The Apprentice School - Binnacle Yearbook (Newport News, VA)

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The Apprentice School - Binnacle Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1954 volume:

Presenting A Yearbook Published Annually By the Students of THE APPRENTICE SCHOOL at the Newport News Shipbuilding Dry Dock Company EDITOR-IN-CHIEF C. W. JOVARAS BUSINESS MANAGER D. S. HAUGHTON PHOTOGRAPHER W. A. LEE FEATURE EDITOR H. B. MANNING SPORTS EDITOR J. A. HILL CLASS EDITORS L. C. INGE J. E. HUNT MAKE-UP EDITOR I. M. EVANS l THE 1954 ±J r £ » W r • B u 1 - W k-j BINNACLE dHlLito MJL ■ ” ..1 ■»K Hfck 1 1 •) | ■« " A s grtsS .t |g|P M « g g H® 1 11 ■oafil Kfcj ‘ii » . 1 15 " ™ Jk 1 ’ 1 - - : ' % ■ II U™ .1 fc- §fc : ‘ “ .-— — . ' I- ' %gH m f li , m 4 JOHN B. WOODWARD, JR. We, the students of the Apprentice School, are privileged to dedicate this volume of THE BINNACLE to a man who has inspired us through the years as our Classroom Teacher, Presi- dent, and Chairman of the Board of this great Company, JOHN BROCKEN BROUGH WOODWARD, JR. 2W, iccition COMPOSITION OF A SHIP Iron ore from nature’s floor , A spark, a flame, a molten mass From which will pass the steel. Refined-designed into a form, A shape, and cast into a mold. That when revealed, machined and Forged, precisely, will, in Structure, hold the strength to I Year, from stack to keel; from After end to foremost tip, the Proudest lines of any ship. H. D. Manning I he Staff of the 1954 BINNACLE derives great satisfaction in presenting the new yearbook to the stu- dents of the Apprentice School. No easy task, the job of placing and pasting into one volume every phase of Ap- prentice activity. The history of the BINNACLE presents a record of many problems: problems which as a result ot negligence and lack of interest, stand as stone in time. ’ jj o reword When we seek to accomplish, we must first find a spark of interest, and the creation of a yearbook is the achievement, the step forward, worthy of pursuit. Having collected the events of the past year we are presenting the yearbook around the theme — Memories. As you can see on Page Four we have started by using a mood picture and quotation. Throughout the book by utilizing this idea at the beginning of each di- vision. we have tried to establish a continuity of thought on the main theme. We hope in the future you may look back on these days not only with some reflection of nostalgia, but with a better understanding of the complexity and difficulty in putting a yearbook together. DEDICATION Page 5 ADMINISTRATION Page 8 CLASSES . _ Page 16 ORGANIZATIONS Page 64 ATHLETICS Page 76 o FEATURES Page 88 Z 4dt ministration I he basic ideal of the Apprentice School takes root in the need for skilled craftsmen. As a highly invaluable unit, the School functions in accordance with the policies of the Company. A thorough Apprenticeship program imparts fundamental knowledge in “hand, head, and heart.” The co-operative relationship that exists between school and plant provides the essential element of unity m instruction. To the active role of Director of Education and d raining falls the exacting task of maintaining an ade- quate and efficient administration. He is assisted by a capable staff in determining the apprenticeship policy of the Company and the nature of the training program. As a result of thorough all-round training, the Ap- prentice should succeed in acquiring the skill and ability necessary to rank foremost in his profession. 8 9 Colleen P. Everett Secretary Jane E. Dibble Registrar 11 apprentice cfioof jf acuity T. B. Baird F. J. Brown D. L. Carmines M. Christie R. A. Cook M. R. Cutchins S. Davis J. G. Foretich F. B. Gall G. G. Givens P. B. Givens O. K. Goodwin C. L. Griffith F. E. Heath, Jr. W. M. Heltzel O. R. Hudson W. K. Hunt L. B. {ones A. J. Madsen A. C. Marshall ]. McBride H. J. McCarthy V. E. Michie R. P. Morgan J. W. Mm den J. M. Pirkle A. L. Poindexter C. N. Robeson (). Schatle A. M. Schell, Jr. R. B. Smith R. R. Stall V. G. Stockman F. L. Stokes 1). B. Thomas J. E. Tor ok C. J. Tull, Jr. C. FI. Waters CL asses Four years in the life of an Apprentice are filled with an immense schedule of activities. It is during this period that he is subjected to a well-planned course of study and work. For the first three years he will alternate between class and shop; there is no school the fourth year. During the scholastic phase of his training, an Ap- prentice will receive classroom instruction in varied sub- jects ranging from English, Physics, and Algebra to In- dustrial Economics, Drafting and Practical Shipbuilding. Althou gh class instruction aids in supplying an es- sential foundation for learning, an Apprentice must meet the important requirement for manual adeptness. Therefore, as a connecting link to the classroom, shop training is employed in order to impart the important knowledge of a craft. Thus, as this dual system of training unfolds, and the spark of learning ignites, the student gradually ful- fills the important role in his trade. To supplement this basic program, the Apprentice is trained in leadership and citizenship. As a result, he is capable of executing to the fullest, the responsible posi- tion of his job. 1G 17 CJLo i- oft 1958 June and the ocean, and Jem doiteaUuj. Stem, Uts kcah ca cdt have rfuide (U io ui6 Kft CVlC WdiuMi Watson ADCOCK, James Larry APPERSON, Norris Edward BOWYER, I homas Rucker BRANCH, Ernest Burgess BRIGHT, Bill Alexander BROWN, Walter Arliss CARMINE, Richard Franklin CHRISTOPHER, Benjamin Murphy COCHRAN, Charlie Sherman COMER, Douglas Ralph CONNELL, Lewis Ivery DEVACLT, Frank Duncan DICK, Forbes Rennie, Jr. DOYLF, Raymond I homas. Jr. ELMORE, David Lane EURE, Adrian Lee FORTNER, Joe Bill FOWLER. F.ldred Berton FRISHKORN, Donald Harvey L V " 1 M GILES, Roy Lee HACK.ENBERG, David Alan HAIGLER, Paul Steward HARDY, Talmadge Neville HARRISON. Earl James, Jr. HICHSMITH, James Allen HOFFMAN. Louis Edward HUNT, John Edwin INGE, Lewis Conrad JEFFERSON. Douglas Eugene JOHNSON. Herbert Ray, Jr. LEE, William Alexander M RSHALL, Albert Claude, Jr. MONK. Norman Talmadge MOORE, Roger Elliot Paige MORELAND. Henry Lewis NELSON. Glenn W illiam. Jr. NORTON, Charles Taylor l’ARRO I F, Charles Franklin PITTMAN. William Linwood PRIDGEN, Gene Douglas QUEEN, David REYNOLDS, Claude Davis REYNOLDS, Luther Wallace RICHARDSON, Lawrence F„ Jr. ROBERTS, Carl Woodrow ROBINSON, John Ellis SCRUGGS, Melvin Oren SEAMAN, Thomas Edward SMITH, Walter Patrick, Jr. SPENCER. William Wesley SYDNOR, John Morris TAYLOR, Lynn Cecil, Jr. THOMAS, Millard Shamery VICK, Robert Lee WILSON, Ben, Jr. WISE, Joseph Edward WOOD, William Hamilton C HoMr 4 19 ST 6beti £ti£ ' W .tycuudb- Ifcab $w idLenfe- OX.TOwue i ' S.RZfotma, Gwiy. man € v i w uvk kt U ffocxt at S ' todtuegg, 22 ADAMS, Eugene Graham ADAMS, Joseph Robert AKERS, Lawrence James ANDREWS, James Forrest APSLEY, John Palace BALL. Elmo Lee BALL, Elwoocl Sheridan BALL. Sidney Adrian BARNES, Dallas James BARRETT, Robert Sidney BAUMGARDNER, Robert Sidney BECKER, David Vincent BEELER, Richard Allen BLOWE, William Clifton BOWDEN, Billy Lee BUNCH, I.eo Marcus BUNCH, Leon Smith Bl’RGESS. Calvin Douglas BURNS, Louie Waldo CALLIS. Millard Grant CAMPBELL. Lester Howard CANNON. Frank Warrington, II CANNON, William Woodward CARLTON. Cecil Wayne CARMINES, Donald Ray CAULEY, Lanier Stewart CHANDLER. John Edward, Jr. CHURCH, Grady Arnold CICKAYAGE. Anthony James CLE INGER. Lloyd Clark CI.ODFELTER. Hubert Leon COFFIN, John Lodge COLLIER, Emmette Ray COLLINS. John Foster COLLINS, Michael Vincent CROCKER, James Bernard CROSWELL, Levon Webb CROWDER, Clarence Jackson CI LLERS, Kenneth Williams DARNELL, Ronald Boyce DAVIDSON, John Preston DAVIS, Maurice Leroy DEACON, Roy Reid, Jr. DEAGLE, James Alvon DEAN, Henry Grady DESHAZO, Edwin Penn, Jr. DIBEL.ER. Raymond Wesley, Jr. DOTSON, Clinton EDWARDS, Otis Gene EDWARDS, William Alfred ELLIS, Robert Guy, Jr. EVANS, Ira Martin FALK.E, Donald Fred FINCH. Jack Wayne FISkl ' S, Tom Max FLOWERS, Gilbert Eugene FORREST. Beamon Taylor, Jr. FORRY, Richard Guy GILLESPIE. John Joseph, Jr. GLOVER, Roger Holt GOOD. Alfred William