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Text from Pages 1 - 36 of the 1967 volume:

This issue of THE STEVENS marks the fortieth anniversary of Thaddeus Stevens Junior High School. We are proud of the past forty years. Stevens Junior High has contributed much to the community in public service as well as in education. We look now to the future with the belief that our graduating ninth graders will continue to reflect our school's fine reputation. EDITORS GENERAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF THE STEVENS' STAFF 2 DEDICATIO ,Y To Mrs. Beatrice Brown, the staff of THE STEVENS dedicates this issue. Mrs. Brown, last year, revived an almost extinct yearbook and returned it to the foreground of Stevens Junior High life. The entire school is grateful for her patience, efforts, and inspiration. We wish her the best in her association with Lock Haven State College. 3 William K. Miller Lois S. Adelson Eva M. Archer Emmett S. Barber Walter V. Boyer, Jr. James T. Brink Anthony I. Cimini Eleanor M. Cooper Sandra L. Dunkle Jay A, Fetterman Dorothy B. Fry Donald M. Griffith Marie M. Hyman Ronald A. Kalei- Seth D. Keller Karl H. Klotz James L. Kriner Charles E. Levering STEVENS in--v ah' 4. R' 4 'Q -3 FAC U LTY Lenore Losch Kenneth J. Lyons Eleanor H. Magee William T. McGee Isabelle M. McGraw Clair A. Miller Anna C. Nicholson Albert J. Petcavage Eugene L. Spririgman A' mr - Charles M. Thomas Susan R. Usmar David I . Ward Alice F. Welker Robert B. Winter Esther M. Dittm ar Naomi A. Joyner, Clerk Gladys M. Vogel, Nurse 5 David Abernatha David Bailey NINTH GRADE Bruce Ackerman Charles Baker 1' Q' -:ts Robyn Allen Sharon Baker tgggy Alan Anderson Susan Ball Judith Barr Neal Barr Tushanna Barrett Donna Barth Donald Bastian Stanley Bates Steven Bates I ack Bernstine Joanne Berry xarpa, Palais -Q . 1 W 31 x E :gs 5 5 K 'E e '1 it Douglas Andrews Janine Ardrey Alphonso Barbee Jeanette Barr gr CLASS OF l967 y .1 ' 'Q - gf . 4 i Q .Q . -s 'B f r' l nlnr , A r . l 1 Q Cy .5 Nw NJ ELK Iean Bigelow Cynthia Blackwell Nancy Blackwell Ruth Blakely Maureen Blizzard Bruce Blow Raymond Blow Valerie Bock David Bowen Donald Bower Douglas Bower Patti Boyer Mike Bradley John Brown Orrie Brown Robert Brown Gretchen Bubb Fred Bunge John Busler Edith Buttorf Ronald Calkins - 232322 r mf? 5. , F -me r ,Q f x ii xl k i f .f f it ' H 5 3131 K 'fx 'w ,ks X X X 2 1 'G :, W .3 r -1 f- - fax-:. - 'Y' 5 5 fx x 7 K 'fx Harold Campbell Kenneth Caputo Kathy Card Wayne Carpenter Terry Caschera Mark Cellini Martin Cellini Gregory Cendoma W A Diane Ciuccio Q ' John Clarkson Linda Clipper 5 X 4 Clara Coffey Clifford Cohen Heather Colley Robert Compton Charm Crane John Crawford ix as X2 is ' f Bandai, ,Q , . R 3 LX 1 K Sandra Carr Lawerence La Charles Chandler Harry Childs Kay Creveling Melvin Crist Debra Dewitt Cathy Dillon Florence Crooks Sherry Dougherty Vickie Engle Gleen Fagley Ann Farrow Laura Fenstmacher Patrick Fierro John Fisher Francine Fry Paul Fry Robert Fry Suzanne Croteau Susan Dapp Mike Dudek Cathy Earnest , fb - ul 1- - A Aw.. - A J f Rgflf X!-, . --" L - Q K if-1 vie sash . 