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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1957 volume:

f '1 THE T957 PILOT PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS THAYER PUBLIC SCHOOL THAYER, KANSAS DAN E. MORGAN. We, the Seniors of 1957, acting as spokesmen for the school, wish to dedicate the "Pilot" to our superintendent, Dan E. Morgan. Under his leadership our school has developed into one of the best in the state of its size. He has added new courses, buildings, and equipment, His greatest achievement is that he has brought the need of education to the stu'ient's realization. For these things we respectfully "thank you. " 1 T y 1 A S' M Q ' clclmini frafion .54 ,K r-is .I ,..,, BOARD OF EDUC ATION Pictured left ' - ' ' Mitchell. DAN E. MORGAN SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS to right. Victor Erbe, Gene Strtt, Harry Rash, Donald Duff, John THOMAS I. LOYD Mr. Loyd served as Clerk of the Thayer Board of Education from 1952 - 1956. His tireless efforts in the interest of bet- ter education for Thayer Schools will never be forgotten. -.- -I 4"..'? HAROLD NIBARGER Commerce Coach ERNESTINE NIBARGER Physical Education DELL ODELL English Speech ERNESTINE ELLIOTT Substitute HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY SIDNEY FRANZ Social Science Industrial Arts EARL MCCRAY Music Psychology 03, sg 4 ARTHUR REINKING Math Science ANNA PETERSON History Home Ec. 45 I X MARY GREER First Grade MILDRED STRYCKER Second Grade DORTHY REED Third Grade ALICE REECE Fourth Grade 'N LY LA VA UGHN Fifth Grade EVA POWNALL Sixth Grade FLOYD POWERS Seventh Grade GLENN TIMMONS Eighth Grade Principal .- 3' 'or LARRY REHMERT President, Class Officer 45 Student Council President 45 Boys' Glee Club 1,35 Mixed Chorus 35 "T" Club 35 Track 2,35 Basketball 1, 2,3,45 Softball 1,2, 3. MARY LOU ANDERSON Class officer 2,45 Girls' Glee Club 1,35 Mixed Cho- rus 35 Pep Club Officer 35 Class Play 2,3. ELLEN STRYCKER Student Council5 Class Offi- cer 1,2,3,4, Student Coun- cil 45 Girls' Glee Club 1,3, 4 45 Mixed Chorus 35 Band 3, 45 Pep club 1,2,3,45 Pep Club Officer 3,45 Class Play 35 Annual Editor 4. ff Compliments of D. PETERSON Parsons, Kansas STANLEY STITT Class officer 2,3,45 Boys' Glee Club 1,35 Mixed Cho- rus 35 Track 25 Basketball 1,2,45 Softball 2,3,45 Class Play 2. DOIS MCFARLAND Class Officer 45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Trio 45 Dozenettes 45 Band 2,3,45 Pep Club 1, 2,3,45 Class Play 2,35 An- nual staff 4. CHARLOTT MILLER Girls' Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus 23 Pep Club 1,2,3, 45 Annual Staff 4. RONALD WHEELER Boys' Glee Club lg Softball l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3, 4g Track 1,2,3,4. JIM ROBERTSON Boys' Glee Club 1,3g Mixed Chorus 2,3g "T" Club 3g Bas- ketball 1,2, Team Manager 3.4. .an ff, ff A i .kki ' ,K ,F K 5' 1,11 Z.. f -- . ax D G 3 fb ,sqm Y ro 9,2 .1 F Y if 1 Q Qi' is , U, ,. , v- QW we H -via.. A i k 4- if if B ..., .fJ.f"-1 5 ff N C v :I X5 u Q "' J 6 A 1: Rx! 1 - A ia' ' .N 1 x ft . , Q CHARLES MIDDLETON Boys' Glee Club 1: "T" Club 3g Track 35 Basketball 1,2, 3g Softball 1,2,3, Team Manager 4. NADINE CHICKADONZ Girls' Glee Club 1,4g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Class Play 2,3g Annual sraff 4. .l A . N' i . " I Sl if MARILYN MARSH Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Girls' Trio 3,49 Dozenettes 3,4g Majorette 1,2,3g Pep Club 2,3,4g Class Play 2. LARRY BARSCH Boys' Glee Club 1,3g Mixed Chorus 3,4g "T" Club 3g Softball 1,2,3,4g Track 3, 4g Basketball 1,2,3,4. JIM SHULTZ Boys' Glee Club 3g Mixed Chorus 3: "T" Club 35 Track 3g Softball 1,2,3,4g Bas- ketball 2,3,4g Class Play 3. GLEN WHEELER Class Officer 3g Boys' Glee Club 1,3g Mixed Chorus 35 "T" Club 3g Track 2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Soft- ball 1,2,3,4g Class Play 2,3. BILL WHEELER Boys' Glee Club lg "T" Club 3g Basketball 3,4g Softball 1,2,3,4g Class Play 2,35 Track 1,2,3,4. IEANETTE SPERRY Girls' Glee Club 3,45 Mixed Chorus 31 Class Play 3g An- nual staff 4, LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class, being of sound mind and body, on this fifth month, fourteenth day, and fifty-seventh year, do hereby give, bequeath, and devise all our worldly goods to the following: Larry Rehmert - wills his quietness to Dwayne Erbe. Ellen Strycker - wills all her nicknames to Bill Haydon. Mary Lou Anderson - wills her ability to finish high school in 35 years to Stella Heck, Glen Wheeler - wills his job at Tink's to Raymond Fowler. Charlott Miller - wills her patience to Jollene Mendenhall. Charles Middleton - wills his ability to loaf to Virginia South. Nadine Chickadonz - wills all her worries about her studies to Tom McCray. Ronald Wheeler - wills his "hot Ford" to anyone who can handle it. Jim Robertson - wills his lover-boy ways to Jerry Neely. Lois McFarland - wills her ability to detect when her boyfriend gets home with the aid of Jim Shultz's straight pipes to Riche George. Bill Wheeler - wills his ability to be heard at all times in the halls and classrooms to Mary Meek, Jim Shultz - wills his ability to keep his class ring on someone else's finger to Gilbert Elrod. Jeanette Sperry - has nothing to will to anyone because she needs everything that she has. Stanley Stitt - wills Kathy Modesitt back to her mother, she is the only one who can handle her. Marilyn Marsh - wills her ability to wear blisters on her feet dancing to Carrie Stipp, Larry Barsch - wills the power to attract girls, yet, resist them, to Merle Reece. To the Juniors - we leave our lockers and senior classes. To the Sophomores - our wisdom. To the Freshmen - our ability to strive on. To each faculty member we will a bottle of nerve pills until they recover from the strain of having us in their classes, This will being witnessed and approved by the Senior Class and Officers on this 14th day of May, 1957. To be read on Senior Class Night of the Class of 1957. I . Lawyer Co-Lawyers X' ' , 777 fy' Secretary Qp W : , President 3 Lrf all 'its 'sv T' ' 1 2 N? 