GREENE, J. I). GREGG. Raymond Franklin GWALTNEY, Richard Clarke HACKENBERG, Bernard Francis HAMMONDS, Bobby Hugh HARRIS, Vernon Lafayette HAUFLER. William Donald l HAUGHTON, Douglas Stanley HEALY, William Charles HEMLER, Pierre Richardson HUDGINS. Bohhy Ingram HUFF, Bobby Joe JENSEN, Kenneth LeRoy JOHNSON, Frederick Lynn JOHNSON, Roberts Moore JOLLY, Mike Levoy JONES, Sherman Arthur JONES, Thomas Lowell JOVARAS, Constantinos William JOYNER, Richard Thurston KAUFMAN, Robert KELLY, Jesse Cleveland, Jr. KING, Donald Edward KING, George Thomas, Jr. LASSITER, Earl Stephenson LAWRENCE, William Jerry LEA, Charles Bernard LONG, Gene Karl LONG. Gerald Patrick LITER, Ferrell McKinney MANNING, Cecil Kelly M NNING. Hubert Blanchard, Jr- MARINIAK. Michael Rudolph M RT1N. Montague Leonard MART ., James Lynwood MI LEY. Raymond Lyle MITCHELL, James Naff MOSES, Hal Lynwood MI RREN, Donald Leo NESTER. William Carlton NET BALM, Earl Richard NORMAN, Alvin Carroll ODEI.I.. James Clayton OLIVER. James Thomas, Jr. PAIR. William Carlton PARHAM, John Furman PARKER, Carl Robert PARKER, Charles l’easlee PAULS, William Rodophus POLLOCK, Kenneth Smith PRESLEY, Donald Richard QUINN, Alton Manning, Jr. REED, Eugene Talmadge RICHARDSON, Harold Douglas ROBBINS, Billy Rufus ROBBINS, William Bruce ROBER I SON, Joseph Buxton ROSE, Freddie Lee SAMPLE, James Ronald SANFORD, LeRo Baton SCEARCE, Curtis Olga SC.V ' LL. Roy Harwood SEBRA. Franklin Vernon SHRADER. Basil Bentee SHRIEVES, Claude Russell. Jr. SILVA. Frank Macedo SKEENS, Bernard 1 ec SMITH, Quentin Ra STADER. James Allen STALL, Nelson Byrd S I l’WAR r, Duncan William STI LLER. Ronald Gale SUTHERLAND, Robert Orville SWICEGOOD. John Leo I EMBLEM AN. James Clarke THURMOND, James Dabney TISON, Edwin Clark VANN, Robert Walter, III V1NCEN I , Ralph Sherman WALDROUPE, J. D. WALLACE, Howard Doyle WEAVER, Leslie Lamonte WE ' l TERLING, Phillip LeRoy WHEELER, Harry Cleveland Leelon WILLIAMS, Charles Roy WILSON, Emory Earl WIRT, Guy Houston WORLEY, Harold Grover WRIGHT, Charles Arthur WYATT, George Washington, Jr. YORKE, Nathan Felix, Jr. YOUNG, Elwood Roy CU ©ft 1956 (BuwfaJb- (PS.Sfe iK, tfiuffiiebukitl- 5£Wt$W - Sevtetwt ■3’uaiMeii - . f. Clevuvunj Cfiw { 7n tfa, cl-Cove . S£e eM4 }L 32 ADAMS, William Clay ALLEN, Robert Lee ARMENTROUT, Robert Curtis ARMS 1 ROM,. Cecil Boyd BABCOCK, William Earl BAGGETT, Frank Alton BALDERSON. William Glen more BALES, Thomas Theodore BARRON, James Roland BELCHER. Robert Keith BOLTON, Warren Lee BRICE, Willis Morse. Jr. BROWN. James William BROWN. Robert Randal B. BRUMBACK, Richard Irving Bl ' CKLEN, Okley Bert BLRCHER. Linwood Gwynn Bl ' RLEY, James Massie CAMPBELL, Jerry Jarvis CARTER, John Wallace, Jr. CHAPMAN, Ward Graves, Jr. CHAPPELL, John Robert CLEVINGER, George Perry COLLIER, Franklin Edward COLLIER, William Preston COLLINS, Jimmie Ward COLLINS, John Robert COVINGTON, W ilbur Thomas CROCKETT, David Cyril CROSWELL, Leslie Franklin CUNDIFF, William Echols, II DAME, Robert Lee DISH M R. Alexander Hamilton DRAKE, Robert Lee EDENS, Richard Lewis FENTON, George Edward FRANCIS, Billy Edward GAYLOR, Marvin Alhnrtis, Jr. HAILE, Hudson Cain HAMMOCK. E ail Lawrence HARRELL, Fred Augustus HARRIS, Gene Meredith HARTBERGER. Albert Wilson HARWOOD, John Daniel HAYNES, Gerald William HEDGEPETH, Robert Harold HILL. James Anzen HINO I E, Hubert HOWARD, ernon Edward HUBBARD, Frank Lee, Jr. HL LIN, Billy Joe I (AMES, Charles Franklin JACOBS, Curtis Elwin JENKINS, Stanley Elbeii JETT, Rollie Morris JONES, James Walden LATHAM, Walter Travis LOCKHART, Clarence Preston LOYD, William Thomas LYONS, Harold Lloyd MAJOR, Benjamin Edward, Jr. MARKHAM. Toy Lee MASHBURN, Arthur Barrett M WES. John Emory, Jr. McGLOTHLIN, William Larry Mi KINNEY. Robert Dean McNAMARA, Russell Bryant MENDENHALL, Hilda Randolph MILLER, James William MILLER, Laurence Wade MINTER. Billy Joe MITCHEM, Stephen Vandorne MORGAN, Thomas Carlton MORRIS, Charles Lane MORRIS, James Selby MORRIS, Thomas Edwin MUIR, John Curdy NEW, David Addison OLIVER, Robert Edward Ol’HEIM, William Leon OWENS, Alfred Charles PADGETT, Charles Sherwood PARKER, Marvin Wilson, Jr. PENDLETON. William Swan- son, Jr. POLLOCK. Ronald Russell PORTER, Alvin Odell PRA ' I T, Dalton Breeding PURCELL, Charles Edward RASSMAN, Robert Arthur, Jr. RICHARDSON. Kenneth Clark ROBISON, Joseph Franklin RONEMOUS, Clarence Derr, Jr. SANDERS, Thomas Bruce SCHOOI.AR. Daniel Hughes SHIELDS, Curtis Elwyn SMITH. Mark Aaron STEIN, Raymond Duane STEPHENS, Theodore Emmons STERGIN, Paul Engelo P STINNETT, James Alfred S I RIDER, James Russell THOMAS, Charles Rudolph VICK, Reuben Earl WALKER, Harold Hulan WALLACE, Jimmy Joe WELCH, Franklin Donald WHITE, William Thomas, Jr. WHITEHEAD, Charles Wells WHITESEL, Russell Aubrey, Jr. WILLIAMS, Donald Earl WILLIAMS, Floyd Luallen WILLIAMS, Paul Ray WOODALL, James Hubert, Jr. WRIGHT, Emmitt O’Neal, Jr. YEATTS, Donald Alvis Clastr oft 1955 — (fyes idenk - O ' . (Z. Scut d vm Zfcct (foxbidmt - D 9 • Tfuwb SecMtcJiu-%eabuM L - U • Chmk Tfta and maAtefi ojf kith fccvte . TenvuuSGH, 40 ALLISON, Samuel Dudley, Jr. ARMS I RONG. Walter Ennis AUSTIN, Robert Lee RANK, Franklin Delan o BARNES, Norwood Vshley, Jr. BARRICK, David Lane BEACHAM, William Thomas, III RECK. James l’hillip, Jr. BLEVINS, Manley Walter RLINSON, Coye Lee. Jr. RRIGH P, Edward Baxter BROCKWELL, James Mlison, J«- BUNTS, Edward Neal. Jr. BURRIS, Arthur Coles, Jr. BUSH, John Albert. Jr. CALDW ELL. Thomas Andrew CLARK. Bruce Aubrey COATS. John W illiam C.REE. W illiam Robert Cl ' RRENT, John Franklin DAN IS, Mehin Charles DIC KENS. John Henr EDWARDS. William Sherman ELLIS. James Byrd FLYNN. Milton Ward GILES. Richard Woodrow GOOSEY. Kenneth Webster GRIGGS, Herman Carroll GRISCOM. Frederick Chandler, HARGRAVE, Bert Ellis, Jr. HARRELL, Edward Ragsdale HARVEY, Alan Lee, Jr. HASKINS, W illiam Franklin, Jr. HASS, Robert Marnell HAUFLER, Edwin Ray HOLLOMAN, Lyndon Earl HOOKS, Edward French HUNTER, William Winslow, Jr. HURST, Donald Gilford KELLY, Clyde Eugene KESSINGER, William Elbert LEARY, Arthur Roger LONG, John Ronald MARSHALL, William Thomas McCORMACK, Charles Randolph MEADOWS, Lonnie Lewis MEARS. Calvin Lee MORROW, Roy Lee MURPHY, Jimmy Loman MYERS, Hubert Wayne NIXON, William Henry PERRY, Curtis Edward, Jr. PHILLIPS, Alexander M. PIGNOTTI, Augustine Mario Patrick POWELL, William Ercel PRESLEY, Vernal Arson RILEY, Leonard Day ROBINSON, Jack Fields ROUGH I ON. Charles Swindell SANDERS, Franklin Farrell SANDSTROM, James Ellery SHEER, Paul Lee SMITH, Joseph Francis TARPLEY, John Wesley, Jr. TAYLOR, William Alton, Jr. EISON, William Charles, Jr. TRACY, Gerald Smith TUCKER, James Kenneth VAUGHAN, Thomas Edward WAGNER, James Howard WALDROUPE, Ray WASHAM, John Alan WATSON, Benjamin Thomas, Jr- WHITLEY, Robert Joseph WILKINS, Robert Edward, Jr. WILLEY, Harold Eugene C dcu £- 0 1954 (fii i mi - C.l edUk, , Vccefki ctit ■ fiW Rtyn o(M- Seaiebuiy- -Tmduxei -9fffl.(RoMie Cjfi ' Cexicon of youth, which fide rm web- hot ou bright wmkood, ihete d - tw Mich w id at- - jfaih . W 10 M J yttoM ' LEON CLYDE BLASINGAME C a m p Hill, A lab a m a DEPAR TMEN ' i S: Entered Ship Carpenters Department December 28. 1950, and graduated as Ship Carpenter December 31. 1954. AC I IVITIES: Football, ’51. ’52, ’53, ’54; Student Board of Directors, ’53; Monogram Club, ’52, ’53, ’54; Athletic Award, ’54. DANIEL WEBSTER BENNETT, JR. Ha m pton, Vi rgi n in DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Callery November 3. 1948; transferred to Pipe Coverers Department October 24, 1949; re- leased for military service February 27, 1951; reinstated in Pipe Coverers Department March 26, 1953, and graduated as Asbestos Worker December 31, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Football Manager, ’50; Monogram Club, ’50; BIN- NACLE Staff. ’50. ALBERT VERNON ATKINSON W a rw ick , Vi rgi nia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Callery March 1. 1948; trans- ferred to Main Machine Shop December 6. 1948; Machinery Draw- ing Room February 28, 1949; Machinery Installation September 26, 1949; released for military service December I. 19.50; reinstated in Machinery Installation December 16, 1952. and graduated as Steam Pipefitter April 16, 1954. ACTIVI ' 1 IES; Homer I.. Ferguson Award, ’54; Niels Christiansen Award, ’54. 