6. iff ,Y l fs Karen Denesevich William Eaton 5- 'x Y' is 1:7 an-X on G 'fx F . 'K - ., 9 f f - ' H J I . EWR 11:12 21 Kathy Fuller Elizabeth Good , X as Keith Fullmer Dewey Gallardo Jacqueline Gibbs John Gibson George Gilliland Marie Gorasi Dennis Greenawalt Mary Greenway Barry Haines Craig Hess R N yy ..,, Alfie' 2 1 11, at -Q at - -Q1 ty 2,1 X. X N, Holly Habestroth Scott Hamilton Mike Harris De Wayne Harvey Ned Hennigan Alan Herbst Patricia Hills James Hillyard Dorothy Hood ,X 5 . ,. 3 - VMI, 4 J ,su 1 -. 4 . - ,N .: 3 ,J ri J 5 4 - ik '- vfwv' V -A ,mf V f 'z , dxf .3 FNS.. .9-.--...N x 'aw 1.9 j n mir tiki! r Alan Horner Cynthia Hughes Judy Hiscar Susan Homisak Noble Jarrett Charles Jeirles Ella Johnson James Johnson Thomas Kefalas '- Donald Kelchner Russee Kershner Patty Jacobson Robert Jansen Robert Johnson Linda Kackermeister at Larry Kettler David Klimeck Carol Knauber Harold Knerr Sharon Koons Arie Kuhns Larry Kulla Mary Mahoney Bernard LaBe11e Cynthia May 1:54121 in-Y Jean LaBe11e Deborah Mayer M. in 3, ig- 'r as--X Janice Lehotsky David Lovell Howard Lowmiller Clifford Martin Jane Martin Kathleen Martin Robert Martin Tim Martin Kathleen McCloskey Joseph McElroy Mary McErn Jeanne McGorrnan Yonnie McLaughlin Lucinda McKenzie Glenn McStay 4,4 z 4,--fa. orb? My M13 ", -we ilwv A5313 , 'QA N x ox hristine Mechtly June Metzger avid Meckbach Lee Hoa Miao Own,- 51, ,qty W ' '92 r William Miller Joe Moore Leroy Mosteller Walter Moyer Keith Nevel Tom Nagy Paul Orwig James Orr Iohu Pontious Mike Povish Cheryl Preston V 9- Debra Pifer 5- " Donna Rauch sz ' ,--'TB . 1' A-L xii Kim Moore Vicki Moore Scott Mureddu Steve Mutchler N... ll wagn- , Zz, w h,,,- :P i."v"" .K 5"x ' we f .mf . g in .iw lox . fl- ' VME 5-ft fi E21 ,J Suzanne Revak Dwight Rhodes Beverly Ridgely Ronny Savers Richard Saylor Roberta Schultz 0 .Nh 544' Qu R kfi ,mir f gi S M n fy' wif Mn. Q. A , Q.: y . Nancy Rook Scott Royer Elizabeth Terry Schuman Deborah Seitzer Tanya Sharar Barbara Signor Kathy Simpson Sharon Smedley James Smith Jon Smith Mary Ann Smith John snauffer Ronald Snauffer Adam Snyder -mv- -1-W Q -g "vii-,I T - S "Q ' ". K . in ' Gifs W.. Greg Snyder Robert Snyder Deborah South Keith Speigel Scott Stetler Mary Stockm ell James Sullivan Ray Surfield Lynn Susko Russell Tanner Harold Tenon Sharon Thomas David Tompkins Joyce Toner Linda Trostle Pierre Tzomes Nick Vonada Mary Ann Wallech Janice Walton James Wanamaker Leonard Weber .X U Suv.,- Q-fi' if s -f Qi 1 1 1.35 . - -L ku " X +Q..',, vga, K r 's f .. . t af, - 7-'Q - L . , T' , y' 3' 5' + . gi. . . . 5:11 f . , , V 0 0 " ., ,e '33 If Q i . ,R K r 'H X Gigi .Q I' X i , . A Q' ld ' J' is 1 ' ' Will".- gin., .tl-j ,, , A. , "I, -H' -7, 553.5 E Q A , + f' ' gf' 'H' f vi' , ra. '1 -I - A . ..z-. 