'RX N f, X X 2 X 1 xf 3 ' ., ,. " I Wx I P5 J 4 s", 4 A, 4 iff is 5 ,. 'T 75 j 'Q f1.1g,'gg,,,LL,.1 1 5 'G IOl'S Q 5 X 1 fn RUTH ANN CHARLES IOLLENE KATHY BONNIE MARJORIE CHRISTMAS HAVILAND MENDENHALL MODESITT MURPHY ABBOTT President Vice Secretary Treasurer Student President Council 4 'F ', 4" ' 1. f 1. "" tar U sk V -.:,, g .Q X X H -Q A ,f 1 C DWAYNE MARY WAYNE MILDRED CAROLYN CHARLES ERBE BAILEY ERBE CHRISMAN ELROD REECE 'S T V ' TJ. , , A 4- "7 A I I I x ' , 4 f , 3? L' LN-..f A, im, X If V NORMA MERLE SUE RALPH FERNE CHARLES GU-DART REECE GREENE STUDEBAKER HOLTZMAN WHEELER I I PAT LEONARD SUE BILL ROBERTSON WHEELER WHEELER HAYDEN sop YES Gary Umbarger President . ez . Everett Babcock Francis Henderson John Powers Vice President M artha Chrisman 4- Duane Jaynes I Patricia Tom Riche Kay Rash Hill George Kasper Secretary Student Treasurer Council . " o en' 1' .. ,. :ZF A'-1.1 .. flying V-Fifa. -- Gilbert Raymond Clella Stella Elrod Fowler Heck Heck N. g 15 i xp-4' " Cheryl Peggy Richard Barbara Umbarger Young Sperry Hersh ffeshmen ,Q gt Nancy Sue Hellman Secretary- Treasurer as Faye Donald Reece Strycker President Vice President Q I MHIY Harold Louise Berkenmeier Meek A . 1 Jimmie Sharon Huss Rehmert Eddie Walter Smedley Wheeler fi! X? ' ' .QYYV tk- 1t - E9- Waymeth Miller Gary Gibbs - Af' Q tr. -.4 .aft . xii ,L ' . Jerry Neely Christina Wheeler 7? R' X 1 it it A ' George Wilma Donald Alan Chrisman Baker Zugmier Student Council I E ,'-Q5 :L I A 6 N Leon Freddie Judith Briley Haviland Mitchell Not Pictured Wy ref' tp," "f' 4-tr if K Virginia Gary Carrie South Rehmert Stipp Bob Dortha Tom Williams White McCray fzg 1 , ,ii J ffgfit, I - fn SS' fd. Y uv, g ..-' ', its Q 3Owv l "SELF SERVICE GROCERY' J '5"'.'Gi f?f,'9?7 'v"-ff7',V1!' -' ef: .-ru Qfrfxff " " ' I ' "',gh'.'.f,-v:'1'r' Jollene Mendenhall, Basketball Queen, was crowned by Glen Wheeler, captain of the team, at the half-time of the Grant-Thayer game, February 8, 1957. She was attended by Bonnie Murphy and Norma Gildart. After a victorious game, she was honored at the Coronation Ball. HYDE'S GREENHOUSE, Parsons, Kansas AROUND SCHOOL .Q ., -H OUR CUSTODIAN Earl Peterson OUR COOKS Mrs. Orville Umbarger Mrs. Harold Umbarger Mrs. Orville Holtzman iw-.xv x HI y Drivers' Education Car BUS DRIVERS Maurice Davidson Parm Robertson Delbert Jeans Harold Nibarger I 5 ,WP -OSHA: kg? 1- K5 Iii i Uni "A" TEAM 3 U Back row: Charles Haviland, John Powers, Merle Reece, Tom Hill, Larry Barsch, Char- les Reece, Charles