The Apprentice School - Binnacle Yearbook (Newport News, VA)

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The Apprentice School - Binnacle Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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v Mm ' Mr ' iilp mm i ' $i ' }£y f(t mmrim y % h£ ; mv.| Ife g 4|SX The Apprentice School, Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company Newport News Virginia, Take Great Pleasure in Presenting Their . . A t - . 1952 ELMER B. GIVINS Apprentice Instructor 1919-1949 DEDICATION Who was born in Craig County, Virgin- ia, July 13, 1884. His retirement from ac- tive service as a member of the Apprentice School faculty was effective July 31, 1949, after a continuous service record with our Company dating, from July 15, 1918. We consider it a privilege and an honor to dedicate this eighth volume of The Bin- nacle in sincere appreciation and gratitude for his guidance and friendship through the years. 4 Introduction This, the 1952 BINNACLE, is present- ed by the staff with congratulations and friendliness. Congratulations to you, the graduating class, and a feeling of warmth and friendliness to all the rest. As you have no doubt already noticed, this issue of the BINNACLE makes a de- parture from the precedent set by previ- ous issues, as far as size is concerned. This is due to circumstances over which the staff has no control. It is the desire of the staff that, despite its difference in appearance, the book will serve fully as well as past issues of the BINNACLE in fulfilling its designed pur- pose, namely to serve as a record of your activities in this year of 1952, and in the more distant future to recall to your mem- ory those pleasant days, and dear friends, of your Apprenticeship. If the BINNACLE is the source of any pleasure to its viewers, it will have served its basic purpose. If it is instrumental, in any way, in the development of interest in student activities and the Apprentice School, it will have served gallantly above and beyond the call of duty and the staff will consider its work more than worth- while. We sincerely hope that you enjoy this — your 1952 BINNACLE. 5 Bfttr n a Board of Directors of our Company as they met in the office of John B. Woodward, Jr., President. Left to right: John B. Woodward, Jr., Roger Williams, Emory S. Land, Samuel L. Slover, Homer L. Ferguson, Chairman, Francis F. Randolph, and William E. Blewett, Jr. Missing from picture: Charles Francis Adams and H. Donald Campbell. FAIRMOUNT R. WHITE Director of Education and Training A dm in istra tion The Administration of the Apprentice School is based on the idea that it is im- portant to the Company, the Individual, the Community, and the Nation that there be skilled workmen performing the tasks so vital to the well-being of all involved. Skilled craftsmen don’t just happen. They have to be trained. That is where the Ap- prentice School fits in. There was a time when what little “training” a young man could obtain was acquired by looking over the shoulder of a skilled mechanic, for whom he ran er- rands and performed many menial and distasteful tasks. Of course, that is how the mechanic learned and in time (a mat- ter of many years) the Apprentice would learn too. The other way was to permit the trainee to practice the craft under trained super- vision. The program was set up in three basic steps — -(1) present the idea, (2) per- mit the trainee to accomplish the idea, (3) correct whatever faults remained. It soon became evident that this meth- od was not the most satisfactory since it consumed a great deal more time and was actually less effective than another. Having set up this basic program, it was deemed desirable, if not necessary, to supplement it with training for leader- ship and good citizenship. Around these fundamentals was built the Apprentice School by the foresight and dreams of many faithful and hard working men. The people pictured on these pages are those appointed to see that the ideas and ideals developed by those men of vision are carried out, and the graduating Ap- prentice is, in part, their product also. SAMUEL A. HICKEY Assistant Director of Education and Training JACK C. SMITH and LUTHER H. FLOWERS Staff Supervisors GLENNA THOMPSON Secretary JANE DIBBLE Registrar 9 Academic Faculty JOHN J. CARYIL Engineering Drawing Apprentice School of the Newport News Shipbuild- ing and Dry Dock Company — 1916: Johns Hop- kins University. MAYO M. CLARKSON Hull Drafting Apprentice School of the Newport News Shipbuild- ing and Dry Dock Company — 1950. LUTHER H. FLOWERS Supervision Apprentice School ot the Newport News Shipbuild- ing and Dry Dock Company — 1930. PAUL B. GIVENS Mathematics B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute: Lynchburg Col- lege. CHARLES R. LAMM Hull Drafting Apprentice School of the Newport News Shipbuild- ing and Dry Dock Company — 1950. G. G. POLETIKA Mechanical Engineering B.S., in E. E., St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, Russia. CARL NORWOOD ROBESON Arts B.A., Carnegie Institute of Technology; Emory Uni- versity. JOE D. SMITH Naval Architecture Apprentice School of the Newport News Shipbuild- ing and Dry Dock Company — 1938. ILLIAM HELTZEL Mathematics B.S., College of William and Mary: M.S., Brown University. O. REID HL’DSON, JR. Machinery Drafting Apprentice School of the Newport News Shipbuild- ing and Dry Dock Company — 1940. D. BOYD THOMAS Mathematics B.S., M.S., North Carolina State College: Duke Uni- versity: University of Michigan. FAIRMOUNT R. WHITE Arts A.B., College of William and Mary: American Uni- versity at Beaune, France- 10 T. B. Baird, Machinists; F. J. Brown, Jr., Electricians: D. L. Carmines, Sheet Metal; M. Christi , Machinery Installation; M. R. Cutchens, Pipefitters; S. Davis, Machinists; C. C. Donegan, Pipefitters; J. G. Foretich, Patternmakers: F. B. Gall, Ship Carpenters: G. G. Givens, Electricians; C. L. Griffith, Machinists: W. K. Hunt, Jr., Foundry: F. L. Johnson, Machinery Installation; L. B. Jones, Sheet Metal; A. J. Madsen, Machinists; A. C. Mar- shall, Machinists; J. McBride, Machinists; H. J. McCarthy, Pipefitters; W. E. Michie, Shipwrights; J. W. Murden, Machinists; A. L. Poindexter, Machinists; O. E. Schade, Machinists; F. L. Stokes, Machinery Installation; J. E. Torok, Coppersmiths; C. H. Wa- ters, Shipfitters. Vocational Faculty : rr- II: Typical shot of apprentice sheet- metal man planning a layout. A Math class trying to concen- trate while having their photo taken. Faculty On these pages you see pictured those gentlemen who present to the Apprentice the knowledge and craftsmanship which are essential in the development of a skill- ed artisan. While the above is the most evident contribution they make toward producing a first-rate mechanic, it is not the only one by any means, for it is they who are greatly instrumental in molding the Apprentice’s character. Through their understanding and interest, a newly regis- tered Apprentice is soon well on his way toward that final goal, graduation, and as time for graduation draws near, he an- ticipates the occasion with faith in him- self and his ability. Whatever undertak- ings he may become a part of, you may be sure that the training received at the hands of the Apprentice School Faculty will stand him in good stead and make him a citizen his community can be proud of. The BINNACLE salutes the Appren- tice ' s first friends. Student Board The Student Body is governed by a Board of Directors chosen from among the entire student body. The plan which has thus been worked i out is: Each department having any apprentice has at least one representative on this : board. For each ten men or a fraction of ten men in any department, one man is i seated on the Board of Directors. Meetings are presided over by the pres- ident of the student body. These meetings of Directors are held in the auditorium, usually im- mediately after working hours. The main purpose of the Student Board of Directors is to promote harmony among students assigned to various departments throughout the Yard, by assisting in the organization and establishment of all clubs, associations, and societies within the school. The Student Board of Directors also transacts all other business of general in- terest to students not otherwise provided for. Left to right at table: L. W. Stancil, Jr., E. B. Bright, N. A. Barnes. First row, left to right: H. C. Griggs, W. S. Pendleton, M. A. Smith, Ray Waldroupe, PI. E. Willey, R. A. Rassman. Second row: J. C. Belote, T. W. Parker, D. L. Godfrey, B. A. Clark, C. R. Thomas, W. A. Taylor. Third row: P E. Stcrgin, B. E. Francis, C. E. Kelly, T. L. Mark- ham, D. A. Yeatts, J. PI. Wagner. Fourth row: W. R. Cree, G. L. Blinson, D. L. Barrick, W. C. Tison, L. D. Riley. 13 • . THE SENIORS LAWRENCE CHANNING ARMSTRONG Hot Springs, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery April 13, 1948; transferred to Piping Drawing Room February 28, 1949: Machinery Installation Sep- tember 26, 1949; Production Staff Office March 26, 1951, and graduated as Pipefitter May 8, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ' 50, Vice President, ' 51 ; Class Vice President, ' 50, ' 51: Charles F. Bailey Award, " 50, ’51. LAW RENCE BERNARD AUGUST, JR. Newport News, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery July 28, 1947: transferred to Machine Shop March 8, 1948: Piping Drawing Room January 1, 1951, and graduated as Piping Draftsman October 17, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ' 50; Golf, ' 48: Athletic Award, Golf, 1952. GEORGE RAYMOND BARBER Newport News, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery July 14, 1947; transferred to Hull Drafting Room July 12, 1948: X10 Superintendent ' s Office May 2, 1949: Mold Loft September 6, 1949: Hull Drafting Room October 31, 1949, and graduated as Hull Draftsman August 14, 1952. Activities: BINNACLE Staff, Football, House League Basketball. ROBERT GORDON BARRON Richmond, Virginia Departments: Entered Boilermakers July 26, 1948, and graduated as Boilermaker September 12, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ' 50. EDWARD BASTA Hornsbyville, Virginia Departments: Entered Joiners February 6, 1948; transferred to X30 Superintendent ' s Office January 14, 1952, and graduated as Joiner March 3, 1952. Activities: Baseball, ’49. CLASS OF 1952 ROBERT PAUL BELFORD, JR. Yorktown, Virginia Departments: Entered Electricians December 17, 1948; and graduated as Electrician December 31, 1952. VANCE ORPHEUS BRIGHT, JR. Hickory, North Carolina Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery July 14, 1947; transferred to Machine Shop April 26, 1948; Hull Drafting July 12, 1948; X10 Su- perintendent ' s Office May 2, 1949; Shipfitters July 5, 1949; Mold Loft Sep- tember 6, 1949; Hull Drafting October 31, 1949, and graduated as Hull Draftsman July 16, 1952. Activities: Glee Club, ’47, ’49; Class President, ’49, ' 50, ’51, ' 52; BIN- NACLE, Feature Editor, ’49, Editor-in-Chief, ’50, Student Advisor and Lay- out Editor, ’51, Staff, ’52; Broad “A”, ’50, ’51; Selected most outstanding Apprentice in Virginia by National Association of Manufacturers, ’51; Charles F. Bailey Award, ’48, ' 49, ' 50; Journalism Award, ’52. RICHARD LAMARR COLLIER Rome, Georgia Departments: Entered Electricians August 30, 1948, and graduated as Electricians December 5, 1952. Activities: Football, ' 51; Track, ’50; House League Basketball, ’49, ’50, ' 51, Secretary, ' 52. THE SENIORS BARTHOLOMEW FREDERICK CONLON, JR. Miller School, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery September 13, 1948; trans- ferred to