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1 F!- FOREWORD . Cellophane's our baffle flag: a gay symbol of reliance on ourselves. More fhan an amusing' gesfure, if is +o.us fhe signal for a liferary rally and fhis issue .I I -x filiif is fhe firsf charge of fhe affack If sefs a fasf pace for fhe liferary produc- fions of Texfile following This "Loom"f which we believe will be fhe precle- cessor of an enfirely new series The class of June I932 had fhe disfincfive spiril' 'ro give as ifs confribu- fion foward fhe Texfile yearbook fhe name of ifs classbook, "The Loom," and in refurn has fhe honor of being fhe firsf senior class fo have fhe new "Loom," as ifs memory book. V While fhere have been fhe difficulfies usually affendanf upon fhe realiza- fion of a new idea, in fhe making of fhis issue, "The Loom," has also had advanfages previously unavailable. The facf fhaf if is a yearbook for fhe enfire school and as such received unqualified supporf from bofh fhe under- graduafes and faculfy, nofably fhe English Deparfmenf, was a greaf help as was also fhe work of members of "The Spinning Wheel" sfaff whose efforfs in launching a modern school newspaper has made securing adverfising, check- i flea Qjeff ing prinfinq, and orga izing disfribufion, almosf' a habifual sfafe of mind. FRANK DICKHEISER C! U Editor A 69? X V!!! 'ff K-jg X ff " if r Uf -p lj! ' VV W Q r - fp, I f - .Cya f' ' if' AQ 6f'.,,,fx QQ-Q mf' X-,X ff W 7 , W Pgl' TO THE STUDENTS OF THE TEXTILE HIGH SCHOOL: I IT gives me greaT pleasure To exTend To you, aT The end of The TirsT year in our new TexTiIe High School,.greeTings. My mind oTTen runs back over The pasT ThirTeen years To The Tall of I9I9 when The school was esTabIished in old P. S. 26, I24 WesT 3OTh STreeT. Public School 26 is sTiIl one of The annexes oT The school. In The Tall oT I9l9 The TexTile High School was esTablished wiTh 84 sTu- denTs and The TirsT graduaTion Took place in June, I92I. One oT our presenT insTrucTors, Mr. OresTes STanley Lapolla, was a member oT our TirsT graduaTing class. Mrs. VanBrunT, our senior clerk, was The clerk assigned To The school. No comparison can be made beTween The school sTarTed in l9I9 and The presenT new building excepT ThaT The sTudenT body in boTh cases was land isl very serious. The opening of The TexTile High School was in a building wiThouT equipment wiTh a poor gas IighTing sysTem, and primary school TurniTure. The members OT The TirsT class spenT Their Time during shop periods removing parTiTions,' coal lockers, primary school TurniTure, insTalling shelves, laboraTory Tables, and machinery. DespiTe all The obsTacles placed in The way of The TTrsT graduaTing class I Teel ThaT every one has succeeded in securing a promi- nenT posiTion in professional, business, or arT IiTe. They were serious young men and received an eTTecTive educaTion according To PresidenT EllioTT's Theory oT educaTionaI value-"All subiecTs have The same menTal power if pursued wiTh The same inTeresT, same Time alloTmenT, and same purpose." These young men received Their educaTion amidsT The many obsTacles oT pioneer work oT esTablishing The school. I do really believe These sTudenTs received a Training equal To ThaT given To The sTudenTs in our new building. IT is True ThaT Today we have beTTer equipmenT buT whaT was lacking in equipmenT in The TirsT class was compensaTed by Their greaT inTeresT and by power provoked Through overcoming diTTiculTies and obsTacles. IT The TirsT graduaTing class achieved such high honor and accomplished so much under so many diTficuITies, The presenT graduaTing class oughT To do more and be an even greaTer crediT To The school. I hold up To our sTudenTs in The school Today The work oT our TirsT gradu- aTes in achieving scholarship, service, and characTer. WILLIAM H. DOOLEY. Page Three ADMlNlSTRATION DEPARTMENTS English Social Science Modern Languages Engineering General Texliles Applied Arls Science Cosfume Design Mallwemalics l-lealiiw Educalion lboysl Accl. and Commercial Law l-leal'i' Eclucalion lgirlsl l f J M,0ll'lQ K Music Page Four ART DEPARTMENT Puge Fire ENGLISH whiff fy MODERN LANGUAGES MATHEMATICS Page Six Q3 M 'M . xxx , N' kk '- Lf - Mx HEALTH EDUCATION IGIRLSI HEALTH EDUCATION QBOYSI Page Seven ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TEXTILES I'.1,Qu Eigb! . . N2 ' BY . nz-I-xv: 9 . ai. J' , K 1:35 1 'll ' V 2 Q7 if L.-f X Qtx 'x li l K fl, QQ f 45? 9? 'f-Q-4 MR-RUTJ I Pglx "D MDILMUIVQIDNJF " , r 15" 7 gg fvfff Lowy Q y k 1 3- WM ! lvl WNQS 1 W fwfr affzfvafvo 9 PJ X 1 ' fx f-x V ' X' f , 1 Ogg M MAJ ffoffwfrz X - 0 10 M I qc KL 'Zi Lf? 5 Fofcfomesffq xl ' QS xv 'ugh I X ' Z: If , ,Q Z imfrqmx W' 3101! N5 :Wg 7 e 00 ,, 4 425 " s A w, Ja if ,S V d 1801- Ag f!,,Yg'4,bY ff f-f f1 9 1 ,M 71-96309 L, W LMMKZ Z 1119069 fffoffffx P ,Q fk f7 fQ ! 1 fvff. H444 'f' X ' 1, X 7351 X U PBRLINS FT 577' Kg! 1, ff , fm waff- X N fe am r 0 f 'S' BFS y IJX HQ.- f fi!!! 4-V we amos: A Biff-A-5164: ff!-55 f'f0M0f 5561! L 519. LM ug, " , 1, ,we Q 6 fMK Elfff'0lV , Mfss svivrfs X7 mmm Df HAS Masai IZIQIZZ s-aw 5 H505 EH 4 fyfsfv f . , Page Ten 1 X NW I W N fmg sfwoffq B E ffenfva 1 QQLOM fix ,Z wx-10's RESPQNSI L f s Wvgjj 3 Xppg ANNQN' f"6'2LTigL?lmE K+ 'G L' f ' XQHILH PHOW5 AML --'N55 P G Q ' A if i " my f 4. f Mlffffmv Z V 5 fi KN XX Qn - 'N f 1 .M X-1,4 - , l ' gy Q ff 41 f+- . V .,, J W -F lf V X ff sf Xi, .fa If H 4 H - 0 I X A V, J f Y 3 MI M.. X Q ff mf. LEWTZ ,ES , ! W, XT 5U0i'f,'f,f,Q0".1 X WM ' R01 s' nw P L -1 Q' W5 - Wifi?" Ht FAS df! vpn 5 VEN Kfys rv 1 'ffl' ' J U02 0' u " idx b77LPWV5'Q 1 ,, ' X 0 fu' Sf' N My 6 SW, W .Mgv4'jdN fm xfzfvnqoff , ffl! COUQNLIN pp 4 QL 9'1" PM N fff A f g 3, A 3-xnflegl .- K ,ew I ,M -, I I I X A . gurls 0 fl X AY X 4' 4 A A ,' in FHWA ' HF 'cr""'-, X ,rx WVR q ' MLWL X 1' 'v' v 95169 a .X 'I D' Q ' - ,fn vw gf W sw. M. mmm we :Amer , fc ff 413501 vmam STFJRTER f- gig ,wg gapfqfwz pdl! cf 4 if ,X it .r f-' ul N17 -A K' scHAA1 !--- , " - P HM '?' . M .J I X N lg- DL 2 y A F t .,- W f H N X-fi ffl! i k f Qigsg-F5703 I ug ,Q ' lil! J ' Q W H 'L ,ffffsnume Z 14 I N A7 ,x Q Z' X 1 JJ W -14 Hi Q 2731? ,ww ffl ,IS 'A ' 'fx 1 ' HR wfblns ,-,, 9 ifff, X N 5' 5 ff X, ,f 6 we oiwffnf 2 ' , L n QQQQ f vfvf P A Xdlxlx Z PL . 3 X A Q2 X Lfx Nl Z gif f I W, S1 ffif AO! ,Q Q .,a..,M mu 1 1, 455 'A 7 WNW? Page Efei en A ENDING . Charles Levine, W-I ll' was a slormy nighi' in The middle of December where our sfory begins or should l say . . . ends? The wild wind drove lhe snow and rain scurrying over +he sleer-coafed ground. The single searchlighf of fhe deserfed 'rrain yard was circling idly, ignoring The fury of +he elemenls. In i'rs palh wa suddenly revealed a sfaggering figure which looked like a man. As if came closer one could see lhal his unshaven 'Face was gauni' and blue wifh cold . . or was if hunger? His cloihes hung in lalrers and fhe wind flapped greedily a fhem. His lips and iaws were working. A. gleam of lighl' fell on a universifj pin in his coalf lapel. A sudden gusl of wind blew his ragged hal' off anc immediaiely his hair was plaslered againsl' +he from' of his face by 'rhe winc and rain. Wiih a sob The man 'lripped over a rail and fell lengfhwise inlc Jrhe mud. Slowly, ever so slowly, he arose. The rain was slreaming down hi: lace cuHing a paih, 'rhrough 'rhe mud on his face. His chesf was heaving wilh lhe girear sobs which racked him. There was a frickle coming from hi: mouih. He arose and srood gazing wisifully in +he direclion from whence he hac come. Wearily he lurned and noiiced a lunch counler for railroad men Wifh a rasping cry he srrelched ou+ his hand and slaggered 'lo +he windovi which displayed all soris of foods. His breaih made a haze on lhe colc window pane and he fried +o brush i'r away. Suddenly a wild lighf appearec: in his eyes. He drevq back warily and picked up a large s'rone and wilh e hoarse cry he senl' if sailing fowards 'rhe bounfiful window. lf shaflered wifi' a s'I'ar+ling' crash bul ihe man had sunk ro +he ground . . . unconscious. The exciiemenf around him soon died down, Hs ardor dampened by 'rhe rain. Page Tu'el1'e The sfill figure sfirred nof. The wind sfill howled as if in friumph buf fhe rain slowly ceased as if in sorrow. The soul of fhe sfill form had depar'red- Now lef us frace fhe beginning of so fragic an ending. Johnny was wounded in fhe lasf agonizing few momenfs before Armisfice. He awoke in a reioicing afmosphere. The Armisfice was signed. Johnny slepf, af peace wifh fhe world. On his arrival home he was greefed as a hero. The parades of veferans were cheered and polificians orafed wi+h pafriofic eloquence. Buf soon fhe enfhusiasm died. Johnny could noi find a posifion. A girl had faken his place. The democracy he had foughf for had furned againsf him. lf was fhe old sforyq fhe refurning soldier finding' fhings foreign fo him. Johnny found prohibifion, and fhe money in fhe hands of fhe rackefeers and crooked polificians. And fhus Johnny came marching home. Unshaven and unkempf, Johnny had become a hobo, buf in his eyes fhere burnf a fierce lighf. This was an inspirafion fo save himself by wrifing a book felling fhe frufh abouf his advenfures, and more offen-fhan-nof. misadvenfures. Hunger would no+ be denied nor would fhirsf. Johnny siole food and drink. All humanify would iail him and deny him his measly exisfence. A sform was coming up and in fhe cold, Johnny lay shivering near an ufferly inadequafe fire. The gnawing pain in his sfomach was forfuring him. His sense of pride would nof permif him fo again sfeal when possibly employ- menl' mighf come soon. So he sfarved on. As fhe wind increased in volume and fhe snow and rain sfarfed fo come down Johnny shrugged his shoulders. 