Wheeler. Front row: George Zugmier, Stanley Stitt, Jim Shultz, Glen Wheeler, Larry Rehmert. "B" TEAM 66 Back row: Charles Reece, Larry Barsch, Merle Reece, Tom Hill, Gary Umbarger, Duane Jaynes, Tom McCray, Raymond Fowler. Front row: Harold Nibarger, Coach, Wayne Erbe, Donald Strycker, Fred Haviland, John Powers, Charles Wheeler, Dwayne Erbe. Newspaper behind the school - THE THAYER NEWS SOFTBALL .i -Lf Back row: Bob Williams, Tom McCray, Glen Wheeler, Jim Shultz, Stanley Stitt, George Zugmier, Larry Barsch. Front row: Wayne Erbe, Fred Haviland, Charles Wheeler, Bill Wheeler, Dwayne Erbe, Harold Berkenmeier. TRACK Q0 ,- As I Back row: Bob Williams, Stanley Stitt, Dwayne Erbe. Middle row: Charles Haviland, Tom McCray, Charles Reece, Wayne Erbe, Fred Haviland, Larry Barsch. Front row: John Powers, Duane Erbe, Glen Wheeler, Harold Berkenmeier, George Zugmier, Ray- mond Fowler, Compliments of NATION CLEANERS, Chanute, Kansas STUDENT COUNCIL 1' 41 g:'.ifl"" . f A X Ellen Strycker, Chairmang George Allen Zugmierg Bonnie Murphy, Treasurerg Larry Rehmert, Presidentg Tom Hill, ROBERT BATY Student Council President 1 955 - 56 IN MEMORIAM C-T. Compliments of KENNETH RASH INSURANCE AGENCY On September 7, 1956 a wonderful friend and classmate left us. His memory is an inspira- tion to us all. BOYS' AND GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Front row, pictured left to right: D. Erbe, G. A. Zugmier, C. Reece, T. McCray, R. Studebaker, B, Williams. Back row: B. Hayden, R. Fowler, G. Umbarger, T. Hill, M Reece, D. Jaynes and C. Haviland. Not pictured: E. Babcock, L. Barsch, F. Haviland, L. Rehmert, R, Sperry, L. Wheeler. Front row: P. Robertson, F, Henderson, J. Mendenhall, C. Umbarger, R. George, F. Holtzman, M, Meek, J. Sperry, S. Rehmert, L. Murphy, accompanist, Mr. McCray. Second row. C. Wheeler, P. Rash, N. Chickadonz,K, Kasper, M. Abbott, C. Elrod, N. Gildart, M. Chrisman, M. Chrisman, C. Stipp. Third row: K. Modesitt, M. Marsh F. Reece, B. Murphy, B. Hersh, L. McFarland, W. Chrisman, S. Wheeler. Not pie- tured: W. Miller, J. Mitchell, V. South, B. Murphy, J, Mendenhall, R. George, P. Rash, C. Umbarger, S. Rehmert, J, Mitchell, D. Anderson, H, Meek, C. Cheesman, S. Umbarger, N. Heilman, C. Wheeler, M. Meek, S. Greene, B, Jaynes, S, George, L. Kasper, K. Kasper, F. Holtzman, S. Wheeler, N. Gildart, C. Elrod, G. Timmons, J. Reece, F. Reece, G. Timmons, G. McFarland, R. Umbarger, N. Gildart, C. Reece, M. Reece, L. Umbarger, K. Ward, I. Powers, D. Strycker, R. Studebaker, J, Garner, T. Hill, R. Wells, T, McCray, L. McFarland, R. Christmas, D. White, S. Wheeler. First row: P, Robertson, F. Henderson, V. South, J, Mendenhall, B. Murphy, F. Holtzman, P. Young, P. Rash, L. McFarland, M. Meek, J. Mitchell, R. George, C. Umbarger, Second row: M. Marsh, M. Abbott, K. Modesitt, K. Kasper, R, williams, J. Powers, M. Chrisman, C. El- rod, C. Stipp, Third row. B. Hayden, R. Fowler, G. Zugmier, G. Umbarger, T. Hill, M. Reece C. Reece, T. McCray, L. Barsch, C. Haviland, D. Erbe. Not pictured: R. Studebaker, M. Chris man, N. Gildart, F. Haviland, G. Rehmert, S. Wheeler, L. Wheeler, Compliments of EVANS MUSIC STORE r .!'