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l Russia seaofonuif Q . nsaluunn- Mongolian Republic A dl . S 4 5 ., 9 n Sean! f tg A Japan n 9 . Korea ,Japan 9 a Yokohama Inn 60,908 Chilli! wg., Yokosukg n YS gs V '00 h Persian 0 Gill Qs, , ,l 40 n A 5 Taiwan f G+ X Saudi Arabia ' 'mn' Burma S, n f n 512501150 my anew M... cmsea Nz fm n , .2 n n 43' n Q Q99 Philippines '-n n an .QQ-Q' Sw' ww-'mm Elhlnpla 49 , a an 2 J n . I f . . T -,a :..Mw n Q 'nn fn + ,of n n n 3 Saga 6 - - , V gb ,L X V, , ' I If fy 'O .Qi . .I+ V '00 , ,V , C V o . Q Q n , o . . t , 9,9 snvcnnuxs n n X 4 n at A --wa n n H M " n n n n M' r- n JY- n n n 4 94 q....,..... T , n N n i 5' - n fl c ,47- e' 6 nf + momj OFCAPRICORN + J Msnam n INDIAN QCEAN, wg n a hhoc hhvard 0 lllilfll-IN N I V If Q if p 1, BCIIIIQSCI Alaska f . U . Canada A A I 4 I, ,f X N . I xo XI O00 b., X Q if xx X I I I IIPII Wm Wh Hake Island 'MNA ISLANDS CI .f' x I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 2. s HJ --I Is S PIAISIIALI. ISLANDS IILIHE ISLANIB NORTH PACIFIC I United States W I we I- IIIA Q 6 II .Midway 9 51, ni Golden Shellback GILBERT ISLANIB 'V San QM Coral Sea New Caledonia 0 Q + mom oromczfn NX PACIFIC OCEAN B do fx sf' 9 U Hawaii rg if Rs CIIIISUIIIS Island FIIOIENIX ISLANDS BLLICI ISLARN X SAMOA ISLANDS l Q ,E n Q I 2 SOCIETY ISLANDS mhlfl nday 'E U- - I Q 2- L - -- D Q I T el : T a . . 1 ' I iq" A ' - 322 'L . 3 99 ' . ' 9 KI Q 2. ' . .5 'xg ' Q in-A w V . , I A -,r . 1 Q g ' 4- 4 Q ' a ' : c . 2 A 'E 1 ,,-,,,--- 6 ' NTERHA IONA DATE I X 0 + ,--4---- --------------- x 1 3 X X . I Q f 1 X N onda ' ' ' ' f g, ,- ,,, ,- - - - - t ---- - y- - - -If . f ' "' ' s 5U I ' 'If ' 2 I 3 . - - 2 5 3 I 0 7 we I :ff 0 ' i Q + fo . + ,QB I 1 A ,De ui E' -L' Akymx SOUTH PACIFIC AF' if 4,1 lx ' I .gms if? ,, F , 415: ' 13-- Wir' Q4 I-E 1 1? e ',. 1 ' -nag ' Q 'ur ,,, - L W 4.1. 4 rv .1 'fu .L 'l' ...uh 17 . . . ' ,a in 1 gi U -Q -n 44 -4, ,gs 14 ,wp ml n 1. nf. ,. P. nfs. pfulcad WJ K1 C JW! l-MTH.,- rg-'FP USS THACH CFFG 432 2 ADMIRAL JIMMY S. THACH UNITED STATES NAVY John Smith Thach was born in Pine Bluffs, Arkansas on April 19, 1905. In 1923, he was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy. He graduated on June 20, 1927 and was commissioned an Ensign in the U.S. Navy. Admiral Thach served in the battleships USS MISSISSIPPI CBB-415 and USS CALIFORNIA CBB-445 before he was selected for flight training at Pensacola, Florida. In January 1930, Admiral Thach was designated Naval Aviator H3587 and assigned to his first operational squadron. From the beginning, Admiral Thach proved himself a highly capable pilot, recognized repeatedly for gunnery top scores in every type of combat aircraft he flew. During the next few years of his career, Admiral Thach's superior performance qualified him to become a test pilot and flight instructor. He received a letter of commendation in 1940 for uexceptional skill and technique in aerial gunnery and bombing, efficient and meticulous operation of a squadron gunner department, and marked ability to train other pilots in fighting plane tactics and gunneryf, When the United States entered World War II, Admiral Thach was the top fighter tactician in the Navy. As a Lieutenant Commander commanding Fighter Squadron Three, embarked in aircraft carrier USS SARATOGA CCV-35, he had seen intelligence reports from the Sino- Japanese war that convinced him that the Navyis top carrier fighter, the F4F Grumman Wildcat, was no match for the superior flying performance ofthe Japanese "Zero" The result, which he worked out with matchsticks on his kitchen table, was the famous uThach Weave," still used today by modern jet fighters. He initiated the practice of having U.S. fighters operate in pairs, instead of trios. The pair would weave back and forth as they encountered the Zero on his partner's tail and vice versa. This tactic proved highly successful in the early Pacific carrier battles including Coral Sea and Midway. At the end of the first O as l i year ofthe Pacific War, Fighter S q u a d r o n s commanded by Admiral Thach accounted for over half the enemy fighters shot down by U.S. Navy pilots. In 1 943, Admiral Thach returned to Pearl Harbor to instruct pilots in the use of his tactic. Later in the war, Admiral Thach was assigned to the Fast Carrier Task Force as Air Operations Officer, where he developed the system of blanketing enemy airfields with a continuous patrol of carrier based fighters. This tactic is credited with destroying the air offensive capabilities of Japan. His direction of the Navy's final offensive blows to the Japanese mainland led to Admiral Thach's participation at the Japanese Surrender aboard the battleship USS MISSOURI CBB-635. Admiral Thach continued his distinguished career after the war, commanding the aircraft carrier USS SICILY CCVE-1185 during the Korean conflict, and later the carrier USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT CCV-423. He was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral in November 1955. In 1960, Admiral Thach became Commander of Antisubmarine Warfare Force Pacific Fleet and in recognition of his work, the Navy annually awards the best antisubmarine warfare aircraft squadron 4'The Admiral Thach Award? In 1965 Admiral Thach received his fourth star and was ordered to duty