was only when Hills and Rutan succeeded in winning second and third places res- pectively, with the Mercersburg entry unable to do better than fourth, that The Hill nosed out the victory with a margin of four points. Captain Adamss ability to win ten points, combined with Rutans Hne showing in the Shot Put, the Discus Throw and the javelin Throw, made it possible for the School to win the Championship. The last dual meet of the season, which was held on May 24th, resulted in a final victory for the Team, when Lawrenceville was defeated by the score of 57 to 51. The two teams were evenly matched, and Lawrenceville remained in the lead until the very end. ln the Hammer Throw, however, which ended the meet, The Hill took all possible places, defeating her rival by six points, Captain Adams was the star of the meet, taking four Hrst places. The Annual Inter-Form Handicap Meet, which took place on june 3rd, was of particular interest because in the Half-Mile Run of this meet, Adams established a new School record of 1 minute, 59 3-5 seconds, lowering the former record by one-fifth of a second. . The success of the 1919 Hill Track Team in this championship season was due not only to the unusual ability of its captain and to the wonderful fighting spirit of every man on the Squad, but also to the steady and careful coaching of Mr. Colbath, Mr. Wendell and Mr, Sweeney. , Pa L Ont Hundred-Iwenly The 1919 Track Team W. l. L. Adams . Captain l-l. S, Paschal, jr, . . Manager COACHES Mr. Sweeney Mr. Colbath Mr. Wendell Um' Hum! W. l. L. Adams lGap R. L. Gailey, 'ICD j. K. Goodwine, '19 J. S. Hatfield, '20 R. G. Hills, '2l R. P. Loasby, '20 W. G lVl'cHenry, '22 F. E. Rutan, 'IO 5 U7 O f: Q. Q. Q 71 E 79351 G. Allen, '22 . L. Bentley, '19 lvl. xlohnston, '20 . O. Jones. '2l McLean, '22 " H " Men U-J. '19 . Middle Distance A. G. Paul, '19 . R. E. Penney, '21 . W. G. Rands, '20 . F. E. Richardson, '20 77071 .S. Stout, '21 . A. Thorne, '2l , S. VanGleve, '2l . H. S. Paschal, '20 IUO-yd 220-yd 440-yd. 880-yd. l Mile 2 Mile 220-yd Event . Dash . Dash Dash Dash Run Run Hurdles 120-yd. . Hurdles Pole Vault High jump Broad Jump Hammer Throw Shot Put Page One l'ltmtlrec'l-Iwcnty-two . . Hammer Throw . . . Broad jump . Sprints and Hurdles Hammer Throw and Shot Put . . . . Sprints . Broad jump and Sprints Hammer 'Throw ancl Shot Put . I . . Distance A. H. A. Men . . . Distance Pole Vault and Shot Put . . . Hurdles . Pole Vault . Distance . . Pole Vault . Hammer Throw javelin Throw . Hurdles . Broad jump . Distance Sprints . Manager Track Records Holder G. B. Long F. H. Davis A. R. Gurney G B. Davis P. H. Davis G B. Long C. E. Bushnell W. l. L, Adams j. NV. Overton G, H. Plimpton XV. F. Potter NV. E. lvlassey, jr. T. P. Gardner H. Potter lvl. H. Bowman T. L. Shevlin A. Yates Year lf-J0l l902 l9l3 l90l l90Z l90l l9l7 l9l9 1913 l9ll 1911 l9l7 1918 l9l2 1902 l902 1914 Time, Height, or Distance 10 seconds 22 l-5 seconds 50 l-5 seconds l minute, 59 3-5 seconds 4 minutes, 34 seconds I0 minutes, 4 2-5 seconds 15 4-5 seconds 25 seconds 12 feet, ZZ inches 5 feet, ll inches 22 feet, IOM inches 187 feet, 9 inches 49 feet, 8 inches Lawrenceville-Hill Dual Track Meet First The Hill V 57 Points TIme,. Height or Distance 120-yd. High Hurdles Watts CL.D 17 1-5 seconds 1. Lamberton CLD 2. Hatheld CH.D 100-yd. Dash 1 Adams CH.D 10 4-5 seconds Liebman CL.D IV1cHenry CH.D 25 3. M1'le Run I Sicrfert CL.D 4 minutes. 54 4- 5seconds 2. Leh CL.D 3 Scudder CH.D A Shot Pu! I Hi1ls,CH.D 45 feet, 33 inches 2' Rutan CH.D 3' Lamberton CLD ' High jump Steel CLD 5 feet, 4 inches 1- Larnberton CLD. 2- Lambert CLD 3- 440-yd. Dash Adams CHD. 51 2-5 seconds 1. IV1cLanl:xan CLD 2. Crowell CLD 3. Abbreziialions H.-The Hill School. L .-Lawrenceville Second Lawrenceville 51 Points Time, Height or Distance Pole Vault Watts CLD 11 feet jones CH.D. Tied with Lambert CL.D 220-yd. Low Hurdles Adams CHD. 26 seconds Richardson Cl-l,D Watts CL.D Brorzdjump lVlcHenry CH.D 19 feet, 1M inches Goodwinc CH.D Mahon CL.D Hcllf-Nlile Run Adams CH.D 2 minutes, 10 4-5 seconds Morris CL.D Voss CLD 220-yd. Dash Liebman CL.D Loasby CI-I,D 1VIcHenry CH.D Z2 3-5 seconds Hammer 'Throw Hills CH.D 150 feet GaileyqCH.D Rutan CH.D Page Ona Hunrlred-lwenly-three Princeton Interscholastic Track Meet First Second Third The Hill Worcester Mercersburg 26 Points 25 Points l7 Points Time, Height Time, Height or Distance or Distance Pole Vault 880-yd. Run Hulman CWJ 10 feet, 6 inches l, Adams CHQ 2 minutes, 9 2-5 seconds Lambffffon CU 2. Beattie CN.C.J Watts CLJ Paul gm tied, 3. O'Brien CED 4. Thompson CN.E.J 5' 2 2-5 seconds 26 seconds Broadjump Malcolm ClVl.J 21 feet, M inch Hubog CNCJ 440-yd. Run Beck CH,T.D In Adams U-D Goodwine CHJ h P 2. Uhlrich QE.O.l S UZ ut f h 3. Harrison CN.E.D H.T. 47 - , ll ' fm l ect A me as 4. Thomhill qwg Foster CBPJ Lee CW-5 220-yd. Low Hurdles Hammer Throw 1- Graham CB-5 Hills QI-lj 142 feet, 5 inches 2- Hulman fwlj C 'l HQ EH., 3, Meyer CN.E.D Penney CH. P1 ic One Ilundrcd-lwenly-four 4. Hatfield CHQ Abbrevial ions, QHJ-The Hill School. CWJ-Worcester Academy. QLD-Lawrenceville. Qlvll-lvlercersburg Academy CN.C.D-Newark Central High School. QH.T.j-Harrisburg Tech. CBPJ-Bethlehem Preparatory. CNEJ-Northeast High School. CE.O.J-East Orange High School. CEJ-Erasmus Hall. CBJ.-Blair Academy, Miclcllestates lnterscholastic Track Meet First Second Third The Hill Mcrcersburg Central High School 36M Points 32M Points Time. Height Time, Height or Distance or Distance 440-yd. Dash Broadjump l Adams Cl-l.J 52 seconds ll Malcolm llvlll 2. Jones Cl-lav.l 2. McHenry CHC 4 Loasby Cl-Ll 3 G d , H 4. Jones QW., . oo wineC .J P 880-yif. Run Ole VM' l. Adams Cl-lj 2 minutes, 3 seconds l- Watson CM-5 fied With 9 feet 2 Helfrich CYS Stevens CHav.D 3. jones Cl-l.J 'Two Aliie Run l Cullum lf-jll-lll Discus Throw 3 lgryllgg Clglflllj 1. Ruran CI-1.5 ll2 feet . cu er . I F k G 4. Talbot qB.Pn 4 ran S l 'l javelin Throw l2O-vd. High I-lurdles ' l. M d ' M. l Young CHav.D lo seconds RO gm C T 2 Graham CBR: 2- Um fm 4. Hatfield CHJ Shot Put High Jump 2. Hills CH.J l Malcolm CMJ 5 feet, 4 inches 3- Rufan CH-J 3. Hills CHQ Tied for third place. 4. Robb CMJ Abbrevialions CHJ-The Hill School. CMJ-Mercersburg Academy CHav.j-Haverford School. CW.J-Wilmington. CY,D-Yonkers High School. CC.H.J-Central High School. CBPJ-Bethlehem Preparatory. CGD-Girard. Page One Plunflrecl-lwenlyillv xys'-zC7uam1-paJpunH aug agvd THE 1919 TRACK SQUAD 'The VVhHer'Track Barclay, '20 Benedict, '20 l-. Bentley, '20 S. Berry, '20 . C. Bixby, '23 J. Blair, '21 R. ls. Brooks, '23 C. Burger, '21 . Cranston, '20 T. P. Coleman, '21 H. S. Cowgill ,Jr.'23 1. duPont, '20 H. duPont, '20 R. Edmunds, '22 W. H. Fenn, '21 G. N. Gardiner, '21 H. H. Cvade, '22 C. W Cates, '22 D. S. Cihford, '22 F. E. Glantzberg, '23 S. Hatfield, '20 . C. Hills, '21 R. N. lsham, '20 C. W. Johnston, '21 lvlcl-E. Johnston, '20 A. O. Jones, '21 W. C. Jones, '21 J. S. A. R. D C. G E. S. P. J. R W. C. A. Warnock, '21 Squad O. B. Judson, '21 D. H. Keck, '20 J. C. Kinghan, '21 W. 1VlcCune, '22 .Cv.lVlaegil1, '21 75 H. B. Muhlenberg, '23 NV. lvlurray, '22 mvoiw .S Oliver, '21 S. Paschal, '20 . l. Paulsen, '23 . E. Penney, '21 . K. Penney, '21 D. H. Phillips, '21 W. C. Rands, '20 R. Revell, '23 E. Richardson, '20 C. IVI. Robinson, '21 H. B. Suhr, '22 lvl. R. Sehm, '22 S. R. Spiker, '21 W. W. Stokes, '21 . S. Scout, '21 . C. Taliaferro, '22 . A. Thorne, '21 71 O'1'1"1'l C. M. Taylor, '22 R. Veeder, '21 W. Cv. Warden, '21 Page Om' Hundred Twmlx YLLCI1 Gray, Football lsham, Baseball PaSchal,'l'rz1cl4 l-lutton, Coll Page' Une Hundred-lwenty-eigln 4' f , ' , -.1": 4. ,I- J I . Q, . X V' N- uv 1 M g' W, -'ffm .NJ-'Q nl I I Q ' ' .uri-i'i-fd - 4'f"'i'f'1 f..f,'3,..,. hm' ' 'no' EQM' 1 dx GTC A "A , E., J.- N- -, X N X x X X e ' - ,- qtfnn, MR Page One I-lunclrecl-twenty-nine Page Ona I-lzmdred-lhirly 1919 Tennis Team Taylor Uvlgrj Lane Howard Shcrred CCz1ptD Bisscl The Tennis Season of 1919 'Qi?aX'g l.Tl-l0UGl-l the Tennis Team won but three of the six 539 S matches which it played, nevertheless it had a very good fp Si season considering the fact that there was not a single ig! letter man on the team. Some of the teams to which IL-'Au matches were lost were hardly such as could be expected to be beaten, as on both of the Philadelphia teams were men ranked among the best tennis players in the country. The team was com- posed of W. D. Sherrercl, Captain, together with l-loward, Bissell, Lane, and Qliver. The first match of the season was played against the Philadelphia and District Lawn Tennis Team, on April Zbth. lt ended in a hve to one victory for the Philadelphia teamg Lane being the only man to win his match. ' The following Saturday, the Yale Freshmen defeated The l-lill by the same score, five to one. l-loward was the only man to win from his opponent.s. On May lOth, The Hill Team was again defeated, this time by the picked Philadelphia ,lunior Team. l-loward and Bissell were the only two I-lill men to win their matches. The score was seven to two. The team scored its Hrst victory when it overwhelmingly defeated theiLafayette Freshmen Team, winning every match. On Saturday, May 24th, the lnterscholastics were played at Princeton. ln the doubles Sherrerd and l-loward reached the finals, but they were there eliminated by two Lawrenceville players. ln the singles Sherrerd and Bissell, both Hill men, reached the finals where the latter won in a hard fought match. The following Monday the team completely defeated Lawrenceville, winning every match by one-sided scores. ln the closing match of the season, the team easily defeated Haver- ford, winning Five of six matches played. The following Autumn, the team played matches with two Phila- delphia Clubs, which resulted in defeats for The l-lill. Page One Hundred-lhirlv ont ff? fN F Q J ,F X' 5 id,X 'Z ,nv F71 ' 5,415.3 wg E IW H 1 kf - 1 WW v 2 Xk N , fig? f, WN X J J 1 2 X x J! X ,Z 'X x Q, X .X The 1919 Golf Team Butler Hutton CiX4g1'.J Hopkins Fisk Martin CCapt.D- Davis Page One Plunclrafl-Iliirly-Ihree The Golf Team of 1919 HE 1919 Golf Season was one of the most successful in years from every W X point of view. The team won the lnterseholastics and all but one of N J its matches in the Spring, and all but two of its matches in the Fall. Q9 f The team for the Spring was composed of Martin, '19, Captain, Fiske, '19, Davis, '20, Butler '20, lsham, '20, and Hopkins, '2l. The Fall team was composed of Butler, '20, Captain, Davis, '20, Hopkins, '21, Turner, '22, and Cochran, '22. Davis played No. l man most of the season, while Butler won the greatest number of points. The hrst match of the season was with the Plymouth C. C. which the Hill defeated by the close score of QM to SZ. lsham and Hopkins each won all three points, playing the best games for The Hill. The Seasons second match was with the Princeton Nassau Team, which was de- feated in a close match by the score of CHM to 52. The Hill easily won the next match, beating the Berkshire C. C. IOM to 4M. This match was played away, at Reading. Butler was the only Hill man to win all three points, while Martin had the lowest score. The next match, the only one lost by The Hill, was played at Tome in the pouring rain. The team was handicapped by the loss of Davis, who was unable to play. Tome won by a score of 4 to 2. the match being played in two foursomes. The lowest score for Tome was made by jones, while Butler made the best for The Hill. The lnterscholastic Tournament, the most important Golf event of the year, was won by the Hill, with the excellent total score of 339, seventeen strokes better than Lawrenceville, the nearest opponent. Davis, of The Hill, won the low medal for the qualifying round with an 80, after a close contest with Sparks, the Lawrenceville captain. The scores for the Hill team for the qualifying round were: Davis 80, Martin 82, Butler 84, and lsham 93. The Seasons last match was plwyed at Lawrenceville, and was won by the Hill 9 to 3. The entire team played very well, Davis having the lowest score. The Fall season opened with a victory for the Berkshire C. C. by a score of SM to BM. For the Hill, Davis played the best game, making the home course in 79. The Hill was defeated by Lawrenceville in the next match 8M to ZM. The teams play in this match was below standard, as Hopkins was the only man to win. The team came back in the next match by defeating Plymouth C. C. by the score of 12 to 3. Butler had the lowest score, while Hopkins and Cochran both played well The season ended with a defeat at the hands of the strong team of the Merion Cricket Club, by a score of 9 to o. Hopkins again played the best game for The Hill. Page Ona Hundred Thirty-four S Q w f ' ff- 1, .-g I I rx A x f- rf - ,V f 2 F1 I J K W N QV 1 R L x ,X I Q 4 u f t lx-fl.. s 1 X X X' ' T ' v '. N. sh- , ' , Q , :A U Eggs:-E - It - I I V' - N xi- "' ..,u 6' bg' ' k i X -K X gag 1 . --- 'f X L" - L 1 Lf "ff-b ma .K- 1, I- f I--,..,' . N! Page One Hundred-thirty-j5ve SCORES November 22, l9l9 ..... Princeton Fresh. 45 The Hill, O December 6. i919 ....... Westtown, 3g The l-lill, 2 THE 1919 SOCER TEAM Ficks .,..,... . Coal Tone . ,...... . Right Fullbaclz Cullum . . Left Fullback lV1cAlpin . . Right Halfbaclz Bissell , . Center HaUback Thorndike . . Left Halfback Mack , , Outside Right Hopkins . Inside Right Cares . . , Center Van Dusen ..... Inside Left Oliver .,......,. Outside Left Bacon, jackson, Paschal, Sherrerd . ,.... Substitutes THE SOCCER SEASON OF 1919 Alt' omg" the Sofcer Team of 1019 lost both the games they played, the team showed ip well on I ot 1 o'e si ns. The teim fought hard and showed marked xm- provement in the srCon'l gamr. due in Z1 large measure to the excellent Coaching of Mr. Lester. The first game of the season, on November 22nd, 'resulted in the defeat of The I-Ifll Team by t e strong Prin etoa Fresh team. the score being 4 to 0. The .Hill was on the defensive practically the entire j mme and toward the end of the last hall' weakened perceptibly. Two weeks later Westto rn defeated the Hill by the score of 3 to 2. VVeather con- ditions slowed up the playing and it was very diffucult to Control the ball. However, the team showed improvement over the first game. Page One Hundred thirty-six M3101 RTK ifib V-M D Hg Xe X N -5 X S Q TIT? PON!!! The Gun Team OFFICERS S H. duForit . . . . . . Captain H G. Davis ...... Secretary-Treaswez MEMBERS OF THE GUN CLUB Adams, R. H., '24 B1air, J. Cv., '21 Davis, H. Cv., '20 duFo1'1t, E. 1., '20 duFo1'1t, S. H., '20 Ferm, W. H., '21 Fink R., '24 Ford, F. R., '22 Hardy, P. S., '23 Page On Ilunflred-lliirly-eight Hoopes, S. F., '22 Kemp, A., '24 Plum M., '22 Porter, H. H., '22 Roby, S., '23 Suhr, H. B., '22 Tiedeman, C., '21 Updike, N. B., '24 Warden, W., '21 McCune, W., '22 The Gym Team F, E. Richardson, '20 . Mr. Kogcl . . T. F. Ryan, '23 F. E. Richardson, '20 W. H. Harkness, '20 H. H. I-Iuncon, '20 F. E. Richardson, '20 j. Barclay, '20 OFFICERS TI-IE TEAM 1-lorlZ0nlalBar Parallel Bars Tumbling . Cczplain Coach R. S. Var1Clcve, '21 I. May, '21 R, R. Quay, '22 G. A. Thorne, '21 C. R. Nexvcombc, '24 T . F. Ryan, '23 Page 011 0 I-limflrer!-111irzy-n ine The Gym Leaders Turner Ruggles Clarke Valentine Hogg May Lane Keeney Harkness Guthrie Edmunds Absent from picture :Austin Bradish, Clarke, I-lall, l-lowarcijackson, Quay, Sherrerd, Stokes Page One I-lunllredfforly Wearers of the For Football J. Barclay, '20 M. B. Graham, '22 A L. Bentley, '20 R. G. Hills, '2l J. F. Bookwalter, '20 R. N, Isham, '20 T. F. Brooks, '22 R. G.Macgi1l, '21 G. S. Clark, '22 R. McCallum, '20 J. M. Deaver, ' I-l. S. Paschal W M Drake For A. S. Bacon, '21 W. L1 Sbabler, '20 W. W. Robbins, '20 F J. Tone, '20 D. M. White, '21 For Track 5. s. Hatfield, '20 R. G. l-lills, '21 For Tennis A. E. Bissell, '21 "H"1onlhf: Hal For Baseball J. L. Alexander, '21 A. M. Cullum, '20 l l P l l Page One I-Iundred-forty-one j. L. Alexander, "21 S. Benedict, '20 XV.1:. D. Blair, '20 R. C. Carr, '20 ' C. T. Elliott, '23 j. Barclay, -Ir., '20 W. F. D. Blair. '20 C. J. Ficks, '21 1-1. C. Allen, '22 A. L. Bentley, '20 W. M. johnston, '20 A. O. jones, '21 A. HA For Foolball 1-1. 1-1. Cade, '22 j. S. Hatfield, '20 XV. XV. 1X4urray, '22 F. A. O. Schwartz, '20 For Baseball For Track 1-1. S. Paschal, '20 R. E. Penney, '21 W. C. Rands, jr., '20 R. l.. Stearns, '22 C, A. Thorne, '21 R. S. VanC1eve, '21 K. C. von Platen, '20 E. T. Ware, '20 M. B. Cvraham, '22 A. W. Means, '21 W. Smith, '20 F. E. Richardson, '20 F. S. Stout, '21 R. S. VanCleve, '21 G. A. Thorne, '21 For Fooiball Managersliip A. B. Gray, '20 For Assislanl Foolball Nlanagership J. R. Clarke, '21 As Head Cheer-Leader C. D. jackson. '20 HT. H. T." For Tennis Team Vx". D. Sherrerd, '21 :Capt J R. 1-1 Lane, Jr., '20 .J E. Howard, '23 "G H. T." For Golf Team S, Butler, '20 :Capt.D j. M. Hopkins, '21 1-1. C Davis, '20 R. N. lsham, '20 Page One Hundred Forty-Iwo INTERFCDRM SPCR S TN -11 ..... ef Q 69, Xvkyge, 5 .m f , A X , lnterform Baseball Championship Team "l92l" ALL-FORM TEAM Morclc, '21 . , P. Holabird, '23 . . SS Davis, '20 . . . C. Vim Dusen, '20 . l..F Paulsen, C., '23 . lb. Tietig. '22. . . CF Smith, R. M., '23 . 2b. McAlpin, '21 . . RF Andrew, '22 . Eb. Page One I-lundrecl -forly-four 1919 Ferenbach . Veacn . Allen, j. l-l. Pollock . Taylor Wigton . NVillia1'nS . Wallace, J. Reiff . Foster 1921 Morck lvlurphy . Gurney . .lol'1nston,C. Tiedeman deBuisseret lVlcAlpin , lVlorelanc:l . . . Sherman . . . Ruggles, Cowperthwait Te Pitcher Catcher First Base Second Bose Third Base Short S op L 'fl Field Cenier Field Right Field Sttlzstitittf Pitcher Catcher First Base Second Base Third Bose Short Stop Left Field Center Field Right Field Sit ost i tu tes BIDS 1920 Young . . Keeney . Schwarz . Benton . Harkness De La Cour Van Dusen Deaver . Osborne . Cranston . 1922 jackson, B. S. . , Doan . . I-lassinger . Stearns, R. L. . Andrew . . Salt . Turner . Edson , Valentine, F. , Riley, Austin . Pitcher. Catcher . F irst Base . Second Base . Third Base . Short Stop . . Left Field Center Field . Right Field . Substitute Pitcher , Catcher . F irst Base . Second Base . Third Base . Short Stop . Left Field . Center Field . Right Field . Sulmtitzttes Page One Httnclred-forty-fue lnterform Hockey Championship Team, 1921 Goa! Pom! Cover Poinl Rover Cenler Righl XY7ing Left lWing Fifth Form . Sixth Form . Page One l'lundredqfor1y-s THE FORM HOCKEY TEAMS Sixlh Form Fifth Form Fotzrlli Form Third Form Butler Bacon Eorker NVhiti'nan Benton lVIcAlpin Salt Clark, C. Deaver Thorne Valentine Elliott Tone I-Ticks Edmunds Brooks jackson, C. D. Alexander Andrew Heaton Hutton jackson, B. S. Taber Smith, R. lsham Ellirnan NVarren Paulsen, H. C. STANDING OF THE TEAIVIS NVon Lost PC. . 8 O 1,000 Fourth Form . . 5 3 .625 Third Form . Won Lost PC 3 5 .375 0 8 .OOO lnterlorm Championship Basketball Team, 1920 THE TEAMS - Sixlli Form Fifth Form Davis .... Forward Hopkins ,.,. Forward Keeney ..., .Forward Tuttle , . Forward jackson, C. D. , Center h4urpl'1y Center Harkness . , . Guard Hogg .... Guard Von Platen .' . . . Guard Mack ,,... Guard Substitutes-Gutl'irie, Hutton, Howard Substitutes-lvlay. Lee Fourlh Form Third Form Austin ..., Forward Eshlemnn . . , Forward Adamson .... Forward Barnett . , . Forward Warren Center Coe . Ceriler Forbes .... Guard Stearns, F .... Guard Van Camp .,.. Guard Hassett .... Guard Substitutes-Quay, Turner, lvlitchell Substitutes-lVleLarcn, Hall, Huff ALL-FORM TEAIVI h Hopkins . . . Forward Davis , . Forward Harkness . . Guard Stearns, F. Guard lvlurphy . . . Center Sixth Form . Fi fth Form . Fourth Form Third Form . STANDING OF THE TEAMS 5 4 l .800 5 3 Z .600 4 1 3 .250 1 250 4 3 . Page One Hundred-forly-seven Dpen Champions " THE HNIPPERS " BARCLAY TONE PASCI-IAL COLBATH DEAVER Page One Hundred-fo fly-eight Sixth Form Athletic Committee BARCLAY I-IATF I ELD RICHARDSON BENTLEY DEAVER Page One Hundred-fo 1' , .fx 'f , fs - , K gkx , -.,I,:-1 12.1 1 - - A x - 2 ' ' 1 glfg :J WX 41 Fxfiefg 2 w - fu ,, E ---f--- iyf , f ' - - Q 2 'X ' 5, Q U41 w:s-- - -WC Az' 4 jim ' 5 1 .. 'L-4:-I , - ' 1 Q -fsffiq , ' I Q, C ff' - . - 'rf " 4 fx .f - ET, I --fgfiqt E .E x S. TJ 4 . x ,I t K I-3... .E I I- , 3 - x A 51' f' 5 , :H-fm K Q sh J: I .. m , f Xm fin 9-MQ! G1 V ING 'FIiANIiS 1621 Page Ona I-fundredjifly Thanksgiving Day Sports UQJTJQIFQFQQU Firsi Svfoli I 'l'lii'rtl Basketball Fifth Form Sixth Form Third Form Tug-of-War Sixth Form Fifth Form Fourth Form Relay Race Third Form Sixth Form Fifth Form Backward Running Race Fourth Form Fifth Form Fourth Form Three-legged Race Fourth Form Fifth Form Sixth Form Sack Race Fifth Form Third Form Fourth Form Barrel Race Sixth Form Sixth Form Sixth Form Wheelbarrow Race Sixth Form Sixth Form Fifth Form Obstacle Race Sixth Form Fifth Form Fifth Form Cock Fight Fourth Form Third Form Sixth Form Pillow Fight Sixth Form' Third Form Fifth Form Total Score of Points Sixth Form, 52 Fifth Form, 37 Fourth Form, Z9 a fAI711l'l'i Fourth Form Thir.l Form Fourth Fc n:'i Tl Third Form Third Form Sixth Form Fourth Form Fourth Form Fifth Form Fifth Form Fourth Form Third Form Z5 Page One flUI1Cl'fLLlffljlV one I RILIKION Page One Hundred-Hfty-two .