!l11ns1 1 4 r x:xa:m""'g mngzgnzo nah' an rv"' Pictured from left to right: Marilyn Marsh, Jeanette Sperry, Ellen Strycker, Charlott Miller Nadine Chickadonz, Lois McFarland. ANNUAL STAFF TRIO DOZENETTES Kay Kasper, Bonnie Mur- M. Marsh, F. Holtzman, K. Kasper, N. Gildarl, phy, Jollene Mendenhall, P. Rash, B. Murphy, R. George, C. Umbarger, C. Elrod, L. McFarland, S. Wheeler, I. Mendenhall. I 3 .,l. - Q 1 .9 0 ., 9 School Secretary Loretta Murphy . A ,mkm We Z D .., j .. xg - Y 2.67 New Grade Library and Librarian Jeanette Sperry High School Librarians Patricia Rash Kathy Modesitt Sue Greene Mary Meek Sue Wheeler Ruth A. Christmas Lucille Bailey ffm: The students pictured above have contributed much to the school during the past year by their unselfish service, We wish to thank them for a job well done. ' s 'Q' Miunior high Front row: Sara Morgan, Marilyn Iaynes, Toni Holtzman, Tommy Mitchell, Gary Fow ler, Beverly Duff, Kathy Holtzman. Back row: Gary Wright, Kenneth Adams, Donna Reece, Mike Mitchell, Bobby Riggle, Bobby Burt, John Morgan. ,ga- ...---5--' - 4' 4, ,,. .sv .., ' J ,i . - -. ,, A-. . -.- .:. A -' A-F , h h --- ,,,"" "5Z'.:fL4gf... iff" ' -sp., 1 ..- - ' . -- - "LA f. qfvfu - 4' ,,, - - QQ I Y - I , , . ,Y---,J The west entrance to the new building. . - .,. .... . V EIGHTH GRADE gg , , 'J 1 .,, 1 ' Y' S E z S V, .jx "" ,- J R 0 A J ' .1 1 P, A ' , .' Q. k 1 ,Q E I . Q I l A K ' xx ,ill D -nm L 'ri fx L 'bq 'QQ Q ' R ,,,, Ji' ffl' Q Z Z Kenneth Adams, Wayne Berg, Howard Berkenmeier, Duane Brooks, Betty Burdue, Robert Burt, Teresa Dulavey, Marvin Elrod, Charlotte Hayden, Richard Holtzman, Robert Holtzman, Betty Jaynes, Kent Johnson, George McCready, John Morgan, Patsy Osborn, Joyce Reece, Judy Reh- mert, Billie Robertson, Glenda Timmons, John Todman, Lynn Umbarger, Ronald Umbarger, Kenneth Ward, Ray Wells, June Wheeler, Sarah Wheeler. ,'S3l?iF!l!h1fE if 'JWVP-T, SEVENTH GRADE I3 A. K 'P g W. f 1' 'f Q. '84 'Q . : 5 .A X ..". - .-53? A . 4- ' . ' , ., ,- f e -s-is ix 4 R- 2 I 2 Q2 . 'G '51 f " . r - 4 ' , A ,NA 'I' S' , S-:sr 4 -1 , , . . K , Q A f L as fi: JY' .M 5 - I ' cl: ' at af Q4 X 3 h Q X 7 5 . L rf A .Asa li 2 9 . s .1 ' A Keith Adams, Tommy Adams, Dalene Anderson, Rex Brown, Cindy Cheesman, Modine Chicka- donz, Gary Fowler, Jimmy Garner, Sherre George, Neil Gildart, Frankie Haviland, Robert Huss, Neil Henderson, Linda Kasper, Gary McFarland, Helen Meek, Phyllis Rehmert, Larry South, Helen Smedley, Garold Timmons, Sue Umbarger, Larry Woolery, Gary Wright. SIXTH GRADE Q.