'righfened his bell, and gof up fo leave. He sfood for a momenf gazing af fhe lasf sparks go ouf of his fire. He raised his fhin hands complainingly fo fhe clouded and merciless heavens and uffered a low mournful cry. He sfarfed 'ro frudge painfully across fhe frainyard. Bul' fhe sform desired re- venge and began in earnesf. An hour or so lafer Johnny lay . . . a vicfim of fhe democracy for which he had foughf . . . dead! Page Thirteen The fire a+ which he had been warming himself revealed 'rhe ashes of hall:-'Finished manuscripf which was fo have been his salvafion . . . Johnny boolc. The wind blew lhe ashes io all corners of +he ear+h and Johnny's sou now came marching +o +he home of his Crealor. SEA SONG . . . Clara Picconi, 7A. The sun, +he wind, The sound of The sea, Swepf in+o my room and awakened me. "Come ou+, come out" 'rhey gayly cried Rose 'rhe wild sea horses wifh 'The fide. "The sea is green and +he sky is blue And sea and slay are calling you." I 'roolc my pillow and hid my head. Oh, do fhey no+ know 'rha'r love lies dead? Page Fourieen Page Fifteen TEARS . . . Liberly Previ+i, SB. A layman wafched +he rain as if poured down, Nofhing buf wafer lo make mud of hills. A poef wafched Hs birfh. The broad blue sky Seemed one vas+ orb which gazed upon 'rhe ear+h, And wafching, became angry a+ +he sight Wrafh changed +he blue +o gray and finally Hgcould confain no more. The fears flowed free And furious, and lhey fell 'ro be absorbed, Hungrily. A FRESHMAN LETTER - Albert Wilson, 7-I Dear Teacher: You menlioned lhe olher day lhal you would like lo have us newcomers lo lhe school lell you a lew lhings aboul ourselves. l've decided lwisely or unwiselyl lo give you a Iiflle of my Iile hislory. I wasn'l born in a log cabin nor did I cul down any cherry lrees lallhough once in a while I lell lhe lrulhl so I guess I haven'l much chance ol ever becoming presidenl. I-lowever, l'd much ralher be a dilch4digger, anyway: because you don'l gel so much mud slung al you. I was born lfor whal reason I know noll in New York Cily. I spenl lhe lirsl six years ol my Iile copying lhe piclures in lhe funny papers. Then I embarked on my career in lhal greal inslilulion, School. In lwo or lhree years I became quile adepl al signing my own reporl card and giving excuses for being Iale. In lhe follow- ing lwo years I maslered lhe arl of going down lhe school sleps lhree al a lime. Since lhen I have learned a lew olher lhings. I never was much ol a speaker and am lairly bad al wriling las you've probably guessedl bul I am al my worsl when I lry wriling poelry. ll can lrulhlully be said. lhal whenever I lake a "crack" al poelry, someone usually lakes a "crack" al me. The peak of my ambilion is lo be able lo pass a subway "ad" wilhoul marking il up. Following my usual cuslom. I will be a greal success al lhis school. Sincerely, Your new pupil, Joe Texlile. Page Sixteen I DEDICATION . . . Ronald Codrington, 8-2 Pasl years have molded lender lhoughls, The days wilh you were gay. We found hereln fhal which we soughl, And now musl plod our way. The world awairs whaf noble deeds Our pregnanl minds do hold: So on we go lesl' ripened seeds Or weary hearls grow old. Though roads lo fame may lead from home Our eyes will ever rest On 'rhose who worked wilh courage slrong To bring from us our best C2689 Page Seuenleen F ,Q z 4lL-'Wiki If " A - lic! Q! il! FA UBI! ' . -Lf" I I , I, ,JDM I lf yy' . , lil! - J K, I ,bllyl , 1 if Ci SW uw' I My I-IERCULES GRASSI I-Ierki is charming and debonair, In Ihe orfice he holds Ihe edi- Ior's chair. Spinning Wheel Edilor, Loom Sfarf. FRANK DICKI-IEISER Gone are now fhe Czar and Kaiser, Bul we sfill have our own Dick- heiser. Associafe Edilor Spinninq Wheel, Edifor of Loom. Arisla. MYLES GLYNN Barrymore-walch your posilion, For here come Iois of compeli- lion. Aris+a Leader, Dramalics, JOI-IN STANLEY Johnnie is real famous for, The swell carfoons 'fhal he can draw. Ari Edifor, Spinning Wheel, EUGENE ZION LiIIIe buf smarl is Eugene, One of Ihe besi we've ever seen. Treas. Senior Class, Secy. Treas. Arisla, Dramalic Sociely, Pres. Pen X1 Brush Club, WILLIAM I-IINES There seldom was, Ihere sel- dom wiII, Be anoiher like our Bill. Track Squad Arisfa, Dramalics. RUTH MARIGNANI One QI The Iiferale she, A poei Iaureale she'II be. f Service Squad, Newman Club, G. O. Rep., Texlilian Rep. I Ii ' xjf ANNABELLE MELLEN , ,lf 5 One qirl whom we all like well, f ' M ' None olher Ihan our Annabelle. ' I Arisla, Spinning Wheel S+aII', X - I Loom SIaI'f. If ' - I , iffy? 0 ' is V xg, sf G' uf' .. .....,. 4. . ,.. .........,, jk V Page Eighteen H M . we ma,..,,.- aww. .4 JOHN ARMET- - Behold Adonis in disguise, g NVho could resisl fhose soulfu' , evrs. Lieulenani' of Service Squad, . Member of Color Guard, 'Siee Club. , ALEXANDER MYRON Like 'the Alexanders of greal ' fame, We hope you, foo, will win a i name. is CATHERINE ANDlNO A Such graceful arms and waving E A mills, P y , 4 Kaiy is our Zasu Pills. ,yi fl PETER ARMETTA N A very nice boy is our Pele In whom many 'ralenfs meel. A MAME ARCHUL 4 I i fn l-low charmingly rhal brighl eye flashes, Benealh lhose very long eye- 1 lashes. Leaders, Glee clubs, Newman ,- Club. 3EA'l'RlCE ANCES U Like a big round moon is her . happy face, If her marks were like il, wha? a disgrace. - Service Squad, Lunch Squad, Menorah Club, .ULIA BACif5Al.Uf" She's full of "pepg" has lols of "verve," For any job, she's gol The nerve. Q G. O. Rep., Lieufenanl of Lale Squad. EELIX BARNES 3 A prelly lasl 'rrack man is he, And also a wriier of poelry. X. I is r f Page Ninefeen slam? Caplain Track squad. NJ CHARLES AUGUSTOWSKI Here's a lad lhal's big and qaYv Happy alrnosl all lhe day. Service Squad. NETTIE BECKER Though never lrom Nellie do we hear a peep. Remember lhal saying "Slill waler runs deep." Service Squad, G. O. Rep., Librarian, Menorah Club, So- cial Club. ' JOHN BECK A very nice lellow is Beck, To which we can say double check. Service Squad. CARMELA BELLICI Our sweel Carmela. 'J There isn'l much lo lell her, xgnv -bf 'LA-,it Ollice Squad, Newman Club. DANIEL BOYLAN l wonder if he'll ever lorgel, The lime he was Miss Molloy's pel. Boosler Club, Lunch Squad, Service Squad. ANDREW BLOETH We wonder if he'll ever lorgel. The lime he was Miss Molloys' pal. JOHN BRESLIN c Johnny always saw lo il, Thal wilh lhe girls he'd malce W .1 hu. MOSES BRAVERMAN Seek as you may, you'll seldom see. Anolher guy as smarl as me. , . . Myer! .-,Mc ' .sf.g:.Q:1 4. -.Nm . fu. 'f . .L fisqlirww i Page Twtlllj' Page Twenty-one JOHN BUDDIE Jusl like his name is he, To everybody. a buddy. Foofball manager, 3 yrs.- SOCCSF. WILLIAM BUSH Comedy is Bill's endeavor You musl adrnif Ihe "Kid" is clever. Member of Service Squad. Glee Club. and Newman Club. ELIZABETH BROWN Elizabelh is smarl and sweel. A nicer one you'll seldom meel. THEODORE BROOKS One of Ihe few afhleles, Who seldom braqqed aboul his feels. WILLIAM CASEY You all lcnow "Casey al fhe Bal" Our Willy, foo. is famous for lhal. SAM BRUMMER Theres one good Ihing aboul Sarn- Always organizing, The besl he can. Pres. Alchemisl Club, Pres. Fralsor Club. MARTHA CARLSON We wonder if she is really. As quiel' as she seems Io be. CONCETTA CAVALIERI Concefla on her feel' is lighl, 'Tis said she is our Alice While. KKAAFWWJZQO Q ,mf lv fy' 1 fl r'it,,v fpx0LPv 4 ffykvdbaifgifflcjfb ADELE CATAUN Nimble, dainly, cut and sweef, Oui, Mon cl'e'e, quile pefile. CELESTE CENTCRBI ls seldon seen wifln any books, I guess she gm by on iwer 9' f of ff' X looks. Clweerinq Squad, Eoosfer, W 'Fralsor Clulzs. J - VmO'R CAMPAlXj A , I il corfe +5 doinq worlc J spldsz s my Vickie snirlc, A " q , VI, ' ANNA CIRENCUONE 1 ul ' ls ayys running wnenev r 7 ,J een, A fl J JJ She should Pave qone cw 'ne +raclc learn. fs ,ci uf V lSlDORE CHEPOW Wlwai we know abou? Cieoow ls ihal he lcntivs His siufl, and - lwowl 0 P L BENSON Benson is a Vapoy one, Who fnus? af.f.fa,s have His lun. RONALD CODFUNSTON A peel lrue, is Ronnie lie? l-le is a rival ri Slnalcesoea'-9. '3. Shall edilof Spinning Wieel, Loom Slafl, Douglas Club CHARLES Cl-lR'STANO A bright clever. pleasing :Pao To us Charlie 's no sap. -Page 'T::'e1.'13-Iwo P.zge Trrevzly-!l1r'ee MARY COUGHLIXJ Sine I1asI'I1aII,v'r-kle in Iwer eye, The? makes yen sigh as s?e goes by. I-IAZEL DALYRYMDLE Like s'IiII wafer Isa? runs deep, Quief on surface buf fas? un derneaf' MICHAEL CAS!-.LE MichaeI's Inu CF noise end snoui. Bu? Ive is e qccd cId sec' CHARLES CURRAN SIir'n waisf and Flashing eye Maidens sign as Ine goes by. Lieufenanf C: Service Squad and Newman Club Member. SALVATORE ITAMICO A reaI nice Feicow is His SaI, He is everybodgfs pal. MICHAEL DE PAOLO He is filIed I,-fig? pep and vifn Amd is Hue Ic"cf Inaf fiqhfs Io win. DOMENICA DIVA One of fI1e gms wI'1o, wI'viIe in school, Did abide by fee GoIden RuIe. FRANK DeSIMCNE Frank knows rvefe Ilnen Ine ad- wks He Fas bfains a-ci Ive has wits. ,CAC fjzvgf-7 X., lx- axe - l , . J W' f- .W ,f- 1 UV It 5 fl f If QQfll!.,calQq ROSE EDINSER She warbles lvwq she warbles high, Birds bow lheir heads when sho goes by. WALTER DUCH You'll seldom ever see lhis 'bo,' ' When he's nol fallcing of his Flo. Lieuf. Lunch Squad, Fralsor Club. THEODORA FAUST The waves in her hair are such an ocean. They pul young spirils in corn- molion. JOSEPHINE Dl GANGI Josephine swings a mean lell, Cne lhal' is hard lo forget Leaders Club, Lunch and Traffic Squad. SALVATORE FARRUGGI Wi+h a name like a candy con- fe-:lion He's a smile like a loolhpasle ad. MELVIN ELIASBERG He dances so exlremely well, The girls all lhink fha? he is swell. WlLLlAM FONTANA When Willie isn'+ sleeping, You'll surely find him ealing. Traffic Squad, Newman Club. ISIDORE FELDMAN You will always hear lsidore, Talk abou? his falhefs slore. Page Twenty-four Page Twenty-j71'e .W DOROTHY FRANKLIN We wonder why Dorofhy, Always falks abou? Eddie. Museum Slaff. LENA FRANK l-lere's 'the girl fo do whafs righf, She's plump, 'Hs rrue, buf sweef and bright MARTHA FRIES Y, nf 1.7-'41 J' -vf ' .. Lifffif' You oughr fo hear her rave and X, I , fx s babble, ' ,f!Lf fy All The Time abouf Clark Gable. NORMAN FREEMAN l-lis Texfile Handbook helped him find, The answer fo all doubfs in mind. Ediror Handbook. f rmvio GENTSEN T Travelling man is David Genden, Marco Polo has nolhing on him. Dramalics. MILTON FUTERANSKY ln how many Things he's famous Lindy-hop and sporls wriler, Shamus. Foolball, Traffic Squad, Sporls Ediror Spinning Wheel, Track, Capt Lunch Squad. IMETA GARDNER A sweel and lovely girl is she. Always in our hearfs she'll be. GERTRUDE GORDON A quiel' girl is Gerfrude, Quief maybe. buf very shrewd. Z S 1 1 I- 1 1 l BETTY GEORGE Belly is a movie fan. Who sees Joan Crawford when- ever she can. g JJ 96 of'-Mffg DORA FREEMAN - -- ' Can? remember a dale. so Il by oe R' seems To be, Buf l'hey're lhe lrind in hislory. BERNARD GINSBERG Teachers will have a holiday. Afler Ginsberg has gone away. VlRGlNlA GRECO f jfxg V Oh, spring you do such funny J , 4 things. ' Vvux ln 'Phe rhymes Virginia sings. X 1 'Lf iff" Swimming. Baslcelball. fix! if - ff EDWARD GOETZL ln him a famous chemisf you see. A presidenf of lhe A.C.A. he'll be. MICHAEL GREZELACCZYK Allhough we can'l pronounce his name. We all like Michael, iusl +he same. Baseball. MARY GRIPPO A paradox you seem 'fo be. Dignilied-buf full of Glee. Service squad. MARY GUZOWSKA F - Mary is a girl dramalic. Y 'Whose acfions are very em- , phalic. , Swimming. Page Twenty-:ix Page Tfrezllg-J'e1'e11 BEN I-llLLAS In looks and clorlwes l1e's a "Wheopie Dan," Vlrile lor his pclurc Vlflwaf a man! Service Sqxafi Lie..!. Class Presidenf lwo Terms, Glee Club. ANN IOLA Golden haired, beloved and iolly, Will she be a Zieqleld dolly? Traffic, and Door Squads. MIRIAM GLASSMAN Fair and gay is Miriam, Whose loveliness is sure To win. MAE HARTNETT Sweet alfracfive, lruly so, Texrile "Crooner," apropos? Privale, Lieul.. and Caplain of Service Squad, Arisfa meme ber, G. O. Rep., Glee Club. NICHOLAS GRYNKEWICH We are sure rhal Nicholas, Will some clay be a biq success Baseball. CONCETTA lNGRASSlA Traffic Dufy 'lalces all lner lime, Eco lags far, far, behind. Traffic Squad. MORRIS GLOSSMAN A very smarl guy is flwis Mo, l-low lie qol oul, we'll never lnnow. EDWARD JOHNSTON We'd love lo see him in a fiqlwl lf surely would be one grand siqlnl. Baseball. .