as Commander-In-Chief of U.S. Naval Forces Europe and served there until his retirement Cafter more than 40 years of servicej. Admiral Thach died on April 15, 1981 and is interned at Rosecranas National Cemetery. ADMIRAL THA CH 3 Commander Richard Daniel is a native of South Texas and a 1981 graduate of Texas ASLM University. After attending Surface Warfare Officers School, San Diego, California, he served in USS ROBERT E. PEARY CFF 10735 in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, as Damage Control Assistant and as Navigator. While in PEARY, Commander Daniel qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer. Commander Daniel's next assignment was in USS NEW JERSEY CBB 625 in Long Beach, California. His tour included assignments as Electrical Division Officer, Main Battery Fire Control Officer, and Assistant Weapons Officer. Following NEW JERSEY, Commander Daniel attended Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, where as a distinguished graduate, he earned a Masters of Science in Systems Technology CJoint Command, Control and Comrnunications5. C OMMANDING OFFICER 4 FORMER COMMANDING OFFICER CDR RIC W. DANIEL UNITED STATES NAVY In 1988 Commander Daniel attended Surface Warfare Officer Department Head School, Newport, Rhode Island, and upon graduation reported to USS MERRILL CDD 9765 in San Diego, California, as Combat Systems Officer. Following MERRILL he reported as Combat Systems Officer in USS ARKANSAS CCGN 415 in Alameda, California. After his department head tours, Commander Daniel reported in 1 992 to the staff of the Commander THIRD Fleet, embarked in USS CORONADO CAGF 125 in San Diego, California, as Surface Warfare and Cruise Missile Officer. In 1993 he reported as commissioning Executive Officer in USS STETHEM CDDG 635 in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and San Diego, California. While serving in STETHEM, Commander Daniel was selected as the 1996-1997 Federal Executive Fellow to the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Medford, Massachusetts. In 1997 after completing his fellowship at Fletcher, Commander Daniel served in the Policy Division of the Joint Staff, Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate. He assumed command of THACH in October 1999. Commander Daniel was relieved of command by Commander William A. Sheehan on 22 June 2001 while conducting Maritime Interdiction Operations in the Arabian Gulf. Following THACH, Commander Daniel reported to Commander Cruiser Destroyer Group Five for duty as Operations Officer. In addition to various campaign and service medals, Commander Danielis decorations include thfr Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal Cwith two gold stars5, the Joint ServiC6 Commendation Medal, the NHVY Commendation Medal Cwith three gold stars5, and the NHVY Achievement Medal. 'r E 1. r, ul I S. K 1 h 1 i I I I 1 IlI+ 0 412 'as PRESENT 'WW -0- COMMANDING OFFICER CDR WTLLIAM A. SHEEHAN UNITED STATES NAVY Commander Sheehan is a native of Glens Falls, New York. Following graduation from Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, CDR Sheehan was assigned to USS NEWPORT CLST 11795, homeported in Little Creek, Virginia. He served for three years in the Deck and Engineering Departments as Gunnery Officer and Auxiliaries and Electrical Officer. During his tour in NEWPORT, he participated in a Mediterranean deployment and was designated a Surface Warfare Officer in 1985. In March 1986, he reported for duty as Combat 'Information Center Officer in USS TRIPPE CFF 10755 at Charleston, South Carolina. During his tour in TRIPPE, CDR Sheehan participated in a Mediterranean deployment, a North Atlantic deployment, and qualified as a Tactical Action Officer. Commander Sheehan attended the 'Naval Postgraduate School at Monterey, California from 1987- 1989. After earning a Masterls Degree in Computer Science he attended the Surface Warfare Office Department Head School in Newport, Rhode Island. Commander Sheehan's next assigment was as Operations Officer in USS BAGLEY CFF 10695 at San Diego, California. During his tour in BAGLEY, CDR Sheehan participated in a Central American deployment, and completed his command qualifications. In December 1991, he reported for duty as Operations Officer in USS MISSISSIPPI CCGN 405 at Norfolk,'Virginia. During his tour CDR Sheehan participated in a South and Central American deployment and the first ever operational Tomahawk Block III cruise missile qualification. Returning ashore, CDR Sheehan attended the Army Command and General Staff College, Leavenworth, Kansas, and the Armed Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia. He then served as Chief, Systems Integration Branch at the Joint Warfighting Center, Fort Monroe, Virginia from 1994-1996. In July 1997, CDR Sheehan took command of USS CARDINAL CMHC 605, and served as the shipis Commissioning Commanding Officer, until January 1999. Following command he reported to N85 on the Chief of Naval Operations staff as Deputy Branch Head for Mine Warfare. Commander Sheehan assumed command of THACH on 22 June 2001 while underway in the Arabian Gulf. His personal decorations include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal Ctwo awards5, the Navy Commendation Medal Cthree awards5, the Navy Achievement Medal and the Army