47 THOMAS ABRAHAM BRATTON Deltaville, Virginia DEPARTMENTS Entered Pipe Coverers Department September 6. 1950. and graduated as Aslrestos Worker September 27, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Baseball, ’51, ’52, ’53; Athletic Award, ’54. GERALD BROOKSHIRE BRIDGES A 7 ew po rt Xeu’s, Vi rgi n in DEPART MEN ' TS: Entered Apprentice (.alien March 28. 1949; transferred to Pipe Coverers October 24. 1949; released for military service July 26, 1950; reinstated in Pipe Coverers April 8. 1952, and graduated as Asbestos Worker December 31. 1954. ACTIVITIES: Student Board of Directors, ' 50; Baseball Manager, RODNEY WILSON CARROLL Newport Nexus, Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery August 11, 1947; transferred to Hidl Drawing Room July 12. 1948, XIO Superin- tendents Office September 6, 1949. Hull Drawing Room October 31. 1949; released for militan service August 25. 1950; reinstated in Hull Drawing Room September 17. 1952, and graduated as Hull Draftsman October 8. 1954. ACTIVITIES: Football. Assistant Manager. ’49; BINNACLE. Feat- ure Editor. ' 48. Managing Editor. ' 49. Editor, ’52; Student Board of Directors. ' 54: Glee Club, ’47: Journalism Award, ’54. 48 HENRY STEWART CLARK Messick, Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Pipe Coverers October 30, 1950; w:is released March 29, 1954; reinstated April 12, 1954, in Pipe Coverers and graduated as Asbestos Worker November 23, 1954. IRVIN FENTON, JR. Neiv port News, Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Ship Riggers February 23, 1948; was released for military service March 16, 1951; was reinstated April 13. 1953, in Ship Riggers and graduated as Ship Rigger March 22, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Student Board of Directors, ’48, ’49, ’50. ROBERT FLOYD FORREST Jeffs, Virginia DEPAR I MENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery November 20, 1950; transferred to Machine Shop June II, 1951; Toolmakers April 6, 1953, and graduated as Toolmaker November 19, 1954. 49 JAY ANDREW GOLUB Hampton, Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Galler Februarv 9. 1 949- transferred to Boilermakers August 11. 1949; Machinery Drafting Room November 20, 1950. and graduated as Machinery Draftsman March 1, 1954. ACI DITIES: Student Board of Directors. ' 50: Binnacle Staff. ' 49; Cotillion Club, " 51; C lass President. ’53. DONOVAN LEE GODFREY Marion, North Carolina DEPARTMENTS: Entered Shipwrights September 6. 1950; trans- ferred to Mold Loft March 9. 1953, Shipwrights Jul _ 13. 1953. and graduated as Shipwright November 25. 1954. ACTIVITIES: Class Secretary and Treasurer, ' 51; Cotillion Club, ’51: Football. ’51; Softball. ' 51: Broad A. Sports Editor. ’51; Niels Christiansen Award, ' 54. JOHN EMERSON GIRTON. JR. Warwick, l irginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Callers December 8. 1947: transferred to Hull Fitting and Plant Department November 8. 1948; released for military service January 8. 1951: reinstated in Hull Fitting and Plant Department January 18. 1954, and graduated as Machinist December 31. 1954. ACTIVITIES: Football, ' 48. 49, ' 50; Athletic Award. ' 54: Student Board of Directors, ’50. 50 Picture Not Available WILLIAM HENRY HOGGE Phoebus, Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery September 13, 1948; released for military service August 4, 1950; reinstated in Apprentice Gallery June 16, 1952; transferred to Machinery Installation August 4. 1952, and graduated as Machinist October 15, 1954. CALVIN SMITH HILL Boykins, Virginia DEPAR TMENTS: Entered Electricians Department November 9, 1948, transferred to Electrical Drawing Room Januarv 29, 1951, and graduated as Electrical Draftsman September 17, 1954. WAYNE EBERHARD GRATTON Seattle, Washington DEPARTMENTS: Entered Electricians Department November 9, 1948; released for war service January 22, 1951: reinstated in Electricians June 3, 1952. and graduated as Electrician April 27, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Niels Christiansen Award, ’54. t 5 1 CLYDE REGINALD HUGHES Newsoms, Virginia DEI’AR [ MEN I S: Entered Boiler Shop December 28, 1950, and graduated as Boilermaker December 29. 1954. ACTIVITIES: Student Board of Directors, ’51, ' 54. BERKLEY IVEY Osprey , Florida DEPARTMENTS: Entered Boiler Shop September 14. 1948; re- leased for military service September 15. 1950; reinstated in Boiler Shop | n 1 v 2. 1952. and graduated as Boilermaker |ul 7. 1954. ACTIVITIES: Track. ' 59, ’53; Basketball ’50; Cotillion Club, ’52, ’53; Athletic Award, ’54; Niels Christiansen Award. ' 54. CHARLES MAURICE JOO Norfolk, Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Sheet Metal Shop January 11. 1949: transferred to Hull Drafting Room July 24. 1950. and graduated as Hull Draftsman January 25. 1954. ACTIVITIES: Student Board of Directors. ’50; BINNACLE. Feat- ure Editor. ' 50; Cotillion Club, ' 51; Journalism Award. ' 54. PHILIP ROGER KILMER Hudson, New York DEPARTMENTS: Entered Sliipfitters Department January 1, 1949; transferred to Hull Drawing Room December 11, 1950, and graduated as Hull Draftsman June 8, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Wrestling, ’49; Glee Club, ’49; Pi Phi Fraternity, ’50, ' 51, ’52, ’53. WILLIAM HUNTER LAMKIN Hampton, Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery February 15, 1949; transferred to Main Machine Shop April 1(1, 1951. and graduated as Machinist February 17, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Football, ’49, ’52; Track, ' 49, ' 50; Monogram Club, ’49, ' 50, ’51, ’52, ’53, ’54; Student Board of Directors, ’50. ’53; House League Basketball; Athletic Award, ’54. CLINTON ROBERT LINCOLN Sp ri ngdale, Pen nsylva nia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery June 28, 1948; transferred to Machinery Installation March 20. 1950; Hull Draft- ing Room December 18, 1950, and graduated as Htdl Draftsman February 11. 1954. ACTIVITIES: Football, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52, ' 53; Basketball, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52, ’53; Baseball, ’49, ’50, ’51. ’52, ’53; Athletic Award, ’54; Niels Christiansen Award, ’54. 53 JOHN ANTHONY MILLER Newport News, Virginia DEPARTMEN 1 S: Entered Apprentice C.aller February 23. 1948; transferred to Main Machine Shop October 4. 1948; released for militarx service April 25, 1951; reinstated in Machine Shop March 2. 1953. and graduated as Machinist March 11. 1954. AC I 1YITIES: Cheer Leader, ’48. JOSEPH CHARLES MEREDITH, JR. Newport News, Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery September 18. 1950; transferred to Hull Drawing Room August 20, 1951; Repair Machine Shop Januar) 12, 1953, and graduated as Machinist October 8, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Cotillion Club, ’51, ’52. President. ' 53; Football. ’51; Track. ’51, ’52. ’53; Monogram Club. ’51. 52. ’53; Class Presi- dent. ' 54; House League Basketball, ’50, ’51, ’52, ' 53; Athletic Award, ’54. HARVEY GOLD MASHBURN Star, North Carolina DEPARTMENTS: Entered Pipe Department March 8, 1948; re- leased for military service March 9. 1951; reinstated in Pipe De- partment March 12. 1953. and graduated as Pipefitter March 15. 1954. ACTIVITIES: Student Board of Directors, 50; Pi Phi Fraternity; Basketball House League. 54 VICTOR FORI) PARKER, JR. War tv ick , Vi rgi nia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery August 15, 1950, transferred to Machine Shop February 15, 1951, Repair Machine Shop August 15, 1951, and graduated as Machinist August 20, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Cotillion Club, ’51; Student Board of Directors, 51. THOMAS WINSTON PARKER, JR. Palmyra, Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Foundry September 12. 1950, and graduated as Molder September 17. 1954. ACTIVITIES: Football, ’50, ' 51. ' 53; Student Board of Directors, ’51, ’52, ’53: Class Secretary and Treasurer, ' 52. RAYMOND EUGENE OWENS Mathews, Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Pattern Shop September 12. 