- Review of the Y. M. C. A. As in previous years The Hill School Young lVlen's Christian Association has proved itself to bc one of the essential factors of the School life. With its chief aim always in view, that of putting the work of the Y. lvl. C. A. into the everyday life of the School, the Association has endeavored to set a standard which all future Y. M. C. A. cabinets may be proud to adopt. The speakers have been men with unusually clear and broad-minded views, and have given talks of great interest to many. Among these it would do well to mention Mr. George Irving of the "North American Studentf' Mr. Robert Cvailey, of China: and Mr. H. H. Vreeland, an old Hill graduate. ln the Winter Term of 1920, T, J. E. Pulling, Presidentt of the Christian Asso- ciation of Princeton University, gave a very forcible talk. Dr. Kumm, General Secetary of the Sudan United lvlissiong and Rev. john Timothy Stoney of Chicagog were were among the other speakers. As customary the various activities of the Y. IVI. C. A. were in charge of com- mittees selected for that purpose. The work at Bethany Mission was in charge of a committee, with Richard Berry, '20, as Chairman. The Bible Study in the School was propagated by a committee, under the chairmanship of Tone, '20. The other com- mittees such as the handbook membership, and relief, all showed a great deal of ability under competent leadership. Page One Hundred-iffy three Blairstown The Hill delegation which attended the l9l9 Y. M. C. A. Conference at Blairstown, was not as large as had been expected, a limited size having been fixed to each dele- gation. Even so, several of those who wished to attend, were prevented from doing so by unforseen circumstances. Those who were Hnally able to go, thoroughly enjoyed the conference and the opportunity they had for associating with fellows from the leading eastern schools Blair Hall, situated in Blairstown, New jersey, offers a wonderful opportunity for holding these preparatory School Conferences, with its superb location, its Hne athletic Fields ,and excellent swimming-pool. Among the prominent and well-known speakers were such men as Dr. lvring. Dr. Kumm, Dr. Robert E. Speer and Mr. Francis P. Miller who acted as Executive Secretary. With such fine speakers and with such interesting lectures and courses in Bible Study and Missionary Work, the convention could not help being a great success, an event to be looked back upon by all those who attended. Notwithstanding the small number in its delegation, the Hill did well in athletics. After winning three games for the Baseball Championship of the conference, the Hill was defeated by Hotchkiss in a Final game by the close score of 5-2. The weather was unfavorable for tennis, yet ,John E. Howard had won his way to the semi-Finals when the Conference came to an end. Ralph H. Cvills represented The Hill in the Track Meet which was not very successful owing to the rain. The delegation comprised the following: Cailey and Veach ,of 1919, Blair, Howard, Schwarz, Stabler and Tone, of l92Og Bacon, Morck, Hills and Hume, of 1921. Mr. Hyde was in charge of The Hill delegation. -Y. M. C. Committees Bible Sindy I-lcmdbook Aflembersliip Tone, Chairman Butler Chairman Paschal, Chairman Guthrie Allen Richardson Mekeel Lloyd-Smith Benedict Stone Howard . Cranston Home Hopkins VanCleve J, R. Clarke Oliver Bglhgny RC'ffCf Berry, Chairman Robbins. Chairman Dery C. D. jackson Lewis Twyeffort Ivlurphy lsham W. C. jones Penney Page Ont Hundred-fifty-four Senior Mission Band Cfficers H. S. Paschal, '20 F. j. Tone, '20 . R. XV. Lewis, jr., '20 D. IVI. White, '21 . . . President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Page Om' lrlunclreclffifl3'-fire The Senior Mission Band Review , aaa I-IE Senior Mission Band was unusually fortunate this year in having a most exceptional list of speakers. All of the number were able to give X a message of real value to the fellows. Two of the speakers were aluneni of the school, and one was an American Indian. Without the untiring interest and devotion of Mrs. John, the successful year could never have my been realized. It would be but repitition to express xx hat she has nfeuizt to the band. The only regret is that so few heard the Hne messages. At the first meeting of the year Mr. Carter Speers, The Hill '10, gave a very inter- esting account of his work in India, as instructor at the Forman Christian College of Lahore. I-Ie gave a comprehensive summary of the great industrial movement that is taking place in that country, and showed how the young men of India are being so trained as to be able to take part in that industrial expansion. Mr. "Rex" Wheeler, The I-lill, '07, addressed the band at the second meeting. The Christian work in China along educational lines was his topic. In a very clear way he compared the schools of China to the schools of America, treating of every phase of school life, In closing he forcibly pointed out the great place there is, in China, for every kind of real Christian man, of any occupation, The third meeting was of unusual interest in having an American Indian as speaker. Mr. I-Ienry Roe Cloud told simply of the boyhood of the Indian and his disciplined training. I-Ie related some of the old legends that he had learned when a boy, explained the characteristics of the Indian, and spoke of his games. The boy is taught to acquire the virtues of courage, self-control, and cheerfulness, and to revere the Great Spirit. Mrs. -John spoke at the fourth meeting, and explained what had been her purpose in creating The Mission Band-to create a factor in influencing the boys to uplzold foreign missions, by bringing strong men here who can, from personal experience, tell of the inestirnable good that can be accomplished by work in the foreign Held. Page One Hundred-jifly-six ummm 1, .x x.. Nu ' , MJ W 01- -.Uh -.f..-,,1m-.mM1p- .1 1-vm- ,mhlmun x -ETL 1. Aj I l 1 f, - 1,513 'K 5" i W 5, M W A u L- 7 x 1 J 4 s ' -S ..: fw W I N Y I N , N ji' , '-'A Page One Hundred-fifty-seven The Dramatic Club OFFICERS P. Lloyd-Smith . . President C. D. jackson . Treasurer A. B. Gray . . . Manager D. S. Adams Properly Alcznager Mr. Lester . . . Coach MEMBERS D. S. Adams, '21 S, Butler, '20 K. Gary, '20 A. B. Gray, '21 H, B. Guthrie, jr., '20 I-I, I-Ienckcn, '20 A. R. jackson, '23 C. D. jackson, '20 Page One Hundreflg,G,fl,v-c'i,gl1I j, P. Loc, '21 P. Lloyd-Smith, '20 I-I. S. Paschal, '20 F. A. O. Schwarz, '20 J. H. Smith, '21 W. W. Stokes, '21 J. Swayze. '21 R. S. VHHCICVC, '21 The l-lill School Dramatic Club Forty-first Annual Performance "THE, ADMIRABLE CRICHTONH By James M. Barrie. Saturday Evening, May Third, Nineteen l-lunclred and Nineteen. To produce a Barrie Play is at best difficult, to present it well, is next to impossible, and to say of an amateur performance of a Barrie Play, that it was done well is, indeed, to bestow praise. lt is just this that we would say of 'iThe Admirable Chrichtonf' The plot is essen- tially difficult. Much of the meaning of the play is derived from the subtleness of the lines. A placid expression-a fleeting gesture:-these told what lines were too clumsy to tell and told it effectively. ln the accomplishment of this feat, it is difficult to assign true credit. lf john P, Lees "Lady Mary" was quite convincing-it would be difhcult to find a more consistent "Ernest" than Archibald Thomson. i'Ernest" is of its very nature obvious-too obvious to be simple. Thomson never failed to interpret. Through the play there were flashes of what must be called inspiration-Kellogg Cary as "Lady Brocklehurst"-I-lobart Weelces as "Lord Loamn-i'Catherine" and "Agatha" were portrayed as only a complete understanding could portray them. In 'iTweeny," Stuyvesant Butler found a part in which he was at his best. The minor roles left nothing to be desired and now we come to "Crichton" himself, whom we have purposely left to the end. Frederick A. O. Schwarz, who took the part, was never seen from the moment the curtain rose until the end of the play, two hours later. Rarely in the reviewers experience has an actor so sunk himself in his part-so lived the life of the man he was portraying as did Schwarz in his great role. As Crichton the butler, and Crichton the man his understanding never failed. Not since William I-larris, has the l-lill seen such apresentation, and not for many moons will it see such another. Page One Hiindrerf film mm' We close with a word of more than passing tribute to Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Lester. ln Mr. Wheelers leaving-The l-lill has sustained a great loss. Mr. Lester will stay to continue his successful coaching for many years-we sincerely hope. To both of them-as well as to all who made this difficult production the success it was-the school owes many thanks, and hereby returns them-for "The Admirable Crichton." The Cast follows: Ernest . . Archibald lvl. Thomson, ' 19 Crichton . l:rederickllA. O., Schwarz, '20 Catherine . . Alan R. jackson, '23 Agatha . . . j. I-lenry Smith, '21 Lady lvlary . john Park Lee, '21 Treherne . . . john 1-l. Allen, '19 Lord Loam . . . . 1-'obart Cv. Weekes,19 Lord Brocklehurst . Walter W. Stokes, jr., '21 Tweeny . . . Stuyvesant Butler, '20 Fisher . . . . , Richard R. Quay, '22 Lady Brocklehurst .... Kellogg Crary, '20 Servants. ERNEST READS HIS RESCUE MESSAGE Page One H undred-sixly YOUR HEALTH GOVERNOR" clred-szxly-one 11' 3 I 33, ,:' O m '-10 C5 11. I-IE WAS 'OUR MONKEY Sixth Form Entertainment Committee Hutton Lloyd-Smith Jackson, Chairman Deaver McCallum Page One Hundred-si my-1 UILJIES 20 4 Ogmmbers Written by Varey 0d PRESS NOTICES 'ours LIFIL-Mow cool-nm sI':AKL5vII.u: srul. A summon! ov obmcious omxassrnu-1'l:w Hou vllu. ooo on :vm oonuI.1'H! I:A.u.v DIKIILL M The Zig-Zag ddities of '53 euro 'Hour LA' ISIJIIJS lv THE MIDNIQIHMAID1 :DL DMIIINKL I:IIIu1I.ING. DAl.Inc slums-um one A'LD lvlIu4olIAANI1DAIrI'I:iDIlu1Cr Ducnmun' oF 'mt wsu, Known ITALIAN. AI. DAN'rEn IN A Buu'rIruI. rA1'HrrIC num cm WMILI: murs LIFETHLRE: I-roofs. lNTllO?UClNC THE FAMOUS MLKJTOJING ARTIST IN HIS CELEBIATED ACI2 THIIARTU .. ,.,. . ......... ,.,,. , ...., . . . ...... .. . .. .HOSEEIJ AIJO 'l'1lLTRAMYVll.Ll! TUMBLDL1. TNETUMILERS . ..,, .. .,..,. . ......,..... . ..,. THE Mi EROTHEIS AND Tl-III SILLY WITH. SILLYWET, . , ..... ..OOR.NFLAKE5 SILLYWETFLI . ., . . ...,..,.,., . . THE GREAT UNCDMBLD - Ei 1 U E lililllf' Ball As 'L ls Footed 51 i- e q.e.d.i.e.e.t.c. THEQUIBIDE AS SEEN BY OUR HERO!! SUPPORTLD BY THE PHDULISH PMOIBLB OF PHAMOUS Pl-IACULTKTES. THE PHAMUU9 PHOIDLLI ,. . i HLKFIT. NOTFJ.DEMLRlTSy GOLF, MUSIC DARKNESS mr. I'-1-Ioousii Primt-rI1-u .......,.., , ...,,......, ....,...... H1111 11 'P cnowriso IN 'n-nz :Nu av oun Hanan 'mEMs:I.vI: -TI-II: DAUNTLUL m:vl:I.I:H. Doucnw Donn: or DIn'rY Dems. 'I'IfIl.'rI:uI . , ,. .. ..... ., ., ,.......... I.Ix. PHoNY.uu.I1.I:nAcxD Page One I-lundred-sixty-four l'm :I Llllle Hawaiian Flower Growing Wilder Every llom' 7 Nobody Can Cullivale Me 'TM lLD!!" -n-Ir: nun. .,,............. ..........,.. ,. .... ...... . , ......,... Awnrsrurnc Inncmc sv 11-is roman nuiszvss um nu: 1-now: or 1-I-I: onunr or mme: reuus nm-mer. or Iiusm oun uwn uoui-Itvucrsszs. rnzuius Iweclus: ............,.,.,,.............,........,.,.... ...... Ius-ru s nAI.I.I:r-11-maiir. - nm om srI.In-I-zu 1-II: :woe -nm rrm. .,....,...... ..........,........,..,............,..,,,..,,..... ou In soncmuzs s'rlAIQrrmolI:'mIorIA. sI.II:.In'I.II Iu:uI:v'm av .II1.uIcA AND nr: ciuzn' Iuur sm. 11-II: :mom-nu: 'I':N'n.'r oomroszn or Ininrrxauz Muimniuzu ur Music me lvonsr 11-In oouu: sb: rourm. six Iiowu. :rx wma The Trial of I the Kaiser "WERE OFF" The success of the Sixth Form Show and Fair of 1920 is not to be com-:Jared with those of previous years. since it provoked so much mirth and amusement. "The Oddities of 1920" in four odd numbers held the audience in a continuous laughter. The most brilliant features of the evening were McCallum swing- ing his lariat in a wav to place him in a position above an embryo Fred Stone. and the three and one-half brothers. Barclay. Richardson and Isham. whose acrobatics and tumbling were remarkably good and brought forth unusual applause. The Fair was much above the usual standard of excellence. Although the number of booths was the same, there was more than the wanted variety of entertainments. and more originality displayed than we have seen in many years. Possibly the most interesting was the animal booth. connected with which was a clark passageway leading by pitfalls and dangerous spots, and then out into the open. Thus the Bazaar and Vaudeville of the Class of 1920. which supplied such plentlous jollity and hilarious amusement. was undoubtedly a great SUCcess. TZ-lE 'IHREE AND A HALF BROTHERS THE HOOPLA CHORUS Page One H undred-sixty-five T1-IE TRIAL OF THE KAISER CAST OF SHOW One I-Iundrecl-sixty-seven Page New York Dance Committee Smith Murphy McAIpin Van Duscn jackson Hutton, Chairman Dupont Page One Hundred-sixly-a ight 7 46 2' Z ,Q- ix 5 I 4 N4 2- X , ff' Zu gfjf ,VI wi f 7 f f 4 ' gf w f Zf z ff ? if Z f Z, 25 f E Z f Z f f 'Z 5 , 'Z if Z 7 f Z ff MZ Sixth Form Dance Committee Smith McCallum jackson, Chairman Deaver Hutton Page One Hundred-seventy If ANQUETS The Alumni Banquet On May 16, 1919, one hundred and forty alumni came to The Hill to attend the first post-bellum annual reunion and banquet. Classes as far back as that of 1880 were represented. This was the largest number of alumni who had assembled at any reunion, and all greatly enjoyed the event. just before the banquet, the annual business meeting was called to order by Vice- President T. Cv. Speers, '08. The report of the Secretary and Treasurer, W. S. Clawson, '85, was then read. Dr. j. C. Hatfield, '84, gave an account of the work of the Executive Committee of the Alumni. This account was followed by a report by P. T. Francis, '08, in which he told of the inception of the plan for a Memorial l-lall, to be erected in honor of thirty-seven l-lill men who gave their lives for Freedoms cause. At the close of the meeting the following officers were elected: to serve for one year: President, C. C. Stillman, '94, Vice-Presidents, john Rice, '82, Chauncey l-lamlin, '99, Van Santvoord Merle-Smith, '07, F. Cv. Achelis, '03, Donald Markle, '11, Montgomery Blair, '17, Secretary and Treasurer, W. S, Clawson, '85, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, Isaac Thomas, '05. The banquet, with Mr. Meigs as Toastmaster, followed directly after the meeting. Mr. Meigs opened the ceremonies by making a brief review of the past year at The l-lill, and then came the speeches. The speakers were: President C. C. Stillman, '94, Mr. Nelson Wheeler, '04, Major Van Santvoord Merle-Smith, '07, Mr. Bement, Mr. john G, Milburn, jr., and Carl Knobloch, 'l8. The banquet came to a close with the famous Triangular Debate between Mr. Rolfe, Mr. Clawson, '85, and Dr. l-latheld, '84, a per- ennial torunament of wit and repartee. The evening was characterized by a prevailing spirit of happiness and joviality in all those present, due to the fact that this was the first peace banquet. Page One Hunclrecl-.scvtnly one The Literary Club Banquet The fourteenth annual banquet of The I-Iill School Literary Club took place on Monday. May twenty-sixth, in the dining-room. About eighty were present at the banquet. This number included the entire English Club, members of the Faculty, and their wives, representatives of the school publications, and several alumni. j. S. Martin acted as Toastmaster and performed his duties excellently. After a most enjoyable dinner, there followed speeches of absorbing interest. Mr. Swift was the first speaker of the evening, and chose as his topic 'Editors and Editorials." In a humorous style he commented on how erlitorials might be improved. The next speakers were two alumni: Otto Y. I-Iewworth, '17, and Thornton Motley, ex-'19 Both alumni spoke briefly about their war experiences in Italy. Then followed a speech by B. Veach, Editor-in-Chief of the News. He vehemently opposed the proposed League of Publications. The next speaker was C. D. jackson, Editor-in-Chief of the Record. In his speech he answered the objections made against the League by the previous speaker and set forth the more favorable side of such a league. Mr, Meigs then spoke a few words about editorials, comparing the goal ones and the poor ones. I-Ie then voiced his approval of such a leaugc and asked for a vote of the Sixth Formers. The result of this vote was that the league was favored by a slight majority. A subsequent vote of the underformers showed that they favored the League by an overwhelming majority. Mr. Meigs then consented that the League might publish an editorial pam- phlet during the coming year. I-Iis closing words intimated that there would be no military training at the school during the ensuing year. Mr. Bement delivered a most interesting and stirring speech in which he spoke of the certain success in college publications awaiting those who had devoted their energies to literary pursuits while at school. The next speakers were NV. I. L. Adams, who spoke a few words about the Track team, and j. E. Ingram, who spoke briefly in behalf of the Baseball team. R, C. Ferguson then made a speech in which he heartily backed the League of Publications, and extended his best wishes to the publications for their success during the coming year. A humorous speech by Mr. Rolfe was a very fitting end for such an enjoyable evening, and before leaving the dining-room all joined in the singing of "Auld Lang Sync." Pagt One Hundred-seventy-Iwo 1 lie: ,,,,, .N J Q r lk I u 1 .mam lsgg ,Wfm,,,a'.,W-,,W 1 c:wj:asYf.'3'15Jf?flQ'1'f?FEZ:1f-:Milf f 725615ginimp-ifLugQ2:ija+.n:m',:3 I7 L j 4Lf.:um1aw1mff.MM! 'THE Z FZ.,- ,f. PUBLICATIONS THE N WS .,.f- ,. .,f- ' Page One Hundrecl-sevenly-four The News Board F. A. O. Schwarz, ll, '20 S. Butler, '20 . . I-l. E. Allen, '20 . . l-l. B. Guthrie, Jr., '20 R. S. Berry, '20 . . Mr. Bement . J. C. De La Cour, Jr., '20 C. F. Defy, '20 J. lvl. Hopkins, Jr., '2l W. W. Stokes, Jr., '21 W. G. Warden, ll, '21 T. C. l-lume, '2l J. P. Lee, '21 J. l-l. Smith, '2l EDITORIAL STAFF EDITORS ASSOCIATE EDITORS R. B. Keeney, '20 l-l. l-lenelcen, '20 L. A. lvlack, '21 R. S. Van Cleve, '21 J. G. Kinghan, '2l A. A. Talmadge, '22 L. Boston, '22 R. l. Robinson, '22 . Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Assignment Editor . Bulletin Editor . . Secretary . Adviser R. A. Sterrett BUSINESS STAFF W. H. VanDusen, '20 .... W. E. Sterrett, '20 . . . . . O. A. West, '20 . R. K. Penney, '21 D. S.AAclams, 'X2l . S. R. Spiker, '21 . . Business . Circulation Assistant Business Assistant Business Assistant Business Assistant Business Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Page One Hundred-seventy we The News . L . ,,1 'i 1 J ...K .,-i Wi. i.uxu,v-J:iil.u imuiinciix "-"'i""-"'-4' um: -nn nmuu ix muJlvi,mr.lrf LLs,xmil"' .:.""' "' wniu mi rm num rms, ':C'X1'iIA1FA2ii72i ' . ,.....,..-........ M... ... ..... ' . ..-- -.-.Iv ,rx t v iii , ,, , - : V' --1 .rr-: s -' .fL':'Eif:'rwbEy,-415,96 : - ,. s . - .mefff--1.1 :H-.5 J -- , i!',',- .tie ...- Jai-as . . . . . V 5, --L, gr-' JN, .tam Y. ri 5 -1 ie:-wx-wxhafi I , . -ggi- ga gg' 175, . '. ' .fri-. '-i" ' 515' Ili 4,1 1' '. 1' I , ,- R zz--Irfan,-' -fs. rg" 1'- '- .- 1.e:P'iif:i3R43f'Q:5.. 1 . 5 . .. - H ' 'v-134157Zy2j4.7.'I5.13-gflff '11-"I's5i-L01 'ff ' T ,, 3.1.52 ..,.,,,,.9,g ,A JK Q Review What The News has accomplished in the past year must be left to the School and to the future to determine. We feel that to afhrm great success would be but a repetition, worn out through wear, and at least partly an untruth. The writer has for the last two years been associated with The News and it is a question in his mind whether any School Newspaper can or ought to be a success. Can The News interest the School at large? We believe that it can to a certain extent, and is, in so far as it attains that interest, a success. But it is not true that The News in a great many, if not a majority of cases, is looked upon as an extra- curriculum activity, to which School Spirit, Public Opinion, and Force make the student, .and Kind Charity, the parent, subscribe? We know that without this charity from advertisers too, The News would find it very difficult to succeed finan- cially. If these facts be true, you will say, cannot The News be made more interesting? Yes,and yet we,who have worked on it,have found it dihcicult, and The News is not the worst of the School papers, The writer ITIUSE be pardoned a wish which occasionally arises in him that the man who so ably critizes whatever is done in The News, would for a change run The News, in that able manner in which his remarks at least indicate he would run it. And yet we realize our faultg we realize that, although conditions of School life preclude a newspaper vitally interesting to the School, nevertheless we could make The News of far more interest, realizing this we apologize humbly to our friends and subscribers. We have brought forth criticisms against a School newspaper, but we believe it a valuable thing, We feel, that the training required in association with The News is of great, in some cases of inestimable value, and that it furnishes a mode of getting into the life of the School which to some, who are unathletic, is almost essential. Of the success or failure of The News for 1919-1920 in comparison with other years we will not write, refusing to thrash over in a meaningless manner what is already known, we leave, as we have said before, this whole question to the School and the future. Pave One Hundred-.seventy-six ' 1 rx 7 f:.? - -11 -l-!' , 5 '-5 f Xxwi ' f 1' fn C Ji, f V V - lib ,?-11 ' , ai N I nz' 3" f ' If , f W ' , , - i X IX ' ! U QQ X , I 7 f x F-' fd XX A f M A " M, -9' 4 R ,ffm -4-"wx: ,I " , -wr, , R f-f xx f . f ,,x If f Jig THE lf'xIiQ'QlQl-1 P O If .Id I3 The Record Board EDlTORlAl, STAFF C. D. Jackson, '20 ..... . Edilor-in-Chief P. Lloyd-Smith, '20 Managing Edilor l-l. l-l. l-lutton, '20 Exchange Editor EDITORS I-I. I-lencken, '20 R. B. Keeney, '20 H. B. Cutl'1rie,jr,, '20 BUSINESS STAFF W. lVlcCur1e, '22 . . ..... General Business Manager R. S, Berry, '20 . . . . . Circulalion Manager I-I. S. Paschal, '20 S. P. l-loopes, '22 R. F. Moreland, '21 S. lVIcClincic, '21 Page One Hunclred-seventy-eiglfzl Review of the Record Returning to a Fall Term full of promise, THE and with a year's experimentation behind them, the Editors of the Record felt that more could be expected this year than was the case last year. The nnances being in the hands of the same business manager as the previous year, little trouble was anticipated in that direction. A serious check was found in the making up of a contract. As with all other things, the prices in the publishing business had gone up during the summer. This would not have hindered if the prices could have been raised at the other end. But there is an unwritten law at The l-lill, and a perfectly just one, that after a certain point it is ridiculous for schoolboys to pay abnormal sums for their school pub- lications. The Record made the best of this matter. At the beginning of the year stories were chiefly submitted by members of the Sixth Form, and some members of the Fourth. The Fifth Form which will take charge next year had not a single can- didate. Gradually this wore off until, by the beginning of the Winter Term, stories of excellent quality were being handed in by the Fifth Form. There can be no doubt in the minds of the readers of the Record as to years when they read the Fifth Form contributions. JANUARY '- - 1920 The size, shape, quality of paper, and general style of the Record are the same as at the end of last Spring Term. The only material change has been in the number of pages. This has been increased from ten to fifteen according to the requirements of the issue. The artistic contributions of the underforms have been as good as any ever printed on the Record covers. The future should be bright for the artists of the next two and three years. One great innovation that has been introduced this year has been the Contributors' Club. ln past years excellent material in the form of essays, criticisms and very short stories has been turned down because of its size. To afford space in the columns of the Record for such matter, the Contributors Club has been started. This has met with surprising success since all the members of the English Department turn in all their good essays and themes to be revised for the Record, and the members of the Under- school who do not feel themselves capable of a two thousand word story nevertheless can express themselves to their satisfaction in the new columns. The coming year is full of promise. The Fifth Form is well able to carry on, and the Fourth and Third Forms are abounding in literary talent. The Record turns over the management to the Class of '21 with the best wishes for alsuccessful year and with grateful thanks for hearty cooperation. Page One I-lundred-sevtnly mne if N N NB W H1113 THE DIAL V 1 The Dial Board Editor-in-Chief Henry B. Guthrie, jr. Business Manager Henry E. Allen Photographic Editor Richard S. Berry ArtEdilors james S. I-latnelcl Robert XV. Lewis, jr. .James T. Pierson Editors J. Carl De La Cour, jr. Parker Lloyd-Smith john S. Osborne I-I. Stanley Paschal, jr. Louis I-I. Twyeffort One Hundred Page-eighty-one The Dial Review The Dial Board as its first project published a calendar, which it tried to it Q A make in every way pleasing. We were ' I I handicapped, however, by unstable printing conditions, and, if our calendar did not satisfy all, we at least hope that , this Dial, in which we have centered all our energies, will meet with univer- sal approval. The Dial Board realizes ' that this volume is not perfect, and that undoubtedly there are many places X , where next year's board, to whom we 5 confidently give over the trust, may 2 ', ' make improvements, Yet we crave 1 - the readers indulgence, as we have ' tried to do our best. ' L We hope that you will like our re- ! trospects. will be happy if you praise ' and enjoy our drawings, and if you ' consider our photographs meritorious of your commendation. It ' We have tried to make our Scrap ' ' ' - ' X 'A Book complete and interesting, and to ' -f --ef introduce in the Dial innovations which you will like. Having put aside all things military, the Dial has tried to depict in a life-like manner and as accurately as possible School activities and doings. We have, with gladness in our hearts, added accounts and pictures of Thanksgiving Day joys and a review of the Snooze inplace of the Military Section of the 1919 Dial. We have made place for the League. We refer again here to the Scrap Book, because we regard it as one of the most important features of any Dial. lt has been our earnest effort not to fall behind the high standard set in this respect by last year's Dial Board. Our official work in photography has been done this year by Davis. We made this change in order to secure more convenient service at close hand. We also changed publishers, securing the work of the Searle 82 Dressler Co., of Allentown, Pa., whose ability may be judged by this book. We have experienced difficulties in our work, but, as a whole the path has been smooth. In closing, then, we hope that you will find few mistakes, that you will be so pleased with our book that you will not judge us too harshly, and that next year's board, to which we are deeply indebted for hearty cooperation, may take whatever is good from this volume, and may make additions and improvements which will make their Dial in every possible way the best that has ever appeared at The Hill, Page One Hunclretl-eighty-Iwo The Snooze Review Thanksgiving Day, l9l9 saw a reap- 1 pearance of our old humorous friend, ' ' V ' li V ' The Snooze, after an absence of a year ' n " on account of the war. lt cannot be l said that this year of absence in any . way lowered the quality of the I9l9 " edition for certainly the skits and jokes 1 ,wax ' . T a 1 were just as clever as have ever been i In in J I1yf3L?Jn:3i A" l published in a humorous magazine at 3 'lin Z - 'J '-.X A 3 I' The Hill. A 1 lg, N L :N ix Under the able guidance ol Editor- ' QQ j,.i ' .JZQQ V' - "" 4 in-Thief Butler, assisted by Harkness. 