Achievement Medal. Commander Sheehan is married to the former Janet Proffitt of Weaverville, California. They presently reside in Rancho Santa Fe, California. C OMMANDING OFFICER 5 LCDR Kevin Flanagan is a native of New York City and a 1984 graduate of Southern Connecticut State University. i LCDR Flanagan, s initial sea tours were as Communications and Boilers Officer in USS JUNEAU CLPD 105 and Battery Control and Assistant Operations Officer in USS LEAH Y CCG l65. Following instructor duty at the United States Naval Academy, LCDR Flanagan attended Surface Warfare Officer Department Head School. LCDR Flanaganis next sea tour was as Operations Officer in USS GETTYSBURG CCG 645. Following GE TTYSB URG, LCDR Flanagan attended EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR KEVIN P. FLANNAGAN UNITED STATES NAVY the Naval War College where, he earned a Masters of Arts in National Security Affairs and Strategic Studies, Upon graduation from the Naval War College, LCDR Flanagan was assigned to the staff of Commander Cruiser Destroyer Group Five, San Diego, Califomia as Flag Secretary. In 2000 LCDR Flanagan reported to USS THACH where he is currently serving as Executive Officer. In addition to various campaign and service medals, LCDR Flanagan's decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal Cwith two gold stars5, and the Navy Achievement Medal Cwith two gold stars5. LCDR Flanagan is married to the former Mary Ellen Kiely and has a son, Daniel. COMMAND MASTER CHIEF CMDMC GLENN ST. PIERRE S UNITED STATES NAVY CMDMC Glenn Thomas St. Pierre is a native of Submarine Warfare Lafayette, Louisiana. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1978 and received recruit training at RTC San Diego, California. After Boot Camp, he attended Sonar Technician HA" and ANISQS-26CX Operator Schools. CMDMC St. Pierre has served on the following ships: USS J ULI US A. F URER CFFG-65, USS STEPHEN W GROVES CFFG-295, and USS COPELAND CFFG- 255. His shore tours have been as Squadron Training Assistant for Commander, Destroyer Squadron EIGHT, ANISQQ-89CV52 Sonar Course Supervisor at Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Center Pacific, San Diego, CA., Force Anti-Submarine Warfare Assistant for Commander, Navy Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, San Diego, CA., and Command Master Chief and Anti- EXECUTIVE OFFICER cl? CMC 6 Analyst for Commander Destroyer Squadron TWENTY-ONE, Sea Combat Commander embarked in Uss JOHN A C. STENNIS CCVN-745. On 30 January 01, Master Chief St. Pierre reported to THACH as the Command Master Chief. In addition to various campaign and service medals, Master Chief St. Pierre's decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine C01'pS Commendation Medal Cwith two gold stars5, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal Cwith one gold SIHYSD, and Navy Good Conduct Medal Cwith four bronze stars5. f I l I I 5 E i snnfs M1ss1oN USS THACH CFFG 435 is the thirty-seventh ship of the Oliver Hazard Perry class of Guided Missile Frigates. THACH's mission is to provide air, surface, and subsurface protection for Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups, Underway Replenishment Forces, Convoys, Amphibious Groups, and other shipping. Jffgg. A One of the smallest surface combatantsfin the Navy, THA CH 7 s shallow draft and her ability to carry two multi-purpose Seahawk Helicopters gives an added advantage in littoral operations. ff U ,g ,1 5, ' 1 i The systems in THACH have been designed to meet these demanding threats. Her weapon systems include Harpoon anti-ship missiles, Standard surface to air missiles, aetrapid-fire 76mm gun, a Close-in Weapons System CCIWSD, antisubmarine torpedoes. , THACHf,isQ,powered by two computer controlled and mognitoredigiislgturbine engines with a top speed of nearly thirty knotsff electronic logic circuits and remotely operated fare monitored in a central control station, andjoperatoifsicifn initiate plant startup and be ready to get Highly important in Maritime InceptiOi1i OperatiO11sW,, underway than ten minutes. CMIOJ, THACH is routinely deployed to rneAqabian,Gu1f' 1 real of the THACH is her crew. Her high to inspect merchant traffic entering and iii, Iraqi ports. skilled technicians, operators, and in close proximity to shallow coastal watersgifj , 7f'l fy, . profeissionlafflfeaders. With a crew of twenty-first century Whatever the mission assignment may be,f lsuccesslfiinlj .lii can meet the challenges of modern naval todayis warfare environment requires rapid making based on a multitude of information and Sensor sources for an almost instantaneous response to a threat. SHIP,S C Wflffiifesi welcome you aboard the finest Missile Frigate in the world, living up to her motto, ffReady and Ablef' CTERISTICS BUILT BY: ....... Todd Pacific Shipyards Los Angeles Division San Pedro, California SPEED: .... . . . KEEL LAID: ...... 6 March 6 1982 AIRCRAFT: AUXILIARIES: . . . 0 4 1000 Kilowatt Ship Service Diesel Generators 28+ knots 2 SH-60B Seahawk Helicopters CHRISTENED: .... 18 December 1982 COMMISSIONED: .17 March 1984 at Long Beach Naval Station, Long Beach, California I... ,, W... ARMAMENTS: . . .0 MK 32 ASW Torpedo Tubes C2 Triple y Mountsj ' MK 13 Guided Missile Launcher VL..'w, , , ,, ., I. LL, DISPLACEMENT: ..... 