-7, Q f v ' . ,xii ...f OOIUSV -f' ' ra :I 1 l 0 . , ,A ' Ez' ..,.... 53' I f ' ?'v 1 Ex , : Q E ' Q C: ' .5 f "' Q ,. Gary Adams, Bobby Badcock, Larry Brown, Scott Cheesman, Duane Elrod, Ronald Fowler, Kenneth Hale, Gloria Hastings, Kathryn Holtzman, Toni Holtzman, Betty Huss, Marilyn Jaynes, Gary Marsh, Tommy Mitchell, Sarah Morgan, Donna Reece, Linda Rehmert, Stella Unruh. , y 1,3 C , ff W . Q P Carolyn Wheeler, Gerry Wheeler, Mary Wheeler, Tommy Wheeler, Larry White. FIFTH GRADE 5. s ef g ,A , 7' 'FF , 5-xp, 1 Q f ' , , .f W' ' 'al-T.T.r+ ' P Elf R 3.6. 1 -- . S Q A I 4 P V 5 2 gh ' , i , ,mi el N3 ' 'I' B A,...., A 2 ' I. Larry Anderson, Galen Bean, Wayne Berkenmeier, Sheryl Brooks, Glen Burdue, Beverly Duff, Rosslyn Engle, Myron Gallison, Virginia Hale, Stephen Johnson, Mike Mitchell, Connie Mor- gan, Ronnie Olinger, Bobby Riggle, David Stitt, Billy Thornton, Kenneth Timmons, Judy Wheeler, Margaret Williams, LaVerne Henderson, Sandra Barlow. I Q R Um Second Grade Christmas Party is t - - r FOURTH GRADE ww, J "' .3 W? tr X I .4 " f . . 2 N ', ? Y 'Q Q.e9'l4f.2 1 its 1 i'ii:'?'H1i " L V' T f f' A A 55 x 0 A 'Y IWW ,J is . 7 F3 55. '1 , ,, 1 X .h hx ,Q h K C V A., M ig Q A S 5 S""'nomo1o K I i " Q ' t .Q , ' Pictured from left to right: Sharon Adams, Bernita Bean, Mary Berkenmeier, Bonnie Cheesman, Barbara I-Iuss, Jovannah Kamm, Joyce Meek, Larry McKinsey, Patsy Rehmert, Jerry Sloan, Con- nie Sloan, Janice Smith, Kenneth Thomton, Stanley Umbarger, James Unruh, Leroy Unruh, Lester White, Joyce Williams. n-man GRADE . ,, 0 M V 7 - ass '. he tv v- 'Q Q' R f, '-P mu J W f . - my - f A H . 4 1 , 4 , 'tijifg ,-. . --,M .,.. ng, , Jay Anderson, Ray Anderson, Janice Carter, David Culbertson, Judith Duff, Joe Haviland, Donald McFarland, Carlene Morgan, Keith Powers. 4 , ' .Q ' ' .3 A V 1 'om -JA - ., . U ' A f- . --v -. V T wx, '.l.. .,.- u ' Y Y 'xxx 'fl Connie Raida, Cathrine Riggle, Rodney Robertson, Sharon Thornton, Janis Umbarger, Edward Wheeler, Nora Wheeler, SECOND GRADE C 1 3' ws". ' " H ' .G -5 , rg Q M yi f A fi ? 1 rt Q A Q , ,,, L A 1.4.4 L'-f 'Q an '- L C, n x . I 6, I - 1 I ,W .' Q A A f.-At O .1 . L 'AH 2 Vt, 1 'fi ' I' Patricia Adams, Johnny Beckom, Charles Bender, Lynn Christmas, Charles Davidson, Ruth Erbe Elizabeth Hale, Linda Johnson, Thomas Lloyd, Duane McFarland, Verla Rehmert, Bette Scott, Vickie Stipp, Larry Thornton, Judith Unruh, Carl Ward, I. Alan Wright, Charles Mayer. f FIRST GRADE 13 Q- ". Q M A P L... 50- f X, i gg .L 'L 'f .U-y I 444 , ff .L A L-.Qxv B J 1 Wx N 3 V -s "4 ' 7, "' 11 Q ,M AM . t as 3 is X .0 ,zz ni 'Vi Q 4460 lr f . X L V A Q27 Q Li 3 1' . . X x I , , ,: , ff? S A P aa E ff P Ray Anderson, Henry Bender, Beth Berg, Kenneth Berkenmeier, Mervin Brooks, John Cheesman, Rodger Christmas, Dale Culbertson, Carol Hardman, Ronnie Heilman, David Holtzman, Cathy Johns, Linda Leck, Patricia Leck, Bobby