1 . ' 1 4 .1 , . s t 1' Agp." 13' ,X . f , " 'k uf r '1 ' s if r if 1 K I 5 Nanette Weigle Clay Whaley Richard Whaley Thomas Williams Joann Wolf Barbara Zeigler STEVENS RECALL . . . This year our school, Stevens Junior High, is having its fortieth birthday. That might seem like a long, long time to some people, and they might think that after so many years, a building would begin to show its age--- but not Stevens. Situated on the northern hill of our city, the school overlooks the central part of Williamsport. It is surrounded by stately elm trees, graceful evergreens, and beautiful green lawns. On either side of the main entrance there are Japanese cherry blossom trees, and both students and teachers alike look forward to April, "cherry blossom time at Stevens." The school, built of dark red brick and trimmed in Indiana limestone, was constructed in the elegant style of Collegiate Gothic architecture. This particular type of architecture, popular during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, was so well liked that it was used by famous universities, such as Yale, Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge. In addition to having educated about 8400 students, Stevens has contributed many services to our city, for example, during the floods of '36 and '46, Acting as a refuge center, the school housed between 900 and 1000 people for almost a week during the crises. Meals were served in the cafeteria, babies' formulas were prepared in the home economics department, and the guidance room was the doctor's headquarters. The gym and halls were used as dormitories. Stevens has also served the city in other ways. It is a fall-out shelter in time of danger, it provides a play- ground in the summer, and it's a distribution center for polio vaccines. In addition, the gymnasium is used almost every night of the week by different teams from throughout the city. We Stevens students are proud of our school's history. Its many athletic records, musical and artistic achieve- ments, Christmas programs, and scholastic honors are known by everyone. Good luck, Stevens! All we Hilltoppers, past and present, wish you well. Many many more happy birthdays! Roberta M. Schultz 1 6 E IG HTH G RAD E Room 6-Miss Losch ROW 1: T. Adams, R. Confer, T. Irwin, E. Beach, F. Sabo. ROW 2: D. Manning, F. Pepperman K. Archer, L. Ciccarelli, C. Gramley, L. Levering. ROW 3: R. Deitrick, J. Baltzer, C. Erb, E. Border, R. Wensel, M. Fritz. ROW 4: F. Mcstay, K. McGarr, M. Dounell, W. Titus, L. Bastian, H. Bower, L. Fullmer, J. Jansen. Room, I4-Mrs. Adelson ROW 1: A. Smith, P. Shebest, V. Sahm, J. Day, K. Smith. ROW 2: D. Gross, D. Chew, L. McCarty, J. Breining, K. Hamm, M. Mitchell, S. Bock. ROW 3: M. Auker, L. Lehotsky, D. Welliver, N. Wollet, A. Betzel, C. Catherman, L. Campana, L. Fry. ROW 4: I. Engler, S. Pantano, I. Cunningham, L. Lunger, P. Fuller, G. Nelson, P. Schutz, C. MacGill, S. Hitsher, I. Wade. NOT SHOWN: E. Reifsnyder, D. Fox, M. Harvey. Room I 5-Mrs. Magee ROW l: C. Lohman, J. Winder, E. Gottschall, P. Kaufman, R. Hess, D. Spong, K. Snook. ROW 2: S. Horner, J. Callahan, M. Campana, S. Michaels, C. Gibbson, D. Fox, G. Kelchner. ROW 3: D Chew, S. Calkins, C. Smith, J. Foar, M. McCloskey, M. Gilbody, D. Vanderhoof, K. Sebring. ROW 4: D. Anderson, S. McCloskey. I. Confer, J. Brown, S. Williamson, S. Shively, D. Arm- strong, R. Marseco. Room I7-Mr. C. Miller ROW 1: F. Cioffi, L. Evans, D. Edwards, G. Crawford, L. Hulsizer, T. Borowski, P. Kibler. ROW 