1 5. V , X . ' , Keeney, and Berry on the editorial l ' ' QM-55,-iq-.t 4 LW" lssx 'Q l 5 staff. Hatheld as brush and pen wielder, and Allen and Paschal as Business l 1 Scavengers, a very successful issue was 1 l published. The most noticeable thing - V in the magazine was the abundance of ' Y- -9 local jokes and skits at the expense of manyvof our members. Typical of these were the Sixth Form elections a la Snooze, the Seven Wonders of The Hill, and the astonishing account of the football game between the faculty team and the Olympics. The regular jokes were good for the most part, although, as is typical of any humorous publication, there were a few which very probably were known to Adam or Noah. The poetry was also up to the usual standard. Perhaps the only drawback from being the best Snooze ever published was the sparsity of drawings and cartoons. The would-be artists of the School in general did not respond to the appeal for drawings as well as they were wont to do in previous years, and that fact may account for this lack in some degree, What drawings there were, were clever and well done. The cover especially, which drew much comment from the Reviewer in the News, was deserving of praise. The competition for the best title of one drawing produced many clever answers, the prize-winning one, "The Last Drop," evidently bringing in Prohibition as the cause of the subjects desire for death. lf the way in which the School bought, read, and praised the issue is a measure of its merit, then certainly The Snooze of 1919 fully measured up to past standards and to what was expected of it. What more need be said? Page One Hundred-ezvhly Ihrcc Review of the League During the early months of 1919 a few of the editors on the publications met in informal conferences for the purpose of deciding the feasability of drawing the pub- lications into some sort of union. This plan was caused by a desire for closer economy, better organization and Hnally, for the purpose of providing a means of student ex- pression which should be absolutely independent of Faculty supervision. These con- ferees could not agree upon any hnancial union, but they could agree upon an editorial pamphlet, The publications sanctioned this pamphlet and at their annual banquet the hnal plans were approved by the Headmaster. The first issue of this League appeared in the latter part of November. lt con- tained four editorials written by the board, which consisted of two men from each pub- lication and one representative from the Sixth Form. The editorials treated of the Leagues purpose, New Fellows, the Selective System, and The Hills Future. Again the League appeared in early February this time with editorials on Preparatory Schools, Winter Athletics, Cooperation, and the Winter Dance. The League will appear only when there seems to be some real need. lt is not the purpose ol' the Board to establish a new publication, but rather to supply the School with a means of expression which will always be helpful and which may some day be actually important. lf there seems at times to be a lack of subjects, there need be no League-indeed, it is better not to cheapen it by appearing to no purpose. But always in the years past there have arisen times when some medium had to .be supplied between the School and the Student body. lt is the dearest hope of the founders and editors of the League that it may supply just this medium when the time may come. Pagt Om Hundred-eighty-four Page One I-lundred-eighly-five Glass Song of 1920 Words and Music by Robert W. Lewis, Jr. 533 W L . ' -- mqi 1:3 JQil'E'-lIi2h'E-3-Q-Mgr?-3,2.i3I-as-1-I-as-E-QL3-erggtiiigj -- qfnljimf- ,gfiff .,f .gigiif 'jfeijv .:T,f'n film FCP' lj Q v V I III? I V V If I - Our student days are swift-ly pass - ing, The days that we have la-bored long, ---ILA-IL - 2 Pam IL --JPN 9igiIi43'13E?F:E E V I EE EEVEEEIILIQLLEQIEL52333 --'5l5JJ-I,I-V- P15-5-Pd A Ci V I1 U-lj I- I 'I-- tv' r . I I I I I I IJ I 5I3Ls-st-LE,j:I- E?ifzdTjIw: g - -3-15?-Ai ijfilili J:,,-:IES Q-5:53. a- ,::,'fL'I'5.:,"t-,.. L ., v It I r u -5- ggi 3- 1- 5+ -fug- V And now our AI -ma Ma- ter tru - est We of-fer up to thee our song. f - --P-A-Ii ?o+1- 0 F-Ri?-L 9- 929-- 92gHIi-1:Q3"E-EE'-Ii4k-gITiEF-Jingle: ji: 'fiiafiigiiiiglgglfji . Q--I, :, r r I - I -I :rlEF:r:Iz -IIIII CEL ifreigiij -'nihniefapiifre 1.-tttiii-EBI 'i::HE'!E- -li 471- -:idly -0- -0- -1- -1- -0- Uv Soon we must leave thy walls behind us, Our days with thee are near-ly spent, I I I I A A - N A - - E L L LL-- , - 15522132-fig-QL-1:51345 1 EI E QI- f If FEC-1-get . I IIN I9 V- , II d i- tj! -1- sV1gl"r'r' I'tI""b, V - I I -I I It J - I 51:5 -:sax 1-1 -- 1 lv. -21 JeLs-s-L:L:: IZ? I A a-7- -I 1-T-hg-- --N-I--I-:I---I--H 5:1- . A tg--I ' '-' env 1-.:fII1::faf.fIIv-Inf-, -.r 2 I X45 ' X-f And on-ly as the time growsshorter Do we realizewhattheseyearshavemeant. L :jig-1-Qggvg,-, :' -" t"' " '3'1':'-'ii 35 Qs L -I - - . - Le- -L ,I:I: LLL L -L LL LHLL-' -L fig, L - - -L - V- - I'-L L L I- P I I ss-A -Z - - - A P I - P u-u-V- -ITS II wWIL V I7' V I I' I V V F' I vb Throughout the whole of life's great contest Throughout the years that lie before us. lVhen others seek to Find but fame. In all the work that we shall do, VVe'll dolour part in humble silence, VVe'll strive to pledge our lives li e I-lill men, We'Il just "play up and play the game." Doing "whatsoever things are true." Page One Hundred-eighly-six HES-W. One Hundred Page-eigluy-seven bl. T. Pierson J. S. Hatneld Mr. Randall . . Violins lvlr. Stafford lvlr. Hyde P. R. Dotterrer. '22 P. A. Gaffney, '22 R. Gurney, '21 J. S. Hatneld. '20 K. S. Kessler, '23 A. Ticdig, '22 E. L. Young Flutes Mr. Kogel H. H. Porter, '22 Page Une Hundred-eigllly-erglif The Orchestra OPPI CERS Traps H, E. Allen, '20 T. S. Hardin, '2l Piano - Mr. Russell Mr. Randall Clarinei J. T. Pierson, '20 Bass R. S. Berry. '20 . . Presidenl . Secr2la1'y-Treasurer . . . . Leader -Saxophones T. D. lvlattlniessen, '22 H, B. Suhr, '22 Corners Mr. Collins lvlr. Sleeper 'Cello Mr. Grismer C. D. -Jackson, '20 if NBKSOUDN GCU6 Qffix 1 L7 The Mandolin Club C. D. jackson. '20 H. S. Paschal, '20 Mr. XVeaver . H. 1VI. Atwood, 11, '21 A. E. BisQe11, '21 S, Butler, '20 j. E. Clarke, '22 j. R. Clarke, jr., '21 T. P. Coleman, '21 C. Cranston, '20 K. Cary, '20 H. B. CfuLhrie,j1'., '20 W. H. Harkness, jr., '20 j. E. Howard, '20 Bass R. S. Berry, '20 Page One Hunrlrecl-nim'ly T. C. G. R. L. S. H. W. R H. R H D T. 1-1. OFP1 CERS Mandolins C. Hume, '21 D. jackQon, '20 johnston. '21 H. Lane, jr.. '20 A. 1V1ack, '21 1v1cC1intic, '21 S. Mekeel, '20 C. Morck, '21 Cv. Cliver, '21 S. Paschal, '20 K. Penney, '21 Ffule H. Porter, 111, '22 Saxoplmmx 1-1. Keck. '20 eIeW. Matthicsseh, '22 13, Suhr. '22 . , . President , Secretary-Treasurer . . . Conduclor D. H. Phillips, '21 F. A. O. Schwarz, '20 S. R. Spiker, '21 W. E. Sterrett, '20 G. A. Thorne, '21 F. j. Tone, '20 T, L. Turner, '22 L. H, Twyeffort, '20 NV. H. VanDusen, '20 D. IVICK. NVhite, '20 Traps R, IVI, Smith. '22 GLEE CLUB Page Ona I-l1.mrlred-nlnftx 0 The Glee Club OFFICERS Lloyd Smith . . . Pr szden Paschal . . Serrelarx Treasurer Mr Randall . . . . Conductor Bassas Tenors j. L. Alexander, '21 -I. H. Benton, '20 H. E. Allen, '20 T. P. Coleman, '21 R. S. Berry, '20 "1. S. Hardin, '21 R. B. Cowing, '21 T. C. Hume, '21 Mr. Cushing A. O. Jones, '21 B. L. Hardin, '21 P. Lloyd-Smith, '20 R. W. Lewis, jr. F. P. Norris, -lr., '21 H . S. Paschal, '20 NV. C. Rands. '20 W. L. Stabler. '20 T. D. A. Starr, '20 W. W. Stokes, jr., '21 W. C-. Warden, 11, '21 D. lvl. White, '21 Pave One I lundrerl-nimfly-Iwo D. W. H. Phillips, '21 D. Sherrerd, '21 D. S, Adams, '21 j. L, Alexander. '21 H. E. Allen, '20 Bacon, jr., '21 . Benton, '20 R. , Berry, '20 A. Bissell, '21 . Coleman, '21 R. B. Cowing, '21 A. M. Cullum, '20 Mr. Cushing A,1-1.Ha11, '21 B. l.. Hardin, jr., '21 T. S. Hardin, '21 T. C. Hume, '21 W. lvl. johnstzon, '20 A. O. jones, '21 fl f? roiricniw -4 s- 0 0 :- sv -cs 2. CD :- 2. "I W1m2PUWV owfwaassec B. judson, '21 W. Lewis, jr., '20 Lloyd-Smith, '20 W. Means, '21 . C. lvlorck, '21 P. Norris, jr., '21 S. Paschal, '21 E. Penney, '20 , H. Phillips, '21 ' C. Rands, jr., '20 . D. Sherrerd, '21 . L, Stabler, '20 D. A. Starr, '20 . W. Stokes, jr., '21 S. VanCleve, '21 G. Warden, ll., '21 lvl. White, '21 A. Woods, '21 Page Une I-lundrecl-ninely-lhree O 5? PUBLI SPEAKING 1111 ff The Inter-Club Debate of 1919 The twenty-second annual Inter-Club Debate, which was ,held in the Common Room on Saturday evening. April Zbth. was won by the Vifranglers. The question for debate was, "Resolved: That the substitution of a modern subject for the present Latin requirement for admission to a college course leading to an is desir- able." The Wranglers, represented by J. B. Veach, H. S. Paschal, and H. G. Weekes, with R. B. Keeney as alternate, defended the negative, while the amrmativc was upheld by C. J. Leewitz, E. J. Taylor, and J. H. Allen, with W. A. Stone as alternate, of rthe Q. E. Dfs. - In conformity with the new plan, the debaters were given twenty-four hours in which to prepare their speeches, and material and briefs of each side were put at their disposal. Aside from this, they had the benefit of no outside assistance. The general character of the debate, as compared with debates prepared under the old system, which involved long preparation beforehand with the constant and active assistance of the faculty advisers, fully justined the new method, under which the debaters were forced to depend more fully upon their own resources. The debate was of particular interest because of its extreme closeness, there was a real clash of argument in the rebuttals, and every speaker showed a willingness and an ability to meet his opponents reasoning fairly and squarely. J. H. Allen, the first speaker of the evening, carefully outlined the proposition which he and his colleagues intended to defend, and expounded the first of their three main arguments. The second affirmative speaker, E. J. Taylor, devoted his attention chiefly to the limitations of Latin as a study, and gave his analysis of the alleged disciplinary value of Latin the effect of a calm, sincere inquiry, G. J. Leewitz laid before the consideration of the audience the several substitutes which could be offered for Latin, and the advantages of each. H. G. Weekes, the first speaker for the negative, outlined the position on which the negative defense took its stand, namely, that whatever the supposed defects of Latin or the supposed merits of other subjects, nevertheless those who wished to study it should not be deprived of the opportunity to do so. H. S. Paschal, the second negative speaker, showed how essential Latin was in the training of the mind, and how important actually, as well as theoretically, in the arts course. The last speaker of the evening was J. B. Veach, the substance of whose speech was to the effect that all the proposed substitutes are already in the preparatory school curriculum, and that therefore no necessity had been shown by the opponents of Latin for its abolition. . This debate was the second in the new competition for the cup which is to become the property of the club winning a majority of times out of twenty contests. The Wranglers have won both the debates so far in the new competition, and in the entire period during which inter-club debates have been held, they are ahead of the Q. E. Dfs by the close score of I2-10. Page One Hunclred-ninetg LU? The HQ. E. D." Debating Club CAMP I M r. Lester . . OFFICERS Schwarz , . clupont, E. I. Blair, W. F. D. Isham . . . . MEMBERS Bacon . Blair Burger Butler Coleman, T. Davis cluPont, E. I, F icks Fowler Galbraith I-Iardin, B. L. I-Iaws Hopkins Howard Inman Isharn judson Keck xvfigm, C CAMP 2 Mr. Fraser . . OFFICERS Tone, NI. F. . . Bookwalter I-latfield, j. S. jackson, C. D, . . . MEMBERS Adams, D. S. Benton Berry Bookwalter Carr Clarke, I R. Cranston duPont, S. I-l. Fenn Cray I-lardin, T. S Hatneld, I S. Idenken . I-Iume Vlackson, C. D. Johnston, C. jones, NI. M. NVoods Page One I-lundred-ninety-six Lamoreux May Moreland Murphy Newcomb ,I Fennev. R. K. Phillips Pierson QUH5' Rice, bl. Roper Schwarz Stokes Stone, W. A. Taylor Tiedeman Twyeffort White Dav. Lewis McClintic Mekeel Norris Osborne Vice- T. X 'i re- Penney, R. E. Ryan, XV. Sargent Smith, I-I. Swayze Tone, F. j. Turner Tuttle V an Dusen Vcc Clcr, I-I. O. von Platen Weisc r Adviser Pmxifldnl Prexirlenl Treasurer '5CCl'Uff1l'y Adviser Presidenl Presiclenl Treasurer Secretary The "Wranglers" Debating Club Mr. Smith Paschal Cullum. Stabler Allen, H. E. Mr. Robins White, Don McAlpin Macgill Hills . Alexander Allen, H. E. Benedict Butcher Chamberlaine Cowperthwait, Cullum De la Cour Derr, T. Dery Gaffney Cary Curney Hall jones, A. O. Kennedy Kinghan Atwood Barclay Bentley, A. L. Bissell Blair, j. C. Cowing Elliman Gardiner Guthrie Harkness Hills Hogg Hoops Hutton Jackson, B. Johnston, W. jones, W. CAMP 1 OFFICERS MEMBERS Young, E. L. Young, L. NV. CAMP 2 OFFICERS MEMBERS White, Don Lee Lloyd-Smith Mack Markle Paschal Robbins Scherer Sherrerd Spiker Stabler Starr, T. Tinsley Thorne . Adviser . President Vice-President . Treasurer . Secretary Warden, W. C. Ware, T. Warnock West Keeney Leith Long McAlpin McCallum Macgill Matthiessen Means Morck Oliver Rands . Adviser . President Vice-President . Treasurer . Secretary Robinson, C. Ruggles Sterrett, W. Stout Van Cleve Veeder, R. Page O E. ne H tmdred-ni new seven Commencement HEAD OF SCHOOL john E. Williams, jr. HEAD OF FORMS john E Williams, ulr.-Sixll1F0rm Parker Llov:l-Smith -Fijh Form Theodore C. Hume-Fourlh Form Theodore DeW. Matthiessen-Third Form Henry E. Muhlenberg-Second Form Edward Hartshorne-First Form FIRST HONOR ROLL john E. Williams, jr. Theodore C Hume COLD MEDALS For exzellenee in Public Speaking. First Prize-Henry B. Guthrie, jr. Second Prize-Walter W Stokes jr Third Prize- Frederick A. O. Schwarz For excellence in Debate. john B. Ve ich H. Stanley Paschal lr Hobart G. Weekes Roger B. Keeney ALFRED RAYMOND MEMORIAL PRIZE john S. Martin HEADXXIASTERS PRIZE FOR POETRY David MCK. XVhite COLOATE CUPS FOR DEBATINC Wfranglers "Q, E D Hobart C. NNeekes E. W. Sterling Graham H. Stanley Paschal, jr. Edgardo A Correa CHALMERS DALE CUPS Ciceronians Tallers john P. Lee Richard R Quay I1 Walter NV. Stokes, jr. james Ma H Hopkins j THE STRONCE CUP Parker Lloyd-Smith THE YALE CUP john H. Allen jOHN W. OVERTON MEMORIAL PRIZE W. Cecil McHenry ALUMNI CUPS Samuel H. Humes-Sixih Form james E. Ingram, III.-Fiflh Form Ralph G. Hills-Fourlh Form jUNIUS BROWN TITSWORTH MEMORIAL PRIZE Page One Hundred-nmeljy-eigl1l Robert C . Ferguson XWTIX The English Club During the year 1919-20 the English Club has become Iirmly established. Previous to this year the club had no constitution, and no authority, other than custom, for what it might do, At the beginning of the year the constitution which was adopted ire! the spring term of 1910 was found impracticable, and a new one was drawn up and a opted. Not only has the English Club become constitutionally established. but it has also broadened its ideas and purposes. To quote from the constitution, "the purpose ofthe organization shall be 1l'.e stimulation, among its members and in the school at large, of interest in the best literature." This does not mean merely that great literature shall be read as a specimen of perfect English, but that, in works of a more serious nature, a real effort shall be made to throughly understand the thoughts and ideals underlying the work. The club is composed of those members of the Sixth and Fifth Forms who are best qualified to understand and appreciate fully good literature, both prose and poetry. During the year many excellent selections have been read in the meetings held every Sunday in lVIr. Rolfe's rooms between chapel and dinner, and the members of the club have found it a source of much pleasure. i OFFICERS W. H. Harkness, Jr., 20 . . . . . President H. B. Guthrie, Jr., '20 . . . . . Vice-President S. Butler, 20 ....,.. . Secrelary-Treasurer . MEMBERS H. E. Allen, '20 C. D. Jackson. '20 J. R. Clarke. Jr.. '21 E. S. Stout, '21 S. Butler. '20 R. B. Keeney, '20f1 'l . P. Coltman. '21 Mr. Rolgfe R. S. Berry, '20 P. Lloyd-Smith. '20 J. lVlacH. Hof kins. Jr.. '21 lVIr. Bement K. Cary, '20 R. W. Lewis. Jr., '20 T. C. Hume. '21 Mr. Edgar H. B. Ciuthrie. Jr., '20 F. A. O, Schwarz, '20 J. P. Lee. '21 t lvlr. Lester W. H. Harkness. Jr.. '20 VV. A. Stone. Jr.. '20 l.. A. Mack. '21 lVIr.1 homas H. CIN. Hencken. '20 D. Mclx. White, '20 W. W. Stokes, Jr.. '21 Pavc Two Hundred lvlr, Rolfe Mr. Sheppard lvlr. Turner lvlr Collins Mr. Edgar Mr. Bement The Masters Club OFF ICERS . President Vice-President . Steward . SecreIary-'Treasurer . Chairman of House Comrnitlee Chairman of Entertainrnenl Commizile Page Two H unclred-one mdwmx The Hill Club at Princeton Due to the encouragingly large delegations of Hill men who have entered Princeton with the last three matriculating classes, the Hill Club at Princeton has rapidly grown in size until it is now the largest organization of its nature in the University. Fittingly, the activities of its members have kept pace with the growth of the club, and have resulted in The Hill's being represented in nearly every branch of undergraduate extra-curriculum life. Scheerer won his "P" in football, making the sensational run which defeated Yale in the annual game, George Trowbridge, W. B. Baker, and Halsey are letter men in track, while B. B. lVlcAlpin, jr., is a member of the varsity crew. Cornelius Trowbridge and Welles are on the soccer team, Wood and B. B, lVlcAlpin on the gun team, :nd Shriver on the swimming team. Rutan, Ivlcllvaine, and Massey are members of their freshman teams in football, baseball, and track, respectively, Halsey is Secretary of the junior Class, while L. C. Woods, jr., was elected to the same office by the Sophomores. On the Triangle Club are Guilbert, Quay, Schroeder, Bushnell, Ryan, and Mc- llvaine. Heiserman, Berry, Collins, Dulles, C. P. Trowbridge, Polhemus, Kaye, and Allen are members ofthe "Princetonian" Board. W. B. Baker, Bushnell, Collins, Hun- ter, and Shea are on the 'iTiger" Board. Dulles is on the "Lit", and G. A. Trowbridge and Steers on the "Pic." Bushnell, Dulles, Massey, Talbert, and Shea are included in the personnel of the Undergraduate Schools Committee. Bushnell is chairman of the junior Prom Committee, while L. C. Woods is a member of the Sophomore Re- ception Committee. j. lvl. Baker is on the Press Club. Page Two Hundred-two A. H. Jennings, '20 A. S. Bushnell, '21 F. E. Rutan, '23 . A. H. Jennings J. H. Beal F. W. Cilhert R. B. Heiserman L. G. Kaye J. M. Baker, W. B. Baker G. F. Berry A. S. Bushnell J. L. Cochran S. B. Collins F. R. Dulles H. Garrett C. D. Halsey B. H. Henderson Cv. R. Hunter M. E. Anderson M. Blair, A. Cunningham J. A. Forbes L. Cordon, Jr. E. B. Getze, Jr. A. K. Hamilton M. Keeney G. M. LaBranche W. I. L. Adams J. H. Allen J. H. Beebe R. Cv. Ferguson J. T. Fulton J. LeRoy OFFICERS MEMBERS 1919 R. Miller M. S. Quay IQZU B. F. Kraffert I J. R. McCune M. Pitney, Jr. F. S. Polhemus l9Zl R. V. Lindabury A. M. Macoll B. B. McAlpin, Jr. C. W. Mayo B. D. Munlord J. I-I. Neher A. Nicholson A. Rogers J. R. T. Ryan, II. J. D. Scheerer IQZZ A. G. Lambert J. P. Lyon W. B. McFerran NV. B. Mclllvaine W. E. Massey, Jr. C. R. Miller R. I. Powell H. I. Richardson J. T. Rogers IQZ3 C. H. Lewis J. S. Martin D. M. lVIcAlpin J. D. Mitchell A. G. Faul F. E. Rutan . President . Vice-President . . Secrelary W. B. Talbert C. B. Rogers A. H Schroeder G. A Trowbridge W. C. Wilmot S. M. Shea T. C. Speers F. C. Squier J. R. Stears C. P. Tworbridge J. H. NVhelan, Jr. L. R. NVarCl H. I-I. Wells L. L. Wetherill A. Wood V. L. P. Shriver NV. B. Spencer G. B. Scott A H. Seidenburg P. Cv. Strong M. Ulman E. B. Wheaton E. W. Woods L. C. Woods E. F. Thomson P. Todd J. M. Wallace H. Cv. Weekes J. L. yy. E. Wigton Williams Page Two Hundred-three The Hill Club at Yale Three years ago The Hill Club of Yale consisted of more than one hundred and thirty members. The United States declared war in April, 1917, and byjune there was hardly a Hill man left in the University. Last year the club boasted of seventy-Five members and this year its ranks have increased to eighty-five men, many of whom are prominent in all branches of curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. ln the Dramatic Club the Manager and one member are Hill men, while there are four on the Glee Club. The Chairman of the Yale Graphic, the Business Manager ofthe Yale Record, the Secretary ofthe "Y" Club and an Editor ofthe Yale News, are also Hill Alumni. ln athletics the school is more than well represented by Eve men on the Track Team, six on the Football Squad, three men on the Freshman Track Team, three on the Freshman Baseball Team, two on the Freshman Tennis Team and one man on the Freshman crew. The Captain of the Colf and Gym teams are also Hill graduates. One member of the student council is a Hill man as is the President Of the Sheff Student Council, while two men are in Senior Societies and a large number are members of prominent Academic and Sheff fraternities. Page Two Hundred-four OFFICERS W. D. Prizer, '20 . j. Stewart, '21 . -I. P. Kellogg, '21S. T. R. Symington, '21S. . MEMBERS Backus, '18 Forbes, '19 l-lanway, '19 Mitchell, '19 Congdon, '21 Emerson, '21 1-ledstrom, '21 Robinson, '21 Moore, '19 Scott, '21 Otis, '19 Shevlin, '21 Porter, '19 Vreeland, '21 Potter, '19 Williams, '21 Pusey, '19 Anderson, '22 Freeman, '20 1-larrison, '20 Masters, '20 Benedict, '22 G. Colgate, '22 S. Colgate, '22 Platt, '22 Gragin, '22 Sweeney, '20 Gardner, '22 Weyerhaeuser, Gifford, '22 Merrick, '23 Andrews, '19 S. Platt, '23 Dwyer, '18 S. Pierce, '22 Smith, '19 S. Scudder, '23 Seymour, '23 Veach, '23 Webb, '23 Austin, '20 S. Daniels, '20 S. Glass, '20 S. Neidringhaus. '20 S. Stilson, '20 S. Taylor, '20 S. Trippe, '20 S. . President . Vice-Presiden! 