1950, anti graduated as Patternmaker September 29, 1954. ACTIVE! 1ES: Student Board of Directors, ' 50, ' 51; Niels Christian- sen Award, ’54. WILLIAM RAY PHILLIPS, JR. Williams b u rg, l ' irgi n ia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery June 28. 19-19. transferred to Main Machine Shop October 2, 1950, Piping Draft- ing Room November 20, 1950, and graduated as Piping Draftsman September 24, 1954. ACTIVITIES; Football, ' 49, ’50, ’51. ’52, ’53; Baseball, ’51, ’53; Track. ’51, ’52; Monogram Club, ' 49, ’50, ’51, Vice-President, ’52; ’53, ' 54; Student Board of Directors, ’50; Class President, ’52; Class Secretary and Treasurer, ’53; Chemistry Award, ’50; Athletic Award, ’54; Niels Christiansen Award, ’54. WALTER AARON RAINES Hampton, Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery February 8, 1949; transferred to Pipe Coverers October 24. 1949; Hull Drafting Room October 2. 1950, and graduated as Hull Draftsman March 10. 1954. ACTIVITIES: Chemistry Award. ’49; Charles F. Bailey Award, ’50, ’51. ’52; Student Board of Directors, ’51; ( lass Vice-President, ’52; Class Secretary and Treasurer, ’54; House League Basketball. JAMES WILLIAM REYNOLDS Chatham, Virgin i a DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery December 14, 1948; transferred to Hull Fitting and Plant Shop October 2, 1950; Ma- chinery Drafting Room Januan 1, 1951, and graduated as Ma- chinery Draftsman March 12, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Baseball, ' 51, ’52, ’53; Student Board of Directors, ’53; Class Vice-President, ’54; Monogram Club: Cotillion Club; House League Basketball; Pi Phi Fraternity; Athletic Award. ’54. 5G JOE FENTON ROUDABUSH Vi lla m o n t, Virgi n ia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery January 2. 1951; transferred to Machinery Installation January 2, 1952. Apprentice Gallery April 13, 1953, Machinery Installation July 0, 1953, and graduated as Machinist December 31, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Student Board of Directors, ’54. DALE PENROD SEABOLT Erwin, North Carolina DEPARTMENTS: Entered Foundry October 10, 1950, and grad- uated as Molder November 19, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Student Board of Directors, ’51. FRANK ARNOLD WOLFE Moundsville, West Virginia DEPARTMENTS: Entered Apprentice Gallery August 30. 1948; transferred to Hull Fitting and Plant Shop August 8, 1949; released for military service September 29, 1950; reinstated in Hull Fitting and Plant Shop July 29. 1952, and graduated as Machinist August 0, 1954. ACTIVITIES: Football, ' 48, ’49; Track, ' 49, ’50. ’53; Athletic Award ’54. 57 c ' liimenccntcnt Graduating Exercises for the Class of 1954 were held in the Apprentice Athletic Building on the evening of January 19, 1955. On that program the Reverend C. H. Harri- son, Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Hampton, Virginia, rendered the invocation. Greetings followed by F. A. Harrell, President of the Student Body. W. T. Chapman, Jr., Presi- dent of the Apprentice Alumni Association, made the presentations of the Alumni Awards. An introduction by N. L. Rawlings, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of the Yard, preceded the address by A. Duke Chandler, Presi- dent of the College of William and Mary. J. C. Meredith, Jr., President of the Class of 1954, spoke for the graduates. Benediction by Rev. Harrison concluded the program. Alvin Duke Chandler, President of William and Mary, address- ing the graduates. Mr. A. A. Giese, Personnel Man- ager, presiding at graduation exercises. The presentation of certificates made by Mr. J. B. Woodward, Jr. Mr. F. R. White, Director of Education and Training, prior to presenting the Gold Athletic Awards to those students who were outstanding in the different fields of sports. Diplomas having been received, the graduating class and visitors, in a moments pause, await the benediction by Reverend Carter H. Harrison. 59 ANNUAL C yfracl Matin cj xcrcises of the APPRENTICE SCHOOL of the NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING AND DRY DOCK COMPANY Newport News, Virginia C " I lass of 1954 APPRENTICE ATHLETIC BUILDING Wednesday, January 19, 1955 Eight P. M. Presentation of Alumni Awards W. T. Chapman, Jr., President Apprentice Alumni Association 1 he CHARLES F. BAILEY Scholarship Awards (Presented to those apprentices making the highest scholastic records during 1954) BRONZE MEDAL — to first year apprentice Donald Harvey Frishkorn SILVER MEDAL — to second-year apprentice Hal Lynwood Moses GOLD MEDAL — to third-year apprentice Floyd Luallen Williams 1 he NIELS CHRIST IANSEN Craftsmanship Awards (Presented to the graduate in each division of the Shipyard who excelled in craftsmanship during his apprenticeship) Machinery Division — Albert Vernon Atkinson Machinery Drafting Division — William Ray Phillips, Jr. Machine Shops Division — Berkley Ivey Hull Drafting Division — Clinton Robert Lincoln Hull Outfitting Division — Wayne Eberhard Gratton Foundry Division — Raymond Eugene Owens Steel Hull Division — Donovan Lee Godfrey I ' he HOMER L. FERGUSON Award (A gold watch, properly engraved, presented to the graduate who, during his apprenticeship, scored the highest average in his combined classroom and shop grades) ALBERT VERNON ATKINSON Presentation of Gold Awards F. R. White, Director of Education and Training The GOLD AT HLE1 IC AWARDS (Presented to the graduate for athletic activities and is the highest award that can be made) Leon Clyde Blasingame Football Thomas Abraham Bratton Baseball John Emerson Girton, Jr. Football Berkley Ivey Track William Hunter Lamkin Football Clinton Robert Lincoln Football Joseph Charles Meredith, Jr. Track William Ray Phillips, Jr. Football James William Reynolds Baseball Frank Arnold Wolfe Football The GOLD JOURNALISM Awards (Presented to the graduate who worked on either the Broad A or the Binnacle for four years and held a major editorial position on one or the other) Rodney Wilson Carroll — Charles Maurice Joo 61 iz at ions The organizations within the Apprentice School are limited, yet they provide a must in the life of an Ap- prentice. In the past few years, steps have been taken to organize a glee club as well as a band. This showed some promise at first, but died because of lack of interest among the boys. The social functions are taken care of mostly by the Student Board of Directors which also acts as the governing body of the students. The Monogram Club also helps to take care of social life within the School. The Bible Club adds to the spiritual life of the Apprent- ice. Journalistic activities revolve around the School newspaper, THE BROAD A, and the Apprentice year- book, THE BINNACLE. The Alumni Association has been of invaluable aid in promoting a more active spirit in sports and other activities. Aside from the lact that these few organizations are doing a great job. we hope that the future will bring an increasing interest in other activities around the Ap- prentice School. 1 HE BINNACLE is published an- nually by the Student Body of the Ap- prentice School. The yearbook, THE BIN- NACLE. derives its name from the term employed for the compass and its housing found on a ship. Jack Smith and Jane Dibble, Ad- visors Editor-in-chief and Co-editors mapping out various assignments G4 n Because of the shortage of apprentices Editor-in-Chief C. W. Jovaras during World War II, 1 HE BINNACLE Business Editor D. S. Haughton was discontinued after 1942, and resumed Q ass Editors L. C. Inge, j. E. Hunt publication in 1947. t? . u u { Feature Editor H. B. Manning The officers for the 1954 BINNACLE Sports Editor J. A. Hill Staff are Photographer W. A. Lee The complete stall busy on last minute details lor the make-up dummy of THE BINNACLE. 