- ALJ, 1' r ff ' ,fig-Qfiff " 'N'A"""'l' ,Awe 1,-MN, .I IDA HANSMAN You should see her swifl balls fly, On Ihe field she is nol' shy. Caplain Newcomb Ball Team, Caplain Baslcelball Team, Vol- Iey Ball, Leaders Club. FLORA JONES I+ seems lhaf Flo in seelcinq fame Will add a Dulce unfo her name, Baslcelball, Swimming, Fral- sor Club. STEPHEN I-IAGONY Slephen has a head of hair, Thar is a barber's real nighr- mare. I-IYMAN KLEBANOFF We are lold Ihal Hyman Is a regular social lion. J, MARGARET KENNEDY Jyfmafifgfii always knew rev Because she never pulled ea bluff. ILLIAN KIRSCI-I A -LJAV' You ou hr lo see our Lillian g , When she goes in for a swim. MATILDA KRAMPITZ Blond hair, eyes of blue, The Iype Thai does appeal Io you VIRGINIA KURAJIAN Manner suave: a figure slim, Her weekly r.anI'er gives her vim. i S W ll? L ff lg . , . . ,. i rs 5, , ,. Page Tzreniy-nine DORIS KUMITZ Charm of rnannerg Winsome grace, Diwnples in ner smiling face. G. O. Rap. and Texfilian Rep. FRANCES LEAVY If you wan? fo lnave some fun, Cal? lner Fanny, buf flnen run. JOSEPHINE LATTANZIO Siva lnas no gags, slve iwas no line, En sl'e'll figlzl' for Texllie any- firne. l-HLDA LEIBOWITZ l-lilda's cliarnf lwas eased our way. Many a clark and dismal day. FLORENCE LEIBOWITZ Vlfifn willing hand slwe does lwer slnare, A lnappy Friend: a foe +l'1al's fair. ANNA TIERNEY Anna Tie'ney's Figure lrim, Makes us counf calories wiflw vim. - Corresponding Secrefary of G, O., Lun:'1 Room, Newmark Club. Social Club. RAYMOND LINCER This boy Lincer knows lnis place ln business life l'1e'll se? a pace! ESTELLE LOMEJKE A finy coffaqe bull? for lwo, A filling gill' would be for you. Service Squad, Pres. of sixflw 'rerrn class. Secretary of class one Term. Ou!! Aja! 1 f. O CZ ALL ' 1 Qi , - li if T If l xl If Xml Mlgalka Jbafim I CHARLOTTE LOEFFLER This 'Capfain rules us wifh her hearf, "Coop" annals acclaim her parf Capfain of Service Squad Secrefary of Senior Class, Ar- isfa and Glee Club member, SALLY LOVE Wilh such a nice and charminq name, Sally Love will sure win fame, LIBERTY PREVITI Her wif is so keen, her mind is so sharp, l'm sure she'II merif a crown and harp. Arisfa, Traffic, Book, Lunch Squads, Dramatic Club. ROBERT LUCAS To describe Roberf is a difficuil feal, Bul a finer fellow, l've yef fo meef. Capfain, Lieuf. and Privafe of Service Squad, Arisfa member Scholarship medal winner. JOSEPHINE MACRONE Josephine is full of fun, And has a smile for everyone, Frafsor and Newman Clubs HELEN MARKARIAN Helen's pianisfic skill, Has given many of us a fhrill. Service Squad Lieuf. Spinning Wheel Sfaff, G. O. Rep. JEAN MAISNER Like fhe Joan of Arc of old She has fhose qualifies, were fold. SAVERINE MANFREDI A baseball fan is Sav. Manfred? He's up on sporfs and always ready. Page Tbirlj Page Tbiriy-one ROSE MASCOLA Jusi' like her name is our Ro , A prefly flower from head lo foes. NICHOLAS MANFREDI Niclney is a real nice chap, For him i+'s hard lo find a rap. Posfer Club, Spinning Wheel Rep. EDWARD MAXWELL Big and sfrong is Maxwell, Whaf's on his mind, you cannof fell. JAMES MCG-UIRE A deal of charm: a lirlle bad, Bu? all in all he's quiie lhe lad. Correspondenf Secrelary of General Organizaiion, Lieufen' ani' of Service Squad, Flag Bearer, Member of Loom Slaff, Member of Glee and Newman Clubs, in fhree Texlile Follies. l"lARRlET MEAD To befriend fhis lass is worfh your while, Wi+h her baby face and charm- ing smile. Service Squad, Newman Club. Texlilian Rep MARY MCGRANE A quiel' girl she seems To be, n . Jlw ll XT' Thar is as far as we can see. wo,,,vo Arisfa, Service Squad, Pro- M gram Commiilee. JAMES MEEHAN Jimmie has a pleasanl grin, Thar everybody's hear? does win. Foorball, Dramaiics, Lunch Squad. EUGENIA MESTECHKIN A Z lnrelligeni, conservalive and pf., ,yi vflfklfb perfecr poise, 1 J -' Eugenia makes buf lifile noise. Color Guard. S.Ls.W,!. QAJ PI-IILIP MUCCUCCI Phil Muccucci-you're slouf 'lis seeng - b Beller fhal, lhan siclc and lean. f ul . f Ui: I CI-IAS. MILLION f n Mfv I' LA' I-Ie is our pride, he is our ioy, Lf! I-Ie runs iusl like a mechanical I oy, Cross Courilry Team. JOHN MOSCATI When Johnny begins fo baf'Ie, You hear Ihe other guys bones raffle. EDWARD MELSER An ideal chap is he. Whose faulls are hard fo see. JOHN NOBROTSKY For Johnny, Inccxs wcrfl ccnwe along, Wilh him Ihere is nclhing wrong. LOUIS OSTRANSKY Dr. "Lou" will win 'the hearl, Of every palienf from lhe slarl. DOROTHY O'CONNOR All Thai is charming and lovely, Was made inlo one, our Dorolhy. KATHLEEN O'KELLY Wiih a name lhal rings of Erin old. Kafhleen has a hear? of gold. Door office squad. N- 'WSRQLNQ I i. Page Tbirly-Iwo Page Tbirly-three JOHN O'REILLY Johnny seems fo be real rough, Bu? we 'rhinlc if is a blull. Four-year Service Squad. I ,JCI - hy? ALICE PANCHOOKIAN Allhough she l1asn"r much lo say, I ff' She has spread cheer along her ' ,fu way. I ,ffl y V' I VICTORIA MROZKOWSK P Besides being an alhlele, , I A X' Vicy's also very sweei. J my J I NICHOLAS PACE N Pace is big, Pace is slrong, Wilh him ir is easy lo gel along. CONSTANCE LICOSTIE Your piquanl' beauly gives us lov- Wasn'+ Tom a luclcy boy! Service Squad, Librarian, So- cial Club. Newman Club. ANTHONY PALAZZA A ouiel lad who all The day. I-las lillle or nolliing al all To say. JOSEPHINE PASTENA I Anolher girl lilce Josephine. ls seldom ever lo be seen. FLORENCE PAC-LUCIA A quiel girl wifh modesl' ways, Who's never spoiled a bil by praise. Service Squad, Newman Club, Social Club, Secy. and Trees. of class one Term. 0 W I l?'1'ZfV'!,Ll file UWM 7, 5414 MARY PORETTA Dark eyes and perl lillle nose, Will earn her a welcome wher. ever she qoes. LOUISE PINTO Her wil and looks sure are a +rea+, A iollier girl you'll seldom meef. Baskelball, Office Squad. ANGELO PESSETTI With Ihe girls he was a sheik, I-le had a new one every week, OLGA PO LANT Olga has Iwo eyes whose shade Is of Ihe purest rares? iade. LOUIS REICI-I Louis always argues. Louis al, ways fiqhfs, Wifh almosr every ieacher abou? his dueful riqh+s. Lunch Squad, Frafsor Club. MARY PASCUICCO Quief and shy, buf like her sfill, Will you succeed? We know you will! Service Squad, In charge of Sludy Hall one Ierm. YETTA PETERS Give laurels fo Yefla for her beauiy plus, When she becomes famous. will she 'think of us? Service Squad, Glee Club, JOSEPHINE TANTILLO Allhough she lived righl' near Ihe school, She always came lale, as a rule. .I I 'rl 'Q I I I i I 9 -Nz - 1 I f I m .I is ,rc Wm Page Thirly-four Page TZ7il'f-Q'-fTl'? MARIE RElLLY A Cellic humor decks Marie Plus a name suqqesfive of Paris. ESTHER RANIERI We never were made weary, By +he slories of Ranieri. SlDONlA RAPP A charming girl is Miss Rapp We are all aware of fhaf. Service Squad. VINCENT PERNICONE Vinnie is a sludenl' bright Teachers' hearls he does delight JEAN ETTE REYNOLDS Jeanelfe is wiffy and slro arm E Wifhal she does noi ack in charm. Traffic Squad, Leader Club. MARY RAMSAY A nafural born fish is she, Who's al home when in 'rhe sea LILLIAN RODRIGUEZ Much of service for her school Lil malces all obey lhe rule. Lunch Squad, Spanish and New man Clubs. CARMINE RIZZO ' 1' Carmine always cjoeschg way, Never having much To say. Swimming, Baseball, Ping Pong Tennis. M ' 'Xs , cl W 5, will x K 1 my-W. fwfzrebse 7-i,4,l,Qsf1f'v'X: - TI. fc" Q WY, EUGENE ROHR His name sounds like a lol' of noise, Bu? he's one of our quiei boys. RALPH RUBINO Now he builds The sels in play. Bu? anolher Edison he'II be some day. - f ful ' . .4 .JKM YW U" ANN RosEN 4 yn" ' ls she merry? 'V fjk ,L aff. We'll say, "Very." x'k Leaders Club. MARIO RAZZORE ln handball and arf he is a whiz, This Mario boy-all praise as his. RL NY TRUGLIO Tony of Thai' facile smile, Which he uses all fhe while. ALICE RYAN Oh yes! She's pleasanf, And noi foo "brash," Excepf when she hounds us for our cash. Presideni' and Vice-Presidenl of class for one ferm. SIDNEY STORCH Sidney wouldn'i be hall: bad, If he weren"r such a wind-bag. Track ieam. JULIET ROMEO As in lhe legend of long ago. Juliei slill is followed by Romeo. Service Squad. Page Thirzy-.fix Page Tbirly-Jezfen MICHAEL SCRAFONE A pleasing fellow is This Milne Whom everyone is sure io like. ANNA STARR A well done lesson is her aim. Her perseverance will win fame. LEAH SCHREIBSTEIN A sweei and lovely miss is she, Always in our hearls she'll be. German Club. EDNA SCHUMACKER High Lord Keeper of lhe Bell, Your dufies have been done full well. Lie-ul, of Service Squad, G. O. Rep,, Bell and Laie Monifor, Spinning Wheel Rep. ERCELL SMlTl-l The class is very iolly wilh, The presence of Miss Ercell Srnifh. BEVERLY SAFRIN A happy spinsler she would be. Time will prove 'This fallacy. Service Squad, G. O. Rep, Bank Rep., Presideni of Men- orah Club, Texiile Follies. ZELDA SINGER A ilippery-Flapper you will be always. And will remain conslani in our high school daze. Pres. of Class one Term, Sec- rerary of class one ierm, Men- orah Club, Librarian one lerm. ALYCE SALVESEN Slender, lovely, very quie'r, l-lere's a girl who needs no die? Leaders Club, Arisla, Men- orah Club, Tragic Squad. I- 5 ,UV f 1. .. i ,, ' .Af -' 1 ' , 1 jJfl ral fb .iff . 