4100 tons V. ' Standard Anti-Aircraft Missiles I .Qfiif i.!p Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles LENGTH: ........ .... 4 53 feet Ill, 75 76mm Rapid Firing Gun N M, I gppg oil LL 15 Close-in Weapon System BEAM: -----.-- -..- 4 oooo ' V IIMIIP5 f?F.lf'fllFQef .... rg. dl .i.1.. If COMPLEMENT: .:r7fCffiEErsp 515i Cliiefg fl 1 Q ji eff I 1 f I 1 I EQ I 5 5 I it 3 Sonaf PROPULSION: . T 555555 I Officers j 1810 Enlistedji I I ' 2 General Electric LM2500 Gas Turbines for 41,000 Shaft Horsepower ' 1 Controllable Reversible Pitch Propeller 0 2 350 Horsepower Electric Drive Auxiliary Propulsion Units 1' oois is so A' 'o ' ' 1 YSQSESE liifiiif lVI6fiiitei13'S5nar ' AN X SLQ 25 Torpedo Countermeasure Set 0 LAMPS MK III Weapon System ' AN X SPS 49 Air Search Radar 0 AN X SPS 55 Surface Search Radar 0 MK 92 Fire Control System ' ANXSLQ 32 Electronic Warfare System ' MK 36 SRBOC Decoy System SHIP 'S MISSION cl? CHARACTERISTICS Ugggg, ...FROM THE HEART REMEMBERING AMSCCAWJ RONALD HILAND i 'QA t II ll O I" ' . I! . . J 5 E-. x 9. ' 4 X 1 ,N 1 1 '5!:: , : AUUBWWWUDU' Some people can touch you in a special way. Some people have that about them - to give and not be concerned about receiving. That was Chief Hiland. For the short time that Chief I-Iiland was with us he did just that, he touched us in that special way, a way that can not easily be put into words. He touched our hearts in the short time he was with us, but his heart and soul will remain with us forever. On behab' of the Air Department, we would like to extend our gratitude to the entire TI-IACH crew for all the kind words and assistance that was provided to us during this dwcult time. -Officers and Men of HSL-49 Det 8- AIWSCKAWQ RONALD HILAND The Chiefs of USS THACH are extremely saddened by the loss of Ron. Not only was he a fellow Chief but he was a friend to all. We were graced by his presence for such a short time, but he ayjfected all he met. His kind heart and lovable spirit will forever be a part of us. Those who worked for him and with him have truly benefited from his knowledge and leadership. It will not be long until one of the jirst classes fr0Wl his squadron make Chief and they will have learned from one of the Navy 's finest - how to be a Chief -THACH CPO Mess- H 1 ,N I U X t i Y f F F 8 R 9 I . Chief always showed that he had the utmost confi- dence in my abilities as a Helo Tech. Even when things seemed impossible to accomplish, he would just give me that famous smile and I knew he was behind me one- hundred percent. I could talk to Chief as one ofthe guys, which was great because that made me comfortable with my job. You can never replace such a great leader, but only imitate his leadership. -AT3 Eduardo SaiZ-- I: I i I ...FROM THE HEART: REMEMBERING way, AMSCQAW RONALD HILAND READY AND ABLE GL. uxllagltii sim I have never seen a man work so hard. That's what made him happy, with that hahfsmile on his face, he would just look all over that Helicopter until he found something more to occupy his hands. He absolutly always wanted the best for us. He would talk about going to ports and all of us would be together having a good time sippin on a beer. I miss him. I really miss the man. -A WI Bobby Breed- Chief was a great man to me and I looked up to him in every way. Whether it was his personal virtues or his work ethic, I was always trying to be like him. I will always remember him in my heart and as a friend K even though he didn't know itj. I 'll never forget the day the accident happened, that day will live on inside my memories until the day I die. I 'll always remember to keep the fingerprints of the aircraft too. We miss you .... I miss you Chief -ADAN Brendan M. Slivinski- AMSCKAWQ RONALD HILAND 9 1 0 I I I I . I I I I I I I COMBAT SYSTEMS OFFICER LT WALTER TAYLGR I THACH's Western Pacific Deployment in 2001 gave the members of Combat Systems Department several opportunities to prove themselves in circumstances not normally faced. While the majority of Combat Systems ' Department fulfilled their duties in air-conditioned spaces, a number of them braved severe heat as members of THACH's Visit, Board, Search and Seizure Team CVBSSJ, enforcing United Nations sanctions against Iraq. ' CA Division, which includes Sonar Technicians CST'sJ and Torpedomen CTM,sJ, is responsible for an array of equipment which includes the SQQ-89 Undersea Warfare Suite, King Fisher Mine Avoidance System, and tht? MK 46 Torpedoes. Throughout the WESTPAC 601, CA Division proved themselves worthy preparing daily for W battle against any possible foe. I I I 4 I CE Division, the men of the Electronics Division, include Electronics Technicians CET,sJ and lnteri0f Communication Technicians CIC'sJ. These technical experts are responsible for the Surveillance Radars and I Communications equipment. CE Division is the interlocking force which ties all combat functions together. I The Fire Controlmen CFC, sb of CF Division are responsible for controlling THA CH ' s Weapons systems. From SM-l Missiles to Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles, from 76MM rounds to 20MM rounds, CF Division coordinated the firing of all weapons in offense and defense of T HACH. During WESTPAC. The Gunners Mates CGM,sj of CG Division 4 . were responsible for maintaining all VBSS Weapons and gear during operations in the Arabian Gulf. CG Division ensured that all Small Craft Action Team Weapons were g 1 maintained to the highest possible readiness. In addition, CG Division maintained the MK 75 Gun andthe MK I I 13 Guided Missile Launcher in a state of maximum readiness. X I I I I I 4. I . . , b H "H " L 5, ff H7i'1V.'iiM ffl 7 V ,lU?inf,1 ,. 