1-lanway, '22 jones, '22 Kingsbury, '22 Martin, '22 May, '22 Nagel, '22 Storrs, '22 Boone, '23 Day, '23 Fisk, '23 Foster, '23 Gates, '23 Goodwine, '23 Graham, '23 Knobloch, '22 S1-IEFF. Denny, '21 S. Harris, '21 S. Hoover, '21 S. Stickley, '22 S Coke. '22 S. Cowles, 22 Sf Roberts, '22 S. Rodie, '22 S. . Secrelary . Treasurer Page Two Plizndrtclfvt The Hill Club at Cornell After a lapse of two and a half years The l-lill School Club at Cornell has again organized. The Club now consists of twenty-one members, all of whom are taking a very prominent part in the various activities of the University. ln athletics, The l-lill is represented by a member of the Varsity Track Team, a regular on the Freshman Football Team. and a member of the Cross Country Team. The Assistant Manager of the Crew is also an old l-lill Man. An' enviable record has also been made in non-athletic activities. On the musical clubs three men of the Clee Club, two of the Mandolin Club, and one of the Orchestra are I-lill alumni. Of the other I-lill members at Cornell, two are on the Freshman Ad- viser Committee, while one each is on the Alumni Pledge Committee, the Junior Smoker Committee, the Freshman Banquet Committee, the Rocky Mountain Club, the Student Council, the Dramatic Club, the Savage Club, the Sun Board and the Freshman Tax Committee-. ' Page Two Hunclred-six Roger Wolcott Hooker joseph Curtis Platt Allan Hosie Treman E. C. Avery, '23 S. B. Bird, '21 H. F. Colby, '23 T. B. Colby, '23 C. K. Dickson, '22 C. H. Fletcher, '22 A. O. Germer, '23 OFF l CERS MEMBERS W. Y. Harlow, '20 A, H. Hooker, jr., '20 R. W. Hooker, '20 D. L. lmhoff, '23 11 C. Matthiessen, '23 H. C. Meyer, 111, '22 T. E. Moffet, '20 President . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer E. B. Osborne, '21 A. B. Plant, 'ZZ J. C. Platt, '21 H. R. Reif, '21 P. Sleicher, '21 A. H. Treman, '21' A. W. Wilcox, '22 Page Two Hundred seven The Hill School Club at Williams wi-T-Ei fl ja -:fi9fl5ff27l. Q- i l i " '1?L2'aigfi5fi'. a -C1 1 ' "-'film " ', fi . ' I :JT " ,ifgl ' '-.,- ,'vpZ'4lw' gr, .. '- H we- ws, -11,1 .ff 'i ' 1.11- V.. - J- , Q. K i..j,,1-it fi. :ly ' 4. '-ff1Lj9:'e :,v:x.i':2-2 gif- w. 3 vi i ,,1ifl4ir'J' 'jil P. .iigilii A iii' . P' ,gl 4- -1-.5 'Q ,-its .K ' l 1, -. . .- .- ' yin' 'fi' 'f.Z+f3-neu ill? I -' l ff 5 A I fi it fell? i ilu ,ff . i l il? . I-: 11 .uf fr i' l ' fre-i.-4 ai, -V ' l . HL' . fnztliti A . ' . ' ' 4'2Lga:r f f'?E:-. -1,.,-'Lge - f. , .,,1j-- - "' 'V' V QM ' 'LW ' ' , V V M . im.. -i .fzf-'nvasfg-.f e OFFICERS Presidenl Ralph S. Munger, '20 Secrelary . r . ' . ' Nflo anS Cam bell 23 MEMBERS R. S. Munger, 20 S. H. l-lumes, '23 S. T. Coleman, Z2 S. C. Mackay, 23 ' . . am e , . . c ur , MSC bll23 CWlVlCd 23 After being discontinued for several years. The Hill School Club at Williams was revived this year and has successfully accomplished its task of bringing Williams College and the activities of The l-lill men there, before the school. The l-lill School men up here have very successful been in all lines of activities. Ralph Munger recently gained the high honor of being elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity. During his career here Munger has played three years on his class basket- ball team, and in '19 he was on the Varsity Squad. I-le is a member of Deutscher Verein and the Classical Society. l-le also took Sophomore l-lonors and the Latin and Mathematics prizes. Munger is a member ofthe Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity. Sheldon Coleman played on the S. A. T. C. football team and was on the Varsity Squad this past fall. l-le is also Assistant Circulation Manager of "The Purple Cow." Coleman is also out in the competition for Asst. Baseball Manager. I-le is a member of the 1920 Smoker Cast. Coleman is a member of the Zeta Psi Fraternity. Morgan Campbell is out in the competition for Asst. Business Manager of "The Williams Record." l-le is a member of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity. Stewart Mackay is working hard for a place on the track team. l-le is a member of the Psi Upsilon Frraternity. Samuel I-Iumes made the Freshman football team last fall. l-le is also President of his class, and a member of the l-lonor System Committee and the Student Council. l-le is a member ofthe Sigma Phi Fraternity. Cordon McCurdy is taking an active part in outside activities and is a member ofthe Zeta Psi Fraternity. Page Two lrlimdred-eight The Convicts Club 1920 ROBBINS KENNEDY DEAVER ISI-IAM du FONT Page Tw H cl d The Camera Club Bhe Camera Club entertained the school with an excellent program on Saturday November 15th, in which the prize pictures of the Fall Term Competition were thrown on the screen, and afterwards Douglas Fairbanks in the Film "l-lis Majesty, the Ameri- can." Needless to say, all the school enjoyed the entertainment very much. To become a member ol' the Camera Club, a fellow must win a prize in one of the competitions. 5 LOFFICERS Henry B. Guthrie, jr. . . . . . Presideni F. Price Norris . . . Vice-Presiden D. Harvey Phillips . . , . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS 1-l. B. Guthrie, jr., '20 j. L. Swayze, '21 S. McClintic, '21 L. l-l. Twyeffort, '20 T. DeXV. Matthiessen, '22 J. D. Warren, '22 F. Price Norris. '21 A. C. Whitaker, '23 R. G. Oliver, '21 W. W. Wiard, '23 D. l-larvey Phillips, '21 C. A. Woods, '21 'FALL TERM COMPETITION Class A. ' First Prize . . . . -I. L. Swayze Second Prize . . . C. A. Woods Class B. Firsl Prize . . . . T. DeW, Matthiessen Second Prize . T. DeW. Matthiessen Class C. First Prize . . . W. W. Wiard Second Prize . . . . -J. D. Warren Class D. First Prize . . . A. C. Whitaker Second Prize . . S. McC1intic Page Two Hundred-ten The Alumni Association OFFICERS C. C. Stillman, '94 ......,. . Presidenl No. 3 East 44th St., New York. john Rice, Easton, Pa., '82 ...... . Vice-President Chauncey Hamlin, '99, Buhfalo, N. Y. ,... . Vice-Presidenz Van Santvoord Merel-Smith, 29 West 54th St., New York. 'O7 . Vice-President F. C. Achelis, '03, No. ll Mercer St., New York . . . Vice-President Donald Markel, '11, Hazelton, Pa. ...., . Vice-President Montgomery Blair, '17, 1705 Conn. Ave., Washington, D. C, . Vice-Presidenl William S. Clawson, 718 Land Title Bldg., Phila., Pa. . Secretary-Treasurer Isaac Thomas, Pottstown, Pa ....,. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Assistant Treasurer C. M. Fincke, '93 Dr, Wm. Darrach, '93 -I. L. Grandin, '94 Rev. W. M, Fincke, '98 Rev. J. 1. Blair Larned, '01 john C. Milburn, '99' W. S. Clawson, '86 P. T. Francis, '08 Dr. C. I Hatfield, '84 Professor Meigs assembled the alumni of the school February 22, 1894, to form an organization for the purpose of fostering a spirit of unity among the Hill graduates. At this meeting, which was attended by more than forty of the alumni, officers were elected, plans were made, and The Hill School Alumni Association was established. Ever since its existence the Association has exercised a great influence at The Hill. In 1897 the alumni donated a fund for the Chapel, of which the corner stone was laid on june 7th, 1902. Within two years was completed a gift of gratitude and of appre- ciation of the men who have gone out from The Hill. ln addition to the Chapel, the alumni initiated a fund for the building of The Mem- orial Hall. Cn November lst, 1919, the corner stone was laid for The Memorial Hal. which was given in honor ofthe alumni of The Hill who fell in the service of their country The association made arrangements, moreover, for the portraits of Mrs. john, Mr. Rolfe, and Mr.,Sheppard, to keep ever alive the memory of their Fidelity to The Hill. Also city clubs in Buffalo, Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, and St. Paul, were founded. These generous donations of the Alumni Association demonstrate its undying loyalty for The Hill. Page Two Hundred eleven ll if ' l L ' . ' c Y . V W WW W WW cv ' v lui fa hy. 1 '. 1 l A 3 ,Y frlihvh' lf' ' 6' x ff . A,,l,n' , ff Kffllmmimllfi ,J-f ff X Wx N. - , I ei if 5, S .,, ,. f-:sl ' fi 1 N' T I K E 'J z?5.'4?'f-. ,fl Winter Term Retrospect On the seventh of january we again returned to The I-lill. many of us wearing lovelorn looks and bringing tales of recent conquests. Soon, however, the School settled down to hard work and all traces of the vacation disappeared. Several weeks after the term had started, the health of the School took a bad turn and School was quarantined. Then followed a period of scares and upsets, but things soon straightened out again and the term went along as before. The weather was cold and skating and skiing were the features of the term. while hockey and basketball enjoyed successful seasons. Many entertainments were listed during the term including Lyman I-lowes Travel Pictures, The Hampton Singers, and movies featuring Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and other well-known stars. Many well-known ministers addressed the Y. M. C. A. and preached in the Chapel, among them being, Dr. R. E. Speer, Rev. Nehemiah Boynton, and Rev. Timothy Stone. During February, the School enjoyed a well-earned half-holiday and also a Tea Dance. Soon the "sharks" departed for a long Spring vacation, while the rest of us remained at School, but, on the twenty-fourth of March, we put our books away and left for our hard-earned rest. Page Two I-lundred-lwelve ' 001100 mi n d .f ,,... "" "V "W 1. ' r.-A ,ff- ,?- it ,Lf-M . .1 7 -71,2 -- ,l.l.fff' Spring Term Retrospect April eighth was the ill-fated day when wc returned to School from a happy Spring vacation. lVIany things, besides studies. held our attention, lor already the baseball team was rounding into shape and playing their hrst games of an unusually long schedulel The Track Team was training hard, and the golf and Tennis teams were industriously practicing for their many contests. The Term had hardly started when the Sixth Form Dance arrived. The girls came, paraded before the underiormers for inspection, danced, received the Dramatic Club's presentation of 'iThe Amazons," wandered in the moon- light, and departed. The Baseball team met Princeton Freshmen, Penn Frehsmen, Tome, Cvilman and other well-known rivals at Pottstown, and traveled to Lawrenceville and Hotchkiss for its most important games. The Track team went to the Penn Relays, the Princeton lnterscholastics and the Yale Interscholastics, ending its season by a dual meet with Lawrenceville, The Colt and Tennis teams also played many successful matches and everybody was sad when they realized, at last, that another year of athletics was over at The Hill. Soon School Examinations were again with us and then Commencement Day and Class Day exercises were duly celebrated. But no sooner were we through with the School examinations, than College Examinations came, their conclusion marking the passing of another year and the fact that another class had left our 'City on The Hill" forever. Page Two Hundred lhzrlecn FALL TEHPI , H 5. as "Q 'fa X -, XR xx xxx ' ,X xlfx J. 3 Z ' 1' X-X x 5"l'1'S-Iii? if 4 Q T X Fx, ,ffy i-411-nx f' I F-59' 91 ' X XX ix Wfaldz 'XX . X X X Q X. X X XXX, M - 'Al',yywll .RFQ ." N X, ' X X xx X XX XXX ml.. tm it QN N X .x , K - ywsig I' xnxx 1'l9?i?5ff ?g'i36gF" . if .Q--14.111-'-f'f:4.m' . '- :1.,,v- - Ji-,24,.4,..---entg ui . .. Fall Term Retrospect It was the twenty-sixth of September when we wended our way back to Pottstown from our widely scattered summer resorts, We found that the Football team had beaten us by a week and was ready to start scrimmaging. The next week, the Team played Williamson to a scoreless tie in its first game. After a 7 to 6 defeat by Perkiomen, the Team decisively defeated Princeton Prep 14 to 6. By a rally in the last quarter, Tome defeated us 13 to O, but the team again found itself and defeated Lawrenceville on November first. The defeat of Lawrenceville, however, was not the only important event of that day, for Secretary of War Baker laid the cornerstone of Memorial I-Iall and a Tea Dance was held in the Common Room after the football game. After de- feating Haverford lO to 7, the team, weakened by the absence of Captain Bentley, was defeated by Hotchkiss 20 to 0. Then came Thanksgiving Day and its many pleasures g the sports, which were won by the Sixth Form, and the Sixth Form Show and Fair. Soccer next atrracted our attention. Although the team put up a hard fight, they were defeated in both their games, by Princeton Freshmen and Westtown. But athletics were not the only things that attracted us during the term, for Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Fred Stone, and Robert Warwick entertained us with their latest movies, while William M. Lewis, Captain james Norman l-lall, Tom and Daly all gave us very interesting lectures. Soon examinations were seen approaching and, after the Musical Club's most enjoyable concert, we realized they had at last arrived. Cn De- cember nineteenth the term ofhcially ended and our Christmas holidays commenced. Page Two Hundred-fourleen " SNOWBOUND " AIRPLANE VIEW h Page Two Hundredffleen LNX . SEQA? mg ,Il Page Two lflundrecl-sixteen Ab N fx ff! 1 K K !:x x X x S N-f--X1 -ff' LAYING CORNER STONE OF MEMORIAL HALL, NOV. 1, 1919 LAYING THE CORNER STONE PLANTING THE MEMORIAL OAK Page Two 1-lundred-scvenleen , THE UH ,w Page Two H unclrecl-eighleen THE HOTCHKISS GAME g Y g Q 9 4 -. " X 4. TY. ', ' i 3- -f, -" r A U M - ,:,g- 4- -. . 1, . ,',,,,,,-,Me. 5, -V ' 'VL A , ,J - ff-r-Jsff-if ?iiii"'Q +1 r ."': -Akgrg-rrp mga' gn -'-f-1:1-:f"'r-,:-'rig' Af' X.-.:.l7z-L' -- Y-Av" : ' ' 4 Fvfff0i?.m..,3g5+ ,,Y,Jv A, .. Y: f ff, Y, 'vi -:.--.. ---- -fr'--Mmszr.-gfwirf AF'-E gg .-'i' g..::..,..- ff 1 m..ffil:..-'iff '5 1 I ' W" ' Q Y ' Y . 1 :mr .1 z..-1 , .ff a--..:.1:.,,, . ' N' ,, . ,, 2 157.-'ZF 5 5 ' ff 914245: uszriv ' 1' . . ' . ,.1 3 1. . 134.111,-g,,g,.1 . 1-3 :Q-" . gf,-'rg ' 15, A .,... ,X J, .... L S.: ' r ,TQ f 4 ar-Z-T , , . 4, - . ,... -.,.. A- .. +3 5 1' 'QJQL ,.,, -V ,- A wf, - ' - 4 - p 'g:f5- I . A , ,.., . f S' V A 25- f. ' ,Z fav. -15"--.-, ' ' , .za .r ,.1 f.: , vc , ,V .5f."' 'S' .' - VA. f?9i?Nf53-'- ' ., Zcbyzmt . "J U Highgiers 1' Rust Proof ,I - if ,fir llli' t 1s:f,2g:E:EE' f'i,M zM,:f1141-:wc1-wf:z- , -:-fwffaz lazy? 4 4:1 ,- ' p f wzf'' . ff g':s:3ggg5g25 :Age-:ar-' :9-Elf' Iwi' 2:f...1..:ffv'1-mg:-I - YN! , 2 2 W P 1 f 23 U , f 5 4 1 , :G X 'ff 1 A Q D 6 3 W Q , " 51, , + f , we wsf , , 4 , a:,1:g3gk3fgg:4.:: V :gg-:-X. f ,,.:.',mg-1 ff-1-we - . ,F6i77:'f7:m. :f'N'7:f!F'?'54'i""7" -' gg2:v,:g5:g.jg..':3: :Eff:5fx2'i:ff-1- If-1, rf, 1-.ww-mab Fw.-:f :'-4,g:1:,- - X ,1,,-qj.M:i:,l-ir, .V ,, ., , 3jfiEfZEa2E1i:Z:iEA2'f , - 1E.:g::z1:z?5GrEf. . ,, . -' " I-,3.!g1'g! 1513551912 :chi v'94.51-,-.:.-,:5:f:Z1"-.-f ff fg68.,,A .. kk 5' :gan -:-:-.--fr:f:1:-:2:I:1: 'ef f'f3,.-eazfya f ,, .:.,: 1 f My 413 2 'W x.. W' 1 ,- gd ,mgpgy mg::w5zv:42f.:f,-:--fr, , . , Tee Diving Tower Over at Steve's Page Two Hundred-nineteen A Giant Swing Big Bear, Little Bear Page Two Hundred-lwenly 1? 4:'.- as 15. 1252 .,. 4 ,,-22 - 1' -Q :E 'rf' ' . ,, 1462? ,, pg r., " l 'Q 5231, Qjf'?f ji: - .f,l Ala. . X- :jp ' iq! . , . -a.-t .. -1.-za ev., 2321-1 N V. .sf ' 15, .,.,,,, ffffz. f2QSifE?-:wx -, J f 1 5 - Mo. 1 ' .- xoi f ,aff X 4" " ,A 7 ' viz ' st Af 2 'yy ' J 'J L 'E . - i. 4 -1 , K -42 94? . ,',.,' 4 cf H fp. I Q' r- 1 ,L 6 S L9 ' :TY 4,6 ' P ff v. w " ' Q it f 'R " . -. . , S -. 1 -5 1 ,. . e,.,, .., . "h A f- 1,3.5?fo,aw,r.f:.1 Q:f7!rJ'L.'1 . 41 , if " .- f , 1 . x Q. U- . 4' P' 4 r +L? 5 -A 9 'T K 3 I 5 I 'I ' " Sk il " in D NL I " f 'Q "NJ: 1 4 'X . vw if A' 4 5 5 I lx, rs. 2 l 1 xg 94 X. 9 X 1 N ' i 'F-zqlfiwys fm:-1r,y:Q-'xv-X-f,,. Frank on the Parallels The StrongIGym Team W 1 THE DUKE x,x..x'vQl'?Ll 5, 1. X' I 'x ',.' ,x f fs. rv N .- atm COACH AND TRAINER , , X . Q i THE DEAN E XHIBIT "A" "MIKE" EXHIBIT "B" Page Two Hundreu'-lwenly -one x. Mutt and Jeff . 1 "X, U , U ' Epi. : . Q. -4 asf-:spa ' ,wb 'Q V 1: '.-.2-i:-.,,5n zu.-:W I. 22 915, 1' . A' A : A-'-we , .. -- vm: iflyezgggs rt, . i r 1,f,:,:e,..f9,i " Wi g 4: X x. Nw Q ., A Q 1 , . . s .W M, e :if Qf:,mar?e1' 1 egg 5, ' 1 6 N N, :X x P, A i as :I W 'N X "' O, 3 -.: . r QQQ:1,F.3 5:-we N r. .. .mx eq -'ma' "-43'e5:'1,":e-, X-1 3:-1:::,:i:A:-.:. --MSS' " X'-ag ,Q,?:,Qw,, 1-,g' - gfQ,.cSc::v1l. 12514211555 ' ':1i.f2,.,.' TQQEQF 'girsx ' " ?xE,.!kg1f3:2 4-J 4- f 1 "im 1:-Sin if " 1-'f'f'ef if: 'fe ' -1:-ng-.m,,,,.-.-1.-:-.' '-4.:':-.fe . iff' '- lm -. 4, -5 ive X -4 N' N., .Ji AQ'-:iljri ' f 5 .2: :ai ,1::rz:-F114 LISF4 Q 1 s:,.ifr,f. fs- x'9"f'iK " X M, x v X C ,AN X , , E Q' , 1 . ,Q .wa A 'Ea ox 4 if Q 4 , , N, 1, 5 I ' K' Q ,sa K' Q Q , QS X 1, ,Q N x , F X S. ,xg A 5 Father Thomas ill A W 4 x X ., ,.,:.w, - -ee, . I L X x ,N SS-bf The Second Webs ter 1 - fe--Wm-w -.1 .' , V' " ff", 1 '+-,:q , X3 . - ' -f - 5 +A- -'wig-,.s1:::f . . ' ' I-2 flvzi:-. 'fx , .-may my -- gi:- .., .W I-se 4 5 9 A QW 5 A 'M Mi? 'M N, 'H WW 'SW an , i N R11 . 4152, Y 4 7'4'-MQ wuaq y Wifi, ,. V x , , V+ -mv' 'Y I Q! 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I l rj. . o"gf':2Sn4""3?,,g'q' ': gf:-q"P ,A ..:fesQ5.ny,vTi-' if. fx.-' f-N? ,J ,,' ., ,.,5.':: j 1 1 Q ' A-1 .gnc H - LA , " : r2.:.i ,--Jxfggva - Q, - '11-fl f -A--"ww -1: ' 4 af, fui5'911rs1:1.1 2'f-:i:1-Q1-A1::1.:f: -'-4 5 ' -WF' "'-ziiuf if ezf- - , ' ' 1 vez. .-T' . . - zxgfgi.-2, .Q Wx, ' 1 -x 'Q"P5Q,,, -4 :- A - .,-:1:y:Ei94f?,'fE-+ . A - 3Y'Qi:4f:af3xXv3ZfffIf-1-'lv 4.-' -N '.v,.w-,Lac , f I. .,' 1 53.3,-,.g..1 Jimmie The First to Get Married Greenburg's Best Page Two- Hundred-Iwenly-Iwo NUMBER " 23 "' Mg b I-gk W - THE DELL A CLOSE DECISION Page Two Hundred-twenty-three 'A" T 1 ' . ' A 1 ' Iii? ' ,, 55 .---..-,451-.12-:,g::' Q-:-12' 'V' Q "4 'Q N , - - --ff j 'N TT 55? L-F gif t . 1:12 fat- 3-2, H:-13225 w-.5 Q ., . Q , 14, ,nr 'z Q J Jw- .lr we ' ' 'EA' X N I X 4:4 Y ' 'Z in 32" NJ- Q 295,531 x x X 1 1 x sig g X Q Q53 V Ju Qvfgiv J N A N 4 fax as 4- to Q a A.: 4-.... . YEL- V X! .skew -Qu T., J:1,:N.,1-.--.- nf: . .A 1: -lv, ,i:::v.Q ,Qff ,, 1 . 5 '5 Q. V, ' L-ce q: n .551 AL E L,-QM, u w A , 51 "' r 'Q Q4 gf: N, 1 ' 3531 vh 3 lx ,X ' Y 1 Q , V+ 4 l l A Loose Crew Hard -Boiled 54:5 iii v-is In Chapel Their First Appearance Faculty Row Page Two Hunfired-Iwenly-four Hillside Bulletin Board Steve" "George" Page Two I-lundred-Iwenty-jvc " Ln Jim A Noble Youth Another . ,. ' .W ,,',vA',,.,15?,' K-, Y B F ,, Exif. ' W2 , W' 25 - -f.,. .f1f?..' '-.... '--'ifQ3fhf hx A, 't' . H. rams. ' ui -Y .. ...,. A R' ' ja -3:37, 1 -' V lk.-T1 '. ' ' -. ' " .K--.., I -135'-'QITEQ xx - s. gg1.5,,: aff, ,1 1 X, 3 RIA-.-',. . ' .' 1' ' -1.1-x. Q-Lrg.. .-:gr-jf-rgffqqz It - I '- -5:1 1541..- H . , , K' ., -3.-:rw ' gy Q, . K 75,5 :gf 5 ' ei... M.-, ..f'QL'ffQ11-f::'ff ' 1 ' 7 ' '- 12.-19" - 2.554-Hg" - - A '32, '- V " W , , u n , Don , W 1 , ,Ham and Bud Page Two H undred-twenly-.six OUT AT THE "PIKE" THREE "HICKS" NOW LOOK AT 'EM Page Two Hundred-twenty-seven FOUR PREMIEUR DANCEUSES A Page Two Hundred-lwenly-eiglll " HE DOES " Thanksgiving Sports Cock-Fighting THREE RUB ES FATHER AND SON Page Two I-Iunclred-lwcnly-nine " George " Form Sports UNDERSCHOOL OUTING AT SPROUGLE'S Page Two Hundred-Lllirty THE NEW g'SAN" MR. HOWARD'S HOUSE Page Two Hundrecl-Ihirty-one ff Lx-. Page Two Hundrecl-thirty-two SAFE COMMENCEMENT 1919 Two of a Kind Angthgr Page Two Hundred-thirty-three ..BILL,, Q HSP' - R A " A ' f . 211 1 5 , '-5' . ' 4, -' 1, lg. V2 "C, D H. H. HATFIELD Pagq -Two Hpmdrccl-lhirly-four -Lnoc' HART. SCHAFFNER 81 MARX ,...............-.,' 1919 TRACK TEAM 'KAINT HE CUTE '!" Page Two lflundred-Zhirly-five MANUAL TRA NING A11-Form Gym Team More Stunts 59 THE WIRELESS CLUB Page Tun Hundred-thirty-six . ff sgffliii-E-' -r-' -nr -- THREE YOUNG HOPEFULS SOME MORE Page T140 Hundred-thirty-seven HMAMIE AND ,IOHNNIEH WINTER , SPORTS Page Two l'lllI7L1fCL'l'-Iflffly-Gigli! 1920-RIGHT DRESS! 'x - ' 17' SIXTH FORM DANCE .QS :X - 4, f , 5, .,,. , , ., 4: - - . I ,, - V , 1 ' ' my ',. ,: f, 'J 1- -+.,,I A - x More Pictures Their Last Public Appearance Page Two H1zmlrud-II1irly-nine VOLUNTEERS SEVEN OF A KIND Page Two Hundred-forty THE WEIGHT SQUAD ' 'LEST WE FORGET" AT WORK ON MEMORIAL HALL Page Two Hundred-forty-one Q -' ":-cr, y SKI-HOUNDS :sw Page Two Hundred-forty-two THE HAVERFORD GAME . . ., . H Jimmxe Pierson Harvest Harkness "Johnnie" Roper "Torn " Ware Page Two l'lL1nclrcd-forty-tl1rvc 39 5 E . "WILLIE" STONE '-.K F. . ,,s.f,Zi' ,Qt - wx, . .,4:-.-gy' . P-. . 3 2.,,,4,w E.. .. .. -4 ' , 11?-1 "" Y , N, L . as A .2 , ax PARKER LLOYD-SMITH "BUD" RICHARDS ' Page 'Two I-Iundre.!-forlyfvfouf " JACK " BARCLAY " Billie " Blair "Tompie " Derr "Dutchy" von Platen " Johnnie" Howard Page 7-u 0 I-'unrlred-forty-fue Kzd H ward C295 n Gambling MRS HITNER ASKS OSBORNE, BUT Delay I E. KN C? WS NEGKLAGE WQLEN BY BUTLER ft, Aww ed Ciinfesses Goatfls AA I Long Lzkvedffre Goat. FROM JERSEYGITY THREATENS SUIT Bishop Be FVYX Two 4 BUTLER IS OUT FOR THE PRESIDENCY Woods savsfle is mot of 'Smmg Fisf In The Faces Gf Twhus LANE AN OIL EXECUTIVE 0fHa PROPGY MI uv t dtM ssafge T H zmdreclfforty-six ii3is Uwi.r.iir.iir.ilis L 1- l gi if Y 'ff U X 7, c The Dial Board wishes to express its thanks to the members of the Faculty for their readiness in aiding us. Especially we are grateful to Mr. Swift, who has been our constant helper, both unofficially and as our adviser, and to Mr. Dale, who has rendered untold assistance to our Art Editors. Finally, we thank the following men for their help: From the Sixlh Form From the Fiflh Form Stuyvesant Butler james G. Blair W. Harvest Harkness, jr. Townsend P. Coleman C. Douglas Jackson B. Lauriston Hardin, jr. William MCE. johnston Daniel C. Long F. A. O. Schwarz D. Harvey Phillips W. Laird Staloler From the Fourlh Form james lvl. Arrison, 2nd, Lyon Boston Henry M. Coke Stephen lvl. Etnier Donald S. Gifford Richard I. Robinson Francis G. Salt Page Two H unclrerl-forty-seven Members of the School Achilles, Theodore C... Adami, Charles j., jr.. . Adams, David S. ...,,. . Adams, Robert H., jr.. . Adamson, Charles, jr.. . Alexander, james L.jr.. , . Allen, Henry E.. .,., . . Ancona, jacob S. ..... . Andrew, james D., jr. ., Armsby, jeffrey K.. . . Armstrong, john ....,.... Armstrong, Meylert M.. . . .................Stoneleigh, Ossining, N. Y. ..........................BonneTerre,Mo. . . . .Third and Cherokee Sts., South Bethlehem,Pa . . . . . . . . . .Brookside Drive, Greenwich, Conn. ..........................Cedartown, Ga. ....667NewarkAve.,Elizabeth,N.j. .........................RolandPark,Md. ...........175 N. Hanover St., Pottstown, Pa. Anderson, H. Craig, jr... .,,.... 