1 - L! D., .gli .ft sf" V1.2 ,ui , vs. xg kg 5, e .,.' c . '52, , 5 B '. T, hc Louise TAYLOR 'P' A graceful maiden is Louise, Whose charminq ways always V' please. A -1355 ESHAFER Y r I 'i ef i a lillle maiden, ' J ,f 1 'fh edge is laden. i Capl. Newcomb Ball Team, Leaders Club, Baslaelball Team. GLADYS SELLNER Walch dog of lhe Spinninq Wheel! Your verses in if have appeal. Represenlarive for lhe Loom. SYLVIA SILVERBERG Who is Sylvia? One aparl. Ouiel, diligent and smart G. O. Rep. for one lerm. BEATRICE SIMON When laughs are needed for l'un's sake, Call on "Bee", she lalces lhe calce. Service Squad, Librarian three lerms, Menorah Club, Social Club, Secrelary of class Two lerms. JACK SCHLEIN i Jaclc Schlein is miqhly line, f' I . He lallcs a lol, buf nol' in VW IA Q rhyme- X Traffic Squad, Loom Rep., ",Q,0fl'lJ f- Ifholoqraphy Club. , icy .JLORENCE THOMAS .1 lf, . " .Cf All of a llower's sweel fra .V 4 , v vu qrance. 5 jjvf ls lo be found in our Florence. Sl-lELLY SPENCER Named affer a greal sage and poet Lef us hope lhal she will show if. M ii li .., ' 'X 'A Banker of lhe Lunch Squad. Page Tbirlj -eight ,Q Page Tbiriy-nine PASQUALE TRAMATOLA ,J rv, om he, im full of fun, N He does his work lor every ono. f" MARY SARGENT X6 sc,-N Beauly and brains rolled Io 5 one, LoI's of wit and lols of fun. NICHOLAS TORRE , A sfurdy lad is our Nick, A finer one we cannof pick. LLFRIEDA STERN Happy is Freda all 'the while. We seldom see her wiIhou+ a smile. Dramafics. GERTRU DE TURKOFF "Trudy's" smile is brighf and Cady- y Her iolly quips drive gloom away. Librarian and Sec. for one Yerm. WILLIAM SPROESSER Wiih hair of gold and eyes of blue. He has a hear? Ihafs slaunch and Irue. Foofball, Swimming, Track. ELLA VAITIEKAITEIS We always will regrei Ihe day. When our EIIa wen? away. Fraisor, Newman, Leaders Club. HENRY TROELLER A'iolly fellow is Henry A belier one we've yef Io see wr? 6 liafuw-' 4 vm W f AlpZ,v"!'!6'bVr.JJiG' 'L JACK WEINER Jack, mefhinks you're quiie a sheik, Save for The "Wrigley's" in your cheek. Lieui. of Service Squad. G. O. Rep., Menorah Club, Head of Siock Room. ANNA SHIELUS We will dub you. "Pollyann,' For chase lhe "glooms" you surely can. Member of Service Squad and Glee Club. WALTER MURRAY He will be always noied for, The 'rime he was our oraior. N. Y. Times Oraforial Con- iesi-2 years, HELEN UHRAN Your earrings lonn enhance your siyle. And malce a glance your way worihwhile. Service Squad, President Vice-Presideni and Sec. for one ierm, Newman Club. IDA WElSNER Ida is a real book-worm, Bu? Then of course, from boolcs we learn. Texiiles rep. io Junior Red Cross. MARION WEINER Thar cerrain sienographic skill, 'Will win your bc'-s. we lrnow T' Will. Privaie and Lieui. of Service Squad, G. Li Rea., '-4en's'ol' Club. SELMA WEINSTEIN Brighi as The morning sun, With a smile for everyone. Traffic Squad, LEONARD WETSLER Oh capiainl oh capfainl ycur daily soup is done, The mushrooms and ihe oys+ers had fheir final run. Capt Lunch Squad, Chess Club, German Club. Page Forty 2, g. if 2 l ll V z 5 5. El I , z E I ,.,- l I 5. l 5 l i . v v l S V-xV ie A Page Form-om' FRANK WOGLUM When if comes fo pounding a drum, There's no one lilce our own Woglum. I Arisia, Orchesfra, Fraisor Club, Dramaiic Socieiy. YET-TA WEIL ,5-Qc'-x,,Lvc,k-n Talking. Talking, is our Yeila, Sorne day ihe radio will gel her. Leaders Club, Library Squad. HERBERT WEISS Machine shop is The weakness of our Herby Weiss, x Buf when il comes 'ro dancing: he doesn'+ need advice. CHARLES ZUMPANO On almosl every single squad, Smiling Charlie had some parf. EDWARD PEARSON Hes growing faller and waxing swell, .-'. posy now grow, in i:?s coal lapel. Member of Service Squad and Glee Club. EDITH MARCUS Ediih. your verse is quife fhe fhing. We love io hear our poel' sing. Privafe of Service Squad. Lieuf. of Library, Vice-Pres. of class one ierrn, Menorah Club. MARY SWIDOR ln her worlr and in her play. "Qobi-Jabbersf' she dofh say. LARRY BLEACH His afhlelic prowess has broughl him fame, Bui Larry's modesl' iusi ihe same. Baseball, Capi. Baslceiball leem. SHERMAN MARKS Af geffing news he's alerf In wrifing headlines he's experf. Manager of Baskef Ball feam. Edifor of Spinning Wheel. BEN COZIN Af baskefball he is a shark In iournalism he foes fhe mark. Baskefball. ALBERT NENNA Here's a boy who's cool and calm, Who has a deal of quief charm THEODORE MICHELSON There's liffle fhaf Teddy doesn'f know, This is fhe frufh. he fold me so. HARRY HEFFMAN A wizard of syphons and fubeS. in chem., Mn. Leibowifzs' pride is Harry Hoffman. ALBIN MASKELONY To Albin's ear, music is sweef, Af playing fhe accordian, he can'f be beaf. EDWARD SHINE Whaf we could fell abouf "red" Shine Could fill a book, buf nof a line. MARTIN SPRITZER If Babe had many fans like you. Baseball would profif more, 'fis frue. HYMAN WINTER Oh, resfless Hyman, won'f you sfop Thai' killing dance, fhe "Lindy Hop"? TONY SCARLATA No one ever will be lonely, When They are around our Tony. ftdfnwov 81,-A THOMAS SHEEHAN Wifh a name like Thomas Shee- han, He should be seen wifh brighf- esf green. EMANUAL SPIRO Quiet pleasant and quife clever, May he be like fhaf forever. WM. AMSLER Billy is a quiei boy, He' ver' d ioy. AN 9 L . Ne ' .- ., "1 ,wimpy EDWIN Form If if came 'Io going fasf, Eddie surely would be Iasf. MARY HOROWITZ "Mary, lef's see more of fheef' ls fhe senior feachers' plea. ' LUCIE UMGELTER Lucie goes day by day, ln her calm, unruffled way. HENRY LUDWIG Henry, all fhe year around Seldom ever makes a sound. EDWARD NIELSON MARGARET WAGNER Her cheeks are ofa lovely hue A gif? fhaf's given fo very fevi VINCENT TIBBS A nice and pleasanf chap i Vin, We wish a Iof of luck fo him. ANN RASKIN If seems rhaf Ann can never bi Af peace wifh a feacher ii P. T. LEO CERELLA Always clowning is Leo Cerellr This gossiping chap is a mighf' nice fellow. ALFRED FINNOCHIARO Finnochiaro. dark of eye, Wifh Apollo, he does vie. Handball. ARTHUR WALKER Abouf him we can fruly Thaf we've always found hirr QO. K. ' say ACHILLES GEORGIOU Achilles was an ancienf Greek. Buf our Achilles is a shiek. SYLVIA SPECTOR "Ed" Neilson has gone far af Will' lie' 'are P9f50"0'-l'i'- Chase A famous acfress s'fe will be. Yef fhis mars noi' his social l"euIenanl of I-'bfefv Squad' grace. KATHERINE NEVILLE IRENE DOBOSIEWICZ "A silenl' girl" is whaf fhey said The mos? we know of Kmy Buf leave if her fo forge ahead. Neville, Five ferms in Texfile Co-oper- Is lhaf she's absenf a greaf 'Silva Annex' deal. JOHN ANGERMAN John is our beloved rogue. His "Savoir Faire" is quife The vogue. IDA DEKOFSKY ' You've somefhing we would' like fo sfeal, Or borrow, af leasf, your sex- appeal. Page F ofly-info 0 JOSEPH RAYFIEL IDA BERMAN Joseph is a fellow line, The girls all lislen lo his line. y! HOWARD ckocxm Ida is a quiel Missy Quiet friendly, calm and cool, l-ler life should be full of bliss. He's good boI'h in and oul OF school. NERINO REST I RNA BERMAN W h +hl?H Nl IH Rila is a real nice. gal, THERESA KLIEN B mcglii 6 G success you T0 eVe"Y one She '5 3 PGI- Everylhing fhats really fine, ln everylhing you underlalce. SIDNEY ZIMMERMAN ls Included ln MISS Klein' Come, pensive son, for arf you live' THOMAS NELLIS Thomas is a chap real nice, ie The, lcind The girls loolc aller- 9 v . LfybA,4,16fd, lwice. I A FRANK SCHMIDT A very nice chap is Schmidt Who l'hey say has lols of "it" More lime lo sludy you should JULIA TRUNQQE -va' ' . " - ISIDORE NEMETH VINCENT RUSSO :Xll.eIn'ai +I S Ourfliiggioeil Dark of eye and curlY hair. When il comes Io doing chem, - ani ear 5, 9,ri,,9' I Oh, girls you had beH9,- be. Vincenl slarls lo shine lorighl Foes' ' I, ware. fhen- A NA WING IZ ii Pres. Alchemisl Club. Secy. ,PR veg, hellul mjgs gg' JOHN Hll-LYARD Organic Club, Service Squad. ,i MIN S does fha ,be I she C l'llllY5rd I5 of 5lUfdY 5l0CliI ay I fi -ja' Whose pleasanl' nalure we can'f ANTONIO SAVACCHIO GERARD CQTINEY .V d knock' Physics. Malh and Chemisfry, Pleasqgn e OW' 5m""9 an RALPH LOMOSKY Oh, how Tony loves lhese lhree. Whop Wm some day his goal 522351+32134 2:3 rfjoimscjegure - aflain. MARY ONEIL Waaaq 54,90 JOE REISS Always happy' always gay' CHARLES BEDFORD We have alw s found J Full of pep all lhru lhe day. Chorley is 0 CIUIGI SOVII R . ay oe 'lr Lillle of words bul much oi Fr,endT'5S' pleasanf d . lhoughl. ' .Y' ' an Very BEElella is lawgirl re W G' O' COmpl'O'le" nice. A nicer one you'll seldom meet ED RQSNER CHESTER SII-If l I Heres 6 boy who GH year We couldnll find anylhmg HELEN ZLOTTOWSKA mind, Andwflnqdgjf im-nk e Helen is sweef and fair, Seldom ever makes a sound. , W eve' W'+h If bl CI ld W"'- ' h -F ue eyes an go an THOMAS GLIATES ali From whal we've heard lwe M?1RRlS,FlSl'llT I d I PHILIP TULMAN hope were rifslifl , W5 'S G 'O Y G ' " , when fhereg 5 new Siyle in Thomas is lhe gIrls delight MOSIIY happy' Seldom sad' Elmhurst ' BERTHA GIBBS He may be seen wearing il' S!AI:AaELLl5EEa+e in any fighf ln "Eco" lhis girl does excel: IIFSI- ' - 5 - i Ma h in Il I do as well B H I h H y s e a e se Sammy I er is awalls ng 1 Office Squad, Arisla. I ANGELO VIZZI HELEN ZENONI ' Allhough he's liI'+le, he's real Though Helen is a quiel one, FANNIE SLUTE wise. Wifh her you can always have To be silenl is rnosf prudent And is a lerror 'for his size. X 7' fun. - WIIGI 6 virlue in 6 Slildeflll ,y J I, . Il HW If Ilf HMM' , fx rznedfry I Q ruffv J! ifffk- YJ f IW! 1 Page Forty-lbree SENIOR HISTCJRY - Eugene Zio IT was on a mild spring morning in May, some Thirfeen odd monThs agc ThaT sTorekeepers along EighTh Avenue, sleepily engaged in opening Thel shops, sTopped Their work, and gazed wonderingly inTo The disTance. Accompanied by The noise resembling ThaT of muffled Thunder, a dar mass moved slowly along The horizon. This caused an exchange cf quizzice glances among The simple-souled merchanTs of dear Old Chelsea. S iddenly as Though by some mysTerious magic, The enTire crowd of sTorekeeper: Turned in a body To 'behold The figure of an old man coming around The corne oT EighTeenTh STreeT. This bearded Tigure, Ding'leschuITz, The BuTcher, mor commonly known as "The Wise One". saT down and pulling a banana Tror his pockeT, beTween biTes, gave The following explanaTion Tor The dark mas now rapidly gaThering nearer. "From Tive liTTle red schoolhouses, in remoTe secTions of New York CiTy The sTudenTs, desTined To become TexTile High School's famous class of Jun '32, are making Their exodus. From dear old ForTieTh STreeT, moTher of man of our mosT prominenl' Seniors. come John STanley. Ann lola, William l-line: Myles Glynn, Tina Campanella. Annabel Mellen, Eugene Zion, and oTher: who were TenanTs of This annex. These sTudenTs were The lasT of The boys an: girls who wenT To The original EighTeenTh STreeT building. All of The Oli Timers will never TorgeT The pleasanT days spenT a+ This annex, where Mrs Oakley held sway. surrounded by oTher members oT The TaculTy,.. Who ca TorgeT The Senior Vice-PresidenT's "Spindle" which he so successfully pub lished. The plays given aT ForTieTh STreeT in which The members of The cas of The rip-roaring success, "Seven Keys To BaldpaTe" acTed, were always ac claimed by all. The dances and The parTies in The gym were always a bi: evenT. ,S "From 28Th STreeT come seniors who have figured no small parT in Thi Page Forty-four success of 'rhe class of I932. Alfhough siill separafed, 28+h Srreel had always suppor+ed fhe class ac+ivi+ies showing a 'Fine example of co-opera+ion. "The looys from 30fh Slreef come nexf wi'rh 'rales of friendship and good fimes. Mr. Coughlin, fhe presenf dean of boys, was feacher-in-charge. Assemblies were somefimes held in Loew's Greeley Square, where Mr. Cough- lin was fhe speaker when +he boys were caughl' Jrhere. Mr. Urdang and Mr. Goldsfein were also good old siand-bys a+ 30+h Sfreef. "Those Seniors coming from 42nd S'rree+ will remember rhe movies in +he News Building every affernoon, +he door on room 405 which was broken al' leas'r 'rhree limes a weelc. and +he aroma of HZS which will linger pleas- an+ly in fhe nosrrils of 'rhose who smelled Hs pungenl' odor every af'rernoon." "The Wise One" again paused. and a lighl shone in his eyes as he cor- recrly predicred fhe furure of l'he Senior class of June '32. "ln union rhere is sl'rengl'hl fhe Seniors of +he differenl' annexes, afler a spiriled Senior meefing elecfed rheir Senior officers. Plans were srarfed for 'The Senior Prom. This affair held in The American Women's Ballroom was heralded by all as fhe greafesl' Senior dance in +he his+ory of Texfile High School. Nor is +his l'he end of +he splendid achievemen+s of fhe Seniors of '32: For in rhe spiril' 'rhey have carried on and helped ro individualize, 1-here will remain a beauriful example of Texlile Spirif for all Senior classes +o follow. Avel Hail +he Seniors of 32." QJWKD Page Forly-fire SENIGR WILL . . . ln 'rhe name of Texiile l-lig'h School, Amenl We, fha Senior Class of June l932, composed of boys and girls of div minds, various ages, ioyous spiril, in perlecl healih, do make and ordain fl our lasi will and +es+amen+, in manner and form following-lhal is 'ro say:- To Dr. Dooley: We leave lhe hope of such conlinued success 'rhal he ' soon require a bigger and be+'rer school building, and a grealer numl of s+uden+s beller 'rhan we have been. To All Teachers: Whelher lisled below or unnamed, we revoke any and misunderslandings or disharmonies and subslilule inslead our unreserv good will. To Dr. Barlley: We leave a nice big while sponge lo wipe off lhe lipsi used by fhe girls. To Mr. Coughlin: A pair of squeaky shoes fhal can be heard down 'I hall. This is 'ro give his prey a sporling chance. To Mr. Biggs: A program commiflee +ha+ will carry our fhe sfudenls' wisl lo lhe nfh degree. To Mr. LaPolla: Enough money fo lake him and his wife on +ha+ +rip fo He To Mrs. Shilling: We leave 'rhe Ballle of Bull Run, General Lee, and Sfonew Jackson. She never surrendered. i To Miss Lowy: We leave a class ol Heywood Brouns worfhy of her publicafio To Mr. Rosenfeld: An aulomaiic finger snapper. To Mr. Tanz: A special Service Squad for +he fhird floor. To Mr. Alperin: A reserved secfion of lhe building on ihe walls of which can painl' signs lo his hearl's conleni. To Mrs. Sariol: We leave a class of Tinas, Selmas. and Jeanelfes. To Mr. Eller+: lnsfead of a bequesf To Mr. Ellerf, we fake wifh us a meme of his unfailing kindness and spiril' of friendliness. Page Forly-.fix To Miss Sheedy: A class of Seniors who will pay enough allenlion 'ro bullelin boards lo enable lhem lo be presenl al Senior Meelings. To Miss Ealon: A classroom +ha+ is shady on bolh sides-'ro give lhe girls a break. To Miss Bowen: A sound-proof room in which 'rhe orcheslra can rehearse To Mrs. Snyder: We leave a class of Lynne Fonlainnes and Alfred Lunls To Miss Johnson: Our hopes of conlinued success, in lulure years. To Miss Molloy: A large lemon meringue pie wilh spring flowers. To Miss E. Diamond: We leave lhe nickname "Red." ln wilness and 'reslimony of 'rhe genuiness of lhis documenl, we have caused lo be affixed below Jrhe ofhcial emblem comprising The composile signalure of lhe Senior Class. HALL OF FAME Favorile leacher ...... .... Mosl popular girl ....... Mos+ popular boy ...... Besl alhlele .............. Prelliesl girl ....,..... l-landsomesl' boy ....,.. Class baby .........,. Besl' sludenl ...... Class gossip ...,..,... Grealesl lalker .,...,...,., Mosl' likely +o succeed Class polilician .......,..... All around boy ......,.. All around girl ......... Besl' dressed girl ...,... Besl' dressed boy ......, Page Forty-feven William l-lines, Secrelary .......Miss Molloy ...........Anne lola ..., Daniel Boylan .......Larry Bleach ,........Adele Calalin ....,.,...John Slanley ..........,Jack Schlein .,.........,..,.,.l.iberly Previli Josephine Macrone . ,,......... Louis Reich .....Frank Dickheiser ..,..........Ray Lincer .,.,....,..Myles Glynn ...Annabelle Mellen .Eugenia Meslechin ..,.....William Hines MAx's RQMANCE . . lsidore Dombrot, 6- Max O'Brien was a high school siudenf arfending Texiile High. He we neiiher dumb nor exceedingly brilliant "Filly-liHy," as his faihe pul if. He lacked +he family profile, and we mighl even call him handsome. One day, af The sfari of his high school career, while walking along 'rh main floor corridor, Max saw a cerfain young miss called lfor convenience Mary. Our hero sfared info Mary's eyes for a splil-second: 'rhen he confinuei down ihe hall. From 'rhen on Max was a changed man. He could noi sleep, he couli no+ concen+ra+e in classes, he could no+ even indulge in ice-cream sodas. Max saw Mary several limes ihereafier buf never did he have enoug courage 'ro speak fo her. Meanwhile, Mary musi have noiiced him: for several 'rimes Max caughi her, unawares, gazing in his direcfion. Max was noi idle. He learned her full name fhrough a friend of his. A This +ime, however, he did no home worlc, pariicularly no Spanish homeworl lwe musf noi 'iorgel ihall. Like all oiher love-sfriclcen youfhs, he performei many funny sfunfs ius+ To aHrac+ his lady love's alienfion. Some of 'rhese s+un+s made him appear so ridiculous +ha+ Mary could nc help buf laugh af him. Thus dishearfened, our hero disconlinued his iollify A year passed buf sfill +he shy Maxie had noi spolcen 'lo Mary. One fine day Max fool: if in+o his head +0 loolc up her 'phone numbel This was easily 'Found and he carefully recorded if in his li++le "Memo boolcl Thar nighf when 'rhe resl' of +he family were ou+ Max ac+ually 'relephoned Mary Her iaiher answered. Max limidly asked lin a falseffol, "ls Mary home?" "No," replied her falher, "are you Sylvia?" Max was al a loss for word: "Yes," lied our hero. Page F of! y- eight "Mary leTT Tor your house abouT an hour ago," replied The voice over The phone. "Oh, yeah? Thanks." He hung up. Whew, ThaT was a close shave. Max was nonplussed. WhaT would he have said if Mary had answered The 'phone? The nexT day he wore a quilTy look on his Tace as he passed Mary in The corridor. The TiTTh-week marks came and Max received poor marks in English, HisTory. French. and Spanish lwhich we musT noT TorgeTl. Weeks passed. He decided To Try again. He called The number once more. This Time Mary answered. Again he employed The "soTTo voice." Hello, Mary, This is a girl in your French class." He heard her giggle. She never had Taken French in her liTe. Then she spoke. "ls This Dave?" No iT wasn'T Dave, buT Max's eyes Turned Trom deep blue To dark grey. Who was This "Dave" person, and whaT did he mean To her? Then Max Tried To Tell her who he was wiThouT menTioning his name. For if he should give his name and she should say she didn'T know him-Oh! The sTing oT deTeaTl The 'phone call ended aTTer a greaT loaTTle of wiTs. Max was careful noT To give himselT away by Talking' Too much. The nexT day in The audiTorium saT Max gazing aT The ceiling and wondering wheTher There really was such a person as "Dave" or wheTher iT was iusT a Trick oT Mary's cruel wiT, Trying To arouse iealousy. , So Tor The love OT his "ladye Taire", Max O'Brien acTually "Tlunked Span- ish" lwhich l hope we haven'T TorgoTTenl. This leaves our hero in a peculiar sTaTe oT aTTairs. Shouldi he 'forsake his sTudies in order To carry on his courTship? PuT yourselT in Max's place, genTle reader. Taking everyThing inTo con- sideraTion, Tacing The TacTs aT every angle-which would you have chosen The lady, or The Spanish? I Pqge Forly-nine HAVEN . Ray Rafferty, 6- Lasf spring, during' fhe Easfer vacafion, I became bored and irked of fhi cify-ifs claffer and confusion-dusl'-imprisonmenf. The obsession finall' overcame me, and, wifhouf furfher ado, I hurriedly packed a few belonging and was soon on my way-anywhere-"fo God's counfryf' The frain deposifed me af a quainf Iiffle hamlef, consisfing of a ramblinc shack, idenfified as fhe sfafion, and a collecfion of scaffered dwellings. Te my righf, a pafh led info fhe woods beyond. The clean, crisp air was a 'ronil fo my iaded spirifs. Since no one was sfirring, I decided fo follow fhe pafl -fhe open road-away from fhe cify. I fraversed fhe grassy frail unfil perceived open ferrain beyond fhe encircling girdle of frees. Af fhe enfrance wide-branched oaks, infermingling wifh copsewood, formed a shady visfa revealing a fhick carpef of luscious green. If was +he haven of refuge I wa seeking. There in fhaf quief glen I would find surcease. Wifh a sigh, I sanl down upon fhe emerald furf enfolded in fhe arms of Mofher Nafure. I+ was mid-affernoon of a Spring day: The warmfh of fhe sun radiafec from fhe faulfless blue above: fleecy wisps of clouds fIoa+ed genfly before fhe breeze. Girdling fhe secluded spof were fhe gnarled, solemn oaks, fal poplars, and sfafely elmsg +he leaves enfwined in an infricafe arboreal design I experienced a sfrange sense of peace and confenfmenf. All abouf me were evidences of Spring: fhe lilies "adorned," nodding obeisance: nasfurfiums an: pinks: delicafely finfed wifh wild roses-all fhe myriads of color frame: againsf fhe somber background of swaying frees. A cool zephyr fouched my cheek like a magic wand from afar: fhe finkling Iaughfer of a rushing wafer fall bade me come and wafch ifs gambol: a silvery sfreamlel' murmured nea me among fhe ferns and rocks. I could nof rouse myself from fhis sylvan soli fude. The busy bee droned his fanfasy o'erhead: in ifs shorf life whaf goo: if accomplishes compared fo us morfalsl I heard fhe shrill cry of fhe crov and fhe song of fhe