2: J. Andrews, D. Harris, D. Smedley, G. Povish, D. Gilbert, S. Snoff, S. Iones, P. Eisner. ROW 3: K. Jenkins, J. Davidson, M. Hughes, L. Campbell, G. Shaffer, W. Hudgens, B. Fairfax, D. Kuhns. ROW 4: C. Matlack, P. Hutner, J. Calta, A. Crosley, G. Leta, G. McEwen, D. Gibson, M. Randolph, M. Erb. ia Room 2 I -Mr. Thomas are Aw. ROW 1: I. Cellini, K. Monastro, S. Knight, C. Hendershot, M. Rowles, S. Betts, J. Ieirles. ROW 2: S. Miller, I. Boatman, C. Eiswerth, M. Scouten, P. Tennis, K. Chambers, J. Yarrison. ROW 3 G. Stover, I. Shadle, K. Ouay, M. Staton, P. Pifer, C. Baer, E. Harmon, B. Bernstine. ROW 4: E. Debrody, D. Mulliner, J. Preston, G. Miller, D. Folk, L. Amanda, A. Jones, A. Weaver. NOT SHOWN - Sharon Seltzer. Room 22-Mrs. Dittmar ROW 1: D. Basset, D. Spong, M. Bower, O. Troxell, C. Loner, K. Miller, K. Anello. ROW 2: N. Gehron, C. Miller, D. Dudek, C. Robinson, A. Robbins, B. Bartholomew, A. Crandel, C. Davenport. ROW 3: Miss Rendle, M. Rogers, D. Haas, B. Clay, D. White, M. Fox, S. Lockard, L. Kelchner, C. Brubaker. ROW 4: S. Bower, T. Verdini, C. Eveleth, P. Rampulla, D. Weit- zel, S. Neece, L. Little, K. Duel. V9 Room 25-Mr. Kaler ROW 1: J. Yeagle, B. Neff, D. Haberstroh, K. Snook, M. Paulhamus, I. Bower, H. Jeirles. ROW 2: D. Zimmerman, I. Emery, A. Hills, P. Signor, C. Ludwick, G. Deutschhle, V. Gibbs. ROW 3: R. Marvin, C. Colocino, J. Cochran, T. Jenkins, D. Johnson, R. McCloskey, L. McStay, G. Walborn. ROW 4: P. Weaver, G. Dowling, P. Moser, T. Forster, W. Haight, R. Godfrey, E. Myers, R. Dewitt, D. Trostle. Room I3-Mr. Boyer ROW 1: Miss Earnhart, T. Brown, L. Smith, T. Gallardo, J. Kolasa, H. Lowmiller. ROW 2: C. Smith, D. Weaver, J. Irvin, G. Allen, J. Hinkley. ROW 3: J. Toner, P. Feigles. M. Harman, D. Harvey, J. McElroy, J. Walter. 20 SEVENTH GRADE Room 2-Mr. Winters M,.,??a rr ROW 1: L. Miao, J. Todd, D. Buck, P. Campano, L. Metzger, G. Bausinger, D. Adams, T. Rit ter, L. Patchen. ROW 2: D. Lynch, S. Lumbard, M. Baker, P. Eisner, K. Fultz, D. Russell, B. Try. ROW 3: D. Cunningham, P. Turner, C. Bloom, L. Mulcahy, D. Hakes, D. Kepler, L. Waxman, G. I-Iinston. ROW 4: E. Mellish, J. Trostle, P. Dapp, B. Saye, L. Shelly, L. Dozier, T. Kackenmeister, D. Bowen, G. Bay, V. Johns. NOT SHOWN - I. King, R. Skuranza, D. Ollis, A. Fagley, T. I-Iillin. Room 5-Mrs. Welker ROW 1: J. Barone, D. Steinbacher, J. Cogley, W. Matlack, M. Bloom, V. Farabaugh, D. Weigel, J. Mutchler, M. Newcomer. ROW 2: K. Bloom, R. Sicuranza, D. Ollis, A. Fagley, T. Hilling, M. Jones, C. Dorn, S. MacGorman. ROW 3: B. Croffut, M. Bobkoskie, I. Morrow, M. Orso, K. Steckenfinger, D. Crandall, M. Doyle. ROW 4: A. Richardson, C. Derr, C. Kem, S. Helsel, L. Confer, N. Freeo1,M. Dodek, D. Koch. 21 Room I 6-Miss Dunkle ROW 1: B. Miller, L. Habbel, W. Breidinger, D. Stopper, Y. Verberg, P. Derone, J. Moore. ROW 2: D. Rhodes, L. McCloskey, E. Bigelow, D. Daugherty, G. Kafalas, J. Moore, H. Mc- Giffin, K. Slaybaugh. ROW 3: M. Luxenberger, S. Phillips, M. LeVan, D. Keiser, L. Bundy, B. Atkins, J. Fedroff, G. Nelson, W. Morin. ROW 4: S. Smith, J. Confair, L. Moon, B. Lipfert, G. Kepner, D. Neece, S. Wycoff, M. Childs, D. Nagy. Room I9-Mr. Keller ROW 1: P. Johnson, R. Williams, B. Bates, T. Rothrock, C. Crane, I. Reed. ROW 2: C. Mos- teller, R. Martin, C. Snyder, D. Jean, J. Wither, D. Harris, N. Hall, R. Emerick. ROW 3: H. Woodring, D. Roupp, D. Artley, K. Kriner, R. Brown, D. Fry, R. Matthews, L. Moore. ROW 4 J. Skoog, M. Gilbody, D. Rotoli, T. Brown, P. Reed, T. Haines, C. Coffey, M. Crist. 