07, c £,-oaJ “_0” I ' he Broad A is published monthly bv students of the Apprentice School. It first appeared in 1923 as THE APPRENT- ICE BULLETIN: at that time it teas published by the faculty, but later the job teas taken over by the students. Due to lack of support the paper was discontinued for two years, and later reap- peared as SHIPBUILDING. This publi- cation also dropped out of circulation for two years. In 1937 THE BROAD A was born. It appeared at first as a single mineographed sheet, but later became a printed paper. However, this publication also was discon- tinued. Past activities of the BROAD A have frequently failed. A number of times at- tempts to start its publication resulted in failure, because of lack of interest in a school paper. In September. 1954, the BROAD A was reborn. Its publication has continued with success up to the present time. The BROAD A staff at work on the lavout of the newspaper before going to press. 66 Editors preparing various assignments for reporters. F. A. Harrell, C. W. Jovaras, O. B. Bucklen, H. L. Moses, and E. C. Tison looking over a newly released copy of THE BROAD A. G7 R. McK. MassenbuiQ is shown receiving an Hon- orary Lifetime Member- ship in the Apprentice Alumni Association from C. P. Woolwine. itnim i 7 ,c a4l, rsscciation The late W. T. Chapman, President of the Alumni Association, is shown addressing the guests at the annual banquet. 07 , c SdU Cl„L The Apprentice Bible Club is one of the most active clubs in the Apprentice School and by far one of more serious in- tent. The Club is dedicated to the spiritual development of the Apprentice and achiev- es much in the molding of character. One night each week at the dormitory, students of different faiths gather together in the spirit of Christian fellowship. Each year an active schedule includes much travel; many speakers are invited to lecture on a variety of topics in relation to the Christian faith. Standing: Bob McKinney, George Clevinger, Bill Tison, Kenneth Richardson, Grady Church. Kneeling: Tom Jones, Raymond Stein, Vernon Harris, John Collins, Roger Glover. GO “W alt L, CHURCHES Students entering the Apprentice School come from many sections of our country. Boys of every denomination gather in the spirit of brotherhood, work- ing and learning together. An individual must have faith in every- thing that he sets out to accomplish. To nourish and build this faith, many churches welcome the opportunity to guide the Ap- prentice in worship. As a result of this guidance a stronger foundation is provided for today’s youth in the hope for a better world through spirit- ual fulfillment. ■Ill g§§ SrzSrEHa ■hi Hi F=K " £§£ III! iSs ■III pS JL e rii ? JW, IS is e inn Flanked on the south by the fames River and sur- rounded on all other sides by the historic Virginia Pe- ninsula, the Mariners Museum sits within an extensive park and game sanctuary that was founded in 1930 by Mr. Archer M. Huntington. Educational in purpose and world-wide in scope, its aim is to display the maritime accomplishments of all times and of every nation. The exhibits have been assembled to present a variety of marine lore ranging from actual small water- craft to scaled replicas of famous ships. The fireproof building has been twice enlarged as the number of exhibits increased and now possibly houses the most complete collection of maritime equip- ment in the world. fthletics I he Apprentice Athletic Association provides each student with the facilities to play varsity sports in basket- ball, football, baseball and track. It also provides a scheduled league in basketball and baseball between the different departments within the Shipyard. The Ap- prentice athletic program is so organized as to give every- one an opportunity to take part in sport activities. There are many things which go into the building of character of an Apprentice and out of these many things the Apprentice Athletic activities help to culti- vate men for leadership through participation in athletics. The Apprentice gains along the lines of physical develop- ment, healthy recreation, and the most important of all, valuable fellowship. Through participation in recreation, the Apprentice gains physically and mentally as an active member of the team. 74 They’re off and running at the Apprentice gym and the race ends with the A’s scoring 83-7 8 over Randolph-Macon. ' Varsity JjasLctLaH APPRENTICE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Norfolk Division 68 Apprentice 57 Norfolk Division 90 Apprentice 78 Bridgewater 45 Apprentice 63 Richmond Uni. 1 04 Apprentice 45 Randolph Macon 53 Apprentice 60 Randolph Macon 78 Apprentice 83 Medical College of Va . 63 Apprentice 76 Medical College of Va . 76 Apprentice 96 Chowan College 79 Apprentice 86 Chowan College 92 Apprentice 94 Wilson Teachers Col. 69 Apprentice 78 Richmond Prof. Inst. 76 Apprentice 96 Westinghouse App. 71 Apprentice 68 96 ?k V X? S 5 Q5 3 o y 5? o v ,3 5° A ' O Q V 0 V y Ar A Strider Leads 4 A Apprentice To Easy 13-5 Win 0 7(3 Apprentices Out To Square Record , n l_ • c e -V Benton, Neubaum Spark ee Appre „tice To 78-69 Win X 4 S HIT PEAK AP toTR ' 0 " ' W 8uiC4?. 6e„ lon Apprentice Wins, 83-78 86. 7 q 7h r7 row, left to right : R. Holley, R. W. Dibeler, D. B. Pratt, B. W. Ayers, f. W. Brown, E. R. Young, G. H. Wirt, J. [. Pohl, Jr. Front row: R. L. Allen, J. J. Wallace, L. W. Miller, E. R. Neubaum, S. C. Nichols, E. J. McCarthy, F. A. Harrell. 77 junior cirsitxj shctbcxK Standing : J. ]. Pohl, Jr., J. W. Brown, B. W. Ayers, H. Hinote, 1). B. Pratt, G. PI. Wirt. Kneeling : W. C. Adams, T. A. Caldwell, M. A. Gaylor, R. B. Darnell. 78 Hull D r a ft i n g Department Team on the left. Center: G. E. Lamkin, Assistant to the Director of Education and Training. Center left: W. T. Stephenson, Jr., Coach of the Hull Drafting Department Team. Center right: Thomas Baird, Coach of the Apprentice Gallery. Apprentice Gallery Team on the right. Front row, left to right: Hedge- peth, Bollock, Barron, Chapman, Silva, Dotson, Croswell, Haugh- ton, Lanier, and Johnson. Back row, left to right: Heath and Anastasia (referees) , Bucklin, Moses, Hanies, Mathews, Steph- enson, Lankin, Baird, Rose, Las- siter, Wright, Vann, Glover, and Pollock. Sheet Metal Team on the left. Center: G. E. Lamkin, Assistant to the Director of Education and Training. Center left: Jack Smith, Business Manager, Ap- prentice Athletics. Center right: S. A. Hickey, Assistant Director of Education and Training, hit- ters- Boilermakers Team on the right. Front row, left to right: Austin (referee) , Shrieves, Ti- son. Tingle, Morris, Jones, Mc- Cormick, Shields, Haynes, and Martin (refree) . Back row, left to right: Chalmers (coach) , Yates, Barnes, Cullers, Wallace, Smith, Lamkin, Hickey, Ivey, Drake, Church, Woolard, Mil- ler, Morris, and Rich (coach) . Electricians Team on left. Cen- ter left: E. E. Heath, Umpire. Center right: M. J. Anastasia, Referee. Machine Shops Team on the right. Front row, left to right: Phillips, Whitehead, Stephens, Hurst, Watson, Oph- iem, Smith, and Flinchum. Back row, left to right: Sanders, Whit- ney, Sandstrom, Heath, Anast- asia, Meredith, McGlothlin, Har- graves, and Richardson. Engineering Drafting Team on the left. Center: G. E. Lamkin and Referee Martin. Extreme right: M. R. Cutchins, Coach of Pipe Shop Team on the right. Back row, left to right: Williams, Collins, Stergin, Crockett, Lam- kin, Martin, Campbell, Nixon, Beachum, Ball, and Cutchins, the coach. Front row, left to right: M. Parker, C. Parker, Reynolds, Sample, Williams, Pendleton, Morrow, Hill, Ball, and Armstrong. J Conse eacjnc W V ¥ i rm y f m iHGW 4 n o . H bTA, a i isk Hn ' B [ . A Bn Uv m 14 MLj, ' aLiJfmM l 1 JSf Lak.. , ' WrQ m mm ’ ’ r i: i i 4 ( isj 4 i 1 ! |V- 9 i i 1 ' iLm . 2 4 v jf£ f] JL nwlYw vi r Sj r, J h j AJ 11 Vlf 4i l 1 5 w • Mm ■. 4 Ppti Bill Castelow’s Hurling, 7a L ei tice Strider’s Hitting Lead ti V » w. Builders Win 3rd Straight; Top: B. Hammonds, J. Harwood, B. Hulin, M. Parker, D. Honeycutt. Middle: R. Shreves, B. Bowden, F. Ellis, T. Latham, J. Odell, A. Norman, J. Burns (Coach) . Front: F. Collier, R. Stricter, B. Blowe, T. Jones, B. Clark. 