Machine Shop March 21, 1949; Hull Drafting January 29, 1951: Brass Gallerv Auerust 13, 1951, and graduated as Machinist December 26, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ' 51; Football, ' 50, ' 51: Ath- letic Award, Football, ' 52. EDWARD ROY COOPER Newport News, irginia Departments: Entered Pattern Shop February 3, 1948: transferred to Piping Drafting January 1, 1951; Pattern Shop February 5, 1951, and grad- uated as Patternmaker April 17, 1952. Activities: Basketball, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50, ' 51; Football, " 48, ' 49; Track, ' 48, " 49, ' 50, ' 51 ; Baseball, ' 49, ' 50: Monogram Club, ' 48, ' 49, ’50, ’51 : Athletic Award, Basketball, ’52. WILLIAM CARLTON COPPERSMITH Warwick, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery May 5, 1947: transferred to Piping Drafting July 19, 1948: Machinery Installation January 31, 1919: Sheet Metal May 9, 1949: Piping Drafting July 5, 1949, and graduated as Piping Draftsman May 9, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, " 49, ' 50: House League Basket- ball, ‘50, " 51: Softball, ‘50, ’51; Cotillion Club, ‘50, Secretary, ‘51: Class Vice President, ' 52. THOMAS STILSON CRITTENDEN Deltaville, Virginia Departments s Entered Apprentice Gallery August 2, 1948: transferred to Machine Shop February 3, 1949, and graduated as Machinist September 24, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ‘50: Softball, ' 49: House League Basketball, ‘50, ‘51: Baseball, ‘50, ' 51, ‘52: Monogram Club, ' 51, 52. LAWRENCE FULTON CROCKETT Hampton, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery July 9, 1947; transferred to Machine Shop January 12, 1948; Machinery Drafting July 19, 1948; Sheet Metal February 21, 1949; Machinery Installation May 2, 1949; Machinery Drafting October 3, 1949, and graduated as Machinery Draftsman August 22, 1952. Activities: Class Treasurer, ’50, ’51, ’52; Football, ’47, ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51 ; Track, ' 48, ’50; Monogram Club, ' 48, ’49, ’50, ' 51, ’52; Athletic Award, Football, ’52; Selected as Outstanding Linesman by Peninsula Sports Club, ’51. CLASS OF 1952 HOMER CARL CUDDY Bristol, Virginia Departments: Entered Shipwrights July 26, 1948; transferred to Mold Loft August 6, 1951; Shipwrights November 19, 1951, and graduated as Shipwright November 24, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ’50; Baseball ,’49, ’50, 51 ; Foot- ball, ’50, ’51, ’52; Basketball, ’50, ' 51; Monogram Club, ' 50, ’51, ’52; Ath- letic Award, Football, ' 52; Niels Christiansen Award — Steel Hull Division, ’52. CLAUDE HAROLD DALE, JR. Homeville, V irginia Departments: Entered Pipe Department July 26, 1948, and graduated as Coppersmith October 20, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ’48, ' 50, ’52. WILLIAM EARL DRUMMOND Hampton, Virginia Departments: Entered Shipfitters February 23, 1948, and graduated as Shipfitter May 8, 1952- THE SENIORS JOHN WOODSON DUNN, III illiamsburg, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery February 6, 1948: transfer- red to Machine Shop February 8, 1949, and graduated as Machinist June 19, 1952. Activities: Baseball, ’49, ’50, ' 51, ' 52; Softball, ’50: House League Bas- ketball, ’50: Monogram Club, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52: Athletic Award, Baseball, ’52. JAMES ALFRED ENGLAND Newport News, Virginia Departments: Entered Boiler Shop September 13, 1948, and graduated as Boilermaker September 12, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, " 49: House League Basketball, ’48, ’49, ’51; Niels Christiansen Award — Machine Shops Divison, ’52; Hom- er L. Ferguson Award, ’52. CHARLES EDWARD FOLEY Kimball, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery August 25, 1947: transferred to Machine Shop March 8, 1948: Machinery Drafting July 19, 1948: Pipe Department January 31, 1949: Machinery Drafting June 27, 1949, and grad- uated as Machinery Draftsman September 15, 1952. Activities: BINNACLE, ’51. EL WOOD DENNISON FLYTHE Warw ick, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery October 20, 1947: transfer- red to Machine Shop November 1, 1948: Piping Drafting January 1, 1951, and graduated as Piping Draftsman December 31, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, Publicity Chairman, ' 51. JAMES WADE GRUBB Newport News, Virginia Departments: Entered Painters August 30, 1948, and graduated as Painter November 3, 1952. Activities: Baseball, ’49, ’50, ’51; Monogram Club, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52; Athletic Award, Baseball, ’52. PATRIC HARTWIG GWYN Naxera, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery September 7, 1948; trans- ferred to Machinery Installation September 25, 1950, and graduated as Ma- chinist October 17, 1952. Activities: Baseball, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52; Monogram Club, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52; Athletic Award, Baseball, ’52 CLASS OF 1952 JAMES BURLEIGH HARWOOD, III Hampton, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery June 25, 1947; transferred to Pipe Department March 8, 1948: Hull Drafting July 12, 1948: X10 Su- perintendent’s Office February 28, 1949; Shipfitters May 2, 1919; Mold Loft July 5, 1949; Shipwrights September 6, 1949: Hull Drafting October 31, 1949; and graduated as Hull Draftsman June 27, 1952. Activities: Football, ’47, ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51; Track, ’48, ' 49, ’50; Mono- gram Club, ’49; Athletic Award, Football, ’52. VIVIEN ANSELL HAWKINS Luray, Virginia Departments: Entered Pattern Shop April 8, 1947; transferred to Hull Drafting July 12, 1948; X10 Superintendent’s Office February 28, 1949: Shipfitters May 2, 1949; Mold Loft July 5, 1949; Shipwrights September 6, 1949; Hull Drafting October 31, 1949, and graduated as Hull Drafts- man May 14, 1952. Activities: Glee Club, ’47; Class Treasurer, ’49; Broad “A”, Business Manager, ’48, Faculty and Trades, ’49, ’50: BINNACLE, ’48, ’49, Class Editor, ’50; Niels Christiansen Award- Hull Drafting Division, ’52: Jour- nalism Award, ’52. THE SENIORS JOHN HURMAN Newport News, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery September 20, 1948: trans- ferred to Machinery Installation August 14, 1950, and graduated as Ma- chinist December 31, 1952. JOHN HILDREY INSLEY, JR. Messick, irginia Departments: Entered Shipfitters August 12, 1947; transferred to Mold Loft July 26, 1948: Piping Drafting January 1, 1951, and graduated as Pip- ing Draftsman September 30, 1952. LONNIE RAY JENNINGS. JR Elizabeth City, North Carolina Departments: Entered Electricians October 18, 1948: transferred to Hydraulic Drafting January 29, 1951: Electricians May 14, 1951, and grad- uated as Electrician December 4, 1 952- Activities: Cotillion Club, ' 51 : Track, ' 51, ' 52. HILTON RANDOLPH JONES Ahoskie, North Carolina Departments: Entered Forging and Heat Treating Department August 23, 1948, and Graduated as Forgesmith August 22, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ' 51, “52: Football, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50, ’51; Monogram Club, ' 50, ' 51: Athletic Award, Football, 52. THOMAS ELROY KERSEY New port News, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery February 23, 1948; trans- ferred to Machine Shop December 6, 1948; Repair Machine Shop Feb- ruary 26, 1951, and graduated as Machinist May 21, 1952. Activities: Football, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52; Track, ’48, ’49, ’50; House League Basketball, ’49; Monogram Club, ' 49, ’50; Athletic Award, Foot- ball, ’52. CLASS OF 1952 JACK LOUIE LIBERTY, JR. Hampton, V irginia Departments: Entered Pattern Shop June 28, 1948, and graduated as Patternmaker November 10, 1952. Activities: Basketball, ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51; Football, ’51, ’52; Track, ’49, ’50; Monogram Club, ’49, ’50, ’51; Vice President, ’52; Niels Christiansen Award — Foundry Division, ’52; Athletic Award, Basketball, ’52. THOMAS MOODY MAYO, JR. Newport News, V irginia Departments: Entered Electricians July 14, 1947; transferred to Elec- trical Drafting October 18, 1948; Electricians September 6, 1949; Electrical Drafting January 1, 1951, and graduated as Electrical Draftsman October 27, 1952. Activities: Cotillion Club, ’47 ; Niels Christiansen Award — Machinery Drafting Divsion, ’52. JESSE MAHLEN MELSON Hampton, V irginia Departments: Entered Sheet Metal Department July 19, 1948, and graduated as Sheet Metal Worker July 18, 1952. Activities: Niels Christiansen Award — Hull Outfitting Division, ’52. THE SENIORS NORMAN McLEOD MILLAR, JR. Warwick, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery September 20, 1948: trans- ferred to Shipfitters October 17, 1949; Painters May 15, 1950, and grad- uated as Painter December 31, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ' 50. CHARLES EDWARD MILLER Warwick, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery July 14; 1947: transferred to Pipe Department March 8, 1948: Machinery Installation August 29, 1949; Piping Drafting January ' 1. 1951; and graduated as Piping Draftsman September 3, 1952. Activities: Cotillion Club, Student Board of Directors, " 49. JAMES MARVIN MOORE Hopewell, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gailery January 12, 1948; transfer- red to Pipe Department October 4, 1948: Machinery Installation August 29, 1949: Apprentice Gallery April 2, 1951: Machinery Installation Septem- ber 3, 1951, and graduated as Machinist January 30, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, " 51; Football, " 51. MILTON FRANKLIN MOORE Richmond. irginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery January 12, 1948: transfer- red to Machine Shop July 19, 1948: Forging and Heat Treating June 11, 1951, and graduated as Diesinker April 17, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, " 51, 52. CECIL GUS MYERS Pennington Gap, Virginia Departments: Entered Electricians November 16, 1948, and graduated as Electrician December 31, 1 952 - Activities: Football, ’49, ’50, ’51. CLASS OF 1952 IRVIN PERRY NEWBIEL Newport News, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery August 30, 1948; transfer- red to Machinery Installation August 14, 1950, and graduated as Machinist October 23, 1952. Activities: Cotillion Club, ’50, ’51; Monogram Club, ’50: Track, As- sistant Manager, ’49, ’50. (Picture missing). THOMAS TROY PALMER, JR. Warwick, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery September 20, 1948: trans- ferred to Hull Fitting and Plant Department September 18, 1950, and grad- uated as Machinist December 19, 1952. Activities: Football, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52; Track, ’51; Monogram Club, ’50, ' 51, ’52; Athletic Award, Football, ’52. WILLIAM ALBERT PERROT Portsmouth, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery February 5, 1948: transfer- red to Machine Shop September 27, 1948; Repair Machine Shop February 2S, 1951, and graduated as Machinist February 15, 1952. THE SENIORS ROBERT PUGH PETERSON Roseboro, North Carolina Departments: Entered Sheet Metal Shop November 17, 1947; transfer- red to Piping Drafting January 1, 1951; Machinery Drafting October 1, 1951, and graduated as Machinery Draftsman December 25, 1952. JOHN CARL PIAZZA Warwick, Virginia Departments: Entered Joiners September 22, 1947; transferred to Hull Drafting July 12, 1948; X10 Superintendent’s Office August 6, 1951; Ship- fitters October 1, 1951; Mold Loft December 3, 1951; Shipwrights Feb- ruary 4, 1952; X30 Superintendent’s Office March 31, 1952; Hull Draft- ing October 6, 1952, and