22 Room 23-Mr. Klotz FH 5.755 gp, 0 ROW 1: T. Hess, W. Erb, I. Lovell, A. Milton, T. Wilson, C. Wanamaker. ROW 2: N. Betson D. Mecum, C. Shaffer, V. Lynn, D. Finkbeiner, D. Hant, J. Knerr, J. Lawson. ROW 3: D. Mac1augh1in,K. Markell, C. Martin, C. Crist, T. Dolan, B. Wittman, I. Harvey, S. Hoffman. ROW 4: S. Fogelrnan, D. Conroy, E. DeParasis, M. Brown, R. Hamilton, M. Bloom, R. Fox, C. Hannen. Room 24-Mr. Springman is ROW 1: Miss Schlegel, A. Blakely, B. Womer, D. Weston, N. Paoloni, K. Weikel, D. Calkins, M. Fritz. ROW 2: W. Witmer, S. Harvey, K. Paternosten, D. Harmon, D. Brown, L. Haight, J. Scruggs, R. Cryder, T. Calta. ROW 3: D. Hockman, T. Povish, R. Bower, S. Williams, B. Boyer, C. Ciccarelli, K. Slaybaugh, D. Gramley, L. Doane. ROW 4: K. Banzhaf, D. Koval- eski, M. Yahner, E. Keller, K. Myers, R. Mendler, C. Keyser, I. Brown, W. Witmer. 23 STEVENS JUNIOR HIGH SCHCDOL BAND BAND FRONT MAJ ORETTES BAND LEADER CHEERLEADER MIXED CHORUS MALE ENSEMBLE CHORALIERS TUDENT COUNCIL "Principals and Their Principles" In its forty-year history Stevens has had four great principals. The first, Mr. Harvey E. Stabler, served from 1927 to 1942. ln organizing the school, it might be said that Mr. Stabler had two great dreams for Stevens. One was to establish high academic standards, and the other was to beautify Stevens' campus so that in future years it would become a showplace of Williamsport. He, assisted by Stevens' students, planted the entire hillside with bushes and evergreens. At the entrance of the school they planted two lovely cherry blossom trees, and around the building they placed many bushes and flowers. When Mr. Stabler retired, a graceful oak tree was planted on the campus in his memory. Our second principal Mr. C. Grover Hyman, the late husband of our librarian, served for twenty- one years. Before his appointment lslr. Hyman was principal at Transeau. When MJ. Hyman died in 1963, Dr. Hugh Fredericks, guidance counselor at Stevens, succeeded him. He remained in this capacity for two years. He is now school psychologist. Our present principal, Mr. William K. A-iiller, a former principal at Washington and Clay, was a member of Stevens' first graduating class. How fitting that he should return as a principal, to his alma mater. Linda Clipper '77 Y-TEENS LIBRARY CLUB BASKETBALL FOOTBALL WRESTLING AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS CLUB yfffiff CUSTODIAL STAFF CAFETERIA STAFF STEVENS' RECALLS . . . Graduation rehearsal, and all we ninth graders are sitting in the auditorium awaiting directions. Our last ap- pearance must be in the finest Stevens' tradition. Graduation? Seems unbelievable that three years have passed since that exciting day when we trudged