80 Apprentice f V’s — Front row, left to right: Church, Fiskus, Collins, Harris, L. Armstrong. Back row, left to right: Wright, E. Ball, Sanders, E. L. Ball, Bales, Ellis, Rich, Coach. Missing from picture: C. Armstrong, Haynes, Darnell, Hill. v ' tVX-UTl, SWWT q; K cirsi ;t y Apprentice — Seated, left to right: Cundifi, Shrevies, Wallace, Bowden, Hargraves. Standing, left to right: Church, Stinnett, Brown, Hass, Capt. Howard, Mgr. Webb. Missing from picture: Hurst, Hammonds, Morrow, Frishkern, Hill, McKenny, Glover, Wirt, Reed. 81 Last row : R. E. Bryant, A. C. Marshall. First row: [. }. Lambiotte, A. M. Forbes, J. L. Landis, A. f. Madsen. o itr C oaches 82 First row, left to right: Hurst, Brumback, Barnes, A. Phillips, W. R. Phillips, Davis, Harrell, Girton, Burris, Blasingame, Nixon. Second row, left to right: Collins, J. Smith, Hill, Campbell, Rassman, Sutherland, Richardson, Coffin, Schooler, Stephens, Sanders. Third row, left to right: Gaylor, King, Wilson, Vick, Williams, Joyner, Q. Smith, Haigler, Ellis, Robbins, Healy. Fourth row , left to right: Beeler, Yorke, Cundiff, Shrieves, Harrison, Brown, Cickavage, Long, Dibeler. Fifth row, left to right: Collins, Moses, Welch, Vann, Haughton, Pratt, Coach Madsen, Coach Bryant. Sixth row, left to right: Coach Marshall, Coach Lambiotte, Coach Landis. 83 Co-captain Gus ' Harrell presenting a bou- quet of flowers to June Hubbard, Queen of Homecoming. O The queen and her court. Cheerleaders D. Parker, Ed Tison, June Hubbard, Deno Jovaras. 81 c With the aid of the Apprentice Alumni Association and the all-clear signal from the local weatherman, Homecoming Day usually succeeds in being the biggest event in the Apprentice year. Posters splash the message; the girls of glamour rally quickly, and a queen emerges with her court. Dance plans are mapped, and the " tux’ ' is aired. The team is polished and ready. The day arrives, the battle is fought, the queen is crowned, and one side conies away cheering. But whatever the outcome, the excitement has made it worthwhile for another year. Action, hot and heavy, at Homecoming Night game. Team in practice lor the Homecoming game. Team takes time out to pose with the beauties. HHiH Apprentice on way lor a score at the Home- coming game. 8 5 ‘J- cat vires An Apprentice will always remember the off-days in his life at the Apprentice School: those days that breathe with nnending activity. Away from the rigors of shop and class, it is a down- hill coast for some, and for others it is a beach party, date, or a dance. The Dorm is the mecca through which the free life flows, a family of chums trying to figure out a better way of doing nothing, and leaving nothing undone. 86 87 s innacle Mrs. J. C. Meredith, Jr. Miss Shirley Coleman Miss Evanne Outten - 90 yj r 92 to conic to 94 the aid of the party 95 CMC what Lcttc ‘is oa rt j than a hristmas arty. 97 1 JL Annual J 4. onocjram CLltiL t )avujiict E. R. Neubaum, Captain of the Apprentice Varsity Basketball team, receiving his letter from Coach Bob Holley. f. A. Burns, Baseball Coach, pre- senting [. 1). Harwood, Captain of the team, with his letter. M. G. Davis, Co-captain of the Varsity Football team, receiving bis letter from Coach A. C. Marshall. 98 J Ed Tison and Dcno Jovaras re- ceiving Cheerleader Awards from Mel Davis, Captain of the Ap- prentice Football team. Jack C. Smith, Master of Cere- monies, introducing the various t uests of honor. O 99 " hosier of Apprentices ROSTER OF APPRENTICES ADAMS, Eugene Graham Winchester, Va. ADAMS, Joseph Robert Pungo, N. C. ADAMS, William Clay Pine Knot, Ky. ADCOCK, James Larry Wadesboro, N. C. AKERS, Lawrence James Suffolk, Va. ALDRIDGE, Charles Lindsey Hopewell, Va. ALDRIDGE, Herbert Marshall Hopewell, Va. ALLEN, Robert Lee Newport News, Va. ALLISON, Samuel Dudley, Jr. _ Newport News, Va. ANDREWS, James Forrest _ Hot Springs, Va. APPERSON. Norris Edward Newport News, Va. APSLEY, John Palace Locust Hill, Va. ARMEN! ROUT, Robert Curtis Newport News, Va. ARMS ' 1 RONG, Cecil Boyd Hot Springs, Va. ARMS I RONG, Walter Ennis Hot Springs, Va. ATKINSON, Albert Vernon Warwick, Va. AUSTIN, Robert Lee _ Lewisburg, West Va. A ' i ERS, Billy Wayne Apalachicola, Fla. BABCOCK, William Earl Ashland, Va. BAGGETT, Frank Alton __ St. Pauls, N. C. BALDERSON, William Glenmore Tappahan- nock, Va. BALES, Thomas Theodore Newport News, Va. BALL, Elmo Lee Covington, Va. BALL, Elwood Sheridan Covington, Va. BALL, Sidney Adrian Council, Va. BANE, Franklin Delano Warwick, Va. BARNES, Dallas James Roanoke Rapids, N. C. BARNES, Norwood Ashley, Jr. _ Whitevillc, N. C. Messick, Va. .Franklin, Va. Wake, Va. BARRON, James Roland Clarksdale, Miss. BAUMGARDNER, Robert Sidney Pheobus, Va. BAZZARRE, William Ruston _ Covington, Va. BEACH AM, William Thomas, III Elizabeth City, N. C. BEALE, Haloid Glenn Hampton, Va. BECK, James Phillip, Jr. Steelton, Pa. BECKER, David Vincent Cumberland, Md. BEELER, Richard Allen Riverton, Va. BELCHER, Robert Keith __ Cairo, Ga. BENNETT, Daniel Webster, Jr. Hampton, Va. BENTON, Ray Thomas, Jr. Warwick, Va. BLANKS, William Earl Hampton, Va. BLASINGAME, Leon Clyde _ Camp Hill, Ala. BLEVINS, Manley Walter Troutdale, Va. BLINSON, Coye Lee, Jr. Wendell, N. C. BI.OWE, William Clifton Roanoke Rapids, N. C. BOBER, Stephen John. Jr. Wheeling, W. Va. BOLTON, Warren Lee . Johnson City, Tenn. BOWDEN, Billy Lee Cape Charles, Va. BOWYER, Thomas Rucker Bedford, Va. BOYD, Raymond Guy Davenport, Va. BRANCH, Ernest Burgess Warwick, Va. BRASWELL, Hershal Herbert __ Princeton, N. C. BRATTON, Thomas Abraham Deltaville, Va. BRICE, Willis Morse, Jr. Elizabeth City, N. C. BRIDGES, Gerald Brookshire Newport News, Va. BRIGFIT, Bill Alexander Hickory, N. C. BRIGHT, Edward Baxter __ Hickory, N. C. BROCKWELL, James Allison, Jr. Hampton, Va. Hampton, Va. Smithfield, Va. BARR, Ramon Paul BARRETT, Robert Sidney BAR RICK, David Lane 100 BROWN, James William BROWN, Robert Randal BROWN, Walter Arliss Charlottesville, Va. BRUM BACK, Richard Irving Winchester, Va. BUCKLEN, Okley Bert Doran, Virginia BUNCH, Leo Marcus Courtland, Va. BUNCH, Leon Smith Courtland, Va. BUNTS, Edward Neal, Jr. Colonial Heights, Va. BURCHER, Linwood Gwynn Dare, Va. BURGESS, Calvin Douglas Cordova, N. C. BURLEY, James Massie Amherst, Va. BURNS, Louie Waldo Hot Springs, Va. BURRIS, Arthur Coles, Jr. Albemarle, N. C. BL T SH, John Albert, Jr. Wrens, Ga. CALDWELL, Thomas Andrew Franklin, Va. CALL1S, Millard Grant Grimstead, Va. CAMDEN, Roger Franklin Lowesville, Va. CAMPBELL, Jerry Jarvis Warwick ,Va. CAMPBELL, Lester Howard Newport News, Va. CANNON, Frank Warrington, II .Newport News, Va. CANNON, William Woodward Warwick, Va. CARLTON, Albert Heath Urbanna, Va. CARLTON, Cecil Wayne Cairo, Ga. CARMINE, Richard Franklin Wicomico, Va. CARMINES, Donald Ray Messick, Va. CARROLL, Rodney Wilson Newport News, Va. CARTER, John Wallace, Jr. Hampton, Va. CASTELOW, Billy Fry Newport News, Va. CASTLE, Martin Albert Baltimore, Md. CAULEY, Lanier Stewart Hot Springs, Va. CHANDLER, John Edward, Jr. Colonial Heights, Va. CHAPMAN, Ward Graves, Jr. _ Harrisonburg, Va. CHAPPELL, Gene Donally Warwick, Va. CHAPPELL, John Robert White Plains, Ky. CHRISTOPHER, Benjamin Murphy Camp ' o- bello, S. C. CHURCH, Grady Arnold Statesville, N. C. CICKAVAGE, Anthony James Frackville, Pa. CLARK, Bruce Aubrey Wananish, N. C. CLARK, Henry Stewart Messick, Va. CLEVINGER, George Perry Grundy, Va. CLEVINGER, Lloyd Clark Grundy, Va. CLODFELTER, Hubert Leon Warwick, Va. COATS, John William Partlow, Va. COCHRAN, Charlie Sherman Meadows of Dan, Va. COFIIN, John Lodge Silver Springs, Va. COLLIER, Emmette Ray Pikeville, N. C. COLLIER, Franklin Edward Roanoke Rapids, N. C. COLLIER, William Preston Rome, Ga. COLLINS, Jimmie Ward Durham, N. C. COLLINS, John Foster Bryson City, N. C. COLLINS, John Robert Bozoo, West Va. COLLINS, Michael Vincent Bozoo, West Va. COMER, Douglas Ralph Stanley, Va. COMPTON, Lewis Roosevelt Buckroe Beach, Va. CONNELL, Lewis I very Roanoke Rapids, N. C. COVINGTON, Wilbur Thomas Hampton, Va. CREE, William Robert Albemarle, N. C. CROCKER, James Bernard __ Windsor, Va. CROCKETT, David Cyril Grimstead, Va. CROSWELL, Leslie Franklin Reedville, Va. GROSWELL, Levon Webb Newport News, Va. CROWDER, Clarence Jackson Covington, Va. CULLERS, Kenneth William Rileyville, Va. CUNDIFF, William Echols, II Roanoke, Va. CURRENT, John Franklin Statesville, N. C. DAME, Robert Lee Covington, Va. DARNELL, Ronald Boyce Hampton, Va. DAUGHTRY, Paul Deloy