graduated as Hull Draftsman October 20, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, Secretary, ’50, ’51; Class Sec- retary, ’50; Cheer Leader, ' 50: Wrestling, ’48, ’49: Monogram Club, ’49; Cotillion Club, ’50, ’51 : Broad “A " , Art Work, ’49; Athletic Award, Wrest- ling, ’52. AUBREY MACAULAY RAIFORD Ivor, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery March 29, 1948: transferred to Machine Shop November 15, 1948; Brass Gallery February 26, 1951, and graduated as Machinist May 12, 1952. Activities: Softball, ’49, 50. WILLIAM ARTHUR RICH Castalia, North Carolina Departments: Entered Boiler Shop August 18, 1947, and graduated as Boilermaker October 3, 1952. Activities: Baseball, " 48, ’50, ’51, ’52; Monogram Club, ’50, ‘51, ’52; House League Basketball, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52: Athletic Award, Baseball, ’52. JESSE LEE RICKS Portsmouth, Virginia Departments: Entered Copper Shop October 25, 1948; transferred to Pipe Department August 29, 1949; Pipe Coverers October 31, 1949, and graduated as Asbestos Worker December 31, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ’50, ’51; Track, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52; Broad “A”, ’49; BINNACLE, ’49, ’50; Sports Editor, ’51, ’52; Jour- nalism Award, ’52; Athletic Award, Track, ’52. CLASS OF 1952 WILLIAM BRUCE SCOTT Haddon Heights, New Jersey Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery November 5, 1947; trans- ferred to Machine Shop June 28, 1948; Machinery Installation October 25, 1948; and graduated as Machinist February 29, 1952. Activities: Niels Christiansen Award — Machinery Division, ’52. MARSHALL BOYD SHEPPARD Bellamy, Virginia Departments: Entered Electricians November 23, 1948, and graduated as Electrician November 28, 1952. ANDREW FLOYD SMITH, JR. South Norfolk, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery August 18, 1947; transferred to Machine Shop March 23, 1948, and graduated as Machinist October 13, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ’48, 51, ' 52; BINNACLE, ‘48, ’49: Class Secretary, ’52- THE SENIORS GERALD CLAIR SNYDER Mayport, Pennsylvania Departments: Entered Foundry July 22, 1947 : transferred to Machine- ry Drafting July 19, 1948: Machine Shop January 31, 1949; Pipe Depart- ment May 2, 1949; Machinery Drafting June 27, 1949, and graduated as Machinery Draftsman August 12, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ’48. FRANK CONWAY SORRELL Hampton, Virginia Departments: Entered Joiners August 11, 1947; transferred to H ull Drafting July 12, 1948: X10 Superintendent ' s Office September 6, 1949; Hull Drafting October 31, 1949: Shipfitters August 6, 1951: Mold Loft Oc- tober 1, 1951: Shipwrights December 3, 1951: X10 Supt. Office February 4, 1952, and graduated as Hull Draftsman August 28, 1952. Activities: Baseball, " 49, ‘50, ' 51, ’52; House League Basketball, ’47, " 48, ' 49, ' 50, ' 51: Monogram Club 49, ‘50, ’51, ’52: Athletic Award, Base- ball, ’52. THEODORE EARL SPECHT Hampton. irginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery August 23, 1948: transfer- red to Machine Shop February 28, 1949, and graduated as Machinist Xo- vember 6, 1952. WILLIAM HAROLD SWORD North Tazewell, irginia Departments: Entered Pipe Department July 12, 1948, and graduated as Pipefitters August 27, 1952. Activities: Baseball, " 49, " 50, ' 51, ’52: Football, ' 48, ' 49, " 50; Mono- gram Club, ’49, ' 50, " 51, ' 52: Basketball J.V., ’50: Athletic Award, Base- ball, ' 52. EDWARD LEWIS TILLMAN Hampton, Virginia Departments: Entered Boiler Shop November 3, 1948, and graduated as Boilermaker December 31, 1952. MARION GRAYSON TILMAN Newport News, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery January 12, 1948: transfer- red to Machine Shop October 25, 1948: Hydraulic Drafting January 1, 1951; Machine Shop February 12, 1951, and graduated as Machinist March 12, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ’51. CLASS OF 1952 CHARLES EDWARD WARD Daytona Beach, Florida Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery August 25, 1947; transfer- red to Hull Drafting July 12, 1948; Shipwrights August 6, 1951; X10 Su- perintendent’s Office October 1, 1951: Shipfitters December 3, 1951; X10 Superintendent ' s Office December 31, 1951, and graduated as Hull Drafts- man December 2, 1952. Activities: Glee Club, ’47; Football, ’50, ’51; Wrestling, ’48, ’49; Ath- letic Award, Wrestling, ’52. LLOYD CHESTER WARE Hampton, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery July 14, 1947; transferred to Hull Drafting July 12, 1948: X10 Superintendent’s Office July 5, 1949: Shipfitters September 6, 1949; Hull Drafting October 31, 1949, and grad- uated as Hull Draftsman September 11, 1952. Activities: BINNACLE, ' 50; House League Basketball, ' 50; Football, ' 5 1 : Basketball, ’5 1 . THE SENIORS WILLIAM DOYLE WATKINS Durham, North Carolina Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery September 27, 1948; trans- ferred to Boilermakers August 14, 1950; Hull Fitting and Plant Department January 2, 1951, and graduated as Machinist October 31, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ’51, ’52; Football, ’49, ' 50, ’51, 52; Baseball, 50, 51, 52; House League Basketball; Monogram Club, 49, ‘50, ’51, ’52; Athletic Award, Football, ' 52. JOHN WILLIAM WATSON Hampton, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery March 1, 1948; transfer- red to Brass Gallery November 8, 1948, and graduated as Machinist June 26, 1952- Activities: Student Board of Directors, ’51, ’52; Track, ’51, " 52: Foot- ball, ’51; Monogram Club, " 51; Wrestling, " 48; Athletic Award, Track, 52. PHILLIP MARSHAM WEDDLE Portsmouth, Virginia Departments: Entered Sheet Metal Shop October 18, 1948; transfer- red to Hull Drafting December 18, 1950; Sheet Metal Shop January 1, 1951; X30 Superintendent ' s Office January 21, 1952, and graduated as Sheet Metal Worker November 7, 1952. Activities: Baseball, ’49, " 50, " 51 ; Athletic Award, Baseball, " 52. ROBERT LEMUEL WHEELER Newport News, Virginia Departments: Entered Electricians September 20, 1948, and graduated as Electrician December 31, 1952. Activities: Basketball, " 48, ‘50. (Picture missing). CLASS OF 1952 BENJAMIN FRANCIS WINGFIELD Hampton, Virginia Departments: Entered Apprentice Gallery July 19, 1948; transferred to Machine Shop December 6, 1948, and graduated as Machinist Septem- ber 5, 1952. WENDELL GIBBS WORNOM Poquoson, Virginia Departments: Entered Sheet Metal Shop September 20, 1948, and graduated as Sheet Metal Worker September 22, 1952. Activities: Student Board of Directors, ’50, 51, ’52. CLASS OFFICERS — Treasurer, L. F. Crockett; President, V. O. Bright. Missing from picture: Vice President, C. C. Coppersmith, and Secretary, A. F. Smith. 3 S-55555 £S5S9 A i W ' li T i || n 1 W V 1 ■ 1 J L ¥-3 “ ' r Mil Bv. fl 9 • , 1 THE CLASS L ft to right , first row: L. A. Shinn. J. R. Karns. G. L. Skinner. P. E. Wells, C. Johnson. M E. Moore. Second row: K. G. Stultz. J. G. Loch- stampfor. Jr.. W. R. Peters. C. O. Parker, B. L. McClellan. J. L. Landis. Jr.. R. F. Pierce, Jr.. A. B. Elmore. C. S. Hill. Missing from picture: P. F. Allen. Jr.. L. T. Bar- 32 HHH OF 1953 ber, L. E. Bassett, Jr., J. C. Belote, G. F. Bowden, C. J. Coates, Jr., P. G. Gresham, C. A. Hale, L. D. Harrison, H. L. Hoover, J. H. Johnson, J. G. Lemay, B. T. Leonard, Jr., F. G. Lewis, L. S. Mallory, Jr., R. V. Markham, W. B. Miffleton, Jr., E. F. Rookstool, C. L. Smith, G. E. Squires, L. W. Stancill, Jr., E. B. Teasley, R. E. Temple- man, J. N. Trapp, B. C. Vinson, Jr., J. B. Vio- lette, jr., D. G. West, lr., S. F. Wilbourn, and W. A. Wolfley. 33 Left to right, first row: J. V. Reynolds. D. P. Sea- bolt. D. R. Dickinson. T. W. Parker, Jr., E. X. Bunts. Jr.. R. L. Forrest. Second row: P. R. Kil- mer. R. E. Owens. T. A. Bratton. L. C. Blasin- game, J. A. Bush. Jr.. C. R. Hughes. R. W. Car- roll. Missing from picture: J. P. Beck, Jr., H. S. Clark. 34 ' T n. j ' j J. ® - J 1 jt itj ■ HP itefc 5 , ■: ' jf ’ HT mm OF 1954 C. V. B. Cleary, Jr., D. L. Godfrey, J. A. Golub. W. E. Gratton. H. C. Griggs, W. H. Hogge, W. W. Hunter, Jr., B. Ivey, C. M. Joo, W. H. Lam- kin, C. R. Lincoln, B. L. Matthews, J. E. Mayes, Jr., J. L. Parker, Jr., V. F. Parker, Jr., S. E. Peace, W. R. Phillips, Jr., H. C. Pirkey, Jr., W. A. Raines, E. A. Rawls, J. H. Wagner, J. T. Wat- son, Jr., F. A. Wolfe. 35 w » g ■ m w THE CLASS Left to right , first row: M. W. Flynn, R. W. Giles, M. A. Smith, R. C. Armentrout, P. L. Sheek, F. C. Griscom, Jr., W. E. Kessinger. Second row: L. F. Kaserman, FI. V. Myers, G. S. Tracy, E. A. Crisco, Jr., M. W. Blevins, P. E. Stergin, X. A. Barnes, Jr., R. L. Morrow, C. E. Perry, Jr., J. F. Current, L. E. Holloman. Third row: R. E. Wilkins, Jr., R. Waltroupe, E. B. Bright. T. A. Caldwell, H. G. McCoy, B. E. Francis, A. C. Burris, Jr., E. O. Wright, Jr., W. R. West, J. F. Robinson. Fourth row: W. H. Xixon, R. M. Hass, L. D. Riley, W. A. Taylor, Jr., H. D. Whitmore, B. E. Hargrave, Jr., A. M. Pignotti, D. L. Barrick, C. S. Roughton. Fifth row: B. A. Clark, J. T. Faris, Jr., H. Hinote, T. T. Markham, Jr., M. W. Parker, Jr., L. L. Meadows, R. L. Fluff, J. R. Long, J. A. Washam, R. J. Whitley, V. A. Presley, W. E. Powell, J. W. Tarpley, Jr .Missing from picture: J. R. Adams, S. D. Allison, Jr., R. W. Arm- strong, W. E. Armstrong, R. L. Austin, R. B. Bagguley, F. D. Bane, H. Barnes, Jr., W. T. Beacham. Ill, C. L. Blinson, Jr., R. G. Boyd, W. M. Bradshaw, G. B. Bridg- es, J. A. Brockwell, Jr., R. I Brumback, O. B. Bucklen, R. E. Byrd, Jr., W. D. Caldwell, L. S. Callis. N. E Coggsdale, J. R. Collins, J. D. Cowley, Jr., W. R, Cree, F. S. Crittenden, M. C. Davis, D. J. Diamandis, J. H. 36 !U — i ■TtH l f j L rrir, bg a foT V ' J M I L i ' r. ' OF 1955 Dickens, W. L. Draughn, W. S. Edwards, J. B. Ellis, R. L. Estes, G. E. Fenton, F. L. Foster, J. W. Geouge, K. W. Godsey, D. E. Ham, J. C. Hardison, E. R. Harrell, A. W. Hartberger, A. L. Harvey, Jr., W. F. Haskins, Jr., E. R. Haufler, M. L. Hoard, E. F. Hooks, E. R. Hudson, Jr., H. L. Hundley, Jr., C. L. Hurst, D. G. Hurst, C. E. Hutchens, M. C. Jernigan, W. R. Jessup, J. A. Johnston, Jr., R. C. Jones, Jr., C. E. Kelly, R. M. Kenly, R. M. Kennell, J. H. LafTerty, A. R. Leary, C. J. Lewis, H. S. Lewis, L. D. Lovelace, C. L. Manning, W. L. Marshall, G. R. McCormack, G. L. Mears, H. R. Mendenhall, J. C. Meredith, Jr., L. W. Miller, J. L Murphy, J. P. Nesbitt, C. E. Opheim, P. C. Parker, T. R. Pauley, W. S. Pendleton, Jr., A. M. Phillips, T. L. Price, R. A. Rassman, Jr., J. F. Roudabush, R. M. Roys- ton, F. F. Sanders, D. O. Sands, E. J. Seward, J. W. Shumate, B. E. Sides, J. F. Smith, B. E. Stallard, J. H. Stutts, W. L. Tarver, W. C. Tison, Jr., O. D. Trammel, R. D. Trout, B. L. Trump, J. K. Tucker, G. L. Van Schoick, H. D. Wallace, B. T. Watson, Jr., F. M. Wat- terson, R. C. Webb, E. W. Wessells, H. E. Willey, D. E. Williams, W. B. Wise, Jr-, S. O. Wooster, Jr. 37 ?aMUMn THE CLASS Left to right, first row: J. M. Huskin, C. F. Ijames, F. L. Williams. J. C. Burrow, R. A. Phillips, T. E. Stephens, B. J. Minter, D. Danmore, J. V. Miller, J. P. Tapscott, H. FI. Walker, L. F. Croswell, W. R. Bazzarre, D. A. Yeatts, L. L. Fisher, . G. White. Second row: J. L. Mann, E. C. Strickler, J. W. Collins, J. A. Mabe, H. M. Aldridge, W. T. Latham, J. J. Wallace, R. L. Dame, R. S. Vincent, R. F. Smith, W. G. Chapman, Jr., R. L. Drake, R. E. Vick, R. D. McKinney, T. L. Markham, J. D. Flarwood. Third row: P. J. Compton, W. G. Bnl- derson, A. O. Porter, J. J. Birckhead, X. L. Ridout, C. E. Shields, M. S. Matthews, Jr., G. M. PLarris, C. L. Ald- ridge, J. B. Strider, R. D. Hunnicutt. D. D. Kelly, B. W. Avers, W. L. Opheim, O. D. Rowland, Jr. Fourth