sparrow: fhe defianf chirp of The bob-whife, all blendec info Nafure's symphony. My spirifs rejoiced wifh fhese Iiffle denizens of fhe woods-I was free-free from fhe cify's oppression. Page Fifty I know nol how long l larried lhere. When I looked again, lhe red beams of lhe sinking sun were ringeing' lhe sky: purple clouds blazoned in grolesque figures: lhe ruslling leaves of lhe 'lrees infercepled rhe level 'Fingers of lighr and illumined shallered boughs and mossy 'rrunks of lhe lall, silenl senlinels of +he woodland glade. ln 'l'he wesl, nighl was already spreading ils opaque cloak, a cool breeze blew 'rhrough lhe lree lops. Reluclanlly I rose from my grassy repose and walked lowards lhe enlrance. My reverie was ended. The few lleeling hours I had spenl' lhere were all loo shorlz I paused and look one lasr glance, drinking' in all lhe beaury of lhe scene. No sound broke The slill- ness and I lreacl sollly on 'lhe dead leaves. My loorsleps look me down fhe frail-away from 'the Eden-back 'ro +he ciry. UNSPOKEN . . . Ru'h Morionani, 28th Street , My moulh is silenl- I do nor speak of windy heigh+s7 Of vas+ plains: Of skylarks' llighls: Of farhomless canyons: Nor of Nal'ure's Mighl. Nor so are my fhoughfs- They are free and Iighf And so lhey soar. My 'longue does nor wag- I+ is like a babe Ye'r unborn. I+ is like a dying man Gasping for brealh From whom life is forn. Nor so my hearl For I+ is noi famed And il grows wild. Page Fifly-gnc I HOW TO PASS A CLASS PERIOD . Gene Perepchuk, 30th S1 Come in wifh a defermined air of do or die: slam books on desk: sfarn around unfil feacher fells you in a sarcasfic voice she is in fronf, nof oufside feel aggrieved and open book: ask fhe boy across The aisle for fhe page borrow pencil or beffer sfill a pen: sfare af book: discover feacher is holler ing af you, asking who Cyrus was: answer, "l-le was a Meclean who lec revolf againsf Persian: wonder why class laughs: sif down wifh an iniurec air: ask boy fo lef you copy English homework: feel relieved when bell rings feel embarrassed when boy yells af you for his pen: hurry down fo luncl room for candy. YOUTH . . . Lucian Longiaru. 7-3. 'Youfh in man is like fhe morn. Youfh is like fhe year iusf born. Youfh is ioyful, youfh is brighf, Youfh is careless, youfh is mighl. Youfh knows naughf of care and pains. ' Youfhful ardor never wanes. Youfh in life is freedom blesf, Youfh is where none ever resf. Page Fifty-Iwo NIGHT FEARS . Marion Gilmore, 3-C lT was a sTormy nighT. The rain came down in sheeTs and The wind howled Through The Trees. l was hurrying Through The foresT, exfremely anxious To geT in ouT of The rain. Before sTarTing ouT from The village l had been warned noT To go near The old mansion called Drew's Folly. IT was said To be haunTed: weird sounds came from iT af nighT. "JusT supersTiTio1 s," l Thoughf and paid no heed To what was said. l was in The viciniTy of The house and wanTed To Turn back, buT because of The sTorm, I welcomed any kind of shelfer. l walked on. Suddenly The dim ouTline of a house loomed up before me. l looked for lighTs. There was only one dim lighT from a Tirsl' floor window. WhaT was Thaf? A queer shriek pierced The sTillness of The foresT. lT grew louder and louder. lT sounded as if some one were in agony. l did noi' know whaT To do. My feel' were paralyzed and I could' noT run. Then The sounds sTopped. Sud- denly, and much louder The noise reTurned. l heard shrieks and groans, high wails, and low grumbles. My head whirled. The rumors concerning The house musT be True. Abrupfly The sounds sfopped. AgainsT The dim ouTline of The window l saw a man pick up a large case and puT somefhing in iT. Then l heard him muTTer as To himself, "Well, ln guess l'll have To Throw The old 'sax' away and buy a new one." y A SPRING . . . ElizabeTh, Frei, I3Th STreeT Sapphire skies, sun-kissed lawns, Budding Trees, birds' sweeT songs, Tiny buds, sproufing flowers, Awakened by warm April showers, lnsecT, worlds' in' varied guise, NaTure's verdanT paradise! Pdge Fifly-three COPS . Leo Nichtern, 6-I In a murder case. fhere are hardly ever more fhan fwo or fhree suspecfs, and fhe knowledge fhaf one false move means defecfion, a frip fhrough fhe Iiffle green door where fhey sfrap you fo an iron seaf, puf a copper helmel on your shaven head, and fry your soul ouf info efernify, breaks nine oul of fen men. Walfer Howard was one of fhe biggesf brokers on fhe Sfreef and when he was found dead in his office one evening, we puf an exfra ouf on if. and fopped if off wifh some hof ecliforials on police sfupidify. The nexf day we gof a call from Police Chief Calen. "I-le says he solved fhe mys'rery," 'rhe edifor fold me, "Go down and gef fhe sfory." I wenf down fo headquarfers and wifh 'rhe boys from fhe ofher papers, lisfened while Calen fold his sfory. One of Calen's "sfenos" fook fhe whole 'rhing' down and Iafer gave us all fypewriffen copies. "Well, boys," he sfarfed, "if was easy. All I did was use modern defec- five mefhods. Now in This case fhere were only fhree possible suspecfs. My men had already gafhered fhem in and when I enfered I-Ioward's office I found ,fhem in fhe anfe-room. "I wenf info fhe office and looked around. On one side was a window and near 'rhe window a desk. On fhe floor lay a chair, I-Ioward's body, and a broken boffle of ink. And now, lisfen, in fhe ink puddle lay fhe end of one ol fhe curfain cords. This ink was slowly being bloffed up by fhe cord. "Almos+ six inches of fhe cord had furned blue already. In This parficular crime our chief difficulfy lay in defermining fhe exacf fime of fhe murder. All fhree men had visifed I-Ioward's office wifhin fiffeen minufes of each ofher. Somefime during 'rhaf hour I-Ioward had been sfabbed fo deafh. The docfor confessed himself unable fo defermine fhe exacf fime. Buf if was here fhaf my sfudy of defecfive mefhods came in. I remembered a case I had read abouf where fhe defecfive solved his problem by fiming fhe flow of blood up a diead man's fie as he lay over his desk. My iob was much Page Fifty-foul easier since in +his case fhe absorbing maferial was regular in shape. l 'fold Deleclive Grave my idea. The prisoners overheard me and one of lhem. Jacob Farley. made a break. l 'rrippecl him up, worked on him for a while. and sure enough he confessed." As we sal back and fried lo absorb 'rhis remarkable lale, we overheard one of +he cops in 'rhe nexl' room. "When l came info +he room 'rhe cur+ains were drawn. I opened lhem 'l'o lei some lighl in+o lhe ink puddle and from +ha+ 'rhe chief solved 'rhe murder, l-lAl l-lAl l-lA!" MOVIE MINDED . . Nicolefte De Simone, 5B "Murder by lhe Clock" ...... .,..... .....,.,..4...........,.,4......... T a rdiness "The Perlecf Crime" ,. ,.... ..,....,,.4..............,...,.,....,.,,....... C uHing periods "Man 'ro Man" .. .r..,,. ........ A sking your Teacher for anolher chance "One Hour wilh You" , ...,,....,.......................................,. .Deienlion "Silen+ Enemy" .,..., ...........,.,. l-l omework "Many a Slip ".........s. .. .............,.,.. Failing an exam. "l-look Line and Sinker" ........ Our famous reporl cards "Africa Speaks" . ..,.,.,......,,,............... ...French "The Royal Family" .,., .......... T he Facully "Suspense" .,,.. ..,. ...,......., T h e regenls "Kick ln" ......... ...,...... . ...,...,,...,... T he gymnasium "Women of all Na+ions" ..,..... Texfile's mademoiselles "The Smiling Lieu+enan+" .. T ........,.. Myles Glynn "S+eppinq Ou+" ,..,.....,... ........., T he Prom "The Lasl Parade" .. ,....,.... Gradualion Page Fihy-fre HSERMONS IN STONES" . . . Helen Szfyk, 6-. IT rained yesTerday: and. Though iT is midsummer, iT is unpleasanTIy cc Today. The sky is clear, wiTh aImosT a sTeeI-blue TinT, and The meado' are TinTed a deep green. The shadows in The woods are black and massi' and The whole Tace of naTure is ausTere and calm. I look ouT from TI window and Think how deIighTTuI iT would be To Take a seaT in The sun, dow under The Tence across The road. IT seems To me ThaT if I could siT There a while and geT warm I cou Think, and wriTe beTTer. I know ThaT ToasTing in The sunlighT. however. co TribuTes To day-dreaming raTher Than To ThoughT. This marked unwillin ness To commence labor. and This looking ouT of The window called back me an experience oT Dad's ThaT I had heard him Tell again and again. "IT was summer, and I was aTTending school. The seaTs were hard, ar The lessons were dry. IT seemed all naTure knocked aT The cheerless wal Such deIighTTuI weaTher, such melodious singing! The ThoughT came To m ThaT iT I could only sTay ouT oT doors, and lie down in The shadow of Tree, I could undersTand my lesson so much beTTer. "I begged The privilege oT Trying The experiment The permission w granTed by a Truly sympaTheTic Teacher. I was soon in The much craved-T shadow. The nexT momenT I Tound my mind wandering: and hearT, feeling. as Tancy were roving up and down The earTh in The mosT idle fashion. Discove ing a huge rock on The hillside, I made my way To ThaT, To Try whaT admiral: quaIiTy There mighT be in a shadow noT produced by Toliage. "I Tound ThaT neiTher Tree nor rock would lend me help: buT clown in TI meadow I saw a sparkling brook and spanning iT, a IiT+Ie bridge. 