5812 The Normandie, 36th 81 Chestnut Sts., Phila., Pa. ...... ...Ross, Marin Co., California Armstrong, W. Grier. .... . . .,.... . . . . Atwood, Henry M.. ll.. Austin, Edward B.. . . . Bacon, Albert S., jr.. . Barclay, john, jr... Barnett, john W. .... . Barthell, j. Gary ...... Benedict, Mitchell, ll.. . . . Benedict, Samuel ..... Bentley, A. Lewis. . . Bentley, james E.. . . . Benton, josiah H.. . . . Bergh, Henry, jr.. . . . Perry, Richard S. ........ . Berryman, William l., jr.. . . Beury, Thomas C., jr.. . . Binder, Furman L.. . . Bissel, Alfred E.. . . . .. Bixby, Donald C. .... . Blair, james G. ....... . Blair, William F. D.. . . . Bliss, H. Huntington... Podfish, H. Hallet, jr... Pok, Cary NV .... ..... Bookwalter, jolfn F .... . Poston, Lyon ........ Bousfield, john D.. . . . Page Two Hundred-forty-eight Northumberland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . .1030 Ridge Ave., Evanstown, lll. . . . .586 Scotland Road, Orange, N. j. . ........ 333 High St., Pottstown, Pa. Arrison, james M., 2nd. .... . .............. 315 Hansberry St., Germantown, Pa. Lester Place, Beechmont Park, New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . .194 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . .162 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. .....................Greensburgh, Pa. . . . .2330 Maplewood Ave., Toledo, Ohio . . . . .1567 Ridge Ave., Evanstown, lll. .....................Denver,Colo. ...................Sewanee, Tenn. . . . . .ll Bronson Place, Toledo, Ohio . . . . . ll Bronson Place, Toledo, Ohio . . . . .75 Oakley Road, Belmont, Mass. . . .109 W. 75th St., New York, N. Y. ....................Eng1ewood,N.j. . . . . . .5201 Pembroke Place, Pittsburgh, Pa. 1218 Virginia St., Charlestown, W. Va. ..............860 N. Charlotte St., Pottstown, Pa. Q. . iiiigggf iiii ...7 Red Oak Road, Wilmington, Del. ghxvay and Lindell Ave., St. Louis, Mo. ............ ...4607 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas .............Silver Spring, Mex ..................Beirut, Syria . . . . . . . . . .Vineyard Haven, Mass. . . . . ."Svastika," Merion Station, Pa. . . . .1054 E. High St., Springfield, Ohio .301 W. 89th St., New York City ....203 E. 8th St., Aberdeen, Wash. Brandish, C. johnston, j Braman, Lawrence B.. . . Brooks, Frazer .....,.. Brooks, Reginald L.. . . . Brown, Sherman T.. . . Buhler, Curt F .... .. . Paul H. ..... . Buhler, Bulkley, Edwin M., jr.. . Burdick, Paul W. ...... . Burger, Clarence C..j r.. . Burger, Van Vetchen .... Butler, Stuyvesant ..... Carpenter, A. Everly. lll Carr, Richard C. ..... . . Cary, NV. Miles, jr. .... . Chamberlaine, C. Frczler Clark, Cordon S. ..... . Clarke, Cornelius ...... Clarke, j. Russel, jr.. .. Clarke, jonathan E.. . . Claytor, Richard ...... Cochran, L. Vanuxem. . . Coe, Donald L. .... . Coke, Henry C., jr.. . . . Coleman, Eliot W. .... . Coleman, Townsend P.. Colgate, john K. ....... . Conklin Daniel E Cowgill Henry S j Cowing, Rufus B., lll.. I. Charlotteville, Va. ..............30f1XV. 86th St., New York City .. ................. St. Davids, Delaware Co., Pa. . . . . . . . . .37 Great Cumberland Place, London NV., England West 67th St., New York City iek Cowperthwait, joseph B... Collins, Herbert C.. . . . M Cowperthwait, Lindley Cranston, Graham ..... Cullum, Allam M. ..... . Davis, Henry C., 3rd.. Deacon, George P .... .. Deaver, j. Montgomery De la Cour, j. Carl., jr... Derr, Thompson .,...... Defy, Charles F. .... . Dessez, Paul TJ, jr.. . . . Dewey, Chauncey P.. . . Dewey, Orville C. .... . Dighton, Asler C. .... . Doan, Franklin M.. . . L. .... .. Hotel Essex, Madison Ave. 82 56th St., New York City 129 N. Church St., Hazleton, Pa. 32 E. 67th St., New York City . . . . 136 jackson Ave., Bradford, Pa. ..... 20 Fifth Ave., New York City ........... ....2OFifthAve., NewYorkCity ....................Hillrise, NVinnetka. lll. .The Gladstone, llth 62 Pine Sts,, Phila., Pa. . . . . . . .2233 Robinwood Ave., Toledo, Ohiio . . . .... The Washington Apartments, Baltimore, Md. . . . . . . . . . . .157 Engle St., Englewood, N. i ....... 716 Lake Ave., Wilmette. lll. ...,3522 Farnam St., Omaha, Nebr. . . . . . . . . .361 Euclid Ave., Elmira, N. Y. ............3522 Farnam St., Omaha, Nebr. 1826 R. St., N. W., Washington, D. C. . . .. . . . .1415 Astor St., Chicago, lll. Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. . . . . . .4606 Ross Ave., Dallas, Texas City City ff.'.33'i' ...68 E. 86th St.. New York ...68 E. 86th St., New York Llewellyn Park, East Orange, N.j. ....375 Park Ave., New York St., Atlanta, City Ca. . . . .964 Peachtree . . .1154 S. Main St., Carthage, Iwo. in ................ oien Ridge, N. J. ...2l2 S. 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 212 S. Fourth St., Philadelphia, Pa. .................SanRafael,Calif. ....East Drive, Sewickley, Pa.. ...................Elkins, W. Va. . . . . . .641 High St., Pottstown, Pa. .1634 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. River Bank, Riverton, N. j. Willces-Barre, Pa. .Catasauqua, Pa. Waterford, Conn. .Echo Point, Wheeling, W. Va. Wheeling, W, Va. .55 N. River St., . . . . . .Echo Point, 712 N. State St., Monticello, lll. ................Toms River, N.j. Page Two Hundred-forly-nine Donaldson. Charles E.. . . Dotterrer, Paul R. .....,, . Drake, William . . . du Pont, Eleuthere l.. . . . du Pont, S. Hallock .... Edmunds, Paul R.. . . Edson, Bennett ,.,.... Edson, john joy, lll.. .. Elliman, D. Trowbridge ,... Elliott, Charles T., jr.. . . . . Elliott, William P. .......,. . Eshleman, S. St. john, jr.. .. Etnier, Stephen M. ...., . Evans, jared M. .... . Fenn, XV. Henry, jr.. .. Fieks, Gerald j. .,... . Fink, Rudolph ....... Ford, F. Richards, jr.. . Forker, David M., jr.. .. Forman, Lawrence W.. . . Fowler, Delos R. F.. . .. Frierson, john S., lll .... .... Furst, S. Dale, jr. .... . Gade, Harald H. ....... . Gaffney, Frederick A.. . . . Gahfney, joseph N.. . . .. GaHney, Maurice L. .... . Galbraith. S. Dranoel .... Gallagher, jolr.n F. ..... . Gallaglcr, William R., jr Gamble, Willard S. ...... . Gardiner, George N., jr.. . . Gardner, Theodore ...... . Gary, Kellogg ......... Gates, Caleb F., jr .... . Geddes, james L., jr... GiHord, Donald S. ..... . . Glantzberg, Frederick E.. . . Graham, Malcolm B. ........ . Graham, W. Lawrence, jr.. . . Gray, A. Barr ........... Gregg, james H. ..... . Gurney, Ramsdell ...... Guthrie, Henry B., jr.. . . Haig, H. Vvfolseley ..... Hall, Arthur H., jr.. . . . Page Two Hundredffly .......63 Barker St., Buffalo, N. Y. .. . . .170 N. Hanover St., Pottstown, Pa. . . . . . . .The Blackstone, Chicago, lll. .. . .808 Broome St., Wilmington, Del. ....8C8 Broome St., Wilmington, Del. . . . . .70 Frederick St., Detroit, Mich. . . . . . . . .East Drive Sewiekley, Pa. . . . . . .East Drive, Sewiekley, Pa. . . . .755 Park Ave., New York City .R. F. D. 1, Middletown, Ohio ....R. F. D. 1, Middletown, Ohio . . . .1408 First St., New Orleans, La. .............Wyndham, York, Pa. .......54b High St., Pottstown, Pa. . . .1000 Broome St., Wilmington, Del. . . . .14 E. 60th St., New York City . . .208 S. LaSalle St., Chicago, lll. . . . . .23 W. 10th St., New York City . . . . . . . . .XVold Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio . . . . . . . . .186 North St., Buffalo, N. Y. ..215 Enneld St., Thompsonville, Conn. Manor Hall Farm, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Haven, Pa. . . . .6020 Greene St., Germantown, Pa. . . . . .160 jackson Ave., Bradford, Pa. ... .....15 Pine Ave., Kane, Pa. . . . . . . .139 jackson Ave., Bradford, Pa. ....2l2l Center Ave., Bay City, Mich. Mill, Pa. ........... Smith Mill, Pa. ...............NVatertown, N. Y. .....570 Park Ave., New York City . . . .O Knapp Place, Hackensack, N. j. ...............Hubbard Vifoods, lll. . . . . . . . . . . . .Constantinople Turkey . . .2029 E. High St., Springheld, Ohio . . . . . . .60 Park Place, Newark, N, j. . . . . .1046 Camp St., New Orleans, La. . . . .813 Dubuque St., Rochester, Minn. . . . . . . . . . . .Main St., Masontown, Pa. ....411 15th Ave., Paterson, N. j. . . . . .810 I-lulton Road, Oakmont, Pa. .... .312 Summer St., Buffalo, N. Y. ...lOl E. 74th St., New York City . ................ Haigville, Nebr. ...............McDonogh, Md. Hall. Randolph E ,..,...,.. . Hamlin, Chauncey j.. jr.. . . . Hamp, Edward H. ......, . Hansell, Standish F. ..,... . Hardin, B. Lauriston. jr.. . Hardin, Taylor S... .... . Hardy. Philip S. ............ . Harkness, W. Harvest, jr .... Hartley, Guilford ....... Hartshorne, Edward ..,.. Hasset, Harry C., jr.. . .. Hastings, Daniel O., jr. ....... . Hatfield, C. Alexander. . . Hatfield, james S. .... . Havens, Nathaniel ..... Haws, joseph S. .... . Hayne. Frank B., jr.. . Hazelton, Alan W.. . . . Heaton, Chase ........ Heller, Edgar W., jr.. .. Hencken, Hugh ........... Hess, Robert Mol., jr.. . . . Hills, Ralph, G. .....,.. . Hogg, john C. .....,..... . Holabird, William, 111.. . . . Hoopes, Samuel P.. ...... .. Hopkins, james MacH. jr.. . . Houser, john ............. Howard, john Eager. . . Hubner, john, 11.. . . . Hudson, james .... Huff, M. Brooks .......... Hume, Theodore C .... ..... Humphreys, William A., jr Huse, Robert S., jr. ...... . . Huston, Charles L., jr.. .. Hutton, Halcourt H, .... . Inman, Hugh T. ..... . lsharn, Ralph N.. . . . jackson, Alan R.. . . . jackson, Bradley S .... . jackson, C. Douglas. . . jahncke, Paul F., jr.. johnston, Graham W. ..... . johnston, William McE., jr.. . . jones,!Ash1ey, O., jr .... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grace Church St., Rye, N. Y. N. Y. 1528 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo . . . . . . . . . 3901 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa l3ll Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C .. 1311 Connecticut Ave., XVashington, D. C . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Calvert Place, Lineoln,Neb. .. Hotel Bossert, Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. ........ 1305 E. Superior St., Duluth. Miinn ........524 High St., Pottstown, Pa. . . .... ............ ......... . . .'1'oledo. Chio . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .1017 Park Place, Wilmington. Del Montgomery Ave., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa Nlontgomery Ave., Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa ...............l370 East Ave., Rochester. N. Y. ....... R. F. D. 2, Pottstown, Pa. Orleans. La. . . . . . .102 Congress St., Bradford, Pa ...Brookside Drive, Greenwich, Conn. ....10lo Broad St., Newark, N. j . ............... Greenwich, Conn. .......806 Plum St., Masillon, Ohio . . . . .1820 19th St., Vxfashington, D. C. ..............Parkersl:Jurgh, NV. Va. . .. 183 Iroquois Road, Pontiac. Mich. Falls, N. Y. . . . .999 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, 111. . . . .2780 Broadway, San Francisco, Calif. . . . .209 XV. Monument St., Baltimore, Md. .. . . . .3209 St. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. . . . .139 Cooper Ave., Upper Montclair, N. j. . . . . 100 W. Phil Ellena St., Philadelphia, Pa. ........................Changsha, China . . . . . . .5111 Blackstone Ave., Chicago, 111. .. .575 Westminster Ave., Elizabeth, N. j. ...................,....Coatesville, Pa. . .' ..... The Plaza, New York City . 130 E. 15th St., Atlanta, Ga . . . 1340 N. State St., Chicago, 1l1.. . . . . . . .33 E. 69th St., New York City . . . . .258 S. Willard St., Burlington, Vt. . . . . . .33 E. 69th St., New York City . . . .7 Audubon Place, New Orleans, La. . . . . 1081 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . . . . .263 Georgia Ave., Macon, Ga. .....1o0 W. jackson St., Chicago, 111 Page Two Hundrecl1Hfty-one jones, joseph M. ..... . jones, W. Clyde, jr.. .. judson, Oliver B.. . . . Kassler, Kenneth S.. . . . Kaul, Andrew, 3rd ..... Kaul, Hugh .......,. Keck, Daniel H. ..,. . Keeney, Roger B.. . . . Kelsey, Dallas S. .,,, . Kemp, j. Anderson ..., Kennedy, George C.. . . . ...................NewOrleans, La. ...555l Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, lll. . . . . 13740 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio . . . . . . . .1421 Clayton St., Denver, Colo. Marys, Pa. .. . . .2234 Highland Ave., Birmingham, Ala. .. , . .. . . .. . . .19 NV. Third St., Pottstown, Pa. . . . .28 S. Lafayette Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. . . . . . . . . .. . .1007 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich. ....906 Grant St., Wichita Falls, Texas . . . . .240 S. Graham St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Kennedy, james H. ....,.,. ....... .........,. 4 2 O West Long Ave., DuBois, Pa. Kenyon, Whitman W., jr. .... . . Kilgour, Bayard L., jr... Kinghan, john G. ........ . Knox, Philander G., 3rd.. .. Krag, W. Brace .......... Krebs, Walter O. .... . Lake, Frederic E. ..... . Lake, Henry Z. ..... ,. . . . Lamoreux, Frederick S.. . . . Lane, Richard H., jr.. . . . Langdon, jervis, jr.. . . . Lansden, David V. B. .... . Leaman, Thomas P.. jr.. . . Lee, john P.. ............ .. . . Leeds, Walter R., jr.. . . . Leith, Andrew ......... Lewis, Robert NV.. jr.. . . . Lloyd-Smith, Parker .... Long, Daniel C. .... . Look, Samuel .......... Lorch. Frederick D.. . . . Luke, Allan L., jr. .... .. McAlpin, Townsend M.. . . . McCallum, Revell ....... McClintic, Stewart ....... McCune, Walker ............ McDermott, joseph H., j r.. . . McGregor, Robert G., jr.. . Mclntosh, Donald ....... McLaren, john C ...... .... . . . . . . . . . . . .Smithtown Branch, Long Island, N. Y. Erie and Delta Aves., Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio ..........3225 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, lnd. .......................,.Va1leyForge, Pa. . . . .1717 S. University Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. ....,............5090hioSt., Cairo, lll. ...l3O E. 67th St., New York City . . .130 E. 67th St., New York City ......158 Chatam St., Brantford, Ont ....8l9 W. Main St., Norristown, Pa. . . . . .311 West Church St., Elmira, N. Y. ElmSt.,Cairo, lll. .....Anwood St., Cincinnati, Ohio 6135 Greene St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa, . . . . . . . . . .14 Berkeley Square. Los Angeles, Calif. . . . . . . .Moraine, Old Sauk Road, Madison, Wis. . . . . . . . . . .609 Everett St., Portland, Ore. .......375 Park Ave., New York City . . .The Chalfonte, Atlantic City, N. j. . . . . . . . . . . 107 Maple Ave., Greenwich, Con. . . . . .1129 N. Negley Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Md. Broadway,New YorkCity ...................,...Northampton, Mass. . . . . . 1130 Beechwood Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pa. .....Fifth and College Aves., Pittsburgh, Pa. ........."The Cliffs," Morgantown, W. Va. .. . .219 North Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . . . . . . . . . .999 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, lll. . . . . . . . . . . . .Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago, Ill. McLaughlin, William j., jr.. . . .... East Washington Lane, Germantown, Phila., Pa. MacLean, Donald H. ..... . Mace, Alfred ............ Macgill, Richard G.. . . . Page Two I-Iundretlffly-two' 1209 East Main St., New Albany, Ind.. E. 57th St., New York City ...1202 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. Mack, Lewis A. ......., . Markle, john, ll. ........ . Marshall, Fielding L., jr.. . . Master, john R. C. ....... . Master, William O. ....... . Matthiessen, Theodore DeW.. . . . May, john, jr. ........... . Means, Archibald W.. . . . Mekeel, Haviland S.. . . . Melendy, Loren T., . . . Merlin, Kenneth F.. . . MeVay, Francis ..... MeVay, james .... Mills, Donald C. ..,... . Mitchell, john F. .,...... . Montgomery, Robert S.. . . Morck, Wesley C. ..... . Moreland, Raymond F.. . . Morgan, William H., jr... Morsman, Edgar M., 3rd. . . Muhlenberg, Charles R.. , , . Muhlenberg, H. Ernest ..... Murphy, Walter, jr.. . . . Murray, William W.. . . . Neilson, Robert .....,. Newcomb, j. Turner ...... Newcombe, George R.. . . . Norris, F. Price, jr. .... . Norton, james C.. . . Oliver, R. Grant ..... Osborne, john S. ..... . Parker, Edward L, ..... Paschal, H. Stanley, jr.. , . Paulsen, Clarence I.. . . . Paulsen, Howard G.. . . . Payne, William O. ....... . Pearson, A. Cameron, jr.. . . Penney, R. Elmo ......... Penney, Roswell KH . . Penney, W. Harold ...., Phillips, D. Harvey ,.... Pierson, james T, .... . Platt, Frederick j,, jr.. . Plum, Matthias, jr. .... . Porter, Henry H., I1I..... Prettyman, john S., lll.. . . ....The Chimneys, Somerville, N. j. ......................Hazelton, Pa. . . . . . . . . . . .50 Cedar St., Chicago, lll. ....733 W. Wayne St., Fort Wayne, lnd. 733 W. NVayne St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 4545 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago. lll. 2406 Prytania St., New Orleans. La. . . . . .15 NV. llth St., New York City ....80 Upper Mountain Ave., Montclair, N. j. .305 W. l02nd St., New York City .........,l-lotel Bossert, Brooklyn, N, Y. .....707 Pacihc Ave., Atlantic City, N. j. .....707 Pacific Ave.. Arlantic City, N, j. . . . . . . . . . ,211 W. 82nd St., New York City . . . . . . . , . .421 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. ....525 West End Ave.. New York City ........205 W. First St., Oil City, Pa. . . . . .5814 Wellesley Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. ... . . . . . . . . .Glamorgan Alliance, Ohio . . . .4124 Davenport St., Omaha, Nebr. . . . . . . .1020 Center St., Reading, Pa. ...lO2O Center Ave., Reading, Pa. Front St., New York City Madison Ave., Scranton, Pa. . . . ."The Belgravia," 18th 8.2 Chestnut Sts., Phila., Pa. . . . . . . .58 Reynolds Terrace, Orange, N. j. . . . . . . . . . . .70 E. 77th St., New York City . . . . .Valley Forge Road, Phoenixville, Pa. . . , . , . . .523 W. 121st St., New York City . . .297 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N. j. ........,.......,.,..Stockbridge, Mass. .....4Q E. 72nd St., New York City Asbury Park, N. j. .....,...............,.Spokane,Wash. ..................,......Spokane,Wash. ...6441 Overbrook Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. . . . .176 Bellevue Ave., Upper Montclair, N. j. 210 Riverside Drive, New York City . . . . .210 Riverside Drive, New York City . . .210 Riverside Drive, New York City . . . . . . .103 jackson Ave., Bradford, Pa. Ridge, N.j-. . . . . . . . .827 Clay Ave., Scranton, Pa. . . . . . . . 17 Lincoln Park, Newark, N. j. . . . .1520 N. State Parkway, Chicago, lil. . . . . . . .210 Vsfalnut St., Milford, Del. Page Two Hundred-fifty-lliree Quay, Richard R., jr.. . . Quincy, john B .,.... .... Rands, XVilliam C., jr.. . Revell, Richardson ...... Rice, john, jr. ......... . Richardson, Frank E., jr.. . . Richardson, john S. .... . Ritter, C. Lloyd, jr .,... Ritter, William Ry, . . . Robbins, Vifilliam M,. . . . Robeson, David E.. . . . Robinson, George M.. . . . Robinson, Richard I.. . , . Roby, Stephen ......., Rohrbach, Lloyd D ,... Roper, john L., l1.,.. Ruggles. john R. ...,... . Ryan, Thomas F., 3rd .... Ryan, Vxfilliam K. ....,. . Salt. Francis C. .....,. . Sampsell. Marshall C.. . . Sargent, William D., jr.. Scherer, Albert C., jr.. . . . . Schwarz, Frederick A. O.. . , . Sehm, Martin R. ..,... . Shaw, Brewster, H. .... . Sherman, F. Deming.. Sherman, john T ...,.. Sherrcrd, William D.. . ,. Shute, Albert C. .... . Simkins, Robert ,.... Simons, james H. ...,.. . Simpson, Kenneth M.. , . Smith, j. Henry. jr.. .. Smith, Richard M. ...,. . Smith, Theodore H., jr.. Snowden, Ceorge C., jr.. Sotter. jacob R, .....,,. . Spiker, Samuel R ..... , Stabler, W. Laird .,.. Starr, H. Danforth ,..,.. Starr, Theodore D. A.. . . Stearns, Freeman R.. . . Stearns, Robert L., jr,. . . Sterrett, Raymond A., . . Sterrett, Walter E.. . , . Pave Two Hundred-fifly-four ...........,..,......Sewickley, Pa. . . . . . ,820 Kilsyth Road, Elizabeth, N. j. . . . . ,870 jefferson Ave, Detroit, Mich. . . . .842 Lincoln Highway, Chicago, lll. . . . . .426 Clinton Terrace, Easton, Pa. . . . .Woodland Road, Sewickley, Pa. . . . ...Woodland Road, Sewickley, Pa. . . .Ritter Place, Huntington, W. Va. . , . . . .Ritter Place, Huntington, NV. Va. ..........406 N. Main St., Creensburgh, Pa. Parkway 1-fo 4131 Bigelow Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pa. .,....,85 E. Kirby Ave., Detroit, Mich. .,..,...,...,........Wilkes-Barre,Pa. f 1 A I 1 1 1 V V A A V V I 1 Hebei, 2100 Lincoln Park Vxfest, Chicago, 111. . . . . . . 1040 E. Market St., Sunbury, Pa. . . . . .320 Freemason St., Norfolk, Va. . . . . ,103 E. 75th St., New York City . . . . Fishers Road, Bryn Mawr, Pa. . . . . . . . .Fishers Road, Bryn Mawr, Pa' ...l28 Fourth St., Niagara Falls, N. Y. ...,.............Highland Park, lll. ... . , . . . . .Knollcrest. Orange, N. j. . . , 81 Oakbridge Ave., Summit, N. j. Creenwich,Conn. . , . . . . . .744 Moss Ave., Peoria, lll. ....23 Paterboro St., Detroit, Mich. .. . . ,129 E, 69th St., New York City ,...l29 E. 69th St., New York City ...............Haddonfield, N. j. .421 High St., Pottstown, Pa. ...............Philadelphia, Pa, .,..lo8 Center St., St. Marys, Pa. ..........335 High St., Pottstown, Pa. . . . . . .148 Seyburn Ave., Detroit, Mich. 20 Ridgeview Ave., White Plains, N. Y. . . . 115 Halstead St., East Orange, N. j. . . . . . . . . , . . .Falcon Hall, Rosemont, Pa. ......,R. F. D. No. 5, Pottstown, Pa. Ohio ....2402 XV. 17th St., Wilmington, Del. .,........,.......EngleWood,N.j. ....Englewood N.j. .........Stearns,Ky. ,....,...,.............Stearns.Ky. ..,..54 William St..' New York City .....54 William St., New York City Stokes, Walter W.. jr.. . . . Stone, Frank R. .,..,.. . Stone, William A., .I Stout, F. Sturgis ..,... Strong. Raymond B.. . . . Suhr, Henry B. ...... . Swayze, john L., jr.. . .. Sweeney, john F. .... . Taber, Philip B.. . . .. Taft, Oren, 3 rd ,..... ..... Taliaferro, Francis C. ........ . Talmage. Archibald A., 4th Taylor, Charles M. .......... . Thorndike, Thayer ...,..,. Thorne, George A., jr.. . Tiedeman, Carsten ..., Tietig, Arnold, lll ....... Tinsley, T. Garland, jr.. . . Toms, George N. ........ . Tone, F. jerome, jr.. . .. Tone, S. P. Franchot ..,.. Tupper, Thomas C.. . . . . Turner, Tracy L., jr.. . . Tuttle, john M., jr.. . Twyeffort, Louis H.. . . . Updike, Nelson B., jr.. . .. Valentine, Edgar P. ..... . Valentine, Fairlie .... ' .......,.... . Van Buskirk, Frederick W. Van Camp, Cortland, 111. . . Van Cleve, Robert S. .... . Van Dusen, William H.. . . Van Sickle, john, jr.. . .. Veeder, H. Grieg, jr.. .. Veeder, Raymond ........ Vincent, Mordelo L., jr. .... . . von Platen, Karl G. ..... . Wallqer, Martin E., 3rd. . . . Wallace, Charlton, jr.. . . . Ward, Allen H. ........ . XVard, C. Marshall ........ Warden, Clarence A., jr... Warden, William G., 2nd.. Ware, E. Thomas, jr .... .. Ware, Francis Q. .... . Warner, john D.. . . . ,jr. .... ....... . ...HS29 Park Ave., New York City . . . . . . . 1411 judson Ave., Evanston, lll. . . . . 1102 W. Main St.. Kalamazoo, Mich. . . . . . . .214 Glenn Road, Ardmore, Pa. ....................Sctauket, N. Y. ........ 507 W. Third St.. Oil City, Pa. 212 Ballatine Parkway. Newark. N. j. ...1o37 Connecticut Ave.. Washington, D. C. ........42O Linxx ood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. ..305 E. Fullerton Parkway, Chicago, lll. .. .... .1212 St. Paul St.. Baltimore. Md. ...3l2 Mt. Pleasant Ave.. Newark, N. j. Sterling, Ky. . . 