row: R. D. Miller,, K. K. Plemmons, T. C. Morgan, E. L. Redmond, FI. L. Moses, W. L. Bolton, G. H. Un- derwood, P. R. Williams, R. R. Poilock, C. L. Morris, C. P. Lockhart, G. E. Bar ter, Jr., L. E. Seymour, B. F. Castelow, R. S. Robinson. Fifth row: K. X. King, B. J. FFulin, W. M. Brice, Jr., F. A. Harrell, E. D. Sturgill, T. B. Sanders, P. R. Hemler, W. C. Xestcr, J. W. Brown, J. H. Woodall, Jr., T. R. Auby, V. L. Harris, M. A. Hudson, J. R. Chappell. Sixth row: E. L. Hammock, C. B. Armstrong, F. E. Rutherford, D. B. Pratt, R. D Edwards, D. T. Gedro, D. C. Wright, J. W. Miller, A. B. Mashburn, F. D. Welch M. L. Davis, G. K. Long, J. A. Hill. R. L. Edens, W. L. McGlothlin, B. C. Soles, A. H. Dishner, J. M. Burley, A. E. Healy, J. F. Col- lins, C. E. Jacobs, C. E. Purcell. Missing from picture: J. F. Adams, X. J. Adams, H. . Allen, R, L. Allen, F. A. Baggett, T. T. Bales, C. J. Barlowe, R. K. Belch- er, J. W. Bost, C. J. Bousfield, B. L. Bowden, H. E. 38 OF 1956 Bowman, J. O. Brantley, L. P. Britt, R. R. Brown, B. L. Butler, J. D. Calhoun, J. J. Campbell, P. R. Carpenter, D. H. Carroll, Jr., R. R. Chambers, R. C. Claud, J W. Coats, R. R. Coggins, F. E. Collier, W. P. Collier, W. E. Conwell, W. T. Covington, R. F. Cowley, E. W. Cox, D. C. Crockett, E. D. Grumpier, W. E. Cundiff, II, D. J. Downer, R. A. Doyle, F. G. Dressier, Jr., D. M. Driver, G. C. Dumas, W. F. Dupee, F. A. Edgar, D. F. I alke, B. L. Farris, R. S. Fitzgerald, R. G. Forry, S. R. Fulbright, M. A. Gaylor, Jr., J. D. Greene, H. W. Griggs, P. S. Haigler, H. C. Flaile, E. C. Harrison, E. F. Harvey, G. W. Haynes, R. H. Hedgepeth, R. L. Helmick, J. O. Honaker, V. E. Howard, B. M. Hylton, D L. Jenkins, S. E. Jenkins, J. D. Johnson, M. A. Jones, Jr., R. B. Jones, E. C. Jordan, C. W. Jovaras, F. A. King, Jr., C. W. Knowles, Jr., T. M. Kubel, W. A. Larrimore, T. R. Ledford, B. H. Leggette, J. W. Lewis, M. E. Logan, R. K. Lore, H. L. Lyons, B. E. Major, Jr., C. E. Mas- sey, T. E. Masters, Jr., D. R. Matthews, J. C. McCall, D. D. McLean, R. B. McNamara, S. V. Mitchem, S. D. Moore, J. S. Morris, T. E. Morris, J. C. Muir, E. R. Neubaum, R. E. Oliver, F. M. O’Neal, A. C. Owens, C P. Parker, R, B. Paxton, K. F. Peace, C. G. Phillips, Jr., W. L. Piotrowski, C. N. Poindexter, W. L. Rich- ardson, J. F. Robison, R. S. Rollins, C. D. Ronemous,, Jr., J. R. Sample, R. J. Shortt, E. E. Slone, Q. R. Smith, T. R. Smith, W. E. Smith, Jr., R. D. Stein, J. A. Stin- nett, R. D. Stone, G. H. Story, J. D. Taylor, W. H- Taylor, C. R. Thomas, M. S. Thomas, H. W. Tingle, O. A. Upchurch, J. W. Warrick, Jr., F. L. Webster, R. T. West, W. T. White, Jr., R. A. Whitesel, Jr., N. F. Yorke, Jr., E. R. Young. 39 Left to right, first row: D. E. Shepard, J. R. Barron, J. H. Moore, T. E. Vaughn, D. H. Schooler. Second row: P. D. Winstead, T. D. Flinchum, Jr., R. F. Camden, W. C. Adams, L. G. Burcher. Third row: R. M. Jett, C. W. Whitehead, C. S. Padgett, H. H. Corbett. Fourth row: T. L. Jones, F. L. Hubbard, Jr., S. M. Harrell, W. E. Babcock, B. G. Stacy. Fifth row: G. P. Clevinger, J. L. Council, K. C. Richardson, C. J. Crowder. THE NIGHT SHIFT The night shift boys whose pictures ap- pear above are members of all the vari- ous classes, and we have grouped them to- gether in one photo for two reasons. Since they are working when the rest of the ap- prentices are off. we thought they would like to be in one picture and we felt it would be an imposition to ask them to ap- pear during their time off to get in their regular class picture. 40 AWARDS FOR 1952 The CHARLES F. BAILEY AWARDS were presented to those Apprentices making the high- est scholastic records during 1952. Bronze Medal. First Year Apprentice JOHN ROBERT CHAPPELL Silver Medal, Second Year Apprentice EDWARD BAXTER BRIGHT Gold Medal, Third Year Appr entice WALTER AARON RAINES The HOMER L. FERGUSON AWARD, a gold watch properly engraved, presented to the student who, during his apprenticeship, scored the highest average in his combined classroom and shop grades. JAMES ALFRED ENGLAND The NIELS CHRISTIANSEN AWARDS are presented to the graduate in each division of the Shipyard who excelled in craftsmanship during 1952. Marine Division WILLIAM BRUCE SCOTT Machinery Drafting Division THOMAS MOODY MAYO, JR. Machine Shops Division JAMES ALFRED ENGLAND Hull Drafting Division VIVIEN ANSELL HAWKINS Hull Outfitting Division JESSE MAHLEN MELSON Foundry. Division JACK LOUIE LIBERTY, JR. Steel Hull Division HOMER CARL CUDDY THE JOURNALISM AWARD is presented to those graduates who worked on the Broad “A” or the Binnacle for four years and held a major editorial position on one or the other. VANCE ORPHEUS BRIGHT VIVIEN ANSELL HAWKINS JESSE LEE RICKS I he GOLD ATHLETIC AWARD is the high- est that can be made by an Apprentice for ath- letic activities. BASEBALL — J. W. Dunn, III, J. W. Grubb, P. H. Gwyn, W. A. Rich, F. C. Sorrell, W. H. Sword, P. M. Weddle. FOOTBALL — B. F. Conlon, Jr., L. F. Crockett, H. C. Cuddy, J. B. Harwood, III, H. R. Jones. F. E. Kersey, T. T. Palmer, Jr., W. D. Watkins. BASKETBALL — E. R. Cooper, J. L. Liberty, Jr. WRESTLING— J. C. Piazza, C. E. Ward. I RACK — J. L. Ricks, J. W. Watson. GOLF — L. B. August, Jr. Mr. J. B. Woodward, Jr., addressing the Senior Class at Commencement. Left to right: H. Hintoe, R. J. Whitley, R. W. Carroll, L. E. Holloman OUR SCHOOL ANNUAL THU BINNACLE is published yearly by the apprentice student body. This is the eighth publication of a series which began with the year 1941. Because of the World W ar, which enlisted all avail- able manpower, the publication of THE BINNACLE was discontinued after the 1942 edition and it wasn ' t until 1947 that publishing the yearbook was resumed. The name for these books through the years has remained the same, and still 44 goes under the title, THE BINNACLE, it being a term used on board ship to des- scribe a compass and its housing. We hope this book will acquaint the graduates with many fond memories of their stay here in school. It is dualy our purpose to introduce the under-classmen to the various phases of our social life and athletic activities. A meeting for selecting a staff was call- ed in November and all interested Appren- tices were invited. At this meeting Rodney W. Carroll, having been managing editor of the “49 ' ’ edition, and having other pre- vious journalistic experience, was elected editor. The duties of Class Editor were given to L. E. Holloman. Selected as Fea- ture Editor was R. J. Whitley. Handling the sports section was H. Hinote, who was ably assisted by R. T. West. M. Jones was elected as photographer, and had as his as- sistant Joe Tapscott. Working with the staff to handle business matters were D. A. Yeatts, business manager, and E. O. Wright, Jr., assistant business manager. James Barron and W. R. Bazzarre also as- sisted with the publication. We extend a hearty thanks to the Ad- ministrative Staff who have helped im- mensely in compiling data, typing, and generally going out of their way to help us. THE BINNACLE Left to right: J. P. Tapscott, E. O. Wright, Jr., R. J. Whitley, J. R. Barron, H. Hinote, L. E. Holloman, D. A. Yeatts, R. W. Carroll, W. R. Bazzarre. 45 THE MONOGRAM CLUB To attain membership in the Monogram Club of the Apprentice School, the student must earn his monogram in any of the va- riety of sports offered by the school for participation. Having fulfilled this require- ment he must attend six consecutive meet- ings during which time he is on probation and after which he may receive a club charm. On Monday, March 17, a banquet was held. Letters in football and basketball were awarded. Mr. R. B. Hopkins was guest speaker and movies of the William Mary-Penn State game were shown. On May 29, the Annual Memorial Day Dance was held at the Grandview Pavil- lion with music by Bill Clement ' s fine or- chestra. This proved to be a very success- ful and enjoyable event. The B and M Drive-In was the scene of a banquet meeting held for the purpose of awarding baseball and track letters and the election of new officers. One of the outstanding events of the club year occurred when, on October 24, the Monogram Club presented William Reynolds with a plaque, club charm and chain, and a $50.00 defense bond in ap- preciation of his past service to the Ap- prentice School. MONOGRAM CLUB OFFICERS, left to right: Ware, Phillips, Parker, Reynolds 46 Joe Smith is shown proudly re- ceiving the linesman’s trophy pre- sented by the Peninsula Sports Club. Mr. Herbert Morewitz, President, cited Joe for not only being one of the most valuable players on the team, but for re- flecting in everyday lile, the spir- it of friendliness and good sports- manship necessary lor making any team function properly. This banquet was given by the Monogram Club and honored our football team. The team was praised, by the various speakers, for its clean playing and high standards of sportsmanship shown at the games. Agencies represent- ed were “Times Herald” and “Daily Press” newspapers and the Peninsula Sports Club. Mr. Herbert Morewitz, Presi- dent of the Peninsula Sports Club, spoke to the Monogram Club and guests on good sports- manship, and praised our team for giving all that they had in the games. Cited among our handicaps was the fact that we have no paid or tuitioned play- ers, and that we practice and play only after we have left our trades in the shipyard at the close of the working day. 47 - j HA j JrA PI PHI MEMBERS, seated left to right: Shinn, Coates, Kilmer, Hawkins, Poythress, Hooks. Standing left to right: Trapp, Bunts, Cuddy, Shrieves, Barnes, Tison, Griscom, Wright, Clark, Parker, Piazzi, Reynolds. PI PHI FRATERNITY During the year there were seventeen members, and these officers were elected: Elwood Flythe, President; C. J. Coates, Vice-President; Phil Kilmer, Recording Secretary; Ansell Hawkins, Correspondent Secretary; and James Schade, Treasurer. Pi Phi ' s activities throughout 1952 were well planned and well attended. Among them were the annual Installation and Founders ' Day banquet, the Halloween scavenger hunt, and the usual all import- ant get-togethers after each football game. Just to mention a few other social activi- ties sponsored by Pi Phi. we must include the annual Christmas party, and the al- ways popular New Year ' s Eve party, where if you did not have fun it was no one ' s fault but your own. Then too, there was the well attended St. Valentine ' s dance as well as countless numbers of beach parties and wiener roasts. 48 Pi Phi departed from its usual custom this year and instead of holding its regu- lar beach party at Nags Head in North Carolina, the festivities took place at Wrightsville Beach also in North Carolina. For a few days following this annual out- ing at the beach, quite a few of the boys, including Elwood Flythe and James Schade, were unable to do much of any- thing but lie still in bed trying to recover from a fine case of sun poisoning, or at least that is what they told us. One of the most important events of the year was, of course, our annual conven- tion. We journeyed to Baltimore, Mary- land, in the latter part of August for our formal meeting and of course a wee bit of fun on the side. To mention a few of the serious moments during this conclave, we were honored to have T. W. Parker pre- sented with the outstanding Individual Scholarship Award for the National Fra- ternity. The Scholarship Plaque was awarded, for the third consecutive year, to the Gamma Zeta Chapter, our own local group. Something else worth mentioning is the fact that since it was first formed in 1948, this Chapter was honored by placing two officers in the Grand Chap- ter of the national organization. J. Nollie Trapp was elected Grand President and Bobby M. Lake was elected Grand Vice President. PI PHI OFFICERS, seated left to right: Trapp, Coates, Shinn, Poythress, Kilmer. Stand- ing left to right: Hooks, Hawkins, Shrieves. 