Cairo, Ga. 101 DAVIDSON, John Preston Glade Spring, Va. DAVIS, Maurice Leroy Newport News, a. DAVIS, Melvin Charles Newport News, Va. DEACON, Roy Reid, Jr. __ Covington, Va. DEAGLE, James Alvon Mathews, Virginia DEAN, Henry Grady Ronceverte, West Va. DESHAZO, Edwin Penn, Jr. _ Hampton, Va. DEVAULT, Frank Duncan Woodlawn, Va. DIBELER, Raymond Wesley, Jr. _ ’Winchester, Va. DICK, Forbes Rennie, Jr. Newport News, Va. DICKENS, John Henry Falls Mills, Va. DISHNER, Alexander Hamilton Princeton, West Va. DOTSON, Clinton Big Rock, Va. DOWNER. Daniel Joseph Hampton, Va. DOYLE, Raymond Thomas, Jr. Hampton, Va. DRAKE, Robert Lee Boykins, Va. EDENS, Richard Lewis Hopewell, Va. EDWARDS, Calvin Langston Gretna, Va. EDWARDS, Horace Randolph Warwick, Va. EDWARDS, Norris Wesley Warwick, Va. EDWARDS, Otis Gene Woodlawn, Va. EDWARDS, Robert Dixon Warwick, Va. EDWARDS, William Alfred _ Lumberton, N. C. EDWARDS, William Sherman _ Speedwell, Tenn. ELLIS, Frederick Carter Roanoke Rapids, N. C. ELLIS, James B yrd — . Marion, N. C. ELLIS, Robert Guy, Jr. Marion, N. C. ELMORE, David Lane ___ — Hopewell, Va. EURE, Adrian Lee Warwick, Va. EVANS, Ira Martin Warwick, Va. FALKE, Donald Fred Big Rock, Va. FENTON , George Edward Newport News, a. FENTON, Irvin, Jr. Newport News, Va. FINCH, Jack Wayne Spring Hope, N. C. EISKUS, Tom Max - Cairo, Ga. EL1NCHUM, Troy Davis, Jr. Ridgeway, Va. FLOWERS, Gilbert Eugene Warwicx, Va. FLYNN, Milton Ward Edenton, N. C. FORREST, Beamon Taylor, Jr. Messick, Va. FORREST, Robert Lloyd Jeffs, Va. EORRY, Richard Guy Lebanon, Pa. FORTNER, Joe Bill Galax, Va. FOWLER, Eldred Berton ... Newport News, Va. FRANCIS, Billy Edward Tookland, Va. FREEMAN, Benjamin Ray Jeffs, Va. ERISHKORN, Donald Harvey _ Evans City, Pa. GAYLOR, Marvin Alburtis, Jr. . Covington, Va. GILES, Richard Woodrow Blue Ridge, Va. GILES, Roy Lee Blue Ridge, Va. GILLESPIE, John Joseph, Jr. Newport News, Va. GIRTON, John Emerson, Jr. Warwick, Va. GLOVER, Roger Holt Cairo, Georgia GODFREY, Donovan Lee Marion, N. C. GODSEY, Kenneth Webster Hampton, Va. GOLUB, Jay Andrew Hampton, Va. GOOD, Alfred William Luray, Virginia GRATTON, Wayne Eberhard Seattle, Wash. GREENE, J. D. Rockingham, N. C. GREGG, Eugene Dale Clarksburg, W. Va. GREGG, Raymond Franklin Salem, W. Va. GRIGGS, Herman Carroll Suffolk, Va. GR1NER, Arthur Guinn Cairo, Ga. GRISCOM, Frederick Chandler, Jr. Media, Pa. GWALTNEY, Richard Clarke Durham, N. C. HACKENBERG, Bernard Francis Wheeling, W. Va. HACKENBERG, David Alan .Wheeling, W. Va. HAIGLER, Paul Steward West Point, Va. HAILE, Eludson Cain Jacksonville, Fla. HAMMOCK, Ear] Lawrence Draper, N. C. HAMMONDS, Bobby Hugh Panama City, Fla. HARDISON, James Carol Fremont, N. C. 102 HARDY, Talmadge Neville Scotland Neck, N. C. HARGRAVE, Bert Ellis, Jr. Norge, Va. HARRELL, Edward Ragsdale Suffolk, Va. HARRELL, Fred Augustus _ Suffolk, ' A. HARRIS, Edward Bryant Courtland, Va. HARRIS, Gene Meredith Covington, Va. HARRIS, Vernon Lafayette . .Tuscaloosa, Ala. HARRISON, Earl Janies, Jr. Cape Charles, Va. HARTBERGER, Albert Wilson Montvale, Va. HARVEY, Alan Lee, Jr. White Marsh, Va. HARWOOD, John Daniel Albemarle, N. C. HASKINS, William Franklin, Jr. Newport News, Virginia HASS, Robert Marnell —Newport News, Va. HAUELER, Edwin Ray Redart, Va. HAUFLER, William Donald Mathews, Va. HAUGHTON, Douglas Stanley —Warwick, Va. HAYNES, Gerald William Hot Springs, Va. HEALY, Emmett Samuel, Jr. __ Nuttall, Va. HEALY, William Charles Ashland, Ky. HEDGEPETH, Robert Harold Newport News, Va. HEMLER, Pierre Richardson Hanover, Pa. HIGHSMITH, James Allen Morehead City, N. C. HILL, Calvin Smith Boykins, Va. HILL, James Anzen Morgansville, W. Va. HINOTE, Hubert Robertsdale, Ala. HOFFMAN, Louis Edward Hampton, Va. HOGGE, William Henry Phoebus, Va. HOLLOMAN, Lyndon Earl Ahoskie, N. C. HOOKS, Edward French —Fort Monroe, Va. HOWARD, Vernon Edward Machipongo, Va. HUBBARD, Frank Lee, Jr. Bedford, Va. HUDGINS, Bobby Ingram Mathews, Va. HUFF, Bobby Joe Pulaski, Va. HUGHES, Clyde Reginald Newsoms, Va. HULIN, Billy Joe _ Troy, N. C. HUNNICUTT, Roy Douglas Newport News, Va. HUNT, John Edwin __ Poquoson, Va. HUNTER, William Winslow, Jr. South Norfolk, Va. HURST, Donald Gilford Seymour, Tenn. 1 JAMES, Charles Franklin Guilford College, N. C. INGE, Lewis Conrad Poquoson, Va. INMAN, Leslie Hugh ... St. Pauls, N. C. IVEY, Berkley ..Denbigh, Va. JACOBS, Curtis Elwin . Sycamore, Va. JEFFERSON, Douglas Eugene Villamont, Va. JENKINS, Stanley Elbert Maryus, Va. JENSEN, Kenneth LeRoy _ .Virginia Beach, Va. JETT, Rollie Morris _ Lewisburg, Tenn. JOHNSON, Frederick Lynn Charlottesville, Va. JOHNSON, Herbert Ray, Jr. Hampton, Va. JOHNSON, Neal Reynolds Hampton, Va. JOHNSON, Roberts Moore Newport News, Va. JOHNSON, William Lloyd —Cairo, Ga. JOLLY, Mike Levoy Ghadbourn, N. C. JONES, James Walclen Cumberland, Md. JONES, Jerald Bryant Harmony, N. C. JONES, Marion Alexander, Jr. Petersburg, Va. JONES, Sherman Arthur Roanoke, Va. JONES, Thomas Lowell . Coatesville, Pa. JOO, Charles Maurice Norfolk, Va. JORDAN, Earl Carver Newport News, Va. JOVARAS, Constantinos William Petersburg, Va. JOYNER, Richard Thurston Weldon, N. G. 103 KAUFMAN. Robert _ Fairmount Heights, Md. KELLY, Clyde Eugene Chuckatuck, Ya. KELLY. Dorsey Dunn Hurt, irginia KELLY, [esse Clevland, Jr. __ Winston-Salem, N. C. KESSINGER. W illiam Elbert Union, W. Ya. KILMER, Philip Roger Hudson, X. Y. KING, Donald Edward Covington, Ya. KING, George Thomas. Jr. Newsoms, Ya. LAM KIN, William Hunter Hampton, Ya. LASSITER, Ear! Stephenson Boykins, Ya. LATHAM, Walter Travis Pinetown, X. C. LAWRENCE. William Jerry _ . Durham. X. C. LEA. Charles Bernard _ Danville, Virginia LEARY, Arthur Roger . Elizabeth City, N. C. LEE, William Alexander Warwick, a. LEWIS, Charles Joseph Oriental, X. C. LINCOLN, Clinton Robert Springdale, Pa. LIVELSBERGER, Thomas Augustus McSher- rystown, Pa. LOCKHART, Clarence Preston Covington, Ya. LONG, Gene Karl Covington, Va. LONG, Gerald Patrick ... .Shenandoah, Pa. LONG, John Ronald Hampton, Va. LOYD, William Thomas Newport News, Ya. LE PER, Ferrell McKinney Pfafftown, N. C. LYONS, Harold Lloyd ..Cairo, Ga. MAJOR, Benjamin Edward, Jr. __ Rescue, Va. MANNING, Cecil Kelly Hampton, Va. MANNING, Hubert Blanchard, Jr. Newport News, Va . MARINIAK, Michael Rudolph Hopewell, Ya. MARKHAM, Talmadge Thomas, Jr. Charlot- tesville, Ya. . MARKHAM, Toy Lee ___ .Durham, X. C. MARSHALL. Albert Claude, Jr. Hampton, Ya. MARSHALL, William Thomas Newport News, Va. MARTIN, Montague Leonard Warwick, Ya. MARTZ, James Lynwood __ Shenandoah, Ya. MASHBURX, Arthur Barrett __ Bav Harbor, Fla. MASHBURX, Harvey Gold Star, X. C. MAYES, John Tmorv, Jr. _ Harmon, W. Ya. McCARTHY, Edward John Hampton, Ya. McCORMACK, Charles Randolph Ronceverte, W. Va. McGLOTHLIX, William Lam Roval Citv, Ya. McKINXEY, Robert Dean Bakersvillc, X. C. McXAMARA, Russell Bryant Newport News, Va. MEADOWS, Lonnie Lewis ..Flat Top, W. Ya. MEARS, Cabin Lee Newport News, Ya. MENDENHALL, Hilda Randolph Hampton, Va. MEREDITH. Joseph Charles, Jr. Newport News, Ya. MILEY, Raymond Lyle Warwick, Ya. MILLER. James William Warwick. Va. MILLER. John Anthony Newport News, Va. MILLER. Laurencg Wade ..Albemarle, X. C. M INTER, Billy Joe Draper, X. C. MITCHELL. James Naff Petersburg, Va. MITCHEM, Stephen Yanclorne Gw nn. Ya. MONK, Norman Talmadge Warwick, Va. MOORE, Roger Elliot Paige Newport News, Ya. MORELAND, Henry Lewis Warwick, Va. MORGAN, Thomas Carlton Harrellsville, N. C. MORRIS, Charles Lane Albemarle, N. C. MORRIS, James Selby Kenly, N. C. MORRIS, Thomas Edwin Buckroe Beach, Va. MORROW, Roy Lee Scottsboro, Ala. MOSES, Hal Lynwood Goldston, N. C. MUIR, John Curdy Hampton, Va. MURPHY, Jimmy Loman Hampton, Va. MURREN, Donald Leo McSherrystown, Pa. MYERS, Hubert Wayne Beaver Dam, Ky. NELSON, Glenn William, Jr. _ Newport News, Va. NESTER, William Carlton Long Island, Va. NEUBAUM, Earl Richard Steelton, Pa. NEW, David Addison Erwin, N. C. NEWMAN, James Eddie Strawberry Plains, Tenn. NICHOLS, Stephen Cole Warwick, Va. NIXON, William Henry Roanoke Rapids, N. C. NORMAN, Alvin Carroll Hampton, Va. NORTON, Charles Taylor Strawberry Plains, Tenn. NUCKOLS, Charles Roland _ Newport News, Va. ODELL, James Clayton