up Stevens' hill to become "big kids." We were scared, excited, and un sure as we listened to Dr. Fredericks' instructions, but within a couple days' time we knew in which direction the cafeteria was, and that sometimes those paddles were really used. Yes, we have lots of memories to take along . . . our first pep meeting was fabulous, and we all went to sleep that night visualizing ourselves as vivacious cheerleaders, drum majorettes, Blue and Gray band members, or heroic football players, Then came the activities . . . Y-Teens with its zany initiation, chorus and band for the musical, library for the literary, art for the creative, cheering and majorettes for the agile, and sports for the athletic. Our first Friday night dance at the Y was a little disappointing when we were shoved upstairs into that tiny room. "A Christmas Carol", our holiday operetta, put a few seventh graders in the spotlight and was the highlight of the season. .Some of us fell for the fads . . . Beatle haircuts, short hemlines, teased hair, and that thing called the "Freddie", Oh, yes, midyears and finals, and then it was June. After riot enough swimming and fun we returned to Stevens as wise eighth graders to be greeted by our new principal, William K. Miller, who immediately won our admiration and respect. We laughed at the confused, little seventh graders. How young! Big changes that year . . . Student council . . . double cafeteria lines . . . new IBM report cards . . . visual aid club members tinkering with numerous gadgets . . . groovy cheering uniforms . . . the return of "The Stevens" . . . Lawn crews, Air. Nliller's "chosen few" . . . door decorating contest . . . and of course, our exciting eighth grade party when we all wore our best wranglers. Oh yes, " Batman" was the T.V. hero . . . hemlines grew shorter! I I . . . Nancy Sinatra and her "boots made for walking" was our favorite . . . long hair for both boys and girls and absolutely no curls-and droopy bangs. Ninth graders at last . . . the V I P's of Stevens! School spirit was high, some times even higher than our football scores, but we never quit. Who could forget that final game with Curtin, and the tied score? Again many innovations . . . a new trophy case in the front hall, a band front to carry our colorful new flags, those two and a half days of torturous Iowa tests with all of us crowded in the gym, and the day we took the bus to hear the wonderful Baltimore Symphony. We behaved perfectly, because --- well, you know why! Fads continued . . . "Night Train" was a must and we listened faithfully, pierced ears was a new status symbol, everyone did the "Philly Dog" and the "Skate"g some of us became daring and bleached our hair, hemlines crept up higher!! Then who could forget the ninth grade party? It was a night to be cherished forever . . . Yes, tomorrow night will be the real thing . . . Graduation . . . We will leave Stevens forever, but even after we move on to the Cherry and White, we will always carry a little Blue and Gray in our hearts. Mary Bennett Stockwell 31 AUTOGRAPHS

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