130 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. ...1130 Lake Shore Drive. Chicago, lll. .............Savannah, Ga. ....413 E. 5th St., Cincinnati. Ohio .......................Baltimore, Md. . . . . . . . . . . .Seville Hotel, New York City ...328 BuHalo Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 328 Buffalo Ave., Naigara Falls. N. Y. ....l001 Center Ave.. Bay City. Mich. ....45l2 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago, lll. W. Harrison St., Chicago., lll. . . . . .51 rue Dceamps. Paris, France . . . .3614 jackson St., Omaha, Nebr. ....27 E. 62nd St., New York City . . . . .. . . .27 E. 62nd St., New York City 64 N. Hanover St., Pottstown, Pa. 1142 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, lnd. W. 10th St., Brie, Pa. . . . . 155 Riverside Drive, New York City ..........28 Grover St., Auburn, N. Y. .. . .1308 Denniston Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. ....5 Waverly Place, Schenectady, N. Y. ...............Tampico. Tamps, Mexico .529 Madison Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. . . . . . . .1105 Broome St., Wilmington, Del. .2123 Luray Ave., Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, lll.. 339 Louella Ave., Wayne, Pa. . . . ............. Haverford, Pa. .....Haverford, Pa. ............Garrison, N. Y. .................Garrison, N. Y. . . . .222 Chestnut St., Pottstown, Pa. Page Two Hundred jflyfve Vv'arnock, Charles A.. . , . Warren, john D. .,,.. . Weir, Ernst B. ...., . Weiser, Richard W. .... , Welwood, john C.. jr .... . . . West, Owen A. ........ . Westcott, john MCM., 11 ..... Whitaker, Albert C., jr.. White, David MCK.. . . , NVhite, Donald M.. . . . White, Herbert F. .... . Whitman, Linus C. .... . VViard, W. Wolcott, jr., , Wildman, Franklin B.. , . Wilson, john Hart. jr Wilson, Richard T.. . . Woods, Charles A., jr Wright, Campbell .... Wright R. Gridley. . . Young, Evan L.. . . . Young, j. Bateman. . . . Young, john R. .... . Young, Ledlic W.. . . Young, Lloyd C.. . . . Page Two Hundred-ffifly-six . . . . . .830 High St., Pottstown, Pa. ...,...173 North St., Buffalo, N. Y. , ."Elmlee", East Lake Road, Erie, Pa. . . . . .158 N. Hanover St., Pottstown, Pa. . .271 Central Park West, New York City . . . . . .5633 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, I11. . . . . 1340 East High St., Springfield, Ohio Grove, VV. Va. ...... 322 Fifth Ave., Marietta, Ohio . .541 Lexington Ave., New York City 2029 Connecticut Ave, Washington, D. C. . . . . . . . . .57 Center St., Fairhaven, Mass. --.-1072 Sames St.. Syracuse, N. Y. . . . . 1437 DeKalb St., Norristown, Pa. . . . .346 S. Rebecca St., Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . . .Harding Road, Nashville, Tenn. . . . . .224 Thorn St., Sewickley, Pa. . . . ,. . . . . . .515 Walnut St., Erie, Pa. .....515 Walnut St., Erie, Pa. .478 N. Charlotte St., Pottstown, Pa. . . . . .Sutton Manor, New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . . . . .957 Center Ave., Reading, Pa. . . . . . . . .Woodland Road, Sewickley, Pa. . . . . .Sutton Manor, New Rochelle, N. Y. Acknowledgements .... Advertising Section ....., Alumni Association .,..,. . . . . . . Executive Committee . . Alumni Banquet ............. Alumni Banquet .,...... Athletics .......... Baseball ............ Blairstown Review ,... Calendar for 1920 ..... Captains, The Three ..,.. Chapel Choir ....... Class Song of 1920. . . Clubs .,....,... ...... Commencement, 1919 ..,. Dance ............... Debate ..... Dedication. . . Dial, The .... Dramatics ..., Faculty ...... Fifth Form ..,. Football ....... Fourth Form ..... Glee Club ..., Golf ..,......... Gun Club ,......,.... Gym Team-Picture ..... Gym Leaders-Picture .... Hockey, Inter-Form. . . In Memoriam ............. . . Inter-Form Sports ........ ......., League of Publications, The ,...... ....2!1 Index 259 210 105 -151 171 151 103- 113 154 .18 106 193 186 199 198 169 195 ..2 180 157 .20 .89 107 .97 192 132 137 139 140 146 ..4 143 184 List of School .......... . ,. .248 Literary Club Banquet ..,. ...,. 1 72 Managers, The Major. . . . . . .128 Mandolin Club ....... .... 1 89 Mission Band ...,...... .... 1 55 Musical Organizations .... .... 1 85 News, The .................. .... 1 74 New York Dance Committee ......., 168 Orchestra .............,.., .... 1 87 Pictorial Section ..,.. . . .5-16 Publications ...,... ..., 1 73 Public Speaking .,..., ..,. 1 94 Record, The ,........... .... 1 77 Retrospect of the Year .... .... 2 1 1 Scrap Book ............. .... 2 15 Sixth Form .,......... .... 4 7 Athletic Committee. . . . . . .149 Dance Committee ..,..... .... 1 70 Elections ,,.,....,.,..,.,.... ...., 8 7 Entertainment Committee .... .... 1 63 1-listory ................. .... 4 9 One-Time Members ..... ..., 8 5 Members .,.,............. .... 5 5 Picture ........................., 48 Self-Government Committee ....... 86 Snooze, The .........,............. 183 Soccer .......,..... ,,., 1 35 Tennis ............... ..... 1 29 Thanksgiving Sports .... ..... 1 50 Thanksgiving Show .... .... 1 64 Track ............. .... 1 19 Y. M. C. A. .......... .... 1 53 Wearers of the .. . . . . .141 Page Two Hundred-fifty-seven f ... ' P 5' ' L - 1 lf: .. 'Z ' I u fd 'T B U ,.,.. ' " L AUVLRHSWLNT U P Tl-I E L , L L i, I L L S E H LI LI L LL L L, Page Two Hundred-fifty-eight 4vfv5r'v'vAv'v'v'vAv'vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvq: vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv 1 P THE COLLEGE AND p 1 SCHOOL EMBLEMS 55 gi E KA 4 I SO prized in after Years ji EI should he of distinctive clc5Eg11 E and Superior Quality. 4: ' 0 FRATERNITY EMBLEMS, Ig it F1116 Statloners SEALS, CHARMS, Ig 5 PLAQUES, MEDALS, Etc. E: :E 1121 CHESTNUT STREET, . . P 4 Designs Submitted. 3: :E PHILADELPHIA, PA. GRADUATION GIFTS 4: It May be Selected from In THE HAND BOOK criiusrmtu-ip ji tg J! Mailed upon Request. 4: 4 4, . . . KS 'I SBI ' Weddm Invitations LE , +1 S I I xvel 1, 0 Sivmniili' Qi if Smart Statlonery Slclionars. - . . . Diamond Merchants, Jewelers. Sil- it Vlsltlng Cards versmithsi Heraldists, 1, St"t""""S' Ig gi Book Plates PHILADELPHIA 5 'l 1' .vvv -,v,v,,YAv,v,vvvAvAvAvAvAvA'AvAMAvAvAv4vAvAAA ,v AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA -A-,-,-,A A A A A A ....... A A A A AAAAAAAAA A AAAA vvvvvv-vvvvvvvvvv5l'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ESTABLISHED 1818 M9eM?eee event O, ,O CESEEUTHMNQQQ nilemeraa nits, MADISON AVENUE COR. FORTY-FOURTH STREET NEW YORK Telephone Murray Hill 8800 OUR BOYS' DEPARTMENT contains everything needed for School Outfits Clothing, Furnishings, Hats and Shoes Send for Illustrated Catalogue and List compiled according to the requirements of the various Schools BOSTON NEWPORT . TREMONTCOR. BOYLSTON 220 BELLEVUE AVENUE .sA,-v-v-'v-v -v-v4v-ve.-v-.-.-ve.-.A'Ave'A.-.-.-.-v-.-v-.-'Av-.A.A.-.A.A.A.Av-v-.-vAvA.A'Av-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-'A vv'v-.-v- PLEASE IVIENTION Tl-IE DIAL l Bridge over Allegheny River between Blacks Run and Red Ravin, Pa. Bessemer.8Z Lake Erie Railroad Company MANUFACTURED AND ERECTED BY AMERICAN BRIDGE COMPANY HUDSON TERMINAL E 30 CILIURCH STREET, NEW YORK v4.A.A.-.-'vvvvvvxrxn The Bourne-Fuller Co. Iron, Steel Pig Iron Coke CLEVELAND Pittsbrugh, Cincinnatti Detroit New York Chicago Toledo PHIL DAVIS PHOTOGRAPH ER The photography of this book is zz sample of my work. DEVELOPING AND PRINTING - KODAKS AND ACCESSORIES 1ygENT1oN THE DIAL 3 2. nu in 1 uIunimmmm-nnnm mmmmmimmm an 1' -- 'ug' u-mmm,.i..,....,...,......,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in ,Q T. .,,, ,:g-,- e i ' 2 5 'ji i 1 1 Q ' - Q I K 1 l 1 ll -2 Meta 3 g 1215 5 i I 5 5 2 E 1 4 '4 '54, -.1'-iffy - X all K 1 2 - gf Q ti 5 , ,,MgV34-AQ g.,,,,A 5 2 sf NA. f -1 '--, ' .'a.':'I 'f-. P. ' of ! P - I ' review l I - 2 ' .-.ali ' - 1 ' u - ' ' - 1 1,-591 gg I gn Q! ..,. f'g1lj:,y, I ':.Q1,,' N S . . --1 , --,- 21 62 r R 1 1 f R 1 . - . . it t .ex X. . E . , , . ' ' ' - 9 ew- 'X'N"w5-ev... ski- Ll Ht-1' Se.-wil ff-als.. B .4 -- ' - Q ex Rf' sw ,Ns bv-1 tw?-' is . a - . .aw .lit 1, ,Q '-tw, ,f 4 ' " .?.4 gggiE-:I 5 gl f ,,'s,,,,,4 ,Q 1 . - I h gl 5 Az' - -' M2311 . 5 lil "H-2 ' 1- .... 1 - J ' Q - - ,L sew 5 -fe? - p A: fb s if xfigfff- ' o ...Q ' ' ' v -:vN',N,k' x ' 5294 - 2333 ii-'Q , - 3"1"" i' f Lll'1.,4' 'iff f., .Si,f'glZigf"r:3:.',.5 .' E fx'- '. ' 7a'f'5'9:: W I '- OUT T31 i R ' ERHAPS it bas never occurrecl to you time tbe right trail for you to 'follow in your slzmooting was blazecl by tbe early settlers. Tbey fzacz to eboot r1217zt-grim necessity de- mancleci it. You can get more practice. but you must olnoot tbeir way-tbe rigkt way-4 or it will do you no gooci. Vfrong practice woulcl rievelop wrong sliooting babits to bang! on and bincler your sliooting perhaps all your lite. The four free Remington Right-from-time-Start in- struction boolxlets for boys, wbich will be mailed to your aclclress upon receipt of your request if you mention tlmis magazine. will start you on the rvbfnt trail. And tbe U. S. Government will reward you for tlme J , ' .J , , 7 , '. f vp ,I s VH X il nl ""' Ati K X5 r J v I xi , t ri m' X 4 'W V' i w gn? I X ' W 1" l "'x0MLli .z Hoff IFN -All M A veg ,I wi Q, M.: 1531 5+ I ,, 4 f x A.. fit L fe sl . i i 'xi f f Q H . K .gf P 1 . .- i 1 If f53l,f,r 1 55' x KM ' N l x V' 'tw 1 ,- 1 4 N if ' V 'f,W:'5 i 5' x N.-5 '-1 Q5 x 'P vi it f Mr, J ,'L fix? FL 1, wr m ,ek-J. i4 mag, l X AUM wsifcyiuv' it "' ni, : v ' VFX A XT, x 5, PI , 1 .xi Jl ' Ji: . Lf JA 3 i s A f 4.. 'A mm N 17: Q , Q Even the Indian lcnew enoufb to make a tomahawk when he get the 1-1'y7zt idea: but nobody as ever been able to improve on the simple old axe. made right for chopping. Write today for the free Remington R1'g7lt - from- tb:- Start booklets on shooting and r-nplicatinn blank for member- ship in the N. R. A. - skill you develop if you stay on that trail and lccep going. For even any boy under 13 wlio can not organize or join a Government Boys' Rifle Club can now still shoot for tlie Governments two official Junior Marks- man decorations, by joining the National Rifle Associa- tion as a Junior Member. Remington UMC .22 Caliber Rifles ancl Cartridges, made for shooting rrplzt, are favorites everywhere for the finest target shooting. They are solcl by Sporting Goods Dealers in your town. THE REMINGTON ARMS UNION METALLIC CARTRIDGE COMPANY, Inc. Largest ffanufdcturers of Firearm: and Ammun1't1'an in the Vyarli ' WOOLWORTH BUILDING NEW YORK PLEASE. MENTION' THE DIAL 4 , 5, V KJ x , X fx R M J K N X l 1 N rg-xx GI wg tx ' x f X X CLGTHING 81 HABERDASHERY ef Exclusive Quality at Sensible Prices B55 Q 0. Fifth Avenue at 35th Street New York Men's E trance Shop L W t 35th Street L- YOU, Never Pay .ZVI If B6St,S PLEASE ME 5 E Y 1,-v .... vvvvvvv 4 I I .g . l A - A - T Ig If '5 5 ll THE SECURITY CUMPANY if :ef . T rg , :gf 1: 1: Z6 Clotlnng - ,A ., f' ,'V, j , Lg 94 ig A 1: Lg Haberdashery Q High and Hanover Sts. Headwear -f' 3 3E POTTSTOWN, PENNA. T T 1 .,., Tfwfwh B f-',4 1..:'lQ,af It 4: gg: T E: si L2 Q' i 4 v:Q3.5Q,-1:ew- 4, gl GENERAL BANKING fr lg ,E-!ir""' r :I 'I 594 iffy? 941 'I RND 1 r , I 4, 1 :4 -'fre' 1: 1 fe 1: TRUST COMPANY I gi Our Popularity with Young I Men has been won, and Ls 5 If 1 Id held by intelligent and careful I jf JQQ 4, catering to iheir requirements ' IE 4' Q A 13 C.. N. Malberger, President , lg REE-D S 5 W. M. Bunting, Sec'y 8: Treas, 'I I 1424-26 CHIESTNTLIT ST. , :E G- M- I-Ongakefv , 1 PI.HLI,3xDELpIHUIAx I 1: Asst. Sec y and Treas. 4: ' 4-- -1' u u ?f" . 3 ed:4e2zsFI?A I ft l A 1 5j'A""""""'w""'w'A-'-'-'-'vevw-A--'-'-'-"A-A-'---A--e' 14 .I ' R l' bl E ' t 4: e la e qulpmen I P 4 For . " 't Base Ball, Tennls, Golf, 1' . 'I F neld and Track 2 1 ' 4: : 1: , Alex. Taylor 8x Co., Inc. : P I ze EAST 42nd STREET, gt ': ' NEW YORK CITY. 3: 4' 1, D , We want Agents where we are not already represented. ,Q ., R :Q - A - A - A - - - A - - - - A - - A - - - - -,- A - - A,-,-v-,-,-v-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,A,A,-,-,-,-,-,-,- -v-,AveA:' 6 2, -.-vvvve P 1 P 1 D 1 r 1 r 1 r 1 P 1 3 r Searle SL Dress er 3 3 3 v 'r 'r 1 3 3 ompan -,-,A,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,, C 5 0 O -1 'U O -1 DI H' rn E 12th and Liberty Streets, A LENTOWN, PA. 3 THIS 130014 IS ASPEUME OF GUR- WORK... ...g,.... ,X I ,,- - 1 775 .... V A KW, ,ZW -is 5 sawn ' '41 Jn' --Sym xii - r 3 v 1 r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'l 3 1 1 K K' g N GI 1 K X' W gf X ' P W jf 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 . -4-. 1FAN-.-.-vwe--vvv-v-v-Y-v-v-fv-v-:-A--v-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-v-v--f'Av-Ar.-.-v-.-Y-.-v-v-Y--v-v-va-vev-v-v-v-vu-v-vevev-.-v ' PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL, 7 NIcGIintic-Marshall Company STEEL BRIDGES AND BUILDINGS Largest Independent IVIanufacturers and Erectors Riter-Conley Company IPITTSBURGH, PA. Tanks, Gas Holders, Blast Furnaces Oil Refineries, Transmission Towers, Etc. LARGEST PLATE WORKS PHILADEI PHIA WASHINGTON POTTSTOVVN NEW YORK Dlzl ROIT BOSIONI CHICAC O SX RACUSE CIIXCINIINA l'I SAN I RANCISCO WOR KS: PITTSBURGH POTTSTOWN CARNEGIE LEETSDALE PLEASE MENTION TI-IE DIAL 8 Increasing Favor HE continuous ef- forts of the man- agement to add the ser- vice anct multiply the comforts of the McAl- pin, have found their re- Warct in the ever-in- creasing favor which the hotel enjoys. Hotel 9 ALPI Broadway at 54? Street New York City ,' O M 7' 1 A, ,x r U1 :kt ' ' ' it ' X : 'J img, 1 I f T qi 39 a f I 9 I I I 9' bla: ,H nm V,:a.v33,,,f ia: 1gg .1 :Finn I , :gn 3,-.1 Li1..,' x .t,-.un Q4 adv J -1- ,, 1 -. .,..r..., :M ,, .., ,tt ., --Q --.Ji ka. .:- 5, . .1, :HL-.5 ws -" tr 21:5 ,. fzf ixggue .f ":,,, ww f.. , I ., , I V - Y , ' sg!!! all Q- Al ai Dzreclzon of ,g n L M.B00wze1' -A QQ ' 1- --" ' x f X -XX 'Q - +1-: .I Spatdtng for Sport lg , 41 ft X 46,6 x Base Batt, Tennts, Gott, Foot Batt, Basket Batt, Etc. "Just as good" ts never gust the sam EVERYTHING FOR EVERY ATHLETIC SPORT R. G. Spatcttng 81 Bro 126 Nassuz Street 523 Fifth Street' NEW YORK CITY Ala--.1-.Av-v-vezxf.-.-v-v-v-v-v-vev-v-v-,avvvv-'Av-vxzxr 2--v-4-.-v--.rv-.-v-v-v-v-.rv-vw.Av-v-v-v-v--ve'-v-'Av-v-ve 4 The Plaza Fxfth Avenue at 59th Street NEW YORK Tea, Dinner and Supper Dances in the GRILL ROOM DAILY fExcept Sunday, Music BY JOSEPH C. SMITH AND ORCHESTRA. L.,.,............W,..-v.v..x..............-.-.-.- -v PLEASE IVIENTION Tl-IE DIAL .v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v,v,v,v,vAvAvAv,v,v,v.v,,.,v.,1v.Af.,.v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-v-v-.-.Av-.-.-.-v-:.-.-.-9.1: H mr, 1 W -:F X, 'x 4' ,lf 'K Q x if 17 "G t It A Jigger Qi H. H PLEASEIIVIENTION THE DIAL 10 v-.-.-v-v-v+v-v-.-v-.-.A.-.-,A,-,-v-v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v,v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.Y.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v. in Ljl g Ha-:H LS? I . A 1-i , -X 21 li 3 .lf In those first moments when the fire starts, then the LaFrance Fire Extin- guisher throws its powerful stream and stifles every fire ember. The powerful double acting pump shoots a stream instantly, there is no air pressure to pump. American-LaFrance Fire Engine Co., Inc. ELMIRA, N. Y. P Boston New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh Chicago Dallas Los Angeles San Francisco When Every Second Counts Q wi I' nu- ,..... . Q, -vu. me x. vw 4m-P -M f, If , . Toronto, Ont. - - -,-,-,-,-.-.-v-v-Av-v- -v-vAvA.-.- Av-.-.-.-.-.Av-v-v--vev-vev-.-.-v-.-.A.-.Av-.Av-.-v-.-.-.-v-.-. v-v-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.rv-.Av-vvsn E. l. du Pont cle Nemours Sz Compan INCORPORATED , Wilmington, Delaware. High Explosives, Blasting, Sporting and Military Powders, Blasting Access- ories, and Permissible Powders for Gaseous and Dusty Coal Mines. Paints, Varnishes, Enamels, Stains, Fillers, Oils, Acids, Heavy Chemicals, Pigments, Solvents, Etc. for Industrial and Laboratory Purposes. ' PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL I1 if XX C755 Q ' 3 - Claridge gQl",,m NEW Tomi 3 ,, ' ,, Q F PF I - ' uests of The Clar- idge give their rea- sons for returning again and again, in very certain terms. They value the fact that it is possible to find dignity and quiet comfort at the cen- tral point of New York's amusement life. Under the direclion of L. IVI.Bo0me1'. Broadway at 44th Street. vv.Nvvevvv.Nvvvv 3 P 1 P 1 3 3 P 3 3 3 3 1 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 3 3 3 3 3 3 The Utility Busi- ness Paper AMMEERMUQ iii CQINED L Hammermill Paper Co. Erie, Penna. wsfxfvsfvvvw 'I 1 3 3 3 3 E P 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 3 1 3 3 1 1: 3 4 1 3 CYCLOPS STEELS High Speed Steels Alloy Tool Steels Carbon Tool Steels CYCLUPS STEEL C0 120 Broadway New York City CLEVELAND DETROIT Q CHICAGO WORKS: Titusville, Penna. Lv'v'v'v'-Av'v'-Av'v'-rv-A--fvv-.Av-v-v-.-v -v-.,-v-v- PLEASE IVIENTIO N 'rl-113 DIAL ' NAA,vsAAAAA,fvvvvvvv- -v-v-.zvw-.-..-v- v-v--v-v-.Af Builders of Good ill Qian he success of The Fred IVI. Randall Company is " firmly established upon a foundation of applied lf B essentials proved to be basically correct. r A he CZ077'l7i71IL7If factor in the demonstration of this I has been an unswerving adherence to a policy Q 1 of intensive, intimate, personal and co-operative service IJ rendered by Agency principals-inclividualized efficien- H Q cy augmented by a co-ordinated organization of trained 4 and experienced units. he objeciiile and expression of these elements are evidenced in the resultful and permanent estab- lishment of a National Consciousness and Public Good v y, Will for many products and advertisers, ever Widening U i during the years, through continuity and enlargement . ' 6? of Cf-I:OI't. CHARTER MEMBER OF AMERICAN! ASSOCIATION OF ADVERTISING AGENCIES The Fred . Randall Company Book Bldg., Detroit Lytton Bldg., Chicago AN ORGANIZATION OF PRINCIPALS PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL 13 . ..,. .v.v.,.v.,,, ,..... v .,.,,,.v.,.,,,,,,,v,.v.,.v.,. ..... v ,.,.,.v.,.v.v .... , - 7 . V. r V L' 'VW' .f ' ' K nw ,Mft Q" Jfgqxg .rw 3,7 E- ,,: . A pw? 14524 ' L '47 gen' .asxfqf 1- '- A - ,J ,IQ IL- 'Km L.. ax., ,,,f In M -,o,4,,, 11 .Z guy., gg ... , r W . 1 'JV .--f I, .J L , 1-r.g1,.-inf.-ff ao. ,, . o -' 971535 f 'Tfff' 'J' 'Q -7' ' I br Milfurh Svrhnnl Uhr Quzvnhnum Svrhnnl iHHi1fnrIl, Glunn. The only change is in the name of ine school THE MILFORD SCHOOL is conducted by the same men and along the same lines which made the Rosenbaum School the most successful college preparatory school in the country. Summer Session, July 26th-September 24th, 1920 Vwnter School opens---September 30, 1920. For Cazfafogzfzo, adafffess S. B. ROSENBAUM, Director, THE MILFORD SCHOOL, MILFORD, CONN. v'-'-v'-v-v'v- -v-v-v-v-v--V-ve vslvvv-.-.-.-.A.-.-v-szvz-vw-:v-v+v-v-v-v-v-v-V-v-lv-.-.-Y-v-.-v-.-v-.f.- PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL, 14 - A -.A -v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-.-v-,sf-.Av-,Av-.Av-.-y-.Av-.-va 'VNAfv4vNfvAvAvNlNAlNAfVw'v'v'vA 'vAvAv4v'NAlVNlVM'v'v4v4f I SLAZENGER'S 51 5 -.-.+.A.4.+.- A - - - - .-.-.-ve-zvxrv-.-.-.A.-vxzvv--vev Franklin Simon Famous :I 8' CO" TCHHIS Fifth Avenue n Rackets E 37th and 88th Streets if if NEW YORK an Be Ha at It 1: . C d 1: 1: :I :I Clothlng 1 :I ri . M. F. swEENEY s I I Fufnlshmg THE HILL SCHOOL, 4, Shoes I 'I P UZ t , P . 'I O S Own a 5 For Young Men and Boys """""' A """"" "" ' """"A"""""""' """"""'3 5Lfv'-Av-vevevev-v-rv-'Av-v-.Av-v-ev.-:.-v-v-v-A-v-vevevev-vu 24'-A-Avev-v-v-ve'-.rv-v-v-v-v-.-.-ve-rv-'AAAI-.-vA.A1vA.-.-v-.Ai: I?f,-,-,-,-,-v-v-,-,.,.,.,.,.,., ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.v.,.,.v. 4: II E5 THINKING 0F BUILDING? fl Ig Ask Us How 'I Ig P QI QI A401170 Portland 0ementL'o. ' :I General Offices: , - 4, :E EASTON, PA. Boston geinilogcglces:Philadelphia I: Baltimore Savannah Pittsburg 74-76 N. Charlotte Street, I 'ITU an Pottstown, Pa. 'I 9 Q 1: Z3 EE 4 If 'I THE GUARA T NTEEQ PRINTER of Quality 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 3 4, .I 4, .I I, ,I pgp-f HiguAaAN:QaEe: lx Q ,Z RTLAND 45615750 E EM EH LJZE' . mfaffrfffa 11210540-my Q L .4 if 2 J, X S 2 Q 5 . f ff,,- V, I 1 1 ' -,y if 5 7.-3, E' F E. 2 :. 12 V ff TL M, r 2 W 2 5 A 6 -' if if A 2 Q I : 'C' : .2 Z :' 5 Z f .11 244' In E ,... QA'-L -X 1:1 T 4 PLEASE MENTION 15 A-v-.x-.-.-v-.-.A.A-Av-.-veveve-ve.-1-ve'-vev-vev-v-ve.-.-'tvAv THE DIAI. x, 4 : 4 4: 1: 1 1: 1: 4: 4: 4: 1: 1: 1: 4 1: 4: 1: 1: 4: :P 4: 4: 1: J P :P : 'P 1 1: 4 u 4 4: 1: 1? 4: : 4: : 1: 4: 4: 4: 4: 1: 4: P P 4: P 4: 4: 4: 4 1: 4: 1: .N - vlvv 'AA .Af 0 Q O Q O C OII1 Folilim Y. lendents .AA .I .lv .Jvx .N .N v.wA,y In L E A S E M E N T Io N 16 ll 4E D IA . la v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.Y.Y,.,.,-,-,-,-,A,-v-.-.-.-.-.AJ-.-.-.Av-.-.-.-v-.-.-v-v-v-.-.-.Av-.Av-.-.-.-v-.Avsfv-vxrvvvxnvs,-v--v-v-v-. Rich in .f .':" ,ff M and Z F d V x V LA M PoLmc'l oo a !?jyytx? .J gi Ihglclcagc Wy- X av- ff ,N . V Cikgmf' 1 -x Pg v. Mx? 4 'M ., .. , , ,,, ,, ,. mix E r .MQ Q T l ,M il.l VP' W ,Q mf x A-dsl ,JI X in 0, f .A 9'i47f5X. f Y o ,Hs 21: 3,5 t ,mg ry QKQA r is A T' ' Z,A i , s 59 .Q 53 Hg w5'f3L3f43' . , s. .,. f , 6iffar?'ff e ' :if 5 ' X:.agL'f"b S 1 f ' Zim UA X 3' "Q, M mis X 4 A ' Q 1' A ' f' ' ,f 6x In . .Q ' .ff i V 'x Wx ',iz,XKv -. . . - ' , ,Q ff ,, :fn 4-AJ, Mm X54 E YQ E W e ,f 1 x ,H ", ' X 5 A an . , L , A i 0 A jg I . 1 if . f G J QM, M, A , f K I h Whoiesome Sweei .v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.vvv.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.,-,Ay-,-,-.-,-,-v-vAv-'-vA.A-AAA,-v-v-v-'Av-v-v--'Lvl'-v-v-v--v-v--v---v-v v,,,,,.v.v.,.v.,.v.v.v,,,.v.,.,.,.,.,.v.v,,,.,.v.v.v.,.,.v.v.,1 'r 1 A ,H n -. , It p,1ifQf2a,?fi i.iX , f - 4 ? ' - U- , ' ,...N.-f- ff: , V L , 1 ,,, NQT. , A , fl if? ,.fU iifs.- 5, i 4 o P 014 - . 'f:4.".. ' jg 215 3. Compllments of ju 11 . 'fy I , 4 1., X I' li gl ' .V , 4' -1.152 'f5'f93?f-7 d ,j .,.-if 41 ' i, fi .., Q1 ' f -f 31112K 1 ,.aafe,x- - O O 4, , ' 4' .5 fr g s ' ' ' 1' . P- -,,w,f,, -, - - 4 .f,f'.f, ,. - ,f 5, lp 11 A 1, . V ,,-1-f,,,.,,-Q-sf, N5 -w.,,. . 1' Q? gfi fp . zirzfica-:f.f:.f-',fg2ie.:eif g , gi , 1 1 w v I . jr V " Q f I. PLEASE IVIE v 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 2 N SEEING THE FALLS From the Deck of "Maid Of The Mist" Steamboat Is the most satisfying and popular way of viewing the WORLD'S GREATEST CATARACT TION THE DIAL 17 v.v.v.v A - A - - A A - .'.v.v.'.'.'.'.v.'.v.'A'.'.'.'.v.'.v.'.'.'.v.v.v.vAv.'AA .'.v.'.v.v.'.'.v ...... v .v.v.v.'.'av.v.'.'