'JusT Tl Thing.' ThoughT I. In a Tew minuTes my TeeT were dangling from The quai IiTTIe railing ThaT I had chosen as my seaT. "There aImosT under my nose, close To The boTTom of The clear cool sTreai lay a huge speckled TrouT, Tanning The waTer slowly wiTh his Tins. and d , Page Fifty-:ix daining me in his Iordly way. WhaT could I do wiTh a "FirsT Lesson in German," when a living TrouT, as large and nearly as long as my arm, lay aImos+ wiThin reach of my Tingers? I-Iow long' I saT There I do noT Icnow, buT The Tinlcling of a disTanT bell sTarTIed me, I sTarTIecI The TrouT, and The 'fish and The vision Taded before The Terrible reaIizaTion ThaT I knew less oT my lesson Than I did when I had IeTT The school-house." MY ZERO . Louise ValinaTTi, 3-C. I have a IiTTIe zero ThaT goes inTo my class wiTh me And whaT can be The use of him is more Than I can see. I-Ie is very, very Tiny, buT he means a whole, whole IOT, And when They say he's valuable, why l'II Tell The world he's noTI The TunniesT Thing abouT him is The way he Iilces To grow NOT aT all like nines and Tens, which are always very slow: For he geTs so big and round, sorneTimes large as a rubber ball, BuT he never geTs so IiTTle ThaT There's none of him aT all. I-Ie hasn'T goT a noTion of how careful he musT be, For he queers, mosT everybody, especially he queers me, I-Ie's always hanging round me: 'pears he Iilces me besT of all. BuT I shiver when I see 'im, I wanT none of him aT all! One morning very early This idea came in my head: I planned To banish zero, so I lumped righT ouT of bed. I sTudied every morning and I sTudied every nighT UnTiI zero married number one, now everyThing's all righT. Page Fifly-.reven WANDERLUST . . . Sylvia Spector, 28 Street A wee. wee elt All by himselt One bright sunshiny day. Just looked around Adventure bound And planned to run away. Now all he had Was a lily pad With which to round the bend But all alone He lett his home To see the river's end. t-le watched the slcy Till by and by He telt an inward pain Naught came his way. That live long day. l-le longed tor home again. Then very soon The laughing' moon - ' Looked on his sleepy head, Sent silvery beams That brought him dreams And he wolce in his trundle bed. Page Fifty-eight gf JA,-Y-"V , PAXKNI c f ' , if -Y . ' fly' 1 "1 my 'ls,",-J A 'I' ,Ai in ,qw 3'- 1.4. gg S f l . ,4.. .A A . My , X X 5 JWMWM ,V C W RE M Q f . i'jV jfJ" V40 'fljfqjyw ffbff KM "x x L ' vw-f f W WW' , f 1 ww! ff, G J! JV, ,mf I 5j'VfY'v1,f9 Pdgwfff,-nfw iwtpxwfi V 5 JJ General Organization . . . Texlile High School has undergone an unbelievable change in The pas? few years. A new building and some 4300 pupils co-nsfifufe a school Thai is a far cry from lhe days of lhe old 3Ol'l1 S+. Building. The G. O., fhe chief sysfem of sfudenl' conirol, has emerged info one of fhe finesf organizafions of fhe New York Ci+y High Schools. This ferm, if has financed lhe insfallafion of falking piciures and has also equipped 'lhe sfage wifh fhe scenery lhol' was used in lhe producfion of ihe semi-annual play, "Seven Keys +o Baldpa+e." These were necessary invesimenfs ihaf involved considerable money buf which insure a suflicieni income +ha'l' will evenlually more ihan cover fhe inilial cost ln lhe pasl, 'rhere has always been a breach which exfended from fhe end Page Sing of one ferm fo fhe elecfions of fhe following ferm causing a lapse of meefings during fhis period. However, from now on, fhe officers will serve from elecfion fo elecfion. 'rhe places of fhe graduafes being filled from fhe ranks of fhe delegafes by a special elecfion in which only fhe Board of Delegafes will be permiffed fo parficipafe. Marks Di Salvo, presidenf, Charles Zumpano, vice-presidenf. Aimee Wenzel, secrefary, Charles Bedford, compfroller and Roberf Lucas and James McGuire, corresponding secrefaries in alfernafe weeks, are running fhe G. O. fhis ferm wifh fhe usual excellence of G. O. officers. under fhe experf guid- ance of Mr. Ellerf. Page Sixty-one The Spinning Wheel . . . E There were reverberaTions, porTenTs,,and signs-undercurrenT, yeT unmis- Takable. SomeThing' more Than The nolisemon I8Th STreeT and NinTh Avenue was responsible. And Then iT happened! The TirsT issue ,OT The "Spinning Wheel" bursT inTo bloom one unsuspecTing day in OcTober, under The able generalship oT Sherman Marks. Then The air was brisk and The season vibranT wiTh promise, which has been TulTilIed since Hercules Grassi has The ediTor's chair. We have livediThrough Three-qui:-1rTers oT our climacTic cycle since, wiTh each issue leaving us breaThless and gasping. "WhaT'nexT'?" To The crowd ThaT indeTaTigably Traclcs down,celebriTies, puncTuaTes every evenT wiTh iTs presence, and seTs down currenT hisTory wiTh a Tinesse ThaT seTs our paper up on The TopmosT4rung oT'The ladder OT ciTy school newspapers, we bow. To Miss Lowy we do doTT our caps, The lady whose presence 'makes lighT our hearTs and gay our spiriTs! Page Sixly-luv The Dromotic Society . . Under Mrs. Snyder's merry leadership, our embryonic Lunrs and Foniannes have basked under The unanimous praise of our mosi receni' audiences. The occasion of 'rheir lalresl' offering, "The Seven Keys lo Baldpale, ",r saw Myles Glynn, William Hines, Mariory Siclcles, Eugene Zion, and others sur- passing' previous eliloris wi'rh Jrhe mos? preieniious performance ever af- iempled in Tex1'ile's lhealrical hislory. Gone are lhe days when Easl, Wesl, Norlh, and Souih gafhered under anolher school's neighborly auspices lo presenl ihe variegaied fare which comprised 'rhe "Annual Show." Alrhouqh we feel 'rhai' +he presenr nucleus of our dramaricunir will nor so readily be replaced, ihe school is gra+elul-for 'rheir splendid work and +he precedenf 'lhey have esrablished +0 keep lhe fires of our aspiralions burning. Page Sixty-lbfee Office Squad . . . Dr. Barfley's office squad consisfs of a group of girls whose chief dufies are fo fake care of fhe correspondence files and fo assisf fhe dean in fhe roufine work of fhe office. Offen you may see fhern escorfing visifors fhrough fhe building. The members of fhe squad are Capf. l-lorfense Baffa, Beafrice Sosa, Vera Long. Josephine Mascara, Mary Bufler, Margaref Hunf, Alice Palmeri. Helen Slufdy, Anna McGoey, Florence McGovern, Rose Tublince, Agnes Curren and Margaref Sherry. The girls have volunfeered fheir services in order fo acquire some office experience. Dean Barfley commends fhe squad for being an invaluable assef fo her office af all fimes. Page Sixty-buf The Lecider's Club . . . The Leacler's Club meeTs every Tuesday aTTernoon aT 3:30 P.lvl. The Club is in charge of Miss Broder, a visiTor coach. The primary TuncTion of This club is To Train a selecT group of girls in The TundamenTal moTor acTiviTies, so ThaT They can, in Turn, Teach and proTecT Their schoolmaTes while The gym class is in session. The girls enjoy Their worlc and perform Their "sTunTs" wiTh more zesT and snap Than cerTain boys in This school. Name your weapons, boys. Many ol: The girls have volunTeerecl Their services Tor Field Day in con- ducTing The cliTFerenT evenTs. They will be awarded purple chevrons aT The encl of The Term Tor Their conscienTious eTforTs. Page Sixly-ive 1 Arista . . The members oi Arisia are chosen for Their excellence in scholarship, characier and service. They are ihe inielleciual leaders of Texiile High School, and as such carry iheir burdens and honors equally well. All porenfial members musi have ihe following requiremenis, an average of 7570 or over for 'rwo consecuiive ierms, musi be in or over rhe 5'rh ferm, and musi show good characier and some school service. Plans are now being formulaied for a Junior Arisia for ihird and iourih ferm siudenis who will be required 'ro have fhe same scholasiic and moral siarus as ihe Senior Arisia members. Under ihe guiding hand oi Dr. Jessie l-lughan and ihe leadership of Myles Glynn, The Arisia coniinues io climb ihe heighis of a new culfural Uiopia. l'.r,ge' Six!-3 -.fix Frotsor Club . The FraTsor is a newly organized Greek LeTTer Club wiTh Mr. RemingTon as TaculTy advisor and Sam Brummer as The presidenT. The club is more or less oT a social club as iTs chieT diversions are dancing. bridge, checlcers, chess, and oTher Torms of popular amusemenTs. This brings abouT a closer social relaTionship beTween The boys and girls oT The school. lTs' membership is resTricTed To seniors and limiTed To TiTTeen boys and TiTTeen girls. Each Term new members are picked To replace The ones who were graduaTed unTil The maximum membership ToTal is reached. The club has gained in populariTy and many sTudenTs are on The long waiTing lisT. The officers Tor The Term ending June i932 are: Presidem'-Sam Brummer, vice-presidenT-Walfer Duch, secreTary-Jean CenTorbi, Treasurer--Mary Coughlin, assisTanT Treasurer-Ella VaiTailcaiTis. Page Sixly-:even Boskefboll Teom . . . This year marks fhe firsl 'lime Texlile has aclually won a ci+y championship in baslcelball. There's no doubf as 'ro 'rhe capabilifies of +his feam when one realizes lhe wildfire way if ran +hrough Hs schedule, leaving a palh of desfruc- 'rion in iis wake. The Purple and While plowed ils way +0 fhe lop in fhe well- lcnown Tex+ile manner. Caplain Bleach, hard-working leader. and Jack La Rocca played fheir usual conspicuous roles. assisfed by Elmer Howard. Ben Cozin, ubiquilous guard. and Eddie Collins. Ernesl Morris. Pee Wee Grad- ierino, Al Nenna, Sam VaroHa, Manny Lanslcy. and Jim Smifh also confribufed Their share in making +he season a success. Coach Simon Goldslein should be proud of his charges and we all hope fha? olher feams in fhe fulure will model lhemselves on lhem. Page Sixly-eight Fencing Team . . . Sweeping aside all opposiTion, TexTile's Three gallanT guardsmen, CapTain Tony Maniaci, Mike Karnilow and Bill Kushner, coached by STanley Sieia under The supervision oT Miss Johnson, gained TirsT place in The P. S. A. L. TournamenT up To daTe. WiTh The splendid coaching of STanley Sieia They have spread Terror in The hearTs oT Their opponenTs. l-le noT only capTured The NaTional Junior Foils Championship buT he became The assisTanT coach To Mr. CasTello of N. Y. U. WiTh buT six monThs oT coaching he has developed one of The TinesT Teams in The ciTy. A They have IosT buT one of The Twelve maTches in which They have parTici- paTed. and are aT The presenT momenT The holders of TirsT place in The P. S. A. L. TournamenT, and They are well on The way To bringing home anoTher CiTy Championship To TexTile. Page Sixly-nine Baseball Team . . . The baseball season is on and lhe Purple and While is again slriving for lhal magic lille, "Ci+y Champs." Our success depends upon almosl The same leam as lasl year's. Caplain Frank Priory, Paul Maulcad, Joe Lupinacci. Red Shine, and Mark Levine round our an imprecynable infield lhal does credif 'ro any major league club. Larry Bleach's assorlmem' of curves and drops make up for Red's speed las? year. Irving Kalz, Reno Lena and Fred Schwabe are all excellenl oullielders. The 28-I lacing given 'ro Sluyvesanl' shows fre- mendous balling power and under lhe experl guidance of Coach Sullivan, lhis should prove 'ro be an imporlanl laclor in fufure games. Since They have been undefealed in P. S. A. L. compelilion so far, 'rhey have a sound morale, anofher assel for a championship leam. Page Sefferzly Track Team . Lasf Seplember, fhree score of 'rrack aspiranls reporled To Mr. Ellerl. Capl. Felix Barnes, Elliol Manis, Bill Hoffman, Des Jobily, Jerry Glynn. Milf Fuleransky and Vic Spadaccini were present All of 'rhese veferans vied wi+h a flock of embryo "Paddocks" and "Nurmis" for +eam places. Coach Ellerf picked The mosl promising members and sen+ lhem info fhe big meefs. ln fhese meels Jobily, Forny, Rosenblall and Zahn acquilled