49 Look at the happy expressions on the faces of these youngsters, after they had received gifts at the Apprentice School Christmas party, which is an annual affair to help bring cheer to some of the less fortunate children in the community. They don’t look like hill-billies, do they? But you should have heard the good old mountain music these Apprentices made with their guitars at the Christ- mas Party. And that yodeler at the microphone reminded us of Eddie Arnold. Punch line .... That fellow up front can’t make up his mind whether to taste it or not. The second one surely looks rather doubtful. The others seem happy about the whole thing but we were not around with our camera when they finished drinking the contents of that bowl. 50 CHRISTMAS PARTY Our Christmas season this year was ex- ceedingly festive, as was illustrated by the dual parties, and the general feeling of merriment which prevailed in the entire school. The first party was given by the Ap- prentices for the under-privileged children of this area, the highlight of which was a visit from Santa, bearing gifts for all. Movies exemplifying legendary Christ- mas stories were viewed and the children selected a “Quartet 5 ' from among their number to sing carols on the stage. Their party closed with the entire group singing carols. Immediately following, the kids were taken to their homes by their hosts. The second party was given for and by the student body. Apprentices and their dates were entertained by movies, vocal sele ctions sung by Mr. Loper, and general carol singing. Festive refreshments were served by Mrs. Pullen and her staff. As the party closed, strains of the beautiful carols could be heard floating out on the brisk winter air. Say, remember when you were a kid? . . . and how much it meant to you to talk to Santa Claus? . . , and how serious you got when he asked what you wanted, and you couldn’t think of a thing at the moment? We’re sure this pic- ture takes you back to those bygone days. SUCH IS LIFE . . . DORM LIFE, THAT IS Some studied at night, some went to the movies, some were fortunate enough to have a date . . . this fellow was interested in literature. Many mornings sleepy eyes looking down from the dormitory window thought they saw cars parked this way. 52 Hey, look out, bud. that blunderbuss may be loaded! M-M-M-M-M — We would certainly rather be at the beach than in school, what do you think? Talk about excitement! This fellow sure looks as though he were reading, but from his expression we can’t imagine what kind of a story. Here are a couple of sad sacks if wc ever saw any. Guess some gal is getting quite a sales talk, and it’s put to music too. Gotta match? That dash across the street killed the fire. Well, will I go in and get what’s com- ing to me? Looks like he doesn’t believe the story, from the position of that fist. Ho-hum! — Wish she’d hurry up. I’ve been here an hour. 53 Be-bop or classical. I guess we’ll never know. One of lile’s serious moments — in the chow line. Here are those crazy cars again. This fellow was really serious — - guess he made a few mistakes. A-packin’ his bag - - probably getting ready to shuffle off to Buffalo. Aw, gee. honey. I can’t make it tonight. I’m kinda broke. 54 Must be something good judging by the size of the package. Just shined it up — and boy, is he proud! And he’s one of the most gentle guys in school. Honey, the sound of that machine is music to my ears. Guess he needs those glasses — watching for his ship to come in. Dorm Life Is Very Informal, No? Five little apprentice’s all in a row. Oh, well, there was no place else to put this picture. They sure look happy. They must know that the lion is made of stone — Some fancy tie on that fel- low on the left. 55 BINNACLE Space would not permit us to publish the photos of all the lovely ladies submitted by various members of the Joan Cooper Ann Satchell Anne Gray 56 BEAUTIES student body. Therefore, we have published those select- ed by a group of impartial fudges, to add a little color to our school annual. Mary Ann Liberty Margaret Pegram Shirley Neal 57 VARSITY FOOTBALL After three weeks of hard and long practices, the Maroon and Gold were finally ready to face the task of meeting the William and Mary J. V. After many changes and shuffles, Coach Burns thought he had the team that could do it. Playing probably one of the best games they played all year, they went down to defeat 20 to 19. Conley Smith started the Shipbuilders off ' in a hur- ry as he snagged one of Lincoln’s passes in the end zone to give the Apprentice a 6 to 0 lead. This lead was held until the third quarter when W M led going into the fourth, 13 to 12. Both teams scored in the fourth quarter but the toe of “Had- acol” Hines was too much for the Apprentice. Not to be outdone by the W M defeat, the Shipbuilders worked hard before traveling to East- ern Carolina Teachers College the next week. Be- ing plagued with injuries the Apprentice did not fare so well as they went down to their second de- feat, 37 to 6. The first foe for the Apprentice coming back home for a six-game stand were the Randolph- Macon Yellow Jackets. The Apprentice found the Yellow Jackets too much as they went down to their third defeat, 33 to 0. With four of the A’s key players injured, Po- tomac State moved into town. The Shipbuilders played an excellent game but couldn’t seem to get moving at the right time as they went down to their fourth defeat, 12 to 7. Bob Lincoln played occasionally because of his shoulder injury and scored the only Apprentice touchdown. This was on a pass play coming from Pat Phillips to Lin- coln on the 23 yard line of Potomac where he did some beautiiul running the rest of the way. Once again the team was praised for its defensive efforts. Still not being able to click at the right time, the A’s went down to their fifth setback at the expense of Hampden-Sydney Tigers. Although making one of their best efforts of the year, the Front row, left to right: Joe Smith, N. A. Barnes, Lou Liberty, Homer Cuddy, Bart Conlon, Paul Gresham, T. T. Palmer, Coach John Burns, John Landis, Doyle Watkins, Tommy Watson, Clyde Blasingame, Bob Lincoln, Howard Whitmore, Backfield Coach Buddy Bryant. Second row: Line Coach Sam Madsen, Bill West, Thomas Sanders, Fred Harrell, Don Hurst, Mel Davis, Bill Smith, Roy Rollins, John Dickens, Pat Phillips, George Dumas, Boyd Soles, Arthur Burris, Randy West, John Collins, Thomas Covington, Fido Stephens, Dewey Stinson, Center and Line Backer Coach. Third row: Archie Healy, Bruce Clark, Richard " Dead-Eye” Brumback, Bill Beacham, George Fenton, Marvin Parker, Elton Wessells, Jerry Campbell, Gene Rutherford, Bill Ayers, Bill Conwell, Co-Manager Don Welch, Co-Manager Tony Auby, Ass ' t. Manager Bill Babcock, Senior Manager Carl Parker. From the expression on his face you’d think he was real- ly going to enjoy what hap- pened right after this picture was snapped. Looks like a lot of excitement — and some of the boys got their new pants all dirty. A’s just couldn’t make their scoring opportunities a success. Once again the A’s muffed scoring chances one after another as they went down to defeat, 13 to 0 to Sheppard College. Although getting 16 first downs to 5 for Sheppard, out-rushing and out- passing them, the A’s just couldn’t out-score them. The Shipbuilders could move the ball from their 20 to the Sheppard’s 20 but after that it was all over. Not to be outdone by six defeats, the A’s came through in their homecoming game by defeating Wilson Teachers College, 7 to 6. The A’s followed up the next week running over Montgomery Junior College, 9 to 0. The Apprentice traveled to Bridgewater Col- lege to end the season. Although losing 13 to 0, the team came back in good spirits looking for- ward to next year. 1952 FOOTBALL SCORES Apprentice 19 William and Mary J . V. 20 Apprentice 6 Eastern Carolina 37 Apprentice 0 Randolph-Macon ... 33 Apprentice 7 Potomac State ....... 12 Apprentice 0 Hampden-Sydney ... ....... 12 Apprentice 0 Sheppard College ... 13 Apprentice 7 Wilson Teachers 6 Apprentice 9 Montgomery 0 Apprentice 0 Bridgewater 13 61 Front row, left to right: Phillip Allen, Lou Liberty, Billy " Bones " Haskins, Bob Lincoln, Jim Beck. Second row: Homer Cuddy, John Cowley, John Harwood, Lloyd Ware, Con- ley Manning, O. D. Trammel. Third row: Gordon " Pop” Lamkin, Coach, “Beef " Leonard, Senior Manager, Jim Wagner, Bob Estes, Larry “Slim " Miller, “Mickey” Neubaum, Jim Ellis, Co-Manager, Willie Warren, Ass t. Coach. VARSITY BASKETBALL After finally learning to work together the Apprentice basketeers really got roll- ing and only lost two out of the last eleven games. One of the losses being to West- inghouse Apprentice of Pittsburgh. The As closed out the season with ten wins compared to eight losses. Coached by “Pop " Lamkin. the A ' s starting team consisted of all returning lettermen, except Haskins. The team was backed up by a good supply of able re- serves which contributed much to the suc- cess of the team as a whole. We are certain that the team will miss their departing lettermen. Homer Cuddy and Lloyd Ware. We are equally as sure that the team will have another good sea- son in 53. 62 1952 BASKETBALL SCORES Naval Training Station 89 A’s 71 Wm. Mary J. V. 89 55 Wm. Mary 83 66 Dixie Containers 65 69 Wilson Teachers 57 71 R. P. I. 41 71 Naval Training Station 74 63 Wm. Mary Division 60 76 Randolph-Macon 56 46 Shenandoah College 63 77 Wm. Mary J. V. 88 62 Medical College of Va. 54 79 Dixie Containers 69 51 Norfolk Naval Apprent. 21 78 R. P. I. 65 96 Westinghouse Apprentice 60 56 Medical College of Va. 53 73 Randolf-Macon 55 71 The game with William Frosh was noted for its close play around the baskets and dean sportsmanship by both squads, a fine example of which is pictured here. There goes an- other two points for the big A’s to help boost their yearly aver- age to a high 81.2 points per game against 73.8 points per game for their opponents. 63 » CHAMPIONS: Fitter-Boilermakers: Stoning: R .R. Pollock, V. A. Rich, Pat England, Bill Powell. Kneeling: Eddie Crisco, Charlie Mc- Cormack, Walter Tarver. PIPE DEPARTMENT — Standing: Billy Nixon, Bob Stallard, H. Hinote, Doyle Wallace. Kneel- ing: Coach Cutchens, Bob Royston, Swanson Pendleton, Roy Morrow. INTRAMURAL HULL DRAFTING — Front row: T. R. Pauley, T. R. Markham, J. G. Lochstampfor, W. A. Raines. Back row: B. L. McClellan, K. W. God- sey, C. L. Smith, J. L. Landis. PENCIL PUSHERS — Back row, left to right: B. C. Vinson, Sidney Tidd, W. B. Mif- fleton, C. J. Coates, Coach. F,ont row: G. R. Barber, Wayne Peters, Claude Hale, F. C. Soi- rell. 64 Left to right: Doyle Watson, Dick Collier, T. T. Palmer, Joe Chalmers, T. A. Caldwell, J. H. Dickens, and J. R. Collins. SHEET METAL — Standing: Coach Cuddy, O. B. Bucklen, Arthur Burris, Charlie Ijames. Kneeling: N. A. Barnes, Bobby Trump, Bob Austin. BASKETBALL APPRENTICE DRAWING ROOM — Stand- ing: Pat Phillips, Bob Rassman, Bill Stancill. Kneeling: L. C. Armstrong, Bill Reynolds, W. A. Taylor. APPRENTICE GALLERY — Standing: Tom- my Watson, W. R. West, E. R. Hudson, Coach Baird, Earl Harvey, Don Williams, W. B. Wise. Kneeling: Billy Opheim, Paul Ster- gin, Johnny Current, Dick Jones, Donald Hurst, Bert Hargrave. 