McCready, Freddie Osborn, Karen Payne, David Pow- ers, Lila Powers, Ronnie Raida, Elaine Sheppard, Jane Sheppard, Jerry Scott, Everett Thornton, Linda Thornton, Sarah Unruh, Teddy Wheeler, Harmon Wilken, Diane York, Denise Warren, Jackie Richards, Phillip Lucke. s Q km? 7 DI -ff' 1'2- 54-234 iii' Ein. Ag Ra 44, Q' H. B 4 ,!"' C 435115513 'ill vertisers 2' ,magm- L JOHNSON BROTHERS FURNITURE! H75 Steps North of Main on Lincoln' ' Phone 988 Chanute, Kansas CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Sales and Services f IL MCCUNE MOTOR COMPANY "" "- I - Chanute, Kansas , ae - V. :-"'iTTf,.:v T M iff BRANTS HARDWARE AND SERVICE STATION H' YE I Phillips 66 Gasoline and Dempster LUMBER AND SUPPLY Water Systems COMPANY Agency Farmers Alliance Insurance Co. Earlton, Kansas Lumber and Building Supplies NEWFIELD JEWELRY Cement Cooks Pam Plaster Congratulations to the 1 Graduatgs Thayer, Kansas 1827 Main Phone 33 Parsons, Kansas ENGEIQS FUNERAL HOME Z4 Hour Ambulance Service Phone Z9 Collect Flowers for Every Occasion Wallpaper for Every Room P 8: G SERVICE STATION At Your Service Used Parts and Auto Repairs Thayer, Kansas CECIL F. HIGI-IT - AGENCY Real Estate, Loans and Insurance See Me for Insurance and Farm Loan WALT MERC. CO. Where Your Dollars Go the Farthest Owned and Operated by Former Thayer High School Students FOX DEN CAFE Z4 Hour Service Good Food for Your Money Thayer, Kansas SHULTZ AND JUDY Farm Loans and Insurance Chanute, Kansas Phone 620 LOWES CLEANERS 515 East Main Chanute, Kansas THE CHANUTE DISCOUNT CO. INC. 41, on Savings 17 South Evergreen Chanute, Kansas C. C. FURNITURE The Best for Less 1719 South Highland Chanute, Kansas THE EA N K Ol: COM MEECE Chanute, Kansas "The Friendly Bank" 1-17 A SHURTLEFF MOTOR CO. Sales and Service 112-114 North Lincoln Street Chanute, Kansas ITM Tl-IE CHANUTE TIQIBLJ NE News While It Really Is News to More Than 6,000 Subscribers Chanute, Kansas Phone 17 KOCH BROS. FURNITURE Everything for the Home 126 West Main Chanute, Kansas TORRENCE JEWELRY Diamonds - Watches Jewelry - Silver Chanute, Kansas McCUNE CLOTHING Chanute's New Store for Men DON McC UNE Chanute, Kansas -.,.,,..-.,,. . ... ,..,... -. .. -..L .....-- -YW qs....,. 'VI-IE TIZITQST NATICDNAL BANK Congratulations Seniors REXALL DRUGS Prescriptions CASEY DRUG COMPANY Phone 1900 Chanute, Kansas BILL YOUNG CHEVROLET "Let's Be Friends" Chanute, Kansas BROTTON LAUNDRY AND AUTOMAT Come Clean With Us and We'1l Dye for You 911 South Santa Fe or 200 S. Kansas Chanute, Kansas SNIITH LUMBER COMPANY Materials for Buildings and Chanute, Kansas Repairs 308 E. Main Phone 51 Chanute, Kansas CHANUTE BUSINESS MACHINES COMPANY Sales - Service DON MALLORY 18 West Main Phone 2970 Chanute, Kansas THE C. R. CALVERT COMPANY INC. Department Stores 115-117 East Main Street Chanute, Kansas HOME APPLIANCES COMPANY PAUL N. HARRIS CHARLES E. MUSSLEMAN Z East Main Phone 108 Chanute, Kansas BARKER'S DAIRY BAR North of City Building Chanute, Kansas f f TINKS SUPER SERVICE STATION Tires - Tubes - Batteries Skelly Gasoline Phone 2.6 Thayer, Kansas M t' 'H ' sn m.xf12 N Am: AND Gl2ll..l. Bel-ZE- Chanute's Newest and Finest Restaurant HARDWARE Frigidaire and Maytag 26-Z8 W. Main Phone 146 Appliances General Hardware Chanute, Kansas Chanute, Kansas DEISDELL BEET!