1i,w",1?,,g,.,'I1T- ,ri i4 ,. r i ,E ,MQ Va Q E., i A L4 ,...L,g1 gg., ,i ,MW Li, gi' y, . -31 i rii ,11iii -mug JwL,L4'i'11.1 ilu Mira 4 .W . .I W. CA DIVI IO LTI G George Murga Former Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer ' 'G . e .,.-.. , ENS Brian Lee Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer , ' W1 J' V Ni em srcscsqswy Jeffrey STGCCSWD Michael Ennenga David TMI Petelo Maosi STGZCSWD David Knowles "" - Fifi, "" iffg'I?i F3l'7'fff?V5l:: ':1"'lf,1l'ff',f ' " 1 I ' I. .rj V, 'E--gif !'f-'J :ni CA DIVISION -H-ll.."5" STGZCSWJ Ivan Snyder STGZCSWIAWD Christopher McGrath STGZCSWIAWD Craig Collins STG3 Micah Breighner TM3 Ashley Hawk TM3 Joseph McQueen rr . Q 3 l STG3 Robert Tylke STG3 Benjamin STG3 Joshua Davis Rowland STGSN Billy Posey STG3 Patrick Jordan It l ll l 'll l f l r l 'H r ' ' l t 1 l 1' ' CE DIVISIGN ENS William Hieronimus Electronics Maintenance Officer V ' 'WL "1 , . 1, A V W SL 3f 'X l ve n . , V' SWK, ' A- ' , I ETCCSWJ Edward ETKSWXAWJ ETZCSWXAWD IC2CSWjKelvin Sauls Vance Frederick Redeaux IV Christopher Farrar ,hr r. .a M51 f To lt ' I V' 3 57 ',, k.r3'JPffq if - l , - 115, u , l l h fi ahh r ' ,:,,,jy-I i ' to -A CE DIVISIUN ETZCSWJ Mark Brown ET2 Matthew Jewett ICZCSWJ Kyle ET3 Thomas Miller ' Slingerland ET3CSW!AWJ TraViS ET3CSWfAWD Richard ET3 Timothy Sutphin ET3 Reynaldo Vargas Hill Crowley r 1 w 'KW ,f""7'v 17 FTW ff'-'V"ff TV"f""fi'A'if"rif?9'- ' V'-1. I-i'-Vi! 'l-VVL!i,,:aQ, F' A 1 ' V- ' i V V ' ' V V, W V V : V " ' , V - 'N , Vi V w 'N 5'1" l V " V , ' fry. -V Vi:-1'-ew V f:V.:- V-Y---QV , Q , l f 3.3 'g , 1 W V "N " 5 Vl 5-IV AH' ly 1' i. , l 'N gwi 12 'V V 2 'Q 'Q ' 1 1 V - V VY, , 1, V V,,V,ii V 5 vw ii ' ' 1 ---- -- ', '. VH fr-fi' ,J N, CF DIVISIUN LT Michael Gagnon Fire Control Officer FCCCSWD David ITCCSW!AWJ Jimmie FCICSWD Loras Mauer FCICSWJ Timothy Daykin Nelson Hedglin CF DIVISION FCZCSWJ Joshua FCZCSWJ Timothy Randol Tingley as ilu: FCZCSWD Kevin Garner FC2 Raymond Vargas FCZCSWJ Gary Hayes FC3CSWj Mare Leach f I-1 e FCBCSWJ Walter Schelling FC3 Michael Brophy FC3 Jarred Chalmers FC3 Kenny Dunn FC3 Carlos Santiago guzman 1 r CG DIVISION ENS Juan Ubiera Gunnery Officer .V 1 mx zu Lf . ,xv GMCCSWJ Harold MA1 Robert McIntyre GMICSWJ Richard GMZCSWJ Ronald Haney Cleaveland Andolino V V f w CG DIVISION ' Sdn Lee GM3 Brent Knight GMZCSWJ Richard GM2 Ryan Clark GM3 Ju Tallent GMSA Jonathan Clay CHIEF ENGINEERING GFFICER LT MARTIN RODRIGUEZ THACH' s Engineering Department continually excelled throughout the entire WESTPAC 2001 deployment. Engineering Department provided ship's propulsion power, lighting, and hotel services without missing a beat. During times when equipment did fail, Engineering Department exceed all expectations and effected repairs to equipment, keeping THACH at the tip of the spear and always ready to get underway. The Auxiliaries CAD Division is composed of Enginemen CEN,sj and are responsible for the Ship's Service Diesel Generators CSSDG,sj, air-conditioning units, the maintenance of refrigeration, distilling-plant engines and compressors. A division constantly proved they are worth their weight in gold by affecting repairs to equipment which is usually considered beyond ship's force capability. The Electrician Mates 1fEM'sj from Electrical CED Division can repair just about anything. Their ownership extends from the smallest light bulb to the generators which make the electricity. Their consistent can-do spirit helped resolve several short fused taskings and kept THACH ready for action. Main Propulsion CMJ Division is made up of Gas Turbine System Technicians CGSE,s and GSM'sj. M Divisionis responsibilities include the Gas Turbine Engines and main propulsion machinery Cincluding gears, Shafting, and controllable-pitch propellersj. The efforts of M Division ensured that every time THACH was tasked with getting underway, the engines were ready and able. Damage Controlmen CDC,sJ, Hull Technicians CHT'sJ, and Machinery Repairmen CMR'sJ comprise Repair CRD Division. R Division set the standard for damage control. The repair lockers were always fully stocked and ready for General Quarters CGQJ and anytime there was even a minor discrepancy, R Division ensured the safety of the ship was maintained at the highest level. 19 i 1 . Tw , v f ,jf X w ' L V' M 1 L 1 1 A W, M.. X K AT-. M1 X , , , 4 px, , gg ,rm I Lmgi ,l , 1 .jf ,bfi M! lux, H Vfff D N, H P5 Ex L3 v?mi,rIN',1 u J' .1 ,Q nf . a 4 .gn H F W ,Q 1 Q gg 'ik nf fr A nw r an CJ ,4.z xy F,-ya ng fluff? 'nm l',w.L f,'j wltf ,LA,,Jw,,Qk,,N1w1f, . , xxx- LTJG David Espeut LTJG Anthony Graham Former Auxillaries Officer Auxillaries Offiflef I ll n 1 .- ?+ Y- fix W ' ' Y I 2 ' n ze- ' n ENCCSWJ Anthony ENICSWJ David Hale ENICSWJ Arrison ENZCSWQ Alannias Babwck Pullin Chambers 1 1 A DIVISION ENZCSWJ Charles Utho EN2 Marvin Wyatt EN 3 Ryan Acuavera EN3 Brandon Pepito ENFN Paul Wernhoff ENFN Travis Bezecny ENFN Ketsada FN Thomas Geffen Douangdara ENFA Salvadgf ENFA Lord Bagorio Cordova JE ,mf h. .