65 BASEBALL The Apprentice baseball team, under the tutelage of Coach John Burns, had a successful season by winning seven and dropping only two. The A ' s opened the season by topping the Medical College of Ya. 4-2. The sec- ond game for the Apprentices also turned out to be a success, winning from Norfolk Division 5-3. The third game proved to be a disaster with the A ' s dropping a close 9-8 decision to William and Mary. In the fourth game unearned runs allowed the Randolph-Macon Yellow Jackets to smother the Apprentice nine 8-2. The rest of the season proved to be good for the boys of the Maroon and Gold allow ing them wins over R. P. I., Chowan College, Medical College, Norfolk Divi- sion. and at last, again Chowan College. First row, left to right: Coach John Burns, W. A. Rich, P. H. Gwyn, F. C. Sorrell, W. D. Watkins, J. D. Harwood. Second row: W. E. Armstrong, C. L. Manning, O. D. Tram- mell, J. R. Collins, J. W. Reynolds, T. A. Bratton, H. W. Jones. Missing: Ass’t Coach Rex Forbes, C. R. Lincoln, J. W. Dunn, H. C. Cuddy, D. T. Gedro, E. W. Wessells, W. R. West, M. W. Parker, P. M. Weddle, T. S. Crittenden, Mgr. B. T. Leonard, G. E Squires. 66 SOFT BALL Front row, left to right: Bob Royston, Vernon Howard, Toy Markham, Mickey Neubam, Paul Haig- ler. Second row: Coach Baird, Bill C o n w e 1 1, Donald Hurst, H. Shirley, Bill Opheim. Third row: L. C. Armstrong, Don Welch, Sidney Ful- bright, Bill McClellan, Bill Bowden. J-V BASEBALL The Apprentice Junior- Varsity Baseball Team in the Ship- yard League tied for first place in t he first half, came in third in the second half, and seeded number three. They lost two out of three games in the preliminary play-offs to the Electricians. First row, left to right: Clark, Bratton, Collins, Jones West, Reynolds, and Wessells. Standing, left to right: Harwood, Mgr. Rich, Phillips, Gedro, and Coach Burns. Missing from pic- ture: Manning, Trammell, Parker, and Armstrong. 67 First row, left to right: L. W. Stancil, Jr.. R. M. Kennell, F. C. Griscom, Jr., J. L. Ricks, J. C. Meredith, Jr., O. B. Bucklen. Second row, left to right: Granny Gresham, Coach; Carl Parker, J. D. Cowley, Jr., J. B. Yiolette, W. R. Phillips, Jr., Melvin Davis. Missing: E. R. Cooper, J. P. Beck, Jr., F. A. Edgar, F. A. Harrell, J. W. Watson, L. F. Crockett, Teddy Masters, Paul Gresham. TRACK Although having a losing season in Track, the A ' s shoved great strength and the Track Meets usually went down to the finish to decide the winner. The Maroon and Gold in their close meets were led by Larry Crockett throw- ing the shot put and discus, Bob Kennell in the high and low hurdles, Jim Beck as 68 pole valuter, and Joe Meredith as dis- tance man. Also helping out were John Cowley, Frank Edgar. Melvin Davis, Ed- die Cooper, and Carl Parker. The A ' s are in a rebuilding stage and are hoping for better things next year. They were coached by “Granny " Gres- ham. Cheerleaders W. T. Latham and A. B. Mashburn OUR CHEERLEADERS Athletic events seem to need “just a lit- tle lift 1 ' at times, and our cheerleaders added the right amount of enthusiasm and pep to keep the spectators keyed up and cheering our teams throughout every game. Win, lose, or tie — the boys knew the crowd was enjoying the game, and they did their utmost to provide the fans with something to cheer about. Although our cheerleaders were not quite as cute or animated as some of those who were urging our opponents on to vic- tory, we appreciated their efforts and tried to follow their lead. Sometimes it was difficult to get all of us roaring, especially when our team was not doing so good — but, the boys out front managed to get us going loud enough, and long enough to let the team know we were behind them. 69 f ; ■■■ K v View of Yard showing repair work along Docks and piers in foreground and the Power Plant and HF-P Shop in upper right. Above is an aerial view showing the three dry docks used for servicing various types of ships. 72 The Old Dominion Mar- iner returning to port after successfully completing her sea trials. This ship was the first of 35 identical ships to be built for the U. S. Mari- time Commission. Each of the five built by us will be named after a southern state, Old Dominion Mariner - Virginia, Tar Heel Mariner North Carolina, Volun- teer Mariner Tennessee, Palmeto Mariner — South Carolina, Cracker State Mar- iner — Georgia. The rudder and propeller of the old Dominion Mariner are shown assembled on the ways prior to launching. The S.S. United States is 980 feet from stem to stern, making its 257 feet longer than the S.S. America, which formerly was the longest Ameri- can superliner afloat. The S.S. United States is the third longest passenger ship in the world. The Queen Mary is 1.019 feet, and the Queen Elizabeth 1,031. The overall cost of the S.S. UNITED STATES was about $70,000,000. The designing of it took two years, and the job of building it lasted over three years. It is powered by steam turbines driv- ing four screws and is faster than any other com- mercial vessel afloat. We Apprentices knew her as Hull 488. Drawing Room — Just a few of the hundreds of persons that work thousands of hours just to design a ship. It is here in the drawing rooms that most of the problems of building each ship are solved before the average workman in the yard even knows there is a problem at all. Here in the Machine Shops are produced, en masse, the great pieces of machinery that drive many of the ships built here. Here also are produced power- ful hydraulic turbines that drive electrical generators that pro- duce power for many sections of the U. S. and foreign coun- tries. 75 ROSTER OF APPRENTICES ADAMS, James Francis, Wattsville, Virginia ADAMS Joseph Robert, Pungo, North Carolina ADAMS, Nathan Jean, China Grove, North Carolina ADAMS, William Clay, Pine Knot, Kentucky ALDRIDGE, Charles Lindsey, Hopewell, Virginia ALDRIDGE, Herbert Marshall, Hopewell, Virginia ALLEN, Hinton Warren, Wendell, North Carolina ALLEN, Philip Faunce, Jr., Newport News, Virginia ALLEN, Robert Lee, Newport News, Virginia ALLISON. Samuel Dudley, Jr., Newport News, Virginia ARMENTROUT, Robert Curtis, Newport News, Va. ARMSTRONG, Cecil Boyd, Hot Springs, Virginia ARMSTRONG, Lawrence Channing, Hot Springs, Va. ARMSTRONG, Robert Walter, Newport News, Va. ARMSTRONG, Walter Ennis, Hot Springs, Virginia ATKINSON, Albert Vernon, Warwick, Virginia AUBY, Tony R-, Electric City, Washington AUGUST. Lawrence Bernard, Jr., Newport News, Va. AUSTIN, Robert Lee, Lewisburg, West Virginia AYERS, Billy Wayne, Apalachicola, Florida BABCOCK, William Earl, Ashland, Virginia BAGGETT. Frank Alton. St. Pauls, North Carolina BAGGULEY, Richard Bruce, Chicago, Illinois BALDERSON, William Glenmore, Tappahannock, Va. BALES, Thomas Theodore, NewDort News, Virginia BANE, Franklin Delano, Warwick, Virginia BARBER, George Raymond, Newport News, Virginia BARBER, Leo Thomas, Portsmouth, Virginia BARLOWE, Cecil James, Marion, North Carolina BARNES, Herbert, Jr., Accomac, Virginia BARNES, Norwood Ashley, Jr., Whiteville, N. C. BARR, Ramon Paul, Messick, Virginia BARRICK, David Lane. Wake, Virginia BARRON, James Roland, Clarksdale, Mississippi BARRON, Robert Gordon, Richmond, Virginia BARTER, Gordon Eliot, Jr., Gloucester, Virginia BASSETT, Leland Earl, Jr., Portsmouth, Virginia BASTA, Edward, Hornsbyville, Virginia BAZZARRE, William Ruston, Covington, Virginia BEACH AM, William Thomas, III., Elizabeth City, N. C. BECK, James Phillip, Jr., Steelton, Pennsylvania BELCHER, Robert Keith, Cairo, Georgia BELFORD, Robert Paul, Jr., Yorktown, Virginia BELOTE, James Calvin, Newport News, Virginia BIRCKHEAD, James Jay, Miller School, Virginia BLASINGAME, Leon Clyde, Camp Hill, Alabama BLEVINS, Manley Walter, Troutdale, Virginia BLINSON, Coye Lee, Jr., Wendell, North Carolina BOLTON, Warren Lee, Johnson City, Tennessee BOST, John Walter, Gold Hill, North Carolina BOUSFIELD, Charles John, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida BOWDEN, Billy Lee, Cape Charles, Virginia BOWDEN, George Franklin, Cape Charles, Virginia BOWMAN, Harley Eugene, Hickory, North Carolina BOYD, Raymond Guy, Davenport, Virginia BRADSHAW, William Mason, Mount Ulla, N. C. BRANTLEY, James Oliver, Spring Hope, N. C. BRATTON, Thomas Abraham, Deltaville, Virginia BRICE, Willis Morse, Jr., Eliabeth City, North Carolina BRIDGES, Gerald Brookshire, Newport News, Virginia BRIGHT, Edward Baxter, Hickory, North Carolina BRIGHT, Vance Orpheus, Jr., Hickory, North Carolina BRITT, Leroy Preston, Orrum, North Carolina BROCKWELL, James Allison, Jr., Hampton, Virginia BROWN, James William, Hampton, Virginia BROWN, Robert Randal, Smithfield, Virginia BRUMBACK, Richard Irving, Winchester, Virginia BUCKLEN, Okley Bert, Doran, Virginia BUNTS, Edward Neal, Jr., Colonial Heights, Virginia BURCHER. Lin yood Gwynn, Dare, Virginia BL RLEY, James Massie, Amherst, Virginia BL RRIS, Arthur Coles, Jr., Albemarle, N. C. BURROW, Jimmie Cecil, Lewisburg, Tennessee BU SH, John Albert, Jr., Wrens, Georgia BUTLER, Billy Lee, Warwick, Virginia BYRD, Roy Eugene, Jr., Morrison, Virginia CALDWELL, Thomas Andrew Franklin, Virginia CALDWELL. Walter Davis. Williamsburg. Virginia CALHOUN, James Dwain. Lucedale. Mississippi CALLIS. Leslie Stuart. Grimstead, Virginia CAMDEN. Roger Franklin. Lowesville Virginia CAMPBELL. Jerry Jarvis, Warwick. Virgin ' " 1 CARPENTER, Philip Randall, Sandidges. Virginia CARROLL, Dexter Hubert, Jr., Danville, Virginia CARROLL. Rodney Wilson, Newport News. Virginia CASTELOW, Billy Fry. Newport News, Virginia CHAMBERS, Richard Reitzel, Steelton, Pennsylvania CHAPMAN, Ward Graves, Jr., Harrisonburg. Virginia CHAPPELL, John Robert, White Plains, Kentucky CLARK, Bruce Aubrey, Wananish, North Carolina CLARK, Henry Stewart. Messick. Virginia CLAL’D, Robert Cecil, Windsor. Virginia CLEARY. Charles Van Buren. Jr.. Hamoton. Virginia GLEVINGFR. George Perry. Grundy, Virginia COATES, Carley Jefferson, Jr., Newport News, Va- COATS, John William, Part ' ow, Virginia COGGINS, Robert Raynor, Garysburg, North Carolina COGGSDALE, Norman Ellis, Courtland, Virginia COLLIEB., Franklin Edward. Roanoke Rapids, N. C. COLLIER, Richard Lamarr, Rome, Georgia COLLIER, William Preston. Rome, Georgia COLLINS, Jimmie Ward. Durham, North Carolina COLLINS, John Foster. Bryson City. North Carolina COLLINS, John Robert. Bozoo, West Virginia COMPTON, Phil Jackson. Portsmouth, Virginia CONLON. Bartholomew Fred Jr., Miller School, Va. CON WELL. William Eugene, Greenville, South Carolina COOPER. Edward Roy, Newport News, Virginia COPPERSMITH, William Carlton, Warwick, Virginia CORBETT, Henry Haywood, Whiteville, N. C. CORSON, Wilber Gene, Eclipse, Virginia COUNCIL, James Lloyd, Hallsboro, North Carolina COVINGTON, Wilbur Thomas, Hampton, Virginia COWLEY, John David, Jr., Hampton, Virginia COWLEY, Roy Franklin, Hampton, Virginia COX. Eldon Wallace, Gladstone, Virginia CREE, William Robert, Albemarle, North Carolina CRISCO, Eddie Alexander, Jr., Albemarle, N. C. CRITTENDEN, Franklin Stewart, Amburg, Virginia CRITTENDEN, Thomas Stilson, Deltaville, Virginia CROCKETT, David Cyril, Grimstead, Virginia CROCKETT. Lawrence Fulton, Hampton, Virginia CROSWELL, Leslie Franklin, Reedville, Virginia CROWDER, Clarence Jackson, Covington, Virginia CRUMPLER, Earl Dean, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. CUDDY, Homer Carl. Bristol, Virginia CUNDIFF, William Echols, II, Roanoke, Virginia CURRENT, John Franklin, Statesville, North Carolina DALE, Claude Harold, Jr., Homeville, Virginia DAME, Robert Lee, Covington, Virginia DAVIS, Maurice Leroy, Newport News, Virginia DAVIS, Melvin Charles, Newport News, Virginia DIAMANDIS, Deno John, Suffolk, Virginia DICKENS, John Henry, Falls