fhemselves credil'-ably, and by virlue of lheir perseverance and delerminalion 'rhe +eam members proved rhemselves worlhy of Texfile's colors. ln +he Win- gale meet Jobily lurned in a fine performance in lhe 440, coming our second. while Forny placed fourrh in lhe 220. Coach Ellerl has arranged many dual meels for The leam and he will depend on Capt Felix Barnes and his males 'ro chalk up vicfories for +he Purple and While. Page Sevenly-one Swimming Team . . . TexTile naTaTors, coached by Mr. Levih, TerminaTed Their season wiTh Two vicTories in nine sTarTs. The old proverb, "PracTice makes perTecT," has proved a serious handicap To The Purple and WhiTe mermen. The laclc OT a naTa- Torium has hampered Their eTforTs considerably. DespiTe These obsTacles, Coach LeviTz has discovered some Tine maTerial. CapTain Jack Pashe. one hundred yard Tree-sTylisT, and STanley Chmiel, TiTTy yard Tree-sTylisT, being The mosT Tormidable and consisTenT scorers. KulT, in The Two TwenTy, Riflcin in The fiTTy yards, Mozian, The back sTroke arTisT. Troeller and BriTslcy, divers, Jasinslci and French in The breasT sTrolce, and Scheller, O'Brien, Scrafone, and Frieield, Two hundred yard relay quarTeT, consTiTuTe The resT of The Team. ' CrediT musT go To Coach LeviTz Whose spiriT has been a pivoTal TacTor in The Team's success. Page Sezfenly-two Boxing Teom . . . The newly organized boxing 'ream has been 'firmly esiablished in Texlile, and has been pronounced a noleworfhy success. Coach "Allie' Wolff, former Penn Slale capiain. has lalcen ihe reins and has molded The squad info a well-balanced Jream. Our poienlial pugilisiic luminaries include Ferrella, one hundred +welve pounds, "Micky" Falabella, one hundred eighieen pounds, "Eddie" l-laffe and "Frankie" Bruno, fealherweighls, Capiain Cerbella, one hundred +wen+y-six pounds, Giola and Moscaii, one hundred Jrhiriy-five pounds. Ofis Brown, middleweighf, "Mil+" Fuleransky, one hundred sevenfy- five pounds, and big, sfrapping "Eddie" Allen, +he heavyweight During The season Texfile has engaged Boys l-ligh, Flushing, and Haaren, and has succeeded in remaining undefeafed. The l-laaren engagemenf fool: place in our gym, producing some exciiing encounlers. Coach Wolff hopes 'ro have boxing officially recognized by fhe P. S. A. L. and our colleciion of pugilisls should go far in fhe fisfic world. Page Sevenly-three SI5 a Subiecf in The Day School Summer High School-Coed July 5I'h Io Augusl 23rd Save Time, Remove Condifions or Failures: Enfer College Sooner Cily Wide and Regenls Exams in Our Building Our Diploma Admils 'lo Leading Colleges All comforls for summer sludy in excellenlly equipped, cenlrally Iocaled Boro Hall Academy 366 Flafbush Avenue Exl., Brooklyn Opposile Paramounf Theaire DeKalb Aveue B. M. T. Sfalion in Building REQUEST CATALOG MAIN 4-8558 Accredifed by Board of Regenls, Board of Educafion and Leading Colleges Founded I880 IDay Deparlmenl, Dwighl School l880l New York Preparalory School DWIGHT SCHOOL 72 Park Avenue, New York 1 IBefween 38I'I1 and 39lh Slreelsl BROOKLYN ACADEMY Corner Monlague and Henry Slreels Two Blocks from Borough Hall Bolh Day IDwighI School, 9 'lo 3:00, and Evening Schools fAdvance and Repeal SubiecI0 CHARTERED BY THE BOARD OF REGENTS Prepares especially for College, Regenls, Wesl Poinl and Annapolis Inquire for Cafalog ERNEST GREENWOOD, Headmasler SUMMER TERM BEGINS JULY 5 The Profession of Pharmacy Affords Many Opporlunifies In addilion +o re'I'aiI pharmacy, many fields are open lo lhe graduale pharmacisl' and pharmaceulical chemist The Brooklyn College of Pharmacy of Long Island Universily offers unsurpassed facililies for Ifhe sludenf. New building, modern equipmenl, exlensive Iaboralories and a very able facully. A THREE-YEAR FREE SCHOLARSHIP OPEN TO HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES. The Regislrar will on applicaiion furnish full informalion and arrange for an inspeclion of fhe college building. ADDRESS, WILLIAM L. HARLOE, REGISTRAR 600 LAFAYETTE AVENUE, Brooklyn, New York Page Seventy-four Compliments of Spinning Wheel Stall: COLLEGE ENTRANCE BOOK CO., Inc. IC4 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK Publishers of ,W I .ISE PAIRS Always on sole at G. O. store TOmpkinx Square 6-5491 All Graduales of 'rhis school are eligible for admission Io Pace Insl'iI'u1'e -a nalionally lmown and dislinclive pro- fessional school of Iechnical 'lraining in Business Adminislralion Accounfancy Secrela rial Praclise Classes for beginners al Pace Inslilule prepare high-school graduales for immedi- afe earnings. Many Pace graduales are now 'lreasurers and conlrollers of large corporalions - olhers are in successful accounfancy praciise. Field +rips +o lhe offices and planfs of fhe largesf organizalions in New Yorlr Cily are conduclecl especially for day sludenls in fhe Accounlancy School and for day sludenls in lhe Secrelarial School. STUDENTS AND PARENTS ARE INVITED TO CONFER WITH THE REGISTRAR Day School - - Evening School Pace lns'hl'ul'e 225 Broadway New York Now-Selecl a Good School For Your BUSINESS TRAINING Brailhwaile Business School "The School Thai Gels ResulIs" Esfablished l920 2376 Sevenlh Avenue, New Yorlc Cily lI39fh Slreell AUdubon 3 - 3860 Experl' lnslruclion in STENOGRAPHY lPiIman or Greggl, TYPEWRITING, BOOKKEEPING, BUSINESS ENG- LISH, OFFICE PRACTICE. SPECIAL PREPARATION FOR CIVIL SERVICE POSITIONS Placemenl Deparlmenl' Helps Graduales fo Secure Posilions Summer Classes Begin July 5. Special 8-weeks Course Fall Classes, Seplember I2 Page S evenvy- five SECRETARIAL CNROE SCHOO Corn:-r Boston K Yvvsl FIIFIIIS RKDRIIES in IG. lT'I SLD Clintrziln-1' Illu-stvr 'l'ln-ulrv Lohlnl ALL Corvimcmziu. Comisrzs, KZIVII. Silziwlcti-:, I.-xNoUu:i-:s Catalog on Rvquvst Plmnc l"0r1flmm T-3021 Principal:-Prof:-ssor Gilhy Robinson, L.L.B. Sir IPHHIC Pillllilll Ulond-J F-I-P'S- Dr. John Robert Graf!! lllavklronrrl Hp:-r'ilm'n of Shorthand written hy Professor Robinson. student of thr lille' Sir lunar Pitinalll INTENSIVE SUMMER COURSES A I4-n wi-1-ks inlvn:-zivv Sumnn-r floursv, with 'l'onch Typvw riling. is givvn in 1-ith:-r the lsaac Pitman or Cn-gg Syst:-Ins of Shorllnand. Also Bookka-1-ping and .Mft-ounting. Wa- guaranlvc completion 0 each course with practical Sllorlliantl-Typvwriting speeds. Vllorning and 'lflvrnoon sessions. Diplom on Complm-tion. lfnroll now. Compls-lc Course- -E V Qu S tffg 4 Q Q ,fe ff W fi' . M ff Tv Q iz If MJV' f ' ii'i E! ,TQ P ' 4 6 ffff fd :AJ 14 -if if f K X fl, J - , f 2 Z X0 ,X llflanunrripl Gregg Short hanil NO'l'l'l:--'We advise immvdiatc registration to prevent disappointment as only a limit:-tl numlwr oi students can he accommodated. .X small duposit assurm-s you of a st-ul. Page Sererzlj-ii.x' Compliments Compliments l of ' of L l l L. l. Coat 8K Apron Textile High School Supply Co. Sold ln Your Neighborhood Sold In Your School l Lunch room Save Your Money l "fWf Y , Z E-" ws Y Help Your School Icz"c'iirAM ' 5 Buy In G. O. Store BREYER ice CREAM co. Philadelphia New York Room 218 Washington Newark srauwen 4.5000 Page Sererzly-Jeven 8QUIPPED with many years' experience for making photographs of all sorts desirable for illustrating college Annuals. Besit obtain- able artists, workmanship and the capacity for prompt and unequalled service. ' f- , Sirtmmm Photographer: to H1932 I.OOM" 520 Fifth Avenue i New York Page Sezfeniy-eight An Open Leffer fo June' '937 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES The Courses of Sfudy you are now faking will soon be finished. Whaf will you do nexf? Are you ready 'fo gef on in fha world and make your own living? No? Then decidel Do nof driff info fhe firsf odd iob obfainable affer graduafion. If you do, your failure is a foregone conclusion. Whafever your work is fo be, Iel' your nexf move be more 'Ihoro preparafion for fhaf work. Do nof rely on your good "academic" or "generaI" educafion. If has no specific QUALIFICATIONS value in obfaining employmenf in fhe markef in which you musl' offer yourself for service. AFTER GRADUATION, WHAT? Yef, because of fhe culfure of your HIGH SCHOOL educafion, your mind has been so informed, inspired, and sfrengfhened, fhaf you wanf fhe bes-I' fraining obfain- able for fhe pracfical purposes of life. Has if occurred fo you fhaf you cannof spend fhe nexf year, or al- leasf fhe seven monfhs from June fo February, more profifably fhan in LEARNING FOR EARNING purposes? Thai' such arfs as ACCOUNTING, BANKING, CALCULATIONS, DRAFTING, CORRECT ENGLISH, STENOGRAPHY. TYPEWRITING, and fhe operafion of OFFICE MACHINES will assure you of employ- menf fhaf will pay your COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY expenses? Having fhese hire accomplishmenfs, you could earn your own way fhru college and fhus save your par- enfs fhe cosf of a four-year "higher educafion". They, your Alma Mafer, and all your friends would assure you fhaf fhis is glory enough for one year of any College or Universify. Begin wifhouf delay fo work ouf +his plan. If you apply yourself earnesfly you will be able fo earn a good salary as a-bookkeeper or sfenographer in from six fo fwelve monfhs. Easfman will obfain fhe posifion for you as soon as you are qualified for fhe dufies required and enable you fo realize all 'Ihaf fhe program suggesfed may produce. Finally-such a course of sfudy as EASTMAN-GAINES advises and offers would cosf you buf a very moderafe sum. I+ is reasonably cerfain fhaf you would earn wifhin a shorf fime from five fo fen fimes fhe money invesfed, and fhaf you will rarely, if ever, make any ofher invesfmenf which will prove safer or more sure fo earn af leasf I00'X, per annuml Call and fall: fhis over-or Ief our vocafional counsellor, Mr. O. T. McCrosIrey, call on you. For Prospecfus Address CLEMENT C. GAINES, M.A., L.L.D., Presidenf L' GAINES SCHOOLS Lenox Ave. 8: 123d St., New York, N. Y. HARLEM 7-OSIB Page Seventy-nine DIGNITY in printed matter . . . whether it be o school publication or a commercial pro- duction can be attained only by employ- ing an organization which knows how to combine type with that instinctive yet definite appropriateness which makes the completed iob a source of pride to both Publisher and Printer. T R I B U N E PRINTING COMPANY 127 WEST 24th ST. WAtkins 9-6376-7 Page Eighty E : 2 f I F E a 3 5 5 S S a 4 i 3 2 s 1 E E Z S 1 E D P S Q 5 , E 2 5 i 5 5 1 I E 5 E 5 5 E 5 s E . E F 1 Q s E , F 2 . ' wmmuu-gsmfannsmsaa-msfnp.vnmmm-c,maarm4a.r,m1-:na-L-asm s.rg.w:n-xmfxs

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