-- ru wzfziiifh-P' '55-7I,fTff,,L":. f Vlifi' Y I A4A'4 V I mf 21 W1 1 ,. ,Q ' 'vim gif f ,:lI".w H H'-' .1TJT43w , fl,-H 'VF M ',fZ'1- I 1 le azQ,5fie.e,1L! .4LlQJiQf?a5i gk V115 h - Hfifii , Ls lmjf - - - ,- E DIVI ICN D LTJ G David Espeut LTJ G Anthony Graham Former Auxillaries Officer Auxillaries Cfficer e heme H e .. 1 EMCCSWJ Joseph EMICSWIAWJ Willie EMICSWD Juan EMZQSWXAWJ S 'd Bl - C1 a ancas Sandelasf Sopheap Pang '-f---A-- Mex ..e.e ....,,..,,.....- -.. -- , - 4... .- ..- .. , - ,. -........V..,. .. .- .... Vw 1 1 Y 1 r '11 l P JW, ,I V , L Q 4 ,I , ,J w, wx L M km EM3CSWJ Rainier Delacruz 1 'Lf W, E DIVI IO M DIVISIGN LTI G Eric Samuelson Main Propulsion Assistant GSMC Steven Shaw GSMCCSWJ Richard GSECCSW3 ESWQfth GSMKSWJ William Flelds Carty Horniak ' l f , :wt ww Ni, ig,-if , H 1:,'-:- :f ,n. ' bf J Q ' ' Y - ,, 5 'ia' wg ,,1 -- 9 Y -N , , 4 , llktlfl Pl X 'wil ff' i 2 f ' ' , it Val 'gl EW: .pp-qty. 1 1 -- v , Q l2M7',i.L4!-.4L'f' 5912 x t H Z' ' f iffl-11:2 'QFQT wil 3.fV7:f3'L': ' " " ' ' ' ' ' ! , l l 1 W lx N l '- wal 1' 1, pe- H 'ld , X Wm ,V 'Q . 4, l M DIVISION GSEICSWD Eric Dancel GSMZCSWJ Richard Omengan GSMZCSWD Jaime Alvaro GSM3 Marcos Martinezroldan GSE3 Leoncio Martires GSM3 Shahin Arredondo GSM3 Rafael Santillan GSE3 Ha Duong GSEFN Charles Carey GSMFN Nathan Lukehart GSEFA George Jones GSMFR Eric Carvalho ' l , A " -' , ,Ivins I VV W YV!! MNA 1,x, i 1 N , , f -' f , GN GSMFR Raymond Cornelius ! 2 K A R DIVISION 'Shine :mm LTJ G Ted Carlson ENS Ashley Pankop Damage Control Officer Assistant Damage Control Officer DCCQSWj Elznie Deage HTCCSWXAWJ Stacy DCCCSWJ Trevor MRZCSWIAWJ Dennis Grange Robinson Feria R DIVISION DCZCSWJ Jon Quick DCZCSWIAWJ Damon HT3 Altus Gaspard II HT3CSWjr Nicholas Leggins Millonzi lm X DC3 Jeffery Swayze HT3 Divineking FN Erick stakes DCFN Bostin Blunt Thomas DCFR Harold McNeill FR Ardcll Lucas L ' .VIS E' Eg x wht Blum X Iv, I tk T r E X 1 1 , -It XY t 1 ' NW, 'M 'Hr M lt'-wmwr rw frm ww Q' ww y't51:VFW artl.V'p4. Mrtltwfilcfpi' t L 1 if ,M 11 t rx w x P+ ,f In A, 4? NAV A 'IQ ,ff wr-Q 3 , . ,H LTJ G Robert Fulkerson Navigator E EMCQSWXAWW HMCCSWXAWJ Sean SMICSWJ Stephen QMICSWD Dwight Dioscoro Crueillo Snook Kearney DHVISOH 'i' x 1 'il ' f ,xx - w., l fe, ff Y l"l.1fili I M l ,N !1L,mL!,W.A g,,,5i!,!H5iNMMaA, "" NAVIADMIN 'W YN1 Jeffrey Haner I PNlCSWJ Arthur YNHSWIAWJ Donald QMZCSWIAWD Mark Stephens Long Kritch 'lik SMZCSWD Adrien QMZCSVWAWD Kim HM3CSWJ Robeno SM3CSWJ Holman Brown Brunson Perez Pangelinan 'lib SM3 Christopher Wallace Sherwin Trinidad SNCSWIAWD Atiba SA Allen H0116 Mathlin ww jx X Q Y J V 'l 1,1 -.x I , W WM l w , , QMSA Corey Mason NAVIADMIN QMSA Derek Dial PNSA Carl Herald 4 . V Y -Y f 1 1,71 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 11 " 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 W , 1 1', 11 ' ' 1 1 "1 , 1 n 1 W 1 1 I 1 111 1 1, 1 1 1 1 , 111 . 1 ., 11 1 1 -, 1 1 Y 1 g 1 1, A Y 1 ,1 1 ,. 5 -, .--V' 1 1 , 1 1 1, 1 , ' 1 1 1 11 - 1 1 11 -- ' 1 1 , 1 W f , ,ll 1, 1 ,V h 1 , 1 1 r A 11 Y 15 1 in 1 1, 1 OPERATIONS OFFICER LT ARLEN ASPENSEN During THACH,s Western Pacific Deployment in 2001, the diligent, intelligent and highly motivated sailorr of the Operations Department were instrumental in preserving the shipis exterior, maintaining and managing agp. exterior communications, and keeping a sharp tactical picture of all events in the Arabian Gulf 24 hours a dai. and seven days a week. First Division is a group comprised of hard working Boatswainmates CBM'sj and Seamen who endured thqf sweltering heat of the Arabian Gulf while performing grueling physical intensive labor during evolutions rangin f from refueling at sea, boat operations, preserving the ship's hull, to flight operations. No matter what the tas Q when called upon, First Division was c'Ready and Able" to tackle all evolutions with professionalism and prides- The ship's hotbed of pertinent, accurate, real time tactical information known as the Combat Infonnatiom. Center is lead by the Operations Specialists COS'sj and the hardworking Electronic Warfare Specialists CEW'SL11 Responsible for driving the ship's schedule, controlling aircraft, identifying and tracking oil smugglers, an maintaining the ship's secondary navigational picture were only a few of the demands placed upon the Cl, Division. THACH' s unsurpassed achievements during Maritime Interception Operations were a direct reflectiolli of CIC's unprecedented work ethic and dedication to mission accomplishment. E Radio Central's Information Systems Technicians fIT'sj carried the responsibility of maintaining ali communications with the utmost vigilance. The Hcommunicatorsv of the ship monitored, maintained, and fixewi all ship' s communications circuits and kept the crew' s morale high with sustaining almost 100 percen connectivity on e-mail, providing the crew an opportunity to contact family and friends at the touch of a keyboard Radio provided timely incoming and outgoing message traffic, as well as sustaining the crucial voice circuits witlf other ships rn the Gulf. Radio was responsible for disseminating over 20,000 incoming messages and 5,0001 messages, instantly keeping THACH abreast of all pertinent tactical information. Radio was an integral P311 OV THACH's success throughout the deployment. 