Newport News, Va. OLIVER, James Thomas, Jr. Covington, Va. OLIVER, Robert Edward Covington, Va. OPHEIM, William Leon Norge, Va. OWENS, Alfred Charles Willard, N. C. OWENS, Raymond Eugene Mathews, Va. PADGETT, Charles Sherwood Newport News, Va. PAIR, William Carlton Roanoke Rapids, N. C. PARHAM, John Furman Leicester, N. C. PARKER, Carl Robert Opa Locka, Fla. PARKER, Charles Peaslee Roanoke Rapids, N. C. PARKER, Marvin Wilson, Jr. Tappahannock, Va. PARKER, Thomas Winston, Jr. Palmyra, Va. PARKER, Victor Ford, Jr. Warwick, Va. PARROTT, Charles Franklin Roanoke Rapids, N. C. PAULS, William Rodophus Messick, Va. PENDLETON, William Sw anson, Jr. __ Prince- ton, W. Va. PENNINGTON, James Clyde _ Camden, N. Y. PERRY, Curtis Edward, Jr. Elizabeth Citv, N. C. PETERS, Yates Wilson Cairo, Ga. PHILLIPS, Alexander M. Tampa, Fla. PHILLIPS, William Ray, Jr. Williamsburg, Va. PIGNOTTI, Augustine Mario Patrick Phoe- bus, Va. PI 1 1 MAN, William Linwood Petersburg, Va. PLEMMONS, Kenneth Kermit Newport News, Va. POLLOCK, Kenneth Smith Warwick, Va. POLLOCK, Ronald Russell Warwick, Va. PORTER, Alvin Odell Hopewell, Va. POWELL, William Ercel Zebulon, N. C. PRATT, Dalton Breeding Leburn, Ky. PRESLEY, Donald Richard Council, Va. PRESLEY, Vernal Arson Council, Va. PRIDGEN, Gene Douglas Wilmington, N. C. PURCELL, Charles Edward Syringa, Va. OUEEN, David Lee Morgantown, W. Va. OUINN, Alton Manning, Jr. _ Hampton, Va. RAINES, Walter Aaron Hampton, Va. RASSMAN, Robert Arthur, Jr. Butler, Pa. REED, Eugene Talmadge Guilford, N. C. 105 REW, Ronald David Hampton. Va. REYNOLDS, Claud e Davis Chatham, Va. REYNOLDS, James William Chatham, Va. REYNOLDS, Luther Wallace __ Chatham, Va. RICHARDSON, Harold Douglas _ Fremont, N. C. RICHARDSON, Kenneth Clark Butner, N. C. RICHARDSON, Lawrence F„ Jr. _ Hampton, Va. RILFY, Leonard Day Tidemill, Va. ROBBINS, Billy Rufus Norton, Va. ROBBINS, William Bruce Hopewell, Va. ROBERTS, Carl Woodrow _ Waynesboro, Va. ROBERTSON, Joseph Buxton Warwick, Va. ROBINSON, Jack Fields Castlewood, Va. ROBINSON, John Ellis Solomons, Md. ROBISON, Joseph Franklin ___ Newport News, Va. RONEMOUS, Clarence Derr, Jr. Warwick, Va. ROSE, Freddie Lee _ Roanoke Rapids, N. C. ROUDABUSH, Joe Fenton Villamont, Va. ROUGHTON, Charles Swindell Hampton, Va. SAMPLE, James Ronald _Morgansville, W. Va. SANDERS, Franklin Farrell Coeburn, Va. SAUNDERS, Thomas Bruce McSherrystown, Pa. SANDSTROM, James Ellery Daytona Beach, Fla. SANFORD, LcRoy Baton Dahlgren, Va. SCEARCE, Curtis Olga _ Danville, Va. SCHEY, Jack Evans Warwick, Va. SCHOOLAR, Daniel Hughes — Rena Lara, Miss. SCRUGGS, Melvin Oren Mooresboro, N. C. SCULL, Roy Harwood Hampton, Va. SEABOLT, Dale Penrod Erwin, N. C. SEAMAN, Thomas Edward Harrisonburg, Va. SEBRA, Franklin Vernon Senora, Va. SESSOMS, David Rudolph Warwick, Va. SEWARD, Eugene Jack Newport News, Va. SEYMOUR, Linwood Ellis Newport News, Va. SHEER, Paul Lee Yadkinville, N. G. SHIELDS, Curtis Elwyn Washington, D. C. SHRADER, Basil Bentee Duhring, W. Va. SH RIEVES, Claude Russell, Jr. Cape Charles, Va. SILVA, Frank Macedo Deel, Va. SKEENS, Bernard Lee Big Rock, Va. SMITH, Joseph Francis New Oxford, Pa. SMITH, Mark Aaron . Newport News, Va. SMITH, Quentin Ray Lynchburg, Va. SMITH, Walter Patrick, Jr. Warwick, Va. SPENCER, William Wesley Newport News, Va. STADER, James Allen Luray, Va. STALL, Nelson Byrd Newport News, Va. STEIN, Raymond Duane Hartfield, Va. STEPHENS, Theodore Emmons Draper, N. G. STERGIN, Paul Engelo Philadelphia, Pa. STEWART, Duncan William Hampton, Va. STINNETT, James Alfred Covington, Va. STRIDER, James Russell Newport News, Va. STUTLER, Ronald Gale ___ Morgansville, W. Va. SUTHERLAND, Robert Orville North Garden, Va. SWICEGOOD, John Leo Warwick, Va. SYDNOR, John Morris Hague, Va. TARPLEY, John Wesley, Jr. Wendell, N. C. TAYLOR, Luther Timothy Thomason, Ga. 106 TAYLOR, Lynn Cecil, Jr. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. TAYLOR, William Alton, Jr. __Govington, V ' a. TEMPLEMAN, James Clarke - Harrisonburg, Va. THOMAS, Charles Rudolph . Newport News, Va. THOMAS, Millard Shamery Newport News, Va. THURMOND, James Dabney Alderson, W. Va. TINGLE, Horace Winfield Bath, N. C. TISON, Edwin Clark Sanford, Fla. TISON, William Charles, Jr. ___ Sanford, Fla. TRACY, Gerald Smith Messick, Va. TUCKER, James Kenneth Hill Top, Ky. VANN, Robert Walter, III Warwick, Va. VAUGHAN, Thomas Edward Harrellsville, N. C. VICK, Reuben Earl Boykins, Va. VICK, Robert Lee Roanoke Rapids, N. C. VINCENT, Ralph Sherman Newport News, Va. WAGNER, James Howard Strawberry Plains, Tenn. WALDROUPE, J. I). _ Bluff, N. C. WALDROUPE, Ray Newport News, Va. WALKER, Harold Hulan ___ Cairo, Ga. WALLACE, Howard Doyle Townley, Ala. WALLACE, Jimmy Joe Townley, Ala. WALLACE, William Bunyan Elizabeth City, N. C. WASHAM, John Alan Harrisonburg, Va. WATSON, Benjamin Thomas, Jr. _ Newport News, Va. WEAVER, Leslie Lamonte Mt. Olive, N. C. WEBSTER, Fate Lemuel Lake Toxaway, N. C. WELCH, Franklin Donald Bryson City, N. C. WETTERL1NG, Phillip LeRoy Newport News, Va. WHEELER, Harry Cleveland Leelon _ Buena Vista, Va. WHITE, William Thomas, Jr. _ Durham, N. C. WHITEHEAD, Charles Wells Scotland Neck, N. C. WHITESEL, Russell Aubrey, Jr. Covington, Va. WHIT LEY, Robert Joseph Newport News, Va. WILKINS, Robert Edward, Jr. Warwick, Va. WILLEY, Harold Eugene Elizabeth Citv, N. C. WILLIAMS, Charles Roy Youngstown, O. WILLIAMS, Donald Earl Camp Hill, Ala. WILLIAMS, Floyd Luallen Salem, W. Va. WILLIAMS, Paul Ray Roanoke Rapids, N. C. WILSON, Ben, Jr. Messick, Va. WILSON, Emory Earl Cairo, Ga. WINSTEAD, Phil Dana _ Rocky Mount, N. C. WIRT, Guy Houston Radford, Va. WISE, Joseph Edward Newport News, Va. WOLFE, Frank Arnold Hampton, Va. WOOD, William Hamilton Hampton, Va. WOODALL, James Hubert, Jr. _ Phoebus, V ' a. WORLEY, Harold Grover Spring Creek, N. C. WRIGHT, Charles Arthur Covington, Va. WRIGHT, Emmitt O’Neal, Jr. Silas, Ala. WYATT, George Washington, Jr. . Hopewell, Va. YATES, Franklin Sanders I.uray, Va. YEATTS, Donald Alvis Sycamore, Va. YORKE, Nathan Felix, Jr. Rock Hill, S. C. YOUNG, Elwood Roy Audubon, N. J. 107 108 SILVERMAN FURS Buy with Confidence and Know the Truth in Furs Compliments of 3211 Washington Avenue A Phone 4-1272 FRIEND SPORTS BOWL 24 Deluxe Burnswick Alleys 7400 Va. Ave. Ph. 2-4151 PENINSULA FLORISTS ASSOCIATION Warwick, Virginia THE EARLE RESTAURANT WERTHEIMER ' S 9700 Warwick Road Men ' s Wear Specializing in Seafood Platters of all kinds Warwick, Virginia SPECIAL LUNCHES Banquet Room — Cap. 100 Compliments of VARSITY SHOP INC. Men ' s Clothiers PATRICK AND SILK 3406 Washington Avenue Langley Hotel Bldg. Ph. 7270 Southampton Ph. 3-7511 Warwick Ph. 8-4713 Phone 3-1681 ' Foremost in Fashions " Compliments of MODERN CLEANERS Compliments of DYERS — ★ — - 3409 Washington Avenue COLE AND SCOTT, Phone 4-1781 INC. Compliments of — ★ — TIDEWATER FASHIONS FOR MEN MOTORCYCLE COMPANY Joe L. Pinnell, Manager — ★ — MOTORCYCLES BICYCLES SCOOTERS LAWN MOWERS OUTBOARD MOTORS 3306 Washington Avenue Dial 5-1805 109 A familiar and reassuring slogan Familiar ... because it has appeared in thousands 0 the country ' s finest year- books for the past half century. Reassuring . . . because those years of specialized experience bring complete service, outstanding quality and de- pendable delivery fo the yearbook Staffs . with whom we work. JAHN OLLIER ENCRAVINC CO. 817 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago 7, Illinois 111 C7L 1954 $ innacle Printed and Bound by Year Book Division of The Hurley Company, Inc. Camden, Arkansas 112

Suggestions in the The Apprentice School - Binnacle Yearbook (Newport News, VA) collection:

The Apprentice School - Binnacle Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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The Apprentice School - Binnacle Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


The Apprentice School - Binnacle Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


The Apprentice School - Binnacle Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


The Apprentice School - Binnacle Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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