-ICDT PLANING NULL. Portraits and Foto Finishing Mouldings and Interior Finish Phone 523 Box 557 106 N. Ashby Ave. Chanute, Kansas Chanute, Kansas I I 1 I Meet the Gang POTTEES at GII..'S FOUNTAIN SERVICE CASH MARKET Malts - Luncheon I Ice Cream Locker and Feed Store Books - School Supplies Larro Feeds Sundries Television - Radio Thayer, Kansas Eldridge Store Phone 60 I R. C. GILMER Ml 'Ant' ' atm... 0 TOR CAQLS MOTOR SERVICE LJ MBAECSEE PHOS PI-IATE CO. Agriculture Lime Raw Rock Phosphate Crushed Rock For Lands Sake Use Lime and Raw Rock Phosphate Expert Mecharmical Service Sinclair Gas and Oils Gates Tires and Tubes Grant Batteries Case Dealer Thayer, Kansas Neodesha, Kansas Phone 1052 Day Phone 79 Night Phon i 6 COLE MOTOR CO. Lincoln-Mercury Sales - Service Safe Buy Used Cars Chanute, Kansas Phone 1306 TABOR MOTOR CO. Your Friendly Ford Dealer Chanute, Kansas SKINNEY ELECTRIC SERVICE RALPH T. BEESON BUSY BEE CAFE 10 West Main 110 West Main by the Railroad Track Telephone 548 Chanute, Kansas I NTEIQNATION Al.. PAPER COMPANY 5,,,,.w DIVISION Chanute, Kansas Phone 823 Your Local Market for Grain and Seeds Always Competitive Prices Get Our Prices on Your Fertilizer - Feeds GEORGE 00 Z fg Bulldozer Work Pond Building Terracing ' Clearing Thayer, Kansas Th-aYe1', Kansas Phone SF3 KASH GROCERY AND SERVICE D-X Oil and Gas Phone 121 THE PFEIFFER JEWELRY CO. 1810 Main Street Parsons, Kansas THE PAIZSCJNS SUN Congratulations to the 1957 Graduates of Thayer From THE PARSONS SUN Southeast Kansas ' Most Complete Newspaper Parsons, Kansas MARSH INSULATION CO. WILLARD E. MARSH Manufacturer Distributor Applicator Blown Insulation Thayer, Kansas Phone 146 ggi! .ual Tl-IE A FIPS-I' NATICDNAL BANK Thayer, Kansas New Safe Deposit Boxes Available We Cordially Invite You to Use All Our Banking Services Member F. D. I. C. Congratulations to the Thayer High School Graduating Class of 1957 Sl-ILJLTZ HARDWARE Thayer, Kansas Philco Sales and Service Televisions Radios Freezers Refrigerators Washers Dryers Stoves Air Conditioners Congratulations to the Thayer High School Graduating Class of 1957 O . , . . a f . Q v . , . .. A I . a 2 , ' 0 . b " :' " Q 2 4 1 , , Y ' x i. . u O v ' E .D 1 'Q 5, 1

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Thayer High School - Pilot Yearbook (Thayer, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 13

1957, pg 13

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