32 ' tg t g I I I e Q12 Djs, as H 'J E44 25243 M mi F1512 "'37".11'?', it I q ,pox , ' e e W I I p I I e V , J A j e I 1iXji': 'ij -, ?J1'TfZ'T,'"f.",iJ?TCfFl1' 1' "!- ?E,'n',,W3,2'fIT'f ' 32-f:1,'13?'.gT1" gf 1i:,:.i'. 6'1 " Q x 1 -I 4 ,gl , ' I ' ,A , ' , , . , ' , - FIR TDI I IO 4 J: F t0f5?15 wana : "WH, f , mi-s5a'Qv 44 ENS James Chalupsky First Lieutenant 'lin' Jw we t Ms. J L BMCCSWXAWJ Aaron BMI Brian Schodorf BMZCSXHD Jrqflartin BM2 Joshua Shane Ke ec Johnson . FIRST DIVISION BM2 Darren Patton OS3 Mitchell Chadwick BMZCSWJ Wayne Williams BM3 David Ferree BM3 Anthony McGhfQ SN Wesley Brown SN Donald Martin SN Victor Vernarsky SN Jovan Aguila SN Daniel Thomas .M BMSA Timothy BMSA Franciose COlW2l1't MQQIC FIRST DIVISION SA William Johnson SA sok Ly SA Christopher Close SA Leonard Davis SA Kelvin Jones SA Jason Madderra SA Melvin Travis SR Brandon Cain SR Orlandg Carlyle SA Chad Cooper SR Justin Hyde SR Mark Lim N! QI "' " -V it j' v W,-"Y ,' ' fixg li 1-T "1 I--,FJ , wx cv Q!! wfff- -' '---- +-1 -ff -Z---4 er! " w'44,f,,.1 5,14 FIRST DIVISIGN SR Maurice Shelton - SR amie Valdez SR 133011 Wyers , rl 1 i I ' lit I Li i ti iii ii i OC DIVISION W- iw . 1 iw ' . ijti. LT Darren Genstil LTI G Scott Gardner ENS Matthew Kennedy Training Officer Former Communications Officer Communications Officer fi I1 'gt , ITCCSWD D .d IT1 Troy Greene ITICSWXAWJ Dwayne ITZCSWJ Scott Jensen avi ' Danovsky Sumlin f, Ml rf my .l,lP:NlHl ,l Vlfxff fl l' lwll LUV lJll,lllll"l l ll lflll' llllll ll 1' all l LM NN ' OC DIVISION a IT2 Paul Foster IT3 Charles Sehuck IT2 Jonathan Barber IT3 Antjuan Walls :ix lx V ' W W X N, I lr s s I E x , , ' I x N. Y . e , 1 ' I J ' 'az AJ ' 1 - I . 5 A , S , V ,pr V V ITSN Pedm Hemandel ITSN Washaen ITSN Paul Harris ITSN Jesse Hostetler Moultrie I nw h , M v n n , h X , , Nw 3,1 l 'Q W, UW W -1 L1'M 1... Q 4, 1 UM X, ?,wf!1 HM M f n n 1 h M n M OI DIVISIGN E iv"-f LTJ G Austin Johnson Combat Information Center Officer Lf kbaer ,',, fr!! ' ' ' ' . QSCQSWD Steven OSCCSWJ Brian OSICSWJ Neal Smith OSICSWJ Bruce Henry Wheeler Sturgeon 4 x , , k 1 W ' lah., , .ii , N .H M . + J , l, J al . 1 .:, Wulf .s f J in 'J fy 1-' TL, ,, ' 11,,.,.4 , Lf'l'n,lj1:1iit r 1 iff yi '1 1 til 'gil il 5'-Vw' 1,23 nfl ."v?a:.-Q 'vim 'L ,tg Nfi-Q1',:,",',," ,.-J.. Y V 1 A Y l P 1111 yu ii,t!l EJ! MIL I JL I llJs.v 1 ,ll j. J-A V OI DIVI ION v W -. 1f.A, if J 4 J J J OSI Everett Galloway OSI Jason Carlin OS2 Jason Wilson - OSZCSWJ Earle Yamamoto OS3 Ibrahim Abbas OS3 Hector Garcia OS2 Donald Dayton OS2 Brian Kickuth OS3 John Venetsanakos OS3 Michael Jameson OS3 Christopher OS SN Michael We3fhCfS Dancause M OSSN Gerald Brown OSSN Johnny Ayala 1- OI DIVISIGN 13" :A 4 vi guy. -4 'F' are . ,L4v,1- 1 , 3 in-. 1 q...' . . nazi... rl 1, Q., . s-....., A 1.. I , ' 1.f.' . i ENS Robert Ellison 'Qs EWICSWJ Theodore IS3 Rashad Robinson EW Wm SNCSWD Layton EWSNCSWD Derrik Sumptef Rutter I ll -x N1 - N .ml 155: '- -1, 14- Nt 'x 4 +R, W.. ,N 4 - N sf Hg. B lfvt gms Nh? , in W + .AFL t '-Q N1 .-in 9 gi xg If? FORMER SUPPLY OFFICER SUPPLY OPPTCER LT MORGAN TULANO LT ROBERT SCOTT During THACH' S Arabian Gulf Deployment, Supply Department Worked diligently to ensure the crew had the best possible Supply Support. Although the superb material condition of THACH resulted in few CASREP' s, the Stock Control Division CS-lj provided outstanding expediting services of all urgent requirements. The low number of CASREP's during deployment can be directly attributed to S-l Division's tireless efforts to ensure all storeroom requirements, as well as a few "spares," were on board prior to leaving San Diego. I The Food Service Division CS-25 provided outstanding meals four times a day. Specialty meals, including 'Supply Surprisesv and Steel Beach Picnics were provided on a routine basis. In addition, Food Service Division ll1Splayed maximum flexibility working around strenuous shipboard evolutions such as General Quarters, Flight Quarters, Boat Operations, and VBSS Operations to ensure the entire crew always got their meals on time. The Sales Division CS-33 enjoyed record sales during the deployment providing a variety of goods in the Ship' s Store. Sales Division showed their flexibility by supplying three members of the VBSS team and one member Of the Flight Deck Fire Party. The Finance Division CS-45 provided excellent Disbursing and Postal services, ensuring all pay entitlements unique to Serving in the Arabian Gulf were received immediately and all mail was delivered and dispatched quickly and accurately. The Arabian Gulf Deployment was most successful for Supply Department and we look forward to new Challanges ahead. 43 S-1 DIVISION SKCSCSWIAWJ Christopher Baker I I ,IV ' ,lil bhiiw, 'ar SKICSWIAWJ SK1QSWjScottGue11in SK2 I I I . . CSVWAWJ Gre 0 ' KH h R 8 fy SK3fSWJ Adnan stop er ams Kumenda Tabares A S-1 DIV ISIUN L- EIU SK3CSWj David Watts SK3 Kgjth MCMi11jan SN Jeremy Douglas f,w,g-'wi-,,g,,,41, ,w , f , V V , -V --: - ' M,-W, , , 1:w! w, L1 ' - , V ,. . -- , , , , I 3- ,QQ gi. A 4-ggLQ.lL.j 5 gg 4, 1, gig? L33 4.l.gliQ7'51 12:3 fl :I1'j-QM-:T,rIxaM:'p:"-1 1 I f7W'?V1 rj fi If gf? EMT? FiTE1Qg'fY3QfTmmTiIin1 iT1ii"N5jr5 3? , Vx i L M241 .M x mv- f -1,.f,,fxn , i 2 I I I ivif' Li ia.-'wi f?1'fffQ '?