Mills, Virginia DICKINSON, Donald Roy, Newport News, Virginia DISHNER, Alexander Hamilton, Princeton, W. Va. DOWNER, Daniel Joseph, Hampton, Virginia DOYLE, Ray Alton, Maysville, Kentucky DRAKE, Robert Lee, Boykins, Virginia 76 ROSTER OF APPRENTICES DRAUGHN, Wayne Larry, Dobson, North Carolina DRESSLER, Forrest Grant, Jr., Covington, Virginia DRIVER, Daniel McCray, Wendell, North Carolina DRUMMOND, William Earl, Hampton, Virginia DUMAS, George Garble, Yorktown, Virginia DUNN, John Woodson, III. Williamsburg, Virginia DUPEE, Walter Ferdinand, Rockville, Maryland ELDENS, Richard Lewis, Hopewell, Virginia EDGAR, Frank Alwin, Hampton, Virginia EDWARDS, Robert Dixon, Warwick, Virginia EDWARDS, William Sherman, Speedwell, Tennessee ELLIS, James Byrd, Marion, North Carolina ELMORE, Aaron Bishop, Kenly, North Carolina ENGLAND, James Alfred, Newport News, Virginia ESTES, Robert Lee, Newport News, Virginia FALKE, Donald Fred, Big Rock, Virginia FARIS, James Thomas, Jr., Emporia, Virginia FARRIS, Bobby Lee, Duhring, West Virginia FENTON, George Edward, Newport News, Virginia FISHER, Louis Lamar, Hickory, North Carolina FITZGERALD, Robert Sidney, Waynesboro, Virginia FLINCHUM, Troy Davis, Jr., Ridgeway, Virginia FLYNN, Milton Ward, Edenton, North Carolina FLYTHE, Elwood Dennison, Warwick, Virginia FOLEY, Charles Edward, Kimball, Virginia FORREST, Robert Lloyd, Jeffs, Virginia FORRY, Richard Guy, Gwynn, Virginia FOSTER, Franklin Luke, Hampton, Virginia FRANCIS, Billy Edward, Tookland, Virginia FULBRIGHT, Sidney Roosevelt, Newton, N. C. GAYLOR, Marvin Alburtis, Jr., Covington, Virginia CEDRO, David Thomas, West Point, Virginia GEOUGE, James William, Perrin, Virginia GILES, Richard Woodrow, Blue Ridge, Virginia GODFREY, Donovan Lee, Marion, North Carolina GODSEY , Kenneth Webster, Hampton, Virginia GOLUB, Jay Andrew, Hampton, Virginia GRATTON, Wayne Eberhard, Seattle, Washington GREENE, J. D., Rockingham, North Carolina GRESHAM, Paul Granville, Newport News, Virginia GRIGGS, Harvey Willard, Smithheld, Virginia GRIGGS, Herman Carroll, Suffolk, Virginia GRISCOM, Frederick Chandler, Jr., Media, Pa. GRUBB, James Wade, Newport News, Virginia GWYN, Patric Hartwig, Naxera, Virginia HAIGLER, Paul Steward, West Point, Virginia HAILE, Hudson Cain, Jacksonville, Florida HALE, Claude Arthur, Newport News, Virginia HAM, Donald Ellis, West Somerset, Kentucky HAMMOCK, Earl Lawrence, Draper, North Carolina HARDISON, James Carol, Fremont, North Carolina HARGRAVE, Bert Ellis, Jr., Norge, Virginia HARRELL, Edward Ragsdale, Suffolk, Virginia HARRELL, Fred Augustus, Suffolk, Virginia HARRELL, Spence Melvin, Cairo, Georgia HARRIS, Gene Meredith, Covington, Virginia HARRIS, Vernon Lafayette, Tuscaloosa, Alabama HARRISON, Emmett Carroll, Whigham, Georgia HARRISON, Lester Davis, Hopewell, Virginia HARTBERGER, Albert Wilson, Montvale, Virginia HARVEY, Alan Lee, Jr., White Marsh, Virginia HARVEY, Earl Franklin, Gretna, Virginia HARWOOD, James Burleigh, III, Hampton, Virginia HARWOOD, John Daniel, Albemarle, North Carolina HASKINS, William Franklin, Jr., Newport News, Va. HASS, Robert Marnell, Newport News, Virginia HAUFLER, Edwin Ray, Redart, Virginia HAWKINS, Vivien Ansell, Luray, Virginia HAYNES, Gerald William, Hot Springs, Virginia HEALY, Archie Elmore, Lackey, Virginia HEDGEPETH, Robert Harold, New port News, Virginia HELMICK, Raymond Lawrence, Flemington, W. Va. HEMLER, Pierre Richardson, Hanover, Pennsylvania HILL, Calvin Smith, Boykins, Virginia HILL, James Anzen, Morgansville, West Virginia HINOTE, Hubert, Robertsdale, Alabama HOARD, Marvin Lloyd, Denbigh, Virginia HOGGE, William Henry, Phoebus, Virginia HOLLOMAN, Lyndon Earl, Ahoskie, North Carolina HONAKER, Jack Omar, Ronceverte, West Virginia HOOKS, Edward French, Fort Monroe, Virginia HOOVER, Harry Lee, Harrisonburg, Virginia HOWARD, Vernon Edward, Machipongo, Virginia HUBBARD, Frank Lee, Jr., Bedford, Virginia HUDSON, Elmer Raymond, Jr., Hornsbyville, Virginia HUDSON, Malcolm Allen, Virgilinia, Virginia HUFF, Robert Louis, Leicester, North Carolina HUGHES, Clyde Reginald, Newsoms, Virginia HL : LIN, Billy Joe, Troy, North Carolina HUNDLEY, Harry Leslie, Jr., Hampton, Virginia HUNNICUTT, Roy Douglas, Newport News, Virginia HUNTER, William Winslow, Jr-, South Norfolk, Va. HURMAN, John, Newport News, Virginia HURST, Charles Lindbergh, Moon, Virginia HL ' RST, Donald Gilford, Seymour, Tennessee HL SKINS, Jack Meredith, Frankfort, West Virginia HUTCHENS, Charles Eugene, Sanford, North Carolina HYLTON, Billy McCall, Bland, Virginia I JAMES, Charles Franklin, Guilford College, N. C. INSLEY, John Hildrey, Jr., Messick, Virginia IVEY, Berkley, Denbigh, Virginia JACOBS, Curtis Elwin, Sycamore, Virginia JENKINS, David Lee, Ellerbe, North Carolina JENKINS, Stanley Elbert, Maryus, Virginia JENNINGS, Lonnie Ray, Jr., Elizabeth City, N. C. JERNIGAN, Marvin Curtis, St. Pauls, North Carolina JESSUPS, William Royall, Hampton, Virginia JETT, Rollie Morris, Lewisburg, Tennessee JOHNSON, Clyde, Goldsboro, North Carolina JOHNSON, James Douglas, Maysville, Kentucky JOHNSON, James Hermon, Newport News, Virginia JOHNSTON, James Albert, Jr., Newport News, Virginia JONES, Hilton Randolph, Ahoskie, North Carolina JONES, Marion Alexander, Jr., Petersburg, Virginia JONES, Richard Charles, Jr., Newport News, Virginia JONES, Robert Burton, Erwin, Tennessee JONES, Thomas Lowell, Coatesville, Pennsylvania JOO, Charles Maurice, Norfolk, Virginia JORDAN, Earl Carver, Newport News, Virginia JOVARAS, Constantinos William, Petersburg, Virginia KARNS, John Rudolph, Hampton, Virginia KASERMAN, Lee Frank, Norfolk, Virginia KELLY, Clyde Eugene, Chuckatuck, Virginia KELLY, Dorsey Dunn, Hurt, Virginia KENLY, Richard Martin, Dogue, Virginia KENNELL, Robert Marion, Hampton, Virginia KERSEY, Thomas Elroy, Newport News, Virginia KESSINGER, William Elbert, L T nion, West Virginia KILMER, Philip Roger, Hudson, New York KING, Freddie Arnold, Jr., Hampton, Virginia KING, Kenneth Mansfield, Covington, Virginia KNOWLES, Charles William, Jr., Madison Heights, Va. KL T BEL, Thomas Moore, Newport News, Virginia LAFFERTY, John Henry, Thomas, Kentucky LAMKIN, William Hunter, Hampton, Virginia 77 ROSTER OF APPRENTICES LANDIS, John Lane, Jr., Newport News, Virginia LARRIMORE, William Arthur, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. LATHAM, Walter Travis, Pinetown, North Carolina LEARY, Arthur Roger, Elizabeth City, North Carolina LEDFORD, Ted Roland, Bakersville, North Carolina LEGGEITE, Billie Harold, Newport News, Virginia LEMAY, Jacues Gordon, Yorktown, Virginia LEONARD, Benton Theophilus, Jr., Eagle Rock, Va. LEWIS, Charles Joseph, Oriental, North Carolina LEWIS, Fred Galan, Sylvatus, Virginia LEWIS, Harry Sutton, North, Virginia LEWIS, Jimmy Wayne, Wendell, North Carolina LIBERTY, Jack Louie, Jr., Hampton, Va. LINCOLN, Clinton Robert, Springdale, Pa. LLOYD, Larry Lee, Dillon, Montana LOCHSTAMPFOR, John G., Jr., Newport News, Va. LOCKHART, Clarence Preston, Covington, Virginia LOGAN, Mason Edward, Cumberland, Kentucky LONG, Gene Karl, Covington, Virginia LONG, John Ronald, Hampton, Virginia LORE, Richard Karl, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina LOVELACE, Lewis Donald, Newport News, Virginia LYONS, Harold Lloyd, Cairo, Georgia MABE, James Albert, Mocksville, North Carolina MAJOR, Benjamin Edward, Jr., Rescue, Virginia MALLORY, Luther Stinson, Jr., Newport News, Virginia MANN, Jim Litaker, Newport News, Virginia MANNING, Conley Lee, Whitley City, Kentucky MARKHAM, Roy Vance, Durham, North Carolina MARKHAM, Talmadge Thomas, Jr., Charlottesville, Va. MARKHAM, Toy Lee, Durham, North Carolina MARSHALL, William Thomas, Newport News, Va. MASHBURN, Arthur Barrett, Bay Harbor, Florida MASSEY, Carlton Edward, Assawoman, Virginia MASTERS, 1 heodore Elmo, Jr., Newport News, Virginia MATTHEWS, Bobby Lee, Portsmouth, Virginia MAI THEWS, Donald Rose, Faison, North Carolina MAT 1 HEWS, Marshall S., Jr., Mannington, W. Va. MAYES, John Emory, Jr., Harmon, West Virginia MAYO, i homas Moody, Jr., Newport News, Virginia McCALL, Joseph Chiton, balsom Grove, North Carolina MvCLELLAN, Billy Louis, Daytona Beach, Florida McCORMACK, Charles Randolph, Ronceverte, W. Va. McCOY, Herschel Grady, Ark, lrgima McGLOl ' HLIN, William Larry, Royal City, Virginia McKINNEY, Robert Dean, bakersville, North Carolina McLEAN, David Dempsey, Warwick, V irginia MvNAMARA, Russell Bryant, Newport News, Virginia MEADOWS, Lonnie Lewis, Hat l op, West irgima MEARS, Calvin Lee, Newport News, Virginia MELSON, Jesse Mahlen, Hampton, V irginia MENDENHALL, Hilda Randolph, Flampton, Virginia MEREDITH, Joseph Charles, Jr., Newport News, Va. MIFFLETON, Walter Beedles, Jr., Newport News, Va. MILLAR, Norman McLeod, Jr., Warwick, Virginia MILLER, Charles Edward, Warwick, Virginia MILLER, James William, Warwick, Virginia MILLER, Laurence Wade, Albemarle, North Carolina MILLER, Ray Delano, Vinton, Virginia MINTER, Billy Joe, Draper, North Carolina MITCHEM, Stephen Vandorne, Gwynn, Virginia MOORE, James Marvin, Hopewell, Virginia MOORE, John Henry, Newport News, Virginia MOORE, Malvin Earle, Cape Charles, Virginia MOORE, Milton Franklin, Richmond, Virginia MOORE, Stephen Daniel, Roxboro, North Carolina MORGAN, Thomas Carlton, Harrellsville, N. C. MORRIS, Charles Lane, Albemarle, North Carolina MORRIS, James Selby, Kenly, North Carolina MORRIS, Thomas Edwin, Buckroe Beach, Virginia MORROW, Roy Lee, Scottsboro, Alabama MOSES, Hal Lynwood, Goldston, North Carolina MUIR, John Curdy, Hampton, Virginia MURPHY, Jimmy Loman, Hampton, Virginia MYERS, Cecil Gus, Pennington Gap, Virginia MYERS, Hubert Wayne, Beaver Dam, Kentucky NESBITT, John Patrick, Biltmore, North Carolina NESTER, William Carlton, Long Island, Virginia NEUBAUM, Earl Richard, Steelton, Pennsylvania NEWBILL. Irvin Perry, Newport News, Virginia NIXON, William Henry, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. OLIVER, Robert Edward, Covington, Virginia O’NEAL, Flanders Moseley, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. OPHEIM, Calvin Edwin, Williamsburg, Virginia OPHEIM, William Leon, Norge, Virginia OWENS, Alfred Charles, Willard, North Carolina OWENS, Raymond Eugene, Mathews, Virginia PADGETT, Charles Sherwood, Newport News, Va. PALMER, Thomas Troy, Jr., Warwick, Virginia PARKER, Carl O’Neil, Palmyra, Virginia PARKER, Charles Peaslee, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. PARKER, John Lee, Jr., fappahannock, Virginia PARKER, Marvin Wilson, Jr., Tappahannock, Virginia PARKER, Paul Cleveland, Newport News, Virginia PARKER, Thomas Winston, Jr., Palmyra, Virginia PARKER, Victor Ford, Jr., Warwick, Virginia PAULEY, Theodore Ralph, Ronceverte, West Virginia PAXTON, Robert Boyd, Covington, Virginia PEACE, Kenneth Franklin, Franklin, irginia PEACE, Stuart Edward, Franklin, Virginia PENDLETON, William Swanson, Jr., Princeton, W. Va. PERROT, William Albert, Portsmouth, Virginia PERRY, Curtis Edward, Jr., Elizabeth City, N. C. PETERS, Wayne Roy, Newport News, Virginia PETERSON, Robert Pugh, Roseboro, North Carolina PHILLIPS, Alexander M., Tampa, Florida PHILLIPS, Cecil Gilbert, Jr., North Beach, Mary land PHILLIPS, Robert Austin, Rocktish, Virginia PHILLIPS, William Ray, Jr., Williamsburg, Virginia PIAZZA, John Carl, Warwick, Virginia PIERCE ' , Rodney Floyd, Jr., Newport News, Virginia PIGNO i n, Augustine Mario Patrick, Phoebus, Va. PIOTROW SKI, William Lewis, Mount Hope, W. Va. PIRKEY, Herbert Charles, Jr., Earlysville, Virginia PLEMMONS, Kenneth Kermit, Newport News, Virginia POINDEXTER, Charles Newton, Warwick, Virginia POLLACK, Ronald Russell, Warwick, Virginia PORTER, Alvin Odell, Hopewell, Virginia POWELL, William Ercel, Zebulon, North