.v THE STGRY OF ALADDI And his home that was built in a single night. HE original story of Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp is one of the most fascinating ever written. Its very origin is wrapped in mystery. It is perhaps the oldest and best known of all ancient legends. Aladdin was a tailor's son in ancient China. In spite of evil intentions of a wicked magician, who kidnapped Aladdin, sending him into a deep cave to get a magic lamp and afterwards kill him. Aladdin, by accident, evaded the clutches of the bad man. When the boy returned home, he accidentally rubbed the lamp. A great Genii instantly appeared, and falling on his knees before Aladdin, demanded to know how he could serve his master. The boy thus discovered that the possessor of the lamp could rule the world, for nothing was impossible for the Genii to do. Passing the Emperors palace one day, .Aladdin caught a glimpse of the Princess and straightway fell in love with her. Securing an audience with the Emperor and lavishing him with priceless jewels, precious stones and other presents, he asked thc hand of the Princess in marriage. After many trials and difhculties, the Emperors consent was secured. To show his great appreciation, Aladdin called up the wonderful Genii and said: "Build me the most wonderful palace the world has ever seen. Line it with the hnest rugs, and silks. The wall shall be of gold studded with iewcls. AND BUILD IT IN A SINGLE NIGHT." Calling in all his wonderful resources, the Genii built and finished Aladdins home in a single night, to the great astonishment of the old builders ,who required years and years to build a palace. Aladdin moved in and lived happily ever after. This ancient marvel of constructive ability is paralleled in a measure by the modern readileut system of home building. In mammoth mills in Michigan and Mississippi all the parts of a home are prepared by machinery and delivered to the home builder ready to be erected with surprising speed and economy. Where months were formerly required to erect a home, it is now accomplished in a few weeks time. This system of building has become so popular that there is scarcely a county of any State in the Union but which has its Aladdin homes. They have even been shipped to Alaska, Saskatchewan, South America, Africa and the European countries. And thus originated the name A'Aladdin" of modern house fame, The ALA DDIN Cnmjxmy fHnme-Im1'ldel's to Ike Nafimij have Sales Qffifes and Jldills in the four gredzfesf timber producing sections of Ihre United States:-Bay City, illitlz- iga1z,'HatticsI1urg, JVIissZssippi,' IfVil1111fizglon, Nor!l1Carn- Zifnd, Portland, Oregon. ve.-v-.-.-.-.-v-.-:v-v-:v-.-:v-v-.Av-v-v-.-.A.-.-:c-'Av-.-.-.-v-:.-v-.-.-.-:.-.-.-.-.Av-v-v-ve.-.-.-.-v-,-,-,..,.,.v.'.'.v.v. PLEASE IVIENTION TI-IE DIAL 18 vev - v-A-Av-v-xzvw-v-v-v-vsr'-v-var.-.-vvvw-v-vvvxAAq 4 A. B. Cadwalader Banners, Pillows, Bed Spre Curtains ads, A. B. CADWALADER High and Penn POTTSTOWN, PENNA. 'r P 'r 4 jr 2 1, tr tr tr 3 4+ 4+ i 'r lr 'r 'r 'r 'r 4 P lr 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 3 4 ,- --- -nfl v v .-v-.-.xr-,Av-xzvvsr Azv- 'vw -.-.- vvvvvvvv - v-v-v-v's1vsAAA,-v-v-v-v-v-vAv'v'-rv-v'4b 'fi l . ' 1 3. 19 . --- -- 3'-- - W M., E. U4 '::, L- I kv - 511- ' 1 ij .' ,,l9i"' fW .. -- , p wr. ' I I A .V. .p ' -'11--Nj-I -'-. , l. '- xr' 'ea .' C0noNA Bushing- so .fb-5' .le 5 Zifeegj 54.57 Corona Typewriter The personal writing machine. Machine and Case weigh only 9 pounds. Repairs and Supplies. WllKIN'S DRUG STURE P lr 'r 'r 'A 'r 'r 'r 4 3 r 'r 'r 'r 'r In C 'r in lr in 'r 'r 'n lr 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r in 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 2 u p .4 'Ks wma Fifth Ave. r ' at 54-St. 7 fx New Yo u! 4 ' . af I Q '91 . r E6 4 stay of any dura- tion, at the Wal- dorf-Astoria Will convince even the rnost skeptical that it merits its title-the aristocrat of hotels. Under the direction of L. ill. Boomer. 4 P --v-v-v-ve'-v-'Az-'Av-v-v-v--V-v-v-v-.-:xl-.-.-.AJ-v-'AA'-v-JK PLEASE ME NT ION THE DIAL 19 -vvvvvwd1vvvs1vv-v-.-.-v-v-v-.x-v-v-xAzvvv-v--NIV tr 3 in 3 P Nt'TlBk "A'RclC 8 101111 an gi mles oa 0. tr tr of Pottstown :E 1: AMIESITE . 'I Capital 3300v000- ,, fl Abituminous concrete 1 P , l 1, fi paving material. Surplus and Undlvlded 1: g 'v . . Profits 5515v000' Main Office: Easton, Pa. YOUR ACCOUNT SOLICITED. PLANTS LOCATED IN 3576 Paid on Time Deposits. New York ' Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent. Pel'H'1SY1Vafl1a If New Jersey james I-I. Morris, President. E 3 Connecticut Newton Kline, Vice President. :Q ji MarYlHHd Percy NVilliz1n1son. Cashier. 4: Information furnished Leonard I.eai, Asst. Cashier. 3 , .P 1, on request. P ,vvvvvvv-v--v-v-:sf-v-vev-v-v-v-v-v----'vvw----:vi 2 vs,-,-,-.,-,A.v,A,-v-,-.-,-,-.-,-,-,-,-,-.44563,-,-,-v-.-,-,A Did You Tutor Last Summer and Then Faii to Pass Exams? TRY THE WOLFEBORO CAMP. FORMERLY THE HILL CRNIP. l Last year our record for removing conditions was better than 90 per cent. GOLF, TENNIS, BRSEBRLL, CRNOEING, BRTHING, FISHING, TRIPS. Rpplg for Booklet to Mr. CoH1aH1, Mr. Fraser, Mr. Lavertu, Mr. Robins, Mr. Thomas or Mr. Warnock. .ws.-.-.---v-rv-.-.-.-Af,-.-v-:veve-A--.-,av-,.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.',VVV,.v. ,, .v.v.'.v.v.vA,,.v.v.v.AA,. PLEASE MENTION TI-IE DIAL 20 ,'v-.vvxAzs-v-v-vevvv-vwvsAdvv-v-v'vv-.-:vsnfsrvxrw Fine flavor in fruits and vegetables is what "good breeding" is in people. One is just as much a matter of careful cultivation as the other, Both are developed only under the most favorable en- vironment. That explains why the 89 model establishments where DEL MONTE Canned Foods are packed are situated in the most favored spots of Nature, every location having been selected for its special fitness to produce certain products of finer fiavor and finer quality than can be obtained elsewhere. It further explains why we own and operate thousands of acres of the most highly developed orchards and gardens in many of these favored sections-why our specialists have spent their lives in improving old varieties and propagating new ones to perfect DEL MONTE Quality-why, in short, they devote their most vigilant attention to every stage in the growth, harvest and preparation of DEL MONTE Products, from the planting of the seed until the perfectly flavored fruit or vegetable is ready to be served on your table. DEL MONTE Fruits are always matured and sun-ripened on the tree-they retain all the fine flavor and delicate bouquet that kindest Nature can impart, because they are 'ipacked where they ripen the day they are picked." California Packing Corporation San Francisco, California 1 -v-. -.-.-.-.-.-.-. v-v-vA.-v-v-.-v-vA.-.-v-v-v-v-v-v--vlve w-.x-.-v-v+vA.-.Av-'Ar v-v-v-v-4-.Av-v-ve PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL 21 3 3 3 3 4 3 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 3 3 4 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 1 'I 13 13 3 52 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 1 3 3 13 13 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 ,J 3 3 13 13 13 13 4 I P P 'I 13 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 P 3 1 1 'I 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 'I 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 3 1 'I 4 4 'I 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 3 i .v.v.v.'.'.vN.v.v.v.,. -.-.-.A. tx L N d iem. ----gummy:---. ALBERT KELLER General Manager RLTZ- QQRLTO MADISON AVE. AT 46TH ST.-NEW YORK Personal service--careful attention to every need and comfort of the indi- vidual--is a fundamental factorein the high esteem with which the Ritz is re- garded by people of Social Prominence. Convenient to shops and theatres, and after theatre, its incomparably beauti- ful Crystal Room is the rendezvous for supper and dancing. ew 53 5 EQUlTABl,E G is ie GJ gg gg BUILDI G 120 Broadway O W New York M-,i, V ,.,i,i,. i,iv.v M viv., .,.,i, , t,i,i,.,i,i,i,.,i,lv.v W ev.,.,.,e,i,i,., E .,.,a,l, i , PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL 22 fvvx v-.-v-ev-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-ve'-.-.-.A.-.-v-.-v-v-v-v-.-.-.-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-.-v-.Av-vvvs' Q.-..... HT. Dead Bircl. H Pull "-the Click of the trap-the swish of the "bird" as it quarters to the left-the instantaneous adjustment for angle and leadhthe snappy "crack" of the gun-and the monotonous voice ofthe scorer saying "Dead Bird." Thrilling! Yes. lf you have never shot over a trap you will never know how thrilling. Dont miss it. Trapshooting will give you more real fun and sport than you can imagine. Smokeless Shotgun Powders There is a gun club near you-go and watch a shoot. Try your hand---and you'll shoot regularly. To get the best results use the same loads of fast uniform, reliable powder. Du Pont Powders are fast, hard-hitting, close-shooting- that is why they are used by seven out of every ten sportsmen. E.l.du Pont de N emours Xz Co. Incorporated Sales Department Rifle and Shotgun Powders Section Wilmington, Delaware. PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL 23 .fvv-,-.-v-.-.- 4vv-.-v-.- . '4 1 'Y 4 1 4 44 4 4 1 P 44 4 14 14 14 4 4 4 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 1 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 4 14 4 44 gt P 14 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 4 1 44 44 4 1 4 4 4 14 4 44 44 44 4 4 4 I 4 --v- vvv..-vvsfvv.---- 2 4 13: P W ,j f .4 ,4..4 ..:- 1 AWQQQZEZJJK EQQIUH ce x J' HE creamy richness of Nestles Every Day Milk brings out the real flavor of a cup of fragrant coffee. And for cereals and cooking it is not only delicious, but nourishing, IZOO. NESTLES Wm , 1 4 E ERY DAY 45vn5gDAY4 NESTLEEC513J?REDCMPANY J' 144 4 NEW YORK '41-mrmmm PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL 24 -v-V-.-,-,n-v-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-v 'T 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 'I 14 14 14 14 14 14 P 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 P 1 4 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 1 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 1 4 14 4 Von Platen Lumber Company Manufacturers of Maple, Birch, Basswood, Elm, Hemlock, Etc. Annual Capacity, 25 MILLION FEET. Iron Mountain, Mich Shipments via C. Sz N. W. 8: C. M. 8: St. P. Railways. xfvvw-.-.-v-v--.'sr'-vevevev-v-.Av-vxrvvvw-v-v-v-v-Jvvvvx ' l0hII D. Hdwdrtl 81 C0., South and Redwood Sts., BALTIMORE, MD. Investment Bonds Underlying liens of rail- ways and public utilities. Correspondence Invited. tr tr 'vsrvvx' .Av-vAv-vs-v-v-v-v-v-v-ve.-.-.Av Wood-Mosaic Co. New Alhany, Indiana. Parquetry and Ornamen- tal Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Lumber, Quartered Oak Veneers. Floor Laying Agencies in Most Large Cities. Laying 11111115 und dII.5'U'ILlfffUlIXfill" uisfleu' wfzarf we have 110 ugczzffrs. WRITE FOR C211 T.-ILOG UE. fvvvv. Sf' 55,15 3239: E292 -,11 rg L' gig .-4 53 I .GW '-I 1. ga ES'11'F'l 1 an EE Qin: O? ru EE FU Qin aw img s Q 35 2 " :n 55 2 9 gg 4 -vs ,-42.235 52525 .-:fda-1 aging 5555 5 :PCD 5 Jvvvw- - A - A - - xavvxf.-.-.-v-vvvw-.-.-.-.-.A PLEASE MENTION TI-IE DIAL fvvx, .-.-vvx ? ,v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.'.v.vAv,v.v.v,v.vAvAvy, CAPITAL, ----- S200,000.00 SURPLUS, ---- S300,000.00 The National Iron Bank of Pottstown, Pa. John W. Storb - - President Henry A. Bell - - Vice-President William D. Schoenly - Cashier A ccozmzfs Solicizfeci. S. B. CHAPI CO. STOCKS. BONDS. GRAIN. PROVISIONS COTTON. COFFEE Ill BROADWAY NEW YORK TELEPHONE, 3400 RECTOR 209 SO. LA SALLE ST. CHICAGO TELEPHONE, 2728 WABASH MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE New York Cotton Exchange Chicago Board of Trade New York Coffee Exchange Chicago Stock Exchange New York Produce Exchange Pittsburgh Stock Exchange .v.'Av.'.v.'.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.A----AA ..... .VV.-A-A------------- ....... A .... ------ L PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL 26 4 The John J. Crooke Company INCORPORATED 1 880 68 WILLIAM STREET New York City 1649 WARREN AVENUE Chicago, Ill. TIN FOIL AND METALS Pure Tin Foil for Wrappzhg Confectionery and F ood Products PLEASE MENTION THE DIAI 27 xfvvsrsrsrv-v-.Av--:vvvv-v-v-v4.-v-v-xr.-'AAI-'Av-Y-vsvev-.'sAzvx' HOSI E RY new 31. .saaa2iE21.,r32' '-1:aaeaerf'i- --:meg mr. -ir: .r., :A Ig, 4.15231 'wi Riff? , , 1 ld' . ... Luft-1 1 3, f TH-E 'mf PI C K E O F 5 I -' ' x l 1' -11. .,.,....-1- Compliments of he Uhliuman Knl'tz'l71g M178 E as ton, Pa. .Y.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v,,,,.v.v.v.,.v.,,.v.v.v.,.,-,-.-.- -.-v-v-v-'Av-.-v-v-.-.-:.-:.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-svx. v GENERATIONS OF MEN AT THE HILL Have Used This Store Even Before Comingto Princeton. May We Take This Oppor- tunity of Extending to You, Personally, A Corclial Invi- tation to Visit Us---And to Call on Us Whenever We Can Assist You in any Way. The Princeton University Store Everylhing the College flflan Needs, MMWNMMMw I 'I lr lr lr lr lr lr 'I l 4 I 2 4 tr tr I In 'I I 'I lr lr 28 X.-vv Hoi Water Prompt Service For Your Home W I ma? 45 WT? 4' I I ' x 4, 'U' ' sw Prwlfde H nl Wzzler I7ISfI171I'ly al H10 lurn Qf Ilzefrzurei. " PIIISBURGIIH Instantaneous Automatic Gas WATER HEATER. Easily installed. Nochange in piping necessary. Gas con- sumed is measured by hot water used. Send for. Catalogue. I ' Branch Offices in all large cities. , PIIISIIIIIUII WIIIGI IIGZIUII IIIIIIIIJIIIW Pittsburgh, Pa. I'I,.Il.fXSII IVIIINTION THE DIAL -vsuvvv-.-.-Y-v-A-v-4vvvvv-.-.A.-.+.-,x,vv-,.,.v.v.,vvvVvvy.'.v.,,v.v. , i .-.V. .11- 1SQQg Y ,, , x 1. x I M201 .... X I ve 'A' A x o' - . X ff ' , . iv X W Q Glo Q X 5221 ' Q gli. Q . . iv : - - fs O Qmiijya A ' A v ,T N ' ' W we ' ' . I ix i .4 - iii?" ' f In I ' . ' Q 'iii Whatever the driving conditions, Vacuum Cup Cord Tires are built to give unusual mileage. Generously oversize, constructed ol' highest quality materials under constant inspection. A niet black tread of massive wear-resisting Vacuum Cups gives guaranteed safety on wet, slippery pavements, plus positive trac- tion on rough, rutty, rocky detours. Adjustment basis-per warranty tag attached to each casing: Vacuum Cup Fabric Tires ..... 6,000 miles Vacuum Cup Cord Tires ..... 0,000 miles Channel Tread Cord TireS ..... 9.000 miles Makers ol Pennsglvania Rule Tubes H Ton Tesled U PENNSYLVANIA RUBBER COMPANY, Jeannette, Par Direct Factory Branchez and Service Agencies Throughout the United and Canada. EXPORT DEPT.. NVOOLYVORTH BLDG.. NEXV YORK, N. Y. PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL 20 P 4+ Life Insurance .' Provides a sure guarantee for the fulfillment of your plans for the education of your children and the protection of your home. A Definite and Continuing Monthly Income May Be Arranged. The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company of Philadelphia Send Name and Date of Birth for Full Particulars. v-v-.rv-v-Av-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-.-'Av-v-v-v-v-'ww-v-v-uv-4v-v-v-v-1-v-v-v-v-v-Av-v-.AvA.Av-.-v-v-v-v-v-.-.A COIVIPLIMENTS PITTSBURC. PLATE ctfxss co PAN -Av'-A-fvv-v--v--.fvvvzev-.-v-.uvev-'Av-.-v-.-A-v-rv-v-v-v-v-,rv-v-v-.-v-.-.-.-v-v-.Av+.A.-v-v-.-ve'-'Av-v-v-v--'Af PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL 30 .-v-.-.- AvA:-.A.xr.-v-vvvvxfs-v-v--v-v -.- :VW 'A'AvA"'A' A"'+"'A W 'A'1'A"'A'1'A N "'A finch,Pruyn8Comuany, w.L. sim ci son G1eQmi3'LfiiffN. Y. 2"' 'f"f"S'HffTf E Porrsroww, PENNA. Manufactu rers of . News Print Paper Spruce and Hemlock Lumber I and 5g QE EVERSHARP Wood Burnt Lime PENCILS. 3 Ei .r....A....A.r --.M .vAv,,.v.vAvAv , Y, BA K OF MO TREAL K NEW YORK AGENCY 64 WALL STREET PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL vw vw 31 ID! .EA S: L 'WENT .IQN THE . DIA L 32 L 3 4 'Tj P m G PS o 1: Q5 .5 5 ,il "" ,r ,id -'. 4, Q SD 5 1: In D g E 3 O SJ" 4 AMAA P1 O E, E U .Mn , . :rv-v.,, "YA-.. "' it '-U Z c: 'I N-.. 2 Q L' Z lg -.An ' A 1: P-I IP L-4 D.. " N-.. "A'-- 1' 3 IP an 0 Q -MW 'A-..M 12 :I 2 E4 'U 5 Wg? n '-WV -uw r w E Q vAvA:vs, vA'AvA'-vvx, It p H Cb. U3 2 5 2 3 30 5 A""'-v-.. A" fi fi 2 0 E Sd 5. "' U12 gl c-1 O vA 'A 'Au-vvw 5 ba L-4 H 4-r V7 3 Z I gr o , -A, -nn 5 4 Z Q CD 14 Q-A rn O : I 2 so 5 3 -A. 41 J N H o 2 -.1-' og C If Q up -.ZA 1, v- g cv co Z rs 0 2' .4 U' fn 3 D -A., .P I nv be , QU 2. E, 5 Q 1 O E? - .- 4 5 1 rn 2 7 Q, Cn gow HMMQFQSPC, " 1' . H- U1 M: D' 5 :1 w 53 "' W Q : 5 't OD D 5- fn O O 0 9' Q rr Q Ln gf D- ,mr I 4' 'p rr r-, I-'. :S gr' g. 5- pq ,, ,.r Q 5 3 4. 4 I 5 4 Cf pp w O ,. I P1 G7 ,, 4 3 2 Z 3 P Qi 3 Q F if ' on Q63 2 DQ Q 1 ' r' 5 :u ' ff - ' P259 ws'i,'a ESUSW , 1 C m 4, 1- Q ,n ,, rn Q ,U 2421444 Ga sm U m 'r 1' fv gm QQ: ,UW .Mn 5 9 F 3 Ig if E Z 4-4 ': 3 W , ..vAvAvA E 5 4 4 Cn Q Q .U Q 5 5 4 Z me fn Us :Q H U, UP - nv Q 2 20 if " :D gg 73 O ff V F11 m "A""-A., '52 ra 15 5, - , Q U3 5 5' 5 77 4-4 Z Ig 5 1, F cv ., U pu 4 v-'AA Q tr 4, O 5 cn H 43 vnu . 4, 4, O gg n ""-v. Ii " 4 W 2 3 59+ 3 "v-WWA 4' 1, pn DP co 9, Z 4, '25 'P UQ 4 m Q4 Q 4' Irh PL: F1 co gt Ti :E 'A'2A..m w 5' 2 rn ..'AvAvA 1, Q 2 "nv, 4 wi-'An 1, vAvA 4? vAvAvAvAA 5 siuimins, Clncorporatedb Manufacturers of Dress Silk MILLS: Hawley, Pa. Honesclale, Pa. Paterson, N. J. HE New York Office: a 260-266 FOURTH AVENUE PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL 33 Worlo"s Star Hosiery ano' lflean-Knit Underwear ' is solo' only direct from the Mill to the Home through our local representatives. THERE IS A nEPREsE1v TA TIVE NEAR rou. AA Worlo"s Star Knitting Co., l Bay City, Mlolr. PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAI 34 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 3 3 3 3 I 1 'I 1 I 'I 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 I 'I 1 3 I 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 I 1 3 I 'I 1 3 I 'I 1 I 'I 1. 'vwn-v--.-vA.-xAA1vw-v-v-v--.vv-v-v-v--v-v+Jvvv-v-v-.A.-.+.-.-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.vAwv.-.Av-.-v-v--v-rv-v- SIMONDS SAWS ESTABLISHED 1832 Simonds Manufacturing Company, FITCHBURG, MASS. FIVE FACTORIES TWELVE BRANCHES -Y-.Av-vA.'w-v-v-v-v-v-Jvvw-v+v+-1-.AvA.'v-.-vA.-:vvvxAAAAAzw-v-V-v-.fy-v-v-v-v-v lvvx,-v-v-v-vA -v--v-.-.-.fszvv-.-.'v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v- v-v-v-v-v-v-v-vAv-v-v- v-v--v -v-v-v- v-v- -v-v v-v-v-v- 'I 3 'I 1 I 1 3 I 'I 1 3 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 3 3 :- The Princeton Tutoring School -: Princeton, New Jersey. Winter and Summer Sessions in preparation for june and Sep- tember College Entrance Board Examinations. Every l-lill stu- dent who attended' the 1919 Summer Session entered Prince- ton in September. -v-v-v-v-.A,-.-.-.A.-.Av-'Av-v-.-v-v-A--V-v-vAv-v-V--v-,-v''vw-v-v-v-v-.s-v-v- PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL 35 . vvmn-avv-fsrv-.fvvxzvvv Nd'-Afvvv , 4: P AND UP! ,, qv 'I The drift of the times is toward 4' thrift. lt is E1 living, working force- X f the foundation of character and be- It ginning of a successful career. Read jr what Benjamin Franklin saida century g and a half ago. 1, P 4: 4' Accumulate young man, and 2 2 become respectable and respected-H 4, ,I think of having as well as getting." The Power City Bank was formed 4+ to encourage thrift and it would like 4' W R a to encourage you and help you "Up ' ' ' If and Up." 4, ,Tw 5: 3 4' . . 1 +' Power City Bank ., 4 1 X I J Niagara Falls, N. Y. illczrzbcr Federal Reserw System. lL'VNf'v"'v'v'-Av'v'v'v'v'v'v"'v'v'v'v'v'v'v""'v"'v'-"v'v'v'VVVN v-v'v-v-v-v-v-v-v-A-v-vvvwev-1-v-v-v-v-v-.-.A.A.'vw-v- Q-A--'vv-v--1 v"v'v'v'v'v' A-A-A-'rv'-'-'v'v'v v-'Av-JN1, ' ----v-v-v-'Av-v-v-v-v-.,-v-v-.-v-v-v-.-.-.-v-.-.wvv-.-.- 4 li You Want to Suc- 1+ ,, ceed, Save ig Ig -,. Ig 1+ Ig This is true, not only 1, I I- d K G because of the value of IE ' 0' 4 . 4 ,v the money which the 1: 4' if young man who saves EI ELMIRA' N' Y' g :I accumulates, bu t b e- If 2 'I cause of the infinitely ji E greater value of the IE 2 1: system and organiza- EI 4, EI tion which the practice 1: I EI .3 of saving induces into gf Agricultural Gffozmd gl 1: his life. 1: I gl V 1, Lzmestmze gl P ' 'l 4 4 45 45 3 4+ - ,r 4, , Hallo the NICOH :E :E 3 'r if gg BALTIMORE 1: 3: P P Lfv'v'v'v'v'v'v'v""V""VV'-'-'-'vNfv-v'-A-AAf--.lvvvvxi 'Q-vvvvvvvw-v-v-v-.-.-.saw-v-v-Y-v-v-v-v-f -.-v-v-.-,-.-.-.-.-2 PI .HA il-Z NI EN TION THE DIAL -fvvvvsp-.rv CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK, Pottstown, Pa " ,bf N, A , V sit .t,. 5 ' Viht -s i J , f 3 M gilt... 'J WIIIE! I I .osiowt i N - 'I II :erin I - -'- s:':':,:'t'1-X..,l 1' 925.1 , r ' is-'frsq.m-stef 137-,:. -ff.. .ww-:.' -- 'MLA-""i"' ' 'W' -. f. .iT'1w-nf-fa-u-'f'-'CH . iii -ii. ,":y'1 . -- .1-V. .. -'f--sxfz:-:tif . s-:.f..ff.f':m- z .. 1"'f,.g,4,',-,.a,,-,M H 1,-...Q 5 W. t . ,.,. -..A .,. . I v..s.,,... . .- .Q.g.M..,,.-W, wrfgzf- Q. -1-V..f:. ' .. 1,-.SA .- Q k ., S,-.,. v.y.,.4.: 3.-.V A. General Banking. Interest Paid on Savings Accounts Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent. A ...... --- ................... -- --- - .... -,AAAAAA,v, vvvvvvfvvzvvvvvvvvvv v--vvvvvvvvvv.-xzxzxfvvvxf-..sfsfvvx,vv-.r.- -----,,..---------,.-,,.-,AAAA,,.-----.Jv.------x,.--.vv,.--------- foto, :Bacon 84 avio Engineers NEW YORK 115 Broadway NEW ORLEANS FRANK R. FORD GEORGE W. BACON GEORGE H. DAVIS SAN FRANCISCO CHARLES F. UEBELACKER CHARLES N. BLACK WILLIAM VON PHUL .v.v.vA ---------5,v,.-------.,,.------A,,.-,,,,.-.vvvVV---afvvsrvw PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL 37 ovvvvgy-.-vvvv-vvvvvvv-.-.fv-.-v-v-.-.wsrv.-v-v-vfvv-v-.-v-.-.Av-v-.Av-. - .-.-.-.-.e, The American Exchange ational Bank of Dallas Capital, - - 31,500,000 Surplus,Undived Profits 2,000,000 Resources, - - - 44,000,000 I OFFICERS ROYAL A. FERRIS, Chairman of Board E. M. REARDON, President HENRY C. COKE, Vice-President E. J. CANNON, Vice-President JOHN N. SIMPSON, Vice-President LOUIS LIPSITZ, Vice-President A. V. LANE, Vice-President NATHAN ADAMS, Vice-President H. D. ARDREY, Vice-President G. H. PITTMAN, Vice-President and Cashier H. H. SMITH, Assistant Cashier I F. H. BLANKENSHIP, Asst. Cashier E. S. MCLAUGHLIN, Asst. Cashier R. V. SANDERS, Asst. Cashier E. J. CANNON, Jr., Asst. Cashier v.v.v. v.v.v.v.v.v.',v.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.,v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.-.'.-.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.v.v.v.'.vLv.v,Vv.,,,,x,,,4 ILEASE MENTION THE DIAL 38 A 'r 'r 3 3 r 'r 43 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 'u 'r 'r 'r 'r 'r 1 3 r 4 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 S 5 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 U U 'r 'r 'r 4 3 r A v-.-vs-v-v-v -'Av-v-'vvsfvszvxf Factory and Warehouse Sites in Chicago's Great Industrial Railroad Center. -Belt Line Service. -Chicago Rate Basis. -Less than Carload Service. Inbound and Outbound. -Sewer, Water, Gas,' Electric Power, Improved Streets and other necessary facilities and conveniences. -Buildings Erected to suit on Term Lease or Purchase Contract FOR MAPS, PLATS AND OTHER INFORMATION APPLY TO CLEARING INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT 1005 First National Bank Building, - CHICAGO. TELEPHONE RANDOLPH 136. -.-xr.-v-.-v vAv-v-vAv-vA-.-v-vAYAv-v-.-v-v-.-xA,-v-V-v-v-v-v-v-:V--.-vxry-v-v-v-v-.zvvvsnf--Jsn. OLDEST. LARGEST. BEST-KNOWN zsbe First New England Tutoring School Little Hall, Cambridge, Mass. It has prepared more men for college than any other tutoring school, more men for I-Iarvard September entrance examinations than all the other tutoring schools combinedg it is preparing the sons of men who were its early pupils, and its older teachers will soon be preparing the grandsons of its-first pupils. It has no teacher of less then ten years experience in preparatory work, several with over thirty years experi- ence. Open throughout the year. Summer Session July to Septem- ber. Fine dormitories, pleasantly located, attractively furnished, fifty tennis courts, large fully-equipped boat-house, ample opportunity for exercise and recreation. Separate high-grade laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology. For full information and descriptive pamph- let address WILLIRM W. NOLEN Little Hall "R" 1352-58 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. Long Distance Telephone 627 and 3l90. PROGRESSIVE ENERGETIC EFFICIENT REFERENCES---Any Hill man at Harvard College. Any Harvard man anywhere. --- -------- ........... ------------ .... ----- ---.,v.- PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL 39 -,Av-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-v-v-vevev-v-v-v-.-v--v-v-v-ve'Av-vA'Lvl'-vA-vA'Av-v-.-.-.-.-ve.-.Av-.-v-.-.-.-.-v-.-v-v'.-v-v'v'v'v-v'.'v'v'vAv- LAIRD 8: CO. ME BERS EW Y RK STOCK EXCHANGE Investment Securities Q ' PO T BUILDI G WILMINGTO PLEASE MENTION TI-IE DIAL 40 N. A I 1 P 3: THE M01-MDW Kauland Halnumm-if CUAS7-EH BME l i , li Phe supreme test ofa procluet-great Q er than all others-is the test of years. :I ll Has it made good during years of 4' ji actual usage? QSQQ ji Back, alinost twenty years ago, when It :I coaster brakes were hrst heing heard 1: If of, men and boys were I'1CllI1g M OR- 7 Manufacturers i' l ROV S' Q ,L And to-day those men and boys who Cl 1: j, know what makes a really good coast- an 1: :L er hralce are xii!! riding MORROXVS. 4, P During the past nine years there has Wholesale Dealers 5: if been no fundamental change in MOR- 4' l ROW' construction. IE Qi It is today what it was nine years QQGQ 1, :L ago-the sturcliest, strongest, surest 5 4, coaster brake it is possible to build. 4, 1: Demand the sturdy, efjicienl, depen- St NI ' 1: dable AIORROW on Ihe next "bike" you 31' S Pa '+ buy. u 9 0 4 y Ig 1l ECLIPSE MACHINE CO. ' S ELMIRA, N. Y. vAvA,A,4,Av4v'v'v4vAv'v'v'v4vAvAvAv'vAv'v'vAv'v'vAvAv4v'JNl'NlNl ' z fr 4' H qv 4' v 4 :I 1: ll-E 4 :- IP 'I 4' 'r 4' 'r 4' In H l l " e P 4' 1 P 'I Ig , In 4, ,D 4, l he American 4' 4 4: tr , If gl 4 gl 4' v Red Cross gl ig 4' 'P 4' 'r 4' 'r 4' 'P 4' 'P 4' 'r tr 4, 4' 'v 4' 'r 4D 4, 1' ' 4' i 15 4, 4' 'r 4' 'r P 4 4 P 'D 4, . 'D 4, ,.,A,.,.,.,-v-v ----- , -,-v-v-,Av-,A,-,-,-,-,A,A,-,Q,-,-,-,-, b 4 ,VC-4,xx-v-.-,A.-vvw-.-.-.AvAvAv-.-v-.fvvw-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v- PLEASE MENTION Tl-IE DIAL 41 ,-,-Y-v-v-ve'-v-.-v vevev-v-ve. v v-v-vevev - -Av-v-v'v- v v-v-vAv-v-.-.-.-.- vev-v-.Av--vA-vw HOUSE OF Fl. SILZ Purvcgors of Foreign and Domeslic Poullrg, Game and Nleal' Qpeciallies SILZ BUILDING TELEPHONE lllll-420 WEST l1lTl'l ST Chelsea 4900 NEW YORK The Winning of Athe Came at school or in business is amatteroffoocl and training- food that builds good muscle and bone-training that brings the body under the Control of a brain that is quick to see and act. The favorite food of athletes in all schools and colleges is SHREDDED WHEAT It is made of the whole wheat steam-Cooked, shredded and baked into crisp, brown little loaves that are delicious with milk, or cream, or with fruits of any kind. Shredded lVheat is on the training table of nearly every boys' school, college and university in this country. It is ready-cooked and ready-to-eat-a man's food for a 1I1Z1l1,S work. Made only by The Shredded Wheat Company -,-v-4-,-,-,.v.v .v.'. ., A A - - - - - ., - - v v v v v v - - v v - Jvvvev-vw-ve'A:-.-.-.-.-v-v-v-.-.Av-.-.-.-.-. .Av-vA.wvxAf.-v-v-v-v PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL 42 -.-v-. v-v-v-v-v'vvv-v-v-'v-v-v-v-v- -v-v-v-v-v-.- v-ve'-'Ave'-v A.Av-v-ve.-v-v-v .-.-.-.-vAvxzvvv-v+v-4w-v-4w-v-.Avszv-v-v1vvvy-v-.-.-v-.-.- The First National Bank of Wichita Falls, Texas ESTABLISHED 1884 Resources 315,000 000 00 Men of large business affairs in all parts of northwest Texas ancl southern Oklahoma feel the need of a strong banking connection in Wichita Falls, the Hn- ancial metropolis of northwest Texas. I I VASE: N1tIX'llON ll Il DIAI 43 .-v-v-.Av-vw-.-V-v-.-.-v-v-.-v A.-v-ve.-v-:vszvxfvw 3 Buy Your Drug Wants At Bentis Agents for Page and Shaw Chocolates Fresh Weekly. SPECIAL SUNDAE AND SODA. CHARLES S. BENTZ Prescription Druggist POTTSTOWN, - PA. vvvx,-v-.-A-.A.-v-xAfvvvvw-.-.-.-.-.-.-.,s,-.A.-.AAA,v- 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 I Av-v-4-.Av-v-4-.AvA,-vy+v-v-v-v-v--v-.+.s,-v+v- 5: 5 3 'vxzvvw-.-v-.-.-.-v .-v-.A.-.-.-.- Drake 8. Company Established I 836 EASTON, - PA. WI1oIesaIe Grocers, Confcc-I Iioriers, Tobacco Jobbers, Co-Hee Roasters, I:Iour' Merchants. Our GOLDEN CROWN brand of Coffee is in great demand by Particular People. .Arv-.-.-.A.-.Av-.-v-.-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-. Over Thirty Years of Continuous Service EIIIIIIZIIIIG IIIISI IIIIIIIDZIIIII Capital and Surplus Sl,000,000.00 OFFICERS OTHO NDWLAND, President HARRY T.SPRINGER, Treas. RICHARD REESE, Vice-Pres. N. C. LACKI.AND,Asl.Treas, DAVID M. HILLEGAS, Secy. F. A. CODCH, Trust 0fHcer EDWARD H. PORTER, Asst. Trust 0IEcers. Mtmlltr EGIIGIIII IIGSGIVG SYSIGIII You are invited to enjoy the benefits of our long experience and moclern facilities in all branches of aTrust Company business. v-v-v-.Avxm-v--v-.-: - -.-.-.-.zvxz-ve.-.-v-.A-Av-v-:vvvu ,AAA .......... ..... A -- 4-vs I I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 :I 3 3 I I 3 vA.aA:v-v-.-v- 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 I I I I I I I I I'I. B. Guthrie 81 Company MEMBERS NEW YDRII SIIICK EXCHANGE AAAAA HARRY B GUTHRIE HAROLD HERRICK AAAAA 71 Broadway, - New York PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL GI SUN, ZAHNISER 8: VINCENT OIL PRODUCERS 501 FIFTLI AXTENUE NEYV YORK - - - - .v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v. ,, .v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v .v.v.v.v.v Profecilve Palnis and Coaflngs 4 For Marine and Rrchlfeciurai Use GRRDINER-McINNES CO. NEW YORK. PLEASE MENTIONI THE DIAL 45 E E DIABILIT Y As to the LENGTH OF LIFE and RESILIENCY of the fabrics and as to the CONSTRUCTION of your clothes- IS WHA'F C OU NTS That's why we put all our knowledge into buying the Right Sort of Fabrics- Fabrics of the finest textzmes and of the Zales! weaves- Thz1t's why we devote our utmost skill in tailofiug-so as to express gracefully the lines of your jigure- So that the clothes will retain that Air ol Distiction which is soon lost in less perfect clothes. - THESE are the qualities that make IERREMS' clothes so desirable-so depenrlable. Tweeds, Worsteds, Flannels, I-Iomespuns, Silks, Linens and White Flannels in abundance. TAILOR FOR YOUNG MEN. 3 STORES: 7 North LaSalle St. 314 South Michigan Ave. 71 East Monroe St. .,AvAvA,,AvAvAvNAvAvAvA AA .... A A'AvAvA A AvAvAvAvAvAvA A A AvAvAvA A A AvAvAvAv,v.v WORK HARD---PLAY HARD Best Wishes of a FRIEND ,zvvxfvv-v-asf A A A PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL . L16 -,-,- -v-v-vA.-v-v -v-v-v-.Av-.A -A A A -v-v-v-v-v-.rv-v-v-v-v-v-v-vA.-v-v-v-v-v-fvvsfsvw v.v.vx-.-.-'A.A.4A,-v-v-'Ave'-.-v-v-.-v-v-.Av-.-vevev-v-.-.Av-.-v-.-v-v4.Av-v-.Av-,v.Av-.-sz-,Av-.Av-v-v-v-v-v-vev-v-vevevevev- "It Puts the Pull in the Pulley" ONE ply of VIIVI Belt Leather-for strong TRADEMRK pulley grip, plus one ply ol l-IOUGI-lTON'S GAR-the worlds best oak tanned ol' belt I leather-put together with VIIVI Leather fe PATENTED 6 Belt Cement-most tenacious and elastic v77.,ER 69 cement known. ONE VIM-OAK BELT WILL WIN YOU. .E F. HOUGHTON 81 CO. Oils and Leathers for the Industries WORKS: PHILADELPHIA and CHICAGO NUCGA BUTTERS BREAD-STAYS SWEET If the question is Butter The answer is Nucoa v-v4vAvAv-v-v--v-vv-.-:v-.-.A.-v-.- ILIZASE MVN HON VHF DIA! 47 A A A.A.Av-vev-.-v-v-v-v-v-v--v-v-v-ve.Av-.A.-.Av-ve.-.Av-.-v-.-v-.A.-ve.-v-.-v-.-v-.-.-.-v-v-v-.-.zsrv-vxv 60 lnch 3 High Universal Plate Mill Designed and built for Indiana Steel Company, Gary, Indiana. This mill is similar to the 60 inch Two High Rever- sing Universal Plate Mill which we recently com- pleted for the Bethlehem Steel Companys Spar- row's Point Plant, and they are the largest of their kind in the World. We design and build-Electric Traveling Cranes- Rolling Mill Machinery, Ordnance, Steel, Shipbuilding and Forging , Plants complete Special Machinery for the Conversion of Energy The Morgan Engineering Company, ALLIANCE, OHIO. Chicago New York Pittsburgh 122 S. Michigan Ave. 120 Broadway 1420 Oliver Building PLEASE MENTION THE DIM. 48 4:VNfv'vAv'ithAv'vAvAv4vAvAv4vAv4vAvAvAvAvAv'v'vAvAvAv'vAvAvAv'v'v4v'v4vAv4v'v4vAvAv4vAvAv4vAv'v'v'v'vAv',Av4,'v'v'v'vAv'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v it 'r gg C alle C 01111 I' O. tr qv :E BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 'r 4 4 :I 'Ji' Established 1856 4 L. , 'I l s' 4 'f 1: V, -Q: : Ig Founders of 4, l f X 4, Q 3 4' - 1: . 1? wuflg. Superior Church 4: .X . 4: Q , . '. jj I 4' ' ""' ' rl l- .5 :C 4' '-4. . Fffim -5 5 34. 2 1 S fi r I f - ' ' 9 ,. V .- 5ff:f1'?4i'4f U4 ig J 1. , u .4 iggirwsieiqi E 4+ , 1 I ff' 4: .4 -. - .- . CHIME SPECIALISTS :I - -A . - MEMORIAL BELLS 4, "'. " - 1: H 4 " fl ' ' 4 :E few chimes recently supplied In Christ P. E. Church.. .............. ........,........,,....... B altimore, Md ......... ,..,.. .............,..., ...,... B e 1 ls 4: St. James-the-Less.. .,....,......... ......... P hiladelphia, Pa ..,.... " 4, Church of the Saviour .,,,,....,....,. ....... . Philadelphia, Pa ..... ,. " In St. Thomas' P. E. Church ........,.... ...,..., W hitemarsh, Pa ...,...... " 4: Church of the Good Shepherd .,.... ..,,.,.. R osemont, Pa ........,,.,..,., ....... ' ' 4, St. Pau1's P. E. Church ............., ........ C hattanooga, Tenn ......., ...,... ' ' In Christ P. E. Church ................. ,......, N iagara Falls. Can ...... , ..... , " 4: St. Johns P. E. Church ....... , ...,,... Tallahassee, Fla ....... " Ip Christ P. E. Church .............. ...,.... G lendale, Ohio ....... " 4: Ohio gage Univtigsity ..........,.. ........ 3 olulmbttlis, Ohio. .... " 4 John . tetson niversity ........ ........ e an , Fla ......., " 1: Cathedral of Im. Conception ....... ......... D enver, Colo ....,. " 4: Cathedral of St. Helena.. .................. ........ H elena, Mont .......,.,. " 4: Immaculate Conception Chapel .,,... ...,.,.. S t. Marys, Ind ........... " In St. Joseph's Church .....,.......,......... .,...,.. M iddletown, N. Y ...,..... ......, ' ' 4' Zion Lutheran Church ..........,........ ........ N iagara Falls, N. Y ....... . ...... " 4: St. Mark's Ev. Luth. Church ....,..... ........ X fan Wert, Ohio ........... " 1+ Grace Evan. Lutheran Church ....,... ..,.,... W inchester, Va ......... " 4: Congregational Churcg ....... H ..,,. ., ........ gkanesville, ........, " 1 Westminster Preshy. hurc , ...... ........ i lmington, el ....,. " fi Taylor St. Presby. Church ........ ..,...., F ort Worth, Tex ....,. " 4: St, Giles' Presby. Church ..... , ....... Hamilton, Ont ..,.. .. " 1, St. Andrews Presbg. Church ....... ,...... . gydnleyin N. .... ...... " P First Presbyterian hurc 1 .,...... ,. ....., an a acl, ali ....,.,. " 1: First Baptist Church .......,...... ........ L ouisville, Ky ........... " 4, First Baptist Church ................,. .....,.. M alden, Mass .............. " :P Beth Eden Baptist Church ........ .,....., W altham, Mass .........,.., ....... ' ' 4: First Unitarian Church ....,.,.., . ....... West Newton, Mass ....,. ....... ' ' In St. Luke's IVE E. Church .,...... ,, ..,.., gubugug, Iowa ......... .. " P FirstM E. hurch .....,....... ..,.,... o rt o ge, Iowa ....... " 1: First M E. Church. ,,...... , ..,...,. Sioux City, Iowa ......... " In First M E Church .,.,,.. ......... D ecatur, Ills .......,............ ..,,... ' ' 4' First M. E. Church, .... Moundsville, W. Va ....... ...,... ' ' :I First M g2llfC::.,... ........ Eohns, ........ .. " F' t . urc ...,.....,.......,............,.........,... as ings, e r ......... " 1: Fiiit M. E. church .....,...................................... Alliance, ohio .................................................... H 4: Independence Boulevard Christian Church ..,, Kansas City, Mo .,....... , ........,..........,.,..,...,...,.,.. " In St. James' Church ,... . ,.,, ....,...,........,.,........,.,...... U pper Montclair, N. J ........................,...,.,...,.. " 4' Our chimes are attuned to the tempered scale according to recently perfected scientific instru- If ments and devices. r 'r 'v-v'v'v'v'vAv'v'vAv""""""""""A'A"'A'A"""'A'A'A'A'A"'""'"""""""""""'"""Av"A'Av'vAv'v'v'v'v'v""'v'v'v'v' A ' PLEASE IVIENTION THE DlAl., 49 ' s 'I FOLLOW THE LINE. 1, lll1IlGl2lllllllSllf3ll Slllllll 00 1, FELLOWS! :I :I , . 1: g 1: Main Office: I I if :I EI Drake Building, 'I 7 Barber 'I 'I ' ' ' EASTON PA. EE S Shop I 4, 4, I n SECURITY BUILDING lgugfmes Localied at' Qt HIGH ec HANOVER STREETS 2: Q: e mgtonf 3' 1E :I :I White Haven, Pa. 1 1 1 . IE Thorough in every respect. If IE Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 1 1 1 :I At The Hill Tuesday and 1E g Rock Hill, Pa, 1 1 IE Friday afternoons. 'I 1: Glen Mill, Pa, 1 if Akron, N. Y. EI Represented by 5 Le Roy, N. Y. I - ,J A , I I gg GGOIQQ L- Bw I Llttle Falls, N. Y. I ll ft Winchester, Mass. II :I , 1 I nu2lasL,EllImanElIu, 'I tl 4, ' 55 l own and Country Resuzlences 'I li lTllI'I'llSl1CCl and l.ll'lfl.ll'l'llSl1Cfl apartments and private houses in Fifth 1: I aucl Park Avenue Sertious. I E ' P ' I I' USIHCSS IO CTUCS HSUTEHCC 1: I , 'I 1 .I nvestments 'I 'I gi OFFICERS: I: Douglas L. Ellimzlu .... Pros. and Treas. I Argyll R. Parsons ....,....... ...Vice-Pres. 1: Roland F. Elliman V.P. SASSt.TFGZ1S. I Henry A. Frey ................. . .Secretary 'I li Will occupy new offices in their building 1 ,I if 15-17 EAST FORTY-NINTH ST., NEW YORK IE April lst 1920. 'I 'I v '.v.v.'.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.-.vA'.v.v.v.v.v.v.-.v.v,v,.v.v.vAv.v .v.v.'. .v.v PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL 50 sfvszvsrv-.A.-.Av-v-V-v-.-.-v-v-.-.Av-.-v-v-'Av-v-v4-Av-vAv-.- -.-.-v-.-. v-.A.Av-.-vvvz-.-v-vvv-.Av-.Av-.-.Av-ve.-.-v-.-vvv--v-v Storage Repairs DELAWARE A OTOR ALE CO. 11th and King Streets Wilmington, Del. PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL 51 ' 1 A GIBSON, ZAIINIS 501 Fifth - - v - v - .AAAzvxAxw-vvwxfx,-.nfvvvvvumn ER Si VINCENT Avenue New York City. 4 P U 1 Kelma For Goodness Sake FIorIsI' 81 Seedsman I Ear W semis CI1oIce PIanIs, I ' O Designs and Quahtu Cu? FIowers. Bre A I 3 DECORRTIONS RT SHORT NOTICE. 1, 568 High SI. PoI'I'sI'own, Pa. 4 I Ir --------------------------------1- Schulz Baking Co., I POTTSTOWN. PLEASE MENTIO 52 N TI-IE DIAL Gilpin Van Trump 8: ontgomery Inc. NSURA CE D PO T BUILDING ll West 10th Street WILMINGTO , DEL WARE I PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL 53 P Compliments ofa Friend vvvv-sfvvsAAAA1-.AvAvA,AvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA-,AvAvA-AvAvAvA-A-AvAv v v vAvAvAvAvAvA A A vA.A.A.A.'v-.AvAvA.A AvA-A.Av-vvsnsf v "KEEN KUTTER" Pocket Knives Razors Scissors Mechanics Tools Welcome to Hill Fellows VAN BUSKIRK 8z BROTHER Hardware Pottstown, - Penna. .AvA,xA-.AvA.AvA.A AvAvAvAv-vvvvxf,-v wvvve PLEASE ME 4 ,I I 'I I 4 4I 4 I I 'I 4 l 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I P 1I I 'I 'I 4I S N gf-.A.AvAvA. A.A.A.A.v.A.-vyAvAvAvA A A AvA-AvA4vvv 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4I 'I 'I I 'I lI 'I 4I 'I I 'I 5 I 4 I 4 4I ,I TION THE DIAL 54 -O TQ. s ys f'1' . ,ef -If, -2 SD sv I-1. 'NC zvvvvxAvAuvs,AvA.A.AvAv v v... Asa ii 4 P 1' o 0 Oo, Er 1' A D J 'll' d 8z C 5' Ig gi 'I .E 15 C ' ' 1 Q OIIIIIIISSIOH gt E 5: :E I: 55 Merchants 5 1' " 4' :I :E II il 1 ,v . - - , : 1: 70 72 Worth Street and 19 25 Thomas Street 1, 1: 4, 1, If NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. 2: 1 ,v 1: I 1' AAAQE EE fi Ig 1: Ig 1 N, I: ' El W I 35 1' 1: I THE 17 SG 5' gl " l""'l if " " "si 4 . I 'TAILORS Zlyggo' 1 1' :I New YORK IOI4 C1-mwz1.51: :I :E 505 FIFTH Ava. New HAvEN.CoNN. gi EE EE 1' 1: QE Mal-ters o 3+ :I :I 'l . 'I Eg Smart but Conservative Clothes Eg 1: 1: 1 1 IE or College Nlen 'l lr EE PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL 55 .Av--var.-.-.1 5 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I i 1. 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I 4I 4 1. ,I 'I 1: II 'I 4I ,I ,I I I jI 1I 4I I V.-:Y v--.-.-.-vvw-v-v-.,-v- TIIE PE IILL P0 TER ADVERTI I Ii 0 PA Y Outdoor Advertisers Field Bulletins and Poster Dis- plays a Specialty. Plants at Midland Bay City Pinconning MICHIGAN. T. S. PEARLL, General Manager. Main Offices 106-110 Washington Avenue, Bay City, Mich. .nv-v-ve.-J-,-.A,-.-v .v.vAv.v.,v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.vAvAv.,,V.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.vAv.v.vN.v.v.v.,.,-,Av-,-vC-,-.A.- PLEASE MENTION TI-IE DIAL 56 J. C. PENNEY COMPANY ARIZONA Bisbee Douglas Flagstah' J erome Mesa Miami Nogales Phoenix Prescott Tucson Winslow CALIFORNIA Anaheim Bakersh eld Chico Fresno Hanford Marysville Modesto Napa Needles Oakland Porterv i l l e Sacramento San Bernardino Santa Rosa Stockton Ventura COLORADO Aguilar Alamosa Boulder Canon City Colorado Springs Durango Fort Morgan Grand J unction Las Animas Longmont Loveland Montrose Sterling Trinidad IDAHO Couer d'Alene Downey Grace Hailey J erome Kellogg Lewiston Mackay Malad Moscow Preston Rexburg Ribgy Rupert ' Salmon Sand Point St. Anthony Shelley Shoshone Wallace ' INCORPORATED Operating Two Hundred Ninety-Seven Stores. EVERYTHING TO WEAR, AND DRY GOODS. ILLINOIS Bemidji Columbus Vemmlia Crookston Fostoria Champaign Fergus l'alls H-amllton Dixon Hlibbing Lima East Sr, Louis Little l'alls Manbsheld Gglligburil Clgflanlcatoa Marion r- ' wa onn' fffniiizl 6 Red wing OKLAHOMA La Salle St. Cloud Ardmore lvlattoon SQ, PUPI Bartlesville gflolinc Vlfglma Blalikwell 2 ria E 1 Rkoceklord Missouui Emdmo Hannibal Miami INDIANA Joplin I lvluskogec Andaman Kirksville Okmulgee Connersmille OREGON Exgxabnsvi e Nevada I Albam, Huntington St4V.I9Sc'p1 A530113 La Porte Sedfjha Athcna Michigan City Spfmiffleld Sak? CIW Shelbyville IVIONTANA en Corvallis A da Dallas 1, IOWA Gpgalslgalls Enterprise Bur melon, Q Kalispell Eugene Cedar Rapids Missoula Forest Grove glmien Vilhitelish Hotel Rigger res on L r n Q llgutguyglufil, on NEBRASKA L3l4evTexv or a is , , Iglarshalltown Efggilgcgity IIffI'C3t2?,2,2vi11e C Wem - Marshfield Qt Falls City . shigglfdoah omg Island ggggg City Webster City Ecnciletcin McCook ort ant KANSAS Norfolk Rciselau rg Arkansas City North Platte :l.?qg'BaHeS Sgiilgiiifriiie Ord NEVADA Tillamook City Empoiia Ely PENNSYLVANIA tttsbsfcisth biielfigai giieqgolgn Newton Tonopah Frat I fffn Parsons Grang 13 U Eittsburg NEW MEXICO Oicgxyufe alma Albuquerque p- Wiohlta A East Las Vegas ' mstcfql Gallup Smiling IVIICI-IIGAN Raton Sharon Alma Roswell Shenandoah ggigiillafi Silver City Warren 1 um Escanaba NORTH DAKOTA SOUTH DAKOTA Hlllsdale Carrington Huron Houshwn Devils Lake Mitchell Irownwfiod Dickinson Rapid City Ishpemmg Fargo Redfield I-5'-Peer Grand Forks M,U5keS0n Maman TEXAS 51125 Minot 4 Abilene Pwosi? Valley City Amarillo Of? Won Wahpeton Delhart Sagmaw Williston genisgji h ort ort MINNESOTA OHIO Greenville Austin Alliance ' Palestine PLEASE MENTION TI-IE DIAL 57 Paris San Amonio Sherman Temple Wichita Falls UTAH American Fork Bingham Canyon Bountiful Eureka Gunnison Heber City Helper Magna Marysvale Midvalc UML. Pleasant lvlurray Nephi Price Provo Richheld Richmond Salt Lake City Spanish Fork Springville RTooele WASHINGTON Anacortes Centralia Chehalis Colfax Colville Dayton Ellensburg Everett Hillyard I-Ioquiam Leavenworth Montesano Olympia Pomeroy Port Angeles Pullman Ritzville Sedro Woolley Tekoa Waitsburg Walla Walla Vyfenatchee WISCONSIN Antigo Beaver Dam Chippewa Falls Fond du Lac Grand Rapids Marshheld Oshkosh Rice Lake Sheboygan Watertown Wausau WYOMING Cokeville Kemmerer Laramie Rawlins Toys, Games, Ruhm Phosphate Mining 00. Producers of Pl1'0SPH,4 TE H0015 Mt. Pleasant, - . Tennessee If 303 FIFTH AVENUE, I .. NEW YORK SECURITY TRUST if are gi 55 5E COMPANY Sporting Goods 'I 5: 4: and NoVeIt1es 3 'I In 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 r 4 I 'I 4 3 3 3 3 3 P 4 1I vvv--:vw-v+.-.Av-v'vAv-v--v-v-v-v-v-v-v-.Av-J.fv-.-rv-v-v--JI 4 I I 4 'I 'r In In 'r In In In In 'I In In P I 'r In 'I 'I 'I In 4 3 I 4 I 4 I 4 I 4 r 4 I 4 I 4 I 'r 'I In 'I If DETROIT, - MICHIGAN -vvvx,mr.-:vw-v-.Av-.AvAv-v-'Av'y'v'v'-Av'v'v'v'vAvAvAvAv' PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL -.-v-v- A.A.-v-vevev -v-v-v-v-4xAzvvvxAAz-vev-sz.-.-.Av-. -.Av-.-. Taylor-Wharton Iron and Steel Compan HIGH BRIDGE, N. J. Tisco Manganese Steel and Other Special Steel Castings Subsidiary Companies Wm. Wharton Jr. 81 Co., Incorporated EASTON, PA. Frogs, Switches, Crossings and Miscellaneous Track Work for Steam, Electric and Industrial Service P-T Tractor Wheels Converter and Electric Steel Castings. Patterns Hammered and Pressed Forgings Seamless Steel Gas Cylinders Philadelphia Roll and Machine Company PHILADELPHIA, PA. Rolls and Rolling Mill Machinery for Iron, Steel, Brass, Copper and Rubber Mills Miscelladeous Rolling Mill and Heavy Machinery Open Hearth and Converter Steel Castings - Patterns Tioga Steel and Iron Company PHILADELPHIA, PA. Rough, Smooth and Finished Commercial Forgings Hammered or Pressed, Plain or Machined, Solid or Bored Q Heavy Forgings a Specialty - ..... - .v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.-.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.-.v.v.v.v.v.v,,v ,.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v. PLEASE IVIENTION THE DIAL 59 Conservative lnvestments To Yield About SZW to 7MW ITHIN the space of but a few short years America has become a nation of investors. People the country over have come to learn the advantages of bonds as investmentsq. They are coming to rea- lize more and more that their money, so invested, adds materially to the growth and development of industry, upon which is dependent the prosperity of the coun- try as awhole. With conservative invest- ment bonds now obtainable at prices to yield around SLQQ to 7MZ, and even more in special cases, the individual man and Woman is offered the opportunity of a generation to invest with safety and profit. We shall be glad to send you List No. 1900 " Conservative Investments " Spencer Trask 8: Co Investment Securities IVIe11zbe1's New York and Chirago Stock Exchanges 25 Broad Street, New York 74-73 Chapel Street, Albany 50 Congress Street, Boston 208 South La Salle Street, Chicago PLEASE MENTION THE DIAL ll sos 1: 'P 'P ' 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P ? 'P IP II IP II 'P 'P ' 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P fl 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P ll II IT 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P 'P H1121 agilk NB L I A D E TH N I O T N E M E S A E L P 'P E: 1: 1: 1: 1: . 61 vi, A. AAAIY vxlv AvA Av Af Alxlvs VL- 1, ,L N. v V 5. sf .AA ,P 45 'A 45 Y 45 A 45 AA 45 Y 45 - 4: vA 4, ,A 1, .A 4: .A 4, v 4 .v 45 A 4: ,A 4 - 45 , 45 .A 45 'A 45 v 45 A 45 ,A 45 Y 45 - 45 -A 45 'A 45 V 45 , 45 vA 45 v 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 4: 45 '5 '5 4 45 5 LNA' .JAAAAIA C M OM R P L .A IM .HENT S .G O A F F FNE Y 4fv .AN 4: 4 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 4: 45 45 45 15 45 45 45 45 4 1: 15 45 4 4: 4 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 5 45 5 45 45 45 5 4: 4 45 45 45 45 15 45 - 15 5 Ge fa, o "' 4 . Ganilnjts of Brtgtc 0 I, 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 f 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 5 4 45 45 45 45 45 45 15 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 4: 4 45 45 45 5 4?vA vlxl 0772 6' 72 fury A, P L E A S E. M E N T Io N 62 TH E D IA L

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