-' "5ifFli ' li ,, S-2 DIVISION MSCSCSWIAWJ Jaime Villar I . . ii , . u. ' I f' 'iw I i ', V A ' 'Q V 'ilu V I MS1 Rufino Rodriguez MS1 Wilson Aguari? MSI Gary Matfliewi David Wglggtt 1 U gjlf X r , Q ' - S-2 DIVISION M32 Robert BHGHO MS3 Jaimj Ramirez MS3 Edward Saterstad MS3 Sean Gordon MS3 Aaron Burnett MSSA Robert Johnson MSSA Matthew Loveless Y H A I -N 1-vw: 16" " ' f 4 ,. f- ,L -LW :Y-I ff f 1--.,'f':'r'f A j,'g'1'M'l'f'Q ,rlfiriallldfk-4r1,J4Qa,aL4r.1.'gMf'p"M?l giiuw- -wah . rgrwqq. A.,11:,L 3:-51 1 4 ,, . rm. w v X "'ff'i 'F-TE''T:wiA'n"QT'w, 1212:-,f'J,"15,f,' V..-fx' 2z'aii'QTjj'?1 Ally.-, , "My -.Li PM 4 W - -- N gr 1-1 f' VJ, 'f ni ff M 1.f4l5'1 ff, Mi Lf ,- -JJ ,- 1' .-11' -N ' ' 'V Mn W rv nf,,J.A wif? K" I L' 1914-Rf: L 'W'i'fi'i Eur' Hirtl 1' 115' 1 Ing: 41 nf- .apvQfEw4fwf':.f,-,. -fg '- iff, fill ffm, vm- ,f.,1f,, -L W., ,, 4 S-3lS-4 DI I IO 4 r, r ENS Michael Warner Disbursing Officer b 'mb sH1qsWfAWp Roben MAZCSVWAWD Nick i I w Y Rucker . DKQCSVWAWD SH3 Enrique Limon Frane1s Raymund Lu gtu 5 5 I ? i i ii rr yr pl l N N 1 X I A S-31S-4 DIVISION PC3 Javier Delatorre SH3 Jarvis Mitchell SH3 Troy Dunning SH3 Joey Burrell ,,, K. , , ,,V, .. , .,., Y. ,V ,, V W ,i V A K 1 Tiff' T Fr' -ii'-7 3 ,Q-ff 1,'p,f'ffqg' ' ' 1 , , ' , ' " A Y ' -, r - f j A , ' -1 1 4 1' 11' " 1 ' 1 1 I 1 . 1 1 , 1 L 1 HSL 49 DET EIGHT 4 1' 'J' 'C 2 sly Y ' ITM 'juli-V 7,1 115111. F ibm: - Y ' Pm, 'lr V . 19, I r M ., .MV , N if: 4,3 'C 1: S' 1 LCDR Matthew Coughlin LCDR Paul O'ROL1rkG -1- 0- 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 I 1 1 O QT: i 0 -, , I 1 4 1 , , .1 1 ,. I: .1 , , b , N C Y, LV. , , W V I f 'Y 1 , ' ' , ' 1 , LT Gregory Sawtell LT Riz Cahanding LT Dewuan B k ' L in oo er LT Justm McAnear I I 1 I HSL 49 Det Eight ' 'Qs IQ 4 - s- H 5.52, J., , LTJ G Wade Iverson LTJ G Scott Wilkerson I v ga- , . I , . ' . 2.5 N- , 4 'fr .1 141 .V-.a wr'- AFCMCAWINACJ John Fowler AMSCCAWD Ronald Hiland ATCCAWJ Chip AWICAWD Bobby ADHAWXSWJ Robert ADICAWJ Richard Carlborg Breed Chamberlain Jones A -sr M 5 x V AZZCAWISWD Arnoldo AOZCAWJ .Terry Martinez TlI1SlCy Ill AMZCAWD Kirk Rheinhardt AEZCAWD Jeremiah Anderson A . A . A , - A ff: -A A . :tvs-1 M, if zfr1'f1f11ffl1'2fE19fi l 1 l HSL 49 Det Eight f l .Skill- AWZCAWISWJ Dale AEZCAWISWD Shawn Arnold Cole ' wr AWZCAWJ Nathaniel Watts AMZCAWJ Ryan Smith x . ATZCAWD Eduard0 AT3fAWl JGTGIHY AT3 Stephen Murdock AD3CAWj Zelalm , S312 II Fontenot Alehegn 4 Q. ADAN Brendan AN Abel Garza Jr. Slivinski l 4 04 - 09 APR 2001 54 -555. 04 - 09 APR 2001 55 -W -w,,,,"'f' :,.i ' ,bf -,,Q.'1"" 77' - V-,Sz r3"1 i I' " Y 5 , '1 4' fl 2-, , ' f' ' lf,vfr,f'1XigLfK ,F 4X gdfixfif gklr xl, ' ,x 1 1 J I il '4 1 n i 1 l L . 1 1 I I2 - I5APR 2001 56 ww- 1' UU. w 4 Q L +4 44 ru 1.- "4' 1 ,- 0-.v .1 L 11' f"f'N!-'1'-' VW? W-.43...f, - ' ' 4 ' F- - H wf- ""'flQf'v-,.f.,.u.--1-fu'1"""'-'A '-"H .HV 1 - ' . . H. 11 -18Uf"P"X' ' . " ..,- ,A.Ah-N3eYA,,.,,.,,H... ,.,, Y . f , .,,u.1-,ff----+'-f"""W ' "'' , 1- ,,,..,,..,.G,,. , 4.1. , Ya'-f--'wjg .,,,.,, M .,U,,',.,, 1, ,,,, M,--5-'f ..,M,., ....,,-,.,. WH. Y ff 1.-,.. ,..-wx 'AJ 2, W1-,.,,.-.,..v:--:fur sy-j 7,17-,,,,,,L,1..,,.w.3 . ,+5j,',,,..,. ..1,wf- ,, R A , X.,,y qi' mf-:Qi h JAYV, .vzffin 'VM 5-V Q l ,Y .V Y' . 1,..f.,,,.,..,..+,'- I' J., .. , f ,V , f- , Q, , -Y fb f , ,.5.z.1.Y,,,,,,,:.5, Y. ., f H , V , i , , 1, , .,xV, ,,, A ,, -- , . , 1 , 'wwf-:Hof-yv'ff-V'" 1",, U. , - V' -' Y' ' 'A , V - ' ,, V '- ' 1 M... 1--,v--'-'Y'-A Hd, -4 .Q 1' ' ' W , , , .. Y -Y - V , 1. ....v JCI .tw N Q. 1 4 m V. Q' T377 3159: EI MAY - J L 2001 57 i X APR - AUG 2001 sa APR - AUG 2001 Y 59 , Y JH ML: Q 1 1 1 , , 1 1 . , " ' , ' ' - . - , ff " ' 1,4 .,::1l,gg. , 1 :Hg T-,.L-4 1,451 ., :g.g.4L -- -1 -3 3- 1 . L.,'j:,1 . 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A-,.,:,:.3:,..,p 4 4' v--WY.-, M '4 1 t I4 M' nf .e sw , 1 . 1 ,. M , H .. , .,?, W L, H 1114-4 fm ln nr y rv P -Q 4, ""g"' ' N' 4 fl y 'Nr U A 1 up 5 J r D v 4, H 1, 14 ' 7' V I 'll il- L iq WI- -1 w 14 A, "' 'x ,iv 19-ev 1 r' f ,, -,1,w,,. -,,. .:.,,..:g,. ,-,,,,,, , gg 4va,...w '-2 W? , a-.,1,..., , 'vm-M.w,., sjinli - Y 4g,,,i,n1'b.u-g..v'a:i.?w-mfpw , ,. 3.-.-, -'ww -g4..Jq5.qi -11 1.,,--a mmm nf-mqmxlav I. WW-, A . ', g,,7p,:.L-,g,..MQ-.-wnag 1 ..a..-a...a-if-.VLW--,..-- , M ffl ..-,af ...A pg, nw.. gf fb-Azymc. MW., -,, -L -,. A...-.. -.,,,.,,.,,, , ,. 4..,..,., 5. ., W4 .W ,um H... vpfzg,-..'ry-f,..M-1,,,i,-. .. gf.,'.,,.,. . 1. . -,, ,, 5 .Q , ,. N4. , -4,,,,,,.,a, ,. ff., 4, L ,:..1...f-UM.-1 ,VM ,, ru f- 1. W, ,ag-.Q-:LL.,L,,g -. A . - r H f ff - 1 Ve-M, W., .,- M .K .LI ,,.,4g5i,..,, N A.,-.,4,A ,.H,,n-., V. 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Suggestions in the Thach (FFG 43) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Thach (FFG 43) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1994 Edition, Page 1


Thach (FFG 43) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 2001 Edition, Page 25

2001, pg 25

Thach (FFG 43) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 2001 Edition, Page 14

2001, pg 14

Thach (FFG 43) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 2001 Edition, Page 27

2001, pg 27

Thach (FFG 43) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 2001 Edition, Page 12

2001, pg 12

Thach (FFG 43) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 2001 Edition, Page 74

2001, pg 74

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