Carolina PRATT, Dalton Breeding, Leburn, Kentucky PRESLEY, Vernal Arson, Council, Virginia PRICE, Thomas Langhorne, Accomac, irginia PURCELL, Charles Edward, Syringa, Virginia RAIFORD, Aubrey Macaulay, Ivor, Virginia RAINES, Walter Aaron, Hampton, Virginia RASSMAN, Robert Arthur, Jr., Butler, Pennsylvania RAWLS, Edward Allen, Warwick, Virginia REDMOND Everett Lee, Fallston, North Carolina REYNOLDS, James William, Chatham, Virginia RICH, William Arthur, Castalia. North Carolina RICHARDSON, Kenneth Clark, Butner, N. C. RICHARDSON, William Lionel, Yorktown, Virginia RICKS, Jesse Lee, Portsmouth, Virginia RIDOUT, Norman Lawrence, Hopewell, Virginia RILEY, Leonard Day, Tidemill, Virginia ROBINSON, Jack Fields, Castlewood, Virginia ROBINSON, Robert Seay, Newport News, Virginia 78 ROSTER OF APPRENTICES ROBISON, Joseph Franklin, Newport News, Virginia ROLLINS, Roy Smith, Messick, Virginia RONEMOUS, Clarence Derr, Jr., Warwick, Virginia ROOKSTOOL, Edward Fisher, Newport News, Virginia ROUDABUSH, Joe Fenton, Villamont, Virginia ROUGHTON, Charles Swindell, Hampton, Virginia ROWLAND, Ollie David, Jr., Hurt, Virginia ROYSTON, Robert Madison, Winchester, Virginia RUTHERFORD, Frank Eugene, Big Etone Gap, Va. SAMPLE, James Ronald, Morgansville, W. Va. SANDERS. Franklin Farrell, Coeburn, Virginia SANDERS, Thomas Bruce, McSherrystown, Pa. SANDS, Don Ovid, Glennville, Georgia SCHOOLAR, Daniel Hughes, Rena Lara, Mississippi SCOTT, William Bruce, Haddon Heights, New Jersey SEABOLT, Dale Penrod, Erwin, North Carolina SEWARD, Eugene Jack, Newport News, Virginia SEYMOUR, Linwood Ellis, Newport News, Virginia SFIEEK, Paul Lee, Yadkinville, North Carolina SHEPARD, David Eskridge, Covington, Virginia SHEPPARD, Marshall Boyd, Bellamy, Virginia SHIELDS, Curtis Elwyn, Washington, D. C. SHINN, Lamont Allen, Warwick, Virginia SHORTT, Robert Jesse, Grundy, Virginia SHUMATE, John Willard, Hampton, Virginia SIDES, Bobby Eugene, China Grove, North Carolina SKINNER, George Lenz, Newport News, Virginia SLONE, Emil Edwin, Pippapass, Kentucky SMITH, Andrew Floyd, Jr., South Norfolk, Virginia SMITH, Conley Lee, Hampton, Virginia SMITH, Joseph Francis, New Oxford, Pennsylvania SMITH, Mark Aaron, Newport News, Virginia SMITH, Quentin Ray, Lynchburg, Virginia SMITH, Richard Francis, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. SMITH, Thomas Richard, Hopewell, Virginia SMITH, William Eden, Jr., Hampton, Virginia SNYDER, Gerald Clair, Mayport, Pennsylvania SOLES, Boyd Curtis, Yorktown, Virginia SORRELL, Frank Conway, Hampton, Virginia SPECHT, Theodore Earl, Hampton, Virginia SQUIRES, George Emmitt, Kelly, North Carolina Sl ' AGY, Bobby Gene, Bastian, Virginia STALLARD, Bobby Everett, Thaxton, Virginia STANCIL, Linwood Waddell, Jr., Warwick, Virginia STEIN, Raymond Duane, Hartfield, Virginia STEPHENS, Theodore Emmons, Draper, North Carolina STERGIN, Paul Engelo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania STINNETT, James Alfred, Covington, Virginia STONE, Robert Daniel, Long Island, Virginia STORY, Gilbert Henley, Franklin, Virginia STRIGKLER, Elbert Carroll, Luray, Virginia STRIDER, James Russell, Newport News, Virginia STULTZ, Kenneth Gene, Hampton, Virginia STURGILL, Emerson Douglas, Wise, Virginia STUTTS, Joseph Harrison, Franklin, Virginia SWORD, William Harold, North Tazewell, Virginia TAPSCOTT, Joseph Pierce, Miilenbeck, Virginia TARPLEY, John Wesley, Jr., Wendell, North Carolina TARVER, Walter Leo, Langley Field, Virginia TAYLOR, John Donald, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. TAYLOR, William Alton, Jr., Covington, Virginia TAYLOR, William Henry, East Gulf, West Virginia TEASLEY, Elmer Brown, Hartwell, Georgia TEMPLEMAN, Robert Eugene, Morrison, Virginia THOMAS, Charles Rudolph, Newport News, Virginia THOMAS, Millard Shamery, Newport News, Virginia TILLMAN, Edward Lewis, Hampton, Virginia TILMAN, Marion Grayson, Newport News, Virginia TINGLE, Horace Winfield, Bath, North Carolina TISON, William Charles, Jr., Sanford, Florida TRACY, Gerald Smith, Messick, Virginia TRAMMEL, Oran Darrell, Stearns, Kentucky TRAPP, Julian Nollie, Sanford, Florida TROUT, Robert Douglas, Blue Ridge, Virginia TRUMP, Bobby Lee, Suffolk, Virginia TUCKER, James Kenneth, Hill Top, Kentucky UNDERWOOD, Gerais Herman, Franklin, Virginia UPCHURCH, Orion Agnew, Spring Hope, N. C- VAN SCHOICK, Gary Lee, Plant City, Florida VAUGHAN, Thomas Edward, Harrellsville, N. C. VICK, Reuben Earl, Boykins, Virginia VINCENT, Ralph Sherman, Newport News, Virginia VINSON, Braxton Craig, Jr., Portsmouth, Virginia VIOLET TE, Joseph Berret, Jr., Hampton, Virginia WAGNER, James Howard, Strawberry Plains, Tenn. WALKER, Harold Hulan, Cairo, Georgia WALLACE, Howard Doyle, Townley, Alabama WALLACE, Jimmy Joe, Townley, Alabama WALTROL1PE, Ray, Newport News, Virginia WARD, Charles Edward, Daytona Beach, Florida WARE, Lloyd Chester, Hampton, Virginia WARRICK, John Waverly, Jr., Roanoke Rapids, N. C. WASHAM, John Alan, Harrisonburg, Virginia WATKINS, William Doyle, Durham, North Carolina WATSON, Benjamin Thomas, Jr., Newport Nesw, Va. WATSON, John Taylor, Jr., Yorktown, Virginia WATSON, John William, Hampton, Virginia WATTERSON, Frank Macele, Guilford, North Carolina WEBB, Ruben Carlyle, Franklin, Virginia WEBSTER, Fate Lemuel, Lake Toxaway, N. C. WEDDLE, Phillip Marsham, Porthsmouth, Virginia WELCH, Franklin Donald, Bryson City, North Carolina W ' ELLS, Paul Edwards, Richmond, Virginia WESSELLS, Elton Webster, Bloxom, Virginia WEST, Daniel Godfrey, Jr., Newport News, Virginia WEST, Randolph Talley, Hampton, Virginia W ' EST, William Russell, Achilles, Virginia WHEELER, Robert Lemuel, Newport News, Virginia Will FE, Virgil Gilbert, Hartfield, Virginia WHITE, William ihomas, Jr., Durham, North Carolina WHITEHEAD, Charles Wells, Scotland Neck, N. C. WHITESEL, Russell Aubrey, Jr-, Covington, Virginia WHITLEY, Robert Joseph, viewport News, Virginia WHITMORE, Howard Douglas, Harrisonburg, Va. WILBOURN, Shirley Francis, Portsmouth, Virginia W ' ILKINS, Robert Edward, Jr., Warwick, Virginia WILLEY, Harold Eugene, Elizabeth City, N. C. WILLIAMS, Donald Earl, Camp Hill, Alabama WILLIAMS, Floyd Luallen, Salem, West Virginia WILLIAMS, Paul Ray, Roanoke Rapids, N. C. WINGFIELD, Benjamin Francis, Hampton, Virginia WINSTEAD, Phil Dana, Rocky Mount, North Carolina W ISE, W ' illiam Braxton, Jr., Newport News, V irginia WOLFE, Frank Arnold, Hampton, Virginia WOLFLEY, William Augustus, Newport News, Va. WOLFORD, Byron Glenn, Chuckatuck, V irginia WOODALL, James Hubert, Jr., Phoebus, Virginia WOOSTER, Shirley Oliver, Jr., Suffolk, Virginia WORNOM, Wendell Gibbs, Poquoson, Virginia W ' RIGHT, Duncan Cater, Guilford College, N. C. WRIGHT, Emmitt O ' Neal, Jr., Silas, Alabama YEATTS, Donald Alvis, Sycamore, Virginia YORKE, Nathan Felix, Jr., Rock Hill, South Carolina YOUNG, Elwood Roy, Audubon, New Jersey 79 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The staff of the 1952 edition of the BIN- NACLE wishes to make special mention of. and to thank, certain persons whose in- terest, ability, assistance and cooperation were vital parts in the design, layout, pro- duction and publication of this school an- nual. Jack C. Smith, our adviser, for his guidance and the use of his office for meetings. R. B. Hopkins, public relations, for his permission and help in selecting photos of certain phases of shipyard activities from his files. Miss Jane Dibble, for her ability to read our scribbling and then typing all of the literary material which appears in this volume. B. J. Nixon, shipyard photographer, for all the pictures including the senior por- traits. William T. O ' Connor, yearbook coun- sellor and representative of the Jahn Ol- lier Engraving Company, for the creation of a complete dummy of our annual, and for his many visits to the Apprentice School to assist in the preparation of copy for both engraver and printer, and in the selection of our cover. All of the advertisers, without whose financial assistance this yearbook would not have been successfully published. ADVERTISEMENTS We all know that without the aid of the following pages this book would be finan- cially impossible. So let ' s get out and show our appreciation by patronizing these fine, fine people — our advertisers. The Staff 81 " THE MAN TO SEE” FOR REALTY Cjeorcje C . J arcini CLASS OF 1 047 VIRGINIA REALTY CO. 206 - 37 St., N.N. VA. 2-3718 Dial 6-1268 CUSTOM BUILT HOMES Insurance — Fire. Casualty, Life Property Management ' Consult Your Insurance and Real Estate Agent as You Would Your Doctor ’ YOUR NEWSPAPER IS A SYMBOL OF THE FREEDOM OF AMERICA Morning and Sunday The presses roll . . . the newspaper hits the street . . . and once again Americans can read ALL the news, presented truthfully and without censorship. Because this is America, where freedom of the press is one of the principles of our democracy, one of our most cherished ideals. Evening Serving the 7 ri-(,ities and the Virginia Peninsula 1 82 C ongratufationd to the Senior CL add ho through th eir jjortd wifi help huifci a better tomorrow NACHMAN’S 83 C intents °f CITY OF NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA The Voice of Cleanliness DAWN Brings happy days DRY CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS (530 Twenty-fifth Street 84 t WiJ, eS rom Your Yearbook Photographer 8 FARABEE’S STUDIOS A Complete Photographic Service 8 3005 West Ave. Phone 2-7385 FASHIONS FOR MEN IN ALL WALKS OF LIFE Visit us in our More Spacious Store THE YOUNG MEN’S SHOP 3107-3109 Washington Avenue Dial 5-1571 Compliments of THE BANK OF VIRGINIA 2805 Washington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 85 VIRGINIA ENGINEERING COMPANY, Inc. General Contractors GOVERNMENT — MUNICIPAL — INDUSTRIAL Dial 7-1201 29th Street at James River Newport News, Virginia Compliments of THE BROADWAY DEPARTMENT STORE, Inc. “The Peninsula ' s Friendly Store ” NEWPORT NEWS. VIRGINIA ADAMS For Better BARCLAY SONS SHOES Jewelers Washington at 30th 2912 Washington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS WHITE OPTICAL CO. Compliments of BOWLER S AUTO EXCHANGE Phone 2-1251 Medical Arts Building 35th and Huntington Avenue Newport News, Virginia Phone 4-1746 ' FRAZER HENRY J Compliments of BARR BROTHERS, Inc. Jewelers A FRIEND 3005 Washington Avenue Newport News, Va. 86 BARCLAY BROTHERS Jewelers Compliments of 2902 Washington Avenue € COLE AND SCOTT, INC. DIAMONDS WATCHES ★ JEWELRY Terms to Suit FASHIONS FOR MEN Pationize Your Locally Owned Jewelers ★ 3306 Washington Avenue The only Barclay Owned and Barclay Operated Jewelry Store on the Entire Peninsula BROWN S CLOTHING STORE Compliments of Nationally advertised Clothing at CITIZENS MARINE Nationally advertised Prices JEFFERSON BANK Charge Account to Apprentice Boys Especially Welcome Newport News, Va. % • 3108 Washington Avenue Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 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Rountrey — Class of ’48 WARWICK Esso Servicenter Compliments of PHILLIP LEVY CO. 2707 Washington Avenue Dial 3-1601 WASHING LUBRICATION FURNITURE and CLOTHING ACCESSORIES 2501 West Avenue Compliments of S. M. PHARMACY “Your Friendly Rexall Drug Store” 3401 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. Phone 7-1762 Newport News, Virginia Dial 2-9539 Shackelford Auto Company, Inc. DODGE PLYMOUTH 327-339 Twenty-fifth Street Newport News, Virginia 91 Engravings by JAHN AND OLLIER Chicago. Illinois Printing by THE QUEEN ANNE ' S PUBLISHING COMPANY Gentreville, Maryland 92 0S£l-9Zfc-ZSZ jejqi| UJOTAo9uU ' MMM uid)sA$ Ajpjqn Diiqnj sm0|sj |jod v ON |Pi)ud)od aij) po|un masm

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